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AEOLIAN G f 0. 9 ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBI I 3 1833 03124 0598 Gc 977.202 G18a 1973 The Aeolian GARRETT HIGH SCHOOL Garrett, Indiana VOLUME LV 1973 AEOLIAN Editor Jo Ellen Owens Business Mgr. . . : Mark Michael Section Ed Kalista Johnston Jody Witherspoon Bruce Engiehard Eric Jones Gene Freeman Photographers Teri Buckles Richard Suter Yogi Picklesimer Staff Mary Reed Connie Sigler Anita Fetter Janice McCorkel Doug Johnston Advisor Mrs. Feightner Alien County Public Library 900 Webster Street FO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN 46801.2270 TABLE OF CONTENTS Curriculum Involvement Competition Associates Page 18 Page 40 Page 60 Page 88 2 W m m " ' i I Ij 1 1 If The new benches in the commons are really convenient. I really like them, but they ' re kind of hard on the posterior end. (Susie Rosen- berg) . I think the benches in the commons were a good idea so people could just sir and do nothing. (Don Walker) The candy sales provided a fun, yet worthwhile, money-making project for the students. (Susie Roseberg) I didn ' t like the Mid-American singers at all. I didn ' t like what they sang or how they sang it. I don ' t like their kind of music! (Deb- bie Lewis). . I liked the Mid- American singers because I like songs and their dancing. (Kim Shumway) 1 think the fire was sort of an advantage for Garrett. A small town needs new businesses and ideas to keep on prospering, and the fire just might be the start of something great — you never know! (Joyce Schultz) I thought the Jr.-Sr. picnic was really fun. It ' s neat to see all the teachers playing softball and stuff instead of teaching. (Anon.) . The food at the picnic was really greatl (Randy Surfus) . . . JoEllen Owens Reigns as Gridiron Queen (Pic 1) Pausing on the float at the South Adams game are the queen, court, and their escorts — Terry Diederich, Dean Bruns, Frank Selke, Denny Smith, Rob Wilcox, Tom Kleeman, Bill Tittle, Walt Rassel. (Pic 2) 1972 Football Homecoming Queen — Jo Ellen Owens (Pic 3) Senior candidates wait to be escorted to the field. (Pic 4) Randy Surfus congratulates the new queen. (Pic 5) The new queen and her court — Lisa Rex, Debbie Snook, Nancy Rassel, Beth Mollis, Queen Jo Ellen Owens, Sharon Knechel, Becky Smith, Teresa Quince Ramona Miller Crowned Basketball Queen The Senior Class Presents the Curious Savage Cast Mr. Paddy Tom Newman Fairy May Debbie Lampe Hannibal Bruce Englehard Florence Jo Ellen Owens Jeffrey Humphrey Kearns Titus KimThorne Samuel Joel Brinkerhoff Lily Belle Joyce Schultz Mrs. Savage Pat Hyde Miss Wilhelmina Beth Hollis Dr. Emmett Larry Asher (Pic 1) The dream world of the Cloisters has become a reality. (Pic 2) " Someone ' s coming out of Dr. Emmett ' s office. One-two-three strange people! (Pic 3) Randy Mcintosh tests to see which light gives the best effect. (Pic 4) " Some thing take a long time to heal, Jeffrey. " (Pic 5) " rd like to give you something, too, Mrs. Savage, but there ' s nothing in my room you would want. " (Pic 6) " Are you about to offer me a bribe, Mrs. Savage? (Pic 7) ' It ' s amazing what standing above people does, I feel smarter than anybody else in the world. " (Pic 8) Mr. Paddy works on his " Masterpiece. " (Pic 9) " Do you know what papers call us — The Mad Savages. " (Pic 10) " I ' ve made a bed and I want to know who ' s in it. " ■ , Hello, Dolly Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi . " Debbie Lampe Horace Vandergelder Tom Newman Cornelius Hackl Phil Kuykendall Barnaby Tucker Yogi Picklesimer Irene MoUoy Teresa Koskie Minnie Fay Renee Shuff Ambrose Kemper Mike Krocker Ermengarde . . . . : - Joyce Schultz Ernestina Jamie Wise Rudolph Mike Walton Judge Dick Barry Directed by: Miss Kathy Koons, Mr. John Branam Townspeople. Waiters, and Polka Dancers. Karen Custer Holly Fargo Carol Kock Geri Kleeman Teresa Krocker Melba Laturner Rosie Mansfield Alice Placencia Pam Ringler Debbie Snook Susie Letizia Jody Witherspoon Marilyn Miller Dick Barry Billy Beber Gary Carr Walt Goldsberry Eric Jones Rey Placencia Eric Schurr Steve Walton Tim Wheeler . . . All I can say about the play is that I loved it. (Tom Newman) . . . Although it took alot of hard work, I never have enjoyed anything as much in my life. (Debbie Lampe) . The all school play was a lot of fun. I never realized before that Garrett had so much talent. (Phil Kuykendall) From the play I found that our school has a large amount of untapped talent. I just wish that we had a better fine arts depart- ment so that some of it could be discovered and used. I hope Hello, Dolly proved it. (Teresa Koskie) . . . After two years of idleness, the fine arts department took on the difficult task of performing the famous broad- way musical — Hello, Dolly. Through alot of hard work and over 4,000 man hours, the show was presented with much success. The play was light and humorous, with a large amount of the entertainment coming from songs and dance numbers. Without the devoted time of the direc- tor Miss Koons, the musical director Mr. John Branam, and the choreographer Miss Jordan Hamm, Hello. Dolly would not have been A SMASHING SUCCESS:!!!! One important thing that a girl should remember is to always be herself. (Debbie Lampe) . . I feel that your personality should carry more weight than poise or physical beauty in a beauty pag- eant. Even when you are under pressure your personality is still the real you. It ' s yours and no one else ' s. I definitely feel that your personality is your most im- portant character trait. (Ramona Miller) . . . Beauty Pageants aren ' t for everyone. Anyone who is even considering entering a beauty pageant should decide what kind of a person they think they are. Some of my feelings toward the pageant are not pleas- ant. But, that was because I was put into a situation where I was unable to be myself. (Polly Crea- ger) ... I really enjoyed the Miss Garrett Pageant. It was nice to be able to visit with all my friends after a long summer vacation. Although there was a lot of hard work involved, the Miss Garrett Pageant was an experience for everyone participating. (Jan Dove Miss Garrett ' 73). After Roush and Bloom came the election became a big success, with over 459 participants. (Steve Zeider) . . . , Listening to Roush and Bloom was fun; I liked asking them ques- tions about current issues. (Diane Gingery) Doing Vaudeville was a lot of fun, except for some of the smart remarks kids yell at you. and all that work we had to do. (Jacque Black). Everyone didn ' t stand up and shout like they did on V-J day, but you have to be glad that our guys are coming home. (Pat Whyte) . . I was glad to see it end, the Viet- nam War that is. Maybe now Nix- ons era of peace for America can become a reality. Who knows, we might have an everlasting world peace. (Kevin Derrow). When I stood and yelled ' " the Bri- tish are coming! " I didn ' t know what I was doing. After I sat down 1 asked myself why I did it; when people told me what I did I didn ' t believe them. (Randy Endsley) ... 1 can ' t really explain it. but I fell relaxed and carefree. I didn ' t have anything on m mind. H pnotism definitelv was fun, ( Debbie Leu is). LITTLE 500: The thing that made it colorful was cotton candy that was flying around — I know — I made it. (Diann Jones) ... I liked the girls buck-buck- the best. (Loren Dove) ... It was one of the best we ' ve had since I ' ve been in school. (Ralana Nodine) . . . The weather could have been better, but it was fun anyway. The girls tricycle race was very exciting! (Mary Reed) It was a fun experience for all classes. Even though the pushball got busted, the juniors and seniors got along fine. (Hiram Walker). . . . It was cold outside, but it was good. (Jody Adams) . . . This has been the best Little 500 yet. The chess tournament will be better next year with more people. (Jens Sorenson) ... I loved the tacos! (Laurie Derickson) 1973 ' s Little 500 featured nine events. In the boys soccer game, the sophomores downed the fresh- men 1-0. Shannon Derrow and Tina Fostic won the girls tricycle race. The juniors lost to the seniors 33- 1 in a last minute soccer game. The junior high chess tournament was won by Jeff Mellot over Lars Sorenson. The team of Esselburn, Martin, Simon, and Rassel captured the junior high bike race while the senior high bike race was won by the team of Newman, Carr, Ellert and Christ- iieb. The girls football game was won by the seniors with the score of 22-0. Many clubs participated by selling food. Spanish, Latin, O.E. A., Varsity Cheerleaders, and the sophomore class had booths. It was fun and dandy. (Jerry Bow- man) . . . The food was good. (Brian Flesh) . . . The refs were rotten in the freshman-sophomore soccer game, especially Mr. Crist. (Hank Carper) ... It gave all clubs a chance to participate. (Karen Gent- is) . . It was out-of-sight! (Karen Feasel) ... It was good to get out of school. (Dave Claxton) . The tacos were good. (Steve Harmon) The junior high bike race was very fast: Walker was a great con- testant. (David Walker) . . I thought the girls buck-buck was good and fun. And the sophomore girls did not cheat! Also the snow- cones were really great. (Becky Smith) ... It looked like it was snowing because the cotton candy machine overflowed. (Denny Smith) ? ' -v- PROM CHAIRMEN GENERAL CO-CHAIRMEN — Steve Zeider Jody Witherspoon INVITATIONS Mike Walton Linda Adams Mt. Ewing PROGRAM Kevin Malcohm Marilyn Miller Mr. Ashbaugh DINNER Steve Mavily Rayna Englehard Mrs. Olin ENTRANCE Don Walker Teri Buckles Mr. Ashbaugh TABLE DECORATIONS Karen Gentis Gary Crabill Mrs. Olin ENTERTAINMENT Randy Miller Adrienne Smith Mr. Seltenright ELKS-EAGLES Jacque Black Mike Esselburn Mr. Seltenright AUDITORIUM Carol Redmond Tony Blomeke Miss Crowe THEME — Mary Reed, Dave Benson, Mr. Ewing The band was much better than last years. I was surprised that al- most everybody danced. I think the decorations were beautiful and the band was great. (Tony Blomeke) . . The food was real good and there was plenty of it. (Greg Shippy) . . . I really thought that the hypnotist did a nice job with the kids. It was fun to watch all the kids who were under. (Pat Costin) .1 think everybody had a good time. (Randy Mcintosh) I still can ' t believe that we decorated two w hole months for one little night! But I have to admit it was worth it. (Kay Christ- lieb) . After all the hard work, time, money, and effort invested in the prom, Tm glad it was a success. (Jody Witherspoon) . . . The week- end rain did not dampen any spirits! (Denny Smith) ... I never knew Debbie Beber was such a swinger! (Anonymous) . The food at the Prom was decent. I ' m glad it was a serve-yourself type thing. (Randy Surfus) . Tom Wiley highlighted the weekend at Wawasee by diving off of a raft that was on shore. (Holly Fargo) I was messing a- round. (Tom Wiley) LUNCH — It ' s more like a snack to me. (Tony Blomeke) . . . I ' m glad there is an ala carte line, but I think it needs a little more variety. (Anon.) . . SMOK- ING — The students should have privileges of smoking in at least the student lounge. No facilities are given towards the student concerning this, but just strict regula- tions against it. (Anon.) . . . Why don ' t they put ashtrays in the restrooms? (Anon.J . . . DETENTIONS — I like the little pink slips. There ' s something about them that makes everyone go crazy. (Anon.) . . . It ' s all right as long as you can bring a friend along. (Denny Boice) . . . PARKING LOT — It needs improved badly. It ' s a good place to park if you want to go out at noon and find your car buried up to its axel in mud. (Kay Christlieb) . . . It ' s too small for the amount of car driven to school. (Brent Steigmeyer) ... It is so destitute, so muddy, so holey and hilly that it is rented to NASA for test lunar landings. (Mark Zimmerman). 