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ll I 1 4 l 1 5 1 Q 1 3 i V 1 ,. 1 L wi I. L i ll. if, K 1 'R R ff, f . V , . xi i- .sb 1 . 1 1 '1 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , . 1 1 , 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 ' . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 '1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 bl 1 1 V 1 1 1 1' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 l 1 I 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 Garland I-Iigb School CWI'-5 Nest 310 South Garland Ave. Garland, Texas 75040 Volume 47 . 8 ',,,,,,, hh Lbopaaucd 1hKl a P T M O11 O l d d G l d A Openingfl -A-SIA. : ,AL 15, V ,,x..,,,, ,ix -1,-, , -Q V, , 42-raw was K, Q, 'Q' iw ! Ax' 3: 4 x, , ,. K m A 'z Q F ,,,,,, A x Q45 A . psf, .s 1 ,, gg: V ,, 0 .M-HNF: 1 .2 , if fa " w!"""9s, ffl- 2 Tradition plays a very important part in the lives of all high school stu- dents. At Garland High these tradi- tions are the building force between each student who steps foot in its doors. Spirit-leading Ollie Owl and the victory cannon are a few of the material things that are evidence of traditions that are still a major part of the school. The majority of these, however, are in the minds and hearts of the students. The creation of the mascot and spirit groups in the past that established these traditions have K Standing in her class section, junior Stacey Robinson participates in the Homecoming pep rally. Resting on a stack of books, fresh- man Michelle Disheroon waits for her ride home after school. LF , D 1 . J N.. A . x Q , if l EVO - 4linn n . y D N' ..- . a X' K Q dn V If fsivxv fig. c ' - - ,bm-M.. g passed the test of time as well as re- presenting tens of thousands of stu- dents through the years. When Gar- land High first opened its doors, its students set out to make it the best. They created the reputation of pride and excellence that is still evident to- day. This reputation is not only high today because of the students, but also because of the deep roots that have grown, making Garland more stable and strong every day. As stu- dents support their team or club through attendence or participation, Holly Moments before the kickoff, trainers Swanzy and Tracy Kinnard pause for the school fight song. they are expressing that Great Owl Spirit that has survived nearly a full century. Whether attending class, practicing athletics, representing our peers or being active in a club, we are all part of the Garland High impres- sion. As we have proven through the years and will in years to come, some impressions never fade. 0penmgf3 P Y x Q 5 I X f ive QS 4. X .. "fig 'Nm 7 f . I A ' at 1. li f , ' 1 5-wt-M A ' ' -, 1 I , A ' Eg. Q K . 4 l .slid w . ,,',.W., W, ., I M,N"- ' fl Marching in the Labor Day parade, the Dashing Debs complete a routine before a partisan Owl crowd, Representing all former students, senior Amy Lay wears a cap and gown during the cheerleaders' skit. joining in the celebration, senior Deb Jeannine Crane cheers during an afternoon pep rally. 'T lt '45 As students make their way into the gym, seniors Tracey Duncan and Joyce Brown wait for the pep rally to begin. As you become accustomed to life at Garland High, you will make friends that will last through college and be- yond. As you share the wide hori- zons of high school with your fellow classmates, a feeling of wonder and pride begin to grow. This is all a part of the Garland High impression. The surroundings and learning atmo- sphere help to allow the student to reach his goals and dreams as they were set. Every student's experiences, background and knowledge combine to form the Garland impression. Ev- ery student is therefore important and necessary to the school. Because of high standards followed at GHS., after four years of study every stu- dent feels confident and capable of leadership and success. Each student is touched and affected by the Gar- land High impression, and will be for the rest of his life. 0pemng!5 Preserving Our History, Pride Maintaining Traditions Adding to the great spirit that is al- ways present at Garland High, the 1986 school year marks the fiftieth year of the present building that we now call the G.A. wing. The wing was built by W.P.A. workers during the harsh economic times of the de- pression and has since become an in- stitution of pride and excellence in learning. The G.A. building is but one of the physical impressions that have survived only because of con- tinued and evergrowing love that has been expressed by the many sen- ior classes that have since graduated 6!0pemng Clapping in unison, sophomore Crystal Coleman and seniors Lisa Bacher and Dorothea Causey re- spond to the music provided by the marching band. and moved on. Other impressions that remind us of strong traditions are the victory cannon which helped lead the 1963-1964 Owls Varsity football teams to state champion- ships. The overseeing presence of Ollie Owl has for over 20 years been a symbol of stature and proof that Garland High is well above the oth- ers. ts-ei f e x A.,-A qi Wrapped in a blanket, sophomore Renee Rheinlaender tries to keep warm as a cold front moves in during the game. L. l Decked out in school colors, fresh- man Delmisha Anderson shows her school spirit. N if ' li n N, 1 NX! 1 - A 4 x f N wil! G L" X EW 6539 ff 'X O NLF,-X,,Nfl,,'!':'X X ' '5 w 7' Passing out roses, senior Karlton Powell participates in the Beta Club fund-raiser. Performing in the boy's gym, sopho- mores Vicki Green and Amy Bishop and junior Teresa Shipman play the school's Alma Mater. Opening! 7 Taking a break between classes, freshman Griff Methvin soaks in the early morning sunshine. XNS ,vu The high school experience. You en- ter the massive building for the first time as a young and impressionable freshman. Each hallway seems to get longer and longer, and there seem to be more and more classrooms. Final- ly you are lost and late to class. You are affectionately called "frosh", but you manage to make your way to class. Your high school career is un- derway, and you know it will be something that you will never forget. Your sophomore term starts. It has been a year since the time that you first entered, but there is still a great sense of strangeness around you. You become more involved, your spirit grows, and you realize for the first time that you love your school. After an endless two years, you are :Arc-complishments Reaching Our Potential Daily 8! Opening ,sf-, ....,. X After being injured during the game against Hill- crest, senior Derrick Washington gets his knee wrapped by Coach Baker. finally an upperclassman. You re- ceive your class ring and now feel that Garland High has something for you, something that no other school could offer. Your senior year arrives. You are now not only a part of Garland High, you are Garland High School. It is you that has represented your school in such a way that you are given re- spect and dignity. You leave the school knowing that your job is done. You can leave in confidence that you have set an example for oth- er classes that will follow in your footsteps. You have had the high school experience. i 4 4 l 1 4 1 l ' SELL TRADE-LOL! W? N' TOP "" 'i If lfigift, Twig Showing their support, juniors Greg Goldston and Lainie Crites cheer as the varsity football team is intro- duced. Riding in a 1957 Chevolet, sopho- mores Melanie Bullard, Kristi Bickle and Mardi Poteet entertain the Labor Day crowd lining Garland Ave, an--fe ' i A I E I i 1 3 Z 2 10!Student Life Division Student - Life Why Get Involved? "lt's a challenge to express yourself in front of your friends and see how they react." -Mike McFarlandfjunior "To enjoy your high school years more." -Heidi Havenfjunior "I like to be with other people." -Brian Zacharyfsophomore "So that l can have something to look back on." -Sheri Henderson f senior "To give yourself the opportunity to see that school is not just study, study, studylu -Deanna Lancasterfsenior "To learn more about what is going on around you." -Jill Reed! junior "To make high school more enjoyable for all of us." -Adam Hampsonflreshman "lt's just fun to do." -Crystal Colemanfsophomore Encouraging the Owl spectators, sophomore Carrie Morris leads a cheer during the Labor Day parade. i Waiting for the signal to begin, ju- Some . nior Shannon Shaw stands at atten- Impressrons fion- Never Fade 1 5 I P Student Life Divisionlll Riding around the stadium, sen- ior Melodee Walker is presented to the Homecoming crowd. Standing in the end zone, Home- coming queen Melodee Walker, es- corted by her father, Mr. Charles Walker, poses as photographers gather to take pictures. 12fStudent Life Senior Leigh Ann Splawn es- Senior Brenda Simpson es- Senior Tracy Casstevens es- corted by her father, Mr. James corted by her father, Mr. Robert corted by her father, Mr. J.D Splawn. Simpson. Casstevens, lor Paula McLaughlin es Senior Wendy Reed escorted Senior Amy Lay escorted by Senior Jeannine Crane es- ed by her father Mr Allen by her father Mr John Reed her father, Mr. Ken Swires. corted by her uncle, Mr. John aughlin Sharp. Halftime Ceremony ames Melodee Walker As Homecoming Queen Participating in the battle cry, junior Laura Cecil shows her sup- port for her class. The parking lot filled early and the air sparked with electricity as Homecoming day began. Students worked all day to prepare for the week's big event: the annual Homecoming pep rally. Black and Gold! The colors were everywhere, reminding students and teachers alike of the spirit and tradition that are re- newed every year at this time. As Owls and ex-Owls Decorated with a variety of mums, senior Doris Macha joins in the Homecoming celebration. gathered to celebrate the oc- casion, the love and fellow- ship grew and sprouted, and the difference of time be- tween exes and present stu- dents diminished. Seated in the middle of the action in chairs on the gym floor, ex-Owls watched as spirit-leaders performed songs, cheers and skits in their honor. The excitement and enthusiasm were high, and the Owls were sure to win. As fans waited patiently for the announcement of the homecoming queen, the var- sity football team played a vigorous game, going on to defeat the Mesquite Skeeters by a score of 41-35 with Me- lodee Walker as its queen. continued on page 15 Homecommg!13 Waiting in line, sophomore Gretchen Adkins and freshman Jason Beam pre- pare to pay their picture fee. F51 14! Student Life S Debra 5' . ' OIS l - MLW, Xunxsxow Exim . Y Boiqwigizzn Maine Davis 5 nef- Dancing together, sophomores Mike Brian and Crystal Coleman discuss the events of the evening. YT' Coronation Ball Ends Week Long Activities continued from page 13 With the thrill and satisfac- tion of victory, students at- tended the Coronation Ball the following night, the highlight of the homecoming celebration. Another home- coming has passed, but not to be soon forgotten. Waiting for the next song, fresha man John Puckett and 'his date, Uyen McCracken take a short break from the dance floor. Ns' Standing in the commons, senior Tammy Schilling, junior Connie Ri- chey and sophomore Renee Rhein- laender wait for the Coronation Ball to begin. Coronation Ball! 15 To ship her back to New York, Ban- jo, played by freshman Erik Barton shuts Lorraine Sheldon, played by sophomore Gretchen Adkins in a coffin. Presenting Sheridan Whiteside with a Christmas present, Harriet Stanley, played by freshman Beth- any Wright waits for him to open the box. 161 Student Life Slightly inebriated, Bert jefferson, played by junior Steve Reeves, stumbles around the room after proclaiming the success of his play. Porlraying Sheridan Whiteside, ju- nior Greg Goldston devises his plan to get rid of Lorraine Sheldon. HW' ww. K'--Q. -,X S l up , 1 I! UI aff nh audience responds to Comedy Production The 36-member cast of The Man Who Came to Din- ner by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman received a well-deserved long round of applause following per- formances in November. The Cast, ranging from stu- dents to administrators and seniors to freshmen was one of great variation and one of the largest that has been put together in recent years. The man who came to din- ner, or radio personality Sheridan Whiteside was complimented greatly by his player, Greg Goldston. While visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stanley, played by junior Mike McFarland and sophomore Sara Williams, Whiteside falls on ice on their porch and is forced to remain in a wheel- chair in their home for sev- eral weeks. Mr. Stanley greatly protests Whiteside's stay, but realizes later that his word means nothing to Whiteside and his secretary Maggie Cutler, played by senior Nicki Rubio. Among Whiteside's many visitors are four penguins, actress Lor- raine Sheldon, actor Beverly Carlton, Banjo, and a coffin sent from Saudi Arabia. Mrs. Diane Leeman, Thes- pian sponsor and play direc- tor felt it a success: "I was really pleased with the out- come of the play even though we lost nine cast members to the no-pass, no- play law". The Drama De- partment replaced these lost members and proceeded to produce a successful perfor- mance. After falling on ice on the front porch, Sheridan Whiteside, played by junior Greg Goldston is carried by Bert jefferson, played by junior Steve Reeves and Dr. Bradley, played by sophomore Richard Hol- ton back into the Stanley house. Fall Playf17 Couples Enchanted At Pop Ball Activities It was once again that special time of the year, transform- ing the everyday routine of life into a night that would be remembered forever. Stu- dent Council members met after school until late the night of Friday, February 7 to begin putting together decorations that were built weeks before. After hours of planning, organizing and preparing, the cafeteria and auditorium were ready. The room normally crowded with students eating lunches was at this point a grand ball- room. The auditorium stage, Enjoying the presentation, sen- iors Michelle Stuart, Tracy Casste- vens and Melodee Walker stand on stage together, 18fStudent Life covered with sand, a water- fall and a treasure chest gave the perfect impression of the night's theme: Enchantment Under the Sea. "It was a real experience putting everyth- ing together", said junior Student Council member Scarlett Florez. "It was all worth it when it was over, though." The 1986 Popular- ity Ball was considered by those who attended to be a definite success. Standing next to the stage, Pop Ball couples wait to have their pic- tures made. tv' I X ,pam xr X ey Preparing to pose for Pop Ball pictures, juniors Lisa Edmonds and Shane Lamb take their places on the stage. Talking about their dates, ju- niors Colette Stanton, Michele Far- riell, Scarlett Florez and Michelle Estrello converse in the commons before entering the dance, Standing in the band hall, senior Gwen McGensey awaits the begin- ning of the ceremony. Powder Puff Game Tops Off Twirp Week As a big success, Twirp Week ran from March 17 to March 21. The first day of Twirp Week was green day, coincid- ing with St. Patrick's day. Only a few got pinched be- cause they did not wear green, however. Tuesday was College T-shirt day, allowing students to show their spirit for their favorite college. Sunglasses, Jams and pies highlighted Wednesdays ac- tivities. During break, a pie- eating contest brought junior Mike McFarland and senior Donnie Wilkerson to a messy tie. Throughout the school could be seen many students sport- ing their jams and sunglasses showing their backing for the F,C.A. sponsored event. Thursday was Sweats day, letting students attend classes in a comfortable fash- ion. Discussing plays for that night's game, junior Powder Puff football players make last-minute adjust- ments to their strategy. 201 Student Life Friday was the traditional Black and Gold day in which juniors and seniors, wearing their jerseys, prepared to duel in that night's Powder Puff game. Tricina McCrainey started the game with a powerful 45 yard touchdown run. Senior Sherri Whitfield scored later in the second quarter from five yards out. The halftime score resulted in a 12 to 6 lead by the sen- iors. At halftime, senior Wade Marlow, Twirp King of 1986, was driven around the stadium by Brady Phipps in a 1963 Chevy lm- pala after being crowned by former Twirp King Steven Derrick. Junior Rosalind Smith scored in the second half to give the juniors 12 points for the game. The fi- nal score showed a 21 to 12 victory for the seniors. 'Ji Q Non. UWM? if I Yelling during the break pep ral- ly, senior Powder Puff football play- ers show their enthusiasm for the upcoming game. Resting from their pep rally, sen- ior cheerleaders Doug Brennan and Bobby Wakefield pose with senior football players Deanna Mayes and Wendy Reed in the Student Coin- mons. Completing a halftime cheer, ju- nior Powder Puff cheerleaders par- ticipate in Twirp Week activities. Showing her mean look for the senior team, junior football player Rosalind Smith concentrates on winning the annual game. As a token of appreciation for the hard work and sup- port given to Garland High, seniors are given a day at the end of each year to receive this well-deserved recogni- tion. The 1986 Awards Day assembly was held on May 21, where over 3S260,000 in scholarships were given by organizations, the school, and universities to deserving seniors. Parents, teachers, and students watched as award after award was given, waiting for the final moment when the Valedictorian would be announced. Pres- ton Peterson was named Valedictorian, and Karlton Powell was named Salutato- rian. Their honors not only showed them to be excellent students and involved in school activities, but set ,fx Awaiting the announcement of the Valedictorian, seniors Leigh Ann Splawn and Kyle Herbold stand as fifth and sixth in their graduating class. ""--u-.- Peterson, Powe Capture Top I-Iono During Award Ceremor them off as examples for fu- ture graduates. Both gradu- ated with five graduation skills endorsements, and both were given the opportu- nity to speak before the stu- dent body at graduation held at S.M.U.'s Moody Coliseum on June 7. Twenty-eight students graduated with skills en- dorsements covering ever- ything from band to math- ematics, and over 30 stu- dents were recognized for success in UIL competitions. The student who received the overall highest scholar- ship amount was Richard Dugger, who was given a to- tal of 329,800 in funds to fur- ther his education at Baylor University. The presentation ended with the announcement of 37 hon- or graduates with a gi point average of 10.5 above and the final nouncement, the Valedi rian. "It was no doubt honor,', said senior J' Strickland, who gradue third in his class. "It m me feel like I fell sh though, when I should h tried harder and been V dictorian or Salutatorian As senior Dalton Lytle those who attended in singing of the Alma Mate was finally certain that pi and success at Garland I-l go hand in hand. Holding their trophies, sen Preston Peterson and Karl Powell are given a standing ova after being named Valedicto and Salutatorian, respectively, Ax? Being recognized as honor graduates, seniurs I-Erica Miller and Anthony McKenzie stand xn a lme arms, the gymI1nur at the awards. assembly N QM' 8 1 vs 124' hs if S 1 V H' 1 'eu my Yu ,-vsis V 'L E M NK? 1-V1 M ,ww Q Sf- V x Q fs, ,M 1 1 A K ,,4,.,,,,,A,.V3:.,.,,V...k,,,V.VV..,.k5. ,,,.. ,,,,V, , -1,111 V1 - V .11yV,1g1 ,,,1., 1 .V V-. --WY.,-'1,v::V1 Vw :-'N'-.'-M - 'K- ,f21Vix11, 1 'fi ' -1 . KV -. V- fff- 1--.,-gg.-,.. VV-1 K., , 11,--. , 'V.g-jg, .-F21-V.' V VK ' ', , . Q f' K ' ,' J' ' Vx. '-:V'Vf1-,L-.' '-f-'11, V, -'ef-1 V ' ' --wi' V, . V " K 1 V. . K 1- V. K. K ' K ' , - - , ' :" V ' ,-,g.VVV V.-"','l111j.i. qjegi- 1 QVQ..-1' .fvfV"fQKVK..-i2-n?S1- V1 I 'i'V112f2V' i .V ' .' " 1 f V" ' 122- " .,- , -- -. , V . .21 ' K 'TK V- - - , V:. - ' 21 'L V -'K " -11 'ily -4 1f'K' 53" V 'i LV - VQXEES' UV-K F f-1V?fli.ETgEKVVVz1s41 V -.zwl .- V- ' - - -'L' V " 1 . .. 'V . , 'K ' K K K5.iiKT --V11-'--K 5'.VV. 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V :1.i,2 1- .'f VV,11i, ' QVV 1.'iY'L ' 1 1-2 " ' 'K 'V " H ,' 1 'Vfi' V - " ' " W' " K?" K "W-5 ., T. , V 1.-VKV M' V, :jQ1V. 'K V' 51',g,gf , K ' ' 'j " ' Y1'-51.5 -. ' V '- 'Y1 K'5l5'ri?Ki""' VilKf'LKK. ,K ,K , ' ' ' ' V. ,,.. K . ' - ' KK .iir ir VVVVV ,,, In gy, , .V.... , , V, , N kiyn I 1 ,. -' V' .V,- -1 1:'?:V, ,.,- -. ,- - - .. . - - , :VV51 '.-e31g:,gV, V1 -Vu' , ' ,iV,V:,,-.1,,...4l-3, ,V.f.z,f'1' - .,:Vg-3-,J-,. V' 51, . , ' -11 Awards Dayf23 Fours Years Of Fun Creates Memorable The plans had been final- ized, and tuxedos and flow- ers Were picked up. Four long years of fundraising and con- templating possibilities fi- nally carne to a climax on May .17 at the Westin Hotel. arrived on the in for greet- to be cere For 'Q QC A , , W xfy .Q A .. 4 ... Q Yi - x A A, Q iii ww ... P Q .f A, -W , i g A 'A X ' at 'MA . CJ' 4, ,I ' ' I ', f 5 I qt . I 4, 1 ff 1 i , . Z L .qw P f 10? f-lf j va Seniors Look Toward Future Years Announcements had been sent out, letting all know that the 1986 senior class was i finally graduating. Grand- parents, parents and friends were made proud as seniors walked across the stage at Moody Coliseum on Saturr day, June 7 to receive their diplomas. "Graduation is a great accomplishment after twelve years of hard work," said senior Nalen Naidoo. "Now I am looking forward to the next step". Preparing to enter the coliseum, senior Todd Moody waits for his turn to walk under the direction of Assistant Principal Cliff Mowery. Z6fStudent Life The classes and teachers that filled the majority of the last twelve years became memo- ries as seniors listened tothe traditional speeches of Vale- dictorian Preston Peterson and Salutatorian Karlton Powell. As the seniors assembled the long line, final prepara- tions finally were action in the 10 across the stage that topped off the long hours of study and achievement. uzb'frf7 Q s 1' 0 mu? -n Standing outside Moody Colise- um after graduation, seniors Sam Jones, Shelby Drum and Richard Franklin spend their last moments of high school together. ,gn Uiigzii '51 .N is 5 . . '. it ixfii s.f.L.ff 9 3 fun V .If-af 'v Receiving flowers, senior Mar- tha Gonzales and her parents perse lor family pictures after the cum- mencemenl ceremony, Showing off her diploma. senior Stephanie Campbell waits for the nd tml' the ceremmiy after walking cross the stage at gracluatiun. Mi- 1f"i l I Wearing the newest in Sunglass fashion. senior Jay Parker listens tu instructions during graduation re- hearsal. Graduation!27 ease:weres,awamwwesmrmmeiivwvmwmwqwmimmwmamrtwwsrmvmwiwswef wmwwm-mwe mmrrawmmwf-wwmwamxwawwemeeevee.,Me,'d.sw.Mms,w.t.mmwisxrwmmwf' :Nxt gaemmmwsfaaseeswwuwemwmimrawtwsugm---.-rw Y aa-.--Y M- :ze - M-M W Q .. . .. .,.. . ,... .. .... 3. ,, Students Awarded During FFA Show Students paraded their animals, and prize animals brought top bids during the 42nd annual FFA livestock and poultry show and auction at Garland High School, ln the steer competition, the Grand Champion trophy went to Bob Keltner and Reserve Champion went to Chelle West. Both students attend South Gar- land High School, The Grand Champion beef heifer also went to Keltner and Reserve Champion went to Jennifer Bane of South Garland also. In the auction, Ronnie Caldwell gave 52.20 a pound for the Grand Champion steer. The Grand Champion hog, bought by Re- public-BankeGarland, went for 52.50 a pound. E ...V After being awarded a third place ribbon, freshman John Lohden waits for the auction to begin. Dr. Randy Clark bought the Grand Cham' pion lamb for 52.25 a pound. Best of show in the beef category went to Jennifer Bane. Second and third places went to Lee Keltner and Bob Keltner, re- spectively. Fourth place went to Phillip Cox, all of South Garland. Bob Keltner also took first place in the heavyweight steer division. Second went to Kim Williams of Garland High School and third went to Lee Keltner. ln the middleweight division, Chelle West of South Garland took first, Phillip Cox of South Garland took first. Phillip Cox of South Garland took second and "Boots" Parks of Garland took third, The lightweight division winner was An- gela Devlught. Shannon Peirson placed second and Brian Maynor took third, All are members of the South Garland FFA group. 3 Wmtuw..,a -mf..,,.fmwmWAgm.,f--Meewmw ----, A- W-hi ln the dairy heifer division, Cheryl Little- field placed first and Andrew Littlefield placed second in the first class. Rory Jester of South Garland took third. In the second class, South Garland stu- dents Chris Ensley took first, Bob Keltner second and Toby Lewis third. The third division winner was Bob Keltner, and second place went to Jenni- fer Bane. Third place went to Greg Foster of Garland High. Grand Champion hog went to Brian Pruitt of Garland High and Reserve went to Mike Whitson of South Garland, Best of show went to Shane Chaddick and second place winner was Richard Larsen, both Garland High FFA mem- Entering the arena. senior "Boots" Parks prepares for the judging contest. t xi l , gx A, , , .T,f' j ,Mini NW bers. In the lightweight hog division, South Garland students Ed Tolleson placed first, Brandon Pearce, second, and Mike Munden, third. Mike Whitson of South Garland took first in the middleweight division and Tracy Duren, also of South Garland, took sec- ond. third place went to John Lohden. In the heavyweight division, Brian Pruitt of Garland took first. Second place went to Arlene Robinson and third went to Lane Beck, both of South Garland. Best of show in the lamb division went to Michelle Whitson of South Garland, with second-place winner Garland High Schools Lisa Jones. Grand Champion in the lamb division went to Jim Jordan of South Garland and Reserve went to Rhonda Agnew of Gar- land. Lightweight lamb division winner was Ty Lowry, while Chris Ferguson took sec- ond. Both are of South Garland High School. ln the medium-weight lamb division, Jim Jordan took first and Rhonda Agnew took second. Michelle Whitson took first in the heavyweight lamb division and Kevin Loessberg took second. Both attend South Garland. ln the poultry division, Grand Champion went to Scott Hall and Reserve Champion went to Tiffany Day. Tiffany Day was also the winner in the pen-of-three laying hen division. ln the single-laying hen division, Tiffany Day also took first. Scott Hall took first in the broiler division. The Grand Champion rabbit award went to Kim Ryan. Reserve Champion award went to Mark Sims. ln the doe division, Kim Ryan took first place and in the buck division, Rick Sims took first place. Bill Godfrey took first place in the fryer division. Notebooks Express lndividuality Each student has his or her own idea of fashion and what is in style. When someone walks through G.H.S., he sees many different fads and fash- ions in the attire of students. One would not think, however, that this would be true for notebooks also. Many students take pride in their ap- pearance, and notebooks are a large part of the impression that these stu- dents give off. Just as there are stu- dents who take pride in their appear- ance, there are those who consider notebooks to be a major part of this. Notebooks vary greatly from student to student. One particular style of notebook that seems to be popular with students is the binder with the clear, zip-lock pockets. All kinds of interesting objects can be found in these pockets. The most popular of these seems to be pictures of best friends or boy- friends or girlfriends. Pet and rock star pictures also fill many notebook pockets. Other articles include poems, pens, beltloops, bandanas, money, gum, candy, makeup, combs and many other necessities. What can be determined is that arti- cles found in notebooks can say at least a little about a person's appear- ance and opinion concerning fads and fashions. Featuring letters, tickets and photographs, stu- dents' notebooks express their personalities. Poll Reveals Fashions A poll taken in the spring revealed students preferences in dress. Many said that they preferred clothes that were comfortable. The survey showed that clothes that were com- fortable to some were not as comfort- able to others. For example, we discovered that some students preferred to wear jeans, nice shirts, and ropers, while others prefered to wear T-shirts, ten- nis shoes, and of course, jeans. But, very few chose to wear dressy clothes, such as dresses, slacks, ties, etc . . . So, as an overall survey, all students had their own ways of dressing. The styles that the students wore were usually the ones that fit them best. Mini Mag!29 - I, see. au:r.w.if.,w -Q me-..1 -ws answer,-f,fM-ttf-:J feww-ate-2fm-'wat-Q:wwaasawttxim mean-eatwf fwesnaexvmmt-Q .stsw M ,.,s.t-A ewwaam,maf.wfWa.WV..i,.v,tt.v,ws-Wwtfww Janata.-1.-tktftta ,sam all Lyle Scott Places First ln Floor Setting high standards and spending many hours after practice has been the key to sophomore gymnast Lyle Scott's success. He has proven to be one of the best in the state. Scott began the season ranked as the top gymnast in the district. He won the district 9-5A all around title and placed second in the regionals. Scott's finest hour was later accom- plished in the state meet. "My most satisfying win was placing first on the floor event at state," said Scott, "The competition was tough be- cause it was against the best gym- nast in the state." Scott missed the state floor exercise record by one tenth of a point. He finished second in the vault exercise, third on the parallel bars and fourth 301 Mini Mag on the high bar. "Next year I hope to place first in a lot more state events and possibly win the State all- around," said Scott. The Sophomore's closest competi- tion throughout the state meet was Berkner's Sean Sims. Scott and Sims stayed close throughout the state competition but Sims later edged Scott in the overall standings. "As Sims and I went through the competi- tion, our scores were almost the same, but in the end, he won by three tenths of a point," said Scott. One of Scott's biggest concerns for next year is to help increase the size of the gymnastic team. Throughout the year the young gymnast has spent a lot of hours working for his own individual scores, but he wishes that the team was larger. "With a larger team, we would be in conten- tion for district next year and we would have a good chance to win," f -.s1.tls.m-if ww-X-,nfV'-Q.-mel.-tI-we-it-.:fs ,.-e-a.-af.z-- X-...I ,5.5,,,ff,- . ...aa 4 1 I-aft . ff. ftgaeeefi-fi-watt. .fflgsfsse f.ttf..a,ewfmwsf f, W M. fftf H - .V Mwfww-M-Mlwwst.-.lwlwiff rua,-M.-. 3w.4sVafa.s,w.w..f-alatwmtit.iwts.1fsff. aw..-.'.4AM.ta1w,a1,w,i .,.. M ...i -I-News Demonstrating the L-cross on the rings, soph- omore Lyle Scott prepares for the state meet at J.J. Pearce ln Richardson. .,:,f . W ,tt-. V M r.,ft,, W ..t, ..W.stasW.,,,l, said Scott. Since Scott has become a well known gymnast, he has met a few top people in the gymnastic field. One of his biggest encounters was 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Bart Connor. "People think l'm crazy when I tell them that Bart is a friend of mine," said Scott, "I like Connor because he is an exceptional gym- nast." When asked about the past season, the gymnast replied in a very conser- vative manner. Scott said, "I met my goal, to win the floor at state which makes a very happy person." Locker Decorations Reflect Student Originality Hanging decorations on locker doors is very popular among our students. The main decorations in girls' lock- ers are calendars, mirrors, and pic- tures of their boyfriends. "I hang things in my locker just so people will ask about it," commented sopho- more Kristi Hutson. The majority of guys, however, have pictures of their cars in their lockers. The guys, like the girls, keep a mirror handy for those quick touch-ups between classes. "I hang stuff on my locker because most of the other people do it," added sophomore Frank Trillo. Granted, mirrors and pictures are not the only items hanging in lockers throughout the school. If you look hard enough, you can also see post- ers, artwork, and memo boards.,,..ffn:.,..1a.:' -.asf -agus..-.ss1:nsfw:1ewafes:f. seeawyezrztI-1.315-w:1e.s.sate:a:eemnwmeseasmest-:E4wgalefzesssaawafitsmaa Using his imagination to hang an as- sortment of items that show his ideas are a way to tell a person's way of thinking. Having pictures, calendars, and mirrors, students not only reflect individuality and orignality, but they also reflect their interests and person- ality. ,,-.L-me -.-sw ..f.:,- . -1, -tt. ...Z - W 1,-.1 -ee - Q tr Containing personal effects, lockers often tell a great deal about the student and his inter- ests. Parents Influence Decision About High School Garland High has through the years been the alma mater to many, includ- ing parents of some of this year's students. Patsy Lander, sophomore Kellie Lander's mother, graduated in 1970, about the same time South Garland became a rival. "The thing I remem- ber most about G.H.S. was all the school spirit that's still shared by stu- dents and faculty today," said Mrs. Lander, "The only way I can really see that Garland has changed from my time is that today's kids are smarter than we were, they know what's going on." Sophomore Tracy Cannon's father, Johnny Cannon, was a 1967 gra- duate. He also feels the same about Garland's spirit. "There was a certain air at all times, but especially on Fri- 1.fe.f.:- env -mfs. .ff1ae--s1fzf.