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..,,,, ,. -M-ww-. .W-qllnWw,,a1p,W,.,..,Wn- ,fur-,,, Yimwwfq.-wpM,. -Wm-1-3--:za-Y g-1H5,,,4.,,,iS,,,, K t: 3?--7,7,jl5m7Wn?3gm,. 7E7wy3xE it-v.:.?T:i qiwhnfxggyumllvf-.qfpfyivgq-i,T,, 'WL .3 ' A f,--N , V4 A , , ,qi W, 1 , , X.,, H 1 ' 1 f't',w 4,5 ' ' . " 'MG' -,,, CM-:H.",5+ QQ V ' -x -, , 5 'iv-',,,.:', -,471 ',4 N if wi-.3 ,Q ,.,-J, ,.,,g'. , " -- ,. pf?" :wwuj .,K5.':f, ' , A " kv,-1,54w.2'Aa3w"flg5'g qw x . -'5jQw' ,NV v- ml U 333- V? . X ,L WWW 2. MV.: " H' 'JM "Y 'TWT :HT ,N ' v Lg.,-,,' ffy-Am fn , I ,M rm. ww. Ax if-1252 3 -QMQJ . uw NJ 'y,,.'Y,I," ,MAJ ' , ,H ,WZ gp 1 v I W , ,wg N, Jw EEK W 5613 w, . I, J! wg W , . :'. ' ' UK. VM , wi V, "Lf , , ,, ' My X VA ,fM4,f,f , , , A, Q ex XA' if , Q ,gy M421 L:-:MLW ' X W-zu! MI H A J f ZZ? , Nuff x,"'L.',,5.,,, g1m',1iQ,4gi4,? ug' f , ' J M uf, ,w vww-wir'Ls:,m-:fn :M w .. -. -, V f .if 'W'bwp-f'Xp1M:,w'5IV?mgf2,Qfww V . fri, y-m'Wi4'1fT'4bg:g3THQSM Q , ' W -,Q "1f5'+'..,f -JwMQg5?!gf:rg+ " - ' '.a"4 W ,'ff'mv'XTgf,,i"Q1:ga"'3f,.u"f3',', 1 ' W. X -l if-K-4.94:f,'??f'irW'1.f""V r 'A ' , - V' A,,,'21..,,'fv5- .1-'.y.gA,.,M.f uw , ' ' "7 J 4 ,fC"i?1L?'."2'Yn' ry wif.-V,A'lfQ. 1 " ., .1 W '. gf 'gi,,'1,,-' 5 Q. 1 . , . , 1. 1,919 ' I' 52'-4 I .v:.,.,,-, 1. , '51 , ' k ' '5f'Q':f-1:1 -1' f-'!l1,L2,?l5 ' F52 1 - . , .,,.:,,,7.f.'q, .Z . . 1 VK:.5,NA-ifqyq, ,f 1,,,f.,..7.-1g-def,-g.1g:p-QQa,.,1 K, A . .. ,, - kk I I - 'K 4 I' -f . , A G , , A5 . M,,m,m-mwngQ .-,'.-wwwnp Y 1 e ,Yun -,wi E 1 N' 41 i 45 . 3 i f f J Q 1 1 Q .0 0 ,,A x..,-w+f-www-um--w W-Wifi ,Q Garl 7' ? S GHS Always Has Been is X 4 L 3 X ,W 1 1 X Table of Contents Faculty .......................... 12 . . . u 32 ,50 ' 138 Favorites ......... ..... Activities ...... ..... Classes ....... ..... Organizations ...... ..... 1 72 256 A Sports ................ ....... l Advertisements .............. 296 Senior Activities ............. 312 Index ................ ....... 3 19 Afterword ..... ....... 3 26 nd Always Will Be Foreword Garland High School always has lieen and always will he. The first high school in Garland, a log cahin on the hanks of Duck Creek, was huilt around l8fL6. Other buildings have come and gone since that first crude cahine-liut Garland High School has lived on. CHS isnlt a huilcling, or a campus. Garland High School is a heritage of spirit left to each student hotly hy all the student hodies of the past. No matter where our school is, or what it looks like, it will always he Gar- land High School. The l967 Owls Nest Staff has tried to convey just what CHS has heen-is- and always will he. Wie hope that we have succeeded. Becky Key Editor-in-chief l967 Owl's Nest hf,fF,i Y To A Number "All right, children Cut that out and . . . it t r ig- za 1 J f Q fr il a 4 5, x I , gt S 1 r, Ln Q ,- me Q A . 5, L.LL,,, ,, Mos- Who is the man . . . Who led his organization to statewide recognition? . . . affectionately called "The King" by his followers? . . . whose talent and dedication have inspired his students to excellence? . . . whose back is always turned to the audience? . . . who stands out among the person- alities of our school as a helper, a leader and a friend? . . . to whom the 1967 Owl's Nest is dedicated? He is Mr. Jim Henderson, director of the choral department at GHS. SING! I run this shootin' match , li? za ? F t J- if .a 3 K ml I W 'Sh Hard work and drive-that's what makes a first rate choral depart- ment. and, furthermore . . One Man "You fell in what?" . . . remember I AM THE KING!" ' L' W' r V we 515 3. A 1' 22 in V r W' GH Is R 2 if Z 5 New My qu .. kv W Ms' xl Xi M NH 'wifi' W Q ,sf azz Q51 l ,',', 1 7x 2,1 - rf: 5,4 5 . . f g V , ' , 333 N LA fi .,.K-,L: Q I H whim , ' - :-tk'-Q1 - ,x el' 'lk X iw 5 Q X gist? N ,K W3 Q1 wh Mmm .- ax we A ii' " pr 4 , f f ff " I if W, '54 42, , K JW: 9 A " A w f ,-ff' -Wm: .-X 2 rbmwq 4 X4 N A GHS Is -. . . N 1 H -'- ' 1 uf .,- . - I , ., :fig , " -w' n. ' ' , 4.1, , . l v-. .J . . X.: 1 1 'Y . X K ,.,L.W- fgf.,1,g:f' -qsg, . b, , ,if .,-M. - I.. U ? ,lu G U ., . , V -X-h H 4' ,kk ww ,ssl , --a- -, c , .A-'yi' 4' M ' - 1 -- ,' . I ' Qf H , A St - ' q.. 5 pn' ,g .HO . . 1' u A ,, .,,, x 5,7 I Q :VK , .... Z' hh 'aw,:i"'7 ' S K' , . A T? n 1"rL'f ' xg- f. xfi ., fm, .-VV s x 1. 5, 1 - .af . ' E Y - H A Q -:F W.i'-: .fr ii +4 . ' X X . . , . W , "' 1I1' r.... L -L 4 . a ' , - . V' ' ., - if r, A f . . .- A . Q , - N ' J' 5 'F 'F , I -1 K J vnrr 5' - ' ' Q ,:,g,,: , K, . , n iw Y .N,H. W' '15 ' . ' A ' ' - 1- , -', ' ' ' ' ' w. n1nm,.' .1 ,, t ' ,hm my is I . M an z Ll , ' JN - 55 ,ye T Y, u- gli. ,. Y, H -. . ' N Y A ' . .U 'WV' 1 . 'H v. 5, Q. ' .E-.' . , f . ' , Qi A I 4 x M ,s H ' 1 . . 1, X , . ff 4 W .Q . L 'S 5-xg QE" .Q f- 1 K -- xi. . 9, Q 'ff -fx. vw I 'O' , - lp 'W' X Y ,h'w I s n .-v, -s Q - K. 53' V .. tsbixf, , 4 f I, . 1. ,, . . .X . w 1.0 1 H "' 3 1 3 '- v 1 W . 'f' ' . A K --' x ' i I , . ' .'Q.m X M I .1 gm. 6 yr C 5.9 5 . xg 911. . , . J .ia , V .3 Visit.,-V g n K , ' v . j-N 'gy U . .Qfik ffl! ,. K Q . W v . , . ' y. s 4 'wx " ' ', 'vgv' 5' f 1 -"H A F, x Vx' ' ut' ,. 'O ,irlvin ' , 4 - .sd H.: is og. r 3. 5 v. . Q, Iv f , . KZ xtg.. T. cn . 8 :: . -fn.. 3 C , ri 'V Q' ,A 1 ct 'H X :Q -.. 'u K " 11.5 ' . Q ,4 1 gp 6. 's "- iffy ' i --,L 1' 0 ' "X at , F M U K ,. - I ju, 5 vs , 'K 1 UA Vx' adv - 4 1 5 ' P 3 3-',.,E'N.. Q 2 5 1.0.4 , J K is ' ' I ,,, -,Q v 1 . Y - - u A arg av A 5 Q 0' ,S A I '. X r-XT, ,S ,W . "-U' Af! k 1 ' 7 ,. . 1 hah. ,W ", v --' 4 . . " fi 'Q I fi A' ' ' dx' R N' -Q9 ,X L, X.,'.Qg'x4. x. 1 1' 3+ 'gf' 4 3, ,N N 'Q M W ' A Mjtif ' X ' '35 we, xQ7'i'3 ' X WU W ' f I,-'srl' ' J , A ', . ' Bt -if ' If ' Ma, fffigigf. ' 'MM mf M. f ., m4M4Eff'f'6 3' ' -f W 'w ' " 3 'V NL, :Q i , , ff JAX fl ,fi i in W , Y , 'Mfg fy? wk 1 ga 'Z "A , .5 . - h. . 5 9 AE V1 N .., , K. .. V M , K W' . A . ' X, 1 YV ay A V 3 ,Hmif ' . K . 4 Q. , sr 'Q in V 2 ms ? Q -iv X A ', K' in V . .QV 5 E ge . auf Q' . me 5 , ,W , . I ,x ,, Q "" 'JT sf Ng,-1 1, u,,,, , k .f ' :KW- ' x 1 I ,. ' "N" 4-1,1412 na.: QW 1 k N . .N Qs Q WN. , ,W ,',, , . E 'rlll 3 School Board akes Decisions n 1 4 Front row. left to right: Perry Bowen, Marion Williams, A. B. Elliott Second row, left to right: .lim Holland, Elmer Grisham, Jack Shugart. Not pictured, Ross T. Collins. The Garland School Board is the main force which keeps our school system running smoothly. The hoard sets salaries, establishes policies for the students, and provides the establishment with edu- cational facilities. It also evaluates the school sys- tem, and takes care of the financial scale. Mr. Peters and Mr. Holland discuss administrative Superintendents Head School Administration 1 I .5 Q 3 Heading the Garland lndependent School District is Superintendent Glen Couch. As- sisting Mr. Couch are Mr. W. E. Peters and Ralph Sanders. Keeping school records, distributing educational supplies, and pro- viding textbooks are some of their duties. They also supervise building programs. GLEN COUCH, Superintendent l l A mf N W. E. PETERS, Assistant Superintendent RALPH SANDERS, Assistant Superintendent I I 5 I P I , . . S I2 QS 8 I fl Q... .1 ef F Brenda Fagala Jan Cannon Diane Lewis Mr. Hudson Supervises Students And Faculty B. G. HUDSON Principal To the Students of Garland High School We, the faculty, strive to help you develop physically, men- tally, socially and spiritually. It is our hope that you will learn to think independently, experience self-discipline and develop self-reliance. As the years go by, may your faith con- tinue to be founded in love for God, country and truth. I4 It takes integrity, intelligence and a lot of influence to guide the faculty and student body. Mr. Hudson has these three qualities among many oth- ers. He has the authority to control the student body and faculty firmly but with understanding. The last paper after a long day. -0' :cr-M'V'T-9" Assistant Principals Direct Students JOHN BUTLER Assistant Principal N A typical scene of concentra- tion while Mr. Finley does his French homework. BILL FINLEY Assistant Principal John Butler and Bill Finley assist Mr Hudson in his duties. Their main responsi- bility is seeing that students obey the rules They are responsible for student attend- ance, conduct and discipline. Mr. Butler is in charge of juniors and seniors and Mr. Finley is in charge of sophomores. NJ' -6. LOUISE JACKSON MARGAURITE TURNER OMA JEAN BECHTOL Secretary Secretary Registrar Mr. Wright goes over student's records. Secretaries, Mrs. louise Jackson and Mrs. Margaurite Turner, aid the assistant principals and keep the Junior and Sopho- more records. Mrs. Oma Jean Bechtol, Registrar, keeps Senior records and regis- ters new students. Counselors are Mr. Wright and Mrs. Calkins. Keeping a record of absentees is the job of Mr. Durham and Mr. Ponder, visiting teachers. 'Nb Ax RACHEL CALKINS J. R. WRIGHT DAN DURHAM P. J. PONDER Counselor Counselor Visiting Teacher Visiting Teacher Fine Arts Are Well Represented The art department offers several fields of studyg creative arts, com- position, theory, choral work and instrumental development. All of these add to the enjoyment of G.H.S. PAUL BOUREK JEAN CHRISTIAN JIM HENDERSON Band Theme Writing Choir VIVIAN INGRAM GLENNA NEWKIRK FLORENE GRAY Speech Journalism Art I, II, III -'-..,,, my You wrote your term theme on what?! Is it true that Miss Newkirk writes love letters to Napoleon Solo griculture And Industrial Arts Teach Vocational Training Agriculture teaches boys in the fields of farming and taking care of animals. Industrial arts prepare boys for posi- tions in carpentry and other jobs where mechanical drawing is necessary. KENNETH BOONE RAY CARSON PHILIP HANSEN Shop I Agriculture Shop II, III VERNAL LISTER BILLY MOORE BILL STEWART O. D. STRINGER Agriculture Mechanical Dra. Mechanical Drawing Shop and Study Hall ig Q I8 Teachers get together to plot against students. Business Courses Teach Clerical Skills Typing, bookkeeping and short- hand prepare students for jobs in the business world. These courses also prepare students for college. Courses are offered to help future secretaries. These business courses help students prepare for the fu- ture L. B. BRACKEEN BARBARA DAVIS LOUIS HUNT ' General Business Typing II Typing II Commercial Arithmetic Shorthand gf? SUE RODGERS MATTIE SHAID CARRIE LEE SIMPSON Bookkeeping Typing I Typing I s a .s i ' -- A A M' S ii ' , .i s ' M" Miss Hunt and Miss Carpenter relive their trips to Europe. JEAN TROTMAN Shorthand Typing I PATSY WOOD Bookkeeping-Typing I VICKI BAKER English III, IV NAN CARPENTER English IV English Is A Necessary Subject SARA BLACKBURN English II MADGE DANIEL English II HELEN DRAKE English III ELIZABETH DRIVER English II-Art .IO DELMAR English IV MARY DYER English III Speakers at assem- blies show necessity of knowing how to use English fluently to keep an audi- ences' attention. he saw yoil sitting upnthere. English is vital to communication. Eng- lish is a subject that students will use throughout life. It also prepares students who are college bound. t You can tell by the gleam in Mrs. Drakes eye that it is a test SHERRY SANFORD English III Teachers have many leisure hobbies. They range from basketball to creat- ing flower arrange- ments. JOHNNIE HAMILTON HADDIE HILL English IV English II M. L. JOHNSON RUTH LINDBLOM English II-III English I KAREN STABENO POLLY ,TURNER English II- English III Theme Writing 2I Students Learn bout Other Countries Through Foreign Languages Spanish, French, German and Latin are languages that G.H.S. students are trying to learn to speak fluently. For- eign language helps students prepare for college. .IANET BARTO JUDY ROBINSON French I, II Latin I-II English II p n ..,",,.. 1 1 KATHERINE MARY WELLS LINDA WILLIAMS STEPHENS Spanish I, II German I, II Spanish I, II, III Civics 'ei 1 4 MY'-Ins -5 v ' 1 No, Mrs. Robinson, Mary Poppins did not ride a trojan horse. Mrs. Williams may be a Yankee, but she sure has developed Texas habits. 22 French made easy? Home Nursing And Economics Prepare For Future FRAN CALDWELL RUTH ANN HICKS Home Economics Home Nursing 1 f? , . r M RESSIE ISETT SUE LAMINACK Home Nursing Home Economics GHS curriculum prepares young girls for their future roles as homemakers. Three years of Home Ec are avail- able to students. Each year food and clothirg are stud- ied. Home Nursing is offered one semester. It teaches mother and baby care and home emergencies. fi If you can't beat them, Mrs. Caldwell, join them. 1 1 'tt' -ni.. swf' 'im Future Nurses and sponsors, Mrs. T. T. Pickett ilu., 5,, Q-.5-.xx Q4 rrft r iaae L gi Al and Mrs. Ruth Ann Hicks, stuffing envelopes for Tuberculosis Association, only one of their charitable activities. D.E.g I.C.T., nd .O.E. Train Students For The Business World MR. HARELD PURDY Distrihutive Distributive Education Education MR. I. D. RUSSELL NP .. ..., D. E. is sponsored by Mr. Russell and Mr. Purdy. The students in D. E. receive instruction in salesmanship. I.C.T. is sponsored by Mr. Tooke. He trains the students in industrial work. V. O. E., a new organization is sponsored by Mrs. Hightower. The students in V. O. E. are trained in secretarial work. 4 MR. VERNON TOOKE MRS. ELAINE Industrial I-IIGHTOWER Cooperative Training Vocational Office Training 1 Z D.E. takes a lot of studying and cooperation. Hey, we aren't in this class to watch boys! 24 ath Courses Offer A Challenge today. ALTA ALTOM MARSHALL ALTOM, Algebra II, Geometry i Trigonometry Elementary Analysxs Garland offers general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, elementary analyses and several business maths. Math is in- volved in almost every phase of life. It is a vital part of life lf V' rg. f ff 'if-Y'7 PAT MARINEL FRANCIS GAMBLE ARGIROPOULOUS CERWINSKE Geometry Algebra II, Geometry, Commercial Related Math Arithmetic JOY PARKER CLAUDE SQUIER T, L, WILLIAMS Algebra I Related Math II Algebra I, Related Math Two plus two isn't four? , .,,,. 'swirl S 5 25 Physical Education And Library Are Important To Students Physical Education is necessary for students, physical health and fitness. It is stressed by the state and federal governments. The library is an important part of the school. It is useful in hoth learning and teaching. The library is also in charge of films and audio-visual equipment. SHARON ADAIR Dashing Dehs, PE. l ROSEMARY CAUSEY VAN VENABLE JEWELLE P. MARGARET KORIOTH Gold Jackets, P,E, Driver's Training COURTNEY Librarian P.E. Librarian Mrs. Adair at work again. Come on somebody, help her lift that ball 26 Science Betters The Future fi 1' iz as DAVID BABBITT JERRY FLOOK Algebra II Advanced Biology Physics Biology 'Y LESTER HICKMAN VANNAH NANCE JOHN WAGNER Chemistry Biology Biology Physical Science Science is one of the most important fields in the nation. Experiments, proj- ects, etc. are being done to better the future. Physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, advance biology and advance chemistry are science courses being of- fered at G. H. S. Science requires much studying Social Studies Inform Students Yr? 1 ' its-1' ' X , X MARY ARMSTRONG DAN BAILEY American History Economics, Texas History ABE BUSH Texas History, Trainer So'cial Studies help students learn about their present and past heritager Students learn about gov- ernment and men in the present and past. Social Studies help to de- velope students' understanding of the world they live in. wif YL? MARTHA DICKEY World History, NORMA DORSEY American History Civics Civics .IIMMIE STRAIN A. WILLIAMS American History, American History Civics Tennis So Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1942. 