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' C 4 " ' G ‘ :J%j .y 4fn ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBflARY 3 1833 06581 632 GC 977.202 G18A 1962 L Garrett High School Garrett, Indiana Volume XLIV f L Garrett High School . . . ! 2 We leave our liain after reaching success. Our Train to Success Thomas Baldwin--Editor-in- chief Connie Kolbe--Assistant Editor Virginia Leech--Assistant Editor Sandra Pfierman--Typist Cynthia Schaab--Business Manager Nearly every student of Garrett High School has at one time or another heard the whistle of a diesel and the powerful thrust of the engines as a train pulls out. Garrett itself was built because of the railroad, and it has remained a major industry of the community. Garrett High School is like a train. There are six cars, numbered seven through twelve. To the passengers in cars seven through eleven, the train travels much too slowly; however, to those in car twelve, it travels too fast. As a student leaves the sixth grade and enters the seventh, he buys a ticket on the train which leads to success. He then travels t hrough studies, meets friends, and attends social activities. Come with us now as we lead you through the year of the " twist, ” past Council Capers, and over the Auburn Devils . There ' s the " toot " of the whistle. The train is heading for success . Turn the page . Let ' s go . ALL ABOARD! r» o Contents School Life 5 Clubs 15 Sports Academic Faculty High School.55 Junior High 4 Fun and Frolic Our train to success is composed mainly of the everyday school life, as we learn and have fun through the year. Cheering the team on to victory, meet¬ ing at various clubs, and dancing away hours at record hops make our trip en¬ joyable . The bleachers are filled every football game as each student heartily cheers the team on to another victory. " Thirty cents please, " says Donna Musser as Douglas Opdycke, Tom Stebing, and Steve Smith enter the lunch room ready for their dinner. School life leaves Juniors Donna Emeriek and Annetta Davis prepare for the first big dance after the football game by placing colored footballs on the curtains with each player ' s name inscribed on them. 6 A regular occurrence is the delivery of coal as the men lower the truck to fill the bins with coal for keeping the school warm. treasured memories, David Frey learns the fundamentals of sentence diagraming in Sophomore English. Every day at G.H.S. is filled with activities and action. From studying over a book to yelling at a football game, from dancing to the latest songs to rushing from class to class, the students of G.H.S. are always busy. Seniors Keimy Rathert, Carolyn Fleet, and Mike Mmzillo prepare programs for the senior play as Mr. Stackhouse supervises. Dan Haffner seems qmte unaware of the commotion going on around him as Larry Lovette, Dave Gradeless and Steve Fike change books for their next class. 7 Following the traditional snake dance before the Auburn game, the reserve and varsity cheerleaders put on a demonstration of the pre-game warm-up in the big gym. To start the new year off right, Marcia Tharpe crosses her fingers in hopes of getting her name on the honor roll board. Provides Competition . . . On the kickoff day of the magazine sale Mr. Stackhouse, as emcee of the assembly program, goes off to rehearse for " Faciilty Fractures. " Activity and excitement were the key words at G.H.S. this year. With the leadership of the seventh grade, the magazine sale was a huge success. The honor roll board was bigger than ever, and our athletes had another good year. The faculty of the high school and grade school discuss student problems in their regular meetings. 8 Becky Teders, as Miss Garrett, awaits the start of the Auburn fair with her attendants: Bonnie Owens, Dottie Secrest, and Patty Shafer. To learn how the newspaper is put together Patsy Eberhard, Connie Kolbe, and Roger Noel observe the mechanisms of the Journal-Gazette press on a tour of the Building. Widens Knowledge . . . Nancy Capin shows her mother the bracelet she received for her scholastic achieve¬ ment at the honor banquet. The Aeolian Hop is a time for signing yearbooks, not dancing, as students Bill Corry, Bob Clark, George Hathway, Blaine Feightner, and Larry Barnhart pass their books to be autographed. 9 Entering the Regional Achievement Contest are: SEATED—Tom Baldwin, Comprehensive Math; Dan Haffner, Algebra II; Steve Pike, Algebra II; Bill Corry, Geometry. STANDING--Jerry Thomas, Comprehensive Math; and Tom Wheeler, Geometry. Roger Stroman, Alan Leiter, and Joe Mahnesmith take time from their studies to listen to the orbital flight of spaceman John Glenn. The true function of the school is to enrich the minds of its stu¬ dents. GHS accomplishes this goal very well. Students enter contests, read books to enrich their minds, and study to better themselves. Kennetha Brown and Linda Freeman decor¬ ate the hall inpreparation for the tourney. Induces Scholarship, Entering the Language Contest are: SEATED—Mike Moody, English; Joe Rowe, Spanish; Phil Sweeney, English; Ann Wysong, Spanish. STANDING—Danny Baker, Latin H; Esther Warstler, English; Larry Cattell, Max Freeman, Latin I; Mike Thomas, Latin II; Marcia Tharpe, English. 10 All minds are at work as students prepare their lessons in fourth period study hall despite the crowded conditions. and Broadens Interests. Judy Johoski and Steve Fike, co-chairmen of the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, search for a theme for the coming event. Sophomore Larry Warstler proudly displays his class sweater of beige with brown letters trimmed in white. " An Evening with the Gods " is about to begin as the newly decorated auditorium is filled with guests full of excitement about the big event. The day before the banquet is filled with work as Sherry Hunter and Mike Muzzillo hang crepe paper to adorn the auditorium ceiling. Banquet and Picnic The Junior “Senior Banquet moved through the evening with great speed last May. Tlie Juniors had spent many hours preparing the feast, and both they and the Seniors enjoyed a very happy " Evening With the Gods. " Following the banquet, everyone attended the all -night party at the Elks lodge and Gala theatre, The all -night party was followed by breakfast at the Eagles Lodge. After tlie breaMast, a very tired group of teen¬ agers filed to their homes, filled with happy mem¬ ories never to be forgotten. Servers Sharon Graham, Janice Shafer, Bob Snook, and Tom Keefer make, last minute preparations before the en.tran.ce of the guests. Tom Steinmetz, Dusty Barry, and Jim Parker are among the many who devour the delicious foods brought to the picnic. highlight spring. -y The day at the picnic is filled with enjoyment as the junior girls show their ability in pyramid building. Clad in Greek togas, the sophomore servers delivered a delicious meal to the upperclassmen and their guests. FRONT ROW--Darryl Whittington, Norman Best, Joe Mahnesmith, Bob Culler, Michel Pierson, Tom Keefer, Dennis Blaker. SECOND ROW—Candy Baxter, Marcia Tharpe, Mary Lepley, Sharon Gra¬ ham, Janice Shafer, Ann Wysong, Joyce Sigler, Naomi Beeber, Elaine Denes, Sandra Sithen. THIRD ROW--Mike Reese, Doug Aplin, Steve Fuller, Lynn Kizer, Jean Hollis, Carol Bowers, Jerilyn Rupp, Kennetha Brown, Dan Haffner, Bill Kobiela, Bob Snook, Steve Roop, Tom Funk, Dale Bunn. 13 Merle Bright, Doug Fraze, Connie Kolbe, Kathy Mulligan, Tom Baldwin, and Sherry Hunter argue about the Kwimper ' s rights. Pioneer Go Home PIONEERS Toby Kwimper. Pop Kwimper.. Morristown Kwimper. South Orange Kwimper. Holly Smith . .. H. Arthur King. Alicia Claypool.. Blacky Zotta ... Queen Bee. Truck Driver. A1. Carmine. Tax Collector. Fisher worn an. Gas Girl ... Prop Girl.. Prop Girl.. Stick Man. State Trooper. Doug Fraze Tom Baldwin Sherry Hunter Connie Kolbe Kathy Mulligan Merle Bright Becky Teders Chuck McNall Becky Steward Doug Grueder Mike Muzzillo Joe Zern Bill Beverly Sheri Miller Ginny Leech Linda Kelley Dottie Secrest John Kelley Tom Nixon Becky Teders interviews Doug Fraze in an IQ test as Connie Kolbe and Sherry Hunter talk over troubles. On November 3rd and 4th, 1961, the Senior Class presented the 3-act comedy, PIONEER GO HOME . The play consisted of the biggest cast (some of which are men¬ tioned directly to the left), brought in the biggest profits, and played before the big¬ gest audiences of all time . The play was indeed a smashing success . The director was a newcomer to the business, Mr. Richard Smith, and the make-up was handled by Mr. Hubert Stack- house . Becky Steward, Kay Reed, and Bill Beverly be¬ come professional actors as they are made up for their acting debut. 14 Doug Fraze, Mike Muzzillo, Chuck McNall, Becky Ste¬ ward, Joe Zem, and Julia Bermett try their luck at the gambling tables surrounded by tourists. Meeting and Maturing Our train to success is greatly com¬ posed of social activities . To be thoroughly educated in all aspects of life, one must know how to get along with his fellowman. The education of the passengers on a social basis is accomplished through the clubs of G .H .S. Meeting every other Friday, the organizations of the school provide fun, recreation, and education to many students. Leading the Y-Teens are: Dianne Wetoskey, secre¬ tary; Virginia Leech, vice president; Sandra Pfier- man, president; and Sherrill Terry, treasurer. Y Clubs Promote " To know ourselves and others " is the main theme of the Y-Teens. With Sandy Pfierman as president, the club participated in many rewarding projects, Several of the projects were: the coat check at bas¬ ketball games, snowman corsages, holly wreaths, and a semi-formal dance combined with the Hi-Y. Filling in the programs were guest speakers and skits. Mrs. Mary Mellott and Mrs. Doris Menges, club advisors, worked to keep the club running smoothly. Jackie Hollis entertains the Y- Teens with a mystical dance at the Halloween party. 