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76.2 gaalaa Qcaziefz F ORE WORD The movie is the thingg whether it's "Guys and Dolls" in Hollywood or produced by guys and dolls in Gaston Ele- Junior High, or HighSchoo1. Oneof the most amazing a movie is the manner in mentary, business of making ' ' lives of people. things about the which a picture or quotation c1ar1f1es the We, the staff, have tried to show you all the"top notch' ' cerely hope you'll think it's a hit acts of this year, and we sm ABLE of ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL LIFE CLASSES ORGANIZATION S WHO'S WHO SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS IXLLU C-L VLOCNICIIUD TENTS N R. 1-M ,, C MPUS SCENES ii" ' - rdf' I A K Q 1.4. C ' EL.,E, ,, C -Q H SCHOOL BUILDLNU Q q C ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BUIL SENIOR 1-HG U. E DING 11 THQ 5 Osamu ki Q . V It ' v V Qs: EQ. A .. 5 5 '- ,.,- 1 ' u W. K K A W " hm HOME ECONOMICS COTTAGE IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING L.-.....C,,.fz. mme 73. P" ' x N W ,x RX. L Y LX 1 A A DMINISTR TID In a movie production it is the duty of the director to train and direct the actors in such a manner that the scenes may be most effective. In our school Life movie we find the Board of Education, the Administration, and the Faculty capably directing all phases of our school life cinema. A......1-A 4 Z The main topic for discussion at the monthly meeting of the school board is the budget for the new school year. BOARD of EDUCATID 'H 'HK W. C. KIKER I, E, MORROW 'F ui 5 E SAM ADAMS DAN DICKESOIN wvxvyve BOB INQCXVILLIAMS W. S, DILLION, JR. PAUL FESS V102 'PY'-fsidenf President Secretary vs ......W.,.........,,....,, i,.,, -e,W.1.... "1. SUPERINTENDENT Mr. John Duran Stephen F. Austin State College, B. S. University of Texas, M. Ed. , " .EE ti -ui - f f 5, if ff W PRINCIPAL HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Wilten Burns Sam Houston State College, B. S. East Texas State Teachers College, M. S x 3 i - 1 9 A K Y I I i Q I E 1 4 1 i 4 I 5 I I SOCIAL SCIENCE Miss Vir ' Slnia KH Mrs. Orliel WZSD ' e ACULTY L.. SPEC!!-XL EDUCATXON Mis. Wmie Rhea Dean SCIENCE AND MATHEMATXCS Miss Lillian Watson Mt. Alben Elhou ' Mr. Gene Smith M C1140 LYS Xiarflanje Ll E .V N oy ell Holger 1 FACULTY LXBWRX . Keele? Q H966 , XXQXGX M355 PJ hive HQ, . 3056? wus mkizw lm 'i THIRD GRADE Mrs. Lula B. Strickland Miss Evelyn Holman KIND FS. Elsie Dent SECQND GRAD E Mrs, Miurene' Waggener Mrs Lo. Louise Lee ' r ene Stephenson -d N 'R ,,.... uf EAW gli 4-M Ww A-V :2,, ...:, , Q. lf f I SIXTH G RAD E Miss M me Mrr' D0YfeBa11al?d . Ozzie Gentr Gramliz Q A 5 FA CULTY ,lv ,.,f .,,-A Lg. .2 'E 51 PR? OYYXCE ' S0669 Nkss Bike wus. Veta 5Com wks. Maw Lee Oqsa ,FA M' ,,. ,sf-'A NA ,,"l'S -.f 961 SXCPA, EOXBCPJYXOS BSD YW, 1 Leo N1 an Bax! esbeke pmxxe Seiwxkos 6509 Px N3 . s. Kose, 'os Bo neon wk Nks. Y-N1 Nh. L. B. 516906 L16 ,vw W Q is FACULTY Gil MUSIC Mrs. Ada A4 M ae IS. B Crook etty L Mrs, G acy U-981.6 Pa 1-ke, MI. LVH-11306 Read Mk A, A-'A 'T Nw . DE GRA FOURTH n Fred Dun Mrs. r1S0n s Velepliltlfliarkins Mr ' y Mar Mrs- .. is www? Nw? FUQST GRADE Miss Dreeb '-N., MIS. B .V H3Sk1hS ollnie Bell Sfnjth Mrs. Fern I-Iemhg F012 iii -4 , ,,w-WJ MM-W"A"'MwMm ig 4M, N VOCA 2 4' e A R Ts Miss Joe . M ' I M138 Euafige Plulljps Mr, H- B. an-hold MI, J. B lfjwlinson dams ENGLISH A ND SPEECH Mr. John Dent Miss Hellen Rice Miss Fannie Mae Stone Miss Ruth Kirkharn GRADE SEV V-NTB ta COOQSI Miss Yuma .CULTY 1, my 0 v omfrm. Paec f0h.S U o ui- ' ,lf V SCll00L LIFE Attention Gastonitesl Sit up and take notice if you want to see the "reel" dope about the action filled scenes of our school activities. The production numbers are knockouts. Our "directors" have planned and worked many hours to get all the equipment on "set" Qcampusj, so that all scenes can be "shot" without confusion or mishap. Mr. Duran calls a general faculty meeting. High school teachers make class rolls. New Ln ... ,,,,,,,, A studCUtS 16215161 for Class GS. MI, Ir Olna S . SCIIOOI .0l'1enta SCHODL n r a P0114-:ies FCS new fa . Cul FY H7617-Ibers E Barbara Waggener, Bob Burns, and Gene Capps seem reluctant to begin the first day of school, BEGINS etS seek . h gi ad i:1QY:awi1deImem' mei' da SSIO Early arrivers are the Greer twins Miss Watson issues textbooks typical first day event, Students are issued handbooks and Jerry Brian. M her first Onsoles day of S Nancy W 011001 eu-Y On ts' Dent C 955 of the embats XXOOX C M65 YO ag S .ina de 9:2-P mine NAI 3- io! ho Mrs cxasg QW Kos. s. eiecuon brOu919 52- The organization of the Press Club was among the first events of the year. KS - :won 3.1535 . gram mio' . QQ! S . on Rice-S mvliau isS M Ousao Kim Yi Mrs. Jenkins, school nurse, makes an early check on the physical fit- ness of students. 1 FIBSTS E I 1 1 1 1 Dr. Willis Sutton brought lessons in moral, social, physical, and mental fit- ness at the first '54 - '55 assembly. I W The senior cheerleaders call a noon pep rally the day of the first football game. , 4 i . . 4 W A1111 Ca ssady d . gam eCO1'at , e of the Season es the g0a1 posts f ! ' o . 1' The flrst 4 1 P. T. A. members prepare for the football season in a new concession stand. a ll LLO WE'E ads i . akk am aka W d C h beautiivuy dicditate 3 a Vibe carnival do KING OF HALLOWE'EN Mike Major fy, 'Q Oi uh .. ' A A x ' 4 nw, The dart booth, sponsored by the GUSHER, is opera- ted by Yvonne Waller and Pat Theriot. it can Cxaude, Exec wmv and 531190 boo Glenda Jenkins and L e n a R u t h Mt. Don umbeis fo' Q Vaughn help the "kiddies" at the out the 9 fishing booth. i .A CABNIVA lfk 12155955 ..1 aux A ss W' :MESH gpg, 5' gm- .,,LW,J,,g M , , Q ,M ,, GUEEN OF HALLOWE'EN Gail Tolleson 313 ,3,s,g:g1f 4 Ns H3376 HIS! gl-ad F nuep to Glas ebfllaj-y. deD1Ct thesis? do the 011 of De cheersforlghs CI L1 a d ball boys efooth of APR! NAFNAH MAY King Mike Major crowns Queen Gail Tolleson as the court of Dukes and Duchesses look on. Early arrivers recall their days spent on the hill, IIOMECOMING For the fourth time, on October 30, hundreds of exes returned to the campus for the 1954 Homecoming. Exes from New Mexico, Texas, and"far away p1aces" poured in for the activities. On the preceding days many ex-students visited former teachers and friends. cds ' own at Mau ieded 0526 Own? Void Neww eand Set-,ter ng oggycet , guncan by ouvioxni Q . 69056 HVGSO and GWB ' :Wm - HO' eS1 xii PY 6 ck '54 President Lloyd Manck is on hand for early regis- tration. HOME 0 ING The Class of '54 had the greatest number present, High-light of the day was the football game between Gaston and Carlisle. and MIS Q NxaUCk Presideili uolwiet The guests' vrrszil Wade Exes trip the light. fantastic to me music of James Lambert, Mrs. Louise Powell, Mr. Garth Green and Larry Alexander. :www-f-" o CLA SS -Ss ana Barmold. lumoiq THE - 1 M1 E es ' SEATED. Lei' tgeR1:?:r0rs4M'S' Ruby iijisorrlfisstnulh Mrs. Oniej' Wa . Rice Eighth GI g Juniors- men' Miss Henan Miss Lillian watsoIlSlNG Mr , ' hornofesi STAN 1 ' llifrmxbaioinlriott. Ssphlsforfiesb. Rawlinson. Flesh I. , G 3 eg - ' John Dent. Elghm I Karen Duran entertains the audience with a men. piano solo on an assembly program. Dr. Willis A. Sutton counsels with Clair Branch, Ann Cassady, Patsy Spivey, and Tommy Marshall, senior class members. A detonator stopping distance demonstration is presented to the Gaston student body through th e cooperation of Captain Guy Smith and members of the highway patrol, and the driver's education class. -w---, , , i , , V i PIITLIGIIT i :elk 3 J ,-..-.iual.CS Ior football Chance R Sweeth b eaff, P ' ' Barba . e ecca Cassady atricia I3 Blackford 1 Nallcy SCO fowers' sl-ni I alld Swe nr le as th .. efheart Ben MMM e shutters Click. H Y Guest speaker, Rev. Austin Siburt, converses with 1 Coach L.A. Stephenson before giving his after dinner speech at the football banquet. J 1 t 1 1 i e 1 iii - up ,C Eighth grade boys receive a "cheap" haircut. 4 N Ann Cassady, Clair Branch, and Lucille 1 Nichols enjoy their "p1ay purties" on kid day, 4 Hyman Allred, John and Gene Good 'swing out' with i "Hey Good Lookin. " , it C l The High School Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Lacy sings yule- tide favorites at the annual Christmas program. s and 00054168 at . ke . s eI1l0Ys CO . The serrrot 03:11 Christmas pam' mer: h0me' Pat Theriot, Ann Cassady, Patsy Spivey, and and M a r i 1 y n n Manck gather around the Christmas tree at the F. H.A. party. CHRI AS The teachers find a beautifully decorated tea table with delicious refreshments when they were entertained by Mesdames Duran, Thomas and Burns. EVUES 3 Q The GUSHER sponsored a Christmas' dance at Teen-Town. Mrs. I. T. Franklin helps the children decorate the tree for their Christmas party. Home Le 1 rofym mothers e schudren ' provided the f 1 7 str STUDY. east which M rs, Mrs. Betty Lacy and the Junior Chorus render a Christmas festival of song for the P. T.A. WARD Band President Gene Good and Director Wally Read look at the schoo1's first special Sweepstakes Award plaque for a first division in marching, sight reading, and playing in music Inter- scholastic League Contest. Nancy in Z- . Scotts Speed .VD117 g for I as B . 54, F of fob CUSS looks On 55 D Q C1333 win board tr erfects h, ner eclnnque' IS key- 3 ,,tt sw N. Larry P111 ' COODe Eirp .I W' . I , U 5 Co-Captains, Clair Branch andAust1n Stroud and Coach Steve unpack the trophies won in the state finalist contest. 