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GH TT-TE COMMONWEALTH T962 GARLAND TUNTOR COLLECIE 4109 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS DEDICATIO Daily' f' . f The year is 19303 the place, Beacon Hill. The Garland School, contained in one building, is going through a great transition. Gladys Beckett Jones has been elected president of Garland School. This was thirty-one years and thirty-one graduating senior classes ago. We are only one hundred out of over two thousand girls Mrs. .Iones has guided through two years of education and directed toward happy, .fruitful years ahead. Having known so many young girls, Mrs. Jones is a wonder in that she knows each of us as an individual important to her. Every girl that has been at Garland is someone whom Mrs. jones knows well and is interested in to this day. Her office doors are always open to all of the students. She is willing to discuss with a student anything from late Saturday night permission to the solution of the problem of academic probation. Mrs. Jones has also done things for us of which we are not even aware. She knows all our problems, great or small. After Five rigorous days of tabulating final grades, completing records, and cleaning up the business and dust that had accumulated around school, Mrs. jones has often been seen picking flowers and greens at six o'clock on the morning of graduation in order to decorate the school and the church for the festivities of that day. Few know or even ask where the flowers came from. We want to thank her for what she has done for the individuals and for the group of this school, the things we know about and the things we may never realize she has done for us. However, our appreciation is not conhned to the limits of our two years here, for we are conscious of Mrs. hIones's past achievements and of her role in making Garland what it is today. In 1930 Garland moved from Beacon Hill to Commonwealth Avenue, since then the school has progressed rapidly. We have acquired ten buildings on Commonwealth Avenue - one this past year. Garland has become an accredited Junior College. Mrs. jones has led the college through thirty happy and progressive years, and over the years her standards of conduct and of behavior have been the highest. By Mrs. -Iones's example we have learned to be ladies, to conduct ourselves in a manner which is a credit to ourselves, to our college, and, above all, to Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones is retiring this year, and we congratulate her for the fine job she has done. To us she will always be the very heart of Garland Junior College. TO THE CLASS . . . The theme of your Year Book, "Boston is our Campus," is a reality. You have been privileged young women to be within walking distance of Symphony Hall and to enjoy one of the finest symphony orchestras in the world. In the spring Fenway Court, fragrant with lilies, is breathtakingly beautiful. The Boston Public Library, with its famous murals by Abby and Sargent, has hospitlably opened its doors to you and the great churches and temples welcomed you to their services. The hours you spent at the Boston Museum ol Fine Arts will reward you with rich memories. The bridge over the Charles River that took you to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, with its view of the sail boats in the autumn and spring, and the golden dome of the State House gleaming in the distance, and even the little eating places for that hanlburg and coffee: all have nostalgic appeal. Boston, with its historical background, its wealth of educational institutions, and its sympathy and understanding of the foibles of students has contributed to your academic and social life. As you scatter to your home towns and cities, think kindly of Boston and come back to enjoy it with us. You have been a fine senior classg your academic standards are high, and the faculty has enjoyed the privilege of working with you. We shall follow your successes with pride and pleasure. .YQ A - my gf. 'W fwxjdf. 'SW-tis Size 'YY' --..T... STAFF M1ss Mary Ann Abbott MISS Ethel M Barrett M1ss Jean Cameron Mrs Mary W Frenmng Mrs James C McAdams Mrs Gladys C Park M1ss Marlan E Waden M1ss Debble Warmg Mrs BCSSIC R Wetherbee M1ss Arlme W11ler ADMINISTRATION M1ss Dorothea Doxg Mrs Gladys B. Jones Mrs. Frederxc B Viaux .f' - ' 11 " ' I ' I ' :fi ' 'fs tg: . ART FACULTY Mr. Roy H. Brown Mr. Robert Dustin Mr. Harold F. Lindergreen Mrs. Kay Peterson Parker Miss Marjorie E. Parker Mr. Harold D. Pride Mr. Samuel Thal Mrs. Anne F. Lancianni Mr. Floyd L. Covert HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY Miss Irene Blanchard Mr. Roy H. Brown Mrs. Ella Lou Dimmoek Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Dorothea Doig Lydia Flint Marcie C. Fogg Lucille Frieberg Unice Goodale John Hernandez Mr. James G. Holmes Mr. Sidney R. Homan Miss Miss Hazel Hunt Caroline T. Jordan Mr. John H. Judge Miss Miss Mary Lou Kiley Shirley Kolack Madame Andfee Maitre Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Dorothy Perry Ruth Sherwood Vera Weisz Ruth Widden Shirley Willett Rachel Winer Ethel Wright 'E'-41. ' - ADVISORS Miss Jean Cameron Mrs. Helen Holt Mrs. Adelaide Jenkins Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Katharine Langmaid Edna McHale Lucy Messer Barsha Powers Bertha Reardon Amy Farnham Cf? WW NV W W Y Y, . , ..1 SENM 5 1 VIRGINIA BAKER ABBOTT "Ginny" "Gins" 195 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts GENERAL DESIGN LAYOUT EDITOR OF YEARBOOK LIBRARY COUNCIL CO-PRESIDENT GLEE CLUB BUSINESS INIANAGER DRAMATIC CLUB HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE f' DECORATION COMMITTEE "Nothing great was ever achieved without entlzu . ,J siasmf' - Packrat - Twinkletoes - Oh beans - Fudge - Dear - Spider - Freshmen's last night fBathtubj - Another late night - Prince Charming LINDA MAE BAUER "Lin" 2170 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii RETAILING It's about those sidewalks - "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." - What did you say . . . Please? - Dear john - Only fourteen more days - Step lightly -- Black is the color - Oh, that laugh - H0w's the service in general? - And I didn't even get a drop! 1 PRISCILLA BELMONT 180 La Vereda Road, Santa Barbara, California 5 YEARBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER HOSTESS COMMITTEE Imports all her men - Her piano playing does won- ' ders to "Mary Had A Little Lamb." -- Why is water N I coming out of my Bunsen burner? - Her dream is X . Q ' - to own the phone company. SUSAN CURTIS BERRIEN "Mrs, B." "Bers" "Suz" Waughaw Road, Towaco, New jersey INTERIOR DESIGN DECORATION COMMITTEE I Surprise jimmy, I'm home! - Mr. McCue and break- ' fast at the Ritz - Special Delivery - Berrien - Who wants my dessert? - Don't forget. 'f CHARLOTTE HOPKINS BIDDLE 838 Summit Road Penn Valley, Narberth, P.O., Pennsylvania GENERAL DESIGN LIBRARY COUNCIL WELFARE COMMITTEE GLEE CLUB GARLAND LEAGUE, TREASURER HOUSE COUNCIL DECORATION COMMITTEE "The young Philadelphianf' - The most graceful girl i7 337 T4-lHas a hollow leg 7 Models for draw- ing c ass ways heard saying, Where are all the tall men?" - Favorite pastime is looking out into the alley. BARBARA ELIZABETH BIRDSALI, "Barbie" Newbury Hill, Atkinson, New Hampshire CHILD STUDY PUBLICITY COMMITTEE, GARLAND LEAGUE Forever heard, "The Bird" - All the boy-Us. - Fresh air kid - Ray Connij' - Morning sweet tooth - Are you depressed? - Some cook - That laugh - "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bed- post overnight?" - New York Times - 5 o'clock shadow. MARY BORN "Molly" Center Road, R.F.D. 4, Woodbriclge, Connecticut SPECIAL STUDENT GLEE CLUB "When two egotists meetg it's a case of an I for an I." - Come on, we'll be late! - Sure wish I had marks H - like that! - "Wow, I'm hungry" - Got that term paper done just in the nick of time. - "I sub-letted my apartment." JUDITH ELIN BROGGINI "Judy" 126 Woodlawn Avenue, Wellesley Hills 81, Massachusetts GENERAL DESIGN YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR NOTABLES Wee hours of the morning - I'll be organized to- morrow. -- Convenience of home - "Why are you going to Ceramics so early, Judy?" - Route 66 every Friday night - Meecers - Revere Gang Uohnnyg "Real class! "Q, MARY ELLEN BURKE "Mellon" 933 Cedar Brook Road, Plainfield, New jersey CHILD STUDY HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE VICE-PRESIDENT OF SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY OF GARLAND LEAGUE STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE Mellon - the ultra tweedy girl . . . - Weekends at Trinity - Miss Popularity - "Theta - It just has to win." -- Only need 7,000 more empty Marl- boro boxes - Say it with rubiesg Pearls! - Oh, I haven't twisted for a long time - Mad passion for patent leather pumps.