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A S..-J 7 rir l= m% 0 . ctL. V ' AaV l 7 - = zs " " s: AEOLIAN 1970 3 . - V . c Garrett High School Garrett, Indiana Volume ill Co-editors Academics Faculty Clubs Teresa Koehl Lisa Engelhard Karen Heller Paulette Swank Debby Andrews Karen Freeze Nancy McKee Barbara Tustison Dave Kobiela Dan Yarde Mary Kay Yoder Rosie Heitz Joanne Hockaday Barbara Cattell Sarah Haynes Cathy Costin Leslie Walters JohnBockman Jim Higgins gets vocational training. JoAnn Worman and Matt Hoeffel take time to relax. Here he comes again, head high and smiling shakin ' down the world, playin ' it cool. He smiles as though he ' s never been hunted by the crowd beaten by the fools. Think of those who never knew the answers. Think of those who never cared. Still there are those who ask why who want to know who dare to try. Every now and then we meet that kind of man Here he comes again, and now he ' s gone. Rod McKuen Ji Students find untapped re- sources in the library. The NEIC championship trophy partially as a result of the spirit from burning of the Baron. The world is a carousel of colors on rides at the fair. " MISS GARRETT " CONTEST MISS GARRETT AND COURT— (STANDING) Teresa Koehl, Marisa Kennedy, Cathy Costin, Vicki Miller, Barba- ra Moran, Joanne Hockaday, Lisa Engelhard, Mary Kay Yoder, Sue Kirkpatrick, Barbara Cattail. (SEATED) Nancy McKee — Miss Garrett. Vicki Miller begins her walk in formal competition. For her talent, Cathy Costin sketched a locomotive. Nancy McKee — Miss Garrett Negotiating that step would ' ve been difficult for Barb Cat- tell if Pat Casey wouldn ' t have been there to help. AT THE FAIR . . . Bands playing, sounds of children scream- ing, the smell of cotton candy and livestock on the air are some of the activities that a GHS student finds when he is roaming around the fair. There are all kinds of contests from band to beauty. The 4-H Queen contest was the first held. Patty House! was chosen queen. Barbara Moran was chosen first runner up in the Miss DeKalb County Fair contest. Barbara Moran, first runner up and Miss DeKalb County ride in the closing parade viewing their public. Garrett ' s candidates ready for competition in Auburn. 12 seniors cramnned into the " old bomb " to cheer Barb and Nancy on to victory and let their support be known. High strutting bands are an important part of the parades, and this year Garrett ' s band was no exception. LL. Mike Barcus conveys the feelings of the team. MARY KAY YODER REIGNS AS QUEEN Homecoming ceremonies were held dur- ing the half time of the Bluffton football game. This year the team chose two girls to represent each class. The Student body then voted for their favorite candi- date. A new innovation was seen at the Lake- land basketball game. This year the team chose a representative from the Fresh- man, Sophomore, and Junior classes and three Seniors. The seniors were the only ones eligible for the crown. Jerry Teders and Mike Burns give the junior candidates a hand as they leave the car after the parade. Mary Kay pauses at the dance to sit on her throne. The 1969 Homecoming Candidates: Becky Treesh, Debbie Sobieski, Debbie Gerhardt, Barbara Cattell, Mary Kay Yoder, Debbie Kleeman, Toni Snook, Karen Custer. Teresa Koehl and Dan Yarde Bobbi Creager and Gary LaLone BASKETBALL HOMECOMING PLANTATION SETTING et SHm ' -, ' - ' j Cindy 1970 Hathaway- -Basketball Queen Debbie bickie Gerhardt and Steve Dem- Anabeatriz Viau and Dan Myers Janice Dove and Dave Derickson Students enjoy new lounge for recreation at noon. NEW ADDITIONS TO OLD SCHOOL Dedication of the new wing was followed by a reception for those in attendance. New book store employs students themselves to sell all types of supplies from pencils to gymsuits. Garrett High School found itself with some new additions this year. The new classrooms and gymnasium which were completed last year were dedicated in November. Downstairs, under room 26, the old shop area was transformed into a bookstore and Student Council ' s pet project, a student lounge. The lounge, which has recreational facilities in- cluding TV, ping pong, a Juke Box, and vari- ous games gives students something to do. The bookstore has been needed for a long time. OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES ROUND STUDENTS Extra-curricular activities help make a student ' s time pass faster and give him something to do. Our convocations included an organist who has performed all over the world and a con- verted drug addict. The record hops were mostly after games to records. The magazine drive was again big this year and helped to support the student lounge. Students go to record hops to support the Juniors. Kenneth Goodman, who has performed all over the world, was well received by the student body. Jack Porter demonstrates the proper selling technique. ■ ' Underclass pictures are taken in room 17 for the yearbook. CHRISTMAS TIME IS FRANTIC ONE Christmas is a busy time at Garrett High School. Caroling, concerts, and plays go on for at least a month around Christmas. Decorated bulletin boards and Christmas trees added their little touch of spirit to the scene also. Snowball fights and men dressed as Santa help make this time one of the best all year round. Mr. Harmon, alias Santa Claus, amused everyone Ever wind up with too many Christmas trees? Thespians did this year in their Christmas skit. Freshmen take time after school to have a snowball battle. Joan Cole tells Santa what she wants for Christmas. THE LOOK OF 70 God let us be different. Let ' s not wear mustaches and funny clothes. Let ' s not let our hair grow so long it covers up our eyes and makes us unable to see the world. Rod McKuen Hair length between sexes doesn ' t vary like before. Clunky shoes, scarfs, and tin can purses are " in " SPIRIT, PEP, AND ENTHUSIASM— AN INTEGRAL PART OF SCHOOL LIFE 1970 Juniors show new way of backing team for DeKalb game. " Fight song " . Cheer Cheer, instills spirit in the crowd. Hall decorations bring out the true feelings of the senior class as they say " Co " . Pam Plainer and Ken Roberts adorn the winning bulletin board for spirit day. Garrett ' s pep band adds a different note to pep sessions and ball games. Representing the Mayor, Bill Murley congratulated the team on their winning football season. Junior High contributes their touch of spirit. Senior decorations spur G-Men on to perfect season. FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON— SfN OR FEAT Charly, John Ellis, places flowers on Algernon ' s grave to seal an everlasting friendship. At the party at Mrs. Nemur ' s Charly meets the people who are sponsoring his project. Dr. Strauss Jack Clark Professor Nemur Lowell Griffin Alice Kinnian Lisa Engelhard Barbara Cattell Burt Seldon Craig McNamara Charlie Cordon John Ellis Doris Cathy Costin Nurse Marcia Crager Frank Bill Fetter Gina Barbara Tustison Mrs. Donner Sarah Haynes Joe Mike Barcus Mother Mary K. Yoder Little Charlie Tom Newbauer Father Gary Vice Child Norma Beth Ann Cattell Mrs. Feldman Rosie Heitz Ellen Karen Freeze Teen-age Charlie Bob Bishop Bernice Chris Boyd Connie Delana Runion Chairlady , . . " Sandy Wilmot Voice in Audience Janet Carr Mrs. Mooney Barbara Moran Mrs. Nemur Nancy McKee Mr. Harvey Sam LaTurner Jackie Welberg Joanne Hockaday Anne Welberg Jeanne Hockaday Norma Marisa Kennedy Rosie Heitz helps Mary Kay Yoder put on her finishing touches before making her first appearance. The two Alices, Barb Cattell and Lisa Engelhard, take time to read over a new scene before trying it. Classtime The Bell IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY AT CHS Long lunch lines and crowded halls are only a few of the things students must contend with every day. Lockers that jam, being late to class, and tests are some other parts of school that make our days seem to have a great re- semblance to each other. Without these little everyday things school would not be the same and that would take half the fun out of it. Students enjoy their lunch listening to the juke box. New a la carte line gives students two choices. i i Bfcii kR 1i 1 v P r . B fl 1 Before the curtain goes up Mr. Bockman gives one last work of confidence. GARRETT— DOGPATCH U.S.A.? Yokumberry Tonic — Kick-a-Poo Joy Juice? These things may sound strange to you but to DogPatchers they are very " typical " . The story of L ' il Abner revolves around Daisy Mae Scragg and Abner Yokum who try their best to save DogPatch from being bombed be- cause it is considered the most unnecessary place in the United States. p Marrin ' Sam, Rick Capin, tells DogPatchers of his talents as cupid. L ' il Abner returns to DogPatch. clJ FRONT ROW: Bruce Engelhard — Pappy Yokum, Lisa Engelhard — Mammy Yokum, Pat Casey — L ' il Abner, Sheila Lillie — Daisey Mae, Rich Lepley — Earthquake McGoon, Dave Kobiela — General Bullmoose, Rick Capin — Marrin ' Sam, Dan Miller — Senator Jack S. Phogbound. SECOND ROW: Rayna Engelhard, Tony Januseski, Bill Fetter, Rex Johnson, Dave Claxton, Todd Hamm, Randy Mellott, Marilyn Mavity, Bill Pfefferkorn. THIRD ROW: Ken Harmon, Debbie McCullough, Jean Cozier, Colleen Muldary, Mary Clark, Kim Shumway, Leslie Wise, Mike Barcus, Debbie Shipman, Ron DeCrasse. FOURTH ROW: Nate Panning, Janice McCorkel, Kathy Spicer, Jacque Black, Barb Tustison, Marilyn Miller, Diane Died- erich, Cindy Picklesimer, Laurin Fike, Steve Wilmot. FIFTH ROW: Judy Brinkerhoff, Marisa Kennedy. " AD ROMAM CUM AMORE " MAKES THE PROM SCENE Choosing the Roman scene, the junior class gave graduating seniors -a night to remember with the swinging sound of ' The Factory ' , a rock group. A buffet replaced the banquet while guests were entertained by Rody, the Campus Life magician. This year the square dance part of the all- night party was held in the big gym among the Roman gardens. Following movies and breakfast at the Eagles, students went to the lake to finalize prom weekend. Dancing, singing, and snacking students surround the foun- tain centerpiece of this Roman-style prom. 1 MOVIN ' ON . . . ACADEMICS It looks like any building When you pass it on the street, Made of stone and glass and marble, Made of iron and concrete. But once inside you can ride A camel or a train. Visit Rome, Siam, or Nome, Feel a hurricane. Meet a king, learn to sing. How to bake a pie. Go to sea, plant a tree. Find how airplanes fly. Train a horse, and of course Have all the dogs you ' d like. See the moon, a sandy dune. Or catch a whopping pike. Everything that books can bring You ' ll find inside those walls. A world is there for you to share When adventure calls. You cannot tell its magic By the way the building looks. But there ' s wonderment within it, The wonderment of books. 1 rtt MATHEMATICIANS LEARN TECHNIQUES From absolute value in algebra to difficult calculus problems, the math students advance in the techniques of numbers and graphs. Geometry classes challenge their pupils with the Pythagorean theorem and general math students learn to cope with modern math. Students wait to enter general math class. Debbie Mathys explains absolute value to the Algebra I class Mr. Capin gives the answers to the difficult problems assigned to the advanced algebra class. CHS SCIENTISTS ' MOVE ' WITH THE TIMES Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Biology are parts of academics that help GHS students move with the times. As the aspiring scientists mix chemicals, study the earth, dissect animals, and experiment with laser beams, they un- cover the mysteries of life and discover new ways to approach the changes of our era. Chemistry students concentrate on their lab Randy Mcintosh and Tim Wheeler peer closely at the insides of their dissected worm in Biology I lab. T " i Sophomores assemble a project in English class. The 9A Freshmen ponder the test questions asked by Mrs. Hall during their second period class. Alice Runion gestures freely as she gives a speech to Mr. Ashcraft ' s newly formed speech class. ENGLISH DEPT. CHALLENGES English courses challenge all students to ex- press their views in composition, show their skill in grammar, and learn about the world through literature. Special projects motivate pupils to take an active part in class and en- rich the understanding of our language. This year a speech class was formed, adding to the English program. Tony Januseski works with Mrs. Schurr as seniors partici- pate in the Cadet Teaching program. STUDENTS LEARN THROUGH FOR- EIGN LANGUAGES Latin became closer to its students this year as Mrs. Love journeyed to Rome itself and told of her trip. In Spanish class the exchange students provided the opportunity for a deeper insight of the language. Debbie Shipman is aided by exchange student Tulio Brescia. Carol Heupel and Debbie Andrews translate in advanced Latin class. Miss Haynes questions as the Spanish I class responds. TTf STUDENTS PROBE PAST AND PRESENT Whether it is U.S. History, World History, Economics, or Civics, the students seem, to always be interested in their studies. Special projects, reports and field trips keep the rhythm of the Social Studies Department movin ' on. This year Earth Day proved to be a very effective project for the students and the community as well. BUSINESS WORLD COMES ALIVE The Business Department is a big help to those students who want to move on to a position in the business world. They are taught with some of the most modern equipment. Typewriters and dictaphones create an " office job " atmosphere for the business students. General Business Students are eager to find the correct answer. ■1 ! ■ ' iil i H m jM H E- " " ™ ' ! 