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xW'Qm5QQamwWg1,3' yfgjfmgf 6Qi'f4fQ2'1j, fy fffy 1 Vg 'MZ'fQw.U,JL Zwffiiwza , . MW, M iff? bl Zagat! ff 320 wb ffflf' MMM P? l . fmimwwvwf Haul' e 7wA f ' Jjmww MM V- ff' 51' E, Vlijdwbfigywfyihff-if WM' . 4"716Jc,4g 53 Wfw jgfjgigijy Myww fJWj?QWjw'!'Q mf,f1g:3W, W W' W W xx GW, Www 0 ff WV MQWEW' M WWMSW L A Q ff5Gw'WfQ572 las A92 45 ,YQ x bf53"i? S0025 M Ogi535NV 'iiffgbbffg Sw Raja Cf' Q??kwQ5Q53 if 14. ff v X QQ ffm ig iv 535535 35553 gi 1 Q Q X1 N5 5 'Q in 3 Q35 fa wk EE ii 523, 'X field e, J! rim, ICJ egg fjgfcc ni L'f4C,.-5,124 9cfg1,fb'+qli3fj?7 Z6 ,W ld Qawfjlw .. z J, WZ' Q I 1 S 1 'I v f , ,, If f f ,I BQ., " sg. xx 'xi 1i 'E me f9e0 Eoiflikm Uf af 'Scale !O400i19?4lt0k'b9W Es wi iQ'x iv wi Q Qixg 43 Q -Qjq xi QQ X S?2NQ J ' lQlUl 777Qckf7, is . M, k,0,Qouefd 71-U-Q Qguzj ,agjafuv-rwocvuf 71,5 J QQJU-,QL JD Caufivlhlwmwg QQLUCVKJV +9 UNSJJ ,PW g,,,,f,,C,,, QSJC-2.1 ag lY2Qut :UH ,EQ'Q 'L lywiw 'SQfoLb.,.N,,,L7, ' dz "f'L,uLlwCfedjl:y0 H muvvwncfojql, an AQ,U.fQJQ"7Q,., Q'-11'-1 oocjp-.ff cpu, allow-Q LWYQA7 wma Volume XIV Published by the Senior Class of GARNER HIGH SCHOOL Garner, North Carolina fam ,3- . ls x- K 7 WZQUMQ f 7754417 W WQLMT iw? mg wgjzwr 07 ffffeg fziefl f seg 655 7AL2 fdbweemf-if 6L4C if Q,L,Q6,,6 cf- ZALLAS5, If L g 5, fc., ff?-if-55 When .91 All '7ahe4 Place Here we are molded into the citizens of tomorrow. Each task helps us in many ways. Some climb steadily forward while others may fall, only to try once more. Each step is ours if we will but only climb it. The opportunity is ours to strengthen and further our character and education . . . but WE must make the most of it .... Looking back over the way we have come, we find that the times have not always been goodg but WE must real- ize that with each failure, we have gained something . . . a truer and deeper understand- ing of our fellow man and ourselves. Xl fx 'WO uw i ' ' Qixqiwq m Y Sa HWS ...W if sxwggiksx is.fm59W,x ff-ffm.-A '- W , -u m , X V -s P gui 23" S: NH k ,1g,G.S'g ,V .. N Q E12 r L wgm- J . A Ni 1 Sl fic. fix Q. x xv . .my 1 mi F J ww - Nfl -mummy wt ..,.W,.A, ' Q ..: ,V ASE 'A 'Rig E5 3 W, ,wmfwn A Maw, if i S 3 WMM-M W MWA Www N xwmmmwmvxwwsmw Q' .. .-vm, , I DREAMS OF , ,x,.,,, Q ggi NN-1 , Q X C 45' kai N . R x H-,km K ymv 1 Xa S X if s X i Bl 1960 .L"Zwle 76614 of eonlenld ADMINISTRATION CLASSES . . ACTIVITIES . . ATHLETICS . FEATURES . . ADVERTISEMENTS 9a14t " Your unceasing effort to help each one of us with our prob- lems, your sincere love for the profession of teaching, your devoted service to the school and community, and your guidance during this a part of our "Step To The Future," the Senior Class of Garner High School dedicates with gratuitous affection, the 1960 edition of L'ECOLE to you . . . MR. CHARLES A. COCHRANE. ,fi Y 17 1: ' -2 3152 gi ,EJ L, A W 1 KUQWUVGWV ,QL Kwik AI gfffidzf ,gaiicp-41? Ziiy I MIMIIRIHHI V an-sir 1' if , mm .....MW,-fwmv W M.-will!! 4 Q X f X X . I X x Mn. D. W. SANDERS Principal Garner District Schools 4 s My 'Q 'WX' 'U' . Vwg S H 5, t if ff U Mxs. Ensm STEVENS Secretary 16 Mn. H. D. HALL Assistant Principal Garner High and Elementary School QS? Mxzs. RALPH WHALEY Secretary 17 fl , I DR. E. R. BARRICK Mn. JAM:-:s TALTON Mn. A. P. BAnEFoo'r Chairman School Esau! Mn. FRED A. SMITH Wake County Superintendent Mn. ARCH Moons, Jn Mn. JAMES WOOLARD Mn. CHARLES A. COCHRANE Boys Counselor Mathematics, History A.B. High Point College Mus. LAVERNE P. FAILS Girls Counselor Home Economics, Textiles and Clothing B.S., M.A. Oklahoma A 8: M, George Peabody College Goundelafu Huw 'Q' Mns. JAN: C. Bnnrnzw Mathematics B.A. High Point C Mn. Joan S. BLANTON D.O. B.S. North Carolina State College Sponsors Senior Class and D.O. Club amz, Mas. Sul Aucumu-nr Mathematics A.B. Judson College Sponsors J.V. Cheerleaders Mn. THOMAS C. Bnucom Agriculture B.S., M.A. North Carolina State College Sponsors F.F.A. Miss Lo'rA Luca BRIAN English A.B. Duke University Florida Southern College Sponsors Sophomore Class ar Majorettes Mn. Cmcu. B. Bnown Science B.S. East Carolina College Sponsors Junior Class D Mas. MAlnr C. CRESIMORE D.E. A.B. Woman's College of the University o N. C. Sponsors Junior Class and D. E. Club Mn. JAMES H. Cnumrusn Brick Masonry I I X7 N. I X MRS. NANCY M. FAuLxNl:n English A.B. Meredith Sponsors Freshman Class Mas. Eusxz M. Ivss English A.B. Florida State University - ,sc M Pf'l2?U'33f,C Mas, Lucv L. Dixon High School Librarian B.S. Appalachian State Teacher-'s College Sponsors F.T.A. Club and Library Club Miss DIANA ELLIASON Social Studies B.A., M.A. Elmira College and Columbia University Sponsors Junior Class and Beta Club 35 sr 'ff W Mns. JEAN L. Jonas Commercial B.S. in Business Education East Carolina College Sponsors Senior Class, Garner Hi Review Advisor Mns. Euza S. Mzrrn-lsws English, History B.S. Peace Junior College, N. C. State College Sponsors Student Council HRW? 41" 1 Mas. SUSIE F. MAUS Commercial B.S., S.A. Woman's College of the University of N. C. Sponsors Sophomore Class Mns. NANCY Q. McCoY Physicaglgducation Woman's College of the University of N. C. Sponsors G.A.A., Cheerleaders, Freshman Class, Girls Basketball Coach Mn. JAMES H. Jonnsou Music B.M., M.M. Louisiana State University, University of Texas Sponsors Band Mn. Snsmuu. H. Jormson P. E. and Social Studies A.B. Atlantic Christian College Coach Jr. High Football, J .V. Basketball, Asst. Baseball Mns. Eucsnu G. SMITH Spanish-French A.B. University of Alabama Sponsors Spanish Club Miss Dononmn L. S'rEwAn'r English A.B. Campbell College, Woman's College of tlllxre gniversity of Sponsors Senior Class, French Club and L'EcoL1-: 1 .flax 'exp ' Chev? M. . Mns. CA'rx-:sums W. Mmmows Home Economics A.B. Peace College and East Carolina College Sponsors Freshman Class and F.H.A. I ia olleg meh AW ,f,wff'5 Joi-IN W. Snzwmvr, Jn. Physical Education A.B., M.A. University of N. C. Sponsors Monogram Club, Varsity Football, Jr. Hi Basketball, Track Mas. HELEN P. YEARGAN Home Econognigs and Science Meredith Sponsors Freshman Class Af27? aww! Pi .X Ojydwffeg fag? W 1 f"W' C? E EZ. 5? MWMWQWWW 2? Clfgw 3B7V'3'776f!f'2f4W 77- - Oy ?"b7f7i?W'Qf7?227fW 7170247 iw Q MMM W Qgi Wiiffllffi lifzfff F M. Q mis' mid! xx X, X s X X N . Xf X x. ,...., 1 .Nam xi: ruywx yn 5 Q. Nw ,Q eniofzfi KQ,. f Slit if I J .4 ifyistggggg 1 i?ri? E' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DOUGLAS MATTHEWS Lois STOCKTON JUDY SMITH TAYLOR PIPPI-:N Vice-President President Secretary TTQIISUTB1' HISTORY As the Senior Class of '60 stands on the last step of its high school journey, our faces are turned toward the future and the world fills our horizons. But 1et's look back over the past three years. Our Freshman year may be summed up with the phrase, "confused but amused," and all that it can mean. As Sophomores, we lost both our confused and our amused attitudes. Then came our Junior year. Class rings, Christmas cards, a Spring Carnival and "Indian Love Call," our Junior-Senior Prom, were high- lights of the year. Now, as Seniors, we can look backward and smile at those struggling on the steps below us. We silently wish them a word of good luck as finally, graduation, L'ECOLE, "Date Bait," and hopes of a trip become unforgettable parts of this year. THOMAS EDWARD ADAMS Hewitt Trussville High School 1, 21 French Club 4 GLEN DA MAE BAGWELL Clas Officer 25 Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3. 43 French Club 4, Officer 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 3: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, President 43 Marshal 35 L'Ecou: Staff 43 Superlative 4 iMost Likely to Succeedl. JUANITA FAYE ALEXANDER F.l-LA. 1, 2: 4-H 1, 2, 3: Library Club 13 D.E. 3 Choral Club 4. ALVIN LEE ASHWORTH Bus Driver 3, 4, Library Club 25 F.F.A. 1, 23 D.O. 33 Choral Club 15 Bricklaylng 4. JACK CONNELLY BEST Library Club 1, 23 F.F.A. 23 D.0. 2, 33 D,E. 43 Choral Club 2. .. 2" 1' ie., , N 4 .2 -m l FANK STEVENS BRYAN, JR. Class Oflicer 33 Bus Driver 3, 43 4-H 13 Library Club 2, 33 F.F.A. 13 D.E. 4, Offlcer 43 Choral Club 33 Senior Play 4. CAROLYN JEANETTE BEASLEY Gamer High Review Staff 43 F.l-l.A. 1, 23 4-H 13 Choral Club 2, 3. Blau MARY JOSEPHINE BUFFALOE Class Officer 2, 33 Beta Club 43 Student Council 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Garner High Review Staff 3, 4, Editor 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Head 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Library Club 3, 4, Queen 33 Homeroom Of!