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1955 Editor-in-Chief Business Manager ' Dotted 76o tftAA t Photographer GARRETT HIGH SCHOOL GARRETT, INDIANA A L I A FOREWORD GET ON YOUR MARK ... The class of ' 55 presents, to the student body and faculty, the 1955 Aeolian filled with memories, pictures, and faces of those " on their mark. " GET SET . . . Now, all of you are set, waiting for the signal. Some of you are set for your first dance, to participate in your first ball game; some of you are set to prepare and attend your first Banquet, to try out for the class play; and you Seniors are set to join the world as adults. GO . . . The future will bring new faces and changes to the movements of Gar- rett High School, but you will have this record of the friends you knew and the things you did. This 1955 Aeolian is now yours to enjoy, and its contents are yours to relive as the hands of the clock change the hours and days into years. AHen County Public Library 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 CONTENTS DEDICATION 4 FACULTY 5 CLASSES 1! ORGANIZATIONS 39 ACTIVITIES 55 SPORTS _._. 63 SPONSORS ..._.__ 73 DEDICATION I To Marie Thrush, for her many years • of thoughtful service to our school, we, the class of 1955, dedicate this Aeolian. We shall especially remember her for her poise and dignity. Through her achievement in extracurricular ac- tivities as well as in curricula r ac- tivities, she helped make our school a » better one. As she draws to a close her long and fruitful career of teaching, we thank her for being kind and for show- ing a personal interest in us, her stu- dents. k FACULTY The announcements guide the day ADMINISTRATION E. V. MINNIEAR Superintendent of Schools SCHOOL BOARD D. L. HAFFNER JOHN E. FLORA Principal MARJORIE NELL Clerk for Superintendent and Board CLERKS GWYNETH MANGES Clerk for Principal FACULTY JOHN H. ALLYN General Science, Civics, Economics, Hi-Y Co-Ad- visor, Freshman Class Advisor. PAUL BATEMAN Vocational Agriculture. Biology, Director of Athletics, FFA Advisor, Operators ' Club Advisor, Chairman of Junior Class Advisors. RONALD BRUNER Shop, Junior High Ad- visor. RICHARD CAPIN Mathematics, Physics, Athletic Club Advisor, Football and Track Coach, Sophomore Class Advisor. GILBERT COBLE Music, Art, Junior High Advisor. RAYMOND COLE Band, Instrumental Music Freshman Class Advisor. SARAH J. ELDRIDGE Algebra, Bookkeeping, Blue Triangle Co-Advisor, Sophomore Class Advisor. MILDRED EVARD English, Journalism, Ma- roon and Blue Advisor, Magazine Sales Manager, Chairman of Freshman Class Advisors. Regular Meeting of the Garrett High School Faculty — Business and Coffee too. . . Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend JEANNE FLORA MARGUERITE FOUCH EFFIE GUMP ROBERT HARMAN Choral Music Homemaking, Junior High Shorthand, Typing, Y-Teen Social Studies, Junior Advisor. Co-Advisor, Junior High High Coach, Junior Class Advisor. Advisor. JAMS HAVES EDWARD KULT RICHARD OHER ( AMERON PARKS Physical Education. Y- English, Social Studies, General Science. Chemis- Social Studies. Cha Teen Advisor, GAA Ad- Senior Class Advisor, visor, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Advisor. Junior Class Advisor. try. Chairman of Eighth of Sophomore Class Ad Grade Advisors. sors. Annual Christmas Party for faculty at Garrett Counry Club, December 7. ..jy tx t C -o-ts- -esyC Yf W v-:,-. - ' -riwr-nr.- ,35 mgaasBaBSBBBE mm ■ ..—....... HONOR STUDENTS . . . Wise guys BARBARA CROW VIRGINIA SOUDER PATRICIA MISER CONRAD COOPER SHIRLEY FREEMAN REBA KNAPP ALAN LARUE MAX LIMPERT JOHN LIVERGOOD NANCY NASON WILLIAM STARNER ROEINE TREESH NANCY YARDE GEORGIA ZOLL SEN OR OFFICERS Sitting: Don Potter, President; Georgia Zoll, Secretary. Standing: Leonard Vanderbosch, Treasurer; Max Limpert, Vice President. SENIORS Inez Lee Davis " Inez " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Matilda Alice Dennison " Tillie " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA 3, 4. Dolly Darling Esselburn " Dollie " Home Economics GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4. Eugene Farrington " Gene " Industrial Art! GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4. Kerin May Feagler " Kerin " Home Economics GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle I, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4. David Ferguson " Fergie " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Student Council 1; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; FFA 1, 2, 3; FFA Basketball 1, 2; Junior-Senior Banquet Hall Decorations Co-Chair- man 3. Shirley Arlene Freeman " Bunny " Academic Avilla 1; GHS 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 4; Band 2, 3, 4; GAA 2, 3. 4; Drama Club 4; M B Business Manager 4; Teenettes 4. Maurice Getts " Mo " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; HI-Y 3, 4; Band 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Scout Club 1, 2. Ronald Edward Grove " Ron " Industrial Arts LaFayette 1, 2, 3; GHS 4; Band 4. James Martin Haynes " Haynes " Agriculture GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; HI-Y 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3; President 4; FFA Basketball 1, 2, 4; Operators ' Club 3; M B Advertisement 4; Aeolian Assistant Activities Editor. . Hitch your wagon to a star Sharilyn Dawn Havnes " Shonnie " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3. 4; Blue Triangle 1. 2; Y-Teens 3. 4; Band 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4. Glenn Helbert " Heeb ' Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 3. 4; Basketball 2; Track 2, 3. 4; Scout Club 1, 2. 4; M B Circulation 4. Margie Ann Hilkey " Marg " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; M B Circulation 4; Teenettes 4. Larry Hixson " Larry " Agriculture GHS 1, 2, 3. 4; HI-Y 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. Reporter 4; FFA Basketball 1. 4; Operators ' Club 3. Judith Ann Hornett " Judy " Commercial Auburn 1; GHS 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4. Shirley Housel " Shirley " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle I, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; GAA 3. 4. Larry Houser " Larry " Agriculture GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; HI-Y 3. 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Basketball 1, 2. Nancy Ann Jackson " Jack " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA I; Drama Club 3. 4; Teenettes 4. Donna Louise Johnson " Donna " Commercial Spencerville 1, 2,; Concord-Spencer 3; GHS 4; Y-Tcens 4; M B Collector 4. Janice Illene Johnson " Janice " Home Economics Van Buren 1; GHS 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 2; Y-Teens 3, 4. 17 SENIORS Alan Wood LaRue " Chub " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3. 4; Chorus 2, 3. 4; Boys ' Quartet 1. 2, 3, 4 Boys ' Vocal Ensemble 4; Double Quartet 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Trumpet Trio 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2; Football Manager 4 Basketball Manager 4; Drama Club 4; Junior-Senior Food Co-Chairman. Carol Suzanne Leggett " Sue " Academic GHS 1, 2. 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Secretary 2; Y-Teens 3, 4, Vice President 3; Chorus 1; GAA 1, 2, 3; Librarian 2; Drama Club 3; M B Club Editor 3; Aeolian Assistant Ac- tivities Editor. Sherman Lewis " Sherm " Industrial Art: GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3. 4. Max Edward Limpert " Max " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4; HI-Y 3, 4; Track 2. 3; Track Manager 1; Football Manager 2, 3. 4; Basketball Manager 2. 