Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX)

 - Class of 1971

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UQ-gdLJ ., ,Www - Zn " QWZ?W ZjQj0w hw 6iDMmZ06477714?.9M,Lgm,g70JJJ?e4'?7Lfm, Wjlmbwwfy M r ' I ff WW tgiggwifgfjwwzfj f? 5ff55f47'5 f Q W4 520276 WU ZWMMQ, 55 fa' 4 , Mfiigwzffwmwfggm 2 Wwfgifgyw MMM ! . " o NWS in Q"-WX sf Q X 6 A I, ie vyqx Q v YO, x ksgffx JN S1567 ix Q N0 N-9' U! s f Q X D WO af X901 C0 099 X. LLM YO :bw ,X Ox of BO x J 0 1 L -' 1, od cud C O ,P Sz X 2 fgiggisii ff 2 , -5: ' ' A ? , ' ! , Owls Nest Garland High School Garland, Texas 1971 Volume 3 1 academics. . . senior class .... junior class .... sophomore class student life .... o o o o table of .....14 ...54 ...84 104 122 K Q A QQNW WD QQ Pzfglmibifw of of V My fb ' 1 1 O W WW V ff Y-ll fl v- Y Hundreds of years ago Omar Khayam Wrote his philosophy of life, "The Rubaiyatf' which holds with- in it a message for all mankind. It attempts to relate to one that he must live life to the fullest and enjoy all as- pects of it. Attempting to portray a modern student's perspective, the editors of this book are using the poet's version of Life, which in our opinion does this more beautifully than any other writing in the field of literary Works. AJ 46 mb W? - ,-4 if qw- .W a -- , f gk - 'I fl! 0 V ?6?G7Q , 1 Hts 9 H IMN FN ', 4'fEf? an 4 B Q, fix N 'NW X X .X Q ?- -.1 E E, i V 'V If' '- ASQ? Now the New Year reviving old Desires, The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires, Where the White hand of Moses on the Bough Puts out, and jesus from the ground suspires. -I-v ..--W our school . . . returning . . . coming for the initial time . . . familiar and acquainted . . . timid and afraid . . . but quickly comfortable . . . beginnings of years . . . endings of years . . . happiness and even more happiness a place that is old, yet proud . . . buildings taken for granted. but really beautiful . . . walls that shall harbor memories, both pleasant and disturbing, forever . . . --:ur-v life at G.H.S. A meetings aftef school .ii 2 break . . . bells . . . classes . . . bells . . . ii traveling from building to A- building in rainy K weather . . . senior English . . . headaches and worries . . the hassle of leaving at 5:15... construction, which caused a ren minute' detour to school . . . - the courtyard that is never used . . . the quiet beauty of our school . . . Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise! One thing at least is certain - this Life fliesg Une thing is certain and' the rest is Liesg The'Flower that once has blown for ever dies. And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before The Tavern shouted - "Open then the Door! You know how little while we have to stay, And, once departed, may return no more.'5q h 10 friends . . . a ride home from school . , . shared lockers . . . a quarter for the one who forgot his lunch money . . . meetings of good friends in good places . . . the kind word when depression has caught you . . . the Warm hand . . . one of life-'s greatest joys . . . 11-H solirucle . . . A the loud ringing of quietness . . . the silence of sound . . . searchingjfor a purposegin life ,'.. , trying to identify with someone, ' something . . .Y ' reachinggfoha solution to war, . hate, ,the Worlclisfeonfusion A. . ceaseless searching . . . L i unanswered questions. . . grapplingwith the ,voice of society and 'the voice V V from Within . . . trying to find one's self . . looking into oneis soul . . . searching, reaching, grasping for the true peace which will 'come only with the beauty of death . . . 12 There was the Door to which I found A no keyg A there was the Veil through which I might' not see: l l Some little Talk awhile of Me and Thee A There was - and then no more of ' Thee and Me. ' Dreaming when Dawnis Left Hand was in the Sky I heard a Voice Within the Tavern ery, "Awake, my Little ones, and fill the Cup Before Life's Liquor in its Cup be dryf' Academics 2 M mx 9 Q1 f yarn f A .0 by if -ar . J W YA. t V ,?f 1 4 ff f 'f vfgfj ua" .. , ,,, -""'+..f.:-.' v'?-1111.51 I .Jn ' M Rf L-JJXQ 5 fi. 'ef M X"- vfs' in 1 24 E Q xxx sb 4' ikvaiffx 1 4. Q . ' 5- I 5 arland School Board The School Board 15 the backbone of the Garland Publrc School system These men are responslble for constrtuting the school rules and attendmg to matters concernrng the schools Therr job is not an easy one however they meet therr responsrbxlmes wnth determmanon and a WllllIlgl'lCSS to work ff? ll Afflfffmf 5lfPf'f1'1fmdf"1f Axmlant Superznlendent A. B. Elliot MRIIOD Wlllrams ack Shugart Alvrn Moore, Elmer Grrsham R Wynn Perry Bowen The direction cation starts 21 man will determine his future life. - Plato Mr. Gene Hudson, Princqml john D. Butler, Amklant Principal Mr. P. Ponder, Aniflant Prinnpal 7 in which edu- QF I just can't put my finger on it. Mr. Robert Albritton Pbyriml Srienreg Comb Mrs. -Iulie Alexander Enghkh U '.. 1 ",, . Mrs. Alta Altom " '-t Anubfiifg Alg. Ilg Tug. ttt 1t" ,,1, W Mr. Marshall Altom g yli yh V Geometry Mr. David Armstrong Woodworking I, Ilg Mech. Draw- ing I, II Miss Vicki Baker Englzlrh III Mr. jesse Beeson Englzkly III Mrs. Ruth Board German I, Ilg English III FF"f'i I can hardly wait until Friday! Did you say he went that way? .-qu--Q ,4-P faculty meetings before school . . . faculty meetings after school . , . freedom at 3:15 . . . a test that every- one failed . . . a KCSI that ev- eryone passed failure and success . . . an assign- ment that everyone remem- bered to do holidays a hostile student that Hnally gave a smile . . . a shy one that spoke in class unendless questions .. answers to some, not all . . . the last day of school . . . farewell to the lives you touched . . . for- gotten faces forgotten names . . remembered memories . . Mrs. Sarah Bohannan English III Mr. Kenneth Boone Woodworking II, III Mr. Paul Bourek Band Mr. Robert Boyd Driven Edg Coarh Mr. L. B. Brackeen Gm. Burinarrg World Geography 'ful ,...a-un ,ff Mr. Henry Brackett World Hzlrlory Mr. joe Brown Driven Edg Coafh Mr. john Bryant Genera! E!er.,' Basic Eleo. Mr. jim Burch Driven Exif Coafb Miss Patricia Bums Biology Mr. Larry Butler Power Meolmnicr 'Q'-us. Mrs. Barbara Caldwell Englzkb II Mrs. Fran Caldwell Homemaking II, III xqs Mrs. Rachel Calkins Coumelor Miss Nan Carpenter Englzklf IV 'ii Mr. Ray Carson Vamliona! A grioullure Mr. Russell Coffee Coarln Mrs. Cecile Conwoop Amerimn Hzlfloryg World Hzktogf Mr. Charles Cooper Counselor uri NP' q..,.,,-, ,..f'--. 'Ns-P" e 4 . . . With a little help from my friends. Oh U0 YOU d0HifA fri A-Rik rs 'wif' So, you hacl a run-on. The number you have just called is not a working number ,, 'QI 'co-gp Y' SO' --W., Mrs. jewelle Courtney Librarian Mr. Charles Crawford Typing I, II Mrs. june Crocker Sensing' Mrs. Nancy Davis Englzkh III Miss Paula Davis Cizfirf Mrs. jo Delmar English IV Mrs. Norma Dorsey American Hillary' Civirs Miss Mary june Dyer English III Mr. jim Epperson Drizferf Ed Miss Berry Foster Teafher Aide Mr, Willeam Foster Biology Mrs. Tena Garcia Ref. Keeping: Typing I: Per. Typing Mrs. Jeannie Garner Speefh I, III: English II Mr. Phillip Gilbrearh Woodworking I Mr. Charles Gliclclens Geomelfy Mrs, Lois Granr Bookkeyiingx Ref. Keeping Miss Florene Gray Ar! II, III, IV Mrs. Katherine Green Amerifan Hiktovy Mrs, Suzanne Halpin Girlx P. E. ,' Golizfackezx Mr. James Harlow Alg. II: Conrurner Math The Merrecal for lunch bunch. an-...E sv- -.-qv 'eq seq. sill was 9? -roi nv- K.. fs. Q -31 '05 Miss Sonja Hcgna bzlin I, 1I,' Amerimn Hzkzory Mr. William Hendryx T Dmmug Englirb II fin is-..'.9' Mr. Lester E. Hickman QQ .-.., 'QI siiimwmm- 'S-r Chemzsny Mrs. Ruth A. Hicks Home Naming Mrs. .Johnnie Hill Teacher Aide Mr. Donald Hollcnshead 'S..,,-4' 'Q"'R ' N., Related Malia 1, II Mrs. Rcssic Isett Home Naming Mrs. Louise jackson Serretary dug llunu.,,,.- Come into my laboratory. Mrs. Margaret Korioth Librarian Mrs. Roslyn Kumpe Arrzerimn Hzktmyg C Law Mrs. Joyce Lacy Related Mall? I, II Mrs. Sue Lamanick Homerrzaking II Mrs. Ruth Lindblom Eriglidv I, II Mr. Vernal Lister Vamtional Agrifulture Mrs. Berry Lowrance Theme Writing Miss Carole Lurrrell Girls P.E.,' Debi Miss Rayma Lyles Ree. Keebingg Typing I Mr. Alton Lynch Choir Mrs. Grace McLeroy Biology Mr, john McNair Power Meelmnier as ,gsm k if ii if La Cuacaracha! La Cucacaracha! HI Try to envision me as an atom. Mrs. jorgann McShan Spanish I. II Cs... Mr. Mickey McShan 7 'il '?"'1,v ao- 1T'l"3 Pbyyiml Sriencep Coarla Mrs. jeannie Merrill m Englifh II Mrs. Linda Merrell French I, II,' Amerifan Hzklmy Mrs. 'Judy Murphey Englzkh III, IV Mrs. janet Nelson English I1 ' ,, Today is the day? Miss Glenna Newkirk joumalzkm Miss Joy Parker Algebra I Mrs. Berry Peace V.O,E. Mrs. Phyllis Peniche Dzklribzzlive Educazion Mrs. Barbara Ponder Typing I, II Mr. Gary Reeves Driven Condo Really? AK 'iff' isa .. WP' A eee. 'Sift Nd 11 Q. 'H at fi -3 +..,,.w' fm -ms , ii " ,. an .N Mr. O, K. Reynolds Texas Hzkloryx Civicj Mr. I. D. Russell Dzlftribulive Edufalion Mrs. Mattie Shaid Typing II Miss Jill Shugart Ci1fif5,' Ameriran Hzklory Mrs. Carrie Simpson Slaorlhand Mrs. Linda Smith Refaled Mark II 4 .gr- Mx .MM The Mad-Mod Murphcy. i 331 Miss Mary Stephens Sjmnifh I, II, III Mr. Billy Stewart Merlmniml Drawing I, II, lII,' Couch Mr. Herbert Strickland Biology Mr. Oliver Stringer Sludy Ha!! Mr. Melvin Thomas Caarly Mrs. Charlene Thompson Sfffffdfjf Nxt KN Ti I Simon says: Put your left foot out! A teacher affects eternity he can never tell Where his influence stops Henry Brooks Adams M1ss Karen L. Tolson Englub II,' Burinm Arillymetic Mr Vernon D, Tooke Mrs Naomi Trotman Typlng I Mr Marion T. Turner Geametfyg Coach Mr Van Venable Counrelar Mrs Mary Watson Health Ormpations Mrs Donna Wheat Homemaking I, I1 Mr Thomas Wiler Pbyrmg Phyriml Srienfe Mrs Mae Zajic Cammerrial Arithmezicy Remrdkeeping agnlgqwb K- ng-. L ig , a rt. .ra 1-4, ' ffl, Jw. . f Q1.a+,a -' 'i'i'1LQ'3f-N1 .l5?1f'-'ME-t':flI": ' 1, - .. 3 au.. ' -x 'fix 'shsf x lf' ' a.,f:-mf. E. ,f M. ,,' Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mary Anderson Irene Aycock Nell Bartlett Olive Davis Elsie Dykes Lorene Earley Mildred Ethel . jean Graves Charlotte Kemp Edith Leatherwood Ruth Oehlke Colene Perritt Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Virginia Pitts Dorothy Rich Thelma Schell Doris Smith Barbara Strawn Ada Thompson Laura Wall . joe Walston Zoe Whitlock Dueton Whitsill Katheryn Woodson l l Mr. George Brown Mr. Christian Mr. Homer Kirby Mr. Francis Moss Mr. R. W, Person Mrs. Booncy Torrans Mr. Booney Torrans 1 34, 4,-,,w. 11?-.pi A .,, I' ,J A A . n- . , '1 'Q P .f a,-, f A A ' .Mig , f , ,, ,V f .. - w: 1' - 5 4 , 5, V mf 1 , , . , 1 'Min , ,VK . , , ,, ,A I t ,, lm . ir. -.f . X, 1. I,-fu fi , , , 'wr NH App 4 :f , m, , V sf -'.,, .,,j,-if ,A ,,,,1,.,. M, o if ,Hg ' !.1":ff..,g,.M, xnxx 55,6 ., frm MJ' As one of the most beloved and most dedicated per- sons ever connected with our faculty, you have carved a place in the hearts of many. Your diligent and out- standing toil with the Band goes unheeded by many. Yet, those who know you love you, others admire and respect you. We place you, Mr. Bou-rek, upon a pedes- tal, where you may be viewed, recognized, and loved by all. r 4 J -- ., xqv-' My 33 an As the representative of the class of 1971, I would like to express deep sentiments of our parting from Garland High School. We have spent three years in this schoolg years that We will never forget. For most of us, these will be the "good old days" and will supply us with ceaseless hours of stories to tell our grandchildren. Even for those of us who felt that these years were ridiculous, a chuckle will always arrive at the thought of our high school experi- ences. We have enjoyed these years, through good times and bad, and we would like to thank you, G.H.S., for giv- ing us this experience. Dan Cook E Danny Cookg Presidenl of lhe Senior class TA Barry Bradyg Vim-Prei'ia'enl of live Seniar dau ViCkY BOX! -Yfffffllfjf vf lb? 5f'11f0f llfllff il Gail Lilleyg Trmgurer gf :bg jmjgr flag Billie Elliorrg Rqporier of the Senior dim We believe that the Toni Abney Gerry Adams Michele Alderson Gary Alexander fy., 7' ing Phil Alexander Ricky Alexander Delbert Anderson Jill Anderson Randy Anderson Todd Anderson Vickie Anderson Cindy Andreason 'WH We -5' W 'NM A-'Wm S-.1 L... Darleen Archibald Sammy Arnold Marcia Ascanio Debra Ashenfelter Nga 'bf possibilit of the future nun' 3 Debbie Atkins Lanette Avaritt Ricky Axe Rodger Bagby ,f X L. Lb sf' Betty Baker Bobby Baggett Charley Baird V Debbie Ball A wt' "q....1lP affi- Nl' NO: "sa-5 Nu' john Bamford Mark Bane Ann Bankhead Charles Bankheacl 'Nl an-, Melinda B21rf1CfrC Nancy Bartlett Donna Bass Kathy Bass far exceeds the accomplish David Bates Vicki Beckwith Barbara Beduhn John Beekmarm jg Kay Beeson Sue Behrens Carolyn Bellus Ronny Belt 191 19"-' 'QQ' L Gerald Berger joy Benner Debbie Bennett Randy Bennett Ronnie Bennett David Benningfield Danny Berryman Pam Biel ment of the past. We review 1 ,, -W., I .wus -Iimy Birket Barbara Blakely Douglas Bland .Ian Blanton Beverly Bolin Pamela Bond janet Bonney Pat Boulware Vicky Box David Boyer Tanya Bradfield jackie Bradford Barry Brady Donny Branch Scott Brank Stephen Bratton the past with the common Gene Bridges Wilham Briggs Alice Brooks Patti Brown ww , jimmy Brownlee Kathy Bmmmett .Ian Brunson David Bryant SAW 'TW Debbie Buice james Bunch Mike Burchardt Debbie Burk , Q vffv' Randy Burkhalter Janie Burleson Don Butler Kenneth Butler i C CC T sense, but We anticipate -rw' Tommy Butts Larry Call james Cannon Danny Carnathan dl. "Ig,-...rf Ronny Carpenter Cindy Carter Kathy Carter Susan Carter james Cartwright Rick Casteel Rebecca Castillo Sherry Cato .452 ,X Q'-A 3, ryy ...A it , Q'-W-0' J2f10iSC Ch2Pm3f1 Vaughn Chavoya Randy Christie Diana Cline the future with transcendental Vicki Clopton Robbi Coffey Ronnie Coker jerry Coldwell Debra Coleman Steve Collier Beverly Collins Danny Cook Yr:-r:-rf Clyde Coomer Gerry Cooper ,Ian Cooper john Cooper 'Url Jodi Comer Debbie Covington Tina Crabtree Audie Craft senses. In our sanest David Crane Bert Crews Michael Crirz Vicki Crossman 41" Nd Teresa Crouch Robert Crouch Vicki Cummings Diane Curry ADQ iff- iyk Jeannie Cutler Alan Damron Bob Darling Mary Darwin Y' --.