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=tsjr rr } c B D - xi V: , itn ' iMl ' llfimVii ' itY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 03082 8575 IS ' .r Gc 977.202 618a 1980 The Aeoliaxn ci ilit T Garrett High School Garrett, Indiana 46738 Volume 58 Alfen County Public M9f 900 Webster Strwt | PO Box 2270 fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 TBAIH CattNIRV! CONTENTS Opening 1-15 Classes 96-107 Sports 16-57 People 108-169 Clubs 58-95 Ads 170-191 2 OPENING This is the year to build Seniors Dave Smith and Mike Nastally try out the new lockers. 1980 can be remembered as the year to build. Everything, from the school to the local streets, was under construction. Each day the people we met helped to build our personalities. The classes we attended helped to build our minds. Our activities helped us to grow as individuals and our sports helped us to build our bodies. This year brought many challenges, surprises, and changes. The year left us with happy memories and the knowledge that we can meet those challenges and be successful. Every person involved with the school has grown in some way this year. 1980 was the year to build! Stacy Harter, senior, samples the carpet choices for the building trades ' house. Freshman Tina Weller works to complete a pinata for Spanish Club. Mr. Mark Ober, art teacher, instructs eighth grade students Janet Ousley, Todd Miller and Gay Penland durmg class. Rob Manuel and John Cordes make their selections during the book fair. All local streets underwent reconstruction when a new sewer system was installed. Miss Cheryl Peters meets the opposition raised by her donkey during the teacher-merchant game. The merchants got by the teachers with a score of 16-14. Junior Class nets $1530 for prom Junior class members sponsored a donkey basketball game between the faculty members and the Garrett Merchants Association. Included on the teachers team were Mr. Fred Sowles, Mr. Mark Ober, Mrs. Deb Lepley, Miss Cheryl Peters, Mr. Steve Short and Mr. Jim Herzer. The donkeys posed some problems when they decided to lead their riders. Many players spent time on the floor when the donkey they were riding bucked them off. The merchants edged the teachers 16-14. The junior class netted around $1,500 which they used for the junior- senior prom. B NSEBALL AND BASKETBALL Donl eys psych up for the teacher-merchants game. Before the game begins, donl eys huddle up to review team strategy. During the game it became evident that the donkeys ' goal was to keep the players off their backs. 4 FALL TRADITIONS GHS Students follow fall traditions Band members went through the 1980 school year without a football field to practice or perform on. The band met each morning at 6:30 a.m. to practice on the parking lot. GHS band members performed in many marching contests during the year including competitions at East Noble and Lewis Cass. Competing in the class C division, the forty-one member band entered the NISBOVA contest. Drum majorette Joyce Bandy led the members through their marching routines. Following the final football game, band members " decorated " Mr. David Silden ' s home in the traditional TP. Seniors Katie Kilgore and Nate Hoeffel were crowned Homecoming Queen and King. Members of the Sophomore Class got the award for best decorated truck. FAR LEFT— Band members present the colors as part of their marching routine during half-time at a football game. LEFT-Seniors Nate Hoeffel and Katie Kilgore were crowned Homecoming King and Queen as part of the fall traditions. Sophomores received an award for the best decorated truck. BELOW— Drummers mark time for the marching band during their half-time performance. Band members continued the tradition of TPing the home of band director David Silden after the final football game of the season. FALL TRADITIONS 5 Peak of building project brings inconveniences The beginning of the 1979-80 school year brought with it the peal of construction on the building. School began with no bells, no intercom and very crowded conditions. Announcements were made via the " daily telegraph " which was read during third period classes. Students were doubling and tripling up in lockers that previously had been too small and inconvenient for one person. The agriculture facility, which was completed in early 1979, housed the agriculture classes, the special education classes and guidance counselor Lenore Lewis. Guidance counselors Becky Derrow and Larry Piety put their office in the home economics room. Assistant principal Jack Gibson and Mrs. Esther Rench established their office in the west concession stand. Principal Gaylord Toll and Mrs. Jayne DeLong moved their office to the elementary building. Miss Leslie Wise ran the library out of the south-east concession stand again this year. Football squads had no practice field and no home games. Players traveled to Auburn every night to practice. The band members had to practice marching on the parking lot. Many hallways in the school were closed at the beginning of school. This made traveling from one place to another more complicated. The hallway by the cafeteria was the only link to rooms on the north side of the building. Carpenters Jack Bickley, kneeling, and " Big Red " build locker frames. Doug Ashenfelter seals the dry wall in the new hallways. i Red, blue, white and silver lockers line the new locker commons. Each student received a locker late in December. The locker commons is centrally located near the offices and the media center. The multi- colored locker facility, containing 538 new lockers features separate book and coat sections. The new agricult ure facilities, including a classroom and shop area were put to use in early 1979. The outside ramp was installed in October. Work on the media center reaches its peak in early January. Blue, red and white study centers line the east wall. Mr. Ray Souder, head custodian, shows Principal Gaylord Toll and Superintendent Kermit Weddell the progress on the office facilities. New facilities put to use Crash! Boom! Such were common sounds during most of the construction at GHS. But following the noise and inconveniences, the new facilities were put to use. The parking lots and outside lights were completed by the end of November. Students moved into the 538 new lockers in late December. Each student received a locker with separate coat and book compartments. Administrators and guidance counselors moved into their new offices January 21, 1980. Included in the center court area are the media center, a teachers ' lounge, offices, two sets of rest-rooms and a nursing station. Painter Bob Bruce puts the finishing touches on pillars near the lockers. Senior Class produces 3 act comedy ' Harvey ' The rabbit " Harvey " is visible only to Elwood P. Dowd (Brad Forker) Tea party members toast to " breaking a leg " . Pictured above are JamI Knott, Kim Velpel, Lisa Roehm, Robin Young, Connie Langfeldt, Lori Letizia and Lori Ashenfelter. 3 SENlOR PUY A relieved but elated cast returns for a final curtain call after the last night ' s performance of " Harvey " . Cast members include Brent Ferguson, Mary Gingery, Eric Dircksen, Katie Kilgore, Brad Forker, Jodi McMillan and Ron Conrad. Mrs. Susan J. Roberts directed the play and Tammy Maggert served as assistant director. Many other seniors were involved with the play as behind-the scenes crew members. An exhausted Veta (Katie) faints into the arms of Myrtle (Mary) and the judge, (Brent) after a mix-up. Judge Gaffney (Brent Ferguson) takes notes as RIGHT— Chris Winans presents a surprised Mrs. E.J. Lofgren (Chris Winans) introduces himself to Roberts with a gift from the cast of " Harvey " . Elwood (Brad Forker). ' ' Harvey " was the three act come(dy about a six foot one-an(j-a-half inch invisible rabbit which the Senior Class presented. The plot of the play centere(j around the problems which arose when Harvey became visible to Elwoo(J P. Dowd. This disrupted the life of his family and they attempted to have him committed. The play left the audience wondering who really had the warped sense of reality, Elwood or society. CAST Myrtle Mae Simmons Mary Gingery Veta Louise Simmons Katie Kilgore Elwood P. Dowd Brad Forker Miss Johnson Beth Hollinger Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Deb Myers Ruth Kelly, R.N Jodi McMillan Duane Wilson Ron Conrad Lyman Sanderson, M.D Eric Dircksen William R. Chumley, M.D Kyle Flesher Betty Chumley Joyce Bandy Judge Omar Gaffney Brent Ferguson E.J. Lofgren Chris Winans Tea Party Guests Robin Young, Lori Letizia, Kim Velpel, Connie Langfeldt, Lisa Roehm, Jami Knott, Lori Ashenfelter. Dennis Omspacher (second from left), Tom Myers, Doug Kee and Kami Oster test their lucl . Bill Sherwood practices his pitch as IVIark Steigmeyer watches the target. County Fall Fair appeals to Many GHS students participated in the Dekalb County Free Fall Fair. GHS swing choir members entered competition and earned second place. Hamilton ' s choir took first place. Band members and the Sidetrackers performed in the parades. Tammy Maggert and Lori Letizia entered the Miss Dekalb County Contest. Although they did not place, the girls represented GHS very well. Future Farmers of America sold apple cider during the fair and 4-H members showed their projects and exhibits. Marsha Haffner (center) wins a game at the fair as Denise Tuesch, Kathy Putt, Linda Shull, Kim Penland, Terry Kurtz and Chuck LaTurner look on. Senior Eric Dircksen concentrates on drumming the beat for the GHS band during the Saturday morning parade. Mark McCartney and Richard Waring prepare their 4-H lambs for the show. 10 FAlR Band marches in fair parades GHS Sidetrackers display their marching routine. Pictured above are Colleen Koskie, Crys Clark, Lori Davis and Stacy Harter. f «M f Drum Majorette Joyce Bandy leads the band for their marching performances. Senior Katie Kilgore " clowns " around at the DeKalb County Free Fail Fair. Band members perform their competitive numbers at the parade. Cindy Bartels and Janene Heupel are shown above. 12 participate in contest for IVIiss Garrett title The annual IVIiss Garrett pageant brought a week of fun and excitement to twelve girls as they rehearsed for the competition. Participating in the contest were Becky Thrush, Susie Bickle, Jami Knott, Kathy Bergner, Joni Feagler, Denise Denes, Jodi McMillan, Jody Simcox, Karen Conkle, Tammy Maggert, Jodi Piety and Lori Letizia. Jodi Piety was crowned Miss Garrett and Tammy Maggert was named runner-up. Lori Letizia received the talent award. Tammy and Lori went on to compete in the Miss DeKalb County contest. Jodi, explaining her decision not to compete in the county contest, said, ' T had lots of fun in the Miss Garrett pageant but I do not care to go on. " Lori ' s talent co nsisted of a three-in- one act. She tapped to " I Can Do That " , performed a jazz routine to " I Believe In Love " and did a slow dance interpretation of " You Light Up My Life. " Tammy presented a jazz dance to " Car Wash " . Becky Thrush, sponsored by the BPW smiles during the last part of the parade. Smiling for the camera after the awards were presented are Tammy Maggert, first runner-up. Piety, IVIiss Garrett, Tammi Piety, retiring Miss Garrett, and Lori Letizia, talent winner. Jodi Contestants pose for the evening gown competition. Shown are Becky Thrush, Jody Simcox, Tammy • Maggert, Lori Letizia and Jodi McMillan, 12 ' MISS GARRETT Karen Conkle anticipates the pageant as she rides in the Garrett Days ' parade. Maggert, Letizia compete in Miss DeKalb County Contest. Tammy Maggert dances to " Car Wash " for the DeKalb County pageant. ' rfskS ' Lori Letizia presents her combined dances for the talent portion of the pageant. Smiling for her performance, Tammy Maggert competes in the county contest. GHS swing choir members perform in competition durmg the fair. Garrett placed second in the contest and Hamilton ' s choir earned first place. MISS DEKALB COUNTY 13 Convos add life to school days OEA members sponsored a Teacher- Creature day on Halloween. All teachers in both the grade school and the high school were encouraged to wear costumes to school. Many students also participated by wearing costumes. High school and grade school students and teachers attended the convocation. Awards were presented to both teachers and students. Christmas brought another holiday convocation. The band and choir members provided the entertainment. Senior Eric Dircksen directed the band for a few of their selections. The combined choirs, under the direction of Miss Margaret Buttermore, sang many holiday tunes. Pep sessions preceeded many of the athletic events. Pep band members kept the beat going during all the pep sessions and the home games. A French horn is an important instrument in the concert band. This French horn has 11 slides. GHS choirs combine to present some Christmas melodies during a convocation. Swing Choir members perform during the Christmas convocation. At the Christmas convocation, senior Eric Dircksen directs the concert band. OEA Sponsors Teacher-Creature Day Mrs. Becky Derrow displays her costume which she wore on Creature-Teacher day. Big Bird received a prize from OEA members. .?? ► iiULJL RIGHT— Pep Band members Paul Garn and Mike Jarrett play the school song durmg a pep session. Students show their spirit as they cheer durmg a pep session. The student winners of the OEA Teacher- Creature day awards are Tammy Maggert (Mickey jtaff Members participating in OEA ' s Teacher-Creature day include Mrs. Judy Vanderbosch, Mrs. Mouse), second place, Lorl Ashenfelter (Crayola), p NIerman, Mrs. Connie Englert, Mrs. Judy Smurr, and Mr. Gary Surfus. third place, Katie Kilgore (Witchiepoo), first place. CONVOCATIONS 15 .-. ■. h ' ' ' ' v ' to m Ib ' SPORTS We build our bodies through sports. SPORTS 17 Runners reduce individual times during season Senior Co-captain Carson Sparl s l eeps perfect stride while concentrating on form. The Railroader cross country team participated in invitationals at Churubusco, West Noble, Lakeland and South Side during the 1979 season. Members also ran in the NEIC meet and at sectional competition. Working under first-year coach Robert Novy, the Railroaders made a lot of individual improvement as the season progressed. Although the runners failed to win a meet during the season, individuals reduced their time at each meet. Freshman Pete Bowman had the highest place finish (second) in any meet. Pete also ran the best time for the season (13:53). Seniors Andy Herzer and Carson Sparks were co-captains of the 11- member team. Next year five lettermen will return to give strength to the team. FRONT ROW-Tom Ferguson, Carson Sparks, Andy Herzer, Chris Winans. MIDDLE ROW-Coach Robert Novy, Pete Bowman, Eddie Teller, Brent Ferguson, Tony Lehman. BACK ROW-Rick Abbott, Mike Nastally, Trey Lantz, Mike Delauder, Greg Kock. ABSENT-Tim Herzer. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 33 Churubusco 23 50 New Haven 15 41 Bishop Luers 18 45 Fremont 15 50 DeKalb 15 50 Lakeland 15 37 Angola 21 49 East Noble 15 48 Bluff ton 15 33 Angola 23 50 Bishop Dwenger 15 43 Eastside 16 38 Central Noble 23 40 Leo 15 50 DeKalb 15 50 Homestead 15 50 Columbia City 15 wins 17 1 osses % LEFT— Tim Herzer shows endurance against a DeKalb opponent. LOWER LEFT-Senior Tony Lehman and sophomore Willis Rowe attempt to take the lead in a three-way meet against Lakeland and DeKalb BELOW-Struggling to stay ahead, sophomore Tom Ferguson gives his all. CROSS COUNTRY 19 Varsity gridders face daily inconveniences, end season with 2-8 record " The 1979 football season for the Garrett Railroaders was far from the most enjoyable season I have been through. It was Inconvenient busing the players to Auburn every night for practice and we did not have a home field on which to play our games, " said Varsity Football Coach John Hutton. Team members ended the season with a 2-8 record. " The record was disappointing because I sincerely felt we were a better team than our record showed, " said Coach Hutton, " The attitude of the team was excellent. They deserved a better record. " Seniors Bob Isham and Paul Ewing served as t he team captains this season. Paul was named Most Valuable Player by his fellow team members. The high points of the 1979 football season were the wins against Whitko and Bluffton. Coach Hutton is optimistic about next year ' s squad. " I look forward to next year. We will have a new practice field and a new game field. This alone should improve the spirit of next year ' s team, " said Coach Hutton. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent Homestead 30 New Haven 7 Angola 22 28 Whitko 13 DeKalb 24 14 Bellmont 33 8 East Noble 24 28 Bluffton 6 6 South Adams 14 12 Columbia City 55 2 wins 8 losses Paul Ewing, senior wingback, attemp ts to catch a pass against Homestead. 20 VARSlTY FOOTBALL LEFT-Halfback Chuck McPheeters drops back to pass against Whitko. LOWER LEFT-Railroaders celebrate their 28-6 victory over Biuffton. LOWER RIGHT— From his defensive back position, senior Kraig Kelham intercepts a pass. Mm y I FRONT ROW-John Somers, Keith Bock, Todd Marti, John Bougher, Kraig kelham, Ron Conrad, Kyle Flesher, Chuck Derrow, Paul Ewing, Gregg Grubb, Rick Yarian, David Smith, Dennis Omspacher, team manager. MIDDLE ROW-Tony Surfus, Tad Dickerson, Tom Newbauer, Mark Bowman, Chris Chisholm, Rick Zolman, Doug Gilliland, Jeff Schendel, Mike Souder, Gary brt, Kent Davis, Ernie Davis, Chuck McPheeters, Tom Maggert, Erie Andrews, Jim Johnston, Chris Crowe, team manager. BACK ROW — Coach Richard Boyd, Coach Dennis Feagler, Coach Willie Wellhausen, Dave Weimer, Gerald Kline, Scott Wilcoxson, Joe Chisholm, Terry Yarde, Doug Peters, Varsity Coach John Hutton, Steve Griffin, team manager. Gerald Kline, Scott Wilcoxson, Joe Chisholm, Terry Yarde, Doug Peters, Greg Bock, Mark Hensinger, John Lewis, Mark Teusch, Kurt Flesher, Coach Tom Pegelow, Varsity Coach John Hutton, Steve Griffin, team manager. VARSITY FOOTBALL 21 JV squad ends season 5-3-1 The reserve football team ended its winning season with a 5-3-1 record. " This year ' s reserve football team turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, " stated Coach Denny Feagler. Junior Varsity players finished the season with three consecutive shutouts against New Haven, Woodlan and Angola. The team also won its first game of the season in a close game against East Noble. Players had to make many sacrifices during the season. Squad members had no practice field and no home field. This meant traveling to Auburn to practice every day. Many players had to play out of their positions during the games but, " They never complained, " said Coach Feagler. Despite the winning record. Coach Feagler considered the improvement each player made as the most important aspect of this year ' s team. " The winning record is nice, but each player had to work hard to improve his skills to achieve this winning record, " said Coach Feagler. SCOREBOARD Gar rett Opponent | 8 East Noble 6 Homestead 16 DeKalb Leo 6 forfeit Carroll 22 6 Columbia City 6 14 New Haven 8 Woodlan 6 Angola 5 wins 1 tie 3 osses Juniors Doug Gilliiand, tight end, and Chns Chisholm, tackle, show enthusiasm after a muddy 6-0 victory over Angola. Garrett ' s reserve defensive unit readily awaits the snap of the ball. 22 RESERVE FOOTBALL 6-3 Fmsh appear ready for future Freshman football team members experienced a very successful season with a 6-3 record for the year. " This team accumulated more wins for the season than any other GHS freshman team has in many years, " said Coach Richard Boyd. " ' Team members had a never say die attitude, " stated Coach Boyd. The squad won two games in overtime; one coming from behind. Freshman players stopped Churubusco within the ten-yard line which prevented the opponent from tying the game. According to Coach Boyd, the freshmen are enthusiastically anticipating being the Railroader varsity of the future. FRONT ROW-Phil Evers, Pat Sweet, John Clauss, Jim McDonald, John Cordes ROW 2-Jay Johnson, Tom Myers, Lonnie Lannmg, Eric Wlossberger, Doug Kee, Tim Knott, Troy Dickerson. ROW 3- Coach Boyd, Mark Bowmar, Brian Michael, Mike Parvu, Bill Beverly, Joe Velpel, Mark Steigmeyer, Coach Pegelow. BACK ROW-Bobby Hillegas, Mike Marti, Rick Young, Doug Baker, John Slone The Freshmen team shows jubilation after a TD against Angola. Garrett lines up for a play as quarterback Mark Steigmeyer calls the signals. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 6 Eastside 6 Angola 22 6 Columbia City 8 Bishop Luers 22 8 DeKalb 14 6 Homestead 6 Woodlan 14 20 East Noble 14 Churubusco 6 6 wins 3 losses RESERVE FOOTBALL 23 Quarterback Doug Shippy turns to hand the ball off as (51) Scott Mason and (80) Steve Zolman do some fierce blocking. " The eighth gra(de football team played better than their recor(j inijicates, " stated Coach Jim Hecksel. Each game was exciting and the scores could have been reversed. Big plays by the other teams made the difference. According to Coach Hecksel, " No one player ever dominated the field. With work, these athletes can develop the ability to be winners. " The eighth grade gridders scored a total of 64 points for the year. Their leading scorer was Brad Babbitt. Randy Bock and Darren Peters dominated the linemen on offense. Two rushing backs stood out among the others; they were Craig Lepard and Brad Babbitt. Not allowing the offense to gain many yards, the defensive backs Brad Johnson and Mark George did their jobs well. Defending the line of scrimmage, linemen Dave Shields and Jeff Knott held their positions respectively. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 6 Angola 16 DeKalb 16 6 Leo 8 Angola " B " 6 30 Kendallville 20 Avilla 6 Eastside 14 22 Woodside 28 1 win 7 losses Eighth grade plays better than record shows Craig Lepard is greeted by a host of Eastside tacklers after a good run for the eighth grade. ■•y ' L.C 1, 27. M i - FRONT ROW-Brian Shull, Kevin Thrush, Doug Ritchie, Doug Shippy, Steve Zolman, Brian Hedges, Chris DePoalo. SECOND ROW-Pat Cramer, Henry Waring, David Owen, Doug Reed, Craig Lepard, Brent Crowe, Mark George, Jeff Knott. THIRD ROW-Doug Kelham, Todd Gibson, Dan Isham, Brad Johnson, Tony Curtland, Kevin Hewes, Dave Shields, Tony Frost. BACK ROW-Coach Jim Hecksel, Darren Peters, Daren Christlieb, Brad Babbit, Matt Miles, Scott Mason, Randy Bock, Stuart Anderson, Coach Mark Ober, 24 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Troy High watches the ball, as Mark Goebel kicks off to Eastside in a seventh grade game. Seventh graders i -1 close with 2 wins " The seventh graders won their last two games which should be a good springboard into next season, " says Coach Jim Hecksel. " For these gridders, this was their first taste of interscholastic sports. The season was a learning experience for all the players. " Each team member played enthusiastically and showed improvement throughout the season. Scoring a total of 87 points with a record of three wins and four losses, these players did a good job of working together. Mark Goebel, Tim Sparks, Gaylon Wisel and Robert Knott did an excellent job of carrying the pigskin. The terrific blocking of Mark Hall, Tim Gordon and Kirk Johnson helped to provide a strong offense. The defensive line of Mark Goebel, Tim Gordon and Tim Sparks held the opponent from scoring many points. Dennis Weimer and Randy Bartels, two defensive backs, cut off the pass to the opposing receivers and intercepted a number of times. FRONT ROW— Rob Smith, manager, Tim Sparks, Tim Gorman, Randy Bartels, Steve Bowman, Gaylon Wisel, Dennis Weimer. ROW 2-Mark Goebel, John Sliger, Robert Knott, Troy High, Brian Burtch, Jeff Caywood. THIRD ROW-Mike Boltz, Sterling Robbins, Kirk Johnson, Mark Hall, Tim Gordon, Ken Goldie, BACK ROW-Coach David Neal, Coach Alan Hunter. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 14 Angola DeKalb 20 8 Leo 20 Angola " B " 6 8 Kendallville 20 32 Eastside 22 Woodside 3 wins 4 losses JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL 25 Railroaders achieve three-way tie for NEIAC title The 1979-80 GHS varsity basketballers pulled out a 16-5 record after the sectional games. After defeating Columbia City 57-56, the Railroaders gained a three-way tie for the NEIAC conference title. Many team members received aw ards. Seniors Andy Herzer and Chris Winans were named All-conference first team. Gregg Grubb received an honorable mention in the conference. Chris also received the Auburn Evening Star Prep of the Year award. Andy was named Channel 21 player of the week. The Evening Star named Andy and Chris to the all area team. Senior Kraig Kelham and junior Randy Beber were listed as the most improved players. Coach Larry Piety stated that this team did so well because of the players ' RIGHT— Junior Tom Newbauer goes for two as he works his way around an opponent. FAR RIGHT— Squad members Ricl Yarian, Gregg Grubb (number 14) and Tom Newbauer hug each other after winnmg the conference title. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 43 Central Noble 46 51 Westview (OT) 44 46 DeKalb 72 61 Carroll (OT) 60 63 Homestead 51 83 Bluffton 56 59 South Adams 52 67 New Haven 45 61 Angola 51 59 Bellmont 64 59 West Noble 53 59 Eastside 42 49 Leo (OT) 45 57 Churubusco 48 80 Hamilton 38 68 East Noble 61 60 Lakeland 43 57 Columbia City 56 57 Eastside (OT) NEIAC Tourney 44 63 Angola 44 43 New Haven 46 16 wins 5 losses unselfishness, their overall defensive play and their remarkable defensive average of 50.1. East Noble proved to be the team ' s toughest encounter for the season. Coach Piety attributed the pressure of the game to the fact that the game was on their home court and East Noble had not been beaten on their court all season and that a win was needed to take the conference title. FRONT ROW " Chris Crowe; manager, Mike Delauder, Kraig Kelham, Randy Beber, Gregg Grubb, Terry Pence, Todd Piety; manager. BACK ROW — Coach Dennis Feagler, Rick Yarian, Rick Zolman, Dave Yanan, Chris Winans, Tony Surfus, Tom Newbauer, Andy Herzer, Coach Larry Piety. 26 VARSITY BASKETBALL TOP LEFT— Senior Kraig Kelham tries to pass during a varsity game IVIIDDLE LEFT-Chris Winans, center, moves toward the basl et in an effort to score two points as players from the other team surround him. ABOVE — Forward Andy Herzer concentrates on the hoop as he positions himself and shoots to score. UPPER MIDDLE- Ricl Zolman, junior, stands ready to rebound the ball RIGHT— Coach Larry Piety gives the team some valuable advice during a time-out. VARSITY BASKETBALL ' 27 Lady Railroaders accumulate 16 wins, set new records " Every player did exactly what was asked of her. Many players went even further in an effort to become the best players they could, " said Coach Rocky Pressler of the girls ' team. Coach Pressler presented medals to the following players at the athletic banquet: Kim Velpel, most steals and most assists; Missy Van Ort, most rebounds, most points and highest field goal percentage; and Lori Vanderbosch, highest free throw percentage. Missy Van Ort was named to All- Conference first team. Senior Kim Velpel was named to All-Conference second team and seniors Trade Yarian and Robin Young earned All-Conference honorable mention. Kim Velpel, senior, was voted most valuable player by her teammates. She set four records during the season. Kim made the most steals in one game (10), RIGHT— Missy Van Ort out jumps a Columbia City player as Marsha Haffner-Cnumber 34), and Lori Vanderbosch, (number 40), eagerly await the tip. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 43 Central Noble 30 44 DeKalb 37 36 Fremont 25 43 Prairie Heights 19 41 Leo 29 48 Eastside 16 46 East Noble 34 35 Columbia City 49 40 Angola 24 54 Hamilton 43 41 Homestead 27 39 Churubusco 30 DEKALB HOLIDAY TOURNEY | 41 East Noble (OT) 42 66 Eastside 35 NEIAC CONFERENCE TOURNEY | 43 Angola 35 38 South Adams 21 46 Columbia City 48 GARRETT SECTIONAL | 55 Fremont 29 46 DeKalb 28 38 Leo 55 16 iwins 4 losses the most steals in one season (105), the most assists in one game (six), and the most assists in one season (54). Missy Van Ort was named Channel 21 Player of the Week and Evening Star Prep Player of the Week. This valuable junior had the most field goals in one game (13), th e most field goals in one season (107), most rebounds in one game (20), most free throws in one season (51), most points in one game (32), most points in one season (265) and the highest point average for one season (13.3). Each team which beat the Railroaders went on to win its sectional. i?