16 At the Halloween party Connie Kolbe helps Kathy Buckles examine the entrails of a slaughtered cow. Leading the Hi-Y activities are: FRONT ROW-- Joel Zerns, president. SECOND ROW—Bob Snook, vice president; Tom Keefer, secretary. THIRD ROW--Tom Funk, devotional chairman; Jerry Thomas, treasurer. good will. Members of the decoration committee for the semi- formal dance, Eric Bickel, Skip Claxton, and Roger Stroman plan for the big event. Eric Bickel and Steve Fike decorate the audi¬ torium with snowflaltes in preparation for " Snowflake Fantasy. " One of the more prominent and im¬ portant clubs in the school is the Hi-Y Club. The club is composed of boys in the Junior and Senior years of school. The Hi-Y sponsors many projects for the betterment of the school and community. To raise money for these projects, record hops, carwashes, and paper drives were held during the year. The biggest event of the year was " Snowflake Fantasy " held in cooperation with the Y-Teen Club. Eric Bickel, Dottie Secrest, Cork Mil¬ ler, and Pat Shafer dance to the music of Bob Sander ' s band at the Hi-Y, Y- Teen semi-formal. 17 Planning the agenda for the next program are Danny Baker, secretary; Hudson Freeze, treasurer; Mike Thomas, president; and John Moats, vice president. Keith Bunn adjusts the loud speaker system in preparation for his job of emcee at the semi- formal dance. Y Organizations Keep Terry Howiler and .Arthur Gunion vote for the queen of the Jr. Hi-Y, Blue Triangle semi-formal dance, Winter Wonderland. The Jr. Hi-Y is the biggest organiza¬ tion of underclass boys in the school. Its movements affect the life of the stu¬ dent body very sharply. The biggest event of the year for the Jr. Hi-Y was the dance " Winter Wonderland " co¬ sponsored with the Blue Triangle. Un¬ der the sponsorship of Mr. Flora and Mr. Bratton the club was a great suc¬ cess through the year. 18 Linda Fleet makes her sister, Dawn, get on her knees and recite the oath during the Blue Triangle Initia¬ tion. Sally Weimer, secretary; Diane Miller, tre " .surer; Margaret Crowe, vice president; a.ii Carol Rugman, president, seek ideas for their next meeting. underclassmen busy. Blue Triangle is a rush of activity for Freshman and Sophomore girls . The club has earned a reputation as one of the busiest clubs in the school, and this year was no exception. The club sold Christmas cards and co-sponsored the semi-formal with the Jr Hi-Y. Miss Eldridge and Miss Winje helped the club have an enjoying and exciting year. 19 Sophomores Karen Rowe and Jill Thomas work on decorations for the Blue Triangte--Jr. Hi-Y semi-formal. Steve Mulligan, Dennis Feagler, Coleen DePew, Jim Kelham, president, Kathy Mulligan, vice president, and Jackie Weller plan for the magazine sale. Dave Frey, Sally Bertsch, Vic Hunter, Cindy Strobel, and Virginia Leech, secretary, observe as Mike Reese works on the athletic board. Pat Shafer, treasurer, Tim Kolbe, Randy Rupp, Nancy Hilkey, and Randy Davis look over the new synchronized clock system. Democracy in Action Supporting new improvements around our school, the Student Council has had a very progressive year. The annual maga¬ zine sale was held in the fall and was a big success . Money from the sale went to fu¬ ture assembly programs and a new syn¬ chronized clock system. The council installed a pay telephone for student use. The third " Council Capers " was held in the spring, with each organi¬ zation or class entering. The money from this program was used for several other projects. Karen Rowe, Arthur Cobbs, Phil Sweeney, Rhonda Ballentine, and Steve Fike show Mr. Stackhouse the year ' s assembly pro¬ grams. Kenneth Nodine finds the time and Margaret Crowe checks her watch with the new clocks. 20 Science is so important to our age that the Science Club gains new importance every day. Headed by Mr. Jack Bateman, the Science Club takes part in many activi¬ ties including trips to Fort Wayne to listen to famous speakers and trips to the library to study new findings in the field of science To gain money for new equipment the members of the club sold Christmas candy under the direction of Mr. William Linder. Directing the activities of the Science Club are: SEATED--Judy Johoski, secretary; Steve Fike, vice president. STANDING--Sharon James, li¬ brarian; Becky Teders, treasurer; Dan Haffner, president; and Mr. Bateman, advisor. Ablatives and Atoms Planning their next meeting are: SEATED--Mrs. Love, advisor. STANDING--Linda Fleet, vice presi¬ dent; Peg Redmond, treasurer; Rosie McGrath, song leader; Mike Gaywood, president; Diane Mil¬ ler, secretary. " Veni, vidi, vici. " These words are a sort of motto for one of the younger organi¬ zations of CHS, the Latin Club. Meeting every other Tuesday night, the Latin Club was a huge success among Freshman and Sophomore Latineers. Under the leader¬ ship of Mrs. Love the club held record hops, had parties, initiated new members, and topped the year off with the banquet. 21 Future Teachers Mr. Richard Smith originated and continues to sponsor the Future Teachers of America in our school. An added feature to this organi¬ zation is that credit can be earn ' ed through completion of a semester of student teaching in the Ober School. This teaching experience is helpful in a senior ' s decision to enter the field of teaching. Cindy Schaab, president, explains the procedures of cadet teaching to Ginny Leech, vice president, and Kathy Mulligan, secretary. Clubs Offer Vocational Training. Highlighting the year for the Future Farmers of America was the Auburn Fair. Topping the events at the fair was the winning of the Showmanship Award by Larry Weller. Money raising pro¬ jects of the club were high on the slate of activities, and these included the selling of candy, and the sponsorship of record hops. Paul Bateman led the club through the year. Future Farmers 22 Sophomore FFA member Jim Shutt prepares his sheep for the judging at the DeKalb County Fair. Librarians Mrs. Sweeney shows the new bookends to librarians Judy Knott, Beverly Thomson, Jackie Weller, and Lona Gamble. Assisting Mrs. Sweeney in the li¬ brary are the student librarians. They are kept busy replacing books on the shelves and checking outgoing books . Their work is appreciated both by Mrs. Sweeney and the student body. Students Assist in Functions Most of the behind-the-scenes work done in GHS is done by the members of the Operators Club. From keeping the loud speaking system going at games to showing films for a class meeting, the club is one of the more important groups in the school. With the assistance of advisor Mr. Paul Bateman, the club worked steadily at nearly all major programs of the year. Operators Club Merle Bright practices one of the many skills learned in Operators Club as he sets up a movie projector. 23 Entertainment during the half-time of games and during many assemblies was pro¬ vided by the Railroader band. President Sandy Pfierman and Drum Majorette Karen Shenk led the band in various activities to collect funds for the purchase of new uniforms. Individual members of the band participated in various contests in the area, to com¬ plete a successful year. The officers of the band are: SEATED--Sandy Pfierman, President; Roger Kolbe, Equipment Manager. STANDING--Carolyn Shaffer, Librarian; Jackie Hollis, Secretary-Treasurer; Ray Cole, Director; Julia Bennett, Student Director; Helen Hall, Vice-President. And the band plays on. Karen Shenk, Drum Majorette Majorettes are: FRONT ROW--Norma Cutler, Featured Twirier Jeanne Menges, Linda Ervin. SECOND ROW-- June Harding, Annette Barnhart, Jackie Hollis, Mickie Gillespie, Donna Emerick. 24 The drummers and flag bearers of the band are Dianne Wetoskey, Kenny Mitchell, Joe Grogg, Gary Warfield, Mr. Cole, director, Joyce Owens, Becky Teders. Composing the reed section are: SEATED-- Steve Hazeltine, Linda Kelley, Julia Ben¬ nett, Roger Kolbe, Barbara Lemper. STANDING--Kenny Yingling, Barry Brown, Keitha Griffin, Kennetha Brown, Janos Ratrie, Carolyn Shaffer. Forming the brass section are: SEATED-- Mike Lewis, Carol LaRue, Sandy Pfierman, Larry Wiley, Walter Smith. STANDING-- Jim Shutt, Dave Frey, Dave Quinn, Pat Battles, Art Schoener, John Mitchell, Helen Hall. 25 Cheering their team in the pre-game warm up, the spirited pep squad fills the gymnasium with its enthusiastic yells. Cheering for Victory Heading the list of student cheering fans at the basketball games is the pep squad. Composed of 115 girls, it is the key to student enthusiasm. Under the leadership of Sherry Hunter and Miss Lewis, the pep squad has made many formations, including a train and the letter ”G.” Every fourth Monday night meetings are held. The seniors presented a Rail¬ roader train skit at one game with the squad chanting with them. The result was a run-down Auburn Devil. The squad also traveled to the tourna¬ ment to give the team support. Leading the Pep-Squad for the year were: Jenny Kelham, treasurer; Sherry Hunter, president; and Rosie McGrath, secretary. 26 Rosie McGrath and Jenny Kelham check the seating arrangement at all home games. Outlining the schedule for GAA are: SEATED, Becky Steward, president; STANDING, Susie Hipskind, treasurer; Becky Teders, secretary; and Sheri Mil¬ ler, vice-president. Fighting Femininity All eyes are on the ball as members of Coimie Kolbe ' s team contemplate their return volley. 