28 J ILL SHUGART American History, Civics sf rx GRACE LAGOW American History Aw come one-we know you are not cn Illall JOSEPH BORING Biol0gY, Coach M. LEE KING ommercial Law, Coach BILL YUNG Driver's Training Coach Athletic Skills Are Taught By Our Coaches - , .IOE BROWN ERNIE CUNNINGHAM Driver's Training, Study Hall, Coach Coach C L I MEL THOMAS Chemistry, Coach PAT MITCHELL World History, Coach HIC JIM DODSON Biology, Coach BYRON WILLIS Typing I., P.E., Coach What a team-Owls plus Cunningham! Students Like Cafeteria Workers nf ' 'ft he Top l. to r. Barbara Lavender, Francis Magee, Iris Camathan, Zoe Whitlock, Olive Davis. Bottom: Virginia Pitts, Audrey Donahu Pearl Littlefield, Barbara Cotton, Mildred Boone. 0 if V 3 dig V , , f i"?fF?:f 'iii -- ,, J B ti, gi, 1 4 3 M, i . P P Z 4 , P f "', ' ,V,V ,y , M 'f' P' fair' Zi 'rl Q! ry , Top Z. to r. Betty Bratcher, Ila Dunavant, Neil Bartlett, Ruth Oehlke, Mary Russell. Bottom: Pauline Rogers, Elsie Dyks, Hel Smith, Helen Coyle, Mildred Ethel. 30 Custodians Keep School Clean Left to right: Francis Moss, Homer Kirby, W. B. Kimp, Odis West. Left to right: James Blunt, R. W. Person, James Maroney, Noel Bartly Activities Evalyn Kattes Nancy Miller Susan Killion H Q in A 5 1 E , .... W 3 5 5 ! 1 Li fx .ge 3 2 SE il 1 E Activities 4-J ,, -s 'I W3 i 9 Q , J 3. Km, 5 Spirit runs wild in the G.H.S. pep rallies. Gr V " e?qf,'?e . "... with the hacking of the student body we'll bring home C'mon Bronnie, give me the soaky! another victory." 34 Students get back into the swing of things in SEPTEMBER bw- When the great big Owls go bob bob bobbing along Sophomores get all wrapped up in their class elections The Debs go marching one by one. Hurrah! Hurrah! I'm picking up good vibrations. Old Gwls wif? Exes receive the place of honor at the homecoming pep rally. Never dieg They just Come back For Homecoming . . . OCTOBER kj H oming nominee Martha Ha h d f happiness. Au... Nominees anticip ate the announcement of the '66 Homecoming Queen. ill' -f1Q:., zz ........lA.. f- -' 4 z s Two favorite ex-teachers, Miss Billie Nichols and Mrs. Ella Hickman, can't stay away from G.H.S. homecoming. bk' . 1966 Homecoming Queen and her escort? Tom and Garry bought their Coronation Ball tickets early and avoided the rush. NN N. Holy draftboard! Now they're taking A Cappella members. 3 r X I. x. If 'X ,s A Qiiiliqnugi, ttugngqglluuuuu I-gif Li- .Ai Cheerleaders decorate halls before the Highland Park game. Owlman! and who disguised as Johnnie Bragg, mild-man- nered studentg strikes spirit in the halls of G.H.S. 4-W' 'M t 5 I A In 1 M3 "Ma-a-a-aw" The juniors went crazy trying to sell magazines. 38 Please Louise, let us down! We promise we won't forget our tights again! He's feeling his Cheerios! But Mr. Bourek, it's not me-it's the termites. Sophomore, take 30 lashes! Good Owls learn the 'L3 S's": Spirit, Sportsmanship, and Support. Jerry, will you quit making eyes at Brenda and flip the coin! 40 .. . . . - mm. . Q fe f in N --,.,f,5 -'L ' , The Junior Owls run on the field eager to play football?? ? , an in ' Nh . al, 5 .K r i ,,,,..,, S Senior Nancy Miller dodges an onrushing Junior to gain more yardage Aw, she always gets the hall. X .. xy ,an , Maroba's ears perk up at the sweet sound of victory! Larry, remember your diet! The Powderpuff Game Climaxes the End of the Football Season - OVE BER 'i Y lunior powder puff cheerleaders spread spirit before the game. Mixed emotions fill seniors at the last pep rally. ' ' ?'i ,,.. ,fldfw ff 7,3 , W. Q .s .,,, ,, wg-4 -L ' , .-,f ,VW Q, .f -ff fm .ua . , Y , ,W , I ,,: Q V, J ,M L , .lan Harris radiates the happiness of being chosen F.F.A. Sweetheart. The student body stands as the cherished Alma Mater is sung. 4I 42 Signs of Christmas appear everwhere at G.H.S. Nominees for Cold Jacket Beau and Sweetheart. -x,,gMW4mV - 4"-MMM, DECEMBER 'tis the season to be jolly - Tra, la, la, la . . ff . ' I 0, ":- 1 'A 1 E X'-sky A ' 251 L Q6 '-o 13 Jan Harris, "purtiest" Basketball Queen West of the Pecos! Reinhardt has a difficult time convincing Phyllis to give her toys to the needy children. L, ii'ii f 1? 1 fly-1, . Na Will the real Santa Claus please stand up! N.H.S. Christmas party highlights December She's pretty but she sure can't cook! "This happens every time you forget to wear your Ban!" JANUARY begins with cz bang and . 'ff Ch ief -...N t ' " L' X f f e e, XT. Qs! if x s 1 Q1' f seeetss ' tx ' Q A il. Say Tom, betcha 5 to 1 you and Cherry get! Spf' ' "Tommy", Alta whispers sweetly, "Get your big foot off my toe!" 44 4 "F or one brief moment there was Camelot." E ! t., 3 I h ,lo Beth gets excited over the least little thing. Has anyone seen my bottle? It's about this big! Who says "Beauty is only skin deep? V ff' 1 'Wk ASQ' rf." "1"9"j .1 Dubs hold their first freak-out. Where the heck is the yellow brick road? - ends with a whim er Yabba-dabba-doo! P 45 "Roses are red, Violets are blue. You send me an N.H.S. telegram and I'll send you one too." Danny and Debbie, the 67 Valentine King and Queen, pause for the drink that refreshes. Security is a warm blanket. 46 Cupid aims at numerous activities in . . . FEBRUARY ff p 4 ,.5:1ij"V W ' Q Ei ii f! g Maxie and Donny were chosen A Cappella sweetheart and beau. The eyes of Mr Butler are upon you' "Come on, Cough up the ball!" Thmk Ill huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your Some people will do anything to hide their hair from Mr. Butler! 47 Seniors were measured to see who's really got the biggest head! With the use of clever signs Crews goes cruisin' into the Vice-Presidency of the Student Body. Q iisf 48 fix. " ---- , ---- for ole Garland High!" it Q 1 5 3 s S Robert follows in Marc's footsteps as Student Body Presi- dent. Old NHS Members congratulate the new initiates. lad V5-u 'W , V. o N.. f? dl t ,, law exclaims over his straight "A" report card! F... 5 A,,,,,,,... H 'N "Those termites really do fascinate me." "Put your left elbow in and you shake it all about 11 Susan and Sherry pose with the props for "The Music Man." The cast works diligently on their part in the musical for next month. 49 A . I 4 Classes s Claudia Starns s Renay Hagin s Becky Ewing Classes ll 9 ll f l "' ' 'l Vx N1 K ' aryl " '55 ' i , in 'X ' I V k , h is I K 8 r Wi' 'Nl P 5 Q . Rik r Q 'Na X k r k kgkk A 'axe X 5 ,R ,H 3 QF' K 'Na PR 'M , - his 3 X F N Q Q gi' ' 4 Q -iif A L fy X - Lmi' Y l looe 1 o o ll f r rr EAA, fl bvwfww vs o mn n It .ul 9 3 lf Semor Class Off1CCfS .BR Cindy Lamb, reporter, Phyllis Hodges, secretary, Brenda Perry, "" f- treasurer, George Clayton, vice-president. Ronnie Fong, president. 'Q Q Abney Randy Adams, Benny Alamo, Gary Adams, Linda Akin, Larry Aldemxan, Lee Alexander, Judy Alexander, Lester Allen, Sherry Ames, Cheryl Andreason, Phyllis Anthony, Rupert Appelbee, Sue Amold, Wanda Arrington, Dale Averre, Betty 53 is -'el' '-J Wu-sv' 5 "-O' Bagby Linda Baggett, Sandra Bain, Melanie Baker, James wi ih- Really Celia, you should sleep at night.. Baker, Suzanne Barker, Linda Barnes, Retta Barth, Anne Beach, Jimmy Bean, Pete Beary, Josephine Bechtel, Bill O.K. Donna, we don't have to go downtown. Bennett, Larry Berry, Janice Birt, Carolyn Blain, Mike Bland, Bobbie Blankenship, Bob Blankenship, Keith Blass, Danny Bell, Linda Bell, Melanie Bennett, Becky Bennett, Gary 'O' Nl -,W ,,,.. my L19 """TY WFIV Blount, Nancy Bohannon Ronald n n N 'wi 1, .cv- You did What with your bubble gum 56 Bolton Donna Boverek, Bill Bowling, James Boyd, Phillip XX Boyer, Margaret Brackeen, Carolyn Brackett, Glenda Brady, Dennis Bragg, Johnnie Branch, Larry Bratton, Sandra Breedlove, Steve Brewer, James Brooks, Gerry Brooks, Steve Brossard, Kem: Brown, Barbara Brownlee, Judie Brunson, Loreta Bryan, Jim Bryant, Brenda Bunch, Roy 57 Bunch, Sue Burns, Linda Burrow, Brenda Caldwell, .le1Ty Cannon, Janis Cannon, Johnny Carter, Candy Cartwright, Beverly Q3 Little did Teresa and Johnny know that they would end up as best Owl Spirit! 58 sf 1 'v--'Y Casteel, Steve Castle, Jane Ann Cerinak, John Clanton, Joan loan, WU? nym- gen...- 'H' 'Quai 'WR arf? Y Y"""'l" xg-1 T' 1- 'uv 'X-7 ww we--p nav .-my Clark, Tam Clark, Mike Chandler, Susan Childers, Deborah Childress, Carolyn Childress, Mary Clayton, George Clayton, Teresa Sing along with Bridget! '-..., Cole, Ronald Coleman, Francis Conner, James Cook, David 3' J Cook, .lerry Cook, Sara Cooper, Deborah Cowan, Bill Crimm, Mike Culpepper, Brenda Culver, Linda Curtis, Bert Darling, Jennifer Dawkins, Richard Day, Donna Davis, Andrew Davis, Frank Davis, Franklin Davis, Gail Davis, Jackie Davis, Linda Kay Davis, Patty Davis, Ronnie Davis, Tommy Decker, .lerry Denney, Bebhie Denney, Roland Dennis, Benny Will the senior section please give me your attention? Dennis, Walter Dennis, Willard Dewey, Saundra Dicus, Chuck Dingenthal, Diane Dismore, Pat Dixon, Debbie Drane, Sherrie Duncan, Nancy Duckworth, Denise Duckworth, Linda Dungan, .lo Beth Dunlap, Jimmy Duyck, Larry Easley, Craig Edington, Barbara Edwards, Kenneth Eldridge, .lill Estes, Audrey OH, those dreaded days of Senior English. ,,..-1 Hin id Evans Ray Evans Sherrle Everett James , wmv Qf WY Ni' Evins, Bruce Ewing, Becky Fagala, Brenda Farmer, Patricia 63 Farrow, Judith Faucett, Dean Favors, David Feagin, Clyndle Felder, Marc Ferris, Gary Fleeup, Rebecca Fisher, Rodger The intelligent side of Jimmy Beach! A 3 '.,, ,, Flowers, Ken Folsom, Vicki Folstadt, Maraba Fong, Ronnie ,. 'fi wwf' if 1122? Fowler, Gary Franklin, James Frey, Sandra Gammon, Ronnie Garrett, Mary Garrison, Dora Gaylor, Garry Gifford, Greg Gilbreth, James Gill, Shirley Gleicer, Barbara Goodman, Lee Goodman, Linda Goodman, Sandy Goranson, Bruce Goswick, Margaret 65 Grassman, Gary Gray, Judy Crice, Linda Grimland, Dan Hagin, Renay Halpin, Jerry Ham, Pam Hammack, Pat Hammersmith, Phyllis Hampton, Gary Hanes, Suzie Hareeman, Janet Hardwick, Susan Hare, Tommie Hargrove, Jeanette Harper, Eddie 'Nui' -Qu -sql' mtl "s-44.4-if 15.9. Harrelson, Bennie Harris, Dwayne Harris Jan Harrls Martha 4 is., 40? ,101 TWG? an ,,, ,, 159' What the matter with your mouth Charlie? Harris, Ron Harrod, Lloyd Harry, Jackie lad N...,,,..-if Harton, Vilda Hatcher, Arthur Hauser, Cathy Hawkins, Johnny 67 Hawthorne, Judy Haven, Cramer Head, David Heady, Monte Hedric, James Heller, Barbara Helton, James Henderson, Ronald Hendrix, William Henning, Barbara Henning, Jessie Hensley, Celia Herron, Kathleen Hesselberg, Robert Hickman, Steve Higgs, Robert 68 1-O' -W-if 50' 'f-..-4-0, :Cx 'WF' it' r""'v -ggi ..,....--v N..,,,I Q0 iff? Hightower, Ricky Hin, William Hilton, Wayland Hines, Donna Hinton, Donna Hinton, Gary Hinton, Richard Hodges, Phyllis Holland, Carol Holland, Diana. Hollyensheacl, Holly Hollyoway, Sharolette 1 GV fi of See there Tommy you always get caught. Hopkins, Don Holloway, Weldon Hookins, Larry Hooks, Jesse Hopkins, Cynthia ,nu-. Horton, Terry Howell, Bill NUI" Huertas, Georgette 'bfi ia' Huggins, Cynthia Hughes, Thomas 'wh' QL :wang Humphris, Linda sq-rf, Huston, Dennis K V 70 Exlt stage left ! J acohson, Tom Jennings, Gary J ohnson, Barbara Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Raymond J ohnson, Sharon Jones, Bobby Jones, Chexyl Jones, Donald Jones, .lames Jordan, Kathy Jordan, Robert Jung, Becky Jung, Larry Kattes, Evelyn Keele, Cynthia Kelly, Sharon Kester, Eleanor Key, Becky Key, Cheryle Killion, Bruce Kimbrell, Becky Kimbrough, Penny Kindle, Valerie 72 Kirby, Carol Kirkpatrick, J eff Kohler, Sue La Barba, Vicki Lamb, Cindy Land, Patricia Lange, Cindy Loubach, Paulette I-'eKFl0refh Professor Shaw gives everyone ennet a lesson. Lemke, Donna Lewis, Dianne Lewis, Evan 73 Levi, Laura Lewis, Dianne Lewis, Robbie Lewis, Ronnie Lille Gerald Y, Lindenberg, Chris Lipscomb, Cary Long, Linda Loughlin, Pam Lucio, Joe Lyles, Martha MacAdams, John Seniors will long remember a good friend and a favorite place as a cheerleader. and Jo Beth don't seem to share Denise's feeling about her Could this be Dennis Dentures? xg 'Q 'fran Nur RN... if' ,ff 'HO' Mahaney, Forrest Malone, Geargann Moret, Bob Martin, Hanford Martin, Marsha Martin, Mike Mathis, Patricia Mathews, Dennis Mattern, Pandalyn May, Troy Mayabb, Sam Maynard, June 75 -lim, . .. , ', ,Q,.:..,,1i ll Mayrell, Steve Mays, Mike McAllister, Jamey McBride, Rehecah McDowell, Johnnie McDowell, William McEntee, Gary McFerrin, Carolyn McGee, Cathio McGibbion, Kathy McKight, Jamie McMillan, Vickie 76 Love conquers all Mc Naughton, Kathy Mc Neal, Patricia Mc Swain, Kenny Medlin, Russell Meeks, Virginia Melton, ,lames Meis, .lohn Merrill, Patrick Michell, James Miller, Ginger Miller, ,loan Miller, Nancy Moody, Walter Moore, Danny Moore, Teresa Morgan, Patricia ,'. , , Morphis, Diane ,, AO", Morphis, Quinn Would you like to Asay that again? C3 Morris, Nan Moseley, Pam "QV Moyer, Ron Ni, Mulkey, Mike Q-.Mer Mullins, Hal Murphy, Mary N ael, Janet Nairn, Linda. N izlson, Cathy Nichols, Robert Q41 Yi' 'J' 0-vm, ul Nicholson, Debble Noble, Marcia Nolan, Joe uf Norris, Luanne , If .nan-f The Owl What's? Oliver, Sharon Owens, Bridget Painter, Mike Parker, Charles Parker, Tommy Parr, Michael Parrent, Leslie Parrish, .lan Partridge, James Pate, Carolyn Patrick, Cathy Patterson, Elizabeth Patterson, Kenneth Patton, Robert Peacock, Sue Peoples, Larry Perry, Brenda Pettigrew, Harriett Pickle, Doug Pierce, J im 80 YI' ws., s,,.,c,,,,' wif v:4"" 1-dw' Strain practices his tennis arm. -it it Pierce, Kathy Pippin, Weldon Plate, Marla Plumlee, Loretta Plumlee, Rebecca Poole, Don Poole, Tim Porter, Charlie Potter, Brenda Powell, David Price, Billie Pritchett, Pat Procter, John Quisenberry, Robert Raff, Herbert Raines, Johnny 8I 'qv s-. wr "sn, bwie '-Mn' ...- Range, Debbie Ray, Regina , ,, ,M,,,.,,,, Recer, Barbra Reed, Marty Seniors really give it to the Juniors. Reynolds, John Rhoades, Billy Rice, Marcia Rich, Becky Ridgeway, Joyce Ritter, Tommy Roberts, Terry Robinson. Cliff Robinson, Lynn Rodgers, Sherry Rollins, Earling Rouden, Dennis Rowden, Stan Ruff, Gilda Russell, Jimmy Dan Rutherford, Richard Ryan, Judy Samuel, Cynthia Sarrett, Charles Sarver, R. L. Scheel, Marriane Schreiber, Diane Schulz. Randy Scott, Kennth 83 it . l S Qi- fa 'g The daily routine. Self, Lynn Sellers, Lewis Sexton, Charles Shadix, Randy Sharpe, Paula Shaw, Donah Shaw, Franklin Shelton, Deborah Sherry, Francis Shipley, Cecil Shipman, Brenda Shugart, Gwen - wgrrwv' My 010' ard' Sf' QU ww Skelton, Delora Skinner, Susan , Qc M 2. Q We couldn't seem to remember not to park on the x...