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svn' 'gg x I 'L . Ir E 5 f 1 5 E i I E 5 I 2 E i Q w i s ll1..l.-1.ll........l.l.i..-.l.l1.ll-.....--j Tho RAGGED RUBIN Published by the Class of NINETEEN FQRTY-SEVEN 60 Zmfsi The GARRIISON FUREST SCHUOL GREEN SPRING VALLEY ' GARRISON ' MARYLAND DEDICATION I0 ANN KATHLEEN GRAN For all that she has taught us along with our Chemistry and Biology, for her patience and under' standing and for all that she has always meant to us, We, the Senior Class of 1947, dedicate this book. ALMA MALTER Hail, gladdening light! Our lamp of wisdom, Hail! Shine with a radiance Wlaicli can never fail. Illumined by tlay rays, May tlfiiis our motto gleam, And slioiv our desire "To be and not to seemf, Polished and fitted true, Let eaclfi to eacli stand fast Firm as tlie stones In temple corners cast- Strong and enduring be Our love and loyalty For scliool and for comrades And for victory. J G Mon MARSHALL HEADMISTRESSES NANCY JENKINS 0 EDITORIAL "All the worlal's a stage Anal all the men anal women merely players: They have their exits anal their entrances, Anal one man in his time plays many partsug- E, the Seniors, came four years ago as scared and homesick freshmen to make our entrance at Garrison Forest. Formerly, we had all played divers parts: there were some of us who had played in Central Park with our nurses, some who were healthy, pink' cheeked tomlnoys from "down on the farmug some were shy, others were poised, some had stagefright, others were born ac' tresses. However, when we came here, we all started acting in the same play and have all had the same goal in sight. Some of us act type parts, others are character players, but we all love each other and feel that it takes all kinds to make a good-play. During the course of this production of many acts and scenes, we have had our ups and downs, our good performances and our bad, but through it all we have learned the basic qualities of living and acting in harmony with our fellqyv players. We have tried to and hope we have succeeded in learning to stage, pro' cluce, act, and direct, and above all, to take criticism and to give it fairly. Each and everyone of us has learned by experience that she cannot ever steal the show but must pull together with her fellow actors and must rejoice in their success as much as in her own. Now, as we, about to make our exit, stand, taking one last nostalgic look at the old familiar stage, we turn tearful but hopeful eyes and hearts toward the vast stage of the future, knowing that we must leave to make room for others to enjoy the pleasures and opportunities we have loved and known so well. A. H. H . ' '. I ..' 'i B X 8 32 ,A 7-N .K-U!"""" 'R MARILYN LEE O 'NEILL l Y l WASHINGTON, D.C. I've seen her when leading her teammatesg I've seen her when leading her school. Wherever I see her she's foremost With fun anal fair play as her rule. She's reliable, cheerful, unselfishg As a friend she,s always thereg She's a wonderful sport anal I,ll give her my heart, For I've learned about fairness from her. l9l ENTERED 1945 SHIRLEY ALDRICH rr ' as Sbirl . NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK I saw ber first at tbe piano- A girl wbo was lovely to seeg Her soft alarlc bair toucbeol ber sboulolersg Her brown eyes were smiling at me. Sbe plays basketball and badminton 'Cfbougb tennis sbe seems to prefer. Sympathetic to all, sbe'll come wben you call Anal I've learneal about love from ber. l10l ENTERED 1943 SUSAN BOHUN BARLOW "Sue" WYNNEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA ENTERED 1944 She's smart and unconsciously witty- The "Sue', we can't help but adore. We listen, amused, to her storiesg After one she always has more. Not humor alone, hut wisdom too You'll find when you get to lcnow her. To the end she will ight for what she thinlcs right And I've learned to talce lcidding from her. llll Z SUZANNE BUNKER ' 'Bunlcieu YONKERS, NEW YORK She riales with a grace, acts with an ease That I could not ever attain. She sings and writes and plays haslcetballg I've trieal to he like herwin vain. A smile that flashes sincerity, A mind that's liberal, a spirit free, A judgment that's fair and a gay, carefr Have taught nnclerstaiicling to me. U21 ee air ENTERED 1944 ROSANNA CHANLER "Zanna,' NEW YORK, NEW YORK ENTERED 1945 I laughed 'til I cried at her humor, I longed for her selfless world, A thunderstorm envied her sunlight, And the gold on her head that curled. She eagerly shouldered her labors, And lit tiny candles in ours. She grew in the sun when her life had begun. I Was this Iilithe little demon from Mars? I13I PAMELA PEARSALL FIELD "Pam" TUXEDO PARK, NEW YORK Sensitive, talented, rnodest, Her pencil is tipped with gold. She belongs to the hand of poets Whose story will never grow old. And when we all lcnow the Answer, I'rn sure that wherever I am I'll malce one request in the land ofthe la To sing with the angels-and "ParnH, l14l lessed ENTERED 1944 LAURA MERRYMAN FRANKLIN r "Lauray'-Q"Peeps" COCKEYSVILLE, MARYLAND ENTERED 1943 Laura, adorable dormouseg Swift flow her laughter, her tearsg The joy of her friends is her joyg She shares all their hopes and their fears. Her horse knows her hand, when they're hunting, Will never let hirn demurg He trusts her good sense as they ride to the fenceg l And I've learned about courage from her. l l 15l MARY ROSALIE GANS "Ros'lie" BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Her curls hob as she leaps for the bird With racquet that's steady and sureg She enjoys the things of the moment And loves the things that endure. A quick smile always follows "Hello!',g Her desire will never waver- She'll fnd her delight with the Women And I'll learn about medicine from her. U61 in White ENTERED 1942 CARQL ELIZABETH HACKNEY "Carol' '-' 'Caron FINKSBURG , MARYLAND Pensive, goldenfhaired child of Nalureg Surely the great god, Pan, As he played on his reeds by the river Told his secrets to her as she ran. If you offered her splendor and riches, Her horse and her dog she'd preferg To her jelds are more sweet than the gay city streetg I've learned of simplicity from her. y l17,I ENTERED 19 34 ORMSBY MITCHEL HANES usisn MILLBROOK, NEW YORK ENTERED 1944 Whether riding a horse or acting, Or leading her team on the field, With courage and spirit and judgment She fights and will never yield. Her smile is the snnlneam lfollow: What is it I cherish in her? It's her gay, carefree air: it's the wind in her hair! For a leader I've found in her. l18l MARY ECKER HARRINGTON "Harri" EASTON, MARYI,AND ENTERED 1945 Qniclc tears that flow at others' sorrows, A smile that's as warm as the sun Are the things I connect with "Harri", The girl with the eyes fall of fun. Gullihle, lovable, franlc, naive, Goalkeeper, editor, rider, Her gay laughter rings as her happy heart sings'- I've learned to be friendly from her. H91 ANN HINMAN "Hmm" SOUTHBURY, CONNECTICUT Then there is Ann, lcnown as "Heem,,' Gifted anal gentle anal shy With eyes that are blue anal honest As a hit of the winterls shy. Though the "play,s the thing" when she's acting, Her principles no one can stir. She's witty anal charrningg her hiirnorys disarming Ana fue learneal an enchantment from her. l20'l ENTERED l 945 TATIANA HOLMSEN "Cl'anya" NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK U Tanya", child of olol Russia, Can olance in a fairy ballet. There is something of Elflanol about herg Some quality joyous and fae. She's tactful anal charming anal friemllyg Sure, no fate will ever olefer Her from finoling romance at the cnol of the olance And we've learned to be happy from her. l l21l ENTERED 1944 hlOAN AUDREY HUMPSTUNE "Hump" GREENWICH, CoNNEc1'1cm' Fife seen her with racquet and shuttlecoclc, 'Trivirnphantly winning her garneg Vue heard her speak French with an accent That is sure to bring her great fame+ Intelligent, gay and vivacioiis, Unruglcd by problems or care, Cl'here'5 a smile in her eye, and her head is held highg I've learned about poise from her. l22 l ENTERED 1943 SUSAN CARTER KENDALL l "Sue,'f"Ken"f"Kendall" BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVAMA I loolced up and saw how the sunlight Sparlcled and gleamed in her hair. Unwauering eyes were aglow with An infinite trusting there. She's eager to learn and ainbitious, And a friend with whom to confer: You need only ask and she'll do the taslc, And Vile learned to be faithful from her. l23l ENTERED 1944 ROSAMOND SALTONSTALL LEE ROSLYN, LONG ISLAND, "RoZZie" NEW YORK In a clark anal romantic night club Surrounded by shaolowy lights At a table for two yovfll jnol "Rozzic" Seeing some of the New York sights. Yovfll final her