Gaston High School - Aurora Yearbook (Gaston, IN)

 - Class of 1958

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1958 volume:

' x. "'-A Y- lx Z9 f- Z fx J 1 Q7 K' M X, I I' A xl J 'YW vc ' 4 fy! X I ,V ' ff, is SPX lg fy fx -5 U' 9, x Q Ll!! k Y, .5 VIL , p If jj .y O1 , A U Q- -,gf l' J wi v r 'fr' vo j H' JMX' x 'J " L ., Uv Xiu .YLALVV Jzi ' Lf 4 C1 ' Mi ,IJ ,SJ I X ' 'X rx In J .2 f- . 1 M ., V ly mf ,X X P sf, ' , ' - ,x VX, -I .1 'Y,.x1"L , if- R ' Q .1 my 7, G RQ, B n .K ,, nf V, ,xp I 4. if x - ' 9' . r . ' X . ,R I Q. Y ? ,UV , K ' X DU' ' S . J" - :J b. ' - W, TN' . P V T , W , " f ' .4 Q S f 5 X , -.X July yd ly" QQ- 4 I.-I M1 A G" I,-' y i , fx!" A Q t .f YJ f , Xb I 'A ' V K ' lr 4 l uf 6 1 N K 1 V ff! Q. ,. j . C f ., .XJ . U, .xx V x i , 1 Q L. ' Cx IN C PZ' - ' "' ' v .. '- CQ X X 1 WV' 'J 1 . '. X' 'F' ,X .J 1 -V is Q N X, Y A N' 3 X ,- Id? , La fs Q m Y M 1 V ,Q L 1 ' M n I -J jc 4 t M KJ-,f ,x 33 4 . 1, F ' .. ,J XJ mt, 'vi EL 'Vw vos '51 I, V A E, x If , J 5 I .7 . lx-:X X, 1? I , if 1 ' if 5 J I 1 - QY " , V v f n -' . M ,JL ' fi ' ' V J 'Q h EJ L? -X X . r ,ks lull 1, V 'fv- uan- T V, Y TV ,N ' 115' -3, ki : 5 A, I J , 2, ' f gf, - f ' " Q .-' f , .!s X, .vi ' ' ' z 2, J 7 ' A K f . 2 I JT' ,Q I J- 47 f 12 ', -y , V -1' - V, ,Q . . V -L, . ' ri, I, - - A " N N N' '11 ' f 1 gs , r 555 I 411 I Q S is Y Q Q ,- .1 I Q ,J pn H ls 3 ,H .X A gf ' . v N 'Fl N 1 1' , ' , " I' el A -x n. , at s ,.. . A ,M . A e l 1 9 +vi"i'ws nh' ,4uU' N .H MM! x. N ff?f,.1,1p MM, 'Q , 1 .L 235'-'1Qff?:: 5 gwwxh, 5 1 ASQ 5 s':::iaE ii. EE.: if fnnmnafm '--.,,wMM THE HARRHSUNHAN HARRHSUN SQHUUL GASTUN, HNDHANA 1? 5 Xl ADMIINHSTRATTION MERR ITT REED County Superintendent VERNON FUSON Trustee Mg. 4- Q- in WKQ fm. ff' ' MM-Afgy. I api 'm-M ff?':fJf?1vIk?4q 5. -.1 2 we 5 P ELEMENTARY FACULTY EVA SELLERS BLANCHE MCDANIEL MILDRED NOTTINGHAM Ball State LENA JANE LAWSON BERNICE OLIVER Ball State BBII State MARY MILLER LEAH JEAN HAYDEN CHARLENE SPENCER B S Ball State Ball State Ball State A B.S. BalI State Ball State , Q., B.S. B.S. CUUKS Mattie Morgan, Alta Clock, and Gladys Fuson Compliments of COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Alexandria, Indiana CUSTUDIIANS Mr. and Mrs. Cantrall BUS DRHVERS Left to right: Garland Click, Don Lee, Merle Edwards, Kenny Rowles, Kenny Stuart, Everett Curts, Cletis Lewis, Everett Jackson, Ernie Nauman, and Homer Iseley. Compliments of COTTERMANS Alexandria, Indiana Q 5, i fjpiit 4 6 I . , ' af L X, W H1 1 v . 4 'Q 1 ,-N. . ' :4 .xi 71 'L' ig A , 'ffiilf 4, .F 5 w 5. A- 'Q' .. .. X, x ,qu . vs Z ' E p,s'm.i ff S 3 X 2.11 I vp Q .N f - ' . 'Y O ,nu v '. 1 . pf 1 " ig Q , N F n ,- .?' ' o 'Q Y? , 'F if 1-g,8 v a Sl' S .xxx ' 4 3' ,X F TF! H G if P I I s W gn' AT, i wr 55' 5 'W i"5 gi ,Q , if Q' -I Q- -'25 ,Vw A . A -5 .G W I , wr up v -W - ' " 'fs' Dams, xgigfgsf V ,.,, 32 'aj 15 ' kg. 1 S, ,F fa 5'-VW. I Ya rr' QQ Q sas , M A Y? W Q 'rf . 8 ul 5 45 'gif Mx fhf Ir! r r f Q' 7 Q 53946-f J u 6:5 '73-.V e ,uk V' I ..,, . Q-Q Q Ar? f F' -fi , 5 wg ,L J A 3 52 ', fn X gf 'X' - W ii- i ilm i W V Q, V n K-, I , . i 1 Q ' 5 W' 3' - ' get ' W' V + ff an J is wif N f ax jf g 1 .K Q 'N 2 ,"'.. if ., K ' 5 . XJ " . . - "1-f Q."fT?'fij:'r 'P 7 tx, U I i -- N, ,Hin 1 vu fYNX- ,na - ".e1L4?f' 41 -4 .. 'Hr ,, , ' Y gg I ,L A f Q2 ' W ll FL " 2 ' ' 1 .gg M Cf' 'Q - gy f M Y . - P f f 5 - . if Y gg,-' x I 4 or 4 . H x J! K J N Q if all 4? E i C i 3 u, fffbjqi .2 Q 39 Q -J - . - A ,X is A 4 66 MT 'GL ,Z if , ' ' k ,M ,ef I . sw - r ' 1 Aff JY wf 5 R A .' Y W' T. ef: ' ff ,4 ,, 1 Q f ,4'5f "': if' 5. If .,lxn Q 3 -'fr-Reis' -E ' ': ' X as ,isigu F' '::'Q 3 1 ' ?fc:'I,,- Jig? -M A Q vi Q M'-1 V' 5 air" 'fig' was Q. -, , g., . ' X K "r 'YQ' - Quin 5 ififg if: Q K' 'I W V Q'-Yeo W Win 1 1 XG! ' ' W.-sfw . - X in 2',' KJ K' 1 ' ' Q cssrzffi N f' Wu N X 4- ' X . I Ig 7 .V -V-ps , K W , x ' bw, ' I ia:- ,1 P6 Qt -X QQ' H3 K t i 1 ig is . ,!g N "'sl '.s 1 in, is w. gh xg dl H bl QQ p f iww wa Q if fr T 3' if? N I-f'Er'iliMvW xg 1 . gg I 4 5 A ' 1 " I , 3235 TW 'A WY 5 ' . - ' ' 1 ' - - . , - pa i . , f - , :L - ' i - X ., i' ,A ' ' -' -, , , .. , X M, A sv 5 5 1 ! ' X. I . ' k , A " mx ' . ,s -1, ' I - 1 x, .4 Q. 6 7' g. 1 Q A . ,F 2 'Y QJQ Q ,fri I Y ,a 6 . . X 1 - E . x s ,nf , KK 1 ,,. -D. . N 1 X 5 5 s? "" ' X! gf gg ,,, SX 51 .1 ig X 3' l ,xsj fx N 'F fi S K' W .. gf .- xr :A 1 as .4 1-1- fvrf g ' . ,rv - If ' N if Q fi X X ri Img' e H if "'?""' .