-sv' WWW we-ww NW' all front parking lot, could we? Simmons, Donna Simmons, Joe Six, Sara Smith Smith Smith , Kirby Smith, Smiley, Marsha Smith, Don Smith, Gloria Smith, Hardy Maxie Steve Susan 85 Sneath, Gaye Sneed, John Snell, Joy Somers, Janis Songer, Lousie Shpears, Sheila Spence, Linda Spring, Pam Spradley, Kenneth Squire, Dennis Starns, Claudia Steele, Glenda Stillwell, Ronnie Storm, Edward Stubbs, Frances Stuart, Priscilla 86 47' Q ,-"rv 'K , N 3 'O' fwnvi Q' 'f"""p -A3 .,,,,,.-f ,,4v NJ' 'Y Struck, Debhle Sullivan, Paul 'QQ' we The player-ettes of the mighty Senior Football Team if Lai: WMP' rf.. big Sutton, Everett Tackel, Gary Tanner, Victoria Tapp, Pat Tawsend, Butch Taylor, David Terry, Glenn Testa, Mary Thomason, Larry Thompson, Larry Thompson, Nora Tillett, Linda Tipton, Roger Triplett, Ray Trammell, ,lerry Gail Tucker, Robert Turner, Cherry Turner, Floyd Tyner, Connie Vance, Mike Van Duscr, Kevin Van Landingham ,lan Varner, James Varner, Raenell Vernon, Randy Vickers, Bill Vibrock, Lyn Voigt, Reinhard Voigt, Peter Vines, Richard Voorhis, Terry Wade, Peggy Walker, Bobby Walker, Donya Walker, Kathryn Walker, Margaret Wall, Rodney Wallace, Ray Walls, Ruby Warren, Karen 89 Oh no, not again! Washington, Edward Waters, Janise Waters, Mike Well, Charles Wemple, .lames Westbrook, Tommy Westerheim, ,lanyce Wetmore, Richard y ---W ll ll ll W I a 1-,-.. ft t ning: igtgl Ig ,- I ld nl l i K LQ "W" 'F' Ar -Ai W .1-'sz if 'f I -' kt . ' :riff--- T , ..3 QQ ' x4.',,t......,t ...., ,,.. ,,i-is i...,p ..,, T, f LA-,f -A' K - ,, ,-fig . f LT' 'y.::f:'iiT -A-'-Q'--'V M. " '-f- l A W s WA V- N , E f m M y 4 y . it T xb W f :W -f g. ...,V.. AL A A A if.. 'LL. WL1q , i ,iw V ,Q 11 9'gf,.Q, ...-"'5.'ndv-1'-mf A" ,ii W:-ffl gi5eyf1"A-M k , , hw - -4- ',,,,...-f' ':S..w '.-fa.',.,, , ..1'..-Tf -"73'-i:'f":- ,1,gr5'f"j1jwI2:M,,f' Qu. .. 4 L.. -in . au- f+Q'f. : -aw ---.+ ...n ,,.4 .J.a..,4s ...Jr A-. "' Q.-' Lonely are the brave. Whaley, Garry Wheat, Jim Whiteside. Kenneth Whitford, Cheryl Whitson, Donna Widmer, Diana Wiggs, Steve Wilbanks, Kathy Wilcoxson, Euggene Wilbern, Linda Whitfield, Phyliss Williams, Ethel 9I ,fb a w, isao si Williams, Larry Williams Sandra Eddie and Gwen "pose for Ollie like good little owls should." Williams, Suzanne Williams, Stanley Williams, Tommy Williamson, Carl Wilson, Boyce Wilson, Dolores Wilson, Larry Winn, David nf-14 sa? f ,A ,,. 4 , 4, QW" ,, , , 4 . . WF! Winsltt Robert 'WP' 'lf-uv-'Z QAGAAAA ll l .fm-:J Ku 'Ill lf 11' Seniors are going to miss this familiar site. WISCHCI, Randy i Withrow, Jackie Wood, Bobby ... pf Nl" Wright, Gary Q., ,fi ,--v Yarbrough, J im Aff fist Yarber, Johnny 'il Yearout, Pam ffl Youngman, Ronnie Zotter, Fred Ei Wvfwf ur Class Of '67 5' .5 Marc ww.-no Q Cathy Nelson an Vanlandingham J 111 Il le D1 me Fong H rth M Sm0F8 a Harris elame Bam Debbie Nicholson Tommy Parker ma 7 2 Q K F K P al 1 E Jimmy Beach Teresa 31 George Clayton Nancy M Folsta Brenda Fagala Johnny Bragg .lo C Carter th Maroba dt N 'E fi Kay Mattem K Larry Wilson Ann Barth Becky Key X -n.,.N Demse Duckworth Becky Ewing Bruce Dianne Lewis Killion 1 6 ,vi Q ff X ,M S Q if , I 4 li L 'Eff ,. D-4, ,W 4 A , , if.. 'asm Margaret W Goswick L, - N 4 af if Glemm N ewkxrk , - W-M., Lf.. ,,.-q,, zum-2.15: 'M M ig IL, , Mr. Moss -10 ,W bf I 1' Danny Blass u-J' Vicki LaBarha Wanda Arnold Mike Mulkey Jerry Halpm El Y Evelyn Kattes is .f A age Claudia Stames 1 . fqgxk., ,x , , -ffiwwnwli Q., Li' A A ryaryy an fi laa , l P? ,. ,,y., in , . .lvl Lk ' - r- , I ,, 3, K H ,, Yi.4f 4 Larry Duyck A Dean Renay Hagan .J i S ve Casteel Faucet! Memories For G.H.S.'s Seniors '67 wake 4 M xmxwd V1e,e ,I ' -5 A ' concentrate on important matters. We As Seniors . . . . . enjoy special guests. . . think we're pretty tough. . lose our cool sometime. K K x r i. . . . have good times. . . . display our classification. I i ' . . . appreciate practical jokes , . . . are far superior to underclassmen. . . . study?? i,si f' -it 9 .,i: in kg K .,. Z4 L1 A Q i i,li f - v - -i A fi - 31 ,5 p si, " 'sift x. V651 . sll 5 Hlxiglf - 'S ii, I M 1' .i H . .Q I .. In .,,,. kLrk7Vv.,. , A X l eiei i . ix , gossip. participate at our pep rallies. I I 4 1 v . 5 ,, - . , - V k . gf - vf. . -' z . A . . . become emotional. , , . -' xv 1i,. i i K s Qi " X 5-5 ,i " 5 S4 , if if ' 5? gli Q 97 1967 Senior Class The Seniors of l966-67 added their own stamp to the heritage of Garland High. l.ed hy President Ronnie Fong. Vice-Presi- dent George Clayton, Secretary Phyllis Hodges, Treasurer Brenda Perry, and Re- porter Cindy l.amh, the 552-mernher class sponsored such activities as the Valentine Dance, Senior Play, and Senior Prom. Seniors also participated in the Junior- Senior Powder Puff football game. sponsored hy the Law Forum, and the Senior-Faculty hasketlmall game, sponsored lay the Student Council. 32 S ? iff lg, if Wil' N. ..,.,:s 66 99 Junior Class Officers Prepare For Senior Y Shari Williams, reporter, standing. Debbie Dunning, treas- urer, Darrell Tucker, vice-president, Barry Pickett, president and Becky Dungan, secretary. Adams, Pat Adams, Patricia Airhart, Brenda Akin, Connie Allen, Virginia Anderson, David Anderson, Karen Anderson, Richie Anderton, J oe Andrews, Lsndia Archibald, Sherry Armstrong, Billy Amold, Roy Arthur, ,lo Ann Baggett, Barbara Bailey, Bobbie Baker, Audie Baker, Charles Baker, Nancy Bangs, David Barbee, Robert Barnhart, ,lim Barton, J oe Baughman, Danny Beaty, Ferri Behrens, Bennie Bennett, Mary Bickle, Judy Biggerstaff, Sandra Bohuslar, Billy Bolin, David Bolton, Cathi Boone, Prentice Border, Danny Boulware, Wayne Bousek, Kathy IOI Wi 'Q' MQW' TR' I? Bowers, Mike Boyer, Kathy Bradley, Mark Brady, .loy Brakefield, Linda Branch, Jimmy Brazell, Calvin Brazial, .lerry Breedlove, Kenny Brown, Jim Bob Brummctt, Karen Bryan, David Bryant, Brenda Buchanan, Mike Buck, Waynell Buford, M. Ellen Bullard, Ronald Bunch, Frances fe" Carner, Ann Carter, Craig Carter, Karen Carter, Sherry if Burk, David Burks, Bobbie Burns, Janice Burton, Cynthia Cain, Debbie Calenius, Jimmy "The Moment of Decision"-Juniors Order their Senior Rings. mfg? Cartwright, Terry Casteel, Jeannie Cauley, Freddie Cawood, Doris Chance, Ronald Chandler, Barbara Chandler, Lynda Chapman, Willie Chase, Tom Chumley, Elizabeth Clark, Debbie Cliff, Randy Cline, Kenneth Cobem, Kay Coker, Norman J. Coker, Walter Coleman, Melodee Collins, Ronnie I03 l at -2 1 I I Terry always lets money go to her head. Surely Robert's hair is dry by now. Collins, Terry Connell, Robert Cook, Rickie Cooper, Ken Cooper, Roy Don Corley, Donna Cox, Robert Cox, Wesley Coyle, Billy Coyle, Rita Crabtree, Linda Crews, Charlie Crockett, La Wanda Crow, Alma Daniel, Charles Davis, Jimmy Davis, Mike Dean, John I04 A fi? inf - X X .1 w 55- '-Q ff is xA 17 I if G ,v '-"? DeBrord, Kelly Dejarnatt, Judy Delmar, James Dennis, Iona Dial, Carroll Dial, Donna Diaz, Pete Dickerson, Johnny Dotson, Mary Doyle, Gary Duckworth, Kathie Duke, Rusty Dungan, Becky Dunn, Cluff Dunning, Debbie Eastes, Mike Edney, Steve Elder, Jimmy Ellis, Sharon Erwin, Johnny Eubanks, Ingrid Euhanks, Mark Evans, David Evans, Larry Fain, John Farrow, Wayne Fast, Ronnie Ferguson, Wanda Ferris, Donna Finley, Alta Fitzgerald, David Flanagan, Carol Flatt, Steven Fletcher, Carla Flavess, Gan! Floyd, Vickye I05 K? -df Flynn, Jane Ford, Marcele Ford, Shirley Ford, Troy Forman, Al Foster, Claudia 5 Franklin, Pat Franks, Pali Frantz, Felton French, Mike Gagon, Rodney Gailley, Shirley Galleshaw, Sherry Gamer, Ricky Garrett, Vames Gerlick, Tonya Germany, Kathy Gibbs, Ronnie Gilliam, Mike Gipson, Sandy Glover, Curtis Goezoll, Hans Goodson, Norma Greenwell, Paul 'fr 929 -3 E if Hargrove, Sharon Hargrove, William Hardnder, Linda Harper, Judy Griffis, Davis Grimes, Carol Grisham, Judy Guidry, Vicki Hagan, Reda Hairell, Elaine Halderman, Penny Haley, Molly Hall, Mary Ann Hall, Pam Hall, Patsy Hallerman, Terry Haltom, Patricia Hamill, Robert Hammerle, Betsey Hammond, Dick Hanna, Sharon Hargis, Connie The Cowboys will never take Vicki at this rate. lla X .A Harris, Donald Harris, Ella Harris, ,lerry Harrison, Joy Harrod, Tommy Harstrom, Stephen Hartness, Kaye Harwell, Maydene Haseloff, Sandra Hay, Jeri Heddin, Bruce Heifner, Russel Heinen, Jimmy Hendricks, Sherrill Hennessy, Kathy Henry, David Henson, Timmy Hernandez, Yoland Herrin, Carol Herrin, Scarlett Herrin, Wayland Herring, Gary Heltich, Donna Hibben, Sharon Hickman, David Hickman, Robert Hicks, Gary Hill, Kay Hise, Sharon Hodge, Carol Hollon, .limmy Holt, David Hopkins, Judy Horwback, Cindy Horner, Derora Houston, Bobby .44 ff ala -fi' It's no ,asm ,fs t much of an idea but is that bad? Houston, Candy Howington, Rosie Hoyle, Andrew Huff, Sam Hughes, Christine Hughes, Jenny Humphries, Sandra Ingram, William Irby, Charlotte Jackson, Charles Jackson, Dalford Jackson, Ramona Jackson, Vicki Jacobs, Debbie Jacobs, Jan Jacobson, Steve Johnson, Gerry Johnson, Linda Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Paula Johnson, Ricky Jonas, David J ones, Kathy J ones, Linda IO9 ,Z Opp! Wrong window , ,,,7 Jones, Jeanie Jordan, Vicki Julian, .leff Jung, Ronnie Kasberg, .lohnie Keele, Sharon Kelsey, ,lohn Kennemer, Linda Kerner, J an Kershner, Thomas Killon, Susan Kinser, Berdena Kite, James Knohles, Kathy Knowles, Emie Landers, Chris Lanham, Catherine Laster, Manin Leamans, Betty Lewis, Dianne Lewis, Paula Lewis, Rosan Lipps, Linda Little, Pamela . ,ar 19 ,,.v Af' 'IN McComma, Ricky McCoy, Susan McCulloch, Sharon McGee, Caylene Littlefield, Barbara Lollie, Jo Anne Lopez, Robert Luna, Johnny Lusk, Jerry Mabery, David Marks, Charlotte Martin, Donna Martin, Kay J' Martin, Larry Marrs, Peggy Mauldin, Sharon Mayfield, Cheryl McAnally, Ann McArthor, Diane McClain, Steve McCluskey, Janice McClung, Patsy With determination like that they're bound to win Southwest Con ference. N312 'gl' l E E lug r E 5 S Don't just stand there, Robert, Jump. 5 illnilnwu McGibboney, Pam McGguiff, John Mcllveene, Sherry McKerreghan, Robert Meuir, Linda Midge-tt, Mike Miller, Brenda Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell, Doug Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Ted Morale, Kathy Morton, Brenda Moses, Caroline Moss, Pam Moss, Randy Motley, Marilyn Muller, Walter , A0 wav fU"- MY Paulas, Henery Paxtan, Jo Linda Paytan, Robert Partridge, Don Patrick, Rhenae Patterson, Pam Paul, Bannie Traditional Junior Library. Mullings, Peggy Myers, Kathy Nail, Joe Nash, Elaine Nation, Gerald Nelson, Danny New, Wayne Nichals, Byran Nix, Ronnie Oakes, Wanda Udle, Jackie Oexman, Mike 0'Ha1loran, Ronnie Orr, Tom Ownbey, Bobbie Park, Scott Parker, John Parker, Shelia .3 Q11 Uncle Sam wants YOU! wfu -ln.. No matter what shape your stor ach's in. -an Pearce, Paul Peavler, Ann Perriman, Scottie Perry, Oliver II4 Peterman, Sherry Peters, Clara Pevehouse, Reta Phelps, Lynn Pickett, Barry Pierce, Donald Pike, Mike Pitts, Vicki Pomroy, Jeanne Poore, Nita Poteet, Cheryl Potter, Kathy Power, Peggy Powers, Mary Prewitt, Buddy Prock, Martha Prue, Bob Puckett, Doris Welcome to Studio Wrestling. QV ,pt Puckett, Linda Pyles, Linda Quinn, Deborah Raines, Joyce Raines, Rusty Rainey, Sarah Range, Lynn Reames, Phama Rud, Frank Riddle, Ruby Ridings, Linda Riley, Rancy Roberts, .lane Robinson, Linda Robinson, Vicki Robinson, Danny Rogers, Cary Rosenbaun, Benny Ross, Jimmy Row, Jimmy Rudolph, Harold Ruff, Mike Russell, Mike Russom, Coletlla Ruyle, Cindy Salisbury, Nelda St. Aubin, Bobbie lI5 -' 'F 4- 1 - -wrsw' fu, W1 " , , ,wt ,i , tg ,t l Scoggins, Dwight Scott, Janie Scott, Micheal Seatun, Murcice Sewell, Robert Shannan, Kathy Shepperul, Sue Schewmake, ,lack Shields, George Sieberthuler, Bill Sims, Billy Smith, .lim Smith, Kenneth Smith, Virginia Smoot, Richard Snell, Carolyn Spanhel, Cynthia Spawn, Michael Spears, Kenneth Spears, Ralph Spences, Gerald Sprain, Pat Sprouse, Danny Stone, Billie Starns, Billy Steele, Ronnie Sterling, Patricia Stevenson, Troy Stewart, Sherry Stone, Janis Story, Susan Strawbridge, Terry Stroud, Mike Sturdeiunt, Connie Styles, Cencvaa Sullivan, Shelley Summers, Travis Sutton, Chandra Taff, Julia Talley, Mike Taylor, Bill Thompon, Charles Thompson, Jerry Thome, Joe Thrasher, Billy Thurman, Steve Townsend, Janie Trommell, Deanna Tucker, Darrell Tullos, Wesley Tunnell, Mike Turner, Deborah Urbach, Murray Vance, J im II7 'TI 2. WTR X I TT? J ,1 Varchetta, Lucille Vaughn, Mitzi Vernan, Trudy Vickery, Sharon Wade, Linda Waldron, Mike Walker, Michael Wall, Sheila Wallace, David Wallace, Walter Ward, Michael Watkins, Rhonda Watson, Don Waymire, Charles Weber, ,lim Weems, Elayne Welch, Lowell Wells, James Wells, Marsha Wells, Kitty Whalin, Greg Whitaker, Carla Whitaker, Charles Whitaker, Dorothy White, Betty Sue White, Dorothy White, Terry Whitehead, Jimmy Wigington, Jim Wilfred, Teresa Williams, Becky Williams, Ethel Mae Williams, Jay Williams, Joseph Williams, Larry Williams, Shari If the Seniors can't do it Wilmuth, Charlm C Silson, Mike Wilson, Pat Winter, Joanne Womack, Steve Wood, Chip Worley, Terry Worth, Marlene Worth, Mary Wright, Alan Wright, Bubba Wright, Deborah Wyrick, Marilyn Yarbrough, Gary Yates, Retha Young, David O.K. Gwen, you've already broken one arm, so let go. you I if in Sophomores Look For Good Years Ahead? i David Culwell, president, Kathy Carter, secretary, Janie Reed, treasurer, Vickie Pickett, reporter, Junior Cook, vice- president. Vi " I g .. A ' I as L1 F, at ,.... ,W I I , J it ff: is ata' f A at ,z A :,w.a1V b ' kgs V. ,V A in B B ' 66 A y ' J ff 3 MD, Vg f 'N fl ti ,i Q, if ,ys A 'F w w, r, 'ff V' ,A A XZ J . 