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«Mk£MHGkl THE i a 4 g PRESENTS LIFE UNDER THE PUBLl5HE0 THE SENIOR CLASS EDITOR ZcCtU Vo ' BY G-ARRE TT IND, BUS. MGR A salute to the loyal troopers of ' 46 who have left the G. H. S. " B : g Top " to take part in a command perform¬ ance staged by Uncle Sam. bedticatian To express our sincere gratitude for their untiring efforts in guiding and encouraging us during our high school days, we, the Class of 1946, dedicate this Aoolian to our Mothers and Fathers. Directors Mr. Minniear Miss Nell Under the G.H.S. Big Top is found the power behind the scenes, the Board of Directors. Due to the efficiency and diligence of the members of this group in providing proper equipment, in securing capable teachers and in helping to maintain high standards in every phase of our school world, the show has progressed. The wise council of Mr. Painter, the understanding guidance of Mr. Min- niear, the sympathetic patience of Miss Nell will always be remembered during the " tight rope act " of life. 4 TRAINERS MISS DEAN University of Pittsburgh, Chicago University, Indiana Uni¬ versity Extension, Indiana State College Spelling, History, Health MR. DUNKIN A. B., A.M. Franklin College, Chicago University, Winona School of Theology English, Speech MISS ELLERT Tri-State College, Ball State Teachers ' College, Catholic University of America, St. Francis. Grades Two and Three MISS EVARD B. S., M.S. Ohio Northern, Northwestern University, Purdue Uni¬ versity, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin English, Journalism MRS. BATEMAN Indiana University, Butler University Third Grade MR. BATEMAN B.S.A. Purdue University Agriculture, Biology, Assistant Coach MISS COBLER B.S. Tri-State College, Indiana Univer¬ sity, Clark Geography, Music, Art MR. COBLE A B. Central Normal, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, University of Utah Music, Art MISS BIGGERSTAFF A.B., M.A. Butler University, De- Pauw University, University of Cali¬ fornia English, Speech TRAINERS MR. FLORA A.B., M.S. DePauw University, Indiana University, Purdue University General Mathematics, Physics, Algebra, Arithmetic MRS. FOUCH B.S. Indiana State Teachers ' College, DePauw University, Ball State Teachers ' College Home Economics MISS GILBERT B.S. Indiana State Teachers ' College Grade One MISS A. HALL Tri-State, University of Wisconsin Grade Two MR. HARMON A.B. Wabash College Social Studies, English, Physical Education, Assistant Coach MRS. JORDON University of Pennsylvania Grade One MISS JOHNS B.S. Ball State Teachers ' College Physical Education MR. LEWIS A.B. Tarkio College Commerce, Mathematics MISS GUMP A.B. Manchester College, Gregg Normal, Bowling Green Business University, Ball State Teachers ' College Typing, Shorthand MISS V. HALL B.S. Ball State Teachers ' College Reading, English R TRAINERS MR. MANGES A.B. Wabash College, Chicago University Science, History MRS. MEIER BA. College of St. Teresa Commerce MR OBER B.S., M.S. Indiana University, Manchester College Arithmetic, Penmanship MR. PARKS B.S., M.A. University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, Albion College, North¬ western University Physical Education, Health, Safety, Coach MR. RAHMER B.S., M.A. Manchester College, Columbia University Social Science, Arith¬ metic MR. ROSE A.B., A.M. Indiana Central Col¬ lege, Indiana Uni¬ versity Geometry, Algebra, Mechanical Drawing, Arithmetic MISS STEMEN A.B. Ohio Northern, Indiana University Extension, Defiance College, Ball State Teachers ' College Chemistry, General Science, Music MRS. SWEENEY A.B. Manchester College Librarian, Latin MISS THRUSH A.B. DePauw University, University of Chicago, Harvard University, Indiana University, Chicago Training School English, Dean of Girls MR. WOODCOX B.S., M.S. Indiana State Teachers ' College, Indiana University Industrial Arts 9 10 PERFORMERS JULIAN ALLMAN— " Duan " ; College Preparatory; Torch Club 1; Hi-Y 2, 3; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3; Athletic Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Football 3, 4; Aeo¬ lian Senior Class Co-Editor. " A Good Man Now-a-days Is Hard to Find ' ' PHILMER ANDERSON— " Junior " ; Commercial; Bi¬ ble Club 1, 2, 3; Boys ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3. " One Meat Ball " LOREN ASHENFELTER — “Webster " ; Industria l Arts; Hi-Y 3, 4; Boys ' Glee Club 3, 4, Treas. 4; Track 4. " Shorty George " LESTER BABBITT— " Les " ; Industrial Arts; Torch Club 1; Hi-Y 3; Athletic Club 2. 3, 4; Footbali 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 4; Aeolian Faculty Co-Editor. " Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet " ALLEN BOHLS— " Bobo " ; Industrial Arts; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Athletic Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Football 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Aeolian Calendar Co- Editor. " When I Grow Too Old to Dream " LUCILLE BOND— " Lucy " ; Home Economics; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 3. " Dark Eyes " MARLENE BRANDENBURG— " Dawn " ; Commer¬ cial; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; Aeolian Class Co-Editor. " Is You Is or Is You Ain ' t? " LAWRENCE BOWMAR— " Cotton " ; Industrial Arts; Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Track 1, 4; Aeo¬ lian Sports Co-Editor. " And the Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder " 11 G. H. S. STAR BETTY BRINKMAN— " Bubbles”; College Prepara¬ tory; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Sec ' y. 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4, Sec ' y. 3; Quill and Scroll 4, Pres. 4; Li¬ brarian 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Senior Class Co-Editor. “I ' m Forever Blowing Bubbles” EULALEE BUSZ— " Buzz " ; College Preparatory; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4, Service Chairman 4; Librarian 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 3, 4; Aeolian Calendar Co-Editor. “Chickery Chick " LORIN COOK— " Cookie”; College Preparatory I, 2; Agriculture 3, 4; F.F.A. 3, 4, Treas. 4; Ath¬ letic Club 4; Football 4. " I Begged Her " JEANNE DILLS— " Jeannie " ; College Preparatory; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Librarian 3, 4; Girls” Glee Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Treas.3, Pres. 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4, Aeolian Alumni Co-Editor. “Ieannie With the Light Brown Hair " ' REBA ELLIS— " Teenie " ; Home Economics; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4, Girls ' Athletic Club 4; Aeolian Class Co-Editor. ’There ' s a Long, Long Trail A Winding " MARIAN ENGLE— " Birdie”; Commercial; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Service Chairman 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Service Chairman 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, drum major 3, 4; Girls ' Ath¬ letic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec ' y.-Treas. 4; Aeolian Humor Co-Editor. ' Personality ' ' CLAUDINE FISHER— " Strawberry " ; Home Eco¬ nomics; Blue Triangle I, 2; Girl Reserve 4; Li¬ brarian 4; Aeolian Art Co-Editor. ’Three Little Fishes” PEARL GERNER— ' Pill " ; College Preparatory; Blue Triangle I, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4, Sec ' y.- Treas. 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Business Editor, " Moon on My Pillow " 12 PERFORMERS MARILYN GREENWALT— " Battery Acid ' ' ; Com¬ mercial; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Bible Club 1, 2, 3; Librarian 2; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Art Editor. " Garrett High School " FRED HAFFNER— " Fritz ' ; Industrial Arts; Aeolian Art Co-Editor. " Who Dat Up Dere " JOSEPHINE HAYS— " Jo " ; Commercial; Blue Tri¬ angle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; ‘‘Stuff Like That There " MARY HAZELTINE— " G.I. " ; Commercial; Blue Tri¬ angle 1, 2, Treas. 1; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Photography Co-Editor. " Tampico " HELEN HILL— " Pansy " ; College Preparatory; Blue Tritangle 1, 2, Pres. 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4, Treas. 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4, majorette; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4; Aeolian Sports Co-Editor. " Five-foot Two, Eyes of Blue " FLOYD JAMISON— " Jake " ; Industrial Arts; Torch Club 1; Aeolian Photography Co-Editor. " Goodbye Dear, I ' ll Be Back in a Year " HAROLDEAN KELLEY — " Pinky " ; Commercial Torch Club 1; Hi-Y 2; Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Track 1, 4 Aeolian Sports Co-Editor. ‘Tve Been Working on the Railroad " AUDREY LAZENBY— " Aud " ; Commercial; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 4; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2; Aeolian Literary Co-Editor. “Hello, Central, Give Me No Man ' s Land " G. H. S. STAR LENORE LEWIS— " Meah " ; Commercial; Girl Re- serve 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Typist. " Take Me Out to the Ball Game " JACK PANNING —- " Jackson " ; Industrial Arts; Torch Club 1. " Waiting For the Train to Come In " HAROLD ROSS— " Hink " ; College Preparatory; Class Pres. 3, 4; Torch Club 1; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Boys ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Co-Editor. " You Are My Sunshine " DONALD ROYER- 2; Track 1. - " Don " ; Industrial Arts; Hi-Y " Rosemary " MARY LOU SCHLOSSER— " Lulu " ; College Pre¬ paratory; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Aeolian Club Editor. " Mary Lou " MARTHA SCHULTHESS — " Mart " ; Commercial; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 4; Aeolian Typist. " I Lov-itt Truly ' THAIS SEIDEL— " Blondie " ; Commercial; Blue Tri¬ angle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Athletic Club 3. 