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E KK fs XL? if Q 4' Q V! 'S O I XR X If 7 t V, H g , Y., .ff CTHE GASTQN GUSHER 1 95 6 GASTON SCHOOL? JOINERVILLE TEXAS PRESENTS LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA TWENTY THOUSAND 1 ,,....--.-W-- D X 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 , .1 1 1 1 r . I 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 ? df' OUR SCHOOL 11? SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING nl' - 1.-s'S"" f f F - 1 1 -Q34 Y . ,.,'.:,nfM, Li is V- 1- 41' Shfi Aa ' ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BUILDING Tx P HOME ECONOMICS COTTAGE 4 'Effie I ' 4, b Q ' JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING I ..,,--""""' 4 .1-"4'-"- . -""' ,' D .4 .,..v-F" If' .1-v""' ,4-v' l -.In-...- fv- -ns...-s-.-..f.n-Q-...n-sz., The year 1866 marked the beginning of a series of mysterious and inexplicable incidents in mid-ocean. Merchants, sailors, captains, ship owners, and governments the world over were deeply concerned. Ships had encountered a sed monster of great speed and proportion. This monster had, on several occasions, attacked steel-plated vessels and successfully penetrated even steel hulls with his terrible spur. These events soon came to my attention. As the foremost authority of the day on marine life, I, Professor Pierre Arronaz, was re- quested by the U. S. Secretary of the Navy to accompany a party that would attempt to find the monster. We went aboard the ABRAHAM LINCOLN. This vessel commanded by Commodore Farragut was to search the entire Pacific Ocean and rid the world of this fearsome creature. We were to divide the ocean into squares and search each until the monster was found or proved a myth. It was July 30, 1778, that the ship pulled out of the New York Harbor with crowds screaming and heavy guns roaring their emphatic approval of our ad- venture. fg-:-.f -,ff .. f4'5iE1Q,,. ,-Aan, Sam Adams Vice-President eq - , x M , 5, ,,,,,, f I Bob McXVilliams President Paul Fess Secretary 3 4 fi R S Dillon J 6 "" W C Klkgr 'Qui' E Morrow Dan Dickeson fIJk Chl I 'liz' 1 'C g,. H' Q 5' :I - Q. .4 M .- W - . ,-: m P1 E , , lc f" . D- Y l A . f' -4 I J-A l M .I 'T 5. U I N Ig. I 'I Y . mn ,I r 'S ,, FI if., """"'c""""" 4. I , SUPERINTENDENT MR JGHN DURAN STEPHEN E AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE B S UNIVERSITY OE TEXAS MED t Rth MR LA STEPHENSON WEST TEXAS STATE COLLEGE B S STEPHEN E AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE M ED 1 , . . , . . Mr. Stephenson and h' ' d t Nancy, enjoy shar' g th V in he-r new hook. PRINCIPAL MR DEE LEE THOMAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS NORTH TEXAS STATE COLLEGE B S AND M ED i F . W M' t Q r . X E' , A . . -' ' . Lee. ' ' ndly ' ' . ,,h00l. FACULTY VOCATIONA L ARTS Mr. James Adams Miss Ella Bartliold Miss Joe Marie Phillips Mr. ll. IJ, Rawlinson 'l 5 SCIENCE A ND MATHEMATICS Miss Lillian Watson Mrs. Mary Lee Dysart Mr. Gene Smith LIBRARY Miss Armide Keeter Mrs. Josephine Highfield il.. Sw. FACULTY if 451 LA NGII-XG I-IS A N D SPI-Il-K'H Miss Hellen Rice Miss Fannie Mae Stone Mr. John Dent Miss Ruth Kirkham SOC IAL S4 IENCE Miss Xlrginia Ixnapp FACULTY Mrs, Onie J. Wade b O ,a T' K , W r0.3 . SIXTH GRAD!-I Mr. Ozzie Gramling Miss Inez Ballard SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. XVillie Rhea Dean OFFIFE PERSONNEL Miss Hellen Rice Miss Billie Summy Mrs. Vera Scott FACULTY FOI' RTI-I TRADE Nlrs Fred Dunn Mrs. Velera Henson KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Elsie Dent THIRD Gnlum A--',,':,'Y Mrs. Lorene Stephenson Mrs. Lula B. Strickland Miss Evelyn Holman SECOND GRADE Mrs. Louise Lee Mrs. Lurene VVaggoner I ky, ,ns rg , A-'N ld' " -.Q u avr! '1' . , grwii H 1' 351. HEALTH AND PI-IYSIFA L EDUCATION Mr. Charlie Boren Mr. Leo Van Haverbeke Mrs. Ruby Hudson Mrs. Josephine Jenkins FACULTY FIRST GRADE Mrs. Bonnie Bell Smith Miss Dreeby Haskins i MUSIC Mr. Alexander Hamilton Mrs. Ada Mae Crook Mrs. Gussie Parker Miss Mary Nell Hollier 'fiffw 's,,l5Rv,I,.J Wg! 1 as Q 1 .na "' f I 'YW L Q rig' T' usa? +P? Y 41.34.54 "' -V widen' , J Alf., 'A +5142 ki? ' I, ' vfihafi. My af' II gd' 1 4 'fe 559' -,ix LJ ff v 5 V-V.,vv-3? 135,24 359, if I s ,ge e' gr- IW- III mf!! I 5 Q? III,u1 1171? ' RX QF" if .J . , rv' ... fe ,Ve U44 I N ' "N .. NNI I SM' eff'4:V'5,-Ei fi 5 Sh fix ,S 9 'K II, -sm dum M IKM "Tiff H4 fs VV by f. e '41, figgggi ., 5 4-I II Q H , ' sf" 5" 4 s-JW 44 2 A Vu " f,IggIII5 1 'M 57 fd' Ip! 'fa E' is ,gy rf ew- ww? ""3Pr-,wi INIIIIIPI 66,1 II -vqa-su' 'II 1' ' 'W' v I WW W C . WV 'fli- -bnaf sz.. wuvmagzw ,dl Q 713 ru FHM Jer , 'kvmlk up 'L ,LX 4. 7 ""1,.W 1' A x .X A 5? wi' O by E adl-Sf -Q A f fm" Muni .V-fV...VV .VV t'V'fV-':.':.V.VVVsVwf -V 'miff' V Vw T ,Q 1 ni P swift 'wi Agni, A A fx3?"i fem' ,fu ' QI I -nw f.QaI XXV The ABRAHAM LUN COLN was well chosen for her task Commanded by an able captazn and manned by crack sazlors she uas the best ln the Amerzcan fleet Capable of great speeds and well armed the fmgate was well prepared to cope wzth the deadly halberd of the monster We had been at sea for over three months wzth no trace of the monster when the men began to grumble and show therr discontent As all hope for seeing the monster was relmqmshed a phosphorescent glow was detected an the depths The glow broke the surface of the water and pandemomum broke out as the monster uae recoynzzed The heavy cannon uas broken out and several rounds were fired utth no success Thezr conical shape rzcocheted easily from the monsters hard skm Then as though ttred of play the monster uheeled and bore doun on the suddenly fearstrlcken frlgate The spur of the monster struck the stern of the vessel and Conse1l and I 14 ere throun violently into the uater .. I .. ,, ,. W ,E ug . II, . ,,, ,- V u- ., . P. V ,a . ,N I 2 '.' V , K V V tv, V div. V. rf. 'S?'ll5V-,.::f'sV V . V f. jf' . ' " ' gf-V ' V '41 -'li-11-4 :" 'f "Elf 'V1' VP? ' n -V V :fy V 'ru V . 551, ' n . - ' "' I.',1. n, 'Q ' iff. f V 5 , of, 1.' ,-' I ,' ' . V 7 Vr 4-.V , . I 1 1.1-,. .. ,I . .Q ,, :I .. , I--11. .-.V V.I.VVI. ,Ig I-H . VI. V A ' I, . Y I .. I ,VII"' ,- T sg f 'T VV ,' ,V 'ax' I ' If. "' , ', -- 9aiQf,I.'VYI ' V If-" " II ...V-'Vwj r.. V . , , II f. .gp I 'I .3-wgfh- ,I I -V A V IVI-II II V... I I , V , I ,. -' . V' N- . ' , VV, 'SV 5 ' :QV -' Eh- W jeg." QQ Q 'T ,-We M- ' -V --I ,IIV V ' - ,,' .' -VoI AQ V .s. ' f -..- ,u V- V V V -mg .g. 'N Vey.. --Q 5,15 .- -f ,1--I ff r --' I .,-'- . 4 ' s - ' 1- 'Vl'. " e-I"'t e " . J' '--1 "f..' nf- P-'V T"fV-V V ' ""- .1 ' Q 'V' r In ' V ' ! if " -Vf. -' vcr 11.-f 1 ' ' f:VV ""f'i'7f? ' 7 - "- v "2 ' " . 9 9' V., , . V om, . ., , V .,., , Ve. ,: ,A ,Ix. . .V,.-4,,.'- f f I . I., I I .. .N I .I II If I, . I I,tIII1! NIV II III IX I1 If.. IA , II x II IJI I r KI. -, .,,.,..4 . I I I4 uv - XF JHZVVQ.-2VVVfVVVVv.V . -V .Via Vin .. VV. Q .V+ '- . , V' V' 2: -1 , . -.-:-4 s V . .V .A V V --f- , -. . . - f ' V - V ' . iffy. 'V..,E,2.. fzli-we 5. Fi. . , " Vg q ... ' , g. - ,M . I I ,I .. , II V I ,II 1, I ,IT -151, A .Is III,I..:.I I,I4, I ,. I Q.IIII.1x5.I , I I IIIJIQZ . . Q, 71: .. .. --J .g J.. .,,. ...Q 1.1 'f x' . I .fr-gh ' I V 'R' ' 4 VV: 'P-,P":V'f Cf., ...JI X V" .CV V '5 ' fs-f ."..'-.VJ 3 figs V ' ' '1 H- o . V , , fl "- .- f'-P' 'IQ' , . A' ' V ,': ,J 'eff' ,sr-' sf 'L,,I'1w 1-I I , gg I, .il -gs. ,I ,,. . . Q Vy I -My! I Viv ,, I ,VI,n gy. I, , , 1' ,.-' .I If- ' - Vt'f 'Vx ' , e,::"ff:f 7' ., 4 : -" -,ff .-'V ,f ' V' . -fr: ,r A '. T 5. - II -I XV I' -' 'LV I I. -.. 1 .'.I xI. 1 A V Lib, ' V . V V . V V . -QV is 2 VV V ' V. VV V .Phi . VV - 1 -.nfs VV . . I I .V If j .3II.c.s.-I I VI ' lg? 'Q I I IA-li, FII IILIII ,. - 'J - I.,.,II JI I , .f V Kat. 'if ff 'V VV.f:f, V V. .IV-sf' V' V V' A Ve. Vf -V4.1 .V elf . " VV si VV " V- . l ,,, I II. I - v-.III g,,II , 'Nw :f.II. I I I - I . I 1 . I II? I 1 I . H ,l 4 V. VV. V Lx.. V .- ..,., VV VV, V, V V V - www. 'I 4 Q . 5, , V im . V K ', up- . ., 9. V .V 0.4 . I Q V ,r A I V 'ff ' 5, 1 ,-m.,"V-V V V J Vf . -- V V' .fa ,V , .X - V sw V V .f - VV. ,f V , V ' V - V , . . . .HMV o V. . V , V .5 II II I. . . I I . I ,IS I . I I I N .. V1".l.V .M ' I . .Vf V' -4 .V "1 ' - A V ' ' ' -.. .. " iv' I -. 1 I I '. , V . W V V. V V . . . hx' vp -.-- . I f , , If s V - ,, qv. V ,I ,I .,I Vx A' 4 I ' , I 1 I 1 III 'VT ' L . V II M-.if-V I 4- 'L I'I1 . I .III I V,- . I V " .' 9 . ' 'f 1 , , 8 ,III I V4 'IIIIII4 II II,II .,, N-I.7:I: !4A. . If: I 3 II -,., I I II . III V' V f V V V -1. r .V .1 V V 'NQ Vi V. .1 . Vr V V V . V. A. . -3-1 :V V V V . Vf., .1 'V V If. . I , ..,., .Ig - . 5 . , V ' Y 'it 4,,V:.',. .. 'Fe V ,gf-V V 'Vf9 .. ' V V T", YL ' ., " R' ' 'X V Q92-4' f I ,,,. I . I. TI., . VI I V I-7 . . III , 5 ' I ,Q V I, II, 1 I I V . . WI .. as I 1 . I V .V V ,rs 1 I ,QI M . 1- V' V VI. 3-VI,IInVZz' , . I,, 'i-QI fx ' I, Q V , M 'ti -. 'EV I ' VV .V 'V ' V s-43"-'-1 . 'V was V: I .V V ' - .- ' . Vfr p . . . , 1 .V . V 1,1 ff V 1. .wgi-"J --Q xf ' "-- QU - "5 ' ' V. . .f 'Qt . 'V .fr ' V V- -V V . V- V - I xv . V' I. if gg-,I . .V . VV , ' 'f' ,mb .- ., 4 r ..,1 1-... V . . pi' V I II II if gr, V . .I V 0 g .X ' K 'E' 'Y' V '. V . IV , V 'f ' . - 1.2 1- .' Q. I u A '. 'V - . ' ' , V ' ' ' .1 '... I - - 'I ' 'V v?'I1a1VilIj I' I .V :PP V. .V ,V V V ' f 1 IV: V - . ,.- I, , nav.. , V, . JV ..a. .--. - ,,,eW Vases. . V V .- vi ,. V.swssVw Mx" 's I 'f"V'iV'f',' -1..I4kI-I II, III... t I V ., .I-r.,I II I I'f"" 'Z' . 7 .QIQWIIF-I,Ig,f. . ' V I .5 " 'NIL 5- . ' 'f '5f1'Vi'Vf . V WV . 'Inf ' '1f.?J"'Y ' ' 5 . v , . I .Vw F , .1415 --Quan V 'tw "-"L .1.,,, . II 2. J 4' g 0. ' ,IV 'I I -:II ' - 4' ,. , ' AV I- 5 ,.:fY- ' V' -Q ai 1 ' fi-Ph' fs 'FG 2 s ,.f '. V - A Vg, I V QI 553' ' T7 -w.V,I I ,II . gi- 'V 1 'V NH . h -..'77"V!. V, ' VF? V ' "M 'M " W' . 'Q V, , "" '-'V "Q 'P ' - . IRR., , . I .IIIIII I v.. II V V I I Q I I . .III I I - VIH. HPEIIIIIII I V V'- r 31: ' , 'V .- V -.c . ,gr '-' .y . . ,. 15 ,- I I I I I HI.. . Q:IIIIA.s'7:.I- I S.-Ii-IIIL sh, MJ., . Q- '.,I.I:,,, ' V II :.II 'II' . " V VC,' . I '+'.,Vf, 7' ,.'-V '-' V' ' . gn' ' Y. ' V V '. .ml v ' :V -V ' " .' VV 1 I " ' " ' " V 4 Q . '-"' 0" " ' ACT- R "I A .. I 'M ' 'ki' 1' . ., : .Ur TV ' I K' 'r' . f '1 " V 'PV V' " 'VV',. 'Aw' .- " " ' ' 4 .V.1Vf',a'i!V'V1.-zH7"' 73.35 -'gr V 'R :V 44' " . ' . T" -54' f ' .Vi i"::' TY7tfV"lC, 1 'V'ff'." ' 'E ,'. it ":."r:'?"-'gf 'fi 1 . ff- L ' , 'wfk V ' . :S"'5f"1' V ' 'Vxgrkl I, V. .. . 5- f -:II I1 . .I . In Vx ,,. .III I . . .4 -VV' ,Q . I, V ,V I3 ,, . -1 V -. +V- , '3-.1V,.f ' . N -V: . ' ,V , . r V . . s . VS I II .II.IV.gI I. fI.. .. II,lV,,IY.+'I, I,N,-I.LII.Ai , .