1 jI The Busines Lab gives these girls a feeling of being a rel secretary. Chris Boyd works diligently on her typing assignment. Mr. Ashcraft takes part in class as a student takes over his job of teaching Business English. " 1- ART STUDENTS EX- PRESS THEMSELVES Whether oil painting, sketching, or working on crafts, art students at GHS apply themselves and express their moods or feelings in the form of their creative works. Long hours are spent devel- oping skills as pupils strive to learn the basic prin- ciples of art and colors. Several seniors applied for scholarships and were highly recommended by Mr. Hutton because of their talent shown on the canvas. An art exhibit was set up in the library to display the work of these young artists. Painting students display their creations. Bob Bishop and Glenn Steigmeyer swish away on canvas NEW DIMENSIONS ADDED TO INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department has come a long way. The boys and fre- quently a girl or two find their classes much more interesting. They are able to put to use the principles they learn in books. The new equipment helps keep their interest alive. Jerry Claxton and Steve Smeltzer enjoy working with the machines in Wood Shop. Power Mechanics students are able to use the skills they acquire. ■ ' i ri I. ; ' " •■ H M i [M F K 1b M 1 v , V ■ 1 . — H These boys find Electronics more interesting when they experiment. Ken Roebel finds concentrating on his drawing project easy with new Drafting materials. NEW GYMNASTIC EQUIPMENT HELPS DEVELOP SKILLS WHATS HAPPENING? This year the physical education classes have changed. The boys and girls are mixed which makes it more interest- ing. They have been given more equipment and have been offered the opportunity to advance their physical skills. Gym outfits for this year ' s girls are dark shorts and white blouses, and of course, white tennies. The boys ' outfits are blue trunks with white trim and white T-shirts with maroon trim. Sue Kirkpatrick displays her talents on the trampoline to the sixth period advanced gym class. Tim Rhodes works on the " horse " for fellow sophomore students. STUDENTS BUILD PRACTICAL LIVES Guess what? Homemakers of GHS have learned many things this past year such as cooking, sewing, learning how to walk and talk, how to put on make-up, and how to act. Do students in agriculture learn through experience or in class? Today ' s students learn both ways. Learning in class helps them gain more knowledge through experience. Lynn Fritz and Elsie Saxer seek skills in farming Agriculture class learns more about the outside world. Jacque Black displays her talents by putting in a hem. - The chorus received excellent ratings at the state contest in Knox, Indiana. CHORUS EARNS AN ' EXCELLENT RAT- ING AT CONTEST This year for the first time the GHS chorus was on TV. They performed three songs which were given on Easter Sunday. Carols were recorded and played downtown during the Christmas season. During the year the chorus proved to be civic minded by giving concerts on Thanks- giving, at the dedication of the gymnasium, and at Baccalaureate. FRONT ROW; Mary Simon, Joy Welches, Diane Diederich, Ron Marti, Tim Rhodes, Dwight James, Bill Jones, Angle Muzzillo, Marie Tackels, Gertrude Watson, Pat Russell. 2nd ROW: Phyllis Shepherd, Bobbi Creager, Sheila Lillie, Bob Bishop, Dave Kobiela, Sam LaTurner, Les Walters, Debbie McCullough, Judy VonHolten, Joyce Croy, Cheryl Snider. 3rd ROW: Linda Runion, Kathy Creager, Mary Yoder, Pat Casey, Mark Zmyslony, Hal Mortoff, Gary LaLone, Mike Tittle, Karen Heller, Marcia Mortoff, Pam Cutler, Joanne Hockaday, Sue Kirkpatrick. SOPRANO TENOR AND BASS ALTO CHS BAND KEEPS MOVIN ' ON Marching at the fair, playing at football and basketball halftimes, performing at concerts, and boosting spirit at pep sessions kep the band busy this year. Under the direction of Mr. Larry Brandt, the band received an ' excel- lent ' rating at the state band contest for their performance. Gary Vice FRONT ROW: D. Smith, D. Campbell, K. Rhodes, D. Boyer, B. Parker, 2nd ROW: A. Thorn, D. Lampe, M. Hockaday, C. McCartney, J. Wllmot. 3rd ROW: B. Rugman, R. Parker, D. Riccus, T. Wiley, D. Rowe. 4th ROW: N. Panning, C. Peters, M. Rhodes, G. Vice, K. Johnson. 5th ROW: D. Neukom, D. Glaze, R. Gall, S. Smeltzer, M. Gentis. 6th ROW: D. Cornell, S. Omspacher, P. Loutzenhiser, A. Runion, M. Baker. 7th ROW: C. Mcintosh, L. Driver, P. Housel, L. Freeman, J. Carper. 8th ROW: S. Refner, S. Hall, S. Wilmot, J. Rowe, K. Johnson. Majorette — Tammy Anderson, Twirler — Marilyn Mavity Sandy Wilmot The band played at ball games to boost GHS spirit. FRONT ROW— Mike Hofferman, Steve Mavity, Mr. Brandt; SECOND ROW— Dan Kinsey, Scott Kimmel, Wayne Rowe, Mike Esselburn, Mark Andrews, Rick Workman, Melinda Carper; THIRD ROW — Jess Griffin, Dan Helton, Dean Bruns, Bob Kruger, Frank Seike, Randy Bixler, Dave Claxton, Beth Hall, Diane Suter; FOURTH ROW — Kenneth Haynes, Eric Schurr, Christine Shipnnan, Kathryn Shaw, Joyce Hecht, Connie Sigler, Mike Wilmot, Kathy Kelham, Frank Shoener; FIFTH ROW— Mary Reed, Geri Kleeman, Roxanne Treesh, Tammy Norrick, Peggy Griffin, Sandra Kruger, Teresa Bailey, Becky Smith, Teri McPheeters; SIXTH ROW — Diane Jones, Jacque Black, Patty Driver, Pam Kinsey, Shiela King, Bekie Dennison, Elaine Schurr, Tim Loutzenhiser, Roberta Yarde; SEVENTH ROW — Mike DeLucenay, Dave Garn, Kenny Charles, Jens Sorrensen, Neal Esselburn, Kathy Weimer, Jody Witherspoon, Diane Ray, and Valorie Sipe. 7th AND 8th GRADERS SING AND SWING FRONT ROW — Sharon Shirley, Peggye Sutton, Alice Placencia, Mary Myers, Pat Brumbaugh, Sharon Custer, Gayle Cleland, Olivia Lillie, Connie Cox, Helen Finn, Rosemary Henderson, Deb- bie Goings; SECOND ROW — Cindy Picklesimer, Tina Morgan, Nila Armstrong, Sandy Speer, Aileen Mock, Kay Folden, Debbie Souder, Bea Goings, Kathy Burniston, Nora Bowers, Patty Omspacher; THIRD ROW — Cindy Isham, Rhonda Bertsch, Kim Clady, Sabrina Kirk, Janis Peters, Cathy Castleman, Ann Bigelow, Sue Letezia, Susan Rottger, David Armstrong, Dan Woodruff; FOURTH ROW— Debbie Diederich, Paula Gilliland, llene Wickline, Kay Christlieb, Betty Myers, Kathy Hoffman, Phil Isham, Terri Wiley, Dan Tackles, Nick Westrick, Linda Adams, Teresa Koskie, and Harold Cottreil. JR. HIGH CLASSES AROUSE INTEREST Loud, silly, and full of energy the seventh and eighth grade students frolic through their nine period day. Each class offers a new and different challenge for these eager pupils. But there are no barriers as the underclass- men attack English, music, shop, math, and science with undying ambition. This year, the seventh graders played a significant part in the observance of Earth Day. Jacque Black looks on as Amy Boyd " shoots " Dave Mc- Cllsh during a history skit. Junior High students have study hall in Room 26. Eighth grade girls inspect dresses in Home Ec. Class. Special Education students look on as Mr. Honeck ex- plains the newspaper in the newly furnished Room 1. MOVIN ' ON... SPORTS The groggy fighter on his knees Sways up at nine, postpones the count; The jockey, forty-to-one shot, sees Them all go by, yet whips his mount; The losing pitcher, arm gone lame. Still drops that last one in, a strike — So you and I play a stubborn game. Disaster prodding us alike. So you and I, ignoring odds. Tug caps, clutch ropes, and flail whips. Make sacrifices to the gods. Breed children and build battleships. Though ours is not an athlete ' s doom, Nor death like any shower room. 1; NEIC CHAMPS f %4 t4? ' uPVrT e S9j.j f .VaUMTT .rrr sLjO . ' 9 M JV ' tn « » V FRONT ROW — Gary Vice, Dan Yarde, Dan Barnhart, Pat Casey, Tony Januseski, Sam LaTurner, Craig McNamera, Dave Ko- biela, Greg Weller, Mike Barcus. SECOND ROW — Tom Refner, Dan Maurer, Tom Thrush, Don Cla k, Rick Chamberlin, Brad Kinsey, Jerry Claxton, Steve Dembickie, Mike Derickson, Bob Redmond. THIRD ROW — Don DeGrasse, John Cole, Tim Thrush, Bill Pfefferkorn, Jack Fike, Tom Blotkamp, Steve Mitchell, Mark Wilcox, Matt Hoeffel, Mike Saffen. FOURTH ROW— Lon Grubb, Dan Davis, Randy Michael, Keith Anderson, Greg Steward, Todd Hamm, Jeff Stroman, Tom Miller, Dan Miller. FIFTH ROW— Steve Dickison, Dale Pheiffer, Dan Ice, Mr. Bateman, Mr. Wiant, Mr. Crist, Mr. Hutton. The Garrett Railroaders had the first unde- feated football season in the history of the school this year. They captured the NEIC title by winning seven conference games. Through hard work and determination they made this year a great one. Senior Mike Barcus presents the NEIC champion- ship football trophy to our Principal, Mr. Wains- cott. The victorious G-men show enthusiasm as they leave the field. Dave Kobiela Craig McNamara Dan Yarde ELEVEN SENIORS ADD POWER Greg Weller Dan Barnhart Mike Barcus Tony Januseski Pat Casey Sam LaTurner Tom Refner Gary Vice FOR A SUCCESSFUL SEASON The eleven senior lettermen of the Garrett squad proved their ability by leading the Rail- roaders to an undefeated season. Though two of the seniors, Tom Refner and Gary Vice, were hampered by injuries they did all they could to support the squad. Four senior lettermen received recognition for outstanding play during the season by be- ing named to the NEIC all-conference teams. Dan Yarde placed on the first team, Dave Kobiela on the second team, Tony Januseski on the third team, and Sam LaTurner with Honorable Mention. The managers are Dan Ice, Steve Dickison, and Dale Pfeiffer. Garrett had three very hardworking coaches, assistant coach — Mr. Wiant, head coach — Mr. Hutton, and assistant coach — Mr. Crist. FROSH GET OFF TO A GOOD START FRONT ROW— Joe Thomas, Tom Wiley, Dave Derickson, Mike Andrews, Richard Hathaway. SECOND ROW— Dennis Smith, Greg Shippy, Stan Stover, Bob Christleib, Dennis Anderson, Rudy Fuentisa. THIRD ROW— Ron Kock, jim Lietezia, Dave Lash, Humphrey Kearns, Kevin Knapp, Brent Steigmeyer. FOURTH ROW— Mr. Honeck, Mark Michael, Randy Surface, Gene Freeman, Bob Wilcox. FIFTH ROW— Mike Chittenden, Ron Marti, Ken Culter, Denny Boice, Frank Caprino. Garrett 18 Bishop Luers Garrett 6 Angola Garrett 12 Columbia City Garrett Dekalb 6 Garrett Angola Garrett 6 Kendallville 12 The freshman football team had a successful season with three wins, two losses, and one tie. Hardwork and hours of practice prepared the Railroaders for their first year of high school play. The cheerleaders and fans pro- vided spirit while the team provided talent and determination. The peppy freshmen cheerleaders are Ramona Miller, Becky Weller, and Pat Costin. FRONT ROW— Mark Barcus, Dave Claxton, Jerry Bowman, Brian DePew, Terry Bowman, Gary Krider, Joe Holbrook. SECOND ROW— Mr. Miller, Bruce Smith, Ed Bates, Kim Nixon, Rob Wainscott, Ray Placencia, Randy Miller, Mike Essie- burn. THIRD ROW — Mr. Crowe, Dick Smurr, Steve Zeider, Dave Spicer, Tom Seike, Mike Walton, Randy Worden, Terry Wilcox. FOURTH ROW— Kim Shum- way, Wayne Rowe, Frank Shoener, Tom Kleeman, Steve Kelham, Paul Surfus. UNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Garrett [1)1 Angola (7) Garrett (8) 7 Angola (8) 13 Garrett (7) Mcintosh (7) 21 Garrett (8) 13 Mcintosh (8) Garrett (7,8) 42 Kendallville (7,8) 14 Garrett (7,8) 13 Columbia City (7,8) ]R. HIGH DIGS IN The eighth grade football team finished the season with a 3 — 2 record. The team members showed great interest and appeared to be a promising team in the future. The seventh grade team split their two games. They anticipate a better season next year. FRONT ROW— M. Andrews, S. Kimmel, K. Oster, G. Shippy, C. Anderson, L. Jeffery, A. Baker. SECOND ROW— Mr. Miller, M. Howard, J. Hammond, K. Custer, D. Bruns, D. Johnston, D. Gorman, j. Stemen, Z. Gerber. THIRD ROW— Mr. Crowe, D. Tullis, J. Emenheiser, G. Ousley, C. Meyers, L. Knapp, M. An- drews. FOURTH ROW— M. Zimmerman, C. Wolf, M.Gerhart, K. Andrews, K. Charles, S. Walton, D. Kinsey, D. Feagler. Bill Pfefferkorn hits the right spot with the marker at a jr. high football game. OUTSTANDING PLAY MARKS SUCCESS Dan Yarde reaches to make a tackle at a home game. Two Garrett defensive