4; Aeolian Alumni Co-Editor. " Let ' s Keep Smilin ' VIRGINIA SHIPE— " Gin " ; Commercial; Blue Tri¬ angle 1, Girl Reserve 3. " Why Don ' t You Call Me Up Down in Chichi Hotcha Watchee? " 14 PERFORMERS RICHARD SMITH— ' ' Beaky”; College Preparatory Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 4; Bible Club 1, 2, Secy. 2; Scout Club 1; Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4; Athletic Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Humor Co-Editor. “Ya-ta-ta Ya-ta-ta " MARY LOUISE STROCK— " Storkie " ; Commercial; Girl Reserve 4; Quill and Scroll 4. " Chip OH the Old Block” FLORENCE TRAVIS— " Dolly " ; Home Economics; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3; Girls Glee Club 3. " Dance With the Dolly” GRAYSON TUCK — " Sonnie”; Industrial Arts; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Hi-Y 3; Athletic Club 3, 4; Football 3; Track 1, 3, 4. " Louise " MARY RUTH VAN FLEIT— " Chub”; College Pre¬ paratory; Class Secy.-Treas. 3; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Program Chairman 1; Girl Reserve 3, 4, Program Chairman 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec ' y.-Treas. 4; Band 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Editor. " Candy” DOROTHY WATERBECK— " Dot”; Commercial; Girl Reserve 4. " Billy Boy” MYRNA WHIRLEDGE— " Whirligig”; College Pre¬ paratory; Class Secy. 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2, Pianist 1; Girl Reserve 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Athletic Club 1, 2, 4; Aeolian Literary Co-Editor. " On the Sunny Side of the Street " ANNA WOODCOX— ' Woodie”; College Prepara¬ tory; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. Vice-Pres. 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 1-4; Aeolian Faculty Co-Editar. " Symphony " 15 PERFORMERS BILL WORSTER— " Willie " ; Commercial; Class Business Mgr. 3; Hi-Y 3; Boy Scouts 1, 2; Ath¬ letic Club 1, 2, 3; Football 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Art Co-Editor. " I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad " DORIS YARDE — “Spike " ; Commercial; Class Treas. 4; Blue Triangle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Aeolian Business Co-Editor. “Robinhood " JUNE YARDE— " Prune " ; Commercial; Blue Tri¬ angle 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Aeolian Typist. " June is Busting Out All Over " In Memoriarn ” ' Mid youth and song, feasting and carnival. Through laughter, through the roses, as of old Comes Death, on shadowy and relentless feet ' Virginia Chittenden started her high school career with us as a freshman, pursuing the College Preparatory Course. She participated actively in class room projects and made many friends about school. We regret that we are not privileged to list her as one to complete the senior year with us. 16 Class History As we star performers, the Seniors of ' 46, stop to view the pass¬ ing parade of events in G. H. S., we think of the pleasures and ex¬ periences of our previous acts, of our successful ventures and some failures, and of the new acquaintances we have encountered. When we were punks and amateur performers, we struggled through our preliminary training, ever looking forward to our part as star performers. We were welcomed into the Big Top as Kinkers with a party given by the Sophomores. During this act we organized our class and school program, carefully keeping an eye on our expectations in future performances. Graduated to the Joey act, we found ourselves in the full swing of things and gave ourselves a " Sophomore Spring Splash. " As Stand-Ins we tasted the first real test for our ability to keep the show going. During this performance we chose class rings, presented a comical “Junior Chautauqua " . By selling candy at noon; pop, potato chips, and hot dogs at games, we were able to highlight the close of this act by financing and presenting a " Junior-Senior Banquet " in a gay way-out-west style. Beginning our fourth and final performance in the G. H. S. Big Top as Star Performers, we were confronted with the usual Sen or problems. We chose our class motto, " For all your days prepare and meet them ever alike " ; flower, scarlet carnation; and colors, scarlet and gray; selected class sweaters of scarlet and gray; made year¬ book plans; and successfully presented a class play, " Second Fiddle. " Ending our happiest, most eventful performance in G H S. was a banquet given for us by the Junior class. Now as we prepare to go out into an even bigger performance of making our way in the world, we fully realize the importance of our school days and acquaintanceships. We find our experiences to be happy memories and we are wholly reluctant to leave the G H S. " Big Top. " Side—left to right: Is there water in that tub, Mary Louise? . . . Quiet for once, Dick? . . . Who you smiling at. Jack? . . . Let’s go sliding, Harold . . . Jo, look at the camera . . . Something ' s showing, Jeanne . . . Ginny toddles . . . Who is he, Brinkman? . . . Claudine s Colgate smile . . . Reba ' s ready for her supper . . . Birdie) . . . Yarde in her yard. Bottom—left to right: Is that a tooth Lucille? . . . Hang on Busz . . . " Blindie " Woodcox . . . Duan, where did you get the sweater? . . . Big baby (?) Hazeltine . . . Got a bite. Chub " 5 . . . Myrna ' s sun bath . . . Husky Les . . . What big eyes you have, Pearll . . . Who ' s cornfield, Helen? . . . Lucky Shipe, with curly hair. 17 Stand-Ins 1st Row—Rosemary Smith, Marjory Robinson, Marjorie Fenstermaker, Helen Ransom, Marjory McIntosh, Robert Sliger, Normand Higgins, Leah Malcolm, Mary Bair, Stanley Bonnett, Henry Zeeca, Allen Souder, Barbara Russell, Vera Howey. 2nd Row—Colleen Miller, Bernard Pence, Mary Lou Smith, Phyllis Castle, Martha Fletcher, Barbara Myers, Marjorie Strock, Junior Jordan, Wayne Haynes, Catherine Kern, Doris Howey, Winifred Lewis, Carolyn Lewis, William Dawson, Donald Cleland. 3rd Row—Maurice PcP ' heeters, Ilien Bloom, Lois Davidson, Ruth Deihl, Waunieta Walt, Virginia Hall, Louise Covelli, Margaret Mankowski, Doris Burtch, Gloria VanDerbosch, Beverly Haffner, Patricia Van Lear, Donna Hollis, Gene Custer. 4th Row—Richard Sarber, Joseph Brokaw, Gerald Johnson, Jay Norris, Harold Yarde, Harold Diederich, Wil¬ liam Hays, Edward Howard, Richard Drews, Ernest Stroh, Earl Clark, Howard Mattison, Carl Wetoskey. It ' s a Barnum and Bailey world when all the Juniors get together with the idea of " starting the ball rolling. " Looking toward their future as star performers, these G. H. S. Stand-ins wisely set up their money-making routine. After long hours of ardent work for the success of their first important task, the Juniors satisfactorily presented to the spectators their musical comedy, ampaign by selling their " pink lemonade, pop-ampaign by selling their " pink lemonade, pop¬ corn, and peanuts " at football and basketball games and at noon during the lunch hour. With the cooperation of every Junior trooper and under the advice of their gaffers Mr. Bateman, Mrs. Sweeney, and Mr. Lewis, the Juniors were able to present the Seniors with a unique banquet, entertaining and pleasing to the last minute. The executives of their group, Gerald Johnson, president; Richard Drews, vice-presi¬ dent; and Beverly Haffner, secretary-treasurer; were largely responsible for the cooperative spirit of the class as a whole as they helped to " carry the show on " all through this year. With such " Stand-ins " to fill their shoes, the Seniors are proud and willing to relinquish their part under " The Big Top " as star performers to such a deserving group of troopers. 18 Joeys Without " joeys ' ' in the parade of the " Big Top " things just wouldn ' t be complete, for pleasure has its part in school life just as work. Although the Sophomores have a reputation of being full of fun and mischief, they also have their times of getting down to business. Cooperation in all school activities was one of their characteristics. Early in the year, they entertained the Freshmen with a skating party. Next year these active " kinkers " will get their real taste of entertainment for they will step into the shoes of the Juniors. Helping to make their class " tops " have been the class officers, Norval Withrow, presi¬ dent; Charles Hartle, vice-president; Jane Owens, secretary; Joyce Barnes, treasurer; and their sponsors, Miss Johns, Miss Evard, and Mr. Rose. 1st Row—Glen Nodine, Gerald Carper, Lee Cook, Emmett Traxler, Robert Treesh, lames Ferguson, Dale Schulthess, George Pearson, Roy Creager, Ned Schlosser. 2nd Row—Charles Argubright, Lloyd Myers, Robert Panning, Marjorie Newman, Joyce Barnes, Rosa Bloom, Marjorie Zoll, Barbara Simpson, Evelyn Smith, Gloria Meyers, Clarence Smith. 3rd Row—Frank Tuttle, James Garrison, William Ballentine, Dale Olinger, Robert Sliger, William Johnston, Joseph DeVeny, Richard Ober, Vincent Bartlett, David Grimm, Robert Mossberger, Thomas Leeson, Ballard Leins. 4th Row—Jane Owens, Phyllis Beck, Barbara Krider, Mary Sue Laign, Nora Dennis, JoAnne Sell, Diane Hop¬ kins, Marilyn Heinlin, Margaret Smith, Margaret Weideman, Esther Stevens, Irma Stohl, Dorothy Martin, Margaret Traxler. 5th Row—William Ervin, Norval Withrow, Ross Howey, Earl Schlotterback, Edwin Mortorff, Howard Simp¬ son, Richard Hollis, Richard Haynes, Franklin Damman, Donald Eldridge, Marion Souder, Charles Davis. 