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Gc 977 . 202 GISa 192S M.U vl C T ■•• J a S a a s a : a a a a aaa aa Jlll PdXclll aaaaaaa a 1 a a a a a a a a a AEOLIAN a a a a a a a a « a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 1928 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ■ a a a a a Page 1 SS MS SiSjllHSHSllSlg S8SIK fest S3 si uJlje Aenltatt anas asas gjgg J«?a».»,«»ia5n: The Aeolian 0) _ Editor-in hief ' Z J t Ct . A2 2 Business Manager msa S K s a « a i a a a i a a i a I a a a a a a i a % a s a a a a i a a e,« a a : »S Page 2 (Ebp Apnltan : = Si;sssss5 Vi Il -Vl tHlClll a - 5 K .a ; _«.a« :: ;c k :: The AEOLIAN Published by The Senior Class of 1928 °3 ° Garrett, Indiana Page 3 51 (Hlj ? Aroltan S8BB1HB R r S r]T?:r ss sjsp his 1 sua] ggBgHIiE] Vli IJ « V«: U I lull WBSSS 3 HR SII PBIPHRBiSBSBSBBIBBHBBB 1 [K R X H ,« i R .« S ■ R IB. ,R; g 1 S g s R ,R I ' H R; R KJ R i R !g a R fei R !r. • R [Ri • 1 !R: rj !R| RJ @ . 1 R s .ri g R R I R ' R ] R R .H «■ R a • g g Knowledge will ever govern ignor- ance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm theirr selves with the power which knowl- edge gives. — Madison. 1 I isi ® . m m m IRi 13 m Ri " ' = " " i " iK., RRRJ£;RLRIRJ,R|;RjRaa :g Page 4 - 5 S ssssi: r. sssiss: (iH|C J POltnil - vtHH Minimi 2073017 Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1928, dedicate this tenth volume of the Aeolian to the great harp of life, from whose strings many echoes of folly, pathos, labor, wit, and wisdom have resounded during the past four years. These echoes, having been collected and assembled in a tangible and harmonious form, will long be an in- spiration to all of us. May the soft whispers of this harp con- tinue to guide and urge us on to success and to greater goals after our school life is over, and cause us to press ever onward to the things that will bring honor to our Alma Mater, G. H. S. :■ :-. :: :: :: ;- ;: :: :: :: :: :: -,: :: :: :: r. -.: -a :: :: r. :: :: :: r. :: n :: ): ;: Page 5 mmmam (lihf J FOlttltt BHHBHBHSHBiagliailHKBlHHHHHHHi 1 Georgia Mae Willennar ' 45. g I s g. I ' m just a tiny tot, scarcely seven months old, yet I know all of you, for my Daddy has told me about you and G. H. S. First Fd better introduce myself for perhaps some of you don ' t know I ' m Georgia Mae Willennar. Each morning at eight o ' clock just when I am wide awake and ready for play, my Daddy has to go away. He always says it won ' t be long but it ' s always half a day. Then when he comes home he has to make up for lost time. You should see some of the antics I have him perform for me; you know — I think my Daddy would make a great comedian, and I wish he would en- tertain you sometime like he does me. He rules you with his powerful commands. I make him obey me — so after all is said I and done I ' m the ruling queen of G. H. S. a I ® is B B B 1 a] " " " : : : ' aiBJLaBB ' !ra.a;Klaig Page 6 T| ft «. - ViUJF J %] ■ 1 A " " • " fc fV fl L H H p _ " ' ■g i - VH J J| B . » -»-— ■ Jkm 1 —fli ft k . a l ■ k B W k l K 1A H i: - :: Page 7 aU|F Aniltan ;: a a]!STa aWaptPMala a1SP[S]Rfil[a1alia] ViHU -TV UUUIU aBHHSSHllBBSglHBBIllSBSIHailBIBBBBBEl ' l«l a a :«J la K a | a a i a Foreword s The Aeolian is a lyre from whose strings echo memories of bygone days. May this book resound with pleasant thoughts of classmates and teachers, of goals won, of enterprises launched, of friendly contacts with other schools, and of the loyal patriotism shown by the en- tire community. May it long be a source of enjoyment and pleasant reflections of school life in dear old G. H. S. :: " -=: :: hagj:;: a a g ggggg g g aga agggggggg gggggg gggggg a gggg gg § Page S £hr Arnltan.- Table of Contents Bookl — — — Administration Book II — — — — Classes Senior Junior Sophomore Freshmen Book III — — — Activities Book IV — — — Athletics Book V — — — Ads — Satire Page 9 aiaasiaHBBSBigisia Iht Aeolian aaBiaH5iHi5iigi igisaiHiai«pipw5iBHg x; m SSHHH Page 10 mmmmsigimm U)l £ AtftflttUt mssmimmimBmstgs m Page 11 mmmmmmgmimB fflmBi imimH BBis Us HP 2 P0uHtt 8BBBmBBfflmteB@ffl mBmB@@B$@imm 1 s p s a m :: iSl H a IS s 5 IS IS la 9 m i . IS H L«! IS El is a 1 5 g a I 1 . a a a a a a 1 1 s SI S3 a a s m .» ■ 15! a gl H a Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. The Bible. m m 1 H i m ■ ® m m 1 y ,«i a a s si m m m I 1 H El 1 IS 11 IS] 1 1 1 Hi 1 y m m m m 1 1 : ::. «■:«. §n(a SEMS SSSSBSBS ! aiS!S3HMaJi]|s;;« B BBHSHBaillB inaaSB® Page 12 Administration Book I Qtyp Apnlian MR. BROWN DR. THOMSON MR. GEPHART BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of School Trustees is the legislative authority which deter- mines the policies of the school, adopts a budget guiding the expenditures of money, levies the taxes to provide the needed money, employs the teachers, principals, and superintendent for the schools. Hence, it is the Board that makes possible a progressive school system in harmony with the best ideas of the day; it is the Board that by its fair and square dealings, by its refusal to be influenced by personal or political motives, places the inter ' ests of the children of the community above all other interests. Without commensurate financial return the Board gives of valuable time taken from private business demands and in a spirit of service meets the criticisms of those who pass judgment on their policies without know- ing their problems and actuating motives. They, too, must meet the criticisms of special interests and those with personal grudges who are un- able to sway the Board from what it decides is for the welfare of the child and community. Such is our Board and as such we pay it tribute. Page 15 : s ' S!g UUlP J £Oltcin iiHiilSiS5sSHiSiSiiii5S MR. W. S. PAINTER Superintendent " Order is heaven ' s first law; and this confess- ed, Some are, and must be greater than the rest. " Spiceland High School Earlham College, A. B. Columbia Univ., A. M. Teaching experience 2S years. MISS NINA DAVIS History, Demosithian Club " Love reckons hours for months, and days for years; And every little absence is an age. " Marion High School Marion Normal College Franklin College, A. B. Teaching experience 10 years. MISS MILDRED EVARD English, Girl Reserve " Use well the moment; what the hour Brings for thy use is in thy power. " Ohio Northern Prepara- tory Ohio Northern Univer- sity, B. S. Purdue University Wisconsin University Teaching experience 7 years. MR. P. D. BLACK Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography " He who would free from malice pass his days Must live obscure, and never merit praise. " Madison High School Hanover College, A. B. University of Wisconsin Teaching experience 5 years. MR. Z. A. WILLENNAR Principal Civics, Salesmanship, Business Law " The heights of great men reached and kept Were not attained by a sudden step. " Angola High School Tri-State College, B. S. Indiana University, A. B. Chicago University Teaching experience 21 years. MISS MARIE THRUSH English, Maroon and Blue, Aeolian " Life, like the waters of the seas, Freshens only when it ascends toward heav- en. " Auburn High School DePauw University, A. B. University of Chicago Harvard University Teaching experience 14 years. I a Page 16 fflSSSggBBBBSBSBlSSJlBEiHHH ©||f JVptilt tt 8 f :: I MR. GERALD BORMUTH Agriculture, Biology " A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. " Bloomfield High School Purdue University, B. S. Teaching experience 5 years. MISS NORMA HARVEY Commercial Department " Love ' s holy flame for- ever burnetii From heaven it came, to heaven returneth. " Garrett High School South Bend Business College Indiana State Normal, B. S. Teaching experience 7 years. MISS MARGUERITE McKINLEY Home Economics " Beware of little extrav- agances; a small leak will sink a big ship. " Brazil High School DePauw University Indiana University, B. S. Teaching experience 15 years. MR. AUBREY WILLS Economics, Occupations, Coach " The proper study of mankind is man The most perplexing one, no doubt, is woman. " Lewisville High School DePauw University, A. B. Illinois University Teaching experience 4 years. MR. PAUL WILKINSON English, Algebra, Assistant Coach " Let all things have their place; let each part of your business have its time. " Mooreland High School DePauw University, A. B. Muncie State Normal Chicago University Teaching experience 4 years. MISS GLADYS ZEIGLER Music, Art, Glee Clubs " Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies. " Goldfield High School, Iowa Grinnell School of Music Iowa State Teachers ' College Teaching experience 10 years. :: Page Vi [|«)Sl[HSliaaiailglSiaKII»llgl!SiaiaiBIg«Bl!aiS (lilJP J £flltcUt SBSHBBHBHHBraBllgHSBHSIBBBBBiSBSHB MR. W. G. WOODCOX Manual Training " Happy were men, if they but understood, There is no safety but in doing good. " St. Joe High School Terre Haute Normal Tri-State Normal Teaching experience 1 1 years. MRS. ROBERT ELLIS Latin " There is nothing half so sweet in life As love ' s young dream. " Auburn High School Tri-State College Indiana University University of Chicago. Ph. B. Teaching experience 6 years. MR. O. B. ROSE Mathematics " Wise to learn, and st ' dious to retain what thou has learnt. " Indiana Central College, A. B. Indiana University University of Vermont Central Normal Teaching experience 13 years. MISS LOLA LEIPER Physical Education " I have often said it, na- ture meant to make woman as its master- piece. " Piereeton High School Indiana University Winona Summer School Muncie State Normal Teaching experience 4 years. MISS HARRIET RIPPEY MISS MARJORIE NELL Girls Coach " Next to love, sympathy is the divinest passion of the human heart. " Warren High School Manchester College Teaching experience 6 years. Office Clerk " The best part of beauty is that which a picture cannot express. " Garrett High School : ::. " ::. «:: ; ;; :t XXXS S) ' - HiS liKS Page 18 = (El)r Apnltau :sn Ult „ l II llClll Our Faculty When I think of our Faculty, those noble words of Longfellow ' s come to my mind — " Toiling, rejoicing, sorrowing. " These words are a true description of the daily routine of those who have labored with us these four short years of high school life. They have encouraged and helped when the task seemed impossible, and they have always rejoiced in our victories and successes. Sometimes we, unknowingly, bring sorrow to our dearest friends and it is by no means difficult to believe that our thought- lessness has caused those who have worked with us and for us some sorrow and distress. To you, mighty monarchs who reign within the walls of Garrett High, and who have given us the knowledge of life which we so crave, and to you who have played so great a part in shaping our lives we have an unexcelled admiration and we dedicate to you a hallowed sanctuary in our hearts. So Faculty, dear Faculty, Four years have come, four years have gone But thoughts of you will hold you dear Till we shall meet in after years. Page 19 aaggBMHiaiisiHPEPS aararasK QJije Aeolian s s a g ■s K a a § a] a a a, a m W w m IS I IS OJ Q a a tw IS ™ a £ IS a IS IS o 1 1 o a _Q IS 4) I TD CO IS 1 ■■■ I I a a a IS ■;::jf5KM:i,S! :;::::; 0S®SISES@ISS5 Page 20 Classes Book II Mht Apaltan isAsSss sSi:; s E N I O R Page 23 : x 6 i:::5sSssssi;5 = ); 55: mm GJljP Arnltan wumsmmammmBssi If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Franklin. ! " " j; " jt " " I a S Page 24 :s:es!;-nas-3 :: «i;ss = Ssss U)t|P ,2 P0lt£Ut « » « ; ' kkrk X K mss: Page 25 ggiKisK ' tsiiiia giSigMiPKiPSigJiS k mass agima (Ml? J%P0itcltt iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii5i FINLEY NASH " He follows knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bond of human thought. " Football 2, 3. 4 Baseball 3 Track 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 Annual-Business and Advertising Mgr. ROGER CARPER ' Here ' s a Monarch who reigns supreme. " Debating - Club 1 Maroon and Blue 2 Business and Advertis- ing Mgr. Annual-Art Committee FLORA DUERK " Flora bright and cheery Never made to make one weary. " Debating Club 1 Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3. 4 Demosthian 1. 4 Home Economics 1 Maroon and Blue 4 Annual-Class tee Commit- FLORENCE STROUSE ' Steadfast, serene, im- movable, and always the same. " Home Economics 1 Girl Reserve 1. 2, 3, 4 Annual- Snapshot Committee EVERETT CRAMER ' Love makes fools of us all. " Track 2, 3. 4 Commercial Club 3 Annual- Snapshot Committee BARBARA DIRR " Barb as our sport is known For she ' s an athlete of our very own. " Home Economics 1 Debating 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual- Athletic Committee HARRY TUCK ' All great men are dying and I don ' t feel well myself. " Maroon and Blue 1. 2 Hi-Y 2 Annual -Literary Committee ARTHUR HOPKINS ' Fain would I climb but I fear to fall. " Track 2, 3. 4 Annual -Snapshot Committee ® 1 a] a m a g a wsBBm ■ ■HiisiisiaiasisiigRiiasngiRtasisiiaiaiaiH aiaisHaiggraaigiaasiigiisiisiig Page 2 6 : iiasss- s- s aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a (jUlf JVrOltcltt « a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a I EMORY HEITZ " Know thyself. " Agriculture Club 1, Hi-Y 2. 3. 4 Glee Club 4 Annual Snapshot Committee JEANETTE FOLEY " True it is she has one failing, Had a woman ever less? " Demosthian 1. 2. 3. 4 Glee Club 1. 2, 3 Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4 Annual -Athletic Chairman HOWARD WATTS " And still they gazed, and still their wonder grew. That one small head could carry all he knew. " Maroon and Blue 2 Demosthian 3 Hi-Y 3. 4 Annual-Circulation Committee LOIS WITH ROW " A peppy girl of right good will. She has a tongue she can ' t keep still. " Glee Club 1, 2 I ii-mosthian 1, 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Annual-Club Com- mittee JAMES McDERMOTT " Bow ' d the spoiler, Bent the Scotchman. " Track 1, 2. 3. 4 Football 1. 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 President 4 Annual-Club Com- mittee VIOLET MURPHY " Serenly moving on her way In hours of trial and dis- may. " Girl Reserve 3. 4 Commercial Club I Home Economics 1 Annual-Literary Committee KERMIT FARRINGTOX " Kermit is quiet and shy, so you see A progressive man some day he ' ll be. Agriculture Club 1. 2 football : ' ,. 4 Basketball 3. 4 Annual-club Com- mittee HAZEL HARVEY " In thy heart the dew of youth. On thy lips the smile of truth. " Demosthian 1, 2, 3. 4 Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4 Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3. 4 Maroon and Blue 1. 4 Basketball 2. 3, 1 Page 2 7 ggjsji MSBSBSBBSBtia ®i|p Aroltau aiigaai5iisiia!giagiiggiKiiaiaBiiHiiHi«i!siBi!gisiiaigiiasiRiigi MYRTLE DICKSON " Happy am I, from care I am free Why aren ' t they all con- tented like me. " Girl Reserve 1. 3. 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Demosthian 1, 4 Home Eeonomiics 1 Annual-Joke Com- mittee mary Mckinley " Thy soul is like a lily And thy heart as pure as they. " Girls Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4 Commercial Club 3 Annual- Social Committee DOROTHY LEWELLYN - " Her hair is black as black can ' be And she spells her name just D-O-T. " Girl Reserve 1. 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Demosthian 1. 2, 3. 4 Maroon and Blue 2 Editor-in-chief 3 Home Economics 1, 2 Annual-Editor-in- chief HAROLD TREESH " He could by industrious valor climb To ruin the great work of time. " Commerciail 2, 3 Annual-Social Com- mittee CATHERINE McCULLY " Not as bad as she tries to make us think she is. " Demosthian 1, 2. 3. 4 Girl Reserve 1. 2. 3, 4 Annual-Social Com- mittee IRMA YOUNG ' Speech is silver but si- lence is golden. " (In class). Annual-Alumni Committee KATHRYN OWENS ' Full of wit and fun and fire. " Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4 Demosthian 1. 2. 3, 4 Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4 Home Economics 1 Annual- Athletic Committee WINPORD NESSEL " His mirth is the pure spirits of various wit. " Annual-Joke Com- mittee " :: :: :: .): : ::.,;: »: k ::. it .a„i: ix : : x;:t i: jg« :x. ' |Q; ,;i k :: a£ii:« «.:jt,g XK jmM)2Vm ■ V ?, g SMMM mSMS.mSWMSS m Page 28 : a a a a a a a g S a a a (J IlP i P0ltcltt " § " HS »I § a a a a g » a a a a a a a a a a a MANFRED KARR " Vena! Vidi! Vici! " (I came! I saw! I con- quered! ) Hi-Y 2. 3 Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Maroon and Blue 3 Annual-Social Com- mittee BEATRICE FRAIZER " How can my poor heart be glad When absent from my farmer lad. " Debating Club 1 Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3 Glee Club 3 Home Economics 1 Demosthian 4 KENNETH SHEETS " Back of his joy and his gayety, too You ' ll find him a friend most true. " Hi-Y 2. 3. 4 Demosthian 4 Annual-Photo Com- mittee :: a a MARY DETRICK ' Be wisely worldly, not worldly wise. " Girl Reserve 2. 