¥r )»p M ? FRONT ROW-Melanie Diederich, manager; Tami Hans, manager; Linda Shull, Connie Langfeldt, Angle Lehman, Marsha Haffner, Michelle Andrews, manager; Krista DIrcksen, manager. BACK ROW-Lisa Roehm, Tracie Yarian, Robin Young, Renee WInans, Missy Van Ort, Lori Vanderbosch, Tonya Harmon, Kim Velpel, Coach Rocky Pressler. 28 GlRLS ' BASKETBALL Junior Missy Van Ort concentrates on a foul shot as senior Kim Velpel, (partially hidden) waits for play to begin. Robin Hixson, sophomore, eyes the hoop and makes a three-point conversion. Senior Tracie Yarlan shows perfect form as she shoots for two against Columbia City. FRONT ROW-Teri Miller, Shelley Beber, Jane Dircksen. MIDDLE ROW-Sharon Gingery, Jenny Christlieb, Ingrid Taube, Michelle Johnson. BACK ROW— Coach Cheryl Peters, Robin Hixson, Nan Waring, Kim Wilhelm, Dawn Benz. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent | 15 Central Noble 28 18 DeKalb 44 13 Fremont 19 27 Prairie Heights 41 12 Leo 21 25 Eastside 8 16 Columbia City 30 29 Angola 25 35 Hamilton 15 28 Homestead (OT) 26 43 Churubusco 21 24 East Noble 22 6 wins 6 1 osses GIRLS ' BASKETBALL 29 J.V. battles to achieve 500 season The GHS junior varsity team, under the direction of Coach Dennis Feagler, turned in one of their best records in recent years. They compiled a 10-10 , record. The squad also won the Christmas tourney. Many losses the team suffered were by a small margin including a heartbreaking double-overtime loss to Columbia City in the season finale. Randy Beber and Tony Surfus played both varsity and reserve. Many times they could play only two quarters of a game. Rick Zolman moved up to the varsity team early in the season leaving another spot to fill. FAR RIGHT— Junior Tony Surfus shoots for two against an opponent from Central Noble. RIGHT— Jim Johnston and Randy Beber work hard during practice to prepare for upcoming games. RESERVE SCOREBOARD Garrett Oppo lent 49 Central Noble 27 45 Westview 39 44 DeKalb 47 31 Carroll 37 36 Homestead 52 42 Bluffton (OT) 40 36 South Adams 38 26 New Haven 43 34 DeKalb 30 27 East Noble 42 34 Angola 33 22 Bellmont 32 28 West Noble 20 43 Eastside 30 39 Leo 44 36 Churubusco 29 38 Hamilton 32 48 East Noble 54 32 Lakeland 29 56 Columbia City (OT) 62 10 wins 10 losses FRONT ROW-Mark Hensinger, Randy Beber, Jim Kleeman, Jim Johnston. BACK ROW-Coach Denny Feagler, Jeff Schendel, Tony Surfus, Dave Yarlan, Steve Lepley, Tad Dickerson. 30 RESERVE BASKETBALL Frosh suffer through losing season This year ' s freshman team had more members than teams in recent years. Coach Stocl er practiced with them in the evening, or, when the qym was in use, at 6;30 a.m. Leading the " A " team in scoring was Brian Michael with 90 points. He was followed closely by Tim Bowmar with 89 points. Dave Vanderbosch led the " B " team by scoring 42 points. The " A " team accumulated a 3-14 record and the " B " team managed a 0- 13 record. RIGHT-Chuck Zolman skies for the tip-off against Hamilton, BELOW— Tim Bowmar drives for a basket against East Noble. FRESHMAN " A " TEAM SCOREBOARD Garr ett Opp onent 20 East Noble 47 14 Angola 58 25 Lakeland 50 35 Churubusco 40 16 DeKalb 62 22 Hamilton 19 13 Bishop Dwenger 77 22 Columbia City 59 34 Westview 42 38 Eastside 34 41 Hamilton 21 32 Homestead 48 38 Central Noble 47 18 Leo 55 21 Prairie Heights 49 31 West Noble 47 29 Carroll 49 3 wins 14 losses | FRONT ROW— Mark Bowmar, Kami Oster, Sandy Sparks, LuAnn DeLong, Johnna Smith, Chuck Zolman. MIDDLE ROW— Coach Steve Stocker, Doug Baker, Pat Sweet, Dave Vanderbosch, Troy Dickerson, Tim Knott, John Slone. BACK ROW-Tom Myers, Jay Johnson, Brian Michael, Bob Hillegas, Tim Bowmar. FRESHMAN " B " TEAM SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent | 21 East Noble 55 9 Angola 49 10 Lakeland 55 25 Churubusco 50 7 DeKalb 74 4 Bishop Dwenger 35 10 Columbia City 53 12 Homestead 54 19 Central Noble 25 12 Leo 54 16 Prairie Heights 41 6 West Noble 44 4 Carroll 25 wins 13 losses 1 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 31 Leo proves most successful game for eighth graders Coach Weimer said, " The boy ' s worked hard and since they were smaller they had to press for rebounds. They had no consistent scorers. " Leo was the best game for the team since many players scored more times and there were fewer ball handling errors. RIGHT-Brad Johnson shoots for two as his teammate Craig Lepard watches the hoop. BELOW-FRONT ROW-Doug Ritchie, Todd Gibson, Brad Johnson, Pat Cramer, Doug Shippy, Craig Lepard, Dave Shields. BACK ROW-Brent Crowe, Wesley Warstler, Doug Kelham, Brad Babbitt, Coach Ron Weimer, Stuart Anderson, Darren Peters, Henry Waring, Mark George, Chris DePaolo, manager. EIGHTH " B " SCOREBOARD | Garrett Opponent 18 Perry Hill 40 25 Woodside 34 35 Prairie Heights 23 25 Hamilton 14 21 DeKalb 34 35 Eastside 48 23 St. Joe 20 3 wins 4 losses Coach Weimer gives the team credit for working hard and for having a good attitude. " But, " he adds, " They weren ' t good enough. " He believes that basketball builds character, teaches sportsmanship and cooperation. " 1 enjoy coaching junior high. It ' s fun and I still learn a lot. " EIGHTH " A " SCOREBOARD | Gar rett Opponent 44 Kendalville 38 29 DeKalb 33 29 Woodside 47 30 Eastside 48 34 Perry Hill 58 13 Huntertown 40 27 Avilla 50 38 Churubusco 41 37 Hamilton 39 29 Prairie Heights 51 20 Angola 33 37 Leo 29 29 DeKalb (Tourne y) 45 2 wins 11 losses bxf 32 EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Seventh grade basketball team small but determined " They learned a lot but they were smaller than the opponents, so it really hurt. We lost a lot of heart-breaking games, " said Coach Robert Novy about the seventh grade team. The best game for the junior roundballers came when they played Angola. Angola was considered the best team in the area. Even though the team lost it was only be 15 points when the other area schools lost by 20 to 30 points. Coach Novy believes that, " The boys SEVENTH " A " SCOREBOARD Gar rett Opp anent 30 Kendalville 26 31 DeKalb 35 26 Woodside 38 35 Eastside (OT) 27 33 Perry Hill 38 27 Huntertown 28 29 Churubusco 44 46 Hamilton 26 30 Prairie Heights 53 26 Angola 41 28 Leo 45 17 Kendalville (Tourney) 45 3 wins 9 losses 1 needed to grow physically and go up against bigger teams. I ' m looking for improvement in the future. The only thing holding them back is their size. " Coach Novy said, " I learned along with the kids. My main goal was that the kids have fun. " LEFT— Ken Goldie shoots for a basket as his unbelieving opponents make a grab for the ball. BELOW-FRONT ROW-Tim Sparks, Tim Gorman, Gaylon Wisel, Steve Bowman, John Bodey, Dennis Weimer, Keith Walter, Rob Knott. BACK ROW-Coach Robert Novy, Jeff Perry, Tim Gordon, Mark Jackson, Pat Martin, Ken Goldie, Gary Greed, Mark Goebel, Jeff Caywood, Ritchie Wisel, manager. SEVENTH " B " SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 21 Perry Hill 20 14 Woodside 31 24 Prairie Heights 14 37 Hamilton 34 12 DeKalb 40 22 Eastside 29 26 St. Joe 5 4 wins 3 losses SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL 33 n over DeKalb highlight of season Miss Cheryl Peters, girls ' varsity volleyball coach, placed six seniors, two juniors and four sophomores on the 1979-80 squad. Winning 6 out of 21 games the girls had their share of problems. They didn ' t seem to get along with each other at first. After many lectures on teamwork. Coach Peters ironed out some discrepancies among them. Another problem was the team ' s inability to set the ball. By concentrating on special drills the girls gradually began to improve. Senior co-captain Lori Shull stated, " My last season of volleyball was not as successful as I had hoped record-wise, but a high point of the year was when we beat DeKalb. I hope next years team does a lot better in the win and loss department, but most of all I hope they have as much fun as I did in my four years of high school volleyball. " Scoreboard Garrett Opponent Prairie Heights 2 Carroll 2 2 Hamilton 2 South Side 2 Lakeland 1 1 Angola 2 1 East Noble 2 1 Leo 2 Columbia City 2 Bellmont 2 2 Eastside 2 Churubusco 1 BlufFton 2 New Haven 2 2 DeKalb 1 Fremont 2 Central Noble 2 Homestead 2 South Adams 2 Bishop Luers 2 Leo (Sectional) 2 6 wins 15 losses Lorl Vanderbosch shows expert form as she spikes the ball during a varsity game. Kim Penland (14) anticipates the next play. «ll4»N«lt¥! FRONT ROW-Lori Ashenfelter, Tracie Yarian, Robin Young, Lori Shull, Connie Langfeldt, Lisa Roehm. BACK ROW-Deb Lepley, assistant coach, Angle Lehman, Kim Penland, Marsha Haffner, Kathy Putt, Lori VanDerbosch, Jackie Jester, and Cheryl Peters, Coach. 34 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW- manager. BACK Harmon, Renee 37-5 ii Coach Lepley stresses team cooper ation in a valuable timeout. -Linda Shull, Beth Cattell, Deanna Wappes, Shelly Beber, Jane Dircksen, Teri Miller, ROW— Deb Lepley, Coach, Trisha Sechler, Christa Dircksen, Lena Sorensen, Tonya Winans, Patty Case. fiattisiPT Coach Lepley names Southside, Carroll most memorable games Enthusiasm and determination marked the reserve volleyball season. However inexperience and the inability to execute their 4-2 oflFense led to a 6-7 record. " Our most memorable game was the South Side game, " stated Debbie Lepley. Two other games, Carroll and Bishop Luers, were exceptional because they came back and almost pulled off a win. Leading the team were captains Krista Dircksen and Linda Shull. " The team got along and worked together really well, " commented sophomore Linda Shull. Mrs. Lepley encourages more freshmen to get involved next year. SCOREBOARD Garrett Oppone nt 2 Prairie Heights 1 Carroll 2 1 Hamilton 2 2 South Side 1 2 Lakeland 2 DeKalb Frosh 1 Leo 2 Eastside 2 2 Churubusco DeKalb 2 1 Fremont 2 2 Central Noble Bishop Luers 2 6 wins 7 losses 1 RESERVE VOLLEYBALL 35 Eighth rader Susan Getts reaches to give maximum power to her serve. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent Huntertown 2 2 Perry Hill 2 Avilla 1 2 Central Noble 2 Kendallville 1 2 Prairie Heights 2 Angola 2 DeKalb 2 Woodside 2 St. Joe 1 9 wins 1 loss Junior high girls ' volleyball " A " team accumulated the most wins of all the fall sports teams this year. They ended their season with a 9-1 record. The team sufPered its only loss in scheduled games to Huntertown. The team then won their next nine meets. The girls lost to DeKalb in the final game of the Tri-County Tournament. Ms. Peggy Ignatz, who coached for the first time this year, enjoyed the experience of coaching and would like to do it again next year. Coach Ignatz felt all team members were valuable since they learned to play as a team. Mary Hile was recognized as the most improved player this season. The team ' s skill in bumping and serving came as an advantage during the close games. Coach Ignatz accounts for the team ' s superb record by stating, " Knowing that they would play in every game gave the girls confidence and made them a good team. " CHAMPS 1374 Junior High W team accumulates most wins Team members gather together after winning the first game of a match. Coach Peggy Ignatz gives advice for the second game. FRONT ROW- Sherry Mock, manager; IVlelanie Lyon, Susan Getts, Ann Schendel, Melinda IVlcFann, Cheri Hutton. BACK ROW-Coach Peggy Ignatz, Patty Hile, Patty Kleber, Leigh Anne Chisholm, Teresa Lantz, IVlary Hile, Kathy Feagler, Coach Patty Weller. 36 JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL Rookie coach leads squad to 8-1 record The 1979 junior high volleyball " B " team ended their season with a spectacular 8-1 record. The 11 team members started out the season by learning the fundamentals of the game, which are the foundation for any sport. The 11 girls averaged 68 per cent on bumps, 76 per cent on sets, 74 per cent on serves and 54 per cent on spikes. Tammy Wellhausen, Sue Helbert and Rachel Warstler surprised the opponents with their powerful serves. Dedication to the sport produced excellent spiking ability from Larkin Hunter and Cindy Steckley. Lisa Kidwell and Larkin Hunter proved to be two of the better spikers. The individuals ' confidence played an important part in their ability during a game. This year ' s coaches found rotating the captains and naming the most valuable player after each game an effective way of building confidence. Rookie coach Patti Weller explains the loss of the first game by stating, " We really didn ' t know what to expect. I haven ' t played volleyball since high school. The other coaches were a big help this year too. " Coach Weller also said, " I discovered what the duck walk was. That ' s for punishment. I also learned not to try to teach the girls how to spike, since I am only 5 foot tall. " SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 1 Huntertown 2 2 Perry Hill 2 Avilla 1 2 Central Noble 2 Kendallville 2 Prairie Heights 2 Angola 2 DeKalb 2 Woodside 8 wins 1 loss " B " team member Lisa Kidwell bumps the ball as Tammy Wellhausen waits at the net to assist. Cmdy Steckley (background) and Susan Helbert watch. A ' ' f mit mfm ] MttNIRY! FRONT ROW-Pam Parvu, Lisa Kidwell, Larkm Hunter, Gwen Benz, Jennifer Rahrig. BACK ROW- Coach Patty Weller, Susan Helbert, Rachel Warstler, Kathy Kemerling, Lesli Dickerson, Cindy Steckley, Tammy Wellhausen, Coach Peggy Ignatz. JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL 37 4Uil Senior John Bougher declares the team number 1 after he wins a match. SCOREBOARD Garrett Oppo lent 43 Angola 20 54 Central Noble 18 24 Northside 39 27 Columbia City 35 32 Leo 30 11 DeKalb 53 19 Homestead 44 15 Bishop Dwenger 58 54 South Adams 16 18 Prairie Heights 43 35 Eastside 31 Section als: 5th out of 6 NEIAC Conference; 9th out of 10 East N oble Tourn,: 6th out of 8 TOP- Reserve wrestling Coach Tom Pegelow yells for Garrett as Coach Willie Wellhausen looks on. Above-Freshman Matt Gorman takes a breather as Varsity Coach Willie Wellhausen gives him some advice. 38 WRESTLlNG Wrestlers sponsor all-school convocation ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Matt Gorman, Pete Bowman, Dave Flesch, Gerald Kline, Dan Ressler, Rick Abbott, Andy Hall. MIDDLE ROW-Coach Willie Wellhausen, Kent Davis, Gary Ort, Kurt Flesher, Chuck McPheeters, John Bougher, Matt Maley, Coach Tom Pegelow. BACK ROW-Dennis Omspacher, Dave Greer, Eric Mossberger, Mark Steigmeyer, Lonnie Lannmg, John Cordes, Phil Evers. TOP— Concentration is the key to sophomore Rick Abbott ' s wrestling ability. GHS wrestlers won their match against Eastside as students cheered. " The convocation gave the wrestlers confidence and that is why we won, " said Coach Willie Wellhausen, The 1980 varsity team ended their season with a 5-7 record. Three wrestlers— Rick Abbott, Chuck McPheeters and Kent Davis— went on to compete in Regionals. Coach Wellhausen named Chuck McPheeters the team ' s most outstanding wrestler. " It is not only that he had a winning record, but he was willing to do things that we asked him to even though he may not have understood them, " said the coach. Senior John Bougher was named the most improved wrestler because of his ability and confidence. Kent Davis had the most pins of the season. Rick Abbott and co-captain Gary Ort tied for the most major decisions. Gary also scored the most superior decisions. Chuck McPheeters had the most take-downs and the most total points scored. Chuck also had the fastest pin of the season which was 17 seconds. Reserve wrestlers ended their season 4-6-1. The squad did their best against East Noble. Bishop Dwenger proved to be their toughest opponent. Coach Tom Pegelow summed up the season; " Everybody did exactly as I asked. There was constant improvement through the year. " SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 12 Angola 21 9 Central Noble 11 24 Columbia City 21 9 Leo 4 3 DeKalb 36 Homestead 24 19 East Noble 12 Bishop Dwenger 39 6 South Adams 12 Prairie Heights 12 4 Eastside 21 4 wins 1 tie 6 losses WRESTLING 39 Junior high matmen show skill during season ' s meets " The 1979-80 junior high wrestling team proved to be one of the best teams Garrett has had, " stated Coach Jim Hecksel. The team had a good attitude and if these matmen stick with the sport they have great potential at the high school level. DeKalb was the squad ' s toughest opponent. The Rome City meet proved to be the most exciting because it was close to the end. TOP RIGHT-Darrin Heyman attempts to flip his opponent to his bacl with a tight grip. IVIIDDLE RIGHT-Technique is the l ey to seventh grader Steve Bowman ' s wrestling. BOTTOiVl LEFT-Squad members cheer a teammate on to another victory. SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent | 91 Woodside 58 45 Avilla 18 94 Leo 36 39 DeKalb 109 35 Prairie Heights 53 44 Rome City 45 45 Churubusco 44 Central Noble Invit. 6 out of 8 4 wins 3 1 osses FRONT ROW-Paul Warfield, Keith Walter, Ken Walter, Lee Loft, Steve Bowman, Gaylon Wisel, Tim Gorman, Dennis Weimer, Dwane Griffis, Rob Knott. ROW 2-Gay Penland, manager; John Kinney, Tony Frost, Dave Shields, Mike Bauman, Mark Goebel, Brian Burtch, Tim Sparks, Mark Lewis, Pat Cramer, Chris DePaolo, Sherry Mock, manager. ROW 3-Grant Kobiela, Mike Boltz, Mark George, Darrin Heyman, Doug Reed, Jeff Perry, Damon Lewis, Tim Gordon, John Sliger, Frank Weller. BACK ROW— Coach Jim Hecksel, Steve Bade, Tony Curtland, Ken Goldie, Jeff Knott, Danny Isham, Ed Chisholm, Coach Willie Wellhausen. 40 JUNIIOR HIGH WRESTLING MIDDLE RIGHT-Eighth grade team members listen intently as Coach Rocky Pressler tries to plan a winnmg strategy. BELOW Coach Maroney, Sue Helbert, Jackie Kruger and Kim Cobler concentrate on the seventh grade game at GHS. Teams slate top record for J,H. Pii ' Iq three year program. Their dedication Squad members worked hard to get the highest J.H. records during the wil help the high school team soon. LEFT— Eighth grader Melanie Lyon executes a well-balanced shot as she scores two. EIGHTH GRADE SCOREBOARD Garrett Opp( Dnent 3 Kendalville 21 34 Avilla 12 25 Angola 11 16 Churubusco 29 27 Hamilton 6 17 DeKalb 38 18 Fremont 17 25 Prairie Heights 36 33 Eastside 24 10 DeKalb 31 5 wins 5 losses 1 SEVENTH GRADE SCOREBOARD Gar rett Oppor lent 14 Kend alville 19 8 Avilla 24 8 Angola 23 16 Churubusco 28 24 Hamilton 7 14 DeKalb 12 13 Fremont 12 21 Prairie Heights 20 23 Eastside 15 18 DeKalb 21 5 wins 5 losses 1 FRONT ROW-Linda Stump, Kathy Feagler, Patty Kleber, Leigh Anne Chisholm, Julie Gillespie. MIDDLE ROW-Anita Lehman, Patty Hile, Mary Hile, Melinda McFann, Teresa Lantz. BACK ROW-Coach Rocky Pressler, Ann Schendel, Suzie Getts, Melanie Lyon, Cheri Hutton, Roxanne Hathaway. FRONT ROW— Tracey Brinker, Rita Wilcoxson, Jackie Kruger, Tami Wellhausen, Rachel Warstler, Veronica Irwin. TOP ROW-Coach Kathy Maroney, Cmdy Steckley, Kim Cobler, Andrea Stoltie, Lesli Dickerson, Sue Helbert, Jenny Brown, Rhonda Mauer, Lori Grotrian. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS ' BASKETBALL 41 Girls add discus event; set new records VARSITY SCOREBOARD GARRETT OPPONENT | 32 East Noble 73 22 Central Noble Churubusco 52 60 29 Lakeland 76 51 Fremont 54 36 Vj Bishop Luers 68 1 2 19 1 2 Col. City Hunt. Catholic 57 V2 57 29 Angola Homestead 64 41 60 Eastside 45 76 V2 Hamilton 28 V2 38 1 2 DeKalb ' Prairie Heights 47,48 V2 2 wins 12 losses ABOVE-FRONT ROW- Lisa Roehm, Katie Kilgore, Trade Yarian, Tonyua Sechler, Becky Thrush, Connie Langfeldt, MIDDLE ROW-Coach Cheryl Peters, Wendy Maggert, Marsha Haffner, Angle Lehman, Sandy Sparks, Tina Emenhiser, Lissa Kurtz, Deanna Kappel, Tina Weller, Linda Shull, mgr; Assistant Coach Rocky Pressler. BACK ROW-Lena Sorensen, Kim Penland, Beth Bowmar, Kathy Putt, Linda Scott, Cyndy Sparks, Lori Vanderbosch, Dawn Benz. TOP-Coach Cheryl Peters discusses track procedures with senior Trade Yarian and freshman Sandy Sparks. LEFT-Grace and agility allow junior Lori Vanderbosch to ease over the bar successfully. 42 ' GIRLS ' TRACK The girls ' track team set four new records during the season. Angie Lehman established the record for the 100 meter hurdles at 16.2 seconds. Kim Penland threw the shot put 31 ' 7 " . Marsha HafTner set the school record in discus at 86 ' 10 V2 " . This is the first year that discus was an event in girls ' track at GHS. A relay team consisting of Kim Velpel, Linda Scott, Angie Lehman and Kathy Putt broke the record for the 800 meter relay. They re-established the record at 1:52.2 minutes. Coach Cheryl Peters stated that this year ' s team had more spirit than previous teams. Mr. Rocky Pressler, the new assistant coach, helped tremendously with the new discus event, the high jump and the long distance events. TOP LEFT-Sophomore sprinter Kathy Putt gallantly breaks the tape as she wins the 400 meter relay. TOP RIGHT— Determination and anguish show on the face of senior Connie Langfeldt as she sprints toward the finish. BOTTOM-After a victorious tracl meet Wendy Maggert, Trade Yarian and Beth Bowmar recapture the day ' s highlights. RESERVE SCOREBOARD 1 GARRETT OPPONENT 55 East Noble 32 46 Bishop Luers 20 19 Col. City Hunt. Catholic 44 25 19 DeKalb Prairie Heights 36 66 2 wins 2 losses GIRLS ' TRACK 43 Seniors assume leadership roles in track " We were young but we had a good senior group. They showed a lot of leadership. This was a building year, " said Coach Willie Wellhausen. Three seniors set records this year. Tony Lehman reset the records in both the 200 and the 400 meter dash. Carson Sparks re-established the 300 meter low hurdles record at 41.24 seconds. John Somers reset the records for the 800 and 1600 meter runs. Senior Tony Lehman won the intra- squad decathlon. This is a series of ten diflFerent grueling track and field events. m -r -;.- ABOVE — FRONT ROW— Ron Conrad, Carson Sparks, John Somers, Brent Ferguson, Tony Lehman. ROW 2-Tony Surfus, Mike Souder, Gary Ort, Kent Davis, Dan Custer. ROW 3-Coach Willie Wellhausen, Rick Abbott, Tom Ferguson, Max Miller, Todd Panning, Phil Tschebykin, Coach Jim Hecksel. BACK ROW-Tim Knott, Todd Engel, Pete Bowman, Eric Mossberger, Rick Young, Matt Gorman, Jay Johnson. TOP— Senior Carson Sparks crosses the finish line with a P rairie Heights Panther close behind. LEFT— Senior long jumper Tony Lehman makes a spectacular leap toward victory. 44 BOYS ' TRACK ABOVE-Stretching out those legs, freshman Tim Knott shows his style in the high hurdles. TOP— Seniors Ron Conrad and Brent Ferguson complete a clean exchange at a home track meet. RIGHT— Freshman Eric Mossberger attempts to vault his way over the bar. VARSITY SCOREBOARD GARRETT OPPONENT 1 10 DeKalb 85 10 Bishop Luers 40 28 East Noble 99 28 Angola 31 60 Churubusco 66 39 Homestead 94 39 South Adams 23 29 Central Noble 64 1 2 29 Churubusco 64 1 2 29 Lakeland 98 23 Leo 85 69 Eastside 58 56 Prairie Heights 71 2 wins 11 osses JH track team breaks many school records JH GIRLS ' SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 58 Kendallville 38 31 Prairie Heiglnts 74 58 Hamilton 38 50 Huntertown 46 58 Avilla 38 37 Churubusco 50 53 Angola 43 33 DeKalb 61 5 wins 3 losses RESERVE SCOREBOARD | 17 Prairie Heights 88 29 DaKalb 64 wins 2 losses ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Tim Gorman, Gaylon Wisel, Ken Walters, Jerry Swank, Tim Sparks, Dennis Weimer, Randy Bartels, Steve Bowman. MIDDLE ROW-Keith Walter, Andy Baber, John Bodey, Tim Gordon, Mark Jackson, Bill Freeman, Mark Goebel, Rob Knott. BACK ROW-Coach George Wilmore, John Sliger, Sterling Robbins, Kirk Johnson, Jim Reed, Ken Goldie, Tim Cole, Tom Jarrett, Mike Boltz, Coach Mike Sellers. TOP-FRONT ROW-Brent Crowe, Brad Johnson, Doug Reed, Steve Bade, Kevin Hewes, Mark Lewis, Chris Neeley. MIDDLE ROW— Daren Christlieb, Tom Sturges, Darren Peters, Stuart Anderson, Craig Lepard, Brad Babbitt, Mark George, Scott Mason. BACK ROW-Coach George Wilmore, Coach Mike Sellers. LEFT-Eighth grader Brad Babbitt gives his last ounce of strength as he crosses the finish line. 46 JUNIOR HIGH TRACK - A EIGHTH GRADE SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 18 Kendallville 19 56 V2 Prairie Heights 61 1 2 60 Hamilton 33 62 Huntertown 47 52 Avilla 57 52 Churubusco 57 42 Angola 67 47 DeKalb 62 2 wins 6 losses SEVENTH GRADE SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 74 Kendallville 34 54 1 2 Prairie Heights 63 1 2 62 Hamilton 41 84 Huntertown 25 76 Avilla 33 79 Churubusco 19 45 Angola 56 50 1 2 DeKalb 58 1 2 5 wins 3 losses 1980 was a year of record-breaking performances. The girls broke or tied 11 of 12 records while the boys ' team broke or tied eight of 13 records. Highlights of the year included a second place finish at the co-ed Carroll relays. At the Tri-County Conference meet the girls ' team finished second and the boys ' team finished fourth. Personal achievements and improvements played a large role in each individual ' s contribution to the junior high track teams. With continued improvement and work the track teams can expect to be successful in future years. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Molly Wappes, Angle Smith, Trisha Ferry, Jackie Kruger, Chris Wiant, Tammy Wellhausen, Veronica Erwin, Rosie Sheehan, Diane Ferguson, Laura Zieder. MIDDLE ROW-Julie Gillespie, Pam Parvu, Andrea Stoltie, Kathy Feagler, Leigh Anne Chisholm, Melinda McFann, Lesli Dickerson, Deste Clark, Nina Tschebykin, Rita Wiicoxson. BACK ROW-Anita Lehman, Shelly Dunham, Susan Getts, Julie Renolds, Deanna Getts, Melanie Lyon, Julie Ann Johnson, Larkin Hunter, Coach Deb Lepley. TOP RIGHT-Leigh Anne Chisholm gives her all during the long jump event. TOP LEFT-Anita Lehman shows good form as she runs the hurdles during a meet. JUNIOR HIGH TRACK 47 Golfers complete spectacular scoring season The golf teams, both reserve and season average at 39.6. He was 18-hole scores. Beber was also the varsity, had a spectacular season. The followed by senior Chuck LaTurner and individual medalist at the Angola reserve team was 10-4 and the varsity junior Randy Beber. Invitational. The team set a new schoo was 13-3. Randy Mettert was the best nine-hole record as they shot a 141 against Senior Randy Mettert had the best scorer. Randy Beber achieved the best Angola. ■::l ' .iC ' ' Vw ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ■■ ' ' ABOVE-Tom Myer ' ' ' .■ ' yW ! ' ' - ' . ' ■ ' ' • ' ■ ' " ' ■■■ y TJ- ' ,:T ' -r-t- TOP- Coach Cleo ' ■ ' ■ii. ' i ' ' - ' ' .- _ ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' l ' v ' ' ' ' ' " " •!• " . Randy Beber. . -f ■tit ' . ' . ■ . ' ■.- HBfcilw ' " Vvv ' ; »- l ' ' ' rs, Mark Steigmeyer, Mark Bowmar, Rick Johnston, Todd Coleman, Dave Weimer. Miller, Chuck LaTurner, Chris Hoeffel, Jed Mellott, Randy Mettert, Dewey DeLong, LEFT Jed Mellott lines up a putt with determination and concentration. 