1 I .L irii Q -P. 1 3 'I L A Q L A ,f 4 4 I 1 2 L Akins, Nelda Adams, Alan Aldridge, Linda Alexander, David Allen, Joe Allen, Teddy Amos, Gail Anderson, Judy Anderson, Nancy Archibald, Kathy Armstrong, Robert Ausbrook, Tommy Axe, Mary Bagby, Elizabeth Bagby, Larry Bailey, Judy Bailey, Ronnie Bailey, Wilson Baker, Cindy Band, George Bartlett, Mike Bateman, Bethena Bates, Leslie Battle, Richard Beasley, Mike Beaver, J im Beck, Linda Beeson, Doug Birkett, Steve Blackburn, James Blackwell, Robert Blake, Carey Blakeway, J ere Blakenship, Jo Arm Blanton, Bert Blassingame, John Bobo, David Borrego, Kathleen Bouton, Joe Boyd, Charlotte Brackett, Roger Bradford, Jo Branch, Brenda Branning, Shirley Brantley, Mike Brewer, Norma Brimmage, Darlene Brittain, Steve Brumit, Darlene Buchanan, Joe Bunch, Elaine Bunch, Mike Burleson, James Burnaman, Peggy Burnsed, Wanda Bursby, Shari Calk, Dorothy Call, Beckie Call, Vickie Callenius, Pamela Cameron, ,laney Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Vicki Canklillg, .lohn Camey, Linda Carter, Kathy Carter, Peggy Casey, Carolyn Chandler, Sharon Chanslor, Fred Childress, Ann Clark, Eddie .. y fr:- ff-5 n 1- f' V -A . Vw A Q1 H ,, No, fellows, you cannot try out for Cold Jackets. Sophomores Be gin First Year At G.H. . fn V,-kf f , ,, if f A . i tw Y 1 Q- 1' N . A A I fy , . - - -, .1 1, A154 sl 2 f fb R! L 1 " C ' , Clark, Randy Clopton, Mike Cockrell, Carolyn Cofer, Nancy Collum, Susan Coldwell, Margarett Cole, Carolyn Coleman, ,lo Ann Combs, Johnny Cook, Beverly Cook, Cathy Cook, Clarence Cook, Cary Cook, Judy Cooper, Alon dra Dee Cooper, Candy Cooper, Patty Core, Fredda Cormack, Edward Covington, Mary fr 1 ,sg " iz: 3 -'-0 . X . ,V V, by will f 1' xl, 5'-,on l ,S r av ... t O . Q ., , A 1. wr -W , L .Is 5' . v ,.:-v 1 49 fa .4 Cox, Jerry Craft, .ludy Crane, Nancy Crawford, Gary Crawnover, Steve Crosby, Bobby Crouch, ,Iacquelyn Crouch, Pat Crow, Susan Crump, Barbara Culwell, David Curry, Tommy Curtis, Dennis Dale, James Davis, Bobby Davis, Charles Davis, Kathy Davis, Steve Davis, Tommy Davis, Vikki Daws-on, Tommy Day, Ted Day, Veta Dennis, Wanda Denny, Doris Denney, Shirley De Lisle, Alan Dickson, Judy Dickson, Sheila Dowell, Patricia Drown, Terri Duckworth, Mike Dugger, Debra Duke, Cathy Duncan, Cecelia Duncan, Linda Dunlap, Clyde Dingenthal, Dwight Dybuiq, Gary Eagle, Debbie Echols, Janelle Edwards, Barbara Edwards, Beverly Edwards, Carolyn Edwards, Donald .6 yi if fly, -mg, ill ,ff-K at ,4',, -1 nf H A-I lf-G W' -55 W 5 Q54 , I r- an L A G l l ,S ., ,., Ar-ny, iv 42 Eller, Robin Elliott, Andrea Ellis, Kay Epperson, Robert Estes, Frances Estrello, Josephine Eubanks, Lana Evans, J an Fain, Vicki Fair, 'Deborah Well, my neck hurts here and here Doctor. As W, Sophomores Promote fi wa f School 3 ,rv-V .31 ' -1- 471 'li' .r 5 'iii' WN: 'H e "if, Spirit Fairless, Donna Farmer, Chris Favors, Glenda Feagin, Linda Finch, Linda Fipps, Guy Flanders, Chuck Flanagan, Sharon Fong, Louise Fortne, Linda Foster, Wayne Frazier, Von Frederick, Gretta Frey, Mike F rizzelle, Ben Fulkerson, Norma Fuller, Nerlene Garrison, Cheryl Garrison, Jackie Garty, Judy Gatlin, Bobby Gay, Karen Gayle, Cloris Gem1any, Bobby l25 Gipson, J ack Giddens, Kenneth Gillispie, Pat Goebel, Martha Goodman, Betty Gracy, Ken Gray, Cindy Green, Dick Greenwell, Steve Grier, Jimmy Groves, Mike Grubbs, David Guidry, Dale Gundy, Deborah Haden, Linda Hainline, Martha Hall, Jane Halpin, Ronnie Hamilton, Sylvia Hammond, Lora Hancock, Terry Hargrove, Teresa Harmon, Glen Harmon, Mary Harris, Debra Harris, Dennis Harris, Mary Harris, Sandra Harris, Sherry Harrison, Donna Harry, Carolyn Hart, Mike Harvell, Linda Hatler, Penny Hatley, Larry Hatley, Lena Hawkins, Thomas Head, Donnie Heady, Elaine Helton, Bronnie Herrin, Brad Herron, Linda Hickman, Lynn Hightower, Larry Hill, George -'J' 'Y E, ? I L fa .7 Q -rx -2 f 7 155. A in 5 .fl ,T A G-4 Q rf If ,, v M, A by we f 'o 'Ind -its 0 NJ? 1 Alf l iw! Let him down boys there is enough sophomore boys to go ,round. 1 ,gf g:'.' i'v fn .zi 1 , Q. f r ki :.... I AL .. Forget, Jimmy, she is going steady Hilton, Danny Hines, Barbara Hines, Sherry Hinshaw, Joel Hinton, Donna Hise, Bobby Hobbs, Sandra Hoffman, Dede Holloway, Annelle Holmes, Barbara Holt, Becky Holt, Joyce Hopkins, Doug Houston, Don Houts, Kati Howald, Bill Howell, Joyce Hoyle, Kay Huddleston, Donny Hudgins, Robert Hudson, Susie Hufstekler, John Hughes, Brenda Hull, Nancy Hume, Reta Hutchinson, Catherine Isenburg, Pamela Jackson, Charles Jackson, Glenda Jackson, Sally Jacobs, Greg J aynes, Deborah J obe, Kay Johnson, Donna Johnson, Diane Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Leo Johnson, Michael Johnson, Sammy Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Sharon Johnston, Jeanie Jones, Brenda Jones, Debbie Jones, Donna Jones, Janice Jones, Josephine Keele, James Kegans, Dorothy Kennedy, Beth Kennedy, Martha Kennedy, Mary Key, Greg Killingsworth, Rob Kindle, Margaret Kingsley, Judy Kirk, Cathy Kite, Jeanne Kostue, Ricky Kuehne, Dinah Lambert, Ronnie Lancaster. Dwight Lander, Lindeen Laney, Melba Lasater, Tommy Legg, Cheri Lewis, Danny Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Larry A X J 3. ff nn sw J Z I w .,,,, 'X 7.1. rs v 'L i, .nfl .- XR 'L ' I J i 'Q ,i 'V., V , V .7 ' 4 f - ,V 'ef' 4 ,, 14 4. 1- .11 . -- S . ,M ,,, V wg, I K, K s Nita I know you re hungry but how can you stand this octopus meat." Sophomores Show Enthusiasm Lewis, Lisa Lewis, Melva Lewis, Mike Lierman, Beverly Lilley, Gloria Ling, Billy Little, Gary Locklear, Frances Lollie, Janet Long, Terry Lord, Sharon Lucas, Mike Luedtke, Elizabeth Lumpkins, Roy Lynne, Nita Madda, Johanna Magill, Kay Malone, Lyndal Mannering, Melody Marks, Carolyn Marks, Jimmy Marshall, David Martin, Deb'bie Martin, Delores Martin, Judy Martin, Linda Martin, Marilyn Martin, Randy Maston, Kay Maston, Sandra Matthews, Janice Mayabb, Mike Mayes, Herbert McAnally, Billy McCallum, Rita McCommas, Gary McConnel, Linda McCullough, Michael McDanel, Janet McEntee, Vickie McGowan, Shirley McGuire, Jackie Mcllveene, Marie McKinnie, Patty McLaughlin, Danny Mc'Miller, Debbie McNutt, Judy Meazle, Gail Medlin, Doug Merle, Patti Metcalf, Meery Michell, Marty Millet, Beki Miller, Irwin Mitchell, Bobby Mitchell, Phyllis Mitchell, Royce Moore, Carmen Moran, Jared Morgan, Patricia Morris, Billy Morris, George Moseley, Brenda Moses, Joan' Mueller, Gary Muller, Pamela Nance, Bill Nation, Diane Neal, Janice Neveling, Barbara Nevil, Veronica Noble, John Norris, Billie ,lean N oska, Curl O'Bannon, Connie A 4? -7. ,Fit H odeu, cindy V Odle, Cheryl ' 50 5, if Odom, Randy tb V Oglesby, J ohnny 'T Ogletree, Steve 4 1 A ,Sz '.fQ?Q.3-dllii' , . Ondeck, Pamela if P Pi t- I Palmer, Richard Q ' . 'N f K eg 'f Parker, Cristy A " l A A ,3 Parker, Phil 4 2, ' ,Q P Patman, .lanell X 9' ' a ' . f Patrick, Ronnie ",, . ' , . I ' Patterson, Patricia ' ,J U t i!1'l'3j 1 C7 Patton, Diane - I " A A "' " . I Patton, Kathy '23 . f, ,... I A i " Patton, Mike V "J, 3' X 4 .t,,,. Payne, Paul - Pedford, Wandel ., L ' V ' Pendergrass, Kathy ' W f ,V " 'P ' Peoples, Gary ' ,Lf V Perry, Pam 1 Q' 4 I Peters, Patricia Peters, Ronnie' Pevehouse, Ricky Phillips, Antoinette Phipps, Linda Pickett, James Pickett, Vicki Pierce, J an Pierce, Kathleen Piercy, Linda Pippin, Ruby Pittsinger, Keith Plunk, Evelyn Pollard, Virginia Poole, Ben V 0 3. ,, nrt. if f - .wx ,sf f . ,V a, ,if 7, f .fa ,, Q6 fi it P W ' r iiii K 44 A, ,ww Q6 ,.x,- 4' A 1 r 'ii' 4 V 1. pf.. 3 1 '.a- is 2 1' ff I L' A rn i ,,,,, it 'l i i,E n 5, Ei fu .Y-an ,, s l32 Poole, Cathy Posey, Sandra Power, Diane Prather, Sharon Pratt. Teresa Puckett, Jimmy Ramey, David Ramsey, Roy pl' , Ranson, Esther Rasure, Kenneth 1 Gary learns the Alma mater the hard way Sophomores Set ' Q Their Goals Ray, Sharon Read, David Reavis, Bill Reed, Janie Reed, Steve Record, Mike Rector, Tina Rickman, Sherron Ritter, Jimmy Robison, Becky Robinson, Gary Robisnon, Sharon Rose, Debra Rountree, Linda Rowden, Emilyn Rushing, Charles Rushing, Trey Sams, Scotty Saulters, William Schmiegel, Judy Schmidt, Marilyn Schmidt, Reggie Schmidt, Ricky Schmitt, Janie Schrade, James Scott, Elaine Seay, Larry Sebastian, Ben Self, Barbara Shape, Sandy Sharp, Connie Shick, Linda Sherman, Terry Short, Shervina Shurgart, Elaine Simons, Gerry Simms, Sam Singleton, Gary Six, .lan Smith, Becky Smith, Billy Smith, Billy Smith, David Smith, Laura f ! A .mil A rv,-,V .a ,Q ,..:-5, , ,V 1 L 4 i L, A W A i irq' .L A 3 ada I 'la V7 "' 'JT 5' 'I I 2 A A Gee, that's a strange way to mop the floor! Smith, Sherry Smith, Roger Smith, Wilburn Snow, Dan Snyder, Gregory Soliz, Enedelia Sasbee, Gregory Spath, Bettye Speake, Sue Spears, Ronnie Spence, Jan Spillman, Charlotte Spradley, Donna Spradlin, Gail Sprecher, Ken Springfield, ,loan Sprugin, Glenda Strafford, Rick Stalling, Mike Standeford, Dan Steele, Donna Steelman, Rohnnie Stegall, Eddie Stevenson, Billy Stokes, Charles Stone, Arthur Strawn, Lee I - 4 4. , ei . t M? it fggiy , 'VVV In by . b na M I Y J if ii : A lj , JR' H? , , f 'll . , A V vi, L. , . , V fl if 2, , ., I , Q -v 1, 'z F 'nf L' 1' - x . gi! Strickland, Cherie Struck, Rhoda Swanson, Annette THPP, Peggy Tatman, Leona Tawney, Darrie Taylor, Barry Taylor, Harvey Taylor, Mary Terry, Brenda Thaxton, Brenda Thomas, Dennis Thompson, Donna Thompson, Roy Toney, Patricia Toole, Nancy Towler, Vicki Townsend, June Trevino, Esther Trussell, Carol Tullos, Larry Turlinton, John Tu.mer, ,laquita Turner, Karen Turner, Kathy Turrentine, Mike Tussy, Marsha Vanderslice, Waylon VanDuser, Craig VanWart, John VanZant, Jimmy Varner, Bill Vice, Terry Virden, Phillip Voyles, Jeanne Walden, Steve Q 2 ,Q , 45" .sy 323222 iiiafd ,, , fi. e, . e x I gg . G. Ig S S- H.S. Challenges Sophs. ive you three seconds to get your hand off my shoulder. ,, ., f ME. 'i , 4 4 ,X 'T . ,, t . ,a,'Xa. ,f I f-3 ' f il , it , -M-f , L N .fd A I if is I36 at I. Q ., , . f ' - ff:-,J Q 1 . , .3 U1 3 'L , , 1x',,f , L ,-,' Walker, Walter Wallace, Alma Wallace, Faye Ward, Donna Wasson, Ceorgene Watkins, David Watkins, Johnny Watson, Delores Weatherford, Jimmy Weaver, Alice , , .4-it , 5 J" i -1-'ll' Ls.. ' '-uv -1 'ff W .1 1 , X n-11' ls. My 4 A lo WS V7 It 6 The swinger and his fan club Sophomores Boost W1 Spirit Weaver, Gary Weber, Alan Wells, Debbie Wells, .lohn West, Kathleen West, Mike J Westerheim, Christine . Widdiens, Butch Whaley, Brenda White, Stacie - Whitehead, Bobby Willia ms, Williams, A. Williams, lf Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Charlie Darla Gloria Linda Mark Patricia Rocky Teresa Verna if ,, . A , Makes you feel like y0u're ten feet tall. Everything is in Vetas' purse except the klICllCI1 mk g ' N V 'a,,- "V tt ' M., ' ' t, - A -.,, wt .. fi: ig' 45. 4 E' ,lil A , I ' Q 35 ?. Z fb .A ' v '1'e"'t -it A ,s y p-4 1 l .J "1 Willamson, Patti Willis, Cindy Willis, Jerry Willis, Randy Wilson, Dorris Wilson, Glenna Wilson, Pat Wilson, Steve Windham, Ronnie Winsett, Gene Wood, Joy Wooldridge, lay Woolly, Paula Wright, David Yates, Charles Young, Mike Zaidle, Danny Zane, Lynn Zelder, Gene Zercher, Vicki n 5 Favorites Jo Beth Dungan Denise Duckworth Marilyn Motley Favorites fa my Martha Harris JOBeth Dungan Brenda Bryant Omecomzkzg 0122122 ees '95 Phyllis Hodges Jan Harris Teresa Clayton fs Brenda Perry Jo Beth Dungan Chuck Dicus 9752. CQ Elm 9576 .V 5 xt Q 3 X xx E1 , ' , Y W U, 2 W 1 vw ihfif P' yd 9 3 1 Mn W, , , " 4 . fwgenzbr ZQSY QU? ,Vll , Iss Ma L5 qw 'Felder W 15,1 ff YF' '-,, 1 ' M ' ' 1,51 V, . wky' K-UN If ' M, A X ,. V In 'lf i X, x Q x vzi .am mf sf W . : A' , y XX mf? 1 - , dl' Ayn. it mvani' ' ' VM X I-wi Q. Tx N f fflfw. " fqagniav 1 wx -A ' .L ,,,, 9 S ..a, YQ jf: , x . Q, H '-I an N it , . ig!! 'Eff 5 ii f Qi it :Ax Qs. ffl A 25 ix ' ,LVL Vi' 5' 'Y , W ,W I 5 " w,-j,j,pf?1Af.jE'QH g rg f .-,' , K k,.7 4 . . v'jt...L' ff , 541. V- f ,V H: .L , I ar n,,, , A c I, , v t ig? 5, . . " ' 519 if Wi M ,,,, - ' 5 ' L,-1 Eff' nf , m ,. ..,L , 'H K , - t fr ,Lb f "" ' ' ,, X , -.6 ii ffffzw aff- ',,d,,5"',:v , ff Q - k , K . M 'N 1, 51:53 Q, ,Q " 1 X Q41 tj L ip "L- f 1fff ' " + ' - ' 2 41 If QTQYQ , ,,1.1 1 ,"'L' ,v A , W QV -Q- A wanna O X ' 9 K , -2 3 'ai ax ,GW 1 4'- A ' I I ff , 4 if ' ,, in A K 1 , 23 3 A Q ' f, 5 . fx 'om t G Ol' Est Fbyeaufz uf ff fbUOGOHN? "'-an Bremla an 1 r ern H11 m I46 shy, , in f' , ,. - gi -NK: Myw WN x . Q ,awm ,Lg k ,L-ibff AVVV - ' Q W. 'Ri LLIQ 2 V W J ' V ' f ' "Q-if X V . W -gl :A x'K.a' N V., 2 if 1 A , X , t My 'W' ' ' .f ' 33' I , . fx - w , I W , ,Q f lx, H .5-'Y A L t 5 X ' -5 .X X ' M I ff d J X Q , X v Wk f" f fini ftwv av" 'Hz if 1 739115013 I K A A, I Dgnise Duckw th , NN x W ' Jackey Lgnflo d I47 , K X X X X K ng: 1' , an If V :Ja QR 2 ! 'L' f 5 . 1 235+ X X 3 w av. al ,, g W W' 4 d fr ,q. ,, 1 5 . , avr? V 1 'ff if gif' , , JV" v if f-fe ,, L ' wig. s I' '7 F. hifi. L rf ifosfmizf 7 ami VV.. ay, 'M ,af We 1 2 W ,Q 5 Y""V aww " K x h,,,,,,,.v-n-fv1""""""'m -rfru' 'Y riff I A X K1 A., X l' in fi 2' A W W W 051' Gourfeous Cherry Turner Tommy Parker I 56 WK wh 'I af'- .. nv J '17 " 5 X X ,, ,fu X 3 wi ., g ,V N p ' 'ah 0 5, X N N X W i Q, xwyfbsf I X X ul ' V X . r ' ,Qwenshixgartx W-. .. -t kk , '- A K 3 'Y l' " 7 x WW xx 'h,X X , X , 1 'XA ' N K V X - XM , j 12 , iloe Ndlan wx Lxw. , X Vi' X J A! .. ISI N Y . iN fffA.1. WL, K V, ,, .,. Q iQ Q 7? 1' g sf? if 3 1 , Q 2110 as aww 6? J X 54 if as Z-"v IW W aka W if X 1' X K xy! M it , vfr , 54 S -x I . 4.5-M Vh V J ., A .., -iii Qnphl ' ' K iji My , V ,, R ly , ' ,ix A V' '3'7'l Q Q' Y , Jl i ffff I 'Q IW MM 41. Q. J 'Q Qwi, Hr- 2 4 +-Ha-vw --as u. ,Qi . fl ' " .Af " 15.5 ww. , . I I ,,, ,Lg-.M K RW X , , , , X xl an ,,f, I l i I mi ,Q 2 50 1 1 YI E ' 5'-'Av"M'M ' D "' 'Www :Ml -,wx . .Nh Q gg-1 tv-.43-C. ' uf. N X X N J' fl X A K - 'X Rf up , , 0 J X , , '52 w. I 3 , W " ' f 6 X f xi I ,X 'f v! 3 M Q ' ln ff' ' ., ,H 'K N ?' K I , ,V ,N WW 'J ' ' I, l J 20 W ,,W- XA 2 My I . ,gn-111' 9 f s f f ig, V4 ,I if 5 if -, 5 lx 1 V ,Wd A, , "3 fi K ,L 95 if A IW", 1 x SQ. '- A Q ii Dung Sew M X A Vi X 5 700017 -Q 155 J2,f,,bf wwf Smw X ai Betsy Hammffrlef , V h JIIIIIHY Davls ' I S16 . M ?2 2 dw 3 fi 3 E if 2. il k '-si, .5 4 fb K , A V, c ,ra V, 7 ll X os! fame Melodei: Coleman A ' Wteral' Spencer ff 1, w lx I b LZL A " , A ,f , ,, f I fig 9 1 1 '3 3 ff! C, f' ., I 'mfiyy 41 cgopfomore ,Q Zesf ounjy Lindeen Landers , Tommy Lassiter l58 - ., ' '32 afffff .' ff.,-5? W1 , J 0 . 1 1 1'1" Z E WX ,M ,N ,M-.,, vw , ..- ffl 6 5-4 2 s. it 4,4-1' X3 X , , s, ,, -. 5 2 Q JW I x. .2 1 W x 'x X x -Kath David 4-mg! lik 3 W anim? 'IJ' " Csglhlhy Womenfs yfe Top Zag There were happy moments . . melancholy moments . . . and triumphant ones Becky Key QIZICI' Tommy Parker Dicus Brenda Bryant Martha Han-is J. Hardy Smith WY 926 ww, My Marc Felder Cherry Turner 'QM Til Peggy Mullins Joe Anderton 47111212914 C3 Andy Hoyle Becky Dungan im: Tommy Lassiter Louise Fong fsopgomofe Sm 935 Vicki Pickett Randy Clark J ,dr 1 6 G H E r 5 wx: , - fl, f ,, f 3 .Qs f QA a I , im' ' N fr 5 , 5 1 L W 'fu I . AA,I , X A M Q UakTriii?Z?2e U-Jrzlfzcfe Ingrid Eubanks W A Billy Starns , W- 4 A Q A fx or. Larry aknz f ,ff fi Q 1, g as u. , 5 Denney, Patty 4 Sebaitian, Billy, ll Q - O a 1'-Ona'-. Starns 'land Bethena Larry Thir I 5. 