Gas City High School - Epoch Yearbook (Gas City, IN)

 - Class of 1930

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Gas City High School - Epoch Yearbook (Gas City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1930 volume:

Q ' EI GHS Clit Kiwanis W WE BUILD W - We Ask Your Support and Co- operation for the Betterment of Gas City and the Commun-r ity for which We are Working. p t .v , E1 EI 1 9 3 0 n I r i i 1 I I . I E l A . i X 1 I I 4 : 1 I i I I i 1 , A i 17. 4':- - 1- 52451 Q ' mfg. ' eg asain ff W! ' .1 ,,I ' '.- -3 .Qf3,f. ' fiff-T nn. '- tfzigf Q .-,- . 'fvvfi A if-.5 -' Us? K eff: . K' "Q IHA' ug..-, Jw.. . lf," "fo ., 1 ,ag 'V :RFI H gnc' A , wi? ' my Fw f r' ' is ' W5 ,, f - J, mf.: ' gg-GF." .5557 4 If ,A. .. , r .ff -- 9, -1- iw A 9. V fx. I' . ' '4 . X ,. 1 ,V ,MV , - n 1 ,v -NT, ii' MW . L Ay.. ,iv Y. vm A nu' 4: w 1 .x r' vu .' 5 I K.. x .x N. .5 . H. f .ff 'I 4 1 A 1' M. 9- 1 A V ' 4 x , . nv W. 1. , . . 41, ,, ,. 3... ,t .Ng ,au t.i5,,,.1 . 1 J w, ..y, X .':,.. V, :N ,.. ,, ,U 'M v 1- v4.,,- 1 X If I .-In x 4 '14 x, ,N L., .f,, ,N . . - F... , 1 ' W A . 4 1 ,,,, fu "w " f ,. , , ., 4..- " A 1 V.-,-.V v t ---'iw f Q .1 xi 1--M X , "mf ' "5 wg X a QQ , 1 2 V , M , . ,If gilt. 55-V, J Ql . ,x , fx. " Hifi , .1 .LQ 1' E? ,M 24. ' f . y. . Q I , ,T , . , Y ,- J , X . iigl. L gn' f ..,'.5.- If , . ,: 2. . r ' A 'Xi Lljllrw. , 41 - I 3' I . 3.4 eg Afsfif :Jif5.' 3. "1-1.-.4 V. , ' fng!j:gC Wk- .I I Yr, 1.9 -'iff' .Aa N Hb:-!n'r .u'z4"H J " " "ff ' ':. , . ', ..r. JYAN r un",-N , ' , v .dr 'Hn 1 ,I .,,.., 5 ,Q j..f-,.- H 1. . ir 11 I K ! 4 lv" 4 -45 ,. ,. .KI .. ,S - 1 A nm 4 .1 I 15 "' 'x vl 1 F ,ni 'rv' . I Nh rn ,pu . P' 'z I fu I' 1' ' 1 "-If f X' if 'NM .K 4-. 'A rfmf v Nl .Q xl 4 cr if lv 1. .A . . 5 . "- , .. r I Q. . - .HD ., . , .,. ., 7 4 nd' s N K, I. 1 . v -...M f .,f., . X 1-J -P .. , ,, .A ,,,,. A .. ' ,y'rPv, . . fsif- I, ,.. .wx I, . , . I ,,,,- ., . .. 'N-'ina ,f R pa t 4 t 4 . , 5 . .. .Q 4' , . .. . ,I . , . ,, ,.,A,:, 3 RULIH: Al 4 ,. 'M K ,- . f 1 ' , GRI. J A 1 f 1 I 1- . "Z ,. ,' 3 lm.. .' ,'-li. 'Q' .1. "5" .7 ", "..'f'.".4.. 1 ' K N L'2fNI1 ' .F 'Z ", ' ,, 4 I K 1- 4 - v . v .as ,H ,M 1 C Wi- Wu '.' ' IT. 43 44 Mfr. ,L , ,. .'- N35 wg. ,'.,.. ,..-,.l,,..:.H L ' m '2 ,xi 14.1" .,,N,I, :AL Wk . ,A , a 4 3 ,, 6 '. ,.? -Z ,1 ',, ' v 1 .my .,, ,.. "'v-es 2'- s '3f'ff-1" rs ,l "1 f he ,KN I 4 1. 4 N Q 1. A f".',".u r u'1.r..1.:- - -- f'.fff"L ' yi' ' " J ,r N ., 1f,. ww.. gaffI1N'u .+L V7 N t J u J J .1 I 1 P 1 7 ,,.w,,. .- -f -1. ,vw-' ' -. fw. .'r sa . 1 -. 1. I 5 .. . ..,..,,w. H. .-1, N, I .nl L . .six mx ,, 4, , .fp . ,. . . .'. ,.,, pu.. iv. . 'Q . ,U Q .il . . . tai' JN511' :11.,, FL , . .,.. htvkii -X ,..,4. .l ...N . , :fn 1' f n 'fl' -.. 5 ,. . X ' . . .,., X, ,M- - g f S EQi'5f7:':-32" ' ' . '., ,N.i""... . . . C. , , .Q ,,1,v.'x ww ' , 1 .n,1 r ,-y ,, ..,l1,:.... U Aplul 4 -1. n v, ,L J A iw. S. V' K x Q A 4 1 1 -1 1 . a e 1 uk, -Q - v 1,-' I , 9 'vu '1'. 'kj Q-1. -' " -, J' ,I--a. f J.: '4 V: -1. Q., ,lj ,, .. . 1,,.-,,-..-:.' ' -5 ,Q ':f4.lliG"'-iw - . - in N-4"..'.p."J',-, , -If-"-' .":1'-"-5- 1' '1 -I1"':., g.g..-:4-'e:.,1p'-:.':.-, . , 1 ,.:,q, l rj, fr . 2 -' , 4,1 rg I.: -v s .- 1 4 .v".f5--1:P,1.f'.-- f'n-w.- '..L -4: 11 - . " .. 1. 1 - ' U ,..H . . 'H -1 , . , . , . V - 1 .. . 'f' ' e?'r?,1:ff"'-"1 v",5f1fff"'-'ixdw .3':"-.1-42 f' 1-'-. a":"N' '.-- "1 5' ' '. ., V - an : , 'J- -,l.1..' ', 1, 4444v".,'-1 ' .,,: ,,. 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I -F73:'H-1.44:'-fifwf-f'L-f.?'-.'-1-P.,'..v "1.",'-fb -w-:Fx We: ,- . Jig. I 'V-1 ,' :"' -U .'.' ', : .' - '- . , Q x 'ffmQ,,1y:-?i,fhq'.251j:!:!g.3:'.'-gr.jliqff-!gi'QLuQijt.,-' 54,2-F1.11:-".'lf'xfc'H-'2-. ..-.g:j,'.y.wg if if-"1-' 'tgp X712-if . u' up ..f' .'. a ,.' ,il f. ',x ' - 'sl-n'.'w' Bw myIi--,:T'.-iff-.5-frv!":: 1'.F-i.f2'HpN-I-UQ,-2 -an-1. :.:iv'A.'-.'.!.'eJ.'2- '41 '. - 2, - if'-. rf .fsvz ' '- " 'f I 4, n . I 4 , 1 X xv ' rf, ,. Q . " l ,-.-':.'. lf, X. Y 4 w 4- . fe 0 A fl 1'l EAST WARD BUILDING "While memory abideth Thy name shall honored be ff Q ,N S 3 J .5-by Rfb, X A, -Q4JS., A33 Hhminintratinxl ru'-f-E1 iiiifaff QQ T H E E P O C H -rx Qur Qrhnnl naril JOHN F. PRATT, President .gli ,X fx .U 1. , -nf , X..-1 W N...-Xn 9 , x -- wig xxx- wx-X xp- -N -X. - fl JOHN C. MAL.-XY, Secretary ELMER M. GREENYVOOD. Tre-.1s. 'fl 513: ?:7rf'5'l11'Q 3511! f:5:f'l1dY" A-E' , IU1-'Q 31533 1 9 0 O Q? f!!iQ'fs.Q Eij1ff Eijgi .., T H E E P O C H ' EI EI Uhr apiainn nf Um' Qhip A. J. REIFEL, Superintendent FREDERICK HENGSTLER, L. E. BAILEY, Piincipnl of Senior High School Principal of Junior High Suhuol :gui-.X i.'gf.grfi,1,.--?.,4.7,'-mf -fy.g'kA--, e-fm-M 9 in--v.-Vi'-'Q-.Y -fr , f-ff -1 -X W '- - 421. gig ,523535 iifg 5 1 9 .J 0 HI. 31-f EUR 2173 Eiiifff YETYHIY , H1 rxluhrra nf III? Harultg U DALE LICHTENYVALTER Latin and Entlish Indiana Univorsity A.B. HAZEI. MCCORMICK Physical Education and History Hall Teachers' Cnlleze ICLIDCABETH H FTCHINS Art Vhicaro Art Instituto Indiana University Hull Teachers' Cullego A.H. OTIS PHARES Vluysii-:II Film-:uliiui :mil 4'u:i-'Ii Hull 'Teachers' Cullf-gxv ILS. MYRI. JONES Arithmetic ami fit'll1,.El'1lIbIly Marion Collvgru Winuna Iizill 'IK-zichers' College GRACE MQVICKER English and History 'Fuylur University University of Southern Cziliforniax i i i 'Y R Q T H E E P O C H ??'3'1:iHf''-'lf'Hizf'?gi :R Qiqpi .f""T' K MURIEL oouzx' ,K,ff'k Mathematics aml Iilvlugy ,ki Indiana University A.l!, fx MARY RIORDAN Commercial Indiana State Normal Business College. Seynwur, Ind. liall Tenrhers' Cnllugu, ILS. MILDRED GRIFI-'ITHS Music liall Teachers' College Dana College uf Music. Warren, U., A.lI, ROBERT C. CARMONY English and Physics Ball Teachers' College Indiana University Marian Cnllellv B.S. DOROTHY BUSBY Home Ecrmunmics lntliana Univ:-rsily A.l5. GERTRUDE CROUCH Clerk. in thv School Ofllcu. In Qjvmnriaml CORA JANE WHITEHEAD LOIS PRATT Died November 18, 1929 Died May 31, 1929 In Memory of DORIS BRIGGS A student of the Seventh Grade, who died October 20, 1929. I FfTT'?'5:7HlUURff:5::l 'U'l1 LH 1 9 3 0 'ffl' RL Qlalsmvz , 10, i y ' 1 1 4 5 I m w x X U +P I ' K ' I fd l . ,,'. . 1 y ,Mr ' X I 1, - 'ffiniyi ,, ., 1 ,yr . 1 - V t ' l JM fl - .yr ': b.'. ., f A 1 A 1 .fi-1 A U 'Z M 1 N . 4 '. V, A. p 1, , A A A ' H... x M- U , . ,, 1,4 I ' . "UH: . '- w' x 1 - v ,111 ', J'Q,, ., S .,rv,, .ha -l -- W ,. v Q '4 ' , V ,- -"Q'-WX r .v.- Km- 'fx Y c '- .wc -1 " ' 'Q "1 '-A -,wwf-H.-1l'1+' 'X-.' ,I 5.5 .' - F.1- - lr, N., a - n,:'53,. 'J ay s . -up Qruinrzi EDGAR STANLEY. President E El 3 E1 I like books. I was born and bred among th. and have an easy feeling when I get in the prnsence. Basket Ball '23 '29 '30 Base Ball '29 '30 President Class '30 VVhen a Feller Needs a Friend '29 Annual Staff '30 Hi-Y '30 LIZA BETH PRICE. Vice-President Shu is as :und as she is fair. To knuw her is to lnve her, Basket Ball '27 '23 Hume Ecunamiics Club '27 'ZW Sunshine Suciety '27 '23 Wh-'n a Fells-r Needs a Friend '29 llrvsiurs' Club '29 '30 Saiiui' Maids '29 Vic-e.l'resident Class '27 '29 '30 I-jpuch Staff '30 EDMUND VIRONET, Treasurer A D Dinan tliruuuh iheir line he run Nm' stupped nur stayed 'til victory Ins' a 'L' 'L 'J liaskm Ball '27 'ZH '29 '30 l1LlillM7950 Track '27 'ZX '29 '30 Whin a Fvllvr Needs a Friend '29 Class Prusidn-nt '27 '29 Treasurer nf' Senior Class '30 Vrcsidunt li-msters' Club '30 Elmch Stall' '30 LYVE GROVES. Secretary was WUII. Sniilv, l say. fur a smile will always pay. Band '27 '23 '29 '30 U1'cbesl.ra '2' '29 '30 Sunshine Snciuty '27 '2N lllnsli-i's' Vlub '30 liivuwli Stall' '30 H uh Schunl Minslrul '27 Yank: San '20 YYln-n :i l"Qllor Nu-ds a Friend '29 Yell l.eadn-1' '30 l,aiin Club '2H Sailux' Maids '29 Si 1-ri-laxy nf Class '30 Swrulary uf Athletic Association ELORES GRAY. Reporter :.1. Thi- must natural beauty in thc xvurld is honestv and mural truth. R1-purtvr '27 '30 Sailur Maids '29 Librarian '28 Ulm- Club '25 '29 '30 Sunshine Society '27 Latin Club '27 KETmE3iFi.E'f4:1EFCQEQEHZEQE T H E E P O C H WEEE H norm PETERSON .E F-f' Most people would succeed in small ihiulrs if they were not troubled with great amb.tions. Basket Ball '28 '29 Base Ball '29 '30 Hi-Y Club '29 '30 Science Club '27 Boosters' Club '28 '20 MILDRED CROUCII Laugrhtcr is a most healthful exertion, Boosters' Club '29 '29 '30 Basket Ball '2H '29 '30 Hume Economics Club '27 "W Eptch Stall' '30 Glcc C.ub '27 i'1ll, RALPH ATKINSON I am just another one of the mighty Tizrer Crew. Baskct Ball '27 '23 '29 '30 Base Ball '27 '28 '29 '30 Yanki San '26 Sailor Maids '29 When a Feller Needs a Friend '29 Vice-President Boosters' Club '2H MARY ALICE HUFFMAN Sim: away sorrow: sim.: away care I'm out for-a-good time: come if you flare. Boosters' Club '23 '29 '30 Glee Club '28 Basket Ball '2X '29 '30 Tennis Club '29 VIOLET HURLOCK Keep good company and you shall bc of the number. Band '27 '23 '29 '30 Orchestra '27 '28 '29 '30 Secretary of class '28 Basket Ball '28 '29 - Minstrel '28 " 1 Epoch Staff '30 Sailor Maids '29 , Q Sunshine Society '2H '20 '30 IL:-for Boosters' Club '29 '30 "Q," Librarian '29 '30 f. ,,3,inf""vf -.., - ,J of r ff , . . wt, ,- vim. . -',-f.:q4,,hs-f217gf"'9'w 3. .RR A 1 9 3 0 - .A- mfifleffeeliliffefelifes' mls' T H E E P O C H MARY LEWIS I will always smile no matter what my troubles G'ce Club '2'4 '20 '30 Latin Club '28 Live Needle Club '27 '28 Sunshine Society '27 '28 '29 '30 Sailor Maids '29 Boosters' Club '29 '30 Yanki San '26 Hizh School Minstrcl ,. .97 HELEN MORRIS We should be contented with what 'we have, But never with what we are. Olnl Louisiana '26 Hfme Economics Cluh '28 Live Neeflle Cluh '27 Latin Club '27 '28 Boosters' Club '27 '28 '29 Yanki San '26 High School Minstrel '27 GAIL ATKINSON Basket Ball players always win the ladies' hearts I Even Gail is stepping out this term. Basket Ball '28 '29 '30 Base Ball '27 '23 '29 '30 Boosters' Club '23 '29 Science Club '2P4 Track '29 VVhcn a Feller Ncccls a Fricntl '29 GENEVA GEORGE The great hope of society is individual character. Band '27 '23 '29 Orchestra '28 '29 Home Economics Club '27 Sunshine Society '27 '28 Basket Ball '27 Boosters' Club '29 Assistant Editor Epoch '30 Hiizh School Minstrel '27 Yanki San '26 Latin Club '28 f MARY COCHRANE I nm a blonde. so what more coulrl you want? Sunshine Society '27 '28 Btosters' Club '2r4 '29 J fl Yanki San '26 Q OJXQ. Sailor Maids '29 X if s -lv Glee Club '27 '28 '29 '30 3, Sie? Epoch Staff '30 IYVT' A . f Q ya, ,' 1 9 3 0 E51 ,E fL'TLKvEiQEE'i5EtE T H E E P O C H flliiiigfimliiggiii JOIINNIE BROWN My tomrue within my mouth rlnth reign: He, who talks much, must talk in vain. Science Club '27 '28 Hi-Y '2R '29 Boosters' Club '29 MYRTLE BELL COY Sbe's little, but she's mighty. Home Economics Club '27 Sunshine Society '27 '2K Basket Ball '2. '28 '29 '30 Orchestra '27 '28 '29 Boosters' Club '29 '30 Epoch Stall' '30 Yanki San '26 Sai.or Maids '29 AW ROBERT WESLING i' Ability is Z1 poor man's wealth, Latin Club '27 Boosters' Club '28 '29 FLORENCE NIEMAN With her beautiful hair and complexion she makes all the boys stop, look. and listen. 'O' .A -...Q Boosters' Club '28 '29 '30 Home Economics Club '27 Sunshine Society '23 '29 High School Minstrel '27 Latin Club '27 DOROTHY DAVIS Know hor? Love her? You hcl! She's thc kind of a girl you xlon't foryrcl. Sunshine Society '27 '23 '29 Latin Club '23 Boosters' Club '28 '29 Home Economics Club '27 Sailor Maids '29 High School Ministrel '28 :'.7- . ' 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H Zi WARREN GROVES I slcnt. and dreamed that life was beauty, I woke and found that life was duty. President Tennis Club '29 Vicc-President Athletic Asscciation '29 Basket Ball '29 '30 Bocsters' Club '29 '30 Base Ball '29 Crmmercial Club '28 Vice-President Hi-Y '29 Hi-Y '29 '30 Science Club '27 BERNEICE BUTLER There is a self-evident axiom, that she who is born a beauty is half married. Yanki San '26 In Old Louisiana '26 Home Economics Club '27 Bfosters' Club '27 High School Minstrel '27 Basket Ball '27 'ZH '29 '30 Sunshine Society '28 '29 Y-Hi Club '28 Glee Club '29 Sailor Mziirls '29 Epoch Staff '30 JAMES EDWARDS W' I never wurry about tomorrow: it will take care of itself. Base Ball '30 Basket Hall '27 '30 Hi-Y '29 '30 Sailor Mairls '29 Yanki San '26 Sccretary of Class '29 Member of advisory council '29 VVhen a Feller Neerls a Friend '29 Science Club '29 PAULINE STEPHENS She most lives. who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. Band '27 '29 '29 '30 Orchestra '27 '28 '29 Sunshine Society '27 '28 Live Needle Club '27 Epoch Staff '30 Latin Club '28 High School Minstrel '28 A MILDRED BASTIAN The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. Glee Club '27 'ZH '29 Boosters' Club '23 '29 Basket Ball '27 '28 Sunshine Society '28 '29 Sailor Maids '29 N' t, . 