3; M B Managing Editor 4; Aeolian Assistant Sports Editor. John Eldon Livergood " John " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Student Council 2; HI-Y 3, 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4, Captain 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Drama Club 4; Aeolian Assistant Sports Editor. Clayton Maggert " Scooter " Agriculture GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4. William Lee Kelham " Bill " Agriculture Huntertown I; GHS 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3. 4; HI-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; Track 2; FFA 2, 3. Treasurer 3, Vice President 4. Reba Eileen Knapp " Snap " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3. 4; Blue Triangle 1. 2; Y-Teens 3. 4, Secre- tary 3, President 4; GAA 1, 2. 3, 4, President 4; M B Columnist 4; Junior-Senior Banquet Program Co-Chairman; Aeolian Class Co-Editor. Nancy Carol Kock " Nan " Commercial GHS 1, 2. 3. 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3. 4; GAA 4. 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; David Reid Lankard " Kank " Special GHS 1. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Trumpet Trio 1, 2; Track 2, 3; Scout Club 1; Operators ' Club 3. 4; M B Circulation 4. , Came through with flying colors Janet Pearl Malcolm " Johnny " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; M B Circulation 4; Teenettes 4. Alta Nell Manges " Nell " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; M B Club Editor 3; Aeolian Business Staff. Eugene Gerald Martin " Gene " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4. Noreen Mary McDermott " Whitey " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangl e 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Chorus 1; Aeolian Business Staff; Singing Bells 1. Danny McPheeters " Mac " Industrial Arts GHS 1. 2. 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1; Track 3, 4. Patricia Eileen Miller " Patsy " Academic GHS 1, 2. 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3. 4; GAA 1; Teenettes 4. Patricia Lou Miser " Pat " Academic GHS 1. 2, 3. 4, Vice President 1; Student Council 4, President; Blue Triangle 1, 2, President 2; Y-Teens 3. 4; Chorus 4; GAA 1, 2, 3. 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. 4; M B Editor 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Junior-Senior Banquet Enter- tainment Co-Chairman; Aeolian Activities Editor; Teen- ettes 4. Barbara Jean Moorhaus " Barb " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3. 4. Secretary 3; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4, Treasurer 4; GAA 2, 3, 4. Nancy Ann Nason " Twila " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3. 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Business Staff. Don Potter " Skins " Academic GHS I, 2, 3. 4, President 4; HI-Y 3, 4, President 3, Vice- President 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 1, 2, 3. 4; Drama Club 4; Junior-Senior Banquet Toastmaster. 19 LeRoy E. Shutt " LeRoy " GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3. 4; Drama Club 4. Industrial Arts 3, 4; FFA Basketball Nancy Lee Sithen Academic 4; Blue Triangle 1,2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus " Nancy " GHS 1, 1, 3, 4; Band 1, 2. 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior-Senior Banquet Stage Decorations Chairman; Teenettes 4; Drama Club 4. Virginia Kathryn Souder " Ginny " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, Vice President 2; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Y-Teens 3, 4, Devotions Chairman 3; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, President 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Drama Club 4; M B News Editor 4; Junior-Senior Banquet Co-Chairman; Aeolian Editor-in-Chief; Teenettes 4. William Lawrence Starner " Strain " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4, President 1; HI-Y 3, 4, President 4; Foot- ball 1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4; M B Sports Editor 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Junior-Senior Banquet Co-Chairman; Aeolian Sports Editor. Mary Evelyn Steigmeyer Commercial Y-Teens 3. 4; Chorus " Mapy " GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1 1, 2; B and 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Sharon Steigmeyer Commercial 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1,2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 4; Junior-Senior Ban- " Rosie " GHS 1, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 3, 4; GAA 1, 2. 3, 2q quet Entrance Decorations Chairman SENIORS Robert Edmond Prinzing " Bob " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4; Trumpet Trio 1, 2, 3, 4; Double Quartet 2; Boys ' Ensemble 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Director 4; Football 1. Beverly Louise Schurr " Bev " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4; Band 1 ,2, 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3; Librarian 4; M B Collector 4. Gary Lee Shafer " Gary " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1. 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2; M B Print Shop Contact 3. Barbara Lea Shirk GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Drama Club 4. . Sitting on top of the world James Swank J ' m Agriculture GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1. 2, 3. 4; FFA Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Duane Joseph Teders Industrial Arts " Du GHS 2, 3, 4; FFA 2, 3. Darrell Thompson " Buck " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Scout Club 1; Operators ' Club 3, 4; M B Sports Editor 4; Aeolian Photographer. ROEINE TREESH " Roeine " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Drama Club 3; M B Columnist 3, Editorial Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3; Aeolian Business Manager. Leonard John Vanderbosch Academic GHS 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; HI-Y 3. 4, Secretary 3, 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Football 3. 4; Junior- Senior Banquet Hall Decorations Co-Chairman. Roger Weimer Animal " Industrial Arts GHS 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Student Council 1; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior-Senior Entertainment Co-Chairman; Aeolian Assistant Sports Editor. Nancy Yarde " Nancy " Commercial GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Vice President 2; Y-Teens 3, 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 1, Treasurer 2; M B News Editor 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Junior-Senior Banquet Table Decorations Co-Chairman; Aeolian Co-Class Editor; Teenettes 4. Gene David Yarian " Bevo " Agriculture GHS 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4. Georgia Evelyn Zoll " Georgia " Academic GHS 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Student Council 2;. Blue Trian- gle 1, 2; Y-Teens 3, 4, Sunshine Committee Chairman 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA 1, 2, 4; Librarian 1; Drama Club 4; Junior-Senior Banquet Invitations Co- Chairman. 21 JUNIORS Officers: Johanna Heinzerling, Vice President; Stephen Gaw, President; Janet Atkins, Secretary; Dale Holmes, Treasurer. 