players fall to the ground as they are the process of stopping the other team. Dan Miller takes a break for a drink of water dur- ing a varsity game as Rick Chamberlin looks on. The Railroaders certainly put forth a great amount of effort in their football play this season. Even though they were overworked, tired, and had plenty of sore muscles they kept on tackling, kicking, passing, and run- ning with that ball right up until the last minute of every game. Jeff Stroman reaches out to push one of the many opposi- tion away as he runs with the pigskin toward the goal line tor a touchdown. Mark Wilcox and Craig McNamara unite forces to bring down the opponent carrying the ball in the East Noble game. Nancy Debbie PEPPY SMILES MOTIVATE TEAM Jumping, yelling, doing the splits, and pulling all sorts of muscles are just a few of the char- acteristics of a cheerleader. Hours are spent making up routines and new cheers which are essential for good spirit. GHS was fortunate this year to have four very able varsity cheerleaders andjhree very willing reserve. They raised " WHOOPIE " all year and we thank them. AAA m. . x!tt Cathy Varsity cheerleaders Connie Rapp, Debbie Neukom, Leslie Wise, and Nancy McKee give big smiles which help give spirit to our teams. Cathy Mcintosh, Anita Smith, and Lisa Johnson seem rather happy about the score of a reserve football game. 1 FRONT ROW— Steve Runion, manager— Randy Bowmar, Tim Thrush. SECOND ROW— Rich Lepley, Tom Miller, Rick Chamberlin, Brad Kinsey, Sam LaTurner. THIRD ROW— Ted Kees, Jeff Stroman. FOURTH ROW— Mike Derickson, Tony Januseski. FIFTH ROW— Jack Clark. B-BALL TEAM HAS A SPLIT SEASON The Garrett Railroaders had a split season of 9 wins and 9 losses. Under the guidance of Mr. Weimer and Mr. Crist, the G-men learned new skills in dribbling, shooting, and rebounding. All through the winter the G-men practiced these ball handling techniques in our new gym which prepared them for the foe. Garrett 75 Fremont 36 Garrett 57 Central Noble 79 Garrett 57 East Noble 67 Garrett 48 DeKaib 66 Garrett 49 South Adams 47 Garrett 46 Carroll 48 Garrett 59 . . . . Bishop Dwenger 55 Garrett 64 Bluffton 78 Garrett 73 .... Angola 48 Garrett 62 Columbia City 83 Garrett 76 .... .; Lakeland 60 Garrett 65. Concordia 60 Garrett 45 Snider 76 Garrett 84 Eastside 77 Garrett 68 Bellmont 60 Garrett 54 Norwell 64 Garrett 67 Churubusco 68 Garrett 64 Hamilton 56 The b-ball coaches are Mr. Weimer and Mr. Crist. GHS CAPTURES HOLIDAY TOURNEY Captains Jeff Stroman and Jack Clark present the Holiday Tourney trophey to our principle, Mr. Wainscott. The Railroaders captured their seventh Con- secutive Holiday Tourney title this year at East Noble. Cutting the nets, receiving the trophy, and having a victory huddle were again experiences for Garrett High School. GHS beat West Noble in the first game and then East Noble in the Championship game. Rich Lepley cuts a piece of victory net. " Whoopie " say the Railroaders as they show oft their trophy. SENIORS SPARK TEAM Rich Lepley Every team is built by experience and the Railroaders were guided by four Senior let- termen. They did a fine job in their last year. Sam LaTurner Jeff Stroman goes for a lay-up and scores two points in the varsity Fremont game. Garrett ' s reserve and varsity basketball teams had good moves in offense and defense. They showed great pep and lots of spirit. Tom Blotkamp stretches high to gain control of the basketball during a jumpball in the Columbia City reserve game. RAILROADERS IN ACTION Ted Kees attempts a lay-up with some difficulty. Jack Clark shoots the ball high in the air to raise Garrett ' s score two more points. In a reserve home game Steve Runion builds up our victory score by making a field goal. r FRONT ROW— Greg Steward, Stan Kinsey, Lon Crubb, Clark Lepley, Mark Wilcox, Brad Kinsey, Jerry Claxton. SECOND ROW— Dan Davis— manager, Denny Dallis, Dan Miller, Bill Pfefferkorn, Steve Runion, Tom Blot- kamp, Tim Thrush, John Fetter, Randy Michael— manager, RESERVES AND FROSH SHOW PROMISE The Garrett Railroader reserve squad had an even season this year. Under the guidance of Coach Crist the boys performed their various skills and abilities in front of large crowds. The Freshmen basketball team spent many hours learning new and old tricks of the game. The boys gained experience which will prove to be valuable to them in the future at CHS. Tim Thrush shoots for two points in a reserve game. (Left to Right{ Coach Hutton, Kenny Cutler, Tim Wheeler, Ron Kock, Greg Shippy, Dick Hathaway, Mark Ellert, Mark Michael, Kevin Knapp, Dave Lash, Randy Surfus, Dick Heupel, Brent Steigmeyer, Rob Wilcox, Randy Vincent, Denny Smith, Rudy Fuentes- The seventh grade cheerleaders were FRONT ROW— Doug Johnston, Dan Kinsey, Dave Gorman, Steve Walton, Kim Oster, Gary Debbie Bradly, Sheila Shippy, Dan Feagler, Kevin Custer. BACK ROW— Mike Howard, Mark Andrews, Randy Bixler, Mark King, and Maureen Zimmerman, Mike Gerhardt, Brian Brown, Scott Kimmel, Craig Myers, Mr. Honeck. Moran. )R. HIGH UPCOMING IN BASKETBALL Leading cheers for the eighth grade this year were Terry Buckles, Yogi Picklesimer, and Renee Shuff . Garrett ' s seventh and eighth grade basketball teams gained experience during the season. They practiced long hours at the old gym and learned new procedures of ball handling. The teams were spirited on by the junior high cheerleaders, which for the first time in- cluded a boy. Their spirit was essential for victory. FRONT ROW — Steve Houser, David Spicer, Wayne Rowe, Rob Wainscott, Mike Esselburn, Bruce Smith, Frank Shoener, Kim Nixon, Ray Placencia, Mark Barcus. BACK ROW — Mr. Crowe, Terry Wilcox, Kim Shumway, Steve Zider, Dave McClish, Randy Worden, Michael Walton, Steve Kelham, Tom Kleeman, Randy Miller. -I GREATER STRIDES MARK IMPROVEMENT FRONT ROW — Tim Wheeler, Dan Jordan, John Wilmont, Yogi Carpenter. SECOND ROW— Coach— Mr. Ewing, Gary Carr, Ted Kees, Walter Keintzel, Steve Runion. % % H lillfli Steve Runion looks tired as he reaches the finish of the race. II Walter Keintzel takes long strides to overcome his opponent. Right on his heels is G-man John Wilmont who looks as though he isn ' t going to give up. Garrett ' s Cross Country team had a season of 5 wins and 7 losses. The boys practiced long hours getting their muscles in shape. Under the training of Mr. Ewing, school records were broken by the team. FRONT ROW— Brad Kinsey, Sherm Lewis, Lon Grubb, Todd Hamm, Stan Kinsey. SECOND ROW— Ken Harmon, Ron Kock, Dale Pfeiffer, Randy Michael, Ted Kees, Coach— Mr. Bateman. G-MEN PUTTER ON GREENS Garrett 219 Carroll 206 Garrett 230 Central Noble 224 Garrett Garrett 211 Concordia 215 215 Hamilton 216 Garrett 213 North Side 205 Garrett 171 Angola 162 Garrett 213 East Noble 210 Garrett 197 New Haven 190 Garrett 201 South Side 195 Garrett Garrett 174 South Adams 175 215 Elmhurst 188 The GHS men of the greens had an unlucky season this year winning only 4 of the 15 matches. The team lacked experience with only 3 previous lettermen on it. From Mr. Bateman the boys learned new skills and look for a better season next year. Garrett 207 DeKalb 206 Garrett 213 North Side 200 Garrett 222 East Noble 211 Garrett 225 Heritage 229 Backswing Follow Through Sherm Lewis demonstrates the procedure for driving a golf ball. - UJ_ FRONT ROW — Mike Tittle, Jerry Claxton, Greg Weller, Tim Thrush, Mike Chittenden, Larry Myers, Tim Wheeler, Yogi Carpenter. SECOND ROW — Coach — Mr. Ewing, David Andrews, Don Clark, Tom Thrush, Mark Wilcox, Jeff Stroman, Steve Dembeckie, Steve Runion, Mike Derickson, Sam LaTurner. THIRD ROW — Mark Ellert, Mr. Crovi e, Don DeCrasse, Mike Andrews, George Schurr, Gary Carr, Mark Michael, Kenny Cutler, Tom Seike, Tim Rhodes, Bob Christlieb, John Wilmont. TRACK TEAM HAS A SPLIT SEASON The Garrett track team ended its season this year with 3 wins and 3 losses. The Railroaders began practice early in the new year but were often hampered by the bad weather. The breaking of track and field records were again a part of Garrett High School. Garrett finished seventh in the Goshen Re- lays. Mr. Ewing presents Jeff Stroman with an award for 2nd place in the Hoosier Relays. Garrett 71 ... . East Noble 41 Garrett 54... . . . Leo 74 . . . . . Eastside 54 Garrett 53 ... . Concordia 65 Garrett 104 . . . . . . Angola 14 Garrett 32 ... DeKaib 86 Garrett 67 .. .... Carroll 49 A few of the Railroader track men warm-up and rest before the meet with Eastside. . Junior Mike Derickson leaps over a low hurdle on his way to another blue ribbon. THE TRACK TEAM »--v .y . r " " T " i f f I M " T I I I K I ' Dan Yarde uses all of his might to heave the DOES THEIR THING hotpuastarashecan Larry Myers puts in his last effort but still falls short of first place. The race is starting and all of the long distance runners are huddled together as they come around the first turn. Senior Mike Tittle really gets in step as he picks up speed to gain a place in the sprint. LJL FRONT ROW— Mike Andrews, Kenny Cutler, Dick Hathaway, Blane Kimmel, Tom Hullinger, Dan Maurer. SEC- OND ROW— Bill Pfeifferkorn, Denny Dallis, Dave Kobiela, Tom Miller, Greg Shippy, Steve Mitchell. THIRD ROW — Steve Cobbs, Tony Januseski, Rich Lepley, Randy Surfus, Randy Mellott, Coach — Mr. Crist. BASEBALL FUTURE VIEWED WITH ZEST Garrett 1 New Haven 14 Garrett 9 Bluffton Garrett 3 Columbia City Garrett 2 East Noble Garrett Concordia Garrett 5 Angola Garrett 5 DeKalb Garrett 3 South Adams Garrett 2 (Sectional) DeKalb The Yoder T-Birds participated in the Minor County Mack World Series at Knoxville, Tennessee. The team placed 3rd out of ten. FRONT ROW— Frank Selke, Tom Hul- linger, Mark Barcus, Tom Kleeman, Mark Andrews. SECOND ROW— Rudy Fuentis, Randy Miller, Greg Shippy, Tony Blomeke, Kenny Cutler. THIRD ROW— Mr. Crowe, Greg Steward, Randy Worden, Randy Sur- fus, Kevin Knapp, Benny Pence. On the diamond the Railroaders performed a season of 3 wins and 6 losses. They demon- strated skill at the plate, in the field, and in their pitching. Mr. Crist was the GHS baseball coach this year. Under this new leadership the team strengthened certain areas of its abilities. The team looks for a better year in 71 with 14 of the boys returning. BASEBALL TEAM AT BAT ' ■ ' piim J- A CHS player takes a warm-up swing as he awaits the pitch. Annette Geiser Is one of the four Railettes which is a new aspect of CHS baseball. They are the fe- male version of batboys. The other Railettes are Linda Custer, Holly Hoeffel, and Susie Lewis. Tom Miller stands on deck waiting to bat Bill Pfeifferkorn looks disap- pointed as the third out for the G-men has been made. MOVIN ' ON... CLUBS Active students all about dashing here and there. Pep Club, Streamliner and such work and play we share! Crowded afternoons are known, evenings busy too. What would our school life e ' er been like without all these things to do! J. FRONT ROW: Dan Miller, Treas.; Linda Custer, V. Pres.; Gary Barry, Pres.; Mary Yoder, Sec. 2nd ROW: Anabeatriz Viau, Debbie Bradley, Lisa Johnson, Nancy McKee, Diane Kock, )oAnn Worman, Cindy Hath- away, Barbara Moran. 3rd ROW: Diane Jones, Jeff Stroman, Tim Thrush, Don DeCrasse, Ken Harmon, Walter Kientzel, Bernie Smith, Marilyn Miller. 4th ROW: Maureen Moran, Blaine Kimmel, Hal Mortoff, Greg Shippy, Tulio Brescia, Don Campbell, Paula Gilliland. 5th ROW: Brian Brown, Doug Johnston, Randy Bixler, Terry Bowman, Mark Zimmerman, Cathy Cobbs, Connie Sigler. STUDENT COUNCIL HAS A BUSY YEAR The Student Lounge, educational convoca- tions, magazine sales, Little 500, voting ma- chine elections, a foster child, and the JFK scholarship headlined the activities of our student council. They gave the student body a stronger voice. JoAnn Worman and Diane Kock clean furniture that was used in the new student lounge. " And the race goes on! " starts the Little 500. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Love; sponsor, Barbara Cattell; Sec, Sarah Haynes; Pres., Nancy McKee; V-Pres., Jack Clark; Treas. 2nd ROW: Barbara Moran, Mary Yoder, Lisa Johnson, Paula Johnston, Barb Tustison, Gary Barry, Dave Kobiela, Lisa Engelhard. 3rd ROW: Debbie Andrews, Teresa Koehl, Toni Miles, Cindy Hathaway, Sue Puff, Linda Custer, Mary Clark, Laura Henderson, Mary Baker. 4th ROW: Les Walters, Brad Kinsey, Greg Weller, Ted Kees, Steve Cobbs, Jim Duguid. NHS PERFORMS SERVICE PROJECTS Scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character. These four characteristics are found in the members of the Garrett Chapter of the National Honor Society. This year they took a group of orphans to the zoo. With determination, Paula Johnston mrxes the dough for cookies that were a service project for the aged on Valentine ' s Day. New members sign the book upon initiation into the societv. Les Walters takes a break during the paper drive for Wee Haven. FRONT ROW: Mr. Bockman, Sponsor; Jo Ann Worman, Sec-Treas.; Lisa Englehard, Pres.; Annette Ceiser, V-Pres.; Todd Hamm. 2nd ROW: Dave Kobiela, Teresa Koehl, Nancy McKee, Mary Baker, Sue Puff, Marisa Kennedy, Toni Snook, Debbie Shipman. 