41 '-r SJ . H nm- Ngiw ,Q " . V- ' N, X c fy,-1' ,Z I 9 3 0 E5,?S?3'E'iTsEfi3,- E1'fiEHEE5,l1iiH.1E-4im33,Qi T H E E P O C H El El hr Qeninr 12155 nvm Here are the SENIORS of '30 Ready for their fate, We're expecting some to be The ruler of our state. For, where do you find A class so smart? We're always ready To do our part. First, there is Stanley We'll call him Ed He's our class president, So that's enough said. Now, here is one Who never will fail, To talk of attraction! Some girls choose Gail. A good friend to all, You'll find in Slew. We're glad he's here To pull us through. Here comes Edmondg Better known as Ed At the B. B. games As Captain, he led. Then the1'e's another, Whom we call Jimg A wonderful friend We've found in him. Next, we have Ralph Big and strong- He helped the Tigers To get along. Bob is a cheery one Who always wears a smile. lfVhen it comes to studying, He beats us all a mile. E,f?E.fJE'E2iBiEQE,?1.ifE,i-glfi.512aPL5 551, 1 9 3 O T H E E P O C H wr ff' In "fe Y-3i'5f'iiF3 'TE Burr is another Tiger, We all call him Pete, And as long as he is playing, We'll never get beat. Johnnie is another Brown, And Browns, we have in plenty, But as long as they are all like John, We'll never have too many. Here are the maidens Next in line, A list of names That's hard to rhyme. Pauline is small but mighty, A very dainty lassg Youlll always find her working Far ahead of her class. Then here's Berneice Butler, We Call her Benny, A very cute kid- And friends, she has many. And Geneva's another, The next in line, And as for a friend. Well, she's just fine. Little but mighty Is Myrtle Belle, Who studies her lessons And gets them well. She is always laughing, You know who I mean, No one but Mary Alyce, The best pal that we've seen. Alice Groves is another, And for her we all fall, For, you see, she is A friend to us all. Violet is the one Who plays the Cornet, And can she play it? Boy! You bet. 1 9 3 0 Mildred is our quiet girl, And isn't like the rest, For she Works hard all day long And always does her best. Hclen's hair is curly And she's also a brunette, She's one of the nicest girls I'ni sure you've ever met. Why is Delores so cute? It's all so very simple, For when she flashes her winning smile She shows a little dimple. Mary Agnes is another, The artist of our class, And when it comes to drawing, There is none that can surpass. There's not another auburn In Elizabeth's classg So she has friends That will always last. Florence is our "It" girl, How do we know? Why, haven't you heard? She's the second Clara Bow. Mary L. is the one With the laughing eyes, She steals men's hearts When they're unwise. Mildred never has the blues, Nor does she Wear a frown, The corners of her mouth go up Instead of going down. Last comes Dorothy, Her nick-name is Dot, She's full of mischief, And never gets caught. Our Senior class Has done it's best, To love and honor Old G. C. H. S. 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H T525 EI EI M Qrninr lass ill Since we, the members of the class of '30, realize that we are in full possession of what physical, mental, moral and social characteristics there are in Gas City High School, we do hereby will and bequeath to the remaining unfortunates those virtues which may aid them in filling the lonely and empty space left by the mighty Seniors. Individually we do leave the following: I, Edgar "Ed" Stanley, will my position as Senior class president to any Junior who is willing tc take it. and my ability to get along with Mr. Reifel to Donald Millspaugh. I, Elizabeth "Beth" Price, will my long auburn hair to Mary Martha Wood, and my friendship with "Ed" to any one who can get it. I, Gail "Shortie" Atkinson, will my basket ball sweater to any girl that is about six feet tall-if it will fit her. I. Berneice "Benny" Butler, will my popularity to Barbara Garland, my curly hair to Julia Lewis, and my diamond to any one that can get it from me. I, Ralph "Curly" Atkinson, will my curly hair to Wayne Ross-if he will promise not to use too much oil, and my fighting spirit as a "Tiger" to George Wetzel. I, Mary Alyce "Huflie" Huffman, will my laugh to Ruby Wilson-if she will not try to break my record, and my dancing ability to Elizabeth Garthwait. I, Warren "Slew" Groves, will my ability to write notes to anyone caring for it, and my dignity to Otis Brown. I, Geneva "Nevie" George, will my curly hair to Mary Jones, and my dignified ways to Bertha Merkel. I, James "Jim" Edwards," will and bequeath my black hair to "Decy" Spence, and my most dignified walk to Charles Eakins. I. Mary L. Lewis, will my typewriting ability to Glen Crosby, and my good looks to Leona Emerling. I, Edmond "Ed" Vironet, will my position as center on the basket ball team to Arthur Adrianson, and most charming personality to Kenny Longfellow. ' I, Pauline "Polly" Stevens, will and bequeath a few inches of my excessive height to Sylvia Gorham, and my bashfulness to Eleanor Greenwood. I, Burr t'Pete" Peterson, will my basket ball ability to "Corky" Parks and my way with women to Marvin Curtis. I, Mary "Do-Do" Cochrane, bequeath my two Jonesboro sweaters to any girl who can get them, and my blond locks to Lucille McPherson. I, Robert "Bob" Wesling, will my good grades in Physics to Hazel Dawalt, and my dignified ways as a Senior to "Scoop" Dailey. we-pf:-it :H PM -T. I-at ff.i -fi-I - W ,Jah 15 1 9 3 0 QLQEE 5111132 iiilfssfzifs I, Mildred "Milly" Crouch, will my friendship with a 'fcertainu Junior boy to any girl who thinks she can get him, and my high-heels to Mary Ellen Miller. I, John "Johnnie" Brown, will my quiet and sedate ways to "Kenny" Longfellow, and my soft and beautiful voice to Mr. Reifel. I, Myrtle Belle "Midget" Coy, will my long hair to Sylvia Gorham, and my position on the Annual staff to any Junior who is capable of taking it. I, Delores "Dimples" Gray, will my ability to play the piano to Ruth Bothwell, and my alto-position in the Glee Club to Elfreda Wesling. I, Alyce Groves, will my place as yell-leader to Hugh Brown fpro- vided he makes my suit overl, and my beautiful contralto voice to Vir- ginia Dancer. I, Violet "Vi" Hurlock, will my affection of a certain Marion fellow to the girl who is just a little stronger than I am tif she wants to fight for him.D I, Mildred "Mid" Bastian, will my "Chevy" to Ada Vironet fshe has so far to Walkb, and my quiet and serene manners to Thelma Morgan, and my popularity to Marjorie Hillman. I, Florence "Tommy" Nieman, will my "marcel" to Thelma Morgan and my popularity to Marjorie Hillman. I, Helen "Babe" Morris, will all my long dresses to Lucille McPher- son, my curly hair to Harriet Shafer, and my ability to dance to Barbara Garland. I, Dorothy "Dot" Davis, will my ability to get bookkeeping to Viola Griiin, and all my dates with high school boys to Ruby Wilson. 0 ISN'T THIS ODD? A match has a head but no face. A watch has a face but no head. A river has a mouth but no tongue. A wagon has a tongue but no mouth. An umbrella has ribs but no trunk. A tree has a trunk but no ribs. A clock has hands but no arms. The sea has arms but no hands. A rooster has a comb but no hair. A rabbit has hair but no comb. Odd, isn't it? L a 1 9 3 0 , 1 1 I t 1 ' x r l i fl A ' u w . x v , , ,Lv , ,K .x ,4f..,v, 'Qjii T'-'.',':' 1 ' f 'Z .-, 5 5. . . 'x A 5- ., , V V g . I ,Q I .,,, ,," ' 5 gp , A f:'f2l ,T -. ' "" . 3:1 1 , ,ffm ' , :-. b .' X JUNIOR CLASS First Row-Karl Cook, Elizabeth Garthwait, Robert Leach, Mary Maitha Wood, Edgar Crosby, Hazel Dawalt, Kenneth Longfellow, Mary Jones Second Row-Elfreda Wesling, Otis Brown, Ruth Bothwell, Kenneth Brown, Thelma Morgan, Merril Dailey, Delores Saunders, Geolge Wetzel. Third Row--Barbara Garland, Stanley Curtis, Eleanor Greenwood V11 ginia Dancer, Donald Millspaugh, Ruby Wilson, Anna Marie Smith Arthur Adrianson, Julia Lewis. President ..,.,,... .... D onald Millspaugh Vice President ...... --- Secretary-Treasurer -- ---- Reporter ....A...... - -- ------Ruby YVilson Eleanor Greenwood ---Virginia Dancer 1- 2,5 Ts1n.f?ET151E? 'S-25.325 1 9 0 T H E E P O C H "ai: 'A c If SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row-John Adams, Everett Wood, Leo Hamilton, Harold Harris, Cecil Morgan, Ronald Dawalt. Second Row-Lucille McPherson, Norman Dailey, Adrienne Love, Harold Smith, Ada Vironet, Leatha Linville, Catherine Milholland. Third Row-Woodrow Gosnell, Marjorie Hillman, Oren Atkinson, George Glaze, John Simpkins, Haskell Jessup, Bertha Merkel. Fourth Row-Bernice Zirkle, Charles Eakins, Viola Griflin, John Ruley. Delores Stegemoller, Blanche Harter, Ben Whittingham. Fifth Row-Woodrow Voris, Martha Jeffrey, Marvin Curtis, Jean O'Brien, Glen Crosby, Beatrice Graves, George Curtis. President e..... .... O ren Atkinson Vice President ..... ..... B eatrice Graves Secretary-Treasurer --- --,Marjorie Hillman Y , ,- , ,B A Ys,f.,,.- -,mfr A.,-W A A VY , Ye. .- f. .X , -. f YM--.,.-, 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H FRESHMAN CLASS First Rowslllichard Ditmer. David Myers, Clifton Spence, Ralph Gray, Marion Edwards, Victor James, Charles Turner, Lucille Newby, Mary Ellen Miller. Second Row-Mildred Lanham, Beulah Troxell, Elmer Burton, Norman Street, Martha Mae Morgan, Guy Atkinson, Edward Miitsch, Earl Holloway. Third Row-Mary E. Jones, Fred Rhoten, Elsie Ferguson, Max Pratt, Othella Dancer, Clifton Voris, Irene Walsh, Paul Stephenson. Fourth Row-Bertha Minnick, Edgar Peterson, Edith Minnick, Hugh Brown, Anna Louise Sloderbeck, Basil Lowe, Beatrice Miller, Ralph Carroll, Gladys Wallace. Fifth Row-Jack Courtney, Berneice Hatfield, Earl Heath, Mildred Eck, Laroy Owen, Louise Ward, Charles Gent, Mary Jane Williams. Sixth Row-Charles Bender, Bertha Mae Pearson, Harold Wilson, Bessie Mayfield, Sam Crouch, Dorothy Dudley, Glen Smithson, Elizabeth Poor. President ..a..... -- ......... Harold Wilson Vice President ...... ---Gladys Wallace Secretary-Treasurer -- -... Louise Ward Reporter ..a,r..... .... - --Hug'h Brown o THE FIRST DAY I don't know yet What school's all about, But I'll just sit still And puzzle it out. 1 9 3 0 5EEW',i-5312313213 T H E E P O C H EIGHTH GRADE Top Row-Alfred Jones, Claude Judy, Carl Stanley, Sylvia Gorham, Alton Curtis, Hubert Hiatt, Harold Maddox, Chester Stevens, Lillian Traylor, Ruby Cochrane, Mary Shockey, Leona Emerling. Second Row-Robert Huffman, Dwight Ballinger, Mary Jane Garthwait, Ruth Anna Ferguson, Eileen Stevens, Violet Pratt, James O'Neil, Marie Eckles. Third Row-June Ludlow, Frank Hedden, Wendell Jones, Juanita Shat- tuck, Willis Jeffrey, Willard Murphy, Raymond Rhodes, Warner Wade, Edwin Bastian. Fourth Row-Robert Adams, Lester Meyers, Berneice Wallace, Magdalene Young, Dottie Eck, Raymond Morris, Gene Spurgeon, Carl Atkinson. Fifth Row-Geraldine Brodt, Margaret King, Virginia Sprague, Coronellia Briggs, Emogene Greenlee, Fred Millspaugh, Wilma Simonton, Har- riet Shafer. 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H SEVENTH GRADE Top Row-Carmen Swisher, Valdene Smith, Mary Kiser, Charles Niverson, Charles Myers, Roy Ammons, Walter Ferguson, Raymond Butler. Wallace McDaniels. Second Row-Cedric McWhirt, William Garland, Arthur Vironet, Alvin Millspaugh, Edna McManis, Marcella Thornburg, Virginia Lanham. Doris Briggs, Daisy Deshon. Third Row-Charles West. Woodrow Wilson, Mildred Campbell, Lula Belle Stewart, Pansy Eckles, Mary Stegemoller, Dorothy Stinefield. Helen Crosby. Fourth Row-Doris' Huffman, Eva Mae Hutchinson, Orpha Hiatt, Thomas Harter, Ruby Traylor, Clinton Lemons, Nellie Whybrew. Roma Gos- nell, Melba Dailey. Fifth Row-Charles Oden, Lillian Dalton, Martha Duckworth, Blair Simons, Ralph Pratt, Fred Gore, Gene Glaze, Frances Saunders. Anthony Martorana. Sixth Row-Harold Campbell, Gerald Campbell, George Moldovian, Helen Murphy, Joe Bothwell, Virgil Kirby, Elmos Day, Russell Blake, Don- ald Swain, Eldon Ballinger. Seventh Row-Thomas Deeren, Norma Wilson, Pauline Shively, Catherine James, Geneva Coy, Mabel Duncan, Geraldine Pattison, Max Bender. Wilber Hopper, Frederick Poor, Elmo Curtis, Mary Lamb, Juanita Gorman, Helen Spence, Mary Howell, Hazel Duckworth, Jessie Voris, Maxine Stith, Georgiana Peterson. 