22 Fred Andrews Faye Ashenfelter Janet Atkins Betty Baker Wayne Bartels Donald Alwood . . . Presenting — no, not yet — next year Sandra Bickel John Bishop Darlene Bock Robert Bowman Suzanne Burtch Marilyn Christman Glema Conrad John Cox Ann Cutshall Judith Dembickie William DePew Sharon Dickison Richard Dills Linda Duerk Louis Easterday Will Eastes Tom Ely Thomas Farrington Rex Freeman Beverly Fulk Daniel Fuller Stephen Gaw Faith Getts James Grate JUNIORS 1+ S 9 f ,Y 1 Carl Handshoe Nancy Harman Carl Harter ■ C Clifton Hathaway Eston Hathaway Janet Hathaway Richard Hays Alfred Hazelton Johanna Heinzerling Norma Hixson Dale Holmes Marvin Houser Harriet Howey David Jay Frank Johnson Fred Knott Patricia LaCroix Laura Livergood Charles Loomis Richard Maggert Harry Manges Nancy Martin Rival McBride . . . As busy as a bee Mary Alice Minniear Peter Mountz Betty Nodine Harold Nott Jana Lee Opdycke Joan Peters Dennis Porter Patricia Ridenour Marilyn Salerno Kenneth Severson Marilyn Shirk Deloris Smith Nancy Smith Paul Sparks Norma Thompson Charles Tooman Rae Anne Trainer Patricia Walker Richard Warner Robert Wiant Peggy Wilcoxson Carolyn Williams Dallas Wolf Officers: Donna Crow, Treasurer; Judith Reed, Secretary; Carol McDermott, President; Richard Griffin, Vice President. SOPHOMORES Lynn Andrews Eugene Barrett Ted Bauman Jack Beeber Raymond Bickel 26 Keith Bock Lee Bock Dorotha Bowser Norma Brown Roger Burrey Julianna Burtch Larry Carlson Bonnie Carper Sally Carper Kenneth Carroll Donald Chisholm Lee Christlieb Bernard Cooper Bruce Crager Nancy Cripe Donna Crow . . . So far, so good Dorothy Crow Darla Deihl Nelson Deuitch Nancy Diederich Keith Fee Fritz Feick Sharon Felke Betty Fields Janice Freeman Belva Gerber Stephen Gordon Patricia Griffin Richard Griffin Eugene Grogg Marilyn Gump 27 t l HI w»- 1jp U -v William Harding Robert Harmon Thomas Harmon Laura Hensinger Thomas Herendeen Stanley Hoke Jane Hosier Richard Hoyer Daniel Hutton Alice Imbody Sandra Kelham Paul Kennedy Janet Knapp Janice Kruger Warren Kruger SOPHOMORES 28 Elnor Livergood Clifford Maggert Michael Manges Larry Matthews Carol McDermott Eldon Menges Russell Miller Frank Mossberger Norma Mowrey Everett Nissly Dallas Opdycke Ronald Rathert Judith Reed Paul Ridenour Arnold Robke ' all] Martha Shutt Jo Hanna Simon Sue Ann Smith Violet Smith John Soudah Jean Starner Orphia Stayer Janet Steffen Carole Swander Rose Swank Tad Schmidt Leonard Shaffer William Shenk Alouis Shutt Time rushes on o C Roslyn Sweet Adrian Thompson Janet Thrush Darlene Treesh James Wagner David Walton Jack Wappes Shirley Wappes Carol Warstler Donald Weimer Carolyn Wells Ralph Wilcoxson Rick Williams Sharon Wolf Patricia Yeiser 29 FRESHMEN Lloyd Andrews Jerry Arrants Charlotte Atkins Sheila Bickel 30 Keith Brunson Mary Ann Burns Sally Carlson Calvin Carnahan Everett Carroll Ann Chisholm Carol Chisholm Sharon Cordes Gene Cramer Melvin Culler Paul Dell David DePew Nancy Ely Violet Esselburn Margaret Farrington Frank Felke James Freeze Marilyn Fulk Barbara Gerber Larry Getts Sandra Godwin Nancy Gradeless Eugene Gravlee Paul Griffin Gail Grogg Phil Grogg Thomas Guthrie Edgil Handshoe Wilma Harris LaCleeda Hathaway . . . The first step is as good as half over O 1 1 Glenda Hazelton Judith Helbert Owen Hensinger Sharon Hoffman Janice Houser Mavis Howard Donald Hoyer Dean Huth Karen Jackson Jacqueline Johnson David Karr Roger Kees Myrna Knapp James Knott Tony Kolbe Carl Kratzman Phyllis Kruger Jerry Kugler Gilbert Lawhead Karen Leech Paul Lemish Robert Livergood Edward Mahnesmith James Malcolm Wayne Malcolm Edwin Maurer Mary Jo Mitchell Anita Morrison Janet Moses Pamela Mountz Sondra Musser Rebecca Nelson Sandra Nicholson John Nixon FRESHMEN Kathleen Nodine David Ober James Owen Rosalie Parker Marjorie Patrick Robert Peters Jack Porter Carol Sue Reed Judith Reeves Charles Refner Sharon Reiter Marilyn Reynolds Richard Rowe Susan Ruhland Suzanna Runion Fred Salerno Mary Scott Daryl Severson Eugene Shirk Barbara Shultz Kay Sithen Theodore Smith William Snider James Staley Stephen Steward Ned Teegardin Anita Thompson Don Thompson Ted Thrush Rosemary Vogel Cleota Warstler Margaret Webb Robert Weesner Larry Yarian ,_ Mary Louise Yinglin Larry Beverly Sydney Blair Phyllis Boyd David Brown Ray Burniston Ronald Burtch Robert Cattell Jerald Chisholm Melvin Christlieb Theodore Christlieb Kay Akers Edward Allen Linda Alley Robert Anderson EIGHTH . Sharon Claxton Olivia Cleland Ronald Conrad David Cook Belva Crager Robert Cuckler John Davis Dora Deihl Earnest Dennison Carolyn DeVeny Joe DeWitt Deanna Dillon Estella Egly Kenneth Feightner 33 Louise Fields Jerry Freeman Larry Funk James Getts Garth Gillespie Donald Graham Fred Hall Linda Harman Nancy Harter David Heffelfinger Hans Heinzerling James Helbert Linda Hixson Wilbur Hollinger Susan Hollis EIGHTH Gordon Holmes Harry Hornett Peggy Hunter John Hutton Harry Jackson Beverly Jordan Sally Kelham Rodney Knisely Larry Laisure Judith Lemper Janlee Lewis Larry Loomis Charlene Lovette Melvin Maggert James Maurer Jerald McBride James McKeever Paul Mettert Judith Morgan Renee Obendorf Sharon Oberlin Margaret Ort Gary Parker David Peck Kenneth Perkins Sharon Pfierman Wayne Rowe Daniel Schumaker Linda Shilling Charlotte Shipe They shall never be younger Aaron Smith Donna Smith Joyce Smith Randall Steffen Anthony Steller James Tarlton Judith Thomas Eleanor Thurman Judith Tooman William Walton Lawrence Weidler Sandra Wilcoxson Kay Wilmot Nancy Workman Carl Zimmerman 35 SEVENTH Richard Abbott Carolyn Alwood Violet Andrews Judy Baker Ernest Barrett Michael Bauman Patricia Beck Marcia Bickel Sue Ann Bock Edward Bowman Janice Brown Cynthia Brunson Thomas Burtch Barbara Byanski Robert Carroll Fay Christlieb Frank Conkle David Crowe Carson Culler Danny Custer Jack Davis Judy Davis Patricia Davis Steven Davis Sandra Dickison Robert Fee Martha Feightner Carole Fike Gerald Fike Kenneth Flora Sandra Funk David Gaw Jacqueline Gingrich Paul Griffin . . . Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered Delphia Handshoe Wilkie Handshoe Mae June Hathaway Gary Helbert Nancy Helf James Heller Sandra Herendeen Warren Herendeen Janet Hewitt Betty Hollinger Sandra Hopkins Donna Hosier James Hoyer Theodore Jay Karen Jensen Judith Karr Marilyn Kennedy William Knott Gary Leggett Carol Lemish Wilbur Maurer Dennis McLeland Rodney McMillan Larry Miller Linda Mitchell Jean Morrison Sue Morrison Richard Murley Ronald Murphy Bonnie Myers Steven Noble Janet Nodine Linda Owen Jane Parker SEVENTH Christine Perkins Wayne Peters Richard Prinzing Charles Quinn John Reed Carolyn Ridenour William Rippe Joyce Robbins Suzanne Rodenbaugh Sharron Rugman David Schurr Gaylord Shaffer Dixie Shipe James Short Robert Shutt Myron Smith Marvin Snook Sherry Staley Linda Steffen Dorothy Stover Mary Swank Janet Turtle Clarence Warstler Naomi Warstler Charles Wentland William White Deena Whittington Suellyn Wilmot Diana Wood Sharon Woods Martha Yarde Annette Zimmerman ORGANIZATIONS i ! ■ 1 i _A.l mm Smmm I jfl - ™ iffi ' " " 4 H r 1 I 1 The meef ng wi now come to order fed ® $ f» jCo KjDTUV -v, l " First row: Eleanor Bowes, Dorothy Carper, Georgia Zoll, Nancy Sithen, Nancy Nason, Noreen McDermott, Sue Leggett, Lois Christ- man, Matilda Dennison, Dolly Esselburn, Janice Johnson, Barbara Shirk, Donna Johnson. Second row: Miss Gump, Roeine Treesh, Nancy Jackson, Faye Ashenfelter, Patricia Walker, Johanna Heinzerling, Glema Conrad, Joan Peters, Nancy Martin, Betty Nodine, Janet Hathaway. Patricia Miller, Reba Knapp, Nell Manges. Third row: Virginia Souder, Nancy Yarde, Barbara Crow, Patricia Miser, Nancy Smith, Judith Dembickie, Patricia Ridenour, Sharon Dickison, Linda Duerk, Patricia LaCroix, Beverly Fulk, Wanda Baker, Miss Hayes. Fourth row: Mary Alice Minniear, Rae Ann Trainer, Marilyn Christman, Deloris Smith, Janet Atkins, Jana Lee Opdycke, Darlene Bock, Laura Livergood, Marilyn Salerno, Nancy Harman, Shirley Housel, Sharilyn Haynes, Judith Hornett, Mary Lou Bauman. Fifth row: Norma Hixson, Sandra Bickle, Ann Cutshall, Marilyn Shirk, Betty Baker, Alice Faye Brand, Mary Steigmeyer, Sharon Steigmeyer, Nancy Koch, Lois Carroll, Beverly Schurr, Jacqueline Brunson, Kerin Feagler. Sixth row: Peggy Wilcoxson, Norma Thompson, Carolyn Williams, Frances Carper, Suzanne Burtch, Harriet Howey, Barbara Moorhaus, Bette Bigelow, Shirley Freeman, Janet Malcolm, Margie Hilkey, Marilyn Clevenger. Not present: Faith Getts. Y-TEENS . . . Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows " We, the younger generation p eace an j un ; t y t freedom and brotherhood, Are striving now to build a better world. These we have set to be our goal. " The above excerpt from the Y-Teen song describes the personality of the Y-Teen club throughout the world. Many races and creeds from 65 nations belong to Y-Teens, a daughter of the Y.W.C.A. The club ' s purposes are to grow as individuals and render Christian services. These purposes are covered by the club ' s activities. These activities lie in four general areas: social, community service, fund raising, and cultural. The semi-formal party " Winter Wonderland " at which Y-Teens and escorts partied and danced, and the Y-Teen- Hi-Y halloween party during regular Wednesday club time both fall into the social area. Furnishing and decorating a Christmas tree for the Convalescent Home was one commu- nity project. Favors were also provided. For the first time Y-Teens published a paper for their members. Sue Leggett was editor-in- chief of the Y-Wire. This was the largest cul- tural project. With the co-operation of many, G.H.S. stu- dents enjoyed a Y-Teen-sponsored sandwich sale. This fund-raising project is an annual af- fair — one of the most popular in school. The Y-Teen year ends with installation of new officers. This ritual is most inspiring and emphasizes the religious nature of Y-Teens. OFFICERS — Barbara Moorhaus, Treasurer; Nancy Smith, Secretary; Reba Knapp, Presi- dent; Sharon Dickison, Vice President. J5 - ej ,f y 3 a First row: Mavis Howard, Nancy Diederich, Marjorie Patrick, Sally Carlson, Anita Thompson, Violet Esselburn, Pamela Mountz, Sharon Hoffman, Carol Chisholm, Sandra Nicholson, Marilyn Reynolds, Patricia Griffin, Laura Hensinger, Betty Fields, Sharron Wolfe, Sue Smith, Sharon Felke. Second row: Barbara Shultz, Nancy Ely, Susan Ruhland, Rebecca Nelson, Jane Hosier, Phyllis Kruger, Wilma Harris, Roslyn Sweet, Sandra Kelham, Kathleen Nodine, Karen Jackson, Mary Ann Burns, Alice Imbody, Dorotha Bowser, Janet Steffen, Mary Jo Mitchell. Third row: Sharon Cordes, Sandra Godwin, Marilyn Fulk, Anita Morrison, Janet Thrush, Jean Starner, Dorothy Crow, Judith Reed, Nancy Cripe, Darla Deihl, Karen Leech, Judith Helbert, Sondra Musser, Kay Sithen, Sally Carper, Judith Reeves, Barbara Gerber. Fourth row: Mrs. Sweeney, Mary Scott, Jacqueline Johnson, Mary Louise Ying- ling, Glenda Hazelton, Sharon Reiter, Janice Freeman, Rose Swank, Gail Grogg, Patricia Yeiser, Rosemary Vogel, Norma Mowrey, Darlene Treesh, Carol Reed, Miss Eldridge. Fifth row: Rosalie Parker, Myrna Knapp, Sheila Bickel, Ann Chisholm, Janet Moses, Susan Runion, Donna Crow, Violet Smith, Shirley Wappes, Martha Shutt, LaCleeda Hathaway, Margaret Farrington, Cleota Warst- ler, Bonnie Carper, Carol Warstler, Belva Gerber. Sixth row: Janice Houser, Charlotte Atkins, Orphia Stayer, Carolyn Wells, Norma Brown, Carole Swander, Julianne Burtch, Elnor Livergood, Carol McDermott, Jo Hanna Simon, Janice Kruger, Janet Knapp, Marilyn Gump, Nancy Gradeless. BLUE TRIANGLE. . . Good service is a great enchantment This year the Blue Triangle has been an active club. The club annually sells Christmas cards as its money-making project. This campaign was launched in the fall as usual and was a great success as usual. As in the past few years, the Blue Triangle adopted Evryklia Ioannidou, a Greek war orphan through Foster Parents ' Plan for War Orphans. They give financial support and send letters and boxes of food and clothing to the thirteen year old girl. The social highlight is the spring Mother-Daughter Party. This custom was started in 1925 when the club first formed. OFFICERS— Violet Smith Treasurer; Judith Reed, Vice President; Marilyn Gump, Presi- dent; Norma Brown, Secretary. DRAMA CLUB . . . Wig and Paint i a FvJ? Shirley Freeman, Virginia Souder, Gene Bartels, Kerin Feagler. Wil liam Starner. Conrad Cooper. Others in cast were Rich- ard Warner, LeRoy Shutt. Nancy Jackson, Barbara Shirk, John Livergood. Leonard Vanderbosch. Not in picture was Gene Farrington. Don Potter, Gene Yarian. Not in picture was Alan LaRue. Roger Weimer. Noreen McDermott. Nancy Sithen, Alice Brand, Dolly Esselburn, Georgia Zoll. James Short, Harry Jackson, Robert Anderson, Larry Getts, Sandra Godwin, Sydney Blair, Carole Fike, Sandra Hop- kins, Janlee Lewis. 42 For the first time the Student Council was under the sponsorship of a teacher. Always before the principal was the sponsor, but to lighten his load and for other reasons, Mrs. Schlecht was made advisor. The Council was an active organization from the very beginning of the year when its members served as captains of the maga- zine-sale drive. They later sold iron-on ini- tials and dangle bracelets as a fund-raising project. During Education Week the Classroom Teachers ' Association had a " Teachers at Home Night " . The Student Council mem- bers served as guides, escorting parents on a tour of the building. The Student Council carried out several projects to encourage school spirit. The first was planning and executing an introduction of the Railroaders at the first basketball game. A little later, the organization sponsored a pep session. With the help of cheerleaders a skit " Cheerleaders from around the World " was presented. The Council also figured in a new type of pep session — the " Buzz session " . The Council members and the teachers led a ten-minute discussion on basketball topics within the classrooms. OFFICERS — Sitting: Patricia Miser, Presi- dent; Robert Wiant, Vice President. Stand- ing: Alice Faye Brand, Treasurer; Sue Ann Smith, Secretary. STUDENT COUNCIL. . . Loyalty is the holiest good in the human heart First row: Gail Grogg, William Kelham, Marilyn Gump, Dorothy Crow, Louis Easterday, Alice Faye Brand. Second row: Mrs. Schlecht, Robert Wiant, Judith Tooman, Robert Cattell, James Helbert, Deena Whittington, Ronald Rath- ert. Third row: David Crowe, Patricia Miser, Gary Leggett, Melvin Culler, William Snider, Fred Knott, Karen Leech, Carol Fike. Absent: Sue Ann Smith. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club under Mrs. Sweeney ' s direction, learned much about the working of a library and the care of books this year. The Library Club was revived last year after a long absence. The librarians help stu- dents choose books, find material for teachers, and keep the shelves in order. These duties along with checking incoming and outgoing books keep the librarians and Mrs. Sween- ey busy. Their work is of great service to the school. Sitting: Eleanor Bowes, Johanna Heinzerling, Beverly Schurr. Standing: Carole Swander, Patricia Ridenour, Mrs. Sweeney, Dorothy Carper, Rae Ann Trainer. Seeing is believing . . . Books are a guide in youth OPERATORS CLUB The Operators ' Club is in its infancy around school. This is just its sec- ond year. This club is or- ganized to teach boys how to run the special equip- ment that the school owns, like projectors, phono- graphs, and other audio- visual aids. The club might well be called the Room 4 club. This is a local club whose main purpose is to have boys who can run the machines and thus relieve the teacher of this job, al- lowing them to concen- trate on explaining the pictures or story and main- taining order if necessary. 