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I M ' - 'US X fr ' . N' s f ff '--T625 .L GV- , :.-.i"'5- Y w tf? x A. R"Q""'-"':' - N' 5 K .ii ' -5 ' Q. , 4 ,' Elsa 'ellis . Q W-4-rf, 1 Qc WIN. is vkgj,-1 ...Z - su.. ' 'XS X n!:: - Y , '--1+" WPI , 1 K f II 5555: P' -,fb , ' ' It ::!ffgQ, ' 2 A I.. - 9, r pf -. 31!?iif9ff5! Iatfiifn-'f1x.l1ni' 'E' 5 ' - FY "3 -X - 54' ' x 'W .. ww - X . N J, gin, '. Yjxv it A S' ff i x ,M x21 Q --. lg 1 N12 H- W .bfi , fxx 1fxlfv?iE1f'J F3 1 ' 'fy J! X o 4 'jihfx V 1 ' xizxs g ' X '?r4',f.4 f ' ,, WJ. .. , ,ng x., -'gn af . .',Lx', Z M ' f' - . ' -N ' -f 4 X, "Xk 1 D X . I X' 7 X, 'Rf . a ,..f J 2, M In . . -- X X ' y X 1 '. 5 iff QQXWKQWWMM Hiiigf QM UWWWWS fiif vjfggwyjfjwwvgjpfffw qw w j5fi2WWWW mf W UD W W ik? WWW Kwwwffw 0,5542 0535 Wg? UQ ZWQQWM WW W Q M ' wif? My W ,I " ' A A, V - Q 1 I . . ' :V uil Q , L . g H 'FTW f 4 ' 1 .f-3, K fg-gh , j' Q 1 i t j i- p f , - I X ff X rl . . qu qgyl QC.. 1 EQFRQFD JT' ,ee--'T' I 4 ' ca f ,Q 2 N.--:i'..1.,,f...x, my N- X-f w X- 1 In -I 41g I A- -f V Y Y 1 5 W K f 4 LTL E -E ! ' L ', ?fh- 'fi .W V' '41 15i I . h! A H L - f ff F4 V H 'ul """-' QI AE E The 0wl 'S ' 'l98O ' + . ' 'Garland High School -A L I GaMand.Tegas -' - Yoluifne4I Table of Contents Opening .'. . . I Student Life. . . Seniors ...... Senior Credits . . . Juniors ..... Sophomores . . Freshmen .. Faculty. . . Clubs ..... Favorites . . . Sports . . . Index ........ Advertisements . . . Closing ..................... ..2 .20 .80 .86 . 90 110 128 148 168 214 242 302 310 339 A Capella singers Denise Wagner and Kim Bullard wait their turn for group pictures. Welre Pul-lir Putting together a puzz often a hard job, especially ii it is a 176,529 square foot scl Over the past two years, Gar High has been spread outQ many different pieces and ist being carefully put together. Along with the various c struction, the student boo undergoing a change. Wal has become a daily routini each student hikes from building to another. The cons rush to get to class on time the frustration of detou because of the sudden "pieces", are just a few exam of the experiences being un i we Pieces Together. ln. lew pieces of the puzzle are ng added along with the old. l beginning of new traditions, ter teacher-student relation- os, spirit, and pride are some he most recent pieces. Some hese pieces have always been Ert of GHS, but are now being rged to fit the puzzle. he opportunity to design a lzle such as this is a rare one. should feel fortunate and take advantage of this chance to w and better ourselves and school. So here it is, a begin- E to a beautiful, new school. tdo you think? Students express their feelings for the Owls during one of the sixth period rallies ? Q, a i' 5 K .f-f .L S 2 ., ..... X . at im QE ' N fLg 5 z ! iii? " iygsiwfi ,mivw fig- 1 f.-::: X .,. li ' Q i -gm A. ,, .Im .fu aww WW :Ex Z M Maw zz ' 5' sf 2 YQ: 'R . , 35 Kristy Erwin studies quietly in the library. 'h K Tubs! QQ haf' Kevin James, GarIand's mascot, encourages spirit. liiwii 15 P 5, We're pul-ling the pieces together Ei it 1' Garland guys stage a beauty contest for -L '-:- -N, E Owl supporters. f Tammi Harvison looks over her report L X l W A25 card. if fc!! The football players sit quietly at the pep ' rally. in x wr-lf" .lk isa . 56 . KZ hella hw SS -'fe . 'S 'see .'-sgilifsi es... f W Pam discusses the possibilities for her senior ring. The beginning of a new teachers' parking W? Q. .. 1 www, fy - H my ,, w , .qffv . an 4, I 1 5 H f za: ' 'fit ' , 'K 'K . . 2 V .wi 3 Qg,?l.Il Y, . N71!"h 'W We sew- '- ,P kg- :WL '- 5:9 .L . ' 1 gf ' 1- L P" - -'wif ,1, .ff . rg!" . Ulu I F- F' Q., I 4 Aid gf xr it h ' 1 gr v U, N 2' M: '!",. Y 4 f: 'ff' fy 'MQ K 23:-4 is Ar-- 'ff-5, ,ff l lll ,W A M fs . K I s X .i -Q -we l Q-nr l """lii 4 l -'--an l 'T l 'i l 1 1-uv 1 '11 it u y. A , -.. V -'fi Y Vi "1-v fg ggf' V -, 5,25 ' J 'Qi , p ,ls ,iq . A , -, ,hh A ,lf 1' , , , . I is l l if . l s ' W if W' ' F1j,j,,,gf,l 'Q ,, , if ,,--o..., -,-,- WL-:,iW:i:, I - ' " Students make their way out of the GHS door following the dismissal bell. V Q ,Q G , 1 I ,xy I A , bk , 'T ii Q W' wg NW, f fm, a i I l Z! Ky, 'YQ X . nv ,ff R W? i Q .1 ,:,.iiF? 5rf,ZEi' 5 :I l ' ' fi -1 P X L5 ' .J ,af f lislgigslifsggfsw'-ff H9 ,' sm? Su J ,...... I x if X I x Y f A, -um' E? ,vw if , 'fl' eww W7 I The Spirit is awarded to the juniors. juniors. Mrs. Dosseifs sewing class works vigorously on their projects. 15 :fi W 5 '- , Hg we ,wif J K E ,vi X 3225 lfgii 52.12552 SEQ? 'Elf V' in Q - , 1- ng? f Q E. ' fl- v f . K .1 - -f Vw 7 - E X 195 r f ""' ' " X ,,.. me .:-. :::::. , .,.. gan .. A 1 af- 5' ml S Ea , QQ 'ij W sv N, was N 'xx X ' in ,M , P- in- unn- - ----..-.anv- 4, "GQ--Q..-.1 -0 W K w RE 'TB .. .fe Q-ipsum, I A f ru, X I 1 I N I H ,wx , QXJ X50 .JN AL NSA ww? f 143621 M ' N, Q 'm 1, AN mu X Alyxiog his Q I, Qgiff, QS . aw Q? WD , irwxxyy ,XX ifavlbigg ,xx U ,, AQ f ,Q 1 A 'gl OXLJNXXXJJXV. bd X wx 3 I UJNWLXB NP' J-X638 I QQ HN 50 35 , . r I L .B , D V r . l fi? 1 H 5 IU ! 5 A QPF N ' A Cf LQ -9 J L' Q I .i, +- v ' u Coach Boring telling it like it is. ,F The true Garland Owl. The students show their spirit at the pep rally. LHe denf fu 3 9 4. V- 8' i .04 'rl-YQYI? VI .uv'V' X Q N s F l 'fl l if 0 0 0 J ' X xx K' 5 xpressing Spirit at GHS obit a rr t sa s tv i l St i awk if l Q i 1"2 l w KN Y V Xt , . N' 1 X t ' l lthough the student 'dy Dlx Q l so tk 'F 'J Sl f 2 KI: f k fT i d i dnothavetoo manychance top-,il 51 A 55 lf t Q " U yell V-l-C-T-O-R-Y, spirit and Y, i 5 it V, . S excitement filled the boys' gywv ff Vi ,. 1 X, each Friday during the sixthkx, i L, ffx C' i ,BJ 'J 4 ' o ,L N period rallies. Along with midi M . it A U XMB g Q .Q - -1 ,"d.', f i shouting from the stands, cheer-l ji 4 JR l Ml l EEQ ,"...,L V leaders, band members, Debsmfggxl' S l X X X sl l iiiii ':" ":i and football players encouraged il ' X , NX l fx X spirit to its highest peak each 'X WN f i t ,, week. The band helped out byi help out wnhthe ii gso ,-,i playing songs of entertainment l and also assisted during cheers. Cheerleaders and Debs per- formed skits and routines for the audience. Because of strict rules, the football players sat in their chairs eating candy and modeling for the student body at GHS. The JV cheerleaders show us the latest fashions in today's clothes. "We're number ti" lU9PnlS !'l 'Raj ent Life d tu B Q "Look at our ties, don't we have spirit!" Kyle Williams gives the scope on the GHS vs. SGHS football game. Decorating doors is one of the many activities held during homecoming week -AZ '4 HOMECOMINI 3 UK x grid, . ,A 5.4 h W an A, ,xl ,V M f, .Q 'L,V"""" Q W W Vw i Q 'Ns-. 2 3 ' 'BS fa' -u- ,A "Hey, so what if I forgot my dress shi Time For Excitement omecoming is a time for itement here at GHS. This r Garland held a "spirit week" onor of Homecoming, Various s were set for such activities fvearing hats to "top the Colo- s," showing off colorful socks sock it to the Colonelsj' mod- g dad's ties in order to "tie up Colonelsf' wearing overalls "overall spirit" day, and Eck and gold day," expressing it by dressing in black and d clothing. Also the halls and eteria were decorated by eral clubs to promote further 'it from the students and fac- f. Along with new ideas, the wning of the queen, delivering carnations, welcoming the ls, and attending the football ne were featured attractions the week. The first call forthe Homecoming Queen Nominees. 9' ,txt I L 5 Omekomzricrfra rther fantastic door. Welcoming the exes back to Garland once again. 9PnlS .IU 9.t!'l IND OO LHe dent tu TE 9 riendships are something to be shared by everyone. GHS has always been known for the bright personalities and smiles expressed by the students and the faculty. During classes, break, lunch, and after school, many friends gather together to talk about their recent experiences and good times they have had at GHS. Sharing laughs and making new friends is a good quality we all have here at Garland and will be a tradition for years to come. Setting a good example of the teacher- student relationships. Glowing Friendship V' CLYXEQ th ?.Sg,uP1gE.Qfg rf, the Nw 2 E s 2 I t ..., .... Having a friendly conversation at the office window. Sharing new experiences toge 1 J Q L Checking out the scene at break. gie shows her glowing smile. Taking a relaxing break after a hard workout. +U6pn.l.S 91!'I IU U1 Ule dent tu '53 9 ow do you get around? If you're lucky, you have the pleas- ure of driving a Cadillac or Rolls Royce. Some have a Z-28 or Trans-Am. A few are content to drive around in an everyday car. Motorcycles are another means of transportation. Having the wind blow through your hair, and the sun's rays on your face are a cou- ple extras not experienced while The GHS parking lot, full as usual. How Do You Get Around driving a car. lf you're a daring, adventurous person, this mode of transportation will most likely interest you. Riding a bicycle is still another way to get around town. Walking is also a fast and healthy way to move from place to place. Choose any of these examples and get movin'! "My feet carry me around town." rf NA' gf Q fr l 1 Q 3, Upperclassmen enjoy the benefits of a license. "We let our feet do the walking!" QLl..iu.i f 5 li 'x Q Here's to Sheila Trussell. For those with no license school bus is the only way to go. The fast and easy way to move in traffic. 9J!'l +U9Pn+S IU NI Life eni d +u 3 9 Jim and JoLynn enjoy working on the staff. ello There WEL ONE T I I GHS welcomes all persons cheerfuln YM., -X' -F XM u":"m::.: we Aliiiszgwwrim- wg ' . mme Siam' at Caught ya! Scott Smithey shows off his catch. Gary and Tammi checking over their slides. 6111 fl-U6pH.l.S IND CD fe Li dent tu 3 Q oney has become a neces- sity over the past few years. Gas continues to rise in prices, not to mention the automobile itself. Some students are responsible for cars, gas, food, clothes, and various payments, therefore cash is a big asset. For this reason many students go out and find a job. Holding a job is an important part of many lives. Being able to get up early every morning and go to school, make it to work on time, study homework, and still be able to think straight is a trick that few people can handle. For those that do, congratulations! Wayne Conoly works diligently on inventory. Work. A Wag ol' Lil Q f i y 1 -.. .tl lx 1 'w ' . 'N , xt, 1-Mn.. r wfum ls it almost time to go? Scott Baker moves lumber in the yard. re work and I love my money! Mlm 1te spends his time on the telephone. Penny takes time out to smile at the camera. +U9pI'1.l.S !'l 'dag LHe dent tu 3 9 its Students don't always listen well in class. Open wide and say "Ah," We Much time is spent on rehearsal. QW! Around GHS "This is a really interesting bookf' ife around GHS is full of excitement every day. Students and teachers are always finding new ideas and expressions to try out. Not only is the life during school exciting, but after school activities are fascinating too. The clubs have their meetings, field The beautiful fountain has always been an enjoyable sight at GHS. trips are taken, and there are always parties to attend. As you walk around the cam- pus, take time out to notice the happy smiles on everyone's face. Because of the comfortable atmosphere, and the superb stu- dent body and teaching staff, life around GHS is quite enjoyable. The play, "Harvey," was put on for the public this year by the drama classes. Gpnfs QU 9.t!'I OO OD Mr. Hearne studies a student's schedule. Janet Jacobs trying on her graduation gl xx. --..,,M hh -.,. fe Li denl lu if 9 as i All I need now is my diploma. ,A ,, - , aww 'i', Becky Closefills out college papers. h . V 2 6 2 Uffiifem we -i W .... 1 i . eniors Look Toward the Future Clay helping seniors prepare. Taking a college entrance exam. s the end of the year approaches, the seniors begin to prepare themselves for the future. Frequent trips are made to the counselors' offices, invita- tions for commencement are pur- chased, college entrance exams are taken, and ideas for a career Tests, and more tests. are thought through carefully. Graduating from high school is a big step. Each student will be forced into a new world. Instead of depending on parents for money and decision making, these responsibilities will be left upon the seniors. lt is a big step in life, but a beneficial one. 'inf 0313 'St Catalogs forthe college we choose. BJ-!'l .I-U6pfLI,S OO U1 denf Life fu 33 9 Coach Morris records students' gre P. . , ' F x ,J r, The halls of the GA building empty at last. Mrs. Binder, always willing to offer a smile. VOE teachers. ndid Shots Around Campus Students answer the telephone for the "l'm getting comfortable while I wait for my turn with the counselor." t ,.ii , 'Sb-ri. 2.3:.,:Qi:N'iW1ilfwsRZggEg55?:gTi N' W , ,.,. ..,.,N k: .i.. it-Mk Wins... s. McDonald assists her students with their work. .1-""" ,d",., 'Www-'mm .... Shellie hard at work. 9111 .IMGPYHS O0 Nl fe Li deni iu E5 9 Are you playing the same song I am? The Celebrations group presents another fantastic melody. Special Assemblie Mr. Bragg moves to the beat of the music. E E s 3 . i Coach Feuchter and Coach Boring s somewhat baffled at the music sl o Brighten the Dag Mr. 0'Brien discovers he gets a stomach ache and an earache while entertaining the crowd. ,P 1 . 1. ggi-fy ,. was , Mowery and Mr. Butler show the student body another of their many talents. IP' . , . W ssemblies are presented at GHS as a form of entertainment and relaxation for the students and faculty. Over the years many assemblies have been performed, but none could surpass the ter- rific assemblies of 1980. The pep rallies, the fun-filled performances of Mr. Butler and his band, the choirs, Celebra- tions, the Debs, and the band are a few of the groups responsible for our assemblies. The students' friendships become closer and the teachers get a relaxing break during assemblies. Two fantastic musicians. +U9Pn+S 3J!'I O0 CD Karen Hatten props her muddy feet up in a chair. , ,,px? f' 4' 3 .Yfif TY if it ggi ,X iv--x Y N ', 'gif' ' ' fy city. :Qu 'JV g'. ? 'av fag dawg ' 35' K , - r ' 2 fa. 451+ 'fart , fl h-.jill L I ':i,l,': - 5 +f4'f-+ r Tre E ....W..,,, ie5f5,Qs ,fx ,,x,,V ,. .ag "ff V 'Q fran' p e e rx-s"?,f 3 fe den+L tu 5 Q A quiet place to go for rest on the weekends. Xen Mfvvfbf a R I Si 42 1 , -3 ,:. l?5TwyQQ.-'i"-:biifif f EX- 's 1...-:."g-5-T-22:5- - A 'l 'vue --5 H?--E' 1 ' k . 'VY xlgififf " ' 1 K4 V " jg- Q , -K ,MQW wx .. , .. ., .- , . x We ' ,Q any ' i . It if M . K 1 ? i ra ,,,.,,, V ,,i25MPwV I M Aw p M1?2:t"" 4 7 4 ' AMW . Yugi KMA, gryy AV, Wa- . l A26 , -, H H b ,, 'MWgMJ?w?QQHrVwWf Students spend their weekend cleaning "' ,Q upthe commons area. Y? ' f "' ,Vind ,, nfl , r 3 YV M j",,',g"1 'T' , , 4 Q r htm M X XL " 'i'v.r....,.r 5 ' x Ieekend Activities K' Q .onli 4 11 'M' r we-4... ., .... ,, 'sf V' W " W ,, A - ' ,N ,f in-ge--mf .. A , ' I' I ' .. f ' ,. whiz M . 'X ' if .jg ' v I r. Wt' ix Zr"'1 , " , WC . , 1 ft ,rfhr Ml' J. ' 1 Sitting back, soaking in that good old sunshine. eekends are a time of relaxation and enjoyment. lt's a time to forget about school and other worries or responsibilities. A few things that can be done on the weekends are fishing, hunt- ing, bowling, going on dates, or just staying at home watching tel- evision or listening to the stereo. Some people expend their energy Shopping anyone? on more constructive efforts such as carpentry or tuning engines on cars. Others still, who have even more energy, go to the disco and "strut their stuff!" Weekends are a time of leisure, to do with what you wish. So, sit back and relax, this opportunity only comes around once a week. 'HQ "We love to babysit!" Kathy Kerby cleans up the mess, 9.f!'l iU9PnlS J2- .L fe Li denl lu 3 9 The choir practices their melody. "I just love to blow bubb Studying is a way of survival for some students. K' Wes completes his Phillip Littlefield talks with his counselor. Ken seems to be bored with school today. Mrs. Simpson and David Hunter make their selection for the senior assembly. 9J!'l +U3Pn+S A OO nt Life de Stu -lb- JB asketball this year has had its ups and downs but, it's on the way up again. After ironing out a few bugs, the teams are getting things together. Many outstand- ing athletes play the sport and represent their school well, while others simply play for the fun of it. The Owls are an extremely young team and should do well this year. And they promise to be a very strong team in the years to come. Competition is apparent between students and it's good to see them enjoying themselves while playing this sport. The favorite parts of basketball. Is there something we don't see? Follow the Bouncing B Darrell Reese plays keep away. ,A 'walk-wh .-...i The Owls going up for a shot. 'E Shooting tor two! Mus! be a new kind of dance. Owls make them run scared. 9J!'l WQPVNS A U1 very year GHS holds a Popularity Ball in honor of all the outstanding stu- dents that receive a nomination for an award. Approximately two weeks before the dance, invitations are handed out to those who are nominated for an honor. This is always an exciting day for the stu- dents. This year the theme for the Pop Ball was "Sail Away." The Pop Ball is sponsored each year by the OwI's Nest Business Staff. "Me, nervous?" The crowd expresses mixed emotions. dent Life tu 3 9 Sail Awa ,rm nf' A M Movin' tothe beat of the music. .400 X 'tg 'ia ., ska K " N1 T If Tlx dn' .,. M l. is M-.N A. is i Sb 3s5?5'2.g ii i? Te F The decorations added to the beauty the B: Tracey rises to receive her certificate for nomination. Mr. 0'Brien announces the winners. nfl: fy ,K W Q af?g,?.'. ., , 'AA Ll . I L ,wi - M , ,Q 1 h 'L' 1 ' . i 4 A ' if n M . Gee, your hair smells terrific." Q 6pn.l.S .IU 9.i!'l -D- NI Life ni de fu 3: 9 Populariig Ball. 198 Doug Hatten and Kim Bradshaw seem to be enjoying this dance. Mrs. Boring jamming down. Bet you didn't know Mr. Butler could " dance, did ya'? MVN M f,f' wL'Lf QQ, xx ? f NCQLUQ C 50 CHQ in f-QC E xiii! XMIQV f'A?iW lQQ U h XJQIL ,xy fill W 44 Q m QE- i..i,,,, C Z 1 X if L 6 1 A 4 ,X I .gf ' X kk 4. My L r fxw, L L!,x X .ff f . Q 1 cpe he U' RQ 1 Nb :K L' 4, X ,U x eafavmweehe a d Linda Castillo sit out vis dance. QM -J Wayne, do you have so to sway? XfQ1,fKUJrf L Seems as though they're having a glgat time. KL! i Y M k ,, L GJ-!'l +U6pn.l.S A CD iMXfK1vYUQ iff fe ug his year one of the many assemblies presented before the GHS student body was that of the Country Critters. This is a talented group of people from the USAF. Top hits of the 80's, including that of Country and Western and Rock, were sung during the second and third periods one day this year. The members of the group involved the students in the show also. A free record was given to the one student that a song was sung and dedi- cated to by one of the singers of the Country Critters. Countrg Critter 4.4 "l'm the coward of the country." The Country Critters perform for the student body. Student Life U1 O "Thank God, l'm a country boy." I I Sland by your man. . . Here they are, the three stooges. And she believes in me! Nw QUSPIHS !'l Hag Siudeni Life U1 IXJ The band Airrage plays for the student body. Mark Cobb carries the newspapers to the Key Club paper drive. More Airrage action. if 'K I 'V -:----,:- ..... ' Q "Here is your candy, I hope you enjoy i if low to Make Moneg . . . S awe .X ,A Sw any of the clubs at GHS sell different items during the year to raise money. Some of the things sold are Iollipops, candy, belt buck- les, shirts, banners, and some of the clubs such as Key Club sponsor assemblies. An extra dollar is carried around in every pocket just to be certain that they won't miss out on any of the fantastic sales going around at Gar- land High. Jerry tries to convince a student to buy some candy. "Please buy this, we need the money." A cluster ofthe many items sold at GHS. CD E' Q. A ...,b. "- . , ..... as I: i 3 f "" A." 'et is cn5.'mo'oo::5.'oo as Uc'1o::.-m 5-'552.g:mg-::1'o. 'DQ' smmgkgmma 3-bona O-05' op'-T-' -gs-5-'mana fQ.:,5g-lD2C5'CD'FCD- - 3 -+ - C gwtgag' 35'b9..: c13:'--3Ucn'D"""'g- u3E-.goCD750CDg- mm.-ooP':.,-:Em B '45c7s'3':'gg33o3Q 5-'-.300 Q30 .1,.,,-0-IDU! mm CDC"'ClD 3-3 TJ.-o-1 -DH ggmtmm-,m cb'-0-3'mO 'CWD NO HKD-4-'N-fD"": cn 'DQ cm CD41 'fbgopfl 4:3322 m'.9.3o'4':""U'2'Q 2 25330333 :adm--SQQQCQUJ Ogarng -1-D20 SQSQHSQSE3 :5'o.'f'm:Q.cnm2 denfLHe fu 9 Laura sits down to join Sheri for lunch. U1 A Roy calmly eats his lunch. i se 5 J. ' XS ,Q-9' "I could of had a Bonus Jack." "Il they only knew what was in that food!" 9pI'1.l.S +U 9.l!'I U1 U1 my tummy hurts!" '-'o'-'H -'mo'-'mio 3' 0:-354 -. -0-4mmg'of'B'D3:a3 o3cn nr,-cn 230 f.SgQ"'9'5'mm5"fDo"Dg:' ggmsmgogggizam 5-m:gff,."'m,,5a""g "'sQafS55'1s3'aSw I O -'gg' -3 mil Nz' O3 O 2 :"305' 5""SU mimm -cuff: 0' 9, m,,,mmm,o:crm ,., 'U.Q'c:g'm-'QQDQQJ4 I .':A 3,2 -U .-::Q'g"5-'S-33-:pc-za-. 3'gE,.,OmQ DD fQmC""O03QO3' 4 3"lQC3oV7 CDU- Q'3Q.u-0 ""s2:m nE'g-qjmmagomf oE:g'o,?,9..3c1g4f-no "cr-"' oo 'D- 5iSwf'aE.E.:-3-23 3"'3gs55'f"'SE,-15 E2fDo-'iimsfagq mth? fe Li Trees add beauty to the campus. A view ofthe muddy walks that we are privileged to walk upon. Sfudenf U1 O7 Mud. Qweai And Tear I Sometimes ii is necessary to wear rubb boots to avoid pneumoni "I Iovojumping over water puddIes." in 'ntl K- .K R.. N ,- -' wa- W I 'wg 0 'Ml ainy day you won't see too many students out walking around. Mud, mud, and more mud. 91!'l WSPVNS U1 NI f 1 1 J x., K' I il, -li o . Q 'x ,,.+ N ff Qi U ,I I 4 . I -V 1, , i"1 - I i f X' :A-:Q ,f,.: . ,aa:z?: f.-if V -, 45:15-I-2f1,,:sg+ fa, x Siallff' J Eifzafffiil' ',:?i5fQjQ5-iff!51-,S-:'ZQi'f':' 'W x in 753 Wi' JY PV? 1' ' ' X' 1' If ? , 1 A 'msg' 14 ' gf il f 1 42 1 EQ Ex 11 W .f W . w 1 MQW fi! 4 ' 1 s M ,-yr .,. ,T ., ...Sf giasf flies: 5- H: ,- - 5ff,,':e:1,,'fw-ref, --A' 2 iid. if' aw QS' gi X - .... .. - .. .J 1 Q sa I I n . I I . I j I 1 I I I - I C ' a 2 Nfl UCL SSHES Yb s lq 6 1 Q "' J f, c EO U 5 PS Senio CD CD Senior Class Officers: Myra Ellard, Reporter, Tammy Hill, Secretary, JoLynn Hallmark, President, Scottie Allen, Treasurer, Bernetta Young, Vice President. ooks like we made il. he class of 1980 has climbed :ng way up the ladder of life. :king toward the future, yet still oying today, school spirit, iwledge, and friendships have an built within the lives of the iiors. Soon, new experiences arise in each of our lives. The Jenses of lifeg dates to the m, car payments, clothes, col- e tuition, apartments, and our ekend fun are just a few of the Z name's not Chris, it's PauI." I4 upcoming challenges. As a class, we will accomplish our goals in life and overcome the bigger steps on life's tall ladder. Now is the time to celebrate. With posi- tive attitudes and smiles for tomorrow, we can gracefully leave today's memories behind. With this in mind, a joyous feeling will fill us all as we reach for new adventures and establish a bright path for our adventures ahead. 'I' X "Just got to get that tooth filled." thinks Renee. Hey Eddy, "Have a coke and a smiIe!" W I .ioguag 2 s YS Senio CD IND Lori Acrea David Alexander Scottie Allen Johnny Allison Laura Anello lngegerd Annergrin Collin Armistead Greg Armstrong Linda Ashton Angel Ayres ...Q 5' 'Vi Q Xu-N -In-4w1Q+ "Too late, I already swallowed that gum," says Cer time we've all been waiting for , Brett Baker Monte Baker Scott Baker Ernie Banks Shannon Banning Travis Bartlow LaVicki Bates Cheryl Bates Tim Beck Thomas Benoist Albert Berry Linda Berry Kim Bivins Pam Blanton Pat Blanton Valerie Blanton it :,-t1 'T T ttern tt1 ff t M B Q: CU 5. -1' CD 63 PS Senlo CD -P- Wes Bodiford Kenneth Bollin Gwendolyn Bolton John Bonham Liz Boring Marshall Boring Lori Bos Debora Boyd Kim Bradshaw Tommy Breedlove Cheryl Brennen John Brock Karma Brown Terri Brown Tracey Bryan Kelly Burns Roderick Butler Steve Caddel Jay Caldwell Brenda Campbell Renee Carlson Scott Carroll Carol Carter Lisa Carter David Castle James Caves Rynda Chambers Cecil Chester Willie Chester YS Senlo CD CD Greg Childree Sharon Childress Donald Christoper Linda Clair Donna Clark Terri Clark Becky Close Carol Colapret Kathy Cook Brenda Coonrod Rebecca Cooper Lus Maria Cordova David Cornett Norma Cortez Carolyn Couger David Covington Gary Cowger Carol Crawford Dennis Crosby Cecil Darden Arelous Davis Gerald Day Lisa Day Kim Dedmon Barbara Denmark Robin Derrick Pam Draper Steven Durand James Duty Lisa Eades Debbie Earley Lerro Edwards Myra Ellard Suzie Elisha Keith Estes Linda Estrada Steve Eubanks Jeb Evans Karen Ferrell Brenda Fette Troy Fitzpatrick Cerina Freeman 68 i rough lhe gears 5? Duranne Foster Greg Foster Ricky Foster Michael Frazier Elnora Fuller Linda Fuller Terry Gambill Janice Garza Tammie Garza Laura Gay Robert Geckler Cindy Gentry 5 "My hair style? I call it windblownf' says Tammy. , s.ioiua3 O5 CD YS Senlo N1 O Jan Gilliland Patricia Gillum Sherri Goodwin Connie Gordon Andrew Gossett Tracey Gowen Rodger Gracy Kathy Graves Robert Graves Matias Guzman Bryan Hall JoLynn Hallmark Jana Hambrick Patty Hamiter Michele Hammond Jimmy Hanks Shelli Harmon Kathy Harris Teresia Harris Willie Harris Robin Harrison Bryan Hart Tammi Harvison Sheila Hatley Eddie Heffington Cynthia Hervy PS Senio Nl IND Tammy Hill Kathy Holloway Paul Hopkins Kris Hostrup Wanda Howard Connie Huerta Becky Huggins Charles Hughes Daniel Hull David Hunter Sheryl Hunter Stephanie Hunter Nancy Hutcherson Deidra Jackson Randy Jackson Janet Jacobs hich will soon become wwe ,..