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-7z - ' _fcr- L ‘-iX. C- ' k ' cS UtA. c u - 4 - c iri t. JLjx +— v f ' v « !■ of ft - ' filofUL ' yCd t O - jLo-Ar j , ' yt ZtCLv- C rTT 5 . . Vi K-O-Jk 1 f - v -r ' ' ' K " " 2 fYvX ' - ' ti " «T " IW T5T, S-xrT” r r . i A ' v ?r y. %. • ' J ? ' - , a_L A% w , - W- -- ' V Volume XLVI Garrett High School Garrett, Indiana . .g oil Qn for the Future with a need for more classroom space an addition to the building was be¬ gun the spring of 1963 and completed this year. As the school building has grown, the students have grown in wisdom, stature, and social life. Athletics have helped them to grow in sports¬ manship and maturity. Their social life has been strengthened by re¬ sponsibilities in organizations, class assignments, and extra-curricular activities. Through these experiences, GHS students are BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE. --Photo Courtesy of Auburn Airport Laying brick, pouring cement, and following blue prints were the many jobs performed by con¬ struction workers while building the chorus room. Being prepared for students to walk through them were the unfinished halls. The walls completed, the outside of the south entrance to the addition and joined the new build¬ ing to the old. Progress—Most Lunch line moved with ease when students were able to eat in the new cafeteria. 4 WMftWWVN Steve Koehl, James Worm an, and Elaine Likens find it more convenient to use the south entrance of the new addition. Chorus director Don Wilson, enjoys conducting his chorus classes in the new chorus room equipped with built-in risers. Important Thing The day after Christmas vacation noises and activities started to fill the new halls as we moved into the new lockers. The beautiful new cafeteria provided more room for students during lunch. New Principal DONALD FRENCH Indiana B.S. Miami University. M.Ed. In an effort to make our good school better, many changes were put into effect during the 1963-64 year. Registration of high school students was completed before the opening day of school, we went back on a six period day with an activity period, and much new f urniture was added to the school. Paint brightened the drab halls, and ny of the classrooms were repainted. Vork on the new addition seemed very slo as we wanted to move in. Running ovt to the Ober Building to eat, meeting classes on the stage, and doing without electricity made us more aware of how nice it would be to move into the addition. Overcrowded classes and study halls were relieved as the addition was com¬ pleted. Room 11 became a real library instead of a study hall. The redecoration, the new addition, and an enthusiastic student body and faculty made the year successful. Mr. French assumed the duties of prin¬ cipal in August. He also served as a Stu¬ dent Council sponsor and served on many committees of teachers and students in an effort to make a better school. 6 Guidance became a very important word around the school as tests and counsel¬ ing were carried out by the two counselors. Assistance for the col¬ lege bound as well as the job bound student was available in the files of the department. Visits to colleges to talk to GHS graduates were made by the counsel¬ ors. GEORGE PEARSON Ball State B.S. St. Francis M.S. LeNORE LEWIS Ball State B.S. Ball State M.S. Principal Assumes Duties Academic activity--the primary reason for having a school--took top priority at GHS. Teachers were constantly striving to improve the curriculum and their teaching methods. Conferences were attended by several teachers, clubs were formed to develop interest and ability, and academic contests were entered to encourage further develop¬ ment. in subject areas. Superintendent CHARLES PUFF Indiana State B.S. Indiana State M.S. 7 The many hours of reference work required for Eng¬ lish classes kept Rosie McGrath in the library. Journalism student Carol Gaff clips one of the countless articles she needs to com¬ plete an assignment. English, the basis of American edu¬ cation, trains the students of GHS to speak correctly, to write coherently, to think intelligently, and to read ap¬ preciatively. Grammar, speech, liter¬ ature, journalism, and composition were the subjects offered. With the rapid advances in educa¬ tion, technology, and business--it becomes imperative that students have a firm foundation of English skills. Keith Bunn displays his sales technique in speech class. t Boasts English D ELSA BUCKNER ARTHUR GARRIGUS DARLENE PARRISH KENNETH RICHARDSON Taylor A.B. Butler A.B. Northwestern B.S. Ball State B.S. Indiana U. M.S. 8 Jane Porter picks out an SRA skill builder card in seventh grade English class. Bill Cony sheepishly hands in a late comp paper to Mr. Dominguez before dashing out to football practice. Changes in the English department included the offering of speech on the sophomore level. Developmental read¬ ing and team teaching were also intro ¬ duced to GHS students by members of the English department. The curriculum started last year by the English teachers was completed and put into effect. Speech, Team Teaching, Curriculum MARY SCHRIDER RICHARD SMITH Univ. of Kentucky A.B. Indiana State B.S. Indiana State M.S. HILDRETH SWEENEY Manchester A.B. 9 Logarithms and RALPH BAME Manchester B.S. BEN SIMPSON Manchester B.S. Indiana M.S. CLEO MILLER Purdue B.S. An insect collection was an assignment in biology for Debbie Buckles, Carol Roebel and Becky Harter. Harold Werkhiser and Maynard Strawser perform a lab experiment in chemistry class. With the opening of the new addition, the science department moved into new labs. A new greenhouse en¬ abled a closer look at the nature of plants. Along with the new labs, much equipment was pur¬ chased to help students perform their experiments. Junior high students were once again able to take a full year of general science. Larry Cattell and Pat Bauman determine the answer to a force problem. ! 4 m i rr 10 Bubbling Brews Puzzle Scientists RICHARD CAPIN Manchester B.S. Indiana M.S. JAMES GORMONG Indiana State B.S. JOHN FLORA Indiana A.B. Indiana M.S. 1 .V ' a va Learning to operate a complex slide rule challenged trig student Hudson Freeze. Monumental advances in technology made a good back¬ ground in mathematics imperative for success in college and in everyday life. A full curriculum of courses pro¬ vided GHS students with ample opportunity to obtain this required knowledge. Joe Binz explains a perplexing graph problem in advanced algebra. 11 History, Home Economics Max Freeman attracts the attention of Bette Thompson, Cheryl Yingling , and Dave Frey as he volunteers a Civics answer. The youth of today are the voters of tomorrow. To help them appreciate this fact the social studies department taught of past history, present conditions, and future probabilities. Civics and economics prepared tomorrow’s citizens more adequately to take their place in American government and the " American Way. " Along with book work and tests came unusual activities and fun. Among these were history games and projects, book reports, and learning how to figure income tax. ROBERT HARMAN Wabash B.A. CAMERON PARKS U. of Illinois B.S. U. of Kentucky M.A. Don Tarlton, Bobbie Spicer, and George Rugman discuss words for a coming U.S. history word test. 12 Preview Life Cindy Carper and Vicky Kugler attempt to prepare some fudge as a homemaking project. The home economics department was without the aid of equipment and room until the move was made into the new addition. Then, the latest equipment and very spacious rooms were available. Kitchen units and the sewing laboratory will certainly assist in the preparation of efficient homemakers. Visits to the Tri-Kappa Nursery School and to Wee Haven were made in order to study the behavior and the development of children. Repairing a torn coat presents no problem for senior seamstress Peg Worman. JENNIE SMITH Eastern Illinois B.Ed. JANE ISH Indiana Univ. B.S. Pros and cons of bullfighting are dis¬ cussed by Spanish students Roberta Spicer and Craig Thome. ELIZABETH LOVE Indiana A.B. Indiana M.A. Sharon Roberts and Gabriela Lilienthal listen as Mitch Simpson reads one of the many French assignments. Steve McGrath keeps score as Anita Haynes and Roxanne Isenbarger listen for mistakes of fellow Latin students. Foreign Language and New teaching aids, new textbooks, and a new Spanish teacher were ac¬ quired by the foreign language depart¬ ment. A third year of Latin was added to the curriculum as was Spanish for jun¬ ior high school students. Tapes and records made the spoken language more meaningful, and the French newspaper provided an oppor¬ tunity to see how the French used their native tongue. ECHO LEWIS Lake Forest B.A. RICARDO DOMINQUEZ Ball State B.A. t? Ia a cyiA- L (■ — ' hVl 7. LA- 14 7 7 George Hathaway attempts to sell a magazine to his salesmanship class. IBM Selectric typewriters, some new faces behind the teachers ' desks, and a new set of classrooms were major changes in the business department this year. Typing and shorthand students crowded the typewriters each period during the day as a record number of students took typing. Office machines and their use was in¬ corporated into the advanced classes to better prepare students for office positions. Seniors Johneen Ellis, Carol Rugman, and Marvene Bergdall work diligently on their manuscripts for typ¬ ing class. Junior Tonya Miller shows some shorthand fundamentals. Business Move into Addition JAY NEWELL Indiana State B.S. SARAH ELDRIDGE Manchester B.A. lester McCartney Harding College B.A. 15 Larry Kammerer works diligently on project in shop class. ROBERT EWING DONALD STEWARD Purdue B.S. Ball State B.S. Ball State M.A. PAUL BATEMAN Purdue B.S. Purdue M.S. Students Learn Job New equipment was very evident in the industrial arts department as the old drawing desks gave way to a very modern desk with ample storage space for the many plates required. Some new equipment was also pur¬ chased for the shop. The new equipment provided the stu¬ dents with a wide variety of tools which allowed them to learn skills that were essential to obtain jobs. Woodworking projects including a cedar chest were completed in the ad¬ vanced classes. Senior Ag. student Gerald Hender- Dave Frey completes a plate in Drawing III. son stresses the importance of plant fertilization to Bob Holbrook. Up 1-—Down 2 - -Rest 3,4! So goes the freshman gym class calisthenics. And Physical Skills Physical fitness was stressed in the gym and health classes as students took skill tests and learned the fundamentals of many games. Health, safety, and driver training classes taught us how to preserve the bodies which we developed in physical education. Junior high, freshmen, and juniors studied health and safety. Behind-the-wheel and classroom training were involved in drivers edu¬ cation. Many students completed drivers training as a summer school course. Behind-the-wheel training is hard on Mr. Pear¬ son. Cindy Strobel and JoEllen Moses investigate the dummy to prepare for a discussion in health class. WARD SMITH FREDINA CROWE DePauw U. A.B. Indiana State B.S. 17 First period chorus crowded into room 3 until the move into the addition to sing. Chorus and Band Continue DONALD WILSON DePauw B.S. Full credit for chorus was welcome news for all singing GHS students. Two chorus classes directed by Mr. Donald Wilson were crowded. The combined classes sang for student assembly programs and for their regular concerts. A concert was also presented by the chorus as part of the American Education Week program . Many special features which the vocal music department had lacked for several years were found in the addition in the special chorus room. LARRY MAY Indiana State B.S. Twirlers and flagbearers for the sparkling Railroader band included Kathy Shreve, Jeanne Helbert, Norma Cutler, Michaeleen Gillispie, Lynn Freeman, Judy Gael, Jerilyn Kock, Claudia Miller, Mary Ann Myers, and Tommie Kaeck. 