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1936 Published by SENIOR CLASS GARRETT HIGH SCHOOL Garrett, India? ' " Ho-ho, " you say, " Just who are they To think they are so dignified? They ' re so stuck up, it hurts my pride To think that good old G. H. S. Would stand such snobs. I must confess The students should not stand for it. Such action isn ' t right or fit. " Yes, we ' ll admit It isn ' t fit To look on under-classmen so. But after four hard years, we know You ' ll think you sort of own the place. And try to show each admiring face That you are Master Know-it-all. Watch each new senior strut next fall. Thus, we make use Of this excuse. Perhaps it may explain to you Some " high-hat " things we say and do. Returning now to the main thing That this poem is supposed to bring — We are but an adventuring crew Leaving the port we so well knew. We ' ve set each sail; And wind and gale Can give this staunch ship no distress. It ' s manned by men of G. H. S. —R. H. THE AEOLIAN Published by SENIOR CLASS GARRETT HIGH SCHOOL Garrett, Indiana Prolog ue With the desire of making some ma- terial thing by which we could remember more vividly our high school experiences, the Senior Class of 1936 has produced this edition of the Aeolian. This yearbook is not the work of any one individual but it has been made possible through the cooperation of the entire high school. As editor, I wish to express my sincere appreciation of all efforts which in any way contributed to the success and completion of this Aeolian. Richard Homer. 1936 THE AEOLIAN-1936 Mr. Will Franks Mrs. Will Franks With deepest sincerity, respect, and reverence, we dedicate this volume of the Aeolian to Mr. Will Franks, better known as " Uncle Billy " , who, much to the sorrow of us all, brings to an end this year his long and colorful fifty-nine year career as a teacher, fifty years of which have been spent in Garrett schools; and to Mrs. Franks, who has kept him " on the job " for forty-eight of these years. Page Two PLANNERS OF WORK -WORKERS OF PLANS The Board of Education Dr. J. W. Thomson Dr. J. A. Clevenger D. B. Van Fleit Superintendent W. S. Painter A.B. Earlham College A.M. Columbia University " Practical, patient, persistent. Principal E. V. Minniear B.Pd., B.S., and M.S. Tri-State, Ball State, Indiana University, and University of Chicago. Civics, Economics, Business Law, and Salesmanship. " You do not know your possibili- ties — you have not been tried. " ' " ' " ' a " . • 4 Page Thi GUIDING Mr. Bateman Has B.S.A. degree. At- tended Purdue University. Teaches agriculture and biology. Assistant basket- ball and football coach. " Clean morals and good sportsmanship. " Mr. Coble Has A.B. degree. Attended Central Normal, Indiana University, and University of Wj sconsln . Teaches music and art. Miss Evard B.S. in Education degH Attended Ohio Norther Purdue University. Teach English and journalis. " Incidentally. " Mr. Franks Attended County Normal at Valparaiso. Teaches arithmetic and geography. " To work ami Jo right. " Miss Jennings Has A.B. degree. Attende Manchester College Teaches home economic: physical education, health spelling, and English " Nothing north while a gained without work. " FORCES Mr. Bryan B.S in Education degree- At ended Missouri State Tea cher ' s College, Kansas Un versity, and Chicago Un versity. Teaches Phy- S1C3 1 Education. Coach. Mrs Ellis Ha Ph.B. degree. Attended Un versity of Chicago, Tri- Sta te Normal, and Indiana Un versity. Teaches Latin, English, Library. Mrs. Fitch Has A.B. degree. Attended Franklin College, and Ma- rion Normal. Teaches Social Science. " ' Tis with our judgments as our watches. " Miss Harsh Has A.B. and M.A. degrees. Attended Indiana Univer- sity, University of Chi- cago, and State Normal. Teaches history and civics. Miss McKinley ended Has B.S. degn DePauw University, In- diana State Teacher ' s Col- lege, Ball State. Teaches home economics. " Try to get along with oth-r people. " Page Four Miss Montgomery las A.B. degree. Att nded ndiana University, anJ all State. Teaches corn- nercial subjects. Mr- Mr. Rose Has A.B. and A.M. degrees. Attended Indiana Central College, Indiana Univer- sity. Teaches geometry, al- gebra, general science, phy- sics, mechanical drawing. " A little learning— a lot of log ic. " Miss Thrush Has A.B. degree. Attended University of Chicago, and Harvard. Teaches English. " Life abundant. " Mr. Wilkinson Has A.B. and M.S. degrees. Attended DePauw Univer- sity, Ball State Teachers ' College, University of Chi- cago, and Indiana Univer- sity. Teaches math and physics. " One can never be what he ' s not now becom- Lucille Milks (Lucy) " Whose pleasant smile makes routine things worthwhile. " Mr. Morris Has A.B. degree. Attended Manchester College. Teaches general science, phvsiologv, and arithmetic. " You don ' t get something for nothing. " Mr. Sherman Has A.B. degree. Attended Manchester College, and Indiana University. Teaches chemistry and English. " Not what you think you are. but what you think, you are. " Miss Trimble Has A.B. degree. Attended DeP a u w University. Teaches English. " Do each Jar ' s task the best you Mr. Woodcox B.S. in Education degree. Attended Indiana State. Teaches Industrial Arts, Athletics. Coach Junior High. " Accuracy comes before speed. " Marjorie Nell (Marge) " Hears nothing, sees noth- ing, knows nothing — (ex- cept what she should.) " Page Vh THE CLASS HISTORY To the ninety-seven students who entered high school in the fall of 1932 were joined twenty-one more students at the beginning of the second semester. These two groups quickly blended their hopes and ambitions and began an eventful four years in Garrett High School. During their sophomore year, Miss Evard, the class sponsor, organized the class with Richard Houser as president. Under the guiding influence of these leaders and the motto, " Aut inveniam viam aut faciam, " ( " I shall either find a way or make one, " ) the group participated in many happy affairs. The third year was a delightful combination of willing work and happy events. Throughout the entire year the members of the class, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Ellis and the presidency of John Kooken, sold candy, ice cream, and gum in preparation for the " Annual Junior-Senior Banquet. " The Christmas party, and the Junior-Senior picnic, held at Trier ' s Park, added many happy pages to their book of life. Under the