--v Vincent Davidson Bruce Davis Carol Davis Joyce Davis ,J Sh.. .Lf- 1 W! In the hours of distress and misery, the eyes of every mortal man turn to friend- ship, in the hour ofigladness and convivial- ity, what is our want? It is friendship. When the heart overflows with gratitude, or with any other sweet and sacred senti- ment, what is the word to which it would give utterance? A friend. Landor 45 moments we find ourselves 'Wk New am Q-em Steve Davis Karen Dawson Sherry Day Donald Dean 'own we A S-...ff Dwight Deatherage Patty Delacy Harold Denney Cindy Dennis his N17-'ff-'fy' -Iesse Diaz Ronald Dietz Ray Donaldson Angie Doueet Alex Dowell Lester Drennan Martha Duckworth james Dungan naturally expecting or pre- "-M--' " Lois Dunlap Glenn Dunning Leland Duycl-1 Ruby Eads Sl' N 'WY' Lynda Early Georgeann Eller Billie Elliott Melissa Ermis -JJ Andy Erwin ,Ian Essary Eddie Etgen Patty Eubank K Qffx 'si' Carol Evans Debbie Evans Linda Everett Margarett Farmer pared for far greater Cathy Ferguson Gilbert Fernandez Joanna Ferrell Mike Ferrell Linda Finigan Cathy Fisher Mgrrion Flood Merry Floyd Mary Foley Ken F0155 Richard Fortner Donna Foster julie Foster Karen Foster Steve Foster Sharon Frank changes than any which Doris Franks Marilyn Freeman Sherry Freeman Steve Freeman 'if' Ricky French Keith Freudiger Linda Galleshaw Kay Galyon L iff Diann Gammon Donna Gatlin Vickie Gentry Deborah Gibbs wr' 1-'eff .QA-D Tanya Gibson Denise Giddiens jane Gillispie Ann Gimino We have experienced within 'Ui new Eli GOIDCZ Yolama GOHZQUCS Mike Gonzalez Allen Gooch "'--..Mf.w' Clay Gooch Don Goodman Lou Goodrurn john Gouge -emi Melinda Gough Mary Grace Oy!! 'www-gg. ' joan Gray Camellia Griffis Yolanda Guerra Darrell Haden Martha Hall Gail Halpin mm' the period of distinct mem- 0 M Perry Hamilton Vicki Hammaclc Debbie Hammerle Vicci Haney 'JJ Judith Hanssen Larry Hargis Sharon Harper Phyllis Harrell ti f, """' uv Bobbie Harris Debbie Harris Debby Harvell William Harvell 1 'Ui' Paul Hatler Martha Hawthorne Norman Hays Deborah Heddin ory, only to be paralleled Peggy Henderson Brad Hendrix Laura Henderickson -john Hennen ,f""N, Y' Ray Hennig Sheila Henson Martha Hernandez Karen Herrington Indiv "Q-Qual? Keith Herron Linda Hesselberg Cheryl Hickman joe Higdon ":"f"" 'YV Charlene Hill Donna Hoff Terry Holderman Neal Holford by experiences which are Mitzi Hollis Brenda Holloway Sandra Holt Fred Hood is-7-f-ni' NO' 1'X K-pg. ist- 7"'S, Sheila Hooks Michael Hooper Joseph Hopkins Honey Horsman 1,4 40' " efzv' L Lanne Houchin Gerald House Karol Howald Karen Howard f sk Cf' "v"'CV" Paula Howell Larry Howell Becky Huggert Rickey Hughes faces of students . . . jimi, ready and waiting . . . was she blonde, brunette, or red- head? stay up studying last night, ronny? semester exams really blew his mind what did you say? you should bite your tongue for that remark . . . . . . express their emotions wa-ummm MM., ai 1 so forgotten. Perchance, there vW""' Linda Hull Ricky Hull Johnny Humphreys Patty Hurry wwf? wt-sPf,:+ Catherine Ice Gary Ingram Donna Jackson Ella Jackson 'J 'se-'16 Mike Jackson Gene Jackson Gayle J2CkSOn Patricia Jackson ohnny Jacobson Elizabeth Jennings Darlene Jessie Jayne Jeter are revolutions which Norma -Jonas jan jones Patricia jones Pilffi jones iv Nl' il' Terry jordan Russell Kelley Sally Kennedy Rick Killian New VCT' Leslie Kimbrell Danny Kirk Nancy Kirkpatrick Linda Kirvin 'nf' W Kenneth Krodell Pat Krupa Christi La Barba an Lambeth J 57 create an interval impass V, 5 Np......An!' Ffffh Nia i'We'1l'V Frank Lang Steve Langley Bobby Lankford Harold Lasell L VW 'uv "-'WV Elizabeth Lawson Jimmy Leathers Rhonda Lee Sheryl Lewis Nr' , .rl ,iv 'lun Gail Lilley Marquerra Little jimny Lirrleron Sherri Lockwood iwemwu-41 hiv David LOWU1 Cathey Loya Susie Mabery Debra Mace able to the memorr . Thoreau --5" Kay Maddox Rusty Mahaffey Ronny Manley Debbie Marth Ok 19? , Susie Martin Fonzie Martin Nancy Martin Charlie Martinez i ,,,...,-nv NNQ.-4 Greg Mason Jeffrey Mason Robert Mathews Beverly Matthewa uv Ann May Mark McArthur Aaron McCollum Vivian McCraney Knowledge does not com - w5x ' Pat McDowell Sherry McElyea Kay McEntee joe McGovern ww 'W' QUVIQY' Alice McKinnon Bonnie McLellan ,Ian McNeil Penny McNeil 321511 i Marshall Meager Marilyn Meazle Ronnie Medcalf Alice Meeks Leslie Miller Debbie Miller Marla Miller Sharon Miller prise all which is con- Caflqa Mitchell Neal Michell Carolyn Mollard Sally Molloy 'WW' WP'-1 Kathy Moore Kerri Moore Bill Morgan David Morgan ,wx ll all ,lfffy M0fg2f1 Mark Morgan Pam Morphew Donna Morrison G'-' Rita Morrison jerry Moseley Royce Moseley Fred Moss tained in the large term 11 fi Tom Motteram Patsy Muirhead Vickie Mullens Don Muncy Patricia Neiswenrler Pam Nelson Robert New Mike Newhouse Bill Nichols Mike Nichols Mike Nichols joquita Nix Debby Nolan David Norris Mark O,Briant Barbara O'Brien A of education. The feelings Marilyn Odom Steve Oleson Lynn Overall Mike Oznick 'sa Nancy Parish Martha Par Y' .pn-I' john Payne jimmy Peo 55-Q rf, -, 13 ina. ii 3 s ll' 8 f-4-nm- ker Steve Parrent Marlon Pate 3 Wulf ples johnny Peters Lynne Phillips uk L David Pierce Billy Piercy Cathi Pippin Mark Pitts JS unity between friends brings insur- mountable pleasures . . . be friends with one another,' the rest will come . . . through friendship, one builds an institution of comradeship . . . no matter how nurnerous one's friends may be, he yet has none' to spare . . one cannot survive without friend- ship . . . friends of friends are everyone's friends . . . "behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell to- gether in unityln Psalm .133 are to be disciplinedg 'ff 5. A Glenda Platter Debbie Polk Lisa Poole Brenda Poovey Karl Powell Paul Power Sandy Prewirr Edward Price 'warp' Ronny Raines Peggy Ramey Ron Ramsey Dynah Raney Jeanne Raney Roney Range Becky Recer Gary Record the passions are to be i' J' 'i N,-J V 'Vw' 5-...ii Ken Reid Mike Rice Esther Reyna Penny Reynolds fbi Cfaf Sharon Richardson james Rightsell Terri Rimes Dianna Roan 'U"""l5 Ronny Roan Glenda Roberts Ray Roberts Mike Robertson Brenda Robinson Martha Robinson Roy Ragan Don Roger restrainedg true and Worthy fi'- iff? wh- ,,..,..a Ricky Rogers Franky Ross Janna Ross Randy ROSSCr Debbie Rothfus Debra Routh Phillip Rupe Martha Rushing NI Kathy S2mdCfCr Lisa Sarver Connie Saulters lim Scarff in-W Sandy Schuler Bobby Scott Randy Scott Ricky Scott motives are to be inspiredg bv Maureen Shannon Dave Shaw Judy Shaw Margie Shaw C ,J Ricky Shaw Robert Shipley Lyndy Shirley Rebecca Shockle vii 3,33 , 'J' fl. 1? -Ianie Silva Donald Sims Ronald Skelton Debbie Skinner WAT! ' 'ragga qlvwd' 433 ag-if Butch Sloan Dale Smith Ronnie Smith Stuart Smith a profonnd religious feeling lf' Sandy Solomon Virginia Sorensen Georgia Sorrow Ronnie Spearman Janice Spencer Gail Spigener john Spradling Pam Sprawls Kay Sprecher Cynthia Spruill james Srahlnecker Richard Srandeford 3 4415. Laurelle Starkes Dohna Starnes Kathy Starnes Seth Startti is to be instilled, and QITIIY - A K Kay Sterling Elaine StCW8ff Georganna Stewart Michael Stiffler 526105 'Sl kia -P441 M r ll r Q Ia Ronnie Stogsdill Debra Stokes jackie Stone Deborah Stonestreet 3' i I Alan Storck Frances Strakos Curtis Strawn Russell Strawn QM wqv AI Kwai David Strom Vernon Swaim Wayne Tallant i Lonnie Tatman pure moralit ineulcated John Tatko Virginia Tawwater Don Taylor Gaye Taylor 1.01 av.. -r--Md' K Peggy Teal Vicky Terrell Toni Testa Jan Tew Mike Thacker Elizabeth Thgdfofd Ronald Thomas Kathy Thompson Wx, fl 'Lx wif Daniel Thorpe john Tigert Roger Tilley Eddie Timbrell under all circumstances. 'C' William Todd Nikki Tolliver Pam Tolliver Kathy Toole- iv- Vicki Totten Ken Trussell Betty Tuggle David Tumey rr 'rx -...A xg, 41-:lsr Qld? Steve Tunnell John Turner Charles Turrentine JCHYIFHC Tyler Ivy Urquhart Mark Valdez Diane Vance Ronny Vann It is the mark of a superior man that, left to himself, he is able endlessly to amuse, interest and entertain himself out of his personal stock of medi- tations, ideas, criticisms, memories, philosophy, hu- mour and what not. Nathan may va f Wh' x 1 5 A ? Ai -,Eff Q 1 J 4 All this is compared Pam Vaughan Mary Vega Mark Vella Ann Venable 5 1 '02 Debbie Vick Sherry Vickery Varnell Voss Gary Waddington Diana Wakefield Danny Waldron Cindy Walker Joe Walker Laurie Walker Nancy Walker Ronnie Wallace Connie Ward Donna Warren to education. Webster Mike Watkins Ronnie Watson Carl Watt We ri Billy Weatherford Floyd Weaver joe Weaver LCSH6 WCbSter L. Suzan Weems K 11.7 Debbie Wellner jack Wells Mark Westerheim 'vu' Nw YT Sherrie Wheeler Pam Whitaker Brenda White Carla White What a man thinks of Dennilyn White Ronald Whitson Deborah Wickoff jerry Wiggins ww Dianne Wilcmgn Delores Williams Linda Williams Robert Williams uf-f Ronnie Williams Terry Williamson Linda Wilson Mark Wilson iuv Nancy Wilson Terrianne Wilson Clyde Windham Dennis Wisdom himself, that is which Pat Wiseman Ted Wommack Danny Wood Alwildg Wogdg W 'ww-v Gary Woolfolk Loy Woolly Debbie Wright Dwight Wright 'CZ' --ff Www ames Wright Vicki Wright Delores Wyatt Shannon Wyatt Timmy Wyatt Beverly Yates Rex Yates Gary Young determines his fate. Thoreau 'Nwaypm Suzi Young Trudy Younger Sharon Zachary Jodie Zorrfr eee ,. FHFUN' how long did mr. butler say we had to stay in are you sure this is the girl's dressing room? here? li yea, weill get the job done it really was a tough test . I I-1 Q-QUE? Wmmm 155' hard at Work . . . hugh hefner, here i come! you'd be surprised at what you might find in mark,s cabinet . . . sure i know all the answers . . are you sure your leg's broken? the end . . . The junior Class officers are five elected students repre1 senting the junior class. Separate from the Student Council,l this group plans and organizes activities to either make ori spend money for the junior class. The main money-making projects are the magazine sale and victory dances. The money made from these projects is used in the upcoming year for they Senior prom, Senior activities, and a gift to the school. We are looking forward to our senior year, hoping to make it aw worthwhile one. Larry johnson junior Class Presidenl Larry johnson, President of the junior Clam Connie Mirchellg Treasurer of llaejunior clam Z Shelley Shugartg Secretary qf the junior firm Dayle Swaing Reporler of llaejzmior 616155 Bill Waltcrsg Vice-Preyidenl of the junior claw Danny Adams Mark Alamo Royce Alford Sharon Allen Tommy Allen Mike Alred Kathy Altom Doyle Anderson Paul Anderton Mike Andrews Carolyn Arcemont Bobby Archibald -Ianie Arellano -Joanne Arnold Larry Arrington Sandra Ashenfelter Marilyn Ates Danny Bacon Michael Baker Robert Ballard Choya Barker Mickey Barker Larry Barnes Sue Ballew Karen Bates Pam Bates jerry Battle Tom Baugh Buddy Bell Larry Bennett David Bentley Cindy Best Debbie Betty Steve Biggerstaff Paula Bilton Paul Black Belinda Blackburn Debbie Blake -jim Blankenship Janis Blann Pam Blount Debbie Boss I 11 al f fr v'L?""R! IQ KE: -A , Q- -4 if if! 1' JN.. Bk ,E ,.:"' lf W J 3 r at, -2.- r 'W' X Y. f.,f t J' - 1 . , 1 3, -V ta? Y ii il l gf. fits '-1--"S"-E'Q3 ,Qi X1 32?21 'Q-E3 "7- -AN 2-1-N-CSS :yy uf 139 l ag OD 4.--0 vu., rf 41" 2 we if R1 Sgigofz i 4 jim Border Danny Bottoms Karen Boyd Danny Branning Linda Brittain Bobby Brooks Mike Brooks Yvette Broussard Doug Brown LaDonna Bruce Becky Brunson Dan Bryan Dave Bryan Bruce Buchanon Helen Bryant Katie Bunch Liz Burchart Gail Burden Eula Burrow Joanne Butler Steve Byers Annette Campbell Terry Capehart Kay Carder Mike Carlock Kathy Carnathan Barbara Carraway Eddie Carter Louanne Carter Mark Chambers Rhonda Chance Larry Chandler jack Childress Tim Christensen Wayne Chumlcy Edward Cisneros Yvonne Clanton Debbie Clark Judy Clark Lena Clark Mike Clark Richard Clark Shirley Copeland Brenda Cornelius Ronnie Cornwell james Covington Rickey Crable Terry Crane jan Cranover Janice Crenshaw Gail Crews Rod Crouch Nancy Crumbley Roger Cunningham Rick Clopton Candy Cloud Corby Cloud Bobby Cobb jimmy Cobern Glen Cochran Terry Collier jim Collins Randy Cooper Got you, finally. A l , lrai K fr P 1 , 1 K1 . , W 'aff X e i-' ' gs ' H X . V ii .1 a 'Q if A 3 A I 4- I -fr Lil Boy Blue come blow your horn Sharon Cupples Pat Dalton Mike Daniel Floyd Davidson Debbie Davis Wendy Davis Cindy Day Susan Dean Yolanda DeAnda WNW! All X X, 'Y' 1' i I 3 Now what was that answer? Rita DiBiase Emelie DeLisle Gary Dendy Leonard Derrick Don Dial Steven Duval , s David Dunn fl j .tw Rebecca Duncan ' Eddie Dunlap ffl? ' X. .i t l ,105 X, il..