3rd ROW: Doug Smith, Gery Barry, Sandy Wilmot, Jean Cozier, Patty Housel, Mike Rhodes, Ken Roberts, Ken Rhodes. THESPIANS PRESENT " L ' lL ABNER " " L ' il Abner " , the all-school production was the main activity of the Thespians this year. They also helped the senior production with financial and dramatic assistance. Lisa Engle- hard led as president. The piar.; present a skit at the Christmas convocation Behind the scenes of every play is a hard-working crew. Characters of " L ' il Abner " , in their costumes and make- up, wait to ' do their thing ' . . FTA ELF PROGRAM DELIGHTS TEACHERS FRONT ROW: Mrs. Learned; advisor, Leslie Wise, Teresa Koehl, Karen Freeze; Sec, Toni Miles, Mr. Seltenright; advisor, Dindv Hathaway; Pres., Mary Clark; Treas., John Cole, Miss Crowe; ad isor. 2nd ROW: Tom Wiley. John Cornell. ChenI Peters, Sand Tittle, Sand Wilmot, Marisa Kennedy, Mar Baker, Suz Lewis, Ken Harmon, Pat Russell. 3rd ROW: Diane Diederich, Susan Spicer, Bobbi Creager, Mary Schultz, Sue Hall, Lael Rowe. Susan Harvey, Laura Henderson, Dawn Saver. The purpose of the Future Teachers of .Amer- ica is to prepare students for the teaching profession. Its members do tasks for teachers by grading papers or typing out tests as a part of the Elf program. They also host teas for teachers to show appreciation for their work. A scholarship was offered to a worthy senior. The FTA candle, presented by the state association, was the pride of the local chapter this year. FT sponsors enjoy themselves at a night meeting as guest speaker shys from the camera. President Cindy Hath- avsay poses with group. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Love, Sponsor, H. Hoeffel, J. Terry, R. Capin, A. Ceiser, Treas.; L. Wise, Pres.; D. Andrews, V, Pres.; R. Heitz, Sec; B. Moran, G. Steigmeyer. 2nd ROW: M. Teders, S. Dannenburg, B. )ay, S. Puff, M. Kennedy, M. Yoder, D. McCullough, D. Kock, R. Aplin, C. Hathaway, S. Rhetts. 3rd ROW: T. Koehl, D. Glaze, M. Ballentine, S. Spicer, M. K. Schultz, M. VanZile, L. Rowe, C. Griffin, P. Freeman, J. Carper, D. Bonkoski, S. Hall. 4th ROW: J. Duguid, S. Wilmot, S. Kinsey, L. Grubb, T. Novy, K. Harmon, J. Schultz, R. Koehl, B. Weller, J. Owens. 5th ROW: C. Andrews, C. Cobbs, D. Hoeffel, B. Hollls, C. Heupel, V. Scheurich, K. Reeves, C. Thrush, D. Rowe, J. Dove, P. Hyde. 6th ROW: F. Caprino, B. Steigmeyer, J. Sapp, D. Barry, T. Hullinger, S. Dapp, K. Custer, K. Roebel, A. Fetter, D. Hervey, H. Kearns, D. Heupel. O TEMPORA! O MORES THE LEANING TOWER OF PIZZA was the theme of this year ' s Roman Banquet. The new members paraded out, dressed as slaves and were auctioned off, to the old members. Later, the members feasted on pizza — some Roman dish??? Halloween candy sales, " sing along " night meetings, were also part of Latin Club. Tom Novy and Annette Geiser stand as if they were Roman plebians, just sentenced to death. Glen Steigmeyer ask, " Do I Hear 50e for Clark Leply? " , as Dick Heupel looks on. FRONT ROW: Miss Haynes, Sponsor, Anita Smith, Treas.; Dan Maurer, Pres.; John Cole, Vice-Pres.; Angie La- Turner, Sec; 2nd ROW: Lesile Walters, John Cornell, Sherm Lewis, Mary Ann Detrick, Ruth Sliger, Cheryl Peters, JoAnn Worman, Debbie Kleeman. 3rd ROW: Tom Wiley, Debbie Shipman, Sue Poling, Cathy Custer, Marsha Mortoff, Susie Lilenthal, Debbie Lampe, Ron Kock. 4th ROW: Kim Dove, Lucy Diosado, Diane Die- derich, Julie Jeffery, Julie Somers, Janice McCorkel, Becky Treesh, Kalista Johnston, Sharon King. 5th ROW: Bruce Engelhard, Gene Freeman, Tim Wheeler, Kevin Knapp, Randy Surfus, Robert Wilcox, Dave Derickson. ESTOS SON LOS TIEMPOS QUL . . . As you pass room 37, you may hear the words, Americano, cena, familia, or padre being re- cited stupidly by the Spanish students. But during the night meetings the Spanish Club members come alive. Gayly dressed in cos- tumes, they enjoy their many fiestas. Si, amigos! We are of El Spanish Club. Spanish Club members duck, as they seem to be invaded by a spinning, shining sphere, full of treats. Jim Duguid leads the Science Club mem- bers on to greater scientific achievements. FRONT ROW: Patty House!, Jim Duguid, Pres.; Mary K. Schultz, V-Pres.; Susan Spicer, Sec-Treas. 2nd ROW: Mr. Miller, sponsor, Deanna Cornell, Glen Steigmeyer, Steve Cobbs. Absent were: Leslie Walters, John Graw- cock. OUR FUTURE SCIENTISTS? A better DNA Molecule? A cure for cancer? An invisible man? You never know what to- day ' s scientists will find next. As you walk pass room 22 on Wednesday mornings, you just might be turned into a roach. Science Club members sit eagerly??????? John Gravi ' cock stands proudly beside his entry, " The Water Drop Generator " , at this year ' s science fair. FRONT ROW: Mr. Parks, Sponsor: Jeanne Hockaday, V-Pres.; Rosie Heitz, Pres.; Barbara Cattell, Sec-Treas.; Leslie Walters, Dan Yarde, Dave Kobiela. 2nd ROW: Sue Poling, Barbara Tustison, Debbie McCullough, Dian Glaze, Mary K. Schultz, JoAnne Hockaday, Mary Yoder, Lisa Engelhard. 3rd ROW: Debbie Shipman, Steve Wil- mot, Mike Burns, Rick Capin, Pam Platner, Connie Rapp, Valda Scheurich, Joey Sommers. SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB The Social Studies Club is for those who are interested in the past and present events of today ' s world. One of this year ' s projects was taking inventory of DeKalb and Steuben County ' s cemeteries. Ted Kees tells the members about his project he made for Mr. Park ' s history class. Junior Steve Wilmot explains the pamphlets which were distributed to the students. Dan Yarde, reporter; Mike Rhodes, Greg Weller, Pres.; Ken Rhodes, Richard Reinohl, Treas.; Lynn Fritz, Sec. 2nd ROW; Sam LaTurner, Terry Shuff, Dale Pfieffer, Dan Maurer, Ed Riccius, Mark Sliger. 3rd ROW: Mr, Bateman, sponsor; Steve Smeltzer, Terry Whan, Tom Rice, Bruce Rugman. FFA BOYS ' MOVE ON ' IN AG It is the purpose of the Agriculture depart- ment to train farm boys to become leaders in the business of farming. They are trained to appreciate and accept proven practices in the management of the farm. Senior Greg Weller received an outstanding F.F.A. award this year. Senior Wayne Smith uses the modern milking machine. Trooper Colgate tells the Future Homemakers to always be alert and to protect yourself from being attacked from the rear. Cindy Hathaway and Ana Viau attends the F.H.A. record hop. AND Trooper Colgate finds himself hung up in the arms of Mary Baker. FHA GIRLS LEARN SELF-DEFENSE The Future Homemakers of America help to prepare high school girls for the satisfaction and hardships of having a home and facing the world. This year the girls held a self- defense program and sponsored a record hop by the Madison Square Patch. Also, Dawn Boyer was named State Historian. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Schlabach, sponsor; Laura Henderson, V-Pres.; Rosie Heitz, Pres.; Cheri Turner, Sec-Treas. 2nd ROW: Sandy Wilmot, Anita Smith, Dawn Boyer, Melba LaTurner, Toni Miles, Betty Craib. 3rd ROW: Mary Rose Depalo, Linda Housel, Mary Ann Henderson, Judy Kinney, Debbie Runion, Karen Picklesimer, Cathy Custer, Patty Housel. = Angle LaTurner carefully counts the change for Rev. Welches, at the Y-Teen Bake Sale. Y-TEENS SERVE COMMUNITY The Y-Teens had a busy year. During Thanks- giving vacation they made baskets for the elderly and the shut-ins. On April 28th they had their annual Mother-Daughter Tea. And on May 12th they took Mrs. Steury ' s Special Ed Class to Franke Park Children ' s Zoo. President Nancy McKee leads the Y-Teens meeting. FRONT ROW: Diane Kock, Mila Ballentine, Lisa Johnson, Sec; Nancy McKee, Pres.; Debby Andrews, V-Pres.; Janet Carr, Treas. 2nd ROW: Joanne Hockaday, Sharon Heitz, Cheri Turner, Laura Henderson, Linda Egoff, Lisa Englehard, Linda Custer. 3rd ROW; Mary Krocker, Denise Smith, Connie Ley, Patty House!, Angle LaTurner, Katy Mcintosh. 4th ROW: Susie Lewis, Jeanne Hockaday, Marcia Crager, Teresa Koehl. FRONT ROW: Mr. Finchum, Sponsor; Rick Elder, Phil Wheeler, Sam La Turner; Pres.; Gary Barry, V. Pres.; Arnold Placencia, Hal Hippensteel. 2nd ROW: Bob Bishop, Pat Casey, Don Campbell, Mike Barcus, Lowell Griffin, Laurin Fike, Gary Vice. 3rd ROW: Dave Ashenfelter, Jack Clark, Doug Smith, Jim Burns, Randy Thomas, Rick Hyde, Ken Rhodes, Tony Januseski. 4th ROW: Dan Myers, Rich Lepley, Steve Tullis, Dave Kobiela, Wayne Smith, Ed Schlotter- back, Richard Rynearson, Bill Fetter. Hl-Y CLUBS PROMOTE BROTHERHOOD This year the Hi-Y Clubs were not as active as anticipated. But they did promote a feeling of brotherhood among the boys in their high school years. Mr. Finchum and Mr. Wiant, as advisors of these boys ' clubs, helped the members during their morning meetings. Hi-Y President, Sam LaTurner presides at a meeting. Tim Thrush, Jr. Hi-Y president, pauses after a meeting. FRONT ROW: Mr. Wiant, Sponsor; Randy Michael, Treas,; Tom Seike, Sec; Tim Thrush, Pres.; Stan Kinsey, V. Pres.; John Cole. 2nd ROW: Mark Michael, Kevin Knapp, Greg Shippy, Ron Koch, Randy Mcintosh, Denny Smith. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Hall, Sponsor; T. Kleeman, J. Cole, Treas.; M. VanZile, Sec; M. Schultz, Pres.; H. Hoeffel, V. Pres.; M. Detrick, S. Splcer, Miss Eldridge, Sponsor. 2nd ROW: J. Higgins, M. Carper, D. Bonkoskie, L. Rowe, S. Lillie, J. Jeffery, S. Hall, D. Freeman. 3rd ROW: B. Waller, C. Griffin, R. Sliger, E. Griffin, P. Freeman, S. Refner, D. Rowe, K. Reeves. 4th ROW: D. Runion, L. Rowe, P. Hyde, C. Thrush, K. Haffner, D. Hoeffel, A. Fetter, K. Wilmot, C. Ousley. 5th ROW: ]. McCorkel, J. Sommers, M. LaTurner, K. Picklesimer, N. Sutton, S. Dapp, K. Roebel, K. Custer, J. Owens, C. Steigmeyer. Sec. Monica VanZile seems quite busy writing the minutes. BLUE TRIANGLE INTERESTS GIRLS In Blue Triangle these girls are devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by faith as Christians. Hats off to the Freshman and Sophomore girls. Lynn Rowe is back in the Swinging " 60 ' s " , with her midi skirt and her white bobby socks. Blue Triangle members love to share their own interests with others. Here, foreign exchange stu- dent. Ana Viau talks about Central America FRONT ROW: Todd Hamm, Pres.; Randy Michael, V-Pres.; Diane Diederich, Sec.-Treas. 2nd ROW: Glen Steigmeyer, Ruth Sliger, Susan Spicer, Julie Jeffery, Ken Harmon. 3rd ROW: Rick Capin, Mary Kay Schultz, Mr. Harmon, Sponsor. OPERATORS RUN A-V EQUIPMENT The Operator ' s Club sponsored by Mr. Har- mon, has only a few members, but these members run the audio-visual equipment used throughout the school. Mr. Harmon shows Rick Capin, Diane Diederich, Mary Kay Schultz and Randy Michael, how to run the tape recorder. Diane Diederich and Rick Capin set up the projector while Mary Kay Schultz and Randy Michael await their FRONT ROW: S. Coyer, M. Clark, K. Freeze, Treas.; D. Andrews, Pres.; M. Baker, V. Pres.; Miss Crowe, Sponsor V. Kennedy, Sec; C. Costin, C. Peters, T. Anderson, K. Andrews. 2nd ROW: S. Tittle, B. Creager, T. Snook, R. Gerber, P. Chisholm, J. Carr, M. Crager, N. Lilenthal, S. Heitz, L. Langer. 3rd ROW: D. Diederich, S. Spicer, M. Schultz, D. Sobieski, J. Terry, M. Detrick, D. Lampe, 5. King, K. Spicer, M. Ballentine, L. Egolf. 4th ROW: M. Jones, K. Reeves, J. Schultz, P. Costin, S. Lilenthal, A. Fetter, T. Kleeman, L. Diosado, J. Cole, J. Cozier, D. Bonko- ski. 5th ROW: L. Rowe, ). Somers, C. Cossairt, S. Omspacher, K. Haffner, P. Hyde, C. Baker, D. Mathys, K. Wilmot, B. Vice, N. Maurer. 6th ROW: J. Higgins, D. Smith, J. Croy, D. Rowe, S. Refner, M. Heimert, C. Andrews, M. DePalo. The ball goes high over the net, as the girls learn the skill of volleyball. " Let ' s Really Hear It " , says Pres. Debby Andrews, as the girls put on a skit, during a pep session. GIRLS ACQUIRE SPORT SKILLS For you girls with excess energy, here ' s just the place for you — G.A.A. You needn ' t be the real sporty type to join because here is one club that makes everyone seem welcome. Here is a good way to learn some new games and develop your skill in others while mak ing some great pals. GIRLS PEP CLUB BOOSTS THE TEAM At every game either at home or away you will find an ardent group of fans, members of the Girls ' Pep Club. The girls in their maroon pant jumpers and white knee socks, spurred the team when the going was tough and supported them on when they were winning! Seniors show enthusiasm and spirit from the class of " 70 " Class representatives for Pep Club are: Holly Hoeffel, Soph.; Becky Weller, Fresh.; Diane Kock, Jr.; Jeannie Hockaday, Sr. Pep Club Officers are: Rosie Heitz, Treas.; Barb Cattell, Pres.; and Debby Andrews, Sec. FRONT ROW: C. Costin, S. Haynes, J. Hockaday, L. Runion, S. Heitz, L. Engelhard, K. Freeze, M. Crager, P. Chis- holm, M. Yoder, S. Coyer, B. Cattell. 