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M15 f... sci , -tim WILMA DUNLAP fDimplesj Circulation Editorg President 11, 125 Commercial Club 125 Chorus 95 Suzanne Shop 105 4-H 9. CAROL BROWN CGranj Assistant Business Manager5 President 95 Secretary 125 Pep Club 125 Commercial Club, Treasurer 125 Honor Society, Secretary 125 4-H Club 9, 105 The Daffy Dills 125 State Geometry Test 105 Stencil Cutter for Barker 11, 12. BARBARA MILHOLLIN fM.i1hollinj Business Manager5 Vice President 95 Corresponding Secretary 125 Pep Club 125 Yell Leader 125 Commercial Club, President 125 Honor Society, President 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 125 The Daffy Dills 125 Band 95 Editor of Barker 125 Make-up Editor 115 4-H Club 95 Chimes of the Holy Night 105 The King Cometh 11, 125 Night and Day 115 Garden of Song 105 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. JOHN EDWARD JOHNSON UE-H Co-Advertising Editor5 Treasurer 115 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Chorus 9, 10,11,125OrChcstra 9,10,11,125 Band 95 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 125 The Daffy Dills 125 F. F. A. 11, 125 Track 11, 125 Volleyball 115 Poultry, Livestock judging5 The King Cometh 11, 125 Chimes of the Holy Night 105 Garden of Song 105 Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. DONALD KIPLINGER ucipy Sales Manager5 Vice President 125 Secretary 105 Basketball 10, ll, 125 4-H Club 10. BEVERLY WILLIAMS QBevj Assistant Make-up Editor5 Treasurer 125 Pep Club 125 Commercial Club 125 Chorus 9, 125 4-H Club 9, 10, 115 Class Reporter for Barker 115 Associate Editor 125 The King Cometh, April Airs, Co. Festival 12. JOHN M. TOWNSEND lFlashj Sports Editor: Basketball 11, 125 Baseball 125 4-H Club, President 11, Vice President 125 The Dalfy Dills 12517. F. A. 11, 125 Track 11,125 Volleyball 115 Crops and Livestock Judging. MARY LOUISE KEELEY Qlilondiej Faculty Editor5 Commercial Club 125 Chorus 95 Orchestra. 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 95 The Daffy Dills 125 Faculty Editor of Barker 125 Night and Day 115 Garden of Song 105 April Airs, Co. Festival 125 Brass Choir. :fern S T 2 .-Ls 2 gurl CHARLES KIRTLEY QKirtleyj Assistant Alumni Editor5 Vice President 115 Treasurer 105 Science Club 11, 125 Chorus 9,10, 115 Student Council 125 4-H Club 9, 10, 115 The Daffy Dills 125 F. F. A. 11, 125 Track 11, 125 Chimes of the Holy Night 105 The King Cometh 115 Garden of Song 105 Poultry Judging. WANDA ARLEENE SCHLENKER CWindyj Assistant Cartoonistg Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 The Daffy Dills 125 Suzanne Shop 105 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh 11, 125 Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. WILLIAM o. RHEA qBillJ Assistant Sport Editorg Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Reserve Two For Murder 10. PATSY Lou FOUCH Qlifatty Joy Joke Editorg Chorus 9, 10, 115 4-H Club 9, 105 Suzanne Shop 105 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh 11. NORETTE C. WRIGHT qQueeniey Alumni Editor5 Treasurer 95 Commercial Club 125 Honor Society 125 Chorus 9, 105 4-H Club 9, 10 115 The Daffy Dills5 The Barker 11, 125 Suzanne Shop 10. DAVID DOUGLASS QDavep Co-Advertising Manager5 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 125 Science Club ll, 125 Student Council, President 125 Track ll, 125 Volleyball. JACQUELINE RIGDON Uackiej Editor-In-Chief5 Pep Club 125 Commercial Club 125 Honor Society, Treasurer 125 Chorus 9, 10, 115 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 95 4-H Club, Secretary 9, 105 Reserve Two for Murder 105 Brass Choir5 Editor of Barker 115 Mimeograph operator 11, 125 State Algebra Contest 95 State Geometry Contest 105 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh, Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. ROBERT E. CLEMENTS QClemj Assistant Circulation Manager5 Vice President 105 Basketball 9, 10, 115 Baseball 9, 10, 115 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 9, 105 4-H Club 9, 10, 115 Reserve Two for Murder 105 F. F. A. 11,125 Track 11, 125 Student Manager 125 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh 11, 125 Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. fe 'Uh NORMA JEAN SOLLARS Ueanniej Malte-up Editor5 Pep Club 125 Yell Leader 125 Chorus 9, 10, 125 The Daffy Dills 125 Reserve Two for Murder 105 Suzanne Shop 105 Art Editor for Barker 115 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song, 105 The King Cometh 125 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. JAMES MYERS Uimj Assistant Feature Editor5 Commercial Club, Vice President 125 The DaHy Dills 12. BARBARA ANN HUBER CBabsj Feature Editor5 Secretary 115 Pep Club 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 4-H Club 9, 105 The Daffy Dills 125 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh 11, 125 Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 125 Suzanne Shop 10. BETTY LaRUE QI.izziej Cartoonistg Pep Club 125 Commercial Club 125 Honor Society 125 Chorus 9, 10, 115 4-H Club 9, 10, 115 Suzanne Shop 105 Art Editor of Barker 12, Proofreader 115 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh 115 Night and Day 11. HAROLD F. PARKER QSenat0rl Assistant Snapshot Editor5 Baseball 105 4-H Club 125 F. F. A., Treasurer 11, 12. JOANNE RENC1-1 U05 Snapshot Editor5 Pep Club 125 Yell Leader 125 Commercial Club 125 Honor Society 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 125 The Daffy Dills 125 Reserve Two for Murder 105 Band 95 State Algebra Contest 95 Barker, Chatter Editor 11, Make-up Editor 125 Chimes of the Holy Night, Garden of Song 105 The King Cometh ll, 125 Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. EDITH PARKER QEdithj Associate Edit0r5 Commercial Club, Secretary 125 Honor Society 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Associate Editor of Barker 115 Garden of Song, Chimes of the Holy Night 105 The King Cometh 11, 125 Night and Day 115 April Airs, Co. Festival 12. HELEN MCALLISTER CMacj Senior Sponsorg Vocational Home Economics B. S. Ball State in Y' x c... ,. X... ,,-. X .,. .,,,,.-.,.... CLASS HISTORY It was on the morning of September 3, 1935, that we, twenty-seven little bright- eyed kids, Hled into the first grade room of Gaston School to begin our school career. After our teacher, Mrs. Tenbrook, had recorded our names in her grade book, it looked like this: Beverly Bennett, Robert Biberstine, David Douglass, Patsy Fouch, Susan Gilmer, Charles Hayden, Barbara Huber, Jack Janney, John E. Johnson, Mary Louise Keeley, Donald Kiplinger, Charles Kirtley, Richard Love, Charles McColly, Gordon Messersmith, B a r b a r a Milhollin, Cedrick Niccum, Edith Parker, Harold Parker, Cletis Paul, Mary Ann Payne, Joanne Rench, Warren Rench, Jacqueline Rigdon, Wanda Schlenker, Norma Jean Sollars, Janet Tudor, Paul Vinson, Beverly Williams, Suzella Wilson, Jo a n W r i g h t, Norette Wright. With our ABC's down pat, we entered into the second grade under the guidance of Mrs. Talmadge. Ruth Barret, Wilma Dunlap, Juanita Michael and Joyce Trout joined our ranks during the year. We lost Jack Janney and Katie Morgan. Our third year brought more new faces to our class. Among them were Marie Jett, Merril Helm, Dorothy Snodgrass, Ralph Thornburg, Mary Roberts, Charles Powell, Hobart Morgan, and Mary O'Bryant. Beverly Bennett, Susan Gilmer, and Beverly Williams withdrew before the year was over. Mrs. Broyles was our fourth grade teacher. Robert Houstin and Verona Lycona joined our group along with Susan Gilmer who rejoined. Dorothy Snodgrass, Juanita Mi- chael. Merril Helm, Ralph Thornburg, Marie Fctt, Mary Roberts, Mary Anne Payne, and Joyce Trout withdrew- The beginning of our Fifth year brought Carol Brown, Lois James, Otho Rench, Arnetta Armstrong, Luella and Victor Chapman. Beverly Williams and Beverly Bennett to our class. We lost Robert Houstin and Verona Lycona. Our teacher was Mrs. Benbow. Our sixth year was one in which there were no new students enrolled, but we lost Janet Tudor and Dale McKinley. Our teacher was Mr. Cleo Collins. Lucille Rawlins, Betty LaRue and Jean Rodgers joined our class as new students at thc first of our seventh year. Mr. J. C. White was our sponsor. We lost Ruth Bar- rett and Hobart Morgan by withdrawal. During our eighth year no new members were gained, but the memberships of Arnetta Armstrong, Robert Biberstine and Otho Rench were lost. Mr. White was again our teacher and sponsor. At last we became Freshmen. Our class roll increased with the joining of Robert Clements and Lois Stevens- Our sponsor for the year was Mrs. Blake. During the year we sponsored a skating party. We lost Lucille Rawlins at the end of the year. As we began our second year in high school, our names changed to Sophomores, and we no longer had to wear those "little green hats." Mrs. Fisher was elected as sponsor, andiduring the year we made and sold "whoopie-mops." Also we sponsored a class basketball tournament. Peggy Nighbert joined our class. Comes another school year and we acquire the name of Juniors. This year found us making money and plans for our graduation and class trip in 1947. John Townsend joined our class from Lapel. With Mrs. McAllister as our sponsor, we increased our class treasury by sponsoring a rummage sale and a