48 GOLF VARSITY SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 173 Northrop 178 173 East Noble 166 181 Southside 190 174 DeKalb 172 165 Elmhurst 175 142 Hamilton 178 150 New Haven 158 155 Central Noble 194 141 Angola 147 150 DeKalb 152 166 Leo 168 153 East Noble 159 182 Carroll 177 156 North Side 166 153 Concordia 156 158 Southside 172 13 wins 3 losses RESERVE SCOREBOARD Garrett Opp onent 201 Northrop 181 210 East Noble 219 185 Southside 193 195 DeKalb 216 181 Hamilton 188 172 New Haven 159 186 Central Noble 211 167 Angola 170 174 DeKalb 189 182 Leo 180 170 East Noble 176 190 Carroll 182 167 Concordia 171 166 Southside 178 10 wins 4 losses BOTTOM LEFT— Chuck LeTurner tries a new form of putting as he rests after a match. BELOW-Senior Randy Mettert tees off at the Garrett Country Club. Players give their all during baseball season " The team tried its hardest and this is what a coach always wants in a team, " stated Varsity Baseball Coach Steve Stocker. Coach Stocker stressed that each team member had to give his all and was depended on to produce during a game situation. " Each class— freshman through senior— made contributions to the team. During one game all 18 team members saw action. " This was the first year that Mr. Tom Pegelow served as the reserve team coach. Twenty-four players comprised his young team and that is the most players Coach Pegelow ever remembers participating on the junior varsity team at GHS. Most of his players were freshmen so the 1980 season proved to be one of learning for the reserves. VARSITY SCOREBOARD Garrett Opp Dnent 11 Bishop Leurs 3 1 DeKalb 2 14 Prairie Heights 4 7 Hamilton 7 4 Bellmont 3 11 Fremont 7 Fremont 2 Eastslde 6 2 East Noble 5 11 Lak eland 6 3 Lakeland 4 6 South Adams 7 7 Columbia City 3 7 Leo 4 6 Angola 2 4 Central Noble 3 11 Central Noble 4 New Haven 7 1 Snider 11 " ■ 6 West Noble 7 3 Snider 4 5 Homestead 12 2 Concordia 10 1 Northrop 7 4 Bluffton 2 5 Leo 11 12 wins 1 tie 13 losses ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Gregg Grubb, Brad Forker, Terry Pence, Richard Waring, Bill Sherwood, Paul Ewlng. MIDDLE ROW— Coach Steve Stocker, Tom Maggert, Jeff Schendel, Tad DIckerson, Doug Gllliland, Mark Bowman, Manager Chris Crowe, Assistant Coach Tom Pegelow. BACK ROW— Phil Clauss, Dave Nuttle, Doug Peters, Scott Wilcoxson, Troy DIckerson, John Clauss, Mark Henslnger. TOP-Coach Steve Stocker confers with senior pitcher Brad Forker and junior catcher Bill Sherwood during a game. 50 BASEBALL RESERVE SCOREBOARD Garrett Opponent 1 East Noble 9 5 DeKalb 1 6 Eastside 20 1 Homestead 5 9 Churubusco 3 1 DeKalb n 2 Angola 9 East Noble 2 2 wins 6 losses ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Dennis Omspacher, Doug Kee, Mike Colgate, Coach Tom Pegelow, Tim Hans, Greg Bock. ROW 2— Tim Bowmar, Jody Kendig, Bill Beverly, Mike Parvu, Todd Perry, Bruce Delauder, Mark Walter. ROW 3-Doug Baker, Mike Marti, John Slone, Greg Heal, Scott Wilcoxson. BACK ROW- John Clauss, Troy Dickerson, Dave Vanderbosch, Brian Michael, Pat Sweet, Mike Murley. TOP MIDDLE — Base runner Troy Dickerson congratulates a reserve teammate on a good play. TOP LEFT— Sophomore outfielder Dennis Omspacher pockets a long hit in the fourth inning. TOP RIGHT— Brad Forker winds up for a pitch during a varsity game. BASEBALL 51 ABOVE— Reserve Cheerleaders Chris Mcintosh Judy Barry, Kelly Bonar and Tonya Gradeless show their spirit. BELOW-Amy Winans, sister of senior Chris Winans, waits for the team to come out of the locker room with the help of varsity cheerleader Beth Bowmar and base Chuck Derrow. ABOVE-Beth Bowmar, Kyle Flesher, Nate Hoeffel, Ron Conrad, Paul Ewing, Chuck Derrow, Kim Nierman, Linda Scott, Jodi Piety and Wendy Maggert. TCP-Cheerleaders yell for the team as the bases help them. Pictured are Chuck Derrow, Wendy Maggert, Ron Conrad, Nate Hoeffel, Paul Ewing, Kim Nierman, Linda Scott, Beth Bowmar, Kyle Flesher and Jodi Piety. Cheerleaders ea first in contest Last summer the freshman, reserve and varsity cheerleaders attended Universal Cheerleading Association camp at Purdue University where each squad received a blue ribbon. This put the varsity squad among the top ten in the district. In February the cheerleaders traveled to Eastside where the varsity, competing against 20 other schools, placed first. Five male bases joined the cheerleaders to add spirit. Katie Kilgore served as the school ' s devoted mascot. First-year advisor Deb Lepley reported that the squad earned enough money to buy new jumpers by having a rummage sale and by selling Railroader pens. TOP LEFT-Cheerleaders Wendy Maggert, Jodi Piety, Chris Mcintosh, Linda Scott, Kim Nierman and Beth Bowmar perform one of their many mounts before the crowd at a basl etbail game. TOP RIGHT-Jodi Piety, Beth Bowmar, Kim Nierman, Linda Scott and Wendy Maggert cheer for the Railroaders during a time out. BELOW-Sophomore Wendy Maggert screams for the team during a tense moment at an away game. FRONT ROW-Chris IVlcIntosh, Kelly Bonar, Judy Barry. BACK ROW-Mrs. Deb Lepley, Tonya Gradeless. CHEERLEADERS 53 GHS frosh place high at Eastside Freshman cheerleaders put forth much effort to raise spirit during 1979- 80. During the summer the cheerleaders attended a cheerleading camp at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, from June 25 to June 28. The cheerleaders worked to perfect their skills by practicing with other • cheerleaders and competing. While at Purdue, the girls were awarded a blue ribbon during their final evaluation. These spirited girls also brought home three red ribbons (one for a pom pon routine and two for cheers). The girls also won one outstanding ribbon for their sideline cheers. During the school year they attended a one-day clinic at Eastside on February 9. Competing against many other area cheerleaders, the girls placed second. They received a trophy for their work. This is the first time that the freshmen have won a trophy. RIGHT-FRONT ROW-Kami Oster, Johnna Smith, Sandy Sparks. BACK ROW-Mrs. Deb Lepley, sponsor; LuAnn DeLong, captain. BELOW — Freshman cheerleaders Sandy Sparl s, Kami Oster, Johnna Smith and LuAnn DeLong get the crowd fired up at a football game. lESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Junior high cheerleaders bring spirit to sports events Junior high cheerleaders practiced twice a week at, Sue Gett ' s home to prepare for the season. Their favorite cheers included " Take It to the Limit " and " Hey! Show ' em " . The worst game that they had to cheer for was an away game at Churubusco. It snowed and was windy and cold. " This was my first year as a cheerleader. It has been the activity that I enjoyed the most, " said eighth grader Shelly Dunham. BELOW-Cheerleaders Deborah Bush, Missy Heal and Molly Wappes lead the crowd in a cheer for the Railroaders. k 1 1 ABOVE-Shelly Dunham (doing the splits), Lora Gerber and Susan Getts were the eighth grade cheerleaders during 1979-80. TOP— Shelly Dunham, Melanie Zimmerman and Susan Getts yell for the wrestling team at a convocation. RIGHT— Seventh grade cheerleaders Missy Heal, Molly Wappes and Deborah Bush pose for their picture. Sidetrackers add reserve squad, get letter jackets This year ' s squad members attended a summer clinic at Ball State University. The girls performed with the band at the DeKalb County Fair. During basketball season the varsity squad performed to tunes such as " Soul Man, " " If My Friends Could See Me Now, " " Shake Your Groove Thing " and " In the Navy " . Reserve squad members presented " Ease on Down the Road " . Varsity squad members performed " Anchors Aweigh! " while reserve members presented the flag for pre- game. The Sidetrackers also performed at a girls ' basketball game and they opened the annual OEA Superstars competition with a routine. Senior girls received letter jackets this year. Squad members sold candy and sponsored a dance featuring " Spectrum " to earn money for next year ' s squad. The Pom Pon girls could perform at only two football games because of construction on the new football field. BELOW-FRONT ROW-Crystal Clark, Tammy Maggert, Stacy Harter, Jamie Knott. ROW 2- Lori Davis, Robin Koble, Lori Letlzia, Serena Beber. ROW 3-Beth Vanderbosch, Laura Wagner, Cindy Bartels, Pam Smock. BACK ROW- Jean Simon, Karen Conkle, Deb Sleeper, Mrs. Kathy Bolce, sponsor. Absent— Colleen Koskie. Pom Pon squad members Robin Koble, Tammy Maggert, Lori Letlzia, Lori Davis and Stacy Harter perform for the audience at Half-time of a varsity game. TOP-JamIe Knott, Lori Letlzia, Colleen Koskie, Stacy Harter, Serena Beber and Crys Clark present high kicks during " Anchors Aweigh! " for pre-game. BELOW-Beth Vanderbosch and Cindy Bartels reach for the sky during one routine. BOTTOM-Kelly Miller shows her talent as she performs at half-time of a reserve game. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Tina Miller, Tammy Hans, Kelly Miller. BACK ROW-Della Zolman, Mrs. Kathy Boice, sponsor; Jane Sims. ABSENT— Jini Ricketts. TOP— Reserve squad members Delia Zolman, Jane Sims and Jini Rickets display the flag as the varsity squad and the audience salute the flag before a basketball game. We build our interests tlirough clubs. CLUBS 59 Deb Myers receives Best Thespian Award GHS Thespian Troupe 2435 helped stage many plays during the school year. With the help of Mrs. Susan Roberts, theatre arts teacher, the troupe participated in all the plays during the year. Beginning with the senior play " Harvey " (about a big, invisible rabbit), members took the major roles in the plays. Next there was " Picnic " , William Inge ' s poignant drama about a summer romance. Roger ' s and Hamerstein ' s musical " Oklahoma " closed the successful season for the troupe. Between plays members displayed their diversified talents by participating in other ways. Members conducted a bake sale to raise money. Some members staged a Christmas show for the elementary school children both at the J.E. Ober and St. Joseph Schools. This year the troupe decided that they needed uniforms like other clubs at school. Members put together crazy outfits consisting of khaki pants, sneakers, rainbow suspenders and baseball jerseys with their names and troupe number on them. Senior Deb Myers was awarded the Best Thespian award at the closing dinner at Noble Romans. Katie Kilgore received the Ad Lib award. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Jennifer Ferry, secretary; Deb Myers, vice-president; Katie Kilgore, president; Thad Smith, treasurer. ROW 2-Carol Blessinger, Janis Treesh, Joselyn Smith, Jeff Jackson, Kurt Flesher, Judy Barry, Brent Ferguson ROW 3-Kyle Flesher, Chucl LaTurner, Harold Kline, Suzette Bickel, Joy Hlxson, IVIary Gingery BACK ROW-Ron Wllcoxson, Todd Piety, Laura Sowles, Jeff Lyon, Mrs. Susan Roberts, sponsor. LEFT-Senlor Deb Myers accepts the award for Best Thespian at the final awards dinner at Noble Romans. TCP-Mrs. Susan Roberts, Thespian sponsor, presents senior Katie Kilgore with the Ad Lib award as Jenny Baber looks on. Thad Smith places high This was a very trying year for the GHS forensics team. Several members encountered many conflicts during the year and some met with long illnesses. Nevertheless, the faithful team members braved the elements and the odds against them to compete in the meets. The team traveled to Wayne, Columbia City and Southside High Schools to compete in meets. Thad Smith placed fifth at Southside and sixth at Wayne in the impromtu event. Thad then went on to compete in sectionals at DeKalb where he placed eighth. He also placed eighth at Huntington High School. Although the ultimate goal of any forensics team is to win, it is also important for the team to have fun trying. Judging from the laughter and jokes after many meets, it is plain to see that the GHS troupe did have fun. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Thad Smith, Susan Dudash, Deb Myers, Ron Wilcoxson, Jennifer Ferry. MIDDLE ROV-Juanita Wagner, Joselynn Smith, Laura Sowles, Kurt Flesher. BACK ROW-Brent Ferguson, Mrs. Susan Roberts, sponsor; Jeff Lyon. TOP-Thad Smith gives an impromptu speech during activity period as he practices for regional competition. FORENSICS 61 RIGHT-Senior Crystal Clark is up on stage with Mr. John Wagner wiien German club members were at Elmhurst High School for culture day. Delia Zolman works after school to make pinatas for the Spanish Club ' s annual sale. This year members cleared over $150 for their efforts. - ii y — imi iTimw¥M Wi «i Mr. Gary Surfus, German club sponsor, talks with Mr. John Wagner during the Pollidors demonstration, Mr. Wagner is the director of the German touring group the Pollidors. FRONT ROW-Jodi McMillan, treasurer; Stacy Harter, secretary; Deanna DeGrasse, vice-president; Lori Letizia, president; Mrs. Shirley Wallace, sponsor. ROW 2-Jodi Steward, Lori Bowman, Lori Graham, Samme Wood. ROW 3-Tina Weller, LuAnn DeLong, Lori Davis, Susan Dudash. BACK ROW-Kelly Miller, Jane Sims, Delia Zolman, Carrie Cook. 62 LANGUAGE CLUBS Language clubs attend culture day, learn dances Members of German club and Spanish club attended culture days at Elmhurst High School in March. Students learned more about the history of the countries through music and dance presentations. Twenty-seven German club members attended the show by the Pollidors, a German group which tours America. The performers were dressed in traditional German clothes. Forty Spanish students saw the Ballet Folkorico Mexicano de Graciela Tapia. Students watched the performers demonstrate the dances and then they had the opportunity to try the dances. Spanish club member Jini Ricketts was among the volunteers from ABOVE— FRONT ROW— Doug Cramer, treasurer; Karen Conkle, vice-president; Doug Gilliland, president; IVIark Bowman, sergeant at arms; IVIr. Gary Surfus, sponsor. MIDDLE ROW— Pete Bowman, Troy Dicl erson, Chris IVIcIntosh, Tammy Hans, IVIelanie Diedrich, Steve Lepley, Cathy Hutton, Crystal Clark, Wendy Goldie. BACK ROW-Joy Hixson, David Koehl, John Jackway, Karl Blust, Laura Wagner, Jay Johnson, Juanita Wagner, Jenny Baber, Alicia Jackway. TOP— Kim Nierman, Doug Cramer and Crystal Clark learn a new German dance at the German culture presentation at Elmhurst High School. the audience who went on stage to learn dance steps to the chotis, redola and polca. Gemutlichkeitsverein club members went to a Christmas party at DeKalb High School. Members taught German Christmas carols to DeKalb students. DeKalb ' s members presented skits in German. " I enjoyed the humorous skits and I tried desperately to communicate in Deutsch (German), said Lena Sorensen, club secretary. Fourteen members were initiated March 11. All candidates to join German club had to wear clothes to school that were the color of the German Flag. These colors are Schwarz (black), Rot (red), and Gelb (yellow). Initiation consisted of an evening party with the traditional lighting of the candles and signing of the membership book. Refreshments were served following the ceremonies. Initiates included Brian Michael, Troy Dickerson, Alicia Jackway, Joy Hixson, Juanita Wagner, Pete Bowman, Sotirios Tsogas, Kari Blust, David Koehl, Jay Johnson, Doug Gilliland and Jed Mellot. Spanish club members made pinatas for their yearly money-maker. The club earned about $150 by selling the pinatas at Christmas. Club members went to Gringo ' s, a Spanish restaurant, April 17. This gave the club members a chance to sample food from the country they had been studying all year. Mrs. Shirley Wallace, club advisor, comments on the club ' s activities, " We didn ' t have a very busy year because all of the football games were away. " Spanish club usually schedules various activities for the football games. LANGUAGE CLUBS 63 Pep club members promote Railroader spirit BELOW— Club members cheer the team on and declare " We want two! " BELOW LEFT-Senior Katie Kilgore keeps the crowd yelling as she acts as the team mascot throughout the year. BELOW MIDDLE-Pep club members let the team know how they feel by presenting this " little message " on the wall of the gym. BELOW RIGHT-Mr. Paul Johnston gets the adults to participate in the cheers as he yells " Give me a Gl " . BOTTOM-FRONT ROW-Della Zolman, Kelly Miller, Tami Hans, Tina Miller, Jane Sims, Katie Kilgore, mascot; Dawn Wappes, vice-president; Cathy Hutton, secretary-treasurer; Lori Shull, president; Mrs. Deb Lepley, sponsor. ROW 2 — Chris Mcintosh, Kim Nierman, Tonya Gradeless, Jodi Piety, Judy Barry, Tammy Maggert, Cindy Bartels, Beth Vanderbosch, Lori Davis, Laura Wagner, Karen Conkle, Lori Letizia, Robin Koble. ROW 3 — Linda Scott, Beth Bowmar, Kelly Bonar, Wendy Maggert, Crys Clark, Pam Smock, Jean Simon, Stacy Harter, Jami Knott, Serena Beber, Deb Sleeper. ROW 4 — Denise Teusch, Andrea Kelham, Becky Thrush, Tonyua Sechler, Deanna DeGrasse, Beth Cattell, LuAnn DeLong, Kami Oster, Sandy Sparks, Johnna Smith, Michelle Johnson, Renee Andrews. ROW 5— Linda Shull, Anita Baidinger, Elizabeth DeLauder, Diane Moore, Joy Hixson, Lisa Molargik, Jennifer Kleber, Anita Higgins, Teresa DeLauder, Alicia Jackway, Jams Treesh. BACK ROW— Kris Pauna, Tonya Harmon, Marsha Haffner, Kathy Putt, Trisha Sechler, Melanie Diederich, Brenda Malcolm, Susan Dudash, Debbie Atkinson, Lori Bevilacque. Vear pLAyE S: We wan+ed +o send r " SHALL " no+e -fo 33 j Good Luck and -fo lerY yoa know we 3 re behind you oil +Ke woy. v e have a io h school rd q TOUGH amTl ouVow. behind yju qivino (20%. . OCD LUCK Pep band adds jazz, beat to basketball games Membership in pep band is strictly on a volunteer basis but I am very pleased with the turn-out, " stated band director Mr. David Silden. Thirty-one people were in the band this year. Members presented " The National Anthem " and other songs at home games. Features of the year included ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Jeff Jackson, Jodi Steward, Sharon Gingery, Renee Andrews, Joselynn Smith, Alicia Jakway. ROW 2-Kurt Flesher, Todd Strock, Janene Heupel, Janis Treesh, Jackie Ruger. ROW 3- Pete Bowman, Gary Hewes, Janice Sigler, Jean Lange, Eric Dircksen, Jeff Lyon. ROW 4-Jay Johnson, Michelle Koskie, Scott Wilcoxson, Rick Johnston, Mary Gingery. ROW 5-Patty Slone, Blinda Leffel, Ed Jarrett, Cindy Bartels, Shari Fry. BACK ROW-Mr. David Silden, Jody Simcox, Brad Forker, Mike Jarrett, Steve Griffin. TOP— Members of the brass section play a loud beat to keep the spirit high durmg a mid-winter basketball game. " Night Train, " " Disco Inferno, " and " Rocky. " PEP CLUB " This year the girls ' main priority was to promote spirit for all of the sports and to su pport the teams, " said Mrs. Deb Lepley, sponsor. Members sponsored Parents ' Night during basketball and football seasons. Parents of athletes, cheerleaders and managers were honored. Pep club also provided hall decorations before the DeKalb and East Noble games. Members had a dance after basketball season. Roll big train! Pep band members always raise the spirit for home games. atmaids back wrestlers during season Matmaids were responsible for keeping scores, times and other records for the wrestlers this year. Matmaids also conducted a successful paper drive to raise money for a wrestling banquet. This year a wrestling convocation was sponsored by the team and the matmaids. Matmaids set up for the convocation and helped get the crowd to cheer for the team. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Molly Wappes, Lori Colwell, Sybil Hicks, Shelly Dunham. MIDDLE ROW- Melinda Johnson, Sandy Kelham, Kim Johnston, Michelle Maley, Anna Cordes, Anisa Hazeltine, Lisa Bertsch, Peggy Crise. BACK ROW-Vicki Yarlot, Melanie Zimmerman, Dina Drerup, Karl Blust, Lorl Hollinger, Pam Parvu, Missy Heal, Deste Clark. TOP— FRONT ROW— Julie Engel, Lena Sorensen, Jenny McPheeters, Cheryl Wisel, Laurie Pepple, president; Jennifer Kleber MIDDLE ROW-Brenda Malcolm, Tonyua Sechler, Becky Thrush, Pam Smock, Melanie Diederich, Cathy Stephenson. BACK ROW-Coach Willie Wellhausen, assistant coach Tom Pegelow. LEFT-As wrestlers Dennis Omspacher and Phil Evers watch, Matmaids Pam Smock, Lena Sorensen and Brenda Malcolm give faithful support to the team. 66 MATMAIDS Railettes supply fans with refreshments Railettes had a busy year as they ran the concession stand for home basketball, volleyball and wrestling events. Railettes were also responsible for ticket sales at these events. Athletic director John Hutton took the Railettes to dinner at Mountain Jack ' s in Fort Wayne after their year of work was over. Seniors received medallions at the end of the year for their efforts. Railettes purchased jackets and shirts for members. LEFT— Sophomore Railette Diane Morr serves popcorn during an exciting home game. FRONT ROW-Suzi Bicl el, Kim Getts, Sabe Shurr, Jodi McMillan, Lori Ashenfelter. ROW TWO- Dawn Wappes, Beth Van Zile, Chris Stephenson, Diane Morr. ROW 3-Andrea Kelham, John Hutton, sponsor; Cathy Hutton. BACK ROW-Lori Vanerbosch, Cyndy Sparks. RAILETTES 67 FFA members take many top honors Future Farmers of America completed many projects during the year. During the fall they harvested corn and beans which were still in the field. This money was put into the treasury for expenses during the year. Mr. Andy Giegold, vo-ag instructor, and Mr. Andy Runyon, DeKalb County Conservation officer, taught a hunter education safety course to interested students. This class was sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division. The class teaches the fundamentals of arms and archery, responsibilities of hunters, survival and first aid and the indentification of wildlife. To pass the class each student must earn a score of 70 per cent on a comprehensive test. A major part of the year was spent getting ready for district convention. Garrett ' s Chapter placed sixth out of 19 schools at convention. Wendy Goldie placed first in the Sweetheart contest and went on to compete at the state contest at Purdue University in June. Chris Chisholm placed third in the impromptu speaking contest. Many other members contributed to the chapter ' s ranking by participating in contests. In October the annual FFA awards banquet was staged. Parents and members joined together to recognize the achievements made by members in the past year. They also thanked community members for their contributions to the organization. FFA judging teams placed first in both dairy and livestock county judging contests. These teams then went on to compete in district contest. Tom Yarde placed first in the district contest to become eligible to compete in the state contest. Tom Yarde received his Hoosier Farmer Degree at state convention in June. This is the highest award which the State FFA can bestow upon a member. Members sold seeds and planted crops in the spring. They helped landscape the building trades house and the areas around the school. Officers for the 1979-80 school year were Chris Chisholm, president; Andy Hall, vice-president; Wendy Goldie, secretary; Mark Felger, treasurer, Debbie Thrush, reporter; Doug LaLone, photographer; and Tom Yarde, sentinel. FRONT ROW— Joe Chisholm, Mark Felger, treasurer; Doug LaLone, photographer; Debbie Thrush, reporter; Wendy Goldie, secretary; Tom Yarde, sentinel; Andy Hall, vice-president; Chris Chisholm, president; Jeff Thrush. ROW 2— Mr. Andy Giegold, advisor; Todd Perry, Eric Mossberger, Tim Knott, Terry Yarde, Dan Kleber, Mike Harding, Steve Cleveland, Joe Velpel. ROW 3-Julie Engel, Tim Casey, Jennifer Kleber, Jackie Strock, Bob Hillegass, Glen Malcolm, Tony Griffin, Brent Ruger. ROW 4 — Dave Cordray, Dan Miller, Mike Bishop, Mike Brandt, Jeff Bauman, Terry Curtland, Phil Tschebykin, Brenda Malcolm, BACK ROW-Nan Warmg, Michelle Koskie Jackie Ruger. fe8 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ll LEFT PAGE-TOP-Tom Yarde cuts trees down for firewood which FFA sold during the winter. TOP— Joe Chisholm and Mike Bishop enjoy a friendly game of war ball. LEFT— Members play basketball for recreation after an evening FFA meeting. BOTTOM LEFT-Chris Chisholm congratulates Wendy Goldie on being selected FFA District III Sweetheart (center couple). BELOW-Tom Yarde, Steve Bade, Mr. Andy Giegold, and Wendy Goldie listen as conservation officer Mr. Andy Runyon explains safety procedures with a gun. OEA scrapbook places 3rd in state competition " OEA had a very successful year, " commented President Pam Hollinger. " We had a lot of group participation, " added Pam. OEA was a very active club throughout the 1979-80 school year. New projects were started weekly. Joyce Bandy and Jackie Ruger received first place in scrapbook competition at the state convention in Indianapolis. They then received third in national competition. Susie Bickel and Kathy Bergner achieved third place in Chapter of the Year competition at the state level. Forty students, 10 teachers and 10 merchants participated in the OEA Superstars event which the juniors won. Approximately $400 was raised through the event and used for members to attend state convention. During the year, members sold T- shirts, candles, bells and etchings. OEA sponsored the boys ' varsity and reserve basketball breakfast, student directory sales, a cake walk, the coat check and Wee Haven Valentine and Halloween parties. OEA also sponsored the Semi-Formal. The theme for this year ' s holiday dance was " Starry, Starry Night " . The crowning of OEA Queen Pam Hollinger highlighted the evening. FRONT ROW-Jackie Ruger, Joyce Bandy, Kathy Bergner, Kim Getts, Susie Bicl el, Pam Hollinger, Tonyua Sechler, Becky Thrush, Lisa Warstler, Joan DeKoninck. ROW 2-Cathy Hutton, Cindy Steward, Jami Knott, Connie Langfeldt, Lori Ashenfelter, Sandy Nuttle, Joni Vanderbosch, Mrs. Kathy Boice, advisor. ROW 3-Pam Smock, Trisha Sechler, Beth Brown, Cathy Stephenson, Andrea Kelham, Diane Morr, Lori Shull, Joy Hixson. BACK ROW-Samme Wood, Lori Vanderbosch, Tonya Harmon, Denise Teusch, Dawn Wappes, Beth Cattell, Wendy Maggert. BELOW RIGHT-Pictured are entries in OEA ' s sixth grade safety poster contest. BELOW LEFT-Miss Piggy was part of the bulletin board which was entered in state competition. 70 OEA NHS initiates 33 members; has service projects National Honor Society members were very busy witli their service projects during tine year. NHS initiated 33 new members in a candlelight service at the beginning of the year. Refreshments were served following the program. Each new member received a membership pin and a rose. During the year NHS conducted a Christmas party for Head Start students. Chris Chisholm and Bill Sherwood served as Santa Claus for the event. Members also had an Easter party for the Wee Haven students. An Easter egg hunt highlighted the party. Members had a teacher appreciation breakfast for the teachers and administration. NHS served egg casserole, toast, coffe and juice. NHS members sold M M ' s during the year to make money for their activities. All the seniors wore white caps and gowns during graduation exercises. BOTTOM LEFT-FRONT ROW-Connie Langfeldt, Kim NIerman, Mary Gingery, secretary; Bill Sherwood, treasurer, Karen Conkle, vice- president; Crystal Clark, president; Miss Sarah Jean Eldridge, advisor. ROW 2 — Sandy Nuttle, Kathy Bergner, Tammy Maggert, Beth Hollinger, Julie Engel, Eric Dircksen, Jodi Piety, Mike Bowmar. ROW 3— Pam Smock, Cyndy Sparks, Ron Wilcoxson, Susan Dudash, Lori Letizia, Katrina Wagner, Deb Myers, Paul Ewing, Beth Van Zile. ROW 4-Mike Nastally, Lori Shull, Jami Knott, Cindy Steward, Susie Bickel, Chris Chisholm, Debbie Thrush, Mark Felger. ROW 5- Tony Lehman, Jennifer Ferry, Marsha Haffner, Jeflf Lyon, Bob Cole, Jeff Jackson, Chris Crowe. BACK ROW-Carson Sparks, Andy Herzer, Doug Cramer, Wendy Goldie, Wayne Malcolm. BELOW— Crystal Clark assists Mike Bowmar with his membership pin. LEFT— Bill Sherwood, Ron Wilcoxson, Mary Gingery, Beth Van Zile, Karen Conkle, Cyndy Sparks, Crystal Clark and Chris Crowe participate in the officer installation ceremony. BOTTOM — Mary Gingery draws customers to the NHS bake sale with her pretty smile. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 71 FCA members raise $131 through penny-pitch Fellowship of Christian Athletes opened their year of activities by co- sponsoring the annual FCA-Lettermen ' s hayride. The movie " King Kong " was shown afterward. Members had an overnight session in the Paul Bateman gym during which all members participated in various sporting events. Members also had refreshments during the evening. At each home basketball game before Christmas break and at the DeKalb- Garrett wrestling match, members conducted a penny-pitch. Over $131 was collected for the Garrett Christmas Bureau. Members also went Christmas caroling to the homes of senior citizens and some faculty members. FCA invited all coaches, faculty members and administrators to a breakfast at Lucky Steer. The guest speaker was Mr. Collin Listeer, general manager of the Fort Wayne Komets. Members hosted the special education classes of J.E. Ober School at the Hamilton basketball game. Members explained the game to the children and tried to make sure that they had a good time. FCA sponsored a weight-lifting event. All donations were used to provide the weight room with an all-purpose tile floor. Members also conducted a 12- hour bike-a-thon to raise money for a stereo for the weight room. ABOVE — FRONT ROW— Mark Bowman, Ron Conrad, sergeant-at-arms; Kent Davis, president; Andy Herzer, vice-president; Dennis Omspacher, secretary-treasurer; Mr. Ricliard Boyd, sponsor. ROW 2 — Chris Winans, Paul Ewing, Chuck Derrow, Kraig Kelham, Tony Lehman, Bob Isham, Phil Clauss, Kyle Flesher. ROW 3— Dewey DeLong, Tom Newbauer, Randy Beber, Tony Surfus, Chris Chisholm, Tad DIckerson, Rick Zolman, Chuck McPheeters, Ernie Lavis, Steve Griffin. ROW 4 — Rick Abbott, Greg Siples, Gerald Kline, Greg Bock, Jim Johnston, Doug Gilliland, Gary Ort, Jeff Schendel. ROW 5-Dave Weimer, Chuck Zolman, Troy Dickerson, Tim Bowmar, Pete Bowman, John Clauss, Mike Parvu, Mark Bowmar, Doug Baker. BAC K ROW — Doug Kee, Mark Steigmeyer, Lonnie Lanning, Eric Mossberger, Natt Gorman, John Slone, Tim Knott, Rick Young, Tom Myers, Jay Johnson. LEFT-FCA and OEA members Andy Herzer, Ron Conrad, Nate Hoeffel, Pam Hollinger, Doug Gilliland, Joy Hixson and Phil Clauss gather around the Christmas tree in the commons area which they decorated. ABOVE— FCA members present a skit during a pep session. 