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My mviw gs gf L'Ecole 1950-1951 Presented by The Senior Class GARNER HIGH SCHOOL Garner, North Carolina ,..-""5- Z! '-f , ,A 4' I "-ni -',A A1 As time will pass and we shall part, may this book remain an unbreakable link in your chain of memories. Some clay, while looking through these pages, the memories of the happy days of yester years will slowly flood your soul. The senior class, in pre- senting the '51 L'Ecole, hopes that your lives will be happier and your hearts lighter for the memories it may bring. ANNUAL STAFF. X DEDICATION SS SS 5 1m'L 1 m"' Q ' K' 2, .. ' -7 f.., 5 -if K 1 V K P ., X S TO MRS BANKS . . "Bemu5'e we love you! SENIOR CLASS M MW 1 95 1 of A vv1-- I W 'We LSST ...S S.S.SM.gxx..'...3 3.....6M 9d ? U LT Y PORTIA BANKS 5"'0""'1 Senior Sponfor ,441 .-,-,..,-r-47 "Pwnc-7-9 - A . M MR. E. R. PERRY Q Y M' .I - Est: ' Pt SPP? 'ig .5 WWW .' x -emu. ..... 5 ...ff ff: MRS. MEEKINS MRS. JIM LANE ' MRS. JONES MISS LUNELLE YEARGAN X MRS. CREECH 'N 55" MR. CARR ' -Ak 'Win' MRS. W. A. COUCH MR. W. D. NAP MR. R. T. """'-.-Q. MRS. S GHTON M CO T Timmy Capps ANNUAL STAFF Seated: Bonnie Wall, joan Holder, jackie Sauls, Editor, Rowan Coates, Mrs. Banks, Sponsor, Cnot pictured, joe Ann Kellyj. Standing: Bobby Henley, Bobby Pollard, Billy Buffaloe, Charles Pittard, Paul johnson. CLASS MASCOTS 5 1 E Diane Beasley 595. 1 l l l l 5 l 1 .W YW 15 We not l CLASS OFFICERS Treizffnfr' ,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,.AAA,,,,,A..,,,,,,,, Henry Trevathan Serremry .....,.,.Y.,A ....., B arbara Ellington Vive-president ..,,A ....,.... C arolyn Hines Pmridezzf .......... .,.,...... B illy Hocutt CLASS POEM "An Rrfuoif' CGood-byej Au revoir, dear school, the time Draws nigh for us to bid adieu , To friends, to faculty, to books To many fond memories, too. X revoir, stately old Alma Mater, Au XWe. the class of il. sincerely thank you 4 For helping to mould and to impel us To become fine men and women of tomorrow. Au revoir to many ups and downs And, also, to the jokes from our class clowns, Wfe shall say au revoir to everyone, And hope to make each life a worthwhile one. joe Ann Kelly Clam Poe! l l l An, 4 I 4041 FRANCES ARCHER "For Jbe ir jun the quiet kind u' la o .r e nature rzerer 1'LI7'i65.H Enfield School 13 Dramatics Club 43 Teen-Age Club 4. ML UV .. M C CMU fj ,fxf JV!! . limi JEAN BALL "Care to your roffiu addr rl nail, no doubl: And erery grin I0 merry drauxr one out." FHA Club 13 Choral Club 23 Teen-Age Club 3, 43 Dra- matics Clu ' Garner Hig Staff Ji 'fra' L94 M 'Ll Jlkafn 1 TMA, aj p V if . ff, V . K YM '. xV',. V .Mi M 1 , 1 X417 if l L 1 r 131 X-f, BARBARA BEASLEY "Ready for anything, be it work or play. An all-'round girl in erery uwylu Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Choral Club 1, 2. 43 Dramatics Club 4g FHA Historian 23 Garner ref ff' High Staff 43 Teen-Age Club TWQ li I ' 711,-ceq, -I .1 1,4 4" :fire x.L,4L.L,Q,'C L50 1 .1-If-3.3 A1100 4 syn"-1. , " 'i4'jf,4-i,pU? ' -- 1 ' . Bfjjjpuf' "A perferl u'om,1r1, 71 plfzzzned, To uzzrrrl. to rozzzforl, and l'07II72IdI1d.H Choral Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Dra- matics Club 1. 2, 3: Beta Club 3. 43 Library Club 2. 39 FHA Officer: Superlative 4. 2 rlj' f' .N ij "' early laugh, a mir- Makef for her a life worlla- u'laile." fy! rlaierouf :mile FHA Club 13 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 33 Teen-Age Club 23 Garner High Staff 4g Beta Club 43 Dramatics Club Mar- shal 3. JOYCE BARWICK "Gay if Jbe, and happy lo be Liring life Ike whole day long." FHA Club 1, 23 Dramatics Club 1, 23 Teen-Age Club 33 Choral Club 4. JUNE BEASLEY "Cure, rufeet, rhe romef your uwy, To brighten ererz your dari- efl day." Choral Club 1, 2, 43 Beta Club 3. 43 Class Historian 43 Secretary of Junior Class 33 Marshal 33 Dramatics Club Play 3. , DENNIS BEST "Quiel and modeff, lfyougbf- ful and meek, Knowing much more ibmz be lelf lzimfelf Jpeakff FFA Club 23 Bus Drivers' Club 43 Teen-Age Club 3. 43 Needham Broughton lg Cary 23 Superlative 4. S E N l G R S Bizssnz BRIDGES "Her fv'1e11d.f ure 111.111y.' ber t'l7.H'II1.f are 1111'e.' A liinrble girl 11'11b ber' .vzveel air." Beta Club 3. 43 Class Sec- retary 23 FHA Club Presi- tlent 33 Dramatics Club 2. 5: Garner High Staff 43 Class Testator 4. NORMA CLARK "Sheff quiel 1111d brmeil .111 Ike while, Slwfi .Illl'd41'.f hid behind .1 .flllilliu Choral Club 1, 2. 5. 43 Gar- ner High Staff 43 Teen-Age Club 43 Dramatics Club 13 Beta Club 3, 4. EDVUARD DAVIS "A rule lillle 1111111 of .v1111le 111111 111111111er." Football 33 Baseball 2. 43 FFA Club l, 2. 3. 43 lius Drivers' Club 3, 43 Dram- atics Club 23 Superlative 4. RUTH FRANKS "She 1l'.l.f f1r11'11 111 be 1111111 .md 511111. A 11'e11,r11re 1'.n'e and bard 111 find." Choral 23 Dramatirs 3, 4. Ama-7 WA yet:-C, PL-A Lt,L.L-A . mfy f X444 1301-V 4- iq ffgfu. if U- fuitwf Shu At' N'h..., BILLY BUFFALOIE "Tu ll'lH'1'Y1' liflle. 111 ,fllldy 1L'.o'.l'. Tlwir if 711.1 ide.: of lmpjvi- 11e.r.r." Basketball 1. 3. 43 Football 33 FFA President 43 Monogram Club 2, 3. 43 Bus Drivers' Club 43 Garner High Staff. ROVVAN COATIES "Firr1 111 .ff1111'l.f, fifzfl 111 ,u11111e. Slwe but u'1111 for beviself 11 re111e111l1e1'e1z' 1111111e." Basketball 1, 2. 