guidance of Mr. Sherman, sponsor, and George Omohundro, presi- dent, the seniors planned their Year-book with Richard Houser as editor-in-chief. The Junior-Senior banquet, the Senior class play, and the Junior-Senior picnic, sponsored by the class of 1937, will come as the crowning events of their high school life. The presentation of diplomas to seventy students at commence- ment will close the high school activities. CLASS POEM So to our Alma Mater now we say, " Farewell " , but ever in our hearts remain Fond memories of these glorious days of youth. When in these corridors, in these crowded halls We spent our happiest hours. And happy hours They were indeed. We well recall with smiles The everlasting struggle in the halls — The charging mob loosed at dismissal time — The milling crowds around the drinking fonts — The dogs and cats that entered unobserved — The nauseating odors from Room Four — The hair torn out in economics class — The sempiternal chatter everywhere — And these things in our memories are endeared, And shall endure as long as life is ours. — Ferguson Thomson Page Six Dewitt Alexander (Alex) Bible Club lj Glee Club 4. " When 1 Grow U ' . " Kenneth Anderson (Jack) " Little man, what now? " James Ballentine (Bailey) Booster 2; Athletics 3,4; Track 3,4; Basketball 1 ; Football 4. " Out for No Good. " Ruth Beeber Dramatics; Gle Home Ec. Club. " It is nice to he when one is n atural unify Reinhart Bergstedt (Riney ) cretary 2; Drama Science 4; Hi-Y 2, " Alone " 3, secretary 4. Alice Alford (Tub) Hobby Club 2; Bible Club 2; G. R. 2, vice-president 3, 4; Drama 2, 3, 4; Vice- president 3. " It ' s swell. " Lois Babbitt (Pee Wee) G. R. 2,3, treasurer 4; Glci Club 4; Drama 2. " You ' ll Never Know. " Florence Barbillion (Frenchy) Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; G. R. 2, 3, 4; Drama 2,3, secre- tary - treasurer 4; " The Jade Ring " 4. " How Jo I look? " Everett Beehler (Dutch) Booster 2; Athletics 2; Hi-Y 3, 4; Bible Club 3, 4; Maroon and Blue 3; Drama 4; Glee Club 1, 2. " Little man. you ' re had a busy day. " Earl Bishop (Bish) Basketball 2, 3, 4; football 4; Athletics I, 2, 3, 4. " Ah, what would this world be if women were Page Seven Valetta Bloom (Puss) Bible Club 2; G. R. 2, 3, president 4; Drama 2, 3, 4, Class treasurer 2; Financial chairman 3 ; Vice-presi- dent 4 " Sboo in ' High. " Charles Brinkman (Charlie) Athletics 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Rhythm Club 2, 3; Foot- ball 4. " For he was a jolly good fellow. " Mary Carlin (Garfy) Glee Club 2; Drama 2; Class Treasurer 2. " ; feel like a feather in tin breeze. " Max Cattell (Mac) Future Farmers 3, 4; Hi-Y I, 2; Live Stock Judging Team 3, 4. ■Roll on Ming tin Glenn Corkwell (Corky) Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; foot- ball 1, 2, 3; Athletic Club 2, 3, 4. " A kingdom for a basket- ball. " Page Eight Florence Borts (Flossie) G. R. 2, 3, 4; Drama 3, 4. " What about me? " Delmar Brown (Dell) Track 4. " In My Solitude Max Case (Casey) Football 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Hi-Y 2; Ath- letics 3, 4. " What a man! " Franklin Cole (Frank; Maroon and Blue 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4. " Mr. ant! Mrs. Is the Name. " 3ernadetta Dean (Dot) Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 4; Maroon and Blue 2, 3, 4; Class Treas- urer 3; Class Secretary 4. ' Full of fun and mischief too, doing things she shouldn ' t do. " LOURELEI DEPEW (Tillie) Booster Club 2; Girl Re- serves 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4. " Speech is great but silence is greater. " Harlan Ditmars (Bus) Radio 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, I; Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Football I, 2, 3, 4. " He seems quiet — but do we know him? " Evelyn Ford Girl Reserves 3; Dr " Quiet, but not asleep. " Gladys Furnish Girl Reserves 3, 4. " A violet beside a Lenore Hassinger (Norie) Girl Reserves 2, 4; Bible Club 1, 2, 3. " It will be pleasant to re- member her hereafter. " Velma Diederich (Velm) Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Girl Re- serves 2, 3; Home Ec. Club 2; Maroon Blue 3; " The Jade Ring " 4. " Cheerfulness is the fore- runner of happiness. " James Dove (Jimmy) Radio Club 4; Chorus 4. " For he leas ambitions. " Paul Freygang (Frey) Football 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 2, 3, 4, President 4; Bas- ketball 3; Track 3; Ma- rocn Blue 3; Hi-Y 4. " Give him a topic, then watch his tongue fly. " Robert Gerner (Bob) Glee Club 1, 2; Athletic Club 3,4; Maroon Blue 4; Booster Club 2. " I never be as funny as ' Merle Hathaway (Spud) " Because a man doesn ' t say much is no sign he has nothing to say. " Beatrice Hauck (Bea) Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Social Service Work 4; Maroon Blue 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4. " It ' s been so long. " Louis Hyde (Louie) Athletic Club 3, 4; Basket- ball 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4. " An athlete in the eyes of the world. " Raymond Johoski (Ray) Boys ' Glee Club 3. 4; Booster Club 2. " He says little, but thinks much. " Lucille Kock (Lue) Booster Club 2. " Flower in the cranni wall. " John Kooken (Johnnie) Bible Study Club 1; Science Club 2; Hi-Y 3, Vice-president 3; Drama- tics 4; Maroon Blue 3; Class Secretary 2; Aeolian Business Mgr. 4; Class President 3; " The Jade Ring " 4. " But how hath she re- ceived his love. " Richard Houser (Dick) Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Or- chestra 3, 4; Maroon ui Blue 4; Science Club 1; Class President 2; Aeolian Editor 4; " The Jade Ring " 4. " A serious mind behind „ bright exterior. " Margaret Hyde (Parg) Glee Club 1, 2, 4. " Her words are trusty heralds to her mind. " Harold Koble (Kibibbal) Hi-Y 2; Radio Club 2; Booster Club 2; Hobby Club 3; Athletic Club 3; Dramatics 4. " Boys such as he make the world go ' round. " Robert Koepke (Kep) Rhythm Club 2, 3; Hi-Y 2; Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3. 4. " An unquenchable spirit. " Richard Lung (Dick) Dramatics 4; Mixed Chor- us 4; Maroon Blue 4; Booster Club 2; Radio Club 1. 2; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2. " He thinks lofty thoughts. " Page Ten Lydia Markins (Johnnie) Girl Reserves 2, 3. " There k language in her eye, her cheek, her lip. " Dale Nixon (Pup) Athletic Club 2; Hobby Club 2; Dramatics I; Radio 1; Hi-Y I. " A sheep in wolf ' s cloth- ing " Opal Olinger (O-Pal) Girl Re :, 3, 4, pro- gram chairman 3 ; Drama- tics 2, 3, 4, vice-president 4; Girls Glee Club I, 4 Maroon Blue 3,4; " The Jade Ring " 4. " Full of the milk of hu- man kindness: ' William Ort (Bill) Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 4; " The Jade Ring " 4. " Eat, Inc. and cat some Harold Rahrig (Red) Football 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 4, Athletic Club 2, 3, 4. " A diamond in the routh. " John Nagle (Fibber) Athletic Club 4; Drama- tics 3, 4; Maroon Blue 4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Bas- ketball Team Manager 4. " What is so rare? " Mildred Ober (Mil) Girl Reserves 4; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 2; Ma- roon Blue 4; Radio Club " A very di, up. " ihed make- George Omohundro (Omo) Dramatics 4; Science 2; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-presi- dent 3, 4; Maroon St. Blue 3, 4, Editor 4; Class Presi- dent 4; " The Jade Ring " 4. " O thou dids ' t kill me, kill me once again. " Catherine Rahrig (Kate) Girl Reserves 2, 3; Drama- tics 2, 3,4; Home Ec. Club 4. " But Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom. " Mary Lou Rettig (Kate) Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Maroon Blue 2, 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 3. " Time well invested pays rich dividends " Page Eleven Arthur Reusze (Palsey) Drama 5, 4; Future Farm- ers 3, 4; Live Stock Judg- ing Team 4. ' ' Nature in the Raw. " Dorcas Roseman Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Dr 4; Girl Reserves 3. " No better be there i where. " Fred Schick (Chicken) Glee Club 4; Drama 4. " 1 page Miss Glory. " Harry Shaffer (Hank) Future Farmers 3; Boys ' Rhythm Club 4. " Wa Hoo! " Floyd Sommers (Pinkie) " I ' m in the Mood for Love. " Arthur Roberts (Art) Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio 4; Orchestra 4; Bible Club 3. " Small But Mighty. " Jeanne Sanders (Sandy) Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Drama 3, 4; Maroon Blue 3, 4; Band 4; Drum Majoress. " I ' m Sitting High. " Ruth Schulthess (Sodie) Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Drama 2, 3, 4; Maroon Blue 2. " Around the Corner and Under the Tree. " Treva Smith (T-T) Booster Club I; Girl Re- serves 2; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4; A ' Capella Choir 4; Maroon Blue 4. " This Little Piggy Went to Market. " Russell Starner (Pood) " At Your Service. Madam. " Page Tiveh Walter Stoll (Bud) Radio Club 2; Bible Stud 3; Athletic Club 3; Hi-l 4. " On the Lone Prairie " Helen Tarlton (Fishcake) Dramatics Club 4; Girl Reserve 3. " Who ' s Afraid of the Bi Bad Wolf. " Jane Trainer (Spitfire) Dramatics Club 3, 4; Booster Club 2; Girl Re- serves 3, 4, Program Chair- man 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Maroon Blue 1, 2, 3; " The Jade Ring " 4. " I Love Me. " Charles Watts (Charley) Hi-Y 2, 4; Dramatics 4: " Tie Me to Your Apron Strings. " Ruth Wisenbaugh (Ruthie) Maroon Blue 4; Girl Re- serve 4; Bible Study 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4. " Sophisticated Lady. " Virginia Stoner (V-A) Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Dram- atics 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 1. " The Broken Record. " Ferguson Thomson (Tear ' em Up!) Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4; Instrumental Ensemble 2; Assistant Edi- tor of Aeolian 4; " The Jade Ring " 4. " The Music Goes ' Round and ' Round. " Treva Turney (Snookie) Glee Club 2, 3; Drama- tics 2, 3, 4; Girl Re- serves 3 ; " The Jade Ring " 4. ' Thanks a Million. " Alma Whelan (Babe) Girl Reserve 4. " On a Bicycle Built for Two. " Richmond Woodard (Richie) Athletic Club I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3; Football 3, 4: Track 2, 3. " You ' ve Cot to be a foot- ball Hero. " Page Thirteen SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the senior class of 1936, do hereby will and bequeath our little idiosyncrasies which have been with us throughout our four years at G. H. S. We hope that those to whom these treasures are bequeathed will cherish the m and put them to good use. I, John Kooken, will my dimples to Jack Barnes, and may he never be called " Dim- ples. " I, Ferguson Thomson, will my hilarious spirit to someone who is inclined to look too much on the serious side of life. To some girl who has dark hair and does not blush, do I, Charles Watts, will my fair hair and unlucky art of blushing. I, Valetta Bloom, will my silver football and basketball trophies with A. H. S. to anyone who thinks she can get the owner away from me. I, George Omohundro, will my position as " Parson of the Class " to anyone who can write a class poem like mine. I, John Nagle, will my position as student manager of the basketball team to the person who will work diligently at it. We, Paul Freygang and Jane Trainer, do hereby will and bequeath our loquacious ten- dencies to the entire student body. Look what i t did for us. We, Virginia Stoner and Florence Barbillion, will our palship to Kay Franklin and Helen Jones. I, Jeanne Sanders, will my curly red hair to all those people who have envied it, either silently or audibly. I, Margaret Hyde, will my unusual nickname, " Parg " , to all the Margarets in school. We, Glenn Corkwell and Bernadetta Dean, will the fun we have in Economics on discussion days to any other boy and girl who sit together next year. I, Franklin Cole, will everything I have drawn in my high school days to the school, if it wants the drawings. This includes my prize-winning home room poster. I, Dale Nixon, will my position as the fastest boy-typist to any person who doesn ' t make too many errors. I, Alice Alford, will my nickname, " Tub " , to Marjorie Ballentine. It will fit her as well as it fits me. I, Earl Bishop, will my position as center on the basketball team to someone on next year ' s squad who will work efficiently. I, Charles Brinkman, will myself to a dark haired sophomore girl. I, Lenore Hassinger, will the remains of my chemistry equipment to Mary Micu. I, Robert Gerner, will my position as sports editor to someone who will write inter- esting articles. I, Harold Koble, will my vari-colored mixtures in chemistry to the person who is willing to take a chance. I, Gladys Furnish, will my quiet ways to the people who make the assembly so noisy at noon. I, Raymond Johoski, will my singing ability to next year ' s boys ' glee club. I, Louis Hyde, will my Economics test grades that are just like my cousin ' s to two other cousins. I, Beatrice Hauck, will my ambition to be a nurse to someone worthy of the cause. I, Richard Houser, will nothing away. I want to keep all I have. (Even stale gum, Dick?) I, Walter Stoll, will my L. C. Smith typewriter to some patient person. I, Max Case, will my position as the person with shortest name in the class to Alex- ander Yanuszeski. I, Mary Carlin, will my idea of contrasts in boy-friends to Lois Russd. I, Delmar Brown, will to my brother anything I have that he wants. Page fourteen I, Florence Borts, will my ready smile to some freshman who will make good use of it. I, Reinhart Bergstedt, will my ability in Chemistry and Physics to someone who can use it. I, Everett Beehler, will my big, brown eyes to some dark-haired girl. I, Ruth Beeber, will my position as queen of the North Side to Lucille McPheeters. I, James Ballentine, will my " different " way of speaking to Pauline Busz. I, Lois Babbitt, will to my little sister one-half of the knowledge I have acquired while in school. I, Kenneth Anderson, will my seat nearest the door in Economics to anyone who likes to get out early. I, Max Cattell, will my seat in Economics to someone who thinks he is liable to get cold. I, Velma Diedrick, will my sparkling eyes to some sleepy sophomore. I, Lourelei DePew, will my infrequent, but charming smile to some pupil who tries to act " big " . I, Harlan Ditmars, will my ability to run a mile to next year ' s track team. I, James Dove, will the flutter I caused among the girls to the next person who enters these doors as a stranger. I, Evelyn Ford, will my car to my little sister. I, Merle Hathaway, will my blush that I exhibited once in English to someone who can make better use of it than I did. I, Lucille Kock, will my blond hair to any person who has to use hair dyes. I, Richard Lung, will my airplane models to the trophy case. I, Lydia Markins, will my absent days from school to some methodical person. I, Mildred Ober, will my ability to wear blue to someone who can not. I, Opal Olinger, will my dramatic ability to Ardith Harrigar. She has a good start. I, Bill Ort, will my horn in the band to Jerome Heinlen, if he can get it from Robert Herberger. I, Mary Lou Rettig, will my interest in Missouri to the Missourians. I, Dorcas Roseman, will my low voice to some would-be soprano. We, Harold and Catherine Rahrig, will each other anything we have wanted that the other had. We, Arthur Reusze and Arthur Roberts, will our cars to anyone who won ' t wreck them. I, Fred Schick, will my hard-to-spell name to the office force. I, Ruth Schulthess, will my height to Barbara Freeze. I, Harry Shaffer, will my spectacular chemistry experiments to the next class. I, Treva Smith, will my job in room five to someone who can say " Music to be left in the room " in an effective manner. I, Floyd Somers, will my quiet manner to Ben Franklin. I, Helen Tarlton, will my dark hair and fair skin to someone who admires the com- bination. I, Treva Turney, will my good picture to someone from Auburn. I, Alma Whelan, will my ready smile to the person who will take good care of it. I, Ruth Wisenbaugh, will my ambition to be the first woman president to some con- scientious girl who would like to be second. I, Richmond Woodard, will my track ability to someone who will help win the cup for Garrett. I, Russell Starner, will my " cookie duster " to Finley Custer. I, Robert Koepke, will my ability to see a joke to Earl Sledge. I, DeWitt Alexander, bequeath my interchangeable name to James Russel. The entire Senior Class leaves a great affection for our school. We hope that each person will cherish this gift as each of us has. We hereby set our seal upon this document this 27th day of March, 193 6. SENIOR CLASS (Bernadetta Dean) Page Fifteen JUNIORS BACK ROW: Keith Murray, LeRcy Drews, Delberc Dannenberg, Lloyd Peters, Joseph Pepple, Harry Freeze. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Kistler, Robert Traster, Thomas Johoski, Paul Jenkins, Gilbert Snook, Russell DeVeny, Joseph Hunter, Richard Murley, Franklin Kelly, Charles Miller, Finley Custer, Donald Clark, John Brennan, Richard Weaver, fames Griffin, James Redmond, Earl Sledge. THIRD ROW: Arthur Wilmot, Dorothy Koble, John Roseman, Marguerite Dirr, Gene Byers, Lor- raine Moran, Helen Tibbals, Lois Diehl, Corrine Millhouse, Geraldine Wetosky, Marie Kettering, Lois Burtch, Elizabeth Stroh, Grace Burns, Ruth Griffin. Elsie Yarde, Dorothy Hillegass, Thelma Saxer, Charles Trovin- ger, Beverly Burtch. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Spencer, Dolores Jenkins, Lowell Cole, Harry Pettit, June Downend, Grace Weller, Ora Wappes, Edith Bruno, Virginia Fratila, Imogene Hall, Betty Bachtal, Pauline Busz, Betty Brown, Margaret Smith, Helen Jones, Marie Noel, Florence Carlin, Marvene Lewis, June Campbell. FIRST ROW: Madeline Creager, Treva Rahrig, Helen Rowe, Lucille McPheeters, Violet Heitz, Harold McNabb, John Spencer, Charles Ervin, Paul Hochstettlcr, ' Donald Clabaugh, Donald Painter, Barbara Van Fleit, Nathan McCully, Peggy Owens, Merle Childers, Richard ReiTner. SOPHOMORES BACK ROW: Rob. Tarlton, Eugene Strange. FOURTH ROW: Berni Betty Ballentine, Kalista Bach Donald Diederick, Robert Hei THIRD ROW John Wagner, Merl Naomi Shreve, Dor Reneman, Esther Olive. SECOND ROW: Mary Helen Hyde, Eil Marcella McCorkel, Ha Koepke, Harriet Bohler, 1, Kathleen Hendrickson, J erger, John Douglas, Benjai Severly Barnes, Robert Van Lear, D. Anderson, Edward Runion, Elizabe Bowmar, Ardith Harrigar, Kathrv ;r, Marjorie Ballentine. Betty Abram, Betty Neighborgall n Stuckman, Ruth Baker, Bern 1 Minto, Blanche Hathaway, Vii Jttilee Hall, Marie Blair, Alexander Yanuszeski, rome Heinlen, Eugene Startler, Melvin Schendel, ,m Franklin, Frank Omohundro, Olive Minniear. •othv Fenstemaker, Harl Brown, Veda Baysinger, i Hopkins, Barbara Worman, Rosemary Snyder, McDaniel, Ruth Shaffer, John Sapp, Virginia th Custer, Geneva Warstler, wnend, Margaret McKinley, ry Denes, Annabelle Treesh, irginia Foley, Ri Mille , Edna D ia Ka nmerer M Majane Patterson, Marjorie Wiler, Iona Diederick, Doris Fuller, Francis Smith. FIRST ROW: Richard Brcchbill, Bufcrd Francis, Paul Smith, Lee Hughes, Charles Hamrr Alford, Dean McBride, Robert Corkwell, Darrell Marr, Joan Umbenhower, Mary Jo Behler, Jear Catherine Gallatin, Helen Ervin, DeVella Sleek, Mary Blackburn, Mary Midi, Mildred Millhouse. Leor Redn Page Sixteen CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 5 — First day of school. 