-4:9 V itz' LVL "Ji ' 'fp Y ' ,255 F, A v Bk - ,Il Yi: Q 4 y - L -ff as i ,V 2 .r 6, 4, Q, , s 1 I? 5- it ' , ' Q 5 gg fi .5 -' Y f f. 156' E ,5. 3 2 Q' 4' .6 s 4 ' Q Q A. Bw- L. 9 - , l I . - I- MUJST Rii?',SF,iRiVEfiJ Wanda Miller and Jim Ramsey NIUST TALENTED Sue Drake and Gary Van Na1Ter FRHENDLHEST Janice McCreery and Jim Cox Compliments of Compliments of CARPENTER'S HARDWARE FRENCH STEAM and DYE C mack, Indiana Muncie, Indiana SK. 9-5602 AT 8-5541 Q BESTSDRESSIED Lynda Byers and Bob Murphy MOST RELAXED Leroy Gregory and David Cooper MUST BASH FULL Bruce Carpenter and Dennis Sfansberry Compliments of Compliments of DELAWARE CO. FARM BUREAU RAY MILLER Cammack Branch FARM IMPLEMENTS Muncie, Indiana SK. 9-5058 N I 1?- .M .. MUST ATHLETHC Ralph Wray, Tom Robbins, and Spencer Campbell. HUT RUDS Mark Pitzer, Don Ritchie, Pat Hargis, and Don Holmes. WHTTHEST Larry Barnett, Dennis Beedle, and Wayne Clements. Compliments of YORKTOWN LUMBER CO. For All Your Building Needs SK 9-7724 Compliments of NELSON'S BARBER SHOP Yorktown, Indiana MUST DEPENDABLE John Ramsey and Linda Clark. EUSIEST Bill Long, Darrel Wray, and Kenny Stuart. CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN Mike Bane and Janet Nauman. Compliments of DONOVAN'S GROCERY Complmenfs of Cammack, Indiana FULLERS SERVICE SK 9-5649 Yorktown, Indiana JANET NAUMAN X MIKE BANE O Compliments of Compliments of FUSON IMPLEMENT CO. REED BROTHERS Minneapolis Moline COAL and FEED Farm Machinery Cammack, Indiana SK 9-5695 SK 9-5651 4 . -k'A ,M ,k f- S . 5 fattg X A X g' A V .yfjfff 213 QW f- 'xx .-F ZZ M. DA .5 , 4. 1, , 1 1 5511: 1118395 I .,,- .W - x, UN- '. ' ui J-W H?X nf ia 1' . -41518 ant V. 5 .gf NX 1 Q' 'HQ 'N K.. Y? 355 I S ,. N -.-".......,. ,,.. ..,,a1 u , fn :uf an l 9 Xml' s SECOXD TfEA1XM all Pikxxglgs will Student Manager, Wesley Baldwin, Coach Hal Platt. Benny Benefield, Jeff Clements George Hensley Jeff Gardner, Larry Greenwalt, Dick Humphries, Clement Spence, Ronnie Winkle Don Addison Doug Mifflin, Rex Jackson Ronnie Nichols, Joe Holmes, Phil Drumm, Jim Irwin. PEP ClLfUfl?i: v 1 f' 1' 6 fl? at as I ,l 3' f Z2 ' ff: if ar . - lr V, qu fs 19 -L 5' in fl Qi 5 1 we A I NJ , 5 s YMMW rw Q. if x A OLS. fu gk .., A Q E . gg. 1 U-24", 3? I . ivazmniki fi new li as kill -mafivfi QQ in , and , If :'fefffvr' 7? , .fd qw Qu 41: . Q s..,.-. Av px 1 24 1 , , 5 X n , - 9 . ' wldvafialiiiiife Svii4Hm5 A ull ? if fswmiktzmlu . vw t:a,..:. , ,Si 6133 f ,. 1 J 1 if fi? wnuy W ag: Qksi S . xv: f 4-H ', e ea:- A ,X N- . Q .'4 b ' mff'M1SaLm5, 'E lil 3 fini ,M ii . lam' Qatar? fi? 1 KIEQ hYF".,"' 2 'Ewfiifuxsn 5 ,+C q vfilwli Ml limi limi - .f ef W2 9 . -. -WE, 4, , 1. Q f ff? ggi-er Q Compliments of Compliments of ART SNIDER LUMBER CO. YORKTOWN DRY CLEANERS Yorktown and Muncie Yorkfown, Indiana SK. 9-7763 SK. 9-7769 ? Complimenis of Complimenfs of DANlEL'S RESTAURANT YORKTOWN STATE BANK 2726 W. Jackson Yorktown, Indiana Muncie, Indiana w r-' y A Q, A e gi' 4? , N X96 SEVENTH GRADE YELL LEADERS Sharon Kay Ramsey, Sandra Skinner, Karla Kay Benefield. .1 RRVQH 2 .A 'Y EHGHTH GRADE Q, 6 I x.s,s HHGH SCHDDL YELL LEADERS Carolyn Hargis Sandra Goldman Sandra Pitser YELL LEADERS Ida Lee Hardin, Ann Clevenger, Janet Hargis. Complimems of Compliments of RETZ FOR SPORTS THE RECORD HOUSE . . 2803 W. Jackson Muncze, lndlana . . Muncie, lndlana We, the boys who have participated under him, would like to dedicate this portion ot the 1958 Harrisonian to Mr. Platt, in appreciation ot the many long and Well-spent hours he has given each ot Us in molding our character. Hal Platt, Tom Robbins, Bill Long, John Ramsey, John Murphy, Ralph Wray. Compliments of Complimenrs gf YORKTOWN GRAIN CORP. EDWARD TEAGUE Yorktown, Indiana Sfandafd Oil Agent SK 9-7732 Yorktown, Indiana ig .1 - 5f'?i? ' 'TMF1'-wr, if ,Q Q QQ Aram an 1 11-1 V 4" ' 1 V. Fig' Y M , , W A, tr V, J ,W ,,,! X ,345 1 2, YY 1, 5, ,H L' Y ,, a+ waw.,,.,,-H 7 ' , ' 1 'L ,:, Nmlw-,,.,, .,,, f . N g ,M .:v,,,,!,, ,, ' 1, L N 'Wv4L,wg,:' " N, ,1,:l2f3W"""g x'W , ' ' N Y 1 Y W , YW' ' f -WN' my-wW,l,Q,m2zf A ' Q' Lum 1 4+ ,Q 3 - , ,11"'Wf2lL"" !wASe,1lh5EE' w3,31N U ' , W 1':"':v-wl ,W 1"",FHw-,1i,' Q, Mi' ,Wgv ,, ggEiWM W wr W-11-4,lx,J411g,,, ywww L ,v f'f'l,2,w ,-Wu' ., ' ,R 'wqggww"- , ,IQ W1 1 ,fv'X'!l'EWLi1u,N,.i,..,iff A, W" -WW"LE. W W W I Y ,,,w1'XMpH',,,."uf, 2, , W ,fi ' "11-1w'1f11',,Wf"'E fmgf!