3. 43 Captain 43 Garner High Ftlitur 43 Annual Staff 43 Superlativr: 43 Beta Club 4. BARBARA ELLINGTON "The he11111if11l are IIEVEI' de.:- olrzle, .r11111eo11e r11u'i1jy.v l11l'c'.r 1be111." Hugh Morson 13 Knightdale 23 Dramatics Club 43 Class Secretary 43 Superlative 43 Beta Club 3, 4. 1 1 0' ,VN gl!! W' ' 1 My f 1 , , 3 i ci f 1 tl fII4U .42 11 rbi II lg le. I u'.11'111 7' 11111- 1 61 I . FHA Club 1, 23 Choral Club I, 43 Library Club I3 Gar- ner High Staff 4. SENIORS CJ, 35,1 FAYDENE HAYEs "Good mtznnerr and :oft word! bare brought many a diffirult thing to pau." Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Teen-Age Club 2, 3, 4g Cho- ral Club 1, 2, 33 4-H Club lg Vice-President of 4-H Club. Lois HICKS "Don't worry work and it u'on't worry you." Teen-Age Club 23 Choral Club 1, 23 4-H Club 1g Dra- matics Club 43 Garner High Staff 4. BILLY HOCUTT "He little trouble! with to- morrou"r u'oe,' He taker thingy as they rome and go." Class Treasurer 2, 33 Presi- dent of Class 43 Student Council Treasurer 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 4g Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Superlative 4. ,MM CHARLES HUNT "A good heart if better than anything elfe in tbe world," Bus Driver 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Choral Club 23 FFA Club 2, 3, 4, Superlative 4. dwM?v BOBBY HENLEY "Eimteit1,f may come, and Edifom may go, but Henley will life fore1'er." President of Student Body 4, Beta Club 3. 4g Bus Driver 5, 45 President of Monogram Club 4g Football 2, 4, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. H CAROLYN HINES "Lott of u'it and loadr of flwf E1'erytbing .foe doer ir well done." Beta Club Treasurer 43 Class Prophet 4, Dramatics Play 3, Secretary of Dramatics 3g Vice-President of Senior Class 45 Garner High staff 4. joAN HOLDER "Her uffzyf are ufayx of pleur- arztrzerr, and all her' fmtbr are peace." , Beta Club 3, 43 Choral Club 1, 43 Annual Staff 4, Garner High Editor 4, Student Coun- Cil 1, 2, 33 Superlative 4. ,1LJ- 'flfwfiae 1 HUNT "Food, outrfzoleen, mrefree uwyr, Tlaore about ber to amaze." FHA Club 1, 23 Dramatirs Club 1, 2, 31 Choral Club lg Teen-Age Club 43 Marsl1al 33 Garner High Staff 4. SENIORS DORIS IACKSON "Laughter if a good hegin- ning for friendship and hy far the her! ending." Teen-Age Club 2, 3, 43 Cho- ral Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dra- matics Club 1, 2, 5, 43 FHA Club 23 Outstanding 4-H Member 23 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4- ,MJ fund, 3 ' My , V167 ff' if 13 CLEO JONES "So .simple and iweei, So nire and neat." Clayton 1. 23 Choral Club 3, 43 Beta Club 5, 43 Basketball Manager 43 Secretary of Beta yi Club 43 FHA President,,Af3L' Student CouneEJjiiVff"iAk GMU , .i 1 yymvu 1 77 dd N fy' T1 y ,. - L, J ,fi QW' LH 1 EARL MEDLIN "Thanh heazien! The f7'I.fI,f' The danger if pair, And flJ6f61"E1't'K7ll6d 'Srhool' If ronquered az lan." Garner High Staff 4g FFA Club 2, 3, 4' 4-H Club 13 Teen-Age Cl F 1 ,i , 3 "Seldom ,reriozz,f, lorizzg fun. o out, ' 1-ld, h e 1' e rome." FHA Club 1, 23 Choral Club 1, 23 Dramatics Club 43 Teen-Age Club 2, 51 Bus Driver 43 Garner High Staff 4. lilialfliili 'C J' --Q MARIE PARRISH ill , 'ir' ww 'Q' 3? 'Y' PAUL JOHNSON "His friendly and quiel ufays will ,fake him io wafers." Vice-President of the Student Council 43 Vice-President of FFA Club 43 Bus Drivers' Club 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Chief Marshal 33 President of Dramatics Club 4. JOE ANN KEI.L1' "She'J good-nalured and full of fun, ' And alwayf manager fo gel ,rome work done." Secretary and Treasurer of Choral Club 43 Dramatics Play 33 Garner High Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 Cheerleader fChiefJ 43 Class Officer 3. .43 fi I' I 0 ffl Qffffr' 3 J. Yr. bg!! XML!! I A7414 1 'W'- Y l, J JOSEPHINE MEOLIN "P1'eriouf gifti rome in final! packages." Garner High Staff 43 FHA Club 1, 23 Choral Club 4. JANICE PENNY "IV e gazed and gazed and fzill the wonder' grew, Al all fhe many zhingr .the could do." Student Council 1, 33 Dra- matics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 4g Choral Club 23 Superlative 4. SENIORS CHARLES PITTARD "A .fteady boy with a goal in ifiew, And willing to work and fee it through." Secretary of Monogram Club 43 Student Council 43 Presi- dent of Beta Club 43 Baseball 13 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Annual Staff 4. HARDY PRINCE "Hit ready wit, his cheerful Jmile, Maher him welrome all the while." Baseball 43 Basketball 43 Cho- ral Club 2, 43 Bus Drivers' Club 43 4-H Club President, 1, 2. STANLEY ROWLAND "He may he quiet, hut don't let him fool you, he ha: hir fhare of fun." Football 1, 3g Bus Drivers' Club 2, 3, 43 FFA Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Teen-Age Club 2. HENRY TREVATHAN "Happy am I,' from care I'm free! Wfhy aren't they all ron- tented like me?" Student Council 2, 33 Bas- ketball 3, 43 Football 43 Dra- matics Club 43 Baseball 4' Treasurer of Class 4. s BOBBY POLLARD "Wherever there it noife and fun, he'll he there." Baseball 1, 43 Football 13 Annual Staff 43 Garner High Staff 43 Teen-Age Club 2, 3. EDNA EARLE RAY "Thir merry fun-loving hru- nette haf a way about her you can't forget." Choral Club 1, 2, 53 4-H Club 13 Teen-Age Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 3. JACKIE SAULS "Life ir .fhort and Jweet and .ro 11 the." Beta Club 3, 43 Editor of An- nual 43 Garner High Staff 43 Parliamentarian 43 Marshal 33 junior Class President. BONNIE WALL "Happy-go-lucky, pretty and full of mirth, nothing if there that worrief her." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Cap- tain 33 Garner High Staff 3, 43 Superlative 43 Marshal 33 Halloween Queen 3. SENIORS jesse YEARGAN "Sametime: la e r i 1 1 iz n d llainkf, and sometimes' be jun Jin." Dramatics Club 33 FFA Club 1, 4g Garner High Staff 43 Bus Drivers' Club 4, Superl- ative 45 Choral Club 1, 2. CLASS HISTORY As we stop to think that this is the last year of our high school career, we realize that the time has really been very short. Crowded into the four short years are many happy experiences that I know all of us will always remember. In 1947 we entered Garner High School as eighth graders. We came from Vance, Auburn, and Garner. We were not considered high school students, but we enjoyed getting acquainted with the school and the many activities that are carried on in it. Mrs. McBryde and Mrs. Stevens were our teachers.i Then came our freshman year. We were then really high school students. We all enjoyed changing classes for the first time. Mrs. Price and Miss McLurd were our homeroom teachers. We elected Thelma Beasley as our class president. The social high- light of the year was a wiener roast at Pullen Park. The following fall, when school started, we were happy to be sophomores. We wel- comed Mrs. Couch and Mrs. Boggs as our homeroom teachers. We chose Bobby Henley as our class president. The social events of the year were a picnic at Pullen Park and a party in the gymnasium. The next year was our junior year during which we had many exciting and interest- ing adventures. Mrs. Boggs and Mrs. Hewett were our homeroom teachers. We chose jackie Sauls as our president. Soon after school began, we chose our class colors and flower. The colors are green and white, and the flower is the white rose. In October we gave a Hallowe'en carnival in the gymnasium. In April we presented our junior- Senior Banquet. We put a great deal of hard work on it, and it was very successful. We want to thank Mrs. Hewett, Mrs. Boggs, and Mrs. Broughton for helping us with the banquet. We were the first class to give a banquet in the new cafeteria. In March of this year we got our class rings. We were very pleased with them. Too, we went to the Annual Career Day, which was held in Raleigh. We learned many things that will help us in choosing our careers. This same year many of the members of the class took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. Those who went saw many interesting and historical places. Finally we have become seniors. This is the busiest and most important year of all. The class officers are as follows: president-Billy Hocutt, vice president-Carolyn Hines, secretary-Barbara Ellington, treasurer-Henry Trevathan. During this year we have sold magazine subscriptions and advertisements to get money for our annual and other projects. We have been very fortunate to have Mrs. Banks as our senior sponsor. We wish to thank her for the valuable aid she rendered us in helping with the annual, senior play, class night exercises and commencement. Her sound advice and consideration have been an inspiration for us to work for the better things of life. We want to thank our principal and all the teachers for encouraging and helping us in every way they could as we struggled through our subjects. Without their help we could nothave reached this great height. Each of us has learned a great deal in the years spent at dear old Garner High, and although some of us will not admit it now, I know that in future years we shall look back on the days spent here and remember them as the happiest days of our life. JUNE BEASLEY Hiriorian PROPHECY At the end of a hectic week of exams, I made preparations for a bit of much needed relaxation. After chasing brief forms until I was dizzy, I decided to count sheep. I lay very still for a while-four hundred seventy-seven, four hundred seven . . . was that lamb really motioning for me to join him? Yes, he must be, so I followed him to the outskirts of Raleigh, ten years hence. As I approached the business district, I noticed the city was awakening to its daily bustle. I heard a man shouting as I came to the courthouse, so I went in to see what was causing the commotion. The law firm of Buffaloe and Henley was pleading the case of Betty Best, a singer at El Socco, whose third husband was suing her for divorce on the grounds that she was not able to "cook like Mama." Taking notes on the case was none other than Billy Hocutt, court stenographer. I Passing the Register of Deeds' office, I noticed Paul Johnson recording a deed for a Eve hundred-acre estate inherited by Frances Archer from her "rich uncle." As I entered the post office, I met three very efficient looking secretaries-Phyllis Hunt, Bessie Atkinson, and Josephine Medlin--each carrying her boss's mail. They informed me