-leer 13 J.V. Cheerleader 13 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 23 Super- lative 4 fMost PopularJ3 Valentine Queen 23 Homecoming Queen 4. 'DONALD GERALD BYRD Bus Driver 4: F.F.A. 3. of 1960 MARY ELIZABETH CARTER Jr.-Student Council 1, Officer 1: Garner High Review Staff 4: Bus Driver 3, 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Omcer 1: Choral Club 1, 2: Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2: L'Ecou: Stal! 4: Senior Play 4. Q iw WWW CAROLYN FAYE CAPPS F.H.A.. 1, 2: Flag Bearer 3: 4-H 1: D.E. 4, Ofllcer 4: Choral Club 1, 2: Jr.-Sr. Committee Chair- man,3: Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2: Superlatlve 4 iNest- ness . 332 . WN, , L X nr'-me HL!!! X JEAN CAROLYN CARTER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: D.E. 4: Choral Club 2, 3. LINDA ROSE CREECH F.H.A. 1, 23 4-H 1, 2, 3, Officer 1, 2, 33 Library Club 1, 23 D.E. 3, 43 Flag Bearer 23 Choral Club 23 Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 3. HARRY GENTRY DAVIS, JR. Goldsboro High School 13 Class Officer 2, 3, President 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Beta Club 2, 3, 4, County President 43 Monogram Club 43 French Club 4, President 43 Homeroom Ofhcer 13 Basketball 33 Chief Marshal 33 Track 13 J.V. Basketball 23 L'ECOLE Staff 43 Superlative 4 1Most Likely to SucceedJ3 Senior Play 4. PATRICIA ANN CHRISTMAS F.H.A. 2, 33 4-H 13 D.E. 43 Choral Club 33 Dra- matics 2. 644 JIMMY DAVIS Student Council 43 Monogram Club 23 4-H 1, 23 D.O. 3, 4, Officer 43 Football 23 J.V. Basketball 1, Co-Captain 1. ANNIE JEWELL EDGERTON Chestnut 1: N.H.H.S. 2, 3, Goldsboro 3: F.B.L.A. 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 23 F.H.A. 11 F.T.A. lg Choral Club 3. of 1960 LEA EVELYN FORD Hope Valley 1, Oak Grove 1, Southern High 2, Millbrook 23 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 Garner High Review ftagf 4: 4-H 13 Homeroom Officer 2: Choral Club MILTON MITCHEL FAULK Coun- Gamer 4, Library 3, 43 Base- Waiter 2. 'H DOROTI-IEA JEANETTE FERRELL Class Officer 2: Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Ofhcer 4 French Club 4, Officer 43 F.I-LA. 1, 2, 3, 43 Mar- shal 3g Choral Club 23 Superlative 4 QMost Intel- lectual J . LINDA SAVONNE GOWER Gamer High Review Stat! 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: 4-H 1, 2: Choral Club 3: Dramatics 2. g,-lv' PEGGY JOYCE GRAY French Club 4: Majorette 4: F.H.A. 1, 2: 4-H 1: Library Club 1, 2gXBand 4: Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM EARNEST GOODWIN Library Club 2: F.F.A. 1, 25 D.E. 3, 4, Oiflcer 3 Superlatxve 4 1Most Congenialj. Glu, ROBERT MCCALLOM GURKIN Library Club 4. ,wif BETTY ANN HAMILTON F.H A. 1, 2, 45 4-H 1, 23 Choral Club 2, 4: Jr.-Sr. conimmee chairman ag G.A.A. 4. NANCY LEE HICKMAN Monogram Club 3, 43 Garner High Review Stat! 43 Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Head 43 F.H.A. 1, 2: F.T.A. 3, 4, Omcer 4: Choral Club 2, 3: J.V. Cheerleader 1: Jr.-Sr. Waitress 23 Senior Play 4. N L 1 , V25 af 1960 MARY FRANCES HILL F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Officer 3, 4-H 1: F.T.A. 2 County Officer 3, 45 Library Club 1, I Officer 3, District Ofhcer 43 Choral Club 1, Superlative 4 QMost Dependablel. GEORGE BUCK HILL Millbrook 1, 2: D.E. 45 Football 11 Superlative 4 iMost Talentedl. ALICE FAYE HINTON Monogram Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 41 Major- ettes 2, 3, 4, Head 45 4-H 1: Band 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 2: Choral Club 2, 3, 4, J.V. Cheerleader 1 superlative 4 qwmiesng Jr.-sr. waitress 22 G.A.A. 4, Dramatics 2. fsihm. RONALD LAFOY HINES Choral Club 2: Track 1, 23 J.V. Basketball 2 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. ,awww 04 . J vi W CLARENCE POE HOLDER, JR. Class Officer 35 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Omcer 45 Bus Driver 3, 4: Homeroom Otlicer 43 Track 2, 43 J.V. Basketball 15 L'Ecom: Staff 3, 43 Jr.-Sr. Head Waiter 2. 34 JOHN THOMAS HOPPER Choral Club 1: Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2: Jr.-Sr. Com mittee Chairman 33 Superlative 4 1Cutestj Football Manager 1: Senior Play 4. ELGIE MURLE I-IONEYCUTT LaFayette High School 1 2 F , 3 .H.A. 1, 23 Choral Club 3, 4. BETTY ANN JOHNSON Class Ofllcer 23 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Officer 3. 4: Jr.-Student Council 1. Omcer 1: Monogram Club 2, 3. 43 Cheerleader 2, 33 F.H.A. 1. 2. 3, Omcer 13 Library Club 2, 3, 43 L'EcoLm Staff 4: Superlatlve 4 iBest All-Round73 .- - Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2. Jr Sr. Co BRENDA FAYE HUNT Cleveland High School 13 Garner High Review Stan' 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 43 4-H 13 Choral Club 2 -new iffy- 1 f 1 jcwwflw' BARBARA ANN JOHNSON Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Om - Homeroom Otllcer 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Chg:-i Club 2. 3, 4: Jr.-Sr. Waitress 23 Student Director of Senior Play 4. MACARTHUR. LATTAM French Club 43 Bus Driver 43 Band 2, 3: Choral Club 2, 3. QEWMK f 53112 BONNIE SUE MANN Jr. Student Council 1, Ofhcer 13 Flagbearer 25 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 2, 33 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Local Omcer 2, 3, County Ofhcer 2, 33 Library Club 1, 2, 3, D.E. 3, 4, Officer 4, District Officer 3, 4. JULIAN THOMAS LASSITER, JR. Monogram Club 3: Bus Driver 3, 4, Library Club 33 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Otflcer 4, D.0. 3, 4, Football 3. 4. DOUGLAS MACARTHUR MATTHEWS Hugh Morson Jr. High School 1, Needham Broughton 2, Class Officer 43 Student Council 1: D.0. 4, Homeroom Ofllcer 1, 2: Basketball 13 Football 1, 3, Baseball lg Marshal 15 Superlatlve 4 fMost Dependablelp F.W.A. 1. LINDA ANN NEASDOWS Monogram Club 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 41 4-H 1, 2, 3, Omcer 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Omcer 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 L'Eco1.: Stall' 43 Superlative Q 1Most Talentedyg Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman SHELBY FAY MOORE Garner High Review Staff 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: Choral Club 33 Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 3: Dramatics 2. -um?" 4 me DIXIE LEE OSBURN Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Omcer 4: F.H.A. 1. 2, 35 F.T.A. 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Choral Club 2, 3: J.V. Head Cheerleader 1, Superlative 4 tMost Athleticjg Jr.-Sr. Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2. GLENN RAY oAm.r:Y DE- 1. 2- 3. 4: Choral Club 2: Civics Club 1 WILLIAM EARL PARTIN 4-H 1, 23 D.O. 4: Band 1, 2: Choral Club 2. CALVIN MCGEE PENNY 4-H 1, 2: Library Club 1, 21 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 D.O. 43 J.V. Football 1. SQ DAVILENE ANN PARTIN Garner Hi h Review Staff 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: 33 SE. 43 Homeroom Officer 2: Choral Bla MARGARET ELIZABETH PIERCE Student Council 2, 3, 43 Jr. Student Council 1, Oflicer 1: Garner High Review Stal! 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Officer 3: Homeroom Omcer 23 Choral Club 2, 4: J.V. Cheerleader 1: Sgring Carnival Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2: enior Play 4. We JOE TAYLOR PIPPEN Class Officer 41 Beta Club 2, 3, 43 Marshal 33 Choral Club 23 Superlative 4 1Most Intellectualj. of f960 JONNY BROOKS SANDY D.E. 3, 43 Band 13 Baseball l, 23 Choral Club 23 J.V. Basketball 1, 23 Superlative 4 1Best Look- ingl: Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. aww CARLTON ATLAS RYALS Bus Driver 33 4-H 1, 2, 33 Library Club 2, 3 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 D.E. 4. ANN KATRINA ROGERS FHA- 1. 2, 31 4-H 1. 2, 3. 43 Choral Club 2, 3 HERBERT REX SAULS Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Jr. President 1- Beta Club 3 4' Mono gram Club 3, 43 4-H 2, 33 Library 'Club 2, 3, Officer 31 Homeroom Officer 23 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Marshal 33 Choral Club 2, 33 J .V. Basketball 1, 2 L'Ecou: Staff 45 Su erlative 4 Most Po r P 1 Dula J: Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. tmllf NORMAN DAVID SAULS, JR. Library Club 23 F,F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Club 2. jf' X GLORIA LOUISE SAULS Garner High Review Staff 43 F.H,A. 2, 3, 1, 25 Choral Club 3. 