at tennis or baslcetball Or else at rehearsal or choir. Gay and capricious, never malicious, I'ue learnecl lo be carefree from her. l24l ENTERED 1945 s 1 CLARKE DULANY LOWNDES "Clarlcie,' BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ENTERED 1942 Oh! "Clarlcie", invincible athlete, I The baclcbone of every team, You are the very quintescence Gf every coachls dream. You're forceful, determined and honestg If something should overcome you, You could laugh it off with a cheerful scojjr And I've learned to lceep smiling from you. l A U51 TY l DAYTON, OHIO MARIANNA HILLIARD MEAD "Anne' '-' 'Moronan Her clleery round face is afsparlcle With serious, twinlcling eyes, 4 But lzeliind tlie jolces and tlae laugliter Lies tlie power to organize. Slie's lovable, funny and generous, A poetess bright and clever. Hers is a fancy bold, enrapt in a lieart of gold, And I've learned what a friend is from lier. l26l ENTERED 1945 URSULA WARD MELCHER "Sulie" NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK I never lcnew wllat a voice was for Until "Sulie" began to singg I never lcnew a yellow pencil Could write poems jit for a Icing, But liers writes many. Slae also lcnows How to paint with a toucli divine. Tlaougli lier tliouglits are profound, laer soul I liave found Is as simple and quiet as mine. I27l ENTERED 1945 LUCILLE STEWART REEVES K I 7 ! BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA Foe found in this comrade a dreamer. I've found in her flashes of strengthg Intensity stamped on her forehead She strides over wrong, 'til at length A garden of talent enfolds herg The flowers therein+her own. Her charm can't be hought. She's lovably wroughtg And memory builds her a throne. l28l ENTERED 1944 eff I' JH CATHERINE MCLANE SADLER f l COCKEYSVILLE, MARYLAND Blue eyes which are filled with twinkling stars, A sparkling anal quick subtle wit Are only surfaces which conceal The ambition that keeps them lit. Horsewoman, actress, star in a gameg A friend welll always remember For clothes that are smart anel a sensitiv , e And the beauty we've learned of from her. l29l heart LOUISE UNANDERSCHARIN "I.ouiso" LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS ENTERED I943 A small, effervescent devil with Some heavenly hlue in her eyes. Infectious laughterg a winning smileg A friend whom we all highly prizeg Glamorous, sophisticated, chic, Should the situation occurg A romantic heart for all to tahe part- We soon were enchanted with her. IBOI GAY PARKER SEMLER K K I NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK ENTERED 1945 And spealcing of glamour, she has it, She,s lcnown for her poise and her style, Her humor that catches every jolce, The charm of her clisarming smile. But when there's a joln that is waiting She's serious, too, in her wayg I am sure-I alon't guess!-she was horn for success Anal I've learneol to be gay from "Gayl" D11 JOAN CLAIRE SPAYDE "joanie"-"Spaydie" OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND Who is it fights in the hachfield? Who is our sure defense? Whose mind is to her a kingdom Of wisdom and common sense? She has known honor and triumph- Our "Joanie" will never deter From reaching the goal of her brave fghting soul, And Vue learned about patience from her. U21 ENTERED 1939 PATRICIA WOODWARD TAILER "Patsy"-"Pat" MARION, MASSACHUSETTS A white sailboat sleimming blue waters And "Patsy", vivacious and gay, Or a vigorous game of tennis With "Patsy,', so eager to play. Enthusiastic, dependable, She's there when a job's to be done, Your heart she'll beguile with her wonderful smile And from "Patsy, I've learned to have fun. l33l ENTERED 1946 PRISCILLA STEWART THAYER it ' 12 Pris LANCASTER, MASSACHUSETTS In whatever she does she's earnestg I've seen her at worlc and at play. She's always goodfnatnred and cheerful For she finds the bright side of each day. She's intelligent, loyal and gifted And as true as a friend can he. Sun or clouds in the slcy, there's a srnil From her I have learned of sincerity. U41 e in her eyes- DIANA THOMPSCN "Diddie' '-' 'Didon GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT The sounol of a blaring victrola, Hot jazz anal "Diclolie" nearlayg The sounal of contagious laughter, A jolee and "Diolclie" nearby. A slap on the back and a cheery "Hello!" A manner that's franlc anal that'5 fun. She's always so gay that I ean't help but "Foe learneol to enjoy life from her!" ISSJ Sdyf ENTERED 1945 KATHARINE TROWBRIDGE "CI'olJie" CHESTNUT HILL, PENNSYLVANIA ENTERED 1945 I found in this playmate a jolcer Who laughed at her jingling cap. Ifound her buried in duties While others were taking a nap. She was filled with a deep understanding- Yet hid it in twinleling eyes. She ships in the rain ,til it's sunny again. There's reward for a sinner who tries. l36l ANN NANINE WALKER y "Ann"-"Wallcer', GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT ENTERED 1945 I've seen her at hoclcey and riding, I've seen her surrounded by boolcsg And always she's quiet and pretty, With a nature nice as her loolcs. She's interested, witty and thoughtful, As beguiling as Peter Pan. Her smile is as bright as the sunls own light And I've learned to be modest from "Ann," l im ROBERTA BURBANK WHITAKER "Birdie,' KENOSHA, WISCONSIN ENTERED 1944 I've seen her out riding and huntingg I've seen her when leading a cheer. She's always friendly and laughingg We're never sad when she's near. She'll argue her point to the finishg Her spirit springs, as it were With joy untold from a heart of gold And I've learned to be generous from her. D81 ELIZABETH WOODS WOODWARD C ! BALTIMORE, MARYLAND She was horn with a gift for friendship, With a mind, a will of her own, At peace with the earth, in the slcies Her silver wings test the nnlcnown. Shelll accomplish her missiong no danger Can malce her bright spirit demur. For a penny a thought, hers can never be And I've learned self-reliance from her. U91 bought ! l Name Always Saying Where Found Remembered For O,NEILL Hotcha!" Visiting Aunt Tilly Being Marilyn THOMPSON CHe'sQ tp, Deep in That smile! CShe'sD so Swee ' jazz records TAILER Oh! come on!" Sending telegrams to Contagious laugh Princeton SCHARIN Hi, fellas!" Your guess is as good Clothes!! as mine! MEAD See ya lager, Y Having a singing Muffin face Alligator" lesson , ,-,, O, , W , ,O KENDALL Oh! good heavensl' VV ith Hackney Hair LEE Absolutely Evind' In front of a mirror- That Walk!! alas! HANES What's the trouble, In the bathtub Drooping eyes bubble?" ALDRICH Egad!" At piano Thoughtiulness Y HUMPSTONE What a fruit!" Typing with an unlit Imitating "Bumble Bee cigarette drooping from her mouth FRANKLIN You're kidding!" In a teapot G.D.'s OEMLER Now, in Reading her mail Being gay TTT Wainscott-" HARRINGTON Shucks!" Everywhere! Being gullible WALKER Oh! now come on!" TRiding Larlcie Smile T Triowniunsni Oh! Kilciljl Drinking tea Having a smashed bed BARLOW The poiritTsi-" Taking pills Priceless sense of humor !-40! Name Appropriate Song Waterloo Supprcsscd Desire OTNEILL The Missouri Waltzi Standing -still TW To be exotic THOMPSON Smoke Gets In Posture class T To be inconspicuous Your Eyesi' TAILER Give Me Five English college boards To edit "Harpers Minutes Moreu Bazaarm SCHARN Louise" flsake People who borrow X To own Bergdorff' Forest versionb Goodman TMEAD "just One of Those Y Similar anglesA? To have a face like Things" Kate Hepburn KENDALL For Sentimental Being carefree To meet "Frankie,' Reasonsi' LEE Personality" Champagne! V To have a nose like a ' knife blade HANES Why Do I Love You?" Getting men for dances To jump Mrs. Pennyls stone walls on a horse ALDRICH Sweet and Lovely" .Iitterbugging To marry a Yale man! HUMPSTONE S.A. Take It Awayln Getting papers To be a foreign written on time correspondent FRANKLIN Ilm a Big Girl Nowu Getting fat! To win the Maryland Hunt Cup SEMLER Give My Regards to Being subtle To have clawflike ' Broadway! U hngerfnails HARRINGTON The Old Lamplightern Wearing lipstick To Wear a strapless evening dress WALKER Don't Fence Me ln!" Getting enough fresh To be a second air "National Velvetu TROWBRIDGE Tea For Twoy' Getting up To have moles come back into fashion BARLOW Without a Song" Whispering To take Mrs. Penny's fpoor soul can,t sing, history of art pictures from her many l geographies l41l Name Always Saying Where Found Remembered For gl-154317 Hovv'aW'ya?" Playing? a certain song Hipless formTWT fa la Yonlcersb on the piano T'ToLiwisEN ls it timel?" Washing her face at l Femininity in TT midnight SADLERT Idaow you?" Coming out Wearing pearls HINMANTY Dat's a vout deal, Starting a diet That twitching eyelid! Honey! ' ' tomorrow FIELD "Holy crow!" Listening