-4 X Fld X Frances Johnson Cammie Jones John Jones Mac Jones Gary Kasper Sheryl Kennedy Kathy Kerby Charlie Key Jerry King James Kirby Sheila Klock Ricky Krumnow Noi too tough is it, Steve? saoguas NI 00 Pam Lasater Bill Levy Margi Lewis Phillip Littlefield Pat Littlefield Alan Lovell Denlese Mack Pat Mahoney David Martin Paul Martin Raul Martinez Bryan Mathews Sheila Mathis Eddy Maupin Larry Mayrell Denise McCann nemories of lhe pasl M cclc Sherrie McCarroll Jill McCaulIey John McCaulIey Kenneth McCord Tara McDaniel Todd McDaniel Andre McDonald Babette McDowell Glenn McFarland Donna McNatt Darrell Miller Marchelle Monroe David Moore Kevin Moore Tim Moore Valerie Moreno s.ioiua3 Xl U1 Penny Morgan Deborah Morton Lisa Mosley Betty Morris Brenda Morris Kevin Myers Alan Nevil Mike Newman Tina Newsome Dena Oliver en though we're leaving GHS w i K 41 P L L LL,, Tr il Faith Oliver Mary Olvera Anita Owings Todd Park Joy Parks Sharon Patterson Lacy Paul Lisa Paulk Tammi Pavey Terry Peacock Wayne Penny Libby Phelps "I couldn't have been that bad!" oguas lisa Seniors NI W Tresa Pierce Valerie Pierce Sherri Plunk Richard Polk Don Poovey Joseph Prater Susie Prock Robert Prunty Valencia Puckett Michelle Quinn "Hey, l'm a Seni Thomas Quintana Christi Redd Joseph Reitmire Rachel Reyes Cindra Rhea Kim Rhodes Kim Richardson Paul Riggs Tressa Riley Chris Rogers Monty Rogers Danny Rose Vince Rowe Robin Rozell Renee Russell Laura Rutherford Wayne Sage Jesse Sanchez Doreen Savory Steven Seida Debbie Selmon Paul Sheckells Patricia Shipley Bob Shirley . HQEQJQIQQQQM V ' onnie Sims Greg Smelley P Gina Smith -ijiw S kv X SA X" I V X f ' 2-'y X' f x tu K tj XL' Q YL in Ch TX AGN x 5. i"' ii X' in xbv V Mgt Linda Smith Mark Smith X andy Smith V AQ oger Smit X 5 MQ, 9 Q X SRV , 'Z L ik Qtxf-,e3JYL'L 5 i S Wi LQW ' , xx ya , in Q Jgether we'II continue friendships f. Daydream believers. Scott Smith Vicki Smith Lanita Smolka Candice Spriggs Lewis Stephens Dale Stevens Greg Stone Brenda Strawn Gary Swindle Mark Tatom Carol Taylor Michael Terrell The best. Cherie Theriot Dave Thomas Richard Thomas Jim Ticknor Victor Trevino Sheila Trussell Arthur Turner Letha Turner Jeff Tyler Tammy Vance Jeff Wafford Corey Wagner Laurel Waldrum Steve Walker Christi Washburn Dennis Watts nd look toward the eternal future. Nad J Rhonda Weems John Wester Ronnie Wester George Whisennand Cindy White Paul White Glenda Wilder Janette Williams Kyle Williams Maurice Williams Pamela Williams Scott Williams Sheila Williams Anthony Willis Diana Willis Darlene Wilson s.ioiua3 GJ 00 PS Senio CD -I3 Donald Wilson Natalie Wilson Steve Wilson Terry Wolfe Tony Womack David Woodward Kim Wren David Wright James Wrisner Bernetta Young Janice Young Thomas, Kevin, and Terry - their every- day face. Q .7 K: 5 S' Q' Q Qenior Credits 3333333333 tcrea, Lori 1980 Graduate of GHS tlcantar, Gilbert 1980 Graduate of GHS tlcorn, Ronald 1980 Graduate of GHS tlexander, David 1980 Graduate of GHS tllen, Scottie Swim Team 1976-80, Captain 1977-80, Most Valuable Swimmer 1976-78, Track Team 1976-80, Young Life 1976-79, All GHS 1977, Beta Club 1978-80, Sec- retary 1978-79, President 1979-80, NHS 1979-80, Secretary 1970-80. Class Treasurer 1978-80, Bio-Chem Club 1978-80. tIIison,Johnny FFA1976-78 tnderson, Donald 1980 Graduate of GHS inderson, Gary 1980 Graduate of GHS tnderson, Kelly 1980 Graduate of GHS tnderson, Kelvin 1980 Graduate of GHS tnello, Lori German Club 1978-80, Secretary 1978-79, Treasurer 1979- 80, A Cappella Choir 1979-80, Key Club1979-80 tnnergren, lngegerd Basketball 1979-80, Owl's Nest 1979-80, Key Club 1979-80, Drama Club 1979-80. irmstead, Collin Football 1976-77, Track 1976-77, Key Club 1978-80, NHS 1978-80. trmstrong, Gregory Concert Band 1976-77, Industrial Arts 1978-80, VICA 1979-80, Air Cond. and Refg. 1979-80. trquello, Marceline Soccer 1978-79, Spanish Club 1978-79. tshton, Linda Symphonic Band 1976-80, Key Club 1978-80, Drama Club 1978-80, Bio-Chem 1979-80, Chess Club 1979-80, Dashing Debs 1979-80. iyers, Angel Young Life 1976-77, FHA Sweetheart 1978-79, Chora- Iaires 1978-79, Secretary 1978-79, A Cappella Choir 1978-80, Celebra- tions 1979-80. bbbbbbbbb tailey, Marisa FHA 1976-77, DECA 1978-80 Laird, Perrine 1980 Graduate of GHS taker, Brett A Cappella Choir 1976- Key Club 1979-80, Art Club 1979- taker, Monte 1980 Graduate of GHS taker, Scott Swim Team 1976-79 tanks, Ernie 1980 Graduate of GHS tanning, Shannon Concert Band 1976-77, A Cappella Choir 1976-80, Dashing Debs 1977-80, Artisan Staff 1978-79, Celebrations 1979-80. tarker, Richard 1980 Graduate of GHS tartlow, Travis 1980 Graduate of GHS Bates, Cheryl Dashing Debs 1979-80, Thespian 1979-80, Mu Alpha Theta 1976-77, Key Club 1978-80, Drama Club 1979-80, Thespian 1979-80. Bates, La Vicki Basketball 1976-77, Mu Alpha Theta 1976-77, Drama Club 1976-77, 79-80, Spanish Club 1976-79, Dashing Debs 1977-80, Key Club 1978-80, DECA 1979-80 Beck, Timothy 1980 Graduate of GHS Bell, George 1980 Graduate of GHS Benoist, Thomas FHA-HERO 1978- 80, President 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80 Berry, Linda Symphonic Band 1976- 80, President 1979-80, Historian 1978-79, Squad Leader 1978-80, State Solo Contest 1976-77, State Ensemble Contest 1977-79, All-City Band 1978-79, Acappello Choir 1978-80 Biggs, Eddie lCT1978-80 Birket, Arlene 1980 Graduate of GHS Bivins, Kim FFA 1976-79, Owls Eye 1979-80 Blagg, Deborah 1980 Graduate of GHS Blanton, Pamela Diving Team 1976- 80, Choralaires 1976-79, Acappella Choir 1979-80 Blanton, Patricia Swim Team 1976- 79, Choralaires 1976-79, Industrial Arts 1978-79, Acappella Choir 1979- 80 Blanton, Valerie FHA-HERO 1979-80 Bodiford, Wes Younglife 1976-78, FCA 1976-79, Football 1976-78, Basket- ball 1976-78, DECA 1979-80, Key Club 1979-80 Bollin, Kenneth 1980 Graduate of GHS Bolton, Gwen FHA 1976-77, 1979-80, OEA1978-80 Bonham, John Basketball 1976-77, VICA 1978-79 Boring, Liz FCA 1976-80, Secretary 1979-80, Cheerleader 1977-80, Key Club 1978-80, Secretary 1979-80 Boring, Marshall Football 1976-80, Basketball 1976-77, Baseball 1977- 80 Bos, Lori Symphonic Band 1976-80, Jr. Rep 1978-79, Drum Major 1979- 80, Spanish Club 1976-78, Artisan Staff 1977-79, Class Secretary 1977- 78, Bio-Chem Club 1977-78, Mu Alpha Theta 1978-793 Treasurer 1978-79, Quill and Scroll 1978-80, Owls Nest 1978-80 Bradshaw, Kimberly FHA 1976-77, Key Club 1977-78, Art Club 1979-80 Breedlove, Tommy 1980 Graduate of GHS Brennen, Cheryl Artisan Staff 1977- 78, NHS 1979-80, Art Club 1979-80, French Club 1976-78, Symphonic Band 1976-80 Brock, John Concert Band 1976-77 Brooks, Mark 1980 Graduate of GHS Brown, Jeffery 1980 Graduate of GHS Brown, Karma DECA 1978-80, V. Pres. 1978-79, Pres. 1979-80 Brown, Terri 1980 Graduate of GHS Bryan, Tracey Dashing Debs 1977- 78, Keyettes 1978-79, FHA 1978-79. Art Club 1979-80 Buckingham, Tina Key Club 1977-78, Volleyball 1977-78, Newspaper Staff 1978-79, Creative Writing Club 1978- 79, Soccer 1978-79, FHA-HERO Food Service 1970-80 Buford, Jerry 1980 Graduate of GHS Burns, Kelly Rodeo Club 1977-80, FFA1977-79 Butler, Roderick Football 1976-79, VlCA1979-80 CCCCCCCCCC Caddel, Steven 1980 Graduate of GHS Caldwell, Jay VICA1979-80 Cameron, Dirk Football 1977-78 Campbell, Brenda YoungIife1976-78, BestAIl Around 1976-78 Carlson, Renee FHA 1976-77, OEA 1978-803 Vice Pres. 1978-79, Presi- dent1979-80 Carrol, Scott Industrial Arts 1979-80 Carter, Carol Owls' Eye 1978-80, Quill and Scroll 1978-80 Carter, Lisa FCA 1977-79, Dashing Debs1978-80, Key Club 1979-80 Castle, David Mu Alpha Theta 1978- 79, Beta Club 1979-80, DECA Trea- surer 1978-79g V.-President 1979-80 Cave, Tim Symphonic Band 1976-80, Stage Band 1978-80, Mu Alpha Theta 1979-80 Cezar, Michael 1980 Graduate of GHS Chambers, Rynda Flag Corps 1976- 80, 1st Lt. 1977-79, Capt. 1979-80, Concert Band 1976-80, OEA 1979- 80, Treasurer 1979-80 Chester, Paul Football 1976-80, Younglife 1976-77, Baseball 1977- 78, Soccer 1978-79, Bio-Chem Club 1979-80, HOCT 1979-80, Industrial Arts 1976-77, 1979-B0 Chester, Willie Basketball 1976-77, 1977-80, Football 1977-78, Key Club 1979-80 Childree, Ronald Industrial Arts Childress, Sharon FHA 1976-77, Cho- ralaires 1977-78, Key Club 1978-80, OEA 1978-80, Reporter 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80 Christopher, Donald 1980 Graduate ofGHS Clair, Linda Choralaires 1976-77, Stu- dent Council 1977-80g Secretary 1979-80, Dashing Debs 1977-80, FCA 1978-80, Key Club 1978-79, Beta Club 1979-80, SAC 1979-80 Clark, Donna 1980 Graduate of GHS Clark, Ronny 1980 Graduate of GHS Clark, Terri 1980 Graduate of GHS Close, Becky Cheerleader 1976-77, Tennis Team 1977-78, Younglife 1977-80, Key Club 1978-79, DECA 1978-79, VOE-OEA 1979-80: Histo- rian 1979-80 Colapret, Carol Drama Club 1976-77, Art Club 1978-79 Collins, Lynette 1980 Graduate of GHS Conoly, Ronald 1980 Graduate of GHS Cook, Joy 1980 Graduate of GHS Coonrod, Brenda FHA 1977-78, 1979-80, Pres. 1977-78, DECA 1978- 80 Cooper, Rebecca Younglife 1976-78, FHA 1976-77, FCA 1977-78, Dashing Debs 1977-80, Deb Council 1978-80, Drum Majorette 1979-80, YAC 1977- 80, SAC 1979-80, Beta Club 1970-80 Cordova, Luzmaria Spanish Club 1978-80, Art Club 1979-80, FHA 1979-80 Cornett, David Rodeo Club 1976-80, Industrial Arts 1978-80 Cortez, Norma Drama Club 1976-77, Bio-Chem Club 1976-77, Symphonic Band 1976-80 Couger, Carolyn Cheerleader 1976- 77, Dashing Debs1977-80, Deb Council 1977-79, Deb President 1979-80, Student Council 1977-80, Owl's Nest 1977-79, Quill and Scroll 1977-79, Beta Club 1979-80. Covington, David Track Team 1976- 77, Key Club 1979-80. Cowger, Gary Key Club 1979-80 Cowley, Darrell ' FFA 1976-79, FFA Scholarship Award 1976-78, FFA Reporter 1978-79, Runner-up Star Greenhand 1976-77, Beta Club Stu- dent of the Month Sept. 1979, NHS 1979-80 Corsby, Dennis 1980 Graduate of GHS Crow, George 1980 Graduate of GHS Crowell, Marnie FHA 1977-78, lndus- trial Arts 1978-80, Woodworking 1978-80 ddddddddd Daniels, William 1980 Graduate of GHS Darden, Bobby 1980 Graduate of GHS Darden, Cecil Track 1976-77, VICA 1979-80, Football 1976-80 Davis, Tina 1980 Graduate of GHS Day, Gerald Industrial Arts 1976-79 Day, Lisa Tennis Team 1976-78, Young Life 1976-80, Owl's Nest 1977-80, Advertising Editor 1977-78, Junior Class Editor 1978-79, Editor 1979-80, Quill and Scroll 1977-80, Key Club 1978-80, Latin Club 1978- 80, Beta Club 1979-80. Day, Randall 1980 Graduate of GHS Dedmon, Kim Art Club 1978-80, Key Club 1979-80 Denmark, Barbara 1980 Graduate of GHS Derrick, Robin Dashing Debs 1977- 78, VOE 1979-80. Dotson, Royce 1980 Graduate of GHS. Draper, Pam 1980 Graduate of GHS Drown, Richard 1980 Graduate of GHS Duckett, Larry 1980 Graduate of GHS Dugger, Mark 1980 Graduate of GHS Dunn, Robert FFA 1976-80, Rodeo Club 1978-80. Durand, Steven 1980 Graduate of GHS Duty, James Symphonic Band 1976- 79, Student Council 1976-78, Span- ish Club 1978-79, German Club 1979-80. 9999999999 Eades, Lisa Flag Corp 1977-78, Key Club 1978-79 Early, Debbie 1980 Graduate of GHS Edwards, Lerro Basketball 1976-80 Elisha, Susie FHA 1976-78, Drama 1977-80 Ellard, Myra Student Council 1976- 77, Tennis Team 1976-77, Dashing Debs 1977-80, Majorette 79-80, French Club 1977-79, Key Club 1978-79, Annual Staff 1978-80, Quill and Scroll 1979-80, NHS 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Class Reporter 1980. Estes, Donald 1980 Graduate of GHS Estrada, Linda Spanish Club 1978- 80, DECA1979-80 Eubanks, Stephen Track 1976-80, J.V. Football 1977-78. Evans,Jeb Football1976-80. ' FHWHHTHWWI Fawcett, Glenn Symphonic Band 1976-80, Stage Band 1978-80. Ferrell, Karen FHA 1976-77, Annual Staff 1978-80 Co-assistant editor, Quill and Scroll 1978-80, Key Club 1978-80 reporter, Art Club 1979-80. Ferrell, Michael Soccer Team 1977- 78, Art Club 1979-80. Fette, Brenda OEA 1979-80. Fitzpatrick, William 1980 Graduate of GHS. Flanagan, Jerry 1980 Graduate of GHS. Flanagan, Kim 1980 Graduate of GHS. Foss, Laura 1980 Graduate of GHS. Foster, Duranna DECA1979-80. Foster, Rickey Industrial Arts 1977- 80, Key Club 1978-80, DECA 1979- 80. Frazier, Michael 1980 Graduate of GHS. Freeman, Cerina Symphonic Band 1976-78, Freshman Class Treasurer 1976-77, Sophomore Class Reporter 1977-78, Art Club 1978-80, Debs 1978-80, Deb Council 1979-80, NHS 1979-80. Fuller, Elnora FHA 1976-77, Volley- ball 1977-78, OEA 1978-80. Fuller, Linda Freshman Class Officer 1976-77, Dashing Debs1977-80, Key Club 1978-79, OEA-VOE 1979-80. Gambill, Terry Football 1976-80, Bas- ketball 1976-78, Track 1976-80, FCA 1976-80, Baseball 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Industrial Arts 1979- 80. Garcia, Daniel 1980 Graduate of GHS. Gardiner, William 1980 Graduate of GHS. Garza, Cesar 1980 Graduate of GHS. Garza, Janice Choralaires 1976-78, Acapella Choir 1978-80, Spanish Club 1978-80, Volleyball 1977-79, Manager 1978-79, Garza, Tammie 1980 Graduate of GHS. Gay, Laura Drama 1978-79, DECA 1978-79. Geckler, Robert VICA 1978-80, Sec- retary 1979-80. Gentry, Cindy FHA 1976-78, Young Life 1976-80, FCA 1976-78, Artisan Staff 1978-79, Dashing Debs 1978- 80, Beta Club 1979-80, Spanish Club 1978-79, Quill and Scroll 1979-80, V, President 1979-80, Owls Eye 1979, 80. Gilliland, Jan NHS 1979-80, Class Secretary 1976-77, Owls Nest 1976- 80, Asst. Editor, Student Council 1977-80, Quill and Scroll 1977-80, Beta Club 1978-79, Key Club 1978- 79. ' Gillium, Patricia 1980 Graduate of GHS. Givens, James Basketball 1976-78, Manager 1977-78, Drama Club 1978- 79, Beta Club 1979-80. Goodwin, Sherri OEA 1978-79 Trea- surer, 1978-79, Owls Nest 1978-79. Gordon, Connie DE 1978-79, Secre- tary 1979-80. Goss, Bryan Football 1976-77, VICA 1978-80. Gossett, Andrew Rodeo Club 1976- 77, VICA-ICT1978-80. Gowen, Tracy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Gracy, Rodger Football 1976-80, FCA 1976-78, Younglife 1976-78, Indus- trial Arts 1978-80, Key Club 1979-80. Graves, Kathy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Graves, Robert 1980 Graduate of GHS. Guzman, Matias Industrial Arts 1978- 79. hhhhhhhhh Hall, Bryan Symphonic Band 1976- 80, Drum Major 1979-80, Freshman Rep. 1976-77, Acappella Choir 1976- 80, President 1979-80. Hall,John 1980 Graduate ofGHS. Hallmark, Jolynn Latin Club 1976-78, Class President 1976-77, 79-80, SAC 1978-80, Student Council 1977-79, Class V. President 1978-79, NHS 1979-80. Hamiter, Patricia 1980 Graduate of GHS. Hambrick, Jana Newspaper 1976-77, Pep Club 1976-77, Flag Corp 1977- 78, Rifle Corp 1978-79, Art Club 1978-79. Hammond, Susan FHA 1976-77, Annual Staff 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Creative Arts Club 1979-80, Young Life 1979-80. Hanna, William 1980 Graduate of GHS. Hanks, Jimmy Football 1976-80. Harmon, Shelli HOCT 1978-79, VOE 1979-80. Harris, Kathy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Harris, Teresia Basketball 1976-77, Volleyball 1976-77, Dashing Debs 1977-80, OEA 1978-80, Key Club 1978-79, Senior Assembly 1979-80, Drama Club 1979-80. Harris, Willie Football 1976-80, Track 1976-77, YAC 1978-80, VICA 1979- 80. Harrison, Robin Pep Squad, 1977-78, Latin Club 1977-78, OEA 1978-80, Art Club 1978-79, Bio-Chem 1978- 79. Hart, Bryan Basketball 1976-80, VICA 1979-80. Hart, Gwinn 1980 Graduate of GHS. Harvison, Tammi Cheerleader 1976- 78, FCA 1976-80, Dashing Debs 1978-80, First Lieutenant 1979-80, Key Club 1978-80, SAC 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, FHA 1979-80. Hatley, Sheila FHA 1979-80. Heffington, Edward, Jr. VICA 1978- 79. Hernandez, Manuel 1980 Graduate of GHS. Hervy, Cynthia Volleyball 1976-78, Basketball 1977-78, OEA 1978-80. Hilborn, Julie Student Council 1976- 77, Track 1976-78, FHA 1976-77, Bio-Chem 1976-77, UIL-Typing 1977-78, UIL-One Act Play 1978-79. UIL Persuasive Speaking 1978-79. Hill, Tammy Flag Corp 1976-77, Dashing Debs 1977-80, Acapella Choir 1977-80, Class Secretary 1978-80. Holloway, Kathy FHA 1976-78. Holtzclaw, Donald 1980 Graduate of GHS. Honse,Terry 1980 Graduate ofGHS. Hopkins, Paul FCA 1976-79, Spiritual Leader 1978-79, Art Club 1978-80, Key Club 1978-80. Hostrup, Kris Basketball 1976-77. FCA 1976-80, Baseball 1976-80, Bio- Chem Club 1978-80, Key Club 1978- 80, Beta Club 1979-80. House, Pam 1980GraduateofGHS. House, Randy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Huerta, Connie 1980 Graduate of GHS. Huggins, Becky Dashing Debs 1977- 80, Artisan 1977-79. Hughes, Charles 1980 Graduate of GHS. Hull, Daniel Football 1977-80, FCA 1977-80, Baseball 1977-78. Hunter, David Football 1976-78, Track 1976-77, Key Club 1978-80, VICA-ICT 1979-80, Vice-President, SAC 1979-80. Hunter, Sheryl Choralaires 1977-78, Soccer Team 1977-78, Drama Club 1977-80, OEA1978-80, Dashing Debs 1978-80. Hunter, Stephanie Key Club 1979-80, Art Club 1979-80. Hugcherson, Nancy 1980 Graduate of HS. JUUUJ Jackson, Deirdra 1980 Graduate of GHS. Jackson, Randy Basketball 1976-80, Football Trainer 1976-79, Track 1976-79, Spanish Club 1978-80. Vice-President, Key Club 1978-80, Baseball 1978-80, Beta Club 1979- 80, Owl's Nest Staff 1979-80, lndus- trial Arts 1979-80, SAC 1979-80 Jackson, Tony Football 1976-80, Basketball 1976-78, Track 1977-80. Jacobs, Janet DECA 1978-80, Trea- surer, Key Club 1978-80, Art Club 1979-80 Johnson, Eldridge 1980 Graduate of GHS. Johnson, Frances 1980 Graduate of GHS. Johnson, Lisa 1980 Graduate of GHS. Jones, Cammie VOE Pre-lab 1978-79 Jones, Connie 1980 Graduate of GHS. Jones, Floyd Basketball 1976-77. Jones, John 1980 Graduate of GHS. kkkkkkkkkk ate ofGHS. Kasper, Gary Football 1976-80, VICA 1979-80 Keenon, Randy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Kennedy, Sheryl DECA 1979-80, Art Club 1979-80, Owls Eye 1979-80 Kerby, Kathy Cheerleader 1976-77, Student Council 1976-80, FCA 1976- 77, Acappella Choir 1976-80, ALL GHS 1976-79, Dashing Debs 1977- 80, Artisan Staff 1977-79, Owls Nest Staff 1977-79, Beta Club 1978-80, French Club 1978-79, Mu Alpha Theta 1978-80, Key Club 1978-80, Counselors Advisory Committee 1978-80. Key,CharIie 1980Graduate ofGHS. King, Jerry Band 1976-78, HECE 1978-80, FHA HERO 1978-80 King,Sharon 1980Graduate ofGHS. Kirby, James 1980 Graduate of GHS. Klock, Sheila Key Club 1978-79, OEA 1978-80, Secretary 1979-80 Krumnow, Rick Symphonic Band 1976-80, Treasurer 1979-80, All Region Band 1977-79, All City Band 1977-79, German Club 1978-80 Lacy, Steven Football 1977-79, Track 1977-80 Lamay, Bryan 1980 Graduate of GHS. Langley, Mary 1980 Graduate of GHS. Lasater, Pam Drama Club 1976-77, French Club 1976-77, Choralaires 1976-79, Treasurer 1977-78, OEA 1978-80, Dashing Debs 1978-79, Acappella Choir 1979-1980 Lemon, Johnny 1980 Graduate of GHS. Levy, Bill Football 1976-80, FCA 1978-80, Basketball 1976-77 Lewis, Margy Younglife 1976-78, Dashing Debs Manager 1977-78, Choralaires 1976-80, Historian 1977- 78, Treasurer 1978-80, Key Club 1978-79 Ling, Sandra 1980 Graduate of GHS. Littlefield, Floyd Acappella 1976-80, Industrial Arts 1978-79. Littlefield, Pat Concert Band 1976-77, FFA1976-80 Littlefield, Timmothy Industrial Arts 1977-80 Lovell, Allan Younglife 1976-78, Baseball 1977-78 ITIITIFTITTITTIITI Mack, Alvin 1980 Graduate of GHS. Mack, Denise Class reporter 1978- 79, VOE 1978-79, VOE Parliamenta- rian 1978-79, Key Club 1978-79, OEA 1978-79, Beta Club 1979-80 Mahoney, Patrick Soccer 1977-80 Marks, Julia 1980 Graduate of GHS Marshall, Danny 1980 Graduate of GHS. Marshall, Karen 1980 Graduate of GHS. Martin, David Football 1976-78, Bas- ketball 1976-77, Track 1976-77, Industrial Arts 1976-78, VICA 1978- 80, VICA Parliamentarian 1978-79, VICA President 1979-80 Martin, James 1980 Graduate of GHS. Martin, Mike 1980 Graduate of GHS. Martin, Paul FFA1976-77 Martinez, Raul Soccer 1977-80, Industrial Arts Club 1978-79. Mathews, Bryan 1980 Graduate of GHS. Mathis, Sherrie 1980 Graduate of GHS. Maupin, Eddy Football 1976-80, Key Club 1976-80, Young Life 1976-80, FCA 1976-80, Art Club 1978-80. Mayrell, David Track 1976-79, Foot- ball 1976-77, Basketball 1976-78, Baseball 1976-77, Rodeo 1978-79, Industrial Arts Club 1976-80. Mays, Steven 1980 Graduate of GHS. McBride, Deidrich 1980 Graduate of GHS McCann, Denise Band 1976-77 McCarroll, Sherrie Young Life 1976- 78, FHA 1976-80, Dashing Debs 1977-78, HERO 1978-80, HOCT 1978-80, Keyettes1978-79. McCauley, Jill Track Team 1976-77, Soccer 1976-78, Dashing Debs 1977-80, Young Life 1977-80, French Club 1977-78, Key Club 1979-80, Drama Club 1979-80, FCA 1979-80, Math Club 1979-80 McCauley, John Soccer 1977-79, Key Club 1978-80. McCord, Kenneth Industrial Arts Club 1976-80, Industrial Arts Club Vice- President 1978-79, VICA Ref. and Air Cond. 1978-80. McDaniel, Tara Track 1976-79, HECE 1979-80 McDonald, Andrea Manager 1977-80 McDowell, Babette Cheerleader 1976-80, Younglife 1976-80, FCA 1977-80, Sophomore Vice-President 1977-78, Owls Eye Advertisement 1978-79, Advertising Manager of Owls Eye 1979-80, Assistant Sports Editor of Owls Eye 1979-80, Key CIub1979-80 McFarland, Morris Football 1976-80, Basketball 1976-78, Track 1976-77, Spanish Club 1979-80. McNatt, Donna Tennis Team 1976- 78, Women's Choir 1976-77, DECA 1979-80 Miller, Darrell FFA 1976-78. Morgan, Penny OEA 1979-80, OEA Historian 1979-80. Moore, David Industrial Arts Club 1976-80, Track 1976-78, ICT VICA 1979-80. aug .ioiuas 9: -0- C0 87 CD It 'C Senior Cre G CD Moore, Kevin FCA 1976-78, Fotoball 1977-78, Key Club 1978-80, Bell Guards 1979-80, FHA-HERO 1979- 80. Moore, Michael 1980 Graduate of GHS. Moore, Timothy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Morehead, Dennis 1980 Graduate of GHS. Moreno, Valerie Owls Nest Annual Staff 1977-79, Quill and Scroll 1977- 78 Monroe, Treva Cheerleader 1976-78, Younglife 1976-78, Class Favorite 1976-77, Key Club 1978-79, Owl's Nest Annual Staff 1978-79, Popular- ity Ball Committee 1978-79 Morris, Brenda 1980 Graduate of GHS. Morton, Deborah FHA 1979-80, Art Club 1979-80. Mosley, Lisa Choralaires 1976-80, Choralaires President 1979-80, Con- cert Band 1976-79, Concert Band Librarian 1977-79, Marching Band 1977-79. Mott, Deeva 1980 Graduate of GHS. Murley, Jimmy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Myers, Kevin Marching Band 1977- 80, Symphonic Band 1977-80 hhhhhhhhh Nelson, Mike VICA Refg. and Air Cond. Nevil, Alan 1980 Graduate of GHS. Newman, Michael Art Club 1976-77, Owls Nest Annual Staff 1977-78, Quill and Scroll 1977-78. VICA 1978- 80, VICA-Treasurer 1979-80. Newsom, Tina French Club 1978-79, SAC 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, National Thespian Society 1979-80, Drama Club 1979-80, Drama Club Treasurer 1979-80 Norris, Ronald 1980 Graduate of GHS. 000000000 Oliver, Faith Younglife 1976-78, Child Care 1978-79, HECE 1979-80 Oliver, Dena HOSA 1978-80 Olvera, Mary Spanish Club 1978-80 Orange, John 1980 Graduate ol GHS Owings, Anita Dashing Debs 1977- 80, CA 1977-78, Key lub 1978-80 PPPPPPPPP Park, Todd Freshman All GHS 1976- 77, Sophomore All GHS 1977-78, Spanish Club 1977-78, Beta Club 1978-80, SAC 1979-80 Parks, Joy Latin Club 1977-80, Vol- leyball 1977-80, Artisan 1978-80. Beta Club 1979-80 Patterson, Sharon FHA 1977-78, OEA 1978-80, OEA Parliamentarian 1979- 80, Art Club 1978-79. Patterson, Sidney 1980 Graduate of GHS. Paul, Lacy 1980 Graduate of GHS Pavey, Tammy Concert Band 1976- 80, Marching Band 1976-80, National Thespian 1976-77, Art Club 1977-78 Paulk, Lisa HOCT1978-80 Peacock, Terry Football 1976-79, Baseball 1976-80 Penny, Louis Football 1976-78, Bas- ketball 1976-78, Baseball 1978-80, Young Life 1976-78, Key Club 1978- 79, VlCA 1979-80, FCA 1976-77 Phelps, Libby Flag Corp 1976-80, Symphonic Band 1976-80, Art Club 1977-80 Phelps, Sherry 1980 Graduate of GHS. Pierce, Adrianne 1980 Graduate of GHS. Pierce, Tresa Student Council 1976- 77, Basketball 1976-78, Volleyball 1977-78, Industrial Arts Club 1978- 79, lndustrial Arts Club Secretary 1978-79, Art Club 1979-80, Trainer 1976-80. Pierce, Valarie Drama 1979-80. Plunk, Sherri Volleyball 1977-80, Basketball 1977-80. Polk, Richard FFA 1976-77. Pontbriand, Joseph 1980 Graduate of GHS. Poovey, Don Football 1976-79, Track 1976-77, Owls Eye 1977-78. Prater, Joe 1980 Graduate of GHS. Prock, Carolyn Volleyball 1977-79, HERO-FHA1979-80, PELE 1979-80. Propes, Ray 1980 Graduate of GHS. Prunty, Robert 1980 Graduate of GHS. Puckett, Valencia VOE 1978-79. qqqqqqqqq Quinn, Michelle Spanish Club 1978- 79, Basketball Manager 1978-79, HOCT 1979-80. Qunitana, Thomas Basketball 1976- 77, Baseball 1977-80, Key Club 1977-80, Bell Guard 1979-80, French Club 1978-79, French Club President 1979-80. Quirk, Kimberly Art Club 1978-79, FHA-HERO 1979-80. PPPPYPYPYPPYYY Redd, Christi Student Council 1976- 80, Student Council Vice-President 1978-79, Student Council President 1979-80, All G.H.S. 1976-77, 78-79, Class Favorite 1977-78, 78-79, Beta Club 1978-80, Beta Club Treasurer, 1978-79, Beta Club Secretary-Trea- surer 1979-80, Quill and Scroll 1978- 80, Quill and Scroll President 1979- 80, Key Club 1978-80, Owl's Eye Club Editor 1978-79, Owl's Eye Edi- tor 1979-80, French Club 1978-79, Key Club Social Chairperson 1979- 80, Rotary Club Student ofthe Month 1979-80, Garland Daily News Stu- dent ofthe Month 1979-80, NHS 1979-80. Redford, Belinda 1980 Graduate of GHS. Reitmire, Harry Basketball 1977-78. Reyes, Rachel Spanish Club 1978- 79, VOE 1979-80. Rhea, Cindra Basketball 1976-78, Track 1976-78, Spanish Club 1976- 78, FHA 1978-79, Art Club 1978-79 Rhodes, Kimberly 1980 Graduate of GHS. Richardson, Kim Volleyball 1976-77, Tract 1976-77, Cashing Debs 1977- 78, Owl's Nest Annual taff 1978-79, Acappella Choir 1978-80, Artisan Staff 1978-79, Celebrations 1979-80 Ridge, Cynthia 1980 Graduate of GHS Riggs, Paul VlCA1978-80 Riley, Tressa Creative Living 1978- 79, OEA 1978-80 Rochell, Gary VICA 1979-80 Rodriquez, Gabriel 1980 Graduate of GHS Rogers, Chris Swim Team 1976-79 Soccer 1978-79 Roger S, Monty Symphonic Band 1976-80 Rose, Danny 1980 Graduate of GHS Ross, Mike 1980 Graduate of GHS Rowe, Vince Football 1976-80, Base- ball 1979-80, Key Club 1979-80, Stu- dent Council 1979-80 Rozell, Robin Cheerleader 1976-77, FCA 1976-80, Dashing Debs 1976- 79, Deb Council 1977-78, Dashing Deb Majorette 1979-80, Student Council 1977-80, Student Council Historian 1978-79, Student Council Treasurer 1979-80, FCA Vice-Presi- dent 1979-80, SAC 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Key Club 1979-80. Rutherford, Laura Owl's Eye Feature Editor 1979-80 Russell, Renee HOCT 1978-80, Art Club 1979-80, Young Life 1979-80 SSSSSSSSSSS Sage, Wayne Drama Club 1978-80, Spanish Club 1979-80, Spanish Club Vice President 1979-80, Bio-Chem Club 1979-80. Sanchez, Jesse Track 1976-80, Foot- ball 1977-78 Sarver, Mark 1980 Graduate of GHS Savory, Doreen Flag Corp 1976-77, Track 1976-78, Spanish Club 1978- 79, Debs 1977-80 Scaglione, Peter Football 1976-77, VICA-ICT 1978-80 Searfoss, John 1980 Graduate of GHS Selba, Steven Marching Band 1976- 80, Symphonic Band 1976-80, Bio- Chem Club 1976-80, Latin Club 1977-80, Mu Alpha Theta 1978-80, Beta Club 1978-80, Key Club 1978- 80, NHS 1979-80. Selmon, Debbie FHA 1979-80, FHA Vice-President 1979-80, OEA 1979- 80, VOE 1979-80 Shannon, David 1980 Graduate of GHS , Shelton, Raymond 1980 Graduate of GHS Shirly, Bobby Football 1976-80, FCA 1976-80, Chess Club 1978-79, Key Club 1979-80 hipley, Patricia 1980 Graduate of GHS impson, Linda Acappella Choir 1976-77, Choir Librarian 1978-79, Dashing Debs 1978-80, SAC 1979- 80, Bio-Chem Club 1979-80 ims, Donnie Drama 1976-77, 1979- 80, Baseball 1978-79, Trainer 1979- 80 melley, Greg Track 1976-80 mith, Elizabeth DE 1979-80, FHA 1979-80 mith, James 1980 Graduate of GHS mith, Linda Rodeo Club 1976-79 mith, Mark Football 1976-80, Track 1976-80, Basketball 1976-80 mith, Randy FFA 1976-80, FFA His- torian 1977-78, Secretary 1978-79, FFA Reporter 1979-80, Star Green- hand 1976-77, Star Chapter Farmer 1977-78, Trainer 1979-80, Lone Star Farmer 1978-79, Dairy Production 1978-79, Beta Club 1978-80, Key Club 1979-80, Bio-Chem Club 1979- 80, NHS 1979-80 mith, Roger 1980 Graduate of GHS mith, Scott Football 1976-80, Base- ball 1976-80, Basketball 1976-80. Key Club 1976-80, Key Club Secre- tary 1979-80, Spanish Club 1978-80, Spanish Club President 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Beta Club Parlia- mentarian mith, Steven 1980 Graduate of GHS mith, Vickie Basketball 1977-78, VOE 197 -80, Industrial Arts 1979-80 heckells, Paul Football 1976-79, Baseball 1976-80, Industrial Arts 1979-80. molka, Lanita Cheerleader 1976-80, Head Cheerleader 1979-80, Most Beautiful 1976-79, Young Life 1976- 80, Class President 1977-78, Acap- pella Choir 1978-80, Acappella Choir Secretary 1979-80, FHA 1978-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Who's Who in lAmerican High School Students 1979-80. pencer, Carmelita Basketball 1978- 79. priggs, Candy Symcphonic Band 1978-79, Bio-Chem lub 1979-80, German Club 1979-80, Mu Alpha Theta 1979-80 ggbohm, James FHA-HERO 1979- tanley, Laurie 1980 Graduate of GHS tephins, Lewis 1980 Graduate of GHS levens, William FFA 1976-78, 79-80, DE 1978-79 lone, Greg VICA 1978-80, Air Con- ditioner and Refrigeration, 1978-80, Industrial Arts 1978-80 zrawn, Brenda FHA 1976-77, Basket- ball 1977-78, HECE 1978-80 windle, Gary FCA 1976-80, FCA President 1970-80, Football 1976-80, Track 1976-80, Young Life 1976-80, SAC 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80 waim, Susan 1980 Graduate of GHS yglhlgr, Patricia 1980 Graduate of H+Hl'H'lH'l'Ht atom, Mark Football 1976-80, Golf 1976-77, FCA 1976-80, Young Life 1976-78, Chess Club 1978-79, Base- ball 1978-80, Rodeo Club 1979-80 Tapp, Matthew 1980 Graduate of GHS Tesche, Alexander Industrial Arts 1976-78, Texas Industrial Arts Club Vice-President 1976-77, Texas Industrial Arts Club President 1977- 78, VICA 1978-80, Vica Reporter 1979-80, ICT 1978-80 Theriot, Cherie Drama Club 1979-80 Thomas, Dave Acappella Choir 1977- 80, Celebrations 1978-80 Thomas, Richard FFA 1976-80, Foot- ball 1976-77, Rodeo Club 1979-80, Beta Club 1979-80, Bio-Chem Club 1979-80 Ticknor, Jim Freshman Class Vice- President 1976-77, Acappella Choir 1976-79, German Club 1978-79, Mu Alpha Theta 1978-79, Beta Club 1978-80, Beta Club Bece President 1979-80, SAC 1978-80, Key Club 1979-80, Celebrations 1979-80 Tipton, Penny FHA 1979-80, FHA President 1979-80 Traylor, Art 1980 Graduate of GHS Trevino, Victor 1980 Graduate of GHS Trussell, Sheila Acappella Choir 1976-80, Acappella Choir Historian 1978-80, Dashing Debs Manager 1977-78, Dashing Debs 1978-80, Young Life 1977-79, FCA 1978-79 Turner, Arther Football 1978-79, Track 1976-79, FFA 1977-80 Turner, Letha Cheerleader 1976-77, Owl's Nest 1976-79, Quill and Scroll 1977-79, Track 1977-78, Debs 1978- 80, Beta Club 1979-80. Tyler, Jeff FHA-HERO 1979-80 VVVVVVVVVV Vance, Tammy 1980 Graduate of GHS Vaughn, Sharon FHA-HERO 1979-80 Vines, Mickey 1980 Graduate of GHS Wafford, Jeff FHA-HERO 1979-80 Wagner, Corey Acappella Choir 1976- 80, Celebration 1976-80, FCA 1979- 80 Waldrum, Laurel Choralories 1976- 80, Librarian 1977-78, DE 1979-80 Walker, Randy 1980 Graduate of GHS Wallace, Vernell 1980 Graduate of GHS Wallick, Keith 1980 Graduate of GHS Walker, Steve Spanish 1977-78, Key Club 1979-80 Washburn, Christi Tennis 1976-80. Wassel, Parvin 1980 Graduate of GHS Watts, Dennis FFA 1976-77, Rodeo Club 1976-80, Track 1977-80, Tennis 1977-78. Weaver, Darla Volleyball 1976-77, Soccer 1976-77, FHS 1976-77, Ger- man 1977-80, Vice President 1979- 80, Art 1977-79. Weems, Rhonda French 1976-77, HERO-FHA1979-80. Wester, John 1980 Graduate of GHS Wester, Ronnie Basketball 1976-78. Whisennand, George 1980 Graduate ofGHS White, Cynthia Young Life 1976-80, FCA 1976-80, Key Club 1978-80, Treasurer 1979-80, Cheerleader 1977-80, Class President 1978-79, Class Treasurer 1977-78. White, Paul Stage Band 1978-79, Owls Eye 1979-80. Wilcoxson, Judy 1980 Graduate of GHS. Wilder, Glenda 1980 Graduate of GHS. Williams, Auther 1980 Graduate of GHS. Williams, Janette 1980 Graduate of GHS. Williams, Kyle Football 1976-80, Cap- tain 1979-80, Track 1976-79, Regional Qualifier 1978-79. Williams, Maurice FFA 1976-80. Williams, Pamela 1980 Graduate of GHS. Williams, Sheila Flag Corp 1976-77, Track 1976-78, Dashing Debs 1977- 78, 79-80, Key Club 1978-80. Williams, Scott FHA-HERO1979-80. Willis, Anthony Basketball 1976-80, VICA 1979-80. Willis, Diana OEA1978-80 Wilson, Darlene Basketball Trainer 1978-80, FHA 1979-80, Art Club 1979-80. Wilson, Donald Owls Eye 1979-80, Band 1979-80. Wilson, Natalie Young Life 1976-80, Debs 1977-80, French Club 1978-80, NHS 1979-80, FCA 1977-78, 79-80, Bio-Chem Club 1979-80, Key Club 1979-80. Wilson, Steve 1980 Graduate of GHS. Wolfe, Terry Basketball 1976-77, VlCA1978-79. Womack, Tony Football 1976-79. Wood,Mike D.E.1978-80. Woodard, Wendy Track 1977-78. Woodward, David Swim Club 1976- 80, Captain 1978-79, French Club 1976-77, Beta Club 1979-80, Owls Nest 1979-80. Wren, Kim Girls Choir 1976-79, Acap- pella Choir 1979-80. Wright, David Basketball 1976-77, 78- 80. Wrisner, James Industrial Arts 1979- 80, DECA 1979-80. UUUUUUUUU Yarborough, Carla 1980 Graduate of GHS Young, Bernetta Spanish Club 1976- 78, Track 1976-80, Student Council 1978-79, Basketball 1977-78, Key Club 1978-79, FCA 1978-79, Debs 1979-80. Young, Janice Basketball 1977-78, VOE1978-79. Jumors LO O A Dream - to reach the top Exif Junior Class Officers: Bobby Keeton, presidentg Shannon Guerian, secretaryg Lori Latham, reporterg Karen Hatten, vice-presidentg Beverly Patton, treasurer. A student gives his approval of the new dress fashions. he Junior year involves great tnges as they begin to grow l mature, putting away many of childhood habits and learning 'espect and make more impor- t decisions concerning the Jre. flany questions are answered 1 many are asked. Decisions wcerning college and career tions are carefully weighed lore final plans are completed. 