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T - .,0 «i l i .i.OA_ .Xx Ja . ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC 3 1 QUI 833 03097 4189 G c 97 7 . 2 2 o 1 b a 1 ' ■ The Aeo 1 1 an eJ TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOOL LIFE . . . 3 CLASSES .... 22 CLUBS .... 44 SPORTS .... 66 PEOPLE 88 INDEX ...123 " AND AWAY WE GO ... " began a year of stimulated growth and progress for Garrett High School. Stu- dents flourished in a life of fun, academ- ics, sports and organizations. - -1 y •■ " .«M»,i g | - " t : 4- W ' Growth and progress moved ahead as car - penters worked diligently to complete the addition to GHS. As the ' 69 year opened so did the doors to a beautiful new gym- nasium, a spacious drawing shop area, health rooms and a much -needed inten- sive office lab. ) " And away we go " through the halls of GHS amid the hustle and bustle of stu- dents reflecting spirit through smiles and laughter. " Go! Fight! Win! " leaped from the walls of the new gym as GHS fans backed the Mighty Railroaders . As for the graduating class of 1969, " And away we go " had a special meaning. " And away we go " into the unpredictable fu- ture . . . x: DOWNTOWN GARRETT in preparation for Garrett Sidewalk Days. Carol Mcintosh performs for talent portion of the contest. Sidewalk days highlighted by crowning of Fran CI el and, Miss Garrett Fran Cleland--Miss Garrett, 1968 Janet Porter- -first runner-up Rehearsing all week for the big night, ten senior girls were high- lighted at the annual crowning of Miss Garrett during Garrett Sidewalk Days . The queen contes - tants attended a Saturday after - . noon tea to begin the contest prior to the final talent and gown com- petition Saturday night. Girls were scored on beauty, talent, personality, poise, and intelli- gence . Being crowned in her high - est glory, Fran Cleland was titled Miss Garrett, 1968 . Janet Porter was honored as runner -up . MISS GARRETT AND COURT- -(left to right) JodiBeber, Ruth Ann Grawcock, Kay Kirkpatrick, BrendaZecca, Miss Garrett--Fran Cleland, Janet Porter, Chris Creager, Carol Mcintosh, and Karen Finn. TOO MUCH HOMEWORK got these guys down. Dana Heupel pumps gas for part-time job. Keeping his Chevy running keeps Bruce Cattell busy. Homework, Hobbies, Dave Yarde putstractoraway after a long day ' s work. Practicing for a victory occupies Jr. High boys ' time after school. cars and work take up time after school Coin collecting is one of Don Cattell ' s various hob- bies. After -school fatigue is relieved as GHS students rush home to their favorite after -school activity. Even after dropping the role as student and assuming one as a care -free teen, schedules seem to be as scurried and rushed as before . There ' s piles of home- work that can wait until later --later, that is after the practice session for football or basketball, pending on the season, working on your coin collection, or at a part-time job at a gas station. But then, if you ' re the studious type, maybe you ' ll go right home from school to study --if you ever get your car running to get home. " Some day I ' ll have to clean this locker out! " , says senior Larry Booker. Seniors Candy Hoeffel and Rex Carper take advantage of the library facilities. Students become adjusted to 10 I jiiiflm Wm. P0j if- f- " ■ H 3 . l |t Z 1 .- » j dl ™ ' ' f r B: - ' Relaxing during the noon meal are seniors Dana Heupel, Janet Porter, Ruth Arm Grawcock, and Niike Hervey. day by day routine the lunoH thei ru be first in the line, going to fren zied football games and dances, or tak- ing " pop quizzes " , GHS students ad- journ from summe fun to the never - dull daily routine of school. Sched- ules are made both during and after school for jam- packed moments borne into mem- ories. er. I i " Show me how Wise you really are " , says Mr. Capin to Leslie Wise, sophomore. 11 -A. As seasons change 1 B " Brownie must have a good heater! 12 so do activities Winter offers time for thought for Nancy McKee. After all the leaves have fallen and snow blankets the ground around GHS, things change right along with the season. Rosy cheeks, cold toes and noses, all are forgotten in the midst of the winter fun. If you ' re not in a snowball fight, you ' re trying to get your car out of a snowbank or enjoying a moment ' s medi- tation in the wonderful world of winter . essa- ■ • ' Sra . ,J «,r- 7 fa HEAVE-HO 13 ' 69 year brings Legs, legs, legs. TJ;iis year there ' s no gettin ' round it. Everyone was talkin ' about the wide and short of it all. You just weren ' t with it if you didn ' t have a wide tie that looked like --or better yet, was from your dad ' s trunk you found in the attic . And a turtleneck sweater was a ' must ' . For the girls the rage was ' the shorter the skirt the better ' with complimenting opaque hose. And ifyour skirt or jumper was leather and at the far end of those opaque hose were chunky shoes with hardware, man, you were really with it! LATEST FAD- -Sideburns and detentions. Marilyn Mavity adorns new leather attire. " My tie ' s wider than your tie, " says Tony Miller to Fred Peck. 14 V changes in people and places Spacious new locker room. West entrance to the new addition. Rear entrance to new gym. Garrett students live and learn to- gether just like one big family. And how that family grows ! a January, 1969, found the elementary school linked with GHS via a new ad- dition. " Isn ' t that gorgeous " echoed through the halls as students toured new classrooms, intensive office lab, health rooms, and a beautiful gigan- tic gym, hardly comparable to the memorable ' crackerbox ' . c t- , T Garrett ' s beautiful new gymnasium. 15 Co- captains, Denny Davis and Tony Miller congratu- late Barbara. Barbara Moran, 1968 Football Homecoming Queen. Homecoming queens reign The 1968 Football Homecoming was spon- sored for the fifth consecutive time by the Girls Pep Club. Football players nominated two girls from each class as queen candidates with the student body voting for the contestant of their choice for the final tally. Junior, Barbara Moran, escorted by John Ellis, was crowned by last year ' s queen, Ruth Ann Grawcock, senior, during half- time of the West Noble game. HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT- -(left toright) Joan Terry, Debbie Gerhardt, Teresa Koehl, Queen-- Barbara Moran, Sharon Kock, Linda Bartels, Suzy Lewis, and Marilyn Mavity. 16 1969 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING QUEEN, Karen Finn, and court, Linda Bartels, Sharon Kock, Candy Hoeffel, and Chris Wilcox. Presenting the queen with her flowers and crown were presidents of Pep Club, Don Lampe and Becky Bloom. in height of glory - ■ I Escorting the queen candidates left to right, Tom Shafer, Rex Carper, Steve Bruns, Bruce Cattell, and Jerry Berg. Homecoming ' 69 was com- pleted by the crowning of senior Karen Finn during half-time of the Hamilton game. Five senior girls were nominated by the varsity basketball players with the student body voting for their favored candidate and thus electing the queen with the final tally. Flowers and the royal crown were presented to the queen by presidents of the Pep Clubs, Don Lampe and Becky Bloom . 17 The Miracle Worker Anne Sullivan . . Sharon Kock Helen Keller . . Brenda Zecca Mrs. Keller . . . Becky Bloom Capt. Keller . . Dana Heupel Aunt Ev Candy Hoeffel Jimmy Keller . .Mike Hervey Viney Nancy Schurr Doctor . . Randy McCullough Percy Mark Morgan West Side Story Director . . . Mr . John Roscoe Musical Director. . Mr. John Bockman Accompanists . . Karen Haynes Becky Martin Riff Sam Wiley Tony Wayne Neukom Bernado Rick Elder Action Don Lampe Maria . . . Ruth Ann Grawcock Anita Lisa Engelhard Jets--Tony Januseski, Kim Her- vey, Dan Mueller, Ken Harmon , Denny Davis, Karen Heller, Ma- risa Kennedy, Annette Geiser , Carol Mcintosh, Mary Kay Yoder , Debbie Sobieski. Sharks -- Bill Fetter, Paul Platner, Gary Vice, Gary Barry, Pat Casey, Kathy Spicer, Jean Cozier, Debbie Ship- man, Cathy Mcintosh, Toni Snook, Collene Muldary. Adults --Paul McCartney, Wayne Funk, Dave Kobiela. 18 COME ALONG for a " Magic Carpet Ride " filled with memories. Magic Carpet Ride The annual junior -senior banquet, sponsored by the junior class, broke all tra- ditions . The place was the new gymnasium and enter- tainment by the Jo -Be -La- Di Band. Master of ceremonies was John Ellis. 19 •? EfSW .? 1 M K Valedictorian- -Judy Cobbs Salutatorian--Brenda Zecca Commencement Speaker--Rev. Joseph Wick of La- fayette. 1969 Good Citizens- -Sharon Kock and Dave Gilliland. 20 -s- Dave Gilliland and Denny Davis lead the seniors for- ward--into the future --be ginning with the end, Commencement. Bibi Galvez, exchange student from Ecuador, expresses farewell to fellow classmates. L V ' . As the Class of ' 69 commenced their lives away from GHS they were convinced that " there ' s a place for us somehow, someday, somewhere. " 21 ACADEMICS Progressing order in administration headed by Superintendent, Mr. Charles Puff, the Garrett School system has en- countered many improvements. The halls of Garrett High were expanded to include a new shop area and adjoining classrooms as well as the long awaited g5rmnasium in honor of Paul J. Bateman. Mr. Charles Puff Indiana State B.S. Superintendent Office administration at work Mr. Robert Wainscott, Principal of GHS opened this years ' administration by re- scheduling the school day for all students in the junior high. Coping with the mod- ern trend of student rivalry, Mr. Wain- scott assisted in the modification of school dress and hair regulations, an important issue that concerned admini- stration, faculty, and students. Mr. Robert Shipman Purdue, Indiana, Ball State, San Diego B.S. San Diego M.S. Mr. Robert Wainscott Butler B.S. Purdue M.S. A program entitled, ICT was introduced thisyear under the direction of Mr. Rob- ert Shipman, Assistant -Principal. Stu- dents engaged in Industrial Cooperative Training attended school for a required amount of hours supplementing their in- school study by an occupation of their choice. 24 Mrs. Charles H. Marks and Miss Le- Nore Lewis guided and helped many students obtain their future goals through assist- ance for the college bound as well as the future employed students. Mrs. Charles H. Marks Iowa State B.S. Ball State M.A. Guidance Counselor Miss LeNore Lewis Ball State B.S. St. Francis M.A. Guidance Counselor SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Mr. Glenn Jay Mr. Maitrice Chisholm Mrs. Buford Smith Mr. Gene Bartels Mr. George Wade Many busy hours of work were put in by the office help, Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Clabaugh. Office Girls--Donna Dove, Chris Wilcox, April Jin- nings, Cindy Baker, Vicki Deuitch, Robin Mellott, Chris Creager. 