--Possessed by monograrns. MARCIA WH EELER CADY "Cady" 1 Mountain Spring Road, Farmington, Connecticut CHILD STUDY DRAINIA CLUB "What, me worry?" - Let's get some really sharp dates this weekend! - "Mirror, mirror on the wall ." - Laundry bags - Never put off 'til tomorrow a laugh that can be laughed today - Life is one damn thing after another - Ready and beautiful . . . Ready! - I'll get some cigarettes tomorrow. ELIZABETH VAUGHN CHADWICK "Scrooge" "Chadie" 5004 Fort Summer Drive, Washington 16, D. C. RETAILING Who is tight with her matches? - I have done this week's work, next week's work and etc. - Never a hair out of place, even though it is gray - I clon't have a date tonight so I will study. - "Anyone want to go to the Somerset?" ROSE-JEAN CHANC Rua dos Andvadas 777, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do sul, Brazil FOOD AND NUTRITION CHAIRINIAN OF THE FOODS COINIIVIITTEE GARLAND LEAGUE "Success conzes easy to one who is earnest and hard working." -- "But I'm so tired." - Speaks and acts in all sincerity. - Seeks the finest things in life. JANET MIREDITH CHASE "Janie" 24 Lantern Lane, Barrington, Rhode Island GENERAL DESIGN DRAMA CLUB HOUSE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE NOTABLES .Q Sig Ep Queen - Mr. Holmes' delight - Those visits to school - Summer Theatre, talent plus - I hid those cokes, girls - Get one blind date - "Really, I'm not sick." MARGERY JARVIS CLARK "Muffin", "Moose" I5 Verna Hill Road, Fairfield, Connecticut CHILD STUDY STUDENT COUNCIL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION VVELFARE COINIIVIITTEE HOUSE COUNCIL 'Q' Up at the break of dawn - "Whois got Hamburger?" - "There's that Pooh Baah coloring book, and from Sclzwa'rtz's." - Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ' " - "Wanna bite?" - Five papers due in one day? - I don't know a thing! - Ay. if' ELEANOR RANDOLPH CLOTWORTHY "Randi" 159 Holt Road, Andover, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY HOUSE COUNCIL 1' NEWMAN CLUB lj VVELFARE COMMITTEE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Af' "The frigid but sweet one" - Bopping boots - He W' dzdn't say anything - "Some people's children." CYNTHIA LANE COBB "Cindy" 26 Evergreen Road, North Oaks Farm, Saint Paul 10, Minnesota CHILD STUDY Pntlzetif' 7I111C'll - You kids are no fun - Boy, am I deep - Did he kiss you? - Iflflzy do I have to look like the All American Girl? - Sleep talker - I know I'm no rose, but check her out! SUSAN ALICE COSTELLO "Sue" 508 Lloyd Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island FOOD AND NUTRITION NEWMAN CLUB LIBRARY COMMITTEE HOUSE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE Gawd in heaven! - Plane tickets to nowhere - D0n't forget to set the alarm - Loves lzer own jokes Q - VVell, I don't understand - Good things come in 1 A small packages - Wlzere's the cojee? - Hilda Head- ' band - Remind me to take an aspirin. VIRGINIA LEE COSTIGAN "Ginny" 1441 Plumtree Road, Springfield, Massachusetts NEINMAN CLUB Is Bermuda still Paradise? - I'ni really organized - jeans - I wish it would hurry up and snow - No, Fm not Spanish - But - OK what's the story? - Tacky much? - Trintje, meditate for me - No, little kid, I'm not sister Virginia. g MARYALICE THERSA DEMPSEY H M- A. ii 225 Pine Avenue, Milton 86, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY Enjoys the simpler things of life - Is quiet and peace-loving - Has avid interest in the field of psy- chology - Enjoys knitting, gardening and spectator sports - Can often be found in the vicinity of the candy machine - Unphased by fads. BEVERLY BACOT DICKSON "Bev", "Bebe" 3350 Maud Street, North West Washington 16, D.C. INTERIOR DESIGN Six? - Burning the candle at both ends - Big Chev- Y g rolet - Old spite - Again tonight? - "Love For Sale" - All day, all night - Are you kidding me? SHEILA DONNELL "Donnie" 359 Oneida Drive, Pasadena, California FOODS AND NUTRITION DRAMATIC CLUB GARLAND LEAGUE CHAIRMAN OF SCHOOL RINGS REPRESENTATIVE TO COLLEGIATE COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS ASSISTANT EDITOR OF YEARBOOK PRESIDENT OF WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB HOSTESS COMMITTEE Ginger Giggles-It's been real-I'm fat and ugly, and my mother dresses me funny - Everything is in ' You're just kidding. California. - Remember sour hour in Bermuda - SUSAN NORINE DOWNES 2 Bonad Road, Marblehead Neck, Massachusetts FOODS AND NUTRITION Dimples that twinkle: eyes the same - Oh no! We forgot the broiler! Gavinned! Crash! - johnny Walker - Mt. Snow-ho-ho - Babaloovie. JANET FARNHAM 419 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston 15, Massachusetts RETAILING LIBRARY COUNCIL DECORATION COINIZNIITTEE, GARLAND LEAGUE HOUSE COUNCIL GLEE CLUB Twist again - Goodbye, quiet girl, Connecticut? - Quiet, I'm sleeping again - Bridge, anyone? - Home over the ocean! - "A faithful friend is a strong de- fense, and he that hath found such hath found a treasure." JULIA DAVIS FERRY "Jules" 43 Oldbrook Lane, Grosse Point Farms, M ichigan CHILD STUDY FRESHMAN CLASS PRESIDENT STUDENT coIINcII. SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT ' GARLAND LEAGUE NOTABLES Pecan hangover - Oh rats, I didn't gain any weight A - Winnie the Pooh - Organization - Tweeds-he , D he - Ivlm mia if had to be 700 words? - Hold ana - Now, girls - Dr. McDnniel's favorite. ' SARAH IRLAND FIELD "Sally", "Peanut" Macatawa, Michigan GENERAL DESIGN 4 HOUSE COUNCIL PRESIDENT "Beauty is a power, a smile is its sword" - Little L ,F super-skier-A perfect pooh bear--Loves the out- "7 of-doors and adventure. ELLEN COLBY FISH "Fishie" Elm Street, Canton, Massachusetts RETAILING GLEE CLUB DRAMATIC CLUB, PRESIDENT NOTABLES GARLAND LEAGUE I'm all happy type - Oh, it's so romantic - Onions, garlic and lot'sa pizza - Truck driver laugh - Good morning, you have a nzind like a pig - Oooh, Pop- eye, you're so strong! ANNE CARROLL FITZGERALD "Annie", "Fitz" East Acres, Troy, New York INTERIOR DESIGN YEARBOOK LAYOUT COM NI ITTEE NEYVMAN CLUB Sometimes it is one's nature to get away with murder - It's about these champagne parties - Five no trump - A love for independence - I'll walk, thanks! - That alley situation - Laundry bags -- I deceiving, you believing, what need lovers wish for more? MARY MARSHALL FLAHERTY "Marsha" 103 East Leasure Avenue, New Castle, Pennsylvania SPECIAL STUDENT STUDENT COUNCIL Common ly known as flat - A peppermint princess -- Let's go back to Bermuda - IfVhere's my motorcycle? - Tune in flat - Weekly calls to Moms and Dad nnzs - Mad passion for Spain! - He has to be lall! - The girl with the Credit Card - Bla-cle Bla, Bla. MARGARET JANE FORELLI 1 4 Maggie, , 3 Vista Avenue, Old Greenwich, Connecticut GENERAL DESIGN YEARBOOK LAYOUT COMNIITTEE Island in the sun - Carlos Montoy - Irfan. Sebavtia n de Elcano - What's that club that starts with P? - 4 Roman toga - Chic - How pathetic - Suave, blase, and noncllalant - Family crest - Spaghetti and meat balls. SUZANNE LEE FOSTER "Sioux" 9 Ainsworth Road, Winchester, Massachusetts INTERIOR DESIGN Chairman of Decoration Committee Garland League Silly giggle - The car in front of 415 - The Boston Accent - Slmzua - The Cape - Invasion of Mass. Maritime - Wlzere's my committee? I BARBARA JEAN FRAIL 4 Applegarth Road, I' Newton Centre, Massachusetts RETAILING GLEE CLUB Petite five - Oh, those late hours - What would you do if the truck broke down? MARY WASHINGTON FRAZER 164 Broun Street, Providence, Rhode Island CHILD STUDY ATHLETIC CLUB -1 VICE PRESIDENT DRAMATIC CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL "Everything's Coming Up Roses" - OK? - You just lf I ,Q don't understand - It was right here, NJ. - The I-:,F?f'i five geese are hittin' the road again - How many Mary jane bars? - The crushed tuners - You're a year late, Mary - Slow gin hzz - Flippsy CAROL MAE FRIEDLAND 15 Magnolia Drive, Great Neck, New York FASHION DESIGN WELFARE COMMITTEE, PRESIDENT The most piercing scream at Garland - Always heard saying: "Melinda, turn OH the rock and roll, I have a headache. - I don't want to cut my nails - , Don't clear the table, I'm not hnished - I can't de- , cide. - But I was born with those black lines on my eyes." EMILY RUTGERS FULLER "Ems" Moores Hill Road, Oyster Bay, New York GENERAL DESIGN LEAGUE PUBLICITY COMINIITTEE DRAMATIC CLUB LITERARY EDITOR OF THE YEARBOOK That laugh - Turtle-neck jerseys - No, I don't g have any more gum - Known as Queen S. - It could . be - He was a real charmer - Hey, Finklestein - Mien Gott- Kackle, Kackle - Where did that fruit- gf, cake come from? , . SHARON LYNE FURNEAUX - "Lynne" 65 Markland Street, Hamilton, Ontario CHILD STUDY HOSTESS COMMITTEE Procrastinator plus - Cold feet, warm heart - Never knows where her allowance goes - Canada is not the hftieth state - Has three sweaters going at the same time. BARBARA LINDA GOLDBERG "Barb" 50 Hill Street, Malden, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY BUSINESS STAFF OF YEARBOOK Wlzo moved my ear? - It's gone - Oh, that's right I didn't bring it today - It's worth a nickel to put . your feet on the furniture - Why do I waste money L on cigarettes? I never inhale. -- No one ever notices that my hair is getting lighter. W. JEAN GORDON "Jeannie" Salem Rofnd, WCSIOII, Connecticut RETAILINC. LIBRARY COU NCIL, SECRETARY P. JOANNE GOLDBERG 47 Greensbrook Way, Belmont 78, Massachusetts RETAILING ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LEAGUE CHAIRMAN OF THE LOUNGE So what if I get a few parking tickets? - Petite. GARLAND LEAGUE HOUSE COIXINIITTEE CO-Cl-IAIRINIAN They vc got those binoculars ont again tonight! - Look what I whipped up today for tonight - Look you freshmen von don t put a zipper in that way! - What' I ou want me to do another hem? When's the deadline? Cant decide to go West or South this 'Ss SUSAN LESLIE GREGG "Susie" 