19,9551 "ill:- W ' lv... ynn Hzckman, Wa 5 , V W ,A Cappella Choir ' A-w MH MM m'Y,4"l -f ll ln J M Q awfi ' , www- .. , nw Q J T. .MV.. W First row: Melanie Bain, Maxie Smith, Linda Spence, Shannon Keele, Margaret Boyer, Eddie Grubbs, Mike Talley, Tom Jacob- son, Robert Hesselberg, J. Hardy Smith. Second row: Sherry Allen, Cynthia Hopkins, Jane Castle, Cynthia Spanhel, Janice Mc- Clesky, David Cook, Jimmy Gear, Billy Hill, Billy Stevenson. Third row: Sharon Hannah, Linda Finch, Debbie Dunning, Carol Holland, Marsha Smiley, Danny Border, Mike Oexman, Mike Blain, Johnny Bragg, Roland Denney, Fourth row: Eddie Jo Stegall, Susan Skinner, Pat Dismore, Karen Carter, Joyce Ridgeway, Earl Wallace, Donny Smith, David Evans. Y Organizations Jan Van Landingham Cheryl Whitford Debbie Nicholson '41 f f eeeelel S , as Q S X it r, H I il' iw ,, y Q Qi e , , A sn.: W' TW srrd ..,., .,.,,, ,..,A -- First row: Phil Martin, Dalford Jackson, James Keele, Jimmy Lewis, Doug McDowell, Becky Bennett, Carolyn Brackeen, Cathy McGee, Joan Miller, Debbie Shelton, Deborah Cooper, Lyn Vibrock. Second row: Ken Whiteside, Glen Toney, Wayne Boulware, Robert Higgs, Frances Stubbs, Pat Sprain, Vicki Jackson, Pat Adams, Carolyn Harris. Third row: Wesley Cox, Scott Lewis, Doug Pickle, Larry Thompson, Mike Pointer, Barbara Henning, Christi Westerheim, Judy Ryan, Sherry Stewart, Jean Jordan, Betty Goodman. Fourth row: Larry Peoples, Felton Frantz, Mark Bradley, Paula Sharp, Becky Jung, Kathy Carter, Renay Hagin, Eleanor Kester, Susan Hardwick, Patricia Dowell, Carolyn McFerrin, Cherry Turner, Terry Worley. Not pictured: Andrew Davis, Richard Dawkins, John VanWort, Steve Jepperson. I mmvgwnnqp- fr 'ti M5 f ,,rr "'?lfi " .ini ,vaiQ:Qli.tI' l 4 I72 Organizations 2? sqf 4' , 1 f 4 7 Q f ? f dwg, Jw, 1- f W, fvwm-WM iiggisimf gy, W fr ff, .Z s f 3 f s 4 6' 1 Nww' .J-,W.1w, .W . Madriglee Bottom row left to right: Becky Bennett, Sharon Keele, Margaret Boyer, Marla Plate, Janice McClesky, Pat Adams, Second row: Becky,Jung, Frances Stubbes, Sharon Hanna, Ken Whiteside, Robert Higgs, Wesley Cox, Maxie Smith, Melanie Bain, Linda Spenseg Third row: Terry Worley, Susan Hardwick, Deborah Cooper, Billy Hill, Donny Smith, Mike Talley, Robert Hesselberg, Mike Pointer, Karen Carter, Sheila Wall, Marsha Smiley, Top row: Mike Blain, Mark Brakley, Johnnie Bragg, Roland Denney, J. Hardy Smith. Boys Choir Third row: Mike Blain, Scott Lewis, Mark Bradley, Larry Thomasson, Larry Peoples, Johnnie Bragg, Dalford Wallace, Phil Martin, Danny Border, Roland Denney, J. Hardy Smith. Front row: Wayne Boulware, Robert Higgs, Doug McDowell, David Cook, Jimmy Leuics, Doug Pickle, James Keele, Mike Pointer, Ken Whiteside, Jimmy Jackson, Earl Tom Jacolson, Gear, Second row: Billy Stevenson, Steve Jefferson, Billy Hill, Donny Smith, Richard Dockins, Mike Talley, Robert Hesselberg, Andrew Davis, David Evans, Eddie Grubbs, Glenn Toney, Wesley Coxg I76 A Cappella officers are: Top row: Mike Pointer, Ken Whiteside, Donny Smith, Mark Bradley. Middle row: David Cook, James Keele, Dalford Jackson, Robert Hessel- berg, J. Hardy Smith. Bottom row: Maxie Smith, Carolyn Brackeen, Linda Spence, Marla Plate, Deborah Cooper, Janice McCleskey, Becky Bennett, Susan Hardwick. :horalaires Officers: Standing: Pattie Franks, Pam Laughlin, JoAnn Arthur, 'arolyn Pate. Sitting: Cynthia Samuel, and Mary Testa aP'.."l'.2'7l' 'PVR t Y' 'wee-:P All-State Members .lohnnie Bragg, and Susan Hardwick. Choir Director J im Henderson 1 M W 39 rtistic Abilities Are Creatively Polished The purpose of the Creative Arts Club is to teach the members to observe the things they create, to develop memory and imagination, and to learn to construct with power and vision. Back row: Sally Jackson, Terry Hallerman, Cindy Gray, J im Yarborough, Cindy Kelley, Becky Kimbrell. Seated: Janelle Anderson, Denise Duckworth, Barbara Littlefield, Jackie Davis. 'swf' Back row: Sara Six, Becky Williams, Cheryl Jones, Linda Culver, Sue Apple, Marla Jo Plate. Seated: Vicki McMillan, Nancy Miller, Linda Duckworth. A' 1 E 55 4-Qi 1 - :V T 5,3 YJ' ax 1 A Mi.: if i -iv af i "J" i"Y,':a,f"" The Art C1ub's project was to make Owl banner pins. Miss Florene Gray sponsors the Art Club. ,i iff? - . - Officers: Nancy Miller, SCCICIZIYQ Jackie Davis, vice-presidentg Denise Duckworth, Presidentg Jim Yarbrough, Historiang Cindy Keely, parliamentariang Linda Culver, treasurer. I79 Biology Club Aequaints Students With New Interests Officers: standing, Ken Specher, his- toriang Stephen Harstrom, vice-pres- identg seated, Alice Weaver, treasurerg .lan Pierce, secre- taryg Mary Metcalf, reporter 3 Melanie Bell, president. I80 'ff The purpose of AO Biology Club IS to further the study of biology and to familiar ize students with professions 1n thls field Club meetings feature films guest speakers and field trips to related industries Sponsor Jerry Flook ri-...TM sv--... 52525-EE gggggg :""......."..'-..."': 522222 v --- - asses ......,,,.,.-as , sam- i??EF5 ---""-'S ..--- 2552 isis asa- 222: Il! ll! il! E215 Front row: Norma Fulkerson, Joyce Howell, Crances Estes, Linda Shick, Katie Houts, .lane Hall, Second row: Marty Martin, Deborah Jaynes, Jan Pierce, Teresa Pratt, Jan Spence, Alice Weaver, Merry Metcalf, Kath Carter, Deborah Gurandy, Donna Spradley, Pat Wilson, Melanie Bell, Back row: Jerry Harris, Irwin Miller, Jim Beaver, Stephen Harstrom, Richard E. Smoot, John Anstett, Paul E. Greenwell, Steve Wilson, Gregory Smyder, Butch Geddiens, Ken Sprecher, Wayne Gayle. ily 'S' is marinus WK ,Mt, ii Q His other side. Field trip bound! 1966-67 Concert Bandg ' i 5 w'Nnsw-Ames 'W' T ' ire, PICCOLO .lane Castle " FL U TE Margaret Walker " Becky Bennett "' Kathy Bourek " .lane Castle 4' Alan Weber .lan Spence Marlene Worth Charles Stokes Lora Hammond Margaret Coldwell Eb CLARINET Beth Kennedy 82 Bb CLARINET Carolyn Brackeen Randy Sarver "' Nan Morris "' Pam Patterson " Dick Hammond 'F Ceorgann Malon Linda Pyles " Gary Crawford ' Charles Davis " Raylene Worth Linda Feagin James Winsett Andrea Elliott Dinah Kuehne Anne Soliz JoAnn Lollie ALTO CLARINET Sara Six "' Marla .lo Plate ' ,G BASS CLARINET e .ludy Kingsley Rebekah McBride CONTRA BASS CLARINET Larry Tullos " OBOE Reinhard Voigt ' BASSOON David Bolin ' Lyn Vihrock "' ALTO SAXOPHONE Jim Barnhart ' Doug Beeson " Jimmy Van Zant Gary Mueller Chuck Flanders TENOR SAXOPHONE Pat Hammack ' Danny Border ' BARITONE SAXOPHONE Barbara Baggett ' CORNE T Bennie Behrens m Glyndle Feagin ' Danny Moore "' Jim Bob Brown Dan Grimland Jimmy Hollon Ronnie Patrick TRUMPET Ken Whiteside ' Doug Pickle " Charles .lackson Bill Nance li FLUGEL HORN Charles Whitaker FRENCH HORN Bob Biker "' Vicki Jackson " Carolyn Casey 'i Carol Hodge TROMBONE James Delmar ' Dwayne Farrow ' Terry White " Don Poole "' Danny Smith " George Hill BARITONE Bill Hendrix 'R Jerry Harris Norma Coodson Evelyn Plunk BASS .lim Dunlap " Roland Denny ' .lohnnyy Ponder James Moore STRING BASS Judy Ryan " Guy Fipps PERCUSSION David Cook " .lon Six ' Mike Oexman " Sherry Rodgers Richard Stafford .lerry Kelley "' STUDIO ENSEMBLE a---Y 1 . A, .J ' Q .4-Q. Drum major Danny Border Majorene Becky Bennett Majorette Margaret Walker Feature twirler Sherry Rodgers :umlf Band Director: Paul Bourek The band works long hard hours. Studio Ensemble Front row left to right: Carolyn Brackeen, Randy Sarver, Danny Border, Nan Morris, Jane Ann Castle, Kathy Boureck, Becky Bennet, Margaret Walker Second row: Pam Patterson, Dick Mammond, Gary Crawford, Charles Davis, Rhinehard Voight, Judy Kingsley, Larry Tallos, Barbara Baggett, Marla Pla, Sara Six, Vicki Jackson, Third row: Benny Behrens, Glyndle Feagin, Jim Bob Brown Danny Moore, Pat Hammock, Doug Beeson, Jim Barnhart, Lynn Vibrock, David Boling Back row standing: David Cook, Jon Six, Mide Olpman, Jim Dunlap, Roland Denney, Bill Hendrix, Donny Smith, Don Poole, Terry White, Dwayne Farrow, James Delmar, Judy Ryan. Stage Band First row left to right: Barbara Baggett, Jimmy Van Zandt, Doug Beeson, Jim Barnhart, Pat Hammock, Sara Six, Danny Border, Second row: Doune Smith, Benny Begrens, Terry White, Clyndle Teagin, James Delmar, Jim Bob Brown, Standing: David Cook, Guy Fipps, Jim Dunlap. I86 1 Ronnie Fong looks on with enthusiasm as Sherry Rodgers twirls. "Seventy-Six French horns . . ." Band plays inspiring'music at a home football game. Band members listen intently to their master, Mr. Bourek Long, hard hours are spent on the parking lot practicing. Cheerleaders Back G.H. . The cheerleaders, a hard working group, help provide the spirit element of GH S The A-Team, consisting of four seniors and four juniors, attend football games and basketball games. During both seasons, they encourage the teams by maklng hall and bus signs. Front row: Melodee Colemen, Connie Hargis, Becky Dungan, Betsy Hammerle. Back row: Brenda Bryant Phyllis Hodges Head-cheerleaderg Donah Shaw and Teresa Clayton. , . ...... . W... t . f.3,5,7,:5A5-L,5 ,,k, 5 bl ' -M H A Q f T"s3L:+:' r' 1 . A -' 'e ft - Gosh!-That was a tough game. I88 Batman came to G.H.S Cheerleaders lead the team onto the field before each game. Teresa thinks she's a Deb Eheerleading takes a lot of hard work and But HWY CVCUUIHUY take'0ff f01' downing- ractice. Brenda receives the honor of Homecoming Queen Nominee. B-Team Cheerleaders The B-Team Cheerleaders are composed of six girls-two from Bussey, two from Sam Houston, and two from Stephen F. Austin. The cheerleaders support all B-Team activities and assist the A-Team throughout the year. Front row: Louise Fong, Candy Cooper, Carmen Moore. Bark row: Lindeen Lander, Darla Williams, Becky Smity. ails I , ,,,,, 5 f. A l'li "Pl l Louise Fong, Darla Williams Carmen Moore, Candy Cooper Sponsor: Miss Nan Carpenter. The B-Team gives the A-Team a breather during the pep rally. z:::,,.f ,life 'Q L! i"lHl!thlr Lindevn Lander, Becky Smity 3 3 , A . V s. I .lohnnie Bragg helps the cheerleaders and acts as Ollie Owl. I9l Drama Club Touches Upon Theatrical Arts 3 P r 2 Members standing left to right: Karen Carter, Bruce Goranson, Eleanor Kester, Earl Wallace, Sharon Rickman, Roaland Denney, Chris Westerheim, David Evans, Jan Pierce Members left to right: John Parker, Jim Melton, Linda Shick, Ruby Pippin, Barbra Hines, Marilyn Motley, Mike Turrentine, Candy Cooper. fficers: Becky Key, presidentg Terry Worley, secretary-treasurerg Sheila Wall, vice- esident. L r V up 531.3151 fr-fi Q, as X ,XS ,A f x, U Drama club sponsor is Mrs. Vivien Ingram. 1 Members left to right: Sue Speake, Vikki Davis, Kathy Myers, Margarett Coldwell, Pat Crouch. I93 Betas Promote Civic Activities Club Sponsorg Mrs. Christian, club president, Chuck Dicus I94 The purpose of the organization is to promote scholar- ship, leadership, and good citizenship at Garland High School. Seated, left ito right: Peggy Powers, Chris Lander, Brenda Bryant, Standing: Wayland Herrin, Joe Anderton, Robert Sewell. lv' Officers: Chuck Dicus President, Tommy Parker, Vice-Presidentg Donah Shaw, Recording Secretaryg Brenda Bryant Corresponding Secretary, Margaret Goswich Treasurer. Seatedg left to right: Ingrid Eubanks, Chuck Dicus, Becky Dungan. Standing: Charles Crews, Johnnie Bragg, Hardy Smith Seated: Diane Morphis, Candy Carter, Nancy Duncan. Standing: .lo Beth Dungan, Cherry Turner, Donah Shaw, Betsy Hammerle Seated: Pam Moss, Margaret Coswich, Melodee Coleman. Standing Billy Starnes, Marc Felder, Joe Nolan. Dashing Debs Provide Color For School Activities VNS' 9 ' S C L i i 9 1' L 1 i wsu: Ingrid Eubanks, Dianne MacArthur, Maroba Folstadt. Candy Carter, J an Harris, Doris Cawood. a ws-rsuQ EJ Yr' x Q.. nu Q Ia 0 ' YW! -1 'X 15 .K ,Y ki- A fa , iffxsf f , X ' ' 'K ' X - A W" . 1 , f , f In f ly G U 1 izh ffra f, W - , f ,gg i oi f y - . . i Z ,,,, I , in f 1 . ' I EUMAQYQ . 3,1 4- , - , - V I A Brenda Perry Nancy Duncan Pam Loughlin. Cherry Tumer Pam MOSS Jonie SCOII. y , v v V .W an LM D2 my W..,,, f in 1 , i Kay Hartness, Gail Davis, Donya Walker. Betty LCH1T10nS, Cindy KCCICY, Debbie Dunning- X' KV Lge' X 1 lf Q L lf Joyce Ridgeway, Debbie Struck, Sandra Bratton. Kitty Wells, Trudy Vernon, Pat Haltom. v up , Q E "'.2 1 I' - ., VS! A Marrianne Scheel, Richie Anderson, Mary Ann Hall. Jean Sawyer, Scottie Perriman, Scarlett Herrin. I97 er 'P Y 2' Peggy Powers, Jeannie Ivey, Vicki Robinson. vw . ,W 'Lg 3 1 i P' , V, I . W 1 .ew-1 ., +4 A Q V -wry., ,K M, K rs, .A ww , . .gg-5. H J .:4Si.14v ' " . Ax? f ff l fr mi if P TT i ,, 'Avg .- , Q if, , I , .L I M ""i'iV:1 Sue Kohler, Alta Finley, Linda Davis. ? t + t L ,Mfw WW! Peggy Mullens, Janie Townsend, Linda Harkrider. Lgiqgg 1 e fwmfg' W A it, I I 1, I 4 I98 .,..,., ,. ' 'Wife ' ' ,-1 ,, it u, 1 in - , ....V re A , , 5 , , .,M, - tfifflii? ' ' ,933 if 1" , I-. '- ' ,loy Brady, Patti Franks, Sherrie Drain. 'X Q Eh, , QI ,f , gig- K g Wg' ,V 4' 1 i v Q ' ':'o",, fi Q, Patsy Hall, Marsha Seaton, Bridget Owens, Sherry Williams. www .,..,..i. , . r 4 l 1--Q v-4-vw-f ,K Dashing Debs' Managers ,lan Kerncr, Kathy Myers. ...A W- -., 4 4. , V ff -' , R' ' N "N , f-' "V 'pf r -.., I 4 V ' ' s' twig, XY' . YQQ' O Q X s A f 4. '-S:-..-W-,I or Drum Major Martha Harris Majorettes Margaret Goswick, Debbie Debbie Denny, Diane Morphis L w x Deb Counsel: Alta Finley, Ingrid Euhanks, Pam Moss, Patti Franks, Shari Williams, Bridget Owens, Gail Davis, Martha Harris, ,lan Harris, Brenda Perry, Candy Carter We it Rf fl nf Deb Sponsor Mrs. Sharon Addair I hear that Bill will be trying out for the Apache Belles next year. 'V A a ' . A 4 35, 5 'o y ,ee lll. ,maxed an .,lN xv lllllll l' 1 e i y g y lll lLll 7 ' new ,N,,.. e,.,H.t,,.,i....Q...,,?,.,..,..,,.,,.,g, Debs initiate Duhs in Girls Gym Sunday after tryouts. 5 Debs sit in their usual place at a pep rally. yysyy yyyyyyyzy y y was m1.nn's BREAD t if A- ' At dub initiation: What a strange looking loaf of bread. Debs in a familiar line-upg practicing on parking lot Fri- day before a big game. Debs are ready to march on to the field and entertain the fans. 200 af- 9- 7 5, 1 . an-J , "lt Ji' fi' Q.. , " Junior Red Cross Promotes Better Human Relations, The Junior Red Cross, a service organization, serves others by such projects as state hospitals and various charity groups. Junior Red Cross Sponsor Miss Anderson Officers: Becky Williams, Artistg Claudia Foster, Presidentg Bobbie Burks, Vice-Presidentg Cindy Hornback, Sec.-Treasurer. HW' Sealed: Janice McCleskey and Bobbi Burks. Standing: Becky Williams, Mary Kennedy, Linda Brakefield, Martha Kennedy, Cindy Hombeck, Carolyn Birt, Carolyn Jones. 201 DECA Encourages Careers The Distributive Education Club of America has as its members students who are interested in a voca- tion. The club is designed to develop -leadership, responsibility, and a healthy respect for education. DE students attend school in the morning, take one period .for Distributive Education, and then report to work in the afternoon. Sumpin Else's Ron Chapman talks to DE Students. DE Sponsor Mr. Harold Purdy. Seated: Rickey Hooper, Ralph Ward, Mike Parr, Raymond Johnson. Kneeling: Tommy Huges, Lee Alderman, Kenny Breedlove, Mike Pike, Calvin Pettigrew. Standing: James Kite, Bill Bourek, Randy Schultz, Kenneth Patterson, Mike Mays, DE Sweetheart David Meis, Charles Daniels, Hanford Martin, Mike Scott, Kenneth Clines, Tommy Jill Eldridge, Mullins. 202 'font row: Carolyn Childress, Linda Mahon, Janey Mc- .llister, Ronnie Bohannon, Johnny Reynolds, Pete Bean. S8 KV' oc Members display club emblem. l eated: Jill Eldridge, Lowell Welch, Pam Hall, Standing: Mary Ann Garrett, Judy Delarnett, Georgette Huertas, Bobbie Bland. Seated: Kinny McSwain, Cathy Patrick, Bill Cowan, Bill Bohuslon, Craig Carter. 203 FBL Furthers Business Pursuits 'i -' ' -. .- smug Enuczmon Ppockfss UTURE EADERS MERICA Q USINESS Officers standing left to right: Brenda Fagala, historiang Linda Barker, reporterg Linda Davis, historiang Jan VanLandingham, recording secretary: seated left to right: Sandra Bratton, corresponding secretaryg Becky Kimbrell, presidentg Pat Dismore, vice presidentg Mary Testa, treasurer. Club sponsors are Mrs. Shaid and Mrs. Simpson. 