18 Woodwind musicians were Barb Lemper, Dianne Platner, Sharon Weller, Cindy Rowe, Cindy Carper, Roger Kolbe, Steve Hazeltine, Becky Baker, and Leslie Rhetts. To Expand With a bright and snappy style the band marched onto the field for their first per¬ formance. The new uniforms and director Mr. Larry May added a great deal to the appearance of the group. The size of the band increased and members worked hard--night practices were frequent--as they prepared for the football shows. The band room in the addition with its practice rooms, storage area, and built- in risers also helped. Brass section members were Larry Wiley, Walt Smith, Keith Murray, Merritt Scheurich, Vonda Bixler, Robert Wesner, and Jim Shutt, in ROW 2, and Carol DeLong, Mike Lewis, Larry Williams, Kenny Fritz, and Tim Hippensteel in ROW 1. Feature twirlers Linda Ervin and Mari Lynn Neukom discuss the next routine with majorette Pennie Murray. Saxophonists for the band were Becky Schurr, Ken Yingling, Rodney Andrews, Bill Baidinger, Carolyn Shaffer, and Alice Kelham. The percussion section consisted of Jerry Wel¬ ler, Debbie Hall, Janice Shaffer, Dennis VanSky- hawk, Marilyn Smith, Kay Shoener, Phil Lemper, and Ed Myers. 19 for the Future ... via Social Life Individual thermometers showed the sales for each class during the annual magazine drive. Tom Vanderbosch examines the all-school mark of $1,900 in the middle of the drive. A student-formed victory line greeted the triumphant Railroaders as they charged onto the field before each game. A new-type team appeared at the first pep ses¬ sion. The feminine squad provided many laughs as they warmed up. School opened in near-perfect weather, and we all squeezed into a crowded building and wished the new addition were completed. New teachers, new classes, and new classmates crowded the first few days of school. Spirit was high as the football team swept past opponents, and we began to warm up as unseasonable summer weather moved in. The fair, grade cards, and the an¬ nual magazine drive served as compe¬ tition for studying. Clever pep sessions planned by the Pep Squad will long be remembered. Temperatures and Appropriate mournful attitudes were assumed by Dick Bond and Jack Seigel as they viewed " Angola " as he rested in state in front of the school. 22 Margaret Crowe holds the gaily decorated um¬ brella aloft as she, Diane Miller, and Johneen Ellis participate in the parade before the queen contest. Marilee Hughes was chosen early in August to represent GHS in the Queen contest at the Auburn Fair. She and her attendants par¬ ticipated in the fair parade and following talent presenta¬ tion was crowned Miss DeKalb County. A scholarship, a trophy, and red roses were presented Queen Marilee, the first Garrett senior girl to win the title. Participants from all county schools competed for the title. Thrilling rides, parades, and exhibits drew students to the fair as exhibitors and spectators during fair week. School was dismissed Friday afternoon for the fair. Miss Garrett High School Marilee Hughes was crowned Miss De- Kalb County following the rigorous judging as part of the DeKalb Fair at Auburn. Miss Natalie Bair, Miss Auburn, places the crown. Spirit Set All-Time Records Michelle Wade and Linda Fleet were all smiles as they rode in the parade as attendants. Carolyn Shaffer and Peg Redmond rode in cars decorated by the Garrett Jaycees as they attended Miss GHS. 23 Bette Thompson protects as Larry Cattell moves in to take her to see his " re-decorated " apartment. Gerald Porter and Marvene Bergdall hold two decorator ' s items for Brad ' s apartment as Echo Lewis and student director Carol Rugman are repulsed. Seniors Star in Telephone trouble provided the situation for the sen¬ ior play " Pillow Talk. " Bette Thompson and Larry Cat¬ tell handled the lead roles under the direction of Mr. Richard Smith and Carol Rugman. From the opening telephone conversation to the drum march in act three, the audience was very much en¬ tertained by the spurned boy friend Gerald Porter, the maid Cheryl Yingling, and all of Brad ' s girls friends. Backstage work for the production was handled by several committees headed by senior class members. Mr. Richard Smith, director, Margaret Crowe, Sally Weimer, and Jim Shutt are entertained by another of Pat Bauman ' s remarks. Patsy Smith works to get the make up on just right. 24 Mary Margaret Beber admonishes Larry Cattell and one of his many girl friends Johneen Ellis as they sit on the love seat. Laugh-Getting Pillow Talk The setting for the play was unusual as two apartments were on the stage for the action. In addition to the two apartments, action also took place in two night clubs, on the street, and in the telephone building. Also adding to the success of the production were the make up and lighting. Rosie McGrath entertained Linda Fleet, Hudson Freeze, Carolyn Shaffer, and Dave Quinn in the night club scene. Art Shoener was the waiter. Many hours of rehearsal were spent by the cast in preparation for the opening night. Linda Fleet, Marvene Bergdall, Sally Weimer, Echo Lewis, and Coline Brown stretch out on the gym floor waiting their cues. Another essential back stage worker was Max Freeman who assisted with the lighting. 25 Jackie Weller examines the library bulletin board which attractively proclaims Book Week and American Education Week. Mr. Flora related some of his thoughts to the student body at the Thanksgiving convoca¬ tion at the Big Gym. President Kennedy’s Tragic American Education Week and Thanks¬ giving provided two opportunities for stu¬ dents to perform during November. Both programs were well received by large audiences. Teachers served refreshments to a large crowd at the American Education Week program. Connie Leeper is one of several GHS ' ers who worked part-time jobs after school and on weekends. 26 Roxanne Isenbarger accompanied Marilee Hughes, Diane Miller, and Rosie McGrath as they sang at the annual Christmas Choral Concert. Headlines tell the story of a gragic experience for many GHA students. Fifth period classes were interrupted Fri¬ day, Nov. 22, and we learned that the Presi¬ dent had been shot. Silence and grief filled the school as we listened to the news reporters tell the story we didn ' t want to hear. School was dismissed for the national day of mourning the following Monday, and the flag flying at half-mast was a daily reminder of the tragedy. Death Stuns Student Body Student Council members directed the decorating of the school for the Christmas season. Mary Ann Myers, Mark Hamm, and Rhonda Ballentine put up streamers in the hall. Adele Smith and Pat Fordeck put away some chemicals in the new labs. Classes started meet¬ ing in these remodeled rooms early in December. 27 Queen Carol Rugman receives a con¬ gratulatory kiss from co-captain George Hathaway after being crowned by co-captain Jim White. Homecoming Four senior girls were chosen by the sen¬ ior class to be their representatives in the Homecoming Queen Contest, sponsored by the Pep Squad. From these four girls the basket¬ ball team members chose the first Garrett High School Homecoming Queen. Underclassmen chose one girl from their class to represent them in the Queen ' s Court. Each girl was attired in a floor length for¬ mal and carried a white muff adorned with red roses and fernery. An escort chosen by the representative accompanied her to the center of the gym floor while the band played " Love is a Many Splendored Thing " and the Pep Squad made a red heart with red and white colored flash lights. As the girls were escorted to the center of the floor, Terry Harter, master of ceremonies, gave some highlights of each girl ' s school activities. Then came the final moment, Carol Rug- man was announced as the 1964 Homecoming Queen. Co-captains Jim White and George Hathaway presented the queen with her crown and bouquet of long stemmed roses. The queen and her court sat on the beau¬ tifully decorated stage with white pedestals and red roses and a big golden moon in the background during the Homecoming Game. Representing the underclassmen in the Homecoming Court were Debbie Buckles, freshman; Polly Anne VanZile, junior; and Cathy Barcus, sophomore. Senior Homecoming Queen candidates shown with co- captain of the basketball team, Jim White, were Diane Mil¬ ler, Linda Fleet, Carol Rugman, and Peg Redmond. 20 A Reality In memory of the late Mr. Lowell Johnson, Student Council President Danny Baker and Secre¬ tary Cindy Strobel, presented Mrs. Johnson a me¬ morial plaque. In turn Mrs. Johnson turned it over to the school to be displayed in the hall. Further explaining his Russian travels, Mr. Leon Johnson talked with Hud Freeze and Tom Wheeler after the convocation. Many changes were made in the school system and confu¬ sion resulted from this. Class¬ rooms were shifted due to the new addition and to make one hall of the school strictly jun¬ ior high. Mr. Dominquez moves some Spanish articles into his new class¬ room. The band, girls ' and boys ' pep squad all seated on one side of the gym gave added spirit to the Railroaders. Post-graduate, Joyce Sigler, returned to CHS to pick up courses needed for nurses training. 29 Second semester two new faces were added to the faculty. They were Mr. John Meyer, art teacher, and Mr. Ed Mahnesmith, junior high teacher. All School Musical Joins As we shot rockets at the moon and the political candidates started their cam¬ paigns for president, GHS students worked on their science projects and attended stu¬ dent seminar sessions. Semester end brought an unexpected holiday, and we experienced an unseason¬ ably warm winter. Ken Yingling practiced diligently before placing first in the band contest. Mr. George Pearson found his new office very adequate for counselling Maynard Strawser and Tom Wolpert. 30 Gwen Dame, Tom Potts, Bob Newman, and Rick Mellott, take time off after lunch to have a Coke from the Coke Machine purchased by the Student Council. GHS Activities Through the door of her new classroom Miss Sarah Eldridge can be seen teaching her shorthand class. Working hard to make the 1964 " Council Capers " a success are co-chairmen Cindy Strobel and Sandra Gnagy. The band, chorus, and dramatics students started production work in January for the May production of " Bye Bye Birdie. " Student directors, Susan Jay and Don Tarlton checked the posters for the all school play " Bye Bye Birdie " for accuracy. 31 Workers Ease School Board members, Maurice Chisholm, George Wade, President Arthur Hall, Oscar Noel, and Raymond Burtch look over newly purchased drawing tables. Student librarians consisted of Gladys Ramey, Jeanne Detrick, Linda Gaskill, Kay McKee, Bev Beber, and Carol Lung. Miss Roberta Platner and Mrs. Mary Clabaugh, secretaries in the office, type up and mimeo¬ graph papers for school pur¬ poses during the year. Important decisions are made by the school board for the bet¬ terment of GHS. Decisions on the new addition and what the new purchases of the year were going to be were among the discussions of the school board. Major and minor jobs were accomplished by the office sec¬ retaries . These included selling tickets to stapling papers. Aiding the school were student librarians and office workers. Librarians checked books in and out for students. They helped find information when one was in need of help. Office workers, typed, ran errands, and took care of attend¬ ance to aid in the office. Taking attendance and doing odd jobs in the office are students Cindy Hovarter, Barb Lemper, Cheryl Yingling, Judy Knott, and Carol Gaff. 32 School Operation Marjorie Saxer, Audrie Hollis, Marjorie Carper, Anne Trainer, Ruth Lewis, Belva Toornan, Kate Kolbe, Yvonne Hunter, Mary Morgan, Martha Reed, and Helen Opdycke prepared and served many meals during the school year. Keeping the school warm is a job custodian, Zeb Starner works to maintain. Behind the scenes of school life, custodians, Emory Heitz and Paul Steward repair broken equipment. Making menus, ordering food, and doing other duties that need to be done in the cafeteria is headed by Helen Miller. Cafeteria workers under the direc¬ tion of Helen Miller put in many hours of hard work to prepare proper diets for many students. The ladies prepared and served the food and then cleaned up after students finished eating. Center pieces added extra cheer to the lunch line. The custodian department was headed by the late Lowell Johnson, who passed away in September after serv¬ ing at GHS for several years. His loss was great, but the jobs of the custodians went on. Class rooms were redecorated and new furniture was moved in. Their work went on not only during school hours but many hours before, after¬ school, and during school vacations. 