6, .L 1- eel-V, -ee--if .v we--,V-i 7i.A.---- ..,-:i ee V-,A i - --T1 we--fri f- i -P , r N- is 1 cc 91'-.535 -lim. c111i1s.ggii1111',s,gr,Es2:Qa 1 9 3 0 5.33799-.,2PL.2r.,g?,iLQ31ii,,ni.?s-Sli: E T H E E P O C H Q1'E1?QT1mEf?f?fiii'f'fi:TQffE5iigifEi SENIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY Gas City High School presents one of the most complete courses of training offered by any school of its size, and in certain respects much better than those of larger communities. It offers to its students three complete curricula, namely: The academic, the commercial, and the Home Economic. These three curricula represent experiences taken from different phases of life and transformed to fit the school room where the students come into contact with them under the guidance of experienced teachers. There are many things experienced in the school that are not con- fined to any curriculum but are given to all. These are gained from con- tact with other pupils and teachers, by various speakers who come to the school, and by the general rules and discipline required by all. Its equipment is sufficient for its needs and each year shows added progress and improvement. Among these well equipped departments, we find an excellent reference library under a well organized systemg a well equipped manual training shop, Biology and Physics laboratory. and a recently equipped physical education department. Its teaching staff more than meets the requirements set by the State Department, and in academic training and experience it is equal to or surpasses many larger institutions. All the members of its present staff hold degrees from some of the best colleges and universities of this state and others. -F. Hengstler, Principal T H E E P O C H E JUNIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY The Gas City Junior High School has an enrollment of approximately one hundred twenty-five pupils. Grades seven and eight constitute the Junior Department, which is not, in the strictest sense of the word, a Junior High School. At present the Junior High School course is as follows: SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Required Subjects- Required Subjects- English English Social Sqignge - Social SClSl'lC6 Mathematics Mathematics Muqip General Science ' J Physical Education Art Physical Education Manual Training Home Economics Elective- Orchestra Band Manual Training Home Economics Elective- Music Art Band Orchestra ' -L. E. Bailey. Principal 9 3 0 iv Q22 X nlklllif ff Hthlviira at T H E E P O C H iE2.mQ52f2g 5:1214 giiullfili O. H. PHARES Coach THE WHY OF ATHLETICS The spirit of a school is always reflect- ed in the athletic side of the school. The young men who make up the teams and the adherents of school sport, carry with them wherever they go, the life of the school. No better measuring standard may be devised of the inherent life of a school than that which is seen in the athletic life of the school. It is altogether fitting, therefore, that we pause for a moment and examine the credentials of life and character that are to be found in the play and inter-play of school teams. What- ever the game or contest-whether it be on the baseball diamond, the basketball floor or the green sward of the track meet-there are certain attributes of character that We demand from our re- presentatives. Let us as a school expect, or rather demand, that those who carry the colors of our school shall be Worthy and shall battle worthily for victory. RALPH ATKINSON EDGAR STANLEY EDGAR CROSBY Guard Guard Forward i i 1 9 3 0 1?,?52b1TfQS'5Q'11TEPl'i.,,-E?,31iTmTtN,1,'' vii T H E E P O C H if A GOOD SPORT Will never boo, hiss, or in any manner criticize a player or an official. Will never refuse to accept all de- cisions of the oflicial without ques- tion. Will never jeer or deride an opposing player for fouling. Will never boast after winning, nor alibi after losing. Will never fail to applaud an oppon- ent after a good play. Will never criticize a team's style of play, even if he deslikes it. Will never make abusive remarks from the sidelines. Will know that good sportsmanship is far more valuable than the mere win- ning of a game. Will always maintain silence when a player is attempting a free throw. Will love the game for its own sake, not merely to win. EDMOND VIRONET Center GEORGE WETZEL ARTHUR ADRIANSON GAIL ATKINSON Center Guard Forward , 1 1 I t 1 ' x r l i fl A ' u w . x v , , ,Lv , ,K .x ,4f..,v, 'Qjii T'-'.',':' 1 OUR COMPLETE VARSITY SQUAD Top Row-Mr. Phares, coach: Sam Crouch, forwardg Marvin Curtis, guard Clyde Parks, guardg Kenneth Brown, forwardg James Edwards, for- wardg Clarence Parks, forwardg Mr. Hengstler, faculty manager. George Wetzel, centerg Ralph Atkinson, guard. 4 John Simpkins, forward. FIRST SQUAD'S RECORD Second Row-Edgar Stanley, guardg Clifton Spence, guardg Arthur Adri- anson, guardg Edmond Vironet, centerg Edgar Crosby, forwardg Front Row-Gail Atkinson, forwardg Frank Hedden, student managerg Gas City Score Opponents Score Gas City .... 23 Upland ..... ..... 2 1 Gas City 1- 16 Swayzee ......... --- 42 Gas City -- 32 Roll .............. -- 29 Gas City -- 42 North Manchester --- --- 32 Gas City -- 13 Gaston ............ --- 16 Gas City --- 33 Clay Township -,- --- 31 Gas City -- 20 Windfall ....... --- 33 Gas City,-- --- 64 Spiceland ---- --- 34 Gris City --- 13 Fairmount .... --- 21 Gas City --- 30 Frankton --- --- 25 Gas City ,L 14 Marion .... --- 42 Gas City ,ss 35 Sweetser --- ,-- 26 Gas City 1, 65 Matthews --- s-, 29 Gas City s-- 19 Windfall ..... --- 20 Gas City -- 32 Upland ......... --- 26 Gas Cityqs --- 30 Sumniitville ..... -- --- 35 Gas City -, 22 Hartford City ....... --- 30 Gas City -- 31 North Manchester --- --- 34 Gas City s-- 31 Pendleton .......,. U- 29 575 555 TOURNEY AT MARION Gas City ........, 43 Matthews .... -- 22 Gas City .,...., 17 Marion ..... --- 24 60 46 T H E E P O C H JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL RECRUITS Top Row-Mr. Bailey, coach, Fred Millspaugh, guard, Richard Ditmer, center, Hubert Hiatt, center, Alton Curtis, guard, Carl Stanley, for- ward. Second Row-David Myers, guard, Guy Atkinson, guard, Elmer Burton, forward, Frank Hedden, forward, Wendall Jones, forward, Samuel Crouch, forward. Third Row-Robert Adams, guard, Harold Campbell, forward, Gerald Campbell, forward, Jack Courtney, forward, Ralph Carroll, guard. JUNIOR H. S. RECORD 1929-1930 Gas City ...... - .... 21 Upland .............. 13-There Gas City --- -- 24 Point Isabel 1-1 .... 25-There Gas City --- 16 Gaston ,..1,. Here Gas City .... --- 31 McBeth Evans -There Gas City -- 10 McCulloch ....1. .11, - -Here Gas City -- 8 lVIartin Boots --- .... -There Gas City -- 6 McCulloch ..,. .... - There Gas City -- 17 Fairmount ....,. .... 4 7-There Gas City .... --, 18 McBeth Evans 32-Here Gas City .... --- 26 Martin Boots .... ..1, 1 3-Here Gas City -- 15 Anderson --- 46-There Gas City --- -- 8 Upland ....1.. .... H ere Gas City .... 21 Point Isabel --- .1,. -There 215 V S 1 9 3 0 3 '1' H E E P O C H THE TOURNAMENT When the sectional tourney came along the Tiger crew, a production of Coach Phares, was hitting a stride far better than when they opened the season at Upland, November 10. The fundamentals had been drilled to ultimate perfection, and the spirit was running high, along with com- petition, to see who would be the eight men who would represent "The Old Maroon and White" at Marion. To our satisfaction we drew Matthews, playing them Friday night. The winner of this fracas was to meet Marion fthe highly taunted Taube Terrorsb, who expected to meet a worn out team like they played January 11. But to their surprise, they met a determined bunch of TIGERS- true in name who had gone through the season with flying colors. The Giants had things their own way the first period of the game. The score at the half was 21 to 10 in Marion's favor. The TIGERS, with that never ending fight, came back in the last half and scored 7 points while the so- called Giants scored only 3. The TIGERS never at any time showed signs of giving up, and went down to an honorable defeat, to the score of 24 to 17. SECOND TEAM RECORD Gas City --- .... 14 Upland --- --- 14 Gas City --- .... 33 Swayzee -- --- 19 Gas City --- .... 25 Roll ......... --- 13 Gas City --- ---- 35 Gaston ------ -- --- 12 Gas City --- ---- 7 Clay Township --- --- 23 Gas City -- ---- 10 Windfall ------- --- 24 Gas City --- ---- 17 Fairmount --- --- 22 Gas City --- ---- 10 Frankton --- --- 12 Gas City --- ---- 11 Marion --- --- 19 Gas City --- ---- 17 Sweetser ---- --- 22 Gas City --- ---- 18 Matthews --- --- 17 Gas City --- ---- 13 Windfall ------ --- 27 Gas City --- ---- 18 Upland -------- --- 17 Gas City --- ---- 32 Summitville ------ --- 10 Gas City --- ---- 11 Hartford City ---- --- 36 Gas City --- ---- 22 Sweetser ------- --- 15 Gas City --- ---- 8 Pendleton ---- --- 13 301 315 1 0 9? T H E E P O C H UPLAND With the Tiger spirit running at its highest the Tiger crew journeyed to Upland, November 1, to defeat the Highlanders to the tune of 23-21 for the first victory of the season. The Tigers played topnotch ball to assure the fans that they meant to make a record season. SWAYZEE The Tiger band, with a victory to their credit, invaded Swayzee, No- vember 8, to leave with the small end of the score 42-16. The Tigers were hampered by the small gym. The boys played a good brand of ball but could not hit the hoop. ROLL The Roll Rollers, touted to win over the Tigers after their defeat by the Swayzee brigade, invaded Gas City, November 15, as the Tigers' guests. The Tiger crew showed old time form and flash to defeat the strong Roll team, 32-29. NORTH MANCHESTER The Gas City Tigers, with one defeat and two victories, journeyed to North Manchester, and, with the old grim determination, they came back with the long end of the score, 42-32. CLAY TOWNSHIP On December 6, the Clay Township Giants Knot exaggeratingj came to Gas City, only to return with the short end of a 32-33 score. The Tigers were never threatened until the last few seconds of the game. WINDFALL With fate against us on January 13, CFridayJ, the Windfall quintet handed the Tiger crew their second defeat of the season. Outdone in height, the Tigers played a good brand of ball, but bowed to the onrush of the invaders, to the tune of 33-21. GASTON The Tigers backed to the last word were hosts to the strong Gaston quintet November 29. The game was hotly contested and both teams fouled to an excess, but Gas City finally edged out the invaders 13-16, after leading at the half. SPICELAND Fighting their way through a snow storm and snow drifts, the Tigers made their way to Spiceland and handed the Spiceland boys a hot defeat, 64-34. FAIRMOUNT On January 3, the fighting Tigers went down to an honorable defeat at the hands of the Fairmount Quakers, 18-21. The defeat was due to the small playing facilities and a last minute rally. EEE 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H Ziifif iigii FRANKTON On Friday, January 10, the Tigers were hosts to the Frankton boys. The game was fast and fouls were frequent. The Tigers came through for a last minute rally to win by a 29-33 score. MARION January 11, the Tigers, worn from the "Pyrrhic Victory" of the night before, journeyed to the arena of the Marion Giants, to go down to an honorable defeat with the score 42-14. Many men saw action, but due to the hard battle of the night before, they could not penetrate the Marion defense. SWEETSER After a week of rest and training the Tigers were treated to the best in having the Sweetser Braves pay them a visit, which resulted in a de- feat for the Braves. MATTHEWS After coming through with a colorful victory against Sweetser to thc score of 32-26, we met the Matthews Minute Men here, only to defeat them to the tune of 63-28. The Tigers were never threatened. ALEXANDRIA TOURNEY Touted to take the Invitational Tourney, the Gas City Tigers, after getting a bad start by an injured player, were defeated by the Summit- ville boys to the score of 29-20. WINDFALL After this game had been postponed on account of the Alexandria Tourney, we journeyed to Windfall to lose to the Dragons 20-19, due to a last minute rally. The score was tied many times. UI-'LAND January 31, the Highlanders, strong for revenge, came here as our guests only to be turned back in sorrow and defeat to the score of 32-26. The game was well played with the Highlanders coming back in the last half to tie the score at 21. SUMMITVILLE February 1, we journeyed to Summitville to get revenge from the team who shattered our tourney hopes, but due to the small floor, we took a defeat 35-30. The game was hard fought and tied in the final minutes. HARTFORD CITY The strong Hartford City Airdales, with two defeats thus far, were our guests. The Tigers took the lead in the opening minutes only to be outscored by long shots. 