carnivalg selling ice cream, pop and candy at our ball games and during Our lunch hour, selling Christmas cards, every- day cards and wrappingsg and sponsoring a Junior and Senior Reception. We lost Susan Gilmer, Beverly Bennett, Peggy Nighbert and Charles Cary. .After 11 years in school, we Hnally get to be the "Dignif1ed Seniors" of Gaston High School. James Myers joined our class from Losantville and Bill Rhea returned "fresh out of the navy" to finish school. The first day of school found us completing plans for our graduation and annual class trip. Mrs. McAllister was re-elected our sponsor and we continued making money by sponsoring rummage sales, a class play, sell- ing T-shirts, magazine subscriptions, Christ- mas cards, stationery, spongesg serving the Lions Club and basketball team, sponsoring two magicians and The Dixie Four. On May 1, Commencement and Baccalaureate exercises were held and each of us was pre- sented with a diploma. Those who gradu- ated were Carol Brown, Robert Clements, David Douglass, Wilma Dunlap, Patsy Fouch. Barbara Huber, John Edward John- son, Mary Louise Keeley, Donald Kiplinger, Charles Kirtley, Betty LaRue, Barbara Mil- hollin, James Myers, Edith Parker, Harold Parker, Joanne Rench, Bill Rhea, Jacqueline Rigdon, Wanda Schlenker, Norma Jean Sollars, John Townsend, Beverly Williams and Norette Wright. Barbara Huber James Myers CLASS WILL We, the members of the senior class of Gaston High School, Gaston, Indiana, in the year of nineteen hundred and forty- seven, being of sound mind and body, good spirit and habits, do hereby will and be- queath all possessions and talents to those very fortunate underclassmen of Gaston High School. We draw this, our last will and testament, with the understanding that all other wills made before this one will become null and void on this, the ???? day of April, nineteen hundred and forty-seven. We leave to Gaston High School the knowledge that our twelve years spent here will be long remembered. We leave to the Junior Class our badly SENIORS' I, Carol Brown, will to Agatha Hartley the front desk in the assembly. I, David Douglass, will my ambitious spirit and athletic ability to Gene Kelly. I, Wilma Dunlap, will my quietness and also my dimple to Patsy Domenos. I, Robert Clements, will my ability to keep awake in class to Mark Brokaw. I, Patsy Fouch, will to Judy Ferguson all my old love books around school and hope in future years the teachers will learn to appreciate them and realize that they are very educational. I, Barbara Huber, will to Pat Sollars my ability to get along with Mrs- McAllister. I, John Edward Johnson, will my agricul- ture ability to Karl Stout. I, Mary Louise Keeley, will my seat in the orchestra to Louise McCreery. I, Donald Kiplinger, will my height to Jackie Stephenson. I, Charles Kirtley, will my wavy hair to Dick West. I, Betty LaRue, will my creative ability to anyone who is not afraid of what he creates. carved and empty seats in the assembly. We leave to the Sophomore Class our willingness to make money and also our schemes for doing so. We leave to the Freshmen Class our abil- ity to get along together in class meetings and also our ability to arrive at quick de- cisions. We leave to the Eighth grade the right to talk to other students in the assembly and to remain in the library as long as they care to Cas long as they have the consent of the assembly teacherj. We leave to the Seventh Grade our ability to get through high school so easily and quickly. To the Faculty we just leave. WILL I, Barbara Milhollin. will the right to get the second 70 word ribbon to anybody who can sit still long enough to finish a test. I, James Myers, will my ability to finish school and work for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway to Jim Harris. I, Edith Parker, will my scholastic ability to anyone who is industrious enough to achieve it. I, Harold Parker, will to anyone a good argument who flirts with Joanne Storer next year. I, Joanne Rench, will my position as pianist to Ruth Ina Johnson. I, Bill Rhea, will my scholastic ability to Christine Rehme. I, Jacqueline Rigdon, will to Marvin Blake my ability to make A's in deportment. I, Wanda Schlenker, will my good be- havior to Jerry Markins. I, Norma Jean Sollars, will my shortness to Alice Rathel. I, John Townsend, will my speed to any- body who can keep up with it. I, Beverly Williams, will my brunette hair to Aredith Ellsworth. I, Norette Wright, will my ability to get along with Mr. Cauble to the Junior Class- CLASS PROPHECY In 1957 two friends, Barbara Huber and Jim Myers, met in Gaston. Barbara, a short- story writer for leading magazines, was visiting relatives, after' living in Florida for five years. jim had stopped enroute to New York to attend a Broadway show based on his book. "Open The Door. Richard." After talking awhile, they saw Edith Parker. They found that she had devoted her life to fortune telling. She took them into a darkened room and before a crystal ball told them about their other classmates. She started with Patsy Fouch who is now a Powers model in Hollywood. She has lived in Hollywood since 1952. Next, she told them Mary L. Keeley was a hair dresser in New York, and often her shop makes the headlines in the "New Yorker." David Douglass had led Yale scientists into Africa and was lost. In his honor, he was elected President, emeritus, of Yale College. Gaston's airport is owned and operated by none other than our own Donald Kiplinger, and one of his top ranking pilots is Bob Clements. Wilma Dunlap is a well-known opera singer and is often heard at the Metropolitan Opera House. Wanda Schlenker owns a Clover Farm store, but spends most of her time at home caring for Georgie, -Ir. Betty LaRue is President of the Girlis 4-H Clubs of America in New York. As yet Betty has never said "I do-" Carol Brown is using her friendly smile not only to make people happy, but for a career, since she is posing for Ipana Tooth Paste ads. Beverly Williams and her husband live in Indianapolis, where they own the claypool Hotel. Norma Jean Sollars has completed her art course and is now designing Paris Fashions in New York. Johnny Townsend, is the manager of the Boston Red Sox who have been defeated three times by Morton Lambert's Brooklyn- Dodgers. Jacqueline Rigdon, who has never married, is now president of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. Bill Rhea has replaced Humphrey Bogart in the movies, and his leading lady is the up and coming star, Norette XVright. Joanne Rench graduated from Business College and is working as a private secretary in New York. Barbara Milhollin is living in Converse, where Bob is engaged in the tree surgery business. John E. johnson lives on a farm near Gaston, where he raises thousands of baby chicks yearly. Harold Parker and Charles Kirtley have united their talents and they are now joint owners of Gaston's only "Hep Cat's Club." Last but not least, Mrs. McAllister, our sponsor, has dropped teaching as a career and now manages a large chicken farm in New Hampshire. Barbara Huber James Myers SENIDRE SUPHUM UHE5 1. :IR HIGH QE 's Jufvfz7R5 S ' - 4 MN X W In W 1 FRESHMEW J 912 2-3 " I KKUVII 'x X in 9 ap Nxylf Ai H" Q GRHUE5' M. sh 35 Q5 ' X ,Yl I ll I gf Ili a, -1----- "fl .:L 1 7 f M V ' 1 ll , , 6' 52 i f- 'Ei :Q ' X ' T QUE? iw ith?-va '5 - I Evil. gif' :" ' Q -w Jar 'S . A. ,IUNIORS jack janney Vice President Mary Parker President Mark Brokaw Secretary Dick West Treasurer Ruth Bales Mark Brokaw Adalea Carver Rosalea Carver Judith Ferguson Charles Hardin jim Harris jack janney Dale Martini Barbara Mauck joan McCrecry Gordon Messersmith jim Needler Mary Parker Patty Sollars Joanne Storer Gladys Townsend Dick West joan Wright Mary Alice Young 5. M, i ?.' S . is x 5 x is 5, , J 1 v'1 A ' A x if t by l tv: , 1 .i Q,-,sl Ma-me L P Q M ' 1 fr I V if . M 'J N. 7 .rsmh . Y Mr,-,J ' .l if - " Q1 .' 1 V "1 , n 16 'X as - ,P , ij W gf ., 5 Q 5 V 1, a. . in is g gl 1 , P l '-- fa ,esac , , . .S 'S-1' ' ' .4 , N . fr? Y Q V Q ,YN he yi U' ' ,t.s,.:-.. Q - ., 5 6- i .si Q Q , J Iss, ,W I-'RESHMEN Jerry Beeman Deloris Black Norma Bogue Jack Bunner Jeanette Collins Nila June Craw Treasurer Aredith Ellsworth Barton Ferguson Lela Gilmer Harry Glass Lucille Hight Patty janney Vice President Ruth Ina Johnson Paul Keeley Bruce Maddy jerry Marltins Louise McCreery Jim Morgan Secretary Lloyd Parker Alice Rathel jim Rinker Pat Ross joan Stanley jack Stephenson Karl Stout Belva Turner Wanda Vannatter Enid Walsh Floyd Williams SOPHOMORES President Gene Kelly Fred Black Marvin Blake David Burton james Fouch Agatha Hartley Max Kirkwood Beverly Mosier Jerry Needler Mary Lou Parker Christine Rehme Charles Russell Richard Slater Rayelda Tinltel - Doris Walsh . ? ' ll l an Q x , X V, 1 l :PV Q K ,. ts Q 9 J Q- ., , ,N . .' X, f fs' ' A ' sa , ,W wi 1- F Y ,Li il- Y-X P gf f Y ' ai w " P g, Bolton: row: red Black, Secretaryg Marvin Blake, Treasurer. Top row: harles Russell, Vice Presidentg Richard Slater, President. , ' u- - ' 4,-x. .'.,-Q-mis -qu gm' -.,rv4,l3wr"1'5: 3 ' ff If . , Q. ,, . f., wg, 1" , . '. .v'. J. ' Yr: Rv. le ,p si i a I 1. 4- Q. I 1 1 I Q . 7 r'.. 0 , .,, f l 4' , .J 5 8,1 J U , Q . ij 'U' 1 . ,U M. W.. ,cyl '- , A 'l 'tr' ' ' ' 4 'S' ' . 