19 Kinkers With four years of work ahead of them, these " kinkers " stepped easily into the position left to them by last year ' s freshmen and set out to accomplish their freshman duties. There was no false " make-up " in their way of entertaining the spectators for they all took a special study program in personality from such advisors as Mrs. Fouch, Mr. Harmon, and Mr. Woodcox each eighth period on Tuesday during their guidance program. Promoting their debut, the " kinkers " pushed themselves into third place as salesmen in the Magazine Drive, thus entitling them entrance in the " marquee " instead of the back- stage door. Helping their class into the " headlines " of G. H. S. life were the freshman offi¬ cers: James Moses, president; William Mavity, vice-president; Janet Engle, sec ' y-treasurer. There is no reason for failure in the program of the " Big Top " with these " kinkers " following closely behind. 1st Row—Jimmie Schramm, Arnold Dose, Joe Myers, Norman Runion, William Turner, Robert Donley, Kess Crager, Theron Tuttle, Kenneth Sliger. 2nd Row—Mary Maggert, Delores Boester, Marcine Ashenfelter, William Mavity, Blaine Peters, Bobby Rott- ger, Billy Hofferman, Jack Thrush, Charles Waterbeck, Billy Putt, Ronald Williams. 3rd Row—Martha Bloom, Ann Greenwalt, Erma Haffner, Joan Gilbert, Joanne Bleck, Florine Bush, Joan Hel- bert, Margaret Fee, Donna Shirk, Marjorie Bartles, Dorothy Day, Marilyn Brown, Doris Silberg, Susanna Nicholas, Benjamin Pulver. 4th Row—Jeannette Fenstermaker, Marilyn Conner, Gle.nna Snyder, Deloris Luttman, Bertha Peterson, Esther Davidson, Kathleen Murphy, Elnora Smith, Sarah McCarter, Eula May Freeman, Janet Engle, Fa.inie May Rowe, Carolyn Stroh, Shirley Grimm, Wilma Godwin. 5th Row—Warren Hall, Basil Rowe, Dale Yarde, Frank Sarpa, Richard Kruger, Freddie Gingrich, James Travis, Melvin Diederich, Dwayne Harris, John Walter, Tommy DeWitt, Martin Woodcox, James Moses. 20 Amateur Performers 1st Row—Robert Stiles, Gareth Ree:e, Douglas Shull, Kenneth Strock, Royce Higgins, Howard Hicks, Ken¬ neth Treesh, Howard Bonnett, Raymond Hauck, Wayne Diederich, Maynard Clark, Donald Gentry. 2nd Row—Sue Ann Rowe Phyllis Leech, Patricia Smith, Patricia Bartlett, Sharon Rahrig, Beverly Barnhart, Pamela Freygang, Patricia Steward, Jeanne Snyder, Gretel Heinzerling, DeVeta Miller, Joyce Scofield, Cleota Rodebaugh, Barbara Treesh. 3rd Row—Jacqueline Roberts, Marilyn Wyatt, Barbara Klinger, Marilyn Haffner, Anita Dills, Janet Limpcrt, Patricia Owen, Audrey Kelley, Barbara Bechtol, Patricia Griffin, Martha Oliver, Glenna Jean Fuller, Nancy Hays, Barbara Engle, Mary Wilson. 4th Row—Douglas Zimmerman, James Smurr, Robert Schurr, Robert Diederich, Orville Fletcher, David S er- ling, Jack Clark, Raymond Hammond, Donald Woodward, Jack Clady, Robert Foulk. Well on the way to “stardom " are these rollicking, likable “amateur performers " under the “Big Top " . Although amateur performers usually do not help build the show, but this group certainly did its share in putting over the Christmas program and the Magazine Drive. With such efficient leadership from Mr. Coble, Mr. Manges, and Mr. Dunkin, who was succeeded by Miss Biggerstaff, it is no wonder that these " amateurs " were good boost¬ ers in school programs and activities. 1st Row—Gary McPheeters, George Mayfield, William Stevens, Ronald Beebe, William Leech, Bernard Mey¬ ers, Henry Snyder, Leslie Harper, William Rowe, Patrick Lonergan, Robert Baumgardner, Richard Best. 2nd Row—Mary Lou Clark, Colleen Williams, Ann McBride, Donna Steininger, Berneice Stroh, Jeannette Andrews, Lily May Deal, Marilyn Beebe, Alice Griffin, Artie Mae Hopkins, Gwyn Wade, Katrina Heinzer¬ ling, Jo Ann Mitchell, Bonald Cole, Ned Zimmerman. 3rd Row—Richard Dame, Hudson Hays, Franklin Mossberger, Melvin Treesh, Richard Furnish, Dorothy Crowl, Delores Hollis, Dale Loutzenhiser, Paul Perry, Dean Wolfe, Jessica Lewis, Judith Schulthess, Betty Andrews, Evelyn Wilson, John Feagler. 21 Punks 1st Row—Oscar Day, Howard Nott, Richard Harding, Richard Bickel, Gerald Beebe, Jerry Needham, David Laign, Donna Bon- nett, Barbara Bickel, Larry Baker, Don Getts, Duane Lepard, Tommy Hendrickson, Dean Scofield, Albert Smith. 2nd Row—Kent Gordon, Jimmy Hammond, Evan Roberts, Shirley Cramer, Betty Cleland, Cleotha Andrews, Leotha Andrews, Shirley Butler, Kay LaFollette, Rita Hopkins, Violet Deal, Sarah Andrews, Betty Weimer, Larry Lantz, John Waterbeck, Glenn Warfield. 3rd Row—Treva Greenwalt, Gloria Gilbert, Gwyneth Manges, Judy Burtch, Madelin Miller, Mary Jane Fletcher, Shirley Fuller, Josephine Clark, Joyce Getts, Norma Kugler, Carolyn Withrow, Betty Deal, Beverly Travis, Carleen Barnhart, Joan Rimmell, Phyllis Safewright, Thais Ervin, Marceille Beebe, Caroline Nodine. 4th Row—Jack Rahrig, Raymond Siders, Robert Weimer, Wilford Esselburn, James Zumbrunnan, Richard Laign, Thomas Diederich, Robert Hammond, Robert Sleek, Guy Watson, Thomas Jackson, Dick Rimmell, Jack Williams, Robert Grimes, Samm Easterday, Max Bock, Luther Dennison, Robert Howey. 5th Row—Carol Miser, Thelma Dennison, Donna Jean Rose, Delores Nodine, Carolyn Simpson, Gloria Mossberger, Irma Died¬ erich, Thelma Bartels, Iris Shipe, Betty Hofferman, Marlene Porter, Rosela Rimmell, June Stiles; Patricia Diederich, Violet Shipe, Donna Myers, Shirley Koepke, Sharlie Shull. 1st Row—Jancil Reasoner, Mary Louise Jones, Patricia Miser, Dolores Tague, Jacqueline Brunson, Georgia Zoll, Judith Reasoner, Dolly Esselburn, Kerin Feagler, Beverly Beebee, Karin Karr, Ellen Grimm, Nancy Sithen. 2nd Row—John Hicks, Alan LaRue, Darrell Thompson, Danny McPheeters, George Griswold, James Witherspoon, Maurice Getts, Lester Miller, Roger Weimer, William Fletcher, James Rahrig, Frederick Roberts, Raymond Andrews, David Travis, Jerry Brown, Eugene Farrington, Don Potter. 3rd Row—Glenn Helbert, Marvin Woodcock, Robert Rowe, Robert Hensinger, Harold Nott, William Wyatt, Lawrency Lantz, Gary Shafer, Roman Rowe, Thomas Treesh, Nixon Lawhead, Harold Howey, William Starner, Thomas Leech, Larry Barnes, Shirley Eastes, Kay Feagler, Virginia Stiles. 4th Row—Sandra Luttman, Barbara Busz, Connie Schumaker, Janice Mooney, Carolyn Brown, Mary Ann Cramer, Alvin Jones, Robert Haynes, James Carroll, Lynn McConnell, Sharon Cole, Nancy Jackson, Virginia Bartels, Roma Diederich, Aunita Schlot- terback, Sally Zimmerman, Shirley Oliver. 5th Row—Nell Manges, Beverly Schurr, Eleanor Newman, Virginia Souder, Wanda Baker, Susan Warfield, Janice Faulkner, Norma Butler, Lois Beebe, Martha Best, Evelyn Garen, Dorothy Carper, Kay Cramer, Sally DeWitt, Barbara Crow, Anita Grimes, Matilda Dennison, Barbara Curie, Janice Bleck, Inez Davis, Mary Lou Nodine, Sharilyn Haynes. EF . cH § u - W - ■ pr L ■ ■ft i ' 1 w . J I [ Wri ' ■ f l I |4 j i 4 y j y 1 i | LJ ■ f % l i Li v H j 1 1 ' Ji « A [i K : 22 Punks . V 1 v ir W. fl 1 ? L ' w m ' ' Li m - Wr- . ■ til P _ . V J Jbk. Cs W 3k. Sr 1st Row—Jerry Johnson, Richard Rowe, Julianne Burtch, Violet Esselburn, Nancy Gradeless, Marvin Pease, Robert Wells, Michael Manges, Eugene Dennison, Tommy Summers, Thomas Farrington, Ronald Rathert, Arthur Deal, David Karr, Phyllis Andrews, Keith Brunson, Dennis Miller, Leonard Shaffer, Nelson Deuitch. 2nd Row—Tommy Laign, Fred Andrews, James Freeze, Rick Williams, Robert Lewis, Jack Wiley, Gilbert Lawhead, Richard Dills, Kenneth Carroll, Harry Manges, Richard Johnson, David Walton, Paul Ridenour, Frank Mossberger, Ronald Weimer, Danny Hutton, Stephen Gordon, Alfred Hazelton, Edwin Maurer 3rd Row—Sharon Tracy, Sandra Jackson, Carolyn Rodebaugh, Shirley Berning, Norma Brown, Yvanne Oliver, Nancy Barnhardt, Michael George, Carolyn Williams, Carole Swander, Nancy Harmon, Joan S. Tus- tison, Lura Hensinger, Jean Starner, Sue Ann Smith, Sandra Bickel, Carolyn Woodcock, Harriett Howey, Carole Butler, Charles Moor, Billy Harding. 4th Row—Edward Miller, Kieth Fee, Billy Steinnger, Peter Mountz, Richard Watson, Don Thompson, Carl Tracy, Larry Nicolai, LaMarr Wells, John Cox, Louis Easterday, Richard Clark, Will Rodgers Estes, Russell Miller, Dale Jones, Richard Hayes, Hepburn Boester, John Freeze, Richard Warner, Danny Fuller. 5th Row—Dorothy Loutzenhizer, Janet Hathaway, Donna Crow, Dorothy Crow, Norma Thompson, Barbara L. ilson, Marilyn Salerno, Janet Atkins, Lauanna Harger, Phyllis ilson, Patricia Saferight, Mary Alice Minniear, Joyce Turner, Faith Getts, Louella Custer, Patricia LaCroix, Betty Nodine, LoAnn alker, Edith Rob¬ inson, Rae Anne Trainer, Faye Ashenfelter. The " punks” in the " kid top” are the future stars of G. H. S. They are quickly learning the fundamental " ropes” and ways of circus life through the reading of books and the active participation in their different class room projects. Under the capable guidance of their " ring masters”, Mr. Ober, Miss Cobler, Miss V. Hall, Miss Dean, Miss A. Hall, Mr. Coble, Mrs. Bateman, Miss Ellert, Mrs. Iordan, and Miss Gilbert, they are assured the best luck " on the road.” 23 BILL BOARD The circus grounds were crowded and bright, As the people came in on the very first night. First in line was Mary Lou Schlosser, Followed by Schulthess, Lazenby, and Fisher. We were greeted by Worster, selling ducits for a yard . Who find that cake-cutting isn ' t very hard. Anna ' s juice joint stands inside the markee , Its location in front makes it easy to see. While waiting in line we see Anderson, the bug man , Selling his chameleons as fast as he can. Before us a tram act comes into view, Featuring Hill and Cook, a team that is new. Florence Travis gives Annie Oakleys to all she knows, And tells them to hurry to see the best of shows. Coming out of the keester is Brinkman, the gaffer . Followed by Lewis and Hays carrying some paper . Entering the big top we sighted in the blue , Hazeltine and Brandenburg sitting in their pew While next to them is seated Bond and Busz, Calmly enjoying popcorn and fuzz We spotted something looking just like a rabbit, But finally decided it was Lester Babbit, Along with lamison, Tuck, and Bowmar, Acclaimed for their clownability wide and afar. Turning our heads a little to the right, We see the windjammers coming in sight, At the head Marian Engle is still their leader, Followed by Jeanne Dills blowing tones even sweeter— 24 ADVERTISEMENT Than has ever been heard by us before, While Chub Van Fleit upholds the drum corps. Around the midway to the kidtops we go. In hopes that we won ' t miss any sideshow. We notice that Allman and Kelly at last, Are making Swamie Whirledge ' s Milt Joint fast, And Shanty Royer with his helper Fred Haffner, Is working hard amid all the laughter— Which from the fun house does loudly come, Where speeler Dick Smith is far from mum. Geek Seidel sitting by her big worm , Is really making that slimy thing squirm. So that Shipe, Waterbeck, and Panning, As thistle-chins think the show exciting. Ashenfelter the bag guy is selling his cherries , And helping direct everybody to Mary ' s . We follow the main stem to the tent, Where the animals are readied for the big event. Doris and June famed riders of rosin backs , Are followed by Bohls leading the bull , Max. Now come the cats with Ellis their trainer, Ahead of the convicts guided by Gerner. The gravediggers and old folks are next in line, Headed by Greenwalt, their tricks should be fine. Ringmaster Ross now appears on the scene, His features are sharp and his wit it is keen. So we ' ll leave you now and go right on in, The signal has sounded for the show to begin. 