Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX)

 - Class of 1968

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.. fy::f:"'3 Y .- :W flmfkf ' '1'NH1iwsz1wwakff:,. -we-11 if I ,.f-,-u- ,gm "Ag 1' ' 4 x ,l1,,u , ,ig . X. ,- hl'i'wl-.R,e-M 4. - 5-A. flap nr 'Ji H I-a. 2 Y' u 9 9 kv H -vw- 39F' - 5 AVN MAY 941969 Clie. MLM. .. gd kwa? ir f f if' , .A . it I 0 , U4 ' :aa 5? ' Kuala My .., L 1 I Y, a i 1, . F ,L P X , 1 2' - . Ediidr-in-Chief Debktie Clark . F- Axfislafzt Edilor ' SusanAKillion Bmifzexx Manager Marilyn Wyrick -. Aduertifiizg Manager Iudy fGrisham Adviirers Miss fGlenna Newkirk Miss :Louise Hunt - :- V ,. . . , , f 6 1 sl 968 WL'Q NEST Garland High Qdhool ' Garlandg Texas -I ',4 1 M f' ' 1 .XM , I , I A f J EDITORIAL STAFF Edilor-in-Chief-DEBBIE CLARK Affiffant Editor-SUSAN KILLION Frzmlfy CLAUDIA FOSTER TANYA GERLICH LOWELL WELCH Aclivilief CYNTHIA SPANHEL BECKY SMITH Clauef MARILYN MOTLEY BRENDA AIRHART DEBBIE GRIFFIN Favoritex RETA PEVEHOUSE LUCILLE VARCHETTO BYRON NICHOLS Organization! TERI COLLINS CATHY KNOBLES SUSAN MCCOY S li107'f.f MIKE WALKER I mi ex KATHY MYERS Artist KATHERINE LANHAM Phologmpherx JAMES DELMAR WAYNE NEW RICK SCHULER Adviser MISS GLENNA NEWKIRK BUSINESS STAFF Bufizzeff Manager MARILYN WYRICK Aduerfiyizzg Mazinger JUDY GRISHAM Cirrzzlafion Ahzizfigerf STEVE WOMACK WILLIAM INGRAM Publicity ROBERT SEWELL jznzior Auixtmzlf GARY SINGLETON JOANN COLEMAN LYNDAL MALONE Adviyer' MISS LOUISE HUNT wg' -in fl? Classes-page 48 Organizations-page 178 Sports-Page 260 Favorites-page 148 C-If -'fx -K. 4 'Ya .rail Garland High School is a world constructed of cement and bricks, strong and permanent, but it is designed to accommodate an ever-changing flow of students. Year after year cars and buses empty their loads each morning, and people stream in waves into the hallways and classrooms that make up this world of ours. To the rhythm of bells, tides of people wash in and out of the rooms and corridors and finally back to the cars and buses, leav- ing the building empty. As each individual forms a part of the mass, so each personality contributes to the whole of Garland's soul-that abstract thing we call school spirit. The Owl's Nest staff presents this abstract collection of people and events which filled our school year. We hope it will relate to you some of the things that G.H.S. stands for. Debbie Clark' Editor-izz-Chief 1968 Owl's Nest V4 1 Y Sb: 1,-'gg I W., ' S tr' 'nf 3' , A rs-A 1 23 K1 ,4 , 7'1" J fl 1 '-, ' I .ns nn" ' V , v f FJ f X e'2:17IQ ' ' 5' D kit -A . .-V . ' Lag it D Who Doesn'+ Know . . . , asf' 4 lg . . . the man who carries much of the weight of G.H.S.? Though short in stature, he stands tall in the eyes of his fellow faallty members and the student body. Who doesn't know the man who has sound adyice on every subject from academic problems to the latest romance? ' Who doesn't know the man who thinks Santa Claus smokes a cigar instead of a pipe? It is to you Mr. Butler, that we proudly dedicate the 1968 OWL'S NEST to say thank you for your hard work and dedication. Mr. Builer? W. E. PETERS Assistant Superintendent ' tis RALPH SANDERS Assistant Superintendent 77 fa KW., .whw ' ff tm . GLEN COUCH Superintendent , I 5 N S Z 'wt The School Board ant two hamburgers, two balogna sandwiches, and one goose r on pumpernickel. The Garland School Board is the main force which keeps our school system running smoothly. The board sets salaries, establishes policies for the students, and provides the estab- lishment of educational facilities. It also evaluates the school system, and takes care of the financial scale. Heading the Garland Independent School District is Super- intendent Glen Couch. Assisting Mr. Couch are Mr. W. E. Peters and Mr. Ralph Sanders. 9 Faculig W X , , , X VO Q 05 V0 , wr . if! QA X f mi QL? g fCffC, X N fp 7 x ,f Q14 Q?-lx K f' XQQQQ 02 Q35 5 2 N 'ACD ci 4 Mr. B. G. Hudson Principal From the first bell in September until the last bell in May you may find our principal, Mr. B. G. Hudson, diligently working in his office. Supervising, assisting, and counseling with teachers and students is only one of Mr. Hud- son's varied and unending jobs. ' GENE HUDSON Principal okay, did everyone put a bean on B3?? now G55, G55 ..." "z.Z.Z I2 e sa.,-...gesaiiief . e , ' - . A 'L :fr Y .dmv-. r it "5 Mrfiili.. we lost our jobs, no one will even miss Under those hardshelled exteriors of disciplinarians are two great men at Garland High School, our assist- ant principals, Mr. john Butler and Mr. Bill Finley. Acting as disciplinarians is only one of their time consuming jobs. These men have been a great asset to the betterment of the faculty and student body. 1 " A A "I'll get that fly yet!!!" sq' 3-7-fe -"""'I"" JOHN BUTLER BILL FINLEY Assistant Principal Assistant Principal I3 MRS. LOUISE JACKSON Secretary MRS. RACHEL CALKINS Counselor Nr' X-,L-,V' MR. BYRON WILLIS Visiting Teacher EA,-2-2, . fd'-' ww dw' I . . ,WSC -M63 fl 5- ,6442yf4ffv'-X1"J I4 . MRS. JEAN BECHTOL MR. VAN VENABLE Secretary Counselor Offering guidance to G.H.S. students are dedicated secretaries, Mrs. Louise Jackson and Mrs. June Crocker, who are responsible for sophomore and junior records. Registrar, Mrs. Oma Jean Bechtol, keeps Senior records and registers new students. Counselors are Mr. Van Venable and Mrs. Rachel Calkins. Visiting teachers Byron Wil- lis and P. Ponder. J: MR. P. J. PONDER Visiting Teacher X X sc I "Don't spend it alllin one place!" Xe? QP' MISS FLORENCE GRAY Art 1, II, and III Fine Arts Add to Enjoyment of G.H.S. The fine arts department is well represented by competent workers, Mr. Bourek, Mr. Henderson, Miss Gray, and Mrs. Ford. These teachers are dedicated to their work and their students. ' 15" MRS. DELL FORD Art I jp-.Q MR. PAUL BOUREK Band MR. JIM HENDERSON Choir , . .g ' - : "Lets see l'll put my foot on that can, then that box, then And now let us all pray for a "I", I5 Agriculture and Vocational Arts Promote Practical Skills 1 i F, I - R Vocational Agriculture and Industrial Arts provide "":-'- -221, . . . . I X T10 ? GHS boys with skilled know-how in the fields of O0 ! farming, carpentry and mechanical drawing. 5 Qi , Jug i IE' sn' . A : qaiti A 2 Q f f Y I Qle U 1,10 MR. BOBBY BAKER MR. BILLY MOORE MR. BILL STEWART G.E. and Mech. Drawing Mech. Drawing I Mech. Drawing I, II MR. PHILLIP GILBREATH Woodworking I l6 l MR. KENNETH BOONE Woodworking II, III - i MR. RAY CARSON MR. VERNAL LISTER Agriculture I, III Agriculture I, II ".L ,K- ,'95 ' I fl ,L ...W A ' if S-mlb "of, A49 Q VERNON TOOKE o. D. STRINGER f ICT Study Hall on the Job Distributive Education, Industrial Cooperative Train- ing and Vocational Office Training programs aid students in preparing for jobs and businesses by giving them on the job training. After school, students work on jobs which are school sponsored. Employers work closely with the faculty in training student em- ployees properly. "Did you say you want to train some of our boys to be truant officers ?" Oh mY Wfhmg bflflf' Dont worry Mrs. Trotman. I only invited L.B.J. to Speak at our banquet." I7 G.H.9. Students Learn Clerical Skills L. B. BRACKEEN Business Arithmetic XX PATSY WOOD Bookkeeping HUNT ' vii: BETTY ANDERSON Shorthand I8 X Typing, bookkeeping and shorthand are the clerical courses. These courses help to prepare students for successi th 'rowi g business world. AZ, 'C WMM M fb on PY SUE RODGERS Bookkeeping A,A,A, space, S.S,S, space. Keep your eyes on what you are doing. lk? Q, f 3-We l Mrs. Anderson reads a few pages of "The Valley of the Dolls" classes. if! MATTIE SHAID g Typing I A . ki ,mrs . , 'nl' -to 1 ,f" 264.-f . ,gyrus .snr . I 53, sr, X5 Aga, imdb' Sildffaief-f' BARBARA PONDER Typing II 361 svff' Q: In Q. ! between KAY McLEL1.AND Typing I i'.'. Varied Maths Are Offered Math is offered in various forms. Included in the math department is Algebra I and II, Geometry, Elementary Analysis and Commercial Arithmetic. Math courses are an important part of the curriculum. Nearly every aspect of life involves the use of mathe- matics. Nrf JOHN BRYANT JOY PARKER Algebra II, Algebra I Physics T ' X-:LRQPX 5 il. FRANCIS GAINIBLE CLAUDE SQUIER T. L. XVILLIAMS PAT ARGIROPOILAS Geometry, Related Math II Related Math I, II Algebra II Related Math X, ALTA ALTOM MARSHALL ALTOM LINDA SMITH JUNE HARRAL Trigonometry, Geometry, Related Geometry, Related Geometry, Related Math II Math Math II Algebra II ...lf-I The little lady with the big name. "I'm from Missouri today Mr. Altom, you'll have to prove it!" I9 20 English I and II Build Firm Foundalion "'N 'Q X! v---Y ,tr RUTH LINDBLOOM JEAN CHRISTIAN MADGE DANIEL NANCY DAVIS English I English II English II English II ,x 'VK CN 45 I X, . , ssssiss K BARBARA SHAW JEANIE STOVER ANN THURlN'lAN English II English II EngllSl'l II Fear., Ill return your rough drifts tomorrow 511215 M1rner w1s not a lecher lr Cusiodians Keep School Clean Left to rigbl: Francis M oss, Homer Kirby, W. B. Kimp, Odis West 'F ur Lefz zo Right: james Blunt, R. W. Person, james Maroney, Noel Bartly ACTIVITIES I XS .kai m.-,W f wwe. x ,- .4,1 .,.o. sv' 4 1 ,,,.,,., 4 s "- 4-,r .X,X,- i ' ,' --.-M , . ,'z..n,.. .. ,, , ... ,"'f"V .'.. ' - 0,,,.a-.-. 77..- 5.4. , Af, -3,-Y. ' - vw' x "' W - .Nr L9 -'th -, .n My Students Are All Smiles in- X X ig I Si. The Band presents another one of their great halftime performances. S b V t t 5. ,, fel , , . X1 l 1" lf . 8 o .lf t ,ll if ' lx of Q t ,ko W5b.,.,f .Q - f "I 'vs ,,.,'g-'94 and if I'm elected, I promise that no more sophomores will "Do you really think this clandruff treatment will help have to buy elevator passes." One, two, three, hup! 'Ira Students celebrate another great Owl victory. gk Was it ever ! Q KA"-i If they get dirty, I'1l hit them with my purse." One more time cause Pear1's so fine. ,Q I v-. 'eq 33 -, "4'2""- A ill , 4 , A V K. 5. 'ft--t t - 1" V . .b ti ly +2 ,x 1' t 3 I .. N- .1 ' -dia -wi ' f, .. 1 , .vjgfgi s A ah- n -ff' .. 1 At A Cappella initiation many epicurian delights were served to the initiates. No words necessary! 'Q-. N 'S 4'wf .x if eai Aj i ,gm hang 'W -xg! t e Vicki seems to be getting into the swing of things . ,,-.,,..-Q-Ayub' ,Q . !mHek,,,.L,,.t ',M,,,,...v-vf .suv tx. w .,. , my-no-mv Gold jackets add the color and spirit that make GHS pep Sock it to 'em, Ollie! rallies what they are. 34 Tricks and Treats H i gbligbt ffrr 6 fix f 13' Sn that's what stinks up the G.A. wing! October Co lx fl Kathy Bourek radiates the happiness of being chosen homecoming queen nomi- nee. "Okay, Ingrid, we'll try it one more time. .. . . FU: , 'W W ' rv' it 7 u 'M Lg Qf'jrvE.-.ij--5"f,O.Vg 3.5011 K eg Q . I , W 1 . ' ' A Ur..-'hi 'X . 4 ,' .-., 11' W ' 1,--I-'ffm fr - -wlvvw .. ,Wo ,ex Qs:- . --if - . . '. - , ....Xg'3',9,, rm '. ', lQlf"51Ef'.Qi4I5?si71YF The Debs and Band perform for the homecoming crowd. 35 k ' 'U li K U .LJ g x .. I Kauai' Exes are overwhelmed with enthusiasm at the Homecoming Pep Rally. ill Hey, Harold, where's your date? Meloclee anxiously awaits her crowning. Mlm Skirts made the Scene 36 . , v-1' ,,-4-P 3 -,,..e ,.4v"'- "Hey Wayland, your shoestrings are untied." lf' 411, Cys, K1 x Sentiment ran high at the last Pep Rally "A Daydream Believer and a Homecoming Queen GHS WAN J-fvwvvoqnqw-11 This is Captain Gailey?? 1967 Gold Jacket Sweetheart and Beau nominees -iff i N fy ,.:: MM , 'Vw ,, .4 1- The Dehs added color and spirit to all the Pep Rallies. a Q 4 :. 5 fi K in Q ' 1 .V Q ? 1 1 2 I Sheila displays some of her marvelous singing ability at a "Here's Love" rehearsal. 38 Who would want to take that with them anyway? just one great big happy family. Powderpuff Game limczxes N ovember- Seniors-8 juniors-6 our I 'x "Soul Men, Incorporated's get with it, Dianel' ' 'T I 1 v'11 r it H Hey, wait for me! How come the sprint-out-right went to the left? I 9' fl Siu 'ew . , 'f 'Sm' Y w ik: FQ ,Quit 'M' QAYQ' 'X I V' 1 H 'i?.1,La8.l.63.i.itf'!f'ffwsf'? 'S '53-'Z'.l: Who's got the bull? "Sir1 around the campfire avg , Y vi Y r 0 7 Q0 N Y Mg. 1 n U Nfy- M W"""'Mm V Q' TU- M V. , 'V X 1 Y 3 I I ,im ,yn " W 95 " -V Ipsw- 5 ,, .rf- 3- iw... 3. -l I VI KING s INN .a. -'t f x -... . L. n 1 Sf C +1 wk 'xx Jim p ,f 3f,,,..M af :EW '95 MW? QW. mf. Jb!N,A'-ww '. mug WM fziw , .,. l, V, i I 1 .rf 1- f - 1 a M A E . 0 ' ' ", e . if Y! "'. , ' 3' ' I X I N ,. vt ' 5 u it N A 'mv -1.4. Q '- V ,N V y 1 dy 35, Q 1 . If ' N M 2 'N' ' , 1 . P A I,-. " ' 4 M 'Y , g W ' ,yh . ' Q iff - 1 5 I, W Q ----'Q ...amd GHS I s Full -....,..,,,.-M Y- Y , f' ' 1 . ff of Christmas Cheer. . fs 1 U O G 'D n X I .1 Qi ,, u Q o 1 c ' xiao!! X M A Cappella entertains at Christmas assembly. I 3 hor K -H' :HH J 5 I l U asus y ' li . H .. o r -. tg I K A 14 , , a g- ' 4' ,visa r t ' . A ng. , in X an, - 'H ."'A - Y' 9 ' .rw ' if g . 'V b K ft - Q I . Q we 'Vw .fy ,fee t-4 1,-t o df h . ll-E 4 "Aw, come on. One bag of candy "Here's a telegram to Rhett Butler. "Look, Rhett sent an answer, LT What room is be in?" we'll have to take that word out is enough," says one Sophomore as they begin their annual fund- raising campaign. . fi ag., My Even the office gets Christmas spirit. "I don't know-my name's on it, but . . ." Sophomores 42 juniors finally get school pictures in December. At "Hey Danny, you've got your shorts on backwards." Boy, N.H.S. parties really swing! Ili Haltom reigns as '68 basketball queen. Band helps to promote Christmas spirit. Mft "Th3L'5 my boy!" "That soul music really gets to me I5 TY v 3 -.1 Before semester exams, students studied? "So that's what the basket's for." then took exams . .. 2 X 3 U i t a I i I . Draculzfs daughter strikes again! and then relaxed. january on in A fter Exams-Fun! players proudly display their new jackets. QQ F no! I think my goldfish is trying to swim up again." Maybe after a few lessons at Fred Astaire's, you'll have more fun at parties Pop Ball swings again in '68. February ,Q -1-: Y X i fi fl A . -- ...x -. . 't z I 4 ' ' - l . 1 X A -:S Y' as 35,535 f' I W" X V' x pq 2 Q 1 .4 fl I , 1 A X4 t aa: D X -i gb-l. f xt. , ' ,T ,- J N.H.S. inductees get older every year. Sisqxexmwmeaeet ..,. Q. t ,,.f .4 r W -- .,,'u....e..,, ...,X,,, .,,.. .u LLLx.L , +R .,. ,.., .Xxx e .,,.. A we - "Randy's lying", says Barry, "He's got his legs crossed." 4, Kathy Bourek and Mike Talley were crowned A Cappella Sweetheart and Beau. 46 'J' 'x,,J- '07 ' JK.. . Ecuadorian exchange student speaks at the Spanish Club Well, he looked hungry. S .Q I!-I 'PT' ,h. 'K Q WI :Juni t Coach Brown is going to kill me. I forgot to polish basketballs. p.- Owl fans traveled to Denton to watch an exciting game also to make some new friends. ' . i V llwil - - L at t-Q N at I l,,............... . M-. s C ,A ? GI jEm Thats not the way the Flying Nun does it. mass ur H330 my lvllql 4 A tv" www And I'll eat my hat if we don't win. February Ends, With Owls Emerging as South Z one Champs. Freeze-Someone forgot the ball. I CLASSES - ,H -aff 'N 1 L.. I Sensor CI Sealed: Richard Smoog, president. Standing: Maiilyn Randy Clift, vice-presidentg Cynthia Spgnhgl, ggpotterrw Qi? i U CQYS -and Pat Adams Patricia Adams Brenda Airhart Connie Akin Virginia Allen David n Mike Anderson Richie Anderson Joe Anderton Linda Andrews john Anstett Roy Arnold jo An Arthur Danny Baughman joe Barton 5I Barbara Bnggctt rf! ,fr--rx, 'wiv' QNX Nuff' KA Bobby Bailey Audie Baker Charles Baker Nancy kk . avid an vs K T 'i ohert 'Q' 'rr jim Bnrnhart in Barhcc Melvin Bgzrficld N rf, w A 5 N ,E 5 iff Nw Q' Lynn Barry Bennie Behrens Dianne Bencke 'X . JOY, Janie, and Robert compare homework Q Qlf B J Mary Bennett xf Q Y jul ii 2L'?fN Judy Senior boys will volunteer readily for anything. Nellie Bolton Danny Border Wayne Boulware Kathy Bourek Bickle Sandra Biggerstaff 'uf ,vg- Billy Bohuslar David Bolin Johnnie Bolton ev- ,. N16 X rf Neg' M1ke Bowers 'Ci ,1 vi ummsn smGi-l M BATHRGUU Kathy dakfis T' NO' 'NIJX Boyer Mark Bradley -4""" ,. ., Won PKGS. 4 der what the penalty for wrapping a school is JOY Brady Linda Brakefield jimmy Branch Ieffv Brazeal Tomm B Briglk jim Brown Karen Ilm David Bryan "'.-E Brenda ,,4 Nh' Bryant -5-,7 fgfl in-.5 Ellen 'T""T" 1 0-3 Buford Frances Bun ch Retha Bunch David "" Burk Bobbie Burks Cynthia Burton Nu' One, two, three heave. ., V. I ' ia Larry Buchanan Janice Burns David Campbell Ann Carner '09 NV'-we yi 1 10 gl JE' Y' v-wr' Duffy Carter Karen Carter X :SQ Sherry Carter Terry Cartwright Bobby Case Gloria Casteel Freddie S-.Gi ,f edit 'lo-4 2,41 Cauley Doris Cawood il I . E N 9 s K ev j- Ronald Chance N9-J ....-. '55 What a lift! 56 :255.W.,-..e.. ah Lynda Chandler Robert and jerry seem to always be cornered Debbie Clark Randy Clift Kenneth Cline Cathy Cobern Kay Cobern Norman Coker Walter Coker Melodee Coleman W-. 0 ,nn ,,,i,,,.,,- . , i , ' ' ..' .J U M 44.. .. A .,, 1? Karen, did you say you forgot to bring the music? Dun Cooper Kenneth Cooper Donna Corley Robert Cox Wesley Cox Billy Coyle Rita Coyle Linda Crabtree Q,-f P' vin -1-V 'vt Ronnie Collins Teri Collins Rickie Cook Lynda Coombs oepv gow ,-n-P -f 5,47 'QS -0-1. .pw lf? .J NP' CS uf- -1' Charles Crews 'W 'VN Charles Daniel Frank Davis Glenda Davis jimmy Davis ,rp Mike I'-1' Davis v'- ' james Day Wzxyrie Day C4- 8 ' Kelly DeBord James Delmar Judy Dejarnett Mike De la Garza i .N 'I I I MCH!! Ll lnlllhull Randy finds pleasure in his pile of dirt. 59 lonal Dennis Donna Dizll ,,....-. Pctc Diaz john Dickerson 'Y' Cheryl Dochcry Mary Dolson G11 ry Doyle Kathy Duckworth , 1 Y' "fp X .J F BEAT N!-QSQITE' "Gary, I told you to study your spelling and vocabulary words." 60 W. Danny Dudley Rusty Duke Becky Dun gan james Dunlap S411 lxf' Tl Lf V? f Kr' hiv 1-'-'P if W6 Y-Q.. 'N 5,2 Q fx! iff? 'Age nga' -L ,,NI' W-1' 'L-Z! 'sd' Y.,:T' Q""x .ff, X, N Cliff Dunn Dcbluic Dunning Mike Eastcs jimmy Elder john ny Erwin In grid liulvanlcs Mack Fuluanks David livans Larry Evans john Fain Dwayne Farrow Ronnie Fast Arthur Ferguson Wzmrurlzl Ferguson Donna Ferris Alta Finley xy-"' 'O' Q-19 xi ' 7 Mike Fischer Carol 1 sd Flnnagn V' W' Steve Flatt Carla Fletcher Gary Flowers h . jane V Flynn Troy Ford F 'fi "1 Claudia - - Foster " , , " '- f' f Q I J , -- I r' r in I . f '. if ,if A I .F Mer? -A, . z f F Pat ii , i , , A Franklin - 'E' ' il G' ' - 'ff '. " Q I , . . Paul would rather switch than fight. yce French ike French onine Gagnon hirley Gail Garrett Garvin Gear i P'1ti 1' ranks Felton I rantz -g,.- Lf Garland High inva des th e Casa View library. ,Q NX' .Q-ay Tanya Gerlich Kathy Germany Vickie Giles Mike Gilliam Sandra Gipson Curtis Glover Paul Greenwell David G riff is 1' Is it really true Doris runs the mile in 3259? Linda H nlvsey Rcalzl Hagan Alice Hnirell Penny Hnlclemnn 64 sllile wp- --wr , Nd' , v Carol Grimes Judy Grisham Vicki Guiclry 4? nsvx HIXJ 'Q .- 6 1-H., ,xv Sf' XA' N-Y-'O E cr- f-0 N Q' Molly Haley Mary Ann Hall Pamela Hall Patsy Hall Terry Hallcrman Patricia Haltom Robert Hamill Valcria Hamilton Betsey Hammcrlcc Dick Hammond Sharon Hanna David Hansson Connie Hargis Sharon Hargrove XVilliam Hargrove 65 Jig! .::".. N517 Na' Wx,...-,V of 5, 'VJ 'Cf 66 1--N Sandra Haseloff Judy Hatley Jeri Hay David Haywood Linda Harkricler fy X Walter .,....... n ...- Harper Ella Harris jerry i Harms Tommy Harrod Stephen Harstrom Kaye Hartness Maydene Harwell ,.-.--I' ,...,......-----Q lj . .ies - .L 4' .4 41 J ' " U ' .4- . .. , 4 I .. v f , ff f' l. 4 nl 'I :J ' 6 U .. 3-S -J .4 Q ff 1 , iw , MFI my iw Egfr", l johnny Lun L. QQ :A LJ' :J 4.1 "Haus as O -ouvwpw.. - a assures the student body that GHS is COUNTRY". play ?! m Henson land Hernandez rol Herri arlett Herri Mary Ann whats your game now can any Janie looks as if she had a heavy date last night. Wayland Herrin Warren Hcstand Donna Hettich David Hickman Robert Hickman Gary Hicks james Hilton Carol Hodge 5' Q? ll sq QL' Maybery seems to think that his drink is something besides a coke. KSN 77 W -L... the boys. Seniors appear engrossed in draft information, especially fsls cr- ""f:':asw N-., if 70 Gary Herring Vicki Jackson Jan Jacobs Steve Jacobson David Jennings Jo Anne Jessie Gerry Johnson Linda Johnson if WW? 