that Cleo Jones is teaching home economics at Garner High School. Doris Jackson also is there, teaching mathematics, and Faydene Hayes is working in the primary grades. Janice Penny is senior class sponsor at Wendell. I came by the Cradle Shop and saw two attractive young matrons window shopping. I realized they were the former Jackie Sauls and Joan Holder. lt seems that shortly after graduating from high school, they started in their scientific career, chasing mole- cules, but a few years later both of them settled down in Knightdale. They were eager to tell me that Bonnie Wall is married to a former football star from State College and is now living sin California. They added that Norma Clark is the hopeful secretary to a tobacco execiitive in Durham. I was glad to learn that Reverend and Mrs. Charles Pittard, the former Barbara Ellington, are living in Richmond, where he is pastor of the First Baptist Church. Joe Ann Kelly is in charge of Religious Education there. I began to have that peculiar feeling that someone was watching me, and when I turned around, I recognized a policeman as Henry Trevathan. Over a cup of coffee we discussed the latest happenings concerning our classmates. Barbara Beasley is the wife of a local banker and has a lovely home in Country Club Hills. Bobby Pollard is teaching art at Columbia University. Earl Medlin is working with Southern Bell Tele- phone Company as maintenance supervisor. Lois Hicks is an operator with the same company. Henry went back on duty, and I made my way toward a department store, for I had a purchase to make, however as I reached the bank, I ran into Rowan Coates and Marie Parish, who are private secretaries to two prominent lawyers. From them I learned that Bessie Bridges. is assistant buyer for a large local department store. They went on to tell me that Joyce Barwick and Ruth Franks are employed at the North Carolina Department of Revenue. Stanley Rowland and Charles Hunt are still pursuing a naval career and are now at Norfolk, Virginia. Edna Earle Ray and Addie Hicks are receptionists for two "painless" dentists. I remembered my errand and hurried on down to the department store, hoping to catch Bessie in her office, I arrived just in time for her to invite me to lunch. We had so much to talk about we hardly knew where to begin. It appears that june Beasley is nursing at Wilson, where she and her husband have settled. Dennis Best and Hardy Prince have opened up a machine shop and have prospered to the extent that they can retire at any time they wish. jean Ball is married and living in Aurora. Edward Davis started out as a farmer but has enlarged his business and is now quite a successful produce broker in Florida. His favorite pastime is admiring the scenery. Rebecca Harrington is companion to a rich, elderly lady and is now assisting her in obtaining a mate through the Lonely Heart's Club. She is hoping to be included in the will. jesse Yeargan is in the office at Dillon Supply Company. After I had thanked Bessie for her hospitality, I invited her to New York for my next performance in "Cheaper By The Grossf' I remembered that I yet had a purchase to make in the glove department. I made my selection and paid the salesladyg she handed me my package and rang up the sale. Her face began to blur and the lights grew dimmer. The ringing of the cash register grew louder and louder-or was it a fire alarm? I suddenly knew is was neither, for I recognized the familiar objects of my own room. The ringing was merely my alarm clock calling me back into the world of reality. As I leave you now, let me remind you that this graduation is just the first step up the ladder of success. I urge you to keep climbing until you have reached the topmost rung. CAROLYN HINES U The Prophet CLASS WILL State of North Carolina Garner High School We, the SENIOR CLASS OF 1951, being of sane. mind and sound body, considering ourselves very efficiently drilled in history, do hereby declare the last will and testa- ment as follows: ARTICLE 11' TO THE FACULTY X Item I-To Mr. Perry, our principal, we leave our appreciation for his kind under- standing of our many problems. Item II-To Mrs. Banks, our homeroom teacher, who gave unsparingly of her time and ability, we leave our deepest gratitude. Item III-To Mrs. jones we leave memories of us as algebra students. Item IV--To Mr. Carr we leave quieter science classes. Item V-To Mrs. Couch we leave more commercial-minded students. Item VI-To Mrs. Creech we leave more agreeable economics students. Item VII-To Mr. Brinkley we leave our hopes for better American History students. Item VIII-To Mr. Napowsa we leave the memories of the most brilliant class he has ever taught. Item IX-To the teachers, as a whole, we leave reformed students. ARTICLE II't TO THE CLASSES Item I-To the juniors we leave all our senior privileges, Cwhich were few and far betweenj our homeroom, and all the trials that fate bestows upon seniors. Item II-To the Sophomores we leave the pleasures that await them in American History. Item Item III-To the Freshmen we leave three more years of over-taxation of the brain. IV-To the classes, in general, we leave the shining example that has been set by the dignified UD seniors of '51. Item Item Item Item ARTICLE III4' PERSONAL BESTOWALS I-Betty Best leaves her singing ability to Lucy Branch. II-Janice Penny leaves her studious ways to Quenton Hill. III-Cleo jones leaves her excess weight to Anne House and Ruby M. Franks. IV-Rowan Coates leaves her ability to play basketball to Fred Gower. Item V-Jackie Sauls leaves her long brown hair to Rachel Grissom. Item VI-Carolyn Hines leaves her weakness for "green '49 Fords" to Bobbie A. Ogburn. Item VII-Bobby Henley leaves his ability to "stall for time" on class to Phyllis S. Item Item Item Item Item VIII-Edward Davis leaves his height to Bobby Buffaloe. 