42 Glu BARBARA DIXON SENTER Spanish Club 1: Library Club 3, 43 F.H.A 3, 4-H Club 3, D.E. 3. 4. HOWELL WAYNE SHAW Class Officer 45 Student Council 4: Monogram - ll 4 Manager Club 2, 3, 4: Bus Driver 4, Footba , 2: Choral Club 2, 3: Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 3, Jr.-Sr. M.C. 2: L'EcoLr: Staff 43 Senior Play 4. of 1960 CAROLYN LUCILLE SORHELL Beta Club 23 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Superlative 4 tMost Congenialj. Club 2, JANICE SINGLETARY F.H.A. 23 4-H 15 D.E. 43 Choral Club 23 Dra- matics 3. 514 JUDITH FAYE SMITH Class Omcer 4: Monogram Club 4: Gamer High Review Stan' 43 Cheerleader 43 F.H.A. 1, 2. 3: 4-H 1, 23 F.T.A. 2, 3, County President 3: Library Club 2: Homeroom Omcex' 1: Choral Club 2, 3: J.V. Cheerleader 1: Superlative 4 fCutest7g Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 23 Senior Play 4. JOSEPH DONALD STANCIL Superlative 4 fwittiest J . k ,. , failed CONLY MORGAN STEPHENSON D.E. 41 Band 1, 2, 3. Library Club 2, 3: F.F.A. 15 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2: OBIS PRESTON SPENCE Needham Broughton 23 Marshal 3. 044 JAMES MI-ILVIN STEP!-IENSON Bus Driver 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Officer 4. fig, lik PEGGY ANN STEVENS Garner High Review Staff 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. .4 1960 ANN ELIZABETH TETTERTON Bath, N. C. 1, 2, 3: Class Ofhcer 1: F.H.A. F.T.A. 3: Basketball 2: Choral Club 1, 2: Committee Chairman 3. 1. 2. 3: Jr.-Sr. SARA LOIS STOCKTON Class Officer 3, 4, President 4: Beta Club 3, 4: Offlcer 3: Garner High Review Staff 4: F.1-LA. 1, 2, 3: Library Club 2: Marshal 3: Choral Club 3: L'Ecou: Staff 4: Senior Play 4. . - JERRY LEONARD STONE Class Officer 2: Beta Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: Monogram Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 4, Ofllcer 4: F.T.A. 3: Library Club 3: Homeroom Ofhcer 2: Football Statistician 2: Marshal 3: L'ECOLE Staff 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 45 Superlative 4 fBest All- Roundl: Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2: Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman 3: Senior Play 4. PAUL THOMAS UPDEGRAFF Rocky Mount Jr. High 13 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 D.O. 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 45 J.V. Basketball 23 J.V. Football 13 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. PHILIP JACKSON TUTOR Class OB'-lcer 43 Bus Driver 3, 43 D.E. 4, Oflicer 45 Football 35 J.V. Basketball 2: Senior Play 4. Glu BENJAMIN FREDERICK WADE Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, President. 43 French Club 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. 2. 3, 43 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. ANN JOI-INNYETTE WALL Hugh Morson 1, Needham Broughton 23 F.H.A, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 1, 31 Choral Club 1, 2. DEAL PRINCE WATKINS Student Council 2, 33 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 4: Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Garner High Review Staff 43 Library Club 2, 3: Basketball 3, 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Marshal 3: J.V. Basketball 2: J .V. Football lg Superlative 4 qMost Athleticlg Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. BARBARA JEAN WATSON Class Officer 2, 3: Student Council 2. 3. Omcer 3g Monogram Club 3, 43 Cheerleader 33 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 3, Omcer 35 D.E. 4, Omcer 43 Choral Club 2, 3: Superlative 4 qBest Lookingyg Jr.-Sr. Head Waitress 2. 4' I f af 1960 RICHARD LAMBERT WILKINS Durham High School 1, 2, 3: Monogram Club 1, 2, 33 D.O. 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 33 Camera Club 2, 3. QM KQV . LARRY PATRICK WIIITAKER D.O. 4. Officer 43 Superlative 4 fNeatestJ: Jr.-Sr. giamnlittee Chairman 33 Jr.-Sr. Walter 25 Senior ay . lift ' SI-IERRILL RAYVON WILLIAMS Cleveland High School 13 Pine Forest High School 1, 2, 33 French Club 4, Officer 43 F.F.A. 11 Annual Staff 2, 33 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 2. GARLIE RICE YOKELEY D.0. 3, 4: Choral Club 1, 2, Track 23 J.V. Foot- ball 1 . JO ANNE WILLIAMS F.I-LA. 1, 23 4-H 1. 2, 3. Ofhcer 1, 2, 3, President 1, 23 Library Club 1, 23 D.E. 3. 4, Officer 3. 4. President 4: Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2. 44 aj 1966 LEE WINFORD YOUNT Beta Club 3, 43 Bus Driver 3, 4: Library Clul: 2, 3: Football 1, 2: Marshal 3: J.V. Football 15 Jr.-Sr. Com ttee airmen 3. Thomas Edward Adams Juanita Faye Alexander Alvin Lee Ashworth Glenda Mae Bagwell Carolyn Jeanette Beasley Jack Connelly Best Larry Stuart Frank Mary Carolyn Faye Jean Carolyn Carter Mary Elizabeth Carter Patricia Ann Christmas Linda Rose Creech Harry Gentry Davis, Jr. Jimmy Davis Annie Jewell Edgerton Milton Mitchel Faulk Dorothea Jeanette Ferrell Lea Evelyn Ford William Earnest Goodwin Linda Savonne Gower Peggy Joyce Gray Robert McCallom Gurkin Betty Ann Hamilton Nancy Lee Hickman George Buck Hill eniafpt Mary Frances Hill Ronald LaFoy Hines Alice Faye Hinton Clarence Poe Holder, Jr. John Thomas Hopper Elgie Murle Honeycutt Herbert Rex Sauls Norment David Sauls, Jr. Barbara Dixon Senter Howell Wayne Shaw Janice Singletary Judith Faye Smith Lassiter, Jr Lattam Sue Mann MacArthur Ann Shelby Fay Glenn Ray Oakley Dixie Lee Osburn Davilene Ann Partin William Earl Partin Calvin McGee Penny Margaret Elizabeth Pierce Joe Taylor -Pippen Ann Katrina Rogers Carlton Atlas Ryals Jonny Brooks Sandy Gloria Louise Sauls Carolyn Lucille Sorrell Oris Preston Spence Joseph Donald Stancil Conly Morgan Stephenson Melvin Stephenson Tetterton Tutor Updegraif Wade Ann Wall Deal Prince Watkins Barbara Jean Watson Larry Patrick Whitaker Richard Lambert Wilkins Jo Anne Williams Sherrill Rayvon Williams Garlie Rice Yokeley Lee Winford Yount J oAN MURRAY ALL THINGS ARE GOD'S All things in life belong to God . . . The earth, the sky, the sea . . . The atom and the universe . . . And all eternity . . . The man with beard as white as snow . . . The baby born today . . . The ragged little orphan girl . . . Who tries to find her way . . . The gold that fills the guarded grave . . . The silver in a ring . . . And all the joy and sor- row that . . . A smile or tear can bring . . . All things are part of God's design . . . In- cluding you and I . . . And it is not for any soul . . . To ask or wonder why . . . So as our glory may be bright . . . Or keep getting dim . . . Let us be mindful always that . . . All things belong to Him. - JAMES J. METCALFE. Q , I Q Q35 QSEQSQSSX 95 Q K3 jgiwfflief Nm wwf: M w 41- jgqqh w W Yi -M-mm wmwy, A Yi ,....2"' XWK 3 M X sm. x 4 N ii A l I, K M... """'?' Mau' .fikely Za Succeecf GLENDA BAGWELL HARRY DAVIS For their eagerness to serve . . . ability to stand firm . . . characteristics . . . promising advancement it X 5 X , x r Nr' ,I 'fl E " , ,J P 1 x , Q ,X V -iq ' fi. f. . M 1 , W xx " ' X Sa. +1 j l Q, 3 " 1 ' fall x nh A K N ,MA -.x A. Nxwf, gd' an X .,, V., JE fax , . 'I y , I f L X .yi , if A X L Y N K 1 M- 1 , 4' 2. 'K A if N In kann' 6 , A wi ll A , JJ- y ,f ' Y?'-C" gf x ,K A V F Af v f B b f x nv mum ' A,,f-"- A-I . 'B-9 3 i"'e V X er if J""" WW- Qsgyiilfi Nd Q. x 'if X t .1 E i QQ i if i 3 5 ww 5 s s i fi' D L 5 ij N' ' ..mMMNX v -'f , - f 5 3? E5 2 fp , 1 E' 5 ::, : ,Linn f Q .... , o mall K g S E W... f 5 .,.,,, ? , A "' X 5 'll"' E 5. 5 S , .av S f fl' 13 S - K x xl S S X Q ,.,..v......,- 5--. Q"-1. .x 33 W xi iff WF gpm- 33 if Mad 6' BILL GQQDWIN CAROLYN SORRELL For their cheerful smiles . . . friendly hellois . . . pleasing personalities Qgggse .55 J NW K W ' . vhh is A 1 Q ..f.a..5:.,:.,: 1 Hu. , , 11 S, F33 WJ J Bull' ' BARBARA WATSON JOHNNY SANDY For their charm . . . attractiveness . . . graceful poise 'ff' ss 'Y-f ,U it sw-,sm NW N Neaieai CAROLYN CAPPS LARRY WHITAKER For their well-groomed persons . . . excellent taste in dress . . . poise ,f,uu,,,,.,, W yi f A ,z -gm: may Xsjgif X pp if im"' 5 ' 5"Q ' XV" t - M 'V ,NA Q vw! Q Q L' Q gm. Na+, N W V gf AE Macau ROXIANA KING ALLAN PENNY For their enthusiasm . . . sweetness . . . smiles if Y f 'G x'w"""'-S-. Sw M "'---. WM- F X Wk ' ,W -nr- K Nw? we AmW,..,,? Q rw 'Mr D NN .Nw 'Nm 5.5. 