33 for the Future ... through Sports Helping to make an undefeated football season were the following Railroaders: ROW 1--Roger Noel, Dave Miller, Vic Hunter, Thom Vanderbosch, Glenn Ludban, A1 Rapp, Keith Bunn, George Hathaway, Larry Warstler, Dave Steward, Rick Lewis, Bill Corry, and Ed Kelham. ROW 2--Bruce Custer, Dave Noel, A1 McPheeters, Dave Platner, Steve Mulligan, John Maurer, Derek Heinzerling, Barry McNamara, Bob Platz, Larry Dillon, Dick Pickard, Jim Corry, Art Hopkins, Randy Davis, and Phil Brechbill. ROW 3--Asst. Coach George Pearson, Mgr. Terry Harter, Mgr. Bob Shafer, Tom Karavas, Ron Livergood, Doug Opdycke, Tom Parvu, Dennis Worden, Tom Toy, Joe Porter, Mike Anderson, Tom Engle, Mike Smurr, Bill Yoder, and Head Coach Dick Capin. Nine Seniors Spark Gridmen Good reviews in the area newspapers, big crowds at all of the game, and a second place in the tough NEIAC confer¬ ence were all reaped by the 1963 Garrett Railroaders. The aggressive and undefeated squad had only 44 points scored against them all year against its 177, and 20 of those came in the final game when rival Auburn repeated history and tied us to knock out hope for the tie for conference champion¬ ship with New Haven. A good defense and a passing and run¬ ning offense clicked for the squad. Larry Warstler lead the conference scoring race after the Elmhurst game and went ahead to win it. A community victory celebration honoring the team included a record hop and a dinner. Community members at- Thom Vanderbosch Keith Bunn A1 Rapp Roger Noel Ed Kelham 36 Railroader Bill Corry tackles Decatur ' s Max Elliot after eluding Keith Bunn and Thom Vanderbosch. Through Undefeated tended the banquet in the Ober Building and watched Roger Noel and George Hathaway win trophies for their excel¬ lent support of the team . This was the third Railroader squad to have an undefeated season. George Hathaway was presented a Student Council most-valuable player award. Season GARRETT 19 North Side Junior Varsity 6 GARRETT 22 Decatur 6 GARRETT 13 Kendallville 0 GARRETT 33 Bluff ton 0 GARRETT 43 Elmhurst 0 GARRETT 19 Concordia 12 GARRETT 18 Angola 0 GARRETT 20 Auburn 20 Bob Platz Larry Warstler George Hathaway Bill Corry 37 Coaches Capin and Pearson intently watch the action of the Angola game. Mr. Bateman, Terry Harter, and team mascot Todd Hamm perform the task of putting the jerseys away. Coaches Steer The team could not have had such a good season if it had not been for the hard work put in by the coaches. Books of plays and training rules were issued and studied throughout the season. Evening skull sessions were very com¬ mon. Team members met in Coach Capin ' s basement for these sessions. Roger Noel and George Hathaway proudly display the trophies they were awarded at the Booster Club football banquet. A North Side tackier unsuccessfully attempts to stop George Hathaway as Dave Miller goes for a downfield block. 38 George Hathaway plows through the Auburn line of scrimmage in a crucial struggle for a first down. Team Through Seven Wins Reserves had a rather successful season winning four and losing three contests. Victories were posted over Auburn 13-12, Angola 20-19, Woodlan 25-6, and Columbia City 21-19. Kendallville 6-0, New Haven 35-0, and Auburn 13-12 scored wins over the squad. Mr. George Pearson and Mr. Ed Mahnesmith coached the reserve team. This team will probably provide a number of regulars for the varsity next year. Rick Lewis rips toward the North Side line as Bill Corry and Thom Vanderbosch clear the way. 39 Angola Holiday Tourney Champs--Proudly displaying the championship trophy are the varsity squad members Dave Miller, Dave Steward, Ken Mitchell, Chuck Bavis, George Hathaway, Jim Heitz, Jim White, and Larry Warstler, and team manager Harold Werkhiser. Impressive Railroaders Take Co-captains Jim White and George Hathaway meet the Auburn co-captains Terry Habig and Gary Cochard to open the Auburn-Garrett battle. School spirit and impressive playing highlighted the 1963-64 basketball sea¬ son for the Railroaders. After a slow start, the varsity finally shook the de¬ feat column and started a win streak that covered ten games. Wins over Auburn, Fremont, and highly rated Columbia City pushed the squad to the top of the area ratings in the Fort Wayne NEWS SENTINEL. Attendance rose and the following for the team was almost as great for the road games as it was at home. Hometown fans and awed visitors filled the Big Gym to capacity for several home contests. Another trophy was added to the case as Angola and Ligonier fell to the rolling Railroaders in the Holiday Tourney. 40 Chuck Bavis and Ken Mitchell eye the board as Jim White aims for a foul shot. Holiday Tourney George Hathaway awaits the rebound as Ken Mitchell lays one up in the Auburn game. Ken Mitchell tips as Bavis and White await the rebound. Big Chuck Bavis fires for two points as White awaits the rebound. 41 Ken Mitchell George Hathaway Led by four ace seniors Ken Mitchell, George Hathaway, Jim White, and Larry Warstler--the Railroaders lacked very little of anything, including height. Juniors Jim Heitz and sophomore Chuck Bavis contri¬ buted enough height to the team to allow it to tower over much of the opposition. Following the ten-game streak, Eastside and Decatur were able to defeat the squad but by slim margins in both cases. Basketball Scoreboard GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT 53 Ashley 61 GARRETT 81 Bluffton 49 58 Concordia 75 GARRETT 69 Angola 48 72 Waterloo 48 GARRETT 86 Columbia City 60 64 Kendallville 73 GARRETT 72 Avilla 37 73 Central Cath. 75 GARRETT 75 Woodlan 51 73 Auburn 66 GARRETT 89 Fremont 48 59 Huntertown 52 GARRETT 65 Eastside 66 67 Angola 62 GARRETT 66 Decatur 69 87 Ligonier 70 Seniors Lead Tall Team Coach Ward Smith gives the squad strategy to use in defeating the Fremont Eagles. 42 Experience, good size, and a strong desire to win brought the Handcars a 14-game winning streak in regular season play. The team traveled to Marion and defeated Lafayette Jeff in a reserve team tournament. Marion managed a one-point victory in the champion¬ ship. Columbia City ' s reserve squad stopped the Handcars, but they bounced back to win their next game without a falter. Reserve squad members coached by Mr. Smith in¬ cluded Tony Foar, Rod Dillon, John Maurer, Bob Lung, and Jim Vogel. ROW 2: Rick Lewis, Craig Gilliland, Dave Miller, Ed Myers, and Steve Smith. To Top of Area Ratings Mk m mjfk I V 1 J ‘i MM Coach Gormong ' s freshman squad was composed of Denny Feagler and Mark Hamm, Steve Boice, Dan Likes. ROW 2: Coach Gormong, Ron Cutler, Phil Lemper, Jack Siegel, Jan Fraze. ROW 3: Mark LaRue, Ron Kearns, Dave Clark, Jim Peters. ROW 4: Jed Gnagy, Scott Bishop, Bob Payton. ROW 5: Managers Jim Meier and Mike Jacobs. The freshmen played in two tourneys during their season--one at Angola and one on the home floor. In the Angola event, they won the first game but lost to Kendallville in the final. Albion took the frosh out of their own tourney and Kendallville was again the champion. The frosh had a well-balanced squad in scoring and playing. Leading cheers for the frosh squad were Tina Wysong, Margo Januseski, and Rhonda Ballentine. 43 C, rls ' Athletic Association with a new ponsor, Miss Fredina Crowe, w • ked for better sportsmanship and more skilled athletes. A " round robin " tournament in volleyball started the season. For the first time at GHS bowling was enjoyed by GAA members. Girls learned how to bowl and to keep score. Basketball saw the playing season to an end. A " round robin " tournament was held in basketball too. A banquet was given to award cer¬ tificates to outstanding players and teams in each sport. Checking in are Faith Hathaway, treasurer; Cheryl Yingling, vice-president; Dawn Fleet, secretary; Fredina Crowe, advisor; and Carol Gaff, president. Bigger and Karen Shafer ' s team mates are ready to back her. Linda Fleet proudly wears her GAA sweatshirt that arrived shortly before Christmas. Carol Lung demonstrates en¬ thusiasm for bowling. 44 Arranging the seating for the Pep Squad were vice-president Marianne Sattison; president Sally Weimer; secretary Diane Miller; and treasurer Tom Toy. Better Pep Squad This year junior high students as well as high school boys and girls made up the Pep Squad. A victory line greeted the Railroaders before each game during football season. Cheering squad members made the line as players entered the field. For the Angola-Garrett game a coffin and " dummy” was made to represent a dead Angola Hornet. A pep session pro¬ vided a funeral for the dead player. Leading the Handcars to victory were reserve cheerleaders, Nancy Capin, Cindy Lewis, and Jane Ervin. Backs Team New yells were learned for football and basketball. Due to increase in size the Pep Squad was moved to the south side of the gym during basketball season. For the Auburn-Garrett basketball game a medley of yells and songs was learned for half time entertainment. All through the year pep sessions were held. Dawn Fleet, Mick Wade, and Jo Ellen Moses, varsity cheerleaders, spirited Pep Squad yelling. for the Future ... with Clubs Council Undertakes Many Student Council was headed by Cindy Lewis, treasurer; Sandy Gnagy, vice-president; Dan Baker, president; and Cindy Strobel, sec¬ retary. p-osr. : ' " " HCC ewt » Junior representatives Bob Koehl and Terry Harter keep students informed by changing in¬ formation on the Council bulletin board. Getting ideas for Christmas decorations were senior representatives Gerry Porter, Jackie Wel¬ ler, and Carol Rugman. Student Council under the direction of Pres¬ ident Dan Baker and sponsors, Miss LeNore Lewis and Mr. Don French, planned many things to improve the school. The annual magazine drive was held early in the fall. The money received went for convocations and an activities sign, which now stands on the school campus. A John Fitzgerald Kennedy scholarship was set up to be given to a deserving senior to be used at the college of his choice. This was done shortly after the death of President John F. Kennedy. 