-iff' 15:15 'bw if ,1 ' 1 v ww w' ,, WM all mi ll!':1!13,N1lWZ1'2Nif 4' ,Wx-' ', ' ' ' N1 dh H", Wit'-w4', , w 'V ., fx, fu w. . ,My V ,, gxrqr 1 wwf M- , H' 'Mlm 1 "-' LV, ,v W W W , ,M 1 Y QYEUL. ,3i2 P Me1 wH ,lm ,L ,ANL ,NLM : , e N 1w2Q N Q1 'Mu,1w1wH"' " 1' H , ML, 5? ,W f :fi f + HHN 5 5 TigiL5f?5Pa, 1 ,ri - T ig 1,- , 55- Es, Tn an , fl L' 3225? f,,,, , ' Y im, Y ef?- Q , l. fl? M ltr 1: .A J' l 12 Y . W, PHOYO Nd Avuilcbh PROT 0 NOT AVMIAII-I Q. X?f, . '-will 00091010 E? Fil FTH GRADE First row: Nedra Addison, Stephen Bourff, Shirley Broyles, Sara Clark, Connie Clegg. Second row: Cynthia Cook, Mary Cooper, Janie Cox, Danny Crabtree, Cynthia Dixon. Third row Nellie Donaldson Donnie Dun can Evelyn Franklin Michael Gardner El nora Hardin Fourth row Karen Harke Margaret Harris Paul Hayden Jimmy Holmes Phillip Jones Fifth row Linda Massengale Ruth McCon nell Judy McCown Alan Meyer Linda Morgan Sixth row: Jane Nottingham, Diana Orcutt, Butch Reed, Martha Sharp, Deborah Smith. Seventh row: John Spence, Chrystal Tom- linson, Dick Townsend, Carolyn Young, Lois Reed. Eighth row: Larry Stevens, Linda Hankins, Charles Runkle, Robert Wren. 'llill-lllllRlD GRADE First row: Gary Antrim, Anna Barnhouse, Donna Barnhouse. Second row: Marsha Barton, Virginia Conner, Frederick Davis, Third row Robert Good Chris Goodman Charles Gossett Fourth row Billy Hall Michael Holmberg Pamale Keys Fifth row Paul Mansfield Harrison Massmgale Michael McKee Sixth row: Eddie Peterson, Betty Puckett, Lavella Reynolds. Seventh row: Jerry Rowles, Gary Shores, Steven Staines. Eighth row: Janell Sites, Mildred Nottingham. FIFTH AND SHXTH GRADE First row: Gary 'Adams, Richard Barnhouse, Judy BarY0r1. Second row: Eugene Breedlove, Lennis Busby, Glenda Dyke. Third row: Kathleen Conner, Hattie Cunningham, Linda Haste. Fourth row: Richard Hollingsworth, Michael Lee, Linda Lindsay. Fifth row: Sue Long, Judy Oldfield, Laddie Pinnick. Sixth row: Phyllis Puckett, Richard Puckett, Donnie Rector. Seventh row: Elmer Reynolds, Keith Shipley, Kenneth Shipley. Eighth row: Leslie Shultz, Hazel Winningham, Justice Winningham. X 'E HF-9151. . 2 :P xlff X . - . 1 3 ,fy NF' W-1 ff 1 XS I ff? Ku x,-,N 4.,,: JS 1- 1 .Q K ,uv a . S O- il' ' 4 .wr-" df' 1 First row: Alan Adams, Frederick Adams. ..,, ea, fC" 1'--an :fr T00 BUSY M-.41 Nd Shun 0? SEVENTH GRADE Second row: Michael Anderson, Karla Benefield, Marshall Bowman, Mike Brammer. Third row: Pat Cook, David Cooper, Pam Dixon, Tom Edwards. Fourth row: Keith Greenwalt, Bill Haste, Davey Hayden, Connie Hiesfand. Fifth row: Juanita Hiestand, Roger Lee, Jim Long, Phil Lovern. Sixth row: Tom Nelson, Pam Mixell, Bill Pinnick, Sharon Plummer. Seventh row: Sharon Ramsey, Alan Reed, Marilyn Scales, Sandra Skinner. Eighth row: Joyce Spence, Donna Stansberry, David Wilcox, Jim Crabtree. ,404 HQ-nag -1 Xi S332 i.. fm he 4 N? www wwswsm ww? WW wwf WW an-ni FRESHMEN First row: Wesley Baldwin, Benny Benifild, Byron Boyle, Buel Brown, Darrel Cook. Second row: Mary Costin, Larry Gillispie, Clifford Glass, Larry Greenwalt, George Hens- ley. Third row: Ronnie Holloway, Jim Irwin, Jim Jones, Janalee Lewis, Paul Keys. Fourth row: Mary Ann Mart, Dick McCown, Doug Mifflin, Ronnie Nichols, Johnny Old- field. Fifth row: Judy Orcutt, Jim Pitser, Pam Pressnall, Carolyn Scales, Linda Scott. Sixth row: Michael Shores, Doug Spence, Dick Stout, Sharon Townsend, Shirley Wilcox. Seventh row: Ronnie Winkle, Helen Winningham, Judy Yeager, B11L..Brammer, Jim Hollingsworth. Eighth row: Bonnie Sue Run- kle, Don Wray, Cynthia Fos- Ter. 1 , . N 6 , I ka 1r "3, il F 9 3 .3 Y M g . ' ini? af! va-5. ,. , V K 1 M 235' 1 1 .. .sa ' 'A if Q :gl .V- :5 A ini V 5-is Q, ' . 5 ,, " HV hwy 3, .K ff lk K K R , fi! Q '1 2 e i, as N , J rg? -+ ff, mffaafm, A x Wm V ffm W EQ, . JE . 4" w . 3. H ,V I Y f 'Sf s , 52 ip ' 5, ,sw R 'U ff' '-SEM 'I -'11 nw gy, M! A, . Q 4. ,. 1 L -i'f,4,l,7 A Q gg? 5' i ' ii? A ,, L i ,S V 'li'i7if, JUNIURS First row: Don Addison, Larry Bailey, Janet Brass. Second row: Robert Broyles, Ella Mae Clark, Jeff Clements. Third row: Judy Costin, Shar- on Crawley, Gary Drumm. Fourth row: Susan Edwards, Randi Harmon, Charles Ladd. Fifth row: Gary McCown, John Murphy, Marcia Niccurn. Sixth row: Sandra Pitser, Lu- cretia Runkel, Crystal Skinner. Seventh row: Gladys South- worth, Clement Spence, Pat Terry. 3 Q , G x , o an' 'Qi QW. L bw: oi- if-541:32 L, E"W5.' 51 'ggflxlgsf ' M5592 liffirk N, I ,XA 8 ' W-M Ik Y, W.-. Q... .-A A' ,V V-wm6?54.Q-'W -ma. may ww 1.1 ' , - ,,,,,.- X""'. 3.1.1 ' 434.5-rw ...f- . , 3 3 , is H45 , V . ' 2 'H 5 R 'ga L, YS f ,X I W W , A -f , hi ,. K 1 Q Q, . . 