-11 Kenny Duggar Billy Dunbar Billy Downing James Douglas Glenn Dorris Terri' Donaldson Tommy Dodson Marsha Dill Larry Dietz Marilyn Dietrich Sally Dickerson Earl Dial Sherry Echols Johnnie Ector Lynn Edwards Billy Edwards Marshall Edwards Paulette Elliott Lorrie Emory Debra Englebretson Nadine English Tony Fairless Beverly Farmer james Farmer Ross Farrington Suzanne Faucet Chrissy Fauley Rhonda Ferguson john Ferrell Pat Fisher Sandra Fisher Brenda Flatt Pam Flook Reid Flood Mike Florence Keith Flowers 'Ii :fe 1 is Q 3, F F so 'NS' Aff., fri.. .. Q' ' x 2 .zu ,. .. ff X ' ,---, 4 1' lk .1 .. L-x Q - it ' 'lx ig Y 'N' A look of boredom. Q s, F F 'if A-A-A . . . B-B-B , . . .,...,4r . X YQ 5 .Q- jx X sa 'x ,... .. Q' fa .. , f-fvgk, ,G -. N , A . , - G- v Q' , Q ' -A .. S F 'ff G tts if i R if fi 3 is 1 fr. "5 I Yf 4. r ng-. ,J syn. . .X "F f r , +"' 90 - 1' l ,yi 23.251 fi' g 11- '-1' . -15 X J, 4 tix' X . K vm . 5 2 1 1,31 I i it - ff Debbie Fong Billy Ford Darla Ford Vicki Forehand Tim Foster Kathy Fox Rosamunda Frances Dana Frey Frankie Gaines Janice Galleshaw Brenda Garrison Christi Gay Paul Gentry Becky Gibbons Dennis Gibson Joyce Giddens Kathy Gifford janet Gill joctta Gipson Morris Gleiser Fernando Gonzales Linda Gonzales Susan Graham Don Gray Kathy Gray Robert Gream Guy Greening Debra Gregory Celeste Griffin Connie Griffin Dorothy Griffin Nita Griffin Rita Griffin Tina Hall Arlene Hallerman Steve Hallman Floyd Hamill Ricky Hamilton -Iana Hammack Cheryl Hammer Janie Hammons Kathy Hancock Paul Hanssen Terry Haney Loressa Harkins Mike Harkins Gary Harmon Paul Harper Charlotte Harris Cynthia Harris Tonja Harris Warren Harris Debbie Hartness Melinda Harrison Linda Haskins Mike Hatfield Kathy Hay What is this? Robert Griffis Mae F. Grigsby Debbie Grimes Dennis Groves Vicki Gutormson Mike Halbert Debra Hall Gayla Hall Karen Hall .ls ,..4P ax, fi. .,,... mi: isis- -- 1 ,.,, .. .. , ..... livzrzzi I I 11 , ii X R A tt. - A 4 sh ve - if - 'a x N S -:3Q:.g:?173H4?2 f X 7 A u - W K 1 f ' "TY ,ue- 's , lf . e 5 'f-SW: , 1 -..., ,, aa- 'N XF - 'P - , r lp fm- 555: x gn? S x x J ,, ,S M.,- S' A as 5 A X X f ,th r N. :., ff 0 3 s T. +30 3. F x f r X, ' ' 1. Q X 3 S Vw? 5 x-pf 4+ ....ff" ,, e .wr . 4 I' "'.. '-25' j 4...-f X. fi! L fa A , ggi a i. l -f - sf, 16 of lk , rfsglf A x B 5 ,U fr 'ff - f.-4 'V Q-An-' L . O z .A "iii" - ffl' , . +8 'T . Mitzi Hayes Vicki Haywood Brenda Helr John Hendershot Dennis Henderson Elise Hensley Harold Henry Eleanor Henson Keith Herrin Johnny Hester Susan Hickman Larry Hicks Larry Higginborham Steve Higginbotham James Hill DeWayne Hodges Melissa Hollon Richard Holloway Regina Hornbach Bobby Houston Janella Houts Randy Howald Jack Howell David Hunt Joni Hunter Karen Hunter Carol Ingram Kathy Ivey Billy Jackson Larry Jackson Mike Jackson Bruce Jacobson Bob James Paul Jansen Gabrielle Jasson Cindy Johnson Jerry Johnson Larry Johnson Steve Johnson Gail Johnston Dennis Jones Gary Jones Diane King Steve Kirchner jerry Koppel Tommy Kuhn jean Lake Stephanie Lashlee Tony LeFan Chuck Lewis David Lewis LaDell Lewis Carolyn Lilly . rg Claudia Lindenbe i "'- . A W 19 ,ra 9 sa X +wiHV".,..ri Some juniors are studious! -Io Lois Jones Jana -Jordon Glenda Joslin Tony Keahey Donita Keener David Kelly Teddy Kirby Dorrell Key Brad Killingsworth -f -ear Y,.:,y 6 s',, . Q 3 X "if 1 1' a il W ik V S32 as 35' gm . r.,. J.. . at , .4 :im mf Alan Littleyohn Annie Ling Vernon Littleton David Locklear Mike Lofland Sylvia Long 3 F5 , I ." L C A liiiiltl '37 QQ gg Q , LLLA ,Jay F:'.T'. .2 3 1 Elaine Lord jane Lusk Ken Mackenzie jack Mahaffey Larry Mahan Steve Manzi at as h L PK l ' Lee McCleskey I Glenda McCraine A Q iiv Mary McCrainey ikkgigi f V7 li K 'iff '-sv David McCullough james McCullough Theresa McDonald Patti McDowell Dixie McFarland Beverly McGonigle Q, 2 tl 1 - x 1 -f 7 5 1-l P f,, . Kg X-0 Joey Marlon Annellc Marshall Mary Ann Martin Steve Martin Philip Martschinsky Gina Massey Don Matthews Gary Mauldin Latricia Maxfield Mitzi McCallum Mark McCaully Stan McClain r v . ' L A , ,X MMM, A 'XV' F . a me A.Gf"T '21 , V L:5d,mJfr valL5 Do you want me? ,ff ' sz 1 X it X38-s .F ' james McKanna 3 ft - 1 ' Debbie McKee A . f as 4 Myra McKinney QQ R vi As f i' Yr 'Il E Rosie McKinnie I ia N " , 5 Pat Meazle V f S gk ,X I s I Eddie Michel I f i" ' if I Q IN' is 6 5 Q r fair 1 sl Becky Miller David Miller Debbie Miller Manuel Minjarez Connie Mitchell Pam Mitchell jeff Moberly Cathy Moore Doug Moore Gary Moore Ginger Moore Kent Moore Molly Moore Sherry Morgan Kim Morris Sandra Morris A Sherry Morris Eddie Moulden Elaine Mozley Dennis Muncy - Mike Murphy - A Leigh Rose Nance ' ' Dale Neal - ' 1'r -i f Nancy Nelson r r-' - , Rick Nilson Mike Newland Sharon Newman Sandra Newton Johnny Noska jane Novak .suv Stephen O'Brien Jim Odell john Odin Robert Oliver Rick Oller Jerry Gsborne 1? .X 199' ,wars ak ig . ' f -fr' ,,.-v Aff., ,ol Rt Oops! Late again. rv.. My .3 if If 1 '45 if E 'tw f Don Oznick Debbie Parker Sherri Parker Steve Parker Sherry Parr Darlene Parrent james Parsley Rita Partridge Terry Paschal Terri Patterson Diane Paul Sue Peavler jack Peel Brenda Penland Ricky Perkins Patricia Petrea Harvey Pettigrew Gena Pettit Debra Phillips Richard Pierce Rickey Pike Brenda Pitts Laurel Plate Karen Poetschke What are you talking about? Sunny Pruitt Mary Pugh Kathy Randall Keith Ranes Frank Ramsey Jack Ramsey Cathy Range Karen Raskopf Lisa Read Sherry Rearigh Cindy Record Helen Rector Sandy Rhine Rusty Rhoden Sherry Richards Robert Richardson Lydia Rios Ruth Rios joyce Ritter Gary Roan Pam Roan Neva Roach Brian Roberts Cheryl Roberts Shirley Roberts Linda Robinson Billy Rogers Linda Roland Cheryl Rooney Debbie Round Eddie Polk Pat Polk Edi Pope jim Potter Dianne Powell Larry Powers Deanna Prince Gerald Procter 1 Y ff' S 'M ,MN ax ix , s x J x . N r -5- f. , if-:QV b sag . .. by ' X ' y 1 ' Tkk C " i -2 , for 1 .L NB 5: . N- , xf y g it rrr' 3, me 4 f f A C A :ig risk: V 55' . - 1 , M , C ,,, ,t t F 1 in X' fi, Q F iii 11 . r r -- f ' i -ai . ,L-. . , A iv . i ' 5 - K H, It is 5' E , 'B -ask . - Q . r R 'K' X. ' , 1 y as Q . if " 2 :. Q ,G 1' ' Q' . i , xx. .tina A.. 'Qt ig. .ans Q:-al? Q I s ' 'Ht A ' i l f J, 'W . R S ,Q 4 S f S f I I aa ,I I ,vp Qi tv 0' N 'J'-F32 t:LifL"sb1 Gordon Shattles Angela Shaw Ricki Shaw Debra Sheffield Rickey Shelton Ron Shewmake Penny Shockley Shelly Shugart W. H, Shugart Mark Rowan Donna Royman Gary Rudolph Debbie Runnels Debbie Russell Tommy Ryan Clifton Sanders Hylton Sanders Harry Saul Mike Schew Bob Schmidt Mike Schmidt james Scott judy Scott Larry Scott Sally Seligman LouAnne Shannon Peggy Shannon Debbie Shape Merrie Sharp Clean off the table and push in the chairs 35 at Diana Sigler Edward Skaggs 0 . iz- "",, 4 x'xJ's '.'f fl' Ronnie Snell De De Solin Sheila Songer Chris Sorrells Mike Sperling jolyn Spradlin Larry Spradlin Diane Spradley jack Spruitt Judy Stagg Melissa Stallings Debbie Stanley Don Steele Mary Steele Becky Steen David Steinhoff Stacey Stembridge Anita Stewart Beth Smith 'ii ef" s. M52 if S il Debra Smith I Eddy Smith qi, , Mary Smith Pam Smith Randy Smith Ronald Smith Steve Smith Tim Smith Wayne Smith rv-- f ,fi y,l1afl - , ... S sc: I V1 y 1' f Q, 'v .sf 5- W4 4, Q N tc: , . ,. Nw 5, , "" i ' -JH. , I 3 1 3' A "r, r S il- f mfg., A0A'lQgf I I tt -"'5'i"i'5Z'Z"'-Aff?-'L ,S S ,gg as M a., S X as at S , yyys , ', an K ,.., W V ' it.. K.L, t E -1 li,2i,,LA ,. K 2 . : . ,,,xk,, T 4 , V , . A . Q, n W 3 I ,.. K fr-rj 5 in fi x ifs-s - it S. .hi , S. R S 'S ' l 9. Q 1' s if K Q2 - 7 533 I: ts M seer 4522 ll! ',..-0 i ies S tl' , S: -at l it ' 'Y ffiltfi , 4 at I I I .1 , If wtf , 4' ' 5 ' ' -4 " 5' ' E VL t? i, 5 41 C ' gig f y :sf -EQ? 2:1 it. I Q f 1' , 3 . 2 :i X ' - - ' it t ir , f 'K jx .W S , t 5 f, A 1,43 f 1 ' S X - ' , ,Iqd t -1, :N ,J 1:5 X W., JJ Q. . Q Brenda Stewart 'Iill Stewart Vicki Stewart Valerie Still Kent Stogsdill Mike Stone Chris Story Sharon Stover Vicki Strom Terry Stroup Dayle Swain jim Talbert Alex Tanner Pam Tarren Mary Tatman David Tawater joe Taylor Pat Taylor Debbie Teamann -lean Ann Teasdale Pam Terra Connie Terrell Cindy Terry Linda Terry Michael Terry Susan Terry Randy Thomas Steve Thomas Steve Thompson Diane Tibbits Vicki Tidwell Lana Tinnin Paul Tipton johnny Tittle Laura Tomlinson Pamela Todd Randy Trousdale Lisa Tuley Cathy Turnipseed Gary Turnipseed Don Utz Marcella Valdez Bubba Van Hoozer Gary Van Zant Teresa Van Zandt David Vasquez Charles Vaughan Patsy Vaughn Sheri Vaughan Patricia Vaught Sue Venable Mike Vice Danny Vick Alvin Wade Ronnie Wade Robert Waggoner Patty Walker Dale Wall Anna Waller Bill Walters Danny Watford David Watford Dana Watson Vicki Watts Danny Wells -Ianetr West Ginny Wheeler Ronnie White Ruby White Sandra White Steve White Terry White . 5 .Z- its ' ,fi , . 3 X 'va' me fi is Q' fy' R I - 5' W ff rrl V: "-. . 3151 Aj 1... 'Q ' . f 'tif 'ar df, .Eg "5 ,-.N 4? JP lik 1 vi ,. -ff? wi ' Zimburean XJ X f ai! g fs IQ' 'Q' I as aff A .40 l l 'S' if 5 . 1-1 'li , 1' IG off' Michael Whitehead Diane Whitesell jennifer Wibb Mike Widmer Beverly Wiggins Debbie Wiggins Ann Wilbanks jonita Wilcoxson Sandy Wiley Carla Williams Debra Williams Mike Williams Carol Willis Don Willingham Carol Wilson Frankie Wilson Jerry Wilson Linda Wilson Ronnie Wilson Neina Wisdom Tommy Withrow Denise Woods .Ian Wooldridge Shannon Wooley George Wright jackie Yarber Kathy Yarbrough Rhonda Yoke Carl York Brenda Young ,. Y, I0 4 Keith Burtong Pmident of life Sophomore flop' Upon entering Garland High School as a sophomore, one feels excitement accompanied with a form of appre- hension of treading new waters. After a few weeks, though, one becomes surrounded by the aura and friendli- ness of Garland High Schoolg at last, he is a part of it. When one becomes a sophomore, he must choose his per- sonal aspirations and also ones for his school. This first year of three at Garland High School has been a proitable oneg through the assistance and interest of all, the senior year will be productive in many ways, both personally for each individual and for all as a group. Keith Burton Sophomore Class President r - g S'-N S 52'-r IL, ' f fi Kathy Foleyg Reporler of lbe Sophomore claw Pam Taylorg Serretmy of the Sophomore Clem Richard Melroseg Vice-President of the Sophomore flair Susan Cooperg Treasurer of the Sophomore clam L.s,t N X Mike Acrea Stan Adams Beverly Adkins ,Ionell Akin Sharon Akin Renda Alcorn Karen Alexander Paula Alexander Debbi Allen Debra jean Allen Norman Alston Connie Andreason Debbie Anschutz Deana Arbuckle Bernie Arellano Eddie Armstrong Janice Armstrong jimmy Arnold Mike Arnold Brenda Arnold Shirley Arrington Karen Arthur Ivonne Ascanio Deborah Ashley janet Bagby Tommy Baggett Clyde Bailey Debra Bailey Marilou Baker Steve Baker Keith Balsley Mary Ann Barnes Diane Barnett Earnest Barnett Laura Beal Mike Beasley Linda Becht Horst Bee Karen Beekman Darryl Beeson Michael Behrens Cheryl Bellingsley Sue Bench Wes Bennett Judy Benningfielcl jay Binder Nancy Blackman Sandy Blake Donna Blakenship 106 Let us Watch Well our beginning 5 sseis -5 ,- 'K 'if' A t ' 'F Y, 1' Q3 'K ' i s Y . S a ai I , Y t e A -Q f 4 . f' ' 3- A' 'L 1 A 'M 3 'U - 1' ' 1 s , i - X Q , Q .1 , V 1' ' aft- 0 ug , EQ' M 0 t xv Al 1 . I V F j 1' .k ' X' i '--err -' ' A K .XX K K , . 1 i f K .AF me' K 5 . Clark David Blaylock Richard Blevins Tony Boaz Carolina Booker Sue Botsford Amy Bourek Pam Brackett Cheryl Bradford Diana Bradshaw Ted Brakefield Marilyn Brank Loretta Breedlove Sherry Brewer Charlotte Brown Kathy Brown Mike Brown Linda Bryant Stephen Burge Becky Burnett Pat Burnett Ella Burrow Keith Burton Brad Butler Bill Cambell Nina Cameron Linda Cannon Vicki Cantrell Marcy Capp Rosetta Caraway Lucy Carder Kathy Carlock Charleen Carner Laura Carr ,jimmy Carroll Paul Carroll David Carson Bob Carter Rick Carter Barbara Chafin Nita Cheek Leticia Cisneros Cezila Clark Charles Clark Mike Clark Teresa Clark Mark Clayton Marcus Cline Yvonne Coates Gail Cobb I0 Practice and practice to make those routines look sharp. Teresa Cox Danny Crabtree Sharon Craft Brenda Crane Gary Crane Steve Crane Gary Crawford Pam Cranford Rachel Crayton Debra Critz Cleberr Croft Barbara Crow Cindy Crowsey Mike Crowson Phillip Crumbley Brian Cunningham Greg Darrough Nancy Darwin Debbie Davidson Bill Davis Robert Davis Patricia Dean Pat DeBord Mark Denny Berry Derrick Mark Dewese Billy Dial Judy Dial 08 Martha Coldwell Lyn Coleman David Colwell Kim Cone Letitia Connell Linda Coomer Chris Cooper Susan Cooper Terry Cooper Pam Couch Lynn Cowley David Cox A - - X- wk :EY K 'ii iii .. . N I s , e M ' . C .4 s rs be a , so .. Q- 'i w .. , in .5 i f it X 1 . t C '- c e . he V g- -' . 4. ' 3,5 . ' JN Q. ' . 1 "IM 'H 2 . - A 1 ' 1-wi' elm if .B 'latin f 0 2 .filf ' 2 I was lii' .p-.. Q, ga- f', is My Q 1 R H X . 1 . X 'Q N 5 ' X ef 25 Q. ESE? Y. ,...r 5 x as , . rss. Q ' 'F N as " i-is . T.. E N F QM l as , . ' ....,,, at ' xc X .r B as . ae i B .t.. A.. K? 53 y ' Q , Q. L igi . F: xiii: 1 B -' "5" -K-' .aar ris im' 'Kilt . C yis ffl ssrr - ff. e X 'ff a 4- ' 113' ir xt. at ' l T 5 --.Y U, s ix u 1 A Vi ' xv t K Z g . ,V Q y f.. . 9 e r y so F E G if . If ' N.. -s W -'tv -1: A If -A' eg, A , di 'it GX X Y in Q W if : AY K V , 5 john Flanagan Pam Flanagin Dickie Fletcher Charlotte Flood Mary Florence Kathy Foley Ray Foley Judy Fong Sheryl Ford Debbie Fort Debbie Foster Gary Fox -ba wasnt" l -Q . 1' fi F 'U .. . t it e l F ln 9 'M' A5 nf k..kii I X L K M A352 Mark Dial Joey Dickson Nelda Dodson Bobbi Doucet Susan Doughty Kathie Douglas Bill Driskell Dwana Dugger Carolyn Dunlap Debbie Dykes Deborah Eads Martha Eads Roger Edmondson Wanda Edwards Debra Elliot Diane English julie Enlow David Ermis Becky Evans Gary Evans Richard Evans Steve Evans Lynn Farren Carolee Felder Doug Ferguson Steve Ferguson Tom Ferrell Chelle Ferris 3 ii If 2 Aw, gee, you all. I-' ' 'f" ' James Frank Rickey Frazier james Free Bill Furnell Glenn Gaines Roy Garcia joe Gardner Dickie Garnet Gay Garrett Kay Garrett Angela Garretson Lisa Gay Dale Gerner Debra Gibson Phyllis Giddens ?6 'Q I Y w K U r! A 22 I Z9 mf 1 1 M.. ,I X F F ' 2 2 l Tena Golden Mike Gooch Alright, girls! ff ,, 4 4? in V' if i in 'fx he' V Billy Goodgame Linda Goodman Debbie Goodnight Vickie Gordon 'l'l0 Working diligently? Debby Gossett Beth Gracy Vicki Gracy Mary Graham ,Q 95?'i,,t...,,. ' la 1, What do you think about the situation? i am' gr . 