1 4' . ' , . ' 'P ' d I V , - 'Q-Qwgq. - H, , ,p-gg.-Q4-,.' . , ,Q-an , 'I' ', 'v ', A , A2-' "" s Y " -,! W .i'04"U , ' f .A ' '..- ' 1 9' ' ,I 4 ' I ' if V ,. . ,,, p-.SQ Lp.. VA V fn-u, gi.. " 'Tri' .1 '.. I' it , .. 34' i - , SEVENTH GRADE First row Qlvfl to righljz Bill Worster, Jack Janney, Bill Rigdon, James Leach, Merle Munsey, Jim Hayden, Second row: Virginia Maddy, Anna Lou Lawson, Judy Melvin. Sue Townsend, Juanita Etchison, Dianne Beeman, Donna Walsh, Margree Collins, Joanne Harris. Third row: Jack Williams, Kay Jackson, Phyllis Rehme, Hazel Townsend, Helen Snodgrass, Bertie Lou Armstrong, Marion Shipley, Margery Lambert, Elzie Armstrong, Billy Drumm, Mrs. Beeman, sponsor. Fourth raw: Fred Lawrenz, Gordon Stace, Jim Mauck, Jim Wimmer, Keith Townsend, Arvin Brokaw, Virgil Townsend, Jim Marsh, Joe Russell. President, Arvin Brokaw, Vice President, Juanita Etchisong Secretary, Keith Townsend, Treasurer, Bill Rigdon. EIGHTH GRADE Firsi mu' Uvft io rigbljz Beverly Gourley, Charline Rehme, Roberta Brown, Patricia Kirkwood, Margaret Johnson, Jean West, Beverly Brimhall, Dorothy Hayden, Patsy Domenos. Second row: Mr. Lambert, principal, Robert Lawson, Harold Oliver, Jack Atkinson, Anna Louise Smith, Miss Pinnick, sponsor, Iva Jean Armstrong, Tom 'Glass, Wayne Messersmith. Tlura' mic: Phillip Lacy, John Burton, Robert McPherson, Charles Wright, Tom Marshall, Jerry Shaw, Johnny Parker, Richard Lacy, Donnie Bennett, John Briggs. President, Roberta Browng Vice President, Anna Louise Smithg Secretary, Chai-line Rehme, Treasurer, Beverly Brimhall. X Y V, uf, SIXTH GRADE Front row Uefi lo rigbllz Sylvester Cooper, Billy Lawson, jay Worster, john Raymond Tatman, jerry Blankenbeker. Franklin D. Russell, joseph Atkinson. Srrond row: Carol janney, Mary Sue Sollars, Wilma Sells, Sally Hight, Kay Hight, Shirley Zigler, Dana Sue Lewellen. janet Harris, Imagene Stace. Thin! row: Mr. Lambert, principal, Barbara LaRue, Kaylene Wright, Joyce Glass. Eula Faye Moon, Ruth Messersmith, Carol Storer, Phyllis Smith, janet Fouch, Nancy Wimmer, Edgar Baney. Fourth ron: Richard Rathel, john Linn, Donald Oliver, joe Markins, Max janney, David VanNatter, jack Carter, Myron Boyle, Robert Evans. Not pirinrrd: Retta Sweaney. . . . f an gg fi: ,A Q ,,-1, 58 E97 .,,..,,x an FIFTH GRADE Front row deft to riglatjz jerry Miller, jerry West, Keith Wright, jack Ice, Charles Hight. Bobby Dewees, jerry Brimhall. Srroml row: Peggy Clock, Ruby Mac Lawson, Sue Vannatter, Sue Munsey, Betty Iseley, Wanita Evans, jane Wimmer, Carol Needler, janet Brokaw. Third row: Mr. Lambert, principal, Dorothy Case, Gretchen Ferguson, Karen Collins, Norma Lambert, Marjorie Brown, Lois Mauck, Mary Burris, Mrs. Benbow, teacher. Fourib row: Norman Collins, Eldon johnson, Harold Case, Donnie Cain, Bobby Huber, Robert Rinker, jerry Maddy, Donald Dickey, Billy Armstrong, Ronald Drumm. Not pirfurem Linda Walsh. s FOURTH GRADE Front mu' Qlrft lo rigbljx Charles Millspaugh, james Wright, Donnie Boyle, Larry Huber. Second row: Nancy Iscley, Elaine Collins, Carolyn Stace, Patricia Bennett, Rita Rector, Sue Harrold, Sandra Ransdell, Wilma johnson, Bonnie Glass.I Third row: Gary Huber, Paul Wimmer, Eugene Townsend, jackie Hight. Mary Armstrong, Philip Miller, Peggy Niccum, Ronald VanNatrer, Donald jackson, Valgene Kirkwood. Not pictunul: Eldon Plank, johnny Foster, Howe HoHman, Martha L. Smith. i THIRD GRADE Front row Qlvft lo vigbtj: Gary Collins, Mike Baney, Frederic Russell, Marvin Etchison, David Hartley, Donnie Fisher. Second row: Roberta Berry, Linda Merrill, Barbara Snodgrass, Phyliss Bennett, Carma Tinkel, Carroll Collins, Mary Richards, Janice Townsend, Marjorie Blankenbeker. Third row: Johnny Oliver, Deanna Mueller, Rosemary McColm, Georgia Shaw, Mary Ann Lacy, Marie Huggins, Joyce Ellsworth, Rebecca Burton, johnny Drumm, George Armstrong, Billy Cooper, Guy Miillspaugh, jerry Dickerson. Fourlh row: Dickey Lewis, jack Stace, Dean Wade Billy Marsh, Mitchael Harrold, Mrs. Broyles, teacher, jimmy' Maddy, Mr. Lambert, principal, Donray Kelly, Billy johnson. Not pictured: Earl Reno and Jane Sells. lil vs. . 9 . -if"'i.. off ,,f. .dz CA fz. lf' Els E ,- 'Exit' A SECOND GRADE Front row Qleft to rigblj: Roger Zigler, Jerry Janney, Robert Rehme, Joe Clock, Richard Sears. Second row: Linda Wray, Elaine Hight, Joyce Russell, Wanda Nichols, Romona Black, Mary Jo Stokes, Lydia Burris, Connie Iseley, Clara Wimmer. Third row: Carol Lewis, Linda Pennybacker, Rosalie Carter, Bertha Parker, Sandra Wallace, Linda Woodring, Ann Brown, Peggy McCreery. Fourlb row: Carroll Bennett, David Smith, Phillip Kibbey, Arthur Jackson, Mrs. Hartley, Robert Corn, Mr. Lambert, principal, CliHord Jackson. a Ill, '5- ""!'- Q.. 1 sz-I :fa FIRST GRADE Front row Qleft lo rigblp: Terry Woodring, Dennie Mason, Gary VanNatter, Jay Sayre. Paul Collins. Second row: Alberta Hayden, Geraldine Thomas, Marilyn Munsey, Donajean Martin, Marsha Kay Clark, Helen Clinger, Linda Lacy, Theresa Sells, Joan Carol Lawson. Thirh' row: Jacqueline Zigler, Patricia Iseley, Jane Iseley, Janice Kay Zigler, Nathalia Boyle, Sandra I-light, Beth Burton, Sandra Dee Jackson, Madonna lseley. Sandra Guinnip, Linda Melvin, Roberta Carmin, Nancy Lee Gott. Fourth row: Charles Rife, Billy Myers, David Shaw, Larry Lacy, Joe Davis, Dean Earl Ice, Varner Moon, Richard Hayden, Paul Martini, Clarence Cooper. Not pictured: Clara Rench. E V B4 g."?1m p 'iz gi xxx' .Q E fm, 5 Z2 1 AE' x 25 : g S5315 A . X 2 2 S is Li gn xv xx A gs E ' 5 ' my - E E - Emmy 2 2 3 5 , 1 Q, X 1 ss' .l H S E I -Um' 5 Y Ag 1 m y v if TON1- sw J' 74 CHZG5 A f- A .X BULLDO 5.40 5090 k X K Q 'A ul 'I Q' v 'F - J ' ff PN! I1 ,wr 1, ,- Q 1 . A g 'llln -ll f nl flll 1 An. -. -l, 0 I i Q 4? gy! Y L f g Q THE DAFFY DILLS Our class play, "The Daffy Dills," was presented December 20. It took place in a mid-western town, and the cast was composed of four men and eight women. The cast was as follows: Dill twins, John Townsend and Norma Jean Sollarsg Grand- mother Dill, Richard's neurotic mother, Carol Brown, Arnica Jukes, the Negro cook, afraid of daffy folks, Mary Louise Keeleyg Pete Norton, a high school athlete and Carol's heart throb, Charles Kirtleyg Richard Dill, a handsome widower, John Edward johnson, Rodney Dill, his 16-year-old son, James Myers, Carol Dill, his 17-year-old daughter, Barbara Milholling The Widow Woggles, a nosey neighbor, Barbara Huber, Cousin Maude Maddox, who comes for a visit, Wanda Schlenkerg Aimee Lovewell, sweet 16 and "thimply cwazy" over Rod, Norette Wrightg Elaine Escott, Papa's bride, Joanne Renchg director, Mrs- McAllister. Father Dill, widower and father of four children, decides he should get married for the children's sake. However, the children don't want any "old stepmother." Grand- mother Dill doesn't like the idea either and when they find out "papa" really is married and his wife is coming to live with them, they decide to play mean tricks on her so she will be gone by the time Papa Dill gets home from his business trip. In the meantime, Cousin Maude Maddox arrives and tries to reform the whole family by showing them some affection. The children as well as Grandmother Dill all wish that Papa had married someone sweet like Cousin Maude. Then when Papa does get home, everyone is surprised to learn that Cousin Maude is Papa's bride and "mother dearn is Cousin Maude. ORCHESTRA Violins: Janet Harris, Wilma Sells, Judy Melvin, Marion Shipley, Lois Mauck, Roberta Brown, Anna Lou Lawson. Pianist: Joanne Renchg Assistant Pianist, Ruth Ina Johnson. Sdxopbonrz Barbara Milhollin. Clarinvtxz John Edward Johnson, Keith Wright, Joanne Harris. Tromlzouvx: Bill Rigdon, Jacqueline Rigdon. Ffvnrb Horn: Marvin Blake. Trumprt: Louise McCree1'y. Cornet: Mary Louise Keeley. Drums: Barbara Mauck, Joan McCreery. Instructor: Mr. Harry Gradick. Flute: Dianne Beeman- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Fir!! rou' Uvfi Io righljz Mark Brokaw, vice president: Dick YVest, Marvin Blake, Richard Slater. Second row: Mary Parker, Jacqueline Rigdon, treasurerg Barbara Milhollin, president, Joanne Rench. Norette Wright. Third raw: Miss Pinnick, sponsor, David Douglass. Christine Rehme, Edith Parker, Betty LaRue. Carol Brown, secretary. The Gaston Chapter of the National Honor Society, number 3198, was organized at the beginning of the year. XVe are the first county school in Delaware County to organize a chapter. Qualifications for this organization are scholarship, character, service, and leadership. The Hrst induction was held November 14, 1946. The ofhcers, sponsor, and principal of the Central Chapter were in charge of this induction of the eleven members. Three new students, Betty LaRue, David Douglass, and Norette Wright, were inducted March 6 by the other members, Miss Pinnick, and Mr. Lambert of the Gaston Chapter. BARKER STAFF Lvf! to rigbl: james Myers, Sports Editorg joannc Rench, Make-up Editor: Mrs. Beeman, Typing Advisor, Mary Louise Keeley, Faculty Editorg Patsy Fouch, Chatter, Miss Pinnick, Faculty Advisor, Jacqueline Rigdon, Mimeograph Operatorg Wilma Dunlap, Humor Editor, Betty I.aRue, Art Editorg Barbara Milhollin, Editor-in-Chiefg Beverly Williams, Associate Editor, Carol Brown, Circulation Editor. "The Barker," our school paper, was started in October of 1944 by the journalism class. It received its