3. 4 Commercial Club 3. 4 Debating Club 1 Home Economics 1 Annual-Class Com- mittee CHARLES ISTRATE ' Life I know not what thou art. " Maroon and Blue 3 Annual-Athletic Committee a LEOTA BISER ' And still my delight is young men. " Girl Reserve 1. 2. ' ■ ' ,. 4 Basketball J l demosthian 2 Home Economics 2 Annual-Alumni Committee WALTER LUNG " His was a greatness Got from his Grand- sires. " Demosthian - Hi,-,, club :: Ili-Y 4 Annual-Club Com- mittee ROSELLA MOWRY " Let it ever by thy pride To linger by Bud Karr ' s side. " Home Kcmumirs 1 Girl Reserve 1. 2. 3 Demosthian i. 2. 3. 4 Annual-Literary Committee Page 29 gEHiaSlBBigHl giggaigsiaiMllSISIs] (lilt? V OltStl 8HHHBHHBiBlHHHHHHS®HHaHHHBIHHiiHBi - RUTH GRIMM " Gates of brass cannot withstand One touch of thy magic hand. " Home Economics 1 Girl Reserve 1 Demosthian 4 Annual-Club Com- mittee EVELYN DEWITT " Her eye, ever turned on empty sipace Beams keen with hu- mor. " Demosthian 1, 2 Girl Reserve 2. 3, 4 Home Economics 1 Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual- Joke Com- mittee MANZELLA HERZER " Her smile, like sunshine darts Into many an unresisting heart. " Home Economics 1 Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3 Commercial Club 3 Debatng Club 1 Annual- Circulation Committee WILBUR ELDRIDGE ' Wihen I cease to sleep, I cease to exist. " Agriculture Club 1 Demosthian 2, 3. 4 Annual- Joke Com- mittee WILSON HURLEY ' And when he talks — Ye Gods! How he does spread it. " Track 3, 4 Annual-Circulation Committee a m m 1 RICHARD DOLAN RUSSELL ALFORD FRANK YARDE m le ' s game, like Alexan- " This learning — what a " This life which seems ® i der, to spread his con- bore it is! to me so fair, quests further. " Glee Olub 1, 2, 3, 4 Is but a bubble blown up Radio 1 Hi-T 2, 3, 4 in the air. a Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 2, IS President Football 3. 4 is Demosthian 4 Basketball 3, 4 H President Agriculture 2, 3, 4 IS I Annual-Circulation Annual-Photo Com- Committee mittee 11 m m Page 30 s :: 2 I 5 SI ®hr Aroltan ALZEIN GREEN " And on her lips there played a smile As lights in some cathe- dral aisle. " DALE " Large of of mind Big of heart, kind. " TREESH frame, broad and always Demosthian 1, 2. Girl Reserve 1, 2. Glee Club 1. 2. 3, Annual-Alumni Committee !. 4 3, 4 4 Club Agriculturt- 1. 2. 3, 4 Annual-Alumni Committee DAPHENE BURNS " Oh! That I might speak out! " Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Home Economics 1 Annual-Literary Committee ETHEL HIGGINS " Swiftly and silently the hours glide by Departing, I now look back with a sigh. " Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3 Demosthian 2, 3 Maroon and Blue 2. 3 Annual-Club Com- mittee WARREN McKEEVER " Hark! His hands the lyre explores! Bright eyed fancy hover- ing o ' er. " LaOtto High School 1 Huntertown High School 2, 3 Garrett High School 3. 4 MARY DAUBER " She ' s modest and sweet A nicer girl never meet. and jolly you will Home Economics Girl Reserve 1, 2, Annual-Circulation Committee WILBUR BYANSKI " Fell, like a icannon-shot, Burst like a thunder- bolt, Crashed, like a hurri- cane. " Commercial Club Agriculture Club Glee Club 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3 Annual-Athlct ic Committee KATHERINE KIRKPATRICK " Beautiful, with all souls expansion Shall we behold face. " Home Economics 1, Annual- Snapshot Committee the her :,;».„;:»«:=»:;»■» : — :::=»!= Page 31 m i ®fy? Apnltan 18! H;i«l!g gTO ' aa!a lS , i!g!iS ' aBllSllSllSI|g|[g|[g 1S!RI|g|M I DONALD TRASTER ' Yearning tor the large excitement that the coming years would yield. " Hi-Y 3 Baseball 1, 2. 3 Basketball Captain 4 Football 2, 3. 4 Annual- Athletic Committee HELEN CRAMAR ' Lig ' ht headed, a blonde- Beware! " Demosthian 1. 2, 3, 4 Girl Reserve 1, 3, 4 Home Economics 1 Commercial Club 3 Annual-Class Committee ELEANOR BROWN " Thy rosy cheeks and dark brown eyes, Where tender thought and feeling lies. " Glee Club 2, 3. 4 Demosthian 1, 2, 3. 4 Girl Reserve 1. 2, 3 President 4 Maroon and Blue 1 Home Economics 1 Commercial Club 3 Annual- Associate Editor MILDRED ALLEY " None knew her but to love her None named but to FORREST OBER ' What is that to him that reaps not the har- vest of his youthful joys. " Annual-Photo Committee praise. " Home Economics Debating 1 Girl Reserve 1, 2, Maroon and Blue Basketball 2 Captain 3, 4 Yell Deader 1. 2. Annual-Circulation Manager 3, i MARIAN BLSON " The gayest person you ever knew Is this little girl with eyes of blue. " Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Demosthian 1, 2 Home Economics 1. 2 Orchestra 1. 2 3 g m m Mmam8mSimimB®m i mimimmmmBMmmmBmi3imBaEB®BBmmiB ammmSim Page 3 2 mmsmmmim (Ui)P A? oltfttt UaTF i P0UcUt ?«sixi.s:a ' ff8:i.»;«.s? SENIOR CLASS POEM I remember, I remember When we entered G. H. S. How our eager eyes were focused On the goal we call " Success. " A long, long time before us, We thought four years ago; And yet each moment counted To gain a step or so- I remember, I remember How fast the first three years Flew by in ecstacy and joy, Overwhelming all our fears. We fought the fight courageously To honor G. H. S. m. ... . . The greater things that we have done We hope outweighs the loss. I remember, I remember, The glories of this year We ' ve played the game both fair and square Now — " Graduation ' s " near; We know our aim to leave behind A record clear and clean By each of us is realised By others plainly seen. Manfred Karr ' 28. P : : :t " ,t :: :; :: :: ;: :t :: :: : .■ ««« x.w «):) «; « a «; :t Page 33 a x g g glSlg!SHa®i)iaillSKl(aS!l§lllH@llgHllS , ilSI UJ 11 P i £0 ltUtl HHHBKHiaaaiElgEEHBSBBHBBBHeEBiail a H CLASS PROPHECY This is station G. H. S. announcing. We have been asked to present, this eve ning, a program using the members of the Class of ' 28 in commemoration of their tenth anniversary of graduation from Garrett High School. If you have any sug- gestions, just send them in. First on the program, we shall have a song by the well-known chorus girls — Mary McKinley, Daphene Burns, Hazel Harvey, Alzien Green, and Mildred Alley, who is the director. Now that we have given you a jolly starter, you will want something more serious, and so we have with us Russell Alford, Winford Nessel, and Kenneth B ' ' ' a Sheets who will debate on the subject, " Farm Relief. " Next we shall have a lecture by James McDermott, who is representing the Royal Order of the Janitors. Just a moment, folks, — we have a few telegrams here — " If Dorothy Lewellyn is present, have her sing for us ' I Wish I Were Single Again. ' " Signed, Bud and Rosella. " Am posing for collar ads. Sorry I can ' t be with you. ' ' ' Signed, Harold Treesh. We just received a telephone call from Harry Tuck and Wilbur Eldridge ask- ing us to announce that they are opening their new beauty parlor on East High 3 . Street. I ' m sure that we all wish them success. Miss Ruth Grimm will now entertain you with a pipe organ solo. She has m just returned from Europe where she has been studying music for the last five years. Florence Strouse and Irma Young are here representing Mme. Mary Dauber ' s latest styles from Paris. They wish to say a few words to you concerning their hobby, clothes. Howard Watts, an errand boy for Mr. Hurley of the " Hoosier Store, " desires us to announce that they have just received a new shipment of eggs from the Ober- Lung Company. Well, fans, here is another telegram — all the way from the Zulu Islands — sent by A-A-Arthur Hopkins and Karl Kennedy. They say they are very lonesome and would like to hear from Barbara Dirr and Ethel Higgins. Do your best, girls. We will now go on with the program. Manilla Herzer will talk to us on " How to Gain Weight. " She and her companion, Beatrice Frazier, are living ex- amples of the truth of her theory. This will be followed by a short talk, " How to Keep Your Job, " by Evelyn DeWitt, private secretary to Z. A. Willennar. Word has just been received that Finley Nash will not appear on the program this evening as he has a very difficult case on his books. He states that, Roger Carper and Kermit Farrmgton have been arrested for disturbing the peace, and are sadly in need of his assistance. Well, well, and here ' s a request from Marion Elson, asking for " I Want My Sailor Boy. " We ' ll see that you get him. Donald Traster and Bill Byanski have signed up with the National League and send their regrets that they cannot be with us tonight. And now comes the money question — Miss Eleanor Brown will give us a few pointers on the new banking sys- " ; " : tern that she is introducing in America. The program will close by a farewell song by the world famous quartette Katherine McCully, Jeanette Foley, Katherine Owens, and Leota Biser. This completes the program for this evening — wait — just a minute — here is a telegram from Myrtle Dickson and Helen Cramer, nurses on the hospital ship, " Hopeless, " wishing you all good luck. I wish you all good luck, too, and hope all the fans enjoyed the evening ' s program. Ruth Zimmerman ' 29. ' Page 3 4 gKESSSSKK (X»hf J £fllt tt " SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the distinguished personages of the Senior Class of ' 28, in the year of Greatness and Superiority, feeling that much loss would be caused if the act were not performed, and mainly because we are unable to take everything with us on our journey, do hereby make this will, granting some things and not granting others to the remaining personages of Garrett High School. To the School Board we will our appreciation for this season ' s improvements and the new gym. To the members of the Faculty we will all the remarks and statements which were said by their most pleasing voices and which passed through our minds and out again as wind passes through an open building; those things we will to be said, that others might profit by the knowledge of them since we did not. To the Junior Class we grant the use of the unoccupied seats left by us, for one year only; also our dignified poise and divine inspiration. The personal belongings of certain members of the distinguished class are willed to the following: to John Philip, the tall, manly stature of Kenneth Sheets; to Ned Walters, the red hair of Kermit Farrington; to Lowell Peck, the attempt to grow a mustache as Harry Tuck tried to accom- plish; to Roy Stahl, Roger Carper ' s way with the women; to Orval Wise, Mutt Alley ' s ability as yell leader, ' Atta ole goin ' gang; " to Blanche Holmes, Ahein Green ' s baby talk; ' .f J f A y to Mildred Lantz, Kate McCully ' s innocent look; U OU ■ • to John Elam, Winford Nessel ' s " woman hating " power; to Robert Hinklin, Wilbur Eldndge ' s ability to fall asleep in classes; to Dorothy Shaffer, Mary McKinley ' s dimples; to Richard Woodcox, the " Palmolive Complexion " of Harold Treesh; to Bernard Brennan, the Irish jokes of James McDermott: the undying love of Lois Withrow to Mary Mies; Walter Lung ' s bashfulness to Harry Goodson; Howard Watt ' s brute strength to Harry Cramer; Katherine Kirkpatrick ' s advice " How to Grow Thin " to Thelma Pence; to Clarence Brookmyer, the perfect behavior of Everet Cramer; to whomever is duly appreciative, the priceless drawings that decorate every page of Arthur Hopkins ' books. to Thais Hamilton, Dorothy Lewellyn ' s position as editor-in-chief of the Aeolian; to Iolene Friend, Barbara Dirr ' s iron jaws so Iolene can chew gum as well as Barbara did; unto Bob West, Mary Dauber ' s quiet ways; to Ruth Cripe, the typing ability of Violet Murphy; to Mary Simon, the smile of Irma Young: Ha;el Harvey ' s giggle to Dorothy Metcalf; to Maxine Teagarden, Leota Biser ' s youthful shape; to Kate Cogley; Florence Strouse ' s stature; Ruth Grimm ' s dainty feet and graceful walk to Laural West; Forest Ober ' s ability to get mixed up to James Workman; the A ' s of Finley Nash to Kenneth Pickering; Si Hurley ' s cheery " Hi " and manly stride to John Denes; Bill Byanski ' s ability to play foot-ball to Fred Bergstedt; to Jerome McCully, Richard Dolan ' s place in the orchestra; Page 35 wmammamiBBmmBsisBmiaammm Q l}£ J £fllt3tt mmmRBBaBEEimBmisBmBBBmmimmm I m m £ Four years ago a mob of Freshmen invaded the place. It will astonish the readers to know that they disbelieved in both Santa Claus and Fairy Tales. They were a sophisticated group, and it was rumored, that many began shaving. Several Flora Duerk ' s skill in writing poetry, to Dora Alice Dean, if she will promise not to write it for the other students of the English classes; to anyone, Daphene Burns ' Ice Man; to Reba Smith, Manilla Herser ' s method of winning the country lads; to Laura Alford, Jeanette Foley ' s basket-shooting ability; to Rutherford Kirkpatrick, the chance to go to Chicago to see the big shows; to Louise Mowry, Helen Cramer ' s book on, " How to Get Your Man. " Don ' t know if we ' ve forgotten anyone in the rush or not; but please don ' t feel cheated if we did, maybe you ' re glad you haven ' t any pecularities to be given away. Witnessed and signed on May 28, 1928. Signed, THE SENIOR CLASS. m Witnesses: Class Sponsers. Walter Lung ' 28. IS m m FROM SAP TO SENIOR HI 1 to] whiskers made their debut and those less successful in the cultivation of brush con- soled themselves in saying that Mohammed was forty-five before the adherents of the Koran began swearing by the beard of the prophet. Were these Freshmen of the modest and retiring nature that befitted their years? Emphatically, NO! They (Mi would make things hum. But: " The Sophomores jeer, the Juniors sneer The Seniors, alas, don ' t know they ' re near! " The expressions on the faces of the upper-classmen, to misquote someone or other, seemed to ask, " We sometimes wonder, will they ever be men? " And so, the months rolled by, they became Sophomores, and, in turn, equally disdainful of the Freshmen. New wise cracks were originated and circulated, ro- mances were begun, and in many cases, terminated; the Sophomores became Juniors — then Seniors. They began to feel aged and fostered plans of remaking the cosmos; not a few, after careful consideration, decided to become President of the g United States. Some of the former Freshmen had, like the miscalculating aviator, fallen out. A few ended their scholastic career even more abruptly, while many finished in a courtious and certified manner. Let us, now peer into the future. Many of the Seniors undoubtedly will be happily, unhappily, or indifferently married. Perhaps by the time the present Freshmen are sufficiently elevated to graduation, Senior mamas will be washing Junior ' s ears and Senior papas will be leading them to school. Well — worse things, possibly, might happen. Harry Tuck ' 28. m s m m m m i saaisHsigigiaisigBsiaHsiH Page 3 6 yi r. r. r. li r. r. :: Qjhf J POltcUl « S « » » « J u N I O R 1 ' agc 37 H)[H g SlglDS ; ig g a g aaaBjaasaBiaBEajaB a (Athp J FO Itcltt saaas asss g as assEMSsiS aa aas « asa ;: ■ ;c t a] a] a » a a a = H - ;: ft ft fti 3 ' Hi a a a a a I a a a ft a g « « a ■A •A I B This above all — to thine own self be ft. true, 3 5 And it must follow as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Shakespeare. a] a a a a a a m a a m m m a I a a a a a a a a 1 Si a a S 3 Si ii a a a a a ft g a a a a X K K :: X ft a :: a :t a :: a ft a s x i : :: :t :: :: :: :c ;; :I ;! ;Of - iBBSBBHHB § 1 = » g ft SB « gJSHglS a 8 » 8 B g SB lH s:;.aX»asSM,IS5SsS!;5iCa!;:;::;; Page 3 8 wmm UJl)l Ap0ltaU 7¥7 ' OFF THE CONCRETE. BR-R-R-RJ IT ' S COLD_ mil ws THAT NIZ? Page 39 ;-:c ' K ; ' W:: ' ;;! !l ' :i ti tl ! .; u% Awltan » s a a Hi m JUNIORS Top row: Bernard Brennan Maurine Kistler Ruth Zimmerman Mary Mies Charlotte Woodcock Robert Hughes Kathryn DeVeny Glen Holmes Second row: Leona Weller Roy Stahl Thelma Hovarter Mary Smith John Slifer Dora Alice Dean Emery McDaniel Edna Wessel Third row: James Shreve Wilda Smith Maude Mae Doster John Elam Harriet Brookmeyer Helen Grogg Harold Starner Marcella Snyder Fourth row: Erva Harringar Charles Hopkins Julia Murray Harry Goodson Kathryn Bass Howard McDaniel Louella Yingling :Ki;:i|;Kl ,g J : ]:)t)i) t ;;);| i )(|.) t iii[Kir«l t|:- . ::igiH8iail!alllglilgBBlllla)ii;:; MBmBfimHammim Page 40 m (mip JKpflltnn » - m « TUNIORS Top row: Leona Biser Harold Bloom Iolene Friend Dorothy Miller Robert Houser Mary Schulthess George VanHouten Mildred Lantz Second row: Orval Wise Mary Edyth Haverstick Harry Cramer DeMerice Kelham Lemoin Oliver Mary Simon Richard Woodcox Ruth Thomas Third row: Esther Kennedy Robert Hinklm Lucille Mowry Gerald Koble Eunice Smith Thais Hamilton John Gordon Vernice West Fourth row: Loren Shaffer Isabelle McDaniel Erhart Hoffman Ruth Gripe Dale Menges Lillis Davisson Walter Diedrick Page 41 aasBgsiaiiiiiaiiaiiaiiiiiasassBiiHiiHBBBHBi (II it? r0ltHtt hsihsphsihisibishissis - - sspppssiisiiisb :: . K :: « » x; X A .;: I :«. i 8 ! g H I A JUNIOR ' S QUERY High School Days, ere you go, I should like to learn and know, IK] K, Why the world ' s ignoble strife? Why this racing through all life? Could we not roam in content Not on brassy pleasures bent, :: Till at last we find our rest, helpers. The obstacles encountered in the first two years of high school have been a Having striven at our best? s We have far onward now advanced Eleven short years of song and dance, Excelling, defeated, laughing, crying. And is all life of just such buying? 