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Hey, This Book Is About Me! [ r GC 977.202 G18A 1977 V 1977 AEOLIAN Garrett, Indiana 46738 Volume 49 Title 1 A day in the life of a typical student 2 Opening What is a student? A student is a person who gets up early every weekday morning to either ride the bus, drive or walk to school. A student always has books in his locker and has to get them before going to class. One of a students many past times is talking to his friends before, during and after each class. A student usually has a study hall or enjoys S.l.R. in the commons or the library. After a tiring day of classes, teachers and homework, the student heads home to prepare himself and his homework for his next day of school life. above--TALKING BEFORE CLASS, Bruce Walter, Renee Brincefield and Jody Creager take a break between classes, top right--READlNG in the library, Bruce leafs through a magazine while he waits for the bell to ring, far right--SlTTlNG IN HIS LOCKER, Bruce studies for his next class. right--WORKING ON YEARBOOK. Bruce and Jody Creager work on a layout. V A day in the life of a typical athlete What is an athlete? An athlete is a person who keeps in shape by eating well, getting enough sleep and training in his particular field. Getting enough nutritious food and watching snacks helps athletes keep in shape. Sleep is also very important. Athletes have to be home by 10:00 on weekdays and 11:00 on weekends. Athletes are training all year round. They are either outdoors running or indoors in the weight room. An athlete should be a good sportsman. He always goes after a win, but thinks of a loss as good experience. An athlete, be it boy or girl, keeps in good health and is a good sportsman. far lefi--AFTER A ROUGH DAY. Dan Nuttle listens to his RUSH album to relax him. above-- READING UP on the latest techniques to improve his skills, Dan relaxes with a magazine, middle Ieft--BEG1NN1NG HIS MORNING with the Breakfast of Champions, Dan eats his Wheaties. left--TAKING IT ALL IN STRIDE. Dan concentrates on keeping his pace. Opening 3 A day in the life of club presidents What is a club president? A club president is a person who takes charge. He presides over club meetings, organizes committees, attends every meeting held, and discusses plans for the club with the sponsor. In the more active clubs the presidents have many more responsibilities. Being club president is a great responsibility in itself. He must have an interest in the club and always want to improve it. Being a club president can be fun, but it involves a lot of hard work also. A day in the life of a typical teacher pg. 4--far top left--TYPING LETTERS is one of Vicki Diederich ' s daily duties, top left-- CONFERRING over a business matter, Vicki tells Marsha Clady what to add to a letter, middle left--WORKlNG ON THE SCRAPBOOK keeps Vicki busy, far left--CLOCKlNG IN to begin her day, Vicki prepares to start work, left-- ANXIOUS to begin her work, Vicki enters Business Lab. pg. 5--top left--EXPLAINING CORRECTIONS. Mrs. Kathy Boice shows Karen Feasel how to improve her letter. left--MAKING COPIES of a test is how Mrs. Boice helps teachers, above-- TYPING LETTERS for businesses and individuals is part of Mrs. Boice ' s community service. Opening 5 What is a teacher? First, he is an instructor. Teaching students ideas and morals to help them through life and skills that will get them a job. A teacher is also a person who spends much time grading papers and making up tests. Burning the midnight oil is common because of so many papers. A teacher is also a sponsor for clubs, sports and classes. They help organize parties or mo ney-making projects, keep order and make suggestions. A teacher is also a counselor. Anytime a student has a problem, a teacher is always there to listen and give advice. A teacher is many things: an instructor, a sponsor and a person a student can go to when he has a problem. STUDENT LIFE - Hey, this is Student Life. Participating in Miss Garrett and Miss DeKalb. Homecoming activities. Attending convocations. Getting out of school for snow days. Painter and gaucho pants. The Jr. Hi play, " Finders Creepers " . Prom. " Anything Goes " as the all-school production. Carter elected president. New school controversy. All this is Student Life at Garrett High School. 6 Student Life Divider ”1 feel our school doesn ' t have very much school spirit. The Junior class doesn’t, that’s for sure. Hardly anyone helps decorate for sectional, a few people show up at games, and at pep sessions, nobody cares. It really disgusts me. ’ ’ Deanna Bowmar " I think that the building plans should be started. Everyone knows that they have to be sooner or later, and while we ' re standing the costs aren’t. " Jamie McPheeters " I think something should be done about the student parking lot. When it snows most of the cars get stuck because it doesn’t get shoveled. Also when it rains you sink to your knees in the mud. I think something should be done like getting it paved. ’ ’ Shannon Derrow " During the ten days we missed I stayed home and did nothing: that is what I enjoy doing most. " Kim Jensen Student Life Divider “Rocky” Best Picture; Carter 39th President Motion pictures and television specials offered the American public excellent presentations on numerous topics: " All the President’s Men, " the story of Woodward and Bernstein ' s exposure of the Watergate scandals; " King Kong, " the $25 million remake of the 1933 classic; " A Star is Born, " the remake of a remake starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in the rock-musical tear-jerker; " Network " the story of the television industry ' s struggle for top ratings; " Rocky, " the story of an unknown boxer who gets a once-in-a-million chance to fight the champ. On television, millions of homes tuned in for the T. V. premiere of " Gone With the Wind. " Television viewers were offered a rare piece of entertainment with the eight consecutive night showing of " Roots. " " Roots, " by Alex Haley, traced his family tree to Africa where his ancestor, Kunta Kinte, was captured and put into slavery. The shows made television history when they received the highest ratings for any show ever on T. V. In May, former President Richard Nixon made his first public appearance since his resignation in a series of interviews conducted by David Frost. top left: The World Premiere of " A Star is Born. " top right; A scene from " Roots, " the story of Negroes being put into slavery, bottom left: King Kong battles helicopters atop the World Trade Center, bottom right; Sylvester Stallone in " Rocky. " 8 National Events 1 111 lop left; 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, former Governor of Georgia, Carter won the November election by defeating Gerald R. Ford. top right: Gary Gilmore, convicted murderer from Utah, bottom left: Tom Wagner and Doug Overy compare coffee prices at a local grocery store. What events that occurred this year have changed not only the nation, but also our lives at Garrett High School? The presidential election of 1976 proved to be a very close race between President Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter, Governor of Georgia. Carter, who won the Democratic nomination in July, later defeated Ford in the November election. In April, Carter ' s Energy Proposal expressed his plans to raise fuel prices and develop a Department of Energy. He also said that a sales tax on gasoline would be enforced if the U. S. exceeded the quota he had previously stated. There was a swine flu scare which resulted in a national program of immunization. Despite the vaccinations, there was no outbreak of swine flu. Legionnaires’ disease, an odd, pneumonia-like illness caused by a bacterium, killed 29 people at a convention in Philadelphia. Consumers continued to buy coffee, even when the prices rose to over $5.00 a pound. A plane crash in the Canary Islands claimed more lives than any other accident in history. Gary Gilmore, a 36-year old murderer, was executed by a firing squad at the Utah State Prison on January 17. Gilmore was the first person to suffer the death penalty in the U. S. since 1967. National Events 9 Worst winter ever recorded in this century j Ik The students of Garrett High School got a little relief from the tensions of school due to the severe winter weather in January and February. In all, the students received a total of ten days off. The winter of ’77 had a total snowfall of over 26 inches. The record lows were 20-60 degrees below zero. During the storm, students assisted the police in getting food to those people who could not get to the store. Due to popular parent concern about their children missing so many school days, the school decided to make up for lost time by eliminating activity period, field trips, and convocations. While we were busy shoveling walks, the other side of the United States was trying to get enough water and selling it from vending machines. The West was having their problems too. top left--THROWING SNOWBALLS became a contest as Kevin Thomas and Randy Frost see who can throw the farthest, top right--DRIVlNG OUT OF THIS DRIFT would be quite a problem for Raymond Perry and his car. above--A STUDENT WILL STOP at nothing to get to school. 10 Weather Farrah Fawcett, America’s newest sex symbol above left--This picture is a section of the Farrah Fawcett poster, that has sold millions, above right--Displaying the popular painter pants is Renee Brincefield. left--Gaucho pants and boots were famous fads for Tami Kelham. above-- Showing the new short haircut is Chris Smith. A new sex symbol, a new hair-style, and new fashions became fads among the American people. With the enormous success of television ' s " Charlie ' s Angels, " Farrah Fawcett-Majors became an instant superstar. Her posters have become the all-time top sellers. Since then her picture has appeared on T- shirts and magazine covers. Gauchos and painter pants became the fashion crazes among girls, as did the wedge hairstyle made popular by Olympic figure skater, Dorothy Hamill. Fads 11 Cast Wilbur Maxwell Hercules Nelson Celeste- Nina Quigley -- Frankie- Aunt Mary- Uncle Bob- Granny - Mr. Quigley --- Dr. Brown- Madeline- Harry Schuster - Daphne - Claude - Sound Effects -- Costumes Directors -Mark Bowman -Andy Hall --Wendy Maggert -Beth Bowmar -Cyndy Sparks -Linda Scott -Brent Ruger — Laura Fourman -Todd Piety -Jeff Lyon --Anita Baidinger -Harold Kline ■-Diane Thompson — Chris Chisholm -Jeff Jackson -Rob Bandy -T onoa Bock Mrs. Bonnie Miles --Mrs. Beth Grogg • above--PLAYlNG DETECTIVE, Wilbur and Hercules try to find clues as to who killed Mr. Quigley so they can clear their uncle ' s name. • top right--AAUUGHHH! Hercules finds the dead body of Mr. Quigley in his bed and jumps into Wilbur ' s arms. • middle right--DISCUSSlNG DEATH while in bed makes Wilbur Maxwell and Hercules Nelson wonder what it is like. • right-- EXPLAINING WHY HE ' S ALIVE, Quigley tells the whole story. • far right--PQlSQN makes Wilbur and Hercules wither after Dr. Schuster poisons them. 1 2 Jr. Hi Play Finders Creepers” brings audience to life The Jr. Hi presented " Finders Creepers, ' ’ directed by Mrs. Beth Grogg and Mrs. Bonnie Miles. Wilbur Maxwell and Hercules Nelson went to visit Hercules’ uncle, a mortician. Before they went to bed, the body of Mr. Quigley, a rich and elderly man, was brought in. Suddenly the lights go out and Hercules finds the corpse in his bed. The boys turn into detectives and try to find who murdered him. They suspect Quigley’s sister, Madeline and his lawyer, Mr. Schuster, because of the will. After some eavesdropping, the boys find that Dr. Brown, Quigley’s physician, tried to poison him because Madeline wouldn’t marry him. • top left--BOYS, BOYS, BOYS! Having a friend like Nina Quigley can be comforting to Daphne when she has uouble with her boyfriend, Claude. • left--CONSULTING with his doctor over the phone, Mr. Quigley asks for advice on his health. • above--LOOKING FOR SCHUSTER, but only finding Granny under the sheet. Jr. Hi Play 1 3 Sue and Betsy all smiles and tears " Sitting there (on stage) in the dark, seeing the audience . . . then the lights came on. " That, said Renee Rist, was the scariest part of the Miss Garrett Pageant. A few hours later Sue Griffin was crowned Miss Garrett 1976. What is it like to be crowned Miss Garrett? " 1 was shocked, " replied Sue, " that ' s all 1 felt. " First runner- up was Betsy Babbitt. The others who participated were: Susie Gingery, Cindy Walker, Julie Englert, Nancy Fourman, Jody Adams, Cindy Lash, Renee Rist, Judy Woodruff, Shannon Derrow and Ralana Nodine. Sue wasn ' t the only one crowned that night. To the tune of " Marne, " the girls sang. " You set up millions and millions of chairs, Paul. " Mr. Paul Wilmont was crowned King Paul and was given a medallion. Mr. Wilmont, a custodian, retired this year from pageant work and school duties. The girls spent 25 hours on dancing, singing, walking, and smiling. " All that smiling made your mouth twitch, " Cindy Walker responded. Was it worth it? " I don ' t think anyone would have missed it! " affirmed Nancy Fourman. above--MISS GARRETT 1976, Sue Griffin, displays her trophy and flowers after the pageant. top right-- " ARE YOU BUSY FRIDAY NIGHT?” asks Shannon Derrow as she tries to find a date for a party, right--”. . . AND THAT’S THE TRUTH! ” Portraying Edith Ann, Ralana Nodine tells of her mischievous tales. 14 Miss Garrett Fair provides fun for all The annual Auburn Fair introduced many new projects for the Bicentennial. 4-H had a special project series, the Industrial tent was expanded another full block, and the Mousehole featured " Under New Management. " One of the major events was the Miss DeKalb pageant. Eight girls from surrounding communities, including Sue Griffin and Betsy Babbitt, were judged for personality, charm, beauty and talent. Sue was announced second runner-up with Kay Warstler from Auburn as first runner-up and Sue Call from Hamilton being crowned Miss DeKalb 1976. lop left-- " BREAKER BREAKER " , Area CB ' ers are on the move in the Auburn parade, left--THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS display exploration advancement as Kris Gerhardi waves at the crowd, bottom left--SMILING BRIGHTLY is Betsy Babbitt before the Miss DeKalb contest, below-- RIDING TALL. Bridget and Richard Waring show their ponies for FFA in the Auburn parade. Auburn Fair 15 Judy crowned Harvest Queen The theme was Harvest Queen. With that in mind, Seniors Cindy Lash and Judy Woodruff, Juniors Thoma Lantz and Lisa Ellert, Sophomores Karen McFann and Beth Baker and Freshmen Jodi Piety and Kim Hackworth rode in decorated cars. Each girl was hoping to be chosen Harvest Queen during half-time of the Garrett vs. DeKalb football game. Winning the honors was Judy Woodruff. She received roses, a crown and kisses from co-captains Randv 16 Football Homecoming King added to Queen’s Court Something new was added this year to Basketball Homecoming. Six guys were chosen to compete for the title of King. The ceremony was held between the varsity girls and boys games. The theme was Majestic Court and the six couples waited on the floor for the announcement. Renee Morr and Tim Lantz, Majestic Queen and King were congratulated by captains Randy Smith and Mark Martin, Kay Cornell and Linda Schurr. The Majestic Court ruled over the Angola games. The girls were beaten 47-36 and the boys lost 49-47. top left--ROYAL KISSING finds Linda Schurr and Mark Manin congratulating newly crowned Tim Lantz and Renee Morr. above--MAJESTIC COURT - Joni Feagler, Sarah Mavity, Rich King, Betsy Babbitt, Brian Flesch, King Tim Lantz, Queen Renee Morr, Bob Petcoff, Sherrill Lewellyn, Dave Cornell, Sandy Souder and Paul Ewing. left--ROYALTY REIGNS over the varsity basketball games as King Tim Lantz and Queen Renee Morr relax after homecoming proceedings. Basketball Homecoming 17 First annual Superstars won by Sophomores OEA sponsored the first annual " Superstars,” in which teams of Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and teachers competed against each other. The competition started off with a scooter race. Next on the agenda was putting. Each team member got three chances to get a hole-in-one. Five members were selected to compete in a question and answer contest. Freethrow and the obstacle course finished off the evening. When the games were done and everyone was nursing their muscles, the points were added up. The final score found the Sophomore team the victors of the " Superstars. " • above--THE WINNING TEAM, the Sophomores, ikiiceling) Jeff Rowe , Gale Scott, Greg Casey, Lynn Diederich, Karen Dircksen. (standing) Ed Hatcher. Jed Feagler, Doug Pike, Craig Hutton, Larry Geits. • top-- SACKING UP THE RACE, the Freshman team lead the Sophomores in the sack race. • right-- TUGGING DETERMINATION is shown by the teachers as they battle the Sophomores. 1 8 Superstars • top left--JUMPING ROPE while Miss Lewis counts and keeps time. is Greg Grubb for the Freshmen. top right--ALL TOGETHER NOW, the Seniors pull to a victory over the Juniors, middle left--THE BASKETBALL SHOOT gives the teachers a chance to get some points as Mr. Boyd takes his turn. • above--REFEREEING the competition are Mr. Miller and Mr. Finchum. left--HANDING OFF to Miss Wise, Mr. Ewing finishes his leg of the relay race. Superstars 1 9 Picnic has good weather, food and swimming The Junior-Senior picnic got off to a good start with beautiful weather in the middle 80 ' s. As cars arrived, an impromptu football game started, Seniors vs. the Juniors. That game left one casualty, Mike Morsches getting clobbered by his own side. The game broke up to eat. Ham and soft drinks were supplied by the Senior class for the pot-luck meal. Afterwards the Junior girls played the Senior girls in football leaving Karen James as another casualty. Later some went to the beach to play frisbee and others went to get thrown in. ”1 thought it was fun to get thrown in!, ” said Dawn Mettert. Another football game started with the Senior boys vs. the Senior girls. The picnic ended with " everyone against everyone for a soft ball game,” summed up Linda Wilcoxson. righi--MISSlNG BY A LONG SHOT, Susie Gingery " strikes” up another one for the Senior class. below--LAKEWARD BOUND, the Junior girls push everyone in the lake. I I I 1 iop--SWIMMING at the beach helps cool everyone off. middle left--EATING HIS FILL after his accident, Mike Morsches looks for a place to sit. left--MONKEY SKILLS are demonstrated by an unidentified monkey climbing a tree, above--BRUSHING OFF THE SAND, Deanna Bowmar picks herself up and heads back to the picnic area. Jr.-Sr. Picnic 21 “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” chosen for ’77 Prom theme ’’Somewhere Over the Rainbow, ” past a fountain, down the yellow brick road was the prom, May 7. The total effect of decorating left Paul Reffner ’’waiting for the munchkins to pop out. ” Dinner was catered by Halls, and later punch was served by Burger Chef. Entertainment was supplied by hypnotist. Dr. Morton Ford, who left his subjects very relaxed. ’’All I saw was his, (Matt Herzer’s) coat and shoes go flying. ’ ’ said Tim Lantz. Then came the band, ’’Nantucket.” Bob Petcoff ’’thought the band was neat. ’ ’ Susie Meyers ’’thought it was neat when everyone kicked off their shoes and fast danced. ’ ’ Afterwards, pictures were taken, and door prizes were given by local merchants. Students then hurried back for a square dance in the Ober Auditorium, with refreshments supplied by Burger Chef. ’’Phantom in Paradise” was shown for a dollar a person at the Gala. Beth Penland ’’thought the movie was gross.” Breakfast followed at the Eagles. Mrs. Carol Schlabach summed it up saying ”lt was the best prom we’ve had in years. ” K in si V Ml g 1 ( 4 , - 4 ® top right--MOON TALK, finds Matt Herzer explaining what the girls are like on the moon. above--NANTUCKET, the band, provided dancing and listening pleasure for the prom goers, middle right--SWING YOUR PARTNER is what Tom Wagner is doing with his partner Julie Manuel at the after-prom. right--BOOGEYING to the music is Rick McClish as the band plays " Slow Ride” during the prom. 22 Prom left--FAST ASLEEP, Matt Herzer sleeps on Mary Zimmerman ' s lap when the hypnotist puts him under, middle Ieft--W1SH1NG A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr. Ford are Kay Cornell, Tracey Johnson, Bob Cline, Matt Herzer and Jody Adams, bottom right--CHOWlNG DOWN, Tony Flesch, Renee Morr and Les Grawcock enjoy their ham and baked potato, below--LISTENING TO THE Nantucket Band are Mary Zimmerman and Kevin Pfefferkorn. lower left--M.C., Cun Custer dedicates the Prom to the seniors. I Reno Sweeney-Jodi Chisholm Billy Crocker-Steve Harmon Moon Face-Brian Flescher Hope-Nancy Fourman Bonnie-Katie Kilgore Sir Evelyn-Greg Langfeldt Mrs. Harcourt-Kathy Carr Whitney-Keith Flesher Bishop-Aric Williams Steward-Tom Wagner Reporter-Scott Baker Cameraman-Scott Ridgeway Ching-Chuck LaTurner Ling-Brad Forker Purity-Sonja Folden Chastity-Susie Bickel Charity-Jodi McMillian Virtue-Jamie Knott Faith-Cindy Stewart Purser-Kyle Flesher Captain-Gary Poling Sailor-Tom Waner Drunk-Dan Bradley • far right--’ ' WHERE DO THE SEAGULLS GO AT NIGHT? " Mrs. Harcourt dwells on another ' important ' subject. • top right-- " YOU ' RE THE TOP, " Reno purrs to Billy and tries to get him to go to England. • right--IT ' S DELIGHTFUL. IT ' S DELICIOUS, IT ' S DELIRIOUS, it ' s Hope and Billy on deck. • above-- " JOLLY BRACING THIS MORNING, WHAT? " Sir Evelyn gives instructions on brewing tea to the sailor. All-School gets new director 24 All-School Production top lefi--”YOUR FIANCE?! " Sir Evelyn is fooled by Billy ' s old lady disguise, but Hope isn ' t, left- - " FIX THE VIOLIN, MOONIE! Bonnie wants Moon to cover up Putt-Putt-Putt the machine gun. above-- " REALLY! " Mrs. Harcourt ignores Billy ' s sign to Hope on the captain ' s back. All-School Production 25 S.S. American: Anything Goes If a glimpse of stocking was shocking, you should have seen Sir Evelyn in his boxer shorts! " Anything Goes " was directed by Mr. Fred Siefers and assistant director Cindy Walker. Bon Voyage aboard the S.S. American, leaving on a cruise from New York to England. Former evangelist Reno Sweeney and her 5 angels are aboard. Heiress Hope Harcourt, her fiance Sir Evelyn and Mother Harcourt are happily leaving till Billy sees Hope and plans to break up the engagement. Billy stows away and masters impromptu disguises to avoid his boss, Whitney. Public enemy 13, Moonface Martin, is disguised as a reverend by his moll, Bonnie, while hiding from the FBI. All works out when Moon isn’t wanted by anyone, but Bonnie. Mother Harcourt is tempted by Whitney, Billy wins Hope and Reno gets Evelyn to propose, and anything, anything goes! top left--WHERE WERE THE SENIORS? Susie Gingery gets dunked by Rick Getts after Sophomores won the All Competition pep session, top right--”WE HAVE A REALLY FINE SHOW! says Ed Sullivan portrayed by Clark Nugent of Freedom Jam. right--’TIS THE SEASON for the band to play at the Christmas Convo. above--WAITING PATIENTLY is Cindy Lash as she listens for the winner of the pep session to see if she gets dunked. sfllJiSI Mils n lllllIlKHrJ m f 26 Convocations Spring convo’s cancelled by snow days i I i Convocations this year ranged from rock groups to the crowning of a turkey. Students and faculty rocked to " Under New Management, " a group from the Mousehole, and " Freedom Jam, " a group from Florida. At the Thanksgiving convo, Dan Hathaway was crowned Turkey of the Year for falling headfirst into a sewer. For Christmas, the band and choir presented songs while Santa Lance Kimmel and his elves, Susie Gingery and Kay Cornell gave gag gifts to teachers. Representative Susie Gingery got dunked by Rick Getts when the Sophomores won the All-Competition pep session. Convocations and pep sessions came to an end when they were cancelled for the spring to make up for the snow days. liA left--••BABY, I LOVE YOUR WAY, " Tim Miller of Freedom Jam sings to an embarrassed Nancy Fourman. above-- " ROCK AROUND THE TEAM " is a skit performed by Susie Gingery, Carla Gerber, and Joni Feagler, at a 50 ' s day football session, top left--ELVIS PRESLEY makes a comback through Tim Miller at the Freedom Jam convocation. Convocations 27 I HEY! THESE ARE ALL MY CLASSES - Hey, these are all my Classes. Dissecting frogs and worms. Working math problems. Writing papers on vacations and books we’ve read. Taking timed-writings in typing to see who is the fastest. Doing layouts and writing captions. Cooking special foods. Doing practice sets. Translating dialogs and stories. Reading assignments. Mixing chemicals in a lab. Listening to guest speakers. Taking dictation. Working on Little McDonald ' s Farm. Sewing. Singing. All this and more we did in our Classes. 