2nd ROW: L. Langer, S. Rhetts, P. Swank, K. Heller, J. Hockaday, D. Andrews, B. Moran, D. Shipman, P. Plainer, D. Smith, S. Lewis. 3rd ROW: V. Scheurich, R. Hathaway, K. Kugler, A. LaTurner, C. Ley, D. McCullough, D. Kleeman, J. Worman, M. Ballentine, L. Custer, M. Clark, D. Kock. 4th ROW: C. Custer, C. Griffin, S. Poling, M. Schultz, S. Spicer, M. VanZile, |. Jeffery, D. Diederich, T. Snook, B. Crager, D. Sobieski, L. Marti. 5th ROW: D. Bonkoski, L. Rowe, ]. Cole, E. Griffin, T. Kleeman, S. Harvey, L. Diosado, C. Griffen, P. Free- man, J. Welches. 6lh ROW: S. Johnson, C. Custer, J. Dove, P. Hyde, P. Costin, S. Lilienthal, R. Koehl, K. Custer, A. Fetter, L. Rowe, R. Miller, B. Hollis. 7th ROW: K. Johnston, D. Hoeffel, K. Robel, S. Dapp, J. Schultz, D. Mathys, K. Wilmot, J. Owens, K. Reeves, K. Picklesimer, D. Runion, M. LaTurner. 8th ROW: K. Andrews, K. Haffner, C. Cobbs, J. McCorkel, C. Steigmeyer, L. Souder, C. Thrush, B. Weller, P. Poling. 1 FRONT ROW: Mr. Brandt, Sponsor; Ken Rhodes, Chris McCartney, Mary Baker, Debbie Lampe, Tom Wiley. 2nd ROW: Barry Parker, Doug Smith, Cheryl Peters, Nate Panning, Ron Gall, Gary Vice. 3rd ROW: Mike Rhodes, Mike Hockaday, Alan Thorne, Dian Glaze. ]AZZ COMES TO GARRETT HIGH Students interested in a better appreciation of music have joined together under the leadership of Mr. Brandt, The Dance Band. Wow!!!! Wonder what Don Cambell fed his pet guitar?? Gary Vice plays a lively and spirited tune on his trumpet . . . Junior High Tutor ' s Club Tutor ' s Club is a newly organized junior high club. Spon- sored by Mr. Smith, the students act as tutors and assist each other with their school subjects. Jeff Helbert eagerly helps Doug Johnston. FRONT ROW— Dan Woodruff, Doug Johnston, Jeff Stemen, Loren Dove, Steve DeWitt, Dave Gorman, Dean Bruns, Steve Walton, Keven Custer. 2nd ROW— Cheryl Carr, Connie Sigier, Linda Adams, Geri Kleeman, Paula Giiliiand, Debbie Diede- rich, Jayne Thrush, Pam Kinsey, Kim Strock, Mr. Smith, sponsor. 3rd ROW— Mike Walton, Frank Seike, Dennis Hull, Dan Kinsey, Chris Kearns, Tim Higgins, David Rench, Larry Knapp, Mark Zimmerman. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ewing, Sponsor, Steve Tullis, Dan Myers; Pres., Greg Weller, Lowell Griffin, Dave Ashenfelter, Rich Lepley. 2nd ROW: Rick Hyde, Randy Thomas, Tom Thrush, Roger Reinhoel, Bernie Smith. 3rd ROW: Darl Steinman, John Grawcock, Ken Roebel, Dale Pfeiffer. VIC A DRAWS STUDENT INTEREST VICA is a newly-organized club at Garrett High School. With Mr. Ewing as sponsor, those boys who are good in industrial arts share a common interest. Sophomore Darl Steinman works diligently on his drawings. Senior Ed Schlotterback works very carefully and accurately on his assignment. FRONT ROW; Vicki Miller, Sec; Phil Wheeler, Pres.; Brian Custer, V. Pres.; Mr. Mc- Cartney. 2nd ROW: Kathy Myers, Lynn Langner, Milan Howard, John Blotkamp, Kathy Spicer, Terry LaLone. DE AND ICT AID VOCATIONAL PUPILS DE, sponsored by Mr. Norris, and ICT, spon- sored by Mr. McCartney, were organized to give capable and hard working students the opportunity to work while attending school. The students are trained by their employers and receive pay. This gives them both skill and experience in the area they choose. Kathy Spicer seems to be doing fine at her job. FRONT ROW: Mr. Norris, Sponsor; Bill Fetter, Steve Garn, Pres.; Ed Schlotterback, Linda Stel- ler, Steve Engle. 2nd ROW: Jack Engle, Jeff McClure, Mark Sliger, Frank Armstrong, Dolan Boyd. GARRETT HIGH ' S Barbara Moran, editor, and Don Campbell, ass. editor, work intently on the paper. The STREAMLINER has been Garrett ' s bi- weekly high school paper for several years with Mrs. Learned as this year ' s faculty ad- visor. The STREAMLINER has accounts of student polls, editorials, poems, sports, ad- vertisements, and club news. Cathy Costin and Debbie McCullough work on a layout. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Learned, sponsor; Barbara Moran, editor; Don Campbell, ass. editor; Sue Puff, Glen Steig- meyer. 2nd ROW: Marilynn Mavity, Joanne Hockaday, Cathy Costin, Sarah Haynes, Dave Campbell, Debbie McCullough, Lesile Walters. 3rd ROW: Steve Wilmot, Norman Deuitch, Lesile Wise, Becky Jay, Karen Kugler, Mary Rose DePalo, Ram Platner. PUBLICATIONS Karen Heller and Paulette Swank check for missing copy. Lisa Engelhard, copy editor, and Teresa Koehl, editor, take a breather from the toils of the yearbook. No pictures! No film! Deadlines! The Aeolian staff didn ' t have any idea what was to be expected of them or how much work a year- book really was. But, taken all in all, the going was not so bad, and the staff has pro- duced a memorable Aeolian. FRONT ROW: Mr. Bockman, sponsor; Lisa Engelhard, copy ed.; Teresa Koehl, ed.; Sarah Haynes, Bus. Man.; Barb Cattell, Ad. Man.; Cathy Costin, Leslie Walters, Photographers. 2nd ROW: Joanne Hockaday, Rosie Heitz, Underclass eds.; Karen Heller, Paulette Swank, Acad. Fac. eds.; Barb Tustison, Nancy McKee, Sen eds.; Mary Yoder, Dave Kobiela, Dan Yarde, Sports eds. 3rd ROW: Lynn Langer, Jeanne Hockaday, Janet Carr, Marilynn Bersch, Kathy Creager, Sharon Coyer; Debby Andrews, Karen Freeze, Club eds. •t cf ' doMcbL MOVIN ' ON... FACULTY Teachers come in many sizes and shapes — Large, small, young, old, fresh, tired. Some teachers know how to make you feel Good; others make you feel bad all over. Deep down. Some help you not be afraid; Others keep you scared all the time. Some teachers make you want to come to School every day; others make you want To skip as often as you can. But some teachers are great. They put bandages on our hurts — On our hearts, on our minds, on our spirits. These teachers cared about us And let us know it. They gave us wings. SCHOOL BOARD: George Wade, Glenn Jay, Marguerite Smith, Eugene Bartels, and Maurice Chisholm. ADMINISTRATION BEYOND COMPARE MR. ROBERT WAINSCOTT— PRINCIPAL Under his leadership, a foreign exchange student pro- gram has been initiated, a code of dress committee of teachers, parents, and students was established, the S.I.R. program was started for senior honor roll students and extended to Juniors. MR. CHARLES PUFF— SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Puff has made himself familiar in many of the class- rooms, talking to the students, the teachers, or just sit- ting in on a class in session. MR. ROGER WEIMER— ASST. PRINCIPAL Manchester College B.S. St. Francis College M.Ed. LADIES IN THE OFFICE Mrs. Casey Mrs. Clabaugh Mrs. Coleman Helping in the office this year were these girls: FRONT ROW— Janet Carr, Rosie Heitz, Cindy Hathaway; BACK ROW— Barbara Steinman, Paulette Swank, Mila Ballentine. Working in the library this year were Peg Cleland, Jo Ellen Owens, and Janice McCorkel. ETHEL FUNK Study Hall Teacher PATRICIA KINSEY Study Hall Teacher HARRIET LUDBAN Study Hall Teacher Teacher ' s Aide ESTER RENCH Teachers ' Aide HILDRETH SWEENEY Librarian STUDY FACILITIES BENEFIT STUDENTS Where does the student go to find peace and quiet? The books, magazines, and materials in the library help many pupils with assign- ments. Paperbacks are also available. Study halls were kept orderly by the capable study hall teachers who issued passes and helped students with their studies. With typewriters and ditto machines busily clicking, the teach- ers ' aides provided the necessary materials for the teachers. Senior Sue Kirkpatrick spends her afternoons as a library assistant. JANITORS, COOKS, AND BUS DRIVERS OFFER THEIR HELP The janitors, cooks, and bus drivers of Gar- rett High School sweep, feed, and transport daily for the students. Their services are ap- preciated. So hats off to these hard-working people! Working in the cafeteria are Mrs. Mollis, Mrs. Thrush, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Dembickie, Mrs. Trainer, Mrs. Klee- man, Mrs. Peters. Serving lunch are Mrs. Lemish, Mrs. Reed, Mrs Tooman, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Vice, Mrs. Notestine, Mrs. Englert. Cleaning-up after the students are the janitors — Mr. Freeman, Mr. Blomeke, Mr. Heitz, Mr. A. Crogg, Mr. Robke, Mr. Weaver, Mr. E. Heitz, Mr. Crogg, Mr. Wil- mot, Mr. Andrevtis, Mr. Weller. Transporting the students are Mr. F. Weller, Mr. R. Dove, Mr. Sutton, Mr. D. Dove, Mr. Smith, Mr. Clark, Mr. Custer, Mr. Crogg, Mr. Freeman, Mr. M. Weller, Mr. Blomeke. TEACHERS GUIDE STUDENTS MARY ANGLIN Math 7 Pep Club Sponsor HUBERT ASHCRAFT Typ., B. Law, B. Eng., Bus. Lab PAUL BATEMAN Agr. Ath. Director FFA Sponsor RICHARD CAPIN Geom., Sr. Math, Adv. Alg. THOMAS CRIST P.E. Asst. Football Basketball Coach Head Baseball Coach DAVID CROWE Scl. 7, Health 8th grade Basketball Coach JOHN BOCKMAN Eng. 11, Chorus Yearbook Advisor Thespian Sponsor LARRY BRANDT Band Instructor Dance Band Sponsor FREDINA CROWE P.E. GAA Sponsor ETA Sponsor SARAH JEAN ELDRIDGE Notehand,Typ., S ' hand Blue-Triangle Sponsor THROUGH 1969-70 SCHOOL YEAR ROBERT EWING Voc. Dft., Dft. I VIRGIL FINCHUM Civics, Psych., Econ., Soc. Hi-Y Sponsor JOHN FLORA Alg.,G.Math DOROTHY HALL Eng.9 Blue-Triangle Sponsor ROBERT HARMON W. Hist., Health 10 Operator ' s Club Sponsor SHIRLEY HAYNES Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor WILLIAM HONECK Special Education 7 8 Freshman Football Coach 7th grade Basketball Coach JOHN HUTTON Painting, Health, Jr. High Art, Drawing F+ead Football Coach ANNA LEARNED Sr. Lit., Comp., Eng. 10 Journalism Streamliner Advisor FTA Sponsor ECHO LEWIS Eng. 7 8 Y-Teens Sponsor -I TEACHERS PREPARE ALL PUPILS LENORE LEWIS Orientation Guidance Counselor MARILEE LOTZ Social Studies 8 ELIZABETH LOVE Latin Latin Club Sponsor NHS Sponsor LESTER McCartney Bkpg., G. Bus., Related DE LOUADDA MARKS Orientation Guidance Counselor Y-Teens Sponsor DONALD NORRIS P. Mech., ICT ICTClub Sponsor CAMERON PARKS U. S. History Soc. Studies Club Sponsor HAROLD PLESSINGER English TO ' MOVE ON ' IN LIFE fl RUTH REYNOLDS Health MICHAEL SELTENRICHT English ETA Sponsor CAROL SCHLABACH Homemaking FHA Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor JENNIE SMITH Homemaking, F. Living VICTOR SMITH Social Studies STP Sponsor DAVID STEURY Physics, Math 8 LARRY STOMM Business Math, Bkpg. Typing JOHN TOWNSEND English MARGARET WAITE Chem., Earth Science Pep Club Sponsor DAVID WIANT Science Jr. Hi-Y Sponsor MOVIN ' ON... FACES A row of faces, peering with effortless ease on pages of shining paper. Some smiling, most indifferent to the void emptiness before their eyes. A quick glance, the turning of a page, only a memory of " Faces " . ffl Dave Kobiela Sixteen honor students, possessing varied interests and talents, have been named from the graduating class of 1970. In order to achieve this status these students Hwere required to maintain a gradepoint aver- age of 3.125 out of a possible 4.00 during O seven semesters of high school work. To be classified as an honor student is the result of persistence, organization, and the N desire to succeed academically. In this re- spect these sixteen honor students have Omade useful contributions to Garrett High School. Congratulations to these seniors and may D their academic studies pave the road to a • greater success. S TU DENTS Gery Barry Barbara Moran Nancy McKee Toni Miles TODAY ' S PROMISE TOMORROW ' S m FUTURE GARY ALLEN VICE— PRES. Gen.; Class Pres. 1; F-Ball 1,2, Let- ter 3, Mgr. 4; Hi-Y 4; FFA 1-3; ]r.- Sr. Banq. Co-Ch.; Sr. Play Cast Senior Sponsors are Mr. Bockman, Miss Eldridge, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Learned, and Miss Crowe. JAMES MICHAEL BARCUS— V-PRES. Acad.; Class Treas. 1, V-Pres. 2, Sec. 3; Boy ' s Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 4; F-Ball 1,2, Letter 3,4; Fresh. B-Ball, B-Ball 2; Track 1; Stud. Council 2; Sr. Play Cast KAREN JOAN FREEZE— TREAS. Acad.; Aeolian 4; FTA 3, Sec. 4; CAA 1,2, V-Pres. 3, Treas. 4; Blue- Tri. 1, Prog, Ch. 2, Summer Conf. 2; M B 3; Streamliners 1, Sec- Treas. 2; Pep Club 4; Thesp. 4; Sr. Play Cast BARBARA ANN STEINMAN— SEC. Gen.; Chorus Club 1-3; FHA 2,3; Office Work 4 MARY KAY YODER— CORRES. SEC. Acad.; Aeolian 4; Latin Club 1-4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Stud. Council 3, Sec. 4; M B 3; Soc. Studies Club 3,4; NHS 3,4; Pep Club 1,3,4; Thesp. 4; Fresh. Cheerldr., Res. 2; Hoosier Girl ' s State 4; Sr. Play Cast DEBORAH ANN ANDREWS Acad.; Aeolian 4; Latin Club 1-3, V-Pres. 4, Summer Conf. 4; Blue- Tri. Prog. Ch. 1, Sec. 2, Summer Conf. 2; Pep Club 1,2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, Sec. 4; Y-Teens Prog. Ch. 3, V- Pres. 4; GAA 1 ,2, Pres. 3,4; NHS 3,4 DAVID LEWIS ASHENFELTER Ind. Arts; Fresh. B-Ball; VICA Treas. 4; Track 1 GERY J. BARRY Acad.; Sci. Club 1, V-Pres. 2; Latin Club 1-3; Speech Club 2; NHS 2-4; Hi-Y 3, V-Pres. 4; Thesp. 