1113 De 1' wa , op S 0170 6 e S rnnlentpa togO to then by the eplegenmfp in Rauf P111-ina 1 Ve as ' U' A n n Cassady, editor, and Miss Virginia Knapp, adviser, present the eighthAll Texas Award the DEVIL'S DELIGHT has received to Mr. Wilten Burns who accepted it on be half of the school, ,,,. , - Mi , . ss Ph1111Ds instructs Lind B a . on th 6 regulation of Ove h Ilsrer n Bat in b . aklng Cookies' s enacts the monk in Bob B urn URY TALES. Chaucevs CANTERB ey D6CifY131 ' i' xa explains me Dew bggizekxxix gsnrw Nations and Charles Thomw. Miss Barthold h 1 e DS Alice Whitehead in th e hyphenation of a wo d r , V rf rms an experiment m Biuy Adcock pe 0 physics to discove: the weigh: of an obiect in watex. ww i 4 Ladies of the cafeteria, Mrs. Faye Harris, Mrs. Corin Decker, Mrs.,Opa1 Hale, Mrs. Lola Anderson, Mrs. Clara Tedder, and Mrs. Eloise Strickland take r' , imc to eat lunch before the noon rush. Cafe' AIN TEN AN CE Berti6 Abboziles me Y. Xylxisja Nxanag6Y 9 139 W Gang YUQHU . d'aY1S. j . ues Hoot on todcrfiltoli B. Strlddand' iss U . - Mr- D956 1. L2-key 3 w. aim- W' R' , s. Mr IimmY Rogers' MI Mr. H. B, Maynard, Engi- neer, checksa valve in the boiler room. Bus Drivers, Mr. A. A. Swinney, Mr. George Jones, Mr. Travis Smith, Mr. Roy Green, and Mr. I. L. Costlow, examine Gaston's new school bus. "wx F Qollfemug L' COSUO The maintenance department includes impor- tant "behind the scenes" bit players. They furnish transportation, food, and care for our campus and buildings. T h e s e "stage hands" are necessary in keeping our school an attractive "set location, " of on H' Check W e of th Sfheg B,u S e busses Hg-llfle I Mr. H. W. A1exander,Mai1 Carrier, brings the m a i 1 from the post office. Q Mr A . . C. nifghtchman' ijverepll Nigh fly round. ready for hjsr 1 ings to yi BRING-- TIIE SE IIIB A r aS11Ye issu6S the ue ss Mrs. Wadef me senior C13 ' bers 0 mem , . . . . Mrs. Wade issues invitations to several senior students with the help of James Stevenson. s Q H 5 2 . 5 QQT H HQQ' Collars are straightened just before time to march down the aisle in a practice try. The final test of their high school career is taken by senior students. Bearning seniors wait in line to receive their long awaited diplomas. -i Uvuor Q OYNDN 'PY C ASSES GHS High Qclwvl- ' H: k El Behind the scenes of all movie productions we find a group of workers who are a "must" if the productions receive "rave notices" from all critics. The classes of our school supply the photographer, sound men, designers, electricians, and any other "prop men" that are needed to keep the movie rolling. Pri- - ' ik "' M 1 I ., - 3 . I MO ST REPRE SEN TA TIVE Barbara Spain Pat Theriot f ,, 3 1 5f QEi5?ffj - ,K V -V V. if . A f 4 use 1 E - , f f . M1 iff 'S 'gag EW , ' ' ' lm VSHSW f :rul e :: :-QM :-.:v,s'1s'1ZQ5'.e, ,. :':-' v:54:"1i1-':'E ' e1,.i:3:iZGEEfq:s,, as,,Hz5Tw-fa 'Si ,,-.5112 A 3 .mr E' S.,,., i CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J o Ann Cain, Social Chairman. SECOND ROW: Billy Adcock, Reporterg Lonnie Traylor, Secretary and Treas- urer. THIRD ROW: Jim Stevenson, Vice-Presidemg Pat Theriot, Presidentg and Bob Burns, Social Chairman. BU-LY P-DCOCK balls '51-'55aBaSe. - Fooibau' skerball. 51 . 3553 Ba rr l 0 Y 51 Reporter of S i54,'55. 1552 G ' Club, C1aSS3 SENIUR MILTON ALLEN Craftsman Club, '51-'53g Dramatics, '54-'55, DONA LD BA TES Football, '51-'55, Baseball '51-'55g Basketball, '51 :Ames BRADBERRY . -'55-choral Club' '?ami"5?E?r Craftsman Club' .?Z.'5s. CLAIR BRANCH Football, '52-'55, Baseball, '53-'55, Basketball, '53- '55g Choral Club, '53-'54, DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '53- '55, ' 5 5, DEVIL'S DELIGHT '54-'55g F. F. A. , '51-'55 SHIRLEY BRISTER ' F, H. A, , '52 - '55, Ban '52-'55, Choral Club, '53 '54, ' SENIOR , BOB BURNS N Football, '53-'55g Baseball, '52-'53, Basketball, '53- ' 54, GASTON GUSHER, '54-'55g Dramatics, '53 '54 G F ENE CAPPS .F m .Au '52-.5 311 ' 5: ball. '551?:53 52- '53, IO ANN CAIN F. H. A., '51 - '55, Pep Squad, ' 5 1 - ' 5 35 Choral Club, '51-'53, Social Chairman of Senior Class. ANN CASSADY DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '53 '55, Editor, '54 - '55, Cheer- leader, '52-'55, F. H. A. '51 - '55, President, ' 5 4 '55. DAN H H. A 1 0 5 g gresidzfnr. '5i515 Vice MARGARET CRAWFORD C1'i'gaf5l'51-.54: C1755 rPe1 9 -'53. a F, H. A., '51 - '54, Pep Squad, '53-'54, Dramatics, '51-'52, Choral Club, '51- '52g Volleyball, '52 '- '53. D if 'in PAT DUADN Q - Pep Q51' 55' as H.A.a . n. 53 WHO F. adn 51 E1 '53' s Q U . 52 ' ' bww' - 54- who.TC:-gx BU 555551-, 55. is chofal Club' ouw QEPSN HW 51-' EoOtb?g?. ELPH ' sebalh '51'am. .51-'55:Ba ,sy-55:01 1 1 Baiemax ' '53- 54' man Cxub 0 SENIOR '0'PH"""'?' BOB FERGERSON Craftsman Club, '52-'55, F. F,A, , '51-'55, WHONIA FORSYTHE F. H. A., '51-'55, Pep Squad, '51-'54g Dramat- ics, '51-'55, SUE FERRELL Band, '54-'55g F. H. A '53-'54, Pep squad, '5 '54g Dramatics, '53-'5 Vice-President, '53-'5 Reporter, '54-'55. ! REED FRANKLIN r F.F.A. , '51-'55, Footbai '51-'54g Track, '53-'Q Craftsman Club, '52-' SENIOR 12 ,,.. A-2:1 - 'ff' 'V JACKIE FREEMAN land, '53-'55g Choral Ilub, '53-'54g Dramatics, 53-'55, CARROLL HARRIS and, '53-'55, C h o r al Zlub, '53-'54g Dramatics , 5 3 - ' 5 5 5 Vice-President, 54-'55. BILLY GIBBS Football, '51-'52, Base- ball, '51-'52, Basketball, '51-'52, B a I1 Cl, '51-'55. MARTHA DENE HENRY Choral Club, '51-'55, F. H. A., '51-'55gFootbal1 Swee 1heart,'53-'54g, GASTON GUSHER, '53 - '54g Pep Squad, '52 -'55, GENE1, F, H.A ' a. 5 5' Club. '52-'554 55' Cho L GILES F31 MARY Library W 'w,,.'V LOU HLLL Ofkl v53.'55 'F ' ...A- M-fi E f , ,K m y 225.- .1 :jj',,, 2 ,.... ,J 'xiii - Haw' - 2 1 1. SONES . ' . F .F . A. 9 B 3 U dr '51, 55. 61355. JF' ' SHALL Y MAR TOMM .55. Choral 1 ' 7 ' S Band' -52355: DEV? - , , 55. Chiba HT, '53, DEX-'XG USBER- ,SEL G - GA STON , Editor n 54 '55, C0 SENIOR BET TY IO WERS Choral Club, '52-'55g Dramatics, '53-'54g Band , '52-'55, Twirler, '53-'ssg F. H. A. , '52-'55. DARRELL MA TTISON Football, '52-'54g F.F.A. , '51-'54g Choral Club, '52- '54. N .arf 1, 1 wr MARILYN MANCK Band, '51-'55, D ru Major, '54-'55g DEVIL'E DELIGHT, '53-'55g Chora Club, '51-'53g Dramaticsf '51-'52. ERMA LEE MICHELL SENIOR JOHNNY MORROW F, F.A. , '52-'55g Dramat- ,cs, '54-'55g G-Club, '54- '55g Football, '51-'52g iootball Manager, '53- '55. LOVELL JEAN PYLE F. H. A., '51-'55g Pep Squad, '51-'55g Dramat- ics, '51-'55, Soc i al Chairman, '52-'55, AUP' .LUC FASTON GUSHEQ DEVI . v '53- 54-55: F L S DEI-IGHT 9 .'LLAo ' -9 ' 9545" 52- 54: D' 51 55' 55' ramaucsl. KAY NEWCOMB F. H. A. , '51-'55, Secre- tary, '54-'55. Q Qt me Q . A , ALFRED REESE ' H- A. . Squad .5' '51- '55s P . D E L ' 2' 55: D e D F.F,A. , '53-'55, Presldent, GA I G H T ' Ev1L.S '53-'55g Choral Club, '5s- .55 STON GUAQH 54-'55, '55. - ER- '54 - W 3 fm 1 , If gag, ,A Eff vm? SY SPN et 154 F-lagaeat 5- SENIOR - - 1 -'5 and- 51 'A 51 Q .'s2: F-H' '-' 51 Chow' 51 . S -53' 5 Diafnauc law. Chlb 1 ' 5x TAYLOR PATQJCXPS ,52,'55q LH-A" AUSTIN STROUD Football, '51-'55, Base- bau, '51-'52, Basketball, '51-'55g 'G-Club, '52-'55, F.F,A., '51-'55, PAT THERIOT Football, '52-'55, Track, '54-'55, F.F.A., '51-'53, C h o r a 1 Club, '53-'55, GASTON GUSHER, '53- '55. IA MES STEVEN SON GA STON BUSHER, ' 5 3- '55gBand, '54-'55, Dramat- ics, '53-'54, Choral Club I 53454. ' ' 5 - aaaobaa oQ,o. ,o,. -.JE if ,, Qi szax - - .A CLARENCE THOMA S F. F. A., '51-'53, Song leader, '51-'52, Craftsman Club, '51-'52, Choral Club, '53-'55g Band, '51-'55, LONNIE TRAYLOR football, '51-'55g F. F.A. . 52-'55gGASTON GUSHER, 54-'55g Basketball, '51- 55g Choral Club, '52-'53, fn- i ---W ,- v-,-- ---,,.- W.-Y-if V SENIOR LENA RUTH VA UGHN Pep Squad, '52-'54g F.H. A., '51-'55, Treasurer, '54-'55, Choral Club, '52- '55g DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '53-'55, YVONNE WALLER J. R. WRIGHT GASTON GUSHER, '53- GASTON GUSHER, '54 - 55, Co-Editor, '54-'55, '55, Choral Club, '53-'54g DEVIL'S DELIGHT, ' 52- F0 0 tball, '53-'54, Base- '55g F. H.A. , '52-'55g Pep ball, '51-'52, Basketball, Squad, '52-'55. '51-'52. ,,1,,,., , ,, .Q T 1 BILLY F RAY WAGGONBR icioilgaur '53-l55. 1 8.I55: G- I Dfamath 1 l Cfa I '5 'ftS1'na I 53. 3: 1-ra nC1ub . 1 B'3S1ferba11 ck' '51 '- 52' 5 1 '53,r5 Q 55' 5, ' ,Q , ,,5 A 5 1 an Y 1 Two S e U I . f0Wep5 or Slrl alld , sl Be stop for a mllglanlyn Manczy way ro the ba men: on mei: Hd hall. . , P R p.. ,. pk 3 MOST REPRESENTATIVE Nancy Scott Richard Theriot sF"""' CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Aaron Cooper, Presidentg Gus Copeland, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Glenda Jenkins, Secretary and Treasurerg Nancy Scott, Vice-President: Juanita Greer and Glenn Williams, Social Chairmen. UNIOR . 