to "Portia Being Systematic Faces Life" THAYER Oh! d-n!" Washing her face Witty remarlcsiin Biology class LOWNDESM P-ah-me!" M Off campus Telephone calls WHITAKER "Wait for me-' On? Rockie Talking to herself Woonwann Let's go!" At the airport Driving the station T wagon GANS That's terrific!" Playing badminton Blonde hair SPAYDE WYesT dear-" Taping hockey sticks Expressions HACKNEY You lcnovjyvhat I Dashing after the bus Taking? day scholars' mean" study hall MELCHER "lt's beefursi-fool! Not there Tm- Singing Rxaizvlzs How fleecy!" In a paint jar Vagueness CHANLER lt's a blow!" ,Wound up in a Cheshire cafggin T corkscrew CLASS or '47 Bduhln Eating lndividuality V l42l Name Appropriate Song Waterloo Suppressed Desire BUNKElt I "Losg ln a Fog" Y ,Losing things To be shorter and fatter than Tanya HOLMSEN "Time Waits for Procrastinating To be taller and N0 One" thinner than Bunkie SADLER "Bless You for Being an Taking care of "baby" To be voted the best' Angel" dressed woman in the U.S. HINMAN What Comes Keeping up with To end it all! Naturally" "grandma" FIELD v"l'mY-Always Chasing Preserving a blase To join the O.S.S. Rainbows" exterior THAYER 'Sentimental journey" Math To wear a wig Lowivmas "Lady, Be Good!" 9th grade history To beat Scarlett Wmnxsn "On! Wisconsin!" Spelling To sing!?! Woonwzmn "With My Head in the Shakespeare To blow glass Clouds" GANS "Dark Eyes" Being photogenic To have long, black eyelashes SPAYDE "I'll Buy That Dream" Being- brief To ring the hte bell HACKNEY "Back in the Saddle Being serious To ride her nightmare Againl' MELCHER I Want tougngfau Messiness To be Cleopatra Rrsisviss "Flamingo" C -being punctual To cut off Kendall's hair CHANLER "Strawberry Blonde" Rflalcing beds To vanquish Tuxedo CLASS or '47 "Heartaches,' Getting things done To find a million dollars! l43l a z www ,, l!'Q, ,.y KNEW Y v ,fi J Qn, .1 "JC ,M -'-, w'iN"ir7' I 'W '5'f',if5n' ' ' 'o . -' ,'1"5,45t. Q Y ' f. ,W . 3 . 4555? ny! , 'Y ,Q --J-Y? , me mwhgiki 549' , -u . W -. tw-f sf, -51 ,sr'x:"N :L 'Hccmu UPJIIIH "Ros.1l1c,' "Hump" "Sp,1yd1e" "Zanm" Barlowu 'tchrlxlcn "Roz" HBur1k1c" H'V.1HfJH "pusy" 'llmlwlcw ttDlL1dlCyv A'S1sN WSuc" Most Graceful . . Most Gifted . . Most Piquant . Most Versatile . Most Artistic . Most Gullible . Peppiest . . Cuclciliest . . . Most Sophisticated . Cutest Smile . Most Sparkle . . . Most Understanding . Most Unique . . . Most Atlfiletic . Most Sincere Best Disposition Most Talleative . Most Common Sense Gayest .... Most Natural . . Most Generous Most Poised . . Most Leisurely . . . Most Contagious Laugh Most Obliging . . . Biggest Joker . Frienalliest . . Most Ambitious Best Dresseol . . Most Cheerful . . Most Decialeal . CLASS STATISTICS T461 SHIRLEY . SULIE . LAURA . . SIS . LUCY . HARRI MARILYN . LOUISE . HUMP WALKER . TANYA . BUNKIE . ROZZIE CLARKIE KENDALL MARIANNA BARLOW SPAYDIE ..GAY . CAROL . BIRDIE . HEEM . ZANNA . PATSY . . PAM . DIDDIE . . TOBY . BETSY . KITTY ROSALIE . PRIS J fi rj 7' X-f, f X X f 2 n f f S 1 F, f , If mmwf' Xxx 5 ff' 1,555 ig Z - I.-'95 2 1 f' TY, ,ff 1 I A V L 1 1 ,,,n.ffmz.aafa1afcf,L' Q 'vazf E KL ,W :- qzrzggjjgggjjjjj-S A , w - .. Awkg 'X-JZ I I!-,MLLLIL L 'ji Q ifhfavymgti iw ,fdA,, 'A ,-.,ve?'f lg TELEPHOTO xG'WAN!i IT had been Miss Gran's dearest hope that the Senior Class of 1947 would be able to improve the condition of the natives on G'Wan Island-a tiny speck in the Pacific. In the years that followed, the majority had established its homes there and was doing its best to help mankind by developing new species and introducing new plants without disturbing the balance of nature. By the year 1957 these experiments had borne such fruit that the natives were well on the way to becoming civilized. This remarkable state had been reached through the tireless efforts of the "G'Wan Improvement Society" headed by Patsy and Kitty. The former had designed striking new fashions in sarongs and hulafhula skirts which had delighted the women. The latter, an interior decorator, was responsible for the invention of a special pressure cooker for tough bones. CIt must here be stated that although civilization had progressed, aided by I'Iump's skillful interpretation of the native patois, there was still a vicious lot of savages on the islandj They had been known to shout, "G'Wanl', to all white men who had dared to trespass. Such glowing reports had been sent to Mr. Truman about the island that he had decided to claim it for the United States on the fourth of july. The day before the incorporation of G'Wan, a tiny plane, flown by Betsy, buzzed over the vast waters of the Pacific. In time the island became visible and on closer View two flags were distinguishable, one a Garrison banner, the other an American flag. To his delight, Mr. Truman noticed from the air that every hut was especially equipped with a radar screen and, what pleased him more, was the sight of a tall radio tower. While circling in the air gingerly, Mr. Truman switched on his radio and heard the following song, sung in a high coloratura voice: "Cocoanut Cola hits the spot, Cfwelve full shells full-tl1at's a lot!" l43l At this outburst, Betsy nearly dropped her stick, recognizing Marianna's tropical artistry. Fortunately they made a perfect landing on a level strip of beach where Hump, surrounded by her wellftrained natives, received them warmly. Mr, Truman was deeply moved by their rendition of "Neighbor, Neighbor, How Art Thee?" ably accompanied by Tanya's frenzied Tom'Tom. While this ceremony was going on, Marilyn revealed herself as a stowaway from Betsyls plane. She had come as Mr. Truman's bodyguard and athletic advisor fhe was getting on in years and needed special exercises to lceep fltl. She leapt off the plane and greeted her old classmates with a "Hil Goon' Chill'n" and efficiently installed Mr. Truman in the nearest hut along with the presidential baggage. There he was to await the eveningls great dramatic production. Hump, Lyn, and Tanya then returned to the beach to await new arrivals. There they found Zanna deep in the throes of undergoing the very latest "Milkmaid Blaclcing Processf, She explained that her skin would soon be of native hue and that her flaming hair would lapse into black stringiness. She awaited this transformation with great anticipation and professed a deep admiration for the black race. We had barely finished admiring her progress when we were startled by the sudden appearance of a mushroomfshaped eruption in the middle of the lagoon. An emerald green "0cean'Floor' Gripper" with monogrammed doors slid up onto the sand, The initials were Louiso's. Almost simultaneously, Lucy descended from a fleecy cloud fully equipped with easel and brushes. She caught sight of the native chief swinging in a palm tree and was suddenly inspired to paint him. Meanwhile, a disaster was occurring in the center of the island. The party on the beach, which had by now grown to large proportions, was startled by piercing screams, the farfoff beating of drums and the echoes of native war cries. Pam, the island's revered Gfwoman, appeared immediately on the beach i491 and motioned for all of us to follow. We all made our way inland at a dead run with Lucy, the chief and the latter's superb portrait bringing up the rear. Finally, a large clearing in the undergrowth revealed a quivering body, which was Rozzie, reduced to tears. Around her some natives Whooped in anticipation of their midfafternoon snack which, at the very moment, was bubbling in a huge black cauldron at Rozzie's side. At the sound of our voices, a blueffeathered red hat protruded from the top of the cauldron and a smothered shout came from beneath it: "Hey, you guys! Things are getting pretty darn hot around here!" The chief, who had hitherto been engrossed in admiring his painted image, beheld the disgraceful conduct of his tribesmen for the first time and listened sympa' thetically While Rozzie told Pam that her hulafhula dancing had excited them into wanting to devour something. The something Was Diddie cooking in the pot. With an authoritative gesture the chief put an end to the entire pro' cedure. Rosalie and Spaydie, ready for any emergency, rushed onto the scene to administer first aid to Diddie's steaming form. This done, our procession retraced its steps through the jungle. By the time We had regained the beach, the sun was setting and the sky Was a blaze of red. The Whirring of Wings was heard from above and Pegasus alighted gently nearby, being careful lest he jar his graceful rider, Ann. The eyes of our nevvlyfarrived equestrienne were shining eagerly at the prospect of seeing the evening's great production, "lf Black