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Ji..-.p 4M? ' . --;- . - ' e -- • ' : ' • • ' -fs -- v ' r.j5 X ' ' ' - ' ■ ' •. ' ■ ' - •- • .. " XN. x ' : , v, ' " f r: The Senior Class of I960 presents AEOLIAN Garrett High School Garrett, Indiana Volume XLII Carolyn Ridenour, editor-in-chief Jacqueline Gingrich, assistant editor-in-chief Joseph Griffin, photographer Linda Mitchell, business manager Garrett High School During this past year we at Garrett High School have been going forward across a bridge- -the Seniors are taking their final step while the Juniors have taken their position at the lead. The rest have gone forward and accomplished much to approach nearer the end of this link, the link between our teenage world and that of adulthood. Academic 6—19 Organizations . . . 20—39 Sports 40—51 School Life 52—59 People 60—96 our bridge to the future. We the class of 1960 can now recall our years at G.H.S. and be grateful for the guidance of teachers and friends, which influenced our attitudes and improved our character. We are thankful for the instruction we received to prepare us to meet adult responsibilities. In the classrooms we discovered facts and faults; in the clubs we gained citizenship and cooperation; in athletics we acquired sports- manship and skill; and with our friends, we learned love. Mr. Cale Hudson, as principal of G.H.S. since 1957, was responsible for all high school activities. Much educational progress was evident through his endeavors at G.H.S. In February of 1960, Mr. Hud- son was named Superintendent of the Garrett school corporation, and G.H.S. will see Mr. Ben Simpson in the principal ' s office in September of 1960. These positions resulted from a school board vote after the announced retirement or Mr. Minniear. Mr. Ben Simpson, our assistant principal, this year assumed duties of full-time guidance counse- lor. Administering achievement and aptitude tests and aiding Seniors to make decisions, plus his ef- forts toward the purchase of our newly- installed pub- lic address system occupied his time. SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. E. V. Minniear, Emory Heitz, secretary; Eugene Yarde, Arthur Hall, president; Raymond Burtch, George Wade, treasurer. Senior Physics students — Dave Wiant, Bill Duerk, Ken Flora, and Sandra Dickison — experiment with weights to aid them in understanding the laws of force and motion. Within the walls of G.H.S. are future Physicists preparing to meet the challenge of this modern age. Nuclear energy, television, and X-rays are studied as a part of the Physics course; it offers us both a com- plete knowledge of the past plus a modern outlook on our everchanging world. Carolyn J. Morrow, Purdue; Arith- metic, Physics, Science Club and Seventh Grade Advisor. Jack Bateman, Ball State; Biology, Chemistry, Sophomore Class and Science Club Advisor. prepare today. Sharon James, Biology student, peers into the glass home of Mr. Jack Bateman ' s firogs. A basic study of Chemistry is available at G.H.S. for students with scientific aptitude. Age-old dis- coveries are given modern applications. Regular laboratory work is carried on to promote understand- ing of the printed text. General Science students in Jr. High learn the fundamentals of all science, and biology con- centrates upon the study of animal and plant life. The results of the " spectacular reaction " experiment prove successful but displeasing to Cehmistry student, Linda Mitchell. Jack Cougill, Ball State; Science, Science Club and Eighth Grade Advisor. Paul Bateman, Purdue; Vocational Agriculture, Biology, Athletic Director, Junior Class, Athletic Club, and F.F.A. Advisor. Sherry Hunter, Karen Wade, and Doug Grueder pool their resources in an attempt to prove a theorem in Geometry class. Know all the angles. A little of mathematics is seen by every student from Jr. Hi ' s to Seniors. Jr. Hi ' s experience a beginning course in mathematics, and in high school, math is elected by the student. Courses are given in General Math, Business Math, Algebra, Plain Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry. These courses help students plan for future careers, from a housewife figuring the family budget to an engineer planning the super-structure of a bridge. John E. Flora, I. U.; Algebra 1, General and Business Math., Eighth Grade and Jr. Hi-Y Advisor. Patty Ebeihard, a Jr. Hi arithmetic student, studies the function of a fraction. Mr. Flora offers a solution to Keitha Griffin ' s Business Math problem. Mathematicians Richard Capin, Manchester; Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Jr. High Phys. Ed., Football and Track Coach, Athletic Club and Sophomore Class Advisor. W. Gray Woodcox, Indiana State, I. U.; Arithmetic, Seventh Grade Advisor. Courses in English offer Baibara Muzzillo and Mary Ann Sarpa prepare paste -ups in Journalism class as they study the art of newspaper writing. Diane Miller, Susie Smith, Gloria Hall, and Steve Davis form a panel to discuss problems in Junior Literature class. English of some form is required in every class, whether it be English , Speech , Literature , Journalism , or English Composition. English provides the student for a successful future in Business or any career where one is in the public eye. Norma L. Ciow, Indiana State; English, General Business, Eighth Grade Advisor. Kenneth Richardson, Ball State; English, Journalism, Maroon and Blue Advisor. reading, writing, and resonating. Kenneth Flora holds his audience spellbound as he performs a charade in fifth period Speech class. Richard J. Smith, Rollins, Indiana Mary Mellott, Earlham; Literature, State; English, Sophomore Class and English Composition, English, Sen- Junior Hi-Y Advisor. ior Class and Y-Teen Advisor, C.T.A. Secretary. 11 Finally! After six weeks without text books, the United States History classes receive the new books and are ready to delve into the past. Diana Johnson and Suellyn Wilmot answer the question " What land of government? " and pre- pare to learn " why? " in Civics class. Social Studies provide students with the history of their world and their government. Social Studies is offered in every grade with either World History, U. S. History, Civics, and Economics for high school students, and Geography for the Jr. High classes. In Social Studies we recall the past Virgil M. Finchum, Ball State; Economics, Government, World History, Senior Class Advisor. Cameron Parks, Illinois, Kentucky; U. S. History, Sophomore Class Advisor. 12 Mary Ann Sattison looks on as John Moats points out the area in which we live. As thp r tudy Indiana History, the seventh graders learn of their heritage. as Tve vie v the future All eyes are on Mr. Harman as he reviews World History to his sixth period class. Robert Harman, Wabash; Geog- raphy, Indiana and World History, Junior Class Advisor, Junior High Coach. The Business World . . . at G. H. S. First year typing students, Bill Duerk and John Detrick, demonstrate the qualities of good and poor typing techniques. Some phases of business in preparation for the future is learned in our school ' s business courses. A course in business begins with General Business and Bookkeeping and extends to the work of Shorthand and Typing. This course permits a person to learn a secretarial trade or the managing of his own business. Sarah Eldridge, Manchester; Book- keeping, Typing, Blue Triangle and Junior Class Advisor, C.T.A. Treasurer. Effie Gump, Manchester; Short- hand, Typing, Seventh Grade and Y-Teen Advisor. New conversational Spanish records and books, purchased by the school, add interest to the course for second - year students, Karen Reasoner and David Casey. Foreign languages give us a better understanding of English, and bring us closer to our neighbors in foreign lands. Latin and Spanish take us abroad N ' ' l Hildreth Sweeney, Manchester, Ball State; High School Librarian, Audio-Visual Director, Senior Class and Aeolian Advisor. Wilma M. Sisson, DePauw; English, Hubert L. Stackhouse, Manchester Latin, Freshman Class and Blue and I.U.; Speech, Spanish, Senior Triangle Advisor. Play Director, Senior Class and Student Council Advisor, C. T. A. .e Program Chairman. Talents are revealed in High School Band member, Sandra Gaff, reviews the notes of a selection from " South Pacific " before the performance. Karen Keefer, a Junior, prepares to have her voice tested in Chorus class. Band and Chorus are provided for the student who enjoys music. A person who takes these courses can use his acquired talent in future years as a career or as a hobby. Raymond Cole, Ball State; Band, C. T. A. President. Reba Stemen, Ohio Northern and Ball State; English, Music, Chorus, Vocal Ensembles. 16 music and art classes Arthui Shoener puts his ideas of " Autumn " on paper, as self-expression is stressed in Junior High art classes. JoelW. Plum, Manchester; Art, Seventh Grade and Art Club Advisor. Jim McCosh and Mary Ann Leweilyn add tinishing touches to the giraffe which was constructed of paper in their eighth grade art courses. Individuality is the key word to the art program this year. Both Junior High and High School students are urged to express diemselves as they draw, paint, or build. The elements of good design were discussed by high school stu- dents, including the phychological effect of various geometric shapes. Color and its emotional effect on the viewer led into discussions on current fashions and hair styles. All this provided the student with a practical application of his art education in the everyday world. 17 After checking the timer, JoEllen Moses finds it is time to remove the biscuits made in seventh grade Home Economics class. The Industrial Arts furnish students with the abilities to plan and to construct. The Industrial Arts course of our school consists of Shop, Mechan- ical Drawing, and Home Economics. Jr. Hi Shop students engage in the construction of a gun rack during the fifth period. Strengthening the home of tomorrow Donald D. Steward, Ball State; Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Hi-Y Co -Advisor. Carol R. Pugsley, Ball State; Homemaking. David A. Evans, Ball State; Shop, Eighth Grade Advisor. Teammates wait with anticipation as Carol Schurr aims to " sink it " during seventh grade gym class. Sportsmanship is stressed as skills are developed in Physical Education and in Driver Training. All Junior High students plus Freshmen and Juniors are required to take Physical Education. as w ell as ourselves Ward Smith, DePauw; Boys ' Physical Education, Health and Safety, History, Sophomore Class and Athletic Club Advisor, Bas- ketball Coach, Asst. Football and Track Coach. Lenore Lewis, Ball State; Girls ' Physical Education, Health and Safety, Business Law, Economic Geography, Junior Class, G.A.A., Pep Squad, and Cheerleaders Advisor. James H. Troyer, Hanover; Driver Training, Freshman Class and Hi-Y Advisor, .Asst. Football and Basket- ball Coach. 