1 ji ASQ, ,,3, i Q r A X f t Q Ay ws nn , Y' i 'Q' A If ,J f t 3 v y if , j I , . ll 1 1 X .id , I K fr . ,Q Y, 'S . AQ .5 1 - 17 ,Y My ' : A Y f wr .f 1 A 2 it 4? ,ff 42 A y Q B ....a. f 'Hr' f ,Q a 'MAX' Linda Gray Ray Green Susan Green Debra Greenwell Butch Greyling David Griffin Holly Griffing Janice Grissom Beverly Grover Mary Grubb Al Gundry Cindy Guthrie Kim Gutormson Mary Habshey Danny Hair Fred Hall Gene Hall Jimmy Hall Scott Hallman james Halter Debra Hamilton Steve Hammerle Patry Hammond Paula Hammond Carroll Hammons Rusty Hanes Mike Harbison Denanne Hardin Debbie Hargrove Ricky Hargrove Randy Harmon Glenn Harper Vicki Harper Linda Harris Carla Haseloff 'I'I'I Waynette Hatcher Kathy Hayes Tim Hayes Brad Haynes Michael Haynie Steven Hays Jack Helt Carter Hendricks Patricia Hendrickson Ronny Hennen Margaret Hennig Bonnie Hernadez Marty Herrin Kay Herrington Mindy Hestand Donna Hickman Debbie Hill Curtis Hobbs Debbie I-lockett David Hock Teresa Hodkinson Pam Hoff Karen Holbrook Cindy Holderman Phyllis Holster Glynda Holt Grady Holt Ronny Holt Ricky Hooks Stephen Hopkins Charles Horn Freddie Horton jimmy Howell Monty Hubbard 112 ,. ccsy Q new 5 .. y i'- eiiiccc 7 L k,N is ls i ' X 9 X x N X 2 1 . 'E" t ,, g sf rf rf' N ii 74 .C , 3 Coach Albritton,s boosters. i An awareness of broader limits. iw l 11.43 96 ""' a- '-'av' I --.Q N, f f Q i l 5 P i 3 I Sifffii, ' if . it A I X we , ' V V K fl! U- L . sesa Q' , A f A . .... i ' a. WU' 3 ' x . Q7 1 X X , N t 1 . E ax ' X K ' Yi M i if if A A if L' 'N' 'sv an... uh I 5 N .A ,n.-1' 'Taxi Bob Hulla Donna Hulsey -Iay Humphrey Mike Humphries Cheryl Hunter -Joy Hunter Debbie Hutchinson -john lacona Debbie lvie Vicki Jackson Mike Jacobs Kathy Jacobson .Ion james Leslie james Karen ,Iayres Jill johnson Randal jolly jim jones john .jones Melinda jones Robert .Joslin Kathleen Keeley Gene Kelly Phillip Kemp Debby Kennedy Vicki Kennedy Leanne Kerss Randy Key Sheilia Kiker Howard Killingsworth Edna Kindle Gary King Don Kirby Roger Kirkpatrick Oranda Kirkwood Sandra Knight Kathy Lamb Tommy Lamb Marsha Landers Mike Lang Diane Langford Pam Langley Debra Lankford Guy Lawson Charlene Lewis Dale Lewis Keith Lewis Sheila Lewis Susan Lightfoot H3 4 Larry Logan Roger Long Cindy Longoria Rim Loughlin Chris Lozano Charles Luedthe Gary Mackey Ricky Macon Chip Maddox Mitzi Manning Mitchell Marable Brenda Marshall Chip Marshall Neil Marshall Brenda Martin Judy Martin Tommy Martinez Brenda Marx Roni Mason Darrel Maston Robert Mathis Pat Lingberg Mike Lipscomb VN fi Barbara Lisembe Racene Little ,Ian Locke Carol Lockewood wi, . i n K L N l CX I 3 1, X -s gg X22 Y t kwin i mlb I l" ix fi X .Q Q 'QQ' ,,, i 1 AX Ronnie Mathis David Mattern Carl Mayasb jean McClure Terry McCommas Mark McCorstan Beverly McCullough -9' X R J- ' 3: .-gage .1 , W, I7 D 'K my A .Et The sophomore sandbox, ,Ei .. Q, , ls- A md U- A Richard Melrose Beatrice Meredith Mary Ann Merkel Dan Merritt Elaine Merritt .Io Alice Meshach Bobby Miller Toni Miller 'I 'ti Q' ' as 'fa ,Q A N l I lg? l h I f i 1' etei 5 i Q iii or as f Y x Y s X 1 1 avi? 6 .. A S B- . sf -jim McDonald Robbie McDonald Cherlyn McDowell Stacy McElyla Pam McGowan Delia McKanna Teresa McKee Judy McLelland Deana McLemore Rickey McMillen Bertie Mae Medford Linda Meller rvnnuupn.. Y fl: just couldn't take it anymore. H5 Donny Mitchell Mike Mitchell Pam Mitchell Paul Mitchell 3 VE Davis Mithespoor N QQP- l Lincoln Monroe 'ij ' Barbara Montgomery Q., ..i Donna Moore if ii N LN Patricia Moore Rickey Moore jerry Morgan Peggy Morgan Steve Morgan Terry Morgan Peggy Morin Veron Morrison Kay Moseley Nila Moseley Sheri Murdock Deborah Murphy Mary Nail john Nash Debbie Neal Dawn Nelson Brenda Neveling Debbie Nichols Lynn Nichols Randy Norris 116 . . sf Q K D 'LU ' 7 . 4: 9 ."! . 5 , tx xi 4- t. Ib 5 X ti? H ,X ., . 5"-E: 3 . , L x I 5 I 'ii-M 'f' as rf' x, l ...avi 1 WW K l ,mv L , li H f-'sr 5 L I I A , ,.,AQ- is -a 'K fi' 1 Q . Q 1 ff ' '- L. tl ,mf Q ffl . 2 rx A a t n qz, Q' P sg 'vf . ,A ' A 0 2 Q V 1 . A ja' Ei ' A f :Ar Y 1 ' . - w . AKAAL h h S If x, P t fl 7 Af . P P fe fy' if ff Wh . ,.. , ' ff! , A I 3 in ff . 5. A5 : S ,ju t , 5, 5:1 S P 'W X i l e: 'J S ,ll ' .w lell frf allkf N. M if 1 5l7 P, . ,my A Q, Y , - -'Ni Diane Oliver Kitty Oller David Osborne Ray Ottwele Michelle Owens Marc Palmer Richard Parish Cheryl Parker -Ian Parker Mike Parker Sue Parker Brent Paschal Brenda Pass Bobby Pate Debby Patterson Jerry Patterson Suzie Paul Phillip Paxton Beverly Peck Falecia Peel Donna Penny Sheila Peoples Deneise Perritt Lucy Pesina Christine Peterson Loy Petty Leslie Phelps Marie Phillips Susan Phillips Patti Pickett janet Pierce Debbie Pierot Glen Pitts Sherry Pitts Sharon Platter Deborah Plumlee Steve Polk Mike Poor Karen Poovey Victoria Prater Debbie Prince Kathy Prue james Puckett Ricky Quick Tim Quintana Mike Raines Mike Rankin Iris Rannals Beverly Ray 7 Connie Ray K Cathy Reese kqb Pete Reyna "LL -L i V Linda Richards 'H ' i Rebecca Rilcy , ' Bob Ritchey J K 1 P ' vw Lynn Robffffson ' ., . 13, ,,:: i Brad Robinson fi.: Q- A i Ruby Robinson ii ' ' Nelson Roll 1 Billy Ross Y s ' Mark Ross 5 james Rountree it .QII -.i:s.assfe,:e, -azstccs 1, X H an li Row 'i X :F Tanny Row ' . Qu james Rowland Mike Runyon 1 Ray Runyon if Cathy Ruse A syys Sharon Ruston - Karen Ryan X . A ff, Lou Ann Sarver A johnny Saulters I ' Reggie Saulters . -' Q 'T Debbie Sawyer L , Q Wesley Scallia A Donna Schafer i x il, I Vicki Schrick, of ' ft' L i nil Diane Scoggins Melesa Scott Vikki Scott ig C Mike Sears A ' L lc , ' ' , Sandy Sears F- i"i Sheryl Sellers ts I' . TX Sw 3 E si . iicc y,c f c cii if Q .- A Randy Selly jimmy Sewell Martha Sharp Sue Shipley Lisa Shugart Sharon Siegrist X. fr Barbara Simmons Bruce Singietaty 'Jacque Singleton Bobby Skeeters la "Don't it make you want to go home . . .av ,bi f vf 0 5, john Skelton JA fgg ' , A ,, Q A Kathy Skelton ,AL 5? s - 15 Lgzl Sonja Skinner A S' " A N ,Q Teresa Skinner ,V A L. A 1 A ' SX Zoeann Skinner t - ill - 5 Allan Smith S M K ljgi Dan Smith X 1 Deborah Smith K t. f y Gary Smith 'Q 1 r, my Kay Smith QA - A I ,fl y rf Lovia Smith . - 'ii , " i Marsha Smith X A , W Michael Smith 'S S .t ' Patsy smith lfilra ix K aus 'K Patti Smith Richard Smith Sheila Smith Annette Spanhel Suzzette Spanhel Theresa Sperling Gail Spillers Debra Spillman Rose Ann Stahlnecker Tommy Standiford Elaine Stark Mark Stark Sheryl Stark Phyllis Starnes i . 119 P' x Kim Stembridge David Stevenson Lisa Stevenson Don Stewart Donna Stewart Gilda Stiffler Philip Stout Mike Strube Shirley Swanson Shirley Swayne -Ian Synder Sandy Talley Carol Tapp Raymond Tarrer Karen Tatko Donald Tawater Charles Tawwater David Tawwater Karen Taylor Kathy Taylor Pam Taylor Gayle Teer Debbie Terrell Susan Terry Vicki Terry Nanci Thiehoff Dita Thomas Donna Thomas Teri Thomas Debbie Thompson -jack Thompson jill Thompson Judy Thompson Kathy Thorne Cindy Thornhill Mike Thurman Brad Tinsby Glenda Tipton Mark Todd Marilyn Turnbo Mike Turner Rose Anne Valle Patty Vance Clifton Vanderford Karen Van Meter Ronnie Van Sickle Cyndy Vaughan Kenneth Vaughan jack Vaughn 120 A step into the unknown K il f li f y V T XRS -1 ' ss s. I t t if .fi iii X 5 1 4 1 ii :ii li 3 L Q1 . sl' l 10' 1' fs! -at B Q amd ' ,uf ilisxs Q3 A fr 2, A A. W yes, .,,, r-g-N-5 5 t 9 0 E ,4- , 'K I it S Q Y 'Q 1 ds I is -N4 n entrance into the World . . 0 lllfi 'U-Af .'5n. . i 1 Y me aes, V, C if L , . 1 ' if ' 0: gf .S . . ' L- Q P L eif' is. i - 5 XX Lk ' l ' C if i 4 1 sl f' , f 6 c ' 4 r 5? A D A I N J it r F ' R A f Q X , -.. ' Q 1 fi I -r ei 1, 1: XX 5 - f- omg. ,, ,ci one 5 K 1 . L-, 252553 -fs an is J R, i 1. 1 S I i i i -' . 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Qvrpf Q ,--1 i i 3-if sv Vfsnlnf - an abr sham- n.............,,, MLW' Yflij flhlg W,,-- 3, :,' ,J Elf- I 1 -ws r W ,gyjm15.g1 ,,LLa TE N 3,a3ff7 f2'fDUnu AGAll fffffw ,fflf-"M 'I2 it SWS 5, 3 is Q1 15 Q. i L "W . if I 3' X . , A' .552 A 'ix' i , :K 1 iw xg 5 N ,Si 4 Q 3 'Xw . .EM s , is if pn , ,,, .. Iifffmi , , -QQM, :fi .fix unroll the red carpet . . . crowning of the queen . . . susan, you are asking me ro do what? liz, whose dress do you have on? betty, whose dress do you have on? ef Y AVI A 4 President nixon hits dallas . . . the garland band entertains him along with thousands of dallasites . . . big deal in "big d" . . . 13 Q 5 ff as L 1. Q i 2 my vk , E3 Q i X x 'gm My 5.1-3 S 1+ my ' .eev A .MQ-Q, f ' K A ,mf ml ,V-. 3' ' mi? bv' -Fiwlf :' XA. . sl 5. ff j Q-, "' '- N h ,. .V w 1 6 ff 6 W ' ,.aui" ,n, ,Wg ff a typical day at G.H.S. is . . a little student dissention . . . taking a rare moment of rest . . fun and games in the classroom 2 long hard day terminates . . . I37 'g 'ag-lliifg 4 a IA' A ' . ' ' . 5 X I 1- ' Liff,zia1f- wg-fzwffivaf"f.2i'154Sz'Wwf:i1-11fr"f'f12Iv.' s : W , ,, 4 -- ig ,- V -' -I ,, ',, 7 if QT' vf 1-y.wx5Q f:4fI,1-- ,Q . Q I 'f f W the facts of life provide our enter- tainment at the pop ball . . . judy and keith receive the title of sophomore favorites . . . don receives a different sort of pleasure the title of sophomore best all around goes to susan and mike . . . -,,....w---""" I '53 MWGMW fr xl W' pw -Q debbie and carl take away the honor of most beautiful and handsome . . . the award for best owl spirit goes to debbie and jim . . . and the band played on and on . . . beverly receives her homecoming queen certificate . . . 143 many students studied long and hard for their 90 rninute finals . . . and then there are those like harold . . . mrs. conwoop added a special incentive to urge her students to study . . . Hffiliiff S N... 1 4 4 'Q ,. in ,, ...4l.. 'I46 Q--"" f , I uw at ,r HT -- 4 ,. deb initiation . . . a tradition at ghs . . . new "dubs" receive thorough initiation older debs take advantage of their day of free reign . . . 147 the house of the risen son . . . a place to get together and wrap" . security . . . provides "soul" entertainment . . . an attempt to reach out . . . a desire to grasp . . . permeates a message that hits home 48 M getting acquainted . . . with the traditions of ghs . . . with the routine of scholastic efforts . . . with people of a different na tionality . . that's hana osseiran . . . ,aw ., Mr iz' ,Mus ,, W,,, :M ,,,, 5,,,,t,, the national honor society assembly . . revealing of new members . . . distinction topped off with an iniatory ribbon . . . an explanation of the purpose of nhs . . . succeeding the convocation, a small party was given for the successful students and their elated parents . . . ' E4 'egg M ' ' WWW La W m---.M---0. -' .E h ,.',L1 A A V , ,..,, ,M . ',.. W, 153 the choral departmentis greatest achievement . . . eliza begins as a squashed cabbage leaf . . . training in becoming a lady . . . the breakthrough . . . the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain . . . ascot - that-unforgettable scene M fe? A 56 'Y 'Y 'S' eliza tells freddie to "show men the cast . . . thanks to a great group for a fantastic show . . . "our" fair lady - suzi . . . 7 MWL 3? -""'b... Q-.M iii-V. ,f F .., - I .liz ,,,.,: -Y. V K .WJ K. 5 i if - 1r."', L 4' 2- ' ' iffQ,-Efcyiif-fft.51-S9 . x -' ,if .funn Ar.i.-H., :v,' ,N .V va, , . r- , 4 ,fr ,L t,,NM:,f , Q.. fer' 1, ,i .h "".-:Tw , ' 1, 725: ' - :" f':-,TSE -1, 'gQ,g?x1, . 2 -I K- X jfu2::vf'rG,EZi.L:: 5 ,l1.:,,- A ,Jin -k H f Vg: 1:1113 ' 1, . 1 1 .- X. , ' w.m- ,- -. . . wb ,ww -ff 1' Q -i ff . . 533'-f , N -ff'- . 4f:','.-Wi'"f'f','51L'.Q'.': 7' 57.5 1 Q U'-"Iii-.i'fQ'ii 'f'-f if,-Zftff-iQ"' 4iS74i'fi'i'f'L ,dl , -if 3f4'1"J4j.i'ff.fvtfjjlslafv ' ' ig.. is "iii qui-i'. 'nv'-'iLi"1".5q that white stuff . . its snow . . . snow??? just wait until break . . biting, nipping winds . . unsuspecting falls . . . snow fights . . . a short return to innocence and the fun of youth . . . and winter ceases as does our wild freedom . . . lram indeed is gone with all his Rose, And jamshydls Sevln-ringad Cup Where no one knowsg But still a Ruby gushes from the Vine, And many a Garden by the Water blows. Honors 4 ' D , gg R?"-'w gf ' Qlz I!! rf " Lo f- f xkp x sv . 65 - 6 465' .Q , ' '4 7 ' j s ' 4 J bl' :D I 0 I 1 5, x, J 1 4 , Q 9 in is fgfwf .fi ' 'Mi If ti: ., 'M l 15,1 . AH, I 4 vb - '-,, g ""' wmZJ?aMw A mf, W ,V M' fav 5 2? ww N fs! 5? 6, dw J .Q 1 fm - K lv ,L 2 x '27 f .1 f 41? fu ,, at QQQ fg95g 4 f? ,. ' , ,, 5,23 I W - H Q Qs , Q, rn if 1 ' 9, W iw E5 Q, -2 , AW a ,A dY?, QM cv -Q W fin. ff , , . . 6 ffgf ,L 5' V., ,, 4-.warm , . 1 4 3,1 4 . V W . 'av A V, ei' ,g HAQWUOKOB- "' - In ,lm 12 w ,Ly A av 1 w 1 f Mi. I Mr. and Miss GHS MISS GHS, Debbie Hammerle ,qs MR. GHS, Keith Herron 1 6 Q Iwi K' ' n 1 +,gi'n.' " f 'L W we K Q ,X ' w 2 -ri? -JW A M wi Y , 'mm ,Rf ' 0 1 3' mv' Y, Q-04-f, I ,' sf N , M, , . AQ . SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES Vicky Box n Gene Bridges an V M 1 7 L9 ',"l4 ,fb we A ,wwf 1. , S f x 1 "'1 'L . " I f my ,Q ,4 iff' ,' 'Ki Qvmmwhqqwgaaug-val? " , ix A, 19 .i" I" if 1 7 gan, L if an-al 1-.L Q? 