28 Classes Divider " I enjoyed chorale the best because it brings you to life while you sing. " Teresa Burniston " Advanced Algebra - Well, I proved once again that you can bomb math every nine weeks! " Debbie Freeze " I do not like my classes being longer even though it is only 4 minutes. " Debbie Malcolm " As teaching assistants, Kay Cornell and I had a fun experience while making compass tests for Advanced P. E. Mazes were made through the halls which the girls must take ending at the same place. ’ ' Nancy Fourman Classes Divider 29 English Class adds make-up ENGLISH - Additions to the English Department included a new reading course designed to develop the 7th and 8th grade students. Another addition included make-up to the regular English courses. Baer Field airport, the Museum of Science and Industry, and historic sites of Fort Wayne were the settings of field trips for small remedial English classes. The students made all plans for the trips through their teachers. Upon return, they wrote papers on their experiences. By dividing into three sub-groups: grammar, reading, and speech and drama, the English department started to evaluate their curriculum. top right--A CLOWN is what Cindy Treadwell has made out of Bob Cline in Theatre Arts I. middle right--THE NEW READING COURSE designed for the 7th and 8th grade students aides Kathy Barger and Tawny Curtland in their reading levels, right--A STEADY HAND helps in drawing on facial lines as Mr. Siefers helps out Rhonda Shaw and Kris Gerhardt. above--BOOKS AND REPORTS is what Individualized Reading is all about as Julie Englert and Gene Emenhiser work reports and read. 30 English • top left--FOR MUCHO DINERO. Ed Hatcher buys Avenida de la Independencia from Mrs. Wallace in Spanish Monopoly. • top right--OH LA LA. Beth Haffner accompanies Spanish students in singing Spanish songs. • left-- WAITING THEIR TURN, Sue Griffin and Peggy Michaels portray Santa ' s elf and Rudolph in a German Christmas Skit. above--TURKEYS Sun Ae Bard and Tammi Piety go on strike in a Thanksgiving German skit. German skits. Spanish puzzles Foreign Language - Wie Gents? Muy bien, gracias. These are just a few of the words that the German I and Spanish I students learn. There were 48 students enrolled in the various Spanish classes while 60 students studied the German language. First year Spanish students learned basic vocabulary words and concentrated mainly on grammar. Third and fourth year students made Spanish games and they learned about Spanish cultures. German students played word games to learn how to spell the words while German 11 classes put on skits at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Foreign Language 31 Calculators new addition MATH - The Math Department purchased 30 new calculators which were introduced to the students as 7th graders. The 8th graders used them more extensively and math students in the high school learned how and where to apply the usefulness of a calculator. A student teacher, Mr. Dan Oakes, assisted and taught Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Academic Biology classes. above--JUST BEGINNING is Arlene Elberson in Mr. Reeves ' 7ih grade Math class, top right-- LISTENING INTENTLY as Mr. Capin lectures in Advanced Algebra, Mary Nastally, Ellen Bauman, Bmce Getts, and Tammy Neirman try to remember everything that is said, right-- STUDENTS WORK on their Algebra assignments as Mr. Neal grades papers. 32 Math L ; SCIENCE - Science classes have ventured into the many fields of Scientific study. Jr. Hi science teacher, Mr. Dennis Feagler, gave his students the opportunity to work with microscopes and make cultures. The class also received new books. Mr. Alan Hunter ' s Applied Life Science class studied evolution, ecology, and the metric system. Chemistry I and II students w orked with formulas and did labs dealing with organic chemistry, gases, energy and rates of reaction. Formulas, gas, and new books Mr. Richard Capin ' s Physics class accumulated new microscopes for their experiments. Mr. Cleo Miller ' s Biology classes acquired new books adopted for this year. A new course in Practical Biology was given for the non-college bound students, studying subjects that they would use in everyday life. • top left--CRACKING his egg very gently, Tony Flesch does an acidity experiment in Chem. II. • top right--BUBBLE BUBBLE stirring an organic trouble, Renee Morr in Chem II. • middle-- MASSING NOTES, Tami Piety keeps track of notes and Julie Englen balances the scales. • bottom left--SATURATION is determined by Rita Flesch in a saturation test of paradichlorokenzenel. Science 33 Guest speakers hold interest in History SOCIAL STUDIES - History classes aren’t all names and dates as Ms. Kathleen Roe proves. She provides her classes with many interesting speakers and projects. The seventh grade Social Studies class held a mock trial during their study of Roman Law and acquitted all defendants. A medieval pageant allowed the students to show their talents as minstrel singers, as models in a fashion show, and as knights in a jousting tournament. The seventh graders also created the town of Garrett as it will look in the future. It included everything from moving sidewalks to inflatable stores. The World History class used the video equipment to record skits about famous medieval people such as Joan of Arc and Richard the Lion-Hearted. A lesson in archaeology was taught when the students made their own artifacts representing some item used in an ancient culture. Guest speakers supplied the History classes with many interesting lectures. Included in these were Reverend James Spencer, who spoke about the Seminole Indians; Reverend Don Stillwell from the Henderson Settlement in the Appalachia Mountains in Kentucky; Reverend Wilfred Hodge who’s from the Caribbean Islands; and Mr. Robert Carey a principal of a high school in Africa. The junior U.S. History classes, being taught by Mr. Roderick Pressler and Mrs. Shirley Wallace, gave oral and written reports on subjects that interested them in history using the library reference materials. Mr. Virgil Finchum’s Government classes used a number of films to more easily explain the complexity of our government. above left--ARCHAELOGICAL ARTIFACTS are studied by Tim Smith, Steve Kennedy, and Terry Graham, above right--GUEST SPEAKER Mr. Robert Carey holds the attention of Dave Daley and Robert Bandy as he talks about African schools. above--A GENUINE KU KLUX KLAN costume is modeled by a Jr. High student in his History class. 34 Social Studies I FFA — Young McDonald Farm AG - The Agriculture classes studied a variety of different subjects under the supervision of Mr. Andy Giegold. The Conservation class learned about the land and how to save it, while the Introductory Ag classes learned Parliamentary procedures and the FFA pledge. All Ag classes, with the help of FFA members, participated in organizing Young McDonald’s Farm, a display of farm animals, for the students at the J. E. Ober School. Students in the Advanced Livestock Production class judged livestock and • top lefi--RIVETING THE GRAIN BIN, Aric Williams prepares it for use. • middle--NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE, Raymond Perry gets punished during class. • above--INTRODUCTORY AG with Mr. Giegold showing a miniature saw mill. • above--AN INITIATION pin is presented by Raymond Perry to Ralph Baker during FFA Initiation. Agriculture 35 body structures. The livestock judging team went to Purdue University and Manchester College to witness judging contests and to compare livestock. I Special Ed learn skills SPECIAL ED - The Junior and Senior High Special Ed class totaled 20 students; there are twelve in the high school, under Mrs. Vicky Short and eight Jr. Hi , under Mr. Thomas Robinson. There are three graduating seniors who were involved with Building Trades, Auto Mechanics and ICE. Two students are employed at the school in a pre-vocational work experience program. The main objective in high school is to develop work skills which would help someday to get a job. The Junior High worked on developing academic skills and participated in the 7th and 8th grade rotations. top right--CALCULATORS CAN BE FUN as Jr. High Special Ed students Kevin Fry and Robert Watson find out. bottom--HARD AT WORK learning multiplication with the help of calculators is Jackie Wallace, right-- DEVELOPING VOCABULARY SKILLS with the aid of the game of Probe are Mrs. Vicky Short, Mary Hoeffel and Joe Woodward. 36 Special Ed First year camping offered PHYS ED AND HEALTH - Gymnastics classes learned the Hustle and Bump along with free exercise, trampoline , and balance beam routines. Advanced P.E. took a swing at tennis, golf, baseball and a shot at archery. They finished up with a strike at bowling and term papers. Other gym classes put their backs into pyramid building. Health class students were turned into guinea pigs, while their peers bandaged them and practiced emergency use only. A new one semester course in camping was offered for the first time at Garrett, instructed by Miss Lenore Lewis. The eight students which made up the class worked on the fundamental skills of camping and took a camping trip. • top left--REACHING HIGH, Linda Schurr serves the ball while teammate Susie Myers backs her up. • left--DUMMY PRACTICE helps Jeff Skelly to learn mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in health. • top right--READY TO ASSIST is Mike Nastally as Todd Custer jumps for the ball. • above-- ”OH, GARRETT HIGH SCHOOL” sings Tammi Piety and Tammy Nierman as they teach health class the school song. Phys. Ed. and Health 37 Early band practice pays off at DeKalb fair BAND - Training before school began in August paid off for the Marching Railroaders. After marching their way to 3rd place in the DeKalb County Fair they participated in Ball State Band Day. At a Convocation, Ed Roush presented to the band a flag that had flown over the Capitol. They also worked hard performing football pre¬ game and half-time shows. The Pep Band wore new T-shirts at the Basketball games. The Band raised $1100 from the Tag Sale for the Band parents and uniform funds. Mr. Dave Silden, director, taught a music theory and history class to five music students. The 3rd annual Pops Concert was a success presented by the concert and Junior High bands, brass choir, and the new jazz combo. The Band went to a Manchester College concert to listen to and learn the qualities of higher music. 14 first place ratings were received at the NISBOVA Solo and Ensemble contest. Kathy Nuttle and Jerry Sigler also received firsts at State contest. Sue Griffin received a perfect 7 on her piano and also went to State. In the spring the concert band competed in a contest. They also spent a day at an amusement park. The annual banquet held in the Ober Cafeteria marked the end of the season for the bands. mumm I 38 far top--PLAYING A MARCHING TUNE is Jodi Chisholm, Sandy Nuttle, and Neil Parker in the Auburn parade, far bottom left--GARRETT HIGH SCHOOL BAND - (Row 1) Kathy Nuttle. Bettina Yingling, Tammy Ruger, Sandy Nuttle. (Row 2) Joyce Bandy, Ellen Bauman, Donna Bartels, Debbie Malcolm, Sue Griffin, Connie Langfeldt, Jody Simcox, Janice Sigler. (Row 3) Jody Chisholm, Eric Dirksen, Lorraine Teller, Julie Dennison, Rae Ann Yarde, Ernie Dennison, Tony Garn. (Row 4) Mary Gingery, Tim Griffin, Mike Smith, Mike Steward, Kyle Flescher, Emily Smith, Steve Lepard, Neil Parker, Mike Nastally, Mike Jarrett. (Row 5) Mr. Silden, Tim Bishop, Len Wells, Chuck Derrow, Bob Brown, Jerry Sigler, Brad Porker. Ban d 39 far middle--KEEPING THE BEAT is Mr. Silden as he directs the Jr. High Band during the Pops Concert, far right--TOOTING THEIR TRUMPETS, Tim Griffin and Mary Gingery perform at the Christmas Convo. top left-- EVERYONE ENJOYS the Pops Concert including students, parents and friends. Ieft--S1NGING SOLO is Mary Gingery. above--DOING HER THING as she plays her clarinet. Sue Griffin performs for the audience at the Pops Concert. top right--RHYTHM OF LIFE SPRINGING into song from the girls choir. above--A MOMENTS PRACTICE before class begins are Jaretta Daniels, Katrina Wagner, Dawn McClellan, and Barb Nolan. right--CF10RALE was kept busy by singing at the Christmas convo with the help of Miss Margaret Buttermore and Mrs. Mildred Fiansen. iHii M iillM •m iiUUi! iis 40 Chorus Swing Choir places first CHORUS - By singing and giving different programs throughout the year, the choral groups received enough donations to purchase new outfits. The girls ' outfits were light blue dresses, while the guys chose navy blue blazers and grey pants. Programs they played were: DeKalb County Fair, Rome City Country Club, Lincoln Day Dinner at DeKalb High School, and County Highway Christmas Party. Swing Choir received 1st place in a contest at Snider High School. Twenty-three solos received 1st place and another twenty-three received 2nd place. Abby Kennedy, Vickie Casselman, and Carol Andrews went to the state contest as a trio. Cindy Hall went to the state contest as a solo. top--SWING CHOIR: (bottom) Mike Steward, Tina Fetter, Julie Manuel, Jodi Chisholm, Tony Lehman, (middle) Jerry Sigler, Amy Pence, Ellen Bauman, Cindy Hall, Tom Wagner, (top) Kyle Flesher, Alicia Oster, Bruce Getts, Abby Kennedy, Vickie Casselman, Greg Gerber, Ty Harter, (standing) Scott Baker, Brad Forker. left--LET THERE BE PEACE was sung at the Christmas convo by Scott Baker. above--THE TRIO consisting of Abby Kennedy, Carol Andrews and Vickie Casselman, placed 2nd at state, left- -THE STATE CONTEST proved very encouraging for Cindy Hall. She sang a religious solo and placed 2nd in her category. 41 ART - First semester Art classes did charcoal drawings, pastels and watercolors. Students were aided by 80 art books funded by the library, stationed in the Art room. Tie-dyeing, candlemaking and puppetry were 2nd semester projects that differed from normal. Mr. Larry Earhart had an advanced class of 3 students. The 2 seniors and 1 junior had signed up as teaching assistants and found themselves in Mr. Earhart ' s prep period. Throughout the year the 3 did projects of their own choice. Classes previously known as Ceramics and Pottery became Art I, II, III, IV so students could study broader areas. above left--COOPERATION IN A GROUP PROJECT. In an assembly line process of painting plaques during Art Class, for Art Club, students make use of their spare time. above--CREATING ALBUM COVERS gave Linda Blessinger, Debbie Myers, and Lori Freeman a chance at commercial art. above right-- COUNTERFEITING? Cindy Lash copies a dollar bill. right--”SISTERS AT STREAM” is the title of Kathy Carr ' s Impressionist painting. 42 Art Students make string puppets I From babies to omelets HOME EC - There were many mixed emotions of the Adult Living students after they visited McKee ' s Funeral Home. Some enjoyed the experience while others didn ' t. April Perkins commented, " It gave me an uneasy feeling just being there. ’ ’ Child development gave bath demonstrations for young children. They also visited Wee Haven, Kindergarten class, and Head Start to observe the behavior of young children. Foods cooked everything from omelets to foreign dishes. The Housing class selected paint, wallpaper, and cabinets for the Building Trades house. The Home Ec department had the tables resurfaced to make them more attractive. top left--A STITCH IN TIME helps Cathy Greenway turn her stitchery project in on time. left--THE HOUSING CLASS looks over the Building Trades House as Tammy Kelham, Vickie Diederich, and Dawn Mettert get an idea for decorating needs. above--THE PIE CRUST is the most important part of a pie. Watching the techniques are Terry Lockwood, Debbie Hathway, and Les Grawcock. Home Ec 43 I ' BUSINESS - Business courses were very productive in learning the many facets of the business world. The Personal Typing class worked on the fundamental skills of typing. Typing I learned to type the many forms of business letters. The Typing II class worked on increasing their speed and accuracy; they also ran off dittos and stencils. Shorthand I and II tried to build up speed and worked on correct punctuation. The Shorthand II class got a little inside information on what an employer expects of new workers by interviewing the personnel of a business. Business Machines learned to operate the various kinds of office machines and do filing. The General Business students each worked up a budget and tried to follow it for a month. The Business Lab sent students into the community for on the job interviews. upper right--BUSINESS MACHINES keeps Marsha Clady and Vickie Diederich busy doing filing and clerical work. above--TYPING II helps Jody Creager and Lori Babbitt gain speed in their typing abilities. right--FIGURING CORRECTLY in Business Lab as Tina Fetter adds a column of numbers. Learning by doing: Business 44 Business OFFICE HELP - Seven students aided in the efficiency of the office this year. With their prompt and courteous actions, taking up attendance, running the ditto machines and delivering the absence sheets, the office was maintained in a business-like manner. AUDIO VISUAL - A.V. started a new program giving students a half credit per semester. Students took on new responsibilities for setting up equipment, saving teachers time and effort. Both morning and evening announcements were read by A.V. students. Four new projector carts and one projector were added to A.V. equipment. Taking a load off teachers LIBRARY HELP - Through thirteen assistants. Librarian, Miss Leslie Wise, was aided in keeping the many books and periodicals organized. Her helpers had certain duties to perform each period and weekly. These jobs included weekly inventory of books and periodicals, daily issuance of overdue notices, and teacher assistance in finding filmstrips and reference materials. Miss Wise stated, " My assistants take a great load off my hands. ' ' top left--FOUR YEARS in the office has helped Rhonda Williams understand the complexity of the office, far left--TEACHERS HAVE MORE TIME now that Dave Smith and other A.V. helpers aid in setting up and taking down the films, left--AWAITING BOOKS to come in for the proper filing is Kay Ferdinand. ' MUMPERniNK AFTER F LOVIN Vocational: new outlooks Vocational classes got a look at the business world with the help of field trips and lectures. The Drafting class, instructed by Mr. Robert Ewing, got information on architecture and electricity from Mr. Hayes of ITT. Greg Gerber was chosen to design the plans for next year ' s Building Trades House. Two girls, Jeri Hurd and Cindy Treadwell joined Auto Mechanics class. They worked on basic maintenance of the car, then began on complete engine building. They took tours of Dana and International Harvester. • top righl--FIXING THE CRANK SHAFT. Cindy Treadwell and Jeri Hurd learn while doing. • above--TROUBLESHOOTING gives Joel Eberhard and Keith Potter trouble as they fix mechanical difficulties in a car during Auto Mechanics Class. • right--WORKING HARD is Paul Beber as he adjusts a ram on a shafer in Metals Class while Craig Mossberger looks on. 46 Vocational Building Trades completes two-story house The Building Trades class worked on improving their perspective of the world of construction, by building a two story house instead of a one story house like last year. Mr. Owen Bradley spent the first semester teaching his twenty students in the two classes about buying land, and the skills they would need to know about building the house. When they learned these things they went right to work, trying to get the outside of the house done so they could work inside when winter weather set in. The plans for the house were drawn up by Tim Griffin, a senior. The 3 bedroom house has a sunken living room and a brick fireplace. A large workshop is located off of the garage. The class got a little extra experience in plastering after Curt Custer and Tim Griffin fell through the ceiling. The stonework for the house was overseen by John Morningstarr, a mason. top lefl--THE BUILDING TAKES ON a finished look after several months of work, far left-- PUTTING ON THE SIDING. Dave DeKoninck slides the siding into the fitted grooves, left-- PREPARING THE CHIMNEY for the outside work is Paul Beber. below--THE AFTERNOON BUILDING TRADES CLASS lays the foundation. 47 X Industrial Arts do cabinets and license plates The Industrial Arts Classes kept students busy making a variety of different objects. Mr. George Wilmore taught 7th and 8th grade Industrial Arts and Woods I, II. HI and IV. The 7th grade Industrial Arts class made candleholders while the 8th graders constructed wall sections. Basic skills were learned in Woods I and II while cabinet work was done in Woods III and IV. The Metals I and II students, under the guidance of Mr. Willie Wellhausen, spent their time making hammers and toolboxes. Eagles and license plates were also projects of the Metals classes. They also worked with hand tools and machine projects. • top--AUTO REPAIR is done by Craig Strock in Auto Mechanics while Mark Gingery and Dan Frost help. • bottom left--CLOSE OBSERVATION is made by Brian Delucenay as he uses the drill in Metals class. ' • bottom right--SMOOTHING OUT his project, Todd Meyers realizes how diny the job can be in Woods. Industrial Arts 49 page 48, • top--THE LATHE proves to be a very meticulous job for Jack Chaffins as Ed Crager waits his turn. • middle left--ACCURACY is of the greatest importance as Bruce Getts finds out while drawing his design. • bottom--MAKlNG PICTORIALS in drafting can be fun, as Greg Simon carefully draws his lines. • middle right-- CHISELS are being made by Shawn Koble and Bob Johnson in Metals 1 and 11. HEY, THIS IS HOW WE SPORTS - Hey, this is how we compete. Being a player, a cheerleader or a pom pom girl. Jumping around in the stands, screaming your head off when the time runs out and you ' ve just beaten your arch rival. The mixed emotions as the score is so close and it is near the end of the game. Listening to the new jazz band during half-time. Going home with a sore throat from yelling. This is sports - how we compete. 50 Sports Divider " I enjoyed being a Mai-Maid because I learned what the sport was and helped to boost the guys’ moral. ' ' April Perkins ”1 think sports are an important part of school. It gets almost everyone involved in some way. " Kim Jensen 5 , " : ' -T “t ' V . nf ' -i ‘ ? k,!: j " I love sports but this year didn’t catch my attention. 1 went to all the games and 1 know how hard the guys practice. ’ ’ Deanna Bowmar ’’Cross-Country-Past season was best season at CHS history. Won 13 - lost 3. It was hard during summer training. Later it was easier after 1 got in shape and the team kept winning meets. Team finished 2nd in conference.” Tim Lantz ’’Girls sports have not been around for very long in GHS, but because of the hard work and enthusiasm, our skills have improved quite a lot. ” Linda Wilcoxson Sports Divider 51 Cross-Country 2nd in conference The 1976 Cross Country team had the most successful overall season in the history of CHS, as they recorded a 13-3 record. They finished as runner- up in the NEIC conference. " We ' ve been waiting four years to do this, " exclaimed Tim Griffin. Three runners, all Seniors, made the all¬ conference team. These were Tim Griffin, Tim Lantz, and Dan Hathaway. This was Griffin ' s third such honor. For the first time a meet was held Garrett Opponent 19 Churubusco 44 25 Snider 32 15 Wood Ian Chur. Invit. 50 19 New Haven 37 16 Fremont 45 17 East Noble 42 22 Bluffton 35 29 Lakeland 26 15 Angola 48 25 DeKalb 32 15 Bishop Luers 47 17 Angola 44 35 Bishop Dwenger 20 20 Eastside 30 50 Northrop 15 21 Columbia City 36 82 South Side Invt. 3-9 113 Lakeland Invt. 3-12 74 NEIAC 2-10 13 Record 3 top--EXHAUSTED, John Somers heads to the coach to find out his time. center--SMILING after another victory, Coach Porter listens to the runner’s tribulations, lower right--CROSS COUNTRY (Row 1) Tim Lantz. Tim Griffin, Brian Flesch, Dan Somers. (Row 2) Manager Nancy Fourman, John Somers, Mike Nastally, Tim Vanderbosch, Jeff Rowe. Tony Flesch, Lynn Delauder, Manager Debby Scott. (Row 3) Coach Steve Porter, Doug Overy, Steve Kennedy, Dan Hathaway, Dan Nuttle, Jamie Wilcox, Andy Herzer. during half time of a varsity football game. Garrett beat Angola 17-44. A vigorous summer practice schedule, coupled with the team’s self-discipline, resulted in excellent conditioning for the seasoned Harriers. The Third Annual Cross-Country Marathon added to the summer training program. The benefits from this event went to the Joe Velpel Fund. Second year Coach, Steve Porter was " very pleased by this season, and is anxiously waiting the 1977 season. " 52 Cross Country I top left--FIRST PLACE, Tim Griffin, expresses victory as he comes to the finish line, top right-- PAIN OF VICTORY, Brian Flesch crosses the finish line in pain due to knee trouble, left--AN AFTER SHOWER chat and a can of pop are enjoyed by Brian Flesch, Steve Kennedy, and Lynn Delauder. lower right--JAMIE WILCOX takes a rest after completing three laps around the country club. Cross Country 53 Combination season The 1976 football season was two seasons in one. After losing their first four games the G-Men traveled to Angola to face the unbeaten and conference leading Hornets. The Railroaders squeezed out a 22-21 upset, for their initial mark in the win column. From here they went on to post victories in three of their next four games. Coming off the loss to Leo, the G-Men defeated Lakeland by a score of 14-6 for their second win of the year. The next opponent for the Railroaders was arch rival DeKalb. Garrett was able to prevail, as the clock ran out on DeKalb’s rally, by a narrow margin of 8-6. The margin of victory being DeKalb ' s failure to convert for two points after their TD. The Railroaders claimed their third consecutive win at the expense of South Adams. Scoring with just six seconds remaining, the G-Men came out on top in the highest scoring game of 40-36. The Railroaders could not stretch their string of wins, as Woodlan upended Garrett in the final game. Named to the NEIC all-conference teams were Senior Randy Smith, first team, defensive safety; Junior Rick Jester, first team linebacker; and Senior Rick McClish; second team offensive back. Smith also was named as an offensive end on the all-area team. The Third Annual Carson Culler Award was presented to Randy Smith and Rick McClish. The two tied in the players balloting for the Most Valuable Player Award. Garrett Opponent 13 Columbia City 20 0 Carroll 31 7 East Noble 12 25 Bluffton 34 22 Angola 21 0 Leo 27 14 Lakeland 6 8 DeKalb 6 40 South Adams 36 0 Woodlan Record 28 4 won NEIAC 6 lost 2 won 3 lost top--AN UPSETTING GAME, as told in the face of Coach Wiant. right-- " THERE IT GOES!” said Bob Johnson as Coach Boyd takes the scissors to his hair, top middle--ONE FOOT AT A TIME. Raymond Perry concentrates on getting ready for the game, bottom middle--POPCORN! William Hensinger watches closely at the game. 54 Varsity Football wwww center right--VARSITY FOOTBALL (Row 1) Rick Getts, Bill Muzzillo, Dan Bradley, Lance Kimmel, Rick McClish, Randy Smith, Jim Treesh, Jeff Bartels, Mike Morsches, Greg Gerber, Todd Custer. (Row 2) Andy Bowman, Ty Harter, Denney Feagler, Coach Dave Wiant, Craig Strock, Tom Esselbum, Dan Thiel, Kim Payton, Rick Jester, Bmce Getts, Rich King, Kun Custer, Pete Costain, Larry Hensinger, Jeri Treesh, Matt Herzer, Jeff Brooks. (Row 3) Todd Vanderbosch, Harry