-V. I I I 5 II V II .lI.IIIII II. ff-5 . . , IIIISWIII, I V n 1 - . .Vw - .sn - . V. - - . Af 4 1 -ll' - V 1 - V v V "' .mf ,,.-, ' ', X41 I 5- jI- .V ' IV 'V ,,,'IV.:.. 1, ,131 I-Lf, - IRI V. .- I..g.5I, 1. ,V ws, ,,-I . I 4 .H- ,I'IIIII,.If ,III I ,aIIII- Igft. .V'.',,.I:gI1I I r- I I .V :II RAVIFI I I IIII , ,LI.I.I6.',,:wIIII. - . . Vw' ' V ,IFIII ' ,.II ELI, A ,, I I . A -3 . IQI I II:,II II I:.,f . 5- . A .jf V Ivy.: II:f,IIIIIIIII I I I -II .g II II,..II :gag-:I-L II I IiI3,,. , ,:.I' , III- I I 1 H .5 -A " V1 ' ' ffm' -le' 'el' k fk ' U, 'A 'A 'Tl' ' "' ' I 'ifvl . . 1 VV .. , gg, ,. . - fx. 1-, .A .4 ff - . I , , . . IQQII II 7 III x , . v l ' ' D - Q v ' V ' 1 . ' I. . . , . , . , U I ' ' ' ' ' . . . . l ' ' ' l ' . . R6 Qu- uv s P-'K ,EJ QI sq vb' Qi 5. 0.4 ' A . 4 f" in Ig cn F11 Z. CD .. PU . rn . 'VI v .yww K . mf. Aff- L . - . -.Y Q, .4 ' l 'kv' T9ie"'gf.1'w s .A ,fy - X H D .f, -45. Q ' ', . . .I Li' 'U' f -'- x 4 , A Q Wk. Q' ,' . 3?-. +-. .2 ' "1 NANCY SCOTT REPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS GUS COPELAND The shock of our abrupt meeting with the water left me unconscious. When I awoke, I found that Conseil had managed to hold my head above water and had sighted a spar to which we were soon cling- ing. We Called to the fast-disappearing frigate for help, but its damaged rudder rendered it unable to help either itself or us. Spying what we .supposed to be a floating isle, we clambered wearily over its slippery sides. which we were astounded to find were sheet metal. It was here we found Ned Land, a quiet, strong Canadian, who had been engaged to harpoon the beast, We fell asleep from exhaustion and on awaking, found ourselves prisoners of several dark- clad men. They fed us with some food that was un- known to me, Then we were brought before the mas- ter of this strange craft. He had made a decision to turn us back to the sea, but he o17ered to let me live because of my reputation as an authority on sea organisms. I was unable to accept this of7er to save my life at the expense of my eompanions. We were put on top, and "the monster" began to submerge very slowly. As the water was about to engulf us. the boat was brought back to the surface. We had passed Nemo's test of courage and loyalty. Senior Class officers and Mrs. Wade have a good time making plans for their annual Career Day. CLASS OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer . . . Reporter . . Sponsor . . President . . Vice-President Social Chairmen . . . Pete Miller . Glenda Jenkins . Mrs. Onie Wade . . Gus Copeland . . . Joe Nicol . . Tommie Adams and Richard Theriot SE IORS i TOMMIE LARUE ADAMS PEP SQUAD, ,55-'56, F. H. A., '55-'56, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN OF SENIOR CLASS. AARON COOPER CRAFTSMAN CLUB. '53-'56, YICE- PRESIDENT, '53-'54, SECRETARY- TREASURER, '54-'55, PRESIDENT, '55- '565 BASEBALL, '52-'53, FOOTBALL, '52-'56, TRACK, ,52-'56, C-CLUB, '53- '56g NOMINEE FOR MOST HAND- SOME, '54-'55, MOST REPRESENTA- TIVE STUDENT, '53-'54g PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR CLASS. WANDA ARRINCTON PEP SQUAD, '52-'56, DRAMATICS, '52- '56, F. H. A., '52-'55, VOLLEYBALL, '53-'56, GUS COPELAND DEVIL'S DELICHT, '55-'56, SPORTS EDITOR, F. F. A., '52-'55g G-CLUB, '54- '5lj, BASEBALL, '52-'56, BASKETBALL, '52-'56, FOOTBALL, '52-'56, TRACK, '52-'56, REPORTER OF JUNIOR CLASS, PRESIDENT OF SENIOR CLASS, RELIGIOUS COUNCIL, '53- '55. SENIORS ANABELL BAILEY PEP SQUAD, '52-Iss, DRAMATICS, '52-'56, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN, F. H. A., SOCIAL CHAIRMAN OF FRESHMAN CLASS. HOYT DUCCAN GASTON CUSHER, '53-'56, EDITOR, DEVIL'S DELICHT, ,55-'56, MUSIC EDITOR, BAND, '52-,56, PRESIDENT, '55-'56, DRAMATICS, '52-'53, CRAFT S- MAN CLUB, '53-'55, RELIGIOUS COUNCIL, '53-'55, SOCIAL CHAIR- MAN OF SOPHOMORE CLASS, WHO'S WHO IN BAND, '54-'55. 1956 NAOMI ELROD PEP SQUAD, '52-'53, '55-'56, CHORAL CLUB, '52-'53, F. H. A., '54-'56. " 1 GENE GOOD BAND, '52-'56, PRESIDENT '54-'55 STUDENT CONDUCTOR, , '55 - '56s CHDBAL CLUB, '52-'56, F. F. A., '54- '56, TREASURER, '54-'55, CRAFTS MAN CLUB, '52-'55. WADE FERGUSON BAND, '52-'56, DRAMATICS, '52-'53, CRAFTSMAN CLUB, '52-'56. KATHLEEN GRAVES GASTON GUSHER, BUSINESS MANAGER, DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '54- '56, ASSISTANT EDITOR, PEP SQUAD, '52-'56, BAND, '52-'53, DRA- MATICS, '52-'53, F. H. A., '52-'55, VOL- LEYBALL, '53-'56, TENNIS, BOBBY GILES GASTON GUSHER, '54-'56, EDITOR, BAND, '52-'53, F. F. A., '53-'54, G- CLUB, '54-'56, BASEBALL, '53-'5e. IAMES ERWIN GRAY CHORAL CLUB, '52-'53, BAND, '52-'56, F. F. A., 354-'56, CRAPTSMAN CLUB, '52-'53, JANITA CREER CHORAL CLUB, '52-'56, PEP SQUAD, 52-53, DRAMATICS, '52-'53, BAND, '53-'56, F. H. A., '52-'56. SENIORS JUANITA CREER DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '54-'56, CO- EDITOR, PEP SQUAD, '52-'56, DRA- MATICS, '52-'55, CHORAL CLUB, '52- '53, F. H. A., '52-I55, SONG LEADER, '54-'55, VOLLEYBALL, '54-'56, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN OF JUNIOR CLASS, WHO'S WHO IN PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION, '54-'55. CARLOS HUNT DRAMATICS, ,53-'54, CHORAL CLUB, '52-'53, F. F. A., '53-'54, CRAFTSMAN CLUB, ,54-'55. JO ANN HOBSON PEP SQUAD, '52-'53, DRAMATICS 52 '53' CHORAL CLUB '52-'53' F. H A '5'si'56 CLENDA JENKINS CASTON CUSHER, '52-'55, ART ED- ITOR, DEVIL'S DELIGHT, ,52-,56, ART EDITOR, PEP SQUAD, '52-'53, F. H. A., '52-'56, HISTORIAN-PARLIA- MENTARIAN '54-'56, SECRETARY- TREASURER OF FRESHMAN CLASS, SECRETARY-TREASURER OF JUN- IOR CLASS, REPORTER OF JUNIOR CLASS. BILL LEVERETT CRAFT SMAN CLUB, '53-'56, BASKET- BALL, '53-'56, TRACK, '53-'56. BOB MCKENNA DRAMATICS, '55-'56, VICE-PRESI DENT, CHORAL CLUB, '53-'55, F. F. A., '52-,545 BASEBALL, '52-'56, FOOTBALL, '52-'53, SOCIAL CHAIR MAN OF FRESHMAN CLASS. 1956 LINDA LOWE CASTON CUSHER, 54356, ADVER- TISEMENT AND CIRCULATION MANACER, DEVIL'S DELICHT, '53- '56, CO-EDITOR, PEP SQUAD, '52-,563 ALTERNATE CHEERLEADER, ,55- '56, DRAMATICS, '52-'53, PRESIDENT, F. H. A., ,52-'55, VOLLEYBALL, ,53- '56, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN OF SOPHO- MORE CLASS. IIM MCWILLIAMS CASTON GUSHER, '55-'56, ART ED- ITOR, DRAMATICS, '55-'56, PRESI- DENTg F, E. A., 52155, VICE-PRESL DENT, BASKETBALL, '53-'56, BASEBALL, '33-'56, FOOTBALL, '53- '54, PRESIDENT OF ERESHMAN CLASS, MOST REPRESENTATIVE STUDENT, '52-'53, MARY IO MCALLISTER PEP SQUAD, '53-'56, CHORAL CLUB, '52-'53, F. H. A., ,54-'56, FRANKIE MATHIS F. F. A., '52-,56, SECRETARY, ,53-,545 STATE IN F. F. A. CONTEST, G- CLUB, '52-'56, BASKETBALL, '52-'56, ALL TOURNAMENT BASKETBALL, '52-,535 BASEBALL, '52-'56, FOOT- BALL, '52-'54, TRACK, '52-'56. PETE MILLER DRAMATICS 55 56 SECRETARY TREASURER CHORAL CLUB 54 56 PRESIDENT 55 56 BASEBALL 54 56 BASKETBALL 55 SECRETARY TREASURER OF SENIOR CLASS MARILYN NYE PEP SQUAD, '52-'56g F. H. A., ,52-,56. EARL MOORE CHORAL CLUB 53 54 F F A 52 56 REPORTER 54 55 STUDENT ADVISER 52 53 CRAFTSNIAIN CLUB 54 56 TRACK 53 54 SENIORS ETHEL MORPHEW CHORAL CLUB 52 53 F H A 52 IOSEPH NICOL CHORAL CLUB, 53-54 CRAFTSMAN CLUB 53- 56 SOCIAL CHAIRMAN 54-55 VICE-PRESIDENT 55-56 C- CLUB, '54- 56g FOOTBALL, 52- 565 VICE - PRESIDENT OF SENIOR CLASS. LOIS ANN PACE PEP SQUAD, ,52-53g F. H. A., 307 04 1956 NANCY SCOTT CASTON CUSHER, '53-'56, EDITOR, DEVIL'S DELICHT, '52-'56, ASSIST- ANT PRINT MANACER, IR. CHEER- LEADER, '52-'53, DRAMATICS, '52-'53, CHORAL CLUB, '53-'54, SECRETARY, VOLLEYBALL, '52-'56, DISTRICT IN TYPING, '33-'54, FOOTBALL SXVEET- HEART, '55-'56, REPORTER OF SOPH- OMORE CLASS, VICE-PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR CLASS, MOST REP- RESENTATIVE STUDENT, ,52-156, WHOIS VVHO IN SCIENCE, '54-I55. . I. W. STRICKLAND CHORAL CLUB, ,54-'56, F. F. A., ,52- '55, FOOTBALL, '52-'53. RICHARD THERIOT F. F. A., '52-56, TREASURER, '53-'54s LEADERSHIP CONTEST, '53-54, CRAFTSMAN CLUB, '52-'56, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN, '55-'56g FOOTBALL, '52- '56, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN OF SENIOR CLASS, MOST REPRESENTATIVE STUDENT, '54-'55. MARSHALL THOMAS CHORAL CLUB, '52-I56, PRESIDENT, '54-'55, C-CLUB, BASKETBALL, '52-'56, BASEBALL, '52-56, FOOT- BALL, '52-'56, CAPTAIN, '52-'53, TRACK, '52-'56, TENNIS. '54-'55, VICE- PRESIDENT OF FRESHMAN CLASS, PRESIDENT OF SOPHOMORE CLASS. GAY TAYLOR F. F. A., '52-'53, CRAFTSMAN CLUB, '54-'56, BASEBALL, '52-'58, TRACK, '52-'53. WAYNE THOMAS F. F. A., '52-'56, F. F. A. ASSISTANT ADVISER, '54-'55, LEADERSHIP CON- TEST, '52-'55, FOOTBALL, '52-'56, CHORAL CLUB, it FRANCES WALL GASTON GUSHER, '54-'56, ADVER- TISEMENT AND CIRCULATION MANAGER, DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '53- '46, PRINT MANAGER, PEP SQUAD, '52-'56, CHEERLEADER, ,55-'56, F. H. A., '52-'55, VOLLEYBALL, '53-'56, TENNIS, '52-,565 JUNIOR GIRLS SINGLES - DISTRICT CHAMPION, '52-'53, SENIOR GIRLS SINGLES - DISTRICT CHAMPION, '5-4355. SENIORS 1956 BUDDY WHITEHEAD CHORAL, '52-,53, '55-'56, F. F. A., '52- '54g CRAFTSMAN CLUB, ,52-,545 FOOTBALL, '52-'53. X A H it if l i ' S 4 1 2 -- Senior Class oflicers, Peter Miller, Joe Nicol, Glenda jenkins, Gus Copeland. and Tommie Adams get together to plan the Christmas party. GLENN WILLIAMS GASTON GUSHER, '55-,56, SPOT AD- VERTISEMENT MANAGER, CHOR- AL CLUB, '52-'56, F. F. A., '52-'56, G-CLUB, '55-'56, BASKETBALL, '52- 56, BASEBALL, ,52-'56, FOOTBALL, '52-'56, TRACK, '52-53, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN OF JUNIOR CLASS. "They're finally here," exclaimed Senior girls Tommie Adams, Mary jo McAllister, and In Ann Hobson after the senior rings were issued. 574' SE IORS DECK 7 W 'ffm' Semor guls Frances Wall Vancy Scott W fxnda Arrlngton Glenda Jenkmfs Lmda lone Juanlta Greer md Kay Graxes enJoy the food and gobsxp during the lunch hour lll the cafe-tend -Y "fri, K -N 'mg 7 - Q ,f"'." A in .4 , . T . I Q , , xml V . A : at Q' 1 , L ' " , 5 Q iz 3 1' 1? It ' lg l ' 5, 6 G . K , 0 xl, ' Ya-L ., as-W' Q s - . ju IORS .v REBECCA CASSADY KENNETH ROGERS REPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS After a nights rest ue were brought to the cap tain s quarters uhere we were to breakfast Aemo as ue came to know him revealed an astonishing fact All of the food Clothing and pouer for the ship came directly from the sea The food that we were eating then was Composed of turtle dolphin liver, and saute of unborn octopus. This latter dish seemed to ca-use Ned Land some trouble in swallowing and as a result, Nemo's pet seal came in for a good meal. After the meal, Nemo took me over the NA UTILUS and showed me its power plant and ear- plained its workings. The submersible was powered by electric motors zrhioh were able to generate enough horsepower to push the NAUTILUS at the tremen- dous speed of fifty knots, Nemo then conducted me to his library whieh Contained twelve thousand volumes of the best literary and scientifie reading. Also in the room were rare .specimens from the entire sea, some which were unknown to the world above. This Nemo was no illiterate pirate. fuo 6 The Junior Class ohicers and their sponsors, Miss Barthold and Mrs. Dysart, have a meeting to discuss plans for the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. CLASS OFFICERS Social Chairman . Social Chairman . Vice-President Sponsor . . President . . . Social Chairman . Sponsor . . . Social Chairman . Reporter . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . Joel Franklin . Rebecca Cassady . . Kelley Waggener . Miss Ella Barthold . . . Larry Cooper . . . Gerry Pirtle Mrs. Mary Lee Dysart . . . , Dick Hunt . Houston Bradberry . . . Neal Rogers ju 1oRS I orc-tta Alle-0 A Houston Bradbvrrs bk Ben Arnold Daud Cagle IORS Rex Barker X irginla Bute-G: in if ai' liebe C111 I ussadw Larry fooper Tue mxple tree' on the west caulpuu I5 4 fdxorlte gdtlwrlng spot for the .Iumors ju IQRS Caroh n Craig Huey Crisp it Sylvia Dollar Junior band members leave for a day of money-making for their candidate. Elwanda Hunt. lor-l Franklin kay Dillon I inda Croft Sue Freeman Shlrlc x Gu5t1ne yr' I urtis Harvey Duck Hunt Betsy Musick ju 10125 Herbert Holcomb Jw Ruesell Hudqon Plwanda Hunt Mary 'Margaret Iohnson we Ann N ev: comb Gerry Pirtle Bill Hughes lhllle Dee Lambert IN eal Rogers I H X, mf if H E av, Kenneth Rogers Tommy ituckq ju IORS , W 'lv A bi sw' 't .-.. -. Hunan Qt Clan' Stanley Shan Harry Stone Jean Tedder kenneth Thomas Dorothy ltzman -Nice XS him head Gladys w hnelpad Kelley Waggoner 5. 0? L ali if "-Iii? SONNY NATIONS BARBARA BLACKE ORD OPHOMORES REPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS I had not seen Nemo for several days and I received with surprise a note from his mate. It contained an invitation for me and my eompanions to aceompany them on a hunting trip. Ned was overjoyed at the r-ham-e to yo on dry land again. Soon after breakfast the ner! morning, we were ready to go. The chosen party assembled in the lower eompartment and we were issued our diving gear. As soon as the heavy helmets were .settled over our heads and our breathing apparatus was working, pressure was put on the room and the outer hatwh opened. We slipped elumsily through the open-ing into the water. Nemo and his 1-rew walked easily and gracefully aeross the sea sands, but I had some dijjieulty in maintaining my balanee. We half-walked, half-floated to a marine garden where the r-rew was already busily Collecting a harvest of sea weed. Others were bringing giant sea turtles, killed by their electrie guns, to the NAI.'TILL'S. We walked through the underwater gardens until the depth of the water showed we were nearing land. Nemo stood for a moment gazing bit- terly toward shore-and then. turning quickly, he started the trek back to our underwater home. Gene Adams SOPHOMORES Bobby Bailey Carolyn Barker Barbara Blackford Glen Blake Marle Bynum D nfl' if Bill Boden Johnny Clay Jerry Brian is Daw ld Cooper Bill Croft Charles Crye Linda Brister Jerry Costlow OPHOMORES :T I: : - James Dickeson Ramona Duggan Karen Duran -GIF? Gerald Evers Bettvye Ferrell Carl Furqueron Gene Harris Laura Ne-ll Heaton f'ar0l Henson M ' Rodney Hudson Melba Hunt Rosalyn Elliott 'ld Merritt Graves Franklin Hudson lack I ovu- Sonns Nations Donald Nlcol She-lla Pace F .ei 'Y' 3 Miko K1 llm I lmrls -. I an s L Donnie Long Dons Lone Robb! NICK lellan 'Q-l Terry Irick Georg-0 Joni-s Pr:-bblv Jon-dun SOPHOMORES iz? .Q X ni s Ja ' Rachel Montgomery 1 7 In Mary Lou Theriot Charles Thomas Pat Tipp I0 XVhit4 hvad Bo! d Xl all Don W Q lls SOPHGMORES L.. s., 4 5 sys Robert lfarl X1 ilIldlI'lS Iohn XX oodw P" Qi i Dax id Pool -llx a R4 ddmg Barbara Xl rlght Janet Qeelbach Barbara Taylol Malcolm Taylor During the night, the NA UTILUS left the sands of Crespor with great speed. Steering a southwesterly course, we had traversed the 750 leagues that separate Crespor from the La Perouse group, when we ran upon a reef. The tide went out and left us "high and dry" for several days. As we were near a small island, Ned and Conseil gained permission to go ashore, supposedly to take specimens for my collec- tion. No .sooner were they beached, than Ned began to walk merrily through the jungles toward what he hoped was freedom. Ambling slowly into a cleared space, he came among d group of savages. They were engaged in drying a group of .skulls which were sus- pended gruesomely above the fire by their hair. Ned decided that it would be of greater benefit to hini if he could leave that place immediately. Jumping up and reversing direction rather rapidly, he attained the beach in. very little time. He and Conseil. still followed by the yelling blacks, rowed hastily back to the submarine. They were unable to close the hatches and rushed down to summon Nemo. Nemo came back to the bottom of the hatch just as the natives began to pile over the side. There was a slow, curious push toward the hatch and one of the moreadventuresome ventured in. As he did, Nemo twisted a lever and a small charge of electricity hit the adventurer. Yell- ing, he turned, and as the charges spread over the deck, the aborigines began to jump into the water. There was seemingly no end to the network of de- fenses about Nemo's home. B X1 ,A H5 Mike Blackford Loulse Brlan Games Dlckeson FRESHMEN Larry Clements Patricia Chance Jo Ann Courcler Freshmen boys and glrls rest on the west steps before meetmg afternoon classes Brenda Domey Af is Dale Fmley Connie Florence DIXIE Davls Donald Forsythe k 4 . ' ' n 4 0 . .k,'f',j5 I Q- Q e 3 45 -so , v- - M , f y ' 1 'NJ C 'z ,' .N . 2, l ' V ' , FRESHME Willie Ann Garrett John Inman Sue Hampton Wilma Gist Kay Herrington "Coke time" is enjoyed in the cafeteria by Freshmen girls Karen Thomas, Connie Flor- ence, and Patricia Chance. Roger Jackson Judy Lacy Sue Killingsworth 1 2 Dolores Hoffpauir Juanita Holland ,-1 , -9 - K , x X x H x Idell Linton FRESHME Barbara Lowe Elizabeth Mattmon Carolyn Posey Carolvn Nye Q T 47' Donny Rlcks S Brenda Dorney Dolores Hoffpaulr and Dee Taxlor learn of the begmmng of GUSHER sales from the bulletm board ul-' Annabelle Pxrtle Jerry Pool .8 S- 1' Janice Rogers Lxnda Stroud X , , Q in 3,4 X I '. . l 5 3 . Q , 4 1 gm' L1 ph I Vqgs H eh' . n V, -- 4 - '--- nf , All ,L lx . ' Ye Olde Waterlng Trough provldes a scene for horse play by Freshmen boys Larry Clements Games Dlcke son Jerrv Pool and Roger Jackson Dee Taylor xx-W C33 x.'Yl Evle Wood Cathy Therlot Patsy Woods fn karen Mlche e Thomas i I Don Lee Wooten FRESI-IME OEM , Lee Wllllamson Charles Wright . . 4 ' H n A I . - -, -y - "1 , . , - 6 X k x , . I , w 7' "' " '. is ' " f ' f as f e""5 s- W Nw .V fi Us ,rw J U' Isl H' 1 li I I - nl' ,M 44" ,,v N., J EDWIN JENK INS JOYCE RICHARDS EIGI-ITH GR DE REPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS Nemo stood looking into the horizon for several minutes' Turning his face tulsted uith sullen hate he ordered us to our quarters' After we had eaten our supper ue began to get drowsy and ue realized too late that we had been drugged It was some time later that I uas auakened Nemo had come for me He asked if I were a doctor and I replied that I was a surgeon. He conducted me to his quarters where a man lay sick. Upon closer examination, I found that he was wounded. not sick. His skull had been crushed by some heavy object and I guessed that the NAIJTILUS had made an attack on a ship and that something had broken and hit him. I did all that I could for the man, but he died that night. The next morning, Nemo asked me to accompany him on an- other underwater erpedition, The party walked to a quiet, protected place on the ocean floor which I soon realized was a burial ground. The man was lowered into the grave and Nemo said a prayer over him. Later, on. board ship, Nemo said, "My dead sleep quietly there. out of the reach of sharks and-.1IEN."' ,'r"4I"W' 4-ff' as Sly 'gi in 'Bl I! 'Q Ill I ,Q 'S ill Duane Gibbs, Jo Lane Williams, Phil Davis, Mary Romberg, and Mary Wall take a look to see what is on the menu. Anthony Adams Robert Dlckeson .c William Harvey l i f K W, h we . ,p Q' Billy Brown , xr , l .J W . 9 9 gil Paul Fess HGHTH Janie Crisp Betty Crocker Q W9 'QM Nancy Freeman Duane Gibbs Wilma Inman Edwin Jenkins Phil Davis Robert Guytine Janet Johnson GRADE Ray Matheny Mary Romberg Mary Wall Nola Jordan il rx ks 'xl kat Jerry Murray Jerry Stafford 'V X Kay Weast 'I' ANS Jimmie Osborne A . "'- 6 x A .I 5 rf ,X Beverly Thomas Billy Whitehead Jimmy Pool s f 3 Mike Tolleson J0 Lane VVilliams Joe Lane Williams and Mary Romberg enjoy one of those "lazy" week ends. Joyce Richards f Fi L 'D - 5 T f f Larry Waggoner Gwen Wright We enjoy news of the week. Charles Elhs Gertrude Ellls Walter Elhs Mlles Ford Glorla Forsythe Judy Briggs Row Brown Shirley Chapman Mansel Claw Wanda Clay Beth Cooper Kenneth Cooper Mlckev Copeland p 1 x 1 Bobby Bates Jerry Blake Marv Ann Blake Bulls Jack Braly Jlmmb Braly Cleha Branch Sandra Anderson Robert Bailey l ax B H .Y 4 . K A L i' , ' 'H-. I V, I: i V i, e -'19 Q GRADE 5-O 'Riff' 'asv' 49" Q in for W ,. - :N x .i Jack Franklin George Hamilton Sklts make Texas Hlstory mtelestmg Linda Hardv Sammle I-hgh Walter Holloway l mda James Rebecca Jenkms Daud Johnson ,Qin xii ANI I 7' If-1 1 Edward Jones Thomas Kelley Paulette Klllmgsworth Douglas Lowe J W Lambeth Elise McAll1ster Johnny Metcalf Cecxl Morgan James Murrav Kathy Musick 6' Glenn Myers Lynda Newcomb ' George Oliver Nye Wayne Pace Joan Penmngton Frances Prckermg Jackle Plpkm Otls Prrtle 9:7 Charles Pool Genevieve Prock Bonme Reddlng Charles Smith Carolyn Specht Lula Belle Stone Carolyn Stroud Gene Tenmson SEVENC1' H GRADE 'Q ,gs QD' Kwxxf Bxll Therlot Jerry Thomas Darnell Utzman Lee Roy Utzman Carolyn Walker Barbara Wallmg Mr. Gentry points out where our foreign neighbors live. 9.4 vw. 'I Douglas Wells ,xii if asf? Robert wllll3mS0n H 9-s 6-4 'P' - 'N Q S W Eugene Lawne Ernest Ledger 10' ld ov- iss kb-ff John Laffoon 01 be if 'ni' Bewerlv Goss Ehzabeth Heaton John Henson Verxt'1 Inman Douglas Jackson Dale Johnson Gwendolwn Kellv Ann Langston Don L Anderson Essxe Lee Arnold Wlnnle Arnold Dana R Benson Jnmmy Bynum Trans Clay Lvnn Costlow Marv Ann Crlsp Bobby Dillon Sherlden Dlllon Lmda Dodson Steve Dorney Anthonv Elhott Vlctorxa Goldberg SIXTH GRADE L-.,.,, Soclal studxes IS fun when we locate CltlQS and coun trxes on the maps GI 3 Q ' ff I ll , , 1 ' K A - if 1 ,V I . , E X , . I 1 f 252, '.rs 5x Q Q Q. A A J W Q I A Q 3 A 1 6 sd i ' A ll A 1 N V i -I V' V . 