1 9 3 0 NORTH MANCHESTER North Manchester gave us a return visit February 14 and along with it an honorable defeat. We met a different crew than we had de- feated previously, but to their surprise they met a fighting crew which would not be defeated only by the strongest fighting. SWEETSER With the season coming to an end we paid Swcetscr a friendly visit in the form of a Basketball game. The game wa: hotly contested with fouls very prevalent. At the half the score was T2-'23 in our favor, but we were edged out of a victory by a foul in the last second of the game. PENDLETON February 21 on behalf of the high school, the Tiger crew gave the Pendleton boys an interesting defeat, 31-29, to get revenge from the de- feat of last year, thus ending the scheduled games for the '29-'30 season. 0 . TRACK Track season opened immediately after the basketball season ended. Many men turned out in track togs to try to bring glory to G. C. H. S. A track and field meet was held between the classes, in which the Juniors were the winners. A large banner was presented to the winners. Field meets were held with Jonesboro, Montpelier and Swayzee. We also participated in the county meet at Marion. Much more emphasis has been placed on track this year than form- erly, and we hope that with the material that's left, Coach Phares will develop a team next year that will surpass this year's team. Every team is coached to win. Winning is one of the objectives of the game, but the boys and the school as a whole are taught that for every winner there must be a loser, and that there may be as much or more honor in losing than in winning. The boys are taught to play the game hard and fair. They are taught to train hard, work hard, and play hard, and if they be losers, they will lose like true sportsmen. o PROSPECTS FOR 1930-31 BASKETBALL SEASON The year of l29 and '30 was a successful one for the Cas City Tigers. With three veterans to start the season, a combination was whipped into a machine that won eleven out of the twenty games on the regular schedule. In the sectional, the Tigers won their game in the first round by a score of 40-14, and were defeated by Marion in the second round by 7 points. Although the services of Vironet, the Atkinson Brothers. Stanley, and Peterson will be greatly missed next season, Coach Phares is optimistic concerning the outlook for next year's team. With Adrianson and Crosby as a nucleus around which to build, along with the services of Wetzel, Simpkins, Dailey, Spence, Ross, the Curtises, Stanley and others, prospects for a winning team seem assured. 3 Q 1 9 3 0 A , . QQSQQ fam' 4 1 'L . Y 3 ' 1 f, 4, 1, ' .'4,fq,Zf"'7fg, 7.5 - 4 1 n Z ,K . , " -.. ' - 'iff 4 Xian Moi?-.' if x 1 -in f . Q V . ,J53 Rig : 'ff 1 FQ, 'f 1 e' HL .43 y S fi if ,I , A dl'-"5' BASEBALL TEAM Top Row-Merril Dailey, Kenneth Lonfellow, Edmond Vironet, Warren Groves, George Wetzol, Donald Millspaugh. Second Row-Edgar Stanley, Arthur Adrianson, Ralph Atkinson, James Edwards, Mr. Phares. Third Row-Burr Peterson, Samuel Crouch. Frank Hedden, Ralph Car- rol, Gail Atkinson. Oren Atkinson. BASEBALL On September 9, 1929, Coach Phares called out his recruits to try to produce his first Ty Cobbs and Babe Ruths for Gas City. After a few workouts a team was selected which showed baseball talent and Tiger spirit. Very few games were played, but spring baseball was taken up where fall baseball left off, and the same crew was out again to carry base- ball through with lasting colors. E223 1 9 3 0 'Mi ff' A X1 z' X- I me ,- Q' SAL N! -Sq " 'Y' r' ll.: Q .5 -1 .. :T v A .M,:b,5 5 2 2 'VS E-Irtiuiiiw EXNLIBRIS 'X XX M! ,eff , 'fVW" 9 30 Af X 79 wx f f 1 9 X4 f iifwziftg T H E E P O C H 7r:ei,fE 1if7 BAND Clarinets-Jay Devore, Geraldene Patti- Q1 son, Delores Howell, Frederick Hatlield, ifegf ' 3 Willis Jeffrey, William Garland, Mary ' ' gil' Jane Williams, Violet Pratt, Kenneth Brown, Bernice Zirkle, Paul Stephenson, Margaret King, Ruth Bothwell, Dorothy Crone, Geneva George, Hazel Dawalt. Raymond Millspaugh, Rex Griffiths. Murval Ballinger. Cornets-Joe Rothwell, John Ruley, Helen MR. REITER Crosby, Frederick Gore, Guy Atkinson, MR- FIELDS Eva Mae Hutchinson, Ralph Pratt. Chester Gore, Arwin Pratt, Charles Render, Violet Hurlock, John Simpkins, Dwight Ballinger. Saxophone-Geneva Coy. Eleanor Greenwood, Paluine Stevens, Mary Jones, Jessie Voris, Jean O'Brien, Mary M. Wood, Wilma Simonton. Elizabeth Garthwait, Ralph Carroll. Trombones-Carl Stanley, Alma Shearer, Cecil Morgan, Haskell Jessup. Edward Miitsch. Mellaphone-Everett Wood, Harold Harris, Eldon Ballinger, Emmit Ray. Tuba-Hubert Hiatt, Russell Bastian. Baritone-Max Pratt. Sousophone-Mr. Reifel. Drums-Jack Courtney, Alice Groves, Warner Wade, Wendell Jones. Directors-Mr. Fields, Mr. Reiter. 'R W ' -..1'. .sul -5-me --,mm f.,-gr----Huff --f-s,V --,-5 vi. - ' FBUHJQCLAJL-.f5:1.,v1,f:i1,.LLZ,.r- .,- 1 9 3 0 21122: Eewfi ie ie ES 53.211 faimgif we T H E E P O C H Ig ,Q y . XJ, If .Null If GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-Adrienne Love, Ada Vironet, Leatha Linville, Martha Jeffrey, Mary Cochrane, Lucile McPherson, Beatrice Graves, Dorothy Dudley. Second Row-Elfreda Wesling, Thelma Morgan, Irene Walsh, Delores Gray, Julia Lewis, Blanche Harter, Louise Ward. Third Row-Miss Griffiths, Anna Marie Smith, Catherine Milholland, Mar- jorie Hillman, Bertha Merkel, Ruby Wilson. This organization has performed on several occasions this year. One of which was a very clever side show for the school carnival in November, in which the songs and costumes of people of other nations were represent- ed. The success of the operetta, "Up In the Air," which was given in April, was partly due to this group of girls. "Music is the art of the prophets, the only art that can calm the agitations of the soulg it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us."--Luther. 1 9 3 0 2 ifffijjiii' T H E E P O C H ORCHESTRA Clairnets-Geneva George, Violet Pratt. Margaret King. Cornets-John Simpkins. Violet Hurlock, John Ruley, Dwight Ballinger. Saxophone-Mary Jones, Magdeline Young, Jessie Voris. Violins-Wendell Jones, Myrtle Belle Coy, Norman Street, Willis Jeffrey. Edwin Bastain, Clifton Voris. Trornbones-Cecil Morgan, Edward Miitsch. Melophone-Harold Harris. Drums-Alyce Groves, Coronellia Briggs. Piano-Ruth Bothwell. Bass-Hubert Hiatt. Director-Miss Griiiiths. "Music hath charms to sooth a savage breast, To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H First Row-John BOYS' PHYSICAL ED. CLASS p Simpkins, Glen Crosby, Ralph Atkinson, Warren Groves. Second Row-Haskell Jessup, Kenneth Brown, Kenneth Longfellow, Ed. Crosby. Third Row-Karl Cook, Otis Brown, Cecil Morgan, Wayne Ross. Fourth Row-John Ruley, Gail Atkinson, Woodrow Voris, Arwin Pratt. Fifth Row-Ben Whittingham, Oren Atkinson, Ronald Dawalt, Ed. Vironet. Mr. Phares. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF HEALTH I. Thou II. Thou III. Thou IV. Thou V. Thou VI. Thou VII. Thou VIII. Thou IX. Thou X. Thou shalt keep thy backbone straight. shalt brush thy teeth twice a day. shalt eat suiiicient, proper food. shalt chew thy food properly. shalt drink one-half gallon of water a day. shalt walk three miles a day, or play a game for forty- five minutes. shalt use all thy lungs all the time. shalt sleep eight hours every night. shalt think pleasant thoughts and banish unpleasant ones. shalt thank thy Creator for the blessings which the keeping of these laws bring, and tell thy neighbor. 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H GIRLS' PHYSICAL ED. CLASS First Row-Elfreda Wesling, Bernice Zirkle, Delores Saunders, Irene Walsh, Pauline Stevens, Louise Ward. Second Row-Delores Stegemoller, Viola Gritiin, Lucile McPherson, Ruby Wlson, Dorothy Dudley, Bertha Merkel. Third RoW+Berneice Butler, Ada Vironet, Martha Jeffrey, Beatrice Graves, Marjorie Hillman, Catherine Milholland. MY BODY "My body is the lightning rod of my spirit, And I honor it as such. I do not worship it, nor deem it greater than myself. I do not confuse it with myself, Which towers over it like iridescent fire. Pour down upon me, O Spirit of Eternal Energy, And make my body luminous and fit for God." E 1 9 3 0 E T H E E P O C H 'r i2"'f.i. .. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS John Ruley, Arwln Pratt, Kenneth Longfellow, Leo Hamilton, Johnnie Brown, Norman Dailey, Ronald Dawalt, Clifton Voris. Glen Crosby, Ralph Atkinson, Kenneth Brown, Otis Brown, Gail Atkinson, Oren Atkinson, Karl Cook, George Glaze, Ed. Crosby, VVarren Groves, Bon Whittingham, Wayne Ross, Mr. Phares. Has- kell Jessup. In physical education we aim to develop both the mind and the body togetherg therefore we give the students exercises that are complicated enough to require the individual to have to think in order to execute them. Other specific aims of our physical education program are: 1. To teach the students to be honest, truthful, sincere and serious. and to be considerate of others. 2. To teach them to guard their health, both morally and physically. 