Yarian, Rick Redmond, Bob Johnson, Carl Custer, Greg Grubb, Chuck Adams, Willie Wellhausen, Dick Boyd. (Row 4) Ted Daniels, Tim Smith, William Hensinger, Craig Mossberger, Nate Hoffel, Keith Flescher, George Fuentes, Shawn Koble, Larry Getts, Doug Fike, Jed Feagler, Raymond Perry, top right-- CATCH! Rick McClish passes to Rick Jester to make a touchdown against DeKalb. lower right-- TRY TO GET THAT! Punting the ball is Rick Getts. Varsity Football 55 Defensive unit strong The reserve football team finished their season with a 2-4-2 record. Head Coach Denny Feagler and Assistant Coach Willie Wellhausen had much praise for the young Railroaders. Mr. Feagler said, " that defense was a very strong point this year. The defense unit was able to keep the opposing team from scoring many points in most games. ’ ’ When asked what their best game was the team responded, " the Columbia City game! " This game was away and Garrett was trailing. In the closing seconds Jed Feagler fired a pass to Gregg Grubb for the winning touchdown. The majority of the games resulted with close scores. Both Coach Feagler and Coach Wellhausen felt that Tom Esselburn should be recognized this year. He was a split end but many times had to play quarterback. Other comments by the coaches included " that offensive and defensive teams were to be congratulated. ' ' I top--DRINK? Manager Matt Herzer watches intently while waiting with the water jug. center--WAITING to be sent in, Reserve players watch the strategy being used, lower-- ENCOURAGING WORDS from Coach Wellhausen are given to Harry Yarian. Garrett Opponent 16 East Noble 36 6 Angola 0 6 Eastside 6 6 DeKalb 6 0 Carroll 18 21 Columbia City 16 0 New Haven 8 6 Woodlan 20 Record 4 tied 2 2 56 Reserve Football Beat DeKalb first time " Losing their first four games made them move on the fifth. In this game we were playing arch rivals, DeKalb, in what had to be the sweetest victory of the year, " stated Coach Dick Boyd. The Freshmen beat DeKalb 12-7. That was the first time in three years the boys on the team had beaten them. Against the East Noble Knights the Railroaders " had their best offensive showing. " Defeated were the Knights, 24-14. Outstanding offensively was tailback Randy Mosley, with 661 yards. Mosley was also leading scorer with 36 points. Also Paul Ewing had 293 yards offensively. Defensive standards were led by Bob Isham, 71 tackles. Others playing " fine defense " were Dennis Hile and Todd Marti. The Frosh team ended with a 4-4 record. top--SOME POINTERS are given to Bob Brown by Coach Boyd. center--FRESHMEN (Row 1) Rick Yarian, Bob Brown, Chuck LaTurner, Kraig Kelham, Nate Hoeffel, John Bougher, Brent Ferguson, Brad Forker. (Row 2) Rex Kock, Bob Isham, Randy Mosley, Paul Ewing, Chris Winans, Ron Conrad, Chad Custer. (Row 3) Coach Steve Stocker, Dennis Hile, Jim VanAuken, Kyle Flescher, Steve Roehm, Todd Marti, Coach Dick Boyd, lower--READY and waiting to go in is Jim VanAuken at the sideline. Garrett 6 Eastside Angola Columbia City Bishop Luers DeKalb Homestead Woodlan East Noble Record Opponent 8 Freshman Football 57 Garrett 0 Angola Opponent 0 6 DeKalb 0 6 Leo 0 0 Angola 6 0 Kendallville 8 0 Eastside 12 0 Homestead 16 2 won Record 1 tied 5 lost top--SPIRIT! Wendy Maggen at a Jr. Hi pep session, top right--CHEERLEADERS Wendy Maggert, Penny Pike, Kelly Bonar, Beth Bowmar, Kathy Rupert, Linda Scott, lower right--7th (Row 1) Mark Hensinger, Dave Weimer, Jim Sturgis, Dennis Omspacher, Scott Wilcoxson, Joe Chisholm, Steve Tackles. (Row 2) Dave Denes, Matt Maley, Jeff Thrush, Terry Yarde, Larry Evans, John Lewis, Kurt Flesher, Doug Peters, Todd Rupert, Steve Furnish. (Row 3) Dave Manuel, Gerald Kline, Greg Kock, Lee Daley, Ritch Conrad, John Kleeman, Bob Hathaway, Tom Miller. (Row 4) Chris Gall, Alan Hunter, Chris Owen, Steve Griffin, Jim Hecksel, Coach Dave Neal. 7th beat Leo 12-6 " The seventh grade football team played competitively this season, " commented Coach Jim Hecksel. The junior G-Men’s first game against Angola ended in a tie. In their second game they beat DeKalb by a touchdown. " Since this was the first season playing organized football the rivalry against DeKalb started in style, " said Coach Hecksel. The young Railroaders chalked up another victory. At Kendallville the field was slippery, which caused the punter to slip and fall. This break the Knights used to score a drive. The Eastside powerhouse beat Garrett by two touchdowns. In the game also against Angola the eighth grade team tied. Rallying up against DeKalb, Garrett was on top. Adding another victory to the column of wins, the G-Men beat Leo 12-6. In the first half Kendalville made two touchdowns. The Railroaders fell short by one touchdown in the second half. A villa and Eastside won over in order. 58 Jr. High Football Garrett 6 Angola Opponent 6 20 DeKalb 0 12 Leo 6 6 Angola 0 6 Kendallville 14 6 Avilla 12 0 Eastside 8 6 Homestead 7 3 won Record 1 tied 4 lost topleft--NO. 15, Mark Hensinger, looks on. right--COACH Neal watches players in action. left--8th (Row 1) Chris Crowe, Don Fleckenstein, Willis Rowe, Greg Griffith, Scott Davis, Randy Beber, Jim Kleeman, Dave Daley, Andy Hall. (Row 2) Jed Mellon, Mark Bowmar, Tom Newbauer, Henry Albright, Tim Jones, Chris Chisholm, Chris Hoeffel, Randy Hack worth, Jeff Schendel, Tad Dickerson, James McDaniel. (Row 3) Tom Yarde, Chuck McPheeters, Steve Pepple, Earl Andrews, Rick McClellan, Rick Zolman, Jeff Wright, Dean Terman. (Row 4) Coach Alan Hunter, Steve Griffin, Gary Ort, Kent Davis, Doug Gilliland, Coach Jim Hecksel, Tony Surfus, Mike Souder, Dave Neal. Jr. High Football 59 Teams have handicap With a young team the 1976 volleyball team accomplished a 10-7 record. There were two seniors, Kay Cornell and Tracey Johnson. The volleyers suffered more injuries this year than in the past. Also this season, new types of offensive and defensive plays were learned and used. Separate offensive and defensive teams were played. " We had a handicap because of learning how to play a different style, " expressed Coach Pat Packard, " it was not quite a .500 season (V 2 won and V 2 lost). ’ ’ The G-Women during sectionals came out on top over Prairie Heights, 2-0, and Fremont, 2-1. Playing DeKalb in the last game, the Railroaders fell by a 0-2 score. " They did fantastic at sectionals. We would have had a better chance at beating DeKalb if they wouldn’t have had to play twice on one night, " said Coach Packard. Against Angola, " Reserve and Varsity were evenly matched and they played the best, " said captain Kay Cornell. Garrett faced Angola twice in the season. top righi-- " DON ' T TAKE IT,” Says Coach Pat Packard, as she heads for the concession stand during a between game break, center--VARSITY VOLLEYBALL (Row 1) Kay Cornell, Tracey Johnson. (Row 2) Karen Dircksen, Judy Bonkoski, Karen James, Linda Wilcoxson. (Row 3) Abby Kennedy, Lisa Ellert, Carol Blotkamp, Denise Mansfield, Beth Haffner, Tina Fetter, lower-- RESERVE (Row 1) Lynn Diederich, Patti Schultz, Renee Ellen, Lisa Rohm, Connie Langfelt, Jean Simon. (Row 2) Mary Zeider, Beth Steckley, Chris McBride, Robin Young, Pat Packard, Tracey Yarian, Patti Smith, Lori Shull, Ginger Helbert. Garrett 1 0 1 2 2 2 1 2 0 2 2 2 1 2 0 . 2 Opponent DeKalb 2 Snider 2 East Nobl 2 Northrop 0 Lakeland 0 Leo 0 DeKalb 2 Angola 0 Eastside 2 Churubusco 0 Prairie Heights 1 Fremont 0 Central Noble 2 Eastl oble 0 Honjfestead 2 Bishop Luers 0 Angola 0 10 Record 7 60 Volleyball top--’ ' ALL RIGHT” Linda Wilcoxson lies the match up against Leo. lower--GOING DOWN, Patti Smith tries to return the volley, right-- TIME OUT! Taking a break during before game warm-ups is Lisa Ellen. Garrett Opponent 2 Eastside 0 1 Fremont 2 0 Central Noble 2 2 Churubusco 1 2 Prairie Heights 0 2 Angola 1 2 DeKalb 0 2 DeKalb 0 i 6 won Record 2 lost Volleyball 61 Thiel second Sectional champ The 1976 wrestling team finished the highest ever this year. Four wrestlers, Dan Thiel, Raymond Perry, Jeff Morris, and Todd Marti went to Regionals. Dan Thiel placed fourth in the 167 weight class and Raymond Perry, fourth in the heavy weight division. At Sectionals the G-Men placed in every division but two. Overall the team finished in third place. Dan Thiel was the second sectional champion in the history of Garrett wrestling. He took first in the 167 class. A second was earned by Jeff Morris in the 126 division. Conference placings were Jeff Morris, second and Dan Thiel, third. This year ' s co-captains were Seniors Tony Flesch and Rick Getts. " We improved since last year. A lot of our matches were close and we didn’t wrestle at a couple we could have won,” commented co-captain Tony Flesch. There were twenty-eight wrestlers this year. This was a larger team than in the past. 15 Northside 55 25 Angola 33 19 Central Noble 39 19 Columbia City 40 9 DeKalb 60 69 East Noble Tour. 204 41 Eastside 15 11 Bishop Dwenger 59 18 East Noble 49 30 Leo 35 1 won lost 8 Varsity right--EXPECTANTLY, Coaches Jim Hecksel and Willie Wellhausen wait for the results of the match, top right--GETTlNG IN POSITION. Roger Getts is trying to get his opponent into position to make a move. middle--ESCAPE! On the bottom, Brad Porker readies to make an escape for one point. 62 Varsity Wrestling top left--BROKE! Before wrestling, Bob Petcoff fixes his head gear at Sectionals, lower left-- CONGRATULATIONS! After winning his match Roger Getts receives praise from Coach Willie Wellhausen. top right--VARSITY WRESTLING (Row 1) Andy Boman, Bob Petcoff, Tony Flesch, Jeff Morris, Roger Getts, Greg Casey, Brad Forker, Gary Poling. (Row 2) Coach Willie Wellhausen, Raymond Perry, Todd Marti, Rick Getts, Dan Thiel, Bob Isham, Kyle Flescher. center--RESERVE WRESTLING (Row 1) Ed Hatcher, John Manuel, Mike Nastally, Greg Gerber, John Rougher, Dan McCartney. (Row 2) Chuck Adams, Nate Hoeffel, Chuck Derrow, Bob Cline, Ron Conrad, Ralph Baker. (Row 3) Craig Mossberger, Mike Jarrett, Keith Flescher, Coach Jim Hecksel, Gary Poling. Varsity Wrestling 63 53 Avilla ’ 47 23 DeKalb %5 1 42 Kendallville 45’ ,,- orqfcstead H 6ih CentralY oble Tour . 24 Rome City 44 Leo 37. 8 I«1 2 Record 4 I • top left--SIGN OF VICTORY! After pinning his opponent, Rick Abbott shows victory. • top right- CRADDLE! Matt Maley tries to craddle his foe to win. • lower left--GO! Coach Willie Wellhausen encourages a wrestler on the mat while waiting with Dave Weimer for his turn. • lower right--ALL RIGHT! The Jr. High Wrestling team applauds after a fellow wrestler wins a match. Jr. Hi wrestling team large Jr. High Wrestling ended its first full season with a 2-4 record. Garrett was victorious over Leo, 44-37 and Avilla, 53-47. The team consisted of 25 wrestlers from the 7th and 8th grades. Chuck McPheeters, wrestling the 155 weight class, established the best personal record of 9-0. He also had the most pins, with six. Of the seventh grade wrestlers, Rick Abbott led with a record of 5-3. The school pinning record of 19 seconds was made by Kent Davis and Chuck McPheeters. Garrett placed sixth in the Central Noble Tourney. " For never wrestling in a tourney we did great having one win, " commented Coach Willie Wellhausen. Chuck McPheeters won the 155 weight class in the Central Noble Tourney. Coach Wellhausen said, " We hope to do well again. ' ’ 64 Jr. High Wrestling top left--TENNIS ANYONE? Kim Neirman gives a right handed swing at the tennis ball. center left--OH MY! Doing her Farrah Fawcett imitation is Katie Kilgore at the city tennis conns, lower Ieft--WA1T1NG for the referee ' s decision is Coach Rick McClish of the Low Class No Class team, top right--REBOUNDI The two Senior teams battle over control of the ball. lower right--GUARD, Kevin Pfefferkorn tries to stop Les Grawcock ' s shot. Intramurals 65 Low Class-No Class wins The Low Class-No Class fought back against the ZZ-Bottom to defeat the defending champs, in the title game of the intramural championships. The all senior Low Class-No Class team were: Coach Rick McClish, Tim Griffin, Dan Bradley, Jeff Bartels, Jim Treesh, TimLantz, Kevin Pfefferkorn, Bill Muzzillo. The Intramural program, under the direction of Mr. Willie Wellhausen, began with six teams but only two finished the season. ZZ-Bottom placed second. First year at girls intramurals tennis was " very successful " said sponsor Miss Peggy Ignatz. The girls started the week before spring break, and played every Saturday morning 8-10, if the weather was nice. The 12 girls met at the city tennis courts and plan to do so next year. Varsity has three returning lettermen top lefl--CATCH YOU GUYS! Guard Keny Oster is about to pass the ball down court, for another two points, right--REBOUND! Missing the basket and bouncing off the rim, the ball is trying to be recovered by players Kerry Oster, Randy Smith, Mark Martin. The Railroaders, under second year Coach Larry Piety, returned only three lettermen. These were Seniors Randy Smith, Mark Martin, and Rick McClish from last year’s squad. This lack of experience enabled two freshmen Andy Herzer and Chris Winans to make the team. Both saw a considerable amount of action throughout the year. Despite their inexperience, the G- Men battled to a 6-14 mark on the season. In conference action, they posted a 2-7 mark. The two conference victories came over South Adams and Columbia City, each by a single basket. Randy Smith was the leading scorer as well as leading rebounder for the year. He was closely contested for scoring honors by Mark Martin and Kerry Oster. Smith was also named to the Second Team All-NEIAC, while Mark Martin received Honorable Mention. Martin also established a new " consecutive free throws in practice” mark by hitting 64 straight free throws. 1 66 Varsity Basketball 37 Central Noble 54 49 Snider 71 63 West Noble 61 66 DeKalb 74 51 South Adams 49 56 Carroll 74 51 Homestead 54 60 Bluffton 71 56 New Haven 85 65 Columbia City 63 47 East Noble Tour . 49 47 Angola 49 58 Northrop 60 65 Churubusco 55 52 Bellmont 61 69 Hamilton 52 60 East Noble 65 75 Eastside 74 42 Lakeland 81 67 Leo (Sectional) 69 6 won lost 14 Varsity top left--SINK IT RANDY! In the first quarter of the East Noble game, Randy Smith gets ready to fire a foul shot, lower left--LISTENI Coach Larry Piety explains a play while Todd Custer, Kim Payton, and Larry Getts watch carefully, top right--VARSITY BASKETBALL (Row 1) Matt Herzer, RickMcClish, Todd Custer, Kerry Oster, Andy Herzer, Kim Payton, Ty Harter. (Row 2) Asst. Coach Denny Feagler, Pete Costin, Lany Getts, Randy Smith, Mark Martin, Chris Winans, Coach Lany Piety. center--TWO POINTS! Up in the air Senior Mark Martin goes for another basket to give the Railroaders an advantage. Varsity Basketball 67 40 Central Noble 27 35 Snider 56 31 West Noble 42 18 DeKalb 57 41 South Adams 43 46 Carroll 48 35 Homestead 34 47 Angola 45 29 Bluffton 37 34 Columbia City 44 39 North Side 47 49 New Haven 55 50 Columbia City 39 28 Northrop 53 39 Churubusco 49 4 won lost 11 Reserve top left--CORNERED! Doug Pike looks for someone to throw the ball to as East Noble defense surrounds him. top right--RESERVE BASKETBALL (Row 1) Greg Simon, Terry Grahm, Andy Herzer, Jed Feagler, Doug Pike. (Row 2) Denny Peagler, Tim Griffin, Steve Steigmeyer, Chris Winans, Dave Alverson, Craig Hutton, Tim Vanderbosh. lower right--YOU CAN DO IT! Coach Denny Peagler gives the Reserves some pointers. Reserves see Varsity action This year ' s Reserve basketball team consisted of nine sophomores and two freshmen. Leading scorers were sophomore Jed Feagler with 125 points and freshman Chris Winans with 95 points. The team achieved a 4-11 record. The Railroaders won their first game against Central Noble with 40-27. Harry Yarian in the last seconds of the game broke a tie to overcome Homestead, 35-34. " Even though we lost, our best showing was against Carroll, " said Coach Danny Feagler, Reserve players Andy Herzer, Chris Winans, Steve Steigmeyer, and Jed Feagler saw Varsity as well as Reserve action. " These players as well as the other team members had a good overall improvement, " commented Coach Feagler. 68 Reserve Basketball Frosh go to Eastside Tourney This year ' s Freshman team lost two players, Chris Winans and Andy Herzer to the Varsity team. " It opened up an opportunity for the other members to do more playing, ' ' said Coach Dick Capin. Garrett ' s Freshmen went to the Eastside Tourney, losing in the finals to Central Noble, 40-26. " Going to the Eastside Tourney gave us confidence and it was the turnover of the season, " commented Bill Sherwood. At the Carroll game the Frosh team stayed evenly scored till the end. " Improvement showed since Carroll beat other teams that we played, " explained Gregg Grubb. Leading scorers were Gregg Grubb with 66 points and Bill Sherwood with 60 points. For the season Doug Overy had 40 rebounds and Bill Sherwood, 36. Freshman Basketball 69 top left--GET IT! Nate Hoeffel goes up to get the tip for the Frosh team, lower left--DEFENSE! Coach Dick Capin tells his starting five what play to use. right--FRESHMAN BASKETBALL (Row 1) Kraig Kelham, Randy Morgan, Chuck LaTurner, Teny Pence, George Fuentes, Tim Casey, Dave Smith. (Row 2) Doug Overy, Bill Sherwood, Carson Sparks, Coach Dick Capin, Gregg Grubb, Nate Hoeffel, Tim Alwood, Scott Ridgeway. 34 . Angola •• • -T 43, 26 East Noble 34 28 Lakeland 32 28 Churubusco 34 29 DeKalb 46 36 , Bishop Luers 50 24 Concordia , 32 East Noble i 32 Lakeland B Team 41 Angola 36 32 East Noble 35 35 Lakeland 24 1 Churubusco 61 DeKalb 41 20 -- Bishop Luers 33 26 Concordia 39 2 won Freshmen lost 14 33 DeKalb 30 37 East Noble 51 37 Prairie Heights 40 33 Homestead 41 43 Eastside 44 27 DeKalb 44 42 South Side 73 29 Snider 47 36 Churubusco 37 48 Angola 42 35 Central Noble 43 53 Fremont 30 36 Angola 47 40 Columbia City 56 28 New Haven 26 22 Eastside 32 40 Homestead 52 4 won lost 13 Varsity : top Ieft--DRIBBL1NG, Tracey Yarian takes the ball down court to break the Leo defense, top right--GOT IT! Removing the ball is June Gordon for Garrett, lower right--GOING UP, is Gale Scott for a basket to up the score, with Ganett in the lead. Kay Cornell on All-Area Team This year was the first for a Girl ' s All-Area Basketball Team. Senior Kay Cornell was chosen for the All- Area Second Team. The decision was made by sportswriters of the Evening Star and News Sun for the team choices. Marsha Shaw and Kay Cornell were named to the All- Conference Second Team. Garrett started the season with a win over arch-rival DeKalb, 33-30. At the Garrett Tourney the girls won the consolation game, defeating Angola, 48-42. The G-Women picked up its last victory of the season by winning over New Haven, 28-26 in the first round of the NEIAC Conference. " This was a year of teaching fundamentals, good sportsmanship, and team spirit. Every player improved her fundamentals 100% by hard work and desire. However this is one aspect of the game that is not always reflected in the won-lost record, ' ' said Coach Roderick Pressler. •5S- 70 Girls Basketball top left--VARSITY BASKETBALL (Kneeling) Ginger Helbert, Mr. Roderick Pressler, Mary Zeider. (Left to right) Sandy Shroads, Beth Haffner, Linda Wilcoxson, Linda Schurr, Marsha Shaw, Debbie Scott, Karen Dircksen, Kathy Daley, Tracey Johnson, Carole Blotkamp, Kay Cornell, Chris Gerhardt. center--RESERVE BASKETBALL (Left to right) Robyn Young, Tracey Yarian, Patti Schultz, Connie Langfeldt, Lisa Roehm, Lori Ashenfelter, Miss Cheryl Peters, Gale Scott, Chris McBride, Kim Velpel, Beth Steckley, Lori Shull, June Gordon, lower left--PULL! Linda Schurr and Linda Wilcoxson assist Kay Cornell after falling, lower right-- BREAKING THROUGH, Lori Shull is going between Snider players. 13 DeKalb 32 19 East Noble 29 36 Prairie Heights 15 19 Homestead 34 10 ' Angola 35 35 DeKalb 23 Forfeit Eastside 0 12 Snider 16 28 Central Noble 36 28 Fremont 19 15 Columbia City 31 4 won lost 7 Reserve 7th Basketball I , Jr. Hi has successful season 21 Columbia City 68 28 Huntertown 40 26 Kendallville 37 29 Perry Hill 51 22 Angola 31 St. Joseph 6 15 DeKalb 50 7 Homestead 22 15 Hamilton S6 19 Avilla 37 25 Fremont 31 32 Eastside t 20 37 St. Jq h 14 ' 6 Angola 6 j 3 won lost 10 - 4 i 8th Basketball 44 Columbia City 43 43 Huntertown 35 46 Kendallville 47 57 Perry Hill 26 42 Angola 32 46 St. Joseph 15 26 DeKalb 31 26 Homestead 30 49 Prairie Heights 31 36 Avilla 32 44 Hamilton 30 39 Churubusco 33 23 Homestead 26 25 Eastside 17 35 Angola 27 25 DeKalb 31 41 Fremont ' 31 12 won lost 15 • lop righi--8th BASKETBALL (ROW 1) Tom Maggcrt, Todd Piety. Dave Flesch. Tim Herzer, Jed Mellon. Randy Beber. Jim Kleeman. Tad Dickersen. Dewey Delong. (ROW 2) Coach Dick Boyd. Jeff Schendel. Mark Bowman. Randy Hack worth. Chuck McPheeters. Mike Zimmerman. Steve Griffin. TonySurfus. Doug Gilliland. Kent Davis. Rick Zolman. Mike Delauder. Coach Dave Neal. • lower right-- MOVING down the floor is Mark Hensinger. This year’s 8th grade basketball team finished the season with a 12-5 record. The team won their first game over Columbia City by a close score of 44-43. " We improved last year ' s season and this season towards the end, " commented Coach Dave Neal. Injuries this season consisted of two sprained ankles. " I think we’ll have a great year next year, " said Todd Piety. For the first season of basketball, the 7th grade team had a 3-10 record. St. Joseph and Eastside were overpowered by the Jr. Railroaders by large margins. Coach Steve Porter explained, " They did well for their first season with technique and form. ’’ Both Coach Neal and Coach Porter expressed feelings that this year’s seasons were successful. 72 Jr. High Basketball top left--GOING UP! Joe Cline dribbles down the floor just before going up for a lay up. • top right--GOT THE JUMP! Waiting for the ball to come down are Mark Hensinger and Dave Weimer as Joe Cline takes the jump. • lower left--7th BASKETBALL (ROW 1) Kelly Crise, Greg Kock, John Kleeman, Larry Evans, Scott Wilcoxson, Dennis Omspacher, Mark Hensinger, Max Miller, Greg Heal, Dave Weimer. (ROW 2) Coach Dick Boyd, Rick Isham, Joe Cline, Doug Peters, Trey Lantz, Ed Jarrett, Rob Bandy, Rich Conrad, John Lewis, Rick Abbott, Coach Steve Porter. ii Jr. High Basketball 73 i • top--UP UP AND AWAY! Dan Somers clears 10 feet at the pole vault. • center--VARSITY TRACK (Row 1) John Rougher, Carson Sparks, Terry Pence, Jeff Best, Brent Ferguson, Mark Felger, Kenny Alverson, Bob Brown, Tony Lehman. (Row 2) Matt Herzer, Rick Yarian, Nate Hoeffel, Tom Esselburn, Jamie Wilcox, Ed Hatchet, Craig Hutton, Tim Lantz, Tim Vanderbosch, Jim Van Auken, John Somers. (Row 3) Brian Flesch, Tim Griffin, Lynn Delauder, Harry Yarian, Chris Winans, Dan Somers, Dan Nuttle, Dan Bradley, Bill Muzzillo, Dan Hathaway. (Row 4) Coach Dick Boyd, Ty Harter, Ralph Baker, Mike Morsches, Raymond Perry, Chuck Denow, Dan McCanney, Jeff Rowe, Lars Sorensen, Gary Poling, Coach Willie Wellhausen. lower right--WINDING UP to throw the discus is Sophomore Tim Vanderbosch. lower left--PUSH! Mike Morsches concentrates on putting his strength into the shot-put throw. 74 Varsity Track i Perry breaks discus record Ten returning lettermen were under the direction of Mr. Willie Wellhausen. Coach Wellhausen said " Potential for the last three years have made it the best team effort, due to scoring. ' ' Six Seniors: Dan Somers in the high jump, Mike Morsches in the shot put, Brian Flesch in the quarter mile, Lars Sorensen in the 440, Tim Griffin in the mile and Tim Lantz in the mile run. The seniors held their own against the fifteen freshmen on the team. The fifteen freshmen participated in a variety of events, placing tenth in the conference run. Dan Somers edged Roger Creager’s record with a ten foot clearance. Raymond Perry broke the 1974 record of Kevin Derrow’s of 136 feet and 6 inches, with a throw of 136 feet and 8 inches. Perry also came within one inch of breaking the shot put record. " I think we put in a lot of hard work and a lot of time to get where the coach led us. " commended Brian Flesch. VARSITY TRACK Garrett Opponent 37 Churubusco 48 33 Central Noble 94 43 Angola 84 23 DeKalb 83 36 Leo 91 43 Heritage 72 24 South Adams 21 60 Bishop Luers 67 51 Eastside 74 51 Hamilton 76 39 Prairie Heights 88 40 East Noble 87 1 won Record lost 11 top left--GO JOHN! Running the mile is Freshman John Somers. center--EASY DOES IT! Tony Lehman edges the high jump bar. lower left--POUR IT ON! Coach Dick Boyd advises Tim Lantz as he comes to the line in the mile run. Varsity Track 75 Several records broken The lady Railroaders of Garrett opened their first meet against Lakeland and Fremont, coming up second out of three. This is significant of the rest of the season with a majority of losses. The track team coached by Mrs. Pat Packard and Ms. Kathy Roe broke several records. Tami Nierman broke the 220 record for 29.7 to 28.9. Karen Dircksen broke the 1969 record with a 68.4 time in the 440 dash. The 440 relay record was broken from 57.0 to 56.4 by Tammi Piety, Kim Velpel, Lisa Roehm, and Gale Scott. In the 880 medley relay the girls ran from the old record of 2:09 to a new record of 2:00.0 flat. An outstanding Senior, Kay Cornell was the high scorer with 65 points. She ran the 880 yard relay which she broke along with Gale Scott, Patty Schultz and Tami Nierman. Kay Cornell was the only girl to go to sectionals for hurdles and high jump. A. VARSITY Garrett Opponent 40 Fremont 17 48 Eastside 57 20 DeKalb 50 37 East Noble 67 51 Central Noble 54 20 Angola 49 20 Homestead 65 46 Hamilton 35 46 Eastside 53 31 Bishop Luers 74 24 Woodland 56 24 Heritage 54 20 Prairie Heights 59 3 won Record lost 10 top--FLYlNG OVER THE SAND is June Gordon in the long jump. right--READY, SET, GO! Kay Cornell at the staning blocks before the mile mn. 76 Girls Track RESERVE Garrett Opponent 53 Fremont 5 53 Lakeland 25 69 DeKalb 31 8 Bishop Luers 74 Record 3 won lost 1 top left--OVER THE HURDLES WITH THE greatest of ease is Gale Scott, top right-- WARMING UP FOR ANOTHER MEET are Kim Nierman and Emily Smith, middle left--(Row 1) Tami Piety, Lori Ashenfelter, Emily Smith, Susie Gingery, Debby Scott, Coach Pat Packard, Linda Schurr, Marsha Shaw, Karen Dircksen, Gale Scott, Connie Langfeldt, Serena Beber. (Row 2) Lisa Roehm, Robyn Smith, Patti Schulz, Tracey Yarian, Kim Velpel, Sherry Endsley, Tami Nierman, Kay Cornell, June Gordon, Deanna DeGrasse, Sandy Nuttle. (Row 3) Linda Wilcoxson, Rae Ann Yarde, Elise Winans, Kim Hackworth, Patti Smith, Tonya Stechler, Robin Young, Nancy Perry, Deb Hathaway, Karen James, Jean Simon, far left--TRYING TO BEAT the rest over the hurdles is Patti Schultz, right-- GOING ALL OUT DURING THE SOFT-BALL throw is Linda Wilcoxson. Girls Track 77 (ti Three records broken Garrett 8th TRACK Opponent 58 Eastside 62 34 Woodlan 56 55 DeKalb 68 50 Angola 68 46 Prairie Heights 72 34 Wayne Trace 42 43 Kendallville 57 36 Churubusco 73 33 Central Noble 55 33 Avilla 54 This year’s Jr. High track team was divided into three sections of 8th, 7th, and girls teams. Coaches for the season were Jim Hecksel and Roderick Pressler. " I thought the members did quite well individually but together the effort couldn ' t overcome the foe, ” said Coach Hecksel. There were Jr. High records broken this year. Bob Putt broke the 440 dash record with a time of 58.4. The mile relay team record was broken by Bob Putt, Chuck McPheeters, Tony Surfus, and Dave Daley with a 4.24.6 time. Kent Davis threw a record 48 feet 11 2 inches for the shot put. lower right - GIRLS JR. HIGH TRACK (Row 1) Joy Hixon, Judy Rowe, Debbie Reed, Kelly Bonar, Angie Lehman, Laura Benson. (Row 2) Cindy Bartles, Wendy Maggert, Linda Scott, Beth Bowmar, Kathy Pepple, Sarah Somers. (Row 3) Coach Roderick Pressler, Lena Sorensen, Laura Fourman, Kim Penland, Cindy Sparks, Kathy Putt, Coach Jim Hecksel. center--8th TRACK (Row 1) Chris Crowe, Dewey DeLong, Dave Daley, Mark Bowman, Dave Foley, Coach Pressler. (Row 2) Chuck McPheeters, Kevin Mock, Jeff Schendel, Doug LaLone, Tad Dickersen. (Row 3) Tony Surfus, Gary Ort, Kent Davis, Bob Putt, Randy Hackworth, Rick O ' Brian, Coach Hecksel, top right - 7th TRACK (Row 1) Scott Wilcoxson, Greg Heal, Dennis Omspacher, Dave Weimer, Jim Sturgis. (Row 2) Curt Flescher, Todd Rupert, Greg Bock, Joe Chisholm, Greg Koch, Coach Pressler. (Row 3) Jerry Kline, Lee Daley, Trey Lantz, Bob Hathaway, Coach Hecksel. 