16 Having the restrooms closed kinda made me mad. There were limes when I had to go to the John between classes and I had to walk all the way from the junior high to the corner and back again making me late for class. (Doug Shenk) I can remember last ear when spring came around, and we could no longer play basket- ball in the gym. That got to me. I think that ' s what I like about the present administration. These guys under- stood that we like to play even in the spring, so now we play; it isn ' t like last year when there was nothing to do before class. (Walt Goldsbery) I think playing basketball before class in the morning puts me in the right frame of mind. Playing basketball wakes me up and gets me going. (Dave Luellen) ... I enjoyed the pep sessions this year when the administration and teachers got a pie in their face or dunked in a pool of water. (Mike Krocker) Pies in the face and getting dunked were clever ua s to get the kids to yell at the pep sessions, and I feel the team enjo ed them top. (Sheila King) I was glad when there was no more home room except on Wednesdays. Nou I have more time in bed. (Mike Walton). 17 WHAT GHS THINKS ABOUT CURRICULUM " Semester Classes Are An Advantage to Students. " (1) — Mrs. Mellott and Mrs. Van Leuven get involved with the students, which gives them that certain knack of making their 7th grade English exciting and unusual. (2) — Mike Gentis adds some excitement to the new Literary Exploration course as he enacts his own interpretation of a short story by Edgar Allen Poe. (3) — Group sessions play a major role in the learning experience of Journalism, as Mrs. Feightner directs the class. (4) — Renee Shuff has her own way of displaying her acting ability, as she places herself INTO the part during theatre arts class. (5) — Comp I seems to be quite a problem for Jim Magnuson as he wads up the rough draft of his theme and heaves it toward the basket for two points. . . . The most important thing I ' ve learned in English class this year was to be able to get in front of a crowd and speak half-way intelligently. (Bobbie Finn) . The new English system is great because you can take a variety of courses in one year. (Paul Surfus) " Latin and Spanish Live Today — in a Culture, As a Language " Latin is not dead for it lives in other languages which derive a part of their vocabulary from Latin. It also lives in the heritage it has gi- ven us. (Cathy Cobbs) Latin is prevalent in the scientific and medical fields which will help me after graduation. (Anon.) ... 1 de- cided to take Spanish because I wanted to learn a language that can be used in traveling. (.Anon.) The new Spanish tapes help me for I can hear things the ua they are supposed to be and then do it the right way myself. (Martha Bonkoski). (1) Doing board work is a good way for Toni Ellert to increase her knowledge of Latin. (2) Translating English to Spanish is easy for Paul Rassel. (3) Becky Houser uses the new tapes to help her with her Spanish. (4) Humphrey Kearns seems to be enjoying his studies during Latin IV. (5) The Spanish students bid Miss Myers adios with a farewell cake. " Home Ec Will Help When I ' m on My Own " I like cooking best because I like to work in kitchens. (Debbie Ham- mond) ... I like sewing better cause it doesn ' t make me fat. (Janet Wal- ton) . . . I ' ve learned if you follow directions things will turn out bet- ter. (Brenda Daley) ... I think changing to 1 semester courses is more interesting. (Sue Westrick) ... I think there is a lot to know about sewing (Karolyn Combs) (1) Coloring cloth is a new experience for these girls in Home Ec. (2) Jan Dove sam- ples a piece of cake to see if ifs good. (3) Rosemary Henderson carefully cuts away loose threads from her material. (4) Following directions is very important in cooking. " Agriculture Means Learning to Serve n i |il « •««» ••««, « » H 1 M Agriculture teaches you about the farm and how to grow and harvest better crops. You learn to take care of farm equipment and ani- mals. (Kevin Snook) . . The most important thing I ' ve learned about agriculture is learning to do, doing to learn, learning to live, and living to serve. (Dan Hippensteel) If cows get out of line, bust their heads. (JeffGillispie). (I ) Larr .Xshbaugh instructs his eighth grad- ers. (2) Bill Madden carefulU examines this pup. (3) Pat Penland. Mike Creager. and Mike Leech model their F.F.A. jackets. (4) Ste e High. kenn Charles, Rand Hamp- shire, and Keun Hull listen carefullx lo the discussion. " Singing Brings Out My Best " . . . When choir started, everyone sang out of tune and did nothing together, but since Miss Doyle has come our choirs have improved immensely. Both the Prep Choir and the Concert Choir sound more unified and have a much better tone. Be- sides all of that. Miss Doyle has made the kids more enthusuastic and the course more enjoyable. (Anon.) ... I took choir because I enjoy singing because it is the only way 1 can express my true feelings. (Anon.) . . Choir brightens up my day because singing brings out my best. (Anon.) ( 1 ) Pep Choir: ROW I , M . Riccuis, D. Barger, K. Clady, Director Miss Doyle, M. Woods, K. Quince, L. Asher, S. Omspacher, F. Klinger, S. Griffin, T. Burniston, J. Brandt, Y. Picklesimer, M. Gentis, S. Kelham. (2) — Talented Larry Asher plays the piano for the choir during the convocation. (3) — The bass section adds harmony and depth to the prep choir. (4) — Taking over the position of director. Miss Doyle formed two choirs and improved each in depth and tone quality. ijyy ■ i a t- -i :- f-, ' -ff • • e (1) — Members of the choirs helped make the musical Hello Doll a success. {2) - Add- ing some excilemeni to school. Concert Choir sings for all. (3) The altos of the Choir add harmon to add the fmishing touches. (4) — ROW 1. K. Burniston. C. Co.x. S. Shirle . M. Riccuis. J. Tetzlaff. S. GrifTm. T. Koskie. .-X. Placencia. Director Miss Doyle. ROW 2. D. Runion. J. Dove. J. Brandt. V. Tageson. G. Kleeman. L. Souder. O. Liliie. K. Christlieb, T. Wile , C. Hall. ROW 3. E. Jones. B. Beber. L. Asher. M. Krocker. G. Carr. K. an .Allen. H. Monoff. M. Walton, M. Gentis. " Band - A Great Way to Start a Day " One of the best things about the band is that we get to play at the football games. (Bill Cornewell) . . . Playing music in the mornings is a great way to start off the day. From there on everything seems to go just perfect. (Mike Gentis) ... I enjoy band because it is a way that I can express myself through music. (Tom Wiley) ... I have only one complaint about the band course; I wish that we could play more modern songs. (Steve Mavity) (1) — ROW 1, D. Lampe, V. Sipe, B. Smith, L. Housel, T. McPheters, T. Wiley, B. Rugman, P. Kinsey, M. Wilmot, S. Refner, C. Sigler. ROW 2. D. Ray. B. Yarde, P. Driver, B. Dennison, D. Jones, R. Treesh, M. Reed, R. Osten, D. Walker, D. Claxton, M. Phister, V. Sorenson, B. Fry. ROW 3, M. Tarlton, R. Bixler, D. Rowe, C. Shaw, L. Dirr. ROW 4, M. Carper, R. Workman, S. Mavity, M. Gentis, B. Cornewell, Director Mr. Branam. (2) — The orchestra especially chosen for Hello, Dolly added much to its success. (3) — Adding excite- ment to the basketball games, the pep band plays one of their halftime numbers. (1) — Under the direction of Mr. Branam, the Garrett band performs at halftime for the community. (2) — Senior band officers Tom Wiley. Mike Gentis. and Debbie Lampe choose the musical selection for the band. (3) - Mr. Branam directs the band during a convocation performed in front of the student body. (4) - The brass section, headed by Ray Osteen. gives the band its depth and quality . " Learn As You Earn " D. E. is a good course because I can be at work receiving training in- stead of taking all class courses at school that may not help me. (Peggy Combs) ... D. E. is a great help to me as far as my schooling is con- cerned, but the reason I took it is because I like working with people. (Gary Bergner) nz mi (1) D. E. student Randy Mueller works part-time at his father ' s gas station. (2) Gary Crabill gets experience selling bicycles as he works at Wyatt ' s during the after- noon. (3) — Carla Andrews sells clothes at Grants. (4) — Carla Andrews prepares for the Vocational Banquet. (5) — Marie Tackles corrects insurance forms daily. (6) — Peggy Combs also works at Wyatt ' s, only she works in the office. (7) — Both Gary Bergner and Greg Jones work at Electric Motors. (8) — D. E. student Dave Andrews stands proudly at the Vocational Banquet. 1 students Meet Math ' s Challenge . . . Math — A fluctuation of numbers, terms, and facts to receive what I want from an equation. (Mike Esseiburn) . Math isn ' t always easy, but you feel you ' ve learned something when you ' ve fin- ished the course. (Kevin Malcolm) . . . Math provides for understand- ing. (Mary Reed) (1) — Algebra I proves to be a different kind of math to the incoming freshmen. (2) — Franl Caprino displays what he has gained from being a four year math major. (3) — Karen James finds the num- ber system a cinch as she places her ans- wer of the board. (4) — Mr. Capin provides his students with the knowledge of where Geometry will help them. (5) — Mr. Neal teaches a range of students; frosh — sen- " Science Explores Unknown " 1) Mike Esselburn and Mark Barcus listen 10 Mr. Hunter ' s explanation of the Bunsen burner. 2) Dave Lash sets up the ph sics class science demonstration at the science fair. 3) Biolog students Mary koehl and Sue Chesterman take a peek at the planeria. 4) Janice McCorkel explains the phssics demonstration to a science minded seventh grader. 5) Penny Seffernich awaits the jud- ges with her project. 6) Mrs. Seffernich looks on as Penny displays her science project. I think that science is interesting and it allows me to venture into the uni no sn. (Mar Koehl) 1 liked the experiment with the wave mo- tion machine, or as some of us call it — a slinky. (Mark Michael) 1 think I will use what I have learned in college and when I leach science. (Ron Kock) Teachers Make Business Great I learn a lot in Bookkeeping because it is interesting, and it is something that could be helpful throughout life. (Cindy Steigmeyer) , . . Business lab gives you experi- ence in the different types of of- fice jobs. (Diann Jones) ... I feel that the business courses Garrett offers are fine, and there are enough courses to provide a person with the knowledge he needs to prepare for his future. (Cindi Smith) Business lab helps train people for their future careers. (Kim Strock). (1) — Mr. Stomm explains fundamentals lo his Bookkeeping 1 class. (2) — Students in Shorthand I take notes as Miss Eldridge reviews characters on board. (3) — .-Xnita Fetter transcribes a letter on the dictaphone. (4) Business Lab makes its T.V. debut. (5) — Mrs. Doss explains payrolls to Marie Ballentine, Chris Thrush, and Sand Chitten- den in Business Lab. (6) Mrs. Doss greets her guest from W. NE T.V. (7) — Randy Mcintosh strives for 40 words per minute in personal typing. (S) Debbie Hoeffel takes a message for Business Lab class. (9) Chris Thrush used her typing skills to finish a letter in a short lime. (10) Mrs. Doss chats with Mr. Puff in her spare time. (11 Renee Shuff takes some time out for a break, as Debbie Lew is studies on. Exercise and Health Contribute to Our Well- Being I feel that the rules for dressing and showering are methods of teach- ing. We dress alike to create an atmosphere of equality and to pro- mote cooperation. Showering teaches and also insures personal hygiene. (Jamie Wise) ... I feel that identical gym suits take away a person ' s identity. (Maureen Mo- ran) ... I really feel that GHS should have co-ed physical educa- tion classes. (Kim Oster) . . . (1) — Sophomore boys engage in a basket- ball thriller, as Ron Shafer and Mrs. Kochert look on. (2) Freshman girls experiment with different types of gymnastic arrangements. (3) — Steve Walton concentrates as he at- tempts a free throw in gym class. (4) — Theresa Krocker displays spectacular talent on the trampoline as Robin Lange and Kay Folden watch attentively. Social Studies Helps Explain Problems of Today «» « lLi 1 think the Social Studies depart- ment could be improved by taking more field trips to historical places in Indiana and b showing more films and movies. (Mike Esselburn) My favorite topic in U.S. His- tory is the time era from World War II to the present, for it relates more to us, our lives and our present- das problems. (Jody Witherspoon) 1) Mr. Smith answers the questions of eager seventh graders. 2) Politicans now have Mr. Finchum ' s Civics class going round and round 3) Kim Shumway, Kay Christieb, Kay Perkins, and Teri Wiley use their acting skills in Mr. Whitehead ' s class. 4) Laurie Derickson and Debbie Wells work in a group discussion during Miss Lotz " s history class. 5) Mr. Finchum " s current events class loves those newspapers. I jtj mW ' r fBI M . 