3. To teach them to have clean habits of living. A 4. To teach them to be loyal, for a reputation of loyalty induces em- ployers to give the young men and young women positions of responsi- bility and trust. Another general aim is to teach pupils how to play, in order that they may be able to utilize their leisure time by indulging in good wholesome recreation which is necessary for the health and happiness of everyone. -Mr. Phares. S 1 9 3 0 SEWING CLASS Dorothy Dudley, Mary E. Jones, Louise Ward, Irene Walsh, Elsie Ferguson, Anna Louise Sloderbeck, Gladys Wallace, Miss Whitehead. Home Economics has been defined as rightful living. The depart- ment strives to reach this aim through the study of Clothing, Foods, Home Management, Interior Decorating, Principles of Design, Nutrition, Home Nursing, Child Care and Related Art. The department is striving to impart better methods in each of these arts. It caters to the student who intends to make honiemaking her career as well as to the student who intends to go to college. The girls are made to realize the relation of color, design, balance pro- portion. and rhythm to all phases of Home Economics. Individual and original tastes are stressed in dress as well as in home decoration. The principles of cookery are studied with much care given to the pre- servation of the foodstuffs, and the Way to make them more palatable and appetizing. The Home Economics Club has been organized as an outgrowth of the interest in classwork. The club takes up the individual problems of each member and helps to solve them. Home Economics is gaining in importance each year, and people are beginning to realize the value of it in the school curriculum. ' -Miss Busby. T H E E P O C H r?'T5ri'EE?lfEi5'T FM"-fm ' 'f"'lt"' y ART CLASS Johnnie Brown, Clifton Voris, Burr Peterson, Edgar Stanley, Elsie Ferguson, Gladys Wallace, Glen Crosby, Edgar Peterson, Ruth Baker, Hugh Brown, Clifton Spence, Harold Wilson, Mrs. Hutch- ins. YOUR TALENTS You must learn to work with the talents God has given you. It will do you no good whatsoever to envy another who happens to be more tal- ented than yourself. Get busy and develop your own talents, though they may seem unimportant and insignificant to you now. lt is through the intelligent use of your own talents and opportunities that your life will be broadened. Your talents are the blessing bestowed upon you at birth that you might do some useful work in the world. You can make your opportunities as you develop your talents. It is a great advantage to realize early in life just wherein your talents lie. Everyone is blessed with some useful talent which should not be neglected or allowed to lie dor- mant. Bring your talents to the light and make the most of them. As you develop them, you open the gate to greater opportunities. When you have learned to work with your own talents, much more happiness will come in- to your life. Ql KkEP5 Ei, agi 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H HI-Y CLUB President-Donald Millspaugh. Vice-President-George Wetzel. Secretary-Treasurer-Merril Dailey. First Row-James Edwards, Johnnie Brown, Robert Leach, George Wet- zel, Edgar Stanley. Second Row-Mr. Reifel, Haskell Jessup, Stanley Curtis, Burr Peterson, Mr. Phares. Third Row-Merril Dailey, Willard Oliver, Warren Groves. Donald Mil- spaugh, Miss Ooley. MOST BOYS HAVE DISCOVERED That it pays to be friendly. That good habits and good times have never yet been divorced. That work gives spice to play, and that play gives flavor to work. That the lions of difiiculty that one sees in his path are often fast chained. That a bit of encouragement will often brace up a discouraged com- rade, and help him to tackle a hard proposition with a new zeal. That lack of real friends usually means lack of friendliness. That manners are an index of the heart, and must be sincere to be effective. That ill-temper is always a desirable possession-to get rid of. That high ideals keep his feet out of the mire. 1 9 3 O i TEACHERS' CLUB Top Row-Miss Whitehead, Mr. Bailey, Miss Overnian, Mr. Reifel, Miss Kensler, Mrs. Bailey. Second Row-Miss Hartman, Mr. Hengstler, Miss McCormick, Mr. Coy, Miss McVicker. Third Row-Miss Heal, Miss Grifliths, Miss Walker, Mrs. Reifel, Miss Sheehan. Fourth Row-Mrs. Hengstler, Miss Lichtenwalter, Miss Jones, Miss Spur- geon, Miss Walling, Miss Riordan, Mrs. Hutchins. Fifth Row-Miss Longfellow, Mr. Carmony, Mrs. Carrnony, Miss Hinch- man, Mr. Phares, Miss Ooley. President .7v..... ,s.... M iss Jones Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - Miss Longfellow . L 1 9 3 0 lEE3E? EE E15 lifiifi T H E E P O C H 1212915 123 az: FOREWORD We, the class of nineteen hundred thirty, present this volume of "The Epoch" to show the spirit, teachings, and ideals of Gas City High School. We hope that this record of our school years will be a joy to all who read it, and that throughout the years, it will recall to us pleasant memories of our bygone days. 1 9 3 0 3 T H E E P O C H Y.. iffiifii i BOOSTERS' CLUB Top Row-Geneva George, John Brown, Lila Barber, Donald Millspaugh. Mary A. Huffman, Warren Groves, Martha Jeirey, Edmond Vironet. Second Row-Walter Pratt, Violet Hurlock, Cecil Morgan, Mary Cochrane, John Adams, Anna M. Smith, Everett Wood, Alyce G1'oves, Norman Dailey. Third Row-Woodrow Gosnell, Elizabeth Garthwait, Mildred Crouch. Glen Crosby, Mary Lewis, Marvin Curtis, Elizabeth Davis, George Curtis. Fourth Row-Guy Atkinson, Ruth Bothwell, Elizabeth Price, Oren Atkin- son, Bernice Zirkle, Charles Eakins, Viola Griffin, John Ruley, Irene Walsh. Fifth Row-Delores Stegemoller, Earl Holloway, Delores Saunders, Ed- ward Miitsch, Eleanor Greenwood, Ben Whittingham, Myrtle Belle Coy, Charles Gent. ' Sixth Row-Barbara Garland, Wayne Ross, Mary M. Wood, Arthur Ad- rianson, Virginia Dancer, Merril Dailey, Florence Nieman, Richard Ditmer. President ............ .... E dmond Vironet Secretary-Treasurer ,-- ,... Elizabeth Price 1ri11f?E??7m:Z1?E'g i 1 9 3 0 SUNSHINE SOCIETY Top Row-Geneva George, Mary A. Huffman, Ada Vironet, Leatha Lin- ville, Martha Jeffrey, Violet Hurlock, Lucille Newby, Mary Miller, Beulah Troxell. Second Row-Lila Barber, Anna M. Smith, Catherine Milholland, Mary Lewis, Othella Dancer, Martha Mae Morgan, Elizabeth Poor, Marjorie Hillman. Bernice Zirkle. Third Row-Bertha Merkel, Ruth Bothwell, Mary E. Jones, Delores Saun- ders, Beatrice Miller, Elsie Ferguson, Anna L. Sloderbeck, Viola Griiiin, Delores Stegemoller. Fourth Row-Blanche Harter, Bertha Minnick, Edith Minnick, Gladys Wallace, Bernice Hatfield, Mildred Eck, Ethel Louise Ward, Mary Jane Williams. Fifth Row-Bessie Mayfield, Bertha Mae Pearson, Lucile McPherson, Beatrice Graves, Dorothy Dudley, Sarah Davis, Alyce Groves, Irene Walsh. President ........... ......... A da Vironet Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... M arjorie Hillman Reporter ............ ..... L eatha Linville - , -r . ff. -0 .- ,. ,- EQ 1 9 3 0 EJ G H Quririg The Sophomore Class Party Games and contests were fea- tures of a delightful Hallowe'en party given by the dignified and most respected Sophomores on Tuesday, October 29. Delicious refreshments were served to about twenty-four members of the class and Miss Ooley, Miss Lichtenwal- ter and Miss Griffiths of the facul- ty. Everyone pronounced the af- fair a success in spite of the fact that rumors were afloat as to "makin' whoopee," conferences, special sessions, and such other events that naturally follow. The Junior Class Party On Oct. 29, the members of the Junior class were pleasantly enter- tained at a masquerade Hallowe'en party held in the high school. In the early part of the evening games were played. Music was furnished by Ruth Bothwell and her well known Toy Orchestra. Refreshments were served and a good time was had by al. Senior Picnic On October 21, the Senior class, accompanied by several of the high school teachers, went on a picnic to Wawonaissa Glens. Various games were played and a pot-luck supper was served. Later in the evening the Senior girls captured Mr. Reifel, Mr. Hengstler and Mr. Carmony, and took them a ride in Sarah Davis' Lizzie. Having been transported several miles east of the Glens, the machine was stopped suddenly and the three gentlemen were inform- ed that they would have to walk back unless they consented to give the Seniors the west side of the as- sembly. For a second the prison- ers were very discreet, they said nothing. The fair maidens became desperate, they pleaded, they beg- ged, they threatened, they cajoled, but all to no avail, for the only re- plies they received were meaning- less jabberings in German. After several hours f?J had passed, the girls confessed their defeat and steered the little old gas buggy for home. The Freshman Class Party. The Freshman Hallowe'en party was held on Monday night, October 28. The prizes were awarded to Max Pratt and Hugh Brown for the biggest grin. A good time was enjoyed by all. Sophomore Party On March 14, the Sophomore class enjoyed a party given in the high school gymnasium. The first event of the evening was an enter- tainment of music and dialogue given by Glen Crosby fRastusJ. Marvin Curtis, Haskell Jessup, and Harold Harris, our WJAK repre- sentatives. This was followed by a reading given by Viola Griffin in a "stuttering" fashion. Games were enjoyed afterwards, such as "wink-em," "Upset the Fruit Bas- ket," and "Two Deep." Forfeits were demanded of every one pres- ent, and these were redeemed in quite unusual manners. Refresh- ments were served in the home economics room. All of the twen- ty-six who were present went home knowing that they had en- joyed a real-for-sure party. ' fh 1 9 3 0 E W ll alvnhar September 3rd.-We start in school today the last time. Let's make it the best in the history of G. C. H. S. 4th.-Having a very hard time straightening out our conflicts. 11th.-Everyone is trying to find a way to go to Gaston. Why? The first baseball game of the sea- son. And oh! We came home with the small end of the score 6-2. 12th.-They say the reason Ed. Vironet can't grow a mustache is that he argues too much in Civics class. 13th.-Everyone is interested in baseball. We sure have a good band this year. Ralph Atkinson thinks everybody with red hair can't vote. 16th.-Well, we had a baseball game with the mould shop from the Owens-Illinois Glass Co., and the story ends very sad for the Tigers, 10-2. 17th.-The first picnic of the school year was held by the Sen- iors at Wawonaissa Glens, and did we have fun! Ask Mr. Reifel and Mr. Hengstler. 18th.-First call for basket ball. About every boy went out to see if he was good enough to be a Tiger. 19th.-We had the surprise of our life when Mr. Hengstler an- nounced that Marion had invited the Gas City high school to attend their football game free of charge. 23rd.-Blue Monday again. Ev- erybody sleepy. Wonder why? 24th.-Girls all look so tired- oh, yes, they are practicing for the Phi Delt play "Land of the Honey- moon." 25th.-Convocation in charge of the Seniors. Violet Hurlock played a cornet solo and Mr. Reifel gave a splendid talk on "Some Objectives L-.g .. fa 1 9 3 of Education." We also had a pep session. We have a new yell lead- er. Mr. Phares. There isn't any- thing slow about his leading yells. 26th.-Everyone talking about the play, and everyone going. 27th.--Had a test in U. S. His- tory. Nobody knew anything. 30th.-Annual Staff had a long session with Mr. Carmony today. October 2nd.-Everybody had a class meeting today. Boosters' Club was organized. 3rd.-Juniors ordered their rings today. Not a bad looking ring that they have chosen. 4th,-Last day of school for this week-and we aren't sorry. 7th.-Blue Monday again. Sth.-Snaps were being taken today. We'll sure have a snappy snap page. 9th,-The basket ball tickets went on sale today. Are having our six weeks tests this week and oh, how we do love those tests! 11th.-Last day of school this week. Mr. Carmony announced that every one should come to school Monday with his face wash- ed and hair combed and shoes shined, because they were going to have their pictures taken. 14th.-Mr. Hockett is busy tak- ing pictures. 15th.-Seniors look as if they were going some place, all dressed up and no place to go. The camera was broken more than once today by taking so many good-looking Senior pictures. Report cards giv- en out today. Everybody pleased -and how? V 16th.-Convocation in charge of the Juniors. 22nd.-Everybody seemed to make those two days' vacation we if T H E E P O C H 'WEE i3f'fEfi.'f?2fe, glfil had useful. We always dread to start in school after having such a wonderful vacation. 23rd.-Mr. Phares announced that there would be an inter-class tournament. Juniors and Seniors get to plav in the final game. 24th.-Well, anyway, the inter- class champions are the Seniors, and did we girls support our team? I'll say we did! 29th.-Had a wonderful exper- ience this morning. Mr. Phares showed the Biology I class and the Health class the divisions of a real heart. The heart was taken from a horse. Mr. Phares left part of the heart in the lab. After so long a time he stuck his head around the door at Miss Ooley and asked, "May I have the rest of my heart? 30th.-We had a speaker this afternoon, the state secretary of the Y. M. C. A. and Hi-Y. 31st,-Had a good pep session. Alyce Groves tried out. Not so bad! November 1st.-This is the day that marks the beginning of a wonderful bas- ket ball season. 4th.-Yea! Rah! Tigers! They brought home the bacon Friday evening. The Civics class held city elections in school today. 6th.-Convocation in charge of the Sophomores. Maude Willis gave a very interesting reading. We enjoyed it even if we did have to pay a dime. 8th.-The Tigers journeyed to Swayzee to play with the Speed Kings. 11th.-Well, well, 'twas a sad story. Tigers brought home the small end of the score 42-16. That doesn't dampen our spirit the least. 13th.