3,4; Stud. Council Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Fresh. F-Ball; Golf 1,2; Fresh. B-Ball; Cross Co. 2; Leadership Conf. I.U. 3; Math Inst. 4 MARILYN JEAN BERTSCH Bus.; Aeolian 4; GAA 1; FHA 1; Streamliners 2 SENIORS LOOK TOWARD GRADUATION ROBERT IVAR BISHOP Gen.; Stud. Council 1,2; Boy ' s Pep Club 3; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 4; Track 1; Fresh. F-Ball; Cross Co. 3; Sr. Play Cast JOHN BLOTKAMP Gen.; D.E. Mk KENNETH EDWARD BOICE Gen.; Latin Club 1; Jr. Hi-Y 1, Chap. 2; Fresh. B-Ball Mgr.; Cross Co. 3; M B 3; Track Mgr. 3 RANDALL C. BOWMAR Gen.; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; B-Ball Mgr. 4 CHRISTINE KAY BOYD Gen.; Y-Teens Devotion Ldr. 3; FTA Act. Ldr. 3; GAA Treas. 3; Sr. Play Cast DOLAN G. BOYD Ind. Arts JAMES OLIVER BURNS Gen.; Sci. Club 1,2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Soc. Studies Club 3; B-Ball 1; F-Ball 1-3; Dance Band 2,3 DAVID SHON CAMPBELL Gen.; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Hi-Y 4; F-Ball 1; Track1;M B4 DONALD EWARD CAMPBELL Acad.; Transfer from Pittsburg High School, Calif. 3; M B 4; Stud. Council 4 YOGI CARPENTER Acad.; Latin Club 1,2; Sci Club 1; Class Treas. 3; Track 2, Letter 1,3,4; Cross Co. Letter 1-4 JANET ROSE CARR Gen ' .; Aeolian 4; CAA 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; FHA 2,3; Y-Teens 3, Treas. 4; Sr. Play Cast CLASS OF 70 WILL REMEMBER . . . PATRICK A. CASEY Gen.; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; F-Ball 1,3, Letter 4 BARBARA ANN CATTELL Gen.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Streamliners 1; Pep Club 2,3, Pres. 4; NHS 3, Sec. 4; Soc. Studies Club 3, Sec. -Treas. 4; Thesp. 4 PEGCYE JEAN CHISHOLM Bus.; Streamliners 1, V-Pres 2; Bus. Club 3; Blue-Tri 1, Song Ldr. 2;GAA1-4; Pep Club 4 JACK JEFFREY CLARK Acad.; NHS 2,3, Treas. 4; B-Ball 2, Letter 3,4; Fresh. B-Ball; F-Ball 2; Fresh F-Ball; Golf Letter 1-3; Sr. Play Cast CATHERINE ANNE COSTIN Gen.; Aeolian 4; Pep Club 1-4; GAA 1,2, Sec. 3,4; M B 4; Sr. Play Cast SHARON KAY COYER Gen.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Streamliners 1,2; GAA 1,2,4; Pep Club4 Sandy Wilmont, Mary Yoder, and Laurin Fike work hard on decorations for the DeKalb game. MARCIA LYNN CRACER Gen.; Aeolian 4; CAA 1,3,4; Pep Club 1,4; Thesp. 3,4; Y-Teens 3,4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Streamliners 2; Sr. Play Cast KATHLEEN CREAGER Gen.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Streamliners 1,2; FHA 1; GAA 1 BRIAN DOUGLAS CUSTER Gen.; F-Ball 1,2; B-Ball 2; Fresh B-Ball Track 1; VICA V-Pres, 4 KATHY ELAINE DOVE Bus.; Blue-Tri. 1; Pep Club 1,2; FHA 2, Treas. 3; Y-Teens 3; GAA 3,4 RICK ELDER Acad.; Transfer from Snider High School, Ft. Wayne 3; Hi-Y 4 JOHN ELLIS Acad.; Thesp. 4; F-Ball 2; Fresh. F-Ball; Fresh B-Ball; Sr. Play Cast ' FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON LISA ANN ENGELHARD Acad.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2 Thesp. 1,2, Pres. 3,4; Y-Teens 4, Soc. Studies Club 3,4; NHS 3,4 Pep Club 2,3,4; Res. Cheerldr. 1 Journ. Inst. 4; Cheerldr Wk. shop 1; M B 3; Speech Club Sec-Treas. 3; Sr. Play Cast STEVEN J. ENCLE Gen.; Span. Club 1; Sci. Club 1 WILLIAM E. FETTER Bus.; VICA 4; Fresh. B-Ball; B-Ball 2; Cross Co. 3; Fresh F-Ball GARY FIKE Acad.; Fresh. F-Ball; Fresh. B-Ball B-Ball2 LAURIN FIKE Acad.; Hi-Y4; Span. Clubl RONALD GALL Ind. Arts; Oper. Club 2,3 STEVEN L. CARN Gen. Transfer from Attica Local School, Attica, Ohio 2; VICA 4 ROXANNEGERBER Bus.; Club-Tri. 1; GAA 2-4; Bus. Club 2, Sgt.-at-arms 3 LOWELL STEPHEN GRIFFIN Ind. Arts; Latin Club 1-3; VICA Sec. 4; Hi-Y 4; Fresh. B-Ball; F-Ball Mgr. Letter 3; Sr. Play Cast UNDEFEATED FOOTBALL TEAM, RANDALL STEPHEN HAFFNER Gen. CLYDE HANDSHOE CYNTHIA SUE HATHAWAY Acad.; Blue-Tri. Pres. 1; GAA 1,2 Stud. Council 1,2,4, V-Pres. 3 Latin Club 1-3; Fresh. Cheerldr. Class Sec. 1; FTA V-Pres. 3,4; NHS 4; Class V-Pres. 3; Y-Teens Pro. Ch. 3; Stud. Council Wk. shop 2 .-•IV Ai i BEN HATTON Gen. SARAH KATHLEEN HAYNES Gen.; Aeolian 4; Pep Club 1,2 Sec. 3, Sgt.-at-arms 4; NHS 2,3, Pres. 4; Blue-Tri. 1, Devotion Ldr. 2; Soc. Studies Club 1; Span. Club 2, Sec. 3; Stud. Council 3; M B 4; Sr. Play Cast Craig McNamara shows how to " beat the heat " while posing for his Senior picture. ROSALYN MARIE HEITZ Acad.; Aeolian 4; Latin Club 1,2, Cor. Sec. 3, Sec. 4; GAA 2,3; Pep Club 1-3, Treas. 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Soc. Studies Club 1, Pres. 4; FHA Report. 2, V-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; M B 3; Hist. 4; Sr. Play Cast SHARON KAY HEITZ Bus.; Pep Club 1-4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens3,4; GAA 3,4 ' MAGIC CARPET RIDE KAREN HELLER Bus.; Pep Club 1-4; Aeolian 4; Streamliners 2; Bus. Club 1,2 JAMES THOMAS HICGINS Ind Arts; Oper. Club 1-3 HARLAND V. HIPPENSTEEL Gen.; Transfer From Florida 4; Hi-YChap.4 JEANNE HOCKADAY Gen.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Club 2-4; GAA 1-3; Soc. Studies Club 3, V-Pres. 4; M B 3; Sr. Play Cast JOANNE KAY HOCKADAY Bus.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1; Y-Teens 4, Sec. 3, Span. Club 2,3; Soc. Studies Club 3,4; Pep Club 1-4; M B 4; Sr. Play Cast RICHARD LOUIS HYDE Ind. Arts; VICA4; Hi-Y4 ANTHONY ROGER JANUSESKI Gen.; Jr. Hi-Y 1, Sec. 2; Hi-Y 4 Fresh. F-Ball; F-Ball 2,3, Letter 4 Fresh B-Ball; B-Ball 2, Letter 3,4 Baseball 1, Letter 2,3,4 APRIL LOUISE JINNINGS Gen.; FHA 1; GAA 1 PAULA JEANNE JOHNSTON Acad.; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Pep Club 1-3; NHS4; Latin Club 1,2; M B3 KARL KEARNS Gen. WALTER KEINTZEL Acad.; Exchange student from Germany; Cross-Co. 4; Track 4 KARLENE KAY KENNEDY Bus.; Aeolian 4; Streamliners 1-3; GAA1; Blue-Tri. 1,2 MARISA KAYE KENNEDY Acad.; Latin Club 1-4; ETA 3,4 Pep Club 1-3; Thesp. 3,4; M B 3 Blue-Tri. 1,2; Senior Play Cast SUE KAREN KIRKPATRICK Gen.; Streamliners 1; Pep Club 3 NHS4; Y-Teens3 DAVID MICHAEL KOBIELA Gen.; Aeolian 4; Jr. Hi-Y 2; Span. Club 1; Latin Club 1, Sgt-at-arms 2; Thesp. 3,4; Soc. Studies 4; NHS 2-4; Track 1; Fresh B-Ball; Fresh F-Ball; Baseball 1-3, Letter 4; Wt. Club 2,3; F-Ball 1,2, Letter 3,4; Delegate to Boy ' s State Sharon Coyer takes time out for a drink. SENIORS IN FINAL STAGES TERESA ANNE KOEHL Acad.; Aeolian Ed.; NHS 2-4; Pep Club 1-3; FTA 3, Prog. Ch. 4; Thesp. 3,4; Latin Club 1-4; Y-Teens 3,4; Soc. Studies 1,3; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Speech Club 2; Journ. Inst. 4; Speech Wkshop. 4 TERRY LALONE Gen.; DECCA4 LYNN MAE LANGNER Bus.; Aeolian 4; Pep Club 1-4; GAA 1-4; FHA 1,2; DECCA 4 SAMUEL ROSS RICHARD LATURNER Gen.; Jr. Hi-Y 1, Sgt-at-arms 2; FFA 3,4; Hi-Y 3, Pres. 4; Fresh B-Ball; Fresh F-Ball; B-Ball 2,3, Let- ter 4; F-Ball 2, Letter 3,4; Baseball 2-4; Sr, Play Cast RICHARD ARNOLD LEPLEY Gen.; Hi-Y 4; Fresh B-Ball; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; B-Ball 2,3, Letter 4; Baseball 2,3, Letter 4 FRANCES ANTONIA LILIENTHAL Gen.; Pep Club 1; Blue-Tri. 1, Sec. 2; Streamliners 2; GAA 1,4 NANCY DEE McKEE Acad.; Aeolian 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3, Pres. 4; Res. Chrldr. 1; Vars. Chrldr. 2-4; Thesp. 1,4, V-Pres. 2,3; Stud. Council 1,4; NHS 2,3, V-Pres. 4; Miss Garrett; DAR Good Citizen 4; Chrldr. Wkshop.; Sr. Play Cast CRAIG RICHARD McNAMARA Acad.; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Span. Club 1; Fresh F-Ball; Fresh B-Ball; F-Ball, Letter 2-4; B-Ball 2; Sr. Play Cast JACK G. McPHEETERS Acad.; Oper. Club 2; Pep Club 2; Fresh B-Ball; Track 1 VICKI MAE MARKLEY Bus. TONI LEE MILES Gen.; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens, 3 Song Ldr.; Bus. Club 3; ETA 3, Pres. 4; FHA 3,4; NHS 4 LAST YEAR GOES FAST VICKI LYNN MILLER Bus.; FHA 1; GAA 1-3; Bus, Club 3; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; DECCA, 4 Sec. -T res. BARBARA ELLEN MORAN Acad.; Pep Club 1,3,4, Sec. 2; NHS 2-4; Stud. Council 4; Blue-Tri. 1; Latin Club 1,2, Rec. Sec. 3, Cor. Sec. 4; M B Ed. 4; Class Sec. 1; Speech Club 2 ANGELA KATHERINE MUZZILLO Bus.; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3 WOW! what a locker! DAN MYERS Gen.; Sr. Hi-Y 4; Pres. 4; Fresh B-Ball; 2,4, Letter 3 KATHIE ZAY MYERS Bus.; DECCA VICA, B-Ball CINDY NODfNE Gen.; Blue-Tri. 1 THOMAS LEE REFNER Gen.; Jr. Hi-Y, Treas. 2; F-Ball, Letter 4 SENIORS SELECT VOCATIONS SUSAN LYLE KHETTS Acad.; Latin Club 1-4; Pep Club 1-4 KENNY LEE RHODES Ind. Arts; FFA, V-Pres. 4; HI-Y 4; Thesp. 2-4; Oper. Club 3; Dance Band 1-4 MICHAEL VINCENT RHODES Acad.; Thesp. 2-4; FFA 1-3, Sec. 4; Dance Band 1-4 STEPHEN ALLAN ROWE Gen. ALICE MARIE RUNION Gen.; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Aeolian 4 DELANA SUE RUNION Gen.; Blue-Tri. 1; Y-Teens 3; Pep Club 1-3; Sr. Play Cast V LINDA KAY RUNION Gen.; Blue-Tri. 1; FHA 1; Pep Club 1-4 RICHARD L. RYNEARSON Bus.; Hi-Y 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Bus. Club 1-3; Oper. Club 2; Pep Club 2,3 EDWARD EARL SCHLOTTERBACK Gen.; Stud. Council 2; Span. Club 1,2; Hi-Y 4; VICA, V-Pres. 4; Sci. Club1,2 MARK W. SLIGER Ag.; FFA1-3, Stud. Ad. DOUGLAS DUANE SMITH Acad.; Stud. Council 1-3; Jr. Hi-Y 1, Pres. 2; Thesp. 2-4; Hi-Y 4; Dance Band 1-4; Sci. Club 3, Sec. 4 WAYNE MELVIN SMITH Ag.; FFA 1,2, Sec. 4; Pep Club 1-3; Hi-Y 4; Fresh F-Ball; VICA 4 PLANS ARE MADE FOR COLLEGE dM ' k KATHY ANN SPICER Bus.; GAA 1,3,4; Pep Club 1-4; Blue-Tri. 1; DECCA4 DENNIS S. SUTTON Ag.; FFA, 1-4V-Pres. PAULETTE SWANK Bus.; Aeolian; 4; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Pep Club 4 DAVID A. SWONGER Ag.; FFA 1-4 RANDY KIRK THOMAS Ind. Arts; VICA 4; Pep Club 3; Hi-Y 4 MICHAEL LYNN TITTLE Bus.; Track 3, Letter 2,4; Cross-Co. 3,4 STEVEN WAYNE TREESH Ind. Arts; Sci. Clubl BARBARA JEANNE TUSTISON Acad.; Aeolian 4; Latin Club 1; Stud. Council 1,2; Blue-Tri. 1; Pep Club 1-4; See. Studies 4; NHS 4; Al- ternate to Girl ' s State; Sr. Play Cast ANABEATRIZ VIAU Exchange student from Guatemala City, Guatemala; Stud. Council 4 LESLIE ARTHUR WALTERS Acad.; Aeolian 4; Boy ' s Pep Club 3; Sci. Club 1,3,4; Soc. Studies 3, Prog. Chr. 4; Span. Club 1-4; NHS 4; Operators Club 3; U. of Detroit Wk.shop4; I.U. GERTRUDE ANN WATSON Bus.; Bus. Club 2,3 PHIL WHAN Gen.; Transferred from East Noble HS2; FFA3,4; V1CA4 GREG WELLER Ag.; FFA 1,2,4, V-Pres. 4; Boy ' s Pep Club 3; NHS 4; Fresh F-Ball; F-Ball 2, Lettered 3,4; Track 1, Lettered 2, ' 3,4; Operators Club 2,3 SANDRA KAY WILMOT Gen.; Blue-Tri. 1,2; FHA 1-4; Thesp. 3,4; Latin Club 2; FTA 4 EUGENE DANIEL YARDE Gen.; Aeo lian 4; Fresh F-Ball; F- Ball 2, Lettered 3,4; Track 1, Let- tered 2-4; Baseball 1; FFA 1,2, Treas. 3, Reporter 4; Soc. Studies 3; Oper- ators Club 2 Sixty-five seniors attend dinner before commencement exercises. THIS IS GRADUATION DAY Class of seventy at the end of the beginning. Jack Clark, valedictorian and Sarah Haynes, co- salutatorian swing into the future. Co-salutatorian Gery Barry was not present for the picture. Jack Clark and Tony Januseski: Happiness is graduation. Leaders of 71 are: Rick Chamberlain, President, Mike Derickson, Vice- President, Connie Rapp, Secretary, and Mike Burns, Treasurer. JUNIORS LOOK TOWARD FUTURE Doug Andrews Rojeanne Aplin Frank Armstrong Bruce Babbit Mary Baker Mila Ballentine Renee Baughman Barbara Bergner Daniel Bonkoski Jody Brinkerhoff Ken Bunn Mike Burns RickChamberlin Don Clark Mary Kay Clark Jerry Claxton Peggy Cleland Steven Cobbs Deanna Cornell Suzanna Cornewell Tim Costin Cathy Custer Linda Custer Pam Cutler Stan Danneberg Jeff DeLucenay Steve Dembickie Dale DePew Mike Derickson Norman Deuitch Michelle Deventer James Duguid Craig Eberhard Linda Egolf Jack Engle Lynn Fritz Jerry Garn Annette Geiser Debbie Gerhardt Diane Glaze Marston Greenawalt Connie Griffin Rhonda Hathaway Laura Henderson Carol Heupel Mike Hockaday Matt Hoeffel Patti House! Becky Jay Lisa Johnson Teddy Kees Brad Kinsey Debbie Kleeman Diane Kock SHOW OFF CLASS RINGS Mary Krocker Karen Kugler Angie LaTurner Suzy Lewis Connie Ley Paula Loutzenheiser Harry Lung Linda Markley Dan Maurer Margaret Maurer Chris McCartney Jeff McClure Deborah McCullough Cathy Mcintosh Terry McNutt Steve Mitchell Patty Moore Marsha Mortoff Colleene Muldary Larry Myers Debbie Neukom Marilynn Nolan Barry Parker Stanley Pence Cheryl Peters Dale Pfeiffer Sue Poling Sue Puff Robert Redmond Carson Reinoehl Don Reinoehl Richard Reinoehl Roger Reinoehl Kenny Roberts Mary Robinson Ken Roebel Debbie Roose Jola Rowe JUNIORS PLAN, WORK AND SELL Suzy Lewis watches game. Juniors add quarter to banquet fund. Mary loads up for classes. Steve Runion Patty Russe Michael Saffen Ellsworth Saxer Valda Scheurich Dave Sebring Phyllis Shepard Debbie Shipman Mary Simon Anita Smith Bernard Smith Denise Smith Fred Smith Mary Smith Mary ]o Some rs Glenn Steigmeyer Linda Steller Vicki Sutton Gerald Teders MaxTeders Alan Thorn Tom Thrush Cheri Turner Max Wallace Mark Wilcox Jon Wilmot Steve Wilmot Gerald Winebrenner Leslie Wise