Men Behaved As White Men Do-,H the advertisement of which she had heard on her vvallcytallcy, While winging her Way over the Philippines. The leads were to be played by Sis, Heem and Bunky Ctheir stage names were Tvveedle'Sis, Tvveedle' Boom and Tweedle'Ba, respectivelyj. This command performance was to be the climax of their theatrical careers and the Whole World Was Waiting eagerly to see it over television W.G.W.A.N. along with selected short subjects Which would include a brief address from the president. Also, this T501 evening, as a special surprise for Mr. Truman, Shirley was going to play the "Missouri Waltz" before the rise of the curtain C he often had homesick spells so far from home and kindredj. Ann suddenly realized that Pegasus had ambled off and before anyone could detain her she had followed his tracks into a shadowy grove. Pegasus had gone off in sheer delight to join Pris's band of flighty zebras and when Ann discovered him he had made himself miserable by swallowing one of Carol's especiallyfdeveloped turnips quite whole. She found that thumping his back was of no avail and called loudly for a veterinary. At once Toby strolled up armed with an overfsized spoon and a gallon of Castor oil. Pegasus was painfully cured in no time. This spectacle caused such a sensation that Barlow, followed by seven baby monkeys, came swinging to the ground from her treefhouse. She had been hopelessly practicing child psychology on them and announced to us that her life had been completely wasted. A grunting in the bushes announced the arrival of Kendall and her well' adapted Dish'Billed Platter Pusses. She told us with evident pride that she had trained them for waiting purposes at the Native Boarding House. Meanwhile, a yacht had run aground on a coral reef a distance from the shore. The heads of four survivors were seen bobbing up and down among the breakers. The first to arrive onshore were Clarkie and Gay who, in their desire to rescue each other, had nearly drowned. Clarkie's first thought was that she had left her false teeth on board the yacht but Gay consoled her with the fact that a loss of teeth would mean a loss of weight. Next to land was Birdie, singing tunelessly, 'Tm a Poor Little Sheep Whols Lost Its Way- Brr, Brr, Brrf' We laughed at her attempt to sing at such a time but our atten' tion was soon drawn to a sloppy sound and Sulie was washed ashore clutching a waterfsoaked hatfbox Cshe was an ex-Bergdorff model l51l Night fell shortly. The hrst star twinkled gaily over the island. As ii summoned by an unheard voice, the inhabitants made their Way to the shore. Since it was the incorporation of G'Wan into the possessions of the United States, there was a midnight feast and an excessive amount of Cocoanut Cola was consumed. At Mr. Truman's request, Lyn rose to open the last barrel, but before she could reach it, the top flew off and a little voice piped, "TWin' lclel Twinkle!" Laura jumped into our midst and of course Was heartily welcomed. As this clamor subsided, our eyes turned once more to the sea over which Harri Was being borne by her dashing Steed, Nymphie, who was especially fitted with pontoon horseshoes. When she came near, We thought We heard her exclaim, "I can't believe itln Our reunion Was complete! P. P. F. and U. W. M. l52l I A if ,pw ,af 15 4 vin ,' lk, 14 Www 5 -B Ai ,-:'- I , I 2 A 2 ,lf a IQ? F' f f I 5 fx, + ry. Si A 2 'F W 3 gf? .gc greg? ,QQYQQTT Q 5 .1 fjw I W ,xi ,, H 3? .- Q 2 an J V V ,V ,Q . wiv, . Z7 my M hsfqgg fm M , QQ 'wa gm in ' V 12: .. . ' wif Mfg' A X mf? uf W . X M wigs? - I, nf Vjvw-4 -. S6 Q, A - gif ,P IWT7 ' ' . ' J ff W' V 'H f ' Q '+f"'f' ' W M fm G 35 A T11 . Nw Q pm, Rig., f QQQ A ,1. g,T, ' 1. g'A3Q, f nw axwiiwis .gg,,qgf 'Q'..f' ,L., ww iz", jj ,Q . N .' ANNA' 35,3 mf X I H5 ,fkkw QL, xx ' W x F J? . pw fam . - -Q ,W 1-it ,ax NSW? -if QHfff 1:gQ - WM ' Y, r 8,5 . in ' j 'f'4'44 iw jf jg 4 M V K my KRW? We I J 3 Q . Sp. ' ,X A N WN H Q I 1 GLX ! th 5 V A 35 Q H B X s it if K 3 Q in kg I ' L+ , X A 5 1 Q I K. V S 5 x ,I W i 5 Q 35 Y ' ' 7- WL, by ZW ' 5 I y , i x fm., , Tig 'i f - A 'M ,j,a, gf 5 2 K lm K 75, ,Aj 5- It , , V . :W 1- I Q - ' ' ' g , i xg ,F Y? f s ? Q 9 i 1 2 N YQ, Ax K if? f ,ff .ji A. Q ? W J sf 4 i x. 1 , X ,. , V . X 2 f ' W lm ky 'Q' 1" W 9 A . W 5 ef- - iw A 'F X . fr J A W 'S ' 4 QQ f fm! ,g 1 .,,. M if 5:2-+iQ' W gb 7 if 'Q Q EL 'T Y . u - , mf, ,. , '-VV . , x . -' ml J, :- QE J :,, .,A:,. ,,.: if , ' ff fm -as "'A"' www, A ' Q "Q 'wash ,. ,. ,X -NT Th 'W-Y'Q9:74fWA W-U,w'fffW'??:'Wi."3f'L' QA 'Yrs-W A X , 3 -' A , Vx, A , AW V, H Q, A. wk z K f ' K, . A , 'X zz A . A A ,, v qw wxsw Nm M-X Qw'i1f.g5 , ' W Ng- .wwf ww -' ,ll-fm, , QL ,, i H A ' ' x....W ,Nuff N , f ww, A g Wwgim-lfgxw, M Ziff?" . A my wvkii! ma, 'puns :B 11? fm ,L km 5 Y V . 1 1 X J 1 6 L. 'ix , K5 31' . 1' r h 9 'W-rs 1 - 5 - 1 it 0 K ,nw I W f. ai ! f . fs ,. 3 9 3 wr f , 9 N , , ,H 'Q ,Q X gs fi' I - I 1 Bk , .,' V Q ap , ELM W6 , '.'.'::- ' , Wf gb , , Wk I A bxxmx i ' ' 5 ,.., I E' 75 s, ? f Q I V I 'bl' .K U, vw, . , . . fm. W"' if-W49w 'N 1, , '- ' If , 'xx , V. 1. LN- 'wm - MW - V, A Umwf' -' - , M, Av .3 A-A f ,JT A 'lQ,.1M5, ,ff wwvflf' I .gf ff 'wk ' ' if J' 3 4 9 ,V it Vrk- '2 5 W S mg , 1? If wig 1' n . .,2:,. Q5 N .6 E3 ,tif . .. 1 4 ,ffm wg, . ., ' 4 vii .S QQ 5 F' 2 1 si 3 .I . vi Wifi ' I ' 1' QQ?-:,. 35531116 . 1 ik 5, W 'E ff-5. sr w . an -5, ' ,wg ,. wi. 1 B Q x . 1 4 ! P, W .,. ,e, . , QI . 4 '?. R "'v 1, lag!! 5 2 na V , M .,..f-1.3mm , 52' if If-E tg E Z s Kfasalggxw ., -ii i - .,f'f"f"A : is K 5.2.1 .... r f 5 S 5 bu ww A 4' 5555 .4 - - Q . . HPF? 'NWA' W ,, VV . ,- .--. K? A ffgmfw- Qfgagl 21' fi A M nmilri- .255 ,x .. , .. .a .. ., ,M .R ---..- 3... ,, -,,, ,M-g..Q--. gg Q1 fagkzgzfi ww' if ' ', "!5L?f2:f 2,515+ ? 'Q 2 i L, WTF. X - f- -1 'W 'W -ffm gwgf-fiQ?2f,a? gf me in- i n ff 4 ' -- ---- A ' W-fg,f5.5,f.. ,, I V QQ ' ' 'Wagyu 7- g f ll is P ,wg 9? QQ x ,ig xl 1 X Y' kg. +1 .3151 X 9 ., gk I. :: .. 1,5 -1 ' 7' '35 :.:.:: 5 T, A J W ttf' Q Q D I V' Abi k , J sz ' f 5' 1: K K as na f , J. Q? N . 'T 'e a 8 -.1 , x 1' H 1 A ,Mg . sig. -H . W . fl' . -.. , x W ,I ,x 5 E. , ,.,. , ,, .sq , iifjifiii 'i 51, B 5, , K V ,ggi 1 ig L.: . WHY... L 1-1 1- 1 .4 ,N , A3135 0 O I 0 0 U .f 5,41 wc , 5,5 piffifg. fr.. H "1 "fi-1433. 'ig K F., . 'fsiw . . s, . x WY' , L H Y Q Y 5 5 x X + 3 Y. 4,5-Sf 4 XS' f wx f ' X X 'Knfb "Tak . g lx ' ff E A' X X ' :J N X I y I' N ' V Q. ,gm -- ' . W , , r Y. T Il' S kg, ,jf I . ' 3 U 1 ' ' I EW ,,ffYffQf5f'.,zf'., iff im . Q M' , 7" I , V : Q, v A F' 'Q M vw ff . W - E , sees" ,.'- ' 3 5 N 'QB L X .- viii . W mr.: 11 , S, L 1 1 LQ ,mf wi ' ' ,zu Q Y W ll 'I 'Q :."F' ll: '33 'JFK' H 11 v A 5. 2 3' ,X J ex .Qi , V N f 1 W X rr - f 'ln H39 X Li 'rg ,I A Q Q 5 sg-. Y 6 s 0 -" 5 ' ' 'D ' . I Y 'W11'-'?' M , , - ' 1 K I N ' 4 354' tlizfu Q1 :f . 7 Q' ,Ml iff.-If'l' Lk ' f 'QE W A Mx " X - ' A -- .. Si " '-51' fi" .. A 5-Q 'Q ' - 11 N ,flfx A ,.., - "3 ".-2:-2 f "F,-fizfit-.., ' "f X m Jaffxi 54 f ff . SQA X ' ima- ,p-af. N' 5" - - '-we. ' X f mes, 1 J f'7iU4""' P23 - , M:,?3f25a321? if K T , v gif" 'fs'-" if 'qi' 'mi' if-Q N g r Qi -.1 ,- 51.7, 45 RN, j I .12 ,A - 4 clv 'Q 4 'Q 55:-fif . - Rail? 'N o o 0 :L 4' J I Q' r I Wu, ' :,, 1' V. MJ. -- Kg 'QJ I 'nf - ul 5 1 xl 04 if N , fl-"M ffm "-. " . - s 3: fa ,. H -. I 'Q ' F-'-'. 1 Q 'rw f : Q f"-- a . . v?"- . , . V - .-. -.-,.. -- ' 9 5-.-. ff 1 ' ffl. V 'pl Ia.:-w.. -3.50 - - f ss gs -- :wx-Q' . a I ,' , 'S X Q- 0 f ,Q Qggg, V ai, 5 aagy r-11, s 2- ' ' fn . f 'Qld rv ' f 1 P " 1- TA ,JN 'L My f ,3Z'-:lm fl fgff. " X sr' " N - 4- Q. . -Gr. v, , .. r . . . . ' , . yum ga' .:-.9 we JM P ffv- A . "- ,fw -5 4'-if 'YW - 'fr " ,., f , I . , ., I o Q. 1 w N J ' f' 3 -9:--f aw J' "', ' -. , ' . lg:- v ff' 'Q'-1 ' W? 'y Q-. GS' A 'Z' f ' N 4 . ' ' ' ...ff .' 