name from the bulldog, our basketball mascot, and therefore, on the front of every edition there is a picture of a bulldog. The staff of "The Barker" is composed mostly of seniors, however, each class has its reporter. "The Barker" is made up and printed in school by the seniors. Before 'lThe Barker" was started, the school activities were printed in a special column in the Gaston News called "Gaston I-Ii-Times" and later was printed outside of school in regular paper style, which was called "The Gurgler." During the war, "The Barker" was sent to all Gaston High School graduates who were in service, and now it is exchanged with various schools. BOY SCOUT TROOP NO. 13 - GASTON - OF DELAWARE COUNTY The troop was organized in 1924. E. J. Giggey was the first Scoutmaster. The troop has five Eagle Scouts. As far as we are able to learn they are as follows: Dart L. Boyle, Paul Kelly, John Lewellen, Dale Boyle, and Hestain Wfeaver. Names, years of scout Sf'fl'iL'!', and advanced rank: Back row Qleft to rigbtja Karl Stout fljg Glendon Sears, Scoutmaster QSM Russell Lawson, Director f16j Silver Beaver Award. Second Vow: Bruce McColm UQ Starg Robert Lawson OJ Starg Paul Keeley QZJQ Robert McPherson f2j, Jack Stephenson Qtjg Farrell Broyles f2jg Jerry Markins U15 James Needler QSJ Life. Kneeling: James Morgan Uj Starg Bruce Maddy 1215 Gene Kelly OJ Starg Jerry Beeman OJ. Fronl: Lone cub, Billy Lawsong Barton Ferguson, Marvin Blake, and Bill Rigdon were absent at the time this picture was taken. Other Scouts admitted to the troop since the picture was taken include Jim Marsh, Dick Rathel, Donnie Bennett and John Parker. Character building and community service are our main goals. The Scouts have won distinction for themselves this past year. They placed second in a class of forty with a blue ribbon award in the merit badge show at the Field House last winter. Their activities in the competition included photography and taxidermy. Our troop won the A. G. Smith camp participation award, with an average of 96 per cent. The troop received a free outing to a Purdue football game as an award for their achievement. F. F. A. Seated Ucft to riglztjz Harold Parker. john Edward johnson, Gordon Messersmith, Charles Kirtley, Mr Lambert, prfncipalg Mr. Sears, director. Standing Cleft to rigbtj: Charles Hardin. john Townsend, Max Kirkwood, jim Rinlter, Paul Keeley Barton Ferguson, jerry Marltins, jack Stephenson, jerry Beeman, Bob Clements. STUDENT COUNCIL First row Uefl to rigbty: Marvin Blake, jack Janney, vice presidcntg Jean West, jack Janney, jim Morgan. Second row: Mr. Lambert, principalg Dale Martini. secretaryg David Douglass, president: Charles Kirtley, Mr. Cauble, faculty advisor. SCIENCE CLUB First row deft to rigllljc Norma Bogue. Pat Ross, joan Stanley, Ruth Ina johnson. Seton! row: Harry Glass. jerry Beeman, jim Morgan, jack Stephenson. Paul Keelcy. Third row: Glendon Sears, instructor, Marvin Blake, XVanda Vannauer, Dick West, Bruce Maddy, Richard Slater. Fourth row: David Douglass, Donald Kiplinger, Mary Parker, Charles F. Kirrley, Barbara Mauck, Mark Brokaw. COMMERCIAL CLUB P. T. A. OFFICERS Reading lvft to right: Miss Pinnick, secretary, Cleo Collins, president, Morton Lambert, vice' president Porter Rigdon, treasurer. BUS DRIVERS First row Uefi to rigbtJ: Porter Rigdon, Kenneth Tuttle, Omer Hedgelnnd. Sefond row: Francis Campbell, George Albert Black, Elton Clements. HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS First row flefl io rightj: Patty Ross, Barbara Huber, Wanda Schlcnker, james Rinker, james Morgan, Barton Ferguson, Barbara Milhollin, Norma jean Sollars. Beverly Wfilliams, Mrs. Blake, instructor. Second row: Beverly Mosier, Ruth Ina johnson, joan W'right, Mary Alice Young, Karl Stout, jack janney, john Edward johnson, Louise McCreery, Norma Bogue, joan McCreery, Edith Parker. Third row: joanne Storer, Agatha Hartley, David Burton, Dale Martini, Marvin Blake, james Harris, Bob Clements, Nila june Craw, Lucille I-light, Aredith Ellsworth, jeanettc Collins. Fourth row: joan Stanley, Alice Rathel, Barbara Mauck, Mary Parker, judy Ferguson, james Fouch, Floyd Williams, jack Stephenson, Ruth Bales, Gladys Townsend, Rosalea Carver, Pat Sollars, joannc Rench. Pattey janney and Adalea Carver not pictured. JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB Firsi row Qleft io righlbz Anna Lou Lawson, judy Melvin, juanita Etchison, joan Harris, Donna Vfalsh, Sue Townsend, Dianne Beeman, Kay jackson. Second raw: Iva jean Armstrong, Charline Rehme, Bertie Lou Armstrong, Marion Shipley, Margree Collins, jean West, Helen Snodgrass, Hazel Townsend, Mrs. Blake, instructor. Third row: Beverly Gourley, Beverly Brimhall, Patricia Kirkwood, Margaret johnson, Anna Louise Smith, Phyllis Rehme, Roberta Brown, Dorothy Hayd-n P-rev Domenos, Not pirlured: Margery Lambert. GIRL'S 4-H CLUB First row flefl lo rigbljz Mary Alice Young, Joanne Srorer, Barbara Mauck, Betty LaRue, Judy Melvin, Mary Sue Sollars, Barbara LaRue, Janet Harris, Juanita Etchison, Dianne Beeman. Serond row: Louise McCreery, Janet Fouch, Sue Vannatter, Lois Mauck, Norma Lambert, Kay Jacksor Phyllis Rehme, Anna Lou Lawson, Charline Rehme, Roberta Brown, Mrs. McAllister, leader. Thin! row: Imogene Stace, Phyllis Smith, Alice Rathel, Deloris Black, Ruth Ina Johnson, Jeanette Collins, Marion Shipley, Bertie Lou Armstrong, Iva Jean Armstrong, Margree Collins, Sue Townsend. Fourfb row: Joan McCreery, Anna Louise Smith, Nancy Winimer, Kaylene Wright, Wilma Sells, Carol Storer, Eula Faye Moon, Joyce Glass, Ruth Bales, Rosalea Carver, Joanne Harris, Beverly Brimhall. NO! piduredz Patty Janney, Marjory Lambert, Virginia Maddy, Adalea Carver. The Winnit 4-H Club, with the help of their leader, Mrs. Helen McAllister, completed the year 1945-46, with fifty-three out of the fifty-five enrolled. The Junior Girl's Club was organized for the younger girls. They received a seal and charter. New oflicers for the Senior Club are: Barbara Mauck, President, Joan McCreery, Vice President, Ruth Ina Johnson, Secretary, Jeanette Collins, Reporterg Ruth Bales, Rec. Leader, Joan McCreery, Pianist, Roberta Brown, Song Leader. Officers for the Junior Club are: Sue Townsend, President, Margree Collins, Vice President, Joanne Harris, Secretary, Marion Shipley, Reporterg Juanita Etchison, Pianist, Dianne Beeman, Song Leader. BOY'S 4--H CLUB First row flfft to riglatjz Glendon Sears, director: Dale Martini. Mark Brokaw, Dick West, Charles Hardin, john Townsend, Barbara Mauck, john Edward johnson, jerry Markins. jim Morgan, jerry Beeman. Second row: Karl Stout, Paul Keeley, Bobby McPherson, Bruce Maddy, Frederick Lawrenz, Barton Ferguson, Max Kirkwood, Floyd V'illiams, jack Stephenson, jim Rinker, Charles Wright. Third row: johnny Foster, Billy Drumm, jim Mauck, Harry Glass, jack janney, Keith Townsend, Lois Mauck, Ruth Ina johnson, Norma Lambert. jim Marsh, jack Atkinson, jackie Carter, Billy Lawson, David VanNatter. Fourth rout Virgil Townsend, Arvin Brokaw, jimmie W'right, Valgene Kirkwood, joe Atkinson, Myron Boyle, jimmie Wimmer, Donald Bennett, Bobby Huber, Gary Huber, Norman Collins, Bobby DeWeese, Max janney, Robert Rinker, Ronald Drumm, Donald jackson. Our rural leaders have long been interested in the advancement of the children of the Gaston community. Many 4-H projects were completed before a full-time agricultural teacher was employed. However, we can point with pride to the fact that our recent clubwork and summer project work has been gratifying. Our membership has gradually increased until we now have around seventy active members. We thank our parents and our other "backers" without whose help we know advancement is most difficult. Those who have done outstanding work are: Mark Brokaw, Dale Martini, Dick West, Gordon Messersmith, Richard Slater, Charles Hardin, Barbara Mauck, Charles Kirtley, Norma Mauck, john johnson, Roscoe LaRue, john Townsend, and jerry Markins. I fl CAFETERIA STAFF Left fo riglalz Ruth Love, Sarah Stokes, Lena Hedgeland. Firxt gradrrx bring svruwlc Paul Martini, Terry Woodring, juan Carol Lawson, Paul Collins, Sandra Guinnip, Theresa Sells. Ns.- JANITOR 85 MATRON Sam Rector, janitor and Marie Rector, matron. 