67 Park Terrace East, New York 34, New York CHILD STUDY DRAMATIC CLUB, 'TREASURE Pajamas from Brooks and St. Andrew Brogues - Oh, that dirty old man - To dance is to live - Dahling, you must come to New York, it's so plush - You don't know what yoifve got until you lose it. w HELENA PARSONS HALLOCK "Lena" Saint Mark Lane, Islip, New York CHILD STUDY SECRETARY OF STUDENT COUNCIL DRAMATIC CLUB VICE-PRESIDENT OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The old faithful gray Falcon - It's about the "B" - Pierced ears, Lena? - No matter what, I'm going to Europe! - "I Could Have Danced All Night" - one step alzead - Bend those knees, Lena! - Good morning, Mr. Newcomb. - Oh, what now, Mary? CHILD STUDY STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE I am so nervous - Miss Blanehards student . Squirt - International set Oh you ie wrong A That hair- I look too masculine IVhat should I wear? - Deb party in Central Park JUDITH ANNE HANSEN lijudyil 96 Stevenson Blvd., Eggertsville, New York CHILD STUDY HOSTESS COINIMITTEE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE WELFARE COINIMITTEE Pumpkin. face - Drives a hot fag - Her dream is five kids, a St. Bernard, and a family-sized jaguar - Sexy? - Her theme song is "I'1n a Big Girl Now" - Always heard saying, "Anyone got anything they d0n't want?" - Big bargain hunter. SARAH JANE HAIGNSBURG 62-62 Alderton Street Rego Park New York tonight? - Exercises! - Ten years, how many more MARGOT BULMER HARDING 15 Wolcott Avenue, Andover, Massachusetts FASHION DESIGN EDITOR OF THE YEARBOOK Eddy who? - 427 - What a life - How's B.U.? - Where's Waltons? - The library? - Keep typing - After the World Turns - Sunday night supper - 5 guests - 120-130 Tudor Street - Has anyone taken any pictures? - It's about that laugh! ELIZA BROOKE HENSLER "Brooke" P.O. Box 312, Toms River, New jersey RETAILING ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, SECRETARY-TREASURER SWIMMING CHAIRMAN HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE lust another row - Sexy - Who is going swimming to go? - I've waited a long time, but I'll wait forever. NORMA ELIZABETH HIBBARD "Norrnie" Schanning Road, Newton Centre 59, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY BUSINESS STAFF FOR YEARBOOK DAY SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVE Love those shoes, Norm - Dave's waiting for you outside! - Was that a Riverside we just missed? - Here comes the mixed up Little Red Riding Hood - You're a kook - Set the date, Norma? - I saw the cutest dress the other day! HESTER KATHERINE HOLBROOK "Tigger", "Heidi" 3514 North Hackett Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin GENERAL DESIGN GLEE CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL fy , NOTABLES PRESIDENT I A GARLAND LEAGUE, VICE PRESIDENT . ENTERTAININIENT COMMITTEE Aspen Highlands Lassie - "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" - "A good laugh is sunshine in the house" - "for Williams, for Wil- liams, for Williams" - World traveler - Enough of this Mickey Mouse. ' KATHERINE HOLMAN "Kitty" R.F.D. :f:,z':2, Lisbon, New Hampshire GENERAL DESIGN S-S-S-Such a deal! - Can.'t wait to go up to Good Old Cow, New Hampshire - Penny, what do I smell? - But I want to live in Gaie Parie - Bug, bug, bug! I - You've got the power!!! Do you know in France they have the best . . . - Let's make with the clay, Kitty!!!!! MARY MAYHEW HOLMES "Penny" "Wyndham Hills", York, Pennsylvania CHILD STUDY HOUSE COMMITTEE Stop bugging me -- You've got the power!!! - Kitty, watch that New York Champagne!! - If I hear any more about France, I will . . . - Did you get the key from Mrs. L.? NATALIE BAYARD HOWARD "Bayard" "Barnyard" 23 Woodman Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts RETAILING INVITATION COMMITTEE LEAGUE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Hello, Dahling!-,820 a month on cigarettes and hair spray!! - Slurnming in flats - Pearls - Shall we call the escort service? - Not another evening dress? - 5' II", that's not too tall! - She's New ' Yorker. VICTORIA JACKSON "Vicki" 480 Oak Street, Winnetka, Illinois 1 ' yt, CHILD STUDY , YEARBOOK LAYOUT COMM ITTEE ' I-IOSTESS COMlVII'I'TEIi "Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also" - Thank heaven for Thursdays! - I know, I know, "Patience is a virtue" - And such voice qual- V ity! - Laundry bags - Ski fan. TRINTJE DuBOIS JANSEN 40 Channing Road, Dedham, Massachusetts GENERAL DESIGN WELFARE COINIMITTEE YEARBOOK LAYOUT COMINIITTEE I'll mediate for you if you'll mediate for me - Oh, really? - No -- not Bergdorfs - Army, Navy Sur- plus! - I'm glad I didn't get any mail! - Does this match? - Weedioskoviteh - Look, I set my hair - Really adjusting to dorm life. x , ALICE VIRGINIA JEWETT "Ginny" 316 Main Street, Calais, Maine l FASHION DESIGN PUBLICITY COIXHNIITTEE I don't believe it! - You know it's funny - That's true . . . - Really? - It's a riot - Oh, Strength! MAREL SUE JONES "Jonesie" 20 Old Barn Road, F airfield, Connecticut CHILD STUDY GLEE CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE ADVERTISING COMMITTEE wiv' Experience is the best teacher -- Erratic Dieter - 1 "If you can't love the one you love, then love the one . you're near" - Anyone for bridge? - "Honor lies Q' in honest toil" - "Success comes to those who lead a life of endeavor." SUSAN PATRICIA KELLEY "Kelley" 333 Worcester Street, Wellesley Hills, Mass. RETAILING FRESHMAN CLASS SECRETARY-TREASURER DRAMATIC CLUB GARLAND LEAGUE PRESIDENT STUDENT coUNc1L Z , y NEWMAN CLUB 7 ' A A'lVC "Brains, beauty, and charm" - A date for a dance? ' Righto! - A bit of Australia, are ye? i 1' f "Bahn" 759 Morningside Road, Ridgewood, N. J. RETAILINC Petite - I'm just freezing - New .Ioisey - Chatter- box - Nervous. LINDA SUSAN KOPS "Kopsie" "Beaver" "Kopertone" 42 Olmstead Road, Scarsdale, New York FASHION DESIGN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION RIDING CLUB CHAIRMAN Around New York in I5 hours! - Saddle sores and sweet sailin' - Hi - Cocktail clippers - Twistin', Sl0ppin', Stomibirf, or bust! - "Moon River" and George Peppard. BARBARA ANN KURZINA !ii'.. , 1534 DIANE CLARE LQIRUCHELLE ' I "LaRoch" r' , I 7 Henderson Avenue, Andover, M assacliuseus 513' :LQ CHILD STUDY No, it's not a day camp - They're my brothers and sisters! - No, I d0n't parlez-vous! - Dion - Burn the midnight oil - I don't know about this dorm Hifi life - No, I won't tell you what to do - Be an :',i - f individual. VIRGINIA SARALYN LONGINO lfsissylf 50 Aspen Avenue, Auburndale, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY GLEE CLUB PRESIDENT NOTABLES "A smile is a whisper of a laugh" - Mixers are mix- ups? - Always singing- What shall I wear? - Say a prayer for me tonight - Five years later. MILDRED DOUGLASS MAPP "Millie" Accomac, Virginia CHILD STUDY HOUSE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE STUDENT COUNCIL That Confederate fiag - Right, good - Girls, please remember tlze rules . . . - 9:30 bedtime - Gotta get my sleep! - Searby - Hey Lady! - Soft dreamy records - Shore gang!! JUDITH AMANDA MARA GI !1 J Y 257 Chestnut Street, West Newton, Mass. FOODS AND NUTRITION GLEE CLUB YEARBOOK LAYOUT COIVIINIITTEE REFRESHMENT COMIXIITTEE A swinging place, that S.A.E. - Huh jude? - I'rn quitting- I'm never taking the M.T.A. again - Does anyone have a hair net? MARY LOUISE MARCY "Weezie" 330 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts GENERAL DESIGN DRAMA CLUB ART, EDITOR OF YEARBOOK "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice" - Sour hours - "The pleasantest things in life are pleasant thoughts" - W'hat's Garland like on the weekends? SANDRA MARY MARDEN I "Sandy" 32 Sunset Drive, Sarasota, Florida CHILD STUDY GARLAND LEAGUE YEARBOOK LAYOUT COMMITTEE In case of attack, I'1n heading for the nearest Civil 5 Defense Shelter fThe Eliot Loungej. SHEILA CATHERINE MARTIN 68 Oakview Terrace, Short Hills, New jersey INTERIOR DESIGN 1 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LIBRARY COUNCIL One-way passage to Europe - just a minute - So long, Charlie - Twists to anything - House in the " country - Too much to do in too little time - All things in good time. SUSAN ANN MARTIN "Sue" Intervale, New Hampshire CHILD STUDY Another day of those little darlings - How about another soft boiled egg this morning? - I just bought f something and I'm not going to tell him about it - Will you please shut 00' my radio? CAROLYN WOODCOCK MCCLUNEY III-Jyrlfl 7 Oakleigh Lane, St. Louis 24, Missouri . CHILD STUDY STUDENT COUNCIL V E, "A good heart is worth gold" - Sour hour in Ber- X muda - Short fingernails? - Are you kidding me? i - About those five days at the beginning of the I ' year . . . JOAN MEHEGAN 48 Marshall Road Brookline, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY NEVVINIAN CLUB In the lounge - a friendly smile for everyone - How can I carry all these books? - learn? sewing! - Does anyone have change fora quarter? - I get my exer- cise climbing Garland stairs - Did you see the bul- -X letin board? ' MARY ELLEN MESSINA 20 Avalon Road, Needham, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY PRESIDENT OF NEWVMAN CLUB GLEE CLUB ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A lovely person in entirety - Style is the essence - What, what . . . - I don't believe it! - The girl in the window with the