35 " You Use Both Hands and Head in Industrial Arts " Woodshop is great for a person who likes to work with his hands. You can be creative and make things that you feel would benefit you. (Wayne Rowe) .1 like auto mech- anics, for you get your hands dirty while you are learning. (Gary Carr) ... In woodshop you have the pride of showing something you made by yourself instead of going to the store and buying something 100 other people have. (Rich Workman) . . . I like metal shop because you are more free and you can use what you learn out in life. (Ken Cutler) . Drafting is useful as a supple- ment to my art. (Denise Jinnings) (I) — Maurice McPheeters masters the art of grinding. (2) With the help of an Angola student. Lee Kneeland tries to fix a car- burator. (3) Mike Gerhardt uses the jointer to smooth his wood. (4) — During auto mechanics. Re Placencia works at put- ting in a brake drum. (5) — Gar_ Carr hunts for the tools he needs. (6) — Drill- ing is only one of the many jobs Ken Cutler learns in metal shop. (7) — Mr. Ordas keeps bus during class, too. (8) — Drafting students check their drawings. (9) In metal shop Dave Derickson begins work on his project. " Art Is Expressing Your Feelings " Art is an expression of ones feel- ings (Rick Workman) . . . It ' s re- leasing your inside feelings (Eric Streets) . . . It ' s the way a person expresses himself (Judy Maloney) . . . It ' s the way something looks to you (Julie Manuel) . . . It ' s a thing of beauty. (Lee Osteen) . . . Any creation in any form (Carrie Custer) . . . Art is having ideas and letting people know what they are in your own way (Steve Harmon) . . . Art is using your imagination (Alisa Reed). (1) The seventh graders Julie Manuel, Bar- bra Hilagass and Jeff Mellon show their skills in hand building. (2) Franz Heinzer- ling expresses his talents using slab build- ing and thrown shapes with clay. (3) Joe Thomas says, " Steady now " while he smooths out his project made of slab build- ing. " The Clubs in Special Ed Are a Benefit to Me " I think Special Ed. should in- clude a class on current events be- cause we could benefit from learn- ing about what is happening in to- day ' s world. (Anon.) . . My least favorite subject is math because I don ' t think it ' s of any use to me. (Hellen Fugate) I think we should talk more about drugs for it is a big problem today. (Debby Derrow) . English is a great course in Special Ed. (Anon.) (I) David DeConick is preparing for the days lesson. (2) Dan Hataway works diligently on his math. (3) Helen Fugate and Debbie Hofferman are in deep concentration. (4) Randy Freeman helps Mr. Robinson put the materials awav. 39 WHAT GHS THIHKS A ■wfrn BOUT INVOLVEMENT student Council Gives Students a Chance to Speak The main purpose of Student Council is to serve as a go-between between the administration and the students. (Beth Mollis) . . . Student Council is a worth- while organization because it gives the students a chance to speak out. (Kim Dove) ... I think the Council should elect students according to those who truly want to be a part of it and would enjoy participating in it. (Cindy Steigmeyer) . . . The Council has sponsored the Homecomings, mock elections, and Little 500. (Pat Costin) . . . Student Council accomplishes more during the year than it is given credit for. (Mark Michael) . (1) (ROW 1) Cindy Lash, Lori Kleeman. (ROW 2) Pat Costin, Sharon Knechel, Marilyn Miller, Bekie Dennison, Lori Malargik, Alisa Reed, Debbie Wiley. (ROW 3) Tom Mortoff, Howard Smith, Maureen Moran, Jeff Mellott, Brenda Bergner, Marcia Steigmeyer, Jeff Sprout, Beth Hollis, Mike Stockard, Fred Sawyer. (ROW 4) Scott Kimmell, Steve Krider, Kim Dove, Mike Esselburn, Norman Runion, Jeff Krider, Kim Thorne, Larry Zecca, Eddie Tittle. (2) Sponsor — Mr. Hutton, and the officers of Student Council: Presi- dent Frank Caprino, Secretary Rosie Mansfield, Treasurer Mark Michael, Vice-President Marc Barcus. 42 Gymnastics Promotes Individual Achievement Gymnastics has taught me the importance of woricing with others so that others can help me improve. Gymnastics also helps me keep limber and develop strength which is important in any kind of sports. (Sue Letizia) . . . The main purpose of grymnastics is for each individual to work at his her own rate of speed to achieve a goal. It also helps to apply one ' s self mentally as well as physically. (Dick Barry) ... I joined gymnastics to improve and perfect my abilities, but mostly because I like the activities that the club offers and 1 enjoy the challenges. (D. Spicer) (A) Amy Pence practices on improving her skills on the trampoline. (2) FIRST ROW — David Spicer, Dick Barrv. Eric Schurr. Sandy Tackles, Karen Parker. SECOND ROW — Jod Witherspoon, Sarah Mavity, Sue Letizia, Jahni Brandt, Amy Pence. THIRD ROW — Dan Summer, Ray Osteen, JetT Gillespie. (3) Steve High demonstrates his talent on the trampoline. 43 NHS Members Proudly Graduate With Gold Tassels I was selected to be a member of National Society on a basis of leadership, scholarship, service and character. (Karen Gentis) . . . I ' ll be proud to wear a gold tassel when I graduate. (Joyce Schultz) .1 felt that it was an honor to be accepted as a member of such an elite and select group. (Frank Selke) We were active this year in beneficial ways. (Mark Michael) (1) (ROW 1) Eric Jones, Kalista Johns- ton. (ROW 2) Gene Freeman, Cathy Cobbs. (ROW 3) Denise Jinnings, Kathie Reeves, JoEUen Owens, Karen Custer, (ROW 4) Frank Caprine, Tom Hullinger, (ROW 5) N.H.S. Sponsor — Mrs. Love (2) National Honor Society members and their parents relax and enjoy refreshments after the Honor Society ' s initiation of new members. 44 Thespians Provides for a Revival of the Fine Arts . . . Thespians is beginning to grow and will be a very active club in the future. It is going to take some time to get it moving again, but Miss Koons is doing a great job as a sponser. (Jacque Black) Thespians is in need of monetary support, but other than that there aren ' t many problems. (Jan- ice McCorkel) . Being a member of Thespians really gives a person a sense of responsibility because you know that if you don ' t get the job done, there will be no one else that uill do it for you. (Kalista Johnston) To be in Thespians you must earn enough points which makes member- ship an honor. (Jody Witherspoon) (1) — Miss Koons puts in the overtime as she takes on the difficult assignment of directing the all school play. " Hello. Doll . ' " (2) — Kim Thorne is getting used to being painted up as the make-up crew prepares him for his role in the Senior Pla . (3) — Active Thespians members; TOP ROW — Jod Witherspoon. Kalista Johnston. Jac- que Black. Teresa Koskie. MariKn Miller. FROM BOTTOM TO TOP. sponser Miss Koons, Bruce Engiehard. Rayna Englehard. (4) — Ravna Englehard helps cue the cast of the all school pla while she fulfills her job of student director. 45 " Latin Club Is a Rewarding Experience in l ly Life " I have had a lot of fun and learned some new things about the Roman culture. (Jo Ellen Owens) ... To have fun and spread the joy of the Latin language. (Mary Jo Novy) . . We are to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. (Kathie Reeves) . . . We dress as Romans because, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. (Frank Caprino) . . . From being in Latin club, I think I am a better person. (Robert Dannenberg) . . Latin club is a way of enjoying life. (Dick Barry) . . . (1) (ROW 1) Becky Weller, Kathie Reeves, Jo Ellen Owens, Susie Dapp, Mike Walton (ROW 2) Mary Jo Novy, Sharon Knechel, Karen Gentis, Ruth Koehl, Frank Caprino, Karen Custer, Anita Fetter, Jim Sapp, Dick Barry, Humphrey Kearns (ROW 3) Toni Ellert, Theresa Schultz, Eric Schurr, Carrie Custer, Debbie McDaniels, Mrs. Love, Cathy Cobbs, Elaine Schurr, Bobby Finn, Terri Sprout, Rosie Gingery, Kevin Vincent (ROW 4) Sabrina Kirk, Debbie Snook, Laurie Reeves, Jayne Thrush, Mary Koehl, John Blomeke, Steve Zeider, Robert Dannen- berg, Dennis Kennedy, Frank Selke, Kenny Haynes, Kevin Custer, Howard Smith (2) Humphrey Kearns sells slaves at the slave auction. (3) Dick Barry relaxes during the banquet. " Spanish Club Teaches Spanish Customs " The main purpose of Spanish Club is to help the members better understand Span- ish customs and the ways of life. (Connie Sigler) . The things I like most about our club are relating with others and learn- ing more about peoples from other coun- tries. (Doug Johnston). Spanish Club helps members become oriented uith man Spanish customs. (Kevin Malcolm) I have learned about bullfights. Spanish peo- ple, parties, pyramids, and about Spanish customs. (Sue Letizia) (1) - FIRST ROW — Sponser. Miss Haynes. Vice-Pres. Kevin Malcolm. Sec. Paula Gilliland. Pres. Eric Jones. Treas. Doug Johns- ton. SECOND ROW Pat Whyle. Deb Lampe. Kalista Johns- ton. Jod Witherspoon. Nancs Rassel. THIRD ROW - Trish Dirksen. Linda Zeider. Denise Walter. Roberta arde. Steve Wal- ton. FOURTH ROW Sue Letizia. Robin Lange, Javne TetzlolT. Carol Ouslev. Jens Sorenson. Gene Freeman. FIFTH ROW — Ton Vanderpool. Larry Putt. Gary Krider. Jacque Black. Kathy Car- teaux. (2) The third year Spanish class prepares Mexican Ta- cos for their cultural day. a day during which the class prepares a party according to Spanish peoples customs. (3) Gene Freeman enters the Spanish Foods line just as Kevin Malcolm and Kathy Carleaux leave, during the Spanish Club Christmas party held on December eighteenth. Vocational Students Learn Many Helpful Skills I took auto mechanics because it gives me a chance to use my hands. (Charles Campbell) ... I took voca- tional drafting because it will be use- ful after graduation. (Larry Knapp) ... I took I.C.E. because it helps me earn money, manage it, and learn its functions in a practical sense. (Kevin Derrow) . . . The purpose of D.E. is to gain a greater knowledge of on the job training. (Sharon King) ... I took I.E.C. because it gives you a head start on a job. (Mitch Boyd) . . . (1) I.C.E. — (ROW 1) Anita Fetter, Peggy Combs, Marie Tackles, Debbie Andrews, Carla Andrews, Debbie Fike, Lola Robinson, Mr. McCartney. (ROW 2) Jim Letizia, Calvin Kurtz, Rudy Fuentes, Marshall Brumbaugh, Bruce Rugman, Dave Claxton. (ROW 3) Kevin Derrow, Denny Boice, Tim Bock, Gary Bergner, Gerg Jones, Mitchell Boyd, Tom Wiley. (2) H.O.E. — Holly Fargo, Karen Wilmot, Linda Housel, Pat Poling, Mrs. Reynolds, (3) D.E. — (ROW 1) Mr. McCartney, Leslie DePew, Randy Mueller, Phil Kuykendall, Sharon King, Nancy Maurer. (ROW 2) Joe Mansfield, Ross Greenwalt, Terry Wilcox, Dave Crabill, Jim Driver. 48 (1) Vocational Auto Mechanics — (ROW 1) Steve Kelham, Ray Placencia, Denny Gall, Mr. Dykstra, Bruce Smith, Larry Yarian, Lee Kneeland (ROW 2) Robert Kahike, Charles Campbell. Gary Parker. Jack Smurr. Tony Gingery (ROW 3) Dave Andrews, Greg Haynes, Roger Gingery. Rick Brooks, Chuck Hathaway, Bill Cornwell (ROW 4) Maurice McPheeters. Joe Holbrook, Leeland Short (2) Vocational Drafting (ROW I) Larry Knapp. Scott Kimmel, Tom Kleeman, Steve Talley (ROW 2) Dave Crager, Dave Gor- man, Sam Hippensteel, Denny Costin (ROW 3) Mr. Ewing, Zane Gerber, Ron Blotkamp, Roger Gingery. " 0. E. A. Has a Year Full of Activity " (l)(ROW l)Mrs. Doss, Chris Thrush, Brian DePew, Diane Gingery, Debbie Hoeffel, Beth Mollis (ROW 2) Ra- mona Miller, Anita Fetter, Marie Ballentine, Terry Bowman, Gary Cra- bill, Steve Walters, Mary Novy, (ROW 3) Diane Jones, Karen Madsen, Kay Perkins, Peggy Combs, Chris Chesterman, Teri Wiley, Nancy Ras- sel. (ROW 4) Linda Adams, Linda Rist, Debbie Beber (2) Chris Thrush, the president of O. E. A. this year, is busy conducting one of the many meetings. (3) Students relax between contests at Regional Contest held at Northrop High School in February. (4) Everyone seemed to enjoy them- selves at the O. E. A. Semi-Formal held on December 23 in room 40 of the high school. One of the most exciting moments was the Semi-Formal because we had worked so hard and the rewards were great! (Debbie Hoeffel) ... O. E. A. is an organization full of friendly people and good times along with hard work and much fulfillment. (Beth Hollis) . . . The purpose of O. E. A. is to reach business students and help them in the field of business they are going into. (Kay Perkins) Y-Teens Prepare for Tomorrows Challenges (1) Kathie Reeves talks with the mothers at the Mother-Daughter Tea. (2) Nedra cleans up the dirty dishes. (3) ROW 1, Mary Jo Novy, Jody Witherspoon, Becky Weller, Kathie Reeves, Sharon King; ROW 2, Nedra Januseki, Ruth Koehl. JoEllen Owens, Cindy Steigmeyer, Kalista Johnston, Jymme Brandt: ROW 3, Ann Muzzillo, Carrie Custer, Pam Ringler, Jayne Thrush, Laurie Reeves, Pam Kinsey, Debbie Snook: ROW 4, Nancy Costin, Martha Bonkoski, Brenda Bergner, Carol Kock. The purpose of this club is to serve others (Ruth Koehl) .It gives the girls a chance to meet others (Anita Rahrig) . . . It ' s a service club derived from the Y. W. C. A. It serves to help friendships grow be- tween all girls. (Jody With- erspoon) . . . Y-Teens brings girls of all ages to- gether to work and to en- joy themselves (JoEllen Owens) . It ' s a lot of fun. (Debbie Snook) FFA Shows Importance of Farming Vocational Agriculture is taught at G.H.S. mainly for persons interested in agricultural oriented occupations, but I feel that more kids should be made aware of farming and the role it plays in our daily routines. (Jeff Snyder) . . . FFA gives me a chance to have fun and at the same time owe responsibility to others. (John Treesh) (1) ROW 1 — R. Creager, T. Rice, Mr. Ash- baugh, M. Maloney, B. Madden, J. Snyder ROW 2 — E. Riccius, T. Whan, R. Potter, M. Snook, R. Depew, T. Freeman ROW 3 — D. Garn, S. Rottger, V. Sipe, B. Rugman, M. Hofferman, J. Helbert ROW 4 — W. Bunn, W. Creager, M. Thomas, M. Jarnigan, M. Leach, J. Krider ROW 5 — D. Shenk, F. Wake- man, K. Malargik, T. Diederich, L. Fritz, T. Malargik ROW 6 — T. Smith, K. Snook, W. Payton, W. Goldsberry, G. Schlatterbach, N. Westrick ROW 7 — T. Vanderpool, D. Shenk, G. Skelly, P. Penland, D. Bewley, J. Hippensteel ROW 8 — N. Laitten, R. Bix- ler. (2), (3), (4) FFA members display their various projects. 