'B-'X Paula johnson if e ods" Phil Johnson Rickey johnson 8 Y?-sv an gf? Patty, must you suck your thumb? ,Im Anthony jones David Jones Jarold jones Jeanie Jones Kathy jones Linda Jones Pat jones Vickie Jordan Ronnie Jung Johnnie Kasberg Sharon Keele john Kelsey WO' -qw-rv? '9"Tb Ernie Knowles Chris Lander Ov! 4-5 'Vx qi' -,-vv R351 . -,, . , 4 ' ,, 'xx P - L J . . N, : ,x x Q Q IE i - f ,.f Jar :-415.5 N ' 3 to if . 4, " ata fl I 5 x 1 . A. N . ,, A wg v A ' A L 1' . fe M ,I :Si , ' A 5 Q:-ft I ji, 'ggi . - ' i. F 7 ' A rx QL.-i 1 -1'-955' U pfwt. ' ,Q-6 --,A . .K I.,-," , 5- M.: ' x L.. IQKQJ. i .. - , ' ' ' TAI' me senior boys nys will be boys. inkie Latham etty Leamons Cott Lewis inda Lipps am Little arbara Littlefield inda Livingston o Anne Lollie Catherine Lanham Ivfarvin NJ ,-ev Q we . engage in a little friendly game. Lasater 18 x x sh f X, Qi ana' 0-Q. "r"'fT' Q.-Q. L nf" 75,0 :ga 4 S-9 W-.,, Lx ,D YTJ' wp KJ' 6 I-.rv f? say 6,,,-fx ,un- 5' 56 'wrgwif sqm! ,snly Di 'gs s-T-r it--v jimmy Lookingb Robert Lopez Johnny Luna David Mabery Charlotte Marks Larry Martin Phil Martin Sharon Mauldin Cheryl Mayfield Diane McArth jim McClel1 Janice McClesk Dorothy McClary Patsy McClun Ricky McCom Susan McCoy X 1 1 X 5 M QQ, Would you believe Einstein? Donny McSwain David Meeks Pam Meis Mike Midget Brenda Miller Nita Miller Bobby Mitchell 75 The dirty half-dozen. Pam Moss Stephen Moss Marilyn Motley Wayne Muller 76 'Nl' Ann Mobley Kathleen Morale Brenda Morton Peggy Mullins Tommy Mullins Kathy Myers Gcmlcl Nation Danny Nelson Waxyrxc New Byron Nichols Ronnie Nix o I Theres no telling what Debbie will pull 77 II- Pam Patterson ,- 'BO ni Paul He Paulos Jo Paxton Robert Payton Paul Pearce Scottie Perriman Sherry Peterman 78 wit if Senior study hall-the Freedom Shrine. 'vw Y'-Y JQhHHY Parker 1-f' Rhenae Patrick 945 .uniq- sf .,,..- tl' "fy Rf Cheryl Poteet Kathy Potter Nd' Q10 5.1 Peggy fur' HN- 'Y Power X '-af' t x.e,.r QW ew 4,5 TP' Linda Puckett Linda Pyles Deborah Quinn Herbert Raff Charlene Powers Buddy Prewitt Martha Prock Bob Prue Doris Puckett OJ! f"'Y" joy gets iz lift out of Deb practice. ,xx English students listen to their guide at the Harold, did you ever think it might be your mouthwash? ifx '40 'NIJ 4""7Q ,Hx dv- -VY W if 'TTS' Joyce Raines Rusty Raines Sarah Rainey Lynn Range Phzxmu Rcamcs Toni Richards Ranccy Riley Lcc Rose Ri ngo I 1 NI' ?fl' ,Ssfs N6 Y "Y 'san 'TG' sn-J SJ' 'xg is ian! gf' 1 Nr' Innc Robc rts Linda Roberts Linda Robinso Vickie Robinso Willizlrii Robinso Dan ny Robison Gary Rod gers Benny Roscnb. Jimmy Ross Jimmy Row Harold Ruclolp Mike Ruff john Russell Mike Russell Colctlm Russor Cynthia Ruylc Bobbie St. Aubin Nelda Salisbury Randall Sarvcr f gf ss is being alone in the journalism Gayle Sawhill P'5- "UN 'ali sk chuler curl ie COM clue. cott 'T-17 'Vi gp 'Nl gi,-3' 'Nd' S.,- YV S, f mg Hey jonie, how was OU weekend? QI' ,.z' 4...-1 84 Pam goes berserk at the thought of being nominated for homecoming queen. Marcia Seaton Gail Seiber Robert Sewell Kathy Shannon Sue Sheppard jack Shewmakc Brenda Shipman Bobbie Sims Larry Sizmore Chris Smith Ken Smith Virginia Smith jimmy Smith Richard Smoot Ralph Spears Donald Soulters NJ' X. I-gd 1"? i5 -of' 1-ff-v XM L 'gf' 62' 5,4 'H-.Y 3117 if , AM, ff---f"'fT'T wc ruff XX ' 3' , an ., : , , ........ --S- Q! .4-Q.. gtu 'VS Shirley Stovall -Ol' 3 wr' Ill 4 No comment . . . hai 'li-H41 iq? . I M-nv' I Brooke Speed Gerald Spencer Pat Sprain Danny Sprouse Debbie Stillwel Janice Stone Susan Story Eva Stout Paulette Straci Sherry Stewart Douglas Stewart Patricia Sterlin 5 sfsdw ,ry 'Y-P' vi Yo .wp Mike Stroud Connie Sturdevant Shelly Sullivan Travis Summers , rw- Ronnie Steele Billy Starns Terry Strawb rid ge Cmon Pati, Tom would look grmt beard ! Chandra Sutton Julia Taff Mike Talley Billy Taylor Billy Gene Taylor James Thomps Charles Thomps Joe Thorne Billy Thrashe Stephen Thurma Janie Townse Deanna Tramme Darrell Tucker Wesley Tullos Mike Tunnell Dean Turner Q Z5 so-4 YUTV Andy doubles his pleasure. K-4--N, Marsha Murray jim Tussy Urbach Vance Lucille Varchetto .Li VTTTZT Excedri n headache number 64! Mitzi Vaughan Trudy Vernon Linda Wade Mike Waldron Mike Wzllkcr Sheila Wiill David Wnllalcc Hal Wal lace Earl Wfallalce Cathic Wzlrd Miko Wzlrcl Jimmy WZIYFCH 90 Dorothy Wlmitakcr Sue Whitc Dorothy Wllitc Terry Wlmitc Ri chu rd Wlmitclucad Jim Wiggirmgton Teresa XVI I fred Becky XX'i I I inms Don t sweat xt jack the Scots :1ren't zlml bad! 9I Lowell Welch james Wells Kitty Wells Marsha Wells Mary Wells Greg Whalin Carla Whitaker Charles Whitaker .Lt 1 Iwi Marilyn Wyrick Shari ivzf Williams Teresa Williams Charles Wilmuth 7.-Q 'Q-wiv Patricia - W Steve Wilson Joanne Winter 7' 'V Womack Chip Wood 'J Do the bunny hop-hop, hop, hop Hail Charlie Brown!! sd 6 1---v 'C7 'Ol' L., Nl' Sq' NJN' 41 .., lfx-or N...f David Young Linda Zlckgraf 'has x. N' g iq-.-.,,, with mac' ' 'W . A .,,r, Mga,54w-at-.uqsvpwf ' .h Terry Worley Marlene Worth Mary Worth Alan Wright Gary Yarbroug Retha Yates - G2 5.57 Ole! Seniors '68 1 xf Q ,sl '15 a ,N U ii We ,se We beat Highland Park! "Jinx" did you say?! remember? -4 -g,, Our "Basses" Homecoming nominees Q ! 9 'Tl 5 I.: I Charlie C ews speaks to the student body And a-w-a-y we go!! A we ffiiibf "Macbeth," Ernie, "Macbeth! O' RICK!! Your roots are showing! Oh well, it's your head Charlie Brown! ,, if When We Were Young ' 5. . r 'V i 1 .-g . fi. 'I 4 . A - 1 V t it W, A ,, ,. . . Q. . Mlv I 1 ,. 1' , , . ' I e I It V ,4 e r . A . ,xo ,.,,. ,., S q I S -Q Brenda Morton Judy Grisham Kathy Bourek Tanya Gerlich lx ' Y A ' M . "t '-vii. Thi t S " 'ef 11. ,i at 1:-A I t X . ' ti t- Xxx SV S t 3 S , I Y 3 . i fi , 7 Ilx Q , x, ' -Rib . is ' ' ' Marilyn Motley Mike Estes Sherry Galleshaw Ronnie Collins S il l 5, N x beau V -Y ui ' l I ii J rid' Tom Orr Robert Sewell Pati Franks Billie Stone Billy Starns .29 l ,,.,-- l I .-. INT., ...S x l Ingrid Eubanks Jimmy Davis Catherine Lanham Scarlett Herrin johnny Luna ,,s , . ' ' 0 ,1 j.. ,,.... .w K -.4 .. ' 51 we f,4 X xj 1 . . as n Qi x , 1-4- x 4 ' f . l . Q, XJ dt Lynn Range Janie Townsend Danny Border Karen Carter W , ' ,Q I N , 1: I W .3 , - ,Dir h wah gk . ' '.- .' vig... ' , .' Q1 f -Q li-I 'fs'1!'fN. -1-5 , i., 1 .. vi Q w. , , - , . -' K - ' '- .',::?, J. :V 9 K' 4 9' , 19' . yr, h . 'sw - , 3, W .C A ffm' Qs , ' ir , ' .4 uf , . A 3-5? 31531 Reta Pevehouse Debbie Clark William Ingram Pam Moss Doris Cawood 'L x Q A4 jlygqgyv iigfffwsiewszi , , -. if' 1 , 'avi if: iw' i. l Lr,:.,L. .J L ' .R Q 09:91 ll ,. X. T75 lb X V!! Q 1, 'e N Q ""' Chip Wood jimmy Hollon Pam Patterson Susan Killion Lucille Varchetto f 0 23, Mg ' 4 r , . ' 1 - -f il 'F ,A An m dw . Ia- Q. :kr J A I ,fi - -Qf- fe. l . ns, .rw-sw 44 xv 1,11 li: Sherrill Hendricks Danny Robison john Kelsey Marilyn Wyrick 98 4 5 X ,4 Ari ff' -f .fi , 1 ww 5 ,ang 2: 154 iii' l -:- -A .. W' 1 " ..,.. . . i , .--...-... 1 A J' - f---.Q - ' - ' - ,1 ' 'A A ' ' , ,figgz r j, r y sy Alger. we aWWMfe 1 Q ' A if 43 Q, f v 5' , ,Z w i, - 2' 3? ,v I rv '63, john Fain Gary Doyle Scarlett and Wayland Herrin Cheryl Mayfield 1 V I, hh ,M rbYg5, A kll L C ' ' K N , , ig,. A 4 e - C f a y p ' Y ' K C y .1 X y j 5 ,4 , - N ' .M - "1 , ws C J r.:,.L fx ' N i' s ,, fl we . fe U Q - il, Ai ' f 57 I j g 4 A l if--f, A f v I ' in - v""1 Ernie Knowles Cynthia Spanhel Pat Sprain Robert Hickman Andrew Hoyle emmwwv: 'Cm ,nb 49215 Pa ki, .- ,. "1 5 Afiii CZK.: X Ya A '4 niNwg, 225 'Sti r , - 'I , fa- , , 512: " fn 'E V Becky Dungan Darrell Tucker Carol Hodge Ronnie Nix - lifi ifmff ' up-1 ff " " k yi ska a M :waging vi-N F -ws, - -Q .v I. ,.. ' ,. . ' 4 I ' v ' --,mf l ffzszg A ff ,, my . f- . K N I A ff' tg jf' . 1 v ceq i 3 ..rr 6' ' 5 ' , ' 'H - Q, by Q9 X ye' I K. v Nye ,, , . I -M -. H. '. A , M it K A a wx, M... U' ,B 'M , - l Ei i 4 ,y. W, ff, A moss a-,aMyfMf M Donna Corley Sandra Gipson Charles Crews Alta Finley Kathy Myers 99 The End of An Era The halls of my teen-age years are empty now, My footsteps cut through the unfamiliar silence. I've known this building through many exciting years, and as I walk down this littered, well worn path, scenes of my life run through my mind. Yes, I was 15 years old--and I was scared. I saw this building sitting ' 'ant with his mouth stretched wide upon its throne looking like a gi open as if to swallow tender young sophomores. I took a deep breath A and vowed not to cry-in my mind I walked the plank into an ocean of nameless faces, contained in a building which held secret surprises at every corner's turn. So, slowly but surely, my fears subsided, the faces were named, and some even became friends. This giant monster became a symbol of my new life. U - I'm stopping at my locker now, and a tear stings my eye as my throat tightens. In it 1 find old M newspapers, English novels, and endless memories. How can I leave this school, this warm old friend? I was 16 years old, and I knew it all! After all, I was a Iunior! I sold elevator passes to sophomores and knew my way around. The oceans of kids were familiar, and the sophomores were so young! l00 As I pass the trophy case and see the Owl in the floor, I cry. I was 17 years oldf I felt that I was too mature for acting silly. As the senior year began, I kept pushing the future out of my mind! And I was sure that Seniors "68" were the greatest ever-and I meant it! Walking down the steps, past the cannon I tried not to .look back. But as I reach the sidewalk, I slowly turn back to catch a last glimpse. In the corner of my eye I read "Garland High School-Home of the Fighting Owls". I see that building, and for the first time it looks weary and tired, but that ageless twinkle is still hen- New sudents. will arrive in the fall-but I won't be forgotten. How can such a friend ever forget? I'm going now, and the sun rolls behind a cloud-the wind seems to blow right through' me and through the halls of that building, and it whistles the loneliest song. ' I have grown up, and I can't look back. I'm looking forward now, and my eyes are brimmed with tears-not so much tears of sadness, but tears of knowledge that kids do grow up. Many kids have gone before me, and many will come soonfbut right now I am alone with my memories, for it is the end of an era in my life. I wipe my eyes, turn up my collar, and walk away from my friend. I -Susan Killian I 968 Y al ? X 5 New .4-HV' Th J, Q 4 as X .X V" A 32 f tfwemgwi. g i5?IR if fi ,.m"'k Ni x vii 'AN Year of ihe "Seniors" fQ,' sez- x - L7 2 ' I ' R545 " , A1 Q-mv xi V L: I 'fm' .. -A 5 if-Lf .,, 4423? W' si f U V. -I GY i umm I1 'Z s 5 LW a ,f I Jjvgd' i vm , lf Q-Q fyif x V 'lfikiyf i, t. 5 1 KL X-igznf NA 4.. ,H ,IJ David Culwell, presidentg urer. N01 Pirlm'ed: Vickie Tx 1 ' f J ? Sv iv? 4-2 vice-presiclentg Kath Carter, secretaryg ,. if 0 reporter. '. Q I ' Alan Adams Linda Aldridge . David Alexander Teddy Allen joe Allen Enff I Judy Anderson Y I Mary Antwine Tommy Ausbrook Mary Axe "Can't you do mzylbiug right, Lindeen?!" Sharon Aycnck Iilizalvetli Baglwy 4 Larry Baglvy judy Bailey I Ronnie Bailey Wfilson Bailey Cynthia Baker Debbie Barbry Mike Bartlett -. K Bethna Bateman Leslie Bates Richard Battle 4-if K Mike Beaseley f "'- ' rv fi, jim Beaver lit , kd 4, jimmy Beckett .f-5 '-4' Douglas Beeson M f J Charles Benner f Ellen Billard l05 CV 0. QQ .-11. an 'W , A ..., Ii- Q. Sym it-J. A -T-T4 an 'B , .5 I , , 'L re f C A h V 1 C C ' xx 55. y 1 It l V , ,if yr' 1 il iii ' 1.- ,Q 2 ,al .Er S124 I .. ., ii .' ,ar A - -I .z I nv' 3 1 5 r bf' g K ' 2 i 0659 1 edu! K' ,,, 'VN it nd, gn-, w, 4 ' tffiiiw l . X ab J 'WU KT 'O' l FF I06 'Y M Q WW lg V v ff? 0 ne-Z, X ,tr un A fr rr' Y '12 if f fit. it 1 'U if XL -0' . ..- X xt: i f ,W H 1 5- ff .er . , P' Xb lc JAX Q A ' if iv.: xgfg' , fffpwf ' 1 ,.',,,'.,, M K 4.5, F ,E if fm iff' if - V . 6 Q Q S A ,ff X., leo 1 fi .u t 1, rl'-Y L: - - w- ,.' , i s . Q v' 1' fb, v Ha, - . .1 .' 1 4 C ,- i 'Q 'Q' Wt ' S2 gb X 14.74, ,B 1, . 1. ,M , ., 1 N' QI" 'WI'-Eg 0. ,f. ,,..f- k : james Blackburn Robert Blackwell Carey Blake jere Blakeway Ada Boatley David Bobo George Bond Charlotte Boyd Roger Brackett jo Bradford Brenda Branch Shirley Branning Mike Brantley Darlene Brimma Steve Brittain Martha Brooks Joe Buchanan Elaine Bunch Mike Bunch Dave Bunzel james Burleson Peggy Burmma Wanda Burnsed Shari Bursby Louis Butler Dottie Calk Beckie Call Vickie Call Pamela Calleni Janie Cameron Nancy Campbel Vicki Campbell Linda Carney Kath Carter Carolyn Casey Sharon Chandle ZW fi , 'T QC, ' xml I . by , -' 1 LX 1 f. ' Aff K"'W' A A J '-..a' ' 41' 1 ,. 1 Z 'VI Steve Crawnover Gary Crawford jacquelyn Crouch Pat Crouch Susan Crow David Culwell Fred Chanslor Ann Childress Eddie Clark Randy Clark Cindy Cline Mike Clopton Carolyn Cockrell Dchhie Colbert Susan Colburn Margaret Coldwell Carolyn Cole JoAnn Coleman Beth Collum Johnny Combs Beverly Cook Clarence Cook Gary Cook Judith Cook Alondra Cooper Candy Cooper Patty Cooper Tredda Core Rusty Craig Nancy Crane fn. f ff j xl ix 1 Three's a crowd! I07 tk- 4' 16 ? 5 J ,J W ekll 'mixer 'IF A 1-4 k - .5 'vs -5 . ,l,,.., f""3f T19 zz il. A 11 "" 4 ,Lf N 125.gif 4' IV5 I08 A63- 'idk-.J X IV? fr .,. ,.-Y Ca Ill 1 James Dale Diana Daniels Charles Davis Kathy Davis Steve Davis Vikki Davis Ted Day Veta Day Shirley Denney Wanda: Dennis Doris Denny Jucly Dickson Sheila Dickson Dwight Dinge Patricia Dowell Terry Drown Michael Duckw Debra Dugger Cathy Duke Cecelia Dunca Linda Duncan Gary Dybvig Debbie Eagle Janelle Echols Barbara Edwar Carolyn Edwar Donald Edwar Robin Eller Andrea Elliott Mary Ellison Robert Eppers Frances Estes Josephine Estr Lana Eubanks Jan Evans Vicki Fain Deborah Fair Donna Fairless Glenda Favors Linda Feagin Barbara Ferguson Linda Finch Sharon Flanagan Chuck Flanders Vickye Floyd Louise Fong Wfayne Foster james Fowler Gretta Frederick Mike Frey Don Frazier Ben Frizzelle Nerlene Fuller Cynthia Galbraith Cheryl Garrison Bobby Gatlin Wayne Gayle Bobby Germany Dennis Gibbons Henry Gihhs Kenneth Giddens Butch Giddens Pat Gillispie ,lack Gipson Bodo Goczoll Betty Goodman Ken Gracy Cindy Gray Dick Green john Green Steve Greenwell Vickie Grice IO9 xx in ,-,W 'o --Q fn i V. Wx. w X sill 1 4, ,as ,. fcf, A 41 PQ A 3 ..,. CJ ."' , Q ei . .0 5 3-nf Ronnie Halpin Jimmy Grier Debbi Griffin Barbara Grisso David Grubbs Eddie Grubbs Dale Guidry Deborah Guncly Cathy Hacker Carolyn Hackelt Linda Haden Martha Hainlin jane Hall Sylvia Hamilton M ' Fvf a.f,,fl NNY - it "lf f"'TQ?l"' Tx T ,L lg,Qs.l Ski E5 Lora Hammond Terry Hancock juniors Take Active Part in School Activities yung, zfd f 3?- Barbara Harte Becky Harris Debra Harris Dennis Harris Mary Harris Donna Harriso Carolyn Harry Janie Hart Mike Hart Linda Harvell Thomas Hawki Elaine Heady ,r .Z .44 -'Q fs., 1 NN 'TV 5 I P' '., U tiger? , arf- CL' ev Bronnie Helton Brad Herrin Linda Herron Debbie Hickey Charles Hickman Larry Hightower Richard Hike George Hill Barbara Hines Sherry Hines joel Hinshaw Sandra Hobbs Robin Hoffman Annelle Holloway joyce Holt Doug Hopkins Billy Horrocks Don Houston Kati Houts Bill Howald David Howard Michael Howard Joyce Howell Kay Hoyle Robert Hudgins Susie Hudson john Hufstecller Brenda Hughes Reta Hume Catherine Hutchisr Pam Isenburg Charles Jackson Glenda jackson Sally jackson Greg Jacobs Deborah Jaynes Ill .-f-rp . ' f I C Hermit it , an Juniors begin to show some spirit H . f- i f X' tk Q' -,' 5 7 1 J' 46 X it ,J Qs , 1-E. , 3 rg - S , in 3 'U na J , A ceq C , nga -.IQ me 7: ,K J up ' ? 1"'?P. ...J I , f 2 S X f J f . 'J " 1- A!! is ff' I J A 4 .fl Kay Jobe Diane Johnson Dianne Johnson Donna Johnson Jimmie Johnson Leo Johnson Ray Johnson Sammy Johnson Sandra Johnson Sharon Johnson Jeanie Johnston Carolyn Jones Deborah Jones Donna Jones Janice Jones Josephine Jones James Keele Beth Kennedy Martha Kenned Mary Kennedy Cynthia Kent Greg Key Rob Killingswo Fred Kinat Margaret Kindl Judy Kingsley Cathy Kirk , I I, " , ,F " ,fy , ,,. xml I J, . QI ' i ..-:C 1 jj' 1 f' U.. aclyvffg A if :O l., 'f f f. 1 I' A " -. 'I' AI- . ., . 'rffff' 'lf icuii? 7' ' 'll"ll'i H' ff., A' ,-48 ' i v- , if .1 we' X Ken Knott Delia Kolverton Ricky Kostue Ronnie Krueger Dinah Kuehne Ronnie Lambert Dwight Lancaster Lindeen Lander Tommy Lasater Bonnie Leetch Cheri Legg jimmy Leurs Danny Lewis jerry Lewis Melva Lewis Mike Lewis Beverly Lierman Gloria Lilley Frances Locklear janet Lollie Janie Long Terry Long Sharon Lord Mike Lucas Elizabeth Luedtke Nita Lynn Johanna Maddox II3 f 5 Y t ! 7 xx 1 ' f W3 H ' , I f r SQ r .X 4' 4 2 1 'V I EP' Zh ' X 3 ' 't V I X 1 it f I' .A ty .tr--V-5-H ar' . 3 K ,N - -1 G :JT .5 'V' . J f . ,J Qi 5 -1 .-, - . ' JG 10 f f 2,5 if 2' ii? n n ff DZY ' 9 fi X 4 1 5 5.35 A 1 . K ,.. f 'v ' pl. ll ig " P fi -- - V R 3 'dj I 3? N e X nf . ng, . ,,,4 ,Z , , 3 fee 1 fx I, ,W rr , , "" 'ff , -45 l. L-ja L-1 A 1:1 t N, 4. if'gf'itt'tl1X ' . II4 Lyndal Malone Melody Manneri Carolyn Marks Jimmy Marks David Marshall Delores Martin Judy Martin Marilyn Martin Randy Martin Kay Maston Sandra Maston Janice Matthews Mike Mayabb Herbie Mayes Rita McCallum Gary McComm Linda McConne Betty McCorma Nfichael lNICCull Vickie McEntee Shirley McGow Jackie McGuire Danny McI.aug Judy McNutt Gail Meazle Doug Medlin Ronnie Melros Patti Merle Merry Metcalf Irwin Miller Phyllis Mitchel Carmen Moore Curtis Moore Patricia Morga Jared Moran Billy Morris vv? fe, x . 'I+ QV y at it 'e a: it ' 1 lb rf, X faN.,i- 1, , - ,f-,, 1 'Q I ff l 4 " , 1 l nz it y A K , George Morris Brenda Moseley Gary Mueller Pamela Muller Bill Nane' Diane Nation Barbara Neveling Veronica Nevil Larry Newhouse Billie Norris Carl Noska cindy Odell Cheryl Oclle johnny Oglesby Randy Odom Steve Ogletree Johnnie Sue Oneal Joanne Padgett Cristy Parker Monroe Parker Phil Parker Il5 ', . -ftxs Vg Y ,l r 'f .t fn x . 1 an 1 ' " v " fyf :Q I f Q! f .f i . I N 1 , fyr r 1 f ' il gp, 1 t , X SSX as 1 J I J ,z .Ianell Patman Ronnie Patrick Diane Patton Kathy Patton su X vii.,- - r s We gotta get out of this in if . t'fffA?f'i-vlfrx II6 'WQT9' fa-..,,5, xwid Patricia A Patterson Mike Patton Paul Payne Kathy Pendergr Gary Peoples Patricia Peters Ronnie Peters Ricky Pevehous Antoinette Phil Linda Phipps james Pickett Vicki Pickett Jan Pierce Kathleen Pierc Larry Pierce Linda Piercy Ruby Pippin Keith Pittsinge Evelyn Plunk Virginia Polla Allen Pool Cathy Poole Ben Pool Sandra Posey Teresa Pratt David Ramey ,ia ,Msg L1 .rf Roy Ramsey Pam Rannals Esther Ransom Kenneth Rasure Sharon Ray David Read Bill Reavis biike Record Tina Rector Janie Reed Steve Reed Sharron Rickman Tommy Rimes Becky Robinson Sharon Robinson Willie Roquemore Debra Rose Emilyn Rowden Charles Rushing Trey Rushing Sharon Saulters Williaiii Saulters Marilyn Schmidt Reggie Schmidt Ricky Schmidt Judy Schmiegel james Schrade Margaret Elaine Scott Sams Scotty Larry Seay Benny Sebastian Barbara Self Sandy Shape Connie Sharp Sharon Sheets Don Sherpy II7 4 9 x L 329' I N Q Y 9 Betty Spath Sue Speake Ronnie Spears .Ian Spence Charlotte Spillman Donna Spradley Gail Spradlin Ken Sprecher Jean Springfield Linda Shick Harold Shilling Billy Shortnaq' Gerry Simons Sammy Simms Gary Singleton Jon Six Becky Smith Billy Smith Corn Smith David Smith Laura Smith Sherry Smith Roger Smith Wilbor Smith Gregory Snyder Enedelia Soliz Greg Sosbee 1,1 X .4 Green Persimmons! ll -Q ' -. 'B an Q2- .XP ff' - hx l th an N X ,....p ,V 'I . Z' Q 411 X . . :M ., fr fi! ,,,-1-1. ,N 'fc 1 f .H H.. Ziggy 'fi .3 'QR N 1' J W1 '17 ltr. 