27 Becky Teders springs in a serve as Kathy Mulli¬ gan andLaDonna Ringler look on. Being the main athletic organization for girls, the Girls ' Athletic Associa¬ tion draws many spirited members. The two main sports are basketball and volleyball. Teams are chosen by the captains, and they compete in a round robin type of tourney. After the two sports are completed, a banquet is held in potluck style. Awards are given to the winning teams, the best sport, and the high scorer. Miss Lewis puts much effort toward making the club a success. Jenny Kelham ' s team, composed of Wava Maggert, Jenny Kelham, Elaine Denes, Mary Lepley, Paula Livergood, Janos Ra- trie, and Sherry Bertsch, shout for victory. Working through the year to make the yearbook a success were: Ginny Leech, Connie Kolbe, as¬ sistant editors; Tom Bald¬ win, editor-in-chief; Mr. Richardson, advisor; and Sandy Pfierman, typist. Headlines and Part of the Aeolian staff is: Dianne Wetoskey, Sen¬ ior Editor; Cindy Schaab, Business Manager; Karen Shenk, Pat Shafer, Academic Editors; Mary Smith, Karen Helf, Underclass Editors; and Becky Teders, Senior Editor. Long before school took up the Aeolian staff was hard at work. Long hours were spent making schedules for pictures, drawing up final copy, and meeting deadlines . Last minute work kept the editors and typists busy long after other students had left for home. But writing the book was fun. Looking over parts of the completed book are: Carolyn Fleet, Organization Editor; Jim Binz, Kathy Mulligan, Faculty Editors; John Kelley, Eric Bickel, Sports Editors; and Kathy Buckles, Organization Editor. Members of the business staff are: SEATED—Sher¬ rill Terry, Jackie Toothman, Marilyn Payton. STANDING--Marjorie Carnahan, Harriett Malcolm, Martha Swank, Beverly Thomson, Linda Tate, Sandra Nodine, and Pat Bartles. 28 Outlining plans for the next deadline are: SEATED —Doug Fraze, sports editor; Karen Wade, editor-in- chief. STANDING--Marcia Tharpe, feature editor; Betty Muzzillo, asst, feature editor; Becky Steward and Kenny Barry, assistant editors; Mrs. Richardson, advisor. Planning the subscription drive are: Sheri Miller, production manager; Esther Warstler, business manager; Sherry Hunter, Advertising manager; Diaime Wetoskey, circulation manager; Becky Teders, exchange manager; and Kay Reed, as¬ sistant advertising manager. Deadlines Keep Us Busy Beginning the year with a fresh slate consisting of new reporters, green edi¬ tors and naanagers, a new list of adver¬ tisers, and a new printer, the Maroon and Blue Streamliner was promptly dis¬ tributed the first day of the school year. Highlighting the year was the Christ- Preparing their stories for the next issue are re¬ porters Polly VanZile, Roger Noel, Larry Barn¬ hart, and Tom Wheeler. mas edition. The picture for the front page was designed by senior Dave Hel- bert and was transmitted by means of silk screening. Staff members along with Mr. Joel Plum donated their time and efforts to that piece of art. Becky Steward assists Mr. Plum with the silk screen in making the Christmas newspapers as Doug Fraze watches. 29 Composing the Teenettes are: Kathy Buckles, Sherry Hunter, Kay Reed, Karen Wade, Esther Warstler, Kathy Mulligan, Connie Kolbe, Virginia Leech, Bonnie Owen, Karen Helf, Mary Smith, and Mary Zumbaugh. With a Song in Their Hearts. During the year the chorus members are kept busy with many activities . In November, they hold a Thanksgiving concert for the student body, with the ensembles participating. They also present a Christmas concert in December for the PTA. In January, the ensembles and solo¬ ists work in preparation for the music contest. Those who received a superior award entered the state contest. Senior Bonnie Owen entertains at the Christmas concert, with Kathy Buckles as her accompianist. Junior Girls Ensemble: Mr. Wilson, Director, Janos Ratrie, Nancy Hilkey, Janice Shafer, Susie Ref- ner, Jean Hollis, Kathy Slater, Carol LaRue, June Harding, Carol Bowers, Arlene Carper, Ruby Cook, Wava Maggert. 30 Charging and Cheering An important part of our train to success is the world of sports in which character, stamina, and skill are devel¬ oped . The Railroader train ran over much opposition in the past year . The engines displayed their power throughout the trip against all opponents. 31 Season’s Scoreboard We They New Haven 6 37 Decatur 6 0 K-Ville 13 19 Bluffton 13 6 Elmhurst 27 6 Concordia 14 6 Angola 12 12 Auburn 16 12 Garrett ' s Railroaders ended the season in a thrilling game with Auburn by winning 16-12. Garrett ' s strong offensive line and hard-running backs did the trick. It was a hard-fought contest down to the final sec¬ ond, but Garrett held on to win. A 5-2-1 record was good enough to give us a second place in NEIC Gonference play. New Haven won the race for the Conference Championship with a very impressive 8-0 record. Coach Dick Capin Football brings excitement and success. Varsity Team: FRONT ROW--Jim Kelham, Mike Muzzillo, Doug Grueder, Tom Steinmetz, John Kelley, Bill Beverly, Chuck McNall, Glenn Claxton, Dave Helbert, Doug Fraze, Jim Parker, Don Funk. SECOND ROW— Dick Burtch, Dave VanAllen, Dale Bunn, Bill Kobiela, Bob Snook, Marion Pickard, Larry Owen, John Mitchell, Larry Lovette, Larry Steffen, Joe Zerns. THIRD ROW--Steve Fike, Larry Kammerer, manager, Eugene Hathaway, Bill Corry, DeWayne Hathaway, Mr. Capin, coach, Keith Bunn, Larry Warstler, Mike Jensen, Eric Bickel, manager. 32 The varsity cheerleaders during football season are Donna Musser, Marcia Tharpe, and Kathy Buckles. Garrett’s only losses were to New Haven and the very worked-up K ' ville team. The Railroaders and the Angola Hornets fought to a well-played 12-12 tie. All in all the Railroaders had a good season bringing back to GHS some of the gridiron tradition which has made Garrett a strong contender for the Conference Championship every year. Tom Steinmetz dives on a loose ball in an exciting play as Garrett conquers Elmhurst. The Garrett line tears through the Auburn line in a play which is to lead to a T.D. The powerful Railroader line shows why they dominated the Elmhurst game as they are completely tearing the Trojan line apart. 33 Senior Lettermen Vie for Victory Garrett gridders force an Auburn fumble in leading the team to a victory. Seniors Joe Zerns, Doug Fraze, and Tom Steinmetz lead the way. 34 The varsity team is: KNEELING—Jerry Kock, and Hans Manges, managers; STANDING--Skip Claxton, Larry Warstler, Bill Kobiela, Joe Zerns, Mike Reese, Tom Funk, Bud Hathaway, Doug Aplin, George Hathaway, Tom Steinmetz, Doug Grueder, Joe Mahnesmith, and Ward Smith, Coach. Varsity Encounters Strong Opponents Tom Funk blocks the shot of the Bluffton center as Doug Greuder, Tom Steinmetz, and Bud Hatha¬ way, wait for the rebotmd. Mike Reese goes high in the air for a bucket as Doug Greuder, Bud Hathaway, and Tom Funk look on. 35 Mike Reese goes high in the air to score a bucket against the New Haven Bulldogs. Joe Mahnesmith shoots for two points as the Railroaders rush to another victory. Thrilling Moments Hardwood Tale Garrett • • • • • . 45 Ashley ......... . . 50 Garrett . . . . . . 68 Waterloo. . . 71 Garrett . . . . . . 48 Concordia. . . 54 Garrett . . . . . . 62 Butler. . . 52 Garrett . . . . . . 61 Kendallville. Garrett .... . . 66 Cent. Gath. . . 67 Garrett . . . . . . 61 Auburn. . . 59 Garrett . . . . . . 43 Huntertown. . . 47 Holiday Tournament Garrett . . . . . . 53 Kendallville.. . . 59 Garrett . . . . . . 66 Auburn .. . . 70 Garrett . . . . . . 60 Bluffton. . . 65 Garrett . . . . . . 59 Angola .. . . 65 Garrett . . . . . . 61 New Haven. ...... . . 49 Garrett . . . . . . 46 Columbia City . . . . . . 64 Garrett .... . . 85 Avilla. . . 42 Garrett . . . . . . 72 Elmhurst. . . 59 Garrett . . . . . . 71 Fremont .. . . 50 Garrett . . . . . . 73 Decatur. . . 87 Garrett . . . . . . 58 Harlan ......... . . 56 Garrett . . . . . . 53 Chumbusco.. . . 54 Sectional Tournament Garrett . . . . . . 51 Hamilton. . . 32 Garrett . . . . . . 54 Butler. . . 56 Tom Funk shoots over the heads of the Fremont defense as Garrett mns to victory. 36 Senior Lettermen Joel Zerns Follow Team Through Frustrating Year Although it took a little while for the Railroaders to get started cutting the nets, they finally got rolling at the end of the season. The team suffered from inexperience and lack of height during the first half of the season; however, following a near-victory over mighty Bluffton, the boys got on the right track and the train steamrolled onward. By Sectional time, the team was tasting a trophy . After mopping up the Hamilton Marines, the tourney twelve was stopped by a fired-up Butler squad in an exciting game, 56-54 . A game to be remembered was the exciting Harlan game where the Rail¬ roaders scored an overtime victory by sinking a last second shot. Tom Funk led the team in scoring for the year. With a young squad, Garrett should make up for an 8-14 record in future years . Senior Tom Steinmetz shoots another jumpshot through the nets as Garrett smashes Avilla. Tom led seniors in scoring for the year. Glenn Claxton Doug Grueder Tom Steinmetz 37 RESERVE TEAM: FRONT ROW-- Tom Keefer, Randy Oliver, and Dave VanAllen. SECOND ROW-- Bill Corry, Doug Aplin, Terry Howiler. BACK ROW—Ward Smith, Coach, Dale Bunn, Jim White, Mike Moody, Jerry Kock, manager. FRESHMAN TEAM: FRONT ROW—Tony Foar, John Maurer, Art Hopkins, John Moats, Joe Grogg, Don Tarlton, Don keeper. SECOND ROW—Bill Schafer, coach, Jim Heitz, Phil Brechbill, Mike Dembickie, Don Beber, Jack Kmger, Steve Bodey, Maynard Strawser, Tim Kolbe. BACK ROW--Jim Corry, Dan Beber, Dick Pickard, Dale Runion, Mike Armstrong, Harold Werkheiser, manager. Excitement and Competition The Reserve team this year had an especially good year with a record of 15- 5 . The team was almost unbeatable through the season, but lost two games in the Kokomo Tourney. The Frosh team had a season at almost the opposite end as they had a 3-17 record. With experience, the Frosh are expected to be very tough in the future. Leading the pep squad in a yell are the varsity cheer¬ leaders, Kathy Buckles, Marcia Tharpe, and Donna Musser. JoEllen Moses, Mickey Wade, and Sandra Gnagy support the Handcars as reserve cheer¬ leaders. Beginning its first year here, the C Team had a suc¬ cessful year. The team con¬ sists of freshman, sopho¬ more, and junior boys who did not see much action on the freshman and reserve team. Replacing the intra¬ mural team, the C Team is coached by Mr. Pearson. Four victories and three losses filled their record. FRONT ROW: Daryl Whittington, Mike Jensen, Steve Roop, Kenny Mitchell, Tom Vanderbosch, Denny Blaker. SECOND ROW: A1 Rapp, Mike Lewis, Ron Snyder, Clifford Gunion, Dan Brinkerhoff, Bob Shafer. BACK ROW: Coach, George Pearson. last all through the year. Ken Barry demonstrates his skill in teeing off for the rest of the team. Mr. Paul Bateman, golf coach, checks the scores of golf team members, Ken Barry, Doug Aplin, Rick Kneisley, and Bob Culler. 