3 MJ X 0' ' ' All w Q ' . . ,gi A . V ev- A 41 K - - ' 1 . Y , ,Q A 1 , QS. 6 5- 0 A 4 . 4 . ' ,, ' 1 4 0 'ix buil Z V, -f Francine Franklin Q N Ol " n A . , - bl x l Q... , . ! ky A K A "' ' A , . 6. -vc: xxx -Y H g ....T.,.,.t A 1 as. I J D , 1 in A f V . Q Q : . I , rp..- In preparation for Christmas the Sixth Grade constructs a George Matheny 0 frieze for their room Marlene Tennlson John I Thomas Sandra Trahan Gordon Waggoner Lee Row Wall Judy Kaye W ells Sue Williams Barbara Ann VS llson Mary Lou Wood Dennis Worrell Sallie Nye Ella Jane Richardson Earl Rogers Brenda Sellers Nancy Siler I ouise Stevens Ruth Strickland David Stroud Dean Stroud Gerald Stuart Charlotte Tarrant Matalyn Tavlor Paul Maynard Vl illlam Montgomery Y' Dorot hy McKnight Harvey Maddox '-x O N an 9 I 3 SIXTH GRADE G- J iv 1 Q. 1 Q9 "sv 1 . K . YE P, 9. . . I r o' o - X 5 da, X W7 -Q V: . x N I y -I I Al . A f R' ' f S as I y ff Q M, , tu -., VI X V L ,. 5 y -i yy y 3 1 . Q 4 Q 0 In 1' b .w 'Nl Y I i ,hy X h, .. 1 NW can I ,, - V- jj, I , j 1 i.' A FIFTH GRADE in I wnn Akin 1 Bulls Allee ik, it-13' JG 3 larry Beene X lrgmla Brundage Sherman Chapman illxx Mm Lovd Q Flfth Grade pu p1lQ choose Qldes for thexr dallx game of softball Cemewa Looper Sandra Cooper Gary Crxsp Blllv Courcler Danny Dallas Ruby Jo Dlckeson John Lvnn Duran Jimmy Ferguson Ronme Freeman Joe Garrett Paul Goldberg Charlie Goldsberry Jerry Grisham Rubv Hamilton Paul Hardawaw Dlann Harsew Ralph Johnson Bxllw Jones Barbara Llncecum Judy Littlefield Jerry Marshall Diana Mathis VX 9. Q v"" pi if 1 'lf' K A Fifth Grade group is enjoying softball. I li ,, ii ,H fa in-4' 1 James Middleton Ronald Montgomery Ronnie My ers Shirley Newell Judv Nicol Billy Mac Nye Ann Pennington Dorothy Perryman Dwayne Plrtle Marlvonne Redding Rodger Richardson Michael Ricks Kenneth Ross Sam Scherer Nancv Stone FIFTH GRADE Sandra bummy . Bi 1 K1 is' Brian Taylor Gaylon Thomas Joyce Thomas Kim Tolleson Jerry Wadle .letf Ward David West Robert Whaley Charles Wilson Linda Wilson William Wilson Mary Womack Bennie Akin Jimmie Arnold Donnie Joe Bailex tax Barham fi Jerrw Bnster George Brown Edward Crawford Arthur Deaton Jane Dlckeaon James Dodson Linda Sue Freeman Frances Gist Sharlot Guwtine FOURTH GRADE I lnda Hunt Dwight Huntsman Dannv Raw James Gene Johnson Dewayne Jowell Jimmy langston n ' Kenneth Malone Sammy Musslewhite Billie Jean Newcomb Richard Newton 3 Mike Nye Lloyd Odom Lind Rae Perryman fr' 'GT' -'uv Q 'K -ur 1... it rainy, B, 'F' Q v . Come on bow let s teach the girlb how to plaw football s A x K ia! fc, .pg 5 'X .2 011 U ff WW Q" .--of Cecll West 'I' Bobbv wood anis if my 1 t.z "lm nv 1r"" ww' 5 Danny Rex Plrtle Phyllls Pugh Johnny Rockev Nlna Romberg Ronald Lee Roper Nancy Specht Wanda Strlckland Albert Taylor Mlke Therlot Johnnv Walker Wavne Utzman Judy Van Hawerbeke Nancy Beth Wallace Jlmmv Ray Watson Dotsy Wells FOURTH GRADE 4 ti" wa E vm Leon Wood Kaw Wright The Fourth Grade practlces a part of thelr Chrlstmas Program ,. .n f 'V K M a W 'I I ,X , x i f 1 e, ' s - - 5? -' y " c' 'W' - a rrr W ' - ' " . -. Y l if tak , . if V -',f:L' Q-Z,,," e,W: . 1 P atsy Welch . L -,. K , , lk -V t b y mf, so W j W5 ' 5. L 15 'V f 'tv 5,1 J 5 , Lmda Adams Bully Arnold Annell Ashby James Berry Betts Ann Blrdwell Roger Brown Blllw Browning Albert Bjundage Jane Ann Bvnum Randv Carlock Patrlcla Clay Ellen Costlow Raymond Dillon Ronnie Ferguson Charles Ferrell Janice Glll .4 -c" f' su r- 7 if-J J I if 15' Q i 'v ff'-J ki , f J' .1 THIRD GRADE Laura Gresham ff For the Third Grade reading becomes more entertaining. Jerry Hardaway tg 63' k' U Norman Highfield James Hudson 3 Mike Jones qi, , , r"""1 an but - "' 5 . l W ' L c iz' yr-ff-E 'THIRD GRADE 11. up K Katherine Inman V ' Ruth Jackson ' Betty Joyce Johnson if 1 7 li C' fix? will s Q' Jimmy Johnson ., M. Johnny Johnson 'A 'Yrs' -A Juanita Johnson ,, J Qt i . .nik more I 9 Warren Larrlmore .k, B - W A ' i S: P' Ralph Ledger if A JJ 2 'U'I'D.' W Q if ' fig ' V A X I 1. ,Q , I as ,, . id h 'N 'W -T 1. I' ,F t -'ff ,, J X l ff' A K f . ,vt V W AF, fd 1 Q, F4 -vv F f .y ' 4,3 5 1' - , A 8 W, e V , tn fi' J J fi J kiwi 1 f ,, , ,ipw-V - A 4 x , f ,J -' , " "' ' I 4 'Lf Kindergarten comes to Miss Holman's Third Grade Pet Show. Karen Lynch Mike Major Vicki Mathis Betty May Carol Moorman Glenda Morgan David Morris Betty Jane Nor ' 1 41 il f' f 4 Jimmie Lou Norton Glinda Sue Oliver Eleanor Prock Donna Kay Richards -1.2 ,,. ,J Q -Y Q Sammy Ricks f' 4 L THIRD GRADE 'Lv Mike Major tells some of the visi- tors about the pets. Judy Gail Tolleson Vernette Trahan Bobby Wadle Toni Waggoner Jerald Wall Kenneth Welch Wayne White Garland Winsett Shirley Womack Pam Wooley s Kay Rogers 1' "' ' I Norma Kay Rogers 0- " - il James Lynn Smith 1 - .Q " " 'L 1. Waylan Smith . ', iff' 1, f' Q, 1' ' " X t ffm G 4' . X K2 Vai Maxie Lee Specht W X 3 Johnny Stallings A A' "' if 'W iw Gary Stephens Q ' it S' uf' aglgfixihi- A s Nancy Stephenson S li S X Betty Stone 0 " .S as Lynn Strickland K V ,V X L, M12 ' v I x H45 ,-55? Gary Stroud V , L' ' , A: 1 . : H Ray Allen Stuart X 1' - y if , ' Lynn Tarrant t - ' ' . 'f V V . f X .K 5 ' K""-.W A, 1-r S 1,3 L Lavelle Taylor ' p Q 3 Q' v - 1. , S' A , Q I K 4345, i f L H S f 'pi' L' 'G 13 'fs L fl Y. 'v L. 1- " 6 5 -' ' ' V - -- 'A cur -' ' X -'4 V-f K U P , X , AI. "- s ,,f,.v.- 1 sf, l 2 y 4 b ' P 4 0'-, . . , V , 4' fn 4 4,0 N., R- ' f -a ao 4, V xl ff' . ,X 4 fb A, Q Q J,- V, U , , 2- A A 'tiff , ,. li, I . uh , - iii , - nk - 0. '.f Q SECOND ' M A , W .,, 1 James Adams Q,V,. C it . i 'V A 4 4' W5 " Patricia Ann Akin fi Q H, if V E ' ' it Sterling Haskell Andrews sm-A llaa ,, 1 fa- p o g t J J Timmy Arnold ' 1 - it I fl ,1 , A -' A , .1 fr , J, if . ' af J , Q i -7' ' 4. 1 fy L, L Willie Ann Arnold 5' V' 'V his 'in ig ' 4, 5 Michael Allen Bates 'P N 710 V N fo I - N- ,4,,.,. ff' v f Don Boatwright K J A -, ,.A, NM 'J Connie Box K J.: G rf G , Q Norma Gladys Brown '-3 f Mm : Don Dee Cooper ii gkk fqw gx It gav, J X 1 f sawn, - sqm. Q y N, A rf A 5 I ff' if it 455 ' PJ . 1 -if 'N " il, Thomas Forsythe 5 'Q N-, x A Av., i ,f Phyllis Jean Jackson James fDickJ Jenkins Nancy Johnson Joyce Jones A ref-f ' 5' 1 mg 1 , in lf 3. l'f'N Jan Ellis Donnie Finley Steve Cooper Larry Crawford Marie Deaton Ruth Dinwiddie Bruce Goss Nora Gresham Lynn Holt I QV' We like to R3 " Q i . 3 as W w. f' f as f I at Q y J ,Ei 4-I I S' 1 'J " x A AX, Marilyn Holt Jajuana Hudson Mary Nell Inman gi A, QA' '67 A fu 1 n gf.fb I vgvishgay i GRADE ll' W VK, read stones Jn' :VJ H9 iii! 'WWQT1 'ffm John Paul Nye Duane Posey Malgee Richards Laura Romber f lenda Roper Anal' I-Lv mda Gall Sherlock L .f'P' Jean Smith .9-0 -if Larry Stephens Bennie Sue Lambert Ili .rink ll ft.-.2 uint Karen Stew ens Sharon Stevens Peggy Walling Tommy Watson Lmda Sue Welch Carol Ann Wells Jame Lambert L Lavne KW 'Sf es-R.-3 Ii" Geraldme Wllson Helen Womack Bruce Mathis Tommie Methaney Richard Mlnyard qi gn-:uf Malcolm Worrell Bobby Morris 5' Lmda Sue Morrls nv V , tat, Joe Musslewhlte Jerry Lynn Norman Sb 49' Wa. 05,15 Aga-E 4 1, ru- 'K Wim Q I X - it f nf. " f ' it a , , . i M 1 , , A ,A an f Beth Dinwiddle Paul Dodson Myrtle Ellis Louise Akin Sharon Arnold Gerald Bailey Donna Boatwr ight David Lee Gray Gloria Freeman Karla Gossett Emily Huckabay Ray Hunt T Robert Jones Carlus Morgan Kay Murray Mary Musslewhite David Newton David Mathis Kathy Ann Minor Barry Moorman 'J e 4 , James Ray Kelley First Graders discover and free hand drawing are ffm ' , , 'l f , " G U S I f XXL, , 4 . ' K Q f .A 'iff 2.5 164 ,Y as 'K ', , . xl A in .9 v T, . in ,ala-9143 5 f fr l .effi-' i f . , by '41, hi, i D ' 15 ' " - W , 1 , , L -' " Q. Iris Taylor David Theriot Dee Lee Thomas Cathy Van Haverbeke Linda Kay Walton Nancy Wells Glenda Wilson " Q "' 4 r lr " It - x g I A f A l . A X"-A? rr fa .JAN v V Q 'l 5 "' inn ffm J Q f.+ r 4 4 "' .Y 3, it Q" snll v it it iff., vi ' -A Peggy Wilson A' 'Q t of many colors Darlene Winsett L 'CP' k A 'f'Q W 3 , Linda Sue Wood Z 2 'S S '-d Q, ., Q V it M woy, i 2 9 Wi " is Virginia Ann Odom " ' il .L ,, - Y V . ,Q wgqgiiix vn ni I 3:,,,...v S ""' A ,oaaf Larry Pickering . 1 ' 4 R gf K , " 1 It . V j " f ll A' -Q aa owes GRADE ' M' L ar es IC mon Q5 Ch 1 R'h d Q' Q i ffgref L' Gloria Jean Shuttleworth A7 K r S M, V.. ..4 . f "Nav si' . ..-fw dr A , ff , A 1 , ' '9 . W,-I, , 4 l v Calvin Smith Lynda Jean Smith Judy Specht Bradford Standard , V Sue Strickland 2 Larry Stuart ' 2 Chris Summy P MORNING Charlsa Boren Sue Crawford Ruth Duran Mary Lillian Elliot John Clark Danny Courcler Elame Guytme Lmda Hunt KI DERGARTE 'WIS N, 'il Nwrat Ai: ,-Q av .Y--r 6'?"' David Mathls Gary Mathis tis, This group becomes more aglle with then fingers dur mg Finger Plays 'vi onl- if ' The paint smears easily for these budding 1 young artists. Melvin Specht Jerry Taylor Clifford Thomas Jeana Wallace Dale Watson Chris Wells Tommy Pugh Iris Redding Barbara Rommes David Ross dim ,xxx 'err' Q 'D Q13 .,.,-Q 4 J Q40- ti is rm 69 www 'tv N 'fm ,N ,qw , t . aw I - v - r. ,. O' ily ,, Y Q., ,, L cy if 5 A' ..., s 'N . W Q Larry Allee Alan Ashby 'Q 5 A Larry Bates 1 " - Q39 Diann Dallas X, . AFTERNO ON Gary Neal Davis Randy Dysart ' . Malcolm Hardaway ix Q 44 A N, L fy g s . if hQkL,5,.Jx 'H A D, C 9 8 . " p - r eff pi 'ALE Q , 'r 9461 1' Q7 ., ,A l is ,r,:y . r P AF?'f5Z '1 Q, CQ 4' 9' , I r- . 'bf it. sf! W' 1 if, - A2 f -fi kg-9 94' F? Kathy Holt David James David Major Charolott Richmond Margie Dell Robertson Leslie Smith Wayner Sue Smith Rex Stevens Ray Nell Titus Jerry Wayne Wallace as ei 'P W KI DERGARTE fntn Rhythmical learning is a challenge to the Kindergarten. 3 Mrs. Dent and the Afternoon Kindergarten Group return from the cafeteria where they have been served refreshments. SPECIAL EDUCATION 'gh- 3' Larry Chevalller as x Recreatlon tlme finds a block tower nearlng completlon Ervm Deaton in Addmg new words to thelr vocabulary Larry Chevalller and Mllton Metcalf Slt studylng thexr readers Jeanette Elhs Elnzabeth Odom Shxrly Ann Wood Milton Metcalf stun ful ',,t'lv. " 'f I . 'Q2i+4.. - f '-V Q. , , . I 4. X ., N11 F f' ,Q -!.-xN"" . , IW., Q 'N f l .' 2394 , x 5 av' ,Nas it . 