'his is an exciting year, for it is ear of anxiously looking ahead the Senior year and reminisc- I the fond memories of the st. Mi Juniors back the Owls during the rally. and the winner is . .. ogunf S-I CO .L DIOYS Ju 92 Nancy Addington Rudy Aguilar Brad Allen Staci Allen Sharon Alvis Tina Anderson John Anello Brenda Armstrong Steve Arnold Lisa Austin Tracy Bailey Frances Baker Lori Barnard Christi Barnett Mike Barnett Peggy Barnhart Karen Bayless Kenny Beal Growing and Learning ff Curad helps boo-boos heal Marica Bernhardt Phil Berry Laura Bills Sheila Bilton Debbie Bingham Marie Blackwell Clay Blakey Mary Blanton Larry Boothe Linda Boyd John Branch Dorothy Branning David Brasfield Shirley Brewton Laurie Brown Sherry Brown Bob Burns Sharing in defeal and succe' And may I be of any assistance?" Teresa Byrd Melissa Callahan Linda Camarillo Nina Carr Steve Carter Sandi Caster Linda Castillo Manuel Clark Phil Clark Lisa Coffman Jeff Colwell Phil Cook Ginger Copeland Greg Corley Jamie Covington Scott Cryer Paul Danahy Billy Davis Michael Davis Rhonda Davis Sheri Davis Donna Dawkins Noel Day Isahia Delgado Carolyn Demarest Joe Denton Judy Denton Sheri thinks, "I wish I had a paper to read." Juniors CO CD Looking Forward lo being Qenioi "I know you're taking a picture" says Lisa DeVIugt Sandi Richard Diaz Carol Dinse Margaret Dorathy Dianna Dudley Sally Dunbar Bobby Dunlap Joe Dunphy Carrie Eaves Bill Echols Martin Edwards Tina Eikenbary Sheila Ellenberg Rose Esquivel Mark Evrage Brian Eyre Linda Fain rad discovers the guitar has strings. rf Q' 'MV 4? --T3 ext Jeanann Ferguson Robin Flanders Kim Forsyth Rita Foster Stan Franks Nancy Frazier Crystal Fulton Donna Furry Debbie Gano Johnny Garner Kenny Garrison Katie Garroutte Andrew Garza Joyce Gayton Jerry Gentry Shannon Geurian David Geyman Sherri Gibbons .iogunf Q, S PS Junio LO CD Randy Gladden Bubba Gleaves Mark Godsell Anthony Goodman Tonja Griffin Estella Guerra Chris Hammond Beth Hand Terry Hanes Sharon Harris Karen Hatten Sharon Hatten Tina Havener Marty Hawkins Starla Hayes Kelly Helm Who us??? When we reach our goz I 1 ' I-dl? A i L me A WTETGTE H . Q ,ii.i. f i G 'r Y A 3-we , , 1 T it New f -i'i 'Q dr ' f li f 5 , . 1 K Nancy asks Beverly, "Did he really say that?" Elaine Henderson Lisa Hernandez Mike Hicks Amy Hill Honna Hines Amy Hogge David Holloway Bryan Holt Barry Hood Shelleye Houston Jerry Houzvicka Charlsie lssac Jackie Jackman Lance Jacobs Kevin James Robin Jenkins 'fij qx VV! I LJ ACF? VW , Lb V . U X I bg ULXX KX, Lk W k lst! T fu A 'I fk X ' - I SM WW MW! 1 ' f J 7, .Q JJ 1 fw 1 , V x www iv! w ' 1 X X J E I - IQJKJJ m6A4rdi1oy w 1 N q Our Dream W W Vi, K .ZW xx I Q xx CD L O 'E 3 ? 100 QQ! J ly Rick' R L 16, "Look Ma, no c t y D R J i The Ayaiollah who? , ,.,, . ,, . W W, Q A 4 " they 'QW ,f " 4. rk Godsell works quietly on his art ject. 5 Looks like Ollie Owl could use some Gatorade. .iogunf -L 2 s Dana Jensen Linda Johnson Charles Jones Sarah Judie Kerri Karr Cindy Kay Bobby Keeton Lynne Keller David Keltner Bobby Kennedy Lezlie King Amy Kirby Connie Kirkpatrick Kim Kiser Penny Kroeger Robert Lancaster J. L. Langley Lori Latham Angela Lauterdale Montrecia Long Jerry Loveless Jenn Yuan Lui Mike Lynch Landee Lytle will b ,Y T' J Versie Martin Norma Martinez Mike Mayhew Karen McCIeveIand Linda McDonald Dawn McKinney Donna Meazie Nancy Meeks Juniors say "Gig 'em Owls Robert Melton Martina Mendez Kenny Merle Shawn Messick Tina Miller Brad Mills Rondi Montgomery Johnetta Moore Jun ors .L 3 -I3 Robin Moore Michele Morneault Brad Moss Sherri Nations Beverly Neal Roy Nevarez Brad Nicholson Regina Norris Perry Owen Lisa Owens Susan Parish Rachel Parker Beverly Patten Billy Pierce Steve Carter drums and the beat goes on, and on and on. Cory Morrison Carrying on lradilio KN 4 ! E 4 4 Q , 751 f 5 .V,, F W af Q i M J' X ta Q LZ. y 'G - f i ,g,l. . Q X J- rl V i .. A 1 -.. 1 1 sul 0 Shawn,areyoureallyinthere? tr? fffff I Jim Pizzillo Donna Prater Sherry Prock Bobby Ouarrels Tod Radford Mark Ramirez Brad Raney Lisa Recer Randall Reed Rene Reed Adolfo Reyna Linda Rice Ricky Rich Kyra Richard David Ricker Carla Riley sioiunf .L Q U1 10 YS Junio CD Kara Roberson Sharon Roberts Melvin Robinson Isabel Rodriguez San Juana Rodriguez Misty Rogers Tina Romine Charlie Rondeau Ricki Rose Laurrie Rowe Angie Rowland Bubba Sams Tracy Sanuy Nita Scarborough Amy Scott Marilyn Scott David Seaton Jill Self Dee Anna Simmons Tammy Smelley Julie Smith Robin Smith Wes Smith Mark Sneed d having set a mark W Am.. 6? gww Jeff Stroud Brian Swindle 1 . f Deanna Solley Renna Staats Jeff Strickland Hey Mike, do you ever feel you're being watched? I think we heard this same lecture yesterday! saonunf .L 3 NI Mlckie Tamborello Vickie Tamborello Ray Taylor Ronald Taylor Lynda Terrell Saundra Thierfelder Karla Thomas Mike Thomas Angie Thornton Tammy Toppings Marie Torres George Trevino Mark Trimmier Ed Vandervlies Pam Vaughan Sheri Venable Kenneth Verrette Kent Wade Anthony Walker Kelly Warren 108 l Daniel Washburn Byron Washington Mindy Watkins Juli Webb Cindy West Ken White Vicki White Kelly Whitesell Deena Willis Jan Wilson Jimmy Wilson l.aDonna Wilson Shalene Yarborough Diane Whitfill Amy Whitt Brenda Whitt Veronica Wickett Chris Widmer Margaret Williams Wayne Williams Sandy Williams Utoshia Williams Vermita Williams .ioiunf th CD to s m0l'6S 2 Qopho We have iwo gears in our pockeis Sophomore Class Officers: Left to right: Jeri Jeter, vice presidentg Gina Smolka, treasurerg Patricia McCommas, secretaryg Rawdon Allen, presidentg Annette Grizzle, reporter. FINALLY Tony, looking goo wo years completed e Band playing to would havethought it, Eare thinking o doubted it. tat a year this has been eeting new people and iking new friends 'X n ,.-" las been a year form new foundations i build a strong future e go forward with eat expectations for the arto come , d look back with Q y "' A nd memories at e year we leave behind. n l l lare you to say that again!" says Jimmy. tl :sys "lean see better out of one eye than you can," says Mark. oqdog OUJ S9-I -L 1k -.L Bruce Agnew Annette Alaniz Cynthia Alaniz Robert Alaniz Keith Allen Jeff Allen Rawdon Allen Sheri Allen Mike Antwine Frenchel Ashley Jeff Atwell Joli Ballew Donna Bangs Harriet Banks Pat Banks Rhonda Bannister Gary Barnett Debbie Bayless Donell Beard Tammie Bell Joann Bell 112 Janice Buford Harold Best Sharon Biggs Kim Blanton Christine Boedeker Mike Bolton Curtis Bonham Tracy Booe Melinda Boring Gerald Bounds Barbara Bowen Dana Brabham Gay Brand Belinda Breedon Cina Brewer Mary Brimberry Delaina Brown Robin Brown Ronald Brown Jeff Bryant Phillis Bryant Michelle Bueter oqdos OUJ -I S6 .L ...L CD Tony Buie Kim Bullard Melanie Burns James Burrow Glenna Campbell Kelly Carpenter Todd Carroll Steve Carter Viola Castillo Christi Cates Kellie Chambers David Chandler Candy Chastain Julie Childs Renee Choate Terrie Christopher Robert Clark Chrissy Claytor Charles Close CD 0 Mark Cobb '5SheiIa Cochran E Jeff Coker D Kim Coleman .5 William S. Compton CD 114 4x4 let you yet," says Chip. i"""'3 Stacy Conaway Ronny Cook Tammie Cooper Phillip Corbith Lori Cox Cheryl Cranford Bridget Crosby Steve Cummings Trevor Dalee Rosalinda Davalos Douglas Davis Laurie Davis Roderick Davis Tamera Davis Terry Davis Valerie Davis James Dawkins Vionette DeJesus Terry Delamar Barney Dennis Mark Denton Kim Derrick Shirley Derrick CD o 'U Jeff DeVlugt S' Ramona Dickey 3 Beverly Dinning Q 1 CD 03 115 Rose Donzo David Duke Virginia Earwood Terry Easley Irma Elizondo Daniel English Kristy Erwin Mike Espinosa Yolanda Esquivel Lisa Estrello Prissy Estrello Sheila Fagan Gary Faison Kris Ferguson Terry Ferrell Jenny Flander Diana Foster Stephanie Foster Shannon Freeman CD 2 Q Denise Folton E Oscar Galvan Q Eileen Gamel .C Rocky Garner S- Ricky Garrison CD 116 Soon we'II be oul of schoc Muzi' "Same to you Kim," says Tel ,mm 'e you comfortable Charles? Julie Garza Carole Gattis Randy Glbbson Willie Gibbons Jisette Gibson Lisa Gist Terri Gleason Tracy Glidewell Lisa Godsell Ricky Gonzales Teresa Gonzales Julie Goodman Guy Gordon Russell Graves Robin Griffin Annette Grizzle Annette Guajardo Wilbur Hah Deborah Halford Brad Hall Gail Hammond CD O 'U ouuoq S9-I .L -L Xl Tori Hardcastle Patricia Hargrove Dwana Harris Mary Harris Debbie Harrison Mark Hatcher Doug Hatten Mike Havener Danny Hawthorne Bobby Henderson Darren Hendricks Clark Henley Mark Henley Wendy Henson Chandra Hetchler Terri Hibbs U m O' QT cu I o z' 3 na : GS Ol' Cindy Holden Veena Hooker 3 Qophom Il will all be in our pa: f 5 I 47 D 'Q if Gary gives it all he's Renessa Householder Melinda Howle Mike Hubbard Angie Hudson Peggy Huerta Jeff A. Jackson Jeff S. Jackson Scott Jacobs Brenda James Kenneth James Annette Jarmon Kim Jeffrey Jeri Jeter Charles Johnson Anita Jones Shannon Jones Kathy Kelly John Kendall Debbie Kephart Carrie Kepley Gwendolyn Key Bart King Vanessa Kocher Lynne Koons Allison LaRoe mx g 3252 2553 552 CDOCD D ouuoudog J S6 .L ...L CD Kevin Lemons Ronald Lewis Nancy Lindsey Bryan Little Kevin Liu Angela Luster Timmy Love Verna Love Gina Lovell Mary Lowery Scott Lowery Joe Lozano Angela Luton Laurinda Mack Sharon Malone Lorie Manley Forest Manning Lisa Martin Reyes Martinez 28 Darwin Mason 5 Wendy E Matthews O Glenn Mayberry ig- Beverly Mayo O Vickie McBride CD 120 . " V, 53 There's so muc Best budd 1, ri K , x,. sk 'H 1 1 R 1,4 vi G39 ,', ll r , ' "Q ik 2 f J 4 A A u 4 ii as M , J e pretends to study. slle Morgan Kyle McCallum Jimmy McClung Patricia McCommas Anthony McDaniel David McDaniel Scotty McDonald Joanne McDowell Latonya McDowell David McGee James McWilliams Melissa Messick Christina Meuir Jerry Milam Carla Miller Kelley Miller Paula Miller Susan Miller Mike Millsap Keith Mitchell De Moore Randy Moore Stacy Moran oqdog OU! S6-I .L TXJ -L Kevin Morris Debbie Morse Victor Muller Rose Mullins Tamera Murphy Ben Nabors Pat Neely Beverly Newton Penny Nickle Kyle Oakerson Estella Ontiveras Cynthia Ortiz Rhonda Patterson Judi Pavey Karrie Petty U o IJ :n cn FY 'U ET 'o CD Dana Pickard Steven Pike .L IU TU ioooo," says Christy. . 25, W' rr lf E241 X' X, if if Angela Pizzillo Danny Poole Donna Poole Joe Poovey Lori Porter Cheri Powell Brian Prater Beverly Price Keith Price Rylan Pruitt Denise Ray Jim Rebstock Kevin Recer Joanna Redford Dhana Reeves Rebecca Reyna Delbert Richardson Jackie Riley Cindy Rios CD O Cathy Roach 'U Tammy 3' Robertson O Joyce Rogers 3 Pam Rogers Q Reagan Q Rogers W 123 Rose Marie Rogers Dennis Rollins Lauri Ross Brian Roth Roger Rozell Renee Runnels Manuel Sanchez James Sander Coleen Sartwell Alicia Scales Sheryl Schenck Kevin Schreiber Keith Seay Janice Sewell Penni Sharp Terry Sharp Sherry Shaw Merrie Shelley Paula Short CD 2 Deborah Q Simpson E Tracy Sims Q Joseph ...C Siragusa D- Tracey Sivley 5 Dovie Slagle 124 Todd lakes a snooze during class. And we bear our lille proud A l ,ff ,gg J ARK ,425 :C fr ,iff ' W 2 Carrie Teves Danny Thomas John Smith Ronnie Smith Tracy Smith Scott Smithey Gina Smolka Rizpah Spence Chreile Spharler Sue Spradlin Lori Stafford Kathryn Staggs Shannon Stanton Eric Stephens Stephen Stone James Strickland Roger Swanzy Jimmy Tanner Lisa Tatom Melissa Tavares Anette Taylor Billy Taylor Corrie Terry Larry Terry saaouuoqdog .L TO U7 John Thomas Deanna Thompson Sheri Thurman Donna Tomlinson Billy Toney Elvia Tovar Leesa Tullos Mark Turner Sylvia Vasquez Jason Venz Denise Wagner Roger Wakefield Bobby Walker Sherry Walker Bradley Walsh Alicia Watkins Toni Watson Donna Weaver James Welch CD db L O E Tony Westing Q Albert .C Whetstone Q. O CD 126 SENIORS UF '85 AA rr' 'ld "I thought this was the Men's room!" says 'T hs is mf 5 952 as it fa E! if D0 Susan White Orin Wilkerson Celinda Williams Donna Williams Gary Williams Janice Williams Warren Williams Janine Wilson Judith Wilson Terri Wilson Wana Wilson Brenda Witt Danny Wolfe Kristi Womack Tina Wood Juanita Wornick Herbert Worthen Billy Wright Laura Yandry David Yarbrough Maria Ybarra .rouioqdos S9 .L YU N1 Tamera Young The beginning of memorie Freshman Class Officers: First Row: Cindy Estreilo, vice presidentg Lawanna Harris, presidentg Sharon Jeffries, reporter. Second Fiow: Kathy Nichols, treasurerg Thonda Bradshaw, secretary. he freshman class has ren themselves a worthy part arland High. They have main- ed the high standards and 'erful Owl tradition expected 1GHS students. s they made their way through halls, memories were formed heir freshman year that will forever. Those special friends lered along the way will prove throughout their high school 'S. Although this was their first year at GHS, they have already become accustomed to the mad rush between classes, the bang- ing of the locker doors, and the good-natured teasing by upper classmen. Their ease in adjusting to high school life verifies their willingness to learn. The '79-'80 freshman class has left an honorable reputation that will be difficult for next year's freshman class to follow. Frank Cortese tries to impress girls. Jon Juneau dissects his finger. 4:l use U1 U6 .L IU CD Dawn Acker Mike Adamson Paul Alverson Cindy Alvis Ruben Amesquita Laura Ammerman Ronny Andrews Jessie Arizola Ruby Armstrong Kim Arnold Anthony Arris Lanell Atkinson Ann Austin Peter Awbrey Brenda Baker Jay Banning Earnest Barber Cindi Barnhart Debbie Barrow Cindy Barter Angela Bass C CD E Kaylon .C Bederka C0 QD L Ll. 130 Seeking new horizor 3 , yin t s . 1 E Q . Ricky Wilson looking inn Leon Benavidez Gina Bennett Tina Blanch Lee Blankenship Steve Bos Stacy Bouska Glenn Brackeen Rhonda Bradshaw Jackie Brock Sharon Brooks Dina Brosz Dawana Bruce Sheri Buchanan Andrew Burciaga Beverly Burson Mark Butler Rebecca Butler Irma Cabrera Todd Caddel Carlena Cagle 1,1 Pam Carnes 1- Kimberly 49 Carpenter g- James Carrera 3 Rhonda Carter Q Z7 131 Erik Cash Martha Caster Christina Castillo Kelly Cato Diane Cawthon Kevin Chapman Byrnie Chavers Dana Chester Mary Christopher Karen Clark Chris Cook Frank Cortese Stan Cowley Tammy Cox Jimmy Crawford Nikki Cunningham Shirley Dabbs Michelle Dalton Michael Danahy Michael Daniel Kelly Cato asks, "ls it only 5th period?" c as E .c cn an L LL 132 Learning new wa 'X r " 3 8 ff 5 it V QM Ss " X U? X 2 g fi i 5 Q WX it S I ,J J ' 1, - tw -XC! av ---- W f J 5 ,lc 1 3 ' I fl X IV! X I A fvflw. .uni 1 41" K ,.,.---"""""m' ,Ar H 59.26 li "Did he really say that?" Lino Davalos Andrea Davidson Hope Dawes Tammy Dawson Lynda Day Anita DeLira Martina Deleon Josephine Delgado Debbie Deluna Jan Denton "I forgot what comes next!" exclaims Lisa Ethridge. H qsa UJ U9 .L OO OO Wesley Divine Lisa Dockins Brian Edmiston Rhonda Eikenbary Gloria Ellenberg Andy Elliott Dona Elton Cynthia Estrello Lisa Ethridge Karen Flack Gary Fletcher Chris Fortenberry Janna Foster David Freeman Susan Freeman Andre Fuller C Sherry Fuller 0 Dena Gamble E Martin Gamino -5 Lisa Gano Q Ronnie Garner L Ll. 134 Gaining knowledge "Let's blow it up!" exclaims Steve Shavl Stoney Garner Teresa Genzel Jack Gladden Heather Glasscock Michelle Godwin Myrna Gonzales Pola Gonzales Gena Goodrum Tammy Goodwin Willie Gowen, Jr. Jennifer Graves Michael Graves Deena Gray Mike Gray Roberta Green Christy Griffin Edna Guajardo Scott Gunderson :I Doug Hall, Jr. CU Tonja Hall Q Karien Ham 3 Joni CD Hammond 3 135 Wes Hand Carolyn Hankins Jerry Hanks Jan Hargrove Gina Harrington Todd Harris Lawana Harris Tony Harris Velonda Harris Lisa Hawkins Kurt Helm Laurie Helms Rebecca Hendrix Florinda Hernandez Norma Herrera Tommy Hicks Phyllis Hill Joe Hogue Laurie Hollins Debbie Hollis 25 is WS 23 KD 32' 5. Q: 32 Yin: eh m esh I' -L 3 F Learning aboul lradiho 'f 2' , :4 G5 if lf. Q, , H, 4, ,A LM rnxl ns. . John Holloway Donna Holtzclaw Denise Hooper Samantha Houston Mary Howell Kathy Hudson Keri Humble Tony Jacinto Lawrence Jackson Monica Jacobs Melissa Jay Sharon Jeffrey Steve Jensen Beatrice Johnson David Johnson Jannes Johnson Karen Johnson Sue Joiner John Jones Lanette Jones Tina Jones Verna Jones Jon Juneau Michael Kaes Danny Keller A Horizontal Ham! alj qs lil U3 .L OO NI Facing new experience Tommy Hicks blushes for the came a' Studious freshmen? Mass Peierman always packs on mel if ii I think he took our picture!" May I be excused?" -':l qsa USU! .L O0 CO Jason Kendrick David Kennedy Gwen Key Debby Kinney Deena Kinsey Greg Knowles Michelle Lacaze Victor Lae Cindy Lane Rodney Langston Sandra Lauterdale Barbara Lay Leonard Lay Tommy LeFan Sherry Leuschner IJ S? SLT Bc. 35 O 321-Em mxO4': I'-""S 00536 Nr-Fm... DOO.-0-O DQJOIJ' OCDCQDD GD ITI esh I' " F S April Lytle Larry Malone Exciled gel fearl' HW' V ,,f,l5 X Theirexcitementoverwhelrr ' i A x 'lally made it! I'm a freshman!" I A Sheila Malone Diana Mantooth Diana Martinez Jesus Martinez Margaret Martinez Kristi Maxey Deborah Mayberry Charlotte McCartney Richard McClure Sheri McCommas Darryl McDowell Gina McGee Lalee McGensley Daniel McKenzie Kim McKinney Bubba McQueen Sheila Meazle Aha Mejorado -n '1 Mary Mills Dewayne S Moore 3' Joyce Moore 3 Ronnie Moore Q J 141 Denise Moreno Jamie Morgan Dewayne Morman Denise Morneault Jeff Mueller Jana Murphy Phyllis Nall Lorrie Neuville Orlando Nevarez Lee New Jana Newsom Kathy Nichols Carla Niemeyer Troy Nitcholas Lesley Nittler Shannon Nixon Curtis Norton Jamie Oakerson Terri Odum Donnie Oliver Ron Oliver Ernie Padilla Cheryl Parrent Donna Partain Stephen Patterson David Peden C Carolyn Q Peoples E Jack Phillips 5 Ronnie Pickett 0 Vickie Lt Pittsinger 142 ,mv . H, Carrging on the GHS we X5 ff fly 49159 8' W' ' , Q on Ww I forgot my Right Guard!" Rebecca Powell Scott Propst Gary Pursel Randy Pursel Kimberly Putteet Sylvia Ramirez Jacqueline Reese Alison Reeves Tony Reeves Lisa Renfro Connie Rentz Larry Rice Jeff Riley Scott Ritter Gayla Roan Debra Roberts Deborah Rocha Kevin Rockwell Belinda Rodgers Kellye Ross Mary Ruic Beth Russell Brenda Russell Q D CO CD 7 IU C C0 UI 9. qs USU! .L -IL O0 'rl 1 Q Hey guys, is that a good magazine? Tony Saldana Kathy Samples Amada Sanchez Kathey Sander Brian Schnedler Jon Scott Rhonda Shadix Paula Sheckells Jodona Sides Lisa Sikes Jill Simpson Michele Smith Sally Smith Sheila Smith Stacy Smith Tonya Smith C Randy Q Sossam on E John Stanley 'S Jimmy Stevens 2 Kay Stevens u. 144 I, ' If fi f 1, W, g 7 U 91 - T .. f " , ' fvv, V. f"-f 1 , 44 ,,,, , V QW l V 'K .' "f' f f ' ,gf 4 4 4' U' , 4 , V V wr f ,L 55' - 4' 4 ., ' vv 1, ' ' . 'I-g n 9 I ' , ,, if T ' ,,' f ,, ,, V f .fl 'Y' K S ' "Sen, 'Y' Q ,- P S Q . x R X s AEA X X' ix, , Ng. it Off rf ms X 1 T the ,:a""' 'Nkstyk Q N.. Cutting class in the wrong place! Cindy Stewart Jeff Strange Lisa Strickland Scott Swanzy Richard Terry Sherri Thomas Terri Thomas Holli Thornton Sherri Tipton Debra Tittle Freshmen gather their thoughts. -':I qsa USU! .L -P U1 Lisa Townsend Teena Traylor James Turbeville Tonya Turner Cindy Twomey Aguila Tyson Russell Vick Teresa Voelker Pam Wade Wynona Wade Marcus Walden Carla Walker Debra Walsh Cindy Washburn Penny Wheeler Cheryl Whisenhunt Patsy Whisenhunt Darren White Tammy Whitley Kim Wideman F' D 3 ID O O X CD O 3 eh m esh I' Ii F CD Gina Williams The Seniors of '81 W v , Q ' 1 l , 2' f f ,f ff' . i ls this the beginning of a new care Wmffibanuvum Kathy Williams Chris Williford John Willis Rhonda Wilson Ronnie Wilson Thomas Witt Rhonda Wood Catherine Wright Tony Wright Tony Wrisner Linda Yanez David Young "Oh, my aching back' W cultg 3 Fa Superintendent Dr. Eli Douglas l Assistant Superintendent Dr. William McKinney Assistant Superintendent Marvin Roden 2, BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Charles Cooper, Darwin Morris, Dr. Ronald Senter, Harris Hill. Seated: R. E. Dodson, Ronnie Rogers, Jim Kennedy Assistant Superintendent Ralph Sanders X 2 is gl 1 Q Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Sewell e learn bg examples if x NN aff! i 3 'E as , i I W .1 Ns. rom the first bell in August to the last bell in May, you will find our principal, Mr. John D. Butler, diligently at work. lt takes hon- esty, knowledge, and much influ- ence to guide the faculty and stu- dent body. This is exactly what Mr. Butler has. His leadership and judgment, inspire all who come in contact with him, and the spirit he shows toward all activities is over- whelming. Mmm, Mmm good. N vi Q. 9 1 t 1 as lur fearless leader, Mr. John B. Butler. I said, "When I want your opinion l'll give it to you." ultg Fac .L U1 C hile working with Mr. But- ler, they each have their own indi- vidual jobs. Mr. Cliff Mowery is head of scheduling for students and teachersg he also handles the disciplinary actions of the juniors and seniors. Mr. Ed Collins is in charge of books and is over the disciplinary actions of the fresh- men and sophomores. Freshmen assist Mr. Collins. -. it llsifgyig t ,X 2 s i , set before us Assistant Principal Mr. Cliff Mowery fill! Y? Assistant Princi - Mr. Ed Colli Albritton, Robert: Biology Coachg BS, Lamar Universityg MS, ETSU Arnold, Jack: Math, Coachg BS, LSU Arnold, Rhonda: History, Freshman Cheerleader Sponsor, BA, ETSU Autry, Sharon: Math, BS ETSU Axe, Charles: History, MEd, SMU Barrington, Fern: Library aide Beeson, Erma: English, MEd, Washburn University Beeson, Jesse: English, MEd, ETSU Bellman, Cheryl: Resource, BS, ETSU Bezusko, Pam: Art, BA, NTSU Binder, Joan: Financial Clerk Bivins, Annie: Business, BS, SFA Facultg .L U1 IND Boise, Dorothy: Reading Aide Boring, Evelyn: Art, JV and Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor, MEd, SFA Boring, Joe: Health, Head Coach, BS, Texas A8iM Bragg, Johnnie: Choral Department, BA MEd, ETSU Brooks, Jo Ann: Vocational Food Service, MS, TWU Bryant, John: Industrial Arts, BS, Central Arkansas University We Iear Brenda Halpin and Ester Turner patiently anticipate the outcome of the gar Butler, Gene: Resource, MEd, SFA Calkins, Rachel: Counselor Cannon, Karla: Pele, BS, NTSU Carter, Marlene: Math, BA, UTD Cathey, Bonnie: English, BA, Wichita State University Chaney, Pam: English, BA MED, SFA Clay, John: Athletics, Coach: BS, Bishop College Clay, Mary: Counselor Cockrell, Karen: Math, MS. ETSU Crank, Anita: Business, BS, ETSU Crawford, Charles: Business, MS, ETSU Delmar, Zella Jo: English MA, ETSU ultg Fac .L U1 -5 Dossett, Pamela: Homemaking, BS, NTSU Duran, Gilbert: Spanish, Coach: MEd, UT East, Elaine: Math, BS, LSU Emmerich, Sonja: Counselor Feuchter, Mark: Social Studies, BS, ETSU Galbraith, Sonja: History, Latin, BA, NTSU, MLA, SWU Geyman, Jack: Band Department, MEd, Midwestern State University Glasscock, Dahlia: Math, German, BA, UT Griffith, Arvellaz Counselor Grimes, Piper: English, BS, ACU Halpin, Brenda: Typing, BS, McMurry College Halpin, Jerry: History, Coachg BS, McMurry College from the facull .3 i ,sg t A: iriii, Q1 i Q psf ij . 