39 FRONT ROW: Mike Jensen, Joe Mahnesmith, Philip Sweeney, Mr. Capin, coach, Arthur Gunion, Larry Kam- merer, Ed Kelham. SECOND ROW: George Hathaway, Merle Bright, Pat Nixon, Tom Steinmetz, Larry Warstler, Sam Fulk, Dave Helbert, Skip Claxton, Dave Van Allen, Jim Kelham, Doug Gmeder. THIRD ROW: Jim Leeson, Bob Snook, Steve Fike, Joe Zerns, Dave Frey, Mike Thomas, Larry Lovette, Mars Wolford, Jerry Thomas, Steve Roop, Fred Ballentine, Bud Handshoe, Chuck McAbee, Tom Wheeler, Butch Whittington. FOURTH ROW: Bill Harvey, Dale Bunn, Cork Miller, Mike Moody, Bud Hathaway, Jim White, Mike Kock, Mike Reese, Jim Parker, Jerry Smith, Don Funk, Bill Moree. Thinlies Break Record The flying feet of the Garrett track squad marked a record breaking season in several events. Led by Jerry Thomas, the track boys were almost invincible in many meets. Jerry set records in the high and low hurdles, and had the best time in other events. Pat Nixon set a record in the high jump. Coach Dick Capin had a good squad and good reason to be proud. Senior Joe Zems heaves the shot in a warm-up be¬ fore a track meet. Ace hurdler Jerry Thomas leads in the low hurdles bringing the Railroaders another victory. 40 Studying and Striving Our train to success could not be com¬ plete without the engineers--the faculty members. The most important function of our train is to enrich our minds. This is carried out in the classrooms where the teachers start the engine and speed it on its journey. Mr. Hudson directs activities Mr. Cale Hu on, Superintendent The Railroader train continued to make much progress this past year with the assistance of Mr. Cale Hudson, Superin¬ tendent, and the members of the School Board. Many improvements were made over the summer. The most noticeable of these were the new furniture and general new decor of the typing room. Tlie curriculum was expanded to in - elude physical science and citizenship. Th,ese new courses were very well received. Important school matters are discussed by the school board members. SEATED are Emoiry Heitz and Artliur Hall. STANDING are Eugene Yarde, Raymond Burtch, and George Wade. 42 Mr. Ben Simpson, Principal Mr. Lynn Bollinger, Assistant Principal Principals give leadership, guidance. Leadership in the high school itself was provided by Mr. Ben Simpson, prin¬ cipal, and Mr. Bollinger, assistant prin¬ cipal . A new split-shift system was intro¬ duced, and an increased number of classrooms was available. Homeroom and clubs alternated every week for a full fifty-five minute period. An increased curriculum and new equipment in the science and math depart ments greatly improved the facilities of the school. Elaine Kizer, Secretary Dorothy McDanel, Secretary Marjorie Nell, Accountant 43 Languages lead to understanding. Practice makes perfect as first year Latin students Patsy Eberhard, Derek Heinzerling, George Rug- man, and Dave Platner drill over pronunciation. OH-EE-AH and sounds corresponding to these issued from rooms four and seventeen during the past year, as foreign language students practiced pronouncing the sounds of words. Latin I and II, and Spanish I are the foreign languages taught at Garrett High. These help the student to understand better the neighbors in surrounding countries, and give him an increased vocabulary and a better knowledge of his own language. Foreign language is an important part of the curriculum, and widens the students ' interest in the present day world, and the world of the past. ELIZABETH LOVE—Latin I,II; Latin Club Advisor; Sopho¬ more Advisor. HUBERT STACKHOUSE--Literature 11,12; Speech, Citizenship, Spanish, Student Council Advisor; Senior Advisor. First year Spanish students Marcia Tharpe, Girmy Leech, and Arm Wysong, gain flu¬ ency by pronouncing the names of Mexi¬ can cities. 44 RICHARD BRATTON--Bookkeeping, General Business, Business Geography, Jr. Hi-Y Advisor, 8th grade advisor. DORIS MENGES--Typing I, English 7, Y-Teen Advisor, 9th grade advisor. SARAH ELDRIDGE--Shorthand I-II, Typing II, Junior Advisor, Blue Triangle Advisor. Seniors Pat Bartles and Nadene Cutler strive for accuracy and speed in their second-year typing course. Business produces usable skills. Sally Weimer, Sophomore Bookkeeping student, seems quite intent on finishing her practice set before the bell. In a time when the business world is crying for better clerical workers, the business section of G.H.S. has taken on new importance. Typing, shorthand, and other business courses enhance the student ' s ability to venture into the outside world and seek a job with confidence. The training given to G.H.S. stude nts will make their future employers proud to utilize them. 45 q Senior Composition students Joe Zerns, Kenny Barry, John Kelley, and Larry Lovette seem quite engrossed in their work as they prepare for a class discussion. RICHARD SMITH—English 10,11, FTA, Cadet Teaching, Sophomore Advisor. MARY MELLOTT-- Composition, English 7, Guidance, Y-Teen Advi¬ sor, Senior Advisor. KENNETH RICHARDSON-- Journalism 11,12, English 10,11, Senior Advisor, Yearbook and Paper Sponsor. English offers a The American Language has a difficult makeup and is perhaps one of the most difficult languages to master in the world. As in every other year, the students in G.H.S. were given excellent training and leadership in learning how to use the English Language. Composition, speech, and the basic grammatical fundamentals prepared stu¬ dents for college and future life. EDEL WINJE--English 9, 8th grade advisor, Blue Triangle advisor. HILDRETH SWEENEY--Librarian, Senior advisor. NORMA CROW--English 8, Junior advisor. vast region of knowledge The language arts department in Garrett High School is involved in many more phases of our language then the basic grammatical fundamentals. Journalism, public speaking, dramatics, and literature are an important part of the curriculum. Guidance tests were taken, and informa¬ tion was distributed in English classes this year since activity period was eliminated. Senior Journalism students Larry Steffen and Joe Oberlin scan the headlines as they prepare their next assignment. Dick Pickard, Susan Jay, Linda Parker, and Glenda Wentland seem quite occupied by the guidance tests being administered by Mrs. Mellott to all Freshmen. Junior chemists Mike Moody and Dan Haffner seem quite startled by a reaction in first year chemistry. Sciences Open Door to The science department of G.H.S. gained new prominence this year with our country engaged in a science battle with other nations. New emphasis was placed on more modern science and on recently discovered facts. The atom gained new prominence in every branch of science. Joe Griffin receives first place in the regional science fair from Dr. Bryce Twitty. This entitled Joe to enter his proj¬ ect in the national science fair at Kansas City, Missouri. Physics students Tom Baldwin, Bill Murley, Alan Leiter, and Jerry Thomas experiment with an inclined plane. Freshmen Carol Schurr and Connie Fetter complete information for their leaf collection in biology class. Modern World. The science curriculum at G.H.S. was enriched this year with the addition of Physical Science for the practical students who have no desire to advance to high college science. Advanced chemistry gained a solid position in the school and prepared students for the modern scientific research so important to our nation. Eighth grade science students Cindy Lewds and Alice Kelham converse on a telephone while Larry Thrush demonstrates how their connection may be cut. PAUL BATEMAN--Biology, Agriculture, FFA, Operator ' s Club. CLEO MILLER--Jr. Hi Science, 8th grade Advisor. JACK BATEMAN--Biology, Chemistry, Science Club Advisor. 49 Randy Tustison explains one of the finer points of Jr. Hi Geography to Kathy Camp¬ bell. Sophomore History students Carol Rugman, Jim White, Echo Lewis, and Alan Rapp carry on a panel discussion pertaining to current world events. Social studies in G.H.S. have for their purpose the education of students in the past history of the world, the present state of affairs, and where we are going. From the caveman to the United Nations --through World History, U.S. History, and Civics and Economics-- the story of our world is presented to every student at G. H. S . A thorough understanding of our government and its functions is important to every citi¬ zen, and the citizens of G.H.S. are well prepared. Social Studies and ROBERT HARMON--Geography, World History, Junior Advisor. VIRGIL FINC HUM -Civics, World History, Eco¬ nomics, Senior Advisor, CAMERON PARKS—U.S. History, World History, Sophomore Advisor. 