9 . ff, ,o :QC ' G 124- - V ' ' 4 . J, Y 1 0 ,,, F H E f Y rf- 3 Pi, Mfg " N' Qxdw " 5' J -- JW X ,iq 'we' X A . new wi 3 mm iw 5 h 5? f' 33 it QW? A1 A 5 V..W , 1 - M A " -af" ffm., -'M' f . -- " A mg Mm ,W I 'H.N,,W 4,,, ."" fn ' if ' , W5 wgfsififffy if , jaw, Q A liirst rote" Wilstin, Leser, Stewart, F. Read, Holmsen, Melcher, Franklin. Sammi raw: Anderson, C. Thayer Starke, Qsgood. Third mu Chamberlain, VVadsworth, Rogers, Harris, Bunlxer lprcsident J, Hanes Kpresldent I Semler ll-rcasurer I, Sadler, Lowndes, R, Lee, f'il'm1t: France, Hinman, Reeves, Dramatic Club HIS year the Dramatic Club has entertained us with many informal skits not to mention its delightful version of "Alice in VVonderland." This dazzling production was put on hefore Christmas and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Its characters were well portrayedg its costumes were gay, and its perfect little heroine was petite Kitty Sadler as the goldenfhaired Alice. As we meet our deadline, the school is anticipating the Clulfs next production. and we are sure it will he a roaring success under its ahle directors, i l59l i First run' Werner, Barlow, Holmsen lpresldentj, Melcher, Field. Sccuml run' Perry, A, Coolc, Chanler, Spayde, Minnerly. Tlurrl raw: Von Stride, K. Fisher, Sedgewrcli, Reeves, Walsh, vlaclxson, Harris, Fnurlli row: Appleton, 'liucl-cerman, Amory, France, Qsgood, Taller, Scharin, Mead, Semlcr, Bunker, Whitaker. Al'.NLHlf Trowbridge. Music Club HE Music Club has been running smoothly this year, under the capable leadership of President Holmsen. VVith Miss Graham's help, it sponsors the Sunday evening music which is enjoyed by the entire school. The night before Christmas vacation the members of the Club did their annual carolling around the campus. At the end of the midwinter term the Club gave "Hold That Train," a show ably directed by Miss Earle. This was the first attempt at this kind of a musical and proved to be a great success. We hope that the Club will con' tinue to function as well next year and they will again try to produce some kind of a Music Club show. l60l SliRVlCE LEAGUE--l7rmzl nm Bolton, Wllsll. Sammi mu" F. Read, 0'Nc1ll, Bradley, McB.un, Bunlxcr, Carey Tl1mlruu' Tmler, Spaydc lprcsldcm r, Vmcent Hlxllc mu' N. Hall, Perry. Alliinl, Mead. CHOIR-W Furs! rvut Mead, Hulmbcn, Lowmlcx, V, Barlctt. Bl1ll.1rn.l, Flelcl. Sunni run" G.11ll.1rd, Taller, Melflmcr Spaydc, Fmnlllln, Qsgoud, Tlmml run' O'Nc1ll, HJFTIDQLKKJH, E. VVom.lw.1rd, VVerncr, Clunler. Aldrlulw l'g.vurll1 run' UArl.1m.l. S. Spnyglc, Reeves. Thompson, R. Lcc, Bunl-car 4 ,f .... frunt run? Tuckerman, Holmsen, Gaillard. Smviii run: R. Lee, Hinman, Humpstone lPresidentJ, Mclcher, Reeves. Baile rum Vincent, Scmler, Werner, Mead, Lowndes, Chanler, Field. Alwiilf Mccormiclc. Le Cercle Francais E Cercle Francais is a new organization which was started last year by a group of juniors. Its relatively quiet activities this year have consisted of sending packages of food and clothing to France and meeting informally in the faculty sitting room on Friday and Saturday evenings to speak French and to listen to records by jean Sablon and Maurice Chevalier. Its members have been to several French movies and also to a very moving ceremony at the Fifth Regiment Armory at which the Croix de Guerre was presented to the Tvventy'Ninth Division by the Mayor of Saint L6. l62l ?E?" Fran! row: Scmler, Taller, Hol1nsen,Mead. Bail: rout Sadler, Bunker, Lowncles. Dance Committee S you all know, the Senior Class gave a small, insignificant dance on the vveelcfencl of March 8tl'1. A goocl time was hacl by all, clue to the painstaking efforts of the Dance Committee, which managed everything very smoothly and overlooked no details. We also extend our thanks to you, faculty and grubsl l63l First row: Piper, Ballard, Leser. Sctoml row: Meleher, M. Harrington fliditorj, Field. FULL CRY HANKS to the interest shown by many of the girls, "The Full Cry" has started this year off with a bang by turning out a hne hrst issue. If We can judge by this standard, the remaining two issues should complete a very suc' cessful year. The results of the "Gallup Poll" have not yet been printed but we are all waiting anxiously to see what they will be. l64l Sitting: Reeves, Humpstone, Hinman, Field, Melcher. Standing' Mead, Trowbridge, Sadler, Holmsen, Walker, I. Spayde. RAGGED ROBIN E of the RAGGED ROBIN boarcl would like to thank you all for your patience and cooperation because We feel that we could never have survived our many trials and tribulations Without your help. We appreciate your coming time after time to our broken'down movies with nary a complaint and your enthusiasm in getting ads and collecting snapshots. Here is the fruit of our efliorts. There have been some changes made and we hope you approve! Elitor ANN Hmmm Assistant Editor PAMELA Finn Business Xltumgtr JOAN l'lL'MPSTONE Advertising ,Xltuitigtr MARIANNA MEAD rlwsixttiiit ,-Xulrcrtising ,Xl .lon SPAYDF JHJQEV l65l Plwtirqmpliy Editor TANIA HOLMSEN Assistant Pliutngrtiphy Editor IQATHARIINE Taowmuntze Sports Editor ANN WIAI Ken .'Xll1HlHtlC Elitnr KH ii' SADI FR wvulilgv wigs N is -Q If 33212 E First row: Hammond, Whitaker, Hobson, Taller, Holmsen QChecrlc.1dersH. Strand rnuw Semler CLighc Captainl, Sadler fDark Captainj. Light and Dark Captains and Cheerleaders ELIEVE it or not, Kitty and Gay are really the hest of friends, although they put up their dukes every now and then to fight for their teams. We assure you, it's only their traditional team spirit rhar makes the fur Fly oeca' sionally on the campus, The frantic antics of the Cheerleaders have inspired us to louder and hetter rooting this year and we would like to give them a rousing cheer! IW Ftrs! row: Spayde CManagerj, Hanes QCaptain D, Strand row: M. Harrington,WarF1eld, Sadler Werner Lowndes Gardener. Tliird row: Coolidge, Stewart, Bolilen, R. Lee, VVadswortl1,Tl'1ompson, Bartlett, Hockey NDER Captain Grmslny Hanes and Manager joan Spayde it was an active season for tlie hockey team. Although no games were lost the team seemed to be quite Utiedm up as can be seen by tlie scores below Scoaas Roland Park O . . . Garrison St. Timothyls 1 . . . Garrison Bryn Mawr 2 . . , Garrison Greenwood 3 . . . Garrison Alumnae O . . . Garrison Forest 4 Forest 1 Forest 2 Forest 3 Forest 6 Won Tied Tied Tied Won Next year the team will have as its Captain, Louise Warfield and its man ager will be Virginia Bartlett and we wisli tliem lots of luclcl l69l Fran! mu" Semler, Spayde, Thompson lgManagcrJ. O'NeiII QCaptainj, R. Lee, Coolidge, Bark mu" Lowndes, Aldrich, Franck, Bunker, Bohlen. BasketbaII FEW months ago I was just a weeping old wiIIow tree but now-Uh, what a change has come over me. I'Iere,s the reason why: Before autumn had assed, at 8:10 one morning, my sedate position next to the gym was severeIiv shaken. I felt the ground surge under a dozen pairs of feet running down the hills For the next haIf hour, there could be heard the pounding of feet and the bouncing of a baII. I have witnessed this sight many times since and this team has resuIted in being a hard one to beat. Despite measIes and snowstorms, they have won 4 out of 6 games, Thats no smaII wonder to me, though because I've never seen such a team with "the spirit and the wiII to winT'I Here's a chaIIenge to next year's teamf Scoaiss FacuIty 30 . . Garrison Forest VVon RoIand Park ZI . Garrison Forest Won Hannah More I8 . . Garrison Forest Won Bryn Mawr 50 . . Garrison Forest Lost Greenwood I7 . . Garrison Forest VVon St. james -40 . . Garrison Forest Lost IVOI First row: Warfield, France, S. Gardener, Ballard ffreasurerj, Franklin fPresidentD, Whitaker fSecretaryD, Piper, M. Harrington, Leavitt, N. Hall. Second rout Bunker, P. Thayer, Semler, Sadler, Hanes, S. Spayde, K. Fisher, Carpenter, Boclcius. Alumni. Walker, Hinman, Riding Club HIS year, as always, the Riding Club, headed by Laura, Birdie and Kitty Ann, has been one of the centres of attraction at Garrison. The riders had an excellent opportunity to exhibit their skill and finesse last fall in the hunter trials which were ably judged by Miss Hall. Several new members have been accepted by the Riding Club due to the patient teaching of Mrs. Whitman, Miss Hoffman and Miss Horton Kwho incidentally will be missed next yearj. The Garrison show is to be held this spring on Commencement weelcfend and we hope that this will become a permanent custom in the future. l71l Tennis DUE to circumstances beyond our control, the members of the Tennis Team have not yet been decided upon as we go to press. Therefore, we cannot show you a picture of the schooT's representatives for the spring tournaments, but we do know of four girls who will definitely be on the team. They are Shirley Aldrich, Rachel Franck, Clarke Lowndes and Kitty Coolidge. T721 First row: Humpstone lManagerJ, Lowndes Qcaptainj. Strand row: Gans, Scharin, Gardner, Hurst, Warfield, Vincent. Tlurd raw: Aldrich, 0'Nelll, Bunker, Coolidge, M. Harrington. Badminton HIS year's team got off to a full start under the leadership of Clarke Lowndes as Captain and loan Humpstone as Manager. With the exception of one defeat, the team, under Miss Boyd,s direction, had a victorious season. Enthusiasm was carried to the extent of having several representatives from Garrison Forest in the State and National Tournaments, and the outcomes were most favorable for Garrison. SCORES Notre Dame 2 . . . Garrison Forest 6 Won Friends School O . . . Garrison Forest 9 Won Bryn Mawr 6 . . . Garrison Forest 4 Lost E731 Nu-. WW?