72 FCA Lettermen sponsor WMEE -faculty game The Lettermen ' s Club started out the year with two new sponsors. Mr. John Hutton and Mr. Tom Pegelow assumed the role of faculty advisors. Officers for the year included Kraig Kelham, president; Paul Ewing, vice- president; Ron Conrad, treasurer; and Kim Nierman, secretary. Lettermen co-sponsored the FCA- Lettermen ' s hayride. Members also sponsored a basketball game between WMEE radio disc jockeys and the GHS faculty. WMEE won the game 76-72. Mr. Denny Feagler led the Railroaders with 16 points. Mr. David Neal scored 12 points for the faculty. Lettermen plan to use all of the proceeds from their activities to put a " Wall of Fame " in the commons area. The names of all athletes who participated in semi-state and state competition will be placed in this area. FAR LEFT-Mr. Richard Boyd shoots for two against the WMEE players. LEFT Miss Cheryl Peters shoots with good form to score two points during the WMEE- faculty game which Lettermen ' s Club sponsored. BELOW-FRONT ROW-Mr. Tom Pegelow, sponsor; Mr. John Hutton, sponsor; Ron Conrad, treasurer; Kraig Kelham, president; Paul Ewing, vice-president; Kim Nierman, secretary; Lmda Scott, Beth Bowmar. ROW 2-Steve Griffin, Cyndy Sparks, Chucl LaTurner, Chuck Derrow, Bob Isham, Kyle Flesher, Nate Hoeffel, Bill Sherwood, Tom Maggert, ROW 3-Gary Ort, Lisa Lepley, Brenda Malcolm, Kent Davis, Randy Beber, Jeff Schendel, Mark Bowman, Chris Crowe, Carson Sparks, Gregg Grubb, Greg Heal, BACK ROW- Sarah Somers, Lena Sorensen, Melanie Diederich, Lori Ashenfelter, Connie Langfeldt, Lori Vanderbosch, Kim Velpel, Missy Van Ort, Tracie Yarian, Lisa Roehm, Matt Maley. LETTERMEN 73 Y-Teens donate $50 to special education Y-Teens began the year on top by initiating 30 new members to double their membership. Throughout the year Y-Teens participated in many activities. iVIembers conducted a clothes drive and donated the articles to needy families. Y-Teens had a bake sale and donated $50 from the proceeds to special education. Members spent an evening of fun when they went roller skating at Roller Dome in May. Officers for the 1979-80 school year included Tracie Yarian, president; Stacy Harter, vice-president; Lisa Warstler, secretary; Lena Sorensen, treasurer; Cathy Stephenson, assistant treasurer; and Kim Velpel, sergeant-at-arms. t 1 4 1 «y € f ' ix ' f f -f:l - 4-- J • iffellw- 1 ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Cindy Bartels, Mrs. Meg Eastes, sponsor; Tracie Yarian, Stacy Harter, Lisa Warstler, Lena Sorensen, Kim Velpel, Lori Davis, Beth Bowmar. ROW 2— Deanna DeGrasse, Tonyua Sechler, Sandy Nuttle, Joyce Bandy, Lori Letizia, Becl y Thrush, Jami Knott, Serena Beber, Jean Simon, Jodi Piety, Susan Dudash. ROW 3— Wendy Maggert, Melanie Diederich, Robin Koble, Beth Vanderbosch, Beth Cattell, Tonya Gradeless, Joan DeKoninck, Sharon DeKoninck, Cindy Bartels, Chris Mcintosh, Jennifer Ferry. ROW 4 — Dena Snider, Cathy Stephenson, Kathy Hutton, Andrea Kelham, Diane Morr, Dawn Wappes, Marsha HafTner, Tonya Harmon, Trisha Sechler, Lisa Molargik, Joy Hixson, Kelly Bonar. ROW 5— Tammy Chittenden, Denise Teusch, Michelle Andrews, Lori Bevilacqua, Michelle Bauman, Dawn Benz, Janis Treesh, Laura Wagner, Natasha Tschebykin, Alicia Jakway, Renee Andrews. BACK ROW— Twylia Emigh, Lori Standiford, Lori Kruger, Sandy Sparks, Ingrid Taube, Brenda Jones, Johnna Smith, Jamie Shoudel, Dawn Olds, Lissa Kurtz. TOP party. -Beth Vanderbosh, Lena Sorensen, and Cindy Bartels enjoy eating at the Y-Teens initiation LEFT-Tonya Gradeless, Chris Mcintosh and Kelly Bonar sell cookies and cakes at the Y-Teens bake sale. 74 Y-TEENS Art club sponsors local art show for craftsmen Under the leadership of art club officers Steve Griffin, president; Greg Kock, vice-president; Todd Marti, sergeant-at-arms; and Katie Kilgore, secretary; the art club participated in a number of activities during the year. This year members provided art for display in the new media center. Club members painted playground equipment for the elementary school. Art Club also put on an art show and sale in May in which club and community members displayed and sold their artwork. This year the art club took a field trip to L.S. Ayres in Fort Wayne for an art show. Junior Linda Scott won honorable mention in scholastic awards for her artwork. Art Club members also had a car wash to make money. They had the car wash the day of the Prom. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-John Slone, Gene Cramer, Katie Kilgore, Sandy Kelham, Tonoa Bock, Tina Rowe, Tammy New. MIDDLE ROW — Greg Heal, Tony Curtland, Nyla Sherwood, Doug Reed, Marilyn Rowe, Tammy Standiford, Kevin Hewes. BACK ROW— David Manuel, Rick Young, John Huffman, Monica Kappel, Steve Griffin, Mr, Mark Ober, sponsor; Todd Marti, Tom Sturges. RIGHT— Dave Manuel and Rick Young wash cars at the art club car wash. TOP — Kurt Flesher, Laura Wagner and Natasha Tschebykin look at the art displays during the first annual art show. ART CLUB 75 Publication class undertakes yearbook, SIGNAL production SIGNAL STAFF Editor-in-chief Wendy Goldie Photographers Lisa Lepley, Ed Jarrett Staff members IVlissy Van Ort, Lena Sorensen, Deb Myers, Jeanette Hunter, Doug Gilliland, Katie Kiigore, Jeanna Lindabury, Brenda Jones, Marsha Haffner, Kim Penland, Twylia Emigh, David KoehL Advisor Mrs. Bonnie Miles ' aJW gg t , . j • :;■;:. f ' ?f ' ,,;f, IPI ■4 1 m SIGNAL - ' --- If - ' i m jl StGNAl = ' f— — .. . . ' .:%; y StGSAL . " f® - -»4 . KZ k:n? BOTTOM RIGHT-(Bottom to top) Katie Kiigore, Wendy Goldie, editor-in- chief; Marsha Haffner, Kim Penland, Deb Myers, Ed Jarrett, Jeanna Lindabury, Lena Sorensen, Brenda Jones, Lisa Lepley, Missy Van Ort, Doug Gilliland, David Koehl, Twylia Emigh. Absent: Mrs. Bonnie Miles, advisor. BOTTOM LEFT-Yearbook advisor Mr. Michael Sellers looks at the work Brenda Jones is doing on the yearbook. LEFT-Missy Van Ort concentrates on a layout for girls ' track. TOP — Lena Sorensen and Wendy Goldie cut out headlines for the April edition of the SIGNAL, 76 PUBLlCATIONS 1980 AEOLIAN Editor-in-chief Wendy Goldie Photographers Lisa Lepley, Ed Jarrett Faculty Consultant Mrs. Bonnie Miles Advisor Mr. Michael Sellers Cover design and lettering Todd Piety Major contributions in layout and copy are the sole work of the sixth period journalism class. Members of the class include Wendy Goldie, Deb Myers, Missy Van Ort, Lena Sorensen, Brenda Jones, Doug Gilliland, Katie Kilgore, Lisa Lepley, Kim Penland, Jeanette Hunter and Jeanna Lindabury. Students outside of class making minor contributions (one to five stories or a few hours of work) include Lori Ashenfelter, Tom Myers, Julie Engel and Mark Bowman. The following people participated in selling ads and or yearbook subscriptions. Persons who sold ads sold between $10 and $650. These people (in no particular order) are Crystal Clark, Mike Bowmar, Todd Piety, Cheryl Wisel, Missy Van Ort, Julie Engel, Jam! Knott, Joni Vanderbosch, Kathy Bergner, Jodi McMillan, Lisa Lepley, Beth Van Zile, Tonya Gradeless, Linda Reed, Marsha Kemerling, Katie Kilgore, Deb Myers, Wendy Goldie, Thad Smith, Ron Wilcoxson, Jeanette Hunter, Arlene Elberson, Joyce Bandy, Serena Beber, Connie Langfeldt and Lori Ashenfelter. Apologies are extended to anyone deserving credit who was not recognized. A special thanks goes out to all faculty members who helped the yearbook staff in many ways. This was the first year for a publications class at GHS. This class produced nine issues of the student newspaper, the SIGNAL. This class also did most of the work on the 1980 edition of the Aeolian. Three students attended Indiana University ' s High School Journalism Institute for two weeks to get ready for the year. All three students won awards in their areas. Ed Jarrett attended the photography section and was awarded the Randy Siddens award for his outstanding interest and work in photography. Marsha Haffner attended the special editors workshop and won an award for her outstanding achievements in this area. Wendy Goldie, who was attending lU for the third summer, won an honorable mention on her editor ' s brief. She also received an Indiana Daily Student IU journalism scholarship. The yearbook began the year on a down note. With more than three- fourths of last year ' s left to complete, the staff faced an almost hopeless cause. After spending almost the first half of the year completing the 1979 edition and getting organized, the sixth period journalism class came through to complete the 1980 Aeolian on time. BOTTOM LEFT-Wendy Goldie talks to Todd Piety about specifications for the yearbook cover. BOTTOM RIGHT-Ed Jarrett gets ready to take a picture for the 1980 Aeolian. BELOW — Brenda Jones sells the eight-page senior edition of the SIGNAL to Doug Reed. student Council oflFers breakfast; shows ' Tower Play ' ' student Council was active in many ways during the year. IVlembers sold breakfast on Wednesday and Friday mornings for teachers and students. IVlembers sponsored homecoming, the 25th anniversary teams and sweetheart flower sales. Council members attended state convention and picked up many new ideas. From this they sponsored the convocation " Power Play " . Seven GHS students went to the convention. Annual Student Council candy sales brought in $2,070.89 in profits. Members elected to use $100 of this towards purchasing a new flag pole for the football field. ABOVE— Assistant principal Mr, Jack D. Gibson, Student Council sponsor IMr. Paul Johnston and council president Tammy Maggert congratulate Mr. Jerry Bowmar, a member of the 25th anniversary team. TOP LEFT— Council sponsored a convocation at which the slide-presentation " Power Play " was featured. TOP RIGHT— Delivering sweetheart flowers for Student Council on Valentines Day are Lori Bowman, Jennifer Kleber, Tami Hans and Lena Sorensen. FRONT ROW-Beth Van Zile, secretary; Mike Bowmar, vice-president; Tammy Maggert, president; Jackie Ruger, treasurer. ROW 2-Jodi McMillan, Kathy Bergner, Lori Shull, Katie Kilgore. ROW 3- Judy Barry, Tonya Gradeless, Lori Vanderbosch, Mr. Paul Johnston, sponsor. ROW 4-Tami Hans, Cindy Bartels, Wendy Maggert, Lena Sorensen. BACK ROW-Kami Oster, Jenny McPheeters, Lori Bowman, Jennifer Kleber. 78 STUDENT COUNCIL d naiana Association d Iuc2etit CounciZs STUDENT COUNCIL ADVERTISEIVIENT 79 Bands practice hard, compete in area contests The marching Railroaders competed in contests at East Noble High School and Cass High School in Indianapolis. They received a second division rating at Cass High School. The band added more people and more color to the gradually developing flag Corp. The flag corp is now in its second year at GHS. The band prepared for its fall season by having a band camp and practicing six hours a day for one week. After school began, the band practiced three times a week for 1 Vi hours before school. The band also participated in many area parades. The officers for the concert band this year were Eric Dircksen, president; Brad Porker, vice-president; Kyle Flesher, treasurer; and Connie Langfeldt, secretary. The representatives from each class included Jay Johnson, Ed Jarrett, Ernie Davis and Mary Gingery. The band undertook many projects to raise money. Members sold fruit and calendars and conducted a rummage sale. The band presented three concerts. They played a pops concert, a Christmas concert and an annual spring concert. Members participated in contests at South Side High School and at the NISBOVA contest. They won a second division rating at NISBOVA. Members presented the music for the all-school musical " OKLAHOMA " and for commencement. FRONT ROW-Shari Fry, Sharon Gingery, Cindy Bartels, Alicia Jal way. ROW 2— Laura Sowles, Susan Dennison, Tammy Thomas, Renee Andrews, Janene Heupel, Michelle Koskie, Connie Largfeldt, Mike Bowmar, Belinda Leffel, Ed Jarrett, Todd Strock, Pete Bowman, Jeff Jackson, Mary Gingery. ROW 4 — Mike Nastally, Jay Johnson, Kurt Flesher, Gary Hewes, Brad Forker, Scott Davis, Jean Lange, Pat Slone. BACK ROW-Paul Garn, Joyce Bandy, Joselyn Smith, Jodi Steward, Rick Johnston, Janice Treesh, Eric Dircksen, Jodi Simcox, David Manuel, Janice Sigler, Jeff Lyon, Director David Silden, Mike Jarrett. 80 BANDS RIGHT— Band director Mr. David Silden listens intently as the concert band rehearses for a performance. BELOW— The marching band performs its competition routine at a football game in the fall. Future Homemakers of America members conducted many activities during the year to raise money. IVlembers used the money to send eight girls to State Convention and to sponsor a girls ' basketball breakfast. Garrett ' s FHA Chapter received the Chapter of the Year award while at State Convention. Members sold donuts and caramel apples during the DeKalb County fall fair. They sold games, stufFed animals and Christmas decorations during the holiday season. FHA members sold approximately 500 Valentine lollipops which students gave to their sweethearts. During the year, FHA also conducted two bake sales. Members stayed after school to prepare the items. FHA members also did things to help other people. Four members served a Mother ' s Day breakfast to the senior citizens. Members also went Christmas caroling to teachers ' homes. Sharon DeKoninck and Melinda Kappel went to leadership training camp in Trafalgar, Indiana, over the summer to develop leadership qualities. Chapter president Beth Hollinger also served as district president. TOP— Tawny Curtland, Debbie Caywood, Carol Blesslnger and Joan DeKoninck get everything ready for the FHA bai e sale. RIGHT— Leading FHA through the year are Mrs. Barbara Olin, advisor; Denice Denes, program chairperson; Beth Hollinger, president; Pam Hollinger, vice-president; Sharon DeKoninck, treasurer, Debbie Caywood, historian; and Mrs. Joyce Hollinger, Chapter Mother. BELOW— These girls received awards for their participation in FHA. Beth Hollinger was awarded outstanding senior, Deanna Kappel, outstanding freshman; Sharon DeKoninck, outstanding junior; and Debbie Caywood, outstanding sophomore. FHA sells 500 Valentine lollipops ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Beth Hollinger, Pam Hollinger, Melinda Kappel, Sharon DeKoninck, Debbie Caywood, Joan DeKoninck. MIDDLE ROW-Mrs. Barbara Olin, advisor; Deanna Kappel, Nila Woodward, Jenny Mettert, Tawny Curtland. BACK ROW-Carol Blessinger, Allison Millet, Juanita Wagner, Julie Gorrell. Joggers form club, run 3 times a week Mr. Tom Pegelow organized a jogging club at GHS for all interested students who wished to get in shape and lose weight. The club formed right after Christmas vacation and continued until track season started in the spring. Around 45 students joined the club and participated. The only requirement for the club was that each member jog at least one mile every morning they came to work out. Joggers usually came to school three times a week. Club members jogged to the sectional basketball game at DeKalb High School to help raise team spirit. Members arrived in sweats and tennis shoes and were welcomed by the GHS crowd. Officers for the year included John Somers, president; Katie Kilgore, vice-president; Melanie Diederich, secretary; and Matt Gorman, treasurer. LEFT— Sandy Nuttle runs with the jogging club before school in the morning to stay in good shape. FAR LEFT— Senior Lori Ashenfelter runs around the parking lot for jogging club. BELOW— Members of the jogging club pose for their picture as they display a message for everyone. JOGGING CLUB. 83 Choirs perform for local clubs All high school choirs joined together to conduct various money-making projects during the year. Members sponsored the all-school variety show and sold Pizza Hut Calendars and vocal Valentines. All money is put into the choir fund and used for purchasing outfits. Under the direction of Miss Margaret Buttermore, the GHS swing choir placed second in the DeKalb County Fair and they were featured on a half-hour TV Christmas Concert on channel 33. They received an excellent rating at the swing choir contests. They also performed for many civic and community clubs. Chorale choir performed the more difficult music ranging from classical to pop. This year the choir performed for various community clubs and organizations. The choir also performed at the Christmas and spring concerts and they appeared on WIFF radio. Chorale was one of five choirs invited to perform in a festival at lU-PU in Fort Wayne. Concert choir is a mixed vocal choir which performs a variety of different styles of music. Students performed in the Christmas concert and in the spring concert. Some of the students went to the solo and ensemble contest in January. The smaller size of this choir allows for more individual help. e e I I g I f ' g ' lit S t t t ? I % ,f $ J tl f t • - V m- ABOVE-FRONT ROW-LuAnn DeLong, Lori Bowman, Kelly Crise, Matt Gorman, Julie Creager Wendy Creager, Janie Creager, Judy Barry, Katrlna Wagner, Miss Margaret Buttermore, director. ROW 2— Tina Emenhiser, Angle Lehman, Marsha Haffner, Linda Shull, Cyndy Sparks, Lori Graham, Lori Davis, Joy Hlxson, Cheryl Wisel, Krista Dircksen, Becky Thrush. ROW 3— Tonyua Sechler, Todd Piety, Dave Weimer, Dan Ressler, Gerald Kline, Harold Kline, Kurt Flesher, Michelle Bauman, Juanita Wagner, Jennifer Ferry. ROW 4 — Ron Wllcoxson, Laurie Pepple, Amy Martin, Trisha Sechler, Chuck LaTurner, Cindy Bartels, Lisa Molargik, Renee Andrews, Mary Gingery, Kelly Bonar. BACK ROW— Janis Treesh, Michelle Johnson, Allison Millet, Tina Weller, Steve Pepple, Rick Zolman, Trade Yarian, Phil Tschebykin, Delia Zolman, Jeff Thompson. TOP-Tlna Emenhiser, Angle Lehman, Cyndy Sparks, Jennifer Ferry, Marsha Haffner, and Trade Yarian practice for a spring concert. LEFT— FRONT ROW-Jane Dircksen, Deanna Wappes, Sherri Helmick, Sue Payton. ROW 2— Jamie Shoudel, Dena Snider, Roxanne Sobieskie, Tammy Chittenden. ROW 3— Debbie Atkinson, Lisa Warstler, Jenny Christlieb, Tawny Curtland. BACK ROW-Dan Custer, Tom Cook, Chuck Zolman, Miss Margaret Buttermore, director. BOTTOM-FRONT ROW-Paula Colwell, Jamie Knott, Dennis Omspacher, Thad Smith, Suzi Bickel, Cindy Steward. ROW 2-Stacy Harter, Robin Koble, Katie Kilgore, Harold Kline, Mike Colgate, Lori Letizer, Susan Dudash, Joselyn Smith. ROW 3 — Natasha Tschebykin, Laura Wagner, Tammy Maggert, Tim Herzer, Jim Neeley, Kim Getts, Karen Conkle, Jodi Piety. BACK ROW-Brad Forker, Todd Piety, Doug LaLone, Jeff Thompson, Kyle Flesher, Jeff Lyon, Brent Ferguson, Miss Margaret Buttermore, director. RIGHT-Senior Katie Kilgore sings " Baby Face " to freshman Eric Mossberger on Valentine ' s Day. BELOW— Karen Conkle and Lori Letizia present a singing Valentine to Mr, Denny Fegler, JH vocalists sing in 3 parts, enter contest BELOW LEFT-Members of the eighth grade special choir perform during the spring concert. BOTTOM-FRONT ROW-Shirri Hicks, Tony VanAllen, Brad Vancil, Patty Hile, Patty Kleber, Larkin Hunter, Pam Parvu, Melanie Lyon, Chris DePaolo, Paul Warfield. ROW 2-Doug Ritchie, Brian Hedges, Brent Crowe, Craig Lepard, Shelly Dunham, Roxanne Hathaway, Leigh Anne Chisholm, Melinda McFann, Susan Getts, Steve Zolman, Ed Sowles. ROW 3-Julie Felger, Wesley Warstler, Brad Johnson, Kathy Feagler, Mary Hile, Theresa Lantz, Cheri Mutton, Tammy Burniston, Lora Gerber, Julie Gillespie, Sharon Brown. ROW 4-Janet Ousley, Debbie Hatton, Brenda McPherson, Dave Shields, Scott Mason, Ann Schendel, Lone Zeigler, Linda Stump, Pam Pepple, Kim Johnston, Laura Zeider. ROW 5-Tina Sickmiller, Zelda Bevis, Sybil Hicks, Tammy New, Loretta Irish, Dee Bauman, Mary Freeze, Nyla Sherwood, Sandy Kelham, Todd Miller. ROW 6-Tammy Standiford, Marilyn Rowe, Tina Rowe, Vicki Yarlot, Melinda Johnson, Lana Molargik, Dina Drerup, Melanie Zimmerman, Kari Blust. BACK ROW-William Albright, Steve Bade, Daren Christlieb, Doug Shippy, Todd Gibson, Matt Miles, Doug Kelham, Pat Cramer, John Kinney, Miss Margaret Buttermore, director. BELOW-FRONT ROW-Steve Bade, Chris DePaolo, Patty Hile, Patty Kleber, Larkin Hunter, Pam Parvu, Melanie Lyon. ROW 2-Brent Crowe, Craig Lepard, Shelly Dunham, Roxanne Hathaway, Leigh Ann Chisholm, Melinda McFann, Susan Getts, Ed Sowles. ROW 3-Wesley Warstler, Brad Johnson, Kathy Feagler, Mary Hile, Theresa Lantz, Cheri Hutton, Lora Gerber, Julie Gillespie, Sharon Brown. ROW 4-Miss Buttermore, director, Dave Shields, Scott Mason, Ann Schendel, Lorie Zeigler, Linda Stump, Pam Pepple, Kim Johnston, Laura Zeider. ROW 5-Todd Gibson, Matt Miles, John Kinney, Tammy Standiford, Tammy New, Dee Bauman. The large seventh and eighth grade choirs are part of the required classes for junior high students. These classes meet on alternate days as part of the fine arts classes. The students learn to sing in three -part mixed harmony. Junior high swing choir members are selected through audition. This allows for a smaller group so that the more interested and talented students can work. These choirs usually perform the more popular music. Several junior high students competed in the vocal solo and ensemble contest. At this contest members divide into divisions based on the difficulty of their music. The vocalists then perform their music and are judged. ABOVE— FRONT ROW-Jeannie Brown, Lori Hollinger, Peggy Crise, Mora Snider, Debbie Bush, Jackie Kruger, Todd Gorman, Tim Crowe, Chris Kinney. ROW 2— Miss Margaret Buttermore, director, Ray Smith, Molly Wappes, Michelle Maley, Tari Kee, Rebel Dennison, Jenny Rahrig, Leeanne Listenberger, Rita Wilcoxson, Lori Colwell. ROW 3 — Lee Loft, Mike Bauman, Jeff Caywood, Kirk Johnson, Andrea Stoltie, Tim Sparks, Tim Gordon, Sterling Robbins, Anna Cordes. ROW 4— Connie Standiford, Cindy Steckley, Shelly Woehnker, Kathryn Kemerling, Rachel Warstler, Kerry Simmons, Jeff Perry, Ken Goldie. BACK ROW— Shawn Livergood, Tamara Krus, Tammy Wellhausen, Missy Heal, Pam Wood, Donna Ritchie, Nina Tschebykin, Jim Reed, Ferdi Thurman. TOP-FRONT ROW-Tammy Wellhausen, Jeannie Brown, Lori Hollinger, Michelle Boyer, Peggy Crise, Mona Snider, Debbie Bush, Jackie Kruger, Ken Goldie, Todd Gorman, Tim Crowe, Jim Reed, Miss Margaret Buttermore, director. ROW 2-Missy Heal, Michelle Maley, Tamara Krus, Shawn Livergood, Pam Wood, Tari Kee, Rebel Dennison, Jennifer Rahrig, Leeanne Listenberger, Rita Wilcoxson, Donna Ritchie, Ferdi Thurman. ROW 3-Molly Wappes, Connie Standiford, Lee Loft, Mike Bauman, Jeff Caywood, Kirk Johnson, Andrea Stoltie, Tim Sparks, Tim Gordon, Sterling Robbins, Nina Tschebykin, Jeff Perry. ROW 4-Damon Lewis, Doug Millet, Mary Fugate, Shelly Woehnker, Anisa Hazeltine, Kathryn Kemerling, Rhonda Maurer, Anna Brownell, Rachael Warstler, Kerry Simmons, Tim Gorman. ROW 5— Sherry Simmons, Cindy Steckley, Susan Helbert, Laura Grotrian, Tracey Brinker, James Kennedy, Barney Sweet, Chris Kinney, Veronica Erwin, Lisa Bertsch, Cindy Leach. ROW 6-Robbin McClish, Ellen Rugman, Tina Converset, Joyce Davis, Rhonda Beck, Jeff Cayhill, Deste Clark, Rob Knott, Lesli Dickerson, Lori Colwell, Anna Cordes. ROW 7-Karen Myers, Bonnie Miller, Lana Stoops, Michelle Peters, Susan Myers, Lisa Myers, Rob Smith, Ken Custer, Dan Brandt, Kim Zeigler, Mike Lewis. ROW 8— Billie Fugate, Chris Ferry, Geneva Maloney, Jola Jones, Charlotte Bowman, Helen Ousley, John Henderson, David Young, Mark Goebel, John Hatton, Danny Sheetz. BACK ROW-Tammy Hollinger, Raymond Smith, Lonnie Robinson, Mark Hirschey, Keith Walter, Mark Jackson, Gary Freed, Gaylon Wisel, Randy Bartels, Steve Bowman, Mark Hall. ABOVE RIGHT— Sterling Robbins, Pat Martin and Ken Goldie accompany the seventh grade choir during a number at the spring concert. SEVENTH GRADE CHOIRS 87 JH band has 2 concerts during year Junior high school band members presented two concerts during the year. They performed a Christmas and a pops concert. Both were successes. The purpose of junior high school band is to teach the students the basics and to prepare them for the high school band. " The band has worked well together and it has improved greatly as a whole, " stated band director Mr. David Silden. ABOVE — FRONT ROW-Michelle Boyer, Debbie Bush, Veronica Erwin, Peggy Crise, Tammy Wellhausen, Jeannie Brown, Dennis Weimer. ROW 2— Bill Thompson, Gwen Benz, Leeanne Listenberger, Darren Heyman, Dan Miller, Rob Swift, Randy Fry. ROW 3-Ken Custer, Mil e Boltz, Tracy High, Tom Jarrett, Steve Bowman, Ken Goldie, Jerry Swank. ROW 4 — Ed Sowles Melanie Lyon, Sharon Brown, Heidi Baber, Craig Harmon, Doug Brumbaugh. ROW 5— Henry Waring, Danny Isham, Steve Zolman, Cliff Teller, Grant Kobiela, Neal Hull, Fred Folden. BACK ROW-Mark Lewis, Stuart Anderson, Jeff Knott, Kevin Hewes, Duare Griffis, Mr. Dave Silden, director. TOP LEFT- Heidi Baber practices the flute for the junior high band Christmas concert. TOP RIGHT-Doug Brumbaugh, Mark Lewis, Steve Zolman, Jeff Knott and Danny Isham keep the beat for the band as they work in the percussion section. 88 JUNIOR HIGH BAND JH student council sponsors successful dances Junior High student council was under the direction of IVIr. Steve Stocker and IVlr. Ronald Reeves. The club sponsored two successful dances for the seventh and eighth graders. They also assisted with the annual Student Council candy sale. Officers for the year included Roxanne Hathaway, president; Brad Babbitt, vice-president; Melanie Lyon, secretary; and Lesli Dickerson, treasurer. ABOVE— FRONT ROW— Brad Babbitt, vice president; Roxanne Hatliaway, president; Melanie Lyon, secretary; Lesli Dickerson, treasurer. ROW 2 — Rob Smith, Nina Tschebykin, Dan Miller, Jeff Caywood, Steve Bowman. ROW 3— Shelly Dunham, Kathy Feagler, Todd Gibson, Matt Miles, Larkin Hunter. BACK ROW— Mr. Ronald Reeves, Mr. Steve Stocker, advisors. TOP LEFT— Brad Babbit, Matt Miles and Todd Gibson work on posters for the junior high student council dance. TOP RIGHT— Kathy Fegler and Roxanne Hathaway display their creativity as they work on posters. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL 89 JH Drama Club helps with play Putting on a play is not as easy as it seems. This is wliat the Junior High Drama Club found out when they assisted with the play " Hansel and Gretel " . The play involved 15 cast members and 36 crew members. Drama Club sold refreshments at the performance. The Drama Club presented a dance in the fall. They had a record dance in the J.E. Ober. Officers throughout the year were Susan Getts, president; Patty Kleber, vice-president; Leigh Anne Chisholm, secretary; and Melinda McFann, treasurer. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Larkin Hunter, Melinda McFann, treasurer; Leigh Anne Chisholm, secretary; Patty Kleber, vice-president; Susan Getts, president; Mrs. Susan Roberts, sponsor. ROW 2 — Michelle Boyer, Rhonda Beck, Michelle Peters, Rebel Dennison, Cyndi Leach, Julie Felger, Rob Smith. ROW 3 — Shirri Hicks, Dee Bauman, Melanie Zimmermann, Karl Blust, Pam Pepple, Zelda Bevis, Sharon Brown. ROW 4- Molly Wappes, Laura Grotrian, Lori Hollinger, Peggy Crise, Mona Snider, Lora Gerber, Jeannie Brown. ROW 5 — Dan Sheetz, Doug Brumbaugh, Fred Folden, Chris Kinney, Barney Sweet, Ken Goldie, Tom Jarrett. BACK ROW-Donna Ritchie, Pam Parvu, Mindy Heal, Michelle Maley, Patty Hile, Cheri Hutton, Theresa Lantz, Roxanne Hathaway. TOP— Dee Bauman, Susan Getts, Duane Griffis, Julie Felger, and Kim Johnston pretend they are at the fair during the junior high play " Hansel and Gretel " . LEFT— Leigh Anne Chisholm and Melinda McFann serve refreshments after the junior high play. 90 JUNIOR HIGH DRAMA CLUB Science Club investigates unearthly beings Extraterrestrial life forms (forms of life outside earth or its atmosphere), rocks and electricity were the main topics of the informal discussion groups in Junior High Science Club. Mr. Robert Novy, audio visual specialist, lectured to the club on electricity. Kirk Johnson, Tim Crowe and Dan Miller attempted to make a perpetual motion device by using a syphon. Science Club is also a means of extending the academic activities of the classroom. " This year I had more people join to get help with their science class, " stated Mr. Jim Hecksel, club sponsor. TOP LEFT-Kim Cobler and Joyce Davis play a science match game to learn more about science. TOP RIGHT-Kirk Johnson and Dan Miller experiment in creating a perpetual motion device. MIDDLE — Mr. Jim Hecksel advises club members Dave Shields and Scott Mason on a density project. BELOW LEFT-FRONT ROW-Neal Hull, Tim Crowe, Ferdi Thurman, Gary Freed, Kirk Johnson, Dan Miller, Fred Folden. ROW 2-Chris Ferry, Billie Jo Fugate, Jenny Rahrig, Sue Myers, Charlotte Bowman, Chris Kinney, Tom Jarrett. ROW 3-Mr. Jim Hecksel, Julie Gillespie, Tina Converset, Joyce Davis, Shelly Woehnker, Jeannie Brown. BACK ROW-Scott Mason, Dave Shields, Wesley Warstler, Brad Babbitt, Jola Jones, Doug Brumbaugh. BELOW— Jenny Rahrig and Jola Jones work on a project during a club meeting. JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB 91 HS initiates 19 members Junior High National Honor Society members were busy throughout the year. As a money-making project the members sold cotton candy at the Fourth of July festivities. Club members worked at PTO meetings by serving refreshments and acting as guides. Members supported the school newspaper by purchasing an advertisement in the senior edition. Nineteen members were initiated this year. Nine eighth graders and ten seventh graders were selected for membership. Officers for the school year were Melanie Lyon, president; Roxanne Hathaway, vice-president; Shelly Dunham, secretary; and Patty Kleber, treasurer. Mrs. Suzon Baker took over the club at the beginning of the year from Mrs. Bonnie Miles. ABOVE-FRONT ROW-Mrs. Suzon Baker, advisor; Shelly Dunham, Roxanne Hathaway, Melanie Lyon, Patty Kleber. BACK ROW-Sharon Brown, Brent Crowe, Brad Johnson, Craig Lepard, Leigh Anne Chisholm. MIDDLE-Susan Getts, Sandy Kelham, Brian Hedges, Todd Miller, Doug Ritchie, Brenda McPherson, Lone Zeigler, Cliff Teller, Kevin Thrush and Henry Waring were the 1979-80 initiates to National Junior Honor Society. TOP-Melanie Lyon presents a $50 check from NJHS to Pam Hollinger and Joyce Bandy. Pam and Joyce used the money to help them attend OEA National Convention. 