20 — Portland football game there. 27 — Decatur game here. OCTOBER 4 — Columbia City game here. 5 — G. R. Conference at Kendallville. 1 1 — Hicksville game there. 1 5 — Hi-Y basketball party. 18 — Bronson, Michigan, game there. 2 5 — Central Catholic game here. 29 — Muck crop show. NOVEMBER 1 — G. R. bake sale. 2 — Auburn game there. 5-6 — Hi-Y benefit show " Little Amer- ica. " 20 — Hi-Y basketball party. 22 — Fremont basketball game here. We won 46-9. 27 — Albion game here. We won 37-11. DECEMBER 6 — Columbia City there. 9 — Psi Iota Xi, Senior girls ' tea. 1 1 — Junior class party. 12 — G. R. sandwich sale. 13 — Angola game there. We won 23-20. 14 — G. R. Christmas party. 14 — Pleasant Lake game. We won 3 5-4. 19 — Central Catholic game. We won 29-28. 20 — Warsaw game. They won 2 5-16. 21 — Junior High School Christmas Carol Service. JANUARY 2 — Hi-Y, F. F. A. basketball party. 8 — Bluffton game there. They won 31-45. 1 1 — Waterloo here. We won. 17 — Butler here. We won. 1 8 — Ashley there. They won. 24 — Auburn here. They won 30-20. 3 1 — Kendallville here. We won. FEBRUARY 1 — Hamilton forfeits game to us. 7 — Huntertown here. We won. 8 — Churubusco game there. We won. 11 — Maroon Blue staff party. 14 — Decatur game there. They won. 1 5 — LaGrange here. We won. 2 1 — Ligonier there. We won. 2 8 — A villa here. We won. MARCH 5-6-7 — Sectional Tourney. Auburn won. 19 — Dramatics Club play party. 28— Hi-Y party. APRIL 1 — G. R. April Fools ' party. 2 — Hi-Y, F. F. A. dad ' s party. 5 — Annual High School Music Fes- tival. MAY 3 — G. R. Alumni party. 14-15— " The Jade Ring. " 15-17 — Annual Art Exhibit. 17 — Baccalaureate Services. 18 — Junior-Senior banquet. 20 — Class Day. 2 1 — Commencement. 2 2 — Picnic. School closes. Page Seventeen NINTH GRADE ROW FOUR (Back): Kenneth Kammerer, Juanita Brinkman, Audrey Feagler, Marguerette Anderson, Evelyn Dove, Katheryne Franklin, Freda Chester, Leila Sapp, Lennie Mae Thompson, Lois Russell, Sarah Rensberger, Lillian Rowe, Betty Squier, Betty Hall, Phyllis Stuckman, Louise Woodard, Dorothy Wappes, Virginia Rugman, Lowella Turnbull, Kathryn Brogan, William Stonestreet, ' John Grimm, ROW THREE: Floride Clark, Joan Hyler, Dorothy Wagner, Betty Stonestreet, LaVila Diederich, Joan Kelham, Winifred Davis, Irene Muzzillo, Doris Ford, Marijeanne Grant, Jean Brennan, Rose Marie Dreher, Jane Derrick, Corriene Traxler, Margaret Stansburv, Betty Smurr, ' Mary Pearson, Maxine Bowman, Betty Miller, Betty Wise, Norma Smith, Ruth Kearns, Marie Ervin, Jane Schulthess, Delmar Smith. ROW TWO: Earl Schulthess, Edith Clemens, Barbara Freeze, Margaret Snyder, Doyle Marr, Ralph Turtle, Clyde Lewis, James Russell, Dale Bowman, Dale Haffner, William Creagar, John Haynes, James Herzer, Melvin Parker, James Griffin, Don Stroll, Robert Kearns, Kenneth Kruger, Prudence Freygang, Vir- giene Benzel, Mary Erickson, Kenneth Pepple. ROW ONE: Gerald-Bogear, William McKinlcy, LaVon Kimpel, Robert Cramer, LeRoy Stoll, Merwyn Greene, Maurice Snyder, Harvey Hochstetler, Kenneth Wisenbaugh, James Papenfus, Laurel Jenkins, Robert Riccius, Frank Eldridge, George Talley, Leo Lung, William Kock, Richard Likens, James Richmond, William Getz, Royal Doster. EIGHTH GRADE ROW ONE: Robert Zeller, Raymond Ballentine, Howard Dean, Douglas Warfield, Melvon Moody, Robert Hendrickson, Kenneth Yingling, Vance Smith, Leo Morris, William- Thompson, Max Brown, Gene Carper, Arthur Warner, Earl Richmond, Glen Getz, Daryl Dalrymple, ' Roger Whirledge, Roger Gordon, Eugene Rowe. ROW TWO: Max Hill, James Alford, Billie Van Fleit, Robert Conkle, Matthew Andrews, Charles White, Kenneth Hopkins, Alfonso Doster. Allen Porter, Robert Gallatin, Dale Hart, Robert Widner, Royce Rose, John Neague, Mary Marti, Miriam Parker. ROW THREE: Elizabeth McConnell, Naomi Newman, Zella Pulver, Martha Pepple, Betty Taylor, Laura White, Norma Case, Ellen Jamison, Helen Burns, Estella Starner, Marie Case, Irene B ' idwell, Betty Vallance, Dorothy Wise, Thais Johnston, Winifred Brady, Phyllis Hampshire, Jeanette Moats, Elaine Wilfong, Lois Meyer, Elaine Houser. ROW FOUR: Virginia Burns, Grace Oliver, Miriam Voorhees, Marcia Crowl, Cleophus Smith, Josephine Redman, Mary Sleek, Iona Bond, Maxine Watson, Marcella Van Lear, Betty Rahrig, Doris Dickson, Alma Fuller, Joanna Franks, Loretta Schendel, Beatrice Gilbert, Jean Ellington, Meredith Walters, Fara Lee Pearson. SEVENTH GRADE ROW ONE: William Oliver, Radis Vice, Walter Newman, Roger Neighborgall, Charles Freeze, Gordon Dills, Charles Simcox, William Snyder, Joe Myers, Donald Furnish, Harry Bohler, Edward Harwood, Robert Cross, Don Schulthess, Frederic Cooper, Roger Tuck, Stanley Rose, Jack DeVeny. ROW TWO: Cecelia Barrels, Marjorie Nodine, Martha Lower, Ruth Mountz, Betty Bertsch, DeRoyal Penland, Annabelle O ' Brian, Nina Childers, Doris Claybaugh, Morgan Mosley, Ernest Penzin, Walter Burtch, Paul Shaffer, Joseph Runion, Jack Barnes, John Parvu, Harry Schendel, Ralph Andrews, Robert Andrews. ROW THREE: Kathryn Rider, Dora Sarber, Lois King, Mary Bloom, Martha McKinley, Bonnie Hazeltine, Mary Moody, Alma Bowlby, Phyllis Mann, Margaret Hamm, Dorothy Schulthess, Fay Kalafat, Meredith Holsinger, Ila Warner, Dorothy Brown, Margaret Erickson, Ella Noel, Lorraine Babbitt, Joan Mowry, Elaine Lewis, Zoa Hamm, Dorothy Roberts. ROW FOUR: Patricia Gelhausen, Kathryn Miller, Dorothy Yingling, Betty Zerns, Doris Freeman, Rebecca Marti, Eleanor Souder, Grace Baysinger, Eileen Zinn, Mary Roberts, Bettyrose Cerasale, Henrietta Bogear, Mildred McPheeters, Gladys Zinn, Mary Whelan, Mark Milks, Jeanette Chester, Kathleen Connor. Page Eighteen HOW WELL I REMEMBER (A Composite Story) I shall never forget the day we left the Will Franks building and came to the High School. We were a little happy and a little sad. We had been looking forward to this day as a very special day and here it was. Oh, we were so excited. We started to march, but most of us ran to the High School. It was an icy day; all the way books, pencils, ink bottles, and children were falling down. High school pupils were peeking out of the windows to get a glimpse of the ones they would have to see for the next few years. We wondered, " What will it be like? Where will we go? What will we do? Will we get lost? I ' m sure we ' ll get lost in there; look at all those seats. " Everybody ' s chest seemed to expand about three inches. We thought we were " quite somebody " , but later we found out that we were only ourselves. When we got into the assembly room I wondered if that were our room, but I discovered later that we were not quite that important. I was quite afraid of Mr. Minniear at first; when we were seated he said that it was the quietest that pupils had come into the assembly for a long time. (Now I know the reason why.) He gave us a wonderful speech on how to act. Every minute held some new experience for us. The first day was the worst. We were always afraid that we would not reach our classrooms on time. The first week or two we spent all our spare time looking at the pictures in the halls. I felt rather queer walking in the halls with all the big " kids " like Case and the others. It was just like a fair when dismissal time came with 500 pupils trying to get through the halls to go home. It wasn ' t as bad as I thought it would be. We were treated very kindly. Most of us are pleased here and have appreciated the kindness and courtesy shown us. JUNIOR HIGH PUPILS. ACTIVITIES A ' CAPELLA CHOIR The Garrett High A Capella Choir in which both boys and girls participate, has, since its innovation, been substituted for the Boys ' Glee Club. A ' Capella singing, although more difficult, is more beautiful and pure than most vocal music because no accompani- ment is used. The members of the choir have found this type of music novel and pleasant and hope the choir will be continued as an extra curricular activity. BAND Although the band has been organized for several years, it had done no marching until this season. Attired in simple but attractive uniforms, the band appeared at most home basketball games and two of the out-of-town games, marching at the intermissions. The success of the band this year was due largely to the efforts of Fred Casner, the conductor. Jeanne Sanders was the drum major, and Joseph Brinkerhoff was the assistant conductor. BIBLE STUDY CLUB The Bible Study Club meets regularly at the activity period on Thursday under the leadership of Mr. Sherman. The state study guide is used, and each year one of the four sections into which it divides the English Bible is studied. The Life of Christ is this year ' s unit. Members who attend regularly and do satisfactory work for two years receive one credit in elective English. THE BLUE TRIANGLE The Blue Triangle Club was organized three years ago under the direction of Miss Montgomery. Its members are limited to Freshman girls and its purpose is to prepare them ifor worthy membership in the Girl Reserves, the following year. Its present officers are: Kathryn Franklin, President; Dorothy Wagner, Secretary; Betty Stonestreet, treasurer; and Miss McKinley, sponsor. DRAMA CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Fitch throughout thirteen years of existence the Drama Club is still active. The aim and purpose of the organization is to teach its members self-expression and to give them instruction in dramatic art. Three plays were written and produced by members of the club and directed by the student coaches. Under the very excellent leadership of Mrs. Fitch the club has enjoyed a successful and interesting year. The parties and good times enjoyed by the club will be a source of pleasant remem- brance. The officers of ' 35 and ' 36 are: President, Paul Freygang; Vice-President, Opal din- ger; Secretary and Treasurer, Florence Barbillion; Program Chairman, Jane Trainer; Sponsor, Mrs. Fitch. FRESHMAN BOYS ' CLUB This club is open to all freshman boys, and each year about twenty-five freshmen enroll. The four sided emblem reminds the boys that the aim is to develop socially, men- tally, morally, and physically; the white center emphasizes the need for spiritual culture as a foundation for all other worthwhile qualities. The motto is: " Forward with Bravery and Courage. " FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying Voca- tional Agriculture. It is designed to recognize and encourage the natural tendencies of Page Twenty boys to organize themselves into groups and put enthusiasm and pleasure in their work. It affords an opportunity for farm boys to learn principals and carry out group leadership, and to cooperate in farm projects. The purposes of the organization are: to promote vocational agriculture, create an interest in the choice of agriculture occupations, to provide recreational and educational entertainment for farm boys, and to promote thrift among its members. The local organization helps to promote the County Muck Crops Show, the County Fair, a Livestock Judging team, and a Corn Judging team. It uses as its motto the following: Learning to do; doing to learn; earning to live; and living to serve. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB The Girls ' Glee Club of Garrett High School is one of its most active and enjoyable organizations. The girls of the club, in a period of combined recreation and study, learn to read and understand music, signing it in two and three-part harmony. The music, selected by the director, is combined with that of the other Garrett music clubs and presented in an annual spring concert. GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves have participated actively in the affairs of Garrett High School since 1924. The Club is affiliated with the National Y. W. C. A. and endeavors to teach the girls " To find and give the best " in the business of living. Seventy-six members under the leadership of Valetta Bloom, president; Peggy Owens, vice-president; Marie Noel, sec- retary; Lois Babbit, treasurer; Jane Trainer, program chairman; Beatrice Hauck, service chairman; Helen Jones, social chairman, and Miss Thrush, sponsor, comprise the organi- zation. THE HI-Y CLUB Our purpose is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. Officers: Donald Painter, president; George Omo- hundro, vice-president; Reinhart Bergstedt, secretary; Richard Houser, treasurer. Our sponsor is Mr. Wilkinson. Six delegates represented our chapter at the Older Boys ' Con- ference. Six local pastors gave lectures during the six weeks of Lent. MAROON AND BLUE STAFF The Maroon and Blue Staff has completed a very successful year under the supervision of its sponsor, Miss Evard. The paper which is published every four weeks occupies