-t.,az- fzfwzfs,-.1-V 1- A-Wa. rmmrzse- Mess:-fszzazl days at the pep rallies. We always had a huge crowd to support and cheer on the players," said Cannon. When asked how Garland had changed, Cannon responded by say- ing that students now seem to have a larger variety of subjects from which to choose. These parents played an important role in the decisions made by their daughters concerning school. Tracy Cannon said, "The main reason l came to Garland High is because my Dad went here." Kellie Lander made her choice between South Garland, her father's alma mater, and G.H.S. Special Olympics Turn Out Area Winners The Ninth Annual Special Olympic Games were held at Williams Stadium on Friday, May 2, 1986. Ten students from G.H.S. competed in the meet which turned out to be an all day affair. The Special Olympics are held every year, and Garland High School has been competing for five years. In these games no one is a los- er, and everyone wins. All of the participants receive an award. "It makes the students feel like theyycan do something worthwhile," said Lois Alber- tine, special education teacher. The events of the games were the 10 yard dash, 25 yard dash, 100 yard dash, frisbee, long jump, softball throw, 50 yard dash, 440 relay, and tug of war. The students who par- ticipated were Susan Basham, Lovie Benton, Kent Drom- goole, Weldon Flatt, Henry Haywood, Tammy Henderson, Chad Jacobson, Tim Tanner, Ingrid Tutt, and Renee Wilks. Chad Jacobson and Renee Wilks represented G.H.S. in the Regionals. Jacobson placed first in the 100 yard dash at the District meet. "I think it is a lot ze we ---- seas:-ef -saevswz -a:4:,gi:asrfse.--w:ei.:if:f-sz.a:w,.t:,fzs:f-w :- e-Qs-z-:iesz5s1,f:,.f.e.mWe.-swseafLzsgtsrxsfvwzsmzf- --serv U-11-sf :ff --we 1e:ff.f of fun to run in the races," ad- ded Jacobson. Wilkes placed first in the 25 yard dash. "I feel like everyone was really proud of me," said Wilkes. The Special Olympic program, designed to allow special edu- cation students to participate in atheletics, is noted for con- veying a winning feeling to all who take part in the day's ac- tivities. Brothers, Sisters Follow Footsteps Many students attending G.H.S. have younger brothers or sisters currently fol- lowing in their footsteps. Included among these are: senior Royal Mowery and his younger sister, Dinah Mowery, senior Wendy Reed and her sister, junior Jill Reed, and senior Richard Derrick and his brother, sophomore Neil Derrick. When asked about having a sister at the same school, Royal Mowery said, "lt real- ly doesn't affect me that much because I never really see her that often, except at school functions." Richard Derrick re- sponded by saying that he likes having Neil here at Garland because, "he helps me when I need help and besides, I don't have to keep an eye on him during class time." 8? ' 5 1 Standing in the commons, freshman Dinah Mowery and senior Royal Mowery represent many of the sibling combinations in our school. Mini Mag! 31 ' , Q5 vt A it ig W Country Group BEST: Winning by 9973, Alabama took over this category. The oth- er one percent was taken by The Judds. WORST: The Oak Ridge Boys were picked for worst country group. Exile and the Statler Brothers tied for second. Country Singer BEST: lt was close, but George Strait barely edged out Hank Wil- liams Jr. while Kenny Rogers came in third. WORST: Willie Nelson won this category all by himself. Country Song BEST: Believe it or not, both of George Strait's songs, "The Chair" and "The Fireman" came in first and second places, respec- tively. WORST: Dan Seal's song, "Bop with You Baby", took in more votes than any other song. Rock Group BEST: Are you ready for this? A tie between lron Maiden, Boston, and Van Halen! WORST: Students believe that Culture Club and Wham! were the worst ever. Rock Singer BEST: We have a tie! Everyone agreed that "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen, and Bryan Adams were the best. WORST: Mick Jagger took over this category with David Lee Roth coming in second. Rock Song BEST: Over half the students vot- ed for "Lovin' Every Minute of lt" by Loverboy. The rest liked any- thing from Madonna to Motley Crue. WORST: lt was a tie for first place in this category with "Rus- sians" by Sting and "Dancing in the Streets" by Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Next in line was "One more Night" by Phil Collins. Restaurant BEST: Coming in for first was Chili's with the Black-eyed Pea coming in second WORST: Jack-in-the-Box was the 1 :mir gr :xg -x Tying with Boston and Van Halen, heavy metal rock group Iron Maiden was chosen first place in our survey. worst according to the polled stu- dents. Next was Burger King. Hamburger BEST: Students did not know whether we meant type of burger or place. MacDonald's Big Mac won out over all. WORST: Students agreed that Burger King's Whopper was the worst. After School Place BEST: Most people preferred to go home after school. WORST: Where is the worst place to go after school? Our poll says Jack-in-the-Box. Y .,, 7 ,T . ,. Wsmx... 32lM:m Mag ' TJ lt l l 1 1 i l .im "'l r 2 l l I 1 l 21 ,1 1 l . ll 1 ll s 1 1 l. 1 ,. l 1 Car BEST: This year's young stu- dents preferred the old Mustangs. WORST: lt was a tie between the VW Bug and a Ford Pinto. Concerts BEST: There was a wide variety of votes, but the Texas Jamm came out on top. Running behind were Rush and Loverboy. WORST: A three way tie between Bruce Springsteen, Twisted Sis- ter, and Kiss. Music Video BEST: The video "All the Kings Horses" by the Firm came in first. WORST: Students couldn't agree on the worst video, but the domi- nating ones were "Dancing in the Streets" by Mick Jagger and Da- vid Bowie and "Money for Noth- ing" by Dire Straights. Radio Station BEST: The Eagle, 97.1 Kegl, won out as best with the students. Fol- lowing behind were QIO2, 96 and KIO4. WORST: 92 V2 walked away with the honor. Students picked EZ Actor BEST: Michael J. Fox was picked above the daring Harrison Ford, who came in second. WORST: Let's just say Woody Al- len was picked worst actor. Soap Opera BEST: A tie for first was between All My Children and Days of Our Lives. WORST: Among the worst soaps, students chose General Hospital and Dallas. 4 I gi all .1-g 'l. 551' X ,L 1, 5, u I gg . i"! - . struction crew has been working steadily from seven in the morning until three-thirty every afternoon. They've been tearing down the old, planning, and rebuilding the new. ln addition to the complete renova- tion of the interior of the gym, a giant hole has been dug in the area in front between the gym and the art build- ing. The purpose of this hole is for a new addition to the gym which will have an elevator. Some special fea- tures which are to be added to the new gym are a weight room and an expanded locker room. "The cost of the project is estimated to be over one million dollars. The money will be well spent," said Coach Lynette Howard. The recon- struction of the girl's gym is thought to beneficial to everyone involved with the school. Coach Howard said, "This is a great opportunity as far as the girl's athletic program is con- cernedf' "The new gym will bring in a better quality of athletes," said Coach Lynn Lipscomb, "For us to have a success- ful girl's program, we need the new gym and facilities." Randy Leigh, the foreman in charge of the construc- tion of the gym said, "Hopefully the renovation of the gym will last an- other fifty years." li l 1 100 with Kiss 106 next on the ,L l dial. l Under construction, officials hope to have the new X gym completed by January 22, 1987. X il HB k t th F t H t Taking the honors. Chili's was chosen the best 3 ac O e U Ure 1 S ar' restaurant by the students. ring Michael J. Fox, received l, more votes than any other. f- W-:W-W - WORST: Madonna may be able , , , Q to sing, but students said that in Major Revlslons 1 her movie, "Desperately Seeking To Be Made 1 Susan", she should stick to sing- n 1 ing. ln Reconstruction Actress Of Girls' Gym l J Construction is underway for the re- l BEST: Meryl Streep won top hon. building of the girls gym at G.H.S. ors in this category with Diahann The gym was 0"9'naH.y,bu"t,bY the Carroll Second Works Progress Administration un- WORST. D ft th lam der President Franklin Roosevelt. fh ' espkxed e gizseiveg The reconstruction was long over- o er movie, a onn due. V 5 more votes than any one else in A - this CHICQOTY- The project was started January 22, ' 1986 and is estimated to be complet- ' ed by January 22, 1987. The con- L Q ' - fe 'll gi WWW- Lui gl Mlm Mag! 33 . - f W ff ew- - - --2 35252251 """" W S3 ES 1 Y' +5 ggi t . 9 4 Y, f i - ff' iw TQIWQSS5 J i gi ggigsgsiisss 3 EW: fif Q Y 5g ?iW 5ws3g r s iii .gi f i, .15 f .3 if 3 if if 5 .3 Qi wi xi Nga . 3: - N 3 ,S ia .2 ,gf bfi - . F an-,ei ,wg is Lis. v v .ti uw.. ji Elsa 55233 xxx gi, 'f-a ii i S 34fPeopIe Division -People Describe Our Student Body In One Word. Why? n Multitude-They're everywhere." -Michelle Stuart-senior "Unique-All the students are so differ- ent," -Betsy Peterson-junior "Different-You've got in and out crowds and then there's just plain oddballsf' -fBryan Zachary-sophomore "Big-Because there are so many people." -Andrea Dusak-junior "Fascinating-Because there are so many different origins." -Darren Brown-freshman "Friendly-Because being new to the school, I made a lot of friends within the first dayf' -Cami Dudley-freshman "Variety-Everyone is different." -Jean Guston-sophomore "Open-They have the attitude of it's O.K. if you do, it's O.K. if you don't." -Deanna Lancaster-senior Performing during the annual Christmas pro- gram, sophomore Chris Miller plays the xylophone for the concert band. ff' Q 9 fp' tk, f' N W -4 2 v 3 n x tX.n 4415 l People! 35 Eurick Abron-Football 10,11,125 FHA 12, President. Lesvia Acevedo. Aleese Alexander-DECA 125 FHAXHECE 11. Carol Alexander-Cheerleader 95 FHAXHECE 11,12, ReporterfHistorian5 Drama Club 95 German Club 9,10, Secretary. Patrick Allen. juan Alvizo. Kimberly Arnold- Dashing Debs 11,125 FHAXPELE 125 Youth and Government 125 Key Club 12. Brett Atwell- Baseball 95 FFA 9,10,11,12 Reporter, Co-op. Lisa Bacher-Volleyball Mgr. 95 Track 95 Choralairs 10, OEA 11,12, Secretary. james Ballard-Band 9,10,11,125 Computer Math Club 11,12, President5 French Club 11. Craig Barnes-Band 9,10,11,12, Section Leader5 Stage Band 10,11,12, Section Leader5 SAC 125 Beta Club 125 Bio-Chem Club 10, Reporter5 115 Math Club 105 Spanish Club 9. Kimberly Barnes. David Beattie-Computer Math Club 10,11, Vice President, 12, President5 OEA 12. Alan Bickerstafl-French Club 95 VICAXICT 11,12. Lori Blanton-Food Service 11,12. Randall Bly. jill Bodiford-Gold jackets 95 Yearbook Staff 10,11,12, Editor5 VICAXICT 12. jerry Boner- Band 9,'l0,'l'l,'l25 FHAfHECE 11,12. Ruben Bourbois-Track 95 Soccer 9,10,11,125 DECA 12, Sergeant-at-arms. Amanda Bowles- Dashing Debs 10,11,12, Squad Leader, Social Chairman5 Gold jackets 95 DECA 12, Social Chairman5 NHS 11,125 Student Council Representative 95 Latin Club 12. Cynthia Bowman-Dashing Debs 10,11,12, Treasurer, Squad Leader5 Gold jackets 95 Bio- Chem Club 105 OEA 12. Doug Brennan- Football 95 Yearbook Staff 12, Editor5 Newspaper Staff 10,11, Editor, 115 Drama Club 9,10, Historian, 10, Vice President, 115 Publications Photographer 11,125 Academic Decathlon 11,12. Douglas Brown. joyce Brown-Track 95 DECA 12, Carnation Sales Chairman5 FHAXHECE 11, Class Representative. 36! People i enior Class Officers - Front Row: eanna Mayes iSecretaryJ, Tracy -..-V. I n Spon tPresidenti Brenda ice Presidentl, Erica Mill- Baclr Row: Kaye lr- sori, Martha Meazle Successful Prom Highlights Senior Year The 1985-86 senior class be- gan the school year with great plans and high hopes geared toward raising mon- ey for the prom. The class actually began their fun- draising activites the surn- mer before the 1985-86 year by taking inventory at Mer- vyn's. They also ran a dunk- ing booth at the laycee iubi- lee. Seniors once again showed their enthusiasm in projects such as selling Christmas wrapping paper, cushions and pom-poms, and organizing victory dances and the powder puff game on March 21. The parent's club was a tre- mendous help in organizing activities like Santal.and, held at school and at Safeway, bingo at the bingo palace on Garland road, and working the concession stands at Dallas Cowboys home games. With all of the hard work put in by class officers and stu- dents, the year turned out to be a great one. The prom, which was held at the Westin Hotel in the Galleria was a big success. Overall, it has been another successful and fun-filled school year for the senior class. All of the hard work has finally paid off as was found out on June 7 in Moody Colliseum. Andy Bryant-Football 9,105 DECA 12. Carolyn Burnett-Dashing Debs 11,12, Lieutenant5 FHA 11,125 PELE 125 Youth and Government 125 Key Club 125 French Club 9. lulie Cambis- Gold jackets 95 FHAXPELE 11,12. Chris Campbell-Band 95 Refrigeration-Air 11,12. Stephanie Campbell-Band 9,105 FHA 125 HOSA 11,125 Latin Club 9. Scotty Cannon- Football 9,105 DECA 11. Sergio Capetillo. David Carranza-Band 9,10,11,125 Rifle Corps 11, Captain, 12. Seniors! 37 Teresa Carter-Gold jackets Manager, 10, Choralairs 9, Librarian, 10, Beta Club 11,12, Student Council 9,10,11, Parliamentary, VICAXICT 12. Steven Cash-Regrigeration-Air 11,12. Tracy Casstevens-Cheerleader 9,10,11,12, Homecoming Court 12, Class Offices Vice-President 9, Vice-President 10, President 12, FCA 12, Gymnastics Team 11, Class Favorite 9. Dorothea Causey- Choralairs 9,10, President 11, President 12, FHAXPELE 12. 38!Seniors Best All Around Holly Swanzy - I James Strickland Most Beautiful and Handsome , Wendy Reed , Donald Clem Kimberly Chapman-Gold lackets 95 SAC 125 Project Close Up 125 Latin Club 10,115 Academic Decathlon 115 S.A.D.D 12 Vice President5 Younglife 9,10,11,12. Adrion Chatman. Kimberly Chatman. Arthur Cisnero. Richard Cisnero. Cheryl Clark- OEA 125 Drama Club 9,10. Donald Clem-Football 9,10,11 Captain, 12 Captain. Tommy Cobb. Donald Coburn. Terry Coffey. Eileen Cohn- OEA 11,12. lackie Co eman-Volleyball 95 Track 95 Basketball 9,10,115 OEA 12. Cheryl Congrove-OEA 11,12. Wendy Connelly-Yearbook Staff 125 Basketball 9,10,125 FHA 95 Spanish Club 9,10. William Cook-Football 9,10,11,125 FFA 9,10,11,12. Leslie Cox. Terry Crawford-ICT 12. Ingrid Cristales-OEA 11,12 Parliamentary. Karol Cristales-OEA 11,12 Treasurer. Crystal Crouse. Lyndel Daniel. Ronnie Davis-DECA 125 VICA Cabinet Making 11. Tammy Davis. Sherry Dawson-Gold jackets 95 YAC 9,10 President, 11 Presidentj DECA 11, 12 Secretary5 Yearbook Staff 10. SeniorS!39 Curtis Dickey-A Capella 10,115 Freshman Choir 95 HECE 12. Shelby Drum-Cheerleader 9,105 FFA 11,125 Sophomore Class Favorite5 junior Class Favorite5 FFA Sweetheart Nominee 11, Richard Dugger. Walter Dunagin-Tennis 10,11,125 SAC 11,125 Bio- Chem Club 10,125 NHS 11,125 German Club 9,105 Academic Decathlon 11,12. David Dunavin-9,11, 125 Rodeo Club 9,10,11,125 VICA Machine Shop 10. Tracey Duncan. Darla Edwards-FHAXHECE 12. Suzanne Elliott-Band 9,10,11,125 Flag Corps 10,11,125 OEA 125 Spanish Club 11,12. Monica English. Sophia English-Track 95 FHAXPELE 9,115 FHAfHECE 9,12. Misty Eubanks-Yearbook Staff 115 Gold jackets 105 A Capella 10,11,12 Section Leader5 Freshman Choir 9. Miriam Evitt-DECA 125 FHA 115 FHAXHECE 115 Drama Club 9. Tammy Forbis-OEA 11,125 French Club 9,10. Richard Franklin. Stacey French-Dashing Debs 10 Manager5 OEA 11 12 Vice President. Lisa Frerich-FHAXPELE 115 HOSA 12 President5 Young Life 9,10. lohn Fuller-VICAXICT 12. lanine Gaetand. Bertha Garcia-DECA 12, Historian. lesus Garcia-Industrial Arts 9,10. Cynthia Garcia. Sobie Garza. Regina Gibson-Band 95 OEA 11,12 President. Rekitha Giddings-Volleyball 9,10,11,125 Basketball 115 Track 9,10,115 FHAXPELE 12 Historian. 40!People 'QF l Lonnie Giles-DECA 11,125 French Club 9,1O. Martha Gonzales-OEA 11,12. leff Gresso-Play Cast 105 Band 9,10,11,125 A Capella 125 Celebrations Drummer 125 Industrial Arts 9. Stephanie Griffin- Band 9,10,11,125 Fla Corps 10,11,12 Lieutenant5 Spanish Clui 11 Treasurer, 12. Lisa Grove-Art Club 105 FHAXHECE 115 HOSA 12. David Gruszka-Band 95 DECA 125 Rodeo Club 10. Fletcher Gunnoe-Art Club 105 Baseball 9.10, DECA 12 Historian. Amy Hall-Track 9,10,115 A Capella 10,125 Choralairs 115 Freshman Choir 9. Most Talented Teri Travis Dalton Lytle Mos! Likely to Succeed Cindy James Preston Peterson Most FemininefMasculine leannine Crane Wade Marlow Top Choices Selected by Seniors This year's Senior class elected Teri Travis and Dalton Lytle as Most Talented. Nominees in- cluded leannine Crane, Rich- ard Derrick, Paula McLaughlin, Brian lones, Tammy Schilling, Holly Swanzy, Karlton Powell, and james Strickland. Top choices for Most Likely to Suc- ceed were Cindy lames and Preston Peterson. Nominees were Kim Chapman, Richard Dugger, David Kaes, Amy Lay, Todd Moody, Stacy Rogers, Leigh Ann Splawn, and james Strickland. The recipients of the award for Most Feminine and Most Masculine were Jean- nine Crane and Wade Marlow. Other nominees included Ricky Alsbrook, Amy Lay, Don- ald Clem, Wendy Reed, Leigh Ann Splawn, and john Strick- land. Seniorsflll joe Hall-VICAXICT 11,12, Industrial Arts 9,10. Brett Hanna-Rodeo Club 9,105 VICAXICT 11,12, Denise Hanna-FFA 9,10,11,12g FFA Sweetheart Nominee 9,10. Ioanna Harris-A Capella Choir 10 Representative, Freshman Choir 10 Historian, Play Cast 9,10,11,12, DECA 12, Drama Club 9,10 Secretary 11,12 President, French Club 11,12. Phyllis Harris-Food Service 11, Basketball 9,10,11, DECA 12, FHA 11,12. Greg Harvey- Baseball 9,10,11,12g VICA Cabinet Making 12 Seargent at Arms. David Havis. Derick Heifner. 42fPeopIe Most Witty A Teresa Murrah -Doug Brennan Most Courteous Leigh Ann Splawn ,Benny lestis Patrick Helton-VICA Cabinet Making 11. Cherie Henderson-Volleyball Mgr. 9,10,11, Basketball-Manager 9,10,11,12, Food Service 10,12, FHA 10,12, FHAfPELE 11. Kyle Herbold-Play Cast 9, Band 9 Freshman Representative, 10 Treasurer, 11 Treasurer, 12 President, Beta Club 11,12 Vice President, Bio-Chem Club 10,11 Vice President, Youth and Government 9,10,12 Vice President, NHS 12, Student Council 9 Freshman Representative, 11 lunior Representative, 12 Treasurer, Spanish Club 9,10 Reporter, 12, French Club 11,12, Class Officer 11 Treasurer. Edgar Hernandez. Shelly Hernandez-Band 9,10,11,12 Senior Representative, Stage Band 10,11,12, Beta Club 12. lack Hester-Football 9, Swimming 12, Refrigeration and Air 11,12, industrial Arts 9. Regina Hiedleberg. Melissa Hill. Gregory Hollowell. Charles Holt-Youth and Government, Spanish Club 11, VICA Cabinet Making 12. Michelle Hough-Food Service 9 Vice President, 10 Vice President, 11 Vice President, 12 Vice President, Gold jackets 10 Manager, DECA 11,12. Robert Houston. Mark Huff. Sondra Hurst. Leigh Ann jackson-Dashing Debs 10,11,12 Deb Council President and squad leader, Choralairs 9, 10 Librarian. Sherri lackson-Volleyball 9,10,11, Dashing Debs 12, FHA 11,12 Hero President. Vincent lacobs-Baseball 9,10. VICA Cabinet Making 11,12, Industrial Arts 9,10. Cynthia lames-Tennis 9,10,11,12, Beta Club 11,12, Key Club 10, Youth and Government 9,10,11,12, NHS 12 Treasurer, Project Close Up 11,12, Student Council 12 Senior Representative. Benny lestis-Bell Guard 12. Bertrille lohnson. jackie johnson-Football Trainer 11, 12, Track 9,10, Dashing Debs 12, Gold jackets 9, A Capella 10,11 Secretary, 12 Treasurer, Freshman Choir 9 Secretary, Youth and Government 10, Soccer 10,11, French Club 11. Lisa lohnson-Volleyball 9,10,11, Basketball 10,11, OEA 12. Scott loiner-Basketball 9,10, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Bell Guard 12, Beta Club 12, Key Club 11. Brian lones-A Capella 10, Sophomore Representative 11,12, Celebrations 11,12, Freshman Choir 9 President, Beta Club 11, Key Club 11, NHS 11,12, Latin Club 11 Treasurer, 12 Vice President. Seniorsf43 Carl lones. Iennie lones. Thomas lones- Football 10,11,125 Band 95 Computer Math Club 11,125 VICA Machine Shop 12. lackie Iorden-OEA 12. David Kaes-Football 9,10,11,125 Baseball 95 Beta Club 11,125 Key Club 10,11 Vice President, 12 President5 Student Council 125 Latin Club 9,10. Cindy Keighley-FFA 125 OEA 11. Shawn Kieley-FFA 105 OEA 12. Towana King. Timothy Knight-Football Manager 9,10,11,125 VICAfCabinet Making 11. leff Lafame. Melissa Lail-FHAXPELE 115 HOSA 12. Le Lam. Deanna Lancaster-A Capella 10,125 Freshman Choir 95 Latin Club 10,115 Class Officer 10 Treasurer5 Most Beautiful 9,105 Most Beautiful Nominee 115 FFA Sweetheart Nominee 125 Soccer 105 Soccer Manager 12. Brian Lane-Head Bell Guard 125 FFA 9,10,11,12. Brian Langford-DECA 11,12 President. Richard Larsen-Football 9,10,11,125 Play Cast 9,10,11,125 FFA 9,10,11,125 Debate 105 Thespian Society 9,10,11,12. Patricia Lawley-Dashing Debs 9 Manager, 10 Manager5 FHA 125 FHAXHECE 125 OEA 12. Amy Lay-Cheerleader 9,11,125 Yearbook Staff 105 Homecoming Court 125 Beta Club 125 Youth and Government 10,115 Student Council 10,12. Huong Le. Son Le-Golf 115 Tennis 11. Dana Leonard. Stephanie Lincoln-Volleyball Manager 10,115 Basketball Manager 10,115 Track 95 Food Service 11,125 FHA 11,12 Vice President. Linda Little-Dashing Debs 105 A Capella Choir 10,115 Freshman Choir 95 Beta Club 11,125 NHS 12. Larry Lufkin. 44!People Dalton Lytle- Band 9,10,11,125 Drum Major 11,125 SAC 125 A Capella 10,11 Vice President, 12 President5 Celebrations 125 Beta Club 11,125 Youth and Government 11 SecretaryfTreasurer5 NHS 11,125 Project Close Up 115 Student Council 95 Latin Club 10,11. Doris Macha- Band 9,10,11,125 Flag Corps 11,125 DECA 115 FHAfHECE 12 Treasurer. Kevin Mack. Brenda Mallard- Choralairs 9,105 FHAfHECE 10,11,12. Most Friendly Amy Lay Scott Joiner Best Owl Spirit Michelle Stuart Royal Mowery Most Athletic Sherri Whitfield Best And Most Announced Nominees for Most Friendly were Lesvia Acevedo, Benny Jestis, Monica English, Scott Joiner, Amy Lay, Royal Mowery, Deanna Mayes, Bill Rich, Marialou Milam, and Nick Siratt. The winners were Amy Lay and Scott Joiner. The two students displaying the best Owl Spirit were Michelle Stuart and Royal Mowery. Other , nominees were Tracy Casste- vens, Scott Joiner, Monica Eng- lish, Brian Lane, Amy Lay and David Simpson. The students selected as Most Athletic were Sherri Whitfield and Richard Derrick. The nominees were Amy D. Hall, Amy K. Hall, Ke- vin Adkins, Ricky Alsbrook, Tri- J cina McCrainey, and Walter Dunagin. Seniors!45 james Maries-Newspaper Staff 125 FFA 9,10,11,12 Reporter, Key Club 11,12 Sargeant at-Arms. Darran Marlow-Football 9,10,11,12, Basketball 9, French Club 9,10. Richard Martin-SAC 12, German Club 9,10 Vice President, 12 President, Academic Decathlon 12. Araceli Martinez. Christina Martinez. Todd Mauthe-VICAXICT 12. Deanna Mayes-Cheerleader 9, A Capella Choir 10,11 Librarian, 12 Librarian, Freshman Choir, French Club 11, Class Office 10 Secretary, 11 Secretary, 12 Secretary. Hugo Medina. l ners 5 though it i number of sidered the most 1 , 4 Ba High The award is given at the Simpson, This are nual Popularity Ball, and s one it is eryone s award. from l'I0n0r by the majority of were very excited their and with others. Leigh a great Strick- faculty honor me john prestigious award Robert All G.H.S. All G.H.S. Amy Lay Cindy james Robert Waggoner james Strickland fron 46fPeopIe M Q? Zorina Merrywell-FHA 105 FHAXHECE 115 HOSA 12 Class Representative. Marialou Milam-Cheerleader 95 Dashing Debs 10,11,12 Lieutenant5 FHA 11,125 FHAXPELE 11 Class Representative 12 President5 Youth and Government 115 French Club 9,10. Christy Miller-Art Club 9,10,115 FHA 9,12 Secretary5 OEA 12. Erica Miller-Class Officer 12 Treasurer. Ricky Miller. Danny Moody-Beta Club 125 Key Club 11,12 Historian5 Industrial Arts11. Carla Moore-Gold jackets 95 OEA 12. Valerie Moore-Freshman Choir 95 Food Service 125 FHA 12. Cammie Morris. Stephanie Mougia-Band 9,10,11,125 Flag Corps 9,10 Captain, 11 Captain, 12 Captain. Ro al Mowery-Play Cast 95 Football 95 Bell Guardl125 Beta Club 11,125 FFA 10,11 Treasurer, 12 President5 NHS 125 Drama Club 95 Spanish Club 9. Teresa Murrah-FFA 9,'l0,'l'l,12. Melinda Myers-Dashing Debs 10,11,12 Squad Leader5 Gold jackets 95 DECA 125 FHAXPELE 115 Key Club 11. Kevin McBride-VICAXICT 125 VICA Cabinet Making 11. David McConnell-VICAXICT 125 VICA Cabinet Making 10,11. Teresa McCown-Volleyball 9,105 YAC 10. Tricina McCrainey-Volleyball 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,125 Food Service 11,125 FHA 11 Secretary, 12 Secretary. Angela McGee-Football Trainer 9,10,11,125 Vo leyball Mana er 9,105 Basketball Manager5 Basebai Trainer 9,10,11,125 Track Manager 9,10,11. Gwendolyn McGensey. Gregory McGill- Football 9,10,11,125 Basketba 9,105 Track 9,'l0,1'l,'l2. Anthony McKenzie-Band 9,10,11,125 Sta e Band 11. Nancy McKeown-OEA 12. Paug McLaughlin-Homecoming Court 125 Dashing Debs 11,125 Lieutenantp Gold jackets 9,10 Captain5 A Capella 10,11,12 Secretar 5 Freshman Choir 9 Librarian5 Key Club 12. Nalen Naidoo. Seniors!47 Magda Navarro. Thang Nguyen. Debbie Nixon-Tennis 9, DECA 12, FHAXPELE 11. Tony Noble. Simone Orange-Basketball 9,10, Track 9. Maria Ortiz-OEA 11,12g French Club 10. Patty Ortiz-Dashing Debs 11,125 YAC 9,10 Reporter, DECA 12 Reporter, FHAXPELE 11, Key Club 9,10 Secretary, 11 Secretary, 12, Project Close Up 9. Todd Paige-Tennis 9,105 Newspaper Staff 9,10,11, Editor 12, Beta Club 11,125 NHS 11,12. M fr' ,f QL, 48!PeopIe lay Parker-Football 9,10,11,12g Hooter Rooters 11,12. Glen Parks-FFA 9,10 Reporter, 11,12. Scott Parsons-Swim Team 9,10,11,12g Beta Club 12, NHS 125 Latin Club 9,10,11 Vice President, 12. lames Partain-Football 9,105 DECA 115 VlCAflCT 12. Vijay Patel. Vicki Peacock-FFA 9,10,11. james Peoples-Football 9,10,11,12g Basketball 95 Food Service 12. Ernest Perez-Football 9,10,11,12, Track 9,10,11, Spanish Club 11 President. -4 Seniors!49 Gayla Perez. Daniel Peterson-Band 9,10,11,12. Preston Peterson-Tennis 125 SAC 125 A Capella 10,11,12 Vice President5 Freshman Choir 95 Beta Club 11,12 President5 Bio-Chem Club 11,125 Latin Club 11,12 President5 German Club 9,105 NHS 12. john Plate-Football 9,10,11,125 VICAXICT 12. Anita Poole. Adeline Poovey. lason Poteet- Football 9,10. Karlton Powell-Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 11,125 Beta Club 11,125 Bio-Chem Club 10,11 Secretary, 12. mg 50fPeopIe faculty Tilton Poynter-Band 9,10,115 French Club 115 VICAXICT 12. Robert Quisenberry-Band 9,10,11,125 VICAXICT 11,12. Nancy Ramirez. lesse Ramon-Football 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,105 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Youth and Government 105 Key Club 11. Emma Rangel-YAC 9 Secretary, 10 Secretary, 11 Secretar 5 HOSA 125 Spanish Club 9,10. Cathy Reecll-Cheerleader 95 Dashing Debs 10,125 Vickie Reeves-HOSA 125 Key Club 11,125 Soccer 11. Aimee Regmund-Band 9,10,11,125 Flag Corps 10,11,12 Leiutenant5 YAC 9 Reporter5 DECA 12 Treasurer5 French Club 10. David Rhodes-Football 95 Basketball 95 A Capella 10,11,125 Freshman Choir 95 VICA Machine Sho 10511. Bill Rich-115 VlCAflCT 12. Brandee Rjich. Curtis Riley-FFA 95 Rodeo Club 9,10,11,125 VlCAflCT 11,125 VICA Machine Shop 10. Lisa Roberts-FFA 11,12. Paige Roberts. Forlessia Robinson. lohn Rocha-Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 11. Staci Rogers-YAC 9 Treasurer, 10 Treasurer5 FHA 10 Chairman, 11 President. lay Rothwell-Football 9,10,11,125 Industrial Arts 11,12. jennifer Rutherford. Lilly Sanchez. Natalia Sanchez-Cheerleader 95 Dashing Debs 11,125 YAC 105 Beta Club 125 Key Club 105 French Club 9,105 Class Officer 10 Reporter5 12 Reporter. Kevin Sanders-Baseball 9,10,11,125 VlCAf Cabinet Making 12 Secretary. Richard Sanders-Football 9,105 OEA 125 VICAX Cabinet Making 11. Tammy Schilling-Track 105 Band 9,10,11,125 Twirler 9,10,11,125 Miss Majorette of North Texas 115 FHA 95 HOSA 11 Secretary, 12 Vice President5 Drama Club 9. Seniors!5l leff Schmitt-Football 105 VlCAfCabinet Making 11,12. Margaret Scott. Darryl Sed wick-Band 9 10 11 12. Dale Shaw- g I 1 1 Football 9, VlCAflCT 12. CAflCT 12. Carla Shipp. Brenda Simpson-Cheerleader 9,10,115 Homecoming Court 125 SAC 125 Beta Club 11,125 NHS 11,125 Student Council 12 Historian5 Class Officer 12 Vice President. David Simpson-Baseball 9,10,11,125 Bell Guard 125 A Capella Choir 125 Celebrations 10,11,12. Nick Siratt-Football 9,105 Baseball 9,10,11,125 YAC 95 VlCAfCabinet Making 12 President5 FCA 11,12 President5 Hooter Rooter 11,12. David Smith. Suzanne Smith-Volleyball 9,10,115 Food Service 11 Secretary5 FHA 11. Tonya Smith-Dashing Debs 11,125 Gold jackets 95 Key Club 115 French Club 9,10. jeff Sorenson-Baseball 11,125 Band 9,10,11,125 Beta Club 12. Kevin Spear-Refrigeration-Air. Leigh Ann Splawn-Homecoming Court 125 Dashing Debs 10 Deb Council, 11 Deb Council, 12 Lieutenant5 Gold jackets 9 1st Lieutenant, SAC 125 A Cappella Choir 105 Freshman Choir 95 Beta Club 11,125 Youth and Government 10,11 President5 NHS 125 Student Council 105 Latin Club 12. Kathryn Spoor-Art Club 9,105 Spanish Club 11,12. Michael Spoor-Football 115 FHAXHECE 12. Karen Stinnett-Band 9,10,11,125 Flag Corps 9,10 Lieutenant, 125 Art Club 105 Key Club 125 Latin Club 115 Industrial Arts 10,11. Howard Stone. Matt Streger-Band 9,10,11,125 SAC 125 Beta Club 125 Bio-Chem Club 10,11,125 Youth and Government 115 NHS 125 Latin Club 12. lames Strickland-Football 9,10,11,125 Beta Club 11,12 Treasurer5 NHS 12 President5 All GHS 11. john Strickland-Football 9,10,11,125 Beta Club 11,125 NHS 12 Vice President5 All GHS 11. Wendy Stroud-Basketball Mgr. 105 Cheerleader 95 FHA 10. Pam Sturgeon- Basketball 10. Michelle Stuart-Track 9,10,11,125 Cheerleader 105 SAC 115 Project Close Up 115 Student Council 10,115 Class Officer 11 President. 52fPeopIe Seniors Plan Ahead, Make Future Choices The infamous cliche, "life goes on" is especially true for seniors at Garland High School. This year our senior class contained approxi- mately 350 people, which was an increase from last year's approximately 326 people. As the end of the year approached, life picked up around campus, and fu- ture plans were being made. Most of the comments made by seniors in an oral survey were aimed at one idea, "party"!!l On a more serious note, college seemed to be a major con- cern. "After two years at a community college, I plan to go into pre-med at Baylor University," said senior Bob- by Wakefield. Brian jameson said, "l'd like to be a profes- sional, like a doctor or a law- yer because that is where the money is." In a written survey taken concerning future plans, the results were quite definite. Most of them have a pretty good idea of where they will go after G.H.S. Only five percent of the students were undecided. Thirty-six per- cent said they are going to a state university. Twenty-four percent are going to a community col- lege, fifteen percent will work while they attend col- lege. Of that fifteen percent, approximately four people will just work without going to college. Eight percent of our students will attend a trade school, while three percent will join the military. The remaining category, "other", received nine per- cent with choices such as private college, modeling, acting, singing, rodeo, hair designing and marriage. Holly Swanzy-Soccer 10,11,12g Football Trainer 10,11,12, Volleyball Trainer 10, Soccer Trainer 10,11,12g A Capella 10,125 Freshman Choir 9, NHS 12 Secretary, Student Council 10,11,12g French Club 9,105 Class Officer 10 Reporter 11 Reporter. Timmy Tanner. Bobby Taylor-Football 9,105 Golf 9,10, Art Club 11. Ruth Tello. lerry Terrell-Football 9, FFA 9,10,11,12. Margie Thatcher-DECA 12. justin Thompson-VICAXICT 12, Refrigeration-Air 11. Robert Thompson-Basketball 11,125 Track 10, Band 9,10, VICA Machine Shop 10,11,12. Seni0rsf53 Toni Thompson, Lari Thornton. Randy Thrasher-Football 95 VICAXICT 12. Thu Trieu-Beta Club 125 NHS 11,125 Latin Club 'l'l,'l2. Amy Turner-Band 9,10,11,12 Librarian5 Flag Corps 10,11,12 Lieutenant5 A Capella Choir 105 Freshman Choir 95 Beta Club 125 Student Council 12 Reporter5 French Club 11 Secretary 84 Reporter, 12. Debra Turner-Trck 95 FHAXHECE 12. lay Tyson-Computer Math Club 10,11,125 Project Close-up 125 Latin Club 11,125 German Club 9,10. Ray Valdez- Baseball 11,125 DECA 12. Chi Van. Thomas Vau han-A Capella 10,11,125 Freshman 95 Beta Clulb 125 Key Club 125 NHS 12. Robert Waggoner-Football 9,10,11,125 Beta Club 11 Historian5 125 NHS 12 Historian5 Student Council 9,10,11 Vice President, 12 President5 Latin Club 9,105 Class Officer 9 President, 10 President. Bobby Wakefield-Football 9,125 Publications Photographer 10,11,125 Class Officer 11 Vice President5 Powder Puff Cheerleder 115 Best All Around 95 Class Favorite Nominee 9,'l0,'l1. Melodee Walker-Cheerleader 9,10,11,125 Homecoming Queen 125 NHS 11,125 Student Council 9,10,11,12 Secretary5 Latin Club 9,10. Donna Wallace-Gold jackets 95 Computer Math Club 125 FHAfHECE 115 HOSA 125 French Club 9,10. Earnest Washington- Basketball 95 Basketball Manager 115 Refrigeration-Air 11,12. Hamed Wassel-Art Club 11 Reporter, 125 FHAXHECE5 German Club 11 President. Laurie Webb. Nikki Weber-Soccer 11,12. Kathy White-Gold jackets 95 A Capella 10,11,125 Freshman Choir 95 Beta Club 125 Latin Club 11,12. Sherri Whitfield-Volleyball 95 Track 9,10,11,125 Newspaper Staff5 Food Service 105 Beta Club 12. Donnie Wilkerson-Football 9,10,11,125 Publications Photographer 11,12. Melvin Williams-Football 9,10,115 FFA 115 Refri eration-Air 12. Michelle Willams- Yearbooqc Staff 10,115 YAC 10 Historian, 11 Historian5 DECA 11,12 Chairman of Civic Events5 Powder Puff 11,12. Tanyo Williams- Volleyball 10,115 Track 105 Basketball 10,115 FHAfPELE 11,125 HOSA 10. 