'f' 1-xg: 'Id , .. W if 3 K' A3c'3f'Y'1dw 1 'vi l 1 ' ,J I -X-ffip F 4 SENIOR BEST ALL-AROUND julie Foster Barry Brady ,T ., , .1 -4' uh f E 9 ef: Fm? gzjgff M: ,-f'Mf'fi. Q , f wr V 'fig ," ,T ' V. If ylwigxr .gcif-'L 'D .x mtv: A kr ., .J Q , ,., , V' . Ifq, I IRQ L V' 'Q I 541, Uk? ' I ,, , ,,,. ,gm , .V ff in SENIOR WM , 4 S ff' ' MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST HANDSOME Debbie Harris Andy Erwin 1 W u af I a QW E bn -1 ,Q I 'x y gm " s b 9 9 , ,Mu- K2 m N 1 X 3 5! I W 2 3 1 N ak f 1 1 afvfg-5 .v ...W -my up ,gf v . ff Zi HHN IAEA IIJIUI' if is A3353 2 , 5 f ,- .5 ff 5,2 420 W 0' 9' wi 4 2 1 'V H21 3 MOST FRIENDLY Kathy Brummett Keith Herron f? , w 1 ,,fw , Www yi' v fe , 1, M : if ? -1 ' fa 1 ., A 5 I 5' , ,Q ' tr., y XDA Q K W A .,., .4 .V Q an Q gs h i , , , df. . " v f '. W Jwljq ivwglcy. 3 f an .' 1. ,g , M, X Z'i's Q ' 5 , H 'W' 1 'rf ,, 1,--V, Aw 1 WA MV, ,W ,. mf, A. - :x ,,,, V 7 1 V, ' - , Q , , ,, 4 H wi. A NN' is n Mb, me W. sf 23,55 Zkfqghgrg -, , . , , W 1 al 4: 'Q-my 1?- 1 'zzz 1-MW, 1- -1 1,1 -f , , ,,-,W V :?' :per in I 4 K gf. . , 5 E L ,WA 1 4 ,g m A . f ,,. i ' ,Q 4 4 , X 4- my ' ' , .K , can , NW 4 4 f Q4 ,,,, -7 vi ,mum new if H MOST COURTEOUS Debbie Rothfus -M -,H Tommy Van Wart r .e I fW'k. 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Athletics ,,,,- ff" 6 I i 1 F Tn' . -, I' 4-2 1 , .- 4 X1 W 1 ' E if L:':.1,4J1 j 2 L L' ' . 1752 ff' ' Q ,4g.f.'al' , ' . 23:11, ', , r H -" ' ' "V 'WH - 4 1 -f f diff T, 74:,.4?' ,QW i J'-e1 ,.fV' A ' A 'MZ'- .af R, N-4 , ff- - A. , 4, A - ,, , f x 1 C . ,sis -.4 , .ax Q an f -r 44' , b ., J 'pa- I 4 2 .JT - Q . W. Q 1 ., 4.1 - 1 -- ..: ,, fm A 1, 4 is 5 Y .I- 1, 1 L an- 4 Y ,, . 411 . yn s 'in x - T N, -ibia.. fa-W" .'r:?.,5"' 1 . A W- ' .ff - 5 ww ,E 1, , Q . 1 P AI, ., 49? M". 1 f , L fa 14.34 -v 1 ' 4 W V, 4 1. 2 -'Wx H ,A-.W FOUTBALL 1970 Garland Owls Fmt Row: Randy Burkhalternlim Talbert, Bill Walters, Larry Wright, Donnie Mitchell, Clyde Windham, Don Roger, john Ferrell, Keith Flowers, Mike Terry Robert Shipley, Bob Carter, Mickey McShan, trainer. Second Row: Russell Coffee, head coach, jim Burch, asst. coach, Barry Brady, Keith Herron, Tommy VanWart, Rick Casteel, Mike Robertson, David Bentley, Steve johnson, Gene Bridges, Alex Dowell, Ray Hennig, Ervay Peterson, Keith Her- nn Marion Turner, asst, coach, Bob Boyd, asst. coach. Third Row: George Wright, Rick Clopton, Cornelius Yates, Don Gray,,Iesse Diaz, Brian Roberts, Bobby Lankford, Mike Ferrell, Gary Roan, Rusty Mahaffey, Mike johnson, Glenn Dorris. Plagued by inconsistency on offense, the Owls suf- fered through four losses in their first six games, in- cluding crucial losses to South Garland and Highland Park. However, something happened at the half of the Highland Park game. The Owl offense came to life and scored 25 points in the second half of that game and had little trouble offensively the rest of the year. After the Highland Park game, the Owls went on to win their last four games and finish with a 6-4 record for the season. The Owls failed to get into the state playoffs for the first time in' three years. But by the end of the year, there was little doubt in most people's minds that Gar- land had the best team in District 8-AAAA and perhaps one of the best in the North Texas area. 1970 Owl Coaches 26 A lot of hard labor went into the preparation for the coming season. P l ' ' W, 1 .gf mx' P .33 f ig Barry Brady, Bobby Lankford, Don Roger, and Tommy Van Wm were chosen captains. It wasn't all fun and games, .9 ' 4 Each practice was ended with a live scrimmage. It was a trial and error process. l The Owls scrimmaged L. D. Bell. V , "I hope the coaches aren'r looking at me." The Owls work on the passing game. Herron, Robertson, and Lankford stop a Bell Raider. One of the numerous drills devised by the coaches. 26 66 Owls 14 Kimball 26 Roger and Robertson move in for the kill, The Owls began the season on a sour note by falling to the Kimball Knights 26-14 at Williams Stadium. It was the first opening-game loss for the Owls since 1967. The loss was also the first regular-season loss at Williams since the middle of the 1967 season. Kimball was quick to let the Owls know that they had come to play. On the third play of the game, the Kimball quarterback found his receiver open and hit him with a 76-yard touchdown to put the Knights out in front with less than two minutes gone in the game. Garland failed to move the ball on its first series of plays following Kimball's first touchdown and had to give the ball up, again. The Owls punted, and Kimball began an 80-yard drive to paydirt for its second TD. The score came on a 13-yard burst up the middle of the Owl line. Kimball led 14-O still in the first quarter. ,sign ... V , . -- Clopton on the keeper. ,- m 1 f Z , I 32 "M ,V I N., ,. The going was rough for the Owls that night The Owls finally got on the scoreboard with a lon drive that featured good running by Bobby Lankford, Dd Roger, and Larry Wright. Rick Clopton got the score on four-yard scamper around end to cut Kimball's lead to 1 7. Garland's defense got tough and held the Knights, ta ing over on their own 38 after a Kimball punt. From the the Owls drove 62 yards for a touchdown to tie the gam The key play was a run by Wright which Put Garland business on Kimball's 20. After working inside the 1 Clopton got the score again around end. This was the last score for the Owls, but Kimball add a 13-yard run and a 51-yard pass for two more scores to sal the Owl's doom. Walters was busy most of the game. OwlL6 1 -' 1 aa .I X' A - A iw I c.-M ,r nv... ..,f f ,.,.-as - 5.-M 0 , r - w K , ,.,..a.s Q, .. ca --' . v - , V 'Agri tgafgkg.. c The punt return team in action. An almost total offensive breakdown by the Owls led to Va 10-6 loss to the Bryan Adams Cougars, their second loss in as many games. Seven fumbles and a pass interception spelled disaster for the Owls in this contest. As in the Kimball game, the Owls were stung by an early TD. On their first possession of the game, the Owls fumbled, and BA recovered on the Owl 50. On their sec- ond play the Cougars broke off tackle and went the dis- tance for the score. Later in the second quarter, Adams got another golden opportunity. After recovering another fumble, the Cougars were in great position to score on the Garland eight. But the defense rose to the occasion and held the Cougars to a field goal. an Adams 10 ,, . ' , 1-'cf' M15 M .. itt . 6' Vw , N 'A' Q' so ,W ww. Larry Wright and the rest of the offense had its problems with BA, Fumbles by Garland were to be found by the Cougars all night long, but it was only a great defensive effort by the Owls which prevented BA from making the game a runaway. The most notable defensive effort for the rest of the game came when the Owls fumbled a punt deep in their own territory but rose to the occasion to stop BA on the Owl three-yard line. The Owls got their only score in the fourth quarter when backup quarterback Bill Walters hit Keith Herron with a 13-yard pass. The try for two points failed. The Owls had a final chance to win the game when a BA punt did not travel out of Cougar territory, but this drive was thwarted also by a fumble. i,..5iiik5Q""" M"1I1'1-f"-v ' ' . - 1' C. . X- -Iust one of the few occasions in which a Cougar runner broke into the Owl secondary. 267 268 Owls 7 Vfalters fumbles and the Colonels recover. Nothing much can be added to the score of this game. The Owls simply got whipped by an aroused Colonel team. On offense Garland made only four first downs and never managed a sustained drive. The defense also had troubles stopping the Colonels at times. The Colonels scored early in the first period after inter- cepting a Bill Walters pass on the Owl 30. The score came on a 14-yard pass. Tommy VanWart blocked the extra point. The Owls went ahead in the second quarter after Randy Burkhalter recovered a Colonel bobble on the Colonel two. .lim Talbert scored on a two-yard plunge. VanWart's kick put the Owls on top 7-6. The Colonels went ahead to stay early in the second half after recovering a fumble at the Owl 36. A run by their big fullback of 28 yards plus a penalty put SG in business on the Owl four, where they scored on the first play. Late in the game the Colonels got their last two points on a safety. Poor offensive play plagued the Owls all the game as the South Hnally did rise. Vfright about to be hauled down. Colonels 14 The Colonels were ready for the Owls during this game. Colonel jay Muncy leaps over Keith Herron as Don Roger can do more than watch. wr . A bn ' 'ii Owls 27 'Em 'H . gg L . . -Q K -' Q Ji? it NNW . segy J , --..w.,s, 'Q s tg.. - ga s a up .Af gi - st .. U, .vs Q .. 1, .1 ta .. K M, M' "f" wx., .wg . , : .. -4 -s - X as A 5. e 'J cr :,X ,- L a . .X,:L . . sr was-vt' V' T ,ui M4 , -eva 5 ., -. , if .au .5 at . ' at as .. at .. K -af, AY Clopton maintains his balance for extra yardage. bi esuit O The Owls broke their three-game losing streak by com- ing up with their first win of the season over the Jesuit Rangers. Don Roger began the win with a 41-yard mn offa pitch from the option. . Soon after, Larry Wright hit off tackle for 52 yards and another TD. Bill Walters got the third score of the game for Garland after leading the Owls on a long drive to the Ranger four. From there, Walters went over on a keeper. The final score came with only 10 secondsleft in the game as Wright hit Steve Johnson on the halfback pass for a score. VanWart converted on three of four extra points to ac- count for the other points. The Owls showed more promise in this game than any of the others, but they were still not as sharp as they should be to win consistently. Also, Jesuit was not a very strong team. The defense did look impressive, strong team or not. Jesuit never had a chance to score on their own, and when they got an opportunity via Owl miscues, the defense pushed them back. J 3' s -sm. ' ' ,,.. Q.. ,.. .f iff- -g-.g. ,. A U W Q . .,,.. . A' lie' ' ' ' .WWW ,, kk,, . , K2 .. K The defense played its usual good game against the Rangers. Wnght races for paydirt as Mike Ferrell clears the last defender. 269 Wls 15 Thomas efferson lf The Owls attempt to block a punt. Garland picked up its second win ofthe season and in succession with a win over the Tj Rebels. The Owls got their first score on a big break. In the process of punting, the Rebel had the snap from center sail over his head and into the end zone. George Wright re- covered for the Owls to give them an easy TD. Tj came right back and moved 78 yards in four plays, scoring on a forty-yard pass. The Rebels took the lead in the third quarter when they connected on a 90-yard bomb to send them out in front 14-7. After Wright recovered a fumble on the Owl 37, they moved to the Rebel 58 where Rick Clopton rambled to the 12. Clopton was injured on the play and Bill Walters came to run an option to Larry Wright for the score. Walters and Wright connnected on the same play for two extra points to give the Owls the much-needed win. TPI still' had some fire in them and the Owls had to stop a final drive to get the win. The Owls looked better in this game than any of their previous ones, but they would have to be even better to capture district. 270 Clopton "breaks on through to the other side." ily, " f ,, ' k I Te' if if' f 1 . . .f ' i a , . , , 4' N W, ff' . . s , . - V I 3 i " ,, . ,, '..'4QN' ' f.'1i, .' 5 . JN "'is31ft?'iQ, Tfaakii. 4' ' ' 'wh' . T' ,, ,E "" N f ' . " 1 ff ,, at , I " 1 -ylw sea... "Q,,NQ T l Wright eludes a couple of Rebel defenders. Owls 25 The Owls finally put it all together in this game - for L quarter and a half anyway. HP dominated play for the irst two and a half quarters of play and led 28-0 before the Dwls finally came to life. Highland Park scored four times before the Owls knew vhat was happening. The first came on a two-yard run which climaxed a 71-yard drive. Then the Scots scored on . quarterback keeper from 10 yards out. The third score 'ame on another 10-yard scamper by the Scot quarterback. finally the Scots connected on a pass for their last score. l After all this scoring by Highland Park, the Owls final- yy made some progress and picked up their first Hrst down pf the game in the third quarter. From then on out the fame was the Owlsl. First, Bobby Lankford scored on a three-yard run. Then, lick Clopton hit Keith Herron with an 18-yard pass for a TD. Clyde Windham got into the act on a five-yard scam- ver for points. To top it all, the Owls also got a safety. But it was not enough as the Scots stopped a Hnal drive vith an interception on their own nine with only five sec- ands left. Except for a lapse against R. L. Turner, the Owls were instoppable after this game. lt was a shame that it took he Owls this long to find out that they were really the best team in their district. -W V f , A Qin, ' .54 ighland Park 2 ,L 0 gf, sy Rf-sum: - sv ff' .. . .v.....Xx by M ...p -..N A , as 'f-on-me O up . . NEWS as - A T w - - .. . szs... W -as ---- 2' - . we ., at 1 - 1 a A look into the "pit" . X 1---+V - O efw: It 4.6 win t t. Don Gray and George Wright haul down the Scot passer. The HP offense kept the Owl defense busy most of the night. 