mink coat! DIANE CHARLOTTE FAY MILLER 185 Kirkstall Road, Newtonville, Massachusetts FOOD AND NUTRITION STUDENT COUNCIL GARLAND LEAGUE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION YEARBOOK COMMITTEE So bubbling and bright - Never a moment without a smile - El Kabonggavinned - Mt. Snow-ho-ho-ho - High metabolism - Tuck's little wife - Try that skit again. LESLIE HARRIET MILLER lies!! 40 Pinridge Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. CHILD STUDY NEVVMAN CLUB VICE PRESIDENT DANCE COMMITTEE l'm all sick - Blond - What color did you say, Les? - Frankie - That dress is bl-ue, not lavender - Have some llladeirn, M'dear? - It's about those walks in the rain. M I MELINDA ELIZABETH MITCHELL 6 Upland Road, Baltimore IO, Maryland RETAILING STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE HOSTESS COMNIITTEE WELFARE COIVIINIITTEE Having a ball- Anyone going to the Del? - There goes the 1:00 jet to Baltimore - The last of the great sleepers - What a walk and a giggle. l SHEILA RUTH MORRIS 4836 Old Boston Road, Dudsborgh 27, Penna. INTERIOR DESIGN Right good - See my new blanket? - l'm from Roanoke - South Pittsburgh - Do I realbw have to cut my nails, Miss Doig? - At the beach - Has a fabulous flavor - Four letters - All male. MARY CAROLYN O'CONOR 120 Juniper Road, Belmont, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY HOSTESS COMINIITTEE, CHAIRMAN GARLAND LEAGUE NEVVINIAN CLUB "The hostess with the mostessn Pet peeve is hockey games - Hi hon - Ambition is to join the Ai? Force - The only French-fried blond at Garland - Favorite expression, "Anyone for donuts?" MARQUERITE HILLMAN OLIVER Persimman Road, Sewickley, Pennsylvania 5 RETAILING ' SECRETARY OF THE STUDENT HOUSE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, SWIMMING Of course - You joshen? - It was jolly - Idol, Ray S Charles - Happy Monday - How nervous! LUCY ANNE PAGE 23 Glengreen, Winchester, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE SECRETARY OF THE SENIOR CLASS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I-IOSTESS COMMITTEE DRAMA CLUB WELFARE COMMITTEE ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE I just don't believe it - Lipsy - I'm not asleep, I'm thinking - It's about those Marshfield parties - "What'd I Say" - "My Love's Becoming a Thing of the Past." MARY CARLETON PEAR 20 Church Street, Greenwich, Connecticut CHILD STUDY LIBRARY COUNCIL NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION GARLAND LEAGUE STUDENT COUNCIL I-IOSTESS COIVIINIITTEE GLEE CLUB Dr. Pear - Those diets - Frustrated hnger painter - a fiirt - Ze vite ghost - you're just jealous - . Haruarclis newest R.O.T.C. recruit - Sunday night papers - Shortest ease of mono on history - The night hat. ANNE ROGERS PINKERTON 177 Lowder Street, Dedham, Massachusetts FOOD AND NUTRITION ' , A! NOTABLES I Who's in a cloud? - Saucer blue - Such a dry sense "O of humor -- Harmony much? - Wanna play bridge? ' - Hi boysssss, howsssss the jassssss? - Forget it! PATRICIA GRACE PLUM "Patti" "Adsamore House," Chatham, Massachusetts FASHION DESIGN DRAMATIC CLUB STUDENT coUNc1L s'rUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT OF THE ERESHMAN CLASS . GARLAND LEAGUE Smile - Frustration in art - Oh, Mr. Brown, I just It love Daumier - The Roman look - Running ' " around - "Small Sad Sam." WENDY KELLOGG PLUMB "Wendy" Syosset, Long Island, New York CHILD STUDY That's a dear sort of thing, but kinda naughty- Ambition: to ride Blue Wave through the splash jump in japan -I know I failed-Always a laugh - Tally Ho -Dorchester gang- Uohnnie: Ht-'s got classj ROSEMARY PLUNKETT "P1unk" 86 Hovey Street, Watertown, Massachusetts ' FOODS AND NUTRITION NEWMAN CLUB GLEE CLUB LEAGUE REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE DAY STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE Let's twist- those brothers-"Then I saw her eye was bright, a well of love, a spring of light." DAWN LOUISE PRIEM 88 Audubon Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY GLEE CLUB Party girl-snoring- Who shall I be tonight- Never hold a grudge-Ray Charles-"Where the Boys Are"-I'll never get my hair done in time- those blind dates-Pickles- Her poetry - Whafd ya say?- Oh, that dinner dress- Yes, Mrs. Powers, I ate the turkey. WENDY PYLE 520 Berkley Avenue, Orange, New Jersey CHILD STUDY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I got a letter from Tim today - Three cheers for the Marines- Who wants to play tennis with me? - I'll start my diet tomorrow. BENE ANDREE RAWLS "Bene" Chantecler Estates, Ste. Adele-en-Haut, Quebec, Canada RETAILING HOUSE COUNCIL Doesn't my hair look longer today? - I'm so toyid - Well, up North . . .--Penny Pitou's double from Ste. Adele - Has a debutante slouch, making it rough on the slopes, but easy at Garland. SUSAN ALDEN REEVES llsuefi 206 Dawes Avenue, Pittsfield, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE Those over stuged suitcases - Think positive - ,Ioan Baez-May I borrow?-Pensive, I gotta talk with you "Early to bed, early to rise"-Brown-Harvard Yard-Beulah - Hey lady! JOAN RENA SANDOW A I Kfjoanli Fruity Street, Woodsville, Massachusetts FOOD AND NUTRITION E LIBRARY COUNCIL LEAGUE REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE L Hi, how are you doing? - Cooperative, always lends s a helping hand. LUCINDA SESSIONS "Cinda" 31 Otsego Road, Worcester, Massachusetts ' RETAILING ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT GARLAND LEAGUE . Q STUDENT COUNCIL 'af' " See and ski at 5 A.M. -Ah, honn-ay ain't it nice- , 3, Selling skivvies to j.F.K.'s wife-phone calls at 7 ' f, A.M. from Harriet Hangnail-'till "Ruby" is worth "One Hundred Pounds of Clay" SUSAN CAROLYN SMITH "Susan" 5 Morrison Avenue, Wakefield, Massachusetts RETAILING STUDENT COUNCIL LEAGUE DECORATION COMMITTEE My name is Bethel, the cleanin' lady from North Station . . .-I'm nodink-toed-Taking care of junior-Meeting the craziest people on szibways- 1 I'm quitting this nasty habit. JOANNA ELIZABETH STOWE KIJOIY 55 Appleton Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts NOTABLES fl! GLEE CLUB PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Those Rockport weekends and the Sunday after- It ' Tuesdays - Freudian Furbulls - Fried rice - Gypsy X ' Rover - H arvard?-N ichols?-H AR VARD-N ext year? ., ff, CORNELIA THOMPSON "Neely" Chestnut Ridge Road, Mount Kisco, New York RETAILING LIBRARY COMMITTEE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Look at my hair: It's grown so long - Oh, be serious! Scotkins are made in Seotsville, U.S.A. - I've been pretty good about it this year, I haven't said a word PATRICIA ANN VICKERS "Pat" 3 Brassie Road, Eastchester, New York RETAILING LAYOUT COMMITTEE FOR YEARBOOK FIRE AND AIR RAID CHIEF napolis - Anybody for a bathtub party? - Watch out for those motor scooter accidents - The crack in the wall- Whiskey sours under the clock at the Bilt- more - Those fireplace dinners MARY ANN WALSH "Sally" 35 Hilcrest Road, Needham 92, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE GLEE CLUB YEARBOOK BUSINESS COMMITTEE NEWMAN CLUB Friend to all- A heart of gold - Promise? - Super ' sensitive - Everyone's pal - Say you're sorry s Connie Francis - Has you got wirrry hair? - An- CAROL DOUGLAS WHEELER "Carol" 428 Salisbury Street, Holden, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY HOUSE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE A friend is someone who doubles your joys and halves .. f' t your sorrows - Mrs. Wheels - Sour hour in Bermuda .,f - Sorry, but I'll be a little late - I'm so excited CONSTANCE ELIZABETH WHITE "Connie" 36 Winchester Street, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts CHILD STUDY NEWMAN CLUB YEARBOOK LAYOUT STAFF GLEE CLUB Oh, no, not another notice on the bulletin board, what did I do this time?-Good morning, Mr. Holmes-When Connie's car breaks down she re- sorts to her hobby horse and tricyele-Doesn't my car look great, I just had it buffed for the third time this week NANCY JO WHITE 57 Wood Street, Nashua, New Hampshire CHILD STUDY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION DRAMATIC CLUB Where's your skirt Mary? - Tippsy - The great pro tector- Yellow roses -The gooses lzit the laundra mat- Got to get that record - "Love for Sale" - -,--V1-I f Three o'clock walk - "Sound of M usic" KATHERINE WHITELAW ClKathYl! 52 River Street, Boston, Massachusetts RETAILING I don't believe it- Unorganized - What am I going to do about my hair? - Petite feet - Laugh - Good Morning LINDA SUE WILBUR "Susie" 524 West Chicago Street, Bronson, Michigan CHILD STUDY DRAMATIC CLUB Smalltown kid-john - Oh boy, more cookies- Letters from Germany - Miss B.B.K. - New contacts - Unheated room - What should I drink - Those late hours-I've really got to do this-Boxes from home JUDY HIGH ZIEGLER 158 Hampshire Road, Wellesley Hills 81, Massachusetts GENERAL DESIGN CO-CI-IAIRMAN OF LEAGUE PUBLICITY GLEE CLUB CO-PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR OF THE YEARBOOK HOUSE COUNCIL DECORATION COMMITTEE Can't wait to go back to Phila?" -Skin like a cameo -I promise to shorten my clothes this vacation, girls - "Small World" -Hi gang-But I'm trying to be quiet-I don't believe it-I have a coffee date to- night - Wants to teach children, art. xx ELAINE CLAIRE FRIED 17197 Wilpemere Avenue, Detroit, Michigan CHILD STUDY LIBRARY COUNCIL I finished another sweater - Can't wait to be home- ward bound - Elaine loves school so much that she had already been in college for a year before coming to Garland. She plans to try another college next September. - How's Michigan and Pi Lamda Phi? PATRICIA MARY MANDELL HPHUIH 2 Ridgewood Road, Toronto 10, Ontario RETAILING ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Hey, what's the big smile for? - I'm sick - Oh! Gel away from me! - I'm so fat! - Stop picking - I've got to have my hair set before . . . - Canada is not the 50th state! 