19 Organizations Garrett High School Student Council, a service or- ganization chosen by home rooms, is dedicated to the improvement of school and community. Functioning under its new constitution, it governs the qualifications of its members, the way the meetings shall be run, and the work that the council shall do. The council purchased records for the noon -hour rec- reation program; selected assemblies for the following year; maintained the bulletin and honor-roll board; financed part of the football scoreboard; sponsored the magazine sales campaign; served as ushers at various school activities; and held, as their fund-raising proj- ects this year, the variety show and the Aeolian hop. Mr. Stackhouse is the sponsor of the student coun- cil. Officers of the 1959--1960 Student Council session were: SEATED: Donna Buckles, Treasurer; Nancy Hilkey Secretary; STANDING: Gary Leggett, pres- ident; Charles Wentland, vice-president; Mr. Stackhouse, advisor. Student Council ROW ONE: Donna Dee Buckles, David Stiles, Victor Hunter, Keith Teegardin, Lynn Sebring, Larry Lung, Jo- seph Griffin. ROW TWO: Nancy Hilkey, Mary Ann Sapp, Sandra Pfierman, Jacqueline Weller, Karen Rowe, William White, Charles Wentland. ROW THREE: Alan DePew, Patsy Smith, Karen Helf, Glenn Claxton, Thomas Steinmetz, Michael Reese. STANDING: Gary Leggett. 22 Science Club . . . Members of the science club pause between experiments at one of the bi-weekly meetings. Officers are Harry Jackson, treasurer; William White, vice-president; Linda Mitchell, secretary; Robert Johoski, presi- dent. Science club, one of the newest clubs in the school, is making a name for itself in a hurry. The purpose of the club is to help the members understand science. The science fair is the main project of the Science club. This year Science club took trips to places of scientific interest including Miles Laboratory in Elkhart and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Co-advisors of the club are Miss Morrow and Mr. Jack Bateman. Future Farmers of America . . . This group represents the F.F.A. club of Garrett High School. The officers of F.F.A. in the upper right hand picture were Stephen Roy, secretary; Paul Griffin, vice-president; William Knott, president; Dennis Whittington, Gaylord Shaffer, Thomas Griffin, and Chalmer Tuttle. F.F.A., a national organization of agriculture students, strives daily to fulfill their purpose which is the de- velopment of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The organization entered exhibits in the DeKalb County- Free Fall Fair and sponsored within the club itself several contests to encourage the boys to accomplish more. The club is under the advisor- ship of Mr. Paul Bateman. Y-Teens . . . Y-Teen officers: (SEATED) Verneda Fields, treasurer; Diane Miller, devotional chairman; Barbara Muzzillo, vi ce-president; (STANDING) Peggy Clabaugh, program chairman; Sandra Funk, president; Vicki Sithen, secretary. This has been an active year for our Y-Teen club. Starting the year off with a bang was the District Conference, held October 26, 1959. One hundred and fifty girls from area clubs attended this annual meeting. On November 21, members of the Hi-Y and Y- Teens, held their combined semi-formal and danced to the strains of " Autumn Leaves. " Music was fur- nished by the Bob Sanders Trio from Fort Wayne. The theme was carried out in the decorations. Leaves of orange, red, yellow, brown, and other autumn colors graced the walls of the audito- rium. In the entrance, corn stalks, bittersweet, and trees added to the theme. On the tables, more autumn gave a touch of the woods. Among the money-making projects of the club was the candy and cookie sale held in the audito- rium. The girls concocted their favorite recipes, and the willing students bought them for a small price. Through the year we ' ve had many an enlighten- ing half hour during activity period on Wednesday Programs planned and performed by Peggy Clabaugh and her committees were enjoyable to all. LuAnn Myers appeared in a party dress at the style show presented by Stern Clothing Company at the Y-Teen Conference. 24 The " execs " of Y-Teens get together as Sandra Funk and Peggy Clabaugh, Garrett ' s president and program chair- man, follow Sue Ulmer, Angola ' s president, in the cafeteria line. Y-Teen guests and Garrett Y-Teens became better acquainted at the noon meal during the conference. This meal, prepared by the cafeteria cooks, was served by a Y-Teen committee. While they ate, they compared ideas of the different discussion groups which consisted of Young Marriage, College, Fashions, Racial Problems, and Dating. 25 Blue Triangle . . . Blue Triaagle officers for 1959-1960 were (SEATED) Sandra Pfierman, social chair- man; Esther Warstler, vice-president; Kay Reed, secretary; Marjorie Carnahan, devotional chairman; (STANDING) Susan Hipskind, program chairman; Harriett Malcolm, treasurer; Mary Smith, president; Bonnie Owen, song leader; Dianne Weto- skey, service chairman. Members of Blue Triangle listen and Mrs. Sisson looks on, as a committee chairman gives a report to the club during a regular Monday meeting. 26 Linda Tate and Charlene Hazelton check their card orders before they leave to deliver them. Miss Eldridge assists Pamela Loomis with price lists. Blue Triangle club, sponsored by Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Sisson, started the new school year with the Sophomores initiating the Freshmen. The girls sold Christmas cards as the annual money-making project. Evryklia loannidou, a Greek War Orphan, was adopted through the Foster Parents Organization for the seventh year. The girls made a scrap book of their individual pictures and sent it to their foster daughter. Skits, pantomimes, and take-offs of well-known television programs followed the regular business meetings during Monday Activity Periods. Highlights were the candlelight recognition for new members at the beginning of the school year and the Mother and Daughter Party at the end of the year. As members of this club, the girls hope to attain the goals set up for them by the Y. W. C. A. They are: To grow as a person; to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities; to grow in knowledge and love of God. As hillbillies, Nancy Hilkey and Karen Wade, entertain other Blue Triangle members. 27 Hi-Y. Officers of Hi-Y were Thomas Burtch, president; David Crowe, treasurer; Michael Stew- ard, chaplain; William Moree, secretary; Michael Kock, vice-president. ROW ONE: Mr. Troyer, James Cole, Victor Cleland, Marvin Snook, John Flora, James Carper, Richard Murley, Mr. Steward. ROW TWO: Charles Wentland, Robert Johoski, Jerry Smith, Thomas Burtch, Harold Harvey, Rich- ard Abbott, Edward Bowman, David Casey, Rev. Meyer. ROW THREE: William Moree, John Detrick, David Miller, John Reed, Rodney McMillan, William White, Steven Pepple, Joseph Griffin, Ronald Murphy, David Blair, Wayne Peters. ROW FOUR: James Short, Michael Steward, Jack Davis, Theodore Parvu, David Crowe, David Abbott, Larry Snyder, Gary Kruger, Michael Kock, Larry Miller, James HoUis, William Rippe. 28 Junior Hi-Y . The Hi-Y which emphasizes citizenship and sportsmanship along with Christian Fellowship had another successful year. Rev. Walter E. Meyer was the club ' s religious advisor. All meetings were opened with the Hi-Y platform spoken by all members. " Clean speech, clean living, clean sports, and clean scholarship. " Devotions were given and the business was conducted. A program was presented each week ranging from inspirational talks to comedy. The annual semi-formal with the Y-Teens was held on November 21, with Autumn Leaves as the theme. The Bob Sanders Trio, a dance combo, provided the music. A paper-drive in the fall was the main money-making project. The Jr. Hi-Y, the Freshman and Sophomore group, has the same purpose as the Hi-Y to build Christian character. Members look to the Hi-Y as their goal in the future. Officers of Junior Hi-Y were Robert Culler, vice-president; Jerry Thomas, treasurer; Richard Burtch, chaplain; Glenn Claxton, secretary; Douglas Graeder, president. r P r O Pi i% Pi P A ROW ONE: Norman Best, Robert Culler, Philip Sweeney, John Bigelow, Randall Oliver, Scon Lewis, Eric Bickel, Thomas Baldwin, Jerry Thomas, David V-n Allen, Joe Mahnesmith. ROW TWO: Mr. Richard Smith, Thomas Nixon, Daniel Haffner, Douglas Grueder, Glenn Claxton, Richard Burtch, James Bishop, Douglas Aplin, Steven Fike, Charles McNall, Lyle Wright, Mr. John Flora. ROW THREE: Gary Warfield, Sam Miller, John Kelley, Thomas Funk, Merlin Bartels, Joseph Velpel, William Beverly, Michael Reese, Joel Zems, Robert Snook. 29 Members sit in their normal game formation during weekly meetings. Here new yells and skits are practiced for the basketball games. Pep Squad " Fall in- -Begin-- " When you hear this you know the Pep Squad is ready to perform. This year ' s Pep Squad is the biggest ever. Composed of 110 girls, this club was formed to support the team at home games. During the half and between games the club puts on skits for the entertainment of the audi- ence. Several new rules have gone into effect this year. A girl must be in her seat by 7:45; if she ' s late, she ' s absent. Absences, unless you are ill, are unexcused. Also a rotation system has been devised. Those who sit on the lower rows must yell to keep their seats. If they don ' t yell, someone who does, will be allowed to take that seat. Officers of the Pep Squad for the basketball season were Peggy Clabaugh, secretary; Karen Helf, treasurer; Mary Swank, presi- dent; Marcia Gingrich, vice-president. Donna Musser fights to " to get that ball " as team- mate, Sandy Sithen, waits for the outcome. Buckles ' forwards attempt a field goal, but they are hampered by Hewitt ' s guards. Girls ' Athletic Association " Don ' t play too rough, girls! " is the familiar sound heard on Monday nights. The regular meeting of G. A. A. is held every Monday, and those girls who like to keep active and have a little fun join this organi- zation. This year started with a round-robin basketball tournament. This tournament lasted six weeks, and the team that won the most games was declared champ. Basketball was followed by volleyball. The winning team here was also determined by a round- robin tournament. One of the highlights of the year was the play-day held at Huntington. Senior girls, accompanied by Miss Lewis, journeyed to Huntington on November 21, to enjoy swim- ming, bowling, folk dancing, and archery. Elected to lead in sportswomanship were Susie Smith, vice- president; Sherry Hunter, secretary; Susie Hipskind, treasurer; Carolyn Ridenour, president. 