'C5'7'7g 535' - , W After the burial, the NACTILUS sailed into the Indian Ocean. Here we stopped for a brief visit to one of Nemo's chief sources of delight, a giant pearl that had grown over the centuries with such perfectness that it was then worth Z-7 million dollars. It was here that Nemo showed a very human facet when he saved rz poor Indian pearl diver from a tiger shark. The NAUTILLTS sailed on after this brief respite and soon slipped into the Red Sea. This seemed a rather foolish more on. Nemo's part as the Red Sea had only one outlet and was far too thickly populated with .ships for a vessel such as the NAL'T1LL'S to remain long undetected. There was some eonjecture as to where Nemo meant to go. TVhen he announeed that he would enter the Mediterranean Sea, I was astounded and questioned him about this. The Suez Canal was not eompleted and there seemed to be only the long route around the tip of .tfrif-a. Then Nemo told us ofa subterranean tunnel jar below the isth- mus that eonnevts the two eontinents. We en-tered this tunnel and the torrent of water passing from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. took us through in less than twenty minutes. Ti 51 Bill Croft, newly elected Sophomore Class president, assumes the duties of his office by proceeding with the election. VACATIO Mr. Smith, textbook custodian, gets books ready to be issued to students with Mr, Jimmy's help. Kay Weast, Mary Wall, and other Eighth Graders look to Mrs. Weast for moral support on the first day of school. Larry Stuart finds the first school days bewildering. EDS Hoyt Duggan prepares to take charge of the first GVSHER meeting. Bill Leverett and Gay Taylor find ping pong more interesting than class regis tration. vr High School girls get an early start on their lessons before school in the iirst week. 25 gg l EV' ,.r9l"5 Mr. Stephenson takes new faculty members, Coach Boren and Band Director Hamilton, on a tour of campus buildings. PQ Queen Frances of the house of Plckellng and Klng Jack of the house of Franklln preslde over the Hallowe en Carnival "ww- For the amusement of the Klng and Queen the Second Grade portrays France " ' HALLO EE i 461-X The Refreshment Booth sponsored by the FH A takes care of a rush crowd in SOl1th Amellcan COUDITIQS are glorlfied by the 1-,ntertamment from Chlna me brought bv the chlldren of the Slxth Grade Fourth Grade to carry out the program's theme, 'Natlons of the World 2 f - -44 1 A fs .Z 'l. f . A X I , I , ' I . K . 1 'Q Q" , 1 ' ' 1 r F 4 5 . l V , 4 11' A X l ' rf P CARNIVAL Members of the Yep Squad are kept busy calling numbers and giving out cards at the Bingo Booth, - i am, Q li lf l ,iv -1 Little Dutch girls and boys from Kindergarten entertain the royal family. Mr. J. B. Adams "hits the dust" as a lucky pitcher spills him. wifi" fb' Jar-k Franklin crowns Frances Pickering Queen of Halloween as the members of the court look on. c Mr. Dewayne "Rosy" Purvis smiles broadly as he arrives from Roswell, New Mexico. Attending regularly, he has the distinction of traveling the farthest distance to attend this year's homecoming. v-X KW President Mancil Duncan and Secretary Opal Brown are among the first to register in the high school building. EXES Exes renew old acquaintances and "show off" their children. Exes wait impatiently in line supper served in the cafeteria the game. RETUR The Class ot' '55, the largest attend- ing, smile as they march across the field. New oflivers for this year are Mrs. Mabel Herrington, secre- tary: Glenn Hudson, presidentg and Mrs. Louise Dallas, treasurer. Not pictured is "Fig" Newton, vice-president. ,F Superintendent John and Mrs. Duran with Principal L. A. and Mrs. Stephenson greet the exes at the reception. Mlss Klrkhame Fngllsh II Class llstens spell bound ae Bobby McCle1len Qplns a tall tale THE CRE L CW' Certxfied Publlc Accountants in the maklng get the foundatlon work m Bookkeeplng Hoyt Duggan SXDIHIHG to the Qolld Ceometry Class why plane P 15 per pendlcular to A -Qt- "" ui 'VII Adams 9Xhlblt4 two fine pleces, of lathe work to h1s Shop II Class Don Nxcol takes hm afternoon sxesta as Mlss Hellen RICE puts, a new asslgnment on the board mn Spanlsh AT WORK 2 ,f I au: One of the written HQSILHIIIQIIIS ln Speer-h finds Mr Dent offerlng a help lng hand to a student i in 1 L loretta 4.1199 prepares to tak: 1 reactlon test IH Dnner Tralmng, Nlrs VS ldv s Xmeuc in lllstorw Class poses not too shxlx f the 4 unerl n n Kay Graves points to the svale as the Physics Class experlmems with pulleys, N as Bntlxold s Typmg II C ass manages t ll ep lu X vlth thel QXQFKIQGQ CHRISTMAS ,,,,.,.vv iv Chlldren teachers and guests enJoy the Kinder ga rten Christmas party Mrs Boren plesides at tea service during the annual faculty Christ mas tea given by Mrs Duran Mrs Thomas and Mrs Stephenson Room monitors, Diana Mathis and Marivonne Redding, act as "Santa Claus" at the Fifth Grade Christmas party, Mrs Roy Roach sings White Christ mas as the school music groups present the P T A Christmas program aw" V - The Special Choral Group, in their first perform- ance of the year, sing "Silent Night" while the Fifth Grade presents a Nativity scene. AT GASTO 2 -..-g hall and Ium Tolleson appear wlth NI Snowman 1n a song and dance l"Ol1tll1Q ont Don Cooper and Pam Wol- ley take their bows after finishing their art. Bobby McClellen wuth h1s asslst ants Gerald Evers Gene Harms and MISS Terry Irlck swmg out Sh boom he Kmdergalten assembly proglam .qv sm y-, " N Larry Pickering sits quietly taking view of Santa Claus the long Teachers enJoy relaxlng and usltlng to zether at the Chrlstmas partv 4 A , ,J AJ, A :ri JB 1 Z Q , ,- S Wsg.' I 1 f lf. Q. up l 'AFETERIA MANAGER IADIES OF THE FAFETERIA: Mrs. Corenne Def-ker, Mrs. Clara Tedder, Mrs. Eloise Strickland, Mrs. Opal Hale, Mrs. Faye Harris, and Mrs. Lola Anderson. MAI TENANCE MAIL CARRIER Mr. H. VV. Alexander Ally' CYSTODIANS: Mr, R. I. Lakey, Mr. A. B. Strickland, Mr. C. W. Dorsey, Mr. S. W. Ellis, and Mr, J. C. Rogers. f 1 l Q l l gf has Kn- i V . K '01 HOUSEKEEPER Mrs. Cecelia Muckelrath BUS FOREMAN STAFF ' -I 9 X 1:1 ,M f va , L. ENGINEER Mr. H. B. Maynard BUS DRIVERS: Mr. Travis Smith. Mr. Roy Green, Mr. George Jones, Mr. Joe Allen Jones, and Mr. A. A. Swinney. Not pic- tured. Mr. W. G. Ferguson. .-rl' Mr. A. C. Leverett NIGHT FYSTODIAN .g-.- En route to Austin and the Steck Annual Clinic, GUSHER MGME TS T0 .""""". 7 delegates, Miss Fannie Stone, Jack Lowe, Bob Giles, Nancy Scott, Karen Duran, and Hoyt Duggan enjoy a picnic lunch and the beautiful scenery behind the mis- sion San Francisco de los Tejas. C 7 It's not a sad day for Don Lee Wooten because his football jacket has finally arrived. Karen Duran, President of District IV, makes her acceptance speech at the district meeting of the Future Homemakers of America in Gladewater. The choral group, facing a vine-covered cross. presents their annual Easter Devotional. sings as Junior High af V A, -A I -,. EMEMBER ' l . Mrs. Ada Mae Crook and Mrs. Vera Scott bring over the money from the first payments on the GUSHER in Jr. High and Elementary. Miss Evelyn Miller, reading consultant, discusses read- ing problems with Mrs. Louise Lee, Second Grade teacher. Mrs. Roy Roach, new music teacher and choral director, cheerfully prepares to begin a day of work. Candidates for Band Sweetheart, Mary Romberg. Linda Brister, .Ianita Greer. Elwanda Hunt, and Sweet- heart, Connie Florence, smile for the birdie. Football Sweetheart. Nancy Sc-ott. poses with candidates, Jo Lane Williams, Cathy Theriot, Mary Lou 'J Theriot, and Mary Margaret John- I son. L -X-ef Looking through the shady oaks at the Durans' home. HOMES QF ADMINISTRATORS ---1 The Stephensons enjoy many cool breezes from their screened porch. East Texas trees provide a beautiful background for the Thomases' home. xn- ,ls- . ,,,, ' 'xx S ,-a V.. , an U ' 'ir mi-MEI' MN . ,Q g "H-. --www vi .5 ,.. , vp ..,!,-ya, -ff -1- ,fix-Q .,, .pf'5,.4v9 Yfeevc '6?'a"""" ' as A df . The NA l'TILl'.N' sped xzriftlhll through the Jlediterranean as though it were anfious to leave this "eradle of t'l'L'lIiZlIfi0?Z" that had 1'IIll.S'f,lt Neinoiv bitternes,s'. We shot through the giant roeks that are Gibraltar with the .wieift ll7tfIPl'PZt7'l'?l1f and were soon in the Atlantic. Ned had entertained a hope of exeape for some time and as ire pulled into Vigo Bail, are resolred to gain our freedom. As we were readying 01lI'S6'Il'6S' to leave, the NAI'TlLl'S stopped and Nemo called me to his Cabin. He told me a story of the Spanish galleon, laden. with Neil' World trea.s'ure, that had been sunk here. He opened the sliding panel that f'Ul'fl'f'fI the glass observation lizlbble and looked out. For halt a inile around. the waters ieere bathed zritli a brilliant, glimmering light from the NAFTILIN, and the r-rezi' 717181111-Vfllqll unloosing the aged. zrrztei'-,S-oakefl trzmksz Caxeades of jewelry and heavy lfaizs- of eorrodefl silrei' and oolfl prexented tlienzselres to llI1lfIfl?"IGf10I!f'Y I understood then-tliie mst ba was . ' . W . V- V - V' ll Neiizois- bank from irhil-h he dis-tribzltefl money to the oppresxerl people of the Il'07'If1 abore. THE Q -at rw, Club Editors Sue Freeman and Mary Lou Ther1ot go through the file for mformatlon on the Dramatlcs Club GUSHER N. L Sports Editors, Merritt Graves and Shirley Guytine, mark the calendar for the homecoming game with Troup. Art and Layout Editors, Karen Duran, Jim McVVilliams and Jack Lowe, work out the cover design for this year. Class Editors, Barbara Black- ford and .Io Whitehead, alpha- betize the class rolls. Concession Manager, .Juanita Hol- land. Counts the money made from the Hallowe'en Carnival. Sponsors, Mrs, Annie Lloyd, Miss Dreeby Haskins, Mrs. Josephine Highfield, and Miss Fannie Mae Stone, discuss the various layouts in the dummy. gl 14, a 1 Sue Freeman, Club Editor, Hoyt Duggan, Music Editor. and Carolyn Craig, Assistant Club Editor, work on their assignments. paper. DEVILS Juanita Greer, Co-Editor, Frances Wall, Print Manager, Miss Virginia Knapp. Advisor, and Linda Lowe, Co-Editor, ex- amine the criticism scorebook of the Kay Graves and Tommy Stuckey, Assist- ant Editors, and Glenda Jenkins, Art Editor, combine their talents in pre- paring a stencil. Ann Newcomb and Emma Jean Tedder, Typists, consult the as- signment sheet for their typing duties. DELIGHT The DELIGHT has published its sev- enteenth year and has won its thirty- fourth and thirty-fifth awards. The statT attended the Kilgore Students Confer- ence of the Interscholastic League and the Texas High School Press convention. A dinner at Lufkin in February plus the annual Christmas party were the social activities for the year. Brenda Dorney, Exchange Editor, reads the latest pa- pers from other schools. S S g Rex Barker and Nancy Scott, Assistant Print Managers, and Rebecca Cassady, Sports and Printing, begin to mimeograph the first sheet of the next edition. Sports staff, Merritt Graves, Sonny Nations, Gus Copeland. and Kelley Waggener, examine the basketball scorebook to settle an argument over a sports story. PEP my - In 5 , v Y ' I x . ev ,M V1 334 'Z gfmx 1- 13 4 Wfffri 1 . 