54! People n October of this school ear, all seniors received a urvey on their favorite hings. The topics ranged rom favorite colleges to fa- orite T.V. shows. orth Texas State University as at the top of the list of chosen by seniors. the GHS song chart, the single "Separate Lives" rated number one. And Staci Willis. Diana Wilson-Food Service 11, FFA 10, FHA 11,12g FHAfHece 12. loe Wilson-FHAXHECE 12, VICA Cabinet Making 11. Holly Womack-Gold jackets 9,10,11, Choralairs 9,10,11 Treasurer, 12 Treasurer. Gene Wong-FFA 12, Rodeo Club 9,10,11 Vice President, 12 President. lay Woodberry. Victor Yim-Art Club 11, Computer Math Club 12 Treasurer. nior Preferences Revealed on the country chart, the two singles "The Chair" and "The Fireman" shared the winning position. Next, in the soul section, "La Ti Da Ti" was voted the top choice. The Texas lamm was voted best concert of the year. ln addition to the number of songs and best concert, the favorite singer was George Strait. fo iiF' 15 .J 'N . The favorite movie of the l year was Back to the Future. The seniors' favorite class was English. The seniors' favorite car was a Porsche. The senior class chose Mr. Hammerle as their favorite male teacher. Mr. Hammerle was a graduate of Garland in 1973. Mrs. johnson was cho- sen as the favorite female teacher. The restaurant most seniors preferred to visit was Chili's. The majority of the senior guys chose their girlfriends as their favorite person, and likewise, the girls chose their boyfriends as their favorite person. The Cosby Show won four Emmy Awards in its first sea- son, and was chosen the number one television show by the seniors. Selected as favorite teachers in the I student survey, Sarah johnson and Steve Hammerle take a break away from the classroom. Seniorsf55 56! People Gina Achimon Rodney Adams Mary Aguilar Teri Allen Dan Anderson Meril Andrews luan Arce Troy Archuleta Aurora Austalis Arletha Bailey Donald Barker Brian Battle Christi Beal Eddie Benjamin Todd Bennett Bryan Bickerstaff Ieff Bickerstaff Craig Blankenship Kim Blanton Kevin Bounds Sharla Bouska Dayton Brightwell Amber Britton Michelle Brooks Cindy Broughton Kevin Brown Lisa Brown Robert Brown Shannon Brumit Chris Bryant Suzanne Bullard Jeff Butcher Gina Byrd Laura Calhoun Carey Cannon Myrna Capetelle Beth Carpenter jeff Carr Rick Carrasco Deralyn Carter Travis Carter lill Casady Mike Cash Laura Cecil Melissa Cecil Pamela Cemus Laura Chaffee Steve Chamblee Wendy Chapman Kyung Won Choi lanet Clark Heather Cockrell jeff Coffer Bobby Collier Cindy Cooke Mark Cooke Rusty Cowan Cathy Crawford Lainie Crites Kristen Cummings Chris Daines Debra Davis Elizabeth Davis Kevin Davis g M Vi . I , , w , r ,fi syt, 1 y W ,,, 1, 2 fi V " A ,. ,I I R K, I 'U Fl' ' 'lf FQ A 2194? f kv ' Q W P- V 4 2 1 1 l X l f' Q 9 1 tw l vw l' J ' gr G Half 2 4, ' L , N ' l 1 , Q ,A Q Q' y " I , Ii .5 K ' , , X , Vial Iii t , L X K I ff? Qi K tx " l 1 ,- yyt t t ' f :ir L y ,M I L .,., M, , , ' 5 as , , K B , me tai A ' l 0. f J' L ' fu" , 9 'fa 0 , XX i f f 4. ,, A 1 7,7 , , if I W , - f' l - vt, 1 ,lf l f l l .. 4 I 1 1 M ,y ,r.t y ' C r 'I 'ff V? Q' . I .fy W' ' f L , , ' "' . , ' F -z 4 , ' " Q w as ' ' . g f B -we-' .Q 7 0 4 1 , J' ' , -21 , ' A .. ' xg-with 1,2 K ii ' ' . . 'fy V M I " ' f y ,filly A A f I' f 'L tr L 7 ll' z, ,lf ., 2- f t,'i . df' 'T -rj? rig: ' ' A '-Rgriz 17 Q, Agni, ' I L H' . C , X L " ' r g L M, y B A . my N ,rf ' B X ,t.. CT f X ' -V iff-' ' 'W - "1 V ' A , ""' ' 1 B' R Vs 4 V 421 - V- ' llllllll X: ,. L X , . 7 is 14"-"1 1 i i Qual ' ,- 3 sf A i juniors Look With three years down and one to go, the juniors started out the year working at the Labor Day Parade. "We sold cokes, balloons, bumper stickers and pencils. We all worked hard but it made it worth our while," com- mented junior Michelle Es- trello. During the football season they sold spirit bal- loons at all the home games. "The balloons were a big lunior Class Officers-Front Row: Michelle Estrello ipresidenti, Amber Britton tvice presidenti, Second Row: Lisa Edmonds tsecretaryi, Shannon Shaw ireporteri, Scarlett Florez ttreasureri, Back Row: Sugar Estes lsponsori, Marlene Carter lsponsori, Sherri Carter isponsori, Mary Leigh Manley lsponsori. Ahead seller at the games, especial- ly at the South Garland game," explained junior Scarlett Elorez. Another su- per fundraiser for the juniors was their victory dance after the Homecoming game. All the ex-graduates were invit- ed. They also sponsored a cake-walk and a dance con- test. junior Michele Farriell said, "Our one and only dance had a better turn-out than all of the others." A Mervyn's inventory and Octoberfest also helped to push the juniors just one step closer to their goals of success. Lance Davis Mark Davis ,, K Lauren Deary ,A is v- aim .5 Brian Deason 'Tr ii f' Q? Scott Deel ' W Patti Dennis w i' ,yr . .4 rms Lori De Vlugt f jimmy Dobbs Donnie Ferguson Randy Fletcher Ricky Fletcher x Amit, .isa .1 xr I Donna Dunn 4 S lat - i jeff Easley jj' Kerri Edge jj an F' A 3- pf gg L Lisa Edmonds ., J iii . f"' f' rv- Z t, 5 AL I F Lisa Ehrman - xl- ' V A A - Q Anice Elmore ' 'ijt p 'F 5, Viv 1 ' 5 1, .3 Lydia Escamilla - ,- 1 h ' Michelle Estrello l 1' jf 1 ' I ' 5 S ui D ' 1 . X j , j . ' Shannon Estes 1: A Robert Everett l Q s j 2 V L Cindi Fair . , , 4519 ' 1 jj Misti Farmer 1 4 - " 'N' f ' ' t Michele Farriell . . at ,fr Q L lit .A K f 4 N ,. ,Q pg. in LQ- it f l -nnsl Weldon Flett fiilff j . ii'iri'i' ii abl. Scarlett Florez Ziff " 1 Dan Foster r L james Freeman ' .Ag Melissa Fretwell 1 ' me A t 'ai Kahaulani Friel .i 7 ' - 1, ' X Tammy V gi Funderburg 8 ' Ebony Fulton 'X 1 'I Gene Gilmore ,' Greg Goldston , Ioe Gonzales .H ' kj Lisa Goodwin 1' 61 -f gi? ... 4, Kevin Grauke Ki, , jj, N 4 Q' f ,J Tammy A . 21 ' " Greenwood k f ' f Landon Griffin '. "', Tracy Griggs i .Q - if luniors!57 Kelley llall Chris Hansen Scott Harden Deana Harwell Bridgett Head Tammy Henderson Katherine Herman Santiago Hernandez Laura Herrera Amy Hill jim Hohnsbehn Cynthia Holloway Otis Hume Cathy Hunt Chris Ivey jim Ivey Tisana jackson Kim jayroe Mark E. johnson Steve johnson Kim johnston Dawn jones Donna jones Lance jones Montra jones Peter Kedward Lori Kelsey Robert Kennedy Elvia Keyes C-reg Kilgore Seale King Tracy Kinnard Robert Knowles Rayfus Lacy e i t my .Q-refs , :ws E K, Q? 3 H5 'Q' as 6 ' Q Q iv t 1 :E it X X " r . 'i t Q' x. " s. " -'D N fi' Q .lrfr f l at ,ffl .2 ,J it I juniors Rec enizedAt The Popularity Voted nominees for Most Beauti- ful and Most Handsome for the junior Class were Amber Britton, Kevin Brown, Cathy Crawford,1 tagory werertviichelle' Estrellotand Kerry Stapiiesgrjtly Best All Around consisted of Am- jeff Cofer, Lisa Edmonds, Rusty-ber Britton, Kevin Brown, Cathy , S Cowan, Michelle Estrello, Shane Crawford, Rusty Cowan, Michelle A S ' 2 2? Lamb, Colette Stanton, and Steve Estrello, Shane Lamb, Pam Milarmj Q, l Reeves. Chosen for this category Steve Reeves, Tiashawn Sharp, t .F i were Cathy Crawford and Shane and Shannon Shaw: The winners N L X A f Lamb. were Pam Milam and Steve , if ' Reeves. The nominees for junior Class Fa' on jnl ,ff vorite included Amber- Britton, f Kevin Brown, Michelle Estrello . L C v "' jjj, y if E' craig Luecht, Pam Milam, steve MflT,sj,,'QaZQl1flZ5Qvi2, e,,, , text ' A y ' Reevesggflolette Stanton, and Ker- Kerry 5,apig5'tffQ'i1zif a s y " ' ry Staples. The winners for this ca- n C L ' t L H if e-ff , 43 K if " 1 1"t , J' "ii 'F i L r t, L L n t T S n g C X , , 'C . L -J ll Y ' QL! half 3 A l ll 1' 0 . .Q .f . :LA t h if at x A he 1 . sst - "i L R it t il is tv f A . 'E , K B '67 'i l Q C M .I ' 'TE S " J' L - if w . J Q, I eggs N A C , A V X ,P f- ' .- I I l ,1- Vs' 4-Q 132 I. . I 1 L 5 1 W S, A ,L . A +3 Most Beautiful!!-landsome I r F A W I Cathy Crawford ' 1 S 'L K., Shane Lamb ' A asv . x ' 'V Best All Around " L ' Pam Milam I , " Steve Reeves ' D ' 4 1' 5 4 wi 4 'ri A If fr : 2 Q K 2-.V , ' X A 1 1 L A , , 'E' fi' - if L as 'i ,wav -V g 6 :fy . lr, J.- :ami A ,Q 4 1 fin R L vii H. ' ' if Lg .Lf f s 7 K N.. 4 V., f C n i k i 2 X in V fd F- .:... N . if Q f-" QE ' , 1 If 1 if ,L .-.-:Q 2 J X fi 1 I +A 55" ,L ,, "Lg, Z. Q. X, ,ig A ff: 3, gg ,K , 4 . ? Nf lf if rrrf f A' 'R I are A, , . . 4 , if L5 .. ... ass , f.. ,LQ sz , - y x - l A 'E .,. C D L f X X v n of I f A 'I I ,N f - 1 1 , ff m ASAP. : . X - ' " 'S+ 7 f l 'ix A A I , A 1 5 1 J yr Shane Lamb Carl Larsen Andrea Langton Cammy Leathers Robert Lechner Lorce Lewis Dawn Li Andrew Littlefield Ct-rrulla Long Daisy Long Deralyn Carter Roxanne Lopez Cindy Lorres Missy Luton Lance Luttrull Darwin Lytle Michelle Manley Chris Monk Michelle Marles Shelly Martin Tracy Martin Amy Martinez Angela MartinQ7 lda Martinez joel Martinez Buffy Mashcwske Ken Matney Stott Matthews Leslie Mr Allister Dennis Mc' Bride Ritky Mt' Coy Kristie Mt Curley Mike Mc Farland Stacy Mc Donald luniorsf59 Craig Luecht Kathy Mclntire Cindy Mendoza Mandy Messick Pamela Milam Kathy Moore Elizabeth Moralis Chuck Montgomery Robin Kirby loe Navarro Kristi Nelson Larry Newberry Michelle Newman Christine Nolan Tammy Brown Cathy Orness Cindy Cook jennifer Parish Ricky Paredes K. D. Parks Lizbeth Paz Dory Penny Achlisa Peoples Betsy Peterson Richard DeVoe Brady Phipps Tina Phillips Kirk Pryor Patricia Puente Elizaheth Quintana Sonya Reay lill Read Candis Reeder Steve Reeves Kayse Kendall Connie Richey Rebekah Ross Mike Schafer Ronda Schnaubert Eric Sehultz Troy Scott Kitty Seale Ciina Sinor Teresa Shipman Brian Smith Nifkey Stanley Colette Stanton Kerry Staples Melody Stone Shade Stringer Edna Sullivant johnie Smedley Tracy Shields Eric Sheckells Deanna Sharp Santana Landeros Kelly Shellnut Lynn Shepherd Chris Thompson 1 . j x f I 5 I. ff T1 T l X liz f bfi. 9 s. , V NT 60fPeople Kwai Ha I TT V ' r lm' . V .aw s rd In ,V-TU ' E Q. phi C - ,. as VVV ,T ,,,, f '. ' ' X B 1 T, Q " if f' ' ' 4- f 'ii tg WMA! T- ta 5 -f 2 I X A f ,IZ : Utd ti ' I Ay N .T i LT . Lhgr Vx KT ight 1 fljlli l YL !'J fl , A, N l ' 1 TN it ' , Hg M Y W TT AQ 1 I H I ,E l Q Q Jia ' , . t Z T ,Eg A J l T zres 3' ga-w,4ef ' T ' K ! T ..-., 'A - T' " ' V T - gf 4, - M M L 1' .,. ,Ty i F-1' . T TTT,-9, ky T V if T A , V, f 1 s E :fi . r.s T , f I V,,z, T K, KT T ,T A ,, . !"?Al .. at I I ,s,,y -vir I hats. T . 0 H1 - - V X x A ,, M ,ha ia , Ml ...i T' H ay r A .,i., Q- H df f "El ' 1 4 W - - 1 T 5' P fi I , .'i" ' ' f T 4fTffT'Tf"-Tr, ' I V lrl. ,lj ' K- -f t L5 f f ' 4 ,- ' Q! TTT' ' fw M A T 1' T ' W 2' T T 'iis I, A S H 55 ' Qi' T. 'F i A ' jf 4.,- TTT T, T T T ,- ' T i 2 T 'lf aili ' 1 S T TTTTTT TW" P' ' fe T K 1, so T- ' T T ng, if? liatwfif T T T T iiiii K K 1 T T T T.' ' i" Tx i 1 - ,Q S J . it 3 V Y we' 'l :J he iw ,, 'if f K Ii A W ' T Eli T wr. T , , I I T - T T TTTS 5 T. Y 2, 7 TT 5 I E 'iw vf' 1 l if Ww- 'T' ff, 1 ,, , vw V., f f' , 1' -1 f. f W it Q r ? l A 2 ' f' I V, . f T 4, . . ,rf 1, ,. ,EN ,,tQ,,r: I-. 1 v. Steve Timmons Danny Tobie Elaine Tressler Kenneth Tute Ronald Tydlasks Renee Vaughar Lori Walters Simore Washington L . ,xy 4 y, -e .ry em. we 5 pb 'W 0 . KAL juniors Awarded All GHS "Being elected for all GHS is the highest award that a student could receive," explained Kevin Brown. The juniors awarded with this honor were Kevin Brown, Cathy Crawford, Michelle Manley, and Steve Reeves. "Winning All GHS means a lot more Nominated in several catagories, junior Am- ber Britton is presented to the Pop Ball audi- ence. l ,A All GHS Cathy Crawford Kevin Brown to me than receiving any other award," commented Cathy Craw- ford. "This award is one achieved through hard work, dedication and leader- ship qualities. This is what the teach- ers at GHS would like to see in more students," said jesse Beeson. All GHS Michelle Manley Steve Reeves I i V X U 1 f , e' time Monica Watson Bryan Wilkes " S Kim Williams Mike Williams Kristi Wilson Teresa Whalin David Wood Larry Wood 'T X I 1' Hazel Worrell jim Wright Shannon Wrisner Mike Wolfe Joseph Yanez Renee Yeager Benji jones Angela Zapata 1uniors!61 62!PeopIe Corina Acevado Kenneth Achimon Kathy Adams Melinda Agnew Rhonda Agnew Iackie Albertson Danny Armstrong Audra Atkins Karen Atkinson Lois Ann Ayers Rebecca Azlin john Bacher Freshta Baiani Tracy Bailey Michelle Baldwin Connie Bangs Malinda Barnes Chris Barnett Kristi Bickle Kim Bicknell Michael Biernacki Amy Bishop Dana Blackford james Bodine Kevin Boling Kelli Branham Tammy Breedlove Dexter Brewton james Brezik Michael Brian lodi Brown Vinson Brown Melanie Bullard jimmy Buscarini Tammy Byars Diana Cabrera Chris Calderon Tracy Cannon Stephanie Carpenter jeff Carrera Paula Carver Duane Cass Scott Cass Kari Casstevens johnny Castillo Laura Chaffee Darrell Chaffin Mike Chester Bryan Christensen Susan Cline Ricky Cochran Crystal Coleman Karen Cook Kevin Corliss Kerry Craig Billy Craighead Michelle Crosby Tammie Crosby Stacy Crowder Kim Cunningham Tracie Dalrymple lody Daniel Rusty Davonport Bart Davis E , 5 in nf l A- ll: ' K my Ai Q , ff I ik, f A A ,i if S .. . r ea ti 3, , ' S sv A .y U M A 1 X , C911 'ii ' ' ' , 'L 1 ' 326 A - 11 it f C L...-...... g, 11:fl'?fi'1g,.i:fffffggsiifi . 1 ii , . ., ' A , .J t ar M ' 5 Y A -r , 1 ,V 1 f , Q 6 " x C 'i-, v M '--'qi' -up I , ,.,.,,., V f i i , B , Y V I F , ,M Q f -tr A "' fi ' ,' Z ' I 'L f all it i,ic. f m y is . ' :gl , 5 U, , , , X IW!! , M 5 is 1 ii i f 21 ga lb C? ,,,, ,Q .g, 0 imp 4 2 tai Af., ,A V .V A 1 . 39 39, it c V Qi ,, W A i, ' t W ffl A i ' -ff' ,, ,j. wr f , , , "Q: ' J I r S 4' , .6 I fg , ' X i X K I :ihk xx ...N , f r l. i it I ' jf , A , . iv , ,V 4 A i , to I , f ' i - .J -W-'Q '3 ' K. ' Q it , , f N if 3 5' l ll 14' A , xl i , ,M fy' ' 19- ,- I y H. :fda vk 5, l A ' , 1, , W i if A 4 1 i ,lv ' Zis ' af . ' X i if-T T' 7- Class Officers - Back Chris Miller ttreasureri, Lori treporteri, Tricia Smith tvice Diane Sedgwick tsecre- Front Row: Linda Donahue Mark McLaughlin tpresi- Cheryl Bellman isponsori. 9-4 no Sophomores Set Goals Having worked for two years, the sophomore class officers have shown poten- tial towards a giorious Senior Prom. in no time at all, the class officers, with the help of the sophomore class stu- dents, were on their way to- wards their monthly fund raiser, a paper drive. "We decided to have a paper drive once a month because it not only helped us, but it helped the city, too," com- mented sophomore class re- porter, Lori Enox. The paper drive was held at Axe Meth- odist Church on the third Saturday with the class mak- ing about 5100.00 per month. When Christmas came about, all four sets of class officers were responsible for certain sections ofthe build- ing. Each had a different theme for their section. The sophomores had the G.A. wing filled with scenes from the theme, "The Twelve Days of Christmas". During Valetines Day, the Parents Club sold heart shaped suckers. "The sale was great and we earned a lot of money," said sopho- more class president, Mark McLaughlin. As the year progressed, so did the fund raising activity. "During Eas- ter we sold bunnies which sold very well," added McLaughlin. Soon after Easter was over, the sophomore class was at it again. This time it was taking inventory at loske's and Mervyns. "We made quite a bit of money and had great participation from the stu- dents," said Miss Linda Don- ahue, sponsor. With new ideas and contin- ued participation, their goal towards a great Senior Prom is within reach. - 1 l D' ' Kerri Dean Vf A i ,, at , " ., X Russ DeSomer , Q ff W 1' Donald Dickerson W '3 ' "" 'f',': f Kimberly Dittman 4 1, g " Paul Dockter ' lk 52' ' il N -I Kent Dromgoole x J X ri ' Cindy Drury l' vm, V Nancy Duckworth , . H . A Lk A l ' 1 Q' James Dugger 1, 18 . r K V Wg Kim Duncan if, 3. ' tg - 4 A , I, Tony Duncan I A A gg ev X L 6 Y v John Edmonds g , 1 .. V - Y Q, if J A , , Blanca Ellzondo g 'st' ' , iff! V ' 1- , in ' Linda Elizondo i A . f 152 , N Christina Emmons .rj K i fl ' ' rw: - V if KA 7 ' r 4 Lori Enox f Q KWJ ff I ' Sherry Enox X Christine Evans 1 Q, -, fe, Melinda Evans " . ' l A A gp- I , ' , 5 lf 3 V Gus Eustice .", 2 i ff ,, N' ' ' . A- ' L 'f fx- Wilton Eversley V l . ' 5- justin Ferguson Q ' ' ' " 7 K, , " -1. 5' A I Tammette Q it ,,-. Q J A I A K, K j fi G Fitzgerald 5 ' if 4 :AA , ,E l l , Scott Fitzhugh Q3 1 ' Q- Kia 3, A' .f , Donna Foos '- P ,I l ' C 5 1 - , rf: ' ,AJ7 Donnie Frantom G f' g " lv 4 . .K , ,' ,av Cheryl Frazer It A -5 ,jg ' fr-gr x px--.4 Q g Todd Frizzell ' ' . i . V I, rj 'V XY Carolyn Fultz ' N' , r l J., l ' T M ' Q I f a Alriv Rx Preston Galusky ' - V- if , -ff , Y 1 ,. . - r z , I 4 Y .V V W I f y XX X V K X lackie Garcia 7,3 . V 1 my - 5 il, ,A gl, f X joe Garcia Sophomores!63 Gayle Garrido Carol Garrison Theresa Garza Stephen George Chris Gilley Mark Ginn Zandra Giraldo Cassie Goade Elizabeth Godwin Randy Goyne Maria Graves Vicki Green Renee Greer Conrad Guerra lean Gustin jason Hamilton Poteet Kprrv Waldron W I "' vw ii ' t' Q 'Q ff, , f " r i ' 1 V i " - E5 M aff i , r i , N f , , R ,, AY I . il'l i . 4 iff? , , 9' , , .J f r , I ' I - ,V E , El I ,Q .1 -il ii Q, J, , YW 4 fag ! 6 f V 'ef' 3 ,rs ' 1 .I ,yi f' ,I ei 9 J I ,L X," f i l . I ' , 1 f ' M 1 ' i l 64fPeople Todd Hammers Kyle Hargrove Michele Harkins Chuck Harper Iennifer Harper Malt Harrison Lisa Harrod Sean Havens Charles Heater Mark Hindman Maria Hernandez Zulma Hernande7 Norma Herrera Pedro Herrera jackie Hickman Melissa Hicks Minhelle Holclgate Chris Hollingsworth Heather Hoppe Brande Houston Robbie Huddleston Sarah Hudgins Brady Hughes Stephanie Hughes Class Favorites Carrie Morris Mark McLaughlin ffl ' -' U W ,,,,..,,' I V ' tliv f m " I K ML , -wi , J... 1 4: 1- i do W , eg G17 Q g gr gh R4 ,5 4' tk' r-5 H 2' i ' JT? f 5 r , ofa ' 2 f 2 i r a ' G If V: gl' t glrr A ' E t , ww W . W N ff ffi! i X P i 'Q' i . lllr i s ,V f 5 Via A ga W , if t 'V Z f as rv fn I. f p ,A bfhl , V 1' cu X,-fp ' W N 5 I Y if , ,Af I r ' A if -,,, " if 49 J if l ' , i if or f :,., ' r V V V V, I ,V I V5 A m y Q W 2 M I "' V S21 rx' in 121 ' 'W' A, A L . 13 W ' ,V , ,, ' jx, K ' "".r . , ' ' I wg 77 i. a .,7, H f --- " f' ij I I X 4 in xii: Q- ' - . s ' V V fgl' k I V ' Ak l ,ir i H it if we f I 4 li I' - o Q25 ' , 2 f , Fi A' V: ,l,b S, re? 'T ' QQ, x , it , j -.s L N, S L , ,i . wavy , 1. V I 1 A 4 I .a t b ,af A ,4 l A ,V iv A it all WAI nm L f- T 9,3 ' , '..,'9i S- fi L- ' s fe l My , -fgx W 1' li ,f ' V ,.,, V ' V' t 1 Q f f fu it ' 7' V A .7lf1gl'.5ligtl f . . .M l 'sl A ' If I , ,fa -af, ft I. Sophomores Receive Honors at Pop Ball The winners for Class Favor- ites were Carrie Morris and Mark McLaughlin. Students receiving nominations were jackie Albertson, Ricky Cochran, Kristi Bickle, james Dugger, Lori Enox, Chuck Harper, Mardi Poteet, Brian Thrasher, Shelli Stanton, and Chad Wood. The winners tor Best All Around were Lori Enox and Chad Wood, Stu- ff sfo ,' 1 X! r -X55 N s A Best All Around V Lori Enox I Chad Wood , U Mya, , f V' .4 l C e 6 W' , ",,l 'mi ' A .2 '7 1 X ,, , 74 L ! ,, K, Y . V 1 , l A - 11' iii '- f W A --" ' 4. , ,re M I I - 4 y , , H l 1 I V 5 z. 'i is ,J V' 4 X A N 1' L fa, . Z M tr, , f . r ,L t - 'Q , . 2. Q! FB A 'ar , it f ' J A ,-, - v '-N! Robin Humphreys Becky Hunter Becki Inman Brenda Inman Darren jackson Todd jennelle Clark jensen Melissa jimenez Emily jones Garry jones Susan jones Candace johnson Cumi jordon Heidi Kolish julia Kedward Tiffany Keener dents receiving nominations were Kristi Bickle, Danny Armstrong, Paul Dockter, Mark Ginn, Shelli Stanton, and Melanie Bullard. The winners for Most Beautiful and Most Handsome were Mardi Poteet and Kerry Wal- dron. Students receiving nominations were Kristi Bickle, Mike Brian, Kim Bicknell, john Edmonds, Sherry Enox, Mark Ginn, Mark McLaughlin, Tricia Smith, Shelli Stanton, and Chad Wood. 4? , , 2 , f S3 '41 ,J mr av' m air' I , 45? ,rf " rt., X ef 4' V , V : ' ,,w,N " 'Q K I 3 Q " f' 2- f- A M 3 V r , ,A 1 ff: 3, g 45, H ,I f if 1' I .- A7 , , -M 'ii X' , Nj ' V ' 7 - .1 V, QM., ' . 225 5' J , ' l ' 'i fix - 3 Q ' ll Amnmlg Garrett Kelley jennifer Kelley Son Mi Kim Tracy Kimbrough Frames Kinney Vicki Kinney Troy Kirchenbauer Brenton Kornegay Trenton Kornegay Angela Lacour Mark Lair Brian Land Kellie Lander Sean Langton Mary Larsen Kristi Lax Charlie Lee Christi Lemay Chris Leney Angela Lewis Wayne Little Daxid Lockaby Lisa Lovett Stacey Luecht Sopiiomores!65 Danny Lumpkins 'K ii I Larry Lynch l '1 a 2 it ,,:, i Dennis Macha r V L Doug Mackenzie V, Tammie Marshall Gloria Martinez ' Isabel Martinez r L Bobbi Massey - 5. ss.. no X ' SF ., l Billie Mastin Tracy Mathews Megan MCAmis Tammy McConnell Gary McCord Wendy MCCorkle Regina McElhaney David McGhee All G.H.S. D Selected Receiving' the award for All Gar- land Hig-hfS'chool from the Soph- omore Y class were 1, Malinda Barnes, Mark ,McLaughlin, Lori Enox,' ,and yChad, Wood. For Barneslanyd Enox, this award was a firsti McLaughlin and Wood ilbothireceived this award last yeah . When the winners were asked how they felt when their names werejanniou-nced, their reactions were lsimilan' 'fl felt honored that my teachers' respected me enough to vote for' me," commented Mark McLaughlin. "At1first I was real surprised be- cause I wasn't expecting it, but then! felt glad that my teachers liked me," replied Lori Enox. AR:- ,. l .at We X, G' vi, Q ls f f s 'Cf Qigwf' All GHS Malinda Barnes Mark McLaughlin .S -as , s Q e li A X sl sl' ll rE.Q V, , :F K . as , W W i . -, , A' f i i nf- "' 'IU ,. we 6 - Q. fr., ,i A -Q5 K... 1' X inf at f' e , I at 5 gtg ,i , ., ,.,,, L , X, ,fx a AV 'V ii, 4 G' bb- Wee.:-er .1 .W , . 66fPeople Mark McLaughlin Todd McMahan af b , Angie McWhirter K K 4 i Melanie Medders .- rv Laurie Meeks Edwardo Mendoza ' - Brandi Merrill Chris Miller Shanda Miller Maurice Milord Steve Miskis Todd Modlock julie Montgomery Craig Moody Roman Moore Luis Mora s 45 We E S N - af 5,4 il - ,fx 535- sfv 3: i L "Q ff' 'fly ' 1 do .. - I x' 4 f. J- w m' ' , R i i 1. Q44 2 S ff f ,. A L C - 5 3 , 1 S 9 i If Q., Q V E, XL 4-.N 'K x U H Y' M Q samba asf-ciwwe 'Z' i is i L . V rl it , A L lwf ' Va' K 83.353551 J I J ,yi in ilk, V :r l le ff is l . 1,9 f .1 S ' If fx l . ta 1 ,W 1 I " n s. Q I 8 ia t-rv rl ,fat I V' fri' wr n i fb rx. We 'f .1 "Rf, I V S ,gt A Q Q. K-jj A 44911 ,Q fs 5 to gs- f' 2: fb, 19 - 3 ' w l p A .A ,, ff , ,V 4, etc 4 4 lk r ii Al ,Sf 'w Q T .Vx '3 4 N sms ti' , x 55 A il? I df 'Y I 4 I -6 7'Ag'F E 1 f 1 F ,' -X. .X , j L I ff . rl lr . , I 1, , I' Vw I 1. gb 0 0 . y . ,.1, 'W jg, V- ' if - as , , ' 0 " A' J ' l 4 fs, W 'Y V A V, , ' q ,. it , 4 ag . - ge V A 5 n ,qt ,, ,ig I ' Y Y' 41 " '41 44 L ' Q J I if f ,ff Z1 ,, 4,MvHqv"x Q Q P.: fr . --S - - el ' it Ss., H . 'fr '7 it sf' Li 4 , ' M I' f 3 :V V, 'IIW ' y ' I Elk ,C ,li ,, ' gf A 5 f 'J ' ' Q ' 3 W f Gs . ai? U ,E K N s sl M l l if' fr' j, f ' L ' yi-7 'fig ' -r ' 'll ly A Aaron Moreno Dana Morgan Melissa Morgan Carrie Morris Lorraine Morrison Matt Morrison Tricia Mounger Ruth Munn Christy Murton Betsabel Navarro Eugene Nelson Lea Nerkowski Shannon Newman Stephanie Nichols Cheryl Nisbitt Kimberly Noble Kendra Noe Teresa Noska Burney Orr Chris Pacheco Anthony Parker Leah Parker losie Perez Lou Ann Perez Pebbles Perez Wesley Petersdorf Angela Pickard Iosie Pizzillo Christi Pointer David Points Monica Portley Mardi Poteet Sheronda Poynter Stacy Pratt Marcy Priddy Laura Pruitt Ronnie Rager Eddie Ramirez Teresa Reinhold Steven Regalado Shelly Renick Ed Repp Adrian Reyes lohn Reyes Renee Rheinlaender Mike Rhodes Doug Risteen Teri Rodenheiser luan Rodriguez Ronnie Roger Sandra Rojas Tiana A. Rojas Mary Anne Ross Martha Saavedra Missy Sandbridge lose Angel Santiago Yasha Schmuch Lyle Scott Steve Scott Diane Sedgwick Sheri Seeton Stephanie Sembroski Latonya Setrice Kris Slchley Sophomores!67 Kimberly Silva Rick Simms Kimberly Simpler Billie Shacener Cindy Shaw lohnny Shields lennifer Shirley Laura Shivers Renee Shows Ronnie Skillens Tonya Sluder leana Smedley Cami Smith Tricia Smith Missy Sockwell Stacey Sorrclls Karmcn Sours Amy Spaugh Kelly Spears Shawnda Speake Roxann Spradley Edward Stanfield Shelli Stanton Scott Stine Sarah Stinson Stephanie Stovall Carol Strimple Cheryl Strimple Michael Stubblefield Greg Swindle Kenneth Terry Felicia Thomas john Thompson Toddic Thompson Laynee Trickle Mikn Tuttle Lisa Tumey Matthew Tresp Dan Trcssler Frank Trillo r f . V uf -"' I - , T ' as 4713 aid' 'a ' Q' V Ty , M 'AA, -li b' l . ihsi tg S , ,if ,, . I I ig, y QR . A V, M V A mt, L W A ' '7 1 "" 5 ,yay ,QV I I ' - 'Z' , 1 5 H ' V '4' .f l at A G' ' Q Z 2' -f-"ff it-if '42, T ' in t if , y, 56 4 vu, VA 5, v, ei I A ,Ui ,M , mf, Y if ,F ak!!! ., , , v 0 56 ,,,, VIVVA ' MI. A. W . y I E ,Vi JVV . , V, 0 -, 2 V, ,Q i,.L ' ' Ai, My T I ,K Vm,, my V ,+V h 9 Wa- K' as ,sa 1-swore .1 Q'7Qw ifr r ' , :, ,, Y ' Tv, r Til ' 5 ii Q U' i 7 ,,.. 5. Q- iw r x f' i " '- ll? 'wr W . A 5 . x .x lf!! I ' ly it , , , l l fi' 3 A - f iff? ' ,. ' '- ' T fit, ' , y Z, . .4 M ' - ff Nw. ft 1' u Q? ' gg " 1, az. , - f , L, Q 4, eq' H, 55 i A ae' K 1,1 V . ,. 4 5. , A. . K it .1 ,ty 3.4 . lx 5 i ei f 2 1 ig 1-Q e 44, 'wr 29 outside at lunch sophomore Stinson waits for the bell to .01 Qur- L l l during break, sophomores f K and Sarah Stinson in the sunshine. K 5 N hi il Q vii. z.f 'sill sf xg .B Ei if t A .Q ills i . it s, I ,, W- I 1 . fi ' sa .is f Wi 5 i x A Ku! 4 5: :Perf , h fgl'.f', - lf is 1"-4. ,rs f' I ' -2 tt I lf., 5 . :rv l ty ix if - sf ' 1 , ,,, 4 v Miriam Trujillo Susan Truett Shannon Tuley Sharla Tune Linda Usher leff Vesel Donna Wachsman Kenny Waldron Amy Walker Laurie Walston Kristi Wardwicik Monica Watkins Kevin Watson Tommy Watson Patty Watts Dennis Weaver Sandra Woessner Andrea Wells Cerise Wells Holly Whitaker Crystal White Alphiea Williams Patrick Williams Sara Williams Twyuria Williams Wendy Williams Kellie Winn Wayne Wolfe Chad Wood Missy Woods Beverly Wright Bryan Zachary Sophomores!69 70!PeopIe Carmen Acevedo Donna Achimon Leroy Alaniz Kim Alexander Bubba Allen Alicia Anderson Cari Anderson Delicia Armstrong Lorenzo Arguello lr. Delia Arellano janet Baker Maria Bahena Cheryl Ballard Steve Barnett Steve Barrett Erik Barton Rhonda Bean Dave Beaty Lew Beaty Belinda Bell Moniquea Bell Sabrina Bernard David Birket Amy Blankenship Kenny Boner Brent Bottoms Mary Bounds Lisa Boudreaux Christy Brewer Dolores Briones Chad Britton Trent Brooks Darren Brown Elonna Brown Gilda Brown Missie Brown Stephanie Brown Steve Brown Michael Brumit Bryan Coonrod Mike Bryant Brad Bullock Lucretia Bunch Tommy Burnett Alice Cabrera Danny Calhoun Eva Carr David Carter Yolanda Casady Denise Casey Elvira Castilleja Estella Castilleja V , A x M f ,ig , , . , A av le iz .A W - 4 M ,.,Ly I . K lx ,,fsW,,, 1 ., xx rw ., ' f f 1 ai"1,f3"?1f' f P. v ' - N il A l .i t, t f 't . X ,yu Af ff , will ig y T tet -fi N ii 3 '-AA 5- - A 'ia- mf xx li , . it i if :T L ,f 7 ,. V 'Q in ,fy - 3: y y y A Y ' f , I W 4 t it , J 4 f 5 an ii M -, , fy: if s 2 4- gage' I W, " 5 ,3 ' , 1,111 , -, .L lama , 4 . ir ,Q ,,, ! A f my if' if ri " ft' l ,' f r I 'V if - A W 's MM- , ' -,. tilt ,al dv ,ll at R I ff' f . , 2 9. are 1 L, 3 if 4 V 6 4 ff if ff li 4:55 fc' , J I , ' 0 f if fa 'Sf .gifs 5 ,,.,:, 3 W, vi. . A 3 YV V-,.,4 , ' 'fb flu ., t 2 wif ' . f se . 2 wi .iw 5 in , , Tr 11 if 3, .4 i 1 L I A' l , i I+ y .- 4 ,V-:Q 4 ea W 432 til I we L. B ' X' fi C' fe iiir it A My ,..,, 1 f fm? W X4 Wg 4 4' E i l i . au- ti 1 7' , 'Ut W WE Yi 1 E' ? J 9 Xie. .f t W 9' 1 ' 1 , t 'f f - i ,,. ,ale L 9 4 T ' ' g 5 Hs. A 4 , "" 3' ' - - Vg N f .i N 7 Q f Q L U "' 3 ' .J 56 ,. K ' gf K. ,r f fi g l aiis it il 1 .' lil 5 ja 1 V at Q 4 A g A lg . A ,,, . J, Q ft L -AS. Q Y - ga Db vf 4 - i ul . it at ' 5 1 . i lf f Lf .. . b '7 Roberto Carrasco Chris Chappa f Chris Chester jewel Clark Yvonne Clauges Carla Collins Angela Cook Andy Cooper jason Cozby Sharon Costtelo Deanna Caddy ' Shellie Crites 3 Elliott Cruz Ericka Cummings Derrick Datson leanne Davis ,X Q Lv E t ""' '1 Freshman Class - Completes First Year Adapting to high school is not as easy as it seems. Being a freshman is a trial at first, but most are able to adjust as the year progresses. This year's freshman class is marching toward a success- ful four years at Garland High School. Getting lost on the first day of school prob- ably did not help matters any, but by mid-September the freshmen established themselves by joining clubs, participating in school activi- ties and running for offices. Being one of the freshman Freshman Class Officers - Front Row: Cynthia Weber fpresidenti, Vicki Rossetti tsponsori, Joe Ra- mirez tvice presidenti. Back Row: Darcy Noska lreporteri, Kristi Wil- liams ttreasurerl, Lisa Meador lsec- class officers is an important ' step for many. The freshmen earned about 5300 selling black and gold school jack- ets. The class sold green car- , nations on St. Patrick's Day and had a garage saie during i the month of April. The freshman class planned many fundraisers in an at- tempt to have a successful prom at the end of their sen- ior year. Treasurer Kristi Wil- liams commented, "Being a freshman class officer has taught me many things. it has taught me to be responsible and how to work with oth- ers." It . . retaryi. 1 1 l - 9- Montella Davis EU ' X N Robert Daivs ' ' V . ' . Bart Day " if 1- ,Qc is . " X Edna Deleon - - fl A , 'L Mary Dickson lx J ' A T? Pamela Dickerson Q 1 fy Lisa Dowdy , i Q Camille Dudley .. i I Billy Duffer .,yfg ' yyy.. 4 j amy nuke 51' - 'K ' ' if wi - Kristi Dusak Q 1' ,',r " -.r', Q' - -s Alisa Dutton " " 1' 'N Q' ' E in V ' ' C Brent Eads 1 2- 1- I. " v ' " T- It I ' K , . 1 of A1103 A75 t ,i 'L 3 Qin' Donnie Edwards " ' j '1--1, - C s - it Lisa Edwards ' Q '- E E ' ' ' ' . Dena Eitel Q . gg .- 4 is , L. i- A f , ' , :Zim xg., -. X K , A sry- it: Q"" -Q'Y than Freshmen!71 72!People Cathy Fantini Jeanie Farris Amy Faunce Kim Fears jeff Fitzhugh Angel Ford Debra Foster Greg Foster jennifer Fox Susie Frantom Stephanie Frasier Ginger Freeman Kenison Friel Thomas Fritzinger Lile Garcia Monica Garcia Yolanda Garrison Chad Gauthier Richard Garza lr. Mark Geida Lea Geiger Diana Glasgow Michelle Goble Albert Gonzalez Mark Gonzales Jeremy Goss Marie Gross Kristi Green LeeAnn Green jamie Grenshavv Laurie Gresso Chad Groolhuis Marie Gross Tom Gunnoe Christy Hall Steve Hall Rick Hanna jesse Hamilton Adam Hampson . lr? ... W ': - f " , i n he ' , rk,-- , - 4 , Elia -i ' ' f Freshmen Selei - wx . A Class Fa voritc The nominees for Freshman Students receiving non V hh H Class Favorites consisted of tions for Most Beautiful -il' ' , ,A N Lisa tee, David Beatyfugelji Mgst Handsome were B 1 Q 43 I Morris, Chad Britton, Kari Cteiger, Lisa Lee, Robert bi a W Peek and lacob Ross. Cho- vts, Brian C Efssary, ,Qt Q -C Q - sen as Class Favorites were Mowery, joel Ramireifi Q5 . C K I Dinah Mowery and joe Ra- Peek and Dustin Vaden. is B mlfezf winners were Most Beau r 'A . 1 , Kelli Morriszand MostyHz Chosen as Freshman Best All some Chad Britton. 'V ,ilt f 1 Around were Kari Peek and K john Galvin. The nominees y A were Dinah Mowery, Chad --N a.,,: Britton, Robert Davis, Cyn- Mos' B'eauflf"VHtmFl50m' 'L' th' W ' - M Kel i Morris "'r lv r A LV , R13 K Zh? aber and Tommy Fmt Chad Britton 1 ., S fu K f af gel B is it mf, 4 if B ,C - f lffafyls fi," If : I K A Q Q, f s A .. , 4 gag ,Q . I EMM ,,, K y M, k vk. C. 5 N ki x I ,, , -u if I f , s 3 if fa' .5 i. if M g is as f i ' 5 i P X ki' l 5 lt ' i, . "" 1 ' f , ,,,. ' "'l r"" if . Q srrs C f- ' ,y Q Q G fit' if ' ' 'i i B "' ti' ff 4-S M- i., i D 'W B f rss ' l 1 C is 5 M B G l 0 'af I A ii W A 1 ii 5 'Q E ? 1 tv i s sr Rf o as K s ir fp, . ,i ll A . Qmifqa l A 5 frj. ,Q f ,if 4 y ,t ,. ,, "'- ,", .Q Lg I in I - - Best All Around Kari Peek Ali r ' ' john Galvin vu Class Favorite i Dinah Mowery loe Ramirez 3 I, + 'Q PJ ! '21 lu C if' ' Afii eff, .A 1 f C C .4 g R K, f 5 L? f , 2 as ' J!! nziwir ff V! V M-A! , , gg 3' - I if I vl fr: ' I , vi.. ' 1, g 0 ' S f+ Q , 1 , tg yr ga fy' 7 ' ' . lv. , ,md li f ' '-f., sr- ,, 1? r ' 'Jr Ny ' y :, F yjl 'V ', - f X' 1 K A E f fl! H "I X in -'x infix 5' V i vc, I , Z: ,, I l " rr 2 V.' ' bA iv lt ' . I Q, 7: 'K fs """" " A , ff , 7. . V' qw ,. If-' ff- . 4 A, W y 'nv ' 7 sk ' ,Q A , 4 fl ' V. S 1 ' f ' l ax ' ,MA .. r t - Q' ' - C H , fl' , 'fra . .4 , . VU U wr! .,r. 1 J. . ' X! I Shannon Harris Bruce Harden Stacy Harris Stephany Harris Tracy Harris Teressa Harris Kevin Harrison Mike Harrison Tamara Hart lessica Hartman Marcie Heard Marty Heddin Rick Henna Arafely Hernandez Ciracie Hernandez lose Hernandez Julio Hernandez Ronnie Hernandez Martha Hernandez Vianey Hernandez Walter Hernandez joe Herrera leff Herod Tracy Hicks loyce Holloway Brian Holmes Catherine Hood Paul Horn lohn Hough Krissy Huddleston lason Hudson Tanya Hunt jennifer Huskisson Dottie lsom Tim Ivey Shannon Ivey lay lacksonr Chad lacooson Chad lames Freshmen!73 74!PeopIe Misty Jennings Yolanda Jimenez Betty Johnson Brandon Johnson Johnathan Johnson Todd Johnson Michael Johnston Belinda Jones Chad Jones Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones Russell Jones Dane Jorgensen Amber Kaiser Shannon Keel Phetsada Khanhthong Don Kilpatrick Travis King Tonia Knight Shannon Kriska Amy Kruger Renia Kundak Stuart Lake Darla Lanam Matt Landgraf Penny Latham Lori Lawley Charles Lay Julie Leach Cody Leaf Lee Li Lisa Lee Virginia Lee Carrie Lemon Irene Lemus Carlos Ligaluppi Jeanene Litsey Missie Lockaby John Lohden Anthony Lovgren Lashun Lyons Jennifer Mable Tiffany Madkins Sandy Makowski Tom Martin David Martinez Lorna Martinez Marcy Martinez Kevin Mata Mary Matthias Cheryl McClung Dede McCrary Cary McGill Donna McKinney James McNair Marlo McVay Lisa Meador Adela Medina Linda Mejorado Judith Melburne David Mendoza Griff Methuin Kendra Miller Michelle Miller -,M -, Q N ay- .J 'ffifz 7 fa , Ak' . I ,a-.av-v1"' WMM l' "'i A V' !M?m:r2zi'1avtfrk,-A951 i i 535 W ft ,-My ., I S ' v . - ,J , diy, its . -ff ,ey 11" , , , A --" D7 i ' V X H. , , S- .Q Q' - W 19' 5? L 516: , Q ' lf. V f i -,,, Q V f -J - A , jg A alt A tl' wit M, tj? ,, 'iifllfa i 'Q N Q 4'7if'4 E"'5'li1 7,, ,, an rf my 74 2 Avvl,l I V J ., ' A liei ' jg ' V A I X -gs' at .V Z-Q f-, ry fi we J, L Y f- 2 , X f S V W H , ' 'll 1' fl' , , ,, ' i H .ls . 