272 Owls 27 Dowell and Robertson escort Lankford on a 50-yard run. Homecoming turned out to be a happy occasion for Garland as the Owls topped the R. L. Turner Lions. For awhile it looked as if the Owls were in for another night like the Highland Park game. The offense was sluggish, and the defense had to keep the Owls in the game. Turner got a score first when their tough little tailback got across the goal line in the second quarter. The Owls came alive in the second half To begin the third quarter, Bobby Lankford romped 50 yards to set up a one yard plunge by Don Roger for the Owls' first score. The defense got tougher as the game wore on. R. L. Turner 17 Wright is hauled down from behind after another Hne run. After Turner got a field goal, the Owls scored three straight TDs. Roger got the first of these on a 14-yard gallop afte Larry Wright had set it up with some fine running. Roger got the next also on a run of similar distance Rick Clopton and Roger set up the TD with their run ning. Wright finally got the last one on an 18-yard burst. Turner scored again on a 13-yard pass, but the game al ready belonged to Garland. Owl defense shows Turner why it's the best in 8-AAAA. , - 2- Wls 4 Mesquite 7 1 The Owl offense, sparked by a powerful running attack, kept Tommy VanWan busy all night. The score proved it wasn't even close. After years of frustrations at the hands of the Mesquite i Skeeters, the Owls finally came through to "put one on lem." The game began as if it would be like others of the past between the two rivals. The Owls scored first when Rick Clopton went 50 yards on an option play. But the Skeeters came right back with a 72-yard drive to tie up the game. Then the Owls got tough, and it was no contest, al- though the Skeeters did come close to scoring several times. Don Roger started the scoring parade with a six-yard jaunt to cap a 74-yard drive. The defense also had another good game . . . Larry Wright got into the act with a two-yard plunge, set up by a 45-yard gallop by Roger. Roger made it 27-7 with an eight-yard sprint, and a 28- yard pass from Bill Walters to Keith Herron boosted it to 35-7. Brian Roberts scored from 25 yards out on a burst up the middle. And Donnie Mitchell got the last score on a two-yard run set up by a long mn by Clyde Windham. The defense should not be forgotten in this game. lt came through several times to stop Mesquite and force several fumbles and interceptions. but the offense had a field day. 27 274 wls 41 orth Mesquite 2 . -1-Y .. L--- .'AA A , ' ' Q I., wi me V The Owls had a little trouble early in the game on defense . , . and offensg , but this was soon remedied as Brian Roberts shows . . . I 1 along with the defense. The Owls traveled to Mesquite for the second time in as many weeks and came up with another big win. The Stallions made it rough for awhile by scoring first from two yards out after recovering an Owl fumble. The Owls came right back and recovered a Mesquite snap from center on a punt on the Stallion 22. From there Brian Roberts got the points on one play. Don Roger continued his fine play by scoring on a 43-yard burst to cap an 89-yard drive. Rick Clopton then hit Keith Herron with a 40-yard pass for a score. Roger hit paydirt again from 15 yards after Robert Shipley recovered a North Mes- quite bobble. Roger picked up his third score of the game on a 78-yard sprint. This capped all Garland scoring. North Mesquite came up with two more scores on a short run and a pass play, but the Owls had more than accomplished their task by then. Once again the defense and Robert Shipley, Tommy Van- Wart, Ray Hennig, Bobby Lank- ford, and Don Gray had a terrific night. Keith Herron puts on the finishing touch Owls 34 Denton r , , , , .. T 'Q Huis.-. -1 V . ,V s y T -Nh :J - " - V y -a '.:: - lg u 'I ' N Even gang tackling could not stop the victory-hungry Owls. The Owls ended the season on a loud note with a 54-7 pasting of Den- ton's Broncos, The game began slowly as neither team could move much in the cold weather, but the Owls defense led by Tommy Vzinwart, Ray Hennig, Robert Shipley, and Don Gray put on an impressive show. Rick Clopton finally got the Owls a score in the second period on a 19- yard keeper after Clyde Wfindham had set it up with a run of 25 yards. Windham climaxed a 77-yard drive in four plays on the Owls' next pos- session with a 52-yard run for a score. After a Shipley fumble recovery on the Bronc's 38, Roger moved in from 16 yards out for the third Owl score. A one-yard plunge early in the third quarter gave the Broncos their only score. ' Brian Roberts scored again for the Owls from one yard out to put the Owl lead at 20 points again. The Owls got their final score of the game on a 52-yard bullet from Clopton to Keith Herron. The Owls were tied for the district lead after this game, but a coin toss was used to determine the district representative. Highland Park won this toss, and the Owls were left out in the cold for 1970. Clopton pitches to Wright for yardage. 27 276 , , I x E2 x X 5 . 4-'cr Randy Burkhalter Don Roger zf f Keith Flowers Wu awww' qw Clyde Windham Wm, i 'ff G, 1 , -a 17,17 L, Keith Herrin 'lvgx ,.q.n f' f il, .,. fe 5-53" :W David BCnt1Cy Tommy Van Watt 'f"'n, Cornelius Yates V, up, 1 ,U f 'wb A ,Q i jf :fe ft , ,, 'Q ,,, jesse Diaz rn.. nil. 3, - ff ' "V Keith Herron - '3 it t t f iiii ii ii -A --"i H wk X wi , i k in al Y Rick Clopton George Wright . ki Ek Jim Talbert , 3, J V i , I f , ' if ' a , 1 ' W 2 'Q 1 5 277 E 4 . ,N-3, fp"fN: Ri ck Casteel ,V N! M 1 oberts Steve johnson X K Don Gray Mike Terry , 'SM unwnhxfv' Donnie Mitchell Barry Brady 1- Larry Wright lat... ...,.,, f-M7 Glenn Dorris is bw 3 . 0? 'ZW , if H -1 . TIN Bill W iw 409' 'ly ,Ig pf .A 1 img i s I sN A, 0 S MMU Ray Hennig Alex Dowcll 279 .5 19.5-fg.,. Bobby Lankford , - .. ,A , 2 H Mike Robertson Gene Bridges Gary Roan Mark Valdez, Mgr. 280 Vw 4 su--in 'WQTHI ci Q4 QE.. -N M A ,gK?.fl,WQ if 3' A: 'l aaaao rr n wg? jg V,,,. la aa , Robert Shipley Ervay Peterson pf V ,,,,, ,.., xv- Q A ,. e , .,, A A ,K A A' V a aebe R A ww we ' ,,, Mike Ferrell Russell Coffee Bob Boyd, Am. Coafh JOl'1H Ferrell Hgdd Cggfh f'LL iir W jim Burch, Aw. Coach Marion Turner, Asst. Coach Mickey McShan, Tmzner 45. Dave BFYHU james Ronnie Dietz Jimmy Jim John Layne Tf- Puckett Tr. Peoples Scarff Mgr' Mgr. Mgr. Tr. 82 S.. ,.,W f, ,-,- .' ewan 1' -r 5.4 fmfwh r M' wi ,rv 4 plfiwffgw 4 in f- A2. . fi ,i1. 1 ' , . 'V - ,,.. DID M , I , . - A .Wm as 5 fi, an Q , 1 , 5 l Season Recap wah? sammy ,M ww-v rf' v-"5 v 4- 'wr ,wwf 1' WJ lv Af' ,X fm .W ,. My x WZ wMM,, ., ,,,, ,. . , .,, 0. 9, . I . 1. ,, - I I I ' ' ' ,,,, Miiff, it v 1 , S I ' ' V V 3 L ' 0 :i5f?1ff?f1ff"ff5 V 59' H y " ' ,, f , I A ,.Q:f+'? yr' 7 1 wgtv 3:2 'X 3' R' I in-3 ' 1 S -'f ' ' " ., ' ' . 'S , '-" U" r T' 1 ,,. " Z Vx! ff, -' Y , fu W , .v w A Z i W+gV,Ni, 1' ' f". '2M"' , , V, . , i I . A., K wt ig: ., ,LV -M .fy,.f .4 ,gi A www v- ng X U II 3 1 'dr 4g t 1 0 4' 'fi 'Q ' i r' . 4, C 4 5 0 ' fi I Q I Q gi 3 v Q. gg vw? 19575 fi? W A h-.MV . 4: , H M X 5' Q fr 11- "'-'wfvff w 4, A H-f ,, iw! . f"'?d5'W1 1970 wl B-Team ,. ' , . . ,. -,,f . , . , , , , i , , , , , . , , 'ff -, , ' i4L"'WI,,1!M,,,,,,,,.7 5 i 1 1 ,,w,5,,, 1 ,... M ,,, M1 Q 1 5, H ' ,,,, z ' . ,ue 5 , Fin! Row: David Osbome, mgr., Mark Villaneuva, Randy Norris, Ray Foley, Bill Driskell, Robert Mathis, Dan Bryan, Steve Morgan, jimmy Carroll, David Hendricks, Rusty Hanes, Mike Amold, Ronnie Mathis, Loy Petty, Mitch Marable, and james Roundtree. Second Row: Steve Hopkins, mgr., Mel Thomas, coach, Marty Henson, David Colwell, Glenn Gaines, Mark Stark, Chip Maddon, Carl Mayabb, Brad Robinson, Mike Poor, jim Halter, Keith Burton, Tony Fairless, Mike Rankin, james Frank, Carter Hendricks, Bobby Skeeters, Gary Reeves, coach, Robert Albritton, coach, Steve Hammerle, mgr., Randy Selley, mgr. Third Row: Mickey McShan, tr., Robert Davis, Mike Humphries, Bob Coburn, Mark Ross, Brent Paschal, Clyde Bailey, Jay Humphrey, Steve Evans, Ricky Quick, Bruce Singletary, jimmy Wfilson, Mike Clark, Tim Quintana, Steve Baker, David Cox, and Mike Boaz. 1970 SEASON RECORD Owls Opp. Kimball 26 6 Bryan Adams 19 8 South Garland 32 26 esuit 32 0 .Thomas jefferson 6 6 Mel Thomas ' 1 Highland Park 28 20 R. L. Turner 15 13 Mesquite 46 6 fl 1 North Mesquite 24 26 5 , Denton 14 28 Gary Reeves A . " ' 284 nh, 1 ,Y ,pw . ' f- W 1 H J r K . mv. J' wi , 1 ,. f K 1-1 if ,,, ,nr 1' M My ' i 3 'T .4 ix? 'E - x 181 ln. .1- 1970-71 arland Owls Front Row L, lo R.: Tim Christensen,-lack Howell, Neal Holford, Tommy Dodson, Ronnie Manley, and Keith Ifreudiger. Bark Raw: Rick Cloptfm, Lf? land Duyck, Ray Roberts, Bobby Archibald, Ronnie Wiitson, John Hendershot. Mark McArthur, and Steve Smith. Coach joe Brown Owls finished one of the finest basketball seasons ever in the history of Garland High School. Rolling up a massive 52 wins against only three losses, the Owls won the District 8-AAAA championship, whipped Ar- lington for Bi-district. and moved onto the regional playoffs before bowing out to a tough Vlfichita Falls Rider squad. Coach Joe Brown's Owls, led by all-district perform- ers Rav Roberts, Mark McArthur, and Leland Duvck, won their first four games of the year before losing to powerful Houston Wfheatlev, then ran off a string of 25 wins, including championships in the Garland Invita- tional Tournament and the prestigious Dr. Pepper Tournament before dropping to district rival Highland Park to force the district into a playoff In only the loss to Highland Park did the Owls fail to outscore a district opponent by more than lO points. With Roberts leading the wav, the Owls ran a tough man-to-man defense and an opportunistic offense. Al- though outsized in many of its contests, the Owls scrapped out a total of 52 wins. For the Owls and the city of Garland, it was an un- forgettable basketball season which will be a long time in being topped. 287 288 Owls 81 Mesquite 49 if Neal Holford lays up two of the Owls' 81 points. Owls opened the district play in grand Rlshion with an 81-49 triumph over the Mesquite Skeeters. Skeeters were never in the game as the Owls jumped into a big 22-11 opening-quarter lead and were never headed by Mesquite. Owls never led by less than 10 points after the first quarter. Although the offense put in a lot of points, the de- fense was the real key to the game, holding the poten- tially-dangerous Skeeters to a poor 3393 shooting aver- age from the field. Owls started strong in the first eight minutes and caused the Skeeters to switch defenses, but Ray Rob- erts, Leland Duyck, Ronnie Manley, and Tim Christen- sen found the range from all distances and demolished the Skeeter defense. When the others were cooled off, Mark McArthur got into the act with short jumpers. By the end of the third quarter, the Owls had the game sacked up at 61- 33. The reserves came in and every player managed to get into the scoring column, with Bobby Archibald sinking a long shot at the buzzer to put on the fin- ishing touches. Rick Clopton fights for a rebound against the Skeeter-s. All-district Skeeter Cliff Murphy grabs one of the rew rebounds made by Mes quite. wls 61 R. L. 1 Turner 5 llfcpnnie Manley breaks away as Ray Roberts prepares to re- Mark McArthur goes high to tip in two for Garland. un . Owls captured their second district win in a row with a hard-fought 61-51 win over the R. L. Turner Lions. Steve Smith Bobby Archibald Owls could have easily opened the lead to nearly twice as much, but were able to sink only half of their free throws while Turner managed almost 7092 of its charity shots. The game saw the second matchup of the season be- tween Garland ace Ray Roberts and Turner All-Ameri- can jimmy Murphyg Murphy came out on top in scor- ing 27-17, but 11 of his points came on free shots. Rob- erts more than held his own on defense and provided a number of important rebounds while Murphy could not bring his team from defeat. Owls opened a quick lead in the opening quarter and stretched it to 19-12 by the end. The Owls added one point to their lead in each of the last three quarters to end up with the 10-point lead. Again the Owls defense made a big difference, hold- ing the Lions to less than 4096 of its shots from the field. Roberts, Mark McArthur, Ronnie Watson, and Rick Clopton all played outstanding games on defense. Leland Duyck contributed to the scoring punch with 15 points. 289 290 wls 93 orth Mesquite 8 Led by Mark McArthur, Ray Roberts, and Rick Clopton coming off the bench to do a great job, the Owls continued their dominance in league play by smashing first-year team North Mesquite, 95-58. Owls opened up a 24-11 lead in the Hrst quarter and never had trouble the rest of the way. Ronnie Watson came in to do his part as did Ronnie Manley and Tim Christensen. Every Owl got to play in the contest, and all but one managed to score. Defense by Roberts, Manley, and McArthur also made a big difference, as their steals added to a lot of Garland points. Owl free throw shooting made a big difference also as they hit 25 in this game to add to their 34 field goals. The 93 points was the second highest effort of the year by the Owls, and it was led by McArthur with 21, Roberts with 18, although he was double-teamed all night, Clopton with 15 and Ronnie Watson with 13 points. Owl reserves again got to play a lot and all did a fine job, led by -Iohn Hendershot and Steve Smithi Ray Roberts goes high to tip the ball to a teammate Tommy Dodson Jack Howell i 1 Leland Duyclc lays one in for the Owls. Mark McArthur goes in for two. 5 E Owls 70 Denton 48 I 1 A I a 41 Ray Roberts shows 'his style for scoring against Dent0n. Rick Clopton goes over a Bronco for two. Keith FrCuCllgCr Ronnie Watson goes between two Broncos to score. Randy COOPCI Mgr. Owls continued to display awesome power in dis- trict play by smashing a pretty good Denton Bronco team 70-48. Strong rebounding and good outside shooting played the important factors in this game. Ray Rob- erts and Ronnie Watson led the strong rebounding, while Roberts, Mark McArthur, Tim Chirstensen, and Rick Clopton all hit in double figures to lead the scoring. The Owl defense played a big difference, holding the Btoncs to 40W for the game. And this was a big help, as Denton started off strong. After a slow start, the first quarter ended tied at 11-11, but the owls exploded for 28 points in the second to put the game in safe hands. Roberts again led the Owls with 25 points, while McArthur had 14, Christensen 11, and Clopton 10. 