52 " FHA Helps Me Find Confidence in l yself. " (1) FRONT ROW. Sec. and Treas. Linda Hou- se!, Pres. Lola Robinson, Vice-Pres. Valorie Sipe. SECOND ROW. Mrs Olin, Becl Denni- son, Linda Risl, Cathy Casselman, Sue Weste- r ' ck. Kathy Smeltzer, Martha Somers. Vonda Sipe, Carol Ousley. (2) President Lola Robin- son checks to make sure the materials are OK for the show case. (3) Vonda Sipe and Lola Robinson are working hard on the show case for FHA week. (4) Vonda Sipe adds some interesting facts to the FHA scrap book. FHA lets people know we aren ' t just a bunch of girls who like to cook and sew. (Lola Robinson) I joined because all of m friends are in this club. (Valorie Sipe) ... I joined to help people improve their personality, family, and community living. (Anon.) I joined FH.A because I wanted to become a member of a club and FHA had what I wanted in a Club. (Anon.) I like what the club does and I wanted to belong to something. (Anon.) " G.A.A. Promotes Girls Interschool Competition " I joined G.A.A. be- cause I enjoy participa- ting in sports and G.A.A. gives me the opportunity to do this. (Nancy Cos- tin) ... In G.A.A. we mostly played volleyball and BB. We did get into a few arguments but thank goodness Miss Crowe is there to pre- vent any disasterous fights. (Deb Wiley) . . . G.A.A. is my favorite club. (Anon.) ROW 1 — B. Finn, P. Kinsey, C. Kock, M. Ballentine, J. Owens, P.Costin ROW 2 — Miss Crowe, M. LaTurner, K. Custer, J. Schultz, K. Reeves, J. Brandt, B. Weller ROW 3 — C. Cus- ter, S. Custer, B. Smith, M. Moran, T. Schultz, J. Thrash ROW 4 — K. Strode, P. Ringler, K. Carteaux, J. Brandt, S. Letizia, L. Reeves, D. Snook ROW 5 — T. Cox, T. Dirkson, R. Gingery, J. Walton, D. McDaniel, K. Getts, L. Zeider, J. Fourman ROW 6 — C. Ballentine, N. Costin, B. Bergner, M. Bonkoski, A. Rarhig, C. Morris, L. Clabaugh, K. Vincent, D. Suter ROW 7 — B. Houser, A. Muzzillo, N. Januseski, D. Benson, L. Rex, J. Huffman, D. Ray, S. Bock (2) Kim Carteaux and Anita Rarhig reach for the ball. (3) Fargo ' s Freaks tally the points during half time. " Pep Club Helps Boost School Spirit " l-.f vf .f f f 9 9 ' $. , • ♦• f. f:| f (1) (ROW 1) J. McCorkel, D. Mathys, S. Chittenden. M. LaTurner, K. Reeves, C. Cobbs, R. Koehl, H. Fargo. J. Schultz. K. Custer, P. Costin, D. Runion. J. Brandt, (ROW 2) B. Weller, J. Owens, P. Kinsey. L. Reeves. D. Snook. P. Sutton. K. Ro- berts. C. Kelham. R. Mansfield, G. Blomeke, C. Custer, M. Novy, J. Witherspoon. G. Kleeman. T. Wiley. (ROW 3) P. Ringler. C. Kock. C. Custer, K. Burniston. J. Brandt. T. Cox. D. Bishop, K. Vincent. T. Quince. J. Mueller. S. Kruger. S. Bock. M. Higgins. D. McDaniels. L. Zeider, (ROW 4) N. Januseski. T. Dirksen. M. Koehl, R. Gingery. J. Johnson. J. Andrews. M. Bonkoski. K. Getts, J. Walton. D. Walters. A. Rahrig. A. Mussillo. N. Costin, B. Houser. Despite the fact that the Railroaders were weaker this year than in pre- vious years, our school spirit and our enthusiasm was much greater. We never gave up on our Railroaders! (Ramona Miller) ' For the first time in a long time, the Pep Club and the cheerl eaders actually got along beautifully. Our spirit was a joint effort. (Pat Costin) ..The boys Pep Club was fired up for every game. We added to the excitement by throw- ing in a few of our own little cheers now and then. (Ton Blomeke) . (2) The Junior girls hold up the Railroader hoop during a basket- ball game. (3) Carol Hall works long and hard to finish sectional decora- tions for room 40. " F.T.A. Helps Students With College Plans " (1) ROW 1 — Pres. Jody Witherspoon, Sec. Mary Reed ROW 2 — Vice Pres. Kevin Malcom, Treas. Connie Sigler ROW 3 — Pat Whyte, Sponsor Miss Lotz, Spon- sor Mrs. Van Leuven ROW 4 — Cheryl Souder, Melinda Carper ROW 5 — Roxie Treesh (2) Connie Sigler tries desperately to make sense out of some notes she has taken for a treasurer ' s report. (3) Mary Reed and Connie Sigler give their full attention to the views of Miss Lotz during one of the few morning program committee meetings. F.T.A. tries to help members bet- ter understand the field of teach- ing . . . F.T.A. is a simple, small club in which a person learns full responsibility and how to function in a society. A person does not have to put on any airs, he can be him- self. (Jody Witherspoon) . . . F.T.A. is REAL fun! (Connie Sigler). F.T.A. informs students of the benefits, the downfalls, and the en- joyable aspects of teaching. (Roxie Treesh) . . F.T.A. has taught me a lot about the teaching profession; that ' s why I have decided never to become a teacher. (Kevin Malcolm) . . . F.T.A. helps me get along with teachers. (Pat Whyte). f Claw Chess Clubs Improve the World Mind Chess Club I joined Chess Club because I always wanted to play chess with someone besides my dad. (Ty Harter) Chess is a game that makes you think extra hard and it helps you learn more about the power of concentration. (Lee Osteen) I learned to play chess from my parents, my dad in particular. (Jeff Mellott) . I joined Chess Club to help improve my game. (Dick Barry). Claw Club . , If more people would take pride in their environ- ment, the world would be a better place to live. (Alisa Reed) Even though we put trash cans out, still people are careless and there ' s still pollution. (Cindy Treadwell) Pollution is bad and ugly and I wish we didn ' t have it. (Greg Hicks) The Claw Club wants to help keep clean land, air, and water. (Sarah Mavity). Claw Club (ROW 1) .Mr. Smith, Alisa Reed, Marsha Clady, Julie Manuel. Brenda Bauman. Susie Kock. Karen Clad (ROW 2) Bruce Getts. Lee Osteen, James Lindabury. Tom Wagner. Sarah Mavity (ROW 3) Gary Poling. Matt Herzer. T Harter. Lori Jef- fery. Valerie Griffin (ROW 4) Lori Malargik Chess Club (Playing) Dick Barr . Frank Seike (ROW I) .Mrs. ' Mellott, Ty Harter. Dave Benson. Jeff Mellott. Dave V alker. Reyna Englehard (ROV 2) Don w ' al- ker. Joe McCorkel. Dave Ma- urer, Eric Schurr. Dirk Smurr f Headaches + Decisions + Deadlines = Aeolian Staff When I started as a student pho- tographer I thought it would be real easy to go around snapping pictures of people, but now I know there is more to photography than just that. It takes an enormous amount of work to get just one outstanding photo, but I would say the task is well worth the effort. (Yogi Pic- klesimer) . . . Working on the Aeoli- an was harder than I expected, but I still enjoyed it. Hard work is an important part of a good yearbook. (Joyce Schultz) . . Working as sec- tion editor is hard work, but it has its awards — seeing your own ideas in black and white. (Jody Wither- spoon). 58 (1) — Business Manager. Mark Michael, re-checks the ads as he completes the long, hard business campaign for this ear ' s Aeo- lian. (2) — Editor-in-Chief. JoEllen Ow- ens makes and checks layouts, plans the book, and writes copy but her main job is to organize the staff and make sure they get their work done. (3) — Working as one of the student photographers, ogi Pickle- simer gains experience in the art of photo- graphy, but this time he got caught in the eye of the camera. i4) — Section Editors Gene Freeman and Eric Jones make final decisions on the photo positions on the page with the help of copywriter Dick Barry. (5) — Teri Buckles and Richard Suter take a variety of shots their specialty being those of student life. (6) — To better their knowl- edge of the making of the Aeolian. Mrs. Feightner took a group of the students and staff to Notre Dame for a workshop on how to make a good yearbook. 59 PTr WHAT GHS THINKS ABOUT COMPETITION Garrett Captures NEIC Championship for 1972 I thought the Columbia City game was the most im- portant game because the conference was at stake. When we won the conference I felt like I was in heaven because we all wanted it so bad and just decided we would do any- thing to win it. With everybody giving their all, the good coaching, we knew we couldn ' t be beat. (Tom Newman) Last year ' s team had more spirit and talent, but this year ' s team had more togetherness and desire. The NEIC title gave Garrett a good reputation and a tradition to hold on to for the coming years. The coaches and the players got along very well this year and the practices were a lot different than last year ' s because of the quality of the team. My biggest challenges this year were to win the conference and to get selected to the all conference team. (Greg Shippy) I think Mr. Hutton and Mr. Wiant were the main rea- sons we won the conference since we didn ' t have an over- bundance of talent. The coaches put desire in us. Hard work, desire, and cooperativeness between coaches and players make up a winning team. I liked the ruling on overtime because we won the Angola game in overtime which we needed to win the conference. The biggest challenge to the team as a whole, was to win it last year when we were expected to. (Ron Kock) Most of the time the team and coaches got along real well. The team got along extremely well. We were a close team. I liked the new overtime ruling because we won the only overtime game we ever played. It ' s best to be a winner or loser, not something in between. Pride is the main quality that makes a good team. On the front of our practice jerseys the word PRIDE was printed. (Frank Caprino) It was a great season! (Spot) 1st ROW — M. Barcus, D. Lash, R. Mcintosh, D. Anderson, B. Christlieb. D. Derickson, G. Carr, M. Andrews, K. Cutler, F. Caprine, T. Newman. S. Houser, Mgr. 2nd ROW — M. Esselburn, B. Steigmeyer. R. Kock. G. Shippy, R. Surfus, R. Wilcox, T. Blomeke, L. Yarian. W. Rowe, K. Nixon. R. Blotkamp, K. Haynes, Mgr. 3rd ROW - S. Zeider. R. Worden. M. Walton, R. Miller. C. Koble, H. Holbrook. S. Walton. B. Smith. S. Tarlton, P. Bennett. Mgr. 4th ROW — Coaches. Hutton. Kochert. Whitehead. P. Surfus. L. Jeffery. C. Anderson. K. Derrow. L. Knapp. P. Rassel. P. Yarian. M. Zimmerman. M. Gerhardt. Z. Gerber. Mgr. 5th ROW — Coaches Wiant. Byrd. D. Claxton. L. Zecca. K. Andrews. C. Meyer, A. Dirksen. D. Feagler. K. Custer. R. Gingery. M. Andrews. B. Flanagin. S. Parker. B. Kruger. K. VanAllen, (Pic 1) Coach Hutton stands with captains. Randy Surfus and Greg Shippy. (Pic 3) Planning the strategy for the next play on the sidelines. (Pic 4) Coaches Hutton and Wiant shout the directions for the plays. (Pic 5) Ron Kock. number 75. does some fierce blocking to help Railroaders gain yardage. (Pic 6) Randy Surfus runs into heavy traffic against Angola. Grid Iron Men End Season With Good Record If it wouldn ' t have been for the neu overtime ruling, we probably wouldn ' t have won the conference. Last year ' s team was probably bigger and had more potential, but a couple of key injuries at the wrong time caused us not to win. The NEIC meant a great deal to me this year because it was our last year for playing. (Randy Surfus). The boys followed rules and directions well this year and we didn ' t have too many problems. I think