-Scoop Dailey in English class was asked this question: "Do you think Sydney Carton intended to ask Lucy to marry him when he went to see her ?" Scoop's answer: "I don't think he went down there all together." 14th.-State Attendance Officer Mrs. Marion, gave a very interest- ing talk on the reason we should attend school regularly. 15th.-First game at home to- night. We are to entertain Roll for a few minutes. Let's make this count. 16th.-Tigers made it count all right. We kept the victory brick at home with the score 32-28. The high school received a severe shock when it was announced that Miss Whitehead passed away after a week's illness. 22nd.-Everyone is trying to find a way to go to North Manches- ter. 25th.-Another victory added to our list. Crosby sure was hot on the basket. Yea! Rah! Crosby! 26th.-Everyone working hard to get ready for the Carnival. We are expecting a big crowd. 27th.-Carnival went over big the first night. Don't eat too much turkey Thanksgiving. December 2nd.-We have another victory to add to our list. We beat Gas- ton fBob Leach's home townj 18 to 16. 3rd.-We got a new Domestic Science teacher today, Miss Busby. Good luck to her. 6th.-We had a good pep session today. Mr. Phares led the yells. He sure knows how, too. 9th.-Gee! Clay Township gave us a scare in the last half of the game Friday night, but the Tigers held their own and came out with a two point victory. 10th.-Everybody is working hard. Wonder why? Oh, yes! They are trying to make the last minute count. This is the last six weeks of this semester. 11th.-Mr. Hengstler asked in Civics class "How can a judge be removed from oflice ?" Mary Lewis. very eager to answer, "He can't be removed unless he is dead."i 'itiff "A A-T ,. ' 7 Y Q 1, -'L l. ' f' :if-if rfgirii 7- . 1i'A7mi"I ' 7Z. 4 QSILQEEQ. ml Jfisfi biilvr. 1 9 3 0 LE, 111-'1LffQ3Lg.:f2Qga.ffQ5111H-. E T H E 13th.-Friday, the 13th, and Oh! What a team the Tigers are to meet tonight. Those strange farm- ers from Windfall. We are not su- perstitious, though. 17th.-Mr. Marshall gave two interesting readings about Christ- mas. 18th.-Gee-what a blizzard! 20th.-Well, here is Friday again and another basket ball game with Spiceland. The band entertained the inmates of the County Farm this afternoon. No more school until Dec. 30. We wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. January 2nd.-Everyone made New Year resolutions. I wonder if anyone made this one: "I will study my lesson very hard and try to make A in all my subjects and even A in citizenship." 6th.-Everyone was happy Fri- day night until the very last min- ute. Then Fairmount woke up and gave us the small end of the score. Sth.-Wonder what the big joke was in English VI class this morn- ing? Ruth Bothwell discovered she had put her dress on wrong side out. 10th.-The Tigers will meet Frankton tonight and the Giants tomorrow night. 14th.-Rev. Powell, from Mar- ion, gave a very interesting talk this afternoon. 15th.-Final exams. Everybody is nervous. 17th.-Report cards were given out today. Such happy and such sad faces! 20th.-We greatly miss those pupils who graduated Friday. They are Walter Pratt, Pauline Stevens, Ruth Baker, Helen Morris, Willard Oliver and Dorothy Davis. Zlst.-The hour periods, which we had last semester, are changed to forty minutes, and everyone is pleased. E P O C H 1 22nd.-The business managers are out selling advertisements for our Annual. It shows what good workers they are. 23rd.-Big Joke: Gail Atkinson and Kenneth Brown fell out of their seats. Wonder what causes that? 27th.-Summitville beat us in the tourney. Ralph Atkinson was hurt in the game. 29th.-We journey to Windfall tonight to seek revenge. 30th.-We almost did. Windfall downed the Tigers 20-19. 31st.-The Highlanders are to be our guests tonight, and we are going to visit Summitville tomor- row. The Boosters' Club knows how to make pep sessions peppy. Good Work, Boosters-keep it up. February Srd.-One more victory and one more defeat added to our record. We can't tell you yet whether or not revenge is sweet. 4th.-Everybody is busy in the Senior class working on the An- nual. 5th.-The Juniors are still quar- reling about which one is going to give a play first, Seniors or Jun- iors. 10th.-Mr. Greet gave a few in- teresting sketches from Shake- speare this afternoon. 11th.-Boosters' Club had a tag day Saturday, for the purpose of buying suits for the yell leaders. From all appearances, they made a success of it. 12th.-Linc0ln's birthday. Supt. Reifel gave a very interesting talk on the life of Lincoln. 14th.-North Manchester comes to see us tonight. I hope we give them a nice reception. 20th.-The last basket ball game of the season. Had a big parade. 24th.-Boy, that was some game with Pendleton Friday night! First overtime game of the season. lVe had a new teacher in Miss Ooley's M 1 9 3 0 T H E place today, and all the girls arc trying to make a hit. 25th.-Tournament tickets ar- rived. Everybody wants to go but don't know where to get the dough. 26th.-Miss Busby and the girls are busy making Maroon overalls for the yell leaders. 28th.-Today is the big day. Had a peppy pep session and the yell leaders looked happy in their new suits. Yea! Rah! Tigers- bcat Matthews! March 3rd.-We are very proud of our Tiger team, although Marion did beat them. They showed Marion and the rest of the county fans that they knew how to play basket ball. 4th.-In U. S. History, Mr. Hengstler asked: "Why did John Brown say that this was a beauti- ful country as he was getting ready for his execution ?" Don M.: "Well, I guess he did think it was beautiful the last few minutes." 14th.-The radio has been busy all day today broadcasting the state tournament. We all heard the Gas City vs. Franklin game- in our imagination. 17th.-Wonder why everybody is wearing green today? Oh, yes, it is St. Patrick's day. 18th.-We started play practice today. 19th.-We ordered invitations today. 20th.-Mr. Kenworth, a well known traveler and lecturer, spoke on the subject of "Some Racial Contributions to America." 21st.-Did you know we had champion checker players in the Senior class? Ask Ralph Atkinson and Ruth Bothwell for further in- formation. 24th.-Everybody practicing to put the play "Aunt Lucia" over the top. 25th.-The Seniors went on a E P O C H Effie ticket campaign. 26th.-Senior girls had a meet- ing to decide on commencement dresses. Isn't it a shame that girls can never decide what kind of dresses they want? 27th.-Nothing happened today. We had our regular classes. You know they are always interesting. 28th.-The play "Aunt Lucia" went over with a bang. Lots of money. April lst.-April fool! We thought we wouldn't write anything today, but we did. 2nd.-We hear so many talking about a spring vacation. 3rd,-Juniors are planning to give a market. Let's all go down and buy something good to eat. 4th.-Inter-class track meet. Who won? Why the Juniors, of course. 7th and 8th,-Spring vacation. 9th.-The band is getting in some extra practice. Here's hop- ing they get first place at Muncie. We Seniors are behind them. 10th.-Wake up, Julia, class is over. 11th.-We had a track and field meet with Jonesboro, Alexandria, and Fairmount, at Fairmount to- day. 12th.-The typing team com- posed of Ruth Bothwell, Virginia Dancer and Kenneth Brown, en- tered the typing contest at Peru and won first team place in the "Novice A" group. Ruth also won first individual honor and Virginia won third. This will entitle the team to participate in the state commercial contest at Muncie, April 26. 17th.-Good for Hazel Dawalt! She received a medal for winning first place in the Grant County Constitutional 'Essay contest. 18th.-Don't be surprised, folks. if you see all of us in Hollywood, for we are having movies made of 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H the school in action today. 11th.-Baccalaureate. 25th.-The operetta "Up In the 14th.-Class Day exercises. Airy, went over fine. 16th.-Commencement. Dr. Har- May per, president of Evansville Col- . . lege, was the speaker. 2nd.-Junior and Senior recep- tion. 20th.-School closes, and so does 9th,-M1-. phal-QS' School play, this little calendar of our last year "A Henpcclced Hero." of school life. La FI EDITORIAL We wish to express our apprecia- tion to the business men of Gas City and Marion who have contributed so freely to the advertising, and also to all other individuals who gave their services to the Annual. Also we wish to thank all subscrib- crs who have purchased Annuals. The Editor Wishes to thank all members of the Staff for their earn- est efforts and co-operation in pro- ducing this year book, and all pupils Awho have aided in any way. Each worked for the honor of his school and performed his duties cheerfully. This volume of "The Epoch" is put forth for the approval of the reader, to be criticized and praised according to its merits. -Editor. l E ' El 1 9 3 0 Q "" ' Sur dl vc-:rtisers 25?'H'f1?EQNH'43?f?Q1vf"fl?rSFmUf13fUfHf31'H'KE-3fP'1'Hf3EiEiilffEE1iEififEiHEHQLETW-3fEZf.f3Q5 . I FJ L! ' x .J In A 3 E MEI 0 LI-:X 'I T4 Tl! 1H1 H 1 'r if 'I ia! PEI FI N13 'rg-5 PM :rw Bi F5 ffm: Lima M M Ihfl U31 :J '-'nj 'f.r..4 ITM Mx . f , H1 li ,I ,R , 353' 7:53 I-f ' M ,m 1.,l rgx H 'H ef Ir-'I Cf L 1:41 FI '51 I . ., rv 5575717 ZH, MI :EI FI LH, Eaqgg gg Iii ggi M 1930 M FI Q33 T, MJ f.,x IH 3 D Y T12-:K . ,,, fm-G - f' y S641 35,3 M ' " 5' QM! E1 we 5 M -I I F1 M 'EJ .gb if M W gan E1 . ,., M M nr 1 ,sr my 31' I, FI was li IEI ga wg EI Ei 5 Published by W R? THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE GAS CITY HIGH SCHOOL HX , H It 611 41, Gas City, Indiana Lai 7 "5 W' M sw wi? E Z I T-I-S if TEEWREKEQMQQ IE T H E Miss Riordan-"I once ran a mile to keep two ladies from iight- ing." Miss Ooley-"Did you succeed in preventing the fight ?" Miss Riordan-"Oh, yes. She couldnit catch me." 96 'Tm introducing a brand new invention-a combined talking machine and carpet sweeper with a detachable tone arm that can be used as a letter opener," said the agent as the man of the house came to the door. "Not interested," was the prompt reply. "I'Ve got one al- ready. I'm married." K- 96- -X- Mechanic-"GiInsmink, please." Clerk-"Watchu Wantinkfer ?" Mechanic - "Gonnawritaletr. Watchuthink I wanafer?" E P o C H EI El REFRESH YOURSELF Drink RADEMAKER SL SON'S SODAS El El El "LOOK HERE BEFORE YOU BUY!" FURNITURE Russ H -.- STOVES - RADIOS JOHNSTON FURNITURE CO. MARION, IND. El .. El 9 3 0 Lfffffiifrti img ,Tiff T H E E P O C H if? El El ELECTRICITY To Serve You INDIANA GENERAL ,SERVICE Marion - - Indiana El. EI "My dear," began the nninister's wife, "there's a hat down at the millinery sto-" "There you go again," he inter- rupted, "always thinking of World- ly things." "But, my dear, you wrong me," :he said. "This hat is perfectly heavenly." 96 96 -X- Then about the contribution box that was passed. It came back with one poker chip, one trouser button, and a plugged nickel in it. "Let us give thanks," said the minister. "For what ?" asked the deacon. "Because We got the plate back." 9-5 +9 Crook-"I don't like all these flies in this hotel." Clerk-"Well, just pick out those you don't like." E1 D BROWN LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING CO. SPECIALISTS IN FINE LAUNDERING CURTAINS, BLANKETS, RUGS, ETC. FAMILY WASHINGS-Damp, Dry or Finished DRY CLEANING-Gents' and Ladies' Wearing Apparel. Draperies, Furniture and Domestic and Oriental Rugs Cleaned the Right Way. PHONE 440-A WHITE TRUCK WILL CALL. BROWN LAUNDRY MARION, IND. EI El f 1-1L1.f?EiE 1 9 3 0 RLIEEEQQEEE-EQEE EjZ,3fE1i'E'i.2f1fQ Miss McVicker- "When was Rome built ?" Otis Brown-"At night." Miss McVicker-"Who told you that ?" Otis-"You did. You said Rome wasn't built in a day." Miss Lichtenwalter - "What's your name ?" Haskell J.-"Gus Poppapopupu- pulosf' Miss Lichtenwalter-"Get a job selling motorcycles." 96 +6 56 Chas. T.-"What happened to your face?" Leo H.-"Had a little argument with a fellow about driving in traffic." Chas.