'I ii if 'U 5 T az , 1 A is it s ,.x. N ,su s. 5, , L lil 3 l V 'l Li.. 1 ,il Si Y ' Q- ,X A 'gr' 2 5 QQ 3? lr 5 meer Q 'Mfr it Eff LQ 3' r Jr f. L ' 3, E , 5 li t ! fy Hammerlee, Steve: History, BA, Texas A8tM Harris, Jimmy: Athletics, Coach: BS, ETSU Hearn, John: Counselor Hobbs, Liz: Art, MS, SMU Holton, Roy: Industrial Arts, BA, SHSU Houston, Connie: Data Processing Clerk Howard, Janice: English, BA Xavier University Hudson, Larry: Biology, Coach, MS, ETSU Irwin, Kaye: Librarian Jackson, Louise: Secretary Johnson, Goree: Athletics, Health, Coach: MS, Prairie View A8tM Johnson, Sarah: English, BS, UT oej hqn .L U1 U1 Art teacher Evelyn Boring munches out at the faculty in-service luncheon. Junior Brad Haney tells the caller that he's already made plans for the evening with Staci Allen. Mark Wagstafl waits for his French stu- dents to recite. Jim Lewis checks out those brown bags. al G.H.S .gi in . rt 3: SN-K l 1 Chemistry teacher Mary Welborn baffles the students with another set of chemistry problems. l- if Q' - x E rsr ' n Sarah Johnson samples the cold cuts. Evelyn Boring waves at the crowd while Mrs. Carrie Simpson and Mrs. Jan Williams await the pep rally, 1 Chaney explains some grammar iamentals to her English students. Senior Gary Cowger tells Rhonda Arnold the latest Aggie joke. Jones, Beverly: Office Aide Jones, Trisha: Biology, BS, U of A Joyner, Sharon: Math, MEd, ETSU Korioth, Margaret: Librarian Kurtz, Barbara: Secretary Laminack, Sue: Homemaking, MEd, LA Polytechnic Institute Landrum, Kaye: History, BS, NTSU Leeman, Diane: Speech, Drama, BA, SMU LeNoir, Wilma: English, Publications, MEd, UH Lewis, Jim: English, Coach: MEd, SFA Lewis, Rita: Math, BS, SHSU Luttrell, Carole: Health, Dashing Deb Sponsor, BS, Baylor University orkers. and assistants A Biblical character recreates an event from the Bible for the Bible as Literature class of Mrs. Cathey. Mit-ii iii? Mackey, Ann: Health, Athletics, Coach, BS, ACU Mackin, Gene: Distributive Education, BS, TWU Manley, Mary Leigh: Office Aide seg fiiln .L U7 CD Martin, Mae: History, BJ, UT Mason, Jean: Nurse McDonald, Helen: English, MA St. Mary's University McKinney, Shirley: Secretary McMullen, Gerald: Attendance Administrator Miller, Allen: Vocational Patterson, Linda: Math, ASU, MAT Payne, Nancy: Math, BA, TWC Peterman, Sherry: Athletics, Coach: BS, SFA Rawlins, Cheryl: Biology, BA, UT Murphey, Judy: English, BA, SMU Murray, Mary: Vocational Adjustment Coordinator, MEd, NTSU Norvell, Deborah: Teachers' Aide 0'Brien, Stephen: Biology, BS, ETSU Odell, Dennis: Band, BAME, UTD Parker, Joy Marie: Math, MLA, SMU neg hun l 161 and adding lil Russell, Roy: Social Studies, MS, ETSU Schaefer, Bobbi: English, Shelton, Rhonda: English, BS, BU Shugart, Lisa: Athletics, Coach, MEd, ETSU Simpson, Carrie Lee: Business, MLA, SMU Six, Susan: History, BS, sl' BS, NTSU X . l NTSU Sloan, Elaine: English, BS, NTSU Smith, Charles: ICT, BA, ENMU 3 ff. l 3 Ufjwbf . K ' 0 W, aww, cw ,cg -NZM-f , :,,,!,,,,, WL Clioiladf fcwlf 'Ld , ,A 0f0!l?LOLCfi. - ggi! if M 162 L,,,,,g,79 W,4,,,L A -41 455- E cv l, U h ciwoofs ,YQ lflflfc Qdiaf 17671 Defensive coach Jerry Halpin tells the varsity that it's time to switch to Plan B. 33' 2420" g uhvfyqaqhsy , S , , ,L V 7, ,, , X, 4- " ' N. L I l, , it e j if , Smith, Deborah: Math, BS, Texas A8.M Smith, Suzette: SFA Art, MEd. Smolka, Amie: Office Aide Stamper, Patsy: English, Speech, BS, NTSU Sumerlin, Renee: Math, MA, Midwestern Thomas, James: Biology, BA, UT Thomas, Judy: Home Economics, BS, ETSU Thompson, Donald: Industrial Arts, MS, NTSU 'X 6 , MJ' 40 0 . K C? ffffffffffqvl f- LI .VX .BN Y x E95 gf? 53 is G 353 Lf CM fifafwflffff K! MQW S7 Tucker, Eddye: Homemaking, BS, TWU Turner, Esther: Athletics, Coach: BS, UT Turner, Kent: History, Coach: BS, ETSU Varley, Ronald: Industrial Arts, MS, NTSU Vaughn, Joy: English, MA, UT Wagstatt, Mark: English, French, MA, US Carolina g -in 5, A sq L' X V: ,Y ix ik EL xxxix .Q I. 3 x S ,A Q W x g..:,. S gk , 'pix i 51 K, .' , y ' - -- ij A ,qv Q l A , l Q L . , ' li , ' Wd" yi . New Inv Williams, Jan: Business, MLA,SMU Williams, Larry: Power mechanics, Coach, BS, ETSU Wright, Margaret: Biology, BS, WTSU First Row: Inez Legg, Marie Jones, Dollie McWilliams, Mary Bailey, Marlene Roger, Joyce Bayless. Second Row: Beatrice Lewis, Linda Crocker, Thelma Lumpkins, Denise Yates, Melvie Jones, Birdie Harris, Ruby New- som, Charolette Kemp, Jo Ann McKenzie, Sandra Bittle. Third Row: Carrie McCain, Bar- bara Rushing, Esther Walters, Lois Riley, Mary Brooks, Judy Sullivan, Earnesteen McKenzie, Nancy Miller, Lena Watson. First Row: Jeff Huff, Kathy Williams, Terry Hufford. Second Row: Rudolph Phillips, Jackie Mullins. 9:1 H0 5 fill NJ 35. , " ' fa V, JF K f , , f Y 'I I S 5 I f -1 - J ' .:EEEI3 1132" : . I' NIS ' Mm, ,V fm " v .. Y 'W ' f XJ I I I I J X K num C 3 I , , . u xb . J K 4 ' I X , W W X X, 4 . Q 3 , .X . Q71 ' x . I 1 , ' I . K . ' l X x N I ', l ,A X X i . , ,- J x Y X 1 L A CA N .L 1 1 ' V . I 1 f I 1 , X 1 f X . - 1 x + . w '- - ' --- - 4 , .A X 1 V - . . . - . . X , ' A ' A 1 f - '5 1 , xl ' 'I' X . lf' 1 rt, X X W 1 'lr Q I ' X V .. X - ', A I' , V ' f X K I r 4 . , . .Q E. ii. 4 C Q Q 'I HP J V , 3 D 11 gi A w A: - ' Q A! jfs!-T7 Q , M-8 CIQAWFOR I, Q E521 4 g viq 0 S :,2, "g"""' 4 Q?" Ja 1 U TABLE OF CONTENTS Presidenls Languages Fine Aris Vooaiional Honor Service Skills Journalism Business use-1 7 1 72-I 7: 1 74- 1 al 1 as-1 9 192-191 194- I 9l 1 ea-1 el 198-201 Q04-Qos 'residents' appella Choir Club ta Club J Chem Club ama Club Child Care Food Service Hero lg Corps nch Club shman Chorale Choir shman Class rman Club ls.Choralares Choir iSA - HOCT lustrial Arts mor Class y Club i Alpha Theta il s Eye il s Nest il s Nest Business Staff ill and Scroll frigeration and Air Cond. nior Class cial Studies phomore Class anish Club :dent Council ident Directory 'nphonic Band A -ICT Bryan Hall Paul Hopkins Scottie Allen Steven Sieda Carolyn Couger Karma Brown Brian Eyre Gary Swindle Richard Thomas Rhonda Chester Terri Wright Tina Buckingham Thomas Benoist Rynda Chambers Thomas Quintana Karen Ham Lajuana Harris Tina Havener Lisa Mosley Dena Oliver Randy Jackson Bobby Keeton Kathy Kerby Kris Hostrup Norma Worrell Jim Ticknor Renee Carlson Christi Redd Lisa Day Patty Wyatt Christi Redd Kenneth McCord David Cornett JoLynn Hallmark Gina Smolka Rawdon Allen Scott Smith' Christi Redd Connie Kirkpatrick Linda Berry David Martin Jeri Jeter eing president of a club is no easy job as many unlikely can- didates have discovered. lt is very different to be a member and want to change ways than being president and being the one to make changes. Many times oppo- sition is met from all sides and those who suggested the change suddenly disappear. This is only one aspect of being president of a club. If a party is wanted, you plan it. If a problem arises, you must handle it. There is no one else around to do it. The respon- sibility rests entirely on your shoulders. In some clubs the sponsors do most of the work leaving only a few small tasks for the president. On the other hand, a sponsor could leave it all up to them. The ideal situation is, of course, when sponsor and presi- dent work side by side to plan and carry out club activities. Money making projects are important to clubs in many ways. They, first of all, give money for trips and contests. They also help to set up funds for scholarships. For many clubs or organizations, they give exposure. They bring attention to what the club is achieving. Many times, if the product is good, a supporter is won. This person will more than likely look out for that club, attending its public functions and in turn giving it more publicity. All these projects must be planned and initiated by the president. The president must boost morale and keep it high through- out the project and continuing through the year. Most of all the president must keep everyone's sights on the club goal and help them to achieve it. We-I TZ 43 'Q'-anus Clubs Represenled: Language Clubs, Skills Clubs. M 5 Clubs Represented: Service Clubs, Honor Clubs, Journalism, Girls' Sports, Classes bs Represented: Fine Arts and Vocational Clubs 'sr bs Represented: Vocational Clubs, Skills Clubs. if Nl' ,..,-1 Qi .gnv""" f' 44 1' Q earning to master a lan- guage is what the German, French, Spanish, and Latin club members have on their minds. Their sponsors: Dahlia Glas- scock, Mark Wagstaff, Gilbert Duran, and Sonja Galbraith help to make the year exciting by exposing their students to new cultures. Each club enjoyed several parties. Some with no apparent occasion, others mark- ing a holiday or special day. The Latin Club members enjoyed a dinner and trip to Dallas Music Hall to see a performance of "Annie". .S fist. f ri - we t ff f t German Club: First Row: Ronald Lewis, Candy Spriggs, Lori Anello, treasurer, Havener, president, Paul Martin, David Seaton, Second Row: Mike Mayhew, Donna liams, Cindy Lane, Angie Hutson, Letonia Harris, Vanessa Kocher, Renna Stats. 'I Row: Mrs. Glasscock, spon. Mark Henley, Chris Abbott, Ricky Krumnow, Steven I Mike Havener. Latin Club: First Row: Tonya Turner, Eileen Gamel, Staci Allen, Laura Foss, Kelly Miller, Lisa Day, Kathy Cook. Second Row: Hightower, Roger Swanzy, Marty Hawkins, Steven Seida, Patrick Banks, Randall Reed, Jerry Hauzvicka, Steven Cappel, Mike Hick: nch Club - First Row: Jeff Stroud, Terry Hanes, Bryan Bell, Brian Swindle, Kevin James, Ricky Rose, Treas., John Smith. Second v: Renee Runnels, Laurie Ross, Terrie Christopher, Kim Kiser, Cathy Roach, Donnet Phillips Third Row: Natalie Wilson, Misty Rog- Annette Taylor, Mark Wagstatf, Sharon Hatten, Karen Hatten, Shannon Geurian, Angie Rowland, sec., Jeanann Ferguson. Languages ' if J .Ike 'V r ff ' - ,, I aft553113.llilgf-flvit-2,535ws?-f inish Club - First Row: Brian Eyre, Roy Nevarez, Cindy Gentry, Scott Smith, Wayne le, v. pres., Todd Caddel, treas. Second Row: Glenn McFarland, hist., Coach Duran, ln., Randy Jackson, sgt. at arms. und-raising projects helped the clubs have many good times with a little less stress on their pockets. The German Club spon- sored their annual Root Beer Guzzling Contest. For 506 one could try his stuff at guzzling 8 oz. bottles of A8tW root beer. lt once again produced several sick con- testants. A few weeks Iater the club sold T-shirts which had Ger- man sayings stenciled across the front and back. The Spanish Club set their year off right by selling book covers and nachos. The club also entertained teachers and principals by crooning Chris- mas carols. They were rewarded for their efforts with cookies and hot chocolate. The French Club has held parties and fund-raising projects during the year. .C CJ J Q? 29-. Z 900.8 QLD-0. 4' ca s gp, .Q A Cappella Choir: First Bow: Linda Simpson, Jim Jeter, Donelle Beard, Laurie Brown, Kim Wren, Linda Berry. Second Row: . Stroud, Steve Cummi ,Lim Richardson, Debbie Halford, Kim Blanton, Tammy Hill, Ben Neighbor. Third Flow: David Kendall, Ed D. CCS Williams, Brad Mos , Angel Aye Susan White, Pam Blanton, Pal Blanton, Clay Blakey, Bryan Hall. Fourth Flow: Charles Johns Chip Wilkerson, Bon yor, aurie Flowe, Sheila Trussel, Dawn McKinney, Shellye Houston, Terri Hibbs, Charles Flondeau, M q Everage. 1 74 I fa Q, f , r, 5 , In 93 k.,' 4 if ' L Q A , ' fi , .Q .- I 1 6 J 4 J y t l if Y I appella Choir: First Row: Lisa Godsell, Kim Bullard, Ramona Dicki, Pam Lasater, Brendale Wis, Lanita Smolka, Beverly Mayo. Sec- Bow: David Kelter, Scott Lowery, Juanita Worick, Linda Turiel, Ressina Householder, Kim Derrick, Lori Latham. Third Ftow: James row, Scott Cryer, Dave Thomas, Rawden Allen, Carla Riley, Lynn Coons, Lori Angello, Brenda James. Fourth Flow: Phillip Little- l, Bob Burns, John Branch, Shannon Banning, Linda Fain, Peggy Barnhart, Lori Anello Angel Ayers Shannon Banning .E O ppella Ch ACa 176 Linda Berry Pam Blanton Pat Blanton Janice Garza Bryan Hall, President Tammy Hill ff? TS' ,AA if -A-:pr f J ,X X 15-H-r W as M53 'Via Pam Lasater Phillip Littlefield Kim Richardson Linda Simpson Lanita Smollfi' Dave Thomas Sheila Trussell Kim Wren Mr, John Bragg Director 'cr 'U 177 o say one is interested in the Arts is a broad statement at best. Our Fine Art department includes many interesting people. One such group is the choral depart- ment. Easily recognized by the tunes they hum while going from class to class. These students work hard. From concerts to con- tests to their musical production in the spring, being a choir mem- ber is a year-round obligation. Another very expressive group is the Drama Club. They are con- stantly practicing for upcoming productions. These productions are entered in contests, giving reward for hard work in previous months. 'U C cu M 05 .2 O .c CJ 178 Stage Band: First Row: Norma Cortez, Kevin Morris, Linda Berry, Rudy Aguilar, Mark Ramirez. Second Row: Christine Boedeker, Paul Danahy, Monty Rogers, David Geyman, Jack Geyman, Director. Third Row: Mark Butler, Debbie Hollis, Norma Worrell, Tim Cave, Kent Wade, Tweety Davis. 3515 L0 "i Celebrations: First Row: Mark York, Dave Thomas, Charlie Rondeau. Second Row: Shannon Banning, Angel Ayers, Linda Fain, Brad Moss, Jim Ticknor, Ron Taylor, Sh Messick, Laurie Brown, Brad Allen, David Keltner, Kim Richardson. Elub: First Row: Vincent Gerhber, Tong Valle, Jerry Houzvicka, vice president, Eddy Maupin, secretaryg Parvin Wassei, Jimmy ford. Second Row: Tammy Smeliey, eborah Morton, Cheryl Brennen, Lisa Hernandez, Cerina Freeman, Kim Bradshaw, Kim mon, Michele Hammond, Kim Kiser, Darlene Wilson. Third Flow: Jon Juneau, Tracey Bryan, Karen Ferrell, Sheri Thurman, Greg ley, Reuben Amesquita, Lori Scott, Shalene Yarborough, Libby Phelps, Shannon Freeman, Historian, Mark Trimmier. Fourth Row: tt Terrell, Linda Johnson, Misty Rogers, Joe Poovey, Paul Hopkins, Mark Godsell, Mike Mayhew, Allison LaRoe, Kim Flanagan, :hell Rice. SJ A-f' Fi! .sw 5-fafk--try i A i,,7"i"V'x1-f., , . I 5-4,5 lg L. , tojrgqttv- f, yt, gtut1?14w:wgfNf-Xi,.:-fha . ' , 2 Q- ' L f t' f T1 swings. , . N- .,,, ' - If u. ,, , wk 7 f A V. .5 Q KL-V ,. K 1, it ,ui ls- N .5 ,W K M Lkbr -1 f 'ff Ni" ' f' W iff: Ywftf 'M5fzfi"wsi ' L ssxsswm F X uf- . ,F Q, H- ,ugtiguxvwsgfy 5, Q ,f,h',fc,:, W, L -gvqiiis - -.,, , ' . A l .1 g 1 ., s ' 4 Y t .1gf'l,f'2 ii Q' if 'na Club: First Row: Anna Mejorado, Tammy Dawson, Joli Ballew, Roger Swanzy, Steven Caddel, Debbie Halford, Annette Taylor, rie Theriot, Kimberlie Carpenter. Second Row: Dianne Leeman, Cheryl Bates, Peggy Barnhart, Tammy Goodwin, Brian Swindle, E-?sia.Harrisg secretary, Tina Newsom, treasurer, Brian Eyre, president, Jill McCaulley3 vice president, Lisa Austin, historian, Wayne H. Linda Ashton, Cindy Holder, lngegerd Annergren. Third Row: Melissa Jay, Angie Hudson, Marie Blackwell, Lezlie King, Martin iino. Denise Hooper, Michele Smith. 6'339,'5fQ5"'5"5g'E'2"g9..,Tgg 3f735'ff'Q5QI 'O.QCDCDfQ,1'CDcD,.,fQ,CD.-+:11Q-:f-""'197 gg QLD wcg m"33-. U'--Z Q-mW'U03o3mJ' nz: 4 V,-'Q :mm YD .w'OW' -zlvg' f-o- U' -vi 3 -0- CDXO Q. -Como X- UID' 5'mCD2Qgf0'5-'go 'U:g'2fDQ5"m3'3-grbgom cowf'MsUm5'mF+oE?2fDQg9:crmgSD9-.U-.E,, Q5 -.-OmC.U'J59,-+:,o.-.oocG .4 w5'3o'- m1.43WD Bm fUOOE5'mcD---ED.-U O...-.-+ 1 -'-- 9-CSFUEIQ-fgfwgii3"':m3:S'fD'DLg'Dg2O cD:fDOLQSDf,"Q-mm O3"oo'gcQQrm3-o:::"'moE gm :,mU'15gcnf2-Q,Tcn gr- gomrfmgmac. --'Dm:O'go03cngSTJ5'8f7,'3cno::2 Q',,,3m-, 0339-QD,,.,.1:m-1, -- mifp 0.510321 gnufofa ..s:m.s3-aw-w'2ssf+fDf"' c " mm .-. - cn g382p.fgQQO5,g3Qmwg3'-, Q.'g,smgPfg'eE2 mmmo '3m3 5:-g'9'-.Ew 20 932:-481 ..f:m2TQQ'02T5'9-5'3:53O-+ fn2Qm2.fh:1:m 3':03::'33o.3fDfD"'wo.-3' ow33fP.2'63 QMICQIIIQ..-M3754-Tm -o-U3Q-CQlfD-o- and Ari, B .L 1 3 Cadet Band: First Flow: Melissa Tavares, Colleen Sartwell, Robert Thirdgill. Secoi Flow: Spencer Howell, Norma Cortez, Ken White, April Lytle. Third Flow: Mr. Denr O'Dell. E 'bik ' V Q' 355 K O Gap M ,g51.N C, me FlGl-WWE' if Flag and Rifle Corps: First Row: Elaine Henderson, 2nd Lt., Rynda Chambers, Capt., Libl: Phelps, lst Lt. Second Flow: Ken White, Bobby Burt, Melissa Tavares, Deenda Kinsey, Apr Ly'lle, Tracy Bailey, Landee Lytle, Kelly Whitsell, Kelly Chambers, Cory Morrison, Dann Thomas. Girls' Choir: First Row: Shannon Stanton, Joyce Moore, Judy Denton, Kathy Matteson, Sharon Malone, Susan Freeman, Debra Roberts, Rhonda Carter, Carrie Eaves, Tina Eikenbary, Rispah Spence, Rose Marie Rogers, Historian - Reporter. Second Row: Beverly Neal, Vice President, Joyce Childs, Christine Boedeker, Annette Grizzle, Secretary, Gina Bennett, Dorothy Branning, Cindy Ortiz, Librarian, Kim Coleman, Librarian, Lisa Mosley, President, Margaret Williams, Renay Slagle, Beatrice Johnson, Mr. John Bragg. Third Row: Laurel Waldrum, Elizabeth Hand, Margy Lewis, Treasurer, Tina Wood, Vicki Tamborello, Nancy Meeks, Carla Walker, Colleen Sartwell, Terrie Thomas, Donna Dawkins, Rachel Parker, Tina Romine, Sharon Vaughn. It as x Q Y 5 L F ' is ti 1 f , 5 i tn - i ll L Q ... shman Chorale: First Row: Rex Smith, Jimmy Stevens, Angela Ban, Diana Martinez, Joey Dilgado, Jill Simpson, Rhonda Bradshaw, ena Traylor, Dina Brosz, Stoney Garner, Jeff Riley, Second Row: Andre Fuller, Denise Moreno, Cindy Barger, Karien Ham, Lanelle kinson, Nikki Cunningham, Jackie Brock, Cynthi Astresllo, Debra Kinney, Jamie Morgan, Dennis Plunk, Darryll Burrow, Mr. Bragg. ird Row: Jim Turbeville, David Young, Sheri Buchanan, Gina Goodrum, Lesley Nittler, Kathy Nichols, Carolyn Peoples, Laurie Imes, Lisa Sikes, Kelly Kato, Dana Chester, Todd Caddel, John Willis. Jwfzgg - ,-'? if af Y! w i Q i .,. 357 'S Q ww A, wi? if 'XND x K mi? IJ XLAAI Marching Band: First Row: Connie Kirkpatrick, Twirler. Second Row: Bryan Hall, Drum Major, Lori Bos, Drum Major, Amy Hoggi Robin Moore, Librarian, Charley Close, David Geyman, Robert Lancaster, Junior Representative, Kyra Richard. Third Row: Dee anna Simmons, Secretary, Kelly Miller, Chris Cook, Jill Simpson, Freshman Representative, Pam Wade, Annette Guajado, Lorri Neuville. Fourth Row: Juli Webb, Tammy Pavey, Teena Traylor, Ginger Russell, Beverly Mayo, Librarian, Rachel Parker, Pam Vai ghan, Fifth Row: Ricky Krumnow, Treasurer, Judi Pavey, Leon Benavidez, Darren White, Kevin Moore, Donna Elton, Tim Cavi Sixth Row: Kevin Morris, Mark Ramirez, Eric Stephens, Rudy Aguilar, Laura Foss, Senior Representative, Sheri Venable, Michell Godwin. Seventh Row: Jeff Allen, Kenny Donihoo, Ricky Wilson, Steve Bos, Steven Seida, Vice President, Ronnie Lewis. puma rching Band: First Flow: Jeanann Ferguson, Twirlerg Lisa Ethridge, Twirler. Second Flow: Daniel Foss, Norma Cortez, Don Wilson, in Stanley, Christine Boedeker, Mr, Dennis Odell, Assistant Director, Mr, Jack Geyman, Director. Third Row: Paul Miller, Theresa g, Linda Berry, President, Donna Williams, Leslee Morgan, Tina Flomine, Katie Garrouthe. Fourth Row: Tonya Griffin, Chandra chler, Debra Lowe, Carol Deets, Librarian, Norma Worrel, Rose Wonzo, Angela Luton. Fifth Flow: Frank Cortese, Cindy Alvis, Dar- Brown, Kent Wade, Arturo Cisneros, Mark Denton, Tweety Davis. Sixth Rowi Debbie Hollis, Laura Littlejohn, John Oliver, Michael iahy, Michael McNeary, Scott Myers. Seventh Row: Mark Butler, Mark Turner, Paul Danahy, Davis Wilson, Monty Rogers, Candy iggs. Ianning For The Future. Many Garland High School stu- dents have just that on their mind. They have used high school as an opportunity to learn skills they can use later in their lives. Distrib- utive Education, Future Home- makers of America -- Home Eco- nomics Related Occupations, Child Care, Health Occupation Co-op Training, Vocational lndus- trial Clubs of America - lndus- trial Co-op Training include the six work programs. if m t9"f , FHA-HERO, Child Care: First Row: Lori Acrea, Janice Buford, Joann Bell, Sandra Ar Carol Colapret. Second Row: Vickie McBride, Janice Sewell, Joyce Carson, St Vaughn, Janice Williams, Teri Wright, Susie Prock. Third Row: Susie Redd, Kellie CI bers, Rhonda Chester, Martha Cisneros, Isabel Rodriquez, Valerie Blanton, Dm Banes, Sponsor Miss Cannon. n... I V. HERO - Food Service: First Row: Lori Scott, Dana Reeves, Sherrie McCarroll, Sheryl Schenck, treasurer, Latonya McDowell, G Reese. Second Row: Charlotte Coleman, Thomas Benoist, Tina Buckingham, Terry Hanes, treasurer, Renay Slagle, Billy Wright. v hese students learn skills in class then put them into practical experience while working for an employer. They specialize in several different areas. Some include office work such as filing, typing, working with small chil- dren at a day care center, or working with machines as a machinist, welder or a carpenter. Each student works each day and is paid fairly for his work. Stu- dents may only report to work if they also complete a full school day. 0 FHA First Flow Charisie Isaac sec Brenda Strawn Jill Self Tara McDaniel Margaret Dorathy, Sandy Williams, reporter-histo- Kathy Harris president Second Row Kevin Moore Scott Williams Jerry King vice president, Mark Deel, Jeff Tyler, Chad Robin- U- l C3 rs of Ameri 9 m ure Far -0- 5 LL 188 Sweetheart Nominees: First Row: Karen Johnson, Freshman. Kim Derrick, Sophc more. Second Row: Sweetheart, Scottie Allen, Senior. Sharon Hatten, Junior. me it " in o make working a fun as well is ' S as a learning experience, most work programs have a corre- file A sponding club to go along with it. ' A3 These clubs include Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Future Homemakers of America, Food Service, Future Teachers of America, lndustrial Arts, Future Farmers of America and Future Homemakers of America. These clubs plan parties for all occa- sions and organize field trips. One such field trip was taken by the Dlstrlbutive Education group. tx A ve 'W . 9 . W 65 N get wt FFA: First Row: Larry Rice, Mike Clark, Johnny Flowers, Steve Guggenbuehl, Jerry Taylor, Buddy Morman, Kelly Culbertson' Second Row: Thomas Brumit, Mike Adamson, Carla Thomas, Rusty Edwards, Danny Hawthorne, Skeeter Hall, Denny McWilliam Robin Smith. Third Row: Byron Washington, Michael Turner, Richard Thomas, Rudy York, Kevin Schreiber, Reagan Roger Bobby Henderson, Randy Smith, Cindy Alaniz, Mr. Carson. Fourth Row: Darrel Butler, Burtis Norton, Kelly Wilkersham, John Cox Carl Flowers, David Cornett, Bob Dunn, Brad Raney, Steve Peacock. Q , s, .. f as 3' ess P First Flow: Wes Bodiford, Rick Foster, Craig Kirby, Scott Young, David Lantz, James Wrisner. Second Flow: Duranne Foster, ma Brown, pres. Marisa Bailey, Sheila Ellenberg, Brenda Coonrod, Ginna Smith, Donna McNatt. Third Row: Marie Crowell, Janet obs, Nancy Hutchurson, Linda Esbroks, Laurel Waldrum, Kelly Whilisell, Debbie Jans. Fourth Row: Sheryl Kennedy, Phil Berry, g Foster, Chris Hammons, George Trivins, Connie Gordon, David Palmer. ustrial Arts - First Flow: Jerry Gentry, Perry Owens, Mike Newman, Mark Snead, Randy Jackson, pres. Kurt Schrader, Troy Fitz- trick, Ronnie Smith. Second Flow: Keith Estes, Tommy Breedlove, Paul Chester, Ray Taylor, Cliff Shaddix, David Cornett, Dale zkerson, Kenneth McCord, Greg Stone. he FHA - HERO, Food Service division sold cookies dur- ing break to help raise money. The FFA sold sausage to help sponsor their nominees. Each nominee tried to raise the most money by selling such items as lollipops, and T-shirts, sponsor- ing hay rides, and car washes. The winner received the tradi- tional Sweetheart jacket. By joining one of these organi- zations, valuable working experi- ence can be gained. - K W ' . .., ..... FTA: First Rowi Jana Mewsome, Charlsie lssaac, Carla Niemeyer, Judy Denton Stacy Bouska. Second Row: Anita De Liva, Donna Mitchell, Randy Pursel Chery Cranford, Margaret Dorathy, Martha Caster, Cheryl Bellemyand, Bobbe Schaffer sponsors are not pictured. ...V N Wx! A xt, . VICA-ICT: First Row: Mark House Kenny Beal Jay Caldwell Perry Owen Wayne Penn Richard Drown Brad M'll J ' , , , , y, , I s, aime Guti errez. Second Row: Mard Brasfield, Bobby Geckler, Davi Holloway, Bobby Kennedy, Pete Scaglione, Ricky Rich, Brasfield, Ray M . 4 T . E . . . . . . orrison hird Row. Martin Edwards, David Hunter, Mike Newman, Brian Wilson, Tom Dixon, Gary Rochell, Alex Tesch, Mike Sprong. Fourth Row: Mr. Smith, spon., David Martin, pres., Andrew Gossett, Bryan Holt, Phil Cook, Edward Heffington, Kenny Gar- rison. Kelly Helm, Johnny Garner. tt tt, fg,.f,,,,t,,s,tgt,I,1,1, It F ' ' f'F 1' ft! xv'- effw gt Q-of ,- , X--ff ,,. gg W ul' Kg- l yr First Row: Sherrie McCarroll, Karen Baylock, Rene Russell, Angela Lauterdale, Paul Chester, Michelle Quinn, Ed eila Fagan. Second Row: Mrs. Wanda Mitchell, Sponsor, Sharon Malone, Sharon Alvis, Deborah Brabhan, Karen ,Dena Oliver, president, Lisa Shannon, San Juana Rodriguez -i t .,.,,ji 1 ' .- Nga M-eff - E-OEA - First Row: Sharon Watson, Sharon Childress, Rep., Diana Willis, Dana Jensen, Brenda Armstrong, Sheila Klock, sec., bin Harison, Debbie Selmon, Brenda Fette, Mrs. Mary Millsap, sponsor. Second Row: Mrs. Barbara McElmon, sponsor, Renee Carl- mn, president, Yolanda Love, Penny Morgan, Historian, Tressa Riley, Karen Bayless, Landee Lytle, Becky Close, historian, Rynda Warnbers, treasurer, Teresia Harris. Third Row: Shelli Harmon, Sharon Patterson, parliamentary, Beverly Patton, Deena Willis, vice esident, Nancy Frazier, Patty Wyatt, Rachel Reyes, Gwen Bolton. lubs 6 C IND Beta Club: First Row: Joy Parks, Tina Newsom, Don Hightower Jr. Rep., Jolynn Hallmark Sr. Rep., Christi Redd sec.-treas. Scottie Allen, pres., Jim J nor Vice-pres., Brad Moss, Bobby Keeton, David Castle. Second Row: Robin Rozell, Thomas Benoist, Kevin James, Linda Fain, Carolyn Couger, ti Ellard, Sharon Childress, Lisa Day, Sheri Davis, Diane Whitfill, Todd Park, Tammi Harvison, Lanita Smolka. Third Row: Rebecca Cooper, Steven Cadi Steven Seida, Paul Danathy, Lori Latham, Rene Reed, Cindy Kay, Shannon Gevrian, Patty Wyatt, Dawn McKinney, Christy Barnett, Laura Bills, Si Caster, Michelle Hammond. Fourth Row: Brad Nicholson, Renna Staats, Gary Swindle, Linda Clair, Randy Smith, Cindy Gentry, Kathy Kerby, Randy Ja son, Vicki White, Roy Nevarez, Nancy Frazier, Jerry Hauzvicka, Terry Hanes, Vicki Tamborello. chieving Honor is the high point of many high school stu- dents. This honor is received through recognition by one's peers and teachers. Being selected for Beta Club, Quill and 1 Scroll, or National Honor Society is one way of receiving recogni- tion. Having a high enough grade point to be accepted into Mu Alpha Theta is another. Selection processes vary from club to club, but the main factors include high grades and good citizenship. Teacher recommendations become vitally important to stu- dents wishing to become mem- bers. The contrast comes with selection for Quill and Scroll. Mu Alpha Theta: First Row: Norma Worrel, pres., Connie Kirkpatrick, V-pres., A Hogge, sec.-treas. Second Row: Brian Eyre, Diane Whitfill. Third Row: John Jon Candy Spriggs, Tim Cave. Fourth Row: Jeff Farlow, Steven Seida. Fifth Row: Paul D ahy. S as Qt., -. -ts ' i i 5C".3" I and Scroll: First Row: M ra Ellard Lisa Da Karen Ferrell sec.