the most challenging task this year was to win the conference and we did it! The most important game this year was the Columbia City game as that v as the game that the cham- pionship rested upon. The new overtime ruling was an ad- vantage to us. The Angola game, which we won in over- time, was an important game that pushed us on our w ay to winning the conference. Some of the gu s didn ' t think we had the talent that last year ' s team had. but this years team had the pride and desire which helped them to gain prestige. (Mr. Hutton) G O Jamboree 14 Bellmont 14 PI East Noble 13 8 Bluffton 23 i: Angola 14 6 Hicksville 7 19 Lakeland 29 20 DeKalb 7 21 South Adams 36 6 Columbia City 19 18 (Pic 1) Mark Barcus makes a run for points in East Noble game. (Pic 2) Coach Hutton drilling pla s during warm up before a game. (Pic 3) The opponent ' s defense proves to be an impasse to Greg Shippy. (Pic 4) Surfus kicks off in Angola game while Shippy and Anderson run to help. (Pic 5) One of the many " jams " in Garrett football. (Pic 6) The offensive lineup is RE. DY. (Pic- 7) Down. set. readv Garrett Reserves of 72 Show Promising Qualities for Future Years We had a pretty good season because the bench was kept warm. (Andy Dircksen) Practices would have been easier if the Seniors wouldn ' t have given us a hard time about being junior varsity. (Steve Tarlton) The best part of the season was the meat squad, when the varsity played the reserves in scrimages. (Steve Walton) Practices were rough but they paid off during the season. (Bob Flanagin) The backfield was always messed up and the quarterback never knew what he was doing. (Mark Zimmerman) The coach was fairly rough on us but it helped us to make the season a successful one. (Larry Zecca) The Garrett reserves of ' 72 possess nearly all the qualities of becoming a great football power in the future seasons. Their main attributes are ones of size and speed. Averaging 200 poinds across the line as reserves, these young Railroaders will have the credentials to provide Garrett with a dazzling display of excellent gridiron in the ' 73 season. (Coach Wiant) New Haven 34 Eastside 12 DeKalb 6 Angola 18 Columbia City 6 18 East Noble 14 7 Angola 13 6 1st ROW — B. Flanagin, A. Dircksen, R. Blotkamp, S. Tarlton, K. Custer, R. Gingery, D. Feagler. 2nd ROW — Coach Kochert, C. Anderson, B. Smith, P. Rassel, S. Parker, S. Walton. 3rd ROW — M. Andrews, L. Yarian, C. Koble, T. Blomeke, P. Yarian, L. Knapp, B. Kruger, L. Zecca, M. Zimmerman, M. Gerhardt. Freshmen Have Spirit and Determination. Tliere Is a Good Team in the l laking! Eastside was the most important game to me this year because the team finally won a game and I finally got to play. (John Blomeke) In the practices we had good drills to build our bodies and minds and good talks with the coaches to learn more about the game of football. (Pete Wade) The Eastside game was probably the most important game to the team because we had not won any games yet this year. We had tied some but this was our chance to prove ourselves to be a good team. Practices were hard, too. but I guess you need hard ones if you want a winning team. (Matt EUert) The most important game was East Noble because it showed we could take anyone if we tried. (Kevin Hull) The practices were hard but worth every minute of it. Good, hard practices make a good football team. (Bob Ewing) Schedule G O Angola Columbia City 8 8 Bishop Luers 8 39 DeKalb 14 Homestead 12 20 East Noble 14 14 Eastside 20 Freshman Team: 1st ROW — G. Schlotterbach, Mgr., F. Sawyer. Mgr.. K Snook, T. Loutzenhiser, H. Smith, G. Schultz, D. Ferguson, B. Burnis- ton, S. Campbell, L. Fritz, D. Creager, S. Smith, R. Thurman, Mgr. 2nd ROW — B. Ewing, C. Davis, G. McPheeters, J. Har- mon, M. Feagler, N. Esselburn, P. Wade, J. Kleeman, D. Martin, 3rd ROW — G. Skeely, M. McFann, D. Kennedy, C. Winans, D. Simon, T. Wilcox, J. Hippensteel, R. Ginger , 4th ROW — K, Jones, M. Kleeman, D. Olson. J. Blomeke, J. Kobiela, G. Haffner, W. Rassell, M. Ellert, R. Hampshire, Sean Koskie, T. Diederich, S. Christlieb, K. Hull. Junior High Has Successful F-Ball Season 7th Grade I want to play football to have fun and to be a witness to sports- manship. I also wanted to play be- cause I like the sport of football. (Joel Lillie) 8th Grade G G Angola 6 Angola 8 6 Mcintosh 10 Mcintosh 32 Kendallville 12 Kendallville 48 Leo 32 Leo 22 Eastside 6 Eastside 8 22 The biggest challenge to me was moving from an offensive lineman to quarterback. (Tom Danklefsen) Most important game was the Ken- dallville one. (Tom Esselburn.) 1st ROW— M. Steward, P. Campbell, K. Grimm, J. Morris, T. Esselburn, B. Diede- rich, R. Placencia, G. Emenhiser, M. Her- zer, Mgr. 2nd ROW— Cleo Miller, Coach L. Jones, D. Frost, J. Lillie, C. Custer, T. Creager, R. King, T. Clevenger, Coach Hunter. 3rd ROW— L. Christlieb, L. Os- teen, B. Getts, B. Strycker, J. Treesh, T. Hall, T. Danklefsen, K. Payton, J. Cox. 8th grade, 1st ROW— Coach Miller, L. Hyde, K. Potter, G. Gerber, D. Walker, D. Hol- brook, G. Hicks, M.Hertzer, Mgr. Coach Hunter. 2nd ROW— D. Wells, S. Osteen, M. Whyte, L. Hyde, T. Lantz, S. Bowman S. Harmon, E. Leach. 3rd ROW— P. Klee- man, T. Flesch, P. Johnson, T. Miller, R. Bradly, K. Oster, M. Martin, R. McClish, M. Payton, T. Griffin. 4th ROW— R. Osteen, D. Boese, C. Custer, M. Pfferkorn, B. Muzzillo, B. Tittle, D. Ashenfelter, J. Treesh, B. Kennedy. Cross Country Needs Fans Just Like Any Other Sport — I run X-Country to make myself a better runner for track season and because its fun to run on the different courses. (Tim Wheeler) — An all down hill course is the best to run. (Mark Ellert) — If the students would go to the meets it would help the team spirit. (Frank Sellke) (1) — Team members; L. to R., 1st ROW: Joe McCorkel, Rey Placencia, Tim Wheeler, Coach Honeck. 2nd ROW; Mark Ellert, Randy Endsley, Frank Selke. (2) — Po strives for perfection. (3) — X-Country team prepares for a dra- matic meet. (4) — A time for mental preparation as the runners await the sounding of the gun. (5) — Mark Ellert looks forward to the running of the 440 sprints. G O East Noble 37 15 Churubusco 24 31 Bishop Dwenger 34 26 Eastside 16 43 DeKalb 49 15 .■ ngola 3? 20 Northrop 50 15 E " Basketball Means Just About Everything to Me. " Fantastic is one word that describes basicetbali this year at Garrett. (Paul Yarian) . . . My most difficult task is running in practice. (Mike Gerhardt) . . . Future basketball at Garrett looks pretty bright if some people work at it. (Greg Shippy) . . The coach gets me to work by threatening us once in awhile with the possi- bility that we will be running sprints all through prac- tice. (Randy Worden) . . . Discipline is OK but I don ' t think the length of the hair makes the player. (Dave Lash) . . . The most difficult task for me is getting my ankles taped. (Greg Shippy) . . . B-Ball is valuable here because the school would be a very dull place without it. (Randy Worden) . . . The coach gets us to work by putting us " on the line. " (Dave Lash) GARRETT OPPONENT 64 Central Noble 62 76 Fremont 57 37 East Noble 38 62 DeKalb 78 65 South Adams 77 63 Carroll 55 70 Bishop Dwenger 66 71 Bluffton 73 Snider 77 67 Leo 66 62 East Noble 73 62 Columbia City 58 60 Lakeland 67 71 Concordia 102 60 Angola 46 82 Bellmont 74 66 Eastsjde 44 54 Northrop 76 77 Churubusco 66 72 Hamilton 64 52 Eastside 47 49 Prairie Heights 58 (1) Coach Byrd gives instructions. (2) Wheeler and Shippy watch Ellert guard his man. (3) Worden shoots for two. (4) ROW 1 — Mgr. Steve Houser, Tim Wheeler, Paul Surfus, Randy Worden, Mark Barcus, Randy Miller, Mgr. Kevin Derrow ROW 2 — Coach Dick Kochert (5) Worden goes after the ball. (6) Shippy takes a shot. (7) Ellert tries to tip the ball to Gerhardt. (8) Surfus throws an inbounds pass to Shippy. (9) Barcus is on point. E (1) Kevin Derrow. Ken Haynes, and John Blo- meke are working hard figuring up the statis- tics for Coach Byrd. (2) Randy Worden is pois- ed in anticipation as Greg Shippy shoots a free throw. (3) Randy Surfus throws the ball in bounds after a basket was just made by " them ' " (4) Gerhardt leaps high into the air trying to get the tip to one of his teammates. (5) Coach Byrd is trying to e.xpalin what to do in the second half with the help of a piece of chalk and a blackboard. (6) Mike Gerhardt, Brent Steigmeyer, Randy Miller, Tim Wheeler, and other players watch the game. (7) Pau Surfus leads the way breaking through the paper covered rim onto the floor. (8) Coach Byrd offers some helpful hints to the players. " Work Describes Basket- ball This Year at GHS. " This year ' s team wasn ' t that bad considering the fact that there were few players returning with varsity experi- ence I ' ve played basketball every day since fifth grade. I love the game that much The most dif- ficult thing for me this year was to find the five best players to put on the fioor The team could have been better if the shooting had improved The game rU remember was the first one that I coached when we won on a basket with five seconds left Basketball builds character besides providing entertainment Next year you have to pick Garrett to be tough. (Coach Byrd) Basketball means entertainment and a lot of running to me because I like competition. When you compete and come out on top you feel good. (Dave Lash) The coach ' s discipline is fair but sometimes he expects too much. (Greg Shippy) Right now. Garrett bas- ketball is trying to get better, and in the future it will be even better. (Randy Worden) Basketball means fun. (Dave Lash). Reserve Team Promotes a Competitive Spirit The hardest task for me is getting in the game. (Ron Shafer) ... To me b-ball means sweat, not too much blood and very few tears. (Paul Rassel) . . . Basketball is valuable at Garrett because it gives us better things to do on Friday and Saturday nights other than getting into trou- ble. (Kim Oster) . . . Mediocre describes b-ball this year at Garrett (Ron Shafer) ... To get me to work the coach says run and I do it. (Paul Rassel) Garrett Opponent 51 Central Noble 24 59 Fremont 35 39 East Noble 37 54 DeKalb 47 67 South Adams 63 45 Carrol 61 38 Bishop Dwenger 43 50 Bluffton 60 46 Snider 51 41 Bishop Luers 37 45 Ft. Wayne North Side 65 39 Columbia City 62 61 Lakeland 32 61 Concordia 50 61 Angola 42 40 Belmont 47 47 Eastside 33 39 Northrop 47 58 Churubusco 62 68 Hamilton 22 (1) Dan Feagler puts a move on his man and is driving in toward the basket. (2) Dave Gorman was fouled. Now he is on the line trying to raise the score. (3) Bob Kruger and Mark Pfefferkorn see a loose ball on the floor and go after it. (4) ROW 1, Gary Shippy, Kim Oster, Dan Kinsey, Dan Feagler; ROW 2, Coach Dick Kochert, Loren Dove, Paul Rassel, Terry Diederich, Paul Yarian; ROW 3, Manager Zane Gerber, Ron Shafer, Kev- in Custer, Dave Gorman, Mark Zimmer- man. 74 ROW 1, Randy Hampshire, Tim Smith, Dave Ferguson, Chris Geiser, Lynn Fritz, Mgr. John Blomeke. ROW 2, Mark Feagler, Dale Martin. Neil Esselburn, Gary McPheet- •ers. Bob Ewing, Tim Wilcox, ROW 3, Mgr. Ken Haynes, Ken Malargik, Gary Haffner, Dan Olsen, Walt Rassel, Matt Ellert, Mitch McFann, Coach Stan Whitehead. ROW 1, Dave Gorman, Dan Kinsey, Loren Dove, Paul Rassel, ROW 2, Scott Parker, Kevin Custer, Ron Shafer, ROW 3, Manager ZaneGerber, Coach Richard Kochert. Frosh Finish Respectably The coach gets me to work by giving me confidence in myself. (Matt Ellert) The most difficult task for me is playing a defense called forward denial. (Tim Smith) . . . Next year I predict that we will have a better year because we keep improving more and more. (Tim Wilcox) One word that describes basketball this year at Garrett is " without. " " (Tim Wilcox) Garrett Opponent 44 Eastside 30 39 Angola 34 37 East Noble 34 22 Central Noble 24 O.T. 39 Bishop Luers 59 43 Lakeland 35 31 Churubusco 39 35 DeKalb 34 53 Columbia City 44 O.T. 39 Bishop Luers 47 38 East Noble 40 46 Prarie Heights 58 64 West Noble 53 O.T. 33 Concordia 40 37 Central Noble 34 26 DeKalb 39 25 Leo 49 41 Carroll 39 48 Angola 43 Won 10 — Lost 9 C-Team Gains Experience Basketball means both fun and hard work. (Ron Shafer) . I feel that next year Garrett should be tough because of our height and experience. (Loren Dove) Basketball is rewarding to me because ou get to know the guys and coaches better. (Dan Kinsey) I do what the coach says because everyone knows he is a tough dude. (Paul Rassel) Seeing the open man is hardest for me to do. (Loren