78 Jr. High Track GOLF Garrett Opponent 215 Angola 216 177 Concordia 184 157 Northrop 145 168 East Noble 181 161 Central Noble 156 154 DeKalb 144 156 South Side 154 155 Eastside 182 140 Hamilton 153 167 New Haven 150 173 Angola 165 175 DeKalb 157 175 We st Noble 187 155 East Noble 161 150 Leo 153 161 Carroll 154 162 New Haven 155 167 North Side 177 top left--HOLDING the flag while a fellow golfer tees off is Larry Getts. center left--1st HOLE! Coach Cleo Miller points towards the first green, lower left--SOCKS ON CLUBS? Gregg Grubb watches Les Grawcock tee off on the 7th hole. right--GOLF (Row 1) Keith Bock, Tim Casey, Mike Nastally, Chuck LaTurner, Randy Mettert, Wayne Malcom. (Row 2) Gregg Grubb, Larry Getts, Steve Steigmeyer, Jeff Morris, Tony Creager, Scott Bowmar, Les Grawcock. Golf 79 Creager, Bowmar co-medalists " We are very much improved over last season and proved to be competitive with just about everyone we played, " stated Coach Cleo Miller on the performance of his team. Tony Creager and Scott Bowmar were co-medalists in setting a new team record. They both had 37 ' s while Jeff Morris and Les Grawcock both had 38’s to help set the new record of 150 against Leo. These four key golfers of the team have been under Coach Miller ' s quidance since their Freshman year. With a team composed of all underclassmen, the future seasons should improve to be great if team members will work hard to improve their game over the season. 80 Varsity Baseball VARSITY BASEBALL Garrett Opponent 5 Central Noble 3 5 Angola 4 1 Leo 4 1 Churubusco 2 6 Lakeland 7 4 New Haven 3 9 Bluffton 6 3 Columbia City 5 12 Hamilton 1 0 Snider 6 2 Angola 1 8 Bellmont 2 1 DeKalb H 3 Bishop Luers 1 2 Northrup 8 6 South Adams 2 Record 9 won lost 8 top left--SENIOR. Rick McClish practices and warms up before the DeKalb game, top right-- BAT GIRL, Joni Feagler fixes catcher Bill Sherwood ' s chest protecter. lower right--SAFE! Coach Denny Feagler and varsity team members watch a close call run. ' tk Third in conference This year ' s baseball team consisted of 29 members. There were seven returning lettermen and four Seniors: Todd Custer, Bob Petcoff, Rick McClish, and Kerry Oster. GHS ' s asphalt parking lot was the workout area because bad weather prevented the diamond from being worked on. The Railroaders placed 3rd in the NEIAC conference. Kim Payton pitched a record of 7 wins and 2 losses for the season. Calvin Clabaugh held the batting average with a .390. Reserve baseball team had a total of 17 members with five going between varsity and reserves. The team ' s batting average was held by Shawn Koble and Kyle Flesher with .454 for both. The reserve team played four area teams this season. The season ' s ending record was four wins and three losses. lower left--UNDAUNTED BY THEIR SIZE, Bob Petcoff stands ready for the pitch, top left-- TELLING THE UMPIRE his feelings, Coach Feagler and Paul Ewing take their out. center left--PITCH ITCH? Kim Payton and catcher Aric Williams discuss signals, lower right--VARSITY BASEBALL: Todd Custer, Bob Petcoff, Kerry Oster, Mike Gillespie, Kim Payton, Chuck Adams, Jed Feagler, Doug Fike, Terry Graham, Bob Johnson, Shawn Koble, Todd Vanderbosch, Paul Ewing, Randy Mosley, Bill Sherwood, Calvin Clabaugh, Head Coach Denny Feagler, and Asst. Coach Steve Strocker. top right-- RESERVE BASEBALL (Row 1) Mike Gillespie, Greg Casey, Shawn Koble, John Manuel, Tim Smith, Brad Forker. (Row 2) Craig Mossberger, Joel Lillie, Paul Ewing, Ron Conrad, Chuck Adams, Andy Bowman. (Row 3) Dick Furnish, Randy Mosley, Todd Vanderbosh, Bob Johnson, Bill Sherwood, Kyle Flesher, Terry Graham, Coach Steve Stockard. Varsity Baseball 81 Guys give cheerleaders a new lift Bases were added this year to do cheers with the varsity cheerleaders. They were Seniors Dan Bradley, Bob Petcoff, Rick Getts, and Juniors Jeff Morris, Dan Thiel. With matching light blue shirts and jeans the bases flipped, twirled, and lifted the cheerleaders into new formations. Jeanie Piety, wife of Coach Larry Piety, was the new sponsor for varsity, reserve, and freshman cheerleaders. The Junior High cheerers also had Leslie Wise as a new sponsor. Swirl skirts, shoes, sweaters, and pom poms contributed to the new look. Bake sales provided money for a part of the new accessories. Junior High cheerleaders had a Breakfast of Champions for the seventh grade basketball team. The girls also decorated the halls for the DeKalb games. top right--EAT ' EM UP! Reserve cheerleaders Jodi Piety, Kelly Kinsey, and Tammy Nierman try out their new outfits, top left--VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Cindy Lash, Carla Gerber, Tammy Piety, Susie Gingery, and Lori Kleeman. lower right--SHOCKED, Carla Gerber looks at the scoreboard as Tammy Piety rejoices, lower left--GARRETT! Held by Katie Kilgore and Susie Gingery, Tammy Piety holds her stance, ending the school song. 82 Cheerleaders top left--WAITING, Lori Kleeman watches a foul shot go up. lower left—PUSH! Cheerleaders and Pom pom girls create a formation during the school song, top right--BURN YOU OUT! Kim Hackworth, Katie Kilgore, and Kim Nierman yell ' ' Burn” in the game against DeKalb. lower right--ROWDlE! Cindy Lash and Kelly Kinsey scream to get pep club members fired up. Cheerleaders 83 Athletic Department buys outfits For the first time in three years, outfits were bought for the Railettes. In the past the outfits were made. There were six new girls this year and only four Seniors. A work schedule for each game was made up by Mr. John Hutton. New candy and a bigger bag of popcorn for the same price was added to the concession stand. Also purchased this year were T- shirts for the Mat Maids. The maids made locker decorations and a hoop for the wrestlers. This year’s Pom Pom squad was limited to eight high school girls. Revision took place with new outfits and pom poms. DeLane Diller, a grade school gym teacher, was the new sponsor this year. During half time of football and basketball games, routines were done to various selections such as Superstar and Mickey Mouse. Along with varsity, reserve, and freshman cheerleaders the girls built large formations across the gym floor for the school song. top right--OUCH! While popping popcorn, Nancy Fourman gets squirted with hot oil. center--RAlLETTES (Row 1) Sandy Souder, Karen McFann, Susie Koch, Tammy Kelham, Janice Witherspoon, Elaine Baidinger. (Row 2) Nancy Fourman, Cindy Walker, Mary Bougher, Jamie McPheeters, Kelly McFann, Renee Morr. lower right--POM POMS (Front) Jodi McMillian, Julia Ferguson. (Center) Julie Englert. (Back) Lori Letiza, Karen Conkle, Tammy Maggert. left-- MAT MAIDS Denise Thiel, Peggy Micheals, April Perkins, Robyn Smith, Susie Kleber, Janice Witherspoon, Dawn Alwood, Patti Schultz, Carla Gerber, Tammy Ort. 84 Railettes Five attend Golden Gloves This year’s DeKalb County Boxing Club had five Garrett members attend the Toledo Golden Gloves Championship. Placing in the Novice open class as a runner-up was Dave Walker; Dick Furnish received runner- up in the 132 pound Novice, and Tom Esselburn won the Novice 139 pound class in Golden Gloves. Coach Ray Saxer stated, " We have Dan Somers, Ed Teller, Dave Walker, DeWayne Nodine, and Tom Esselburn receiving Honor Jackets. " An Honor Jacket is earned by having 800 points and boxing four years. " It’s hard to earn a jacket, " explained Dan Somers. Somers earned his jacket in the least amount of time ever before in the history of the club. Ed Teller is the youngest one to ever have earned a jacket. Practices consist of five rounds on the speed bag, ten rounds on the heavy bag, 20 minutes of warm-ups and sparring three rounds. The coaches are Ray Saxer, Ed Placencia, and Rubuin Conzeales. • top left--A RIGHT HANDED JAB to a blocked front from DeWayne Nodine in a boxing practice at the Garrett City Hall basement. • center-- BOXING (FRONT) Coach Ed Placencia, Ed Teller, Steve Furnish, Jim Sturgis, Greg Griffith. (BACK) Dick Furnish, DeWayne Nodine, Dan Somers, Dave Walker, Ray Burniston. • center right--GIVE ' EM A LEFT! Dick Furnish readies for a boxing match by sparring. • lower left--WATCH WHERE YOU PUNCH! Dave Walker and Dan Somers kid around before the match. Boxing ' 85 HEY! THESE ARE ALL MY PEOPLE - Hey, these are all my Friends. The ones in my classes, my friends in the halls, the ones that have a locker by mine. The ones 1 talk with, the ones 1 yell at the games with. Friends who walk home with me and friends 1 can tell my troubles to. Friends 1 can laugh with and friends who help me with my homework. The ones 1 go to games with and spend times with after school. Hey, these are all my Friends. 86 People Divider ”My friends are always there when I need them. ” Dawn Mettert " Some teachers act like you only have homework in their class and when you get in that situation, your friends ' papers become a big help. " Renee Brincefield " The bad thing about missing school was that 1 couldn ' t get to my friends ' houses either. ' ' Amy Pence " When my friends and 1 get together, we get in a lot of trouble, but we sure do have fun getting out of it. " Carol Andrews People Divider 87 Three new members elected to School Board In the School Board election of 1976 three new members were elected. They were: W. Harold Custer, Maurice Getts, and George Dykstra. A short time after the election, George Dykstra was offered the position of Assistant Principal, which he accepted and then resigned from the School Board. The Sch ool Board then appointed Donald Smith to replace him. At this time the School Board consists of W. Harold Custer, Maurice Getts, Joseph McCorkel, Charles Rowe, and Donald Smith. The School Board approved the busing of students that lived on the north side of the B O railroad tracks. This busing began on November 1 for the service of approximately 60 students. The public became involved in a controversy over the school calendar. After considerable discussion and voicing of opinions a motion was made to accept a compromise program and the motion was passed. Under this plan school will begin September 6 and end May 31. In 1976 school started two weeks before Labor Day and got out before Memorial Day. In 1977 school will start the day after Labor Day and get out the day after Memorial Day. top--Superintendent, Mr. Charles Puff. middle--SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. Maurice Getts, Mr. Joseph McCorkel, President: Mr. W. Harold Custer, Secretary. bottom--Mr. Charles Rowe, Vice President: Mr. Donald Smith. 88 Superintendent and School Board Mr. George Dykstra is new Asst. Principal top left--ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, Mr. George Dysktra, and Principal, Mr. Paul McFann, prepare themselves for the school day. top right-- Conducting a teacher’s meeting in the library is Principal, Mr. Paul McFann. lower left--The Area Vocational Director, Mr. Tony Wesolowski prepares his presentation of a new program for the special education department. The School Board gave Mr. Wesolowski permission to begin this occupational experience lab. This pilot program is lOO federally funded. lower right--Listening in on a teacher ' s meeting is Assistant Principal, Mr. George Dysktra. Administration 89 Eleven teachers graduated from Garrett BAILY-EASTES MRS. ALETHA BAILY - English 7 and 8 . MRS. KATHY BOICE - Vocational ICE, Vocational Business Lab, OEA Advisor, Senior Sponsor. MR. RICHARD BOYD - Math 7 and 8, Practical Math, Health 9, Senior Sponsor, Track Assistant, Football Assistant. MR. OWEN BRADLEY - Building Trades. MR. RICHARD CAPIN - Plane Geometry, Physics, Advanced Algebra, Senior Sponsor, Freshman Basketball Coach, Area Supervisor. MR. LARRY EARHART - Art 1 and 11, Art 7 and 8, Junior Sponsor, Senior Play Director, Art Club Sponsor. MRS. MARGARET EASTES - Research 1, English 9 and 10, Y-Teens Sponsor, Senior Soonsor. I 1 I 90 Baily-Eastes MRS. Eldridge-Geigold 91 ELDRIDGE-GIEGOLD MISS SARAH JEAN ELDRIDGE - Typing I and II, Shorthand I and II, Notehand, Cadet Teaching, National Honor Society Sponsor, Sophomore Sponsor. MR. ROBERT EWING - Drafting I and II, Vocational Drafting, Freshman Sponsor. MR. DENNY FEAGLER - Science 7 and 8, Baseball Coach, Basketball Asst. Coach, Jr. High Coach. MRS. DOROTHY FEIGHTNER - Yearbook Production, Expository Writing, Individualized Reading, Basic Composition, Practical English, Writing in Daily Living, Yearbook Advisor, Area Supervisor. MR. VIRGIL FINCHUM - Psychology, Government, Economics. MRS. JEAN FROHRIEP - English 9 and 10 . MR. ANDY GIEGOLD - Conservation, 8th Grade Agriculture, Advanced Crop Production, Advanced Livestock Production, Introductory Agriculture. GRUESBECK-KIMMY MR. ROBERT GRUESBECK - Auto Mechanics. MRS. BETH GROGG - 7th Grade English, 7th Grade Mass Media, Jr. High Newspaper Sponsor, Jr. High Drama Club Sponsor, Jr. High Spirit Club Sponsor. MRS. MILDRED HANSEN - Girl s Choir, Chorale, Concert Choir, Swing Choir, 7th and 8th Grade Music Classes, 7th and 8th Grade Swing Choir. MR. JIM HECKSEL - 7th and 8th Grade Science, Wrestling Assistant Coach, Jr. High Track Coach. MR. ALAN HUNTER - Chemistry I and II, Jr. High Football Coach, Applied Life Science. MR. JOHN HUTTON - Athletic Director. MR. EDWARD KIMMEY - 8th Grade Math. 92 Gruesbeck-Kimmey ! 1 I i LtWlb-NEAL MRS. JEAN LEWIS - Study Hall MISS LENORE LEWIS - Guidance Counselor, Area Supervisor, Advanced Physical Education, Co-ed Physical Education. MRS. LOUADDA MARKS - Guidance Counselor, Stitchery. MR. LESTER MCCARTNEY - Business Machines, Personal Typing, Typing I and II. MRS. BONNIE MILES - 8th Grade English, 8th Grade Mass Media, Jr. High Drama. MR. CLEO MILLER - Area Supervisor, Sophomore Sponsor, Practical Biology, Biology I and II, Golf Coach, Applied Life Science. MR. DAVID NEAL - Algebra I, Senior Math, Jr. High Football Coach, 8th Grade Basketball Coach. Lewis-Neal 93 NOVY-REEVES MR. ROBERT NOVY - Audio Visual Director, 8ih Grade Social Studies. MRS. BARBARA OLIN - Child Development, Adult Living, Home Ec. , Clothing 1 and 11, Interpersonal Relations, FHA Sponsor, 7th Grade Home Ec. MRS. PATRICIA PACKARD - 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education, Advanced Physical Education, 9th and 10th Physical Education, Girls Volleyball Coach, Girls Track Coach. MR. LARRY PIETY - Drafting 1, 7th and 8th Grade Group Guidance, Area Supervisor, Varsity Basketball Coach, Guidance Counselor. MR. STEVE PORTER - Writing in Daily Living, Expository Writing, Humanities I, 7th Grade English, 9th Grade English, 8th Grade Basketball Coach, X-Country Coach. MR. RODERICK PRESSLER - Junior Sponsor, U.S. History, Girls Basketball Coach. MR. RONALD REEVES - 7th Grade Math. break¬ fast EVE PORTER 94 Novy-Reeves ROBINSON-STOCKER MR. TOM ROBINSON - Jr. High Special Ed. MS. -KATHY ROE - Sociology, Area Supervisor, 7th Grade Social Studies, Current Events, World History, Senior High School Student Council. MRS. CAROL SCHLABACH - Housing, Consumer Education, Foods I and II, Junior Sponsor, 8th Grade Home Economics, FHA Sponsor. MRS. VICKY SHORT - Basic English I and II, Basic History, Basic Math, Basic Reading, Y-Teens Sponsor, MR. FRED SIEFERS - Theatre Arts I and II, Public Speaking, English 10, All- School Play. MR. DAVE SILDEN - Marching Band, Elementary Band, 7th and 8th Grade Music. MR. STEVE STOCKER - 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies, Asst. Baseball Coach, Jr. High Student Council. Robinson-Stocker 95 MR. FRED SIEFERS ■ G.MRS. VICKYIEF STOMM-WISE MR. LARRY STOMM - Area Supervisor, Bookkeeping I and II, General Business, Business Law, Junior Sponsor, Bookstore Manager. MR. GARY SURFUS - 8th Grade English, German I and II, German Club Sponsor. MRS. SHIRLEY WALLACE - Spanish I- IV, U.S. History, Spanish Honor Society Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor, Sophomore Sponsor. MR. WILBERT WELLHAUSEN - 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education, 9th Grade Physical Education, Metals I and II, Wrestling Coach, Freshman Sponsor. MR. DAVID WIANT - Advanced Physical Education, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Grade Health, Varsity Football Coach, Sophomore Sponsor. MR. GEORGE WILMORE - Woods I and II, 8th Grade Industrial Arts, Woods III and IV. MISS LESLIE WISE - Librarian, Jr. High Cheerleader Sponsor. 96 Stomm-Wise Office workers: helpful and on the ball! • top--KEEPING ATTENDANCE is Mrs. Rosemary Grogg. • top Ieft--RUNN1NG THE MIMEOGRAPH MACHINE, Mrs. Ester Rench runs off copies. • middle--COUNTING THE MONEY, Mrs. Harriett Ludban, the school treasurer. • bottom left--TYPING THE ABSENCE LIST is Mrs. Mickey Delong. • bottom--MR. McFANN ' S SECRETARY, Mrs. Jayne DeLong. • below-- TYPING AWAY, Vocational Secretary, Mrs. Mary Clabaugh. I CETA Help supervises students • lop righi--GUIDANCE RECEPTIONIST, CETA worker, Mr. Jack Smurr. • center left--PLAYING BALL, Mr. Mark Feagler, athletic dept, helper. • middle--WATCH THOSE LEGS! Assistant librarian Miss Nancy Costin, putting up a bulletin board. • bottom--GIVING ASSISTANCE, Mrs. Debbie Lepley, CETA teacher. 98 CETA Help Serving our needs in many different ways • lop left--GINGER BREAD topped with whipped cream, served by Mary Shull and Manha Reed. • top middle--DISHING OUT salad Jackie Reinoehl. • top right--HAMBURGER GRAVY stirer, Mrs. Pat Nierman. • middle lefi--A SUNWHICH IS BETTER THAN A SANDWICH, when it’s bagged by Connie Englert. • middle center--KEEPING TRACK of student activities, Raymond Souder makes a list. • center right-- MAKING THE DOOR SHINE, is Ralph Dove. • botiom--COMPARING NOTES, Corny Blomeke, Donald Dove, Mary Sutton. Cooks, Bus Drivers, Janitors 99 7th Grader, Sarah Somers, wins Ugly Contest Richard Abbott Michelle Andrews Robert Bandy Lori Barger Cindy Bartels Jeff Bauman Michelle Bauman Laura Benson SEVENTH GRADER David Manuel presents a crusader ' s banner to Ms. Roe ' s Social Studies class. The seventh graders had been studying " The Medieval World " during the first semester. They put on an entire Medieval Pageant. Michael Brandt Scott Bmmbaugh Debbie Caywood James Chaffins Kim Chaffins Joseph Chisholm Tammy Chittenden Jenny Christlieb Paula Colwell Ritch Conrad Gene Cramer Kelly Crise Terry Curtland Clara Custer Ron Custer Leland Daley Lori Davis Marilyn Davis Scott Davis Beth Delauder Rodney DeLong David Denes Susan Dennison Melanie Diederich Guy Bishop Greg Bock Patty Bock Kelly Bonar 1 00 Seventh Grade Arlene Elberson Tina Emenhiser Dan Endsley Lawrence Evans Dean Everidge Penny Pike Kurt Flesher Laura Fourman Paul Fry Larince Fugate Steve Furnish Christy Gall Regenna Gamble PaulGarn Doug Garrison Kathy Gillespie Maria Gingery Tonya Harmon Paula Harrington Pamela Hatcher Bob Hathaway Greg Heal Jamie Helbert Mark Hensinger Garry Hewes Hope High Joy Hixson Robin Hixson QUEEN OF THE UGLY CONTEST - Sarah Somers looks on with pride as fellow classmate Kathy Penland observes other contestants trying to remove their makeup. This is the second year that the contest has been sponsored. Sheryl Hornett Cathy Hutton Ritch Isham Jeff Jackson Ed Jarrett Connie Jones Shelia Jones DISCIPLINE IS NO problem for Ms. Roe in her seventh grade Social Studies class as she administers a friendly " wringing of the neck " to Jim Sturges after doing his Medieval project. Greg Kock Michelle Koskie Trey Lantz Belinda Leffel Jenny Kapp Andrea Kelham Rich Kendig Dan Kleber Angela Lehman John Lewis Loren Lindabury Susan Loutzenhiser Wendy Maggert Robin Malcolm Matt Maley John Maloney David Manuel Mark McCartney Victor McDaniel Chris McIntosh Kelly Miller Max Miller Tom Miller Lisa Molargik Charlie Morgan Diane Morr Lorin Myers Dave Nuttle Dennis Omspacher Sharon Ousley Chris Owen 102 Seventh Grade Todd Panning Tim Parks Kathy Penland Kathy Pepple Doug Peters Kathy Putt Pam Quince John Riccuis Judy Rowe Troy Rowe Todd Rupert Diane Shank Valerie Shroads Debbie Sleeper Dena Snider Sarah Somers Lena Sorensen Jamie Steckley Tammy Steckley Mark Stryker James Sturges Steve Tackles Ed Teller Jeff Thrush I Beth Vanderbosch Laura Wagner Jackie Wallace Nan Waring DEMONSTRATING A CENTER of gravity experiment in Mr. Boyd ' s seventh grade Health class is Robert Bandy. Although there are no explanations for the results, only females are able to lift the chair up from the floor. Tony Watson Diane Wappes David Weimer Scott Wilcoxson Charlie Woods Laura Woods 8th Grade dominates cast in Jr. High play Henry Albright Earl Andrews Anita Baidinger Cindy Bartels Randy Beber Carol Blessinger Carl Bock Denise Bock Frank Bock Tonoa Bock Mark Bowman Beth Bowmar Mike Bowmar Kathy Brown Tonya Brown Ray Burniston Lori Carper Kathy Casselman Johnny Chaffins Chris Chisholm Todd Clady Kay Clark Phil Clauss Tyron Combs Jan Cook Jeff Cox Chris Crowe Tawny Curtland Dan Custer Dave Daley Sharon Daniels Ernie Davis Kent Davis Scott Davis Joan DeKonick Mike Delauder 104 8th Grade Dewey DeLong Tad Dickerson Susan Dudash Don Fleckinstein David Flesch David Foley Rick Frost Terry Frost Bill Fry Kevin Fry Shari Fry Steve Getts David Gilbert Doug Gilliland Charley Gingery Dennis Goebel Tonya Gradeless Lori Graham Steve Griffin Greg Griffith Randy Hackworth Andy Hall Melany Hamon Mike Harding Carrie Hatton Lloyd Hatton Billy Hecht Jamie Helbert THE ”MR. UGLY” contest gives Henry Albright a chance to dress for the part. Here he gives his speech on why he is qualified to accept the title. Mr. Robinson assists him by plugging in the mike. Sherri Helmick Tim Herzer Janene Heupel Pam High Jim Hixson Andrea Hughes Tim Jarnagin Rita Jester 8th Grade 105 T. J. Johnson Lisa Jones Tim Jones Carol Kennedy Debbie Kidd Annette Kimmel Dave Kimmel Jim Kleeman Mary King Doug LaLone Beth Lindabury Jeff Lyon Tom Maggert Linda Mathys Rick McClellan Jim McDaniel Chuck McPheeters Jed Mellon Michele Michaels Dan Miller Kevin Mock Ronnie Morgan Lori Murray Sheila New Tom Newbauer Valerie Nodine Gary Ort Joe Parks Vonda Payton Laurie Pepple Steve Pepple Ann Peters Dean Picklesimer Todd Piety Rob Putt Debbie Reed Danny Ressler Willis Rowe TAKING EDUCATION AND MAKING IT FUN are eighth graders Debbie Reed and Valerie Nodine. They are playing a game of Vocabulary Concentration. ' 1 1 106 8th Grade Tom Yarde Dave Yarian Shari Yarian Steve Zierer AUDITIONING FOR THE JR. HIGH PLAY are Todd Piety and Laura Fourman; Mr. Fred Siefers watches their technique. " Finders Creepers " is this year ' s production. 