44 Front row: Thomas Guthrie, Adrian Thompson, Thomas Farrington, Dick Rowe, Fred Knott. Sec- ond row: Daryl Severson, Harold Nott, Tad Schmidt, Ronald Grove, Tom Ely. Third row: Darrell Thompson, Stephen Gaw, Larry Getts, David Lankard, David Ober, Richard Hays. r™5 iBSa n First row: Carson Culler, Richard Murley, Rodney McMillan, Mr. Woodcox. Second row: Roger Kees, Ralph Wilcoxson, Theodore Jay, Aaron Smith. Third row: William Harding, Waytie Malcolm, Jerry Kugler, Raymond Bickel, Fritz Feick. Fourth row: Gene Cramer, Nelson Deuitch, Stephen Steward, Glenn Helbert. Ronald Weimer, Stephen Gordon. Fifth row: Ernest Barrett, Daniel Hutton, Michael Manges, Jerry Arrants, Eugene Barrett. SCOUT CLUB To be prepared is half the victory The activities o_f the Scout Club were limited this year because of the loss of the use of the shop as its meeting place. This put a stop to work on activity merit badge, which requires work in leathercraft, woodwork, etc. However, the club members have worked on other badges and have made much progress. E ighteen have earned the Safety merit badge. The boys are hoping to work on the Personal Fitness, Athletics, Citizenship, and Public Health merit badges yet this year. The members of the High School Scout Club are also members of the Garrett Boy Scout Troop. Because these boys are members of the Garrett Scout Troops, they participate in the Deep Freeze and the Klondike Derby that are held each winter. The Deep Freeze is a day and night affair held at Pokagon State Park for the Explorer Scouts. The Klondike Derby is for the Boy Scouts. It is just a day meet and this year was held at a park near Albion. Each of the Garrett Troops had several patrols attend the Klondike Derby. FIRST AID Rodney McMillan Nelson Deuitch HANDICRAFT: Wayne Malcolm Theodore Jay 4f.- W( First row: Leonard Shaffer, Calvin Carnahan, Larry Yarian, Eugene Shirk, Thomas Harmon, Theodore Smith, Thomas Guthrie, Jack Wappes, Carl Kratzman, Roger Kees, Donald Hoyer, Ted Thrush, James Knott. Second row: Richard Maggert, Richard Griffin, Clayton Maggert, LeRoy Shutt, Gene Yarian, Larry Houser, William Kelham, Larry Hixson, Charles Tooman, James Haynes, Fred Knott, James Bauman, James Swank, Clifford Maggert. Third row: Mr. Bateman, James Owens, Robert Harmon, Rival McBride, Arnold Robke, Louis Shutt, Lee Christlieb, Paul Kennedy, James Wagner, Marvin Houser, Frank Johnson, James Grate, Gene Grogg, Lloyd Andrews. Absent when picture was taken: Phil Grogg, Jack Porter. F.F.A. . . . Each man reaps his own farm. " Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve " is the motto FFA members live by. FFA is a national club of agriculture students who are the future farmers of America, as the name FFA indicates. This year the FFA sponsored some money-making projects. Their main project was selling milk to students. The club also sold garden seeds and basketball schedule pencils. Then on March 8 the club sponsored jointlywith the Lions Club the annual Donkey Basketball game. This club is one of the most active in school. Besides carrying out money-making projects, the members of the club entered several contests that are sponsored by the state organization to encourage boys to work harder. Five of the members are trying for a Hoosier Farmer Degree, the highest state honor a boy can win. Sitting: Charles Tooman, Treasurer; William Kelham, Vice President; James Haynes, Presi- dent; Larry Houser, Sentinel. Standing: Fred Knott, Secretary; Larry Hixson, Reporter. First row: William Kelham, William Starrier, Kenneth Severson. Don Potter, Leonard Vanderbosch, John Livergood, Max Limpert. Robert Wiant. Second row: William Shenk, Rex Freeman, Larry Hixson, Eston Hathaway, Dale Holmes, Paul Ridenour, Harry Manges, Charles Loomis, Lynn Andrews. Third row: Mr. Allyn, Frank Mossberger, James Haynes, Danny Fuller, Sherman Lewis, Larry Houser, Charles Tooman, Maurice Getts, Louis Easterday, Mr. Pugh. Hl-Y . . . To him that lives well every form of life is good Hi-Y is a nation-wide high school youth movement working for a Christian democracy. The purpose of Hi-Y is " To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " The platform is " Clean Living, Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship. " The Hi-Y club is an organization of high school boys in our school committed to the Hi-Y purpose and developing a stimulating program aimed to carry forward that purpose. This year the Hi-Y sponsored three money-making projects. At the first of the year, they sold basketball pins. Near Christmas the club sold candy. This project was a great success. The Valentine dance was a money maker and also the Hi-Y social party of the year. Couples from high school level attended in semi-formal attire. The " Queen of Hearts " was selected by voting which was held prior to the dance. OFFICERS— Don Potter, Vice President; Leo- nard Vanderbosch, Secretary; William Starner, President; Kenneth Severson, Treasurer. A E O L I A N The year ' s best-seller PRODUCTION STAFF — First row: John Livergood, Patricia Miser, Roger Weimer, Sue Leggett, Max Limpert. Second row: James Haynes, Reba Knapp, Barbara Crow, Dorothy Carper, Nancy Yarde, William Starner. At the first business meeting of the senior class, a motion was made to produce a year- book. The motion was carried and in reality work began. However, Virginia Souder was chosen as editor-in- chief last spring and other preliminary work was done long before the motion was passed. The staff was chosen and began to work. The job each had to do was important in mak- ing the 1955 Aeolian one which covered well the happenings in G.H.S. m BUSINESS STAFF — First row: Clinton Bherns, Jacqueline Brunson, Bette Bigelow, Charles Carlson. Second row: Eugene Martin, Nancy Nason, Nell Manges, Gerald Brown, Noreen McDermott, Conrad Cooper. VIRGINIA SOUDER Editor-in-Chief DARRELL THOMPSON Photographer RONALD GROVE Assistant Photographer ROEINE TREESH Business Manager escorts onderland ■ember 11. t the back •d the out- an indoev MAROON and STREAMLIN BLUE R in sate Quill and Scroll Member Garrett High School ION FIRES BODY Garrett, Indian SCHOOLS MAKE PLANS FOR SPLIT TOURNEY RAILROADERS COP HOLIDAY TOURNEY The Railroaders came out on top of the Holiday Tourney by wins rp be Sectional Tourney, beginni sion sponsored by the over the But i er Windmills and the Angola Hornets in the first year February 2 3 will be a split-cen ncil and directed by ey participated in this tourney. The Railroaders won the final game toul . ney held at Garrett and Aubu i! ! : ' " he over Angola by a score of 50 W .fter trailing for the better part of . th Auburn tbe Center Schc he activity period De- the first three qua rter «p e iot e ?y ha HV " flo rtve " n preparation for the of the third quaj- ' S if the Student Council F ' P P e ° J e eaders presented short fron ce t, X-aW v V v th, o® a 37 to 36 lead at tV I • lost th ' fa how people in other sank ells. In the skit the charit. :tion consisted of a tained ° . of students and the qu ' - ' rf 3lls were civen - JHT ML rs are bt f the foot his honor ice regular! attitude. 1 Roger We mar, James itts are re- all letters, silver foot- 3eiving let- 3 are Gene igton, Wil- IcPheeters, Seniors re- are Gary illiam Kel- rman Lew- bosch. Sfffp stters are ' ar- whoop :k Beeber, ed the stu Gaw, Rob- ck Team „ es, Danny Iston Hath- with Auburn, The tourney will be changed t] •ear to include a Wednesday aft ion session during the week a vee night sessions, " he Wednesday afternoon gan i ' - ' irn will begin at 1:15, w fp ». " and Thursday nij The W( Ihei tii ? « n. Do yn G •d witl iveling unci Ga. ert as yei g to earl n Kelham. id Papoose ed the skit f, TH GRADE TEAM FEATED nth grade has an un this season with twe i loses. Bob Fee an on the team w v an average of e. Gary Leggetl _ it scorer. 