Dove) Garrett Opponent 32 DeKalb 38 45 Churubusco 31 20 Concordia 30 30 East Noble 33 33 DeKalb 59 38 Concordia 68 42 Churubusco 32 75 c 7th Grade Works Hard The most memorable game for me was Hamilton be- cause I missed the bus. (Bobby Diederich) . . When the coach wants to get me to work he " kicks my rear. " (Curt Custer) . . . The most difficult task for me in playing basketball is when I flub up real bad — having to face the crowd. (Craig Strock) Basketball helps keep up the school ' s reputation. (Leonard Christlieb) Garrett Opponent 36 Columbia City 38 28 Huntertown 38 32 Angola 41 35 Kendallville 46 19 Mcintosh 67 37 Eastside 29 29 Ashley 28 48 St. Joe 4 23 Mcintosh 42 38 Churubusco 44 27 Hamilton 28 23 Kendallville 31 15 Leo 61 8th Grade Splits Season To me, basketball means having a good time and learning sportsmanship and how to get along with other kids. (Mark Martin) . . The hardest thing for me is taking the refs word. (Todd Custer) . . The coach gets to me to work by making me run full court sprints. (Tim Lantz) . . The coach shouldn ' t have to get you to work if you want to play you should want to work. (Bill Muzzillo). Garrett OPPONENT 38 Columbia City 47 30 Huntertown 38 38 Angola 27 46 Kendallville 52 32 Mcintosh 38 46 Ashley 31 63 Eastside 33 52 St. Joe 29 40 Mcintosh 42 34 Churubusco 26 25 Homestead 43 42 Jefferson Center 40 28 Hamilton 36 24 Kendallville 37 33 Leo 32 40 Angola 14 24 Mcintosh 25 ROW 1 — Rick Placencia, Bob Diederich, Jeff Morris, Matt Meyers, Tom Danklefson, ROW 2 — Dan Fros t, Leonard Chirstlieb, Craig Strock, Les Grawcock, Curt Custer, ROW 3 — Tony Creager, Kim Payton, Dick King, Bruce Getts, ROW 4 — Mgr. Scott Bowmar, Coach Bill Honeck ROW 1 — Dan Bradley, Rick McClish, Mark Martin, Kerry Oster, Bill Muzzillo. ROW 2 — Kevin Pfefferkorn, Jeff Barrels, Lance Kimmel, Jim Treesh, Tim Griffin, ROW 3 — Norm Runion, Lynn Delander, Tim Lantz, Todd Custer, ROW 4 — Mgr. Rick Morgan, Coach Dave Neal, Mgr. Mike Smith. (Mgr. Pat Kleeman — not present) 76 students Show Railroader Spirit in Many Ways Working on concessions was reall quite a lot of fun even though you could sometimes get quite aggravated at some of the customers. (Geri Kleeman) The pom-pom girls didn ' t do alot this year except get organized. Next year should be better. (Johni Brandt) I really like being a batgirl for it was a good way to help out the team. (Becky Weller). If ppp I 1 1 iJ - 1 (1) Leading the band are Beki Dennison and Mike Gentis. (2) Pom-pom girls and twirlers — Terry Cox. Sherry Griffith. Ka Chnslieb. Calh Burniston. Carol Ousle . Debbie Beber. Darlene Barger. Karen Gentis. Sharon Knechel, Charlene Sebring. Cath Casselman. Martha Somers, Kathy Shaw. Vonda Sipe. Johni Brnat (3) Working as batgirls are Debbie Snook, Debbie Diederich. Jo Ellen Owens, and Becky Weller. (4) The Railettes keep busy in the concession stand. 77 Fore! Here Comes the Garrett Golf Team I would recommend golf for other students only if you enjoy the game and can adapt to different courses. (Mark Michael) . . The most difficult part of the game for me is keeping my cool after a bad shot. (Ron Kock) ... I went out for golf because it ' s easy, relaxing, and stimulating when I smash those stupid little white balls. (Paul Rassel) ... I would recommend golf to most students depending on how coordinated the student might be. (Steve Walton) . . . The funniest event this year was when Steve Walton missed his ride to the DeKalb meet. (Tom Kleeman) .1 went out for golf because I like to play golf and I enjoy meeting other people-boys. (Pam Kinsey) . . . Winning only one match this year was unusual. (Ron Kock) . . . Garrett Opponent Loss Concordia Win Loss Central Noble Win Loss South Side Win Loss DeKalb Win Loss Hamilton Win Loss New Haven Win 10th out of 20 Central Noble Invitational Loss Angola Win Win South Adams Loss Loss DeKalb Win Loss East Noble Win Loss Leo Win Loss Carroll Win Loss South Side Win Loss North Side Win (I) — Tom Kleeman demonstrates the proper form for swinging his driver. (2) — Hitting the ball out from under a pine tree doesn ' t appear to be too difficult for Paul Rassel. (3) — Ron Kock shows coach Dave Wiant the proper grip for holding his 3-wood. (4) — Steve Walton stands poised and ready to clobber his golf ball in the direction of the green. (5) — A good 9-iron shot can save a stroke for Mike Walton. (6) — ROW 1 — Tony Koble, Tim Wilcox, Steve Tarlton, Dan Kinsey, Pete Wade. ROW 2 — Coach Dave Wiant, Tom Kleeman, Mike Walton, Ron Kock, Mark Michael, Pam Kinsey, Paul Rassel, (Steve Walton not present) (7) — Dan Kinsey shows his follow through after a well executed shot. (8) — Mark Michael takes a swing at the little white ball showing his determination. (9) — Coach Wiant corrects number one man, Ron Kock, about his grip. jfei j V r .. V 1 H 1 b " You Gotta Be Animal to Be on This Team " I believe this year ' s track squad was much better balanced, and our record was better than last year ' s regular season record even though last year we had the services of a state track champion. (Stan Whitehead) . . . Track is hard work, but this year we found out that it also could be fun if you went about it right. (Tim Wheeler) . . . Mile relay team, iron jock, hard work, green dribblies, and oh, yes, you got to be animals to be on this track team. (Tom Newman) Garrett Opponent 37 East Noble 89 70 East Side 48 48 Homestead 79 88 Angola 39 36 DeKalb 91 53 ' 2 Central Noble 73 1 2 66 Leo 51 East Side 31 47 Columbia City 76 Churubusco 35 (Pic 1) — Varsity track team — ROW 1 — T. Wheeler, R. Surfus, T. Newman, M. Ellert, G. Carr. ROW 2 — D. Barry, R. Endsley, Coach Stan Whitehead. ROW 3 — Asst. Coach R. Kochert, D. Spicer, F. Sellke, M. Walton, S. Zeider, K. Derrow. ROW 4 — Mgr. M. Wilmot, Mgr. S. Houser, Paul Yarian, B. Ewing, N. Esselburn, S. Walton, R. Miller. (Pic 2) — Dave Benson, Larry Zecca, Steve Walton, Dan Simon, and Mike Wilcox at the start of the mile run. (Pic 3) — Coach Stan Whitehead advises Paul Yarian during a track meet. (Pic 4) — Steve Zeider throwing the discus, a new event in track and field this year. (Pic 5) — Mike Walton gets set in the blocks to begin the mile relay. (Pic 6) — Reserve track team — ROW 1 — C. Geiser, D. Ferguson, H. Smith. ROW 2 — D. Hull, D. Benson, M. Zim- merman. ROW 3 — M. Wilcox, D. Simon, D. Rench. ROW 4 — L. Jeffery, C. Winans, R. Creager, W. Rassal, L. Zecca. (Pic 7) — Coach Whitehead goes over strategy with the team before a triangular meet with Leo and East Side. (Pic 8) — Mile relay team, 1st leg Mike Walton, 2nd leg Tim Wheeler, 3rd leg Tom Newman, and anchor Mark Ellert. The mile relay team broke the school record this season in the event by more than 3 seconds. That record has stood for better than 10 years. (Pic 9) — Mark Ellert and Tom Newman lead the field going over the 1st group of hurdles. (Pic 10) — Randy Miller leaves the blocks at the start of the 100 yd. dash during a triangular meet. (Pic 11) — Neil Esselburn during the 2 mile run. Neil lowered the freshman record in that event to 10;49. (Pic 12) — Tom Newman reviews his last jump as he leaves the bar. Tom tied his own record this at 6 " 1 4 " (Pic 13) — Kevin Derrow throwing the discus. Kevin established the school record this year with a toss of 1 30 ' 4 " . ■ ' l )%■ ■p ■ 1 ■ yl 1 ■ K V " 1 . fe Hdb ' kl - »»s,-iM I Hft . " « t H HH w a ■1 1 i 1 c Baseball Team Works As One ... I enjoyed the season because it was successful and fun. (Mark Barcus) ... It was fun working to- gether and winning together. (Wayne Rowe) . . . The season was full of hard work but it was worth while. (Greg Shippy) . . . The year was full of splinters and fun. (Paul Surfus) . . We won most of our games because of our spirit. (Mike Esselburn) Garrett Opponent 7,19 How e Military 1, 1 6 Concordia 7 6 East Noble 5 12, 10 Lakeland 1,3 4 South Side 3 3 New Haven I 20 Prairie Heights 14 10 Bluffton 3 8 Columbia City 3,6 Snider 1,2 10 East Noble 3 6 Concordia 1 1,8 Northrop 11,8 1 Angola 2 Bellmont 5 3 DeKalb 4 2 South Adams SECTIONAL 3 4 DeKalb 3 (Pic 1) — Marc Barcus walks off the field after warmup at Concordia. (Pic 2) — Gary Shippy snares the ball at 3rd base. (Pic 3) — Randy Surfus catches another strike. (Pic 4) — ROW I; L. DePew, G. Shippy, M. Esselburn, P. Surfus, R. Miller, K. Cutler, M. Barcus, K. Oster. ROW 2; M. Pfefferkorn, T. Hullinger, D. Feagler, D. Smith, T. Diederich, W. Rowe, B. Flannagan. ROW 3; Coach Crist, S. Parker, C. Meyers, R. Worden, R. Surfus, K. Knapp, G. Shippy, M. Ellert, J. Emenhiser. (Pic 5) — ROW 1; R. Pence, J. Blomeke, J. Harmon, C. Worf, M. Feagler. ROW 2: T. Diederich, G. Skelly, S. Hathaway. ROW 3; S. Parker, M. Ellert, M. Pfefferkorn, B. Flannagan, J. Emenhiser. (Pic 6) — Greg Shippy warms up for another game. (Pic 7) — Wayne Rowe waits for the pitch. f , ■?, t -If, ' Lr Girls and Boys Intramurals Jk f | |p f ' €V I ' - lr- » li 84 Provide Enjoyment for G.H.S. Youth ft 1 »-% if ' 1 ■i I liked Intramurals because it gave the girls a chance to play in sports, and I think it is terrible that girls haven ' t gotten sports to participate in any earlier than this year. (Joyce Schultz) Intramu- rals keeps me out of trouble at night and also my team was the Soph.- Frosh. champ. (Ron Blotkamp) I enjoyed the intramurals because I got to play and display my talents rather than just sitting the bench as 1 do in other basketball. (Mark Ptefterkorn) SS " Frosh and J.H. Cheerleaders Arouse Enthusiasm " (1) The Three Seventh Grade Lori ' s are Lori Babbit, Lori Kleeman, Lori Malargik. (2) Eighth grade cheerlea- ders: Cindy Lash, Susie Myers, Laurie Derikson. (3) Freshman cheerleaders: Laura Crager, Sandy Kruger, Debbie Wiley. " Enthusiastic Cheerleaders Support Teams Efforts " A cheerleader has the spirit; she ' s the one who ' s always there. A cheerleader is the one that yells when her team is doing fine; the one who cheers them when they ' ve lost, know- ing they ' ll do better next time. A cheerleader paints all the signs and stays late after school; she practices whenever she can and goes to bed late as a rule. A cheerleader is loyal, a cheer- leader is strong. She always tries to do her best; she tries to do no wrong. A cheerleader is a little sad when the year nears an end; but when she has to give it up, she ' s glad of what she ' s been. (1) — Varsity Cheerleaders: Kathy Quince. Carol Redmond, Maureen Moran. Jamie Wise, substitute Marilyn Miller. (2) — Reserve Cheerleaders: Kim Strock. Shelia King. Brenda Bergner. 87 WHAT GHS THINKS ABOUT ASSOCIATES The main purpose of the school board is to provide facilities and personnel for the education of the children in the school district. (Charles Rowe) ... I feel that all members of the school board should be open-minded, impartial, and they should have the guts to stand up for their beliefs. A good school board member should always devote time to meetings, because this is also a important part of being a board member. (Joseph McCor- kel) . . . Teachers are human. One of the lovable character- istics of humans is that they are subject to error just like anyone else. (Charles Rowe) . . . One of the hardest decisions that we had to make dealt with firing a teacher. Also, the dicision that dealt with teachers salaries for next year was a hard decision to make. (Joseph McCor- kel) ... It is the responsibility of the Administration to co-ordinate all facets of the instructional program. (Charles Puff) ... I want the best possible educational opportunities for the community, and I feel that being a School Board member is one way to do my part. (Gene Bartles) ... In handling disciplinary matters, the Ad- ministration is concerned that the views of the student as well as those of the teacher are presented and a decision is made in a fair way. (Charles PufO • . The School Board has responsibility. (Gene Bartles) . . . Principal Paul McFann Remarks: My first year as an administrator has been extremely rewarding, enjoyable and exciting I have no regrets about changing jobs, but as is true in any situation you miss seeing the in- dividuals with whom you have been working . I ' ve had to make small adjustments from vocational director to Principal. As a vocational director my duties were basically to coordinate efforts. As Principal, I am respon- sible for coordinating efforts of the school I am extremely impressed with the cooperative attitude of the students and the staff The favorite part of my job is observing the students. Assistant Principal John Hutton Remarks: I have enjoy- ed my first year as an administrator . . Although I do miss coaching It has put a different light on the school as I am now on the other side of the fence. Also I know some people feel different toward me now that 1 am an administrator I think that the school ' s attitude as a whole is pretty good, but there is always room for improvement The favorite part of my job is seeing improvement in students who have always had discipline problems When I have to go to extremes in disciplining someone is really the only time the job is distasteful. 