8th Grade 107 Brent Ruger Kathy Rupert Byron Salyer Jeff Schendel George Schewe Penny Schewe Linda Scott Michele Shuff Brenda Smith Mike Souder Laura Sowles Cindy Sparks Mark Stockert Jackie Strock Johnny Sumner Tony Surf us Dean Terman Richard Thomas Tammy Thomas Diane Thompson Melanie Tullis Roger Underwood Rhonda Valiton Lori Vanderbosch Linda Walker Jana Wallace Christine Watson Robert Watson Jeanette Whitlock Cheryl Wisel Mike Zimmerman Rick Zolman Samme Wood Jeff Wright i Enthusiasm earns Freshmen Spirit Stick Kenny Alverson Tim Alwood Lori Ashenfelier Joyce Bandy Serena Beber Kathy Bergner Mark Bergner Kevin Best Susie Bickel Keith Bock John Bougher Beth Brown Serving the freshman class for the 1976-1977 school year are Katie Kilgore, President; Paul Ewing, Treasurer; Stacy Harter, Secretary; and Joyce Bandy, Vice-President. Here, the officers are taking a break on the swings in the playground. Bob Brown Edward Bunn Margie Burniston Mike Carroll Tim Casey Jodi Chisholm Troy Clady Crystal Clark Steve Cleveland Karen Conkle Ron Conrad Catherine Cousino Doug Cramer Chad Custer Charles Daniels Craig Davis Deanna Degrasse Becki DeLong Denice Denes Chuck Derrow Eric Dircksen Steve Duguid Renee Ellen Susan Endsley 108 Freshmen Julie Engel Patty Everidge Paul Ewing Joni Feagler Mark Felger Kay Ferdinand Sonja Folden Brad Forker Debbie Freeman George Fuentes TRUMPET PLAYER Mary Gingery looks for confidence as she marches behind Tony Garn. Some of the football halftime songs that the band played are Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, M A S H. and Movin’ On. Barry Fultz Tony Garn Kim Getts Ron Gibson Dave Gingery Mary Gingery Wendy Gol die Gregg Grubb Jerry Habig Kim Hackworth Robert Hall Stacy Harter Andy Herzer Tina High Dennis Hile Mary Hoeffel Nate Hoeffel Beth Hollinger Pam Hollinger Don Isham Bob Isham Mike Jarrett Kathy Jones Randy Jones Brent Ferguson Kyle Flesher Freshmen 109 Patty Jones Kraig Kelham Katie Kilgore Jami Knott Rex Kook Coleen Koskie HOLDING THE ROPE has its advantages for Chuck LaTurner at the East Noble Basketball game, such as getting into the game for free. This honor is awarded to the Freshman basketball players. Mark Krider Terry Kurtz Connie Langfeldt Chuck Laturner Tony Lehman Ron Leland Lori Letizia Sue Lindabury Tami Maggert V ayne Malcolm Charles Maloney Todd Marti Ken McClish Jodi McMillan Randy Mettert Randy Morgan Deb Myers Penny Nash Kim Nierman Barb Nolan Bill Norris Joe Novy Sandy Nuttle Richard Olson Karen Ousley Doug Overy Donna Parr Doug Payton Terry Pence Jodi Piety Debbie Quince Donna Reed 110 Freshmen Tami Reed Wanda Riccius Scott Ridgway Lisa Roehm Steve Roehm Jackie Ruger Sabra Schurr Tonya Sechler S.I.R. proves beneficial to Tami Maggert and Jodi Piety as they v ork on their stitchery. The Freshmen enjoy the new privilege given to them during their study hall. Bill Sherwood Linda Sholl Lisa Shoudel Janice Sigler Jody Simcox Jean Simon Vic Sims Vanessa Sipe Jeff Skelly Dave Smith Emily Smith John Somers Leo Somers Carson Sparks Cindy Steward Susan Sturges Becky Thrush Jim VanAuken Kim Velpel Katrina Wagner Richard Waring Debbie Weaver Donald Weaver Kathy Wegman Freshmen 111 Sophs pick cardinal red, royal blue jackets Chris Dewitt Lynn Diederich Karen Dircksen Sherry Endsley Sarah Albright Dave Alverson Elaine Baidinger Beth Baker Scott Baker Ralph Baker Sun Ae Bard Jenny Bartels Alicia Bock Brenda Bolen Tim Brennan Denise Brown Lisa Buckles Dennis Carpio Greg Casey Jack Chaffins Tim Clevenger David Cornell Susan Denes Ernest Dennison Pat Cottrell Mike Cox Carl Custer Kathy Daley Jaretta Daniels Tara Daniels President Elaine Baidinger, Vice-President Terri Morr, Treasurer Sun Ae Bard, and Secretary Tammy Ruger lead the Sophomore class. Relaxing at the ticket booth, the four girls put the new ERA law to good use. Ted Daniels Loretta Davis Sandy DeKoninck Rick DeLong 112 Sophomores Mark Englert Rey Espino Keith Flesher Lori Freeman Bryan Freeze Emma Fugate Dick Furnish Carla Gerber GIRLS GYMNASTICS class gives Tammi Piety a chance to tone up her body as well as to have fun. Here, Tammi is doing an exercise to strengthen her legs and tighten her stomach muscles. Also used are the trampoline and balance beam. Larry Getts Roger Getts June Gordon Rick Graham Terry Graham Penny Griffin Tim Griffin Kim Griffith Sue Hagewood Geraldine Hammond Karen Harding Ed Hatcher Debbie Hathaway Ginger Helbert Pam Helmick William Hensinger Bruce Houser John Hurd Craig Hutton Joe Hyde Bob Johnson Steve Kennedy Kelli Kinsey William Klinger Sophomores 113 Shawn Koble Steve Lepard James Lindabury Robert Maloney John Manuel Randy Marti Christine McBride Dawn McClellan Sheila McDaniel Karen McFann Linda Molargik Rita Morgan Terri Morr Missy Morsches Craig Mossberger Jim Murray Joe Myers Todd Myers A HELPING HAND is lent to Tim Smith by Terry Graham in their study of ancient artifacts during World History. Mike Nastally Norma Nolan Dan Nuttle Tammy Ort Neal Parker Nancy Perry Raymond Perry Althea Peters Tammi Piety Penny Potter Rick Redmond Jim Riccius Mike Rist Jeff Rowe Tammy Ruger Patty Schultz Gale Scott Mark Simmons 1 14 Sophomores Greg Simon Ron Sleeper Jeff Smeltzer Pat Smith Patty Smith Tim Smith Nina Sorensen Sandy Souder Beth Steckley Steve Steigmeyer Jeff Stelzer Bob Sturges Laura Teller Lonaine Teller Denise Thiel Kevin Thomas Ken Thrush Tim Vanderbosch SOPHOMORE William Hensinger gets a chance to have theatrical makeup put on him. Mr. Siefers demonstrated the application of makeup to all of the tenth grade English classes. Todd Vanderbosch Mark Walker Donald Wells Stacy Wells Valerie Wilcox Tom Wilcoxson Aric Williams Elise Winans Janice Witherspoon Donita Woodward Joe Woodward Debbie Wright Mike Wyatt Harry Yarian Michelle Yarian Bettina Yingling Robin Young Mary Zeider Sophomores 1 15 Prom debatable. Juniors strive to meet goal Dawn Alwood Carol Andrews Lori Babbitt Donna Bartels Ellen Bauman Tim Bishop Linda Blessinger Carole Blotkamp LEADING THE JUNIOR CLASS are officers Sarah Mavity, Treasurer; Susan Kock, Secretary; Curt Custer, President; and Lori Babbitt, Vice-President. Judy Bonkoski Mary Bougher Andy Bowman Deanna Bowmar Scott Bowmar Renee Brincefield Jody Brown Teresa Burniston Vickie Casselman Karen Clady Bob Cline Pete Costin Sheree Crabill Jody Creager Tony Creager Casey Crise Curt Custer Jim Davis Dave DeKoninck Becky Delauder Charlotte Delauder Julie Dennison Joan Dickison Bob Diederich Joel Eberhard 116 Juniors Juniors 117 Barb Hillegass Darlene Horneit Tim Eck Lisa Ellen Gene Emenhiser Tom Esselburn Julia Ferguson Tina Fetter Rita Flesch John Freeman Debbie Freeze Dan Frost Dave Fuentes John Gael Kris Gerhardt Bruce Getts Val Gibson Mike Gillespie Mark Gingery Les Grawcock Cathy Greenway Pat Greenway Beth Haffner Brian Haffner Tim Hall Roland Harding Ty Haner MONEY FROM THE JUNIOR CLASS magazine sales is counted by one of the representatives as Sarah Mavity and Susan Kock observe. The Junior class earned $2151.46 for the Junior-Senior Prom. Jim Hatton Cyndi Heller Larry Hensinger Matt Herzer Sharon Higgins Tom High Julie Howard Pat Howey Louis Hyde Karen James Kim Jensen Ricl Jester Diane Kearns Tami Kelham TIME WELL SPENT in tJie library - Matt Herzer and Andy Bowman use their SIR privileges to go to the library and study their Chemistry homework. Abby Kennedy Beth Kennedy Rich King Susan Kleber Lori Kleeman Cathy Kline Susie Kock Greg Langfeldt Thoma Lantz Joel Lillie Terry Lockwood Denise Mansfield Julie Manuel Sarah Mavity Ray McBride Dan McCartney Lori McDaniel Jamie McPheeters Jeff Mellott Dawn Mettert Lori Molargik Doreen Moore Diane Morgan Jeff Morris Donna Mosley , 118 Juniors Matt Myers Mary Nastally Tammy Nierman Dewayne Nodine Lori Overy Karen Parker Kim Payton Dave Pence Gene Peters Jill Rench Dianna Richardson Patty Rowe Rhonda Shaw Sandy Shroads Charlene Sims Robyn Smith Sarah Smith Sharon Snook Mike Steward Rusty Stockert Craig Strock Steve Strock Brent Stryker Dan Thiel Ed Tittle A SHOWER OF SNOW falls on Juniors Kris Gerhardt and Lori Molargik as they sing " Winter Wonderland " during the Christmas Convocation. Other songs that were sung were " Jingle Bells " by the Junior High, " Frosty the Snowman " by the Freshmen, " Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer " by the Sophomores, and " A Christmas Song " by the Seniors, who won the contest. Jeri Treesh Vicki Treesh Tom Wagner Dan Warfield Len Wells Jamie Wilcox Linda Wilcoxson Rae Ann Yarde HEY! THIS IS 1 20 Senior Divider — .1 ■ LARRY DALE ADAMS; Intrmls. 10; FFA 9 - 11: Voc. Auto. 12. RAMONICA (JODY) LYNN ADAMS: Yr. Bk. 12; Miss Gar. Pgt. DOUG A. ASHENFELTER: F-Ball9: Trk. 9; Intrmls. 9; Voc. Draft. 9; Voc. Auto. 11, 12. BETSY DAWN BABBITT: GAA 9. 10; Thes. 11. 12; Y-Tns. 10; Chor. 12; All Sch. PI. 10; Miss Gar. Rnr-Up. TONI A SUE BAKER: GAA 9, 10; OEA 10; Pep 9, 10; Y-Tns. 10; Chor. 9 - 12; All Sch. PI. 10. JEFFREY WAYNE BARTELS; Bk-Ball 9. 10; F-Ball 9 - 12: Golf 9, 10; Inumls. 12; FCA 10, 11; VICA 11, 12; DE 12; ICE 12; Bldg. Tr. 11; Bys. Pep 11. JAMES NEAL BAUMAN, JR. : FFA 9 - 12; ICE 11. 12: 4-H. PAUL LEROY BEBER; F-Ball 9; Golf 9 - 12; Bldg. Tr. 11. 12; AV Asst.; Bys. Pep 11; Wksp. .4sst. JULIA ANN BEST: GAA 9, 10; Gls. Chor. 12 . 122 Seniors below--CONCENTRATION - Don Holbrook lines up a block of wood to be chiseled for Woodworking class, top left—LEADING THE CLASS OF ’77 - (Standing) Bill Muzzlllo, V-P; Nancy Fourman, Sec.: Tony Flesch, Exec. Board. (Middle) Susie Gingery, Pres. (Sitting) Renee Morr, Treas.; Debbie Scott, Exec. Board, bottom left—CATCHING UP ON HOMEWORK, Mike Smith studies in the quiet hall after school. DAN W. BOUGHER; Wrest. 9 - 11; Inirmls. 10; FFA 9-11. KENT BOWMAN JEFF NEAL BROOKS: Bk-Ball Mgr. 9, 10; F- Ball Mgr. 10 - 12; Wrest. 9; Intrmls. 10 - 12; Ltrman 10 - 12; FCA 11, 12; Bys. Pep 11: Voc. Auto. 11, 12. MONICA MAE BUNN: VICA 11, 12; ICE 11 , 12 . KATHLEEN CAROLYN CARR: Art See. 11, Pres. 12; All Sch. PI. 11, 12; Sr. PL; Yr. Bk. 11, 12: Yr. Bk. Wksp. 12; Tri-Kappa Jr. Art 11 . JAMIE LYNNE CARROLL: Trk. 10; Gls. Bk-Ball 10; GAA 9 - 11; Ger. 12; FHA 9, 10; Y- Tns. 10 - 12; Yr. Bk. 12; Sr. PI. CYNTHIA JO CASSELMAN: Chldr. 9; OEA 10 - 12; Thes. 11, 12; Pep 11, 12: Y-Tns. 10. V-P 11; Yr. Bk. 11: Chor. 11, 12: All Sch. PI. 9 - 12: OEA Exec. Brd. 10, 11. KELLIE JO CHRISTLIEB: Gls. Bk-Ball 9 - 12: Trk. 9 - 11; DE 12; ICE 12. MARSHA ANN CLADY: OEA 12; Bus. Lab. Seniors • ' 123 C3 ■tn? " DEBORAH ANN CLAXTON: OEA 11. 12 - Sec.; Span. 9; Pep 9 - 12; Yr. Bk. 11: Bus. Lab. 12; Teach Asst. 12. MARK ALLAN CLEVELAND: Wrest. 11, 12: FFA 9 - 11: Voc. Auto. 12; Bys. Pep 11. KAY ROSANNE CORNELL: Trk. 10. 11: V-Ball 11, 12 - Co-Capt.: GAA 9 - 11; Lat. 9, 10: St. Coun. 11, 12: Pep 9-12. Sec-Treas,; Y-Tns. 9, 10; NHS 11, 12 - Treas,; Band 9; All Sch. PI. 11, KAYE LYNN CRAGER: Art ll. TODD WAYNE CUSTER: Bs-Ball lo -12; Bk-Ball 9 - 12: F-Ball 9 - 12; Trk. 9: Ltrman 11, 12; FCA 10 - 12; St. Coun. 10 - 12, Pres.; All Sch. PI. 11; Sr. Pi, DIANE KAY DEKONINCK: FHA 11, V-P, 12, Pres.; Y-Tns. 11, 12; An 11; ICE 12. MICHAEL ALLEN DEKONINCK: VICA 11. 12; Voc. Auto. 11. 12. LYNN ALAN DELAUDER: Bk-Ball 9, lO; Trk. 12; X-Cniy 12; Intrmls. 11, 12; Ltrman 11, 12; FCA 9 - 12; Voc. Auto. 12; Sr. PI.; Bys. Pep 11 . SHERRY KAY DELAUDER: Pep 9; Chor. 9 - 12: Sr. PI. above--TURKEY OF THE YEAR Dan Hathaway receives the title for falling headfirst into the sewer, top right--KEEPING THE BEAT, Bass guitarist Jeny Sigler practices with the basketball rock band, bottom right—WEARING WINNING SMILES are Football Homecoming Queen Judy Woodmff and her escon Bob Petcoff. 124 Seniors RANDY DELONG BRIAN CHRISTOPHER DELUCENAY: Golf 10; Bys. Pep 11. LAURIE DIANE DERICKSON: Gls. Trk. 9, 10: Chidr. 9 - Co-Capt.; OEA 11, 12 - Con. Sec.; Thes. 11, 12 - V-P; Pep 9, 10: Y-Tns. 10, 11; Chor. 9 - 12; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12; Bus. Lab. 12 . SHANNON MARIE DERROW: Tik. 9 - ll; GAA 9 - 12; Pom-Pom 12; OEA 10 - 12; Thes. 12; Span. 9; St. Coun. 9; Pep 9 - 12; Y-Tns. 9 - 12. V-P; Off. Asst. 9. VICKI SUE DIEDERICH: OEA 10. 11 - Exec. Bid., 12 - Pres.; Y-Tns. 9 - 11; NHS 12; Yi. Bk. 11: Chor. 12; Off. Asst. 11; Alt. to Gls. St.; Bus. Lab. JULIE ANN ENGLERT: Gls. Trk. lO; gaa 9 - 11; Pom-Pom 12; Lat. 9, 10; FHA 9; St. Coun. 9, 10; Pep 9 - 12; Y-Tns. 9-12, Pres.; NHS 12; Glass Treas. 10; Lib. Asst.; Miss Gar. Pgt. KAREN DIAN FEASEL; Gls. Trk. 9 - ll: V- Ball 9; GAA 9 - 12; OEA 9 - 12: Pep 10; Y-Tns. 9. 10: Yr. Bk. 10; All Sch. PI. 11; Sr. PL; Bus. Lab. ANTHONY ALAN FLESCH: F-Ball 9; X- Cnty 12; Wrest. 9 - 12, Co-Capt.; Ltrman 10 - 12, Sec.; NHS 11, 12; Band 9. BRIAN KEITH FLESCH: Trk. 9 - 12; X- Cmy 10-12, Co-Capt.: Wrest. 10; Ltrman 10 - 12; FCA 10, 11 - V-P, 12; Bldg. Tr. 11, 12; Bys. Pep 11: All Sch. PI. 12; Sr. PI. Seniors 125 CRAIG STEPHEN FOSNAUGH; VICA 11, 12: Voc. Draft. 11, 12. CHRISTINE MARIE FOSTER: Gls. Bk-Ball 10: GAA 12, V-P: Gls. Trk. 9: Pep 9 - 12, V-P: Yr. Bk. 11: Gls. Choir 12; All Sch. PI. 9; AV Asst. NANCY DARLENE FOURMAN: X-Cnty Mgr. 12: Gls. Bk-Ball 11; GAA 9 - 11: Rail. 10 - 12, Capi.; St. Coun. Sec. 9 - 12: Pep 9 - 12, Pres.: Yr.Bk. 12: Class V-P 10: Class Sec. 12: Gls. St.; Miss Gar. Pgt. RANDY WAYNE FREEMAN: ICE. GREGORY PAUL GERBER: F-Ball ll, 12: Wrest. 11, 12: Ltrman 12: Chor. 10 - 12: Voc. Draft. 11. 12: All Sch. PI. 10 - 12; Sr. PI.; Teach. Asst.; Bys. Pep 11. RICK EDWARD GETTS: Bk-Ball 9, 10; F-Ball 9 - 12: Wrest. 11, 12 - Capt.; Ltrman 9 - 12; FCA 9 - 12; Yr. Bk. 12; Chor. 9 - 11; ICE 12; All Sch. PI. 9 - 12: Sr. PI. SUSIE TERESA GINGERY: Chldr. 9 - 12, Capt.; St. Coun. 10 - 12; NHS 11, 12; Chor. 9; All Sch. PI. 10; Class Pres. 10 - 12; Class Treas. 9; DAR; Miss Gar. Pgt. SUSAN MICHELLE GRIFFIN: Ger. 12; Lai. 9. 10 - Sec.: Pep 9; Y-Tns. 10 - 12. Sec.: NHS 11, 12 - Pres.; Swg. Chor. 10; Band 9 - 12, V-P; Pep Band 9 - 12; Jazz Combo 12; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12: Sr. PI.: Miss Gar. TIM BLAINE GRIFFIN; Bk-Ball 10; F-Ball 9, Trk. 9-12; X-Cnty. 10-12, Capt.; Intrmls. 12: Ltrman 9 - 12: FCA 9 - 12; FFA 9 - V-P, 11. 12 - Pres.: Voc. Draft. 11; All Sch. PI. 11: St. PI. 4 ] 26 Seniors above- -rVE GOT NO STRINGS, Pinocchio Cindy Walker sadly sings about her problem at the Miss Garrett Pageant, top left—AFTER A HARD DAY ' S WORK, Paul Beber and Bruce Kennedy have the problem licked at the Building Trade ' s house, bottom left—IN RECOGNITION Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Custer stand with son Todd at the basketball Parent ' s Night. VALERIE JEANNE GRIFFIN: GAA 9 - ll; Span. 9-12, V-P; SHS 11, 12 - V-P; Sr. PI.; Yr. Bk, Wksp. 12; NHS 12. CINDY HALL: Thes, 11, 12: Span. 9, 10; FHA 9: Yr. Bk. 11; Chor. 9 - 12: All Sch. PI. 10, 11; lU Music Clinic 12; Teach. Asst. CAROL JEAN HAMMOND: GAA 9 - 11: Yr.Bk, 12; Lib. Asst. 12. STEPHEN KEVIN HARMON: Bk-Ball 9 - 12: F-Ball 9; FCA 11; Chor. 12: Voc. Draft. 12; All Sch. PI. 11, 12: Sr. PI. DANIEL LEROY HATHAWAY: Trk. ii, 12; X-Cnty 12, All Conf,; Ltrman 12; FFA 9. MIKE HAWKINS TONY LEROY HIGH: Voc. Auto. 12. DONNIE PORTS HOLBROOK: F-Ball 9 11; Wrest. 10, 11; FFA 9 - 11, Treas.; Voc. Draft. 9; Voc. Auto. 11, 12; 4-H. JERI SUE BRANDT HURD: Gls. Trk. 9 - 12; Gls. Bk-Ball 9; OEA 10; Band 9 - 11; Voc. Auto. 12: Off. Asst. 12. Seniors 127 LORRAINE ELIZABETH JEFFERY: Txk. 10; Inirmls. 9: GAA 9 - 11: Span. 10 - 12; Lat. 9: Y-Tns. 12; Yr.Bk. 11. 12. JOLENE A. JOHNSON: GAA 9. 10: OEA V- P 12: Span. 9 - 11: Chor. 12; Band 9, 10: All Sch. PI. 10, 11. TRACEY LOU JOHNSON: Trk. 9. 11. 12: V-Ball 9, Capt, 10, 11, Capt. 12: GAA Pres, 10; Mat Maid 11 - Co-Capt.; Thes. 11, 12; St. Coun, 9, 11, 12 - Treas.: Pep 10 - 12; Y-Tns. 12: NHS 11, 12: All Sch. PI. 10, 12; Class Treas. 11. DAVE KELHAM SARAH G, KELHAM BRUCE ALAN KENNEDY; F-Ball 9; Trk. 9; X-Cnty 12; Lai. 9, 10; AV Asst. 12; Bldg. Tr. RITA ANN KEPPLE; OEA 12 - Pari.; Y-Tns. 11. 12: NHS 12; Off. Asst. LANCE ROBERT KIMMEL; Bk-Ball 9 - 12; F-Ball 9, 11. 12: Trk. 10; Span. 9, 10; SHS 11. 12; Ltrman 11, 12; FCA 11. 12; St. Coun. 9, 10: Voc. Auto. 11, 12: Class V-P 10. DEBORAH ANN KLEEMAN; GAA 9, 10; FTA 10: Pep 9-11. above--AND WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE? Lance Kimmel calls down Mrs. Boice to sit on Santa’s knee at the Christmas convo. bottom right--GOOFIN ' AROUND, Cindy Lash plays with the wres tling dummy, top right—PSYCHING UP, Halfback Todd Custer and manager Jeff Brooks wait for the East Noble game to begin. 128 Seniors PATRICK JAMES KLEEMAN: F-Ball9, 10: Wrest. 9, 10: FCA 9, 10; VICA 12; Art 11, V-P; DE 12; ICE 12. DONALD CLYDE KOSKIE: Bldg. Tr. ii; FFA 9, 10; Voc. Auto. 12. LORI LEE LAMPE; GAA 9, 10; OEA 11, 12 - Treas,; Pep 9, 10; Y-Tfis. 9 - 11; Chor. 12; Band 9 - 11; Pep Band 9 - 11; All Sch. PI. 11; Bus. Lab. 12; OEA Wksp. TIMOTHY LAWRENCE LANTZ: Bk-Bail 9, 10; F-Ball 9: Trk. 9 - 12; X-Cnty 10-12, Co-Capi.; Intrmls. 12 ; Ltrman 9 - 12; FCA 9 - 12; Bldg. Tr. 12; St. Coun. 12; Bys. Pep 11; All Sch. PI. 11: Sr. PL; AV Asst 12. CYNTHIA SUE LASH: GAA 9-11, Chldr. 9 - 12; OEA 11; Thes. 11, 12; Lat. 9; St. Coun. 10, 12: Pep 9; Y-Tns. 11. 12; Art 12; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12; Class Sec. 9; Sr. PL: Miss Gar. Pgt. ERNIE LEACH SHERRILL ANN LEWELLYN: GAA 9, 10; OEA 11; Span. 11; FHA 9, 10; Pep 9 - 11; Art 12; Choi. 12: Off. Asst. JOE LEY MARK GERALD MARTIN: Bs-Ball 9 - li: Bk-Ball 9-12, Capt.; F-Ball 9; Ltrman 12: FCA 10. 12; Voc. Auto. 12. Seniors 129 RICK LYNN MCCLISH: Bs-Ball; Bk-Ball 9. 11, 12; Trk. 9; Ltrman 11, 12: FCA 12; Voc. Auto. 12: Wksp. KELLY ANN MCFANN: Gls. Trk. 9 - 12; Gls. Bk-Ball 9, 10: GAA 9 - 11: Mat Maid 11; Rail. 11, 12; Span. 9, 10; FHA 9; Pep 9 - 12; Y- Tns. 10 - 12: NHS 11, 12; Band 9; Sr. PI. PEGGY ANN MICHAELS: Mat Maid 11, 12 - Capt.: Ger. 12 - Treas.: Chor. 12; Class Sec. 10: Off. Asst. 9, 10; AV Asst, 12. CHRIS TIMOTHY MILES: FFA 9, 10; vie A 11, 12: Sr. PI. TERRY WAYNE MILLER: Voc. Auto. 12, RENEE MARIE MORR: GAA 10, ll; Rail 11, 12: Thes. 12; St. Coun. 11, 12 - V-P; Pep 10 - 12; NHS 12; Chor. 9; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12; Sr. PI.; Class Sec, 11; Class Treas, 12. MICHAEL WILLIAM MORSCHES: F-Ball 10 - 12: Trk. 11. 12; Wrest. 10, 11; Golf 10; Ltrman 12 - Treas.; FCA 10-12, Sgt. Arms; Chem. Asst.; Bys. Pep 11. WILLIAM ALLEN MUZZILLO: Bk-Ball 9. 10: F-Ball 9, 10, 12; Trk. 9. 10; Intrmls. 10 - 12; Ltrman 12; FCA 10 - 12, Pres.; St. Coun. 10 - 12; Bys. Pep 11; NHS 11, 12 - V-P: Yr.Bk, 12; Class V-P; AV Asst. 10. SUE ELLEN MYERS: GAA 9, 10; Chldr. 9; Lat. 9. 10: Pep 9 - 12; Y-Tns. 11. 12; NHS 12. 130 Seniors below—’’THERE’S NOTHING WRONG with the way it ' s written! " exclaims director Kent Tyler played by Brian Flesch in the Senior play. top left— CURIOUS Dan Somers watches a Junior High pep session, bottom left—KEEPING RECORDS, Cross- Country managers Nancy Fourman and Debbie Scott hand out place markers as Cindy Walker snaps a picture for yearbook and junior Susie Kock and Linda Schurr look on. ' jr- T RALANA CAY NODINE: FHA 9; Pep 9, lO: VICA 12; ICE 12; Miss Gar. Pgt, KATHLEEN ELLEN NUTTLE: Ger. 12 - Pres.; FTA 11; Y-Tns. 11, 12 - Treas.; NHS 12; Yr. Bk. 10 - 12; Yx.Bk. Wksp. 12; Band 9-12, Sec.-Treas.; Pep Band 9 - 11; Jazz Combo 12; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12; Sr. PI.; Lib. Asst. 12; lU Music Clinic 12; PU All-Star Band 11; Mod. Lang. 9, 10. PATRICIA ANN OMSPACHER; gaa 9; FTA 9; Y-Tns. 10, 11; Band 9 - 11; Pep Band 9 - 11; DE 12; ICE 12; Off. Asst. 12. ALICIA RAYNEE OSTER: chor. 9-12. KERRY SCOT OSTER: Bs-Bali 9 - 12; Bk- Ball 9 - 12; F-Ball 9. BRENDA J. OUSLEY: FHA lo. ii; Y-Tns. 9, MIKE PAYTON AMY LOU PENCE: Gls. Bk-Ball 10: Span. 9 - 11: FTA 10, 11 - Pres.; Chor. 9, 11, 12; All Sch. PI. 9, 10; Sr. PI.; AV Asst. 12. BETH ANN PENLAND: Get. 12; Span. 9 - 12, Pres,: SHS 11, 12 - Sec-Treas.; Pep 11, 12; Yr.Bk. 12: All Sch. PI, 11, 12; Lib. Asst. Seniors 131 APRIL ELAINE PERKINS: Mai Maid 12; FHA 12; FTA 10, Sec-Treas. , 11; Pep 10 - 12; Y-Tns. 11 - V-P, Pres. 12 - Pgm. Chr.; Yr.Bk. 12; Chor. 9 - 12; Sr. PI. ROBERT J. PETCOFF: Bs-Ball 9 - 12; Wrest. 10 - 12; Intrmls. 12 - Coach; Ltrman 10-12, V- P; FCA 11, 12; AV Assi. 12; Bys. Pep 11, KEVIN JAMES PFEFFERKORN: Bs-Ball 10; Bk-Ball 9; F-Ball 9; Intrmls. 10 - 12; FCA 10, 11; FFA 9-11, V-P; NHS 12; DE 12; ICE 12. GARY LEE POLING; Bk-Ball Mgr. 9 - 11; Trk. Mgr. 11, 12; Wrest. Mgr.; Thes. 12; FTA 9 - 11, V-P; All-Sch. PI. 11. 12; Sr. PI.; AV Asst, 12; Bk, St, Asst. 12. KEITH POTTER; Voc. Draft. 11: Voc. Auto. 12 . RICK ALAN RANSBOTTOM: VICA 11, 12; Voc. Auto. 11, 12. above--SOFT SHOE, Judy Woodruff dances to the tune of " Loving You " in the Miss Garrett Pageant, top right--WITH ENTHUSIASM Rick McClish and Kerry Oster watch the Jr. Hi. football game against Leo. bottom right-IT ' S DUNKING TIME for Susie Gingery after the competition between the classes at a pep session. ALISA GAIL REED: GAA 9, 10; Lat. 10; FTA 9, 10 - Sec-Treas., 11; St. Coun. 9; Y-Tns. 9 - 11 Sec., 12; NHS 12; Yr.Bk. 9; Band 9. 10; Sr. PI. PAUL ROBERT REFFNER; FTA 9 - 11 12; Sr. PI.; AV Asst, 10 - 12. RENEE MARIE RIST: Gls. Bk-Ball 9; GAA 9. 10; OEA 10-12, St. Off.; FFA 9: Pep 10 - 12; NHS 12; Yr.Bk. 11; AllSch. PI. 11; Lib. Asst.; Miss Gar. Pgt. 1 32 - Seniors JANICE LEE ROBERTS: GAA 9. lO: OEA 11; Span. 9 - 11, Sec. 12 - Treas.; Yr.Bk. 12: Si. PI. NORMAN EUGENE RUNION, JR. : Bk- Ball 9, 10: F-Ball 9, 10: Tik. 9: FFA 11: St. Coun. 9, 10; Voc. Draft. 10; ICE 12; Woods Asst. THERESA L. SCHEWE: Gls. Trk. 9 - 11; GAA 9 - 11; Pep. 9-11; Y-Tns. 9-11; Chor. 9, 10, 11; All Sch. PI. 12. LINDA JILL SCHURR: Gls. Trk. 11, 12; Gls. Bk-Ball; 11, 12: GAA 9-10, Sec., 12; Lat. 9, 10: FFA 12; Pep 9 - 11: Teach. Asst. 10. DEBORA KAY SCOTT: Trk. 9 -12; X-Cmy Mgr. 12; V-Ball 10, 11; GAA 9 - 11; Pep 9 - 12; NHS 12; Class V-P 11; Yr.Bk. 12; Class Exec. Comm. 12. MARSHA ANN SHAW: Trk. 11, 12; Gls. Bk-Ball 10-12, Capt.; GAA 11. JERRY LEE SIGLER: F-Ball 9; Wrest. 9; Span. 9, 10; Choir 11, 12; Band 9 - 12, Pres.; Pep Band 9 - 12; Jazz Combo 12; PU All-Star Band 11; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12. CHRISTEEN M. SMITH: Ger. 12: Span. 9 - 11 . DENNY C. SMITH: Golf 9 - 12; Intrmls. 12: Span. 10; FCA 10, 11: ICE 12. Seniors 133 134 • Seniors MICHAEL LEE SMITH: Band 9 - 12; Pep Band 9 - 12; Jazz Combo 12; All Sch. PI. 10 - 12. RANDY D. SMITH: Bs-Ball 11: Bk-Ball 9 - 12; F-Ball 9 - 12; Trk. 9, 10; OEA 12: Ltrman 10 - 12; FCA 10 - 12; VICA 12; ICE 12; Class Pres. 9. DANIEL EDWARD SOMERS: Trk. 10. 12; X-Cnty 10 - 12. Capt.; Intrmls. 9 - 11; Ltrman 10 - 12. Pres.: FCA 10 - 12. LARS M. SORENSEN: Span. 9; Band 9, 10: Pep Band 9, 10. TODD ELDO STEMEN: Voc. Auto. 12. CINDY SUZANNE TREADWELL: Mat Maid 11; Span. 9 - 11; Pep 10; Voc. Auto, 12. JAMES A. TREESH: Bk-Ball 9 - 11; F-Ball 9 - 12; Trk. 11; Ltrman 10 - 12; VICA 12; ICE 12; PE Asst. 12. KATHY ANN VANDERBOSCH: gaa 9 - 11; Ger. 12; Lat. 9, 10; Pep 12; Y-Tns. 9; All Sch. PI. 12; Sr. PI. ARNETTA VONHOLTEN: SHS 11, 12; Yr.Bk. 12. below--GEMUTLICHKEITSVEREIN INITIATE Peggy Michaels signs the register book as a member of the German club, top right--LOW CLASS - NO CLASS intramural coach Rick McCiish tells Dan Bradley and Jeff Bartels to get their heads together for the big game against ZZ Bottom, bottom right--YEARBOOK FRUSTRATION, Kathy Can checks the style book for her ad section. CINDY LOU WALKER: GAA 9, 10; Rail. 11, 12; OEA 12; Thes. 11, 12; Pep 9 - 12; Yr.Bk. 9 - 12; All Sch. PI. 9 - 12; Sr. PI.; Lib. Asst. 9-12; Miss Gar. Pgt. DAVID LANG WALKER: Bs-Ball 10. ii; X- Cnty 12; Intrmls. 10, 11; Ltrman 11; Art 9 - 11; DeKalb Boxing. LINDA E. WALTER: oea 12; fha li; Y- Tns. 9; ICE 12; Bus. Lab. BRIDGET MARY WARING: Trk. 9; Intrmls. 9; GAA 9 - 11; Span. 10 - 12; Lat. 9; FFA 10 - 12, V-P; Y-Tns. 12; Yr.Bk. 11. 12; Sr. PI. DONALD LEE WELLS: VICA 11, 12; Chor. 10 - 12: All Sch. PI. 10. RHONDA KAY WILLIAMS: Gls. Trk. Mgr. 10; GAA 11; Pep 9 - 12: Gls. Chor. 12; Sr. PL; Off. Asst. 9 - 12. JUDITH ANN WOODRUFF: GAA 9, 10; OEA 11, 12 - Hist.: St. Coun. 10; Y-Tns. 9, 10: Chor. 12; All Sch. PI. 10. 11; Miss Gar. Pgt.; Lib. Asst. Seniors 1 35 right-- ' ’AT LAST A MILLIONAIRE!” Harriet finds happiness in Bramwell Up de Graft ' s financial status, bottom-- " WHERE DO I COME IN AT?” Renee Morr asks Assistant Director Alisa Reed, bottom righi--”YOU GET PRETTIER EVERY DAY. MILLIE,” Sheriff Henshaw says to his secret sweetheart. t i 1 2 -■} fjki. " Taci " TIM GRIFFIN stage manager TIM LANTZ lights and curtains BRIAN FLESCH kent tyler TODD CUSTEft clem wagner DAN BRADLEY bun holbrook JAMIE CARROLL student director GREG GERBER bob granger GARY POLING custer henshaw NANCY FOURMAN millie fisher i BRIDGET WARJ fc kilty dralj,«% STEVE HARMON carlion up 3e gra t MIDDLE CINDY WALKER tullina lagallimore RICK GETTS bramwell up de graft KELLY MCFANN adele warren RENEE MORR laura hunter MR. EARHART director CINDY LASH jane arnold AMY PENCE mary cooper VAL GRIFFIN helen kruger KATHY CARR harrieit baker FRONT PAUL REFFNER big wind JANICE ROBERTS starlight ALISA REED student director i j I i I I 136 Senior Ploy My Cousin’ That’s opens Seniors’ Dude Ranch Senior Play 137 " That’s My Cousin” was presented by the Senior class on Nov. 12 and 13. Directed by Mr, Larry Earhart and students Jamie Carroll and Alisa Reed, the story centered around two cousins, ' ACTUALLY.’ Kitty and Adele decided to open a dude ranch with the help of Carlton Up de Graff, the banker ' s son. To attract customers, they offered all guests of the Uranium Dude Ranch a chance to find " uranium " . The ranch was soon swamped with guests. But trouble began when Sheriff Henshaw became suspicious and guests wanted to leave. The fun continued as the Brooklyn girls really found uranium. All turned out well when Movie Star Tullina hooked Banker Up de Graff ; Adele roped Director Kent; Husband Hunter Harriett got her thrills; Custer finally proposed to Millie the cook; and Kitty and Carlton admitted they were in love. Mr. Earhart presented roses to the cast and bouquets to Bridget Waring and Steve Harmon. top left-- " TULLINA LAGALLIMORE?!” shrieks Carlton, as he trips at the mere mention of her name, top right-- " WHOEVER HEARD OF THE ROCKEFELLERS. ACTUALLY? " exclaim Helen, Jane, and Mary when their uranium claim comes in. left-- " YOU, TOO, GRANDMA! " Burt shows Harriett he ' s not joking about sticking ' em up. Senior Awards Night complimented by many Top scholastic honors of the Senior class were announced by Mr. Paul McFann at the Tri Kappa Honor Banquet on May 10. Sue Griffin was announced Valedictorian and the Saluiatorian honor went to Susie Gingery. The top lO o were also recognized: Kay Cornell, Tony Flesch, Susie Gingery, Sue Griffin, Tracey Johnson, Kelly McFann, Paul Reffner, Renee Morr, Bill Muzzillo, Lars Sorensen, Kathy Vanderbosch, and Arnetta Von Holton. Seniors remembered " The Way We Were” at Platner’s on May 17, as Peggy Michaels, Steve Harmon, and Rick Getts sang the class song. Senior superlatives were announced and all Sr. Play cast members received pins. At Awards Night, May 18, Seniors donned caps and gowns for awards and recognition. Mr. Paul McFann commented, ’’I ' ve never seen an Awards Night go off so well! ” top--MOST COVETED AWARD, the Citizenship Award is presented to Nancy Fourman by Mr. McFann. bottom--SCHOLASTIC SCHOLARSHIPS are presented by Mrs. Louadda Marks to Tony Flesch, Craig Fosnaugh, Renee Morr, Bill Muzzillo, and Lars Sorensen, pg. 139 top left--AGRICULTURE student Tim Griffin receives the DeKalb Award from Mr, Andrew Giegold. top right--MOOSE SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to Susie Myers by Mr. Robert Rodebaugh. bottom--THE WAY WE WERE is sung by Steve Harmon, Peggy Michaels, and Rick Getts as they lead the class in singing the class song at Awards Night. 