-treas. Second Ftow: Y r yr - Bos, Jan Gilland, Christi Redd, president, Cindy Genty. Third Row: Kenny Merle. ts selection comes from journalism students who show outstanding dedication to school publications. Fund-rais- ing projects for the clubs included bake sales and Christmas candy cane orders taken by Mu Alpha Theta. NHS sold confetti at football games. Activities the clubs partici- pated in included math semi- nars, sponsoring needy fami- lies, Beta Club, Student of the Month, and journalists compet- ing in district, regional, and state literary events. Each club also enjoyed parties and helped in decorating for the Coronation and Pop Balls. , .of N .S. First Row: Sarah Johnson, sponsor, Cerina Freeman, Natalie Wilson, Myra Ellard treas., Cheryl Brenner, Jolynn Hallmark, Vice- :. Kathy Kerby, Christi Redd, Scottie Allen sec., Joy Parker. Second Row: Steve Caddel, Colin Armistead, Jim Ticknor, pres. Steven la, Vince Rowe, Randy Smith, ,,.a, , .1-' O ii' , '-3' 4 .4 Q, lag. A 'ifszv -f' ,I -w Mwduwvlw-+A STUDENT COUNCIL: First Row: Beverly Patton, Cindy Kay, Kathy Samples, Sharon Jeffrey, Melissa Jay, Sheri Davis, Kim Bul Second Row: Mrs. Jan Williams, Kathy Kerby, Robin Rozell, Brad Moss, Christi Redd, Linda Clair. Top Flow: Sharon Hatten, Deb: Simpson, Carolyn Cougar, Shellye Houston, Dawn McKinney, Scott Lowrie, Brian Swindle, Kevin James, Vince Rowe, Tony Jac Sherrie Crane, Terri Hibbs, Lynda Day, Jan Gilliland. roviding services to help the Garland Community. This is what Key Club, YAC, Student Council, and FCA is all about. Student Council spends much of their time working to accomplish projects around school. They plan dances, decorating activi- ties, and special assemblies. FCA works to arouse Christian spirit in the student body. They have fel- lowships at each others' houses and listen to various speakers. They sponsored a bonfire the week before the SG game and work with orphans at Christmas. Q H FCA:First Row: Liz Boring, Terry Gambill, Lynda Clair, Dawn McKinney, Gary Swir Scott Smith, Melaine Burns, Robin Rozell, Roger Rozell. Second Flow: Tammi Harvi Eddy Maupin, Mark Tatom, Cindy Gentry, Tracey Smith, Vicki White, Grant Spe Dana Pickard, Terri Wilson, Kathy Cook, Gina Lovell. Z 1 Q Q-f al X, fig if "F , ' gn, v Q ,. if V K X ' si .ref gpg , X., . , 1 H 1 - . .. .A 9 .. Q i N. ,W f V rr' I if A f' H CLUB: First Row: Piper Grimes, sponsorg Scott Smith, Liz Boring, Eddy Maupin, Kathy Kerby, Kris Houstrup, Cindy White, Christi Redd, Karen Ferrel, ve Hammerlee, sponsor. Second Row: Sheri Davis, Robert Melton, Jean Anne Ferguson, Shannon Stanton, Randy Smith, Kim Bullard, Corey Wagner, annon Jones, Ricky Rose, Tracy Sively, Doug Hatten, Gina Smolka, JoAnne Redford, Mark Godsell, Melinda Howell, Mark Cobb, Jim Ticknor. Third iv: Tammi Harvison, Terry Gambill, Anita Owings, Jill McCaulley, Brett Baker, Mindy Watkins, Lynn Keller, Lori Bernard, Donna Meazle, Amy Scott, Lisa :er, Valerie Davis, Donnette Phillips, Kim Jeffrey, Susan White, Nancy Linsey, Pam Rogers, Kevin Moore. Fourth Row: Scott Lowrie, Rawdon Allen, sri Crane, Alicia Scales, Donna Williams, Sherry Thurman, Ranessa Householder, Tracy Smith, Shellye Houston, Beverly Patton, Nancy Frazier, Karen rless, Deena Willis, Linda Ashton, Cheryl Bates, Robin Griffin, Tracey Sonja. Fifth Row: Tammy Toppings, Lisa Austin, Linda Costello, Wes Smith, 'isti Barnett, Sandy Caster, Kyra Richards, Diane Whitfill, Carla Thomas, Roy Nevarez, Rhonda Davis, Candy Chastine, Sue Spradlin, Randy Jackson, oin Smith, Laurie Davis, Bryan Eyre, Annette Taylor, Sixth Row: Steven Seida, Vince Rowe, Linda Fain, Gary Cowger, David Hunter, Richard Thomas, l Farlow, Randy Moore, Tod Radford, Mike Hicks, Lisa Tatom, Prissy Estello, Mark Trimmier, Natalie Wilson, Kathy Cook. Seventh Row: Robin Rozell, iron Childress, Kim Dedmon, Kenny Merle, Toni Watson, Brad Nicholson, Brad Moss, Collin Armistead, Stephen Walker, Kurt Scharder, Mark Sneed, an Swindell, Karen Hatten, Angie Rowland, Sharon Hatten, Kim Kiser, Kevin James. Eighth Row: Wayne Williams, Lisa Day, Wana Wilson, Terry ies, Steve Arnold, John McCauIley, David Ricker, Ann Austin, Terri Christopher, Carole Gattis, Denise Wagner, Julie Childs, Lisa Godsell, Patricia Commas, Julie Garza, Deborah Simpson. W- wwe'-Qfvvf' ' Service I - . +sw-,,.vj ' r . ' . t 3 13'-it gi , :Q ' 4 , wi ex, V ' fr LM: .. . f i' , . f ' , .fs ., 4. 2'-fits, -s g Q . . s C - First Row: Christi Crawford, Amy Scott, Wendy Henson, Robert Melton, Brad ss, Deanna Solley, Deirdra Jackson. Second Row: Nancy Frazier, Jeri Jeter, Kim Jef- y, Lynda Day, Mary Harris. AC works to improve the food in the cafeteria. They test samples and meet with other schools to hear their opinions on the cafeteria food. KEY CLUB is affiliated with the Kiwanis Club. They do service projects for the community. One such project was the Haunted House during Halloween for the March of Dimes. Each month they sponsor one teacher as being outstand- ing. They present the teacher with a rose. if e-is , 4 ,L ,,.z3-N, Mk it Bio-Chem Club - First Row: Randy Smith, Richard Thomas, Mike Hicks, Don Hightower, Wayne Sage, John Jones. Second Rc Valerie Davis, Staci Allen, Debbie Bingham, Connie Kirkpatrick, treas. Kelly Miller, v-pres. Donnett Phillips, Natalie Wilson. Third Rc DeeAnn Simmons, Linda Simpson, Paula Miller, Linda Ashton, Roger Swanzy, Scott Lowrie, Judy Pave , Angela Luton, Scottie All sec. Fourth Row: Brian Eyre, Kyle Williams, Mark Denton, Kris Hostrup, Charles Johnson, Paul Danahy, Steven Seida, pres. Paul Chl tef. A racticing Skills to use later in their lives is what Rodeo, Bio- Chem Club, Social Studies Club and Refrigeration and Air Condi- tioning Clubs are all about. These clubs do less partying and more serious activities than most but have their share of the fun never- theless. The Social Studies Club, though new to Garland High, was quite active during the 1979-80 school year. Besides helping to raise spirit during Homecoming week by decorating the halls, their members dedicated them- selves to making a map of historic sites in and around Garland. i Social Studies Club - First Row: Joe Denton, Brian Eyre, Frank Cortese, Martin Ga ino. Second Row: Lezlie King, JoAnna Redford, Annette Grizzle, rep. Patrim McCommas, Judy Denton, Julie Childs. Third Row: Rene Runnells, Melissa Messil Pam Rodgers, Shannon Stanton, Kim Derrick, Denise Wagner, treas. Carole Gattis, Gl Smolka, pres. Fourth Row: Margy Lewis, Debra Bayless, Lisa Hawkins, Karen Johnsl Kathy Nichols, Melinda Howle, Lisa Tatom, v-pres. Toni Watson, Mr. Charles Axe, Spo ideo Club - First Row: Vince Rowe, Tommy Breedlove, Guy Gordon, Bob Dunn, David irnett. Second Row: Chrelle Sphaler, Richard Thomas, Carla Thomas, Dennis Watts, ,rry Taylor, Mark Tatom. he Rodeo Club spent many hours practicing for Rodeos in and around the North Texas area. Refrigeration and Air Condition- ing spent most of their time learn- ing to assemble and repair most makes and models of cooling units. The Bio-Chem Club started their year off right by selling ban- ners for Homecoming. They took field trips to several interesting companies exploring the many interesting aspects of science. Ffrigeration and Air Conditioning - First Row: Greg Stone, Bryan Hart, David Wright, Cecil Darden, Bryan Goss, Paul Riggs. Second ow: Roderick Butler, pres. Kenneth McCord, Gary Kasper, Anthony Willis, Willie Harris. 197 was 'oo -.-' -. - 01 -.-.SE Qg'g""J"-'9.. QQ-Z0 EWS? O 33 QQ -.4-3 3-WLOH--"""rnU'OO3V7CDg3 "m3mE-l3CD- 23221222813-mfgsmef-wf-QKSO - CDCDD gn E KD' "t'D' Q U5-325:11 :am 3-'S'E25tLSgg'gw 1555 S-QSSMQHHI-5'L'm9r-85, Soma' 35011, -,-."- Z".-O35-'o"'cQ Q. 3'-' "' " mms: 515 f"fD'Dm3,i..0sE.fD5'S 9302 Omoo' 29. if-UO5'--43'2'25-'gag 143501 3133 5--10, mmm'm N :QE gr.-+3-cn-52911 QQ: I-DCD 33 -+ V"'O 3 o "' mm CD0- Ffloa :rc-:mo-Ooacn-N 2. Qmsqjh CD :nn 3 Om V7 'OC O'-Q. -lr-0' fn U72 Hg 31:0E:"45c"mg"C :mp og? :.,-,, wegma-e2-.:-ws? CD22 Q3 3'1cDZ Um sw-w212IwafDs'm '5-'fs f7ffw,. ' 1-0- 5 m3o5U"D:"D-:.mrD.-+ m'4,-D Um" m 1 O CD4 3333 :T m D D3-Q., O1 mCD.,Om Om-309m -.fDOq, Owqmfb 2: omsffawvawc - Dm 'ff' -- '-r OCDO Q-Q9f9P23- mgfo -Om O01 33'-13 -.f-...:." w.uaT ::..":P' Sm rnali Jou .L CD I Student Directory Staff: Cor Kirkpatrick, Amy Hogge, DeeAl Simmc Artisan Staff: First Row: Brian Ey Connie Kirkpatrick, Joy Parks, DeeAr Simmons. Second Row: Steve Cadc Tina Newsom, Thomas Benoist, Mrs. JL Murph wwlmyy Eye: First Row: Annette Grizzle, Babette McDowell, Cindy Gentry, Christi Redd, Kim Bivins, Rhonda Davis, Melinda Boring. Sec- Row: Carol Colapret, Laura Rutherford, Roger Wakefield, Melanie Burns, Gina Lovell, Don Wilson, Paul White. 1 vls Nest: First Row: Joe Denton, Connie Kirkpatrick, Dee Anna Simmons, Bret Baker, lngegerd Annergren. Second Row: Jimmy awford, Myra Ellard, Karen Ferrell, Lisa Day, Jan Gilliland, Carol Gattis, Scott Smithey, Mark Trimmier, Tony Jacinto. Third Row: chelle Hammond, Randy Jackson, Staci Allen, Kenny Merle, Doug Hatten, Daniel Washburn. S Ege wl' 'ES 0 C wh ,r Christi Redd, Editor-in-Chief. Kim Bivins, Sta Zi he of M-M he 3 A 2 5 4 -.Y Photographers: Gina Lovell, Melanie Burns, Head Photographerg Don Wils ix ik x FS 1 e ' 2 Annehe Grizzle, News Editor. Wes Smith, Special Writer. S, - E if-me X' .Q . K iii. . '1SII"""""3" iheryl Kennedy, Artist. Cindy Gentry, Business Managerg Babette McDowell, Advertising Manager. W he members of the 1980 Owl's Nest Staff worked diligently this year to put together a great annual. Each month, an eighty- four page deadline was to be met and each person had their part to contribute. Many long hours of work during school and after school were designated to the completion of this yearbook. Now that it's put together, we all hope it will be one that will be cher- ishedg we put the pieces together. Editors: Karen Ferrell, Assistant. Lisa Day, Editor-in-Chief. Jan Gilliland, Assistant. Wilma LeNoir, Sponsor. Mary Lou Millsap, Advisor. Sports Editors: Randy Jackson, Michele Hammond. We're Put-ling It Togethe J ,s9Pf5f:f'aJi'!'5""' Class Editors: Front Row: DeeAnna Simmons. Second Row: Connie Kirkpatrick, C Gattis, Karen Ferrell. Iavid Woodward, Lori Bos, Club Editors. f 2 52 3 i:2:s.faS,:Qfg2 . 2 v 9 4 . gg ' 1:2 ' .. F :R fi ' ig! Yrs 5. - le- -f I 1 F do M-we f X hs s: First Flow: Kenny Merle, Head Photographerg Doug Hatten, Scotl Smithey, Second Row: Mark Trimmier, Daniel ashburn. cn i cn. Z Q W -0- 203 Qiaff SIDGSS Nesi Bu -as E o 204 The inane: Tod Radford, Advertising Coordinator 0wI's Nest Business Staff: First Row: Gerald Bounds, Tod Radford, Margaret Williams. Second Row: Cindy Kay, Patty Wyatt, Shannon Geurian, Rene Reed. Cindy Kay, Shannon Geurian, Popularity Ball Committee. Ni are Nwlwfw M.. A V .f W'Nf'k,-. I-1 5 i 5 ,Maxi "Q-.,,,,, Gerald Bounds, Sales and Publicity Id Bounds, Mr. Charles Crawford, Tod Radford. Manager. L. M .furrow Nm.. Rene Reed, Estella Guerra, Margaret Williams, Staffers. Patty Wyatt, Business Manager. co 5 KD. na +SaN SUIS SS H948 205 Cheerleaders Nl O 07 Kevin James, Ollie Owl Promoting Qpiri he 1979-80 Garland Cheer- leaders are a talented group of young ladies. This year they par- ticipated in the Labor Day Parade, cheered at all of the pep rallies, and put on terrific performances at the games. The cheerleaders spent one week of the past summer at Texas Christian University, working on various stunts and cheers to pre- pare for competition. The Varsity squad recel blue superior ribbons dui each night of competition. T were also selected as one of nominees for the award of Ex lence, the highest award give this camp. Junior Varsity a Freshman squads received l ribbons each night. Varsity Cheerleaders: Lanita Smolka, Robin Smith, Evelyn Boring, sponsor, Liz Bo Linda Fain, Vicki White, Babette McDowell, Laura Bills, Cindy White. Row: Lisa Godsell, Flenee Flunnels, Patricia McCommas. Second Flow: Tracy h, Shannon Jones, Tracey Sivley. Q ,-Q I Row: Kathy Nichols, Lawana J. Harris, Cindy Washburn, Pamela Carnes, Charlotte Zartney, Janna Sides. Second Row: Cynthia Estrello, Dawn Acker, Gayla Roan, ly Williams, Jan Hargrove, Alison Reeves. Liz Boring Babette McDowell Lanita Smolka Cindy White C3 'J' QD CD 1 QD QD Q.. 0 1' 03 207 Rjvji H ny , J X T if yt 'L 5 NNN F Ny F S QhOW'l'lm XM AVI' K N :A N xx U! is ii Y - iM its muy ,, fx Q Ni N l XV S V . ' L . X iv sl S, XJ D ' N Mtv U T. lxkvx XJ XA l fx K X xx FX, X ' Ax Nm T X' wig T VN KK, . f i ' . U xy! l A . ? X I l R XL U X Y' v - U , , g . . T c X Q, fmt l f D lv A- l fm ' Xl T Us xl CUB. ' l ' in to C' i X " A' , he D shi g Debs are true v sub S, CN, K Xl! dkntertainers n the football field They support sport activities X l , , l 'yy ' D l and basketball court. The Debs selling banners and cushio ji . XJ learn a new routine for each Each Deb has her own perso X ,LV r game and practice daily to per- football player to buy candy ' X U ' wb ix , , fect their performance. They are paint signs, and to decorate N2 loyal fans and hard workers house. U l, behind the scenes. Every Friday The majorettes attended t A ,V - mv lax during football season, they get summer camps to learn routii - up at 6:30 a.m. to practice at the for the season. They were hi 2 field for the performance that ored by winning first place trol g XD night. forakick routine. XJ Xl J hing Debs HS '23 D CD rg -4' - . M ff... LA 'Ive ' ,gum-l A' First Row: Tammi Harvison, Myra Ellard, Kathy Kerby, Carole Luttrell, Sponsor. Second Row: Brenda Lewis, Donna Meazle, Darl Hughes, Lisa Carter, Lisa Hernandez, Donna Prater, Natalie Wilson, Shannon Freeman, Lori Barnard. Third Row: Linda Simpson, issa Messick, Cindy Kay, Tamera Murphy, Rose Marie Rogers, Becky Huggins, Tammy Hill, Sheila Williams, Tracy Glidewell, Ter Byrd. Fourth Row: Kim Coleman, Cindy Holder, Candy Chastain, Rhonda Davis, Sandra Thierfelder, Toni Watson, Denise Wag Christi Barnett, Ftizpah Spence, Barbara Bowen. Fifth Row: Vicki Tamborello, Fionna Hines, Lisa Tatom, Sheila Trussell, She Crane, Carla Miller, Diann Bates, Carolyn Couger, Lisa Recer, Sharon Harris. 3 t, WWWQQ Ad , y , 5 Kathy Cook Majorette Rebecca Cooper Drum Majorette Myra Ellard Majorette Kathy Kerby Drum Majorette Tammi Harvison Majorette Robin Rozell Majorette in , ws, V 1" 4 ' ' M, M f . . it 5 Wo., " 'ri i. bfi- 6 M if s '+'sll- + Row: Rebecca Cooper, Kathy Cook, Robin Rozell. Second Row: Prissy Estrello, Kim Bullard, Shannon Stanton, Annette Grizzle, Smolka, Teresia Harris, LaTonia Harris, Chrissy Claytor, Ann Austin. Third Row: Cerina Freeman, Lynne Keller, Shannon Geu- Sheryl Hunter, Amy Scott, Sutton McKnight, Cindy Gentry, Kim Richardson, Jill McCaulley. Fourth Row: Lynda Terrell, Linda x Q M G DJ CD 3uiq 90 Sq Leatha Turner, Cheryl Bates, Linda Ashton, Susan Miller, Tori Hardcastle, Linda Fuller, Carrie Kepley, Fifth Row: Anita Owings, Howle, Carla Riley, Shannon Banning, Bernetta Young, Terri Hibbs, Valerie Davis, Delaina Brown, Sandi Caster. IO CD LO Linda Ashton Shannon Banning Cheryl Bates Diann Bates Lisa Carter Linda Clair Carolyn Couger President Cerina Freeman Council Linda Fuller ug Cindy Gentry Q Teresia Harris Q Tammy Hill on Council E .: cn cu Q 210 'TK Natalie Wilson Bernetta Young Becky Huggins Sheryl Hunter Jill McCauIley Anita Owings Kim Richardson Linda Simpson Sheila Trussell Council Letha Turner Sheila Williams U no aa 3ugq GCI 'B ..sq V s HM? ' ,iQ,,. It atant wa 1 X.. SSJ NN S F' fi sf' r- F' , Jw , ,,W,, W, , L, . ,, ,- vw 1,0 'L--n -v -W- W . ,,,,,. it i k k,.,,.,,f., Q ,n ? i i -5 J S 1 9 Q 7 f--"- 1 I I I, g l K J ? is J, 5' ww, Q b I fs ,I fxx .11 I I Na I : zyi My il ,I I Q N X.. .3 .. u ' 'f VE K - "Y5 knk,-. ' in A S s X i 4 Vxkr I 7 Z5 izi gg K ..V, K... K ,.,, , ,,k. ,VV:k,, Q I W ,, V Ak., l ' 1 I , ' , 1 -fi a f 'N ' - Q 1 I . . ..:. ----- "'- 'w f---f--- fx-- K ! H- - ' I I , f ' N , 1 ff-1 1' ' , my 1 f f 1 . , l Www NX ,-- bl s x I I L,-.. ,.. I s I u I I . 0 v C l , ' 1 W Y :iv I v,-s V X I I , 4 I -x.- , I . I s , 9e , gsm-'L' Q ww J J A 11 Eg D G Q Q 1 if x qp fm? 'iii r . LM E. ,f K 1 f' + D D rv I -1-1------.. Grip E -'ll' f E Q I CRAWFORD NC Q1 Mr. and Miss GHS 1 2 A53 T2 , E? Favorifes ' Jolgnn Hallmarl 214 Jim Tickno omeooming Queen and Couri 2 5 aniia Qmolka Scoi-lie Allen z Boring Angel Agers hrisfi Redd i Jan Gilliland ebecca Cooper Babei-le McDowell Marchelle Monroe Senior All GH .im JoLgnn Hallmark Richard Thoma Myra Ellard Q Jim Ticknc ScoHie Allen Vince Row Chrisii Redd Sfeven Seid lenior Class Favoriies Babehe McDowell Lacg Paul enior Mosfi Beauiiful. Handsome 1. 'kv ,. 'Q i Pi" .fi ' -2, A' g 'Hg 5 , A if fi: 'ij 31 :mf l' 'V 5':fE'lV32fii5b fl A .1 H-:L v . , .-41,142 'f ,Qv fa , ' 21,3 W! 13.-fi ' 3 : fIff'jgj1vn'191wa:':sf1s1f+csxrak11.JL -A N ww 2 v 1 f " im ' 2 d T Q " 9,12 1 f L '1 ' 'ra' ' ' I' 5 f'1'1"f51'f 'W , L H 5 h 1 . A 'g V :uw "" 'I I fy. 2 ' Q 3 my bv 1 W R x i ii? nnmuunnlnuunny ,Q E 5 .................. --'-b' ,Q X Z, ,V V, W , W .,. r "5 K .K gi , -7 P -s5.n ' E1 A sa4g4oAe:l wgel Agers ark Taiom 219 e Mosi Friendl .v 1 'iff I Karen Ferre Randg Jackso losi Courieous ' S gra Ellard W lrg Swindle, - ' ' 221 11 DJ I. -0- 0 W F0 B Favoriies Mosi WiH Sheila Trusse Randg Qmif 'ersonal i+g Plus , 'P Q? Beckg Huggins sa4g4oAej -L :- O 3. na cn -O E. :1 'O' na J na IU F0 OD Favoriies IND IO A 5 Q, if W A l5 h , sew 3 Mbsi Likelg +0 Succeee my A Carol Crawfore Qieven Qeid: ,fy OG vm pf, o Favoriie N N CD Mosi Feminine and Mase lin U ,hi 1'5" i is E 55 ii K a . ig ii i ii fi fi, , i, Rebecca Coope Kgle William 'losi Aihlefic TS Q Qefiggsffffss 3 ak 5 sf wwf:- Qrgm 52 2 3 ,L , xi ,x f:,, i ::E 2 x ,, , ,.,. 45 ,,,A , -Ks ': -- Nh H? V5 ,.- V wirff , ,rf -1: ' 47 . '- ' 1 X ,, 4 Pt. W' - ea. wr 2 5 E 15 5 3. 'if k n hem Plunk lark Smiih I. -0- 227 Besi DWI Qpiri 5 i , r , v Eavsoriies Q . 23,3 """l-wa, N ,,,,,9mm Liz Boring Kris Hosirup Popularitg Ball Nominees Senior Most Athletic: Terry Gambill, Scott Smith, Kyle Williams, Tara McDaniel, Scot- tie Allen, Christi Washburn. Senior Best Owl Spirit: Thomas Quantana, Cindy White, Randy Jackson, Sheila Trus- sell, Randy Smith, Margy Lewis. Senior Most Friendly: Rodger Gracy, Cindy White, David Woodward, Natalie Wilson, Scott Smith, Myra Ellard. Senior Most Courteous: Todd Park, Linda Simpson, Richard Thomas, JQLyf1r1,l:LalI- mark, Collin ArmistQd, Shannon Banning. Senior Personality Plus?'KrTfFt , an Gilliland, Steve Walker, Penny Morgan, Eddy Maupin, Rebecca Cooper. Senior Most Witty: Bill Levy, Carol Craw- ford, Collin Armistead, Kim Richardson, Bobby Shirley, Denise Mack. Senior Most Masculine, Feminine: Eddy Maupin, Lanita Smolka, Kevin Moore, Tammy Hill, Glen McFarland, Robin Rozell. Senior Most Likely to Succeed: Gary Swin- dle, JoLynn Hallmark, Jim Tlcknor, Cheryl Brennen, Todd Park, Lisa Day. Senior Most Talented: Kyle Willia-ms,fCegh ina Freeman, Wayne Sag , Shannon Ban- ning,,Tony Jackson, Sherlyn Senior Most Beautiful, Handsome: Eddy Maupin, Lanita Smolka, Lacy Paul, Valerie Blanton, Wayne Conoly, Rebecca Cooper. Senior Best All Around: Kris Hostrup, Scot- tie Allen, Lacy Paul, Lanita Smolka, Dave Thomas, Jan Gilliland. Senior Class Favorite: Bill Levy, Lanita Smolka, Dave Thomas, Scottie Allen, Rodger Gracy, Jan Gilliland. Senior Mr. and Miss GHS: Gary Swindle, Kathy Kerby, Mark Tatom, Rebecca Cooper, Kris Hostrup, Scottie Allen. Junior Most Beautiful, Handsome: Brad Moss, Donna Meazle, Bobby Keeton, Laura Bills, Bobby Kennedy, Vicki White. Junior Class Favorite: Mark Everage, Sharon Hatten, Brad Moss, Karen Hatten, Bobby Keeton, Angie Rowland. Junior Best All Around: Ricky Rose, Vicki White, Brad Moss, Sharon Hatten, Melvin Robinson, Laura Bills. Sophomore Most Beautiful, Handsome: Roger Wakefield, Shannon Jones, Rawdon Allen, Patricia McCommas, Grant Speake, Carole Gattis. Sophomore Class Favorite: Todd Collins, Tracy Smith, Doug Hatten, Renee Runnels, Grant Speake, Annette Grizzle. Sophomore Best All Around: Roger Rozell, Shannon Jones, Roger Wakefield, Tracy Smith, Todd Collins, Tracy Sivley. Freshman Most Beautiful, Handsome: ony Jacinto, Joni Hammond, Jeff Strange, Jan Hargrove, Scott Propst, Lachunda McCleveland. Freshman Class Favorite: Steve Shaw, Cynthia Estrello, Lee New, Alison Reeves, Jesse Garza, Cindy Washburn. Freshman Best All Around: Micki Rose, Jan Hargrove, Jesse Garza, Cynthia Estrello, Jeff Strang, Joni Hammond. sapionej 229 Junior Class Favoriie ll L-.lf Vicki Whife Rickg Rose unior Besi All Around Q9 4' Q faren Hafien Obbg Keefon ' 231 gone sa4 "N-., 4 um, f Zyl . gs z"-iw 5 C 4 1- 5 if v Q 'Q-.., ,M M 2 k,,, A .ophomore Class Favorites 5 L, A 2 i. S fA E 1 ii 4' lik: 2 p f f Q1 5 S, , 5 , w , 5 A if , 2 . f 4231-f, Q y . E K E Q X, 5 ., 4 fl M if Q .... 5+ ' , , ,, , , 1 i f 1- 5 ' K 3 4514 Y f I ' TI D C C lhannon Jones 2' lawdon Allen 233 Favori IU 00 A Qophomore Besi All Aroun 2 v ' Renee Runnele Grani Spealq phomore Mosf Beauiiful. Handsome X SY 'LJ xXx MQW +agi mn w ., fEz,5i'Qg flu e1e5 f:1 . .,f. ,m,, .i,,,3!, I , .V 2901" ,V Milf- V .',,Q,J?L'5:'TJ' f L, MT, 7 . , ,iffy ri 43: ' 5512 T if E '51 1 f r I 4 z L I ? 2 5 ,H H, 214 x - V -,, , Q , Z 1' my i : ,E r w V U .zfiiw 5 ik' K ' V - Q' F l - if . i A ' fi - 4" K Wi? ' - Y. if 2 gaonej S9 m Bullard Jgel' ROZGII 235 Mm 'ns- M - vi-wiv' g 4- , 5 -- , if A . ., 1 X ,. .W ff- .. 3, Ii kv,n 4 Ly ,,q..g-It R55 ,, +R, - :SEEKS A pg, , . W VVII, . 1 J., -- m,Lff?f'wj X fklffki 4 ,W . .Af 3 ,w k 'eshmen Besi All Around , H ge , X , f' A V 5 9 f.. - 'aw ., X7 R, L,- sif ' fn 1 1 l :E s A QL. aihg Nichols mg Jacinio 'l'1 DD 4 O I. -0- Q W 237 Freshmen Mosi Beauiiful. Handsonr l W 2'... 3 A +'- L1 ' :Me J X33 f wls , , "',,Q.Ql5 .344 K -. Jfht Lexi, -e J 3' , ' Cgnihia Esh-el Sieve Collir II GHS inda Fain Kevin James viane Whiifill Don Highiower veborah Simpson ScoH Lowrie Ielleg Miller Jason Kendiiok ill Simpson S Tong Jacinio :ue Joiner 0:91 1 ful- FN! '11 f Mix f' xv S3 I I N ga I Y ig. 1 x..' if 1 . . a f I ' v I i I I 4 . n I W I f Nfl, 3 ' I' Q R I T Y'..,,E?5?pLl9 JU K le 5 Q' I :gr I I fm Q X --4 Q 1 iD D I XY T N-J i D iv 2 if QEJNVV FORD -J L z I c A gear of ups and downs young Garland Owl team, Leaders ofthe Owlsthis season dinator. Coach Duran coacl predominantly juniors with ten were captains: Terry Gamble, the offensive and defensive er devoted seniors have come Mark Smith, Kyle Williams, Coach Johnson relayed m through the season battered and Rodger Gracy, and Melvin Robin- sages to and from the press l: beaten with a 1-9 season, but not son. These players showed good He informed the other coache: witha loss of pride. Thefive soph- leadership throughout the sea- mistakes that were not visi omores, the most a Garland var- son, not only during practice but from thefield. Sity team has ever had, showed also during the games. These coaches know their b their worth by making the starting Leading the team this year iness and work hard at trying squad. were head coach, Joe Boring and teach what they themselves ha Even though the Owls won only coaches: Robert Albritton, John learned. Coaching is not as e. one game,theteam showed good Morris, Jerry Halpin, Gilbert as people think, it takes ma spirit and sportsmanshipthrough- Duran, and Goree Johnson. hours solving problems a te out the season. The team hustle Coach Albritton was in charge faces every week. We, the spc was never at a loss, though the of the offensive and defensive editors, of the Owl's Nest, wo Owls were down in the score, backs. Coach Morris instructed personally like to thank 1 many times. The team members the offensive and defensive lines. coaches for trying to make G showed good attitudes and Coach Halpin guided the offen- land High Schoolabetter place enthusiasm through practice and sive line and defensive lineback- be. the rocky season. ers andalso was defensive coor- UWILQ F'f,jPf! Lg We Uma -f '- T if 5333 YUWLS First Row: Willie Harris, Anthony Goodman, Charlie Key, Durrell Jackson. Second Row: Troy Fitzpatrick, Charles Turner, Marshall E ing, Eddy Maupin. Third Row: Greg Shaddox, Keith Williams, Kyle Williams, Gary Kasper. Fourth Row: Jerry Gentry, Jeb Evans, Dar Reese, Cliff Shaddox, Wayne Williams. Fifth Row: Bill Levy, John Thomas, Steve Blanch, Terry Gambill, Billy White. 4 1 :- -5-in QWQJQ UW 5' llwligi-J Front Row: Jerry Halpin, Joe Boring, Robert Albritton. Back Row: John Morris, Mike Baker, Gilbert Duran, Gill!! L55 UWL5 DWL? itll-'5 Row: Kenny Crosby, Vince Lee, Kevin Staples, Gary Swindle. Second Flo lt " w: James Strange, Mike Mayhew, Rodger Gracy, Melvin nson, Third Ftow: Jimmy Hanks, Mark Tatom, Kenneth Vatin, Albert Whetstone, Joe Poovey. Fourth Row: Mike Barnett, Marty kins, Chris Smith, Vincent Rowe, Danny Hull. Fifth Ftow: Glen McFarland, Scott Smith, Mark Smith, Cecil Darden. 4 QD -1 2. -ll' lI9q+00:l 243 Marshall Boring SR. -QB Terry Gambill SR. -QB Willie Harris SR. - RB Kyle Williams SR. - RB Mark Smith SR. - FB Jimmy Hanks SR. - SE Rodger Gracy SR. - FB Jeb Evans SR. - TE Gary Swindle SR. - FL Gary Kasper SR. - SE Cecil Darden SR. - TE Eddy Maupin SR. - C Mark Tatom SR. - G Charles Key SR. - C Bill Levy SR. - T Glenn McFarland SR. -T Vince Rowe SR. -SE Scott Smith SR. - K Melvin Robinson - JR. - QB Keith Williams JR. -SE olbal Fo silg 3 D 244 -:r 'f if -J 1 I ,'k'g M N . .if 1-N' 'K 1261" -aisliifw A- N: ,ffl , . ,Qi A WA ,KK as Q W X Smeg 5. 'V UU!-S ,Qi Ni Q I .., it NFA D! B i-fi 'N 1 if iiiie. f i Lay., z . , L-N 1. I K, :KX kgllaqf. fJ'.:" 5 "V" 1 "gg-lafgftgi Cry Qi 'Id ,, may L, ' Y -H 3 . LL': f . Wi V - -H , M . y ,H f 2. fe W an 1 will .. f-l My K 'N :wilson - .gf 1. V , . W 41" 17 QE x... if L. s. F fi,- J jf my kwf Kenny Crosby JR. - FL Dewrell Jackson JR. - FL Anthony Goodman JR. - SE Charles Turner JR. - TE Mike Mayhew JR. - C Kenneth Vatin JR. - G Marty Hawkins JR. - C Kevin Staples JR. - G Mike Barnett . JR. - G Cliff Shaddox JR. - G Billy White JR. - T Chris Smith JR. -TE James Strange JR. - FL Vince Lee JR. - SE Steve Blanch JR. -TE Wayne Williams JR. - TE Darrell Reese SOPH. - RB Greg Shaddox SOPH. - G John Thomas SOPH. - T SOPH. -T Albert Whetstone 5 1 CD Hp ll9ql00:l 245 Terry Gambill rolls right. Charles Turner looking up field. ' 13 .S Owl defense piles 1 ing 0 th 3- 24 otba Fo arsilg D 8 force behind the scene is what the GHS Trainers and Man- agers are. These two groups sel- dom receive any recognition for their hard work. Some people think they only wash the uniforms and clean the dressing room, but their work goes way beyond that. The managers have to get ready for practice by taking dum- mies onthe field and keeping time during practice. Many hours are put in after practice preparing forthe nextday's work. The trainers work at the sta- dium many hours a week. During two-a-day practices they meet at 5:00 o'clock a.m. until about 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. that night. Taking care of players' injuries and trying to prevent them is mainly what the trainers try to achieve. This group is led by Mike Baker. Besides the hours during the season, trainers are working during the summer months going to clinics and week-long camps learning new methods which they can use to help their team stay healthy. Front: Roy Nevarez, Tresa Pierce. Back: Randy Smith, Randy Jackson. A Force Behin J.V. Trainers: Scott Jacobs, Dhana Fleet 9 SCBHG Front: Troy Fitzpatrick, Jerry Gentry, David Duke, Back: Paul Hopkins, Danny Hull. Near" nw!! if -4' 4' ,,,, -4 ' , ' 'wwf . 1 kms A, rf, At ,, 1 ' xo. Mk Q, M 1 ef . 4. , f 1 ' if ' of h Y fm 1 , 'Y ,f y " .4f."hd,um ' he 'A " of ,M,Hwp fm 3 .. VW, J l W K 4, j Randy, quit playing. Coach Baker deep in thought. Anticipation!!! 4 2 HHS HBq+OOj 249 eading the Owl Junior Var- sity this year to 4-6 season were coaches: Larry Williams, Jim Lewis, and Jimmy Harris. The J.V. did a fine job this season, although not winning all their games, the players never showed a let down in spirit and hustle. Five Sophomores from this team were promoted to the Var- sity to start at their positions, proving the talent of the Junior Varsity. The players going to the Varsity next year surely won't hurt Garland's chance of winning a District title. J.V. Coaches: Front, Jimmy Harris, Larry Williams. Back, Larry Hudson, Jim Lewis. Lawrence Robinson breaks through the line for a big gain. T - Q... works hard for the week's game as Coaches Hudson and Williams give instructions. First Row: Trevor DeLee, Guy Gordon, Darrell Henderson, Jeff Coker, Rodger Rozell, Ricky Lipsey, Victor Taylor, Steve Carter, Bryan Bell, Todd Collins. Second Row: Coach Harris, James McCIurg, Dan- iel English, Ricky Gonzales, Kyle McCulIum, Jeff Oswald, Mike Millsap, Lawrence Robertson, Wes Wright, Lynn Best, Rylam Pruit, Manuel Sanchez, Jim Elisha. Third Row: Coach Hudson, David Duke, Robert Jones, Rodger Wakefield, Scott Smithey, Tracy Sims, Wes Smith, Grant Speak, Lance Jacobs, Gregg Lee, James Strickland, Larry Thetford, Keith Mithchell, Coach Lewis, Coach Williams. Fourth Row: Terry Ferrell, Pat Banks, Chip Wilkerson, Kevin Recer, Kevin Lemmons, David McGee, Stacy Moran, Gary Fasion, Jeff Jones, Todd Circle, .r P 'A ooj lleql 251 lba Foo J.V. NJ CD BJ J.V. Managers: Trevor DeLee, James Strickland, Jim Elisha, James McCIurg. Greg Lee outruns the Colonels. f' fi' A i l lfzx -yff' uulllf. Tag, you're it! 4 i M 'K Darrell Henderson runs over the Colc Mayhew surrounded by his friends. heart of the J.V. offense. Chip socks one in. I hzrjzvtv sau '-as ' x ' .i f- 9-' v-..