'Milf PEP CLUB F QI, Nr N fx r W K X I i fq , First row Qlrft lo rigbtjz Nila June Craw, Joan Stanley, Patty Ross. Norma Bogue, Rayelda Tinkel, Ruth Ina Johnson, Joan Harris, Margree Collins. Dorothy Hayden, Patty Domenos. Setomz' r0u.': Beverly Mosier. Christine Rehme, Agatha Hartley, Kay Jackson, Phyllis Rehme, Patricia Kirkwood, Iva Jean Armstrong, Marion Shipley, Dianne Beeman. Third row: Alice Rathel, Jeanette Collins, Deloris Black, Lo ' M 'C T Beverly Gourley, Judy Melvin, Anna Lou Lawson. uise t reery, Sue ownsend, Juanita Etchison, Fourth raw: Mary Lou Parker, Jean West, Roberta Brown, Lois Mauck Csubstituting for Patty Janneyj, Rosalea Carver, Barbara Huber, Beverly W'illiams, Charline Rehme, Joan McCreery, Bertie Lou Armstrong. Fiflb four: Gladys Townsend, Ruth Bales, Barbara Mauck, Mary Parker, Jacqueline Rigdon, Betty LaRue. Carol Brown, Patty Sollars, Mary Alice Young, Joan Wright. Tap: Miss Pinnick, sponsor. V50 'NFC' Q Q 1 . C . n. , ,S J V if H 1 V f , ' 1 SSW wx xw 'NW ES SMR ww A Q rg S ghza 5 E S 2 k A " ' S .Q '3 ,S 1 i W 3 'WIN if , S' my QW ADW vw X N1m,,l DXNY I N4 fy x xff X ff KW!! X fy A x X N. ' Hfiggf-,yr rj K wx gf 7' W N . -A YN A U lf'-X - 'W ff, wx R Xl E U' 1 1 X, '-Ax kr ll "S 'fl' if Y k , Ex mf 1,5 ll ' Qi i D .X xxx li fxfjy I X ' MM . X X K X 4 Ihr? X fX"Z - "- Kxyilmx W XXX fb xW Q Q ' x U '- ,N S-.f. Q F BASEBALL TEAM First row Uefl io righfyc Gene Kelly, Shortstop: jack Stephenson: Richard Slater Catcher Jerry Beeman jim Rinker. Second row: Mr. Lambert, Coach: john Edward johnson: Donald Kiplinger First Base jack Janney Pitcher: Bill Rhea: Dick West, Left Field: Mr. Baney, Assistant Coach. Thin! row: james Fouch, Assistant Manager: john Townsend, Third Base: Gordon MCS5CfSmld1 Center Field: Dale Martini, Right Field: Floyd Williams: David Douglass, Second Base Bob Clements Student Manager. Not pivhlrnl: jerry Markins. Sept. Sept. 10 Sept. 13 Sept. 17 Sept. 20 Sept. 24 Sept. 27 Oct. Oct. Cowan - Harrison Yorkuown Daleville Selma Eaton , Center - Royerton DeSoto - We They 7 2 9 10 5 32 5 9 14 I3 5 12 13 15 1 29 5 37 Friday the 13th was an unlucky day for Gaston because one of our good players john Edward Johnson, broke his ankle in the Yorktown game. DAVID DOUGLASS JOHN TOWNSEND DONALD KIPLINGER Forward Forward Center MARVIN BLAKE BILL RHEA MARK BROKAW DICK WEST Guard Forward Guard Guard RICHARD SLATER JOHN E. JOHNSON JACK JANNEY Forward Center Guard YELL LEADERS: Barbara Milhollin, Norma jean Sollars, Joanne Rench. GASTON BULLDOGS Gaston Bulldogs, coached by Morton Lambert, won 7and lost 11 games this season. This is the most successful season they have had for six years. The team was lacking mostly in size, but the school spirit and morale among the boys niade up for this. While other county teams had reserve strength, the Bulldogs had only a few replacements. This made the boys play clean and win high honors in sportsmanship. They never gave up fighting till the gun went off and took it in good spirit if they lost. Donald Kiplinger, a senior, won the foul shooting trophy with a 500 percentage. This trophy was to be presented to the boy who made the largest percentage of his foul shots. To be eligible for this he had to shoot 25 foul shots. INDIVIDUAL SCORING Townsend ..-... 194 janney - - - - 158 Kiplinger - - - 88 Rhea - - - a 55 West t - - 51 Douglass - - 31 Johnson - - 8 Slater , - 7 Brokaw Y - 3 ,K N., i X X1 an . V , 3 x ,. " if- " 's q a , , hi.. . "- SECOND TEAM Q Fifsl row flvfl io rigblj: jerry Beeman, Barton Ferguson, Paul Keeley, Jack Stephenson. Second row: jim Rinker, jerry Needler, jim Morgan, jim Needler, Bruce Maddy. Third row: Mr. Lambert, principal, james Fouch, student manager, Floyd Williams, Gene Kelley, Karl Stout, Bob Clements, student manager, Mr. Baney, coach. jerry Markins not pictured. TRACK TEAM Rmnling from lvfl lo right: Charles Kirtley, john Edward johnson, Richard Slater, Marvin Blake, Bob Clements, David Douglass, jack janney, John Townsend, Mark Brokaw, Charles Russell. Not piftured: jerry Markins. x I XXV JUNIOR HIGH TEAM First 1010 Qleft to rightj: Arvin Brokaw, Jack janney, Robert McPherson, john Parker, Elzie Armstrong, Bill Rigdon. Second row: Keith Townsend, Harold Oliver, Charles Wright, jack Atkinson, Donnie Bennerr, Jerry Shaw, Gordon Stace. Third row: Mr. Lambert, principalg Jim Wimmcr, Tom Marshall, Wayne messersmith, Billy Drumm, Jim Mauck, Mr. Baney, coach. JUNIOR HIGH YELI.. LEADERS Reading lefl lo right: Margree Collins, Sue Townsend, Joanne Harris. SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER School convened. There shall be sn months this year. Ugh! Elected sponsors and class ollicers. Baseball game with Cowan. W'e won. Score: 7-2. The senior girls won't forget that one! Cafeteria started. More work for Mrs. McAllister and some of the students. Baseball game with Harrison. We were defeated 10-9. P. T. A. dinner. John Edward broke his leg at the Gaston-Yorktown game. Baseball game with Daleville. We were defeated 9-5. Baseball game with Selma. We won Q14-131 in an interesting and exciting game. Freshman initiation. Aren't you Freshmen glad we weren't honored with the presence of any distinguished visitors today?????? Seniors are taking subscriptions for magazines. Baseball game with Eaton. We were defeated 12-4. Baseball game with Center. We were defeated in a close game, 15-12. OCTOBER Baseball game with Royerton. We were defeated 25-l. Baseball game with DeSoto. We were defeated in this last game of the season 39-5. Seniors spent a very enjoyable evening at John Edward Johnsorfs home. Several students and teachers went to Muncie to hear a concert given by the United States Marine Band. The officers were elected at the Commercial Club meeting today. The Juniors received their rings today also. Such an eventful day!!!! The following were chosen as yell leaders for this year: Barbara Milhollin, Norma Jean Sollars, and Joanne Rench. First meeting of the Gaston chapter of the National Honor Society. Senior Skating Party tonight. Officers were elected at meeting of Honor Society. It was decided to order some pins and rings bearing the emblem of that organization. The newly organized Pep Club had its first session. At meeting of Science Club oflicers for the year were elected. Report' cards were distributed-a fact which could be detected by noting the expressions on some of the faces. Junior carnival. Joan Stanley was elected "Carnival Queen." Seniors served dinner to the members of the Lions Club and their guests. Rev. George Dunham and Rev. L. H. Hunter of Browns City, Michigan, gave an assembly program. Teachers' Institute . . . a vacation at last!!! Seniors went to Fairmount to' have their pictures taken. NOVEMBER We were defeated in our first basketball game of the season 46-23. Our opponent was Summitville. Seniors' name cards and albums came today. We were victorious Q33-281, in an interesting and exciting basketball game with Royerton. Proofs for Senior pictures came today. On whom shall We put the blame for the outcome???? The rings and pins ordered by the Honor Society members also came today. The Gaston High School candidates for membership in the Honor Society were officially inducted today by members from Centrallligh School of Muncie. At the Gaston-Albany game we were defeated 32-23. At the Gaston-Alexandria game we were defeated 73-32. The Seniors chose their class colors, flower, and motto at a meeting today. We were defeated 44-28 at the Gaston-Eaton game. We were defeated 37-30 at the Gaston-Harrison game. Thanksgiving vacation. End of the second grading period. 40 DECEMBER 2 6 7 9 Mr. Zale Edwards, representative of the Muncie oH'ice of the U. S. Employment Service spoke at the Commercial Club meeting today. Gaston-Yorktown game. We were defeated 45-34. Senior rummage sale at Muncie. Hearing tests were given to the school students of several grades. Lions Club presented a play in the gymnasium. 10 We were victorious in a game with Selma. Score: 28-24. 11 Mr. W. S. Willet gave a very interesting talk on lndia today. He spent six years there. 13-14 Summitville tournament. 16 Rev. and Mrs. Walsh were here today to give an assembly program. 17 Senior pictures came today. Won,t they ever get enough??? 18 The music department presented a Cantata, "The King Cometh." 20 Gift exchange and musical program in afternoon. Senior play, "The Daffy Dills," presented in evening. Christmas vacation . . . no more school for a week . . . 30 A representative from the C. 56 O. Railroad company spoke to the Seniors con- cerning their proposed trip to Wfashington, D. C., and New York. JANUARY 1 Examinations begun. Report cards shall be distributed Wednesday, january 8. 3 Gaston-Summitville game. Score: 40-21. We were defeated. 10 County tournament. We were defeated by Eaton 43-37. Yorktown was the champion. 13 A representative of Hockett Studio of Fairmount took the pictures for the annual today. 14 The Seniors served the Lions Club. 17 In the Gaston-Gas City game, we were defeated 40-17. 24 We were victorious in a game with Cowan, 27-25. 28 Juniors and Seniors went to Indianapolis to visit the state government buildings and such. 31 We were victorious 42-39 in a game with Harrison. FEBRUARY 3 Seniors were measured for their caps and gowns. 7 Gaston-Center game. We were victorious 37-26. 11 We were again victorious Q40-39j in a game with DeSoto. 14 We defeated Daleville, 28-24. End of grading period. 15 Junior rummage sale at Muncie. 17 Devotional period. fRev. and Mrs. George Dunham.j 21 Gaston-Frankton game. We were defeated 50-32. 26 Eighth Grade assembly program. 28 Sectional tournament. MARCH 6 New members were inducted into the Honor Society at Farm' Bureau meeting. 11 Junior assembly program. It was certainly an entertaining program. 17 Devotional period. fRev. Walshj. 18 Junior skating party. 21 Seniors sponsored the Dixie Four. 28 Freshman skating party. APRIL 1 Seymour, the Magician, was sponsored by the Seniors. 11 The annual production of April Airs, ":Music Far and Near," was presented in the evening. 14 Seniors began their trip to Washington, D. C., and New York. 25 Junior-Senior reception. Senior exams. No more studying for us in this school! 27 Baccalaureate. MAY 1 Commencement exercises. 2 School closes. What next??? 41 , ...,...,..,. ...n...