an " A " position in the National Mimeograph Exchange. The staff made an extensive study of school departments, recreation, and vocations to which various issues of the Maroon and Blue were dedicated. George Omohundro is the editor with Donald Painter as assistant. ORCHESTRA The orchestra, under the direction and supervision of Mr. Coble, this year is com- posed of about twenty pieces. In spite of several handicaps, they developed themselves into a musical organization which played before the public on various occasions, and took part in the annual program at the gymnasium in April. RADIO CLUB— W9LTU Purpose is to study radio. Objective is to become licensed amateurs. Founded in 1930 and has 19 active members. Has graduated about 3 members of whom 10 were licensed operators. The club visits TOTO and WGL each year as one of its activities. Officers: Richard Brechbill, president; Russell DeVeny, secretary-treasurer. Page Twenty-one ROW 3 (standing): Richard Houser, Lowell Cole, Arthur O k t Roberts, Joseph Brinkerhofr. ROW 2: Gerald Lawhead, Robert Gallatin, Ferguson Thom- son, Mr. Coble, Royce Rose, Douglas Warfield. ROW 1: Dorothy Brown, Doris Dickson, Elizabeth Hopkins, Olive Minniear, Ru:h Kennedy, Josephine Redman, Lois Meyer. A ' Capella Choir ROW 3 (back): James Richmond, Jerome Heinlen, Harry Shaffer, Gerald Bogear, Raymond- Johoski, Harold Rahrig, Richard Lung, Franklin Cole, James Dove, DeWitt Alexander, Fred Schick, Lowell Cole, Richard Weaver. ROW 2: Virginia Foley, Betty Brown, Betty Neighborgall, Betty Abrams, Katherine Franklin, Freda Chester, Ruth Shaffer, Treva Smith, Joan Hyler. ROW 1 : Joan Kelham, Audrey Feagler, Betty Miller, Grace Burns, Leila Sapp, Jane Detrick, Dorothy Fenstermaker, LaVila Deiderich. ri ■ I » ROW 5 (back): Mr. Coble, Betty Miller, Ruth Custer, Virginia Renemen, Opal Olinger, Pauline Busz, Mildred Ober, C3 I 6 6 Club Betty Neighborgall, Betty Abrams, Freda Chester, Ruth Shaffer, Helen Jones, Jean Brennan. ROW 4: LaVila Deiderich, Joan Hyler, Margaret Stansbury, Beverly Barnes, Betty Brown, Mary Jo Behler, Treva Smith, Dorothy Koble, Lois Diehl, Marijean Grant, Dorothy Fenster- maker, Edna Downend, Virginia Foley. ROW 3 : Jane Trainer, Barbara Van Fleit, Imogene Hall, Vir- ginia Stoner, Catharine Gallatin, Mary Micu, Bernadetta Dean, Rose Marie Dreher, Margaret Hyde, June Campbell, Dorothy Warfield, Ora Wappes. ROW 2: Peggy Owens, Lois Babbitt, Dorothy Bowmar, Ar- dith Harrigar, Florence Barbillion, Olive Minniear, Barbara Wor- man, Leila Sapp, Bernice Koepke, Harriet Bohler. ROW 1: Lorraine Moran, Helen Tibbals, Lucille McPheeters, Gene Byers, Mary Lou Rettig, Grace Burns, Joan Kelham. Page Twenty-two Twenty-three BACK ROW: Evelyn Dove, Lavila Diederick, Betty Miller, n I I j r Mary Erickson, Betty Smurr, Miss McKinley, Lois Russell, Betty w Squier, Louise Woodard, Mary Pearson. T R I A Kl fn I F FOURTH ROW: Barbara Freeze, Betty Hall, Audrey Feag- ler, Jane Schulthess, Mary Ruth Brown, Prudence Freygang, Jean Brennan, Sarah Rensberger, Lillian Rowe, Winifred Davis. THIRD ROW: Marie Ervin, Beverly Barnes, Joan Hyler, Juanita Brinkman, Rose Marie Dreher, Freda Chester, Margaret Stansbury, Dorothy Fenstermaker. SECOND ROW: Ruth Kearns, Virgiene Benzel, Virginia Rugman, Irene Muzzillo, Margaret Snyder. FIRST ROW: Lennie Mae Thompson, Norma Smith, Betty Wise, Marijean Grant, Katherine Franklin, Corrine Traxler, Betty Stonestreet, Dorothy Wagner. GIRLS RESERVE BACK ROW: Ardith Harrigar, Doris Bowmar, Ruth Schulthess, June Downend, Lourelei DePew, Olive Minniear, Kathryn McDaniel, Marie Blair, Doris Fuller, Francis Smith, Mildred Millhouse, Devella Sleek, Florence Bortz, Madeline Creager, Treva Rahrig, Ruth Baker, Bernice Miller. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Worman, Marvene Lewis, Mary Helen Hyde, Ruth Griffin, Mary Jo Beehler, Lois Diehl, Veda Baysinger, Elizabeth Hopkins, Edna Downend, Joan Umbenhower, Catherine Gallatin, Jean Redman, June Campbell, Rutheda Bidwell, Elsie Yarde, Dorothy Hillegas, Miss Thrush. THIRD ROW: Lenore Hassinger, Dot Dean, Jeanne Sanders, Barbara Van Fleit, Hazel Minto, Mary Denes, Mary Micu, Dorothy Warfield, Naomi Shreve, Kalista Bachtal, Kathleen Hendrickson, Geneva Warstler, Helen Irvin, Corrine Millhouse, Majane Patterson, Helen Tibbals. SECOND ROW: Mary Leu Rettig, Pauline Busz, Opal Olinger, Harriet Bohler, Bernice Koepke, Margaret McKinley, Virginia Stoner, Mary Blackburn, Eleanor Spencer, Marguerite Dirr, Dorothy Koble, Geraldine Wetosky. FIRST ROW: Marcelli McCorkel, Florence Barbillion, Ruth Wisenbaugh, Beatrice Hauck, Peggy Owens, Valetta Bloom, Helen Jones, Marie Noel, Lois Babbitt, Mildred Ober, Alice Alford, Helen Rowe. I_| I Y BACK ROW: Benjamin Franklin, Frank Omohundro, George Omohundro, Donald Clabaugh, Mr. Paul Wilkinson, James Red- mond, Paul Freygang, Nathan McCully, John Wagner, Reinhart Bergstedt. SECOND ROW: Bill Ort, Richard Houser, Joseph Hunter, Franklin Kelly, Charles Watts, Richard Brechbill, Earl S ledge, Richard Murley, Walter Stoll, Charles Miller. FIRST ROW: Everett Beehler, Buford Francis, Russell De- Veny, Charles Ervin, Glenn Kistler, Paul Hochstetler, Keith Murray. Page Twenty-four ' Page Twcnly-fil MAROON AND BLUE STAFF ROW 1 : Jeanne Sanders, Ruth Wisenbaugh, Treva Rahrig, Mildred Ober, Betty Brown, Bernadetta Dean. ROW 2: Richard Houser, Miss Evard, Opal Olinger, Pauline Busz, Treva Smith, Beatrice Hauck, Mary Lou Rettig. ROW 3: John Nagle, Franklin Cole, George Omohundro, Richard Lung, Donald Painter, Robert Gerner, Russell DeVeny. FRESHMAN BOYS ' CLUB FRONT ROW (left to right): George Talley, Merwyn Greene, Frank Eldridge, John Haynes, Don Stroh, William Creager, William McKinley. SECOND ROW: James Herzer, Dale Haffner, Harold Seidel, Earl Schulthess, LeRoy Stoll, Kenneth Wisenbaugh, Harvey Hoch- stetler. BACK ROW: Melvin Parker, Clyde Lewis, William Stone- street, Mr. Sherman, John Grimm, William Getz, Leo Lung, Laurel Jenkins. BIBLE STUDY CLUB FRONT ROW (left to right): Ruth Wisenbaugh, Frances Smith, Mildred Millhouse, Edith Bruno, Geneva Warstler, Arthur Wilmot. SECOND ROW: Frank Eldridge, Everett Beehler, LeRoy Stoll, Merwyn Greene, Mr. Sherman, John Haynes, Robert Knisely, James Redmond, Robert Traster. Page Twenty-she Page Twenty-seven Page Twenty-eight FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA BACK ROW: Donald Clark, Robert Riccius, Harry Pettit, Ralph Tuttle, Robert Tarleton, Kenneth