109 PMN KN anda alpett Anabell Bailey Wilene Boden is 500961 H 55199 we oy! Duggan Gus Copeland Jimmy Denman 'V Glles Q. a ' ,i .,,, ,'E' 55 . ii Z , n -:a. n n a ligzi na s 4 e mi EW N50 . Bobb Wade Ferguson UNIDR owe G0 Kathleen Graves et Suamw Gia Jo Ann Hobson V if' ' :Am M K L H ' is 'F A E5v1ardW0Y W Glenda Jenkins Jani I 6 Greer James Gray V , W H Anna Lee Hudson W3 K fx Marilyn Lan William Killingsworth C'31'1Os Hun t XSIO11 N 1-J -Y V UNIOR ' , xx i 1 o o 575' Yen B10 have Frankie Mathis Earl Moore em61NW'phe'w on n M115 Mm S0 W I K: ztl 5 Bob McKenna n o 1 in S06 S1601 -7901 .11 M79 . if sigf' Lmd ' -1 Lo 'Ve Jim McWilliams 4 n aftet ld Uma u 0 . have a Marilyn Nye Nancy Scott 391601 gnu xunch- ,, UNIOR a r ,N Z .lbl ',,b "VV 5 2': 5, 'AA"i j f' - Q 9 a rn I I VU, Isl i Lrk ggw Qu V- ' Stl- ' 1, W Gay Taylor Marshall Thomas V Q lg Wayne Thomas 'QU Richard Theriot Frances Wa 11 B6 b r ara waggoner E f 11 e nba me I Morph the b ew and reeze H 011 th Glenda e Way I Jenkins o 1: H 0 'A' Ei an? it 5 Buddy Whitehead Glenn Williams if W . .wir f. x C it g,.w . ,N ,ff N I Mary Johnson MO ST REPRE SEN T A TIVE Kenneth Thomas CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Kelly Waggener and Jean Tedder, Social Chairmen: Billy Neal Rogers, Secretary and Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Thomas, P1-esidentg HoustonBz-adberry, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: Dick Hunt, Reporter. i ' -H 5' K -no in , if 55 Q if , Hyman Allred fig? iii! Y' Rex Barker Rebecca Cassady 'k A it da Ka? Cto LSD OPIIOMORES .As 5 as 4,4 Ben Arnold Virginia Bates .Qt Lf- ilu!" Larry Cooper E Kay Dillon and Betsy Musick entertain with music and song at the annual Junior High foot- ball banquet. if f Y 2-q:Li,,iK JL Houston Bradberry "" A David Cagle Q4 ,1-z g i ,. , 5 ' Hwy J 1 C H I . U V 2 , Carolyn Craig lg . tk 1, PN- W "if1 iff Huey Crisp UPHO Popular sophomore girls make a night of fun and frolic at the Junior High football banquet. y es ... Ii Qzimz- . Sylvia Dollar URES M . i 232 ,f',k VLLA ,. fi, 51- K Leonard Crye f N' Wanda Dunn Claude Furqueron John Good Joel Franklin Shirley Guytine Kay Dillon Jimmie Sue Freeman :" Curtis Harvey Hefberz H Olcolnb .,,, A 23,51 ,, N U Russell Hudso , ,ar ft ,wyi T'iQ,,,, Els-J anda Hum "lQM.K N anfly N86 a AOWS OPIIOMURES , .wwf VA ' W 'Y y if Billy Joe Hughes J. D. Hughes ,ki zl.. .Q as ' " sr 7 Mary Johnson Willie Dee Lambert Betsy Musick Shirley McKnight 1 h Eldon Hun I Doris Mane lg M 1111 Newc olnb UPIIOMORES - ot t ,V' Q Q k - 1 Ai 5 ,t a . 7 r L, K - """""1 Is . tty' H Neax 1' any Stone fd 4 Tommy sm CRGY Kenneth Rogers Stanley Shaw , , H 2 iss K Ae'n V 1 ,ff i t a .fam Yfeflg. V. 'x V X-1r.1:Q3"'Q'Iif, 5 'L if as if of 5, , Qggiizggguz 4 X, iw-, . H ' 3 .:.g,w1:.,1., Emma Jean Tedder Kenneth Thomas Kglw W aililongi -X Alice Whitehead Gladys Whitehead . M10 th y Utzm 311 Q l Sophomore g i r 1 s await the arrival of the school busses. B111 Croft MOST REPRESENTATIVE Mary Lou Theriot 'QL CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jane: Seelbach, Social Chairman: Par Tipp, Reporterg Mary Lou Theriot, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Rodney Hudson, Vice-P1-esidentg Don Wells, Presidentg and Bill Croft, Social Chairman. gif. ,- In g S - FRESIIME rn fi .4 8' -- " Bessie Mae Amold Bobby Bailey Carolyn Barker Barbara Blackford Y . Janet Seelbach and Betty Ferrell wait on ya, 5' their friends before going to the football - stadium to witness the initiation of the 5 Q eighth grade boys. nk flgl ' Bill Boden Jerry Brian fi ssb B lo y by ei i S ,B 'V' B o a Q i ui' C Linda Brister Albert Brown Johnny Clay David Cooper FRESIIME I . as .,f" Jerry Brian waits for the opening pitch at the Pony League play-offs at Kilgore, Karen Duran Gerald Evexs g as Jerry Costlow vw TQ!! M! Charles Crye ' f if D .1 James Dickeson .fl " Betty Ferrell Bill Croft 1 , ,,, i w J t ,.L, m . . i David Denman Ramona Duggan if S Donald Forsythe i FRESIIME K zzu M xx 33 K x ug ' t if .Q Gene Han is ROGBBY Hudson Carl Furqueron Merritt Graves Laura Nan Bea Carol Henso :OH H Fra HUdS0n MSW' John Inman Tef 13' Irick Hun' Prebble 30' an S George we " M g, l rm'2 ff- Lm h: ' ,ff I "' Char16S Lacy Donnie Long . ww' wwe Donald Manck 1' if M A. 5 052,12 , V1-ff 2 , '- ' hggavsvf' is-'E F g Ra 11 sack UJWB c el Montgomery FRESIIME Bob LO we 23 Q JS' b .v Mccle llan rf 1 tvl S . 'K N E sr Y K 'Y - s Nauon Sonny 1 Dew Kd WO FRESIIME Betty Rust Janet Se 61d Ni C01 e1baCh aixot Batbaia' T 4? sw 35 mow Chaiws 1 Malcolm Taylor , Mary L0 UTI! 61-jot B0 Pat Tipp yd Wag A s ,. - .fgl 1.:, ' ,gap 15 ,- 'UH 0-if ' - I aww Wane lo Whitehead FRESHME A . a-Qsamagmflrf? 1, ,lawssmzxxxf 1:1575 z .z 'z ' ?5Tf!591W595Li5E,:"'. A k if wsfsfwx ' M I 1153215525313 'V I k 5 Q S S5 , if I S 9 Q Sw , 'f K V., A .. Ni . 3 6 I W 'fsas fsrf M' ., Chanie Wicks A a re .. :Q' ' fi ? , - s Effie Wood tx wxulafn v-Oban Ea Billy . A C12 arbara Wusm aue-Y Wfighz L 'ii Riga we Do 11 Wells o fl ff 5 , , ' ,51zfsggLi,z-WE' f M .. ,.W,W, . lg? Wulf 3117.9 John WOOGS 1 I'-IIC?-'l'1'l 'PUD HUP 5 x.1.A5S OFFICERS FIRST ROW Left to R , ight: Kay Herrington and Don Carlock, Social Chairmeng Connie Florence, Secretary and Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Sue Lokey, Vice-Presidentg and Pat Chan ' oe, Pres1dent. -- ? ww W T 2 W Q 9 ' :Sw-?w :Aziz a ,H Q f- eww- 11 if -Q X Mike Blackford EIGIITII GRADE ii? ia 3 'ff ii riv' is, Buddy Boatwright Don Carlock Louise Brian 'Ji 'ing MI' Larry Clements Patricia Chance 5 vb al? F Billy Brown Jo Ann Courcier .. Mmnavis l i Dune Gaines Dickeson Brenda S ... , ue Domey wa WW 4, gi EIGIITII GR DE Connie Florence Dale Finley Sue Hampton Wilma Gist is -1-X wx an :j f 4 1: ,g f . 22 52 A , Roger Jackson A Q i Sf, N 5 'fir f n nn Tex Gandy Kay Herington Sue Killingsworth Willie Dean Garrett Delores Hoffpauir Pl V f L ,: Q L ., m fel' ii 1 5 f Judy Lacy Idell Linton Nina Manck Ray Marheny Jerry Pool Sharon Kay Reeder EIGIITH GR DE Sue Lokey Barbara Lowe Elizabeth Mattison IK Carolyn Nye Donny Ricks EIGIITH GR DE Janice Rogers Linda Stroud Q T If 1 'I N Beverly Thomas Karen Thomas V Us 1- I James Wilson Evie Wood . I rx K, 5.5 . K .,,h Dee Taylor Catherine Theriot lin fm L Sf -.... Bobby Waggoner Lee Williamson -u ' X 4. yaa sss .- . .,E: as , Tp Don Lee Wooten Patsy Woods new SEVE TH RADE Jerry Blake Q' an up .fr iv an t P zvl ..'.:l"'-':' . i Roy Brown Janie Crisp Betty Crocker Phil Davis Robert Dickeson Nancy Freeman Duane Gibbs Lynn Manck Jimmy Pool Paul Potter Mary Romberg Kay Weast 2' M ff Biuy vvnnehead y Leng Keep Chfisllnasl SEVENTH GRADE Norma Clark Charles Ellis Paul Ray Fess Robert Guytine . .. ' gn" Presentin "Forest Conservation t 1 g William Harvey Wilma Lee Inman James Edwin Jenkins y Janet Iolmson J. W. Lambeth Z: 'Q 1: Jimmy Osborne Joyce Richards - W H Pdf Michael Tolleson 3 Larry Waggener , ' iii Mary Wall , W , C I Jo Lane Williams , 1 J E Gwendolyn Wright E El s .K-,Q-aa . Carl Carlock V , ,i f 1 iw' I Fd? Shirley Chapman' a- Stephen Dorney Gertrude Ellis Jack F ranklm SIXTH GR DE Linda Hardy Sammy High Vernon Hughes Rebecca Jenkins Robert Lokey Christmas Time Again Silvia M ,, Douglas Lowe Cecil Morgan Jackie Pipkin Charles Pool Alicia Ra gan Lula Belle Stone Carolyn Stroud John L. Thomas Lee Roy Utzman Barbara Walling ' Mary Ann Wick Sue Williams Robert Williamson SIXTH GRADE 'mei J' f, Arithmetic is Fun Carolyn Specht Ruth Strickland Bill Theriot Jerry Thomas Douglas Wells Thomas Kelley Elise McAllister Glenn Myers Johnny Metcalf Joan Pennington Genevieve Prock C. A. Reader Bonnie Redding Robert Bailey Mary A. Blake Clelia Branch Billl' J. Braly Mansel Clay Beth Cooper A waiter Bins Sandra Anderson A , -'. 2 Q? Walter Holloway Linda James , : Q' Edward Jones 1 3 Qi 2' I nd P w L.. W .ruff 1 ,,. ry- , wigs 5 - -fe, I '-mga: --i i is sf W3 7' ff? 2 Mk 5 Fi :GL 2 , H fz, . W5 if mg tajzigm, 1 fl is , ef WP H A K 95 Z .Wig Bobby Bates Barry Blackwood SIXTH Miles Ford Plants and Plant Parts George Hamilton Gloria Forsythe P 55 3 - N A F , Jimmy Braly A i H f Betty Browning Wanda Clay Mickey Copeland M' x F ' Q ff V ,. F .s,y.s .. F g 2 , P ., 2 , ::,, :az ? e g Y .M Wrs' , if h P 2 Qi 3 ' ' ' , sk aa 1- P h 5 . Forrest Fitzgerald James Hughes Paulette Killingsworth Kathy Musick David Johnson Linda Newcomb George Nye Wayne Pace I L, .sm Frances Pickering Charles Smith Gene Tennison Darnell Utzman Carolyn Walker FIFTH GRADE Brenda Sellers David Stroud Charlotte Tarram Marlene Tennison Lee Roy Wall Gordon Waggoner Judy Wells Barbara Wilson Mary Lou Wood Sandra Trahan 9 M fi.. 5 Q ff Dennis Worrell Pottery-making is funl George Matheny Paul Manard Ann Merritt Earl Rogers Dale Johnson Ann Langston Emest Ledger Bobby Dillon Sheridan Dillon Linda Dodson Vickey Goldberg Beverly Goss Elizabeth Heaton Travis Clay so W ' ' w e 1 if K, I'- Q is at Es W .... FIFTH GRADE 'if f Don Anderson Q is . 1 Essie Lee Amold ,M . Yr :ff :N 1, x gh ,L Sandra Arnold Winnie Arnold N. m y Jimmy Bynum V Lynn Costlow u ss' S J s f . .., K 'Q , f g ,, Air 1 .lk is E L. Rehearsing the Christmas Play Mary Crisp Roselyn Denman Francine Franklin Judy Gajeske H A 1 John Henson ' i Vertia Inman H T5 1 1 y Douglas Jackson Eugene Layne Sallie Nye Dorothey McKnight Bill Montgomery Louise Stevens Dean Stroud Gerald Stuart Matalyn Taylor Don Ray Williams fi F0 HTH GRADE M Dennis Boyd A , 1 Gary Crisp ,,,, Juanita Gaston f R . Vkvr mr: Charles Goldsberry ' 3 5 i gii 'ii' ':':? ' iiii i Christmas in all Lands Margaret Haney Av1s Hughes Barbara Lincecurn R gm Jerry Marshall James Middleton In Ronnie Myers nlu ..gQ,:,. ' ,,....,', -- , 15f,y , Shirley Newell Marivonne Redding Rodger Richardson Nancy Stone Gaylon Thomas Kim Tolleson Jerry Wadle Jeff Ward Robert Whaley it 5 no Ruth Williams Charles Wilson L ,fm , 4 , 1 N N , , 1 , ul Q I Larry Beene Lynn Akin . .Pu .. f:12'sS -w , 4? 5, ig I if-vi ai rg si 1 wi" . s Mango any Virginia Brundage Sherman Chapma Genieva Cooper Danny Dallas ,N gg -- ,,.V .Y..Y--aww, . ,W - FDURTH GRADE abit' 91 I1 Lea ' ming to use the Encyclopedia John Lynn Duran Paul Goldberg Dale Hardy Billy Jones Judy Littlefield Diana Mathis ,"' L H L Sam Scherer Dooley Montgomery Dorothy Perryman Brian Taylor Steve White Mary Womach Linda Wilson William Wilson F0 Preparing for Chr Sandra Sue Summy Albert Taylor Jo Ann Teague Joyce Thomas David West HTH GRADE isrmas Joe Garrett Jerry Grisham Ruby Hamilton Diann Harvey Ralph Johnson Judy Nicol Ann Pennington Michael Ricks Kenneth Ross Edward Crawford Ruby Jo Dickeson Jimmy Ferguson Ronnie Freeman Sandra Cooper Bill Courcier if n ""'f. Qu aww i K, We . , g ,r. lil! yiwa I : ,,',, L A i' , ' R Q11 V -vw FML- Bennie Akin I E J ,rf Jimmy Arnold Donny Bailey Gay Barham Jerry Brister aw J gg xaiay ,,--' fi:- -E l: 'I 1 1.4. . THIRD GRADE Group Reading George Brown James Dodson Dwight Huntsman Dewayne Jowell Gene Johnson Dean McKnight Jeanie Newcomb Mike Nye Linda Ray Pei-ryman Nina Romberg Nancy Ann Specht Wanda Strickland Wayne Utzman , . 