25 Top—left to right: These Senior girls ... Our honors. . . Shop boys ... We were little once ourselves . . Did you skip, Kelly? . . . New juke box . . . Close the door, Dick ... Is the water good. . . . Junior sales¬ men! . . . What you making kids? . . Clark told a joke . . Have a coke. Lou . . . What, no girls Johnny at work. 26 27 Girl Reserves 1st Row—Marjorie Fenstermaker, Dorothy Waterbeck, Anna Woodcox, Betty Brinkman, Marian Engle, Helen Hill, Pearl Gerner, Marilyn Greenwalt, Marjorie McIntosh, Mary Louise Strock, Reba Ellis, Miss Thrush, 2nd Row—Mary Bair, Leah Malcolm, Josephine Hays, Claudine Fisher, Catherine Kern, Lucille Bond, Bar¬ bara Myers, Myrna Whirledge, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Ruth Deihl, Doris Howey, Thais Seidel. 3rd Row—Marlene Brandenburg, Waunieta Walt, Mary Lou Schlosser, Jean Dills, Martha Fletcher, Phyllis Castle, Eulalee Busz, Barbara Russell, Vera Howey, Mary Lou Smith, Colleen Miller. 4th Row—Mary Hazeltine, Martha Schulthess, Lenore Lewis, Winifred Lewis, Carolyn Lewis, Virginia Hall, Doris Burtch, Margaret Mankowski, Patricia Van Lear, Gloria Van Derbosch, Beverly Haffner, Louise Co- velli. In the programs throughout the year, the Girl Reserves have tried to bring out the club purposes among which are " loyalty to friends, giving the best, gracious in manner, impartial in judgment and to face life squarely. " Included in the memories of the past year are the initiation of new girls, the tea dances sponsored by the adult council, the fall weiner roast, the Mother-Daughter dinner, the G. R. Hi-Y party, and the Spring Ceremonial. Various methods were used for making money such as the Chicken Noodle Dinner, Sandwich sales, and the Chile Dinner. Under the direction of Miss Thrush, as advisor, and the following officers, Myrna Whirl- edge, president; Gloria Van Derbosch, vice-president; Mary Bair, secretary; Helen Hill, treasurer; Eulalee Busz, service chairman; Virginia Hall, social chairman; Mary Ruth Van Fleit, program chairman, the club experienced a happy and successful year. 28 Blue Triangle The Blue Triangle, the " little sister " organization of Girl Reserve, had a membership of 56 girls. In their program they prepared themselves for " Life Abundant " by developing leader¬ ship and ability to work with other people, by emphasizing ways and codes of life, and by presenting parties, teas, and other social enjoyments. Some high-lights of the social activi¬ ties were the initiation of freshman girls, the fall weiner bake, skating party, Valentine party, and Mother-Daughter Tea. The selling of Christmas cards again this year boosted them to the top rung of the ladder, financially. A very successful year was enjoyed by the club under the direction of the sponsors, Mrs. Meier and Miss Jones, and the following officers: Marilyn Heinlin, president; Jayne Owens, vice-president; Margaret Smith, secretary; and Esther Stevens, treasurer. 1st Row—Martha Bloom, Joyce Barnes, Florine Bush, Marcine Ashenfelter, Evelyn Smith, Marilyn Brown, Marjorie Newman, Delores Boester, Ann Greenwalt, Miss Johns. 2nd Row—Marjorie Bartles, Jane Owens, Doris Silberg, Phyllis Beck, Joan Helbert, Erma Haffner, Donna Shirk, Margaret Fee, Joan Bleck, Joan Gilbert, Marilyn Connor, Fannie Mae Rowe. 3rd Row—Mary Sue Laign, Diane Hopkins, Marilyn Heinlin, Dorothy Day, Eula Freeman, Jeannette Fenster maker, Deloris Luttman, Bertha Peterson, Glenna MaeSnyder, Carolyn Stroh, Wilma Godwin, Janet Engle. 4th Row—JoAnn Sell, Barbara Krider, Margaret Smith, Margaret Weideman, Irma Stohl, Esther Stevens, Dorothy Martin, Elnora Smith, Sarah McCarter, Margaret Traxler, Shirley Grimm. 29 Hi-Y The Hi-Y Club has been an influential club in Garret High School for many years. This club not only stresses citizenship, and sportmanship, but emphasizes training in Christian fellowship. Initiating new members into the club was the first activity of the new year. In their ini¬ tiation, the new members learned the club slogan, " clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, clean living " and the club purpose " to create, maintain, and extend through¬ out school and community high standards of Christian character. " The club sponsored two skating parties, took up collection for tuberculosis drive, and sold pencils with basketball schedules printed on them. This group was under the sponsorship of Mr. Rose and the leadership of Harold Ross, president; Richard Drews, vice-president; Normand Higgins, secretary; and Richard Smith, treasurer. 1st Row—Mr. Rose, George Pearson, Frank Tuttle, Karl Sliger, Dale Olinger, James Garrison, Loren Ashen- felter, Junior Jordan, Robert Mossberger, Robert Sliger. 2nd Row—Joseph DeVeny, James Ferguson, Donald Eldridge, William Ballentine, Harold Ross, Charles Argu- bright, William Ervin, Normand Higgins, Wayne Haynes, Edwin Mortorff, Richard Ober. 3rd Row—Richard Haynes, Richard Smith, Vincent Bartlett, Ballard Leins, Jay Norris, Richard Drews, Harold Yarde, Ernest Stroh, Howard Mattison, Joseph Brokaw, David Grimm. 30 Future Farmers of America 1st Row—Robert Rottger, Dale Olinger, Kenneth Sliger, Jack Thrush, Paul Bateman. 2nd Row—Dale Schulthess, Theron Tuttle, Donald Jordan, Karl Sliger, Wayne Haynes, Gene Custer, Wil¬ liam Dawson, Lorin Cook, Frank Tuttle, Robert Sliger, Kess Crager. 3rd Row—George Pearson, James Ferguson, Donald Eldridge, Richard Haynes, Richard Ober, Jay Norris, Harold Yarde, Carl Wetoskey, Lee Cook, Norman Run ion, Dale Yarde, Robert Donley. The F. F. A. Club, an outstanding organization in Garrett High School, has many func¬ tions. Other than just to teach the fundamentals of farming, this club stresses co-operation, citizenship, and other everyday essentials. The F. F. A. members appear in many places around school following their various projects. They may be in the shop repairing parts of broken machinery, or in the lunch room selling milk to students, or in Room One deeply engrossed in an agriculture book, or on some field trip. Then, too, there is the part of the club activities to which the members eagerly look forward which includes weiner roasts, skating parties, the Donkey Basketball game, and social parties. The F. F. A. Club is under the advisership of Mr. Bateman, and the leadership of Gene Custer, president; Bill Dawson, vice-president; Wayne Haynes, secretary; and Lorin Cook, treasurer. 31 Band 1st Row—Marian Engle, Mary Bair, Carolyn Lewis, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Lucille Bond, Helen Hill, Patricia Owens. 2nd Row—Vincent Bartlett, Donald Gentry, Frank Mossberger, Margaret Smith, Catherine Kern, Martha Bloom, Marjorie Fenstermaker, Mary Lou Smith, Charles Waterbeck, Miss Stemen. 3rd Row—Howard Hicks, Rosemary Smith, Robert Foulk, Colleen Miller, Pearl Gerner, Joyce Barnes, Gareth Reese, Margaret Fee. 4th Row—William Hofferman, Martin Woodcox, Harold Diederich, Norval Withrow, Jean Dills, Elnora Smith, Jane Owens, Ann Greenwalt, Howard Mattison, Richard Ober. The High School Band, Girls ' Glee Club, and Boys ' Glee Club, under the capable direction ol Miss Stemen, formed the " musical ring " in Garrett High School. The band with thirty-seven members added zest and spirit to the performances under the " Big Top " . Taking part in the 4-H Achievement Program, the DeKalb County Fair, and many other civic events, the " circus band " became well known. Star performers in the band were: drum major, Marian Engle; twirlers, Helen Hill, Mary Bair, and Pat Owens. The business directors were Jeanne Dills, president; Mary Ruth Van Fleit, vice-president; and Jayne Owens, secretary-treasurer. An " added attraction " in the Garrett High School Program was the sixty-six mem¬ bers of the Girls ' Glee Club. At the Junior Musical Comedy, the Christmas program, the spring concert, Commencement, and Baccalaureate, these girls were " featured. " Leaders of the club were: Myrna Whirledge, president; Helen Hill, vice-president; Mary Ruth Van Fleit, secretary-treasurer; Margaret Smith, librarian. An entertaining part of the circus ring was the Eight Man Act which had a unique way of presenting songs. Having sung at the Lion ' s Club, the Thanksgiving program, Christmas program, the Junior Musical Comedy, Commencement, and Baccalaureate, this group be¬ came quite famous. Headmen in the act were: Harold Ross, president; Richard Smith, vice- president; Loren Ashenfelter, treasurer; and Miss Stemen, director. 