'Z' , V 14? Glenda Spurgin Richard Stafford Nike Stallings Danny SliIIlLlCl'.OI'Ll Rohnnie Steelman Billy Stevenson Donna Steeie litltlie Stegall Charles Stokes Arthur Stone Rhoda Struck Annette Swanson Peggy Tripp Barry Taylor. Harvey Taylor Mary Taylor Darrel Tawney Brenda Terry Brenda Tlraxton Dennis Thonias Roy Tlroinpson Regina 'lAllI'CCt Sheryl Tieperman Nancy Towle Vicki Towler june Townsencl Esther Trevino Carol Trussell jaquita Turner Karen Turner Kathy Turner Larry Tullos Mike Turrentine Sherry Urbach Lynda Vantlagriff Wfaylon Vantlerslice II9 Q ....-D' XX ref 1 .. y .. ,, -, X 'N X M vrg I ,kg 4? ix if 5 NZ xml ,ea y X . l20 Goals Sei For Senior Year Craig Van Duser john Van Wart jimmy VanZant Bill Varner Terry Vice Phillip Virden Jeanne Voyles Donald Wade Steve Walden I l 1 You did what ? ?? Jaclc Walker Walter Walker Alma Wallace Ruby Wallace Faye Wallace Nancy Wallace Donna Ward David Watkins Delores Watson jimmy Weathe Alice Weaver Janie Weaver X ,i 'gif pynsx ,Q 'Z f-3 Alan Wfeber Debbie Wells John Wells jimmy Wesberry Kathleen West Mike West Christine Westerheim Brenda Whaley Stace White "' '-f-.CX S-5.,,4 -ss Lovers' Leap SLT 4' ,Qi A 11' .Q , , Bobby Whitehead Pat Whitley Bill Wilhite jay Willard Charlie Williams Darla Williams Gloria Williams Linda Williams Mark Williains Patricia Williams Rickey Williams Rocky Wfilliams Patti Williamson Cindy Willis Dorris Wilson Glenna Wilson Pat Wilson Steve Wilson l2I E 5 5 Ronnie Windham Genr. Winsett is? V james Winsett Q M i ....n. joy Wood Roy Wren Shirley Xwright jack Wyatt Charles Yates Paula Yates . V. 'ME' S... Juniors participate in pep rallies Mike Young Danny Zaidle Vicki Zercher Aivf- 3 ,-7 I22 , . Does Bad Breath put you out of the picture? Could the Biology room be missing a specimen? 1 vw x Q -' a , X Y V 4 Q . 4 W Y 3 fa 'A 'Ig' , -212115 , Q . ,W , f K i lc? i H5 55' 4g h Ax X V ,N x , 1 1 fifff w QQ.. , S 3 if X ,fxxa 2"yxi 'N'-Q., if Ah., Bd :TQ X5 U B52 315' V 4 'fi in ga. yi'-2 Q 1 . ,. W K .4 2 3 N Y .4 X , , 1,23 ff 7, , , mt 2 4 52.15 . 1 ' si- H if '53 ,, i 5 ,R J x .,.,,,k W M551 . Nr .WJ K 4 , q, 1521: LitL.:f7A '-v-.,,,N,,,,,,, , ,' N ,. . . . ' we .. , ,, ,,, 1: ' gn "TAL -. A ,Q ,gz 9 -1. .. nl . f..4.g, i...v-ao -A o,....- MI A 4 ... ,.v 1...4,, z..1-.. YS? 5 , ff N x 'W L n 1. -'vm nn. E552 l Q-,T 1 fv- rr Jail 'Q ' 39 lc? J -. -L- y '41-W 533 'CQ . p. gil f r 5 ,, .fs i ,Av M-'xl 'V' , rv- ' I 'Z -5, I 'L 3 s 5 s Y 4 2 - Q . fl? -3: ev -1 L ra Kay Adair Brenda Alcorn Barbara Alerson Nancy Alexander Peggy Alexander Susan Alexander Carla Anderson Gail Anderson Karen Anderson Vicki Anderson Wocndy Angel Fred Anstett Maria Arillano Lupe Arellaro jennifer Arey Jini Austin jimmy Averrc Sharron Baggett David Baker johnny Baker Judy Baker Robert Baker Doug Barfield Barbara Barnes Kathy Baskin johnny Beach Cindy Beaty Al Beck joe Bellows Fred Bennett Mary Bennett Adrienne Bently Mike Biggs David Bigham Bill Blakely Neil Blakely l25 'fa '51 X X I26 3 ,SJ -..qi . A- D 1 T . ' '53 1 A 2' A 'lb - , l ,Q fl y ' A, 7 .f x nfl V' I+ mf e ' 5 X I Don Blancl Mike Blanton Mike Bledsoe David Bolton Gail Bond Louie Boncl Allen Boulware Vicki Bourek . 1 . ,JE S . . . V immre ow ing I J B l 1351 A U in ff: '46 ?0ndBolygd d 25 N' o ' ' ' ' Jpeeslqdliy g M Q Wd or 1 Y 0, il ' il ' , q em aff? ia in W, 1 1 5 ,ze N" J-1 'S A l V 'K fy il A I il I 7 ' A A If I in fr iz, , rv- fh li 'U-' ' 4 ,z ii,' , ' ' X., 4- -LM N. fi, f, 'K effigy u..:. le ff- M 5 df li ' A A D ' -- " :W ' we ig, Y y ,M mg 1 l l A L l 4, o' r i I M ns Q Ars ,-f ..-v 'wg .- af. qi Alice cheers over allf?J jenn Branning Karen Brnzell Fred Broyssard Ken Brown Bob Brownlee Bill Bryant Arron Buford james Bynch Don Burk Susan Burnett Mark Butler Kathy Byrd Debbie Cagle Dana Cannon jim Cannon Debra Carpen Beth Carrfrway Don Camban Peggy Carroll Carey Carter Judy Carter Melissa Carter Patty Castccl Rhonda Castccl Brenda Castle Gary Caulcy Owcta Cawood Gary Center Paula Chaffin Sheila Chandler Donna Chappell Carmainc Duckworth joe Christian Barbara Christopher Gary Clark Ouinla Cobb l27 fit' ' 3951 ,, 1 l l lf '11 - f . 'lg t, ly Y J ' A 'C :li Kathi Cobern Ann Cockrell Ed Colbert Donna Cole Bryce Coleman Ludie Coleman Qwwfr Q Travis Combest David Commons Sue Connell Th Q .kg wQ4'H rel? -, . f ,:. :rw - H . , fy -M, . . . 4' ,f f f--yr, , , 5:35 . 'xii X e newest dance craze is the "Black Bottom". .pts "5 U15 5 fv- 'TY I. -N N5 af I28 .f' 'f it f Q . 4' x 'xxx K-fly t Y X H x YNY My e ' Q V 9 - 1 X X x C f 5 Jerry Cook Due Cooper Kathy Cooper John Corley Cathy Cornwell Mary Costello Richard Course jan Coythran Carl Covington hlolly Cox Myriel Craig Ron Crane jonie ,iaxs forc Mike Crits Sharron Croffa julia Crumbley Tom Crumpto Fannie Currie 6? 5 ,, '22 V-'F Q ,D ff i : 'Q' I N , M. -1-I' s ,V 1 ff ll? I 4? fy "' ,l?lu,xa-. Q ev- if lf ' -9 f i"'J. x ' s- . . 'Uv '.z.f".L 1 X a 'Yi I ' iw M v ,'. 'I'fs. 'G K 1 1' Q yr. pi: V-1 4 D " ff . ye- -7 , f-1 v u, I 1 . i - ,Q - ii D ,I rye 4- , ff 6,493 as l W ' J Dave Curry Vicki Cutler Keith Dancer Jerry Darby Gary Davenport Richard Davedson Debbie Davis Greg Davis Judy Davis Mike Davis Robert Davis Sandy Davis Carla Day Steve Day Regina Deberry Regena Decker Mona Desporte Ron Desporte Monty Dial Bob Dickson Randy Dorris Judy Drain Jody Drum Dan Duckworth Dennis Duke Lanny Duyck Etta Dunbor Mike Dungan Charlotte Dunlap Diane Dunlap Boyd Dunn Suellen Dunning Sandy Dunstan Carol Dye jack Dykes Gary Eastwood IZ9 Dianne Ferris Ron Fields Bill Flanagan John Floyd Linda Floyd Renee Forbes Billie Ford Rex Ford Gregg Forman jim Fort Richard Fort Roger Foster Bev Foulkes Rene Frazier Kathy Friend Cinda Freeland Linda Freeland Brenda Freeman l30 Ed Edmondson Mike Edmondson ChuClc Englebretson Sara Ergen Tacresha Elliot Mike Evans Gerald Fast Cathy Felder Gay Ferguson my .,, N -0 f ,M l T 9 1 J lv O Fx 3 1 'bin lx fy 9 f l xi .9 A pr . -1 K' ylfg X N ' 'Hin ,fire X 'Z fran. ,la '. 4- ,i 'Q i 11' ,E , 'M r K fe! if ng, ,X ,di-' sm.. 'Q ' iff .-fy .JF Sandy Furrh Sandra Gammon Carol Garrison Evalyn Garvin Mary Garza Mike Gay Toni George Richard Gipson Larry Glover I W' K NY G . K fx' N 5355 S 1 , 4-1 ,.. N Q QQ - ' 'fx . , ,' ' .' 5' sn ,C if 5 ,1 it ,a rx Wsig KX Xi Some of the first enemies the sophomore has. ,pi Q Fl! Jef Y . f , rw-is ' -W-Q wif .3 Karen Godina Junier Gomez Ronnie Gracy Steve Gracy Juanita Graham Larry Graham Mike Granstaff Fred Gray Sharon Green Iverson Greening Connie Griffin Deborah Griffen Mary Griffith Dennis Groover Bruce Guess Cora Guzman Hainline Henry l3l Wayne Halbrook Coleen Habert Corkey Hall Herbert Hall Sharon Hall Liz Halliday Sophomores get younger looking every year. I32 i . rf: jr -C XV Ellen Halpin Cliff Hamill Debbie Hamilton Terry Hamm Debbie Hammack John Hammerle Lynn Hampton Kathey Harkins Donna Hargis Cheryl Hargrove Donna Harp Donald Harp Carla Harper Debbie Harper Doug Harpold l 42. 47-R 1' I A x 'lr I 5 'gl W 'ir 5 'ik in F rx. or D 472 N b, ,-x iyv. . .1 J f, , D . - 4 A V ,, 'uv H, , . .- 1' X .- -4 QL K V' - ff l 1 rf Aa I W " l - - r ' fx, Q if' -' I N ' 'L K if r l g " 4 i 'xiii-. 0 f x Nu bi X U J . 'ri : di in 7' 1- K H 1 1 . ' X A . -:P 4 ,N 11' 'A irk rj -t 13, w iva n I Q V Qs, V 'wr f a A, 1: M' ' A f .a I ., jr ll l.':e 'fi A, 7 M If X f we -L . X A . ., ,, fra- fra .. .. I' t r f IJ' V" -.1 J .5 P ,.. .Q A Alf G f R --. W K 3 1 . A , Q. h . 5 eg? A ,Xu I, .I Don Hobbs - KI . N 4'-F Whig 'V ' l . J , K K A, Y. . ' -4 f, ff ' 1 'W s s john Harris Larry Harris Kathy Harrison Bill Hataway Larry Harrison Debbie Harvey Mike Havens Debbie Heady Jim Heaton Kent Hendricks Sharon Henry Ernie Henslee Rosemary Henson jerry Herrin Al Herrman Don Herron Pam Hesselburg Stella Hicks Cheryl Hightower Keith H i gginbotham Ron Hill Don Hobbs Vicki Hix Darell Hitt Sheri Hockett "Red Rover, Red Rover, let Ollie come over!" Ernie Hodge Sallie Holden if-'53"v"" fin" f .U l GOA 7" PM-H 1411.4 4 5 Mike Holland Robert Holland La Verne Hollawa Cindy Holloway Liz Hooper Curtis Hopkins Morris Hopkins Patti Howard Gary Hogue Nancy Howe Martha Hughes Vicki Hughes Dianna Hunter Glenna Hutchison Tom Hutson Karen Ingram Sharon' Irby Alan Jackson Eddie jackson Ed James Larry Jackson jill james Brenda johnson Branda johnson Rick johnson Sharon johnson Nancy Johnston Durwood jones Linda Jonas David Kattes Tina Kaylor jerry Keley Joe Kelley Don Kelsey Ronnie Key Steve Keyes I34 Y , f Z 1: .,, K 5 f 1 5' Q ix' l n' ,i . Q3 , 2 X V fi .2 , . A .QL 'V' C' "x .me .EX ' V 'iiwf ei limi rt if-1, X ,,, '. M4 1, 1,2 K 3 in .3 f rt L 1 I ff? it ' fi e 'R 31 rm .. 'l e ,, 1 Afitfj fs V if ' a, iff lp X ,..1 .g,, M t-E h ir' K if in '55 1, A, .f , ,sr ave 'O as 'fi-1' 'U' gd"-sn. la-t f gi 3 ,A 'fi if Q X M,,..- 3? , 'L , f ji 1 33 'C' X vi 14 Keith Kidd Vicki Kindle Dana King Roger King Mike Kinsen Gary Kirby Ralph Kirkham Lisa f The greatf ?j sophomore section?? Kleinknecht Penny Lamb 3 5, A . ,A-... 11' fv- - 1 ffiifl 'VS ""7 Gini: Richard Landers Ann Landrum Chip Langston Charlotte Lanham Bill Lawson Kaye Leathers Sandra LeFlore Cindy Lewis Denise Lewis Lamar Lewis Dan Lightfoot Cindy Lindenlncrg Rick Little Carol Livingston Robert Livingston Terri Lloyd Ian Lockhart Richard Locke 135 5 CL Kathy Lovie Andy Lowen Donny Loya Ron Mackey Roy Magee jackie Mahan Jim Mahan Gary Mahaney Patty Malone David Mandot Steve Maples Cindy Marable Larry Marler Diana Marsh Rob Marshall jim Martin Sandra Martschinsky Evelyn Mash Linda Mashewske Don Mason jerry Mathews Roger Mathis Marsha Mauldin Ron Mauldin l36 , Y I 'J' f' ,, .. i, ff , Vyif oa 'glint , I Q l 5 I i .. .M.k "And if I'm elected ' u ,A ,. , f' 1' t ' .ll 1 is . 1 .,..-dh" X X i 5 1' Q. X 's fl! fa- K i 'fii.""xW'll Lu are ', N W M ll' "Il, 8.15 at , , Debbie Logan Sandy Lopez Walter Lopez Mickey Lovett 2 iff. V N XR ,I nk LL ' 16 L Y i f 'v I -'-- . rv- I J, -40 'lv-11' lx: ' -Cl 1 X . at 8 ? W - is ... 2 Kevin McLaughlin Deaver Medford Neaver Medford if M . M- 'gs 1 A if i l'r5 Gary Maxfield Sam May Sheila Mayfield john Maynard Mike McCain Jim McClung Patti McClure Steve McCommas Nancy McCormack Vivian McCrainey Diana McCullough Mary McDaniel Jim MCDcJwelI Mike McGowan Cindy McGregor Steve McGriff Cindy McKanna Forrestal McKay I37 f Mike Merrit Susie Merryman Tony Miclcllebrooks Lee Mikels Charles Miller Gerald Miller john Miller Melodie Miller Suzie Miller Gary Mills Dave Mitchell Bobbie Morale Judy Morgan Mary Morgan Sandra Morgan Calvin Morris Donna Morris Robbie Morrow Debbie Morton Mark Mozley Sherry Mukkala Ruth Murray Mark Nall Steve Nall Carol Neal Eddie Neal L. C. Neal jerry Nelson Gary Nesmirh Gregg Newman John Nichols jerry Nolan I38 X' fx Y ,' W e B 1 H Y 5 er -ggi-S K . , ,,., , 1 ' ' , Xi. N0 K ' A QQ' - 1 ij ff X Q.. L f A y A as K 'M h if I 2 7 Q. , s lt , at 1 XX! 'I f,.",ii Q 3 fro All fr ff iw 'fi t X fi X, V W A -shi ' -t 'Y 5 if P ez- K ffl, ' X 'F 7 .5 A 15. 'list' K 5 A t 07 ' Wx 1 tilt t.,. B Mi lk 'iv l' ,', . . f Q, , ,Z I, W r 3 an gil' - m etch X 2 M, .. .. K 'WJ' x , f -if 'Tart' yr! c Ron Nolles Cathy Norris Harry Norris Dena Norvell Karen O'Briant Bill O'Donalcl Bobbi Otlum Cindy Oliver Alice Overall Diane Owens Susie Owings Linda Palmer Belintla Parker Margaret Parker Beverly Pate Barry Patrick Bob Patterson Laura Patterson Randall Patterson Joyce Patton Pat Patty Bobby Paul Delana Paul Kristy Paxton Richey Peacock Vicki Pittman Karen Plate Kathy Plate Edwin Pluebell Brenda Plumlee Liz Plumlee Vicki Plumlee I39 Deanna Pollard Georgia Pollard Rita Pollard Walyne Prue Larry Proctor Mary Puckett Bill Pullen Cindy Quinn Ty Raney Caren Range Jean Rector Larry Redd Elaine Reed Ethel Reese Cindy Reeves Ronny Reeves Debbie Reynolds Eva Rhine I40 A vision of loveliness! Cand that's hard for a sophomore., Sam Plunk Glenda Pockrus Roy Poetschke fe. if, ef f tttt . u 1 -If M, in 1554, Charlie Rhodes Carol Richards Leshia Richards Cindy Richam Steven Roan jim Roberts Mickey Roberts Connie Robinson jo Ann Robinson Lois Rockett Rickey Rodgers Lockki Rosenbaum Paulette Row Denny Rowland Kathy Royman Bob Runyan Brenda Rushing Ginger Saher jim Sampson Bill Samuell Irma Sanchy jim Sarver Mike Sawyer Gary Scheets l4I 3 Gail Schreiber Andy Scott Debra Scott Sandi Scott "Oh Kermit, you say the sweetest things." Bill Self Rick Shadix Jim Sharp Henry Shaw Shari Shaw Susie Shaw Annette Shelton Craig Shelton Billy Shick Ken Shields Allen Shiplet Jack Shugart Dan Sibley jane Siebenthaler Steve Sieggrist . ' , Ron Simms A ,, Mary Six Sharrin Sloan A V 0 ', 1 EI. I42 Joan Seay Joe Seeger 'fl f L S wi ,xi it X 4' I if TITS it A fi 5 lf ik A 'war Q M . i' .1gi I ii ML bef t ciivii i " . at r xv: 'a-1 1 Un , ' A wtf' XX li--'..---S .. Y . 1 , 1 W xp .., ' 'fl I Xl' X rv 'Q x --sv sf. '73 Kay Steen Britt Smith Cole Smith Don Smith Sue Smith Tom Smith Vickey Smith Gene Smoot Deanna Snell Sharon Snider Brenda Snow Ron Solomon Vicki Somers Kathy Songer Dale South junior Staton jim St, Aubin Ken Steele Tom Steely XA , .W J '1 ff .Q iwqlhmy., I, wait I' .45 ' ,. Q I 1 I v ik.. is K f 2 3 ,,, Deby Stegner S it 'S ' 4 , 4 if! wt, SL V . Je. Gold Jackets are taking anybody now! Polly Stevens l43 l'f::v-:zat Give it back, Brian Worley, or I'l1 hit you!" Anita Talley Karen Talley Cathy Tawater Debbie Taylor jack Teer Karen Tetrick I44 Billa Stewart Dewayne Stewart Vicki Stooksberry Roy Stokie Evelyn Stovall Martin Stricklin Becky Strom Linda Stroud Cindy Suggs Cindy Suire Tim Sullivan Donja Surnrow Steve Sumrow Chuck Swane Mike Sznarder .X , it I .ff ff .. ' X W J '31 I . vi . 'Vx ' 'fl ,. ft, llarfix 'Qs V, . ,mm . ' it J " 'W M, 'ii 7 :.-JFK' , ,i 9 as ,Q-,S H f in H ' A t X if MXXZI , Q ff 'kwa' F l In fh- .35 ,Q 4 A V , V-0 , A N X' V5 A b H V 'Q 1. gi I X T X P , z I ' ,Q I t, .yt TQ 7+ ew ff , .,.A x I rr . .R 5 - if 1 AK' N A '. K K 'E , . fr X' t T fm. " 'X 'e f,,,' WL' t 4' ' 'i 4 sp ' 'T Q ' 1 s. f p I i 4 flax N 'T x 4' W ' f,' 4' ' is in ' . i I ' K , 5' fh .,. ,- i 1. L! 1 f Zi X, fl, -V T V RL 4 71 N ' i 4 . .5 ml 'Q' . - pd '- S' f' ' V it . 'V 1 . ga I' Aa h A , ,.. 15 in lx A it 9 T f mrs . U, X s p xx r 6' ,ls l Y A ' A 451' X NSN J f E I 'X s Kathy Thorton Brenda Thrasher Lorrie Thurman Don Tillet jack Timbrell Lee Tinnin Lee Tipton Sharon Tomlinson Shirley Tomlinson Pat Totty Allen Trammell Mike Trevino Doris Trousdale Bill Trwathan Vickie Tullos wr Arvw 'VVP Mike Thames Dave Thomas Ron Thomas Frank Thompson Sue Thompson Helga Thormer ggi 1.: 'll-' fi! .. ,, ...-. ' . "' ' .-.-4 F. 'Q GHS provides life-size toys for sophomores. I45 Cindy Turner Marion Uhl Bruce VanDuser Jim Vanlandingham Valerie Varchetto Darrell Vargesko C. E. Vaughn Debra Vaughn Lydia Vazquez Donna Vert Herbie Vines Jean Walker Jerry Walker Mike Wall Roy Wallace Crystal Ward jim Warren Dixie Watford What condition is my condition in? I46 x N --f +3 fri, fu iz Q' ,Ry Q I el I V ,, :jf Rusty Watts jay Weber Martha Weinkauf Sandi Wells jim West Patricia West Gary Whalin Candy Wheat Ann Wheeler In-gk ,Q 4 ' ., .-nasal M .1 I l1Mlli "-y IQ -E, A, W t my , -Ed f It C1 ,...4 'B ,dh .Q :fu 1 --9 X l rags.: X . ,ff 1,1 . Yx onne Young Clarence Youngman Daxid Zelder Enthusiasm sophomores Linda Whitaker Sam White Paul Whittley Cindy Whitson Donna Wigington David Willett Catherine Williams Mike Williams Jody Williams Nolan Williams Paula Williams Susan Williams George Williamson Catherine Wilson Jim Wilson Karen Wilson Terry Winterbauer Kathi Wisdom Patsy Withrow Barbara Wood Ron Wood Brian Worley Kathy Wright Phyllis Wyriclc Paula Voight jerry Yarbrough Judy Yarbrough William Yearout Carol Young 'l-2 , Q ' M 3 Q Q 'M U A AQ ' C K illlll f ' -,ft Zki if xr . X t A I-I Y 1 K show is unbelievable. iw' ' I I 2 A . 4, - FAVORITES F Q Kathy Bourek Pati Franks 1 . 4-:riff Sc. nav' Becky Dungan Linmeruming CELIEBI1 Nnmineesz -sf Q X 'ff' , x N Q A 4, A In grid Eubanks Betsey Hammerle 7 Pam Moss il-:sv QW Wow MM Mi M 'N E? wwf ,ajaaffb 5 ., 67 g L.. 3 f 1957 QHUIIIBIITIIIIIIQ mvlnilee Qfulvnwm ' 4 ' T' w1..,,,., ,A T . . 39,1 ,,,,1x , ,k 53505 4 B lxyD F15 X 1 H yl l52 ,Q --4 If :R fr- , , T71 'Y is Qs 'QQ df P N Q x W wr? , N- if -125 ,, X N 7 sz - x K, x if X 'B H , 'V A N ak ',. ,. , W J, K fvikfu- , - , ,L Vwmwmmm w ,XX ff -. Thu 'QMS l53 I ' . 4, 1 Q LP' J i i! uf :nf f K f U .1-Q v H , , . ' n fsiig x 1 GJ -,M " A 'ilx if wb My u my Q XGUSbJBf N'Uf W WL 1 L1 'WU Q u , . in 4 XM W 25 WL WA .L -. . ,f 4 f ' aa- mt., 3 Q ,Az f' ' Mvvw"""!f n- A70 A V. My.- 'p.,,, ,,. Q 1 'J 'f r M . ' r 1' ff :eff "LbL ' A 4-'wk - sol' aw-3 ,.,.:s.m fv .f , ff"-,Na 'Xmas Yigy fn s f . , Ui J' YQ 4 4 I , u .X at s s .v' si " s'k N ,. ' ..a S. ' ar - lg! xB. ' lg' ,Q : Q : ss ,bu 1 Q54 Yun" ,. 4 1. .f?' ' s VI ,.l Yu" 1 , ,sl u"fi.Q s.g 1. Q 1 Jw 5 .Q 2 Z' js.. , - 2' 0. Q5 5" x 5' 4 5 V ' ' P 9 A 1 .. ,. 1 I W 2 - .f A - ? 3 '. ff 1' Qg, V" 5 'l w. ,. ,X -1- 1 .f .x Q -1 s, '. 1' x,' Tm M 1 J K f I 2 ' -'Z f+ , '- : 'Q 14' J V: Q L 1' i Q w Q f . 1 pv' B Q Q 5 " 4 I 9 .4 1 . , A ,p 1 K, 4 nu s an Q Q I L . us-+..pO Q .L x must Qfnurtenus Jonie Scott David Griffis 6.2 3 ' ,M-f xiii? """w,,,. ,A we Q, PM X . , s,1fL A 1 E. 1, , 9 4 O 'm ,ds -n- ','- s-P mmf? X ,uv ki Vx., Lf ,X NK ,.--wht' na,' if ww, A , W' ws ,-. 5 K V y I l ,aQ"37'k- N I-ci-N X Q .QNX x r X ,Q 'i ,J 'kk X ' , I TT' AJUV H.. , M. --9 ' y 1 K Q 'Nu , . , 1 fix' ' Q -,1.-wg..f.,f,'. . .,. . Q 1 'f ,vu 4, . Sl dlfgff 9 by IW' cf, VX f wi L' '.,.A 1. f m f Q A' " ' v 1 K L' 'E ESQ . NJ' must Beauiiful must Banhsnme Kathy Bourek Gerald Spencer 1' "ZS mf mwv11 K' ' -v ,pw 5-4 15,1 K x..A 'MX X-M4 I- f"' 1 . A ,1.i'?' Q l 2' . . X . uw, E, , QW A .- V . gl.: Q . 39' la: gg , fs J 13? m I M 4 1 w ' R FP I 5. . Q ,- .Q 131113 Ball X , Z?- DF l 1 Q , I I if W sa xr 5. f r me f li 21 5' ' . , 29 3" H" I nigga Hr if Wm .f I l' Wk' 1 , . ,,. A . 's ir 1 v 5 .Alla v at I "I ' ' ' '-if sf' s I I 95 Q i s , if-W .' - -' '. 5-B gl . ' -L' 4 c ,N A 1 I 4 , 4 ri 1 BS V AW '. F. ,, .. , . JM., , 4 fax A Wx QB'- xg ,L g. s Betsey Hammerle Seniur Wg,-un, 'nw'-ff? Alta Fmley 'mix Fw ZXII 051515 Fx'-v vii? Dungan fi., . .TY 2 ' ' 'ibigh i if H gf3:,gi' 5 if 1 i'."'1 4 , xg:-x "bln . ' xfw Vicki Pickett L lf Q Jluninr All QQ Tommy Lasater I 74 '17' -xg: :TT Ch y1H gh 5s...,,. Suphumure All 'WW . - -Il IHES lgupulariig Z5 5 0 . W,M-,.g 1' , 5 """-" fo " Y A In 3 ii 3 vi' 4. 4 ' -if - ur I Q nminees C7 fi R x' 4 I -L ORGANIZATIONS - H7199 , -AJ 'ni ' 73:11 - ,gg 2 1' Wm 5' sv " ,. X . . M, M .ea J' , -0:79 I """w f 'I' -M My . :fl ' M .si ' ' ,J 7 '33 'Q' . in i 2 . 1- 'Z' -' 1 -Kr 2 1 M 5, I 3. .fx .ww V -A ,,,-A , 1 1 if - f I N 3 ' , , ,.. 13.179 :Nts Ama Q41 I M- D A.,-1 'Ai f M' '2,..,""' 7 ZLL 1- :L ,x " 3 ' f .,. M1 'D w A-qw T, f lg . I n Q M., I Vw ....,. , ,, N ' X3-3? 2 ,. 3 -15 .W H A CH gy! J ...A , sq-1 Pau JN 97 V 7 M W- ,,,, Q-4 " U " ' -' ' 'Y -' 4 ' , 'v ,g V T9 . v, V WWI, A M, , 3 M223 ij, 1 ' rf l 1 A lf. 1 n 1 " K 5. sv Mlm -. -4s L-W ..,,, .M K A www-4 wa., 'L - 4 ,- ' my ' 'Q-iw ww' 47' ,ENMQ W ,' . Q u r ! W - , U 1v -in A - W K . J ik ' N .. 3 31 ui! " .fy -1 . .M 4 '27 -2: W . 1 l 2 Q -1 v 5.1 IL L:.."v, . wg R . . ,O . , 4 . I U A A. M..- ,.,.,-.,., ,.., IIT" Q 1:-r -W 'X . I A-. l I We I . I! r A 1 L, uf -- Ti: 1 , ,... , W ,,, QI.: --if YF ' 'ff'-x.:. '- ,, ..- .M A 1 1-. . up x X, .. 1: M E'-:T -M f " . -gf 2 ,' r: H ':-:- , ' 3 , " ,A " rv "W Q , V -- If ' EE. ,: ' - f ,,X J ew: . ', "Q-,1 ' 'zz f 17 ' : , 12- X ig.: . ' - '- fa' 4 , "' -'N . I "' "4 ll Psa' -...- . .M- ' 1 . , 1,1--4 pr , , .'-73. N . 'Q . - - gg ' 1-.Q 1: A N "iz: 1 M 'M vat- ' -A-3 ' ,. .L 'v 'Z' " 'T-1-5 ': -- A 1, . :LII .1 . P - '1 T... 5 A , , -.,.. in '7 A ...Z ,- '..II?'. -' -,L-3 A - - 'f..1'1j 'W' gh x wg,-, ' A P.. A f pf-mgq --M.-4 A -Nj Y- .,.., .... :Qty , 'v Tv' -.7 -V - --3 ff' A Heyy' v- v-4 .. Jw 5-ww-4 ,,,1 .-,. , , 4 . . , A, .fx 'V If A 'Q ff! - V W, Q .. . A, A .H ' ' ,,..,"g ' "':",L' , . .,. , WWC up U, if 'I.11".....,' 'WW' 22' ' 'A ' aww , ..,,' L " l r "2 , . . P A . - as - .I A ' 54" ,I 'HP " we ws-nw 'Y' 2' A VM- - -',,,,, 3 W-.11 "s 0 v Q , 'ri wnqq' ' 1 I v 4 Q ' ' . X V5 A9 ,- Rf rx l , I 1 1 in , Y vs wi lv 2 .. - X 1' 'Q ., ' s mf 1, M! f - J w. X- ' v .I - . .. 