48 School Projects Fresh fruit was gathered and taken to elderly people in the community. The fruit was contributed by each student bringing a piece. A Thanksgiving Program was sponsored by the Student Council at the big gym for all students and faculty members. Decorating for the Christmas season was a project taken up by the council. Each grade took a different section of the school and decorated it. Ready to take the flag down are seventh grade council members Dale Neukom, Joe Mi cheats, and Terry Knapp. Gary Ludban, the fourth member, was absent. Representing the eighth grade are Joe Cromley, Jeff McNutt, Steve Lampe, and Gary Mattice. They are inspecting the new activity sign. Changing the honor roll are sophomore representatives Gary Armstrong, Steve Mulligan, and Tom Stebing. Ninth grade council members Mark Hamm, Arthur Cobbs, Paula Dembickie, and Rhonda Ballentine, look over the new building. Changing the honor roll board, the activities sign, and planning for Council Capers were a few of the tasks the council members carried on for the school. Record hops, magazine drive, and Council Capers were sources for money to be used for projects that the Student Council performed during the school year. 49 Due to expansion at GHS eight more pages were added to the Aeolian. Some of these pages were filled by new clubs, equipment, and faces. To make it easier to find students and faculty members the index was re¬ turned to the back of the book. A school seal which is shown on the cover was designed to be used by the school. The seal represents different areas of interest at Garrett High. Assistant editors, Bette Thompson and Cheryl Yingling and business manager Dan Baker look over pages that made up the first deadline on Nov. 4. Watching to make sure their sections are typed correctly by Carol Rugman, production manager, are Mike Caywood, faculty and academic editor; Tom Vanderbosch, sports editor; Linda Fleet, under¬ class editor; Johneen Ellis, organization editor; and Marvene Bergdall, senior editor. Margaret Crowe, editor and Mr. Ken Richardson, adviser check divider spread for accuracy. Yearbook, From thoughts, pictures, and copy to " dummy sheets " and the final production comes the Aeolian for 1964. Many hours were spent during, after, and before school began on photography, headlines, copy, and layouts. 1 The business staff consisted of Cindy Ho- varter, Mike Thomas, Clarence Thompson, Walter Smith, Pat Bauman, Dave Quinn, Ruth Crager, Pat Freeman, Peg Worman, and Mary Margaret Beiger. Petie Rowe, feature editor; Patsy fiber- hard, assistant feature editor; and Roger Noel, sports editor, figure out how a long story is going to fit a small space. Sorting stories for the next MAROON AND BLUE STREAMLINER are Jackie Weller, news editor; Rosie McGrath, editor-in-chief; and Mr. Ken Richardson, adviser. Paper Show School Growth Sally Weimer and Carol Gaff, advertis¬ ing managers, leave to collect advertise¬ ments. The MAROON AND BLUE STREAMLINER staff was kept busy collecting information and writing stories, with layouts, and meeting deadlines . Letters to the editor, " Off the Track, " and " Caboose Comments " were new additions to the bi-weekly newspaper. Special issues appeared on days of important events, such as the first day of school, holidays, Garrett-Auburn game, tourna¬ ment, and graduation. Checking sub¬ scriptions income are Stephanie Smith, circulation manager and Peg Redmond, busi¬ ness manager. 51 •¥ r Jo Ellen Moses and Becky Haynes serve cookies to Mrs. Betty Love as one of Y-Teens first service projects. The Y-Teens this year started a new service project by serving coffee and cookies at a teacher ' s meeting. Help¬ ing at the basketball games the Y-Teens operated the coat check. During Christmas they sponsored a Bake Sale as a money-raising project. January 18 the annual semi- formal, " Peppermint Ball, " was held. President, Linda Fleet and sponsors, Mrs. Echo Lewis and Miss Mary Schrider, led the Club through the year ' s activities. Lii n JL . i 1 I ' J 1 i | ILXT hi . . U. ,M Winter Dave Quinn, Johneen Ellis, Gerry Porter, and Karen Rowe sit out one of the dances at Y-Teen Hi-Y semi-formal. Hi-Y Club was guided through the year by President, Keith Bunn and sponsors, Mr. George Pearson and Mr. Don Steward. As a money project they sponsored a record hop. They co-sponsored the an¬ nual Y-Teen--Hi-Y semi- formal and also gave the sec¬ ond Hi-Y scholarship to a senior. Heading Y-Teens were Carol Rugman, treasurer; Carol Gaff, service chairman; Sally Wiemer, song leader; Diane Miller, secre¬ tary; Jackie Weller, vice-president; and Linda Fleet, president. Enjoying the dancing at the Y-Teen--Hi-Y semi-formal are couples Bob Shafer, Linda Conkle, Dave Steward, Karen Meyers, Becky Haynes, Max Freeman, Diane Miller, and Jim White. Formal Tops Y-Club Activities Phil Brechbill, parliamentarian; Hud Freeze, treasurer; Mike Thomas, chaplain; Keith Bunn, president; John Moats, vice-president; and Tim Kolbe, secretary; provided leadership in the Senior Hi-Y organization. Providing music for the " Peppermint Ball " was the Dick Seeger Band. 53 Gary Boleyn, secretary; Ken Judson, reporter; Randy Berg- dall, vice-president; Joe Shirk, advisor; Ed Kelham, president; and Phil Brechbill, treasurer; led the FFA through the year. Following a scheduled program of ac¬ tivity, FFA members progressed through another successful year. The Auburn Fair was the first effort for the boys and spon¬ sor Paul Bateman. Holding record hops and selling candy earned money for the club projects. The blue and gold jackets of the FFA boys were often seen. Future Farmers, Scientists Travel went to Chicago. John Colgan, Joe Shirk, and Tom Shafer rest before the Eisenhower Farms ' exhibit at the Livestock show. 54 The Science Club was spon- sored by Mr. Ralph Bame and Mr. Cleo Miller. They helped members to further their knowl¬ edge in science. A series of lectures provided the programs at the meetings. Professors from the various col¬ leges gave the lectures on inter¬ esting topics. A field trip was taken to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The club also sponsored the annual Science fair in the spring. Conversing in the new chemistry lab are Science Club officers Bobbie Spicer, secretary; Terry Harter, treasurer; Mike Caywood, vice-president; and Hud Freeze, president. to Chicago. Mr. Wentland of the Heart Association presented a $100 Kevin Blair feeds the toad in room six. research grant to Jeff Best and Bob Byanski for their work on a science project. 55 Blue Triangle sponsored by Miss Sarah Eldridge and Mrs. Elsa Buckner was active during the year. A record hop was held as a money¬ making project. Votes were sold for five cents apiece, and students voted for whom they wanted as Mr. GHS. The crowning may become an an¬ nual event. Blue Triangle officers were treasurer Diane Caywood, sec¬ retary Alice Kelham, vice-president Karen Myers, and presi¬ dent Nancy Capin. Y-Clubs Help School, Community away was crowned Mr. GHS by Alice Kelham. 56 In charge of the Jr. Hi-Y were Craig Gilliland, Rodney Andrews, Rick Lewis, Lawrence Dillon, and Bill Baidinger. Junior Hi-Y is a Christian organization of freshman and sophomore boys. Through the year they carry on their meetings with a re¬ ligious aspect. The big event of the year was the semi- formal with the Blue Triangle. Getting information and ideas for the semi- formal are Rod Dillon and Mark Hamm. As Members Complete Projects To receive admission to one of the meetings members had to bring a can of food. This food was boxed and sent to needy families in the community for Christmas. Service Projects were one of the goals that the Blue Triangle set for themselves during the year. The one most enjoyed was making Christmas favors for the aged persons in the Convalescent Home and the hospital. Making Christmas favors for the aged are Kay McKee and Kathie Campbell. 57 Larry Stalter examines the school ' s press camera as he learns how to operate it as a club project. Providing assistance for the faculty were the members of the Operators Club. Operating the school ' s audio visual equip¬ ment and keeping it in repair was the main function of the organization. Mr. Paul Bateman sponsored the club and instructed the members in the care and opera¬ tion of the equipment. Member Jerry Kock threads a film strip pro- jector--one of the many jobs club members did for the teachers. Operators Help Teachers . . . Amused and amazed by the complex construction of the " automatic " movie projector are Larry Kammerer and Walt Smith. 58 Pam White and Mary Ann Lewellyn were among the members who visited the Garrett State Bank in an effort to leam more about business procedures. Business Club Surveys Careers Carol Rowe, secretary; Cindy Hovarter, president; Jim White, vice-president; and Colene Brown, treas¬ urer; directed Business Club activity. Sponsored by Mr. Jay Newell, the newly - organized Business Club soon became mem¬ bers of the FBLA and started functioning. The officers and sponsor went to Ball State Teachers College for a special meet¬ ing and heard many noted speakers from the business education world. Field trips and speakers from business and business training schools provided pro¬ grams for the club during the school year. The organization attempts to inform business students of career and training opportunities in the field of business. 59 During Latin Club Initiation Carrie Hip- pensteel lights the candles of initiaties Linda Conkle, Mary Lee Carper, and Jeff Brinkerhoff. Serving refreshments at Latin Club Initiation are Becky Baker and Tina Lung. Roman Togas were worn to Latin Club meet¬ ings by members of this large and very active organization sponsored by Mrs. Betty Love. The group is a member of the national and state organization of the Junior Classical League, and members participate in meetings of both groups. Charter Members Selected Leading the Latin Club through the year were of¬ ficers Cindy Strobel, vice-president; Doug Opdycke, treasurer; Joe Binz, president; and Dawn Fleet, sec¬ retary. Doug Opdycke portrayed the Roman God GHS members prepared the Constitution Mars at the Latin Club initiation, for the State JCL. A Roman Banquet, rec¬ ord hops, and regular monthly meetings kept members busy. 60 Presenting Honor students with their roses was Miss LeNore Lewis, chosen by the Chapter to help in the initiation The J. W. Garrett Chapter of the Na¬ tional Honor Society received its charter this year. GHS students to get into the Society must excel in scholarship, character, leadership and service. For Honor Society There were 18 active junior and senior members and 5 sophomore provisional members chosen for membership by a fac¬ ulty committee to be initiated in January. Superintendent Charles Puff was made an honorary member. The Garrett Chapter of Phi Iota Xi is a community sponsor of the Honor Society. ceremony. Proudly displaying the National Honor Society Charter are officers A1 Rapp, president; Larry Cat- tell, vice-president; Carol Rugman, secretary; and Terry Harter, treasurer. Juniors chosen for Charter member were Phil Bffechbill, Vic Hunter, Bob Koehl, Mrs. Love, sponsor; Becky Haynes, Margery Myers, Harriett Smith, and Cindy Strobel. Susan Jay, another Junior member, was not present for the picture. Enjoying the punch served by Phi Iota Xi representa tive Miss Betty Zerns are Nancy Capin, Cathy Barcus, Steve Mulligan, Steve Smith, and Doug Opdycke.-- The five sophomore provisional members. 61 Acting, Singing Provide Bette Thompson gets in the mood for pre¬ senting a reading by shaking her hands and reviewing the lines. Another club moving into the circle of GHS organizations was the Speech Club which was sponsored by Miss Darlene Parrish, Mr. Rich¬ ard Smith, and Mr. Arthur Garrigus. Members presented part of the American Education Week program as their first ac¬ tivity . Plays, debate, and speech contests were all a part of club activity. Plans for production of the musical comedy " Bye, Bye Birdie " were handled in part by the Speech Club. Committees for much of the pro¬ duction work were formed of club members. The all-school production was a new experi¬ ence for many students. President Larry Cattell and the other Speech Club officers—Mary Wiant, Thom Vanderbosch, and Di¬ ane Miller—prepare for a coming meeting. Terry Howiler studies Robert ' s Rules of Order as he anticipates a problem in parliamentary pro¬ cedure . 