32 Glee Clubs 1st Row—Martha Bloom, Delores Boester, Marcine Ashenfelter, Marjorie Newman, Margaret Fee, Florins Bush, Evelyn Smith, Ann Greenwalt, Marjorie McIntosh, Helen Ransom, Marilyn Brown, Rosemary Smith, Marjorie Fenstermaker, Miss Stemen. 2nd Row—Anna Woodcox, Pearl Gerner, Myrna Whirledge, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Mary Sue Laign, Jane Owens, Phyllis Beck, Joan Helbert, Joyce Barnes, Marian Engle, Helen Hill, Fannie Mae Rowe, Bertha Peterson. 3rd Row—Mary Bair, Leah Malcolm, Glenna Mae Snyder, Catherine Kern, JoAnn Sell, Diane Hopkins, Mar¬ tha Fletcher, Marilyn Heinlin, Elnora Smith, Jean Dills, Deloris Luttman, Jeannette Fenstermaker, Margaret Mankowski, Patricia Van Lear, Barbara Krider. 4th Row—Sarah McCarter, Margaret Smith, Margaret Weideman, Louise Covelli, Eulalee Busz, Phyllis Castle, Shirley Grimm, Colleen Miller, Virginia Hall, Esther Stevens, Dorothy Martin, Beverly Haffner, Gloria Van Derbosch, Doris Burtch. 1st Row—Miss Stemen, Loren Ashenfelter, Harold Ross, Richard Smith, Normand Higgins. 2nd Row—Philmer Anderson, Edward Howard, Richard Ober. 33 Scouts 1st Row—Robert Stiles, Maynard Clark, Ronald Williams, Douglas Shull, Royce Higgins, Gareth Reese, Donald Gentry, Mr. Woodcox. 2nd Row—Howard Hicks, Billy Hofferman, William Mavity, Lloyd Myers, James Garrison, Douglas Zimmer¬ man, Blaine Peters. 3rd Row—James Moses, Martin Woodcox, John Walter, Edwin Mortorfl, Richard Hollis, William Ervin, William Johnston, Robert Schurr. In the parade of organizations of Garrett High School, the Scout Club is one definitely recognized for its creative activities. Its members are known not only as trailblazers and fire-builders, but also as leaders in community projects and as an outstanding representative body of young men in our school. Shop activities such as woodwork, leathercraft, and metalwork are not only school projects, but im¬ portant factors in earning merit badges. Pioneering is another activity in Scout work. In this work the Scouts make model signal towers, bridges, huts, and rafts all fastened together by lashings. The Scout Club and activities were under the guidance of Mr. Woodcox, with Edwin Mortorff, junior assistant-scout master; William Ervin, senior patrol leader; Martin Woodcox, scribe and treasurer of the club. Librarians Handy men on the grounds were these librarians. Always ready and willing to help, these students under the supervision of Mrs. Sweeney did a fine ' ' act. ' ' They not only checked the many volumes of books, but also assisted in keeping the shelves neat and helped fellow students locate various materials. 1st Row—Florine Bush, Marilyn Conner, Jeannette Fenstermaker, Mary Sue Laign, Marjorie Newman. 2nd Row—Claudine Fisher, Barbara Krider, Jean Dills, Barbara Russell, Joyce Barnes. 3rd Row—Mrs. Sweeney, Irma Stohl, Vincent Bartlett, Earl Schlotterback, Gloria Meyers. 34 Bible Study Club 1st Row—Doris Howey, Vera Howey, loan Gilbert. 2nd Row—Beverly Shutt, Nora Dennis, Rosa Bloom, Susanna Nicholas. 3rd Row—Esther Davidson, Lois Davidson, Philmer Anderson, Ross Howey, Ruth Deihl. " To acquire a more complete understanding of the ways of the Bible, these students strove. " Under the supervision of Rev. Dunkin the first semester, and Miss Biggerstaff the second, these stu¬ dents met each Thursday the eighth period to read aid discuss various chapters of the Bible. Students who were members of this club for two years earned an extra credit in elective English if they passed a creditable examination over the course which the Bible Club presented. Officers of the club were: Ruth Diehl, president; Vera Howey, vice-president; Lois Davidson, secretary- treasurer. Quill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll Club in the hands of their trainer, Miss Evard, and her assistants, president, Betty Brinkman; vice president, Anna Woodcox; secretary-treasurer, Pearl Gerner, did its bit to make the parade under the " Big Top ' a success. The ciub consisted of members of the Journalism classes of 1945 and 1946 who were interested in journalistic work of various types. Meeting each Monday the eighth period, the members wrote several articles for the high school paper, the " Panorama. " Although the club maintained a fairly inactive status this past year, it sponsored several very inter¬ esting and entertaining assembly programs throughout the year. 1st Row—Mary Louise Strock, Betty Brinkman, Anna Woodcox. 2nd Row—Thais Seidel, Martha Fletcher, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Pearl Gerner. 3rd Row—Louise Covelli, Doris Yarde, Harold Ross, Le.nore Lewis, Miss Evard. 35 Girls’ Athletic Club 1st Row—Martha Bloom, Marjorie Zoll, Marjorie McIntosh, Helen Ransom, Reba Ellis, loyce Barnes, Helen Hill, Marjorie Fenstermaker, Miss Johns. 2nd Row—-Pearl Gerner, Marian Engle, Betty Brinkman, Jeannette Fenstermaker, Marilyn Greenwalt, Mary Sue Laign, Diane Hopkins Jane Owens, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Mary Lou Smith, Margaret Smith, Mar¬ garet Weideman. 3rd Row—Lucille Bond, Elnora Smith, Myrna Whirledge, Phyllis Castle, Thais Seidel, Virginia Hall, Jean Dills, Mary Lou Schlosser, Eulalee Busz, Marilyn Heinlin, Louis Covelli. 4th Row—Mary Hazeltine, Martha Schulthess, Winifred Lewis, Carolyn Lewis, Colleen Miller, Waunieta Walt, Dorothy Martin, Lenore Lewis, Gloria Van Derbosch, Patricia Van Lear, Margaret Mankowski. Basketball was the main sport in the G. A. C. which included fifty-six girls this year. The girls were organized into six different teams with the following captains: Jeanne Dills, Pat Van Lear, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Lenore Lewis, Pearl Gerner, and Gloria Van Derbosch. Before their basketball season started, the girls played volleyball and baseball. The Senior volleyball team was exceptionally good. Playing games every Monday night, the girls ended their season with an elimination tournament. For a grand finale, the losing team entertained the rest of the club with a party. Senior girls received chevrons for each year that they were members of this club, and those with a four-year record received honor pins. Officers of G. A. C. were: Mary Lou Schlosser, president; Helen Hill, vice-president; and Marian Engle, secretary-treasurer. 36 Aeolian Staff Compiling a year book at any time is no small task and due to unfavorable weather con¬ ditions and too much goo , the staff of the 1946 Aeolian had to give them Brown ' s cow in order to complete their job. Credit and appreciation is duly paid to Mr. Flora, the business manager, for his effici¬ ency and ever-ready tack hammer , to Miss Thrush, the literary advisor, for her untiring patience and quick response to our Hey, Rube , and to Miss Gump, managing the typing department, for her efforts in getting things done. The performance of each was largely re¬ sponsible ior keeping the show rolling. It is with a great deal of pleasure that the staff presents to the performers and specta¬ tors under the G. H. S. Bip Top this 1946 Aeolian. Seated—Doris Yarde, Harold Ross, Mary Ruth Van Fleit, Marilyn Greenwalt, Floyd Jamison. 1st Row—Helen Hill, Anna Woodcox, Audrey Lazenby, Marian Engle, Thais Seidel, Marlene Branden¬ burg, Richard Smith, Julian Allman, Reba Ellis, Myrna Whirledge, Betty Brinkman, Lester Babbitt, Mary Hazeltine. 2nd Row—Haroldean Kelley, Allen Bohls, Lawrence Bowmar, Eulalee Busz, Mary Lou Schlosser, Lenore Lewis, Pearl Gerner, Jean Dills. 3rd Row—Mr Flora, Miss Gump, Miss Thrush. 37 SEPTEMBER CRT ' S JEWELRY S 4 New pupils. New teachers. Welcome, Miss Johns. 7 Portland 39—Garrett 0. Look at those " men " would you? 14 Bluffton 0—Garrett 0. After all that work, too. 17 Girl Reserve Picnic at Eulalee ' s. 18 Senior home room officers elected. No politics here??? 21 Columbia City 26—Garrett 0 25 Warsaw 20—Garrett 13 OCTOBER 4 F.F.A. Party 5 Decatur 6—Garrett 14 10 Aha, look at those flashy new ' 46 sweaters!! 12 Hartford 6—Garrett 13 16 Hi-Y Skating Party 19 Goshen 25—Garrett 6 24 Auburn 39—Garrett 0 25-26 Teachers ' Institute. Sweet bliss of vacation! NOVEMBER 8-9 Junior Play—- 14 Basketball begins. Ashley 44—Garret 36. Tough luck, fellows. 15 Girl Reserve Mother and Daughter Tea. 16 Decatur 36—Garrett 21 20 Huntertown 37—Garrett 17 27 Sophomore Skating Party. Oh, my aching back! 30 Kendallville 44—Garrett 24 DECEMBER 3 F.F.A. boys left for Chicago. 5 Butler 35—Garrett 21 7 Albion 44—Garrett 26 11 Letter sweaters arrived. Don ' t they think they are something! 12 Angola 41—Garrett 31 13 Tea Dance 14 Berne 53—Garrett 21 20 Avilla 27—Garrett. Yippee, we " dood " it. Junior class rings are here. Rise and shine, Juniors. 21 Christmas vacation. See you next year, 1946. 31 Back to school for a day—this is the life! JANUARY 1 New Year ' s Day—another vacation. 2 Back to school. New Year 1946. 4 Kendallville 36—Garrett 24. 8 Civics test—The misery of it all!! 11 Don ' t give up the ship—another semester ahead!! 12 Auburn 64—Garrett 29. Better luck .next time. 38 14 Just look at all the new teachers. Welcome, to the fold, Mr. Lewis and Miss Biggerstaff. 15 Blue-Triangle Skating Party. Ouch! 18 Angola 41—Garrett 32 21 Juke box came—More music! 1 22 Bluffton 21—Garrett 41. Sandwich sale—umml! 25-26—County Tourney—Good games, or were they? Nice going, Ashley. FEBRUARY 2 Rumors of Diphtheria ban. 4 It ' s actually happened. Oh, unhappy day! Say ah! 6 Butler 35—Garrett 21 Economics test—Oh, my over-worked brain. 11 Cap and gown measurements—The beginning of the end. 12 Sectional tickets on sale—Were you disappointed or did you get one? 15 Avilla 27—Garrett 32 We ' re free—diphtheria quarantine lifted. 