138 Av ards Night k a Valedictorian- Sue Griffin Salutatorian-Susie Gingery Citizenship Awards-Nancy Fourman American Youth Foundation Awards-Susie Ginger) ' American Youth Foundation Awards-Sue Griffin -Tony Flesch DAR Good Citizen Award-Susie Gingery Betty Crocker Award-Cindy Hall DeKalb Award-Tim Griffin John Phillip Sousa Award-Jerry Sigler Senior Athletes-Kay Cornell -Randy Smith Paul Bateman Scholarship-Kay Cornell Eagles Scholarship-Bill Muzzillo JohnF. Kennedy Scholarship-Nancy Fourman Moose Scholarship-Susie Myers Ravenscroft Beauty Scholarship-Theresa Schewe Sigma Phi Gamma Nursing Scholarship-Susie Gingery Tri Kappa Fine Arts Scholarship-Sue Griffin -Kathy Nuttle Outstanding AV Student-Paul Reffner Outstanding Auto Mechanics-Mike DeKoninck Outstanding Building Trades Student-Paul Beber Outstanding Math Student-Lars Sorensen Outstanding Service Award-Marsha Clady Outstanding Vocal Students-Alicia Oster -jeriy Sigler Outstanding Yearbook Students-Val Griffin -Cindy Walker -Kathy Nuttle ---Kathy Carr ----Arnetta Von Holton Attendance Awards-Carol Hammond -Paul Reffner Awards Night 1 39 top right-- " CONGRATULATIONS!” Mrs. Meg Easies says to Paul Beber as she hands him his rose after receiving his diploma, top left--IT ' S OVER! Smiling Dan Somers takes off his cap after Commencement. above--REMINISCING in the Commons are Bob Petcoff, Steve Harmon, and Brian Flesch. middle right--THE MOMENT as Chris Smith shakes hands with Mr. Puff while receiving her diploma, right--SHOWING OFF HIS ROSE to Mary Zimmerman, Dan Somers, and Bmce Kennedy is Kevin Pfefferkorn. pg. 141; top--THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME as the 124 Seniors turn their tassels and become alumni of GHS. bottom left--’ ' FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, " Valedictorian Sue Griffin suggests to her fellow classmates during her speech at Commencement, bottom right--OUR CLASS REUNION to be held in five years is declared by Susie Gingery in her Salutatory address as she lool4 to the future. 140 Commencement 124 Seniors hold the ‘Wings of the Future’ " Lend me the strength of the past and I will lend you the wings of the future , for I have them. " The Seniors didn ' t know how well their motto applied; when walking up to receive their diplomas, the wind blew off some of their caps. On May 22, 124 Seniors graduated in the Bateman Gymnasium. Royal blue was chosen for the boys, with powder blue for the girls; NHS students wore white caps and gowns with gold tassels. Sue Griffin gave the Valedictory address with a scale of values. Sue said, " Rather than reflect further on the past I would like to look to the future. ' ’ The Salutatory address by Susie Gingery stressed achievement of goals and desires. Rev. Allen Reed gave the Commencement address and was " greatly impressed " with the class motto. He concluded by saying, " Class of 77, you have the past; we have given it to you. You have the wings of the future. Now go; fly your course high and brave and if need be, alone. " Commencement ■ ' 141 HEY! THIS IS HOW WE ARE CLUBS - Hey, this is how we are Active. Meetings during activity period or after school. Getting activity cards. Having pizza or taco parties. Money-making projects such as selling stationery, art projects, quilts, candles and pinatas. Bake sales and ribbon sales also made money. Having Christmas, Easter and Halloween parties. Visiting old peoples’ homes and going to skating rinks. Participating in clubs is how we are Active. 142 Club Divider " Students are involved with each other which gives them responsibilities. " Donna Mosley " 1 don ' t think that enough people get involved in school activities. " Lisa Ellert " I ' m in two clubs, Lettermans and FCA, and we don ' t hardly do anything. Lettermans could be one of the biggest clubs and the most active, but now without activity period we ' ll never have anymore meetings where we have a lot of guys show up. " Scott Bowmar " OEA is my favorite club. It takes a lot of work because we have to raise a lot of money for State, but it ' s all worth it. " Valerie Gibson Club Divider 143 Peggy Ignatz, first year as sponsor for GAA GAA had a new sponsor, Miss Peggy Ignatz, for the twenty-five members. They also got new T-shirts, light blue with maroon trim, and the GAA emblem in the left hand corner. The girls met every Monday night after school, and one night had a football game on the field for the fun of it. To keep in shape the girls used the new weight machine, and trampoline, and other gymnastic equipment. GAA also sold Garrett Railroader license plates to make money for a bike trip during the summer. Summer meetings every two weeks were planned. top left--PLAYING VOLLEYBALL DURING A GAA meeting are Miss Peggy Ignatz, Sandy Nuttle, and Kim Velpel. top right--GAA (Row 1) Karen Feasel, Peggy Ignatz, Sponsor; Tina Foster, Vice President; Mary Zimmerman, President; Linda Schurr, Lori Ashenfelter. (Row 2) Jaretta Daniels, Linda Blessinger, Terri Morr, Chris McBride, June Gordon, Penny Griffin, Beth Flollinger, Pam Hollinger. (Row 3) Sonja Folden, Rita Jester, Kim Getts, Sandy Nuttle, Connie Langfeldt, Emily Smith, Tracie Yarian, Kim Velpel. middle right--GAA MEMBERS PLAY VOLLEYBALL for GAA activities, above-- LINDA WILCOXSON, Tracey Yarian, Beth Steckley get ready for a serve during volleyball, right-- GETTING rowdy for their team is Kim Velpel, Jaretta Daniels, Connie Langfeldt, Chris McBride. 144 GAA Art Club and Thespians assist with plays above--ART CLUB (Row 1) Jim Davis, Tim Bishop, Sun Ae Bard, Tom Esselburn, Kathy Carr, President: Harold Kline. (Row 2) John Gael, Lorin Myers, Rex Morgan, Scott Davis, Jeannette Whitlock, Tonoa Bock, Linda Blessinger. (Row 3) Mr. Earhan, Sponsor: Garry Hewes, Gene Cramer, Trey Lantz, Kelly Crise, Rich Isham, John Maloney, Todd Piety, Kevin Mock. (Row 4) Paul Garn, Steve Duguid, Tony Garn, Steve Griffin, Steve Zierer, Bill Fry, Jeff Morris. (Row 5) Craig Mossberger, Roger Getts, Dennis Carpio, Mike Cox, Lisa Buckles, Sarah Smith, Deb Myers, Rick Jester. above--THESPlANS (Row 1) Mr. Seifers, Cindy Lash, Tracey Johnson, Rick Getts, President: Nancy Fourman, Secretary: Lori Derickson, Vice President: Cindy Walker. left--THESPIAN Nancy Fourman reads a part to help Teresa Burniston try out for a pan in the All School Production. THESPIANS - Mr. Fred Siefers was the new advisor for Thespians. Mr. Seifers reorganized the Thespians to be assistants with the All School Production. The Thespians also went half and half with the Seniors in make¬ up for the Senior Play. The costume department of the Thespians was enlarged as was the make-up department. ART CLUB - Art Club had two hour workshops after school once a week, and members took turns bringing doughnuts, pizza, and apple cider for refreshments. During the workshops the Art Club members made plaster plaques, fuzzy-wuzzy bears and drawings to sell for their annual art sale. May 12 and 13. The library allotted funds for eighty art books to be kept in the art room for references. Art Club; Thespians 145 Pep Club buys sweaters, has bake sales PEP CLUB - During the season Pep Club had different classes, put up locker decorations and made a hoop for the basketball players to jump through just before the game. Pep Club sponsored a dance for the school near the end of the season. For money making projects, Pep Club sold ribbons before the home games and also stationery. The money that the Pep Club made was used to pay for any girl’s sectional ticket, if the girl went to all of the home games and at least two of the away games. For the sectional pep session, the Juniors gave the players, managers, and coaches boats with candy and other peppy food. The outfits for this year were maroon sweaters that have " Garrett Railroaders " on them. The underclassmen wore blue shirts under their sweaters, and the Seniors wore white shirts. Pep Club had a total of 118 members in their Pep block. above--PEP CLUB - (Row 1) Rhonda Williams, Cindy Casselman, Shannon Denow, Tina Foster, Nancy Fourman, Kay Cornell, Susie Myers, Tracey Johnson, Debbie Scott, Kathy Vanderbosch, Renee Morr. (Row 2) Val Gibson, Julia Ferguson, Carol Blotkamp, Renee Rist, Julie Englert, Beth Penland, April Perkins, Rita Flesch, Deanna Bowmar, Kim Jensen, Mary Bougher. (Row 3) Kelly McFann, Linda Blessinger, Abby Kennedy, Tina Fetter, Becky Delauder, Robyn Smith, Sarah Mavity, Karen Parker, Jamie McPheeters, Tami Kelham, Debbie Claxton. (Row 4) Cindy Walker, Susie Kock, Sarah Albright, Nancy Perry, Penny Potter, Denise Brown, Brenda Bolin, Penny Barger, Jaretta Daniels, Michelle Yarian, Chris McBride, June Gordon, Elaine Baidinger. (Row 5) Debbie Wright, Sandy Souder, Karen McFann, Elise Winans, Patty Smith, Tammy Ort, Nina Sorensen, Tammy Ruger, Teny Morr, Penny Griffin, Kim Griffith, Janice Witherspoon. (Row 6) Val Wilcox, Linda Molargik, Jenny Bartels, Patty Schultz, Gale Scott, Ginger Helbert, Mary Zeider. right--LINDA BLESSINGER works on the hoop for a basketball game, below-- SUSIE GINGERY gives the fan award to Mrs. Martin at Parent ' s night, page 147, top Ieft--L1NDA SCOTT enjoys herself at the Pep Club dance, page 147, middle right--JANENE HEUPEL and Anita Baidinger sell brownies to Beth Haffner at a bake sale. page 147, middle left—SOME OF THE basketball players with their parents are thanked for their participation, page 147, middle left--PEP CLUB GIRLS show their spirit at halftime of a basketball game. 146 Pep Club JUNIOR HIGH PEP--(Row One) Kay Ferdinand, Deb Myers, Sonja Folden, Jamie Knott, Robin Young, Katie Kilgore. (Row 2) Lori Letizia, Colleen Koskie, Deanna DeGrasse, Kim Hackworth, JodiPiey, KimNierman, Becky Thmsh, Serena Beber. (Row 3) Kim Velpel, Kathy Bergner, Lori Shull, Jean Simon, Tracie Yarian, Lisa Roehm, Tonya Sechler, Stacy Harter. (Row 4) Anita Baidinger, Janene Heupel, Pam Hollinger, Tammy Reed, Beth Hollinger, Kim Getts. (Row 5) Melanie Diederich, Lori Davis, Kelly Miller, Beth Delauder, Connie Jones, Cindy Bartels, Lena Sorensen, Laura Fourman. top right--PEP CLUB members get rowdy during a game. Pep Club 147 Lettermen’s Club plays faculty and loses Leitermen’s Club, sponsored by Mr. Willie Wellhausen, focused their activities on competition and fun. Ole Steve Kelham had a barn and Lettermen had a hayride. EIEIO. The 5 wagon hayride ended at Steve Kelham’s barn which had been converted into a spookhouse. A total of $60 was made by the club. A Lettermen ' s vs. Faculty Basketball game was held in February. The game went into o vertime and the faculty scored two points to win the game. The game made $103 for the Lettermen. below--LETTERMEN ' S CLUB - (Row 1) Jed Feagler; Sergeant at Arms, Dan Somers; President, Mike Morsches: Treasurer, Bob Petcoff; Vice President, Tony Flesch; Secretary, Keny Oster, Jeff Brooks. (Row 2) Dan Hathaway, Craig Strock, Greg Gerber, Bill Muzzillo, Rick McClish, Mark Martin, Rick Jester, Kim Payton. (Row 3) Matt Herzer, Dan Nuttle, Jeff Morris, Jim Treesh, Dan Bradley, Lynn Delauder, Tom Esselburn, Rich King, Pete Costin. (Row 4) Ed Hatcher, John Manuel, John Somers, Jeff Rowe, Ted Daniels, Tony Creager, LesGrawcock, Scott Bowmar, Tim Vanderbosch. (Row 5) Jamie Wilcox, Tim Lantz, Tim Griffin, Greg Casey, Dan Thiel, Larry Getts, Doug Fike, Roger Getts, Ty Harter, Mr. Wellhausen, Advisor, above and right-- LETTERMEN’S CLUB IN action as they played the Faculty on February 22, 1977, and won. 148 Lettermen’s Railroader Review’s first year in the business THE SENIOR HIGH NEWSPAPER got off to a good start when the Freshmen decided to revive the idea of a school newspaper. They held a meeting to appoint positions on the staff. The twelve members who made up the staff held a bake sale to raise money for their first issue this year; they made $100. The newspaper plans to publish four issues next year. A contest was held to select a title for the newspaper with a free subscription as the prize. Mr. Andrew Giegold won with his entry, ’.’The Railroader Review. ’ ’ Pat and Wayne Bartels, owner of ’’The Clipper,” will do the printing for the ’’Railroader Review. ” top--JANICE SIGLER, BETH HOLLINGER, TONY GARN, and Mrs. Meg Eastes make posters for the ' newspaper. above--THE EDITOR OF THE } RAILROADER REVIEW gets some help from Mr. ! Roy Williams, former owner of the Garrett Clipper, right--Wendy Goldie, Mary Gingery, Pam Hollinger, discuss what to do for the new Railroader Review. Newspaper 149 FFA shows barn; FHA has swimming party FFA proved to be one of the most active clubs of the year, with members selling everything from cider to rat poisoning. An Arctic Frontier trip to Canada was sponsored in the summer and two students attended the Leadership Conference at Tri-State. The Livestock Judging team went to witness contests and a Hunter Safety class sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources was held outside school hours. Members were also active in participating with Young McDonald’s Farm, a display of farm animals for the students at the J. E. Ober School. Money was earned by assembling a grain bin and one student won a pig at the Gilt Chain. At the district contest, Bridget Waring won a second place award in the Sweetheart contest while Wendy Goldie received a second place in the FFA Creed Contest. above--FHA (Row 1) Mrs. Barbara Olin, Sandy DeKoninck, Lorraine Teller, Connie Langfeldt, Dawn Mettert, Diana Morgan. (Row 2) Mrs. Carol Schlabach, Doreen Moore, Debbie Hathaway, April Perkins, Diane DeKonick, Linda Blessinger, Diana Richardson. (Row 3) Penny Griffin, Elaine Baidinger, Tina High, Lori Freeman, Rita Morgan, Becky DeLong, Lori Babbitt, Sarah Mavity. right--LORRAINE TELLER lights a candle for FHA initiation. below--The FHA members show what they do best by putting up a window display with different aspects of what FFA means to them. above--FFA - (Row 1) Dan McCartney, Bridget Waring, Keith Flesher, Raymond Perry, Ken Thmsh, John Hurd. (Row 2) Terry Lockwood, Bob Sturges, Stacy Wells, Dan Bradley, Greg Casey, Linda Shurr, Dave Cornell, Tim Hall. (Row 3) Robert Hall, Ralph Baker, Rick Graham, Wendy Goldie, Vannessa Sipe. (Row 4) Randy Mettert, Jerry Sigler, Rick DeLong, Mark Walker, Randy DeLong. (Row 5) Terry Kurtz, Mark McCartney, Mark Krider, Steve Cleveland. 150 FFA; FHA Student Council invites Roush and Quayle below--ClNDY LASH, Tom Esselburn and Karen McFann participate in the Thanksgiving Convocation. above--STUDENT COUNCIL - (Row 1) Todd Custer, President: Renee Morr, V. President: Tracey Johnson, Treasurer: Karen McFann, Secretary. (Row 2) Tim Lantz, Nancy Fourman, Bill Muzzillo, Cindy Lash, Susie Gingery, Kay Cornell. (Row 3) Ms. Roe, Sandy Souder, Terri Morr, Penny Potter, Tammy Ruger, Tom Esselburn, Karen James. (Row 4) Crys Clark, Elaine Baidinger, Nina Sorenson, John Bougher, Tami Maggert, Doug Ovary, Lori Overy, Tom Wagner. Convocations, dances and flower sales were among the numerous activities sponsored by Student Council. Live groups played at most of the dances, which were usually h eld after the football and basketball games. Flowers were sold twice during the year. Student Council elections were held at the end of the year and the annual Candy Sale took place in March with Nancy Fourman serving as the chairman, Dan Hathaway was elected Turkey of the Year by the student body on Turkey Day. Contestants dressed up in their costumes and each gave a speech on the dumbest thing they had ever done. Surveys were taken and petitions concerning the new school calendar were written and circulated throughout the school. The football and basketball homecomings were also sponsored. Students were informed about major campaign issues by incumbent J. Edward Roush and newcomer Dan Quayle, republican. A convocation was held so students could ask questions. Student Council 151 Y-Teens sell goodies at football games Members of Y-Teens served the school and community in numerous projects. Y-Teens bought glasses for a Jr. High student. The forty-four members sold carmel apples and popcorn balls at football games. The November Installation was a formal ceremony in the Ober Auditorium. Refreshments were served in the pot luck supper. In the initiation ceremony they led the twenty new members through a table of unidentified objects, blind-folded. The unwary subjects were supposed to use the objects as they thought they were to be used. Towards the end of the year Y-Teens took the Special Ed. to Franke Park for a sack lunch picnic. top--SHANNON MYERS SELLS baked goods for the Y-Teens bake sale, middle--JULIE ENGLERT and Sue Griffin discuss plans at a Y-Teens meeting, right--Y-TEENS - (Row 1) Kathy Nuttle, April Perkins, Julie Englert, Mrs. Meg Eastes. (Row 2) Chris McBride, Jamie Carroll, Susie Myers, Tracy Johnson, Alisa Reed, Cindy Lash, Kelly McFann, Rita Kepple, Lori Letizia. (Row 3) Reta Morgan, Dawn Mettert, Donna Mosley, Sarah Mavity, Elaine Baidinger, Terri Morr, Penny Griffin, Mary Zeider, June Gordon. (Row 4) Ginger Helbert, Jaretta Daniels, Bettina Yingling, Pam Hollinger, Kim Velpel, Sandy Nuttle, Deanna Degrasse, Colleen Koskie, Tonya Sechler, Katie Kilgore. (Row 5) Kim Griffith, Bridget Waring, Lorri Jeffery, Tammy Reed, Patty Jones, Kim Getts, Karen Conkle, Jean Simon, Stacy Harter, Jody McMillian. 152 Y-teens NHS has Christmas party for Head-Start above--NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - (Row 1) Debbie Scott, Kay Cornell, Treasurer; Susie i: Gingery, Secretary; Bill Muzzillo, V. President; Sue Griffin, President; Renee Morr. (Row 2) Miss t Eldridge, Julie Englert, Renee Rist, Tracey Johnson, « Susie Myers, Vicki Diederich, Kelly McFann, Tony Flesch. (Row 3) Ty Harter, Alisa Reed, Julie Manuel, Ellen Bauman, Judy Bonkoskie, Rita Kepple, Kathy Nuttle, Nancy Fourman. (Row 4) Sheree Crabill, Val Griffin, Bruce Getts, Sarah t Smith, LoriOvery, Kevin Pfefferkorn, Paul Refner. right--VICKI DIEDERICH signs the register at initiation as Sarah Smith watches, below—MR. ) ROBERT HARMON plays Santa Claus at the National Honor Society Christmas party for Head Start children as Kathy Nuttle watches. NHS chose to wear white gowns and gold tassels for graduation. Sponsored by Psi lota Xi, initiation included the explanation of the four qualities; Scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Each of the 20 initiates received a membership card and pin and a yellow rose. For Head-Start, the club held a Christmas party in the old gym. Santa Claus, played by former teacher Mr. Robert Harmon, gave the children candy canes and felt snowmen filled with candy made by National Honor Society. Sue Griffin and Bill Muzzilo were chosen to compete for the NHS Scholarship. An Easter Party was also held for the Wee Haven children. NHS 1 Spanish Clubs make pihatas for Christmas Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society members ate at Fort Wayne restaurants twice during the year. The clubs went to Don Pedro’s, which served Mexican food. Seventeen people were in Spanish Club while Spanish Honor Society had only five members. Pihatas made of paper mache were sold by Spanish Honor Society for Christmas. They were available either unfilled for $2 or filled with candy, gum and nuts for $4. Those who ordered pihatas could choose from a variety of different designs, including Mickey Mouse, Rudolph and Santa Claus. Spanish Club sold Spook Insurance for Halloween. For $1 those who bought the insurance could have their car or house cleaned after Halloween. Both the car and house were cleaned for $1.50. Spanish Club also had a Christmas party in December. Members ate tacos and played Spanish games. top--SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY--(Row 1) Beth Penland, Secretary-Treasurer; Jody Creager, President; Val Griffin, Vice President. (Row 2) Arnetta VonHolten, Lori Overy, Mrs. Wallace, Sponsor, above--SPANISH CLUB - (Row 1) June Gordon, Bridget Waring, Beth Penland, President; Jan Roberts, Secretary-Treasurer; Val Griffin, Vice President. (Row 2) Sandy DeKoninck, Lori Overy, Jody Creager, Carol Andrews, Lorri Jeffery. (Row 3) Lori Letizia, Elaine Baidinger, Colleen Koskie, Deanna DeGrasse, Lori Freeman, Donna Parr, Ken McClish, Mrs. Wallace, Sponsor. right--MAKING PINATAS for a money-making project for Spanish Honor Society are Val Griffin and Arnetta VonHolten. 154 Forty-two members join new German Club Goldie, Sandy Nuttle, David Smith, Elise Winans, Sun Ae Bard, Lisa Buckles, Mary Zieder. (Row 5) Mary Nasially, Beth Penland, Serena Beber, Becky Thrush, Kim Nierman, Jamie Knott, Ty Harter, Tom Wagner, Sheree Crabill. below--KEEPlNG THEMSELVES ENTERTAINED during a German Club party are Dan Nuttle, Sun Ae Bard, and Gale Scott. bottom--DECORATlNG THE TREE for Christmas are Tammi Piety, Loretta Davis, and Elise Winans. d above--GERMAN CLUB - (Row 1) Peggy Michaels, I Treasurer; Loretta Davis, Vice President; Mr. t Surfus, Kathy Nuttle, President; Tammi Piety, ' Secretary; Judy Bonkoskie. (Row 2) Jamie Carroll, i Sue Griffin, Kathy Vanderbosch, Chris Smith, t Tammy Nierman, Todd Vanderbosch, Mike Rist, 1 : Jerri Treesh. (Row 3) Lisa Roehm, Emily Smith, 0 Doug Cramer, Eric Derickson, Steve Lepard, Tim ] Griffin, Gale Scott, Carla Gerber, Patty Schultz. i (Row 4) Lori Shull, Robin Young, Crys Clark, Wendy During its first year German Club, Der Germutlichkeitsverein, (the good natured club), set many traditions for the future. After selecting the German colors of red, gold and black, and the motto, " Who dares not wants not, ' ’ the club held an initiation Christmas party. Mr. Ludwig Appel presented slides taken in Germany. Due to the cancellation of activity periods, plans of making and selling German cookbooks were postponed until next year. German Club 155 Cindy Casselman holds title of Miss O.E.A. above right--OEA (Rov 1) Laurie Derickson, Debbie Claxton, Lori Lampe, Mrs. Kathy Boice. (Rotv 2) Diana Richardson, Val Gibson, Betsy Babbitt, Judy Woodruff, Rita Kepple, Marsha Clady. (Row 3) Jamie McPheeters, Susie Kock, Kim Jensen, Rita Flesch, Lori Kleeman, Tina Fetter, Vickie Casselman, Cyndy Heller, Becky Delauder. (Row 4) Kim Griffith, Cindy Walker, Penny Griffin, Loretta Davis, Linda Walter, Karen Feasel, Robyn Smith, above--LORI LAMPE scrambles eggs for the basketball players. right--OEA MEMBERS entertain the school with their reproduction of shooting a turkey during the Thanksgiving Convocation. below--MR. LARRY PIETY enjoys his breakfast given by OEA. Page 157, top left--MRS. BOICE AND LAURIE DERICKSON are starting to prepare the food for the OEA breakfast, page 157, top right--JED FEAGLER and Larry Getts have an interesting topic to talk about while they participate in the OEA breakfast. 156 OEA OEA is one of the most productive clubs at Garrett. They sponsored many money making projects and supplied many services to the communities. Members of OEA made two quilts and sold chances on them at the DeKalb County Fair. Val Gibson won an award for selling the most coloring books. Baked goods were sold in downtown Garrett. They sponsored the annual Semi-Formal in December. Halloween and Christmas parties were given for the kids at Wee Haven. The OEA members also went Christmas caroling in the community. They raised money for the United Fund and held a pizza party for OEA members. A breakfast was held in honor of the basketball players and coaches. They sponsored the first " Superstars " in which students competed against chosen teachers. Jolene Johnson, Karen Feasel, Marsha Clady, Val Gibson, Kim Griffith, and Lori Kleeman placed in the district competition. Four students competed for regional championships, then went to state. They were Lori Lampe, Jamie McPheeters, Penny Griffin, and Vicki Diederich. Vicki was also chosen the district member of the year. middle--OFFICERS FOR OEA are (Row 1) Jamie McPheeters, Rita Kepple, Jolene Johnson, Vickie Diederich. (Row 2) Judy Woodruff, Lori Lampe, Deb Claxton, Lori Derickson, Vickie Casselman, Tina Fetter. bottom--Lori Kleeman serves milk to Rick McClish and Mark Manin. OEA 157 Science Club and Newspaper, more members The Jr. High Science Club had 33 members and a new sponsor. Mr. James Hecksel supervised experiments conducted by the members of the club. The Jr. High Newspaper put out 5 publications during the year. One-cent ads were sold for the Christmas and Valentine ' s Day issues of the J. H. Express. above--SCIENCE CLUB - (Row 1) John Riccus, Jennifer Kapp, Ann Peters, Arlene Albertson, Cindy Bartels, Kurt Flesher, T. J. Johnson, Greg Bock. (Row 2) Dewey Delong, Tom Maggert, Samme Wood, Tom Newbauer, Randy Beber, Kent Davis, John Manuel, Troy Rowe. (Row 3) Michelle Koskie, Anita Baidenger, Maria Gingery, Robin Hixson, Guy Bishop, Mark Hensinger, Matt Maley, Jeff Jackson, Steve Tackles. (Row 4) Mr. Hecksel, Tony Surfus, Dave Kimmel, Brent Ruger, Steve Zierer, Mike Brandt, Jeff Lyon, Jeff Bauman, Robert Bandy. right--REGINA GAMBLE and Sheila Jones try their hands out on a Science Club experiment, below-- JUNIOR HIGH NEWSPAPER - (Row 1) Hope High, Debbie Cay wood, Kathy Gillespie, Lori Davis, Mrs. Groog, Sponsor. (Row 2) Susan Dudash, Janene Heupel, Cindy Sparks, Kathy Casselman, Denise Bock, Tonoa Bock, Cindy Bartels. (Row 3) Anita Baidenger, Jerald Cline, Ed Jarrett, Gene Cramer, Terry Curtland, Scott Wilcoxson, Jeff Jackson. (Row 4) Kim Chaffins, Harold Cline, Tony Surfus, Gary Ort, Byron Salyer, Kevin Mock, Robert Bandy. 