5' E IOR CLASS CJFFICER Helena Hallock, Vice President Julia Ferry, President Lucy Page, Secretary L, x QW if? N. SPACE Jr 255 ,f- I 1 1 v I N a ' ' A K f N ,iz ' V 1 -By-- I.. Qi --ff f V-V -- H A .. YY YY, Y, VY . ,-,I IFRII-ESI I I I I I I I I II I K! ,K Colleges all over the world welcome their freshmen with open arms in September. Each girl who came to Garland for the first time last fall was an individual with her own fears and hopes. Each girl read the Garland Catalogue, however, not one of us knew what college was actually all about. The seniors welcomed us and made us feel immediately at home, and before long we became a part of the college. The individuals all became uladiesn, "Garland Girls." Soon we found our place both in the resident houses and in the different departments of the school. In our first year at Garland we have squirted water through Bunsen Burners and have spilled paint on living room rugs. We have also realized that being a college student means more than doing classroom work. We have learned the meaning of responsibility. It takes girls with initiative and outright nerve to take on the jobs which eventually produce mixers, dances, dinners, a newspaper, a yearbook, an organized library, and the school's internal co-ordination in general. We hope we have learned enough this year to be able to fit into the shoes the seniors leave behind and do as good a job as they have done. Anne Delafield, Vice President Sue Cambell, President Doe Warner, Secretary K I W 7 K 1 Of QM 5 4- Lek' A A A- X r 'I 4,1 gs -,-1, we- - . l H, , -LJ, T 1. a AC Virgina Abbott, Priscella Belmont, Margot Harding fEditorJ, Emily Fuller. Judy Broggini, Mary Louise Marcy, Judy Ziegler, Sheila Donnell. THE C0 M0 WE LTH STAFF Meeting every Wednesday since October, the 1962 Yearbook Staff of Garland have been seen with pencils behind their ears, biting their nails, and tearing their hair out trying to meet the deadlines. Heard during yearbook meetings: "What size shall we make the book? What kind of finish on the paper? Who is going to help with the drawings? How many pages should we have? DO something! The seniors have just got to get their pictures in. Do YOU have a camera? Call a meeting. What sort of a lay- out should we use for this page? Ads are im- perative. How can we finance the book? We need more adslu We have tried to offer you a yearbook that will bring back memories of good friends and good times. However, we must all be careful not to cling to these memories but rather to cherish them so that they can help us to grow and learn. Benjamin Franklin has said, "To- day is yesterdayls pupil." We will all be going in different directions to new, exciting, and perhaps unknown futures. But with the help of the 1962 Commonwealth, we, the staff, hope that you will always remember Garland. Left to right first row Hester Holbrook, Millie Mapp, Lena Hallock, Lynn Murrah, Pat Plum Cpresidentj Kathy Cronan Melinda Mitchell, Judy Hansen. Second row: Sue Reeves Muffy Clark Linda Trimmingham, Anne Chadwick, Mary Pear, THE TUDE T CQU QIL The Student Council is every studentis se- curity and responsibility. It is designed to solve academic and social problems which affect the welfare of the college as a whole. Its decisions are the result of careful consideration by the members of the council and, thanks to the support of Garland's students, I feel we have accomplished our goal. Left to right, front row: Judy Ziegler, Brenda Farber, Mary Ellen Burke. Second row: Janet Farnham, Jeanne Gordon, Sheila Donnell, Julie Ferry, Sue Foster, Barbara Birdsall, Charlotte Biddle, Ellen Fish, Miss Kiley. Third row: Carolyn O'Conor, Pat Plum, Sue Cambell, Cinda Sessions, Hester Holbrook. Missing, presi- dent, Sue Kelley, Carol Friedland, Margot Harding, Diane Fay, Rose Jean Chang. THE GARLAND LE GUE Philanthropic activities are an important aspect of the League. The girls participate in the welfare drive, volunteer work, and social events for underprivileged people. Throughout the year the League has in- cluded among its activities picnics, splash- parties, mixers with local colleges, as well as informal concerts. At the annual skit night, Minot House was presented with a Revere bowl for its winning skit. Among the highlights of the year were the colorful Christmas Ball, the evening at the Pops, and Spring Weekend. The League climaxed its year of successful activities with a school-wide beach party. Back row: Mary Frazer, Nancy Jo White, Lucy Page, Hellena Hallock, Andria Papitto, Ellen Fish, Susan Gregg, Janet Chace. Front row: Virginia Abbott, Deborah Morgan, Marianne Smith, Alice Costello, Betsy Richland, Marnie Coyle, Emily Fuller, Mr. Holmes, Marcia Cady, Mary Louise Marcy. TUUZBROONI A P LETTE PL YER As the constitution of the Broom and Palette Players states: The objectives of this organization are as follows: A. To promote an interest in and apprecia- tion of the theatre. B. To provide theatrical entertainment of the highest possible calibre. C. To develop the individual as a person through the gaining of poise and self-confi- dence on the stage and through the necessary team-work involved both on and OH the stage. J.. ,.":... Left to right, front row: Bonnie Boas, Doflie Mixter, Joan Pearson, Wendy Sweet, Barbara Frail, Marel Jones, Helen Hayes, Lee Bliss. Second row: Ginny Abbott, Debbie Morgan, Mary Ellen Messina, Molly Born, Andrea Papitto, Joan Mehegan, Sheila Donoghue, Georgia Nichols, Karin Brams, Dawn Priem, Peggy Chamberlain, Toni Shust, Sandy Livingston. Missing: Sissy Longino fpresidentl. CLEE CLUB The 1961-62 Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Dimmock performed for the Christ- mas Assembly. Johann Vierdanck's Christmas Concerto, Lo, I Bring Tidings, scored for two flutes fwith Karin Brams playing Flute Ill and old German, French and English carols were sung. The Glee Club will perform for the 1962 graduating class at the Gardner Museum. The success and increased enrollment of the club has been enhanced by the interest and en- thusiasm of its members. Left to right: Judy Broggini, Barbara Smiley, Ellen Fish, Anne Pinkerton, Barbie Braun, Debbie Morgan, Julie Ferry, Janet Chase, Sue Smith. At piano, Hester Holbrook fpresidentj. 17' GT BLE It's "Misty" in "The Blue Roomi' and "Smoke Gets in Our Eyes" with "The Sound of Music" filling the air. They say "It's Won- derful" - "We Have the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night." So "Remember" whenever you "Say It with Musien "Dim All the Lights" and "Make Yourself Comfortable? Front: Wendy Sweet, Doflie Mixter. Left to right, first row: Joan Sandow, Ellen Gourley, Faith Anderson, Ginny Abbott Cpresidentl, Jeanne Gordon, Toni Shust, Joan Pearson. Second row: Pat Grooves, Jugee Wilhelm, Charlotte Biddle, Sallie Parsons, Miss Willar, LIBRARY CGUNCIL The Library Council, working under the direction of Miss Willar, has gone a long way in re-organizing itself from the depths of last year. Each house has two representatives, working together to build up a bigger and better library. With the aid of donations from both outside and inside Garland, the library is growing rapidly. It is up to the Library Council to see that the library is run smoothly and that all seem- ingly large problems are kept to a bare mini- mum. With cooperation from everybody in the future, the library will continue to run along successfully. I gf, Ti ' Left to right, first row: Bonnie Boas, Karin Brams, Sue Smith, Nancy Emest, Mary Ellen Messina, Nancy Jo White, Lucy Page, Toni Shust, Brooks Skinner. Second row: Hester Holbrook. Mrs. Winer, Cinda Sessions, Sheila Donoghue. Third row: Andrea Papitto, Mary Frazer, Lena Hallock, Jane Van Vranken, Patty Mandel, Nealie Thompson, Doe Warner, Lucia Gordon, Debby Hicks, Nancy Keyes, Sara Loutrel, Mary Jo Hainsworth. THLETIC ASSOCIATIO The purpose of the Athletic Association is to stimulate student interest and participation fe in various athletic activities, thereby creating a more unified school spirit. In the autumn, horse-back riding through the brilliant foliage of the Fellsway Reservation is stimulating and invigorating. The first snow fall is an indica- tion, to repair and wax skiis and to start any dry ski lessons in preparation for weekend ski trips. The club takes trips to some of New England's finest winter resorts. The University Club, in Boston, offers swimming pool and dressing rooms for either pleasure or for com- petitions. Bowling, tennis and badminton are offered at the Boston Tennis and Badminton Club. In the Spring, the Athletic Association takes advantage of leisurely sailing along the Charles River. Top to bottom: Miss Blanchard, Doe Warner, Hester Holbrook, Sara Loutrel, Ellen Gourley, Sue Oswald, Karin Brams. Lucy Page, Carol Wheeler, Muflie Clark, Sheila Donnell Cpresidentl. Today it is imperative that every young person be well informed. How can we vote or converse intelligently as American citizens if we are not aware of what is going on in the world? A group of interested girls, realizing the necessity for informed students, began a World Affairs Club this past year. Some have been delegates to the Collegiate Council for the ,WO United Nations Conventions, both local and nation-wide. These conventions have enabled the girls to learn about other countries, as well AFP R as our own and to listen to and to meet world leaders such as Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. As participants in the Great Decisions CL television programs, each girl was given the opportunity to voice her own ideas and opin- ions. The World Affairs Club has been a broadening experience and has helped a few of the Garland students become more informed. HW " tif at .1 ,ibm-hx 4, , , ' 1 -i 1 Lf. 