-ws ' ' Riff-.. A .ix :' 3i:R- ns..--r - ,g i 1535- h 1 za if,-,:gfigyr-.3::ew44N,!5gx53eS,sg:55 , i ,L 5 if f '1. fi:-' - . is K,-A Q" " rigs is A .. Watch out belooowi :i 'AT 0 -I-O eq IO U1 OO Freshman run for yardage. John Holloway in the grasp of the defender. A Year of Learning ever say die." That was the single most important element of which the Freshman football players could be proud. Despite the fact of losing all but a few games and tying only one, their hustle and grim determina- tion was something to be reck- oned with. There wasn't too much excitement due to the fact that winning was rare. But these young men have proven they are worthy of accepting the title of JV football players in the next yea come. Directing the freshman p gram were coaches John C Roy Russell, Mark Feuchter, 1 Kent Turner. These men can congratulated for stand behind their men and shar their knowledge with them. T were friends in need to the fre men and will not be forgotten it. Jeff Strange quarterbacks for freshman team. 'reshman Football: First Row: Jessee Edwards, Ronnie Wilson, John Holloway, Casper Cerna, Chris Williford, Rodger Swanzy, Lcott Propes, Tommy LaFan, Marcus Waldon, Second Row: Jay Banning, Glen Brackeen, Wes Hand, John Wilson, Lee New, Mar- n Crera. Third Row: John Clay, Kent Turner, Adam Scanchez, Lawrence Jackson, Clarence Jackson, Tony Jacinto, Clay fcKinney, Jeff Strange, Mgr., Rex Smith, Russell Rose, Charles Hall, Mark Feuchter, Roy Russell. Fourth Row: Chris Fortenberry, Zhris Walker, Scott Gunderson, Ernie Padillo, Kaylon Bederka, Joe Derrick, Ronnie Garner. .45,, CDV R' V,,,,3Qo,A,, -- f 2 , H MW ' , K I V? y , x, 65, ,AW , A IM - M53 Q ' ' , f,',.JQ4yg,gr.,4f,f W f .' ' L ' Q , V? H, , A M w'4,,7 ey I is V V 2 V , 1 I M lf At, ,M '33 A XJMA, we ' ' ' i , H , J 3' . wiww. - , 'W A F H , . , -,if fi 2 I it A " K , , ,K hman defense puts hurt to opponents. Offense opens hole for backs. No. they were not superstar o, they were not superstars but the team's attitude was ready, willing, and able. There were times when the attitude was will- ing and it was able enough. This year's team was inexperienced and youthful. But with a little pol- ishing up, it would be a team of lavishly talented athletes whose skills would be unparalleled. Their hustle and devotion goes without question. ln charge of the Varsity pro- gram were coaches Goree John- son and Roy Russell. Giving more and more of themselves to their men each day, pushing them to the limit to develop them. The goal of almost all the players is to play in the NBA. If this course is pursued any farther there is no telling how far they may go. There are many tough and winding obstacles and roads ahead. But there is no doubt they will overcome these obstacles and set new and higher goals. Ricky Lincoln goes over the Stallions for two points. Coach Johnson draws the next mc ,A P Manuel Clark dribbles the ball downl com 1 k,,f V . Pertection, every player's dream. 'V '21 ff 2 ' '- 1 :ff - . . if 1' Melvin Robinson concentrates and aims for ,,, J two 'W' ,914 V 'Y -er 2 4- Qr V 'A' stvik f '-'J R sb-fi QW :im W, et, x is i X w N. Q .ff ' , , iv 1 , NT I Q is X 5 az - fC R if-5, rf, C ' q i X Row: Kenny Crosby, Manuel Clark, Melvin Robinson, Kenneth Clark, Anthony Willis. Second Row: Coach Johnson, Rance ar, Darrell Reese, Mark Smith, Mark Cobb, Ricky Lincoln, Coach Wagstaff. 257 Steve Blanch and Melvin Robinson waittheir turn for the c Anthony Willis rebounds the ball. -O- CD co . CU M rt CD 3 Darrell Reese plays keep away with Trinity players. b Mark Cobb shows his unique s 5 l ul lhe +eam's al-lilude was Manuel Clark puts two more points on the scoreboard, Excuse mel Darrell Reese adds pucker power to aid him in shooting. 4 DJ 1 Q. -0- QD CD rr cu -0- cr Qi. rLincoIn reaches high for the ball. GHS inbounds the ball. Melvin Robinson takes aim. o ' 1, . Q W r -Nw, Q I --5-.K 'lx mugs :a in 5 Mark Smith works on his lay-ups before the game. H ff' ,- nh 03 5 if 5 52524 5 if 1. M 'fl as gf 3 ff 4? ? Ricky Lincoln shoots over defe eadg. willing and able T gli! You can have it! DJ f . :: .. K .J S- Y' eeeh 1 7? CD 'O' L ,,, f L O- , ., . ni I Coach Goree Johnson talks to his team during a time out. Baskelba U F: CD L rVa Junio IND CD IU Trying your luck at the free throw Steve Blanch is up and over for two more points, this as 55 .s uw :Sea 1. - , First Row: Charles Turner, Victor Taylor, Anthony McDaniel, Junior King, Lawrence Robertson. Second Flow: Coach Johnson, Gr Lee, Bobby Lee, Steve Blanch, Bobby Walker, Coach Wagsta ln their wag n their way to the top. That's e of many stops ahead for the nior Varsity Basketball squad. e J.V. has had to overcome my disadvantages this year. ey have been involved in many use games and usually come smelling like a rose. The same is true ofthe J.V. as with the Varsity. lnexperience is the key word here. As like the Varsity, polishing is needed here and there. Coach Mark Wagstaff was in charge ofthe Junior Varsity team. X A 13? Y: , He showed the newcomers the ropes and the veterans new ideas. He can be proud of the job his men did this past season. Hope- fully these stars will soon be shin- ing with bright lights. Waiting for the rebound. K i i il 3W Q 'Q I ,....f M iw-uv Greg Lee at the free throw line. Anthony McDaniel goes up for a lay-up. h+is.ieA .ioiunf W QD CD 7? CD 'O' U' E. 263 To .Q 'O- as .az on cu M I3 ".: an Junior Var IU CD -D- Jump, Steve, jump high. Give it to a Garland guy. John Thomas tries for two. Greg Lee looks for an open man. ,, .,,, ,MAL at f Q KN-X M! J Steve Blanch concentrates on a free throw. Junior King shows expertise style in dc a lay o the top Steve Blanch concentrates before shooting. The object of the game. N .logunf JBA 22. -0- CC W BD C0 K' CD -0- U' DJ W Anthony brings the ball down court. ance Robinson waits for the ball. 265 The Promise of Years to Com freshman outside, but playing like varsity on the inside. They can be compared with Var- sity in another way, too. They are just as young and inexperienced. It was grim determination that sometimes took the place of experience. While the J.V. and Varsity were whooping and hollering before a game to get their spirit up, the Freshmen were cool and col- lected, always serious and con- centrating before the game. Before, during, and after a game they tried to keep a low profile. Heading the freshman program were coaches Jim Lewis and Goree Johnson. Many hours of hard work go into a practice week. Their hustle and hard work go without saying. Garland High School can be proud of these fine young men who are the promise of years to come. First Row: Marcus Walden, Troy Camron, Nalen Ghosten Darrell McDowell Jessie Garza Lawernce Jackson Kevin Chapman ert Antwine. Second Row: Coach Jim Lewis Charles Walker Greg Jenkins Petey Young Jason Kindreck Steve Shaw Chris W Daniel McGlauphflin, Tony Harris, Lee New Tony Jacinto Manager Wes Hand mag, ' 513' sv ,W n , if-4 A L ' ..,, gQ Q53 .. . in nil 0 , 1 .... -? Q? Q' 2 i2 1 F! c. ' i- 21 fv- omething with which to be reckoned with, that's what one could say about this year's base- ball team. This program of fine athletes has come of age. It takes a team effort, and that's exactly what they gave. The devotion A gear to be remembere- these young men displayed was something to admire. Hustling came naturally to them. Heading the Varsity baseball program is coach Larry Hudson. Leading the charge for the Junior Varsity is coach Kent Turner. Their phenomenal attitude a extravagant play served as inspiration to the rest of the tea They show their friendship they make each team memt feel at home. W First row: Delbert Richardson, Kyle McCullom, Gerald Bounds, Scott Propes, Brian Schnedler, Ronnie Wilson, Tim Doyle, Tony Vi Second row: Ken Lawson, Tony Jacinto, Mike Havener, Jeff Attwell, Marshall Boring, Pat Banks, Wes Mitchell, Dwayne Moore. T row: Danny Marshall, Randy Jackson, Jean Yu Liu, Thomas Quintana, Kris Hostrup, Scott Smith, Brad Nicholson, Steve Pike, Bi Bak ll Seekers show their poise. 5"l'.w 6 X eballers practice during bad weather. Coach Hudson hopes for June. lleqasea 269 CU .Q QD CD CU M 270 Coach Turner hits infield. Going for ii Brad Nicholson shows hisf elf MW: Misa. 4- 12 X ' 'vi fn' , W, z A Q . WHY ,J was ia. 3 Q ,. Aw: -i K, M V .4- A x.:A S. , fbi vfrig' MW , . Z .. J SB-pry inf Wf " 5"k:nf A A .K 53 .ali " K af kk, W, A x W., , H V L "infie- X f-me fl Tim, practice, isn't that fl Brett, keep your head In Tony takes a mughty cui , 5114 wa-1' ,W 1 . MI., Mike practices on the tees Jean Yu concentrates on the ball. Ken toes the ball 389 'B B IU Danny's in another world. Wes catches batting practice. . ,M- if.. , pm ,, .qv Scott takes aim. He tires the b lwimmers splash into season his year's swim team is nething Garland High School 1 be proud of. The participants he program gave their best rts. Many hours of tiring and leling work went into every ek of practice. Getting ready their meets was not an easy task, but one they enjoyed. The attitude of the team was phenom- enal. Hustling and giving 200 per- cent came naturally to them. Their devotion to the sport and their coach was always at an extremely high level. Those long hours of exhausting work at East- gate paid off in more ways than one. Their physical and stature and discipline is simple testi- mony. Years from now they can look back and remember how great it was to be a swimmer for Garland High School. i Team: Chris Abbot, Ricky Garrison, Kenny Brunett, David Woodward, David McDaniel, Kyle Oakerson. 273 Mark Sneed bends over to reach a shot. S TID ETe "Oh, I'm just a little weird," says Brenda James. .ai Angie Rowland is showing her stuff. Danny Keller shows "Conner" style. ,, Plentg to Love in Tennis his year's tennis team is led by two seniors with 4 years expe- rience each. John Jones leads the boys' team and Christi Wash- burn leads the girls' team. The boys' team is looking forward to an excellent season with 4 return- ing Iettermen. The girls' team is Kevin James makes a good serve. looking forward to an extremely good year. Last year they were co-champions of District 11- AAAA. This year the team has 5 returning Iettermen from last year's excellent team. As a whole, the team should be very competi- tive this year. Just a little bit closer, Tina Havener points out. . '-,. I 'A , -. mwmw-f ff Y K W ..,ei t ,ftm,gWqg3gz,i5i,r A ff,. t"" fi ii , - K - , w i ll Ily Crane has more on her mind than tennis. t ual sgu T0 NI U1 :w.,fkg 4. A .1 "' I I .1 Q I A e S i : 'K vm, -f-:wr-f 111:21 .aff .X fi' - 0 o o Tlps Ih Tenms Coach Arnold demonstrates acing style. so 1 Q Q5 'SNP -X ' 5 F 'ix Q nk it! me Scott Lowrie plays tennis backwards. MJ .., Mindy Watkins, daydreams. ual QU '31 X, s Je!! and Steve practice on the hurdles Coach John U lx Q X MQ...-.-f at " - ks! wiv?" 154 ix? V 'x Q acing in the Right Direction l F and Terry fly over the hurdles. l .MK ? as MQ -Q- Q-it M"""f - i. - 1 ' f ' ' rf: .Jw-fe 'X ' ls --f' f - 5 , .sys .. -- s 5 - 'Sr .. ' "exft-.ark f ,- . f . .. . .-1 sk. -, W.--.,.,,...,..,.,,....,.. efending district 11-AAAA champs, return 13 lettermen for another successful season. These lettermen, including a strong sopho- more group which were undefeated as freshmen, should add strength and depth to the squad. ln the field events the Owls return district champions in the discus and high jump. These winners were Mark Everage and Greg Smelley. Other medal winners that return are Mark Smith in the high jump and Mark Everage in the Shotput. In the running events, Garland had Kyle Williams and Tony Jackson return as part of the 440 relay team that were champs. Other places included: Terry Gambill, high hurdles, Tony Jack- son, 100 yard dashg Able Hernan- dez, mile rung and Tony Jackson, Charles Jones, and Kyle Williams in the mile relay. rinters Tony, Kyle, Charlie, and Dennis warm up. i RS, ck P3 3 T CD Front row: Gary Swindle, Tony Jackson, Charlie Key, Rawdon Allen, Darrell Henderson, Dale Kroger, Steve Eubands. Second Row: Mark Brasfield, Kenneth James, Dennis Watts, Jeff Jones, Gary Pursel, Mike Mayhew, Charles Jones, Brian Floth, James Strickland. Third Row: Kyle Williams, Mike Williams, Greg Smelley, Mark Everage, Glen McFarland, Terry Gamble, John Thomas, Jesse Sanchez, Steve Lacy, Wes Smith, Keith Williams. 5 ' an 'E i 1 7.5: ., ' 2 "' , , "v , WV K , ' 7 umm' if L X we-:ww 4 W-. ,.,,, . rwfia-f.A-.wawttaglaiqfwwr,-rr, I Wigan'Vfm-..."i,:w.2f-MMM.',1fmg,.,,..,-,,,- , , ' -i, yu., ' n if L' f 8 ' -QC- we :vm xg W' fs? -ff' .M as 1 ,X Returning Lettermen: Front row: Wes Smith, Mike Mayhew, Charlie Key, Tony Jackson, Gary Swindle, Steve Eubanks, Charles Jones. Second row: Mgr. Jerry Gentry, Keith Williams, Greg Smelley, Mark Everage, Terry Gamble, Jesse Sanchez, Kyle Wil- liams, Dennis Watts, and Mgr, Troy Fitzpatrick. Q H I event men try to look mean. P' . .AZA gi ..1. Ago nk S . o . Q WN . S M V ivL Sprinters take to track. "Gary, doesn't chap stick work?" 41 aloe IND 3 .L GHS Soccer Tear his year's team consisted of 10 returning lettermen. Pat Maho- ney, Andy Harza, Lance Jacobs, Mike Lynch, Mark Godsell, Raul Martinez, Mike Davis, Jeff Cox- well and Leonard Benevidez. Coach Mark Feucther feels the team is building a program that will grow in the coming years. "The schedule is tough because our district has the finest teams in the area. This will give us some- thing to work for, plus improving our record with each year. Mak- ing these adjustments, winning will come easy and defeat will come hard, thus building self- confidence within the team." Pal Mahoney attempting to pass the ball to Raul Martinez. 0006? 9 i 282 A . , Mike Lynch moves the ball down f tc., , ,N Teammates work on form. I n ' . - it ' f ' . it " 1 I fi-stiff . if . t f Q ' 'i'iL 1 6 .,.. T, cctcc rg if gg ffl , ,l., a. tw- -if-,ww W- .. -Aww.-J a ,,- .isa J i K Tim..-QA Lk, .JK I A ' X 'ff ---- j- " Qt.-:dei " M nrqql-.enum , . K ' pg. , sw . ,f girly N-lp.: R if in 1- f ., , .1 '- qs' , ,K Y' ,,, - ' HW. . ig a t Y dx D 2. " 5 ci ., . W A Wye A ,X LAMgQS., .A riig-,,E.f?'V,x,,v . M ,- ,f ma. -S 2 -div A - Q f' 5., is ,, A s - NJ? my a. at T 'i---X - 1....- , X . 'A -" -.ww . My -. in it 3,5 A W Q, ..laJ.,,,,,W,c g 6,.t.l,,,,,.1w fe., ,Y , if .sl-,t .. ,.-92 Scott Jacobs blocks the ball from ' defenc "I lhink you missed the baIl." i Players work on their style. num . fig .V sf m ssss is kicks the ball down field. Going over drills at practice. J Vgty' A 003 30 3 O, .4 Raul awaits the coming ball. Coach Mark Feuchter participates in worl- Q- l . l , f - 2 R b ,.... my .. - K ,. ,GW ,,.,.w.ff".., . 'VXI r em. . 'ins ' -in V ,,,,..,wfW. ' - Ns V ' , it .K W W K -- 4- nv' y ..- 1. 4 ., ya. ng R. a Q Q, Q aaa. . N ml . L . .. X" ,,,,, . . M ., . --,,- 1 i ,, ' as Vkkrk, ,gl K ww .X ... Wa l a . Q a r - LA H Q A W, . R . .Q ywsqrr in 'F ' 9' ' .A aw ,Q ' wt i . ' .Q Q 'mfr gL354..i'Tl.. . .M '.i,f, .. .WAMMM , ...K . .iz -." g.if::w,1 wmllm. A ' ' ,W V .ff ai' N 3 '- v-V, ,ff 1 ,, 3 f M ,4 1 H .... J . M l Q If M., :k',. .. Am M45 U - - , ., , "" Y' . "wg .. X W X 7 . ,f....n.4 ,- . 3 Ny. .. .. ,V , .. I ,fag ,QV W3 K girv-ax. fm f A V f V -Nrrai-n,+'1l,.4,,wu6':-wws1if""'-. H- ' ' A -..Tc gf , 59' ' 'fr A . 2.2.:4a-.w'1-'fl-flf y fl' i Qff!4U':f21" ' ",' 1 I ' ' ' 'lm' :J V' ': f1wr'afw .Jr ,,,.. ' mai' L ' ,, ,K ' ,gif . ' 3 L awfvuhw am ,,,, .wa -, .. af -1 ' Q. 'M . .... In 'u L .ram-IW' ' " L -m.49 :rv -a -5 ,.v- M Q A W af Qin -Tag am.. ' E ,nv - ., 5 M "ms" . 'v L 3" ' , L ' ,. 7 3 L . way A 4 sm a g, .1 ,, V "M", if 4' K V Q I V x Q , ,, , V, W, . . Mirlvfnmw .. . I V 0 ' .,... P ' l A P l"fWig. .. f'f'W 'rr - . Ag QL ,WW .. .,, Soc IND M -D- Scoll Jacobs shot falls short on a good save by the goalie. Pat Mahoney waits for the ball. -s:.wv1-af EJ. ,M-1 J . . . Keeping the eye on the ball is a key Lynch loses the ball. factor. ,.,?,,W, A , " 2 ' '- V' ' lm. J, ' ,, L, ' " " fm Ham ,Qs r y . 4' mg fl' . . . . , '-,aff-,7af,Ay 5 I gg., Wgci H .7 wvsvwg, ' f ,935 V , ' 'aallmffwf K We ' ,, V -lll ,, ,VM -, , ,. M 4' I , , wifi ' .,,.4maJf lwir K . ne on ball, move." Players lighl when kicked by other players. , f-xxyfi.. ' ,W ,M K . ,.,,.,, ,V . 5 .1 V ,. . , 9' gg ' " Q Wifi 3 jf- j M 4 is K mir? aooog '33 Q1 -I his year's golf team has two remaining lettermen from last year. They are Jason Venz and Keith Seay. The team playing around the area in meets will also compete in the District and City tournaments to be held in April. Coach Jack Gary works hard in getting the team ready for the manytournaments. me 3 x. H Golfers Use Tc Mark Hatcher shows why he's irt on the 1 'N , Coach Gary always smiles before a shot. Whit . Keith Seay shows a sexy way to play go ITeam: Steve Cumming, Jason Venz, Jeff A. Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Keith Seay, Mark Hatcher, Coach Jack Gary. Whse 'fn-v-w--.-,,,-....,.,,w,,,.NM,s ,,,,W,, V Steve Cummings shows his Ultra-Brite smile. , Jason Venz hits a nice shot. if Jackson and Jeff Jackson don't look like Jthers. ""'i -Q 3 l 5 "Coach, they won't let me play." says Sherry. Coach Peterman explains plans for the game. A 5 Front row: Yvonne Hensley, Cindy Hervy, Terri Wilson, Sherry Plunk, Joy Parks, Miss Sherry Peterman. Back row: Rhonda Bannis' Deirdre Jackson, Rennee Reed, Michele Morneault, Terri Gleason, 5 E , 1 rls Volleg for 7-7 Record "Which line do I serve from?" says Michele. he Girls' Varsity Volleyball team broke even in their District games for the 1979 season. While led by Coach Sherry Peterman, a great deal of time and energy was expended to direct these ambi- tious girls to an even record of 7 wins and 7 losses. Average high school volleyball fans. The Varsity squad consists of juniors and seniors of which only 4 of the latter played. Each team member contributed greatly, and the 4 seniors: Joy Parks, Cindy Hervy, Sherry Plunk, and Deirdre Jackson, were recognized by their teammates and coach, as outstanding players of the sea- son. Deirdre and Cindy anxiously await a return. A great example of "wrist power." Coach Turner and players discuss the game's "l90fi1!iS outcome. aw... 'If ng It 44, :H Q' f f l .. its Front row: Sylvia Ramirez, Roberta Green, Sharon Jeffrey, Liz Cortez, Carlena Cagle, Merrie Shelley. Second row: Rhonda Wil Rhonda Bradshaw, Lisa Estrella, Connie Rentz, Nikki Cunningham, Miss Ester Turner. IV - Hard Working Group girls in District competition. f l Jr!! ai. ' ff"' he Girls' Junior Varsity Vol- leyball team finished its fourth year in competition with a record of 4 wins and 10 losses. Whether accepting victory or admitting defeat, the players, and coach Ester Turner continued working and striving to set a good exam- ple of a well-developed group. Although the JV did not finish with a high record of wins, it was noted for many high-scoring games. As a whole, a splendid job was done of gaining points on their opponents. The high-point person of the JV season was team Captain Tina Miller. In spite of winning or losing these girls were determined to obtain morale and worked hard for the points they scored. .AQ 1 r L+ s , -5 "Now girls, let everyone in the huddIe." io- Girls Dribble Through the Qeaso he Garland Girls' Basketball teams were faced with strong competition this year. Led by coaches Ann Mackey and Lisa Shugart, the teams competed against North Garland, South Garland, Mesquite, North Mes- quite, Corsicana, Lakeview and Wilmer Hutchins. Teamwork was a motivating factor with the girls this year, and brought them victory as well as enjoyment, which was well- deserved. Many hours of long and exhausting practices proved to be rewarding for the perform- ance and outcome of each game this season. Everybody, REACH! Donna Mitchell shoots with a smile. ' 2 "I could have sworn I threw that ball to one of my On down the court we g- teammatesf' says Sherry. ilyn's subtle approach, 5 , ,W ,,,. M JumpbaIl,jump ballget it get it. .. -:fff , ......-...Q-u W..,-.M-- .,,,,,,,, ,,,,, M.,-4 ii f, , -...fa an , Efi E,,:,f1fg3' f,2 if . +352 -fl 7 ,mf if mg? X f gi , ff E ,., 'f ' fifffxfkzwyfm. ,i ' ,, was rw - ' ,wwf e V H i' ' ',h, 4 V . ,. i -, ' S G - Z ,"f' A -, 'ff'- si f , , ,Z ? g ,E ELM gli! W , F ti ' .l A4 KL 5 -ggi.. f I g h i LQ , 2 HI , Wifi ,gs fy i 1 ,J H if w w, will fm f iw H -- MC ach Ann Mackey, Karen McCleveland, Sherry Plunk, Gloria Fleece, Gail Hammond, Donna Mitchell, Marilyn Scott, Frances Baker, alanda James, Valerie Bell, Merri Shelley, Sherry Duncan, Donna Dawkins - Manager. !S I-I 'S H598 +3 eq T0 CO OO Basketball li .: cn 294 Q , , mf-qw Girls express pre-game exciten So much for free throws. :Z ' - ' ativan: 'W , 1 kv, WHS , vw . V,,,, . ,Mvmmnp . -fir' , 'K ,I -75, ,ga is t U l I P u-ms..-4.W, i Qvmwaep gs. Front Row: Alisha Watkins, Vivi Castillo, Terri Gleason, Donna Poole, Annette Jarmin. Back Flow: Coach Ann Mackey, P Short, Tina Miller, Kim Forsythe, Shirley Derrick, Coach Lisa Shugart. s rf + 1onda, "going for two," Coach Shugart bears the burdens. -'WC' lullnig 'li-g. ' 5 nt row: Sylvia Ramirez, Donna Jones, Dee Dee James, Lachorida McCIeveIand, Sherri McCommas, Sharon Jeffrey. Back 1: Daria Chester, Rhonda Bradshaw, Christi Castillo, Teresa Gensel, Michelle Dalton, Amy House, Joyce McGensey, Coach a Shugart. CCG? rls So C5 296 Exercising - a necessity of so "But there's something on the ball," says Agnes. but , QQ. is --' -- , J 'U .. 'ff' J , - A .1 ' r 1 ,pf Front row: Linda Delira, Merrie Shelley, Carolyn Demarest, Donna Prater, Sherre Thomas, Rhonda Wilson, Agnes Partida. Middle r Donnell Beard, Terri Thomas, Roberta Green, Becky Butler, Vionette De Jesus, Yolanda Esquivel, Irma Elizano, Kim Coleman, Co Ester Turner. Back row: Marie Blackwell, Wyonna Wade, Terri Gleason, Dana Pickard, Estella Ontiveras, Julie Garza, Lisa Estre Jana Newsom, Irene Delira, Ftosie Esquivel. Advancement - Girls' goal he Girl's Soccer Team kicked off the 1980 season with a good start. Through many cold and strenuous practices, they strived to develop necessary skills required to increase their chances of advancement this year. There was a tremendous increase in the number of players it this year which was a great asset ms-si to the performance of the team. "Look out goalie, here I come." 'No hands in soccer." s xii IU ' E. - -no -hr - -' f- ' ' it . .4 25.1 gi :wi is ' T :E t fi sf :T QM., " Le 5 4 i . 'fs gg ' T 55 In the long run. " 297 v he Garland Girls' Track Team got off to a running start in 1980. Devoting many long hours of practice and strong dedica- tion to one another, they were able to establish good potential. Coach Sherry Peterman and Manager Sheila Cochran worked hard to prepare each girl for the season ahead. They were confident going in and out of the season that the girls would not let them down. ln turn, the effort of each individual was of great value to the performance of the team as a whole. Returning Iettermen were Tara McDaniel, Scottie Allen, Dawn McKinney and Bernetta Young, whose knowledge and experience helped the other girls put forth more team spirit and enthusiasm. Garland girls right on tracli lg W' 5 ,1 '. 4 ,, . , ' . ' ,,?Fi".. w S1701 V I H ,,,,v , v,'f' V A? TM, . . ...AWWWM f I ,,f-, .5 3' K. Q ii -' """' f ""' V .. ,, ii W rr r rr4s rrr wh! V . Uqffm. 'I ra ai ' -98 e it L5 ttui ' "l W 'X JIV fiat 1, W L rrft if . A 4' W ww Navi? " A if f T s 6 K il. Q Anhui 'i 5 "lt Q V Q wg rf, Front row: Coach Sherry Peterman, Kathy Hudson, Lee Blankenship, Jamie Morgan, Lisa Hawkins, Sutton McKnight, Scottie A Debbie Hall, Renee Runnels, Sheila Cochran: Manager. Back row: Terri Wilson, Cheryl Whisenhunt, Lisa Tatom, Bernetta Yo Dawn McKinney, Tara McDaniel, Patsy Whisenhunt, Rose Wonzo. I'he Garland Girls' Track Team , . . together. X 5 i . Q saw. L X Q. f f 1 Q Quan. 1 SL ' f ws E V W ,, ,, W Q 1 r W , .,,, , , h h if V!! 4? , WL -Nu My vu e.: ,,,,.f VV 1 7 X -r-' f Q r fee, 3 M 'fr' - , . ' f , " . 1 rLr,1 :',' 3,75 , 'ufxl Q Z' VW uf., Qaazfi Q1 I we H 'A K if M 'Y ' A 1 F "'1 , .irr 4 . '58 i ?' , W L Qjzta, ' if Q A - 1, an - rrrr, 1,7 M Q y.. I 'LW l -, L yi, " gy? sf ' , ,A 5 ES an . L K On your mark, get set, go, Sherry. :Ing V y V, 'QMS Z Q' ,,' K Y .wig-gy j'4r.g.L,vyW , A 1 :ach Peterman, doing what she does best, llfig S73 2. WQ -I 1' DJ O T 299 .L I'- lf .t CD 300 im 5 Jumping jacks girls, no hand hold Discus lormal perfectly portrayed. 0Ll1I.f3 WMWWQW um 1 , nm f 4- , ,J AL ',,Q9su,-,, , ' 'f. 4' V 9 'V 7 ,,,,,,,.,W rf fa if 'K 5 , Q .-.N .ws Sprinters on the ll Dawn and her shot put have a close relationship. nm s ,ff-or . 6' if A w, ,,, r W, W A M W i rw 4 gg , , K y vga Y mM+3, ,, , A. M ,t ,, 'H " A 'V ,f 1-' K , W N 'rfb X4 , N, M M 5 ' f, N Q1 M ' ' ss' . H -V., ,M .