1 1 Nancy Beth Wallace P A Johnny walker y Q.. Jimmy Ray Watson ::: ,mf z i .fm W 'S-. , gii g f gi Ronnie Williams THIRD GRADE Getting Ready for Christmas Sammy Musslewhite Dickie Newton Lloyd Odom Phyllis Pugn Sammy Ricks Johnny Rockey Ronald Lee Roper Mike Theriot Judy Van Haverbek1 Patsy Welch Dotsy Wells Cecil West Carol Wick Leon Wood Robert Wood Kay Wright I Danny James Jimmy Langston Kenneth Malone Sue Freeman Frances Gist Sharlot Guytine Linda Hunt au.. Jane Dickeson 1f5.aiU'KQ 'A lg ..:l. A yytts R h M n- a iti f l so .., A -.', , T it ' MA , gf-Y' Q ri' J J as - Anal.. V iv rv 7.7 -W........1,.,.-.Y W v SECO D GRADE '. 1 sie K Q 2,, ' I - S an Billy Arnold Glynda Bell James Robert Berry Betty Ann Birdwell 51 ' if:2iQzf :' f? 7 ' 5? fQ1fl??f:i?f-7 A .. 2" IE 'figs Raymond Dillon Ronnie Ferguson -I ' fwf gz - s tu f f 'irfimff' .fs ds: is .. 55 ? , , . , , ,.v . -Q b "" VIAV'g zz. ,--,. - Miz. Mr:-Exile? . . - Q K ef-:fs . . Janice Gill I ,fi t i .J J . ZE Fun. W X ,Q . 5 as Y ,Q 1 as J ' 3 sr 5213 3 Y ya rl a ZH K at? W if -ws a gg -mlm-ea , . ala Looking forward to Christmas Norman Highfield Warren Larrirnore Ralph Ledger Mike Major Carol L. Moorman Jimmie Lou Norton Eleanor Prock Donna Kay Richards Kay Rogers Lynn Smith Betty Stone Lynn Strickland Gloria Lavelle Taylor Gail Tolleson Kenneth Welch Shirley Womack SECOND GRADE 'Qi 'FWF' Trimming the Tree Juanita Johnson Mike Jones Karen Lynch Betty Ann May Glenda Morgan David Morris Betty Jane Norman Waylan Smith Maxie Lee Specht Gary Stroud Toni Waggoner Jerald Wall Wayne White Virginia Williams Pam Wolley Clarence Vestal Jimmy Hudson Johnny Johnson Johnny Boyd Jane A Laura Brenda nn Bynum Gresham Harris Q as rf 3 S "wi 'ovu- J A A ini' is 3 mir! X 4' 1 V, ,'.- ,sk 7 2 55,7 1 E .L 2 E it Y SECQND an DE M . V V,. . ' I illy Browning nf- is-1'-5? f 595' my mV T B? Roger Brown B, V. sw 95 B z n n ,A R g l Vn Albert Brundage . 3 V ' . i ' . ' " ' A A V -1- 5 Randy Carlock Patricia Clay if S - , rrr rg Euan Costlow g B i 1,595 ' "QM James Dunn , ' "L' 'L ri I I Q Charles Ferrell . - fp , 2 er L Kathryn Inman Al, V ' A an g " - :li 'HAY' ,f Q gf., s . ...,,, H B ,B as Ruth Ann Jackson , .V L , 'ages ', J F? .. r Q 1 0 -be as -ww-I A ,K V.: , 1- .. . , is Z .- , . I H ' N. i k h 45584 I - .,,. W - - as g 5 : L- fm ,S .. S Ehr ' if igfagsvfsi gl I y sr.y syyas W Reading Christmas Stories Judy Maggard Vicki Ma this Cheri Read Norma Rogers Johnny Stallings Gary Stephens Nancy Stephenson Ray Allen Stuart Lynn Tarrant Vernette Trahan Bobby Wadle Garland Winsett -1, W- ----Y- FIR 'I' GR DE Ready and Waiting for Santa Donnie Finley Thomas Forsythe Jerry Hughes Nancy Johnson A, L. Layne Billy Lucas Joe Matheny Richard Minyard Linda Sue Morris Carol Kay Ragan Laura Romberg Glenda Roper Gail Sherlock Jean Smith Karen Stevens Peggy Wilson I flf.n 2 James Adams K If in ,LX W 4 -AY 'I' 'F Andy Andrews H 14' Willie Arnold Connie Box Steve Cooper Myrtle Ellis if 'if ' J J? Q ' f",' ' We .. V I 'se .. 'ag ' ij iiiis rl, , we if X., - :,. EE.. fs r-5 .1 "" fm. M15 s me Q X, s is .L b - , Y 'U 'W +- WF: A . ', - 1 we 5 e E., . as 'X ' 'E' L 4 nf' Timmie Arnold I. C. Bohler r G ., .. .f .Jim-KV i A44 -1 Larry Crawford Kay Denman Ruth Dinwiddie Jan Ellis Lynn Holt Nora Gresham Linda Joyce Jones Bennie Sue Lambert i t 6 ff N, ,,g, 8 it , ., s.,,Qgr,1i2, FIR 'I' GRADE Waltrng For Santa Bruce Mathis Milton Metcalf Larry Stephens Peggy Walling Tommy Watson Linda Sue Welch Helen Womack Malcolm Worrell FIR 'I' GRADE Patricia Akin Listening for sleigh bells Michael Bates Don Boatwright Norma Brown Don Cooper Jeanette Ellis David Gray Jajuana Hudson 15 : Mary Nell Inman Phyllis Jackson James Jenkins Judith Johns Janie lambert Ann Lockridge Linda Lucas Larry Gene Marsh Robert Morris Joe Musslewhite Jerry Norman John Paul Nye Sharon Stevens Carol Ann Wells Lois White Geraldine Wilson Q 1.. M 2 n , xg. , iil' A s .., i ys ? s J 1-- .. , ni l K :uzi ., : A , t, ,,.st J--f 5 'i'i J f r si in , -:--- l' i 'qg b'i' d 8 ilb ' .J YYY FTER 00 KI DEBG RTE Gerald Bailey Ss I s n 3: A - .J F an 'uf ', . :' 4.7" ' Donna Boatwright Beth Dinwiddie Dennis Hancock Emily Huckaby David Mathis Virginia Odom Charles Richmond Chris Summy Lee Thomas ,,, Linda Sue Woods Jane Green Larry Pickering Self -adapted Activities W Ph 42 52-1 IIBNING KI DEBGABTEN i ,fi f - fm , -P - - ,V -. 5? f i i K . Sharon Arnold E ffl' W me i ,. -mg, f, Danny Coulter Making Thanksgiving Turkeys Carlus Morgan David Newton Randy Read Judy Kay Specht Linda Strickland David Theriot Q in it if i K 4: 'M f s Cathey Van Haverbeke Nancy Wells 'V if l islfb 3 . fi L Paul Dodson Gloria Freeman Karla Gossett Wesley Ann Haney Ray Hunt James Ray Kelley Billie Marsh Sammy Modisette A fx PW' fi " "' X .s I, S 2 V al ? S Z sf ,sm ,fin ff D , QQ , i f ', t,2 D Q "'l" 'D s , W MORNING GROUP Maxie Evers Stuart Lee Smith SPECIAL Richard McCa11ister Elizabeth Odom E ll ll Larry Chevalher Shirly Wood AFTERNOON GROUP , "1 W I I I svlilvm I3-rx, x l ' 1 X 4 y 1524. , , X . ' I I 4' I f 7 -,X L , , 1 ,- o 4 K 'Il 'Q' -Alu" 1 3" K X xy 'l ia 'o 'L' 'X 31 1 , Y,' Ufflf 1 r- 4 I I' F I' A 1 S E es ,,.. 0 IIGAN ZATIIINS e s ow business. Look closely and you'l.l see what the many students of Gaston Hill do to make all their or a ' ' " ' " g nizations headliners. Each group has its own scene to make, but each group's working and playing in complete harmony is an exciting epic with plenty of thrills that will give you the feeling of being a part of every venture. Co -Editors, Tommy Marshall and Yvonne Waller, check the material in the Editor's kit. Y Tommy Stuckey and Sylvia Dollar, Club Editors, go over the dramatics layouts together. SIM, Advertising Managers, Nancy Scott, Bob Burns, and Pat Theriot, make final preparations before leaving to sell ads. SDorts Editors F Hoyt Dugganx marinces Wall and footba11 Scores. e a ljst of the Barbara Spain, Business Manager, and Kay Graves, Concessions, look on as T y pi s t, Bo bby Giles, types an order for popcorn . ,,.,.,. .1 Lonnie Traylor, Karen Duran, and J. R. Wright check the calendar for the date the sale of the GU SHER will begin. GUSHER SPONSORS Miss Mary Nell Ho SEATED: Miss Evelyn Holman, llier, Mrs. Willie Rhea Dean. STANDING: Miss Fannie Mae Stone, and Mrs. Josephine Highfield, look ove they are put up in th r H a 110 w e ' e n decorations before S aynh i C a s b 0 " 1 , . Ednors, A U H habeuzwg R Pat Dillon and James S te v e n s o n, Photo Managers, get ready for a day of making pictures. .,.Nf Cla: L0we, check me am Lin 21 of Class roles. Jack Lowe and Jo Ann Cain, Lay- out Managers, watch Glenda Jenkins, Art Editor, draw a Hallowe 'en poster. ff'.tMwsw'Qf PM-'M " f 'lffii'fe6i7 'Wii':Wifii"?4f?"f1'WEE' A . L E wnt . tr,g r 1 ' ' .1 .I W -xr 23' , - i?E?Q512QEe?3f s ,n Jw T55 DEVI 1 LIGH L5 DE YV 49 A nn C assady, Editor, and Miss Virginia Knapp, Adviser, check copy on the paper. Am,..,f Lena Ruth Vaughn, Assistant Editor, and Lucille Yvonne Waller and Marilyn Manck,Assistant Editors, Nichols, Exchange Editor, work on their jobs. proof a stencil. BELOW: Tommy Marshall, Music Editor, and Juanita Greer, Feature Editor, work on stories for the DE- BELOW: Tommy Stuckey, Headline Editor, Glenda LIGHT. Jenkins, Art Editor, prepare a stencil, 1 K in ,r , f H nw wolf tw we 'QQ' may ,,.,s an W E 1 g i 'l B a rba ra Spain and Nancy Scott, Headline Editors, prepare their stories. BELOW: Sue Freeman, Girls' Sports, and Sonny Nations, Junior Sports, consult the dictionary for a word. The DEVIL'S DELIGHT has completed a successful year with nineteen members on the staff. Twelve of these are seniors so the staff will be almost new next year. A Christmas party was held in Decem- ber, and featured event of the year was the entire staff's going to Denton, December 3. Frances Wall, Assistant Print Manager, and Linda Lowe, Print Manager, run off a page, an 'E Clair Branch and Donald Bates, Sports staff, check game statistics. BELOW: Martha Henry and Kay Graves, Typists, de slipsheet some pages. J , Anabell Bailey, Sue Ferrell and Lovell Jean Pyle study their parts for the try-outs for the leading role in the play, "Have you Had Your Operation, " . Y,., Mr' John De nt: Spon H lcerS, Pal. The D SOI, looks on as aff1S.V1 - . UCI. P 4 the Whonia pee Ptes1demiSue?s1der1tg Carroll Anab Ofsythe. Sec errelln Repgrt Cha' ell Barley and L retary and Trea er rrmen, wait f ovell jean P 1 suref or the .. ye, Social curtain can John Dent, Sponsor. CLUB MEMBERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right Patsy Spivey, Lucille Nichols, Whonia Forsythe Lovell Jean Pyle. SECOND ROW Pat Theriot, Clarence Thomas, Johnny Morrow, Billy Ray Waggener, Bob Burns, THIRD ROW Wanda Arrington, Sue Ferrell, Jackie Freeman. FOURTH ROW Anabell Bailey, Anna Lee Hudson, Juanita Greer FIFTH ROW: Carroll Harris and Mr . rv fr-,QTTWV ui ,,,,vw" Sefnbly pro- Qmb officers D123 EZQT: Car01YU T LOU gram. 155301 Henson2uS2atYB0bbY Bake-ht Miss Hellffn Woods. Therlo ' nd Johfi IO Whitehead a Some of the members are discussing plans for one of the Ha11owe'en booths. CLUB MEMBERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Prebble Jordan, Carolyn Ba rker, Betty Rust, Ramona Duggan, Carol Henson, John Woods. SECOND ROW: Miss Hellen Rice, Sponsorg Mary Lou Theriot, David Cagle, Bobbie Io Whitehead, Jerry Cosrlow, and Doris Lowe. ,WW , W v YY. , -v-H--ivy SE IIIR PEP S UA 9 f 'Q vm! 4 .5 :,l H M in .V - I . 