1 A x , Z- at .1 L H 5 Q :- .5 ' ,J -- Hg f il? l 1 L, as an 'f" 1 1 F A V i J J J .C if l J , I ,t ll .,, 1 'ill 7 l l M i f A J Jtis t f ' r y ff? fl- ,, Y is L J vr, , . ,J ,t K , D' Q3 gr 4 .s 4 but f V . Quinten Miller ' ' 'V , , Shellie Miller ' Paul Mitchell f sw , f. . ., 4 ' - " I' lames ... I :J lb 1 Q , ,A T 4 War ig,1 'ig fs: sfg',t . ' li ,. ii HEsL . I 1 A' 7, 1 1 Montgomery . ' Donna Moore s s P. , Mike Moore Kelli Morris . ,Y xx , ' ' f' Denise Moss ' 1 ' T P' li I W V Craig Mougia i .- 1 , , P ' Chris Mougia i -1 'R - - ' , f- . V ' ' S' .. 4, L' -w fs.. Dinah Mowery ft - tl N A, y 3 - 4 j ?A Peter Murry "V 9 ' ' S Judy Musselman ' Eddie Navarro cv ,ff E' i l r .4 +1 1: 1 f 1 jennifer Neal Michael Nelson Y 'I Stephanie Nelson ' Y ' lenifer Nessler Kim Nisbet , W ..- f H james Noe s Darcy Noska , V. U Qumelda Ojedd N l .v ,4 I 9, 9 I I ' ' 'jg 5 B David Nixon l Nfl: . 5 N f if "'f Jeanette Orr G? , Russell Owen Didier Padella Kim Paige Rr. , i it 'ii' 5' '17 :Q A -rj ' Darren Palmer A HI: ' . - ' D fs Robert Parish ' Shannon Parsons g.. ,I W, ' Greg Pearce if , Kan Peek I X .s A ,if 4, . 'M , 9 -' -if -- Q , 1 if lX ll! l f j g l I it if Q l S i fl l 1 l 1 l l l 1 I l 1 l i L i l l l l i l i i l l T Frosh AAake Premier The award of all GHS was given to four outstanding freshmen, These students are chosen on the qualities of leadership, strong charac- ter, positive attitude scholar- ship, and their ability to get along with the other stu- dents. The students receiv- ing the award this ,year were Dinah Mowery, Chris Chappa, Kelli Morris and Matt Landgraff. "I think getting All GHS was a great honor. l'm glad to know the teachers think so highly of me," said Chappa. Since this was the first time T these freshmen were given - the chance to receive such l prestigious honors, many did I not know what to expect. "l i i All GHS All GHS . . Dinah Mowery Kem Morris Was 50 f1el'VOUS"f Said Ken' Chris Chappa Matt Landgmff Morris. l had never done anything like this before, so I really didn't know what tot expect." Freshmen! 75 Dung Phan Ronnie Phelps Kevin Pierce Lori Powell Walter Powell Kim Powless Bryan Price Robert Prigmore Nathan Pritchett Cornelia Propes Brian Pruitt Chris Pruitt Douglas Pruitt Linda Pruitt lennifer Pryor john Puckett Martha Puente Karen Ramirez loe Ramirez Rosemary Ramirez Ronaldo Rangel Mary Reed Deanna Reeder Leticia Reyes Sabrina Rhyne Tony Riley Frank Neil Ritter Ronnie Robbins Dianna Robertson Steve Robinson Tabatha Rodden Veronifa Rodriguez jose Rodriguez Megan Rogers Israel Rojas jacob Ross Mary Rutherford Kelley Sage jackie Salazar Andrea Sanchez I' ' t lf- E '- . ., w . :N Q ,ig 3' ' 1 , ' ,Q A . "' O. fs r , K as an A slta ,,.r t sf 1- is is me ,, 1 jr, .,ira f l 1 - Q, ,ff slr X ,. -N. if' f 'J '3 'ff Q X' ' ' f f 1 all 1 X A , 4 2 ., V 1 " if ' .. V. if A m I I. A 5' ,, ff' , ,D p . Q ,, Z' 'fyvvf X J ' ' V , , ,,,, t 'AY U i A Y V f A P ,, M, I .f I f f i 43 H W at 'f S Q . if , 5 1 "' r- X ' 5 S T .a '4 ,jf Q af jr ff P ff' iam 5 . 3, ' f 'li 11, t, ' 'L 54. ' Jisgf"VftgN ,liiiyfg Qf2.a,i1if9-i ggiifnff' A J t 1 , -. iz: ' 'W R yi ff- Q A3 V fi aww A i' , , if t. , af - f ll Q Ill ,fig irrr i 2, is aii r r I, . it , r ' fly 2 i , ,, J 5 rw A 1 V ,, if " 22 " 'W' r ' , r 4 rm it ' t- .2 , .V ' . I L vu' ,' 1 ' fi .5 f - 9 ,t ' Lays' 4. Z , 5 t' 4 if QI F fa 3' - lr it iiliiii omination Surprises Geiger luring SMU Summer Camp ny of us have no recollec- of what we were doing here we were last sum- , on Wednesday, June hi unlike Lea Geiger. Lea i fone of ten freshman is nominated to compete the honor of NCA All- ierican Cheerleader. ecompetition took place the Southern Methodist iversity campus, June 9- 'The camp was attended over 600 girls from all over the state. On the final day of camp, 10 girls were chosen on the ba- sis of ability to work well with others, leadership, and their precision in perfecting such skills as jumps, tum- bling, and gymnastics. Out of these ten girls, one is chosen to receive the honor of being an outstanding NCA All-American Cheerleader. "All the girls were pretty anxious, including me, when the time came for the All- American Cheerleader nominations to be an- nounced. They had already called out the names of the first 8 girls, and when they called out the ninth name, it was mine. Everyone around me got so excited that they pushed me right off the end of the bleachers, It was pret- ty embarrasingf' said Lea Geiger. "Out of the 600 girls who attended the camp, it was definitely a high honor to be nominated." "lt takes a very creative mind, lots of patience, and a little imagination to succeed in everything you do and cheerleading is no excep- tion. l feel extremely privi- leged just to be nominated. All-American Cheerleader is a great honor," said Geiger. AK A 'S , ' . r L "'Ef,E3f.,, , - Laura Sanchez A " Q, L1 ' ,Z Marcus Sanchez jl ii ' . "' Q' V i ' ':a- Claudia Santos s f' Q51 5 L 4-5 .TA 'W , 1: Wx 4 Shane Saulters A . A , Wy KV L-, A 7 K - A -, Amy Schafer '7 ' " , S -. - 0 X, ,. , Q7 , L 'V V . if r 11' 1 I lin. Ty Schaum f j It ' 5' A NX X2 ti , -A lennv Schnauber 4 7 1 'Q V 94: . f I , il' 5 I , , Mike Schone .f l i . 'S f S 1 'fr' it i it f Ric helle " I I W Schumacher I g 'sf' Lisa Schredler K ' W V Q W Q ' M : Neil Schrock " ,. " -0 J-L' ' ' fl, " M" A , ,L Chris Schwartz C., 5 V- vi L ' 1 -15 W jason Sellers 4 'S ' s. 7 ' 3, i ffl' Vernon Shaw 4 6 ' Shannon Shumake ua '7 I ,X L Russell Simmons V as ix f' 'lf x f f 'S - 7 ii. kt f 1 . f ,f fl .Q ' Scott Simpson Stacy Simpson Lori Sims Cheryl Sinon Mark Siratt Melissa Skwir-rawski Anissa Smith Cheryl Smith loc Smith Marni Smith Marsha Sockwell loseph Soho Carrie Speake Frankie Spencer -. 5 K- ,1 4, 44 2 Brandy Springer Belinda Spurger , ,A in 1. J 'WJ 4. 7 Qi A - V 5 1 N f il ai I A I qi V. rf t 5 '5' 4' .S i f " 'ff a . i ra 'f "i ' X Y X ' ' vi'-lag, i, '.-'I , ,fl ,fd D , st it H x Stacy Standeford Sarah Staton Eric Stuart Steve Sullivan ! Iii' ew' A a 1 , Tonya Sutherland Lance Tackett Lisa Talkington Cynthia Teasdale 5 f .Q Freshmen!77 78!PeopIe lill Thierfelder Cary Thomas Taylor Thomas jim Tillman Billie Timmons Robin Trammell Phung Tran Troy Tripp Tammy Turney Danielle Tult Dustin Vaden Regina Vaughan Tracy Vaughan Anthony Vine Mary Vertiz Wayne Wade Earl Walker Shane Walker Scott Wallace Shannon Wallace lcnise Watson Andrea Webb Cyndi Weber Helena West .lf 1 3yi i i W 1 , yf fr ' A lk sf T .A '19 5 Z K ii a me b s xi 'U 'i 3 " QWNY A qu? if f 5 I ' 1 1 . , i ei if 12. gl lim i f: E fa i Q fiff Owl known as the Imagine this: ing day with ou of Garland iors su called. The SWQI' to YOUI' called is "I and your Ufe This times sen- door. takes place in the car unfamilar man After back watch night TZOXTI group pic! membersl '. Q K - -Q Q is . , . Q . ' V' K '. i -. , 3. '. A ' ' M- , " if .is 1- J ,N .. . Q' . - N r, , ' V. K- . MI. " LQ 4 I -B 5 M A xxx . 5. "'--- E E ' WMS . K :IN he X 5 as A Q f If V if-4 V of fs 1 e e, X,sf-:- , f L My I 4 .A , X mt, Q Q .: 5 , -V? Q ,ig X V f a g , . x Rf ,' i ' iiifxffll. . f x I . iv XX f X I nn it l -, rw x bfi fa, Wil 'M .Ga s 5 ""' s I yd -1 l 0 a y .x . ,W 2, t N X M ff H, g X VM Riff -Q... 5 I Z L so G M ,. . t 4 " fi ' Sfsf 3' JV . f Y l fu ,,,, X Rodney Whetstone john White C-ary Wilder Bryan Wilderspin Corey Williams Kristi Williams Terri Williams Scott Williamson Julie Willie Billy Wilson Chris Wilson Laura Wilson Steve Wolfe Tama Wolfe Dean Wood Charles Worth Richard Woodiel Debbie Wren Bethany Wright Amy York Laura Young Denise Youngblood Shane Zachary Gracie Zapata Evelyn Alaniz- Assistant Principal Secretary Charles Axe- Social Studies Linda Bailey- Social Studies Carol Ball- Math Laura Barden- Science jesse Beeson- English Cheryl Bellman- English Lola Berry- Science loan Binder- Accounting Susan Bishop- Business our principals do var activities t get away the fast-paced are very else. going to sitting in a seat, getting into Annie Bivins - Business Carol Blair- Counselor john Blank- Math Rick Brandenburg- VocationalfTechnical Brent Howell- Math john Brown - IndustrialfTechnical Mary Gene Butler- Special Education Cindy Carter- Spanish Marlene Carter- Math Sheri Carter- Social Studies janet Caudle- Special Education lohn E, Clay- Health!P.E. 3 Mary Clay - Counselor ,am . , , , X I2 Q Karen Cockrell- Math f ll 1 7 . 1 ,, Anita Crank- Business 'i-'Y Charles Crawford - Business Bobby Crook - Special Education Frank Cruse - Iournalism Debbie Fetzer - Homemaking Zella lo Delmar - English fit' Linda Donahue - Math Dan Drake - HealthfP.E. ,V Ulf TI',..fl' ,, Sonia Emmrich - Counselor Sugar Estes - Counselor Secretary "trf ii l . V Fern Foster - Special Education 697 . i A irt Mary Fulton - Special Education if ' , , A 1,-D pau. "T':r 1 I, Steve Hammerle - Social Studies Sherry Hansford - Social Studies Carol Harrell - English Patsy Harris - Attendance Office lohn Hearn- Counselor Rhonda Henry - English Christi Horton- Math 6 'W f A Barbara Howard - English Lynette Howard - Health!P.E. Larry Hudson - Science A Kaye lrwin - Librarian Alice Johnson - Homemaking ' 'B -'lv 41 1 , .W - 3 7 I FacuHyf8l Sara johnson-English Mary Karlik-Homemaking David R. Keefer-Math john Keeler-Math Sharon King-Music Margret Korioth-Librarian Lanell Lively-Science Diane Leeman-Theatre Arts jack Lewis-Science Lynn Lipscomb-HealthfP.E. F. Littrell-VocationalfTechnical Mary L. Long-English Gene Mackin- VocationalfTechnical Mary Leigh Manley-Principal's Secretary Gail Martin-English jeff Martin-Industrial Arts Barbara McElmore- VocationalfTechnical Nancy McGee-Social Studies Shirley McKinney-Attendance Officer lan Melby-Homemaking Martha Meazle-Study Hall Beverly Miller-Data Clerk Mary Lou Millsap- VocationaI!Technical Wanda Mitchell-Vocational Techinical john Morris-Social Studies Michael Molton-Math Dale Mulkey-Agriculture julie Murray-Spanish Virginia Nation-English Nancy Nelson-Fine Arts Nancy Payne-Math judy Patak-Engish joy M. Parker-Math Linda Palumbo-Math Fonda Quinn-French Carolyn Rasor-Science Ann Roeger-Homemaking Milt Ro ers-VocationalfTechnical 8 Vicki Rosetti-English hyllis Sample-Special Education Aide '-4' wr A-'r .. Q 'fa' in t K iliac' Ai V' A . f - - 1, S 1, my y V7 E' f .fare tl ' WG:" , h ffl" ' i A , V' T ' I r ' V , 5 .. 1 ' .. gf... -. T , we gf , ' ,v 1 I. S 1 , imjfii, Q i , W . Q " W- " is ,fin V ez ef - i f , ' 1 V ' , ,f I 7: V w' ' 7 ' .9 I 'gi tr, ' dr' f ' j I Us F v is , y 1 , f my S . fm.. if -' I m i Q., ti 'f Y l eli- rw ffm Peter Seymour- Math Carrie Simpson- Business Kathy Smith- Science Sue Smith- Fine Arts Amie Smolka- Counselor Ken Stavinoha- Science Mary Suggs- Science julie Taylor- Teacher Aide Carolynn Thomas- Latin lim Thomas- Science Robert Thompson- Attendence Office Mark Townzen- Science Eddye Tucker- Homemaking Kent Turner- Social Studies George E. Washington- HealthfP.E. Donna Webb- HealthfP,E. Reavis Wortham- Industrial Arts Loy Wooley- Vocational! Technical Duelton Whitfield- Library Aide Carrie Wiley- Teacher Aide Keeler Makes Waves Many people have hobbies, but they rarely have time for them. This is not so for math teacher john Keeler. Keeler is an avid water skiier. "l ski any time I get they chance in the summer andywiriterff ex- plained Keeler. A HE i started skiing with his 'family when he was nine years old! "Ba-di then it was just a family past- timegwe did it for fun," said Keeler. was never interested advantage of the warm math teacher lohn Keeler for competition. in competition skiing until he met Ken Tanner in the summer of 1983. Tanner is a five time national trick skiier. "Ken was the person who really motivated me to start skiing in tournaments," said Keeler. Keeler has partici- pated in the slalom, jump and trick ski events in several area tournaments. When Keeler is not teaching he spends his time working with Ken White. He skies at White's private lake in the summertime. "Skiing is my life, teaching is Jmy-Sofft season hobby," said Keeler. i Faculty!83 ggi? E S 84!Sports Division -Athletic l i l Momentum The Ups And Downs "lt's a life-long dream." -Maurice Milordffootball "We've done pretty good considering the things that we are up against." -Michelle Stuartftrack "I do it because I enjoy it." -Mike McFarlandffootball "I enjoy sports because they are fun and keep you in shape at the same time." -Scarlett Florezf tennis "1 like the feeling of competition." -Nick Sirattfbaseball "I enjoy the fun and the feeling of compe- tition and do the best of my ability to promote school spirit." -Tracy Casstevensf cheerleading "I enjoy sports because it keeps me in shape and from getting lazy." -Michele Farriellf tennis Working on her ball control, freshman Elizabeth Rodriquez prepares for district competition. Going up for a jump shot, sopho- I L .- more Corey Foreman scores two Some .V 7' A points against South Garland in a dis- trict game at home. Never l F842 l l Spons!85 Varsity Football Season Record 5-5 GHS 22 Hillcrest 39 Pinkston 51 Thomas Jefferson O North Mesquite 28 South Garland O Wilmer-Hutchins 9 Highland Park 34 Lakeview 41 Mesquite 14 North Garland High Expectations Fall With Strong District Campe titian The Garland Owls opened the season with a quick 3-O start which presented high hopes throughout the football program. This optimism was later abolished during a tough district season. The Owls faced quite a few tough district opponents. The North Mesquite Stallions posed the biggest defeat for the Owls, with a 55 point margin. "North Mesquite was one of the toughest opponents we faced all year," said Head Coach Joe Boring. The Varsity Football- Front Row: Tim Knight, Ronnie Tydlaska, Tracy Kinnard, Angie McGee, Michelle Manley, Michael Tydlaska. Second Row: Robert Eral, Eurick Abram, Terry Smith, Thomas Hayes, Ed- die Benjamin, Kerry Staples, Richie jones, james Peoples. Third Row: Brian Deason, Derrick Wash- ington, jesse Ramon, David Kaes, Scott Deel, james Strickland, john Strickland, Darrell Williams, Ronnie Rager. Fourth Row: Ricky Carrasco, Benny Dunagan, Don Baker, Greg McGill, Ernest Perez, Kevin Adkins, Walter Dunagin, Craig Luecht, Steve Reeves, Bobby Wakefield. Back Row: jay Parker, Richard Larsen, Donnie Wilkerson, Rusty Cowan, Mike McFarland, Ricky Alsbrook, Wade Marlow, Donald Clem, Rob- ert Waggoner. hardest loss for the Owls came at the hand: of the South Garland Colonels. The cross town rival beat the Owls and left the tean with very little playoff hopes. Even after a slow district start, the pro gram showed some bright spots both witl the team and players. In the Homecoming game against Mesquite, senic Kevin Adkins celebrates a last minute touchdown the gave the Owls a victory over their long time rivals. Using the machine "cow", senior Holly Swanzy as sists junior Scott Deel during a timeout against Nortl Garland in the final game of the season. fl -., x 4 -1- . , -am. x K '5--Q 5 fl s' I T K LJQ. 'lgw Q- af- :M P Wk' 3 -Ulf- Usa Q' A O In order to stop the rush ofthe North Garland offense, junior Benny Dunagin tackles the Ftaider's receiver on a third down play. Sharing the moment of victory, seniors Kevin Adkins and Terry Smith savor the Owls win over Thomas Jeffer- son by a score of 51-3. Doing a neck exercise during practice, junior James Cook listens as assistant coach John Clay calls out instructions. 88X Sports wls Finish Season With A . 00 Mark The Owls had some big names in the indi- vidual rankings. Senior Donald Clem lifted the defense throughout the season. He led the unit in tackles and was regarded as the best linebacker in the district. Offensively the Owls were led by running- back Kevin Adkins, who rushed over the 1000 yard mark and was named to the dis- trict team. "Kevin and Donald were big play makers on both offense and the defense," K . V...t stated Boring. Tight end Ricky Alsbrook also received many honors throughout the season including all-district. This year the Owls were classified by many as a disappointment, but Coach Bor- ing felt the overall performance was a suc- cess. "l believe that the players were always trying their hardest. Even when the players were behind they were always ready to play," said Boring. vga argl Challenging his team during pre-season, Coach Joe Boring prepares the Owls during a late summer practice game against Flichardson. T .i Varsity ' Football! 89 After scoring an early touchdown, freshman Chad Jones successfully kicks the bail to South Garland dur- mg a drstrict game. 90! Sports my .V. Proves successful reshmen Suffer Through T augh Schedule The junior and freshman squads showed great enthusiasm this year resulting in a rewarding season for both teams. Outstand- ing defensive players for the J.V. included Chad Wood, Darrell Ridge, and Ruben Amesquita. On the offensive side, Charlie Lee, Shane Lamb, Danny Humphries, Kevin Alexander and the entire offensive line great- ly contributed to the winning record. The number of players on the team was relatively smaller compared to opposing teams, but our team's motivation can't be contrasted with anyone. "The offensive line did a good iob of con- trolling the line of scrimmage which gave all of our backs an opportunity to run up and down the field," commented Coach Rudy Montes. Knocking down a pass attempt, sophomore Chad Wood stops Lakeview late in the first half at Homer B. Johnson Stadium, Dropping back in the pocket, freshman quarterback Chad Britton completes a pass against North Garland in district competition. The J.V. compiled a 6-4 season record. The Owls defense held off Hillcrest for a victory of 18-0. Pinkston lost 7-0 to the Owls defensive performance. Against Thomas Jefferson, the squad won with the score of 51-6. in district play, the JV. team was very impressive in their 10-3 victory over Wilmer- Hutchins. The freshman team had an up and down season. The Owls showed improvement with just one team as opposed to the traditional two freshman teams. Both the offensive and defensive teams developed throughout dis- trict play. Derrick Dotson, lrwin Shaw and Chad Brit- ton did an outstanding job on the offense and Irwin Shaw, Robert Prigmore and Brandt Donnough lead the defensive unit. Coach Lee Ferrell said, "I was proud of the way the team played and was encouraged by the players on the team that seek to improve." , Junior Varsity Football Season Record 6-4 GHS OPP 18 Hillcrest O 7 Pinkston O 51 Thomas Jefferson 6 17 North Mesquite 20 8 South Garland O 15 Wilmer-Hutchins 12 7 Highland Park 3 7 Lakeview 17 O Mesquite 36 O North Garland 8 l I i Freshman Football Season Record 2-8 GHS OPP 3 Hillcrest 14 15 Adamson 8 20 Thomas Jefferson 6 O North Mesquite 18 7 South Garland 20 13 Wilmer-Hutchins 14 O Highland Park 8 O Lakeview 28 O Mesquite 21 O North Garland 6 l J.V. Football- Front Row: Todd Hammers, David Lail, Scott Harden, Gary Vance, Justin Ferguson. Second Row: Ruben Amesquita, Louis Mora, Ricky Cochran. Maurice Millord, Mark Ginn, Brian Thrasher. Third Row: Wayne Pate, James Dugger, Uzo Okeke, James Bodine. Kevin Alexander, Daryl Ridge, Charlie Lee, Danny Humphries. Back Row: Danny Smith, Chuck Harper. Chad Wood, Bobby Galitz, John Hughes. James Brezik. Robert Thompson, Chris Thompson. John Bacher. l.V. and Freshman Football!91 s 'f""X l www N691 ,gy :M 'A -Mfg X. 1 1 .QC.,,..w Spirit High Despite I I Season Fiecord: 12-16 District Losses r GHS OPP The Owls varsity volleyball team faced a good players, they provided leadership Q 3 tgugh up and dgwn Season thrgughout the through their TIUSTIG 3l'ld their Willil'tgl't8SS to 1 Emory 2 year which led to a 6-8 district standing and play hard," Said Coach Webb- In addition, 2 Bftan Adam 0 12-16 overall. 'tThe season was very com- junior Freida Crosby was named to the Hon- 0 Wrlraeggngttihrns 3 petitive but l believe it was a good learning Ofabia Mention Team. 2 H,Qh,asd park 2 experience for the whole team," said Coach 1 Norm Mesquite 2 Donna Webb, The team overall had strong talent at the key 2 North Garland O positions. Seniors McCrainey and Monica 2 30U1hG?f'3'ld 1 Senior Tricina McCrainey and junior Rosa- EViQjiSh did well with the Plat' of mall SGTS- S Wllnfffiffgfws Q land Smith provided the team with strong with Adrien Chapman and CVOSDY Df0Vidi"iQ 0 Mesqune 2 leadership qualities and were successful in the Team with needed SDHYGS UDff0m- FUV' 0 Highland Park 2 posting victories in district play. McCrainey Th9fm0fGr SGVNOV Amt' Hall proved to be 3 0 North Mesquite 2 was named to the Second Team All-District, great asset to the team with her serving and 2 gong Gfmlafld 1 while Smith was named to the First Team all-around CiadlCaYl0fi to The Qame- S Oiakfijerjnd 1 All-District. "Both Tricina and Rosalind were Reaching for the ball, junior Tracy Nguyen concen- trates on the game. l L "This year's team was better than the record showed," said Webb, "We had hard work- ers which always makes the season a suc- cess." Varsity Volleyball- Front Row: Monica English, Re- kitha Giddings, Amy D. Hall, Tricina McCrainey. Back Row: Coach Donna Webb, Kelly Spears, Tracy Nguyen, Flosalind Smith, Freida Crosby, Adrion Chatman. Varsity Volleyball! 93 I. G 1 1 O O O O O O 2 O 1 O 1 O 2 O 2 2 HS JV. Volleyball Season Record: 4-17 Kimball Emory Emory Bryan Adams Wilmer Hutchins Mesquite Highland Park North Mesquite North Garland South Garland Lakeview Wilmer-Hutchins Mesquite Highland Fark North Mesquite North Garland South Garland Lakeview OPP 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 O O Hopes Fade With Set Backs The Girls J.V. Volleyball played exceptional- ly well this year despite its season record. The team played over their heads, as far as strategy is concerned. The expected perfor- mance and technique was more on a varsity level. The girls ended the year with a 4-17 season record. The Owl's best game played this year was against Crosstown rival South Garland in the last game of the season. Garland played team ball. On offense, the girls served and spiked well. "Early in the season our strategy hurt us until we developed our skills, and later it helped us greatly," said Junior Varsity Coach Nan- cy McGee. The experience the girls had this year should really help the junior varsity and varsity squads next year. Juniors Lainie Crites and Debra Davis along with sopho- 94! Sports J.V. Volleyball- Front Row: Laura Hughes, Nikita Hunter, LaTricia Hicks, Nancy Nguyen. Back Row: Lainie Crites, Debra Davis, Felicia Jackson, Shannon Davis, Lisa Edwards, Belinda Jones. more Laura Hughes were this year's team leaders. Crites and Davis played an impor- tant role on defense. Hughes' serving helped the team offensively. Freshman Nancy Nguyen contributed greatly as a setter. "We had a good crop of freshmen this sea- son, if it continues, we should have an ex- ceptional team next season," says Coach McGee. The team will lose a few players to the varsity squad, but is expecting many returning sophomores next year, who should help the incoming freshmen. Setting the ball for a spike, freshman Lisa Edwards uses a forearm pass in a district game against South Garland. Ui Putting the ball into play, freshman Latricia Hicks concentrates on her serve in a district game against Highland Park. L Sb Q--f During a district game against North Mesquite, fresh- man Nekita Hunter and Coach Nancy McGee discuss game strategy. J.V. VoIIeybalI!95 Cross Country Qualifies For Regionals This year's cross country track team showed great consistency with its upper classmen and younger talent. "We had an excellent year. I felt that the team worked as hard as possible," said Coach Lipscomb. Senior Sherri Whitfield and junior Cindy Dunagin picked up from last year to lead this year's team. "Cindy and Sherri stayed very consistent during the whole' season," said Lipscomb. The pro- gram also had good performances from ju- nior Sonya Eaton and sophomore Crystal Coleman. The biggest surprise on the varsity squad was the performance of the young freshman runners: Niki Hunter, Beverly Wright, Shan- non Davis and Veronica Hodriquez. "The 96!Sports Cross Country- Front Row: Beverly Wright, Nekita Hunter, Crystal Coleman, Vernie Rodriguez. Second Row: Cindy Dunagin, Sonya Eaton, Heather Fiynerson, Sherri A. Whitfield, Shannon Davis, Karen Atkinson, Coach Lynn Lipscomb. Back Row: Coach Pat Mitchell, Santiago Hernandez, Ed Stanfield, Cory Foreman, Mil- ton Henderson, Arthur Haynes, Maurice Foreman, Pat- rick Wllliams. freshman did a good job this year. It is reallj exciting to work with such young talent,' said Lipscomb. "The team's biggest highlight was qualify ing for regionals for the first time," said Lips comb. This outstanding accomplishmen came about in the team's third year of exis tence. The J.V. team had a good year overall The team was led by sophomores Karel Atkinson and Heather Ftynerson. The tean placed first in the St. Marks meet and sec ond in the Spruce meet. "I feel good abou the team and its achievements. I am really excited about the younger emerging talent,' said Lipscomb. Running in a district contest, junior Santiago Hernan- dez completes the course at Norbuck Park. fd 262:44 xv ww, Competing in the district cross country meet, soph- omore Crystal Coleman nears the finish line at White Rock Lake. Shouting instructions, cross country coach Lynn Lipscomb prepares her runners for the start of the meet. Cross Country! 97 ODP 62 45 72 67 76 61 74 85 Swimmers Continue Tc mpro ve I Compe titio Determination, hard work and a few attitude adjustments proved beneficial to the 1985- 86 swim team. With a season record of sev- en victories and only one loss, the swim team has come back stronger than ever. Their success was due largely to a more positive attitude toward swim competition and their increased competitive nature as they grew more confident with each win. The first meet of the season took place at Rich- ardson High School, resulting in a 75-71 vic- tory for the Owls. The Grand Prairie meet was the biggest win of the season with the overall score of 110- 64, This encouraged the team to practice even harder. The first and only defeat for the Owls was dealt by South Garland in the last meet 4 the season. Scott Parsons headlined the news with h many swimming achievements and feels the the year was good for him and the tean "This being the fourth year that l have bee swimming, l have seen the greatest persona committment to success by every membe of the team," stated Parsons. According t Parsons, the swimmer who made the mos improvement over the year was Jack Heste "This year Jack did his best and it shows i his work," commented Parsons. Shannon Parsons, brother of Scott, feel that he gained speed and endurance ove the past season. He thinks the team ha shown just how powerful it can be when sticks together. w 1 Swim Team Team Record: 7-1 GHS 90 RL. Turner 102 Seagoville 73 Richardson B6 Woodrow Wilson 83 Bryan Adams 68 Mesquite- North Mesquite 93 Grand Prairie South Grand Prairie 61 South Garland 1 l .Xa it tx '4 'tr X Ve X X xt 981 Sports Silhouetted a ainst the Holfcrd bubble senior Glen- 9 , I da Eller dives from the 10 meter board. S if Wh S ku fm if ff ' r nf. :, N .. all r 5 . -. s we Ae W -Q. .5 F? In the district meet at Flower Mound Pool, sophomore Brent Korne-gay competes in the 100 meter backstroke. Completing his final lap, sophomore John Edmonds prepares for the district meet. Placing second in the 200 meter relay, freshman Jew- el Clark responds to the outcome, Swim Teaml99 Tennis Players Struggle Du ing Season This year's tennis team found hard times during the district tournaments and through- out the season. A lack of experience and confidence was the team's biggest setback. To gain the experience that the team re- quires, Coach John Blank feels that he must develop players starting from their freshman year. "The team needs younger students who can gain experience in tennis and youn- ger students who enjoy the game," said Blank. Both the boys and girls teams showed great leadership qualities from certain individuals. The girls team was led by senior Cindy James, "Cindy always tried her hardest, both in game situations and in practice," said Blank. The boys team was inspired by senior Ftich- ard Dugger and junior Shannon Shaw. Both Dugger and Shaw were consistent througt out the year, which was represented in th final standings. "Their individual records re suited in a near 50 percent average," sal Blank. Even with the lack of experience and conf dence, Blank felt that his team improve tremendously over the year. Blank felt the the mental game was the most difficult tl conquer. lf the team can overcome their problems the outlook for next year can be very opti mistic. 'tWe have a lot of returning player for next year which I feel can help us ove come some of our problems," said Blank. Returning the volley, sophomore Gretchen Adkir practices with the ballmachine during Gth period. Tennis-Front Row: Michelle Brooks, Holly Wright, Amber Kaiser, Gretchen Adkins, Cindy James, Michele Farriell, Scarlett Florez, Colette Stanton. Back Row: Coach Blank, Bart Davis, Trent Brooks, Dennis Weaver, Richard Dugger, Shayne Wilson, Adam Hampson, Matt Harrison, Mike Wantland, Shannon Shaw. Extending his racket, junior Shayne Wilson reaches for the ball as it passesover the net. nf.. f. ,s?vggg,fg'5'54s:ef - ' ' ' fi?r,-igjwzg ,2.,,,fN f , - I Q7 ff QSM Q gf. ,Jil Boys' Soccer District Record: 0-10 GHS OPP Mesquite South Garland Lakeview North Garland North Mesquite Mesquite South Garland Lakeview North Garland North Mesquite Girls Soccer GHS OPP North Garland North Mesquite Mesqurte Lakeview South Garland North Garland North Mesquite Mesquite Lakeview South Garland won due to forfeit 1 3 1 2 0 1 I 1 6 1 3 2 3 1 5 2 3 1 3 1 10 I District Record: 3-7 2 I 7 2 ' 3 I 1 ' 1 1 2 l 1 4 1 A 6 0 ' 3 3 1 I Soccer Teams Fee Major Frus tra tions Both the girl's and boy's soccer teams faced many tough obstacles which led to a disap- pointing district record, but both teams gained experience for next year. The boy's team faced the district with a lot of underclassmen which led to many losses. The team began the season against Rock- wall which resulted in a 3-2 loss. Their final record proved to be a long season for the team and its coach. "We had to play a lot of freshmen, which I felt was a disappointment. The team also lacked experience," said Coach Terry Gambill. Even though it was a tough season for the boys, they found some bright spots in key positions. Pete Kedward showed the big- gest improvement at the forward position. James Brezik is considered to be the best player on the team. "James is the best all- around player on the team and is always trying to improve his game," said Gambill. "lf the underclassmen return we will be a better team next year," stated Gambill. The girl's soccer team's biggest problem throughout the season was the no-pass, no- play rule, and injuries, but they made up foi losses through their determination. "There was a lack of experience on the field, but they made up for the talent, in their hustle," said Coach Nancy McGee. The team's biggest leader was senior Amy Hall. "Amy was named captain of the team be- cause of her leadership qualities. She will be a great loss next year," said McGee. "The team's leading scorers were freshmen Karen Ramirez and Rosie Carrasco. The younger players such as Karen and Rosie should show some experience on next year's team," said McGee. Even through some tough losses Coach McGee felt very good about the season. "They played over their head but showed a great attitude even when they lost and they proved to be very hard workers," stated McGee. Participating during a scrimmage game, freshman Karen Ramirez and sophomore Mary Lou Perez battle for control of the ball. 102! Sports Soccer - Front Row: Twyvria Willlarns, Sonya Eaton, Nikki Weber, Amy Hall, Karen Ramirez, Liz Rodrlquez, Pebbles Perez, Rosie Carrasco. Second Row: Walter Hernandez, Jose Delafuente, Travis King, Lisa Edwards. Jennifer Neal, Lynn Shephered, Colette Stanton, Julio Hernandez, Robert Carrasco, Lew Beaty Third Row: Ty Schaum, Louie Mora, Rick Carrasco, James Brezik, James Dugger, Jim Wright, Mark McLaughlin, Joseph Cruz, James Thomas, Coach Nancy McGee. Back Row: Coach Terry Gambill, Todd Jennelle, Juan Ber- mejo, Scott Deel, Bryan Zachary, Ruben Burbois, Jason Williams, Paul Ragsdale, Pete Kedward, Attempting an inverted pass, freshman Julio Hernan- dez returns the ball to one of his teammtes. 'Q-Qygziq, 2-TI i -1" Attempting to block a shot, senior Amy Hall bats the ball away from the goal during practice. Instruding the team on various techniques, soccer coach Nancy MCC-ee tosses the ball to the players. lil Soccerf103' I Varsity Basketball District Record: 4-10 GHS Opponent 63 Lakeview 75 65 Wilmer Hutchins 66 72 South Garland 77 44 Highland Park 54 46 North Mesquite 68 57 North Garland 64 92 Mesquite 52 78 Lakeview 68 74 Wilmer Hutchins 87 69 South Garland 83 I 53 Highland Park 49 48 North Mesquite 76 70 North Garland 71 114 1 Mesquite 49 Overrated Owls Suffer Downfall The Owl basketball program entered this season as the favorite to win the district 9-5 title and advance into the playoffs. The per- formance of the team led to one of the big- gest disappointments in the district. Many of the preseason polls predicted the Owls in the top five. What people saw was a highly overrated team which faced a great deal of inner problems. "We faced a lot of problems that I didn't expect. This was the main reason for the team's downfaII," stated Head Coach Lane Norsworthy. "It was los- ing Neil Derrick in the middle of the season. I also felt that inexperience in key positions took its toIl," stated Norsworthy. Another key to the basketball downfall was the early losses to underrated teams. The biggest loss of the season was the surprising effort from Bishop Lynch which led to a major draw- back in the Owl program. Berkner and Bryan Adams also defeated the Owls in the Coca- Coia tournament held at Garland. "If we had played more as a team and were aware of our early games, I feel we would have done better in district play," said Norsworthy. 