1 g And why can we not forward go • IT 1 Through all of our life ' s jov and woe —Just as we ' ve gone in happy days Through Freshman, Sophomore, Junior rule? Dora Alice Dean ' 29. :;, I CLASS HISTORY H About two and three-quarters years ago we entered Garrett High School deter- mined to distinguish ourselves by our accomplishments. Some of our classmates have given up and left us, but we who are still here are even more determined to complete our purpose. We have able leadership and we are able followers and H overcome and we are now well on our way to victory for the third year. Our class, this year, has the responsibility of editing the school paper, the Maroon and Blue, and of putting on the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. These responsibilities will be well taken care of and we think that we shall have well accomplished our duties for this year by the latter part of Mav. Robert Hughes ' 29. I I a I :: Page 42 g «ra g smsss mrsis •-- swshb aa § » sisrasssis U lH , C0ltclH km« siSs isB eb - § » - - - « s gas -. =; : S o p H O M O R E is :; r. y. :: u :x si :: ;: :; :: :: :: :: ■•: ■ " » :: :: " ■ : Page 4 3 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sap UJljP J .P0lt3tl BgsgsKggggBSBggggBBaasBBgagBB IHI m m 1 H 1 SI L»J k 1 a In the measure that thou seekest to know thy duty, sh alt thou know what is in thee. But what is thy duty? The demand of the hour. Goethe. ' 1 M 1 a 1 Si - I si H 1 m s si a g S SI s g . S S B P, s s SI g g g g g g ■ B 1 B B a B s a B a s a b a g i B B B B B 1 S S g B :: B a g g g s s 1 a H g SI BgagagBggBgggBBBggggBBBBBBBBBBBagBaaBBBBBgBggBBBBBBBagBggBBBBBBaagggBBBBBg Page 44 SXSKXS sS25SsS-;!;s=ss»5 (i J|r i f flltcUl X :3K5=S- MORE ' ANO WS ME ANDWKLLL Page 45 IHBHSHlSSSiE iiiolbf Apoltati is. g g s g lijgllg ,k ,« » a ' a I USSHHSlSIl SSlggg 1 SOPHOMORES Top row: Jerome McCully Virginia Hart Gretchen Hamilton Jack Miller Minnie Rahmer Luzetta Worman Theodore Einkopf Mary Foar Second row: Stanley Kolbe Thelma Pence Maurice Chisholm Frances Caffrey James Workman Blanche Dickson William Carpenter Virginia La Vergne Fifth row: Floyd Brown Madolin Ort Winifred Swander Dorothy Shaffer Eugene Johnson Third row: Wanda Richmond Vern Brinkman Mary Muzzillo Charles Strouse Alma Marks William Farnngton Reha Smith Virgil Feagler Fourth row: Katherine Koch Albert Gomoll Virginia Miller Lowell Peck Mary Clark Lillian Loutsenhiser Dillon Herser Ruth Haver :: " :: WStSBS BEiaBBIffilglgm xSsgS::s.:fa.;. Page 4 6 rasSsasssasiss -iK ssSs;;):;: UJIlP JVpOltftlt » - £13 $9 ft ? Vl « " ■-. ▼ % ft - ' t 3 Si SOPHOMORES Top row: Robert Brown LaVora Miller Dale Hurni Bessie King Dale Coffing Mildred Starner Raymond Burch Florence Little Second row: Fred Bergstedt Donna Lewis Gremvere Sargent Harold Hurd Eldora Lane Wanda Lewis Nolan Lewis Ruth Weidler Third row: Wavah Shernck Kenneth Weidler Willa Parsell Howard Yarde Alma Richmond Kenneth Pickering Sara Dean John Micu Fourth row: Juanita Fra;icr Marie Andrews Lawrence Isely Blanche Holmes Janet Martin Kenneth Lung Margaret Detrick Carl Houser Fifth row: Delmar Longhrake Maxine Owens Ned Walters Clinton Williams Dorothy Etta Kingsbury Darl Marker Page 4 7 gmaaiiiiiiBiB shs Utyr Aniltan uaaasBiiasiaaaiiaiiiiisiiBiiigiaiiiigiiig MEDITATIONS ON ' THE PAST " As we look back into the old, It seems so desolate and cold. But still there are sweet fragrances, Which come to us as remembrances In our Sophomore year. The work we did with many a growl, Would now be done without a scowl. For the time we spent in useless hours, We now would use with all our powers In our Sophomore year. There were some things we shouldn ' t have done, But at that time seemed lost of fun. But now in meditation we look behind And see the things we did without good mind, In our Sophomore year. There were many a party we could have missed, But now they are gone and leave us bliss. They gave us many a happy time, And now and then stop many a pine, In our Sophomore year. But just the same its not so- bad That long gone past that we have had. But now we are older and full of cheer And ready to help without any fear, In our Sophomore year. William Farrington ' 30. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY How many find it easy to start on the first step of the ladder but how few sue ' ceed? Thus it was with the class of ' 30. There were ninety-six who stepped on the first round, some of whom soon withdrew from the climb to the goal, " Graduation. " Perhaps bashfulness prevailed at first, but that soon wore off. After we were situated and had everything arranged to suit ourselves and our teach- ers, we felt ready to ascend further on the ladder. It was, indeed, a happy day when the upper-class-men considered us as a group of climbers in Garrett High School. Our next ascension came at the end of the year, when we realised we had had success in almost every way. The sophomore year was not entered with the same timid spirit as was the freshmen, although we came back with only seventy-five members. We were eager to organize. The officers chosen were: Jerome McCully, president; Jack Miller, vice president; Virginia Hart, secretary; Gretchen Hamilton, treasurer. Many of our classmates have helped our class to gain a higher foothold by attaining high ranks of honor both in literary and musical contests; some also made the first teams in basketball and in football. We know this year will be a success and the light that is left from our sopho- more year will guide us through the coming years. It is our aim to reach the top of the ladder which will bring " Graduation and Success. " Mildred Starner ' 30. HI 3 a § m a :a a m a 3, a - wmisam mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMmm mmm Page 4S SEJSKJa Uiljl APflltcUt " " - " " " ::: « K F R E S H M A N :: ;: ;: :: « n I ' age 49 :; x%x - " " x Si;S5S2l;S)t?SESS:SS5»ISJi ' (l tl£ - vfOltUtt SlSSSaMKaSSKBSSlIliXSsiSIi No man gets on so well in this world as he whose daily walk and conversation are clean and consistent, whose heart is pure and whose life is honorable. Wm. McKmley. K a J !t H! K, 3] - 8 ;:, a 1 l " . 1 a " :: " ::: ' " " !!: SBHSHlH llllHISISllglffl Page 50 n (Etjr Aeolian K K i« :: :: a a a. MORNING GLORY ETE " Pll6U.lV IJIST N080M ' TALL THE ' OTHER. SMITH ■- ■■■ ■■ ■■■ ■■ ■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ - :: - ! - : ■ Page 51 SmgHESHlSiH ngngmsMgEa (lt]|£ JVWJlfmt sggggi g;sSH!SEESEHHHESISHHHISS!lai[Illg . SI m g is Christopher Scholtterback Top row: Louise Mowry Harold Beber Timothy Ratcliffe Marjorie Brinkman Flossie Charleswood Barron Helbert Carl Muz zillo Second row: Madonna Baker Cathryn Bechtol Madoline Gael Joan Stoehr Susan Voorhees Wilda Dickson Betty Barbillion Esther Beeber Third row: Maxine Fuller Ethel Doster Verl Crosley Gaytha Hinklin Leone Comeskey Pauline Case Faye DePew Helen Kimmel 2 Top row: fKJSciriMAJN KULL Second row: Third row: u I g g m George Zimmerman Fordyce Johnson Annabell Herbolsheimer gi g Lyle Hunter Kenneth Steward Ruth Milks g g a Ralph Koepke George Richmond Esther Harding Robert Nixon Ralph Loutsenhiser Harry Rowe m George Childers Wayne Davis Ethel Starner m m m Gerald Bowmar Orval McDaniel Mildred Dammann Clarence Koepke Duane Rensberger Elizabeth Culbertson g g Page 52 .!i: r.xxttKUXK ziii;iix QUlf J £lUttUt " " " ■■ Top row: Elmer Squier Harold Dannenberg Rutherford Kirkpatrick John Jenkins John Philip Hurshel Kobbe Top row: Paul Smith Robert Creeger Elsworth Andrews John Frownfelter Wayne McBride FRESHMAN ROLL Second row: Laura Alford Clarence Brookmyer Lloyd Corbin Howard Nicholson Floyd Weller Paul Wilmot William Freeman David Sliger Second row: Ruth Kennedy John Denes Orval Cartwright Wilson Houser Marion Dreibelbis Jesse McPheters Chester Mowry DeVon Ha mm Third row: Geraldine Smith Maxine Teegardien Laurel West Greta Kock Edna King La Von Sithen Virginia Moughler Third row: Mary Bechdolt Eleanor Wells Hope Swalley Marie Wells Mary Treesh LaVonne Treesh Gertrude Foley Maxine Rickctt Page 5 3 sens mmsmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmwSimmmm (lii|£ F0ltittt [ihihsiisisbiisisssisi] HHlligplgBgJKliJ CLASS OF ' 31 With joyous hearts and great acclaim, We started on the road to fame. An up-hill road at times, I fear, Yet we ' ve been on it for ' most a year. The road we travel seems rough and steep Ninety-two of us started the trail to keep. Our guides are teachers, kind and true, Who know the way; they traveled it, too. We ' ve been loyal to Maroon and Blue, Our paper, football, and basketball too, The Hi-Y and Glee Clubs, the track teams, " I ' ll say, " The coaches so faithful, who help us to play. Our teachers get vexed; still they are dear. And the principal is patient, yet I fear He thinks, our goal we ' ll never reach, For he finds, that some are hard to teach. Our superintendent is all he should be Severe at first, but now we see, That ninety-two freshmen need a strict rule, In order to go through four years of school. In fact, dear old high school, Hurrah! We love every brick and we know there ' s no flaw In the way we are guided along our rough path Of learning, in English and Latin and Math. At last, here we are at the end of May; We ' ve only traveled one-fourth of the way; We ' ll bid you adieu, with a glad re- frain Till next fall, when we hope to meet you again. Mildred Dammann ' 31. FRESHIES OF ' 27 Tuesday morning! September 6! See the young people gathering in the high school building. Among the old standbys were ninetytwo " freshies, " as we were called by the upper classmen. We nearly filled the building wandering arqund looking for something, we knew not what. After the confusion of getting settled down to work the " sophies " welcom- ed us at a hard-time party at the old gymnasium. During this year we have held our own in athletics as several boys made first squad in football. We also held first place in members on the second team. We were very well represented in both boy ' s and girl ' s basketball. Several members of our class were also interested in music; while others joined the different activities that were opened to us. We now feel, that we are a very important part of Garrett High School and hope we may leave a record of clean sportsmanship and scholar- ship behind us, when we leave in 1931. David Sliger ' 31. i H m [HI is IS IS m m m m m i § m m 1 m m m ® ® ii ■■: " :: :: :t ;Q:-; . Hi.H ' XHW.aMKj):; : H| ; ; SllgpiHPlHllSllS g g Page 54 Activities Book III ; MX:: » » " a ::;::::: a it a aa a a aWa aia a (2 hp J POltfltl a rfilSM SaBlgTgJH 8 a a ga 5 :: EM-COW- RIDE ' EM _ Sas s,, AHft HP SEATS OF TH MI6HTY , . ifAy Al ! tJJP r2 ? ;: Page 57 z S3 x x a ;: -a g a® S § gig g a]g)K ajgrs k g a a .:: a gs ®h? Awltatt mi s:_-;s5 :s:s3«5!:ss!;_5 5s;j gggJSS s iu i utiM u mu i uuuiniiwi iMiiMiiiniiiiiuniiiM iu i iui u i tin iiuiiuiii iiii mi iu uimiuimiuiii i ± M ii iimiiiiiiiiiiiii i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiHiiiiuiiiiniiiiHtimiiiiuiiiiiii iHiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiH iiiiiiHiihiiiHiHi ttmiin i i i in i imiii ii in mifi :ralSfalaT(afe .::?::::: a g a g ;: a] a a a a a a H g I sags Page 58 l}£ Amltan mf Maa ri an UASKET BALL M DEPLETED B RA0UAT10N Of SIX MV oi» THESCENF 3mL P £ MMftT 8 1 J 1 WW ishiivi ■,,,. TOP ROW: Robert Creeger, Mary Clark, Donna Lewis, Miss Thrush, Florence Little, Marjorie Brinkman, Harry Cramer. SECOND ROW: Ruth Zimmerman, Ruth Thomas, Thais Hamilton, Bernard Brenunan, Jerome McCully, George Childers, John Micu. THIRD ROW: Timothy Ratcliffe, Helen Cramer, Flora Duerk, Clarence Brookmyer, Ruth Milks, Hazel Harvey, John Gordon. MAROON 6=? BLUE The Maroon and Blue together with the Aeolian is a mirror in which is reflected our high school world and its habitation. Soon after the first six weeks of school each ' Class chose by popular vote the three individuals whom they thought were best fitted for leadership and journalistic work. Thais Hamilton, John Gordon, and Ruth Zimmerman, veterans of the 1926 staff, were elected to assume the responsibility of Editor-in-chief, Business Manager, and Associate Editor respectively. Aside from the edition of a splendid bi-monthly paper, the staff accumulated some money by selling boxes of Christmas cards and sponsoring a benefit show. The success of this journalistic year is due to the co-operation of the staff, the capability of the editor, Thais Hamilton, and the unexcelled interest of Miss Thrush, the sponsor. Thais Hamilton Editor-in-chief John Gordon Business Manager Ruth Zimmerman Associate Editor Bernard Brennan Boys Ath. Chair. Harry Cramer .... Advertising Manager Ruth Thomas Club Editor Flora Duerk Joke Editor Hazel Harvey Girls ' Ath. Chair. Helen Cramar Society Editor Florence Little Exchange Reporttr Jerome McCully .... Circulation Manager John Micu Editorial Writer .Mary Clark Girl Reserve Editor Donna Lewis Mailing Exchange Ruth Milks Special Colume Editor Marjorie Brinkman Literary Editor Timothy Ratcliffe Feature Writer Clarence Brookmyer News Editor George Childers Ass ' t. Cir. Mgr. Robert Creeger Faculty Reporter Miss Thrush Sponsor •• ■: r :: :: :: ■: :: :: : Page 59 BigiliglHigiiiiiijiaiiiisiiiagiiisiiiiiiiiigiBiSigisiiBii Cl ltl? POltUtt ssiaaiasiasaiaHiaHaEsapassBS TOP ROW: Eleanor Wells, Dorothy Etta Kingsbury, Madoline Ort, Edna King, Mary Clark, Virginia Hart, Miss Zeigler, Juanita Frazier, Mary Schulthess, Ruth Kennedy, Isabell McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Alma Richmond, Edna Weasel, Dorothy Shaffer, Bessie King, Ruth Cripe, Wanda Lewis, Mary Foar, Mary Edythe Haverstick, Fanny Caffrey, Luzetta Worman, Esther Kennedy, Lillian Loutzenhiser Dorothy Metcalf, Pauline Case. THIRD ROW: Ruth Zimmerman, Vernk-e West, Kathryn DeVeny, Hazel Harvey, Dora Alice Dean, Ethel Starner, Wanda Richmond, Charlotte Woodcock, Thelma Pence, Donna Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Julia Murray, Daphene Burns, Grenivere Sargent, Marjorie Brinkman, Eleanor Brown, Sara Dean, Alzein Green, DeVon Hamra, Mary Treesh, Mildred Starner, Maxine Rickett. GIRLS 1 GLEE CLUB The Girls ' Glee Club was first organized in the year 1913 and since that time it has taken an active part in all the outstanding activities of our school. This year, as has been the custom for a number of years, the girls furnished several delightful numbers for the annual commencement exercises. The club enrollment numbered close to fifty which shows in itself that much in- terest was shown and much was accomplished. Miss Zeigler, due to her capability and earnest efforts, has proven that the musical organizations are becoming more in- dispensible each year. Twenty-four girls were chosen for the chorus, and four for a double mixed quartette from this organization. sua m [S] K « » ;=: m m i ig 181 m a =:(«: MEm± la! " ' .?:!?:,.«:.«: IH(S ■■ " » HHaKaiSHS « Page 60 :;::5KSs::::::: nn ahp Apnltan- STANDING: Kenneth Lung, George Childers, John Young, Miss Zeigler, Dorothy Etta Kingsbury, Richard Dolan, Timothy Rateliife, Harold Beber, Darl Marker. SEATED: Janet Martin. Madoline Ort, Esther Harding, Mary Foar. ORCHESTRA " Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies. " Surely, music has been admitted into the soul of G. H. S. because we can no longer be without it. The orchestra of 1927-28 has done much to bring about a more realistic appreciation of good music. Although this organization did not make a public appearance before the as- sembly this year, yet we were privileged to hear the group practice. The orchestra gave a brighter hue to the senior class play, " Captain Apple- jack, " the operetta, and the commencement exercises. Pag« Gl ;: (li up J C0lttUl iisHasiHiagHisHiagisiiiaiiiiiiiisiaiiissasii® 11 TOP ROW: Emory McDaniel, Robert Hughes, Bernard Brennan, Russell Alford, Emory Heltz, Roy Stahl, John Gordon. SECOND ROW: John Frownfelter, Morris Chisholm, Wilbur Byanski, Harold Starner, Fred Bergsted, Timothy Ratcliffe, William Carpenter. THIRD ROW: Wayne Davis, Judson Witherspoon, Miss Zeigler, Howard Nicholson, Ralph Loutzenhiser, Harold Beber. BOYS 1 GLEE CLUB The Boys ' Glee Club was organised this year under the capable leadership of Miss Zeigler, the music director. A number of boys sought entrance to the club, among whom were familiar voices of previous years. It was very pleasing to find that so many Freshman boys were interested, and if this interest is continued it will be a great benefit to the club. Several members gained places in the quartettes and choruses. The following eight boys were selected by Miss Zeigler for a double quartette: Russell Alford, Harry Cramer, Timothy Ratcliffe, Harold Beber, as tenors, and Howard Nicholson, Roy Stahl, Judson Witherspoon, and John Gordon as basses. Although this quartette lost in the local elimination contest it is planning to make its appearanc e in the Commencement program. John Gordon, Judson Witherspoon, Timothy Ratcliffe, and Harry Cramer were chosen for the double mixed quartette. The boys enjoyed meeting and singing and we all admit it is a very worthy recrea- tion, so let us boost our Boys ' Glee Club. I . : ; : : T?