31 Along with others, these students spent many after-school hours working to provide students of G.H. S. with a school paper: John Detrick, Gail Ewert, Donna Dee Buckles, Susan Smith, Gloria Hall, Gloria Traster, Sherry Staley, Janice Brown, Sandra Funk, Eric Bickel, Karen Helf, John Flora, James Short, Suellyn Wilmot,Judy Baker, Karen Keefer, Bonnie Myers. Joe Cole, Karen Jensen, Nancy Helf, Mr. Richardson, advisor; Peggy Clabaugh, Sandra Hopkins, Margaret Williams, Carson Culler, David Abbott, William Duerk, Jeri Snider, Robert Johoski. Maroon and Blue Streamliner The Maroon and Blue Streamliner, under the spon- sorship of Mr. Richardson, is of major pride to most stu- dents of G.H.S. Members of the journalism staff can be justifiably proud over the fact that they have admirably fulfilled their purpose which is to write and publish a paper that will support the school, inform the students, provide a history, and entertain. For the first time in the history of the paper the Maroon and Blue is no longer a project of the journalism class alone. This year it has become an extra- curricular activity in which students of all grades can participate in its publication. Most of the work on the paper is done during study halls and after school by about eighty energetic students as compared to twenty last year. Some of the duties that the students have to per- form are to search for news write and rewrite the stories, collect ads and frantically meet the deadlines. In charge of the bi-weekly production were Joe Griffin, photographer; Sandra Dickison, co-editor; Linda Mitchell, business manager; Carole Fike, CO -editor. The business staff of the Aeolian was: (SEATED) Barbara Byanski, Violet Andrews, Linda Mitchell, manager; Karen Jensen, Gary Leggett. (STANDING) Sandra Herendeen, Nancy Helf, Gail Ewert, Theodore Jay, William Knott, Wayne Peters. The production staff ot the Aeolian was: (SEATED) Judy Baker, William Duerk, Michael Steward, Janice Brown, Sandra Hopkins. (STANDING) Rodney McMillan, Larry Miller, Sandra Dickison, Charles Quinn, Sue Ann Bock, Jane Parker, Judith Davis. Aeolian . . . Assistant Photographer, Myron Smith; Assistant Editor - in Chief, Jackie Gingrich; Editor -in Chief, Carolyn Ridenour; Photographer, Joe Griffin. Headlines and deadlines! These were the two dreaded words of the Aeolian staff as they worked toward the goal of meeting four dead- lines and providing students with a record of the school term 1959-1960. Editing the book were Carolyn Ridenour, editor-in-chief, and Jackie Gingrich, her assist- ant. Making layouts, scheduling pictures, writing captions and headlines, while keeping the staffs busy were the jobs of these two. Joe Griffin, photographer, carrying camera and film, was a common sight in G.H.S. during the year as he captured in pictures the school activities and sports events. Myron Smith also served on the staff as assistant photographer. These were all aided and advised by Mrs. Sweeney. The production staff created the copy while the business staff headed by Linda Mitchell, manager, created the sales. The Senior class has endeavored through our yearbook to bring to you a true picture of what G.H.S. means to us--Our Bridge to the Future. 1 Chorus ' ,! .si m t ROW ONE: Jackie Gingrich, Sandra Sithen, Annette Zimmerman, Susan Smith, Kathalee Buckles, Marilyn Reed, Karen Helf, Charlene Hazelton, Juanita Thomas, Sherry Bertsch, Sharon Graham, Wava Maggert, Ruby Cook. ROW TWO: Diana Wood, Carole Fike, Janice Shafer, Carolyn Refner, Ronald Murphy, Dennis McLeland, Carson Culler, Russell Rowe, Sherry Hunter, Marcia Gingrich, Kathleen Mulligan, Connie Kolbe, Mary Smith, Sheri Miller, Mary Jeanne Zumbaugh. ROW THREE: Donna Dee Buckles, Jeri Snider, Patricia Shafer, Deena Whittington, Marilyn Payton, Esther Warstler, Dorothy Smith, Shirley Yarian, Bonnie Owen, Carol Bowers, Sharon Workman, Judy Baker, Joyce Conrad, June Harding, Alice Andrews, Carolyn Ridenour. ROW FOUR: Adele Miller, Mary Swank, Janice Brown, Karen Wade, Beverly Thomson, Wayne Peters, Donald Funk, Theodore Jay, Kenneth Flora, Helen Maurer, Fay Christlieb, Linda Mitchell, Sandra Dickison, Gail Ewert, Karen Newbauer, Rebecca Steward. Boys ' Vocal Ensemble was composed of (ROW ONE) Kenneth Flora, Edward Bowman, Dennis McLeland, Ronald Murphy. (ROW TWO) Wayne Peters, Russell Rowe, Theodore Jay. Carson Culler was absent when picture was taken. Chorus classes, directed by Miss Stemen, pro- vided much entertainment during this year. Back- ground music and special numbers were presented for the annual Thanksgiving program for G.H.S. students. The Parent-Teachers Association spon- sored the Christmas choral program, at which cho- rus and speech classes combined their talents. Speech students formed tableaus while the chorus added the Christmas story in words. Special groups this year were the Boys ' Vocal Ensemble, Teenettes, Junior Girls ' Ensemble, Sophomore Girls ' Ensemble, and a new-comer. The Barbershop Quartet. This quartet features four Sophomore girls. These groups were well represented at the Northern Indiana vocal contest in Fort Wayne, held on January 30. Teenettes, the Senior girls ' ensemble, were (ROW ONE) Jackie Gingrich, Janice Brown, Patricia Beck, Carole Fike. (ROW TWO) Diana Wood, Mary Swank, Deena Whitting- ton, Sandra Dickison. (ROW THREE) Carolyn Ridenoui, Linda Mitchell, Gail Ewert, Karen Newbauer. Junior Girls ' Ensemble: (ROW ONE) Marcia Gingrich, Dorma Dee Buckles, Jeri Snider. (ROWTWO) Joyce Conrad, Susan Smith, Margaret Williams. (ROW THREE) Nancy Shilling, Adele Miller, Patricia Pfeiffer. Sophomore Girls ' Ensemble: (ROW ONE) Kathleen Mulligan, Coimie Kolbe, Kath- alee Buckles, Maril ' n Reed. (ROW TWO) Mary Jeanne Zumbaugh, Karen Helf, Mary- Smith, Virginia Leech. (ROW THREE) Sherry Hunter, Esther Warstler, Karen Wade, Bonnie Owen. 35 ROW 1: Vicki Sithen, Doris Miller, Gary Kniger, Sandra Gaff, Kennetha Brown, Keitha Griffin, Sunny Dickison, Vemeda Fields, Diane Miller. ROW 2: Gloria Hall, Julia Bennett, linda Kelley, Janos Ratrie, Carole Conkle, Joseph Griffin, Sue Ann Kem. ROW 3: Michael Moody, Roger Stroman, Jenny Kelham, Carol LaRue, G. H. S. Band Some of the harmony that floats throughout the halls of G.H.S. on school days and entertains and inspires the students at ball games origi- nates from the G.H.S. band, directed by Mr. Cole. The band members in their striking maroon and gray uniforms marched at the Auburn Fair. Then they inspired the student body and faculty at the annual Christmas program. They partici- pated in a solo ensemble contest in February and entered the band contest in April. The band then took part in the local spring concert and again gave G.H.S. a reason to boast. Officers of the band were Joyce Owen, librarian; James Carper, treasurer; Joseph Griffin, secretary; Paul Griffin, president; Julia Bennett, librarian; Vicki Sithen, vice-president. Helen Hall, John Houser, Douglas Aplin, Edward Bowman, Sandra Pfierman, David Casey, James Carper. ROW 4; Donna Hosier, Gary Warfield, Joyce Owen, Donna Musser, Paul Griffin, John IvBtchell, Merle Bright, Mary Lou Bock, Mary Ann Ort, Donald Funk, Patricia Bartels. ROW 5: Mr. Cole, Patricia Lemish. Several of the members entered the twirling contest in the spring, and the finale for the band came with their participation in graduation -week exercises. Aside from the many contests and concerts, the band also played at ball games and entertained the school at various school affairs. The band raised funds to meet its financial obligations by selling candy to the community. G.H.S. twirlers were Karen Shenk, Jeanne Menges, Jackie Hollis, Drum Majorette LuAnn Myers, Patricia Pfeiffer, and June Harding. 37 n Librarians Librarians are students who volunteer a part of their study time each day to help out in the library. While this is a great serv- ice to the school, they are also learning much about library science. The duties of a student librar- ian are to help other students find books, and reference materials and to keep the shelves in order. They also check incoming and out- going books. Anyone who has chosen library science as his future career can gain much experience by helping in the library. The librarians learn how the library is run and how to take care of the books. This gives them a head start if they take up the study in college. Student librarians were Linda Davis, Sharon Beber, Janet Tuttle, Jane Parker, and Karen Reasoner. Art Club i JHHILl .._ -. : V IP mr ir 1 J . tfjjj m p w r Jr i. m BP- 4 fflas. |g mC m ' fijf 1 1 Art club is a new organization at Garrett High School this year under the direction of Mr. Plum. It was formed in order to have more time to discuss psychology and philosophy as they are re- lated to Art. The members also study the principles of color and designing. The club meeting gives the regular art students more information than they could get during the class periods. It also gives students who are not in Art classes a chance to learn about the subject on their own time since the club meets after school on Wednesdays. One of the main projects during the year was the making of Christmas decorations for the school library and the faculty Christmas party. Members of the newly-formed art club were (SEIATED) Judy Allen, Robert Davis. (STANDING) Jane Parker, Carolyn Ridenour, Dean Brumbaugh, Mr. Plum. og Los Conquistadores ROW ONE: Judith Allen, president; Susan Smith, treasurer; Doris Miller, secretary. ROW TWO: Rebecca Teders, program chairman Vicki Sithen, secretary; David Casey, vice-president. A new club at Garrett High School this year is the Spanish club with Mr. Stackhouse as the advisor. Any first and second year Spanish students may join, but it is not com- pulsory that any of them do. They converse in Spanish and in English. The club was organized to promote an interest in the Spanish language, the people who speak it, and the customs of these people. At the Thursday meetings, they showed movies, played music, and had guest speakers of interest to Spanish students. The special event of the club was a Spanish dinner prepared by the stu- dents. ROW ONE: Sandra Funk, Vemeda Fields, Sunny Dickison, David Casey, Carolyn Ridenour. ROW TWO: Susan Smith, David Landy, Jane Parker, Deena Whittington, Jean Mollis, Judith Allen. 