25 Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Mollis in the process of prepar- ing the noon meal. Mrs. Tooman, Mrs. Kolbe, Mrs. Trainer, Mrs. Dem- bickie, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Mol- lis, Mrs. Morgan. Invaluable services for the school are provided every day as proven by the people behind the scenes. Industriously preparing and serving all meals, are the women in the kitchen, all the " dirty work " is done by the janitors, and haul- ing GHS students to and from school is the job performed by our faithful bus drivers. Offering their services Janitors--Kenny Heitz, Mr. Grogg, Mr. Wilmot, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Robke, Mr. O ' Neil. Bus drivers--Mr. Heupel, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Modges, Mr. Weller, Mr. Smith, Mr. Cutler, Mr. Grogg, Mr. Sutton, Mr. M. Weller, Mr. Dove, Mr. Blomeke, Mr. Clark. 26 Miss Fredina Crowe Indiana State B.S. Indiana M.S. Mr. Ronald Hughes Purdue B.P.E. Physical Education Department The long awaited new gymnasium was enjoyed by many of the gym classes . En - tire new type of interest in physical ed- ucation was exposed for many students as the trampoline was first used. A chance for physical as well as mental exercise is provided for GHS students. .- A screen divider made it possible for two gym classes to be held at once. Donna Winebrennar, Kathy Steigmeyer, Debbie An- drews, Janet Hathaway, and Cindy Kelham demon- strate their ability in archery which was a new activ- ity in phys. ed. this year. 27 English Dept. promotes better communication Mrs. Mary Mellott Earlham A.B. St. Francis M.S. Mr. John Roscoe Ball State B.S. Dramatics, speech, literature, journalism, and composition all are a part of GHS ' s English Department. The teachers work hard to challenge and promote better under- standing in the world today. Field trips, seeing and producing plays were some of various activities planned to keep the students ' interest. Mrs. Anna Learned Evansville A.B. Indiana, Indiana State M.S. Journalism students busily at work on the school paper. 28 - - Mrs. Echo Lewis Lake Forest B.A. Mr. John Bockman Indiana, St. Francis, B.A. Mrs. Dorothy Hall Indiana B.S. St. Francis M.S. Fundamentals of grammar is one of the most valuable courses a school can offer. The training is important in every field of English to provide each student with the basic rules of the English lan- guage . Mr. Mike Seltenright Indiana B.S. Mr. Bookman ' s English class studying the fundamen- tals of grammar. At least Mrs. Lewis enjoys her Jr. High English class. 29 .Jfei Mr. John Flora Indiana A.B., M.S. Mr. Richard Capin Manchester B.S. Indiana M.S. Mr. Bill Moree Manchester B.S. Math Department Mr. David Steury Taylor A.B. Many advances in math made a good background imperative for success in college and everyday life. The courses were well provided with ample oppor- tunity to obtain this required knowledge. Mr. Capin makes sure his students understand and know their geometry well ! 30 - - The busi ness department is the main vo- cational department, always striving toward efficient and accurate skills in the business world of today. A new business lab and an office machines class was established for those students going into the business world. Peggy Chisholm, junior, practicing the proper tech- niques of typing. Business Department Mr. Lester McCartney Harding B.A. Miss Sarah Eldridge Manchester B.S. 31 Mr. Cleo Miller Purdue B.S. St. Francis M.S. Mr. David Peterson Purdue Manchester Ball State M.S. Mr. Steve Krouse Indiana Tech. B.S. Math Science Department Mr. David Crowe Purdue B.S., M.S. The G.H.S. science program continues to improve and meet the needs of every student. The approach is challenging and the interest proves to be successful. Mr. Crowe ' s seventh grade science class shows interest in eagerly partici- pating in the group discussion. Chemistry I students follow close procedure in their Chem labs. 32 Industrial Arts Mr. Phillip Schall Ball State B.S., M.A. Mr. Robert Ewing Purdue B.S. Ball State M.A. With the new addition of the Industrial ArtsDept. Garrett has proved to be well qualified in this area. Many new types of tools and equipment were added to simplify their tasks. DolanBoyd and Jim Higgins are showing their interest in metal shops. Mr. Donald Norris Ball State B.S. Boys in drawing classes find it so convenient to be using the new facilities. 33 K.-- Mr. Cameron Parks University of Illinois B.S. University of Kentucky M.A. Mr. Robert Harman Wabash A.B. Mr. Virgil Finchum Ball State B.S., M.A. Social Studies Dept. In Mr. Parks U.S. History class the students become familiar with newspaper, " The Student Weekly " . Learning to understand ourselves and others will make us happier and more successful citizens. These goals are obtained in social studies. In history, sociology, and civ- ics, we view mankind in many aspects. We visualize the past, ponder the present, and attempt to look into the iiiture. 34 N ' Ir. Texas Roof Indiana B.S. Miss Marilee Lotz Manchester B.S. Indiana M.S. past, present, future History is studied more thoroughly through films. Mr. Finchum takes five. 35 Mr. Larry Stomm Ball State B.S., M.A. Mr. Hubert Ashcraft Ball State B.S. Business Department Bob Novy discusses his grade average with Mr. Ashcraft. 36 - Miss Shirley Haynes Indiana State A.B. Mrs. Elizabeth Love Indiana A.B., M.A. Foreign Language Dept. Promoting better understanding and com - munication, Spanish and Latin are of- fered for GHS students. The basic fun- damentals of learning the language and culture of other peoples as well as the customs and history of other lands are taught . Latin students enrich their culture by attending vari- ous conventions held at l.U. 37 Fine Arts Department Many students express themselves in the fine arts department through singing, play- ing a musical instrument, and creative art classes. Garrett was proud to have a dance band plus the high school band which was enjoyed at every game. Our new chorus teacher. Miss Turner, was in charge of directing junior and senior high ensemble. Mr. Hutton stressed the value of using self expression in the student ' s art work. Mr. Larry Brandt Eastern Illinois U.B.S. Indiana State M.S. i :. .ffl If i.1S.f ' r ' , The Garrett High School Band provides much spirit around the halls of G.H.S. 38 " ■l.t.-.S..-A Ji.- Miss Jeannie Turner Manchester The junior high band shows pride in its ability. Wayne Neukom is showing his interest in art by deal- ing with ceramics. Mr. John Hutton Hillsdale College Manchester B.S. The senior high chorus continues to im- prove harmony. 39 Mrs. Jennie Smith Eastern Illinois B.S. Miss Sharon Clem Manchester B.S. Mr. Paul Bateman Purdue B.S. A. Indiana M.S.E.D. Vocational Department " LET ' S DO IT RIGHT GIRLS " says Mrs. Smith as she watches Sandy Wilmot and Janet Carr prepare a meal. Preparing and planning for family life is the main objective of the Home Econom- ics Department, headed by Mrs. Smith. Students learn the basic fundamentals necessary to become a successful home- maker . Mr. Bateman stresses the needs of " to- day ' s farmer " in the way of importance by its worldly users. 40 Betsy Vice and Beverly Traster learn sewing techniques in home ec. " - . C. T. Under t±ie direction of Mr. Donald Nor- ris, the I.C.T. program was under way for the first time. The students studied and took tests over their interests ac- cording to the vocation they were in- terested in. This allowed the student to take classes half a day and work the rest of the day . I.C.T. students study their job and interests more closely. Mrs. Ethel Funk Study hall teacher Mrs. Pat Kinsey Study hall teacher 41 Study area of library. Mrs. Hildreth Sweeney Manchester B.A. School Librarian Mrs. Harriet Ludban Teacher and Librarian aide Mrs. Ester Rench Teacher Aide ' — s ? ■ Is this what you call a " studious study hall? " 42 - 43 " IH Student Council The main purpose of Student Council this year was to promote a better understanding between administration and students. School problems, such as side burns and short skirts were solved by the Council during the 68-69 year. Main projects were the annual magazine sale and the John F . Kennedy Scholarship. Sponsors, Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Wainscott. FRONT ROW--(left to right) Gary Barry, Treasurer; Pete Harter, President; Cindy Hathaway, Vice-president; Sam Wiley, Secretary. SECOND ROW-- Sponsor, Miss Lewis, Joe Michael, Mary Yoder, Sarah Haynes, Fran Cleland, Doug Smith, Tom Shafer, sponsor, Mr. Wainscott. THIRD ROW--Terry Mc- Nutt, Steve Cobbs, Jeff Stroman, Dan Miller, Keith Anderson, Karen Haynes, Suzie Lewis, Sue Puff, Joy Welches, Sue Hall. FOURTH ROW- -Tom Kleeman, Mark Michael, Tom Wheeler, Dick Heupel, Cathy Cobbs, JoEllen Owens, Kathy Reeves, Jody Witherspoon, Sue Roush, Mark Barcus, Mike Esselburn. Work is completed on new student lounge. Student Council members Sam Wiley and Gary Barry help clean school yard. • S --,. ■.-. : 46 .-■ j im. . oH - V ■-■ National Honor Society FRONT ROW--Don Lampe, Vice-president; Judy Cobbs, Secretary; Brenda Zecca, Treasurer; Dave Gilliland, President. SECOND ROW--Sponsor Mrs. Love, Fran Cleland, Nancy Schurr, Donna Winebrenner, Tony Miller, Chris Shoener, Karen Finn, Kathy Steigmeyer, Janet Haffner, Sue Saxer. THIRD ROW--Bruce Cattell, Pete Harter, Joe Michael, Wayne Funk, Velinda Lillie, Marge Dannenberg, Kay Kirkpatrick, Dave Kobiela. FOURTH ROW-- Gary Barry, Teresa Koehl, Barb Cattell, Lisa Englehard, Mary Yoder, Nancy McKee, Sarah Haynes, Deb Andrews, Barb Moran, Jack Clark. With the presentation of " Old Glory " to Garrett High School the National Honor Society displayed their patriotism. A service project completed by the club was being ushers at the KISBOVA State Music Contest. Sponsor, Mrs. Love. Janet Haffner and Brenda Zecca pack toys collected for the children at the Allen County Children ' s Home. National Honor Society members Judy Cobbs and Dave Gilliland present Mr. Wainscott with the Na- tional Flag. 47 FTA I Linda Teders, Larry ' Booker, and Mike Bennett, all sen- iors, listen intently as Mr. Roscoe explains the vari- ous programs of FTA. FRONT ROW--(left to right)Karen Finn, President; Paula Battels, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Cindy Hathaway, Vice -President; Karen Freeze, Toni Miles, Chris Boyd. SECOND ROW--Mr. Roscoe, sponsor; Larry Booker, Mike Bennett, Linda Teders, Velinda Lillie, Marisa Kennedy. THIRD ROW- -Joyce Wesner, Janet Haffner, Sue Saxer, Pat Russell, Cheryl Peters, Laura Henderson. The Future Teachers of America realizing the grow- ing involvement with drugs, sponsored a convocation dealing with drug addiction. Under the leadership of Mr . Roscoe, the club orga- nized the Elf program aiding G.H.S. teachers in cor- recting papers and decorating bulletin boards. I TRIPLE DING-DONGER Bookman goofs again at guessing the identity of his elf at the FTA Tea. Promoting t±ie in- terest in high school dramatics is the purpose of Thespi- ans. Members of the club are chosen on their participa- tion in school plays, both acting and com- mittee work. " West Side Story " was their choice for the all -school produc- tion, enjoyed by the Garrett community. FRONT ROW--Left to right--Ruth Grawcock, Secretary; JoAnne Worman, Rec; Lisa Englehard, President; Nancy McKee, Vice-President; Joyce Wesner, Treas- urer. SECOND ROW--Advisor, Mr. Roscoe, Patty Housel, Karen Haynes, Mary Baker, Sandy Wilmont, Debbie Shipman, Jean Cozier, Marsha Creager, Advisor, Mr. Bookman. THIRD ROW- -Todd Hamm, Gary Barry, Wayne Funk, Paul Mc- Cartney, Victor Housel, Mike Rhodes, Chuck Ort. FOURTH ROW--Jim Miller, Mike Flervey, Peter Harter, Gary Glaze. Thespians Officers of Thespians look over plans for West Side Story. New initiates into Thespians were Brenda Zecca, Becky Bloom, Teresa Keohl, Annette Geizer, Merisa Kennedy, Dave Kobiela, Sharon Kock, Fran Cleland, and Wayne Neukom. 