£ " sQ l;«;i i K||Kj,HB ga H .n ' j- Page 6 2 - - :: ' :;;::;::::: y sssSSSsjssSss (Bi|P JVfOltElU » " " -:: a K R R R R R R K R ' » ' ] TOP ROW: Maurine Kistler, Lucille Mowry, Violet Murphy. Eunice Smith. -Miss Harvey. SECOND ROW: Ioleue Friend. Wava Sherrick. Alary Foar. Wilda Smith. Evelyn DeWitt. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club was organised the first of the semester and with the aid of Miss Harvey, the advisor, it was progressed rapidly. The chief purposes of the club are to promote interest in the business world, and to encourage a social spirit among commercial students by offering opportunities for social contact. It is the aim of every member to become conversant with mod- ern, progressive business methods and systems, endeavoring by such means to raise and maintain a higher standard of efficiency. Interesting programs were planned and presented by various members of the club, which helped to carry out the aim and purposes to a greater extent. We en- joyed the year ' s work, and we hope that the club will long exist and be an aid to future commercial students. The officers were: Mary Detrick President Evelyn DeWitt Vice President Wilda Smith Secretary-Treasurer ■ " • " ' ■ Page C3 Gibe Arnltan « g :s r » igfgiaiRRiilHSg m sis ' lSBE![gSHl!»S|g] TOP ROW: Madonna Baker, Myrtle Dickson, Catherine McCully. Flora Duerk, Virginia Hart, Miss Evard, Marie Andrews, Betty Barbillion, LaVon Sithen Gertrude Foley, Hope Swalley, Marie Wells, Verl Crosley. SECOND ROW: Maxine Owens, Madoline Ort, Ethel Starner, Joan Stoehr, Wanda Richmond, Grenivere Sargent, Violet Murphy, Mary Schulthess, Elizabeth Culbertson, Annabelle Herbolsheimer, Susan Voorhees, Winfred Swanders, Leota Bise-r, Donna Lewis. THIRD ROW: Alzein Green, Dorothy Kingsbury, Leone Comesky, Faye DePew, Luzetta Wormau, Ruth Cripe, Virginia Miller, Alma Richmond, Wanda Lewis, Maxine Riickett, Ruth Haver, Reba Smith, Gaytha Hinklin, Ruth Zimmerman, Charlotte Woodcock. FOURTH ROW: Janet Martin, Kathryn Bechtol, Mary Foar, Sara Dean, Eleanor Wells, Francis Caffrey, Ruth Milks, Mary Bechotol, Willa Parsell, Esther Beebe.r, Dorothy Shaffer, Mary Clark, Mildred Lantz, Laurel West. FIFTH ROW: Dora Alice Dean, Adelaide Ooigley, Mary Mies, Hazel Harvey, Wilda Smith, Kathryn Owens, Mary Smith, Eleanor Brown, Thais Hamilton, Kathryn Bass, Kathryn Cogley, Louella Yingling. GIRL RESERVE CLUB The Garrett Girl Reserve Club of 1927-2S has shown much enthusiasm. The membership is practically the same as that of last year. The success of the club has been due largely to the loyalty of the girls, the efficiency of the officers, and the splendid direction of the advisors. The girls enjoyed several memorable events during the year: first, a " weiner xoast " was given at Eleanor Brown ' s as a reception for all high school girls desiring to join the club. December the eighteenth the girls gave a Christmas program at the Methodist Church which was a decided suc- cess. Several sandwich sales were held as welcomed financial aids. Another im- portant occasion was the " Tea Party " which was held in the school corridors, follow- ing the installation services. The Kendallville-Angola-Garrett Conference was held March the seventeenth through which many new acquaintances were made and new ideas formed. Last, but not least, came the annual Mother-Daughter banquet which concluded the year ' s program. The advisors are: Miss Evard, Miss McKinley, Miss Thrush, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Hamilton. The officers are: Eleanor Brown President Ruth Zimmerman Vice President Mary Clark Secretary Mary Detrick Treasurer Mary Mies Social Chairman Ruth Haver Service Chairman Thais Hamilton Program Chairman " " : ■ ' SBBIEMIBBIEIgBBI3gfflaiBBBBfflBBim HIBHagli i ; Page 6 4 sasssn sSxxssHsssaisssKaiissx (11 1? -2 ClHttUl k k S s :: TOP ROW: Walter Lung, Carl Houser, Verne Brinkman, Nolan Lewis, Mr. Morris, Fred Bergstedt, Roy Stahl, Jerome McCully, Emory Heitz. SECOND ROW: Robert Hughes, Dale Coffing, Robert Houser, Carl Kennedy, Russel Alford, Kenneth Sheets, Emory Heitz, James McDermott. THIRD ROW: Jack Miller, Richard Woodcox, Maurice Chisholm, Clinton Williams, Charles Strouse, James Workman, John Midi. FOURTH ROW: James Shreves, Howard Watts, Arthur Steinmetz, Dillon Herzer, Eugene Johnson. FIFTH ROW: John Elam, Raymond Burton, William Carpenter. THE HI-Y CLUB The Hi-Y Club under the excellent leadership of Mr. Morns has enjoyed a successful and interesting year. Ten members including Mr. Morris attended the State Older Boys ' Conference, November twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth, at Lafayette. Much inspiration and many fine ideas together with acquaintances made the boys ' attendance very profitable. The Annual Hi-Y Follies was presented with much the same effect as in former years — a big crowd and a sufficient amount of profits were the chief benefits of this year ' s play " Who Stole the Mince Pie. " The club has during this past year pushed onward more than ever before in its program of wholesome fellowship and religious education. The 1927-28 officers were: James McDermott President Robert Hughes Vice President John Elam Treasurer Bernard Brennan Secretary I ' me 65 fm8f8IBgBB SlgBBIgB83BI8WgBgl B QIlp Arnltan rgiSS!gllglSllll|glll!llBlS!llalSi«l§liall!Sl!IHill«:ail!S ' S. m TOP ROW: Alzein Green, Vernice West, Myrtle Dickson, Emory Hei ' tz, Eleanor Brown, Jeanette Foley, Beatrice Frazier, John Gordon, Thais Hamilton, Bernard Brennan. SECOND ROW: Dora Alice Dean, Russell Alford, Mary Edythe Haverstick, Maurine Kistler, Harriet Brookmyer, Robert Houser, Catherine McCully, Roy Stahl, Wilbur Eldridge, Flora Duerk. THIRD ROW: Mary Mies, Ruth Zimmerman, Hazel Harvey, Charlotte Woodcock, Miss Davis, Helen Cramer, Lillis Davisison, Kenneth Sheets, Ruth Grimm. FOURTH ROW: Kathryn Bass, Kathryn DeVeny, Kathryn Owens, Mary Smith, Iolene Friend, Robert Hinklin, Ruth Thomas, Richard Woodcox Dorothy Lewellyn, Robert Hughes. DEMOSTHIAN CLUB The, Demosthian Club organized a few -weeks after the beginning of the school year 1927-28, under the efficient supervision of Miss Davis. The " aim and purpose of the club is to teach its members self-expression and to give them instruction in dramatic art. The constitution of the organization, which has an article saying that a member who refuses to perform when called upon is subject to " severe " punish- ment, was an important factor in accomplishing many unusual things. At the open- ing of the new gymnasium the club presented a play, " The Ghost Story, " which was a decided success. The parties and good times enjoyed by the club will long be a source of pleasant remembrances. The officers for the year were: Russel Alford ' . President Bernard Brennan Vice President Flora Duerk Secretary Thais Hamilton Treasurer :r . ' :.,:: BS8[8[g|[BSBB3(aSiaSHg]i3B Page 6 6 : uS :: m (Eh? Aeolian ssi ::::•:::: » g S a s ;; 5 5 I !! THE MINUET my grandma danced, gymnasium, by feanette Foley, " Grandma told me all about it How they danced Told me so I could not doubt it, Long Ago! " " The Minuet " was given at the opening night of our new Florence Little, Catherine McCully, Hazel Harvey, Ruth Thomas Kathryn Bass, Thais and Gretchen Hamilton. THE GHOST STORY The outstanding work of the Demosthian Club this year was its production oi Tarkington ' s " Ghost Story " at the initial performance in our School Gym. Scene: Laid in Anne ' s home during the Christmas vacation. Situation: George loves Anne, but, as is often the case, finds much difficulty in telling her so. Upon this occasion he resolves to " do or die " and rids himself of " that gang " by telling the ghost story with such force that he frightens himself, the crowd, and Anne into hysteria. But in the end she tops his proposal off with a " Yes, George. ' Richard Woodcox Fred Russell Alford George Eleanor Brown Anne Beatrice Frazier .... Mary Bernard Brennan Tom Wilbur Eldridge Lynn Mary Smith Grace Helen Cramer Lenny •■■ Page 67 151 g O, far glimmering worlds and wings, Mystic smiles and beckonings, Lead us, through the shadowy isles, Out into the afterwhiles. Riley. 3 E ■:mm mmmm m $ !im tetoiKixia ttttB.ix« Mx: Page 68 (Uir Aroltatt L i T E R A R Y ■ « - - :j ■■■• ■■■■ •■■■ •■■■ •■• ■■■ - - - y - - - - - " i: : Page 69 SPRINGTIME El ' Tis springtime, ' Tis springtime, Cold winter now is past. Warm breezes are now blowing, And May is here at last. S The birds are all returning, With songs they fill the air. The meadows too are smiling, With blossoms bright and fair. The orchards and the woodlands, With colors are made gay. . " rj I 1 I S 1 1 e I E B is 1 THE GARDEN OF FRIENDSHIP E | . s Through a beautiful garden the children went, Looking at pretty flowers, on a clear day. The Roses of Shanon, their bushes bent, " Don ' t pass me by, " they seemed to say. § E I E A miniture pond nearby lay, Covered with waterlilies, both yellow and white, Among them the swans would swim and play, Making a beautiful and pleasant sight. 1 We all can enter this garden, It is friendship so sweet and rare, Our lives can blossom as fully And be just as sweet and fair. 1 1 Maxine Owens ' 30. I 1 While the old earth rejoices Through many a joyous day. E Madoline Gael ' 31. m E I I -i I B I Page 70 QJh? Arnlian " sTg .-: UmP i F01taU ■■■ " rs H . :: :: - K s ? TO NATURE I love to hear the wild bird sing Far up in the sky at break of day; Or the woodthrush ' s sweet notes ring From under a bush near my way. I love to look at the bubbling brook As it gushes o ' er the clean white sand; Or, in and out each little curve or crook, As it kisses the silvery strand. I love to pluck the modest flowers, The products of the merry spring; They are the children of the sun and showers, And of them I love to sing. I love all of nature ' s wondrous sights In summer, winter, spring, or fall; In each phase of nature, God writes That He intends them for us all. GOOD-BY WINTER w And then there will be no more snows. Iolene Friend ' 29. Winter will soon come to a close, ' Until three more seasons have passed away, Good-by, Winter! Good-by I say. Soon will come the season of Spring, In which the happy birds will sing. The season when youth is happy and gay, Good-by, Winter! Good-by I say. April with its many showers, May with its bright wild flowers. June, the last month, when lovers meet each day, Good-by, Winter! Good-by I say. Soon the last snow-man will be made, And then the Spring will make a raid. Winter will fight but have to go away, Good-by, Winter! Good-by I say. Fred. Bergstedt ' 30. Page 71 g:ggga S.B WB M imSgBB BtgEISBBgm (11 ' It? J POUctU 3i@BHHHBHBHHgSeiBBHBH31liH HH3ll ' SI gi :: ; STEPS Hear the pattering little steps, Baby steps! What a melody of love their sound begets! How they patter, patter, patter, Into each and every room, Seeming all the while to scatter Little sunbeams with their laughter, To drive away all gloom! Always with some new desire Seemingly to never tire. Oh the steps, steps, steps, steps, Steps, steps, steps — Oh, the patter of these countless little steps. 2 Hear the dancing, prancing steps, Youthful steps! What a world of hopefulness their sound begets! Toes that twinkle, turn, and skip Through the night until the dawn; How they slide and turn and skip If the orchestra ' s a hit; Dancing on and on and on, Oh, ' tis youth that has the pep In its step, step, step, Oh, the jaszy, peppy, joyful, youthful steps! Hear the slow and halting steps, Aged steps! What a final tale of life this sound begets! Life is lived — no more desire, But for the final step up higher. Habit makes the old feet go Steps laborious and so slow Which simply wait! All the world seems cold and dark. Life is such a little spark T , r in these steps, steps, steps, steps, Steps, steps, steps — In these waiting, trembling, shaky, aged steps. Ruth Grimm ' 28. 1 THE GOOD I " What is real good? " " Truth, " answered the honest man; I asked in musing mood. " Justice, " was the judge ' s plan; " Knowledge, " answered the school; " Love of God " and " Kindness " pays " Pleasure, " agreed the fool; Through the years, the months, the " Love, " sobbed the woeful maid, day and " Fame, " declared the sage; si But- " What is real good? " 1 asked in musing mood. Maudie Mae Doster ' 29. a H I Page 7 2 Athletics Book IV J ha K i= - - - »;f » ajHSHS - i s sj? (Uhp JVpolttltt 1 a s COACHES The expansion program In Garrett High School Athletics reached its peak dur- ing the past year. A splendid new gymnasium, a fine football field, and excellent tennis courts have been completed. The new track will be finished this spring, giv- ing G. H. S. the best place to hold track and field meets in North Eastern Indiana. All of this means a great deal to our students as well as to those in charge of the Physical Training program. These activities by which the local adolescent may at- tain the virtues of honesty, self-control, loyal co-operation, and self-sacrifice by athletic and gymnastic participation are splendid monuments to the progressive spirit and the fore-thought of the people of the Garrett community. G. Stanley Hall said, " The boy without a playground is father to the man without a job. " In no city or town has this statement been more evident than in Garrett. The voice of youth has been heard and heeded. A. A. W. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Another successful season is over! The big games are now history, and hence- forth when referring to them we will be forced to call the team of ' 28 one of the best ever to represent Garrett. Due to the players diligent practice and determina- tion to win they have lost only one game this year, and that by only a few points. With the close of the 1928 season we lose six seniors: Jeanette Foley, Lois Withrow, Hazel Harvey, Mildred Alley, Kathryn Owens, and Barbara Dirr. Mildred Alley has been captain for the last two years. The prospects for next year are very encourag- ing when we consider the splendid material which we have for another winning team. Coach Rippey. An upright, manly character is the highest possession a boy may attain: one form of endeavor which strives to give him that possession is athletics. In a great measure, the aim of athletics is to foster and encourage a true spirit of sportsman- ship, loyalty, perseverance, patience, and courtesy. These are some of the elements that go to make up character and not infrequently the greater exercise of these ele- ments are found to be incubated in a team that is sometimes said to be a losiing team. May the teams of Garrett ever be judged by the elements of character that out- last the memory of passing accomplishment. P. A. Wilkinson. Page 7 5 HHSBBiaiia ssibeii s k a " K ' sisigHHsiiiia M K] :■ a :: x ■ - - s [H Karr Hiuklin Brennan Metcalf Cartwright Byanski Yarde FOOTBALL The G. H. S. football team of 1927 cannot he classed as a world beater so far as victories are concerned, for they were few and a long time coming. Prospects for a good team were dull from the beginning for only seven men of any football experience reported (the first week of school) to the call of Coach Wills. Ineligi- bility and injuries crippled the squad early in the season and it was not until the team suffered seven straight losses to Central, Decatur, Kendallville, Columbia City, Howe Military Academy, LaPorte, and Concordia College that any football strength was exhibited. However, the Decatur, Kendallville, and LaPorte games were close, 8-0, 12-0, and 13-0 respectively and with just a little more push these games could have been on the right side. Coaches Wills and Wilkinson finally hit upon a win- ning combination which included from four to six Freshmen and the last two games resulted in victories for our warriors. The old G. H. S. pep and spirit returned to the squad for the Warsaw game and the confident Kosciusko County team received one of its few setbacks of the last three years. Nash, Traster, and Farrington play- ed smashing football to allow our ball toters to advance. Warsaw matched Garrett ' s first half touchdown early in the third quarter but a long pass, Metcalf to Nash a m S SlgHHHSSiaHBSBHKSllSK! H a B)BS1 = : ' ' - Page 7 6 IKgiSMlSa: a " a a ft 5; a a aRRftftfta:: ft a ft a a; aaa (2 {l£ _j PflltcUt R a a ft a :; :: :: :: ft : Cramer Holmes Trastei Hur.l Xash Nicholson Farrington followed by a 35 yard run gave us our victory margin. Score, Garrett 12-Warsaw 7. The following week the North Side team gave our boys a great battle but were defeated 18-12. Capt. Metcalf and Karr teamed together for the last time and tossed passes and skirted the ends in great form. Three long runs by Karr resulted in the Garrett scores. Smith played good football for a beginner. Garrett Opposii Sept. 17 Central There 31 Sept. 24 Decatur Here 8 Oct. 1 Kendallville There 12 Oct. 8 Columbia City There 6 29 Oct. 15 La Porte There 1? Oct. 22 Howe M. A. Here 19 Oct. 29 Concordia College Here 25 Nov. 5 Warsaw Here 12 7 Nov. 11 North Side Here 18 12 • k a ft a a a a a a a :: a Page 77 a] ■n, [a! ®fy? Aeolian m m r. H .K]3!gfSj[Ki iM;s]asia[Hi@sgiiaiasj!sgs3S , .S ' S [ sjSKja m m m m si a] a] TOP ROW: Howard Nicholson, Dillen Herzer, Capt. Donald Traster, Theodore Einkopf, Kenneth Pickering-. SECOND ROW: John Gordon, Virgil Feagler, Paul Smith, Wilbur Byanski. BOYS ' BASKETBALL With Captain Karr, Yarde, Gordon, Hofferman, and Metcalf as a neculus, for the building of a team for the 19 27-2 S season, Coach Wills! ihad a fair start, but due to sickness, breaking training rules, and ineligibility, not one of these fellows was on the team after the first semester. The squad of fifteen men carried by the coaches during the last semester con- sisted of two Seniors, one Junior, six Sophomores, and six Freshmen. The regular players were Traster, Byanski, Einkopf, Herzer, Feagler, Smith, Nicholson, Hurd, and Pickering. With no tournament experiences, these fellows almost pulled through the great- est surprise of the season when they came within two points of eliminating the Champion Auburn Team in the Sectional Tourney. The score was 17-15 with Au- burn fast fading as the game ended. It was a fitting ending (if we could not win) to an unsuccessful season, and with practically the entire squad back for two more years G. H. S. can rightfully look upon the launching of a great team. No finer Gym can be found in this part of the State and with a wealth of material and plenty of pep the opponents of G. H. S. will have to step some for at least the next two years. SCHEDULE Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. 15 Fremont here Jan. 2 Decatur there Jan. 3 Waterloo here Jan. 9 Bluffton here Feb. 16 Auburn here Fe ' b. 17 Warsaw there Fet . 23 Columbia City .... here Feb. 6 Angola .... here Feb. 7 LaGrange there Feb. 14 Syracuse here 20 Albion here 21 LaPorte there 27-28 Oo. Tourney at St. Joe 3 Nappanee here 4 ..Berne there 10 Albion there 11 North Side here 17 Ashley there 24 Angola there m m s. a mSBBBB SmSBB S SBBSBBI maSIBB BW ami BBSISSBl SBISB Page 78 :: :: :: :: r. :: :: :; :: :: Aii ? Aeolian TOP ROW: Gretchen Hamilton, Mary Smith, Captain Mildred Alley, Lois Withrow. Hazey Hairvey. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Bass, Blanche Dickson, Jeanette Foley, Barbara Dirr. Kathryn Owens. GIRLS 1 BASKETBALL For three years the girls who have been on the team have worked together; they have shown every ounce ot real sportmanship. Never did they shrink from the thought of victory when defeat was facing them. During the last two years they have lost but one game. Many games were played with the fastest teams in this part of the state. The games in which we were victors could not have been won had it not been for the co-operative work between team and coach. Hours of hard practice and training are the two things which made us what we are today. Wherever we played we were thought of as courteous, clean, and honest sportsmen. That, I believe I can say is the reason why the Garrett Girls ' Basketball Team has so many victories marked uip for it. As Captain of the team I wish to say to the captain and members of next year ' s squad that we wish them all the luck that can be had. Remember that, " When the one great scorer comes to write against your name, He writes not that you won but how you played the game. " Mildred Alley ' 2S. 1927-28 SCHEDULE Dec. 2 Dec. 3 Dec. 9 Dec. 16 Dec. 2 3 Jan. 13 Jan. 2 Fet . 4 Feb. 17 Feb. 25 ■ : ■■ ' " " Ashley Here Waterloo Here New Haven There Auburn Here Columbia City Here Auburn There New Haven Here Areola Here Ash lev There Waterloo There Page 7 9 HH1E glSHHSglBl B »J «][§ sssmbu kehimsii HilaliS mtjfF 2 POlt3lt aS 5ai»3«aT!a»Sa!;if); " K " !f!f3s B5SSS BIIH1 H «! It, K S] X. TOP ROW: Richard Moran, Butord Smith, Mr. Woodcock, George Miller, Mack Sh-reeve, Floyd Brookmyer. SECOND ROW: Jack Owens, Irvin Lewis, Leo Claxton, Frank Redman, Gerald Sapp. THIRD ROW: Duane Stearns, Kennth Feagler, JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The Junior High Basketball Team lived up to its record of past years in a splendid way during 1927-2S. At the close of the basketball season it had complet- ed a schedule of twenty-seven games, eighteen of which were marked up to its favor; one game was a tie and eight games were lost. The second team played seven games; three of these were won, three lost, and one tied. Most of the squad were seventh grade pupils and will be excellent ma- terial for next year ' s team. The Junior High also prided itself with a Girl ' s Basketball Team during the past year. These girls will make excellent players for the high school in the near future. «■«»■;:::.«■.«, a ' js:- :::X):: S ! ; «;HiSMSaMitiK!Ha aS)SlSS[agl[SSgSS,:: ». « " : k ;. Page SO Stye Arnltan " ss--: VMJr rOlTalT »i«rs« H BASEBALL The famous G. H. S. baseball team of last year is no more. As yet no arrange- ments have been made to organize a team, but rumbles from a few Walter Johnsons and Babe Ruths have been heard in the halls and possibly the Great American Sport will not die out in our high school. The baseball team of last year did not escape the fate of our other sports and it suffered severely from the " four year residence rule. " Eight of last year ' s first twelve men have been lost — seven by graduation and one by promotion. Arthur Steinmet;, our " fence buster, " has been working out with the Danville, (111.) Three-Eye League Club this spring. We wish " Red " a lot of luck and hope he is successful in his first attempt to break into professional ball. Finley Nash, " Ben " Traster, " Dutch " Hofferman, and " Bill " Byanski are sponsors of the attempts to loosen-up the empty pocketbook of the Athletic Depart- ment enough to buy equipment for this year ' s team if we have one. Coach Wills has had baseball experience as a player and as a coach and he hopes that some way will be found whereby a team can be financed. TRACK Over a hundred boys turned out to hear the preliminary talks by Coaches Wills and Wilkinson and Principal Willennar concerning the building of a track team for this year. With arrangements made, whereby the country boys who do not have the opportunity to practice under the supervision of the coaches can get their work- outs, a greater number of boys will have a chance to represent G. H. S. on the cinders — thereby increasing the strength of our team. Last year ' s championship relay team has been completely broken-up for only two of the six remain — Karr and Gor- don. Eleven men from the squad were graduated leaving the coaches with no ex- perienced hurdlers, pole vaulters, broad jumpers, or middle distance runners. Among the men who show up best are Karr, Gordon, Hinklin, Hopkins, Hurd, Pickering, and several untried freshmen. However, much is expected from the new members who have been working faithfully. A series of class meets have been arranged to serve as try-out for the team. A loving cup is to be given the winning class and ribbons to the individual winners of the events. SCHEDULE March 30 Class meet April 4 Class meet April 7 Field meet at Kendallville April 14 County meet at Garrett April 21 Kendallville, Auburn, Garrett April 28 Goshen Relays May 5 Conference meet at Garrett May 12 State Sectional May 19 State Finals ■ :: :: :: :: :: :: ;: :; ;; ;: u :: ;: :t :: :i : : ■ Page 81 aiHSHBBlBBlElPiaHHaSPHHBSlHHBiaHll iH M M ©he Aeolian HAROLD BLOOM DAVID SL1GER. S : ; HiaklMMitLRTKlHJ aK EgJSSMs:):;.:: X : ■ Page S2 Ads— Satire BookV ®ln Aeolian " Calendar SEPTEMBER K V B JOtB K B B B ' B ;; 6 — Started to school. 17 — Football at Central. 19 — Hot weather? 20— Day off. 24 — Decatur here to play football. 28 — Never such good times as these. 30 — Oh! this month is gone already. 1 — K ' ville here. Lot ' s of pep. 6 — Seniors organise. 7-8 — Bible examination at Columbia City. 8 — Away we journeyed to Columbia City for Football. 15 — Laporte here. 17 — Still going good. 19 — First Demosthian meeting. 21 — Chorus furnished music for Teach- ers convention. OCTOBER 22— Football Howe Military Acadamy 25 — Miss Wood. (Nurse here). 26 — Old staff of the Maroon and Blue held their last meeting. 26 — Demosthian meeting. 27 — Maroon and Blue party at Hamil- ton ' s. 28 — Cabinet meeting of the G. R. C. 29 — Concordia College here. (Foot- ball). 31— Hi-Y party. NOVEMBEI 2 — Demosthian party at Hazel Har- vey ' s. 3 — Try-out ' s for the play, " Ghost Story. " 4 — Parts given out for the play. 5 — Warsaw here. A mighty team they were. 8 — Senior class meeting. 1 1 — North Side high here in football. 15-16 — It won ' t be long now until Thanksgiving. 18 — Fremont here in basketball. 21 — Just you wait. 22 — Junior class meeting. All out for Thanksgiving. DECEMBER 1 — Junior party. 2 — Ashley girls vs. Garrett girls. 2 — Boys journeyed to Decatur to play. 3 — Waterloo boys and girls here. 4 — Initiation of Girl Reserves. 5 — Special meeting of Demosthian club. 6 — Girl Reserve Sandwich sale. 6 — Hi-Y meeting. 7 — Demosthian meeting. 8 — What do you think now? 9— Bluff ton here. Oh Boy! 16 — Auburn here. Just you wait and see what ' s coming. 23 — Columbia City here. Two weeks vacation. JANUARY 6 — Hurrah! School again. 6 — Angola here. 7 — LaGrange there. 9 —Ah! We arrived again for the last lap. lO Girls Glee Club. 11 — Demosthian meeting. 13 — Friday the 13th. 15 — Senior class meeting. 17 — Who cares about that! ! ! pep meet- 18 — Aeolian Staff meet. 19 — Girl Reserves meet. 20 — General assembly and ing. Mr. Sidebottom leaves G. H. S. We wish him the best of success. 20 — Basketball girls get pictures taken at gym. 23 — Now what? 25 — Demosthian meeting. Page 85 ggrsmsBiiiHiHiSBaiHaHasas mm® n Otljr Arnltan 3£SssES£Afififi!]KE2gKSgggJi;5SKJ 25- 27- 27- 28- 31- 1 5 -Maroon and Blue meeting. -Called Senior meeting. -Senior party at B. of R. T. -Having a good time? -Hi-Y Cast practice. hall. — Maroon and Blue edition out. — Is there anything left to say? 8 — Demosthian meeting. 8 — Girls Glee club. 9 — Girl Reserve meeting. 10 — Chairmen of Aeolian committees meet. 14 — Valentine day. 1 5 — Demosthian party at Helen Cra- mars. 3 1 — Commercial Club. 31 — Lions entertain B. B. girls at luncheon. 31 — Junior class committees meet. 31 — Surprise program of G. R. C. FEBRUARY 16 — Girl Reserve present a Washing- ton and Lincoln program. 18 — Are you keeping up with Lizzie? 20 — Practice for the Hi-Y progressing. 21— Girls Glee club. 22 — Demosthian meeting. 23 — Washington ' s birthday. 24 — Aeolian is progressing. 27 — Special Maroon and Blue meeting. 28 — Senior class meeting. 29 — Demosthian meeting. MARCH 1 — Girl Reserve Program. 15- 2-3 — Sectional Tournament here. No 16- school. 17- 4 — Basketball girls have pictures tak- 19- en. 20- 5 — Junior Financial and Executive 22- committee meet. 23- 6 — Members of Girls contest meet. 26 7 — Demosthian meeting. 8 — Girl Reserve meeting. 27 12 — Commercial cl ub. 29 13 — Basketball girls meet. 30 14 — Demosthian party at Hazel Harvey Girl Reserve meeting. Maroon and Blue edition. Girl Reserve conference. (Angola. Track aspirants out foi training. Tears, tears, many tears. Girl Reserve meeting. Special Maroon and Blue meeting. -Senior class meeting. (Class Play) . -28 — Maroon and Blue Benefit Show. — Girl Reserve. — April Fool edition of Maroon and Blue. APRIL 2 — Operetta practice. 3 — Oh! now we ' re coming right along. 4 — Maroon and Blue meeting. 5 — Girl Reserve meeting. 6 — Just Friday. 9 — Practice for Senior play. 10- 11 - 12 — Wonderful weather, no doubt. 13 — Girl Reserve meeting. 1 3 — Operetta at Gym. 16 — Commercial club. 18 — Demosthian club meeting. 19 — Girl Reserve meeting. 23 — Just a little while yet. 24 — Great commotion around the building. 25 — Senior play practice. 26 — Girl Reserve meeting. 30 — When day ' s seem long. MAY 4 — Mother and Daughter banquet. 7 — Atta ole going gang! 8 — Famous last words. . . 10-11 — Senior class play. 1 5 — Just another day. 16 — Junior and Senior banquet. 18 — Demosthian party. (Semester par- ty). 19 — Oh! What a fine time, that party was. 20 — Bacculaureate. 22 — Class day. 23 — Commencement. What a grand and glorious feeling. 25 — Senior breakfast. Goodbye ole G. H. S. we ' ll miss you. - a S i m % m m is m a § » a a «J [a] a 1 a a n [5] a a a a m i m Sa- ra] a a a 1 a a a a « a: a 1 " :i - :! ! ' : - saase aaas mmmsmBMmm ammmas mi mBEiBiB Page 8 6 :SKB5SWSSS5,: :::::: ;: :: :: (Utjf Aeolian ALUMNI - a - s I - 1885 Milburn. (Stewart) Lula, Auburn, lnd. Sembower, Charles. Bloomington, lnd. Tarney, (Fyke) Maude. Chicago. 111. Ward. William, Garrett, lnd. 1888 David, (Cummings) Janie, Mansfield. Ohio. Satterfield, Cora, Gary, lnd. 1887 Bruce. Harry, Gary, lnd. Loar, Frank J., Fort Wayne, lnd. Mills, (Clefford) Iva. Garrett, lnd. 1888 Korneiski, (Lyons) Emma, Newark. Ohio. Lantz, James. Garrett, lnd. Tarney, (Carl) Fronia, LaPorte, lnd. Wagner, (Milliken) Julia, Los Angeles, Calif. Wright, Harry, (Deceased). 1880 Jones, (Merica) Orilla C. (Deceased). Satterfield, Benjamin. Portland, Ore. Satterfield, (Moore) Telia. (Deceased). Sullivan. (Talbert) Amanda, Richmond, lnd. Wones, Oliver J., (Deceased). 1890 Bicknell. (Kramer) Nellie, Hammond, lnd. Jones, Norman, (Deceased). 1891 Barry, Edwin F., Philadelphia, Pa. Cribbs. (Hills), (Deceased). Davies. (Parkhurst) Lotta. Garrett, lnd. Dick, Martha. Garrett, lnd. Hollopeter, (Moses) Orilla, Frankfort. lnd. Landon. Arthur H., Chicago. 111. Shreeve, Carman. Los Angeles. Calif. Wones, (Keef) Florence. Live Oak. Calif. 1892 Bretz, (Roos) Hannah, Garrett. lnd. Fredericks, (Allen) Edith, Detroit, Mich. Geiger. (McConnel) Mamie. Kendallville, lnd. McDanel. (Casteel) Jessie, Gary. lnd. Sembower. (Updyke) Maude, Garrett. lnd. Swihart, ((Ramsten) Winona, Garrett. lnd. (Brownard) Grace. (Deceased). (Clevenger) Olara, Garrett, lnd. 1893 (Knoder) Tillie, Hudson, lnd. (Seiber) Edith, Auburn, lnd. Renton, George. (Deceased). Satterfield. Howard, Princeton, N. J. 1894 No graduates. 1895 Fredericks, (Abell) Elizabeth, Garrett, lnd. Maggert, Benjamin, Toledo, Ohio. 1896 McBride. (Treesh) Ora. Garrett, lnd. McDanel. Ira Elson. (Deceased). Troutner. (Hollopeter) Nellie. Garrett, lnd. 1897 Clark, Cony I., Garrett. lnd. Havs. Harry C. Covington. Ky. Hollopeter, (Olinger) Ina B., Garrett. lnd. Moore, (Zugsworth) Mable S., Los Angeles. Cal. Schelter, (Maggert) Bertha M., Kendallville, lnd. 1898 Gates, Llovd, Columbia City, lnd. Loveland, Russ A.. Lewistown, Mont. Metcalf. (Thompson) Nellie B.. Chicago 111. Ocker (Stevenson) Edna M., Chicago. 111. Thompson. (Greene) Flora. Pittsburgh, I a 1899 Fralick, Alta D., Detroit, Mich. Fransheim, Mable D.. (Deceased). Hart. (Engstrom) Oda, Garrett, lnd. Thomas, Wagner, Mortorff, Mortorff. 1900 Dibert, Walter, Oakland. Calif. Hile. (Emerick) Mary, Fort Wayne, lnd. La Flare, Willard. Denver. Colo. Mayfield. (Gibson) Mable, Chicago. 111. Reyer. Christ, Gary, lnd. Rothenberger, (Thomas) Laura, Peru. lnd. Schelter. Flora. Garrett. lnd. Simmons. (Barnes) Jennie M., Swan. lnd. Spenser. Marie. Garrett, lnd. Spurgeon, Stewart, Fort Wayne, lnd. Woodward, (Lung) Clara, (Deceased). Zerkle, (Smith) Viola, Butler, lnd. 1901 Andrews. Porter, (Deceased). Childs, (Guthrie) Maude, Corunna, lnd. Childs. Minnie. Corunna, lnd. Feagler. (Eagen) Grace, Garrett. lnd. Gard, (COfflnberry) Carlie. So. San Francisco, Calif. Harkess, (Fralick) Beatrice, Kendallville, lnd Palmer, (Ratrie) Grace, Garrett, lnd. Parker. (Rapp) Delia. Clinton. Iowa. Richards, Gwinnie. Moline, 111. Sembower, (McMahow) Geraldine, Memphis, Tenn. Shunk. (Diedrick) Edith, Garrett. lnd . Swantush, Otto, Angola, lnd. Trainer. (Pilcher) Claudia, (Deceased). 