39 1 sports m ROW ONE: Jim Cole, Ted Parvu, Bub Johoski, Gary Leggett, John Detrick, Bill White, Tom Burtch, David Wiant, Carson Culler, Jim Short, Bruce Nason, Marvin Snook. ROW TWO: Kenny Flora, Bill Beverly, Nate Wilondek, Bill Moree, John Flora, Mars Wolford, Benny Ricketts, Vic Cleland, John Heitz, Charles Wentland, Jack Davis, Mike Parvu. ROW THREE: Asst. Coach Ward Smith, David Helbert, William Kobiela, John Kelley, Joe Velpel, Joe Zems, Doug Grueder, Coach Dick Capin, Dick Burtch, Mike Muzzillo, Glenn Claxton, Dale Bunn, Marion Pickard, Asst. Coach James Troyer. ROW FOUR: Dean Brumbaugh, Doug Fraze, Steven Fike, Bob Snook, Don Funk, Larry Steffen, Eric Bickel, Charles McNall, Tom Steinmetz, Harold DeMint, Larry Owen, Philip Sweeney, Raymond Hensinger, Jim Kelham, Mike Jensen, David Van Allen, Bob Culler, John Mitchell, David Gradeless. Our opposition, a New Haven Bulldog, crosses the goal line, a rare sight during the ' 59- ' 60 season. Seeming to follow in the footsteps of last year ' s team, the Railroaders dropped their first game with Goshen. The Redskins were just the fuse that ex- ploded the Railroaders from a docile package of in- dividual firecrackers to a collective explosive charge which swept over every team in sight. New Haven followed Goshen, and the grid men of GHS began to show their forcefulness downing them 25-14. As the Railroaders gained steam they crushed the Yellow Jackets of Decatur 27-0 in a conference rendering contest. Kendallville was next in the path of the loco- motive as the combination of a scoring backfield and a rugged line downed the Comets by a score of 32-6. The highly regarded Bluffton loomed up as the next hurdle , but Garrett dispatched this impediment with the ease of a professional--32-6. Then the highly-polished machinery of the Garrett squad got mud in the cogs and were drowned out by Central Catholic 6-14 on a water-sodden field that hampered the Railroaders ' ground tactics and fouled their air attack. Explosive playing and rousing cheers Harry Jackson and Joe Mahnesmith show a part of their daily chores as student football managers. Donna Dee Buckles, Susie Smith, and Jeri Snider raise their voices in praise and acclaim as they lead the fans in a cheer. Concordia provided the final NEIC competition for the big eleven. The final play of the last quarter ended and left Garrett with its fifth conference victory. Con- cordia had fallen 28-12. Senior boys were not eligible to play in the Angola reserve game , but the underclassmen showed their po- tential as they triumphed over Angola 13-6. Then came the final game, the frosting for the cake, the Auburn game. Seniors, playing their last game, out- ran, outpassed, outblocked, and outscored the Devils of Auburn, and the gun sounded leaving the Railroaders with its final win and a victorious season. Culler, Short, and Leggett, all were mentioned in the statistics of high scores for the season. Culler placed first with eight touchdowns and three extra points for fifty-one points in conference competition. David " Frog " Wiant turned in a reputable performance helped by line- Newrules are shown and changes are displayed by several members of the team at the football clinic conducted prior to the opening game. boost Railroaders to Victory • Ik ' :iti c Dave Wiant and Mike Parvu close in on an opponent back. Mighty midgets of Junior High . . . r ' r ? ' ' k 4 1 rs Mike Lewis, DuWayne Hathaway, and Coach Harman prove that enthusiasm and attitude, not size, is what count in a football team. ROW ONE: Blaine Feightner, Keith Bunn, Eugene Fulk, Charles McAbee, Jon Smith, Larry Warstler, David Frey, Robert Patrick, Manager Tim Kolbe. ROW TWO: Dick Shilling, Robert Byanski, Randy Bergdall, Rudy Thurman, Terry Howiler, Larry Bamhart, David Ewert, Hershell Shields, Randy Davis, Ernie Thompson, Mike Lewis. ROW THREE: Bill Creager, Art Hopkins, Clarence Thomson, Hudson Freeze, DuWayne Hathaway, Coach Harman, Jim White, Larry Kammerer, John Maurer. 44 Senior gridders . . . The Varsity Basketball Squad: ROW ONE: Richard Reeves, Michael Koch, William Seigel, Carson Culler, Thomas Burtch. ROW TWO: Larry Snyder, Michael Steward, David Abbott, David Schurr, James Hollis, William Knott, Robert Johoski, Ward Smith, coach. The Varsity Railroaders of G.H.S. had a very com- mendable record for the ' 59- ' 60 season. Their won-loss record for the year was 16-7, all of the losses being on foreign courts. The Railroaders ability to win on the home court conserved and lengthened the home winning streak to 44 consecutive games, a streak started by the 1955-56 team. Garrett defeated Ashley at their gym in the first scheduled game for both teams, but then lost the second contest a week later to the New Haven Bulldogs. The Garrett team then won every game until they were de- feated by Angola on January 15th which gave them a season record of 7-6. From then on the mighty Rail- roaders rolled over every team on the schedule and fell but one game short of winning the sectional tournament at the season ' s end. Tom Burtch succeeds in " jumping a little higher, " and Bill Knott awaits the catch. Railroaders cross our bridge 46 Raikoader Carson Culler appears to be running through the air as he attempts to chalk up two more for our team. Bob Fee jumps high for a shot as two Devils of Auburn draw back, anticipating the result. With only two of last year ' s starting five, the Garrett team set out on what might have easily been a mediocre season. By juggling the line-up Coach Ward Smith was able to find the winning combina- tion and his strongest substitutes. Mick Steward, a first year man, proved to be one of the stronger re- bounders in the later games of the season. Mike Kock and Bill Knott held down the forward positions with coolness, coordination, and confidence; this tended to stabilize the sometimes unstable quintet. Carson Culler, three-year letterman, was a consistent scorer supported by Bob Fee and Tom Burtch. Bob Fee played only a part of the season due to age qualifications, and Tom Burtch filled in for the re- mainder of the season turning in a stellar perform- ance. in a train of Victory. Varsity cheerleaders, Donna Dee Buckles, Susie Smith, and Jeri Snider displayed new outfits at the Auburn game. 47 1 " Time Out " means a cheer and mak- ing more plans for victorious technique. Leading cheers which helped the Handcars to victory were Kathy Buckles, Donna Musser, and Virginia Leech. With broken records and winning streaks ROW ONE: Donald Baidinger, manager, Thomas Steinmetz, Joel Zems, Douglas Grueder, Joseph Velpel, Richard Reeves, Benny Rickets, manager. ROW TWO: Ward Smith, coach, Glenn Claxton, John Smurr, Mars Wolfo rd, Michael Warstler, William Seigel. Turning in a 15-5 season, the Hardcars rolled over almost every team in sight. Many fans come early to see the unusually exciting preliminary games that featured flashing feet and long jump shots. Sophomores made up the reserve team during the 1959-1960 season, insuring a strong varsity squad for the coming few years. Doug Grueder and Joel Zerns were the backbone of the hot Handcars, playing consistently in every game. The team as a whole showed quality in being calm and collected in any situation, a feature not of- ten found in a reserve squad. The bench strength was strong too, thus allowing Coach Ward Smith to substitute freely at any time and without worry in the closing quarters. All boys saw action at one time or another and all played well. 48 ROW ONE: Michael Reese, William Kobiela, Robert Snook, Joseph Mahnesmith, Thomas Funk. ROW TWO: Dennis Blaker, manager, Dale Bunn, Roger Stroman, Randy Oliver, David VanAllen, Douglas Aplin, Mr. Troyer, coach. ROW THREE: Robert Culler, Alan DePew, Robert Smith, Thomas Nixon, Michael Moody. Garrett High School ' s Freshman Rail- roaders turned in a balanced record for the ' 59- ' 60 season. The first year boys changed from a mediocre team at the start of the season to a better than average team under the coaching of James Troyer. The balanced record, 9-9, could be attributed to the splitting of games with the same team during the season. The freshmen won or lost their first game with a rival team and almost always turned the tables on the second meeting. Coach Troyer was responsible for mold- ing the boys from individual players to a relatively smooth--functioning machine. Tom Funk was high scorer for the year with 122 points and an average 8.1 points per game. Kobiela and Reese were in second and third spots with 103 and 100 points respectfully. future Stars demonstrate top-notch ability. " Undefeated in regular play " could well be the motto of the peerless five of the Junior High team. A 12-0 rec- ord was turned in by them during the regular season, but they tasted defeat twice in the tourney at Auburn at the season ' s end. The rebounding-scoring combina- tion of the Hathaway brothers enabled the squad to turn in this winning streak that covered 12 games and the entire regular season. " Bud " Hathaway was ineligible for the fateful tourney and a necessary cog was lost in the clock- work precision of the team. Corry, Patrick, and Jon Smith all turned in fine records for the year and constituted the rest of the squad. Tony Foar was the leading scorer and played with a fierce determina- tion that seemingly inspired his team- mates, but coach Bob Barman ' s seventh graders did not fare so well because of the lack of height and the usual in- experience of seventh graders. ROW ONE: Michael Lewis, Timothy Kolbe, William Creager, Donald Tarlton, David Shilling, John Moats, Arthur Hopkins, Daniel Brinkerhoff, Arthur Gunion. ROW TWO: Tony Foar, Kenneth Mitchell, Gene Fulk, Larry Warstler, Hudson Freeze, Terry Howiler, Blaine Feightner, Arthur Shoener. ROW THREE: Robert Harman, coach, Robert Patrick, Gene Hathaway, Jon Smith, DuWayne Hathaway, William Corry, David Frey, Larry Kammerer. 