1 iw gl N. Q, 1. - 'Ami' 1 , 5 fi 4 , my ' T4 if , f . K WW '- W ' 4, - . if ,"'Y.f.. 5 Q -:Lg f sip ? iii-fl' f?i5'PfiiIiEI1'iZ7lL., ' '12 Q Q x 41' , L in- 15.5 ' .ES ia 1 Y , 4 f L M dh 53 ,L K 'L a1'55f"i4 af X ws 'Wi " x 1 X25 ,Q f 3 . 3 V kim 557535232 5 4 31 ' A is . ., iff , W '35 ik , X 'KH'-rf 1 Ri-g fig, 95 1 4 7,41 1315. 4 . l. A, Q6 x x' A 1F54 W H ,.E26Q.f11'v if 'T' 'Q .K v w,,g,1i : .. ' j ig 51: wal G2 . ww M HQ 4 .4-,.v,q 3- f ff- 'iff' 4. 1- , ,wa K f ' V M k K fix. + Ewislfqzi., i W 651.-. , '35 Ny , -1. f K, , Hs? H: 'Z' is F fi 5-fa! " vs , ,z If .H-+ x,,-.'. , ,M . ,,,,,ggy,,,, ' ' .-2 L gif f ,. an '1g:,:fW' m ,. M, SE HORS LYNDA KAY BYERS WAYNE RAY CLEMENTS "Zelda" "Clemen1s" Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, some- A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any times naughty, never bad. market, CLASS OF 1958 RALPH LEON WRAY JANET ROSE NAUMAN "Moe" "Rosie" All great men are dead and I don't feel God made me small so he could do a good too well myself. iob of it. WILLIAM SPENCER CAMPBELL "Doc" I'lI do the difficult now: the impossible will take a little longer. THOMPSON NEEL ROBBINS 11-rornu If having fun were a crime, Tom would be Serving a life sentence. SIENIIORS LINDA JOYCE CLARK "Blondie" First minute the serious student, the next minute the silly blonde. JOHN EDWARD RAMSEY "Moose" Don't let your studies interfere with your school course. WILLIAM LONG "Willie" Never worries, never will KENNETH WAYNE STUART "Butch" Let the world slide, l'll not budge an inch. DENNIS LEON STANSBERRY "Berry" A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by ihe best of men. SENHORS JANICE KAY MCCREERY "Jan" Make hay while the sun shines. MICHAEL STUART BANE "Mike" Le1's have wine, women, mirth, laughter, sermons and soda the day after. DONALD PAUL RITCHIE "Don Paul" Who loves not women, wine, and song, re- mains a fool his whole life long. BRUCE MORTON CARPENTER "Carp" The way to kill time is to work it to death. MARKY K. PITZER "Pit" Some say he's bashfulp others doubt it. SENHORS Hello, good-by, no time to wait. l'm late, l'm late, l'm late. PHlLLlP LEROY GREGORY usregu Whenever I feel the urge to exercise com- ing on, I lie down until it passes over. DONALD GENE HOLMES "Sherlock" Don't wake me unless it's a woman JAMES CARROLL COX "Jim" I may not be handsome, but I declare I have a distinguished look. LARRY RICHARD BARNETT uLan,yu A little learning is a dangerous thing. SENIIORS WANDA MAE MILLER "Wanda" The only way to have a friend is to be one. DENNIS LEROY BEEDLE ,,Bede,, It isn't what you do, it's what you're caught doing. JAMES LEE RAMSEY 'ufmf' Hurry? Neverl DAVID LEE COOPER "Coogie" Any iob, loolcs easy when someone else is doing it. DARREL DEWAYNE WRAY "Professor" Spare your breath to cool your soup. SIENIIORS CAROLYN SUE DRAKE Susan rerrre Q ROBERT IRWIN MURPHY ffsobff Like the Cheshire cat he's always one big grin. GARY DEAN VAN NATTER "Gary" If I laugh at myself and the fool things do, if won't bother me much to see ofhers laugh too. Life is too short to worry. I Machael Bane wall all the Cboyl fraends I have made at Harrason to Rata Stuart I Larry Barnett wall my abalaty to stay out of trouble to Chuck Ladd and my Lucky Strakes to Melvan Conner I Dennas Beedle wall my place on the poultry team to anyone who lakes to handle chacks I Lynda Byers wall my unaque abalaty to stay above the masses to anyone who has a desare fo al I Spencer Campbell hearby bequeath my legen dary skall as a do at yourself braan surgeon to those folks out there wath a non malagnant braan tumor I Bruce Carpenter wall my guard posataon on the farst team to Chuck Ladd I Landa Clark wall the 'ob as edator to anyone who has a full bottle of asparan and my place an cavacs to anyone who lakes to stay up studyang all naght and John to no one I Wayne Clements wall my do at yourself sade burn clappang kat and my quaet cavalazed tenden caes to the Paltdown man Elvas Walson I Davad Cooper wall my excess weaght and wavy haar to Gary Drumm I Jam Cox wall my hot and sassy 5l to Charlae Ladd who could use a good car I Sue Drake wall my Bufferan to anyone who as unfortunate enough to have to rade on a crowded bus I LeRoy Gregory wall my abalaty to waste tame an the labrary to anyone who can get away wath at I Pat Hargas wall my long fangernaals to anyone who wants to make a hat an typang and my drav ang abalaty to Cletas I Don Holmes wall my sadeburns to Don Addason and my shot rod to Leslae Cox I Ball