50 Senior Civics Student Tom Steinmetz raises his hand in question of our nation ' s governmental functions as Marilyn Payton and Dianne Wetoskey look on. Math, so essential in the modern world, is stressed at Garrett High for all students. In Jr. High, math is a required sub¬ ject, and in high school it is largely an elective. General and Business Math, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Ad¬ vanced Math, Trig., and Ana¬ lytical Geometry made up the high school math courses offered this year. These courses were valuable to students in planning their futures, from figuring everyday expenses to launching a rocket. Freshman Harold Werkheiser watches as Dawn Fleet explains a multiplication problem in first year Algebra. Mathematics develop future leaders. Bill Corry, Sophomore, puts to use one of the many skills of measurement learned in Geometry class. WILLIAM LINDER--Algebra II, Physical Science, Trigonometry, Physics, Science Club Advisor, 7th grade advisor. GRAY WOOD COX--Jr.-Hi Arith¬ metic, 8th grade advisor. JOHN FLORA--9th grade arithmetic. General Math, Algebra I, Jr. Hi-Y Advisor, Freshman Advisor. RICHARD CAPIN--Geometry, Arithmetic, Gym, Football and Track Coach. 51 Ruth Crager, Lorna Wessel, and Darlene Crager leaxri many new skills in Home Economics Class. We increase knowledge The vocational arts courses at G.H.S. provide students with the training neces sary for future use, both practical and professional. Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and Agriculture provide this training and send the students into life well pre¬ pared . JENNY SMITH--Homemaking Jr. Hi, High School. WILLIAM SCHAFER--Safety, Gym, Health, Industrial Arts, 7tli grade advisor. DON STEWARD--Shop 7,8, High School; 9th grade advisor, Hi Y advisor. Charles Handshoe strives for perfection in his shop project as John Colgan and Mike Summers look on. 52 A Junior gym student demonstrates a forward roll for fellow students Mike Shaffer, Perry Chorpenning, and Ralph Maggert. Mr. GEORGE PEARSON--Business Math., Driver ' s Training, 7th grade advisor, Hi-Y advisor, watches as Carol Rugman jacks up the car for changing a tire. and abilities. WARD SMITH—Safety, Gym, History 8, Fresh¬ man advisor. LENORE LEWIS--Gym, Safety, Health, Pep Club advisor, GAA advisor. Junior advisor. 53 Nancy James, Connie Leeper, Carol Lung and Susan Jay file to the football field with their gym class for outdoor exercise. Music and art provided the students of G . H.S . with an un¬ derstanding of self-expression and of the inner person. The beauty of life was taught to each student, and each was allowed to display his various skills. To add a more enjoying side to the music and arts de¬ partment, various posters were made and songs were learned. Randy Tustison admires the soap carvings made by the junior high art classes. Cultural Talents on Parade RAYMOND COLE--Band, Jr. Hi, High School. JOEL PLUM--Art, Jr. Hi, High School, Speech, 7th grade Ad¬ visor. DONALD WILSON--High School Chorus, Jr. Hi Music. 54 Kathy Buckles practices the music she uses as ac- companiest for the high school chorus. Educated and Energetic Our train to success could never be complete without the high school. Tht highest point of the trip is the time at which we become upperclassmen. Led by the conductors for the trip, the seniors, the high school is a bustle of activity, excitement, and high edu¬ cation. The student becomes a passen¬ ger who may purchase a ticket which may take him on any path he may choose. Tom Baldwin Marjorie Carnahan Karen Helf Virginia Leech Alan Leiter Sandy Pfierman Karen Shenk Tom Steinmetz Effort Provides Scholastic Leaders. Lorraine Tarlton Becky Teders Jerry Thomas Karen Wade Esther Warstler Sharon Workman The " cream of the crop " in the senior class are the students who gain a four year average of 3.125 out of 4 .000 . These stu¬ dents become class honor students. The honor student receiving the highest aver¬ age is classified as valedictorian, while the second highest is salutatorian of the class. The honor students of the class of 1962 have been depicted doing the things that they are best known for. Leading the Senior Class of 1962 was the job entrusted to: Marilyn Reed, Secretary; Thomas Steinmetz, Vice-president; Jerry Thomas, President; and Cynthia Schaab, Treasurer. Officers Meet Senior Challenge. To be given an office as a leader in the sen¬ ior class is one of the greatest honors of GHS, Just as the honor is great, so is the re¬ sponsibility tremendous. Throughout the years the seniors have selected students of outstand¬ ing ability to be their leaders . This past year was far from being an exception. Aiding the senior officers in their duties were: Mr. Virgil Finchum, Mrs. Hildreth Sweeney, Mr. Kenneth Richardson, Mr. Hub¬ ert Stackhouse, and Mrs. Mary Mellott, the class sponsors. 57 Mrs. Mellott and Mrs. Sweeney, two of the senior sponsors, discuss plans for the next home room meeting. I THOMAS ELMER BALDWIN—Math., Sci., Soc. St.; Aeolian Editor- in-Chief; Quill and Scroll; Boys ' State; State Ach. Contest 3; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, Prog. Chairman 2; Hi-Y 3, Prog. Chairman 3; Banquet Prog. Chairman Toastmaster; Chess Club 1; Latin Club 2; Baseball 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, KENNETH PAUL BARRY—Math., Sci., Soc. St.; M B Staff 3, Asst. Editor 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Chess Club 1; Latin Club 2; Sci. Club 3; Golf 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1. PATRICIA ANN BARTELS--Bus.; Aeolian Staff; Band 1,2,3,4; Blue- Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4. REBECCA ANN BEEBER-—Bus., H ' Making, Soc. St.; M B Staff;Senior Play Cast; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; GAA 4; Pep Squad 1,2. Mrs. Kizer, Office Secretary, measures Mike Johnston for ordering the senior caps and gowns. As Seniors Concluding Our JULIA ANN BENNETT--Bus.; Senior Play Cast; Band, Libr. 2, Student Dir. 4; Blue-Tri. 1 ,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. DEAN ED BERGDALL—Agr., Ind. Arts; FFA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3,4. ROBERT LEWIS BERTSCH—Bus., Ind. Arts; Band 2; Jr. Hi-Y 2; Football 1. WILLIAM RAY BEVERLY—Ind. Arts, Soc. St.; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3; Baseball 3; Football 1, 2.4, Letter 4. ERIC DARWIN BICKEL--Bus. Soc. St.; Aeolian Sports Co- Editor; M B Staff 2,4; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3, Mgr. 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4. 58 JAMES FRANCIS BINZ--Our Lady of the Lake Seminary 1,2; Math., Soc. St.; Aeolian Faculty Co-Editor. ROBERT LOWELL BRAND—Ind. Arts, Math; M B Staff 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Basketball 1. MERLE EUGENE BRIGHT—Math., Soc. St.; M B Staff 4; Senior Play Cast; Band 1,2; Latin Club 2; Oper. Club 4; Track 3,4. KATHALEE BUCKLES--Math., Soc. St.; Aeolian Org. Co-Editor; M B Staff 4; Girls ' State; Class treas. 3; Senior Play, Student Director; Blue-Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Banquet Prog. Co-Chairman; FTA 3,4, Treas. 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes; Cheerleader, Res. 1,2, Vars. 3,4. RICHARD ALLAN BURTCH—Ind. Arts; Class Pres. 1; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Chaplain 2; Hi-Y 3; Banquet Entrance Co-Chairman; Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 1. MARJORIE JEAN CARNAHAN—Bus.; Aeolian Staff; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Office Worker 4. Journey to Success, Charlene Hazelton, Linda Davis, Diaime Wetoskey, and Becky Beeber exchange senior name cards. DALE ALLEN CAY WOOD—Ind. Arts. LEON MAURICE CHISHOLM—FFA 4, Sentinel, Sec. 1; Football 1. DORIS JEAN CHRISTLIEB—Bus., H ' Making, Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4. 59 GLENN EDWARD Cl.AXTON“ Ind, Arts, Math.; Class Treas. 1; Student Council 2; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Letter 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, Letter 4. ALLAN DALE CONRAD--Ind. Arts, Math.; Alternate to Boys ' State; Student Council 3. JERRY WELDON CUSTER—Jr. Hi-Y 1; Oper. Club 2, 3,4; Chess Club 1. NADENE ELAINE CUTLER--Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4. We Emerge As Adults Looking DAVID CHARLES DAVIS—Bus., Ind. Arts, Soc. St.; Track 1,2,3, Letter 3. LINDA MARIE DAVIS—-Bus., Soc. St.; M B Staff 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; GAA 2,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Libr. 2. WANDA LEE DAVIS—Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4. HAROLD WAYNE DEMINT—Sci., Soc. St.; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Football 2; Track 3. CAROLYN JO FLEET--Bus.; Aeolian Org. Co-Editor; Senior Play, Publicity Chairman; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 4; Libr. 3; Office Worker 4. DOUGLAS ANTHONY FRAZE—Math., Soc. St.; M B Sports Editor 4; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi Y 1; Latin Club 2; Baseball 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 3,4. 60 I DONALD LEE FUNK--Agr.; FFA State Farmer ' s Degree; Senior Play Cast; Band 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4, Student Advisor Parliamentarian 4; Oper, Club 4; Photo Club 1; Football 2,3,4, Letter 4; Track 1,2,3,4. DELMER EUGENE GREUTER--Agr.; FFA 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 4; Track 3. DOUGLAS DEIAN GRUEDER--Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Class Pres. 2; Vice-Pres. 1; Sen¬ ior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, Treas. 1, Pres. 2; Hi-Y 3,4, Sec. 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4. DELMAR JAMES HAND SHOE--Bus., Soc. St.; Track 1. WILLIAM GUY HARVEY—Ind. Arts, Math; Football 3; Track 3, Letter 3. Back at Fond Memories: Larry Lovette collects data for his term paper which is a requirement of Mrs. Mellott ' s composition course. CHARLENE KAY HAZELTON--Bus.; M B Staff 4; Blue Triangle 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. DAVID WEST HELBERT—Ind. Arts, Soc. St.; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Banquet Stage Dec. Co-Chairman; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 4; Track 3,4, Letter 3,4. KAREN SUE HELF--Math, Soc. St.; Aeolian Underclass¬ men Co-Editor; M B Staff 4; Student Council 2,3, Sec. 3; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 3; Pep Squad 1,2,3, Treas. 2; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. SUSAN CATHERINE HIPSKIND—Bus., Soc. St.; Girls ' State; Senior Play Prog. Chairman; Blue Tri. 1,2, Prog. Chairman 2; Y-Teens 3, Y-Teen Camp 2; GAA 1,2, 3,4, Treas. 2,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Gen. Co-Chairman Banquet. 61 RAYMOND AARON HIXSON--Agr., Ind. Arts; FFA 1,2, 3.4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Track 1. SHERRY LOU HUNTER—Soc. St.; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4, Prog. Chairman 4, Y- Teen Camp 3; Banquet Hall Dec. Co-Chairman; M B Adv. Mgr. 4; FTA 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. MICHAEL F. JOHNSTON—Math, Sci.; Sci. Club 3. JAMES MORTON KELHAM—Agr., Soc. St.; Student Council 4, Pres. 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Hi-Y 4; FFA 2,3,4, Treas. 4; Banquet Hall Dec. Co-Chairman; Football, Letter 3,4; Track 2,3. Class Parties, the Banquet, Publications editors Tom Baldwin and Karen Wade collaborate in taking pictures for the yearbook. JOHN WILLIAM KELLEY —Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Aeolian Sports Co-Editor; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3; FTA 4, Treas. 4; Baseball 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 1,2,3, LINDA JUNE KELLEY--Bus.; Senior Play Cast; Band 1,2, 3,4; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y Teens 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA ELAINE KENNEDY—Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4. CONNIE JEAN KOLBE—Bus., Soc. St.; Aeolian Asst. Editor; M B Staff 3; Quill Scroll 4; Alternate to Girls ' State 3; Class Sec. 1,3, Treas. 2; Sen¬ ior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4; Banquet Entr. Dec. Co-Chairman; FTA 4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. DAVID WOLFE LANDY--Bus.; Photo Club; Sci. Club 3; Span¬ ish Club 2. 62 VIRGINIA ELAINE LEECH--For. Lang., Math, Soc. St.; Aeolian Asst. Editor; Quill Scroll 3,4; Alternate to Girls ' State; M B Asst. Feature Ed. 3; Senior Play Cast; Student Council 4, Sec. 4; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; FTA 3,4, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 4; Cheerleader, Res. 1,2, Vars. 3; Soph., Jr., Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. ALAN JAMES LEITER--Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Latin Club 2; Sci. Club 1,4; Alternate to Boys ' State. CAROLE ANN LEMPER--Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; GAA 4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 3,4. LARRY OLIVER LOVETTE--Bus., Soc. St.; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Hi-Y 3,4; Chess Club 1; Latin Club 2; Sci. Club 2; Football 3,4; Track 1,3. HARRIETT ELLEN MALCOLM--Bus., H ' Making, Soc. St.; Aeolian Staff; Blue Tri. 1,2, Treas. 1; Y-Teens 3; Pep Squad 3,4. Concessions, Dances, NANCY FAYE MALCOLM--Bus., Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. HANS PALMER MANGES—Bus., Soc. St.; Jr. Hi-Y 4; Basketball Mgr. 4; Track 2. CHARLES IRVING McNALL--Bus., Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3; FFA 4; Baseball 3; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 1,2. PHILIP GEORGE MILLER—Bus., Soc. St., Math; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Track 3,4. SHERI LYNN MILLER—Bus., Soc. St.; M B Staff 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. 63 DOROTHY MAE MOORE— Avilla High School 1; Bus., Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 2; Y-Teens 3,4. KATHLEEN ANN MULLIGAN— Soc. St.; Aeolian Staff; M B Staff; Student Council 3,4, Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4, Ser. Chairman 4; Banquet Entertainment Co- Chairman; FTA 3,4, Sec. 4; GAA 2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3; Soph., Jr., Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. BILL M. MURLEY—Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Sci. Club 3,4. DONNA SUE MUSSER—Bus., Math., Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Band 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Cheerleader, Res. 1,2, Vars. 3,4. MICHAEL JOSEPH MUZZILLO—Math, Sci., Soc. St.; M B Staff 4; Senior Play Cast; Banquet Gen. Co- Chairman; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Latin Club 2; Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. and Our Grand Production THOMAS ALLEN NIXON- Bus., Soc. St.; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3; Baseball 3; Basketball 2,3; Football Mgr. 1. SANDRA MARIE NODINE--Bus., H ' Making; Aeolian Staff; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Office Worker 2. JOSEPH LYLE OBERLIN--Bus., Ind. Arts, Soc. St.; Base¬ ball 3,4; Track 1,2,3. BONNIE BELLE OWEN—Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2, Songleader 2; Y-Teens 3,4, Songleader 4; GAA 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. JAMES EDWIN PARKER—Ind. Arts, Soc. St.; Oper. Club 3,4; Baseball 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 4; Track 1,2,3,4. 64 MICHAEL EUGENE PARV1F--Bus,, Ind. Arts; Student Council 1; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Football 1,2,3, Letter 2,3; Track 1,2,3. MARILYN KAYE PAYTON--Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 3,4; Aeolian Staff. DAVID ROBERT PECK--Ind. Arts, Math, Sci.; Oper. Club 3,4; Sci. Club 2; Football 1,2,3. JERRY WILLIAM PEPPLE—Bus., Ind. Arts; FFA 1,2; Foot¬ ball 3,4. Dottie Secrest and Carole Lemper look at formals as they think about the coming banquet. " Pioneer, Go Home.” SANDRA SUE PFIERMAN-- Bus.; Aeolian Staff; M B Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4, Pres. 4; Band 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; GAA 2,3,4; Banquet Dinner Co- Chairman; Student Council 2 . KENNETH EVANS RATHERT --Bus. Math, Soc. St.; Senior Play Props Chairman; Sci. Club 1,4. MARILYN KAY REED —Bus., Math, Sci., Soc. St.; M B Staff; Quill Scroll 4; Class Sec. 4; Blue Tri. 1,2, Sec. 2; Y-Teens 3,4; Banquet In¬ vitations Co-Chairman; GAA 1,2,3,4; Latin Club’ 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Senior Play Cast; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; T eenettes. LORRAINE MAE ROWE--Bus., H ' Making, Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4. RUSSELL ROY ROWE—Bus., Ind. Arts; M B Staff; Senior Play Cast; Oper. Club 4; Boys ' Ens. 1,2,3. 65 CYNTHIA KAY SCHAAB--Bus., Math; Aeolian Bus. Mgr.; Quill Scroll 4; Class Treas. 4; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; FTA 3,4, Pres. 4; Pep Squad 1,2, 3,4; Latin Club 2. DOROTHY SHERYL SECREST—Monticello, Ky. 1; Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4, Prog. Chairman 3; Senior Play Cast; Pep Squad 2,3. PATTY LOU SHAFER—Bus.; Aeolian Acad. Co- Editor; Student Council 3,4, Co-Chairman of Coun¬ cil Capers 3,4; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. LINDA LOUISE SHAFFER—Bus., H ' Making; Blue Tri. 1,2; Office Worker 1. KAREN LOUISE SHENK—Sci., Soc. St.; Aoelian Acad. Co-Editor; Senior Play Cast, Make-Up Committee Chairman; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Band Twirler 1,2,3; FTA 3; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Squad 4; Sci. Club 4; M B Staff. DONALD MONROE SHIRK--Agr.; FFA 1,2,3,4. In the Year of Astronauts We Gain DOROTHY MAY SMITH —Bus., H ' Making; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 4; Pep Squad 3,4. MARY GERTRUDE SMITH—Math, Soc. St.; Aeolian Underclass Co-Editor; M B Staff 4; Quill Scroll 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2, Pres. 2; Y-Teens 3,4; FTA 4, Prog. Chairman; GAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Quartet; T eenettes. Mr. Stackhouse, make-up director, bows as senior play cast members salute him. 66 LARRY WILLIAM STEFFEN —Ind. Arts. Math; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,4; Track 1,2. THOMAS F. STEINMETZ--Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Boys ' State; Class Vice-Pres. 3,4; Student Council 2; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Latin Club 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Foot¬ ball 2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, Letter 1,2,3,4. REBECCA ANN STEWARD--For. Lang., Soc. St.; M B Staff 2,3,4, Co-Asst. Editor 4; Quill Scroll 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; FTA 3; GAA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3; Office Worker 4. MARTHA ELLEN SWANK--Bus.; M B staff 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 4. LORRAINE FAYE TARLTON--Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Sci. Club 3,4; Libr. 3. New Responsibilities LINDA ANN TATE--Soc. St.; M B Staff; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; FTA 4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2, 3,4. REBECCA RENEE TEDERS--For. Lang., Math, Soc. St.; Aeolian Senior Co-Editor; M B Staff 2,3,4, Exchange Editor 4; Senior Play Cast; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3; GAA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Sci. Club, Treas. 4; Spanish Club, Prog. Chairman 2; Banquet Stage Dec. Co-Chairman; Quill Scroll 4. SHERRILL JEAN TERRY--Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2, Dev. Chairman 2; Y-Teens 3,4, Dev. Chairman 3, Treas. 4; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. JERRY WAYNE THOMAS--Math, Sci., Soc. St.; Class Pres. 3,4; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, Treas. 2; Hi-Y 3,4, Treas. 4; Banquet Dinner Com. Co-Chairman; Track 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4. BEVERLY THOMSON —Bus.; M B Staff 4; Senior Play Cast Stage Com. Co-Chairman; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y- Teens 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Libr. 4. JACKERN LE TOOTHMAN—Fairmont, W. Va. 1; Bus.; Aeolian Staff; Blue Tri. 2; Y-Teens 3; Libr. 1; Office Worker 4. GORDON FREDERICK VEEP EL JR.