- ?!'f"iSfw Axis was -'wi cn M m Alumnae Notes Officers of the Alumnae Association FRANCES MATTHAI, President BETTY PEARRE, Secretaryfldreasurer Last fall early in November, we had our first organized Alumnae week'end. Many members of last year's class came down on Friday night and the other Alumnae arrived on Saturday morning for the hockey game. Under their cap' tain, Celia de Gersdorff, who would have been captain of our team this season had she not strayed from our fold last year, the Alumnae put up a good fight but kindly let their little sisters win. Cn Friday night the former members of the Riding Club were entertained at a dinner in the "Little White House." Miss Marshall and Miss Ollutt, who have now taken up farming in a big way, have handed over their old home, "Evenlode," to the Alumnae and Faculty as a club for any visiting Alumnae and as a haven for the harrassed Faculty. There is a rumor that great plans are afoot for another gathering of the Alumnae on the week'end of the Maryland Hunt Cup. We certainly hope that these plans will be carried out and that we will see our beloved Alumnae again on this weekfend and during Commencement weekfend. KAMPUS KUTIES Joan Hadden H9465 is working hard at Barnard but manages to lead a very gay life. Kuhny QMargot Kuhn l946D is at Bennington and was down not very long ago to rave about her new Alma Mater. Fay Caulkins, Tina Hawkinson and Teddy Marion H9461 three of last year's graduates, are at Bennett junior College in Millbrook. Betsy McLeod, Sheila Eaton and Pat Ripley H946j are at Bryn Mawr and still claim that it is the best college. Bunny Whitaker H945D is now at Sarah Lawrence and hopes to have Birdie join her there. Loudie Larocque H9430 was last seen as a senior at Vassar. Lucy Deans H945D is now studying at Vassar. jane Mott H944D is at Sarah Lawrence which incidentally seems to have been taken over by G. F. S. girls. Lee Williamson H9455 is pursuing her journalism course at Sarah Lawrence. l75l 1 LITTLE MEN AND LITTLE WOMEN Leonie Sullivan Walker 41941 5 married Pat and Ann's brother, jeffrey Walker, and now has a small son ofthe same name. Sally Whitaker Peters CI94I5 has a small son, Petey Peters, who is also anxious to have his Aunt Birdie at Sarah Lawrence next year so that she can take care of him. Louise Riclgely Young QI9405 has a small, blue'eyed daughter named Winkie. Diana Chittenden Coe C19405 lives in the Valley and wheels her two children near the school. CAREER GIRLS Betty Young 119405 is now teaching the young,uns at G. F. S. Pat Walker C19435 is working very hard Ciquote Ann5 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Frances Gould C19-455 has recently been the Society Photographer for a Balti' more paper. Chickie Chamberlain C19-425, who has a sister here this year, is working for an advertising company in New York. Anne Denny C1939 5, who visited us over Alumnae weelvend, is Working on a newspaper in Muncy, Pa. Susie Whitman Q19-435 has a few piano and voice pupils from the young'uns around the Valley. HITCHING POST! Lela Cook CI9455 was married last fall in New York. Frances Warfield Q19435 is happily married to Lawrence Naylor and expect' ing an addition to the Valley this spring. Mary Eberstadt CI9425 recently married a Baltimore boy, Lawrence Harper. Mary Matthiessen C19455 under the "Wishing Welln last year, wasn,t trying to deceive us. WISHING WELL! Marion Rodie CI9455 will be married sometime this spring. Carol Horton C19-415 is leaving us to marry Teddy Warfield. Best of luck to both of you! I76I Kitty Warfield H9401 is another in the Warfield family who is to tie the knot early this spring. Flora Miller C1946D will be the first one of last year's class to be married and we Wish her all the luck in the world. Clare Chanler f1946D was the lirst to be engaged but will be married after Flora this spring. LCST SHEEP! Martha Marburg, who recently visited us, is studying at Ashley Hall in the deep South. Emily Smith strayed from us in the sixth grade but was a debutante in Balti' more this year. Vim Crane, who left us in the tenth grade, is now married and expects a little one this spring. Molly Burgwin has resumed her studies in Pittsburgh. Maisie Cochran strayed in 1945 but finds her way back quite often. Helen Bettle decided to finish off her schooling at Lauzanne in Switzerland and we have received many interesting and amusing letters from her. Celia de Gersdorlf, a never'to'be'forgotten alumna, is now studying in Boston. She has been down to see us many times and we hope she will be under the heading ofthe "Wishing Well" at this time next year. Randall Lowndes strayed from us in the ninth grade to continue her studies at Greenwood. C. M. S. l77l ALLNUTT, HARRIETTE BALLARD, KITTY ANNE BARTLETT, ISABELLA . BARTLETT, VIRGINIA . . BELL, MARY .... BOLTON, MARY AMES . . BROWNE, JULIA BELL . . BUCK, MARY RICHARDSON . CAREY, LORNA UNDERWOOD CAREY, LOUISE ..... CARROLL, ANNE PARKER . CHITTENDEN, MARY MACNEIL CROKER, CAROLYN . . . CROKER, VIRGINIA . DOUB, ANNE . . DOUB, PENNY . DoUGLASS,JANE . DOWNING, BEULAH ELDER, NINA POE . . . EWING, JACKLYN .... FENIMORE, FRANCES DIXON FISHER, JULIA ..... FISHER, KATHERINE . . . FRICK, LOUISE WINSLOW . GAMBLE, MARIA .... GANS, NANCY . . GANS, ROSALIE . GARDNER, GRACE GEER, CHRISTINE . GILLET, PAGE SWANN HACKNEY, CAROL . HALL, FRANCES . HAMBIOND, MARY HECHT, ALICE . HOBSON, ANNE . , HUDSON, CARROLL HUMPHRIES, JAY . HURST, FRANCES . . JANNEY, SHEILA . . JENKINS, DOROTHY School Directory DAY SCHOLARS . . . . . . 405 Edgevale Road, Baltimore 10 . . . . . . . Owings Mills . . . . . . . Owings Mills , . . . . . . . Owings Mills . . . . Milford Mill Road, Pilcesville 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . Owings Mills . Shepherds Lane, R.F.D. 2, Ellicott City . . . . . . . "Jericho," Ellicott City . . . . Owings Mills . . . . Stevenson . . . . , . . . Ellicott City . ......... Garrison . 1514 Bolton Street, Baltimore 17 . 1514 Bolton Street, Baltimore 17 . . . . . , . . Owings Mills . . . . . . . . Owings Mills . . 110 Upnor Road, Baltimore 12 . . . . . . . . Owings Mills ...,.. Glyndon Garrison . 5007 Greenleaf Road, Baltimore 10 . . . , . . . . . . . Eccleston . . . Eccleston . . . . . . . . . . . Owings Mills . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ruxton 4 . . 6009 North Charles Street, Baltimore 12 . . 6009 North Charles Street, Baltimore 12 ............WoodBine . Black Pond Road, Reisterstown . . . . . . . . . . Glyndon . Cold Saturday Farm, Finksburg ,........McDonogh . . . . . . Garrison Road, Owings Mills ...............Garrison . . 723 Howard Road, Sudbroolc Park, Pikesville ...........,.OwingsMills . . . , . . . . Long Top Hill, Glyndon . . . . . . . . . Stevenson . . . . . . . . . . . Glyndon . . . . West Lake Avenue, Baltimore 10 1781 KEFOVER, MARY . KENNEDY, RAVIDA LEE, HELEN . , LESCURE, ONO .,... LESER, FREDERICA FULRON . MCHENRY, JOAN .... MCLEAN, FRANCES WINSHIP MACNEILLE, ELLEN BREVOORT MENZIES, PATRICIA . . . MIDDLETON, CARTER . , MOORE, MARY AGNES . . MORGAN, CARROLL . . NISBET, SYLVIE PIPER, JANE . . PIRACCI, MARGARET POE, KATHERINE B. . PRICE, SALLY . . . PRIMROSE, MARY LUCINDA RAVENEL, MARGARET READ, FRANCES . . RICH, BETTY . . ROCKEEELLER, NANCY SCHILDHAUER,JoAN . SHIRLEY, KATHERINE SHRIVER, BETSY SHRIVER, VIRGINIA SHRIVER, ELEANOR SHRIVER, HELEN . . . SLACK, ELIZABETH RANDALL SPAYDE,JoAN . . SPAYDE, SUE . . . STEWART, ELEANOR . STEWART, SANDRA . STEELE, ESPY ...... SYMINGTON, EMILY HARRISON WAREIELD, LOUISE . . . WATTS, ANN POWER . WHITE, LOUISE TAYLOR WILGIS, JANE . . . WILLIAMS, CHARLAS . WILSON, MARILYN . WOODWARD, ELIZABETH WOODWARD, HELEN 1791 1 . Coclceys Mill Road, Reisterstown . . . . . . . . . Owings Mills 1200 Poplar Hill Road, Baltimore 10 . . . . Overbrook Road, Ruxton ..........GarriSon ..........EcCleston 1103 Harriton Road, Baltimore 10 ......,...Woodbine , "Braeside,,' Broadway, Lutherville . 2423 Ken Oak Road, Baltimore 9 . 108 Midhurst Road, Baltimore 12 .,........Ruxton4 . . . . . Garrison . . . . . Eccleston . . . Box 33, Pikesville 8 . . . ..... Garrison . . Garrison Road, Owings Mills . . . .... Pilcesville 8 . . Garrison , . Pilcesville . . . . . . . . . . Ruxton . "RoClcyWolc1 Farmf, Hampstead . . . . . . . Owings Mills . Chartley Farm, Reisterstown . Old Court Road, Pilcesville 8 . Old Court Road, Pilcesville 8 . . . . . . . . . Union Mills . . . . . . . . . Union Mills . Eight BiSl'1op'S Road, Baltimore 18 . . . . . . . . . Owings Mills . . Owings Mills . . . Garrison . Garrison . Garrison . . . ..... Garrison ..........WoOdbine 05 St. Dunstanls Road, Baltimore 12 . . . , . . . Box 153, Pikesville . . . . MCDonOglI . . . . . . . . . . Glyndon . . . . . . , . Stevenson P.O. 812 Bellemore Road, Baltimore 10 . 