Diederick, Robert Kearns. MIDDLE ROW: Leo Lung, Robert Cork well, Kenneth Pepple, James Herzer, Raymond Saxer, Joseph Kearns, Arthur DePew. FRONT ROW: Mr. Bateman, Lloyd Peters, Harlan Ditmars, James Griffin, Finley Custer, Max Cattell, Delbert Dannenberg. DRAMATIC CLUB BACK ROW: Fred Schick, Harold Koble, Dale Nixon, Charles Watts, Reinhart Bergstedt, George Omohundro, Paul Freygang, Richard Lung, Nathan McCully, Paul Jenkins, Ruth Schulthess, Florence Barbillion, Alice Alford, Helen Rowe, Opal Olinger. FOURTH ROW: Harry Pettit, Richard Weaver, Peggy Owens, Beverly Burtch, Evelyn Ford, Treva Rahrig, Mrs. Fitch, Grace Burns, Lois Burtch, Marie Kettering, Barbara Van Fleit, John Kooken, Valetta Bloom, Treva Turney, Russel DeVeny. THIRD ROW: Florence Carlin, Edith Bruno, Jane Trainer, Catherine Rahrig, Rosemary Snyder, June Campbell, Marvene Lewis, Marie Noel, Virginia Stoner, Margaret Smith, Jeanne Sanders, Charles Ervin. SECOND ROW: Helen Tarleton, Helen Jones, Madelaine Creager, Florence Borts, June Downend, Dorcas Roseman, Ruth Wisenbaugh, Mildred Ober, Beatrice Hauck, Mary Lou Rettig. FIRST ROW: Bernadetta Dean, Lourelei DePew, Imogene Hall, Everett Beehler, Joseph Hunter, Virginia Fratila, Pauline Busz, Velma Diederich. RADIO CLUB BACK ROW: Earl Schulthess, Donald Stroh, Merle Childers, Mr. Wilkinson, Robert Kearns, Paul Hochstetler, James Dove. MIDDLE ROW— Joseph Hunter, LaVon Kimpel, Harold Pepple, Richard Brechbill, Glenn Kistler, Charles Ervin. FRONT ROW: James Richmond, Richard Weaver, Harlan Ditmars, Arthur Roberts, Joseph Kearns, Russel DeVeny, Charles Trovinger. Pugf Twenty-nine BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Gilbert Snook. John Nagle, Robert Gcrncr, Ass itant Coach Bateman, Coach Bryan. Merle Childers, James Redmond. Eugene Porter, Harl MIDDLE ROW: |u John Grimm, Edward Runion. FIRST ROW: Glenn Corkwell, Louis Hyde, James Ballentine, Max Case, Earl Bishop, Benjamin Franklin, Donald Painter, Glenn Kistler. TRACK (1935) BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Bateman, Harold Pepple, Merle Childers. John Roseman, Harold Rahrig, Paul Freygang, George Omohundro. Robert Traster. George Denes, Coach Bryan. MIDDLE ROW: Keith Murray, Junior Hamm, Louis Hyde, Edward Runion, Charles Brinkman, Richard Murley, Charles Miller. Donald Clark, Franklin Kellev. FRONT ROW: Richmond Woodard, Howard Burtch, Delmar Brown, Charles Traster, Gilbert Snook, Joseph Johnson, Max Case, James Ballentine, Howard Ellis. Eugene Porter, Harlan Ditmars, Edward Worman, Howard Kimmel, Glenn Kistler, Benumin Franklin, Lyle Wiler. BASKETBALL hedulc, the Ga Railr had Winning fourteen of the twenty games on t basketball records in the history of the school. Garrett won both the first and second team divisions of the State Corner Conference, and Blue ' s only defeat was suffered at the hands of Ashley and the Railroaders avenged this Lo: Ashley 40 to 22 in the sectional after holding a 20 to 1 lead late in the second quarter eliminated in the semi-finals of this tournament by the sectional champions, Auburn. Eight varsity letters, eight reserve letters, and three managers letters were awarded. Earl Bishop was chosen captain and was awarded a star on his letter as well as three years on the first squad. The Ma by trim, Garrett TRACK Only twenty-four boys were issued track equipment this year because of the i space. All other boys who were interested in track were invited to try out in the placed in the tryouts they were given a suit. The track and football dressing rooms were converted into clas moved into the high school building. Coach Bryan ' s office was used adequate dressing room gym suits and if they ims after the junior high school wa dressing room this year. Page Thirty Page Thirty-one Page Thirty-two Page Thirty-thr SENIORS APPRECIATE THEIR PATRONAGE Chas. Ort Co. — Masonic Building — Jeweler for G. H. S. Paul H. Schunk, Inc. — Compliments. Green Lantern Tasty Shop pe — Best Wishes to Graduates of ' 36. Houser ' s — Clothing, Shoes for the Entire Family. Compliments of Boff ' s Battery Shop. Compliments Behler ' s Cut Rate Drug Store. Little ' s Hardware — Congratulations. Hughes Drug Store — Compliments. Compliments of Community Sales and Service. Northern Indiana Fuel and Light. Charles F. Lumm — Compliments. Compliments of Mrs. Hamm. Stern Clothing Company — Compliments. The New Garrett Hotel. HafFner ' s 5c to $1.00 Stores, Inc. — Congratulations. L. N. Bink — Watch repairing. Compliments of the Band Box Hat Shop. Blair ' s News and Confectionery — Compliments. Gerig Furniture Company — Compliments. Page Thirty-four Heinzerling ' s — Compliments. Hinklin Funeral Home — Best wishes. Sherwood Shoe Shop. Compliments of George W. Her. McLaughlin ' s Garage — Compliments of In Compliments of Clark Co. Compliments Gingery Department Store. It Pays to Trade at Meyer ' s Department Store. Compliments of Chief of Police. Heinlen ' s Department Store — For Finer Foods. Juanita ' s Beauty Shop. Compliments of the Great A P Tea Company. Miller ' s Music Studios — Congratulations to Class of ' 3 6. Insurance Trustees, Inc., L. Dale Green, Mgr. Ted ' s Shoe Repair — Compliments. Best Wishes — Garrett City Coal Company. The Garrett Clipper — A mirror of community life. Royal Electric Shop — Motor and Generator Expert — Contractor. Zimmerman ' s Drug Store — Congratulations to Graduates of ' 3 6. Riedhart Co. — Compliments — Home Store. Kroger Grocery and Baking Co., Phone 97 — Garrett. Ross and Son — Compliments of Central Market. Compliments of Moore ' s Restaurant. Compliments of Sheets ' Studio. Pugc Thirty-fii AUTOGRAPHS Page Thirty-six BE BRAVE, COMRADES! " At last! Freedom from hard drudgery " Is the unheralded cry from those Who with little thought or reflection Believe twelve years of school is the close Of all their worries and grief. Gcd pity and protect those who, with such ideas, Are soon to go into the great world To earn a living and add benefits To that universal brotherhood of man. But we as members of the class of ' 3 6 Pledge ourselves to banish all Such foolish and biased ideas And to enter with open minds upon The positions of work which we choose — Thinking of our high school days As a large stepping stone to our Welcome niches in the world of work. Set forth strongly, " O Classmates " ! By George Omohundro President, Class of ' 36 01 12 2009 155400 1 38 00

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