1902 Andrews. Samuel. (Deceased). Baker, James, Escanaba, Mich. Carson. (Hall) Lola, (Deceased). Didert. (Woodcox) Daisy, St. Joe, lnd. Gates, (Johnson) Hazel. Hayes. Burch, Garrett. lnd. Hinkle. (Hays) Josie. Covington. Ky. McKennan, (Erickson) Florence. Garrett, lnd. McKennan, Sylvester. Gar rett, lnd. Munn. (Mosley) Maggie. St. Maries, Idaho. Smith. Francis, (Deceased). Thompson, John W., Garrett. lnd. 1903 Elston. Parker, Chicago, ill. Eppert, (Gilchrist) Mary 0., Indianapolis, lnd. Gingery, Fred M.. Chicago. 111. Jones. Roy C. Champaign, 111. Martin, (Spencer) Anna. Garrett, lnd. Miller. Claude C. Garrett, lnd. Mountz. (Richardson) Bernice B.. Paducah. Ky. Poole. (Cofflnberry) Eva., So. San Francisco. Calif. Rever. Grace, Toledo. Ohio. Richardson. Herbert Paducah, Ky. 1904 Gates. Earl W.. Marshelfield, Wash. Hays. (Ihrie) Jennie. Avilla, End. Richards. Mary, Moline. HI. Satterfield. (Donovan) Eva. Gary, lnd. Smith. Keith, Evanston, 111. VanAuken. James C. (Deceased). Vivian. James C. (Deceased). 1905 Camp. (Mclntvre) Malde, Indianapolis, lnd. Charleswood, (Amstutz) Fern. Harlan. lnd. child. is. Joseph, Chicago. 111. Duble. (Thompson) Bertha, Fori Wayne GlUmore, Carl. Wawautosa, Wis. Jones (Funk) Elto, Cleveland, Ohio. Shaffer. (Miller) Elizabeth, (Deceased). Kingsbury, Pauline, Auburn, lnd. Teeters. Frank. Chicago, HI. West, Jennie. Garrett. lnd. 1906 Feagler, (Dennisoni Geraldine, Garrett, lnd Mountz, (Barre) Odessa, Garrett, lnd. Mover. (Helpert) Leah Detroit, Mich. Rathwell, Edward. Deshler, Ohio. lnd. Page 87 S Sty? A? Oltatt SHSlElSilEI BlBHHHBIlBiBBilllSSSigEKaii; 1907 Bruce, Ray F.. Chicago, 111. Franks, Paul R.. (Deceased). Halter, (Rang) Gladys. Washington, Ind. Hill, Harry B., Garrett, Ind. Lung, Marritt C., LaGrange, Ind. Maloney, William F.. Danville, 111. Rang, Arthur A., Washington, Ind. Shaffer, (Miller) Mae, Fort Wayne. Ind. Shenk. Flarie M., (Deceased). Sanders, Jessie A., Auburn, Ind. Teeters. John. Tiffin, Ohio. Thumma, Zula, Garrett, Ind. Zerkle. Grace, Garrett, Ind. 1908 De Brular, Chester. Gary. Ind. Hess. (Shull) Ida M., Auburn, Ind. Hoover, Ora L., Iowa City, Iowa. Maxwell. Curtis. Garrett, Ind. Olinger, Jay, Auburn, Ind. Sembower, (Arkins) George, Anderson. Ind. Strouse, Lavina, Fort Wayne, Ind. 1909 Heffner. Florence I., Chicago, 111. Heffner, (Mooney) Jennie C, Auburn, Ind. Lash, (Kuckuck) Jennie C Garrett, Ind. McFann, (Clayton) Pauline, (Deceased). Rathwell. William, (Deceased). Rollins, Mary L., Huntington, W. Va. Reneman, (Sarber) Hazel, Garrett, Ind. Smith, Grace, Escatawa, Miss. Springer, (Owens) Helen, Garrett. Ind. 1910 Haverstick. (Grezenbach) Bernice, Fort Wayne, Ind. Ballentine, Arlo E., Fort Wayne. Ind. Barge, Ruth, (Deceased). Bowers, (Rupp) Beatrice, Newark, Ohio. Breehbill, Albert H., Avilla. Ind, Brechbill, (Blosser) Ella M., Bluffton. Ohio. Carroll, George, Terre Haute, Ind. Heffner, Mable. Chicago, 111. Hollinger, Helen, Willard, Ohio. Maxwell. (Cobler) Marie, Gary, Ind. Pollard, (Young) Florence, Goshen, Ind. Shriek, (McSweeney) Anna L., Garrett, Ind. Snvder, (Fitch) Mabel C, Auburn, Ind. Wiant, (Wachtell) Hazel. Cleveland. Ohio. 1911 Adams, Herbert. Fort Wayne. Ind. Brechbil l, (Heise) Ruth, Duram, Madhipui a. India. Byers, Hale, New York, N. Y. Carnaham, Hugh, Akron, Ohio. Clark, Chester, Garrett. Ind. Dennison. Pearl, New York. N. Y. Mager, Charles, Garrett, Ind. Miller, LeRoy, Auburn, Ind. Shrock, Monroe, Fort AVayne, Ind. Silbeurg. Vera, Garrett, Ind. Spindler, Leona, Fort Wayne, Ind. Talbert, Harold, Chicago, 111. Van Fleit, Don, Garrett, Ind. Warren, (Hathaway) Marie, Painesville, Ohio. 1912 Carleson, George, Chicago, 111. Creele, Floyd. Creviston, (Nagle) Marie. Garrett, Ind. Dibbrick, Florence, Mishawaka, Ind. Erickson, Walter. Garrett, Ind. Hill, (Johnson) Clara. Fort Wayne, Ind. Maurer, (Swanders) Gertrude, Garrett, Ind. McCully, Frank, Garrett, Ind. McNabb, (Williams) Edith, Auburn, Ind. Merica, (Van Fleit) Marion, (Deceased). Miller, (Brechbill) Cora, Dillsburg, Penn. Probst, Earl. Garrett, Ind. Schulthess. (Gordon) Nell, Auburn, Ind. Silliman, Vera. Garrett, Ind. Springer, Clark. Butler, Ind. Warner, Claude. Fort Wayne, Ind. 1913 Baker. Julia, (Deceased). Bruce, Le Isle, Gary, Ind. Camp, (Hull) Mildred, Indianapolis. Ind. Childers. Archie, South Bend, Ind. Cole, Thuron. Garrett, Ind. Hawver, Don, (Deceased). Klein. George M., Milford, Ind. Landis, Harry, Peru, Ind. Marvin, (Weaver) Laura, Garrett Ind. Novinger. Carl A., Detroit, Mich. O ' Boyle, Gerald, South Bend, Ind. Olinger, (Penland) Gladys, Garrett, Ind. Pierce, Anna, Garrett, Ind. Probst (Garber) Wanda, Chicago, 111. Weaver, Carl. Garrett, Ind. Weimuller, (Farrington) Ada., Auburn, Ind. 1914 Bass, (Wineland) Earle, Garrett. Ind. Bechtol, Dean, Garrett, Ind. Bowers. Lowell, South Bend, ind Cook, Samuel, Auburn, Ind. Gallatin, Arthur. Garrett, Ind. Geiser. Julius. Fort Wayne, Ind. Greene, Dale, Garrett, Ind. Groscup. Julia. Garrett, Ind. Gump. Erne B., North Manchester, Ind. Hawver, Glen, Garrett, Ind. Hersh. Clinton, Chicago. 111. Hershberger. (Smith) Gladys, Chicago, 111. Jackson. (Yarian) Reba, Swan, Ind. Johnson, Buford, Fort Wayne, Ind. Lindoerfer. Ruth, Garrett, Ind. Moore, Othmar, Los Angeles. Calif. Odenkirk, Marie, Cleveland, Ohio. Odenkirk, Zellie, Auburn, Ind. Rettig, Bernice, Ann Arbor, Mich. Smith, Isaiah, Richmond, Ind. Steckley. (Gallatin) Mable, Garrett. Ind. Thompson, Fred, Garrett, Ind. 1915 Bruce. Ferris, Gary, Ind. Byers. Donald, New York. N. Y. Clark, (McKenzie) Harriet, Gary, Ind. Clevenger, (Bass) Maurine, Micnigan City. Ind. Cole. Pauline, (Deceased). Dobbrick, Bertha, Indianapolis, Ind. Groscup, Bernice, Garrett, Ind. Harsh, George, Chicago, 111. Klingler, Delia, Garrett, Ind. Nell, Marjorie, Garrett, Ind. Ober, Mervin, Fort Wayne, Ind. Talbert, Lawson, Chicago, 111. Van Fleit, (Redmond) Edna, Garrett, Ind. 1916 Carnahan, Paul, Auburn, Ind. Elam. Bernard, Fort Wayne, Ind. Gallatin, (Anderson) Ruth, Chicago, 111. Harsh, (Van Fleit) Alice, Garrett, Ind. Harvey, Norma, Garrett, Ind. Hays. Hudson, Garrett. Ind. Hershberger, Howard, Chicago, 111. Hoover, Lewis, Columbus, Ohio. Horn. Clarise, Garrett, Ind. Johnson. (McDowell) Bermadetta, Auburn, Ind. McCracken, Alford, Wilson, Okla. Milholand, (Fales) June, South Bend, Ind. Sanders, (Turnbull) Annetta, Fort Wayne, Ind. Shanon, Charles, Chicago, 111. Shunk, Therisa. Garrett, Ind. Smith. Allen, Willard. Ohio. Strouse, Agnes, East Chicago, Ind. Tindall, Goldie, Fort Wayne, Ind. 1917 Baretta, (Talbert) Meddia. Chicago, 111. Baretta. (Campbell) Treva, Chicago. 111. Butts. Charles. Denver, Colo. Campbell. Pauline, Garrett, Ind. Clark, Sherman, Chicago, 111. Cobler, (Van Frank) Esther, Phoenix, Ariz. Cobler, Lois, Garrett, Ind. Comparette, Helen, Fort Wayne, Ind. Comparette, Francis, Garrett, Ind. Gieser, (Conner) Lydia. Garrett, Ind. Grimm, Paul, Garrett, Ind. Grischke, (Diedrick) Selma, Garrett, Ind. Hall, Laura, Garrett, Ind. Bachtal, (Barber) Sylvia, Newport, Ark. Heffelfinger. Iva., Garrett. Ind. Higgins. Clifford, Cincinnati, Ohio. Jacks, Paul. Youngstown, Ohio. Lantz, (Forder) Ruby, Cleveland, Ohio. Lawhead, Glen, Garrett, Ind. Lightner. (Taggert) Mildred. Canton, Ohio. Lung, Roscoe, Auburn, Ind. I 2 m : iiasillaBlHlllHSBllSSlSlliaSiSOli " gUglSSlElgBllEsBlBll Page SS ®hr Aenlttut sissa « •■■• » - 8 Manion, (Springer) Madolin, Butler, Ind. Marvin, Vesta, Garrett, Iml. Miller, (Cook) Nettie, Auburn. Iml. Mitchell. Darwood. Auburn. Iml. Noonan. Martin. Los Angeles. Calif Orr, Alda. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pierce. William, Garrett, Iml. Rathwell. Frank, Garrett, Ind. Rogers, Thomas, Chicago. 111. Roos. (Schomberg) Margaret. Toledo, Hiio. Shannon. Zelia, Chicago. 111. Sliger. Carl, Garrett, Ind. Van Fleit, Florence, Garrett, Ind. Van Lear, Dewey. Garrett. Ind. Wherley, (Potter) Juanita. Garrett, Iml. Widmer, Florence, Garrett, Iml. 1918 Ballentine, Raymond, Garrett, Ind. Carlin, Joe M., Garrett, Ind. Coifing. (Smith) Vera. Garrett. Ind. Collins. Florence. Huntington, V. Va. Cook, Paul E.. Auburn, Ind. Custer. Walter W., Auburn, Iml. Deihl, Whittier, California. Dills, Gordon S.. Garrett. Ind. Elam, (Barnes) Margaret, Garrett. Ind. Eagen, (Beidler) Gertrude. Chicago. 111. Feick, Dale F., Lauderdale, Fla. Franks. Ralph. (Deceased). Fuller, Georgia. Chicago. Ill Galloway, (Fell) Josephine, Willard, Ohio Groscup, Arthur F.. Detroit, Mich. H inzerling. Otto C, Logansport, Ind. Higgins. Clara M., Garrett, Ind. Hoblutzel, Ruth C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Howey, Mabel. Auburn, Ind. Klingler. (Symon) Neva. Garrett. Ind. Lantz, Mary, Garrett. Ind. Lanigor. Howard. Chicago, 111. Lawhead, (Adams) Orpha. Fort Wayne, Iml. Lung, Ronald. Garrett, Ind. Mager, LeRoy. Willard, Ohio. Miller, (Walker) Bernice, Auburn. Ind. Mountz. (Carroll) Margaret. Terre Haute, hid. dinger, (McCarthy) Faunda, LaPorte, Ind. Pierce. Louisa, Fort Wayne, Ind. Rankin. ( Winterfield) Leona. Fort Wayne. Ind. Roan, (Muhn) Margeurite. Auburn, Ind. Roos, Sabina, Garrett, Ind. Schomp, Ray J., Fort Wayne, Ind. Silliman. Vaneata, (Deceased). Stoehr. (Ruhl) Ardella. Fort Wayne. Iml. Trimble. Leora, Garrett. Ind. Williams, Dale, Willard. Ohio. 1019 Beehler, Endress H.. Fort Wayne, Ind. Brinkman. (Schunk) Dorothy L.. Garrett, Ind. Burtzner. Oscar. Fort Wayne, Ind. Button. (Sidel) Hazel. Garrett, Ind. Cobler. Florence M., Phoenix. Ariz. Dean, Alice E., Elk Garden. West Va. DePew, Ralph D.. Garrett, Ind. Diehl, Ernest, Scottdale. Pa. Ditmars, Dorothy A., Garrett. Ind. Draime, Arol A., Garrett, Ind. Eldridge. Dennis F., Auburn, Ind. Evans. Raymond S., Chicago. 111. Hammers, (Brown) Margaret. Auburn, Ind Harvey. Wan-en, San Fransisco, Calif. Hixon. (Buchmier) Belva, Indianapolis. Ind. Harold L., Fort Wayne, Ind. Keen, (Fretz) Hilda. Corunna, Ind. Keen, Royal F., Fort Wayne, Ind. Klein. Joe P., Garrett. Ind. Lanigor, (Hopper) Nellie S.. LaGrange, Ind. Lanigor. Howard. Chicago. Ill- Long. (Reese) Bernedean. Olean. N. Y. Loomis, Helen C. Garrett, Ind. Lung, Archie N.. Garrett, Ind. Martin, (Beighoff) Kathryn. Fort Wayne, Ind Maurer, (.Surface) Anna M., Garrett, Ind. Menges. (Dunten) Bernice, Muncie, Iml. Miller. Fonda, Fort Wayne. 1ml. Moran. Francis J., Fort Wayne. Iml. Moore, Joseph D., Garrett, Ind. Nelson. (Fuller) Lucille, Garrett, hid (dinger. (Sandoz) Marjorii-, Smith i:.inl. hid. Probst, Ralph W.. Bloomington, 1ml. Rathwell. James, Garrett, Ind. Satterfield, Roger, Oneida, Fla. Schunk. Paul H., Chicago. 111. Scisinger, Harry A.. Fostoria, Ohio. Sliger. Rabie. Garrett, Ind. Smith. Harold J., Garrett, 1ml. St. din. (Rhinehold) Verda, Fori Wayne, hid. Swartout, (Farner) Helen, Garrett, ' hid Turney, (Whitford) Gladys, Kendallville, [nd I ' lery. Violet L. 1 ' pdvke. Russel, Chicago. Ill loao Baker, Charles. Garrett, 1ml. Ballentine, iHiss) Illo. Auburn, Ind. Lass, Lillian, Willard, Ohio. Clark, Ethel, Champaign. 111. Eldridge. Ralph, (Deceased). Fitch, Ivan. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Franks. Wilma. F ' ort Wayne. Ind. Freeze. Alcie, Detroit, Mich. Green. Phyllis, Detroit, Mich. Griffin, (Van Arnan) Erma, Huntertown, Iml. I lawyer, Thelma. Avilla, Ind. Hi ifelfinger, (Gump) Vonell, Huntertown, Ind Housel, (Cool) Vernie, Auburn, Ind. Houser, Maurine, Auburn, Ind. Hughes. Harold. Garrett, hid. Jones. Forest. Chicago, 111. Keen, Frank, Auburn, hid. Lembeck. Franklin, Chicago. 111. Little, (Fitch) Maurine, Garrett, hid Mann. Fern. Garrett, Ind. .Manion. Mai low. Indianapolis, hid. Miller, (Carper) Olga. Garrett, 1ml. Moran, Harry. Garrett, hid. t dinger, Paul, Garrett, 1ml. Patterson. (Trick) Virginia. Ann Arbor, .Mich. Press Ier, Jessie, Bluffton, Ind. Rafferty. (Byenski) Jessie, Chicago. Ill Rahmer, Mamie, Garrett, hid. Rosenberry, Harry, Garrett, Ind. Saunders, Faye, £.outh Bend, Ind. Schulthess. Auline, Garrett. Ind. Scisinger, Ralph. Chicago, III. Slifer, (Rahrig) Isabelle, Garrett, hid Stiause, (Haney) Valena. (Deceased). Swanders, Amel, Fort Wayne, Ind. Teeters. (Rheinhart) Lssn, Corunna, Ind. Trapp, Albert. Garrett, hid Utter, (Mitchell) Gladys. Garrett, hid. VanHouten, (Sell) Mildred. Garrett, hid. VanLear. Coe D., Garrett, hid. Williams. (Lumm) Madge, Garrett, 1ml. Yarde. Lydia, Auburn, 1ml. 1921 Addington, Chella E., Adrian. Mich. Alvord, Donald, Garrett, Ind. Beeber, Edgar S., Willard, Ohio. Bonnett, Kenneth W., Chicago, 111. Clark. (Tuck) Waneta B., Fort Wayne. Ind, Collins. (Owens) Marjorie A.. Fort Wayne, Ind DePew, Harold D., Los Angeles, Calif. ' DePew, Oiville K., Garrett, Ind. Farner, Daniel R., Garrett, Iml Fawkes, Parke. Marion, hid. Fulk, Velma, Garrett, hid. Hall. Alice. Garrett, Ind. Hall. Violet. Garrett, hid. Harsh. Ruth M., Garrett, Ind. Hathaway, Don, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Hollopeter, Madeline, Garrett, hid. Housel, Russell W., Auburn, hid. Keen, Rebecca, Pittsburgh, Pa. Klein, Francis It-. Cleveland, Ohio, McCullough, (Moses) Maryonn, Duluth, Minn Mountz, James T.. Boston, Mass, Novinger, (Van Lear) Creede, Garrett, hid. Pressler, Landis, Fori Wayne. Ind. Renkenberger, Harold, Ligonier, Ind. Roan, Daniel. Detroit, Mich. Ryder, Madolin. Chicago, 111. Schumaker, Fleta M., Garrett, hid. Sharpless, Richard, Bl nlngl hid sheets. (Heinzerling) Mildred, Toledo, Ohio, Sherman. (Stewart) Gladys, Garrett, Iml. Sliger. Velma P., Garrett, Ind. Stahl, Harry, Garrett, hid steward. Paul, Garrett, ind. Treesh, Arlo, Garrett, ind. Turney, Meryl, Fort Wayne, hid. Page 89 saassSss x ;; Kg k xgxggxgggggggggK ®lje Awltan KSfigxsgggggggsggggggggggggggg Elliot. Klsi II Fitch. Fitch. Fouch :: Gehru Veazy. Harold L., Crawfordsville, Ind. Weih ' muller, Gerald, Fort Wayne. Ind. Weihmuller. Harold, Fort Wayne, Ind. Williams. Adda J., Fort Wayne, Ind. 1922 Aldridge, Harold. Fort Wayne, Ind. Briner, Louis, Garrett, Ind. Caffrey. (McGraw) Frances, Garrett, Ind. Chaney. William. Fort Wayne, Ind. Cree, Paul. Harrisburg, Penn. Davidson. Lloyd. Auburn. Ind. Dickson, Hazel, Chicago. 111. Dirr. (Heitzman) Amelia, Dallas, Texas. Eckhart, Margaret, (Deceased). Elam. Lucile. Fort Wayne, Ind. Dorothy, Wooster, Ohio. (Hughes) Lucile, Garrett, Ind. Oscar, Garrett, Ind. Otis. Fort Wayne. Ind. Bernard, Chicago. 111. n. Ruth, Garrett, Ind. Gieser. Carl. Garrett, Ind. Guthrie. Eunice. Garrett, Ind. Hall. Maynard. (Deceased). Harvey. Dale, Fort Wayne. Ind. Haynes, Sadie, Garrett, Ind. Heinzerling, Lillian. Toledo. Ohio. Hoyles, Marion, Detroit, Mich. Imler, (Snyder) Jeanette, Fort Wayne, Ind. Klingler. Maurice. Bloomington, Ind. Lantz. Helen, Columbus, Ohio. Lung, (Ober) Valera, Garrett, Ind. Menges. Fern, Muncie, Ind. Miller. Merrille, Chicago, ill. Miller, Cecil, Garrett, Ind. Moore. Harlan, Wooster. Ohio. Ober, Jesse, Garrett, Ind. Ober, Mary. Corunna. Ind. Patterson, (States) Kathrvn. Garrett, Ind. Peck, Everett. Garrett, Ind. Pierce. John, Garrett, Ind. Rosenberry. Walter, Garrett, Ind. Sherman. Ethel, Chicago, 111. Smith, Kathryn, Garrett. Ind. Stack, James. Akron, Ohio. Steward. Glenn. Garrett, Ind. White. Lois. Witherspoon, Randall, Garrett, Ind. Yarde, Mary. Lafayette, Ind. 1923 Addington, Carol, Adrian, Mich. Bass. (Holmes) Virginia, Kokomo, Ind. Bogear, Cecil. Garrett. Ind. Breeze, (Ladd) Lillian, Garrett, Ind. Brinkerhoff, Beverly. New York, N. Y. Clark, Thelma, Oberlin, Ohio. Cook, (Dawson) Fern. Corunna, Ind. Dawson, Thelma, Muncie. Ind. DePew. Treva, Garrett, Ind. Elson, Ross. Tampa, Fla. Fulk. John, Garrett, Ind. Gephart. Olio. Garrett. Ind. Hartle. Darel. Cincinnati. Ohio. Haverstick, (Kemper) Wilma Ind. Herbolsheimer, Helen, Fort Wayne Hershberger, George, Chicago, 111. Higgins, Walter. Garrett, Ind. Kistler, Harold, Garrett, Ind. LaRue. Ross. Garrett, Ind. Long. Ruth, Garrett, Ind. Longbrake. Oscar, Indianapolis, Ind. Loomis, Magdalyn, Garrett, Ind. Martin, Kenneth, Garrett, Ind. MacDonald. Helen, Garrett, Ind. Pomeroy. Kenneth, Elkhart. Ind. Rafferty, Darwin. Chicago. 