1X+-joan Holder leaves her quiet ways to jean Watts. X-Bobby Pollard leaves his ability to "get a girl" to Ray Yeargan. X1-Stanley Rowland leaves his good looks to Linwood Poole. XII-Barbara Ellington leaves her love for sleeping in science to Mary Lou Smith. Item XIII-Charles Hunt leaves his ability to play football to julian Baucom and Billy F. Item XIV--Norma Clarke leaves her dreamy eyes to Sybil Thompson. Item XV-Bonnie Wall leaves her instinct to laugh constantly to Myrline Pollard. Item XVI-Charles Pittard leaves his record as the safest driver of the class to Billy M. Item XVII--Rebecca Harrington leaves her wit to Joyce Wilson. Item XVIII-Marie Parrish leaves her ability to drive a school bus to Shirley Sauls. Item XIX-Ruth Franks leaves her love of shorthand to Shirley Best. Item XX-jesse Yeargan leaves his shyness around girls to Roy Cochran. Item XXI-Bessie Atkinson leaves her wise cracks to Marilyn Poole. Item XXII-Billie Buffaloe leaves his short frame to Ronnie Chilcoat. Item XXIII-Frances Archer leaves her flirting ways to Betty Rand . Item XXIV-Earl Medlin leaves his loud mouth to Braxton Banks. Item XXV-june Beasley leaves her love for geometry to Anne Stevens and Effie Stancil. Item XXVI-Dennis Best leaves his love of brunettes to jimmy Creech. Item Item Item Item Item Item XXVII-Doris jackson leaves her weakness for losing things to Carolyn Sauls. XXVIII-jean Ball leaves her intellect to Marie Lorbacher. XXIX-Paul johnson leaves his ability to talk to Patsy Yancey. XXX-Joe Ann Kelly leaves her place as cheerleader to Magdalene Parrish. XXXI-Billy Hocutt leaves his love for loud shirts to Billy and Bobby Corn. XXXII-Henry Trevathan leaves his sense of humor to C. H. Upchurch and Thomas Y. . Item XXXIII-Joyce Barwick leaves her ability to get a diamond to Peggy S. and Melba W. Item XXXIV-Edna Ray leaves her bangs to Mary G. Burnette and Phyllis Williams. Item XXXV-Barbara Beasley leaves her friendly smile to Hilda Simpkins and julia Nell G. Item XXXVI-Faydene Hayes leaves her "love for drive-in theaters" to Wilma Gulley. Item XXXVII-Hardy Prince leaves his surplus dates to Grady Jeffreys, Z. V. Burchett, and David Mitchiner. Item Item Item XXXVIII-Phyllis Hunt wills her curly hair to Hilda Franks. XXXIX-Lois Hicks wills her undying love for earrings to Nancy Wilson. XXXX-Bessie Bridges wills her long blonde hair to Mary Sue Umstead and Elizabeth B. Item XXXXI-Josephine Medlin wills her boisterous ways to Emma W. Burnette. W' 7M Billy Buffaloe jesse Yeargan J!M"vfM19w6 .Wm SUPERLATIVES BEST ALL-AROUN D MOST DEPENDABLE fzme Beezfl e y joan Holder CUTEST Smug' Davif junkie Sazzff BEST LOOKING Barbara Ellington Paul fohfzfofz E qi? W MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bobby Henley 1 Belly Bef! B? Cya? yy MOST STUDIOUS fmzire Penny Billy H ocutt l -mu? i 5 7 BEST PERSONALITY joe Ann Kelly Demeif Beit WITTIEST H enry Trewztlmn Carol n Hinef 7 F 5 .6f,..f L,,.,L,C...J K Jaffa walfywwu. ' away, All-away 1' L A LB Cbdffej' Pilfdfd Bgfgnjg 259 5 gf MOST POPULAR Clmflef Him! MOST ATHLETIC Rowan Conte: S its T Y " , . T6 S J 5 A , ,X . m y 14. Q M xt Q QW ,,- Aff sill -U 3 A 'W in. I ,.--s ffl- '-f- Q 3 if A - Y ,, w L. -if ,, fi W Z 4,.- E. ?12'v!ii: wmtagy. Hui. fu ' Q Oki 5212280 Sh-Q, fu Us-F 'Nw ri. S. Mwxlfsg' ' fa itdxhj gui, -I., wn.1J,.- A wa1gv1p,, Q V Egg ping 13. w . E.. 5f1'1l11s55J,':G H. k, W M il. lx '- X jwfvgwwiuf, 'ivfzfli mf pmp? ix . Cmgmv . amy, 1 win 'fx pwffuzi, 's Q 4 A -QL 1 " , V 1 i ik Vi , . X J JUNIORS 'flu-Q 'm..,.4r ,uf ' K ' 1- , agus 'Q A ay f -N , B C 'lv 5. Jean Ballard Lucy Mae Branch Mary Grady Burnette Lillie Mae Cooper L44 'Qu vc'-his 3 yi , ,vw x 'Qu-, xv, E7 Braxton Banks Bobby Buffaloe julian Baucom Z. V. Burchette Ronnie Chilcoat Bobby Corn Elizabeth Byrnes Billy Corn 'E 31'-Q in--. ..-Wm... X K M, 1 J-up H Qiiwnw - I Y. Wf' Shirley Best Emma Wray Burnette Roy Cochran Clara Creech '95 in f J -01,5-'JL- . I B ei k l 2- X1 1, I 4 'Cctv ...Q Tm ""'Hwl' Jackie Creech Ruby Mae Franks Quinton Hill Marie Lorbacher slum ' wi . jimmy Creech Rachel Grissom Ann House David Mitchiner 'Nu -vqfu-4--fr 4 a 'Ziff Tr 415 pai' V: fgf ,ffff "V ' 0Bil15f Ford 5 ,fra 'mi Wilma Gulley Grady Jeffries Cleo Miller vr-u Y? as 'lf--V ivy ,.,.. ,,, " . I 455' gl ' -QW: Q , I -sd Hilda Franks Julia Guy Patricia King Billy Murray qrf""" ' Alun:-M-Q 5. WMA .ui Myrline Pollard Phyllis Poole Carolyn Sauls Phyllis Sitterson 'mm . -mlm :saws 44994 'QW -.sgm 'Qwe- X Q-n.w,,,.,.1g Mary Lou Smith Ann Stephens Mary Sue Umstead C. H. Upchurch Phyllis Williams Joyce Wilson Peggy Yeargan Ray Yeargan M E+ 'HQ-9' , 4 gs ""V?'v.'