1 . ' s . 1 Q ' Q. 5 r , , I . 2,7 151 -,R - - ip' Q. Drum Major Danny Border Majorette Linda Feagin Under the direction . . . the band of Mr. Paul plays on. Bourek . . . l I' I A ed . V. A 4 ,Q . 'jg Majorettc Margaret Caldwell Majorette Judy Kingsley I82 N sf--k PQ x :su Q I Row 1: jimmy Van Zant, John Six, David Border, Annie Solace. Row 2: Judy Kingsley, Carol Hodge, Linda Feagin, Vicki jackson, Kathy Bourek, Margaret Caldwell. Row 3: Dick Hammond, Danny Border, Randy Sarver. On the field or in the stands, heading for a contest x or in their own realm, the band hall, the GHS band , 7 Q i is symbolic of the people who make up GHS. One of the largest organizations in the school, the flea' . :Pia "handles" can raise our spirits to the heights at pep ' Q s rallies or at their concerts. i , fl They reflect the beauty of our lives as students and Q. Q can sometimes carry us through a tiring day. lx Strains of their music drifting across the front park- ing lot can do a lot to inspire a classroom full of tired students. 'Y They represent us throughout the year at contests l' 1 and special concerts. . the fake Drum Major . .. please sit down! Indeed, the student body owes a lot to their band. H.. in 4 I United we stand! Those skits get funnier every week. I83 l84 Studio Ensemble ' ...-... iff W..xx - 4. ,QL . l I Bi Kathy Bourek, Vicki Bourek jim Bob Brown, Beth Carraway, Carolyn Casey, Donna Chappell, Cathy Cornwell Gary Craw Charles Davis, james Delmar, Andrea Elliott, Dwayne Farrow, Linda Feagin, Guy Fipps, Chuck Flanders, Kenny Gardner, Dick , mond, jim Hollon, Charles jackson, Vicki jackson, jill james, Dwight Lancaster, Mike Oexman, Bill Nance, Pam Patterson, Ann P De Lana Paul, Karen Plate, Evelyn Plunk, Linda Pyles, Randy Sarver, john Six, Sharon Sloan, Tommy Smith, Ann Soliz, Jan Spe Cindy Suire, Larry Tullos, Alan Weber, Terry White, james Winsett. MEMBERS: Bob Baker, Barbara Baggett, Jim Barnhart, Doug Beeson, Bennie Behrens, David Bolin, Danny Border, David Bo: A ' , ' , 1 . . I- 4' X l N I ' ' - The band practices long and hard. Feature Twirler Andrea Elliott Stage Band 0 111' A nb- , fl aj C' ii Sw, ,,,,,,,,-, .. ! Bob Baker, Barbara Baggett, jim Barnhart, Doug Beeson, Bennie Behrens, David Border, Kathy Bourek, Vicki Bourek, Jim Brown, Beth Carraway, Donna Chappell, Cathy Cornwell, Gary Crawford, Charles Davis, James Delmar, Dewaync Farrow, Guy Fipps, Frantz, Kenny Garner, Dick Hammond, jim Hollon, Charlie jackson, Vicki jackson, Dwight Lancaster, Mike Merritt, Karen t, De Lana Paul, Pam Patterson, Randy Sarver, jon Six, Terry White, jimmy Van Zant. 1 fe 4 il: V: ., i X 1 , - V 'A I n M-all I A v x Q S. ..- You don't have to be a football hero . . . Follow the dancing Border. l85 A Cappella S OPRAN OS Pat Adams Karen Carter Melodee Coleman Murrel Craig Trrcra Dowell Debbxe Dunning Robrn Eller Linda Feagin Linda Finch Betty Goodman Pam Isenburg Sally Jackson Sharon Keele Ianxce McCleskey Pete Patterson Ann Patty Gayle Sawh1l1 Cynthra Spanel Eddre jo Stegall Cynthla Turner Sherla Wall ALTOS Barbara Barnes Kathy Bourek Pam Callenius Beth Carraway Kath Carter Carolyn Casey Terr Collrns Karen Gay Lrnda Haden Lora Hammond V1ck1 Jackson Shan ohnson Melva Lewrs Betty McCormack Brenda Morton Karen O'Briant Joyce Patton Jeanne Pomroy Ian Spence Pat Spraxn Sherry Stewart Nancy Toole V1ck1 Towler Crystal Ward Chrrstx Westerherm Terry Worley TEN ORS Bennie Behrens Gerald Fast Donald Folsom Eddie Grubbs Dennis Harris Dalford jackson Jimmie johnson 'james Keele jimmy Lewis Phil Martin Randy Odom Mike Sawyer Billy Schick Reggie Schmidt Tom Steely Billy Stevenson Mike Tally C. E. Vaughan Mike Young Alan Weber BASSES Mike Bleadsoe Jack Dykes David Evans Dwayne Farrow David Grubbs Scott Lewis Bill Nance Glen Nichols Mike Oexman Greg Pashal Gary Peoples Randy Sarver Allen Shiplet Richard Stafford Dennis Thomas Glen Tony John Van Wart Earl Wallace Brian Worley Buster Yearout BARITONES David Baker Alvin Beck Danny Border Wayne Boulwore Mark Bradley Johnny Corley Wesley Cox Tommy Crumpton Charles Davis Felton Frantz Bobby Gatlin jimmy Gear Billy Hataway Johnny Harris Sammy May Mickey Roberts Rickey Rodgers Tommy Smith Billy Trevathan Steve Wilson -will The tlirector, sponsor, manager, and Kingg Mr. jim Henderson. figil REPRESENTATIVES: Sammy Mays, Billy Stevenson, Danny SECTION LEADERS: Sherry Stewart, Shelia Wall,MikeC Border, Karen O'Brien, Christi Westerheim, Debby Dunning, Mark Bmdly, Jimmy Levis, I88 HJ A Cappella , kgrxin OFFICERS: .Kath Carter, Betty Goodman, Janice Cynthia Spanhel, Sharon Keele, Wesley Cox, Felton Frantz Worley, james Keele, Tricia Dowell, Pat Sprain. Choralaires LQ ' was Q S 1 S 1 Qi jf Donna Harrison, La Verne Holloway, San- Blggcrstnff. Bottoms up! ! Ky, , sf Y Q 0 is, ' SECTION LEADERS: Cinday Baker, jane Flynn, joy Wood, Patsy Hall. , ,,,, . ,,.-,N1m..-,,n,..,,.... .T+a' Igg- I ..lf.',iQlf.,. Cynthia Galbraith, Alice Vifeaver, Karen Brummett, Scottie Perriman, Teresa jo Ann Arthur, Kathy Boyer, Kathy Turner, and jere Blnkewuy. 39 fi ' - N NM, 9 l 5 """f 1 , A . ,,.. it., H- i I89 Choralaires FIRST SOPRANO Kay Adair Judy Baker Shirley Branning Kathy Byrd Melissa Carter Elizabeth Chumley Julia Crumley Evalyn Garvin Patsy Hall Ellen Halpin Sandra Johnson Cathy Kirk Sandra Maston Emilyn Rowden Sharon Tomlinson Kathy Turner jean Walker SECOND SOPRANO Jo Ann Arthur Cindy Baker Sandra Biggerstaff Cathy Boyer Karen Brummett Ann Childress Rosemary Collinsworth Sandy Davis Cynthia Galbraith Carolyn Garrison Debra Gundy Linda Herron Rita Hume Debra james Veronica Nevel Barbara Neveling Brenda Miller Lee Stovall FIRST ALTO Debbie Barbry Jo Bradford Kathy Cooper La Verne Holloway Patty Howard Jill James Dana King Judy Kingsley Scottie Perriman Jan Pierce Cathy Poole Janis Merriman Cynthia Newton Sue Speake Alice Wfeaver Pat Wilson Joy Wfood Judy Yarbrough SECOND ALTOS Peggy Alexander Jere Blakeway Jean Branning Judy Cook Suellen Dunning Andrea Elliott Jane Flynn Martha Gillespie . .qu Mary Harris Donna Harrison Patty Hessleberg Diana Hunter Margaret Parker Coletha Russom Vicky Smith Debby Stegner Peggy THPP Teresa Williaiiis .. '09-,sfw Q-n-s Explain this, Karen Carter 4-:'E?, K-ajft in Heads up handsome. LL!! Touche ! A Cappella initiation was . .. neat? X.-nw N... Q I sw, . -43 ' V vs ' Sul' Wlzmv says we have to have teams? . ,V f kin 1 -1 f 't L if -at-f , Q FE l92 I'll get you for this Delmar! Bogs Choir - - , , , , r WI ORS: Bennie Behrens, Gerald Fast, Donald Folsom, Eddie Grubbs, Dennis Harris, Dalford jackson, Jimmie Johnson, james Keele, ny Lewis, Phil Martin, Randy Odom, Mike Sawyer, Billy Schick, Reggie Schmidt, Tom Steeley, Billy Stevenson, Mike Tally, C. E. ghan, Mike Young, Alan Weber. BASES: Mike Bleadsoe, jack Dykes, David Evans, Dwayne Farrow, David Grubbs, Scott Lewis, Nance, Glen Nichols, Mike Oexman, Greg Pashal, Gary Peoples, Randy Sarver, Allen Shipley, Richard Stafford, Dennis Thomas, Tony, john Van Watt, Earl Wallace, Buster Yearout. BARITONES: David Baker, Alvin Beck, Danny Border, Wayne Boulwore, k Bradley, Johnny Corley, Wesley Cox, Tommy Crumpton, Charles Davis, Felton Frantz, Bobby Gatlin, jimmy Gear, Billy Hataway, ny Harris, Sammy May, Mickey Roberts, Rickey Rodgers, Tommy Smith, Billy Trevathan, Steve Wilson. Madriglee rl m :l A xy Pat Adams, Danny Border, Mark Bradley, Karen Carter, Wesley Cox, Tricia Dowell, Linda Finch, Felton Frantz, Betty jo Eddie Grubbs, Dalford jackson, Vicki Jackson, james Keele, Sharon Keele, Scott Lewis, Janice McCleskey, Phil Martin, Mike Cynthia Spanhel, Pat Sprain, Sherry Stewart, Mike Talley, Glen Toney, Shelia Wall, Christi Westerheim, Terry Worley. A. O. Biologg Clu 4-S nf .If xy 'Jil'- Wg!! Lit' 'Y K' 49 Q uf 5 gs ,P Q ,. ltgys MEMBERS: Firrt Roux' jane Hall, Donna Spradley, Vickey Smith, Steve Keyes, Gene Smoot. Kathy Plate. Becky Linda Plvebcll, Janice Jones, Charlotte Lanham. Second Row: Irma Sanchez, Marcia Seaton, Christy Parker, Debbie James Paul Grecnwell, Sara Etgcn, Linda Zickgraf, Steve Wfilson, jackie Crouch. Third Rana' john Floyd, Tom Steely, Mike Lucas, Thomas Kershncr, Don Carrigan, jerry Wfalker, Susie Miller. Four-lb Razr: Stephen Harstrom, David .ec Schcu, Don Herron, XVaIly Haprer. Gary NeSmilh, Keith Dancer, Mark Bradley. Even Biology Club members have skeletons in their closets. I94 OFFICERS: First Rau' Stephen Harstrom, Tom Cristy Parker, Gene Snioot, Jane Hall. Svtond Steely, Paul Grecnwcll. romoies Learning doesnt know the difference between a porn and :1 Ulothrix?! Sponsor, Mr. Flooke. Biology Club members experiment . .. 1 ' 'ku , wt :incl experiment. The purpose of the A. O. Biology Club is to further the knowledge ofubiology and to increase the interests of students in its varied fields. Such programs as lectures by speakers from different science fields and films and presented to the members throughout the year. W. A , , ,. ., ,,,. , ......,, " "' M7 wx V , t V-V ,I'1:?i V V ' 'u A K x.... V V f: R, S .him - -, VV .,.,,V,Va,f-.V,,-i15.V. M V.. ,ri . - QV ., V .,. J . I ,V k VV V A-I. ,, . .me--. . . , A.-- 3- ffflfif ---' V V -- V V -1---'V VV ' , 4 ' H ' Y D e S ""' A C i --Q V.V V . ,,Vf4a. ,,... .,V ,. .,..j,V . 1 W K V V ffAv J .V,NV ,,,. V V Q ,.,,,- , VV .. . 5- , 1, .. ,V V . H a ' VJ! H ,V ' A-6.V..,.,, V A .K V a.,... ,, ..Vf.', , .. .1L1Q.,,, ,..,:V:7......- -,.w...mag- V 'ly Q2?,rN,,.a..,-,..,,t . A , V4 in f' ""' ". "' '.i.:...V-Vi"" , ,ffl rf, " ' ,dll V -su ,N Q V - --- -W A41VVV MVV2Va.r . . VV-, ,..VVV.g 4,9-' V. . VV V VV V 4-VV V' 1,-" , "if: ', L'.' k"' L A in 'Y""'1V-"-"""' 'V K N ' ' 4-v - r . il " "'W"'1 'Vg an .,,, .5 ,fir - , V- . .. - , 'M"'1'A"' -'I' 4 .V ,.-, - ft'-,,:-, ,,,. .,....1-ng.: W5 :Vt 53- ' ' ' - --1-' . t N r ve -, fue' ':K:fl",, . A ,,,,, J.,, - .' "M ann: V' " my ,, wt Vp- 5 V 'fig M - L ' i V, """ ' .:":"fi'i "f'15y'i 7 " - , I -" 1' , . 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VV VV, Ave, V. , VVVV V M ay, V. . ,, VV V S . A li V ,brim Vr,v istwww V , . , ,V, 1 V.:-1, 'fgflff ' ' V ' , .V 'V 'V V I tv' V' -' ' V V V . V V I fV .,,k V V V V V V V VVKKVVVVVVVVVV VV VV V: V V :V I .iff A V ' . , V 'V ',.. t Q.. 5 V ' V, ' Y f it , i V V V YV if ti . i , . ' ' ' Q , . . V A V V ' ,V V ,-LV ,, if -. . V V. 1 . ', -..' VVVV Vi . , M 'Q .:' , ' . 1' ' VV 1' , i .1 ,, -- V I K ,V .V 4'ii'iVf'1 74 'nj V Vi ' W -A ' . . V V ,. , -,K ,Vp .V V t V F: - V' A L',gfV QV K. - Vfat Vi VV VV ,f -,VVQV VV,V, 'fV, W ., f .V. V f" D' 5- V' , V wg. w. -. 'Vt ,V V, , W, Q M 5aV71-mf 1V fa,..g,Vg,2 '?214Ig+f,,t-A. gn .1 a- Ma ,ar-V V I ' .t 1. iff'-f V V. K K ' V , . A . i fi .', 2 ' , " ' j' -rn V ' K .,'t"V, in A it ,tm K ' ' -1-a'ft-F5 ' . ' ...V NV V , VV A A V V V V VV :V . , 'Z ' V X eg,-V .K VVVV MV? 3 ffga V' .VV VV VV G Q XVV r - V , V . . . ,. 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V., f .QV gg V , K Vf. .VV 1 Vg :WV .,'V ' 'V ,' QQ V V'fV 'QVV sie L ' if IQ Vx :V nf I96 SENIOR5' Richie Anderson joy Brady Doris Cawood Debbie Dunning Ingrid Eubanks Alta Finley Pattie Franks Mary Ann Hall Patsy Hall Linda Harkrider ,lean SHWYC1' Kaye Hartness Joflie Scott Scarlett Herrin Marcia Seaton Ann Keamer Janie Towsend Betty Leamons Trudy Vernon Diane McArthur Virginia Wells Pam MOSS Shflfl Peggy Mullings Scottie Perriman IUNIORS Peggy Power Judy Bailey Q N I I an-P1 Ah 1 X -lllfi, mrs f 1 I' Xml IX 1 5 'lil Q M. DH 4, --g R XJ: Q . ' s fn 5 affix L " ,211 NX - 2 jg f 1 I . , . i ' . fr - 4 we f - 4 ' 4 ' .- ..q - 1 .4 ,4 . l ' - 1 '- 'Y ' 'fl' A M-4 , - H ' PV 'iv' . iz. w..-1-:sf I 1 f ' -. ' ' - ff' I, f B- i 'Q ,., i,"f'-1 ' .rxlq xx V , V . . , 4 Vi,f,1.n I , ' -V .A , f , ,fx I I l . '----1'.- , N. -as ....... .fa .asa ., M. 14 . ... f f 5 1 - 11,0 V V 'f V ,V 4' , .M i, s ' ' .A ' ,4 . ' 'Q - 1 1' I i 1 , :V I e 4 4 H . 4V 4 f 7 E . il, ' ' .L ."-- ...J -. - .-,x.g.:...... -qi. . .. ..+ -V W A A ' ...-4... . - i - 4-.. .. ...4.4..-4. ... J in V 0 H lily- , , 1.95 ,. ,...m,.,LW .,L,'-44 ' ' ,4 S' A ,- '--lax ". ..- M 'i -, 2.3-gfbv-',..f S Q 4 .. , ... .- ..4 ....-, '-- H " - A V , A , V. .vw X ' , - gi' TV ' , 1, X N Xe--c, l - il T -X- . ,X V A . X V X. ix ,X I 'V . x V e xx , .R , - .Ss-L A . , ' V .4 8 VV , - , , ,V x fx V , ,K T V I nf 1 4 . , . V V , . V . RV Q., ' fx , if V , A r- A 4 4 4 4 X I 4 A .X si fi. 4-A V 4 V V . V G, 4 XV - V Y, V-V ,V 4. l s 'n ' N' W ' 1 4- x - - r x - R , . '.' ' . -' :J ' 3. 1 ' X t ' Q ' N eV V4 uw? ' - A ' Y Y A X - A ., ' , , ' if J ' ---""4l.4 ., N ' ' ' . N -' , ' 1-.A "' '.,, - V , , . v. X V - X , ' . ...V , , 4 ' 4 l' , 4 -i X. A V V 'V V V., Q, V ,Z . ,, QQSLV ' " .. in V' . ', --- ...L ' '- '.'Nf'u R. . -tes' 4 - 4- -4 cy. c a . .. -- -we , Q ,f , - .. - - X ' - 4 , 4 .4 x "x .11 - . -A Q , , ' ' ' -1 , S, .4 ,' ' - if Q X 4 ,c 4 - 4 , 4 ,n, ,W ...: - -. -1. 5 ' " 'X ' - ' . -"" ' ' N - " x ' ' 1. 4 . . Q ' 2 i " "' "- m N V R ' I - . I i V '- -,-mV V 4 Q , 54 ' 4. '.., - 1 N 0 . X 4. . ' -- .- JV . X 7... X . .. -- '. A' 1 N , 5 V.. In V - h .Q -V. -V, VA.,.A 4 A Q V. A , 4 K j ,x V.4-Vx ,- .- - - 5 A V44 I ,Jai V KNV1 ,.lVf N 'ax ' x X ' . '4 1 5 C 4 ' -' ' f ' 'X - -CHN" lr-' f 'S 1.55 A-f' 4 M . VV, ,g , 4, L . ,j41g:lV-,V-J: V-1 - 4. A ., V, V 4, N. - 4. 4 - Q .. . 4 . , . , . ' ., K.. - - V . - , R-'f ... ,.1 X r,'.,:'-v. N ' ,, ' x ... S , 1 ' .Qt -X. . - ' N - L. 4. .w T , 11 .. A' if .-H . 1 46' ' 'if' 'fir ' We 'M ., ID' 'x."', i " '. D . . I , . . ,, ,.. ,. - A -. ,. v.. . .. A .01 - -- -, A S . ,- . :..r.-, ..,,-., 44 ...V A - 4','.,v.. s .- ,- --A1 .,.'4 ' ' ' , U --, A . - -. --,.. vi mv. 4 'V 4. .Nj-4, k ,s KW. Ar w -.pier Q - 4, v --.y I f N X ,g.f2s,-1, 'r .4 tx .- as i W VV V . . V V 5, ,V , VV V.V AV . i ,V .V VA V4 V . ., A 'V V as .. s 5 X -V x , x n 4 4 f as ri: a -- 'x S 4 S-+ .' W' - . " ' ' . 1 - A ' -A . "w, . . . '- - N ..' - f 4 lj 5' -Q". -.1 .K A 'fr ' . ' , " -, " -S. 5- -q.,4 ' .' ' -an ' , 'N 4X5 N a sw x A - 1 , . 4 -,Ag-, :..4-hw - e . ' mi. 4 ' ,SAN ,N 1 V V X . V. . K V I A K - s - xx 1 . ,s 1, 'xv -' -A . VA ,-, I ' ' as A - ' . ' i ' 'a ,l ' 4. ' .I '.l 'l's Y i' 4 4 J A . . 4 4 4 4 4 A . I f V 4 4 4 4 4 ' J 4 A Bethina Batemmn erc Bl1kw1y Ann Boyd P1mcla Cmllenius Kathy Carter I'redda Core Veta Day Doris Denny Terri Drown 'N N Cecila Duncan Cheryl Garrison Glenda Jackson Sally Jackson Melx a Lewis Sharon Lord Nita Lynn Melody Mannering Merry Metcalf Patricia Morgan Billie Norris Ionell Patman Patricifi Patterson anie Reed Sandy Shape Rhoda Struck Peggy TQPP une Townsend Karen Turner Ss twill. VV. 155 7- 5 ii R4 Q'fN.l5. 1' I97 , XYQZ SN' '52, V ' X S K T st Q . A .5 . .X Deb sponsor, Mrs. Thomas Alta leads the debs on to greater heights. I98 DEB COUNCIL: Row 1: Shari Williams, Pat Haltom, Richie Ander son, Patti Franks, Alta Finley, Scarlett Herrin. Row 2.' Judy Bailey Kath Carter, Sandy Shape, Cecelia Duncan, june Townsend. snairuba mmt0WL5 DASHING EB5' emma TE f gf A D 5 l . R Y' , xns . 'b'e 4 MANAGERS: Jan Kerner and Janice Matthews. The Dashing Debs is a select group of junior and senior girls whose main objective is to promote school spirit and to perform at football and basketball games. Throughout the year, the Debs sell banners before every football game. This year's activities included a breakfast for the football team, a semi-formal dance, a luncheon, and a tea. Majorcttc: Pam Moss Head Majorettc: Alta Finley F Mnjorette: Ingrid Eubanks Majorcttc: Dianne McAurthur F Cf Super Deb! 5 Q - . .4 , -AH ,VI 5:24. ' and smile MEMBERSQ Shelia Wall, james Winsett, Pat Crouch, and Margaret Caldwell. National Forensic League is an honor league which promotes school spirit through their participation in competitive work at speech tourna- ments in the Dallas and other area high schools. The requirements for membership in NFL are 25 competitive tournament points and a passing average in all subjects. Some of the ways in which the prospective member can achieve their points are Debate, Dramatic Interpretation, Duet, Prose, Poetry, and extemporaneous speaking. OFFICERSQ Shelia Wall, james Winsett, and Margaret Caldwell. MEMBER, Rusty Duke. National Forensic ,1 T' X-In Y' fg... I XFBU' League EE? 5 -,,.-, Miss Burkham sponsors NFL. A ax Envy '. Q .- ,, - -D V gig in K C" U 1.927 . ., F3 Q - -'H' " Tfifji-',.?' " L, i 3, - 'Ala 4' 5y."' t 'K Jaw- .X m.'5t,1-'s A+. L 0 , 'x K 4 lass.,- -'5L-e mi Wliicli way did they go, which way did they go? Miss Carpenter ' ' 'Q Directs spirit. BEAT MESO TE -eq. 1.4 ' t' 1 LJ I XJ C il? tif-yi 1 I - 5 " 1 V. .. , L 5' 4l"'F LJ .J Wliere oh where has my little dog gone? 202 Cheerleaders Prom: J Ze ' l tl, if .r tt, el ff l Melodee Colemen, Cindy Ruyle, Becky Dungan Cheerleaders and Betsy Hnmmerle. -.K Hi Vu: , I I """"-'--Q-...N MI" i:L'.-'S-g..L,t,, uHl 'mth I VI XX , 2 ,.,.r-"'- Evcn cheerleaders rest. 5 I 1,7 i 1 A 4 -9- .gf N' ,I Cooper, Louise Fong, Lxndeen Lander, and Williams F P i1qlQ Get with itg The showers nrcn't that cold! Ollie Owl Sha Ll. lg I BERT w L Llll lllll Ex' .mar --- qsg- . ua. V", Hut 2! 203 From Row: Cathy Norris, Cindy Holloway, Alice Overall. Buck Row: jennifer Arey, Cindy Whitson, Kathy Wright. B-Team backs up A-Team at pep rallies. fa. 422' s ' vu I H . 'C ,, s 1 ,fl f Sing along with the cheerleaders! . . 'l ' jf' Cindy Whitson vi N 1. ,y . 'Q-df, 'nZv,.l N W , , ,pf-a.,,, ri s ,, , , 5. 'HV fr we - ,Wi Kathy Wright X M Norris X62 .,. Alice Overall A Cindy Holloway Jennifer Arey 1-Q: '55 X.-f X V -Iv L ,U R, Kay Cobe , John itzi Vaughn, Mike Pike, Kenneth Cline, Pam Hall, Maydene Harwell, Don Pierce, Cathy DECA Encourages Careers Sponsor Mr. Russell 206 OFFICERS: Martha Prock, Cline. Mike Pike, Mitzi Vaughn, DECA is designed to develop leadership, respon- sibility, and a healthy students attend school period for Distributive to work in the afternoon respect for education. DE in the morning, take one Education, and then report 1 A - Q Q 1.' joe Buchanan, Joyce Howell, Valur Hamilton, Rocky Williams, Royce Mitchel, David Ramey, Roy Ramsey, Cheryl Dockary y Chmigol. Row 2: Debbie Wells, Deloris Martin, Wayne Boular, Gloria Williams, Charles Hennigin, jack Wyatt, Loudona Elder: ara Self, Janie Weaver. Row 3: Ralph Spears, jimmy Bikett, Roger Bracket, Richard Like, Danny Lewis, Bobby Germany, John ington, Larry Bagby, Billy Tremley. DECA OFFICERS: Ralph Spears, Valur Hamilton, Cheryl Dockary, Wayne Boulware. The Distributive Education Club of America has as its 1116111- bers studcnts who are interested in a vocation. Sponsor Mr. Harold Purdy. 207 K ,N an t., .. Q X - ww M. - , .xtreme Mr.. Fu+u rruers I Q3 . YQ' 1, EFF 'qu '-.- N. 'GWR -f'9 K vs 'mint 45" no -'Fr 'W' 208 Dale Wallace, Ricky Peacock, Steve Gracy, Merle Tanner, David Kattes, James Cannon. jolmny Combs, Rancy Riley, Wfilson Bailey, Rob Killingsworth, Bill Varner. Barry Pickett, Larry Wfilliams, Dean Turner, Fred Kinat, Scotty Sams, erica ,. W. Q, :- , Q 3 rr gr, . ,, 23 Y li, ki 3:4 gf gi ,gag i "' 'W . g, .fy.Ag, , fx . L f'fsf.?gf ' . s y, ' f.,i' 141,-'SWQI--IL. F37 ...TIN MF., . Vg. . 'ff li affli' 5' . Lf N , ' A 4254" ii1J.'-ffwiw .,,, 184 ta K' gc' h -.- 'rv ,gp-3. Off f 'Y fbi!! 4. 