291 292 Owls 65 ighland Park 48 John Hendel-Shot Ronnie Manley goes in for two big points. Owls gained sole possession of first place in district play by smashing the Highland Park Scots 65-48. Scots simply could not hit a bucket in the first half, and this made the big difference. Scots hit only 5-28 shots from the field in the first half. This plus the strong rebounding of the Owls led by Ray Roberts, Mark McArthur, Ronnie Watson, and Leland Duyck, proved too much for the Scots to overcome. On offense Roberts and Tim Christensen led the way with 17 and 19 points. Garland opened the lead at 16-8 in the first quarter, stretched it to 29-17 by the half, and 51-28 by the end of the third stanzag HP put on a little rally in the last eight minutes, but it was not enough to overcome the strong Owl game. The win was number 25 for Garland to bring their season record to 25-1. Manley and Leland Duyck watch as Duyck's shot goes in wls 69 Mesquite 55 Ray Roberts goes high over a Skeeter to score two. Qui Leland Duyck sneaks in for a layup as Roberts watches. Mark McArthur drives against Mesquite, Garland began the second round of district play by again overcoming the Mesquite Skeeters, this time 69- 55. Neither team was real hot during the game, but the Owls managed to snap it out long enough to put some points on the board to head the Skeeters. A layoff be- tween the two rounds of district action probably took its toll on the Owls and Skeeters both. Owls and Skeeters started slow, ending the first quarter with Garland on top by only 14-9. Ronnie Man- ley, Ray Roberts, and Leland Duyck managed to hit enough points in the quarter to keep the Owls ahead. Then the Owls snapped out of it in the second quar- ter as they had so many times during the year after get- ting off to a slow start. With Roberts and Mark McAr- thur leading the way Garland opened its lead to 38-21 by the half after scoring 24 points in the second. After this splurge, the game was never in question. Roberts ended the game with 26 points to lead the Owls. McArthur, Ronnie Watson, and Tim Christen- sen all lent helping hands to the Owl cause on offense and defense. 29 294 Owls 75 R. L. Turner 64 'Tim Christensen drives against a Tumer Lion. Owls picked up another big win for the district play when they traveled to Carrolton to beat the Turner Lions for the second time, 75-64. In this final match up of the season for Ray Roberts and jimmy Murphy, Roberts came out on top, scoring 27 points and holding Murphy to 18. Roberts was ev- erywhere in this game and completely dominated action during the course of the game. After playing a tight first quarter which ended as a tie at 17-17, the Owls Put on one of their famous sec- ond-quarter rallies to shoot ahead 39-25 by the half. Roberts scored from all over the court in the second quarter to lead the way, while Tim Christensen kept the Owls in the contest in the first with his scoring. Ronnie Watson and Neal Holford were also instrumen- tal in keeping the Owls in the game in the first quarter. Mark McArthur and Ronnie Watson also got into the act to keep the Owls ahead, while Ronnie Manley did his usual fine job of ball-handling. Roberts finished as the high scorer while Christen- sen followed with 19. Duyck reaches in to tip the ball away. il Ronnie Watson adds a little body English to help his shot go in. Owk 104 orth Mesquite 46g Tommy Dodson and -lack Howell break down form 35 Lglgmd Mark McArthur and Ray Roberts get together on a fast break. Duyck gets ready to pass, jim Scarff, Trainer Led by a season team high of 40 points from Mark McArthur, the Owls broke the century mark in blasting the young North Mesquite Stallions 104-46. McArthur made all the difference as far as both teams were concerned in the first quarter as he sacked 20 of the 36 points made by the Owls en route to a 36-13 lead. A tough defense provided "Mac,' with most of his points on easy layups off steals. This tough defense allowed almost every Owl to get some benefit in the scoring column. After the first quarter, there was no doubt in everyone's mind that the game had been decided. From then on out the Wrecking Crew alternated playing time with the regulars, and proceeded to make a wreck out of the Stallions. Bobby Archibald got the Owls 100th point on a crip shot from an assist by Steve Smith. It was a unanimous team effort, as every Owl managed to score at least two points. Steve Smith and Neal Holford were among the most notice- able of the Owls who came off the bench to do a good job. 295 296 Owls 74 Denton 52 M2rk'ValdCZ, Mgr. Mark McArthur drives against Denton, Owls had to travel north to Denton Bronco land to grab off their 29 win of the season, 74-52. Again the Owl defense made the difference, holding the good-shooting Broncos to a measly 37? from the field. Tim Christensen provided most of the offensive punch with 25 points mostly from the outside, while Ray Roberts, Mark McArthur, and Leland Duyck all got their share. Ronnie Watson and Neal Holford came off the bench to do a fine job for the Owls, Holford in ball handling and Watson on defense and rebounding. Owls opened up an 18-9 lead in the first eight min- utes and stretched to 37-22 by the half. Duyck and Christensen led the attack into the third stanza, getting assists from Ronnie Manley. By the quarterls end, the lead had shot out a 57-32. Many of the reserves got to play in the Hnal quarter, and all that did performed well. A real key to the game was the way that Garland managed to maintain its cool in the face of a stiff Denton press. Ray Roberts blocks a shot Neal Holford on the drive after a steal, Owls 62 Highland Park 6 Ronnie Watson goes for a loose ball. The Owl express was halted at 29-1 as the Highland Park Scots rebounded to take the Owls 65-62 in Highland Park and force the district into a play off for the title be- tween the Owls and HP. An important factor in the Owls' loss was something that they had not done all year long - they lost their cool in the face of Scot pressure. Bad passes, missed shots and rebounds, and the missing of several one-and-one situa- tions late in the game spelled the doom of the Owls. The fact that the Owls made good on only 10-19 charity shots also made a difference as HP was sinking 19-25 during the same span. With 1:36 to go in the game, the Owls trailed 61-52 and could not catch up although Mark McArthur and Ray Roberts contributed several buckets later on in the quarter. The Owls led by 23-10 after the first quarter on the scoring of Leland Duyck and Mark McArthur, but they quickly lost this lead in the remainder of the first half, and began their downfall to loss number two for the season. Mark McArthur and Neal Holford break up a Scot fast break. MCArthur forces a bad pass by the Scots. 297 298 wls vs HP and Arlington The intensity of the battle is shown on the faces of Tim Christensen Ray RObCrIS PrCp21rCS t0 Swish through a point. of Garland and Neal Lemon of HP. Owls claimed another district title by whipping the Highland Park Scots 56-48 in the playoff for district. Both teams began the game slow, and HP went ahead by 9-3 in the first few minutes as the Owls hit an atrocious cold spell Owls rallied to make up some of the deficit and make the score 12-11 by the quarteris end. Garland took the lead in the second quarter as both teams again were cold, but the Owls managed to score a few more point: than did the Scots and took a 23-20 halftime lead, The third quarter was the difference in the game. Garland began to hit from the Held and control the boards against the large and deeper Scots. With Ray Roberts, Leland Duyck, Mark McArthur, Tim Christensen, and Ronnie Manley all getting into thi act, the Owls shot ahead by 42-33. From then on out, the game belonged to the Owls, although HP managed to stay close most o the game. PF fl' PF 14 Garland advanced into regional play by defeating the Arlington Colts 77-74 in overtime. It was close all the way and hard-fought, as might be expected from the score. Colts led by three at the end of the hrst period, Garland by three at the half and end of the third quarter, and Arlington and tho Owls were tied again at the end of regulation time, as Colt star Bill Kendrick sank a shot with only one second remaining in regu- lation time. Garland took a quick lead in the overtime period and hung on to win even though they were presented with almost identical circumstances as the last-second shot by Kendrick. Ray Roberts and Leland Duyck led the Owls with 32 and 24 points. Leland Duyck hits from the circle. Wls 69 Rider 4 "Take that!" , !5,:y,L .. 'V' .l Rick Clopton goes in for two. Garland Owls ended their best basketball season ever on a sad note by falling to the Wlichita Falls Rider Raiders in the regional playoffs of Class AAAA. 7-1-69. The game was a hard-fought contest in which the Owls were simply outmanned on the boards by the strong re- :Jounding Raiders. Leading rebounder tor the Owls. Ray Roberts. got into early foul trouble and was followed later by Leland Duyck and Mark McArthur. This put the Owls in real trouble from which they could not recover, Garland was in the game for all but a small part of the fourth quarter when they fell behind by as much as 10 points. The first quarter ended in a stalemate in 19-19 as both squads had success in hitting the nets. Garland had most of its success from the outside on the shooting of Leland Duyck and Tim Christensen while Rider hit on short iumpers and layups on the inside. Rider got its first lead ofthe game in the second period and hung on to maintain 40-59 lead at the halti Rider stretched its lead to five in :he third quarter as Roberts picked ap his fourth foul early in the period. Using superior rebounding to its Jwn advantage, Rider scored almost ixclusiyely from the outside. Raiders went into the lead by 8-10 points for most ofthe quarter. , Garland made one hnal run for :he money in the last tour minutes of play by cutting the Raider lead to three points with :33 left in the game. But a missed shot spelled :loom for the Owls, and Rider sank wo free throws 10 seconds later to .ce the game away. Leland Duyck hit from outside and Ray Roberts went inside, but it was not quite enough. 299 Kam ,,.: W "Shui, Q., lrwmamm r - - 1970-jl OwlgB-Team 'rank Robert Blaylock mgr., Coach jim Epperson, and .jimmy Arnold Trainer. Bark: Robbie McDonald,jeff Hall, Steve Polk, Stan Adams, Ronnie Van ickle, Mark McCorstin, Brad Butler, Chip Marshall, Rick Frazier, Mike Raines, Mark Lipscomb, Steve Blackmon, Steve Baker, Dickie Garner, and immy Howell. Stan Adams shows the style that made him the leading scorer in the district for B-Teams. The Owl B-Team suffered through one of its longest years ever in basketball, Coach jim Epperson, in his first year as B- Team mentor, had a rough time with his charges, and the result was a losing season, and an O-10 record in district play. The little Owls came close to winning several of the games they lost, but they never could quite put it all together for a win. One of the few bright spots in the season was the play of all- around player Stan Adams, who accomplished the outstanding feat of playing on a team that did not win a game in district play yet led the district in scoring with an average of around 25 points per game. f W , , fA 6W'f,w-1, f ' ., ,, 5 1 ,,. ? v. ' , HM 3 ' 1 , is X X 'nr' WD ,QQ wwf, 5 , W n Wi . T 'f P h ni' , 7" 43: fi ,f A. , ., ki A '15 b , - ,Ms , k- ,, .4,M,e4 2 , 4.0 5 FN. Ji 1 4 3 l .. in , I v 1 N., W--.5 53.1-0 . , , V Inv, ...W "' ' -'.-wav'-t"""" J J HI ,J -f. gl' tU!"f4W"'V"""" 4,',,.. . "rQ s -vu. ggi!! 0 Track ,May-i2'F ack Team With back-to-back district titles under their belts, the 1971 Owl track team prepared for another fine season. Coach Mel Thomas, in his second year as track coach, expressed much optimism that his 1971 thinclads could bring home another district title for GHS. Coach Thomas only last year took .over as head coach of the track team, following in the successful footsteps of former coach Pat Mitchell, who was also known for his successful teams. With several returnees from last year's district champi- on team, the Owl tracksters appeared to be in good shape for another title. Rick Casteel, David Benningfield, Steve Tunnell, Harold Denney, Gilbert Fernandez, David Bentley, Ray Hennig, and Gene Bridges were just a few of the returnees who were expected to do an outstanding job for the Owl track team. 04 SHOT PUT AND DISCUS: CL' tg RQ Ray Hcnnig, David Bentley, 880: Front: Bruce Buchanan and Steve Rankin. Bark: Steve Tunnell and Barry Brady. Rick Quick, and Pat Polk. SOPH. MILE RELAY: Larry Wright, jerry O'Quinn, jimmy Williams, Rick Quick, and Keith Burton. SOPH. 440 RELAY: Keith Burton, .jimmy Williams, .jerry O'Quinn, Horst Bee, and jimmy Sewell. HURDLERS1 Mark ROSS, Rick Castccl, and Andy Erwin. POLE VAULTERS: Randy Norris, Mark Wilson, and Gene Bridg- CS. MILE RELAY: Gilbert Fcmandez, Steve Tunncll, David Bcnningfield, Mark Rowan, and Pat Polk. 305 440 RELAY: Larry Wright, Gene Bridges, David Benningfield, Mark Rowan, and Darrell Larey 440 DASH: Bruce Buchananhlerry O'Quinn, Gilbert Fernandez, and Mark Rowan. LONG JUMP: Steve johnson, Darrell Larey, jimmy Williams, and Mark Rowan. MILE RUN: Tony Fairless, Steve Hammerle, Mark McCauley, Harold Denney, Paul Roderick, and Gordon Shattles. SPRINTERS: From: Keith Burton, Horst Bee, Darrell Larey, Mark Wilson, and jimmy Williams. Bark: jerry O'Quinn, Larry Wright, Gene Bridges, Steve johnson, David Benningfield, Mark Rowan. and Gilbert Fernandez. . 