812 Bellemore Road, Baltimore 10 ALDRICH, SHIRLEY AMORY, NANCY . ANDERSON, JILL . APPLETON, FRANCES . BARLOW, SUSAN . BAYNE, SARAH MARGARET BOCKIUS, ANNA ..,. BOHLEN, CELESTINE EUSTIS . BOLLING, ELIZABETH LANIER BOURNE, SUSAN H. . . BRADLEE, ALICE LEE . BROKAW, FRANCES DEVILLERS BUNKER, SUZANNE . . . CARPENTER, SONIA . . . CHAMBERLIN, JUDITH MACY . CHANLER, ROSANNA . . . COOK, CONSTANCE REA COOLIDGE, KATHERINE CRABBE, IDOLINE . DICK, MARION .... DOUGLAS, DITA GORDON . . . DOUGLAS, KATHERINE LIVINGSTON FIELD, PAMELA PEARSALL . . . FOY, CYNTHIA . . . FRANKLIN, LAURA FRANCE, PEMBROKE FRANCK, RACHEL . GAILLARD, VIRGINIA . GALAJIKIAN, NAN JAY . GARDNER, SALLY CARY GARLAND, COURTNEY . HALL, NANCY . . . HAMMOND, DOROTHY . HANES, ANNA , . HANES, ORMSBY . HARRINGTON, JANE . HARRINGTON, MARY . HARRIS, EVELYN GERTRUDE HINMAN, ANN . . . HOLMSEN, TANYA HOPKINSON, BARBARA BOARDERS . . . , . . . 941 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. . . 28 East 63rd Street,, New York, N.Y. . . . . A Bar A Ranch, Encamprnent, VVyo. . . Brookville Road, Jericho, Long Island, N.Y. . . . , . . . . Muncy Farms, Muncy, Pa. . . 401 Sandy Valley Road, Westwood, Mass. . . . . N.A,T.T.C., Memphis 15, Tenn. . . . . 73 Marlboro Street, Boston, Mass, . . . . 420 Rex Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa . . 530 East 86th Street, New York 28, N.Y. . . . . 80 Pinckney Street, Boston, Mass. . . 600 Tigertail Road, Los Angeles 24, Calif . . . 311 Palisade Avenue, Yonkers 3, N.Y . . . . . . . . . . Montchanin, Del . . 130 East 75th Street, New York, N.Y . . 59 East 92nd Street, New York, N.Y . . . . . . . . "Greenacres," Princeton, NJ. . . . . 35 Lapland Road, Chestnut Hill 67, Mass 1109 East Broadway, Hewlett, Long Island, N.Y. . . . . . 612 Woodland Road, Lake Forest, Ill. . . . . Westbury, Long Island, N.Y. . . 520 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y . . Sloatsburg, Rockland County, N.Y . 60 East 93rd Street, New York, N.Y . . Hayflelds Farm, Cockeysville, Md . . . Montrose Road, Woodbrook, Md . 425 President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa . . . 89 Killdeer Road, Hamden 14, Conn . 4100 Greenway Street, Baltimore 18, Md . . . . . . . . . . . Woodbine,Md . . Four Charlcote Place, Baltimore 18, Md . . . . . . "Faygate," Middleburg, Va . . Garrison Road, Owings Mills, Md . . Box 840, Winston'Salem, N.C . . . . . . . Millbrook, N.Y . . . . "Pleasant Valleyf' Easton, Md . , . . "Pleasant Valley," Easton, Md. . . Brookville, Glen Head, Long Island, N.Y . . . . . Bullet Hill, Southbury, Conn . . . . . . 655 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y . . . One East End Avenue, New York 21, N.Y HUGHES, LYDIA FOULKE . 8009 Navajo Street, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa HUMRSTONE, JOAN . . . . . . . Rockledge Road, Saranac Lake, NY 1301 ISELIN, SUZANNE JACKSON, JOAN JONES, MARIANNA KENDALL, SUSAN . KINGSBURY, JULIE . LABROT, LEONIE LEAVITT, ADELE LEE, ROSAMOND LEE, SUSANNAH LOWNDES, CLARKE MACBAIN, HEATH MCCORMICK, SHIRLEY MEAD, MARIANNA . . MELCHER, URSULA W. . MINNERLY, BETSY .... MORGENSTIERNE, MARGARET . . . 231 Everett Avenue, Hew1ett, Long 1s1and, N.Y. . . . 510 East 84th Street, New York 28, N.Y. . . . . . . . . . . , Sea 1s1and, Ga. . . 651 Black Rock Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. . 50 Old Hartford Turnpike, Hamden, Conn. . . . . Ho11y Beach Farm, Annapolis, Md. . . . . . . . Mi11brook, N.Y. . . . . . Ros1yn, Long Island, N.Y. . . . . . . Roslyn, Long 1s1and, N.Y. . . 112 Witherspoon Road, Baltimore, Md. . . . . . Star Route, Loughlintown, Pa. . . One Beekman P1ace, New York, N.Y. . . . . . . Houk Road, Dayton, Ohio . . 170 East 78th Street, New York, N.Y. . ...... Great Barrington, R.F.D. No. 3, Mass. . . . . . . , . Norwegian Embassy, Washington D.C. I O,NEILL, MARILYN . U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, 1300 E Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. OSGOOD, DIANA ............. 12 Kingsbury Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. PERRY, JANE B. . POMEROY, MARNIE REED, MARTH.A . . . REEVES, LUCY ...... ROGERS, EVELYN WILLIAMS SADLER, CATHERINE . . . SCHARIN, LOUISE . . SEARS, ANNIE WARE . . SEDGEWICK, SARAH SULLIVAN SEMLER, GAY .... SMITH, ANN HASWELL . . . STARKE, VALERIE .... STEwART, MARY WASHINGTON STOKES, CATHERINE .... TAILER, PATRICIA THAYER, CORNELIA THAYER, PRISCILLA THOMPSON, DIANA . . TROWBRIDGE, KATHERINE . TUCKERMAN, THERESE . VINCENT, SALLY .... VON STADE, KATHRYNE STEELE WADSWORTH, ELLEN . . . WALKER, ANN . WALSH, ANN P. . . WERNER, CLAIRE ANN . . . . . Baldwin Road, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. ............Mi11brOOk,N.Y. . . 5369 Northumber1and Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . Darby and Paoli Roads, Bryn Mawr, Pa. . . . . . . . Syosset, Long 1S1and, N.Y. . Wight Avenue, Cockeysvi11e, Md. . 1500 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. . . . Nine Exeter Street, Boston, Mass. . . . . 367 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. . . 49 East 92nd Street, New York 28, N.Y. . . 178 East 70th Street, New York 21, N.Y. . . . . . Easthampton, Long 1s1anc1, N.Y. . Newtown Road, Radnor, Pa. . . . . Walnut Bank, Berwyn, Pa, . . . . Water Street, Marion, Mass. . . George Hill Road, Lancaster, Mass. . . George Hill Road, Lancaster, Mass. . . . Vineyard Lane, Greenwich, Conn. . . . . . . 18 East Chestnut Hi11,Phi1ade1phia,Pa. . . . . . . 103 East 86th Street, New York 28, N.Y. 3107 Dumbarton Avenue, N.W., Washington 7, D.C. , . . . . . . . . . Westbury, Long 1s1and, N.Y. . . North Wi1ton Road, New Canaan, Conn. . Indian Chase Drive, Greenwich, Conn. . 269 Hanover Street, Annapolis, Md. . . . . . . 9625 Ladue Road, St. Louis 5, Mo. 1811 WHIPBLE, JOAN ELIZABETH WHITAKER, ROBERTA . . . WILSON, MARGUERITE SINGER WHITE, ELIZABETH .... BOYD, MARY KELLER . . BROCKENBROUGH, REBECCA . BROWN, ELIZABETH . . EARLE, MARGARET WOOD . GLANVILLE, ROBERTA . . GRAHAM, STUART . GRAN, A. KATHLEEN HALL, DOROTHY P. . HESSEY, JOAN HURST . HOFFMAN, ETHEL HORTON, CAROL JONES, HELEN . KOONTZ, BESSE S. . LESER, LOUISE D, . MARSHALL, JEAN G. . . MATTHAI, FRANCES P. . NISBET, CHRISTINE . . OEEUTT, NANCYJ. . PARKER, NANCY L. . PENROSE, RHODA L. . PETTIT, ETHEL . . PORTER, BARBARA PRIMROSE, LUCINDA SEIBERLING, MARY SIMPSON, ELIZABETH .... SUTER, FRANCES LUCIE . . . TRAIN, FRANCES KMRS. W. FQ VANDERVEER, MIRIAM B. . . WAGNER, MARY ADELAIDE WHITE, E. ELIZABETH . . WHITMAN, SUZANNE W. . YOUNG, ELIZABETH . . Stephen Mather Road, Darien, Conn. . 115 Sixtyfeighth Place, Kenosha, Wis. . . . . Waite Hill, Willoughby, Ohio . . 171 Harding Road, Glen Rock, NJ, FACULTY . . . 1708 Green Street, Columbia, S.C. . 1601 Grove Avenue, Richmond 20, Va, . . . . . . . . . Chestertown, Md. . 1172 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. . . . . . . . . .Garrison,Md. . . . . 327 Green Street, Cheraw, S.C. . . 46 Lancaster Avenue, Buffalo 9, N.Y. . . . 1319 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. . 5708 Greenleaf Road, Baltimore 10, Md. . . . . . . . . . Owings Mills, Md. . . . Windy Ridge, Far Hills, NJ. . 129 E. 2nd Street, Waynesboro, Pa. . . . . . . . . . Garrison, Md. . . Garrison, Md. . . Garrison, Md. . . Garrison, Md. . . Garrison, Md. , . . . Garrison, Md. . . Tuxedo Park, N.Y, . . . . . . . . Garrison, Md. . . . . . . Eine Creek Mills, Va. . . 3409 Greenway, Baltimore 10, Md. . . . . . . . . . . Pikesville, Md. . 714 North Portage Path, Akron, Ohio . . . , . . . . . . . Ruxton 4, Md. . 18 DuPont Avenue, White Plains, N.Y. . 1324 Monte Sano Avenue, Augusta, Ga. . . . . . . R.D. 1, Owings Mills, Md. . . 206 Laurens Street, Baltimore 17, Md. 180 Rose Hill Avenue, New Rochelle, N.Y. . . , . . . . . . Owings Mills, Md. . Pikesville, Md. l82l Q X QW X Q X Q 5QSyxxQ,'16z,Q4"5 A "Q Gb K N . 