62 Entertainment In the Junior Ensemble were Harriett Smith, Sue Byanski, Polly VanZile, Janice Casey, Judy Hyde, Mary Wiant, Patsy Eberhard, Adele Smith, Sandra Terry, Connie Fetter, LaDonna Ringler, Cindy Strobe 1, and Becky Haynes. Marilee Hughes, Karen Rowe, Ruth Creager, Pat Free¬ man, Rosie McGrath, Margaret Crowe, Diane Miller, Judy Knott, Sally Weimer, Peg Worm an, Mick Wade, Peg Red¬ mond, and Jackie Weller composed the Teenettes--GHS ' s senior singing group. Roxanne Isenbarger served as accompanist for several choral groups during the year. Singing with the sophomore group were Peggy Ley, Pennie Murray, Fern Dame, Sally Bertch, Diane Caywood, Cindy Lewis, Cathy Barcus, Tina Lung, Karen Ellert, Lauise Gordon, Alice Kelham, Betty Coplin, Sandy Byanski, Kathie Campbell, Mari Neukom, and Christine Kolbe. Practicing under the direction of director Mr. Don Wilson, members of the special singing groups prepared numbers for public presentation and contests. Church and civic organizations often re¬ quested musical programs from these sing¬ ing groups. Some members of the Freshman Ensemble were Rhonda Ballentine, Tina Wysong, Debbie Hall, Sandy Trainer, Kay Shoener, and Margo Januseski. for the Future -1 ' » o i • " i 1 1 , l li Elected to transact the businness of the Senior Class were: President, A1 Rapp; Vice-President, Max Freeman; Secretary, Marvene Bergdall; and Treasurer, Johneen Ellis. Officers Plan Spring Activities Sponsoring and guiding the seniors through their last year of high school were: Mr. Kenneth Richardson, Mr. Richard Smith, Mr. Virgil Finchum, and Mrs. Hildreth Sweeney. As the seniors of 1964 graduate we carry with us many memories of our high school years; the most important was the senior year. Early in the year each looked his best as he posed for his sen¬ ior picture. The first class project was the presentation of the play " Pillow Talk. " Then, all anxiously awaited the completion of the new addition. The seniors were the first to move their books into the new lockers. As many important details such as the ordering of namecards, announce¬ ments and being measured for caps and gowns were taken care of, we realized our high school years were drawing to a close. 66 - Dan Baker Marvene Bergdall Larry Cattell Bill Carry Margaret Crowe Max Freeman Susan Kespohl Rosie McGrath Students Attain Honor Average Earning a class average of 3.125 out of 4.00 during the first seven semesters of high school qualified a senior to become an honor student. This year, fifteen stu¬ dents were awarded this honor. A1 Rapp Carol Rugman Mike Thomas Jackie Weller Tom Wheeler 67 Jim White Marlene Wilcox DANNY LEE BAKER--Math, Soc. St., Sci., For. Lang.; Aeolian Bus. Mgr.; Regional Latin Contest 9, 10, State 9; Reg. State Spanish Contest 11; Student Council Workshop 11; Class President 10; Senior Play Prog. Co-Chairman; Banquet Dinner Co-Chairman; Na¬ tional Honor Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Student Council 11, Pres. 12; Jr. Hi-Y, Sec. 10. FRED JAMES BALLENTINE--Ind. Arts, Bus.; Football 9,10; Track 9,10,11,12. PATRICK STEPHEN BAUMAN--Math, Sci., Ind. Arts; Senior Play Cast; National Thespian Society 12; Science Club 11,12; Pep Squad 12; Speech Club 12. Moving into the New Addition, BEVERLY ANN BEBER—Soc. St., Bus.; Student Librarian 12; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11. MARY ALICE BEBER--Bus., H ' Making; Pep Squad 9,10, 11,12; GAA 10,11,12; Chorus 12. MARY MARGARET BEBER--Bus., Soc. St., H ' Making; M B Staff 12; Senior Play Cast; Blue Triangle 9,10; Speech Club 12; Pep Squad 12. MARVENE ANN BERGDALL— Soc. St., Bus.; Aeolian Senior Editor; Class Secretary 12; Home Ec. Outstanding Student Award 11; State Teen-Age Driving Competition, 11; Senior Play Cast, Prog. Co- Chairman; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 11, 12 . COLINE MARIAN BROWN— Soc. St., Bus.; Senior Play Cast; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Latin Club 9; Business Club, Treasurer 12. 68 JOHN MICHAEL CAYWOQD — Math, Soc. St., Sci.; M B Staff 10; Aeolian Faculty Editor; Purdue Summer Science Institute 11; N.E. Indiana Regional Science Fair, Jr. Division, 1st, 9; First Alter¬ nate Naval Cruiser Award 11; National Honor Society 12; National Thespian Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Latin Club 9, Pres. 10; Science Club 9,10,11, Vice-Pres. 12; Jr. Hi-Y 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Speech Club 12; Pep Squad 12. KEITH EDWIN BUNN—Math, Soc. St.; M B Staff 10; Banquet Gen. Co-Chairman; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y, Vice- Pres. 11, Pres. 12; Latin Club 9; Band 9; FTA 11; Speech Club 12; Pep Squad 12; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 10,11,12, Co-Captain 12; Chorus 10,11,12; Senior Mixed Ens.; Senior Boys ' Quartet. LARRY DEAN CATTELL—Math, Soc. St., Sci., For. Lang.; JCL Service Award 11; Regional Latin Contest 10, Senior Play Cast; Banquet Master of Ceremonies, Prog. Co-Chair¬ man; National Honor Society, Vice-Pres. 12; National Thespian Society 12; Latin Club 10, Vice-Pres. 11,12; FTA 11; Science Club 11; Speech Club, Pres. 12; Basketball 9. Giving Speeches, Helping Bonnie Mooney decide which senior picture proof is best are Billie Jo Coyer and Pat Bauman. JOHN WILLIAM COLGAN— Ind. Arts, Soc. St.; Defiance High School 9; FFA 12. WILLIAM LEWIS CORRY—Math, Soc. St., Sci.; Boys ' State; Class President 9; Regional Geometry Contest 10; Regional Compre. Math I Contest 11; Basketball 9,10,11, Letter 11; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 11,12; Track 10,11,12. BILLIE JO COYER—Bus., H ' Making; Areola High School 9,10,11; Business Club 12; Y-Teens 12. RUTH ANN CRACER--Soc. St., Bus.; Senior Play Cast; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 11,12; Speech Club 12; Soph. Girls ' Ins.; Teenettes. 69 i MARGARET ANN CROWE—Math, Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 10,11; Aeolian Editor-In-Chief; Alternate to Girls ' State; Indiana Univ. Yearbook Workshop 12; Sen¬ ior Play Cast; Banquet Table Dec. Co-Chairman; Na¬ tional Honor Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Blue Tri¬ angle, Dev. Chairman 9, Vice-Pres. 10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9,10,11, 12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Senior Mixed Ins.; Teenettes. DENNIS GAIL CUTLER—Math, Soc. St.; Pep Squad 12. ETHEL IRENE DAY—Soc. St., Sci., Bus.; Whitesburg High School, Ky. 9,10,11; Y-Teens 12. LARRY ALAN DePEW—Soc. St., Ind. Arts, Agr.; FFA 9,10,11,12. Pillow Talk, Presenting JOHNE EN ELLIS—Soc. St., Bus.; Aeolian Staff; M B Staff 11,12; Class Treasurer 11,12; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Entrance Co-Chairman; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Speech Club 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Senior Mixed Ens.; Teenettes. LINDA SUE FLEET--Math, Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 11; Aeolian Underclass Editor; Y-Teen Summer Conference 11; Class Secretary 11; Homecoming Court 12; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Gen. Co-Chairman; Na¬ tional Thespian Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Latin Club 9, Vice-Pres. 10; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens, Treas. 11, Pres. 12; FTA 11; GAA 9,11,12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens. MAX ALLEN FREEMAN—Math, Soc. St., Sci., For. Lang.; Boys ' State; Regional and State Spanish Contest 9; Regional Latin Contest 10,11; Class Vice-Pres. 10,12; Banquet Entrance Co-Chairman; National Honor Society 12; Latin Club 10,12, Pres. 11; Jr. Hi-Y 10; Hi-Y 11, 12; Science Club 11; Band 9. PATRICIA SUE FREEMAN—Soc. St., Bus., H ' Making; Aeolian Bus. Staff; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 10,11,12; Speech Club 12; Chorus 10,12; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. 70 DAVID MICHAEL FREY—Math, Sci., Ind. Arts; Senior Play Prop Co-Chairman; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Invitation Co-Chairman; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 12; Student Council 10; Science Club 10,11; Operators Club 10,11,12; Basketball 9; Football 9; Band 9,10,11; Chorus 9,10. CAROL JOYCE GAFF—Bus.; M B Assistant Adv. Mgr. 12; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11, Ser. Chairman 12; GAA 9,10,11, Pres. 12; Pep Squad 10,11,12; Office Worker 12. ARTHUR DALE GUNION—Soc. St., Ind. Arts; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11; Basketball 9; Track 9,10,11. Seeing Mike Caywood handling the camera was a familiar sight as he shot many pictures for the ' 64 Aeolian. Writing Term Papers, BUD HANDSHOE—Ind. Arts, Bus.; Track 9,10, 11 . DORIS ANN HARTMAN--Bus.; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Business Club 12. DeWAYNE CHARLES HATHAWAY—Soc. St., Ind. Arts; FFA 12; Football 9,10,11, Letter 11; Most Improved Player of Year, 1962 Track Conference Team; Track 9,10, Letter 10; Bas¬ ketball 9,10, Letter 10. EUGENE EDWARD HATHAWAY —Soc. St., Ind. Arts, Bus.; Senior Play Stage Co-Chair¬ man; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 10,11,12, Co-Captain 12; Football First Team All- Conference 12; Basketball 9, 10,11,12, Letter 10,11,12, Co- Captain 12; Track 9,10,11, Letter 11. 71 GEARLD CURTIS HENDERSON--Soc. St., Ind. Arts, Bus.; FFA 12; CYNTHIA ANN HOVARTER— Soc. St., Bus., H ' Making; Aeolian Business Staff; Class Treasurer 9; Homemaker of Tomorrow 12; Office Worker 12; Latin Club 9; Pep Squad 9,10,11; Business Club, Pres. 12; Blue Triangle 9. TERRY DEAN HOWILER - -Math, Soc. St.; M B Staff 12; Class Secretary 9; Latin Club 10; Science Club 11; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11, Sgt.-at-arms 12; Pep Squad 12; Speech Club, Pari. 12; Baseball 9,10; Basketball 9,10, 11, Letter 11. Having Interesting Discussions MARILEE HUGHES—Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 10,11,12; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Stage Co-Chairman; Res. Cheerleader 9; Miss GHS 12; National Thespian Society 12; FTA 11; Latin Club 9; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 10,11,12; Speech Club 12; Chorus 11,12; Senior Mixed Ens.; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes; Senior Trio. KENNETH PAUL JUDSON—Soc. St., Agr.; FFA 9,10,11, Reporter 12; Basketball 9. LARRY NATHAN KAMMERER --Soc. St., Ind. Arts; Operators Club 12; Football Manager 9, 10; Basketball 9; Track 9,10. EDWARD LEE KELHAM— Ind. Arts, Agr.; Banquet Stage Co-Chairman; FFA 9,10, Sec. 11, Pres. 12; Pep Squad 12; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 11, 12; Track 9,10,11,12; Bas¬ ketball 9. 72 SUSAN ELIZABETH KESPOHL --Math, Soc. St., For. Lang.; Seymour High School 10,11,12. JUDITH ANN KNOTT—Bus., Soc. St., H ' Making; Blue Tri¬ angle Camp 10; Senior Play Cast; Student Council 9,10,11; National Thespian Society 12; Blue Triangle 9, Prog. Chair¬ man 10; Y-Teens 11,12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad 9,10, 11,12; Co-Ed Correspondent 11; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens. JERRY THOMAS KOCK—Math, Soc. St., Bus.; Jr. Hi-Y 9; Operators Club 12; Busi¬ ness Club 12; Basketball Manager 10,11, Letter 10,11. BEVERLY ANNE KOEHL—Bus. In Sociology And Composition, ROGER TERRY KOLBE—Math, Soc. St., Band; Mid- America Music Camp 10; Band 9,10,11,12. DARRELL WILLIAM KRUGER—Soc. St., Ind. Arts; FFA 11 , 12 . MARY ANN LEWELLYN--Soc. St., Bus.; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11; Pep Squad 9,10; Business Club 12. ECHO ANN LEWIS--Math, Soc. St., For. Lang.; Senior Play Cast; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens, Dev. Chairman 11, Ser. Chairman 12; National Thespian Society 12; Pep Squad 9,12; Science Club 11; Speech Club 12. 73 DIANE KAY MILLER—Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 11, Exchange Editor 12; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Aud. Dec. Co-Chairman; Homecoming Court, 12; Blue Triangle 9, Treas. 