'fl S' .':"'H.v 5 , sg. .Sr H, ' lyvii A, t ,, , ,T , X - A .- xx' ., .:x' Q - .5 ky- A A lF5'f"w1,'- t gf.. Q X y 'fsqkfsrx .ld 4 5 6 , 9? fr- ml. ,,f1,.,Dlw 11- ffm., -W ffff -fl' ,NV s , P R, 4. ' 1 -.w1.-, . - N-2 ' ' ,wfaq X . , A V' 1,14 N fu' , 'N 5 '5 ' f' 1 ., , 5.. v.c'K'f',?f 94 f.'f'A.'t i.Rt .,.- .-.-s Ja +5 'J HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Gladys VVhitehead Frances XVa11 Brenda Dorney Linda Croft Rebecca Cassady W 3+ '43 The Cheerleaders let out with "Fight Team. Fight" at the Gaston-Hallsville clash. The pep squad goes into action as the first touchdown of the Hallsville game is scored. SQUAD Jl'Nl0R HIGH f'Hl'IERLE.-KDERS Cathy Theriot Jo Lane Williams Elizabeth Mattison SPONSOR Mrs Ruby Hudson I SFNIOR PPP SQI XD FIRST ROW Gladys XX hltehead F Cassady SECOND ROVK Barbara Xxllghl Rachel Nlontgomerx Carolxn Posew XX1ll1e Ann Garrett Carolxn Nse Janet Johnson Nlarw XX all ranws Wall Nlrs Ruby Hudson Brenda Dolney Llnda Lrofl Rebeua THIRD ROVS Nlary Margaret John'-on Dorothy Ltzman Rosilsn hlllolt hay XX east Janle Crlsp Nlarllyn Nye kay Glawes If OU RT g ue Fleeman Wanda Arrmgton H ROV! JIIBDIIH Greer Lxnda Lone Nlarx Jo NILAll1ster Tommie Adams Carolwn Cral S 1' These boys get together for a little impromptu harmony. CHORAL GRGUPS HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL CLUB FIRST ROXV: Kay Herrington, Connie Florence, Pat Chance, Bettye Ferrell, Kay Weast, Janet John- son, Janie Crisp, Gwen Wright, Marie Bynum Prebble Jordan, Barbara Lowe. SECOND ROKV: Judy Lacy, Barbara Blackford, Melba Hunt, Doris Lowe, Shirley Guytine, Kay Weast, Mary Wall, Sylvia Dollar, Gerry Pirtle, Loretta Allee, Janita Greer. THIRD ROXV: Jim McWilliams, Mike Blackford, Paul Fess, Bob McKenna, Wayne Thomas, J. W. Strickland, Buddy Whitehead, Glenn Williams, Gene Good, FOURTH ROW: Brenda Dorney. Rosalyn Elliott, Elizabeth Mattison, Jo YVhitehead, Pete Miller, Marshall Thomas, Pat Tipp, Janet Seelbach, Jo Ann Courcier, Karen Thomas, Barbara Wright. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Richards, Nancy Freeman, Dixie Davis. I HORAL ULIB OFFIFFRS Vlce Presldent Rosalyn Elllott Reporter Glenn Wllllams Soclal Chalrmen Barbara and Nlxke Blacl ford Presldent Pete Mlller QPFCIXL FHORAI GROIP FIRST RO!! Nlrs Bess Roach sponsor Bettye Ferrell Wanda Alrlngton Connle Florence Barbara Blackford Mary Margaret Johnson Shlrley Guytlne SECOND ROKR Rosalyn Elliott Lmda Brxster Sylvla Dollar Dxxle Davls Karen Duran Karen Thomas THIRD ROI! 'Vlary VS all Jo Whltehead Janet Johnson Jean Tedder Rebecca Cassady Ann Newcomb I-'OLRTH ROI! Jack Lowe Ben Arnold Glenn Wxlllams Marshall Thomas Tommy Stuckey FIFTH ROW Bovd VS all Blll Leverett Gus Copeland Hoyt Duggan Bob 'VIcKenna SENIOR DRAMATICS V' X , :tx Nl 1 The officers with their sponsor, Mr. John Dent, are Jim McWilliams, president: Bettye Ferrell, reporter: Bob McKenna, vice-president, and Pete Miller, secretary- treasurer. CLUB MEMBERS FIRST ROVV: Terry Irick, Janice Rogers, Bettye Ferrell, Willie Ann Garrett, Patsy Woods, VVanda Arring- ton, Anabell Bailey. SECOND ROVV: Barbara Taylor, Ramona Duggan, Karen Duran, Roselyn Elliott, Kay Herrington, Pat Chance. Connie Florence. THIRD ROW: Bobby McClellen, Mr. John Dent. sponsor, Bob McKenna, Jim McWilliams, Pete Miller, Gene Harris, Malcolm Taylor. I if x x The officers, Bill Croft, vice-president: Carl Furqueron, president, Don Wells, reporter, Judy Lacy, and Sue Killingsworth, social chairmen: and their sponsor, Mr. John Dent, have a little get-together after rehearsal. CLUB MEMBERS ju 1oR DRAMATICS FIRST ROW: Judy Lacy, Sue Killingsworth, Rachel Montgomery, James Dickeson, Robert Williams, Carol Henson, Dolores Hoffpauir. SECOND ROW: Jack Lowe, Donald Nicol, Don Wells, Franklin Hudson, Carl Furqueron, Bill Croft, Gerald Evers. ER F.F.A. OFFICERS Parliamentarian .... Robert Earl Williams Sentinel . . . Carl Furqueron Secretary . . George Jones President . . Larry Cooper Treasurer . . . . Neal Rogers Vice-President . . Kelley Waggoner Sponsor . . . . Mr. H. D. Rawlinson Reporter . . . Gene Harris Larry Cooper, owner of a herd of Hereford cattle, beats the old feed bucket to bring his favorites up. A ,za 'Nw- ,L .A V-9 ...,. , f 7ZMb.XrL 4v ,AM !'jWf,4, i 1.4.52 ,-ev' V K ,, I W vi Wd' . W .R G an 1? J NWYMM WUKQ f U' 1 5-my CHAPTER mxmunnvxnnn mans ,E , ,as J., , ., , .mug . , I Q 1 is D ,, K' . 3 Q J "' ? an ow' - J' ,r . ,, 4 -w-www' r-n,g,'3v!'U",..,s+,:.,,,- ' ' '.-., nf , , . .L -." " ' K . "' ', Y n 1 . 1 .ry,rz.,: 'fi'-z.!,, 1 13-,L-4,44ff,h Lg, Q-if I- -EV. A . qw V FUTURE H OMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 1 D as IP NEW YK 0 QSO S ' A7 Q: 2 sf E, 72 3 F 1 jf 0 A V Y Gr, 0461 xo? 0 09 ivlll CRAFTSMAN CLUB f" CRAP TSNI -KW OFFII ERQ Soclal Chaxrman 'Secretary Treasurer Social Chalrman Presldent SOCIBI Chanman X109 Presldent Reporter Rlchard Theuot Larry Cooper B111 Leverett Aaron Cooper Dxck Hunt Joe Iwxcol Kelley Vbaggoner Aaron Cooper and Joe Nlcol put the finish mg touches on a slgn for the football stadlum .A CRAFTSNIXN 1 I IB FIRST ROW Dawld Pool Donnx Long Rodney Hudson SFCOND ROW Earl Moore Aalon Cooper Joe Nxcol Ben Arnold Rlchard Th6F1Ot THIRD ROW Mr J B Adams sponsol Stanley Shaw Ke1lGYVYdS,'g0ner Dlck Hunt Wade Ferguson B111 Leverett Neal Rogers Larry Cooper PARE TTEACHER ASSOCIATIO F P 5 'f' 1 O 'a7""-' O u I., .. 731, lies- .' gl' 9 4? 15.4, .roi ' 1897 OBJ El 'TS To promote the welfare of children and youth in home. school, church, and community. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teach- ers may co-operate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest ad- vantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. Kay Graves, Business Manager. accepts a check from Miss Mary Nell Hollier as a dona- tion froin the P. T. A. for the GUSHER. I P. 'r. A. OFFICERS President . . . . . Mrs. G. H. Jackson Vice-President . . . Mrs. Phil Gossett Treasurer . . . Mrs. Homer Maynard Historian . . . . Mrs. Edwin VVorrell Parliamentarian . . . Mrs. G. W. Croft Secretary . . . Miss Mary Nell Holliel' fwuq Mrs. Josephine Jenkins, School Nurse, as sembles clothing for the needy at Thanks giving. GASTO HIGH DRUM MAJORS Pat Chance Connxe Florence MAJORETTES Betsy WIIISICR Karen Duran Pat Tlpp Lmda Brlster Karen Thomas Janet Seelbach BAND DIRECTOR Mr Alexander Hamilton Beads of sweat from the hot August sun dotted the foreheads of the Band as they greeted the new dlrector 'wir Alexander Hamllton These summer lehearsals opened another eventful season for the Devll Band Thxs season the band presented a QBTIGS of nlne half tlme shows to the football audience These shows for the most part DTSCISIOII drlll were brxghtened by thelr lI1tI'1 cacy and the twullng routmes Agaln th1S year the Band presented a fine selection of jazz and swmg numbers Among the parades attended were the Tyler Rose Parade and the Band Day Contest ln Austln The Yule Qeason was ushered IH by the gala parades ln Henderson and Overton The cllmax of the marching season came wlth the Marc-hlng Contest at lxew london where the group con tlnued IIS wlnnlng stleak of four Fxrst DIVISIOD ratings ln marchmg And as a final plum to cap a fine season the Band was honored by an lnvltatlon from Chllllcothe Hlgh School to represent them at the half tlme per formanve ln Kllgore to keep the shows "rocking" SCHGOL BA D B -KN D OFFICFRQ Soclal Chalrman Betsy Musick Secretary Jean Tedder Student Conductor Gene Good Hoyt Duggan Sonny Natlons Kenneth Thomas Ann Newcomb Tommy Stuckey Presldent V1ce Presldent Treasurer Reporter Soclal Chaxrman '77 The baud stands in speclal formatlon at parade rest waltlng for instructlon from the director Preparmg for a mock lnspectxon the band stands rigidly waiting 'Fig Q CLARINET SECTION FIRST ROW: Carolyn Barker, Betsy Musick, Jean Tedder, Gene Harris. SECOND ROW: Elwanda Hunt, Pat Tipp, Ramona Duggan, Sue Killings- worth, Doris Lowe, Janet Seelbach, Bettye Ferrell. THIRD ROVV: Wilma Gist, Mary Rom- berg, Elizabeth Mattison, Carol Henson, Louise Brian, Barbara Lowe, Jo Lane Williams. PERCUSSION SECTION FIRST ROXV: Sonny Nations, Kenneth Thomas, Dolores HoiT- pauir, Pat Chance. SECOND ROVV: Buddy White- head, Gwen Wright, Virginia Bates, Ann Newcomb, Boyd Wall. BRASS SECTION FIRST ROW: Loretta Allee, Con- nie Florence, Laura Nell Heaton, Tommy Stuckey. SECOND ROVV: Jerry Costlow, Janita Greer, Wade Ferguson, Hy- man St. Clair, John Good, Mike Blackford, Hoyt Duggan. THIRD ROVV: Gene Good, David Cagle, Mike Kelley, Billy White- head. FIRST ROVY: Phil Davis, Karen Thomas, Mike Tolleson. SECOND ROVV: Charles Lacy, James Gray, Charles Crye, Rex Barker, Dale Finley. YVOODVYI ND SECTION FIRST ROXV: Karen Duran, Alice Whitehead, Kay Herrington, Willie Dee Lambert, Nancy Freeman. SECOND ROVV: Dixie Davis, Betty Crocker, Sue Hampton, Barbara Black- ford. THIRD ROXV: Cathy Theriot, Jo White- head, Jack Love, Jo Ann Courcier. CORNET SECTION I i I BEGINNEIVS BAND FIRST ROW: Linda Dodson, Charlotte Tarrant, Vertia Inman, Sandra Trahan, Brenda Sellers. Francine Franklin. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Heaton, Sue Williams, Winnie Arnold, Marlene Teunisou, Sallie Nye, Judy Wells. THIRD ROIV: Ann Langston, Vickey Goldberg, Gwen Kelley, Matalyn Taylor, Beverly Goss. FOl'RTl-I ROXV: Dean Stroud, Bobby Dillon, John Henson. Lynn Costlow. Steve Dorney. Travis Clay. FIFTH ROW: John L. Thomas, Tony Elliott, Harvey Moddex, Eugene Layne, Ernest Ledger, Don Anderson. SIXTH ROW: Sheridan Dillon, Lee Roy Wall, Paul Maynard, Douglas Jackson, David Stroud, Dooley Mont- gomery. Antoni as Q l' t ,. 'Q K . l 1 -. l ...a. .. .vssf Y J' B- , Pit JYNIOR B.-I ND FIRST ROW: Sandra Anderson, Clelia Rraneh, Frances Pivkering, Bonnie Redding, Paulette Killingwortli. Beth Cooper, Linda Hardy, Barbara Walling. SECOND ROW: Jerry Blake, Roy Brown, Glenn Myers, Walter Ellis, Bill Theriot. Linda Newcomb, Kathy Musick, Carolyn Specht, Gertrude Ellis. THIRD ROW: David Johnson, Douglas Wells, Billy J. Braly, Thomas Kelley, Charles Pool, Robert Bailey. .lack Franklin, Charles Smith. FOURTH ROIV: Charles Ellis, Bobby Bates, Mickey Copeland, Otis Pirtle. we-b.f..t. '-sw Rh . ,,,, , ,- Y ' ., in , , L -gr:-rel-",,. A - ,.,,,.7g- ' A .N--' 'v .-nf, ...A , . ' f .' , ' -11 "2 ,. V f- .- ap- I A,-N-sq-....,-.,' . . ...Z x . , 4. N-' - , -' Y- - .,h"1-1' . , ' 7"gf'+' , 1 K 3 I s ,K , fx! - 7 - K Aff R , .- 9... A an 'iff ygfsj Www- . W ,A , , . , Y JK-4 I'-.,. , . Q., , A nj'-"'-4wl"'1, 'mme L -dev avr. mg I -.J N,f'A' A ,. -f -.,q9dua...,.4,5i.:.z,A :Q :gg . . 1 ., . . 