- .,. JACK .mmm .gLr:.1oRs WANDPL 7.333 TOMBOY .Q LQYQERS . JOAN QQ fm? .ff T- W 5 PALS 'JACKIE 8 X f 4 W 1' W VX 'H . X 'F w X ff f 7th GRADERS f www - vii: ,Ak IS, 'Rs JI CAROL J. 9 .,x - f ,DN r 5 .um ET - JACKIE 914. .TQWURL MARY LOUISE 6 WANDA Sfn 6 .-5 f QI! HSENIORS MYERS 48 4 fi 'r 1910 ALUMNI 1899 George Hayden, Gaston. 1900 Myrtle Skinner, deceased. 1901 James Clawson, Muncie. Ray Lambert, Gaston. Edna Jessie Floyd Lambert-Gwaltney, Gaston. Woodring-Rector, Bloomington. Jones, Dallas, Texas. 1902 Ray Brown, South Bend. Nina Blakely, Gaston. Carl Blakely, deceased. Arthur Sailors. Jessie Munsey Powers, Wenachee, Wash. Earl Browning, Muncie. Clayton Trout, deceased. Fred Powers, deceased. 1903 Nellie Smith-Shideler, Shideler. 1904 Harry McCreery, Gaston. Oral Clawson, Lakeside, Washington. Bruce Powers, deceased. Charles Browning Ethel Eastes-Strang, Ottawa Lake, Mich 1905 Floy Woodring, Farmland. Bertie Miller-Hobbs, Muncie. Willie Markle, Clarinda, Iowa. Ralph Guinnip, Gaston. Ernest Shaw, deceased. Earl Barnhart, Dayton. Jessie Bond, Chicago. Talmage Brown, Muncie. Colonel Byrl Kirklin, Minnesota. Roby Hirons, deceased. 1906 - Jessie Hall-Call, Gaston. Elma Rector-Crouse, Homestead, Florida Marie Hedgeland, Muncie. Emmit Rector, deceased. Charles Johnson, Gaston. Floyd 1907 Broyles, Marion. Iva Crouse-Kelly-Lewis, Gaston. Jennie Manring-Guinnip, Gaston. Ray Hall, Muncie. Nellie Heath-Parker, Hartford City. Sally Keller-Wright, Eaton. Addie Pittenger, Farmland. John Powers, Albany. 1908 Frank Fouch, Dayton, Ohio. Cornelia Milhollin-Pittenger, Gaston. Bessie Wills, Gaston. QHigh School Commissioned in 19081 1909 Hazel Sharp-McCreery, Gaston. Fred Holsclaw, Muncie. Jessie Driscoll-McCreery, Muncie. Garland Rathel, Kokomo. Halcoyn Mitchell-Post, Anderson. Ina McCreery-Marquill, Muncie. Hazel Woodring-Snyder, Chicago, Ill. Chester Bookout, deceased. Fred Rathel, Andersonville, Tenn. Armor Schlenker, Tulsa, Okla. Docia McCreery-Harshman, Frankfort. Margaret McCrecry-Benbow, Gaston. Floyd Kirklin, Rushville. Ormal Ferguson, Terre Haute. Lillian Moomaw-Flory 1911 Fred Bryan, Gaston. Fern Miller-Rathel, Andersonville, Tenn Fuller Nickey, Union City. Mary Robertson-Sweigart, Muncie. Iona Driscoll-Benadum, Gaston. Hazel Cochran-Davis, Milwaukee, Wis. 1912 Murray Chilton Fern Kirklin-Saint, New Castle. Alfred McCone Ercell Morrison, Aurora. 1913 Billy Boyle, Gaston. Baron Broyles, Gaston. Alpha Holaday, Anderson. Jessie Linn-Hamilton Herman McCreery, Muncie. Watt McCreery Vesper Schlenker, Indianapolis. Edith Miller-Guild, Chicago, Ill. Ward Perry, Gaston. Lark Robertson, deceased. Fred Pitrenger, Farmland. Harry McColm, Muncie. Russel Lawson, Gaston. Anna Markle-Hutchings, Lebanon. Charles Rowlett, Muncie. Gladys Wills-Osenbaugh, Eaton. Osa W'oodring-Smith, Gaston. Naomi Miller Ella Trout-Mode, Jeffersonville. Phyllis Wyatt-Shoe, Muncie. Faye Wyatt-McKinley, Indianapolis. Lela Woodring-Cirlos, San Francisco, Calif Beatrice Huber-Martz, Gaston. Iza Hazelbaker-Boyle, Gaston. 1915 Edith Markle-Calvert, Modoc. Lula Brimhall-Ramsey, Muncie. Virgil Broyles, Gaston. Robert Bryan, Army. Ivan Humbert, Muncie. Paul Jones, Indianapolis. Wayne Kirklin, Muncie. Guy Miller, Arlington, South Dakota. Oyvind Rench, Phoenix, Arizona. Lavina Schlenker-Fornwald, Gaston. Ernest Wills, Gaston. F916 Arthur Alexander, Muncie. Gladys Broyles-Trotter, deceased. Grace Daugherty-Donahue, Muncie. Fyrne Driscoll-Morgan, Chicago, Ill. Reba Houck-Snyder, Fort Wayne. Mildred Jones, Muncie. Mabel Kirkman-Kirklin, Alexandria. Ralph McColm, Gaston. Pete McCreery, Sullivan. Pearl McKinley-Bryan, Gaston. Herbert Miller, Muncie. Marie Miller-Hiatt, LaPorte. Veda Miller-Winegarden, Carmel. Ralph Rigdon, Grand Rapids, Mich. 1917 Margaret Hinton-Mochel, Spokane, Wash. Vlfendell Boyle, Gaston. Mark Broadwater, deceased. Victor Bryan, Gaston. Herschel Chalfant, jackson, Mich. Naomi janney-Rap, Wheaton, Ill. Elva Ferguson-Smith, Gaston. Ed Keller, Gaston. Faith Miller Herschel Morgan, Royerton. Chad Rector, Muncie. Ruth Robertson-Smith, Fairmount. Edna Thomas-Janney, Gaston. Rena Thomas-Thorne, Winchester. Eva Thurston-Nichols, Detroit, Mich. Bernice Vannatter-Corey, Marion. Margaret XVeesner-Reese, Cadiz. Opal Wilhelm - Mark Williams, deceased. 1918 Edna Gilmer-Sutton, Matthews. Agnes Fallis-Harris, Albuquerque, N. M. Ruth Ferguson, Gaston. Hollis I-Iolsclaw-Swift, Muncie. Urbane Maynard, Muncie. Mabel Robertson-Sayre, Muncie. 1919 Herschel Brown, Gaston. Arnold Carmin, Col. Jennie Cox-Weaver, Marion. Helen Fallis-Hawk, Muncie. Leonard Hawkins Vera Hedgeland-Losh, Matthews. Harry julian Harriet McColm, deceased. Frances Smith-Hawkins 1920 Paul Broyles, Alexandria. Mildred Bryan-Carmin, Dayton, Ohio. Clifford Cheesman, Redkey. Clarence Copsey, Alexandria. Loretta Gronendyke-Brown, Gaston. Bessie Miller-Stanley, Muncie. Catherine Monroe-Rinker, Muncie. Raymond Pickett, Detroit, Mich. Reba Pittenger-McIntyre, Farmland. Chester Rector, Gaston. 1921 john Alexander, Muncie. Herbert Bradheld, Fort Worth, Texas. Clarence Broyles, Fairmount. Dorthy Broyles-Smith, Fort Wayne. Hubert Broyles, Chicago, Ill. Nora Broyles-Tappan, Alexandria. Reba 1 Clark-Milhollin, Gaston. Doris Gill-Shaw, Fort Wayne. Ruth Janney-Latchaw, Alexandria. john Gilmer, Redkey. Ferrel McCreery, Muncie. john Markel, deceased. Merrel Julian Frank Randall, Dixon, Ill. Ruth Rowlette-Rinlter, Muncie. Fred Shaw, Detroit, Mich. Oran Weaver, Marion. Emery Watson, Muncie. Cecil Williams, Gaston. Irene W'ilson-Heigh, South Bend. 1922 Marguerite Goodman-Reynolds, Albany. Merl Hayden, Gaston. Mary Hiatt-Campbell, Gaston. Josephine Hinton-Miller, Muncie. Oren Kirklin, Rochester, Minn. Lennie Faye-Livingston, Gaston. Joe McColm, Gaston. Kathryn Miller-Gore, Miami, Fla. Cedric Moore, Kokomo. Arthur Trout, Alexandria. Wayne Watson, New York, N. Y, Hattie Williams-Kibby, Eaton. Ralph Woodring, Gaston. Summitville-1925 Wfinifred CourtwrightaBoyle, Rensselaer Royerton-1923 Howard Copscy, Hartford City. Ralph McCreery, Muncie. Ruby McCreery-Wheeler, Muncie. Lloyd Thomas, Gaston. Gladys Trout-Kitchen, Muncie, Eaton-1923 Clarice Gilmer-Janney, Gaston, Ora McKinley, Memgn, Ralph Milhollin, Gaston. Melvin Miller Harold Vannatter, Middletown. Muncie-1923 Porter Rigdon, Gaston. Edith Sites-Reynard, Cleveland, Ohio, 1924 Vera Broyles-Markins, Gaston. Irene Bryan-Kirtley, Gaston. Lester Chilton, deceased. Wayne Christie Orpha Clock-Irwin Edna Clock-Davis, Warren. Edna Cortwright-French, Royerton. Bernice DeWeese-Brinson, Muncie. Lyman Hayden, Gaston. Russel janney, Muncie. Thelma McCreery-Richards, Elwood. Merle Markins, Gaston. Georgia Morris-Smith Byron Moore, Nora Springs, Iowa. Harold Rehme, Gaston. Pauline Roberts-Iseley, Yorktown. Oral Sayre-Hurst, Alexandria. Marion Sollars, Gaston. Lucille Thorne-Dick, Trenton, N. J. Agnes Waymire-Richards, Gaston. 1925 Lyle Brown, deceased. Pearl Brown-Hazelton, Muncie. Fred Case, Gaston. Ruth Driscoll, Muncie. Dorothy Helms-Rigdon, Gaston. George Kirtley, deceased. Iva McCreery-Craw, Muncie. Verna Pittenger-Ladd, Alexandria. Dora Mae Owens-Gilmer, Gaston. Allen Turner, deceased. Dorothy Weaver, Hagerstown. 1926 Cleo Miller-johnson, Gaston. Francis Campbell, Gaston. Ruth Clock-Mitchner, Fairmount. 'J Dorothy Couch-Wright, Matthews. Kermit johnson, Muncie. Hazel McKinley-Mannix, Muncie. Donald Moore, Princeton. Avis Pittenger-Holdcraft, Muncie. Edith Watson-janney, Muncie. Dorothy W'ilt-Kirkwood, Gaston. Frecda Vannatter-Button, Muncie. Cecil Bond, Muncie. Theresa janney-Wright, Gaston. 1927 Mildred Bcouy-Brown, Gaston. Dollie Brimhall-Harris, Muncie. Robert Clark, Gaston. Faye Cheesman-Brown, Gaston. Russell Clock. Michigan. Virgil Fouch, Muncie. Paul Gill, Gaston. Dorta johnson-Mayers, Yorktown. Imogene Kelley-McLaughlin, Muncie. john B. Lewellen, Chicago, Ill. Lucille Love-Ottinger, Muncie. Ralph Markins, Gaston. Marion Milspaugh, Elkhart. W'illiam Moyer, Muncie. Therman Oren, Farmland. Charles Pankey, Muncie. Virginia Reeves-W'ilson. Buffalo, N. Y Brucell Roach-Owens, Cincinnati, Ohio. joseph Roberts. Muncie. Dorotha Robertson-Meyers, Muncie. Martha Slater-Dailey, Fairmount. XY'illiam Smith, Navy. LaVaughn Stottler-Dul-te, Eaton. Geneva Thorne-Berry, Greensburg. Darrell Vannatter, Gaston. Hestain W'eaver, Chicago, Ill. Eva W'illiamsWiggins, Muncie. joe XVilson, Buffalo, N. Y. 1923 W'alter Boyle, Gaston. Dale Burgess, Indianapolis. Eugene Carey, Gaston. Dorothy Clock-Evans, Summitville. Williani Cortwright, Muncie. W'aldo Dickey, Gaston. Harold johnson, Hamilton, Ohio. Paul Kelly, Gaston. Robert Needler, Gaston. Garnet Peak-Wright, Muncie. Thelma Reeves-Carmin, Matthews. Ruby Roberts-Christ, Muncie. Farrel Sollars, Gaston. Herman Williams, Muncie. 1929 Everett Bilby, Indianapolis. Dart Boyle, Gaston. Virgil Brown, Gaston. Marah Carter, deceased. Ralph Case, Matthews. joseph Foster, Summitville. Richard Hinton, California. ack Mann, Matthews. Margaret Milspaugh-McCreery, Toledo, O. Helen Parker-Boyle, Gaston. Louise Richardson-LaChine, Wheeling. Evelyn Rogers-Brown, Muncie. Dorothy Sells-Craw, Eaton. Samuel Sells, Georgia. Evelyn Smith-Hayes Evelyn Vannatter-Langsdon, Fowlerton. joseph Sollars, Gaston. Herman NVright, Muncie. 