'f ft ' iq I Top to bottom: Linda Wilbur, Barbara Birdsall, Mary Pear fPresidentJ. NATICJNAL TUDE T ASSUCIATIG Awareness is the prime objective of the N. S. A. Awareness within the Garland student body, within the campuses of colleges and uni- versities all over the United States of the growing trends, issues, and feelings of students nationally and socially. It has been Garland's main objective to take part in this ever grow- ing awareness. This has been done by reading the N. S. A. literature and attending their meetings in and around the New England area. Left to right, first row: Sue Oswald, Andrea Papitto, Ann Delafield, Sara Loutrel. Marty Coyle. Second row: Miss Kiley, Kathy Cronan, Mary Ellen Messina fpresidentl, Mary Jo Hainsworth. Third row: Rosemary Pluncket, Carolyn O'Conners, Connie White, Maryann Walsh, Joan Mehegan. THE EWMAN CLUB Under the guidance of Miss Kiley, the Newman Club meets every Friday at noon. This is a Catholic organization and is a stem of the Newman Club center of Boston. Each week they have as their guest a diiferent priest who lectures to them and answers questions. Some of the girls attended the nation-wide Newman Club leadership week-end. Once a month the club is given the opportunity to participate in the holy hour at Saint Patricks Manor. RESIIDEN 3115 Being new on the list of Garland real-estate purchases, 315 Com- monwealth Avenue made its new and grand appearance, along with its new house advisor Mrs. Messer, this past September. We soon discovered that we were the only freshman dormitory and living up to the standards we set for ourselves, we discovered that after mid- semester exams first term no one was on academic probation. We were one of only two houses with such a record. This was quite an achieve- ment, considering the fact that we spent the first two months of school with neither desks nor chairs. Our Sunday night suppers started off with a big bang, with a huge influx of attractive males. Conditions have remained this way since. We have had our share of blind dates, snowball fights, Saturday morn- ing breakfasts, and a great variety of maids - until our glorious Maybell arrived. Upon the arrival of spring, you will see a mass exodus of 315 girls parading to class in their newly-acquired dungaree skirts. -R tfirz-jig Q fa-,um E7 if y ' ' "l ,l.Lf5:.Eltl"'J I, , 171. My ,J lem ,jx K - "'f-'Hi-ir:pv':':''!,Tl",qlI-1.2 ,. - " --ul. . -fi .+V-'J --iii-ur,,'3-NTL-.,i..Lg,, - , w LQ..A1f,-g':,,5: . --a. "--M, ' '1--Neff,-fi. Z" ,,., A ,9-i?i.zf -. A .BSf"4.',1 l 329' As one enters 329, from the dining room drift the strains of "Aye-Yi-Yi-Yi," while from the living room comes "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?". Although there are only two girls in the house who are members of Glee Club, with the help of Trintji on the guitar and Barbi on the piano the rest of the girls make a never-ending attempt. Poor Mrs. Reardon. Our Christmas season was launched with a carol- sing next door at Saint Patrickls Manor and enthusiastic knitting of sweaters for lucky boys, many of whom joined us later for a very successful dinner before the Christmas dance. Laughies! By then our decorations were in order and our twice-fallen tree was securely tied to prevent a third fall. Following Christmas, Barbi Bustian's engagement, Melonis week- end at Trinity as sweetheart of Theta Zi, Sheila's arrival from Colorado, as well as Randi's and Melonis triumphant honor roll standing high- lighted the dark winter months. One more song - "There's a Whole Lot of Shakin, Going On." 54. if N -. A w -1 F 1, . E., .11 ,rj - .V i .,L' ,453 if ff'-aff l k ! ' ' FH I -1 'L V lg - - 'i.1'-"3 S52 Il' X. 2-:gy 1- 1,-,,w,Y':ngU' F ' ' -i,'-pjq, .: -','J4.- .:z:'r,' U . I, 7 ?f'Qfl:Z gf . ' -QI' A - .1 . ' 4, f fn . K ' ' ,f '- , f 7715 X31 12:1 u -J ,, A 4,1532 . .4 in 5 V- W V .X gy, 1 xi A - YL" ' E 'r4 f V .T A ,rmlbfu A A L NF? L.-1 if AT 'jfwf ,gf ,ze -5 -. 34,5 ffjrffj , -- V f-'-glsfclgf . --3 L V- :C ' 5,3 f'E13g,,fu '-gv smug! f fi -- L, up ti . 3 1 1-:Es . 9 J, 1. H353 -Q,fE+p V ' N 'z -'26 - ' TW'-V' " ' 1 ,'-:l"Lx- 115 ,cv 4,5-.W 'fS'vJ1i5'5 . ,L-'Qu 'fzgfrv 32,1 ' : . Wig,-"A'E'f".: sw5i...l1?.f5Q' 'gig feigsx-nilaafp' .3'e:fgYi?? V ' fb:-ef - 1 -va." ' V4 -- . . , X1 , -V, V597 ..,. 14' ' Qu ' m Q': f ' QL , e Qian!- if, A,.... , ,,,,. - , - - 721,21 .iw . . ,,. .JL wbwg. 0 N, if Y !UE1ivJe232I fhl.. ' 1 SS: N: 2 -25,5-? , -1 , ,gr liisn fm ff 1? like 'uf' -' 1,2 ,Q 15:1 ' .. , 'gi' f:-:LI . Z I 4 gg , Qfzvfaa '- . YY-5' Y if l ' ' ' 2, ::, .f7f2fQi 2 2 , LEE! J LL' 4 Mi' ,Q T-ii?" MP' A Q 1.-:ff .. g ,fi .f .5 " 113 A -V .V 1 ,D A159 ,N 337 We may be small, but good things always come in little packages. Here we are in 337. The way we live- It seems like Heaven. We do good dishes and ring the bell 5 When the cooking Hops we hit the Del. The seniors leave this little will In hopes the freshmen will fulfill: Priscilla leaves her foreign legion to Dianag Charlotte leaves a few inches to Marianneg Carol leaves her eyeliner to Judy Crowe 5 Lynne leaves her boarder-crossing card to Barbie 5 Judy H. leaves her "inn to Brooke and Patty, Since they need it badlyg Melinda leaves her four minutes after rising To Pam and Marie Jog Carolyn leaves her dinner dress to Susang Judy Z. leaves her needle and thread to Anng The entire house leaves Mrs. Jenkins a yearns supply of Heinz Ketchup. The freshmen give their seniors to the cold world, assuring it that they will cause another depression. 339 Will We ever Forget . . . Visitors with aprons hiding under Nellie's bed . . . Beer cans strewn in obvious places . . . Thorough protection from Angie the cop . . . That soft sexy telephone voice . . . Or the elephants returning from a late permission night at Harvard . . . Figi sarangs . . . Gr flirting with the thermometer . . . Or the terrible addiction to casual living A sack of oranges and a tanned housemother . . . Sprmg fever and a life of togetherness? -.St Ni u First impressions . . . midnight hunger pangs . . . beans and prunes - oh no, not again! . . . many contagious laughs . . . "any guests for Sunday Night Supper?" . . . Diaqueries on Cloud Ten . . . lost week- ends in Philadelphia and Providence . . . Dartmouth on the dining room table . . . a missing coat - rack . . . those uniform dinner dresses . . . and then there werenlt four . . . Tammy is our new girl . . . the changing of the keys . . . snow on the red carpet . . . Merry Christmas: two diamonds and a sapphire . . . post-Christmas Ball soiree at 330 Beacon Street . . . intermural communications via the back alley . . . the Bridge contingent . . . "oh come on, Miss Cameron, it's a good shown . . . faithful Susan and her fabulous cuisine . . . Eddie: big mail- man on campus . . . problems in the pantry: Mary, Isabell, Mary, Helma, Margery, Araxi . . . episode of the pierced ears . . . those two a.m. phone calls . . . two new faces in February . . . two Chips, a Heart of Sterling and Dennis the Menace . . . "Fd just like to say" . . . Memories Are Made of This. 343 CCY O my soul! U got the power!!" Within the structure of the house, vibrating sounds can be heard. For example: "Watch out for your heads, here comes the falling plaster! Dripping faucets - "What's not on the menu? - But Mrs. L., Ben Casey is an educational program! - "Where has all the Noxema gone long time passing? It's about those blinds and claw marks on the win- dows - And, as for that painting and that simply divine tapestry - Park that gum and not in that unemptied ashtray! - It's mashed potatoes time again this Thursday, poof!! There's that breakfast for five at 7:00 AM and then off to the bruises with the bratsg aye yah!! Then while the rest of us are sitting around trying to read the newspaper some one is bound to say, "Good morning, is this Ceramics Day? - Hi fella!!! - How was watercolor night er ah day? - It's about that clay out in the Concord swamps 5 during Spring semester . . .! Class, real class!" Socially, mixed or unmixed, we indulge in singing and saying :' Wee-oooh! - Hiding behind the livingroom couch and sharing dates is simply swinging! - Statistics say . . .! - Late-night charades - We love you Conrad, . . . - "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe! - and finally, park that gum! ,ii X C077 4-O7 was ably represented this year in the Student Council and House Council by Susan Reeves, Janie