Long wall my shortness to anyone who can stand up to at IIILJIL, I Janace McCreery wall my abalaty to make straaght As an chorus to anyone that can get along wath Cletas I Wanda Maller wall my seat an the assembly to anyone worthy of beang a senaor and Jerry to no one I Bob Murphy wall my duals to Mrs Nelson and my heaght to Jeff Clements I Janet Nauman wall back to thear owners all the pencals Ive borrowed an the past I Mark Patzer wall my hot and fast Iattle dragon to anyone who thanks they can keep up wath rt I Jam Ramsey wall my quaet ways to Mrs Adams She could use them too I John Ramsey wall my bag hands and my bag feet to Jeff Clements and Lrnda to no one I Don Ratchae wall my abalaty to get an trouble to Leslae Cox my hot rod to Arlene and Arlene to no one I Tom Robbans wall the government cast off food rataons at H H S to any under fed zomba and the crumbs of these rataons to all of the many cockroaches whach anfest the katchen and sur roundang halls I Kenny Stuart wall my cat wagon to Gary Drumm and my hard pullang Farmall to Larry Rowles I Dennas Stansberry wall my chemastry book to anyone who can make better use of at than I dad I Gary Van Natter wall my l9O pounds to any one who as man enough to carry at I Darrel Wray wall all the bards I can catch to Mrs Fewell for her bard sanctuary an her desk an room three and Judy to no one I Ralph Wray wall my soft spoken duals to any one that can keep from gettang packed up and my assortment of straped and polka dotted draw ers to Rex Jackson I I I I - - - 11 1 11 - I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 r - 1 1 - . , . ' ' - . . . -. - . I I , , . . 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' - 11 - 11 - . , I I . . . - . . , . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . ' ' 1 1 . , 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 11 - ' , - 1 1 1 1 .Ms A R Q , aw-A Qc i Z .i ,.,,., i ff 5:4 fn 1, A, 1 fx 1 5 f g 41 JI ,tj C 'df ' 1 A ,f 1' . ,V xii I A ,xgxi h ":V ::: . IM i Q' , . M 1 1 w i l 3 A .A Ef: ,:,,, A ' 'fidfy ii' 'afg 54. lam , M 'QQ iw I if My . .2 '1 . + Q f '1 . I 35-7747 1,7117 Wi KA F A-?""L5 Q fi W Q I 1 ' as K 5 1' 4'-'Q 3-1. , MV Q i A I sm q ff Q HJ Rin 1 jf 4' f .P D b l ?i?, K Jfvvw'-" if Y g f9 if is f 3 " bw Www ffm ILASS IRRUIRIHIIEZCY My edltor Sue Drake rs sole owner of the magazrne Space Horrors She assrgned me to do an Issue on the class of 58 rn trme for our 50th reunlon Through the development of faster than Irght flrght Cperfected by Robert E Murphy whrle workung on hrs full race Mercuryl we were able to lourney through the unrverse rn search of our classmates On earth we found that Lynda Byers has re cerved recognrtlon as the mother of the year for the seventh successrve trme Tom Robbrns has recently retrred as top banana rn the burlesque Follres of O7 Donald Rrtchle has perfected a guernsey dol phun cross whrch enables hrs cows UD to graze on the bottom of the sea On the moon at the space statron here I dns covered that Dennrs Beedle Larry Barnett and LeRoy Gregory had perrshed In I995 when the fuel chamber they were cleanrng exploded whrle they were havung a smoke Wanda Muller IS runnrng a tourist stand here selllng dorlles for rock samples Wayne Clements rs here also He rs rn exrle because of an rncrdent rn 1973 While vrsrtrng Chrna he sold Chlnese flrecrackers contarnrng nrtroglycernn He rnsrsted that he was merely try rng to solve the over population problem On Venus we discovered that Donald Holmes rs dorng frne He does rmltatrons of Elvrs now some seventy years old Lrnda Clark drsappeared rn the southern lungles of this planet last year She was leading an ex pedrtron to search for John Ramsey It has been rumored that he was lrvrng wrth the trrbes of the lnterror Here on Mercury I learned that Kenny Stuart and Pat Hargls died a horrrble death last week The space patrol caught them drag racrng rn therr rnterplanetary cruisers The patrol headed them toward the sun wrth controls locked on dead ahead Dave Cooper and Gary Van Natter have a lab oratory near the twrlught zone Rumors seem to rndrcate that they have gone berserk Each week they frre a rocket at the sun rn the attempt to destroy old Sol and the untverse Tonlght on the planet Mars Mrchael Bane the famous Shakespearean actor rs grvrng hrs rendu tron of Hamlet Attendrng thus performance wall be the noted newspaper crrtlc Darrel Wray from the Martlan Herald In I989 Jrm Cox as a member of the frrst ex pedrtron to land here