10; Y-Tecns 11, Sec. 12; Latin Club 9, Sec. 10; Speech Club, Sec. 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11, Sec. 12; Stu¬ dent Council 9,10; Chorus 11, 12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes; Senior Mixed Ens.; Senior Girls ' Trio. LARRY JOE MADDEN—Soc. St. ROSEMARY VERONICA McGRATH—Math, Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 10, Feature Editor 11, Editor-in-Chief 12; Girls ' State; I.U. Summer Latin Scholarship 11; Ohio Univ. Summer Journalism Confer. 11; Univ. of Mich. Summer Journalism Confer. 12; Regional Eng. Contest 11; Senior Play Cast; National Honor Society 12; Quill and Scroll 11,12; Latin Club 9,10; FTA 11; Blue Triangle 9; Pep Squad 9,11,12, Sec. 10; GAA 9,10,11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes; Senior Mixed Ens.; Senior Girls ' Trio. Jim Shutt grins sheepishly as he slips a namecard to Bonnie Mooney in class. And Beating Auburn KENNETH MARK MITCHELL— Soc. St., Ind. Arts; Jr. Hi-Y 9, 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Speech Club 12; Basketball 9,10,11,12, Let- er 11,12; Baseball 10. JOHN PATRICK MOODY— Math, Soc. St., For. Lang. BONNIE CAROL MOONEY— Soc. St., Bus., H ' Making; Riverdale High School 9,10,11. CYNTHIA LOU MYERS--Bus. 74 In Basketball Were Highlights JOHN ROGER NOEL—Math, Soc. St.; M B Staff 9,10, 11, Sports Editor 12; Lineman of the Year Award 12; Football Second Team All-Conference 12; Operators Club 9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Pep Squad 12; FT A 11; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 11,12; Track 9,10,11,12. EDWARD PLACENCLA—Soc. St., Bus.; Football 11; Track 11,12. ROBERT STEVEN PLATZ—Soc. St., Bus.; South Side High School 9,10; Football 11,12, Letter 12. GERALD ALLAN PORTER--Math, Soc. St.; Senior Play Cast; Magazine Sales Mgr. 12; Student Council 12; National Thespian Society 12; Pep Squad 12; Track 9, 10,11,12; Chorus 10,11,12; Senior Mixed Ens.; Senior Boys ' Quartet. DAVID FRANKLIN QUINN—Math, Soc. St.; Aeolian Bus. Staff 12; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 9, Chaplain 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Band 9,10; Chorus 12; Senior Mixed Ens.; Senior Boys ' Quartet. ALAN WAYNE RAPP--For. Lang., Soc. St.; Concordia High School 9; Class President 11,12; Football Third Team All-Conference 12; Banquet Table Dec. Co- Chairman; Senior Play Stage Co-Chairman; National Honor Society, Pres. 12; Speech Club 12; Basketball 10; Football 10,11,12, Letter 11,12; Track Mgr. 10,L, Let¬ ter 10,11. MARGARET MAE REDMOND—Soc. St., Bus.; M B Staff 11, Bus. Mgr. 12; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Din¬ ner Co-Chairman; Homecoming Court 12; National Thespian Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Blue Triangle 9; Latin Club 9, Treas. 10; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; GAA 9,11,12; Chorus 11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. CAROL ANN ROWE—Soc. St., Bus., H ' Making; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 12; Business Club, Sec. 12. 75 KAREN MARCELLA ROWE—Soc. St., Bus.; M B Staff 10,11, Feature Editor 12; Student Council 9, 10; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; FTA 11; Chorus 11,12; Jr. Ens.; Teen- ettes 12. CAROL JEAN RUGMAN—Soc. St., Bus.; Aeolian Production Mgr.; Y-Teen Summer Conference 10; Homecoming Queen 12; Senior Play, Student Di¬ rector; Student Council 11,12; National Honor Society, Sec. 12; Blue Triangle 9, Pres. 10; Y- Teens 11, Treas. 12; Pep Squad 11,12; GAA 9,10, 11,12; Chorus 9,10. CAROLYN SUE SHAFFER--Math, Soc. St., Band; Girls ' State Alternate; Senior Play Cast; Blue Triangle 9, Dev. Chairman 10; Y-Teens 11,12; GAA 12; Band 9, Librarian 10,11,12. JOSEPH CARL SHIRK—Ind. Arts., Agr.; FFA 10, Sentinel 11, Student Advisor 12; Pep Squad 12. ARTHUR LEE SHOENER—Math, Soc. St., Sci.; M B Staff 11,12; Mid-America Music Camp 9; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Entertainment Co-Chairman; Quill Scroll 12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Pep Squad 12; Speech Club 12; Science Club 11; Band 9,10; Chorus 12; Baseball 9. JAMES MICHAEL SHUTT—Soc. St., Band; Senior Play Cast; Operators Club 11,12; Speech Club 12; National Thespian Society 12; Band 9,10,11,12. PATSY JEANNE SMITH—Bus., H ' Making; M B Staff 12; Senior Play Make-Up Co-Chairman; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; GAA 9,10,11; Pep Squad 9,10. STEPHANIE SUE SMITH—Soc. St., Bus., H ' Making; M B Staff 12, Subscription Mgr. 12; Banquet Pro¬ gram Co-Chairman; Senior Play Make-Up Co- Chairman; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; GAA 12. Tom Wheeler was one of many seniors who sought college information from Miss Lewis in the guidance department. 76 WALT SHERIDAN SMITH--Ind. Arts, Bus.; Operators Club 10,11,12; Pep Squad 12; Band 9,11,12; Track 10,1 . LARRY DALE STALTER--Soc. St., Ind. Arts; Deca¬ tur High School 9; Operators Club 11,12. Of Our Senior Year. Seniors Jill Thomas and Stephanie Smith enter the doors of the new addi¬ tion for the last semester of high school. LAVERN HENRY STEINMAN--Soc. St., Ind. Arts; Arlington High School 9. JILL LORRAINE THOMAS—Soc. St., Bus.; M B Staff 12; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; GAA 12. MICHAEL RAY THOMAS- Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Aeolian Bus. Staff; Boys ' State Alternate; Regional Latin Contest 9, Adv. Alg. Contest 11; Senior Play Ticket Chairman; Jr. Hi-Y, Vice-President 9, Pres. 10; Hi-Y 11, Chaplain 12; Latin Club 9,10; Track 9,10,11,12. BETTE LOU THOMPSON--Soc. St., Bus.; Aeolian Asst. Editor; Y-Teen Summer Conference 12; Senior Play Cast; National Thespian Society 12; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11, Prog. Chairman 12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Speech Club 12. 77 CLARENCE WILLIAM THOMSON--Bus.; Pep Squad 12 . THOMAS ALLEN VANDERBOSCH—Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 12; Aeolian Sports Editor; Foot¬ ball Third Team All-Conference 12; Student Coun¬ cil 9; Jr. Hi-Y 9; Pep Squad 12; Speech Club, Vice-Pres. 12; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 11,12; Basketball 9,10,11; Track 9,10,11,12; Letter 10,11; Chorus 10,11,12; Senior Mixed Ens.; Senior Boys ' Quartet. MICHELLE JOANNE WADE—Soc. St., For. Lang.; Girls ' State; Class Secretary 9,10; Cheerleader, Res. 10, Var. 11,12; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11, 12; Latin Club 9; Pep Club 9; GAA 9,10, Sec. 11, 12; Speech Club 12; Jr. Ens.; Teenettes. LARRY DAVID WARSTLER—Soc. St., Ind. Arts; Football Second Team All-Conference 11, Football First Team All-Conference 12, UPI All-State Honorable Mention 12; Track Decathalon Winner 11; Football 9,10,11,12, Letter 11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12, Letter 10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12, Let¬ ter 10,11; Baseball 9,10; Chorus 11,12. Now We Anticipate SALLY ANN WEIMER—Soc. St., H ' Making; M B Staff 9,11, Advertising Mgr. 12; Co-Ed Correspondent 11; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Invitation Co-Chairman; National Thespian Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Blue Triangle 9, Sec. 10; Y-Teens 11, Songleader 12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad 9,10,11, Pres. 12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Senior Mixed Ens.; Teen¬ ettes. JACQUELINE SUE WELLER--Math, Soc. St., For. Lang.; M B Staff 10, News Ed. 12; DAR Good Citizen; Purdue Speech Hearing Clinic 11; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Entertainment Co-Chairman; National Honor Society 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Student Council 10,12; Blue Triangle 9, Songleader 10; Y-Teens Sec. 11, Vice-Pres. 12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad, Sec. 11,12; Student Librarian 10; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Senior Mixed Ens.; Teenettes. THOMAS CHARLES WHEELER--Math, Soc. St., Sci.; M B Staff 9,10; Boys ' State Alternate; Reg. Alg., Geom., Comprehensive Math I, 9,10,11; Senior Play Cast; Latin Club 9, Sgt.-at-Arms 10; Science Club 11; Speech Club 12; National Thespian Society 12; Pep Squad 12; Track 9,10. 78 JAMES ALAN WHITE--Soc. St., Bus.; Business Club, Viee-Pres. 12; Basketball 10,11,12, Letter 11,12, Co- Captain 12; Track 9,10,11,12; Letter 10,11. PAMELA ANN WHITE--Bus,; Greenwood High School 11; Y-Teens 12; Business Club 12. The Future Sharing a senior locker were Mrs. Viola Snook and Mrs. Marlene Wilcox who returned to complete their high school education and graduated with the class of ' 64. THOMAS ALLEN WOLPERT --Math, Soc. St.; Basket¬ ball 9. PEGGY LURL WORMAN— Soc. St.; Aeolian Business Staff; Senior Play Prop Co- Chairman; Blue Triangle 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Cho¬ rus 12; Teenettes. EDNA MARY YARIAN— Math, Soc. St., Bus.; Blue Triangle 9; GAA 9,10,11; Pep Squad 9,10,11. CHERYL ANN YINGLING —Soc. St., Bus., H ' Making; Aeolian Asst. Editor; Sen¬ ior Play Cast; Blue Triangle 9; Latin Club 10; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; GAA 10,11, Vice-Pres. 12; Office Worker 12. 79 Leading the class of ' 65 are Vice-President Dawn Fleet, Secretary Jo Ellen Moses, Treasurer Janice Casey, and President Vic Hunter. Juniors Anticipate Future, Armstrong, Michael Ballentine, Sandra Barnhart, Annette Barry, Timothy Beber, Daniel Beber, Theresa Bergdall, Randall Binz, Joseph Bodey, Steven Boleyn, Gary Bond, Richard Bowser, Karen Brand, Nancy Brechbill, Philip Brinkerhoff, Daniel Brumbaugh, Julia Brumbaugh, Sandra Byanski, Robert Byanski, Sue Casey, Janice Colgan, Floyd Corry, James Creager, William Cutler, Norma 80 Davis, Randall Dembickie, Michael DePew, Carol Dove, Richard Eberhard, Patsy Engle, Thomas Ervin, Linda Ewert, David Fetter, Connie Fleet, Dawn Foar, Tony Fordeck, Patricia Friend, Lucille Gaar, Terry Gaff, Judith Gaskill, Linda Gillespie, Michaeleen Gnagy, Sandra Godwin, Betty Goebel, Cerinda Grogg, Joseph Handshoe, Marlene Handshoe, Vernous Harmon, John Harter, Terry Hartman, Russ Hathaway, Faith Haynes, Rebecca Hazeltine, Steven Heinzerling, Derek Heitz, James Hensinger, Mabel Hopkins, Arthur Hunter, Victor Hyde, Judith James, Nancy Juniors Janice Casey, Becky Haynes, and Linda Ervin study the treasurer ' s book an¬ ticipating the Junior-Senior Banquet. 