7 ,, is 41 . rt ' . 1 . ' O .l,", fr 1 g f df 5 X 1, ' 'f 5 E E , on aar il y 5 Mr- ? O is MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR PEP SQUAD FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sue Hampton, Brenda Domey, Catherine Theriot, Kay Herrington, Carolyn Nye, Wilma Gist, Idell Linton, Louise Brian. SECOND ROW: Erma Lee Mitchell, Joyce Calvert, Mary Jo McAllister, Barbara Wright, Sylvia Dollar, Sue Freeman, Carolyn Craig, Mary Margaret Johnson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ruby Hudson, Sponsorg Rachel Montgomery, Gladys Whitehead, Dorothy Utzman, Frances Wall, Linda Lowe, Wanda Arrington. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Crawford, Barbara Spain, Whonia Forsythe, Yvonne Waller, Ann Newcomb, Juanita Greer, Kay Graves, and Marilyn Nye. x , I ,ef C ' . i f B :fx ,I KX if L if PQ XX A f , A ' , dal Members of the pep squad and cheerleaders are seen in action J -lg, at a pep rally during the noon hour. H HW, ,Y- REBEC CA CA SSADY LINDA CROP T s Ruby Hudson, motions the n to rhe field Sponsor, Mr . d pep squad o cheerleaders an f orball game. before a o A . BARBARA ER P I UNIIIB PEP S UA ELIZABETH MATTISON or MAR CATHEMNE THEP-1 Y LOU THERIOT Members of the Junior Pep Squad are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Evie Wood, Sue Hampton, Dixie Davis, Willie Dean Garrett, Louise Brian, Patsy Woods, Linda Stroud, Idell Linton, Sharon Kay Reeder. SECOND ROW: Wilma Gist, Delores Hoffpauir, .T o Ann Courcier, Barbai-aLowe,Janice Rogers, Brenda Dorney,Karen Thomas, Sue Killings- worth. THIRDROW: Kay Herrington, Patricia Chance, Judy Lacy, Sue Lokey, Nina Manck, and Connie Florence. .af A 'f AQ 1 s MZ.- - w, .V gf! ,SV rs 4 it Y' 'W A . tx A gsfaasgiv, gpg' K' 1 M .ea ,gn - IWW, .V Q f I 'lSEx:: ":f.A :f'J:'f.,f,n :Pig I ' ?:l?!5u C I . ,.,., , . .. Q. ,,, A, , X iii ti. K 5 1 if? 4 ,HL A-Y 5,2 may ,gig 'law A, 4 , Q A ft a 6 2 r a 3 1 A S , fi 2' A5 W A 2 ill a Q 'fifit if Z' A gl I X X3 1 ixw fglr it HQ ff 3 df f ff .-,jx fa 4 S f S it W , f A ,T 16 X sit . A 2 -Z' la gy. mr' A ' M - - x iVAr'ez3E,,:s 4' ' swam A sax Q 2: .1 gf,- gf. 5. it .a ., - .1 Q. rAfr,..s.a, .inf .. ,, 7,,. ,,A . . , A. Ast 1 A ...W X. My af- W .A if ,W . f - wane. ,.,, Qs 2. ,jg,,1,5gUQg15ff M ,-ll' 5fif??59i75S9'5 2 , f ta I 11575 ff f- . 5 r ai Wgilw W ,,, - to f ssu.-.V - f 5 t f A A f,.v A. A, 1. AA,A ., W , .,.., , mi A, gli 1 Mr 2 if 'C 1 wg-rx 5 ,A-i-:mg - ewes. V -fina ls K . . A - A .5 ..An...2..s .mf .W 1-.1 a ,sf 1 As S.,z.iA of f ,apt .. wif . , my NA .A . , AM , . 5 V. 5115224 ' - 9 AA, as ,X W, ff A A .1 Ksfa. AL? as N - as as 1' ggi hows the officers dams, SPOHSOY' S e- Aaron M,J.B-A, ,- ,TheYaf' thr art of maklng blue punts surer: Eldon Hum' e S retary and Trea Hunt Re' Cooper. ec Mr Adams, CarloS N. 51 and . , 'cl nl: - . . IC Vtce Pffgsim Su-ond, President. 106 llsrliflliagloner. Social Chalfmen' e 0, .W G I ...' is 'R .' :2ff if ,ah g3g,g,,g V , wh I- A,.,AWsf.A.,- gust A, , .A W . A A., fm. fgisgp :wi U-fs " 1 "ff s-was ooo Af-QQ I o.....f. A . --f .:. .,. .A ...QAKAMA ff ,.. ... I A' 5,1 L, 4 . A 1. .. ,i ,A 7 W Yrs-vw . A MTE... . "' 5"' 151' .fffiffii ,,. .:,,E NA .,,,,A,,, kk A. Am . .,, . -A-Asn, -, Aixifzssg- f r w :sz wi A :. Ass Q,s.1,.A--3 -is E X A 'C 2 sa A 5 Q EZ s f fs ,, s , 'Av v ,G is S L is fr is Q was as wrap ,E MA? 5? 4 U, K as 2 Mgr, 3 M was Q ff ,, N 1 g at as ff X ,Aa f .,, E X 3 X 3 A 1 A S 4 Q. f Es t EM ,K 5 .M A 2 if s f , 'P F s ,ESQ h S Q Y M F .. sag, sr ,fa -.-,Ah , . ,, M f s as 91 5 1' V a we 1 4 5 rs auf E 'M -if r K' X Q As 5,145 f . "., o,'L i ' lfigkfegi . 'I H ' - -fi , LPG A S- - , , A ,AA Z in is fm nfs-:i'f?1s1Si" :nf gwe Q1-'Sal 'Ai w ifi-ii A L Aa a Q K ba? , , , aa, ms g, as Q 32 , i, ,A 5 ,- ? 4, as J, pf 5? a 1 as ag t fa 5 ,C 1 K X .AQ Ziff' T9-1 a - A, AV AW Q 3 A .aft at .. . .. aa is H 31 si '55 WX ,, , A ,Ps -gy rife ai M S . 'W was We sa 555 .ew , s. to as sam, A X if AL , we 1 sg me , Ji Q s ka I , 5 , .Agra . ,S L15',.1 a . -x .a?iirf fri ' " ..... .... . ,.,, 4 A V . H :-- Club members pitch in" " to help on a project. Members of the Craftsman Club are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Wade Ferguson, Buddy Whitehead, J. D. Hughes, J. R, Wright, Stanley Shaw, Carlos Hunt, Earl Moore. Joel Franklin. SECOND ROW: Chris Rogers, Hoyt Duggan, Joe Nicol, Gene Good, Kelly Waggoner, Aaron Cooper, Austin Stroud, THIRD ROW: Bill Leverett, Ben Arnold, Curtis Harvey, Eldon Hunt, and Mr. Adams, Sponsor. PARE T-TEACHER ASSIICI TIO The P. T. A. officers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. John Duran, Historiang Mrs. Raymond Parkins, Secretaryg Mrs. J. T. Franklin, Treasurerg Mrs. G. W. Croft, President, Mrs. Stuart Smilh. Parliamentariang Mrs. G. H. Jackson, Vice-President, plan the monthly meetings for the coming year. OF PAQ 6555 E495- Q 'ff 7 3 'E 5 .' .T '2 6? 'W .GP l897 OBJECTS To promote the welfare of children andyouthinhome, school, church. and community. To raise the standards ofhome life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children a nd youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers ma y co-operate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. One of the most timely programs of the year was apanel dis- cussion, lead by Mr. Wallace Read and panel members, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. J. T. Franklin, Tommy Marshall, Jo Ann Cain, Mrs. John Chevallier, and Mrs. H. G. Jackson, on the good and bad in modern day music, movies, comic books, and television. Patsy Spivey, Pianist, listens while Jo Ann Cain, Chairman, and Tommy Marshall choose songs for an assembly program. BELIGIUUS C UNCIL Hoyt Duggan, Tommy Stuckey, and Jimmy Denman hover over an interesting religious maga- zine. MEMBERS OF THE RELIGIOUS COUNCIL FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Tommy Marshall, Tommy Stuckey, Jimmy Denman. SECOND ROW , Duggan, and Jo Ann Cain, H011 L ga, AfA Wd' HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Members of the Choral Club are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Chattie Wicks, Barbara Blackford, Sue Hampton, SECOND ROW: Jimmy Denman, Doroth Florenoe. TH ' y Utzman, Karen Duran, Pat Tipp, Connie IRD ROW: Effie Woods, Gladys Whitehead, Delores Hoffpauir, Elizabeth Mattison, Brenda Dorney, Betty J owers, FOURTH ROW: Judy Lacy, Nina Manck, Karen Thomas, Genell Giles, Martha Dene Henry. FIFTH ROW: Alfred Reese, Wayne Thomas, David Denman, Lena Ruth Vaughn, Patsy Spivey, Betty Ferrell, Janet Seelbach. SIXTH ROW: Jimmy Bradberry, J. W. Strickland, Bobby McKenna, Darrell Mattison, Earl Moore, Kay Herrington, Sue Lokey. STANDING: Mrs. Betty Lacy, Sponsor, Mrs. Ada Mae Crook, Pianist, Clarence Thomas, Tomm Marshall and Marshall Thomas. Y ll T asurC1'3Gen? The officers Karen Duran' re ' - Sl' G'les SecretarY: BettY lowers' vlce Pre 1 1 ter: Barbara Marshall. Repo' dent' Tommy . . Marshall n . 1 Chalrfnany Blackford Som 'P sidem- and JimmY Denman' Thomas. fe ' . cord. Social Chairman, listen to a re USC ,I ,511 JUNIOR CHORAL CLUB FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ann Langston, Linda Dodson, Elizabeth Heaton, Sherry Dillon, Bobby Bates, Francis Pickering, Francine Franklin, Claudette Adcock, Roselyn Denman, Judy Wells, Charlotte Tarrant, Sandra Arnold. SECOND ROW: Mary Crisp, Carolyn Specht, Robert Bailey, Kathy Musick, Mary Romberg, Janie Crisp, Becky Jenkins, Clelia Branch, Linda Hardy, Dorothy McKnight, William Harvey, Edwin Jenkins, Jerry Thomas, Alicia Ragan, Mrs. Betty Lacy, Director. THIRD ROW: Jack Franklin, Larry Waggoner, Barry Blackwood, Lee Roy Wall, Sammie High, Nancy Freeman, J oyoe Richards, Mary Wall, Janet Johnson, Kay Weast, Douglas Jackson, Charles Smith, George Hamilton, Mary Ann Wick, Douglas Wells, and Bill Montgomery. ELEMENTARY MUSIC GROUP FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Raymond Dillon, Bobby Wadle,LynnTarrant, SECOND ROW: Elinor Prock, Johnny Stallings, Janice Gill, Vicky Mathis, Cheri Read, Warren Larrimore, Mike Major, Ralph Ledger, Nancy Stephenson, Norma Rogers. THIRD ROW: Lavelle Taylor, James Robert Berry, Betty Birdwell, Betty Stone, Charles Farre11,RandyCarlock, Kenneth Welch, Gary Stephens, James Dunn, Ruth Ann Jackson, Ronny Ferguson, Billy Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Donna Kay Rich- ards, Norman Highfield, Lynn Smith, Carol Moorman, Shirley Womack, Gail Tolleson, Lynn Strickland, Kay Rogers, Glynda Bell, and Teacher, Mrs. Gussie Parker. FUT RE F RMER 1 - f 5 0 f , Z n .