'lv +1 'Nu 15- .nl ,. B '-0 '39 sa-A T I Rau' 1: Mr. Ray Carson, Ralph Kirkham, Lanny Duyck, Mike Davis, Ricky Shadix, Bobby Dickson. Razz' 2: Calvin Morris, James Bunch, Wfaync Henning, Ronald Crane, Ty Rancy. Ra1z'3.' Larry Rancy, Dana Cannon, Nike Blanton, james Xlifest, Nolan Wfilliams. FFA Sweetheart Cindy Holloway and her escorts. OFFICERS: Slazlding: johnny Combs, Dean Turner, Wilsoxi Bailey, Nolan Willianis, Fred Kinat, Bill Varner. Sealed: Ricky Pea- cock, Charles Thompson, Larry Williams. The Future Farmers America represent G.H.S. all major stock shows in Tex and at the national show Tennessee. The boys learn judge livestock and also t proper methods for weldi metals. FFA tries to promo leadership. v I :Bl A Q The "Ag" boys proudly display one of their many awards. High School Red Cross R 3 ze id S f ie 1 -. A we OFFICERS: Brenda Airhart, Debbie Burkett, Becky Williams. Raw 1: Barbara Barnes, Becky Williams, Ellen Billard, Brenda Airhart, Dianne Row 2: Becki Call, Sharon Aycock, Charlotte Dunlap, Debbie Burkett. In keeping with the Red Cross ideal of service to humanity the High School Red Cross Program assumes an important and meaningful role. Recognizing that youth need to give service and want to become involved, emphasis is placed on humanitarian ideals and concepts of service. Students are given an opportunity to discuss the individual, his needs, the world he lives in and his responsibilities to his fellow man. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in ac- tivities which support these idcals and concepts. Mrs. Shaid sponsors High School Red Cross. 2ll VIC Prepares Students for s we F Future Careers 1 IX 1 MEMBERS: Row 1: Eddy Essary, jimmy Vance, Wayne Day, Curtis Glover, Troy Ford, Norman Coker, Mike Russell, Gene Winsett, Elizabeth Bagby. Row 2: Linda McConnell, David Bunzell, Gerald Spenser, Mike Frey, Kenneth Spears, Larry Martin, Melvin Barfield, Linda Lipps, Fran England. Row 3: Billie Stone, Gary Sawyer, Pat Wilson, Jimmy Gear, Randy Riley, David Bangs, Gail Seeber, Lynn Crim, Donna Dial. f- M10 -s Wwyf we Q we-s+'1f'P -xr s Mr. Tooke is VIC sponsor fee-Q ew' as P .5 Rl-me Mk 'ities his fr 2I2 Q fs-gas ds --iw-QQ? is agar wie-8 'Wi' OFFICERS: Billie Stone, Pat Wilstmii and Gary Sawyer. r National Thespians Honor Drama Students l .1 Sponsor: Miss Burkham MEMBERS: Row 1.' Margaret Coldwell, Kathy Germany, Trish Peters, Alice Weaver, Darrell Tucker, Karen Carter, David Evans, Jan Spence, Mike Young, Christy Westerheim, Linda Shiclc. Second Row: Shelia Wall, Earl Wallace, Chuck Flanders, Richard Stafford, Reggie Schmidt, Johnny Harris, Terry Worley, Guy Fipps, Marilyn Motley. 'T' The-spian Society is an honor part of the Drama department. To become a Thespian, the member earns 10 points through his work onstage and off- stage during all play productions. This club spon- sors and produces all dramatic productions at G.H.S. Shick, Trish Peters, David Evans, Karen Carter, Terry Worley, Staford. Chapter I 1 2 5 i X F: li' ' L A K L . T , 4' , Q1 . Mrs. Caldwell sponsors the group. OFFICERS, Row 1: Melva Lewis, Karen Ingram, Shirley Tomlinson, Judy Yarbrough, Martha Prock. Row 2: Linda Whitaker, Elizabeth Chumley, Becky Robinson, Vicki Call, Carla Harper. Jr .A-mv' 17 9 gli' 2:11 .K 1 E MEMBERS: Row 1: Susie Hudson, Barbara Edwards, Alondra Dee Cooper, Shirley Tomlinson, Judy Yarbrough, Cora Smith, Sharon Robinson, Cynthia Newton, Brenda Terry, Carolyn Edwards. Row 2: Brenda Terry, Melva Lewis, Dana King, Sharon Flanagan, Becky Robinson, Carla Harper, Lynn Hampton, Mary Griffith, Karen Ingram. Row 3: Pat Crouch, Linda Whitaker, Beckie Call, Peggy Carroll, Margaret Parker, Elizabeth Chumley, Vickie Call, Peggy Alexander. 2I4 FHA Teaches lmporfance of Cooking and Sewing ns... """""72"' F Chapter II MEMBERS: Row 1: Ann Wheeler, Cindy Suggs, Billa Stewart, Judy Morgan, Sharon Crofford, Sandy Merryman, Sandra Davis, Mary Sandra Gammon Ruthie Murra Second Row' L nn Cunnin ham, Sara Etgen, Betty Spath, Susan Smith, Pam Moss, Paulette Row, , Y- - Y 8 Pockrus, Cynthia Kent, Deanna Pollard, joy Wood. !""N N o 'fa 3 Sponsor, Mrs. Laminack OFFICERS: Mary Puckett, Cindy Suggs, Ann Wheeler, Deanna Pollard, Sara Etgen. 2l6 l 1 X The Phgsics Club The purpose of the Physics Club is to stimulate interest and promote scholastic development in the study of physics. The activities include taking field trips and performing experiments. X Sponsor Mr. Bryant 6 x9 N. 85955 K C3 xv Q yr-. l 1 i lil Row 1: Peggy Mullins, Scarlett Herrin, jim Barnhart, Shelia Wall, Wesley Cox, Steve Womack, Ricky Cook, Thomas Kershner, Steve Flatt, Julia Taff, Paul Greenwell, Karen Brummett. Row 2: Richard Smoott, Joe Anderton, Charles Crews, Robert Hickman, Chip Wood, jim Bob Brown, Andrew Hoyle, Dalforcl Jackson, johnny Kasberg, Mark Bradley. 2l7 Future Nurses Prepare for a Career of Service The purpose of the Future Nurses Club shrill he to interest students in per- sonal and Community heulthg to CII- courrrge them in finding out what nurs- ing requires, and what it otfersg to help them decide wisely about professional or vocational nursing ns their career. Mrs. Isett guides the Future Nurses- through her example. 2I8 Q. OFFICERS: Dorothy Whitaker, Linda Paxton, Presidentg and Judy Martrn Does it hurt and have Il temperature? ,WS G 9. 1' X I Row: Marcia Seaton, Carol Grimes, Irma Sanchez, Diane Nations, Deanna Pollard, Judy Kingsley, Beth Kennedy, Dorothy Wlmitaker, Shick, Second Roux- Sandra Humphries, Linda Paxton, Brenda Thaxton, Carolyn Casey, Judy Cook, Marsha Tussy, Judy Martin, Oliver. 5 . W , -- -My fa wig, 1 'N-' 'Q -,r,, 5 Cf N . N. l l El Mrs, Ressie Isett, and Mrs. Ruth Ann Hicks sponsor the Future Nurses. Future Nurses devote their time to working in the clinic. 2l9 1 Gold Jackets ' 'kirbx'-nu. H5 -Ch - -: . ..u.-.....m--e- Y Q - -sa.. . ... Q K ,,,,w v y kv Nh - O Mr 5, V u fy Y ' Q 5 7 "" ' ' -- - i --+--w-. V - A-- ,,-- ' - ,- , ,,,, ., .V 9+ f -vs-5-. 1 ' A- - - . . . . ,jaw , - . . out D A - - - A -- 'ap M MM... .... .. .Mf.:.-.. . .. . . N... .. ,.., ,... W,.... s Q . ff-' K 'B A ' ....... . ,, fi 'S ia J -- ' ' -. .4 f if i A 4 SMI 3'7" "1""-'-"" A --- ' ' ' "-fe' 1 1' ' . M. . .- .. , ., r. ,. .1 .. 7 3 "'?.,,,,,,fK-l 5- - - H f J... - , ..f -. .. 7 , .- -J A .. . . ' r he ,M V L.. .- K Q ssaa , mm... A . ....-.., ..-...:- Ari. -N..-KLM,-gui" .MN3'.r.., in-Lg' an Daw- '.,,:f-jf-B'-LQQL'grim All ,A my Mg 'K ' ' C X 5 ' ' M? ' - - 1-.,,f.flQ-inf' ...ra , , r, . . , i ' N fr . r K, i I k ,Wu-.- ,. - ..- ..,v. ..,. . , Q M. , K , . ,.. . 1 J i. ,,., .. ., i - . ...A , -. .12 , c. .. --'-- ' 3 ., -. .45 , .Wie pf 1 J- ef- U - ?P"Hlnarr-was-.. --- . ., - SENIOR Carol Grimes J UNI ORS Sharon Aycock Alondra Dee Cooper Mary Ellison Kathy Hacker Linda Haden Linda Herron Margaret Kindle Frances Locklear Kathy Pierce Kathy Turner Glenna Wilson 220 SOPHOMORES Brenda Alcorn Nancy Alexander Gail Anderson Janie Anderson Jini Austin Sharon Baggett Cindy Beaty Gail Bond Susan Burnette Patty Casteel Oweta Cawood Shelia Chandler Susie Connell Kathy Cooper Janet Couthron Sharon Crofford Vickie Cutler Debbie Davis Judy Davis Carla Day Regina DeBerry Suellen Dunning Gay Ferguson Beverly Foulkes Rene Frajier Cinda Freeland Linda Freeland Mary Griffith Coleen Halbert Donna Harges Kathey Harkins Debbie Heady Sharon Henry Cheryl Hightower Nancy Howe Vicki Hughes Karen Ingram Brenda Johnson Shari Johnson Nancy Johnston Kris Kaylor F"im-REQ NU VH. at .W M i ...x. ,K N, . - I.. Dana King Penny Lamb Kaye Leathers Sandra LeF1ore Cindy Lewis Carol Livingston Terri Lloyd Janice Lockhart Cynthia Marable Melodie Miller Mary Morgan Ruthie Murray Pattie McClure Cindy McKanna. Belinda Barker Vicki Pittman Georgia Pollard Rita Pollard Cindy Reeves Carolyn Richard Vicky Richards Cindy Richarz Lois Rockett Lockki Rosenbaum Kathy Royman Ginger Salter Irma Sanchez Jimmie Sarver Gail Schreiber Kay Scott Sandy Scott Shelton Annette Jane Siebenthaler Susan Smith Vicki Smith Sharon Snider Kathy Songer Vicki Stooksberry Marti Strickland Becky Strom Donja Sumrow ,, .c ,vo Debbie Taylor Brenda Thrasher Vicki Tullos Cindy Turner Donna Vert Paula Voigt Valerie Varchetto Candy Wlieat Ann Wheeler Nove Willimns Paula Wfilliams Kathy Wisdom Judy Yarborough Yvonne Young l If ,-,,...-v-- Miss Kinnard leads Gold Jackets. 222 ...,,.ia, i"'L..-L,i, lvl, Head Captain Mary Ellison CAPTAINS: Linda Herron, Linda Haden Irar Locklcar, Glenna Wilson and Mary Elliion Captain. S GOLD JACKET COUNCIL: Row 1: Linda Kennemer, Charlene Powers, Sher- ry Gallashaw, Sharon Aycock, Frances Locklear, Mary Ellison, Lincla I-laden, Annette Shelton, Candy Wheat. Row 2: 1 Dee Cooper, Kathy Pierce, Janie An- derson, Gail Schrieber, Glenna Wilson, MANAGERS: Linda Kenemer, Sherry Galle- shaw and Charlene Powers. Gold Jackets boost spirit at Pep Rallies. Linda Herron, Oweta Cawood, Carol Grimes, Debbie Harper. Gold jackets is an organization set up for any sophomore, junior, or senior girl at GHS. Gold jackets act as a drill team for the B-Team and a cheering section for the A-Team. They start practicing on routines, marching, and hand routines in the spring before the fall football season. They also practice every day through the month of August, and after school each day dur- ing the year. 223 Miss Anderson guxdes the secretanes to be 1 New equipment future. epare for Business Careers MEMBERS, Row 1: Teri Collins, Vicki Giles, Linda Chandler, Bobbie Jo Bailey, Sarah Rainey, Wanda Oats, Jeannie Pomroy, Pat Adams, Paula Johnson, Kathy Duckworth, Charlotte Irby, Linda Harkrider. Row 2: Nelda Salisbury, Jane Flynn, Barbara Baggett, Bobbie St. Aubin, Sue White, Lynn Range, Judy Grishom, Jo Ann Lolly, Pam Patterson, Janice Burns, Kay Harkness. Row 3: Bobbi Burks, Pati Franks, Betty Lemons, Vicki Guidry, Terry Hallerman, Susan Story, Cindy Ryule, Kathy Myers, Patricia Haltom, Doris Caywood, Shelly Sullivan. Row 4: Linda Crabtree, Sherry Stewart, Linda Kenemer, Alta Finnley, Kitty Wells, Rita Peevehouse, Trudy Vernon, Jonie Scott, Jan Kerner, Carloyn Snell, Linda Wade, Deanna Trammel. ,t as , X ' 3 Wadi-is ig: Vrjwig How come these two were first in line? 225 Future Teachers Promote Educational Careers Mrs. Sanford discusses trip to Austin with Future Teachers. Ei' ' -1, -fm V 5'ff"'i7u23f-4. f 'L ., t Alright children, now we will practice our ABCS. 226 Sponsor Mrs. Sherry Sanford The Future Teachers of America is de- signed to introduce the teaching profession and a field of many interests to young stu- dents. The club attends a district and state convention each year. They meet once a month and are under the leadership of Mrs. Sherry Sanford and her assistant Coach Byron Willis. x IL., 5 l , 7 D K"A ' O A i me PNW15 i1nL.i........,... - .....,....,....a ,., ,, .. ., , tICERS: L I0 R: Marilyn Wyrick, jean Sawyer, Cynthia Galbraith, Betty Goodman, tie Perriman, Pat Sprain, Karen Carter. s . ' a R KS, Rau' I: Billie Norris, jancie McKlesky, Betty Goodman, Ellen Halpin, Vicki jackson, Sherry Peterman, Sandra Muriel Craig, Beverly Cook, Marlyn Schmidt, Teresa Williams. Rauf 2: jean Sawyer, Jane Flynn, June Townsend, Lewis, Vicki Towler, Janice Matthews, Nita Lynn, joy Brady, Becky Williams. Row 3: Pat Sprain, Vickie Pickett, Martin, Pat Franklin, Lynn Phelps, jo Anne Arthur, Tanya Gerhlic, Mary Medcaff, Cynthia Gailbraith. Row 4: Linda I.inda,Picrcy, Patricia Dow, Karen Carter, Richard Stafford, Karen Turner, Marilyn Wytrick, Scottie Perriman, Charlene Ari Club MEMBERS: Raw 1: Becky Williams, Mary Six, Dianne Ferris, Lucille Varchetto, Glenda Jackson, Brenda Mosely, Regena Becker Pierce, Eva Rhine, Jody Drum, Jennie Austin, Marte Stricklin, Cindy Linderburg. Row 2: Jerry Walker, Jo Ann Robinson Moore, Jeanie Johnson, Sally Jackson, Vicki Pickett, Gregory Snyder, Mike Lucas, Donald Boyd, Alice Weaver, Cynthia Gray Wfheat, Candy Cooper. OFFICERS: Rau' 1: Kathy Pierce, Jody Drum, Brenda Mosley. Row 2: Jerry Walker, Vicki Pickett, and Carmen Moore. 228 Sponsor, Miss Gray German Club S.. Rau' 1: Kathleen Thornton, Toni Richards, Evalyn Garvin, Lee Stovall, Elizabeth Luedtke, Mickey Weinkouf, Barbara Wood, jones, Helga Thormor, Rau' 2: Karen Plate, Sara Etgen, Nancy Johnston, Vicki Bourek, Linda Finch, Phyllis Wyrick, Susie Debra Gundy, Debra Harris, Beverly Cook. Row 3: Pam Rannals, David Zedler, Ronnie Steelman, Ronald Thomas, Andy Lavcn, Sprecher, Tommy Rimes, Ronnie Lambert, Particia Dowell. Row 4: Bill Nance, Art Fergusen, Gary Crawford, Don Herron, Phil David Mandot, Bobby Connell, Mike Bartlett, Ricky Cook. 'F K l E OFFICERS: Toni Richards, Beverly Cook, Gary Crawford, Phil Parker. Mrs. Wfilliams sponsors the German Club. 229 Keg Club Promotes Leadership ' p.-.ff-q.n........fv... -W MEMBERSg Row 1: Ben Poole, jim Wigington, Junior Cook, Lanny Duyck, Doug Medlin, Greg Sosbee, Greg Jacobs, Kenny Harold Rudolph, David Jonas. Row 2: Mark Dungan, Brad Herrin, Ronny Halpin, Darrell Tucker, jim Beaver, David Fain, Billy Starnes, Robert Sewell. Row 3: Paul Pearce, Corky Hall, Terry Hancock, William Ingram, Mike Bartlett, Rick Kostue, Tullos, Tom Orr. Raw 4: Gary Doyle, Danny Robinson, Ronnie Collins, Barry Pickett, Charles Crews, Gary Herring ii ...l..,,,,.:k,?,,, .. ..,.. L., . .L . 'X I s is 4 1 C A Q ' N. s V, 5 .,.. ,irq Z ,W A X - Sponsors Mr. Bailey and Mr. 230 ,uf Merrill guide Key Club members. "To serve" is the motto of the Key C The Key Club is composed of sophorr junior, and senior boys. The purposes aims of the club are to develop initi and leadership to prepare for useful citi ship in the community. iw -f CLUB OFFICERS: Danny Robison, Mike Bartlett, Gary Herring, Ronnie Collins, Ifmgram. ' yrs 5 n . Vishu Mali- Hhbbl. 'R ' x'5'N'5 'G l'V"'LsVA major Key Club project was giving Mr. vat,-Tk . Luca- Qoanew look. 65-euxg . 5KL1'f'M!5 f jp i I 7 Ka Q 9saLAN,, ll GARLAND vii f 'x 5 lA OWLS X QWLS T 1 ' PRLAND I 0 l W . l 1 GARL f - 1 'Wo '-rf.. V owL FOR SALE: Life size Key Club soaky toys. 5' A . Ahh, come on and buy one, we ordered a hundred too many. 23I JCL Studies Roman Civilization Strom Barbara Hines Margaret Coldwell Karen Anderson Dianna McCullough Lorrie Thurman Linda Shick Row 2 Louis Butch Burleson, Danny McLaughlin Kathy Myers, Randy Clark, Jimmie johnson, Tom Steely, Robert Sewell, Irwin Miller MEMBERS: Row 1: Marilyn Schmidt, Dixie Watford, Donna Spradley, Diane Nation, Frances Estes, Kathy Plate, Donna Hargis, D D ! 1 1 I 3 ' K 7 I I ' 'l ' e Rudolph, Vicki Zercher, Steve Greehwell. Row 3: Pam Moss, Rusty Watts, Rex Ford, Don Carrigan, Greg Paschal, John Hayesz Mic Bledsoe Ga Daven ort Kenneth Shields Shelia Wall Alice Weaver. Row 4' Tom Orr Mark Butler William Ingram, Richard Sn , fY P , , , - , , Steve Ogletree, Danny Sibley, Don Houston, Gerald Nation, Dave Baker, Wally Harper, Guy Fipps, John Fain. OFFICERSg Danny McLaughlin, Kathy Hacker, and Randy Clark. 232 I' " 44 I .. A .8 I 1' V ' f ' D New Latin Club members aren't initiated . . . they're candied! The junior Classical League has a three-fold purpose. The first is to understand, appreciate, and study the Roman civilization. Through GCL we learn about the influence of Roman culture on our lives. We also represent GHS in the state JCL convention in Austin. Lastly, as in the case of any other club we get together to enjoy the company of others. If Miss Hegna tries hard, she may catch up with the Latin Club. Yes sir, I could recite all night. Mary had a little lamb Q 4, J' Q .ff ,Sri gi: X-lx. '51, ff' z 1 f" 5 Vi ' il ' f ' l . 1 uf, l tk , fl y 1 Ii' 73 .!' T 3 fe C- .fflgx ' 233 K Y T Ki pk, V MW. We .L M p f is rms.. ad., . . . , . ' 5 Lu ff-1 ,144 ,,.. 1,.Z.,.e W.. A' ..sat,gvg Law Forum's powder puff football game provides them with a good deal of profit . . . Law Forum Qtimulai The purpose of the Law Forum is to deve student interest in law. The Powder Puff ga is sponsored annually by the Law Forum money making purposes. A field trip to a law school or a court usually planned sometime during the year. -1-.., Miss Barr, Law Forum Sponsor 234 I V C e i 'U 'X and others with a good deal of work! ieresi in Todag's Laws 51,11 'WNW MEMBERS: Row 1: Brenda Airhart, Teresa Wilfred, Sue Sheppard, Pam Muller, David Henry, Skip Muller, Tommy Harrod, Susan McCoy, Vicki jackson, Gail Spradlin. Row 2: Doug Mitchell, Ronnie Nix, Rusty Duke, Reginald Sheu, jim Bob Brown, Gary Yarbrough, Scott Park, James Wells, jimmy Hienen, Grey Whalin. Q.-o 'VI OFFICERS: Doug Mitchell, Brenda Airhart, Sue Sheppard, Scott Park. 235 Les Hiboux Francais Investigate French Culture OFFICERS: Patty McClure, Cindy Reeves, June Townsend, Janell Patman, and Sharon Henry. 236 fe i .,... 1 I -'EVM-H sz: do l fy ri. I ,S H - A Mrs. Barto sponsors French Club. The French Club strives to introduce students to French ideas, ways of living, and French customs other than what is taught in the classroom. By visiting authentic French movies, and discussing other French customs, the students become acquainted with French ideas and culture. French Club at- tempts to instill the enthusiasm needed to learn the language properly and become a part of French speak- ing people. Row 1: Sharon Henry, Beth Colum, Cindy Reeves, Dottie Calk, Caroon Range, Regena Decker, Karen Anderson, Terri Lloyd, Sumrow, Cynthia Marable. Row 2: Sheri Hockett, Debbie Eagle, Sharon Barnett, Patti Mc Clure, Judy Dickson, june Townsend, Patman, Beth Kennedy. Row 3: Bobbie Odem, Patty Williamson, Paul Payne, Greg Snyder, Steve Sumrow, Donna Vert, john Floyd. No, I don't have change for a 20. Who opened that door?l 237 Masque 8: Wig Plagers .1 .mai Sponsor, Miss Burkham .Q I'm sorry! How was I to know your Mother really wore combat boots. . xii , My intentions, well er, you see The Masque 8: Wfig Players are the behind the scene workers. These are the people who devote their time to set construction This club is the Ofigmai drama club, and the first step to Thespians or N.F.L. n 2 K if f C . vi 5 ji?" A l-Qi' , 'T 9' "',l BERSQ Row 1.' Helga Thorson, Karen Plate, Donna Lforris, Margaret Coldwell, Pam Muller, Mike Young, Christy Westerheim, ces Estes, Linda Shick. Second Row: Barbara Hines, Pat Crouch, jo Bradford, Debbie Colbert, Janis Stone, Kathy Germany, Marilyn ley, Rhonda Casteel, Gail Spradlin. Third Row: Don Hines, Trish Peters, Alice Weaver, Chuck Flanders, johnny Combs, David Evans, -n Carter, jan Spence, Darrell Tucker. Fouflh Row: Sheila Wall, Earl Wallace, Richard Stafford, Reggie Schmidt, johnny Harris, Terry ley, Guy Fipps, George Hamilton. l Masque and Wig Players work long hours. OFFICERS: Linda Shick, Trish Peters, David Evans, Karen Carter, Terry Worley, and Richard Stafford. 239 OFFICERS: Stephen Hanstrom Karen Brummett F David Hanson vw 1' Mu Alpha Theta Qiimulates Interest in Math l MEMBERS: Row 1: Karen Brummett, Elaine Nash, julia Taft, Paul Greenwell, Jim Barnhart, Fred Chanslor, Melly Haley, Nancy B Frances Estes, Peggy Mullings. Row 2: David Hanson, Rickie Cook, Richard Smoot, Dalford jackson, Bobby Connell, Chip Wood, Ste Hanstrom, Don Carrigan. 240 1 K u "'!"-5 Mrs. Altom sponsors Math Club. pf' it The G.H.S. chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, which is part of a National Organization, is sponsored by Mrs. Alta Lee Altom. The purpose of the club is to promote an interest in mathematics, its interest, and their ap- plication to the sciences. I know Mrs. Altom, let me tell. Listen Smoot, I don't care if you did do your analysis, that's no excuse for neglecting your work in here. 24I Betas Promote Service ,xx Activities f? 1 E 1 X l MEMBERS, Row 1: Sheri Williams, Peggy Power, Richie Anderson, Darla Williams, Lindeen Lander, Ruby Pippin, Becky Smith, Hammerle, Scarlett Herrin, Melodee Coleman, Peggy Mullings. Row 2: Louise Fong, junior Cook, Harold Rudolph, Becky Reed, Billy Starns, Ernie Knowles, Danny Mc Laughlin. Row 3: Pam Moss, Alta Finley, Diane McArthur, Tom Orr, Randy Lander, Ingrid Eubanks, Robert Sewell. Row 4: Wayland Herrin, joe Anderton, Charles Crews, Barry Pickett, Andrew Hoyle, David Tommy Lassater, Randy Clark. lQf"N y U T"'i'-1. . Mrs. Christian sponsors the National Beta Club. 242 of high school students of good menta and character, creditable achievement, commendable attitudes. Membership there signifies that the student has been designa by the high school authorities as worthy special recognition because of outstand attainment and promise. The National Beta Club is an organizati l a , KL. I 'K I-,, sim 1 V View X Ml' ,Ye E-5 ,K Y si' X1 x 234 W Beta Club students maintain a high scholastic average. OFFICERS: Betsey Hammerle, Peggy Power, Wayland Herrin, joe Anderton, and President, Billy Starns. ' QQ S Fl 9 'U P1 ro 52 . cz. fb :v :P 'JU o U' fb P! H m 0 fi 0 .