Chase, Cyndy MacColl, and Dolly Hall. We also took great pleasure in welcoming Chantal LeMonier who came to us from Paris to study for the second semester. All of us this year have enjoyed maintaining the traditional home- life found in the individual houses. We have had a very happy year and are deeply indebted to Mrs. Powers, whose guidance and under- standing nature will always remain with us. V I f, nr N 1 1 alll Our house is in the center of all the activity of the school. We are proud to be depended upon when the school wants to entertain the Board of Trustees, Parents on parents' day, people at functions such as school dances, and the girls who have classes here every day. We were proud to have the Scientists of New England entertained here. Within the house our problems have consisted of nothing greater than necessary noise and the overly-large consumption of food. The milkman has testified to the fact that he delivers more milk to this house than any of the others despite the fact that many houses have more girls than we. We have worked together to solve whatever prob- lems we have had, and we appreciate Mrs. Holt's contributions. Our house is one of leaders as anyone can see from the represen- tation of our girls in such activities as the Garland League, the Athletic Association, Glee Club, Great Decisions, Student Council, Notables, class offices, and the yearbook. Where's Hamburger? UN ,HY TV' ii 4lll9' 419 on Charlesgate East Have accomplished feats that can't be beat. November came and then skit night We were victorious, to our delight. The seniors sang in gay December, A night all freshmen will remember. Back after Christmas 'till Semester break 5 Then off to the slopes where skiing was great Vacation was wonderful, grades were better, Three Child D majors made the letter. Soon down the aisle in caps and gowns Into the wide world seniors are bound. Now the freshmen are left to esteem The high traditions of 419. ,- IP ,a,.,2- - M, I f :vi MY1. , J'-' . 2 ,-1, r 1. 'ff' fy. egg? WM 1 E, m .fn Day S tudents Passing through the Day Studentis lounge in 415 we are aware of the hubhub and flighty activity of the Day Students. We find the lounge is alive with-melodies and voices drifting from the radio. Lunch time brings all the Day Students together. On every other Wednesday they hold a meeting when their Stu-G representatives inform them of new happenings around the school. At the front lounge we are greeted by a group of girls who are holding a jam session before an exam or watching a favorite T.V. program. Hours seem to fly by in the lounge. This year the Day Students elected a President of the lounge to head a 'ckeep the lounge clean campaign." We must commend Gold- burg on the good job she did. All the signs and fines lead the Day Stu- dents to plans of remodeling the lounge which is now in progress. The incidents of the year - the joys, the sorrows, the setbacks, and the triumphs - make us glad we are Day Students at Garland. -MN is A W I NH: -EQ.. . 'Tm if' ik. he J Q .h.,,..,. 2 44 I fi , x Y Q, w -J e. 'S' k 5 A 7, .. -- Q U r K ' ' sf A' L f V? . 'H IS .Md . 1 lg 'fa - My 1 6 Ex V A t x , I sr X 4 V , WNNXX ZEA 3, fa S- r 's J A , "1i""l ' J,-F' .. -f ' -v -, ,.f 1 X 3 X V fl 5 'gf T 'Q J. V ,fc ta i . 'R , 4? 'X ff 5 'Y 1 N. A .9 EF S FRESHMAN REGISTER Akin, Laura Elizabeth, 8 Royal Court, Delray Beach, Florida Allis, Mary, 2300 W. Fairy Chasm Road, Milwaukee 17, Wisc. Allison, Elizabeth, 922 Elm Street, Winnetka, Ill. Anderson, Faith, 36 Monterey Road, Worcester, Mass. Bakutis, Barbara, Navy No. 127, Box 14, cfo Postmaster Seattle, Wash. Barlow, Grace, 5285 Partridge Lane N.W., Washington 16, D.C. Bastian, Barbara, R.F.D. 4t1, Mystic, Conn. Batchelder, Dorothy, 675 Hale Street, Beverly Farms, Mass. Beere, Barbara, 12 West Hills Road, New Canaan, Conn. Black, Pamela, Page Road, Lincoln, Mass. Bliss, Lee, 422 June Street, Fall River, Mass. Boas, Bonnie, 314 Airdale Road, Rosemont, Pa. Bradshaw, Susan, 25 Edgehill Road, Little Rock, Ark. Brady, Alice, 115 Christy Hill Road, Darien, Conn. Brams, Karin, Box 27, West Alexandria, Ohio Braun, Barbara, 1585 Orlando Road, Pasadena, Cal. Brereton, Matilda, 635 Old Mill Road, Pittsburg 38, Pa. Briansky, Simone, 187 Winthrop Road, Brookline 46, Mass. Brocka, Rose, 24 Larivee Lane, West Springfield, Mass. Broydrick, Gail, 7 Park View Drive, Hingham, Mass. Buddy, Nancy, 310 West 86th Street, New York, N.Y. Bughman, Pamela, R.D. 42, Liginier, Penn. Burguet, Marianne, 10 Butternut Hill Road, Worcester 9, Mass. Burley, Louise, 173 Border Street, Cohasset, Mass. Burn, Elizabeth, The Green, Washington, Conn. Cahaly, Vivian, 153 Belleview Road, Watertown, Mass. Campbell, Susan, 155 W. Springettsbury Ave., York, Pa. Canterbury, Gay, 8 Rockwood Road, Hingham, Mass. Chadwick, Anne, R.F.D. 84, Box 51, Portland, Maine Chamberlain, Margaret, West River Road, Rumson, N.J. Chasson, Ellen, 294 Highland Avenue, West Newton, Mass. Costello, Alice, 40 Taber Avenue, Providence, R.I. Corcoran, Nancy, Hood Road, Egypt, Mass. Courtright, Suzanne, 763 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, Mass. Cowper, Holliday, 1 Rockledge Avenue, Scarborough, N.Y. Cox, Denise, 134 Mt. Vernon Street, Dedham, Mass. Coyle, Margaret, 11 Thompson Street, Barrington, R.I. Cronin, Katherine, 30 Thompson Lane, Milton 87, Mass. Crowe, Judith, 11 Stone Tower Lane, Barrington, R.I. Cussin, Janet, 88 Highland Road, Winchester, Mass. Danner, Linda, 5725 Central Avenue, Indianapolis 20, Ind. Davis, Suzanne, 575 Union Street, Brookline, Mass. Delafield, Ann, Midbrook Lane, Darien, Conn. Desloge, Diane, 24 Foreway Drive, Ladue, Md. DeVincent, Elaine, 171 Trapelo Road, Waltham 54, Mass. Donoghue, Sheila, R.F.D. it2, Rochester, Minn. Ducharme, Julie, 611 University Place, Grosse Point 30, Mich. Durham, Barbara, 317 North 28th Street, Allentown, Pa. Eisenschiml, Anita, 1458 Forest Avenue, Highland Park, Ill. Elliott, Mary, 6684 Valley Spring Court, Birmingham, Mich. Ench, Nancy, Felicity Farm, Gwynedd Valley, Pa. Engman, Eileen, 34 Florissant Avenue, Framingham, Mass. Ernest, Nancy, 18 Signal Hill Blvd., East Saint Louis, Ill. Farber, Brenda, 10 Hillside Road, Baltimore 10, Maryland Farrar, Virginia, Warrentown, Va. Fenn, Eleanor, 1071 Washington Street, Bath, Maine Fillman, Ann, Warrior Oaks, Huntington, Pa. Fischer, Alexandra, 2105 Fairmount, Engine, Oregon Fitzsimmons, Carole, 40 Chestnut Street, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Forsley, Carol, 5 West Street, Lenox, Mass. Freedland, Beth, 219 Gardner Road, Brookline, Mass. Friend, Diane, 6105 N. Berkeley Blvd., Milwaukee 17, Wisc. Gordon, Lucia, 295 Ambassador Drive, Rochester 10, N.Y. Goslee, Nancy, Marecage, Georgetown, Del. Gourley, Ellen, 21 Albert Street, Milo, Maine Grossman, Leah, 371 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass. Groves, Patricia, Box 53, Mendenhall, Pa. Curfein, Leslie, 1136 Fifth Avenue, New York 28, N.Y. Hagner, Courtney, 3530 Springland Lane N.W., Washington 8, D.C. Hainsworth, Marie, Windham Centre, Conn. Hall, Dorothy, 218 Hart Street, Beverly Farms, Mass. Hatton, Forrest, 29 Aberdeem Place, Saint Louis 5, Mo. Hayes, Ellen, 120 Marlborough Street, Boston, Mass. Henderson, Margaret, Ponus Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. Hennan, Sally, Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands Hicks, Deborah, 82 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, Conn. Higgins, Sandra, Midlane South, Syosset, Long Island, N.Y. Hill, Sharon, 240 Genoke Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. Hoagland, Mary, 240 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. Holden, Darrell, 77 Gardner Street, Hingham, Mass. Jusela, Irene Maria, 148 West Hill, Putney, London S.W. 15, England Hyde, Diana, 190 Greer Road, Woodside, Cal. Johnson, Arlene, 15 Viking Terrace, Worcester 4, Mass. Johnson, Dorothy, Sewall Road, Wolfeboro, N.H. Kennedy, Carol, 136 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, Mass. Keys, Nancy, Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, N.Y. King, Janice, 15 Taft Avenue, West Newton, Mass. Lafferty, Margaret, 40 Hampshire Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Lamson, Susan, 7645 Given Road, Cincinnati 43, Ohio Lancaster, Donna, 51 Philbrick Road, Brookline, Mass. Lee, Barbara, Apple Tree Lane, Norwalk, Conn. Lee, Patricia, 2012 East Glendale Avenue, Milwaukee 11, Wisc. Lemonnier, Chantal, 12 Rue de la Victoire, Le Blanc - Mesnil KS-OJ France Lillie, Deborah, 7 Westminster Road, Scarsdale, New York Livingston, Ann, 242 Glen Road, Weston, Mass. Lord, Carol, 213 Brooklake Road, Florham Park 1, New Jersey Loutrel, Sara, Mason's Island, Mystic, Conn. Macoll, Cynthia, St. Thomas' Rectory, Whitemarch, Ft.Washington, P.O.,Pa Maccuspie, Joanne, 10 Larch Road, Waban 68, Mass. MacVicar, Kathryn, 79 Roberta Road, Pittsfield, Mass. Makanna, Martha, 35 Greenlawn Road, Huntington, New York Marin, Marcia, 100 Upper Mountain Avenue, Montclaire, New Jersey Marshall, Gail, 305 Bedford Street, East Bridgewater, Mass. McMullin, Crete, 216 Conant Road, Weston 93, Mass. Merrill, Catherine, 10 Polly Park Road, Rye, New York Meyler, Jonna, 12 Binney Lane, Old Grenwich, Conn. Mixter, Dorothy, 9 Marsh Street, Dedham, Mass. Mitchell, Nancy, 77 Woodland Avenue, Melrose, Mass. Mongillo, Joyce, 10 Orchard Avenue, Providence 