- A. , , 4 W, , 1 . lift lh Jumpers: Sutton McKnight, Sherry Duncan, Lisa Tatom, Cheryl Whisenhunt, Lisa Hawkins, LeTonia Harris. S2 1. wa -4 1' QD O T 301 Kelvin Fuller, Elnora 69 Seniors Acrea, Lori 62, 186 Alcanta, Gilbert Alcorn, Ronald Alexander, David 62 Allen, Scottie 60, 62, 192,193, 196, 215, 216, 298 Allison, Johnny 62 Anderson Anderson Anderson, Donald Anderson, , Gary , Kelly Anello, Lori 62, 172, 175,176 Annergren, lngegard 62, 179, 199 Armistead, Collin 62, 193, 195 Armstrong, Gregory 62 AS5l:3l't, Linda 62, 179, 195, 196, 209, Blanto Ayers, Angel 62, 174, 176, 178, 215, 219 Bailey, Marisa 189 Baker, Brett 63, 195, 199, 265, 271 Baker, Monte 31, 63 Baker, Scott 30, 63 Banks, Ernie 63 Banning, Shannon 63,175, 176, 178, 209, 210 Barker, Richard Bartlow, Travis 63 Bates, Cheryl 63, 179, 195,209,210 Bates, Diana 63,210 Beck, Tim 63 Bell, George Benoist, Thomas 63, 186, 192, 198 Berry, Albert 63 Berry, Linda 63, 174, 176, 178, 185 Biggs. Eddie Birket, Arlene Bivins, Kim 63, 199, 200 Blagg, Deborah n, Pam 63, 174, 176 Blanton, Pat 63, 174,176 Blanton, Valerie 63, 186 Bodiford, Wes 42, 64, 189 Bollin, Kenneth 64 Bolton, Gwendolyn 64, 191 Bonham, John 64 Boring, Liz 64,194, 195, 206, 207, 215, 228 Boring, Marshall 64, 242, 244, 268 Bos, Lori 64, 184, 193,203,225 Boyd, Debra 64 Bradshaw, Kim 48, 64, 179 Breedlove, Tommy 64, 197 Brennen, Cheryl 64, 179, 193 Brock, John 64 Brooks, Mark Brown, Jeffery Brown, Karma 64, 189 Brown, Terri 64 Bryan, Tracey 64, 179 Buckingham, Tina 186 Buford, Jerry Burns, Kelly 64 Butler, Roderick 65, 197 Caddel, Steve 65,172,179, 192,193, 198 Caldwell, Jay 65, 190 Cameron, Dirk Campbell, Brenda 65 Carlson, Renee 65,191 Carroll, Scott 65 Carter, Carol 65 Carter, Lisa 65, 208, 210 Castle, David 65, 192 Cave, Tim 65,178,184,192 Cezar, Mike Chambers, Rynda 65, 180, 191 Chester, Cecil 65 Chester, Willie 65 Childree, Ronald 66 Childress, Sharon 66,191,192,195 Christopher, Donald 66 Clair, Linda 66,68,192, 194,209,210 Clark, Donna 66 Clark, Ronnie Clark, Terri 66 Close, Rebecca 34, 66, 191 Colapret, Carol 66, 186, 199 Collins, Lynette Conoly, Wayne 30,49 Cook, Kathy 66, 176, 194,195,208 Coonrod, Brenda 66, 189 Cczcgger, Rebecca 66, 192, 208, 215, Cordova, Lizmaria 66 Cornett, David 66, 188, 189, 197 Cortez, Norma 66, 178,180, 185 Couger, Carolyn 66, 192, 194,208,210 Covington, David 66 Cowger, Gary 29, 67, 195 Cowley, Darrell Crawford, Carol 67, 224 Crosby, Dennis Crow, George Crowell, Marnie 189 Daniels, William Darden, Bobby Darden, Cecil 67, 197, 243, 244 Davis, Tina Davis, Jr., Arelous 67,178 Day, Gerald 67 Day, Lisa 67, 172, 192, 193, 195, 199, 202, 340 Day, Randall Dedmon, Kim 67,179,195 Denmark, Barbara 67 Derrick, Robin 67 Dotson, Royce Drown, Richard 190 Draper, Pam 67 Dunn, Robert 188, 197 Durand, Steven 67 Duty, James 67 Eades, Lisa 67 Earley, Debbie 67 Dewards, Lerro 67 Elisha, Suzie 68 Ellard, Myra 60,68,192,193,199,208, 209, 216, 221 Estes, Keith 68 Estrada, Linda 68 Eubanks, Stephen 68, 280 Evans, Jeb 68, 242, 244 Student Index Fawcett, Glenn Ferrell, Karen 68, 113,179, 195, 199, 202, 220 Ferrell, Mike Fette, Brenda 68, 191 Fitzpatrick, Troy 68, 242, 249, 280 Flanagan, Jerry Flanagan, Kim 179 Foss, Laura172, 182,184 Foster, Duranne 69, 189 Foster, Gregory 69, 189 Foster, Rickey 69, 189 Frazier, Michael 69 Frgegtan, Cerina 62, 68, 179, 193, 209, Fuller, Linda 69,209,210 Gambill, Terry 69,84,194,195,242, 244, 280 Garcia, Daniel Garza, Cezar Garza, Janice 69, 176 Garza, Tammie 69 Gay, Laura 69 Geckler, Robert 69, 190 Gentry, Cindy 63,173,192,193,194, 199, 201, 209, 210 Gigiland, Jan 70,193,194,199,202, 15 Gilliam, Patricia 70 Givins, James Goodwin, Sherrie 70 Gordon, Connie 70,189 Goss, Bryan 197 Gossett, Andrew 70, 190 Gowen, Tracey 70 Gracy, Rodger 70, 218, 243, 244 Graves, Kathy 70 Graves, Robert 70 Guzman, Matias 70 Hall, Bryan 71,174,176, 182,184,225 Hall, John Hallmark, JoLynn 28, 60, 71, 192, 193, 214, 216 Hambrick, Jana 71 Hamiter, Patricia 71 Hazggtond, Michele 71,179,192,199, Hana, William Hanks, Jimmy 71,243,244 Harmon, Shelli 71, 191 Harris, Kathy 71, 187 Harris, Teresia 71, 179, 191,208,210 Harris, Willie 71, 197,242,244 Harrison, Robin 71,191 Hart, Bryan 71, 197 Hart, Gwenn Harvison,Tammi29,71,192,194,195, 208 Hatley, Shelia 71 Heffington, Jr., Edward 71,288 Helborn, Julie Hill, Tammy 68,69,72,174,176,208, 210 Holloway, Kathy 72 Hopkins, Paul 72, 173,249 Hostrup, Kris 61, 72,195, 196,228,268 Howard, Wanda 72 Huerta, Connie 72 Huggins, Becky 72, 209, 211, 223 ughes, Charles 72 ull, Daniel 72, 243, 249 unter, David 43, 72, 190, 195 unter, Sheryl 72, 209,211 unter, Stephanie 72 Hutcherson, Nancy 72, 189 Jackson, Deirda 72, 195, 280 Jackson, Randy 72,173,189,192,195, 199, 202, 220, 248, 268 Jackson, Tony 280 Jacobs, Janet 34, 72, 189 Johnson, Frances 73 Jones, Cammie 73 Jones, John 73, 192, 196, 276 Jones, Mac 73 Kasper, Gary 73, 197,242,244 Kennedy, Sherlyn 73, 189, 201 Kerby, Kathy 41, 73, 192, 193,194, 195, 208, 218 Key, Charlie 73, 242, 244, 280 King, Jerry 53, 73, 187 Kirby, James 73,189 Klock, Sheila 73,191 Krumnow, Ricky 73,172,183,184 Lacy, Steven 280 Lasater, Pam 74, 175, 177 Levy, Bill 74, 242,244 Lewis, Margy 74,181,196 Littlefield, Phillip 43, 74, 175, 177 Littlefield, Pat 74 Lovell, Alan 74 Mack, Deniese 74 Mahoney, Patrick 74, 282, 284 Martin, David 74,190 Martin, Paul 74, 190 Martinez, Raul 74 Matthews, Bryan 74 Mathis, Sherrie 74 Maupin, Eddy 61, 74, 179, 194, 195, 242, 244 Mayrell, Larry 74 McCann, Denise 74 McCarrolI, Sherrie 75, 186, 191 iMcCaulley, Jill 75, 179, 195, 209, 211 McCaulley, John 75, 195 McCord, Kenneth 75, 197 McDaniel, Tara 75, 187, 298 McDaniel, Todd 75 McDonald, Andrea 75 McDowell, Babette 75, 199, 206, 207, 215, 217, 201 iMcFarland, Glen 75, 173, 243, 244, 280 McNatt, Donna 75, 189 iMilIer, Darrell 75 Monroe, Marchelle 75 Moore, David 75 Moore, Kevin 75,84,187, 195 Moore, Timothy 75 Moreno, Valerie 75 Morris, Brenda 76 Morgan, Penny 76 Morton, Deborah 76, 179 Morris, Betty 76 Mosley, Lisa 76, 181 Myers, Kevin 76, 183 Nevil, Alan 76 Newman, Michael 76, 189, 190 Newsom, Tina 76,179,192, 198 Oliver, Dena 76, 191 Oliver, Faith 77 Olvera, Mary Lou 77 Owings, Anita 77,195,209,211 Park, Todd 77, 78, 192 Parks, Joy 77, 192,198,288 Patterson, Sharon 77,191 Paul, Lacy 77,217 Paulk, Lisa 77 Pavey, Tammy 77, 183 Peacock, Terry 77 Penny, Wayne 77,190 Phelps, Libby 77,179,180,183 Pierce, Tresa 78,248 Pierce, Valarie 78 Plunk, Sherri 78, 227, 288, 293 Polk, Richard 78 Poovey, Don 78 Prater, Joe 78 Prock, Carolyn S. 78, 186 Prunty, Robert 78 Puckett, Valencia 78 Quinn, Michelle 78,191 Quintana, Thomas 79, 81, 223, 268 Redd, Christi 79, 192, 193, 194, 195, 199, 215, 216, 203 Reitmire, Harry J. 79 Reyes, Rachel 79, 191 Rhea, Cyndi 79 Rhodes, Kimberly 79 Richardson, Kim 79,174,177, 178, 209, 211 Riggs, Paul 79, 197 Riley, Tressa 79, 191 Rochell, Gary 190 Rogers, Chris 79 Rogers, Monti 79, 178, 183, 185 Rose, Danny 79 Rowe, Vince 79, 193,194, 195, 197, 243, 244,216 Rozell, Robin 79, 192, 194, 195,208 Russell, Renee 79,191 Rutherford, Laura 199 Sage, Wayne 80, 173, 179, 196 Sanchez, Jessie 80,278,280 Savory, Doreen 80 Scaglione, Peter 190 Seida, Steven 80, 172, 183, 184,192, 193, 195, 196,216,224 Selmon, Debbie 80,191 Sheckells, Paul 80 Shipley, Patricia 80 Shirley, Bobby 80 Simpson, Linda 80,184,177,196,208, 210 Sims, Donnie 80 Smelley, Greg 80,278,280 Smith, Gina 80,189 Smith, Linda 80 Smith, Mark 80, 227, 243, 244, 257 Smith, Randy 80,192,193,195,196, 222, 248 Smith, Roger 80 Smith, Scott 81, 173, 194, 195, 243, 244, 268, 272 Smith, Vicki 81 Smolka, Lanita 81,175,177, 192, 206, 208, 215 Spriggs, Candy 81,172,183, 185,192 Stephens, Lewis 81 Stevens, Dale 81 Stone, Greg 81,197 Strawn, Brenda 81, 187 Swindle, Gary 81,192,194,243,244, 221, 278,280 Tatom, Mark 81,194,197,243,244, 219 Taylor, Carol 81 Terrell, Michael 81 Tesche, Alexander 190 Theriot, Cherie 82, 179 Thomas, Dave 82,175, 177,178 Thomas, Richard 82,195,196,197, 216 Ticknor, Jim 28, 82, 192, 193, 195, 214, 216 Trevino, Victor 82 Trussell, Sheila 27, 82, 174, 177, 208, 211, 222 Turner, Arthur 82,242 Turner, Letha 4, 82, 208, 211 Tyler, Jeff 82,187 Vance, Tammy 82 Vaughn, Sharon 181, 186 Wafford, Jeff 82, 187 Wagner, Corey 82, 195 Waldrum, Laurel 82, 181, 189 Walker, Steve 82, 195 Washburn, Christi 82, 176 Wassel, Parvin 179 Watts, Dennis 82, 197, 280 Weems, Rhonda 83 Wester, John 83 Wester, Ronnie 83 Whisenand, George 83 White, Cindy 83, 195,206,207 While, Paul 83, 199 Wilder, Glenda 83 Williams, Janetta 83 Williams, Kyle 22, 83, 196, 242, 244, 226, 278, 280 Williams, Maurice 83 Williams, Pamela 83 Williams, Scott 83, 187 Williams, Sheila 83,208,211 Willis, Anthony 83, 197,257,258 Willis, Diana 83,191 Wilson, Darlene 83,179 Wilson Donald 84,183,185,199,200, 208 Wilson Natalie 84, 173, 193,195,196 211 Wilson, Steve 84 Wolfe, Terry 84 Womack, Tony 84 Woodward, David 84, 203, 273 Wren, Kim 84,174,177 Wright, David 84,197 Wrisner, James 84, 189 Young, Bernetta 60, 84, 209, 211, 298 Young, Janice 84 Juniors Addington, Nancy 92 Aguilar, Rudy 92,178 Allen, Brad 92, 178 Allen, Staci 92, 172, 196, 199 Alvis, Sharon 92, 191 Anderson, Tina 92 Anello, John 92 Armstrong, Brenda 92,191 Arnold, Steve 92, 195 Austen, Lisa 92, 179, 195 Bailey, Tracy 92, 180 Baker, Frances 92, 293 Barnard, Lori 92, 195, 208 Barnett, Christi 92, 192,195,208 Barnett, Mike 92, 243, 245 Barnhart, Peggy 92, 175, 179 Bayless, Karen 92, 191,195 Beal, Kenny 92,190 Bell, Val 293 Bernhardt, Monica 93 Berry, Phil 93, 189 S UI +U6pn+ S oo X3p Bills, Laura 93,192,206 Bilton, Sheila 93 Bingham, Debbie 93, 196 Blackwell, Marie 93, 179, 296 Blakery, Clay 93, 174 Blanch, Steve 242, 245, 258, 262 Blanton, Mary 93 Boothe, Larry 93 Boyd, Linda 93 Bradham, Deborah 191 Branch, John 93 Branning, Dorothy 93, 190 Brasfield, David 93, 190 Brasfield, Mark 190, 279, 280 Brewton, Shirley 93 Brown, Laurie 93, 174,178 Brown, Sherry 93 Burns, Bob 93,175 Burton, Kurtis 93 Butler, Brenda 93 Butler, Darell 93, 188 Bryd, Thresa 94, 208 Callahan, Melissa 94 Camarillo, Linda 94 Carr, Nina 94 Carter, Steven 94, 104 Caster, Sandi 90, 94, 192, 195, 209 Castillo, Linda 40, 94, 195 Clark, Manuel 94, 257, 259 Clark, Phil 94 Coffman, Lisa 94 Coleman, Charlotte 186 Colwell, Jeff 94 Cook, Phil 94, 190 Copeland, Ginger 94 Corley, Greg 94, 179 Covington, Jamie 94 Crane, Kelly 94,275 Crawford, Christi 95, 195, 199 Crawford, Jimmy 95, 179 Crosby, Kenny 243, 245, 257 Cryer, Scott 95, 175 Curley, Jill 107, 187 Danahy,Paul95,178, 185, 192, 196 Davis, Billy 95 Davis, Michael 95 Davis, Rhonda 95, 195, 199,208 Davis, Sherri 95, 192, 194, 195 Dawkins, Donna 95, 181,293 Day, Noel 95 Deel, Kenny 187 Deets, Carol 185 Delgado, lsahia 95 Demarest, Carolyn 95, 296 Denton, Joe 95, 188, 199 Denton, Judy 95, 181, 188, 190 DeVlugt, Lisa 96 Diaz, Richard 96, 100 Dinse, Carolyn 96 Dixon, Thomas 190 Dorathy, Margaret 96, 187, 190 Doyle, Tim 268, 270 Dudley, Dianna 96 Dunbar, Salli 96 Duncan, Sherry 293, 301 Dunlap, Bobby 96 Dunphy, Joe 96 Eaves, Carrie 96, 181 Echols, Bill 96 Edwards, Martin 96, 190 Eikenbary, Tina 96,181 Elisha, Jim 251, 252 Ellenburg, Sheila 96,189 Esbroks, Linda 189 Esquivel, Rosa 96,296 Evrage, Mark 96, 174, 280 Eyre, Brian 96,173,179, 192,195, 196, 198 Fain, Linda 96, 175, 178, 192, 196, 206, 239 Farlow, Jeff192, 195 Ferguson, Jeanann 97,173, 185,195 Flanders, Robin 97 Flowers, Johnny 188 Forsyth, Kim 97,294 Foster, Rita 97 Franks, Stan 97 Frazier, Nancy 97,191,192,195 Fulton, Crystal 97 Furry, Donna 97 Gano, Debbie 97 Garner, Johnny 97,198 Garrison, Kenny 97, 190 Garoutte, Katie 97, 185 Garza, Andy 97 Gaytan, Joyce 97 Gentry, Jerry 97, 189, 242, 249,280 Geurian, Shannon 90,97,173,192, 204,209 Geyman, David 97, 178, 184 Gibbons, Sherri 97 Gladden, Randy 98 Gleaves, Bubba 98 Godsell, Mark 98,101, 179, 195 Goodman, Anthony 98, 242, 245 Griffin, Tonja 98,181 Guerra, Estella 98,205 Gutierrez, Jamie 190 Hammond, Chris 98, 189 Hand, Beth 98,181 Hanes, Terry 98, 173, 186, 192,195 Harris, Letonia 172, 209,301 Harris, Sharon 98,208 Hazttlczn, Karen 40, 90, 98, 173, 195,231 Hatten, Sharon 98, 173, 194, 195,276 Havener, Tina 98, 172,275 Hawkins, Marty 98, 172,243,245 Hayes, Starla 98 Helm, Kelly 98,190 Henderson, Elaine 99, 180 Hensley, Yvonne 288 Hernandez, Lisa 99, 179,208 Hicks, Mike 99, 172, 195, 196 Hightower, Don 172, 192, 196,239 Hill, Amy 99 Hines, Ronna 99,208 Hogge, Amy 99, 184, 192, 198 Holloway, David 99, 190 Holt, Bryan 99,190 Hood, Barry 99 House, Marcus 190 Houston, Shellye 99, 174,194, 195 Houzvicka, Jerry 91, 99, 172, 179, 192 Hughes, Darlene 208 Isaac, Charlsie 99,187,188 Jackman, Jackie 99 Jackson, Dewrell 242, 244 Jacobs, Lance 99,251 James, Kevin 99,173,192,194,195, 206, 239,275 Jensen, Dana 102, 191 Johnson, Linda 102, 179 Jones, Charles 280 Judie, Sarah 102 Karr, Kerri 102 Kay,Cindy102,192, 194,204,208 Keeton, Bobby 90,102, 192,231 Keller, Lynne 102, 195,209 Keltner, David 102, 175, 178 Kennedy, Bobby 102, 190 King, Lezlie102, 179,196 King, Teresa 185 Kirby, Amy 102 Kirkpatrick, Connie 102, 184,192,196 198, 199,202 Kiser,Kim102,173,179,195 Kroeger, Penny 102 Lancaster, Robert 102, 184 Langley, J. L. 102 Lantz, David 189 Latham, Lori 90, 102,175, 192 Lauterdale, Angela 102, 191 Lee, Vince 243, 245 Lewis, Brenda 208 Long, Montricia102 Love, Yolanda 191 Loveless, Jerry 102 Lowe, Deborah 185 Lynch, Michael 102, 282, 285 Lytle, Landee102, 180, 191 Martin, Versie 103 Martinez, Norma 103, 187 Mayhew, Michael 103, 172, 179, 243, 245, 279, 280 McCleveIand, Karen 103, 191,293 McDonald, Linda 103 Mglggtney, Dawn 103,174,192, 194, Meazle, Donna 103, 195,208 Meeks, Nancy 103, 181 Melton, Robert 103, 195 Mendez, Martina 103 Merle, Kenny 103, 193,195, 199,203 Messick, Shawn 103, 195, 178 Miller, Tina 103, 294 Mills, Brad 103, 190 Mitchell, Donna 190,293 Mitchell, Wes 227, 268 Montgomery, Rondi 103 Moore, Johnetta 103 Moore, Robin 104, 184 Morneault, Michele 104 Morrison, Cory 104, 180 MOSS, Brad 97, 104,174,178, 192, 194 195 Nations, Sherri 104 Neal, Beverly 104, 181 Nevarez, Roy104, 173, 192, 195,248 Nicholson, Brad 104,192, 195, 232, 268, 270 Norris, Regina 104 Owens, Lisa 104 Owens, Perry 104, 189,190 Palmer, David 189 Parish, Susan 104 Parker, Rachel 104, 181, 184 Patton, Beverly 90, 104,191, 194,195 Pierce, Billy 104 Pizzillo, Jim 105 Prater, Donna 105, 208,296 Prock, Sherry 105 Quarrels, Bobby 105 Radford, Tod 105, 195,204 Ramirez, Mark 105, 178, 184 Raney, Brad 105, 188 Recer, Lisa 105, 195,208 Redd, Susie 186 Reed, Randall 105, 172 Reed, Renee 105, 192,204, 205,288 Reese, Gloria 186, 293 Reyna, Adolfo 105 Rice, Linda 105 Rich, Ricky 105, 190 ichard, Kyra 105, 184,195 icker, David 100, 105,195 iley, Carla 105, 175,209 oberson, Kara 106 oberts, Sharon 106 obinson, Chad 187 obinson, Melvin 106, 243, 244, 257 odriquez, Isabel 186, 191 odriquez, San Juana 108 ogers, Misty 106, 173,179 omine,Tina106, 181,185 ondeau, Charlie 106, 174, 178 ose,Ricki100,106,173, 195,230 owe, Laurie 106, 174 owland, Angie 106, 173, 195, 232, 274 Sams, Bubba 106 Sanuy, Tracey 106, 195 Scarborough, Nita 106 Schiller, Carey 187 Schrader, Kurt 195 Scott, Amy 107, 195, 209 Scott, Lori 179, 186 Scott, Marilyn 107, 293 Seaton, David 107, 172 Shaddox, Clift 242, 245 Shannon, Lisa 191 Simmons, Dee Anna 107, 184, 196, 198, 199, 202 Smelley, Danny 107, 173 Smith, Chris 243,245 Smith, Robin 107, 188, 195, 206 Smith, Wes 107, 195, 201 , 251, 280 Sneed, Mark 107, 189, 195, 274 Solley,DeeAnna107,195 Sprong, Mike 190 Staats,Renna107, 172,196 Staples, Kevin 243, 245 Strange, James 243, 245 Strickland, Jett 107 Stroud, Jeff 107, 173, 174 Swindle,Brian107, 173,179, 194,195 'amborello, Mickie 108 'amborello, Vickie 181, 192, 208 'aylor,Jeriy188, 197 'aylor, Ray 108 'aylor, Ronald 108, 174, 178 'errell, Linda 108, 175,209 'hierfelder, Sandra 108, 208 'homas, Carla 108, 188, 195, 197 'homas, Mike 108 'hornton, Angie 108 'oppings, Tammy 108, 195 'orres, Marie 108 'revino, George 108, 189 'rimmier, Mark108, 179, 195, 199,203 'urner, Charles 244,245,262 landervlies, Edwin 108, 191 'atin, Kenneth 243, 245 'aughan, Pam 108, 184 'errette, Kenneth 108 Vade,Kent108, 178,185 Valker, Anthony 108 Vashburn, Daniel 109, 199, 203 Vashington, Byron 109, 188 Vatkins, Mindy 109, 195, 277 Vebb, Julie 109, 184 Vhite, Billy 242,245 Vhite, Ken 43,109,188 Vhite, Vicki 109, 192, 194, 206, 230 Vhitesell, Kelly 109, 180,189 Vhitfill, Diane 109, 192, 195, 239 Vhitt, Amy 109 Vhitt, Brenda 109 Vickett, Veronica 109 Widmer, Chris 109 Williams, Keith W, 242, 244, 278, 280 Williams, Margaret 109, 181, 204 Williams, Wayne 109, 195, 242, 245 Williams, Sandy 109, 187 Williams, Utoshia109 Williams, Veomita 109 Willis, Deena109, 191, 195 Wilson, Bryan 190 Wilson, Jimmy 109 Wilson, LaDonna109 Worrell, Norma 109, 178, 185, 192 Wyatt, Patty 109, 191, 192,204,205 Yarborough,Shalene109, 179 York, Wayne 109, 188 Young, Scott 109, 189 Qophomores Abbott, Chris 172, 273 Agnew, Bruce 112 Alaniz, Cynthia 112 Alaniz, Annette 112 Alaniz, Robert Allen, Jeff 1 12, 184 Allen,Rawdon110,112,175,195,233. 279, 280 Allen, Sherri 112 Andes, Sandra 186 Antwine, Mike 112 Ashley, Frenchell112 Atwell, Jeff 112, 268 Austin, Ann 195, 209 Ballew,Joli112,179 Bangs, Donna 112, 186 Banks, Harriet 112 Banks, Pat112, 172, 152,268 Bannister, Rhonda 112, 288 Barnett, Gary 112 Bayless, Debra 112, 196 Beard, Donnell 112, 174,296 Bell, Bryan 173, 251 Bell, Joann 112, 186 Bell, Tammy 112 Best, Lynn 113, 251 Biggs, Sharon 113 Blanton, Kim 113, 174 Boedeker, Christine 113, 178, 181, 185 Bolton, Mike 113 Bonham, Curtis 113 Booe, Tracy 113 Boring, Melinda 113, 187, 199 Bounds, Gerald 113, 204, 205, 268, 271 Bowen, Barbara 113, 208 Brabham, Dana 113 Brand, Gay 113 Brieden, Belinda 113 Brewer, Cina113 Brimberry, Mary 113 Brown, Delina113,209 Brown, Robin 113 Brown, Ronald 113 Brunett, Kenny 273 Bryant, Jeff 113 Bryant, Phyllis 113 Bueter, Michele 113 Buford, Janice 113, 186 Buie, Tony 114 Bullard, Kim114, 175, 194, 195,235 Burns, Melaine114, 194, 199,200 Burrow, James 114, 175 Burt, Bobby 180 Campbell, Glenna 114 Carpenter, Kellie 114 Carroll, Todd 114 Carson, Joyce 186 Carter, Steve 114, 251 Castillo, Vivi 114, 294 Cates, Christie 114 Chambers, Kellie 114, 180 Chandler, David 114 Chastain, Candy 114, 195, 208 Childs, Julie 114, 195, 196 Choate, Renee 114 Christopher, Terri 114, 173, 195 Clark, Robert 114 Claytor, Chrissy 114, 209 Close, Charles 114, 184 Cobb, Mark114, 195,257,258 Cochran, Sheila 114, 298 Coker, Jeff 114, 251 Coleman, Kim114, 181,208,296 Collins, Todd 124, 251 Compton, William 114 Connaway, Stacy 115 Cook, Ronny 115 Cooper, Tammie 115 Corbith, Phillip 115 Cox, Lori 115 Crane, Sherrie 194, 195,208 Cranford, Cheryl 115, 190 Crosby, Bridget 115 Culbertson, Kelly 188 Cummings, Steve 115, 174,287 Dalee, Trevor 115, 251, 252 DavaIos,Rosalinda115 Davis, Douglas 115 Davis, Laurie 115, 195 Davis, Roderick 115 Davis, Tamera 115 Davis, Terry 115 Davis, Valerie 115, 195, 196,209 Dawkins, James 115 DeJesus, Vionette 115,296 Delmar, Terry DeLira, Linda 296 Dennis, Barney 115 Denton, Mark 115, 185, 196 Derrick, Kim 115, 116, 175, 188, 196 Derrick, Shirley 115, 294 DeVlught, Jeff 115 Dickey, Ramona 115, 175 Dinning, Beverly 115 Donzo, Rose 116 Duke, David 116,249,251 Earwood, Virginia 116 Easley, Terry 116 Elizondo,Irrna116,296 English, Daniel 116, 251 Erwin, Kristy 116 Espinosa, Mike 116 Esquivel, Yolanda 116, 296 Estrello, Lisa 116, 290,296 Estrello, Prissy116, 195,209 Fagan, Sheila 116 Faison, Gary 116, 251 Ferguson, Kris 116 Ferrell, Terry 116, 251 Flanders, Jenny 116 Foster, Diana 116 Foster, Stephanie 116 Freeman, Shannon 116, 179, 208 Fulton, Denise 116 S ultuapnt 3 cn Xap Galvan, Oscar 116 Gamel, Eileen 116, 172 Garner, Rocky 116 Garrison, Ricky 116, 273 Garza, Julie 117, 195, 296 Gattis, Carole 117, 195, 196, 199,202 Gerber, Vincent 173 Gibbons, Randy 117 Gibbons, Willie 1 17 Gibson, Jisette117 Gist, Lisa 117 Gleason, Terri 117, 288, 294, 296 Glidewell, Tracy 117, 208 Godsell,Lisa117, 175,195,207 Gonzales, Ricky 117, 251 Gonzales, Teresa 117 Goodman, Julie 117 Gordon Ill, Guy117, 197,251 Graves, Russell 117 Griffin, Robin 117, 195 Grizzle, Annette 110, 117, 181, 196, 199, 201, 290 Guajardo, Annette 117, 184 Hah, Wilbur 117 Halford, Deborah 117, 174, 179 Hall, Brad 117, 188 Hammond, Gail 117,293 Hardcastle, Tori 117, 209 Hargrove, Patricia 118 Harris, Dwana118 Harris, Mary 118, 195 Harrison, Debbie 118 Hatcher, Mark 118, 287 Ha2tgBn, Doug 48,118,126,195,199. Havener, Mike 118, 172, 268, 271 Hawthorne, Danny 118, 188 Henderson, Jr. Bobby 118, 188 Henderson, Darryl 251, 278, 280 Henley, Clark 118 Henley, Mark 118, 172 Henson, Wendy 118, 195 Hetchler, Chandra 118, 185 Hibbs, Terri 116, 118, 174, 194, 209 Hickman, Debbie 118 Holder, Cindy 118, 179,195,208 Hooker, Veena 118 Householder, Rennessa 119, 175, 195 H0wIe,MeIinda119, 195,196,209 Hubbard, Mike 119 Hudson,Angie119, 172,179 Huerta, Peggy 119 Jackson, Jeff A. 119,287 Jackson, Jeff S. 119,287 Jacobs, Scott 119, 282, 284 James, Brenda 119, 175,274 James, Kenneth 119,280 Jarmon, Annette 119, 294 Jeffery, Kim 119, 195 Jeter, Jeri 110, 119, 174, 195 Johnson, Charles 119, 174, 196 Jones, Anita 119 Jones, Jeff 251,280 Jones, Shannon 119, 195, 207, 233 Kelley, Kathy 1 19 Kendall, David 119, 174 Kephart, Deborah 119 Kepley, Carrie 119, 209 Key, Gwendolyn 119 King, Bart 119 Kocker, Vanessa 119, 172 Koons, Lynne 119, 175 Kroeger, Dell 270, 280 LaRoe, Allison 119, 179 Lattimore, Mossie 119 Lawson, Kenneth 119, 268, 272 Lee, Greg 251, 262 Lee, Robert 119, 262 Lemonds, Kevin 119,251 Lewis, Ronald 119, 172, 184 Lindsey, Nancy 119, 195 Lipsey, Ricky 251 Little, Bryan 120 Liu, Jean Yu 120, 268, 272 Loster, Angela 120 Love, Jimmy 120 Love, Verna 120 Lovell, Gina 120, 149, 199, 200 Lowery, Mary 120, 195 Lowrie, Scott 120, 175, 194, 239, 277 Lozana, Joe 120 Luton, Angela 120, 185 Mack, Laurinda120 Malone, Sharon 120, 181, 191 Manley, Lorie 120 Manning, Forest 120 Martin, Lisa 120 Martinez, Reyes 120 Mason, Darwin 120 Matthews, Wendy 120 Mayberry, Glenn 120 Mayo, Beverly 120, 175, 184 Messick, Melissa 121, 125, 196, 208 Meuir, Christinae Milan, Jerry 121 Miller, Carla 121, 208 Miller, Kelley 121, 172, 181, 196, 239 Miller, Paula 121, 185, 196 Miller, Susan 121,209 Millsap, Mike 121, 251 Mitchell, Keith 121,251 Moore, De 121 Morris, Kevin 122, 178, 184 Moore, Randy 122, 195 Moran, Stacy 122,251 Morgan, Leslie 122, 185 Morse, Debbie 122 Muller, Jr,, Victor 122 Mullins, Rosie 122 Murphy, Tamera 122, 208 Myers, Scott McBride, Vickie 120, 186 McCallum, Kyle121, 251,268 McClurg, Jimmy 121, 251, 252 McCommas, Patricia 110, 121, 195, 196, 207 McDaniel, Anthony 121, 262 McDaniel, David 121, 173 McDonald, Scotty 121 McDowell, Joanne 121 McDowell, Latonya 121, 186 McGee, David 121 McKnight, Sutton 209, 298, 307 McNeary, Michael 185 McWilliams, James 121, 188 Nabors, Ben 122, 174 Neely, Pat 122 Newton, Beverly 122 Nickle, Penny 122 Oakerson, Kyle 122, 273 Ontiveras, Estello 122, 296 Ortiz, Cynthia 122, 181 Oswald, Jeff 251 Patterson, Rhonda 122 Pavey, Judi 122, 186 Petty, Karrie 122 Phillips, Donnet122, 173,195,196 Pichard, Dana122, 194,296 Pike, Steven 122, 172,268 Pizzillo, Angela 123 Poole, Danny 123 Poole, Donna 123, 294 Poovey, Joe 123, 179, 243 Porter, Lori 123 Powell, Cheri 123 Prater, Brian 123 Price, Beverly 123 Price, Keith 123 Pruitt, Rylan 123, 251 Pursel, Gary 278, 280 Ray, Denise 123 Rebstock, Jim 123 Recer, Kevin 123,251 Redford, Joanna 123, 195,196 Riesge, Darrell 44, 242, 245, 257, 258, Reeves, Dhana123, 186, 248 Reyna, Rebecca 123 Rice, Mitchell 179 Richardson, Delbert 123, 268 Riley, Jackie 123 Rios, Cindy 123 1 Roach, Cathy 123, 173 Robinson, Lawrence 251,262 Robertson, Tammy 123 Rogers, Joyce 123 Rogers, Pam 123, 195, 196 Rogers, Regan 123, 188 Rogers, Rose Marie 124, 181,208 Rollins, Dennis 124 Ross, Lauri 124, 173 Roth, Brian 124, 280 Rozell, Roger43, 124, 194,235,251 Runnels, Renee 124, 173, 196, 207, 254, 297 Sanchez, Manuel 124,251 Sanders, Mike 124 Sartwell, Colleen 124, 180 Scales, Alicia 124, 195 Schenck, Sheryl 124, 186 Schaedlee, Brian 268 Schreiber, Kevin 124, 188 Seay, Keith 124,287 Sewell, Janice 124, 186 Shaddox, Greg 242, 245 Sharp, Penni124 Sharp, Terry 124 Shaw, Sherry 124 Shelley, Merrie 124, 273, 296 Short, Paula 124, 294 Simpson, Deborah 124, 194, 195,239 Sims, Tracy 124, 251 Siragusa, Joe 124 Sirkel, Todd 251 Sivley, Tracey 124, 195,267 SlagIe,Renay124,181,186 Smith, John 125, 173 Smith, Ronnie 125 Smith, Tracy 47,125,194,195,207 Smithey, Scott 29, 125, 199,203,251 Smolka,Gina110,125, 195, 196,209 Speake, Grant 194, 234, 251 Spence, Rizpah 125, 181,208 SpharIer,ChreIIe127, 197 Spradlin, Sue 125, 195 Stafford, Lori 125 Staggs, Kathy 125 Stgggon, Shannon 125, 181, 195, 196, Stephens, Eric 125, 184 Stone, Stephen 125 Strickland, James 125, 251, 252, 278, 280 Swanzy, Roger 125, 172, 179, 239 Tanner, Jimmy 125 Tatom, Lisa 125, 195, 196, 208, 298, 301 Tavores, Melissa 125, 180 Taylor, Annette 125, 173, 179, 195 Taylor, Billy 125 Terry, Corrie 125 Terry, Larry 125 Terry, Mary 125 Thetford, Larry 251 Thomas, Danny 125, 180 Thomas, John 126, 242, 245, 280 Thompson, Deanna 126 Thurman, Sheri 126, 179, 195 Tomlinson, Donna 126 Toney, Billy 126 Tovar, Elvin 126 Turner, Mark 126, 185 Turner, Michael 188 Turner, Tonya 172 Valle, Tony 173, 268 Vasquez, Sylvia 126 Venz, Jason 126, 287 Wagner, Denise 126, 195, 196, 208 Wakefield, Roger 126, 199,251 Walker, Bobby 126, 262 Walker, Sherry 126 Walsh, Bradley 126 Watkins, Alicia 126, 294 Watson, Toni 126, 195, 196, 208 Weaver, Donna 126 Welch, James 126 Westing, Tony 126 Whetstone, Albert 126, 243, 245 White, Susan 127, 174,195 Wilkerson, Chip 115, 127, 174, Williams, Celinda 127 Williams, Donna 127, 185, 195 Williams, Eddy 127, 174 Williams, Gary 127 Williams, Janice 127, 186 Williams, Mike 280 Wilson, Janice 127 Wilson, Judith 127, 187 Wilson, Terri 127, 194, 288, 298 Wilson, Wana 127, 195 Witt, Brenda 127 Wolfe, Danny 127 Womack, Kristi 127 Wonza, Rose 298 251 Wood, Tina 127, 181 Wornick, Juanita 127, 175 Worthem, Herbert 127 Wright, Billy 127, 186 Wright, Teri 186 Wright, Wes 251 Yandry, Laura 127 Yarbrough, David 127 Ybarra, Maria 127 Young, Tamera 127 reshmen Acker, Dawn 130, 207 Adamson, Rodney 188 Alverson, Paul 130 Alvis, Cynthia 130, 185 Amesquita, Ruben 130, 179 Ammerman, Laura 130 Andrews, Ronny 130 Antwine, Robert 266 Arizola, Jessie 130 Armstrong, Ruby 130 Arnold, Kim 130 Arris, Anthony 130 Atkinson, LaneIlo13O, 181 Austin, Ann 130 Awbrey, Peter 130 Baker, Brenda 130 Banning, Jay 130, 255 Barber, Earnest 130 Barger, Cindy 181 Barnhart, Cindi 130 Barrow, Debra 130 Barter, Cindy 130 Bass, Angela 130, 181 Bederka, Kaylon 130, 255 Benavidez, Leon 131, 184 Bennett, Gina 131, 181 Blanch, Tina 131 Blankenship, Lee 131, 298 Bos, Steve 131, 184 Bouska, Stacy 131, 190 Brackeen,GIen 131,255 Bradshaw, Rhonda 128, 131, 181, 290, 295 Brock, Jackie 131, 181 Brooks, Sharon 131 Brosz, Dina 131, 181 Brown, Darrin 185 Bruce, Dawana131 Brumit, Thomas 188 Buchanan, Sheri 131, 181 Burciaga, Andrew 131 Burrow, Darryll 181 Burson, Beverly 131 Butler, Mark 131, 178, 185 Butler, Rebecca 131, 296 Cabrera, Irma 131 Caddell, Todd 131, 173, 181 Cagle, Carlena 131,290 Camron, Troy 266 Carnes, Pam 131,207 Carpenter, Kimberly 131, 179 Carrera, James 131 Carter, Rhonda 131, 181 Cash, Eric 132 Caster, Martha 132, 190 Castillo, Christina 132, 295 Cato, Kelly 132 Cawthon, Diane 132 Cerna, Casper 255 Chapman, Kevin 132, 266 Chavers, Byrnie132 Chester, Dana 132, 181,295 Childs, Joyce 181 Christopher, Mary 132 Cisneros, Arturo 185 Clark, Karen 132 Clark, Kenneth 257 Clark, Michael 188 Collins, Steven 238 Cook, Chris 132, 184 Cortese, Frank 129, 132, 185, 196 Cortez, Elizabeth 290 Cowley, Stan 132 Cox, Tammy 132 Crawford, Jimmy 132 Crera, Martin 255 Cunningham, Nikki 132, 181,290 Dabbs, Shirley 132, 187 Dalton, Michelle 132, 295 Danahy, Michael 132, 185 Daniel, Michael 132 Davalos, Lino 133 Davidson, Andrea 133 Daves, Hope 133 Davison, Tammy 133, 179 Day, Lynda 133, 194,195 DeLira, Anita 133, 190 Deleon, Martina 133 Delgado, Joey 133, 181 Deluna, Debbie 133 Denton, Jan 133 Derrick, Joe 255 Divine, Wesley 134 Dockins, Lisa 134 Donihoo, Kenny 184 Edmiston, Brian 134 Edwards, Jesse 255 Eikenbary, Rhonda 134 Ellenberg, Gloria 134 Elliot, Andy 134 Elton, Dona 134, 184 Estrello, Cynthia 128, 134, 181, 207, 238 Ethridge, Lisa 134, 185 Flack, Karen 134 Fletcher, Gary 134 Fortenberry, Chris 134, 255 Foster, Jana 134 Freeman, David 134 Freeman, Susan 134, 181 Fuller, Andre 134, 181 Fuller, Sherry 134 Gamble, Dina 134 Gamino, Martin 134, 179, 196 Garo, Lisa 134 Garner, Ronnie 134, 255 Garner, Stacy 135, 181 Garza, Jessie 266 Genzel, Teresa 135, 295 Ghosten, Naylor 266 Gladden, Jack 135 Glasscock, Heather 135 Godwin, Michelle 135, 184 Gonzales, Myrna 135 Gonzales, PoIa135 Goodrum, Gena 135, 181 Goodwin, Tammy 135, 179 Gowen, Jr., Willie 135 Graves, Jennifer 135 Graves, Michael 135 Gray, Deena 135 Gray, Mike 135 Green, Roberta 135, 290, 296 Griffin, Christy 135 Guajardo, Edna 135 Guggenbuehl, Steven 188 Gunderson, Scott 135, 255 Hall, Charles 255 Hall, Jr., Doug 135 Hall, Tonya 135 Ham, Karien 135, 181 Hammond, Joni 135,236 Hand, Wes 136, 255,266 Hankins, Carolyn 136 Hanks, Jerry 136 Hargrove, Jan 136, 207 Harrington, Gina 136 Harris, Lawana 128, 136,207 Harris, Tony 136, 266 Harris, Velonda136 Hawkins, Lisa 136, 196, 298, 3 Helm, Jurt 136 Helms, Laurie 136, 187 Hendrix, Rebecca 136 Hernandez, Florinda136 Herrera, Norma 136 Hicks, Tommy 136, 138 07 CD -0- C Q. Q U -o- J Q. Q X 307 X CD 1: .E '0- c as 'D : 'O' CD 308 Hill, Phyllis 136 Hogue, Joe 136 Holmes, Laurie 181 Hollins, Laurie 136 Hollis, Debbie 136, 178, 185 Holloway, John 137, 255 Holtzclaw, Ladonna 137 Hooper, Denise 137, 179 Houston, Samamtha 136 Howell, Mary 136 Hudson, Kathy 137, 298 Humble, Keri 137, 187 House, Amy 295 Jacinto, Tony 137, 194, 199, 237, 239, 255, 266, 268, 271 Jackson, Clarence 255 Jackson, Laurence 137, 255,266 Jacobs, Monica 137 James, Deatrece 295 Jay, Melissa 137, 179, 194 Jegggey, Sharon 128, 137, 194, 290, Jenkins, Gregory 266 Jensen, Steve 137 Johnson, Beatrice 137, 181 Johnson, David 137 Johnson, Jannes 137 Johnson, Karen 137, 188, 196 Joiner, Jones, Jones, Sue 137, 239 John 137 Lanette137 Jones, Tina 137 Jones, Verna 137 Juneau, Jon 129, 137, 179 Kaes, Michael 137 Kato, Kelly 181 Keller, Danny 137, 274 Kendrick, Jason 140, 239, 266 Kennedy, David 140 Key, Gwen 140 Kinney, Debby 140, 181 Kinney, Deenda14O, 180 Knowles, Greg 140 Lacaze, Michelle 140 Lae, Victor 140 LaFan, Tommy 140, 255 Lane, Cindy 140, 172 Langston, Rodney 140 