92 JH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY EXPRESS staff keeps JH students up on the news BOTTOM — FRONT ROW— Heidi Baber, Sharon Brown, Susan Getts, Larl in Hunter, SInirri Hicl s, Pam Parvu. MIDDLE ROW-Melinda McFann, Jeannie Brown, Sherry Mock, Ilsa Jacolbs, Tina Martin, Brenda McBride. BACK ROW-Chad Salyer, Duane Griffis, Doug Brumbaugh, Gay Penland, Pam Pepple, Mrs. Beth Grogg. BELOW— Susan Getts and Melinda McFann interview a student for a newspaper opinion polt Junior High EXPRESS staff members help to l eep the junior high school students up to date on all the news which affects them. The staff writes about JH dances, sports, teachers and other activities. The newspaper also features special columns such as Dear Gertrude, Coaches Corner and Mystery Teacher. Students learn about newspaper deadlines and interviewing techniques. Mrs. Beth Grogg has been the newspaper ' s sponsor since it began in 1975. JH EXPRESS 93 JH Ar t Club joins high school organization Junior High Scliool Art Club joined with the high school art club to eliminate scheduling conflicts. The junior high school students worked on all the activities which the club sponsored. Members had a car wash behind the gym the day of the prom. Many members showed up to suds up the vehicles and have fun. Art Club also conducted an art show. Club members and local artists displayed their work. ABOVE — Senior John Huffman and seventh grader Jeannie Brown work together to get the cars really clean. TOP-Mr. Mark Ober, Art Club sponsor, gets into the act as he cleans cars at the club car wash. LEFT-Marilyn Rowe seems to enjoy the Art Club project. 94 JH ART CLUB Spirit Club keeps the teams fired up Junior High Spirit Club sponsored a hat dance for the junior high school students on March 14. Each student who wore a hat got a discount on the admission price. The club began the year by purchasing spirit shirts. The shirts had the graduating year and the name of the member on it. Students wore these shirts to athletic events to show support for the team. Members also sat in the front rows and cheered with the cheerleaders at games. Officers for the year were Leigh Anne Chisholm, president; Larkin Hunter, vice-president; and Lorie Zeider, secretary-treasurer. Miss Leslie Wise was the faculty sponsor. ABOVE— Julie Felger, Lana Molargik, Ann Schendel, Leigh Anne Chisholm and Melinda McFann show off their new spirit shirts. TOP— FRONT ROW— Roxanne Hathaway, Cheri Hutton, Theresa Lantz, Lori Zeigler, Leigh Ann Chisholm, Larkin Hunter, Patti Kleber, Kim Johnston, Julie Gillespie. ROW 2— Sharon Burniston, Zelda Bevis, Sue Getts, Lora Gerber, Shelley Dunham, Kathy Feagler, Mary Hile, Pam Parvu, Melinda McFann. ROW 3— Patty Hile, Pam Pepple, Melanie Zimmerman, Kari Blust, Brenda McPherson, Ann Schendel, Tammy Standiford, Julie Felger, Tammy Wellhausen. ROW 4 — Ilsa Jacobs, Tina Martin, Vicky Yarlot, Melinda Johnson, Lana Molargik, Dina Drerup, Tina Rowe, Marilyn Rowe, Kim Zeigler, Michelle Maley. ROW 5— Brenda McBride, Laura Zeider, Mary Freeze, Cyndi Leach, Leeanne Listenberger, Tracey Brinker, Molly Wappes, Missy Heal, Mona Snider. BACK ROW-Shirri Hicks, Sherry Mock, Nyla Sherwood, Sandy Kelham, Mary Fugate, Billy Fugate, Peggy Crise, Lesli Dickerson, Deste Clark Jackie Kruger. JH SPIRIT CLUB 95 We build our minds through classes. CU SSES 97 GHS vocational program involves many students " People don ' t realize how many students are involved in some kind of vocational course, " stated Mrs. Victoria Short, head of the vocational department at GHS. " At some time during high school probably half of the students are enrolled in a vocational class, " added Mrs. Short. The vocational department at GHS covers a broad area. The classes offered are auto mechanics, building trades, business lab, interdisciplinary co-op, woods, advanced woods, welding, beginning metals, advanced metals, drafting I and II, adult living, child development, housing, clothing I and II, foods I and II, consumer education and interpersonal relations. The vocational department took on one major project through the year. Many classes worked together to finish the fifth annual building trades house. The house was designed by Bobby Johnson, a 1978-79 drafting student. Blue prints were made by the 1979-80 drafting class. Mr. Andrew Giegold ' s agriculture classes did the landscaping. Mrs. Barbara Olin ' s classes did the interior decorating. The actual construction was done by Mr. Owen Bradley ' s building trades classes. The house was open for public viewing on May 10 and 11. Vocational courses at GHS are geared to prepare students for the job market after leaving high school by teaching them how to work with their hands and use business skills. TOP— Larince Fugate and Tony Watson help MIDDLE LEFT— Sophomore Mike Brandt works Mrs. Victoria Short move into the new special on an engine auring farm shop class, education facilities. MIDDLE RIGHT-Members of the building TOP MIDDLE-Mike Jester and Grant Kobiela trades class work to complete the interior of the work on their assignments in class. house. RIGHT— Ritchie Isham slices cucumbers for a TOP RIGHT— Senior Tim Alwood works during salad during foods class, building trades class. FAR RIGHT-The 1980 building trades house is finally finished after a year of hard work. 98 VOCATlONAL MIDDLE LEFT-Seventh graders Deste Clark and Peggy Crise work on their projects for clothing class. MIDDLE RIGHT-Phil Clauss, Jeff Schendel, and Judy Barry eat and socialize at the annual vocational picnic. Tk -lEllPBB 31 li ■ ■M VOCATIONAL 99 ABOVE-Mr. Andy Giegold and sophomore Mike Brandt work on a rototiller during shop class. TOP LEFT-Mr. Owen Bradley helps Chris Hoeffel during building trades class. TOP RIGHT-Students work on a car during auto mechanics class. MIDDLE— Juniors Chris Hoeffel and Ron Getts measure wallpaper for the building trades house. RIGHT-Pam Quince, Denise Teusch and Diane Shank blend ingredients together for their culinary masterpiece. 100 VOCATIONAL Business courses teach practical skills TOP— Sophomore Robin Koble works on a project during business lab. MIDDLE LEFT-Mr. Lester McCartney explains new concepts to his sixth period business machines class. MIDDLE RIGHT-Cathy Stephenson works on an assignment In Typmg I. LEFT— Junior Brenda Malcolm works on an accounting problem. GHS business classes offer students the opportunity to learn and develop business skills. These skills may then be used on the job or they may be applied to other classes which the student is taking. Students in accounting learn to work with the financial records of a business. Each class works with practice sets which are practical applications of the skills learned. General business students are taught basic business principles. They learn how to budget money and how to work with a check book. Typing students develop speed and accuracy while developing skills in sending letters and doing term papers. Shorthand and notehand classes teach students how to take notes quickly and then transcribe them for use. Business machines students learn how to operate different office machines which the students got to use. Business lab classes work in a realistic office setting. This year students answered the in-coming calls to the school during second and third periods. Many business classes went on field trips during the year. Some of the places they visited include Dana Corporation in Auburn and Churubusco, Lincoln National Bank, International Business College and Bassett Office Supply. BUSINESS 101 Math department adds computer class for seniors The math department has spent its time giving GHS students more problems to solve. A new computer class was added to the 1979-80 curriculum. Mr. David Neal taught the new course to seniors. A student ' s prerequisites for the new course were algebra and geometry. Seventh grade students got a surprise this year. They took an eighth grade Algebra Prognosis Test. Those students who scored high on the test then became eligible to take algebra in eighth grade, geometry as a freshman and advanced algebra as a sophomore. Trigonometry and analytic geometry will then be taught when the student is a junior. This will allow the student to take a course in calculus and college math as a senior. Senior Bill Sherwood received top honors in the National Math Test. Six- thousand students participated in the test. Out of 132 schools GHS ranked 3feth. Seniors Bill Sherwood and Carson Sparks and junior Cyndy Sparks had the three best scores at GHS. Generally this year in mathematics, students seemed to be able to cope with the tough problems they confronted each day. Next year the math department will try to provide more computers and better equipment to allow more students to become involved in the computer class. TOP— Choir member Mary Gingery sings " Baby Face " to health, physical education and math department head Mr. Richard Capin. His advanced algebra class looks on m amusement as Mary delivers the smging Valentine. RIGHT-Math students listen intently to instructions for doing the day ' s assignment. 102 MATH DEPARTMENT PE, health stress physical well-being " Ready, begin— up two, three, four; down two, three, four! " Many P.E. students hear this every day while doing push-ups, sit-ups and various other exercises. The P.E. department, headed by Mr. Richard Capin accommodates senior and junior high school students. Because junior high students are required to take one semester of gym, approximately 130 students were scheduled for each gym class. The inadequate equipment and the noise factor proved to cause many problems. On the senior high school level students played basketball and volleyball. Bowling, ice skating and judo were taught in some of the classes. Health Department head Mr. Richard Capin feels that there is a new need for a drug program at the seventh grade level. He suggests that by the time a student reaches seventh grade he she has already been exposed to drugs. Therefore, a program would be suitable at this time. All freshmen who took health this year had to meet a new requirement. Students were required to learn CPR (cardio-pulminary resuscitation). CPR trainers were asked to come into the classroom and assist in the teaching of proper techniques. TOP LEFT— Frank Weller shoots baskets during skill testing in gym class. TOP RIGHT-Pat Slone practices CPR on a dummy during health class. LEFT— Seniors Kim Velpel and Sue Payton help younger students in gym class learn to play basketball. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION 103 English, social studies departments plan changes The social studies department at GHS, under tlie second-year direction of Mr. Roderick Pressler, consists of seven different classes on the high school level and two classes at the junior high level. In high school, as a junior, everyone is required to take a full year of U.S. history. Then as seniors, students are required to take one semester of U.S. government. The next semester a student must take either sociology, psychology, or economics. As electives, a student may choose from world history or current issues. These electives are offered so that students may obtain a major in social studies. All seventh graders must take world studies and all eighth graders take a year of U.S. history. Mr. Pressler noted that the social studies department is going to institute a testing program which will begin on the junior high level and continue through high school. This testing program would measure the knowledge which students gain by taking various classes. This year teachers in the English department tried new activities to get TOP— Mr. Dan Brinkerhoff, attorney, talks to psychology classes about how the law affects people In their everyday lives. RIGHT-Cliff Teller, Tina Martin, and Leigh Anne Chisholm listen Intently during social studies class. their students more involved in the courses. Mrs. Miles ' eighth grade read essays on kites and kite-flying. Then they spent a few days constructing kites in class. Then they selected an appropriate day to fly them. Mrs. Grogg and Miss Wise were involved in a videotaping project in which students made their own films. These students won an award for their work. Mrs. Bailey and Ms. Eastes gave their students a wider outlook of the world by supervising various field trips for them. Next year the English department plans to revise their classes. At present students are required to take ninth and tenth grade English. These classes teach the basics of English. As juniors and seniors, students must take one reading and one writing course. The basic requirements will remain the same next year but there will be more options for classes available. Survey of Teenage Hassles will be a new reading course which will concern modern novels about teenagers and their hassles and how they deal with them. 104 SOClAL STUDIES MIDDLE— Kris Sickmiller, Mrs. Bonnie IVIiles, Mary Sumner and Brenda McBride try to fly l ites after reading essays on Icite-flying in Englisin class. ' BOTTOM LEFT-Paul Everidge tries to get a head start on getting his kite in the air as Brenda McBride stays on the ground with the string. BOTTOM RIGHT-Renee Winans plays scrabble during English class. TOP-Tammi Wellhausen, Kim Ziegler, Karen Myers, Rhonda Maurer, and Robin McClish produce a skit in seventh grade theatre arts. ENGLISH 105 Chemical reactions, environmental problems, Paramecium, bacteria and dissecting frogs: what do all these things have in common? These are things that are studied in various science classes at GHS. 1980 was no exception for the science classes. Students continued to study these areas in the midst of all the construction. The science dpeartment got new rooms in the middle of the year and this meant a lot of packing up and moving things. The new science rooms were equipped with new lab tables which have separate gas jets and water faucets. The advanced chemistry classes got new safety equipment to prevent accidents. They are now able to experiment with new chemicals. RIGHT-Rex Kock concentrates on boiling a solution in Chem II, BOTTOM RIGHT-Mike Murley inspects the insides of a frog as he dissects It. BELOW— Doug Cramer has fun in Chem II as he works on his semester project. Science students get new rooms, equipment 106 SCIENCE Fine arts students win several honors Music, art and drama make up the fine arts department at GHS. The art classes worked with clay, painting, drawing and metal sculpture during the year. Art Club sponsored a car wash and an art show. Those students interested in drama worked on various productions such as " Harvey " and " Oklahoma " during the year. Many students worked on the play crews behind the scenes. Eric Dircksen was presented the John Philip Sousa Award for his outstanding musical accomplishments during the four years he was in GHS band. Eric won four first place awards in state competition this year. Junior JefF Lyon received the Tri-Kappa junior band member award. In the vocal area, junior Judy Barry was selected for the Indiana All-State Choir. She was one of 200 students selected from the state. Judy performed different chorale selections with guest conductor Mr. Paul Salamunovich. Joselynn Smith, Jennifer Ferry, Chuck LaTurner, Kurt Flesher and Kyle Flesher were selected for the Tri-State choir festival. They performed the " Gloria " by Antonio Vivaldi. Many students from both the vocal and the instrumental divisions competed in the solo and ensemble contest. Those students receiving firsts in Division I (the most difficult section) then went on to compete in state contest. BOTTOM LEFT-Doug Gilliland participates in a sound demonstration given by iVIr. Tom Jordon. Mr. Jordon is a representative of tine Indiana Fine Arts Commission and Tri-Area Library Association. He visited GHS on April 15. TOP RIGHT-Band Director Mr, David Silden presents the coveted John Philip Sousa Award to Eric Dircksen at the annual band banquet. BOTTOM RIGHT-Sophomore Mark Steigmyer pounds away at his creation in art class. TOP LEFT— Becky Thrush, Jennifer Ferry, Tracie Yarian and Cyndy Sparks display their musical talents at the annual talent show. FINE ARTS 107 108 PEOPLE i- ' ifif irr " Hi We build our friendships with people. PEOPLE 109 Personnel adapts to room conditions Office personnel were working in odd places during the first semester until their new oflices were built. Principal Gaylord Toll and Mrs. Jayne DeLong were located in the Ober building and other office workers were located in the concession stands. When school opened there were no bells, no clocks and no intercom system. The office staff pulled together to make the year work against all the odds. TOP LEFT-Principal Gaylord N. Toll runs the school and organizes many activities. TOP RIGHT— Assistant principal Jack D. Gibson is always around whenever problems arise. MIDDLE LEFT-Mrs. Jayne DeLong keeps the high school office running smoothly. MIDDLE RIGHT-Mrs. Ester Rench keeps the attendance records up to date. BOTTOM LEFT-Mrs. Harriett Ludban keeps the accounting records for all the extra-curricular activities at GHS. BOTTOM RIGHT-Mrs. Janet Getts worked in the concession stand printing dittos until her new office was ready. IIO ADMINISTRATION Administrators conduct GHS business School board members do many things during the year which effect the lives of the students and faculty. They vote on many issues such as the building program and financing school lunches. Members also decide which teachers may attend conferences and at the end of the year they sign the seniors diplomas. TOP LEFT— Superintendent Kermit Weddell oversees all aspects of the school system. MIDDLE LEFT— School board members Jerry Waller, Larry Hlxson, Harold Custer, Maurice Getts and Don Smith vote on issues which concern students and teachers throughout the year. MIDDLE RIGHT-Mrs. Betty Harmon works with the accounting records in the superintendent ' s office. BOTTOM RIGHT-Mrs. Billie Tuttle posts accounts to the ledgers. BOTTOM LEFT— Miss Tammy Kelham works as a secretary in the superintendent ' s office. ADMINISTRATIONI 111 People make school scene pleasant shop TOP-CAFETERIA STAFF-FRONT ROW- Connie Englert, Pat Nierman, Barb Shoudel, Violet Bixler, Mary Ellen Johnson, Shirley Griffin, Roselyn Kleeman, Judy Smurr. BACK ROW— Joyce Davis, Jean Wappes, Angela Demski, Martha Reed, Alice Rahrig, Mary Morgan, Audrey Mollis, Mary Shull, Donna Hile. ABSENT-Martha Wood, Carol Crise. MIDDLE-FRONT ROW-Denise Cook, Donna Lampe, Sandy LaRue, Mary Sutton, Pam Benz, Russell Scheurich. BACK ROW- John Greenamyer, Melvin Smith, Herb Sutton. STANDING-Steve Kelham, Argil Grogg. BOTTOM RIGHT-FRONT ROW-Ralph Kemerly, Maxine Kemerly, Ruth Grogg, Russell Scheurich. MIDDLE ROW-Jamie Steckley, Georgianna Bowling, Kenny Heitz, EInora Spur. BACK ROW-John Jakway, John Hurd, Gary Spur, Jon Wilmot, Ralph Dove. BELOW-Melvin DeGrasse, Ray Souder, Don Dove, Emory Heitz. Many people help make GHS a nice place to stay during the day. The cafeteria staff prepares food everyday for lunch. The janitors help to keep the school clean and in good repair. The bus drivers bring students to school early every day and take them safely home each evening. The teachers also help make school a pleasant place to be. They help every student learn and they are always available if students have problems. 112 PERSONNEL RS. ALETHA BAILEY-Developmental g RS. SUZON BAKER-Mathematics. RS. KATHERINE BOICE-Business. R. RICHARD BOYD-Mathematics, health. R. OWEN BRADLEY-Building trades. ISS MARGARET BUTTERMORE-Vocal R. RICHARD CAPIN-Mathematics, science. RS. BECKY DERROW-Guidance. RS. MARGARET EASTES-English. ISS SARAH JEAN ELDRIDGE-Business. R. ROBERT EWING-Drafting, industrial TEACHERS. 113 Teachers place fourth in OEA Superstars event injunnnbi invoictainii . .- J: +vi? iB Ovfwm . 1. MR, DENNY FEAGLER-Science. 2. MRS, DOROTHY FEIGHTNER-English. 3. MRS, JEAN FROHRIEP-English. 4. MR. ANDREW GIEGOLD griculture. 5. MRS, BETH GROGG-Engllsh, 6. MR, ROBERT GRUESBECK-Vocational auto mechanics. 7. MR, JAMES HECKSEL-Science. 8. MR. ALAN HUNTER- Science. 9. MR. JOHN HUTTON ' Athletic director. 10. MR. PAUL JOHNSTON-Social studies, English. 11. MRS. DEB LEPLEY- Vocational disadvantaged. 114 TEACHERS 12. MISS LENORE LEWIS-Guidance director. 13. MRS. JEAN LEWIS-Study hall. 14. MR. LESTER McCARTNEY-Business. 15. MRS. ROSEMARY McCON NELL-Vocatlonal, special education. 16. MRS. BONNIE MILES-English. 17. MR, CLEO MILLER-Science. 18. MR. DAVID NEAL-Mathematics. 19 MR. ROBERT NOVY-Social studies, audio- visual director. 20. MR. MARK OBER-Art. 21. MRS. BARBARA OLIN-Home economics. TEACHERS 115 Many teachers get new classrooms during schoo 1. MR. TOM PEGELOW- Physical education. 2. MISS CHERYL PETERS- Physical education 3 MR. LJ RRY PIETY- Guidance. 4. MR. RODERICK PRESSLER-Social studies. 5. MR. RONALD REEVES-Mathematics. 6. MRS. SUSAN ROBERTS-English, theatre arts. 7. MR. THOMAS ROBINSON- Special education. 8. MR. MICHAEL SELLERS-English. 9. MRS. VICTORIA SHORT-Special Education. 10. MR. DAVID SILDEN- Instrumental music. 116 TEACHERS MR. STEPHEN STOCKER-Social studies. MR. URRY STOMM-Business. MR. GARY SURFUS-English, German. MRS. MARGARET VOELKEL-Home economics. 15. MRS. SHIRLEY WALLACE-Spanlsh, social studies. 16. MR. RON WEIMER-Social studies. 17. MR. WILBERT WELLHAUSEN-Industrial arts, physical education. 18. MR. DAVID WIANT-Physlcal education, health, science. 19. MR. GEORGE WILMORE-Industrlal arts. 20. MISS LESLIE WISE-Media specialist. TEACHERS 117 118 SENlORS We build our tomorrows as seniors. SENIORS 119 Seniors vote ' Mahogany ' for song, pick white rose as flower Seniors Tracie Yarian and Nate Hoeffel help sort student activity cards for student council. DONALD TIMOTHY ALWOOD-B-Ball 9; Build Trades 12; Elementary TA 12. LORI ANNE ASHENFELTER-Y-Teens 10; German Club 10; OEA 11,12; Ltrmen 11,12; Track 9-11; B-Ball 9,10; V-Ball 10-12; Railettes 10-12; GAA 9-10; Yrbk 12; Senior play; TA 12; Office asst. 10-11. JOYCE ANN BANDY-Y-Teens 9,10,12; Pep Club 9; OEA 11,12; Pep band 9-11; All-school play 10; Senior play; Yrbk ad staff 12; Band 9-12; Drum Majorette 11,12; Class vice-pres 9,10; Class treas 11,12. CINDY LOU BAKER-Track 9,10; V-Ball 10; Home Ec Club 9, pres 10. SERENA LYNN BEBER-Y-Teens 10-12; German Club 9,10; Pep Club 9-12; Yrbk 9; Pom Pons 11,12. KATHY JOAN BERGNER-Y-Teens 9,10; Pep Club 9,10; OEA ' 11,12; Student Council rep 12; Yrbk ad staff 12; NHS 12; V-Ball 10. MARK DOUGUS BERGNER-FFA 9,10. KEVIN M. BEST-Track 9; Intrmls 9-12; Voc Auto Mech 11,12. SUZETTE MARIE BICKEL-Swing Choir 9-12; All-schaol play 9-11; OEA secretary 12; Campus Life 10-12; NISBOVA 9,10; NHS 12; Miss Garrett contestant; Railettes 11,12; Pom Pons 10; Pep Club 10-12; Thespians 11; AV 9. KEITH WALTER BOCK 120 SENIORS JOHN FITZMAURICE BOUGHER-Class rep 9; Wrestling 9-12; F-Ball 9,12; Voc Auto Mech 12; Track 9,10. BETH ANN BROWN-FHA 11; OEA 12. EDWARD GLENN BUNN-IntrmIs 11-12; Build Trades 11-12. K S i«J ' ' , MICHAEL JAMES CARROLL-Special Olympics 11,12; 0EL9,10. TIMOTHY DAMON CASEY-Golf 9; B-Ball 9; FFA 9-12; Intrmis 12. JODI LYNNE CHISHOLM-Swing Choir 9-12; Band 9,10; Thespians 10; Forehsics 10; All- School play 9-11; Community theatre. ■• ' is CRYSTAL KAY CURK-NHS 11, Pres 12; Pom Pons 11,12; German Club 9-12, treas 10; Pep Club 10-12; Yrbk 12; Senior play usher 12; Choir 9,10. STEVEN ANDREW CLEVELAND-FFA 9-12. KAREN SUE CONKLE-Y-Teens 9; Student Council 10; Choir 9,10; Pep Club 9-12; Class Sec 11; NHS 11, vice-pres 12; German Club 11, vice- pres 12; Swing Choir 12; Miss Garrett contestant- Pom Pons 9-12, co-cap 10, squad lead 12; Women in Mathmatics seminar 12. ; LEFT-Chuck LaTurner, Richard Olson, Nate Hoeffel, John Somers, George Fuentes, Ed Bunn, Jeff Skelly and Bill Norris display their trophies after winning the intramural championship. BELOW— Lori Letizia hurriedly puts the finishing touches on her hair before the senior play. RONALD LLOYD CONRAD-Span Club treas 10, pres, il; Ltrmen 9-12, treas 12; FCA 10-12, Sgt.-at-arms 12; Baseball 9; Track 10-12; Wrestling 9-11; F-Ball 9-12; Class pres 12; Senior play; Cheerleading base 12. DOUGLAS AUN CRAIVIER-Nwsp 10; NHS 12; .German Club 9-12, vice-pres 11, treas 12. CHAD WILLIAM CUSTER-F-Ball 9; Cheerleader base 11. DEANNA LYNNE DeGRASSE-Span Club 9-12, vice- pres 9-12; Y-Teens 9,10,12; Pep Club 9-12; Track mgr 9; Homecoming candidate 11; Magazine sales cap 11; ICE 11; AV asst. 9; Yrbk sales staff 12. DENICE MARIE DENES-FHA 11,12, Program chrm 12; OEA 12; Voice of Democracy third place; Miss Garrett contestant. CHARLES ANTHONY DERROW-F-Ball 9-12; Track 9-12; FCA 11,12; Ltrmens 10-12; Cheerleading base 11,12. ERIC RICHARD DIRCKSEN-Band 9-12; German Club 9,10, vice-pres 10; All-School play orchestra 9,10,12; Student Council rep 10; NHS 11,12; Senior play; Band pres 12. STEVEN ROBERT DUGUID-Art Club 9; Nwsp 10; Wrestling mgr 10; Wrestling 11; AV asst. 12. RENEE ELIZABETH ELLERT-Art Club 9-11; Pep Club 9,10; V-Ball 9; OEA 10,11; Track 9; 4-H nine RIGHT— Sue Payton works on her homework as she watches the desk in the new media center. 1 ' . " ' ■ . A ' 122 ' SENIORS LEFT-Brad Forker rehearses his lines for the senior play, " Harvey. " BELOW-Stacy Harter, Jean Simon and Jamie Knott display the pom pon squad ' s new jackets. fe-f , , JULIE ANN ENGEL-Matmaids 11,12. FFA 10-12; NHS 12; Yrbk ad staff 12. PATRICIA ANN EVERIDGE-Pep Club 9,10; Y-Teens 10; 4-H 9. STEVEN PAUL EWING-F-Ball 9-12, senior cap; Intrmls 9,10; FCA 10-12; Ltrmens 9-12, treas 10-11, vice-pres 12; NHS 12: Cheerleading base 12, Baseball 9-12. MARK ALAN FELGER-Track 9,10; FFA 10-12, treas 12; NHS 12. BRENT ALAN FERGUSON-Track 9-12; Cross- country 11,12; Wrestling 10,11; Swing choir 12; All- school play 10-12; Senior play; " Picnic " cast 12; Thespians 10-12; Ltrmens 9-11; Forensics 11. KYLE JERRY FLESHER-Band 9-12; Pep Band 9; Ltrmens 10-12; Thespians 9-11; Forensics 11; FCA 12; F-Ball 9-12; Wrestling 9-11, Baseball 9-10; Track 11; Swing choir 9-12; State choir 10,11; National choir 10; Fall play 11; All-School play 9-12; Senior play; Summer honor workshop 11; Intrmls 12; NISBOVA 9,10,12. SONJA LEIGH FOLDEN-Pep Club 9; Art Club 9,10; Span Club 10; Concert choir 10; Y-Teens 10,11; Chorale choir 11. BRAD SCOTT FORKER-Band 9-12; Swing choir 9- 12; Ltrmens 10,12; Baseball 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; Cross-country 10; All-School musical 9,10,12; All- school non-musical 11,12. Senior play; NHS 11,12; Band vice-pres 12. ANTHONY JOSEPH GARN-Art Club 9,11, treas 11; NHS 11,12; Nwsp 9-11, bus mgr 9,10, staff artist 11; Pep Band 9-11; All-school play orchestra 10; ICE 12. SENIORS ' 123 Class of 1980 votes for 3-year summer reunions KIMBERLY KAY GETTS-Pep Club 9-12, vice-pres 11; OEA treas 12; Y-Teens 10-12; Swing choir 11- 12, Railettes 10-12. DAVID GENE GINGERY-Industrial arts 9,10; Voc Auto Mech 11; ICE 12; F-Ball 11; Track 11. MARY ANN GINGERY-Nwsp 9,10; Band 9-12; Pep Band 9-12; All School play 9-12; Thespians 10-12; Forensics 10-12; NHS 11,12, sec 12; Senior play; Solo and ensemble contests. WENDY ELIZABETH GOLDIE-NHS 11,12; Nswp editor-in-chief 9-12; Yrbk editor 12; FFA 9-12, reporter 10,11, sec 12, District sweethear t 12; German Club 9-12; Journalism Institute 9-11; Quill and Scroll 11,12; News correspondent 12; Valedictorian. GREG ALLEN GORRELL-Build Trades 12; Campus Life 11,12. GREGG ALLEN GRUBB-B-Ball 9-12; Golf 9; F-Ball 9-12; Baseball 10-12; FCA 9-11; Ltrmens 9-12. ROBERT PAUL HALL-FFA 9,10; Build Trades 12; Auto Mech 11. STACY DENISE HARTER-Pom pons 9-12, co-cap 12; All-School play 10-12; Class officer 9,10; Y-Teens 9-12, Vice-pres 12; Pep Club 9-12; German Club 9,10; Span Club 11,12, sec 12; Office asst 12; Swing choir 10-12; Chorale choir 9,10; Yrbk ad sales staff 12, Prom decor committee 11. WILLIAM ANDREW HERZER-Cross-Country 9-11; B-ball 9-12; Track 10-12; FCA 9-12, pres 11, v-pres 12; Ltrmens 10-12; NHS 12; Hoosier Boys ' State; DAR Good Citizen; Class vice-pres 11,12. TINA MARIE HIGH MILES-FHA 9; FFA 10,11; Voice of Democracy 10-12; Office assist 10,11. JOHN HAUFMAN. MARY CHRISTINE HOEFFEL-Special Olympics, 11; Head Start volunteer aid, 12; Choir 12. 