1930 john Barto, Long Beach, Calif. Robert Bilby, deceased. Edith Clock-Grow, Lafayette. Margaret Couch-Kinder. Upland. Florence Hayden-Wfilliams, Muncie. Paul janney, Gaston. Charles Myers, Gaston. Harold Powers, Gaston. Cleora W'oodring-Wright, Albany. Mabel Rigdon-Dotson. Parker. Alberta Simons'Roberts, Muncie. Margaret Caskcy, deceased. Eugene Blades Paul Collins, Gaston. 1931 W'ilma Cary-XY"illiams, Gaston. Edgar Christy, Matthews. Marjorie Cortwright-Pittenger, Muncie. Mary Evans-Tomlinson, Hartford City. Gail Ford-Locey, Muncie. Fannie Mae Gronendyke-Ranch, Muncie Thurston Hamilton, Indianapolis. Ruth Hedgeland-Shaw, Gaston. Doris johnson-Etchison, Gaston. jean Lewellen-Ransdell, Gaston. Inice Ice-Long. Alexandria. Norris McCillam Alpha McCreery, Muncie. Rachel Mann-Branson, North Judson. Maxine Marker, deceased. Mary Markinsleach, Alexandria. Lucille Melvin, Miami, Fla. Guy Millspaugh, Gaston. Robert Nickey, Gaston. Burley Oren, Farmland. Vera Poindexter-Mann, Matthews. Lawrence Rhrar Frances Rench-W eaver, Huntington. George Slater, Gaston. Lester Smith Sarah Stace, Jonesboro. Madge Thorne-Sult, Muncie. Martha Trout-Payne, Alexandria. Lola Turner4Schultz, Muncie. Lois Turner-Worster, Gaston. Merrel Vannatter, Gaston. Raymond Weaver, Hagerstown. 1932 Alva Beal James Burgess, Gaston. john Carmin, Gaston. Virginia Caskey, Deceased. Mildred Couch-White, Fairmount. William Clark, Gaston. Ferrel DeWeese, Gaston. john Dulling, Matthews. Adolph Guinnup, Gaston. Margaret Hayden-Clock, Gaston. Burnette Kelly-Stephenson, Muncie. W'ilford Laycock, Marion. Robert Losh Mary Mayer-Corn Donna Porman-Blankenbeker, Gaston. Katherine Pyle-Morris, Eaton. Mary Speicher-Hodson, Upland. Irene Trout-Fight, Wheeling. Cecil Trout Ferrel Stephenson, Muncie. - I H all J ........ in 'k""te- i , 1 'M '-" :gg M X l S ma Ill lil .Lak - 5 'Q 'sw x 1 A P5 ' .Q ig! Sf: H - ..-.l- EU F" ,w ,ir .W , v ur", DEDICATION We, the class of 1947, dedicate our annual, "Aurora,U to our parents and the faculty in testimony of our appreciation and kind Words of en- couragement throughout our school life. ,pv- V . 'fflgyt nn I, " 'V N ' . 4i, " " ' ' ' .a..m'ff!f ei, ,L .4 X 1933 Nell Barto-Sparling, Muncie. Cecil Beuoy, Summitville. Kathleen Boyle-Holiday, Muncie. Rennie Burgess, Gaston. Frederick Clock, Gaston. Murray Dane, Muncie. lsabell Gronendyke-Bill, Muncie. john Haisley joseph Holiday, Muncie, Margaret Markins-Wlilliams, Muncie. Betty M.irsh'Quinlan, Montana. Thelma Parkinson-Black, Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Pyle-lce, Gaston. Martha Rathel-Roberts, Muncie. Charles Roberts, Muncie. lvan Stace, W'heeling. 1934 Pauline Bailey-Black, New Castle, Claude Barto Norma Calvert Richard Carmin, Toledo, Ohio. Arvel Clock, Matthews. Margaret DeLong-Matting Charles Ellsworth, Gaston. Burnel Glaze, Muncie. Betty Hupp-Campbell, Losantville. john Mapel, Muncie. Martha Nickey-Smith, Muncie. john Richards, Gaston. Eugene Shaw, Muncie. Ray Tudor, Gaston. Delpha Tremaine-Layclock, Marion. Maurine Vernon-Harnish, Muncie. Harold Waller, Muncie. 1935 Louise Benbow-Nygren, Palatine, Ill. Robert Bennett, Navy. Barton Clock, Summitville. Anabel Collins-Miller, Gaston. Della Collins-Merrell, Gaston. Helen Collins-Harris, California. Paul Couch, Marion. Beulah Craw-Bookout, Losantville. Martha DeWeese-Wallar, Muncie. Boyde Ellsworth, Anderson. Ruth Gronendyke-George, Muncie. Emmaline Hamilton, Morgantown. Leona Ice-Caldwell, Alexandria. Lois janney-Foster, Summitville. Helen Love-Lewellen, Gaston. Dorothea Losh-Hensley. Mary jane Milspaugh-Dane, Muncie. Maxine Rench-Scott, Hartford City. Clara Ella Sanderfan-Howard Virginia Slater, Gaston. 1936 Clifford Applegate, Fairmount. Grace Barto-Vany, Muncie. Howard Bueoy, Muncie. Louise Boyle-Harrold, Gaston. Gaynell Broyles-Drumm, Yorktown. jean Call-Stavropoulos, Chicago, Ill. Robert Caskey, Army. Howard Collins, Gaston. Dorothy janney-Gibbs, Muncie. Richard Huber, Gaston. Marietta johnson-Applegate, Fairmount Mary Alice johnson-Chastain, Summitville. Chilton Ketterman, Yorktown. Robert Long, Gaston. jane Martini-Warfel, Columbus. Dorothy Melvin, Miami, Fla. Leona Milspaugh-Carmin, Toledo, Ohio Harold Pyle, Navy. Marcile Smith-Wright, Gaston. Orvil Steele, Gaston. Daniel Tremaine, Muncie. C. B. Tudor, Gaston. 1937 Vernon Bailey Dwaine Black, Lafayette. Marguerite Brimhall, Muncie. Lester Bucky, Wheeling. XY'esley Harris, Gaston. Marie johnson-Bilby, Ohio. Naomi Love-Colip, Texas. Harold McCreery, Gaston. Fred Nottingham Kenneth Rench, Hartford City. Dorothy Sanders-Woodring, Gaston. Madonna Schlenker-McCreery, Gaston. Gene Shaw, Arizona. Ruby Smith-Clevenger, Logansport. 1938 Mary Burgess, Gaston. Dean Call, Bloomington. jack Caskey, North Webster. Clifford Clock, Gaston. Forrest Conner, Muncie. Helen DeWeese-Rodelfer, Auburn. joan Dorton-Sheets, Muncie. Betty Foster-Branson, Muncie. Hazel Harrold-Rogers, Hartford City. joe Lewellen, Eaton. Darlean McRae,-Richardson Ernest Mapel, Gaston. Rosemary Mendenhall-Conner, Muncie. Margaret Nickey, Gaston. Virginia O'Bryant-Tilden, Fort Wayne. Alma Trout-Dollar Ava Trout-White, Wheeling. Richard Wilson, Muncie. Gervae Wright, Gaston. 1939 Edward Bailey, Muncie. joe Barto, Gaston. Carrie Burgess-Harvey, Gaston. Miriam DeWeerd-Beeson Val jean Fallis, Gaston. Marie Kirtley-Disinger, Muncie. Wilbur Long, Navy. Sarah Love-Benadum, Gaston. Howard Lykins, Gaston. Leon McCoy, Gaston. Juanita Mendenhall-Lightheart, Muncie. Mary Richards-McKinley, Muncie. Doris johnson Edith johnson, Summitville. Vilmer Kiplinger, Oakridge, Tenn. Clifford Ross, Wheeling. Madora Schlenker-Bowers, Gaston. Maxine Vannatter-Simpson, Albany. 1940 Rollin Brown, Muncie. Marshall Boyle, Army. Willis Clock, Summitville. Beulah Conner-Bales, Gaston. Freda Craw-Kiplinger, Oakridge, Tenn. Don Dewitt George Ellsworth, Alexandria. Lena Fallis-Tuttle, Gaston. Maxine Gourley, Gaston. Kenneth Harrington, Muncie. Gerald janney, Gaston. Marimarie janney-Schultz, Muncie. Betty Love-Mauck, Anderson. Donald Love, Purdue. Robert Luzadder, Gaston. joe Marsh, Ball State. Patricia Mae Murphy-Vannatter, Gaston. Charles Nicklin, Army. john junior Rench, Purdue. Ned Tudor, Muncie. 1941 Mary Andrews-Harder, Oakland, Calif. Alice Bryan, Indianapolis. Ethleen Campbell-Herron, Gaston. Marion Cook, Wheeling. Oscar Dunlap, Fairmount. Alta Mae Ewing-Phelps, Daleville. Pearlalee Hardwick Helen Harrington, Muncie. jane Hayden-jefferson, Gaston. Ralph Hiatt, Muncie. Martha Huber-Stephenson, Albany. Mack jackson, Gaston. William johnson, Greenfield. Charles johnson, Gaston. Lucille johnson-Lease, Fremont, Ohio. Opal johnson, Summitville. Anna Louise jones, Muncie. Emma jean Kirkwood-Davis, Muncie. john Nickey, Gaston. Lawrence Nicklin, Gaston. Martha Sue Osborne, Muncie. Delbert Parker, Army. Dorothy Parkinson-Clock, Gaston. Harold Clock, Gaston. Agnes Richards-Dunlap, Fairmount. Marguerite Sanders-Townsend, Gaston. jay Smith, Summitville. Reba Trout, Muncie, Harold Vannata Mary Helen Wright-Adams, Gaston. 1942 Dorothy Bennett, Gaston. Betty Briggs-Schaler, Indianapolis. Lowell Dean Bryan, Gaston. juanita Burgess-Hewitt, Muncie. Ben Carver, Gaston. Robert Christy, Gaston. Wilma Fallis-Tudor, Gaston. Paul janney, Gaston. Richard johnson, Muncie. Max Linn, Gaston. Dale Lykens, Gaston. Francis Milspaugh-Harrold, Gaston. Faydetta Parker-Blankenbaker, Keystone. Mildred Parker-Barker, Gaston. Wilma Pittenger-Shafer, Muncie. George Powers, Gaston. Glen Reasoner, Montpelier. 1943 Bob Basicker Lavera Carver-Smith, Daleville. Bob Cary, Navy. Vera jean Dunlap, Gaston. Henry Fallis, Gaston. Lucy Pouch-Rench, Gaston, Charles j. Gronendyke, Muncie. Rudolph Guinnup, Gaston. Laurabelle johnson-johnson, Gaston. Ronald johnson, Gaston. Frances Kirtley, Gaston. Dean Love, Gaston. Marcella Mapel, Gaston. Ralph McCoy, Gaston. Margaret Messersmith-Moon, Tennessee. janet Milhollin-Tuttle, Gaston. Byron Rakes, Matthews. Charlene Rakes-Naylor, Albany. Arbeam Rench, Gaston. Bob Richards, Muncie. june Ross-Cook, Wheeling. Edwin Sayre, jr., Navy. 1944 Rosemary Briggs, Muncie. Charles Clark, deceased. Paul Fouch, Gaston. Max Gourley, Army. Donald jackson, Gaston. Fred janney, Gaston. Donal johnson, Gaston. Winford jones, Gaston. Dale Kelly, Indiana University. Eva jean Kirtley-House, Gaston. Bob Marshall, Gaston. Walter McPherson, Ball State. Doris Melling-Overdorf, Summitville. john Murphy, Muncie. Charles Parker, Gaston. Thomas Parker, Alexandria. Barbara Rench-Childs, Gaston. Claude Rench, Gaston. joan Rodgers-johnson, Muncie. janette Tappan-johnson, Gaston. jim Tuttle, Gaston. 1945 Donna Bennett-Wallen, Muncie. Ellen BoyleaAyres, Muncie. Maurice Carver, Gaston. jahala Chilton, Ball State. Donald Ewing, Gaston. Bill Green, Army. Louise janney4Green, Muncie. Marianna Lawson, Williams Wood College. jeanne Linn, Gaston. Sarah jane Luzadder, North Manchester College. Doris Morgan, Muncie. Mildred Marshall, Gaston. Bob Nighbert, Summitville. Clara Mae Oxley Bill Rodgers, Muncie. Retha Schlenker-Marshall, Gaston. Annafaye Sells, Muncie. john Trout, Army. Bonnie Woodruff, Gaston. Harold Wright, Army. 1946 Barbara Briggs, Muncie. Gale Brown, Ball State. Sally Clark, Muncie. Don Rex Collins, Gaston. Betty Gourley, Gaston. Florence Hall-Craw, Fairmount. Gladys Hardin, Muncie. Margaret Himelick, Gaston. Helen Hardin-Hunter, Gaston. Roscoe LaRue, Gaston. john Larson, Muncie. Norma jean Mauck, Gaston. Sarabell Markins, Gaston. Donna Richards-Richards, Marion. Donnie Sayre, Army. jean Ann Sipe, Ball State. Harold Storer, Army. jim West, Upland. Fm- 71,1 "Y , :Nfl xf ' 'Q . gy, .,,g,w sa . , N fx:-22:4 A 3" i"'Plluvui.... 