111. Rettig, (Chesser) Madeline. Garrett, Ind Shultz. Kenneth. Garrett. Ind. Steward. Magdelene. Garrett, Ind. Treesh, (Maybe) Aneta, Garrett, Ind. Trimble. Ella. Greencastle, Ind. Tuck Edward, F ' ort Wayne, Ind. Turney, (Wooster) Violet. Garrett, Ind. Utter. Essie. Garrett. Ind. Wagner, Viola. Auburn, Ind. Withrow, Norval, Garrett. Ind. Bloomiington, Ind. 1924 Baily. Ruth. Fort Wayne. Ind. Bergstett. Henry, Fort Wayne, Ind. Chisholm, Everett. Garrett. Ind. Dennis, Nick. Champaign, 111. DeWitt. Merton, Garrett, Ind. Ditmars, Helen, Oxford, Ohio. Duerk, Mary, Chicago, 111. Engstrom. Josephine. Fitch. Thelma, Garrett, Ind. Gephart, Dale, Garrett. Ind. Grischke. Paul. Fort Wavne, Ind. Hall, Howard, Garrett, Ind. Halt. Jane Ellen, Chicago, 111. Hersh, Margaret, Garrett, Ind. Hickman. Granville, Garrett, Ind. Hickman. Ralph, Garrett, Ind. Higgins. Helen, Lafayette, Ind. Hoover, Claude, Garrett, Ind. Houser, Perry. Garrett, Ind. Hoyles. (Burtch) Marjorie, Garrett, Ind. Lane, (Dennis) Theo, Garrett, Ind. Little, Jack, Garrett, Ind. Miller. (Arguebright) Gladys, Garrett, Ind. Miller, Paul, Garrett, Ind. Nesbit. Laverna, Franklin, Ind. Nicholson, Goldie, Franklin, Ind. Novinger, George, Aurora, Ind. Ober, Mary, Garrett. Ind. Ocker. Paul, Garrett. Ind. Richmond. (Howey) Marion. Fort Wayne, Ind. Rynearson, Robert, Garrett, Ind. Schulthess, Howard, Garrett, Ind. Sherman, (Smith) Hazel, Garrett, Ind. Shreve, Catharine, Fort Wayne, Ind. Shultz. Dorothy, Garrett, Ind. Sliger. (Schurr) Eloisie, Garrett, Ind. Smith. Virginia, South Bend, Ind. Thibault. Jeanette. Fort Wayne, Ind. Treesh. Loyton, Garrett. Ind. Tuck, Josephine, Chicago, 111. VanAman, Lucille, Garrett, Ind. 1925 Alford. L T ndine, Garrett. Ind. Allman, Dale, Fort Wayne, Ind. Allman. Donald, Fort Wayne, Ind. Armstrong, Wayne, Garrett, Ind. Batchellor, Mable. Greencastle. Ind. Beeber, Arthur, Garrett, Ind. Beeber, Oral, Fort Wayne, Ind. Bisnett, Erma, Fort Wayne, Ind. Breckbill. Pauline. Garrett, Ind. Briner (McKinley), Velma, Garrett, Ind. Burtch, Thomas, Garrett, Ind. Oarbaugh. (Brechbill) Opal, Lafayette, Ind. Chisholm. Melvin. Garrett, Ind. Clady, Wilford. Garrett, Ind. Coffing. Feese, Garrett, Ind. C ' reeger. Dallas. Goshen, Ind. Davis, (Cain) Thelma, Kansas Ciity, Mo. DeWitt, John, Garrett. Ind. Dickson, Mervin, Akron, Ohio. Elam. Ralph. Garrett. Ind. Foley (Satterfield), Kathryn, Oveida. Fla. Gallatin. (Siimpson) Mary, Garrett, Ind. Gehrum, Esther, Garrett, Ind. Grant. Jack. Garrett, Ind. Grimm. Ralph, Garrett, Ind. Hays. Helen, Garrett, Ind. Herbolshiemer. (Erickson) Irene, Garrett, Ind. Hinklin. Mable. Oxford. Ohio. Hixon. Mary Kathryn, Garrett, Ind. Holman, (Dove) Wilma, Auburn, Ind. Johnston, Julia, Garrett, Ind. Kreiger (VanLear). Ruth, Garrett, Ind. Laughman, Onan, Chicago, 111. Loomis, Loren. Garrett, Ind. Lung. Nellie. Lafayette, Ind. Martin. Harriet. Rochester, New York. Martz, Harold, Bloomington, Ind. Miller. Glenn, Elkhart. Ind. Murray, Ethel, Garrett. Ind. Nelson. Fanchon. Garrett, Ind. Ratrie. Dorothy. Chicago, 111. Rider, Margaret, Garrett, Ind. Rowley. Harriet, Garrett, Ind. Schulthess. LeRoy. Ann Arbor. Mich. Sheets. (Loffi) Vera, Garrett, Ind. S ;: - :: :: " :;.:: :: it x gaggggH g gs it Kg:; :: - :; SgHSg a gg ggj I S UlUg Page 90 (2% Arnltan : :: :t :: :: :: : Smith, Edward, Garrett, Ind. Smith, Isabella. Garrett. Ind. Smith. Dorothy, Chicago. 111. Stack. Florence. Detroit, Mich. Steckley, Leslie. Toledo. Ohio. Steward, Victor. Garrett, Ind. Stoner, Mary Elizabeth. Oxford, Ohio. Swalley, Virgil. Garrett, Ind. Trimble. Josephine, Greencastle, Ind. VanHouten. Austin. Garrett. Ind. Weilert, (Smitih) Leona. Fort Wayne, li 1926 Andrews. Vivian, Auburn, Ind. Beeber. Lillian, Garrett, Ind. Bennett. Georgia, Fort Wayne. Ind. Bowlby. Wendall. F ' ort Wayne, Ind. Breece. Hollis. Fort Wayne. Ind. Brown. Cloyde. Columbus, Ohio. Caffi ey. Marian. Chicago. 111. Clark, Esther. Garrett, Ind. Delhi, Olie. Terre Haute, Ind. Ditmars, Ruth. Garrett, Intl. Ferry. Leo, Garrett, Ind. Fitch. Floretta. Garrett. Ind. Gehrum, Leah. Garrett, Ind. Graham. Earl. Chicago. 111. Hall, Esther. Garrett, Ind. Hamilton. Clinton. Fort Wayne, Ind. Hart. Louise. Terre Haute. Ind. Haynes. Harold. Garrett. Ind. Heinzerling, Harry, Garrett. Ind. Hollopeter, Lee. Garrett, Ind. Hopkins, Walter, North Baltimore, Ohio. Johnson, Dorothy, Fort Wayne, Ind. Keefe, Garner, Garrett, Ind. Kelham. (Ricciius) Lucille. Garrett. Ind. Luttman. Jason, Garrett. Ind. McCain. Edward. Garrett. Ind. McKinley, Earl. Milwaukee, Minn. Meese. Ernest, Auburn, Ind. Miller. Evelyn, Garrett, Ind. Monn, Elizabeth, Toledo, Ohio. Muuntz, George. Greencastle. Ind. Mowry, Treva. Garrett. Ind. Muzzillo. John. Garrett, Ind. ( ber. Ruth, North Manchester. Ind. Rickard. Raymond, (Deceased). Rickey. Waard, Garrett, Ind. Sharpless. Katherine. Greencastle, Ind. Shreeve. Wilma. Garrett. Ind. Silger. Lillian. Garrett, Ind. St. Amant. Andrew. Garrett, Ind. Starner. Chester, Garrett, Ind. Stoner, Delores. Garrett, Ind. Summers. Helen. Fort Wayne. Ind. Swartout. Charles, Garrett, Ind. West, Ward, Garrett. Ind. W ' iler. Gerald. Garrett. Ind. Williams. James. Willard, Ohio. Witherspoon. Margaret. Garrett, Ind. Woodcock, Margaret, Garrett, Ind Wolf. LaVon. Oberlin, Ohio. VanHouten. Lela. Garrett. Ind. 1927 Atkins. Fairy. Garrett, Ind. Brown. Helen. Garrett. Ind. Brown. Robert. Lafayette. Ind. Burton, Roy. Garrett. Ind. Cartwright. Ota. Garrett. Ind. Creeger. La Mar, Tiffin, Ohio. Chisholm. Helen. Garrett, Ind. Clady. Harold, Garrett. Ind. Coburn. Georgia. Garrett. Ind. Combs. Madeline. Jackson, Mich. Deihl, Ilif, Lafayette. Ind. Dirr. (Moses) Pauline. Garrett, Ind. Dull. Jessie, Chicago, 111. Elam, Evelyn. Garrett, Ind. Eldridge, Juanita, Albion, Ind. Friend, Myrtle. Fort Wayne. Ind. Fuller. Woodward, Garrett, Ind. Groscup. Fred, Lafayette. Ind. Houser. Edith. Garrett. Ind. Hoyles, Roger. Garrett. Ind. Hyde. Mable. Chicago. 111. Johns. Mary Edythe, Bloomington. Ind Kenmp, Wayne, Garrett, Ind. Knisley, William, Garrett, Ind. Lewellyn. Arthur. Williard. Ohio. Loutzenheiser, Dale. Garrett, Ind. Me Bride, Vaughn, Garrett, Ind. McCullough. Murray. North Manchester, Intl. Miller. Pearl. North Manchester, Ind. Mitchell. Myrtle. Garrett. Ind. Micholson, Russel. Milwaukee, Minn. Ober. Ralph, Detroit, Mich. Richmond. Wilford. Garrett. Ind. Sapp, Merwood. Auburn, Ind. Sherrick. Wayne, Corunna. Ind. Sithen. Kenneth. Garrett. Ind. Smeed. Donald. I afayette. Ind. Smith. Madolyn. Garrett. Ind. Snyder, Gerald. Garrett. Ind. Starner, Irene, Garrett, Ind. Steward, Alverta, Chicago, 111. Thompson, Robert, Garrett, Ind. Treesh. Chester. Garrett, Ind. Tuck. Madolin. Chicago. 111. Vogeding. Marguerite. Bloomington. Ind. Wagner, Gustabell, Garrett, Ind. Ward, Sterling. Bloomington. Ind. Wells. Marcia. Fort Wayne, Ind. Wells. Maxine. Fort Wayne. Ind. Wiler. Bernard. KendaTlville. Ind. Wilmont. (Yarde) Edith. Garrett. Ind. Zimmerman, Roscoe, Garrett, Ind. :: Page 91 5! ®h? Aeolian s 3 u. C 3 a o si 41 C « a U s a C u I i H 60 1-h -p ■ u 5 a) " O 1) M u -o u CO bo C I « - C l) . 4 ' ! H !-! rn p P 3 bc-n .2 w jp U Oh O p u p U pa -fi 3 v o 2pqGO£co £5-3 CO «3 Sj 4J U 3 " u m C aj ' — U • Q rl — p LH - rt C E 2 •8 P o 1 _H 60 Mm M-C " O .3.512.5 t 2 ,,3.12 3 i3 tt a, o 3 60_ 60 3 -P h „ h . 60 rd J3 2.S S„SS ' 3 .E.S .SSS m.S 3 J •§ ; -S .S § " S « •§ -S c a OJ -o % p w ■-!-, 3 Ji o 3 3 3 O J3 o o HOp hJ P p h a) u O P P PtH 60 C 3 a fi ,c XmOO H p .„ m E w G P C u " ' (y --; i-h --J W ni o 5 K43 O pq B S a o o u -P o u CT ' — 2 P ni 60 .P b p y w p Ml- c 3 . I -P fcE DiDXpi cowa; S O 3 B E o H-. x a o 1 U +3 fin SJi t -P S " rH £- P-H J o 3 m o a) w p -a 53 c £■3 Ul P P 00 ? ' 3 p " J ■- u I co h eq pq O c Ph ■u tj l •S p " -p " O « •« Si .id u u p5 60 4) Cm - " bO ' O W M !Sj5s o fl E 5 »s- p-h u 3 a P w w to u Z oSjfflfflCHfflwOQw 1-1 r O O 1h y-t-H ■ — j ; cq pq pj 2 J w s: S 1 E Oh C u rt n! U l- d U U i- - ' C c p o 11 60 «pqOCJoQQ Q pd K pj S 2 w ' qQq c ii2 S p o -t- 60 p p £ a 6o ' S.S? P_S rt Vh m ™ ,-3 jj — 2 pq ed (t; 2 W - pq pd W S PJ W i Page 9 2 m » i § is i :: i i i i i i i i S i :: « •:: :: i (2i |lj JKpfl ItcUt 8 g § r 3 3 - £ re X U tu £ re c :: ;: s a :: :: :: ss :: x s s: :s £ -3 x x CO 3 x u, O x p u 5 rt - - . u, - W - O ' h c to 3 - u T3 - s U rt 1 Author Star An dIJ u 1-1 u Q rt u ' — u X XI x o u a =5 -a bo _ c C OC ' J —z r c ■— TT c co — is X • — Si S •« 3 £ _ •3 M 2, - ' ■ a S c Si 3 Si 5 C QotH«3 " E «3c2c 3 E- ' 3 boB 3 ' - 1 ■ 3 U ffl HO eJO o 3 x c - 3 u c ' j e u - = : -£ EL -5-1 S-bJ 5-c " b c Cl! c 3 3 3 u 4-1 M 3 re r y (U to 3 u -3 — sJ =. O 3 00 ; »_ « £ •3 £x g M-% 8 3 o rt a ;? £03 [=4 PQ r fT r W i S §5-i o « rt J2 2 ' - 3 3 jj M It :IOc 3t 5D5 u cJi ■S5 3; C bo.— ■ Ph S ;c jQjH«: : £,0332 3 x a 3. g c t! rt s u ' EC , X = = 3 «X E x M x u 3 J 2 2 2 2 2 £ z « 3 Si O " 3 bi « _ u X " U .C 2 t£ 2Eo m w " 3 3 bo; « 3 S x x R 5 u H 5 - CQ n 3 292 2 -3 ■s Ss c u 3-fl ro r- 3 X j X C C Gyn Cou Wit to kJ-3 rt y, ' - x — CO bD_ it -c E COhJ cccc Cj O C 3 U; 3 X X _? i- -5 3 H pi £ £,£ d2WQ Owens Ober Tr.ister Treesh X CO u H Tuck Sheets Strouse Watts Withro ' Yarde Young «BiQQ E I fcEj M Page 9 3 StSlSi s; a I maSEEIfflBBHJfflaHHHSHBaBIHHBiaHE U lTP i PlUt£ttt SBHHHHBHH1HHBBBBBBHEIBBBBI a I a: [5] H a m s m a g i a IS Si (Si m « M IS x § " Stern Value ' G. H. S. ( IU26 1 I, I ! .... : of K j, i .■ 1 9 2 8 Ciothes Make the Man " STERN-VALUE " Provides the Clothes May your Future be as Bright as the Service of " STERN-VALUE " is Secure Stern Clothing Company " The Brightest Spot in Garrett " s is B S SI a a s r» a g ■ ;«: i s 1 r. I Page 94 i 1ip Aroltan :: n s r. ;; :: :; u :: :-. :. Gift Specialists For medical advice, you consult the doctor; for legal counsel, the lawyer — each a specialist in his field. We too, are specialists — in gifts. Let us guide your next selection in that and avoid disappointments for your friends. Consult us at any time for expert, careful, cheerful advise- Chas. Ort Company, Jewelers Masonic Building A TRIBUTE TO THE JUNIORS A Freshman ' s rather green, you know, And acts so dazed and queer. A Sophie thinks he knows so much He shouldn ' t study for a year A Senior is so dignified because A graduate soon he ' ll be. So when it comes to choosing A jolly Junior just suits me. Isabell McDa-niel ' 29. § § § Art H: Here it says that a man died on his wedding day. Mr. Rose: Some people have all the luck. § § § Mr. Hamilton (angrily): I ' ll teach you to make love to my daughter. Si Hurley: I wish you would I ' m not making muoh headway. § § 5 E. Heitz: I understand Budd ' s wife is going to Paris for her clothes. Everett C: I wondered where she had left them. Garrett, Indiana. Mother: Who ever taught you to swear? Johnny: Santa Claus, mama. Twas when he fell over a chair in my bedroom. § § § What books do you some high class do you like the Miss Davis: read Arthur? Art S. : Oh novels. Miss D. : How endings? Art: The last one I read had a sad ending. It was marked down from $2 to twenty-eight cents. § § § Pud L. : My sister and I know everything in the world. Evelyn D. : Where is Gape Cod? Pud: Well — that is one of the questions my sister knows. § § § Mrs. Burtch: Raymond, should never do things that would be ashamed to do with world watching you. Raymond: Horray, I won ' t to take any more baths. you you the have Page 9 5 S " S ;: :: ;; in] a iiiiii uJh? Awiltan WWTOmwwwniTOCTI[ TO McCullys Bakery Adelaide Co.: Are catepillars and Chich H. : The Justice of the capillaries the same things? Peace didn ' t make much last year, § § § did he? Mr. Black: Wilbur, is there any- Bill Duerk: No but he will this thing you can ' t do? Wilbur E.: I hardly believe there is. year. Chich: How ' s that? Bill D. : Why, man do you forget Mr. B. : Then go to the furnace that this leap year? room and wheel out a barrow of § § § smoke. John Elam: I don ' t cheat like Wilbur: You go down and till you do. the barrow and I ' ll wheel it out. Bick W.: No, you cheat worse. Sporting Goods KITCHEN EQUIPMENT— G. E. ELECTRIC REFRIGATORS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS VARNISHES HOOVER ELECTRIC SUCTION SWEEPERS Prices Always Right HEINZERLING ' S .! :,«: aj . : gi;« «; «; ; nifgg) 1 mXSmBBSWSBBSBBBBISSSBISBBBSISISEISI BBBBEBB!BSBSI MBBBBBE SIBBISaSSE, Page 9 6 mmmiito Ar nltan gKHKKtts 2 «-.«■« «hk:k» 8W a KirK s :aS:a ' S VIHIF - UlltUl s«s5s:ss:S;!:s : Serving Garrett Day in and day out, year after year, The Clipper and its staff take pleasure in being of service to the people of this community. The paper itself furnishes timely news and other inter- esting information to everyone; the advertising is of value to enterprising merchants and manufac- turers and renders a service to the public as well; and quality commercial printing is produced here promptly. Our aim is to co-operate with you and we are constantly at your command. Garrett Clipper A Mirror of Community Life C. B. HAMILTON, Publisher. .;: f. :: ,- s ;: it » it « r. .; :: " :: " " " " » ■= » " ■■ » ■• » ' - « " » « ■ ' " " " ■ ■•■ " " " " " ' • : : Page 97 aMggglg atl a ag a a a: a a " a a g " a a a aaaaaaaaaaa (2111? FQlt3tt glpggglHgglSllHBIgggggglBJlSgHSISgSl a MODEL IIS SPEEDSTER $2195 MODEL 88 SPEEDSTER $ 1695 Brand new body modeled fromthefamousDuesenberg race cars. The outstanding value of this type of car STRAIGHT EIGHT AXJBMRN POWERED BY LYCOMING 76 Roaditrr S1195; 88 Sed an S 1 69 5 : BS Sport Sedan SI59S; 88 Cabriolet $1695: -- K-. ,: ■■:. i $1 t- . 86 Speediter $1695| I; US Cabriolel $2195) 11$ Roaducr $1995; 11! Sp ed ter SI195; 115 Phae ion Sedan $2395. Frcighi. Tax and Equipment Extra. AUBURN AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, AUBURN, INDIANA a. a a;)t. a a, a a, a, « a: a: it, a SJg SJggg a a!,a a; g ggggggggg a a a a a ' a a; a a; a a; a. a a a a a; a ' a: a gigig a a a a a Page 9S . - tiJhe Arolian -- = r. :: :: r. :: :: :; : Compliments of Haynes ' s Dairy Bill Duerk: " Flora, where are the funny papers? " Flora: " Silly, this is only Wed- nesday. I told you not to take a bath last night. " Winford Nessel: Is it true that statistics prove women live longer than men? Walter Lung: Well, you know that paint is a good perservative. Mr. Wills: Our track men are so short winded that they can ' t blow their own noses. Mr. Bormuth: What steps would you take if you saw a lion come into this room? Marion D. : Long ones. § § § Bee Frazier ' s motto when driving her car, " Don ' t toot until you see the whites of their eyes. " Little ' s Hardware Congratulates the Faculty and Class of 1928 and we hope you will have a happy and prosperous future. Page 99 it Utyp Aniltan Wm BBBBfflE BB BBBm ISBBIBBBiaai CLASS OF ' 28 WE CONGRATULATE YOU PATTERSON ' S DRUG STORE The best place to trade OLINGER HAVER Barbers 111 West King St. Garrett, Ind. Finley Nash: " In this package is something for the one I love best in all the world. " Mrs. Nash: " I suppose it ' s those new socks you said you wanted. " § § § Kate O.: " When I get you alone, Maxine, I ' ll tell you what I think of you. " Max: " Better be careful. It might cast reflections. I ' m your sister. " You Ought to be in Meyer ' s Dresses COED SILK DRESSES $15.95 ANOTHER LINE AT $5.95 They are made of every conceivable new smart material. The newest colors, combinations, and effects. J. A. MEYER DEPT. STORE Dry -goods — Ready-to-wear — Millinery Phone 381 IK] g] « i m « K. »J x iai 1 1 i S H. m m m m m m s m s K i a 8 S «v»:: ' ' : " :«: , tf!« 1 i ' !»::K ' ;«i«.iK..»,K:[«-:»«7»:[« «-iKi«:i«:Ki« Page 100 :::::::;:::: :: :; :: a ::5i:s •;:::: ;t ViJnf ,2 F0lttItt SI . " := " " :: " - : ::::as 5 T1: :::::;:: :: COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Hinklin Funeral Directors Would it not seem strange it Finley were a Ford instead of a Harry were a seam instead of a Nash? Tuck? Frank were a foot nstead of a Janet were a wren instead of a Yard? Martin? Alzein were red instead of Virginia were a moth instead of a Green? Miller? Mary were a painter instead of a Kate were a pike instead of a Dauber? Bass? § § § Walter were a liver instead of a Lung? Mrs. Ellis: " Aeneas ran out to Mildred were a street instead of an die again . " ( He must have been a Alley? cat). Geph art ' s Variety Store Eighteen years of successful merchandising proves that our method of handling only first quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices, operating our independent store on the SYNDICATE PLAN, concen- trating our efforts to this immediate community, and our money hack guarantee, have met with approval of our patrons. Therefore we have not only decided to continue our very extensive line of popular priced merchandise, but to constantly add many house- hold necessities and offer to the people the very best possible in the way of values and service. It is on this basis that we solicit a continuance of your patronage. x; :: Page 101 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSi QJfjf A flltHtl asi@HSHS)ssBHSHSissi(ass®iisHissiiis| a more precious. IS 1 1 I 1 M PHOTOGRAPHS— LIVE FOREVER. M m % 11 ■ H 1 s | Nothing that you can give gj those who are near and dear m will please them more than YOUR photograph — and m witih each passing year these m treasured records become ' ill V 3IlCetb OLU U1U m ® a I I IS I i H m 1 m i m i m §i m I m m s fil i i m ■a s IS ® 1 m i VACATION JIM I: Snapshot HI as you go, Pictures tell it much better. IS IS m m m H H ® PHOTOGRAPHS- -TELL THE STORY. IS IS I s a I m ® m m m IS asgg HBSISSllSBISISISISHISISlS aiBlMiaisifeHw Page 102 aaiKMg KWgMytXMBBWimfflW ' hV J £tUttltt WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW SHIPMENT OF TENNIS RACQUETS Van ' s News Stand Geo. W. ILER MORTICIAN Our Motto is to Please Office Phone 165 208 South Randolph Street Accept Our Compliments For The 1928 SENIOR CLASS —SOME WONDERFUL BARGAINS— 7 1 -T S 1 109 West Kins Street Headquarters for Spaulding Athletic Equipment J. B. GARNS CANDY COMPANY Page 103 msmimmmimBwmimigimB gmsm ®it£ JVpfllttttt HjiiHaaaiKiaaaapaapafKBaaaasa isHsja a ' ' 1 :; « [K 1 Growing Together j IS SI a a 1S1 H IS 1 a a This institution especially invites the ac- counts of young people and invites them with the express understanding that it will consider it a ■TO privilege to make banking an easy and a pleasant task. Every facility of this bank is at their dis- posal. Convenient bank books and check books, the kind that fit snuggly into pockets and shopping bags, are provided. Questions are invited. There is not an officer or an employe in the bank who is not eager to answer and to serve. Garrett Savings Loan and Trust Company GARRETT, INDIANA. ' The Liberty Bell Bank " — 4% on Savings. Our officers are especially willing to advise and assist in business affairs. Their experience, their judgment, their knowledge of business forms a and business conditions are all at the special serv ice of the depositors. Every one reading this advertisement is cordially invited to become a customer of this banking institution, whether the bank account will be small or large- 8 [KJ a a I 1 — .,..., — 1 1 a m I x » :; » x :; : » xw.kj: ;i :; •.:■:; -.t « ; ; )Qi ' k! 1 1; j BlISIISKIISKIIi ;i ' « :tf » ' »: »i H]SlHI«ISIIBliaiaiW |gRI|g|ISl lgg||g||gg iai«l !aBi Page 104 mm Ulhf JVfOltmt israisEiisBiasgisiagsi s r. ?! 