- 40fR5H P 9- A s GMBH Row 1 Peggy Mullins, Nelda Salisbury, Peggy Power, Hal Wallace Carolyn Snell Julia Taff Lynn Phelps Janice McCluskey Ka Brummett Linda Habshey. Row 2: Sherry Stewart, Chris Landers Steve Womack joe Anderton Andrew Hoyle Richard Smoott St Harstrom David Hansen, Terry Whorley, Shelia Wall. NHS Members Strive for Perfection The object of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of Garland High School. l" ljI'l5l I fs NHS members have fun playing "Cupid". 5. fifty, 5 fp: . 5 - it , 3 l Q" V! s is -. r flgfiill. 4.4 : A Q1 ,, 'ilk NG INITIATESg Fin! Raw: Janice jones, Bethena Bateman C th H k , a y ac er, Pat Crouch, Lindeen Lander, Lyndal Malone, Kay Maston, da Core, Rhoda Struck. Second Row: Merry Metcalf, Fred Chanslor, Kay Hoyle, Ronnie Lambert, Cheryl Garrison, Ryke Cormack, n Miller, Debbie Eagle. Tap Row: Ben Poole, Marilyn Wyrick, Alice Weax'er, Mike Mahabb, Alan Weber, Janelle Echols, Kath er. 245 D ,I 5' 246 l X i fr- A Editor-in-chief Darrell Tucker Assistant Editor Feature Editors Doris Cawood and Pat Spr Marilyn Motley The QE'tnI 5 pe X. -Y, P5-I ff' 4, fy? V. ui' e- N: xg: X '51""f to .gan it 'Nd ' ' Newg Editor-5 Carol Hodge and Susan Killion, College Editor Becky Dungan, Sports Editor David Meeks Circulation and Exchange Editor Bonnie Paul. iw 4' .lk -yr Staff Writers Karen Carter, Joni Scott. Advertising Managers Sherry Galleshaw and Betty McCormack. 2-if' TJ f ..Z QHQNKXQ 23' 1 Mx L 'Cx W f Q 'I fy flv K 2 ex f W 5, j Sk X Sponsor Miss Glenna Newkirk ,z """" fl VKX ff f gy XXX Rick Schuler, james Delmar, Staff Writer Jeff Ston X Y i x M l , T xt ML A , V 1 ii i 7 a i 24 OwI's Nest Staff in W""'f'1 0 i -in 1 Mike Walker, Sports Editorg Rick Schular and Wayne New, Photographers Debbie Clark, Editor-in-Chief and Susan Killion, Assistant Editor. ,gy Byron Nichols and Catherine Lanham, Staff Artists. l gf Cathy Myers and Joni Scott, Index. Teri Collins, Susan McCoy, and Kathy Knobles, Organizations. 248 MTN, MEMBERS OF BUSINESS STAFF: Robert Sewell, Publicityg Judy Advertising Managerg Marilyn Wyrick, Business Managerg Steve and Willimm Ingram, Circulation. Debbie Griffin, Brenda Airhart, Classes and Tonya Gerlich, Faculty. BUSINESS STAFF: Linda Malone, Gary Singleton, and jo Ann Coleman. w-N - A , 4 F T! 'ti 1 kwa-if 4' k,,V 'Xfxafip F I' X 5 X Rita Pevehouse and Lucille Varchetto, Favorites. Becky Smith and Cynthia Spanhel, Activities. 249 Spanish Clubs Promote Foreign Interests Spanish I MEMBERS: Row 1: Dennis Duke, Belinda Parker, Cindy Turner, Sharon Tomlinson, Rosemary Henson, Kay Leathers, Janie Anderson, Charlotte Lanham, Vicki Pittman, Kathy Felder, Vickie Smith. Row 2: Nancy Howe, Tina Kaylor, Sue Ellen Dunning, Gail Anderson, Gail Spradlin, Sharon Robinson, Kevin McLaughlin, Kathy Leavitt, Harold Ru- dolf, Cheryl Hightower, Gail Bond. Row 3: Sharon Snider, Paula Voigt, Sandy Scott, Gail Schrieber, Annette Shelton, Cockrell, Patty Malone, Panny Lamb, Vicki Tullos, Carol Flanagan. Row 4: Vicki Floyd, jerry Nolan, Glen Nichols, Wilson, Gerald Nations, Suzie Miller, Sally jackson, Laverne Holloway, Laura Smith. Ann jim Spanish I sponsor, s. f' Mrs. Bartell. A-use -g..-'5 ,,f f A., 5 .4 new vi Simfshimd '..e Qgy , i 'i', Li II co-ordinator, 8 Q C if ? i',i , ' S ' C ' N fffff l- S M155 Stephens Q , ' , r s. a W M -eww ,Q a,,,,.,i. . ' , Q i , OFFICERS: Gail Schrieber, Cindy Turner, Nancy Locki Rosenbaum and Kathy Felder. Howe, 250 Los Conquisfodores l 2 5 Richard Battle, Gary Herrin, Josephine Estrello, Carolyn Cockrell. IP Q3 La V as 2 M - 3 X 455 V ".' . The Spanish Clubs of Garland are " R i ii , members of PASF, a state wide organiza- ' l x tion. The clubs work with underpriv- ileged Mexican children and sponsors the publication of the Hoo Hoo's. OFFICERS: Byron Nichols, Lynn Range, Cynthia Spanhel, Morgan, Janelle Echols, Kay Hoyle. Row 1: Becky Smith, Gloria Lilley, Sherry Carter, Gerry Simons, joy Wood, Katy Houts, Sue Shepard, Charlotte Boyd, Cindy Row 2: Cynthia Galbraith, Hal Wallace, jimmy Heinen, Judy Grisham, Sandy Gipson, Kay Hoyle, Sandy Shape, Patrica Morgan, McCoy, Lynn Range, Cynthia Spanhel, Jim Wigington. Row 3: Cindy Willis, Janelle Echols, Byron Nichols, Wesley Tullos, Gary Patricia 25I 252 Y-Teens Seek to Serve Dthers Y-Teens seek through ser to others to grow as individ in friendship with all peol and in the knowledge and l 1 I of God. Their service proji have included visits to nurse and orphanages, food sent Vietnam, and participation community service projects si as Christmas baskets and Ma of Dimes. MEMBERS, Row 1: jo Ann Lolly, Deanna Pollard, Jeanie Johnston, Molly Haley, Penny Halder- man, Debbie Colbert, Linda Livingston, Bobbie St. Aubin. Row 2: Frances Estes, Patty Cooper, Brenda Rushing, and Sharon Mauldin. "Quick, while Mrs. Lowrance is out of the room, if any of you have signed up for theme writing next year Sponsor Mrs. Lowrance OFFICERS: Sealed: Bobby St. Aubin, Penny man, Sandra Biggerstaff. Slanding: Jo Ann and Linda Livingston. We. '7""""""'.""' Bob Lopez, Mike Gay, Donald Boyd. The purpose of the library club is to increase the reading of the student body by helping to heighten the sense of be- longing by making the students feel that the library is a friendly place. To provide inspiration when one needs an idea and help to expand the knowledge and the appreciation of the library and its resources. Vllllt K iN V 1 Y . t l li '. ,. ir Y E i ir .ffl .P CERS: Susan McCoy, Sandra Hobbs, Vicki Pitts, jerry 's, Roy Dan Cooper, Lonny Chappell. Firrt Row: Deborah Quinn, Linda Palmer, Vickie Pitts, Debbie Colbert, Donna Jones, Susan McCoy, Sandra Hobbs Sharon Hammersmith, Carol Grimes. Second Row: Christy Parker, Lonnie Chappell, Andy Lowen, Jerry Harris, Roy Dan Cooper Mrs. Korioth Mrs. Courtney Student Council Charles Crews, President, and Barry Pickett, Vice-President. Peggy Power and Scarlett Herrin, Secretaries. 254 The purpose of the Student Council is to develop better attitudes, scholarship, leadership, school spirit, and citizenship. There are three bodies of the Student Councilg the Executive Council, Student Assembly, and the Advisory Board. Miss Jill Shugart, Student Council Sponsor 3 6 ' 1 it ,,.-W W 3' 4 Billy Starns and Pam Moss 1 Randy Clark and Danny McLaughlin, Reporters. fi gm 1 lu, . g ' l "1'51tif,.Yf-7.1 've Ai- -SM N fi 5 -t' --'z 1 E 2, r . ' V :fr , Uspzelsstf' " Qian 0 Y . , , . 1 pals, -+75 into Ingrid Eubanks, Treasurerg Ruby Pippin and Phyllis Wyrick, Historians. I Guy Fipps, Steve Sumrow, and Chip Langston, Reporter. x v VZ v 'O Harold Rudolph, Ellen Halpin, and Rhoda Struck. 255 VOE Prepares Students for Office Jobs ii Q Firtl Row: Brenda Mitchell, Lee Rose Ringo, Vicki Giles, Bebbie Stilwell, Sue White, Kathie Duckworth, Linda Chandler Paula son. Second Row: Sherry Peterman, Vickie Guidry, Jo Ann Arthur, Susan Story, Linda Crabtree, Terry Hallerman, Bobble Burks Duckworth, Third Row: Sherry Stewart, Kay Maynard, Sam Huff, Linda Brakefield, Cliff Dunn, Linda Wade, Kathy Potter 'S .Al Sponsor, Mrs. Jean Trotman 256 Students of Vocational Office Education are members of VOE. They are instructed in correct business procedures and are taught how to use office machines. VOE students attend three regular morning classes and VOE class. They report to their office jobs in the afternoon. me ms , me in----....., " I' p-...... 1, 4: Vicki Giles, johnson, and his if? 5? +2 6 5 Two hands Kay, fwp hands! Wait! You're reeling my paper into your typewriter! Vicki Guidry. Standing: Linda Chandler, jun-si!! 1968 VOE Officers -4 ff 1 A - i ' ,,, mv" 8 A ff All alone with nothing to do. Hello, no this inf! Kel's Kitchen! 4 -5 Q' ,H Quill 8: Scroll Salutes Journalislic Excellence Firrt: Judy Grishom, Treasurer, Brenda Airhart, Cynthia Spanhel, Pat Sprain, Tanya Gerlich, Becky Dungan, Susan McCoy, Susan -President, Terri Collins. Second: Marilyn Motley-Vice President, Robert Sewell, Debbie Clark, William Ingram, Steve Womack, lyn Wyrick-Secretary, Kathy Myers, Darrell Tucker. Liz, alias Miss Newkirk, gives us the famous Taylor pucker. Q ,t p . , Fa M .Sf ' ' Q -Q . , 1 g g 2 X Miss Hunt gets out her favorite book of fairy tales. 258 Quill and Scroll is the National Honor Society for High School journalists. Through this national organization the school is able to distinguish the outstanding journalists. High scholastic average, teacher recommendations, membership ap proval, and excellent work on a publication, are the require ments for acceptance. I'- The faithful members gather around Susan, the president .. ..,, M'-v-4 grmmxemny K1 ' ' ' 7 I W P call Organization makes a good paper. But I can't do double back flips! Let me see now, B's, baked Alaska." Ido, , L- xi 1 L. The Group and Darrell. 1 ' 1 2' . b A 'l . t I ff., -H Will this do for the Mardi Gras? 259 QPDRTS 4 NS-F5 ,, X, .J-Q . Eff A J Football i, ..MM, , , , 1, N . 1 W- , ,gg .rj 3 if-A A 5 Q kj.: , .K - 4.9 - Ak I , ,f N 1 4 yi I K - . f . xhmk a 4 Q. L K , , 0' ' , .Fwy A V ., f ff . - V- .4-gifw M-.N -. k . f k wwf, ., ' N . , f ,K , :Hel .. .x.s,v X , ,"- f , 3.1 1... Ifirfl Razz-: George Fisher, Harold Rudolph, Chris Lander, Billy Starnes, Johnny Luna, Ernie Knowles, Wilbur Smith, Ronnie Wfindom, Svrozzd Rauf: Ricky Pevehonse, Wlayne Foster, David Griffis, Vifayland Herrin, Ricky Schmidt, Brad Herrin, Randy Clift, johnny Erwin. 'I'liim'.R0u'.' Ted Day, Randy Clark, David Culwell, Ronnie Steel, John Kelsey, Gerald Nation, John Fain, Benny Sebastian. Fulzrfb Razr: Leo Johnson, Billy Morris, Roger Smith, Andy Hoyle, jimmy Davis, Mike Wfaldron. Fiflb Row: Tommy, Jackie Shewmake, Ronnie Halpin, Reggie Schmidt, jack Gipson, Ricky Kostne, Robert Barbee. -A Slarnes C A A cv ff? "' VK ,r Q ,za .... N, -9 I W ,N .. X l u f ' xi l 4 L be n Jimmy Davis 17 All-District Hon. Men. Andy Hoyle 30 All-District, All-Greater All-Greater Dallas, Hon. Men. Dallasg All-Metro. 7AAAA Back of the Year, All-American Hon. Men. , N. 'gf 3-.K ,I , .. 'Q-,X XS X V Vg X f 649 ' ' - it I 'yicizgllff X 'i A' i I f. 'TX 'I 1 4 fx vf K f , ii ' sanyo ' it ii - Ds' li'?:'A'l f 1 b xi' . 5 . , 1 PV Y' 'Viv K. ,i ' ' 7:-'ll ,41 ka. Head Coach Ernie Cunningham: joe Boring, Bill Young, Lee King. . .U ' V i i XXfayland Herrin 5 5 263 ,-25. """ 1 ff, "J ' I X 1 A J. J Johnny Luna 67 Q 'Q Joe Anderton 8 I K -. fl.-1 ' 'Iv . C: W 2 David Griffis 50 ' '3 l ,r K, "N" K 4 , I my f 1 X , 3 s Q El I Jack Shewmake 86 Chris Lander 10 -9 f won 'J lj ll l N V fr . .... ' - .5 . Mike Waldron 24 Q,-4, George Fisher 44 All-District 'J All-Greater Dallas V A V X , W az? , A . "" 'R ,KK ,Q 'J E Robert Barbee 78 ! "' m All-Greater Dallas, Hon. Men. v fre- M N All-District, Hon. Men. H I it J0hf1Efwin 79 john Kelsey 3 Kg: as L .Dr J ,... I I inn. f' Ernie Knowles 69 er.,,n-A Q .-'17 L J Harold Rudolph 66 All-District, Hon. Men. ,-. ,-.g . 4 - A .- -,,,, fx" i jimmy Heinen ' Trainer "ff 6 Y n ll' ommy Lasater 14 ll-Metro, Hon. Men. john Fain 73 Randy Clift 87 514. ..'s fi ' Z Q A B Owls 25 6 David Culwell 64 Gerald Nation 70 l 'V' 5 if xx l A I is - 5' . 'fx Brad Herrin 61 Vs , ,rs -A ' 1 Steve Ogletree 20 Cougars Qqueek bg Owls I 3- I Q The Owls, behind the brilliant running of halfback Andy Hoyle, gained 255 yards on the ground, but defeated their own cause by fumbling five times and missing two field goals which would have won the game. The Owls gained a quick lead 12-O, but the second half was the story of the Owls' defeat as mistakes plagued them the rest of the night. ..-. 41n- " ' Spartans Slight Owls Q I -I 3 The Samuel Spartans spoiled the Owls' seas opener. Garland jumped off to a quick lead, l Samuell came back tying the score 7-7. The h ended after both teams scored again. The O' were trailing 14-13. In the second half the Garla defense put up a good fight but they could not their offense moving. Samuell passed for a 13 y touchdown, and the game ended 21-13. Doug Hopkins Tr. Wayne Foster 75 Ricky Pevehouse 40 Randy Clark fr. .'::f A sm' i, I 'fe I on ' . Q' ' gf, ,T -A ...J V2 . 1 M M, WX X' S I' N , X o y o l 9 X i l ' l' 266 r . 0 1 44 ra. pc: it T ia' " t fl QQ' ig Q -A 9 i . ,.,.g Mike West Mgr. Rick Kostue 77 All-Metro, Hon. Men. South Oak Cliff Defeats Owls I2-6 The South Oak Cliff game was a costly venture for the Owls as they were hit with injuries to several key players. The big blow came in the first quarter when quarterback, Tommy Lasater, was injured and never entered the game again. The Owls seemed to kill every chance they had of scoring by fumbling or throwing passes into the wrong hands. 9 K' . ,i J f 1, ' l l x ick Schmidt 65 Ted Day 12 Airoisffifr l All-Greater Dallas l Owls Bounce Bisons 25-QO The determined Owls came up with victory No. 1 of the year against the Sunset Bisons. Behind the passing combo of Tommy Lasater to Mike Wzildron and rampaging Andy Hoyle the Owls scored 22 points in thc first half. The half ended when Garland had a half-time margin of 22-6. The Owls defense held the Bisons until the last of -the second half when they surprised the Owls and began to come alive. Owls Scalp Spruce 32-O With the outstanding passing of Tommy Lasater, the dependable catching of Mike Waldron, and the running of Andy Hoyle the Owls scalped the Indians 32-0. Garland started scoring late in the first quarter when Lasater threw to Waldron 24 yards and ri first down. Hoyle carried it over. The second quarter took off on a fantastic 51 yard run and six points. The half ended 13-O. The defense smothered any hope of the Apaches scoring. In the second half the Owls attacked the Apaches, scoring three more times. 'K . Q' K 2 rv: "' F15 T . -1 Q' N' 44 tif at AW .fl f . X I K . .- . in jack Gipson 85 Ronnie Halpin 84 NW 'ff' ca M ., , ,M-p .gp X A F i i if all l i' f i I R N. Ll iff il'i 3 TL Benny Sebastain 62 Wilbur Smith 33 Steve Greenwell Tr. 268 il Garland Qkunks Scots Q9-O L- X . rx . ln 1 . 2 KW. .N K is X.- Late in the first quarter Johnny Luna recovered a fumble, and Hoyle ran over from 5 yards out. The quarter ended 7-O. jimmy Davis intercepted a pass and streaked for 34 yards, and six points. The kick was good and the Owls had a lead of 14-O. Adding 3 more points john Kelsey kicked a field in the last minutes of the half. The third quarter started off with the Owls' defense stopping the Scots' offense at the HP. 45 yard line. Davis intercepted at the 32 and Lasater began moving the determined Owls at once. Hoyle dodged and darted 11 yards into the end zone. The kick was blocked, but the Owls strengthened their lead 23-0. Later in the half the Owls drove over again defeating the Scots 29-0. Billy Morris 56 Lew johnson 85 Ronnie Wiridlm un 1 as fa. 1 ' ff ff-S ., lr as . f 5 if Owls Tie Sherm Q0-Q0 Quarterback Tommy Lasater be- gan mixing the plays brilliantly and moving the team efficiently. With Rick Pevehouse, tireless Andy Hoyle running the ball, and Mike Waldron catching it, the Owls showed great determination. In one of the most exciting climaxes in quite a while the Garland Owls stayed a fantastic 92 yard drive in the fading seconds for a 20-20 tie with the Sherman Bearcats. 'sr Fl' 22- rg' rl if f Kenny Gracy Mgr Gregg Jacobs Mgr. Ricky Williams Mgr. Owls Smash Qkeeters 24-O Garland started late but finall jumped into high gear in the secon half to demolish the Mesquite Sweete 24-O. The Skeeters displayed a toug defense the first half to hold th Owls to a lone 34 yard field go by John Kelsey. The Owls came roa ing back during the third and fourt quarters. The defense was again super as Mesquite could muster only 6 yards on the ground and 28 throug the air. Owls Smack Carrollton 34-O What was supposed to be a close match turned into a rout as the Garland Owls demolished the Lions of Carrollton for a homecoming game win of 34-0. The Owls' defense turned demon as they stopped Carrollton cold with less than 100 yards total offense. Meanwhile the Owls' offense went wild scoring 34 points and running all over the Lions defensive line. Richardson Qiops Owls Q I -O The showdown between the North Zone's top two teams ended in the defeat of the Owls. The defeat was a case of who gets the breaks first and scores likewise. Despite the bad breaks the scrapping, hustling bunch never gave up. The 1967 Garland Owls is a team to be proud of. 1967 B-Team District Champs Front Row: joe Bradley, james Hart, Don Burk, Steve McGriff, Kent Hendricks, David Mitchell, Bill Blakely, Neil Blakely, Dub Breedlove, jerry Galloway, Kent Shields. Second Row: Mark Dungan fMgr.J, jimmy St. Aubin, Richard Gipson, joe Kelly, Steve Nall, Jackie Garrison, Rusty Watts, Harry Norris, Ricky johnson, Ronnie Kay, Sam Plunk, Gary Davenport, Chuck Pruitt fMgr.j. Third Raw: Lee Mitchell CMgr.j, John Hammerle, Greg Forman, Rex Ford, Mike Havens, Corky Hall, Richard Landers, Ernie Hodge, Tommy Hopkins, Roger Mathis, Butch Hainline, Willie Williams, Larry Glover fMgr.j. Top Row: Mel Thomas Qcoachj, Fred Broussard, Alan jackson, Ron Markey, Cy Youngman, jim Warren, George Williamson, Terry Winterbouer, Mark Nall, Wayne Holbrook, Charlie Englebretson, jim Dodson Qcoachj, David Bigham Qmgrj. In keeping with the tradition of G.H.S., this year's B-team displayed pride, deter- mination and a perfect 6-0 record. Coached by jim Dodson and Mel Thomas, the B-team is one of the best to come along in quite a while. Q c via ' asm - ' . .s 4 ..,f1--7,-, r, s .,,fs,v-J, K 'W - in W, gf. ,r, A . 273 .HV S Baskiiball 'Y Q-of Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland ........ Qouih Zone Champs Bryan Adams ...... 83 Garland ........ 53 Grand Prairie ...... 65 Garland ........ 55 Lake Highlands .... 54 Garland ........ 55 Samuell .......... 74 Garland ........ 62 Grand Prarie ...... 47 Garland ........ 54 Arlington .... .... 6 1 Garland. .l ...... 53 Denton .... . . . 50 Garland ....... .69 Sherman . . . . . 55 Garland ..... . . .48 Mesquite .... . . . 53 Garland ....... .57 5 M. 5. . X , ' 5 53 A , ,sir ' 1 Q 6- --Lib . xg ,ff Jimmy Grear Mgr., Coach Joe Brown, Darrell Tawney Mgr. Coach Joe Brown, Ray Johnson, Gary Doyle, Danny Nelson, Charles Crews, Chip Wood, Phil Parker, Robert Hickman, jimmy Davis, Charlie Williams, Robert Epperson. SURE ld' GDB-B Ili' Highland Park Mc Arthur .. Richardson .. R. L. Turner Mesquite .... Highland Park McArthur . . . Richardson .. R. L. Turner 49 47 62 48 37 41 55 45 53 BULB QYJILB lm-I5 UU!!-S L3 317153 17LF'l Ili' -KY Ill! Ill Jil QQ 275 if lil. 'Q Q-ish Cary Doyle District Player of llic Year arles Crews fights to get the ball from the Carrollton ms. Phil Parker 1251 stretches for that two point reward. i Robert Hickman Captain 277 Rober Hickman Q 31j comes clown with a. rebound Phil Parker fights for the ball with two eager and a strange expression against Mesquite. by .HHN zfxp wi Danny Robinson Jimmy Davis Gary Doyle drives in for a layup as an op- Chip Wgod Ray Johnson ponent watches helplessly. 278 T ? Charles Crews Phil Parker 1251 shoots as Robert Hickman and Charlie Crews looks on Phil Parker expectantly. jimmy Davis is blocked from the ball by three jumping Charlie Crews is up for two as a Lion defends Scots. Phil Parker goes up for n shot as four opponents watch . l like Robert Epperson Charlie Williams Ray Johnson watches as Robert Hickman 280 grabs the rebound. Vw Robert Hickman battles for the rebound, surrounded by eager opponents. Hickman tries to outreach a Denton Bronco. QIL From Row: Greg Davis, David Mitchell, Johnny Beach, Larry Duyck, Larry Marlar, Speedy Covington,' Gary Davenport Edward james. Bark Row: Bruce Coleman, Jim Warrm, Jimmy Heaton, Bill Lawson, fcoachj Mel Thomas, Brian Worley, Danny Sibley Alan jackson, Sammy May. Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland ........ Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland ........ Garland B-Team Bryan Adams . Grand Prairie. . Lake Highlands Samuell ...... Denton ...... South Garland . Arlington .... Grand Prairie ....... Seagoville .... . . Arlington . . Canton . . . Denton .... Sherman ..... South Garland . Arlington .... Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland ........ Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland N. Dallas .... Pleasant Grove N. Dallas. . . . Pleasant Grove Mesquite . . . Highland Park MacArthur .. Carrollton . . Richardson . . Mesquite .... Kaufman .... Highland Park MacArthur .. Richardson . . R. L. Turner .- wk H x. X 1 6 L X Y . , ' 1 s. 6 xy' 'J' ,.. f .f ..- fs A -X Q I 'E The Tennis Team, composed of 21 mem- bers is coached by Mr. Altom Willimns. The team has participated in, tournaments, and for the first time this year, sponsored one of the biggest high school tournaments held in Texas. l Coach Alton Williams discusses schedule with Travis Summers. 283 , ,,, 4 ,f,,AyyYvvwYw ' -' P A 'ifbs 77 611,11 ', . ,Q :ywf-X , ' 'x v w v - v 5, , - 1 T 1 Steve Flatt Lynn Range Danny Nelson and Travis Summers Erwin Miller Ricky Cook Sharon Mouldin Sandy Gipson Shirley Thominson l"N TIGR WN Mp - 'fgffx TW f ' if W X, Nm im f ,V .,,,.... Q' , Q w wa A Jag' .. 8 ,K 8 . Ky, K ,wut ,- -.N X3 if . , , W - HY" Q yd ,.-' My Q ,fi , K Q. sv L if ff Q ,ww 1 . ' LK," X , if , - . rkkk .ab MK x 11 gg Q5 ,, ff h ' . ,Q 1.X'f k w ' ' K' '!lvfj' 'V .X .jK' "7"E-'IN .f"'i:F??5"xX . my 1 7, -Q -Hi . , v Q ' ' . Viral KK ' , s , - K K ,. . ..k... - . x N- "Lk 1. 1- 'E V i Q- , .. ig, WKSKETNQQ-uK.,gn XYk'L x ,K K KKK K W K .KN I---,Jw Nav? sf-w " W, - , W- ' ' I KN-:K K MM- ff 'wif J' 'Q - X-f -, 1- ff-' ,,, K .. ., .. ,.,,.q 3 7 A fi . M , ' A Q . - ,Q KKKK KK K K KK .... . IK.: KK K Qs s A' Coach Billy Stewart The Golf Team coached by Billy Stewart consists of 11 members. They attend tourna- ments, including the Fort Worth Tourna- ment which draws high school golf teams around the state. They practice and hold their tournament at ,Eastern Hills Country Club. From Row: Ronnie Solomom, Carey Carter, Donny Loya, Denny Rowland. Back Row: Gary Rogers, Whalen Vanderslice Ben Poole Donnie Head, Doug Medlin, Johnny Oglesby, James Pickett. -l Golf Ben Poole Donny Loya Carey Carter Denny Rowland Ronnie Solomon Johnny Oglesby James PlCkf-'tt Donme Head Doug Medlm Whalen Vanderslice Gary R0gerS W -Z 'pl- 1. - -1 , ,'ifa,f" B A , 51 -,..-c .'-- -- 1- - v:,,-..-,ki '.,'L1'Q3ii 55" - , . .. in 'Q ,1fw4ib'b,,:g Q ,A 1- N :.-r--.I-I ft 'Sl 5, 9iSJ,a:,', J ff-my ,..-'fr ,. 'P,.,1-.?- T 'A-fr -ffl-'. "1" 1..- . ng . - ,fa-frm-:..fmm 5-+f"Ja: .-. .' uggww-"L, -:k,1q"i'f 's ' w-Qse1f'?!fff'n1,3 .gn-' fggsr , iff. . 5.1k.r!: g!g':w'Y3:ff 289 ADS 'YAMJS 7 P .6sffXi' ,. Sales Royal Typewrifers Com pllmenfs of ' Service GARLAN D OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. TOWER CLEANERS OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE EQUIPMENT 2064 S., G,,,,,,,,,,, Ave Phone BR 6-II39 BR 3 8039 620 W. Garland Ave. R COLEMAN Owner Garland, Texas just what IS Eneeoom? Throughout America's history, men have sacri- ficed life and property to establish and prese'rve freedom . . . including freedom to worship accord- ing to personal Choice. Freedom is the very core of the American sys- tem and, while this system is not perfect, it has worked better than any other the world has ever known. It recognizes man's natural desires to live as an individual being. It recognizes his ambitions to earn, save, own and enioy to the fullest the fruits of his labor. As we partake of the rights of freedom, we must be ever mindful of our responsibilities to help preserve freedom. a tax-paying, investor-owned elect IC utlty -,,,,,,.... FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GARLAND 700 Avenue A Mo+or Banking 7 A.M. 'Io 7 P.M. SERVING IN GARLAND SINCE 1906 L ' f ' 7 fi!!! pcgfffi ,, gl, f, l , f, if !.L JW Zu I r I , f L X ,ff ,,o . ,., 1, K ff- p' . , L ' I, 1 VM, W ff rj 293 GARLAND FLOWER SHOP Lucile and Jimmy LocIceH' 7525 Garland Rd. PEAVY INSURANCE Aufo, Home, Life HospiI'aIiza'I'ion, and Business Insurance I224 Wesf Garland Ave. Garland, Texas Phone BR 6-II3I Besi' Wishes Class of '68 From COLE 81 DAVIS COMPANY Dry Goods Shoes-CIo+hing Carering Io Hue Young WHERE THE HOME FOLKS TRADE S 81 M AUTO SALES 2I0 W. Garland Avenue ACROSS THE TRACK IT'S SAM AND MA G+ Hem Phone BR 6-667I AIways Firsf Where S+yIe Sam Schreiber Counis BR 6 III N. 6+h '5565 Downfown Garland Mack Mccariel' BR 6-6060 BR 2-3058 uf ,K mf 1' 1 The Qa lazy Y fashions and acce ssories On fhe Square Downfown Garland ,:,J '74,4iPgZ,,.,27ngL4g,J 74g4Z4JLQ,,'CZ.JZ4Z1f, ffuffjfba-ff' fav' 9 if ,QQ H' 1 ' M' eil: M 4 n ow l. 4' A K my Gllllyo . X O ' ir Class of I967-68 gg. CITY of CIAIIIJANIJ ., H,-"gL, Y ," , 1:::::j7 Complimenis of J. Y. TAYLOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY For Complete Home Furnishings NOW 2 GARLAND STORES GIFTS FOR EVERYONE ..5,. ,,,, , . .- Diamonds Watches "" miiiif ii'ii'm,2M" 1 ZALE JEWELRY CO. BAKERIS l604 First Street ' 0 A 1 K R A 4,-.-g.,yik1:25:Ii'f' M NAGER MI Exo M N """ rr ' 524 W. Garland II8 Skillman Forest Downtown Shopping Center '-' Bob Stafford aAnl.ANn BANK s. TRUST COMPANY GARLAND. TEXAS III South Garland 2l3 walnui, Plaza Garland, Texas Congratulations BR 6-02I5 Class of I967- I 968 ,ff Q 2.4 lx Across from Garland High School CREEL 81 WEST DAIRY QUEEN SOI S. Garland Ave. Congratulations Seniors '68 296 I Best Wishes or Successful Careers For Naiional Defense J 1' - Q: A MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. TN f Tir Q I, T d E' produds 'slr 0 - Li I nrerconunental 4,r"'i'j',-,.WmM"'Q ""' 'vf i H M ."i'L"""f ri Garland, Texas xsgqiigwkg, GARLAND PHARMACY . 773,-Bi EW? The Prescripiion Sfores 'For ggeaaw Qewdme ere-a+er Garland Gr-idUa+e W-HGH MGIKGYS eos S. Garland was S. Firsr All Work Guaranfeed BR 6-5049 BR 8-8164 Besi' Buys in Diamonds and Wafches 348 Ridgewood Shopping Cenier Phone BR 6-5680 606 W. Garland Ave. 8-3502 BILLY GIPSON. Owner Garland. Texas RICHARD H. ROACH o LEROY HOWARD - MAX H. smm-1. c.L.u. ZUQQOQ is Roach - I-Iovvard. ls! cslreef 57A-JI'I:S'f E S , h l82I S. Firsi Sf. Garland, Texas BR -3 9 8 75 925 Sfaie Sfreei' Garland, Texas WANDA BUSSEU' Phone BRoadway 6-6I78 297 QTEK P IIILTIING XJR ...J CANNON DRY GCODS OO 509 SI'a'I'e Sireef BR 3-2I92 DOWNTOILVN GARLAND HARPER PRINTING COMPANY OUT Office SuppIiesfOf'Fice Furniiure 20I5 Safurn Road Garland, Texas Friendly Siore Cur+is Crossman H. W. Jones CROSSMAN INSURANCE HARDWARE AGENCY 81 since I89O FU RN ITU RE CO. Garland, Texas DIXIE CROSSMAN CURTIS CROSSMAN JR. - GARLAND HALLMAN LUMBER COMPANY 1 OUALITYAUTOHOTIVE 8 pmmnomm 0 Everyfhing for Ihe Buiider 0 702 W G I d A Phone BR 6-6I96 P. O. Box I26 Garilanjr TI-lxas ve' 525 N. Fiffh Sf. Garland, Texas 298 BR 6-6 I 04 JESCO DEVELOPMENT INC. 600 W. Garland Ave. BR 6-IO43 QQQY GARLAND's PRESTIGE RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD LAKESIDE MEADOWS Congraiulaiions Seniors '67-'68 PLAZA HARDWARE COMPANY I8II Garland Shopping Cenfor Garland, Texas 75040 ScI1winn Bikes Toro Mowers Lawn Boy Mowers CompIimen'I's of SEBASTIAN SERVICE STATION MYERS COURTESY FORD 340I-S. Garland Ave. BR 8-958 I Garland, Texas DA 7-938 I "A+ Ihe S+arI of The Money Saving Mile" A. D. JACKSON. JR. Ugg fp:-:His - Baaufy gafon INSURANCE COIFFURES DESIGNED 607 W. Garland Ave. WITH YOU IN MIND Garland. Texas 117 GARLAND TEXAS MARY HUNT PHONE B Recl Hanger for Young Men Counfry Corner for Young Gals JIM HOLLAND CLOTHING 2025 Safurn Road "Best Meats in Town" HILAND GROCERY TRAVIS BAGWELL 7I9 FIHI1 S+ree'r BR 6-5622 Mea'I's For Your Freezer Cus'I'om Processing Deer Processing sus , lf' ? eip Il .lil f co . , ,F T I , I ,S ltyfh L .-A I .. M 4.7 ' ,K-.U K-iff ua , - 738 ""' - - f I L WHITEWAY SERVICE Rs STATION 807 W. Garland Ave. GLEN WATSON, Owner 'YO 9 D be 0 'D ff E COLONIAL NATIONAL BANK 2 05 II6 Walnui' Creek Shopping Cenfer W Garland, Texas 75040 1 BR 6-955l l'-------------1 InGldAIISg P+ cl-levnom-1 .......................I ' ,,.... . U NEWMAN T I Fine Used Cdrs 275l Soufh Garland Avenue. Garland 4 UNBIIHE GU. 1100 No. 5th - P. 0. Box 1497 GARLAND, TEXAS 302 Ready Mixed To Your Specificarions For Qualiiy and Service Call BR 6-H67 A 4 A A5551 v Q4 A X' f 2 66m W JA-A E Q K Q X U1 tx 4, 'ESQ 'A 9 xy T -" Q . Q f X X j? . 3 fl., H If .1 ' ix THQ K, x', X ,UI lay' x r Xiu X 1 lx N xx' """Yq A lp -'-J, ,Z 4 S xv ,'7 . f X x gziihzy ' I' A Killa- A X ' if lk an 1 A . 'Z ' ."g:L Q' H5 , A 54 T , U2 0 f NN nf' if "Q 'A f0'HA1l3A T TRIBUTE f . TO A FINE CLASS .. A IN A GREAT SCHOOL fi' M CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ' 5 " 4' P " 4, Xxx T :V L xiiwx A ,3 . 6 ' A ff ,E pi -x ' t ' I I! '- REPRESENTING M f .ff ,f W- A N 1' . ACT MQW WWA W' 3 AQ ' . QA - . JEwELRY's FINEST CRAFTSMENQ I . xx A Y CLASS RINGS AND PINS ' CLUB INSIGNIA ' MEDALS 5 . " Q -4 TROPHIES 0 PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS ' INVITATIUNS 5 QQTESXX Q 1 A' -,,,,, , AA . f. f ----- QA- -5 4 55,-5 , -f' . , X .T ,J - Q 4- 3, A ' -iff..--f:f-zffffcngz -A ' Prices Are Lowesi' a+ Rick's OFFICE PHONE CECIL COOPER BR 6-4932 BR 6-6960 I COOPER REAL ESTATE 6l5 W. Garland FURNITURE 0 CARPET OLIN D, TALLEY GERALD B. COOPER "AppIianceS'I BR 6-5269 BR 6-58'0 JACK FRIZZELLE I909 Garland Shopping Cenfe PHONE an a.s: n Garland. Texa Beauty Salon I SPECIALISTS IN EVERY PHASE OF BEAUTY CULTURE 20 Siylisis To serve you VINA CARTER: Owner 805 N. Jupiier Rd. Phone No. BR. 6-4938 JEwC.'iLT5S:YglFTs Q C""'P'i"'e"'S 6, vt idx.. of 5512251 iw, I807 Garland Shopping Cenier i 344 Ridgewood Shopping Cenfer 304 UWC Nore Io prospecrive opfomeiry s'rucIen'rs- 4? Complimenfs of For cafaiog and ofher informaiion perfain- :goo DR EDWARD COPE ing 'ro an opfomerric career please wrife +o: DR. ROBERT DAY Office of fhe Dean COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY DR' M' D' MONAGHAN THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON Garland Members of Ihe Hous+on, Texas Texas Op+ome+ric Associa+ion GARLAND DODGE WM' JAM ,Qi fgjffrms feeble? MZ? are fi! HDF! FAIHGFK See All II16 NEW Scai' Pack I200 E. Norfhwesi' Highway Leaders, Chargers, RXT, and Across From Dallas-Garland GT'S Airporf GARLAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Loans Insured Savings Home Improvemenf Loans Serving Garland 84 Communiry Since I936 305 Pick up and Delivery Cv CASA DE FIESTA V9 PARTY eooos-e-:Er ITEMS-GIFT WRAP HALLMARK CARDS-NOTES AND STATIONERY cRAETs-CENTERPTEcEs-cusrom ARRANGEMENTS LUNA'S MOBIL SERVICE SPANISH ACCESSORIES We Also Ca'rer Recepfions And Showers Ac Ease, 6225 Clgcaaiz, I08 Walnuf Creek Cenfer-Garland-BR 6-2594 su w. Eiffh s+. BR 6--was Tires and Accessories NICHOLSON'S 2I7 Walnui' Village also Wesl' Side of Square Garland, Texas PRITCHETT 8: JONES Realfors 8: Insurers Complimenfs of 6I8 W. Garland Ave.-Garland, Texas Cusfom Designed Real Esl'a'l'e Services BR 6-4682 BR 2-l950 WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME D. Cecil Williams Marion D. Williams Every Type of Insurance EXCEPT One Real Esfaie Sales P'9Pe'IY Managemenf 'GLENN WALLS 81 CO. INSURERS-REALTORS 230l Foresf Lane BR 2-258l Foresf Tow Bldg Garland, Texas STUTEIH 3, THE TELEDYNE-GECTECH DIVISION 9' . Good food for III ig? xi rf PeOPIe who X- j Us I Ius+ can'+ I A 'J , 'I Io eat If '- owns '52 4' We Suppori ihe Garland Owls GEORGE ALEXANDER INSURANCE ROYAL PLAZA CLEANERS HOLLENSHEAD APPLIANCE 81 FURNITURE MARSHALL DRIVER INSURANCE BROWNING'S TROPHIES OWL BARBERSHOP McKNIGHT DRUG STORE ROACH PAINT STORE GARLAND LETTER SERVICE GAY'S BARBER SHOP JACKSON BARBER SHOP LIBRARY CLUB GOLD JACKETS OWL'S EYE QUILL 81 SCROLL LATIN CLUB BETA CLUB SPANISH CLUB GARLAND FUTURE FARMERS FUTURE SECRETARY ASSOCIATION VOE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION '. 308 THE ANNUAL STAFF Congra'IuIa+es +I1e SENIORS of I968 ams, Pat-51, 186, 193 ams, Patricia-51, 225 irhart, Brenda-51, 210, 235,258,249 lkin, Connie-51 llen, Virgnia-51 derson, David--51 derson, Karen-51, 232 derson, Mike-51 derson, Richie-51, 196, 198,240 derton, Joe-51, 88, 173, 2l7,242,244,264 clrews, Linda-51 stett, John-51 chibald, Ray-51 nold, Roy-51 thur, Jo Ann-51, 189, 190,227 ggett, Barbara-52, 218, 225 iley, Bobbie Jo-52, 208. 225 ker, Audie-52 ker, Charles-52 ker, Nancy-52, 240 ngs, David-52, 240 rbee, Robert-52, 264 rfield, Melvin-52, 212 rnhart. Jim-52, 184, 186, 217, 240 rry, Barbara-52 rton, Joe--51 ughman, Danny-51 hrens, Bennie-52. 184. 181,186,193 nke, Dianne-52 nnett, Marv-53 ckle, ,Judy-53 ggerstaff, Sandra-53, 189. 190 huslar, Billy-53 lin, David-53. 181, 134 rder, Daniel-53. 181, 182. 183, 184, 186, 188 ulware, Wayne-53, 184, 186, 193, 207 urek, Kathy-53, 95, 150, 164, 173, 183, 186 ady, Joy-54, 52, 71, 196, 227 mmett, Karen-54, 189. 17,244 rns, Janice-55, 225 rton, Cynthia-55 ner, Deborah-55 ner, Ann-55 rter, Karen-56, 58, 186, 13,227,247 rter, Sherry-56, 251 ood, Doris-56, 196, 224. 46 rk, Debbie-57, 156, 258. 49 ft, Randy-57, 242 eman, Melodee-57. 95, 51, 186, 202, 242 Seniors Collins, Ronnie-58, 231 Collins, Teri-58, 186, 225, 248,258 Cook, Rickie-58, 217, 240, 285 Corley, Donna-58 Cox, Wesley-58, 186, 193, 217 Coyle, Billy-58 Coyle, Rita-58 Crews, Charles-59, 172, 217, 226,242,254,279,275 Davis, Jimmy-59, 163, 263, 275 De Jarnett, Judy-59 Dela, Garza-59 Delmar, James-59, 181, 184 185 Dennis, Iona--60 Diaz, Pete-60 Datson, Mary-60 Doyle, Gary-60, 275, 276, 278 Duckworth, Kathie-68, 22 5, 256 Dudley, Danny-60 Dungan, Becky-60, 95, 150, 152, 153, 173, 242, 246, 212, 258 Dunn, Clift-61 Dunning, Debbie-61, 77, 186,188 Erwin, Johnny-61, 264 Eubanks, Ingrid-61, 95, 192, 199, 242, 255 Evans, David-61, 186, 193, 243 Fain, John-61, 185, 285 Fast, Ronnie-61 Farrow, Dwayne-61, 181, 184, 185, 186, 193 Finley, Alta-61, 172, 196, 198,199,242,225 Fisher, George-24, 64 Flatt, Steve-62, 189, 225 Flynn, Jane--62, 189, 225 Forcl, Shirley-62 Ford, Troy-62, 212 Franks, Pati-63, 87, 150, 195, 198, 225 Frantz, Felton-63, 77, 87, 185,186 Gallashaw, Sherry-63 Garrett, James-63 Garvin, Johnny-63 Gay, Alice-56 Gear, Jimmy-63 Gerlich, Tanya-64, 227, 249, 258 Gipson, Sandra-64, 251 Glover, Curtis-64, 212 Goodson, Norma-64 Greenwell, Paul-56, 217, 240 Griffin, Bill-64 Griffis, David-64, 160, 264 Grisham, Judy-64, 224, 225, 249, 251, 258 Guidry, Vicki-64, 225 Hainline, Charles-64 Hairell, Charles-64 Haley, Molly-65, 240 Hall, Mary Ann-65, 67, 196 Hall, Pamela-64, 196, 206 Hall, Patsy--65, 189, 190, 196 Hallerman, Terry-65, 225 Halton, Patricia-65, 95, 150, 163,198,225 Hammerle, Besty-65, 95, 150,212 Hanssen, David-64, 224 Hargis, Connie-65 Harkrider, Linda-66, 196, 225 Harris, Jerry-66, 253 Hart, Wanda-66 Hartness, Kay-66, 196 Hay, Jeri-66 Haywood, David-66 Hecldin, Bruce-67 Heifner, Russell-67 Hendricks, Sherill-67 Hennessy, Kathy-67, 235 Henry, David-67, 235 Henson, Timmy-67 Herrin, Carol-67 Herrin, Scarlett-67, 196, 198,217,24O,254 Herrin, Wayland-68, 263, 242 Herring, Gary-70, 231. 251 Hibben, Sharon-68 Hickman, David-68 Hickman, Robert-68, 52, 161, 217, 278, 267, 280 Hicks, Gary-68 Hodge, Carolyn-68, 181, 183, 246 Holt, David-69 Hoyle, Andrew-69, 151, 173, 217, 244, 263 Huff, Sam-69 Hughes, Christine-69 Hughes, Jenny--69 Ingram, William-69, 249, 258 Irby, Charlott-69, 225 Jackson, Vicki-70, 183, 184, 185, 136, 235, 227 Jacobs, Jan-70 Jennings, David-60 Jessie, Jo Ann-70 Johnson, Gerry-70 Johnson, Linda-70 Johnson, Paula-71, 224, 2 Jonas, David-71 Jones, Anthony-71 Jones Jeanee-71 Jones, Kathy-71 Jones, Linda-71 Jones, Terry-71 Jordon, Vicki-71 Jung, Ronnie-72 Kasberg, Johnny-72, 217 25 Keele, Sharon-72, 264 Kelsey, John-72, 264 Kent, Cheryl-72 Kerner, Jan--72, 196, 198, 225 Killion, Susan-72, 246, 248, 258 Kinser, Berdena-72 Kirpatrick, Ronnie-72 Kite, James-72 Knowles, Ernie--73, 242, 265 Lander, Chris-73, 242, 244, 264 Laster, Marvin-73 Leamons, Betty-73, 196, 224, 225 Lewis, Paula-73 Lewis, Scott-73, 186, 193 Lipps, Linda-73, 212 Little, Pamela-73 Littlefield, Barbara--73 Long, Jessie-73 Lopez, Robert-74, 253 Luna, Johnny--74, 66, 264 Mabery, David-74 Marks, Charlotte-74 Marshall, Mike-74 Martin, Donna-74 Martin, Garry-74, 212 Mauldin, Sharon-74, 285 Mayfield, Cheryl-74 Mc Analy, Doris-74 Mc Arthur, Diane-74, 161, 196, 199, 245 Mc Commas, Ricky-74 Mc Coy, David-74 Mc Coy, Susan-74, 235, 248, 251,253,258 Mc Gee, Nedda-75 Mc Kerrigan, Robert--75 Mc Swain, Donny-75 Meeks, David-75 Midgett, Mike-75 Miller, Brenda-75, 190 Miller, Nita-75 Mitchell, Brenda-76, 256 Mitchell, Douglas-76, 235 Mitchell, Ted-76 Mobley, Pat-76 Morale, Kathie-76 Morton, Brenda-76 Moss, Pam-76, 84, 95, 150, 155, 199, 196, 216, 232, 242, 245 Myers, Kathy-77, 225, 232, 248,258 Nash, Elaine-77, 240 Nation, Gerald-77, 188 Nelson, Danny-77, 284 New, Wayne-77, 156, 248 Nichols, Byron-77, 248, 251 Oakes, Wanda-77, 251 Orr, Tom-77, 87, 133, 158, 232, 242 Park, Scott--77, 235, 240, 254 Patrick, Rhenae-78 Patterson, Pam-78, 181, 184, 185, 225 309 Paul, Bonnie-78, 246 Paulos, Henry-78 Payton, Robert-78 Pearce, Paul-78 Peavler, Ann-78 Perriman, Scottie-78, 190, 196,227 Peterman, Sherry--78, 227 Pevehouse, Reta-79, 187, 225,249 Pickett, Barry-79, 155, 208, 242,254 Pike, Mike-79, 206 Pitts, Vicki-79 Poore, Nita--79 Pope, Darlene-79, 232 Potter, Kathy-80 Power, Peggy-80, 196, 240 244,254 Prewitt, Buddy-80 Prock, Martha-80, 214 Puckett, Doris-80 Pyles, Linda-80, 181, 184 Quinn, Debbie-80, 253 Raines, Joyce-81 Raines, Rusty-81 Range, Lynn-81, 225, 251, 284 Robinson, Danny--82, 231, 278 Adams, Alan-105 Adams, Larry--105 Alexander, David-105 Allen, Coy-105 Allen, joe-105 Anderson, Judy-105 Anderson, Nancy-105 Antwine, Mary-105 Ausbrook, Tommy-105 Axe, Mary-105 Aycock, Sharon-105, 211, 220,225 Bailey, Ronnie-105 Bailey, Wilson-105, 210 Baker, Cynthia-105, 189, 190, 232 Bateman, Bethena-105, 196 Bates, Gail-105 Battle, Richard-105, 251 Beaver, Jim-105 Beckett, jimmy-105 Beeson, Douglas-105, 184 185, 181 Birket, Steve-105 Blackwell, Robert-106 Blake, Corey-106 Blakeway, jere-106 Blankenship, Jo-106 Blasingame, Rickey-106 Bootley, Ada-106 Bobo, David-106 Bond, George-106 Banner, Charles-106 Boren, Johnny-106 3l0 Robinson, Linda-82 Rogers, Gary-82, 287, 289 Rosenbaum, Benny-82 Row, jimmy-82 Rudolph, Harold-82, 232, 242,250,255 Russell, Carl-82 Russom, Coletha-82, 190 RuWe,CnuU-82,158,21L 225,251 Saulters, Donald-82 Sawyer, Gary-83 Sawyer, jean-83, 196, 227 Sawyer, Ronnie-83 Schuler, Rick-83 Scott, Jonie-83, 84, 160, 196,225,247,248,200 Scott, Mike-83 Seaton, Marcia-84, 194, 196, 219 Sewell, Robert-85, 154, 232, 242,243,249,258 Shepperd, Sue-85, 235, 251 Smith, jimmy-85 Smith, Kenny-85 Smith, Mary-85 Smith, Virginia-85, 194 Smoot, Richard-85, 162, 217, 232, 240, 244 Spanhel, Cynthia-85, 186, 249,251,258 Spencer, Gerald-86, 164, 212 Sprain, Pat-86, 189, 227, 246, 258 Starns, Billy-87, 157, 242, 254, 263 Stone, Janis-86 Story, Susan-86, 225 Stout, Eva jo-86 Stroud, Mike-87 Sutton, Chandra-87 Taff, Julia--87, 240, 244 Talley, Mike-87, 186 Thorne, Joe-88 Thrasher, Billy-88 Toney, Glen-186, 193 Toppings, Joe-88 Townsend, Janie-88, 196 Tucker, Darrell-88, 172, 213,246,258 Turner, Dean-88, 208, 210 Tussy, Marsha-89 Urback, Murrey-89, 219 Vance, jimmy-89, 212 Varchetto, Lucille-89, 228, 249 Vaughn, Mitzi-89, 206 Vernon, Trudy-89, 196, 225 Vickery, Sharon-89, 225 Juniors Bouton, Joe-106 Boyd, Charlotte-106, 196, 251 Brackett, Roger-106, 207 Bradford, jo-106 Branch, Brenda-106 Branning, Shirley-106, 190 Bantley, Mike-106 Brewer, Jean-106 Brittoin, Steve-106 Brummett, Darlene-106 Buchanan, Joe-106, 207 Bunch, Elaine-106 Bunch, Mike-106 Bunzel, Dave--106, 212 Burleson, James-106, 232 Burnaman, Peggy-106 Burnsed, Wanda-106 Bursby, Shari-106 Butler, Louise-106, 232 Calk, Dorothy-106, 237 Call, Beckie-106, 210 Call, Vickie--106, 214 Callenius, Pam--106, 186, 196 Cameron, Janie-106 Campbell, Nancy-106 Cormack, Murrell-106 Carney, Linda-106, 196 Casey, Carolyn-106, 