204 Club members strive to make their scrapbook the best ever. tanding left to right: Weldon Holloway, Pam Moseley, Cindy ohnson, and Paula Lewis. Seated to left to right: Carolyn lodge, Jan Harris, Jeanne lvy, and Rosie Howington. Itanding left to right: Steve Womack, Tommy Williams, Phil vlartin. Seated left to right: Mike Walker, Carla Whitaker, laenell Vamer, Becky Williams. Standing left to right: Cindy Ruyle, Sarah Rainey, Charlie Porter, Chandra Sutton. Seated left to right: Susan McCoy, Brenda Miller, Jeanne Pomroy, Carolyn Pate. Standing left to right: Pat Franklin, David Evans, Martha Harris, and Patsy Hall. Seated left to right: Debbie Cain, Debbie Clark, Vicki Folsom, Linda Duckworth Standing Frances Stubbs, Kathy Shannon. Seated left to right: Sheppard, Janis Sommers, Priscilla Stuart, and Brooke Speed. Standing left to right: Jimmy Beach, Linda Crabtree, Lester Alexander, Willie Chapman. Seated left to right: Karen Brum- melt, Carolyn Brackeen, Ann Barth, Linda Chandler. 205 FHA Members Concentrate On Sewing and Cooking Future Homemakers of America has two chapters at Garland High School. FHA members work to further interest in home economics and to develop leadership qualities necessary for this field. Officers Seated left to right: Eddie Stegall, lst Vice Presidentg Cindy Johnson, Presidentg Linda Barker, 2nd Vice Presidentg Diane Dingenthall, 3rd Vice President. Standing left to right: Cynthia Burton, reporterg Io Bradford, song leaderg Linda Piercy, Treasurerg Patty Cooper, Reporterg Susan Skinner, Secretary, Vikki Pitts, Chaplaing Sandra Haseloff, Parliamentariang Pam Patterson, Historian. Caught raiding the refrigerator! Students learn by their mistakes. to right: Donna Hettich, Norma Coodson, Dena Kinser, Linda Williams, Barbara arents help to encourage students. Front row left to right: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. atterson, Eddie Stegall, Cindy Johnson. Buck row left to right: Mr. Wright, guest peakerg Mr. Range, and Mr. Skinner. A stitch in time' saves nine-but ooh! that second finger, 207 -QL awa-Mun-A -- ' V W HKS L'V K 4 Seated: Jo Ann Authur, Eddie Stegall, Cindy Johnson, Pam Patterson. Back row: Susan Skinner, Shirley Branning, Kathy McGihbon, Delorse Martin, Debbie Range, Ester Ransom. Center: Vickie Call, Standing left to right: Sandra Posey, Sandra Hobbs, Barbara Edwards. 208 Center: Marty Martin. Standing left ta right: Sharon Johnson, Susie Hudson, Carolyn Edwards. fm 1 in I I Left to right: Linda Piercy, Debbie Wells, Jo Bradford, Patty Cooper, Diane Dingenthal. Members learn the advantages of sewing. lx H- f.fW,M , . fj "' Wm " f 'TQT + I Left to right: Bobbi Burks, Susan Fleep, Gloria Williams, Becki Call. Future Secretaries Promote Business Careers The Future Secretaries of America have two idealsg to provide a better understanding of the secretarial profession and to encourage students to aspire to a professional level of competence through a continuing educational program. I Diane Morphis and guest speaker Mrs. .lean Trottman, Sponsor Vickie Folstrom, Diane Morphis, Martha Harris, Jan Harris, Renay Hagin, Sandy Goodman 2I0 ,. r , . Ag- f G is Z Practice makes perfect! as 1 Yi R s r Q ,ii W-ska' g x -5 -v Phyllis Ham, Laura Levi, Linda Grice, Barbara Cleiser, Lynn Robinson, Debbie Wright gl! WE .. , , I V! w 5 5 ' s 3. as l .ff - r I I , ,ig . 5 l i w fire D il Q ye ill? W eu 7 Linda Davis, Janis Somers, Jan VanLandingham, Phyllis An- dreason, Cindy Keeley E , , . 1 TT sf: fel S rr S . . WIA MQ Linda Barker, Sandra Bratton, Vickie l.aBarba, Debbie Shelton. Carolyn McFerrin, Donna Hines . 4 1 1 a S . r. fm Q Sharon Oliver, -Kathryn Walker, Tam Clark, Gayle Na Willbern, Suzie Hanes The Secretaries' Money-making project-A selling brownies. irn, Linda 2l l Future Nurses Prepare For Promising Careers The Future Nurses Club has three goals: to present nursing to interested students as a possible future career, to provide needed health services to the community, and to provide experiences which will be helpful to the students in their future lives. Jan Jacobs, Chaplaing Linda Brakefield, Reporterg Jennifer Darling, President Becky Rich, Secretaryg Nancy Blount, Treasurerg iNot Pictured? Melanie Bell, Vice' President 'Eggs' Linda Goodman, J an Jacobs, Dorothy Whitaker, J ami McKnight 2I2 I I 4 Joyce Halt, Pattie Cooper, Bonnie Paul, Jennifer Darling lang.- Carolyn Casey, Becky Rich, Linda Brakefield, Beverly Cart- wright, Linda Bagby, Nancy Blount Claudia Foster, Sandy Humphries, Caroline Moses, Linda Paxton Future Nurses' Sponsors Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Isett Many future nurses give up an hour a day to work in clinic 2l3 Key Club Prepares Leaders 4-f"' Officers: William Ingram, treasurer, Cary Herring, reporter, Jerry Caldwell, president, Ricky Hightower, vicefpresident. Top row: Ronnie Collins, Wesley Tullos, Junior Cook, Joe Nolan, Tom Orrg seated: Jim Beaver, Cary Herring, David Jonas, Charles Porter. 2l4 Standing: David Calwell, Brad Herrin, Ben Poole, Sanny Sprouse Joe Anderton, Seated: Danny Robinson, Ernie Knowles, Billy Starns Andy Lipscomb. Bob Shults, past president, presents .lerry Caldwell, Key Club presi- dent, with a check for 3560 for the Danny Rodgers Memorial Fund. Also shown are Mr. Percy Ponder and Mr. Dan Bailey, sponsors. Standing: Robert Sewell, Larry Williams, Danny Blass, Bill Howell, Berry Pickett, Seated: Rusty Medlin, Charles Crews, .lohn Fain, .lim Heinen. Key Club members attended classes on Mental Retardation at Baylor Hospital. The members were Gary Herring, Joe Nolan, Billy Starns, Larry Williams, Tom Orr, Jerry Caldwell, Bill Howell, Robert Sewell, Ricky Hightower, Marc Felder, Dean Faucett, Danny Blass, Steve Casteel, Steve Wiggs, Randy Vernon 2I5 German Club Supports Foreign Interests 3' fy - .. H ,. sf QQ. MI It 4 6' su. W M,...W.. ..,-mmm., ., s German Club members strive to promote understanding of the German customs and people. During the year, members hear guest speakers and see films of Germany. Members Seated left to ri ht: Larr Thom son E Y P v Reinhard Voigtg Standing: Phyllis Hammersmith, Lyn Vibrock, Sherri Drane, Scarlett Herrin. Seated: Mrs. Linda Williams. Standing left to right: Ben Poole, Rickey High tower, Phil Parker, Danny Sprouse, Doug Medlin. .,. .M 'S . Seated: Mike Midgett, Randy Sarver. Standing left to Installation of new German Club offi- right: Mike Oexman, .lim Bob Brown, Peter Voight, cers. and Art Ferguson. 2 I 6 Seated: Elizabeth Luedtke, Janice Jones. Standing left to ight: Gary Crawford, Charles Jackson, Bill Nance, and Ken Sprecher. ffl "kazaa Seated left to right: Beverly Cook, Debra Dugger. Standing left to right: Ingrid Eubanks, Nan Mor- ris. s.awTw Seated: Donna Corley, Tony Richards, Danny Nelson, Mike Eastes, Bobby Connell, Phil Martin. 2I7 Gold Jackets Raenell Varner-assistant head captain. Front row: Elisabeth Leudtke, Shelia Dickson, Sherry Harris, Rhoda Struck, Dottie Calk, Glori Lilley, Kathy Turner, Doris Dennyg Back row: Carol Grimes, Margaret Kindle, Kathy Patton, Alice Weaver, Judy Bailey, Trish Peters, Patty Morgan, Mary Metcalf. Louise Songer-head captain. Front row left to right: Kathy Pierce, Billie Norris, Charlotte Boyd, Joy Wood, Dee Cooper, Joann Blankenship, Linda Herrong Back row left to right: Judy Dickson, Cecelia Duncan, Janel Patman, Sandy Shape, Cheryle Garrison, Mary Ellison, Carolyn Cockrell, Delores Martin. Senior captain, Pam Mosely at left. Junior Captain, ,Io Bailey, at right, Front row: Georgene Was- son, Barhara Hines, Glenda Jack- son, Betty Goodman, June Town- send, Terri Drown, Veta Day. Back row: Francis Locklear, Karen Tur- ner, Vicki Toler, Antonette Phil- lips, Bethena Bateman, Cathy Poole, Nita Lynn, Janice Matthews. gig .. f pf., , 5- K roof.. , . ,.L,,ZLi A is ,: ' 'W Gold Jackets spend many long hard hours on the parking lot in practice. The Gold Jackets strive to highlight each home B-team game with routines and drills. They also provide a colorful cheering sec- tion for the home A-team games. Their aim is to improve school spirit. Mrs. Causey is the sponsor. Junior captains Linda Kennemer and Sherry Callashaw are in front. Front row: Sally Jackson, .lere Blakeway, Melody Mannering, Linda Haden, Wanda Burnsed, Melva Lewis, Pat Patterson. Back row: Connie Sharpe, Glenna Wilson, Susan Colbum, Elizabeth Bagby, Patti Williamson, Pam Callenius, .lanell Echols, .lo Ann Coleman. Gold Jackets perform on field at a B-team game. Gold .lackets add to pep rally spirit. Aa Gold Jackets Captains Bobbie Bailey, Sherry Galeshaw, Linda Kennemer, Pam Mosely, Ranell Varner and Lou- 156 Songer, Head-captain. . ,. 5. t 3-yy In Even cold night air doesn't keep these girls from performing their practiced routines. 220 Head-Captain, Louise Songer, receives traditional roses at of the night games. 5 0'x ,','+QN 9 O 0 Q'- Q .' 'O 'gl' F . . 09.0, 0' Ag Enther leam those rouunes-or else!! o 4 0 'Q 'al 0 0 'Q 0 W O 'g o.0.0r'a.' 'J v o ' o 'gl Q O .O 0 1 Q O ...Q O ' 4 0 V1 0 ' 'Q 0 'O 'af' 'ot' lr' .Ol 0 .'.n. O -13 Cold Jacket sponsor Mrs. Causey. W, H M 4, :ww , M, .Q. gr ., w . M -Vg, 4 .V J., Cold Jackets work hard to strive for perfection. ,x, K, fwifw Mu Alpha Theta Presents Math utside the Classroom The Purpose of Mu Alpha Theta is to promote interest in mathematics and to investigate mathematical concepts not discussed in the regular classroom math session. Front: Karen Brummett, Lynn Range, Nancy Baker, Back: Gerald Nation, Richard Smoot, Willie Chapman. F font: Peggy Mullings, Julia Taft Back: Chip Wood, Rusty Duke, Robert Hickman. Officers: Larry Hookins, Treasurer, Bruce Goranson, President, Jeanie Price, Secretary. Left to right: David Hanssen, Jeannie Price, Phillip Boyd, Bill Bechtol, Pam Mosely Stephen Harstram. gi H-I f:..'1?f:::: JCL Introduces Roman Influence to GH 35 , , Top row: Robert Sewell, Tom Orr, Bruce Coranson, Gerald Nations, John Fain. Bottom row: Charlene Powers, Terry Worley, Celia Hensley, Kathy Myers, Sharon Keele, Marilyn Wyrick, Diane Schreiber, Karen Anderson, Karen Brummett, Mike Mulkey. Latin Club sponsor is Mrs. Robinson Ronnie Fong was elected State President of the Latin Club. ' r I I 'E .. 'Q mr 4 , pa R R Q, si, 4 'first row: Erwin Miller, Steve Greenwall, Ryke Carmack. Second 'ow: Steve Walden, Don Houston, Alan Weber. Third row: Alice Weaver, Diane Nation, Margaret Coldwell. Fourth row: William ngram, Gail Amos, Jimmy Johnson, David Evans. N X , ' 1 Head slaves First row: Louise Fong, Frances Estes, Danny Mc Laughlin, Randy Clark, Steve Ogletree. Second row, officers: Sheila Wall, secretaryg Evelyn Kattes, treasurerg Diane Schreib- er, Karen Brummett, historiang Becky Key, reporter. Third row: Darrell Tucker, Dalford Jackson, parliamentariang Richard Smoot, vice presidentg Ronnie Fong, president. Latin Club holds annual Christmas banquet. i 225 The Library Club Assists G.H. The purpose of the Library Club is to encourage members to read, to help students in locating books in the library and to explain the card file systems. -Officers: Seated: Joan Clanton, reporter and historiang Debbie Cain, Secretaryg Peter Voight, Presidentg Betty Averre, second vice-presidentg Deborah Colbertg treasurerg Gary Peoples, first vice-president. if Assistants: Joan Clanton, Cary Peoples. Members: Gary Singleton, Dan Cooper, Carol Holland, Lonie Chappell. Sponsors: Mrs. Margaret Korioth Mrs. Jewelle C. :ourtney M U 4 W Peter teaches Debbie how to show a film HS Keeps Members Studying The National Honor Society is a symbol of character, leadership, and scholarship. New members are selected and initiated in the early spring at a special assembly. Mem- bers must maintain a 92 grade average and must meet with the faculty's approval. NHS sponsors: Miss Daniel and Mrs. Driver. 228 Officers: Tommy Parker--Presidentg Diane Morphis-Secretaryg Margaret Walker Treasurerg Diane Schriber-Reporterg Sherry Allen-Historian. Standing: Sue Kohler, Susan Hardwick, Donna Hines. Seated: Diane Morphis, Sandra Baggett, Martha Harris, Candy Carter Standingg Louise Songer, Barbara Hennig, Margaret Walker. Seatedg Cissie Samuel, Carolyn Brackeen, Diane Schreiber, Cathie McGee. Standing, Johnnie Bragg, J. Hardy Smith, Tommy Parker. Seated g Georgann Malone, Janis Cannon, Jeannie Price, Cherry Turner. Standingg Stan Rowden, Lester Alexander, Bruce Goranson. ' Seated, Don Jones, Sherry Allen, Jennifer Darling, Dennis Rowden Spanish I and Il Clubs The purpose of the Spanish I and Los Conquistodores Clubs is to acquaint students with the customs and language of the Spanish speaking people. The clubs are also of service to the school. Spanish II Sponsor Miss Katherine Stephens Seated: .l0Ann Arthur, Cynthia Gallerarth, Karen Gay, Pam Isenburg, Kathy Patton, Carolyn Cockrell. Standing: Sandy Johnson, Brenda Jones, Kay Ellis, Lora Hammond, Caro- A - ' fs H lyn Casey. Standing: Jon Six, Patty Morgan, Janice McCleskey, Charles Davis, Gary l Mueller. Seated: Nita Lynn, .lay Wood, Betty Goodman, Kay Hoyle, Janelle Echols. Spanish I Sponsor Mrs. J anell Wells. 230 J L l yy f f 1 i ve., l , f , 4, Q , nj, , , Spanish Club banquet held at El Chico's. Left io right: Susan McCoy, Debbie Clark, Judy Grisham, Sherry Carter, Sue Sheppard. , .k , f jf rv if, 4 2 wma? 9 rr"r y "f,, V M ,z x 5 J f. bJ ur Eyflthia Galbfaiihy G2-W Mueller, Judy Andefwn, Carolyn Lynda Chandler, Jan Cannon, Sandra Bratton, Sandy Gibson. ockrell. ff' 4 m Terry Cartwright, Linda Crabtree, Debbie Cain, Janie Town- Ronnie Collins, Danny Robinson, Gary Herring, Wesley send, Joanne Winter. Tullos. 23I Student Council w 1 l Left to right: Brenda Bryant, Chuch Dicus, Jerry Halpin, Hardy Smith, Ingrid Eubanks. Mm., Sponsor: Miss ,Iill Shugart and President, Marc Felder 232 The purpose of the Student Council is to develop better atti- t u d e s , scholarship, leadership, school spirit, school pride, and citizenship. There are three bodies of the Student Council, The Execu- tive Council, Student Assembly, and the Advisory Board. i Left to right: Maxie Smith, Peggy Powers, Melanie Bain, Jo Ann Coleman. Left to right: Pam Moss, Guy Fipps, Robert Sewell, Scarlett Herrin Officers: Front row: Scarlett Herrin, Recording Secretary, Pamm Moss, Cor- responding Secretary, Maxie Smith Co-Historian, Peggy Powers, Co-historian Back row: Hardy Smith, Vice President, Robert Sewell, public relations, Billy Stams Public Relations. Not pictured: Johnny Bragg, Treasurer. i 9 Left to right: RubyiPippin, Erwin Miller, Danny McLaughlin, Billy Starns The Future Teachers of America The Futurels Teacher's program is designed to introduce promising young students into the field of teaching in hopes they will become successful teachers. Mrs. Johnnie Hamilton-Sponsor. Left to right: Debbie Cooper, Becky Bennett, Maxie Smith, Doris Kaywood. Saundra Dewey, Jean Price, Cynthia Galbraith, Sandra Hobbs. Judy BIOWIIICC, Pam Laughlin, Candy Carter, Cathy Wilbanks 234 Pat Sprain, Donya Walker, Evelyn Kattes, Becky Ewing. Cathie McGee, Joan Miller, Becky Key, Cherry Turner. Marilyn Wyrick, Charlene Powers, Karen Carter, Sherry Peterman. Jean Sawyer, Scottie Perriman, Richie Anderson, Betty Leamons 235 , ,, Wl's Eye Staff Burns the idnight il to Inform GHS Carol Kirby, Maroba Folstadt, Advertising Managers, Sandy Williams, Copyreader. Susie Baker, Assistant Editor, Cissie Samuel, Editor-In-Chief. 