suddenly drsappeared H was last seen movrng about among the Irttle green men who rnhablt thrs planet slapping them heartnly on the nape of the neck Also on thus planet rs Ralph Wray the famed basketball coach of the Martuan Planetary Junior Hrgh school for the lame and blrnd Has fame results for berng theur coach durrng the longest Ioslng streak rn the unrverse Hrs motto Vrctory as not everythrng but nerther rs Iosrng Whlle vlsrtrng Saturn I learned that the record Honey has sold three mrllton coples The wrrter of thas great song Brll Long rs now enroyrng the profrts rn hrs frfty room mansron complete wuth servants Bruce Carpenter the teenage srnglng :dol who has put thrs song over the top now has two secretaries Janrce McCreery ano Janet Nauman to handle hrs IO mrllron fan letters a da When I returned to my desk on earth I found a small package contarnrng a mummlfled hand The hand as the only trace of a drsastrous expe rlment rn whrch three of our classmates perrshed rn I96O Mark Prtzer James Ramsey and Dennrs Stansberry volunteered to test a new type space sunt Unfortunately the sults were a complete farl ure No trace except the hand has been found Altogether we have uncovered some very rn terestlng facts about our class of 58 and are Iookung forward to a very Irvely reunron Spencer Campbell Sue Drake I 1 I l ' y 4 . n ' I I I . . - - . . I ' I ' I - 1 I . A l I - " , ' . e - n - 1 11 , , , , I ' I I . . I ' .... l ,, . I I 4 n ' ' - . - . - ll , . of "I'II Be Down to Get You in a Spaceship, ' ' ' ' I1 . . . 1 D . , . I . . . ' I r D I ' I . , Y. u I . . . . A ' I I Il ' ll ' . ll ll Linda Clark and John Ramsey PRUNI NIGHT Judy Yeager and Darrel Wray wi o SIE, IIUR PLAY JUNIOR PLAY Director Mrs Fewell Ralph Wray Pat Hargls Davld Cooper Dennis Beedle Janet Nauman Barbara Thompson Janice McCreery Sue Drake Linda Clark Tom Robbins Compliments of 313 S. Tillotson ANTRIM'S RESTAURANT Muncie Indiana Yorktown Indiana SENIOR PLAY Director Mrs Nelson Lynda Byers Darrel Wray Janet Nauman David Cooper Sue Drake Gary VanNatter Spencer Campbell Pat Hargus NORMAL CITY COAL 1925 Dorthy Rltchle Leo D Watson 1926 Armond Armlntrout Opal Fern McCreery Wllma Shaffer Byron Rntchle Jessls Hobbs Allce Antrim Mae Janney Lela Gray Lucllle Colter Darrel Muller Cecll McCreery Cecll Jackson Otto McCreery Basal Colllns George Nottungham 1927 Evaleen Brunton lra H McCreery Ruth Mulllneuz Esther Johnson Walter Conner Elza Thomas Crystal Jackson Omer Trout George D Hankms 1928 Austin Brown Bertha Mae Scott Harry H Glass Dorothy Orcutt Kenneth Copsey Hazel Dotson John L McCreery Catherine Coudon Henry Knotts Axle Armlntrout Charles A Fox Ollve Trout Opal House Forest W Gray Francis Colter 1929 Le Monte Gray Bertha Colter Dorothy DeWees Marshal Ellls ALUMN Alma E Rltchle Uva L McKlnley Emma L Sayre Oscar Muller T Wells Klger Kenneth O Johnson 1930 Gerald Melvnn Vnrglnla Mae Martin Glenn D Etchnnson Evelyn Morgan Gene S McCreery Anna Armlntrout Frances Scott John M O toole Fred Orcutt Beatrxce Coudon Ney E Welch Lucllle Welrngton Do othy Rethertord Edith Marne McCreery G Hanllton Jackson 1931 Robert Palnter Adah Rltchle Harold Turner Margaret Benadum Thelma Weesner Garnet Dunn lrene Hunter Mary Ellls Durwood Doyle La Vella Kung Garrell Rltchle 1932 Frederuck Johnson Wvlbur Painter Mary McKinley Lawrence Taylor lrvun Spangler Wrlllam H Yeager Sarah Jane Johnson BrunelIM1tchell Robert Coudon Harvey Johnson Butford Rathel James J Yeager Kenneth Nash Wendell Nottingham James Sltes Russell Foust Harold Scott Garland Click 1933 John Benadum Wayne Brown Donald Finley Cletls Gillespie Wnlma Gray Wllllam T Hickman Gold: Hrllan Mabel House Robert Howell Rachel Hunter Raymond Johnson Frances Keller Orpha Kinder Lela Knotts Waneta Mansfneld Carl Mxller Elsre Oren Gallen Rntchue Mary Rltchne Melvnn Rogers Joseph Scott Eugene Smith Esther Thomas Merrell Thurston Vlfgll Watts Mildred Whnteley 1934 Franklin Bowman Frances Trout Dale Mitchell Mulored Myers Emna Crossner Robert McCreery Kathleen Lee Barbara Doyle Gladys Wellington James Kung Bennue Cunningham Elnzabeth Scott Melvln Kellery Theresa Reed Robert Badders Charles Fuson Geraldine Scott Polk Muller Arthur Johnson Florence Berry Gerald Humphries Lowell Frazner Melvrlle Broyles 1935 Arnetta Glass Mary Bowers Florence Mossersmlth Martha Johnson Donald Thomas Georgna Broyles Wilma Frazler Rhue Perry Eugene Fnnley Ralph Howell Clyne Rltchle Helen Funley Dorothy Carmen Charles Rntchte Clarence Brown