-i . Oxchrloy rrgwrfj, MERICA C -14 59-7 . . I5 93,1206 The chapter officers, Alfred Reese, President, 4, U u 9 9 Kelly Waggoner, Vice-President, Huey Crisp, Sentinelg Billy Rogers, Treasurerp Claude Furqueron, Reporter, and Wayne Thomas, Secretary, listed to Mr. H. D. Rawlinson, the sponsor. The Gaston Chapter of the Future Farmers of America began their activities early in the year. They went to the State Fair of Texas at Dallas and visited many of the exhibits there. On November 16, a group went to the district Chapter Conducting Contest at Longview. Representatives were sent to the State and Nat - ional Conventions and one boy went to the Purina Ex- periment Farm in Kansas City. The chapter closed a successful year by attending a soil judging contest sponsored by the Soil Conser- vation Service, FGHC hows BSU-Y Alfred Reese S his beef herd. ll chapter Sweetheatt' I Curtis Harvey has good ea ting in the making Billy Neal Ro on is beef herd. gers makes a check h' The Hughes brothers make a daily check on their pigs. Members of the F. F. A. are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bill Boden, Jerry Brian, Huey Crisp, David Cagle, Alfred Reese, Johnny Morrow, J. T. Jones, Harry Stone, Wayne Thomas, J. W. Strickland, Franklin Hudson, Mr. Rawlinson. SECOND ROW: George Jones, Carl Furqueron, Charles Crye, Gene Harris, Bob F erguson, Olin Fisher, Billy Waggoner, Lonnie Traylor, Reed Franklin, Billy Hughes. THIRD ROW: James Dickeson, Gene Good, Don Wells, Darrell Mattison, William Killingsworth, Bob McKenna, Kelly Waggoner, Glenn Williams, Billy Neal Rogers, Curtis Harvey. FOURTH ROW: Billy Williams, Gus Cope- land, Austin Stroud, Gene Capps, Jimmy McWilliams, John Good, Buddy Whitehead. FIFTH ROW: Boyd Wall, Earl Moore, .T. D. Hughes, Claude Furqueron, Albert Brown, Russell Hudson. SDCTH ROW: Buddy Waller. .T ohnny Clay. JOhn Inman, Robert Williams and James Gray. profitable. Earl Moore finds raising hybrid chickens rv? - V GASTO PTE 0F FUT RE IIIIME KERS 0F AMERICA The officers of the F. H. A. are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lena Ruth Vaughn, Treasurerg DaneenDickeson, Vice- Presidentg Kay Newcomb, Secretaryg Miss Phillips, Sponsorg Ann Cassady, President, Marilynn Manck, Reporter, Glendalenkins, Historian-Parliarnentariang Juanita Greer, Song Leader, and Patsy Spivey, Pianist, Pin-up boy, Pat Theriot, and Ann Cassady pause from their reading of the F. H, A. scrapbook. Ann Cassady, President, presides over one of the monihly meetings. Members of the F. H, A. are, FLRST ROW, Left to Right: Barbara Blackford, Ann Newcomb, Shirley McKnight, Linda Croft, Doris Manck, Rebecca Cassady, Elwanda Hunt, Betsy Musick, Pat Tipp, Sylvia Dollar, Shirley Guytine. SECOND ROW: Janet Seelbach, Chattie Wicks, Betty Ferrell, Mary Lou Theriot, Carolyn Barker, Alice Whitehead, Kay Newcomb, Marilyn Langston, Ann Cassady, Patsy Spivey, Daneen Dickeson, Barbara Taylor, Barbara Wright, Pat Taylor, Barbara Spain. THIRD ROW: Lena Ruth Vaughn, Anna Lee Hudson, Anabell Bailey, Glenda Jenkins, Pat Dillon, Kay Dillon, Jimmie Sue Freeman, Kay Graves, Ethel Morphew, J anita Greer, Linda Lowe, Wanda Arrington, Frances Wall, Barbara Waggoner, ,To Ann Hobson. FIFTH ROW: Lovell Jean Pyle, Karen Duran, Whonia Forsythe, Marilyn Nye, Rachel Montgomery, Mary Jo McAllister, Joyce Calvert, Yvonne Waller, Marilynn Manck, Juanita Greer, Jo Ann Cain, Lucille Nichol, Betty Jowers, Martha Dene Henry, Shirley Brister, Genell Giles, Miss Jo Marie Phillips, Sponsor. ,andrea in me . er members enffgam W-une, their Ckatvl , mem eating- mg ,A. YU J by rixxgwattend me P 'T pa reefs - G i Iuafllla , ct commluee, C8sSaCW.Karen The N035 ughn, Nm relate Lena Rum vaDoriS Mandi' cl Durraxtg Sagusiness. mo V i Y I L-.........-.., Linda Brister SWEETHEART Shirley Brister GASTO Ill Betsy Musick Patricia Chance DIRECTOR Mr. Wallace Read The band prepares a company front entrance. 1 SCll00L BAN Betty Jowers i Pat Tipp Connie Florence BA ND OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Gibbs, Vice-Presi- dentg James Stevenson, Treasurerg Gene G00d, President, Marilynn Manck, Reporter, and Betty Jowers, Secretary, wait for re- hearsal to begin. Summer rehearsals began an eventful year for the Gaston Band. During marching season the band went to Dallas to represent Region IV on Texas Music Education Day at the Dallas Fair. They also went to Austin, where they, on Texas University's annual Band Day, participated in a parade and performed at the halftime of the Texas-Arkansas football classic. The band rated a first division at marching contest held at T y l e r, and other activities were enjoyed. DRUM MAJOR Marilynn Manck HIGH SCHOOL BAND Members of the band are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Carolyn Barker, Betsy Musick, Jean Tedder, Gene Harris, Linda Brister, Nancy Meadows, Jack Lowe, Patricia Chance, Jo Whitehead, Alice Whitehead, Karen Duran, Jackie Freeman, Shirley Brister. SECOND ROW: Janet Seelbach, Pat Tipp, Sue Lokey, Ramona Duggan, Elwanda Hunt, Sue Killingsworth, Carol Henson, Doris Lowe, Rex Barker, Laura Nell Heaton, T omrny Stuckey. Jimmy Bradberry, .To Ann Courcier, Betty Ferrell, Barbara Blackford, Nina Manck, Dixie Davis, Marilyn Langston, Marilynn Manck. THIRD ROW: Karen Thomas, Donnie Long, David Denman, Charles Crye, Connie Florence, Jimmy Denman, Buddy Waller, James Gray, Dale Finley, Judy Lacy, John Woods, Tommy Marshall, Barbara Lowe, Elizabeth Mattison, Hoyt Duggan, J. T. Jones, John Good, .Terry Costlow, Janita Greer, Albert Brown, David Cooper, Wade Ferguson. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Bates, Doris Manck, Mr. Wallace Read, Gene Good, David Cagle, Mike Kelly, James Stevenson, Clarence Thomas, Carroll Harris, Bobby McClellan, Delores Hoffpauir, Janice Rogers, Sonny Nations, and Kenneth Thomas. The twirlers perform a snappy dance as the band plays "No Name Boogie." -4. A ,B , m4,,, .. - ELEMENTARY BAND FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bonnie Redding, Clelia Branch, Sandra Anderson, Ruth Strickland. SECOND ROW: Linda Hardy, Beth Cooper, Paulette Killingsworth, Frances Pickering, Becky Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Linda Sue Williams, Barbara Walling, Walter Ellis, Charles Pool, ,Tack Franklin, Robert Bailey, Bob Lokey. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Musick, John Blackwood, Alicia Reagan, Stephen Dorney, Glenn Myers, Mike Copeland, Douglas Wells. FIFTH ROW: Linda Newcomb, Carolyn Walker, James Hughes, John Thomas, Thomas Kelly, and Mr. Wallace Read, Director. JUNIOR HIGH BAND FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Paul Potter, Jimmy Pool, Carl Carlock, Nancy Freeman. SECOND ROW: Betty Crocker, Joyce Richards, Mary Romberg, Jo Lane Williams, Mike Tolleson, Phil Davis, Robert Guytine, Larry Waggoner, Lynn Manck, Roy Brown. THIRD ROW: Gwen Wright, Jerry Blake, Billy Whitehead, and Director Wallace Read. IN MEMORIAM L T E N B U R PRINCIPAL H09 H0 Want the truth? Read on and you'1l find theuinside story" about Who's Who in this Gastonian film production. As we watch the passing parade of stars offer top notch per- formances we are reminded of all the exciting and happy events of the year 1954-55, and of all the co-stars who give us a wide variety of entertainment in our thrilling film. ' iw: by www ANN CASSAIIY MISS GAS'l'0Nl'l'E NIR GASTUNITE BILLY AIICUCK I, J. R. WRIGHT WIIO' WIIO ALFRED REESE Agriculture After proving his leadership ability by serving as Junior President, Alfred Reese was elected President of the Gaston F.F.A. in his senior year. Alfred is doing a fine job lead- ing the group in its various activities. His interest in agri- culture led him to ownership of a foundation herd of re- gistered Hereford cattle. He is now fencing and preparing land to grow grass for his cattle. Safety Education Recognizing safety as a way to life. J. R. Wright has tried to apply what he has learned to everyday living. ln the safety class he spent many hours typing the class survey made of the school and revising the students' ill prepared reports. ln Driver Training he is dependable in carrying out his instructional work to those assigned to him to teach. His patience and quiet understanding added to his ability to help others. Although he already possessed his operator's license. J. R. added to his knowledge of driving skill by putting into practice little safety measures that he learned in class. Above all things to possess is the right attitude toward safety in all phases of life, and J. R. is the best example of "sportsmanlike" living. NANCY SCOTT Science Nancy's ability to learn, backed by an intense interest and willingness to work, which has been exhibited by her high scholastic standing in general science, biology, and chemistry, gained her this corner in Who's Who. The above qualities in addition to a wealth of common sense, logical reasoning, and ability to work with and get along with others promises a brilliant future in science. ' H09 WHO BILLY ADCOCK Mathematics Billy has made for himself a place in Who's Who with his excellent record of straight A's in high school mathe- matics. By working hard for many long hours he has excelled and become an inspiration to his classmates, His deterrnin- ation to solve each problem as it presents itself will prove valuable to him in college as he pursues a course leading to a degree in engineering. ANN CASSADY I-Iomemaking it di, l i f' My n f? TOMMY MARSHALL English Ann is now climaxing four years of participation in the activities of the homemaking department and Future Home- makers of America by serving as President of the Gaston Chapter of F.H.A. and public relations officer for Area IX of F.H.A. Ann has also served as local F.H.A. Reporter and Historian-Parliamentarian and she has taken an active part in Area IX F.H.A. annual meetings, executive council meetings and stunmer leadership conferences. ln addition to her many F.H.A. activities, Ann has been an inspiration and encouragement to others through her integrity, her ability to assume responsibilities, her cheerful friendliness and outstanding work in the many areas of homemaking education. For these reasons Ann is justly deserving of the honor she now holds as representative student of the homemaking depart- ment . Throughout his high-school years Tommy did superior work in English. Although adept in all phases of English, Tommy will be remembered especially for his oral work -- book reviews, informal talks, and helpful contributions to the daily class discussions. His writing ability was displayed not only through his regular class assignments but also through his journalistic work on both school publications. Tommy's sustained interest in good literature has also added much to his mental personality. 