4 i L ' ' lllrmg.-uilax. ' 1 'N'-.. G ' The Endfl 307 08 5.1--v.--A-. vi .....-.--u .v A- - ------- A, 1 - A P," 'fn 4 "5 wk' 8 l as . 'A - . .4 Va-. Y. . , .i,-arf-ww -f .... lf- A ,s 5 . WV f , V ,-,a. . HW ,A 1 A., ,UAL A , V, Q - 3.3-Q T 'Q I1 ' 1 -N 1 . : I , :v 5 yd -1 . iff: -a. 1. 5 D V, 'W' ' ' Y: 1 H ' if ,?ff'ailQ',3"., ,' . If I ' , ' ,' . J .'.'7,. . , a i V , igiffk In 4-Q , 9 - rg 2.1 ' gi - I ' ,. "gf ,, .V 'W -' .4 U . ':f,W. his V ll .5 H Qui, Q - ,, 4 , ,-1 I wb gr Z 1 I N if 'pf V - 5 - T 4 - ' 'ff M M 'cf' . H if ' -, -,I H 'f 4,-:LIjoL2?QQ--, I ' if ' ' . -r-f, ii ' , ' v V' ' riviera. 'wg , ,y j gp , y f-K V if Q ,'531f-12-f 1. - , as? ,J ' T ' , W ' y I 4. :tif fs" I ' ' . z M -1. K ,, K, Q D gag.. .A I if-TL, .signs-Q , 1-3+-1-gtfu I4 J' gf. 47 A , .f.I'fl,, ' ' 1. -1. i.,:"'?J1:5,!9-.:j41n . .c W ... -4 .1 " ' '- Jr- --- M v mf J: R . 'e B b ll ..,, fr,-, , Q ' - , , girl, Ea., ,, I -QQ., .y3:1'ff',. a L' j l ,UL-JF uc , -t ,f RJ- .-.,,A,L",, -rf v it 'L -4 " rf: 'l,..-, 5.1V.a:- 1,-1:3 A , ry W '. y M h ' I nk V - ,Q-,.p .,,i-g.+4 9, 45.5gQ jfji,.x5i f1k.,J.iJ1,-,i.:. ,bgfiv rv. r -at-i ,-it I 'fy' v-,- Q 1 1 97 1 0 l B lb 11 I i 2 I - , V' F U 9 A - 1 f. Q 6 Q ,N . y 3 ff' We f4""f , , i 1 , , at ,, ,, V . . G ,M Q gp Y, V , 4- J if, Z' y 5231 NIJ' -' I. . ' ? 'N yu" Brad Haynes, Bryan Roberts, Randy Thomas, john Ferrell, Clyde Windham, Ray White, Terry Lasater, Gary Turnipseed, Terry Morgan, Coach Gary Reeves, Darrell Larey, Mike Arnold, Eddie Carter, Larry Wright, David Hunt, Sammy Arnold, Randy Burkhalter, Mike Hatfield, Rick Nelson, Miko Brooks, and jerry Morgan. l. -Q-.-..-.. QR Ns- Clyde Windham swings away. 5 at UTFIELDERS: Front: Ray White, Clyde Windham, Terry Lasater. Bark: Eddie Carter, Larry Wright, Sammy Amold, and Rick Nelson, INFIELDERS: Front: Bryan Roberts, Randy Thomas, Gary Tumipseed, and Darrell Larey. "1 Cin hit it With my eyes closed." Back: Mike Hatfield, john Ferrell, David Hunt, Randy Burkhalter, Mike Arnold, and Mike Brooks. N 1 X s " '-f- .-, L.. , .-,, -,I K QE..- N4 xf whiibhliaxr ,Q ,.'. my IQ' -5, a-41 ' j " , - . The End 309 if J Nw 23' PJ. . P!! I rf' 3 - , 5? . '..szf:.5gj- - -XXV' C M . Mp, -. , ag 'XXL54 Q' ,, ,- .'f'f'N.Q,g3, 'en .9 A'-rv . 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" - . -- .-.-'utzwasgmxw--r.E-' -J cg....... ...... . s f i Coach Crute The Owl tennis team was once again expected to represent Garland well in tournaments across the state. Under the guidance of Coach Allan Cnlte, for- mer All-American from East Texas, the Owls were given as good a chance as anyone to capture the dis- trict. Coach Cmte, in his first year as tennis mentor, had a small but enthusiastic turnout for the team and put them through extensive workouts in prepa- ration for the upcoming season. All in all, Garland was to be represented well in tennis competition. I x 1970-71 OWL TENNIS TEAM Daryl Beeson .--.2 ,wrrvwwpmvm mvw-f---,--I-'W- - v Pam Tolliver and Brad jackson my ek E.,- f Q Robert Waggener n 4,4 -'H-Q-rw-v ,, FU.-U 5 -..A. H -'-"' -... m-'-'-"'- 3 T " ' f- , "" ,K Q' ' -,-.1 - .k,.: S.: v , Q L. 2 . f ,. '-"' '. 5 . ,f ..f. '4f'f"' --...N ,- -V V ' .j.-f,-y,f,f,Q,y' X Qggfsnuzzf 5 3, -vjffl f Y."-g1f'2"':'f'i'f ly' '17 Q f ffV,'', ' W ,4 -1, .-- - 4. ' , ,Jn A, I. ' A-,mf -i-.5 1 '- 1 A 7 ,Q ,fsf'9" z.: 411.-'S'-. is- ""' y- i. 'f9:T'7"'n2 Debra Routh Randy Wickoff K A The End 311 312 ,,'f X M: ' visas- canns.-if O? .1 'Lp'--, - -G -- ji- ada. . 1 " 's . f. - ,,,.- A -af 4' ,V "x-V3 5'. A. '-11519 . 5 .5 . Front: Chris Cooper, Robert Oliver, Gerry Cooper, David McCullough, and Billy York. Bafk: Coach Bill Stewart, Eddie Michael johnny Hester, Bobby Lankford, David Bates, and Don Willingham. David Bates ev' l Neal Holford Chris Cooper Bobby Lankford ,ff 'MSX as Don Willingham Mark McArthur Robert Oliver Johnnie Hester 'YI' '4 1 pf Billy York David McCullough 5- Ecl Michaels Gerry Cooper - v The End 3 This is the advertising section Without which the preceeding five Sections would not be possible. So, when you thumb through these Last few pages . . . Thumb through them with care. For Without them, you could not Hold the memories of 1971 in your hand. Advertisements 7 '75f,7iE IL , gf' MVQVV-V-, A :gm-,. yu 2. -f JV ff VSX V Vu ,, V . , Grp . 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It recognizes man's natural desires to live as an individual being. lt recognizes his ambitions to earn, save, own and enioy to the fullest the fruits of his labor. As we partake of the rights of freedom, we must be ever mindful of our responsibilities to help preserve freedom. S POWER 8a LIGHT COMPANY a tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility Girls Who Groove ln The Righl' Circles Ga+her Around LesI'er Melniclc YOUNG IDEAS! preslon royal 0 highland park 0 garland 0 promenade Vicki Anderson, Linda Finigan, Jan Essary, Debbie Harvell, Gail Lilley, Debbie Harris, and Leslie Kimbrell FULL SERVICE BANKING FOR THE GARLAND AREA IECKING ACCOUNTS DRIVE-IN BANKING COMMERCIAL LOANS .VINGS ACCOUNTS 24 HOUR DEPOSITORY TERM LOANS ERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT BANK-BY-MAIL SERVICE CONSTRUCTION LOANS ASHIERS CHECKS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES INSTALLMENT LOANS AVELERS CHECKS CHRISTMAS CLUB AUTOMOBILE LOANS DVERNMENT TAX ACCOUNTS LETTERS OF CREDIT PROPERTY IMPROVEMENT S. SAVINGS BONDS FOREIGN EXCHANGE EQUIPMENT FINANCING TRUST CUHFIIY MEMBER Fi-:m:RALm:i-msn1xsmcANvx-3mm-uRA1'1uN WE GROW BY HELPING OTHERS GROW I CALL II s. GARLAND AVE. 2724567 GARLAND, TEXAS Congralulalions Class of '7l 319 "Best Meats in Town" HILAND GROCERY TRAVIS BAG-WELL 7I9 FIHI1 S+ree+ BR 6-5622 Meais For Your Freezer Cusfom Processing f SE: , , .lf , , Q or co flair' Qu I 4 h l 9 luml W , . :QL - ls E Service and Qualify WHITEWAY SERVICE STATION 807 W. 'Garland Ave. GLEN WATSO owner Phone 276-I I67 H00 Norfh Sfh COOPER CONCRETE CO N. Garland, Texas GENIE'S FASHIONS HOME SAVINGS 800 W. 'Garland 322 Ridgewood 272-I5I I 278-2648 , A 1- o H.. , I .- .5-1 zw,w,mkZW,-V -4, 'fi ' A " . N153 W I I Q -A . Illlfi I QIIIIIIIIIII I- '. , A- ' Q , ' 'N f? CHECK":gA'L2C0UNI5 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS BANK BY MAIL A0IIQ?I.2fA,IfWfII'5M, POSTAGE FMD NWN BANK 24 HOUR OEPOSHORY HOURS QSOO A M 3:00 P M MON. - THUR, TRAVEI-ERS CHECKS rm 0 OO A MS SOO P.M. ,,1 04, COLONIAL 9 gn A FXBJLL I U. 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Well you're right - there isnit one. ron mcallister fof klifj is the reason the index is missing. he hit a car full of annual staffers and pre- vented them from finishing it. therefore, we present a few pages for scribbling, frather than a sheet full of names that no one ever reads anyway., -mun- 334 in 335 'if yu , cf? win? 9 'rv .7-I -' ION U 'Q at Q50 " ,f CI Q U J- .z " rxpjg ro? . S05 J, :Q ,,, xox ns gat! o .yufS5"s1J"J3,' bi 34 fpovbb' 'QQ 21 w U .bhp 'rf' G Q- XJ -NUHD' U9 Oo we V JN-l"Qjrf LQ vi Neovo of" QD -x""' 0 Q! XX o 'O X 4 6-,fx 337 , , N - .wiv -'- - W 4 ' . ' ff '- Jw, JO Moi uw-ui .Uorzi ww loam unborn gfwm dwfmofg New fflgkwh Umm Q iw jgifyfywmmw VWUUL 0-iffy!-i00f'u. 0cfoLJLwcmk, M J-AHIWOZS wwvgfom mmm Za OL! 5 H 51 Q2 if fm' zwiwwwcg GJLU if w 339 -gf 'UQ 34 42 Each day we take a trio Admission free, Aj7er eyjects None. Some mf us see and feel Others of us merehf Exist. As I walked through the halls of the school today I hecame aware of its unique Beauty. When I looked at the dirty desks in which I sit, I did not see the dirt and oldness Rather The Past. The many personalities that had hwre me sat in that chair and listened Unhearing to a teacher. As I moved from one huilding to another The cold criyi air hit violentbf upon my Unsuspecting face. I did not feel disgust hut the heauty of Fresh, clean air. Then, the muddy face on the ground, which hore no mark of distinction Merebf, an ohstacle to my path Until, I looked again and Saw that the muddy face Was a glorious picture Rqlections of the world I passed the same faces I see each day, But today, I looked again at them and even though I could not see, I could ynel the individual personalities, which lurk heneath each facade. It is so sad to think that I can never Know these people. They are simphf faces with names I listened to hits of their conversations Some discussing the wars and the Discrimination of those whose skin is not White. Then there were the others, concerned onhf with Friday's game and the Parm Saturday night. They know where the action is and always have a smile fir everyone Even me jhr, you know, Pqhularity is their thing. But why worry ahout these dmfrent groups of people. They each have their own Ideas and Concerns And they are Hem then it is Beautiful. As I passed classrooms I heard teachers' Voices. Teachers trying to reach students through words, To touch a small portion of their minds with a hit J their knowledge. Attempting to guide, to understand and to Love. Walking on I felt that it was irrelevant whether they succeeded or failed . . . They try. In the lihrafy, l I I saw not hooks hut LW and Love. The world For each hook is a world within itsehf A heautiful one An escape from Realigf. 34 As tlae oana' clirector lea' his group, I saw in his eyes A love of music. In the eyes of tloe Englislo teacher, I saw a love of tloe existence in one's mincl Iclealism. In the eyes of the stuclents, I saw an Impatience, A Searclfing fir the Beauty in lk, wloiclt must Exist somewhere. I - '-gi -. X g1,'-:Ji-M M --'N M' af: .is Ana' as my journey terminatecl I tnouglzt Tlaese many years of being Taught ana' Molclea' Into a character, supposeclbf to oe Accepted oy this Sociegf, Ana' now tlois Security has been jerkea' away. 344 Wloere laacl all the time gone ana' was the I O ,V 'l'l'l 4 . , Q49 with SC. Xf 'T w Lo x" X Prqlmrofion worfh Il? The world ik now ozirf. Do no! think you have lofengf of Time lo Improve il. You dorfl. Time if Fleeing qziichhf. Ano' the fun wil! ,rhino Tomorrow 07261 Qfyou mohe if. herri moore 346 Uwls Kerri Moore ..,. Vicki Wright . . jan Cooper . . . Kay Sprecher . . . -Ian Wooldridge . Debby Nolan . . Debbie Rothfus . Alice Brooks . . . Dixie McFarland . Sherrie Wheeler Debbie Ball .... Lisa Poole ...... Kathy Thompson Susie Young .... Charley Bankhead Linda Galleshaw . Vicki Crossman . Penny McNeil . . Russell Strawn . . Nest Staff 1971 . . .Editor-in-Chin . .Associate Editor . . . . .Copy Editor Photography Editor , . . . . .Art Editor . . . .Aeadenzitit . . . .Academies . . . .Senior Clary . . . . .junior Clary . ,Sophomore Clary .....Student LW . . . .Student Life . . . .Student LW . . . .Organizations . . . . . .Athletiet . Bufineff Manager . . . . . Adoertifing Manager . Publicity Manager . . ,... Circulation Manager Susan Hickman .... ...... J unior Amlttant Elise Hensley . . . .... .junior Axsistant Bruce Jacobson . Lisa Read .... . . . .... junior Affirtant . . . .junior Assistant Bert Crews . . . ..... Photographer David Lowen . . . . .Photographer Bob Mathews . . . . .Photographer Beverly McGonigle . . , . . .Photographer Sandy Schuler .... . . . . . .Photographer Mike Stone . . . ...,. Photographer Darla Ford .... .... P hotographerlf AJ5i5tant the owls nest staff would like to thank the following people for helping to make the book possible . . don cantrell john butler gene wood miss newkirk eddie lamm miss dyer gene hudson andy kung credits time magazine and more credits mistakes - late, night hours photography - bad cameras snide remarks - debbie ball, lisa poole headaches - kerri moore, vicki wright sense - ??? complaints - everyone . . . negotiators - miss dyer and miss newkirk cursings - the staff apologies to all clubs who had to have their pictures remade and remade to danny cook . . . to don roger and ronny raines for not taking the favorites pictures in sachse . . . time knows no patience 348 Your world at Garland High School has been a cave of protection and security. Problems were encountered each day, but they were merely trivialities in compar- sion to what lurks outside of your shell. The world faces many conflicts, which have answers, answers which man has yet not been able to achieve. Parents, teachers, and all who care have spent your lifetime preparing you for the world. You must now separate your views from theirs, you must search inside yourself to find your ideas, your philosophies, and your God. Upon accomplishing this task, you can then be- come the solution, take that first step outside of the cave, quickly, for the world is impatient, and scar the lives of mankind with your own personal beauty. 'Qu EQ K - ' 5 Q-if 0 v' L fiffi , sf. ...Q f -y 5 H- 5 3 'wlffkmg af ' . QJERM ws' fy n I 4 f if a- - M Q X, ,,f'1-wif .3 . Nh P 1 ', 'rf Q .:' ' 4 g I IN' - ' ' QLLACQ C Q f - f ,XXLCLQ WML if flwr j LNCLULQ uk f f ci CW? , QE UMM ilk- Q d'MJ96VQ 'PML 6 UL 92,646 QNX my fwgjwiimwj ggjggjgfm W 7 1, f y Q Q9 4" af 22 QQDJQ jeg QFQSP Qgva! . df X IQ GQ! C-Q! 7360 9 . fvj LQQ P46 A ' ,XII X JU af! 4, ' A Q O O Ov 6 H fgfgfcxowd A Qffxpfb Q ff QQ Uk 4,75 'Wy fb o f ,O Qf 0 J' 106 6 00 faq Lppo 'lcxcxyp QQSQ! fir X fx 100' U5 " Q Q 'lf UA 6 ow W QJ4 0 66, We '70 lf 'J I fifif SEN if qw WW mf? mg M

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