49 Bob Zmyslony and Dave Smith complete Latin Club project. jCL symbol is displayed by Latin Club member, Dave Smith. A Love -In, initiation, and Roman dress - ups were the main activities of Latin Club this year. Latin Club The JCL ' ers will travel to New Orleans this year for the National Convention, with Mrs . Love, their sponsor . FRONT ROW--Candy Hoeffel, Par,; Dave Smith, Nancy Schurr, Historian; Max Teders, Treasurer; Bob Nov , President; Judy Cobbs, Vice-president; Barb Moran, Secretary; Suzy Lewis, Linda Custer, Karen Havnes, Song leader; Rosie Heitz, Corres. -Secretary. SECOND ROW--Mrs. Love, Garry Barry, Chuck Ort, Bob Zmyslony, Cindy Kelham, Susan Saxer, Linda Teders, Chris Caprino, Sue Puff, Becky Jay, Mary Krocker. THIRD ROW--Debbie McCullough, Debbie Neukom, Diane Kock, Monica Van Zile, Mary Kay Schultz, Cynthia Griffin, Mary Clark, Diane Glaze, Valda Scheurich, Jola Rowe. FOURTH ROW--Lesile Wise, Teresa Koehl, Susan Rhetts, Debbie Andrews, Cindy Hathaway, Patty Moore, Lisa Johnson, Patty Housel, Mila Ballentine, Colleen Muldary, Carol Heupel. FIFTH ROW--Steve Wilmont, Jim Dogood, Allen Thorne, Glenn Steigmeyer, Tom Novy, Rick Capin, Rojeanne Aplin, Annette Geizer.Jill Elder. SIXTH ROW--Colleen Carper, Diane Bonkoske, Holly Hoeffel, Sheila Lillie, Lael Rowe, Mary Yoder, Marisa Kennedy, Joan Terry, Sue Hall. FRONT ROW--Karen Finn, Vice-president; Don Cattell, President; Sarah Havnes, Secretary; Brenda Zecca, Treastirer. SECOND ROW--Miss Haynes, Chris Creager, Sherm Lewis, Randy Michael, John Cole, Tom Selke, Denny Dallas, Dan Davis. THIRD ROW — Debbie Shipman, Bibi, Janet Haffner, Leslie Walters, Dan Maurer, John Cornell, Donna Winnebrenner, Keith Anderson. FOURTH ROW--Joan Hockaday, Krista Curtis, Diane Dederich, Jean Cozier, Jean Detrick, Sue Poling, Kathy Steigmeyer. FIFTH ROW — Cheryl Peters, Angle LaTurner, Debbie Kleeman, Marsha Mortoff, Pam Platner, Anita Smith. Thirty -three members were acquainted with the culture and customs of Spain under the direction of Miss Haynes . Spanish Club Things were swinging as the pinata at the Spanish Club Christmas party was finally broken and members feasted on Spanish goodies . EXCHANGE STUDENT, Bibi Galvez visits Spanish Club night meeting. Newly initiated members display Spanish costumes. 51 Science Club The Science Club under the sponsorship of Mr. Peterson, is an organization to promote interest in the science field. Main activities of the year were the annual Science Fair and various service projects. FRONT ROW--(left to right) Jeff Best, President; Mike Bennett, Vice-president; Tony Miller, Secretary; Jim Burns, Treasurer. SECOND ROW- -Sponsor, Mr. Peterson, Jim Dogood, Allen Thome, Jerry Winnebrenner, George Schurr. THIRD ROW--Leslie Walt- ers, Mike Hockaday, Doug Smith, Phil Wheeler. Jim Burns is scientifically testing the acidity of this solution in the chemistry room. THE BEST ALWAYS WINS, as Jeff Best accepts another award for outstanding science achievement. 52 -S- Each year the Social Stud- ies Club travels to a new historical sight. This year was no different as the club took their annual trip to Springfield. The Club also placed sec- ond at the State Convention for tabulating more than 6,000 old graves. Mr. Parks, sponsor. Tony Miller, Nancy Schurr, and Tom Shafer discover another 100 year old grave for history club project. Social Studies Club Members of Social Studies Club listen intently as Mr. Parks explains one of their big projects. FRONT ROW (left to right)- -Denny Davis, Program chair- man; Tony Miller, President; Chris Shoener, Secretary- treasurer; Tom Shafer, Vice-President. SECOND ROW-- Sponsor, Mr. Parks, Gary Barry, Jim Schiffli, Rick Ying- ling,Dale Neukom, Steve Bruns, Jerry Berg. THIRD ROW --Leslie Walters, Teresa Koehl,Barb Cattell, Lisa Engle- hard,Mar ' Yoder, Joan Hockaday,Pam Platner. FOURTH ROW--Chris Wilcox, Jean Porter, Nancy Schurr, Jean Hockaday, Rosie Heitz, Marsha Custer, Linda Bartels, Tina Knapp. 53 Displaying FFA symbol are Wayne Funk and Greg Weller. Richard Reinoehl works hard collecting soil samples for FFA. FFA Following a scheduled program of ac- tivities, FFA progressed through a suc- cessful year. At theDeKalb County Fair members had their cattle judged and auctioned. A record hop and selling candy earned money for the club ' s treasury. Sponsor Mr. Bateman. FRONT ROW (left to right)--Dan Yarde, treasurer; Dave Yarde, Stu- dent Advisor; Wayne Funk, President; Greg Weller, Vice-president; Mark Sliger, Mike Rhodes. SECOND ROW--Advisor, Mr. Bateman, Gary Vice, Gail Pfieffer, Richard Reinoehl, Steve Runion, Lynn Fritz. THIRD ROW--Denny Thrush, Sam Laturner, Howard Holbrook, Mike Sattison, Blain Shaffer, Richard Thomas, Gary Ludban. - - FRONT ROW--(left to right) Rosie Heitz, Vice -president; Shirley Bixler, Treasurer; Anita Smith, President; Cathy- Dove, Secretary-; Sponsor, Miss Clem. SECOND ROW--Karen Griffin, Kathy Hatton, Sandy Wilmont, Patty Housel, Laura Henderson, Cathy Custer. THIRD ROW--Charmene Morgan, Janet Carr, Robin Bauman, Dawn Boyler, Mary Rose DePaulo,Rene Baughman, Judy Brinkerhoff. FOURTH ROW--Vicki Sutton, Mary Lou Smith, Cheryl Snyder, Barb Potter, Sherry Turner, Toni Miles. FHA Dawn Boyer, Laura Henderson, Charmene Morgan sell goodies at an FHA bake sale. Miss Clem and members of the Future Homemakers were busy this year with many projects, including a skit for grad- uation, fashion show, and a bake sale . Members attended the F.H.A. National Convention held at Indiana State Uni- versity. 55 Business Club Jeanne Porter and Shirley Bix- ler work diligently on a Busi- ness Club project. FRONT ROW, left to right- -Roxie Gerber, Sgt Asst. Program Chairman; Sharon Kock, Prog Welches, Reporter; Donna Dove, Secretary; dent; Becky Bloom, Vice-President. ROW 2 ley Bixler, Peggy Chisholm, Toni Miles, Marg Hutton, Karen Griffin, Chris Creager, Sponsor 3--Steve Wilmont, Anne Ricketts, Lynn Lang John Zumbaugh, Susie Likens, Marsha Custer, Hoeffel, Vicki Deuitch. at-arms; Jane Porter, ;ram Chairman; Jay Jeannie Porter, Presi- - -Steve Saffen, Shir- ;e Dannenberg, Kathy , Mr. Ashcraft. ROW 5er, Gertrude Watson, Linda Bartles, Candy Various activities including a trip to Chicago, and sponsoring a skating party kept the Business Club rolling along. The speakers coming in ful- filled the club ' s purpose to better their knowledge in the business world. Mr. Ashcraft was the club ' s sponsor . Business Club members enjoy a card game in their hotel room while visiting Chicago. 56 Working with the administration in the use of audio-visual equipment is the main function of Operators Club. Valuable experience was gained through the leadership of Mr. Harmon. FRONT ROW--(Left to right) Leslie Walters, Jack McPheeters, Victor Housel, Jim Higgins, Ron Gall. SECOND ROW--Mr. Harmon, sponsor; Richard Reinhoel, Lynn Fritz, Dan Maurer, Steve Runion, Barry Parker, Mr. Bateman, sponsor. THIRD ROW- -John Grawcock, Rick Gibson, Ted Kees, Steve Pence, Dale Phieffer, Bruce Babbitt. Operators Club Richard Reinhoel, Jerry Winnebrenner, and Steve Runion observe the operation of one of the schools phonographs. Mr. Harmon watches as Jim Higgins, Lynn Fritz, Fred Kees, and Leslie Walters practice operating the elec- tronette. 57 A semi -formal, services projects, and a style show for the Childrens Home were the main activities of Y -Teens. Under the lead- ership of Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Lewis, these junior and senior girls grew in friendship and responsibil - ity. FRONT ROW--(left to right) Toni Miles, song leader; Chris Boyd, devotion chairman; Franny Cleland, presi- dent; Ruth Grawcock, vice-president; Joannie Hockaday, secretary; Carol Mcintosh, treasurer; Debbie Andrews, program chairman; Cindy Hathaway, program chairman. SECOND ROW--Mrs. Lewis, sponsor; Kay Kirkpatrick, Chris Creager, Janet Porter, Becky Bloom, Brenda Zecca, Karen Finn, Chris Wilcox, Nancy McKee, Vicki Deuitch. THIRD ROW--Linda Teders, Marcia Crager, Velinda Lillie, Kathy Friend, Sally Hageman, Kathy Dove, Janet Carr, Teresa Koehl, Jeannie Hockaday, Sue Kirkpatrick, Paula Bartels. FOURTH ROW--Sharon Kock, Marsha Custer, Tina Knapp, Sue Ann Likens, Delana Runion, Angle Muzzilo, Sharon Heitz, Candy Hoeffel, Chris Shoe- ner, Chris Caprino, Jeannie Porter, Linda Bartels. Y- Teens WASHING CARS isn ' t all that it is cracked up to be, as demonstrated by Senior Chris Shoener. New officers are initiated into Y-teens. 58 Hi-Y Club was guided through the year by presi- dent, RexCarper and spon- sor Mr. Ewing. Members worked industriously to provide a scholarship given to a worthy Hi-Y senior boy by sponsoring a car wash and an ingenious stereo tape record hop. CARS TURN ME ON, says Paul Plainer! FRONT ROW--{left to right) Bruce Cattell, Treasurer; Larry Booker, Vice-president; Rex Carper, President; Steve Bruns, Sgt. -at-arms. Bob Novy, Chaplain; Sam Wiley, Secretary. SECOND ROW--Jim Miller, Steve Short, Don Lampe, Dana Heupel, Randy McCullough, Paul Platner, Pete Harter, Bob Knight, Rick Yingling. THIRD ROW-- Sponsor, Mr. Norris; Dave Gilliland, Joe Micheal, Jim Schiffli,Don Cattell, Mike Hervey, Gary Barry, Sam La- Turner. Hi-Y President Rex Carper conducts a Hi-Y meeting. 59 Busy Blue Triangle mem- bers remained active dur- ing the year under the guidance of their sponsors , Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Hall. A bake sale and Sadie Hawk- ins Dance for the school were held as money making projects. During May their annual Mother - Daughter Tea was held with an installation of new offi- cers. FRONT ROW--(left to right) Mary Kay Clark, Program Chairman; Suzy Lewis, Treasurer; Connie Rapp, Secretary, Linda Custer, Vice- President; Karen Haynes, President. SECOND ROW--Mrs. Hall, spon- sor; Patty Housel, Laura Henderson, Lisa Johnson, Mila Ballentine, Debbie Neukom, Pam Platner, Monica Van Zile, Mary Krocker, Miss Eldridge, sponsor. THIRD ROW--Mary Kay Schult2, Cathy Spicer, Ruth Sliger, Joan Cole, Diane Diederick, Eullia Griffin, Sue Hall, Di- ane Bonkoski, Debbie Gerhart. FOURTH ROW--Karen Krugler, Cindy Griffin, Jo Ellen Carper, Julie Jeffery, Lael Rowe, Holly Hoeffel, Terry Kleeman, Susan Harvey, Becky Jay. FIFTH ROW--Rita Gibson, Diane Glaze, Cathy Mclntosch, Diane Kock, Cathy McCuJlough, Angle La- Turner, Denise Smith, JoAnn Worman, Pam Cutler. Blue Triangle Mrs. Hall outlines the initiation procedure to be fol- lowed by new members of Blue Triangle. Linda Custer and Karen Haynes plan the next Blue Triangle Meeting. 