1041 Sports Boys Varsity Basketball - Front Row: Chris Hanson, Neil Derrick, Chris Johnson, Kevin Fleming, Keith Blan- ton. Back Row: Richard Derrick, Kevin Mack, Kenny Estes, Ricky Alsbrook, Robert Thompson, Kevin Ad- kins. The Owls found some hope even after a ba district record. Richard Derrick showed far why he is considered one of the best in th state. Derrick averaged 23.4 points and 14. rebounds a game. Richard did suffer a kne injury during the end of the season, but was not severe. "Richard did the best I coul ask for, but nobody could carry the whol team," stated Norsworthy. The surprise c the season was junior Kenny Estes. "Kenn did a good job this season. I hope he will b able to continue in his efforts," said Nors worthy. Even after the loss of Richard Derrick, Nors worthy felt good about next year. "We hav gained a lot of experience this year and believe it will help next year," said Nors worthy. Another important thing to remerr ber is that the Owls will not have so muc publicity pressure and that they will be bet ter prepared for the worst. "We will have t change our offense without Richard, but feel that this could be the key to our suc cess," concluded Norsworthy. r I re. ti .J Out jumping his opponents, junior Chris Johnson at- tempts a lay-up during a district game against North Mesquite. LU! 'fr "Vino Guarded closely by hrs opponent. sophomore Neal Derrtck attempts a pump shot from tnstde the lane Going up for a slam, sentor Rtcharo Derrrck connects tor two pomts tn a drstrtct game agatrwst North Garland. Varsity Boys BasketbaIIf105 Fighting for control of the ball, sophomore Chad Wood and freshman Cary McGill challenge the Eagle players during a district game. 5- Guarded by a Wilmer-Hutchins player, sophomore Brady Hughes looks for a teammate during second half action, Battling his opponent, freshman Shelby Jayroe at- tempts a lump shot from inside the line. Squads Prove To Be can tenders lthough the boy's J.V. basketball team did ot produce as many wins as it would have iked, it proved to be a contender throughout the year. The biggest obstacle for the squad Nas losing too many close games. "I felt that our season was excellent overall because we played our opponents so close," said Coach Dan Drake. Of the team's first three games, it lost by a total of five points. The team played well even without a strong bench. "We relied a lot on our starting five to play the whole game." isaid Drake. This year the two freshman teams' records varied. The Gold team fell from last year's championship season, while the Black team produced an overall good year. The Black team was led by two outstanding players. The team's best player was Dwayne Watson, who showed excellent qualities throughout the season. The most improved player on the team was Bryan Price, who became one of the team's big- gest assets by the end of the season. "Our year was much improved overall, it was my first winning season," said Coach Lee Fer- rell. The Gold team found hard times throughout its season, but had some outstanding players. Shelby Jayroe showed the most im- provement. "We had an up and down sea- son, but we did have some good effort," said Coach Rudy Montes. J.V. Basketball - Front Row: George Borens. John Thompson, Carey McGill, Melvin Stanley, Carl McDade, Reggie Woodrow. Back Row: Abe Fox, Brady Hughes. Paul Dockter. David Lockaby, Chad Wood. Anthony Parker 1753 Girl l Junior Varsity Basketball District Record 6-8 I GHS OPP 57 Lakeview 58 76 Wilmer Hutchins 78 53 South Garland 55 43 Highland Park 55 64 North Mesquite 44 56 North Garland 63 66 Mesquite 52 l 63 Lakeview 73 61 Wilmer Hutchins 65 I 513 South Garland 46 62 Highland Park 47 55 North Mesquite 50 I 43 North Garland 53 6t Mesquite 55 Freshman Gold - Front Row: Shelby Jayroe, Chad Britton. Gerome Alexander. Back Flow: Coach Montes, Vernon Shaw, Andre Smith, Donnie Edwards, Keylian Williams, Robert Davis. Freshman Black - Front Row: William Harris, John Jackson, Mark Siratt, Damian Brigham. Back Row: Coach Ferrell, Todd Cope, Bryan Price, Jamie Cren- shaw, Tyrone Mills, Dwayne Watson. LV.-Freshman Basketball! 107 Varsity Basketball Season Record: 10-14 GHS OPP 47 McArthur 62 54 Seagcvllle 29 I 65 spruce 26 44 Lincoln 40 42 Spruce 46 20 McArthur 79 I 67 Grand Prairie 48 54 Kimball 42 40 South Oak Cliff 93 I 37 North Garland 56 37 Mesquite 43 59 Bryan Adams 45 1 51 Berkner 44 50 Lincoln 55 42 Lakeview 38 44 Wilmer Hutchins 43 I 44 South Garland 41 - 34 North Mesquite 43 36 North Garland 48 43 Mesquite 51 31 Lakeview 32 40 Wilmer Hutchins 45 49 South Garland 50 I 29 North Mesquite 70 Despite Strong Effort, Varsity Falls Short The basketball season of the Varsity Girls fell short of many goals. The team finished the season with a 10-14 season record. Coach Lynette Howard was pleased with attitudes shown by the whole team. "The team as a whole gave me one hundred percent of ev- ery game and every practice," said Howard. The Owls were led by tri-captains and sen- iors Tricina McCrainey, Adrion Chatman, and Gwen McGensey. McCrainey started at one guard spot. "Tricina was the key to our defense because of her quickness and aggressivness," said Coach Howard. Adrion Chatman played at the other guard position. Her offensive skills contributed greatly to the team. Gwen McGensey played at the post position on the team. She was the team's 108 I Sports leading rebounder and also led the team in 1? Girls' Varsity Basketball - Front Row: Latrecia Hicks, Tricina McCrainey, Monica English. Back Row: Kimmy Blanton tManagerl, Felicia Jackson, Freida Crosby. Gwendolyn McGensey, Rosalind Smith, Adrion Chatman, Handling the ball, senior Adrion Chatman looks for an open teammate in a district game against North Mesquite. blocked shots. Juniors Freida Crosby anc Rosalind Smith also were outstanding play- ers on the team. Crosby played at the for- wardfpost position. She had many assists and helped the team both offensively anc defensively with her quickness and great leaping ability. Smith played at the other forward position and was the Owls offensive attack. Her shooting ability kept the Owls in many games. Garland looked very impressive in its non- district victory over Grand Prairie. The Owls were behind for three quarters and came back in the fourth to win decisively 67-48. The Owls lost many games due to inconsis- tency and tough opponents. "The girls' en- thusiasm never fell short," said Coach How- ard. W. Attempting a jump shot, senior Tricina McCrainey has the ball batted away by an opponent. Battling lor controI'of the ball, iuniors Rosalind Smith and Freida Crosby go up against South Garland players in a district contest. 7 Varsity Girls Basketball! 109 Pulling through on the swing, junior Lance Luttrult practices with the golf team at Firewheei Golf Course. Competing in the district tournament, sophomore ,Steve Scott plays the 18th hole for a final all-around team score of 387. 110! Sports Golf Team Suffers Sub Par Performance The players worked hard and continued to improve all year long, but the 1985-86 golf team was very inexperienced. The Owls were led by junior Landon Griffin. Griffin :played in the first position for most of the Iyear. A number of players, however, had owest scores in various tournaments. lTheir low scores really increased competi- tion among the members of the team," said fCoach Cozby, "This created a desire to im- prove which several players did." Strong tournament outings included the Denton tournament in which the Owls' 18 hole team score was 388. The Owls also played very well in the district tournament. Landon Grif- fin was the low scorer for G.H.S. The Owls ,finished with a team score of 387, an im- ii Golf Team 85-86 ypggvement over the 392 score posted last Tournament Team Score Irving MacArthur 429 Coach Cozby has an optimistic outlook for South Garland 428 next year's team. Garland has all Iettermen S320 gag? h jg? returning and two current G.H.S. students Rfghzfdsofpearcn .--- have already qualified for next year's team. Dentcn 387 "Hopefully we will have a good crop of fresh- L.D. Bell 413 men and possibly other current students on RQCKWGH 410 our team next year," said Griffin. D'Sf"C' i27'hO'e Samet 588 The Owls will have to play extremely well to defeat other district teams, but they are working hard to improve. The tournament scores show the improvement. "The Owl Golf team should be in a position to be much more competitive in the very near future," said coach Cozby. 3 x A e . it , t . .f A 'i A H f jv 9 s defray t . . 3 H f' --ttf. if f .l , Golf-Front Row: Steve Scott, Stephen George, Jason Cozby, Landon Griffin. Back Row: Kirk Pryor, Mike Schafer. Lance Luttrull, Coach Cozby. Pitching from the sand trap, iunior Mike Schafer tries to improve his twelfth hole shot at Flrewheel Golf Course, earns win District, Boys Finish Second The boys track team showed a drastic im- provement over last year's team and much of the success was attributed to a new atti- tude. This enabled the boys to win the city meet and finish a strong second at the dis- trict meet. The leadership of the team fell into the hands of seniors Kevin Adkins, Walter Dunagin and Greg McGill. Adkins showed an impressive record throughout the season. Adkins took first place in the long jump and the 100 yard dash during the district meet. McGill took first in the 200 yard dash while Dunnigan, McGill and Adkins teamed up to place first in the 400 meter relay. Adkins also placed first in the long jump in the regional meet. Kevin advanced to state after the outstanding regional meet perfor- mance. "I feel great about the teams efforts. They all handled themselves very well," said Head Coach Pat Mitchell. A few underclassmen also produced a fine performance for the track team. ln the shot 112! Sports put, Mike McFarland finished second in dis trict, while Milton Henderson took third in thi 400 meter dash and Scott Fitzhugh tool third in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles The team met all its goals that it set for itsel this year. Besides doing outstanding in the city and district meet, the team defeatec Highland Park. "OUr goal was to defea Highland Park, and thanks to a supreme effort, we accomplished what we set out tc do," said Mitchell. The girls team was led by seniors Tricina Mc Crainey, Sherri Whitfield and Michelle Stuart The seniors led the team to a district title which placed them in the regional meet "The girls track team had a super year. Con- gratulations go to the district 9-5A champi- ons. I am very proud of the girls," saic Coach Lynn Lipscomb. However, the girls season ended with a disappointing regiona performance. The highest place that the team could manage was a third in the BOC and 400 meter relay. Track Teams - Front Row: David Birket, John Puck- ett, Matthew Sawyer, Andre Smith, Darren Brown, Mike Bryant, Bryan Price, Kenneth Gay, Cleveland Colbert. Second Row: Patrick Williams, Delicia Armstrong, Tra- cy Hanson, Rosie Carrassco, Beverly Wright, Sherri Whitfield, Tricina McCrainey, Nekita Hunter, Marcie Heard. Teresa Williams. Third Row: Coach Gary, Coach Mitchell, Adrion Chatman, Shannon Davis, Vic- toria Allen, Arthur Haynes, Maurice Foreman, Scott Fitzhugh, Billy Bell, Santiago Hernandez, Edward Stan- field, Sonya Eaton, Monica English, Donna McKinney, Michelle Stuart, Coach Lipscomb. Back Row: Felicia Jackson, Cindy Dunedin. Milton Henderson, Greg McGill, Kevin Adkins, Corey Foreman, Mike McFarland, Walter Dunagin, Gwen McGensey, Karen Atkinson, Carlos Pullum, Amy D. Hall, Leading the 220 yard dash, junior Milton Henderson sprints toward another Owl victory during the Ftaider Flelays. srv9N1"5 andy., P 1 kv..- '- 5 Completing the swing, senior Nick Siratt makes con- Kb tact during a non-district game. 'ssh rt 1 M' seam. 65 ' 1 .V-qt. 1: te V 'mg il if 0 Et E .,., ,s,,,...r,. af . , ,W t it t . , ' ffffsvwufe -MV.-s-., . Winding up for the pitch, senior Greg Harvey delivers 'e l if I ' -- his fast Ditch in a district Qame against Highland Park, R -91? a-. .,..4A-4 2 glfbrfwi'--1"-o'.f-t .. ,sunwzws I wi 'f Wifi? qgfffd' U' W 'xr W, ,. , K I 'tk I ,Ca fzJf 4-" Mia: 114fSpons ,wan i' 1 ' 1 1 -1 u - Scrimmaging against the J,V. baseball team, varsity player sophomore Chad Wood swings high at a fastball. -eadership Proves Not Enough or Owls Baseball lsebl . he 1985-86 baseball season saw inconsis- Ency among the Garland Owls. Garland fin- hed the year with the 11-18-1 season re- rord. "We had a lot ot talent, but we had to :onquer the individual play and influence the Fam concept of the game," said Coach Lee -errell. Seniors catcher Ray Valdez, first baseman slick Siratt, and second baseman Jesse Ra- non assumed the leadership roles on the eam. Jesse Ramon was honored for his .skills by receiving a baseball scholarship to Vorth Texas State University. Nick Siratt Non the city batting title for the year. The most improved player for the year was M ' I Greg Hollowell. His batting average ranked him among the top on the team and his arm really developed to help him on the defen- sive side. The Junior Varsity Owls also had a tough season. Garland ended the year with a 5-10 record. The team's most memorable game was against Wilmer-Hutchins. Garland got the victory with strong pitching from Mark Siratt that shut out Wilmer-Hutchins. The ot- fense came through with six runs. The Owls have produced a few players who have played exceptionally well throughout the year. The players included Russell Simmons, Chuck Harper and Chad Britton. G 2 5 O 3 7 O 6 1 6 5 5 3 7 9 HS District Record: 5-9 Mesquite Lakeview N. Garland S. Garland Highland Park N. Mesquite Wilmer Hutchins Mesquite Lakeview N. Garland S. Garland Highland Park N. Mesquite Wilmer-Hutchins OPP 3 4 5 8 12 1 7 0 4 17 8 9 1 5 1 8' WA 9 0 ff Q .G . -I ' W' J ' wr 4 is W Q, 1. S Varsity Baseball- Front Row: Kenneth Terry, Chris Monk, Louis Mora, Greg Hollowell, Coach Lee Ferrell. Second Row: Kenneth Matney, Craig Leucht, Brian Smith, Jesse Ramon, Nick Siratt, Danny Armstrong. Back Row: Jeff Sorenson, Greg Harvey, Ricky Als- brook, Ray Valdez, Chad Wood, David Simpson, Kerry Waldron. Attempting to tag out a North Mesquite runner, junior third baseman Joel Johnson leaps to catch the ball. Varsity-l.V. Baseball! 115 Spirit Leaders Fiaise Student's Supporr This has been an exciting and prolific year for the ten members of the Varsity Cheer- leading squad, their mascot and the Bell Guards. The year began with a very suc- cessful and rewarding week for the cheer- leaders at summer camp. The girls attended camp at S.M.U. in early June and were se- lected for the coveted Award of Excellence award. Only seven squads of 250 were cho- sen, and they performed before their peers on the final day. In addition to this honor, they also received a spirit stick for displaying overall zest and enthusiasm for the duration of the week. After camp the girls spent the remainder of Varsity Cheerleaders- Front Row: Pam Milam, Tia- shawn Sharp, Michelle Estrello, Tracy Casstevens, Me- lodee Walker. Back Row: Amber Britton, Amy Lay, Tracy Martin iOllie Owli, Cathy Crawford, Jill Reed, Wendy Reed. Bell Guards- Front Row: Scott Joiner, Benny Jestis, Royal Mowery, Brian Lane, David Simpson. the summer making signs for the upcomin football season. Six pep rallies and ten foo ball games demanded their attention an presence from September until Novembe With the help of the five Bell Guards thi year, elaborate partner stunts and difficu pyramids were incorporated into cheers. A the culmination of one sport, the girls wer given a two weeks reprieve before basket ball began. At the end of basketball season in February the girls began practicing for the rigorou try-outs held inthe spring. A spring banque was held in late March. ln addition, the varsity competed in and woi their division in the N.C.A. competition heir this past fall. This victory earned them 2 berth in the national championship held ir Florida during the Christmas holidays. fl ft nu-:QQ Encouraging the Owls, junior Tiashawn Sharp leads a cheer late in the second half. M we . A Pr li 3- Q A 453 'ff xii '.. Oli-.1 Vs bf Waiting for the cheer to begin, junior Pam Milam relaxes as the Owls play Thomas jefferson at Homer B. johnson Stadium. During a non-district game against Pinkston, junior Michelle Estrello encourages the Owls late in the third quarter. za "X, A-.-, A l 7 T8 l JD 'C' Taking a break during the halftime, Tracy Martin as Ollie Owl watches the MOB perform at Mesquite Memorial Stadium. Var. Cheerleaders and Bell Guards!117 Teams Promote School Spirii The Junior Varsity cheerleaders fared well at the 1985-86 cheerleader camp held annual- ly on the campus of Southern Methodist Uni- versity. The cheerleaders received a spirit stick for their enthusiasm and display oi school spirit. The J.V. squad also received the coveted "superior" ribbon, given only to groups who have achieved perfection. Al- though the Junior Varsity had achieved "perfection", the work had only begun. The J.V. team members were held accountable for spirit arousal at all Junior Varsity games. These games included football and pre-sea- son and regular season basketball. The Junior Varsity squad baked cakes and pies for coaches and furnished pre-game treats for players. Members of the J.V. squad underwent the traditional initiation ot the "newcomers" ear- 1181 Sports Freshman Cheerleaders- Front Row: Kari Peek, Cornelia Propes, Darci Noska, Kelli Morris, Dinah Mowery, Marie Gross. Back Row: Kristi Williams, Amy Faunce, Lea Geiger, Donna McKinney, Lisa Lee, Marcie Heard. Promoting crowd participation, freshmen Marcie Heard and Lisa Lee yell during a football game at Homer B. Johnson stadium. I' J ly in the year. "lt was not as bad as l ha expected it to be", said sophomore Kell Lander. The freshman cheerleaders also attende camp at SMU and received blue ribbons fr superior performances. Out of approximate ly 600 girls, ten were chosen to compete the All-American Cheerleader contes Freshman Lea Geiger was selected as one c these ten and competed for the title. Besides cheering at all treshman footbz and basketball games, the cheerleaders sol candy, raising a total of over 5B600.00. The year was drawn to a close with a bar quet held at the Trail Dust where chee leaders danced the Texas Two-Step and sli down the slide. g vi ai it i Varsity Cheerleaders- Front Row: Kellie , Kristi Bickle, Jackie Albertson. Back Row: Jen- Dressed as a Smurf by senior Melodee Walker, sopho- Shirley, Melanie Bullard, Carrie Morris, Shelli Stan- more Carrie Morris participates in the initiation of the Poteet. J.V. cheerleaders by the Varsity, 1 AZ, .vi fr nluf L r ,lfnbllb fem yah? ,l' Wm 11 l ami 'YN ' P I -2 MVX rf' Pi, Ei 'ie' ... ' 1 W W 9 3 'KZS- ee ring a district game against Highland Park at he, Junior Varsity cheerleaders form a pyramid as 't of their routine. J.V.-Freshman Cheerleaders!1l9 Holding their rings, sophomore Melanie Medders and senior Kim Arnold dance to "Barbara Ann" at High- lander Stadium, Beginning her chair routine to l'Cool lt Now," senior Leigh Ann Splawn performs during halftime at the Pink- ston game. Standing in the bleachers, senior Paula McLaughlin completes her hand routine during an afternoon pep rally ln the boy's gym. 1201 Sports Drill Teams Have Award Winning Year The Dashing Debs started off the year on a high note by receiving the Gussie Nell Davis Sweepstakes Award at camp this past sum- mer. The girls quickly gained the respect of other teams at the camp by also winning first division superior honors in creative night marching and dance routines. Summer camp awarded many individual honors in- cluding All-American Dance Team for cap- tain Jeannine Crane. Marialou Milam was selected as most outstanding dancer at camp. "Being selected Most Outstanding Dancer made me feel that everything l had been working for for the past three years was all worth it," said Milam. During the fall semester, All-City Drill Team try-outs were held, resulting in ten Debs be- ing elected for this honor. At competition in April the Debs received sweepstakes and iudge's award, along with titles of Texas Pom-Pom Champions and Texas Military Champions. The Goldiackets also began the 1985-86 school year on an upbeat note by participat- ing in the annual Labor Day Parade. Aside from performing at several J.V. games throughout the year, the Goldjackets com- peted in the Mavericks Competition in Janu- ary where they received an excellent rating, The Goldiacket Awards Banquet was held in February at Gallaghers where many unique honors were given including contagious smile, most congenial and the Golden Slip- pers Award. Through hard work and suc- cessful competition, the Goldjackets re- ceived many well-deserved honors. Dashing Debs- Clockwise: Leigh Ann Jackson. Kim Arnold, Cindy Bowman, Jackie Johnson, Amanda Bowles, Tisana Jackson. Janet Clark, Patty Ortiz, Carol Stnmple. Fioxanne Spradley. Shannon Wrisner. Cathy Reed. Missy Luton. Tonya Smith. Bridgett. Head, Holly Whitaker. Theresa Noska. Stephanie Nichols, Melanie Medders. Tracie Dalrymple, Renee Yeager. Angie McWhirter. Heidi Haven, Kendra Noe. Christie Cum- mings. Sherry Jackson, Cindy Broughton. Christi Pointer. Wendy Williams. Natalia Sanchez. Robin Humphries. Brandi Merrill. Officers: Jeannine Crane, Carolyn Bur- nett. Marialou Milam. Paula McLaughlin. Leigh Ann Splawn. Goldiackets- Officers: Marcy Priddy, Captain Jenni- for Pryor. Stephanie l-larrls Second Row: Pam Dicker- son, Leslie Cox. Cyndi Miller. Ginger Freeman, Shannon Wallace. Vickr Kinney, Carrie Speake, Angel Ford, Jen- nifer Jones, Kathy Adams, Marlo McVay, Bethany Wright. Dena Eitel, Third Row: Gracie Finley, Leann Green. Carrie Lemon, Amy Blankenship, Michelle Go- ble, Christie l-lall, Sabrina Fihyne, Tama Wolfe. Kerri Dean. Rene Greer, Cheri Frazier, Jill Thierfelder, Steph- anie Carpenter. Shannon Keel, Shannon Harris, l Dashing Debs-Gold lackets!121 E EE 5, 5 gi ii l ? ii E i . s sri i gi 12Z!Academic Division Academics Why Are Academics Important? UCertain subjects you have to know in order to make it when you get out." -Kyle Herbold-senior l'School prepares you for after graduation." -Brady Phipps-junior "lt teaches you the basics so that you can get through real life after high school' -Laurie Kelsey-junior "So when you get out of school you have a variety of jobs to choose from." -Trent Brooks-freshman "Academics help you learn how to handle situa- tions in life and you can make more money if you have an education." -Donna Wachsman-sophomore 'Alt helps people find a good job so they can have a better life," -Cory Hallmeyer-sophomore UBecause it helps us to become smarterfl -David Lockaby-sophomore "lf you're going to be here for tour years, why fail? You can't get out until you pass." -Thomas Fritzinger-freshman Listening to a presentation on France and its customs, sophomore Toi Mouton participates in a class discussion. 4' ll Taking a timed typing test. sopho- o Le Nek sk' omit h ggsssnrnein' Y OW lC F1225 CY IMPRESSION5 Never Fade Academicsf123 .W J, gs is lt 2 'bf-if rl" gf Waiting for the headline writing contest to begin, seniors .Iill Bodi- ford and Doug Brennan sit at the edge of Dallas Baptist University campus where the regional con- test was held. Taking a break between songs, junior Darwin Lytle clowns with senior Karlton Powell during a fi- nal performance before U.I.L. competition. 124! Academics J E if ,I h a look of determination. omore Scott Fitzhugh prac- s the high hurdle event for district meet. Al 7 ' 2 ..ei..,,,, .L , if :wi , -xi , A .1 Q . 2' ,QQ x ,-595, 'if , " llfyf. ik' 553 , :st at 1 3. M 1 H gf 5 1 ' 1 W -f - 1 Q z if - .. 1 -1 W 5. 2 M Y r f 5' ,zz '- A, 3 If ig 5 bil. ,A V1 .Q 1 A V If - . 2 A if M it N Q Aw I , K wwf if U.I.L. Participants Gain Experian ce The University Interscho- lastic League, U.I.L. was created in 1910 and is headquartered at the Uni- versity of Texas in Austin. Founded by Dr. S. E. Mezes as the Extention Bureau, the Debating League and Athletic League were later added to form the present day league. Today, the U.I.L. is the lar- gest organization of its kind in the world. It also has a larger number of contestants than any simi- lar organization in the country. U.I.L. was cre- ated to give self-confi- dence and a sense of pride to those who excelled in their personal abilities. U.I.L. teaches se1f-disci- pline and fair play. Stu- dents can experience teamwork while learning to do their best in any competitive activity. Com- petition occurs when all the practice is put to the test of performance and the true meaning of win- ning is doing their best and having something to show for it. Every year, the league grows larger with the stu- dent competition becom- ing stronger. It takes a lot of hard work, talent and above all interest to main- tain a position to compete. Those who are a part of the team do feel that it is worth the effort. Junior Steve Reeves said, tilt takes a lot of homework and its very time consum- ing. However, advancing to regionals is one of the best things that has hap- pened to me." VD- RQ' Taking time to study the script, junior Greg Goldston reviews his role as Buddy Layman in the dis- trict winning play, The Diviners. Reviewing the contest material, U.I.L. sponsor Jesse Beeson pre- pares his students in literary competition. U.I.L. Competitionf125 Despite the threats of no- pass, no-play and atten- dance legislature, field trips have played a major part in the education of Garland High students. Whether a trip to down- town Dallas or an adven- ture reaching across the country, groups managed to plan and execute suc- cessful field trips through- out the 1985-86 school year. 'tGoing to the Dallas Museum of Art for Aca- demic Decathlon widened my understanding of per- spective and style in art," said senior Richard Dug- ger. "I believe that seeing things other than the in- side of Garland High School are essential for a good education". Under the direction of sponsor Diane Leeman, the Drama Department Groups Travel To Expand Learning made its annual voyage to New York City over Spring Break in March. Drama students took tours of the city and saw five Broadway shows. The Journalism department also went to New York in March. Newspaper, year- book and Journalism I stu- dents attended workshop classes at Columbia Uni- versity where they were exposed to new ideas and techniques to use in publi- cations. t'The classes real- ly taught me a lot of things that were new to me", said junior Michelle Marles. t'It made me glad that I was able to go." In May the band went to Colorado for competition and sightseeing, and the choir members competed in Corpus Christi. if While these groups took trips across the state or even farther, others mere- ly went across town. The government classes under Mr. Hammerle attended a court session at the Dallas County Court House, and AP History students made their way to the Omni Theatre in Ft. Worth to celebrate the end of their hard year of work. Field trips have long been a vital part of the system of learning and are con- tinuing as strong as ever year after year. Signing autographs, ABC news correspondent Bettina Gregory mccts some of her fans after speaking to students at Columbia University about her job. 'ik-4? 126!Academics ' up--0,-wa 'O .iv V 2 if' 8. 2 ug' Standing on the Campus of Co- lumbia University. G.H.S. jour- nalism students prepare for the trip back to the hotel after a long day of workshops. l X 5 X . XXX , uma 'K' LQ -,.. I I' all Q- In its annual trip to New York, the G.H.S. Drama Department at- tended "Cats" and four other Broadway shows. Preparing for a day of classes at Columbia, sophomores Missy Woods, Audra Adkins, Kellie Lander and senior Doug Brennan ride the subway uptown. Field TfIDSf127 New Law Creates Tou 111 Standard House Bill 72, passed by the Second Called Session of the 68th Texas Legisla- ture in July of 1984, ex- panded the testing pro- gram beginning with the 1985-86 school year. This statewide minimum skills testing program is known as Texas Educational As- sessment of Minimum Skills CTEAMSJ. The TEAMS took the place of a program known as the Texas Assessment of Basic Skills CTABSJ, which was created in 1980. The Texas State legisla- ture mandated that every year students in the grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 take the TEAMS. Students who are enrolled in elev- enth grade during 1985-86 school year tand there- afterj will not receive a high school diploma unless they have passed both sec- tions of the exit-level test by the end of their twelfth grade year. The major purpose behind the TEAMS test is to mea- sure minimum basic skills competencies in reading, writing, and mathematics. ,,,,.. f .,,, 1Z8!Academics Administered to all freshmen in October, freshman Bethany Wright takes the Texas Assess- ment of Basic Skills. After finishing the required exam, freshman Jacob Ross proofreads the answer sheet. The TEAMS tests were taken on October 1 and 2 during school. The stu- dents, after taking the test, seemed to have a very positive attitude. Most thought that the tests were fairly easy. Freshman Loudy Moreno said, 'tThe tests were too easy," whereas freshman Carmel Alaniz said, 'tnot only were they easy, they were also fun." Junior Jo- seph Cruz felt that the test was a waste of time, but he also said that he did not mind taking the test. .- ,, A1 R ,W-,..ff Completing the English pornon of Lho exam, freshman Adam Hampson checks over his an- swers. After hearing the instrucnons, freshman Nancy Nguyen pre- pares Lo luke- hor LCSL, -snuff' wif Nap Following the directions for the TEAMS Lost, freshman Yolanda CaSafly bubbles ill hor name, TEAMSf129 quq ln r ,, 5 I E EE E ' ' X 1 Lv 'J 5 1 H 5 Q5 fix 5 5 ' 1 I .L gb Zz' ' 5 I .5 C 4, 5 sf b 3 s N i 'E 4 ' i, L 1 mi ff U ? S Q: f A fi i S ' E W F 4 if 4 Y gi! 'is f F ki 2 S, 3 g if f 5 ., i 3 is - i g j ' s E ? E 3 1: E V, L Q K L ,. 1 K 2 1 9 I K i , fs 1 i Q53 E S 59? f we 1? .3 .b 3 3 fi Q i ? I ii w . 1 -. X X . ,. I if ww' "T A ,, 0 , ' Ny., M fx 'V lj A -f.-,, VY "X, ,Lir L ,. . - - . -k.,f5ag.g: -- -- ' .L - 130fCIubs Division Clubs What's The Real Story Behind School Activities? "A lot that l have seen is mere attendancef, -Bryan Zachary-sophomore l HThey give you something to do." -Jason Beam-freshman i'They broaden your interest and allow you to have fun!" -Gretchen Adkins-junior "No pass-no play." -Lori Kelsey-junior 'Getting involved and doing your part". -Chris Miller-sophomore "They cause us to become more alert." -David Lockaby-sophomore 'Alt gives us something to do besides school- work." -Cory Hallmeyer-sophomore 'iThey make things in school more enjoyable for the student." -Donna Wachsman-sophomore Looking through the yellow pages, senior Kim Chapman helps sponsor Steve Hammerle with student activities busi- ness. UN B.. Some s IMPRESSIONS Never Fade we .i Y!- 2 Wearing her crown, junior Cammy Leathers stands on the 50 yard line after being named 1985-86 A FFA Sweetheart. Clubs!131 National Honor Society - Front Row: Robert Waggener fhistorianh, Cindy James ftreasurerl, James Strickland Cpresidentl, John Strick- land qvice Presidentj, Holly Swanzy Csecretaryh. Second Row: Todd Paige, Melodee Walker, Kyle Her- bold, Matt Streger, Dalton Lytle, Karlton Powell, Richard Dugger. Back Row: Thomas Vaughan, Linda Little, Brenda Simpson, Leigh Ann Splawn, Preston Peterson, Thuy Trieu, Brian Jones. A-Team - Front Row: Laura Barden. Richard Dugger, Richard Martin, Csponsorl, Holly Wright, Doug Bren- Shannon Shaw. nan, Elaine Tressler, Back Row: Beta Club - Front Row: Karen Cock- rell Csponsorl, James Strickland ftreasurerj, Todd Paige qhistoriany Kyle Herbold fvice presidentl, Pres- ton Peterson CPre-sidentj, Wendy Reed Csecretaryl, John Strickland Sergeant-at-armsj, Marlene Carter Qsponsorj. Second Row: Karlton Powell, Michelle Manley, Teresa Carter, Cindy James, Leigh Ann Splawn, Matt Streger, Craig Barnes, Dalton Lytle, Amy Lay. Third Row: Thomas Vaughn, Lisa Little, Amy Turner, Robert Waggener, Brenda Simpson, Todd Moody, Melinda Az- lin, Thuy Trieu, Jill Reed. Fourth Row: Cathy Crawford, Rica Cun- anan, Monica Choi, Jimmy Dobbs, Robin Kirby, Pamela Milam, Amber Britton, Michelle Brooks, Holly Wright. Back Row: Brady Phipps, Rodney Adams, Kevin Brown, Scott Joiner, Steve Reeves, Kevin Grauke, Jim Wright, Mike McFar- land. i l Xxx. A X f I .er . f 5 l Holding the ballots, NH S. member Richard Dugger and Beta Club member Steve Reeves participate in the spring student elections. Scholastic, Service Groups Promo te School Involvement National Honor Society is an organization to which mem- bers are selected on the ba- sis of four qualities. These qualities are scholarship, character, leadership, and service. lts members pledge to uphold these high stan- dards for themselves and for the organization. Members of NHS participate in service projects both within the school and also in the com- munity. Each member is required to help an individual teacher for two hours each month. The organization provides Christmas dinner, tree, and gifts for an underpriviledged family. Each student also had an out-of-school service project. These projects var- ied widely from visiting hos- Arriving early, senior James Strict- land prepares to assist Mrs. Lee- man as part of his N.l-l.S responsi- bilities, pitals and nursing homes to volunteering in church nur- series. i'Doing a service pro- ject for people who need help gives you a sense of ac- complishment and satisfac- tion," said senior Melodee Walker. Beta Club is an honor organi- zation that is composed of juniors and seniors. The newly elected members were initiated at a reception given in their honor. Beta Club sponsored the annual sale and delivery of roses during Homecoming. Beta Club also collected canned goods to provide two needy families with Thanksgiving dinner. To bring the holidays to a close, the club had a Christmas party at Mrs. Mar- lene Carter's house. The members enjoyed the ex- change of gag gifts. The month of March was the bu- siest for Beta Club. They sponsored a pie eating con- test during Twirp Week. Beta also made Easter baskets for special education children at several elementary schools. The end of the year came to a close with a swimming par- ty dedicated to the seniors, at Marlene Carter's house. The Academic Decathlon Team is a competitive group that represents GHS in an academic contest in the Texas State Academic De- cathlon program. The team is composed of juniors and seniors. The students are tested in subjects such as economics, fine arts, lan- guage, literature, math- ematics, science, and social studies. The team competed in speech activities and a Su- per Quiz. The A-team spends many hours studying and preparing for the competi- tion. x -'-W,,. ,...