49 Nimble feet . . The GHS Railroaders of ' 59 kept the record of undefeated seasons intact as they rolled over every opponent who dared to cross their track. Old records were broken and new ones were set as the thinly- clads jumped and ran in a season which will be re- membered in the hearts and minds of the fans who watched and of the athletes who participated. Carson Culler soars to new heights as he clears the high bar. ROW ONE: Ted McDanel, Jim Helbert, Rodney McMillan, Tom Stienmetz, John Reed, Tom Burtch, Gary Leggett, Gerald McBride, Jim Short, John Kobiela, Ron Beeber, Dave Vanderbosch, Manager Hans HeinzerUng. ROW TWO: Bill Moree, Bob Cattell, Bob Johoski, Bill White, Joe Cole, Nate Wilondek, Marvin Snook, Melvin Maggert, Dave Crowe, Jerry Smith, Mars Wolford, Doug Grueder. ROW THREE: Coach Dick Capin, John Hutton, Jim Maurer, Jim Getts, Fred Hall, Jim Hollis, Carson Culler, Jerry Thomas, Ray Burnisten, Asst. Coach Ward Smith. 50 and flying cinders New marks were set in the pole vault as Jim Getts went to a new height of 11 ' 7 1 4 " . The miler- relay team composed of Vanderbosch, McBride, Short, and Crowe, set a new school record by cover- ing the distance in 3.43:3 for the best time of the season. Vanderbosch set a new decade mark with a 440-yard dash in 51.6 seconds. This year there are 6 lettermen returning and all indications point to a successful season. John Kobiela, Dave Vanderbosch, Jim Short, and Fred Hall get on their mark, get set, and are ready to go ! Men of the greens Fore! The Golf Team ' s cry was heard over the local and surrounding links as GHS students partici- pated in their meets which occurred as often as twice a week. Although the team as a whole did not fare too well, individual players progressed very rapidly, in- suring a good 1960 season. No one was lost through graduation and all five boys who playe d regularly will have a year of experience under their belts. Members of the 1959 Golf Team were Rick Kneisley, Vic Cleland, Bruce Nason, Merlin Bartels, Lynn Sebring, and Coach Paul Bateman. 1 School Life Our Activities brought to us Hunk (Kenneth Flora) and Dutch (William Duerk) pro- vide a camouflage for the escape of the girls ' as Doctor Reeber reprimands Bud. Gale Joy (Karen Newbauer) " talks " to Doctor Reeber (David Abbott) about releasing Bud (Richard Abbott) from punishment in Act III of " Best Foot Forward " as the remaining cast of the Senior play look on. Elaine Kizer, high school clerk, and Marjorie Nell, school accountant, con verse about school business affairs. They help keep the school system rvmning smoo thly by assisting the ad- ministration in clerical work. Myrna Knapp and Dorothy McDaniel talk together about a list of new books for the Ober school bookstore. feelings of achievement These girls achieved a superior rating at the northeastern Indiana music contest on January 31: Bonnie Owen, vocal solo; Anita Hoke, piano solo; Donna Dee Buckles, piano solo; and Mary Jeanne Zumbaugh, vocal solo. Susie Smith and David Casey were chosen by the Junior class to be co- chairmen of the Junior-Senior banquet, held on April 29. Regional Achievement Contestants: TOP (seated) D. Buckles, S. Smith, D. Haffner, S. Fike, D. Blair, (standing) J. Johoski, A. Leiter, J. Rowe. BOTTOM (seated) E. Warstler, S. Dickison, R. Johoski, T.Baldwin, R. Teders. (standing) R. McMillan, D. Casey, L. Lung. Senior Patricia Beck won the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award at G.H.S. 55 1 " Come and get it! " This was the cry being heard throughout the pavilion at Pokagon Park for the Junior -Senior picnic. Once again Pokagon State Park played host to the Bermuda and blue jean-clad teachers and stu- dents of G.H.S. The warm weather and the en- thusiasm of the Juniors and Seniors combined to make the picnic a huge success. Seniors, as hosts to the Juniors and faculty, celebrated this high point of their high school career. Spring ' s beautiful weather caused baseballs and bats to appear on the scene ready to add enjoyment to the affair. Mr. Ward Smith and his speed boat were kept busy loading and reloading students eager to view Lake James. Others tried their skill at horseback riding, football, and hiking. Everyone agreed that the best was saved till the last--the food. Pop, pie, and potato salad were devoured as friends discussed the happenings of the day. The banquet and the picnic These Sophomore natives catered to the whims and needs of the Juniors and Seniors, as they served Lomilomi and Ocean Foam as part of the Banquet dinner. 56 Class officers, banquet chairmen, and their dates were seated at the head table for " Aloha Luau, " the Junior- Senior banquet. The high school auditorium was once again dressed in its finest array by the Juniors for the annual Junior-Senior banquet. A Hawaiian paradise was reconstructed to create the scene for the " Aloha Luau. " Juniors spent many happy but busy hours prior to the first of May, recreating a tropical island in murals, while adding to the effect were a star- studded sky, a grass hut, and numerous palm trees. The entrance to the feasting hall--a beautiful ter- race of a pool, palm trees, and tropical flowers-- enhanced the romantic island atmosphere. Sophomores, as Hawaiian natives, served a typical Luau feast which had been prepared by the Band Parents. Portraying their part well, they added much to the pleasure of the Juniors and their guests. are the highlights of Spring. Bruce Nason, David Crowe, and Carson Culler busily work under a Stardust sky on one of the many palm trees which appeared at the banquet. The Continentals, a favorite rock ' n roll group, with toes tapping and fingers snapping, were part of the special entertainment for this all -important evening. 37 n As we walked ' round and ' round the The Classroom Teachers Association enjoy their annual Christmas dinner in a realm of snowflakes on December 1. Alice Andrews, Maroon manager, Linda Mitchell, Blue manager, Margaret Williams, general man- ager, and Mr. Reitzke look over new magazines offered in this years ' two-week subscription drive which was begun on October 8. Carl Sartor is shown installing one of the school ' s new lights. Students of G.H.S. were fascinated by the juggling skills of Carl Thorson during an assembly on October 6 at the big gym. After putting the Maroon and Blue " to bed, " Mr. Richardson, advisor, relaxes with a smile. halls, there w as never a dull moment. ■P R X f 4rr ■■ V -f ' ' Y To assure top-notch cheering at the Sectional Tournament, the Pep Squad, topped in new blue felt hats, held several pre-tourney pep sessions. Pep Squad members spent Saturday, February 20, decorating the halls of G.H.S. and the stores of the community for the Sectional Tournament. Peggy Clabaugh and Judy Davis are shown as they put up the Senior ' s train. Jackie Gingrich and Mary Ann Sarpa, the queen ' s court, form a background for Barbara Muzzillo, who was crowned football queen at the Victory dance. 59 People ■ ' -. _ - H • - ■ (V ,, • -j .- ! ■ .. 1 w • . -_-. ' .-- v— ' 1 HONOR STUDENTS: Bonnie Myers, Carol Lemish, Jane Parker, Sandra Dickison, Charles Quinn. i960 . . . our year . . . our decade . . . our life. HONOR STUDENTS: Barbara Muzzillo, Naomi Warstler, Nancy Helf, Kathleen Moomaw, Judith Davis. HONOR STUDENTS: (seated Judith Allen, Sandra Funk, (standing) Rodney AmMillan, David Kuckuck. Senior Class Officers DAVID ABBOTT --Ind. Arts, Sci., Math— GHS 9,10,11,12; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9; Basketball 10,11,12; Athletic Club 10,11,12; Science Club 11; Maroon and Blue Distri- bution Staff 12. RICHARD ABBOTT--Ind. Arts, Math, Science--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Hi-Y 11,12; Band 9,10; Science Club 11,12; Chess Club 11. JUDITH ALLEN --So. St., Language Science--GHS 11,12; Attica 9,12; Y-Teens 11,12; Art Club 12; Pep Squad 11,12; Spanish Club 12, President 12. VIOLET ANDREWS --Bus., Eng.-GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10; Aeolian Business Staff 4. JUDY BAKER--BUS., Eng.-GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; GAA 9,10,11, 12; Maroon and Blue Advertising Manager 12; Aeolian Jr. Hi Editor 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Junior Dance Committee Chairman 11. Pleasant thoughts of the future MICHAEL BAUMAN- -Agri., Ind. Arts— GHS 9,10,11, 12; FFA 9,10,11,12. SHARON BEBER--BUS., Home Ec— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Librarian 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad 11,12. PATRICL BECK- So. St., Home Ec— GHS 9,10,11, 12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; Teenettes 12. ROGER BLAIR— Ind. Arts, So. St.— GHS 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10; Basketball 9,10; Track 9,10,11, Art Club 12. SUE ANN BOCK --Math, Sci., So. St.— GHS 9,10,11, 12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Band 9,10,11, 12: Science Club 11,12; Maroon and Blue Reporter 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Aeolian Faculty Editor 12; Pep Squad 12; $30 Magazine Salesman 10; Band Awards 9, 10,11. - EDWARD BOWMAN --Ind. Arts, So. St.-- GHS 9,10,11, 12; Hi-Y 11,12; Chorus 10; Boys ' Ensemble 12; Band 10,11,12; Track 10. JANICE BROWN --Bus., So. St.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,12; Song leader 10; Y-Teens 11, 12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Teenettes 12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Science Club 12; Maroon and Blue Feature Staff 12; Banquet CO-Chairman of Entrance Decorations 11; Aeolian Academic Editor 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Quill and Scroll 12. THOMAS BURTCH--SO. St. Math — GHS 9,10,11,12, Vice-President 10; Jr. Hi-Y 9, 10, Secretary 10; Hi-Y 11,12, President 12; Football 9, 10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Banquet Co-Chairman 11; Magazine Sales Trophy 9; Track Award 10,11,12; Foot- ball Award 11,12. BARBARA BYANSKI--So.St., Bus.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10; GAA 9, 10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Reporter 12; Aeolian Busi- ness Staff 12; Pep Squad 10,11,12; Officer Worker 10; Cafeteria Cashier 11. FAY CHRISTLIEB--BUS., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Distribution Staff 12. Start us off hopefully in the fall. PEGGY CLABAUGH-Bus., Eng.— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Program Chairman 12; Maroon and Blue Feature Reporter 12; Pep Squad 11, 12, Secretary 12; Office Worker 11. JAMES COLE--Ind. Arts., So. St.— GHS 9,10,11,12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10 ; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 10, Manager 9; Track 9,10,11,12; Golf 9,10; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Science Club 11, Art Club 12; Operator ' s Club 9, Scout Club 9,10; Pep Squad 9,10; Football Award 11,12; Track Award 12. JOSEPH COLE--Ind. Arts, So. St., Bus.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Track 9,10,11; Maroon and Blue Circulation Staff 12; Pep Squad 10. ELIZABETH CONKLE — Bus. So. St.— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 11,12. FRANK CONKLE--S0. St., Math— GHS 9,10,11,12; Chess Club 11; Pan American Test Award 11; Scholarship Award 11. 65 DAVID CROWE— So. St., Math, Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Student Council 10,11; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Treasurer 12; Band 9,10; Football 11; Basketball 9; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 10,11,12; Banquet Co- Chairman of Stage Decor- ations 11; Track Award 10, 11,12. CARSON CULLER --Math, Sci. So. St.--GHS 9,10,11,12, President 9; Student Council 9j Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11, Secretary 11; Football 9,10, 11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Banquet Co -Chairman of Entertain- ment Committee 11; Decatholon 11; Track Award 10, 11,12; Basketball Award 10,11,12; Football Award 10, 11,12; NEIAC High Football Scorer 12; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12. JACK DAVIS— Ind. Arts, So. St., Math--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Jr. Hi-Y 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Band 9,10; Athletic Club 12; Football 12; Football Award 12. JUDY DAVIS --Bus., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; GAA 12; Maroon and Blue Reporter 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Aeolian Senior Editor 12; Pep Squad 12. PATRICIA DAVIS— Bus., Eng.— CHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Cafeteria Cashier 12. Winter finds us about to emerge STEVEN DAVIS--Ind. Arts, So. St.--GHS 9,10,11,12; MARGARET DeLUCENAY— Math, So. St.--GHS 9,10, 11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; GAA 9; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9,10,11. JOHN DETRICK--Math, So.St.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Reporter 12; Boys ' State; Athletic Club 10,11,12; Science Club 12. SANDRA DICKISON--Math, So. St., Sci.--GHS 9,10, 11,12, Vice-President 9, Secretary 11; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Teenettes 12; GAA 9,10,11,12, Vice-President 11; Science Club 12; Reserve C heerleader 9,10; Varsity Cheerleader 11; Maroon and Blue Co-Editor 12; Banquet Co-Chair- man 11; Pep Squad 12; Best Guard in GAA 11; Scholarship to I.U. 11; Quill and Scroll 12. WILLIAM DUERK— Math, So. St.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Student Council 10; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10, Chaplain 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Track 10; Golf 10,11; Basket- ball Manager 10,11; Maroon and Blue Sports Editor 12; Aeolian Sports Editor 12; Athletic Club 10,11. 66 GAIL EWERT--BUS., So. St. --GHS 11,12; Shawnee -Mission 9,10, Secretary 12; Y-Teens 11, 12, Song Leader 12; Chorus 11, 12; Teenettes 12; GAA 11,12; Maroon and Blue Advertising Staff 11; Maroon and Blue News Editor 12; Aeolian Business Staff 12; Pep Squad 11,12. ROBERT FEE--SO. St., Ind. Arts--GHS 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 10; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Basketball Awards 9,10,11,12. MARTHA FEIGHTNER-- So. St., BUS.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9; Pep Squad 9; Office Worker 10,12. CAROLE FIKE --Lang., Home Ec.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Teenettes 12; Maroon and Blue Co -Editor 12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Program Committee 11; Pep Squad 9,12; Quill and Scroll 12. KENNETH FLORA--Math, Sci., So. St.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Boys ' Ensemble 11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; AthleticClub9,10,ll,12; Basketball 9; Photography Club 11; Science Club 11, 12; Operator ' s Club 9,10,11. from this bridge of our life — SANDRA FUNK— So. St., Bus., Lang— Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12, President 12; Chorus 9,10; GAA 9,10, 11,12; Science Club 12; Art Club 12; Maroon and Blue News Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Banquet Co-Chair- man of Stage Decorations 11; Spanish Club 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. JACQUELINE GINGRICH- -So. St., Bus., Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10, Vice-President 10; Y-Teens 11,12; Student Council 11; Chorus 9,10,11; Teenettes 12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Reserve Cheerleader 9; Maroon and Blue News Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Aeolian Assistant-Editor 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12, Vice- President 11. PAUL GRIFFIN --Agri., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Band 11, 12, President 12, Student Director 12; Track 9; Photog- raphy Club 11; FFA 9,10,11,12, Treasurer 11, Vice-President 12. WILKIE HANDSHOE--Ind. Arts, So. St.--GHS 9,10, 11,12; Track 9. MAE HATHA WAY--BUS., Eng. --GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12. GARY HELBERT--Ind. Arts, Math, So. St.--GHS 9,10,11. 12; Football 10; Basketball 9; Track 10, Athletic Club 9. NANCY HELP- -So. St., Bus.-- GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11, 12; Chorus 9,10; Maroon and Blue Circu- lation Staff 12; Aeolian Business Staff 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Cafeteria Cashier 11,12. SANDRA HERENDEEN--BUS., Eng--GHS 9,10,11,12; Student Council 9; Blue Tri. 9,10, Sec- retary 10; Y-Teens 11,12; Cho- rus 9,10; CAA 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Aeolian Business Staff 12. JANET HEWITT--BUS., Home Ec, So. St.--GHS 9,10, 11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; GAA 9,10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Adverstising Staff 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12; Office Worker 10. SANDRA HOPKINS --Bus., So. St.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10,; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; GAA 9,10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Exchange Editor 12; Reserve Cheerleader 9; Banquet Co-Chairman of Dinner Committee 11; Aeolian Organizations Editor 12; Pep Squad 10,11,12. to a world of adult responsibility. DONNA HOSLER--Home Ec, Bus., So. St. — GHS 9,10, 11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 11; Band 9,10,11,12; GAA 10,11; Maroon and Blue Subscription Staff 12; Pep Squad 12. HARRY JACKSON, JR.— So. St., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Student Council 9; Hi-Y 12; Chorus 9,10; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 10; Track 11; Science Club 12; Treasurer 12; Athletic Club 10,11; Football Manager 12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Table Decorations 11. THEODORE jAY--Math, Sci., So. St. --GHS 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9, Aeolian Business Staff 12; Scout Club 9,10, KAREN JENSEN— So. St., Bus.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; GAA 9,10, 11,12; Science Club 12; Maroon and Blue Copy Editor 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Aeo- lian Business Staff 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. DIANA JOHNSON— Bus., Home Ec— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Librarian 10; Pep Squad 11, 12. 68 KATHLEEN JOHNSON --Bus., Home EC.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9, 10; Y-Teens 11, 12; Pep Squad 10,11. ROBERT JOHOSKI--Math, So. St., Sci--GHS 9,10,11, 12, President 10, Vice- President 12; Jr. Hi-Y-10; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9,10, 11,12; Basketball 9,10,11, 12; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Science Club 12, President 12; Maroon and Blue Sports Staff 12; Banquet Co- Chairman of Invitational Committee 11; Banquet M. C. 1 1; Football Award 11,12; Basketball Award 12; Track Award 12. WILLIAM KNOTT--Agri., Eng.--GHS 9, 10,11, 12; Jr. Hi-Y 9; Band 10; Basketball 9,10, 11,12; Track 10,11,12; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; FFA 9,10,11,12, Vice-President 11, President 12; Maroon and Blue Advertisement Staff 12; Aeolian Business Staff 12; Operator ' s Club 10,11,12; HELEN KOBLE--BUS., Home Ec.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12. DAVID KUCKUCK--Math, Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Jr. Hi-Y 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Science Club 12; FFA 10. Our final step is taken in the spring, THOMAS LEEPER— So. St., Eng.--GHS 11,12; Elmhurst 9,10. JANICE LEESON--BUS., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10; Science Club 12; Maroon and Blue Advertising Staff 12; Pep Squad 10,11, 12. GARY LEGGETT— Sci., Math, So. St — GHS 9,10,11,12, President 11; Student Council 9,12, Treasurer 9, Presi- dent 12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10, Sergeant at Arms 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9, 10,11,12; Basketball 9; Track 9,10, 11,12; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Dinner Committee 11; Aeolian Business Staff 12; Pep Squad 11. CAROL LEMISH--Math, So. St.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; GAA 12; Science Club 12; Maroon and Blue Reporter 12; Pep Squad 12; Girls ' State. EVERETT McLELAND— So. St., Miith, BUS.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Boys ' Ensemble 11, 12. 1 ' K r 69 RODNEY McMillan --Math, Sci., So. St. — GHS 9,10,11,12; Jr. Hi-Y 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 11,12;; Science Club 11, 12; Operator ' s Club 9; Aeolian Organization Editor i2; Scout Club 9. LARRY MILLER— Ind. Arts, Math--GHS 9,10,11,12; Hi-Y 12. LINDA MITCHELL— So. St., Sci., Lang--GHS 9,10,11,12, Secretary 9, Treasurer 10,12; Blue Tri. 9,10, Treasurer 10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10, 11,12; Teenettes 12; GAA 9, 10,11,12; Science Club 12, Secretary 12; Maroon and Blue Business Manager 12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Table Decorations 11; Aeolian Business Manager 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. KATHLEEN MOOMAW— Bus., So. St.— GHS 11,12; Willard 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12. RICHARD MURLEY— Ind. Arts, So. St., Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12: Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9,10; Track 9; Scout Club 9. as yv e arrive not at an end RONALD MURPHY— Math, So. St. , Sci.— GHS 9,10, 11,12; Hi-Y 12; Boys ' Ensemble 11,12; Operator ' s Club 9,10. BARBARA MUZZILLO--Bus., Eng.— GHS 9,10,11,12, Treasurer 11; Blue Tri. 9,10, President 10; Y-Teens 11,12, Vice-President 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Entertainment Committee 11; Maroon and Blue News Staff 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. BONNIE MYERS--BUS., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Maroon and Blue Circulation Chairman 12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Invitational Committee 11; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. BRUCE NASON— Ind. Arts, So. St., Sci.