.b 1-..A.,,3 E New 'T 'QS' Peggy Stephens Melba Watkins Nancy Wilson Thomas Yeargan Sybil Thompson jean Watts Pat Yancey lil 3222 7 l"'hu-F CLASS MOTTO The hear! of the pru- den! gettelh knowl- edgey lbe ear 0f the wife Jeekelb knowl- edge. Proverbs 185 15 CLASS FLOWER Daffodil CLASS COLORS Black and Gold SGPHOMCDRE Pattie Sue Arnold J. C. Averette Alton Bagwell Robert Barnes fa A, , , ,V ff fi' H Irma jean Barwick Clifton Baucom Bobby Ray Belvin Vivian Best Larry Blalock Marvin Blalock Sallie Blalock Freddie Bozart I Malcolm Britt Martha Ann Britt Joyner Br 'ks Bettylleygn Bryan 1, , f x ' 0' A fi 3.4, ' X. f, ' If 1 , V4 f if J. Y I ' 1 J j ' ewel Buffaloe Meredith Buffaloe Decoma Byrd Gilbert Caldwell joel Council Mae Denton Billy Faulk Shirley Godwin 'VWN Qi Nm-1 ' janet Goss Larry Green Elbert Hall Billy Hocutt Bobby Huang George Hunt . Hazel Ihrie A ,A Bob johnson we f Y! , Ari sw 5 'Qi-s-.-M, , 'AL Dudley johnson Freddie jones f. if Pauline King Helen Lee jean McGee Evangeline Medlin Barbara Morris W:-ff Roger Nash Shirley O'Neal 'Ui Ray Parrish June Penny , ,J Billy Pitser David Pittard Eugene Price ,i 1 Shirley jones FY Q J YQFMQXJ Laura Ann Penny W-if i "Z'.'.!" UC." l f I fi . X 'QD' K 3"-be My Jw , Nifty N Kelton Ray Robert Richardson an 3 Shirley Rouse jaylee Ross A Martha Rowland Charles Lee Sauls X044 tl, I' , ' ' 0 Ila Faye Sauls E :,, 'S V ' V I ,I Sarah Sauls Betty jean Smith Ray Sorrell Betty jean Stevens Mary E. Stephenson Paul Strickland Ruth Stubbs Sandy Stubbs Emmett Vinson Grace Walters Louis Waters Ruby Watkins Sara Woolard CLASS OFFICERS IA! Prefident ............................................ Bobby Huang N M, 1'.,, f Vice-Prefident .............. ................ B illy Pitser , fl' ' Secretary ............ ....... S hirley Godwin Treafurer ....... ..... I oyner Brooks .M F R E s I-1 M E 31 MZ ,mw- W1 ' CH! ZAJO Awsx V W k f 7 XXX ' Trudy Atkinson .Q g 3 Maffha AVefCffe Frances Bailey!-f' my lh' Yhnn W4" Rebecca Bai1CY fAL ' jimmy Benson ' ,A"E Q VLL-kV:V Rufus Blalock ml Rose Marie Bozart if E kg? Talmage Branch joe Ann Bryan Carolyn Buffaloe Lacy Buffaloe Lawrence Burnette Pansie Cameron Louis Carter Nancy Chambers Billie Rae Clark Bobby Clark - Joyce Coates Kenneth Cotton 1 L ff ' fill q 'fl N ll 1 ,A Noel Council Louise Creech N Tommy Dismutes Moses Farmer Frances Fowler Harlow .Fowler Nolan Gower Shirley Green,ea:,.mae,,,ar-,yi-.a,n.a,w,-,f-- , . . w.rm.fw f . . .WH me X . . .aaa W . . y pvl! X 5 ry I Q., My fl FU!! jimmy Harmon Lee Heath La Rue Hill Clara jo Hilliard Charles Hodges Donald Hopkins Alma Lee Horton Frances jenkins ,JM ., L ' H Kay johnson f A' - W Philip jones X ' I Charles Knott ' Q Joyce Lassiter A 3 M 'La-.rr M Q . xr? . ,. aw 2, 4. 'Q an li .mi ttir if fi Q -., -, C . .vis s gl af" at -.. I 5' as-P' Nancy McKenzie jack Mitchiner Allan Moore Clarence Murray Jimmy Myers Margaret Myers Geraldine Paige Linwood Parrish Stacy Parrish Barbara Pearce Marie Penny Bobby Ray Pollard Carolyn Poole jerry Poole Philip Poole Bobb Powell C Y S. , Q, . , , , W x X 'M-' 'mr Y A K V was sf X 'S M Walter Rand r H Bryant Rogers fn gp LJ Elton Ross g eg, ky Edward Sandy ' gvv rr ff3' , IHV A K ,,,,- ky 1 f' 3 jr 'Gigs 'sw El i . 1'f 1 X M. 9-a s 41 na. "2'::" , ' E ' QI CLASS OFFICERS Prejident ,,,,...........-..,,.....,,,............ Willis Umstead Vire-prefident ......,.. ............ A llen MOOIC Sefrezary-Treufurer .... ...... N ancy McKenzie Jeanette Sauls Phillip Sitterson Betty Lou Sorrell A. P. Stephenson Ellie Sue Stephenson Willis Umstead Frances Upchurch Gordon Vinson june Wall Shirley Wall Bobby Wallace Mac Walton Bobby Watkins Billy Bert Weston Harold Williams Josephine Williford William Earl Willis , , if ' ' 4' . , Rwmwzygl - , - , we Q in " W V , I I. 2 Y ' N A' If 5 g4 A , ' 2 if 2 E A ,. 1, V. M 3 5 1. 'Mw's in izgidisxg from? .Qi 115195 fi, V113 p xfl img. Iviff zum. 55. Priimzwr. iS. Lmiisgg dawn 'FS iflmwffrx. Miami mv. za, ifVQ1ntmpfwg, liz. Sitrifsjg putty. 13. Emi lumix, lli. 52 U XII drmxaaizi MJ. li. Smilu ur tim iisirdiff. M. 5 wk Warts. iii. iQlgitc13'z:Wm5, ,W ' fy M. gag 1 4, f 4 ""C7'l QEW , , V .N W S , T 1 ' X, ,,,,we,, M new Z? vm .w' E: 2, , 15895 1, 3552: 4 .V Q X vuzylv rm ' W if ,JW ,Z mesa. , vim - 15-Y, gi., mf: f, 5 Tv: f R H42G?313efi44-siuzzx ,wttN"Lz'r ' . -p-If . f.fws.fw:f.- Hmmm 'VJ --.--H... 5? mag M... HW! IU I llllll Q. L"'lZ.?' F.H.A. CLUB Spomor-Mrs. Broughton F.F.A. CLUB Sponfor-Mr. Baucom SEE . 4 xy, v . A 'Qi ,jr--.f ' .. i . .K ,--. f 1 -Q 8 5' P4r'5 ,rf '3 .W 1' c 4? J R+' . I :irq S 'af 'fi K x if f 'K , I 1 U xx C' ,P . , R, Qi 2,2941 ' ,F K .5 V J ' -V . . ,,.,, .,k., . wi J, W if ' V9 . 5 -0- J vp MONOGRAM CLUB CHEERLEADERS il un.- mn ' 2 Spofzmr-Mr. Brinkley Spomor-Mrs. Banks 55 nf 4.3 ft.: A 'iw ,RN E' ,ak ' ' XE ,Mya gwj' 'N V: . . t , 'rl A,'x,gQ,.v bf f 1 Q, E -..-'AQ 'XAWLVLQK K ,, by Q.. 7:.VL:w A gym - ,.,f'7:1g , E, E ww Txwwlw,-f1133"f1J Xhui igww, --.'Q'5wL-'NK ff ,V E W W2 ' K' ' ,A fm . K K L H- ' ' '-gff i : B E,,E ' .E.EE f f , M , , T ' Z., a, -Q WIN -...f-f BUS DRIVERS' CLUB Spomor-Mr. Perry FOOTBALL Coach-Mr. Brinkley -1 fn-' -- .fy - A "Ig -W N ...,...m.,..,,.X .4 , .M ..M,,,,..,,,., .N,,W..w,,..,..w ,,,, - ww.. .M ,,...,, , , .... Wm. Nw- ..... M V ..,V.,,,, ,, , W M ..Wv'.....