236 n Working on the paper provides its mem- bers with experience that may be useful in deciding on a possible journalistic career. Louise Songer and Lyn Vibrock, News Editors. Miss Newkirk, Owl's Eye sponsor Chris Tucker, Staff writer James Partridge, Sports editor : f Chris Lindenberg and Charles Parker, Photographers. Pat Ham- mack, Circulation 81 Exchange. ......ff"' Sharyn Kelly and Sheila Spears, Feature editors. 237 w1's Nest Staff Keeps Activities On Record I R ACTIVITIES EDITORS: Nancy Miller, Susan Killion, Evelyn Kattes. ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS: Debbie Nicholson, .lan Van Landing- ham, Cheryl Whitford. 238 1 C FAVORITES EDITORS: Marilyn Motley, .IoBeth Dungan, De nise Duckworth. CLASSES EDITORS: Becky Ewing, Claudia Starns, Renay Hagin 5 E- E D 4 ' 2 3,2 , rpm T' Ph h We I f' , WZ Www? Q-,ik am, PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mike Mulkey, Tim Poole, Sports Editorg Tim Henson. FACULTY EDITORS: Diane Lewis, .lan Cannon, Brenda Fagala. MANAGING EDITORS: Cathy Nelson, Wanda Arnold, Pat Dismore Becky Key, Editor-in-Chief. SPONSORS: Miss Glenna Newkirk, and Miss Louise Hunt. 239 Chemistry Club Encourages Scientific Interests The chemistry club's aim is to increase knowledge in the field of chemistry. Guest speakers and field trips to various indus- tries connected with chemistry highlight club meetings. xi 'f Chemistry club sponsor Mr. Lester Hickman. Chemistry club officers left to right: Darrell Tucker, treasurerg Sheila Wall, secretaryg Joe Anderton, vice presidentg Steve Flatt, president. 240 l Members left to right: Jim Bob Brown, Dalford Jackson, Wesley Cox, Paul Greenwell, John Anstett. l s Members left to right: John McCriff, Rusty Duke, Richard Smoot Lynn Range, Joe G. Blanton, Ann Mc Anally. Students are attentive in Mr. Hickman's class. 24I Les Hiboux Francais Cultivate French Interests Sponsor: Mrs. Janet Barto The French Club's purpose is to study the language, customs and culture of France. Les Hiboux Francais, under the direction of Mrs. Janet Barto, is composed of students taking French I and French II. Debbie Griffin, Antoinette Phillips, Patti Williamson, Kaye Hartness, and Sheila Wall. June Townsend, Shari Williams, Nancy Baker, and Janell Pat- man. Diane McAuthur, Linda Feagin, Joy Brady, Linda Harkrider, Sherrill Hendricks, and Peggy Mullings. 3 5 Debbie Range, Jan Pierce, Carol Hodge, Dottie Colk, and Sherry Harris. 243 Efficient Office Habits Developed by OE Officers Seated left to right: Phyllis Andreasson, Vicki Folsom, Dianne Widmer. Standing left to right: Brenda Potter, Janis Som- mers, Saundra Dewey, June Maynard. l 5 244 VOE sponsor is Miss Elaine Hightower. Rl Students of Vocational Office Education are members of VOE. They are instructed in cor- rect business procedures and are taught how to use office machines. VUE students attend three regular morning classes and VOE class. They report to their office jobs in the afternoons. Members Seated left to right: Cindy Huggins, Brenda Culpepper, Donna Simmons. Standing: Donna Bolton, Luanne Norris, and Susie Hanes. Members left to right: Virginia Meeks, Caylene McGee, Patty Davis, Susan Chandler, Cheryl Jones. Members Seated left to right: Brenda Potter, Phyllis Andreasson, Vicki Fol- som, Dianne Widmer, Standing left to right: Linda Wilbern, Saundra Dewey, Janis Sommers. Members Seated left to right: Earlene Rollins, Delores Wilson, Elaine Noble, Sara Cook. Standing left to right: Lynn Robinson, Barbra Hennig, Boyce Wil- son, Cathy Hauser., 245 Law Forum Improves The purpose of the law for- um is to better acquaint stu- dents with the different as- pects of to- day's laws. Law Forum Sponsor: Mr. Jimmy Strain. it Miss Argiropoulos and Mr. Strain lead tour of Austin. 246 L Understanding of Todayas Laws Capitol Hill-Austin Members shown are Scott Parker, Bruce Coranson, George Clayton, Phyllis Hammersmith, Reinhard Voight and Peter Voight. ational Forensic League D E? SUV' 'XXV yt Members: Becky Key, Phyllis Hammersmith, Mrs. Ingram. eack row: Bruce Goranson, George Clayton, Rienhard oigt. 'few , f,- gs 1' 'X 1-,4 'W 'wa at 4 yyy ,A VW, V V, NFL is a small club whose purpose is to promote the interests of debate, oratory, and public speakmg, and encourage a spirit of fellowship among its students Sponsor: Mrs. Vivian Ingram kk I.-4 'P K I tg y fig 3 :H ' s ,i,g3,itfAo. 1 ,' t if ' A er-M: .if ' if 'l 6 ., s , . 'R K? 1' W A 5? 2 'w 1 " " ,.-,, ' lf l 5 , -if" fl.-, e f A ' Q: '35 5.35325 " K , 5 , ,- -,f' l K, ,tg gym s. , , . - J 3 ' I A iw 3 . . .M i . fer 5 '12, A, s V J ' R-. tg., gfzfi.. M A ,zir-r2i2lS3?3'27" ,,' -eff 1, H4333 + 1, rv y Z3 wi-ru 2 H. R 1 -is ' 4 ': . JSF " 'iw' 2., ,... ,af- -213214 ' N4 . M. an ., Members: Sheila Wall, Margaret Coldwell, James Winsett. Y-Teens Encourage Community Service Y-Teen members are encouraged to help the community in any way possible and to extend this help and friendship as far and often as possible. Y-Teens Sponsor Officers: Eleanor Kester-Sec. Louise Songer-V.P. Susan Hardwick Mrs. Sharon Adair. Pres. Bobbie St. Aubin-ICC Repr. Sandra Beggerstaff-Treas. V r .W rrc,,,,rr rr., BWWW Y-Teens dressed up and entertained a group of day school children. VIC Helps Prepare Students For Promising Careers Mwwmw, fe Mr. Vernon Tooke is VIC sponsor. Members left to right: Bobby Singleton, Danny Dudley, Cary Sawyer, Curtis Glover, Troy Ford, James Bowling, Arthur Lujan, and Ronnie Stilwell. Members of the Vocational Industrial Club are students of ICT at GHS. The ICT provides programs in mechanics, electron- ics, nursing, dental labs, medical labs, pho- tography, drafting, industrial chemistry, printing, and other careers. Members left to right: Johnny Sneed, Dennis Brady, Wesley Briggs, and Bob Blankenship. 249 Quill 8c Scroll Encourages Journalistic Excellence Quill and Scroll was organized for the purpose of encour- aging individual student achievement in journalism and G school publications. Sc.RoLL S 5 3 Officers: Carol Kirby-Secretaryg Sandy Williams-Vice-Presidentg Cissie Samuel-Presidentg Brenda Fag- ala-Reporter. ,E 1 a Standing: Sharolette Holloway, Phillip Boyd, Gary Tackel, Jackie Davis. Seated: Marilyn Motley, Dianne Lewis, Sandy Goodman, Wanda Arnold. F I if f f' LQ ! 1 1.7 Standing: Lyn Vibrock, Becky Key, Seated : Shelia Spears, Suzie Baker, Maroba Folstadt, Louise Songer. Standing: Jo Beth Dlmgan, Jan Vanlsandingham, Seated: Denise Duckworth, Becky Ewing, Pat Dismore, Susan Killian. Well Suzie, has Journalism improved your spelling? Farm and Ranch Skills Developed through FF The boys in the future farm- ers' club are hard working boys who devote much of their time to organizing and attend- ing various stock shows, con- ventions and caring for their animals. Seated left to right: Dennis Rowden, presidentg .lan Harris, chapter sweetheart, Jimmy Beach, secretary. Standing left to right: Tommy Williams, vice presidentg Jesse Hennig sentinelg Charles Thompson, 2nd vice presidentg Gary McEntee, 3rd vice president Johnny Combs, parliamentariang Wilson Baily, historiang Barry Pickett, treasurer. FFA boys learn techniques of cattle ranching. 252 Mr. Ray Carson advises boys in the many fields of agriculture. ll- I-v X W fn e .U A , Wm WE 1 l f,J A Senior members Standing left to right: Gary Whaley, Jesse Hennig, Dennis Rowden, and Tommy Williams. Seated left to right: Kenneth Pounds, Gary McEntee, Mike Crim, and Larry Bennett. E I an Harris was elected 1966-67 FFA Sweetheart. Members develop welding skills -. ,. fi Ks ..... i..,,,,T Members Rob Killingsworth, Wilson Bailey, Bill Varner, William Saulters, Jackie Gar- rison, and Dennis Gibbons. Members Charles Thompson, Robert Payton, Larry Williams, Rusty Raines, Barry Pickett, David Bryan, Mike Fischer, Dean Turner, and Steve McClain. Greenhand Chapter members Seated left to right: Calvin Morris, Terry Mathews, Nolan Williams. Standing left to right: James Cannon, James Bunch, Ty Rainey, and Rickey Shadix. 254 n JUNIOR AUCTION SM. STATE FAIR or E in Members show prize-winning cattle: Left to right: South Garland: Shan- non Foote, Garland: Rob Killingsworth, Dennis Howden, Jim Bryan, and Lloyd Herrod. - J INK Plaques and awards shown by Wilson Baity, seated. Standing left to right: Rancie Riley, Den- nis Gibbons, and Johnny Combs. l Members Rancie Riley, Ronnie Bailey, Frankie Hill, Scotty Sams, Donald Wright, Johnny Combs, and Louis Butler. 255 Sports Tim Henson 4. 5 Mmm M fi 'W ,,,.,.1 WWW ,, ,T If My ,Mv"'M .fr""". if i J 5 3 W 'hu E Nw Q First row: Doug Hopkins, Harold Rudolph, Eddie Washington, Emie Knowles, Chris Lander, Gerald Spencer, Billy Starns, Keith Bruce- hart. Second row: Ken Spradley, manager, Larry Wilson, Tommy Williams, David Griffis, Johnny Luna, Wayland Herrin, Mike Waldron. Third row: Robert Blackwell, manager, Jack Gipson, Joe Anderton, Ronnie Steele, John Kelsey, Robert Barbee, Jerry Cook, Don Hopkins. Fourth row: Chuck Dicus, Ronnie Nix, Gerald Nations, Jimmy Davis, Andrew Hoyle, Larry Williams, Carl Williamson, Jerry Halpin. Fifth row: Abe Bush, trainer, Coach Joe Boring, Coach Bill Yung, Ernie Cunningham, Head Coach, John Williams, Coach Lee King, Larry Duyck, Coach Mel Thomas, Gregory McCoy. The 1966 Garland WIS Joe Boring, Ernie Cunningham, Bill Yung, Lee King, make up the Abe Bush, Doug Hopkins, Robert Blackwell, Jimmy Heinen great coaching staff for G.H.S. 259 ' 'H , wx I , "VL ,U W f 1-new ,Q ...- fl.. MQW ,M 4 13 'cv'-A: ,Q 'f . - A ., . , , I JOE SIMMONS A' -A ' M- ww Mg, 'H .5 Y ABI L-gNzw..iw. 145. ,fgmg25:'g JOHN KELSEY LARRY DUYCK 260 ,WW ,, . . I . . 'fi . ,V .5 A + M: ,I ,ff A , .- I I-. . ,Q ,1 en ' 'W i ,,,. 1, 3, ,j.,.y. WAYLAN D HERRIN TOMMY WILLIAMS 966 Garland wls 2... Q x: 'n A ... sn'- .., - tit ' C , ' ,S . V , "" :sn "Tl QE, .:..wv , ,..,, ,W 4 J, , I 4 ,.,,ll5 . M U f '1 if - 2 ...xp .S 'V -- .www A - -7-xvun-,Xia I4?R.f.'1,Ismy,, wg JERRY COOK DANNY BLASS , M .M ,Nw 4 Q- K A Vw . n A n- I ,Q Q g J .I V , ,hy rl ' ' ' f. n A-fy J, , i'1s,, , ' ,, ' ' Y' - V .- -. v fn w .. CHRIS LANDER EDDIE WASHINGTON 'S ANDREW HOYLE MIKE WALDRON SCHEDULE Garland ........ 6 Garland ........ 25 Garland ........ 41 Garland ........ 34 Garland ........ 34 Garland .... . . 0 Garland ........ 22 Garland ........ 16 Garland ........ 8 Garland ........ 12 Bryan Adams Samuell ..... Hillcrest .... Kimball ..... Thomas Jeff . Highland Park Sherman .... Mesquite .. Carrollton . . . Richardson .. 6 .....14- 7 0 6 ....10 .....28 ...14 ...20 7 Johnny Luna prepares to put an abrupt end to Bryan Adams runner. Owls Tie Cougars 6-6 The Owls tied highly ranked Bryan Adams 6-6 in the season opener. Bryan Adams led off the scoring on a 3 yard pass from Kyle Gary to Ray Hill in the closing seconds of the first quarter. An attempted run for two' points after an offsides penalty against Gar- land was stopped short. Garland's score came in the third period on a 12 yard run by Eddie Washington. The kick was wide and the SCOI8 stood 6-6. The game ended with Garland having possession of the ball on the Cougars' 27 yard line. Andrew Hoyle gains big yardage against Greenville in scrimmage Garland Overcomes Samuell 25- 14 With only 5 minutes gone in the first quarter, Car- land found itself trailing 14-0. But that was as far as it got. lim Davis recovered a Sarnuell fumble in the end zone and Chuck Dicus passed to Eddie Washing- ton for the two points that left the score at 8-14. The second score came after a 90 yard drive on a nine yard pitchout from Davis to Andrew Hoyle. Dicus got the 2 points and the half ended 16-14. Davis' one yard plunge gave Garland its final touchdown. Dicus kicked the extra point and the score stood 23-14. Garland added a safety when Robert Barbee tackled Samuellls quarterback in the end zone. Owls Blast Hillcrest 41-7 Hillcrest came to Garland unscored on in two games. But thatls as far as it went. Garland played its best game of the season handing Hillcrest a 41-7 loss. The offense and defense were at their best. Garland took advantage of each situation. Chuck Dicus, Larry Duyck, Steve Casteel, led the scoring attack with each scoring two touchdowns. Defensive standouts were Rob- ert Barbee, David Fitzgerald, Jerry Cook, Gregory McCoy, Ronnie Steel and Larry Duyck. GERALD NATION TED MITCHELL 262 Chris Landers and Wayland Herrin bring down Spartans runner as Ronnie Steele and Sam Mayabb look on. Eddie Washington runs for good yardage against Hillcrest as Larry Wilson paves way. fr-9s'2ftL LARRY WILLIAMS STEVE CASTEEL v Chuck Dicus carries for short gain against Kimball as Eddie Washington looks on annuguswuy I- , -2 5 , Q - ' --5 - , 4- - A -1 ., t s- , . , .si-J .N 4 , . ,A i bu-v - ..., . - - -x .. lx . V is I . . T - ,1 ' ., . , N . P' , A ' ,W M t ,X 9 1. E, ' ' A ' v- iw ' K 3, Aqfxfi' 4' , .1 -1 5 r.. fri. -1 - A A "gift Mg jjafgtili xiii SH .flgim y f a , ,..W-g s n- M if--1 4 .a-W A 'K 3-34 5 ,ws -fb. A . 1 . .FN Milf' W, ME. v.,7 ., ,R ,Qi 41 :Qs A 1-"4 . xi -3 Y- F . Owls Bomb Knights 34-0 Andrew Hoyle scored Garland's opening touch- down with 2:50 left in the first period and with that the Owls were never threatened. The next score came when Chuck Dicus ran 4-9 yards after Larry Duyck intercepted a Kimball pass. The Owls scored again after Sam Mayhabb intercepted a pass on the Knights' four yard line, giving Garland a 20-0 half time lead. A 12 yard run by Chuck Dicus and a blocked punt by Ronnie Steel which turned into a touchdovm gave the Owls their third victory of 34-0. JOHNNY LUNA Don Hopkins brings down Kimball runner as Garland wins 34-0 JOHNNY RAINES GERALD SPENCER JOHN WILLIAMS UD ,- IOHN FAIN LARRY WILSON Andy Hoyle runs around left end for gain against Thomas Jefferson. ,f-M Q 'Q N1 ' A 1, my if , .4 HAROLD RUDOLPH SAM MAYABB 264 ...Q l JIMMY DAVIS GREGORY McCOY Owls Defeat Rebels Garland continued its winning by defeating Thomas Jefferson 34-6. The opening score came on a 92 yard run by Eddie Washington. Chuck Dicus scored the sec- ond touchdown of the night on a 5 yard run. After a fumble recovery by Jerry Cook, Dicus passed to John Williams for a 51 yard touchdown. The next score came on a 76 yard run by Larry Duyck giving the Owls a 27-0 half time lead. In the second half it became a defensive battle with each team scoring one touchdown. Dicus scored the final touchdown giving the Owls a 34-6 victory over Thomas Jefferson. e- . 