--GHS 9,10, 11,12; Hi-Y 11; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9; Track 12; Golf 11,12; Achletic Club 9,10,11,12; Pep Squad 10. KAREN JO NEWBAUER— Bus., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; Teenettes 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. 70 JANET NODINE--BUS., Home EC.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri, 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 12; Office Worker 12. LINDA OWEN--BUS., Eng.-- GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Li- brarian 9; Pep Squad 9,10 11. JANE PARKER --Math, So. St., Lang.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Art Club 12; Librarian 10,12; Pep Squad 9,10, 11,12; Spanish Club 12. THEODORE PARVU--So. St., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Jr. Hi-Y9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Foot- ball 10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; AthleticClub 10,11, 12; Chess Club 11; Basketball Manager 10; Football Award 10,11,12. STEVEN PEPPLE--Ind. Arts, Math--GHS 9,10,11,12; Hi- Y 11,12; Basketball 9; Track 9,10; Operator ' s Club 9,10; Pep Squad 11; Athletic Club 9. but at a beginning. WAYNE PETERS— Math, Ind. Art— GHS 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9,12; Boys ' Ensemble 12; Football 9,10; Track 9,10; Operator ' s Club 9; Aeolian Business Staff 12; Pep Squad 11; Perfect Attendance. CHARLES QUINN— So. St., Sci., Math--GHS 9,10, 11,12; Student Council 11; Operator ' s Club 9; Aeolian Staff Organization Editor 12; Pep Squad 11. KAREN REASONER— Bus., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Spanish Club 11; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. JOHN REED--Math, Ind. Arts--GHS 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9; Track 10,11,12; Athletic Club 10,11,12; Operator ' s Club 9,10; Track Award 11,12. CAROLYN RIDENOUR--S0. St., Lang.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Blue Tri. 9,10, Program Chairman 10; Y-Teens 11,12, Secretary 11; Chorus 9,10,11; Teenettes 12; GAA 9,10,11,12, President 12; Science Club 12; Art Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Bjnquet Co-Chairman of Hall Decorations 11; Aeolian Editor-in-chief 12; DAR Good Citizen 12; Spanish Club 12; Pep Squad 10,11,12; Girls ' State. r-i:-:r__ i jvssssB!!-: WILLIAM RIPPE--Ind. Arts, Math, Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Student Council 9; Hi-Y 11, 12; Science Club 11; Operator ' s Club 9,10; Maroon and Blue Circulation Staff 12; Pep Squad 10. CYNTHIA ROBBINS--BUS., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 12. STEVE ROY--AgTi., Ind. Arts --GHS 9,10,11,12; FFA 9,10, 11,12, Secretary 12. MARY ANN SARPA— Bus., Home EC.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11, 12; Maroon and Blue Circu- lation Staff 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. DAVID SCHURR--Ind. Arts, Math, Sci ball 11; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9 Advertising Staff 12; Basketball Award 11,12; Science Club 11; Chess Club 11 -GHS 9,10,11, 12; Foot , 10; Maroon and Blue 11,12; Athletic Club 10, We resolve to be worthy of our word GAYLORD SHAFFER— Agri., Ind. Arts--GHS 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10,11; FFA 9,10,11,12; Student Adviser 12. JAMES SHORT--Ind. Arts, Math, Sci.— GHS 9,10,11,12, Treasurer 9, President 12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10, President 10; Hi-Y 11,12, Vice-President 11; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 9,10, 11,12; Maroon and Blue Subscription Manager 12; Ban- quet Co -Chairman of Hall Decorations 11; Football Award 10,11,12; Track Award 10,11,12; Boys ' State. ROBERT SHUTT--Ind. Arts, Sci., Math— GHS 9,10,11, 12. RONALD (Scott) SIMPSON— GHS 10,11,12; I. U. 9; Jr. Hi-Y 10; Hi-Y 11, Chaplain 11; Band 10,11, Librarian 10; Chess Club 11; Regional Geometry Test Award 10. MYRON SMITH— Math, So. A St. --GHS 9,10,11,12; Boys ' - Ensemble 12; Photography Club 11. 72 MARVIN SNOOK--Math, So. St., Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Student Council 10; Jr. Hi- Y 9,10, Treasurer 10; Hi-Y 11,12; Band 9; Football 9, 10,11,12; Basketball 9; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Science Club 11; Banquet Co-Chairman of Entrance Decorations 11; Pep Squad 10. LARRY SNYDER--BUS., So. St. --GHS 11,12; Huntertown 9, 10; Hi-Y 12; Basketball 11,12; Athletic Club 11,12. SHERRY STALEY— Bus., Eng. --GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10, Devotional Chairman 9; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; GAA 9,10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Picture Editor 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11,12. MICHAEL STEWARD--Ind. Arts, So. St.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Student Council 12; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9,10; Basketball 9,12; Track 12; Athletic Club 9,10,12; Maroon and Blue Sports Staff 12; Aeolian Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Editor 12. MARY SWANK--BUS., So. St., Home Ec.--GHS 9,10,11, 12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; Teenettes 12; Pep Squad 9,11,12; President 12. and high in our honor, CHALMER TUTTLE— Agri., Ind. Arts--GHS 9,10,11, 12; FFA 9,10,11,12, Secretary 11, Sentinel 12; Operator ' s Club 11. JANET TUTTLE— So. St., Math--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Librarian 12; Maroon and Blue Circulation Staff 12; Pep Squad 9,10,11. STEVEN Van ALLEN--Ind. Arts, So. St.--GHS 11, 12; Waterloo 9,10. CLARENCE WARSTLER--So. St., Ind. Arts— GHS 9, 10,11,12; Intramural Champion 9. NAOMI WARSTLER--SO. St., Bus.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12, Devotional Chairman 11. 73 CHARLES WENTLAND--Math, Sci., Ind. Arts — GHS 9,10,11, 12, Vice-President 11; Smdent Council 9,12, Vice-President 12; Hi-Y 11,12; Football 9,10, 11,12; Track 11; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Maroon and Blue Subscription Staff 12; Football Award 12. LESTER WESSEL--SO. St., Eng. --GHS 12; Brackenridge, 9,10, 11. WILLLAM WHITE --Ind. Arts, Math, Sci.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10; Hi-Y 11,12; Band 9; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9; Track 12; Sci- ence Club 11,12, Vice- President 11,12; Pep Squad 10,11, Football Award 12; Student Council 11,12. DEENA ■WHITTINGTON--Math, So. St., Lang.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Teenettes 12; Spanish Club 12; Pep Squad 11,12. DAVID WIANT— Math, So. St., Ind. Arts— GHS 9,10, 11,12; Jr. Hi-Y 9,10, Vice-President 10; Hi-Y 11; Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,11; Track 10; Golf 11; Athletic Club 9,10,11,12; Banquet Co-Chairman of Program 11; Football Awards 11,12. for we are the life of the nation. SUELLYN WILMOT--SO. St., BUS.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri, 9,10, Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11; GAA 9,10, 11, 12; Maroon and Blue Advertising Staff; Pep Squad 10,11,12. NATHAN WILONDEK— So. St., Eng.--GHS 9,10,11,12; Chorus 12; Football 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Athletic Club 12; Science Club 11,12; Pep Squad 10,11; Football Award 12. DIANA WOOD— Bus., Eng.— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9, 10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Teenettes 12; Pep Squad 10,11. SHARON WOODS— Bus., So. St., Home Ec— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10, Y-Teens 11,12. MARTHA YARDE- -Bus., Eng.— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Pep Squad 11, 12. ANNETTE ZIMMERMAN --Bus., Home Ec— GHS 9,10,11,12; Blue Tri. 9,10; Y-Teens 11,12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; GAA 9,10; Pep Squad 10,11,12. 74 Juniors anticipate tomorro v Leading the Juniors through a busy year were David Casey, president; John Flora, vice-president; David Blair, treasurer; Joyce Conrad, secretary. Betty Anderson Alice Andrews Joan Arrants Donald Baidinger Judith Barker Kathryn Bauman Dianna Bherns Mary Bishop David Blair Mary Lou Bock Donna Dee Buckles William Carlin James Carper Karen Carper David Casey Carol Christlieb Victor Cleland Carol Conkle Joyce Conrad Richard Cordes Gerald Davis e t t nriTlllh a J: ' S, ' Sfc ., 75 as they recall this day of class rings, Thomas Davis John DePaolo Sunny Dickison Donald Fechner Vemeda Fields John Flora Thomas Foar Linda Freeze Sandra Gaff Paul Gerber Nyda Gillespie Marcia Gingrich Joseph Griffin Thomas Griffin Rose Marie Haag Gloria Hall Alice Handshoe Miriam Harter Harold Harvey Larry Hathaway Mary Heffelfinger John Heitz James HoUis Susan Hovarter Paul Howard Proud Juniors displayed their long- awaited class rings after they arrived in the later part of November. the concession stand, football dances, f The Junior executive committee chose their class ring design early in the fall. SEATED: Jeri Snider, LuAnn Myers, Adele Miller, Ted McDanel, Susie Smith, John Flora. STANDING: Joyce Conrad, David Casey, Karen Keefer, Meg Williams, Mary Ann Rowe, Joe Wheeler, David Blair, Joe Griffin, Sunny Dickison. Karen Keefer Sue Ann Kern Michael Kock Gary Kruger Richard Krus James Leeson Patricia Lemish Michael Lewis Larry Lung Mary Ann McDanel Teddye McDanel Denise McKenna Adele Miller David Miller Diane Miller Doris Miller Philip Miller Carol Molargik William Moree Joanne Myers LuAnn Myers Mary Ann Ort Linda Peck Joyce Pepple Patricia Pfeiffer o " h o. 77 and entertaining Seniors John Placencia Richard Reeves Tonyua Reusze Richard Reynolds James Richmond Benny Ricketts Lynn Sebring William Seigel Nancy Shilling Carol Sigler Lynn Simon Vick i Sithen Jerry Smith Susan Smith John Smurr Gary Snider Jeri Snider Betty Stimman I " Real beat Juniors " collect tickets at the first football dance, " Beatnik Bop. 78 at the banquet. These Juniors comprised the dance and concession committees for their class. ROW ONE: Patricia Pfeiffer, Joyce Conrad, Mary Ann Ort, Gloria Traster, Marcia Gingrich. ROW TWO: David Casey, James Carper, Joseph Griffin, Michael Kock, William Moree, Richard Reynolds, Joseph Weaver, William Seigel. Patricia Vogel was absent. Grace Strobel Nancy Talley James Tharpe Gloria Traster Daniel VanZile Patricia Vogel Joan VanHolten Nancy Warrick Michael Warstler Joseph Weaver Sally Wetoskey Joseph Wheeler Dennis Whittington Margaret Williams Mars Wolford Dean Young Sophomores, on the road Sophomores elected these to lead them: Connie Kolbe, treasurer; Douglas Grueder, president; Mary Smith, sec- retary; Thomas Baldwin, vice-president. 