4 :"g:Lf?F l' " . .,.. - ' fu aw. ., WIP BARB, JOAN, GLADY S WW F?" f,,qp,':f3iQ ,ff.::g1g ' -194 .ffafa-",pz5fg,g5gxQ ,. 1nQf.Ewims5s3i1'Hwwa 1 , rr ' 92575 -fig: r Am f l! 14 w r , Nazkfh .Z-. - ,Q,,E,,g. , 'jwqggs LOAFERS l ,saglxnowu BRASS CHOIR nlnkn X' :lg-1 4 5-5,3 To..'BoY ,fff B013 as BRIGGS PAT 6: HERB wg 4' ,f I t ,g V DR-IPS " TOMGIRL Twins CLUB ,QNQ 'Vi' NEP. F 1-.s v i. R. 1. 1 'JE'g EiE slsrrms 'iii BROTHER 8: 515- THL LAMBQRTS 1 tx - A SPOT-J i V Kg "Wh L' 2 E1iEihnf4'q PLACE? T f V i A SAQJDYH ?.,,, - , I Vi .. f , , t. ,'L' F Gaston's Only Home Town Tavern Good Sandwiches - Short Orders - Country Fried Chicken Cold Beer and Chilled Wines coME IN Fon A SNACK ANY TIME PHONE, Main 109 --1 BOB HUBER, Proprietor - i f Compliments Of ARMSTRONG'S Welding Shop CAREY'S nnncnuc ana ACETYLENE WELDING Portable Service Telephone 91 Ring 4 CLOVER FARM STORE Compliments of HOCKETT STUDIO DELAWARE We were Photographers for FEED and SEED STORE Gaston senior Class of 1947 v. G. Mosmn, Prop. FAmMoUN'r,1:Nn. Bob Clements made it a practice of coming in about one minute late every day. Repeated warnings by Mr. Lambert had no effect. Finally in exasperation he announced, "I am tired of talking about your tardiness. I am suspending you for one day. When would you like to take the day?" "Well, if it's all right with you," Bob replied, "I'd like to use it up being late." Miss Pinnick asked pupils to write an essay on, "The Funniest Thing I Ever Saw." Jerry Markins: "The funniest thing I ever saw was too funny for words." Because of war curtailments, Mr. Sears was carrying a grandfather's clock down a crowded main street to a repair shop. As the clock limited his vision, he unintentionally collided with Mrs. Blake, knocking her down. After collecting her composure and packages, Mrs. Blake struggled to her feet and scathingly inquired: "Why don't you carry a wrist watch like everybody else?" The train roared past the station. Above the noise the station agent heard a yell. Rushing out to the platform he saw Mr. Cauble sprawled out alongside the tracks. Norette was standing by. "Did he try to catch the train?" asked the agent. "He did catch it," Norette replied, "but it got away from him." "Have a good time at the party, Joanne, and be a good girl." "Make up your mind, mother." johnny: "Let's get married or something." Norma jean: "We'1l get married or nothing." Reminiscing about his childhood,iBill Rhea says:,"At times I found school very dull - which is exact? the way it found me." 0 I l 1 Compliments of LEE E. BECKLEY .TEWELER AND wA'mrmAru-an 109 South Mulberry St. Muncie, Ind. HOME FURNISHINGS 9 ADAMS AND MULBERRY STS KELLY'S DRUG STORE Fountain Service TOBACCO - CANDIES Telephone 7-3 Gaston, Ind. Compliments of GASTON LUMBER Co. GOODRICH BROS. CO. Phone M 15 WM. ZIGLER, Manager Compliments of GASTON CANNING CO. GASTON COLD STORAGE Locker Service Custom Butchering mGm:s'r rmcns mm Fon Beef Hides Phone 73 - Gllbh, Ind. Compliments' of SAYRE SERVICE STATION and BARBER SHOP ROSCOE L. LaRUE Bc SON R.F.D. No. 2 - Gastong Ind. PURE-BRED DUROC HOGS COLLINS GROCERY and MEAT MARKET Compliments of LAWSON'S HATCHERY Baby, Chicks - Poultry Supplies and Remedies PHONE, MAIN 27 A. M. RENC1-I and SONS LUMBER COMPANY We Strive To Please FREDDY'S RESTAURANT Try Our Plate .Lunches and Sandwiches WE Also HAVE Meadow Gold Ice Cream FRED S. MILLER, Pl'0Dl'leK0l' Compliments of GASTON HARDWARE Appliances - Tools - Paints Plumbing and Electrical Supplies PORTER'S DRUG STORE 105 South Walnut Street Muncie, Ind. HOME OWNED - PERSONAL SERVICE PHONE 6-2 li Between innings. have a Coke J. P. KISER co. JEWELERS DIAMOND MERCHANTS ELM AND HOWARD STREETS MUNCIE, IND. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Seniors of '47 Davis Bros. Greenhouse MUNCIE, IND. FIRST FURNISH YOUR HOME! Broyles Furniture ALEXANDB-IA. IND. Rolland M,Johnson 66 Son CLEARVIEW STOCK FARM Breeders of Poland China Hogs and Angus Cattle ' GASTON, nm.-inn. 2 Phone, Matthews 88F13 Compliments of Wolfe's Ice Cream Company Carl F. Losch Typewriter Agency C. F. Losh - Dallas Hart Sales - Service - Rentals - Underwood Typewriters - Slmdstrand Adding Machines K1RKMAN'S JEWELRY ALEXANDRIA, IND. Authorized Dealers of Phone 5831 411 Johnson Blid'g, Muncie CROSBY SQUARE OXFORD 0 Y Y mcmm and Cum OLERZZN PAUL VERMILLION Fon LADIES at jeweler "MAHONYS" Alexandria 121 Norm Haffisfm Sfmt Nylgn Hosiery ALEXANYDRIA, IND. White Oak Farms, Yorktown Indiana REGISTERED HEREFORDS, HOLSTEINS, HAMPSHIRES VISITORS WELCOME Dr. Will C. Moore, owner - Eugene Johnson manager Phone- Yorktown 456 One mile south on Claypool Road Compliments Ciosson Lumber Co. Matthews, Ind. Phone 54 I-Iunt's Furniture and Funeral Service Phone 45 Fairmount, Ind. The Marx Co. MUNCIE'S FINEST CLOTHING STORE at popular prices Rea Riggin and Sons Dairy Products Dial 4542 Compliments to Gaston High School Seniors and Teachers H. Heinz Co. U57 VARIETIESU Matthews, Ind. Farmers Co-operative Co. Grain - Feed - Seed - Coal CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING Matthews, Ind Phone 47 . Compliments of MYERS GARAGE AND ROLLER RINK All Forms of Insurance GASTON INSURANCE AG'CY PAUL POWERS and HAROLD POWERS GASTON, IND. GRAHAM'S WHEEL INN Compliments of YOUR DAILY BREAD- SINGERS LAWSON'S MOTOR SALES CHEVROLET Sales and Service PHONE 90 1 TATMAN'S GROCERY Wheeling SERVICE WITH A SMILE LOW PRICES SEE LACIE AND QVUINCY Compliments SHONFIELD'S MEN'S WEAR 109 South Walnut St. MUNCIE, IND. TAILOR-MADE CLOTHES SMART FURNISHINGS Compliments of RENCH BROS. Furs -- Wool -- Beef Hides GASTON CREAM STATION AVA RENCH, Manager CAMPBELL'S Feeds, Grains, and Coal TELEPHONE 69-3 GASTON Compliments of BETTY CLARK Compliments of J. F. KIMMEL MERRITT C. REED County Superintendent J. PAUNL JANNEY Trustee YOU ARE WELCOME RETZ SPORTING GOODS 508 SOUTH WALNUT STREET MUNCIE Compliments of THE GASTON BANKING CO. MARHOFER'S FAMOUS SAUSLAGES LUNCHEON TREATS KUHNER PACKING CO. MUNCIE, nm. THRIFT PLUS SATISFACTION, ALWAYS at CLOVER FARMS STORES JOS. A. GODDARD CO. 4 Sponsors J MUNCIE. IND. Mervill Small Fermen johnson F. AND M. DRESS SHOPPE Ladies' Ready-to-Wear - the Latest Styles and the Best Goods in Unusual Values. Cor. Church and Harrison Sis. Alexandria UNITED ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - Sales and Service, 217-219 E. Jackson, Muncie. Deep Freezers, Electric Ranges, Refrigerators, Sweepers, Radios, Small Appliances. The House that Servire Built. A. G. LESTER, Prop. MUNCIE EGG 8: POULTRY CO. Two Sqs. North McCulloch Park on Broadway. Fred Rinker 6636 Harold Osterhoff Admiral Refrigerators - 2 refrigerators in one. Has a freezing locker. Come in and investigate these refrigerators before you buy. REEVE'S FURNITURE STORE ALEXANDRJA, IND. Compliments of FR ED J A N N EY CARTER 8: COMPANY The Men's Store-since 1900 BIA, IND. .GRACEMAN'S CAFE SMARTEST FASHIONS 112 SOUTH WALNUT STREET BUD RODGERS DICK JOHNSON Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana COX IGA SUPER MARKET Alexandria, Ind. DELAWARE COUNTY FARM BUREAU Insurance LIFE - AUTO - FIRE FARM LIABILITY ED L. KELLER, General Agent 217 East Centennial Avenue MUNCIE, IND. PRODUCER'S QUALITY MILK Also Butter - Cream- Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Chocolate Milk Orange juice "When men think of their appearance they think of us." DOBBS HATS - MANHATTAN SHIRTS PALCO HATS - ENRO SHIRTS INTERWOVEN HOSE BEAU BRUIVLMEL TIES FOSTER SPORTSWEAR BEAU BRUMMEL SUITS NEW YORK HAT CO. 106 s. Walnut sz., Muncie THE BOYS' SHOP Headquarters for BOYS' GOOD CLOTHING at Reasonable Ptrices 108 S. Walnut Street - Muncie, Ind. Compliments of the Funeral Directors- STRICLER FUNERAL HOME ROGER GIPE FUNERAL HOME Alexandria, Indiana Compliments of CLOGAS DRY GOODS ALEXANDRIA, IND. Compliments of BROWN APPLIANCE STORE G.E. APPLIANCES Speed Queen Washers - Zenith Radios Gaston, Indiana F' Greetings from P HAVEN'S CAFE Union Bus Terminal MUNCIE, IND. UALITY MILK RoDUcERs Q Delivered at Your Door RAY WILLIAMS Phone 39-3 Compliments of Compliments of PAYNE'S CAFE 213 E. Main St. - Muncie, Ind. HOMER GRONENDYKE Signs - All Kinds PHONE 5312 317 Wysor Bldg., Muncie Compliments of NEW YORK BEAUTY SHOP 305 Wysor Building MUNCIE Compliments of HAMBURGER INN 121 West Charles St. Best Hamburgers in Town CURTIS-ULEN JEWELERS I 117 West jackson CURTIS-ULEN OWNED CURTIS-ULEN OPERATED THE CLARK OPTICAL SHOP 107 Western Reserve Bldg. DIAL 4571 MUNCIE, INDIANA R. E. CARD - Q. D. Optometrist 103 Western Reserve Bldg. MUNCII-:, INDIANA BERT'S-the House of Courtesy COATS - SUITS - DRESSES - FURS MILLINERY - CHILDREN'S WEAR p 101-103 South Walnut Street MUNCIE, INDIANA I THE CADE CO., Floral Artists Telephone 6851 n and Walnut Sts. Corner Mai MUNCIE. INDIANA RICE'S DINER BEST CHILI IN TOWN I 305 South Mulberry St. MUNCIE, INDIANA Compliments of EARL RATHEL'S Barber Shop Compliments of COLONIAL CAFE CCAFETERIA STYLEJ 125 West Jackson Street OSBIE IIUFFER, Prop. MUNCIE, IND , J 58 iv? My M A4 zffffzaf .-I ' I ' U 4. - 1--Ht' Q v 'rurfql nh Q . - l -. Q .itvn 3. 'Q' W 0 , , ' . Jo . Q Q, . 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