-"Why didn't you call a cop?" Leo-"He was a cop." E P O C H I3 Tl PHONE 3474 PERMANENT WAVING A Specialty. Realistic Le Mur Waving. Marcelling, Shampooing, Finger Waving, Water Waving, Facials, Scalp Treatment, Hair Cutting. LYRIC BEAUTY SHOP "The Shop That Sets" 11415 W. Fourth Street Lyric Theatre Bldg. Marion El EI El EI THE STORE OF COURTEOUS SERVICE Marion's Only Home Owned Department Store. Fashionable Apparel for the Whole Family. .Z2Q'zf22aff2ffdKcV69 faa4ru451f,,mc b Hwggj-W MARION, IND. E1 El 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H E' E' "Is this a first class restaurant ?" "Yes, but if you sit over there in that dark corner, we'll serve you." Bob Leach-"You know I love you. Will you marry me ?" T Florence N.-"But, my dear boy. I refused you only a week ago." Bob-"Oh, was that you ?" POTATO ve ++ ee BUTTER-NUT Waiter-"Are you Hungary?" Broker-"Yes, Siam." ALL-OF-THE-WHEAT Waiter-"Den Russia to the ta- ble and I'll Fiji." Broker-"All right, Sweden my coffee and Denmark my bill." U U -, vr 'fr Tr The speaker was getting tired ol' being interrupted. "We seem to FINE have a great many fools here to- night," he said. "Wouldn't it be BREAD advisable to hear one at a time "Yes," said a voice. "Go on with E, E, your speech." El Fl BROYLES ELECTRIC COMPANY Is "Strong" for Gas City High School More Power To You! MariOn's Old Reliable Electric Store Atwater-Kent Radios -:- Electric Washers PHONE Us FOR DEMONSTRATION 119 West Fourth Street Phone 347 Marion, Ind. LJ I3 1 9 3 0 T H E Miss Ooley-"Viola, do you know what dense is ?" Viola G.-"Dense is vot mine sister does mit every muscle in her body ven she's in the ball- room." "I: there anything more exas- perating than to have a Wife who can cook but won't do it ?" "Yes, indeed-to have one that can't cook and will do it." ee as ae "How did George Wetzel break his leg?" "Well, do you see those steps over there ?" "Yes, I see them." "Well, George didn't." 1 , V 1 ' Tr Tr iv Mr. Hengstler-"Do you mind being away from home?" Mr. Bailey-"Not if I'm far E P o C H El 13 I General Hardware Stoves Capital City Paint Nu-Da Enamel W. P. GRAY Jonesboro, Ind. enough away." E1 E, E1 El I3 F MORTICIAN Chapel Service Compliments of t I Free . Ambulance - PHONE 222-W Marion, Indiana I. H. ADAMS Jonesboro - - Indiana E- - EI El EI 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H Trlsifs, EJ 'EI BANQUET ICE CREAM "Made it's Way" by the "Way it's Made" MARION ICE KL COLD STORAGE CO. El Mrs. Hengstler-"I caught my husband flirting." Mrs. Bailey-"That's how I caught mine too, dear." Ralph A.-"Darling, I love you terribly." Ruth B.-"You certainly do." 9+ +5 -- Mr. Phares-"You look very downcastf' Mr. Bailey-"Yes, my wife has been away for six Weeks, and I Wrote her every Week and said I spent the evenings at home." Mr. Phares-"Well?" Mr. Bailey-"She is back now and the light bill has come in-it's for fifty centsf' E El 1? UNUSUAL - PERSONAL P. o. NEELY , PORTRAITS COAL Kodak Finishing and Artists Supplies Correct Picture Framing BEITLER STUDIO "Coal and Service" MHNOH, Illd- ' Phones 85-J' and 85-M E1 m EJ V El 1 9 3 0 T H E A Scotchman shut up some of the holes in his children's harmon- ica to keep them from wearing out. -56 -36 9+ New Dutchman song-"I'm Fol- lowing You." New Prisoner's song-"Break- away." New beckon song-"Lover Come Back to Me." 96 96 96 Arthur Adrianson-"l have a wonder watch." Sylvia Gorham-"Why, how's that ?" Arthur-"Every time I look at it I wonder what time it is." 96 96 96 A Scotchman walked ten miles to see a basket ball game, and af- ter he got there he was too tired to climb over the fence. El E P O C H E C1 HARRY LONG'S Barber Shop For Boys Beauty Shop For Girls Phone 1352 Basement of Marion National Bank, Marion, Ind. LJ STRONG COURSES OFFERED In Bookkeeping and Accountancy, Gregg Shorthand. Typewriting. Higher Accounting and Business Administration, and Secretarial Training. These courses give the preparation required for good be- ginning business positions and Civil Service. Graduates aided through our Free Employment Department. This is the INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE OF MARION There are nine others. For budget of Information and full par- ticulars, see, write or telephone JAMES T, MAHER. Manager. MARION, IND. ul' EI 1 9 3 0 EESEEQQEKEQEEEEEEQEEW T H E E P O C H U E' One of Miss Busby's recipes: Cook apples and tomatoes in cider until Inushy. Rub through sieveg add remaining ingredients and cook in slow oven until mixture is thick. Put in jaws and cover with parafhn. Compliments I . Dorothy Dudley - "B e r t h a. from aren't you afraid Gail Atkinson may tear down your philosophy of l'f , d ' I th' ' th THE CITY lglsceagif igiye you no Ing In e MARION, IND. +P 9+ Edwin Bailey Cto fatherh- "Father, if I were twins, would you buy both of us a balloon ?" Father-"Why sure, son." Edwin-"Then why can't you buy me another balloon, although ,J E I am only in one piece?" U El For Your Consideration PRICE-HUTCHINS COMPANY Complete Service in Men's Wear MARION, INDIANA KNOWING HOW TO DRESS -IS KNOWING WHERE TO BUY. LJ' EI Qsiafeifsizzaegifigmagigaeii 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H W W , 'I l Graduation Watches . . . specially chosen for Youth! Unquestionably the preference of the young folks today is for that combination of accuracy, beauty and distinction to be found in the watch creaf tions of the Gruen Guild. And this year, particularly our showing is complete and especially interesting. For young men, there are pocket and strap Watches 1. ,. ,G in new, distinctive shapesg for young women, dainty rectangular wristlets - styles widely approved by if , ll M i 'M the youth of today. lj! I' " -'-' ' 22 ? Let us help you select a l 9 ' i 3l f timepiece the graduate will sizgjg. l genuinely admire! B L 8 ' 1 l 41" l E, Y'--""' g 4 'V ' 'ff 2 "JF se ' :gf .. S rs i zrfjqfflfil ,ls "' a fins' 5i5531EQT?! ' i'il, lflliru ?lgl i ffjgfig' A " ' f .. , Ei ,. 'imff 5 6-,. 5 . f' 1tuPenfdlu1l575 PM appldfor l45LlenSU2g',Z:?:f 0 O Grin-rx pockel watches Gruen Crown-G'unrd Carlauche. I-MI Wllh raisedhzur from 121.50 solid gold, Precision m0l'ClI1HIl,,r65 537.50 and If MEYERS Mai'ion's Leading Jeweler fManufactu1'er of G. C. H. S. Class Ringsj N F fm 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H E1 G Everything in Radios BUTLER'S Marion Everything in Music EJ El E1 El Dr. V. G. Shonkwiler DENTIST Office Over Gas City State Bank Gas City, Ind. E I3 Z 193 Edgar Crosby, going into a res- taurant, asked the waitress for a ham sandwich. Waitress-"With pleasure." Edgar-"No, with mustard." 96 -96 -36 Slew Groves-"What is the lat- est fashion in shoes?" Ginny Dancer-"Feet," Ralph Atkinson fto surgeon about to operatej-"Will it make you nervous if I watch you oper- ate ?" 96 96 96 Karl Cook was skating near a dangerous place in a pond. Magdaline Y o u n g - "Rather reckless, isn't he ?" Wilma Simonton-"Yes, but I prefer that kind. They're always good spendersf' I3 El lVIen's Furnishings Shoes Hats Tailored Clothes "Jess Sells for Less" JESS HONTZ Second and Main Gas City EI m 0 T H E E P O C H DEDICATION We, the class of 1930, dedicate this volume of "The Epoch," with our sincere appreciation, to our fathers and mothers, Whose love and sacri- Iices have made possible our High School Education. fre mmigmmx 1 9 3 0 T H E Hazel Dawalt Cin fortune teller's rooml-"Car1't you have me be a great author? I just loathe inter- ior decoration." U 96 '39 'rr The curate was trying to teach the signilicance of white to a Sun- day school class. "Why,"' he asked. "does the bride desire to be clothed in white at her marriage ?" When no one answered, he explained: "White stands for joy, and the wedding day is the most joyous oc- casion of a woman's life." Then a small boy asked: "Why, then, do all the men wear black ?" 96 -PG X- Geneva George - "The Lord made us beautiful and dumb." Myrtle Belle Coy-How's that ?" Geneva-"Beautiful, so the men would love us, and dumb so that we could love them." E EI ARCADE THEATRE Gas City, Ind. Vitaphone Talking Pictures At All Times. E P O C H iQ E 57EEfiEE El E1 ROTHINGHOUSE BROTHERS The Rexall Store Three Good Drug Stores GAS CITY Jonesboro Alexandria E! El SOLMS BROS. GROCERIES STAR , and I BILLIARD PARLOR MEATS Candy, Cigars, Cigarettes and Cold Drinks 1 D. B. s1MPK1Ns, P1-Op. PHONE 196 EI El El El 1 9 3 0 EEQSERQK L..i.i K,a:2ii?E3T5?2E3 if T H E E P O C H U El "What is the greatest water power known to man?" "Woman's tears." L. C. FRANK ii li Ruth Bothwell fin Fort Waynel -"Oh, there's a skyscraper!" Ralph Atkinson-"Gee, I'd like to see it work." Alyce Groves - "Has anyone Funeral commented on the way you drive?" Mary Alyce H.-"Yes, one fel- - 0 low made a bright remark, twenty Du ectmfl dollars and costs." ii- 6+ -hi -1 Dentist-"Now, I'm not going to hurt." New Patient-"You can cut out PHQNE 155 the back-chat, old man. I'm a den- tist myself." Sf: 6-9 5+ GAS CITY, IND. l Mr. Bailey- "Wisdom comes with age, they say-but alas, too E, ,3 often, so does baldness." B El El El GAS CITY BAKERY Compliments of . Quality GORDON-WAGONER and HARDWARE Service COMPANY 1 E. F. COURTNEY, Prop. Phone 96 El El E1 El QZQE 1930 T H E E P O C H Miss McCormick fin Physiology classb-"Can you give me a famil- iar example of the human body as it adapts itself to changed condi- tions ?" Beatrice Groves-"Yes, mam. My aunt gained fifty pounds in a year, and her skin never even cracked." -56 -X- -36 The codfish lays a million eggs, And the helpful hen lays oneg But the codfish doesn't cackle To tell what she has done. And so We scorn the codfish, And the helpful hen we prize, Which indicates to you and me It pays to Advertise. Green-"Can your wife play an instrument ?" Brown-"Yes, she plays a lot on my ear-drum." El' 'El SHOES For the Whole -Family Men's Furnishings TWIN CITY CUT RATE STORE El -E1 F. W. TAVENNER M. D. B. S. Cum Laude PHONE 242 El E I3 G GAS CITY GARAGE Chevrolet Sales and Service Gasoline Tires KARL BASTIAN, Prop. Main St. Phone 43 Oils Accessories I m, rs in E1 I 9 3 0 KEEQEQTEHEEQEEEISIEEQE Ei T H E E P O C H El U Executive-"Smith, you know I am rather forgetful?" Clerk-"Yes, sir." Executive-"Then remind me to give you notice at the end of the month." Correct this sentence: "Ha hal" G 5 chuckled the father, as he slipped 0 and fell against the bath tub, INC "That's the third time this week ' Junior has played with the soap . and left it on the floor." Everything For +6 "What is the definition of an The Home experw, "One who knows more and more about less and less." 94- Sf- 9+ Judge-"Balifl', tell that man he must remove his hat." Balif-"But, sir, that man is a E, E, Woman." .3 1:1 El E1 7 FISHER S ADDIE ALLEN For Groceries and Meats Shoes, Dry Goods and Notions PHONE 125 411 WEST MAIN First and South D Gas City Gas City, Ind. El El I3 El 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H I3 "' -- C1 THE GAS CITY JOURNAL "Grant County's Greatest Weekly" VAN VALER sz LEACH, Publishers THE JOURNAL Should be a Weekly Visitor to Every Horne. ALL THE HOME NEWS COMMERCIAL PRINTERS I BEST MODERN EQUIPMENT This Volume of 'The Epoch" is a Product of The Journal Printing Department. Corner First and Main Streets Phone 24 GAS CITY, INDIANA I :1 ci 1 9 3 0 E T H E E P O C H -L E1' 'El GAS CITY TRANSFER HARDWARE TIRES :- ACCESSORIES FAST FREIGHT and TRANSFER SERVICE WALTER J. LOWE Proprietor E1 E1 . Kenneth Longfellow-"Dad, you are a lucky fellow." Mr. Longfellow-"How is that?" Kenneth-"You won't have to buy me any school books this year. I have been left in the same class." -36 96 96 George Glaze-"Ben, can you define deficit for me ?" Ben Whittingharn-"A deficit is what you've got when you haven't as much as if you had had just nothing." 