124 ' SENIORS LEFT-Senior class officers Andy Herzer, vice- president; Beclcy Thrush, secretary; Joyce Bandy, treasurer; and Ron Conrad, president; take a break from their work during the last week of school. NATHAN GERARD HOEFFEL-Ltrmens 10-12, vice- pres 11; FCA 9-12; Wrestling 9; F-Ball 9; B-Ball 10- 11; Track 9,10,12; Build Trades 11,12; Intrmrls 12; Cheerleading base 12, BETH ELAINE HOLLINGER-GAA 9,10; Nwsp 9,10; Pep Club 9-llv Forensics 10; Pom pons 10,11; FHA 11,12, pres 12, District pres 12; NHS 11,12; Senior play; Hoosier Girls ' State. PAMELA SUE HOLLINGER-GAA 9,10; Y-Teens 9- 11, treas 11; Nwsp 9,10; 4-H 9-12, pres 9,10, leader 11, treas 12; Jr leader 9-12, song leader 9, sec 10, vice-pres 11; pres 12; UMYF 9-12; FHA 10-12, treas 11, vice-pres 12; OEA 10-12, reporter 11, pres 12; district vice-pres 12. JOHN MICHAEL HUFFMAN ROBERT GLENN ISHAM-Wrestling 9-11; F-Ball 9- 12, co-cap 12; Ltrmens 9-12; FCA 9-11; Intrmrls 12. MICHAEL HAROLD JARRETT-Band 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; Pep Band 9-12; Voc Auto Mech 12; Jazz Band 10,12. KRAIG ALLEN KELHAM-B-Ball 9-12; F-Ball 9-12; Track 10,11; Ltrmens 11,12, pres 12; FCA 9-12. KATHERINE MARRIE KILGORE-Y-Teens 9; Class Pres 9,10; All-school play 9-12; Yrbk 9,12; Cheerleader 9-11, cap 10; Thespians 9-12, pres 10- 12, Best actress 10,11, Best Thespian 1978; Pep Club 9,10,12; Art Club sec 12; Jogging Club vice-pres 12; Choir 9-12; Student Council rep 10-12; Nwsp 12; GHS Mascot 12; Track 12; Drama Workshop 11; Senior Play; Football Homecoming Queen. JAMI LYNNE KNOTT-AII-school play 9,10,12; Pep Club 9-12; Miss Garrett candidate; German Club 9; Senior play; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorale 9,10; Pom pons 10-12, treas 11,12; OEA 10-12, chaplain 12; Bus Lab 12; Swing Choir 9-12; Yrbk ad sales staff 12; NHS 12. SENIORS 125 Seniors place second in OEA Superstars REX GERALD KOCK-F-Ball 9; AV assist 9-12. 4i r r- 5 i; r i.. i If COLLEEN DENISE KOSKIE-Y-Teens 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; Span Club 9,10, vice-pres 10; Pom pons 10-12, sec 11,12. MARK DENNIS KRIDER TERRY LAWRENCE KURTZ-FFA 9,10; Build Trades 11,12. CONNIE JEAN LANGFELDT-NHS 11,12; German Club 10; Ltrmens 11,12; FHA 9,10, sec-treas 10; Band 9-12, sec 12; Senior play; V-Ball 9-12; B-Ball 9-12; Track 9-12; Yrbk sales staff 12; OEA 11,12, historian, 12; GAA 9,10; Bus Lab 12; TA 9-11. CHARLES ANTHONY LaTURNER-Thespians 9-12; FCA 9,10; Art Club 9,10; Ltrmens 12; F-Ball 9; B- Ball 9,10; Golf 9-12; Swing choir 9, All-School musical 9,10. ANTHONY LYNN LEHMAN-Track 9,-12; B-Ball 11; Cross-country 12; NHS 11,12; FCA 12; Choir 9,10; Intrmrls 12. LORI ANN LETIZIA-Pom pons 9-12, co-cap 11, squad lead 12; Y-Teens 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; Span Club 9-12, sec 11, pres 12; Swing choir 12; Matmaids 11; Miss Garrett Pageant, talent winner; Miss DeKalb Pageant, Miss Congeniality; NHS 12; All-school play 9-12; Hoosier Girls ' State. JEANNE LORRAINE LINDABURY-OEA 10,11; TAMMY LYNN MAGGERT-Pom pons 9-12; capt 11,12; ' Student Council 9-12, vice-pres 11, pres 12; Batgirl 9-12, scorekeeper; NHS 11,12; Pep Club 9- 12; Choir 9; swing choir 12; Senior play student director. Costume day is just another crazy day for spirited Mary Gingery. 126 SENIORS ALVIN WAYNE MALCOLM- Golf 9-12; Wrestling 10,11; Cross-country 11; NHS 11,12; Span Honor Soc 11,12; Span Club 10; Nwsp 9. CHARLES LEE MALONEY TODD WILLIAM MARTI- F-Ball 9-12; Wrestling 9- 11. MARK ANDREW McCARTNEY FFA 9-12; Intrmls 10; Build Trades 12. MARK McHENRY JODI LYNN McMillan Railettes 10-12; Span Club 10-12, treas 10,12; Pep Club 9,10; Student Council rep 12; Yrbk ad sales staff; All-School play 9; Senior play; Pom pons 9. ; ' M ' ' «-.» RANDY LEWIS METTERT- FFA 9,10; Golf 9-12; Voc Drafting 11,12; Intrmls 9,10,12; Ltrmens 10. RANDALL STACY MOSLEY-Baseball 9-12; F-Ball 9-11; Build trades 12; Ltrmens 9-12. DEBRA ANNETTE MYERS-Pep Club 9,10; Art Club 10,11; German Club 10,11; All-school play 10,11; Senior play; Forensics 10-12, vice-pres 12; Thespians 10-12, vice-pres 12; Forensics wkshp 11; NHS 12; Nwsp 12; Yrbk 12. MICHAEL N. NASTALLY-Band 9-12; Pep Band 9; Cross-country 9,10; Wrestling 9,10; Golf 9; NHS 12; CCHSS 12; Intrmls 12. KIMBERLY ANN NIERMAN-Track 9-12; Cheerleader 9,11,12; Pep Club 9-12; German Club 9- 11; NHS 11,12; Y-Teens 9; Ltrmens 11,12, sec 12; Class Sec 10; TA 12; All-School play 10,12; lU-PU German program 11. WILLIAM JAY NORRIS-Build Trades 12; Intrmls 10,12. SENIORS 127 Seniors back Railroader sports teams during year JOSEPH ANTHONY NOW SANDRA JEAN NUTTLE-Y-Teens 9,10,12; NHS 12; OEA 12; Band 9-11; Pep Band 9,10; Track 9,10; Yrbk 9; German Club 9,10; State solo and ensemble 11. RICHARD LEE OLSON-F-Ball 9; Art Club 9,10; ' Round House Gang 9; Forensics 9,10; Class Pres 11; Rowdie Bunch 12; Voc Build Trades 12; Intrmis co- cap 9-12. KAREN SUE OUSLEY-FFA 11; All-school play 11. DOUGLAS EDWARD OVERY-Cross-country 9; Ball 9,10; Student Council 9. DONNA LYNN PARR JAANA KRISTINA PAUNA-Exchange student from Finland. SUSAN LYNN PAYTON-Gymnastics 9,10; Track 9; Drill team 10. TERRY ALLEN PENCE- B-Ball 9-12; Track 9,10; Baseball 11,12; Ltrmens 11. JODI LEE PIETY-Cheerleader 9-12, cap 12; Pep Club 9-12; German Club 9,10; Y-Teens 9,12; NHS 11,12; Swing choir 12; Homecoming rep 9,11; Miss Garrett; Jr. Science award; Woman in bus seminar, 11; Ta 12. DONNA FAY REED-FFA 9-11. LOIS JEAN RENFROW-TA 11. IE I I 1 128 SENIORS [ Do not dream of the person you ' d like to be, for it is a waste of tiie person you are Tammy Maggert participates in the OEA Creature-Teacher day by dressing up as IVlickey Mouse. LISA KARINA ROEHM-V-Ball 9-12; B-Ball 9-12; Track 9-12; Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9,10; Span Club 11; Ltrmens 12; Choir 9,10; Senior play, JACQUELINE RAE RUG R-Pep Band 9-12; Pep Club 9; OEA 10-12, Scrapbook 12; FFA 11,12; Student Council Treas 12. SABRA SUE SCHURR-Track mgr 10; Choir 9-11; Railettes 10-12; Pep Club 10,11. TONYUA SUE SECHLER-Chorale 11,12; Girls ' choir 9, Concert choir 10; Pep Club 9-12; Y-Teens 9-12; Mat maids 10-12; OEA 11,12; Vice-pres 12; TA 10- 12; All-school play 12. WILLIAM LeRoy SHERWOOD-Ltrmens 10-12, Sec. 10; NHS 11,12, treas 12; B-Ball 9-11; Baseball 9- 12; Hoosier Boys ' State 11; Intrmls 12. LORI ANN SHULL-V-Ball 9-12, cap 12; B-Ball 9,10; choir 9,10; Pep Club 9-12, pres 12; German Club 9- 11, pres 11; OEA 12; Student Council 12; NHS 12. JANICE MARIE SIGLER-Band 9-12; Pep Band 9- 12; Flag corps 11,12; Jazz Band 12; German Club 10-12; Nwsp 9,10. JODY CHARLENE ' SIMCOX-Band 9-12; All-school play orchestra 10-12; Pep Band 9-12; TrI-State honor band 11; Ball State music wkshp 12; Flag cap 11,12; German Club 10,11, sec 11; Jazz band 12. VICTOR ALLEN SIMS JEAN MARIE SIMON-V-Ball 9; Pom pons 10-12; German Club 10; Span treas 11; Y-Teens 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; Track mgr ?-10; GAA 9; Yrbk ad sales staff 12; choir 9-10; OEA 12. VANESSA MARLENE SIPE-FFA 9-11; FHA 9. SENIORS 129 :iii ' .9:l!,lTA.r-:t Seniors win intramurals JEFFREY LYNN SKELLY-B-Ball 9; Intrmis 10- 12; Voc Auto Mech 11,12. DAVID THERON SMITH-F-Ball 9-12; B-Ball 9; Track 9; German Club 9. JOHN ANDREW SOMERS-Cross-country 9,10,11; F-Ball 12; B-Ball 9; Track 9,10,12; Boxing Club 10-12; Intrmis 9-12. LEO F. SOMERS Carson WAYNE SPARKS-Ltrmens 10-12, treas 10; Cross-country 10-12; Track 9-12; B-Ball 9; Intrmis 10-12; NHS 12; Congressional student program 12. CYNTHIA LOU STEWARD-Swing choir 9-12; All- School play 9,10; Campus Life 11; NISBOVA 9,10; NHS 12; OEA, parliamentarian 12; TA 10,12. SUSAN KAY STURGES-FHA 11; TA 11,12. KEVIN LEE THOMAS-ICE 12; Voc Auto Mech 12. Kyle Flesher shoots for two as Richard Olson goes up to block during a Saturday morning intramural basketball game. 130 SENIORS JEFFREY LYNN SKELLY-Track 9,10,12; Span Club 10; Swing choir 11,12. REBECCA LOUISE THRUSH-Pep Club 9-10, rep 12; German Cub 9,10; Y-Teens 10-12; Class Sec 12; Pom pons 10,11; OEA 11,12, photographer 12; Matmaids 9-12; Bus Lab 12; Choir 12; Track 12; All-School play 12. JONI ELIZABETH FEAGLER VANDERBOSCH- Cheerleader 9-11; Class treas 10; OEA 10-12; Yrbk ad sales staff 12; Homecoming candidate 9,11,12; Ltrmeps 11; Choir 9,12; Pep Club 9-11. KIMBERLY DAWN VELPEL-Pep Club 9-12; Y- Teens 9-12, sec 10, pres 11, Sgt at arms 12; Span Club 9,10; sec 9; Ltrmens 11,12; GAA 9,10; V-Ball mgr 10; Track 9-12; B-Ball 9-12, co-cap 11, cap 12; TA 12; Senior play. KATRINAANN WAGNER-German Club 10-12; NHS 12; All-School play 11; Choir 9-12. RICHARD JOHN WARING-FFA 9-12; Intrmis 9- 12; Baseball 12; Build Trades 12. F- r A ' i LISA KAY WARSTLER-Choir 9-12; Band 9-12; Flag corps 11; Y-Teens 10-12, vice-pres 11, sec 12: Track mgr 10; NHS 12; OEA 11-12, photographer 12. . DONALD LEE WEAVER-FFA 9,10; ICE 12. I CHRISTOPHER LEE WINANS-FCA 9-12; Ltrmens 9-12; Span Club 9,10; F-Ball 9,10; B- Ball 9-12. K $5 " A K .4 RICHARD JAMES YARIAN-FCA 9,10; Ltrmens 10-12; F-Ball 9-12; B-Ball 9-12; Track 9-12. TRACIE LINN YARIAN-V-Ball 9-12; B-Ball 9-12, cap 12; Track 9-12; Pep Club 9-11, rep 11; Ltrmens 11,12; Y-Teens 11-12, Sgt at arms 11, pres 12; GAA 9-11, pres 11; Swing Choir 11; German Club 10; Chorale 9-12; TA 10,12. ROBIN RENEE YOUNG-V-Ball 9-12, cap 12; B- Ball 9-12, cap 12; Track 9,10; Senior play; Pep Club 9,10; German Club 9,10; Choir 12; TA 11,12. fSSfffi v- -i(A mm PICTURES UNAVAILABLE FOR: SCOTT EDWARD COOK GEORGE FUENTES PATRICIA JOAN JONES TAMMY KAYE REED RENEE STEPHENSON KATHERYNN LOUISE WEGMAN JOE ALLEN WOODWARD SENIORS 131 Seniors honored several classmates at the annual Senior Banquet at Shippy ' s Steak House on May 5. Senior class president Ron Conrad announced the awards. The seniors voted to schedule their reunions for July of every third year. The evening ended as Becky Thrush, Katie Kilgore, and Kyle Flesher sang the class song, " Mahogany, " as Miss Margaret Buttermore accompanied them on the piano. Seniors honor classmates at banquet CLASS AWARDS Nose — Doug Cramer, Serena Beber Sexiest Voice— Chad Custer, Becky Thrush Gossips— Bill Sherwood, Tonyua Sechler IVIost Likely to Succeed — Carson Sparks, Wendy Goldie Brownies— Bill Sherwood, Tammy Maggert Hands— Chris Winans, Jami Knott Most Talented — Eric Dircksen, Katie Kilgore Best Dressed — Brad Forker, Kim Nierman Hair— Ed Bunn, Renee Ellert Eyes— Randy Mosley, Sue Sturges Most Outgomg— Ron Conrad, Katie Kilgore Class Clowns— Ron Conrad, Katie Kilgore Smile— Keith Bock, Joni Vanderbosch IVIost Conservative— Chuck Maloney, Pam Hollmger Nicest Mouth — Steve Cleveland, Suzi Bickel Body— Chad Custer, Joni Vanderbosch Class Flirt- Gregg Grubb, Sabe Schurr Legs— Paul Ewing, Suzi Bickel Ears- Dave Smith, Kim Nierman Dimples-Kraig Kelham, Jodi McMillan Wittiest— Ron Conrad, Deb Myers Most Hep-Kevin Best, Donna Parr Most Athletic-Andy Herzer, Tracie Yarian Contagious Laugh- Kraig Kelham, Deanna DeGrasse Most Absent Minded— John Somers, Lori Letizia Class Cut-ups-Rex Kock, Jodi Chisholm ABOVE- After dinner seniors discuss their upcoming reunions. TOP— Seniors go up front to receive their awards. MIDDLE- Members of the senior class talk before dinner. RIGHT— Kraig Kelham accepts his " dimples " award from Becky Thrush and Joyce Bandy. 132 SENlOR BANQUET Goldie, Herzer win top honor The 1980 Senior Awards Night was culminated with the presentation of the coveted Citizenship Awards to Wendy Goldie and Andy Herzer by Principal Gaylord N. Toll. Wendy was named class valedictorian and Jodi Piety was named salutatorian. Many seniors were also presented state scholarships. Scholastic, extracurricular, and athletic accomplishments were also recognized. Valedictorian ..Wendy Goldie Salutatorian Jodi Piety Citizenship Awards ..Wendy Goldie Andy Herzer American Youth Foundation Awards. Crys Clark | Eric Dircksen DAR Good Citizen Award ...Andy Herzer Audio Visual Award ...Steve Duguid Rex Kock Outstanding Building Trades Award.. ..Ed Bunn | FHA Award .Beth Hollinger ..Bill Sherwood .Pam Hollinger OEA Outstanding Service Award Outstanding Business Students .Kathy Bergner Bill Sherwood Outstanding Home Ec Student. Beth Hollinger John Phillip Sousa Award ...Eric Dircksen Journalism Award ..Wendy Goldie Vocal Awards ...Katie Kilgore Brad Forker Agriculture Leadership Awards. ..Wendy Goldie Mark Felger Outstanding Senior Athletes Kim Velpel Gregg Grubb Paul Bateman Scholarship ..Wendy Goldie Eagles Scholarship ....Robin Young Sigma Phi Gamma Nursing Sch olarship... Patty Jones Tri Kappa Scholarship Renee Stephenson | Josten Foundation Scholarship ..Wendy Goldie Lions Club Scholarship ...Eric Dircksen Moose Scholarship Wayne Malcolm | Elks Scholarship ..Wendy Goldie 1 TOP LEFT— Mr. Larry Piety presents a State Scholarship Award to Beth Hollinger. TOP RIGHT-Bill Sherwood receives the Math Award from Mr. Richard Capin. MIDDLE— Andy Herzer and Wendy Goldie, Citizenship Award recipients, smile after successfully pinning their star on the banner. LEFT— Miss Cheryl Peters presents Lori Shull her volleyball certificate. SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT 133 128 seniors receive diplomas in Paul Bateman gym Juniors Linda Scott and Cyndy Sparl s led tine processional for 128 seniors for the 96th annual commencement program. Seniors were clad in gowns of dark blue (boys), light blue (girls), and white (National Honor Society). GHS band members presented musical selections prior to the program. They began the services with the processional and " The Star Spangled Banner " . Senior Class President Ron Conrad addressed the senior class as a whole for the last time. He thanked the parents of the graduates for all the help they have provided over the years. Jodi Piety presented the salutatorian address. She reminded class members that " this is both a day for smiles and for tears. " Jodi was recognized during the program for being the salutatorian. Wendy Goldie gave the valedictory address. She stated; " To live your life in your own way, to reach for the goals you have set for yourself, to be the you that you want to be— That is success. " She then expressed her hope that each member of the senior class would try to achieve this true success. Wendy was also recognized for her scholastic accomplishments during commencement. Swing Choir and Chorale members presented " If You Believe " and " No Man Is An Island " . Rev. Marlin K. Ressler, pastor of the Christian Union Brethren in Christ Church gave His ministerial address based on " The Choices of Youth " . LEFT PAGE-BOTTOM LEFT-Tony Lehman smiles with relief after he receives his diploma and his rose. LEFT PAGE-TOP-Principal Gaylord Toll announces the graduates as school board members watch. LEFT PAGE-BOTTOM RIGHT-Tony Lehman, Jodi Piety, Wendy Goldie and Andy Herzer leave the gymnasium after commencement. LEFT— The Class of 1980 move their tassles as they become graduates of GHS. MIDDLE LEFT-Supermtendent Kermit Weddell presents Wendy Goldie her diploma as Assistant principal Jack Gibson helps him. Wendy gave the valedictory address during graduation exercises. BELOW— Wayne Malcolm receives his diploma during the commencement program. BOTTOM LEFT-Jodi Piety receives her diploma from Superintendent Weddell. Jodi gave the salutatorian address at the graduation program. BOTTOM RIGHT-Miss LeNore Lewis presents Bob Isham a traditional red rose after he receives his diploma. Mr. Richard Boyd presented the girls their roses. Sue Payton crowned Queen Saturday, Jan. 29 was a night of excitement for tlie Homecoming candidates. This annual tradition was continued as Sue Payton was crowned Homecoming Queen and basketball co- captain Andy Herzer congratulated her with a kiss. Selected to represent the senior class were Kim Nierman, Sue Payton and Jodi Piety. Their escorts were Ron Conrad, Randy Mosley and Paul Ewing. Sophomores Diane Morr and Doug Peters were chosen by their class as candidates. Jane Dircksen and Doug Kee represented the freshmen. This year queen candidates were selected by a different method. A list of eligible candidates from each class was distributed to members of the class which they represent. Each class then voted for their candidates. Following the game against West Noble, Student Council sponsored a Homecoming dance. S.R.O. provided the music for the evening. Members of the varsity basketball squad pulled down a 59-53 victory over West Noble. This added to the happy atmosphere of the Homecoming activities. RIGHT Homecoming Queen Sue Payton reigns over her court. The candidates and their excorts are sophomores Diane IVlorr and Doug Peters, seniors Jodi Piety and Paul Ewing, Sue Payton and Randy Mosley, Kim Nierman and Ron Conrad, juniors Cyndy Sparks and Mike Bowmar and freshmen Jane Dircksen and Doug Kee, Homecoming candidates Cyndy Sparks and Kim Nierman await the decision with their escorts Mike Bowmar and Ron Conrad. LEFT Accompanied by Randy Mosley, newly crowned Homecoming Queen Sue Payton relaxes and enjoys the rest of the basketball game against West Noble. Diane Morr and Doug Peters represent the sophomore class at basketball homecoming festivities. LEFT Andy Herzer, senior co-captaIn of the varsity basketball squad, congratulates Sue Payton with a kiss. BASKETBALL HOIVIECOIVIING 137 Katie Kilgore, Nate Hoeffel win Homecoming honors " Indian Summer ' 79 " was the theme of Garrett ' s fall Homecoming. Because the new football field was not completed, the ceremony was carried out at DeKalb. The candidates were selected by the football, cross-country and volleyball teams. They were seniors Joni Feagler, Katie Kilgore, Dennis Hile, Nate HoefFel; juniors Pam Smock, Lori Vanderbosch, Chris Hoeffel, Tim Herzer; sophomores ABOVE-Joy Hixson and Harold Kline accept a trophy for the best decorated Homecoming truck on behalf of the sophomore class. ABOVE MIDDLE- Robin Young, captam of the volleyball team, awards Homecoming King Nate Hoeffel a congratulatory kiss. ABOVE RIGHT-Freshmen Jenney McPheeters and Eric Mossberger exchange private jokes as they wait for Homecoming results to be announced. Joy Hixson, Lena Sorensen, Harold Kline, Trey Lantz; freshmen Jenney McPheeters, Delia Zolman, Doug Kee and Eric Mossberger. Instead of cars, the classes decorated trucks supplied by Yoder Ford. Student Council gave each class $5 for decorations. A trophy was given to the sophomores for the best decorated truck. The cross- country and volleyball captains crowned Katie and Nate and gave them the customary kiss. Other half-time festivities included performances by the Sidetrackers pom pon squad and the band. Senior Homecoming candidates Joni Feagler, Nate Hoeffel, Katie Kilgore and Dennis Hile line up for the audience. 138 FALL HOMECOMING 25th anniversary teams recognized during year The 1954-55 football and basketball teams were honored this year by Pep Club and Student Council respectively. The ' 54 football team was coached to a 5-2-1 record by Mr. Richard Capin. His assistant was Mr. Ward Smith, now of Attica High School. Team members included Alan LaRue, Adrian Thompson, Paul Ridenour, John Bishop, Jack Beber, Lynn Andrews, Charles Tooman, Frank Mossberger, James Carroll, Fred Salerno, Don Potter, Will Eastes, Eston Hathaway, Stephen Gaw, Glen Helbert, Larry Houser, Gary Shafer, Maurice Getts, Sherman Lewis, Kenneth Severson, Louis Easterday, Wayne Bartels, Robert Wiant, Daniel Fuller, Don Thompson, William Kelham, Gene Bartels, Gerald Bowmar, John Livergood, Eugene BOTTOM-FRONT ROW-Jerry Bowmar, Bill Kelham, Tom Ely, Wayne Bartles. BACK ROW- Ronald Weimer, Mike Manges, Pat (Miser) Weimer, Ralph (Bud) Wilcoxson, Gene Bartels, Maurice Getts, Donna (Crow) Bowmar, Richard Capin. BELOW— Maurice Getts, Kenneth Severson, James Carroll, Roger Weimer, Gerald Bowmar, Donna Bowmar, Pat Weimer, Larry Getts. Farrington, William Starner, Darrell Thompson, Roger Weimer, Danny McPheeters, Leonard Vanderbosch, Ronald Weimer, and Ralph (Bud) Wilcoxson. The 1954-55 Garrett basketball squad, under the experienced coaching of Ward Smith, compiled a record of 17 wins and six losses. The Railroaders were un defeated on their home court in nine starts. Garrett won the 1954 Holiday Tourney at Fremont by defeating Butler and Angola. Another outstanding accomplishment of the 1954-55 team was winning the NEIC championship by making a 5-1 record in conference play, losing once to Bluffton. Members of the anniversary team include Louis Easterday, Larry Getts, Gerald Bowmar, Will Eastes, Stephen Gaw, James Carroll, Maurice Getts, Kenneth Severson, Roger Weimer, Eston Hathaway, Don Potter, and William Starner. Managers were Alan LaRue and Robert Wiant. Beverly Fulk Rowe, Dorothy Crow Feick, Donna Crow Bowmar, and Pat Miser Weimer were cheerleaders for both the silver anniversary squads. ANNIVERSARY TEAMS 139 1980 prom-goers take ' Magical Mystery ;al Mystery Tour " was the prom-goers with endless feats of magic Tour ' " IVlagical IVlystery Tour " was the theme for the 1980 Junior-Senior prom. Seniors N ate Hoeffel and Lori Letizia were crowned Prom King and Queen. The five-piece band " KIK " , featuring soft rocl , provided music for the evening of fun. Mr. Dick Stoner amazed prom-goers with endless feats of magic throughout the night. A flight of stairs decorated with stars provided the setting for the prom pictures this year. Hambidge Studio was selected to take the pictures. Juniors raised over $3,000 for the prom through magazines sales and by sponsoring a donkey basketball game. A dinner was not served this year but finger foods were available. The A-C-D Museum was the location for the festivities again this year. BELOW-Janice Sigler and Mike Jarrett pose to have their prom pictures taken by Hambidge Studio. LEFT-Paul Ewing and Beth Van Zile trip the light fantastic to the music provided by the five- piece band, " KIK " . MIDDLE-Seniors Lori Letizia and Nate Hoeffel I reign as prom King and Queen. BOTTOM-Sue Payton and Lisa Warstler are amazed by Mr. Dick Stoner ' s feats of magic. Junior-senior picnic: a success BOTTOM-Kerri Pinkerton, Karen Ousley, Lori Wilcox and Patty Jones watch the Softball game. MIDDLE RIGHT-Members of the senior class laugh about the last week of school as they eat at the picnic. Food, football and frisbee were all a part of the Junior-Senior picnic. Pokagon State Park was again the setting for the festivities. The picnic took place May 12 from after school until 8 p.m. Following tradition, the senior class provided the ham and pop. Picnic attendees provided covered dishes making up a bountiful potluck. Although the skies were overcast, the rain held off throughout the event. Seniors beat the juniors in the annual football game. JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC 141 PICNIC: A success despite all odds A migratory muscle man, a dysphoric dryad, and a bacchanalian business man: What do these three types of people all have in common? They ' re all part of the William Inge ' s ironically- titled play PICNIC. Although the show takes place in a small Kansas town, celebrating Labor Day with an outing, the resulting action is anything but a picnic. Hal, a very handsome college dropout, who makes his living doing odd jobs for people, appears in town one day. His looks and outgoing personality seem to cause women to become instantly infatuated with him, including four of the local ladies: Mrs. Potts, a lonely woman facing old age with only an invalid mother for company; Rosemary Sydney, an independent but frustrated school teacher trying to recapture her lost youth; Millie, a 15-year-old tomboy experiencing her first case of puppy love, and Madge, her 18-year-old sister, finding true love at last. A string of broken but matured hearts is left in his path after Hal ' s departure. Madge follows, leaving behind Alan, her former boyfriend, and her mother, who had made a mistake by doing the same thing when she was young— and who wanted a better life for Madge. The play was performed on two PICNIC CAST Helen Potts Mary Gingery Hal Carter Brent Ferguson Millie Owens Jennifer Ferry Bomber Tom Ferguson Madge Owens Susan Dudash Flo Owens Jenny Baber Rosemary Sydney Deb Myers Alan Seymour Brad Forker Irma Kronkite Juanita Wagner Christine Schoenwalder Janis Treesh Howard Bevens Ron Wilcoxson Mrs. Potts ' Mother Robin Malcolm Director Mrs. Susan Roberts consecutive days, Saturday, February 23, and Sunday, February 24. Saturday ' s presentation was at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday ' s was at 3:30 p.m. After the final Sunday performance, Mrs. Susan Roberts, director, was presented with the traditional gift of roses from the cast. The cast party was at Ron Wilcoxson ' s house after the Saturday night presentation. The play was a great success, especially considering the odds it was up against during rehearsals. Two of the cast members were seriously III for approximately a total of three weeks. It looked as though major roles were going to have to be filled by minor-role characters, and the minor roles taken by completely new people. Luckily, the actors recovered sufficiently to return to practice and were on stage opening night. TOP— Rosemary Sydney (Deb Myers) proudly models her new fall outfit from Kansas City. RIGHT— Alan Seymour (Brad Forker) proves his • love to Madge (Susan Dudash) with a kiss. 142 PICNIC ABOVE-Too involved in her book, Millie (Jennifer Ferry) does not smell smoke from Mrs. Potts ' burning trash as Rosemary (Deb Myers) does. TOP-Hal Carter (Brent Ferguson) strikes a he-man pose for Millie (Jennifer Ferry) as she sketches him. ABOVE— Irma Kronkite (Juanita Wagner) introduces the new teacher, Christine Schoenwalder (Janis Treesh) to Mrs. Potts (Mary Gingery). TOP— Dancing to the melodic tunes of " Ernie Higgins and his Happiness Boys " , Millie Owiens (Jennifer Ferry) executes a graceful jete ' . PICNIC 143 Cast Aunt Eller Mary Gingery Curly Kyle Flesher Laurey Judy Barry Ike Skidmore Ron Wilcoxson Slim Todd Piety Fred Brent Ferguson Will Parker Harold Kline Jud Fry Jeff Lyon Ado Annie Carnes Katie Kilgore Ali Hakim Brad Forker Gertie Cummings Susan Dudash Vivienne Laura Wagner Ellen Jennifer Ferry Faye Cyndy Sparks Virginia Paula Co I well Andrew Carnes Chuck LaTurner Cord Elam Kurt Flesher Jess Doug La Lone Chalmers Chuck Zolman Mike Dan Custer Joe Tim Herzer RIGHT— Trapped in his ' " Lonely Room " , Jud (Jeff Lyon) takes out his frustrations in a song. TOP RIGHT-Laurey (Judy Barry) gives Curley (Kyle Flesher) a list of taboos to keep people from thinking they ' re in love. FAR RIGHT-Fred (Brent Ferguson) shows the chorus a dance step he learned in Kansas City. BELOW-The chorus and cast join together for the finale, ' Oklahoma! " . 144 OKLAHOMA All-school cast presents classical ' ' Oklahoma! ' ' The GHS presentation of " Oklahoma! " turned out to be as successful as It was for Rogers and Hammerstein when it opened on Broadway almost forty years ago. " Oklahoma! " became the jumping-off point for musical theatre because it was the first production where dance was used as an essential part of the story rather than just decoration. The plot concerns Laurey, a young woman who lives on her Aunt Eller ' s farm, and Curley, a cowboy who loves her. Laurey feels the same way, but doesn ' t want him to know because " He ' s so fresh. " For this reason, she goes out with the hired hand, Jud. Then there ' s Ado Annie, the " girl who cain ' t say no, " and her two suitors, Will Parker, and AN Hakim, a peddler. Annie can ' t decide between the two, but her father has promised her hand to the man who comes up with fifty dollars first. Meanwhile, Jud, who ' s also in love with Laurey, warns Curly to stay away from her. Curley refuses, and later, at a picnic, is attacked by a knife-wielding Jud, who falls on his own weapon and dies. At the same time, it looks like Ali Hakim (who really wants to stay single) will win Annie because Will has spent all his money on useless presents for her. Will has an idea and decides to sell the presents to Ali for fifty dollars. The show ends happily when Curly is acquitted, proposes to Laurey, and Ado Annie says " yes " to Will. TOP LEFT-Ron Conrad and Nate Hoeffel (cowboys) try to show the townsmen that " The Farmer and the Cowman " should be friends. BELOW LEFT-Faye (Cyndy Sparks) and Ellen (Jennifer Ferry) try to convince Laurey (Judy Barry) of her love for Curley in " Out of My Dreams " . BELOW-Aunt Eller (Mary Gingery) teaches the cast of Oklahoma a little lesson. JH play cast presents ' Hansel and Gretel ' CAST Gretel Karen Albright Hansel Doug Brumbaugh Witch Julie Gillespie Father Todd Gibson Stepmother Mary Hile Helga Heidi Baber Katherine Susan Myers Erika Leeanne Listen berg er Sandman Sybil Hicks Mrs. White Cat Kim Johnston Fritz Duane Griffis Johnna Dee Bauman F redricka Julie Felger Student Director Judy Barry Asst. Student Director Thad Smith Faculty Advisor ' .Mrs. Susan Roberts TOP— Duane Griffis, Heidi Baber, Susan Myers, Dee Bauman, Julie Felger and Susan Getts freeze as the witch (Julie Gillespie) turns the children into gingerbread. RIGHT— Gretel (Karen Myers) stands above the others as she tells Susan Myers, Dee Bauman, Duane Griffis, Heidi Baber, Sue Getts, and Doug Brumbaugh about " the fair " . BOTTOM LEFT-Gretel (Karen Albright) and Hansel (Doug Brumbaugh) pray for their lives after being left in the forest. BOTTOM RIGHT-Mother (Mary Hile) talks father (Todd Gibson) into taking the children into the forest. 