--Bus., Soc. St.; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, Chaplain 1; Hi-Y 3; Student Council 1; Cho¬ rus 3; Basketball 1,2,3, Letter 2,3; Football 1,2,3, Letter 2,3; Track 1,2,3. KAREN KAY WADE--For. Lang., Math, Sci., Soc. St.; DAR Good Citizen; M B Staff 3,4, Feature Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Blue Triangle 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3; Banquet Table Dec. Co-Chairman; GAA 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes; Quill Scroll 3,4; FTA 4. Mr. Thorne, senior photographer, poses Allan Conrad for taking his senior portrait. ESTHER LOUISE WARSTLER--Math, Soc. St., Sci.; M B 1,2,3,4, Bus. Mgr. 4; Quill Scroll 4; Blue Triangle 1,2, Vice-Pres. 2; Y-Teens 3,4; FTA 4; Latin Club 2; Sci. Club 1,2,3,4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Quartet 2,3; Teenettes. LARRY LEE WELLER—Agr.; FFA 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Vice- Pres. 4; Oper. Club 4. DIANNE EDYTHE WETOSKEY—Soc. St.; Aeolian Senior Co-Editor; M B Subscription Circulation Mgr. 4; Senior Play Props Chairman; Blue Tri. 1,2, Service Chairman 2; Y-Teens 3,4, Sec. 4; Band 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4. SHARON KAY WORKMAN—Bus.; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; M B Staff. JOEL IVlAX ZERNS--Math, Soc. St.; Senior Play Cast; Jr. Hi-Y 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; FTA 3,4; Oper. Club 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,4; Football 1,2,3 ,4, Letter 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4. MARY JEANNE ZUMBAUGH--Bus., Soc. St.; M B Staff 4; Blue Tri. 1,2; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1,2; Pep Squad 1,2,3,4; Soph., Jr. Girls ' Ens.; Teenettes. and Face the Future. 68 Checking the money situation of the class are Mike Reese, vice president; Ruby Cook, treasurer; Ar¬ lene Carper, secretary; and Tom Funk, president. The long awaited junior class rings are proudly dis¬ played by class members. Juniors Are Challenged Douglas Aplin Candace Baxter Naomi Beeber Sherry Bertsch Norman Best John Bigelow Michael Binz Jim Bishop Dennis Blaker Carol Bowers Kennetha Brown Dale Bunn Arlene Carper Perry Chorpenning Joseph Clabaugh Ruby Cook Richard Coy Robert Culler John Dapp Annetta Davis Elaine Denes Alan DePew David Diederich Donna Emerick 69 Steven Fike Linda Freeman Steven Fuller Thomas Funk Sandra Gibson David Gradeless Sharon Graham Keitha Griffin Daniel Haffner Helen Hall Charles Handshoe June Harding Barbara Helton Nancy Henderson Nancy Hilkey Carl Hixson Sandra Hofferman Danny Hollinger Jacqueline Hollis Jean Hollis by Selling and Studying, John Houser Glenna Howard Sandra James Sharon James Michael Jenstn Judith Johoski Thomas Keefer Jenny Kelham Lynn Kizer Thomas Kobiela William Kobiela Carol LaRue Mary Lepley Scott Lewis Paula Livergood Pamela Loomis Tom Keefer shows signs of the gladiator as he was injured in the Elmhurst football game. 70 Ralph Maggert Wava Maggert Joe Mahnesmith Jeanne Menges Sam Miller John Mitchell Michael Moody Joan Moran Betty Muzzillo Jacqueline Myers Kenneth Myers Dale Nixon " Have a coke " say Juniors Denny Blaker, Dave Gradeless, and Candy Baxter as they work in the Junior concession stand. Raising Money, Richard Oberlin Randall Oliver Sherry Parsons Marion Pickard Michel Pierson Catherine Placencia Janos Ratrie Michael Reese Carolyn Refner Steven Roop Joe Rowe Jerilyn Rupp Mary Ann Sapp James Sechler David Shafer Janice Shafer Sharon Shafer Michael Shaffer 71 Sam Shindledecker Joyce Sigler Sandra Sithen Kathleen Slater Robert Smith Robert Snook Robert Souers Eddie Steinman Leonard Steward Roger Stxoman Michael Summers Randy Oliver and Dave Shafer, members of the Junior Dance Committee decorate the hall with posters for the next home dance. Planning for a Banquet. Joe Mahnesmith scans the daily newspap)er in study hall. Philip Sweeney Marcia Tharpe William Thrush Richard Toy Cheryl Tuttle Edwin Tuttle David Van Allen Gary Warfield Pamela Wasson Loma Wessel Darryl Whittington Arm Wysong 72 Choosing a color for the class sweaters are: Danny Baker, president; Max Freeman, vice president; Hudson Freeze, treasurer; Michelle Wade, sec¬ retary. Sophomores Display New Sweaters, Danny Baker Frederick Ballentine Larry Barnhart Patrick Bauman Beverly Beber Mary Alice Beber Mary Margaret Beber Marvene Bergdall Connie Boyd Barry Brown Coline Brown Keith Bunn Larry Cattell Michael Caywood Robert Clark John Colgan William Corry Ruth Crager Margaret Crowe Sharon Curtland Dennis Cutler Suzanne Davis Thomas Dembickie Larry DePew Johneen Ellis Linda Fleet Nicka Fraze Max Freeman Patricia Freeman Hudson Freeze David Frey Eugene Fulk Carol Gaff 73 Dale Gimion Bud Handshoe Doris Hartman DuWaynne Hathaway Eugene Hathaway Gerald Henderson DuWayne Hofferman Cynthia Hovarter Terry Howiler Marilee Hughes Kenneth Judson Larry Kammerer Edward Kelham Judith Knott Jerry Kock Beverly Koehl Roger Kolbe Darrell Kruger Plan a Party, Mary Ann Lewellyn Echo Lewis Larry Madden Charles McAbee Rosemary McGrath Diane Miller Kenneth Mitchell Patrick Moody Kitty Moore Cynthia Myers Richard Nodine Roger Noel Edward Placencia Gerald Porter David Quinn Ronald Ranney 74 Alan Rapp Margaret Redmond Cyrstal Robbins Mary Rodebaugh Carol Rowe Karen Rowe Carol Rugman Carolyn Shaffer Joseph Shirk Arthur Shoener James Shutt Jon Smith i Patsy Smith Stephanie Smith Walter Smith Larry Stalter Lavern Steinman Study Geometric Designs. Juanita Thomas Lorraine Thomas Michael Thomas Bette Thompson Clarence Thompson Thomas VanDerbosch Michelle Wade Larry Warstler Sally Weimer Jacqueline Weller Thomas Wheeler James White Thomas Wolpert Peggy Worman Enda Yarian Cheryl Yingling Chuck McAbee is measured for his sweater by the representative of the sweater company. 75 Freshman Football Team: FRONT ROW--Allan McPheeters, Vic Hunter, Mike M iller, Derek Heinzerling, Randy Davis, Tim Kolbe, Tony Foar, Tom Engle, Bob Byanski, SECOND ROW--Terry Harter, Clifford Gunion, Dave Plather, John Maurer, Mike Dem- bickie, Glen Ludban, Barry McNamara, George Rugman, Gary Easterday, Richard Pick¬ ard, Art Hopkins, Don Steward, coach. Freshmen Enjoy New Privileges, Myxa Anderson Michael Armstrong Sandra Ballentine Annette Barnhart Timothy Barry Daniel Beber Donald Beber Theresa Beber Daniel Becraft Randall Bergdall Joseph Binz Marjorie Blair Steven Bodey Gary Boleyn Karen Bowser Nancy Brand Philip Brechbill Dan Brinkerhoff Julia Brumbaugh Sandra Brumbaugh 76 Robert Byanski Janice Casey Floyd Colgan James Corry William Creager Norma Cutler Randall Davis Michael Dembickie Arietta Dennis Carol DePew Richard Dove Gary Easterday Patricia Eberhard Thomas Engle Linda Ervin David Ewert Begin Club Participation, Connie Fetter Dawn Fleet Tony Foar Patticia Fordeck Lucille Friend Terry Gaar Judith Gaff Georgia Gamble Lona Gamble Linda Gaskill Susan Gerber Michaeleen Gillespie Sandra Gnagy Betty Godwin Cerinda Goebel Steve Gradeless Joseph Grogg Clifford Gunion Marlene Handshoe Vemous Handshoe 77 Terry Harter Russ Hartman Faith Hathaway Rebecca Haynes Steven Hazeltine Derek Heinzerling James Heitz Mabel Hensinger Arthur Hopkins Garland Howard Victor Hunter Judy Hyde Nancy James Susan Jay Ruth Jo’luison Stephen Johnson Robert; KoeM. Timothy Kolbe Jackie Kmger Daniel LaTuiner Connie keeper Donald keeper Barbara Lemper Michael Lewis Monika Lilienthal Increase Class Securing a date for the Freshman party are Sandra Gnagy, secretary; Dawn Fleet, president; Derek Heinzerling, treasurer; John Moats, vice-president. 78 I First year Algebra students Dave Ewert, Randy Bergdall, and Tom Engle seem quite absorbed in solving a problem. Freshmen Glenda Wentland, Nancy Brand, and Ruth Johnson compare thoughts on their latest assignment. Study Specialized Curriculums, I I John Maurer David McMillan Barry McNamara Allan McPheeters Max Milks Dan Miller Michael Miller John Moats JoEllen Moses Margery Myers Joseph Newbauer Steven Newbauer Linda Parker Raymond Parker Carolyn Parsons Roger Peck Linda Pfierman Richard Pickard Gary Pierson David Plainer Gladys Ramey James Ranney Linda Ray Richard Ray Virginia Rhodehamel Connie Martinez Servando Martinez Ronald Matthews 79 LaDonna Ringler George Rugman Dale Runion Marianne Sattison Carol Schurr Doris Sechler John Shafer Robert Shafer Janice Shaffer Adele Smith Harriet Smith Sandra Smith Waureen Smith Ronald Snyder Charlene Stahl and Dream of the Future. Judy Hyde and Cindy Strobel lead the line of hungry freshmen into the cafe¬ teria for their lunch. Dean Steinman William Stover Maynard Strawser Cynthia Strobel Judy Talley Donald Tarlton Frances Taylor Sandra Terry Polly VanZile Glenda Wentland Harold Werkhiser Mary Wiant Larry Wi Kenneth Picture not available for Tommy Toy 80 Jovial and Jubilant Our train could not be completed with¬ out the passengers on the caboose, the junior high members. Students anxious to go to lunch and get out of school, the junior high members are a constant bustle of activity. Their only means of transportation is the bicycle; neverthe¬ less, they get as much mileage with a bike as many people do with a car. The junior high cheering section lends extra voices to the pep squad at all home games. The twirlers for the junior high band are: Jeanne Helbert, Lois Wiite, Mary Lyim Neukom, Jerilyn Koek, Claudia Miller, and Jeanne Ervin. Junior High time 82 Going to the eighth grade picnic are Maxine Gra- vitt, Diana Caywood, and Rick Mellott. Jim Gamble, Jim Pierson, Chuck Bavis, Don Johnson, and Max Smith watch as Keith Heffelfinger shows his skill with the Yo-yo. goes unwasted . . . The highlight of tlie eightli grade picnic was eating in the pavillion. In Jr. High we have fun, learn, and begin the process of becoming adults . From showing skill in dancing and the yo-yo, to winning basketball games, the seventh and eighth grades are packed with fun and excitement. The favorite time of day for Jr. High students is the lunch period. This is not too much different from the High School, so maybe it is a sign of adulthood. Among the Jr-Hi noon activities are volleyball and basketball in the auditorium. Steve Smith goes up for a shot as the seventh grade team opposes the eighth grade in a scrimmage. 