160, 181,184,186,219 Cawthon, Rhonda-106 Chandler, Sharon-106 Chanslor, Fred-107, 240 Childress, Ann-107, 240 - Clark, Eddie-107 Clark, Gary-107 Clark, Randy-107, 167, 232, 243, 255, 265 Clopton, Mike-107 Coates, Bobbie-107 Cockrell, Carolyn--107, 251 Colbert, Debbie-107, 194 Colburn, Susan-107 Coldwell, Margaret-107, 181,182,183,201,21i 232 Cole, Carolyn-107 Coleman, jo Anh-107, 249 Collum, Beth-107 Combs, John-107, 210 Cook, Gary-107 Cooper, Candy-107, 202, 228 Core, Fredda-107, 196 Cox, jerry-107 Crain, Victor-107 Crane, Nancy-107 Crosby, Bobby-107 Crouch, jackie-107, 194, 214 Crow, Susan-107 Crump, Barbara-107 Cull, Billy-107 Culwell, David-107, 165, 174, 243, 265 Dale, James-108 Davis, Charles-108, 186, - 187, 193 Davis, Kathy-108 Davis, Tommy-108 Waldron, Mike-89 Wall, Shelia-90, 159, 186, 188,201,217,232,244 Wallace, Earl--90, 193, 213 Wallace, Hal-90, 244, 251 Welch, Lowell-92 Wells, Kitty-92, 196 Whalin, Greg-92, 235 Whitaker, Carla-92 , White, Terry-91, 181, 184 Wigington, Jim-91, 251 Wilfred, Teresa-91 Williams, Jay-91 Williams, joseph-91 Williams, Shari-93, 188, 193, 196, 242 Willis, Tim-93 Winter, Jo Ann-93 Womack, Steve-93, 244, 24 Wood, Chip-93, 217, 240, 275,278 Worth, Mary--94 Wright, Alan-94 Wright, Debbie-94 Wyrick, Marilyn-93, 227, 249,258 Yarbrough, Gary-94 Yates, Betha-94 Young, David--94 Zickgraff, Linda-94 Davis, Vicki-108 Day, Ted-108, 267 Day, Veta-108, 196 Dickson, Judy-108 Dowell, Pat-108, 186 Drown, Terri-108, 196 Duckworth, Mike--108 Dugger, Debra-108 Duke, Cathy--108 Duncan, Cecilia-108, 196 Duncan, Linda-108 Dygvig, Gary-108 Eagle, Debbie-108 Echols, Janelle-108, 251 Edward, Barbara-108 Eller, Robin-108, 186 Erwin, David-108 Eubanks, Lana-108 Evans, Jan-108 Fain, john-108 Fair, Debbie-109 Fairless, Donna-109 Favors, Glenda-109 Feagin, Linda-109, 181, 18 184,186 Ferguson, Barbara-108 Ferris, Lynn-109 Fipps, Guy-109 Finch, Linda-109, 186, 22 Floyd, Vicky-109, 194, 25 Ford, Henry-109 Foster, Wayne-109, 265 Fowler, james-109 Frazier, Don-109 Frederick, Gretta-109 rizzelle, Ben-109 uller, Nerlene-109 arrison, Cheryl--109 atlin, Bobby-109, 186 ay, Karen-109, 186 aczoll, Bodo-109 ermany, Bobby-109 ibbons, Dennis-109 ibbs, Henry-109 illispie, Pat-109 ipson, jack-109, 268 oodman, Betty-109, 186, 225 racy, Jessie-109, 270 ray, Cindy-109 ray, Phillip-109 reen, Dick-109 riffin, Debra-109, 249 rissom, Mike-109 rubbs, Eddie-109 acker, Cathy-109, 220 'Iainline, Martha-110 -lall, jane-110, 194 -lamilton, Sylvia-110 -Iammond, Lord--110, 186 -lancock, Terry-110 -Iarmon, Glen-110 elarmon, Mary-110 -Iarren, Barbara-110 -Iarris, Dennis--110, 186, 193 Tlarris, Kathy-110, 232 +Iarry, Carolyn-110 iart, Mike-110 arwell, Linda-110 atler, Penny-110 atley, Lena-110 awkins, Thomas-110 ead, Donnie-110, 287, 289 eady, Elaine-110 elton, Bonnie-1 1 1 errin, Brad-1 1, 265 Hickman, Lynn-111 ightower, Larry-1 1 1 ill, George-111, 181 ines, Sherry-1 11 inshaw, Joel-11 1 olt, Becky-1 1 1 ook, Sal--1 1 1 opkins, Doug-111, 265 ouston, Don-111, 232 outs, Kati-1 11, 2 5 1 owald, Bill-111 oward, David-1 1 1 oward, Mike-11 1 oyle, Kay-1 1 1 udgins, Robert-1 1 1 udson, Susie-111, 2 14 ughes, Brenda-1 1 1 unter, Ronny-1 1 1 utchins, C.-1 1 1 enburg, Pam--111, 186 ackson, Charles-111, 181, 185 ackson, Glenda-111, 196, 228 . ckson, Sally-111, 186, 196, 228, 250 jaynes, Deborah-111 job, Sammie-112 Johnson, Alvan-112 Johnson, Diane L.-112 johnson, Donna-112 johnson, Jimmie-112, 193, 232 Jones, Brenda-112 Jones, Carolyn-112 jones, Debbie-112 Jones, Janice-112, 194, 229 Jones, Keele, Josephine--112 James-112, 186, 193 Kegans, Dorothy-112 Kennedy, Martha-112 Kennedy, Mary-112 Kent, Cindy-112, 216 Kinat, Fred-112, 208 Kindle, Margaret-112, 220 Kite, Jeanne-112 Kostue, Ricky-112 Kyles, Shirley-112 Lamb, Gordon-113 Lander, Lindeen-105, 113, 166, 174, 202 Laster, Tommy--113, 166, 174, 265 Legg, Cherri-113 Lewis, Jerry-113 Lewis, Mike--113 Lewis, Stephen-113 Lierman, Beverly--113 Lilley, Gloria-113, 251 Little, Gary-113 Locklear, Frances-113, 222, 232,240 Lollie, janet-113 Long, Janie-113 Long, Terry-113 Lynn, Nita-113, 197 Maddox, Johanna-113 Malone, Lynda-114, 249 Marks, jimmy-114 Marshall, David-114 Martin, Judy--114, 219 Martin, Judy-114, 217 Martin, Randy-114 Maston, Kay-114 Maston, Sandra-114 Mayabb, Mike-114 Mc Anally, William-114 Mc Callum, Rita-114 Mc Commas, Phillip-114 Mc Connell, Linda-114 Mc Cormick, Betty-114, 186 Mc Entee, Betty-114 Mc Gowan, Shirley-114 MC Nutl, Judy-114 Meazle, Gail-114 Medlin, Doug-114 Melrose, Ronnie-114 Murle, Patti-114 Metcalf, Merry-114, 197, 227 Miller, Beki-114 Miller, Irwin-114 Mills, Robert-114 Mitchell, Phyliss-114 Mitchell, Royce-114 Montgomery, Gary-114 Moore, Carman-114, 228 Moran, jared-114 Morgan, Patricia-114, 197 Morris, Billy-114 Morris, George-115 Morris, Robert-115 Moseley, Brenda-115, 228 Muller, Pamela-115, 235 Nance, Bill-115, 184, 186 Nation, Diane-115, 184, 186 Nevil, Veronica-115, 190 Newhouse, Larry-115 Noska, Carla-115 Odell, Cindy-115 Oclle, Cheryl-115 Odom, Randy-115, 186 Oglesby, john-115, 289, 290 Ondeck, Pamela-115 Oneal, Johnnie-115 Parker, Monroe-115 Patman, Janell-116 Patrich, Ronnie-116 Patterson, Patricia-115, 189 Patton, Kathy-116 People, Gary-116, 186 Perez, Ernest-116 Pickett, Vicki-116, 227, 228 Pierce, Jan-116 Pierce, Larry-116 Percy, Linda-116, 227 Pike, Richard-116 Pippen, Ruby-116, 243, 255 Pittsinger, Keith-116 Plunk, Evelyn-116, 181, 184 Poole, Cathy-116, 190 Rasey, Sandra-116 Rasur, Kenny-117 Ray, Sharon-117 Read, David--117 Reavis, Bill-117 Record, Mike-117 Rector, Tina-117 Rector, Sam-117 Reed, Janie-117, 167, 197 Rickman, Sherron-117 Ritter, Jimmy-117 Robinson, Becky-117 Robinson, Gary-117 Rose, Debra-117, 197 Ross, Peggy-117 Rowden, Emilyn-117 Rushing, Charles-117 Russell, Vance-117 Sams, Scotty-218 Sanders, Villie-117 Schmidt, Reggie-117, 186, 213 Schmidt, Ricky--117, 267 Sebastian, Benny-117, 210 Shape, Sandy-117, 197 Sharp, Connie-117 Sheets, Sharon-117 Shortnaty, Billy-118 Shick, Linda-118, 232, 213 Shilling, Elaine-118 Simms, Sammy-118, 181 Simons, Geraldin-118, 181 Singleton, Gary-118, 249 Smith, Becky-118, 183, 184, 185, 228 Smith, Billy-118 Smith, Sherry-118 Snow, Don-118 Sosbee, Ann--118, 181, 184- Spath, Betty-118 Speake, Sue-118 Spears, Ronnie-118 Spradley, Donna-118 Spradlin, Gail-118 Sprecher, Ken-118 Spurgin, Glenda-118 Stafford, Richard-119 Steele, Donna-119 Stles, Eddie-119 Stokes, Charles-119 Struck, Rhoda-119, 197 Tapp, Peggy--119, 190, 197 Tawney, Darell-119 Taylor, Barry-119 Thompson, Ricky-119 Thompson, Roy--119 Totten, Mike-119 Trussell, Carol-119 Turner, joquetta-119 Turner, Karen-119, 197, 227 Turner, Kathy-119 Turrentine, Mike-119 Urbach, Sherry-119 Vandagriff, Linda-119 Van Wart, John-120 Vanderslice, Wayland--119 Vanduser, Craig-120 Vella, Lillian-119 Viden, Tery-120 Voyles, Jeanne-120 Wade, Donald-120 Walden, Steve-120 Walker, Edward-120 Wilson, Steve-121, 186, 193, 194 Windham, Ronnie-122 Winsett, Gene-122, 212 Winsett, James-122, 181, 184,201 Wally, Paula-121 Wolverton, Debra-122 Wood, jay-122, 189, 216 Wooldridge, Jay-122 Wren, Roy-122 Wright, David-122 Wright, Donald-122 Wright, Shirley-122 Wyatt, jack-122, 207 Yatts, Charles--122 Yeager, Rick-122 Yates, Paula-122 Yeager, Mike-122 Young, Mike-122, 186, 195, 213 Zaidle, Danny-122 Zelder, Gene-122 Zercher, Vicki-122, 232 3ll Adair, Francis Kay-125, 190 Alcorn, Brenda-125, 220 Alexson, Barbara-125 Alexander, Nancy-125, 220 Alexander, Peggy-125, 190, 214 Alexander, Susan-125 Anderson, Carla--125 Anderson, Gail-125, 220, 250 Anderson, Karen-125, 237 Anderson, Vicki-125 Anderson, Janie-220, 223, 250 Angel, Woody-125 Anstett, Fred-125 Arellano, Guadalupe-125 Arellano, Lupe-125 Arey, Jennifer-125, 204, 205 Austin, Jenny--125, 220, 228 Averre, jimmy--125 Baggett, Sharon-125, 220 Baker, David-125, 186, 193, 194, 232 Baker, Johnny-125 Baker, Judith Anne-125, 190 Baker, Robert-125, 184, 185, 181 Barfield, Douglas-125 Barnes, Barbara-125, 186, 211 Baskin, Kathy-125 Beach, johnny-125, 281 Beatty, Cindy-125, 220 Beck, Alvin-125, 186, 195 Bellows, Joe Wayne-125, 181 Bennett, Fred-125 Bennett, Mary Ann-125 Bentley, Adrienne-125, 181 Biggs, Mike-125 Bigham, David-125, 273 Blakely, Bill-125 Blakely, Neil-125, 273 Bland, Donald-126 Blanton, Mike-126, 209 Bledsoe, Michael-126, 186, 193, 232 Bolton, Charles David-126 Bond, Gail-126, 220 Bond, Lorrie-126 Border, David+181, 183, 184, 185 Boulware, Allen-126 Bourek, Vicki-126, 181, 184,185 Bowling, Jimmie-126 Boyd, Donald-126, 228 Boyd, Speedy-126 Bradley, joe--126, 273 Branning, jean-126, 190 Brazell, Karen-126 Breedlove, Woodrow-273 Broussard, Freddie-126, 273 Brown, Ken-126 Brownlee, Bobby-126 Bryant, Bill-126 3l2 Sophomores Buford, Aaron--126 Bunch, james-126, 209 Burk, Donald-126, 273 Burnett, Susan-126, 220 Butler, Mark-126 Byrd, Kathy-126, 190 Cagle, Debbie-126 Cannon, Dana-126, 209 Cannon, james-126, 208 Carpenter, Debra-126 Carraway, Beth-126, 181, 184,185,186 Carrigan, Don-126, 194, 232, 240 .Carroll, Peggy-127, 181, 214 Carter, Carey-127, 194, 287, 288 Carter, Judy-127 Carter, Melissa-127, 190 Casteel, Patty-127, 220 Casteel, Rhonda-127 Castle, Brenda-127 Cauley, Gary-127 Cawood, Oweta-127 Chaffin, Paula-127 Chandler, Sheila-127, 220 Chappell, Donna-127, 181, 184 Christian, Joe-127 Christopher, Barbara-127 Clark, Gary-127 Cob, Ouida-127 Cobern, Kathy-128 Cockrell, Ann-128, 250 Colbert, Edward-128 Cole, Donna-128 Coleman, Bruce-128 Coleman, Lupia-128 Combest. Travis-128 Combs, David-208 Commons, David-128, 181 Connell, Susie-128, 220 Cook, Jerry-128 Cooper, Dee-128, 223 ' Cooper, Kathy-128, 191, 220 Corley, Johnny--128, 193 Cormack, Mary-186 Cornwell, Cathy-128, 181, 184 Costello, Mary-128 Coursey, Richard-128 Coythran, janet-128, 220 Covington, Carl-128, 281 Cox, Molly-128 Craig, Muriel-128, 186, 227 Crane, Ronald-128, 209 Crawford, Jonie-128 Critz, Mike-128 Crafford, Sharron-128, 216, 220 Crumbley, Julia-128 Crumpton, Tommy-128, 186, 193 Cunningham, Lynn-216 Currie, Fanny-128 Curry, Dave-129 Cutler, Vicki-129, 220 Dancer, Keith-129, 194 Darby, Terry-129 Davenport, Gary--129, 232, 273, 281 Davidson, Richard-129 Davis, Debbie-129, 220 Davis, Greg-129, 281 Davis, Judy-129, 220 Davis, Mike-129, 209 Davis, Robert-129 Davis, Sandy-129, 190, 216 Day, Carla-129, 220 Deberry, Regina-129, 220 Decker, Regena-129, 237 Desporte, Mona-129 Desporte, Ronald-129, 194 Dial, Monty-129 Dickson, Bobby-129, 209 Dorris, Randy-129 Drain, Judy-129 Drum, Jody-129, 228 Duckworth, Carmaine-127 Duckworth, Danny-129 Duke, Dennis-129, 250 Dunbar, Etta-129 Dungan, Mark-129, 273 Dunlap, Charlotte-129, 181, 211 Dunlap, Dianne-129 Dunn, Boyd-129 Dunning, Suellon-129, 190, 220, 250 Dunston, Sandy-129 Duyck, Lanny-209, 281 Dye, Carolyn-129 Dykes, jack-120, 186, 193 Eastwood, Gary-129 Edmondson, Edwin-130 Edmondson, Mike-130 Elliott, Lacresha-130 Englebretson, Chuck-130, 273 Essary, Eddie-130, 194, 212 Etgen, Sara-130 Evans, Mike-130 Fast, Gerald-130, 186, 193 Felder, Cathy-130, 250 Ferguson, Gay--130, 220 Ferris, Dianna-130 Field, jerry-130 Fields, Ronniee-130 Fisher, Janis-130 Flanagan, Billy-130 Floyd, Johnny-130, 194, 237 Floyd, Linda-130 Folsom, Donald-130, 186, 193 Forbes, Renee-130 Ford, Mike-130 Ford, Rex-130, 232, 273 Forman, Greg-130, 273 Fort, james-130 Fort, Richard-130 Foster, Roger-130 Faules, Beverly-130 Frazier, Rene-130, 220 Freeland, Cindy-130, 220 Friend, Kathy--130, 181 Fuller, Deloris-130 Furgason, Loris-130 Furrah, Sandra-131 Gacey, Stephen-131 Gallion, jimmy-131, 216 Garner, Kenny-131, 181, 185 Garrison, Jackie-131, 273 Garza, Lupe-131 - Garza, Mary-131 Garza, Rose-131 Gay, Mike-131 Gaylor, Sharon-131 George, Toni-131 Gibbs, David-131 Glover, Larry-131 Glodina, Karen-131 Goodson, Silvannah-131 Gracy, Ronald-131 Gray, Fred-131 Greening, Iverson-131 Griffin, Deborah--131 Griffith, joel-131 Griffith, Mary-131, 220, 22 Groover, Dennis-131 Guess, Bruce-131, 193 Guzman, Cora-131 Hainline, Henry-131, 273 Halbert, Coleen-132, 220 Halbrook, Wayne-132, 273 Haliday, Liz-132 Hall, Corky-132, 273 Hall, Sharon-132 Halpin, Ellen-132 Hamill, Clifford-132 Hamilton, Debbie-132 Hamm, Terry-132 Hammack, Debbie--132 Hammerle, john- 132, 273 Hammersmith, john-132 Hammons, Steve-132 Hamptin, Lynn-132, 181, 214 Hargis, Donna-132, 220 Hargrove, Cheryl--132 Harkins, Donna-132, 220 Harp, Donald-132 Harp, Donna-132 Harper, Carla-132, 214 Harper, Debbie-132, 223 Harpold, Douglas-132 Harris, johnny-133, 180, 213 Harris, Larry-133 Harris, Marcy-133 Harrison, Clinton-133 Harrison, Kathy--133 Harrison, Larry-133, 181 Harvey, Debbie--133 Harstrom, Mike-133 Hart, james-133, 273 Hataway, Billy-133, 186, 193 avens, Mike-133 eady, Debbie-133, 220 eaton, Jimmy-133 endricks, Kent-133, 273 enning, Charles-207 enning, Wayne-133, 209 enry, Sharon-133, 220, 237 eslee, Ernie-133 enson, Rosemary-133 errin, Jerry-133 errmann, Albert-133 erron, Don-133, 194 esselberg, Pam-133 ibben, Wayne-133 icks, Stella-133 ill, Ronnie-133 ines, Don-133 inton, Sheila--133 itt, Darrell-133 itt, Charles-133 'x, Vicki-133 bbs, Don-133 lland, Mike-134 llington, Robert-134 lt, Varshia-134 ward, Patti-134 we, Nancy-134 ghes, Vicki-134, 220, 224 es, Jill--134, 181, 184, 190 es, Mike-145 hnson, Brenda-134 hnson, Sharon-134 hnson, Nancy-134 es, Durward-134, 220 es, Hal--134 ttes, David--134 ylor, Tina-134, 220, 250 lley, joe-134 lsey, Don-134 y, Ronnie-134 yles, Steve-134, 194 Cld, Keith-155 ndle, Vicki-135 ng, Donna-135, 220, 224 ng, Roger-135, 181 143 rby, Gary-1 3 5 rkham, Ralph-1 3 5 mb, Penny-1 3 5 nclres, Rick-135 nston, Chip-135, 181 nham, Charlotte-135 wson, Bill-135 vitt, Katherine-135, 250 Mackey, Ronald-136 Magee, Roy-136 Maham, Jackie-136 Maples, Steve-136, 181 Marable, Cynthia-136, 220, 237 Marrs, Diana-136 Martin, james-136 Morris, Donna-138 Morrow, Robbie-138 Nall, Mark-138 Nash, Evelyn-138 Neal, Eddie-138 Neal,l.. C.-138 Newmith, Gary-138 Newman, Greg-138 Nichols, Glen-138, 250 Nolan, jerry-138, 169, 175 Nowell, Dena-139 Nowell, Scott-139 Obrient, Karen-139, 185, 186 Odonald, William-139 Odum, Bobbie-138, 237 Oliver, Cynthia-139, 219 Overall, Alice-126, 139, 168, 204, 205 Owens, Diane-139 Owings, Susie-139 Pa, Bob-139 Palmer, Lindia-159 Parker, Margaret-139, 214 Paschal, Greg-181, 186, 232 Pate, Beverly-139, 181 Patrick, Barry-139 Patterson, Bobby-139 Patterson, Laura-139 Patterson, Randall-139, 181 Patton, Joyce-139, 186 Patty, Ann-130, 186, 181, 184 Paul, Bobby-139 Paul, Delana-139, 181, 184, 185 Paul, Whitley-147 Paxton, Kitty-139, 181 Peacock, Ricky-139, 208, 210 Pierce, Kathy-223, 228 Pittman, Vicki-139, 220, 250 Range, Caren--140 Rector, Marsha-140 Redd, Lanny-140, 194 Reed, Elaine-140 Reese, Ethel-140 Reeves, Cindy-140, 220, 237 Reeves, Ronald-140 Renfro, Sherry-140 Reynolds, Debbie-140 Rhine, Eva-140, 228 Rhoades, Charlotte-141 Richards, Carolyn-141 Richards, Leshia-141 Richarz, Cindy-141, 220 Roan, Steve-141 Roberts, james-141, 194 Roberts, Mickey-141, 181, 186 Robinson, Connie-141 Robinson, Joann-141, 228 Rodgers, Rickey-141 Row, Paulette-141 Rowland, Denny-141, 287, 288 Salter, Ginger-141 Samuel, William-141 Sanchey, Irma-141, 220 Saunders, Barbara-141, 220 Schreiber, Gail-142, 220 Scott, Andy-142 Scott, Kay-142, 220 Scott, Sandy-142, 220, 250, 225 Seay, joan-142 Seegan, Joe-142 Self, Billy-142 Shadix, Richard-142, 209 Shaw, Henry-142 Shelton, Annette-142 Shick, Billy-142, 186 Short, David-142 Shugart, Jackie-142 Simms, Ronald-142 Six, Mary-142, 181 Smith, Cole-143 Smith, Don-143 Smith, Susan-143, 216, 220 Smith, Vickie-143 Smoot, Gene-143, 194 Snell, Deana-143 is, Cindy-135, 220 is, Denise-135, 220 is, Lamar-135 tle, Rickie-135 yd, Terri-135, 220, 237 ckhar, Gena-135 ckhart, Janice-220 an, Debbie-136, 181 pez, Sandy-136 ez, Walter-136 e, Maiorie--136 'ell, Terry-136 en, Andy-136 a, Donny-136 Plate, Karen--139, 181, 184, 229 Plate, Kathy-139, 131, 194, 232 Pluebell, Edwin--139 Plumlee, Brenda-139 Plumlee, Elizabeth-139 Snow, Brenda-143 Somers, Vicki-143 Spence, Randy-143 Staton, junior- Plumlee, Vicki-159 Plunk, Sam-140, 275 Pochrus, Glenda-140, 181, 216 Poetschke, Roy-140 Pollard, Deanna--140, 220 Pollard, Rita-140 Prue, Wayne-140 Pruitt. Chuck-140, 275 Puckett, Mary-140, 216 Pullen, Bill-140 Raney, Larry-209 Raney, Ty-140, 209 Steele, Kennth-143 Steely, Tom-143 Stegner, Deby-143, 190 Stewart, Billy-144 Stewart, Dewayne-144 Storie, Roy-144 Stroud, Linda--144, 181 Sullivan, Tim--144 Sumrow, Steve-144, 237, 255 Talley, Anita-144 Talley, Daren-144 Taylor, Debbie-144 Teer, jack-144 Thomas, David-145 Thomas, Ronald-14,5 Thomas, Karen-145 Thompson, Suzanne-145 Thurman, Lorrie--145 Tillett, Donald-145 Tomlinson, Shirley-145 Trammell, Allen-145, 186 Trevathan, Billy-145, 180 Trevino, Mike-145 Trousdale, Ann-145, 181 Tullos, Vickie-145, 220, 250 Tucker, Richard-145 Turner, Charlotte-145 Turner, Cynthia-146, 186, 220 Varchetto, Valerie-146 Vargesko, Darrell-146 Vaughan, C. E.-146, 186, 193 Vaughn, Debbie-146 Vazauez, Lydia-146 Vert, Donna-146, 220, 237 Vines, Herbie-146 Valker, Mary-146 Walker, Jean-146 Walker, jerry-146, 190 Wall, Mike-146 Wallace, Dale-146, 208 Wallace, Dale-146, 220 Wallace, Roy-146 Ward, Crystal-146, 181, 186 Watford, Dixie-146, 232 Weber, jay-146 Weeks, William--181 Wells, Ted-146 West, james-146, 209 Whalin, Garry-146 Wheat, Candy-146, 220, 232 White, Raymond--146 White, Sam-147 Whitson, Cindy-147 Wigington, Donna-147 Williams, David-147 Williams, james-147 Williams, Jody-147, 181 Williams, Mike-147 Williams, Nolan-147 Williams, Paula-147, 220, 225 Williams, Susan-147 Willis, Fammie-147 Willis, Ted-147 Wilson, James--147 Wilson, Karen-147, 181 Winn, Scott-147 Winterbauer, Terry--147, 273 Wisdom, Kathi-147, 220 Withrow, Patsi-147 Wood, Barbara-147, 181, 229 Wood, Ronald-147 Worley, Brian-147, 186, 281 Wright, Kathy--147, 210 Wyrick, Phylis-147, 225 Yarborough, Glen-147 Young, Carolyn-147 Youngman, Clarence-147, 273 Zachary, Ronald-147 Zedler, David-147 3l3 U pall.. , 61 x K 9 J' ' fe-is yi .fl lll ' 'J I x QV i ll li ,I ' X x l wt ,gl X. X' p c y i ' X X J lt' N SEN' Wx V W Az lug .J :Will e a hurriedly met, and'we, the 1968 OWL'S l -'I Ilst lb sit d ait is the product of our year's work, we can fy a- t ' 7' al i - to e who deserve our thanks for hel in us P P 8 1 D a i le i I " n. ir ge e and assistance have played an unprecedented -- tin 'X sf - 1 0 f this yearbook. Our . : so go to Ralph Cordray, Bill Mayse, Mr. and Mrs. Doc Alle 5, 1 especially to Eddie Lamm, who have helped us with our special ph raphy. Bob Lynch, of Taylor Publishing Co., and his assistants, Tom Harrell, Norman Dowdy and Kerwin Kemp, should also be acknowledged for their help and cooperation throughout the year. We would also like to express our thanks to Principal Gene Hudson and Mr. john Butler. Their help and understanding have been indispensable. Finally, our greatest thanks go to you--the student body of Garland High School. We hope that within the pages of this yearbook you will see your- selves and that it will reflect your memories of GHS for years to come. fl ray b ' U 0 , .2 all v - uld 'ke a thank our advisers, Miss Newkirk and Miss E Artur U Editor-in-Chief 1968 OWL'S NEST 3I4 7 Y 'V 4. --f-,r Qffiwfif Wm X MZQMM 4199 if Qw N 'iff 4 WW lffcwjfffffwf JfwvQv0,wfJLo,iE All QZMW WMU 4 Agvupwbojfdw WAMMM' f WWE lWAwM MWEA Uvmi-p,fQ'-0f'Jv26L me Wfffyigzyfwxgviaflpj may Mg sf? SENT M ii gg SEQ 555255 QAM! -QKEW-ff f CL. gf" f V. , ' ,J 4' , ig QA? , g A . If 4,3 ' 5 i' 1 - 0 r" .' 4 7" , X 'J I A 'gli' i ' 5 ' n . .14 QQ J, I Om , S 11 . A -, EBQLJ ISQQ. f QQ: N' 1 N Q swf' Q Sw M cp X pa wjm-R wr wwywgid W wx 0 Rigs Q M R 2 M? W . l ,z Wu Ffjwfjfi-9'fw'?: f W " ,WW 'f:'N2ff'f'5f"'f W fluff' Qjixvff If I TS' STAN K2 Wwwwwgw Jy 0 Bmw f W 11 mam f WM'M ff -Q. 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Suggestions in the Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) collection:

Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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