146 JUNIOR HIGH PLAY ABOVE — During the play, the mother (Mary Hile) attempts to chase the cat (Kim Johnston) away as Hansel (Doug Brumbaugh) and Gretel (Karen Albright) look on in dismay. TOP— Susan Myers, Duane Griffis, Kim Johnston, Doug Brumbaugh and Dee Bauman try to help the hurt cat (Kim Johnston). RIGHT— The witch (Julie Gillespie) smells Hansel and Gretel and decides that she may have found her Sunday dinner. Remember the story of Hansel an(j Gretel? Well, it ' s the story of two children who have a mean stepmother. The mother turns the children ' s father against them and has him take the children to the woods where they become lost. A mean witch finds them and gives them all sorts of trouble. In the end good triumphs over evil and the children live happily ever after. Junior high play members presented this classic story on May 24. Junior high drama club sold refreshments at the play- Junior Judy Barry was the student director and Thad Smith assisted her. Mrs. Susan Roberts was the faculty advisor for the production. About 25 junior high school students worked behind the scenes on the play. JUNIOR HIGH PLAY 147 148 UNDERCUSSIVlEN We build toward graduation as underclassmen. UNDERCUSSIVIEN 149 Juniors sell magazines, have donkey game Henry Albright Erie Andrews Arita Baidinger Judy Barry Cindy Bartels Randy Beber Carol Blessinger Denise Bocl Tonoa Bock Mark Bowman Beth Bowmar Mike Bowmar Kathy Brown Ray Burniston Lori Carper Cathy Casselman Chris Chisholm Phillip Clauss David Cole Jeff Cox Chris Crowe Tawny Curtland Ernest Davis Kent Davis Joan DeKoninck Sharon DeKoninck 150-JUNIORS RIGHT Judy Barry and Missy Van Ort work out their problems with the old lockers. Junior class officers Lisa Lepley, treasurer; Beth Van Zile, secretary; Cyndy Sparks, president; and Linda Scott, vice-president; worked hard to prepare the prom. Mike Delauder Dewey DeLong Tad Dickerson Susan Dudash Donald Fleckenstein Dave Flesch Terry Frost Shan Fry Ron Getts Steve Getts Doug Gllllland Dennis Goebel Frances Gooslin Tonya Gradeless Lori Graham David Greer Sieve Griffin Greg Griffith Andy Hail Mike Harding Carrie Hatton Lloyd Hatton Jamie Helbert Sharri Helmick Tim Herzer Janene Heupel Jim Hixson Chris Hoeffel John Jakway James Johnston Steve Johnston Melinda Kappel Monica Kappel Carol Kennedy David Kimmel Jim Kleeman JUNIORS 151 Juniors win OEA Superstars event by 9V2 point lead Doug LaLone Larry tanning Lisa Lepley Jeff Lyon Tom Maggert Brenda Malcolm Jim McDariel Jill McHenry Chuck McPheeters Gerald Mellott Dan Miller Scott Miller Richard Murley Jim Kneeley Sheila New Tom Newbauer Valerie Nodine Gary Ort Joseph Parks Laurie Pepple Steve Pepple Ann Peters Todd Piety Kerri Pinkerton Dan Ressler Willis Rowe Brent Ruger Byron Salyer Jeff Schendel Linda Scott Michelle Shuff Kathy Sims Brenda Smith 152JUNI0RS Jackie Strock poses for her picture for the student activity cards. Pictures Unavaiiable: Dan Custer Charles Gingery John IVIillis Dean Picklesimer Richard Thomas Joselyn Smith Thad Smith Ram Smock Wllke Souder Laura Sowles Cyndy Sparks Chris Stephenson Jackie Strock Tony Surfus Tammy Thomas Debbie Thrush IVlelanie Tullis Missy Van Ort Lori Vanderbosch Beth Van Zile Robert Watson Lori Wilcox Ron Wilcoxson Kelli Wilhelm Cheryl Wisel Samme Wood Jeff Wright Tom Yarde David Yarian Sharl Yarian Mike Zimmerman Rick Zolman JUNIORS 153 Right— Leading the jr. class through 1980 are Wendy Maggert, v.p.; Harold Kline, pres,; Chris Mcintosh, treas. and Cindy Bartels, sec. Rick Abbott Michelle Andrews Debbie Atkinson Cindy Bartels Jeff Bauman Michelle Bauman Laura Benson Mike Bishop Sophomores get class jackets, order class rings Karl Blust Greg Bock Kelly Bonar Mike Brandt Alan Brumbaugh Patty Case Beth Cattell Debra Caywood Kim Chaffins Joe Chisholm Tammy Chittenden Jennifer Christlieb Bob Cole Todd Coleman Paula Colwell Ritch Conrad David Cordray Gene Cramer Kelly Crise Terry Curtland Lori Davis Steve Davis Elizabeth Delauder Dave Denes Susan Dennison 154 SOPHOMORES Tim Dewitt Wlelanie Diederich Krista DIrcksen Tina Emenhiser Ariene Elberson John Elsholz Lawrence Evans Dean Everidge Tom Ferguson Jennifer Ferry Kurt Flesher Paul Fry Gloria Fuentes Larince Fugate Regenna Gamble Paul Garn Kathy Gillespie Maria Gingery Kelly Gingrich Mary Greer Tim Grossman Marsha Haffner Tammy Hans Robert Hathaway Tonya Harmon Greg Heal Jodi Helbert Mark Hensmger Garry Hewes Joy Hixson Robin Hixson Gene Cramer dresses up for OEA Creature- Teacher day- Sheryl Hornet Jeanette Hunter Cathy Hutton Andrea Kelham Richard Kendig SOPHOMORES 155 Dan Kleber John Kleeman Gerald Kline Harold Kline Robin Koble Greg Kock Michelle Koskie Trey Lantz Blinda Leffel Angela Lehman Steve Lepley John Lewis Loren Lindabury Suzanne Loutzenhiser Wendy Maggert Robin Malcolm Camron Maley Edward Malony Vic McDaniel David Manuel Chris Mcintosh Kelly Miller Max Miller Tom Miller Lisa Molargik Diane Morr David Nuttle Dennis Omspacher Sharon Ousley Chris Owen Todd Panning Tim Parks Kim Penland Junior Judy Barry and Sophomore Harold Kline dress up for OEA Creature-Teacher Day. 156 SOPHOMORES Todd Panning displays liis skill with a basketball after school. Pictures Unavailable: Patty Bock Rodney Delong Chris Gall Ritchie Ishani Jeff Jackson Ed Jarrett Connie Jones Sheila Jones Diane Shank Greg Siples Kathy Pepple Doug Peters Lee Portner Kathy Putt Pam Quince Trisha Sechler Tom Shoudel Linda Shull Jane Sims Deborah Sleeper Dena Snider Sarah Somers Lena Sorenson Jamie Steckley Kathy Stephenson Brad Stump Jim Sturges Ed Teller Denise Teusch Mark Teusch Jeff Thrush Philip Tschebykin Beth Vanderbosch Laura Wagner Dawn Wappes Nanette Waring Tony Watson David Weimer Scott Wilcoxson Charles Wood Terry Yarde SOPHOMORES 157 Freshmen take an active part in high school life Freshmen practice playing chess during activity period. Renee Andrews Jenny Baber Doug Bal er Shelly Beber Dawn Benz Wlary Bergner Bill Beverly Lori Bevilacqua Mike Bevilacqua Dennis Bock Debra Bowers Lori Bowman Peter Bowman Mark Bowmar Tim Bowmar David Brandt Patty Brown Mary Case Simon Clabaugh John Clauss Mike Colgate Carrie Cook Tom Cook John Cordes Janie Creager Julie Creager Wendy Creager Ron Custer Tom Custer Brian Davenport Terri Davis Mark DeKoninck Bruce Delauder Theresa Delauder 158 FRESHIVlEN LuAnn DeLong Troy Dickerson Jane Dircksen Twylia Emigh Todd Engel Philip Evers Jenny Ewing Tim Flanagan John Freeze Debra Frost Chris Garn Sharon Gingery Caria Gingrich Matt Gorman Julie Gorrell Tony Griffin John Hall Sherrie Handshoe Tim Hans Vicki Harmon Floyd Hatton Linda Haynes Anita Higgins Bob Hillegas Ron Holiinger Kenny Howard Ivan Jacobs Alicia Jakway Jay Johnson Michelle Johnson Rick Johnston Brenda Jones Gina Jones ■ . John Jones ___iL FRESHIVlEN 159 Frosh get new lockers, pick colors for class jackets Deanna Kappel Doug Kee Marsha Kemerling Jennifer Kleber Frances Klinger Tim Knott David Koelnl Lori Kruger Lissa Kurtz Jean Lange Lonnie Lanning Kris Longsworth Glen Malcolm Brian Maley Robert Manuel Mike Marti Amy Martin Jeff Mathys Jim McDonald Jenny McPheeters Jenny Mettert Brian Michael Nora Miller Teri Miller Tina Miller Allison Millet Eric Mossberger Mike Murley Kenny Myers Tom Myers Dawn Olds Kami Oster Mike Parvu Todd Perry Lmda Reed David Relue RIGHT-Jodi Steward dresses up for GHS Spirit Day. 160 FRESHMEN BOTTOM-Freshman class officers Delia Zolman, president; Jenny McPheeters, vice- president; LuAnn DeLong, secretary; and Deanna Kappel, treasurer enjoy the spring weather. Pictures Unavailable: Eric Erwin, Katrina Frit2, Steve Johnston, Danny Karnes, Tammy Klotz, Robert Stover, Danny Sumner. Diana Richey Michael Richter Virginia Ricketts Dan Rottger Jamie Shoudel Todd Slabaugh Jennifer Sleeper Greg Slone Johnnie Slone Patty Slone Johnna Smith Roxanne Sobiesl i Susie Somers Sandy Sparks Laurie Standiford IVlark Steigmeyer Jodi Steward Todd Strock Deborah Swank Pat Sweet Ingrid Taube Sheila Teusch Janis Treesh Natasha Tschebykin Sotirios Tsogas Robin Tucker David Vanderbosch Joey Velpel Juanita Wagner IVlark Walter Deanna Wappes Tina Weller Kim Wilhelm Renee Winans Nila Woodward Richard Young Chuck Zolman Delia Zolman HMEN 161 Junior high switches to seven-period class schedule Stuart Anderson Brad Babbitt Heidi Baber Steven Bade Delores Bauman Zelda Bevis Kari Blust Randy Bocl Sharon Brown Doug Brumbaugin Tammy Burniston Ed Chisholm Leigh Anne Chisholm Daren Christlieb Pat Cramer Brent Crowe Tony Curtland David Daniels Chris Davis Nena Day Darren Dennison Chris Depoalo Dina Drerup Shelly Dunham Paul Everidge Kathy Feagler Julie Felger Fred Folden Mary Freeze Tony Frost Mark George Lora Gerber Susan Getts Todd Gibson Julie Gillespie Duane Griffis RIGHT-Stu- dents enjoy the music at a J.H, dance. 162 EIGHTH GRADE Leigh Anne Chisholm and Mellnda McFann work on their projects during art class. James Harding Craig Harmon Roxanne Hathaway Debra Hatton IMelinda Heal Brian Hedges Kevin Hewes Shirri Hicks Sibyl Hicks Mary Hlle Patty Hile Neal Hull Larkin Hunter Chen Hutton Lorretta Irish Danny Ishani llsa Jacobs Mike Jester Brad Johnson Malinda Johnson Kim Johnston Gary Jones -.«-- ' Doug Kelham Sandra Kelham John Kinney Patty Kleber Jeff Knott Grant Kobiela Theresa Lantz Anita Lehman Patty Leiand Craig Lepard Mark Lewis Melanie Lyon Tina Martin Scott Mason EIGHTH GRADE ' 163 Cliff Teller spells bachelor, wins J.H. spelling bee Eighth graders show their spirit with hats and buttons on Spirit Day Brenda McBride Melinda McFann Glen McHenry Brenda fVlcPherson Matt Miles Todd Miller Sherry Mock Lana Molargik Tammy New Rhonda Norden Janet Ousley David Owen Nate Parks Pam Parvu Gay Penland Pam Pepple Darren Peters Doug Reed Doug Ritchie Marilyn Rowe Tina Rowe Kathy Ruger Chad Salyer Ann Schendel Nyla Sherwood David Shields Doug Shippy Kristine Sickmiller 164 EIGHTH GRADE Pictures Unavailable: Bill Albright Sharon Burniston Marilyn Rentner Ron Woodward Ed Sowles Tammy Standiford Linda Stump Tom Sturges Cliff Teller Kevin Thrush Brad Vancil Tony VanAllen Paul Warfield Henry Waring Wesley Warstler Vicky Yarlot Laura Zeider Lorie Zeigler Melanie Zimmerman Steve Zolman LEFT— During a junior high dance, students boogie down to the beat. TOP-Tony VanAllen and Brad Vancil enjoy donuts and juice at one of Student Council ' s breakfasts. EIGHTH GRADE 165 •-w f » 7th graders join J.H. activities. RIGHT- Den- nis Weimer and Susie Myers liurry to tlieir next class. Karon Albright Andy Baber Randy Bartels Michael Bauman Rhonda Beck Gwen Benz Lisa Bertsch John Bodey Mike Boltz Charlotte Bowman Steve Bowman Michelle Boyer Daniel Brandt Tracey Brinker Jean Brown Anna Browne!! Brian Burtch Deborah Bush Jeff Cahill Jeff Caywood Deste Clark Kim Ccbler Billy Collms Lori Coiwell Anna Cordes Peggy Crise Tim Crowe Ken Custer Joyce Davis Rebel Dennison Lesli Dickerson Veronica Erwin Christina Ferry Gary Freed Bil! Freeman Randy Fry 166 SEVENTH GRADE Billie Jo Fugate Mary Fugate Mark Goebel Ken Goldie Tim Gordon Tim Gorman Todd Gorman Laura Grotrian Marl Hall Jolin Hatton Anisa Hazeltine Missy Heal Susan Heibert John Henderson Darrin Heyman Troy High Mark Hirschey Lori Holiinger Tamara Holiinger Mark Jackson Kirk Johnson Jola Jones Tari Kee Kathryn Kemerling James Kennedy Chris Kinney Robbie Knott Jackie Kruger Tammy Krus Cyndy Leach Damon Lewis Michael Lewis Lee Listenberger Shawn Livergood Lee Loft Michelle Maley LEFT-Tim Sparks concentrates on spelling as he participates in the junior high spelling bee. SEVENTH GRADE 167 7th graders get tast of variety in rotation classes RIGHT-Sev- enth graders Karen Albright, Ferdi Thurman, Lee Listenberger and Karen Myers try out for the junior high play. Geneva Maloney Patrick Martin Rhonda Maurer Doug Millet Jody Miller Robbin McClish Bonnie Miller Dan Miller Karen Myers Lisa Myers Susan Myers Helen Ousley Jeff Perry Michelle Peters Troy Portner Jennifer Rahrig Jim Reed Donna Ritchie Sterling Robbins Lonnie Robinson Ellen Rugman Dan Sheetz Kerry Simmons John Sliger L68 ' SEVENTH GRADE Pictures Unavailable: Lisa Barger Tina Converset Tom Jarrett Sherry Simmons DeWayne Robbins Sherry Simmons and Sherry New enjoy the large lockers. Rob Smith Ray Smith Mona Snider Tim Sparl s Eric Stalter Connie Standiford Cindy Steckley Andrea Stoltie Lana Stoops Jerry Swank Barney Sweet Bill Thompson Ferdi Thurman Nina Tschebykin Kelly Vancil Ken Walter Keith Walter Wlolly Wappes Rachel Warstler Dennis Weimer Frank Weller Tammy Wellhausen Rita Wllcoxson Gaylon Wisel Michelle Woehnker Ram Wood David Young Kim Zeigler SEVENTH GRADE 169 t u irlW GIFT GREI 170 ADVERTISEMENTS INES " ;,,- ' We build our community through business and industry. ADVERTISEMENTS ' 171 Allison ' s Auto Parts Auburn Dairy Bailey ' s Egg Farm Bassett Office Supplies Best Pharmacy Bill ' s Liquor Store Broadview Lumber Co Burger Chef Caprino ' s Carbaugh Jewelers Carl Rehm ' s Charles Ort Co Chuck ' s Body Shop Classic Shop Cul Z Custer Grain Company Dairy Queen DeBonaire Salon Don ' s Filling Station Eagles Elks lodge Essex Group Farmers Merchants bank. Finish Off Service Co Finn News Agency Garrett Auto Parts 181 Garrett Clipper 182 Garrett Country Club 189 Garrett Flexible Products 177 Garrett Greenhouse 182 Garrett Hardware 176 Garrett House of Interiors 180 Garrett State Bank 180 Garrett Yak Shack 183 Gene ' s Cut and Style 179 Glover Dry Cleaners 177 Gottfried ' s Restaurant 182 Haffners 187 Hambidge House of Photography 181 Handy Andy 176 Herzer Insurance 178 Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park 179 Hixson ' s Sand and Gravel 179 Hoeffel ' s Meats 174 Ila ' s Beauty Salon 178 Insurance Trustees, Inc 189 Jane Yarde, Real Estate 180 Jeans and Top Shoppe 182 J.H. Student Council 174 Josten ' s 183 Kee Electric 178 Kentucky Fried Chicken .172 Kl-b Studio 181 .176 Kiddie Shoppe 181 .175 Kruse Realty 178 .184 LaOtto Farm Supplies, Inc 180 .187 McDonald ' s 185 176 Mike ' s Bait and Tackle 184 186 Murphy ' s Mart 176 175 Northern Indiana Fuel and Light Co 175 188 Oasis 173 184 Old Gold Furniture Stripping 188 182 Patrons 190 173 People ' s Federal Savings and Loan 187 174 Pizza Hut 175 180 Potter Motors, Inc 188 185 Railroad Inn 188 184 Ray ' s Lock Service 179 189 Rieke Corporation 179 185 Rudolph E. Florreich 185 187 Shippy ' s Steak House 176 181 Sipe ' s Dry Cleaners 179 183 Sound Gallery 181 175 Tireville 185 173 Warner Gear 184 183 Yoder Ford 177 180 189 iffiBH Si aHBHi TMi: » C LI P P CR mlBHIBBi " IT i ' The Garrett Clipper read by more Garrett people than any other publication in the world 119 E. King Garrett, Indiana 357-4123 172 ADVERTISEMENTS Senior Mary Gingery prepares her cash register at Haffner ' s. Haffn er ' s 5(1: to $1 Stores, Inc. open daily for your convenience Variety Store Locally owned and operated Members of Junior High Student Council pose for the photographer. FRONT ROW-Kathy Feagler and Matt Miles. BACK ROW — Roxanne Hathaway, president; Leslie Dickerson, treasurer; Todd Gibson, Melanie Lyon, secretary; Shelly Dunham, John Bodey, Nina Tschebykin, Jeff Caywood. Absent are Brad Babbitt, vice-president; Larkin Hunter, Steve Bowman and Rob Smith. compliments of Junior High Student Council Oasis Traveling Disco and Light Show licensed DJ: Steve Gnffin 357-5251 Steve Griffin, junior, provides the music for some dances at GHS. ADVERTISEMENTS 173 Finish Off Service Co. And An .ques house of photography (219) 925-I974 Auburn, Indiana 46706 174 ADVERTI5EIV1ENTS Pizza Hut of Auburn 4iut. state Rd. 8 Auburn, Indiana 925-1286 Garrett Flexible Products Inc. Rubber— Plastics IVlanufacturers by imagineering " Have a good day today and a better day tomorrow. " 1100 S. Cowen Garrett, Indiana 357-4133 Jeans and Top Shoppe 104 N. Cowen Garrett, Indiana 357-3170 Seventh grader Lisa Bertsch purchases a new top at the Jeans and Top Shoppe. Jennifer and Emily Benz have fun tall ing on a CB radio at the Garrett Yak Shack. Garrett Yak Shack Cobra CB Radios R.R. 1 Garrett, Indiana 357-5880 or call on Channel 13 Mon.-Sat. 9 a.m. -7 p.m. Sun.— 1 p.m. -5 p.m. Northern Indiana Fuel And Light Company 220 E. Seventh Auburn, Indiana 925-2700 ADVERTISE(V1ENTS 175 Bill ' s Liquor Store Good Luck Class of " 80 " ! 115 E. King Garrett, Indiana 357-4156 CUL Z ' it»OV L c a t t d Naxt To Th« Gala Thaatar In Downtown Garrett, Ind. PHONE: (219) 281 2920 - (2191 357 30S9 Garrett House of Interiors 127 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-3140 Shippy ' s Steak House Chicken BBQ Ribs Icelandic cod 327 North Garrett, Indiana 357-5220 Garrett Country Club wishes Good Luck to the Senior Class Box 270 Garrett, Indiana 357-3616 Junior Chris Chisholm works in the kitchen at Shippy ' s Steak House. Congratulations Seniors from IVIurphy ' s Mart 107 W. Seventh Auburn, Indiana 925-1560 176 ADVERTlSEMENTS Tonya Gradeless purchases a pad of paper from Dave Bassett at Bassett Office Supplies in Auburn Bassett Office Supplies Selected wood furniture Plus many other office Supplies and Furniture 509 S. Main Auburn, Indiana 925-2316 Carl Rehms Men ' s Wear (formerly Stern ' s Men ' s Wear) Finest In Men ' s Fashions 126 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-5161 IVIr. Steve SInort, manager of Carl Rehm ' s displays a rack of his new line of sweaters. Yoder Ford Incorporated We sell to sell again " 131 N. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-5121 ADVERTISEIVlENTS 177 MSffa Realtors and Auctioneers 225 E. Ninth Auburn, Indiana 925-4004 Compliments of The Fraternal Order Of Eagles Lodge Number 1357 220 S. Randolpii Garrett, Indiana Custer Grain Company R.R. 1 Garrett, Indiana 357-5432 925-0261 Garrett Auto Parts Quality automotive Parts and service NAPA 121 N. Cowen Garrett, Indiana 357-4681 Congratulations Seniors from DeBonaire Salon " Hairbenders " Open Mon; Wed. -Sat. Call for appointment 1366 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-4547 Carbaugh Jewelers " Gifts of distinction for the ones you love. " 108 E. Seventh Auburn, Indiana 925-3313 Riehe Corporation state Rd, 8 Auburn, Indiana 925-3700 Senior W endy Goldie picks up Iner class jacket from Sipe ' s Cleaners. Sipe Dry Cleaners 1325 S. Cedar Auburn, Indiana 925-2312 101 S. Broadway Butler, Indiana 868-2370 Ray ' s Lock Service Keys made for all locks New and used door closures 316 W. Railroad Garrett, Indiana 357-5434 Dairii Queen Scrumpdillyishus! Dairy Queen Brazier state Rd. 8 Auburn, Indiana 925-1233 ADVERTlSEMENTS 179 Broadview Lumber Company extends Congratulations to the Seniors! 201 Ensley Avenue Auburn, Indiana 925-4410 Laotto Farm Supplies Inc. Grain handling equipment Fertilizer— Seed— Chemicals P.O. Box 155 Laotto, Indiana Business phone: 897-3861 Home phone: 357-5262 Manager: Howard Holbrook Handy Andy Good Luck Class of 80 Open 6 a.m. to midnight 365 days a year HANDY ANDY FOOD STORES 201 S. Randolph !|JHTnnfi ' |] Garrett, Indiana rr riTTTi rn i n i ii nTnrrTT 1 1 i ; % 357-3193 BURGER CHEF 999 W. Seventh Auburn, Indiana 925-1284 Bmrqer Chef " Best Wishes Class of 198 0! " from Essex Group P.O. Box 112 Auburn, Indiana 925-2461 Kee Electric electric work of all types service, commercial, remodels and construction " Your key to quality " 507 S. Harrison Garrett, Indiana 357-6275 and 447-1912 180 ADVERTISEMENTS Drive Thru 1 t I j ' PORTRAITS ( • CAMERAS • HALLMARK CARDS WEDDINGS • FILM • DECORATOR CANDLES • COMMERCIAL • PROJECTORS • PARTY SUPPLIES • INDUSTRIAL • PROCESSING • GIFTS Kiddie Shop Clothes and accessories for children. We also carry teen dresses and sportswear. Ill N. Main Auburn, Indiana 925-2260 Meet the staff of Insurance Trustees. FRONT— Martha Duguid. BACK- Bernard Bremen, Janene Lepard, Helen Pickering, Joyce Linn, Valerie Gibson and Ron Dicke. Insurance Trustees Inc. 216 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-4131 Mr. Phil Berg and Mr. Larry Carper are always ready to serve customers at Allison ' s Auto Parts. Congratulations to the Class of 1980 ALLISON ' S BIG AUTO PARTS 117 N. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-5166 Sound Gallery DeKalb county ' s most complete electronics store. 129 E. Main Auburn, Indiana 925-2995 Classic Shop We carry the finest in men ' s clothing Auburn Plaza Auburn, Indiana 925-0684 ADVERTISEMENTS 181 I i BANK Check the savings that are yours with a checking account. At Farmers and IVlerchants Bank your checking account is free of service charges. It takes but a few minutes to open your time saving, energy savings checking program. Do it soon. Farmers mERCHANTS bank • . f? Best Pharmacy Mr Ralph Best features a soda fountain at his pharmacy. 100 N. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-3250 Compliments of Charles Ort and Company Fine Jewelers Good Luck Class of 80 133 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-4343 Gottfried ' s Family Restaurant Open Tuesday-Sunday 1346 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-4779 Auburn Dairy y - " - ' milk. 1732 S. Indiana Auburn, Indiana 925-1822 182 ADVERTISEIVlENTS Senior Tracy Yarian looks through the books at Finn News Agency during a book fair. Finn News Agency Wholesale distributor of Educational paperback books 116 N. Cowen Garrett, Indiana 357-3760 Good Luck Seniors from Jane Yarde Real Estate Josten ' s For YOUR Year rings announcements diplomas caps and gowns memory books Representative: Gary Muncy 11106 Lantern Lane Fort Wayne, Indiana 637-5617 124 E. King Garrett, Indiana 357-3636 We ' ve got something for you at Capn ' no ' s Hours 9-9 daily 10-5 Sunday 1350 S. Randolph SUPER UALU T ' ' S N Mike ' s Bait and Tacl le 110 N. Peters Garrett, Indiana 357-4561 Good luck seniors! Glover Dry Cleaners Drop off by the pound Same day service Full service cleaning available 700 W. King Garrett, Indiana 357-9484 Good Luck Seniors from Warner Gear R.R. 2 Auburn, Indiana 925-3200 Joyce Bandy and Tonya Gradeless warm up by a fireplace In a new trailer at Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park. Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park R.R. 2 Avilla, Indiana 897-2191 Owners: Pam and Dick Hunkel Garrett Greenhouse and Flower Shop " Best in the bloomin ' business " Jim and Judy Rahrig— Ed and Nancy Bowman 604 S. Walsh Garrett, Indiana 357-3301 Beth Bowmar, an employee at the Garrett Greenhouse, looks over a flower arrangement. 184 ADVERTISEIVIENTS POOTBMI MAVCRI! a special W ring for you! from D LANCE CLASS RINGS Rudolph E. Florreich Jeweler 308 S. Main Auburn, Indiana 925-4262 Hoeffel ' s Meats Custom Butchering Class of ' 80 " : Party Hardy! 128 N. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-3103 Nobody can do it likeMcEfonaldSCatflTM Sun Ihurs l a m n p m Fri.-Sat. 7 a.m. -12 p.m. McDonald ' s 1109 W. Seventh Auburn, Indiana Jack Wallace, manager of Tireville, displays his sign. Corner of 8 and 327 Garrett, Indiana 357-5052 Tireville SI INDIANA Mr. Jim Herzer is ready to serve his customers at the Garrett License Branch. Herzer Insurance License Branch 124 and 210 E. King Garrett, Indiana 357-5110 ADVERTISEMENTS 185 Garrett State Bank M em ber Federal Reserve System Establishe d in 1893 120 E . King Garrett, Indiana 357- 3133 ' ' s 186 ADVERTISEMENTS Midge, Cindy, Ila, IVlary and Ciiarlotte are beauticians at Ila ' s Beauty Salon in Garrett. Ila ' s Beauty Salon We carry Radkin and Jene ' skin care products Open Tuesday-Saturday 200 W. Keyser Garrett, Indiana 357-3366 Chuck ' s Body Shop " We meet by accident. " Complete body and fender service. Pick-up and delivery. 1201 E. Quincy Garrett, Indiana 357-5427 Owner: Charles W. Hazeltine Congratulations Class of 1980! iiQi|ff iiMtit m i .,a.__,_ Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Best Wishes compliments of Garrett Hardware 206 S. Randolph 357-4951 1212 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-5518 ADVERTISEMENTS 187 Gene ' s Cut and Style Open 8 a.m. -6 p.m. Tues.-Fri. Open 8a.m. -6p.m. Tues.