20 Sandwich sale. 21-22-23 Sectional tourney. Ashley is going strong. MARCH 4 Girls’ Basketball tourney—Nice going Van Der- bosch 5 Tea Dance. 9 Canteen ' s Birthday Party . . . and those floor shows. 14 F.F.A. Party 19 Sophomore Skating Party 20 Girl Reserve Chile Supper—Ah, good. 29 Alqmni game—you just can ' t down ' em. 30 Girl Reserve Conference at South Bend. APRIL 11-12 Senior class play, " Second Fiddle. " Just look at those " stars. " 30 Blue Triangle Mother and Daughter Tea. MAY 3 Alumni 9 Conference track meet—up, up and away. 10 Junior and Senior Banquet—Thanks for the swell time, Juniors. 12 Baccalaureate 14 Junior and Senior Picnic! 15 Class Day 16 Commencement 17 School out—What ' s everyone crying about? Sectional track meet. ..tioooa l c —■—- 2-QQQ 39 Top—left to right: The Lewis sisters . . . Pose Waunieta! . . . The gruesome twosome . . . Joe must have been out late last night . . . Where ' s Harold? . . . Where ' s your guy, Jeanne? . . , Gin and Jo . . . None of that stuff around here, Bill . . . Who ' s the little girl, Chub? . . . Mutual enjoyment . . . Seven happy seniors . . . Woman shortage . . . Colleen and Marge aren ' t frowning, Pee Wee. 40 Football 1st Row—Charles Argubright, George Pearson, Julian Allman, Bill Worster, Lawrence Bowmar, Lester Bab¬ bitt, Haroldean Kelley, Allen Bohls, Howard Simpson, Edwin Mortorff. 2nd Row—Richard Hollis, Richard Sarber, Edward Howard, Stanley Bonnett, Allen Souder, Gerald Johnson, Henry Zecca, Gene Custer, Donald Cleland, Carl Wetoskey, Earl Clark, William Dawson. 3rd Row—Mr. Parks, Mr. Harmon, Meredith Poer, Charles Davis, Robert ' Sliger, Thomas Leeson, Ned Schlos- ser, Clarence Smith, David Grimm, Norval Withrow, Franklin Damman, Mr. Flora, Mr. Bateman. 4th Row—Karl Sliger, Thomas DeWitt, Martin Woodcox, Charles Waterbeck, George Shields, Blaine Peters, William Mavity, William Johnston, Joseph DeVeny, William Ervin, Jack Clady, Jimmy Schramm, David Sterl¬ ing, Robert Treesh, Raymond Hammond, Ernest Stroh. The " Big Top ' s 1946 Football season was of a mediocre billing, producing three wins, five losses, and one tie. Coach Parks combined the two returning " top performers " with his " amateurs ' ' , giving the team experience for future years. Due t o several accidents at the beginning of the season, some of the boys were unable to play until the last few games. The Garrett Railroaders were hard fighters making their opponents work in every game. The boys were well known for their ability to keep going regardless of the odds. With only a few seniors leaving the line-up, next year ' s team should prove even more victorious. Schedule Garrett— 0 .Portland—38 Garrett— 0 .Bluffton— 0 Garrett— 0 .Columbia City—27 Garrett—13 .Warsaw—20 Garrett—24 .Fort Wayne Central B—-13 Garrett—18 .Decatur— 0 Garrett—13 .Hartford City— 0 Garrett— 6 .Goshen—26 Garrett— 0 .Auburn—39 Football Letter-Men 1 Lawrence Bowmar—Sr., quarterback, captain, two-year letterman. Cotton, the spirit and pep of the team, managed several spectacular runs this year. Pre¬ venting more than one touchdown, he proved his defensive ability. 2 Haroldean Kelley—Sr., end, two-year letterman. Pinky was very adept at dumping opposing blockers and at slic¬ ing through to upset the runner. 3 Bill Worster—Sr., halfback, one-year letterman. Willie was a good ball hand¬ ler and his speciality was throwing a running pass. 4 Allen Bohls—Sr., tackle, one-year let¬ terman. Bobo, the largest man on the squad, gave our team psychological ad¬ vantage and was a hard hitter. 5 Julian Allman—Sr., tackle, one-year let¬ terman. Duan accomplished two of his main ambitions—a football letter and a good linesman. 6 Lester Babbitt—Sr., halfback, one-year letterman. Les was the " fast " man on the team. Wide end runs were his spe¬ ciality. 7 Lorin Cook—Sr., center, one-year letter- man. Playing football for his first time this year, Lorin was a hard tackier and a good linesman. 8 Richard Smith—Sr., end, one-year let¬ terman. Due to a bad ankle, Dick ' s sea¬ son was short but hard fought. 9 Gerald Johnson—Jr., halfback, one-year letterman. Fast-stepping Jerry had a fine throwing arm which he used to the team ' s advantage. 10 Earl Clark—Jr., end, one-year letterman. Because of his uncanny ability to snag passes, Earl was one of the great offen¬ sive threats on the team. 11 Edward Howard—Jr., halfback, one- year letterman. Whitie was a fast and shifty back who could carry the " pack " through the line or around the end. 12 Donald Cleland—Jr., fullback, one-year letterman. Don, the power of the team, specialized in making his own holes if there wasn ' t one there. 13 Richard Sarber—Jr., center, one-year letterman . Ric was a big factor in mak¬ ing holes for his own team and putting up a stonewall when on defense. 14 Stanley Bonnett—Jr. guard, one-year letterman. Stan was a small but mighty man with plenty of power behind him. 15 George Pearson—Soph., guard, one- year letterman. Georgie teamed up to bring down any line plunge or off tackle runs. 16 Howard Simpson—Soph., tackle, one- year letterman. Simp loved a good game. Much is to be expected of him in the next two years. Others who earned varsity letters were: Allen Souder, Norval Withrow, Ned Schlosser, William Dawson, Edwin Mor- torff, Henry Zecca, Carl Wetoskey, and Gene Custer. 43 Basketball 1st Row—Ned Schlosser, Howard Simpson, Gerald Johnson, Haroldean Kelley, Donald Cleland, Earl Clark, Bill Worster. 2nd Row—Coach Parks, George Pearson, Richard Sarber, Robert Treesh, Allen Souder, William Dawson, Mr. Bateman. Beginning the basketball season with only two returning lettermen, the Railroaders were up against great odds. After eight straight losses, these boys showed their pep by defeating Avilla and later going to the final game in the county tournament. After con¬ quering Salem Center in the sectional tournament, the Railroaders were forced to bow out to Auburn for the second time during the year. Although the season was not a victorious one, the team displayed fine sportsmanship and put up a good ' ' clem ' ' in all their games. SCHEDULE Garrett-36 .Ashley-44 Garrett-21 .Decatur-36 Garrett-17 .Huntertown-37 Garrett-24 .Kendallville-44 Garrett-21 .Butler-35 Garrett-26 .Albio.n-44 Garrett-31 .Angola-41 Garrett-27 . Berne-53 Garrett-32 .A villa-27 Garrett-24 .Kendallville-36 Garrett-29 .Auburn-64 Garrett-32 .Angola-41 Garrett-41 .Bluffton-21 Garrett-28 .Columbia City-53 Garre tt-39 .Avilla-33 Garrett-31 .Butler-33 Garrett-25 COUNTY TOURNAMENT .Waterloo-23 Garrett-32 . Garrett-31 .Ashley-56 St. Joe-29 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Garrett-56 .Salem Center-41 Garrett-26 .Auburn-48 44 Basketball Letter-Men 1 Haroldean Kelley—Senior, captain and center of the team. " Pinky " was a valu¬ able asset under the basket and else¬ where on the court. Two-year letterman. 2 Bill Worster—Senior. ' " Bill " was the " joker " of the team keeping his team¬ mates in good spirits and prov ng him¬ self a reliable man in the forward spot. One-year letterman. 3 Earl Clark—Junior. " Clark " was well known for his ability to hit baskets from " his spot " well out on the court. Play¬ ing a forward position, he rebounded very well. Two-year letterman. 4 Gerald Johnson—Junior. " Jerry " played a guard position, excelling in rebound¬ ing and preventing fast breaks. One- year letterman. 5 Ned Schlosser — Sophomore. " Ned " showed surprising ability this year and moved from the second team to a regu¬ lar forward spot on the first team. Bas¬ kets from any position were his speciali¬ ty. One-year letterman. 6 Howard Simpson—Sophomore. " Simp " was the " Brawn " of the team, keeping referees busily blowing their whistles. He proved to be a good guard and re¬ bounder. One-year letterman. 7 Allen Souder—Junior. " Al " made a good replacement for forward position, hittin g the bucket anywhere on the floor. One-year letterman. 8 Richard Sarber—Junior. " Ric " was the " Big " boy of the team, playing guard position. One-year letterman. 9 Donald Cleland—Junior. " Donny " , sub¬ bing at the center position, has an un¬ explainable left-hand pivot shot which usually zings through. One-year letter- man. 10 George Pearson—Sophomore. " Geor- gie " , playing guard position, kept the opponents jumping from start to finish. One-year letterman. 11 William Dawson—Junior. " Bill " , a for¬ ward, had a wicked dribble and left- handed shot. One-year letterman. 12 Robert Treesh—Sophomore. " Bob " was a good rebounding center. He will be valuable material for next year. One- year letterman. 13 Edwin Mortorff—Sophomore. " Eddie " had speed to burn and used it cleverly to spark the second team to success One-year letterman. 45 Basketball Reserves 1st Row— Blaine Peters, Billy Hofferman, Charles Waterbeck, Clarence Smith, James Moses, William Mavity. 2nd Row—Mr. Harmon, Martin Woodcox, William Johnston, Dwayne Harris, Joseph De- Veny, Norval Withrow. 3rd Row—Charles Argubright, Tommy DeWitt, John Walters, Edwin Mortorff, Meredith Poer, Charles Davis. Junior High Basketball 1st Row—Maynard Clark, Robert Diederich, Jack Clark, Raymond Hammond, Dale Loutzen- hiser, Ted Fletcher, Wayne Diederich. 2nd Row—Mr. Manges, Gareth Reese, Ronald Beebe, Bonald Cole, Douglas Shull, William Leech, George Mayfield, Mr. Lewis. 3rd Row—William Rowe, Henry Snyder, Richard Dame, -Howard Bonnett, Jack Clady, Robert Foulk. 46 Track 1st Row—Loren Ashenfelter, Donald Cleland, Edwin Mortorff, Harold Ross, Haroldean Kelley, Allen Bohls, Earl Clark, Richard Smith, Grayson Tuck, Lester Babbitt, Lawrence Bowmar. 2nd Row-—Stanley Bonnett, Wayne Haynes, Gene Custer, Richard Sarber, Robert Treesh, George Pearson, Ned Schlosser, Howard Simpson, Norval Withrow, Clarence Smith, Joseph DeVeny. 