0» v e are Fee, L lith, and eit _.iott. A different c elected These c t ee D e anna «o - ' ' °«e d to sold e fl( tht _ ._ iWi . „, 1 W , Den c . , to Lj Railroad- was ., low i. ,o» fte " " Go Get ended 6 to ' 0 V Ls u Ls ended the The r § 1 e . " ,... score and Marij ' " fourth ' ie V 1 ,oo, sc ' ,o each gai i rest of :00 to school w ' : game 39 to £0 ' r gar -ajt best .owever, seems e ves r e crowned jgi 43 to February 1? " The s T °Ui-t e ' ting. Each 1 as folic P5cat e a s one vote. S Garrett 4, f ODn„ y like. Also, ' ' Fremont t All profits w. snlation gE Service Fund 01 4 1 ; final £ e tvot bv . ee ' ■VVi 3S tVveV c oa ;vv v --. Barb ' ,Ser Vgam against Angola wh ..ey wwalloped 39 to 5. The - Br;real thi-eat to the team was Colu ;f r eenrbia City who had lost only °PPe, e tYve Miser, • Alice J ' ant I, ' ' : dance is semi-fo rett 50 - ; ot V Cr ov , " a X U e5?X C la ' - S row V " ? ' the Junior fciples from grades 9-1, W, De , ' S Soi . Ig p or . aJet Ja net Ti- es i] " s, J,, - i " bara ocr ' Vgame this season. The score ytarde, the Sp ■ W ' athe Columbia Cit y game was s Pon s p ncy Marr ° rS; Fa t ° 40 with two free throws ar cfta° ' S r,cia Walk ' De lorg°al deciding points in our fa ' Jrod, jj ae Aer, Lg made j n the last minute and fayeshenteltet G i Tfain e ,seconds of the game. They hi an Peters a Conrad g arae s left, ' with Kendj ville ar J _ vith Colum i " tted. Tickets are 50 f a cou- airn, ' «o e j„ 0 ° may be purchased from any J arn es ' F r a n member or at the door. ,;) e;-. e ' t; sp 0nsoj , ' i .ice starts at 8:00. Fonri. ,. V ie teaC tVvc ; V,ets uniforms u GaT " -ne; all tl Sd Srt of m, IS 1 V First row: Dorothy Carper, Eleanor Bowes, Marilyn Gump, Sandra Bickel, Shirley Wappes, Georgia Zoll, Melvin Culler, Kenneth Carroll. Second row: Patricia Miller, Judith Reed, Janice Freeman, Sheila Bickel, William Harding, Edward Allen, Alan LaRue, David Ober, Rex Freeman. Third row: Jane Hosier, Sharon Steigmeyer, Robert Weesner, Judith Tooman. Standing: Paul Griffin, William Snider, David Gaw, Ronal d Grove, Karen Leech, John Soudah. Jana Lee Opdycke. BAND . . . TWIRLERS — Kneeling: Sharon Claxton, Deanna Dillon, Sharilyn Haynes, Drum Majorette; Pamela Mountz, Charlene Lovette. Standing: Nancy Jackson, Violet Esselburn, Olivia Cleland, Faith Getts, Norma Thomp- son, Margie Hilkey, Beverly Schurr. The Garrett High School Band was born in 1929. It was supported by the Business and Professional Women ' s organization and had a part time instructor. The original band had 21 members and made only three appearances that first year. The band has now grown into a major organization supported by the school with 61 members and a full time instructor. The band made eight appearances beside playing at all home football and basketball games. The present organization is both a concert and a marching band. It marched for the DeKalb County Fair, the Bluffton Fair, the local Armistice Day program, the local Halloween parade, and home foot ball games. ZZ- If. [ v iSS 1 SNfcfi v First row: Janet Malcolm, Mary Steigmeyer, Beverly Schurr, Nancy Sithen. Second row: David Jay, Peter Mountz, Sandra Kelham, Peggy Hunter, Kenneth Flora, Thomas Burtch, Marcia Bickel, Virginia Souder. Third row: Shirley Freeman, Ronald Burtch, Steven Noble, Marvin Snook, David Lankard, Shirley House). Mary Lou Bauman, William White, Robert Prinzing, Charles Loomi 1 ; Standing: Mr. Cole. Absent when picture was taken: Eldon Menges. . . . Music — the only universal tongue OFFICERS — Karen Leech, Secretary; David Lankard, Vice President; Virginia Souder, President; David Ober, Librarian; Marilyn Gump, Li- brarian. As a concert band, it presented the annual school Christmas program, played at all home basketball games and at commencement, and on April 29 pre- sented the annual music department concert with the vocal department. It entered the band contest at Co- lumbia City. The Music Department has grown to the point that this year for the first time the band and choruses each presented a spring concert independently. Not only the band itself has grown, but the mem- bers " as individuals also grew. In fact, they out-grew and out-wore the blue and gold uniforms. New ma- roon and grey uniforms were purchased as the result of a project launched by the Band Parents ' organi- zation two years ago. II U fl t - :tr-.t i -r R U MmT Ail «!► ' kik 1 s First row: Sheila Bickel, Marilyn Gump, Carole Swander, Patricia Yeiser, Darla Deihl, Orphia Stayer, Norma Brown, Sharron Wolf, Cleota Warstler, Karen Leech, Susan Runion, Janet Moses, Shirley Wappes. Second row: Mrs. Flora, Judith Reeves, Ann Chisholm, Dorotha Bowser. Alice Imbody, Rose Swank, Carolyn Wells, Janet Knapp, Roslyn Sweet, Darlene Treesh, Nancy Cripe, Sally Carper, Jean Starner, Donna Crow, Janet Thrush, Judith Reed, Dorothy Crow, Eleanor Livergood, Sharon Reiter. Third row: Charlotte Atkins, Pamela Mountz, Sandra Nicholson. Martha Shutt, Betty Fields, Mary Jo Mitchell, Jacqueline Johnson, Julianna Burtch, Norma Mowrey, JoHanna Simon, Carol McDermott, Jane Hosier, Belva Gerber, Judith Helbert, Gail Grogg, Sondra Musser. Violet Smith. Absent: Sandra Kelham, Carol Warstler. GIRLS ' CHORUS. . . Music is the speech of angels First row: Sharon Steigmeyer, Georgia Zoll, Patricia Walker, Marilyn Salerno, Nancy Martin, Joan Peters, Sandra Bickel, Karen Feagler, Lois Carroll, Marilyn Clevenger, Barbara Crow. Rae Ann Trainer, Norma Hixson, Janet Atkins, Janet Hathaway, Lois Christman, Sharon Dickison. Second row: Nancy Yarde, Alice Faye Brand, Carolyn Williams, Marilyn Christman, Shirley Freeman, Mary Alice Minniear, Judith Dembickie, Laura Livergood, Nancy Harman, Jana Lee Opdycke, Darlene Bock, Faith Getts, Norma Thompson, Peggy Wilcoxson, Beverly Schurr, Patricia Miller, Mary Lou Bauman, Judith Hornett, Matilda Dennison, Inez Davis, Patricia Ridenour. Shirley Housel. Third row: Patricia LaCroix, Eleanor Bowes, Virginia Souder, Beverly Fulk, Frances Carper, Nancy Jackson, Glema Conrad, Deloris Smith, Ann Cutshall, Marilyn Shirk, Harriett Howey, Suzanne Burtch, Nancy Sithen, Margie Hilkey, Janet Malcolm. Bette Bigelow. Jacqueline Brunson, Patricia Miser, Dolly Esselburn, Johanna Heinzerling, Faye Ashenfel- ter. Absent: Betty Nodine, Nancy Smith. I -„rir .nflh o . L „ — 1 — _, fitejjg — — — ■ — ■— flH BOYS ' QUARTETTE Robert Bowman Alan LaRue Will Eastes Robert Prinzing TEENETTES— First row: Nancy Sithen, Alice Faye Brand, Janet Malcolm, Margie Hilkey, Patricia Miser. Second row: Virginia Souder, Marilyn Clevenger, Barbara Crow, Shirley Freeman, Nancy Yarde, Bette Bigelow, Patri- cia Miller, Nancy Jackson. BOYS ' CHORUS Men, when alone, lighten their labor with a song First row: Gerald Bowmar, James Wagner, Conrad Cooper, Gerald Brown, Charles Tooman, Larry Getts, Dennis Porter, Will Eastes, Don Potter, Roger Weimer. Second row: Dallas Opdycke, Charles Loomis, Charles Carlson, Rick Williams, John Soudah, Robert Prinzing, Rex Freeman, David Ober, Dallas Wolf, Ronald Weimer, Mrs. Flora. Third row: Ted Thrush, Robert Weesner, Ralph Wilcoxson. Alfred Hazelton, Adrian Thompson, Thomas Farrington, Robert Bowman, Paul Griffin, Alan LaRue, Stephen Gordon. Absent: Eugene Bartels, Danny McPheeters. Q © o a A A A Q 1LJ First row: Kay Sithen, Glenda Hazelton, Belva Gerber, Patricia Miser, Dolly Esselbum, Sandra Musser, Susan Ruhland, Nancy Ely, Carol Reed, Sheila Bickel, Shirley Wappes, Sharon Felke, Julianne Burtch, Judith Helbert, Janet Moses. Second row: Kerin Feag- ler, Nancy Nason, Janet Malcolm, Janet Atkins, Lois Carroll, Harriett Howey, Beverly Fulk. Glema Conrad, Sandra Nicholson, Janet Hathaway, Rae Ann Trainer, Sandra Bicker, Ann Cutshall, Marilyn Clevenger, Barbara Moorhaus, Marilyn Fulk, Elnor Livergood, Mary Lou Bauman. Third row: Miss Hayes, Virginia Souder. Anita Morrison, Judith Reeves, Jana Lee Opdycke, Karen Leech, Susan Runion, Donna Crow, Janet Thrush, Judy Reed, Dorothy Crow, Norma Hixson, Janet Knapp, Reba Knapp, Shirley Freeman, Marilyn Christman, Nancy Smith, Charlotte Atkins, Marilyn Salerno, Faith Getts, Pamela Mountz, Darla Diehl, Sharilyn Haynes. Fourth row: Joan Peters, Dorothy Carper, Matilda Dennison, Sharon Steigmeyer, Mary Alice Minniear, Marjorie Patrick, Myrna Knapp, Sue Ann Smith, Nancy Cripe, Linda Duerk, Sandra Godwin, Nancy Harmon, Sharon Reiter, Judith Dembickie, Laura Livergood, Darlene Bock, Nancy Yarde, Georgia Zoll, Inez Davis, Jean Starner, Barbara Crow. G.A.A It ' s a woman ' s world Girls ' Athletic Association is an organiza- tion of high school girls interested in partici- pation in sports. Teams are chosen for a round-robin tournament first for volley ball and then for basketball. At the end of each of these tournaments a class tourney is held. This year the GAA invited three other schools to participate in a volleyball play- day. Girls from Garrett were invited to Au- burn for a playday earlier. The year ended with a banquet honoring winning teams and winners of honor awards. 