Lauterdale, Sandra 140 Lay, Barbara 140 Lay, Leonard 140 Leuschner, Sherry 140 Littlejohn, Laura 140, 185 Livingston, Ronny 140 Long, Lora 140 Love, Jackie 140 Lozano, Ramona 140 Lytle, April 140, 180 Malone, Larry 140 Malone, Sheila 141 Mantooth, Diana 141 Martinez, Diana 141, 181 Martinez, Jesus 141 Martinez, Margaret 141 Matteson, Kathy 181 Maxey, Kristi 141 Mayberry, Deborah 141, 187 McCartney, Charlotte 141, 207 McCleveland, Lachurda 295 McClure, Richard 141 McCommas,Sheri 141,295 McDowell, Darryl 141, 266 McGee, Gina 141 McGensy, Joyce 295 McGensley, Lalee 141 McGlotham, Daniel 141, 266 McKenzie, Daniel 141 McKinney, Clay 255 McKinney, Kim 141 McQueen, Bubba 141 Meazle, Sheila 141 Mejorado, Ana 141, 179 Mills, Mary 141 Moore, Dewayne 141, 268 Moore, Joyce 141, 181 Moore, Ronnie 141 Moreno, Denise 142, 181 Morgan, Janice 142, 181, 298 Morman, Dewayne142, 188 Morneault, Denise 142 Mueller, Jeff 142 Murphy, Jana 142, 187 Nall, Phyllis 142 Newville, Lorrie 142, 184 Nevarez,Orlanda142 New, Lee 142, 255,266 Newsome, Jana 142, 190, 296 Nichols, Kathy 128, 142, 196, 2 Niemeyer, Carla 142, 198 Nitcholas, Troy 142 Nittler, Lesley 142 Nixon, Shannon 142 Norton, Curtis 142, 188 Oakerson, Janice 142 Odum, Terri 142 Oliver, Donnie 142 Oliver, John 185 Oliver, Ronnie 142 Padillo, Ernie 142, 255 Parrent, Cheryl 142 Partain, Donna 142, 296 Patterson, Stephen 142 Peden, David 142 Peoples, Carolyn 142, 181 Phillip, Jack 142 Pickett, Ronnie 142 Pittsinger, Vickie 142 Plunk, Dennis 181 Powell, Rebecca 143 Propes, Scott 143, 255 Pursel, Randall 143, 190 Putteet, Kimberly 143 Ramirez, Sylvia, 143, 290, 295 Reese, Jackie 143 Reeves, Alison 143, 207 Reeves, Tony 143 Renfro, Lisa 143 Rentz, Connie 143,290 Rice, Larry 143, 188 Riley, Jeff 143, 181 Ritter, Scott 143 Roan, Gayla 143, 207 Roberts, Debra 181 Rocha, Deborah 143 Rockwell, Kevin 143 Rose, Micki 236 Rose, Russell 255 Ross, Kellye 143 Ruic, Mary 143 Russell, Beth 143 Russell, Brenda 143 Russell, Ginger 143, 184 Saldana, Tony 144 Samples, Kathy 144, 194 Sanchez, Jr., Adam 255 Sanchez, Amada 144 Sander, Kathey 144 Schnedler, Brian 144 Scott Jon 144 7 Shaddix, Rhonda 144 Shaw, Steven 134 Sheckells, Paula 144 Sides, Jodana 144, 207 Sikes, Lisa 144, 181 Simpson, Jill 144, 181, 184 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, , Stacy 144 , Tonya 144 Smith Smith Michele 144, 179 Rex 181, 255 Sally 144 Sheila 144 Sassamon, Randy 144 Stanley, John 144, 185 Stevens, Jimmy 144, 181 Stevens, Kay 144 Stewart, Cindy 145 Strange, Jeff 145, 255 Strickland, Lisa 145 Swanzy, Scott 145, 255 Terrell, Scotty 179 Terry, Richard 145 Tipton, Sherri 145, 187 Thirdgill, Robert 180 Thomas, Sherrie 145,296 Thomas,Terrie145, 181,296 Thornton, Holli 145 Tittle, Debra 145 Townsend, Lisa 146, 187 Traylor, Teena 146, 181, 184 Turbeville, James 146, 181 Tuone, Tonya 146 Twoney, Cindy 146, 186 Tyson, Azuila146 Vick, Russell 146 Voelker, Teresa 146 Wade, Pam 146, 184 Wade, Wynona 146, 296 Waldon, Marcus 146, 255, 266 Walker, Carla 146 Walker, Charles 266 Walker, Christopher 255, 266 Walsh, Debra 146 Washburn, Cindy 146, 276 Wheeler, Penny 146 Whisenhunt, Cheryl 146, 298 Whisenhunt, Patsy 146, 298 White, Darren 146, 184 Whitley, Tammy 146 Wideman, Kim 146 Wilcoxson, Lana 146 Williams, Gina 146 Williams, Kathy 147, 207 Williford, Chris 147, 255 Willis, John 147 Wilson, Rhonda 147, 186, 190, 296 Wilson, Ricky 130, 184 Wilson, Ronnie 147,255,268 Witt, Thomas 147 Wood, Rhonda 147 Wright, Catherine 147 Wright, Tony 147 Wrisner, Tony 147 Young, Linda 147 Young, David 147, 181 Fac ulfg Albritton, Robert 151, 243 Arnold, Jack 151 , 217 Arnold, Rhonda 151 Autrey, Sharon 151 Axe, Charles 151, 196 Baker, Mike 243 Barrington, Fern 151 Beeson, Erma 151 Beeson, Jeese 151 Bellman, Cheryl 151, 190 Bezusko, Pam 151 Binder, Joan 36,151 Bivins, Ann 151 Boise, Dorothy 152 Boring, Evelyn 152, 206 Boring, Joe 20, 38, 152, 243 Bragg, Johnnie 38,152,177,181 Brooks, Jo Ann 152 Bryant, John 152 Butler, Gene 152 Butler, John 39, 149 Calkins, Rachel 153 Cannon, Karla 153, 186 Carson, Ray 188 Carter, Marlene 153 Cathey, Bonnie 153 Chaney, Pam 153 Clay, John 153, 255, 267 Clay, Mary 35, 153 Cockrell, Karen 153 Collins, Edgar 150 Crank, Anita 153 Crawford, Charles 153,204 Delmar, Zella Jo 153 Dossett, Pamela 154, 187 Duran, Gilbert 154, 173, 243 East, Elaine 154 Emmerich, Sonja 154 Feuchter, Mark 38, 154, 255, 284 Galbraith, Sonja 154 Gary, Jack 287 Geyman, Jack 154, 182, 185 Glasscock, Dahlia 154, 172 Griffith, Arvilla 154 Grimes, Piper 154 Halpin, Brenda 155 Halpin, Jerry 155, 243 Hammerlee, Steve 155, 195 Harris, Jimmy 155, 250, 251 Hearne, John 34,155 Hobbs, Liz 155 Holton, Roy 155 Houston, Connie 155 Howard, Janice 155 Hudson, Larry 155, 250, 251, 269 Krwin, Kaye 155 Jackson, Louise 155 Johnson, Goree 155, 261 Johnson, Sarah 155, 193 Jones, Beverly 158 Jones, Trisha 158 Joyner, Sharon 158 Korioth, Margaret 158 Kurtz, Barbara 158 Laminack, Sue 158 Landrum, Kaye 158 Leeman, Diane 158, 179 LeNoir, Wilma 158, 202 Lewis, Jim 158, 250, 251, 266 Lewis, Rita 158 Luttrell, Carole 158, 209 Mackey, Ann 159, 293, 294 Mackin, Gene 159 Manely, Mary Leigh 159 Martin, Mae 160 Mason, Jean 160 McDonald, Helen 36, 160 McElmon, Barbara 191 McKinney, Shirley 160 McMullen, Gerald 160 Miller, Allen 160 Millsap, Mary Lou 160, 191, 202 Mitchell, Wanda 160, 191 Morris, John 36, 160,243,278 Mowery, Cliff 39, 150 Murphy, Gerald 160 Murphey, Judy 161, 198 Murray, Mary 161 Norvell, Debbie 161 ' O'Brien, Stephen 39,417,161 Odell,Dennis161, 180,183,185 Parker, Joy 161, 193 Patterson, Linda 161 Payne, Nancy 161 Peterman, Sherry 161, 288 Rawlins, Cheryl 161 Russell, Roy 162, 255 Schaefer, Bobbi 162, 190 Shelton, Rhonda 162 Shugart, Lisa 162, 294, 295 Simpson, Carrie Lee 43, 162 Six, Susan 162 Sloan, Elaine 162 Smith, Charles 162, 190 Smith, Deborah 163 Smith, Suzette163 Smolka, Amie 163 Stamper, Patsy 163 Summerlin, Renee 163 Thomas, James 163 Thomas, Judy 163 Thompson, Donald 163 Tucker, Eddye 164, 187 Turner, Ester 164, 290, 296 Turner, Kent 164, 255,270 Varley, Ronald 164 Vaughan, Joy 164 Wagstaff, Mark 164, 173, 257, 26 Welborn, Mary 164 Wheelock, Brenda 164 White, Ann 164 Whitfill, Deuton 164 Williams, Jan 165, 194 Williams, 165, 250, 251 Wright, Margret 165 0 CD -0- C D. 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Pawn Shop . .. . . . .323 UN328 Sonic.........,.......,..... ....312 ,UH333 Dr.ElliotStendig 334 , , , ,318 Stover Steel Structure . . . . . . . 314 . . . .321 Chuck Taylor Wheel Covers . . . . 327 , .,,. 333 Texas Power 8i Light ........ 315 , ,,,, 334 Jim Toler ........... 338 , , , ,323 The Glass Center . . . . 329 ....322 The Hip Pocket. . . ., 313 UN311 The Hook Nook ,... 335 . . . .324 The Outdoorsman . , . 333 , .... 317 T Shirt 8t Stuff ........,..... . 335 . ,... 320 Upsy Daisy .......,......,... 335 A . , ,320 Utility8t Concrete Contractors. . . . . . . . . .316 , , , ,320 Vanatee Beauty Salon 81 Boutique 331 UH337 Varo,lnc..............,..... 317 . , , ,322 Vehicles Unlimited By Titus . . . . . 316 , , . ,331 Fred Wilhelmi Auto Sales. , . 333 , , , ,331 Williams Funeral Home . . . 325 HU333 Zales..,.....,....... 329 GHS Varsity Football . . . ' ' 9' ying flzgs urea llfl the pmt of ll' g nd zfezglgv 11466 I 9 . GARLAND FEDERAL SAVINGS MAIN OFFICE 1200 West Garland Ave. Garland, Texas C2145 272-5524 ROCKWALL BRANCH CLUB HILL BRANCH 1901 Goliad 3354 Broadway Rockwall, Texas Garland, Texas C2143 226-1486 C2145 271-5658 X, u M n 65 I6 lil. gms FSLIQ Q i ' I I hhvlSlvl6lLounln1u1l1clCo1n Q41 3' -ii :nun H usmc lf wo LENDER s4uau1asn4.uaApV 311 menfs rhse Adve 312 511115 I mpy gaun9 L UFQGERI 'MSL RW ,FW I I I Y-D! I ' ' ' -. 1 '3 ' I uk., - ., -' . -' ' fha' wg- .- ,. .- ' '-11 - l Iii cf - 1- r 4-9 2 54'-I " 7 A 7 rf cf- :f 390I Foresi' Ln. I2 I0 W. Miller Rd. I709 BeI+ Line Rd. 3 I 3 Cas+Ie 4l22 Broadway 276-2727 278- I 224 495-4000 272-6 I 00 27 I -3 I 05 Ga rIa nd, TX Ga rIa nd, TX Ga rIand, TX Garla nd, TX Garland. TX X 'W WS' as nm X Lf' if NI' ,,.,,..:c??fs5 i1Lffi',,... QW?"-fI.f. ' 1 f 'A X etc. I I IOO Town Eas'r MaII 270-60I2 .Cpfanfa qfwagaz Baigsfi Bmia fpszmansnf cimangamanti cut Qfowsza 91545 cquang smsrzka JM uma The mosi' compIe+e seIec+ion of pIan'r and floral needs." Open: Monday-Sa+urday I0 am-9 pm CongraI'uIa+ions Seniors '80II THE HIP POCKET SANDWICH SHOPPE on The Square in Downiown Garland 272-0964 bryanf priniinq company, Inc. BILL BRYANT 27 I -276I 3 I05 Saiurn Road Garland, Texas 7504I NEST QUALITY AWARDS AT I L WEST POSSIBLE PRI 1 II BROWNlNii'S Tnoruu-:R AND AWARDS, INC. ' 123 NORTH FIRST ST. GARLAND, TEXAS 75041 278. 4 , . i'r'v Zig -,vI I - 'r M R wrum. ti' RE I Biffizl Bsauiy Aiafon 29I9 Soufh Fiffh A quality job at a reasonable price. EXPERT BODY WORK HOURS: MON. THRU FRI. 8-8, SAT. 10-2 - FAc'ronv oven amen - FREE msunmcs ESTIMATE ' ORIGINAL FACTORY COLOR OR 7000 COLOR CHOICES 0 1 - DAY PAINT JOBS Kln Mol! Cll08.I 272-7535 332-5315 917 E. WALNUT ST. 1108 W. STH ST. GARLAND FT. WORTH S 336 Ridgewood Shopping . . . Garland TX 7504I IBeslde Ridgewood Shopping Cen+erI ' Garland, Texas 7504I 2786322 BILLIE STEELE: owner 218-941 I , X, Y' il? X of Q I440 Buckingham Rd. , Garland, TX 75042 KENNY S SNOW CONES , V ,g 494-2035 . 'gh-195.5 THE BEST IN THE I .I"I5" CongraIuIa+ions WEST ' 1525 Seniors .IT-IGAPV GSI UJ s+ua 00 .L O0 ents ffl rhse cu : 1: 4 314 S+eeI Building! KIRBY BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. sI'yIe sTrengI'h ' service STCV ER STEEL STRUCTURES, INC. I9I4 NORTH FIRST ST. GARLAND, TEXAS Telephone: 276-5I I9 S'ra+e Farm STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Offices - Bloomingfon, Illinois Insurance Paul E. Baker Ageni' I8I3 Garland Shopping Cenfer Bus. Phone: 2 I4-27I-9502 Garland Texas, 75042 Res. Phone: 2I4-272-6046 Brett Baker recommends Paul Baker Insurance as tops in Service to Garland Residents. Student Council Exotic Birds C + I + mall Animals Tropical Fish Ongig U a es EXOTIC PETS 4929 Broadmoor Garland, Texas 75043 279-303 I RANKLIN E. WASHBURN, JR. 78-4073 e Seniors of I980 CURTIS CROSSMAN CROSSMAN INSURANCE Agency Since I 890 Garla nd, Texas on electric ai' 1. Set thermostat on 780, or higher. 2. Have equipment checked seasonally by qualified serviceman. 3. Check filter every 30 days. Clean or replace when dirty. 4. Keep furniture, draperies away from air outlets and returns. Clean grills often. 5. Close draperies and blinds to keep out sunlight. 6. Keep fireplace damper closed. 7. Proper home insulation keeps heat out, cuts energy use. 8. Weatherstrip doors and windows. Caulk cracks. TEXAS POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility HGAPV GSI GUI 22 U, Siu enis TTI rhse CD a 'cs 4 316 Likeagood , I I State Farm IL-,I I 4 47 ' I neighbor, gl I Joe Driver Insurance is there' v, 5' if ,1 7 il f MIP' ea ' --- Ah I an 'II' P" l mi I II I' l I Y, Qi om 060 TAC F J , WAI- I 3 I I4 SATURN ROAD I434 CAST 201 Soufh Glenbrook MMI I Phone 278A I 279 Phone 276- I8 Garland, Texas 75040 Ig 'S ' ' GARLAND' TEXAS BUS- Phonei 2754 116 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES EAT IN OR TAKE OUT SERVICE Res' Phoneg 495.5767 .I9L0oM1NGroIv, Iurfvofs "We're fhe only ones wifh home sfyle cooking al franchise pr ,,"'."v, rvegiclzs rllnfimifecg gy Ulla: L J ES ? 4520 FOREST LANE ' GARLAND, TEXAS 75042 . l ' . ONE BLOCK EAST OF PLANO RD. DIs+rIc'l' Sales Manager ' - . Q 70 N i xX CORVETTES 'U 7 I-A 13' L. D. SCHREIBER P.O. Box 40 I 544 Garland, T SALES... u SERVICE... X . PARTS... SH ,mg-A do . . ACCESSORIES... N 276-8574 75040 CHEESE CO., INC. I2 I4l 494-25' Does Your Roof Lealr? We serve Dallas and surrounding area. Free esiimaies. NEW - RE-ROOF - REPAIR Sales and Service Herring Auio C. 30I S. Garland Ave. Garland, TX 75040 Joe Davis, Owner l803 Lee Sireel' H- F- Herring Bus- 494-355 285-3926 Mesquiie, Texas 75 I49 Owner Res- 278-80' ALL BEAUTY SERVICE UTILITY AND CONCRETE CONTRACTING NORMA'S COIFFURES Wafer, Sewer and Sform Drainage Man Holes, lnleis and Head Walls, Efc. 905 Wesi Garland Ave. Garland, Texas 75040 Phone I2 I4l 27 l -2367 , . John A. Denlon J.P. IPa+l Kony Nom G'lbe'I Sue V1 Laie appoIn+men+s 2 I4 272-82. CI-UB FLORIST PRECISION CUTTERY HILL , HAIR DESIGNS I I2 Club HIll Sq. Shopping Cenler l3300 Broadway a+ Colonell Garland, Texas 750I 3 SILYIISIS Flowers and Planls for all occasions Aubrey Weddings and Funerals - We wire Flowers anywhere Tersa Free delivery +o mosi of Dallas Mefroplex. I9 I 6 N dh R DIANA MAsTERsoN 2 I4 27 I -4887 2727554 0 B k'?"0h If busy oon 840-2320 al UC 'ng 6 "Congrafula+ions Seniors" Garland Office Va ro Inc. Supply, Inc. ' p20 W. Garland Ave. Garland, Texas 75040 272-6406 We offer excellenf career opporfunifies. Nor-I-h S1-ar Flo'-is-f If inferesfed confacf fhe personnel office. 30I Norfh Sfar Garland, Texas 75040 Phone 276-6956 494-27I8 276-6l4I THE LEADER SINCE 1906 First National Bank 21 41494-141 4 Garland E Glenbrook and Ave. Aflvlember FDIC REO'f5il3AE'C Congra'ruIa'rions Seniors I980 H. W. JONES HARDWARE Plumbing Su Garden Tools Complefe Lines of pplies EIec'I'ricaI Tools Builders Hardware House Wares Giff Hems NEW MAN CHEVROLET 275I Soufh Garland Road 278-8I67 CHEVYS COST LESS IN GARLAND J.C. Penney COMPLETE LINE OF MEN'S AND BOY'S CLOTHING LADIES READY TO WEAR - SPORTSWEAR FASHIONS FOR THE JUNIORS GIRLS DEPT. 7-I4 SHOP OUR CATALOG DEPARTMENT Garland al' Miller Rd. 278-2 I 34 asupanpy GUI 22 co SIU enfs IT1 rhse Adve 320 lim, Don's Ma rke'r A5280 f' QUALITY MEATS Mea1CuHo Order ,Ml S'f5'Nt P rk - 8 f .8 P I+ A uso? chaff Beef Piolcgsed fpwf l Ph o a a +421-43 278-2757 GARLAND fu' I one lcogied Tn Okay Groceryl D lglsfv cn' l 2433 Parlrcresi, Garland, Texas 7504I 8 W l MOWER INC A 7 XJ ' ' FACTORY Zngjlllgnd Aveml W' 3242 Foresl' Lane RowleH Flower 8: GIH Shop Garland' Texas 494-4005 475-2098 Linda Smi'rh Shirley Tullos 37l0 Main Sl. Rowle'H', TX 75088 WE FINANCE NOTARY AND TITLE SERVICE I . 240I Scolswood B 8' C Garland' Texas 7504i 33 I5 S. GARLAND AVE. GARLAND, TEXAS 7504I Ralph M. Bufler, Presidenf SHELLEY CORNETT Beverly PaHon, Gen. Mgr. 22753338 RAY 2l4-27I-63I0 ' - I ' ALLIED ELECTRIC CCMPANY 3809 Dividend ' Garland, Texas 75042 JOE MILLER l2l4l276-l59I Presidenl 272-796l REXALL MFG. INC. DRUGS 638-2769 6355 CAN NON'S DEPARTMENT 1580 Firs+ S+. 276-8388 Zeni+h S+.. Dallas STQRE 509 S+a+e S+. Downlown Garland 276-5935 LEVI AND SEDGEFIELD JEANS First Security Bank of Garland, N.A. 31116 W. Walnut P. O. Box 401675, Garland, Texas 75040 Q21-ty 272-9551 Member First Security National Corporation!Member F.D.l.C. Your Convenient, Fast Service, Friendly . . XS centur bank X ' 81. TRUST COMPANY BELTLINE AT BRAND IN NORTH GARLAND Q 495-0100 Member FDIC GS!-It-IGAPV SIU OO 'B Siu ents m rhse Adve 322 J' ws 'Qin Garland Bazilg NONH Local High School Sports Local High School Columns Senlors of the Month. ffenow wlth the LEADER" 613 State Street 2724591 IEdllorial A Adverlisingl 276-2448 ICirculationy Congratulations! Seniors '80 Garland High School is the greatest! Creative Arts Club -0 J I 'HRT 6 L 5 B I N D E R Constnuction Compang I I I7 E. Walnut Garland, Texas 75040 I2 I4I 494- 2407 GENERAL CONTRACTORS - COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION DANIEL G.IDANNYI BINDER GERALD C. IJERRYI BINDER WIDE NORTH STAR ma!! PHARMACY HAFFILIATED WITH ORCHARD HILLS REXALL" 0 CAMERA SUPPLIES ' GIFTS 6 TOYS ' COSMETICS ' HARDWARE 8- HOUSEWARES ' CONVALESCENT AIDS ' GARDEN 8- PET SUPPLIES ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' GREETING CARDS THE SHOPPERS STORE FOR HOME - HEALTH G BEAUTY I4I8 BUCKINGHAM RD. AT NORTH STAR GARLAND 7:CX? A.M. TO I0:30 P.M. MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 9:00 A.M. TO 94D P.M. SUNDAY ' m,,5iQ.'.'nQ,Q. L - J 109 ING T Q, S voun FINANCIAL FRIEND ss" GARLAND BANK c I MZ' S TFILJST COMPANY Eff Garland Ave. at North Star' 0 F.D.I.C. M L over soo Guns D T I A ovegnsgcllcknives ivugix-2.9 , X A y+h fV I e Gunsmi+hing X ' N. N a ions fg C"2z:::!RL ' , 5 EE From fhe SILVER DOLLAR CATERING GUN AND PAWN SHOP M 0 0 R E I S 2608 W. 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TEXAS 75243 E 5 Pnowe 2141341-5513 susan:ucanuuuusllulnluouulvvuouuou nuvuuulllnl 29I I Sou'II1 Fifih Garla nd, Texas Sa bino's Hair SI'yIisI's ROFFLER PRODUCTS Tues.-Sat for Appoin+menI 27I-5832 Men and Women Looking Grea+!!! SENIOR Dashing Debs 79-80 G PENGUIN DRY CLEANERS I837 Norih Sfar Rd. 276-4527 wasnyanpy 3 sua U, I Anytime ? mba? LJ I n 9, Put CQ in your fun! wi, I' -'I ,-,I, ,iw I, ' If .Iwi BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORE fgiffiga .Y 32I WaInu+ Village Shopping Cen+er Garland, Texas 75042 rep-u-Ia-Iion: a noun I. 'Ihe 'facf of being highly esfeemedl PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION We're proud 'Io answer for our repufahonl AIRPAGE- AMERICA ANSWERING SERVICES IAirpage Since I955I Phone: 272-3 I 3I CHINESE RESTAURANT Famous Carry oui Besl Mexican Food in Town! F3 ng Wo,,j:3T,lID Sunday B If 2OI WALNUT VILLAGE H M F II m-lopm GARLAND, TEXAS Sian? if ,'f,,Ppng, 276-7397 DIAL 276-227I Wi'Ih Your l'Ios'r - The Hernandez Family 437 NORTH STAR RDCEENTER K'MART Sl-lOPPlN 'f Y X m X 2 FJ I 6 i7 Hub Caps and Wheel Covers Beaufy Rings New and Used CHUCK TAYLCR WH EEL COVERS 2547 S. Garland Ave. Barla nd, Texas 75040 27 I -4428 Sf 9009 Life Casualfy Real Es+a+e Chuck And erson "Don'f Trus+ Io Luclr . . . Call Chuck" 06 W. Garland Ave. Barland, Texas 272-54I4 eneral nsurance Custom Paint Fiberglass Specialists Insurance Work Pinstriping 1 1530 Chairman Suite 104 21 4-341 -9455 Richard L. Gump DWIGHT ROAN I2I4I34I-I578 I2I4I34I-55I3 D AND L HYDRO SANDING The Advanced High Pressure Waier Sandblasfer For Home and Indusfrial Use Cleans: Paiios, Pools, Brick, Concrefe, Wood B and H AUTO SUPPLY COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP Garland, Texas Walnuf Rd. af Plano Kingsley Rd. al' Safurn 272- I 564 27I-2523 CARPET REMNANTS Classic CusI'om Jewelry, Inc. 94I Cenlerville Rd. 270-6589 270-6580 Garland, Texas 7504I 12141272-01 19- I I2 Plano-WaInu'I Cenfer - Garla nd, Texas 75042 tozomw +"9'IPV GSI SUI oo 'll SIU K K ,Tj 'A DI Qnv M fkfgwmeb ff? F9 0255! Rf 52215 If ffwbw Wy -X I , QJJ DSX9 U3l,CXpfAIfQJ - M MI6wJF13--TI-jf J fm I f53ZJ57JVUqj'vji2 ,xyvyby H ' RST Q- E5-fwf -If VW . , Unk .6 gf C852 LJSI Um JIOK W Fnowlerr Va O,,wjEgUfgQ X . 'xv N , - , 9 ,Ugly WBQ GJO A dw IE IV wg MQ if Q Mio? Jiyfv BANK OF ROWLETT WHERE YOU ARE SOMEBODY SPECIAL Hwy. 66 at Rowlett Road P.O. Box 82 Rowlelt, TX 75088 475-3232 NOW FEATURING CHECK 2 WRITING C LGBBY SERVICE E 9-3 Mon.-Thurs. CD LE ------------w DRIVE IN WINDOW Q 7-6 Mon. and Fri. .5 9-6 Tues.-Thurs. 4 328 iandy Malone Roger Malone FOR THE FINEST IN MONOGRAMS AND PERSONALIZED GIFTS M o n o g ra m S ' I ' pe c I a Isis LINENS ' CLOTHING ' ACCESSORIES ' PATCHES PAPER GOODS ' LEATHER ' T-SHIRTS IO9 W. Garia nd Ave. I Blk. W. of Ihe Square 5arIand, Texas 75040 276- I 046 The Glass Cenier, I n c. Auio Glass 276-0564 Aluminum Windows Mirrors Shower Doors 409 N. Firsf S+. Garland, Texas ZALES, THE DIAMOND STORE Ilub Hill Square 300 Broadway 7 I -0528 dike Korman, Mgr. 'gs . rr-M. , . Two Garland Locafions I604 Firsf Sireei 278-2I6I Don MaHucIxs, Mgr. w Q V. - 4i2fx3:1..f:' 'N ff' sf. .. ,:,. 1:-ag..-::.-' fs. + - - - 7 - fx.:I-.-.'- V' ' 5 lynx- V xx ax, . ., y a... .Ne fx -- A me as - A -,,::::1: .21 1 u ,. . f , , ., ffkp ,b W. .y,.W.. - -M. I ...E-. - f--. If , ....ffffs-Q,-1-1 Q, 4. -fx. . ..-.,...-ex., .,. 22.125, '-.11EE1Ei:" . 1-1. J "fs:-t fmasxkas .M M. 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Peak Sf. 4 x , V y Dallas, Texas 75223 BONANZA RESTAURANT bestall-around .3,,,Ga,,a,,d BUNANZA Garland, Tex. i 27 I -284l DISCOVER BONANZA BILL l2DULIN Bes+ Wishes and con+inuing success 'ro 'rhe Seniors of 27I-2917 278-8554 H H h WAYH ll I 98Oll A 'l' 8 Jimsco GHS . Dklxlyglillilgs URHIERSESRZLINDS Baskefbd ll J I?3i'?!?ES '-'C'iliTIX'S3O"S Tea m Garla nd Ba nd I , ,CE,L,NGFANs, V 1 QT-, . 0 - CARPET - VINYL ' PAROUET ' TILE F X ' 7 I UPHOLSTERY - 'D 5 ew . -' cg If Q li JIM sYKEs QD Y ' - 2629 S. Garland Ave. 31756 3' Garland, Texas 7504I Q J' -0- V3 331 erhsemenfs Adv 332 Lydon Paul Elec'rrlc Congra+ula+es +he SENIORS OF "8O" an The Migh+y Garland Owls 272-2505 276-4755 X f TX I Carpal' Mini Blind I JAMCE ZSgS0M'NG FOREST CENTER CARPET AND TILE ,XLS IJ? 3240 Foresf Lane N Garland, Texas 75042 BOBBY ADAMS, owner I4 d d Sh C+ 272-5004 I 27I-9823 508 Ri ewoo pg. r. ie Garland, TX 7504I woven woods Tl Represenfing Preferred Risk Insurance Company AUTO- CHURCH - HOME - LIFE JIM HOUSTON Insurance Agency Hair Fan+asy HAIR FANTASY Redken individual unisex I1airs+yling Sulle Monday fhru Sefurduy 925 Meadow Creek Shopping Cfr. lug: appoinfmenfs availaglep W. Ceniervge TnddN.?r1l1wes+ Hwy. 15.2 276- I 366 Res.: 276-0749 27 '503' R' " ' THE OUTDOORSMAN Noffh Side , Sharpening Service Spor+ing Goods Slore ELEQISOL D7 Wes+ Cenferville Rd. Garland, Texas 75040 STEEL AND CAREIDE sclsson- BARBER CLIPPERS erry Crowley I2 l4I 27l - I4 I 4 All WORK GUARANTEED wner A. J. MASHEWSKE AND SON l I I0 LAVON DRIVE PH. 272-6l0l GARLAND, TEXAS 75040 Hours - One Til Won FRED WILHELMI AUTO SALES Looking Good 2I4-272-3444 Ted wslhelma 422 s. Plano Rd. F.,o+b,,ll mm!!! HIS AND HER wner Garland, TX 75042 HAIR DESIGNERS "A CUT ABOVE X ' THE REST" FIRST MARK 65 4 27I-4464 Toe Club Real Es+a+e C Hill Sq. OGER BRAND, REALTORS Y, l E6 Sou+l1 Glenbrook - arland, Texas 75040 Bus. 2I4l276-I l56 Swv wasgy 00 3 s4ua I 3? I O 0 P C go ELLIOT STENDIG, BY APPOINTMENT I8l5OLD MILL RUN l2 l4l 494-2020 OFF BUCKINGHAM Owls see +l1e difference w'+l1 AT STAR Dom S+endig,s vim' 494.2030 GARLAND, TEXAS 75042 Analyzer Compuier fuenuu '4 "COUNTRY BURNER" 607 STATE STREET I PHONE 276-3300 "DOWNTOWN GARLAND" Headquarfers l for 0 Us Jem ONITA'S BEAUTY AND 'E D R ESS S H O P Q m rvi E Mlsses and Jr. DE:seslEla71i?l5l1r+gaiZrs grid all accessories. E3 235 WALNUT VILLAGE 272-4632 'Z GARLAND, TEXAS 75042 272-544l - 276-5244 CD -E 4 334 Ufdii O '50 1 g -1 ' I H Q - ' QI II 1 ' ' X X A ff N f w f ff m J 13' K, , '-Z' iff " I 27 ras ' 1' Qin T-Shir'rs-n- Siuff 2020 Buckingham Ga rland, Texas 75040 HrJLLY's CQQQAMIUIE, SHOP JUNE SHARP - DWNER 219 WALNUT PLAZA 943 W. CENTERVILLE 272-7639 270-2766 GARLAND, TEXAS MUNCHKINS, INC. I43I Buckingham Rd. Garland, Texas 75042 495-6905 - 495- I 989 N EEDLECRAFT The Hook Nook 278- I 695 Garland, Tex. 75040 ARNICICS BARBER SHOP IA FORMER HAMILTON PARK BARBERI AND DENNIS BEAUTY SHOP AVE. D AT CLARK ST. We Give Complefe Barber and Beauiy Service PHONE 272-7636 GARLAND, TEXAS HOME 272-923I Q WO ups -daisy CERAMICS 417 K-MART PLAZA CAROLYN FOLEY wALNur AT NORTH STAR 276-5452 GARLAND. TExAs 75042 P Q.. 4 asupa U1 s4ua OD OO U1 enis m verhse Ad 336 Fashions by Bro '49 Cherished privilege Rrmvmhur milx xnurcI.xxxnl.ucN .md mlm! mm-Jr xi-ur ewperuilx dung d I bi H Ii W tp mdlx .nn h h J ul 5 L ngraiul-1 mmind hcxlvmhr-J ROBERT LYNCH - KEITH SYUBIS I020 Lemmon Annu! Dllln, Tun 75210 Balfour IEWEUIYS FINEST CRAFTSMEN UU K, 'K 5,, ,, i i l ' 6, rv ,. 09' .XS i .i, Kevin in "style" cALico KIDS SUPPORT THE o XT? LS P..h.figj I408 FOREST LANE ENELL GRACY GARLAND, TEXAS ES.: 442-5944 PHONE 272-44I I GRACY Southern E wif A Homes Inc. 5' ,.-,XE 5 ,. flf, f"x, Q f- 2.51 ff Q - IMIWIAWIW IQ ff T n E N Nl E ,, ' Q, .rg ,,.,.. ..A,,,,1?E,:,-A 5: X742-5944 2 3- U3 337 ITl6h'I'S Adverhse 338 dh Elaine Haffen Fred Boyd Renee Carlson Jesse Egglesfon Rex Simmons Class of 57 Class ol SB Class of 80 Class ol 53 Class ol 49 Jim Toler Class of 53 Congra+uIa+ions Garland High School sENioRs wao Jim Toler and Company SUITE 200 CENTURY BANK BUILDING 495-9IOC I I I I NORTH BELT LINE ROAD GARLAND, TEXAS 75040 0 Builders Reallors 'a rewell X. NL R a Day: Editor-in-Chief even months of hard work went into the completion of the 1980 Owl's Nest. Each staffer had his own designated section to complete. Although times were not as smooth as they should of been, putting the pieces together was fun. Taylor Publishing Company is responsible for the printing of the book. The body type was set' at 33 Helvetica Standard. All headlines were printed in Impact at 30 pt. Page numbers were set 14 pt., section identification at 18 pt. The cover design and Endsheets were done by Mrs. Liz Hobbs. A 4170 Enamel covering was placed over the artwork on the cover. The division pages were done by the joint efforts of Mrs. Liz Hobbs and Jimmy Crawford. 1150 copies, consisting of 340 pages were printed. l would like to give special thanks to the staff for their efforts put forth this year. A special thanks to Mr. Crawford and his staff, Mrs. Wilma LeNoir, and Mrs. Mary Lou Millsap for their patience and guidance in making the 1980 Owl's Nest. Putting the pieces together is an experience l will always remember. I hope this yearbook will be one that you will cherish. Editor-in-Chief Lisa Day 1980 Owl's Nest .leg lame 339 c Q Staff Recognit OJ -D- CD Staci len Brett ake Lori os S Ger Id Bounds Q S M.. a F R ofognition Boys' Sport oultyaawv ys'Sporg3? Z E ii lub Editor,t en grjffreditsixl ales,P b ity 'M ,M fs. f Ji yCrawfor ay , ' tist Li a Day Edit -' -Chi f, St or Life Editor Jo nt A X ulty, Stud ntl :o f es E ix Myra Ellar fx 9 - : , 'A - . - - , o i" Wh-MJ www-M1 Karen F rrell Nm, Assist nt Edit r, Senior Edit r, Student Life Edit Carol Ga 's Sopho re E itor 3 it Sha non e ' n B Popularity a t Planner M S I Ja Gillila - Assistant 'Q e ,Favorit Q--' dent Life Editor tella Guerra Busi ss Staff 2 ichele Ha - Girl 'S orts Ed'tor ,Ji ou atten I hot g T - f Jaci A - f kBoys' Sports 5 Ra dy Jackson Boys' Sports E 'tor lj NJ Ci -' ay g opularity Iann fi' C - f Kirkpa 'C Junior Edit r M enny M f Photo Editor, P otographer g Q - Rad or Advertising Coo dinator 2 4, Rene ' ed L Business Staff W7 V r r.,,, , V, p,i. A i W""' Dee Anna nv o W Fr aniEdito l I 1- tlit 5 ScottS ithey Photograph A I - "i' 'gi Mark Tri mier Photograp er C1 Dan' ashburn Photographer 3 fx iz Mar ar Williams 1 Business Staff 2 5 David W odward 5 Assi an Club Egdiior, Seriiowrmgrgdits MM PattyW att 5 Busimn s Mss fi MP7 ' 3 Wilma V- - ' fW'W"'2i'EcHorial StaffSEons2Jr it 3 Charles Crawwt Business Staff Sponsor? Ma5yml19i-I Mills 5 iwbgyisor A WWMMMX E M iRW,.Mt i RWMRE ti 5 Zi 1 5 5 5 up W,,,,, it au p i gpp ,li g o o o pp oi J 4 im .,.-.mW Www, ' l CKQU if Mwww OWL kiihwlw WM Wi?i3QfQfw,i W Qgw iW jim ,Op www vwmjtjgjggi QM ,wwg ,K Jww MWKUW WW PQWU ' ,JLFQQOMU WMQW' JMWWQ OJQMWUQ ' UL FQVWXWQLOJ wwf W fwjiffyw Maw QM 651351 M in f53f,f3,fvQfJ'f5QJfWfUlmfQQ wdQ WM iw .OL Mpfjlia wwwgwgmiiw V QMMW W MMM My Ziilkl Ck glade J Mfwwffwfwawwwsf ku - Jw " WM gQpwf?,3ai1b2fg1?af d1mww5L?,UJv WwUwU6WA'Nq JvULD'UfMJqfQW Q MJw Wd Mfawu Mum Wim LQYUOVMI HW WMM' WA ww WWW WQML W9 QS W'LL45f W ww W W MM wwf Qqjv MW W 3 A K I X 5 555555 ggjwgkfyxg QQ gbsgjigzg CX Q? E ' A X EY NEJQXQX Jx i E ms NQHRQ5. RWAXQ5 ly X K Ysk Q S- bw 'SS ZFX? f N X Y05ww 3i W5iJQJ3Wf WM 342 W X 5 3555? 5 525552555 ,xi omgfgij MMU Dfw? y M5 f?'w'J Wlkgig jf jvwakmw if Fwmlf Q if Sffggwwf Wm? pm VW OJ JJ 3 J LM lad Cjffuff Gyywj g,4,uu,uJ Ui DVM jnjji QWUQWZM, v7iw5l?i3C,dJJL M W??513 355235 H Q 3 ,XMMLK JJ 7 PM My MSR 1 fx if WJU 0,505 U A Oq GUJN f Jwhgvg ' iii WWE Q QW? 53333 ' 1 if . W3 ESM ii Q 343 . WJ ' ' - 1 ' , ' 55 J75 0' Uv V , ,. Q JIM H K 44" if Q 1 "A 9, " A, .v ' 1 h X .- . 1 N A V ' , ' Is s ifw' " VSV- a' , , ,,.,,-'Vic ' ,-. - , " : ,AYh -5 jf N ' ,-fflgkvl' ' , ' : ll ' a!5'f:'Pi'NqF .5 ' -f D ,,4ipf:------ - ' - VX, A NYCPXQ' ' ' Q58 1 E -" ' """- ff Q - 'F ,K an nm .mm :fi- 5654 uqgoa. H - + " " " ' ' an -, "" , " 'A gig- I i ...LXJKW In V V I 5 I I '- E A n .X n 1 I aski-

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