81 Pride and joy was evident as the Juniors proudly displayed their class rings in early December. Jay, Susan Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Stephen Koehl, Robert Kolbe, Timothy LaTurner, Daniel Leeper, Connie Leeper, Donald Lemper, Barbara Lewis, J. Michael Lewis, Michael Lilienthal, Monika Ludban, Glen Lung, Carol Maurer, John McMillan, David McNamara, Barry McPheeters, Allan Milks, Max Miller, Daniel Miller, Michael Miller, Tonya Moats, John Moses, Jo Ellen Sell Concessions, Sponsor Dances, Myers, Margery Newbauer, Joseph Newbauer, Steven Parker, Linda Parker, Raymond Peck, Roger Pfierman, Linda Pickard, Richard Platner, David Ramey, Gladys Ranney, James Ray, Linda Ringler, LaDonna Rugman, George Robbins, DeWayne Runion, Dale Sattison, Marianne Schurr, Carol Sechler, Doris Shafer, Robert Shaffer, Janice Spiers, Gregg Smith, Adele Smith, Harriet 82 Toy, Thomas VanZile, Polly Warrick, Gary Wentland, Glenda Werkhiser, Harold White, Terry Wiant, Mary Wiley, Larry Yingling, Kenneth Smith, Sandra Smith, Wauxeen Snyder, Ronald Spicer, Roberta Steinman, Dean Strobel, Cynthia Stover, William Strawser, Maynard Talley, Judith Tarlton, Donald Taylor, Frances Teders, James Terry, Sandra and Prepare Banquet. Enrollment day Juniors Susan Jay and Tonya Miller eagerly checked out their new lockers for the school year. 83 Anderson, Michael Andrews, Rodney Armstrong, Gary Baidinger, William Baker, David Baker, Phyllis Baker, Rebecca Barcus, Cathy Barry, Thomas Bavis, Charles Berg, Kristina Bertsch, Sally Carrying on business for the sophomores are Bob Carpenter, President; Karen Meyers, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Cathy Barcus, Secretary; and Anita Johnson, Treasurer. I V 1 ■ 1 L ;1 Sophomores Present Newly Designed Bigelow, James Bishop, Thomas Bloom, Cynthia Bond, Robert Brown, David Brown, John Brumbaugh, Margaret Byanski, Sandra Campbell, Kathleen Capin, Nancy Carpenter, Robert Caywood, Diana Coplin, Betty Coplin, Margaret Crager, Darlene Custer, Bruce Dame, Fern Dannenberg, David Davis, Frank DeLucenay, Richard 84 DeMint, Robert Denes, James DePew, Coleen Detrick, James Dillon, Larry Dillon, Roderick Ellert, Karen Gilbert, Danny Gilliland, Craig Gordon, Louise Gravit, Maxine Grawcock, James Gunion, Clifford Hageman, Carol Hall, Beverly Hall, Gertrude Hatton, Wanda Hazeltine, Elian Heffelfinger, Keith Heller, Janice Helton, Suzanne Hippensteel, Carrie Johnson, Anita Johnson, David Johnson, Diane Johnson, Donald Kahlke, Betty Karavas, Thomas Kelham, Alice Kleeman, Gary Kolbe, Christine Kruger, Sharon Kukutsis, Janet Lewis, Cindy Sweaters, Sophomores Debbie Meyers and Cliff Gunion pass away time as they await an after school meeting. Between classes sophomore girls stop to exchange opinions on an up coming game. 85 Lewis, Richard Lewis, Steven Ley, Margaret Livergood, Ronald Lung, Janney Proceed on the Road to Lung, Robert Lung, Tina Mansfield, Steve Marti, Georganna Mathews, Ronald McKee, Kay McFheeters, Diana Mellott, Rick Meyers, Deborah Meyers, Karen Meyers, Susan Miller, Claudia Miller, David Molargik, Robert Moody, Timothy Muldary, Michael Mulligan, Steven Murray, Pennie Muzzillo, Richard Newman, Robert Neukom, Mary Noel, David Nevy, William Opdycke, Douglas Parvu, Thomas Payton, Karen Pence, Linda Perry, Jean Pfierman, Joyce Pierson, Gary Pierson, James Placencia, Mary Platner, Diane Porter, Joseph Potts, Thomas Quinn, Vicki Rowe, Cynthia Rugman, Martha Rupp, Randall Sapp, Betsy Scheurich, Merritt Schurr, Becky Shaffer, Thomas Shultz, Keith Smith, Brenda 86 Smith, Marilyn Smith, Max Smith, Steven Smurr, Michael Snyder, Jo Ann Being Upperclassmen. Powder blue and white class sweaters for tire class of ' 66 are inspected by Darlene Creager and Alice Kelham. Student Bob Lung is seen as he returns to his locker after classes are in session. Stahl, Charlene Stebing, Thomas Steffen, Nancy Steward, David Surface, Gary Swank, Benjamin Thomas, Rebecca Thorne, Craig Thrush, Larry Tustison, Randall VanDerbosch, Terry VanSkyhawk, Dennis Vogel, James Weller, Jerry Weller, Sharon Wendel, Brenda Wesner, Robert Worden, Dennis Workman, Larry Yoder, William 87 The new honor roll system for this year sent Roxanne Isenbarger, Mikie Lewis, and Ed Talley in search of their names. Andrews, Steven Aplin, Kirk Ballentine, Rhonda Barnhart, Thomas Bateman, Paula Beber, Kathryn Beber, Patricia Bherns, Rose Bishop, Schot Freshmen Have Largest Bixler, Vonda Blair, Kevin Boice, Stephen Boleyn, Evon Bowman, Patricia Bowser, Ted Brandenburg, Daniel Brechbill, Cynthia Brennen, Carol Brinkerhoff, Jeffrey Brumbaugh, Linda Buckles, Deborah Carper, Cynthia Carper, Mary Lee Casey, Michael Clark, David Cobbs, Arthur Conkle, David Conkle, Linda Cordes, Sandra Creager, Melinda Cutler, Ronald Cutshall, John Davis, George Deihl, Deborah Detrick, Jeanne DeLong, Carole Dembickie, Paula DePew, Janice Dirr, Pamela Dolan, Nancy Dudash, Karen Ervin, Jane Estes, Richard Ewert, Richard 88 Class Feagler, Dennis Fetter, Ronald Freeman, Lynn Freeze, Ronald Frey, Cynthia Fritz, Kenneth Gael, Judith Gibson, Donald Gnagy, Gerald Godwin, Sam Hall, Deborah Hall, Diane Hamm, Mark Harter, Rebecca Haynes, Anita Heitz, Philip Helbert, Jeanne Hippensteel, Timothy Hipskind, Jeffery Hoffman, Thomas Holbrook, Robert Honaker, Michael Hunter, Patrick Isenbarger, Roxanne Jacobs, Michael Januseski, Margo Jones, Danny Jones, Linda Kaeck, Tommie Kearns, Joseph Kearns, Ronald Kimmel, Joyce Kimmel, Phyllis Kirkpatrick, Lynn Kleeman, Ann Kock, Jerilyn Krocker, Judith Elected to serve the Freshman Class are Jeff Hipskind, Jed Gnagy, Linda Conkle, and Denny Feagler. 89 Kugler, Vicky LaRue, Mark Lash, Diane Leeson, Amy Lemish, Nancy Lemper, Phillip Lewis, Michaelee Likes, Danny Lilienthal, Gabriela Malcom, Norma Mansfield, George Marti, David Maurer, Mary McBride, Steven McCullough, Cathy McGrath, Steven Mellott, R onald Meiers, James Molargik, Mary Molargik, Michael As Population Explosion Begi Curiosity gets the best of Jeanne Helbert and Rhonda Ballentine as they sneak a peak at the new green house. Morgan, Lana Mueller, Mary Murray, Keith Myers, Edward Myers, Linda Myers, Mary Ann Nelson, Edward Nodine, Kenneth Ort, Alice Parmeter, Carolyn Payton, George Pepple, Pauline Peters, James Picklesimer, Linda Placencia, David Ramey, Guyan Ramey, Kenneth Redmond, Susan Roberts, Sharon Rhetts, Leslie Roebel, Carol 90 to Show, Rynearson, Daphne Sebring, Coleen Seigel, Jack Shafer, Karen Shafer, Mary Shoener, Kay Shreve, Mary Simpson, Mitchell Smith, Paul Spicer, Harvey Spires, Harvey Spires, Steven Stevens, Wayne Summers, Patricia Swonger, Dale Talley, James Teders, Gene Thomas, Cynthia Trainer, Sandra Tussey, David Warstler, Charlotte Watkins, Jean Wendel, James Wheeler, Theresa White, Iris Wiley, James Williams, Larry Woodward, Sharon Workman, Connie Wysong, Christine Zecca, Henry Freshman Denny Feagler forces Janice DePew to retreat to the school for safety. 91 Sharon Roberts adds final touches before she hurries to her first period class. for the Future ... in Junior High The eighth grade football team consisted of Don Lampe, Wayne Roberts, Harold Smith, Montie Likes, Larry Lung, Dave Likens, Tom Carpenter. ROW 2: Jeff McNutt, Tim Miller, Dan Sobieski, Phil Vanderbosch, Merve Porter, Scott LaTurner, Wayne Weller. ROW 3: Mr. Ewing, John Baidinger, Mike Berg, Dan Clark, Steve Lampe, Larry Dove, Bill Yarian, Joe DePew, Mike Roop, Gary Thrush, Mr. Gormong. Junior High Athletic Teams Train Eighth grade basketball team members were Dan Clark and John Baidinger. ROW 2: Harry Smith, Jeff McNutt, Bruce Brown, Ron Miller, and Dan Sobieski. ROW 3: Sam Hopkins, Gerry Gordon, Steve Lampe, Coach Mahnesmith, Mike Berg, Pat Boice, and Bill Yarian. 94 Composing the seventh grade football team are Sam Wiley, Richard Peck, Steve Brown. ROW 2: Rex Carper, Joe Michael, Dennis Davis, Dave Isenbarger, Dennis Thrush. ROW 3: Don Lampe, Gary Ludban, Dave Yarde, Dana Heupel, George Velpel. The future of the high school lies in the hands of our up-coming generation, the Junior High. The foundation of a successful high school begins in the learning of the lower grades. The Junior High earns priv¬ ileges and add to school spirit. Sport abilities are displayed, Spanish classes flourish, and convocations become prominent in school life. Leaders in the making are the pushing, running, yelling, and anxious Junior High students who add a chapter in the history of Garrett High School. Future Varsity Railroaders Active in seventh grade basketball are Dave Gilliland, Don Cattell. ROW 2: Wayne Roberts, Richard Peck, Jim Pike, Fred Peck, Jerry Berg, David Likens. ROW 3: Mr. Mahnesmith, Jim Miller, Randy McCullough, Joe Michaels, Rex Carper, Dave Yarde, Dave Isenbarger, Don Lampe. Johnny Hess practices the techniques taught in his seventh grade art class. Looking at the many prizes, Susan Leiter and Dan Clark discuss the Maga¬ zine Drive. T1 Ashenfelter, Linda Baidinger, John Ballentine, Cynthia Berg, Michael Bergdall, Clark Eighth Grade Wins Top Sales Blair, Roger Boice, Patrick Bowers, Laura Bowser, Kathryn Brinkerhoff, Kristine Brown, Bruce Brumbaugh, Crystal Bunn, Thomas Capin, Diane Carpenter, Thomas Clark, Daniel Colgan, Duane Coplin, Nancy Coyer, Patty Crager, Douglas Craig, Vicky Cromley, Joseph Curtis, Eric Dame, Gwen DeMint, Drucilla Davis, Dennis DePew, Jean DePew, Joseph DePew, Linda Dove, Larry Fleming, Jack Fraze, Jan Goebel, Pamela Gordon, Jerome Gradeless, Sandra Graham, Richard Grogg, Lynford Hageman, James Hamm, Jordan Handshoe, Thelmar 96 Prize, Helbert, Michael Helton, David Hillegass, Peggy Hixon, Connie Honaker, James Hopkins, Samuel Howard, Fred Hughes, Tommie Jarnegan, Gary Kaeck, Ginger Kahlke, Linda Kearns, Frances Kees, Larry Kruger, Dale Kruger, Marilyn Lampe, Stephen LaTurner, Scott Leeper, Rose Leiter, Susan Lengerich, Vincent Lewis, Carl Lewis, Vicki Likens, David Likes, Monty Lung, Larry Lung, Marcia Martinez, Aurora Mason, David Matson, Larry Mattice, Gary McNutt, Jeffrey Miles, Shelly Miller, Ronald Miller, Timothy Miller, Vincint Moats, Margaret Moody, Frank Mooney, Mary Myers, Bennie Nolan, Larry Eighth graders Tom Hughes, Laura Bowser, and Frances Kearns eagerly exchange class pictures. 97 Norwich, Linda Picldesimer, Brenda Picklesimer, Myrna Porter, Mervyn Reese, Barry Roberts, Wayne Roop, Michael Rosenberg, Sanford Rottger, Jack Rowe, Yvette Scheurich, Leila Sechler, Ronald Mr. Dominguez leads his eighth grade class in their Spanish assign¬ ment. Shaffer, Diane Shuff, Toni Shultz, Brenda Smith, Harold Smith, Kathleen Begin Foreign Language Study. Sobiesky, Daniel Steinman, Roger Swonger, Diane Terry, Roger Thrush, Gary Traster, Starr Tullis, Nancy Tuttle, Connie Tuttle, Sue Van Derbosch, Philip Woodward, James Wood, Te rry Wiley, Steven Weller, Wayne Yarian, William Yingling, Stephen Private music rooms are observed by Peggy Hillegass and Joe Cromley. 98 Armstrong, Randall Baker, Cynthia Bartels, Linda Bartels, Paula Baughman, Judy Bennett, Michael Berg, Jerry Best, Jeffrey Bixler, Shirley Bloom, Rebecca Boice, Philip Booker, Larry Brown, Randall Brown, Stephen Bunn, Thomas Carper, Rex Carper, Thomas Cattell, Donald Cleland, Francis Cobbs, Judy Collins, Roy Coram, Shirley Creager, Christine Custer, Gregory Custer, Marsha Dannenberg, Marjorie Davis, Dennis DeGrass, Paul DeLong, Walter Deuitch, Vicky Seventh Graders Active Dove, Donna Fike, James Fike, Kenneth Friend, Kathy Funk, Wayne Gibson, Barbara Seventh grader, Helen Rodebaugh, stretches to reach her top locker. 