3rd Row—Charles Davis, Roy Creager, Karl Sliger, Richard Sliger, William Ervin, Maurice McPheeters, Marion Souder, James Ferguson, Robert Mossberger, William Putt, Carl Wetoskey, Charles Argubright, 4th Row—Coach Parks, William Hofferman, William Mavity, Robert Rottger, James Moses, Richard Kruger, Tom DeWitt, Meredith Poer, Basil Rowe, Dale Yarde, John Walters, Frank Sarpa, Charles Waterbeck, Mr. Lewis. Around the cinder path this spring was seen the " Big Top’s " 1946 track team, deligently practicing and training. Material from last year was lacking in quantity and the team had to be built from scratch. Despite the spirit and cooperation shown, this year ' s team lacked experience but put up a good showing in each meet. The overwhelming response to the first call to practice gave Coach Parks high hopes. Assisting Mr. Parks by handling the field events, high jumping, broad jumping, pole vaulting, and shot putting, was Mr. Lewis. The increase of interest in track events produced a better track team this year, and should give the " Big Top " an even more promising group of cindermen next year. Schedule April 2 ... Butler-Albion—Here April 5 Kendallville—Here April 9 .North Side—There April 13 .Howe—There April 16 Auburn-South Side—There April 18 Warsaw-Col. City at C. C. April 20 .Goshen Relays April 23 Decatur-Kendallville—Here April 25 .Central—Here April 27.Muncie Relays April 30 .Concordia—There May 4 .Kokomo Relays May 7 .Howe—Here May 9 N.E.I.C. Conf. at Auburn May 18 . Sectional North Side May 25 .State Barkers Marilyn Heinlin, Marjorie Fenstermaker, Martha Fletcher, Joyce Barnes, Patricia Van Lear, Jean Dills. The six " Barkers " , Marjorie Fenstermaker, Martha Fletcher, Jeanne Dills, Pat Van Lear, Joyce Barnes, and Marilyn Heinlin, have succeeded in their task of keeping up the school spirit and eagerness of the students through the football and basketball seasons. Starting out as an entirely new group with only one veteran, Pat Van Lear, they have organized themselves fully and have held pep sessions before many games. Although this has been a slack season in basketball and football, the " Barkers " deserve much recognition and many compliments for their splendid work. 48 Top—-left to right: It must be cold outside These silly seniors . . Two great guys. . . The long and short of it . . Industrious Ned . . . Man shortage . . . Jim and Karl . . . Heavy, ' ' Fuzzy ' 7 . . . Brinkman ' s at it again . . . Smile fellas . . . Who ' s car are you hiding? . . . What have you got, Dills? . . . Come on in kids, it ' s 12:30. a n GlaU Will We, the Senior Class of 1946, do hereby will and consign our idiosyncrasies which we have held during our four years at G. H. S. We sincerely hope that our heirs will cherish them and by the use of them, remember us. I, Jack Jamison, will to Jimmy Moses my ability to stay awake in school after a sleepless night. I, Doris Yarde, will my love for music and my affections for Huntertown to anyone who could love either more than I. I, Loren B. Ashenfelter, consign my 5 ft. 4 in. in height to some Freshman boy to whom it would be more fitting. I trust that he will improve upon it considerably during the next four years. I, Jeanne Dills, will to Marjory McIntosh my ability to whistle " Clare De Lune " , and also my good times in my Senior year at G. H. S. Reluctantly I, " Chub " Van Fleit, will to Jerry Johnson the pleasure of carrying on my weekly parties. May his end at an earlier hour than mine. I, Richard Smith, will my " gift of gab " to Tuffy Peters. I, Lenore Lewis, will to Martha Fletcher my broken front teeth so she can make even funnier faces. I, Thais Seidel, will my blond hair and fondness for K-Ville to Louise Covelli. I, Lorin Cook, will my ability to loaf and still make good grades in Agriculture to Dale Schulthess. I, Dorothy Waterbeck, will my bashfulness to any Junior wanting it. I, Marian Engle, will my interest in the Navy to Doris Burtch. I, Mary Hazeltine, will my liking of long skirts to Rosemary Smith. I, Lester Babbitt, will my can of sleeping powder to Billy Mavity. I, Reba Ellis, will my ability to talk in Home Ec. class to Marjorie Strock. I, Mary Louise Strock, will my place on the front row of all group pictures, due to my height, to Esther Stevens. It has other disadvantages, too. I, Marlene Brandenburg, will to Sue Rowe a name as long as mine. I, Allen Bohls, will my enthusiasm for Senior English to any Junior who wants it. I, Jo H ays, dutifully will to Miss Gump the thoughts of having many more kids like me in her shorthand class. Poor Miss Gump! I, Mary Lou Schlosser, will to Howard Simpson my luck of just making it before the 8:30 bell. I, Harold Ross, will to Charles Argubright my ability to say the wrong things at the right time. I, Virginia Shipe, will my shortness to Virginia Hall. I, Marilyn Greenwalt, will to Carolyn Lewis good luck to get a boyfriend taller than she. I, Fred Haffner, will to Billy Hays my mechanical drawing ability. GlaiA, Will I, Audrey Lazenby, will last minute preparations for class to anyone who needs it in the future. I, Julian Allman, being of sound (?) rrrnd and body, do consign my love for Trigo¬ nometry to " Chuckie Hartle. Hesitantly! do I, Betty Brinkman, will my ability to get along with the opposite sex to anyone who will appreciate it. I, Myrna Whirledge, will all my broken pairs of glasses to any Junior blind enough to be able to use them, but don ' t ask me how they got broken. I, Donald Royer, will my curly hair to Stanley Bonnet. May he profit by it. I, Anna Woodcox, will the dimples in my cheeks, and my musical tendencies to Phyl¬ lis Beck. I will also, my interest in Avilla to other interest holders. I, Helen Hill, will my ability to remain short to Earl Clark. I, Jack Panning, will my ability for getting into trouble to Emmet Traxler. I, Eulalee Busz, will my too convenient last name as a nickname to anyone who cares to forget they ever had a given name. I, Bill Worster, will my place on the bench during football and basketball season to whoever wants it. I, Claudine Fisher, will my interest in Castle ' s delivery boy to Bertha Peterson. I, Lawrence Bowmar, consign my ability to safely drive a car (especially the art of backing) to Gene Custer. I, Florence Travis, will my ability to get along with boys to Dot Day. To Phyllis DePew, I, Pearl Gerner, will my front seat in economics. I, Grayson Tuck, will my red hair to " Blondie " Harris. I, Lucille Bond, will my height to Marg Fenstermaker, she needs it. I, Haroldean Kelley, will to any Junior with a life insurance policy, my drawer and experiences in the Chemistry Lab. I, June Yarde, will my voice to Dick Ober. I, Martha Schulthess, will my " good hunting ' ' locker to Colleen Miller who has had good experience with her own locker next to mine. I, Philmer Anderson, devotedly relinquish to Coach Parks my ability for wrestling. Hereby setting our seal upon this document, the entire class leaves a lasting affection for G. H. S. Senior Class As witnessed by: Julian Allman Betty Brinkman 51 “Second Fiddle” For our class play, we Star Performers of ' 46 presented a comedy in three acts, " Second Fiddle " by Guernsey LePelley. The story revolves around an accidental mar¬ riage and all the mix-ups and misunderstandings that follow. Under the direction and supervision of Miss Gump, the play was successfully presented to the spectators. This special feature was one of the high lights of the " Big Top ' s " season, ending our Senior year in a blaze of lights. Featured performers: Harold Werple, the man in the case .Harold Ross Joan Keeler, Marion ' s nece .Marian Engle Mrs. Marion Baker, " Aunt " Marion ....Mary Ruth Van Fleit Minnie Carson, a guest .Helen Hill Wilbur, the butler .Grayson Tuck Janet Williams, a guest .Eulalee Busz Dorothy Van Straaten, Harold ' s fiance .Mary Hazeltine Mrs. Anne Keeler, Joan ' s mother .Martha Schulthess Mr. Crouch, a lawyer .Loren Ashenfelter “Hearts and Blossoms” An outstanding special attraction under the " Big Top” this year was the Junior Musical Comedy, " Hearts and Blossoms " . Featuring Juniors and Seniors alike, this show played an important part in helping along the Junior finances. Lending their voices in the choruses, the Girl ' s Glee Club added spirit and zest to this comedy. Starring Mary, Harold, Jerry, Phyllis, Gloria, and Dick (top picture) the play also included a quaint old- fashioned dance with Marjory, Benny, Caroline, David, Pat, and Gene (second picture). The Juniors deserve all the credit they received for producing such a fine, successful musical comedy. P9 Top—left to right: The grade school . . . You ' re behind, Miss Thrush . . .Don ' t hit me . . What ' cha mad about girls? . . .Seniors of ' 50 . . Tell us the joke, too . . .You ' re being followed, Miss Gump ... A cold winter day. . . Ginny and Donna . . . Where are the stu¬ dents? . . . Altona well represented . . . Brrrrrrrr! . . .These popular Clark boys . . . No buttons. Hill? ALUMNI--Class o£ 1945 Ashenfelter, Howard—Fireman First Class, Navy. Shanghai, China. Ballentine, June—Mrs. Marion Neely, Altona. Behler, John—Private First Class, Army. Berlin, Germany. Best, Ralph—Purdue University. Bloom, Paul—Seaman First Class, Navy. Japan. Brumbaugh, Dorothy—Manchester College. Burtch, Marjorie—Fort Wayne Tailoring Co., Fort Wayne. Bush, Grace—Indiana University. Chittenden, Donald—At home on the farm. Connor, Rosalie—Nurses Training, Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago. Custer, Harold—At home on the farm. Dawson, Beverly—M. and D. Hatchery, Corunna. Dills, Betty—Mrs. Don Ritter, Fort Wayne. DePew, Marybelle—Bowsers, Fort Wayne. Ellington, Joan—Indiana University. Fitch, Kenneth—Private, Army. Fort Lewis, Washington. Fletcher, Waller—Private, Army. Fort Lewis, Washington. Foote, Alice—Upland University, California. Freeze, LeAnna—Essex Wire Corporation, Fort Wayne. Gilbert, Harry—Private, Army. Japan. Gentry, Dorothy—Indiana University Extension Fort Wayne. Works at Mutual Jobbing Company. Gorrell, Joan—Mrs. Jay Yarde, Auburn. Greenwood, Gilbert—Indiana University Extension, Fort Wayne. Griffith, Patricia—Indiana University Extension, Fort Wayne. Hall, Marshall—Private, Army. Camp Plauche, New Orleans. Hassett, Joseph—Merchant Marines, Sheepshead Bay, New York. Hays, Jeanette—Mrs. Robert Jacob, Working at Best ' s, Garrett. Hillegas, Roberta—Patterson Flecher, Fort Wayne. Hughes, Jack—Indiana University. Jones, Georgetta—Works on Newspaper, Portland, Oregon. Kleeman, Harold—Private First Class, Army. Tokyo, Japan. Laign, Barbara—Indiana University Extension, Fort Wayne. Works at Mutual Jobbing Company, Fort Wayne. 