'Wu-1 unno- H i ,uhfx-.,'Yl, if E is ':3qr,i.., iii... 2 ' ' ' .rv i my x' 'vb 5' 4 X r ,, .ip In '- . ,ww-, E if M Q Y BD" NWQN. .... fx- stil.. Els fd' . Q M.: N' Q5 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LARRY ROBERTSON LAWRENCE BUFFALQE BRENDA FISH ROBERT McDANxEL , .I - . t Treasurer Preszdent Secretary Vwe Preszden HISTORY Our class became complete in 1957 when the graduates of Vance joined those here at G. H. S. We are proud to claim the distinction of being the first Freshman Class to enter the new high school building. We were all lost those first few days, but as time went by we came to feel as though we were a part of the school. By the time we were Sophomores, we were adjusted to our new lives. This year saw many of our members serve as waiters and waitresses for the Junior-Senior Prom. Juniors! We are overwhelmed with Christmas cards, class rings, planning the Junior- Senior, and first thoughts of finishing this high school stairway. 64 4 Glam 61 Alvin Ashworth Ralph Bagwell Harold Bailey Charles Barbour Harold Barbour Bobby Bazart Frances Bridges June Bridges Barbara Broughton Mary Pat Bryan Dwight Buifaloe Mary Kay Buffaloe Lawrence Buffaloe Nancy Buffaloe Judy Burgess Brenda Carroll 'QW awww, -131-h 'ki-WW' WWW' wc'-fer hw-' ...mmm EV? 'TRW' 7-S-5? Www 5 ' yung RV W'- gyiia '3 WW J' Nw Vg 5' Diane Cash Charles Cash Johnny Corbett Peggy Creech Joyner Currin Jean Daniel Jerry Di Rienzo Beth Dyson Peggy Eddings Ruth Edgerton Johnny Emery Lynn Ennis Patsy Etheridge Barbara Ferrell Billy Fish Brenda Fish 6laMaf'6l 5 4 Glafu 61 Lynette Glenn Evelyn Green Linda Hargis Phillip Harris Donnie Hathaway Peggy Height David Henry Yvonne Holder Larry Huff Edith Humphreys Lois Humphreys Patsy Hunt Roger Jarman Ray Johnson Brenda Jones Pat Jones nel THFILI Hn Ki Joyce Billy Joye Jackie Joyner Frances King nw' 5 awk W Q3 L. P. King .A W, W W '--we ,.,,,,M,,l Bobby Lee Q Jack Lee Larry Leonard Carol Marr ww lf ga We N'-K' Andra McCollum ,Wx.,.,p-1 Robert McDaniel Barbara McGee W' Phillip Messer W, 'qw my Billy Mitchell Peggy Moon Joyce Newton ezmq '61 5 4 elm of '61 Jo Ann Nickols Betty Lou Parrish Mary Sue Parrish Marie Partin Judy Pearce Bill Penninger Bobby Pipkin Dan Poythress Freddie Raab Larry Richardson Charles Ridoutt Larry Robertson Donald Rogers Roy Rogers Billy Sandy Jean Sandy A I ,', 33' N546 W my ilu' 'UQ-'lf' rii r. 'hug' audi" 'uw' xi ii B i SW Y-51 7' dk' Nuke 'NES-'59 Q- its 1 F, Audrey Sauls Hazel Sauls """""' Ray Sorrell Vic Sorrell Emma Jane Stallings ik' 'x 'FW W if Freddie Stallings Annie Bert Stancil Carolyn Stancil Sgr M Beth Stevens NWN' WMWZ Y W ji g ! Q, Joyce Stevenson Richard Suggs Jimmy Thigpen Odell Thompson M' Rosalind Troxler Billy Turner 61444 of '61 5 4 ezmq 61 Mary Nell Walls Tommy Wall Lyndia Warren Ronnie Whaley Ray Whitaker Priscilla Wilder Sandra Wilkins Billy Ray Williams Dan Williams Gerald Williams Robert Williams Richard Williford Allen Wilson Warren Wood Bonnie Yeargan Sherman Yeargan Jessie Yount 8 A? ? 1' SOPHOMOIRE CLASS OFFICERS JIMMY WALL EMELIA BUFFALOE ELAINE JOHNSON DIANE HATCIII-:R President Secretary Vice-President Treasurer HISTORY Emerging from a successful year in the eighth grade under the direction of Mrs. Lucille Stevens, Mrs. Cecile O. Parker, and Mr. Joseph R. Jeffreys, the class of 1962 entered high school with Phillip Ford as President, Benny Wall as Vice-President, Nelda Holder as Secretary, and Teresa Updegraff as Treasurer. We stepped upward into our Sophomore year, leaving behind Freshman confusion. Led this year by President Jimmie Wall, Vice-President Elaine Johnson, Secretary Emelia Buffaloe, and Treasurer Diane Hatcher, we are ready to start the walk towards gradua- tion from this midpoint of our high school careers. 72 Carolyn Adams Johnny Aldridge Louis Alexander James Arvin Ann Austin Shirley Bagwell Charles Bailey Sterling Banks Faye Barbour Roger Barbour Gwen Barrow Joyce Beasley Jackie Benson Douglas Brooks Ray Browning Emilia Buifaloe James Bumgarner Martha Burnette Charles Byrd Bobbie Campbell Paulette Carroll Dudley Carter Sharon Carter Sheila Cash 0 ww 6.2 5 Minnie Lou Catlett Jean Coats Rosina Coburn Delores Collins Charles Cotton Sheron Creech Harold Davis Katheleen Dean Barbara Domonkos Rodney Ann Dowd Larry Duke Jane Everett Dwayne Fails Lawrence Farmer Lois Fisher Danny Fogleman Phillip Ford Nellie Fowler Sharron Gibson Judy Goodman Judy Goss Betty Jean Grissom Rose Guy John Hall Diana Hamerick Blau 6.2 P 4 6 au '62 John Hanner Richard Harkins Hilda Harrington Ann Harris Diane Hatcher Josephine Herring Bud Hickman Helen Hilliard Nancy Hilliard Floyd Hocutt Jimmy Holder Nelda Holder Danny Holland Jean Holmes Billie Hudson Sammy Hunt Elaine Johnson Jimmy Johnson Rex Kelly Benny King Danny King Diane King Cynthia King Donnie Kirks Danny Knight if ,Z 'Dm iw? Gf 'M if M I Li BD sr-'- fa - ye Mm ..y g.1 b... I Q A: r -ga. .- Dieter Kubtyzn Bobby Lineback Billy Jo Long Harriett Long Betty Lou McElveen Evelyn McElveen Barbara McLelland Frances Meadows Donald Medlin Joe Mooneyham Phillip Murray Tommy Neil Nancy Newberry Joyce O'Danie1s Carolyn Olive Edward Ormond Bobby Page Bobby Parker Ray Parker Rosalind Parrish Irene Parrott Helen Partin Avon Perry Bobby Pierce Ronnie Pierce 0 Q44 6.2 5 4 6444 of '62 Judy Pollard Kay Poole Larry Poole Wayne Poole Meredith Prince Bobby Quillin ., a-. Mary Marshall Rand ":. -' ' James Ransdell ZEIEE Ricky Ray : Eg John Rhodes Johnny Robertson Suzana Rodgers Allan Rogers Cathy Rowell Earnest Ryals Jean Sauls Tony Sauls Emma Shaw Stacy Smith Sue Smith Nicky Sorocco Carl Sorrell Tommy Sorrell Tommy Sowers Marion Staley Wax J iw x ft.,.,,..f N D a. ,N . Ao L Qt.. Ea S if sl' Q. vu- a A Joe Stallings Joan Stancil hw ,QW Banks Stevens Glenn Stephens Edward Stephenson Tommy Sutton rg., Joey Temple Judi Thompson Eileen Troxler Teresa Updegraif A Elsie Walker Benny Wall Jimmy Wall 'Car Mervlyn Watkins Louis Watson Ronnie Weatherspoo Ann Webster Betty Whitfield Donna Williams Judy Williams Walter Williford Judy Wood Phyllis Yeagan Janice Young Elan '62 P 48 ll nt. 4991 MWF' 5.4 LY? N Qs mg., ' Www-mx .Nur an jg' Y ' A -b .... N X .W wave' N. S N Q.. ifigjgl fffisx i- K lg W' ks A J x XX -PN A j A1 . My A wwg A - "i"' gf it Q X 5 , Q A ff Q Q If X! Y. L, i N b K ,gn - R Q .4 X 1- - J-Q . A X mx X . Q' X wh W R Y dw li11 rgS E' X 4 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JIMMY WILSQN JIMMY PHII-'Ps BARBARA PRICE MARY UPDEGRAFF President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HISTORY Welcoming graduates of Vance into our midst, we, the class of 1963, entered Garner High School September 2, 1959. The largest class to enroll at Garner claims over two hundred members and seven homerooms. President Jimmy Wilson, aided by Vice-President Jimmy Phipps, Secretary Barbara Price, and Treasurer Mary Updegraff, led us over those first major obstacles, Once our path was cleared, it was easy for us to see that a little hard work now would serve as a key to the stairs we are building to carry us into the world of tomorrow. , Q s f an sw, if av g vm X 1 'bv , H sw t A: K I LW. Mrs. br, X :,: ...,:, g A ,. ., DLEE F 2 ... F H g x l. i n 4 Q Q ,W - ' I' Q. ts N , E., H ., A W wsr x i . A B I we B Q zzbg si ' A A 1 Y M A ,M is ,K 1.-E Q G , M . W G a .. ' . 1 :,:,: lxq: ' 4 t -B :,, .,,, X A f - - N lf K ii' Q l ins! i R ag -Q. . Y ,G+ 2 L. X 5, ' Q5 W g kg--1 ., -..,. Y j c J E' 'i iii ii' -J ' t X ug? Q ll' ml iw up X ,Q 'Bax -Yi , ':":" ' .Q 1.4 f -E :zl H Zh . F t i '-" ' ' "., 1 -:,., :QQ -, ia . ntl- I W'-QE "' DWF ' ii iw.. I ' W fm r 'Q ff e"',,hf" kim . ...Q "': P We Q .F C : , w Q. M we l -. :::,, 1- gf . s Phyllis Andrews Febbie Ashworth Sarah Ashworth Marie Atkins Becky Bailey Alfonzo Barbour David Baucom Marchia Bedwell Larry Belvin Peggy Bowling Jerry Branch Gwen Bridges Billy Britt Harry Brodgen Susan Brosious Carol Bryan Freddie Buifaloe George Butler Susan Carr Dan Cash Scot Castleberry Tommy Childers Rufus Coburn Cameron Colthorpe Larry Cooper Emma Creech Lois Creech Diane Dallas Danny Dean Faye Dean Terry Daughtry Gary Davis Laurie Dixon Jeanie Evers Susan Ferrell Donald Ford Donald Fowler Esther Gardner Harriett Gearheardt Gary Glenn Carol Glover Linda Glover QJQM of '63 5 G' E gl, K 5. ww. Nii- .,, .aaa IHKLIA rg .' Z .3 -:-- ' 1-. il. '--AI: -1 W I - , 14, G Q it a. Q13 y "'A, bl. I zi' A C ah L .J 4 411-1 arms mi, s. K fi lib anim 2 W, ww use E. JM' Y " lx- g In I 1 be , J - 'ww' V' V' A 'ggff K AQ ' 'Negril' X .... 