6, R.I. Morgan, Deborah, Pimpewaug Road, Cannondale, Conn. Morse, Katherine, 474 Allen Creek Road, Rochester 18, New York Murdock, Margaret, 16 Hawthorne Lane, Concord, Mass. Murra.h, Margaret, 15 Military Road, Worcester, Mass. Nichols, Georgia, 730 Westview Street, Phil. 19, Pa. Nickerson, Diana, 387 Common Street, Dedham, Mass. Norris, Julia, 411 Woodland Place, Jacksonville, Ill. Notte, Joyce, 916 Fruit Hill Avenue, N. Providence, Rhode Island Novick, Rochelle, 42 Herric Drive, Lawrence, New York Nunan, Wendy, Windsor Hts., Warwick, Bermuda O'Connor, Sally, 173 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, Mass. Olhausen, Sally, Sunny Branch Road, Far Hills, New Jersey Oswald, Susann, 56 Hereford Road, Bronxville, New York Papitto, Andria, 51 Summit Drive, Cranston, R. I. Parsons, Sallie, 541 Lincoln Road, New Britain, Conn. Patten, Kate, Rd. 494, Bethlehem, Pa. Pearson, Joan, 203 Skunk Lane, Witton, Conn. Pelletier, Nancy, 38 Cottage Street, Norwood, Mass. Pevear, Regina, Nanepashemet Street, Marblehead, Mass. Phinney, Judith, 333 Maple Street, Danvers, Mass. Provenzano, Rosanne, 66 Tudor Road, Needham, Mass. Reeves, Karin, 1932 Papermill Road, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Richland, Betsy, 3555 Netherland Avenue, Riverdale 63, New York Richmond, Elizabeth, 131 South Street, Hingham, Mass. Robbins, Susan, 127 Elm Street, South Dartmouth, Mass. Roselund, Carol, Green Lodge Street, Canton, Mass. Rubin, Ellen, 3 McLead Road, Troy, New York , Russ, Margaret, 50 East Eighth Street, New York 3, New York Saxon, Joyce Mary, 100 Don Avenue, Rumford, R. I. Schloss, Joan, Trinity Pass Road, Pound Ridge, New York Schust, Antonia, Walnut Road, Glen Cove, Long Island, N. Y. Shaw, Kathryn, 34 Wildwood Road, Andover, Mass. Sheppard, Sallyann, 30 Oak Street, Salem, New Jersey Silver, Ann, 94 MacDougal Street, New York 12, New York Skinner, Brooke, 152 George Street, Providence 6, R. I. Slifer, Rebecca, 241 Nehoiden Street, Needham, Mass. Smiley, Barbara, 152 Beacon Avenue, Warwick Neck, R. I. Smith, Marianne, Monroe Lane, Woodmere, Long Island, N.Y. Smith, Susan, 153 East Ridge Lane, Lake Forest, Illinois Stern, Mary, 941 Park Avenue, New York City, New York Stolk, Michael, 33 Old Academy Road, Fairfield, Conn. Sweet, Monrovia, Pratt Island, Darien, Conn. Swift, Suzanne, 704 Auburn Avenue, Buffalo 22, New York Taglienti, Carolyn, 30 Parker Avenue, Newton Centre, Mass. Tichenor, Susan, 76 Bloomfield Street, Lexington, Mass. Trimingham, Linda, Inglewood Heights, South Shore, Paget, Bermuda Tucker, Judith, The Lagoon, Paget East, Bermuda Van Dorn, Sally, 51 Thatham Road, Kensington, Conn. Van Vranken, Jane, Chicken Valley Road, Locust Valley, New York Viccari, Carolyn, 214 Glendale Road, Scarsdale, New York Von Maur, Susan, 274 Gardner Road, Ridgewood, New Jersey Wallace, Christine, 120 Lowell Court, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Ward, Amanda, 307 Jefferson Road, Webster Groves, St. Louis 10, Mo. Warner, Dorothy, 30 Homer Avenue, Larchmont, New York Warren, Ann, 62 Gammons Road, Waban 68, Mass. White, Elizabeth, 3423 Grove Avenue, Cincinnati 8, Ohio Whitney, Jane, 59 Highland Street, Milton 86, Mass. Wilhelm, Julia, 37 Ridgewood Road, Radnor, Pa. Williams, Lynda, 10118 Pierce Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland Willis, Barbara, 20 Fleetwood Avenue, Albany, New York Wood, Nancy, Shirley Street, East Pepperell, Mass. Wright, Noel, Melvin Village, New Hampshire Wylde, Helena, Dedham Street, Dover, Mass. ADVIEI --- -- - -- ,--Y...,., A With All Best Wishes To The Senior Closs From The Eisenschiml Founcicition Congrotulotions From Mr. ond Mrs. Stephen Brocko gMtlzd WillDo 15 JU 5 umm cirnunos 6 Renew the Beauty of Your Garrne t 0 Our Cleanin e o s I James T. Kennedy SAMARC CLEANERS 07 dv Personal Pick-up Service Entertainment on Tuesdays and Fridays 0 n cl of M u sic f J' 425 Brookline Ave. Boston l5, Mass MANNING TRAVEL BUREAU, INC. offers personalized service for all Travel Arrangements TOURS - BERMUDA - EUROPE - etc. or individual plans - anywhere. Conveniently located at Kenmore Square, 5l6 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston I5 KE 6-6420 or KE 6-6477 S. D. Fuller Kc Co. Established 1940 Underwriters and Distributors of Corporate Stocks and Bonds Brokers and Dealers in Securities 26 Broadway 0 New York 4, N. Y. Telephone: WHitehall 3-0066 Teletype: NY 1-4777 The VVorceder From Fdends Toper P111 of C Ompony GARLAND Love To ALLEN pabber sTATloNARY Co. 103 Massachusetts Ave. Boston From Kinmore 6-1161 Mer C I Off E P T Add M h Q ' 5 The Somerset as NEWBURY smear PhGI'IT1ClCY BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS T EPHQNE COMMONWEALTH 6 5757 97 Mussachussetts Ave Boston GOWNS-SUITS READY-To-WEAR coATs-HATS AND BLousEs cus'roM Congratulations to your New P eszdent House of Youth for the College Girl Mr' Vmux SOUTH BAY KENNELS t P.O. BCDX 22 t Syosset, N.Y. A.K.C. Registered B kfS Chesopeoke Boy M2211 Retrievers th Bay, C.D. CI Manorvllle, C.D. Vent-o-Marie Corporation Engineers Contractors New York 36, N.Y. Young Mothers Qld Greenwich, Conn. NE 7-3743 Maternity Clothes ChiIdren's Wear C ?A,?, 'viz :YV .:N1'f f:!L3 - :!:, :Lv , vyf vgv fn? IAF ini 'D A 'IN 'nb IIINN ' 'INN , p .1 The Country Store '3'Q"ff-f. Pftfnfs.. 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PRESCRIPTIONISTS "Where Your Physician Trades" , Interior Decoratlng O 10 Registered 0 Boston 's Largest Pharmacists Ready Rx Dept. With A an To Give immediate Complete Stock Of d Competent Service Latest Medications h l 0 U p 0 sterlng Best Lines of Arden's, Revlon, Chanel, etc. L. A' SWENSON Fiee Deiiveii Seiviee Meeiieieee Meiieii :,fz'i:::3:fT w,:XzLi2:5'::'.xss In Boston, Brookline, Brighton Anywhere Best Wishes to The Class oi '62 from Governor John A. Notte, Jr. of Rhode Island Our Many Thanks To Cur Business Patrons A n i h o n y ' s House of Beauty F. Collins Company 93 Massachusetts Avenue 259 South ROSSUWSGCI Blvd- Boston Pasadena Copley 7-7677 LUGGAGE Ben Gibbs LADIES' HANDBAGS LEATHER Gooos MEN'S WEAR COURTESY ACCESSORIES The Biltmore OF Luggage Shop 144 Massachusetts Avenue Boston At the Sherry Biltmore Hotel WE DO REPAIRING A Friend Dave Goodman Cleaners 865 Massachusetts Avenue Boston Narold's Shoe Store 157 Massuchu setts Avenue Boston The Eliot Coffee Shop 85 Massachusetts Avenue BEST WISHES FROM Bggfon Mr! DTO OUR PARE T AND FRIE D MR. 8: MRS. EVERET BLACK MR. 8: MRS. EDWARD S. BLISS MR. 8: MRS. RANDLE BRERETON HCOMPLIMENTSU MR. 8: MRS. WILLIAM T. BRESNAHAN MR. 8: MRS. JOHN J. BYRNE MR. 8: MRS. LEA J. BRADY MR. 8: MRS ERNEST H. CADY, JR. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MELVIN H. CAMPBELL WILLIAM B. CANTERBURY MISS RANDI CLOTWORTHY MR. 8: MRS. JOSEPH M. CRONIN MR. 8: MRS. HENRY E. CROWE MR. 8: MRS. JAMES P. DELAFIELD MRS. SOPHIE DEVINCENT MR. 8: MRS. FRED S. DURHAM MR. 8: MRS. F. P. ERNEST, III MR. 8: MRS. BRENT H. FARBER, JR. MR. 8: MRS DEXTER FERRY MR. 8: MRS. CLARKE FIELD MR. 8: MRS. JAMES B. FESTER MR. 8: MRS. W. H. FURNEAUX MR. 8: MRS. LUCIUS GORDON MR. ROBERT S. GREGG DR. 8: MRS. M. J. HANIGSBURG MR. 8: MRS. J. A. HENSLER MR. 8: MRS. WARREN HOAGLAND MR. 8: MRS. FREDERICK B. HOLMES 8: MRS R HUSELA MR. . . A JIMMIE'S BEAUTY STUDIO MR. 8: MRS. ALBERT C. JOHNSON MR. 8: MRS. CHARLES S. KELLEY, JR. MR. 8: MRS. STANLEY B. KURZINA DR. 8: MRS. HOWARD J. LEE MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. DR. 8: MRS. DR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. DR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. ROBERT L. LEE HENRY N. MCOLUNEY GEORGE WALTER MAP G. HERBERT MARGY ROBERT MARIN CHARLES MARIN JAMES K. MORGAN E. T. MORRIS, JR. HENRY G. NICKERSON REGINALD M. NORRIS JOHN G. K. NUNAN J. H. OLHAUSEN GEORGE O. OSWALD GEDDES PARSONS JOHN PEARSON V. A. PELLETIER JOHN A. PROVENZANO MRS. BARBARA K. ROBBINS MR. 8: MRS. THEODORE A. ROSELUND MRS. SARAH H. SHEPPARD MR. 8: MRS. OSCAR E. SKINNER, JR. MR. 8: MRS. J. WAY DESTEWART MR. 8: MRS. ALFRED J. STOKELY MR. 8: MRS. HORACE B. VANDORM, MR. JOHN F . VANVRANKEN MR. 8: MRS. P. V. L. VICCARI MR. 8: MRS. DAVID E. WARD DR. 8: MRS. NATHANIEL WARNER WORCESTER COUNTY NATIONAL BANK MISS CONNIE WHITE MRS. DOROTHY WHITE MR. 8: MRS. HARRY J. ZIEGLER P, JR III PRINTED BY BURDETTE A COMPANY BOSTON 27. MASS. .. ... . . .!,..n4v.' , n."..' U ,M v .... , -.. . .'.... ...........,. , .. . .. .. . ...- - ., - . ..... .. ",'.' . -.-.......... '.' ,' .' '.4 .. .-...f....,' . ',, ' .x . S ... . nv v .'.','. . . I., v Q - .' -....-. , .'.'.'.',' '. '.., ',. '. ". ,' , . .,. ... ... .,... ... . ,. ., .. . .. .... .... .... . .,, -.... V 'l,,.,.n5,u .,.-A .x. ........ ., ... ,... . ...., .. ... . ., .. .. ...... .,.,. ... .... . . .... 1, . . . . '. , . ' ' . v I - -I V , , .iq ,lv v I. 1 . r ' '. 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Suggestions in the Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 28

1962, pg 28

Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 12

1962, pg 12

Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 109

1962, pg 109

Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 18

1962, pg 18

Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 33

1962, pg 33

Garland Junior College - Commonwealth Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 40

1962, pg 40

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