60 - - Jr. Hi-Y members elecf officers for the next year. Steve Cobbs reflects the attitude of the club mem- bers during its meetings. Junior Hi- Y Freshman and sophomore boys worked industriously throughout the year on service projects and money-making ideas as members of Jr. Hi-Y. Aiding in ideas and responsibility was their sponsor, Mr. Roof. FRONT ROW--(left to right) Mark Wilcox, Secretary; Tom Thursh, Vice-pres.; Steve Cobbs, President; Rick Chamberlain, Treasurer. SECOND ROW- -Mark Zmyslony, Jerry Claxton, Brad Kinsey, Randy Michael, Kenny Roberts. THIRD ROW- -Sponsor, Mr. Roof, Terry McNutt, John Cole, Tom Selke, Tim Thrush. 61 FRONT ROW--(left to right) Sue Saxer, Nancy Schurr, Reporter; Debbie Andrews, President; Kathy Costin, Sec- retary; Karen Freeze, Vice-president; Chris Boyd, Treasurer; Jean Hockaday, Tarn Anderson, Mila Ballentine. SECOND ROW--Sponsor, Miss Crowe, Cindy Baker, Joyce Wesner, Shirly Bixler, Donna Jones, Marsha Creager, Peggy Chisholm, Roxie Gerber, Sharon Coyer, Mariyln Bertsch. THIRD ROW--Cindy Kelham, Kathy Steigmeyer, Donna Winnebrenner, Janet Haffner, Anne Ricketts, Lynn Langer, Cheryl Peters. FOURTH ROW--Patty Housel, Mary Baker, Debbie Diederick, Dawn Boyer, Luci Diasdado, Mary Jones, JoEllen Carper, Kathy Spicer. FIFTH ROW--Rosie Heitz, Janet Carr, Cathy Dove, Sharon Heitz, Joan Cole, Susan Spicer, Sandy Tittle, Virginia Ken- nedy. GAA Kathy Steigmeyer performs her many talents on the parallel bars. Forty-two girls participated in such sports as basketball and volleyball as members of GAA. The spring banquet was held in May for the awarding of outstanding sportsmans . Sponsor, Miss Crowe. 62 The pep club raises a lot of " WHOOPEE " to show that they ' re backing our team one -hundred per cent. The girls pep club, sponsored by Miss Crowe and Miss Lotz, created new and better spirit among Garrett fans this year. New yells were learned, pep sessions were organized, and victory lines were made to send our teams to victory. Guiding the club for two as president, Sharon Kock built the organization up to be the most enthusiastic and worthwhile club of G.H.S. Red vests and polka dot hats were worn by Boys Pep Club tremendous spirit. This year the club added great backing created some pretty good yells that no one will ever forget. Pep Club The officers for Boys Pep Club for the ' 68- ' 69 school year were Steve Saffen, reporter; Dana Heupel, treas- urer; Steve Short, secretary; Don Lampe, president; and Rex Carper, vice-president. fW.i ' WIf C v ' ■f f:: ■ " ■ ' • I ' " iN KhiI HWl ' i H ». ' ■ vi.- hMf ' l .{:£ . w ' ' 63 members displaying their to the basketball team and Leading the Pep Club through- out the 68-69 year were Saron Kock, president; Becky Bloom, vice-president; Sarah Haynes, secretary; and Franny Cleland, treasurer. The Streamliner had an ac- tive year collecting infor- mation, taking pictures , and meeting deadlines . Victory pages, editorials, and school activities kept the students well informed of GHS happening. Ad- visor, Mrs. Learned. FRONT ROW--(left to right) Ken Boice, Janet Porter, Lisa Englehard, Lisa Johnson, Marisa Kennedy, Karen Freeze. SECOND ROW--Dave Isenbarger, Bob Knight, Tina Knapp, Rosie Heitz, Mary Kay Yoder, Jeannie Hockaday. Maroon and Blue Streamliner Marisa Kennedy, junior, types up a story for the STREAMLINER. Editor-in-chief of the Maroon and Blue- ner. -Janet Haff- 64 Aeolian The Aoelian staff was able to en- counter new and different ideas for the " 69 " yearbook. Color was added inside for the very first time! Hav- ing to meet all deadlines promptly , the staff worked frantically to meet each and everyone. Sponsor Mr. Bockman and Mrs. Mellott. Working to make a new and better yearbook were Don Lampe, Editor; Karen Finn, Copy Editor; Carol Mcintosh and Linda Teders, Faculty Editors; Sharon Kock and Jim Miller, Sports Editors; Velinda Lillie, Underclass editor; Mike Bennett and Franny Cleland, Senior Editors; Wayne Funk and Becky Bloom, Orga- nizations Editors; and Chris Caprino, Pete Harter, Photographers. Editor Don Lampe works away on the " 69 " yearbook. Pete Harter takes another picture for the yearbook. 65 y SPORTS VARSITY SCORES Garrett 6 18 Bellmont Garrett 7 6 East Noble Garrett 13 14 Bluffton Garrett 13 14 Angola Garrett 12 10 Concordia Garrett 60 7 West Noble Garrett 7 38 DeKalb Garrett 21 27 South Adams Garrett 19 21 Hicksville Tough breaks, frustration carry G-men through 3 — 6 season Rex Carper drives for rough yardage in East Noble game. 68 FRONT ROW, (left to right) Larrv Booker, Denny Davis, Rex Carper, Don Lampe, Jerry Berg, Steve Bruns, Bob Knight, Denny Thrush, Otis Marti. SECOND ROW, Joe Michael, Dave Yarde,Tom Shafer,Tony Miller, Bob Zmyslonv, DanaHeupel, Dan Mueller, Bruce Cattell, Dave Isenbarger. THIRD ROW, Coach Moree,Laurin Fike, Steve Tullis, Steve Mitchell, Greg Weller, Victor Isham, Jim Burns, Mike Barcus, Steve Runion, After a rugged battle beginning with the Bellmont Braves, the G -Men fought their way through a discouraging season. Fast -paced, blocked kicks, near mir- acles, and see -saw battles composed games supervised bycoaclies Hutton and Moree , With a strong, swift nucleus, we are looking forward to the ' 69 - ' 70 campaign. Enthusiastic fans cheer on Railroaders at Bluffton game. Larry Bookerrests on the sideline while the defensive team is in the game. Coach Hutton. FOURTH ROW, Mark Wilcox, Sam LaTurner, Steve Dembickie, Pat Casey, Dan Yarde, Tony Janueski, Craig McNamara, Jeff McClure, Mike Derickson, Bob Redmond. FIFTH ROW, Max Wallace, Bemie Smith, Jerry Claxton, Jeff Newman, Phil WTieeler, Mark Zmyslony, Tom Thrush, Gary Vice, Dave Kobiela, Rick Chamberlin, Matt Hoeffel, Ells- worth Saxer, Doug Anderson, Jim Miller. RESERVE SCORES Garrett 7 6 East Noble Garrett 19 New Haven Garrett 7 7 DeKalb Garrett 13 6 Angola Garrett 13 41 Columbia City Garrett 18 Angola 69 Sixteen senior let term en add power to team Tom Shafer Rex Carper Tony Miller Bruce Cattell Don Lampe r " Senior Denny Davis, captain of this year ' s varsity football team inspired the squad through spirit and determina- tion. Dominating the field six- teen senior lettermen pro- vided the team with experience and power . Dan Mueller and Bob Knight were not available when pic- tures were taken. Managers this year were Lowell Griffin, Jin Miller and Ken Roberts. :: 4 c Bob Zmyslony Denny Thrush Jerry Berg Dave Yarde Joe Michael Freshman and Jr. Hi. enjoy winning seasons FRESHMAN SCORES Garrett 26 DeKalb Garrett 26 Columbia City Garrett 48 6 East Noble Garrett 15 Bishop Luers Garrett 39 Angola Garrett 39 Angola JUNIOR HIGH SCORES Garrett 19 Churubusco Garrett 19 Angola (7th grade) Garrett 7 6 Auburn (8th grade) Garrett 25 Auburn (7th grade) Garrett 13 2 Kendallville Garrett 50 Columbia City 73 FRONT ROW (left to right) Dave Gilliland, Larry Booker, Joe Michael, Dan Meyer, Tony Miller, San LaTurner. SECOND ROW: Bill Fetter, Dave Isenbarger, Jack Clark, Ralph Imbody, Don Cattell, Tony Janueski, Coach Hutton. New gym highlights b-ball season Shotting for a deuce is Jeff Stroman. Booker drives for two. 74 Pep Club members enjoy an exciting game. Dave Isenbarger goes high for a basket. Railroaders fight through 14 — 9 season VARSITY SCORES Garrett 59 45 Fremont Garrett 72 70 Wolf Lake Garrett 82 52 East Noble Garrett 57 59 DeKalb Garrett 71 80 South Adams Garrett 71 75 Carroll Garrett 60 68 Bishop Dwenger. Garrett 67 79 Bluffton Garrett 94 50 Angola Garrett 79 78 Columbia City Garrett 68 69 Lakeland Garrett 66 75 Concordia Garrett 70 69 Snider Garrett 79 52 Eastside Garrett 71 81 Bellmont Garrett 74 66 Norwell Garrett 91 75 Churubusco Garrett 75 67 Hamilton 75 Dan Myers contemplates victory before dressing for a varsity game. Tony Janueski goes high for a tip in a reserve game. Lacking the height we ' ve been used to for many seasons, the G-Men pulled through with a 14 and 9 record. With seven returning lettermen, Garrett was on its way to another Holiday Tourney trophy . The spirit and scoring that won our games was centered around Tony Miller, guard, who led the NEIC scoring with 225 points in eight games and was also named to the first string of the All -Conference team. Also providing security that backed the team were Ralph Imbody, Larry Booker, Dave Isenbarger, Don Cattell, and Freshman Jeff Stroman. Ralph Imbody gets a piece of the net after the lloli- day Tourney victory. Carol takes her turn in cutting the net. 76 The reserve and Freshmen teams ex- cited the Garrett fans this year with their hot shooting and great teamwork . These boys promise Garrett a bright future in basketball. ipi 1 i w " j| Hr , ,■ Wm n |fi km J m klH Mn u RESERVE SCORES Garrett 72 17 Fremont Garrett 53 44 Wolf Lake Garrett 43 51 East Noble Garrett 29 55 DeKalb Garrett 62 38 South Adams Garrett 58 46 Carroll Garrett 43 45 Bishop Dwenger Garrett 40 36 Bluffton Garrett 74 38 Angola Garrett 65 48 Columbia City Garrett 42 33 Lakeland Garrett 57 43 Concordia Garrett 55 60 Snider Garrett 83 48 Eastside Garrett 63 33 Bellmont Garrett SO 39 N Orwell Garrett 57 43 Churubusco Garrett 56 35 Hamilton , 1 77 Joe Michael races for an easy victory. Tom Shafer concentrates before his throw. Underclassmen build strong track squad FRONT ROW, left to right, Keith Anderson, manager, Rick Bloom, Arnold Placencia, Dave Isenbarger, Rex Car- per, Jerry Berg, Randy Brown, Dave Smith, Dave Yarde, Tom Shafer, Yogi Carpenter, John Wilmont, manager. SECOND ROW- Mr. Crow, coach, Don Clark, Tom Thrush, Greg Weller, Mike Derickson, Steve Runion, Jeff Stroman, Dan Yarde, Randy Brown, Mr. Ewing, coach. THIRD ROW; Terry Shuff, Mike Tittle. FOURTH ROW: Bob Redmond, Max Wallace, Freeman Moore, John Cole, Mark Wilcox, Jerry Claxton, Rick Chamberlin, Tim Thrush, Randy Mellot, Bill Pfferkorn, Dan Miller, Tom Selke. 78 Using all his effort Dave Smith runs a close race. Jerry Berg breaks school record at 12 ' 8 3 4 ' The track team ended with a successful season even though many team members were out with various injuries. Jerry Berg broke his own record by vaulting 12 feet 8 1 2 inches at Concordia and Jeff Stroman broke the high hurdle record at the Sectional. Next year we can look forward to a team full of many experienced underclassmen in- cluding: Jeff Stroman, Larry Myers, Tim Thrush, Tom Thrush, Steve Runion, and Rick Bloom . EAST NOBLE 74 GARRETT 44 COLUMBIA CITY 65 GARRETT 53 LEO 42 EASTSIDE 20 GARRETT 86 NORTH SIDE RELAYS 1 point CONCORDIA 70 GARRETT 48 GOSHEN RELAYS 20 points ANGOLA 48 GARRETT 70 NEIC SIXTH PLACE 16 points SECTIONAL 3 points Caroll 68 Garrett 50 The last lap proves victorious for Randy Brown. 