1 a » » H. W. MOUNTZ JAMES T. MOUNTZ MOUNTZ MOUNTZ ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Mr. Willennar: " If your father gave you a five dollar bill and you burned it what would the govern- ment do to your father? " Wilbur E.: " You mean what would my father do to me? " § § § Miss McK.: " This dining room suite goes back to Louis XIV. " Buss L. : " That ' s nothing; our whole dining room set goes ba ck to Sears-Roebuck on the fifteenth. " H. Harvey: " How ' s come you have all those blisters on your palm? Lois Withrow: " Just holding hands. " I Harry! ) § § § Didja know Mr. Black is a fatal- ist? He says everything is predes- tined. Pity him in forth period assembly. § § § Finley N. : " It happened on the 30th of February. " COMPLIMENTS of Hughes Drug Store Page 105 ™M v Aeolian :: Clothing A. G. Houser Telephone 334 200 East Quincy St. Farmers Elevator Company | GARRETT, INDIANA l 1 8 Grain, Seed, Salt, and Coal Commercial Feed S g » 1 i is Dealer for . McCORMICK-DEERING HARVESTING MACHINES a a , I a a a » I a C %1 CHILDREN ' S h Ol Q GROWING GIRLS OllUCb MISSES WOMEN MEN BOYS I a | BOYS MEN s 8 5 — a I a is Phone 208 a « § Page 106 : n ::;:;::: :: SiTS ;::::: HgSSKa (Ml .ApOlttltt 1 J. D. BRINKERHOFF ATTORNEY AT LAW Harry T. : " Once I saved a man ' s life, but I never got a. medal tor it. " Flora D. : " How wazzat? " H. T.: " A man came to his apart- ment and turned on the hot water for a bath and he would have been scalded to death only I happened to be the janitor. " Flora: " What ' s that got to do with it? " H. T. : " Well, you see — there wasn ' t any hot water. " Bormuth: What kind of birds are generally kept in captivity? Lowella P.: Jail birds. § § § Miss McK. : " What is alcohol good for? " Dorothy Metcalf: " Makes you sleep better. " § § § Roger C. : " The up-to-date girl does not cry. " (Look at the price of face powder). Friendly Public Relations are our most valuable asset. We en- deavor to give you good service and courteous treatment at all times. Northern Indiana Fuel and Light Co. F. A. NASH ATTORNEY AT LAW = Page 107 mfflasBEasmBBBBBBBBiaEiMiaBBigimfflm Q ttt 2 £lHt3tt aHBSBHHaaaBaBHisisissisBasBaaHBBB S r a a a a K. M a: a i m g a. a a a si a) « ' 1 I 1 II a IS H I «• • m. -m. « - T_ . -+. • - . -W a a IS 81 J. A. MOORE SON Furniture and Floor Covering " Buy with Confidence " a § a .a. a S i IS! [a, 1 IS ' IS a is a a a a m a S IS rurniture ana rioor S |SJ s m a i a I is | IS S ;al m m 1 a | s a a a 1 a i a I .a. GARRETT - - - - INDIANA a a a a a: IS a a a a ' a a a a 1 1 a. M a I a ' a :: is 1 1 .■ a a a a a a a a a ' a a » «-; g a »; a; a ' x.a aaaBBBBgassaaBBBaaaaass a ■« aiata ajaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaa ' ax Page 108 a a ssssijs a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a GJlp Aeolian aaaaaaaaa: : a a a aa a a a V: Creek Chub Bait Company A Qarrett Institution Makers of True-to-Nature Fishing Lures CREEK CHUB BAITS CATCH MORE FISH Helen Cramer: " How come they buried the Scotchman on the side of a hill? " Hazel: " I don ' t know. " H. C. : " Because he was dead. " § § § Lois: " Ben, I ' m afraid to go in that dark room. " Ben: " But Lois, I ' m with you. " Lois: " That ' s what I ' m afraid of. " § § § Mr. Wills: " If some of you don ' t have anything to do, I ' ll get some- thing for you. " Dot L.: " All right, will you get my Latin for me? " § § § Dick Dolan: " Say Jim, I ' ve got the best railroad radio. " Jim Mc: " Railroad Radio? " Dick: " Yes, it whistles at every station. " § § § Don T.: " Say, Fin, you know you ' ve got musical feet? " Finley: " How ' s that? " Don: " Two flats. " John Slifer sure has been improv- ing in class. Maybe it ' s because of the new loud blazer. Miss McKinley: just died all at once. ' And the man Dale M: " Hey, Ruth, they ' re looking for you. " Ruth Z.: " Who? " Dale: " The blizzards. " § § § Mr. Franks: " Mary, what rela- tion are you to Mr. Painter? " Mary D.: " I ' m the Dauber and he ' s the Painter. " § § § Manzella: " It said you would have a ' hemisphere! " Miss McK. word, please. " Manzella: " Spell that last H-e-m-o-r-r-a-g-e. " Jeanette: " If you tell a man anything it goes in one ear and out of the other. " Arthur S.: " Yeh, and if you tell a woman anything it goes in both ears and out her mouth. " " ■■ ■■■ ■ Page 109 g]g]g]g g S ig S SJiS :: «]g S § Hg Sp)I S[g a g g gjg g (lUl£ £ PlHt£Ut " ' SSSb gl ' H ' giglglKlgJSKlSlglSlBaSlBiBIBHl i K s s g ;; « : )! 8 :: 8 i«l . H a] Garrett State Bank Established 1893 CAPITAL and SURPLUS 100,000 " IF ent if he spends more than he earns. « ! R] M g 1 IS :: gj a gj :: g |S( K] X )( a. a SI gi JLJL a 8 a r, a I If you can save, you can succeed and be independent. No one can be independ- It is estimated that nine out of every ten persons at the age of sixty are de- pendent on their relatives or charity. Start now to build your own independ- ence with an Interest Account in this strong bank. RESOURCES OVER $1,000,000 1 a a a a a a a a a a :■.•.: a a a a a a:a aaa ajaja a aa, a a a a,a a: « « a g ' «K«;gJS!g]gjai!iag!agiailgliMgi g|ag|g|,g|giailiglB Page 110 s ssSSSssiiSsSSs ' aSWKS She Aeolian ;S5)::;s!);s55: " ::: :t :: ; " a a : .: :: :t ::r. " -::== :: ;; == r. ■: " . " « « " » " " " " « » " " " - " ;: : ' Page 111 ;: :: « JOHN H. SCHLEUCHER ATTORNEY AT LAW ' The Young Peoples Friend. GARRETT HUDSON and ESSEX SALES Hudson and Essex Cars The Most Car for the Money C L. WOODCOX, Proprietor a I :: :; [Si x: 1 I Compliments of DEPEW ' S CLEANERS DYERS Violet Murphy and Leona Weller, in a crowded street car. Leona: " I wish that good looking man would give me his seat. " Five men got up. § § § Roger C. : " Are you fond of in- door sports? " Kate B: " Yes, if they know enough to go home. " § § § Tim Ratcliffe: " Well, I ' ll eat my hat. " H. Beher: " Eat mine, I need a new one. " § § § Miss Davis: " What caused the Era of Good Feeling, John? " John S.: " Little Wonder Liver Pills. " § § § Waiter: " How do you want your eggs cooked? " Wilda S.: " Is there any differ- ence in the price? " Waiter: " No. " Wilda: " Then cook them with a slice of ham. " :: ;; a s a I ® § 1 § i iiaiix K a , ,, . ,, ;; g § g m g g g m kK u . ffl _ g g g g g g g ggg g g J [ft] Page 112 m (1 11P - £OltcUt W SSSCS ' HSdeM KSs x.W. SKS«:»X» ::::?:»? Barb. D.: shower? " Jeanette P. missing? " " Did you take a " No, is there one Mrs. Thomas: " Ruth is going to Paris to study music. " Visitor: " Ah, a scholarship, I suppose. " Mrs. Thomas: " No, our neigh- bors are paying her way. " § § § Bee P.: " Dad, I want some mon- ey for my trousseau. " Mr. P.: " But my dear child, I didn ' t even know you were engaged. " Bee: " Good heavens, father, don ' t you read the papers? " § § § Art Hopkins: " Say, do you know why a giraff ' s neck is so long? " H. Harvey: " No, why? " Ant: " Because his head is so far from his body. " § § § Leota B. (in Economics) : " Well, I suppose you icould take 16 oz. of silver to the mint and have it made into ,old. " VANITIE CHARLES F. LUMM SHOPPE .... Marcelling, Roofing, Spouting, and Manicuring, Shampooing, Warm Air Heating and Facials DOROTHY MYERS Phone 11 Charles Strouse (changing a sen- CONGRATULATIONS tence in English) : " I heard the clang of the fire engine and started to the to find the trouble. " R. Brown: " You must be a me- CLASS OF 1928 chanic. " § § § Big things go on in English Class. For instance; Harry Cramer suggest- ed that by putting " any other " in a THE GIFT SHOP sentence would put New York in Europe. BURDENS I am a little scholar And old before my time, Because of dreadful slashing To all my prose and rhyme. " I ain ' ts, " I are ' s, " " I seen it ' s " They haunt me in my sleep. And just to mention spelling Can almost make me weep. I am a little scholar And almost driven wild A writing compositions, On subjects not so mild. Kathryn Cogley ' 31. § § § D. A. Dean: " What are the prin- ciple parts of the adjective — ibad? " Ruth Haver: " Bad good, better. § § " I hear all the men a strike for shorter Harold T. : have gone on hours. " Toot B.: " Luck to ' em. did say that sixty minutes long fop an hour. I alius was too I:::;:;;:;::!)!.;;::!::;;:: Page 113 WBSaEIBBBWIBBIBBlBBEHiBgBB aglBglH ®fyr Aniltan -SB!Bffi2£BglglgBBIBEBBBtglB!BBBIBBBBBB m [S K : [H] m La IP m L«J m HJ a g I I 8 ;»i «] a] x, I a K » a a :: a ■■■ a ;; H. A. GILES FOURTH ANNIVERSARY MONTH at ROYAL THEATRE GARRETT, INDIANA Better Stories — Bigger Pictures The Best Stars TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, MAY 15-16 RICHARD BARTHELMES in THE LITTLE SHEPHERD OF KINGDOM COME also Musical Comedy in Person 6 People The Corn Shuckers Band Both beautiful and dumb My true love must be. Beautiful, so I ' ll love her; Dumb so she ' ll ' love me. Anon. Flora D. (Walking to school) : " Just see how I can leap, Harry. " Harry T. : " Why shouldn ' t you? This is Leap Year. " I § § LeMoine O.: " Here comes a friend of mine. He ' s a human dy- namo. " ' Really, how ' s come? " " Everything on him Leota B. : LeMoine O is charged. " Mrs. Ellis: school today? " Reba Smith: ' How do you like " I like it closed. Louise Mowry: " How does sailor know the moon is made green cheese? " Max Owens: " I don ' t know! " L. M.: " Because he has been sea. " a of to Of all the birds that sing so sweet There ' s none like handsome Johnny; Each week he with the boys will meet They ' re lead by Zeigler sunny. There is no man in all the land Sings half so sweet as Johnny; He sings the best in all the school And doesn ' t think it funny! T. H. ' 29. § § § Dorothy K.: " Mother, don ' t you pity moths? They have to spend the summer in a fur coat and winter in a bathing suit. " § § § Miss Davis: " The mere thought of romance really seems to appeal to me. " Lowell P.: " It is said that there is a time when everyone feels that way. " Mr. Black: wom ' t freeze. " Luzetta W.: ' Name a liquid that ' Hot water. ' 1 II 1 gj :: :: - •■■■ ■■■■ •■■■ »:.« « «:.«■-•. «.k «.«..;.. g «.« . x x mv ssmimmim ?. smmBBBBmBBBBBBBBBBBBmsm Page 114 : :: a a a r. ;: s:::::::::;:i aTlrr Aroltan a a a a is a a a a a a a a - ;: a THE KNOWLEDGE FACTORY Each day to knowledge factory I roam, To make my brains feel at home With studies, teachers, and the like, Then, out into the world I hike. In English we have a teacher neat Who is always gentle and always s.weet, The cross words are very few Hello! Miss Thrush, that ' s you! Now class let ' s get down to work Because History lessons we cannot shirk. This teacher is Miss Davis, so dear. Oh! will it be Miss or Mrs. next yeaT? Make no errors and get some speed Because typing means business, in- deed, Said Miss Harvey, with a big dia- mond ring. Well, business is business in any- thing. Physiology and Home Nursing are my studies, too. Look up big words we always must do, Or get marked down in the blue book By Miss McKinley, knowledge! fac- tory ' s best cook. Ruth Cripe ' 2 9. § § § FAVORITE SAYINGS OF THE FACULTY Mr. Painter — I ' ll do all I can for you. Mr. Willennar — Let me make that clearer. Miss Thrush — What is on your mind? Mr. Black — Let ' s get down to business right away. Miss McKinley — A lovely product. Miss Evard — You must remember what your G. R. C. emblem stands for. Miss Davis — O, isn ' t that a dear? Miss Harvey — Work toward one goal — Success. Miss Dawson — Changes — the spice of life. Mr. Bormuth — Did the bell forget to ring? Mr. Wills — I can ' t help that, can I? Mr. Wilkinson — You lie quiet! Hear me? Mr. Rose — Efficiency. § § § Nature Study: What is a chipmunk? A sport model squirrel. What is the highest form of ani- mal life? The giraffe. Agriculture: Name four birds useful to the farmer. Robin, sparrow, bluebird and scarecrow. History: When hardships came, what did the Virginia colonists do? They sailed away in them. Science: When water becomes ice, what is the greatest change that takes place? The change in price. Geography: Name one place and tell the thing for which it is noted. My grand- mother ' s pantry. It is noted for bananas, apples, candy, and cookies. What is an island? A piece of land out for a swim. § § § Mr. King: " Ervah, how would you like a cow for a wedding pres- ent? " Ervah H.: " Oh, a cow would give more milk than Alex and I would need. A calf would be al- right. " § § § Si Hurley: " The desert stretched on all sides of me; I raised my rifle; it went off with a crack; there ahead of me lay a dead lion. " Gretchen H.: " How long had it been dead? " § § § Walter Lung: " My clothing store — my clothing store — my — . " Winford N.: " What ' s the matter, did it burn down? " W. L.: " No, I sat on a nail, my clothing ' s tore — my ' Clothing ' s tore. " Mary D. : " He seems kinda glad to know that he ' s gonna die some- day. " § § § Customer: " Are those doughnuts fresh? " Lawrence I.: " I don ' t know. I ' ve only worked here a week. " a a :: a a a a a a a a a a :: a a a :: a a a a a a a a a a a a a :: a ax a a a a a a a " a a a " ■■ ■■■ a " ■■ ■ " " ■■ " ■= ■■ " " Page 115 :; a afajg :: ssSxasSs SSiiSBiH aaa " IS - " " 8K ii(Ubp Aniltan COMPLIMENTS OF W. E. SUMMERS Jeweler S3 Expert Watch Repairing Emery McD.: " I know a man who spent twenty years writing one no veil. " Harry G.: " That ' s nothing! I know a man who is spending his whole life finishing one sentence! " § § § Vernice W.: " I want a Hershey bar. " Grocer: " What kind? " V. W.: " I want the nutty kind. " § § § Kate B.: Talking to Kate O. — Kate O.: " Huh? " Kate B.: " ' Ya think you ' ll be a pig all your life, Kate? " § § § Miss Thrush: " Mildred, what is your reaction or feeling to this poem? " Mutt: " O, I haven ' t any. § § § Evelyn D.: " Did you hear about the new gym? " Thelma H: " Gym who? " § § § Remember when Dale Treesh wore his sweater wrong side out. a g CONGRATULATIONS Superior Dairy 3 Our Motto Superior Way is a Healthy Way Phone 279 Garrett, Ind. Lillis D.: " I want a pair of spec- rimmed hornicles — I mean sporn- rimmed hectacles — I mean heck-rim- med spornacles. " Bee F. : " I know what you mean — a pair of rim-sporned hectacles. " § § § Jim McD.: " A Philippine is go- ing to talk this morning. " Myrtle D.: " Oh — where ' s he from? " § § § Miss Evard: " Doctor, when shall I take these pills? " Doc: " About an hour before you feel the pain. " " Say you got F Howard Watts: in Civics. " Barb. D.: " How do you know? " Howard: " I overheard him tell- ing about the bunch that got F. " Barb.: " I don ' t deserve F. " Howard: " I know it, but that ' s the lowest he could give you. " § § § Few autos have rumble seats but nearly all autos have grumble seats. a a a :; a a a a :: ;: a a a. a ;; :: ;: ;I ;i! :;«,«,.) a a a a a.aa a a; SJ :;»» a g g a a a aa ss!fxai: " = 3 a a US » a aaea g]B a a, a a a 1 a ft Page 116 asi«iHtetei« migam caaBig (Jl ' lfP i P0UHU BHBiaaiHHgismBiSJSissjagBffiBissssg ' iiisii Lest We Forget a n . " a :: a ■»»»»«»»»»«■» ;» Page 117 ii(Hlip Aeolian S [SJ II ISl - Lest We Forget H is] H . I § I 1 1 HI. g 1 ■ s 1 B B i 8 . HI m i 1 g] I ■ - i :: :t ::i:;:i »;:::; ;: :: :t ;: ):;::;; it:;; ;; a;;a:; : g ;; :; » ;; :: :; SJSjg] ;::,«]« ' «!a ;:iXa ' X:a:x " : x c , :i;.!: ' 1 :: S KsSJSSiMSSSBISlI Page US a

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