1 - ,g -1. ,A ,gm Q by .V . -, ,, ..... .i V an sais- K VA an x6 L J K naate r traaaaaaa a K Larry Godwin Richard Gower Betty Gray Pete Greer Delores Gregory Judy Hales Billy Harmon J. B. Hayes Charlotte Herbert Edward Hicks Glenda Hicks Waitsel Hill George Holms Jerry Honeycutt Judy Horton Phyllis Howington Jimmy Hunt Robert Hyde Jimmy Jackson Jimmy Johnson Carol Johnson Pat Johnson Patricia Johnson Sandra Johnson Vernon Johnson Wayne Johnson Arthur Jones Paula Jones Harry J oye Brenda Kelly Carson Kelly Richard Kelly Charles King Ida Bell King Paulette King Larry Langdon Maxine Lassiter Pam Lassiter Ronnie Lassiter Carolyn Lorbache Pat Lloyd Judy Mann Gianni '63 5 4 01444 of '63 Angus Marrison Allen Marshburn Winfred McPherson Patsy Mitchell Sandra Mitchell Melvin Moon Barbara Morris Sandra Morris Jerry Murry Marie Murry Gloria Newton Owen Noles Barbara Ormond Thelma Paige Jerry Parker Ruth Parker Betty Lou Parrish Larry Parrish Judy Parrott Timmy Pearce John Peatross Howard Penninger Judy Penny Shirley Perry Ann Phillips Jimmy Phipps Linda Pippen Joe Pleasants Charles Poole Barbara Price Bobby Rand Reloy Rhue Bobby Rogers Robert Rollings Diane Royal John Russell Linda Sanderford Larry Sanderford 1 -X , , ..,c. v 'I 1 :J la t. 41 ., : V 4, 9 I V J N 8 ,1 'f 1 w x wail x :L J :il bb Jw' f h xr" ' A ., - .v:. b . g- - as ' "., --:-a' R2 J-.L W , : 'f, , --', K, r Q' at i 'I 5' aa. 2, 'Nr-Q ' ' .fa eff J sa, n be .1 A sr. 4Ar.,,.....,s. W 'W N 1 ,.,. 'Wg Q - q 1 K " . . J X r y V 5' ix we J nm WP c M , 4 Q W - ' 4 . ,, K , J 01" If.. A ,ff f ' J I L' 8 Y 2 .zz P P Q 1., . tz, W us. h , was J ,gi um 5 'H-... . ,MW W 4 , Q s wx , f . N X we - A th a Mary Lou Sanderford a-', xgi is .tm QQ Nancy Satterwhaite ,D V E Hx its At- P Faye Sauls Sears Sauls 'Ik V u ,,... 1 ' H b .ef ,- X . eg. . Ns-:NQ x e . c ,, F X l -...., , r, w Y' s , ......"-' J Q-W -if W If' X " " J ff s - in 'N' W. 1-5 . 11' . W' K... ww -- Q AAA -1Q- - S Kr L it 4 ,.,,... is R Q' 1, Q, 3? Qu ra-if ' it 5, it NN MW M V A p Q We ' .-. be ,av Y 'fr bc. Carolyn Sealey Ann Senter Glenn Sexton Bill Shertzer Brenda Sidbery Walter Simpkins Gail Smith Jimmy Smith Johnny Smith Mary Alice Sorrell Gene Spivey Jimmy Spivey Jimmy Stallings Lynwood Stanley Scott Starling Wayne Steel Carolyn Stevens Jewell Stephenson Judy Stone Gene Tarkington Dorothy Thomas Brenda Thompson Dwight Thompson Jeannette Thompson Kay Thompson Willis Thompson Bill Thorton Shirley Townsend Cecil Turner Ann Upchurch Ruth Upchurch Mary Updegraif Carl Bert Wall Kay Wall Sue Wall Stanley Wall Louis Walters John Wanchock Cherry Ward Lila Weatherman Joyce Weatherspoon Noel Weston 0laMof'63 y Carolyn Whitaker Richard White Carol Wilkins Judy Williams Suzy Williams Linda Williford Jimmy Wilson Pat Wood Gwen Wrenn Ann Young Jimmy Young X 1. i , K N54-5" nf- X 3 N 4, . W M e - '5' M W N- ' mi- X me ,X -up--Q. XX X uf' x M.-,.v' Name Ns i .S Q. N . si . QNX: y i + fe ,-.t JA LQ. 'SRV as v sur' Q.. X -Q. up X .. X -. 5 I '-vi SR. 691 Wagga , , LULULC M6 0 W, JKMLUU ,Mx Ld Juan J f Q53 M Z6 4419? f . + Mawffkfw 'mf ,UU Qu do f . JQQ QLML UMUM 9445! Qyfjfwj A,,LfJ,L3iLU MJ wmlblsf IJ 7 fi? ZWMKM My f Wiw Mi UM Z5 all 61J adj LYWWMQ Mmw ywytww A LW ,eww :iffy MQ W5 J ,ngQpyMrf , M, 9,4fw2wJ Cd ' QW jf Wm' 673 MSL 5. ,QJM MU af ,f1.,Q:p4, W.-wwwf Q W. . .. 4uunuv-,....-- N i N Xxunli B 1 :bu-. .. x H Mw,.,,m-A 1 M vu ,,, :: f : vwamq.-W l E V- .M ..,. .Ms r 39 inf E?..3E M ..-Q..-as -an .vm- H ,X , -.,. mn., . W-1 H 1 ...uh-M I .,.,., , 4.A . . M ,....,,...h . 4' f J as , if ,mf ' ki s ,WJ as JERRY STONE Editor-in-Chief we ffewze sag The L'ECOLE staff has worked diligently this year to give the students and faculty of Garner High School a good idea of our school years together. We have all put forth a great deal of time, effort, and concern into the production of the 1960 edition of L,ECOLE. Even a small part of each of the members can be found within these pages. We hope that those who look will obtain a good per- spective of the functions of our school. We feel that our theme, Steps To The Future, expresses the idea that each of us should constantly be striving to obtain a goal in life. Our high school education is just one of the many steps toward this goal. CLARENCE HOLDER MARY CARTER HARRY DAvxs Miss Donor:-IE Business Manager Photography Editor Club Editor STEWART Sponsor I INDA MEADOWS WAYNE SHAW Art Editor Circulation Manager We have had all the diliiculties that an annual staii is faced with and more too-problems of no money, anxiety over the pictures, countless nights of meetings, and the headaches of academic school life when we have finished our other work. But in the end, we find that all the worrying and work was worth more than we will ever know . . . for it was a part of our life at GHS. GLENDA BAGWELL Class Editor Rnx SAULS BETTY ANN JOHNSON Sports Editor Advertising Manager Lois STOCKTON Feature Editor JACKIE JOYNER Fm-:num RAAB Junior Representative Junior Representative 89 R1-:x SAULS President Student Council limits and concerns itself with the moral problems of the school. It is deemed necessary in order that the students may have an organized group of representatives with which the faculty and principal may co-operate. The Student Council will consistently endeavor to retain the co-operation of the student body in improving the appearance of the school and in maintaining school spirit. A J H ON PHILIP Fonn BILL PLEASANTS B1-:TTY NN o NS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ,wg-.Lf MICKEY FAULK BRENDA Fxsn Bonnv PIPXIN Ronznr MCDANIEL Parliamentarian Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms Song Leader 90 Slfucfenl' Gauncull The election of the general oflicers of the Student Body shall be carried out under the direction of a Committee on Elections .appointed by the President of the Student Body. The Student Council consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, sergeant-at-arms, reporter and song leader, and one representative and an alternate from each homeroom . Vw Witt First row: Pipkin, Faulk, Pleasants, Sauls, B. Johnson, Fish, McDaniel, Ford. Second row: Joye J. Robertson, Watkins, E. Johnson, Shaw, Wilkins, Mrs. Matthews, Sponsor. Third row: Joyner Buffaloe, Beasley, Bryan, Peatross, L. Robertson, Pierce, Ferrell, M. Updegraff, Smith, Herbert Johnson, T. Updegraff. Fourth row: Holder, Lassiter, Baucom, Emory, B. Price, Hatcher, Shertzer R. Whitaker, King, M. Buffaloe, S. Wall, L. Buffaloe, Sanderford, Holder. Ol ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Seated: Barbara Price, Bobby Pipki h ' Standing: Lawrence Buifaloe, Johnn3'Igol:?g'ntgg1I:: DECORATIONS COMMITTEE Teresea Updegraff. Counter clockwise: Joyce Beasley, Elaine John- son, Wayne Shaw, Mervlyn Watkins, chairmang PROGRAM COMMITTEE Le t to 'ri ht: Larr Robertson Bett Ann John- f , Q y , , y son, B111 Pleasants, chairman. W Q . if fame 'Y HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Left to right: Margaret Pierce, chairmang Barbara Johnson, Carol Wilkins. Seated: Diane Hatcher. 95' 'wx PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Lefg to right: Susan Ferrell, Mary Jo Bulfaloe charrmang Robert McDaniel. Ga ' DEVOTION COMMITTEE Left to right: Jackie Joyner, chairmdng Joyce Beasley. Wu F' of' Front row: B. Watkins, Glenn, Ferrell, Stone, Bagwell, Green, Miss Elliason, Sponsor. Second row: Johnson, M. Watkins, Watson, Joyner, Ennis, Hatcher, Rand, Stevens, Staley, Parrish. Third row: M. Butfaloe, Gibson, McGee, Coburn, Wall, O'Daniels, Austin, Wilkins, Stockton. Fourth row: Pipkin, Pippen, Williams, Newberry, Raab, L. Buifaloe, Holder, Ormand, Bryan, Sauls, Sugg, B. Yergan, Davis, S. Yergan. The National Beta Club was founded in 1936 as a small organization that has grown rapidly since that time. In much the same way this local chapter has grown since its founding, and at the present time there are forty-two members. The Beta Club takes an active part in school affairs by sponsoring dances and cake sales. Each mem- mer believes strongly in building a good character and unquestionable honesty. fi B' 113:- s R L e. w. MQNIO 'K N' . 1 Glenda Bagwell , Jeannette Ferrell Butch Watkins A ff 13 ,ff-'W Qwfjm 'M ' !,,..Q..,,m,.'. A L.4,............e.,j W. mx ,rw -Y Sherman Yeaxfgan ef eifin x . 