JoAnn Worman Brad Kinsey and Diane Kock plan the banquet. Matt Hoeffel, Bob Redmond, and Tulio relax in the new student lounge. Keith Anderson Tammy Anderson Angle Baker Robin Barger Rick Bloom Tom Blotkamp Officers of the sophomore class are Bill Pfefferkorn — Pres., Holly Hoeffel— Sec, Todid Hamm— V.Pres., and Gary LaLone— Treas. CLASS OF ' 72 Diane Bonkoski Dawn Boyer Mike Brockhouse Rick Capin Jo Ellen Carper Sam Cleland Joan Cole John Cole John Cornell Connie Cossairt Jean Cozier BrendaCrager Betty Craib Bobby Creager Calvin Croy Dennis Dallas Dan Davis Don DeCrasse Richard DeCrasse Ron DeCrasse Mary Rose DePaolo Mary Ann Detrick Steve Dickison Diane Diederich Lucy Diosdado Gene Dirr Sharon Driver John Fetter Jack FIke Lonnie Fortney . §f Steve Foster Lora Freeman Pam Freeman Rick Gibson John Grawcock Cynthia Griffin Eulalia Griffin Lon Grubb Sue Hall Todd Hamm Ken Harmon Susan Harvey Melody Heimert Jeanette Higgins Holly Hoeffel Linda House! Bill Howard Danny Ice Victor Isham Julie Jeffery SOPHOMORES WORK DILIGENTLY Sophomores Jim Mansfield, Gene Dirr, Steve Snook, and Jim Koehl make a banner for the student lounge. Karen Johnson Keith Johnson Mary Jane Jones Mike Jones Dan Jordan Karen Kearns Virginia Kennedy Chad Kilgore Stan Kinsey Terry Kleeman Sheryl Klinger Jim Koehl Chris Krocker Susan Kruger Gary LaLone Becky Leiter Clark Lepley Sherm Lewis Sheila Lillie Terry Loutzenhiser Linda Marti Marilyn Mavity Randy Mellott Randy Michael Dan Miller Tom Miller Freeman Moore Kay Nolan Thomas Novy Star Omspacher Nathan Panning Rick Parker Debbe Perry Bill Pfefferkorn Susan Placencia Tim Rhodes Dan Riccus Lael Rowe Bruce Rugman Sara Sattison Mary Kay Schultz George Schurr Tom Seike Terry Shuff JoEllen Carper escapes to the Student Lounge. Dan Miller displays his talents on the guitar. Susan Harvey is center of attention DISPLAYS MANY TALENTS John Simon Ruth Sliger Del Marie Smith Steve Snook Toni Snook Debbie Sobieski §i Sheila Lilly and Sue Hall express their enthusiasm after an exciting game. Mike Woodward Sheryl Yarde Dennis Anderson Caria Andrews David Andrews Michael Andrews Karen Andrews Carole Baker Martin Ballentine Dick Barry Pat Bennett Gary Bergner Tim Bock Denny Boice Freshman Class Officers are: Frank Caprino, Vice-Pres; Randy Mcintosh, Pres; Randy Mueller, Treasurer; and Becky Treesh, Secretary. i.. Bruce Engelhard Anita Fetter J " Deborah Fike ( ' v , Peggy Frain v6 Gene Freeman C y ' ' . Rudy Fuentes ' - DennisGall " Ellen earn ' 7 - J e .- MlkeCentis - ' n C j Roger Gingery , 5 George Grady Ross Greenwalt Deborah Griffin Karen Haffner Richard Hathaway Franz Heinzerling Mary Ann Henderson Dan Hen ey Dick Heupel Debbie Hoeffel J- FRESHMEN START NEW LIFE Beth Hollis Tom Hullinger Pat Hyde Theresa Isham Dwight James Terry Jarnigan Denise Jinnings SuLynn Johnson Kalista Johnston Greg Jones Humphrey Kearns Blaine Kimmel Sharon King Judy Kinney Kevin Knapp Ronald Kock Ruth Koehl Debbie Lampe ' 1 David Lash Melba LaTurner Jim Letizia Suzie Lilienthal Joseph Mansfield Cheryl Markley Ron Marti Deborah Mathys Nancy Maurer Janice McCorkel Randy Mcintosh Mark Michael Karen Miller Ramona Miller Hal Mortorff Randy Mueller Carol Ousley JoEllen Owens Allen Parker Karen Picklesimer Kathy Reeves Susan Refner Lola Robinson Kay Roebel Debbie Rowe FRESHMEN HAVE MANY INTERESTS Dick Heupel, Mike Gentis, and Frank Caprino set the pace for the Class of 73. Frosh welcome all to their hall Lynn Rowe Tom Rice Debbie Runion Jim Sapp Joyce Schultz Becky Shafer Greg Shippy Dennis Smith Russ Smith Mike Snook Julie Somers Laura Souder Brent Steigmeyer Cindy Steigmeyer Randy Surfus Marie Tackels f? ft FUTURE LEADERS SHOW THEIR PEP Joseph Thomas Kim Thorne ChrisThrush Becky Treesh Kevin VanAllen Betsy Vice Randy Vincent Judy VonHolten Becky Weller Linda Kay Adams Mila Armstrong Tim Baker Mark Barcus Ed Bates David Benson Jacquelyn Black Nora Bowers Jerry Bowman Terry Bowman Amy Boyd Mitchell Boyd Ricky Brooks Teresa Buckles Barbara Burniston Cheryl Carr James Charles Kay Christlieb David Claxton Robert Coleman David Conrad Diane Cousino Gary Crabill Blain Crager 8th GRADERS TAKE A GIANT STEP Robert Dannenberg Brian DePew Deborah Diederich Rayna Engelhard Michael Esselburn Jannell Fortney Eighth grade girls know how to swing Gregory Haynes Joyce Hecht Brenda Helton julianne Hervey Randy Hill Michael Hofferman Joseph Holbrook Steve Houser Mitchell Jarnagin Diana Jones Robert Kahike Steve Kelham Ceraldine Kleeman Thomas Kleeman Teresa Koskie Gary Krider Michael Leach Deborah Levi is FOUR MORE YEARS OF MOVING ON Marilyn Miller, Mary Reed, and Te- resa Koskie wait to try out for the all-scho_ol production ' L ' il Abner ' . Olivia Lillie Van Loutzenhiser David McClish Kevin Malcolm Steve Mavity Marilyn Miller Randall Miller Betty Myers Douglas Myers Kim Nixon Shirley Nolan Gary Parker Kay Perkins Janis Peters (?! f Eighth grade boys receive athletic awards. Yogi Picklesimer Alice Placencia Reynaldo Placencia Mary Reed Jacqueline Reinoehl Susan Rosenberg Steven Rottger Susan Rottger Wayne Rowe Sabrina Schurr Keith Sebring Frank Selike James Shields Frank Shoener Renee Shuff Kim Shumway Connie Sigler ValorieSipe Kathleen Smeltzer Bruce Smith Adrienne Smith Dirk Smurr Cheryl Souder Sandra Speer David Spicer Deborah Steury KathyStrock Paul Surfus Michael Thomas Beverly Traster RoxanneTreesh Richard Turner Robert Waincott Steven Walter Michael Walton Patrick Whyte Terry Wilcox Terri Wiley Jody Witherspoon Randy Worden Steven Zeider Enthusiastic team members enjoy a live- ly Junior High pep session. RETAKES AND NEW FACES Margaret Cottrell Linda Driver Mary Ann Gunn Dave Hazeltine Kim Hervey Phil Isham PhilKurkendall Jerry Linger Maurice McPheeters LouEllen New Patsy Poling Ed Riccus Debbie Rodman Eva Sawyer Leiand Speer ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE TAKEN: Jim Bowser Barry Loutzenhiser Connie Rapp Melinda Carper Starr Myers Bruce Rugman Kathy D ' Water Marvin Picklesimer Gary Sauers Jill Elder Pam Platner Sharon Shirley Janice Howard Roger Potter Sandy Steller Curtis Anderson Kent Andrews Mark Andrews Mark Andrews David Armstrong James Ashenfelter Teresa Bailey John Baker Brenda Baughman Rhonda Bertsch Ann Bigelow Randy Bixler Berry Blair Keith Bowser Deborah Bradley Brian Brown Patricia Brumbaugh Craig Buckles Dean Bruns Cathy Burniston Harold Carper Kenneth Charles Kim Clady Cayle Cleland William Cottrell Cathy Cousina Connie Cox Charles Crager David Crager Steven Crager SEVENTH GRADERS MAKE THE SCENE Carrie Custer Cheryl Custer Kevin Custer Sharon Custer Mike DeLucenay Rebekah Dennison Ritchie DePew Steven DeWitt Jeanne Dickison Loren Dove Patricia Driver James Eldridge Sandra Eldridge Jeffery Emenhiser Danny Feagler Helen Finn Kay Folden Cynthia Frain Terry Freeman David Carn Zane Gerber Mike Cerhardt Debrah Goings David Gorman John FHammond Lee Ann Harter Donald Hatton Jeffery FHelbert tr-, Kathy Heller Rosemary Henderson Tim Higgins Finishing another busy day, seventh grade girls head for home. David High Janice Hill Patricia Hofferman Kathy Hoffman Roger Houser Mike Howard Dennis Hull Cynthia Isham Larry Isham Lynn Jeffery Paula Jinnings Douglas Johnston William Jones Christopher Kearns Kathy Kelham Deborah Kennedy Scott Kimmel Shelia King Daniel Kinsey Pamela Kinsey Faye Klinger Larry Knapp Carol Kock Jeffery Krider Bob Kruger Susan Letezia Davis Lewellyn Jan Loutzenhiser Ellen Maloney Clenda Maloney Mellnda Maloney Don Markley Kathy Martin Cindy Mathys David Maurer Linda McCartney Joe McCorkel Teri McPheeters Aileen Mock Maureen Moran Tina Morgan Gayleen Mosley Craig Myers Mary Myers NINE PERIODS KEEP 7th GRADERS BUSY Roger New Todd Norrick Debbie Omspacher Kim Oster Gary Ousley Valerie Ousley Julia Parker Luann Payton Ruby Penzin Cinday Picklesimer Leslie Place Tim Platner Doug Potter Laurene Reeves David Rench Mary Riccus Like others. Dean Bruns finds the li- brary a nice place to visit. Valeska Riccius Pamela Ringler Cathy Roberts Sue Ann Roush CharleneSebring Gary Shippy Vonda Sipe Becky Smith Lowell Smith Ruby Smith Jack Smurr Debra Snook P Susie Letezia stops for books. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR CLASS OF 75 jeffery Snyder Martha Somers Debra Souder Terri Sproat Merle Steller Robert Steller Jeff Stemen Kim Strock Peggy Sutton Kim Swander Daniel Tackels Steven Talley Jayne Thrush David Tullis Steven Walton Angela Watson Steven Watson Kathryn Weimer Nicholas Westrick Harriett Wickline Michael Wilmot Jamie Wise Charles Wolf Mary Wood Daniel Woodruff Ricky Workman Lawrence Zecca Mark Zimmerman THANKS Mr. John Bockman Advisor Mr. Jim Arthur Representative Mr. Ken Smith Photo Developer This time Les is on the other side of the shutter! ! Mr. Bockman and Lisa take a fun break from their work. We would like to thank our advisor, year- book representative, photo developer, and staff for their hard work that made the 70 Aeolian the book that it is. The Editors Lisa and Teresa Initiated into Quill and Scroll this year were Sue Puff, Mrs. Learned — advisor, Sarah Haynes, Teresa Koehl, Barbara Moran, Lisa Engelhard, Steve Wilmot, Marisa Kennedy, and Mr. Bockman — advisor. PATRONS Bauman-Harnish Rubber Plastic, Inc. Seifert Paint and Wallpaper Electric Motors Specialties, Inc. DonK. Jeffery, D.D.S. Mueller ' s Standard Service Rapp Motors, Inc. R. A. Nason, M.D. George ' s Sport Spot Wyatt ' s General Merchandise J.D. Brinkerhoff, Jr. Rev. Mrs. H.Welches CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the Class of 70 Northern Indiana Fuel Light CAS MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Abey Abram Inc. Wilmot Insurance and Tax Service McKee Funeral Home Roger G. Eberhard Kugler ' s Paint Gift Store Garrett Flexible Products, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Novy Garrett Foodland Melvin F. Diederich, Realtor G. Maldia, M.D. ADS There ' s a ' ' one and only ' in refreshment, too tOIIlEO UNDEB AUIHOSIIY OF THE COCA COi COwfANT »Y Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ft. Wayne, Indiana STERN WOMEN ' S APPAREL FOR THAT DRESSED RIGHT LOOK SMITH ' S DAIRY STERN QUEEN BRAZIER MEN ' S West Road 8 WEAR Auburn, Indiana You ' ll Enjoy the ORTS STORES in Garrett Your Neighbors Do Furniture, Gifts, Jewelry i - ' . i - ' A For Steps in the Right Fashion Direction Visit the BOOT " SHOP • UA ' ' To the Class of 1970 ' ' ' .. ' This Is Ford Country " We Sell To Sell Again " yODER FORD SALES Garrett, Indiana „. 5 ° . BEST PHARMACY 100 North Randolph Street Garrett, Indiana Portraits Weddings Commercial Cameras Film Greeting Cards Candles " ' • oTov- Kfii diudi io t .BARNl 208 So. Randolph, Garrett, Indiana m ™ L.._ll STANSCRZV DISTRIBUTION CENTER 130 Taylor Road Garrett, Indiana INDEX Adams, Linda 34,77,120 Anderson, Curt 43,124 Anderson, Keith 112 Anderson, Tammy 33,112 Andrews, Caria 116 Andrews, Dave 54,116 Andrews, Debbie 61,64,70, 81,97 Andrews, Doug 108 Andrews, Kent 43,124 Andrews, Mark 35,43,51,56, 124 Andrews, Mark Allen 124 Andrews, Mike 42,54,56,116 Andrews, Karen 116 Aplin, Rojeanne 64,108 Armstrong, Dave 124 Armstrong, Nila 34,120 Armstrong, Reece 108 Ashenfelter, Dave 71,97 Ashenfelter, )im 124 Babbit, Bruce 108 Bailey, Teresa 35,124 Baker, Angelia 112 Baker, Carol 116 Baker, John 43,124 Baker, Mary 33,61,62,63, 108,110 Baker, Tim 120 Ballentine, Martin 116 Ballentine,Mila 64,70,108 Barcus, Mike 8,39,40,71,96 Barcus, Mark 51,56,120 Barger, Robin 112 Barnhart, Dan 39,40 Barry, Cery 60,61,62,71,94, 97 Barry, Dick 64,116 Bates, Ed 43,120 Baughman, Brenda 124 Baughman, Renee 108 Bennett, Pat 116 Benson, Dave 120 Bergner, Barb 108 Bergner, Gary 116 Bertsch, Marilynn 97 Bertsch, Rhonda 34,124 Bigelow, Ann 34,124 Bishop, Robert 71,97 Blxler, Randy 35,52,60,124 Black, Jackie 34,35,120 Blair, Berry 124 Bloom, Richy 112 Blotkamp, John 79,97 Blotkamp, Tom 39,49,50,112 Bock, Tim 116 Boice, Denny 42,116 Boice, Kenny 97 Bonkoski, Diana 64,72,112 Bonkoski, Dan 108 Bowers, John 116 Bowers, Nora 34,120 Bowman, Jerry 43,120 Bowman, Terry 43,60,120 Bowmar, Randall 46,97 Bowser, Jimmy 123 Bowser, Keith 124 Boyd, Amy 35,120 Boyd, Chris 97 Boyd, Dolan 98 Boyd, Mitchell 120 Boyer, Dawn 33,63,112 Bradley, Debbie 51,60,124 Brinkerhoff, Joel 116 Brinkerhoff, Judy 108 Brockhaus, Mike 112 Brooks, Ricky 120 Brown, Brian 51,60,124 Brumbaugh, Marshall 115 Brumbaugh, Pat 34,124 Bruns, Dean 35,43,124 Buckles, Craig 124 Buckles, Teresa 51,120 Bunn, JoAnn 116 .Bunn, Kenny 108 Burniston, Barb 120 Burniston, Cathy 34,124 Burns, Jim 71,98 Burns, Mike 8,67,108 Campbell, Dave 71,80,98 Campbell, Don 33,60,71,80, 98 Capin, Rick 64,67,73,78,112 Caprino, Frank 42,64,116 Carper, Harold 124 Carper, Melinda 35,123 Carper, Phyllis 33,64,72,112 Carpenter, Yogi 52,54,98 Carr, Cheryl 77,120 Carr, Gary 52,54,116 Carr, Janet 70,98 Casey, Pat 6,40,71,98 Casselman, Cathy 34 Cattell, Barb 8,16,61,67,94, 98 