3 f ,J 1 F Wh S Mg 'WGS X Q mol LRHHIS :ff 'Q' 32: i'fs4N 0 X 5 fi I f L 'x X gi 4 L 'Q x XX x 6 Compliments of UNIGN MILLS PAPER MANUFACTURING CO. NEW HOPE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of UNIVERSAL PAPER BAG CO NEW HOPE PENNSYLVANIA GRANT A. PEACOCK, INC, When thinking Of a vacation JE W E L E R JEWEL COUNSELOR think Of SEA ISLAND G33 SUITE 507 THE CLQISTER I EAST 57TH STREET NEW YORK zz, N.Y. SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA PHONE: PLAZA 3-4640 JEWELER TO THOSE WHO DISCRIMINATE Compliment! of A the . PIKESVILLE TAILOR CHARLES P. MARSHALL, PROP. Phone: Pikesville 120 GENTLE READER VIE E Y M K js 1s, l'I" 7- ?lZifi,f' 163 5, ,Q I -A, Ngggazrzgz 1, I, 2.25, 'J ,.,,.un:,wuxwmmwf-gg ' 1 , Z PI11' . :h mm 'E 2 J -..:s- -- 4- . , X ' ---vf-w.N,m ' To the Women of Tomorrow Since 1834 this bank has been entrusted with the financial protection of youths and adults through guardianships, trusts, custodian accounts, and complete banking service. Should the future present an opportunity to serve you, we would consider it a privilege. P121 NCETMQN BANK TRUST CQMPANY PRINCETON NEW JERSEY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY HANES DYE AND FINISHING CO. BLEACHERS, DYERS and EINISHERS OE COTTCN PIECE GOGDS WINSTONSALEM, NC. OLD COURT INN Deleeiene Lnncloeenf and Dennenr for Diycrifnlnatlng Clientele Pikesville, Reservations taken Maryland Pikcsvillc 1220-M AT THE TOP OF THE CLASS I IIE II H E H m I 'Always Gooel Tame" Here the Garrison Forest girls will flncl the COATS DRESSES SWEATERS HANDBAGS MOCCASINS COSTUME JEWELRY Smartest SUITS SKIRTS BLOUSES GLOVES RAINCOATS LUGGAGE RIDING APPAREL AND EQUIPMENT DE LUXE SADDLERY Co. Dnporfem 336 NORTH CHARLES STREET Baltimore County Supply Company BUILDING SUPPLIES GARDEN SUPPLIES HARDWARE MILLWORK OWINGS MILLS, MD. Pikcsvillc 1366-J GOOD POSITIONS are open to Bmineu Trained Graduates EATON AND BURNETT BUSINESS COLLEGE, INC. 2nd Floor, Morris Bldg. DAY 8: NIGHT Scuoor. CATALOG PLAZA 1453 For Pnafnpl fervlee Call FIELD'S PHARMACY PIKESVILLE 300 FOREST 8040 ign of Famous Brand Petroleum Products The Sign the Notion Knows- f f SOCONY-VACUUM and Friendly Service! T Complimenfy of THE OOLE STUDIOS I BALTIMORE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPH WILLIAM FQLEY Oil Burners Ice Refrigerators REALTOR AND INSURER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT . Melvm Burnham APPRAISALS PHONE PIKESVILLE 530 166, Coal, Waod and Fuel Oil I I ik Camplimenif of CHARLIE WHITE PWYW CI-IATTOLANEE, MD. P FINE WINES . . . LIQUORS Pon' Ojice , GARRISON, MD. PIKESVILLE 1543-W PIKESVILLE, MD, Y YOU CAN'T BEAT 0IL HEAT... CLEAN.. . CHEAP. . . AUTOMATIC 4, .,.. ,.,. . ,, - . 1 Vokbboagq' :ce - , ,ww , - I 5525511 -51 'ir iff' :Z ""fE: 'fifie' . ,EZ lvvl ..,z,..::.:. 'WI as in ' ' 'ifigffi ' " . 54 Q 2 Q as X Q g , x 3 Y, E P H it Contract Now! IDS are the first to feel it when the house is too cold or too hot. Make sure yours is always "just rz'ghI"- by taking the "guesswork" out of heating, with clean oil heat. In most areas, oil costs less than any other fuel! Your signature on a 1947-1948 Mobil- heat Contract assures you automatic fuel oil service - plus Mohillzeai which gnow contains more heat units per gallon l-gives you clean, even heat-complete lconibustion - top burner performancel l l lSIGN NEXT SEASON'S MOBILHEAT l ' -11' f3:':"-:fgfffff QP-'A -rf , ,-:f...- .-I1':2Is21:5SsEE155Sff . , 555524: 5: f :3: izfff: ' " 2'-if """A' ....-:f' ' 4 .. 9, ,W ,.,.,. . .A.,.,,, , ,.,, ,.. ..,.,...V.,... .,,. . v1r---' A so os no l yt. I ,lll co's . .a,.y.....y i ,..' 'f'f Q CONTRACT NOW' yy CAll YCUR MCBIIIIEAT SUPPLIER or IIEAREST SCCOIIY-VACUUM OFFICE Compliments of THE CLGTHES LINE DOWNS E7Zg1'eZ1!6I".f e- Stationers 229 NORTH CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND LiIIdy's Drug Store The Rexall Store PHONE 306 REISTERSTOWN, MD. Phone: Pikesville 556 D. I-Iackerman Ladief' and Gents' Tailoring CLEANING - PRESSING - ALTERING 1208 Reisterstown Rd. Pikesville 8, Md. Phone LExingtorI 6863 Schoen - Russell, Inc. MILLINERY COATS GOWNS SUITS 335 N. CHARLES ST. BALTIMORE, MD. Park Radio Co. Music For Every Taste Radios - Records - Phonographs - Repairs 321 N. CHARLES ST. SARATOGA 1134 PIKESVILLE PHARMACY ELI FEDDER, PHARMACIST Opposite Old Soldiers Home Pboneyx Pikesville 516 ' Forest 3555 PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND Samuel Kirk Sc Son, Inc. 421 N. CHARLES ST. - BALTIMORE Gold feioeliy - Wrist Watches Gifzir in Silverware T. R. Caltrider HARDWARE - PAINTS - OILS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FEEDS - SEEDS 1306 REISTERSTOWN RD. PIKESVILLE, MD. Phone Pikesville 55-J Night, Pikesville 254-J BASLER'S SERVICE STATION Towing Service if General Repezim S U N 0 C 0 Garrison, Md. Free Delivery Phone Pikesville 222 Pilcesville Hardware Co. 1218-20 REISTERSTOWN ROAD PAINTERS SUPPLIES Glazing Done Locksmiths Electric and Plumbing Supplies Polishes 8: House Furnishings PIKESVILLE, MARYLAND "Quality in Cblantityl' C. P. Anger, Prop. GARRISON SUPPLY CO. PIKESVILLE 55-W on 591-W 'YOTTL AN OLD MAN K Compliments of C HAR L E S B 0 C K PERMANENT WAVES AND COSMETICS 20 EAST 57TH STREET NEW YORK PLAZA 38900 i PHONE, PIKESVILLE 546 NIGHTS, PIKESVILLE 103-J HUSEY 'S AUTO EXCHANGE General Auto Body and Fender Work GARRISON, MD. Twin and Double Beds Bath and Shower BOXWOOD LODGE 1630 Reisterstown Road PIKESVILLE, BALTIMORE, MD. Popular Priced Breakfast Free Parking Complimenff of RUDEL-CAREY, INC. NEW YORK CITY PIKESVILLE Sc and 10C to 81.00 Store "Cinderella Dresses" 24 HOUR SERVICE WE NEVER MISS A TRAIN Valley Taxicab Company PHONE PIKESVILLE 731 PROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE SPORTSWEAR BABY THINGS Gertrude C. McMahon 149 BELLEVUE AVENUE Telephone 4281 Newport, Rhode Island BRAEMAR SWEATERS SCOTCH CASHMERE SWEATERS 1110 Reisterstown Rd. Pikesville 8, Md. NEEDLEPOINT TAPESTRIES GIFTS Phone Pikesville 268 ' I For Rest Wztb Bert Wzfhes Spalding's Cocktail Lounge R E .S' TA UR A N T 'dim mils ielnusz 1116 Reisterstown Road Pikesville 8, Maryland Phone Pikesville 1296 Thomas Seibold Lawn if Golf Cozmee Equipment SALES AND SERVICE Garrison, Md. AUMAN 84 WERKMEISTER F U R 5' 311 NORTH CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE 1, MD. THE MAY CO. EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 Compliment: of the Pikesville Taxicab OO. Walker Ave., Pikcsvillc, Md. THANK HEAVEN! ! I H GARRISON FOREST SCHOOL RINGS Manufactured by the Crnftxmen of THE METAL ARTS CO., Inc. ROCHESTER, N,Y. 0 GRADE SCHOOL JEWELRY 0 HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY 0 COLLEGE JEWELRY SOUTHERN SUPPLY CO., INC. Plumbing 59' Heating Supplies BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Y-ZZWXN-Za! Telephone, EDMONDSON 0300 Compliments of a Friend BEST WISHHS FROM A DOTING MOTHER THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND Dredging ' Conftruetion Engineering and divrtribntorf of SANDfGRAVEL-STONE and COMMERCIAL SLAG Compliments of a Friend CAFFEE TIRE CORPORATION TIRE DISTRIBUTORS 939 ST. PAUL AT EAGER ST, BALTIMORE 2, MD. Compliments of HENRY BENDEL, INC. 10 WEST 57TH STREET NEW YORK 19, N.Y. Complimenff of JANE TOOHER SPORT CLOTHES OFFICIAL OUTFITTER for GARRISON FOREST SCHOOL THE DWELLEfKAISER GLASS CO. BUFFALO, NEW YORK The Maryland Horse Official organ of the Maryland Horse Breeders' Association and of the American Trainers' Association. All the news about Maryland's horse activ- ities. Send for a sample copy. Subscription 52.00 per year. The Maryland Horse 1 DIXIE DRIVE TowsoN, AIARYLAND Bert zoifbef to the C L A S S O F '4 7 from HUTZLER BKITHEIG CE MURTAVIA, HENRIETTA et HERMANDIA In Memory of the Fatal Night DEAR HEAVEN! PSHAW! T.S.K.i B E N E N I A .Sielectionf GIFTS THAT DELIGHT MORRIS BUILDING ARCADE 8 W. SARATOGA ST. 306 N.CHARLES ST. SARATOGA 4924 BALTIMORE MELLOW-ROONEYI UPTOWN PIMLIOO AVALON PIKES PATRONIZE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD THEATRES Compliments of A FRIEND Bring Jtmy animals to THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF BALTIMORE COUNTY Park Heights Avenue north of Old Court Road THE UNITED STATES LINES V owns and operates a great fleet of American flagships in regular service fe and from IRELAND UNITED KINGDOM CONTINENTAL EUROPE THE FAR EAST AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND United States Lines Company ONE BROADWAY, NEW YORK Complimemir of COLLECIATE OUTFITTING COMPANY 5 116 EAST 17TH STREET NEW YORK 16, N. Y. From az BROW- BEATEN bm STILL SMILING FATHER Complimentf of THE PEOPLES BANK PIKESVILLE, MD. Why be difficult, when with a little more effort you could be impossible? ASLIM' COCHRAN Complimemlr of "THE HEARTACHESH Compliments of THE REISTERSTOWN Hwy! to Wal. LUMBER CO. 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Suggestions in the Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) collection:

Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 90

1947, pg 90

Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 32

1947, pg 32

Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 90

1947, pg 90

Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 74

1947, pg 74

Garrison Forest School - Ragged Robin Yearbook (Owings Mills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 49

1947, pg 49

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