Margaret Emenck Mildred Brunton Keith Smith Ruth Webb Merle Ault Hubert Shaw Alberta Walton Garenet Graham Ralph Moore Mauruce Applegate 1936 Cleo R Jackson Phyllis Hussey Darrell Rltchle Evelyn lson Ernest Chltty Mary Taylor Charles Merrlll Shnrley Colter Raymond Fuson Alberta Jester Kenneth Hlatt Martha Tamsett Murllne Mntchell Paul Hannon Margaret Brunton Mnldred Turner Erlce Doughty Eugene Thurston Edlth Hayden Mary Bell Losh 1937 Ellen Hickman Mlnnle Harvey Margaret Badders Venla Hawthorne Opal Muller Ruby Carpenter Dortha Curts Martha Evans Ruth Harmon Forrest Broyles .V - Edward Taylor Gene Brown Maxlne Flnley Thelma Ault John Muller Harold Osborn Gerald Nlccum Prlscllla House Gretchen Badders Howard Simpson Leuvon Curts Ted Parron Mary Ellen Moore Cllttord Frazler 1938 Robert Cox D W Bowman Margaret Goodman Caroline Muller Bull Worley Vnrglnra Palnter Ova Walton Loulse Peterson Charles Losh Eduth DeWees Lester Chitty Robert Nrccum Georgra Henstand Vsrglnra Dragoo Ross Retherford Paul Hussey 1939 Scott Webb Ruby Moore Leonard Frazxer Juanita Rrchardson Herbert Metcalfe Alberta Besser James Smlth Edward O'Toole Rosaland Harvey James Crust Lols Broyles Mary V Sayre Mrldred Maynard Donald Lee Bernxce Snodgrass 1940 Lucille Hardin Vnrglnla Shoemaker Robert Muller Marcella Funley Ralph Isley Dorothy Graham Betty Sue Wright Ellnor Keller Wrllnam Plummer Beulah F McKnnIey Francns Benadum Opal Eppard Charles Hickman Brucelle Ftnley Elrzabeth Clendennnn Velletta Broyles Ralph Loveless Marshall Lee Inez Dell Boyle Cathertne Hunter Sarah Ann Myers Ivan Justlce Mary Brunton Donna Collier Pauline lson Ruth Hlatt Bully Northcutt 1941 Raymond Carpenter Howard Morgan Earl Bowman Junlor Muller Wayne Berry Vtolet Vnce Vrrgunta Hussey Bernuce Rethertord Robert Kung Betty Stephenson Gene Greenwalt Helen Thurston Howard Hlckman Rosarnand Sanders Martha Metcalfe Marlorle Beyer Norman Poor Maybelle Morgan Claude Rltchre John Shaffer Paulrne Moore Damon Byrkett Annabell Mrtchell Lrlllan Borror Arthur Badders Betty Crozier Sarah Hawklns Beverly Snodgrass Vlrgunna Etchlnson Eleanore Colter 1942 James Hunter Ruchard Dragoo Joe L Smlth Darwun Markln Vrrgnnna Wrrght Wrlladenan Hale Max Carmln Charlene DeWees Ethel Mae Benadum John Smith Betty Doughty Betty Nrccum Lyle Spaugh Derryll Sltes Robert Sltes Robert Taylor Paul Rutchne 1943 Prusculla Lee Hubert Jackson Mary Rose Broyles Dannel Walls Shirley Tamsett Reba McKinley Walter Sltes Marabelle McDanuel Wendell Besser Edna Stone Mnltord Morgan Boyd Bonner Elnzabeth Rntchle Anna Jean Sheeks Elnora Johnson Kathleen Justlce Dorothy Broyles 1944 Wayne Goodman Helen Brown Bully Daggy Max Northcutt Dons Mitchell Merriman Nlccum Robert Wrlght Norma Jean Bowma Lloyd Conner Kathryn Spaugh Mary Lou Hlnkman 1945 Wilma Boyles Barbara Fedor Vlrglnla McKllllp Evelyn Stone Roberta Reed Rosemary Hlatt Carolee Metcalfe Mary E Jackson Donald Moore Duck Smith Jrm Thomas Phrlup Thomas Charles Goodman Marvin Srtes I'1 1946 Bonleta Knutson Betty Curts Thurman Peterson Wllluam H Lnndsay Rebecca Jane Wrlght Januce Rntchue Hawk Jack Hoover Joann Lee Betty Jane Walls Earl F Shaner Peggy L Moore Betty Jane Ault Rosemary Rltchle 1947 Harold E Johnson Edward M Goodman Clyde Hunter Hubert E Hussey Kenneth B Clock Anna Ruth Watson JanetL Tudor Oneida L Nlccum RobertJ Sntes Horald E Wolverton Norma J Flnley Evelyn C Conner Richard C Funk Rosemary Knutson Robert L Thurston Lols Joy Johnson BettyL Frisch Mary M Hatton Marcella M Boyle Richard O Harvey Robert E Rowles Katherlne Brown Betty M Hlnes 1948 Darrell Copprng Irwrn L Nelson Mary Ann Wright Janet L Hratt Gorden E Carter Rosemary L Reed Wllluam Hart Lenora Johnson Carroll Copptng Mark Klngen Annabelle Thomas Glen Hlnes Leona Cannon Arthur Bryan Betty B Borum Verltn W Sollars Frances Justice Harold R Brown Mildred Murphy Richard of Childs Paul E. Jester Coralene Morgan Gene Davis Barbara E Darter Lula N Reed Vernon Needham Wannltta Clock Robert E Funk l949 James G Coppock Susan Ann Benedum Barbara Ellen Sites Paul E Smrth Ermel M McCord Mary Eileen Brown Dolly Mearl Antrnm W Gene Foust Fedous L Jefferson Wanda Elaine Finley Jack E Walls Barbara Lee Kelso Donald Kelly Rxchard Fedor Cuba Frances Hessler Jack V Wiseman l95O Jacquelnne Lee Smrth Rosalyn Darter Farrell Rudolph Broyles Betty Joan Sollars Joyce Ann Mrller Vadrs Leon Davns Kenneth Gene McLaughlln Gobel Poe Jr Bonnue Dean Broyles Robert Bruce McColhm Maxune Joan Welch Ruchard Lee Featherson Wllletta