79 t t 1 _ . _ .J? Tony Januseski gets ready to clobber the little white ball. Baseball Scores Garrett 2 DeKalb 12 Garrett Concordia 6 Garrett 8 Bellmont 4 Garrett 3 Angola 2 Garrett 1 East Noble 3 Garrett 1 Columbia City 6 Garrett 2 Bluffton 7 Garrett 3 New Haven Sectional 8 Garrett 4 Angola 2 Garrett 1 Eastside 4 Garrett ' s BB team excitedly awaits a home run. : m 1 4 I 1i Studying the game will help Nate Panning next year. 80 FRONT ROW (left to right) Steve Saffen, manager; Dan Mueller, Bob Knight, Steve Bruns, Tony Miller, Dave Gilliland, Bob Zmyslony. SECOND ROW--Tim Thrush, Tom Miller, Mark Fowler, Dan Maurer, Steve Mitchell, Nate Panning. THIRD ROW--Tony Januseski, Dave Kobiela,Don Cattell, Jeff Stroman, Dennis Dallas, Rich Lep- ley, Mr. Hughes, coach. PRACTICE TAKES TlMEbutpays off in the final re suits of the game. Although the team did not sparkle with an individual star, good balance kept the team alive and provided moments of good baseball action in all the games. Many postponements and a key injury were a part of the ' 69 season. Dave Gilliland swings for a double. (left to right) Bruce Cattail, Sherm Lewis, Stan Kinsey, Brad Kinsey, Jack Clark. Vengeance was the password for GHS golfers as the Railroaders returned to the greens and fairways to begin the ' 69 season. With the aid of Coach Bateman the team was determined to win which was seen through their season. Golf Angola 216 Central Noble 212 Leo Norths ide Hamilton Angola East Side Carroll New Haven South Side DeKalb Concordia Elmhurst and New Haven Northside DeKalb 227 197 355 206 214 206 201 199 153 224 181 194 202 159 Garrett 246 Garrett 211 Garrett 213 Garrett 205 Garrett 366 Garrett 222 Garrett 241 Garrett 215 Garrett 227 Garrett 219 Garrett 163 Garrett 210 Garrett 219 Garrett 229 Garrett 175 Bruce Cattell doesn ' t look teed off with his drive. 82 Sherm Lewis tries for par. Stan Kinsey lines up for a putt. r " Cross Country compiles 11 — 3 — record EAST NOBLE 28 Garrett 28 WEST NOBLE 26 Garrett 48 AND PRAIRIE HEIGHTS 49 Garrett 48 BISHOP DWENGER 27 Garrett 28 BISHOP LUERS 32 Garrett 23 DEKALB 43 Garrett 24 AND SOUTH ADAMS 57 Garrett 24 EASTSIDE 36 Garrett 21 PRAIRIE HEIGHTS 36 Garrett 39 AND ANGOLA 86 Garrett 39 AND LAKELAND 70 Garrett 39 ANGOLA 37 Garrett 21 AND EASTSIDE 45 Garrett 21 LAKELAND 28 Garrett 21 AND COLUMBIA CITY 40 Garrett 15 NEIAC 6th place Despite the illness of the head Cross Country Coach, Robert Ewing, the team worked their hardest to accomplish a good sea- son. With eleven wins, three losses and one tie the team showed that any handicap they had did not interfere with their competitors. As a newly organized sport, Cross Country is becoming better known by its improvement from season to season. FRONT ROW, left to right, Randy Brown, Randy Armstrong, Bob Bishop, Arnold Placenia, Yogi Carpenter, John Wilmont. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ewing, Coach, Bill Fetter, Ken Boise, Wayne Funk, Ted Kees, Paul Plainer. Garrett captures Holiday Tourney Larry Booker and Tony Miller receive the victory tro- phy at the Holiday Tourney. i :g ' Don Cattell jumps high for the tip off. Garrett Railroaders????? Ralph Imbody cuts a piece of net for a souvenir of their victory. 84 r JUNIOR, NANCY McKEE, CAPTAIN SENIOR, CAROL McINTOSCH VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SOPHOMORE, LESILE WISE SOPHOMORE, CONNIE RAPP 1969 Cheerleaders RESERVE CHEERLEADERS --(TOP TO BOTTOM) Debbie Neukom, Lisa Johnson, Cathy Mclntosch. r ' " ,iTJ T -3- ¥«M " Everybody ' s got spirit " including the fans, teams, and the cheerleaders who promote it. Their jobs encompass cheering at all games, organizing pep sessions, and encouraging spirit throughout the school. Co-ordination and formation of new cheers are learned as a result of hard work and summer cheerleading clinics. 85 87 PEOPLE JtB SI Crp ' 69 OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS: Secretary, Carol Mcintosh; President, Dave GiUiland; Vice-President, Denny Davis; Corr.- Secretary, Bob Novy and Treasurer, Karen Finn. First to enter the new addition at CHS, first to wear the classy round-rings, and first to graduate in the Paul J. Bateman Memorial Gymnasium, reflects the initiative of the class of ' 69. The spirited members compose anew generation not only of short skirts and long sideburns but also of prosperous, intelligent young ladies and men. As ' Frosh ' the ' 69 seniors began their journey onto graduation. A mixed routine consisting of activities and sports began the fast-four years. " Love Is Blue " , the theme of the annual Junior- Senior banquet stirs memories as the class members review the past years. Achievements as " The Miracle Worker " portray class talent in the field of dramatics. New roads to fun and excitement were discovered and paths to the future were laid during the final lap of their journey. On to college and into the various facets of life they will go, reaching for success. 90 T Class of 69 Randall Lee Armstrong Paula Jean Bartels Linda Kay Bartels Josephine Beber Lung Michael James Bennett Donald Jerome Berg Cynthia Sue Baker Jeffrey L. Best John Christopher Binz Shirley Marie Bixler Rebecca Arm Bloom Robert James Blotkamp Jr. 91 . 1 ' . j Phillip Harold Boice Larry Coleman Booker John Thomas Brerman . J lit. Randy P. Brown Stephen Nelson Brown Steven Douglas Bruns Lives up to reputation David Edward Bunn Christine Caprino Rex Allan Carper Thomas Lewis Carper 92 r " Donald Eugene Cattell Bruce Allen Cattell Frances Ellen Cleland Judy Kay Cobbs Thomas A. Costin Christine Alamarie Creager Marsha Ann Custer Marjorie Jean Dannenberg Build spirit Dennis Durbin Davis Vicki Lynn Deuitch .■. S ? , ' 2 S ' 93 Ty Allen Dirr Donna Louise Dove Kenneth Eugene Fike James Curtis Fike Karen Sue Finn Dave Eugene Foster Kathleen Joy Friend Wayne Eugene Funk Sophisticated distinguished Barbara June Gibson Dave Ross Gilliland Gary Gordon Glaze Ruth Ann Grawcock 94 r Karen Sue Griffin Janet Sue Haffner Sally Lynn Hageman Peter Kent Harter Janet Lee Hathaway Kathleen Faye Hatton Charles D. Hazeltine Fun-loving carefree Ray Lavern Henderson Michael Allen Hervey Dana Douglas Heupel Candace Ann Hoeffel 95 Howard James Holbrook Victor Wayne Housel Ralph Steven Imbody David Burwell Isenbarger Donna Sue Jones Cynthia Jane Kelham Recall accomplishments Don ald L. Kennedy Jane Ann Kennedy Kay Ann Kirkpatrick Terry Lee Knapp 96 Kristina Kay Knapp Robert Clinton Knight Sharon Kay Kock Donald Walter Lampe James Charles Lash Sue Ann Likens Velinda Lee Lillie Gary Martin Ludban Work on ' Miracle Worker ' ' Jerry Wayne Lung William Paul McCartney Warren Jon McClure Randall Winn McCullough 97 k..V Carol Jean Mcintosh Otis J. Marti Robin Lynn Mellott Joseph Baldwin Michael James Evans Miller Anthony E. Miller Catherine Moore Mark Randolph Morgan Assume leadership Daniel Joseph Mueller Patrick Farrell Muldary Dale Deloss Nuekom Jr. Glenn Wayne Neukom 98 Robert Joseph Novy William Charles Ort Dennis Payton Frederik Earl Peck Richard Lee Peck Steven Lee Pence Karen Ann Pierson Paul Robert Platner Choose college, vocation Janet M. Porter Jeannie Mane Porter Anne Marie Ricketts Steven Michael Rugman 99 Steven Earl Saffen Susan Jean Saxer James Federick Schiffli Nancy Sue Schurr Blain Edward Shaffer Orie Thomas Shafer Jr. Christine Lois Shoener Grover Steven Short Gaze into future Davie Lawrence Smith Deborah Lynn Smith Barbara Kaiulani Spicer 100 ; Kathy Jo Steigmeyer Kenneth C. Strock Linda Catherine Teders Richard Wayne Thomas Randall Lee Thorne Dennis Dale Thrush Pamela Sue Vincent Jerry Lee Wallace Larry David Warstler Realizing MMk Calvin Deloss Werner Jay Keith Welches Joyce Ann Wesner Christine Lynn Wilcox 101 Samuel Eugene Wiley Donna Joyce Winebrenner David Yards II Richard Alan Yingling Peggy Jo Young Brenda Beth Zecca John Ervin Zumbaugh ' ' We finish only to begin " ?w » « « « , 3 ' ' » « « Robert John Zmyslony II Gloria Ann Yarde Royal 102 The sponsors of the Senior class were: FRONT ROW (left to right) Mrs. Rench, Mrs. Mellott, Mrs. Learned. SECOND ROW: Mr. Button, Mr. Finchum, and Mr. Capin. m miiiiMM " Building Blocks to the Future " Qualifying as honor students with a grade average of 3.125 and above were: FRONT ROW (left to right) Judy Cobbs, Shirley Bixler, Nancy Schurr, Susan Saxer, Velinda Lillie, Marjorie Dannenberg, Chris Shoener, Donna Winebrenner, Franny Cleland, Brenda Zecca, and Kathy Steigmeyer. SECOND ROW: Karen Finn, Wayne Funk, Paula Bartels, Dave Gilliland, Don Cattell, Peter Harter, Joe Michael, Don Lampe and Dana Heupel. THIRD ROW: Tony Miller, Randy McCuUough and Randy Thorne. Janet Haffner was not present when the picture was taken. 103 Deborah Andrews David Ashenfelter Mike Barcus Dan Barnhart Gary Barry Charles Bergner Marilynn Bertch Robert Bishop John Blotkamp Ken Boice Randy Bowmar Chris Boyd Class of ' 70 James Burns Dave Campbell Yogi Carpenter Janet Carr Pat Casey Barbara Cattell Peggy Chisholm Jack Clark Cathy Costin Sharon Coyer Charles Crager Marcia Crager Kathy Creager Brian Custer Kathy Dove Rick Elder John Ellis Lisa Englehard Steve Engle Penny Evans Bill Fetter Gary Fike Laurin Fike 104 Karen Freeze Ron Gall Steve Garn Roxanne Gerber Gerald Gingery Lowell Griffin Randy Haffner Clyde Handshoe Cindy Hathaway Ben Hatton Sarah Haynes Rosie Heitz Sharon Heitz Karen Heller James Higgins Jeanne Hockaday Joanne Hockaday Richard Hyde sells concessions at games Junior class officers Tony Januseski Harold Jarnagin April Jinnings Paula Johnston Karl Kearns Karlene Kennedy Marisa Kennedy Sue Kirkpatrick Dave Kobiela Teresa Koehl Terry LaLone Lynn Langner Sam La Turner Richard Lepley Noni Lilienthal Nancy McKee Craig McNamara Jack McPheeters 105 Vicki Markley Toni Miles Vicki Miller Barbara Moran Charmene Morgan Angie Muzzillo Dan Myers Arnold Placencia Tom Refner Susan Rhetts Ken Rhodes Mike Rhodes Alice Runion Dalana Runion Linda Runion Richard Rynerson Ed Schlotterback Mark Sliger Doug Smith Wayne Smith Patnsh Snook Kathy Spicer A% Barbara Steinman Dennis Sutton Paulette Swank David Swonger Randy Thomas Steve Treesh Steve Tullis Barbara Tustison Gary Vice Leslie Walters Gertrude Watson Greg Weller Phil Whan Phil Wheeler Sandy Wilmot Bob Woodward Dan Yarde Mary Kay Yoder 106 Doug Andrews Rojeanne Aplin Frank Armstrong Bruce Babbitt Mary Baker Mila Ballentine Renee Baughman Barbara Bergner Daniel Bonkoski Judy Brinkerhoff Ken Bunn Mike Burns Rick Chamberlin Don Clark Mary Kay Clark Jerry Claxton Peggy Cleland Steven Cobbs Class of 71 Deanna Cornell Suzanna Cornewell Tim Costin Cathy Custer Linda Custer Pam Cutler Stan Danneberg Steve Dembickie Jeff DeLucenay Dale DePew Mike Derickson Norman Deuitch James Duguid Craig Eberhard Larry Evans ■ Bruce Fowler 107 Lynn Fritz Karen Gael Jerry Gam Annette Geiser