1 DONALD BATES Social Science Wll09S WHO LUCILLE NICHOLS Senior Dramatics HAVE YOU HAD YOUR OPERATION? Mattie Snod- grass, so ably protrayed by Lucille Nichols in this one-act play presented by the Senior Dramatics Club, made all of us feel like taking a trip to the hospital. Lucille is a witty, likeable, and efficient actress. Should she choose the stage as a career, rest assured that she'll be a success. Seeing no isolated facts but rather the whole picture is the characteristic that the teacher looks for in asocial science student and Donald Bates is the outstanding student in this school who is able to do this comprehensively. To relate the past events to current happenings seems to delight Donald, because he is always able to find something to bring to the class that will add to the discussions. When giving reports he is the one who will go out of his way to obtain the greatest detail about his subject so that it will arouse the interest of his fellow classmates -- for this reason Donald Bates was selected to receive the Who's Who award in Social Science. AARON COOPER Shop Although he is only a junior, Aaron has proved his ability in the manipulative skills as well as being an out- standing student in mechanical drawing. Aaronhas constructed many worthwhile projects in the shop including mahogany lamps, end tables, dining table and chairs. These projects, and the information obtained along with them, will not only make his home more beautiful, but also assist him in making home repairs in the future. WH09 H0 1 GENELL GILES Choral Genell Giles, a newcomer to Gaston this year, has done outstanding work in choral music. Through her faithfulness, friendliness, and hard work she has been an inspiration to those around her. LENA RUTH VAUGHN Business ju- YVONNE WALLER Publications Co-Editor of the annual, Assistant Editor of the news- paper are the two high positions that Yvonne Waller has reached in the field of publications this year, therefore it is not surprising that she received the vote of the sponsors as the candidate for honors in this field of high school work. Yvonne is willing to spend long hours working on the routine jobs that are necessary to produce the annual and newspaper. She types, edits, operates the mimeograph machine, schedules pictures, interviews teachers and students for the information she needs to do her job. She has been on the GUSHER staff two years and the DEVIL'S DELIGHT three years. She is a worthy member of the "fourth estate." Lena Ruth is an all-round business student. She is an accurate, speedy typistg she takes readable neat shorthand notes which she transcribes with easeg she is a very competent bookkeeperg and she handles with efficiency the calculator and the mimeograph machines. Her pleasing personality and integrity, together with her pleasant acceptance of problems with poise, as well as her desire to assist others will be a complement in any business office. 4 i 1 -Q i T WH09 WHO HOYT DUGGAN Band Hoyt Duggan has been the type band student of which any organization would be proud. Not only is he a good musician who carries his part well, but he is also more than willing to help in any way he can with the many duties that are in- volved in making band trips. With his ability to think and to apply himself he should be able to attain his goal. CILAIR BRANCH Boys' Physical Education During his four years of participation in sports, Clair has made an outstanding contribution in every field. He has a keen interest in football, basketball, and track and has ex- celled in these sports, Clair has always shown that only his best is good enough. His teammates showed their appreciation of his spirit of willingness and cooperation by electing him co-captain of the Red Devil football team with which he fought so diligently to reach the State Quarter final play off. Clair is not only an outstanding athlete but also a good all-round student in the academic field. .int .TUANITA GREER Girls' Physical Education 'Juanita's willingness to do more than asked of her co operation and pleasing disposition, along with participation and hard work in health and all sports, has won her the Who s Who award in Physical Edu ' cation for 1955. This year the GUSHER staff is very much indebted to Miss Debra Paget, beautiful 20th Century-Fox Studios' screen star, and Mr. Tab H u n t e r, talented young Warner Brothers Studios'persor1a1ity, for the selection of the most handsome boy and the most beautiful girl at Gaston. S9 6 6 giqlllliil Bfvif. -l7!UNjfl's'U K Jan. ll, l955 Dear Miss Cassady, I must say this is one of the most dif- ficult selections I have ever made. All of the young ladies are most attractive! I sincerely hope that my personal selec- tion will not hurt any of their feelings too much. The young lady I have chosen is marked on the back of her picture. I made three selections which in my coin ion run very close, I sincerely thank you for giving me the pleasure of selecting the young lady in your contest and please help me express tion. my humhleness in the situa I wish each and every one of them all the luck, happiness and success in the future. Thanking you again, I remain, Most gratefully yours r-Y-- A PATRICIA CIIANCE RIOS'I' BEAUTIFUL Rl 0ST IIANIISUDI E BOB BURNS in-JE' ANN CA SSADY LINDA CROFT GENELL GILES BETTY JOWERS .K kkk. I, . . K, f f f.-,L M ' PAT THERIOT CLAIR BRANCH LONNIE TRA YLOR AA RON COOPER F MILIAR SCENES SENXOR WALK E -v 3 ' 4 2, .F ,, A View of the west campus from the cafeteria door. f mm, A ,A The beautiful trees are revealed in a view looking toward the west en- trance. TENNIS COURTS PORT Lights! Camera! Action! With these familiar words the scenes of spills and thrills begin to roll by. Many movies of football, basketball, baseball, and other sports are produced each year, Filmland at Gaston is no exception. The sports department of our own school furnishes our movie with thrilling adventure. The players are the actors and they play their "parts" well. SENIIIB F00'l'B LL Head Coach L. A. Stevenson, center, points out plays to Assistants J. B. Adams, left, and Leo Van Haverbeke, right. f REGIONAL CHAMPS Season 's Scores A p Gaston 27 Center Gaston 19 Jacksonville Doniqxcflliates Gaston 52 Leverett's Chapel Au-District GUARD Gaston 25 Troup Par Theriot Gasnon 33 Chapel Hill A11 -District Gaston 40 Overton Gaston 40 Carlisle m?:i ? Gaston 13 White Oak ff! t.stitr' Gaston 22 East Mountain Gaston 27 Hawkins , Gaston 13 Whitewright A 'tat qGaston won on penetration, 4-33 Gaston - 14 Paducah BACK Clair Branch Au - District GUARD Austin Stroud All -District TACKLE A . Olin Fisher Au-DismCt END CENTER BACK Gus Copeland Aaron Cooper Lonnie Traylor iw its Left to Right: Co-Captains Austin Managers Neal Ro gers, Leftg and Johnny Stroud and Clair Branch. Morrow, Right. ' K 1 I qrrr gff. i GUARD Kenneth Rogers END Marshall Thomas D a o 1 GUARD FOOTBALL SWEETHEART BACK Dwell Mawson Betty lowers Glenn Williams ulq if D Aioo ' I. Q q yg. . bb.: ,D , S.. tn ii-Q f J. e X3 i i 4 - r",a' D ' V D y EF D anor h X D ' 2 1 I TACKLE BACK TACKLE END Joe Nicol Billy Waggoner Billy Adcock Dick Hunt EFF' T W ,gt 42 as 3 MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Manager Neal Rogers, Donald Bates, Billy Waggoner, Darrell Mattison, Kelly Waggoner, Joel Franklin, Eldon Hunt, Houston Bradberry, Pat Theriot, Marshall Thomas, Manager Johnny Morrow. SECOND ROW: Coach L, A. Stephenson, Lonnie Traylor, Gus Copeland, Joe Nicol, Bob Burns, Billy Adcock, Olin Dean Fisher, J. R. Wright, Ben Arnold, Russell Hudson, Coach Leo Van Haverbeke, THIRD ROW: Glenn Williams, Harry Stone, Reed Franklin, Clair Branch, Austin Stroud, Billy Hughes, Aaron Cooper, Edward Ivey, Kenneth Rogers, and Chris Rogers. ur if alfs' S - 'Q ' lj p 'ZR GUARD K Edward Ivey TACKLE Harry Stone A 1 I Kelly Waggoner BA CK Houston Bradberry Clair Branch goes over for a touchdown against Leverett's Chapel. B O , J T rrar GUARD END Ben Arnold J, R. Wright Q- X We . , 2 h agi- ,gil ci X w3L"', .'-- 3 : Lzfis 3 is sig S,LW igr e l s , ,. i ss f fs f 'Q ' f 5 Q 'S ,:. R 1 z s do-.. GUARD in BA CK in k,,h 4 Wixi Joel Franklin '- Lam' Cooper iiii 'F 2 ,W 51. ., ! gi 6 is E, CENTER TA CKLE It lvzzg Russell Hudson Billy Hughes CENTER Chris Rogers G-CLUB Another Carlisle Indian bites the dust as he is tackled by a Gaston boy. W, sn me TA CKLE Bob Burns ra- as 'Y F- J i? S, 'N S END Reed Franklin may 553 MEMBERS OF THE G-CLUB FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Billy Adcock, Austin Stroud, Clair Branch, Donald Bates, Pat Theriot, Olin Dean Fisher. SECOND ROW: Billy Waggoner, Marshall Thomas, Johnny Morrow, Coach Steve, Edward Ivey, Aaron Cooper, Lonnie Traylor, and Gus Copeland. SENIUR Members of the squad are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Manager Kenneth Rogers, Dick Hunt, Larry Cooper, Houston Bradberry, Kelley Waggoner. SECOND ROW: Coach L. A. Stephenson, Marshall Thomas, Billy Adcock, Harry Stone, William Killingsworth, Frankie Mathis. THIRD ROW: Clair Branch, Jimmy McWilliams, Bill Leverett, Gus Copeland, Austin Stroud, Neal Rogers, and Glenn Williams. GUARD FORWARD OUARD -'CAPTAIN CENTER Branch Austin Stroud William Ktllmgsworth Gus C Clair 0De1and BASKETBALL CONFERENCE SCORES They Chapel Hill 33 Troup 44 White Oak 54 Hallsville 45 Carlisle 53 Leverett's Chapel 40 'i Chapel Hill 33 The Red Devil cagers jump rope to warm up before Overton 55 beginning practice. Overton 42 East Mountain 42 e Troup 56 5 Carlisle 45 Hallsville 62 White Oak 59 Lever3tt's Chapel 51 GUARD GUARD Glenn Williams Frankie Mathis wARD form FORWARD n FORWADD' GUARD Bm Levereu Billy Adcock Jimmy Mcwrlliams Marshall Thomas on, BELT Tm- A Ilaflco 1 uuiiiu-, bers of the Junior Football squad are, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Managerc Don Ricks Billy Brown, Manager Mike Mem Gerald Evers, Rodney Hudson, Robert Williams, Ray Matheny, , ' B. Adams, George J ones, Merritt Graves, Bobby Waggoner, Don OW: Blackford. SECOND Row. Coach J. 