'Ke 1wA.,4'- , ""'35-- , , V5 'I . I Am ,' ,mwah ,..... .-ng, Gp-......... ,. , ,,,,.gA Leaving Vigo Bay, we steered a southerly course and soon entered the southern polar region. Nemo hurled the NAUTILUS at all obstructions, and we crushed everything in our way until we came upon a giant iceberg which we were unable to circumnavigate. I gave up all hope of ever reaching the Pole, but Nemo took the simple measure of plunging under the giant mass of cold water. After sailing under it for several hours, the ice finally became thin enough for us to push through with the spur. Surprisingly, the farther south we pro- gressed, the water became more open and- the temperature actually began to rise. At last, our calculations showed that we had reached the South Pole! We immediately filled our air reservoirs and started back under the ice. We had nearly gained the northern end of the iceberg when a serious accident occurred. Part of the iceberg split off and turned over leaving the NAUTILUS trapped in a narrow tunnel. We were encompassed by giant walls of ice and a slab of ice imprisoned us from below. Working frantically in the frigid water, we were able to free the NAUTILUS and passed in the open sea just before our last tan-lc of air was exhausted. ffuffigz-Y f , "' t ,,.fif,- - J, x.- . , -- eifg '-2 ifssff-am..1, 3 1 v 'PW' V J WA ' ""'-...--.:f'v . N- Qm s '-': rf MISS GASTONITE NANCY SCOTT MR. GASTGNITE HOYT DUGGAN WHO'S NANCY SCOTT ENGLISH In English. as well as in other autivities, Nancy is a true perfectionist. Whether she is punctuzxting an essay or answering an examination question, Nancy tries to be "letter-perfect." She is especially gifted in the inter- pretation of pieces of literature and is always ready to share her good ideas with the class. Her long research paper and other themes show her near-perfection in organization and transition. As a student Nancy is fur- ther appreciated hecause she puts her English into prac- tical use in her work on both of the school publications. LINDA L U WE x'l'ui.l1uvr1oNs Linda Lowe has been at invxnher of Moth tlnston puhf lit-atioxxs for the past three years. She has risen tn positions of responsibility on these staffs. Shu is Cn- I-Jditor of the lll4IVlli'S IJl'Il.lGIlT and .-'xcivcfrtising Mam- afzer on the GASTON GUSIIER, She has zxtteudvd all the- vmiveixtiorxs of the Texas Iligh Scluml Press for the past three years. The OlliSf2tlliiiIlX trait that xnadf- Liudzs eligible for this award was her vcillimiiwss to gn 2-liltillii with staff' work without heim: asked in' prmicled into filling.: sn. Shri assumes responsibility easily. and is uhle tn l'2ii'l'S' our her work with ai minimum uf vrmfusiun. This is why Linda i'm'e'ivf'rd thx- ziw:,u'ci ut' Wlmk Whn in l'uhlic':1tinn: ff B U YD W A LL nmu-zu 'l'l!.!lNlNli MW in' f llnyd Wall is ei seritnxs, intffllifre-nt. pzltivnt inwtruwrm'. and za safety-minrlerl pz1rti1'ipzu1t in vines zu-tivirivs. llee rzxrningins:il'+1tytr1 lite' situntimas, l-'ur this rwziemxi Boyd has liven 1-lmsviu 11:1 the- hvst in Gustuu in this field of work. WHO KATHLEEN CRAVES Sf7Il'INf'I'I For four years Kay has maintained a high scholastic Y' standing in tho four hasir- si-iom-os. Kay, having from- pl:-tod gfmorztl :-avifriirwo, hiology, r-he-mistry and physics vi'li this svholastirf rvcord. is plarod as one of the can- didates for this honor. The factors contributing most to hvr final sealer-tion won- an open mind, willingness to work, :in unwavering intferost, a co-operative attitude, tht- ability to ar-1-vpt :ind work with theory, and a high muthf-inzitif'zil aptitude. A:-1 out nation uxprossorz zi ns-od for sr'ifriitifir'a.lly-Irained pvhwriiiirrl, it is our hopes that Kay may 1-ontinue her Studie-s along this liner. t , ,,S,SfXlDY liUNIlfTNI.HilXG " ling aw- v vu and site'-f-vsstixlly coming 4 1 j f I omo raking und FllA's favorite til '1 kiss: l ii migugiiig: smile. twinkling: i i 1 z : 1 '- o rumor :ind vitality aro V- 1 V ' ' N' - 4 ' "1'l1lT'2i.t'tt?I'iSlit'S. Ileir ability to :!74?llIll-l' in-spoiisihilit,ivs with mise and hm' artistic tal- iiiii hzivi- :also lit-lp:-il to inzikc- hor tho outstanding student in tht- lloxnviiizikiiiu DEXD21l'i,lIlf'Ili. Rebevva has Completed tlmw- jfvaiw of lioiiit-nizikiiia 1-lasswork. two summer ex- gtwiifzi-'hs :ind is :it tho iirvsmit, time President of the fiqwioii l-'iitiiro llomenialwrs of America Chapter. 'v NVA Ulf PHQGUSON msn x Wauli- l-'efmiison hzis thi- iiiiziliiiws whivh nizilcfr 21 Mood 4 lizind muh liiiiiizg Ihr- pzisi four ywirs hcl has defmonm sirztlwfl th+-sh iiiieiliiivs hy his tint- plxiyiiiz of the- tronihonfs :ind hix zlltility to niziiwli, siaghi-ri-:icl. :ind llillllt?T'0iIS other tzilviit-1. Hi- is it lefzuifli' in hi- sw-lioii and in thu hrzisses. lf hw ioniiniws his good work he- will so fair in the field NN... it WHO S FRANCES WALL GIRIJS PHYSICAL EDl'CA'I'ION Frances' natural ability along with the desire to play and win has given her the "All-American" honor in physical education. Her good work in health, her neat- ness in class, her mental alertness, and her natural grace of movement is present in every class and sport. Frances won the district singles championship in tennis two years in Junior High School and received the same award in high school in 1955. SYLVIA DOLLAR LIBRARY Sylvia has been a dependable and willing library as- sistant for several years. Eliiciency. co-operativeness. initiative, and a sense of humor are qualities Sylvia possesses which will prove an asset in any situation. If fate does not will otherwise, Sylvia could be a first-rate librarian. , l 3 .... ,,,,.lVj JIM MCWILLIAMS SOVIAL SFIPINCI' .lim McWilliz-uns is a student of the social sciences in which interest can be generated toward people and events of the past. He has voluntarily given oral reports ,L to the class after his interest had been aroused. lie thus p f 'X N shows himself to be above the average in curiosity, a nel-essnry trait for a student of the historical past. WHO WANDA ARRINGTON SPI-:IQCH To express one's self well is an accomplishment-but to develop the ability to express one's self well before a group is a remarkable achievement. Wanda has come a long way in developing into an effective speaker this year. VVhen she finishes school, should she decide to go into politics-rest assured, all the votes will be hers. How much more effective can a person he? ,Qi RICHARD THERIOCI' lLOY'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Richard Theriot's individual characteristics of depend- ability, leadership, clean living. fair play, and ahovc all, a fighting spirit that was an example to all who came in contact with him, were the deciding: factors in his selection as the representative of the Physical Edu- cation Department. Being among the top in his class scholastically, he has readily won the respect of his teachers and the admiration of his fellow students. Richard is a hoy that will long he remembered by his teammates. coaches and teachers, because he is a real "lied Devil." ,, -v-...,, gps.. ' -- ae A-as -A ,,f 'T' 1 -0' 9 ETHEL M ORPHEW BUSINESS y Ethel's pleasant personality, eagerness to learn, and sincere interest and satisfactory accomplishment in all phases of business training have earned for her the honor of the Who's Who in business education. S-2 i pri 3 ., ,I ,,A2 if ms Q O it KJ ., . ,it r 1 Cham! - ' .Q L X. l l M ,i I 5 N of QL.. V mlMj'Q.-i , W, W-, 'T Nt, ' f f FRANKLIN HUDSON VOCATIONAL AGRII'l'LTl7 RE By making high-profits from feeding swine and beef during a period of low profits in agriculture, Franklin has proved his ability to practice what he gained by making high grades in three years of vocational agricul- ture. He has also done excellent work in improving the home and home surroundings, in dairy judging. and leadership activities. WHO S TOMMY SCFUCKEY CHORA L Tommy Stlickey. physically small but sc-liolalstically great. excels as an Hlmasso profundou in the Special Choral Group. With a background of Choral club experience, piano study, hand activity, and church choir singing. he is well equipped to make an admirable contribution to Gaston choral music-. Tommy enjoys singing sacred and vlassiual xnusiv, and vliooses popular and semi-Classical music for his listening pleasure. His wholesome attitude. amizilwle personality. and eflicient devotion will serve as an excellent combination of traits for future musical af-hievement. WHO yor Nicot INADPSTRIA Il A RTS A deep inte-rest in the Iield of industry sinee his sopliomore year has gzninvd for Joe the honor of out- standing Industrial Art studvnt of Gaston. Joe's ability to think vlearly. his depondzibility and his co-operative attitude Create an aiinosplii-re of leadership. Joes al-complislinie-nts in the shop are many and varied. Aside from drawing and its related subjects he has voiistriii-ted zi drop leaf table, zi maple bedroom suite and is at the present making: a maple sewing machine cabinet. SUNNY NATIONS SPANISH El Senor Sonny Nations es un muvhavho muy iiiteligente, El representa muy bien el departmento de Espanol de Ilgistoii. A ron- stant effort to master the Spanish lzinxuzige is shown daily by this vonst-ientions worker. v-4 fp BOBBY GILES NIATHEDIATICS Robby, having completed four years of mzitlieinatics, has found that mathematics, like all other sciences, opens its doors to those only who knock long and hard. His ability and patience in working problems un- til he has found a solution will prove most valuable to him in later life. GASTO .ra ,fn S 'W 5' ly, 1 5 wr am A nf.: NS MOST BEAUTIFUL 'Wim was jo LANE WILLIAMS GASTGNS MOST I-IANDSOME GLENN, WILLIAMS ll REBECCA CASSADY CAROLYN POSEY NOMINEES FOR MUST BEAUTIFUL --I if LINDA CROFT BARBARA BLACK FO RD NOMINEES FOR MOST HANDSOME AARON COOPER DUANE GIBBS RICHARD THERIOT by FOOTBALL SWFETHFART BAND SWFFTHFART Nancy Scott Connle Florence SWEETHEARTS OF G H S 'W 'M X W 'wx 'gi XX F H A PIN IP Boy F F A SYVEETHEART Aaron Cooper Lmda Cl'0ft ,fi 4' After our harrowing brush with the ice pack, we sailed into warmer waters. As we were idling quietly under the ocean, Ned, who was sitting at the window, asked me to identify a strange monster that was lurking outside. I looked, and could not repress an expression of disgust. Before my eyes was a horrible monster, eight yards long. with eight long feet twisted like the Hfuries' hair." The monster's mouth, a horned beak like a parrot's, opened and snapped shut with a vertical motion. Its tongue, furnished with a row of teeth, quibered in and out of the veritable pair of shears. As we moved by, the poulp gripped the rudder and tangled in the screw which brought the NAUTILUS to a stop. Nemo had ares issued and we went up on deck to cut it loose. Enraged, the giant squid pulled itself upon desk to face us. It waved the slimy tentacles furiously and all were in danger of being thrown over. As we watched, horrified, the monster pulled Nemo from the deck and brought him slowly toward his horny beak. Ned, with a Herculean heave on. his harpoon drove it deep into the poulp's only vulnerable spot, his eye. It heaoed conrulsively and then slid op' into the water. Ned lished Nemo out of the water and Nemo soon regained consciousness. His only words were, "Why did he save me!" Swift? 