91 (1) MARY CLABAUGH; Vocational Sec- retary (2) JUDY CASEY; Office Secretary (3) ESTHER RENCH; Office Help (4) Working in the office and library are ROBIN LANGE. LAURA SOUDER, BECKY MORRIS, MARY ELLEN HAAG, Librar- ian MEREDITH STORER, CHERYL SOUDER, SUE LETIZIA, DICK BARRY. (5) JEANNIE LEWIS; Study Hall Moni- (1) LARRY STOMM. Bookkeeping 1 11. Typing 1 C) VICTOR SMITH. Social Studies i (3) RONALD REE ES. Math 7 (4) DAVID NEAL. Senior Math. Alge- bra I. Business Math (5) KAREN SIM- MONS, English 9 10 ((-) MARGARET VAN LEUVAN, English 7 (7) BARBARA OLIN, Adult Living. Home Economics 1. 8. Clothing I. Creative Stitching (S) BEN- TON ORDAS. General Metals. Advanced Metals. Power Mechanics. Electricitx t9) MARILEE LOTZ. Social Studies 8 7 PB " . m ' (1) CAROL SCHLABACH, Home Economics I, 8, Foods I II, Chefs Art, Child Develop- ment (2) ELIZABETH LOVE, Latin I-IV, Eng- lish 10 (3) ECHO LEWIS, English 8 (4) DAVID WIANT, Science 8 (5) CLEO MILLER, Bio- logy I II (6) MARY MELLOTT, English 7,8,9, Vocabulary (7) MELANIE MASON, Sci- ence 7 (8) RUTH REYNOLDS, H.O.E., Cadet Teaching. (1) ROBERT HARMON, World History. Health 10 (2) THOMAS BARTEL. Art 7 8, Drawing I, Painting (3) THOMAS ROBIN- SON, Special Education (4) RICHARD KOCH- ERT, Woodshop. Health 10 (5) STANLEY WHITEHEAD. U.S. History (6) KATHY KOONS, Speech. Composition I U, Theater Arts (7) LESTER McCARTNEY, Distributive Education (8) LENORE LEWIS. Guidance. Orientation 7 (9) LOUDDA MARKS. Guid- ance. Orientation 7 (1) JEAN FROHRIEP, English 9, Vocabulary (2) ALAN HUNTER, Chemistry I, Applied Science, Biology I (3) PATRICIA BREWER, Math 8 (4) JANE DOSS, Business Machines, Shorthand II, General Business, Business Lab (5) SARAH JEAN ELDRIDGE, Typing I II, Shorthand I, Personal Typing (6) ROBERT EWING, Vocational Drafting, Drafting I (7) THOMAS CRIST, Physical Education 7,8,9 (8) GEORGE DYKSTRA, Vocational Auto Mechanics (9) ROBERT BYRD, Physical Ed- ucation 9, Practical Math, Health 7 a (1) DOROTHY FEIGHTNER, Individual- ized Reading, Literary Exploration, Speech (2) RICHARD CAP ' lN, Plane Geometry, Physics. Advanced Algebra (3) SHIRLEY HAYNES, Spanish I-IV. 8 (4) FREDINIA CROWE, Physical Education 7-10, Health 7 (5) JOHN BRANAM, Marching Band, Music 7, Concert Band (6) PAT DOYLE, Chorus, Music 8, Concert Choir (7) MIKE SELTENRIGHT, Humanities, English 10, Theater Arts (8) VIRGIL FINCHUM, Ci- vics, Current Events, Sociology, Psychology (9) LARRY ASHBAUGH, Agriculture. CL JSS cj Senior Class Ofncers: Pres., Randy Mcintosh, Treas., Jo Ellen Owens, Sec, Karen Clevenger, V.-Pres., Becky Weller Senior Class Sponsors: Mrs. Mellott, Mrs. Doss, Miss Koons, Mr. Bartels, Mr. Capin What Seniors Think About RANDALL W. MclNTOSH - President F-ball 4; Class pres. 1-4; Gym. 2. REBECCA KAYE WELLER — Vice President Blue Tri. 1; Y-Teens 2, Treas. 3, Sec. 4; Latin 1, Sec. 2,3, V.-Pres. 4; Chldr. 1,3; Vars. Alt. 2; Class Sec. 2: GAA 4; Railette 4; Pep Club 1,2; Class Rep. 4; NHS3, V. Pres.4. KAREN HAFFNER CLEVENGER Secretary Pep Club 1-3; Blue Tri. 1: Y-Teens 2, V.-Pres. 3; Spanish 2, V.-Pres. 3; NHS 3-4; OEA 3-4; Aeolian Copy Ed. Asst. 3, Sec. Ed. 4; GAA 1. JOE ELLEN OWENS — Treasurer GAA 1-3, Treas. -4; Blue Tri. 1; Y-Teens 2-4; Pep Club 2.3, Class Rep. 1,4; NHS 3, Pres. 4; Latin 1-3, Sec. 4; Aeolian Sec. Ed. 3, Editor 4; F-ball Queen 4; DAR Award; Class Sec. 3; V.-Pres. 2; Girl ' s State Alt.; Railette 4; Journ. Summer Workshop. DENNIS MARC ANDERSON F-Ball 1,2,3,4; Weightlifting 3,4; Spanish 1,2; CARLA ANDREWS DAVE ANDREWS Track 1. Favorite Game- " Columbia City " 72 " F-Ball Game KAREN SUE ANDREWS GAA 1,2,3 - class rep.; OEA 3,4. LARRY ASHER Senior Play Cast; Chorus 3,4. LORRAINE ASHER MARIE EMILY BALLENTINE OEA 3,4; GAA 4-pres. RICHARD PATRICK BARRY Latin 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; Gym. 3-4-Pres. Track 2,4; Pep 1-4; Chess 4-V.-Pres. PATRICK ROBERT BENNETT F-ball 3, mgr.-4; Baseball mgr. 3,4. GARRY BERGNER ICT TIM BOCK VICA;ICE4. DENNIS KEITH BOICE Jr. Hi-Y 1; F-ball 1; B-bi ICE 4. for the G-Men Kept Fighting " MELANIE SUE DEVENTER BOOE NHS 3.4. JYMME LYNN BRANDT Y-Teens 3.4; GAA 2,3.4; Pep 2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; Concert Choir 4. JOEL DELANO BRINKERHOFF AVA 2; Gym. 3; Photo 4; Senior Plav Cast. JO ANN BUNN FHA Pari. 3. MARSHALL A. BRUNBAUGH ICE3.4; VICA4;HIDEParL4 FRANCIS CHARLES CAPRINO Latin 1,2, V.-pres. 3,4; NHS. 3.4; Student Council. 2,3, Pres. 4; F-ball 2.3,4; Co-chair, of Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Class V.-pres. 1; Boy ' s State Del. 3. GARYWAYNECARR Track 3.4; Pep 2-4. MICHAEL A. CHITTENDEN Track 2,3; F-ball 1; Pep 1-3; Voc. DE. NANCY JEAN SUTTON CHITTENDEN Pep 1.2.3; Y-Teens 2.3; DE4; OEA 3. SANDRA SUECHITTENDEN Pep 3.4; OEA 4. BOBBY LEECHRISTLIEB F-ball 1-4; Track 1,2; Gvm. 2.3.4. CATHY ANNCOBBS Student Coun. 1; Latin 1-4; corres. sec. 3. Pres. 4; Pep 1-4. Pres. 4; NHS 3.4. PATRICIA COSTIN GAA 1-4; Pep 1-4; Chldr, 1; Blue Tri 1; Student Coun. 4; Railetles4. DAVECRAGER Pep3;VICA3. POLLY CREAGER All school play 2; GAA 3; Miss Garrett 1st runner up; Miss DeKalb 2nd runner up. KAREN RUTH CUSTER Latin 1-4; Pep 1-4; Student Coun. 2, V.-pres. 3; Sec. 1; GAA 2-4; Blue Tri. I; Y-Teens 2-3; NHS 3-4; F-ball Queen 3. KENNETH E. CUTLER Lettermen Club I; Baseball 1-4. SUSAN KAY DAPP Latin 1-4; GAA 1-2; Blue Tri. I; Y-Teens 2; Pep 1-3. " Beating Fairfield in Final 8 Seconds. " LESJ.DePEW FFA 2, Treas. 3; Baseball Mgr. 2-4. DAVID CDERICKSON Spanish I; F-ball 1-4; B-ball I; Track 1-2. ELLEN GARNDEU ITCH DON DICKISON Pep 4; Spanish 3; Intramurals 3-4. JANICE EILEEN LKDVE Pep 1-4; Y-Teens 3-4; Latin GAA 1-2; Chorus 1-3; Concert Choir 4; OEA 3; Miss Garret; Miss DeKalb County. KIM ALAN DOVE Spanish 1; Intramurals 1-4; Pep 3-4; Student Coun. 4. JAMES E. DRIVER JR. DECCA Treas. 4. MARKC. ELLERT Latin 2; Cross Coun. 2,3,4; B-ball 1-4; Track 1-4; VICA Pari. 3. RANDY LANE ENDSLEY Track 1-4; Cross Coun. 1-4; Intramurals 1-4. BRUCE L. ENGELHARD Golf 1-3; Thes. 1,2; Treas, 3, Pres. 4; Spanish 1-4; Aeolian Staff 3-4; Slrmlnr. 3; All School Play 1-2; Senior play cast. HOLLY DIANE FARGO GAA 3-4; Pep 3-4; Spanish 2; Makeup Senior play. ANITA JO FETTER OEA 4; ICE 4; Latin 1-4; GAA 1-2; Blue Tri. 1; Pep 1-2; Y-Teens 2; Aeolian 4; NHS 4. Beating C.C. and Winning NEIC Title. " DEBORAH ANN PIKE VICA 3-4; NHS 3-4. GENE FREEMAN F-ball I; Spanish 1-4; NHS 3 ; Aeolian 4. DENNIS ALAN GALL Voc. Auto Mech. 3-4; Track I . RUDYFUENTES B-ball l;F-baII I; ICE 3-4. MICHAEL DAVID GENTIS Latin I; Strmlnr 3; Band 1-4; Drum Maj.j.Sec., Assnt. Dir. 4: Aeolian 4; Pep 3. ROGER WAYNE GINGERY Voc. Draft. 4. Graduation — " It Marks the Climax of High School ROSS D. GREENAWALT DE4. RICHARD FLOYD HATHAWAY F-ball 1-3; B-ball 1-2; Baseball 1. FRANZ D. HEINZERLING Strmlnr. 3: Sr. play Fin. Advis. MARY ANN HENDERSON FHA 1, Report 2, Sec. 3. RICHARD DONALD HEUPEL B-ball 1; Latin 1-2; Intramurals 3-4; Jr. Hi-Y 1. DEBORAH MARY HOEFFEL Pep 1-2; Y-Teen 2; Blu Tri. 1; OEA Hist. 4; Latin 1-3. BETH ANNE HOLLIS Blue Tri 1; Y-Teens -2,4; Pep 1-4; OEA Pari. 4; Latin 1-4; GAA 4; Student Coun. 4; Aeolina 3, Copy Editor 4; All-school play 2; Senior play cast. LINDA ELAIN5 HOUSEL FHA 1-4; Band 1-4. THOMAS LEE HULLINGER Latin 1; NHS 3-4; Baseball 1-4. PATRICIA LOUISE HYDE Latin 1-3; Treas. 4; GAA 1-3; NHS 3-4; Y-Teens 2-3; Senior play cast; Student Coun. 3; Blue Ti. 1. TERRY JARNAGIN DENISE ELLEN JINNINGS GAA 2; Y-Teens 3; NHS 3-4. KALISTA ANN JOHNSTON FTA 2, Treas. 3; NHS 3-4; Spanish 1-4; Thes. 4; Y-Teens 2-4; Pep 1-3: All-school play Sets 1,2,4; Senior play sets; Aeolian 4. ERIC LEE JONES Fairview 1; Frontier 2; Spanish 3, Pres. 4; NHS 3-4; Aeolian 4; Senior play Sets; Choir 4. GREG JONES HUMPHREY CHARLES HOWARD KEARNS F-ball I; Latin 1-4; Senior play cast. BLAINEWILLIAM KIMMEL Baseball 1 ; Student Coun. 1 ; VICA 2. SHARON ELAINE KING Spanish 1-2; GAA 1-2; Pep 2-4; Y-Teens 3-4; DE Sec. 4. KEVIN KARL KNAPP F-ball 1; B-ball 2; Baseball 3-4; Spanish 1; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Intramurals 3-4. RONALD RICHARD KOCK F-ball 1-4; B-ball 1; Golf 1-4; Conf. F-ball Isl Team 4;Conf.Golf3. RUTH ANNE KOEHL Latin 1-4; Y-Teens 2-4; Pep 1-4; NHS 3, Sec. 4. ttlttfe Ahead Lies a New Future. " PHILLIP HKUYKENDALL F-ball 3; DE4; Pep 4; Intramurals 4 DEBORAH LOUISE LAMPE GAA 1-3; Spanish I, Treas. 2. Pres 3.4; Pep 3 Y-Teens 4, Band 1-4. DAVID T. LASH F-ball 4; B-ball 3-4; Student Coun. 1 MELBA LOUISE LaTURNER Y-Teens 1-3: Pep 1-4; GAA 1,3,4; FHA 1; Senior play State Mgr. JAMES VINCENT DAVID LETIZIA F-ball 1,3; Inlramurals 2-4; Pep 1-4; DE4. SUSANNA EVE LILEINTHAL GAA 1-2; Blue Tri. 1; Spanish 1-2; Senior play makeup. STEVE EDWARD MAGNUSON DeKalb 1-2; Baseball 3. MIKEMALONEY Bishop Dwenger 1; FFA 2-3; Pres. 4; Intramui JOE MANSFIELD ICE 4; Inlramurals 2-4. i " Sad! Last Time We Will All Be Together. " JANICE HELENt McCORKEL GAA 2-3; Spanish 1-4; Thes. .V4. Sec. 3; Blue Tri. 1; Y-Teens 3; Pep 1,2.4; All school play 1,2.4; Pub. Ch. 1-2, 4; FT A 2-3; Aeolian 3-4. MAURICE L. McPHEETERS JR. Voc. Drallins; Voc. Aulo Mech. DEBORAH KAY MATHYS GAA 1-2; Pep 1-4. NANCY KAY MAURLR Pep 1; GAA I; Chorus .V4; DL 4. Hal ' s at it again. MARK STEPHEN MICHAEL F-ball I; Lalin 2-3. Treas. 4; Student coun. 1-3; Treas. 4; B-ball 1-4; Baseball 1-3; Golf 4; NHS 4; Aeolian Bus. Mgr. 4; Boy ' s Stale 3. RAMONA ANN MILLER Blue Tri. 1; Chldr. I; Y-Teens 2-3; GAA 2-3; Pep RANDALLALAN MUELLER Class Treas. 1; Spanish 1; Cho School 4. THOMASCRAIC; NEWMAN I -ball 1,4; Track 1-4; Jr. HiY I; Intramurals 3-4. CAROl ANNOLISLEY Blue Tri. 1; FH A 3-4; Spanish 4 CINDY CUSTER PARKER " The Finishing Touch of 12 Years. KAREN SUE PICKLESIMER Blue Tri. 1;EHA 1; GAA 2; Pep I P. TJEAN POLING ROGER POTTER EFA 1-2; V-pres. 3. Se KATHIE JO REEVES GAA 1-4; Lalin 1-3. Corres. Sec 4; Blue Tri I; Y-Tcens 2.3. Pres. 4; Pep 1-2. Sec. 3. V-pres. 4; NFIS 3. Treas. 4; Class Treas. 2.3; Co-chair. Jr.-Sr. Prom; Ciirl ' s Stale Del. SUSAN GAY REFNER GAA 1; BlueTri. 1: Arolian3; Band 1-4; Y-Teens 2. DANREITER EDWARD PAUL RICCIUS FFA V.-pres. 2. Pres. 3. TIM LEROY RICE FFA l.Sec. 2,3 V.-pres. 4: AG. Coop 3-4. LOLA JEAN ROBINSON FHA 2-3. Pres. 4: VICA 3. V.-pres. 4. DEBRAKAYROWE GAA 1-2; BlueTri. 1; Latin 1-2; Band 1-4; Y-Teens 2-3; FTA 3; Aeolian 3. Their Class - " None Other Like Us! " LYNN MARIE ROWE GAA 1-2: BlueTri. 1; Chorus 3. BRUCEALLEN RUGMAN Band 1-4: ICE 3-4; FFA 1-3; VICA 3; HIDE Pres. 4. DEBRAANNRUNION Blue Tri. 1: Y-Teens 2-4; GAA 1-2: Pep 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Concert Choir 4. JAMES JOHN SAPP Latin 1-4; Science 1. JOYCE ELIZABETH SCHULTZ ' . Latin 1-4; GAA 1-4, class rep. 2; Pep 1-4; Y-Teens 1-3: Railette 4; Senior play cast; Little 500 Queen 3. GREGORY SCOTT SHIPPY Student Coun. I; Letterman Club 2; Baseball 1-4; B-ball 1-4; F-ball 1-4: All conf. F-ball 2nd team 3: All conf. 1st team 4. " Willing to Try Anything! " R. JOSEPH THOMAS F-ball 1; Op. Club 2. KIM CARTER THORNE F-ball 1; Science 1; Student Coun. 1, 4; Thes. 4; B- ball 1 ; Soc. Stud. 1 ; Senior class play cast; All school play 2. CHRISTINA GAIL THRUSH Pep 1-3, Treas. 4; GAA 2-3; Y-Teens 2, Sec. 3, V.