-Fri. and 8a. m, -5p.m. Sat. 113 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-3911 Old Gold Furniture Stripping " You ' ll flip the way we strip! " 715 E. Quincy Garrett, Indiana 357-4228 Owners: Denny and Sher Gal C.W. Blickenstaff and Mr. Steven Siberg, owners of Potter Motors display a new, red Sunbird. Potter Moters Inc. Cadillac— Pontiac S. Wayne Auburn, Indiana 925-4300 Railroad Inn Mary, Jerry and Eleanor Teders stand on the platform at the Railroad Inn. 104 N. Peters Garrett, Indiana 357-4296 188 ADVERTISEMENTS Bailey ' s Egg Farm " The incredible edible egg! " RR 4 Auburn, Indiana 925-3322 Mrs. Carolyn Debes, Mr. Jim Bailey and Mrs. Ruth Hall work sorting eggs at Bailey ' s Egg Farm. Hixson ' s Sand and Gravel Inc. Clay, concrete and plastic tile crushed limestone and culvert pipe R.R. 1 Garrett, Indiana 357-4477 llhjem m lit Ten Davis and Patty Brown pass the Elks Lodge as they stroll through Garrett. Compliments of Elks Lodge No. 1447 123 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-4404 Kentucky Fried Chicken 1101 W. Seventh Auburn, Indiana 925-1427 Betty Watson, cashier at Kentucky Fried Chicken, makes change for a customer. ' mUB j The 1980 AEOLIFIN staff wishes to thank the following patrons: Ashfield ' s Plastering Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum The Backway Inn Chuck Bavis Trophies Culligan ' s DeKalb County Advertiser Auburn Evening Star Garrett Bowl Garrett Camper Sales Garrett Telephone Company Gengnagel Fuel Company Ideal Car Care H.W. Foy M.D. Dr. D.K. Jeffery Kern ' s Mobil Service— Steve Pepple Koerber and Baber Manuel ' s News Stand Mettert ' s Used Furniture and Antiques National Honor Society Nebelung ' s Shoe Store, Inc. Dr. Norwin M. Niles Owens Glass Shop Patricia Krus School of Dance Railettes Sanderson Auto Sales Seifert ' s Paint Store The Shake Shoppe The Shirt Shack of Auburn The SIGNAL Spanish Club Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waring William ' s Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Melvin DeGrasse Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Goldie 190 PATRONS m Abbott, Rick 18, 39, 44, 72, 154 ADMINISTRATION 110 ADVERTISEMENTS 170-190 Albright, Henry 150 Albright, Karen 146, 147, 166, 168 ALL-SCHOOL MUSICAL 144- 145 ALL-SCHOOL NON-MUSICAL 142-143 Alwood, Tim 99, 120, 132 Anderson, Stuart 32, 46, 88, 162 Erie 21, 150 Michelle 28, 74, Andrews, Andrews, 154 Andrews, 80, 84 Renee 64, 65, 74, 158 ANNIVERSARY TEAMS 139 ART CLUB 75, 94 Ashenfelter, Lori 8, 15, 34, 67, 70, 73, 83, 120 Atkinson, Debbie 64, 84, 154 Babbitt, Brad 24, 32, 46, 89, 91, 162 Baber, Andy 46, 166 Baber, Heidi 88, 93, 146, 162 Baber, Jenny 63, 158 Bade, Steve 40, 46, 86, 162 Baidinger, Anita 64, 150 Bailey, Mrs. Aletha 113 Baker, Cindy 120 Baker, Doug 23, 31, 51, 72, 158 Baker, Mrs. Suzon 92, 113 BAND 5, 65, 80, 81, 88 Bandy, Joyce 10, 70, 74, 81, 92, 120, 125, 132, 184 Barry, Judy 53, 60, 64, 78, 84, 99, 144, 150 Bartels, Cindy 56, 57, 65, 74, 80, 150 Bartels, Cindy 11, 64, 74, 78, 84, 154 Bartles, Gene 139 Bartels, Randy 25, 46, 87, 166 Bartels, Wayne 139 BASEBALL 50, 51 BASKETBALL 26, 27, 30, 31, 33 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING 136, 137 Bauman, Dee 86, 90, 146, 147, 162 Bauman, Jeff 68, 154 Bauman, Mike 40, 87, 166 Bauman, Michelle 74, 84, 154 Beber, Randy 26, 30, 48, 72, 73, 150 Beber, Serena 56, 57, 64, 74, 120, 132 Beber, Shelly 28, 35, 158 Benson, Laura 154 Benz, Dawn 29, 42, 74, 158 •X-. Benz, Gwen 37, 88, 166 Benz, Pam 112 Beck, Rhonda 87, 90, 166 y ' ' ' ' . Bergner, Kathy 70, 71, 78, Cv B fe fl 120 Bergner, Mark 120, 132 iW m m Bergner, Mary 158 iM J U M Bertsch, Lisa 66, 87, 166, 174 mf fr l Best, Kevin 120 Beverly, Bill 23, 51, 158 Bevilacqua, Lori 64, 74, 158 Bevilacqua, Mike 158 Bevis, Zelda 86, 90, 94, 162 Brown, Kathy 150 Bickel, Suzie 60, 67, 70, 71, Brown, Patty 158, 189 85, 120, 132 Brown, Sharon 86, 88, 90, Bishop, Mike 68, 154 92, 93, 162 Bixler, Violet 112 Brownell, Anna Marie 87, 166 Blessinger, Carol 60, 82, 150 Brumbaugh, Doug 88, 90, 91, Blust, Kari 66, 86, 90, 94, 93, 146, 147, 162 162 Bunn, Ed 121 Blust, Karl 63, 154 Burniston, Ray 150 Bock, Denise 150 Burniston, Sharon 86, 94 Bock, Dennis 158 Burniston, Tammy 162 Bock, Greg 51, 72, 154 Burtch, Brian 25, 40, 166 Bock, Keith 21, 134 BUS DRIVERS 112 Bock, Randy 24, 162 Bush, Debbie 55, 87, 88, 166 Bock, Tonoa 75, 150 BUSINESS 101 Bodey, John 33, 46, 166, 173 Buttermore, Mrs. Margaret Boice, Mrs. Kathy 56, 57, 70, 84, 85, 86, 87, 113 113 Boltz, Mike 25, 40, 46, 88, (§ 166 Bonar, Kelly 53, 64, 74, 84, 154 Bougher, John 21, 38, 39, 121 CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Bowers, Debbie 158 112 Bowling, Georgianna 112 Cahill, Jeff 87, 166 Bowman, Charlotte 87, 91, Capin, Mr. Richard 102, 113, 166 133, 139 Bowman, Lori 62, 78, 84, 158 Carper, Lori 150 Bowman, Mark 21, 50, 63, Carroll, Mr. James 139 72, 73, 150 Carroll, Mike 121 Bowman, Pete 18, 39, 44, 63, Case, Mary 158 65, 72, 80, 158 Case, Patty 35, 154 Bowman, Steve 25, 33, 40, Casselman, Cathy 150 46, 87, 88, 89, 166 Casey, Tim 68, 105, 121 Cattell, Beth 35, 64, 70, 74, Bowmar, Beth 42, 43, 52, 53, 154 64, 73, 74, 150, 184 Bowmar, Donna 139 Caywood, Debbie 82, 154 Bowmar, Jerry 78, 139 Caywood, Jeff 25, 33, 87, 89, 166, 173 Bowmar, Mark 23, 31, 48, 72, 158 Bowmar, Mike 71, 78, 80, Chaffins, Kim 154 CHEERLEADERS 52, 53, 54, 55 136, 137, 150 Chisholm, Ed 40, 162 Bowmar, Tim 31, 51, 72, 158 Boyer, Michelle 87, 88, 90, Chisholm, Chris 21, 22, 68, 166 71, 72, 150, 176 Boyd, Mr. Richard 21, 23, 72, Chisholm, Jodi 121, 132 73, 113, 135 Chisholm, Joe 21, 68, 154 Bradley, Mr. Owen 100, 113 Chisholm, Leigh Anne 36, 41, Brandt, Dan 87, 166 47, 86, 90, 92, 94, 104, Brandt, David 158 162, 163 Brandt, Michael 68, 98, 100, Chittenden, Tammy 74, 84, 154 154 Brinker, Tracey 41, 87, 94, CHOIR 13, 14, 84, 85, 86, 87 166 Christlieb, Daren 24, 46, 86, Brown, Beth 70, 121 162 Brown, Jean 41, 87, 88, 90, Christlieb, Jenny 29, 84, 154 91, 93, 94, 166 Clabaugh, Simon 158 Clark, Crystal 11, 56, 62, 63, 64, 71, 121 Clark, Deste 47, 66, 87, 94, 99, 166 Clauss, John 23, 5C, 51, 72, 158 Clauss, Phil 50, 72, 99, 150 Cleveland, Steve 68, 121, 132 Cobler, Kim 41, 91, 166 Cole, Bob 71, 154 Cole, David 150 Cole, Tom 46 Coleman, Todd 48, 154 Colgate, Mike 51, 85, 158 Colwell, Lori 66, 87, 166 Colwell, Paula 85, 154 COMMENCEMENT 134, 135 Conkle, Karen 12, 56, 63, 64, 71, 85, 121 Collins, Bill 166 Conrad, Ritch 154 Conrad, Ron 9, 21, 44, 45, 52, 72, 73, 122, 125, 136, 137, 145 Converset, Tina 87, 91 Cook, Carrie 62, 158 Cook, Denise 112 Cook, Tom 84, 158 Cordes, Anna 66, 87, 166 Cordes, John 3, 23, 39, 158 Cordray, Dave 68, 154 Cox, Jeff 150 Cramer, Doug 63, 71, 106, 118, 122 Cramer, Gene 75, 154, 155 Cramer, Pat 24, 32, 40, 86, 162 Creager, Janie 84, 158 Creager, Julie 84, 158 Creager, Wendy 84, 158 Crise, Kelly 84, 154, 158 Crise, Peggy 66, 87, 88, 90, 94, 99, 166 CROSS COUNTRY 18, 194 Crowe, Brent 24, 32, 46, 86, 92, 162 Crowe, Chris 21, 26, 50, 71, 73, 150 Crowe, Tim 87, 91, 166 Curtland, Tawny 82, 84, 150 Curtland, Terry 68, 154 Curtland, Tony 24, 40, 75, 162 Custer, Chad 122 Custer, Dan 44, 84 Custer, Harold 111 Custer, Ken 87, 88, 166 Custer, Ron 158 INDEX 191 Custe r, Tom 158 Daniels, Dave 162 Davenport, Brian 158 Davis, Chris 162 Davis, Ernie 21, 72, 150 Davis, Mrs. Joyce 112 Davis, Joyce 87, 91, 166 Davis, Kent 21, 39, 44, 72, 73, 150 Davis, Lori 56, 57, 62, 64, 74, 84, 154 Davis, Scott 80 Davis, Steve 154 Davis, Theresa 158, 189 Day, Nena 162 DeGrasse, Deanna 62, 64, 74, 122 DeGrasse, Mr. Melvin 112 DeKonincl , Joan 70, 74, 82, 150 DeKonincl , Marl 158 DeKonincl , Sharon 74, 82, 150 Delauder, Bruce 51, 158 Delauder, Elizabeth 64, 154 Delauder, Mike 18, 26, 151 Delauder, Theresa 64, 158 DeLong, Dewey 48, 72, 151 DeLong, Mrs. Jayne 110 DeLong, LuAnn 31, 54, 62, 64, 84, 159, 161 Demskie, Angela 112 Denes, David 154 Denes, Denice 82, 122 Dennison, Darren 162 Dennison, Rebel 87, 90, 166 Dennison, Susan 80, 154 Depoalo, Chris 24, 32, 40, 86, 162 Derrow, Mrs. Becky 15, 113 Derrow, Chuck 21, 52, 72, 73, 122 Dewitt, Tim 155 Diederich, Melanie 28, 63, 64, 66, 73, 74, 155 Dickerson, Lesli 37, 41, 47, 87, 89, 94, 166, 173 Dickerson, Tad 21, 30, 50, 72, 151 Dickerson, Troy 23, 31, 50, 51, 63, 72, 159 Dircksen, Eric 8, 9, 10, 14, 65, 71, 80, 107, 122 Dicksen, Jane 29, 35, 84, 137, 159 Dircksen, Krista 28, 35, 84, 155 Dove, Don 112 Dove, Ralph 112 Drerup, Dina 66, 86, 94, 162 Dudash, Susan 62, 64, 71, 74, 85, 142, 151 Duguid, Steve 122 Dunham, Shelly 47, 55, 66, 87, 89, 92, 94, 162, 173 Bastes, Ms. Margaret 74, 113 EIGHTH GRADE 162, 163, 164, 165 Elberson, Arlene 155 Eldridge, Miss Sarah Jean 71, 113 Ellert, Renee 122 Elsholz, John 155 Ely, Tom 139 Emenhiser, Tina 42, 84, 155 Emigh, Twylia 74, 76, 159 Engel, Jul ie 66, 68, 71, 123 Engel, Todd 44, 159 Englert, Mrs. Connie 112 ENGUSH 105 Erwin, Veronica 41, 47, 87, 88, 166 Evans, Lawrence 155 Everidge, Dean 155 Everidge, Patty 123 Everidge, Paul 105, 162 Evers, Philip 23, 39, 66, 159 Ewing, Jenny 159 Ewing, Paul 20, 21, 50, 52, 71, 72, 73, 123, 136, 140 Ewing, Mr. Robert 130 FCA 73 Feagler, Mr. Dennis 21, 26, 85, 114 Feagler, Kathy 36, 41, 47, 86, 89, 94, 162, 173 Felger, Julie 86, 90, 94, 146, 162 Felger, Mark 68, 71, 123 Feightner, Mrs. Dorothy 114 Ferguson, Brent 8, 9, 18, 44, 45, 60, 61, 85, 123, 143, 144 Ferguson, Diane 46 Ferguson, Tom 18, 19, 44, 155 Ferry, Chris 87, 91, 166 Ferry, Jennifer 60, 61, 71, 74, 84, 107, 143, 145, 155 Ferry, Trisha 47 FFA 68, 69 FHA 82 FINE ARTS 107 FOOTBALL 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 FOOTBALL HOMECOMING 5, 138 FORENSICS 60 Porker, Brad 8, 9, 50, 51, 65, 71, 80, 85, 123, 142 Folden, Fred 88, 90, 91, 162 Folden, Sonja 123 Flanagan, Tim 159 Fleckenstein, Don 151 Flesch, Dave 39, 151 Flesher, Kurt 39, 60, 61, 65, 75, 80, 84, 155 Flesher, Kyle 21, 52, 60, 72, 73, 85, 123, 130, 144 Freed, Gary 33, 87, 91, 166 Freeman, Bill 46, 166 Freeze, John 159 Freeze, Mary 86, 94, 162 FRESHMAN 158, 159, 160, 161 Frohriep, Mrs. Jean 114 Frost, Debra 159 Frost, Terry 151 Frost, Tony 24, 40, 162 Fry, Paul 155 Fry, Randy 88, 166 Fry, Shari 65, 80, 151 Fuentes, George 121 Fuentes, Gloria 155 Fugate, Billie Jo 87, 91, 94, 167 Fugate, Mary 87, 94, 167 Fugate, Larince 98, 155 Gamble, Regenna 155 Garn, Anthony 123 Garn, Chris 159 Garn, Paul 80, 155 George, Mark 24, 32, 40, 46, 162 Gerber, Lora 55, 86, 90, 94, 162 GERMAN CLUB 62 Getts, Deanna 47 Getts, Mrs. Janet 110 Getts, Kim 67, 70, 85, 124 Getts, Mr. Larry 139 Getts, Mr. Maurice 111, 139 Getts, Ron 100, 151 Getts, Steve 151 Getts, Susan 36, 41, 46, 55, 86, 90, 92, 93, 94, 146, 147, 162 Gibson, Mr. Jack D. 78, 110, 135 Gibson, Todd 24, 32, 86, 89, 146, 162, 173 Giegold, Mr. Andrew 68, 100, 114 Gillespie, Julie 41, 47, 86, 91, 94, 146, 147, 162 Gillespie, Kathy 155 Gilliland, Doug 21, 22, 50, 63, 72, 76, 107, 151 Gingery, David 124 Gingery, Maria 155 Gingery, Mary 8, 9, 60, 65, 71, 80, 84, 102, 124, 126, 143, 145, 173 Gingery, Sharon 29, 64, 80, 159 Gingrich, Caria 159 Gingrich, Kelly 155 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL 28, 29, 40 GIRLS ' TRACK 42,. 43, 47 GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL 34, 35, 36, 37 Goebel, Dennis 151 Goebel, Mark 25, 33, 40, 46, 87, 167 Goldie, Ken 25, 33, 40, 46, 87, 88, 90, 167 Goldie, Wendy 63, 68, 71, 76, 77, 124, 133, 134, 135, 179 GOLF 48, 49 Gooslin, Frances 151 Gordon, Tim 25, 33, 40, 46, 87, 167 Gorman, Todd 87, 167 Gorrell, Greg 124 Gorrell, Julie 82, 159 Gradeless, Tonya 53, 64, 74, 78, 151, 177, 184 Graham, Lori 62, 84, 151 Greenamyer, John 112 Greer, Mary 155 Greer, David 39, 151 Griffin, Mrs. Shirley 112 Griffin, Steve 21, 65, 72, 73, 75, 151, 173 Griffin, Tony 68, 159 Griffis, Duane 40, 88, 90, 93, 146, 147, 162 Griffith, Greg 151 Grogg, Mr. Argil 112 Grogg, Mrs. Beth 93, 114 Grogg, Mrs. Ruth 112 Grossman, Tim 155 Grotrian, Laura 41, 87, 90, 167 Grubb, Gregg 21, 26, 50, 73, 124 Gruesbeck, Mr. Robert 114 Haffner, Marsha 10, 28, 34, 42, 64, 71, 74, 76, 84, 155 Hall, Andy 39, 68, 151 Hall, John 159 Hall, Mark 25, 87, 167 Hall, Robert 124 Handshoe, Sherrie 159 Hans, Tammy 28, 57, 63, 64, 78, 155 Hans, Tim 51, 159 Harding, Jim 163 Harding, Mike 68, 151 Harmon, Mrs. Betty 111 ■ Harmon, Craig 88, 163 Harmon, Tonya 28, 35, 64, 70, 74, 155 Harmon, Vicki 159 Harter, Stacy 3, 11, 56, 57, 62, 64, 74, 85, 123, 124, 132 Hathaway, Robert 155 Hathaway, Roxanne 41, 86, 89, 90, 92, 94, 163, 173 Hatton, Carrie 151 Hatton, Debbie 86, 163 Hatton, Floyd 159 Hatton, Lloyd 151 Hatton, Mark 87, 167 Haynes, Linda 159 Hazeltine, Anisa 66, 87, 167 Heal, Greg 51, 73, 75, 155 Heal, Melinda 90, 163 Heal, Missy 55, 66, 87, 94, 167 192 INDEX ' m Hecksel, Mr. Jim 24, 40, 44, 91, 114 Hedges, Brian 24, 86, 92, 163 Heitz, Emory 112 Heitz, Kenny 112 Helbert, Jamie 151 Helbert, Jodi 155 Helbert, Susan 37, 41, 87, 167 Helmick, Sharri 84, 151 Henderson, John 87, 167 Hensinger, Mark 30, 50, 155 Herzer, Andy 18, 26, 27, 71, 72, 124, 125, 132, 133, 134, 137 Herzer, Tim 19, 85, 151 Heupel, Janene 11, 65, 80, 151 Hewes, Garry 65, 80, 155 Hewes, Kevin 24, 46, 75, 88, 163 Heyman, Darrin 40, 88, 167 Hicks, Shirri 86, 90, 93, 94, 163 Hicks, Sybil 66, 86, 163 Higgins, Anita 64, 159 High, Tina 124 High, Troy 25, 88, 167 Hile, Dennis 138 Hile, Mary 36, 41, 86, 94, 146, 147, 163 Hile, Patty 36, 41, 86, 90, 94 163 Hill, Donna 112 Hillegas, Robert 23, 31, 68, 159 Hirschey, Mark 87, 167 Hixson, Jim 151 Hixson, Joy 60, 63, 64, 70, 72, 74, 84, 138, 155 Hixson, Mr. Larry 111 Hixson, Robin 29, 155 Hoeffel, Chris 48, 100, 151 Hoeffel, Nate 5, 52, 72, 73, 120, 121, 124, 138, 140, 145 Hollinger, Beth 71, 82, 125, 132, 133 Hollinger, Lori 66, 87, 90, 167 Hollinger, Pam 70, 72, 82, 92, 125 Hollinger, Ron 159 Hollinger, Tamara 87, 167 Hollis, Mrs. Audrey 112 Hornett, Sheryl 155 Howard, Kenneth 159 Huffman, John 75, 94, 125 Hull, Neal 88, 91, 163 Hunter, Mr. Alan 25, 114 Hunter, Jeanette 155 Hunter, Larkin 37, 47, 86, 89, 90, 93, 94, 163 Hurd, John 112 Hutton, Cathy 63, 64, 67, 70, 155 Hutton, Cheri 36, 41, 86, 90, 94, 163 Hutton, Mr. John 21, 67, 73, 114 Ignatz, Miss Peggy 36, 37 Irish, Loretta 86, 163 Isham, Bob 72, 73, 125, 135 Isham, Danny 24, 40, 88, 163 Isham, Ritchie 98 Jackson, Jeff 60, 65, 71, 80 Jackson, Mark 33, 46, 87, 167 Jakway, Alicia 63, 64, 65, 74, 80, 159 Jakway, John 63, 112, 151 Jacobs, Ilsa 93, 94, 163 Jacobs, Ivan 159 JANITORS 112 Jarrett, Ed 65, 76, 77, 80 Jarrett, Mike 15, 65, 80, 125, 140 Jarrett, Tom 46, 88, 90, 91 Jester, Jackie 34 Jester, Mike 99, 163 JOGGING CLUB 83 Johnson, Brad 24, 30, 46, 86, 92, 163 Johnson, Jay 23, 31, 44, 63, 65, 72, 80, 159 Johnson, Julie 47 Johnson, Kirk 25, 46, 87, 91, 167 Johnson, Mary 112 Johnson, Melinda 66, 86, 94, 163 Johnson, Michelle 29, 64, 84 159 Johnston, Jim 21, 30, 72, 151 Johnston, Kim 66, 86, 90, 94, 147, 163 Johnston, Paul 64, 78, 114 Johnston, Rick 48, 65, 80, 159 Johnston, Steve 151 Jones, Brenda 74, 76, 77, 159 Jones, Gary 163 Jones, Gina 159 Jones, John 159 Jones, Jola 87, 91, 167 Jones, Patty 141 JUNIOR HIGH DRAMA 90 JUNIOR HIGH EXPRESS 93 JUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY 92 JUNIOR HIGH SPIRIT 95 JUNIORS 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153 JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC 141 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 140 Kappel, Deanna 42, 82, 160, 161 Kappel, Melinda 82, 151 Kappel, Monica 75, 151 Kee, Doug 10, 23, 51, 72, 137, 160 Kee, Tari 87, 167 Kelham, Andrea 64, 67, 70, 74, 155 Kelham, Mr. Bill 139 Kelham, Doug 24, 32, 86, 163 Kelham, Kraig 21, 26, 27, 72, 73, 125, 132 Kelham, Mr. Steve 112 Kelham, Sandy 66, 75, 86, 92, 94, 163 Kelham, Miss Tammy 111 Kemerling, Kathy 37, 87, 167 Kemerling, Marsha 160 KemeHy, Ralph 112 Kendig, Jody 51, 155 Kennedy, Carol 151 Kennedy, James 87, 167 Kidwell, Lisa 37 Kilgore, Katie 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, 42, 60, 64, 75, 76, 78, 85, ' 125, 138, 145 Kinney, Chris 87, 90, 91, 167 Kinney, John 40, 86, 163 Kimmel, David 151 Kleber, Dan 68, 156 Kleber, Jennifer 64, 66, 68, 78, 160 Kleber, Patty 36, 41, 86, 90, 92, 94, 163 Kleeman, Jim 30, 151 Kleeman, John 156 Kleeman, Roselyn 112 Kline, Gerald 21, 39, 72, 84, 156 Kline, Harold 60, 84, 85, 138, 154, 156 Klinger, Frances 160 Knott, Jami 8, 56, 64, 70, 71, 74, 85, 123, 125 Knott, Jeff 24, 40, 88, 163 Knott, Robert 25, 33, 40, 46, 87, 167 Knott, Tim 23, 31, 44, 45, 68, 72, 160 Kobiela, Grant 40, 88, 99, 163 Koble, Robin 56, 64, 74, 85, 101, 156 Kock, Greg 18, 156 Kock, Rex 106, 118, 126 Koehl, David 63, 76, 160 Koskie, Colleen 11, 126 Koskie, Michelle 65, 68, 80, 156 Krider, Mark 126 Kruger, Jackie 41, 47, 87, 94, 167 Kruger, Lori 74, 160 Krus, Tammy 87, 167 Kurtz, Lissa 42, 74, 160 Kurtz, Terry 10, 126 LaLone, Doug 68, 85, 141, 152 INDEX 193 Lampe, Mrs. Donna 112 Lange, Jean 65, 80, 160 Langfeldt, Connie 8, 28, 34, 42, 43, 70, 71, 73, 80, 126, 132 Lanning, Larry 152 Lanning, Lonnie 23, 39, 72, 160 Lantz, Theresa 36, 41, 86, 90, 94, 163 Lant2, Trey 18, 156 LaRue, Sandy 112 LaTurner, Chuck 10, 48, 49, 60, 73, 84, 121, 126 Leach, Cyndi 87, 90, 94, 167 Leffel, Blinda 65, 80, 156 Lehman, Angle 28, 34, 42, 84, 156 Lehman, Anita 41, 47, 163 Lehman, Tony 18, 19, 44, 71, 72, 126, 134 Leiand, Patty 163 Lepard, Craig 24, 32, 46, 86, 92, 163 Lepley, Mrs. Deb 34, 35, 47, 53, 54, 64, 114 Lepley, Lisa 73, 76, 151, 152, 174 Lepley, Steve 30, 63 LETTERMANS CLUB 72 Letizia, Lori 8, 12, 13, 56, 62, 64, 71, 74, 85, 121, 126, 132, 140 Lewis, Damon 40, 87, 167 Lewis, John 156 Lewis, LeNore 115, 135 Lewis, Mark 46, 88, 163 Lewis, Mike 40, 87, 167 Lindabury, Jeanna 76, 126 Lindabury, Loren 156 Listenberger, Leeanne 87, 88, 94, 167, 168 Livergood, Shawn 87, 167 Loft, Lee 40, 87, 167 Longsworth, Kristina 160 Louis, Mrs, Jean 115 Loutzenhiser, Sue 156 Ludban, Mrs. Harriett 110 Lyon, Jeff 60, 61, 65, 71, 80, 85, 144, 152 Lyon, Melanie 36, 41, 47, 86, 88, 89, 92, 163, 173 Maggert, Tammy 12, 13, 15, 56, 64, 71, 78, 85, 126, 129, 133 Maggert, Tom 21, 50, 73, 152 Maggert, Wendy 42, 43, 52, 53, 64, 70, 74, 78, 154, 156 Malcolm, Brenda 64, 66, 68, 73, 101, 152 Malcolm, Glen 68, 160 Malcolm, Robin 145, 156 Malcolm, Wayne 71, 127, 135 Maley, Brian 160 Maley, Matt 39, 73, 156 Maley, Michelle 66, 87, 90, 94, 167 Maloney, Chuck 127 Maloney, Ed 156 Maloney, Geneva 87, 168 Manges, Mike 139 Manuel, David 75, 80, 156 Manuel, Robert 3, 160 Maroney, Ms. Kathy 41 Marti, Mike 23, 51, 160 Marti, Todd 21, 75, 127 Martin, Amy 84, 160 Martin, Pat 33, 168 Martin, Tina 93, 94, 104, 163 Mason, Scott 24, 46, 86, 91, 163 MATH 102 Mathys, Jeff 160 MAT MAIDS 66 Maurer, Rhonda 41, 87, 105, 168 McBride, Brenda 93, 94, 105, 164 McCartney, Mark 10, 127 McCartney, Mr. Lester 101, 115 McClish, Robin 87, 105, 168 McConnell, Mrs. Rosemary 115 McDaniel, Jim 152 McDaniel, Vic 156 McDonald, Jim 23, 160 McFann, Melinda 36, 41, 47, 86, 90, 93, 94, 164 McHenry, Glen 164 McHenry, Jill 152 McHenry, Mark 127 Mcintosh, Christine 53, 63, 64, 74, 154, 156 McMillan, Jodi 9, 12, 62, 67, 78, 127, 132 McPheeters, Chuck 21, 39, 72, 152 McPheeters, Jenney 66, 78, 138, 160 McPherson, Brenda 86, 92, 94, 164 Mellott, Jed 48, 152 Mettert, Jenny 82, 160 Mettert, Randy 48, 49, 127, 132 Michael, Brian 23, 31, 51, 160 Miles, Mrs. Bonnie 105, 115 Miles, Matt 24, 86, 89, 164, 173 Miller, Bonnie 87, 168 Miller, Mr. Cleo 48, 115 Miller, Dan 68, 152 Miller, Dan 88, 89, 91, 168 Miller, Jody 168 Miller, Kelly 57, 62, 64, 156 Miller, Max 44, 156 Miller, Nora 160 Miller, Scott 152 Miller, Teri 29, 35, 160 Miller, Tina 57, 64, 160 Miller, Todd 3, 86, 92, 164 Miller, Tom 156 Millet, Allison 82, 84, 160 Millet, Doug 87, 168 Mock, Sherry 36, 40, 93, 94, 164 Molargik, Lana 86, 94, 164 Molargik, Lisa 64, 74, 84, 156 Morgan, Mary 112 Morr, Diane 64, 67, 70, 74, 136, 137, 156 Mosley, Randy 127, 136, 137 Mossberger, Eric 23, 39, 44, 45, 68, 72, 85, 138, 160 Murley, Mike 51, 106, 160 Murley, Rick 152 Myers, Deb 60, 61, 71, 76, 127, 142, 143 Myers, Karen 87, 105, 168 Myers, Kenny 160 Myers, Lisa 87, 168 Myers, Susan 87, 91, 146, 166, 168 Myers, Tom 10, 23, 31, 48, 72, 160 Nuttle, Sandy 70, 71, 74, 83, 128 Nastally, Mike 3, 18, 71, 80, 127 Neal, Mr. Dave 25, 115 Neeley, Chris 46 Neeley, Jim 85, 152 New, Sheila 152 New, Sherry 169 New, Tammy 75, 86, 164 Newbaurer, Tom 21, 26, 72, 152 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 71 Nierman, Kim 52, 53, 63, 64, 71, 73, 118, 127, 136, 137 Neirman, Mrs. Pat 112 Nodine, Valerie 152 Nordon, Rhonda 164 Norris, Bill 121, 127 Novy, Joe 128 Novy, Mr. Robert 18, 33, 115 Nuttle, Dave 50, 156 Ober, Mr. Mark 3, 24, 75, 94, 115 OEA 70 Olds, Dawn 74, 160 Olin, Mrs. Barbara 82, 115 Olson, Richard 121, 128, 130 Omspacher, Dennis 10, 21, 39, 51, 66, 72, 85, 156 Ort, Gary 21, 39, 44, 72, 73, 152 Oster, Kami 10, 31, 54, 64, 78, 160 Ousley, Helen 87, 168 Ousley, Janet 3, 86, 164 Ousley, Karen 128, 132, 141 Ousley, Sharon 156 Overy, Doug 118, 128 Owen, Chris 156 Owen, David 24, 164 PAGEANTS 12, 13 Panning, T odd 44, 156 Parvu, Mike 23, 51, 72, 160 Parvu, Pam 37, 47, 66, 86, 90, 93, 94, 164 Parks, Joe 152 Parks, Nate 164 Parks, Tim 156 Parr, Donna 128 Pauna, Kris 64, 128, 132 Payton, Susan 84, 103, 122, 128, 136, 137, 140 . ■ " llfc ' ' -% ' HW ' 9 K i N j ft i jfKS k.: Cfc H J Skt i 1 1 e a M H i G . Pegelow, Mr. Tom 23, 38, 39, 50, 51, 66, 73, 116 Pence, Terry 26, 50, 128 Penland, Gay 3, 40, 93, 164 Penland, Kim 10, 34, 42, 76, 156 PEP CLUB 64 Pepple, Kathy 157 Pepple, Laurie 66, 84, 152 Pepple, Pam 86, 90, 93, 94, 164 Pepple, Steve 84, 152 Perry, Jeff 33, 40, 87, 168 Perry, Mike 51, 68, 160 Peters, Ann 152 Peters, Miss Cheryl 4, 29, 34, 42, 73, 116, 133 Peters, Darren 24, 32, 46, 164 Peters, Doug 21, 50, 136, 137, 157 Peters, Michelle 87, 90, 168 PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH 103 Piety, Jodi 12, 52, 53, 64, 71, 74, 85, 128, 134, 135, 136 Piety, Mr. Larry 26, 27, 116, 133 Piety, Todd 26, 60, 77, 84, 85, 152 Pinkerton, Kerri 141, 152 POM PONS 56, 57 Portner, Lee 157 Portner, Troy 168 Pressler, Mr. Roderick 28, 41, 42, 116 Putt, Kathy 10, 34, 42, 43, 64, 157 Quince, Pam 100, 157 Rugman, Ellen 87, 168 Rahrig, Mrs. Alice 112 Rahrig, Jennifer37, 87, 91, 168 RAILETTES 7 Reed, Donna 128 Reed, Doug 40, 46, 75, 77, 164 Reed, Jim 46, 87, 168 Reed, Linda 160 Reed, Martha 112 Reeves, Mr. Ronald 89, 116 Relue, David 160 Rench, Mrs. Esther 110 Renfrew, Lois Orr 128 Renolds, Julie 47 Ressler, Dan 39, 84, 152 Roberts, Mrs. Susan 9, 60, 61, 90, 116 Robinson, Lonnie 87, 168 Robbins, Sterling 25, 46, 87, 168 Robinson, Mr. Tom 116 Roehm, Lisa 8, 28, 34, 42, 73, 129, 133 Ritchey, Diane 14 Ritchie, Doug 24, 32, 86, 92, 164 Ritchie, Donna 87, 90, 168 Ricketts, Virginia 57, 161 Richter, Mike 51, 161 Rottger, Dan 161 Rovife, Marilyn 75, 86, 94, 164 Rowe, Tina 75, 86, 94, 164 Rowe, Willis 19, 152 Ruger, Brent 68, 152 Ruger, Jackie 65, 68, 70, 78, 129 Ruger, Kathy 164 Salyer, Byron 152 Salyer, Chad 93, 164 Schendel, Ann 36, 41, 86, 94, 164 Schendel, Jeff 21, 30, 50, 72, 73, 99, 152 Scheurich, Russell 112 SCHOOL BOARD 111 Schurr, Sabe 67, 129 SCIENCE 91, 106 Scott, Linda 42, 52, 53, 64, 73, 151, 152 Sechler, Tonyua 42, 64, 66, 70, 74, 84, 129, 132 Sechler, Trisha 35, 64, 70, 74, 84, 157 Sellers, Mr. Michael 46, 76, 116 Severson, Kenneth 139 SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT 133 SENIOR BANQUET 132 SENIORS 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131 SENIOR PLjAY 8, 9 SEVENTH GRADE 166, 167, 168, 169 Shank, Diane 100 Sheehan, Rosie 47 Sheetz, Dan 87, 90, 168 Sherwood, Bill 10, 60, 71, 73, 105, 129, 133 Sherwood, Nyla 75, 86, 94, 164 Shields, David 24, 32, 40, 86, 91, 164 Shippy, Doug 24, 32, 86, 164 Short, Mrs. Victoria 98, 116 Shoudel, Barb 112 Shoudel, Jamie 84, 161 Shoudel, Tom 157 Shuff, Michelle 152 Shull, Brian 24 Shull, Linda 10, 28, 35, 42, 64, 84, 157 Shull, Lori 34, 64, 70, 71, 78, 129, 133 Shull, Mrs. Mary 112 Sickmiller, Kristine 86, 105, 164 Sigler, Janice 65, 80, 129, 140 SIGNAL 76, 77 Silden, Mr. David 65, 80, 81, 88, 107, 116 Simcox, Jody 12, 65, 80, 129, 132 Simmons, Kerry 87, 168 Simmons, Sherry 87, 169 Simon, Jean 56, 57, 64, 74, 123, 129, 132 Sims, Jane 57, 62, 64, 157 Sims, Kathy 152 Sims, Vic 129 Sipe, Vanessa 129 Siples, Greg 72 Skelly, Jeff 121, 130 Slabaugh, Todd 161 Sleeper, Deborah 56, 57, 64, 157 Sleeper, Jennifer 161 Sliger, John 25, 40, 46, 168 Slone, Greg 161 Slone, John 23, 31, 51, 72, 75, 161 Slone, Patty 65, 80, 103, 161 Smith, Angle 47 Smith, Brenda 152 Smith, David 3, 21, 130 Smith, Mr. Don 111 Smith, Johnna 31, 54, 64, 74, 161 ' f :V -, INDEX 195 Smith, Joselyn 60, 61, 65, 80, Sparks, Sandy 31, 42, 54, 65, 85, 153 74, 161 Smith, Mr. Melvin 112 Sparks, Tim 25, 33, 40, 46, Smith, Ray 87, 169 87, 167, 169 Smith, Robert 25, 87, 88, 89, Spur, EInora 112 90, 169 Spur, Gary 112 Smith, Thad 60, 61, 85, 153 Stalter, Eric 169 Smoci , Pam 56, 64, 66, 70, Standiford, Laure 74, 161 71, 153 Standiford, Tammy 75, 86, Smurr, Mrs. Judy 112 94, 165 Snider, Dina 74, 84, 157 Staniford, Connie 87, 169 Snider, Mona 87, 90, 94, 169 Steckley, Cindy 37, 41, 87, Sobieski, Roxanne 84, 161 169 SOCIAL STUDIES 104 Steckley, Jamie 112, 157 Somers, John 21, 44, 99, Steigmeyer, Mark 10, 23, 39, 121, 130 48, 72, 107, 161 Somers, Leo 130 Stephenson, Cathy 66, 70, 74, Somers, Sarah 73, 157 101, 157 Somers, Susie 161 Stephenson, Chris 67, 133 SOPHOMORES 154, 155, Stephenson, Renee, 132 156, 157 Steward, Cindy 70, 71, 85, Sorensen, Lena 35, 42, 66, 130 73, 74, 76, 78, 157 Steward, Jodi 62, 64, 80, 161 Souder, Mr. Ray 7, 112 Stocker, Mr. Steve 30, 50, 89, Souder, Mike 21, 44, 153 117 Sowles, Ed 86, 88, 165 Stoltie, Andrea 41, 47, 87, Sowles, Laura 60, 61, 80, 153 169 SPANISH CLUB 3, 63 Stomm, Mr. Larry 117 Sparks, Carson 18, 44, 71, Stoops, Lana 87, 169 73, 130 Strock, Jackie 68, 153 Sparks, Cyndy 42, 67, 71, 73, Strock, Todd 65, 80, 161 84, 107, 136, 137, 145, STUDENT COUNCIL 78, 79, 151, 153 89 " ' m:- " . " ' ' " " ' ■ S ' I Q. stump, Brad 157 Stump, Linda 41, 86, 165 Sturges, Jim 157 Sturges, Susan 130 Sturges, Tom 46, 75, 165 Sumner, Mary 105 Surfus, Mr. Gary 62, 63, 117 Surfus, Tony 21, 26, 30, 44, 72, 153 Sutton, Herb 112 Sutton, Mary 112 Swank, Deborah 161 Swank, Jeff 46, 88, 169 Sweet, Barney 87, 90, 169 Sweet, Pat 23, 31, 51, 161 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Taube, Ingrid 29, 74, 161 TEACHERS 113, 114, 115, 116, 117 Teller, Cliff 88, 92, 104, 165 Teller, Ed 18, 157 Teusch, Denise 10, 64, 70, 74, 100, 157 Teusch, Mark 157 Teusch, Sheila 161 THESPIANS 61 Thomas, Kevin 130 Thomas, Tammy 80, 153 Thompson, Bill 88, 169 Thompson, Jeff 84, 85, 131 Thrush, Debbie 68, 71, 153 Thrush, Jeff 68, 157 Thrush, Kevin 24, 92, 165 Thrush, Becky 12, 42, 64, 66, 70, 74, 84, 107, 125, 130, 132 Thurman, Ferdi 87, 91, 168, 169 Toll, Mr. Gaylord 7, 110, 134 TRACK 44, 45, 46 Treesh, Janis 60, 64, 65, 74, 80, 84, 143, 161 Tschebykin, Natasha 74, 75, 85, 161 Tschebykin, Nina 47, 87, 89, 169, 173 Tschebykin, Philip 44, 68, 84, 157 Tsogas, Sotirios 161 Tucker, Robin 161 Tullis, Melanie 153 Tuttle, Billie 111 Van Allen, Tony 86, 165 Vancil, Brad 86, 165 Vancil, Kelly 169 Vanderbosch, Beth 56, 57, 64, 74, 157 Vanderbosch, David 31, 51, 161 Vanderbosch, Joni Feagler 70, 131, 138 Vanderbosch, Lori 28, 34, 42, 67, 70, 73, 78, 153 Van Ort, Missy 28, 29, 73, 76, 150, 1 53, 174 Van Zile, Beth 67, 71, 78, 140, 151, 153 Velpel, Joe 23, 68, 161 Velpel, Kim 8, 28, 73, 74, 103, 130, 132 VOCATIONAL 98, 99, 100 Voelkel, Mrs. Margaret 117 m Wagner, Juanita 61, 63, 82, 84, 143, 161 Wagner, Katrina 71, 84, 131 Wagner, Laura 56, 63, 64, 74, 75, 85, 157 196 INDEX ■ ' .HVtI ' ■ ' -■ li ' - ' fi ' i:.- Wallace, Mrs. Shirley 62, 117 Walter, Mark 51, 161 Walter, Keith 33, 40, 46, 87, 169 Walter, Kenneth 40, 46, 169 Wappes, Dawn 64, 67, 70, 157 Wappes, Deanna 35, 84, 161 Wappes, Mrs. Jean 112 Wappes, Molly 47, 55, 66, 87, 90, 94, 169 Warfield, Paul 40, 86, 165 Waring, Henry 24, 32, 88, 92, 165 Waring, Nan 29, 68, 157 Waring, Richard 10, 50, 131 Warstler, Lisa 70, 84, 131, 140 Warstler, Rachel 37, 87, 169 Warstler, Wesley 86, 91, 165 Watson, Robert 153 Watson, Tony 98, 157 Weaver, Don 131 Weddell, Mr. Kermit 7, 11, 135 Weimer, David 21, 48, 72, 84, 157 Weimer, Dennis 25, 33, 40, 46, 88, 166, 169 Weimer, Mrs. Pat 139 Weimer, Mr. Roger 139 Weimer, Mr. Ron 32, 117, 139 Weller, Frank 40, 103, 169 Weller, Mr. Jerry 111 Weller, Ms. Patty 36, 37 Weller, Tina 3, 42, 62, 84, 161 Wellhausen, Tammy 37, 41, 47, 87, 88, 94, 105, 169 Wellhausen, Mr. Willie 21, 38, 39, 40, 44, 66, 117 Wiant, Chris 47 Wiant, Mr. Dave 117 Wilcox, Lori 141, 153 Wilcoxson, Ralph 139 Wilcoxson, Rita 41, 47, 87, 169 Wilcoxson, Ron 60, 71, 84, 152, 153 Wilcoxson, Scott 21, 50, 51, 65, 157 Wilhelm, Kelli 153 Wilhelm, Kim 29, 161 Wilimore, Mr. George 46, 117 Wilmont, Jon 112 Winans, Chris 9, 18, 26, 27, 72, 131, 141 Winans, Renee 28, 35, 105, 159, 161 Wise, Ms. Leslie 117 Wisel, Cheryl 66, 84, 153 Wisel, Gaylon 25, 33, 40, 46, 87, 169 Wisel, Ritchi 33 Woehnker, Michelle 87, 91, 169 Wood, Charles 157 Wood, Pam 87, 169 Wood, Samme 62, 70, 153 Woodward, Nila 82, 161 WRESTUNG 38, 39, 41 Wright, Jeff 153 Yarde, Terry 21, 68, 157 Yarde, Tom 68, 153 Yarlot, Vicki 66, 86, 94, 165 Yarian, Dave 26, 30, 153 Yarian, Richard 21, 26, 131 Yarian, Shari 153 Yarian, Tracie 28, 29, 34, 42, 43, 73, 74, 84, 107, 120, 131, 133, 183 Young, David 87, 169 Young, Richard 23, 44, 75, 161 YEARBOOK 76, 77 Young, Robin 8, 28, 34, 132, 133, 138 Y-TPENS 74 72, 131, Zeider, Laura 46, 86, 94, 165 Zeigler, Kim 87, 94, 105, 169 Zeigler, Lori 86, 92, 94, 165 Zimmerman, Melanie 55, 66, 86, 90, 94, 165 Zimmerman, Mike 153 Zolman, Chuck 31, 72, 161 Zolman, Delia 57, 62, 64, 84, 161 Zolman, Rick 21, 26, 27, 72, 84, 153 Zolman, Steve 24, 86, 88, 165 INOEX 197 COLOPHON A colophon is a section in the yearbook which explains the production of a yearbook. This edition of the AEOLIAN was definitely a learning experience for all those who were involved in any way. Each 16 pages in the yearbook are grouped together in a signature. Each side of a signature Is called a flat. The color pages in this book appear on the back flat of the first signature. The name of the print we used is called executive type. Our body copy is in 10 point type. Our captions are in 8 point type and our headlines in 24 point type. The cover was designed by Todd Piety. He also did the lettering for the division pages and the index. The color scheme was selected by the editor. Page layout and body copy was done by the sixth period journalism class. Our theme was selected because of all the building projects within the school and community. We carried out the theme on the division pages and in the closing. The 1980 AEOLIAN was published by HERF JONES PUBLISHING COMPANY. It is located in Montgomery, Alabama. They printed 525 copies of the yearbook. Subscriptions to the book were sold for $8. Names and plastic covers were made available for $1 each. Many people contributed to making this book a great success. At the beginning of the year the situation looked hoepless. Last years ' yearbook was not even near completion and no one knew what to do. Through the help of many people the 1979 edition was completed and distributed at a dance. The 1980 AEOLIAN was organized and sold nearly $4,000 in advertisements. This helped ease the financial burden of the previous yearbook, while paying for this one. A special thanks must go out to our HERF JONES representative Mr. Mike Howard for all the hours he has spent helping with the book. Mrs. Bonnie Miles has spent uncountable hours helping with this AEOLIAN. She proofread each page and she taught many students the basics of yearbook production. This book could never have been completed without her help. Mr. Mike Sellers, yearbook advisor, spent a lot of his time tracking down pictures for the book. He also dedicated the first two weeks of his summer vacation to the AEOLIAN. Wendy Goldie served as editor for this year. She spent many hours everyday working on this production. With the help of the faculty and administration the yearbook was finished on time. 1980 AEOLIAN STAFF l d COLOPHON THIS WAS THE YEAR TO BUILD m CLOSING 199 OUR TODAYS AND YESTERDAYS ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS WITH WHICH WE BUILD OUR LIVES " h:!: ' -! ■A ' 200 ' CLOSING

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