33 FRONT ROW; Keith Heffelfinger, Roddy Dillon, Bill Yoder. SECOND ROW: Gary Kleeman, Steve Mulligan, Mike Smurr, Doug Opdycke, Rick Lewis. THIRD ROW: Craig Gilliland, Steve Andrew, Mr. Harman, coach; Steve Smith, Rick Mellott. Leading the eighth grade cheers are Nancy Capin, Kathy Barciis, and Cindy Lewis. Participation in sports The yell leaders for the seventh grade are Debbie Buckles, Rhonda Ballentine, and Carole DeLong. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Cutler, Jerry Gnagy, Larry Williams. SECOND ROW: Scott Bishop, Dan Likes, Mark Hamm, Denny Feagler, Jack Seigel. THIRD ROW: Mike Honaker, Ron Kearns, Ed Myers, Dave Clark, Jimmy Petera. 84 Band: FRONT ROW--Linda Conkle, Amy Leeson, Sharon Weller, Danny Gilbert, Jim Grawcock, Mitchell Simp¬ son, Cindy Carper, Cindy Rowe. SECOND ROW--Alice Kelham, Bill Baidinger, Becky Schurr, Rodney Andrews, Tom Stebing, Larry Dillon, Skip Murray, Larry Williams, Kenny Fritz, Patty Bowman. THIRD ROW--Ruth Clem, Tim Hippensteel, Carol DeLong, Tim Moody, Randy Tustison, Ray Cole. FOURTH ROW--Merritt Scheurich, Debby Hall, Marilyn Smith, Jerry Weller, Roddy Dillon, Kay Shoener, Ellen Hazeltine. and band fills the year. Leading the marching band are: Mary Ann Myers, assistant drum majorette, and Peimy Murray, drum majorette. Heading the band are: Randy Tustison, president; Tim Moody, secretary, treasurer; Ray Cole, direc¬ tor; Marilyn Smith, librarian; and Alice Kelham, vice president. Linda Aker James Anderson Rodney Andrews Gary Armstrong William Baidinger David Baker Phyllis Baker Rebecca Baker Cathy Barcus Charles Bavis Daniel Baxter Kristina Berg Sally Bertsch James Bigelow Thomas Bishop Eighth Graders Are Kept Busy Margaret Brumbaugh Sandra Byanski Kathleen Campbell Nancy Capin Pramod Carpenter Diana Caywood Ruth Clem Darlene Crager Bruce Custer Fem Dame David Dannenberg Frank Davis Robert DeMint James Denes Coleen DePew 86 Leading the eighth grade are Robert Carpenter, president; Nancy Capin, secretary; Keith Heffel- finger, treasurer; Bill Yoder, vice-president. with Sports James Grawcock Carol Hageman Beverly Hall Gertrude Hall Sally Handshoe EJlan Hazeltine Keith Heffelfinger Suzanne Helton Carrie Hippensteel Sandra Homett David Johnson Donald Johnson Betty Kahlke Alice Kelham Gary Kleeman Christine Kolbe Sharon Kruger Cindy Lewis Richard Lewis Steven Lewis Ronald Livergood Janney Lung Georganna Marti Kay McKee Lawrence Dillon Roderick Dillon Sandra Fousnought James Gamble Danny Gilbert Craig Gilliland Lauise Gordon Maxine Gravit 87 Steve Mulligan has his eye on the ball in the softball game as Steve Lewis and Randy Rupp look on at the eighth grade picnic. Rick Lewis seems to be having a rough time getting a drink as Bill Yoder and Keith Heffelfinger take turns pushing Mm during basketball practice. Pennie Murray Karen Myers Mari Lynn Neukom David Noel Douglas Opdycke Sandra Ousley Linda Parsons Thomas Parvu George Payton. Karen Payton Linda Pence Curtis Penzin Jean Perry Joyce Pfierman Jim Pierson John Pierson Diaime Platoer Joe Porter Vicki Quinn Cynthia Rowe Donald Rowe Randall Rupp Merritt Scheurich Becky Schuix 88 Thomas Shaffer Steven Shirk Keith Shultz Brenda Smith Joseph Smith Marilyn Smith Max Smith Stephen Smith Michael Smurr JoAnn Snyder Thomas Stebing Nancy Steffen Benjamin Swank Rebecca Thomas Craig Thome Larry Thrush Randall Tustison Gregg VanAllen Terry VanDerbosch Jerry Weller Sharon Weller Robert Wesner Linda Wicker Dennis Worden Larry Workman William Yoder Soap Carvings, and History Projects 89 Steve Mulligan and Craig Thome are pretending to spend their noon-time studying in order to impress their science teacher. Jerry Anderson Steven Andrews Kirk Aplin Rhonda Ballentine Helen Banks Thomas Barnhart Paula Bateman Patricia Beber Bonnie Be craft Rose Bhems Scott Bishop Vonda Bixler Kevin Blair Evon Boleyn Patricia Bowman Cynthia Brechbill Jeffery Brinkerhoff Linda Brumbaugh Deborah Cynthia Carper Mary Lee Carper Michael Casey .David Clark Arthur Cobbs Seventh Graders Are Awed Officers for the seventh grade; Roxanne Isenbarger, secretary; and Mark Hamm, president discuss school subjects during their noon-time. Mr. Miller holds the rocket as Skip Murray pours the fuel and Rick Ewert looks on ex¬ citedly. ' fhe science class is preparing to launch the rocket. 90 Linda Conkle Sandra Cordes Melinda Creager Ronald Cutler Mary Lee Carper and Mitch Simpson draw the designs for the seventh grade English magazine. John Cutshall Deborah Deihl Carole DeLong Janice DePew Pamela Dirr Karen Dudash Jane Ervin Ricki Ewert Dermis Feagler Jan Fraze Lynn Freeman Ronald Freeze by Crowded Halls, Cynthia Frey Kenny Fritz Judith Gael Kermeth Gamble Donald Gibson Jerald Gnagy Sammy Godwin David Grueder Deborah Hall Diana Hall Mark Hamm Anita Haynes Checking the oven ' s contents in home economics class, Cindy Frey and Debbie Deihl hope for the best. 91 Kenneth Heitz Jeanne Helbert Howard Herendeen Timothy Hippensteel Thomas Hoffman Robert Holbrook Michael Honaker Fred Howard Patrick Hunter Roxanne Isenbarger Dennis Jackson Michael Jacobs Danny Jones Linda Jones Joseph Kearns Ronald Kearns Paul Smith--the short one of the ninth grade--gets a boost from Jack Seigel at the water fountain. Upperclassmen, Joyce Kimmel Phyllis Kimmel Lynn Kirkpatrick Katherine Kleeman Jerilyn Kock Vicky Kugler Mark LaRue Amy Lee son Phillip Lemper Danny Likes David Marti Mary Ann Maurer 92 Cathy McCullough Ronald Mellott Shirley Moore Lana Morgan Keith Murray Linda Myers Mary Ann Myers Edward Nelson Kenneth Nodine Alice Ort Daniel Pepple Pauline Pepple James Peters Linda Picklesimer Nancy Pierson Guyan Ramey Kenneth Ramey Sharon Roberts and Changing Classes. Larry Williams works intently on his geography maps in study hall. Carol Roebel Donald Roush Coleen Sebring Jack Seigel Kay Shoener Mitchell Simpson Robert Skeans Paul Smith Dale Swonger James Talley Cynthia Thomas Sandra Trainer Charlotte WarstJer Lois White James Wiley Larry Williams Sharon Woodward Connie Workman Christine Wysong 93 A part of the ladies in charge of the cafeteria are: Edith Musser, Aileen Sarter, Helen Miller, Mar¬ tha Reed, Mary Morgan, Anne Trainer. Cooking and Cleaning Three of the janitors, Ervin Reed, Loel Johnson, and Estelle Getts, are familiar faces around the halls keeping our school spotless. 94 The graduation ceremony at G.H.S. symbolizes an end to a beginning. New fields will soon open to each graduate. Success!!! Now we come to the end of our jour¬ ney. Our train has reached its final terminal. However, is this really the end? No, the train to success never stops running. It is always picking up new passengers and taking on new crews. Many times the former tra velers be¬ come the engineers. The end of the trip should not be called the end. Instead it should be labeled " the beginning. ' ' There are new fields to be explored, new lessons to be learned, and new challenges to be met. There will always be the engi - neers to keep the train running, and there will always be the passengers who have the desire to learn. 95 We Thank Our Sponsors ,Abey Abram, Inc. Annette ' s Beauty Salon Baidinger and Walter Funeral Home Bauman and Harnish Rubber and Plastics, Inc. Bernard R. Brennan, Insurance Best Pharmacy Blair ' s Shoe Store Blue Moon Custard Stand Boston Store Bowmar Barber Shop Bowmar Cleaners Brinkerhoff and Brinkerhoff, Attorneys Burtch Machine Shop Burtch Printing Company Catherine Shop Clark and Company--Palace Market ITie Clinic Creek Chub Bait Culligan Soft Water Service DeKalb County Farm Bureau Co-op Don ' s Filling Station Dr. R. A. Dircksen, Veterinarian Melvin Diederich““Real Estate Dr. R. G. Eberhard East Side Grocery (Lehner ' s) Electric Motors and Specialties Finn News Agency Frank’s Garage Frank’s I.G.A. Market Freeze T.V. Service Garrett Clipper Garrett Country Club Garrett Flexible Products, Inc. Garrett Lanes Garrett Lumber Company Garrett Marathon Service Garrett State Bank Garrett Telephone Company, Inc. Garrett Plumbing and Heating George’s Sport Spot Gingery ' s Department Store Dr. A. E. Hall, Veterinarian Hixson Sajid and Gravel Hoke Oil Company Home Quality Market Hopkins Hardware Hughes Drug Store The Hut John ' s Electric Repair Dr. D. K. Jeffery Jim ' s Sunoco Service Klip and Kurl Beauty Shop Landy ' s Department Store Laiitz Barber Shop Don Lepard Standard Service McKee Funeral Home Mid-Western Foundries Mueller ' s Standard Service Nick ' s Car Wash Dr. N. M. Niles Northern Indiana Fuel and Light Company Chas. Ort and Company Orchard Motel, Audrey M. Snook Owen Glass Shop Pet Milk Company Platner ' s Steak House Rapp Rambler an,d Equipment Company Schaab’s Department Store Schurr Curl Shop Seifert Paint and Appliance Store Shellane Gas an.d Appliances Simon ' s Grocery K. P. Sithen, General Contractor Soft Water Service Grocery Store South Road Service South Side Clover Farm Market Spencer Flower and Gift Shop Stern Clothing Company Strock Motor Service Superior Coal Company Thorne Studio Westwood Wilmot Insurance and Tax Service H, Charles Winans, Attorney Worden Beauty Shoppe Wyatt ' s Yipp ' s Sporting Goods Yoder Ford Sales Zern Service Station 96 « J r V i f 0 )u;c Tjbo O OjhMcfc _ »aG. JT - 4 ua ' A JAAfe S . ' ) QuxA 3 0 .-Otj y2JL lJ y-OT- i- dJU XX ' .X3 i . sH o-o JLu .-■i xM} JtAj J2xy ■ Wxji:fcfc-U ■ m -tr-ff- 4 H 5 )

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