- pres. 4; Latin 1-2; OEA Pres. 4. KEVIN MARK VANALLEN Intramurals4. BETSY DAWN VICE GAA 1-2; Pep 3. KANDAI.l li; VINCI NT .Spanish 1; VIC A Trc;is. .V I- JUDY ANN VON HOLTEN Chorus 1-4. TERRILL EDWARD WHAN FFA 1, Pres. 2, 3-4; AG. Coop 3-4. TIMOTHY RALPH WHEELER Spanish 1; Cross Coun. 1-4; B-ball 1-4; Track 1-4; Letterman Club 1. ROBERT F. WILCOX Spanish 1; Student Coun. 3; B-ball 1; F-ball 1, 3-4; Track 2, 4. THOMAS LYNN WILEY Spanish I, 2; FTA I; F-ball I, 2, 3; B-ball mgr. 2; Band I -3, Pres. 4; Track 1 , 2; Dance Band 1 , 2. KAREN LYNN WILMOT Blue Tri. 1; Pep 1-4; GAA 1-2; HOE 4; Sr. Play director. Class Night Is Special Night for Seniors Valedictorian Salutalorian Citizenship Award . American Youth . . . Foundation Award . Outstanding Athlete . Honor Athlete John F. Kennedy Awa Sigma Phi Gamma Nursing Award Psi Iota Xi Speech and Hearing Award . Tri Kappa Fine Arts Scholarship Eagles Scholarship . Elks Scholarship . . . V. F. W. Scholarship . . . Cathy Cobbs . Frank Caprino . . . Kathie Reeves Randy Mcintosh ■ Jo Ellen Owens Frank Caprino GregShippy . . . Randy Surfus . . Mark Michael . Joel Brinkerhoff Jim Sapp Jo Ellen Owens Janice McCorkel Debbie Rowe Tom Newman Jo Ellen Owens Debbie Hoeffel Kathie Reeves Ellen Deuitch Debbie Runion . . . JoAnn Bunn 5 Yrs. Marie Ballentine - 4 Yrs. Jymme Brandt — 2 Yrs. Chris Thrush -2 Yrs. (I) Mr. Ilutlon pi C ohbs and S;ilut;il and I r;mk Ciiprir {}) Mr. Mel linn kalhic Reeves scnts iniphics to Valedictorian Calhv ian I rank Caprino. (2) Jo IJIcn Owens receive ihc " 1 Dare ou " . ward.s. ongratulalcd Cili cn .Xward Winners ind Rand Mcintosh. (4) Commend- ed National Merit students arc Kalhic Reeves and Karen Cuslcr. (5) Mrs. Marks presents certificales to Hoosier Scholars. {(■ ) Pom Newman wins Senior Drama Award. (7) .Xtiendancc Awards are presented b Mr. Hutton. Best Bod Most Athletic Class Flirts . . Best Dressed . Outgoing . . . Nicest Hands Karen Custer, Ron Kock Nicest Mouth . . Susie Lilienthal Smile Phil Kuykendall Eyes Susie Lilienthal, Bob Christlieb Brownies Jymme Brandt, Randy Surfus Talented Pat Costin, Greg Shippy Absent Minded Sharon King, Kim Dove . Karen Custer, Randy Mcintosh Most Likely . . . Deb Runion, Tim Wheeler to Succeed Jo Ellen Owens, Eric Jones Becky Weller, Eric Jones Ramona Miller, Dennis Anderson . . . Anita Fetter, Bruce Englehard Polly Creager, Larry Asher Karen Andrews Dave Derickson Cathy Cobbs, Frank Caprino Graduation can be one of the most satisfying times of one ' s life. It can also be the most frightening. To one day wake up and have to start life is not an easy thing to do, but you must be prepared for it. It ' s all there is. (Joe Thomas) .. 1 am facing graduation with mixed emotions. I ' m very optimistic about the future but I did have a great time here. (Mark Michael) ... I think graduation is a lot of tradition but I think it ' s nice. It gives the student something to remember for a long time afterwards. It ' s the last thing the whole class does together, ever again. (Holly Fargo) . . . Graduation is a feeling of happiness but yet of sadness too. You look back at all the times you remember in school, but yet you have alot to look forward to, too. (Lorraine Asher) . . At first I thought graduation was the greatest. But as I looked into the gym being prepared for the graduation ceremonies, I thought that it ' s really scarey. There won ' t be anything to come back to next year. (Ruth Ann Koehl) . . . It ' s exciting but kind of scarey. I mean you ' ve been going to school most of your life and now you ' re finally getting out. (Mary Ann Henderson) . . Jackets, C-Team, Driver ' s License = Sophomores Curt Anderson Kent Andrews Mark Andrews Jim Ashenfelter Andy Baker Darlene Bareer William Beber Rhonda Bertsch Ann Bigelow Randy Bixler Gina Blomeke Ron Blotkamp Kim Bonar Karen Bonkoski Jahne Brandt Dave Brennan Patty Brumbaugh Dean Bruns Cathy Burniston Hank Carper Cathy Casselman Kenny Charles Kim Ciady Carolyn Combs Connie Cox Charles Crager St£ve Crager Carrie Custer Cheryl Custer Kevin Cusler Patrice Delucenay Nancy Dembickie Bekie Dennison Ritch DePew Jeanne Dickisor Andy Dircksen Loren Dove Jeff Emenhiser Dianna Endsley Dan Feagler Helen Finn Bob Flanagan Kay Folden Juana Fuenles Faith Furnish . Dave Garn Mark Pfefferkorn Doug Potter Larry Putt Paul Rassel Laurie Reeves David Rench " ick Westrick jndaWickline MikeWilmot Jamie Wise Charles Wolf Mary W Class Officers, 176 Strong, Spirit of 76 = Frosh JoAnne Andrews Denise Benson Abbie Baker Carolyn Ballentine Jeff Barger Brenda Bergner Sherri Best Dwain Bewley Debbie Bishop Lila Bishop John Blomeke Sherri Bock Martha Bonkoski Wavne Bunn Mark Feagler Judy Fourman Becky Freeman Lon Fritz Tina Frost Bill Fry Karolyn Furnish Keith Garn Christy Geiger Chris Geiser Patrick Gentis Stacy Gerhardt Kathy Getts JeffGillespie Michael Gingery Richard Gingery Rose Gingery- Debbie Goings Karen Griffin Jeff Griffith Gary Haffner Debbie Hammond Joe Harmon Steve Hathaway Kenneth Haynes Ronald Heimeri Kathy Heller Marcia H iggins Kenneth Mdlargi Tom Molargik Cindy Morris Dennis Morris Jil Mueller Ann Muzzillo Dan Olson Ray Osteen Wayne Payton Julie Pence Tom Pence Patrick Penland Melody Petr- Sue Westrick Mike Wilcox Tim Wilcox Debbie Wiley Charles Winans Joyce Woodward Roberta Yarde Paul Yarian Linda Zeider Claw Club, Intramurals, Room 26 = 8th Grade Larry Adams Doug Ashenfeller Betsy Babbitt Jeff Bartels Chris Bartlett James Bauman Jamie Can, Cindv Cass Kelly Christiieb Steve Christiieb Marsha Clr Debbie Cla Mark Cleveland Kay Cornell Ken Cousino Kaye Crager Casey Crise Todd Custer Lynn DeLauder Sherry DeLauder Jerry DeLong Randy DeLong Steohanie DePew aurie Derickson Debby Derrow Shannon Derrow Vickie Diederich Ruth Driver Julie Englert Karen Feasel Brian Flesch Tony Flesch Tina Foster Nancy Fourman Joan Freeman Lena Fugati Greg Gerbe Rick Celts Dan Goble Susan Griff Peggy Michae Chris Miles Terry Miller Rick Morgan Bill Muzzillo Susie Mvers Palty Omspacher Scott Osteen Kerry Oster Brenda Ousley Tonia Panning Mike Payton Amy Pence Beth Penland April Perkins Beverly Perry Kevin Pfefferkorn Gary Poling Keith Potter Alisa Reed Randy Reed Paul Reffner Renee Rist Janice Roberts Jim Rodman Mary Jo Rodman Norm Runion Linda Schurr Marsha Shaw Jerry Sigler Christeen Smith Denny Smith Mike Smith Dan Somers Lars Sorensen Kathy Speer Tammy Spieth Marcia Steigmeyer Todd Stemen MikeStocki " Erin Streets Stephen Th ' Bobby Tittle James Treesh Arnetta Von Holten Cindy Walker Dave Walker Linda Walter Bridget Waring Debbie Wells Donald Wells.. Susan Wolf ■■ Lolada Wood Don WoodcocE !i Ji; aiV:W.» i«IK» !gK Bruce Getts Gerhardl ! Gillespie k Gingery David GoIdsberr Leslie Grawcock Julie Manuel Sarah Maviiy Jeffery Mell Dawn MetU Lori Molarj Doreen Mo Jeff Morris ' Donna Mosj Man Mverl Martha Ne Tammy Ni i DeWayne Nodine Janitors, Cooks, Bus Drivers Are Big Help (Pic. 1. Cooks; FRONT ROW) Yvonne Hunter, Frances Lemish, Violet Bixler, Pat Nierman, Judy Bickel, Martha Wood, Anne Trainer, Mary ShuU. (2nd ROW) Roselyn Kleeman, Connie Englert, Alice Rahrig, Virginia Peters, Belva Tooman, Audrey Hollis, Mary Morgan, Mary K. Dembickie. (Pic. 2. Bus Drivers: FRONT ROW) Melvin Smith, Donald Dove, Argyl Grogg, Russ Scheurich. (2nd ROW) Floyd Weller, Miles Weller, Herb Sutton, Cornelius Blomeke, Ray Freeman, Donna Lampe. (Pic. 3. Janitors; FRONT ROW) Kenny Keitz, Ray Freeman, Russ Scheurich, Ruth Freeman, Ruth Grogg, Floyd Weller, Argyl Gross. (2nd ROW) Cornelius Blomeke, Donald Dove, Emory Heitz, Paul Wilmont, Ralph Dove, Ray Souder. We all should pay tribute to the cooks, janitors, and bus drivers. Without their help, this school could not function as well as it does. Our students have a way to school, are able to eat a decent meal, and can study in nice, clean classrooms. In Memory RUBY PENZIN To be bom is to live, second by second. In a world that offers the dimensions of life. The friendships, the happy- times, the times of learning, and too, the times of sorrow and of loss. The time up until that last second, when a friend is lost. GARRETT TYPESETTING SERVICE " Photo Tj esetting " 115 West King Garrett, Indiana Winifred Johnston, Owner LeRoy ' s Barber Shop o " ' 111 West King for appointment call 7-4191 LeRoy, DeLong, International men ' s Hairstylist razor cutting hairpieces hair styling hair coloring hair straightening Josten ' s Company Gary Muncy, Representative 131 Lawhead Enco 819 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 46738 Phone 357-9270 HAFFNER ' S 50 TO $1.00 Downtown Garrett Central Office -214 Randolph Street Phone: 357-3535 GEORGE ' S SPORT SPOT 1325 South Randolph Street Garrett, Indiana 46738 George W. Walters (219) 357-3550 Herzer Insurance 210 East King St. Garrett, Indiana 132 TRUCK CLEANING SERVICE R R 1 Garrett, Ind. 46738 Phone (219) 637-6478 BEST PHARMACY 100 North Randolph Street Garrett, Indiana Phone 357-3250 THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING SHAKESHOP 133 Butler Center Carpets Hwy. 327, R. R. 1, Garrett DIEDERICH Complete Real Estate Service Talk with Mel Homes -Lake Cottages -Farms Business -Opportunities Serving the Area Since 1955 Melvin F. Diederich Realtor 617 S. Randolf St. , Garrett, Ind. Ph. 357-3522 ' Buy with Confidence -Sell with Satisfaction ' STERN CLOTHING CO. 128 S. Randolf Street Garrett, Indiana Stern men s wear women ' s apparell When you need glass see the glass man, plexiglass is right here now and modern windshields too 134 STANADYNE STANSCREW DIVISION STANSCREW DISTRIBUTION CENTER 130 Taylor Road, Garrett, Ind. YODER FORD SALES 131 North Randolph Street WYATTS GENERAL MERCHANDISE 206 So. Randolf Street Garrett, Indiana Welcome To Phone Ln For Fast Service 1713 South Wayne Auburn, Indiana Phone: 925-1135 135 GARRETT FOODLAND 1352 South Randolph Phone 357-3022 136 Manuel ' s Newstand 105 South Randolph Street Garrett, Indiana BROOKS Smorgasbord and Drive-ln (Party Rooms Available) 1346 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana 357-4779 DON ' S FILLING STATION 606 S. Randolph Garrett, Ind. Repairs on Autos -Lawn Equipment- Bikes " Not a Bank But a Good Place To Save " Zebco Territory Mack Shreve Associates, Inc. Garrett, Indiana 137 NORTHERN INDIANA FUEL AND LIGHT Congratulations and best wishes to the class of ' 73 Gas Makes the Big Difference. GARRETT AARON SCISINGER AMERICAN LEGION POST 178 Compliments of PEOPLE ' S FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN 1212 S. Randolph Street Garrett, Indiana Garrett Plumbing Heating " The Full Service Shop " GARRETT AUTO PARTS 121 N. Cowen Garrett, Indiana 46738 Automotive Parts Supplies ARMSTRONG BOUQUET 212 N. Main Auburn, Indiana 46706 BROADVIEW-GARRETT LUMBER COMPANY, INC. North Randolph Street Garrett, hidiana Phone FL7-4114 139 GARRETT GREENHOUSE 604 So. Walsh Street Garrett, Indiana " The Green house of Personal Service " SMITH ' S DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER West Road 8 Auburn, Indiana ROHM CHEVROLET-BUICK, INC. Telephone 925-3715 State Road 8 West Auburn, Indiana 46706 BROWN HOUSE Phone 925-2466 Auburn, Indiana 140 KRUGER ' S MARKET 111 E. Third Avenue Garrett, Indiana Choice Quality Meats Fancy Canned Foods d " m Congratulations To The Senior Class of ' 73 From BETTY LONG FASHIONS White Swan Plaza (The Little Shop on the Corner) 9131 Lima Road -Fort Wayne, Indiana PLATNER ' S STEAK HOUSE 1 mile North of Garrett on 327 Noon Buffett Luncheons, Banquet Rooms, Wedding Parties Catered 357-5220 141 COMMUNITY STATE BANK Avilla, Indiana 46710 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of Garns Company Auburn, Indiana Culligan 222 N. Randolph St. Garrett, Indiana 142 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Merchants GARRETT STATE BANK 100 South Randolph Garrett, Indiana " ' ndofrefrcsh.n ' ' Garrett Tubular Products, Inc. Best Wishes to Class of 73 1973 Aeolian Thanks its Patrons: Albright ' s One Stop Grocery Ashfields Baidinger Walter Funeral Home Bauman-Harnish Rubber Plastic Inc. J.D. Brinkerhoff Jr. Christlieb Construction Chuck ' s Body Shop Citizen State Bank of Wat erloo Conrad Business Services Creek Chub Bait Co. Davis Studios DeKalb Engineering, Inc. Dr. Roger G. Eberhard Electric Motors and Specialties, Inc. Farmers and Merchants Bank, LaOtto Finn News Agency Freeze ' s TV Service Garrett Bowl Garrett Camper Sales Garrett Clinic Garrett Flexible Products Inc. Garrett Telephone Co. , Inc. Gingery Department Store Harper Flowers H H Furniture HLxson Sand and Gravel, Inc. hisurance Trustees, Bernard R. Brennan and Ronald W. Dicke Mr. and Mrs. Paul McFann McKee Funeral Home Metropolitan Life -Bill M. Murley, Agent Mid-City Typewriter Co. , Inc. Mueller Standard Service Ort ' s Uptown and South House Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Owens Parkison TV Sales and Service Penguin Point 15 Schlotterback ' s West Side Grocery Schurr Curl Shop Seiferts Paint and Wallpaper Shenk Airport Strock Motor Service Veterns of Foreign Wars, Garrett Post 1892 Mr. and Mrs. John Von Holten William ' s Grocery Wilmot Accounting and Tax Service a ioo a

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Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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