Debbie Gerhardt Rita Gibson Diane Glaze Carol Gravit Marston Greenawalt Sophomore class officers Class jackets; order rings Connie Griffin Rhonda Hathaway Karen Haynes Laura Henderson Carol Heupel Matt Hoeffel Becky Jay Lisa Johnson Teddy Kees Brad Kinsey Debbie Kleeman Diane Rock Mary Krocker Karen Kugler Angle LaTurner Suzy Lewis Constance Ley Barry Loutzenhiser Paula Loutzenhiser Harry Lung Chris McCartney Jeff McClure Deborah McCullough Cathy Mcintosh 108 " 1 Terry McNutt Linda Markley Dan Maurer Margaret Maurer Steven Mitchell Patty Moore Marsha Mortorff Colleene Muldary Larry Myers Debbie Neukom Marilyn Nolan Barry Parker Geometry, World History, Latin Stanley Pence Cheryl Peters Dale Pfeiffer Marvin Picklesimer Pam Platner Sue Poling Barbara Potter Connie Rapp Robert Redmond Carson Reinoehl Don Reinoehl Richard Reinoehl Roger Reinoehl Kenny Roberts Mary Robinson Ken Roebel Jola Rowe Steve Runion m mwLm 109 Patty Russell Michael Saffen Ellsworth Saxer Valda Scheurich Dave Sebring Debra Shipman Mary Simon Steve Smeltzer Anita Smith Bernard Smith Fred Smith Mary Smith Cheryl Snyder Mary Jo Somers Glenn Steigmeyer Linda Steller Joan Steury Vickie Sutton Gerald Teders Max Teders Alan Thorne Tom Thrush Cheri Turner Max Wallace %0 Mark Wilcox Jon Wilnot Steve Wilnot Gerald Winebrenner ry Leslie Wise Mike Woodward JoAnn Worman Mark Zmyslony Mike Zumbaugh no Keith Anderson Tammy Anderson Angelia Baker Robin Barger Rick Bloom Tom Blotkamp Diane Bonkoski Dawn Boyer Judy Burniston Karen Cain Rick Capin Joellen Carper Sam Cleland Joan Cole John Cole John Cornell Connie Cossairt Margaret Cottrell Jean Cozier Brenda Crager Class of ' 72 Betty Craib Roberta Creager Krista Curtis Dennis Dallas Dan Davis Don DeGrasse Richard DeGrasse Ron DeGrasse Mary DePaolo Mary Detrick Steve Dickison Diane Diederich 111 Lucy Diosdado Gene Dirr Jill Elder John Fetter Jack Fike Lonnie Fortney Stephen Foster Mark Fowler Lora Freeman Pamela Freeman Rick Gibson John Grawcock Cynthia Griffen Eulalia Griffin Lon Grubb Sue Hall Todd Hamm Kenneth Harmon Rose Hart Susan Harvey Jeanette Higgins Holly Hoeffel Bill Howard Dan Ice Dwight James Julie Jeffery Karen Johnson Keith Johnson Mary Jane Jones 112 Mike Jones Dan Jordan Karen Kearns Virginia Kennedy Chad Kilgore Stan Kensey Terry Kleeman Sheryl Klinger Jim Koehl -Tf n W ' " ▼ ■sr ' Chris Krocker Susan Kruger Garry LaLone Becky Leiter Clark Lepley Sherman Lewis Sheila Lillie Patty Loe Terry Loutzenhiser Sherry McCartney Jim Mansfield Linda Marti Marilyn Mavity Randy Mellott Randy Michael Dan Miller Tom Miller Freeman Moore Lou Ellen New Kay Nolan Thomas Novy Star Omspacher Nathan Panning Rick Parker n3 William Pfefferkorn Susan Placencia Timothy Rhodes Dan Riccius Lael Rowe Ralph Rugman Mary Kay Schultz George Schurr Tom Selke Terry Shuff John Simon Ruth Sliger Del Marie Smith Earl Smith Steve Snook Toni Snook Debbie Sobieski Susan Spicer Darl Steinman Sandy Steller Greg Steward Jeff Stroman Joan Terry Tim Thrush Sandy Tittle Mirth Traster Monica Van Zile Joy Welches Sheryl Yarde 114 Dennis Anderson Carla Andrews David Andrews Michael Andrews Karen Andrews Carol Baker Martin Ballentine Martin Bartels Pat Bennett Gary Bergner Tim Bock Denny Boice John Bowers Joel Brinkerhoff Marshall Brumbaugh Jo Ann Bunn John Cain Gary Carr Mike Chittenden Sandra Chittenden Eighth graders anticipate future ' H 0 Mm • i " .. Bob Christlieb Dale Christlieb Cathy Cobbs Betty Jo Crager Davie Crager Cindy Custer Karen Custer Kenny Cutler Susie Dapp Leslie DePew David Derickson Don Dickison Janice Dove Kim Dove Donnie Eldridge Bruce Engelhard Deborah Fike Peggy Frain 115 Gene Freeman Anita Fugate Mary Gael Dennis Gall Ellen Gam Rose Greenwalt Deborah Griffin Richard Hathaway Franz Heinzerling Mary Ann Henderson Dan Hervey Dick Heupel Paul Hilkey Beth Mollis Linda Housel Tom Hullinger Theresa Isham Terry Jarnigan Denise Jinnings SuLynn Johnson Kalista Johnston Greg Jones Humphrey Kearns Blaine Kimmel Sharon King Judy Kinney Kevin Knapp Ronald Kock Joe Kruger Debbie Lampe Jerry Linger Janice McCorkel Randy Mcintosh Maurice McPheeters Cheryl Markley Ron Marti ] k Deborah Mathys Nancy Maurer Mark Michael Karen Miller Ramona Miller James Montgomery Hal Mortorff Carol Ousley Jo Ellen Owens Allen Parker Karen Picklesimer Patsy Poling 116 Kathie Reeves Jim Refner Susan Refner Ed Riccius Tim Rice Debra Richie Lola Robinson Kay Roebel Debbie Rowe Lynne Rowe Bruce Rugman Debbie Runion Jeff Sexton Jim Shields Greg Shippy Dennis Smith Russ Smith Mike Snook Laura Souder Leland Speer Brent Steigmeyer Cynthia Steigmeyer Stan Stover Kathy Strock Randy Surfus Nancy Sutton Marie Tackels Joseph Thomas Mike Thomas Kim Thorne Christima Thrush Bev Traster Becky Treesh Allen Troyer Kevin VanAllen Betsy Vice Paul Westrick Tim Wheeler Tom Wiley Karen Wilmot 117 Seventh graders encounter high school Linda Adams Mila Armstrong Mark Bailey Timothy Baker Ron Balliet Mark Barcus David Benson Randy Bixler Jacquelyn Black Nora Bowers Jerry Bowman Terry Bowman Amy Boyd Mitchell Boyd Ricky Brooks Teresa Buckles Barbara Burniston Pamela Cain Melinda Carper Cheryl Can- Jim Charles Kay Christlieb David Claxton Robert Coleman David Conrad Diane Cousino Gary Crabill Blaine Crager Sharon Custer Robert Dannenberg Brian DePew Deborah Diederich Deborah Dunn James Eldridge Rayna Englehard Michael Esselburn Rodney Evans Barbara Folden Jannell Fortney Linda Fryback 118 Kathy Gibson Paula Gilliland Beatrice Goings Carol Hall Charles Hathaway Suaan Hathaway Laurie Hawk Gregory Haynes Joyce Hecht Brenda Helton Julie Hervey Randy Hille Sam Hippensteel Michael Hofferman Joseph Holbrook Steven Houser Janice Howard Larry Isham Thomas Jackson Mitchell Jamigan Lynn Jeffery Diane Jones Robert Kahlke Steven Kelham Geraldine Kleeman Thomas Kleeman Tina Klinger Michael Koble Teresa Koskie Gary Krider Robert Kruger Michael Leach David Lewellyn Deborah Lewis Olivia Lillie Susan Lingner Van Loutzenhiser Kevin Malcolm Glenda Maloney Melinda Maloney Steven Mavity Marilyn Miller Betty Myers Roger New Kim Nixon Shirley Nolan Gary Parker Ruby Penzin Kay Perkins Janis Peters Yogi Picklesimer Alice Placencia Ray Placencia Jacqueline Reinoehl Mary Ried Susan Rosenberg Steven Rottger Susan Rottger Sue Roush Wayne Rowe Sabrina Schurr Charlene Sebring Keith Sebring Frank Selke Frank Shoener Renee Shuff Kim Shimiway Connie Sigler Valorie Sipe Kathleen Smeltzer Adrienne Smith Bruce Smith Ruby Smith Dirk Smurr Cheryl Souder Sandra Speer 120 David Spicer Deborah Steury Eli Sumner Paul Surfus Roxanne Treesh Richard Turner Robert Wainscott Steven Walter Michael Walton Nicholas Westrick Patrick Whyte Harriett Wickline Terr ' Wilcox Terri Wiley Jody Witherspoon Our patrons The Garrett State Bank Established 1893 Member of F.D.I.C. Spencers Flower Shop 111 N. Randolph Garrett, Indiana Don ' s Filling Station 606 Suoth Randolph Garrett, Indiana George ' s Sport Spot 1325 South Randolph Garrett, Indiana Best Pharmacy 100 North Randolph Garrett, Indiana Mueller ' s Standard Service 1109 South Randolph Garrett, Indiana 121 Abey Abram Inc . 127 South Randolph Garrett, Indiana People ' s Savings and Loan Association 106 East King Street Garrett, Indiana Gala Theatre 1 1 1 South Randolph Garrett, Indiana Kugler ' s Paint and Gift Store 403 West King Street Garrett, Indiana Culligan Water Conditioning 700 W. King St. Garrett, Indiana Platner ' s Steak House Highway 327 1 1 2 Mile North Garrett, Indiana Rapp Motors, Inc . 219 Quincy St. Garrett, Indiana Blue Moon " Fine Food and Drinks " 1 Mile North of Garrett Stern Mens Wear and Womens Apparel " The Brightest Spots in Garrett " Garrett, Indiana Bauman-Harnish Rubber and Plastics Garrett, Ind. Seiferts Paint and Wallpaper 212 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana Brook ' s Burger Ranch Drive-ln, Donut Shoppe, Dining Room For Your Whole Family Auburn Locker Service Harris H. Hoeffel 105 S. Unioh, Auburn, Indiana Melvin F. Diedrich, Realtor " Buy with Confidence — Sell with Satisfaction " Garrett, Indiana Bud Smiths Dairy Queen — Brazier West U.S. 27 8, Auburn, Indiana Garrett Foodland 1350 S. Randolph Garrett, Indiana Wilmot Insurance and Tax Service 100 N, Cowen St. Garrett, Indiana H. Charles Winans Attorney at Law Garrett, Indiana Yoder Ford Sales " We Sell to Sell Again " Garrett, Indiana Gordon Cleaners 112 North Lee St. Garrett, Indiana J. D. Brinkerhoff 109 W. King Street Garrett, Indiana Northern Indiana Fuel Light Co. 101 South Randolph Street Garrett, Indiana Lantz Barber Shop 107 West King Garrett, Indiana Welcome Styling Salon 120 East King St. Garrett, Indiana 122 Senior index RANDALL LEE ARMSTRONG--Busi- ness; Football 1, Cross -Country, Letter 3,4, Track 3, Letter 4; Spanish Club 1,2, 3,4. CYNTHIA SUE BAKER--General; Blue- Traingle 1,2, Girk ' Pep Club 1,2,4, Future Homemakers of America 2 , Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2,4. LINDA KAY BARTELS--General; Blue Triangle 1, President 2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2, Vice-President 3, Business Club 4. PAULA JEAN BARTELS--Academic; Latin Club 1, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Y- teens. Secretary 3,4, Future Teachers of America, Secretary 4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL JAMES BENNETT--Academ- ic; Basketball Manager 1, Track Man- ager, Letter 2,3; Science Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Operators Club 2, Boys ' Pep Club 4. DONALD JEROME BERG--General; Football 3, Letter 4, Track 1, Letter 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2; Latin Club 1,2, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Athletic Club 4, So- cial Studies Club 3,4, Junior Hi-Y 2. JEFFREY L. BEST-- Academic; Science Club 1, Secretary 2,3, President 4, Dance Band 2-4; International Science Fair 3, United States Navy Cruise 2. JOHN CHRISTOPHER B1NZ--Academ- ic; Football 1,2, Track 1,2, M B Streamliner, Advertising Manager 3,4, Student Council 2, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Latin Club 1. SHIRLEY MARIE BDCLER- -General; Literary Magazine 3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Business Club 3,4, Future Homemakers of America 2,3, Secretary 4, Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Future Homemakers of America Con- vention 4. REBECCA ANN BLOOM- -Business; Sec- retary 2; M B Streamliner 3, Aeolian, Organization- -Editor 4, Thespians 4, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Y-Teens 3,4, Busi- ness Club 2, President 3, Vice-President 4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4, Chorus 2; Senior Play Cast. PHILLIP HAROLD BOICE--General; Basketball 1, Track 1; Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Business Club 4, Boys ' Pep Club 4. ROBERT JAMES BLOTKAMP JR.