---r Y Y i-in Y,-him , 1-Y Wt, f :swam . 1 I -U L - N H v qwmggww My t :" " 'gL' ' A 5131? Q V SE P . 93 X I . f , s 2 " ' I 3 A 6 fv q 4 Er 5 ' V xg., , ' . V . it A' 5 22 gr. I A J g .. A K 1 H Was., W ,.i ,N ftp! v V , 'F45' 'Wd Q. if " W , , Y . 1.231 X 'aff ,321 9 . If il ai' I, Q, W yy V V . X ,SF , W A x ,-f H 1, ,Y 1 1 -255 4 3 Nw' ,, n, ' ,Q .-'x ,kv N . 1 ,fa . rg, 'H ' T- 1253255 -2 gl-ff, flwid is ,wiv L A .5iTi'?i5iAZ'3F -1: rg? xii ' Eifsfalfiiigs . TL li if 'F 5525 K Q. ag- 25 35. 2 if X my 'sz ff-- myfgnx L gg lb, ' -egg f- 's1i?11,i.f N fwgf ' ' 'A wolf whisile is like a frain whisfle-you hear if even 'lhough you're noi going any place." Best Wishes . . . A Grand School . . . A Grand Communify We're Happy +o Be Your Neighbor and fo Take Pari' in Your Communily Acfivifiesl an few MGTOI52 CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer HAROLD PITSER-General Manager A A schoolfeacher was asked fo speak on fhe subieci, "Long Live Our Teachers." Her address in 'Full was, "On Whai?" SeII Your Tobacco Conipliments of WIIII 9212x424 252206 -AN D We SOUTHSIDE WAREHOUSES J. C. ADAMS BA Q I E 5 JOE W. SITIEIPHENSON Proprieiors Incorporated "Cour+esy and Service Our Mo+'I'o Fuquay-Varinla, N.C. Clerk, Io Barbara B. while +rying on a sweafer, "Would you like 'Io sfep ouiside and 'Iry if for whisfles before you decide?" Mr. Napowsa: "I'm a man of few words." Carolyn H: "You Ireep Ihose mighiy busy." Compliments of -FEED COMPANY , Hay, Gragi, Seeds S261 S BEAUTY SHOP VARINA, N.C. Complimenis of CASTLE BE RRY EARNEST L. mess - HOUSE 'HAQDVV-A QE. CO. Hardware, Painfs, Oils and Seeds NORTH AND SOUTH SERVICE STATION PHONE 3-4023 ' Highway A' 4 Mileg SQUH1 LINCOLN HODGE, Propriefor of I26 E. Mar+in S+. Phone 3-49II Raleigh, N.C. Raleigh. N-C- "You never can fell abou+ women, and if you can, you shouldn'+." "Fai+h will never die as long as colored seed cafalogues are prin+ed." CONGRATULATIONS Heiue-LEvuNe 21646 -JQVJWE of Raleigh, Inc. Phone 24628 ,,,r, ,e,,r FOWLER5 Nurzserzv FayeHeville Road Phone 2-0756 RALEIGH, N.C. Perennials, Annuals and Roses Pansies a Specially Compliments of Q .YHZW 52522 eREEN'5 efxrmee eRu.L NELLE and DURWOOD GREEN 26 Years Experience in Feeding You Fancy Groceries and Fresh Mea+s Garner, N.C. PHONE 223i "Though a fiffh will go info 'lhree wiih none lefi over, 1' here may be one 'l'o carry "The besi' way for a girl io lceep hefr you +h is nol' fo iniroduce him fo anybody." We Zfi C-A5-H GROCE RY Vege'l'ables, Groceries ggzfkzkzaf FARMERS EXCHANGE and Meals Fuquay-Varina, N.C. 609 Wesl' Soulh S+. pHONE '33 PHONE 5973 Compliments of , I Qmezeli CLCTHING STORE Raleigh, N.C. Wyicfl FLOWER 5+-ion Flowers For All Occasions PHONE I63-W Fuquay-Varina, N.C. 5lf0fQ4f?Z Esso seravucf For Prompl and Courleous Service 599 WEST-SOUTH ST. PHONE 94l6 Raleigh, N.C. Wzdwn-Qfeff LARGEST STORE I Bobby: "Where did y g 'l 'l'h l bl l 1' hi' d fr lr b Paul: "l wenl' io a dance as nig an e a acl: eye?" was s uc y lhe beaufy of +he place." "Ano+her bool: wifh an unhappy ending is fhe checkbook." Highesl' Qualily Mea+s, Fresh Fruils, Vege+ables, Frozen Food, Fish and Poul+ry Q3 QQ T Reasonable Prices A Q O I Wazflm all GARNER ROAD PHONE 383l B +w'h T Th es IS es 0 e SENIOR CLASS OF '5l BENNIE BROOKS, "l+'s Qualify Tha+ Counl's" Proprlelor Garner, N. C. Zim! 91264626 PRODUCTS Co. FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. ALDERMANS DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION HEADQUARTERS We Sell Phone 420l only Garner, N.C. Thiesih Billy B: "l'm going lo spealr my mind." Bob H: "Ah, silence al' last" Compliments Of POOLE? BEAUTY si-ion Esfablished 24 Years 7 E. HARGETT-PHONE 2-4904 Raleigh, N. C. Compliments of HUGH G. DUPREE GAVIN H. DORTCH Qu fcee, MCKIMMON 6 DORTCH 56467 ' NC' General Insurance U.S. HIGHWAY I5 A , , Insurance Building Phone 2-4952 SOUTH OF RALEIGH. N.C. RALEIGH N C Dial 36928 I i i "All 'Ioo offen a clear conscience is merely 'I'he resulf of a bad memory." "Indoor sporfs are all righi if fhey go home ai a reasonable hour." Wa mek? HOME SU PPLY CO. Veneiian Blinds EIecI'ric Appliances Bed Spreads Blankefs HOUSEHOLD SPECIALTY-RETAIL I32 HARGETT ST. RaIeigh, N.C. SeII Your Tobacco wi+h TALLEY BROTHERS Fuquay Springs, N.C. OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF 'VALLEY BROTHERS WAREHOUSE G PLANTERS WAREHOUSE Highesi Marke+ Prices For Every Baskef of Tobacco pHONE 56" "SI'ar'I' Wi+h Us-SI'ay Wi'Ih Us "Well, clocfor, was my operaiion a success?" "l'm noi your dodor: l'm S+. Pe+er." Wezmwfif Jewelers IO9 FayeH'eville S+. Silversmiths Raleigh, N.C. CAROLINA HARDWARE COMPANY I NCOF2 POFIATED Jobbers 233-S5 Sou+h Wilmingfon S+. PHONE 2-053i Raleigh, N.C. Weak BEAUTY -HOUSE 6- HEALTH CLUB We Specialize in CuHing, Slyling and Permanenl' Waving +o Fil' +he Individual. 