158 Science Club; Newspaper with new shirts The Jr. High Spirit Club sponsored by Mrs. Beth Grogg, purchased new shirts for their cheer blocks. The seventh grade wore red shirts with white lettering while the eighth grade wore dark blue shirts with white lettering. Spirit Club also sponsored a Mr. Ugly contest. During a Jr. High convocation, Sarah Somers was crowned Miss Ugly. • upper left--SPIRIT CLUB (ROW 1) Sharon Daniels, Laura Fourman, Treas.; Kathy Rupert, Sec.; Cheryl Wisel, VP; Linda Scott, Pres.; Lisa Molargik, Diane Morr. (ROW 2) Mrs. Beth Grogg, Sherri Helmick, Michelle Shuff, Michelle Michaels, Laura Sowles, Lisa Jones, Lori Vanderbosch, Susan Dudash. (ROW 3) Chris McIntosh, Melanie Diederich, Lori Davis, Janene Heupel, Anita Baidinger, Kelly Bonar, Cathy Hutton, Tammy Thomas, Tonoa Bock, Penny Fike. (ROW 4) Sheila New, Sherry Yarian, Penny Schewe, Denise Bock, Val Nodine, Kathy Casselman, Cindy Sparks, Michelle Koskie, Jenny Cap, Connie Jones. (ROW 5) Diane Thompson, Kay Clark, BethBowmar, Linda Walker, Andrea Kelham, Lena Sorensen, Cindy Bartels, Sue Loutzenhiser, Wendy Maggen, Kim Chaffins. • middle--7th GRADE SPIRIT CLUB SHOWS OFF THEIR SHIRTS: (ROW 1) Lori Davis, Melanie Diederich. (ROW 2) Michelle Koskie, Connie Jones, Chris McIntosh, Lena Sorensen, Laura Fourman. • bottom--8th GRADE SPIRIT CLUB BOOSTS MORALE OF THE J. H. BASKETBALL PLAYERS WITH THEIR SHIRTS: (ROW 1) Beth Bowmar, Cheryl Wisel, Linda Scott. (ROW 2) Tonoa Bock, Sherri Helmick, Lisa Jones, Susan Dudash. (ROW 3) Jeanette Whitlock, Kay Clark, Kathy Rupert, Michelle Shuff, Anita Baidinger. (ROW 4) Lori Vanderbosch, Penny Schewe, Linda Walker, Diane Thompson, Cindy Sparks, Janene Heupel. Jr. High Spirit Club 1 59 Spirit Club boosts morale Student Council sponsors ski trip Jr. High Student Council sponsored activities under the supervision of the sponsors Mr. Steve Stocker and Mr. Ronald Reeves. These included dances, a roller skating party and a ski trip. The ski trip was to Mt. Wawasee with 68 students, consisting of Student Council members and any Jr. High student who wanted to go. The trip started at 4 in the morning and ended at 10:30 p.m. A Junior High dance in February starred a rock group " Fragile. " The Junior High Student Council students supplied refreshments to sell at all Jr. High dances. A car wash was sponsored to raise money for a record hop. bouom--JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL - (Row 1) Joy Hixon, Kay Clark. (Row 2) Kathy Rupert, Beth Bowmar, Linda Walker, Larry Evans. (Row 3) Diane Thompson, President: Todd Piety, Secretary. (Row 4) Dewey DeLong, Vic McDaniel, Harold Kline, Todd Rupert, Chris Chisholm, V, President. (Row 5) Steve Stocker, Sponsor; Ronald Reeves, Sponsor, top--HENRY ALBRIGHT and Curt Flesher wait their turns to try for Mr. Ugly. 160 J.H. Student Council Claw Club makes master plans for back woods The Claw Club sponsored by Ms. Kathleen Roe, worked hard on improving the environment in our community and others. The 25 junior high students in the club made master plans to clean up the Boy Scout woods and plan to clean it again in the summer. Claw Club members also collected clothing for people at Henderson settlement in Kentucky. left--CLAW CLUB (Row 1) Gene Cramer, Jody Kendig, Jim Sturgis, Mark Hensinger, Greg Kock, Matt Maley. (Row 2) Pam Hatcher, Jodie Helbert, Jennifer Kepp, Arlene Albertson, Chuck Koskie, Kurt Flesher. (Row 3) Miss Roe, Sponsor; Tammy Steckly, Diane Shenk, Kelly Miller, Tonya Harmon, Jeff Jackson, Coimie Jones. (Row 4) Robert Bandy, Jeff Bauman, Lorin Myers, Larry Evans, Mike Brandt, David Manuel, Guy Bishop. middle--JEFF JACKSON, GREG KOCK, AND Jennifer Kepp separate clothes to be put in boxes for shipping. bottom--Mark Hensinger, Jim Stugis, Jody Kendig, put clothes in bags to be sent off. Claw Club 161 Aeolian changes companies; Advisor’s last year " I didn ' t realize that yearbook was a twenty-four hour job, " said Jamie Carroll. The cutting of activity period led to long hours after school to make deadlines. In preparation for Yearbook Productions, four students, Kathy Carr, Val Griffin, Kathy Nuttle, and Cindy Walker went to a week-long yearbook production class at Tri-State University. It wasn ' t all picnics and fun; the girls had to turn in all assignments before their 3 a. m. deadline, the last night before leaving. Greg Langfeldt took a Photography class at I. U. Purdue, one day a week for 15 weeks during the summer. The 5 brought back many ideas on yearbooks. Val Griffin and Mrs. Dorothy Feightner went on a one-day workshop at Notre Dame. After seeing all that was offered, the staff and Mrs. Feightner chose to go with Taylor Publishing Company for publishing the book. above right--AEOLlAN STAFF (Row 1) Jamie Carroll, Val Griffin. (Row 2) Cindy Walker, Mrs. Dorothy Feightner, Advisor; Kathy Carr. (Row 3) April Perkins, Sheree Crabill, Kathy Nuttle. (Row 4) Val Gibson, Arnetta Von Molten. (Row 5) Carol Hammond, Bruce Walters, Dawn Mettert. (Row 6) J ody Adams, Renee Brincefield. (Row 7) Jody Creager, Carol Andrews, Donna Bartels, above left--SORTING THROUGH MUG PICTURES are Jody Creager, Sheree Crabill, and Bruce Walters, right-- JAMIE CARROLL SORTS through her lay-outs for classes. above--CLEANING THE SIDE of her ruler after cropping pictures is Editor, Val Griffin. 162 Aeolian Staff i HEOUANi ' MATrli C0U4« IT T, ) STAFr, AE0UA AEOLIAN STAFF above left--CINDY WALKER WRITES copy for her layouts. above--AEOLIAN STAFF (Row 1) Bridget Waring, Lorri Jeffery, Janice Witherspoon, Penny Griffin, Greg Langfeldt, Rae Ann Yarde. (Row 2) Beth Penland, Jan Roberts, Serena Beber, Sandy 1 ttle, Mark Simmons. (Row 3) Katy Kilgore, Patty imith, Terri Morr, Mary Zeider, Ginger Helben, Barb Hilligass. Advisor-Mrs. Dorothy Feightner Editor-Val Griffin Student Life-Val Griffin Assistants, Bridget Waring, Lorri Jeffery, Terri Morr. Classes Editor-Jamie Carroll Sports Editor-Cindy Walker Assistant, Bill Muzzillo Teachers Editor-April Perkins Assistant, Sheree Crabill Underclass Editor-Sheree Crabill Assistants, Bruce Walter, Jody Creager Senior Editor-Kathy Nuttle Assistant, Dawn Mettert Club Editor-Carol Andrews Assistant, Jody Adams Advertising Editor-Kathy Carr Index Editor-Renee Brincefield Business Manager-Arnetta Von Holten Copy Editor-Kathy Carr Assistants, Bruce Walter, Jody Creager, April Perkins. Photographers-Greg Langfeldt, Nancy Fourman, Debbie Scott, Karen Parker. Prof. Photographer-Mr. Blaine Feightner Helpers-Beth Penland, Katie Kilgore, Rae Ann Yarde, Ginger Helbert, Patty Smith, Carol Hammond. Aeolian Staff 163 SKOAUTf THANKS! To Our Advertisers For Their Support 164 Ads r- " •Uel CO. ? 6as FuclOil Heatinq Gengnagel Co. McDonald’s Casey Crise takes care of Mr. Robert Ewing’s Big Mac attack. McDonalds nearest location: 1107 W. 7th St. Auburn. ”OUR 52nd YEAR OF SERVICE” Gengnagel Fuel Company, located at West Seventh St., Auburn. Telephone - 925-3300 Pizza King " PATRONS Garrett Clipper Phillip D. Conrad Fike ' s Machine Shop Strock’s Mobil Station Dr. John Chalfant D.C. Auburn Auto and Clutch DeKalb Engineering Inc. Auburn Concrete Products Garrett Police Department Mr. and Mrs. Bud Dennison Fin ' s Fur’s and Feather’s Garrett Telephone Company Jaco Manufacturing Company Seifert Paint and Wallpaper DeKalb Small Animal Hospital West Floor Coverings - Auburn Farm Bureau Insurance - Auburn Baidinger and Walter Funeral Home Mid-City Typewriter Company Inc. Dropp Insurance Agency - Kendallville R. A. Dircksen and Floyd Johnson, D.V.M. For a pizza delight, do as Larry Getts does! Pizza King located at 1732 S. W ayne St., Auburn. TO SUIT YOUR TASTE Ads 165 Worker’s World Just our size! Cathy Greenway and Cathy Kline check out Worker ' s World sizes for that just perfect fit! 122 S. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana Kendollville Bank Trust Garrett Yak-Shack " Breaker, breaker, a big ten-four, good buddy, ” says Cathy Kline as she tries out a Cobra CB radio at the Yak Shack at RR 1, Garrett, 357-5880. Kendallville Bank Trust at the Publix Shopping Center, where you receive quick and courteous service. Yoder Ford Cindy Walker gets a lift at Yoder Ford Sales, 131 N. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. 166 Ads Ads 167 ge Portraits 108 West Eighth Auburn Photographers: Blaine Feightner Dan Camp James’ Hardware above - Greg Bock prepares to buy a trap, below - Brian Flesch examines a fishing rod. right - Jeff Wright looks for quality, at James Hardware 206 S. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. Ins. Trustees The friendly people at Insurance Trustees Inc., at right, Bernard Brennan, Janine Lepard, Retha Ruger, Ronald W. Dicke, and Martha Duguid. Located at 216 S. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. 168 Ads V -v: id, % David Kimmel buys a magazine from Manuel ' s Newsstand at 105 S Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. Ads 169 A M Carpet Manuel’s Newsstand top--Ebb Beagle relaxes on shag. right--Tim Herzer examines sample carpeting, bottom right--Mike Bowmar looks over the E. T. Barwick Samples, below--Tim finally selects his favorite, like Ebb, shag from A M, 104 N. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. Broadview Renee Rist, Glenn Hawkins, Dan Frost, and Dan Somers, in front of Broadview Lumber Co., 309 N. Randolph, Weekday Hours - 7:30- 5:00, Sat. - 7:30-12:00. J. C. Penney Something to cheer about! The new Jean Shop at J. C. Penney in Auburn, 115 N. Main; cheerleaders: Kelli Kinsey, Joni Feagler, and Jodi Piety. Sipe Cleaners Garrett Tubular Prod. Garrett Tubular Products located at 802 E. King St., Garrett, Indiana. Beth Penland, dry cleaned and ready to go from Sipe Cleaners, 1323 S. Cedar, Auburn, Indiana. 170 Ads •r -i.. Jane Yarde Real Estate Jeannine LaRowe plays in from of the house her parents bought from Jane Yarde Real Estate; Jane Yarde’s office is at 124 E. King St., Garrett, Indiana. B B Speed B B Speed Shop, located at 3617 N. Clinton St., Ft. Wayne. fEwut FfKiu mm l lOm UM)CWIN Sterns Jaime Carroll admires this dress from Sterns, 106 S. Randolph, Men ' s and Women’s Apparel in downtown Garrett, Indiana. Peoples Savings Loan Assn., 1212 S. Randolph. Ads 171 i Kiddie Shop Val Griffin shows the Kiddie Shop is not just for kids; it ' s for you! Ill N. Main St., Auburn it USTglES, METAL STAMPING our ELECTRICAL «. ' aTi cnfi inc. a ' - ' • ' “v’ • . Royal Inds. Metal Stampings our Specialty, located at 1815 N. Wayne St., Auburn. WIFF — 325 N. Taylor, Phone 925-3312 Transport Careers Incorporated Bill Haberkorn for your listening pleasure, WIFF, RR 2, Auburn, Indiana. Mile Corner lop - Steve Griffin stands ready with his dog, Red, to go coon hunting. bottom center - He shoots! below - He holds his prize. bottom right - Where Steve takes his coons: to Mile Corner Fur Co., RR 1, Garrett, Indiana. Ads 173 Webb Printing Webb Priming Company, a division of Webb Dog Shows Incorporated. Call 925-2566, 500 North St. , Auburn, Indiana. Letterpress, Offset. Dana Dana Corporation, Spicer Clutch Division. Fifth and Brandon, Auburn, Indiana. 925-3800 Boston Store Gale Scott looks over the pants selection at the Boston Store, 125 S. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. 10. J i Hi SMIS lie. i ' 11 ' " L-I--.1 ■ Plumbing Heating 121 N. RANDOLPH ST. GARRETT, INDIANA 46738 THE FULL SERVICE SHOP 174 Ads • Complete dinner menu • Full bar service • Dinner and Cocktails Till 1:00 a.m. • Banquet facilities available U R 97 NORTH AT 1-69 Best Pharmacy Amy Pence serves up a lip-smacking shake to Mike Smith at Best Pharmacy, 100 N. Randolph. Fast prescription service is one of Mr. Ralph Best’s policies. Bill’s Liquor Store Salutes Senior Class r Seventy-Seven Dairy Queen brazier Hamburgers ' f 100% Ground Beef Jody Adams gets a triple treat: making, serving, and eating, at the Dairy Queen, Rd. 8 West in Auburn. Bauman Harnish Cindy Walker feels up on top of the world at Bauman and Harnish Rubber and Plastics Co., 410 N. Lee St., ! Garrett, Indiana. i ' RAUMAiM RUBBER spLASTIC incorr X LENt AssKi»TO ATED Lange Insurance Agency above right--Brian DeLucenay stands in front of Lange Insurance, 100 S. Randolph in Garrett, Indiana, right-- Jeanna Lindabnry and Mr. Robert Lange, in front of Lange Insurance Agency. St i 176 Ads I A I l-iV • Auburn Dairy, 1332 S. Indiana, Auburn Dairy Auburn, Indiana. Gas Company Sarah Smith and Minnie Fuller look over a new stove at the Gas Co. in Garrett, 101 S. Randolph. Hixson Sand and Gravel Culvert Pipe, Plastic and Clay Tile. RR 1, Garrett, Indiana. Potter Motors Bridget Waring asks Val Griffin about accessories on a car at Potter Motors Inc., S. Wayne, Auburn, Indiana. Ads 1 77 Hair Shed Don’s Filling Station My cup runneth over. Bruce Kennedy gives Kathy Carr gas at Don’s Filling Station, 608 S. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana. Beth Penland lets Todd Fiandt tease her waist length tresses at the Hair Shed, 107 W. King St., Garrett, Indiana. Richards Finn News Agency Restaurant Hours: 6-9, Sunday 7-9; W. 7th St., Auburn. Cheech McBride and Pat Cottrell look over the varied selection of books, from Finn News Agency, 116 N. Cowen St., Garrett, Indiana. 178 Ads I Herzer Ins. Mr. Herzer gives Greg Langfeldt his eye exam for his drivers license, at Herzer Insurance, 124 E. King St. , Garrett, Indiana. Carbaugh’s Jewelers Greg Langfeldt watches time march on at Carbaugh ' s Jewelers, 108 E. 7th St. , Auburn, Indiana. 1 i - I, Haffner’s Store Snoopy and Brent Stryker both can be Joe Cool at Haffner ' s to $1.00 Store, 118 S. Randolph St., Garrett, Indiana. Ads 1 79 Et Cetera Kathy Carr dreams on, looking at the tiny silver pinkie rings at Et Cetera, 112 N. Main, Auburn, Indiana. Penland Auto Parts Jody Creager, Carol Andrews and Beth Penland at Penland’s Auto Parts, RR 3 Auburn, Phone - 925-3997. ii I i: I The Classic Shop Inc. Greg Langfeldt admires the fine cut of this leather jacket from the Classic Shop Inc. in the Auburn Plaza. 180 Ads left to right, top to bottom: Miss Beatrice Cogley, Mr. Max Crabill, Mr. Rick Smith. Anita Baidinger fills out an application for a loan. Mike Bowmar goes into the Garrett State Bank. Lynn Diederich at the drive up window. Located at 120 E. King St., downtown Garrett. Garrett State Bank Sieve Griffin looks over this replica of a blunderbust at Gams Co. , 15th and Union St., Auburn, Indiana. Buick Greg Langfeldi would sure love to take Jody Creager for a ride in this 1977 Corvette at Rohm Chevrolet - Buick, State Rd. 8, Auburn, Indiana. Gams Co. Kathy Carr lets her fingers do the testing at Bassett Office Supply, 509 S. Main St., Auburn. Hours - 8:30 to 5:15. Bassett Auburn Retail Merchants Association Boston Store Gambles Bowerman’s Market Western Auto Allen Electric Nebelung Shoe Store Shine Shoes Lord ' s Dress Shop Bassett Office Supply Auburn Marine Tackle J M Statuary Burgers IGA Armstrong Bouquet Keltsch Pharmacy Kiddie Shop Hurni Decorating Center Florreich ' s Jewelry Broadview Lumber Co. Window Boutique Buttermore Appliance I. C. Penney Corner Salon Mid-City Typewriter Elaine ' s All Appliance Sears Roebuck Co. Murphy ' s Krogers Fischer ' s Auburn Farm and Garden Revco Monique Fabrics Classic Shop Hooks White ' s Westwood Lemish Grocery Grogg Standard Service Classic Automotive Dilgard Cline Wards LaTel ' s Women ' s Apparel Et Cetera Eckert ' s Jewelry Goings T. V. Newberry ' s Allison City Hardware Carbaugh Jewelers Our Flower Shoppe Gerig Furniture Sound Gallery Barrett ' s Lane Drugs White Swan Getting yummies from the White Swan Supermarket, Cathy Kline enjoys the selection. Two locations: 9100 Lima Rd. and 108 Lincoln Hwy West, the Delmar Plaza, New Haven. M S Steel M S Steel, 217 E. Railroad St., 357-5184. H P Inc. Cathy Kline admires this new Dodge Monaco in front of Hilkert Pankop, Inc., 625 S. Main, Kendallville, Indiana. Flexible Garrett Flexible Products, " Rubber Adaptability by Imagineering, " 1100 S. Co wen St. 1 184 Ads The New GALA f W ' DWjgt rtifiiriiyiiwiii Mossberg Hubbard The friendly people at HUBBARD SPOOL, E. Quincy St., Garrett, Indiana. Freeze’s T.V. Shop Debbie Freeze looks over the selection of TV ' s at FREEZE ' S TV SHOP, 210 E. Keyset St. Campbell Fetter Bank " Established in ' 1863. " Two convenient locations - Main Office, Corner of Williams and Orchard 347- 1500; North Branch, U.S. Hwy. 6 East of Main St., 347-4430. Kendallville, Indiana. - V ' Stanadyne Inc. Distribution Stanadyne Inc., Stanadyne Distribution Center, 301 N. Taylor Road, Garrett, Indiana. " Specify Stanscrew and be sure " (3 miles W. of Hwy. 1-69) Carpet Barn Larry Codding shows Val Griffin a sample of shag carpeting by Armstrong. 508 S. Cedar St., Auburn, Indiana. " Durable beauty " Dick’s Auto Body Repair Garrett Country Club Is it going to make it? Whooe, Look at that shot! Steve Steigmeyer watches the ball roll. Denny Smith prepares to make his hole in one, in front of the GARRETT COUNTRY CLUB, home of all home golf matches and Cross Country meets. Dick ' s 24 hour wrecker service, 1202 S. Road, Garrett, Indiana. Ads 187 I Orfs Culligan Ashfields Shakeshop Davis Studio Evening Star Garrett Bowl Mike’s Mobil Haufman House Penguin Point Garrett Clinic Garrett Eagles Eckert’s Jewelry Williams Grocery Owen’s Glass Shop Dr. R. G. Eberhard The Sound Gallery Nebelung Shoe Store McKee Funeral Home Auburn Mobile Homes Creek Chub Bait Co. George’s Sport Spot Don Jeffery, D. D. S. Lawhead Enco Debbie Scoit gets a clean window from Sieve Kennedy at Lawhead Enco, 819 S. Randolph. 188 Ads We Have the Burger Family ‘‘Coney Day” Every Tuesday A W Root Beer 1206 S. Randolph, Garrett Compliments to the Class of “Seventy-seven” Kruse Real Estate and Classic Auction Company From Russel, Dean, Dennis, and Daniel ! Garrett Foodland top--Jim Treesh gets change from checker Rita Flesch. left--Rita Flesch checks her cash register, bottom-- Andy Bowman walks up the canned goods aisle at Foodland, 1352 S. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana, below-- Tony Flesch waits between carry outs, at Foodland. Ads 189 A Abbott, Richard 64, 73, 100 ACADEMIC DIVIDER 28, 29 Adams, Chuck 55, 63, 81 Adams, Jody 14, 23, 87, 122, 143, 162, 175 Adams, Larry 122 ADMINISTRATION 89 ADS, 164-189 AGRICULTURE 35 Albertson, Arlene 158, 161 Albright, Henry 59, 104, 105 Albright, Sarah 112, 146 ALL-SCHOOL PRODUCTION 24, 25 Alverson, Dave 68, 112 Alverson, Kenny 74, 108 Alwood, Dawn 84, 116 Alwood, Tim 69, 108 Andrews, Carol 40, 41, 87, 116, 143, 154, 162, 164 Andrews, Earl 59, 104 Andrews, Michelle 100 ART 42, 145 Ashenfelter, Doug 122 Ashenfelter, Lori 71, 77, 108, 144 B Babbitt, Betsy 14, 15, 17, 122, 156 Babbitt, Lori 44, 116, 150 Baidinger, Anita 12, 13, 104, 147, 158, 159, 176, 181 Baidinger, Elaine 84, 112, 146, 150, 151, 152, 154 Bailey, Aletha (Mrs.) 90 Baker, Beth 16, 112 Baker, Ralph 35, 63. 74, 112, 150 Baker, Scott 24, 40, 112 Baker, Tonia 122 BAND 38. 39 Bandy, Joyce 39, 108 Bandy, Robert 12, 34, 73, 100, 103, 158, 161 Bard, Sue Ae 31, 112, 145, 155 Barger, Kathy 30 Barger, Lori 100 Barger, Penny 146 Bartels, Cindy 100, 104, 147, 158, 159 Bartels, Donna 39, 116, 162 Bartels, Jeff 55. 122, 135 Bartels, Jenny 112, 146 BASEBALL 80, 81 BASKETBALL 66-73 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING 17 Bauman, Ellen 32, 39, 40, 116, 153 Bauman, Jeffrey 100, 158, 161 Bauman, Jim 122 Bauman, Michelle 110 Beady, Serena 163 Beber, Paul 46, 47, 122, 127, 139, 140 Beber, Randy 59, 72, 104, 158 Beber, Serena 77, 108, 147, 155 Benson, Laura 100 Bergner, Kathy 108, 147 Best, Julie 122 Best, Kevin 108 Bickel, Suzette 24, 108 Bishop, Guy 100, 158, 161 Bishop, Tim 39, 116, 145 Blessinger, Carol 104 Blessinger, Linda 42, 116, 144, 145, 146, 150 Blomeke, Corney (Mr.) 99 Blotkamp, Carole 60, 71, 146 Bock, Alicia 112 Bock, Carl 104 Bock, Denise 104, 158, 159 Bock, Frank 104 Bock, Keith 108 Bock, Greg 100, 158, 168 Bock, Pat 100 Bock, Tonoa 12, 104, 145, 158, 159 Boice, Kathy (Mrs.) 5, 90, 128, 156, 157 Bolen, Brenda 112, 146 Bonar, Kelly 58, 100, 159 Bonkoski, Judy 60, 116, 153, 155 Bougher, Dan 123 Bougher, John 57, 63, 74, 108, 151 Bougher, Mary 84, 116, 146 Bowman, Andy 55, 63, 81, 116, 118, U69 Bowman, Kent 123 Bowman, Mark 12, 13, 72, 104 Bowmar, Beth 12, 13, 58, 104, 159, 160 Bowmar, Deanna 7, 51, 116, 146 Bowmar, Mike 59, 104, 176, 181 Bowmar, Scott 116, 143, 148, 149 Boyd, Richard (Mr.) 18, 54, 55, 57, 72, 73, 75, 90, 149 Bradley, Dan 24, 55, 74, 82, 135, 136, 137, 148, 149, 150 Bradley, Owen (Mr.) 47, 90 Brandt, Michael 100, 158, 161 Brennan, Bernard (Mr.) 168 Brennan, Tim 112 Brincefield, Renee 2, 11, 87, 116, 162 Brooks, Jeff 55, 120, 123, 128, 148, 198 Brown, Beth 108 Brown, Bob 39, 57, 74, 108 Brown, Denise 112, 146 Brown, Jody 116 Brown, Kathy 104 Brown, Tonya 104 Brumbaugh, Scott 100 Buckles, Lisa 112, 145, 155 BUILDING TRADES 47 Bunn, Edward 108 Bunn, Monica 123, 198 Burniston, Margie 108 Burniston, Ray 85, 104 Burniston, Teresa 29, 116 BUS DRIVERS 99 BUSINESS 44 c Capin, Richard (Mr.) 32, 69, 90 Carey, Robert 34 Carper, Lori 104 Carpio, Dennis 112, 145 Carr, Kathleen 24, 25, 42, 123, 135, 136, 137, 139, 145, 162, 178, 180, 182 Carroll, Jamie 123, 136, 137, 152, 155, 162, 171 Carroll, Mike 108 Casey, Greg 18, 63, 81, 112, 148, 150 Casey, Tim 69, 104, 108 Casselman, Cindy 120, 123, 146 Casselman, Kathy 104, 158, 159 Casselman, Vickie 40, 41, 116, 156 Cay wood, Debra 100, 158 Chaffins, Jack 49, 112 Chaffins, James 100 Chaffins, Johnny 104 Chaffins, Kim 100, 158, 159 CHEERLEADERS 82, 83 Chisholm, Chris 12, 13, 59, 104, 160 Chisholm, Jodi 24, 25, 39, 40, 108 Chisholm, Joe 58, 100 Chittenden, Tammy 100 CHOIR 40, 41 Christlieb, Jennifer 100 Christlieb, Kellie 123 Clabaugh, Calvin 81 Clabaugh, Mary (Mrs.) 98 ; Clady, Karen 116 Clady, Marsha 5, 44, 123, 139, 156, 198 Clady, Todd 104 Clady, Troy 108 Clark, Crystal 108, 143, 151, 155 Clark, Kay 104, 159, 160 Clauss, Phil 104 Claxion, Debbie 124, 146, 156, 198 Cleveland, Mark 124 Cleveland, Steve 108, 150 Clevenger, Tim 112 Cline. Bob 23, 30, 63, 116 Cline, Joe 73 CLUB DIVIDER 142, 143 Cogley, Beatrice (Mrs.) 181 Colwell, Paula 100 Combs, Tyron 104 COMMENCEMENT 140, 141 Conkle, Karen 84, 108, 152 Conrad, Ritch58, 73, 100 Conrad, Ron 57, 63, 81, 108 CONVOCATIONS 26, 27 Cook, Jan 104 Cornell, David 17, 112, 150 Cornell, Kay 17. 23, 27, 60, 70, 71 77, 124, 138, 139, 146, 151, 153, 198 Costin, Nancy (Miss) 98 Costin, Pete 55, 67, 116, 148, 149 Cottrell, Pat 112, 178 Cousino, Catherine 108 Cox, Jeff 104 Cox, Mike 112, 145 Crabill, Max (Mr.) 181 Crabill, Sheree 116, 153, 155, 162 Crager, Ed 49 Crager, Kaye 124 Cramer, Doug 108, 155 Cramer, Gene 100, 145, 158, 161 Creager, Jody 2, 44, 87, 116, 154, 162, 164, 180 Creager, Tony 116, 148, 149 Crise, Casey 116, 165 90 Index Crise, Kelly 73, 100, 145 CROSS-COUNTRY 52, 53 Crowe, Chris 59, 104 Curtland, Tawny 30, 104 Curtland, Terry 100, 104, 158 Custer, Carl 55, 112 Custer, Chad 57, 108 Custer, Clara 100 Custer, Curt 23, 47, 55, 116 Custer, Dan 104 Custer, Harold (Mr.) 88 Custer, Ron 100 Custer, Todd 37, 55, 67, 81, 120, 124, 127, 128, 136, 151, 198 Custer, Wayne (Mr. Mrs.) 127 D Daley, Dave 34, 59, 104 Daley, Kathy 71, 112 Daley, Leland 58, 100 Daniels, Charles 108 Daniels, Jaretta40, 112, 144, 146, 152 Daniels, Sharon 104, 159 Daniels, Tara 112 Daniels, Ted 55, 112, 148, 149, 176 Davis, Craig 108 Davis, Ernie 104 Davis, Jim 116, 145 Davis, Kent 59, 64, 72, 104, 158 Davis, Loretta 112, 155, 156 Davis, Lori 100, 147, 158, 159 Davis, Marilyn 100 Davis, Scott 59, 100, 104, 145 DeGrasse, Deanna 77, 108, 147, 152, 154 DEKALB FAIR 15 DeKoninck, Dave 47, 116 DeKoninck, Diane 124, 150 DeKoninck, Joan 104 DeKoninck, Mike 124, 139 DeKoninck, Sandy 112, 150, 154 Delauder, Becky 116, 146, 156 Delauder, Charlotte 116 Delauder, Elizabeth 100, 147 Delauder, Lynn 52, 53, 74, 124, 148, 149 Delauder, Mike 72, 104 Delauder, Sherri 124 DeLong, Becki 108, 150 DeLong, Dewey 72, 105, 158, 160 DeLong, Jayne (Mrs.) 97 DeLong, Mickey (Mrs.) 97 DeLong, Randy 125, 150 DeLong, Rick 112, 150 DeLong, Rodney 100 DeLucenay, Brian 49, 125, 176 Denes, David 58, 100 Denes, Denice 108 Denes, Susan 112 Dennison, Ernest 39, 112 Dennison, Julie 39, 116 Dennison, Sue 100 Derickson, Laurie 125, 145, 156, 157 Derrow, Chuck 39, 63, 74, 108 Denow, Shannon 7, 14, 125, 146 DeWitt, Chris 112 Dicke, Ron (Mr.) 168 Dickerson, Tad 59, 72, 105 Dickison, Joan 116 Diederich, Bob 116 Diederich, Lynn 18, 60, 87, 112, 181 Diederich, Melanie 100, 147, 159 Diederich, Vicki 5, 43, 44, 125, 153, 156 Diller, DeLane (Mrs.) 6, 84 Dircksen, Eric 39, 108, 155 Dircksen, Karen 18, 60, 71, 77, 112 Dove, Donald (Mr.) 99 Dove, Ralph (Mr.) 99 Dudash, Susan 105, 158, 159 Dugid, Martha (Mrs.) 168 Dugid, Steve 108 Dykstra, George (Mr.) 88, 89, 157 E Earhart, Larry (Mr.) 42, 90, 136, 137, 145 Eastes, Margaret (Mrs.) 90, 140, 152 Eberhard, Joel 46, 116 Eck, Tim 117 EIGHTH GRADE 104-107 Elberson, Arlene 32, 101 Eldridge, Sarah Jean (Miss) 91, 153 Ellert, Lisa 60, 61, 117, 143 Ellert, Renee 60, 108 Emenhiser, Gene 30, 117 Emenhiser, Tina 101 Endsley, Daniel 101 Endsley, Sherry 77, 112 Endsley, Susan 108 Engel, Julie 109 Englert, Connie (Mrs.) 99 Englert, Julie 30, 33, 84, 125, 146, 152, 153, 198 Englert, Mark 113 ENGLISH 30 Espino, Rey 113 Esselburn, Tom 29, 55, 56, 74, 117, 145, 148, 149, 151 Evans, Lawrence 58, 73, 101, 160, 161 Everidge, Dean 101 Everidge, Patty 109 Ewing, Paul 57, 81, 108, 109 Ewing, Robert (Mr.) 19, 46, 91, 165 F FADS 11 Feagler, Dennis (Mr.) 55, 56, 67, 68, 80, 81, 91, 157 Feagler, Jed 18, 55, 56, 68, 81, 113, 148, 149 Feagler, Joni 6, 17, 27, 80, 109, 170 Feagler, Mark (Mr.) 98 Feasel, Karen 125, 144, 156 Feightner, Dorothy (Mrs.) 91, 162, 200 Felger, Mark 74, 109 Ferdinand, Kay 45, 109, 147 Ferguson, Brent 57, 74, 109 Ferguson, Julia 84, 117, 146 Fetter, Tina 40, 44, 60, 117, 146, 156 Fike, Doug 18, 55, 68, 81, 113, 148, 149 Fike, Penny 58, 101, 159 Finchum, Virgil (Mr.) 19, 34, 91 Fiondt, Todd 178 Fleckinstein, Don 59, 105 Flesch, Brian 17, 24, 25, 52, 53, 74, 75, 125, 131, 136, 140, 168, 189 Flesch, David 72, 105 Flesch, Rita 33, 117, 146, 156, 189 Flesch, Tony 23, 33, 52, 62, 63, 125, 138, 139, 148, 149, 153, 189 Flesher, Keith 24, 25, 55, 63, 113, 150 Flesher, Kurt 58, 101, 158, 161 Flesher, Kyle 24, 39, 40, 57, 63, 81, 109 Folden, Sonja 24, 109, 144, 147 Foley, David 105 FOOTBALL 54-59 FOOTBALL HOMECOMING 16 FOREIGN LANGUAGE 31 Forker, Brad 7, 24, 39, 40, 57, 62, 63, 81, 109 Fosnaugh, Craig 126, 138 Foster, Tina 126, 144, 146, 196 Fourman, Laura 12, 13, 28, 101, 107, 142, 147, 159 Fourman, Nancy 14, 24, 25, 27, 29, 52, 84, 120, 126, 130, 136, 138, 139, 145, 146, 151, 153 Freeman, Debbie 109 Freeman, John 117 Freeman, Lori 42, 113, 150, 154 Freeman, Randy 126 Freeze, Bryan 113 Freeze, Debbie 29, 117, 186 FRESHMEN 108-111 Frohriep, Jean (Mrs.) 91 Frost, Dan 49, 117, 170 Frost, Randy 10 Frost, Rick 105 Frost, Terry 105 Fry, Bill 105, 145 Fry, Kevin 36, 105 Fry, Paul 101 Fry, Shari 105 Fuentes, Dave 117 Fuentes, George 55, 69, 109 Fugate, Emma 113 Fugate, Larince 101 Fuller, Minnie (Mrs.) 177 Fultz, Barry 109 Furnish, Dick 85, 81, 113 Furnish, Steven 58, 85, 101 FFA 150 FHA 150 G Gael, John 117, 145 Gall, Christy 58, 101 Gamble, Regenna 101 Garn, Paul 101, 145 Garn, Tony 39, 109, 145 Garrison, Douglas 101 Gerber, Carla 27, 32, 82, 84, 87, 113, 155 Gerber, Greg 40, 46, 55, 63, 126, 136, 148 Gerhardt, Kris 15, 30, 71, 117, 119 Getts, Bruce 32, 40, 49, 55, 117, 153 Index 1 91 Celts, Kim 109, 144, 147, 152 Celts, Larry 18, 55, 67, 113, 148, 149, 165 Celts, Maurice (Mr.) 88 Celts, Rick 26, 27, 55, 62, 63, 82, 126, 136, 138, 145 Cells, Roger 62, 63, 113, 145, 148 Celts, Steve 105 Cibson, Ron 109 Cibson, Valerie 117, 143, 146, 156, 162 Ciegold, Andrew (Mr.) 35, 91, 138 Cilberi, David 105 Cillespie, Kathleen 101, 158 Cillespie, Mike 81, 117 Cilliland, Doug 59, 72, 105 Cingery, Charley 105 Cingery, Dave 109 Cingery, Maria 39, 101, 158 Cingery, Mark 49, 117 Cingery, Mary 109 Cingery, Susie 14, 20, 26, 27, 77, 82. 