7 Center Jacksonvllle East Mountaln White Oak Troup Carllsle Leveretts Chapel Chapel Hall Overton Hallsvllle Non Coaches Charlle Boren Leo Van Haxerbeke and James Adams look ox er the scoutmg report from the Hallsxllle Troup game SENIOR FOOTBALL CO CHAMPS Season s Scores Conference Games They L Cus Copeland End Co Captam Vtavne Thomas Fdward lwew Aaron Cooper Guard Guard C enter Joe Nlcol Richard Thernot Glenn Wllhams Marshall Thomas Tackle Tackle Halfback End Co Captam 1965 DISTRICT 16 A CO CHAMPS FIRST ROW B1lly Hughes Joe Nlcol Don Wells Harry Stone Gus Copelmd Glenn Wlllllms Kenneth Rogers Ben Arnold Blll Croft Managel Charles Thomas SECOND ROW Coach Leo Van Haverbeke Rlchard Therlot Carl Furqueron Terry Irlck Jerry Brlan Wayne Thomas Edward Ivey Aaron Cooper Gene Adams Russell Hudson Bobby BHIIEW Coach Charlle Boren THIRD ROW Huey CFISD George Jones Glen Blake Bobby NIcClellen Rodney Hudson Dlck Hunt Houston Bradberry Larry Cooper Kellev Waggoner Marshall Thomas Malcolm Taxlor .3 Huey Crlsp Harry Stone Tackle Fullback 9 Larry Cggper DICIC Hllflt Halfback Halfback ,-A Kenneth Rogers Bxllv Hughes Tackle Guard Houston Bradberry Halfback Kelley Waggoner Quarterback I I , . I l ' Q I I I I T. - -, . :' . ., ', ., ' j. , fa , "2 S, ., , , ' ' . '.'. , Y 7 I I ' 7 .V J 1 , 14 y ,I - l 2 pa yu lj ff, .,,. I 1 -9 1' 0, I Ben Arnold Halfback Gene Adams Rodney Hudson George Jones Jerry Brxan Center Guard Guard Fullback 'I 5-ww .1 v ' A 4 it ll 'O' Carl Furqueron Bull C Halfback ne eets opposition agamst Troups safetv man. Glen Blake Bobby Bailey Don Wells Halfback Guard Tackle FIRST ROW: Coach Leo Van Haverbeke, Kelley Waggoner, Rus- sell Hudson, Billy Hughes, Joel Franklin, Dick Hunt, Houston Bradberry. SECOND ROW: Marshall Thomas, Aaron Cooper, Kenneth Rog- ers, Larry Cooper, Gus Copeland, Billy Neal Rogers. THIRD ROW: Harry Stone, Edward Ivey, Joe Nicol, Glenn Wil- liams, Jim McWilliams, Coach Charlie Boren. Not pictured, Bobby Giles. GASTON RED DEVIL BASKETBALL SQUAD SE IDR Conference Opponent Carlisle Leverett's Chapel White Oak Chapel Hill Overton Hallsville Troup FIRST ROW: Bill Leverett, Gus Copeland, Jim McWilliams, Neal Rogers, Glenn Williams. SECOND ROW: Boyd Wall, Marshall Thomas, Frankie Mathis, Jerry Brian, Bill Croft, Dick Hunt, Kelley Waggoner. THIRD ROW: Coach Charles Boren, George Jones, Carl Furqueron, Merritt Graves, Don Wells, Malcolm Taylor, David Pool, Charles Lacy, Coach Leo Van Haverbeke. FOURTH ROW: Manager Kenneth Rogers. 4 Kelley Waggoner Guard-5'8" .I im McWilliams Forward-6'3" Marshall Thomas Gus Copeland Forward-5'111f3" Center-6'3" BASKETBALL Scores First Round Second Round We They We They 53 48 61 58 61 51 63 58 55 59 44 53 71 55 60 61 62 26 53 56 62 45 45 41 51 69 51 56 Dick Hunt sinks a free shot as his teammates and Arp's men look on. Dick Hunt Guard-5'81Q" 2' Glenn Williams Frankie Mathis Forward-WM!" Guard-5'10" A field goal is scored as Gus Copeland sinks the ball with a jump shot in the pre-season victory over Arp Neal Rogers Center-6'2" FOOTBA I. If SQUA D k fl FIRT ROW: Robert Dickeson, William Harvey, Donny Ricks, Larry Clements, Manager, Edwin Jenkins, Larry Waggener, Robert Guytine. SECOND ROW: Beverly Thomas, Duane Gibbs, Jerry Pool, Gaines Dickeson, Jimmy Osborne, Don Lee Woo- ten, Jerry Stafford. ju 1oR FOOTBALL The team climbs into the panel, ready for the coming game with Leverett's Chapel. ' v Q-fr--t"' Co-Captains Donny Ricks and Don Lee VVooten look over a flashy new play. BASKETBALL SQUAD FIRST ROVV: Donny Ricks, William Harvey, Larry Waggoner, Larry Clements, Robert Dickeson, Manager. SECOND ROVV: Duane Gibbs, Mike Blackford, Gaines Dickeson, Mr. James Adams, Coach, Dale Finley, Edwin Jenkins. Mr James Adams and the starting five pose in a "stack." ju IOR BASKETBALL Waggoner and Harvey lead the pack of cagers as they begin their laps. ' x Judy Lacy trles to get a rebound for the Whlt6S GIRLS A doubles match between Senlors Frances Wall and Tommie Adams and Freshmen Patsy Woods and Juanita Holland. Everyone says, "Hurry! hurry! out to the softball diamond." PORTS Shirley Guytine, Juanita Greer, Kay Dillon, Jo Ann Hobson, Gerry Pirtle, Rachel Montgomery, and Carolyn Posey examine new badminton equipment which has just arrived. 1 The Fifth Period P. E. girls read about the eyes and learn how essential they are to goou learning. Frances Wall goes high to make a perfect spike. BASEBALL AN TRACK With spring in the air, baseball prav- tice begins for Edward Ivey, Jim McWilliams, and Houston Bradberry. Bill Croft. Carl Furqueron. TRACK TEAM FIRST ROVY: Joe Nicol, Richard Theriot, Aaron Cooper, Harry Stone, Terry Irick. Hudson, Terry Irick. .-1 BASEBALL SQFAD FIRST RUVV: Marshall Thomas, Bobby Giles, Jim McVVillianis SECOND ROXV: Houston Bradberry, Dick Hunt. Neal Rogers Kelley VVaggone1', Jerry Brian, Malcolm Taylor. THIRD ROXV: David Pool, Gene Adams. George Jones, Rodnev FOYRTH ROVV: Edward Ivey, Coach Leo Van Haverbeke SECOND ROVY: Kelley Waggoner, Marshall Thomas, Gus Copeland, Jerry Brian, Huey Crisp, Bill Leverett. THIRD ROIV: Gene Adams, Malcolm Taylor. Bill Croft, Dick Hunt, Neal Rogers. FOURTH ROXV: Rodney Hudson, Carl Furqueron, Bill Hughes. Coach Leo Van Haverbeke, George Jones. Ben Arnold. Houston Bradberry. Gus Copeland and Aaron Cooper watch Dick Hunt as he prepares to make a run an-..-, aJQAi7J'1-'-" - 1 . , .v,."L,-' ' - V' .ff . vp.-,,.-Y,-L' f' -5,-31:1 Qhlqg- V . . dh, , KA Q ,il ."" T e H 'T2'f-::'f."Q .D f""'f1:' .3 "ff", . ' i 152 i aff' ' . .,- I W 4 -1- . ':w.w:f, ,S-A ,,, IWAG. z X4 , . . . if if I: 4 -qfq,,,-- '-1 . Y f , Q V, N -gM'jQf..5.Z?igs ' ' ' ' ' i , -ezaff -, .. F, , mi:SJ4.,.4:?2. .. . .ff ' .,-.Pg . 1, A - .LW1 L12-:X-.t',:4,K . pw-,F ' . why We slipped into the Gulf Stream and followed it for several leagues. During the night, we changed our course toward the northeast. At dawn when we sighted a vessel that carried no flag, Nemo's face took on a look of implacable hatred and immediately he gave the order to ram it. The spur hit the center of the ship and split it. It exploded and sank rapidly: I watched horrified as the drowned seamen were drawn down by the strong eddy. Turning to Nemo, I perceived that the terrible archangel of hatred was still looking. Following him into his room with my eyes, I saw the portrait of a woman, still young, and two small children. Nemo looked at them for several moments, and kneeling burst into deep sobs. I at last understood his great bitter- ness toward the world for having taken his family. Soon afterward Ned came to me with a plan of escape. We climbed into the dinghy and prepared to free ourselves from the NA UTILUS. As we cut loose, we found that Nemo had run the NAUTILUS into the dreaded Norwegian maelstrom! I know not how we escaped from the whirlpool, but when I regained consciousness. I was lying in a fisherrm1n's hut. Today many questions still fill my mind- Does Nemo still live? Is the NAUTILUS still plying its way under the waters? If it is, and Nemo still inhabits his adopted country, the ocean ,' may hatred be appeased in his vengeful heart. CITIZENS NA'l'l0NAL BANK BEACON 0lL REFINING CUMPANY Q Q Q 9 "The Appreciative and Dependable Bank" Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio CO0 C00 001 FRANKLIN? TEXAS BOILER and Friendly Community Store Turnertown Texas SHEET IRUN WORKS WELDING BOILER MAKING MACHINE WORK W C KIKER Turnertown Texas TRAYLOR'S CAFE Where the home folks eat S 'I' A R 'I' H T E R Turnertown Texas Patronrze your home theater DISTRIBUTOR It is appreciated A Dependable Source of Supply Phone 4555 4556 Henderson Texas Turnertown Texas Davis Automotive Supply Co. HARRIS CLEANERS EUGENE LACY E. SON Heat 8E Plumbmg Con BACHELOR LAUNDRY H e o e Cold F Sto age S yltWth Flo es RAYFORD FLORIST 9045 M 85 e so H so HADEN and BROWN KELLY LUMBER URUG gg COMPANY D al 2537 e o o A, f' e Rexall Drug tore" D' I 3587 He d o HARPER ELECTRIC C0 Electrrcal Contractrng Servrce 1602 Longvlew Drlve Motor Rewrndrng HENDERSON TEXAS Phone 2121 DAIRY IIUEEN P14165 5 my :fav MALTS SUNDAES In All Popular Flavors The Cone Wrth the Curl on Top Traffic Clrcle at Henderson Complrments CONTRACTORS Jomervnlle Texas Dual 4878 Henderson T L MITCHELL INSURANCE AGENCY Randolph Hotel Bulldlng We Insure Anythrng Henderson Texas I . . . . . I of ,"1"' A rr ' fi fl? 2- EQTZESY -' '-My Q, E3'UH'iJr,f.A-, L, , A ref, I STROUD BROTHERS S, j f,f3'Ms,- 7 I ' '7 , M , il I I . , . do I . . II ' Il I Il ' Il . CRAWFORD CLOTHIERS HARMON MOTORS DODGE PLYMOUTH "Home Of Fine Clvfhef' Dodge "Job Rated" Trucks Henderson, Texas BOB EMIG S Humble Service Station Esso Extra Gas Washing and Greassng Turnertown Texas Telephone 3581 Henderson Texas COCA COLA C0 'QW Henderson Texas DICKESON BROTHERS Mowlng Bulldozer Model D G Grader Jomervllle Texas ox COLLEGIATE WAYNE HUNT SHOPPE Distinctive Apparel For Smart Women Henderson Texas Watch Repair Scientific Timing All Work Guaranteed Tu rnertown Texas CRIM TRUCK 8' DYER'S CAFE "79" RE Open 24 hours "Your International and Packard Dealer" Kodaks J k .H Photograph as. SEM' e Tyler-Carthage Highway I Supphes '9 V07 HENDERSON, TEXAS He,,de,5o,1 Phone 3272 0 Texas Henderson - was INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Phone 4581 P. O. Box 649 JeWelfY Complete I Silver Repair H 81 H S G'f'S Sefvice CLOTHIERS Sporting Goods M I T C H E L L ' S Mens Wea' Randolph Hotel Bldg J I Henderson We e'5 Texas Phone 2157 Henderson Texas Henderson Texas 124 N Marshall Phone 4000 MILLER 81 COMPANY CABLE TOOL ' SMALL ROTARY LIGHT WINCH TRUCKS SWABBING AND TUBING CONTRACTORS LOCATED OLD LONDON Office Ph 2461 New London Mall Address Rt 1 Overton Texas MAJOR and GARVIN Well Service Company Field Office B 527 ox Tu rnertown Texas Phone 52711 Selman Cnty 1 I I . I ' - - I 1 HOOKS MACHINE WORKS Q. P. Hooks, W. H. Hooks, Donald Q. Hooks General Oil Field Welding Selman City Phone Turnertown 52l I5 L. 81 M GARAGE GENERAL REPAIR WORK Tel 52091 Turnertown MAYS and HARRIS DEPT. 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