Chamberlin, Rick 39,46,108 Charles, Jim 120 Charles, Kenny 34,43,124 Chisholm, Peggye 98 Chittenden, Mike 52,54 Chittenden, Sandra 116 Christlieb, Bobby 52,54,116 Christlieb, Kay 34,120 Clady, Kim 34,124 Clark, Don 54,108 Clark, Jack 46,47,48,39,61, 71,95,98 Clark, Mary Kay 61,63,108 Claxton, Dave 35,120 Claxton, Jerry 39,43,51,54, 108 Cleland,Gayle 34,124 Cleland, Peggy 81,108 Cleland, Sammy 112 Cobbs, Cathy 60,64,116 Cobbs, Steve 56,61,108 Cole, JoA nne 12,72,112 Cole, John 39,63,71,112 Coleman, Bob 120 Conrad, Dave 120 Cornell, Jon 108 Cornewell, Susie 108 Cossaint, Connie 112 Costin, Cathy 6,80,98 Costin, Pat 42,116 Costin, Tim 108 Cottrell, Margaret 123 Cottrell, Bill 34,124 Cousino, Diane 124 Cousino, Cathy 124 Coyer, Sharon 98 Cox, Connie 34,124 Cozier, Jean 62,112 Crabill, Gary 120 Crager, Betty 116 Crager, Blaine 120 Crager, Brenda 112 Crager, Charles Crager, Charles Michael 124 Crager, Dave 124 Crager, Dave Lorer 116 Crager, Marcia 70,99 Crager, Steve 124 Craib, Betty 112 Creager, Kathy99 Creager, Bobbie 9,63,112 Creager, Charles 79 Croy, Calvin 112 Croy, Joyce 116 Custer, Brian 79,99 Custer, Carrie 124 Custer, Cathy 108 Custer, Cindy 116 Custer, Cheryl 124 Custer, Karen 8,64,116 Custer, Kevin 43,51,77,124 Custer, Linda 60,61,70,108 Custer, Sharon 34,124 Cutler, Kenny 42,50,54,56, 116 Cutler, Pam 108 Dallas, Dennia 50,56,112 Dannenberg, Bob 64,108 Dannenberg, Stan 120 Dapp, Susan 64,116 Davis, Dan 39,50,112 DeGrasse, Don 39,54,60,112 DeGrasse, Dick 112 DeGrasse, Ron 112 DeLucenay, Jeff 108 DeLucenay, Mike 35,124 Dembickie, Steve 9,39,54, 108 Dennison, Becky 35,124 DePaolo, Mary 112 DePew, Brian 43,120 DePew, Dale 108 DePew, Leslie 116 DePew, Ritchie 124 Derickson, Dave 9,42,116 Derickson, Mike 39,46,54,55 Detrick, Mary 72,112 Deuitch, Norman 108 Deventer, Melanie 109 Deventer, Michelle 116 DeWitt, Steve 39,41,77,124 ' Dickison, Don 116 Dickison, Jeanne 77,124 Dickison, Steve 112 Diederich, Debbie 34,77,120 Diederich, Diane 63,73,78, 112 Diosdado, Lucy 112 Dirr, Gene 112 Dove, Janice 9,54,116 Dove, Kathy99 Dove, Kim 116 Dove, Loren 77,124 Driver, Jim 116 Driver, Linda 33,123 Driver, Pat 35,124 Driver, Sharon 112 Duguid, Jim 61,64,109 D ' Water, Kathy123 Eberhard, Craig 109 Egolf, Linda 70,109 Elder, Jill 123 Elder, Rick 71,99 Eldridge, Dennis 116 Eldridge, Jim 124 Eldridge, Sandra 124 Ellert, Mark 50,54,116 Ellis, John 16,99 Emenhiser, Jeff 43,124 Engelhard, Bruce 117 Engelhard, Lisa 6,16,61,62, 67,70,94,99 Engelhard, Rayna 120 Engle, Jack 109 Engle, Steve99 Esselburn, Mike 35,43,51,120 Feagler, Danny 43,51,124 Fetter, Anita 64,72,117 Fetter, John 50,112 Fetter, Bill 71,99 Fike, Debbie 117 Fike, Gary 100 Fike, Jack 39,127 Fike, Laurin 71,99,100 Finn, Helen 34,125 Folden, Kay 34,125 Fortney, Jannell 120 Fortney, Lonnie 112 Foster, Steve 113 Frain, Cynthia 125 Frain, Peggy 117 Freeman, Gene 117 Freeman, Pam 64,113 Freeman, Terry 125 Freeze, Karen 63,74,75,81, 95 Fritz, Lynn 109 Fuentes,Rudi 42,50,56,117 Gall, Denis 117 Gall, Ron 33,70,100 Carn, Dave 35,125 Garn, Ellen 117 Garn, Gerry 109 Garn, Steve 100 Ceiser, Annette 57,64,109 Gentis, Mike 33,117 Gerber, Roxanne 100 Gerber, Zane 43,125 Gerhardt, Debra 8,9,109 Gerhardt, Mike 43,51,125 Gibson, Kathy 120 Gibson, Rick 113 Gilliland, Paula 34,60,77,120 Gingery, Tony 120 Gingery, Roger 117 Glaze, Dian 33,64,67,109 Goings, Beatrice 34,120 Goings, Deborah 34,125 Goldsberry, Walt 120 Gorman, Dave 43,51,77,125 Grawcock, John 113 Greenwalt, Marston 109 Greenwalt, Ross 117 Griffin, Connie 109 Griffin, Cynthia 64,72,113 Griffin, Debbie 72,117 Griffin, Eulalia 113 Griffin, Lowell 71,100 Grubb,Lon 39,50,53,64,113 Cunn, Frankie 120 Gunn, Mary Ann 123 Haffner, Karen 72,117 Haffner, Randy 100 Hall, Carol 120 Hall, Sue 33,63,64,72,113 Hamm, Todd 39,53,62,73,78, 112,113 Hammond, John 43,125 Handshoe, Clyde 95,100 Harmon, Ken 53,60,63,64, 73,78,113 Harter, Lee Ann 125 Harvey, Susan 113 Hathaway, Charles 120 Hathaway, Cindy 9,60,61,63, 64,100 Hathaway, Rhonda 109 Hathaway, Rich 42,50,56,117 Hathaway, Susan 77,120 Hatton, Ben 100 Hatton, Don 125 Haynes, Greg 121 Haynes, Sarah 61,80,94,100 Hazeltine, Dave 123 Hect, Joyce 35,121 Heimert, Melody 113 Heinzerling, Franz 117 Heitz, Rosalyn 16,64,67,101 He itz, Sharon 70,101 Helbert, Jeff 125 Heller, Kathy 125 Heller, Karen 101 Helton, Brenda121 Henderson, Laura 61,63,70, 109 Henderson, Mary 117 Henderson, Rosemary 34, 125 Hervey, Dan 64,117 Hervey, Julie 121 Hervey, Kim 123 Heupel, Carol 109 Heupel, Dick 42,50,64,117 Higgins, Jim 4;101 Higgins, Jeanette 72,113 Higgins, Tim 77,125 High, Dave 43,125 Hill, Janice 125 Hill, Randy 121 Hippensteel, Hal 71,101 Hockaday, Jeanne 67,70, 101 Hockaday, Joanne 6,67,70, 80,101 , Hockaday, Mike 33,109 Hoeffel, Debbie 64,72,117 Hoeffel, Holly 72,112,113 Hoeffel, Matt 4,39,109 Hofferman, Mike 35,121 Hofferman, Pat125 Hoffman, Kathy 34,125 Holbrook, Joe 43,121 Hollis, Beth 64,117 Housel, Linda 113 HoJsel, Patty 33,62,70,109 Houser, Roger 125 Houser, Steve 51,121 Howard, Billy 113 Howard, Janice 123 Howard, Mike 43,51,125 Lij Hull, Dennis 125 Hullinger,Yom 56,64,117 Hyde, Pat 64,72,117 Hyde, Dick 71,101 Ice, Danny 39,41 Isham, Cindy 34,125 Isham, Phillip 34,123 Isham, Tesesa 117 Isham, Victor 113 James, Dwight 117 Januseski, Tony 39,40,46 48,56,71,101 Jarnigan, Mitchell 121 Jarnigan, Terry 117 Jay, Becky 64,109 jeffery, Lynn 43,125 Jeffery, Julie 72,73,78,113 Jinnings, April 101 Jinnings, Denise 117 Jinnings, PaulaJ25 Johnson, Karen JB.ITO - Johnson, Kelt Johnson, Lisa 109 l Johnson, Sulynn 117 Johnston, Doug 43,51, 0, 125 Johnston, Kal Eta 117 Johnstai :Paiila 1,101 Jone |anaQ 60,121 Jones, G eg 117 Jones, Mary 113 Jones, Mike 112 Jones, Bill 125 Jordar ban 512,1 Kahiki, BofelSI Kees, " feddV 46 ' ,49,52,53,M, .1 109 . I- ) Keintzel, Walter 52| Kelham, Kajhyi3 Kelham,grtfeir eW51,121 Kennedy, ' pet)bie 125 s. Lou Kennedy, Karlene 62,102 V Lou Kennedy, Marisa 6 3Ml02 r Lun Kennedy, VlrginiSjj;} !, Kilgore,Chati313p Kimmel, Blail(ie%6,60,117 Kimmel, Scott 35,43,5 1 King, Sharon 117 King, Sheila 35,3Jllia5 ' Kinney, Judy 11 Kinsey, Brad 39,46,50,53 61,109 Kinsey, Dan 35,43,51,77,125 Kinsey, Pam 35,77,125 Kinsey, Stan 50,53,64,71,114 Kirkpatrick, Sue 86,102 Kleeman, Debbie 9,109 Kleeman, Gerry 34,121 Kleeman, Terry 72,114 Kleeman, Tom 43,51,56,121 Klinger, Faye 125 Klinger, Sheryl 114 Knapp, Kevin 42,50,56,71, 117 Knapp, Larry 43,77,125 Kobiela, Dave 39,40,56,61, 62,67,71,94,102 Kock, Carol 125 Kock, Diane 60,64,70,109 Kock, Ron 42,50,53,71,117 Koehl, Jim 113,114 y M Koehl, Ruth 64,117 Koehl, Teresa 6,9,62,63,64, 70,95,102 Koskie, Teresa 34,121 Kride.r, Gary 43,121 Krider, Jeff 125 Krocker, Chris 114 Krocker, Mary 70,109 Kruger, Bob 35,126 Kruger, Sue 114 Kugler, Karen 109 Kuykendall, Phil 123 LaLone, Garry 9,114 LaLone, Terry 79,95,102 Lampe, Debbie, 33,117 ngner, Lynn 79,102 a h, Dave 42,50,118 rner. Angle 70,109 rner, Melba 11 aTurner, Sam 3MfO, 46,48, 54,68,71,|R)3 _ Leacl?r ikk 1 cliy 114 Lfepl4( Clark 50,64,114 pley. Rich 46,47,48, ' 103 Letizia, Jim42Jl8 Letizia, 51 3 1 6 Lewell |Kpavel26 Lewis, IDebbie 121 Lfe£W5, Sherm 53,114 Lewis, Sisie 63,70, Ley, Connie 70I1 LilienthaLN lO " LilientlLl,|SL|sie 118 HeMeJa 72,114 lie] Olivia 34,12 Lihgner, Jerry Loutzenhj. Lout etlfii g?, Jan 126 Loutzerjhiser, Paula 33,109 Loutzenhiser, Terry 114 Loutzenhiser, Van 35,121 McCa ey a(iris ' 33,110 McCartL?y, Linda 126 McClisfi, Dave 51,121 V cClure, Wayne IIQ A McCorkel, Janig4-8fl 1ff McCorkel, Joe 77 176 McCullough, Debbie 64,67, 110 Mcintosh, Cathy 33,45,70, 110 Mcintosh, Randy 71,116,118 McKee, Nancy 6,7,45,60,61, 62,70,95,103 McNamara, Craig 39,40,101, 131 McNutt, Terry 110 McPheeters, Jack 103 McPheeters, Maurice 123 McPheeters, Teri 34,126 Malcolm, Kevin 121 Maloney, Ellen 126 Maloney, Clenda 126 Maloney, Malinda 126 Mansfield, Jim Mansfield, Joe 118 Markley, Cheryl 118 Markley, Don126 Markley, Linda 109 ,fV Markley, Vicky 103 Marti, Linda 114 Marti, Ron 42,118 Martin, Kathy 126 Mathys, Cindy 126 Mathys, Debbie, 118 Maurer, Dan 39,56,126 Maurer, Dave 68,110 Maurer, Margaret 110 Maurer, Nancy 118 Mavity, Marilyn 33,114 Mavity, Steve 35,121 Mellott, Randy 56,114 Michael, Jack 39,50,53,71,73, 78,114 Michael, Mark 42,50,54,71, 118 Miles, Toni 61,95,103 Miller, Dan 39,44,50,60,114, 115 Miller, Karen 118 yMiller, Marilyn 60,121 My1iller,Ramona 42,118 • Cliller, Randy 43,51,56,121 Miller, Tom 39,46,56,57,114 Miller, Vicki 6,79,103 Mitchell, Steve 39,56,110 MocV,Aileen 34,126 . Mjpone, Freeman 39,114 nvlWe, PatllO TVIoran, Barb 6,7,60,61,64, 80,90.103 Mo[ )Maureen 51,60,126 MorgaA, Tina 34,126 I Wtoff, Hal 60,118 i- 4ortoff, Marsha 110 Mosley, Gavleer|1 6 Mueller, R Kjyrl6,118 Mi(ljaafy, Colleen 110 o, Angela 1fl3 j ;ers, Betty34ilfl J Myers, Craig 43, 1,126 Myers an 7,9,104 My6( ,TDoug 121 Mykrs,Kathi 79,104 Myers, Larry 54,55,110 yers, Mary 34,126 Myers, Starr 123 Neukom, Debra 33,45,110 New, Louellen 123 New, Roger 126 Nixon, Kim 43,51,121 Nodine, Cindy 104 Nolan, Leuretha 114 Nolan, Marilyn 110 Nolan, Shirley 121 Norrick, Todd 126 Novy, Tom 64,114 Omspacher, Deborah 126 Omspacher, Star 33,114 Oster, Kim 43,51,126 Ousley, Carol 72,118 Ousley, Gary 43,126 Ouseley, Valorie 126 Owens, JoEllen 64,118 Panning, Nate 33,114 Parker, Allen 118 Parker, Barry 33,110 Parkey, Gary 121 Parker, Julia 126 Parker, Ricky 33,114 Payton, Luann 126 Pence, Stan 110 Penzin, Ruby 126 Perkins, Kay 121 Perry, Debbie 114 Peters, Cheryl 33,63,110 Peters, Janis 34,121 Pfefferkorn, Bill 39,50,56,57, 111,112 Pfeiffer, Dale 9,41,53 Picklesimer, Cindy34 Picklesimer, Ka en118 Picklesimer, Marvjn T23 Picklesimer, Yogi 51,122 Place, Leslie 126 Placencia, Alice 34,122 Placencia, Arnold 71,104 Placencia, Ray 43,51,122 Placencia, Susan 114 Plainer, Pam 15,67,123 Plainer, Tim 126 Poling, Patsy 123 Poling, Susan 67,110 Potter, Doug 126 Potter, Roger 123 Puff, Sue 61,62,64,110 Rapp, Connie 45,67,108,123 Redman, Debbie 123 Redmond, Bob 39,110 Reed, Mary 122 Reeves, Kathie 64,72,86,118 Reeves, Laurene 126 Refner, Susan 33,72,118 Refner, Tom 39,41,104 Reinoehl, Carson 110 Reinoehl, Don 110 Reinoehl, Jacqueline 122 Reinoehl, Richard 68,110 Reinoehl, Roger 110 Rench, David 77,126 Rhetts, Susan 64,104 Rhodes, Kenny 33,62,68,71, 72,104 Rhodes, Mike 33,62,68,72, 104 Rhodes, Tim 54,114 Riccius, Dan 33,114 Riccius, Ed 68,123 Riccius, Mary 126 Riccius, Valeska 127 Rice, Tim 68,119 Ringler, Pam127 Roberts, Cathy 127 Roberts, Kenny 15,62,110 Robinson, Lola 118 Robinson, Mary 110 Roebel, Kay118 Roebel, Kenneth 110 Roose, Debbie 110 Rosenberg, Susan 122 Rottger, Steve 122 Rottger, Susan 34,122 Roush, SueAnn 127 Rowe, Debra 33,64,72,118 Rowe,]ola 33,110 Rowe, Lael 63,64,72,114 Rowe, Lynn 72,119 Rowe, Marshall 35,43,51,122 Rowe, Steve 104 Rugman, Bruce 33,68,114_ Runion, AliceJi104 Runion, D bra 72 119 Runior belana IQ i Runion Lir Ru n iori7 v 54S; ,50,52, 54,111 CTll Ifson ffen. 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Max 64,111 Terhyjoan 115 T h o m asT ' Micbief 1 2 - T lioiii at, Rdi i dyT IOS ' Thomas, Re)iFr©f3s, 42,119 JhoTn tiw 33 H1 rneTKim 119 Thrush, Chris 64,72,115 Thrush, Jayne 77,127 Thrush, Tom 39,54,111 ThrusfuTim 39,46,50,54,60, 71,115 Tittle, MikXM,55,105 Tittle, Sandra llS Traster, Beverly ' TiySster7 TrWsh, Becky 8,1167119 Treesh, Roxanne 34, Treesh, teve 106, Tullis, Dave43 Tjjilis, Steve 71 T u r n eir-G he " rT70, 1 T K- Turner, Richar4.1 22 Tustison, Barfe ' 61,67,9S,106 Van Allen, KeK-m 119 Van Zile, Monica 64,72,115 Viau, Anabeatri 9,60 Vice, Betsy 119 :;ary 33,39,4 ? ?Rand V(Sn Holten, l|(jdy 19 Wainscott, Rob 43,51,12 Wal| ceJvU« 1 Walter, St Wi22 Walters, (islie 61,67,1 Walton, Mike ' Walton, Steve Watson, AngeV Watson, Steve 12 Weimer, Kathy 35 " Welchesrt y115 T g 39,40,54, ' y 42,6 ,72,nS WestricM wis119 Westricl Nicholas 127 Whan, Ph J 106 Whan Teri Whe ?ter, Phil7 heeler, Tim 50)62,54,119 , Pat 122 ne, Harriett 34 127 ark 39,44,50,5.4,111 X, Robert 42,50 X. Terry 43,51,122 Wiley, rew i Jr122 Wiley, Tortr43 ,63,99,109 Wilmot, KareTf 119 Wilmot, Jon 52 4,111 Wilmot, Mike3 Wilmot, Sandra 106 not, Steve 64,67,11 " lebrenner, Gerald Jamie 127 WiXLeslie 45,63,64,111 Wither;«oS , Jody 35,77,122 Wolf, Charles 127 Wood, Mary 127 Wood ruff)o 34,77, 1 27 Woodward, MUwIlS Worden, Randy 43,51,56,122 Workman, Ricky 35,127 Worman, JoAnn 4,6! ,62,111 Y.aiderli4n 9,39,40,44,55,67, 68,106 Yarde, Sher 115 fy Kay 6,8,16,60,61, 64,67,94,96,99 Zecca, Laurence 127 der, Steve 43,51,122 Zimnlei n, Mark 43,51,60, 127 Zmyslofey, Mark 111 ZumbauVh.MfV III LoM ' ix Urn at ammi eaf f ' i cu- k .W ; ' ? ' 2iZJ Y -v: •i ye zj Liac zoiiJj 2 j Qj r7?2QJ 2(!a 42 a ot (X . ' , .M , - ■ " x •; 0 r .M " w : ' . - l a , o- - b 1? ' d iLJ I CVM ' ,v ,V A- ' p - .. c o ' 4- (2- ' V y- ' « Li ' s A y ■ . v lO C cP.i- umcie- ' ?J - ■

Suggestions in the Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) collection:

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