'K 3 Q 3 3 Q Rf xx xx X -1. A W N VN' NN Jerry Stone 1Wcw4!zaZ4 First row: Lynette Glenn, Betty Lou Parrish, Nancy Buffaloe, Barbara McGee. Second 'row Sandra Wilkins, Beth Stevens, Sherman Yeargan, Mary Pat Bryan. Third row: Lynn Ennis Lawrence Buffaloe, Evelyn Green, Bobby Pipkin, Dickie Suggs, Jackie Joyner, Bryant Wall Gerald Williams Bonnie Yeargan. Each year new marshals are chosen to direct student assemblies and to serve at graduation. The marshals are composed of Juniors with the highest scholastic averages for the first two years in high school. There were seventeen people this year to receive the honor. The chief marshal is selected as a reward to the person who has ob- tained the highest average in his class. 96 Qmfme '7 QM- First row: Burnette, Hickman, Johnson, Grisson, Bagwell, McCollum, Stevens, Mrs. Dixon, Spon- sor. Second row: Buffaloe, Pollard, Banks, Rand, Joyce, Ethredge, Watkins, Sauls, Parrish, Rogers. Third row: Prince, Holder, Cash, Bryan, Stone, Nichols, Humphreys, Jones, Williams. 'PQEQK ii! ix. Mas. LUCY L. Drxou The Future Teachers Association promotes interest in teaching and gives opportunity for students to teach a few times during the year. The members, which have to be approved by their homeroom teacher, meet monthly. First row: Fish, McLelland, B. Johnson, Green, McGee, E. Johnson, Watkins. econd row: Adams, O'Daniels, Holder, Burnette, J. Williams, Banks, Joyner, D. Williams, Prince, L. eadows, Sorrell, Hamilton, Wall, Pierce, D. Carter, Staley. Third row: Beasely, King, Catlett, Moon, M. Parrish, Bagwell, Newton, Stephenson, Bridges, Stallings, H. Sauls, Carroll, Wilder, J. Bridges, Buffaloe. Fourth row: Stephens, Whitfield, Parrott, Dunn, Newberry, Jones, Updegraf, M. Partin, Marr, Goss, J. Sauls, Olive, Stancil, Guy, Harris, Rand, Glenn. Fifth row: M. Carter, Thompson, B. Par- rish, Smith, B. McElveen, Coburn, Cash, Morris, E. McElveen, G. Sauls, Ford, Hunt, Dowd, Partin, Sandy, Pollard, Hatcher, Holmes, Mrs. Meadows. Sixth row: Oakley, Dean, Long, F. Meadows, Grissom, Hudson. MARY Jo BUFFALOE President Q' 4u1fwiea4f "Toward New Horizons" is the motto of the F. H. A. The purposes of the Future Homemakers of America are the following: to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership, to encourage democracy in home and community life, to work for good home and family life for all, 'MW BARBANA ANN J OHNSO Secretary Sami EVELYN GREEN BAmaAnA MCLELLAN Vice-President Treasurer First row: Wrenn, Ward, Mitchell, Lassiter, Pippen, Lorbacher, Thomas, Thompson, Bailey. Second row: Wilkins, Atkinson, Morris, Sauls, Creech, Wall, Williford, Sidbury, Sealey, Sorrell, Horton, Howington, Herbert. Third row: I-licks, Perry, Dixon, Price, Stone, Ormond, Thompson, Stephen- son, Royal, Johnson, Lassiter, Carr. Fourth row: Mrs. Fails, Parrot, Ferrell, Updegraff, Weather- spoon, Andrews, Ashworth, McCollum, Umphries, Thompson, G. Glover, C. Glover, Kelly. I to promote international good will, to foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life, to further inter- est in economics, and to provide wholesome ELAINE Joi-lNsoN individual and group recreation' M1-:nvmm WATKINS Historian The colors of the club are red and white, RCPOTW1' with the red rose as the flower. snr" BRENDA FISH BAHBARA MCGEE Song Leader Parliamentarian qufufz-e acwmmdoffq ' The Future Farmers of America is an organization for boys studying agriculture and designed to develop leadership, co-operation, and citizenship to those persons inter- ested in this field. Those taking the agricultural courses under Mr. T. C. Baucom are eligible for membership. Each year a Father-Son Banquet is held for the members of the organization and their fathers. First row: Lassiter, Sauls, Stephenson, A. Ryals, King, Blalock. Second row:. Murray, Sorrell, Davis, Thompson. Third row: Hunt, Rogers, Barbour, Johnson, Wall, Byrd, Simpkins, I-Iochett. Fourth row: Williford, Mr. Baucom, Hill, E. Ryals, Farmer, Fowler, Dismukes. 100 s l gif? feemzeef , ' Harry Davis, President, Jeanette Ferrell, Reporter, Jerry Stone, Vice-President, Sherrill Williams, Treasurer, Glenda Bagwell, S ecretary. An organization of second year French students, the French Club is an in-class activity eagerly looked forward to by students entering French. Pro- viding an opportunity for deepening our background and understanding of the French people, their culture, coun- try, and language, the club serves as another foundation stone on which our steps to the future are built. . . . ' i 1 4 X I A First row: Williams, Wade, Lattam, Adams, Stone. Second row: Ferrell, Bagwell, Davis, Gray, Hinton, Miss Stewart, Sponsor. First row: Ford, Stephens, Partin, Pierce, Smith, M. Buffaloe, Sauls, Carter, Stockton, Rambeaut Mrs. J. Jones, Sponsor. Second row: Watkins, Wall, Faulk, D. Buffaloe, Hickman, Beasley, Moore, Osburn, Hunt. ar W his MARY Jo BUFFALO!-J Editor mm ,lla Review The Garner Hi Review is the school news- paper and carries information about the various activities and meetings that take place. There is also a monthly report from each organization about the different proj- ects that are undertaken. The Office Practice class types and runs the stencils for each issue. A copy of the paper is given to the eldest member of the family in school. It is financed in part by the numerous merchants in and around Garner. Gimal Glad First row: Pierce, Bridges, Olive, Gray, Fish, Rogers. Second row: Watson, Lineback, Alexander Buifaloe, Grissom, Wilkins, Johnson, Creech. Third row: Burnette, Holder, O'Daniel, Stallings Brown, Parrish, Moon, Bryan, Height. Fourth row: Bridges, Lattam, Hamilton, Sauls, Newberry McDaniel. Fifth row: Brooks, Watkins, Stephenson, Ormond, Ford, Bailey, Poythress. 103 Mervlyn Kay Poole Becky B1vens Watkins Carolyn Stancil Joyce Gray June Bridges Sally Alice Hinton head majorette Updegraff Marie Partin Fish Teresea Updegraff I . ,i , fp Liv . Al ' ' " BAND HI-LIGHTS The varsity band of our school has had a very eventful year. The band got off to a great start at the beginning of the football season. Under the direction of Mr. James A. Johnson, and the leadership of Tommy Neal, the band performed at several of the football games and made quite an impression on the spectators and community wth its Halloween performances. The band attended the Christmas parade in Raleigh, Clayton, and Sanford which were followed by a program at school before the Christmas holidays. The first annual Spring Concert was another important event. But most memorable of all was leading the Parade of Music in the Azalea Festival in Wilmington We wish to sincerely thank Mr. James A. Johnson for his guidance and under- standing, and also Mr. D. W. Sanders for standing behind us in all our undertakings. 105 First row: Sauls, Wall, Grissom, Hatcher, Watkins, Burnette, Castleberry, Ford. Second 'row Johnson, Murray, Kelly, Gibson, Smith, Mrs. Smith. Thrrd row:'H1ckman, J. Johnson, Coburn Cash, Prince, King, Buffaloe, O'Daniels, Harrington, Meadows, Fisher. Fourth row: Robertson Pierce, King, Ormond, B. Wall, Benson, Ray. THE SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club holds monthly meetings and discusses various projects for the betterment of the school. At the end of the meetings, a program is usually given relating lam to the language. The Spanish Club wwf W this year has already had a social "5!""""' ' event in which all the members participated. The purpose of the club is to MRS. EUc.r:NxA SMITH S O or endeavor to understand something p ns of the Spanish-speaking peoples, their customs and habits. Every student taking Spanish is a possible candidate for the club. Maafuf Glad .N wx M, ... mf- .. fieetiffrd A -N iWTlssssS?f.IfsQik'QK Flirst -rowi Dixo -E--rw Parrish, Faulk, Joyner, Meadows, Buffaloe. Second row: Paige, Ethe ridge, Whitfield, andy, Rand, Morris, Partin, Shaw, McGee, Nichols, Sauls, Senter. Third row: Parrot, Hump reys, Carter, Guy, Jones, Buifaloe, Austin, Williams, Kelly. ' e x. Q2 5 X Mas. LUCY D1xoN Sponsor The Library C1ub's Chief purpose is the improvement of the school library itself. Related purposes are to arouse further enthusiasm for books and read- ing and to encourage interest in the library profession. The club is com- posed of pupils who are serving as assistants in the library. Meetings are held monthly. Elahllrenship,HlJi'pxlQihTvghavv,-ll'p'clcgralf'fing.n Foufthlrow: A.'Hicknian, C. Holder, D. Buffaloe, L. Buffaloe, Corbett, Colb, Watkins, Wade, Whitaker, Sorrell, B. Wall, Joye, Ma Glad The Monogram Club of Garner High School is an organization of athletes who have earned school letters and have been initiated into the club. Its functions are to promote school spirit and good will. Striving to uphold good sportsmanship is another objective of the Monogram Club. .L 4p - AM - . ' - y Ch ' t , W ts n, Creech, Williams, Stephenson. Second row: glgfsixffie Pglatiigr SSIiS5eL1?,r3eappgs1VTi:i1sn, Vaargen, Williford. Third row: Tutor, Bryan, Rogers, Ryals, Goodwin. Fourth row: Bozart, Sandy, Hill, Best, Yeargan, Poythress. First row: Bozart, Williams. Second row: Stephenson, Mann, Watson. Third row: Bryan, Tutor. The purpose of Distributive Edu- cation is to give D. E. students a chance to develop qualities of leader- ship, sociability, service and inge- nuity in the business field. It gives students who are receiving on-the-job training an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activity necessary toward successful development. Membership is composed of all Distributive Education Students. This year there are 25 members. Delegates are sent annually to the district and state conventions. A stu- dent from Garner will attend the National Convention this year. 