54 ALUMNI—Class of 1945 Leeson, Helen—Telephone operator, Garrett. Leeson, Roger—Indiana University. Lewis, Beryl—Hardware Engineering Company, Garrett. Lewis, Meryl—Burtch Machine Shop, Garrett. Lung, Jean—Ball State Teacher ' s College, Muncie, Indiana. McCorkel, Joseph—Corporal, Army. St. Louis, Missouri. McIntosh, George—Seaman Second Class, Navy Air Corps. Memphis, Tenn. McKinley, Betty—Mrs. Gerald Whirledge, Miami, Florida. Moats, Gwendolyn—Messenger Corporation, Auburn. Muhn, Thomas—Private, Army. Fort Sill, Oklahoma. O ' Brien, Patrick—Private, Army. Bremen, Germany. Olinger, Martha—Pet Milk Company, Garrett. Oliver, Helen—At home, Garrett. Poyser, Irene—Telephone Operator, Wawaka. Ransom, Joan—Cadet Nurse Corps, St. Luke Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Reynolds, Julia—Mrs. O. E. Gernand, Muncie, Indiana. Sechler, Leola—Creek Chub Bait Company, Garrett. Simpson, Elmo—Private First Class, Army. Saipan. Simpson, Wilbur—Seaman Second Class, Navy. Norfolk, Virginia. Smith, Wilma—Nurse ' s Training, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Snyder, Maxine—Creek Chub Bait Company, Garrett. Souder, Raymond—Reidhart ' s Grocery, Garrett. Stiles, Barbara—International Business College, Fort Wayne. Sullivan, Wendell—Seaman First Class, Navy. Beaufort, South Carolina. Turnbull, Lloyd—B. O. Freight Station, Garrett. Vaughn, Edwin—Private, Marines. Panama Canal Zone. Weaver, Betty—Secretary of Garrett ' s Mayor. Whirledge, Gerald—Seaman First Class, Navy. Miami, Florida. Wiler, Donna—Auburn Rubber Company. Williams, Ana—Mrs. John E. Steinmetz, Garrett. Winebrenner, Donald—Private, Army. Fort Bliss, Texas. Wise, Richard—Seaman Second Class, Navy. San Francisco. Worman, Sylvia—1st National Bank, Angola. 55 Personalities of Our Big Top Performance w PC O l D PH o g a t—H CQ E— D o CQ ■ N PC o W w H Oh E- E - 1 O o 0 2 X w a X CD -h 0) .S £ a | s 3 s p ffl PC u 0 a " d o 0 u 0 d d PQ 6 -H 0 a x T) d d O lH 0 d d " 2 ' a o a K cn w JD I a i s d fC • I— " 1 P4 m u 6 % o d 0 ° h o d M U (H a a 0 u c - d .9 d w 0 PC d d PC CQ c o OT M 0 T 5 d (X fH 0 H- a a 0 PC m Jh 0 _ fc a _W o 3 a n o 0 9 o E- O S — M eg 0 a O ° 0 O li S 0 t 3 a d jh a 0 0 pc 0 w - 9 S £ 6 a P -+-I P a c§ d . P d d PC 0 " a o a a PC : 0 a w ' a, «h 0 o o 2 2 a owe X : CQ d to 0 P u d a 0 d D 2 O P i9 PC o CQ r d d o CQ O w M 0 „ o o •- a a £ 0 3 o CQ o 0 xn m J2 0 d u d . 0 W “4 rW CQ 0 £ 0 S d d o m O ftf 0 - 9 m -d g « n d 0 pc 0 6 0 0 £ B d O +H P X d d •§ 0 ■d CQ N M d DQ a W a w d o (H fn 0 CQ d 0 fH 0 0 PC ■ 4 — m 0 t- 0) • I — -« p H P4 fH O 0 d a r H x E- ® 0 a ° a d PC fH 0 M o CQ +a P . CQ P ? _ 13 . " tn —i CQ O w d 0 P o d PC a - O 0 o 0 d a q d jc oj PC d d a ■M d O co ' EC 0 cd m o p m d a a X 0 u d 0 fH 0 PC o 0 d CC 0 ? a o PC . . 9 :: W CQ O d PC • - ' D 0 cq 13 di w JD O d PC ffl B O f-« d 0 a PC O o Q 0 Td d 0 x o fH a T3 J) U 0 tTl 2 1 u .a d 0 0 CQ t- m 0 a s I 1 ' CQ 0 d £ w d pc d m w u a od S O fH 0 3 o £ o O O a Q 0 d fH 0 0 3 a a 0 d a o o I d o o u 0 a ° o a 0 TS d w I 3 £ d o oc d d C d M d 0 -5 P d d 0 0 0 0 0 a S 56 F. Haifner Your guess History Mech. Drawing Curley Wrestler J. Hays Ill never tell Blond hair Servicemen Sweater Girl Make-up artist M. Hazeltine Out of town Diets ' 46 Buicks The Whisperer Bosses Stenog. H. Hill She gets around Overweight Fun Shortie Trapeze Artist w DC 2 E— D X 0 2 oa E- D O DQ - N DC o W w w DC E— W CL, 3 x 3 O X 0) to D 0 " d u 3 $ a -5 e s a 3 E—• Z D O x. x 3 c Ol 0 I 0 w a) 3 o N o 6 3 X O O 2 X 0 03 D a) W to £ O co c U 0 x § 0 C C - X ° D O o tO X O ' c E- D O o 2 X X 2 X 3 O D O to 0 O ' o DC 3 " 3 0 a O ' ? 0 x 0 to to 0) U. T 3 a y 0) 6 2 s C 3 o o O ' tO O D u. u. CL X X 3 JU X o o Q X c o JJ a a) O ' 3 - _ o co 2 w a X to X t-, 0 u 3 0) a x ? " o w g 2 0 3 o £ w 2 3 O to d h , X " 3 0 £ X X X O ' 3 3 3 O Oh O X O to to O X »-H in C! o a J Q co tH d) 0 X -3 o .5 3 o X 6 a 3 d) x 0 a u o o d) CO X d) H-, X £ 8 O 2 0 •s o o o 3 CD X d) X o o y d 0 3 X 0 u X u H 3 O ' JU (U ' T 0 3 X o „ x r a 0 % x CQ E—■ 0 to O d ' a (h 0 X s 3 to O g O X w d 3 X X y 3 o “ O O □ DQ 3 £ O X 3 0 O ' O 3 -n w -o X • 0 m 1 •- J=; o 2 2 U O to O X 2 o tO d u d X X 0 . d) s : S O o E- Q 2 co 3 h O O ' O O ' X o _ o O Di w d) X 0 O tn 3 O ' 3 0 m x x d I X d) 3 O W DC (h d w _co d in X d) o H CO o DC ■— W H 3 C to w d) X 3 X u CO O ' 3 S 3 3 DC O u D X O ' w •S o X O d) X O ' X H-H O O CJ 2 Q cj d S l- ; ' c .5 x X E—■ 0 a o o U w 0 O ' E— w O ' 3 % 10 Ch X 0 S JO a co 0 CO O Q) d x Ih o X co _ 0 X X m co 0 O ' o (h o X X O ' o w .S £ x 3 w O 0 E- OH O 0 d | O ' W 0 X “ 0 x C X O O ■ ■ 0 X 0 0 O ' r-j O ' X X O ' 3 o O ' 0 0 O ' 0 O ' 0 M 0 % 0 _W 0 X C-. a - o 0 6 a- o O x X 0 X i-, U X ’S 2 0 0 x Q- -0 X 3 ® S XXX Q2Sl X X X u o u, X w o X u 3 E- E- X 0 S O jC 2 o -g X x y w x X x X 0 0 0 Q X 2 O 2! 2 O ' 3 _H 3 0 dr W X ' 7 H w a g w 0 u a | x o o DC d U 0 w X o o X d to o x O ' to 3 2 x ' u 3 0 3 X O ' 3 X X O X W r to 3 O 2 to ' 3 D » Ch x 2 tc O a Q X 0 X u O ' 0 £ X X 2 0 2 i- X d) - III 2xd sds -HH X L. 8 S 0 X E- X to 0 o g X c d 57 HEY! RUBE! HIGH SCHOOL First year—Emerald. Second year—Soapstone. Third year—Grindstone. Fourth year—Tombstone. The high school paper is a great invention. The school gets all the fame, The printer gets all the money, And the staff gets all the blame. " What ' s the matter with your pen, Dick? " " It writes like a paint brush. ' ' Freshie at the end of first semester, " Teacher, may we take our algebras home, now? " Mr. Flora, " Electricity doesn ' t kill you, it ' s your heart that stops beating. " Mr. Rose, " What is " N " cents?” Loren A., " What you put in your house to make it smell good. " Mrs. Meir, " What term is connected with assault? " M. Greenwalt, " Pepper. " Teacher, " You eating something, Haroldean? " H. Kelley, " No, teacher, I am soaking a prune to eat at the noon hour. " When asked why he was taking public speaking Julian Allman replied, " So that I will always have something to say. " (AS IF HE DIDN ' T ALWAYS.) The best excuse for being absent from school was given by M. Engle. She said, " I was fixing my dad ' s income tax.” Miss B., " Give me a sentence with an ob¬ ject. " R. Smith, " Teacher, you are beautiful. " Miss B., “And just what is the object there? " R. Smith, " A good grade. " Early to bed and early to rise, Keeps the red out of the whites of your eyes. Flattery is 90% soap, and soap is 90% lye. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Laugh and you laugh alone. The first joke was your teacher ' s The second was your own. " Lester, have you got enough suckers to go around? " asked Mrs. Meier. " No, but you can take turns on this one. Miss Stemen, " This experiment should be done under a hood. " F. Jamison, " Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet. " If onions fry, will Loren Cook? If sewing machines hum, will Grayson Tuck? If mosquitoes sing, will Eulalee Busz? Jeanne, " Did you ever read " Lion in the Street? " Chub, " No, I read sitting up in bed. " Dawn and Cotton at a ball game: Cotton, " I think Bill Worster will be our best man. " Dawn, " Oh, Cotton, this is so sudden. " Mr. Lewis, " Of course, I know that those slips of paper that most of you have in your books are merely book marks, but I would much prefer you wouldn ' t use them. 58 Index of Circus Terms Annie Oakley . Bag guy .. Barker . Big Top . Big worm . Blue . Bug man . Bull . Cake-cutting . Cats . Cherries . Clem . Convicts . Ducits . Fuzz . Gaffer . Geek . Give ' em Brown ' s Cow loey . Goo . Gravediggers . Hey Rube . Juice-joint . Keester . Kid top . Kinker . Main stem . Markee . Mary ' s . Mitt joint . Necktie . Old folks . Paper . Punk . Ringmaster .. Rosin-backs . Shanty . Speeler . Tack Hammer . Thistle-chins . Tram-act . Wind-jammers . Yard . .Pass to main event .Sells balloons .Announcer for special events .Main tent .Boa constrictor .Reserve seats .Seller of live chameleons .Elephant .t.The art of short changing .Lions, tigers .Balloons .Fight .Zebras .Tickets .Cotton candy .Big boss .Snake charmer .Speed up the show .Clown .Mud .Hyenas .Call for Help .Lemonade stand .Manager ' s office .Side shows .Circus performer of lesser rank .Chief thoroughfare .Main entrance Mary Louise Strock ' s popcorn and peanut stand .Fortune telling show .Banners .Monkeys .Complimentary tickets .Beginner .Master of ceremonies .Horses of the bareback-riding acts .Electrician .Talker in front of kid top .Helping hand .Local residents .Act performed on mattress springs .Band .One dollar 59 Autographs Printed and bound by THE BURTCH PRINTING COMPANY Garrett, Ind. ' 1 28 2011 219802 5 7 00

Suggestions in the Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) collection:

Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Garrett High School - Aeolian Yearbook (Garrett, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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