54 OFFICERS — Sharilyn Haynes, Treasurer; Reba Knapp, Presi- dent; Linda Duerk, Vice President; Jana Lee Opdycke, Secre- tary. ACTIVITIES Action, excitement crowds. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET . . . loveliest night of the year ' ' . iii»p Friday evening, May 14, 1954, juniors, seniors and faculty entered into the land " $outh of the Border " sponsored by the hard-working juniors in honor of the seniors. After the banquet, the Elks sponsored a square dance, the Gala Theatre provided a double feature, the merchants donated prizes for a drawing, and the Eagles furnished the breakfast. JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC . . . Fun, Food, Frolic As a return party for the banquet, seniors played hosts to juniors at a pot-luck picnic at Pokagon State Park. There was food aplenty for all, softball for those who wished, and swimming in one way or an- other for most. SEN OR CLASS PLAY ' Down to Earth " On March 31 and A pril 1, the Seniors presented the three- act comedy " Down to Earth. " 1. Dorothy Carper, " Millie, " looks on admiringly while Leon- ard Vanderbosch " Baxter " practices looking like an inventor. 2. Alice Faye Brand " June " warms up her indignation while William Starner " Richard " rehearses an explaining attitude. 3. Virginia Souder and Conrad Cooper angels " Agnes " and " Wilfred " try to see how a halo would look on Robert Prin- zing, angel-candidate " Pi lone. " 4. Reba Knapp, the ambitious " Orpha, " tries to interest her daughter, Nancy Jackson, " Ruthie " in the rich hypocondriac, Alan LaRue, " Robert, " who carries an alarm clock so he ' ll know when to take his medicine. 5. Georgia Zoll studies the lines of " Diana, " the maid who becomes an angel right before your eyes. Nancy Sithen, " Augusta, " who doesn ' t want to go to heaven, counts her money. Gerald Bowmar, " Herman, " who does want to go to heaven . . . now. After-game dance Decorating for dance Johanna Heinzerling and Stephen Gaw, Banquet Co-chairmen; Miss Hays, advisor. JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES . . . Hard work brings great rewards The Junior Class is one of the most active groups in Garrett High School. Their first proj- ect is the selection and ordering of class rings. Juniors sell concessions at football and basket- ball games, and in the hall at morning, noon and afternoon. They sponsor after-home-game dances. The profits from these activities are used to finance the Banquet.. . . the highlight of the social year for which Juniors may take a bow. After all, who could take a trip ' Around the World in Three Hours. " §M ' f c Junior-Senior Banquet Committee Cha Executive Committee chooses class Selling concessions at new concession stand 330 Certificate Winners Mystery-Day Winner, First Day Winner, High Salesman MAGAZINE SALES . . . From door to door Miss Evard Fun at the Magazine Patry Every fall students of Garrett High School turn salesmen for two weeks for the Magazine Subscription drive. The students are divided into two teams and for ten days the school is a place of great activity and excitement. Many prizes are given for team and individual efforts. The profits are used to bring special professional talent for assembly programs, and to pur- chase something for the school. This year the magazine profits were used for basketball equip- ment for the auditorium and the rest set aside for the purchase of a television set. Team Leaders and Managers $60 Trophy Winners SPORTS . . . The tip Back row, life to right: Coach ' Capin, Alan LaRue, Manager; Adrian Thompson, Paul Ridenour, John Bishop, Jack Beeber, Lynn Andrews, Charles Tooman, Don Thompson, Frank Mossberger, Kenneth Carroll, Fred Salerno, Manager; Don Potter, Manager; Assistant Coach Smith. Middle- row: Will Eastes, Eston Hathaway, Stephen Gaw, Glenn Helbert. Larry Houser, Gary Shafer, Maurice Getts, Sherman Lewis, Kenneth Severson, Louis Easterday, Robert Wiant, Wayne Bartels, Daniel Fuller. Front row: William Kelham, Gene Bartels, Gerald Bowmar, John Livergood, James Carroll, Eugene Farrington, William Starner, Darrell Thompson, Roger Weimer, Danny Mc- Pheeters, Leonard Vanderbosch. RAILROADERS 64 Top: Gene Bartels— G, Gerald Bowmar— HB, James Carrol— G, Eugene Farrington— T. Bottom: Sherman Lewis— G, John Livergood— T, Danny McPheeters— T, Gary Shafer— E. GRID SEASON RESUME NEW HAVEN— 34 GARRETT— 6 Last year ' s N.E.I.A.C. champs started right where they left off, as they pushed the Rail- roaders up and down the field with long passes and brilliant runs. Garrett couldn ' t get any- thing started and were defeated 34-6. KENDALLVILLE— 7 GARRETT— 40 This game proved to be no contest as the Railroaders scored almost at will. Although reserves played much of the game, the final score still mounted to 40-7 in favor of Garrett. DECATUR— 6 GARRETT— 20 The Railroaders journeyed to Decatur to take on the winless Yellowjackets and came home on the long end of a 20-6 score. The game was closer than expected and featured a goal-line stand by the Railroaders on their six-inch line. This victory evened up Garrett ' s conference record at 1-1. FAIRMOUNT— GARRETT— H This ball game was all Garrett. Fairmount failed to show the slightest sign of an offense and the Railroaders ran wild. The final of 27-0 could have been much higher, but once again Coach Capin let his reserves pick up valuable game experience. COLUMBIA CITY— 6 GARRETT— 6 The Railroaders and the Eagles fought each other to a standstill in this bruising encounter. Although the final score was 6-6, the Eagle ' s touchdown was somewhat of a fluke. An alert Columbia City back plucked the pigskin from the arms of a touchdown bound Railroader and raced 86 yards to score for the Eagles. BLUFFTON— GARRETT— 26 This game was probably the brightest spot of the entire year for the Garrett squad and followers. The Railroaders were never better as they trounced a well-regarded Bluffton team 26-0. Excellent blocking and vicious tackling by the Railroaders enabled the Garrett team to send the Tigers home a completely beaten team. CONCORDIA— 12 GARRETT— 33 The most outstanding feature of this game was the Railroaders fight and spirit. This same spirit, present all season, really came to the front this time and enabled the Railroaders to- sweep the Cadets off their feet with a whirlwind last half rally. The final score was 33-12. AUBURN— 13 GARRETT— 7 The Railroaders, seeking their first victory over the Red Devils in eleven years almost did it this time. A slip on the 8 yard line cost the Railroaders a tie and a possible victory. The Red Devils finished a perfect season by squeezing past the fired-up Railroaders 13-7. Garrett finished the season with a 5 won and 2 lost, 1 tie. Top: Maurice Getts — T, Glenn Helbert — HB, Larry Houser — T, William Kelham — E. Bottom: liam Starner — C, Darrell Thompson — C, Leonard Vanderbosch — QB, Roger Weimer — FB. 65 Managers: Alan LaRue, Don Potter, Fred Salerno. Action shot of Auburn game — No gain ! Cheerleaders: Beverly Fulk. Dorothy Crow, Donna Crow, Pat Miser. Football Honor Winners — Front row: Gerald Bowmar, N.E.I.A.C. 1st team; Glen Helbert, All-State team — kick-off specialty; Roger Wei- mer, N.E.I.A.C. 2nd team. Back row: Wil- liam Starner, N.E.I.A.C. 2nd team; James Carroll, N.E.I.A.C. 1st Team; Kenneth Sever- son, N.E.I.A.C. Honorable Mention; John Livergood, N.E.I.A.C. 1st team. 66 RESERVES Front row, left to right: Thomas Far- rington, John Bishop, Tom Ely, Frank Mossberger, Lynn Andrews, Eugene Bar- rett, Michael Manges, Manager; Fred Salerno. Second row: Adrian Thompson, Danny Hutton, Roger Kees, Steve Gor- don, Steve Stuart, Dick Rowe, Ed Mahnesmith, Melvin Culler. Third row: Paul Griffith, Robert Livergood. Don Thompson, Robert Harman, Fritz Fieck, Ed Maurer, David Karr, Gilbert Law- head. Fourth ro%v: Coach Ober, Dallas Opdycke, Nelson Deuitch, Kenneth Carroll, Ronald Weimer, John Soudah, Everett Carroll, James Malcolm. Back row: James Owen, Charles Tooman, Ralph Wilcoxson, Rich Williams, Paul Ridenour, William DePew. RESERVE FOOTBALL WE Garrett 7 Garrett 19 Garrett 7 Garrett 34 Garrett 13 Garrett 6 Garrett 41 THEY Kendallville Auburn North Side 13 Columbia City North Side Kendallville Howe JUNIOR HIGH Front row, left to right: James Short, Melvin Culler, Robert Fee, James Getts, John Hutton, Randall Steffen, Myron Smith, Harry Jackson, James Maurer. Middle row: Kenneth Flora, Gary Leg- gett. Ernest Barrett, Marvin Snook, Richard Murley, Charles Wentland, Thomas Burtch, David Gaw. Back row: Coach Harman, Gary Helbert, Larry Beverly, Gaylord Shaffer, William Wal- ton, Wayne Rowe, Dan Shumaker, Richard Prinzing, Hans Heinzerling. 67 COACH WARD SMITH 3 LOUIS EASTERDAY LARRY GETTS WILL EASTES The Garrett Railroaders, under the experienced coaching of Ward Smith, had their most successful season in recent years as they won 17 games and lost 6. Garrett also won the Holiday Tourney held at Fremont, defeating Butler and Angola. Another outstanding accomplishment of the ' 54- ' 55 Railroader squad was the winning of the North Eastern Indiana Conference championship. Garrett racked up a 5-1 record in conference play, losing only to Bluffton. This championship was Garrett ' s first in 30 years. The N.E.I.C. champs then steamed into the sectional where they were defeated in the semi-finals by Angola in a hectic 56-55 thriller. Previous to this defeat Gar- rett had downed Scott Center and Fremont, both of whom had compiled good season ' s records. The Railroaders were undefeated on their home floor in 9 starts. Next year ' s squad already shows great promise as 6 lettermen return to form a good nucleus for another winning season. jyW.W " " ' ' l|! " OPPONENTS THEY Ashley 51 Huntertown 48 New Haven 54 Butler 73 Riverdale 59 Auburn 44 Kendallville 39 Bluffton 54 Angola 55 Waterloo 38 Columbia City 60 Ligonier 56 Ft. Wayne C. C 41 Concordia 46 Avilla [Overtime) 54 Elmhurst 52 Albion 36 Decatur 59 £ . . . The fight is on SECOND TEAM . . . " HANDCARS " Front row: Coach Ward Smith, Ronald Weimer, Frank Mossberger, Keith Fee, Daniel Hutton, Lynn Andrews, Michael Manges, Manager. Back row: William Harding, Fritz Feick, Tad Schmidt, James Wagner, Stephen Gordon. Nelson Deuitch. Introducing the Garrett Railroaders Captains and Referees " Chatting " 70 Warming Up Fighting Hard ■l Hj 1 r -1 JW 1 FRESHMAN TEAM Front row: Melvin Culler, Tony Kolbe, Fred Salerno, David Ober, Richard Rowe, Thomas Guthrie. Back row: Frank Felke, Edward Mahnesmith, William Snider, Larry Yarian, Don Thompson, Robert Livergood, Paul Griffin, Stephen Steward. JUNIOR HIGH TEAM . . . ' " CABOOSES " First row: William Walton, Daniel Schumaker, James Helbert, Robert Cattell, Harry Jackson, James Getts, John Hutton, Melvin Maggert. Second row: Wayne Rowe, David Schurr, Myron Smith, Carson Culler, Robert Fee, Gary Leggett, Aaron Smith. Third row: William Knott, Marvin Snook, Gary Helbert, David Gaw, Thomas Burtch, Coach Robert Harman. Back row: Yell Leaders, Dora Deihl, Judith Tooman, Linda Harman, Sandra Dickison, Marilyn Kennedy, Sandra Hopkins. TRACK COACH CAPIN GERALD BOWMAR LOUIS EASTERDAY 100, 220, High Jump, Broad Jump Low Hurdles, Pole Vault, Shot Put EUGENE FARRINGTON 440, High Jump MAURICE GETTS GLENN HELBERT High Hurdles. High Jump, 100, 220, Pole Vault, Shot Put Broad Jump MAX LIMPERT Pole Vault JOHN LIVERGOOD Shot Put DON POTTER 440, Broad Jump ADRIAN THOMPSON 100, 220 CHARLES TOOMAN RICHARD WARNER 880, High Jump 72 ROGER WEIMER Low Hurdles, Shot Put SCHEDULE 5— Butler, H 1 7 — Albion, Ligonier, Ligonier il 12 — Concordia, H 1 15— K ' ville, H 1 19 — New Haven, Col. City, H 1 21 — Huntertown, H 1 23 — Goshen Relays 1 26 — Fremont, Angola 1 28— Ft. Wayne Cent. Cath. 1 30 — Kokomo Relays May 4 — Conference Track Meet, Col. City May 10 — Auburn, T May 13 — Sectional May 20 — Regional May 28 — State GENE YARIAN 0, High Jump, Broad Jump Presenting . OUR SPONSORS Wyatt ' s Boston Store Thorne Studio Chas. Ort Co. Frank ' s Garage Turney Coal Co. Superior Dairy Skip King Motors Studio of Beauty DeKalb Co. Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn., Inc. Compliments of American Legion Post 178 Stern Clothing Co. Owen Glass Shop Blair ' s Shoe Store Landy ' s Dept. Store Service Finance Co. Burtch Machine Shop Bassett Motor Sales Reidharts Homestore DePew ' s Dry Cleaners R. Perry Reynolds, M.D. Superior Coal Company Freeze ' s TV Service Shop Blue Moon Custard Stand Kott ' s Standard Service Dalrymple Barber Shop Don ' s Filling Station Zern Service Station Machlik ' s News Stand Burtch Printing Co. F.O. Eagles No. 1357 Schurr Curl Shop Moore Motor Sales The Catharine Shop James Wayne Barcus Hall, Veterinarian Sheets Photo Shop Garrett Lumber Co. Williams Grocery Dr. R. A. Nason Simon ' s Grocery B O Lunch Sweeney Realty Business Service Garrett Office Supply Book Store Heinzerling Hdwe. Sporting Goods Haffner ' s 5c to Si. 00 Stores, Inc. Economy Cleaner — Economy Laundry Gamble Store — H. W. Benn, Owner Garrett Plumbing Heating Co. Compliments of Patrick J. Purdy Baltimore Ohio Railroad Co. Hardware Engineering Co., Inc. Thornhill Oil Co. — Ashlands Johnston Insurance Agency L. B. Ashenfelter Body Shop Garrett 5c to Si. 00 Store Haftner ' s General Office Midwestern Foundries, Inc. The Garrett Telephone Co. Helen Starner Beauty Shop Seifert Paint and Appliance K. P. Sithen, Gen. Contractor Culligan Soft Water Service Walter Kerns Service Station East Side Grocery (Lehner ' s) Garrett Coal Co.— A. W. Pierce Garret Flexible Products, Inc. Northern Indiana Light Fuel Co. Electric Motors Specialties, Inc. Mozelle Griffith Grocery — Altona Gala Beauty Shoppe — Colleen Miller Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1892 Bernard R. Brennan — Insurance Trustees Compliments of Brinkerhoff Brinkerhoff The Clinic Clark and Co. Heitz Grocery Central Market The Squeeze Inn Clipper Office Felke ' s Florist Jackson Draperies Sebring Cleaners Needlecraft Shop Marathon Service Station Drs. Barnard Jeffrey Lynn ' s Home Appliance Olds ' Grocery — Altona Taylors Shoe Repair Green ' s Beauty Shop Gingery Dept. Store Dr. D. M. Reynolds Superior Drive Inn Hughes Drug Store Smiths ' Drug Store Lantz Barber Shop Wilmer ' s Auto Parts Garrett Country Club Pearl ' s Beauty Parlor Strock Motor Service Sacred Heart Hospital The Creek Chub Bait Co. Smith ' s Texaco Service Gerig ' s Furniture Store Fairyland Fashions A P Food Stores Little ' s Hardware Hubbard Spool Co. City Dairy, Inc. The Pet Milk Co. Abey Abram, Inc. Mgr., Kroger Co. Best Pharmacy Dr. N. M. Niles 73 A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS HHBMsresranK na ■ !

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