--1' 1.,,! ,f Preparing for the A-Team meeting. junior Elaine Tressler gets notes from her locker to aid her in the group discussion. NHS, Beta Club, ATeam!133 ,A 134!CIubs The Garland Future Farmers of America chapter got off to a good start this year. The FFA members won several awards by exhibiting their show animals at the Heart of Texas Fair and the State Fair in Dallas. They also attended stock shows in Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston. In November the club sent two members to the Nation- al Convention in Kansas City, MO. The Garland Chap- ter received a plaque for be- ing one of the top chapters in the State and National FFA. The chapter's fund raiser highlighted the fall, Mem- bers sold sausage and bacon throughout the community. "Our fund raiser was suc- cessful, as always. The com- munity is eager to help local Clubs Participate In Area Competition clubs and the sausage is al- ways a good deal," said sen- ior James Maries. Closing their year, the Fu- ture Farmers held their an- nual livestock show. This event is held on the front lawn of Garland High and all animals are sold to the high- est bidder. In Youth and Government this year, a great deal of time was spent preparing for the district competition. Students prepared for com- petition in such categories as Legislative, Judical and Executive branches of the U.S. Government. At the dis- trict level, mock trials were held and students created local problems and came up with solutions to them. Junior Robert Knowles said, "We had a fund raiser for those who were going to the State competition, but un- fortunatly they didn't get to go for one reason or an- other. Overall the year was pretty productive." The Computer Club held a successful fund raiser this year selling posters. "The posters were real sellers. We sold posters that appealed to everyone's tastes," said senior Tammy Barnett. Other events throughout the year included officer elec- tions in September, a con- test in Irving and an end of the year party. "We had a fun year. Being involved in the club has been an intellectual experience," said secretary Tammy Bar- nett. ,af .x I fs j 1. Sfxiwg, 5 -- - 53? S X nqt- -'I . N , ..-. . S Waiting for the program, sopho- more Chad Wood works after school in the computer room. -an-r"""" 4,-1 'K 2'5- Lf? 1 ff Displaying his First place ribbon, freshmen Brian Pruitt and Jeff Har- vey wait for the afternoon auction Youth and Government - Front surerl. Back Row: Robert Knowles, Row: Mr. Axe Qsponsorj, Kyle Her- Matt Streger, Mary Aguilar, Pamela bold Cpresidentj, Vicki Green tvice Milam, Craig Barnes. presidentj, Robert Barnett Ctrea- . Computer Club- Front Row: Mr, neu CSSCFSTBVYD V5Cf0l' Yim Wea- Moulton, fsponsorb, James Ballard SUVQFX Robert Bameif KYGDOUSVP- Cpresidentl, David Beattie fsenior Robert Knowles C3SSlSianf VGPOVT- advisorj, Back Row: Tammy Bar- ef?- F.F.A. - Front Row: Denise Hanna, Teri Travis, Cammy Leathers, Kari Casstevens. Second Row: Mr. Car- son fsponsorl, Todd Sturgis, John Thompson, John Lohden, Brian Pruitt, Mark Lair, Mr, Mulkey fspon- sorh. Back Row: Marc Levvis, Den- nis McBride, Jeff Butcher, Glenn Parks, Clay Cook. Danny Lumkins. to begm' Youth And Government, Computer Club, F.F.A 1135 Practice Results . xcellent Seasoi The G.H.S. Mighty Owl Band once again endured a long, eventful year of work. Linder the strong leadership of Mr. Don Longand assistant Mr. James Hannah, Drum Major Dalton Lytle and the M.O.B. succeeded to excite crowds at football games and keep the high reputation that the band has always enjoyed. Beginning in August, the band marching season would con- tain many hours of practice. The band rehearsed Thursdays after school and on Sunday afternoons during the fall se- mester, resulting in a Superior Rating at the Plano East March- ing Festival and an excellent job at the U.l.L. contest. Playing "A Sleigh Ride", percus- sionists Robert Quisenberry, Greg Kilgore and Otis Hume perform dur- ing the annual Christmas program. Theadvent of the concert s son showed that the band l matured and was playing best in years. ln May a trip Colorado gave band membe chance to relax and competi another band festival. Alsq the spring, trombonist St- Wiess played with the band the Spring concert and ad. to the flare of the G.H.S. band. Band members will continu after the summer with diffeef ideas of the greatest event the l985-86 year. "The Cola do trip proved to be fun many ways," said senior CI Barnes. Senior Karlton Pox added that "The Spring c cert was the most excil event because of the coming Steve Wiessf' Despite the ferent opinions, the Garla High band certainly entertair and delighted audienc throughout the year. I ff ASQ-as ff , 3 1 if ? .9 nf' WN' 1. Y. Q' rl' S4 G S 21? f 51 fa 1 l H ,EL , 'vs-1, ,f in Standing at attention, Drum Major Dalton Lytle prepares to direct the band during the half-time perfor- mance of the Lakeview game. Marching Band- Front Row: Mike Schaffer, Steve Johnson, Andrew Little. Steve Wolfe, Marcy Rrlddy. Christine Evans, Stephanie Griffin. Cindy Drury, Jennifer Rutherford. Laura Pruitt. Hazel Worrel. Amy Turner, Amy Regmund, Shellie Crites. Laurie Elton. Doris Macha. Stephanie Mougia, Mary Ruther- ford, Mary Larsen, Teresa Rhine- hold. Janie Longoria, Mike Wolfe. Shannon Shaw. David Carranza, Second Row: Kent Dromgoole. Todd Jennelle. Troy Scott, Eliza- beth Quintana. Danny Hodge, Chris Miller. Jason Collard, John Rocha, Otis Hume. Robert Quizenberry. Chris Scott, Charles Heater. Jeff Gresso, Greg Kilgore. Anthony McKenzie. Connie Richey, Tamrny Schilling, Renee Rhinelander. Dal- ton Lytle. Third Row: Robin Kirby. Diane Sedgwick. Noel Tldwell. Tere- sa Shipman, Laura Wilson, Vicki Green. Amy Bishop, Gerrie Ann Pe- terson. Kristl Green. Michelle Bal- dwin. Tracy Kimbrough. Malinda Barnes, Dana Morgan, Cheryl Bal- lard. Mary Aguilar. Cynthia Teas- dale. Tammy Hart. Cathy Fantinl, Lisa Tumey. Sandy Makowski. Fourth Row: Bryan Parker. James McNair. Walter Powell, Antoinette Abrassy. Billy Duke. Jacob Morales. Conrad Guerra. Jerry Boner, Matt Streger. Brian Hardin. Laurie Meeks. Jennifer Fox, Kyle Herbold, Bryan Bickerstaff, Garrett Kelley. Mike Chester, Don Dickerson. Bill Baldwin, Joe Ramirez, Karen Ra- mirez. Ben Johnson, Sonya Reay. Chris Chapa. Karen Cook, James Ballard, Jeff Bickerstaff. Carl Lar- sen, Back Row: Jeff Sorenson. Den- nis Macha. Darrel Sedgwick. Robbie Huddleston. Peter Murray. Rodney Adams. Shade Stringer, Brian ES- sary, Craig Barnes, Eddie Ramirez. Shelly Hernandez, Dan Peterson, Kevin Harrison, Rusty Devenport, Mark Seda, Matt Harrison, Robert Knowles, Karlton Powell. Darwin Ly- tle, Preston Galusky. Anthony Park- er. Brent Bottorns, Chris Stacey. John White. Matt Langraft, J y i iS H127 Perform Key Club is a community service organization. Each year Key Club spends Hal- loween night with the pa- tients at Memorial Hospital. During the holiday season they sponsor a canned food drive. The entire month of February was dedicated to cleaning up the campus of 5 hu. Dedicated Studen Community Service G.H.S. "The spring time is the busiest time of the school year," said junior Ja- net Clark. The Key Club sponsored the Twirp King and elected its officers dur- ing March. During spring break they sponsored an Easter egg hunt for the chil- dren at The Thelma Boston Foundation for handicapped children. An extensive mem- bership drive as well as a District Convention was held in Dallas this year. During the summer months Key Club also stayed busy. Student Council as well as Key Club is a community service organization which includes representatives from every grade. Student Council organizes many ex- tra-curricular activities like Pop Ball and Homecoming. Students that attended Homecoming enjoyed "A Night on the Nile". Everyone at the Popularity Ball was welcomed by the beautiful decorations of "Enchant- ment Under the Sea." Stu- dent Council was also re- Sitting at her desk, Student Council sponsor Linda Bailey is surrounded by future projects. sponsible for counting passing out the nomini invitations. Student Cou also sponsored an all field trip for the Coopera Training Center at wt they had an Easter egg h and lunch from Grandy's well as other games and tivities. ln the spring ti new members were elect Another organization tha entirely composed of h working and dedicated 2 dents is Senior Asserr Committee. SAC tries capture all the special r ments and events that oc- throughout the senior ye The committee is comple ly funded by the senior cla The members of SAC spe many hours after school t ing to prepare for the sembly. "Towards the e of the year we were sper ing about two hours aft school every day," said se ior Preston Peterson. T program consists of a fe ture slide show that is set music. SAC set the show the theme of "Somewhe- in Time". "The show is very memorable contrib tion to the class," commer ed Jesse Beason. trea fhisto- Linda m Landon Milam Estrello IS3 ,,...--s X x. ' ,J l -""1-- ff! Going over a list of future projects. seniors Tracy Casstevens and Bren- da Simpson participate in a Student Council meeting. Putting away a folder full of slides. SAC member James Strickland helps in the final preparation for the Senior Assembly, P CCY' ig Qc ,t f Key Club - Front Row: Todd Moody fhistoriani. Robin Humphreys Ctrea- surerj. Christi Pointer tsecretaryj. David Kaes fpresidenty, Brady Phipps tsargeant-at-armsl, Ken Stavinoha fsponsory. Second Row: Mark McLaughlin, Teresa Noska, Thomas Vaughan, Cheri Frazer, Pam Dickerson. Third Row: Craig Moody, Kimberly Williams, Ginger Frernan, Cathy Orness, Janet Clark. Back Row: Stacey Sorrells, Kendra Noe. Lori Enox, Dennis Weaver, Dayton Brightwell. Senior Assembly Committee - Front Row: Richard Dugger ico- chairmanl, James Strickland, Pres- ton Peterson Ceo-chairmany, Jesse Beeson fsponsory. Second Row: Brenda Simpson, Dalton Lytle, Matt Streger, Leigh Ann Splawn, John Strickland. Back Row: Pamela Mi- Iam, Robert Waggoner, Amy Lay, Richard Martin, Kim Chapman. Student Council, Key Club, SAC!139 Club Members Take Time To Relax Beginning the year with the annual fall play entitled "The Man Who Came to Dinner," the G.H.S. Drama Depart- ment once again showed students the quality of its productions. During the sec- ond semester, Thespians won U.l.L. competition at district and zone with i'The Diviners". While not working on one of the two plays produced this year, drama students stayed busy competing in prose and poetry contests at the dis- trict and regional level. A Christmas party featuring Santa and his elves high- lighted the holiday season, and students went on their annual trip to New York dur- ing Spring Break. Expanding interests beyond school activities, students filmed a commercial for alo- cal furniture company. The Bio-Chem club's high- light was a trip to the Dallas Zoo where they observed many different animals in their natural environments. Club members also visited the Botanical Gardens. "The Botanical Gardens were a very beautiful experience with nature," said sopho- more Lori Elton. The S.A.D.D. chapter of Gar- land High worked through- out the year to pass their message across to other students. Starting with a bake sale at the beginning of the year to raise money, S.A.D.D. members worked to tell students that "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." This year the Fellowship of Christian Athletes had a "very successful year," ac- cording to the club's spon- sor, Lee Ferrell. FCA's major fundraiser this year was the end of the year school dance, which many said was "the most success- ful dance of the year." "lt was definitely a suc- cess," said senior Nick Sir- att, "lt was a major fun- draiser for us and it was a last chance for the seniors to get together and have some fun before gradu- ation." Along with the fundraiser, FCA got together at Ranger games and at Maverick games. "The major idea be- hind the club is to show that athletes can get together as Christians and have fun," said Ferrell. .ff 44 1.1 I no auf If I a it, Uv, Q, ,rg -It J l', I" T -' 1 's 0 o 34 1 an 'any ' 'D 2' ' U ,H I A r ' Dr .H , 1,5 ,U 'fx ,A WGN, , 'l . -rg. . ,flag r..,,,h T"v 'i ,, lj, i WWII. ig' ,VX Chappa, Scott Fitzhugh, Loree El- tOl'l. SADD- Front Row: Kevin Brown Ctreasurerj, Kim Chapman Cvice presidentj, Shannon Estes Cpresi- denti, Cindy Carter fsponsorb Sec- ond Row: James Brezik, Cindy' Broughton. Janet Clark, Lynn Shep herd, Sheri Enox. Back Row: Lor Enox, Craig Luecht Csecretaryl Brady Phipps, Mike Wolfe. l 7 lrama - Front Row: Greg Goldston Teri Travis, Gretchen Adkins. Cheryl lice presidentj, Kellie Campbell Strimple. Doug Brennan. Back Row: nb. Second Row: Steve Reeves. Pruitt, Susan Trueii. Holding up a bra, Banio, played by freshman Erik Barton presents Sheridan Whiteside, played by Greg Goldston with a Christmas present, Sitting in the gym. SADD rnernber Lori Enox waits for the assembly program to begin, r we i l Fellowship of Christain Athletes - vens, Back Row: Ken Matney. FYOM Row: Coleiie Stanton, Nick Coach Lee Ferrell Csponsorl, Mark secretaryb, Sean Havens fhistori- Ricky Larsen, Dana Childs, Laura Sirati Cpresiclentj, Tracy Cassie- Siratt, Bio-Chem, SADD, Drama, F.C.A.! 141 son Cpresrdent PM French Club - Front Fonda Quinn fsponsorj, Lori Enox, Sherry Enox Csecretaryj, Janice Howard Csponsorj. Secnnd Row: Shannon 1421 Clubs Language Clubs Offer Foreign Experiences Spanish Club began the year with a Mexican fiesta, com- plete with all the trimmings. The stuffed animal sale brought a considerable amount of money into the Spanish Club treasury. For a Christmas celebration, they had a party with a Mexican Pinata. "Spanish Club was a lot of fun and a great exper- ience," commented junior Elaine Tressler. During the early spring, the Demonstrating her knowledge of Spanish verb forms, sophomore Crystal Coleman writes on the board during her foreign language class. Spanish Club held a bake sale at Kroger's. They also had a farewell dinner for coach Duran, who will be leaving Garland High school. The Latin Club is highly ac- tive in involving all its mem- bers in its activities. Among these are several club spon- sored parties held at various times throughout the year. "We had one at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christ- mas. It is always fun to get together," said junior Jill Reed. "The Latin Club also enjoyed eating at Magic Time Ma- chine and A Taste of Italy along with a trip to the Omni Theater. The club's only fund raiser was a bake sale." All the money we raised en- abled us to go on all of our trips," said senior Preston Peterson. The French Club, like Latin Club, enjoyed many trips this year. They had lunch at fine restuarants including La Tarine and Fete de Francais. Neiman Marcus sponsored a French culture awareness week. "The French Club members enjoyed them- selves thoroughly," said sponsor Fonda Quinn. Taking a break from their French class. freshmen Jenise Watson. Paula Englutt, Lisa Meador and Di- nah Mowery sit on the steps in the AD Wing, French, Latin, Spanishf143 144fClubs The Journalism Department had a tough act to follow. All of 1985's accomplishments that were fresh in every- one's minds seemed to overshadow the job that needed to be done. Luckily, however, journalism stu- dents took this as a chal- lenge rather than a damper and set out to make the best newspaper and yearbook ever seen. Starting out the year with a front page article on the new requirements for graduation found in the TEAMS tests, the OWL'S EYE staff worked to inform and entertain stu- dents. The newspaper staff went on New York City, Awards Result In A Successful Year For Journalism to show excellence and tal- ent as the year progressed, resulting in an Achievement of Merit being awarded in Austin. "lt is always nice to be appreciated for the hard work that you put out," said senior Todd Paige, OWL'S EYE editor. This year's OWL'S NEST staff spent the first part of the school year selling ad- vertisements and deciding on theme possibilities. Final- ly, when "Some Impressions Never Fade" was chosen as the theme, the staff went to work to create a yearbook that would be remembered and appreciated by all. Journalism students took a Checking the freshman section, ad- Recording yearbook receipts, sen- viser Frank Cruse measures the lor Wendy Connelly prepares the copy count. names for the ledger. break in late March and went to New York City for workshops and sightseeing. The trip offered not only a chance to learn more about publication work, but a break in the everyday toil of copywriting and drawing lay- outs. Under the direction of spon- sor Frank Cruse, the journal- ism department has cultivat- ed the ideals of distinction and originality that make publications unique and su- perior. Typing on an editorial, managing editor Doug Brennan completes the May newspaper deadline. f' y sg ' 'w i -1: f . :. Q. 1-ne il.-i gv gf c-2' ,Sw .-efziviese-Q. .:e" " E:wf'.-s .. .. f int-.,s.:si .2 ' - .fi .ssfgiggs K I' R' i Newspaper Staff-Front Row: Jackie Scoli Jomer. Doug Brennan. Donna Albertson. Kellle Lander. Second Wachsman. Nalen N3ldOO. James Row: Jennifer Chapman, Missy Nlarles. Todd Pauge. Woods. Tricla Smlth. Back Row: -.Q-M 1 S1103 1: 5 Photographers- Front Row: Bobby Wakefield, Belsy Peterson. Back Row: Bryan Zachary. Sieve George, Dan Foster. S 1 ,grill Q Yearbook Staff- Front Row: Scarlett Doug Brennan. David Lockaby. Mr- Florez. Jill Bodrlord, Shannon chele Parnell. Michelle Marles. Wen- Bates. Tracy Cannon. Back Row: dy Connelly. Mrchelle Wllkerson. Working on her class section, lunror Scarlett Florez writes feature copy. Newspaper, Photography' YearbO0k!145 The Choir Department was off and running as the school year began. They raised sev- eral thousand dollars by sell- ing World's Finest Choco- late. This money helped to buy music for the year. The Choirs Brir Home Sweeps take A Capella Choir was invited to perform at Baylor Univer- sity in a choir clinic and got outstanding reviews. All three choirs plus "Celebra- tions" performed at the Fall Concert and really put on a show! "The holidays rolled around and "Celebrations" was doing a concert every time we turned around," said senior Teri Travis." A Capella was asked to per- form at the Galleria and did an outstanding job. The Christmas Concert in which all choirs performed, was very special as it ended with "O Holy Night", sung by candlelight out in the audi- ence," said junior Lainie Crites. The second semester start- ed off with the Dinner Show. lt was a huge success with thirty people involved and the theme being "Broad- Celebrating the U.l.L. results, choir director Sharon King holds up their trophies, way". Mrs. Bezusko and Art Department did a ta' lous job with the posters 2 sets for the show. l U.l.L. competition in Ai involved five G.H.S. cho Each choir prepared th: songs, and sight sung piece that they had nel seen, after only six minut of study. Both A Cape choir and men's choir , ceived the Sweepstak Award. A Capella choir went to Ci pus Christi the first weeke in May. They competed the Buchaneer Music Fe: val then had some fun int sun. 'llt is always an excitl trip," exclaimed junior Cin Broughton. The year car to an end with the spri concert, a farewell a good-luck wish to the se iors, announcements of Capella and "Celebrations and the anticipation of a ni year. f 5 j i Q '5 l i 1:1 F' rv ,, i 'sr 4? YW iw rggmeif all X il' Celebrations - Front Row: Christy Pointer. Second Row: Kayse Ken- dall, Jeff Gresso, Tracy Martin. Bacli'Row: Teri Travis, Brian Jones. Michelle Estrello, Michael Biernacki, Jackie Johnson, Dalton Lytle, Paula McLaughlin, David Simpson, Kristi McCurley, Greg Goldston. During a dress rehearsal for the Dinner Show. freshman Dinah Mowery. sophomore Doug Risteen, senior Teri Travis, and junior Greg Goldslon wait to perform their numa bers, At the Celebrations Christmas Show. senior Jeff Gresso plays the snare drum to the upbeat of "Jingle Bell Rock". on 'nfl 0 n Xl' ni 3 nlnrgfn " l ln 1 il' i li f Q at ., , E , n -fi ,Jiri W FF , YI , , ,,,i F fl- ,W r,,. ,rr A, L g fr-- "W i ,f si Women's Choir - Front Row: Kim Cunningham, Kathy Adams, Lori Sims, Beth Carpenter, Shannon Young, Isabella Tenorio. Second Row: Lou Ann Peres. Barbara Day, B.J. Mastin, Deedy Lucroy, Lorna Martinez, Roxann Spradley. Donna Foos. Susan Trueti. Back Row: Jewell Clark, Sandra Garcia, Stacy Hunter. Dorothea Causey. Steph- anie Frazier, Monica Garcia, Queva Williams. Susan Basham, Holly Wo- mack, Beth Richardson. Choirs!147 148!Clubs DECA held a canned food drive for the needy families in November. During the football season, DECA con- tinued its traditional selling of carnations. The spirit car- nations were sold on the day of each home football game. Senior Michelle Williams ex- plained, "We make a tre- mendous amount of money from the carnation sales, now it has become a tradi- tion." ln December the club held a Christmas party for underpriviledged kindergar- ten students of "Head Start." Vocational Students Prepare For Business World VICA is composed of three separate clubs. The club's goal is to help its members to prepare for the business world. The members are en- couraged to get involved in some type of post high school education. "Several club meetings focused on continuing education," said sponsor Milt Rogers. Guest speakers presented convinc- ing presentations on the val- ue of post high school edu- cation or training. Another vocational group that focuses on preparing Reading through his vocational manual, junior David Richey studies for a class discussion. Working in the computer room. senior Sally Martinez checks her homework before class begins. students for jobs after graduation is OEA. OEA sponsored its annual em- ployer appreciation lun- cheon and canned food drive for needy families. Ad- ditional funds are used for purchasing equipment that is beneficial to all students. Mrs. Mary Lou Millsap said, i'All our club funds are spent on equipment for the class- room." Preparing to enter information in the computer, senior Darla Patton looks through a data book. Kr Z! --..,, ,...,.-- 4:-' .-nd Z X n 1. Y Listening to a guest speaker, sen- iors Don Coburn and Dale Shaw lake part in a class discussion. DECA - Front Row: Gene Mackin Csponsorh, Patty Ortiz Creporterj, Brian Shefford Qpresidentb, Aimee Regmund Ctreasurerj. Ruben Bour- bois tsargeant-at-armsj. Second Row: Kerri Edge, Hazel Worrel, Joyce Brown, Lonnie Giles, Aman- da Bowles, Andy Bryant. Back Row: Greg Canoccia, Clint Rains, Alelse Alexander, Miriam Evitt, Margie Thatchell. 0.E.A. - Front Row: lngrid Cristales, Cynthia Gatza, Salley Martinez, Tammy Forbis. Second Row: Cheryl Clark, Martha Gonzales, Regina Hei- delberg, Sergio Gibson Cpresidentl, Cathy Reed, Lisa Johnson, Linda Nguyen, Back Row: Dwain Martin, Richard Sanders, Lisa Bacher Qsec- retaryj. VICA - Front Row: Jill Bodiford, Ke- vin McBride, Theresa Carter, Ravi Parmar, Bill Rich, Milt Rogers Cadvi- sorl, John Fuller. Second Row: Shannon Brummit, Tilton Poynter, Tony Woosley, Robert Quisenberry, James Partain, Benny Jestis. Mark Cooke. Third Row: John Wynn. Da- l vid McConnell, Dale Shaw, Staci Wil- lis, Kirt Moniz, Curtis Riley, Todd Mauthe, Mark Forehand, Fourth Row: Keith Moore, Jr. Garza, Karl Thompson, Hugo Medina, James Freeman, Don Coburn, Alan Bicker- staff, Keith Kollmansberger. Back Row: Randy Thrasher. DECA, 0.E.A., VICAI 149 FHA - Front Row: Christy Miller sorj. Back Row: Alice Johnson lsecretaryj, Edclye Tucker Cspon- Csponsorj, Margie Thatcher, 4sponsorJ,Caihy Ornesslreporterb, Canapbell, Jason 'Flarnilronf lisa Tammy Breedlove Csecretaryi, Lisa Grove, Tracey Shields. Back Row: FHAfHero- Front Row: Denise Alex- Csponsorb, Back Row: Connie Ri- ander. Kathy Patterson, Jerry Bon- chey, Doris Mecha. er, Tammy Greenwood. .Jan Melby PELE- Front Row: Mrs. Fetzer Csponsorl, Norma Herrera fsecre- taryj, Roxanne Lopez Chistorianb, Angela LaCour Cclass representa- tiveJ, Mrs, Karlik Csponsorh. Back 150! Clubs Row: Jennie Jones, Dorothea Cau- sey, Tonya Sluder, Christina Em- mons, Carey Cannon, Corina Ace- vedoq i so . "NEf'1r-N 1 ' "semi, 'H ,.,. .,.. K x N y ' f Aw.. 1.11, - f is 1'-N..,,,N ' A - W.. ' . ffs.,,,3.,.Ne . K .,k. W., CM, 4 4 x srss If. ,ff s ip eg or 1-i' Working on their child care mem- ory books. sophomores Norma Her- rera and Corina Acevedo put lo- gether reports about their kinder- garten students, .91 -., 44, , 1 yn, ,gy , ., .mtv- me Qu-.. ,.. G.,-ft ,1 Students Study Urban Domestic Li e Only students who are en- rolled in either Health Care Science or in Health Occu- pations Cooperative Educa- tion classes are eligable to become members of HOSA. ln the fall, officers of HOSA were able to participate in a leadership conference at North Texas State Universi- ty. In February, HOSA members participated in job seeking skills, extemporaneous dis- play and medical lab skills. Senior Tammy Schilling placed second in job seeking skills and progressed to state competition. The child care chapter of Fu- ture Homemakers of Amer- ica incorporates its study of young children into FHA ac- tivities. A teddy-bear tea started the year, allowing child-care students to get acquainted. Completing a successful fund-raising pro- ject, helping a needy family at Christmas, celebrating National FHA week, and par- ticipating in the regional and state FHA leadership meet- ings made it a busy year. On May 1, HOCT students had their employer banquet. Students from all four high schools and their employers attended the banquet held at Garland High. HOCT gave a Health Occupations Em- ployer Scholarship to Tammy Schilling on Awards Day this year. HECE activities for the year included a Christmas party at Godfathers Pizza and se- cret pals among the club members. ln February, members made posters for Vocation Education Week to advertise HECE. For fund- raising, candy was sold in the spring. Money from this activity was used through- out the year and to give scholarships to two deserv- ing seniors enrolled in the program. u0""'aa Working in the vocational room, sophomore Tammy Breedlove con- tinues her study of the work world in health occupations. HOSA, PELE, HOCT HECEf151 x if '11 ew Wfffzf 15Z!Communlty Division ww Community Involvement Why Advertise? "To patronize the high school." -Eugene Stern, Garland Flower Shop l"l'o help out the school." -Evalena Pate, Evalena's Beauty Shop "I would like to make my shop better known to the students and let them know that I am here if they need me." -Sandra Ford, Sachse Flower Shop "Mainly to support the school and to advertise for my business." -James Bodiford, Bodiford's Quality Tile "To support the community and the school district in generalf' -Sherry Riggs, ASAP Instant Printing "I would like to help provide friends and keep the yearbook running. Also, to get some busi- ness from my advertisement." -Jim Money, J and V Photography "To help out Garland High School." -James Baker, Baker's Furniture Fulfilling their National Honor Society obligations, sen- iors Cindy Jarnes. Melodee Walker and Holly Swanzy shop at a nearby supermarket. ii 1 . , ,,,.... . . . ., - M. .... .M . . A , mmm , ,.,,., ,,,. , X .g , 2 - 2 - - - ' 5 1 . .. ,s....--,...m..,.....,,-. .... ,M , -Mr-any-wry:--QM r-1 r-1 rw pvvq yrs! 7, F., v, ,H +1 F. -- -- - W ... M I I I I jd " "' 'ii 5 1 I I. , K, 3 1 I i -I S FURNITU Located on the town square, Ba- ker's Furniture has been serving the some Garland community since 1930. IMPRESSIONS Never Fade Communityf153 Miriam Evitt Our hearts are filled with pride and love for you and we wish you every happi- ness your heart desires. Mother and Doug Alan Bickerstaff Ya finally made itll!! Mom GARLAND DENTAL ASSOCIATES INC Rodger D. Bagby, D.D.S Brent Brawley, D.D.S And Associates Office 1213 State 272-3585 Garland Texas YOUR MUSIC CENTER INC Guitars ' Accessories ' Band Supplies 0 Lessons 42143 669-3139 145 Richardson Square Mall Bill Pool Richardson, TX. 75081 President Doris Mocha Congratulations Doris! You're very special to us and we're proud of you. We love you very much and wish you happiness. Mom, Dad, Denise 81 Den- ms Courtesy Of ED CARTER BOOKKEEPING SERVICE, INC 333 No. Shiloh, 102 ll 71 Train Your Brain Garland, Texas 75042 2724439 HALLMAN 84 HALLMAN INC Constructors 154fAdvertising ,1- Buqkinyihmri Road Anima Hospital , LARRY IVI. PUTNAM, D.V.lVI. 2021 Old Mill Run Garland, Texas 75042 214-530-8300 FSHIRT S N SPORTS STUFF 2020 BUCKINGHAM GARLAND TEXAS 75042 214-494-1602 PA TS Y HEA RD CUSTOM LETTERING - SCREENING SCHOOL LOGOS - WARM UPS CAPS - JACKETS UNIFORMS - DISCOUNT TEAM ORDERS QGFIUHJ olla-ullJl'y 9 CLCIIIQFJ CQIIC. IF WE CAN'T CLEAN IT, IT CAN'T BE DONE HOSPITAL LAUNDRY SERVICES FABRIC CARE CENTER IOI NORTH STAR ROAD GARLAND, TEXAS 75040 Robert Waggoner Teresa Carter Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad LESLIE D. IDALEI ANDERSON OFFICE PHONE PRESIDENT 276 5108 David Jill I Kaes Bodiford We knew you could do it! Thanks. Mom and Dad Love is - The happiness and joy you have brought into our lives. Love, Dad, Mom, Wes, Nlisti and Tray Advertisingf155 TQIVI THUIVIB PAGE "We Stand Behind Everything We Sell ...... And That's A Promise!" 1445 Buckingham At North Star Garland, Texas 75040 Of T 495 5870 DALLAS' OLDEST CHEVEROLET DEALER 2751 S. Garland Rd. 278-8167 60 Years Of The Best Prices 84 Service ln Dallas Leshe Janwes T Cox Ballard Ya finally made it. We're Congratulations! Best wish- proud of ya and love ya. es for a bright future! Re- Mom, Dad, Laura And Eli- member - Above all, to thine zabeth ownselt be true! Mom, Dar- ryl and Cheryl Misty Eubanks "A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE" SERVING THE ENTIRE METROPLEX Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you W very much. Mother and Dad- 'Tl . I-F' dy l214l 669-3616 SHERRY L. RIGGS 1332 S. Plano Partner Richardson, TX 75081 ' . krrv Advertising!157 ROWLE TT FLOWER SHOP AND GIFT SHOP "Flowers for All Occasions" 3830 Main 475-2098 Delivery service to Dallas, Garland, Rockwall and Mesquite INDUSTRIAL 84 REFRIGERATION SUPPLY, INC. 1501 Summit Ave. 43 Plano, TX. 75074 881-0794 2914 Commerce Dallas, TX. 75226 939-0957 Michelle Williams Congratulations on the most important step of your life. Your daddy and I are very proud of you and we love you more than you will ever know. Love, Mom and Dad Todd Mauthe Congratulations! With all of our love and best wish- es. Love, Mom and Dad 3801 Dividend Garland, TX. 75042 494-0148 L1mJ4U . Electronic Calculators Office Supplies Office Equipment Office Machines Rgbert Wakefield GARLAND OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. P.O. BOX 729 620 W. Garland Ave. 214-272-6406 Ggflgnd Flyers - Resumes - Business Cards - NCFI Forms Lelterheads - Envelopes - Forms -Xerox Copies O PosTAL INSTANT PRESS The 'While - U- Wait' Printers! .KZDQUF5 3101.011 fB0.'LEO.'LL1 .IB'L0LUI'L 12147 494-2424 815 W. Garland Ave. Garland, Texas 75040 Cheryl Clark Congratulations! With all of our Love and best wish- es. Love, Mom, Dad, Ste- ven, Lisa, Robert and Kim Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wish- es for a beautiful future. Love, Dad and Inez 158!Advertising Michelle Hough We're proud of you and we wish you happiness and suc- cess in the future. Love, Mom and Dad Si. 3 l Glen l Parks L Congratulations Boots, you finally made it. Love Ya, Mom and Dad Master Hott of Texos Foctory Outlet Features Wrangler Jeons, Stetson Hots Justin Boots, Belts 84 Buckles Foctory Outlet 2355 Forest Lone Gorlond, 276-2347 Tamrnie Davis Repairs Remodel New Construction Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wish- S es for a beautiful future. TY Love, Mom, Dad, Larry CO' d R d an O Bathrooms Cefamifi Floors Marble Foyers Adobe JAMES BODIFORD 495-1745 or 495-1746 Greg MANNY Aww Hollowell Congratulations! We're :nr Texascegggnsound proud of you and love you very much. Love, Mom 2406 W. walnut and Dad Garland, Texas 75042 12141 272-0372 SALE ' SERVICE CAR STEREO - C B RADIO v RADAR DETECTORS Mobil Phones J Advertisingf159 I Kimberly Chapman God gave you intelligence, a Winsome smile, and a happy disposition. You worked hard, faced chal- lenges and accomplished so much. May your future be guided by the Lord. Your Proud Parents BROWNING TROPHIES 81 AWARDS, lnc. 123 NORTH FIRST STREET GARLAND,TEXAS 75040-6598 Phone: l2141 275-5479 Congratulations to a won- derful son and brother. With all our love and best wishes. Mother, Dad, Amanda, Lisa James Peoples Wholesale Only RONNIE'S HEATING 84 AIR CONDITIONING SUPPLY 3730 Dividend Dr ' Garland 75042 Bus. 2147276-3034 Ronnie Baker , Owner ARNOLD 84 MORGAN MUSIC CO. Music ' Audio Vi deo Musical Instruments Open 10 AM Close 8 PM Mon. 84 Thurs. 