'MW MRS. JIM LANE , Dietitian We have recently purchased three valuable pieces of kitchen equipment which enable us to serve hot rolls more often. Serving well-balanced meals is our contribution to the good health habits of our students and faculty. We are very proud of our Grade A 96 per cent rating and our most eiiicient kitchen EM fbaiawut A r L in A 1 X it Q ' A . :sg N-Xiu, Pi. .1-xt. . . '- f . L Q 'xi A R -r kr.. f - '.- - . Y - .r K . A .-X -Q .- 1 - .' W . 1. . sa V-. X . ,5,N. H-,..g, . , . X .Q ,. Fx 11, A . Q-., -,v. --, V . , N.-.K X x V . s 3 .Hg , .krxvrkt ,rv rltkbf . f Z, 6 Q 4 3 i xx y f N 1, 1 lx A ns 93581, -f'..' 1 .,.M,,. - "4 f . , A - A - 3,-N - - N--,V -. ,., N' , .,. - 4 --Gwyn frm. 4 gmqsgc 1-.xv , .A - . ' 'A X .4 ' H' ' ' ' 1- N L' 'is -'X 3 1' . ' -" ' ' 4 I .aw Q ' -if.-iff Q vip' 4-'QM 1- f "" 33 ' 1, .. ' -w . X' ' -Kg.. ',,f -...N 4 - 4 ' 1 1 'V f K X 5 f, I i v ""' ti- A Vu 'N '41 fi. 'J ' 5' n 1 X X ' ' 'Q 3 X ' N" exft. 7. I -'. .slr 'A e W an at A X. 1 Q 'Q r'- ' 'Yu V - RQ .1 v x 4 . 4. J . , , K. ' s, pw. N. s QQ .K 4, as , .X , if M, .. 4 . Y ,W-.1 a Q 1 . ,J W p Qin +-3 X an im, '. ,f 5' s 1' MX sa' ," it 'N ii Q , ...Hn .. -MQ.. Q-ri .dv xp ' J X V . A V My 1 V Q ,Z r JCM" -. 'ff rs. ' ,as R N First row: Carter, Lattam, T. Wall, Bailey, Ashworth Messer C A Cochrane Supervisor B rd 3 Y ' ' I J y 1 King, Holder, Penninger, Faulk. Second row: Mitchell, McDaniel, Fish, Wilder, Meadows, Shaw, Green, Dyson, Mr. E. Halcombe, County Instructor. Driving a bus is a big responsibility for anyone, especially for a teenager. Imagine transporting children to and from school every day. Your co-operation and courtesy on the highway are essential. Our deepest appreciation goes to Mr. C. A. Cochrane for his wonderful supervision this year. 111 wk! 'T' ,- First row: Fowler, Horton, St 1 Th ' Second row: Ball, Beaver, R.EIo1?1?e11, TgngfrreclzfdilagwgfwTt:.col1l?gers' Ashworth' Mr' Crumpler . .. . iw! First row: R. Barbour, Updegraff, Tunstall, Blankenship, H. Barbour, Partin, Thompson. Second row: Richards, Parrish, Yokely, Blalock, Wood, Sandy, Mr. Blanton. Third row: Duke, Whitaker, Hunt, Matthews, Penny. Fourth row: Wilkins, Bowling, Lassiter. Gaia' Azfhlezfac ' ' me VN vi' ws. K First row: Johnson, Meadows, Newberry, Gibson Pollard Buifaloe Second row Sorrell Johnson Staley, Updegraff, Weatherspoon, Long, Ward. Third row Mrs McCoy Carroll Herbert Stone Kelly, Sidbury, Guy. Fourth row: Wall, Hamilton Osburn Hamrxck Johnson Bridges The Girls' Athletic Association strives to pro- mote interest in sportsmanship, officiating, coach- ing, and the enjoyment of physical education. Membership is 'earned through participation in after school intramurals and activities. The GAA sponsors an orientation day in the spring for the incoming Freshmen. The outstanding event of the year is the participation in the State Play day held in Greensboro. Members receive awards in the GAA through active participation and inter- est in sports. l nb.. "5f-Qf.ZX3wAS1nJoe'x8.-a.XRJswD+wfu,-e.5v.. -wwfiSf:x.D -mo, Mmm' mm. mania G. 5'X.Su.4iNYyxL,,,J 0 5 y-,Ji S. Xi, OS5Qg,Ix 2 X.a,JSN9-wx.. ' WEZQTRA M- ' ' 03555 VIN-J... ox:-1S.sLQ.. v5.5-vwuz.. 'TXSUQ2 Sw-vu.. 3 'ID 'Yaz- 034.-.vo-NKQ. bww gov. wdk. 'XXXL 1 O. A Q N x . cx..Qyb.,5Q 'Sift' .'S.Qm.v ,,Q,f.2, V uk-,Q-D 'KWWL vrvw.9'o" ' ' JL sm EQ, lim' 35313. Osfvy-Q-J-'wlfcel-Q5Qs,o-'9u.0JLm. fi ii-T. Mfhiio QQ WQMWQ. MQ 3353? iflffilff' S dx 5 . NSS- WPS. QQSNQ5 W Tis. -- Djg. .Wl?lJ' MM. Qgamxmw Nm :Ti w gf N 'f' K X. 7 -.., l .. , 3-fa at X A, W-fmswawa "w' V' ' 'W V """"i"' 'A" ' 'K M' """" vi ' kk may A Q M, M fwQ W W ,Q -Cs'-1 ' ' a + P1 Q j x X is jW,,,.,,,N V , h ,M xx ,J f X2 m M 3 Q, 5 E l F ' 5 5 rg in , Q Nancy Hickman ' Meredith Prince X x 9 E A V gl Jean Daniels ff X mf E wk V ,vhs Martha Burnette gg x if W Jackie Joyner , ., W whk, , M, , Mary Jo Buffaloe 1 ir, K I x ,, if iw ' Q' QMWMWW nyn. x,,aAn4 fSf5 Mary Marshall Rand xx M wa Q ' +M- Billy Hudson f Judy Smith if W i I fi yamwwm fu wx -:U W.. ar, . A.WY,,.,.Wm V-Ea Cakadhuind Qaazfdall Due to much school support, our football teams have been relatively successful in their efforts. This year, our team kept the student body in thrills by winning most of their games away and on our new lighted field. With practically all our boys return- ing next year, we expect one of the best seasons we have ever had. FOOTBALL MANGERS Benny King, Harry Brogden, Rufus Allen Hick- man. Co-Captains il' i exif if if X I Watkins is x S f i 1 v Y Updegraff Qffzf ti rg x., - BACKFIELD A. Bobby Pipkin. B. Butch Watkins. C. Billy Joye. D. David Henry. E. Lawrence Buffaloe. F. Phillip Ford. FOOTBALL SCORES Garner ........ 0 Raleigh ........ ....... Garner ........ 7 Dunn ....l....... ...,... Garner .,...... 0 Smithfield ....,.,.,,,,.. Garner ........ 26 Millbrook .... ....... Garner ...,.... 27 Apex ........ ....... 0 Garner ........ 14 Cary ..........,..........,. 7 Garner ........ 1 2 Wake Forest ............ 1 6 Garner ,...,... 0 Selma ........... ....... 1 3 Garner ..,,.l.. 19 Fuquay ....... ....,.. 1 4 Garner .,...... 7 Goldsboro .,............ 28 COACHES Henry D. Liles John W. Stewart gfilimsw-5-eff' 4 .Q Q -QQIIMM-'w L 'J 'Wil-:WML .f X ,ni 25 will ENDS: DiReinzo, Ormond, Updegraff, Wall, Knight TACKLES: Stevens, Jacobs, Ray, Blankenship GUARDS: Castleberry, Parker, Wade, D. Buffalol X 'N 1 I' fs 7' li. CENTERS: Whitaker, Shaw Bobby Pipkin 'il' Cfirst half of seasonb Garner ............ 47 Smithfield Garner ............ 64 Selma ......... Garner ............ 55 Millbrook ..... Garner ............ 60 Wake Forest Aex ............ Garner ............ 55 Cary .... Garner ..........,. 62 Fuquay ,...., Billy Joye x a. , , 5 ,xxx Q Hx ax if Q2 1 W E O1 if .X is K , - 19 3 , . - x S-lx nr C 1 .. S '1 X X W we ... D X . 2 R m X' N' . X gf, M1 ff x A Rex Suauls 3 , 1' f X f 7f"'g"M aff X A f S-C . E X 3 C E Lfs f C , s tai! f 1 QS g Qrgk ' ' 1 -am, R x sk mx r fig' a ff , , in X, QR 9 , ss, ,B Wuxi? , Danny Knightb Paul Updegraff Larry Duke 1960 CONFERENCE CHAMPS It 77 I my ,, y ix ywwwwvfx P, -M w , E Q H it ,:':., .. f - im me 4 - so , 1' J e .V fs. f " W Z W , aj , f f 5 4 if N d' 41, g 55. an s s 1 ,M N., , , , Wan 'Q ' n 'H ir Q1 ' My wk Linda Meadows Q if as ' f 3 2 a r . 3 ze . t . as 2 1-'si Elaine Johnson s V A Dixie osburn xl? if " Eiga: gy fi .ze 5 v Wax W f ig, Nancy Newberry Amelia Buffaloe ' frr'7?l1rff,, 145 i.kifE f A all wi --ff' i y V. A, so , x - Q , X -o 5 X , . f' : 9 ff' P .st 1: ' s fi s gr 4 i A I, X f 'E'i1.. 5' ' ,.,, , :5ia.,X'f,fle .. x K ,Q Q 3 5? i X gl 5 595' fr : V , . K , F 5 ti, 5 .i f-2 3-n 'W' 42" Q Y - if Basketball at Garner is continually A' V 4 in gaining in popularity due to the fact N f .11 L Maxine Lassiter that there have been many good teams in the past and present. W Last year our team won the majority W' M' of their games and we have had a pat Johnson uccessful campaign this year. The o- . ' - at Garner looks v encouraging wi , 0 n , e sup- port of our school. X orgy gfix 'IX I Barbara Johnson Sharon Gibbson K. -I., 156: S-3. W ,421 5 Q Q iw, 5 I .. Coach Nancy McCoy, Dixie Osborne, Barbara Johnson Mary Alice Sorrell A W QEX Q -Q - "WI 1 . , sf 1 fly' Q X Q- .riff-f fn Q Sa- ! 