-- Ac- ademic; Spanish Club 2,3,4, Science Club 4, Boys ' Pep Club 4. LARRY COLEMAN BOOKER- - Academ- ic; Football 1, Letter 3,4, Basketball 1,2, Letter 3,4, Baseball, Letter 2,3,4, Track 3; Student Council 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Latin Club 1, Athletic Club 1,2, 3,4, FutiU ' e Teachers of America 4, Weight Club 3,4, Hi-Y 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4. JOHN THOMAS BRENNAN— Academic ; Wawasee Prep 1,2; Spanish Club 3, Boys ' Pep Club 4. RANDY P. BROWN- -General; Cross Country, Letter4, Track, Letter 4; Latin Club 1, Athletic Club 4. STEPHEN NELSON BROWN- -Academ- ic; Track 1,2, Football 1,2,3; Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Latin Club 1,2,3; Latin Club National Convention 2. STEVEN DOUGLAS BRUNS--Academ- ic; North Vernon High School 1,2, Wrestling 1,2; Baseball 1,2, Letter 3,4, Football 1, Letter 4; Weight Club 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Social Studies Club 4, Athletic Club 4, Sr. Hi-Y 4. DAVID EDWARD BUNN-- Industrial Arts; Basketball 1; Junior Hi-Y 1. CHRSTINE CAPRlNO--Academic; Aeolian, Photographer 4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Y-Teens 4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Blue Triangle 1,2; Latin Club National Convention 4. REX ALLAN CARPER-- Academic; Vice-President l;Basketball 1,2, Foot- ball 1,2, Letter 3,4, Track 1, Letter 2,3,4; Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Hi-Y 3, President 4, Weight Club 3,4, Athletic Club 2,3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 3, Vice-President 4. THOMAS LEWIS CARPER--Industrial Arts; Basketball 1, Junior Hi-Y ' 1,2, Dance Band 3. DONALD EUGENE CATTELL-- Aca- demic; Basketballl, 2, Letter 3,4, Base- ball Letter 1,2,3,4; Junior Hi-Y 1, Sec- retary 2, Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club 1,2,3, President 4, Athletic Club 1,2,3,4. BRUCE ALLAN CATTELL--Academic; Basketball 1,2, Letter 3, Football 1, Letter 4, Golf 1, Letter 2,3,4; Junior Hi-Y 2, Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4, Athletic Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 1, Weight Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Boys ' Pep Club 4. FRANCES ELLEN CLELAND--Academ- ic; Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 4, Blue Triangle 1, Secretary 2, Y-Teens 3, President 4, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion 1, President 3, Thespians 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Latin Club 1,2, Student Council 3,4, M B Stream- liner3, Aeolian, Senior Editor4; Junior- Senior Banquet, Co-Chairmen Audi- torium, Miss Garrett. JUDY KAY COBBS--Academic; Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4, National Honor So- ciety 2,3, Secretary 4; Indiana Uni- versity Summer Latin Conference 3. THOMAS A. COSTIN--Industrial Arts; Basketball 1,2, Cross Country 2, Foot- ball 1, Track 1 ; Boys ' Pep Club 3,4, Hi-Y 4. CHRISTINE ALNLAMARIE CREAGER-- Business; Student Council 1, Blue Tri- angle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1, Y-Teens 4, Spanish Club 2,3,4, Business Club 4. MARSHA ANN CUSTER--Business; Blue Triangle 1,2, Y-Teens 3,4, Social Studies Club 4, Business Club 4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4. MARJORIE JEAN DANNENBERG-- Gen- eral; Girls ' Pep Club 1,2, Blue Triangle 1,2, Office Worker 2,3, Latin Club 2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Business Club 4; Indiana University Summer Latin Conference 3. DENNIS DURBIN DAV1S--Academic; Vice-President 4, Football 1, Letter 2,3,4, Track 1 ,2,3, Basketball 1,2, Man- ager 3;JuniorHi-Y 1,2, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Weight Club 3, Vice-President 4, Athletic Club 1,2,3,4, Social Studies Club 3,4. VICKJ LYNN DEUITCH-- Business; Blue Triangle 1, Y-Teens 4, Business Club 4, Girls Pep Club 1,2,3,4. TY ALLEN DIRR-- Academic; Football 2; M B Streamliner Assistant Sports Editor3, Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Spanish Club 3,4. DONNA LOUISE DOVE--General; Aeo- lian Business Manager 4, Latin Club 1, Business Club 2, Treasurer 3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Chorus Club 1 ,2,3, Vice-President 4. JAMESCURTIS FIKE--General; I.C.T., President 4. KENNETH EUGENE FIKE--Industrial Arts; Dance Band 1,2,3. KAREN SUE FINN--Academic; Secre- tary 1, Treasurer 4; M B Streamliner 3, Aeolian Copy Editor 4, Literary Maga- zine 4, Latin Club 1,2, Blue Triangle 1 .2, Girls ' Pep Club 1-4, Treasurer 2,3, Thespians 4, Spanish Club 3, Vice- President 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, President 4, Y-Teens 4, National Honor Society 4, Junior-Senior Banquet Co-chairmen, Senior Play Chairman, DAR Award. DAVE EUGENE FOSTER--bidustrial Arts; Football 1, Future Farmers of America 4. KATHLEEN JOY FRIEND- -General; Blue Triangle 1,2, Y-Teens 3,4, Chorus 2.3, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4. WAYNE EUGENE FUNK-- Academic; Football 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, National Honor Society 3,4, Future Farmers of America 1,2, Secretary 3, President 4, Boys ' Pep Club 3,4, Science Club 3, State and National FFA Convention, Purdue 4- H Round- Up, National REMC Leadership Conference, Washington, D.C., FFA and 4-H Junior Leadership Training Camp. BARBARA JUNE GIBSON--General; Blue-Triangle 2, Chorus 3, Secretary 4. DAVID ROSS GaLILAND--Academic; President 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, Letter 3.4, Baseball, Letter 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1, Junior Hi-Y 1, President 2, Hi-Y 3,4, Athletic Club2, 3,4, National Honor Society 2,3, President 4, Aeolian, Business Manager; Junior-Senior Ban- quet Co-chairman, American Legion Hoosier Boys ' State. GARY GORDON GLAZE--Academic; Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Science Club 2, Dance Band 2,3,4, Thespians 4. RUTH ANN GRAWCOCK--Homemak- ing; Blue-Triangle 1, Vice-President 2, Y-Teens 3, Vice-President4, Thespians 3, Secretary 4, Future Homemakers of America 2, Streamliners 1,2; Senior Play Chairman. KAREN SUE GRIFFIN--Business; Busi- ness Club 2,3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, Future Homemakers of America 3,4. JANET SUE HAFFNER--Academic; M B Streamliner 3, Editor 4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 2, Secretary 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Girls ' Athletic Association 3,4, Future Teach- ers of America 4; Hoosier Girls ' State, University of Detroit Summer Journal- ism Workshop, Senior Play Chairman. 123 SALLY LYNN HAGEMAN--General; Aeolian, Business Staff 4, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Business Club 4, Y-Teens 4, Girls ' Pep Club 2,3,4, Chorus Club 2,3,4. PETER KENT BARTER-- Academic; Aeolian, photographer 4, Latin Club 1, Science Club 1,2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Dance Band 2,3, Thespians 4, Hi-Y 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Student Council 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Student Council Workshop 3, National Science Foundation Institute 4. JANET LEE HATHAWAY- -Business; Blue-Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3,4, Business Club, Vice- President 2, Chorus Club 3, Girls ' Pep Club 3,4, I.C.T. Club 4. KATHLEEN FA YE HATTON--General; Blue-Triangle 1,2, Business Club 4, Future Homemakers of America 4. CHARLES D. HAZELTINE- -Industrial Arts; Track 1,2, Football 1 ; Junior Hi-Y 1, High-Y 3, I.C.T., Treasurer 4, Operators Club 3, Science Club 2. RAY LAVERN HENDERSON--General; Junior Hi-Y 1, I.C.T. 4. MICHAEL ALLEN HER VEY-- Academic ; Track 2; Latin Club 1, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Dance Band3, President 4, Thespians 4, Science Club 2,3; Hi-Y 4, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Speech Club 2,3; Senior Play Cast. DANA DOUGLAS HEUPEL-- Academic; Football 1, Track 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3; Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Hi-Y 3,4, Weight Club 4, Athletic Club 2,3, Boys ' Pep Club 3,4; Senior P lay Cast. CANDACE ANN HOEFFEL-- Academic; Blue-Triangle 1,2, Y-Teens 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Business Club 4; Senior Play Cast. HOWAFUD JAMES HOLBROOK-- Agri- culture; Future Farmers of America 1,2,3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 4. VICTOR WAYNE HOUSEL--GeneraI; Basketball 1,2, minor letter 3; Junior Hi-Y 1, Music Club 1,2,3,4, Operators ' Club 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 4. RALPH STEVEN IMBODY-- Industrial Arts; Football 1, Cross Country 1, Track 1, Basketball 1,2, Letter 3,4; Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Athletic Club 1,2,3,4. DAVID BURWELL ISENBARGER--Gen- eral;Football 1,2, Letter3,4, Basketball 1,2, Letter 3,4, Track, Letter 1,2,3,4, BasebaI12,3,4;Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Weight Club 2,3, Athletic Club 2,3,4, Future Teachers of America 4. DONNA SUE JONES- -General; Latin Club 1, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, GirLs ' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Blue- Triangle 1,2. CYNTHIA JANE KiLHAM-- Academic; Blue- Triangle 1,2, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Girls ' Athletic Association 2,3,4. JANE ANN KENNED Y--General; Future Homemakers of America 1,3, Business Club 2,3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4. DONALD L. KENNEDY--Generalj Bas- ketball 1. KAY ANN KIRKPATRICK--Business; Treasurer 3; Blue Triangle 1,2, Future Homemakers of America 1, Y-Teens 4, National Honor Society 4, Streamliners 1. KRISTINA KAY KNAPP--General; Lit- erary Magazine 3, Business Club 3,4, Social Studies Club 4, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1, Y-Teens 3,4. TERRY LEE KNAPP--Industrial Arts; Basketball 2,3, Baseball 2, Golf 3; Stu- dent Council 1,2, Latin Club 1,2, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Junior Hi-Y 3,4. ROBERT CLINTON KNIGHT--Business; Auburn High School 1; Baseball 2, Let- ter3,4. Football, Letter4; M B Stream- liner, assistant sports editor 4, Junior Hi-Y 2, Science Club 3,4, Athletic Club 3,4, Hi-Y 4. SHARON KAY KOCK--Business; Aeo- lain, Sports--Editor, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2, President 3,4, Busi- ness Club 2,3,4, Y-Teens 4, Thespians 4; Senior Play Cast. DONALD WALTER LAMPE- - Academic ; Vice-President 2,3; Football 1, Letter 2,4, Track 1,3; Aeolian, Editor-in- Chief , Junior Hi- Y 1,2, Hi-Y 3,4, Latin Club 1,2, National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4, Weight Club 2,3, Boys ' Pep Club 1,2,3, President 4, Ath- letic Club 2,3,4; Senior Play Chairman, IHJS Workshop 4. JAMES CHARLES LASH- -Industrial Arts; Football 1, Track 1; Future Far- mers of America 4, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Junior Hi-Y 1. SUE ANN LIKENS- -Homemaking; Streamliners 1, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Y- Teens 3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 2,3,4, Busi- ness Club 4, Latin Club 2. VELINDA LEE LILLIE- -General; Park- side High School 1,2, Aeolian, Under- classman Co-Editor, Girls ' Pep Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Y-Teens 4, Future Teachers of America 4. GARY MARTIN LUDBAN--Industrial Arts; Football 1. JERRY WAYNE LUNG-- Academic; Track 1, Basketball 1, Football 1; M B Streamliner, Sports --Editor 3 ,4, Student Council 3, Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Spanish Club 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM PAUL McCARTNEY--Gen- eral; Basketball 1, Track 2, Track Manager 3,4, Cross-Country Manager 3,4, M B Streamliner, Exchange- Editor 4, Music Club 2,3,4, Thespians 3,4, Senior High Chorus 3. WARREN JON McCLURE- -Industrial Arts; Science Club 1,2. RANDALL WINN McCULLOUGH-- Aca- demic ; Basketball 1 ,2,3, Track 1 , Cross- Country 3, Golf 2; Latin Club 1,2, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Hi-Y 4, Operators Club 3, Boys ' Pep Club 4; Senior Play Cast. CAROL JEAN McINTOSH- -General; Treasurer 2, Secretary 3,4; Aeolian, Academics, Blue-Triangle 1, Treasurer 2, Girls ' Athletic Association 1, Girls ' Pep Club 1 ,2, Cheerleader 3,4, Y-Teens 3, Treasurer 4; Cheerleading Camp 4. OTIS J. MARTI--General; Football 1, 2,4; Junior Hi-Y 1,2. ROBIN LYNN MELLOTT--Business; Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3, Blue-Triangle 1,2. JOSEPH BALDWIN MICHAEL--Aca- demic; President 1 ; Basketball 1,2, Let- ter 3,4, Football 1,2, Letter 3,4, Track, Letter 1,2,3,4; Student Cotmcil 2,4, Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1, President 2, Hi-Y 3,4, Weight Club 2,3, Athletic Club 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4; American Legion Hoosier Boys ' State. ANTHONY E. MILLER-- Academic; Football 1, Letter 2,3,4, Basketball, Letter 1,2,3,4, Track, Letter 1,2,3,4, Baseball, Letter 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1, Jimior Hi- Y2, Speech Club 2, President 3, Science Club 3, Secretary 4, Athletic Club 1,2,3,4, Social Studies Club 3, President4, National Honor Society 3,4, State Officer Indiana Junior Historical Society 4; Social Studies Conference, Indiana University 3, Indiana Junior Historical Society Summer Workshop 3. JAMES EVANS MILLER- -Business; Foot- ball Manager, Letter 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, Track 1,2; M B Streamliner, As- sistant Sports Editor 4, Aeolian, Co- Sports Editor, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, FLi-Y 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 2,3,4, Science Club 2, Thespians 4, Business Club 2. MARK RANDOLPH MORGAN--Gen- eral; Adrian High School 1,2,3; Senior Play Cast; Boys ' Pep Club 4. DANIEL JOSEPH MUELLER--General; Basketball 1,2,3, Baseball 2, Letter 3,4, Football 1,2, Letter 4, Track 1,2,4; LatinClubl, Spanish Club 3, Boys ' Pep Club 4. PATRICK FARRELL MULDARY-- Aca- demic; Football 1, Track 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1,2,4; Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Operators 2,3. DALEDELOSSNEUKOM JR.--Industrial Arts; Football 1,2,3, Track 1; Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 2, Social Studies Club 3,4. GLENN WAYNE NEUKOM--Industrial Arts; Football 1,2, Track 1,2, Junior Hi-Yl, Operators Club 1, Social Studies Club 3; Senior Play Chairman. ROBERT JOSEPH NOVY--General; Baseball 2,4, Basketball 1, Cross Country 1; Corresponding Secretary 4; Latin Club 1,3, President 4, Hi- Y 4, Operators Club 3, Student Council, Treasurer 3; Junior- Senior Banquet, Master of Ceremonies 3. WILLIAM CHARLES ORT--General; Football 1; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Thes- pians 4, Boys ' Pep Club 4; National Junior Classical League Convention 1. DENNIS PAYTON--Academic. RICHARD LEE PECK--General; Track 1,2,3; Music Club 1,2,3. FREDERIK EARL PECK--Industrial Arts; Track 1,2,3; Boys ' Pep Club 4. STEVEN LEE PENCE--Academic; Foot- ball 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1; Latin Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, I.C.T., Vice- President 4. KAREN ANN PIERSON--General; Blue- Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2, Cho- rus 1,2. PAUL ROBERT PLATNER--Industrial Arts; Football 1,2, Track 1,2; Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Boys ' Pep Club 3,4, Hi-Y 3,4. JANET M. PORTER- -Business; Blue- Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 2,3,4, Y- Teens 3,4, Business Club 4, Cheerleader 1, MGB Streamliner, Photographer 3,4. JEANNIE MARIE PORTER--Business; Girls ' Pep Club 2,3,4, Y-Teens 3,4, Business Club, President 4, Blue-Tri- angle 1,2; Senior Play Chairman. ANNE MARIE RICKETTS--Business; Blue-Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, Choir 1,2,3,4, Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 2,3,4, Business Club 4. 124 STEVEN MICHAEL RUGMAN-- Gen- eral; Mijsic Club 3, Treasurer 4, I.C.T. 4. STEVEN EARL SAFFEN--GeneraI ; Base- ball Manager 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1, Junior Hi-Y 2, Business Club 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 3,4. MICHAEL ALANSATTISON--Industrial Arts; Basketball 1, Track 1,2; Junior Hi-Y 2, Latin Club 1, Future Farmers of America 4. SUSAN JEAN SAXER--Academic; Girls ' Athletic Association 2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4; National Junior Classical League Convention 2,3; Literary Magazine 4. JAMES FEDERICKSCHIFFLI--lndustrial Arts;Football 1; Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Boys ' Pep Club 3,4, Hi-Y 4, Social Studies Club 3,4. NANCY SUE SCHURR— Academic; Library Club 1, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Speech Club 3, Girls ' Pep Club 3,4, Social Studies Club 4, Student Council 2; National Junior Classical League 1,2,3; Senior Play Cast. BLAIN EDWARD SHAFFER- -Agricul- ture; Future Farmers of America 1,2, 3,4. ORIE THOMAS SHAFFER JR.--Aca- demic; Football 1, Letter 2,3,4, Bas- ketball 1,2, Letter 3, Track 1, Letter 2,3,4, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Social Studies Club 3; Vice-President 4, Athletic Club 4, Latin Club 2, Student Council 4; Jun- ior- Senior Banquet Co- Chairman of Auditorium. CHRISTINE LOIS SHOENER-- Aca- demic; Latin Club 1, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Music Club 1,2, Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2, Secretary 3, Y-Teens 3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Thespians 4, Social Studies Club 3, Secretary 4, Girls ' Pep Club 2,3,4; Senior Play Chairman; Aeolian, Un- derclassman Editor. GROVER STEVEN SHORT--General; Football 1; Latin Club 1, Boys ' Pep Club 3,4, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Operators Club 1, Hi-Y 4, MGB StreamUner 4. DEBORAH LYNN SM1TH--General; Blue-Triangle 1,2, Business Club 3,4, Latin Club 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2. DAVID LAWRENCE SMITH- -Aca- demic; Track 1,2, Letter 3,4, Cross Country 1,2, Letter 3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Athletic Club 2,3,4, Junior Hi-Y 1,2. BARBARA KAIULANl SPICER--Aca- demic; Latin Club 1, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, I.C.T. 4. KATHY JO STEIGME TR-- Academic; Spanish Club 2-4, Vice-President 3, Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Future Home- makers of America 1,2,3, Girls ' Athlet- ic Association 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Blue-Triangle 1,2. KENNETH C. STROCK-- Industrial Arts. LINDA CATHERINE TEDERS--Aca- demic; Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Future Teachers of America 4, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Y- Teens 4, Vice-President 3, Aeolian, Academic Editor. RICHARD WAYNE THOMAS- -Indus- trial Arts; Boys ' Pep Club 1, Weight Club 2, Operators Club 2, Future Far- mers of America 1,2,3,4. RANDALL LEE THORNE-- Academic; Track 1,2,3,4, Junior Hi-Y 1, Athletic Club 3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Student Council 2. DENNIS DALE THRUSH--General; Football 1-3, Letter 4; Future Farmers of America 1,2,3,4, Athletic Club 3,4. PAMELA SUE VINCENT- -Business; Girls ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Senior High Chorus 1,2,3,4, Business Club 3,4, Blue- Triangle 1,2. JERRY LEEWALLACE--General; Foot- ball Manager 1, Basketball 1; Band 1,2. LARRY DAVID WARSTLER-- Indus- trial Arts; Basketball 1; I.C.T. 4. JAY KEITH WELCHES--Business; South Adams High School 1,2; Baseball 3,4; Business Club 4. CALVIN DELOSS WERNER- -Industrial Arts; Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Music Club 1,2. JOYCE ANN WESNER- -General; Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Thespians 1,2,3, Treasurer 4, Blue-Triangle 1,2, Music Club2,3,4, Band 1,2,3, Secretary 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Sen- ior High Chorus 3; Purdue Band Camp 2.3, All-State Band 3. CHRISTINE LYNN WILCOX--General; Blue-Triangle 1,2, Latin Club 1,2,3, Speech Club 3, Social Studies Club 4, Girk ' Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Y-Teens 3,4. SAMUEL EUGENE WILEY--Academic; Track 1,2, Football 1,2,3, Golf 2,3; Athletic Club 2,3, Junior Hi-Y 1, Treas- urer 2, Hi-Y 3, Secretary 4, Student Council 3, Secretary 4. DONNA JOYCE WINEBRENNER-- Gen- eral; National Honor Society 3,4, Fu- ture Homemakers of America 2,3 , Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2,4, Treasurer 3, Blue Triangle 1,2, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 2,3,4. DAVID YARDE II--General; Basket- ball 1,2,3, Football 1,2, Letter 3,4, Track 1, Letter 2,3,4; Future Farmers of America 1, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Advisor 4, Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Opera- tors Club 1,2, Secretary 3, Athletic Club 2,3,4, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Social Studies Club 3,4, Student Council 1, Social Studies Conference 4, State F.F.A. Convention 2,3,4. GLORIA ANN YARDE--Homemaking; Blue Triangle. RICHARD ALAN YINGLING-- Indus- trial Arts; Football 1; Junior Hi-Y 1,2, Sr. Hi-Y 4, Boys ' Pep Club 4, Social Studies Club 4, Historical Society Workshop 4. PEGGY JO YOUNG- -General; Blue Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 4, Busi- ness Club 2, Senior High Chorus 3, Band 1,2,3, Girls ' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1. BRENDA BETH ZECCA--Business; Blue Triangle 1,2, Girls ' Pep Club 1,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3, Treasurer 4, Y ' -Teens 3,4, Spanish Club 2, Treas- urer 3,4, Thespians 4, Cheerleader 1,2, Y ' -Teens Conference 2, Cheer- leading Camp 2, Senior Play Cast. ROBERT JOHN ZMYSLONY ' II--Aca- demic; Football 1,2, Letter 4, Basket- ball 1,2, Track 2,3, Baseball 2, Letter 3.4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Junior Hi-Y 1, Athletic Club 2,3,4, Weight Club 4. JOHN ERVIN ZUMBAUGH--General; Operator ' s Club 1, Science Club 1,2, Business Club 3. 125 r .r ' 4 A 126 J I c- € ' H » C r ' - 1 . a_ i c p. . - ' S ' o o ' U f- y oc. ■ r e . o (Bo :S -: 3 ' ■ ;J =v- . . v V s cyr 2 : O CZ y 6t 6 . Qt c iit l in c ft y ' ' W ' J)) n % e v V ,i

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