510 S. Garland Ave. 7 PM Tues., Wed., 81 Fri. 494-1378 6 PM Saturday 160fAdvertising ILLIAMS FUNERAL DIRECTORS SINCE ISIS GENgIaLIIzONS YEAR if OEEZCIEJEY "X ' - X71 COMPLETE PRE-ARRANGED FUNERAL SERVICE PLANS FAMILY GROUP FUNERAL INSURANCE PROTECTION CEMETERY LOTS IN ALL AREA CEMETERIES MONUMENTS In GRAVE MARKERS CREMATION SPECIALISTS - SHIPPING In OUT-OF-TOWN ARRANGEMENTS nun uv nm... ""'l"0l mrrfu umu- 276-5000 BUSINESS OFFICE 272-2552 716 W. GARLAND AV. - GARLAND Residential f Commercial 0 All Makes Sr Models Sales 0 Service 0 Repairs ' Installation TJ'-r Heating 81 Air Conditioning 272-4756 Johnny Cannon Garland, Texas 75040 013225 Furniture and Accessories 524 W. Garland Ave. derful daughter. Best wishes for a beautiful fu- ture. l'm proud of you Kid, Love, Dad Diana Wilson Congratulations, Ya finally made it. Your a real joy to us. We love you. Mom, Dad, David and Earl Garland, Texas 75040 C2145 276-5161 Wendy Connell y Darryl Congratulations to a won- Sedgwmk Jacquelyn Johnson Charles and Steven I I l Congratulations, Darryl!! We are very proud of you! Best wishes for a wonder- ful and successful future. With all our Love, Mom Dad and Diane I Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Dad, Mom Advertising! 161 Roach, Howard, Smith 84 7ZSU7'6l7ZC6 H u nte r 1661 Northwest Hwy., Garland TX 75041 840-1300 Home ' Life 0 Auto ' Business Scott J3CQUelY"l Joiner Jorden Congratulations and best wishes. You are a real joy to us. Love, Mom, Dad and Sue Congratulations! We're proud of you and Love you very much. Mom and Sharon Teresa McCown To the world's sweetest daughter. I am very proud of you. Love, Mother fAnnJ l ., Craig Barnes God greatly blessed us when he gave us you! You deserve the best. Love, Dad, Mom and Malinda EVALENA S BEAUTY SHOP 216 Walnut Village Garland, TX Phone 75o42 276 5058 ALLEN'S FLOWERS UYOUR PERSONAL AND COMPLETE FLORIST ERNIE EUBANKS ROY IVIE B23 W. GARLAND AVE. 276 5085 GARLAND. TEXAS 276 B426 162fAdvertising l Tommy Teresa l Cobb Murrah Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Best wishes for a wonderful future. Love Ya lots, Mom, Dad, Bubba, Frank and .Jenni- fer United for Community Service First City Bonk of Gorlond, N.A. First Notionol Bonk of Gorlond MBonk Beltline MBonk Centerville MBonk Gorlond RepublicBonk Gorlond, N.A. Southwest Bonk Gorlond Texos Bonk of Gorlond, N.A. Texos Commerce Bonk-Gorlond E GARLAND BANKERS ASSOCIATION Nick Cindy Siratt Garza Congratulations! We're Congratulations! With all proud of you and love you of our love and best wish- very much. Love, Dad, Mom es for a beautiful future. and Mark Love, Dad and Mom e..,..,, fe Y f, Q Cixi Advertisingf163 . 1. 0, .E 1' v - . ,I GF' 9' Aff' PHONE 495-6905 NIU NCHKINS A Cll1'ldTP7I,.S' Specialty Shop MICHELLE BURCH 1431 BUCKINGHAM RD. OWNER GARLAND, TEXAS 75042 Jesse Ramon Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Love, Mom I and Dad Paula McLaughlin Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wish- es for a wonderful future. Love, Mom, Dad, Mark and Le Ann Custom Interiors-Vinyl Tops Boat Seats-Original Fabric Tarps-Original Vinyl ' DALE'S CUSTOM ' UPHCLSTERY 2029 S. Garland Rd. Garland, Texas 75041 278-0571 A.A. Dale Brinlee 1641 Advertising If you have built castles in the air Your work need not be lostg That is where they should beg Now put foundations under them. 9 Thoreau- Your Home Town Bank Hugh mul Rs: 7 il 52 IVE-UP HOURS .M. MONDA - RSDAY -7:00 PM. MONDAY- 6:O0 P.M. FR A 200 A.M.-2:00 P.M. SATURDA Advertising!165 Lonnie Giles Congratulations to a won- derful son. Love, Mom and Dad Sherry Dawson i SlClLlANO'S A Taste Of Italy 126 Walnut At Shiloh Garland, Texas 75042 Italian Specialties Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wish- es for a beautiful future. From the whole family Lasagna, Manicotti, Ravioli, Spaghetti 81 Meatballs New York Style Pizza 1, And More 7 I P.s. 276-8913 if C is- .C C S' 1 .f. tern VL --S wXM,l4,s - -..L-:jul l Tammy Schilling Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wish- es for a beautiful future. Boompa and Boomma J gl V PHOTOGRAPHY Photographic Needs For All Occasions Proms: Dancesg Graduation: Ramsg Portraitsg Partiesg Banquetsg Children: Doug Sports: Groups Brennan "Congratulations Upon Your Graduation And you' Mom and Dad Best Wishes For The Future" Thank you for making us so proud of you. We love BXW 315 Rita Dr. Color Garland, TX 276-1736 166fAdvertising Donald Clem Ya finally made it!!!! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful fu- ture. Love Mom, Dad and Brandon Leigh Ann DR. PETER R. DeFRANK Spawn Podiatrisr - Fool Specialisl Medical 49 Surgical Treatment oftlre Foot 2020 North Glenbrook Drive Garland. Texas 75040 Phone: 12143 530-3000 MONEY TO LOAN OVER 500 GUNS lN STOCK DIAMONDS OVER 500 KNIVES IN STOCK - TOOLS GUNSMITHING Congratulations! We're proud of you and Love you very much. Dad, Mom and Leslie ANYTHING OF VALUE SILVER DOLLAR GUN 81 PAWN SHOP 2608 W. WALNUT GARLAND, TEXAS 75042 272-7215 ,. , .K gv o yl ,er . 1 ,,m,,, 'qi fi! o.o40f'?Q 1 I , 1. 'D g,'?'Q -DQDQQ E s - , o' , , . - Garland 0, on- flower ' Xw U-2.:f'.'91 ' Donna Shop . 'A X Matt One of the Finest, Artistic 1 82 Most Distinctive In Garland 5' h 'T N May your future life be as N ' 'K ' Congratulations to 8 WOO- ha as Ou have made We Deliver lust Around Q derful Son! We love you, . y the Corner, or Everywhere - mine. With Love, Mom Mound the WOM' Mom and Dad 4 Green Plants-Weddings- 'Q Silk 87 Dried . 4 S" Qs L - "fresh flowers" l 278-2153 mi, 'p 2-Q0 , - . L., Store Hours 8.00 AM to 5 30 PM Closed 12-30 PM Sat except Special Occasions 8. Holidays 2525 S. Garland Av,-Garland D l Advertising!167 Stephanie Campbell Congratulations to a won- derful daughter. Best of luck in the future. As you know the future is yours. We love you very much. Mom, Dad and Granny Todd Moody Congratulations to a won- derful Christian son. We love you very much and we are so proud of you. Love, Mother, Daddy, and Craig Maria Lov Milam Congratulations to my de- lightful eldest daughter. Keep on kicking. Love, Mom 81 Pam Robert Thompson Jr. Ya finally made it CBig Birdllj Love, Mary Thompson CMotherJ ARNOLD 84 MGRGAN MUSIC CG. 510 S. Garland Ave. 494-1378 Music ' Audio Video Musical Instruments Open 10 A.M. Close 8 P.M. Mon. 81 Thurs. 7 P.M. Tues., Wed., 81 Fri. 6 P.M. Saturday 168!Advertising Fresh Cut Flowers Silk Flowers Y 73 'Ee 3 94 4 Q- tag. sAcHsE FLOWER sHoP Complete Wedding Arrangements Sandra Ford 6500 Hwy. 78 CSuite CJ 495-7984 Sachse, TX. 75098 Staci Rogers Congratulations to our sweet christian daughter, We are very proud of you and want you to know that you will always be our "prin- cess" We love you, Dad, Mom 81 Kevin Amyi Turner Congrats Amy! Only four more years to go! Our Love, Mom and Jerry Dalton Lytle Congratulations! Thank you for the pride and joy you have bought us. May you ac- complish all your goals and be happy throughout life. Love, Mom, Dad and Darwin g l CRUMP 401 Forest Gate Garland, TX. 75042 Donnie Wilkerson Congratulations Donnie, we are so very proud of you and very thankful God gave us such a fine Christian son. We love you, Dad and Mom B S Free Estimates ' Insurance Work ' Fiberglass ' Work 0 Custom Painting ' Mechanical Work ' Complete Detail I Car Lettering 12143 272-9199 John Rocha Congratulations John, we are proud of you and love you very much. May God protect you and grant you a happy future. Love, Dad and Mom Advertising!169 David Havis Congratulations, David! You've given us many proud moments. We love you and thank God for such a fine son. Love, MOTHER And DAD Karen Stinnett Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful fu- ture. Go for it! MOM, DAD And JEREMY 0 Weekly Services: Sundays 9:45 AM Sunday School Tammy 11:00 AM Morning Worship Schilling 6:00 PM Church Training , 7:00 PM Evening Worship Congratulations to a dear Eiligqltsg jgdvgsltergugf W nesdays 7:30 PM Worship May your future be filled 4 I D with many blessings. ' ACt'V't' S " Love, MOM, DAD and - , JASON I ' A Adults A . Ol "Home of the Y.A.C. " ?lRST BAPTIST CHURCH Youtgegiivif 2412 Third Street A Sachse, Texas 32" 495-1142 5215.1 ,. A -. : - ,eat e LL-- ,,!L,sf-safe-...,:0 H T :J4.l3,.....LA A 4- James Natalia Maries Sanchez Congratulations! We're Congratulations! With all proud of you and love you of our Love and Best wish- very much. Love, DAD es. MOM - DAD - BROTH- and MOM ERS 81 SISTER 170!Advertising 5? 5 .CJ 14? K Q 4 'ff 5 -X... l 'X l --"' 2,11 1 Advertising!171 Kevin Sanders I Justin Thompson Congratulations! Always I put God first in your life and you'll be successful. Love, MOM And DAD Kevin, we love you and are proud of you. Let God always lead in your future. MOM, DAD, And FAM- lLY I T-SHIRT CREATIONS Monograms 81 Gifts 422 Ridgewood Shopping Ctr. I Garland, Texas 75041 l214l 840-0152 DARIN DRUGS 315 N. Shiloh Rd. Garland, Texas 75042 487-1680 Congratulations Seniors! DR. PETER R. DEFRANK Podiatrist - Foot Specialist Medical 84 Surgical Treatment Of The Foot 2020 N. Glenbrook Dr. Garland, Texas 75040 Phone l214 J 530-3000 Darla Edwards Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. With love, MOM, DADDY LD, And ALL. Jay Rothwell Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Love, DAD And MOM Kimberly Arnold Congratulations! To a beautiful granddaughter whom we love very much. MEMIE And FAMILY. 172!Advertising vv'TY DR. MURRAY R. RAY D.D.S. Ef3Sj.'1'Tf'i5"5'i"" 1530 Forest Lane 'S M Garland, TX 276-0502 X .W 'i gl ...Ii if-Q 0 Kyle Herbold Congratulations to a wonderful son and a fine young man. We are very proud of you, Kyle. You have made our lives so special. We love you. Mother and Dad Darla Patton I love you this much and that's a lot for such a little girl-Congratulations! Mama lin! Pflwlllorrrfttp 1 iw A2105 ALAMO PAWN SHOP Buy- Sell- Loan- Trade DAVID SMITH l am so proud of you and wish you the very best in everything you do. I love you. Mom CORVETTES ARE US Fiberglass Body Repair And , Customizing Guns- jewelry- Musical Instruments "Specializing ln Corvettes 81 Street Rods" 9q,ALS1N .Q 49 .U . 1'- QU n n E, Buddy 84 Alice 12141 272-9234 W Phone: 272-1731 Alexander Garland, Texas MICHELE RUBIO Congratulations: We're proud of you and love you very much. Love, Mom and Dad SUZANNE ELLIOTT Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Love, Mom and Dad TAMMY BARNETT Congratulations Honey! l couIdn't be prouder - you are one in a million. I love you, Mom Thanks for getting us this far. Continue the tradition. Varsity Cheerleaders- Front Row: Pam Milam, Tiashawn Sharp, Melo- dee Walker, Second Row: Michelle Estrello, Tracy Casstevens, Back Row: Amber Britton, Amy Lay, Cathy Crawford, Jill Reed, Wendy Reed. 174!Advertising mirador research associates real estate - investments 'us Q 120 Ridgewood F TO Shp. Ctr. Garland, TX. 75041 Robert AIvarezfRealtor0D Bus C2143 840-0794 Res C2145 270-3500 Shideh Sim' MARKETING Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very D h. M d D d muc om an a DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Dale Nguyen Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes "Congratulations Graduates for a beautiful future. Mom Of '36" Specializing in Custom Marble - Special Colors Jacuzzi Tubs - Showers - Vanities - Bars BEST MARBLE unisfincfive Marble with Elegancei, 2805 Singleton Rowlett, Texas 75088 121145 475-2715 Owned And Operated By The Alvizo Brothers Advertising!175 Index: g Ab ron-Cruz Abron, Eurick 36, 86 Accuttoroop. Deana Acevedo, Carmen 70. 142 Acevedo, Corina 62, 150 Acevedo, Lesvia 36 Achimon, Donna 70 Achimon, Kenneth 62 Achimon, Regina 56 Acostzt. Robert Acuff, Patricia Adams. Gina Adams. Katherine 62. 121. 147 Adams, Rodney 56. 132. 137 Adkins, Gretchen 14, 16, 100. 141 Adkins, Kevin 86, 88, 104, 112 Agan, Melissa Agnew. Melinda 62 Agnew, Rhonda 62 Aguero, Rudy Aguilar, Andy Aguilar. Elvia Aguilar, Mary 56, 135, 137. 142 Aguilar, Suzanne Akin, Jackie Alaniz, Carmel 178 Alaniz, Leroy 70, 78 Albertson. Jacqueline 62,11f,145,146 Aleman, David Aleong, Aliya Alexander, Carol 36, 149 Alexander, Donna 44 Alexander, Gerome 107 Alexander, Keith Alexander, Kevin 91. 103 Alexander, Linda Alexander, Timothy Alford, April Allen, Cindy Allen. Douglas Allen, James 70, 78 Allen, Micah Allen, Monty Allen, Patrick 36 Allen, Sherry Allen, Teresa Allen, Teri 64, 56 Allen, Victoria 112 Alsbrook, Rickey 45, 86, 98, 104. 115 Alston, Charles Alvarez, Cynthia Alvarez, Josie Alvarez, Kelly Bailey, Shawn Bailey. Tracy 62 Bailey, Veronica Baird, Robert Baker, Janet 70, 78 Baldwin, Michelle 62, 137 Baldwin, William 137 Ballard, Cheryl 70, 78, 137 Ballard, Cynthia Ballard, James 36. 135, 136, 137, 157 Band 136, 137 Bangs, Connie Barbosa, Jimmy Barker, Donald 64, 86, 98, 56 Barnes, Craig 36, 132, 135, 136, 137, 162 1 Barnes, James Barnes, Jason Barnes, Kimberly 36 Barnes, Malinda 62, 66. 137, 142 Barnett, Robert 135 Barnett, Ronald Barnett, Sharon Barnett. Steven 70, 78 Barnett, Tammy 135 Barnhart, Jerry Barrera, Corinna Barrera, Ramon Barrett, Angela Barrett, Rebecca Barrett, Stephen 70. 78 Barron, Johnny Barrow, Gary Barton, Erik 16. 70. 78. 141 Basham. Susan 147 Basquez, John Bass, D ebra Bass. Shane Bassett, Bassett, Jerrold Terrence Bates, Billy Bates, Ronald Bates, Shannon 142. 145 Alvizo, lrma Alvizo, Juan 36 Amesquita, Jr., Ruben 91. 103, 91 Ancira. Frank Anderson, Alicia 70, 78 Anderson. Cari 70, 78 Anderson, David 64 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrew. Andrews. Andrews. Andrews, . Delmisha 7 . Ericka . Jeffery . Michael . Mickey . Patrick Del Meril 64. 56 Shawn Walter Arce, Juan 64, 56 Archuleta. Kenneth 56 Arellano, Delia 70 Arguello, Jr., Lorenzo 70, 78 Armstrong, Delicia 70. 78, 146, 112, 146 Armstrong. James 62, 1 15 Armstrong, William Armstrong, Jr., Cleveland Arnold. Craig Arnold. Kimberly 36, 120, 121, 172 Arnold 8: Morgan Arocha. Robin 168 Ashworth, Monty A-Team 132, 133 Atkins, Audra 62, 127, 138 Atkinson, Karen 62, 96, 112 Atwell, Michael 36 Avery, Cynthia Awards Day 22, 23 Ayers, Lois 62 Azlin, Becky 62 Azlin, Melynda 132 Bacher, John 62, 91 Bacher. Lisa 6, 36, 149 Badyal, Gurminder Bahena, Maria 70, 78 Bahena, Ramiro Baiani. Freshta 62 Baiani. Zohra Bailey, Arlctha 64, 56 Bailey, Dennis Bailey, Erica Howard Bailey. Bailey. lrin Bailey, Lauren 176!1ndex. Bates, Terry Battle, Brian 64, 56 Battles, Jackie Battles, Norman Bayless, Scott Beal, Christi 64, 56 Beam, Jason 14 Bean, Rhonda 70, 78 Beattie, Carins Beattie, David 36, 135 Beaty. David 70. 78 Beaty. Llewelyn 70, 78, 102 Beaver, Jason Beck, Timothy Beeson, Jerry Beierschmitt, Cindy Beierschmitt, Susie Beierschmitt, Thomas Belcher, Denise Bell, Belinda 70. 78 Bell. Billy 112 Bell, Monika 70. 78 Bell, Jr., Stanley Benavides, Pablo Benavidez, Agapito Benjamin. Eddie 64, 86, 98, 56, 86 Bennett, Glenna Bennett, Joel 64, 56 Bennett, Kathy Benton, Lovie Bermejo, Jose Juan Bermejo, Juan 102 Bernard, Angela Bernard, Sabrina 70, 78 Berry, Chalavonni Berryhill, Shelley Bestulich, Peter Beta Club 132, 133 Bickerstaff, Alan 36, 149, 154 Bickerstaff, Bryan 64, 56, 137 Bickerstaff, Jeffrey 64, 56, 137 Bickerstaff, Kevin Bickle, Kristi 9, 62. 119 Bicknell, Kimberly 62 Biddle, Andy Biernacki, Michael 62, 146, 147, 183 Bingham, Clifford Bicker Club 140. 141 Birket, David 70, 112 Bishop. Amy 7, 62, 137, 142 Blackburn, Brian Blackford, Dana 62 Blake, Doug 146 Blankenship. Amy 70, 78, 121 Blankenship, Craig 64. 56 Blanton, Gary Blanton, Keith 104 Blanton, Kimmy 64, 108, 56, 108 Blanton, Lori 36 Blotz, Benny Bly, Randall 36 Boatner, Tammy Boatwright, Gregory Bodiford, Jill 36, 124, 142, 149, 155 Bodine, James 62, 91 Bodney. Lezetta Bolden, John Boling, Kevin 62 Bolt, Glen Bolton, Alaric Bond, Brandy Boner, Kenneth 70, 146 Boner, Jr., Jerry 36. 137, 149 Bonnell, Yvonne Boone, Melody Borens, James 107 Bornholdt, Terri Borsics. Erika Bostick, Sandra Bottoms, James 70, 137 Boudreaux, Lisa 70, 78 Bounds, Kevin 64, 56 Bounds, Mary 70 Bounds, Robert Bounds, Rodney Bourbois, Jr., Ruben 36. 102, 149 Bouska, Sharla 64, 56 Bouwell, Benny Bovinich. Antone Bowles, Amanda 36, 121, 149 Bowman, Cynthia 36, 121 Bowman, Jimianne Boyd, James Boyett, Karen Bradford, Jason Brandy, Karen Branham, Kelli 62, 146 Brashear, Kyle Braun, Deanna Braziel, Brian Brazil. Cynthia Breedlove. Tammy 62, 150, 151 Brennan, Douglas 21, 36, 42, 124, 127, 132, 141. 144, 145. 166 Brewer, Christinne 70, 78 Brewer, Timothy Brewton. Charles 62 Brezik. James 62, 91, 102, 138, 182 Brian, Michael 14, 62 Bridgeford, Chadwick Bridges. Marilyn Brigham, Byron Brigham, Damian 107 Brightwell, Dayton 64, 139. 56 Brimer, Virginia Brinson, Kimberly Briones, Dolores 70, 78 Britton, Amber 57, 61, 64, 116, 132, 174. 56, 116, 132. 138, 174 Britton, Chad 70, 72. 78, 91, 103, 107 Brooks. Doreen Brooks. Elisa Brooks, Michelle 64, 132, 56, 100, 132. 142 Brooks, Trent 70, 78, 100 Broughton, Cynthia 121, 146 Brown. Andy Brown, Broderick Brown, Cathy Brown. Darren 70. 78, 112 Brown. Donald Brown. Douglas 36 Brown, Gilda 70 Brown, Jodi 62 Brown, Johnna Brown, Joyce 15, 36, 149 Brown. Brown, Kenneth Kcven 64, 132, 56, 61. Brown, Kevin Brown, Lisa 64, 56 Brown, Malisa 70, 78 Brown. Michael Brown. Robert 64 Brown. Robert 56 Brown. Rodney Brown. Stephanie 70 Brown. Stephen 70 Brown, Tammy Brown. Vinson 62 Bruffy, Christina Brumit. Michael 76 Brumit, Shannon 64, 56, 149 Brunson. Lori Bruton. Reagan Bryant, Andy 37, 149 Bryant, Christopher 37, 64, 56 Bryant, Michael 70. 112 Bryant, Milton Bryant Robert Bullard, Melanie 9, 62, 119 Bullard, Suzanne 64. 56 Bullock. William 70 Bunch. Lucretia 70 Burnett, Carolyn 37, 121 Burnett, Tommy 70 Burns, Jon Burns, Sheila Burns, Shelly Burrows, Meredith Buscarini. Jimi 62 Bustillos, Xavier Butcher, Jeffrey 64, 135, 56 Butler, lda Butler, James Butler. Sonya Byars. Tammy 62 Byrd. Regina 56 Cabrera, Alicia 70 Cabrera, Diana 62 Caffey, Terry Calamaco, Virginia Calderon. Christina 62 Caldwell. Tracy Calhoun. Daniel 70 Calhoun, Laura 146 Callow. Hope Cambis. Julie 37 Campbell, Carrie Campbell, Christoph 37 Campbell, John Campbell, Kellie 141 Campbell, Stephanie 37, 150, 168 Campbell, Teresa Campos, Steven Campuzano, Sonia Cannon, Carey 56, 150 Cannon, Ramona Cannon, Scotty 37 Cannon, Tracy 62, 145 Capetillo. Cynthia Capetillo. Myrna 56 Capetillo. Sergio 37 Carbajal. Fernando Carey, Brian Carington, Rhonda Carpenter, Elizabeth 56, 147 Carpenter. Stephanie 62, 121 Carr, Eva 70 Carr, Jeffery 56 Carranza, David 37, 137 Carrasco. Angelique Carrasco, Ricardo 56 Carrasco, Roberto 71 Carrasco, Rosalba 102, 112 Carrasco, Sarah Carrera, Jeffrey 62 Carroccia, Gregory Carroll, Jeremy Carson, Wendi Carter, Darrell Carter, David 70 Carter. Deralyn 56 Carter. Teresa 38. 132, 138, 149, 155 Carter, Travis 56 Carver. Paula 62 Casady. lva Casady. Yolanda 70 Casebolt, Debra Casey, Billy Casey, Teresa Cash. Michael 56 Cash. Steven 38 Cass, David 62 Cass, Duane 62 Casstevens, Kari 62, 135 Casstevens, Tracy 12, 18, 37, 38, 116 138. 139, 141 Castilleja, Elvira 70 Castilleja, Estella 70 Castilleja, Juan Castillo, Ernesto Castillo. Johnny 62 Castillo. Sharon 146 Castillo. William Castro. Adam Cate. Richard Causey, Dorothea 6, 38, 147, 150 Cavazos, Aida Cecil. Laura 13, 56 Cecil. Melissa 56 Chaddick, Shane Chadwick, Rod Chaffee, Laura 56 Chaflin. Darrell 62 Chaffin. Tammy Chamberlain. Holly Chambers, Misty Chamblee, Steven 56 Chance, Kevin Chancellor, John Chandler, Richard Chang. Jee Chapman, Jennifer 39, 145 Chapman, Kimberly 131, 139, 160 Chapman, Wendy 56 Chappa. Christopher 71, 75, 137 Chappell, Diana Chatman. Adrion 39, 93, 108. 112 Chatman. Carla Chatman, Kimberly 39 Chester, Christopher 71 Chester, Michael 62, 136, 137, 142 Chester, Ronald Childs, Dana 141 Choi, John Choi, Kyung 56 Choi, Mi 132, 142 Choi, Tae 142 Choir 146. 147 Chong, Mu Christensen, Bryan 62 Christeson, Dawn Christian. Timothy Cisnero. Arthur 39 Cisnero. Richard 39 Cisneros. Scott Clark, Cheryl 39, 149. 158 Clark, Darryl Clark, Francis Clark, Herman Clark. Jackquelyn Clark, Janet 56, 121, 139, 146 Clark, Jesse Clark, Jewel 71, 99, 147 Clark, Larry Clark, Marshall Clark, Tony Clark, Jr., Eddy Clauges. Yvonne 71, 146 Clayton, Sherrie Claytor, Kenny Claytor, Sherrie Clem, Donald 38, 39, 86, 87, 167 Cline, Deanna Cline, Susan 62, 146 Cobb. Tommy 39. 163 Coburn, Donald 39, 149 Cochran, Ricky 62. 91 Cockrell. Heather 56 Cofer. Jeffery 56 Coffman. Jannette Cohn, Eileen 39 Colbert. Cleveland 112 Colbert, Tawanna Cole, Kenneth Cole, Sharon Coleman, Crystal 6, 14, 62, 96, 97, 142, 143 Coleman. Jacqueline 39 Coleman, Phillip Coleman, Vivian Collard. William 136, 137 Collier, Robert 56 Collins, Carla 71 Collins, Debra Combs, Fredrick Computer Club 134 Condran, Charles Congdon, Michael Congrove, Cheryl 39 Connelly, Kelly . Connelly, Wendy 39, 144, 145, 161 Conover. Mark Cook, Angela 71 Cook, Karen 62. 137 Cook, Kevin Cook, Mike Cook. Regina Cook. Vern Cook. Jr., William 39 Cooke. Cindy 56 Cooke, Mark 56, 149 Cooke, Michael Cooks, James 88 Coonrod, Bryan Cooper, Andrew 71, 146 Cooper, Misty Cooper, Robert Cooper, Tina Cope, Todd 107 Coppola. Kim 1 Cordova, Annette Corliss. Kevin 62 1 Cormany. Dona 1 Coronation Ball 14, 15 Cortes, Antonio Cortese, James Corveltes are US 178 Cossio, Joe Covington, Douglas Cowan. Russell 56, 86 Cox, Leslie 39. 121, 157 Cozby, Jason 71, 111 Craig, Kerry 62 Craighead. Billy 62 Crain, Eric Crane. Jeannine 5, 13. 41, 120, 121 Craver. Joseph Crawford, Cathleen 56, 59, 61, 116, 132, 138, 174 Crawford, Steven Crawford, Terry 39 Crayton, Marcus Creel. Raymond Creel. Theresa Crenshaw, Jaime 107 Cristales. Aurora Cristales. Ingrid 39. 149 Cristales, Karol 39 Crites, Lainie 9, 56, 94, 146 Crites, Shellie 71, 137 Crockett. Kendra Crooks. John Crosby, Freida 93. 108, 109 Crosby, Michelle 62 Crosby, Tammie 62 Crouch, Christopher Crouse, Crystal 39, 150 Crouse. Jerry Crow, Azrolado Crow, Richard Crowder, Edward Crowder, Stacy 62 Crowder, Veronica Crowson, Lea Cruse, Christopher Cruz, Elliott 71 Cruz, Joseph 102 Cuellar-Green Waiting in the band hall, sopho- more Sherry Enox and junior Kevin Brown line up for Pop Ball pictures. Cuellar, Alejardro Cuellar, Edwardo Culbertson, Scott Cummings, Bruce Cummings, Ericka 71 Cummings, Kimberly Cummings, Kristen 56, 121 Cummings, Sharilyn Cummings, William Cummins, Charles Cunanan, Rica 132 Cunningham, Kathleen Cunningham, Kimberly 62, 147 Currin, Cherry Curry, Tommy Dabbs, Harrel Dailey, Alan Dale, Jerry Dalrymple, Tracie 62, 121 Daniel, Jody 62 Daniel, Jon Daniel, Lyndel 39 Daniel, Randall Dao, Tram Davalos, Celso Davidson, Shari Davis, Bart 62, 142 Davis, Dannie Davis, David Davis Debbie Davis, Debra I4, 56, 94, 146 Davis Don Davis, Edward Davis Elizabeth 56 Davis, Jeanne 71 Davis Kevin 56 Davis, Lance 57 Davis Mark 57 Davis, Montella 71 Davis, Nathan Davis, Ronnie 39 Davis, Shannon 94, 96, 112 Davis, Davis Tammie 39, 159 ll, Robert 17, 107 Dawson, Sherry 39, 166 Day, Barbara 147 Day, Barton 71 De Leon, Alisia 71 De Luna, Cynthia De Vlugt, Lori 57 De Voe, Richard Dean, Dean. Jerry Kerri 63, 121. 142 Deary, Lauren 57 Deason. Brian 57, 86 DECA 148, 149 Decastro, Larry Deel, Thomas 57, 86, 102, 146 Delafuente, Jose 102 Deleon, Edna Deleon, Joe Delgado, Christina Delgado, Dalila Delong. Daniel Delos Santos, Emilio Delos-Santos, Steve Deluna, Madelena Deluna, Nellie Demus. Ahmed Demus, Stephanie Dennis, Patti 57 Denson, Dewey Denweed, Larry Depositario, Joey Derrick, Deatrice Derrick, Neil 104, 105 Derrick, Richard 104, 105 Derrick, Wanda Desomer, Russell 63 Devenport, Russell 62, 137 Devereaux, Cedric Dial, Joseph Dickerson, Charles Dickerson, Donald 63, 137 Dickerson. Pamela 71, 121 Dickey, Curtis 40 Dickson, Mary 71 Dilaire, Emmanuel Dillard, David Disheroon, Glenda 3 Ditlman, Kimberly 63 Dixson, Alesia Dobbs, James 57, 137 Dockter, Paul 63, 105 Dodd, Julie Dodson, Gillian Dodson, Peter Domizio, Tracy Donihoo, Jeffery Dorrough, Brant Dorrough, Renson Dotson, Derrick 71 Dotson, Lisa Dowdy. Lisa 71 Downing, Scott Downs, Mischell Doyle, Joanne Dozier, Clint Dozier, Jeremy Drama Play 16, 17 Drayton, Deshondiad Drayton, Paul Dromgoole, Kent 63, 137 Drum, Shelby 40, 106 Drury, Cynthia 63, 137 Ducker, Rhonda Duckworth, Nancy 63 Dudley, Kayla 71 Duenas, Edith Duffer, Billy 71 Duffy, Deborah Dugger, Richard 40, 100, Dugger Jr., James 63, 91. Duke, William 71, 137 Dumas, Chad Dunagin, Benny 86, 87 Dunagin, Cindy 96 Dunagin, Walter 40, 86, 8 Dunavin, David 40 Duncan, Kim 63 Duncan, Lorrieann Duncan, Stacey . 139 132, 139 102, 142 7, 112, 113 Duncan, Stephen Duncan, Tony 63 Duncan, Tracey 5, 40 Duncan Jr,, Dennis Dunlap, Michelle Dunn, Donna 57 Dunn, Joyce Dunn, Ronald Dusak, Andrea Dusak, Kristy 71 Dutton, Alisa 71 Eads, Brent 71 Bang. Rasy Earl, Robert Earl, Roger 146 Earwood, John Easley, James Easley, Jeffery 59 Easley, William Eaton, Sonya 96, 102, 112 Edge, Kerri 57, 149 Edmonds, John 63, 99 Edmonds. Lisa 19, 57. 138 Edwards, Darla 40 Edward, Donald 71, 107 Edwards, Lisa 71, 94, 102 Edwards, Stephanie Ehrman, Lisa 57 Eitel, Dena 71, 121 Eldredge, Maxwell Elimrdo, Armando Elizondo, Blanca 63 Elizondo, Rosalinda 63 Eller, Glenda 98 Eller, James Ellington, Mike Elliott, Kevin Elliott, Suzanne 40 Elmore, Anice 57 Elmore, Ericka Elrod, Tonya Elton, Loree 137 Ely, Kimberly Emmons, Christina 63, 150 Emory, David England, Kelly English, Daphne English Monica 40, 93, 10 English, Sophia 40 Eng1utt,,Pau1a 142, 143, 1 8,112 46 Enox, Lori 63, 65, 66, 138, 139, I 142 Enox, Sherry 63, 138, 142 Erickson, Wade Ervin. Eric Escamilla, Arturo Escamilla, George Escamilla, Olga 57 Esparza, Roy Esparza, Sandra Essary, Brian 79, 137 Estes, Kenneth 104 Estes, Shannon 57 Estrello, Catherine 41, Estrello, Michelle 19. 57, 58, 116, 117, 138, 146, 147, 174 Eubanks, Misty 40, 146, 157 Eustice, Gustaf 63 Evans, Christine 2, 63. 137 Evans, Melinda 63 2 Everett, Andy i i S a 2 s Z 5 1 l 1 S 1 lf 1. 5 l, 1 li 1 l 1 l 1 a Everett, Linda Everett, Robert 57 Eversley, Wilton ss Evitt, Miriam 40, 149, 154 Fair, Carolyn Fair, Cynthia 57, 146 Fair, Margaret Falcon, Dean Fantini, Cathleen 72, 136, 137 Farmer, Charles Farmer, Misti 57 Farriell. Michele 19. 57, 100, 133, lf 145 Farris, Jeanie 72 Faunce, Amy 72, 118 Faunce, Bufiie FCA 140 Fears, Kimberly 77 Fears, Timothy Fehr, Norman Felker, Derek Ferguson, Brian Ferguson, Donald 57 Ferguson, Justin 63, 91 Fernandez. Hector FFA 134, 135 FHA 151 Fields, Joseph Fieldtrips 126, 127 Figueroa, Rubben Fikes, Leland Finley, Gracie 121 Firme, Deborah Fisher, Sylvester Fitzgerald, Tammette 63 Fitzhugh, Jeffrey 72 , Fitzhugh, John 63, 112, 125, 146 Fitzsimmons, Jevan Fitzsimmons, Krishlan Flanagan, Bruce Flatt, Weldon 57 Gaddy, Deanna Gaelano, Janine 40 Gager. Bryan Galitz, Robert 91 Galusky, Preston 63, 136, 137 Galvin, John 73, 136, 138 Gano, Greydon Garcia . Bertha 40 Garcia, Cipriano Garcia, David Garcia, David Garcia, Dena Garcia, Jackie 63 Garcia, Jessie Garcia, Jesus 40 Garcia, Joe 63 Garcia, Lile 72 Garcia, Liz Garcia, Magda Garcia, Maria Garcia, Maria Garcia, Monica 72, 147 Garcia, Rowena Garcia, Samuel Garcia, Sandra 147 Garcia Veronica Gardiner, Angelique Gardiner, Michelle Garrett, James Garrido, Gayle 64 Garrison, Carol 64. 150 Garrison. Yolanda 72 Garwood, James Garza Connie om.-if Cynthia 40, 149, 163 Garza, Demetrio 149 Garm. Diana Garza, Rogelio Garza, Sobeida 40, 146 Garza, Theresa 64 Garza,Jr., Richard 72 Fleming, Kevin 104 Fletcher, Randall 57 Fletcher, Richard 57 Fletcher, Robert Fletcher, Tina Flores. Maria De Flores, Vincent Gatica, Dario Gatica, Felix Gatton, Timothy Gaudin, Dana Gay, Kenneth 112 Gayton, Ric Geary, James Geiger, Dicy 72. 76, 118 Gentry, Jason George, Stephen 64, 111, 145 Gevran 142 Ghoston, Byron Giang, Dung Giardina, Joseph Gibbons, Joseph Florez, Scarlett 19, 57, 100, 138, 145 Flowers, Robert Flowers, Willie Foos, Donna 63, 147 Foos, Teresa Forbis, Scott Forbis, Tammy 40, 149 Ford, Angelyn 72, 121 Forehand, Mark 149 Foreman, Corey 85, 96. 112 Foreman, Newtorin 112 Gibbs, James Gibson, Anthony Gibson. Brad Gibson, Chad Gibson, Jennifer Gibson, Regina 40 Giddings, Rekitha 40, 93 Giles, Lonnie 41, 149. 166 Gill, Charles Gill, Kulwinder Gill, Patrick Forero, Hector Fortenberry, Neil Foster, Debra 72 Foster, Greg 72 Foster, James Foster, Kimberly Foster, Lori Foster, Michael 57, 145 Foster, Fouse, Phillip Sherry Fox, Abraham 107 Gill, Rupinder Gilley, Christopher 64 Gillis, Stephanie Gilmore, Gene 57 Gilmore, Joel Ginn, Mark 91 Giraldo, Zandra 64 Giroux, Michelle Givens, Gary Glasenapp, Jeremy Glasgow, Diana 72 Glenn, Waddell Fox, Jennifer 72, 137 Fox, Lenard Franklin, Jr., Richard 40 Frantom, Ladonald Frantom, Peggy 72, 146 Fraraccio. Robert Frasier, Stephanie 72, 147 Frasier, Tina Frazer, Cheryl 63, 121, 139 Freeman, Cheryl 139 Freeman, Ginger 72, 121 Freeman, James 57, 149 Freeman, Troy French Club 142 French, Stacey 40 Frerich, Lisa 40, 150 Fretwell, Melissa 57 Friel, Kenison 72 Friel, Kahaulani 57 Fritzinger ll, Thomas 72 Frizzell, Todd 63 Frost, Angela Frost, Jerry Fuller, Carla Fuller, John 40, 149 Fuller, Lawrence Fuller, Sherrie Fulton, Ebony 57 Fultz, Carolyn 63 Funderburg, Tammy 57 Goble, Karen Goble, Michelle 72, 121 Godwin, Elizabeth 64 Goff, James Goldston, Gregory 9, 16, 17, 57, 125, 141, 147 Gomez. Catherine Gonzales, Joseph 57 Gonzales, Mark 72 Gonzales, Mary Gonzalez, Albert 72 Gonzalez, Eleazar Gonzalez, Martha 41, 149 Gonzalez, Miguel Goode, Cassandra Goode, Karen Goodwin, Lisa 57 Goss, Jeremy 72 Gossett, Andy Goyne, Randy 64 Granzberg, John Grauke, Kevin 57, 132 Graves, Marita 64 Gray, Connie Greathouse, Anthony Green, Darren Green, Guy Green, Kristi 72, 137 Green. Leeann 121 Green. Toni Index! 177 Green-Lamar Green, Vicki 7, 64, 135, 137, 142 Greene, Frank Greenwood, Tammy 57, 150 Greenwood, Jr., Claudy Greer, Amie Greer, Meshay 64, 121, 142 Gregory, Dennette Gregory, Pamela Gregory, Travis Gresso, Jeffrey 4, 41, 137, 146, 147 Gresso, Laurie 72, 146 Gribble, Harold Griffin, Landon 57, 111, 138 Griffin, Robyn Griffin, Stephanie 41, 137 Griffith, Kim Griggs, Tracy 57 Groothuis, Chad 72 Gross, Erma Gross, Marie 72, 118 Grove, Lisa 41, 150 Gruszka, David 41 Gruszka, Richard Guardiola, Jose Guardiola, Jose Guardiola, Juan Guenther, Ronda Guerra, Conrad 64, 137 Guest. Lanny Gunnoe, Fletcher 41 Gunnoe, Thomas 72 Gustin, Jean 64 Gustin, Wesley Guzman, Israel Guzman, Joe Guzzo, Robert Haggar, Danny Hale, Vera Hall, Amy 41, 93, 102, 103, 112 Hall, Amy Hall, Christy 72, 121 Hall, Jeffrey Hall, Joe 42 Hall, Kelley 58 Hall, Richard Hall, Scott 72 Hall, Vikki Hallmeyer, Cory Halpin, Ronald Hamby, David Hamilton, Alonzo Hamilton, Jason 64, 150 Hamilton, Jesse 72 Hamilton, Paul Hamilton, Shannon Hammack, Kenneth Hammers, Todd 64, 91 Hammock, Christian Hampson, Adam 72, 100 Han, Hyun Hand, Michael Handley, Kirt Haney, Charles Hanna, Brett 42 Hanna, Denise 42, 135 Hanna, Rick 72 Hansen, Christian 58, 104 Hanson, Katherine Hanson, Patrick Hanson, Traci 112 Harden, Bruce 73, 137 Harden, Scott 58, 91 Hardwick, Kristi Haynes, Kisha Haynes, Stephanie Haywood, Henry Hazlewood, Kenneth Head, Bridgett 58, 121, 146 Head, Vicki 150 Health OCC. 150 Heard, Marcie 73, 112, 118, 138 Heater, Charles 64, 137 Heath, Julia Heddin, Marty 73, 146 Hedin, Stacey Heidleberg, Lynita Heidleberg, Regina 149 Heifner, Derek 42 Helmke, Jr., Gary Helton, Michael Helton, Pamela Helton, Patrick 43 Hemphill, Cynthia Henderson Cherie 43 Henderson, James Henderson, Milton Henderson, Tammy 58 Heng, Ly Hennessec, Cristy Henson, Christopher Herbold, Kyle 22, 43, 132, 135, 137 138, 142, 173 Herman, Katherine 58 Hernandez, Aracely 73, 146 Hernandez, Artemio Hernandez, Bernardo Hernandez, Bonnie Hernandez, Edgar 43 Hernandez, Gracie 73 Hernandez, Jacinta Hernandez, Jose 73 Hernandez, Julio 73, 102 Hernandez, Lilian Hernandez, Maria 64 Hernandez, Martha 73 Hernandez, Ronald 73 Hernandez, Santiago 58, 96, 112 Hernandez, Shelly 43, 136, 137 Hernandez, Ted Hernandez, Vianey 73 Hernandez, Walter 73, 102, 146 Hernandez Hero 151 Zulma 64 Herod, Jeffrey 73 Herrera, Jose 73 Herrera, Laura 58 Herrera, Norma 64, 150 Herrera, Pedro 64 Herreros, Rebeca Herreros, Reynaldo Hester, Jack 43 Hickman, Jacquelyn 64 Hicks, Latrecia 94, 95, 108, 146 Hicks, Matthew Hicks, Melissa 64 Hicks, Tracy 73 Hightower, Andre Hightower. Karen Hightower, Lee Hill, Amy 58 Hill, Joe Hill, Melissa 43 Hillery, Terry Hindman, Mark 64 Hiracheta, Sue Histen, Derek Hobbs, Paula Hodge, Daniel 137 Hoffman, Melissa Hogan, Jerry Hogg, Kevan Huddleston, Valerie 73 Huddleston, lll, Allace 64, 137 Hudgins, Sarah 64 Hudson, Jason 73 Huey, Karen Huff, Angela Huff, Mark 43 Huffman, Mary Hughes, Brady 64, 106, 107 Hughes, John 91 Hughes, John Hughes, Laura 94 Hughes, Richard Hughes, Robert Hughes, Stephanie 64 Hughes, Steven Hughes, Terry Hume, Jr., Otis 58, 136, 137 Humphreys, Robin 65, 121. 