'l Coach Leo Van Haverbeke, THIRD R Lee Wooten, Malcolm Taylor, Bobby McClellan, Bobby Bai ey, lls Charles Wright, Bill Croft, Gaines Dickeson, Billy Williams, Terry lrick, Carl Furqueron, Don We , ,Terry Brian, and David Cooper. sEAsoN's scones we They 2 Carlisle 0 14 East Mountain 0 6 Leverett's Chapel O 6 White Oak 19 40 Chapel Hin 0 13 Troup 0 , 26 Overton 6 Terry Irick gathers some yardage in the Tr0uP'GaS'0n Junior High football Clash, Co-CAPTAINS Terry Irick Bill Croft .w ' 1' T UNIOR BASKETBALL -.-.....-,ere ut un: 5 quad are, FIRST ROW Left to Right D0 R - . Taylor, George J-0 L ' 1 nny icks, David Pool, Donald N' l M weus Terry Irickneg. arry Clements. SECOND ROW: Jerry B,-ian, Bin Croft Ga. SEO . alcomn . . arl Furqueron. THIRD ROW: Dale Finley CoachJ B Ad ' mes lckeson' Don ' - - HUIS. and Merritt Graves. DISTRICT SCORES We They 18 Chapel Hill 21 33 Troup 26 26 Overton 19 36 Carlisle 18 25 White Oak 32 24 East Mountain 32 37 Hallsville 39 6 The starting quintet, Jerry Brian, George Jones, Terry Irick, Bill Croft, Merritt Graves, and Coach Adams "stack hands" before the On a criss-cross play Merritt opening whistle- Graves takes the ball from Bill Croft. IRL K X x X x s N , - t X N . X X X , xlx YJ Tennis hopefuls, Rachel Montgomery, Erma Sue Mitchell, Margaret Crawford, Wanda Dunn, and Shirley McKnight get the feel of the rackets for spring training in tennis. Q? 0 The eighth grade P. E. girls have a fine time in a thrilling over and under relay. PORT cz- 5 ' n ' I ' h l Q ., 6 D! ' f .1' 1 u 7' 1. 55555,--. M 1 sggusgr .H M e 1 ba Hu nt mes for a rmger as 'H ' .0522 -gig? the rest of the contestants look on. ' g X33 Q A bull 's-eyel If you don't believe it, just take a look. ' ll and BASEB LL rg F .air TRAC I Mob K c I 6506 396 A and BN Aw timing SUCH C4699 Psnsltxl. xC,o6gS Q O GXXCS ' BO The 440-yard relay team--Clair Branch, Billy Waggoner, Lonnie Traylor, and Dick Hunt--warm up for the big event. .,l .. fa up fm W Y H 3, MEMBERS OF THE TEAM ARE, FIRST ROW, Left to Right Billy Neal Rogers, Pete Miller, Houston Bradberry, Johnny Morrow, Dick Hunt, Glenn Williams, Billy Adcock. SECOND ROW: Bobby Giles, Austin Stroud, Jimmy McWilliams, Kenneth Rogers, Olin Dean Fisher, Gus Copeland, Clair Branch, and Coach Van Haverbeke. uv' MEMBERS OF THE TEAM ARE, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Huey Crisp, Dick Hunt, Larry Cooper, A a ro n Cooper, Marshall Thomas, Ben Arnold. SECOND ROW: Billy Waggoner, Billy Hughes, Bob Burns, Bill Leverett, Olin Fisher, GusCope- land, Clair Branch, Lonnie Traylor, and Coach Van Haverbeke. to UGC? VERTISEME S Of course, as in every situation, someone has to take charge of the business end of any deal. In"fi1mlar1d" the producers "put up" the money and take care of the financial problem. The store owners of our community play the part of the producer in our movie production. The support of these people help along the solving of the money problem of our school life movie. Member of Federal De CITIZENS NATl0NAL BANK can Q01 Q01 BEACON 0lL and REFINING COMPANY 5 5 S S posit Insurance Corporati TAR THEATER FRANKLI 'S Friendly Community Store Turnertown, Texas i "Patronize your home theater. It is appreciated." Turnertown, Texas TEXA B0lLER and "Where the home folks eat" Turnertown Texas E T H10 W 0 R K Hooxs MACHINE WORKS Welding Boiler Making Q. P. Hooks, W. H. Hooks, Machine Work Donald Q. Hooks General Oil Field Welding W. C. Kiker' Selman City Turnertown, Texas Phone Turnertown 5F3 HARRY CLEA ER and BACHELOR LAUNDRY Cold Fur Storage Henderson Texas EUGENE LACY Sn SON Heat ISL Plumbing Contractor 115 W. Ragley Phone 2552 Henderson, Texas ammwe 1- wi- ' "Say It with Flowers" 9 X 55 1 X.'..1f'f .. XX. ilu! JW RAYFORD FLoR1ST Nr P 904 S. Main Dial 2285 Henderson, Texas KELLY LUMBER COMPA Y Dial 2 537 Henderson, Texas HADEN and BROW DR G C0. "The Rexall Drug Store" Dial 3587 Henderson M JOR and GARVI Well Service Company BOX 527 Field Office Selman City Turnertown, Texas Phone 52711 W Compliments I 1' , lii STROUD BROTHERS CONTRACTORS o u1306 CANTON ST. ,al .l DALLAS 2. TEXAS 'BE wlss fffgqm-125 " "Sanitation is a way of life. It is the quality of living that is expressed in 'the clean home, the clean farm, the clean business and industry, the clean neighborhood, and the clean community. Being a way of life, it must come from within the peopleg it is nourished by knowledge and grows as an ob- ligation and an ideal in human realtions. Compliments of H. B. MEYER 8L SON 1306 Canton Street Dallas, Texas Joinerville, Texas Dial-4878-Henderson 1 T, L. MITCHELL INSURANCE AGENCY Randolph Hotel Building "We Insure Anything" Henderson, Texas CRAWFORD CLOTHIERS "Home of Fine Clothes" Henderson, Texas BOB EMIG'S Humble Service Station Esso Extra Gas Washing and Greasing Turnertown Texas FARLEY MOTOR C0. Sales Lincoln-Mercury Service 503 West Main Henderson COCA-COLA C0. Henderson, Texas l DICKESON BROTHERS Contractors Mowing--Bulldozer Model D G Grader Pipe Line Lease Work Joinerville, Texas Box 714 COLLEGIATE WAYNE HUNT SHOPPE Watch Repair H . . . Scientific Distinctive Timing Apparel For Smart Women" All Work Guaranteed Henderson T Turnertown exas Texas A DAIRY QUEEN DRUG STQRE Open 24 hours Kodaks . Photograph Jalfllfssxglue Supplies g y Phone 3272 Henderson H d Texas en erson Texas ORR Sn GILES MOTOR H Sf H COMPANY CLOTHIERS DeSoto-Plymouth Men's Wear MALTS - SUNDAES Phone 2134 In All Popular Flavors HeUd9f'50U 805 W' Mam Texas The cone With the Curl on Top" Henderson Texas Traffic Circle at Henderson CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Electrical Contracting Service Motor Revvinding Henderson, Texas 1602 Longview Drive Phone 2121 HARRIS PRINTING Sc STATIONERY COMPANY Authorized Sales and Service Agency Standard and Electric "4"'0,a Typewriters z Q a wo' Adding Machines Printing Calculators 208 East St, Henderson CHEROKEE HARDWARE Hardware, Radios, and Sporting Goods Henderson Tyler Kilgore Jacksonville MAYa and HARRI DEPT. "Where You Can Always Be TORE Of Good Quality" "Save As You Spend With S Sn H Green Stamps" Henderson,TeXas fannoli - flale LjQdfl'lfW6i................ AND BACHELUIP LAUNDRY Phil Gossett , 2 TEXACO STATION Sta.Nu wi CHAN?-:is gvgfgt City "3'55-59'-We and VAN suksn """"' ' DAVIS H. A. SMITH A, R, POOL DRUG co. PARK PRINTING CO- Sanitary Septic 113,115 Tank Cleaning Co. "The Gang's Service Station No. Jackson Printing - Office Prompt Efficient Service Reasonable Han out" . g Supplies PI'1C6S Typewriter-S PhOl'1e 4150 Turnertown Turnertown NeW-USed-Rent Henderson Texas Texas Texas HIGHTOWER DRUG CO. Prescription Druggists E .lf 1 IYlER,IlXAS my Dial 2588 Henderson, Texas S, g ssse 5 . f "Always fresh" AT U M 229 East Tyler WRIGHTS WRIGHT CITY M Longview, Texas DRUG CO' PHARMACY U Records Lester Sala's I S Music George M. Wright , Radios it - U gfglgis Phone 2545 at Wright City V Q Accessories Henderson Philco l Record Players Texas R C A tummunuusrnunswis Instruments P. . . -ii CZCCD0 PP. PEPPER CP. Dial 3508 Henderson, Texas DAVIS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY Distributor "A Dependable Source of Supply" Phone 4555-4556 Henderson, Texas WAYLAND TURNER PRINTING g COMPANY Henderson Phone 3220 LARRY'S A Fashion Institution P .ia :Ibn-:ning V l. if ': HENDERSON FURNITURE CO. Dial 2860 Public Square Henderson, Texas CRIM'S HGME 713 W. Main APPLIANCES Henderson Texas at PLUMBING ' COMPANY "We service PDUVEYS STUDl0 L Esggiltscrjs what we sell" ' "One picture is worth ten n Henderson thousand words" Automobile Financing ------ Phone 2340 and Insurance Phone 3737 Henderson Texas Sales Service BAGLEY'S G. L. WILLIAMS Prescription Pharmacy GROCERY Phone 2541 107 S. Marshall Henderson, Texas Service -Quality Accuracy "Your business is appreciated" One-half mile East of Gaston MACHINERY SUPPLY Su ALFORD BRO. and GMWWGKL GREE 117-19 N. Marshall Henderson Dial 2566 Texas Longview, Texas H7-1 -- 1 H ,.,.1v MITH CHEVRULET C0. Sales Service CROOM'S FEED Sn SUPPLY Baby Chicks Poultry Supplies Seeds -Fe rtilize rs FINLEY RGSS "You'll like our weigh" Dial 2514 Joinerville Henderson, Texas Texas MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP REED'S JEWELRY Owner--Mary Guthrie Henderson, Texas phone 52505 Henderson, Texas Phone 2323 Turnertovvn 125 s, Main Dial 2508 TSX-HS MAJESTIC W. M. STQM BEAUTY SHOP Barber Shop Reva Cowger Owner Turnertown Texas Turnertown Phone 5lFl1 Texas Compliments C LAUDE MILLER 'Nrs HERE 1 'Q f "' S 'Qs s S 0 Y S IIx ' ' 5 gg INTER-COLLEGIATE PARESS J 6 M6511 fi FACTORY HOME OFFIKE Kunsus City K v Rv ,L :if 514 'S QQ k - lf' if ri i , V 1. E 2 E? a.-. 3 Q Q' ! ,1 5 , yi I . ,. 'f . . Ll M2 Q' 1, ,Q

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