5 " - Nelda Holder 3 Mervlyn Watkins GIRUS BASKETBALL SCORES Garner 48' .............. Smithfield of G Garner 64 ...... ............ S elma of A' ,Q F Garner so .............. Millbrook 44 Xkmfiarnex' 50 .... 1 ..... Wake Forest 39 j , ,Garner 67 ...... ......,...... A pex 53 1 Garner 61 ...... .... V ....... C ary 56 ir Garner 56 ..... ......... F uquaye 52 ' Garner sv .............. smirhnom sa 5 0 Garner 73 .............. Millbrook 62 Brenda Fish Kay Wan W I 'x 'Garner 50 .,........ Wake Forest 43 '5 Garner 50 ...................... Apex 60 Garner 46 ..... ......... C ary 58 Garner 49 ..... ...,..Fuquay 57 8644641 Baseball at Garner has seen many good years. Year before last, the team went to the quarter-finals of the state championship. This and other factors have kept school interest in the sport. Wanting a chance to overcome a third place finish last year, many of the boys are eagerly looking forward to this year's campaign. We are looking to better teams and many championships in the future. Garner Garner Garner Garner CHARLES A. Cocl-mm-:E Coach MICKEY FAULK Captain 1959 GAMES 5 ...... ................................ .....Millbro0k 3 ..................Cary 1 Wake Forest 4 ..............Apex 2 First row: Sorrell, Pleasants, Whitaker, Duke, Second row: Wade, Wilkins, Faulk, Watkins Banda!! Bases loaded, three and two count, two outs, last of the ninth inning, score tied-what could be a more exciting situation than this? Frankly, there aren't too many more. Baseball at our school has seen some very exciting days. As most of you recall, our team went to the quarter-finals of the state championship in the school year of '56 and '57. Last year, our team wasn't quite as successful, but it did make a good showing for itself in that it won seventy-five per cent of its games. "The grand old American pastime," as the sport is sometirnes referred to, has lost a bit of its glamour due to the fact that people are beginning to like faster sports better. How- ever, the sport at our school has maintained a substantial rating as. far as attendance is concerned. Thus, we feel that baseball will hold its own for a long time at GHS. 'hack X Front row: Kolb, Ray, Ridoutt, B. Wall, Buffaloe. Second row: Robertson, Ormond, Henry, Parker Knight. Third row: J. Wall, Corbett, Joye, Ford, Sauls, Raab. Fourth row: Coach Stewart, Turner Qi STARS T Billy Joye if 'S charies Kolb Ill Being a new sport at Garner, Track is progressing very well. Looking back at our record this past year, the results are promising. It is believed that in the years to come, Garner will have an even better Track team. Track is a closely inte- grated part of our athletic program and thus helps strengthen our steps tothe future. . Wad. K r V First row: J . Phipps, Joye. Second row: Turner, J . Phipps, Gower, Baucom, Stanley. Third row: Coburn, Greer, B. Britt, Wall, J. Britt. Fourth row: Cooper, Wilson, Coach Johnson, Sauls, Knoles. anim Wauilq ls' M Front row.: L. Buffaloe, Turner, Ford, Corbett. Second row: Watson, T. Sauls, Shertzer, Fails Sar- rocco. Third row: Stevenson, Mr. Liles, Coachg Jones. ' i' 'S W' sk wlfiiiix 'W ...rr-T. X5 N if N, Q . ' ' fd Nl erm, E-S an X EDS' a.....,. K 1 i V ' r 3 W K f R f" 5 1+ 'L-"F, "' I 'I an 4 xi. 1 A H af .. Ll ' an .5 Q,- ,, 21 x I I ' J -am , , FWQSNQ'-3 f 1 Xe t 5 E. , ' Q " " 1 ' 'b Q :' " W sw lik -X 9-ff K QV . -.- . A 'fm .F-'X QNX is .' mffx , 7' 7 ' , df-' 6' Ll' ,figenb UZ 454325 I H W5 ffufw' 1 C. cup fffpdzxb 1 ,bgezpg Label? 11111213 "S Q,4upLQMZ1 I VL My 5 Q 0-714, Cl ZLf6L, Mfg'-fc,4,c15-Gig CQL-IM., lkdff 9 QJC5'-ZfZL4,1fQ.Q., ' ,fzfz,1LQC',,Q, , Q 4 fckv 5 M27 QWLZQ ff 25411 Howe! f If 5446 ' iA77!fl?ffffqZ7f2Ldfc,f MTW WMA' ffl ANL Flllllfi Jfamecaminq .Queen MARY JO BUFFALOE vi K 2 . I i- --.A - '11S5. fy JEIFRY JOYCE 71m Queen '44 Jumofr Attendant BARBARA MCLELLAND Sophomore Attendant ANN PHILLIPS Freshman Attendant mfianfaue Gall The grandest social event of the school year, the Junior- Senior Prom, held each spring, provides the biggest head- aches for the Juniors and the most excitement for the Seniors of anything in their high school journey. Realizing that the Seniors are upon the threshold of graduation, underclassmen go all out to entertain them royally. Following the theme of early American Indian life, the Class of '60 toiled many long and discouraging hours to present "Indian Love Call." May 8, 1959, covered all discouraging blemishes, however, and receiving con- gratulations from all concerned, we were never more proud of ourselves. "Indian Love Call" fades into memory now, becoming a strong support for our steps into the future. fd! if , X I I A N ilsen 5 ' A W Q 1, X X 1 It X-N T s U x if ' ' I T m n n X 53" A I' if , 'A,. Q! X d X V gi 'Q if. ,QL fi gX,N", XX 'B f, V fix pf ' ik , y 1, p :7"j Mb, ' Nw "N, rfv' if ' ,4 I ' I diff Xxxixyfg. nf ' W AN - f f,A ' ff7.tgklmwfaL' NM ix . xxx 44 N I ,I ,N 'V 4 :QQ X- . , xi' I ,Af Kxxw I .4 25' it i 5 K I as so-:ff assi: 4 --:we gazf' The Senior Play this year was a three-act comedy. It was the story of a typical American family with three growing daughters. Pat and Mary, the two older girls, have been dating quite a while. Little Emily, going on fifteen, stays at home and sighs with envy at the glorious times they have. Her best pal, Anna Gibbons, has strings and strings of boyfriends too, so Emily decides she will become an old maid. Dad Walker and Mr. Allen are attempting to expose Assemblyman Gray and his machine to restore good poli- tics in the town. Harley, Mr. Allen's son, uses the Walker's home for practicing his clarinet. Emily does not think too much of him, but worried about her future, she proposes to him. When Lester Gray asks her for a date, she forgets all about Harley. On her first date she is a changed teenager. Lester has' no license plate for his car. So, Harley, wanting to make Emily happy, lends his dad's plate to them. When Lester Gray .and Emily Walker are caught with Mr. Allen's license plate on Lester's car, it does not make a very pretty picture, politically speaking. It does, however, give a gran W 33ne of the be t If MM f'ZZ!Wff'WiMZf,?Qf7 iff Wlyfiw 4 ffilw W M i Q W '42 f ig! A 5' J H fig? N- . ' P ff? , -6 0 As 4 back on teeggt years ther, we all find somet that we can c thro , - the years to come. I oes not have ta gible or -AK sical appearance, but 'nstead, consists of se m ' f , good and bad, that we have had at GHS. We fin our defeats are just as important as the victories we have won. Here we have grown from children to mature young people. As we leave the school, many will go in different directions, and we will never see some of our classmates again. But when we look back many years from now and see the things recorded in this yearbook, we will be able to say truthfully that these were the best days of our life. 1W'wfnf'W,,lm' W ly M U 'V',1mw,,u M Wu ws-I' Mlwxl ' H,g1iaJnwL MJH1:J'Hw ahh ' uw, ml W M, Aqfffl 'fs-if ? Q FW-BEIGE A -'- ,rw -, , ' ' vii , f , sm Q- , - - -.W S"'gx1g.,?-5. A f 'O N M... 'tl 13,1 , . , M X ,, , ....,.,-N -0-1, B F W' 1 ' f"x. 3b?"m ' - m V.: -ex x ri Q4 ' Q, A ,. Tuff- ff .g..N.u,, in-"N, my . r 4481 rf 5- y. , , r-1 n T 1-,agp f! 3. ,,, LL: gmt . 3 .df .mlb 8 'flu f w aa- -l" """' 'F ' , Bw' - ggi H x ' -W is 1 X 5 5 , f ' ii.: V A , A 5 t' xQ -- K ' 3,1 g M ng .l Wy 1, 'f 4 -p ,nr - v Sa' 'FM y Es 5 Q 'rl N X Af: X ' -' XX Y. L , 1 -0 vi ' E g X 'sv' t4.m,zfmNub- f--- K V' ACHGVE-As"ff ii WMM K x 'It' . L "W . X Q I ,' 1 -5' ,Q ,X ik ,X 8 K Z f . -K x c - 'L 'Qk , 2 X N fn'??3f'3J wx ' ' ' YN U ff , E' he . 4K A . Nw -X gg 930V x I I , 5 A J S' xv ' A - ygvxxf u 1 ' N, Q....,,w Ns ' A bw' , N fp ,,1.-xmqgiblll we Y WMJMJB- 'L Tabu-fNJ,L,Q,,.,,JAL9fXQ,vw,s.A+-v.JUX MWQSLW Q gfg5WWQ lmbbwggwwfv-2 11- II QUY C, Syc,-,U,'IlM,ofJuJu OAALMQL 'VXA-BLAJW XWSLN 1 W gy. 'LA L1-,,eLa,ZQ WW QJU7 Zi f Qfzfwffw' A 'QM L! 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Suggestions in the Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) collection:

Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 12

1960, pg 12

Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 82

1960, pg 82

Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 135

1960, pg 135

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