Rose Hunter Charles Robert Puterbaugh Wnlluam Gene Shull James Martun Watson Wllbur Earl Watson Helen Roberta Wrlght Donald Paul Shipley Helen Maxlne Muller Wrlllam Robert Curts Phullls Lou Nelson James Floyd Anderson Nula Joan Foust J Norras Lee Ruchard Lee Adams Ronald Lee Watson Phlllp Turner T951 Charles E Smlth June Bantz Willlam R. Pierce Martha Mart Richard Dragoo Mae Hatton Wllluam Clark Wanda Rector James R Curts Anna Lowe Richard Johnson Sue Ann Kelso Marcia Locey Larry Campbell Marvin Lee Clevenger Joan Pnttenger Lewls E Webb Donna Sites Eugene Chrlstle Marilyn Mllls Jack Watson Dorothy Hlatt Karl Hlestand Beverly Tull Robert E Shull Robert Dowling June Beouy T952 Edward Alley Edward Besser Robert Funk Lyle Plank Earl Snodgrass Fred Ntccum Joyce B Watson Pat Clevenger Edward Muller Harry Brown Ruby Conner Mildred Gasper Nrla Harrold Regina Long Nancy Nauman Ruth Nicely Duane Sltes Sherman Reed Barbara Thomas Phyllls Clevenger Edna Davus T953 Jane Colter Larry Clendenln Wanda Borum Barbara Conn Bull Brown Max Clevenger Charles Conn Irene Dnckerson Phyllis Eppard Euretta Harrls Pat Herbert Joan McCord Michael Ratclifte Jerry Sayre Jow Sayre John C Sollars Mary Sollars Phyllrs Stephens Gretchen Stephenson David Terry Barbara Turner Bull Wlnkle l954 Wayne Campbell Mekle Hargls Josephine Tull Raleen McCreery Wanda Alley Omer Ault Helen Penrod Pat Humphnes Carolyn Rowles Howard Sellers Phyllus Cox Sally Wrlght Nancy Johnson Janice Huser Bob Brown Patty Brown Harold Reed Nancy Bowers Shester Huffman Eldon Johnson Ruth Childs l955 Evertt Antrum Marietta Boyle Patty Broyles Bull Brown Jean Cline Martha Cooper Larry Edwards Duck Fralzer Shnrley Garland Cletls Glllespne Judy Glaze Shirley Glass Rnchard Gasper Janlce Greenwalt Lloyd Helstand Gllbert Huffman Marnlyn Jones Mike lrwln Mary Justnce Janet Marsh Jack Sayre Elaine Mart Jerry Thomas Joan Sites Ed Townsend Bob Watson Darlene Wray l956 Rlchard Barley James Beedle Norman Borror Carleeta Cart Mary Clark Herschel Brown Evelyn Gregory Ann Harrold Dee Clevenger Francis Long John Drayer Martha Nauman Jerry Fuson Nancy Robbins Larry Hargls Hllda Sollars Harold Helstand Pat Stephenson Charles McKay Opal Swope John Wray Joyce Yeager l957 Janet Antrim Robert Bader Don Bailey Richard Brown James Brown Darwun Clevenger Robert Colter Judith Cox Robert Crozler Donald Fedor Evelyn Gasper Phalllp Glaze Joyce Harless David Hlser Marilyn Holloway Judith lrwln Wayne Lee Adalee Lovern Llnda Marsh Jerry Mlftlnn James Nauman Wanda Nnchols Pat Painter Joan Scales Lots Short Rose Ann Shull Carolyn Sxtes Jerry Thompson Charlene Townsend James Wnnlnger - , - John Brubaker COLLINS IGA SUPER MARKET Gasfon Indlana DELAWARE COUNTY FARM BUREAU INSURANCE COMPANY 8l5 Nor+I1 Granvllle Muncle lndlana AT 8 4439 GARRINGER SHELL SERVICE AT 28I62 Muncle Indiana SPECIALIZE IN MOTOR TUNE UP Goodyear Tlres BaH'erues Lockers 'I' Groceries 'I' Mea'I's Cus+om Bu+cI1ermg 'I' Curing McCORDS FROZEN FOOD CENTER + FI 83514 I REID s sTuDlo HHLD5-Simi-Q Por+ral+s WIH1 Life I808 Unlversrly Avenue MUNCIE INDIANA Phone ai' AT 2 III7 I I I ' T I Gas on, Indiana Phone . - gl 0 Q Q ll I GASTON BANKING COMPANY Offering CompIe+e Banking Facilifies I'o Harrison Township GEORGE McKNIGHT and HENRY KNOTTS Your InI'ernaI'ionaI HarvesI'er Dealer in GASTON INDIANA LAWSON MOTOR SALES Known for +he good Ime of I958 and used Chev roIe+s Aufomobnle paris and accessories Also wrecker service and repair work Jusi' one block soufh of Ihe sfoplighi on EIm S+ree+ in GASTON INDIANA PHONE 90 GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK IBy GaIIon OnIyI 704 Per GaIIon 24 Hr SeIf Service KINGENDALE FARM DRUMM ROAD . 0 0 . . 0 . . . I . 1 . u I ,, KELLYS REXALL DRUGS Prescripfions FL. 8-8388 WELCOME Q . , Fishing - Picniclring ' EMERALD LAKE MARHOEFER PACKING COMPANY MUNCIE, INDIANA Ask for Marhoefer Producis Governmeni' Inspec'red STOP SHOP AT 24 Hour Service Sfafe Road 28 dlnner MERLE EDWARDS Phone 225 3 GASTON INDIANA Qual fy mea'I's and grocernes A good place 'Io have an affer school refresher or a fasiy Sunday HIGH HAT II9 s HIGH STREET AT zaezv HARRISONIAN SUPPORTERS KEESLINGS Muncue WESTERN AUTO Al d BROYLE S FURNITURE Alexandria Indiana lndlana Indiana Indiana I m V E X aI' I ' . exan ria: ' HIATTS POULTRY MARKET Alexandria. ' WOLFS ICE CREAM H g y 32 P AT 8 O28l K' EELS 1' U f' Sufee eftflwe in COX SUPER MARKET ALEXANDRIA INDIANA For All Your Grocery Needs

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