120, 126, 133, 138, 139, 141, 146, 151, 153 CAA 144 CIRLS BASKETBALL 70, 71 CIRLS TRACK 76, 77 CIRLS VOLLEYBALL 60, 61 Coebel, Dennis 105 Coldie, Wendy 109, 150, 155 COLE 79 Cordon, June 70, 71, 77, 113, 144, 146, 152, 154 Cradeless, Tonya 105 Craham, Lori 60, 105 Craham, Rick 113, 150 Craham, Terry 34, 68, 81, 113, 114 Crawcock, Leslie 23, 43, 117, 148, 149 Creenway, Cathy 43, 117, 164, 166 Creenway, Pat 117, 145 Criffin, Penny 113, 144, 146, 150, 152, 156, 163 Criffin, Steve 58, 59, 72, 105, 145, 173, 182 Criffin, Sue 14, 15, 31, 38, 39, 126, 138, 139, 141, 153, 155, 196 Criffin, Tim (Senior) 47, 52, 53, 74, 75, 126, 136, 138, 139, 148, 149 Criffin, Tim 39, 68, 113, 155 Criffin, Val 127, 136, 137, 139, 153, 154, 162, 177, 187, 198 Criffilh, Creg 59, 85, 105 Criffith, Kim 113, 146, 152, 156 Crogg, Beth (Mrs.) 12, 13, 92, 159 Crogg, Rosemary (Mrs.) 97, 158 Crubb, Cregg 19, 55, 56, 69, 109 Cruesbeck, Robert (Mr.) 92 H Haberkorn, Bill 172 Habig, Jerry 109 Hackworth, Kim 77, 16, 83, 109, 147 Hackworth, Randy 59, 72, 105 Haffner, Beth 31, 60, 71, 117 Haffner, Brian 117 Hagewood, Sue 113 Hall, Andy 12, 13, 59, 105 Hall, Cindy 40, 41. 127, 139 Hall, Robert 109, 150 Hall. Tim 117, 150 Hammond, Carol 127, 139, 162, 198 Hammond, Ceraldine 113 Hamon, Melany 105 Hansen, Mildred (Mrs.) 40, 92 Harding, Karen 113 Harding, Mike 105 Harding, Roland 117 Harmon, Steve 24, 25, 127, 136, 137, 138, 140 Harmon, Tonya 6, 101, 161 Harrington, Paula 101 Harter, Stacy 108, 109, 147, 152 Harter, Ty 40, 55, 67, 74, 117, 148, 153, 155 Hatcher, Ed 18, 31, 63, 74, 113, 148 Hatcher, Pamala 101, 161 Hathaway, Dan 27, 52, 74, 124, 127, 148, 149 Hathaway, Debbie 43, 77, 113, 150 Hathaway, Robert 58, 101 Hatton, Carrie 105 Hatton, Jim 117 Hatton, Lloyd 105 Hawkins, Clenn 170 Hawkins, Mike 127 Heal, Creg 73, 101 Hecht, Billy 105 Hecksel, Jim (Mr.) 58, 59, 62, 63, 87, 92, 158 Helbert, Cinger 60, 71, 113, 146, 152, 163 Helbert, Jamie 101, 105 Helbert, Jodi 161 Heller, Cyndi 117, 156 Helmick, Pam 113 Helmick, Sherri 105, 159 Hensinger, Larry 55, 117, 149 Hensinger, Mark 58, 59, 72, 73, 101, 158, 161 Hensinger, William 54, 55, 113, 115 Herzer, Andy 16, 52, 66, 67, 68, 69, 87, 109, 149 Herzer, Jim (Mr.) 179 Herzer, Matt 9, 22, 23, 55, 56, 67, 74, 117, 118, 148 Herzer, Tim 72, 104, 105, 169 Heupel, Janene 105, 147, 158, 159 Hewes, Carry 101, 145 High, Hope 101, 158 Higgins, Sharon 117 High, Pam 105 High, Tina 109, 150 High, Tom 117 High, Tony 127 Hile, Dennis 57, 109, 149 Hillegass, Barb 117, 163 Hixson, Jim 105 Hixson, Joy 101, 160 Hixson, Robin 101, 158 Hoeffel, Chris 59 Hoeffel, Mary 36, 109 Hoeffel. Nate 55, 57, 63 .69, 74, 109, 149 Holbrook, Don 127 Hollinger, Beth 109, 144, 147 Hollinger, Pam 109, 144, 147, 152 HOME ECONOMICS 43 Horneit, Darlene 117 Hornett, Sheryl 101 Houser, Bruce 113 Howard, Julie 118 Howey, Pat 118 Hughes, Andrea 105 Hunter, Alan (Mr.) 58, 59, 92 Hurd, Jeri46. 120, 127 Hurd, John 113, 150 Hutton, Cathy 101, 159 Hutton, Craig 18, 68, 74, 113 Hutton, John (Mr.) 84, 92, 157 Hyde, Joe 113 Hyde, Louis 118 I Ignatz, Peggy (Miss) 144 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 48, 49 INTRAMURALS 65 Isham, Bob 57, 63, 87, 109 Isham, Don 109 Isham, Ritchie 73, 101, 145 J Jackson, Jeff 12, 101, 158, 161 James, Karen 20, 60, 77, 118, 151 JANITORS 99 Jarnagin, Tim 105 Jarrett, Ed 72, 101, 158 Jarrett, Mike 39, 63, 109 Jeffery, Lori 128, 152, 154, 163 Jensen, Kim 7, 51, 118, 146, 156 Jester, Rick 54, 55, 118, 145, 148, 149 Jester, Rita 105, 144 Johnson, Bob 49, 54, 55, 81, 113 Johnson, Jolene 128 Johnson. T. J. (Tony) 106, 158 Johnson, Tracy 23, 60, 71, 128, 138, 145, 146, 151, 152, 153 Jones, Connie 101, 147, 159, 161 Jones, Kathy 109 Jones, Lisa 106, 159 Jones, Patty 110, 152 Jones, Randy 109 Jones, Sheila 101 Jones, Tim 59, 106 JR. HICH PLAY 12, 13 JR. HICH STUDENT COUNCIL 1 60 JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC 20, 21 JUNIORS 116-119 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 22, 23 K Kapp, Jenny 102, 158, 159 Kearns, Diane 118 Kelham, Andrea 102, 159 Kelham, Dave 128 Kelham, Kraig 57, 69, 110, 149 Kelham, Sarah 128 Kelham, Tami 11, 43, 84, 118, 146 Kendig, Jody 161 Kendig, Rich 102 Kennedy, Abby 40, 41, 60, 118, 146 Kennedy, Beth 118 Kennedy, Bruce 127, 128, 140, 178 Kennedy, Carol 106 192 Index Kennedy, Steve 34, 52, 53, 113, 164, 188 Kepp, Jennifer 161 Kepple, Rita 128, 152, 153, 156 Kidd, Debbie 106 , Kilgore, Katie 24, 25, 82, 83, 108, 110, 147, 152, 163 . Kimmel, Annette 106 Kimmel, Dave 106, 158, 169 fe; Kimmel, Lance 27, 55, 128 Kimmy, Edward (Mr.) 92 p King, Rich 17, 55, 118, 148, 149 - Kinsey, Kelli 6, 82, 83, 113, 170 Kleber, Dan 102 Kleber, Suzy 84, 118 Kleeman, Debbie 128 Kleeman, Jim 59, 72, 106 Kleeman, John 28, 58, 73, 102 .. Kleeman, Lori 6, 82, 83, 118, 156 Kleeman, Pal 120, 129 Kline, Cathy 29, 118, 164, 166 ' Kline, Gerald 7, 58, 102, 142, 158 Kline, Harold 12, 13, 102, 142, 145, 158, 160 Klinger, William 113 King, Mary 106 Knott, Jami 24, 110, 147, 155 Koble, Robin 102 Koble, Shawn 49, 55, 81, 114 Kock, Greg 58, 73, 102, 161 Kock, Rex 57, 110 Kock, Susan 84, 116, 117, 118, 146, : 156 Koskie, Chuck 161 Koskie, Colleen 110, 147, 152, 154 Koskie, Don 129 Koskie, Michelle 102, 158, 159 Krider, Mark 110, 150 Kurtz, Terry 110, 150 L LaLone, Doug 106 Lampe, Lori 129, 156 Langfeldt, Connie 39, 60, 71, 77, 110, 144, 150 Langfeldt, Greg 24, 25, 118, 163, 179, 180, 182 Lantz, Thoma 16, 118 Lantz, Tim 17, 22, 29, 51, 52, 74, 75, 120, 129, 136, 148, 149, 151 Lantz, Trey 73, 102, 145 LaRowe, Jeannine 171 Lash, Cindy 6, 14, 16, 26, 42, 82, 83, 120, 128, 129, 136, 137, 145, 151, 152 LaTurner, Chuck 24, 57, 69, 110, 142 Leach, Ernest 129 . Leffel, Belinda 102 Lehman, Angela 102 Lehman, Tony 40, 74, 75, 110 Leland, Ronald 110 Lepard, Janine 168 Lepard, Steve 39, 114, 155 Lepley, Debbie (Mrs.) 98 Letizia, Lori 84, 110, 147, 152, 154 LETTERMAN’S CLUB 148 Lewellyn, Sherrill 17, 129 Lewis, Jean (Mrs.) 93 Lewis, John 58, 73, 102 Lewis, Lenore (Miss) 19, 93 Ley, Joe 129 LIBRARY HELP 45 Lillie, Joel 118 Lindabury, Beth 106 Lindabury, James 114 Lindabury, Jeanna 176 Lindabury, Loren 102 Lindabury, Sue 110 Lockwood, Terry 43, 118, 150 Loutzenhiser, Susan 102, 159 Ludban, Harriet (Mrs.) 97 Lyon, Jeff 12, 13, 106, 158 M Maggert, Tammi 84, 110, 111, 151 Maggert, Tom 72, 106, 158 Maggert, Wendy 12, 58, 102, 159 Malcolm, Debbie 29, 39 Malcolm, Robin 102 Malcolm, Wayne 110 Maley, Matt 58, 64, 102, 158, 161 Maloney, Bob 114 Maloney, Charles 110 Maloney, John 102, 145 Mansfield, Denise 60, 118 Manuel, David 58, 100, 102, 161 Manuel, John 63, 114, 148, 158 Manuel, Julie 22, 40, 118, 153 Marks, Louadda (Mrs.) 93, 138 Marti, Randy 114 Marti, Todd 57, 62, 63, 110 Martin, Mark 6, 17, 66, 67, 129, 148, 149 MATH 32 Mathys, Linda 106 MAT MAIDS 84 Mavity, Sarah 17, 116, 117, 118, 146, 150, 152 McBride, Christine 71, 114, 144, 146, 152, 178 McBride, Ray 118 McCartney, Dan 63, 74, 118, 150 McCartney, Lester (Mr.) 93 McCartney, Mark 102, 150 McClellan, Dawn 40, 114 McClellan, Rick 59, 106 McClish, Ken 110, 154 McClish, Rick 6, 16, 22, 54, 55, 66, 67, 80, 81, 130, 133, 135, 148, 149 McCorkel, Joseph (Mr.) 88 McDaniel, James 59, 106 McDaniel, Lori 118 McDaniel, Sheila 114 McDaniel, Victor 102, 160 McFann, Karen 84, 114, 146, 151 McFann, Kelly 84, 130, 136, 138, 146, 152, 153 McFann, Paul (Mr.) 89, 138 McIntosh, Chris 102, 159 McMillan 24, 84, 110, 152 McPheeters, Chuck 59, 64, 72, 106 McPheeters, Jamie 7, 118, 146, 156 Mellon, Jed 59, 72, 106 Mellott, Jeff 118 Mettert, Dawn 20, 43, 87, 118, 150, 152 ' , 162 Mettert, Randy 110 Michaels, Michele 106, 159 Michaels, Peggy 31, 84, 120, 130, 134, 138, 155, 196 Miles, Bonnie (Mrs.) 12, 13, 93 Miles, Chris 130 Miller, Cleo (Mr.) 19, 93 Miller, Dan 106 Miller, Kelly 102, 147, 161 Miller, Max 73, 102 Miller, Terry 130 Miller, Tom 58, 102 MISS DEKALB 15 MISS GARRETT 14 Mock, Kevin 106, 145, 158 Molargik, Linda 114, 146 Molargik, Lisa 102, 159 Molargik, Lori 118, 119 Moore, Doreen 118, 150 Morgan, Charlie 102 Morgan, Diane 118, 150 Morgan, Randy 69, 110 Morgan, Rex 145 Morgan, Rita 114, 150, 152 Morgan, Ronnie 106 Morr, Diane 102, 159 Morr, Renee 17, 23, 33, 84, 120, 130, 136, 138, 146, 151, 153 Morr, Terri 112, 114, 144, 146, 151, 152, 163 Morris, Jeff 62, 63, 82, 118, 145, 148, 149 Morsches, Mike 20, 21, 55, 74, 75, 130, 148, 149 Morsches, Missy 114 Mosley , Donna 118, 143, 152 Mosley, Randy 57 Mossberger, Craig 46, 55, 63, 87, 114, 145 Murray, Jim 114 Murray, Lori 106 Muzzillo, Bill 55, 74, 130, 138, 148, 149, 139, 151, 153 Myers, Debbie 42, 110, 145, 147 Myers, Joe 114 Myers, Lorin 102, 145, 161 Myers, Matt 119 Myers, Susie 22, 37, 130, 138, 139, 146, 152, 153 Myers, Todd 49, 114 N Nash, Penny 110 Nastally, Mary 32, 119, 155 Nastally, Mike 37, 39, 52, 63, 114 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 153 Neal, David (Mr.) 32, 58, 59, 72, 93 New, Sheila 106, 159 Newbauer, Tom 59, 106, 158 NEWSPAPER 149 Nierman, Kim 77, 83, 110, 147, 155 Nierman, Pat (Mrs.) 99 Nierman, Tammi 6, 32, 37, 77, 82, 119, 155 Nodine, Dewayne 85, 119 Nodine, Ralana 14, 131 Nodine, Valerie 106, 159 Nolan, Barb 40, 110 Nolan, Norma 114 Norris, Bill 110 Index 193 Novy, Joe 110 Novy, Robert (Mr.) 86, 94 Nuiile, Dan 3, 52, 74, 114, 148, 155 Nuitle, Dave 102 Nuiile, Kathy 38, 39, 131, 139, 152, 153, 155, 162, 196 Nuttle, Sandy 39, 77, 110, 144, 152, 155, 163 O OEA 156, 157 Olin, Barbara (Mrs.) 94, 150 Olson, Richard 110 Omspacher, Dennis 58, 73, 102 Omspacher, Pat 131, 196 Ort, Gary 59, 106, 158 Ort, Tammy 84, 114, 146 Oster, Alicia 40, 120, 131, 139 Oster, Kerry 66, 67, 81, 131, 133, 148, 149 Ousley, Brenda 131 Ousley, Karen 110 Ousley, Sharon 102 Overy, Doug 9, 52, 69, 110, 151 Overy, Lori 119, 151, 153, 154 Owen, Chris 58, 102 P Packard, Pat (Mrs.) 60, 77, 94 Panning, Todd 103 Parker, Karen 119, 146 Parker, Neal 39, 114 Parks, Joe 106 Parks, Tim 103 Parr, Donna 110, 154 Payton, Doug 110 Payton, Kim 55, 67, 81, 119, 148, 149 Payton, Mike 131 Payton, Vonda 106 Pence, Amy 40, 87, 120, 131, 136, 137, 175 Pence, Dave 119 Pence, Terry 69, 74, 110 Penland, Beth 22, 120, 131, 146, 154, 155, 163, 170, 178 Penland, Kathy 101, 103 PEP CLUB 146, 147 Pepple, Kathy 103 Pepple, Laurie 106 Pepple, Steve 59, 106 Perkins, April 43, 51, 84, 132, 146, 150, 152, 162 Perry, Nancy 114, 146 Perry, Raymond 35, 54, 55, 62, 63, 74, 75, 114, 150 Petcoff, Bob 17, 22, 63, 81, 82, 124, 132, 140, 148, 149 Peters, Althea 114 Peters, Ann 106, 158 Peters, Cheryl (Miss) 71 Peters, Doug 58, 73, 103 Peters, Gene 119 Pfefferkorn, Kevin 23, 132, 140, 153 Picklesimer, Dean 194 Index Piety, Jeanie (Mrs.) 82 Piety, Jodi 6, 16, 82, 110, 111, 147, 170 Piety, Larry (Mr.) 66, 67, 82, 94, 157 Piety, Tammi 31, 33, 37, 77, 82, 113, 114, 155 Piety, Todd 12, 13, 72, 106, 107, 145, 160 Poling, Gary 24, 25, 63, 132, 136 Porter, Steve (Mr.) 52, 73, 94 Potter, Keith 46, 132 Potter, Penny 114, 146, 151 Pressler, Roderick (Mr.) 34, 70, 71, 94 Puff, Charles (Mr.) 88, 140 Pugid, Steve 145 Putt, Kathy 103 Putt Q Quince, Debbie 110 Quince, Pam 103 R Ransbottom, Rick 132 Redmond, Rick 55, 114 Reed, Alisa 132, 136, 137, 152, 153, 196 Reed, Debbie 106 Reed, Donna 110 Reed, Martha (Mrs.) 99 Reed, Tammy 111, 147, 152 Reeves, Ronald (Mr.) 32, 94, 160 Reffner, Paul 22, 132, 136, 138, 139, 153 Reinoehl, Jackie (Ms.) 99 Rench, Esther (Mrs.) 97 Rench, Jill 119 Ressler, Danny 106 Riccius, Jim 114 Riccius, John 103, 158 Riccius, Wanda 111 Richardson, Dianna 119, 150, 156 Ridgway, Scott 24, 69, 111 Rist, Mike 114, 155 Rist, Renee 14, 120, 132, 146, 153, 170 Roberts, Janice 133, 136, 154, 163 Robinson, Thomas (Mr.) 36, 95, 105 Roe, Kathy (Ms.) 34, 95, 151, 161 Roehm, Lisa 60, 71, 77, 111, 147, 155 Roehm, Steve 57, 110 Rowe, Charles (Mr.) 88 Rowe, Jeff 18, 52, 74, 114, 148 Rowe, Judy 103 Rowe, Patty 119 Rowe, Troy 103, 158 Rowe, Willis 59, 106 Ruger, Brent 12, 107, 158 Ruger, Jackie 111 Ruger, Retha 168 Ruger, Tammy 39, 114, 146, 151 Runion, Norman 133 Rupert, Kathy 58, 107, 159, 160 Rupert, Todd 58, 103, 160 S Salyer, Byron 107, 158 Schendel, Jeff 59, 72, 107 Schewe, George 104, 107 Schewe, Penny 107, 159 Schewe, Terri 133, 139 Schlabach, Carol (Mrs.) 22, 47, 95, 150, 164 Schull, Mary (Mrs.) 99 Schultz, Patti 60, 71, 77, 84, 114, 146, 155 Schurr, Linda 17, 37, 71, 77, 133, 144, 150 - Schurr, Sabra 111 SCIENCE 33 Scott, Debbie 52, 77, 120, 130, 133, 146, 153, 188 Scott, Gale 18, 70, 71, 77, 114, 146, i 155, 174 Scott, Linda 12, 58, 71, 107, 159 Sechler, Tami 111 Sechler, Tonya 152, 147 SENIOR AWARD NIGHT 138, 139 SENIOR DIVIDER 120, 121 SENIORS 122-135 SENIOR PLAY 136, 137 SEVENTH GRADE 100-103 Shank, Diane 103, 161 Shaw, Marsha 70, 71, 77, 133 Shaw, Rhonda 30, 119 Sherwood, Bill 69, 80, 111, 164 Short, Vicky (Mrs.) 36, 95 Shoudel, Lisa 111 Shroads, Sandy 71, 119 Shroads, Valerie 103 Shuff, Michele 107, 159 Shull, Linda 111 Shull, Lori 60, 71, 147, 155 Siefers, Fred (Mr.) 25, 28, 30, 95, 107, 115, 145 Sigler, Janice 39, 111 Sigler, Jerry 38, 39, 40, 120, 124, 133, 139, 150 Silden, David (Mr.) 38, 39, 95 Simcox, Jody 39, 111 Simmons, Mark 114, 163 Simon, Greg 49, 68, 115 Simon, Jean 60, 111, 147, 152 Sims, Charlene 119 Sims, Victor 111 Sipe, Vanessa 111, 150 Skelly, Jeff 37, 111 Sleeper, Debbie 103 ■ Sleeper, Ron 115 Smeltzer, Jeff 114 Smith, Brenda 107 Smith, Chris 11, 133, 140, 155 , Smith, Dave 45, 69, 111, 155 Smith, Denny 133, 187 . Smith, Donald (Mr.) 88 j Smith, Emily 39, 77, 111, 144, 155 Smith, Mike 39, 120, 134 ! Smith, Pat 115 i ! 1 I j Smith, Patti 60, 61, 77, 115, 146, 163 Smith, Randy 16, 17, 54, 55, 66, 67, 120, 134, 139 Smith, Rick 181 Smith, Robyn 77, 84, 119, 146, 156 Smith, Sarah 119, 145, 153, 177 Smith, Tim 34, 55, 114, 115 Smurr, Jack (Mr.) 98 Snider, Dena 103 Snook, Sharon 119 Somers, Dan 52, 74, 75, 85, 130, 134, 140, 142, 148, 149, 170 Somers, John 52, 74, 75, 111, 148, 149 Somers, Leo 111 Somers, Sarah 101, 103 SOPHOMORES 112-115 Sorensen, Lars 75, 120, 134, 138, 139 Sorensen, Lena 103, 147, 159 Sorensen, Nina 115, 146, 151 Souder, Mike 59, 107 Souder, Raymond (Mr.) 99 Souder, Sandy 17, 84, 115, 146, 151 Sowles, Laura 107, 159 Sparks, Carson 69, 74, 111 Sparks, Cindy 12, 107, 158, 159 SPECIAL ED 36 SPORTS DIVID ER 50, 51 STAFF 97, 98 Steckley, Beth 71, 115 Steckley, Jamie 103 Steckley, Tammy 103, 161 Steigmeyer, Steve 68, 115, 187 Steltzer, Jeff 115 Stemen, Todd 134 Steward, Cindy 24, 111 Steward, Mike 39, 40, 119 Stocker, Steve (Mr.) 57, 95, 160 Stockert, Mark 107 Stockert, Rusty 119 Stomm, Larry (Mr.) 96 Strock, Craig 49, 55, 119, 148 Strock, Jackie 107 Strock, Steve 119 Stryker, Brent 119, 179 Stryker, Mark 103 STUDENT LIFE DIVIDER 6, 7 STUDENT COUNCIL 151 Sturges, Bob 115, 150 Sturges, James 58, 85, 102, 103, 161 Sturges, Susan 111 Sumner, Johnny 107 SUPERSTARS 18, 19 Surfus, Gary (Mr.) 96, 155 Surfus, Tony 59, 72, 158 Sutton, Mary (Mrs.) 99 T Tackles, Steve 58, 103, 158 TEACHERS 90-96 Teller, Ed 85, 103 Teller, Laura 115 Teller, Lorraine 39, 115, 150 Terman, Dean 59, 107 THESPIANS 145 Thiel, Dan 55, 62, 63, 82, 119, 148 Thiel, Denise 84, 115 Thomas, Kevin 10, 115 Thomas, Richard 107 Thomas, Tammy 107, 159 Thompson, Diane 12, 13, 107, 159, 160 Thrush, Becky 111, 147, 155 Thrush, Jeff 58, 103 Thrush, Ken 115, 150 TRACK 74, 75 Tittle, Ed 119 Treadwell, Cindy 30, 46, 134 Treesh, Jeri 55, 119, 155 Treesh, Jim 55, 134, 148, 149, 189 Treesh, Vicki 119 Tullis, Melanie 107 U Underwood, Rogers 107 V Valiton, Rhonda 107 VanAuken, Jim 57, 74, 111 Vanderbosch, Beth 103 Vanderbosch, Kathy 120, 134, 138, 146, 155 Vanderbosch, Lori 107, 159 Vanderbosch, Tim 52, 74, 115 Vanderbosch, Todd 55, 68, 115, 148, 155 Velpel, Kim 71, 77, 111, 144, 147, 152 Vincent, Sue (Mrs.) 95 VonHolten, Arnetta 134, 138, 139, 162 W Wagner, Katrina 40, 111 Wagner, Laura 103 Wagner, Tom 9, 22, 24, 40, 119, 151, 155 Walker, Cindy 14, 25, 84, 127, 130, 135, 136, 139, 142, 145, 146, 156, 162, 166, 176 Walker, Dave 85, 135 Walker, Linda 107, 159, 160 Walker, Mark 115, 150 Wallace, Jackie 36, 103 Wallace, Jana 107 Wallace, Shirley (Mrs.) 31, 34, 96, 154 Walter, Bruce 2, 87, 162 Walter, Linda 135, 156, 196 Wappes, Diane 103 Warfield, Dan 119 Waring, Bridget 15, 135, 136, 137, 150, 152, 154, 163, 177 Waring, Nan 103 Waring, Richard 15, 111 Watson, Christine 107 Watson, Robert 36, 107 Watson, Tony 103 Weaver, Debbie 111 Weaver, Donald 111, 150 Wegman, Kathy 111 Weimer, David 58, 64, 73, 103 Wellhausen, Willie (Mr.) 48, 55, 56, 62, 63, 64, 75, 96, 148 Wells, Debbie 135 Wells, Donald 115 Wells, Len 39, 119 Wells, Stacy 115, 150 Wesolowski, Tony (Mr.) 89 Whitlock, Jeanette 107, 145 Wiant, Dave (Mr.) 54, 55, 96 Wilcox, Jamie 52, 53, 74, 119, 148 Wilcox, Valerie 115, 146 Wilcoxson, Linda 20, 51, 60, 61, 71, 77, 119 Wilcoxson, Scott 58, 73, 103, 158 Wilcoxson, Tom 115 Williams, Aric 24, 35, 115 Williams, Rhonda 45, 135, 146, 196 Wilmont, Paul (Mr.) 14 Wilmore, George (Mr.) 48, 96 Winans, Chris 57, 66, 67, 68, 69, 74, 87, 111, 149 Winans, Elise 77, 115, 146, 155 Wise, Leslie (Miss) 19, 45, 82, 96 Wisel, Cheryl 107, 159 Witherspoon, Janice 84, 115, 146, 163 Wood, Samme 107, 158 Woodruff, Judy 14, 16, 21, 124, 132, 135, 156 Woods, Charlie 103 Woods, Laura 103 Woodward, Donita 115 Woodward, Joe 36, 111, 115 Woodward, Tony 111 Wright, Debbie 115, 146 Wright, Jeff 59, 107, 168 Wyatt, Mike 115 Y Y-TEENS 152 Yarde, RaeAnn 39, 77, 119, 163 Yarde, Terry 58, 103 Yarde, Tom 59, 107 Yarian, Dave 107 Yarian, Harry 55, 56, 68, 74, 115 Yarian, Michelle 115, 146 Yarian, Ricky 57, 74, 111 Yarian, Shari 107, 159 Yarian, Tracie 60, 70, 71, 77, 111, 144, 147 YEARBOOK 162, 163 Yingling, Bettina 39, 115, 152 Young, Robin 60, 71, 115, 147, 155 Z Zeider, Mary 60, 71, 115, 146, 152, 155, 163 Zierer, Steve 107, 145, 158 Zimmerman, Mary 23, 140, 144 Zimmerman, Mike 72, 107 Zolman, Rick 59, 72, 107 Index 195 Seniors have active last year; futures vary " I plan 10 get a job and work awhile, then I may go to college. " Rita Kepple " My plans are to be married in June, continue working in an office and go to night school for further education. " Linda Walter " I plan on working during the summer and then I ' ll pack my bags and head down to Bloomington where 1 will live at Indiana University. I plan to study Biological Sciences or Medical Technology. Truthfully, I’m uncertain what will be the path 1 take in the future, but 1 will never forget the past I ' ve enjoyed at GHS. ’ ' Alisa Reed " I am going to be a mother and wife and later go to school to become a beautician. ” Tonia Baker " In September I ' m planning to attend International Business College and become a legal secretary. " Rhonda Williams " I ' m going to Springfield, Missouri to Central Bible College. I intend to take courses in children’s education and music. Hopefully, 1 will go to this college in August. " Peggy Michaels " I’m going to be working at Lincoln Life in Fort Wayne and I ' m planning on traveling a lot. I’ve already set my goal, and that is winning the National High School Rodeo Finals in Helena, Montana this year.” Tina Foster " I plan to work and save my money to go on to a business, but I really do not know. " Pat Omspacher 196 Closing top righi--THAT ' S MY COUSIN, the Senior play, will be a great memory for many of the Seniors who participated. above--LISTENING INTENTLY is something all Seniors will remember, including Bob Petcoff when he thinks about his Humanities class, right--A CONCERT DUET was played by Kathy Nuttle and Sue Griffin. left--A BAKE SALE as a money-making project keeps Vicki Diederich busy uptown, middle left- -INTERESTS WERE HELD as Peggy Michaels and Kay Cornell watch the Under New Management convocation. below--BOOGlElN ' DOWN are Amy Pence and her date at the Prom, lower left-- CHOWING DOWN is Susie Gingery as she eats her ham sandwich at the Picnic. " I’m going 10 get a job, sit back and take it easy, then decide if I want to go to college. ’ ’ Cindy Lash " Party, and build my own kick wheel and make my own pottery to sell and give away. I might go to night school for classes in art and pottery. I think the class of ”77” should have a reunion the summer of " IS, " and party some more and some more. " Pat Kleeman " I will enroll at a four year college and major in an Engineering or Math ematically related field. ' ’ Bill Muzzillo " I plan to go to college and further my knowledge of research and physics. I then plan to come back to Garrett and teach Physics. Judging by the vast amount of respect law people get, I might be a plumber. " Lars Sorensen " Work through the summer and go to a trade school for diesel or car mechanics, or go to college to become a Forest Ranger or something in that order. " Mark Cleveland " I am going to go to a lake and have a good time all summer, then I ' m going to a navigation school for a year and be a carpenter in my spare time. " Paul Beber " I plan on getting a job at a factory and making some cash. " Lynn Delauder " Go to Indiana - Purdue University and study business. ’ ' Paul Reffner " I plan to work during the summer and attend a college during the fall, after that I haven’t even thought about. ’’ Bob Petcoff Closing 1 97 h " Go to Florida and live there until the end of the summer and party down. " Jeff Brooks " After I get out I ' m going to look for a job and if I don’t get one by Oct. 10th, then I will join the Air Force. In " 79 " I’m going to get married if we’re still together by then. ’ ’ Carol Hammond right--CAP FITTING was something all Seniors were looking forward to. Monica Bunn checks to see if hers fits properly. beIow--WALKING TALL are Jerry Sigler and Alicia Oster as they proceed into the gym for Commencement, lower right-- WRITING ANNOUNCEMENTS keeps Marsha Clady and Jan Roberts busy in Study Hall. " Go to I.U. - P.U. in Fort Wayne and make some money. I’ll take Industrial Engineering Technology. ’’ Todd Custer " I am going to I.U. - P.U. in Fort Wayne and I’m going to major in Business Administration. ’’ Denny Smith " I’m going to get a job as a secretary or something in that profession. ’’ Debbie Claxton " I’m going to Tri-State University to major in accounting. I would like to get a job at a firm in this area. In a few years I hope to get married.’’ Val Griffin " I’m currently planning to attend college next fall. I’m interested in teaching elementary school. I want to major in elementary education and because of my interest in sports I would like to minor in P. E. so that I could coach J.H. or H.S. girls volleyball or track teams. I will be taking a four year course. ’ ’ Kay Cornell " I plan to go to college and work. In college I plan to major in chemistry or biological science. ’’ Debby Scott " I plan to attend Parkview Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. I am enrolled to take my class work at Purdue extension in Fort Wayne in August. ’’ Julie Englen 198 Closing Activities fill final days " I’m moving to Fort Wayne with another girl from Ganett and I ' m going to go to International Business College for 10 months’ secretarial work. In the meantime I’m taking two writing classes at Westbrook College. After that, who knows what I’ll be doing. But maybe you might read one of my books in the future. ” Karen Feasel " See some sites. ’’ Dan Bradley " I plan on getting a job and farming with my dad. ’ ’ Tim Griffin top Ieft--1T ' S FINALLY OVER for Mary Zimmerman and Tina Foster as they remember their years at GHS after Graduation, middle left- -A PLEASURABLE DINNER was enjoyed by both Juniors and Seniors at the Prom, lower left-- THAT DARN TASSEL, Jeff Bartels seems to be thinking as he tries on his cap and gown, lower right--DRENCHED, Linda Schurr goes after whoever threw water on her at the Picnic. " I’m going to Northwestern Business College to study at their automotive school to be a mechanic. ’ ’ Terry Miller " Just a week ago I bought a lake property with my brother. We went half-and-half. We’re planning on having a house built up there by August. I will be working for my dad in construction, building houses, plastering, dry wall, etc. " Doug Ashenfeltei Awards Athletic-Randy Smith, Marcia Shaw Hands-Tim Lantz, Sherrill Lewellyn Talented-Jerry Sigler, Sue Griffin Best Dressed-Kerry Oster, Renee Morr Most Likely to Succeed -Tony Flesch, Sue Griffin Eyes- --Rick Getts, Julie Englert Outgoing-Dan Somers, Nancy Fourman Smile ---Brian Flesch, Shenill Lewellyn, Nancy Fourman Conservative-Paul Reffner, Rita Kepple L,egs-Mark Martin, Julie Englert Class Flirt-Dan Somers, Cindy Lash Cut-Ups-Dave Walker, Alisa Reed Nose-Bill Muzzillo, Kay Cornell Sexiest Voice-Doug Ashenfelter, Kathy Carr Gossips-Rick Getts, Vicki Diederich Brownies-Mike Smith, Tracey Johnson Hair_Greg Gerber, Renee Morr Clowns-Kent Bowman, Alisa Reed Nicest Mouth-Todd Custer, Shannon Myers Body_Randy Smith, Judy Woodruff Ears-Tim Griffin, Nancy Fourman Dimples-Lance Kimmel, Laurie Derickson Wittiest-Mike Smith, Beth Penland Hep-Randy Reed, Alisa Reed Contagious Laugh-Mark Martin, Karen Feasel Absent Minded-Dan Hathaway, Tonia Baker Closing 1 99 The 1977 Garrett Aeolian was printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas. The representative for Taylor is Mr. Jim Bell. The Garrett Clipper provided newspaper clippings and pictures. All underclass and Senior mugs, club and team pictures plus candids were taken by Mr. Blaine Feightner and his assistant Mr. Dan Camp. Prestige Portraits of Muncie and Melon of Fort Wayne developed the film. Our thanks to all these people. All body copy was printed in 10 pt., IBM type. Captions were printed in 8 pt. type. Headlines were either 36 or 72 pt., Spartan style. Formatt No. 5501 lettering was used on division pages. Special thanks go to Mrs. Dorothy Feightner, our advisor, who helped us make this yearbook what it is. Since this is her last year, we would like to dedicate this yearbook to her for all her patience, hard work and advice. 200 Acknowledgements

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Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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