139 Humphries, Daniel 91 Hunt, Catherine 58 Hunter, Michael Hunter, Nekita 94, 95, 96, 112 Hunter. Rebecca 65 Hunter, Stacey 47 Hurst, Alisha Hurst, Sondra Huskisson, Jennifer 73 Hutson, Kristi Ingram, Donald Inman, Becki 65 Inman, Brenda 65 Isom, Dottie 73 Ivey, Christopher 58 Ivey, James 58 Ivey, Timothy 73 Ivy, Shannon 73 Jackson, Darren 65, 150 Jackson, Eric Jackson, Everett Jackson, Felicia 94, 108, 113, 146 A' Jackson, Jay Jackson, John 107 Jackson, Leigh 43, 121 Jackson, Sean Jackson, Sherri 24, 43, 121 Jackson, Sonja Jackson, Tisana 58, 121 Jacobs, Brian Jacobs, Jennifer Jacobs, Joseph Jacobs, Vincent 43 Jacobson, Chad 73 Jadear, Maria James, Cynthia 41, 43, 46, 100, 132, 138, 153 James, Lance James. Yikita Jayroe, Kim 58 Jayroe, Shelby 107 Jayswal, Debika Jennelle. Jeffrey 65, 102, 137 Jennings, Craig Jennings, Dawn Jennings, Misty 74 Jensen, Clark 65 Jestis, Benny 42, 43, 116, 149 Jimenez, Melissa 65 Jimenez, Yolanda 74 Hargrove, Kyle 64 Harkins, Michele 64 Harper, Chuck 64, 91, 146 Harper, Jennifer 64 Harper, Paul Harper, Robert Harris, Joanna 42 Harris, Lorna Harris, Mack Harris. Michelle Harris, Phyllis 42 Harris, Richard Harris, Shannon 73, 121 Harris, Stacy 73 Harris, Stephany 73, 121 Harris, Teressa Harris, Tracy 73, 146 Harris, William 107 Harrison, Kevin 73, 137 Harrison, Matthew 64, 100, 137 Harrison, Michael 73 Harrod, Lisa 64 Hart, Tamara 73, 137 Hartman, Jessica 73 Harvey. Gregory 42, 114, 115 Harvey. Jeffrey 135 Harwell, Deana 58 Haven, Heidi 121 Havens, Sean 64, 141 Havis, David 42, 170 Hawes, Leslie Hayes, Anthony Hayes, Leann Hayes, Thomas 24, 86 Haynes, Arthur 96, 112 178flndex Hohnsbehn, Monie Holdgate, Michelle 64 Holland, Gino Hollingsworth, Christopher 64 Hollis, Steven Holloway, Cynthya 58 Holloway, Joyce 73 Holloway, Shannon Hollowell, Gregory 43, 115, 159 Holmes, Brian 73 Holt, Charles 43 Holton, Richard 17 Homan, David Homecoming 12, 13 Hood, Catherine 73 Hooper, Melanie Hooten, Corey Hopkins, Torrance Hoppe, Heather 64 Hopper, Rebbecca Hough, John 73 Hough. Michelle 43, 159 Houston, Brande 64 Houston, Robert 43 Houston, Tonya Howard, Bryan Howard, Cherlyn Howard, Julie Howard, Shonda Howe, Coleen Hu, Feng Huang, Chang Hubbard, Cherie Hubert, Tanya J obe, Tracie Johnson, Andrew Johnson Benjamin 137 Johnson Bertrille 43 Johnson Betty 74 Johnson Brandon Johnson Bryan Johnson, Candace 65 Johnson, Charles Johnson, Chris 104 Johnson, Colby Johnson Danny Johnson Deborah Johnson Derek Johnson, Eric Johnson, Georgia Johnson, Jacquelyn 43, 121. 161 Johnson, James Johnson, Joel 115 Johnson, Johnny Johnson Jonathan 74 Johnson Karen Johnson Kimberly Johnson Linda Johnson Lisa 43 Johnson Mark 58 Johnson, Michael Johnson, Michael Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Paula Johnson, Peggy Johnson Scott Johnson, Sheronda Johnson, Stephanie 146, 147, 1 Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Steven 58, 137 Johnston, Kimberly 58 Johnston, Michael 74 Joiner, Scott 43, 45, 116, 132. 138, 1 145 162 Jones, Belinda 74, 94 Jones, Brian 43, 132, 146, 147 Jones, Calvin Jones, Carl 44 Jones, Chad 74, 90 Jones, Chris Jones, Curtis Jones, Dawnetta 58 Jones, Donna Jones. Emily 65, 146 Jones, Garry 65 Jones. Jennie 44, 150 Jones, Jennifer 74, 121 Jones, Jennifer 74 Jones, John Jones, Kevin Jones, Lance 58 Jones, Michael Jones, Montra 58 Jones, Russel 74 Jones. Samuel Jones, Susan 65 Jones. Thomas 44 Jonte, Tracy Jordan, Cumi 65 Jordan, Teresa Jorden, Jacquelyn 44, 162 Jorgensen, Dane 74 Jowell, Kimberly Juneau, Charles Jusits, Thomas JV Photography 166 Jyrkinen, Gerald Jyrkinen, Jeffery Kae5, David 44, 86, 138, 139. 155 Kaiser, Amber 74, 100 Kaisler, Venus Kanu, Daniel Karch, Kelly Karl, Kim Kasten, Tammy Kedward, Julia 65, 146 Kedward, Peter 58, 102 Keel, Shannon 74, l2l Keener, Tiffany 65 Keese, David Keighley, Cindy 44 Kelley, Chris Kelley, Daytrina Kelley, Garrett 65, 136, 137 Kelley, Jennifer 65 Kelley, Robert Kelly, Kimberly Kelly, Laquinda Kelly, Tammiko Kelsey, Lori 58 Kendall, Rachel 146, 147 Kenely, Charles Kennedy, James Kennedy, Roberto 58 Key Club 139 Khan, Waquas Khanhthong, Somsanouk Khansomphou, Khamphay Khanthong, Bounthong Khanthong, Phetsada 74 Khau, Trieu Kieley, Carol Kieley, Shawn 44 Kilgore, Gregory 58, 136, 137 Kilpatrick, Donald 74 Kilpatrick Larry Kilpatrick Terry Kim, Phong Kyu Kim, Son Mi 65 Kimble, Collin Kimbrell, Shanda 146 Kimbrough, Tracy 65, 137, King, Paul King. Rhonda King, Towana 44 King, Travis 74, 102 Kinnard, Tracy 5, 58, 86 Kinney, Frances 65 Kinney, Vicki 65, 121 Kirby, Robin 132, 137 Kirchenbauer, Troy 64 Kirk, Troy Kirkwood, Barry Kiser, Jimmy Klaser, Joseph Klay, G. Kendall Knappage, Robert Knight. Lynn Knight, Timothy 44, so Knight, Tonia 74 Knowles, Mark Knowles, Third, Robert 58 142 Kohler, Greg Kolish, Heidi 65 Kollmansberger, Keith 149 Koonce, Robert Kornegay, Brenton 65, 99 Kornegay, Trenton 65 Kozak, Kirsty Kriska, Shannon 74 Kronmiller, Michele Kruger, Amy 74 Kubic, James Kuerbitz, Fonda Kundak, Catherine 74 Kwak, Sung Lacour, Angela 65, 150 Lacy, Brenda Lacy, Calvin Lacy, Rayfus 58 Lafon. Jeffery 44 Lai, Dat Lail, David 91 Lail, Melissa 44, 150 Lair, Robert 65, 135 Lairson, Howard Lake, Stuart '74 Lam, Le 44 Lamar, Michieal 142 ,l35, 137 Standing on the sidelines, junior Kim Williams cheers on the junior offense in the Powder Puff game. S 1 Lamb-Pinkston amb, William 19, 59 anahan, Lisa anam. Darla 74 ancaster, Deanna 44, 146 and, Brian 65 ander. Kellie 65, 119, 127, 145 anderos, Santana 60 anderos, Scott .andgraf, Matthew 74, 75, 137 ane, Brian 44, 116 angford, Brian 44 angton, Andrea 59 angton, Sean 65 ara, Emilio, Jr. ara, Sandra arsen, Carl 59, 137 arsen, Mary 2, 65, 137 arsen, Richard 44, 86, 141 atham, Penelope 74 atin 143 awley, Lori 74 awley, Patricia 44 awrence, Beverly awson, Terry awson, Theresa Lax, Kristi 65 Lay, Amy 5, 13, 44, 45, 46, 116 138, 139, 174 Lay, Charles 74 Le, Son 44 , 132, Leach, Julie 74 Leaf, Neal 74 Leal, George Leath, Joel Leathers, Cammy 59, 131, 135 Lechner, Robert 59, 146 Ledbetter, Michele Lee, Charlie 65,91 Lee, Denise Lee, Lisa 74, 118, 138 Lee, Mi Lee, Rachel Lee, Virginia 74 Lehman, Janece Leija, Eloisa Leija, Sidney Lcmay, Christine 65 Lemon, Carrie 74, 121 Lemus, lrene 74 Lemus, Pamela Leney, Christopher 65 Leonard, Dana 44 Lessig, Ginger Letzkus, Melissa Levvis, Marc 135 Lewis, Angela 65 Lewis, Gregory Lewis, Jennifer Lewis, Lashungra Li, Dawn 59 Li, Lee 74 Lianthong, Taythong Lianthong, Vixay Ligaluppi, Carlos 74 Light, Michael Light, Vincent Lim, Kyung Linavong, Vong Lincoln, Stephanie 44 Lindsey, James Lindsley, Louis Ling, Shelia Lingcr, Michael Linton, Sabrina Lites, Michael Litsey, Jeanene 74, 146 Little, Lemuel 65 Lytle, Dalton 45, 132, 137, 139, 146, 147, 169 Lytlc, Darwin 41, 59, 124, 136, 137, 146 Mabry, Suvithia Mach, Carrie Macha, Dennis 66, 136, 137, 142 Macha, Doris 13, 45. 137, 150. 154 Macias, Maria Maciora, Dawn Maciora, Tracy Mack, Kevin 45, 104 Mack, Pamela Mackenzie, Douglas 66 Madkins, Tiffany 74, 146 Madlock, Benjamin 66 Magenheimer, Gary Mahon, Belinda t Makowski, Sandra 74, 137 Maldonado, Richard Mallard, Brenda 45 Mallard, Kimberley Mallard, Patrick Mallott, Jason Maloney, Matt Manley. Michelle 59, 61, 86, 132, 142 Mann, Michael Manning, Billy Manriquez, Christopher Mapes, Terry Marin, Albert Marin, A rthur Marks, William Marles, James 46, 145, 170 Marles, Michelle 59, 145 Marlow, Darran 41, 46, 86 Marshall, Tammie 66 Martin, Holly Martin, Richard 46, Martin, Sean Martin, Shelley 59 Martin, Steven Martin, Thomas 74 Martin, Thomas Martin, Tracy 1, 59, 116, 117, 146, 147 Martinez , Amy 59 Martinez, Ana Luz Martinez, Angela 59 132,139 Martinez, Araceli 46 Martinez, Christina 46 Martinez, David 74 Martinez, Francisco Martinez, Gloria 66 Martinez, lda 59 Martinez, lsabel 66 Martinez, Joel 59 Martinez, Lorna 74, 147 Martinez, Miguel Martinez, Patti Martinez, Renee Martinez, Richard Martinez, Scott Martinez, William Masad, Abdul Masywske, Buffy 59 Masl.:wske, Gary Massey, Bobbi 66, 146 Mastin, Billie 66, 147 Mata, Cynthiaan Mata, Kevin 74 Matney, Kenneth 14, 59, 115, 141 Matteson, Richard Morales, Elizabeth so Omni' Little, Linda Littlelield, Cheryl Littletield, George 59 Lockaby, David 65, 107 Lockaby, Melissa 74 Lockett, Theresa 112 Loers, Robert Loftice, Edith Lohden, John 28, 74, 135 Long, David Long, Decima 59 Long, Martha 59 Longoria, Maria Longoria, Maria Longoria, Pete Looney, Martisha Lopez, Roxanne 59, 150 Lopez, William 146 Love, Latonya Lovett, Lisa 65 Lovgren, Anthony 74 Lucio, Pablo Luckey, Gwendolyn Luckey, Timothy Lucroy, Delita 147 Luecht, Craig 86, 115 Luecht, Stacey 65 Luevanos, Mary Lufkin, Larry 44 Lumpkins, Danny 66, 135 Luton, Gwynn 59, 121 Luttrull, Derek 59, 110, 111 Matthews, Scott 59 Matthews, Tracy 66 Matthias, Mary 74 Mauthe, Todd 46, 149, 158 May, William Mayes, Deanna 21, 37, 46 Mayle, Tracey Mc Coy, Richard 59 Mc Millan, Carlton McAllister, Leslie 59 Mcamis, Megan 66 McBride, Chad McBride, Dennis 59, 135 McBride, Kevin 47, 149 McCallum, Teresa McCary, Realda McC1ung, Cher-1 74 McClurg, Dennis McConnell, David 47, 149 McConnell, Tammy 66 McCord, Gary 66 McCorkle, Wendy 66 McCown, Teresa 47, 162 McCrainey, Tricina 47, 93, 108, 109, 1 12 McCrary, Claudia McCrary, Kristi McCurley, Kristi 59. 146, 147 McDade, Carl 107 McDade, Kevin McDonald, Regina McDonald. Stacey 59 Lyle, Lisa Lynch, Larry 66 Lyons, Lashun 74 McElhaney, Regina 66, 146 McFarland, Michael 59, 86, 112, 132 McGava, Robert McGee, Angela 47, 86 McGensey, Gwendolyn 19, 42, 47, 108, 112 McGhee, David 66 McGill, Cary 74, 106 McGill, Gregory 47, 60, 86, 107, 112 McGowan, Stacy McGowan, Steven Mclntyre, Kathleen 60 McKenzie, Anthony 23, 47, 137 McKeown, Nancy 47 McKinney, Donna 74, 112, 118, 146 McLaughlin, Barbara McLaughlin, Mark 63, 64, 65, 66, 102,138,139,146 McLaughlin, Paula 13, 47, 120, 121, 146, 147, 164 McLaughlin, Scott McMahan, William 66 McMillan, Russell McNair. James 74, 137 McNeill, Emily 146 McVay, Marlo 74, 121, 138 McVey, Michelle McWhirter, Angela 66, 121 Mead, Johnye Meador, Lisa 71, 74, 138, 143 Means, James Medders, Melanie 66, 120, 121 Medina, Adelaida 74 Medina, Hugo 46, 149 Medina, Ignacio Meeks, Lauri 66, 137 Meeks, Lisa Meis, Stacy Mejia, Ivan Mejorado, Linda 74 Melbourne, Judith 74 Mellorn, Chad Mellorn, Corey Melton, Jesse Mendiola, Gustavo Mendosa, Alma Mendoza, Cynthia 60 Mendoza, David 74 Mendoza, Edwardo 66 Mendoza, Jose Merrill, Brandi 66, 121 Merriman, Michelle Merryman, Joe Merrywell, Zorina 47 Mesley, Kimberly Messick, Amanda 60 Methvin, Griff 8, 74 Middleton, Marquinn 146 Milam, Marialou 47, 121, 168 Milam, Pamela 59, 60, 116, 117, 132 135, 138, 139, 174 Miles, lsaac Miller, Christy 47, 150 Miller, Cynthia 121. 146 Miller, Eric Miller, Erica 23. 37, 47, 138 Miller, Hazel Miller, James 35, 63, 66, 136, 137, 142 138, Miller, Kendra 74 Miller, Kitty Miller, Lewis Miller, Michael Miller, Misti Miller, Pamela Miller, Quintin 75 Miller, Ricky 47 Miller, Shellie 75 Miller, Shonda 66 Mills, Donna Mills, Sherman 107 Milord, Maurice 66, 91 Minor, Darlena Minyard, Machelle Miskis, Steven 66 Mitchell, Holly Mitchell, John Mitchell, Karen Mitchell, Paul 75 Mitchell. Solomon Mitchell, Theresa Modesto, Arthur Moniz, Kirt 149 Monk, Robert 59, 115 Monterroso, Elmer Montgomery, Charles 60 Montgomery, James 75, 146 Montgomery, Julie 66 Moody, Craig 66, 139 Moody, Danny 47, 132, 139, 168 Moody, Gregory Moore, Alicia Moge, Carla 47 Moore, Donna 75, 146 Moore. Katlty 60 Moore, Keith 149 Moore, Michael 75 Moore, Micah Moore, Roman 66 Moore, Thomas Moore, Valerie 47 i 'Mora, Luis 66, 91, 102, 115 Morales, Evangelin Morales, Jacob 137 Moreno, Aaron 67 Moreno, Domingo Moreno, Hector Moreno , Ludivina Morgan, Angela Morgan, Billy Morgan, Dana 67, 137 Morgan, David Morgan, Jerry Morgan, Melissa 67 Morgan, Tonya Morris, Cammie 47 Morris, Carrie 11, 64, 67, 119 Morris, Kelli 72, 75, 112, 118, 138 Morris, Willie Morrison, Delores 67, 146 Morriso Morstat n. Matthew 67, 146 ter, Arthur Moss, Denise 75 Motley, Darl Motley, Derwin Mougia, Chris 75 Mougia, Craig Mougia, Stephanie 47, Mounger, Alex Mounger, Tricia 67 Mouton, Toi 123 137 Mowery, Dinah 31, 73, 75, 118, 143 147 ,47, 116 Olivarez, Joann Olson, Jason Orange, Cheryl Orange, Simone 48 Orness, Cathy 60, 139, 150 Orr, Burney 67 Orr, Norma 75 Ortiz, Maria 48 Ortiz, Mary Ortiz, Patricia 48, 121, 149 Osley, Anthony Osley, Stephen Overstreet, Sean Owen, Russell 75 Oxendine, Michelle Ozuna, William Pacheco, Christohper 67 Pacheco, Francisco Padilla, Didier 75 Paige, James Paige, Kimberly 75 Paige, Todd 48, 132, 145 Palmer, Darren 75 Palmer, Lloyd Palmer, Tracy Mowery, Royal 31, 45 Munn, Ruth 67 Murphree, Jerry Paredes, Ricky 60 Parikh, Ketan Parish, Jennifer 60 Murphy, Paul Murrah, Teresa 42, 47, 163 Murray. Penny 75 Murray, William 137 Murton, Christy 67 Musselman, Bart Musselman, Judith 75 Muzolf, Daniel Myers, Melinda 47 Naidoo, Kesree Naidoo, Nalen 47, 145 Nalls, Cindy Nance, Gabriel Nathan, Kevin Nava, Marisa Navarro, Betsabc 67 Navarro, Eddie 75 Navarro, Jose 60 Navarro, Magda 48 Navarro, Paul Neal, Jennifer 75, 102 Neely, Robin Neighbors, Michael Nelson, Aaron Nelson, David Nelson, Dory Nelson, Garvid Nelson, Kristi 60 Nelson, Michael 75 Nelson, Shana Nelson, Stephanie 75 Nerkowski, Lea 35, 67, 123 Nesler, Jennifer 75 Newberry, Larry 60 Newman, Michelle Newman, Shannon 60, 67 Newspaper 194, 195 Neyhart, Kenneth Nguyen, Cuc Thi Nguyen, Da Huong Nguyen, Da Le Nguyen, Nancy 94 Nguyen, Thang 48 Nguyen, Thang NHS 132 Nichols, Stephanie 67, 121 Nicholson, Jessica Nisbet, Cheryl 67 Nisbet, Kimberly 75 Nixon, Daniel Nixon, David 48, 75 Nixon, Debbie Parish, Robert 75 Parker, Anthony 67, 107, 137 Parker, Bryan 137 Parker, David Parker, Jay 49, 86 Parker, Leah 67 Parker, Richard Parker, Seth Parker, Tammy 60 Parks, Diane Parks, Glen 28, 49, 135, 159 Parks, Kelly Parks, Kristy Parmar, Ravi 149 Parsons, Scott 49 Parsons, Shannon 75 Partain, James 49, 149 Partin, Linda Pate ll, Gary 91 Patel, Bheivana Patel, Gunjan Patel, Heniina Patel, Jayesh Patel, Milind Patel, Palak Patel, Vijaykuma 49 Paterson, Kelli Patrick, Richard Patterson, Kathleen 150 Patterson, Kevin Patterson, Michael Patterson, Robert Patton, Darla 148, 173 Patty, Gene Payne, Larry Paz, Limbeth 60 Peace, Gregory 75 Peacock, Vicki 49 Peart, George Pedran, Eseqiel Peek, Kari 73, 75, 118 Pegue, Earnest Pele, lso Pena, Marivel Penny, Emory 60 Peoples, James 49, 86, 160 Peoples, Schlisa 60, 146 Peres, Lou 147 Perez, Ernest 49, 86 Perez, Gayla 50 Perez, Joselina 67 Perez, Mark Perez, Pebbles 67, 102 Perez, Rhonda Perez, Robert Perkins, Dale Noble, Noble, Noble. Noble, Fredrick Jennifer Kim Tony 48 Noe, James 75 Noe, John Noe, Kendra 67, 121, 139 Nolan, Nolan. Norllee Norris, Noska, Noska, Chrsitine 60 Kathrine t, Trenton Jeff Darcy 7l,75, 118,138 Teresa 67, 121, 139 Novosad, Tammy Nunez, Nunez, Hector Joe 1, Taffeny Odell, Demerc Ojeda, Imelda 75 Okeke, Uzooma 91 Peters, David Petersdorf, Wesley 67 Peterson, Daniel 50, 137 Peterson,Gera1dine 137 Peterson, Marie 60, 145, 146 Peterson, Preston 22, 41, 46, 50, 132, 142, 183 Pettey, Kelly Pham, Ngan Ha Phan, Dung 76 Phelps, Ronald 76 Phetdara, Akhadeth Phillips, Rick Phillips, Tamara 60 Phipps, Brady 60, 132, 139 Photography 144, 145 Pickard, Angela 67 Pickett, Steven Pierce, Darian 146 Pierce, Kevin 76 Pilkinton, Grady Pinilla, Hector Pinilla, Nancy Pinkston, Dirk index! 179 Robertson, Dianna 76 A Taste of lialy 165 Index: P1zz1llo-Tlttle Pizzillo, Josephine 67 Reeves, Stephen 16, 17, 59, 60, Salchli, Marguerit , Sims, Henry Stokes. Linda Plate, John 25, 50 86, 132, 138. 141 Salsman, Theresa Sims, Lori 147 Stokes, Terry Plummer, Cassandra Reeves, Tabitha Salsman, Timothy Sims, Michael 183 SIGNS, Howard Plunk, Cari Reeves, Vickie 51 Samuel, Kezia Sines, Thomas Stone, Melody 60 Poarch, Laura Regalado, Stephen 67 Samuel, Stanley Sinks, Charles Stoner 111, James Poarch, Lona W Regmund, Aimee 51, 137, 149 Sanchez, Andrea 76 ' Sinor, Gina 60 Stovall, Stephanie 25, 68, 146 Pohl, Jeremy 1 Reid, Christopher Sanchez, Eric 1 Sinor, Sheryl Stover, Michael Pointer, Christi 67, 121, 139, 142, 1 Reinhold, Teresa 67, 137 Sanchez, Gabriel i Siratt, Mark 77, 107, 141 Stracener, Billii 146, 147 Renick, Shelly 67 Sanchez, Laura 77 Siratt, Shelby 42, 52, 114, 115, 141, Straw, Joe Points, David Repp, Edward 67 Sanchez, Lilly 51 163 Streger, Matthew 52, 131, 135, 137, Pool, James Reyes, Adrianna 67, 150 Sanchez, Marcus 77 Six, Michele 139, 142, 167 Poole, Anita 50 Reyes, Antonio Sanchez, Natalia 51, 121, 170 Skillens, Ronald 68 Stressman, Nicholas Poovey, Adeline 50 Reyes, Consuelo Sanchez, Rolando Swierawski, Melissa Strickland, James 38, 45, 52, 36, 132 Poovey, Alicia Reyes, Elvia Sanders, Kevin 51, 172 Slayton, Charles 133, 139 Pop Ball 18, 19 Reyes, Jerry Sanders, Richard 51, 149 Slayton, Stacey Strickland, John 22, 46, 52, 86, 132, Porter, James 146 Reyes, John 67 Sandridge, Joseph Sloan, Daun 139 Porter.. Timothy Reyes, Leticia 76 Sandridge, Melissa 67 Sluder, Tonya 68, 150 Strimple, Carol 68, 121, 146 Portley, Monica 67 1 Reyes, Mary Santiago, Jose 67 Slusher, Erik Strimple, Cheryl 68, 141 Poteet, Jason 50 I Reyes, Monica Santos, Alicia Smart, Craig Stringer,James Poteet, Mardi 9, 64, 67, 119. 138 Reyna, Cornelio Santos, Claudia 77 Smedley, Jeana 68 Stringer, Sam Potter, Pamela Reyna, Jimmy Santos, Ricardo Smedley, Johnie 60 Stringer, Shade 60, 136, 137 Powell, Walter 76, 137 ' Rheinlaender, Michele 6, 15, 67, 137, Santos, Rogelio Smiddy, William Stroud, Sara 25, 52 Powell, Henry 142 Saulters, W. Shane 77 Smith, Andrae 107, 112 Stuart, Eric Powell, Jeffrey Rhodes, David 51 Sawyer, Matthew 112 Smith, Anissa 77 Stuart, Michelle 18, 45, 52, 112, 138 Powell, Karlton 7, 22, 50, 124, 132, Rhodes, Mike 67 Schack, William Smith, Annette Stubblefield. Michael 63 136, 137 , Rhyne, Calvin Schaefer, Russell Smith, Brian 60, 115 Student Council 138 Powell, Lori 76 1 Rhyne, Sabrina 76, 121 Schafer, Amy 77 Smith, Bruce Sturgeon, Pamela 52 Powell, Russell 1 Ribeiro, Lorena Schafer, Michael 60, 111, 137 Smith, Camille 68 Sturgis, Todd 135 Powless, Kimberly 76 Rice, Michael Schanz, John Smith, Cheirl 77 ' Stuyvesant, Don Poynter, Sheronda 67 Rich, Bill 51, 149 Scharff, Michael Smith, Christopher Su, Krista Poynter, Tilton 51, 149 Rich, Brandee 51 Schaum, Rodney 77, 102 Smith, Danny 91 Sullivent, Edna 60 Pratt, Stacey 67 Richardson, David Schilling, Tamatha 15, 51, 137, 150, Smith, David 52, 174 Sullivent, Mark Prechtl, Daniel Richardson, Yulonda 166, 170 Smith, Jamie Summers, Patricia Price, Bryan 76, 107, 112 Richerson, Elizabeth 147 Schmitt, Jeffrey 52 Smith, Joe 77 Sutherland, Tonya 77, 146 Priddy, Marcy 67, 121, 137 Richey, Connie 15, 60, 137, 150 Schmuch, Yasha 67 Smith, Leigh Swallow, Kevin Prigmore, Johnny Richey, David 148 Schnaubert, Jennifer 77 Smith, Marni 77 Swan, Scott Prigmore, Robert 76 Ridge, Darrell 91 Schnaubert, Ronda 60 Smith, Robert Swanzy, Holly 3, 38, 53. 86, 132, 146 Prince, Joseph Ridge, Fredrick Schnedler, Lisa 77 Smith, Rosalind 21, 92, 93, 108, 109 153 Prince, Kristi Ridge, Larry Schone, Michael 77 Smith, Shannon Sweeney, Marsha Prock, Misty Riehs, Steve Schrock, Neil 77 Smith, Stacey Swindle, Gregory 68 Prom 24, 25 Riley, Curtis 51, 149 Schulz, Eric 60 Smith, Suzanne 52 Propes, Cornelia 76, 118 Riley, Ranesa Schulz, Jason Smith, Terry 86 Pruitt, Billy Riley, Tony 76 Schumacher, Richelle 77 Smith, Tonya 52, 121 Pruitt, Brian 76, 135 Ring, Shannon Schwartz, Christopher 77 Smith, Tricia 63, 68, 138, 145 Pruitt, Christopher 76 Risteen, Douglas 67, 146, 147 Scott, John Sneed, Linda Ticket., Lance 77 Pruitt, Doug 76 Ritter, Frank 76 Scott, Lyle 30, 67 Sneed, Russell Taing, Ly Pruitt, Laura 2, 67, 137, 141, 142 . Rivers, Johnny Scott, Margaret 52 Snow, Gary Talkii-igtqn, Liga 77 Pruitt, Linda 76 Robbins, Charles Scott, Steven 67, 110, 111 Snyder, James Talley' Wesley Pruitt, Patricia Robbins, Ronnie 76 Scott, Thomas 137 Sockwell, Marsha 77 Tanner, Aliee Pruitt, Timothy Roberts, Debra Scott, Troy 60, 136, 137 Sockwell, Melissa 68 Tanner, Billy Pryor, Jennifer 76, 121 Roberts, Jennifer Seale, Kitty 60 Solano, Joel Tai-mer, Charles Pryor, Kirk 60, 111 Roberts, Laura Seals, William Solang, Moises Tanner, Debbie Pryor, Rachel Roberts, Lisa 51 Sedgwick, Darryl 52, 137, 161 Solis, Mark Tanner, Timothy 53 Puckett, Jimmy Roberts, Ritchie Sedgwick, Diane 63, 67, 137, 138 1 Somero, Benjamin Tapia, Mario Puckett, John 15, 76, 112 R bl H. Glen u t Puente, Martha 76 Puente, Patricia 60 Pullum, Carlos 112 Pullum, Rishondal Quach, Dun Quantrell, Siaron Quiggins, Shelly Quinn, Sandi Quintanilla, Carmane Quisenberry, Robert 51, Raemhild, Timothi Rager, Ronnie 67, 86 Ragsdale, Paul 102 Raines, Christopher Rains, Clint 149 Quintana, Elizabeth 60, 137 136, 137, 149 Rains. Mark Ramirez, Edward 67, 136, 137 Ramirez, Jose Ramirez, Joseph 71, 73, 136, 137, Ramirez, Karen 76, 102, 137 Ramirez, Nancy Ramirez, Ricky Ramirez, Rosemary 76 Ramon. Jesse 51, 86, 87, 115, 164 Ramon, Laura Ramsey, Stacy Raney, James Rangel, Emma 51 Rangel, Ronaldo 76 Ransom, Anthony Rawdon, Bobby Ray, Amos Ray, Angela Rayner, James Reay, Sonya 60, 137 Reed, Brice Reed, Catherine 51, 12 , Reed, Jill 22, 60, 116, 174 Reed, Jimmy Reed, Kimberly Reed, Mary 76, 142 Reed, Rebecca 1 138 1 149 , 132, 138, 142, , Reed, Wendy 13, 21, 38, 116, 132, 142, 174 Reeder, Candis 60 Reeder, Deanna 76 Reeves, Sabrina 180! Index Robinson, Forlessiav 51 Robinson, Gerald Robinson, Stacey 3 Robles, Roland Rocha, John 51, 137, 169 Rodden, Tabatha 76 Ada Daryl Esli Joe Jose 76 Juan Jose 67 Leslie 102 Margaret Natasha Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodrig Rogers, Ro ers 8 . Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rojas, Rojas, Rojas, Rollins, Rosas, Veronica 76, 96, 11 Alfred Kimberly Megan 76 Ronald Ronald 67 Staci 51, 169 Diana 67 lsrael 76 Sandra 67 Matthew Roxanne U81- Rose, Daniel Ross,A rri ngton Ross, Charles Ross, Jacob 76, 128 Ross, ROSS, Roth Mary Anne 67 Rebekah 60 well, Jay 51, 172 Roundtree, Andrew Roundtree, April Rowan, Kimberly o, Michele Rubio, Rhonda Ruic, Brenda Ruiz, Guadalupe Rushing, Richard Rushing, Tammy Rutherford, Jennifer 51, 137 Rutherford, Mary 76, 137 Rynerson, Heather 96 Saavedra, Martha 67 SAC 139 Saenz, Cristol Saenz, Darlene Sage, Kelley 76, 146 Saiz, Craig Salazar, Jackie 76, 183 2 Seeton, Sherri 67 Seida, Mark 137 Self, Steven Sellens, Gary Sellers, Jason 77 Selman, Dean Sembroski, Stephanie 67, 146 Serbanich, Steven Session, Kyron Shaffer, Christy Shaner, Eric Sharifi, Shideh Sharili, Shirin Sharp, Deanna 60 Sharp, Sherry Sharp, Tiashawn 116. 174 Shaver, Marla Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw. Shaw. 137, Shaw. Sheckells, Cynthia 68 Dale 52, 149 Darryl Lurenda Shannon 11, 57,100, 101,13 138 Vernon 77, 107 Joy Sheckells, Steven 60 Shellnutt, Shepherd, Shepherd, Sherm Sherm Kelly 60 Lynn 60, 102 Peter Barrett Bart an, an, Shields, Jonathan 68 Shields, Robyn Shields, Tracey 60, 150 Shipman, Teresa 7, 60, 137 Shipp, Carla 52 Shirley, Jennifer 68, 119 Shivers, Laura 68, 146 Shortnacy, Jerry Shoup, Daryl Shows, Ann 68 Shuemake, Shannon 77 Shugart, Christina Sichley, James 67 Sikes, Curtis Sikes, Rita Silva. Epifanio Silva, Kimberly 68 Simmons, Russell 77 Simms, Ricky 68 Simonelli, Cathy Simpler, Kimberly 68 Q Simpson, Billy Simpson, Brenda 12, 37, 38, 45, 50, 52, 131, 138, 139 2. Son, David Simpson, David 52, 155, 116, 146, 1 147 ' Simpson, Stacy 77, 146 Son, Kenneth Song, Joseph Sorenson, Jeff 52, 115, 137 Sorrells, Stacey 68, 139 Soto, Adam Soto, Marta Sours, Karmen 68 Spanish Club 143 Sparks, Todd Spaugh, Amy 68 Spaulding, Lorie Speake, Carrie 77, 121 Speake, Shawnda 68 Spear, Kevin 52 Spears, Kelly 68, 93 Speegle, Jerrie Speights, Kimberly Spencer, Eric Spencer 1V, Frank 77 Splawn, Leigh 12, 22, 42, 56, 52, 1 121, 132, 139, 142, 167 Spoor, Kathryn 52 Spoor, Michael 52 Spradley, Roxann 68, 121, 147 Springer, Brandy 77 Springer, Kyle 146 Spurger, Belinda 77 Squires, Jeanell Stacy, Komkris 136, 137 Standeford, Stacy 77, 146 Stanlield, Edward 68, 96, 112 Stanford, Kelly Stanley, Jere Stanley, Malvin 107 Stanley, Nicole 60, 150 Stansbury, Jody Stanton, Colette 19, 60, 100, 102, 138, 141 Stanton, Shelli 68, 119 Staples, Kerry 58, 60, 86 Stark, Sheldon Staton, Sarah 77 Stead, Robert Steele, Bryan Steen, Mary 146 Steinhruegge, Ronald Steiner, Amy Steiner, Christine Stephens, Paula Stewart, Angela Stewart, Dondi Stewart, Russell Stibbens, James Stine, Ronald 68, 136 Stinnett, Karen 52, 170 Stinson, Sarah 68, 69 Stockman, James 20, 1 Tate, Kenneth Tatum, Vernessa Tawwater, Richard Taylor, Becky Taylor, Bobby 53 Taylor, Linda Taylor, Melvin Taylor, Telesta Teague, Sarah TEAMS 128, 129 Teasdale, Cynthia 77, 137 Tello, Deborah Tello, Ruth 53 Tenorio, Isabella 147 Termine, Gregory Terre1I,Jr., Jerry 53 Terry, Kenneth 68, 115 Terry, Lucille Terry, Thomas Thatcher, Marjorie 53, 149, 150 Thierfelder, Jill 78, 121 Belinda Casey Diana Felicia 68 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Gary 78 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, George James 102 John Michael Michael 78 Stacie Thomas, Thomas Thomas o Taylor Tina n, Jimmy Thompson, Chris 60, 91 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Harold John 68, 69, 107 John 135 Joseph Justin 53, 172 Robert 53, 91, 104 Teddie 68 Toni 54 Thompson, Jr,, Robert 168 Thornton, Lari 54 Thrasher, Brian 91 Thrasher, Randy 54, 149 Tidwell, Michelle Tidwell, William Tillman, Jim 78 Timmons, Timmons, Billie 78 Steven 61 Tinsley, Kimberly Tipton, Re Tittle, Mic nay hael 68 - ' W t ,F anklin ownsend, Stacy Valenzuela, Carmen W1"'amS oo en r To-Zimmerman A - Woodrow, Charles 0' H011 ' 1 61 allilgij 211212381 ' 851112'.22:?1i3?. wwdmw, neganaia 107. 146 oblg' Hgh Wantland, Michael 100 Williams, Jason 102 W99d51 94911553 69- 127' 138' '45 on lriiilm' ii fx' v d 11 DUS1111 vs Waffsn- JW Wi"ia"'S1 Jsfemy Woody' "'C"f'f'1 dries Cynthia Vgjtfndr Edward waffelh l-011 Williams' Karl. woody' Symhla Hes' Ernest Valdez 'Mark Washington, Derrick 8, 86 Williams, Keylian 107 W00lSCY- -lf,fl'Y 0 ' Sl hanic Valdez' Ra 54 H5 Washington, Earnest 54 Williams, Kimberly W00lSCYf Km' ggsiendcllflancy Valentini hllichael wiihlngwn- Simone 61 williams' Kimberly 611 138' 139 wwsley' Tony '49 rammell, Robin 78 ran. Loan ran, Phung 78 ravis, Teri 41, 135, 141, 146, 147 resp, Matthew 68 ressler, Daniel 68, 142 ressler, Elaine 61, 132. 133, 142 revino, Daniel revino, Hector rickel, Billye rieu, Thuy 54, 132 rillo, Frank 68 rinh, Roland rinh, Roseline ripp, Troy 78 rotter, Deric rue, Bradley ruett, Susan 69, 141, 147 Trujillo, Miriam 69 Truong. Cuong Truong, Hung Truong, Thanhtuan Truong, Tuan T Shirt Creations 172 Tubbs, Terry Tucker, Michial Tucker, Robert Tucker, William Tuley, Shannon 69 Tully, Joshua Tumey, Lisa 68, 137 Tune, Sharla 69. 150 Turner. Alicia Turner, Amy 54, 79, 132, 137, 138 169 Turner, Carl Turner, Claude Turner, Debra 54 Turner, Edward Elizabeth Turner. Turney. Tammy 78 Tutt. Danielle 78 Tutt, lngrid Tutt, Tonya Twirp Week 20, 21 Twyford, Jeffrey Tydlaska. Michael 86 Tydlaska, Ronald 61, 86 Tye, Phillippe Tyson, Jay 54 UIL 124. 125 Urive, Amy Usher, Linda 69 Valenzuela, Franco Valle, Kathryn Van, Chi 54 Vance, Gary 91 Vasquez, Lisa Vasquez, Victor Vassar, Cheryl Vaughan, Regina 78 Vaughan, Renae 61 Vaughan, Thomas 54. Vaughan, Tracy 78 Vaughn, Bradley Vaughn, Cynthia Velez, Maria Velez, Shirley Verrett, Kay Vesel, John 69 Vibbert, Barbara Vielma, Richard Vigil, Michele Vine, Angela 78 Vine, Anthony Vuu, Quang Wachsman, Donna 69. Wade, Michael 78 Wade, Vanessa Wafford, Shenna 132, 139. 146 145 Wassel, Hamed 54, 182 Waggoner, Robert 46, 50, 54. 86, 132. 133, 139, 155 Wainwright, Shannon Wakefield, Robert 21, 54, 86, 145, 158 Waldon, Lisa Waldron, Holly Waldron, Kerry 64, 69, 115 Walker, Amy 69 Walker, Bobby Walker, Darian Walker, Earl 78 Walker, Melodee 12, 18, 54, 116, 138, 153, 174 Walker, Michael Walker, Rosalind Walker, Shayne 78 Wallace, David Wallace. Donna 54, 150, 167 Wallace, Gary Wallace, Jerry Wallace, Shannon 78. 121 Waller, Tammye Walston, A. Laurie 69 Walters, Kim Walters, Lori 61 9 X 1' 'E Wassel. Homa Watkins, Edward Watkins, Monica 69 Watson, Dwayne 107 Watson, Jenise 78, 143 Watson, Kevin 69 Watson. Monica 61 Watson, Petrice Watson, Tommy 69 Watters, Dana Watts, Patricia 69 Watts, Tabatha Weaver, Dennis 69, 100, 139 Webb, Andrea 78 Webb. Laurie 54 Weber. Cynthia 71, 78, 138 Weber, Nikki 54, 102 Wells, Andrea 69 Wells, Cerise 69 Wells, David Wells, Raymond West, Helena 78 Whalin, Teresa 61, 146 Whearley, Shelley Whetstone, Rodney 79 Whisenhunt, Samantha Whitaker, Holly 69, 121 White, Crystal 69 White, John 79, 137 White, Kathryn 54, 142, 146 White, Rodney White Tanya Whitdeld, Sherri 45, 54, 96, 112, 113 Whitworth. Traci Wicker, Clayton 132, Wiegel, Matthew Wilcoxson. Randall Wilder, Gary 79 Wilderspin. Bryan 79 Wiley, Kim Wilkerson, Donnie 54, 86, I6 Wilkerson, Michelle 145 Wilkerson, Ronn Wilkes, Bryan Wilkinson, Yolanda Wilks, Sabrina Williams. Williams Alphiea 69 Barrie Williams: Charles Williams, Charlotte Williams. Corey 79 Williams, D'Artagne Williams, Darrell 86 Williams, Darren Williams, Dori Williams, Eddie Williams, Ernest 1 I 9 1 1 Williams Williams. Williams. Williams Williams Williams Williams, Williams. Williams, Williams Williams. Williams, Kristi 71, 79. 118, 138 Latonya Melvin 54 Michael 61, 146 Patrick 96, 112 Patrick Queva 147 Sara 69 Tanyo 54 Terri 79 Tracey Twyuria 69, 102 Wendy 69, 121 Williamson, Scott 79 Willie, Julie 79 Willis, Staci 55, 149 Wilson, Christopher 79 Wilson, Diana 55, 161 Wilson, Hiawatha Wilson, Joe 55 Wilson, Kristie 61 Wilson, Laura 79, 137 Wilson, Michael Wilson, Monique Wilson, Richard Wilson, Shayne 100 Wilson. Victor Wilson, William 79 Windham, Stefen Winn, Anita Winn, Karrie Winn, Kellie 69 Wisdom, Ross Witty, Tracy Woessn Wolfe. er. Sandra 69 Kenneth Wolfe, Michael 61, 137 Wolfe, Steven 79, 137 Wolfe, Tamela 79, 121, 146 Womack, Holly 55. 147 Wong, Donual Wong, Kevin Wood, David 61 Wood, Dean 79 Wood, Larry 61 Wood, Robert 65, 66, 69, 91. 106. 107, 114. 115 Woodberry, Jay 55 Woodiel, Richard 79 Woodlee, Donna Wornick, Jerry Worrell, Hazel 61, 137, 149 Worsen. Stephen Worth, Charles 79 Wren, Deborah 79, 146 Wright, Bethany 16, 79, 121, 128, 146 Wright, Beverly 69, 96, 112 Wright. Holly 100, 132 Wright. James 61, 102. 132 Wright, Stephen Wrisner. Shannon 61. 121 Wyman, Kevin Wynn, John 149 Yancey. James Yanez. C, Joseph 61 Yarborough, Shannon Yeager, Patricia 61, 121, 146 Yearbook 144, 145 Yi. Jim Yim, Anita Yim. Victor 55, 135 York. Amy 79 ' Young. Gary Young. Laura 79 Young. Samantha Young, Shannon 147 Youngblood, Joyce 79 Your Music Center 154 Yo. Wen Yuk, Hun Yuk, Hyok Yunk, Kimberly Youth + Govt 134, 135 Zabcik, Kevin Zachary, Bryan 69, 102, 145 Zachary. Shane 79 Zamora. Lou Zamora, Ruben bpata. Angela 61 Zapata, Graciela 79 Zimmerman, Michelle Marching past Garland High, the Mighty Owl Band cele- brates Labor Day by participating in the Garland laycee's parade, .X ...-'F vs' 5' .-J, ,,-. s 5' QHTY om, BA 1 -I' Q If t' hun D lndex! 181 I 1 . Touching up his airbrush painting, senior Hamed U Wassci works on his assignment in the art room. Signaling instructions, Coach Rush paces sopho- more james Brezik during spring training at Wil- 43 liams Stadium. 'fi X f- J ft Using a buret, senior Preston Peterson measures out an amount of acid to he used in a titration experiment. I.. -mule-5' N--r -M., -on -sum . -qu i' L...w-4' Z ,- 7 The year is over. Whether you will con- tinue your education here or will gra- duate and move on, your presence has made GHS. what it is. So many times a spiritless school will merely have stu- dents pass through, leaving no real mark saying that they were there. This is not true at GHS. Every student has helped our school grow through attendance, participation and striving for excellence. This attitude is what gives us the reputa- tion that we have had for almost a cen- 5,- Reflections Stariding in the courtyard, Freshman jackie Salazar .intl sophomores Michael Simms and Michael Bier- natki visit hefore the end of hreak. tury. It is this attitude displayed by our students that combines with loyalty, love and honor to create the Garland High Impression. As with the memories that will stay with you forever, Some Impres- sions Never Fade. lVVork Students Rest After Nine Months Cf Closing X183 184!CIosing r J fm' ' :fi Located in front of the GA. wing, the cannon represents past victories and the present spirit at our school, CDwl's Nest Staff Editors in Chief ,... Jill Bodiford and Doug Brenna Staffers: Shannon Bates, Tracy Cannon, Wendy Connel ly, Michele Farriell, Scarlett Florez, Kristi Hutson, Davin Lockaby, Michelle Marles, Michelle Wilkerson Photographers: Dan Foster, Daniel Humphries, Betsy Pe terson, Steve Reeves, Bobby Wakefielc' Business Staff: ..........,.......... Juan Rodrigue, Advisor: ..................... ...... F rank Crust Colophon Number of copies printed: 875: Number of pages: 184 Paper: 100 lb. enamel, Type: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 pt. Helvetica Optima, Century Schoolbook, News Gothic and Korinna, Endsheets: Stainless Steel S 289, Cover: Litho 470, Metal- lic Gold 874 and Black 395, Custom Art, Lamination Binding: Smyth Sewn, rounded and backed, Trim pagi size: 9x12g Printer: Iostens American Yearbook Com- pany, Box 1903, Topeka, Kansas 66601. Acknowledgements Scott Joiner and Nalen Naidoo-sports copy: Jesse Stone- photographsg Garland Daily News-Mini Mag copyg Tra- cy Cannon and Shannon Bates-Index copy: School Pho: tographer-Ft. Worth, Hennington Studios-Wolfe City Treas Sheffield-Iostens representative. Memberships Interscholastic League Press, Columbia Scholastic Pres Association, National Scholastic Press Association, Texa School Press Association, Quill and Scroll. IOSTENS 4 XXf5"f 1 1 V n 1 I f 1 ,1 I 1 ? J ' 4 VI s 4 7 fi V v u 5 ,s E .u 1 wi if A 4 l 'J I 4 X . 1 K.

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