96 -76 -36 Jr. Bailey-"Mamma, is papa going to heaven When he dies ?" Mrs. Bailey-"Why, son, who put such an absurd idea in your head ?" ee ee ee Mrs. Hengstler-"What did Ju- liet say when she met Romeo in the balcony ?" Mr. Hengstler-"Couldn't you get seats in the orchestra?" El EI GAS CITY LUMBER COMPANY COAL , PAINT, AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Main Street and Pennsylvania Railroad Gas City, Ind. PHONE 23 EY I E1 1 9 3 0 gi gxLaiQ'f'i1g T H E Mary Alyce Huffman-"Mildred, you had better take the trolley home? Mildred Crouch-"What's the use-mother wouldn't let me take it in." ae ae ee Gertie Crouch - "Mr, Reifel, there's a salesman out there with a mustache." Mr. Reifel-"Just tell him I al- ready have one." 99 96 96 Miss Riordan-"Gail, you are late to class again. Why?" Gail Atkinson-"I never started until late." Miss Riordan-"Why didn't you start early ?" Gail Atkinson-"It was too late to start early." E1 E PO C H El El 1 So DAVID JONES COAL COMPANY Dealers In Blue Diamond Coal uth Fourth and Penna R. R Phones 221-J and 221-M Gas City, Ind. El- I3 HARTMAN'S SANDWICH SHOP 105 WEST MAIN STREET Good Sandwiches -:- Hot Coffee Home-Made Pies Candy - Soft Drinks - Tobacco E "'- OPEN TILL 12 P. M. il E1 EI iETEyTcgiRE E'a?E 1 9 3 0 i 3?QEEiis,-iii? -55321332 33 T H E E P O C H Lf E' 5 James Edwards--"Did you get a lot for Christmas?" Miss Ooley-"No, I'm not going into real estate." 96- ii H- B- Mr. Phares-"Thirty years of happy married life! Goodness! How have you managed it ?" l Mr. Reifel-"Well, for one thing, I've always admitted I was Wrong." 96 59 -D6 Mutt Pratt-"Gee, Lib, Fm crazy about you." Quality Store - Lib Garthwait - "Well, run along, this isn't an insane asylum." Phone Florence Nieman-"Mr, Crone, I want three boxes of Narcissus face powder." , - Mr. Crone-"Scented ?" Florence-"No, I'll take it with E1 D me." E -1 THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR DOLLARS do not grow on trees, but they do grow when you plant them in our bank. It is an inspiration to DO MORE and EARN MORE, when you see the net results from your efforts. Spending all you can earn is only a habit, and a dis- astrous one, to your present as well as your future success. Come in. THE GAS CITY STATE BANK El- El 3 1930 23,31 - Ed Crosby-"Bernice, if a toad, E' U a duck and a skunk went to a fid- dlers contest, which ones could get in ?" , Bernice Butler-"l'll bite, which ones?" --" I Ed-"The duck could, because . lIe's got a billg the toad could, be- Fancy GKOCQF1QS cause he's got a greenbackg and the skunk could not, because he's only got a scent." and 56 96 -X- Meats Mr. Hengstler-"Marvin, why are you late ?" Marvin Curtis-"The bell rang 'i before I got here." 112 South Third Street -li -76 -X- Mrs. Phares-"Pm sorry to say 1 PHONE 92 the lady who gave me the recipe for this soup has just died." "A HQLIE QWNED STORE" Mr. Phares-"Then, out of re- spect, we'll drink it in silence." E, U In 'El JOHN F. PRATT WM. W. PRATT PRATT BROS. GARAGE Repairing - Storage - Accessories Battery Service and Repair ,Welding DAY PHONE 66 322 EAST MAIN ST. NIGHT PHONE 143 GAS CITY. IND. EI EI T H E E P O C H E P O C H ffzj2.fETiiifE?iTv 51 Ed Stanley-"Are you fond of moving pictures, Elizabeth ?" Elizabeth Price-"Of course, Ed." Ed-"Then help me get half a dozen down from the attic." JOHN F. LINN if it E Barber-"Your hair needs cut- Lawyey' ting badly, Sir." Gail Atkinson-"No, it doesn't. . It needs cut nicely. You cut G35 Clty. hid. it badly last time." 95 96 66 Miss Lichtenwalter-"Virginia. can't you pick your feet up when Walking across the assembly?" Virginia D.-"Sorry, but I ate a E1 B heavy breakfast." I3 P Again Let The S . Q 1 :Q S-snvvif.-? EEYMSS' 4 -2 lg 'G Supply Graduates and Friends With Best Quality, L atest Spring Styles in Shoes Furnishings and Hosiery Clothing, Hats, , 5155.5 na 1 9 3 0 3233232253233 EPGCH ERT ASST ,QHENDML r-fit? ,SNAPS STAFF xx NHYHBMML I TREASUUL E QESQEEQEQH T H E Hugh Brown-"Say, did the English shoot Joan of Arc ?" Miss McVicker-"No, She was burned at the stake." Hugh-"Well, I thought so, too, but it says here she was cannon- ized." 96 96 96 "And Why," says I, "did they cut the Scotch theatre owner's light bill in two because he played nothing but mystery plays?" 96 96 96 Mary Martha fSunday morningj -"Why, Wayne! Didn't you hand your nickel in at Sunday school ?" Wayne Ross Keating lollypopj- "No, The preacher met me at the door and I got in for nothing." 96 96 96 Pass the Glue.-The doctor told Ed Crosby to take a pickle just be- fore going to bed if he could keep it on his stomach. Next day Ed told the doctor it rolled off when he turned over. E P O C H EEEEEEEKQQ: E L3 MALAY BROS. Just Good Grocers Home of Good Eats Phone 187 El El E1 Fl POP - CANDY - ICE CREAM ' Best Quality In I I GROCERIES AND MEATS PAUL MCRTARANA 603 SOUTH E AND F1RsT STREETS GAS CITY El 4- I3 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H El El Compliments of OWENS-ILLINOIS GLASS COMPANY Gas City Plant BOTTLES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION El I3 1930 EifEfE EEEE T H E E P O C H Barbara Garland-"Dear Lord," prayed Barbara, "I don't ask any- thing for myself--just give Moth- er a son-in-law." ae ae ee George Wetzel-"So you were up to Montreal last week, eh ?" Slew Groves-"Yeh, that's what I hear." 96 96 96 Hazel Dawalt-"Bought a saxa- phone ?" Pauline Stevens-"No. I bor- rowed it from the man next door." Hazel-"But you can't play it!" Pauline-"Neither can he while l've got it." 96 96 96 Miss McCormick-"Iceland is about as large as Siam." ee ee ae Mary Jones Cin physics classj- "Mr. Carmony, how much does a pound of Water weigh ?" m 13 MILLER'S BARBER SHOP 229 MAIN STREET GAS CITY. IND. 30th Anniversary 1900-1930 GARTHWAIT HARDWARE CO. Hardware Merchants Gas City, Ind. EI l'J EJ G INDIANA DRY GOODS STORE Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery and Lingerie. Opposite City Park, Gas City. MAIDENBERG'S READY-TO-WEAR Dresses, Coats, Hats, and Women's Clothes. Main and First Gas City El. E my Q T H E E P O C H Kl'5SlEf5ilKo75iEf5'QE51S E, El BENNETT'S DRUG STORE Headquarters for Drugs, ,Sodas Candy, Cigars School Supplies Sam Crouch-"What are you crying about, Carroll?" Ralph Carroll-"My dog died yesterday." Sam-"Did it swallow a tape measure and die by inches?" Ralph-"Noi It crawled under my bed and died by the foot." ee ee ae Mr. Reifel-"Tomorrow is our silver wedding. Why not kill a pig?!7 Mrs. Reifel-"What is the use of murdering the pig for what hap- pened twenty-five years ago ?" -39 96 X' Ed Vironet-"I thought my nose was broken, but it is still running." ae ee ee George Wetzel-"I could have married anybody I pleased." PHONE 201 Don Millspaugh-"Then why are you still single ?" Wetzel - "I've never pleased Eg, E, anybody." Am El GAS CITY ELEVATOR FUEL Sz MATERIAL CO. "No Long Waits" -- "No Short Weights" Custom Hammer Mill Grinding Building Supplies, Lumber, Rooiing and Coal. NORTH A AND EAST STREETS PHONE 167 GAS CITY, INDIANA EI Ei 1' 1 9 3 0 T H E E P O C H El D A Twi do CONFECTIONERY, CIGARS, AND MAGAZINES J ICE CREAM :-: SOFT DRINKS FOUNTAIN SERVICE CANDIES -:- TOASTED ASANDWICHES ' CURB SERIVCE WALTER W. ROWAN, Prop. First and Main Streets Gas City, Ind. U .. El 1 9 3 0 K3QfEHw,?LiQiKEi53 A T H E E P O C H E1 COMPLIMENT F COMPLIMENTS OF C S O SCHOOL FACULTY OF THE y High School Teachers A. J. REIFEL l Supt. of Schools. Vocational Civics MR. F. HENGSTLER EDWARD J- DAY Principal Sr. High. Social Science MHYOI' MISS MURIEL OOLEY Mathematics and Biology MI MA MRS. CADDA P. KNAPP SS COHEKQTELQRDAN Clerk and Tlwsufef Miss MILDRED GRIFFITHS Music , 'A MRS. ELIZABETH HUTCHINS Councilmen-At-Large Art DAVID W- CRONE ROBERT C. CARMONY JAMES C. McKAUGHAN English and Physics MISS DOROTHY BUSBY h Home Economics Ceumfllmffe M1Lo FIELDS-Band HOWARD WIEGEL FRED REITER-Band HARRY MULLEN OTIS PHARES WALTER SWISHER Athletics, Science, and WILLIAM M. HOPPER Physical Education RUSSELL MCKINNEY MISS DALE LICHTENWALTER Latin and English THOMAS MCKEE JUNIOR HIGH TEACHERS S . . W 1 d L- .ht D t, MR. L. E. BAILEY upt ater rm I ep Principal. Industrial Arts MISS G. MCVICKER GLENN MCGUIRE English and History Supt. Street Department MISS HAZELIMCCORMICK Physical Education and History . MISS MYRL JONES FRANK KIZER Mathematics and Geography Chief of Police GRADE TEACHERS Departmental: CHAS- JONES MR. E. coY, Principal Chief of Fire Department i Miss Lenor Hartman X Miss Margaret Sheehan X Miss Fern Longfellow ELMER VIRONET , Grades: Night Policeman First-Miss Hallie Overmari Q-1 Second-Miss Ruth Heal Third-Miss Margaret Spurgeon WM- OVERI-'Y Fourth-Miss Evelyn Kensler Health Officer l - EAST WARD lst Grade-Miss Marian Hinchman JOHN F- LINN 2nd Grade-Miss Georgia Walling City Attorney 3rd Grade-Miss Gladys Walker EI E E1 T H E E P O C H ZZETEZZZEZEEL Ralph Atkinson-"Where are El U you working, Otis ?" I Otis Brown-"I'm a mode in a 1 , furniture store." COMPLIMDNTS Ralph--"Model in a furniture store? What do you do ?" OF Otis-"I try on bedroom suites." it if it A. J. BRADY Ed Vironet--"See that fellow taking the hurdles? Well, he'll be ' our best man in a Week." 1 Eleanor Greenwood-"Oh, Ed! Come let us tell father!" ?t it it School Mr. Carmony-"This essay on 'Our Dog' is word for word the Supplies same as your brother's." A Freshman-"Yes, sir, it's the same dog." i. ' 96 94- H- Leatha Linville loutside of a , , showj-"Guess I'll go in and get Marlon ' ' Indlana rid of myself for a couple of hours." El El Compliments COMPLIMENTS or of JOE OVERMAN FAWN HOCKETT , Representative of PHOTOGRAPHER PLA-LMER - SUPPLY CO. FAIRMOUNT, IND. WAUKESHA, w1sCoNs1N El E1 El G 1 9 3 0 I3 E T H E E P O C H EJ . D MARION COLLEGE ' Marion, Ind. Offers you Courses: 1. Approved by the State De- partment of Education for teach- crs' licenses for Elementary and for High School teaching. 2. Leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science in Education. 3. Preparing for the ministry, and giving either a dip oma, or the Bachelor of Theology degree. 4. In Music, Art, and Public Miss Lichtenwalter Con Main streetj-"What would your moth- er say, little boy, if she could -hear you swear like that?" Little Boy-"She'd be tickled to death if she could hear it." Miss Lichtenwalter-"How can you lib like that ?" Little Boy-"That's no fib. She's stone deaf." 'fr 'ar 96 Ed Stanley-"How much do I have to pay for a marriage li- cense?" Clerk-"Five dollars down and your entire salary each Week for the rest of your life." -96 96 96 Ed Vironet-"Eleanor, will you Speaking. marry me fr, Eleanor G.-"No, I'm afraid WRITE FOR CATALOG not." Ed-"Ah, come ong be a sup- !! 5 port. El is E1 tm R. O. BRIGGS Sales and Service for CROSLEY RADIO "You're There with a Crosley" HUDSON-ESSEX MoToR CARS QUALITY CLEANERS G. H. STARR, Prop. Cleaning, Pressing Repairing Dyeing Rug Cleaning 224 East Main St. Phone 340 Gas City E1 El E E 1 9 3 0 Miss Ooley-"What would you do in the case of a person eating poisonous mushrooms ?" Student-"Recommend a change of diet." 99 9+ -I+ Mr. Carmony-"Ben, give a sen- tence usmg the word deceit." Ben Whittingham - "I wear pants with patches on de seat." She-"Have you any poor rela- tions ?" He-"Not one that I know." She-"Have you any rich rela- tions?" He-"Not one that knows me." -X- -26 E+ Dentist-"What tooth do you want extracted ?" Pullman Porter - "Lower 7, suh." 96 +I- -36 Mr. Bailey-"Your bread is all right, dear, but it's not as light as lTlOtl1f31',S.H Mrs. Bailey-"Well, I might add that your roll is lighter than Dad's." Mr. Reifel ffeeling a twinge in the back while he was tuning in the wireless receiverl-"I -believe I'm getting lumbagof' Mrs. Reifel-"What's the use, dear? You won't understand a word they say." :L :L :L 4 . . . 4 . Kenny Longfellow-"Dad, I saved ten cents today. I ran all the way to school behind the street car." Dad-"Why didn't you run be- hind a taxi and save a dollar?" 96 96 9? Mrs. Hengstler-"I believe you wish I had married another man." Mr. Hengstler-"Nonsense! I have no enemies." 1 EPOCH . gs, .EEZ El' El P. a L. BAKING oo. Cakes and Bread Made in your Class and Fraternity Colors for Banquets. A full line of Delicious Cakes and Bread for everybody. PHONE YOUR ORDER. El El Mary 'Martha Wood-"How did you like the party, Wayne?" Wayne-"Awful! You said I could eat as much as I liked, and I couldn't." "Do you know anything about Wildcats ?" "I ought to, I married one." "I mean bobcatsf' "Well, mine is bobbedf' 94- -36 -36 Mr. Phares-"I can't find my wife anywhere. What shall I do ?" Floorwalker-"Just start talk- ing to our pretty assistant over there." -2+ 94- 95 Sylvia Gorham-"Mildred, do you know why a rabbit's nose is always shiny?" Mildred C.-"No, why ?" Sylvia-"He carries his powder- puff on the wrong end." 0 E3Ei i?EiTifErEEE

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