9 SOUTH DAWSON STREET Raleigh, N.C. PHONE 3-3046-3-3047 Www GENERAL MERCHANDISE Garner, N.C. PHONE 3876 Compliments of BRYAN? GROCERY Fresh Mea+s and Vegefables Garner, N.C. DIAL 3I4l Mrs. Couc rom u s ai e rea in a minu e." l ll h lf p 'l l l II b dy l Mr. Couch la liffle lalerl: "No hurry now, dear! l've gol' lo shave again. d.W.ARVlN Service Siafion and Garage Sinclair Produc'I's Old S+age Road Ralei9l"- N-C- Raleigh, N.C. BRYCE OLIVE- Prop- DIAL 3-5923 or 3-9657 STEPHEN? Grzocerzv pp, pg KE R15 E' Fidfzgfy FURNQTURE Hardware, Aufo Accessories ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Lubricafion and Washing 8K Esso Produc-ts Fuquay Springs, N.C. Varina, N.C. H. lil. STEPHENS, mcg S, Main S+, E. Broad S+. Wi ow prings, . . Phone Fuquay SZI3 PHONE 29I PHONE 7-R Mr. Perry: "Aren'+ you ashamed +o be called inio ihis office so of+en?" Bobby P.: "No Sir. I always ihoughi if was sorl of a respecfable place." PARP? I 5-H .R BODY WORKS 607 Cumberland Ave l l Dry Goods and Notions l 2-IONE ill! Raleigh, N.C. Wggeadk PRODUCE Specializing in Box or Stem BANANAS Wholesale Only Daily Arrivals By Train and Trucll For Prompl' Service Dial 3-2347 W. R. BEASLEY PRODUCE l7lf2 Parham S+. Mrs. Banlrs lo Mr. Banlxs lreading paperl: "You needn'+ bofher saying 'un-huh' any morcwl slopped lallring five minufes ago." One Ii'Hle boy +o ano+l1er: "I+ was a swell pariy, Freddie, l'm sicl: as a clog." VVINDMILL DRIVE IN g46!fQQ62. O A N D Cl-CEAIVIEFZY DIAL 3-3l09 Pasfeurized Milk BuH'ermillr Lacfic Acid Milk Single and XX Cream Early Morning Delivery L. A. BUFFALOE, Mgr. Fayeffeville Road YSTER BAR Speedy, Courleous Service Home of Fine Foods Owned and Operafed by L. s. covenr and SAM sau. One young moclern 'l'o anoiher: "lf was so slrange 'lhe way we mei-we were in'I'roducecl." YH QM, me Q. l N C . fi ' ' RALEIGH, N.c. DeSol'o Plymoulh 56472 L Compliments of SHOE TOQE i -220 S. RVl:il.mLngl'on S+. F SH O P a eng Norlh Carolina Garner Hl9hWaY Esfablished 24 Years Phone 6802 Raleigh' N'C 7247! Zmezkz giiwl Q Garner Road al' Cify Limils - Raleigh, N.C. DIAL 587I or 5872 I I Farmall Traclors 8: Farm Machinery ln+erna+ional Molor Trucks lnfernalional Harvesler Refrigeraiors Complefe Paris 8: Service Woman, afier head-on collision wifh Charles H.: "You had no righf 'lo assume 'lhal I h d made up my mind." 8 Jaclrie: "lf a wave is a wave and a wac, a wac, wha'I is a woc?" Joan: "Wha'I'?" Jackie: "Sompin you Ihro a+ a wabbiI'." CON GRATULATIONS, SENIORS BUFFALOES SERVICE STATION GAS OIL GROCERIES and +3 DQ "'4uv.0f'y Trailer Camp Included Highway I5A Sou'I'h of Raleigh, Nor+h Carolina The SENIOR CLASS of I95I wishes fo fake fhis opporI'uniIy +0 'Ihanlc each one of our adverlisers. II' is Ihrough fheir cooperafion I-hai' This annual has been published. We would like 'Io remind +he many readers of 'rhe L'ECOLE I-o re- member our adverfisers by pa- 'Ironizing Ihese concerns. F L I i v A I K v l A i x S E E s , V E my ,,,ff""WZff 'fin'-71, aww I A fovrflii , - . Z 75 hge QKZ-vgfdmf 77fM4v FW? F 6.22, wie- 4,2 A ZQQWZLWMWM ' I www . 51 M W ' ' ' 7 , ,UMW W if RAW f fgfdfffv wi wfjffww M W Jffjfff Jfw Mwfmmwdm . if A Wzjljafu, af gf f fvywff ,,,,1!f0 wf7,fJ 2 70J,QZ4,A2,.J,, Wfwdw f QW wfwwf' fwdwwiv JM MwW xjl M Mail , NR bv- ,QW ,,JLi?WWU,,wVQ1 Q-M ,L ggi 12 'Y1AM,!9Fj OV' Mbit! M t 74095 L 3 E-..-,-Y,-,,..41.1... :....I..,'L....g, . . .n--...A.1.-,,i,, ,A,.,.... Q. , - .A 4. ,,,. ,M ,,..,.-L-MA, .V-uA,,MAAA-E 17 H ' gi D M Q - ' R A -A5 v 'fx ' Q A rm- ' 1 W-f:L1e--1'-, ,vu . , , E A A g,"f " g:f"i,j Q 5 ' LA.f:1i,4', ' Amt. 2 54' "f 1.: f?+ -5 - ' ' 'rr ' . A Q V 5 iw A do dwlyf Elm, Wm kA L k ' ' gwdw Q ffff . of 1 ,mg 3 WWA 'cv' LQ 44717, MJ WM X , -ff ?f,?f'lWM fwfbwfwffiw, F114 S-Q 1 07 -ij?-K f Q 5 i, wwf, , AMVUVK M O9 ffgjiw , , M M W C wig 732 ' 7' Smdew 542 t students throughout Hundreds ot thousands o the nation wth treasure their 74,4601-M444 r many years to come. rbooks t 0 Yea 'nrstra- rs and schoot adrnr ts as Thousands ot teache tors wetcome their 7a1fl01'made Annua t ot their Parent and Pubhc O OCCCS tations p sary par rogram. re ' eservtng vc had o part rn or ents ot We are proud to ho A d ns and ochrevern mcrnorrc s, tradrho the Amcrtco. the s choots ot 1 --Y--- -- ------ -------------------. , -. - -.. YY,,. .. ,-,,,,W,,,,,v v, , W . X www, ffwfylf HW JWLWM l i i 1 YWQMWL pfgiw jjfAww WW WMM wwf 3 8 Qanvafu, . 1 QjffffVQdvWi',.,mNWmM7 'L""'Z1""wuiwQ MMG MWQWW W f.,JzM- MW 62,313 Lv. fgtjpwuie-j Pewwxfif' -JJJ AMW: ww- JAMA! Qjjjmbwj ' 1301 JJ!!-MB -J 5,449 -H figfw-2 A W Q...-4--I- A WM' Jfff' QWJY if 1 JM' ' MJMQUZQQEKJ? jul! ifZri!ff4W' I Lx ' y ...A .,.,. ......M-m, .,.i,,..........4.u..........A-.u,.-.j ln, -, ,-.....v...'f,.. , ,. .f. ..1, M. . - ,...:',:.2..in4..,,4.f. ....... . , , , ...Au , ... .. ......... f""""' '-""-vW"-'-"- "-k- -Y--"N 'W f f fm f f--.Y-W ., ,. , , V3 an MMM- CRW,'!,Mm,,QZZ- W 'Www ' ev """v""' "W Q. 4...g , V1 ' w..,, . Q44 ' Q, E 45N,L,i,fQ74f f9f'fffL Q,bANQSM"4J i f Jwigif F j,57 Q,,,4Q,Q,,l Migw Q' .m ,awzbzgf V QiM,,L9'5i ifiiff' JAWW I j 0'vuC.., if E CMJQVM QQYQ LDS-CZQJ Um 3L5,! E, , ig A965112 'gffwfgipz 53270 WQ f ' ,W LL.. fm Wd fav Wm!!! QQ JXQN-L fag - QQ Jw VH l Jw!-Ln I i Olwwv, ww .Q XM? 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Suggestions in the Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) collection:

Garner High School - Lecole Yearbook (Garner, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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