99 Gilliland, David Glaze, Gary Goebel, Charles Grawcock, Ruth Griffin, Karen Hageman, Sally Harter, Peter Hathaway, Janet Hatton, Kathy Hazeltine, Charles Henderson, Ray Hervey, Michael Heupel, Dana Holbrook, Howard Housel, Victor Howard, Milen Isenbarger, David Jones, Donna Kennedy, Donald Kennedy, Jane Kirkpatrick, Kay Knapp, Kristina Knapp, Terry Kock, Sharon Lampe, Donald Langarage, Mary Lingener, Dennis Likens, Sue Ann Ludban, Gary Marti, Otis As New Martin, Brenda McClure, Warren McCullough, Randy Mclntosch, Carol Mellott, Robin Michael, Joseph Miller, Janies Murray, Susan Meyers, David Nelson, Judy Nelson, Kenneth Nelson, Steven Neukom, Dale Neukom, Wayne Nodine, Michael Ort, Charles Pardue, Connie Payton, Dennis Peck, Fred Peck, Ric hard 100 Marsha Custer relaxes while seventh grader Debbie Smith studies for a test. Pierson, Karen Platner, Paul Porter, Jane Porter, Janet Porter, Jeanne Ray, Judy Ranney, Christine Ricketts, Ann Rodebaugh, Helen Roush, Shirley Rugman, Steve Saffen, Steven Building, Classes Greet Them. Sattison, Michael Saxer, Susan Schewe, Albert Schurr, Nancy Shaffer, Blain Shoener, Christine Spicer, Barbara Smith, David Smith, Deborah Smith, Sherry Steigmeyer, Kathy Strock, Kenneth Thomas, Richard Thompson, Joan Thorne, Randy Thrush, Dennis Traster, Hope Van Skyhawk, Cheri Vaughn, Linda Velpel, George Vincent, Pamela Warstler, Larry Werner, Calvin Wesner, Joyce Wiley, Sam Winebrenner, Donna Yarde, David Yarde, Gloria Young, Peggy Zumbaugh, John 101 Index Amlerson, Michael 36,84 Andrews, Rodney 19,57,84 Andrews, Stephen 88 Aplin, Kirk 88 Armstrong, Gary 49,84 Armstrong, Michael 80 Baidingcr, William 19,57,84 Baker, Danny 29,48,50,61,67,68 Baker, David, 84 Baker, Phyllis 84 Baker, Rebecca 19,60,84 Ballentine, Fred 68 Ballentine, Rhonda 27,43,49,63,88 Ballentine, Sandra 80 Bame, Mr. Ralph 10 Barcus, Cathy 28,61,63,84 Barnhart, Annette 80 Barnhart, Tom 88 Barry, Timothy 80 Barry, Thomas 84 Bateman, Mr. Paul 16,38 Bateman, Paula 88 Bauman, Pat 10,24,50,68,69 Bavis, Charles 40,41,84 Beber, Beverly 32,68 Beber, Daniel 80 Beber, Kathryn 88 Beber, Mary Alice 68 Beber, Mary Margaret 25,50,68 Beber, Patricia 88 Beber, Theresa 80 Berg, Kristina 84 Bergdall, Marvene 15,24,25,50,66, 67,68 Bergdall Randal 54,80 Bertsch, Sally 63,84 Bherns, Rose 88 Bigelow, James 84 Binz, Joe 11,60,80 Bishop, Scott 43,88 Bishop, Thomas 84 Bixler, Vonda 19,88 Blair, Kevin 55,88 Bloom, Cynthia 84 Bodey, Steve 80 Boice, Stephen 43,88 Boleyn, Evon 88 Boleyn, Gary 54,80 Bond, Richard 22,80 Bond, Robert 84 Bowman, Patricia 88 Bowser, Karen 80 Bowser, Ted 88 Brand, Nancy 80 Brandenburg, Daniel 88 Brechbill, Cynthia 88 Brechbill, Phil 36,54,61,80 Brennan, Carol 88 Brinkerhoff, Daniel 80 Brinkerhoff, Jeff 60,88 Brown, Coline 25,59,68 Brown, David 84 Brown, John 84 Brumbaugh, Julia 80 Brumbaugh, Linda 88 Brumbaugh, Margaret 84 Brumbaugh, Sandra 80 Buckles, Deborah 10,28,88 Buckner, Mrs. Elsa 8 Bunn, Keith 8,36,37,53,69 Byanski, Robert 55,80 Byanski, Sandra 63,84 Byanski, Sue 63,80 Campbell, Kathleen 57,63,84 Capin, Nancy 45,56,61,84 Capin, Mr. Richard 11,36,38 Carpenter, Robert 84 Carper, Cynthia 13,19,88 Carper, Mary Lee 60,88 Casey, Janice 63,80,81 Casey, Michael 88 Cattell, Larry 10,24,25,61,62,67, 69 Caywood, Diane 56,63,84 Caywood, Mike 50,55,61,69 Clark, David 43,88 Cobbs, Arthur 49,88 Colgan, Floyd 80 Colgan, John 54,69 Conkle, David 88 Conkle, Linda 53,60,88,89 Coplin, Betty 63,84 Coplin, Margaret 84 Cordes, Sandra 88 Corry, Bill 9,36,37,39,67,69 Corry, James 36,80 Coyer, Billie Jo 69 Crager, Darlene 84,87 Crager, Ruth 50,63,69 Creager, Melinda 88 Creager, William 80 Crowe, Miss Fredina 17,44 Crowe, Margaret 22,24,50,61,63, 67,70 Custer, Bruce 36,84 Cutler, Dennis 70 Cutler, Norma 18,80 Cutler, Ron 43,88 Cutshall, John 88 Dame, Fern 63,84 Dannenberg, David 84 Davis, Frank 84 Davis, George 88 Davis, Randall 36,81 Day, Irene 70 Deihl, Deborah 88 DeLong, Carol 19,88 DeLucenay, Richard 84 Dembickie, Michael 81 Dembickie, Paula 49,88 Dembickie, Tom 30 Demint, Robert 84 Denes, James 85 DePew, Carol 81 DePew, Coleen 85 DePew, Janice 88,91 DePew, Larry 70 Detrick, James 85 Detrick, Jeanne 32,88 Dillon, Lawrence 36,57,85 Dillon, Roderick 43,57,85 Dirr, Pamela 88 Dolan, Nancy 88 Dominguez, Mr. Ricardo 14,29,98 Dove, Richard 81 Dudash, Karen 88 Eberhard, Patricia 51,63,81 Eldridge, Miss Sarah 15,31 Ellert, Karen 63,84 Ellis, Johneen 15,22,25,50,52,66, 70 Engle, Thomas 36,81 Ervin, Jane 45,88 Ervin, Linda 19,81 Estes, Richard 88 Ewert, David 28,81 Ewert, Rick 88 Ewing, Mr. Robert 16 Feagler, Dennis 43,89,91 Fetter, Connie 63,81 Fetter, Ron 89 Finchum, Mr. Virgil 12,66 Fleet, Dawn 44,45,60,80,81 Fleet, Linda 23,25,28,44,50,52,70 Flora, Mr. John 11,26 Foar, Tony 43,81 Fordeck, Patricia 27,81 Fraze, Jan 43,96 Freeman, Lynn 18,89 Freeman, Max 12,25,53,61,66,67, 70 Freeman, Pat 50,63,70 Freeze, Hud 11,25,29,53,55 Freeze, Ron 89 French, Mr. Donald 6 Frey, Cynthia 89 Frey, Dave 12,16,71 Friend, Lucille 81 Fritz, Kenneth 19,89 Gaar, Terry 81 Gael, Judith 18,89 Gaff, Carol 8,32,44,51,52,71 Gaff, Judith 81 Garrigus, Mr. Arthur 8 Gaskill, Linda 32,81 Gibson, Donald 89 Gilbert, Danny 84 Gilliland, Craig 43,57,84 Gillespie, Michaeleen 18,81 Gnagy, Gerald 43,89 Gnagy, Sandra 31,48,81 Godwin, Betty 81 Godwin, Sam 89 Goebel, Cerinda 81 Gordon, Lauise 63,85 Gormong, Mr. James 11,43 Gravit, Maxine 85 Grawcock, James 85 Grogg, Joseph 81 Gunion, Art 71 Gunion, Clifford 85 Hageman, Carol 85 Hall, Beverly 85 Hall, Deborah 19,63,89 Hall, Diane 89 Hall, Gertrude 85 Hamm, Mark 27,43,49,57,89 Handshoe, Bud 71 Handshoe, Marlene 81 Handshoe, Vernous 81 Harman, Mr. Robert 12 Index Harmon, John 81 Harter, Rebecca 10,89 Harter, Terry 36,38,48,55,61,81 Hartman, Doris 71 Hartman, Russel 81 Hathaway, DeWayne 71 Hathaway, Faith 44,81 Hathaway, George 15,28,36,37,38, 39,40,41,42,56,71 Hatton, Wanda 85 Haynes, Anita 14,89 Haynes, Rebecca 52,53,61,63,81 Hazeltine, Ellen 85 Hazeltine, Steven 19,81 Heffelfinger, Keith 85 Heinzerling, Derek 36,81 Heitz, James 40,81 Heitz, Philip 89 Helbert, Jeanne 18,89 Heller, Janice 85 Helton, Suzanne 85 Henderson, Gerald 16,72 Hensinger, Mabel 81 Hippensteel, Carrie 85,60 Hippensteel, Timothy 19,89 Hipskind, Jeffery 89 Hoffman, Thomas 89 Holbrook, Robert 16,89 Honaker, Mike 89 Hopkins, Arthur 36,81 Hovarter, Cindy 32,50,59,72 Howiler, Terry 62,72 Hughes, Marilee 23,27,63,72 Hunter, Patrick 89 Hunter, Victor 36,61,81 Hyde, Judy 63,81 Isenbarger, Roxanne 14,27,56,63, 88,89 Ish, Mrs. Jane 13 Jacobs, Mike 43,89 James, Nancy 81 Januseski, Margo 43,63,89 Jay, Susan 31,61,82,83 Johnson, Anita 84,85 Johnson, David 85 Johnson, Diane 85 Johnson, Donald 85 Johnson, Ruth 82 Johnson, Steven 82 Jones, Danny 89 Jones, Linda 89 Judson, Kenny 54,72 Kaeck, Tommie 18,89 Kahlke, Betty 85 Kammerer, Larry 16,58,72 Karavas, Tom 36,85 Kearns, Joseph 89 Kearns, Ronald 43,89 Kelham, Alice 19,56,63,85,87 Kelham, Ed 54,72 Kespohl, Susan 67,73 Kimmel, Joyce 89 Kimmel, Phyllis 89 Kirkpatrick, Lynn 89 Kleeman, Ann 89 Kleeman, Gary 85 Knott, Judy 25,32,63,73 Kock, Jerilyn 18,89 Kock, Jerry 58,73 Koehl, Beverly 73 Koehl, Robert 48,60,82 Koehl, Steven 5 Kolbe, Christine 63,85 Kolbe, Roger 19,73 Kolbe, Timothy 53,82 Krocker, Judy 89 Kruger, Darrell 73 Kruger, Sharon 85 Kugler, Vicky 13,90 Kukutsis, Janet 85 LaRue, Mark 43,90 Lash, Diane 90 LaTurner, Daniel 82 Leeper, Connie 26,82 Leeper, Donald 82 Leeson, Amy 90 Lemish, Nancy 90 Lemper, Barbara 19,32,82 Lemper, Philip 19,43,90 Lewellyn, Mary Ann 59,73 Lewis, Cindy 45,48,63,85 Lewis, Echo 25,73 Lewis, Mrs. Echo 14 Lewis, Miss Lenore 7,61 Lewis, Michael 19,82 Lewis, Michael 82 Lewis, Michaelee 88,90 Lewis, Richard 36,39,43,57,86 Lewis, Steven 86 Ley, Margaret 63,86 Likes, Danny 43,90 Lilienthal, Gabriela 14,90 Lilienthal, Monika 82 Livergood, Ronald 36,86 Love, Mrs. Elizabeth 14,52,61 Ludban, Glenn 36,82 Lung, Carol 32,44,82 Lung, Janney 86 Lung, Robert 43,86,87 Lung, Tina 60,63,86 Madden, Larry 74 Mahnesmith, Mr. Ed 30 Malcolm, Norma 90 Mansfield, George 90 Mansfield, Steven 86 Matthews, Ronald 86 Marti, David 90 Marti, Georganna 86 Maurer, John 36,43,82 Maurer, Mary Ann 90 May, Mr. Larry 18 McBride, Steven 90 McCartney, Mr. Lester 15 McCullough, Cathy 90 McGrath, Rosie 8,25,27,51,61,63, 67,74 McGrath, Stephen 14,90 McKee, Kay 32,57,86 McMillan, David 82 McNamara, Barry 36,82 McPheeters, Allen 36,82 McPheeters, Diane 56,86 Meier, James 43,90 Mellott, Rick 31,86 Mellott, Ron 90 Meyer, Mr. John 30 Meyers, Deborah 85,86 Meyers, Karen 53,56,84,86 Meyers, Susan 86 Milks, Max 82 Miller, Claudia 18,86 Miller, Mr. Cleo 10 Miller, Dan 82 Miller, David 36,38,40,43,86 Miller, Diane 22,25,27,28,45,52, 53,62,63,74 Miller, Michael 82 Miller, Tonya 15,82,83 Mitchell, Ken 40,41,42,74 Moats, John 53,82 Molargik, Mary 90 Molargik, Mike 90 Molargik, Robert 86 Moody, John 74 Moody, Timothy 86 Mooney, Bonnie 69,74 Morgan, Lana 90 Moses, JoEllen 17,45,52,82 Mueller, Mary 90 Muldary, Michael 86 Mulligan, Steve 36,49,61,86 Murray, Keith 19,90 Murray, Pennie 19,63,86 Muzzilo, Richard 86 Myers, Cindy 74 Myers, Edward 19,43,90 Myers, Linda 90 Myers, Margery 61,82 Myers, Mary Ann 18,27,90 Nelson, Edward 90 Neukom, Mari 19,63 Newbauer, Joseph 82 Newbauer, Steven 82 Newman, Bob 31,86 Newell, Mr. Jay 15 Nodine, Kenneth 90 Noel, David 36,86 Noel, Roger 36,38,51,75 Novy, William 86 Opdycke, Douglas 36,60,61,86 Ort, Alice 90 Parker, Linda 82 Parker, Raymond 82 Parks, Mr. Cameron 12 Parmeter, Carolyn 90 Parrish, Miss Darlene 8 Parvu, Thomas 36,86 Payton, George 43,90 Payton, Karen 86 Pearson, Mr. George 7,17,30,36,38 Peck, Roger 82 Pence, Linda 86 Pepple, Pauline 90 Perry, Jean 86 Peters, James 43,90 Pfierman, Joyce 86 Pfierman, Linda 82 Picklesimer, Linda 90 Pickard, Richard 36,82 Pierson, Gary 86 Pierson, James 86 Index Placencia, David 90 Placencia, Ed 75 Placencia, Mary 86 Platner, David 36,82 Platner, Diane 19,86 Platz, Bob 36,37,75 Porter, Gerry 24,48,52,75 Porter, Joseph 36,86 Potts, Thomas 31,86 Puff, Mr. Charles 7 Quinn, Dave 25,50,52,75 Quinn, Vickie 86 Ramey, Gladys 32,82 Ramey, Guyan 90 Ramey, Kenneth 90 Ranney, James 82 Rapp, A1 36,61,66,67,75 Ray, Linda 82 Redmond, Peg 23,25,28,51,63,75 Redmond, Susan 90 Rhetts, Leslie 19,90 Richardson, Mr. Kenneth 8,50,51, 66 Ringler, LaDonna 63,82 Robbins, DeWayne 82 Roberts, Sharon 14,90,91 Roebel, Carol 10,90 Rowe, Carol 59,75 Rowe, Cynthia 19,86 Rowe, Karen 51,52,63,76 Rugman, Carol 15,28,48,50,52,61, 67,76 Rugman, George 12,82 Rugman, Martha 86 Runion, Dale 82 Rupp, Randall 86 Rynearson, Daphne 91 Sapp, Betsy 86 Sattison, Marianne 45,82 Scheurich, Merritt 19,86 Schrider, Miss Mary 9 Schurr, Becky 19,86 Schurr, Carol 82 Sebring, Coleen 91 Sechler, Doris 82 Seigel, Jack 22,43,91 Shafer, Karen 44,91 Shafer, Robert 36,53,82 Shafer, Thomas 54,86 Shaffer, Carolyn 19,23,25,76 Shaffer, Janice 19,82 Shirk, Joe 54,76 Shoener, Art 76 Shoener, Kay 19,63,91 Shreve, Kathy 18,91 Shultz, Keith 86 Shutt, Jim 19,24,74,76 Sigler, Joyce 29 Simpson, Mr. Ben 10 Simpson, Mitchell 14,91 Smith, Adele 27,63,82 Smith, Brenda 86 Smith, Harriett 61,63,82 Smith, Mrs. Jenny 13 Smith, Marilyn 19,87 Smith, Max 87 Smith, Patsy 24,76 Smith, Paul 91 Smith, Mr. Richard 9,24,66 Smith, Sandra 83 Smith, Stephanie 51,76,77 Smith, Steven 43,61,87 Smith, Walt 19,50,58,77 Smith, Mr. Ward 17,42,43 Smith, Waureen 83 Smurr, Michael 36,87 Snook, Mrs. Vi 79 Snyder, Jo Ann 87 Snyder, Ronald 83 Spicer, Harvey 91 Spicer, Roberta 12,14,55,83 Spiers, Gregg 82 Spiers, Steven 91 Stahl, Charlene 87 Stalter, Larry 58,77 Stebing, Thomas 49,87 Steffen, Nancy 87 Steinman, Dean 83 Steinman, Lavern 77 Stevens, Wayne 91 Stewart, Dave 36,40,53,87 Stewart, Mr. Donald 16 Stover, William 83 Strawser, Maynard 10,30,83 Strobel, Cynthia 17,29,31,48,60,61, 63,83 Summers, Patricia 91 Surfus, Gary 87 Swank, Ben 87 Sweeney, Mrs. Hildreth 9,66 Swonger, Dale 91 Talley, James 88,91 Talley, Judy 83 Tarlton, Donald 12,31,83 Taylor, Francis 83 Teders, Gene 91 Teders, James 83 Terry, Sandra 63,83 Thomas, Cynthia 91 Thomas, Jill 77 Thomas, Mike 50,53,67,77 Thomas, Rebecca 87 Thompson, Bette 12,24,50,62,77 Thomson, Clarence 50,78 Thome, Craig 14,87 Thrush, Larry 87 Toy, Thomas 36,45,83 Trainer, Sandra 63,91 Tussey, David 91 Tustison, Randall 87 Vanderbosch, Terry 87 Vanderbosch, Thom 22,36,37,39, 50.62.78 VanSkyhawk, Dennis 19,87 VanZile, Polly Anne 28,63,83 Vogel, James 43,87 Wade, Mick 23,45,63,78 Warrick, Gary 83 Warstler, Charlotte 91 Warstler, Larry 36,37,40,42,78 Watkins, Jean 91 Weimer, Sally 24,25,45,51,52,63, 78 Weller, Jackie 26,48,51,52,61,63, 67.78 Weller, Jerry 19,87 Weller, Sharon 19,87 Wendel, Brenda 87 Wendel, James 91 Wentland, Glenda 83 Werkhiser, Harold 10,40,83 Wesner, Robert 19,87 Wheeler, Theresa 91 Wheeler, Tom 29,67,76,78 White, Iris 91 White, Jim 28,40,41,42,53,59,67, 79 White, Pam 59,79 White, Terry 83 Wiant, Mary 62,63,83 Wilcox, Mrs. Marlene 67,79 Wiley, James 91 Wiley, Larry 19,83 Williams, Larry 19,91 Wilson, Mr. Donald 5,18 Wolpert, Tom 30,79 Woodward, Sharon 91 Worden, Dennis 36,87 Workman, Connie 91 Workman, Larry 87 Worman, James 5 Worman, Peg 13,50,63,79 Wysong, Tina 43,63,91 Yarian, Edna 79 Yingling, Cheryl 12,32,44,50,79 Yingling, Kenneth 19,30,83 Yoder, William 36,87 Zecca, Henry 91 Margaret Crowe, Editor-in-Chief Dan Baker, Business Manager 104 Y eh yyiaSt 0 u ci ss. DU P AAoviai GLi atfoi Jk«L, ■ ' wiJxy - i y J r?72 ixx - 1 • 0 f ll£$Z, | yl iy ‘S ■e- c. jzc tr. i - " J?-C,t J2Z n C j. ?7is CcJ jL{?i_£, z T ' a u ' Va 6 - £ r

Suggestions in the Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) collection:

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