1 jf 0 Thomas Baldwin Kenneth Barry Merlin Bartels Patricia Bartels Rebecca Beeber Julia Bennett Dean Bergdall Robert Bertsch William Beverly Eric Bickel Robert Brand Merle Bright Dean Brumbaugh Kathalee Buckles Richard Burtch Marjorie Carnahan Dale Caywood Leon Chisholm Doris Christlieb Glenn Claxton to being upperclassmen, Allan Conrad Jerry Custer Nadene Cutler David Davis Linda Davis Robert Davis Wanda Davis Harold DeMint Lillian Fields Carolyn Fleet Douglas Fraze Donald Funk Douglas Grueder Delmar Handshoe William Harvey Charlene Hazelton David Helbert Melanie Helbert Karen Helf Raymond Hensinger Gale Herendeen Susan Hipskind Raymond Hixson Sherry Hunter Michael Johnston James Kelham John Kelly Linda Kelly Patricia Kennedy Rick Kneisley Connie Kolbe David Landy Virginia Leech Alan Leiter Carole Lemper Larry Lovette William Magginnis Harriett Malcolm Nancy Malcolm Hans Manges R f5 present themselves filing Dale McLeland Charles McNall William McQuown Joyce Miller Sheri Miller Dorotliy Moore Kathaleen Mulligan William Murley Donna Musser Michael Muzzillo Sandra Nodine Joseph Oberlin Bonnie Owen Joyce Owen James Parker Michael Parvu Bethel Patrick Marilyn Payton David Peck Jerry Pepple Sandra Pfierman Kenneth Rathert Marilyn Reed Kay Riccius Lorraine Rowe Russell Rowe Cynthia Schaab Dorothy Secrest Patty Shafer Karen Shenk Donald Shirk Dorothy Smith Mary Smith Richard Smith Nancy Snyder Larry Steffen Thomas Steinmetz Rebecca Steward Martha Swank Lorraine Tarlton to work toward that goal. Linda Tate Rebecca Teders Sherrill Terry Jerry Thomas Beverly Thomson Jackern Toothman Gordon Velpel Karen Wade Esther Warstler Larry Weller Lawrence Wessel Dianne Wetoskey Daniel Wood Sharon Workman Joel Zerns Mary Zumbaugh : Allan Conrad was one of many Sopho- mores who appeared in their red and white class sweaters in mid-November. These 1962 class sweaters were se- lected by Sophomores and purchased through the House of Harter in Goshen, Indiana. Dazzled Freshmen Conducting the business of the Freshman Class were William Kobiela, Piesidentj Wava Maggert, secretary; Betty Muzzillo, treasurer; and Robert Snook, vice-president. Douglas Aplin Candace Baxter Naomi Beeber Sherry Bertsch Norman Best John Bigelow James Bishop Dennis Blaker Jerry Bock Caro l Bowers Nanette Breyman Kennetha Brown Dale Bunn Arlene Carper Perry Chorpenning Joseph Clabaugh John Colgan Ruby Cook Robert Culler John Dapp appear on the High School scene, Annetta Davis Eddie DeMarco Elaine Denes Alan DePew David Diederich Donna Emerick Steven Fike Linda Freeman Steven Fuller Thomas Fimk David Gradeless Sharon Graham Shirley Grear Delmer Greuter Keitha Griffin Daniel Haffner Helen Hall Charles Handshoe June Harding Nancy Henderson Nancy Hilkey Carl Hixson Sandra Hofferman Anita Hoke Danny HoUinger Jacqueline HoUis Jean HoUis John Houser Glenn a Howard Sandra James Sharon James Michael Jensen Judith Johoski Jenny Kelham Lynn Kizer Thomas Kobiela William Kobiela Carol LaRue Arillia Laux Mary Lepley overcome th wonder Scott Lewis Paula Livergood Pamela Loomis Ralph Maggert Wava Maggert Joseph Mahnesmith Helen Maurer Jeanne Menges Sam Miller John Mitchell Michael Moody Joan Moran Betty Muzzillo Jacqueline Myers Kenneth Myers Patrick Nixon Thomas Nixon Richard Oberlin Randall Oliver Larry Owen Sherry Parsons Marion Pickard Catherine Placencia Ronald Ranney Janos Ratrie Michael Reese Carolyn Refner Steven Roop Joe Rowe Jerilyn Rupp Mary Ann Sapp James Sechler 86 and filled with pride. Janice Shafer Sharon Shafer Linda Shaffer Michael Shaffer Joyce Sigler Sandra Sithen Kathleen Slater Robert Smith Robert Snook Robert Souers Leonard Steward Roger Strom an Michael Summers Philip Sweeney Marcia Tharpe Juanita Thomas William Thrush Cheryl Tuttle Edwin Tuttle David Van Allen Gary Warfield Melvin Warrick Pamela Wasson Lorna Wessel Darryl Whittington Lyle Wright Ann Wysong Sharon Yarian Shirley Yarian ' A 87 Sally Weimer, treasurer; Carol Rugman, president; Eugene Fulk, vice-president; and Peggy Wor- man, secretary, were elected by classmates to be in charge of eighth grade class affairs. These were elected to conduct the seventh grade business: Annette Barnhart, treasurer; Susan Gerber, vice-president; Randall Bergdall, president; Carol Schurr, secretary. Boosting their team on to victory were eighth grade yell leaders Marilee Hughes, Patsy Smith, and Judith Knott. Dawn Fleet, Patsy Eberhard, and JoEllen Moses added to the spirit of seventh grade athletes. The Eighth Grade prepares Shirley Andrews Danny Baker Frederick Ballentine John Barnes Larry Barnhart Patrick Bauman Marvene Bergdall Connie Boyd Coline Brown Keith Bunn Earl Cartwright Larry Cattell Michael Caywood Robert Clark William Corry Ruth Crager Margaret Crowe Sharon Curtland Dennis Cutler Suzanne Davis Dennis DeGrasse Larry DePew Johneen Ellis Blaine Feightner Linda Fleet Max Freeman Patricia Freeman Hudson Freeze David Frey Eugene Fulk Carol Gaff Steven Gradeless Arthur Gunion Bud Handshoe Doris Hartman DuWayne Hathaway Eugene Hathaway Mark Heffelfinger Gerald Henderson Elaine Hills n a f , V . Q 89 to embark in high school life DuWayne Hofferman Terry Howiler Marilee Hughes Kenneth Judson Larry Kammerer Edward Kelham Judith Knott Jerry Koch Roger Kolbe Darrell Kruger Michael Kruger Mary Ann Lewellyn Echo Lewis Larry Madden Charles McAbee James McCosh Mary McLeland Diane Miller Kenneth Mitchell John Moody Kitty Moore Cynthia Myers Richard Nodine Roger Noel Peter Palm Robert Patrick Donna Porter Gerald Porter David Quinn Crystal Robbins Mary Rodebaugh Carol Rowe Karen Rowe Carol Rugman Jeannene Seeger Carolyn Shaffer Hershell Shields Arthur Shoener James Shutt Carl Smith waving good-by to Junior High. Jon Smith Kenneth Smith Patsy Smith Stephanie Smith Walter Smith Jill Thomas Michael Thomas Bette Thompson Clarence Thomson Michelle Wade Gary Warrick Larry Warstler Sally Weimer Jacqueline Weller James White Seventh grade art students depicted the first Thanksgiving on a mural which was then hung in room 22. 91 Enterprising Seventh Graders f - fS O f f PS, ? ' a Michael Armstrong Phyllis Baker Sandra Ballentine R. V. Banks Annette Bamhart Randall Bergdall William Berglund Marjorie Blair Steven Bodey Gary Boleyn Karen Bowser Nancy Brand Dan Brinkerhoff Julia Brumbaugh Sandra Brumbaugh Robert Byanski Janice Casey Floyd Colgan Willie Collins James Corry William Creager Gary Curtis Norma Culter Frank Davis James Davis Randall Davis Arietta Dennis Richard Dove Gary Easterday Patrica Eberhard Linda Ervin David Ewert Dawn Fleet Tony Foar Patricia Fordeck Lucille Friend Terry Gaar Judith Gaff Georgia Gamble Lona Gamble Linda Gaskill 92 emerge from the shadows Susan Gerber Michaeleen Gillespie Sandra Gnagy Betty Godwin Cerinda Goebel Bonda Grear Joseph Grogg Clifford Gunion Danny Hammond Patricia Hammond Marlene Handshoe Vernovis Handshoe Kleota Hart Terry Harter Faith Hathaway Steven Hazeltine Derek Heinzerling Mabel Hensinger David Herendeen Arthur Hopkins Victor Hunter Nancy James Susan Jay Ruth Johnson Timothy Kolbe Jack Kruger Connie Leeper Donald Leeper Barbara Lemper James Lewis Judith Loom is Glen Ludban Carol Lung Ronald Matthews John Maurer David McMillan Barry McNamara Allan McPheeters Max Milks Carl Miller Dan Miller f ? 9 P 93 adding life to G. H. S. Karl Miller John Moats JoEUen Moses Steven Newbauer Linda Parker Raymond Parker Carolyn Parsons Roger Peck Linda Pfierman Gary Pierson Gladys Ramey James Ranney LaDorma Ringler Ronald Roush George Rugman Dale Runion Marianne Sattison Carol Schurr Doris Sechler Janice Shaffer Thomas Shaffer Carol Shilling Richard Shilling Adele Smith Frank Smith Harriett Smith Joseph Smith Waureen Smith Ronald Snyder David Stiles William Stover Judy Talley Donald Tarlton Donald Teegardin Keith Teegardin Sandra Terry Ernest Thomson Rudolph Thurman Carole Weesner Glenda Wentland Larry Wiley Kenneth Yingling ROW ONE: Helen Opdycke, Aileen Sarter, Ursula Leeson, Audrey Hollis, Belva Tooman, Yvonne Hunter, Edith Musser, Helen Miller. ROW TWO: Mary Morgan, Audrey Leeson, Ruth Lewis, Martha Reed, Kate Kolbe, Mildred Harman, Ann Trainer. Many delicious meals were prepared by these women throughout the school year. Our Maintenance Staff Lowell Johnson, Estelle Getts, Carl Sarter, John Miller. These men undertook the big job of keeping our school in good running order. 95 Acknowledgments Clinic Wyatt ' s Leas Market Gala Theater Boston Store D. K. Jeffery Felke Florist Thome Studio Garrett Lanes B.P.O.E. 1447 Best Pharmacy Catherine Shop Frank ' s Garage Abey Abram Inc. Simon ' s Grocery Nick ' s Car Wash Owen Glass Shop Debonaire Salon Schurr Curl Shop Sebring Cleaners Williams Grocery Finn News Agency H. Charles Winans Hughes Drug Store Lantz Barber Shop Chas. Ort and Co. Rapp Equipment Co. Garrett Lumber Co. Vanity Beauty Shop Stern Clothing Co. North Side Grocery Dr. R. G. Eberhard Dr. R. A. Dircksen Skelly Oil Company Burtch Printing Co. Barrick Shoe Repair Billies Beauty Nook Burtch Machine Shop Mengerson Home Store Heinzerling Hardware Worden Beauty Shoppe Strock Motor Service Walker ' s Pastry Shop Reynold ' s News Stand Jim ' s Sunoco Service Zern Service Station Central LG.A. Market Dapp ' s Cities Service Newbauer Monument Co. Don ' s Filling Station Dalrymple Barber Shop Ashenfelter Body Shop Tri State Film Service Mid-Western Foundaries Blue Moon Custard Stand Landy ' s Department Store Veterans of Foreign Wars Garrett Marathon Station Klip and Kurl Beauty Shop Mueller ' s Standard Service Gingery ' s Department Store Shellane Gas and Appliances Don Lepard Standard Service Bernard R. Brennan Insurance Robert Harman Life Insurance Garrett Plumbing and Heating East Side Grocery (Lehner ' s) Spencer Flower and Gift Shop Walter Kern ' s Service Station Garrett Flexible Products Inc. Electric Motors and Specialties Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co. K. P. Sithen, General Contractor Haffner ' s 5(;t to $1.00 Stores Inc. Baidinger and Walter Funeral Home Seifert Paint and Appliance Store Curtis Heating and Air-Conditioning Sweeney Realty and Business Service Bauman and Harnish, Rubber and Plastics Inc. 4 ' ' - ' ' ; L ' - i ivrj ■i - ■■-♦?. ' ,= «r;it : ■? . - . " -,-?. ' WX " - lag! -.-i«.. » »-J " ir J f, T- " Jia »t ij - .SSf ' ' - ; • ■5. - ir - ' i V i ..-%j ' -«fi » •. K • Z. ■ r f . " c jk ■ - ■ - i, '

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