1 i -s Y 5 r 931' X ' DON HOPKINS CARL WILLIAMSON ,-at-I 'ug Garland defense holds runner for short yardage in game against Highland Park. Owls Lose First To Scots Garland riding on a 4-0-1 record went against once beaten Highland Park in long be remembered by all. Garland moved the ball Well all night but Was not able a game that will to cross the goal line and lost to the Scots 10-0. The first score in the game came in the second quarter for the Scots. The Owls threatened before the half ended but were unable to score. Late in the fourth quarter High- land Park kicked a field goal giving them a 10-0 lead. Once again the Owls began held. . A Jerry Halpin runs thru hole opened by offensive line for good yardage. KEN SPRADLEY- Manager a drive but were GREG JACOBS- Manager 265 W Owls Win Homecoming Homecoming for Garland was a complete success fo the Owls as they defeated Mesquite 16-14. The fire score came on a field goal by .lohn Kelly from 39 yard out. Moments later Jimmy Davis intercepted a Skeeter pass on the Owl 42. Driving to the 12 yard line, Dieu ran it overg the conversion attempt was wide and th score stood 9-0. The Skeeters cut the lead to 9-7 befori the half came to an end. ln the third quarter Mesquitn scored with 5:18 remaining in the period giving then a 14-9. Dicus, having one of his best nights, gallopec 65 yards for the winning touchdown. Kelsey kicked th: extra point giving Garland a 16-14 victory over Mes quite. Owls defense holds Mesquite runner to short yardage. Lions Defeat Owls 20-8 Any hopes of Garland winning the south zone were shattered as Garland traveled to Carrollton and met defeat 20-8. The game started off fine as Eddie Washing- ton galloped 80 yards on the first play from scrimmage giving Garland a 6-0 lead with only 28 seconds gone. A two point conversion was successful and the score stood 8-0. After that Garland received more than their share of had breaks, suffering a 20-8 loss at the hands 1 of Carrollton. Chuck Dicus attempts to out run opponent in game against Carrollton. ,, , i ,. an , ml ggfm " 1 5 -as G 1 -. f fasujggfr in 95121, .sw Mi . -1, ' gh., 'IMA ' if , K . , , is A 5 IV.. f , g 1 - t"- 411-. .,... -,, -, I .V VL 1 31, i , RONNIE STEELE DAVID FITZGERALD JERRY HALPIN BILLY STARNES 266 ERNIE KNOWLES CHUCK DICUS ROBERT BARBEE DAVID GRIFFIS Owls Fall Garland suffered its second straight defeat at the hands of Sherman 28-22. Sherman scored first on a two yard run by Joe Meade. Garland came back and scored its first touchdown on good moves by Eddie Washington and Chuck Dicus. Sherman t.hen picked up two quick touchdowns for a half time lead of 21-6. A fumble recovery by Jerry Halpin gave Garland its second touchdown and the score stood at 21-14. In the fourth quarter Sherman's final touchdown gave them a 28-14 lead. Mike Waldron scored the final touchdown for Garland making the final score 28-22. Garland defense stops Sherman runner fqr no gain. 44 I JOE ANDERTON RONNIE NIX KEITH BRUCEHART 267 gg L Q Chuck Dicus runs into Richardson defense for short yardage. Owls Win Final Game Garland closed the season in fine fashion with a 12-7 victory over Richardson. Gar- land took an early lead on a run by Chuck Dicus but fell behind 7-6 in the third quar- ter. In the last quarter, Chuck Dicus con- nected on a 12 yard touchdown pass to Steve Casteel for the final touchdown. The Uwls closed the season with six wins, three losses and one tie. Andrew Hoyle stretches for extra yardage in game against Hillcrest. First row: Jack Walker, George Fisher, David Armstrong, Kenny Gracy, Ronnie Windhan, Terry Vice, Johnny Steadham, Wilbur Smith. Second row: Randy Clark, Leo Johnson, Brad Herrin, Ricky Schmidt, Benny Sebastain, Randy Clift, Ronnie Halpin, Jack Shewmake, Ricky Pevehouse, Mike West, Manager. Third row: Mike Patton, Tommy Lasater, Jack Gipson, Steve Olgetree, Johnny Erwin, Ricky Kostue, Wayne Foster, Ray Johnson, Billy Morris, Monroe Parker. Fourth row: David Alexander, Manager, Coach Jim Dodson, Bobby Satlin, David Culwell, Mike Mayabb, Johnny Oglesby, Jared Moran, Gary Johnson, Roger Smith, Coach Lee King. SCHEDULE Garland B-Team Garland .... .... 4 3 Mesquite . . . . . . 0 Garland .... .... 2 7 Richardson . . .... 0 The Garland Owl B-Team enjoyed a very success- Garland ..-- ...- 1 3 Paris ....-- - -- 0 ful season this year by winning seven games and Garland .... ..... 4 7 Carrollton ..... .. 0 losing only one at the hands of Denison. The B- Garland .... .... 44 Highland Park ...... 0 Team rolled up 267 points in eight games, holding Garland .... . . .14 Denison ....-. .--- 1 5 their opponents to 27 points. The B-Team promises Garland .... .... 5 3 Sherman . . . .... 6 some very good prospects for the Varsity next year. Garland .... ..... 2 8 Denton . . .. 6 Y B-Team defense holds runner for short yardage in game B-Team shows powerful offense in Garland-Richardson against Sherman. game. 269 ,Aff , ,X ,A ,, ff , BA K 5: 22 if A gf.- ? i E 17 e,,M,, o . -I, . -in v 1' ' A 'g ,, E jf' Front: Tommy Parker, Larry Duyck, Mike Edwards, Ken LeFlore, Gary Doyle, Robert Hickman. Back: Danny Robison, Bobby Jordan Charles Jackson, Robert Quisenberry, Coach .loe Brown, Jimmy Callenius, Chip Wood, Charlie Crews. Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland .......... Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland .......... Bryan Adams Grand Prairie Arlington . . . Bryan Adams Adamson . . . -Garland Tournament- Richland Hills Denton ..... Samuell .... Adamson . . . Eastern Hills -Abilene Tournament- Abilene Cooper 2 .. Abilene High ....... Grand Prairie Sunset ...... Arlington ..... .... Eastern Hills ....... Schedule 55 Dr Pepper Toumament- gg Garland .......... 64 Waco ........ 39 Garland .......... 53 Woodrow Wilson Garland .... ..... 4- 2 Samuell ........ 46 District Games 51 Garland .... 62 Richardson ..... 66 Garland .... 61 Mesquite .... . 59 Garland .... ..... 6 2 Carrollton ..... 54 Garland .... ..... 5 1 Highland Park . . 58 Garland .... ..... 6 5 Richardson .... Garland .... 70 Mesquite .... . Garland .... 64 Carrollton ..... 44, Garland .... .... 4 2 Highland Park . . 73 +Playoff Games- 58 Garland. .... 49 Highland Park .. 62 50 55 Tommy Parker C205 gets rebound as Jim Calleni- us C345 looks on. Robert Quisenberry U49 brings down a rebound for Garland. 272 Jimmy Callenius 4343 goes high for iwo points in game against Grand - TOMMY PARKER Tommy Parker f20l and Den- ton defender fight for control of hall. l r r l Jim Callenius i343 goes in for easy lay up as Robert Quis- enberry C14J stands by. Robert Hickman 1313 and Charles Crews f33J bring down rebound for Garland in game againsi Richardson. JIMMY CALLENIUS KEN LeFLORE 273 ,gnu -E if .K 6 5,2 H VUL' WIP Lx 5111 uv' gill 13 W? W 'surf SM 1 MIKE EDWARDS BOBBY JORDAN Garland provides entertainment for fans during late stages of game by crossing their legs. Control for ball under backboard proves to be rough as 'Jim Callenius C345 and CHIP WOOD Gary Doyle fllj look' on. .45 X Gary Little, Coach Joe Brown, Jimmy Grier, Trainer Abe Bush, Robert Blackwell ROBERT QUISENBERRY GARY DOYLE 275 CHARLES JACKSON Robert Quisenberry goes in for a lay up in game against Eastern Hills. 276 V Bobby Jordan C253 brings down rebound for Garland. 2 Robert Quisenbeny C145 gives assistance to Tommy Parker 1205 1 he reaches for rebound. 1966-67 B-TEAM Front row: Ray Johnson, Lynn Hickman, Terry Vice, Donny Huddleston, Robert Epperson, Phillip Virden. Second row: Steve Greenwell Manager, Charlie Williams, Terry Hancock, Phil Parker, Roger Smith. Garland .... .... 4 0 Garland Garland Garland Ga rl and Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland .... .... Bryan Adams . Grand Prairie . Arlington ..... Bryan Adams . . Adamson ..... South Garland . Lake Highlands Mesquite ..... Thomas Jefferson Grand Prairie . Sunset ........ Schedule 67 Garland 54 44 Garland 52 Garland 41 Garland 62 Garland 61 Garland 40 Garland 68 Garland 54 Garland 55 Garland Garland .... .... -.... ...n ..--- nuns Arlington . . . Eastern Hills Arlington . . . Richardson . . Mesquite ..... Carrollton . . Highland Park Richardson . . Mesquite .... Carrollton .... Highland Park . . TRACK . , ,..::: J., 278 Minas F! W 651. x1 , V L 'H f M-'wigpg' 'awwz i""rN..s'5?x A 1 V , Xxx. HURDLES: Front row, Wayland Hilton, Jackey Lemmond, Wesley Tullos, Dennis Houston practices high jump.- Second row, David Holt, Gary Lipscomb, Chip Wood, Q Coach PAT MITCHELL HIGH JUMPERS: Charles Crews and John Kelsey. 279 E SPRINTERS: Front row, Johnny Steadham, Thomas Hawkins, Eddie Washington, Glenn Terry. Second row, Charles Jones, Greg Soshee, John Williams, Tom Orr, Charles Porter. Bobby Jones and Gary Grassman practice hand-off. Tom Orr works on practice starts 280 H. 44 DISTANCE: Front row, Ronnie Gammon, Murray Urbach, Bill Reavis. Second row: Norman Coker, Ronnie Hunter, Robert Hick- man, Jeff Kirkpatrick. r . T i 4 4 if R v xx ,, ..., . ..............-----M 3 if ,fr A ,A Vx- ,C .. , 4 Q -.1 V .. p .. J 2 W 1 M . t 1' Y . ..- V .. 4 " g et a f , " ' , ,, .,,, ..-,, N. W H t K " ii ' '. ' . .I ff 'twill M231 -A . ' I iooo,r so H, H , H' yy , 1 y 4 W ....33g? 'IJ W 2 it Wy 'Way' A I .. -wx-x,',b. we 5-CJ., ,rykiinfff I -L t - ti " . -- ,wa , . N ' W' ' . ' - - - A .rt ,,k' ,M . W"iM'm:t4,.i '3 A w R 1' A we , -H 'V' 7 ' ,- - WA K 'K lf., ' f, ,, ff-fr,!" ' " ' is . ' 3 ' "M .31 ,,,' l. '- 5"'?f '- W -'l-.wfffl 'wifi if I - K W'h" I ' iz.. A K K .Q 'Jie 'wwifflt C "h, I qggt. ,t R y- ' M ,, ---,. ,-,. Nw' - f r , , s.. .-,, -, - , -rf x , K mo ,....,, , get A K ,. ..,,- , H QM... , .,,, ,, , ,,,,, ., ,,..,,, MW-sg.: 4 1 fs M rf A 'im' .I 1 ' , 'i ' Eff -wife ' QVQHP'-'f i"' '.., K". Y okigg'?-fr' fl, V , 'a E 231-2+ - ' "" "'?if:54+L5QE1-'Ez' ' PM T" -- -'-1' H, f ,, , 435 'W- MI .f,,.,,,,.. - V ,S ., V , w , V .-'m.,.1,,- t A ,, t A 2 A 'eff . . 'W' ., - If - 1 'HQ - if ', ,Q-. fn. Q -A C If ,fly ,,d55q'fi,g, 2 H oo: ' f L, , ,' '- Eg, ,,,-, ,fl . ' A 'f v'-, -1, 42 '- f ' 'Q' 4, K , I . 5, .Mm km, W M O.. A :m n K I I ., f,."1i-ffznji t f t -1 C H , ' .,,, , ' . ,M , 3 -riff? W. - f -Q.. - Mfr : ff A f or nt " t. f" SHOT PUTTERS: Kenneth Giddens and Gregory McCoy. SPRINTS: 440 yd. dash, Front row, Gary Grassman, Lester Alexander, Don Hopkins, Charles Yates. Second row, Bobby Jones, Roy Johnson. .v 28I ,.-b 1 1' . ,:: 'ii P? iw. :Y -, 152, ' 4 fi ,454 If nlV.'k ' - n, A N I 4 Q- I -, f-4' ' W '- m ,f 2 I f , I ,lf I f- , , ,,,, I ' ' 1 ' ' ,. f f 1 5 ' 1 ,,, 'V if 3,2151 5" IV f ,.,, :f,,f.11,m1g:wWf H:fJf.!3:,,'.,,w1, b, ww W. .f-y,,1:,yf-- fg.w:gpN H, M: ,M M,H,,,n,,, I V:1"i A ' 'K f Q , X f f , f. ah. Mi , 1 f t M, 45 , .,, w - ,flrrfffiiiflflikilwif .W 1' ff567ff5f'7EhlS ' , ., ,WY ,... 1 ar -ff, f ,rw 'M , 1. 4... 282 P Qi th L- ini First row: Robert Sewell, David Bobo, Joe Nolan, Robert Patton, Gary Alamo, Jim Beach, David Jonas, Steve Jacobson, Second row: Paul Pearce, Doug Mitchell, Donny McSwain, Tim Willis, Robert Epperson, Lasater, Roy Amold, Ronnie Collins. Third row: Mike Tunnell, Manager, Bill Powell, Don Jones, Steve Casteel, Danny Robinson, Weldon Holloway, Gary Doyle, Coach Byron Willis. . 4.5 Coach Willis with Co-Captains Robert Patton and Manager Mike Tunnell and Trainer Jimmy Hein- Gaiy Alamo en 283 Here Here There Here Here There Here There There Here March April April April April April April April April April May . May . ....... f .. ,.-Y V ---.-V -vm--V DON NY McSWAIN WELDON HOLLOWAY STEVE CASTEEL Denison ....... .... Lake Highlands ...... Mesquite ...... Highland Park ...... Richardson ......... Carrollton .......... Woodrow Wilson .... Bryan Adams ........ Mesquite ...... Highland Park ...... Richardson .... Carrollton . . . ..- Here Here There There Here Here Here Here Here There There There February . . . 27 Hillcrest ......... . . . March ...... 2 Thomas Jefferson .... March ...... 4 Waco High ........ March ...... 7 W. T. White .... March . . . . 8 Bryan Adams .... . . . March . . . . 10 Hillcrest ........ . . . March ...... 11 Bryan Adams ........ March . . . . 14- Denison ........ . . . March ...... 17 Thomas Jefferson March ...... 18 W. T. White ........ March . . . 20-25 SBUA Tournament STEVE .1 ACOBSON TIM WILLIS DON JONES 284 GARY DOYLE TOMMY LASATER The Owls preparing for a game. PAUL PEARCE JIMMY BEACH DANNY ROBISON ROBERT EPPERSON ROBERT SEWELL J OE NOLAN RONNIE COLLINS DAVID BOBO -,wwf-V--r, .-., - .V W1--. - -- ,.-. ROBERT PATTON DOUG MITCHELL ,, . ,Y-Y-,rf , , DAVID JONAS GARY ALAMO ROY ARNOLD BILL POWELL 288 First row: Benny Adams, Gary Rogers, Ben Poole, Lan'y Hightower, Second row: Randy Wisener, Mike Blain, Rusty Medlln Marc Felder, Ricky Hightower, Steve Wiggs, Dean Faucett, Bruce Killion, Jerry Caldwell. Coach BILLY STEWART The Golf Team, led by Coach Billy Stewart consists of ten seniors and three sophomores. They practice and hold tourna- ments at Eastern Hills Country Club. They also attend other tournaments around the state, including the Fort Worth Tourna- ment, which draws many schools noted for their golf teams. ...,.Y. . ,, -, -.. -Trvvq,--ur,-WY, V -vf'W.r-Twf 1,-vfv.T,..,..1.n.,,, DEAN FAUCETT MIKE BLAIN Q 3 Z 4. . R ..,. rf 'W ,.,,, n"'2 a RICKY HIGHTOWER ...raw BEN PooLE - " Ek .. rf-A-" ,353 , 5 " ' -.1?-'UQ-'2:'ff1'2.w' 1 t - .ffwir-f...., . : ag.'.,',. H ' 21' :ig 'fi-l2,,,i,f1fai. :kb "I'.f'.,,s. A 4 1-,jsrg 'Yr 1,g,,.4,,, we f . 3522 ,, f.g1'3w, 7- -' f A MARC FELDER RUSTY MEDLIN r 3 -,pug GARY ROGERS BRUCE KILLION JERRY CALDWELL RANDY WISENER-Captain LARRY HIGHTOWER STEVE WIGGS J W, JI. 44" ,, 5' ,. M M My K EQ Wy. N, if ,,, 'F I , N ,L - 34+ num., v ff '-Q... .---..,...,.W...,..,,,, U05 mm A. Q- 4 3' ,Q ,, H 4, 4 'F' f , , M HV uwarmrr " ,,, ' VVVV ,- ' ' W ,, . , W . 4: X , . , , ff if ' I , VV ., I ,g E A: , I ,, A X fa gn. f-15 V IEW, 5, I L 1 ' ff V. Hr N' K ., ww ' V U JZ 9 M fm W , N m A Ka 5 W a., af 54 33' " wi Q, 'fi :I H 'P af f "L 'EL nf" ,L 1 W M Kwai , ::'5'mT'i":"4L"'H+YS'Smftf-fp f f L lykf fwwfwwwe-m..-,, ,,,,Mm..m 'X""'W' """"'f-W M l ,Mi f fi f-lun:--g M, w-l'Htqmu-- .V f'-wwvaw-....,,,, ,MW.,,,,, K A -M-.- 4 uw-. , Y ,Maxi ,,,,., .H .W A f u fi gg 2 v w First row: Sherrill Hendricks, Beverly Cook, Jan Pierce, Brenda Mosley, Francs Estes, Nancy Baker. Second raw: Brenda Alrhart Ginger Miller, Sandra Gipson, Lynn Range, Vicki Pickett, Patricia Dowell, Brenda Branch. Third row: Steve Flatt, Mike Stall ings, John McGriff, Troy Rushing, Bobby Connell, Burt Curtis, Junior Cook, Irwin Miller, Travis Summers. Fourth row Danny Nelson, Doug Medlin, Gary Dybvig, Steve Fowler, Mike Waters. Coach ALTON WILLIAMS and Coach J IMMIE STRAIN. This year's Tennis team consists of 28 members. They are coached by Alton Wil- liams and Jimmie Strain. The Tennis team has participated in many tournaments in- cluding the Wichita Falls toumament. Danny Nelson and Steve Flat Travis Summers Burt Curtis Cindy Hornhack and Ginger Miller 1 Sharon Mau.ldin and Sandra Gipson Mike Waters Steve Fowler Becky Kimbrell 5 if 'iw w 'EE ' ,ev 3 1 E 43' as N, 1+ M :ff . 4, ' 3 1 . - v My ,iw f' "if if 1552 . Q W... fl .. ,A1,.,.x..::A:,5ii,::f15: M -Q :fi fff:,,f'Aeif5 KW, qs. f Q - -,-.-on IMIVIAI L . f -- ' ., My J i vw, . r V, V.W,. ,, .. A ' A V wg - ,, Q. 'A . 4 - . ' - 1 ig: ' Q! . "L" Vi-ivan, ESQ. . f' . ' 1 rivkiff' Q A, -- X. fu .. . Q , , .., . 4 W , " 2 Q .1 - .fm-W , -. '- 1.. .. - Y . ..-ay 1 .Q . 1 ,,-fl ff .. W--,?,,k -. . . ...f. -XQM ..a.,, . . A - - . . - , ,, K ' 4x ., 4- .-Q .... X V V w"'.. ' - .',f.f" , Q f 7' . ' X J' ' 1 '-f A-Wf+:4"i Qin an ' +L W f, ' IVQLJX ng 3.7, I- .114-LNym.N' M: . ,K Lf. .5 Ik 1- y., xr N, A, .5-fysklxf is 'Mi x ,, , ' K .V A 5 1: Q , d,Q...y hx K Q ,U-agl 1. 1 -fu1J,,g.,', x - -. V - ' Q -V W , 1gy,,:'hu ., arp L, ' . 5' 'lf'-2' "M J 451' -'W ' -- ftf, if' vi w , 1 figs -' 'iq-wM A Y -f ' ' . ' fi' 'gf.7?'ffiL+:Q,,'a,lfr, 'rwfv'iffi f'i?f3ff?gx.,1'ng:.h .,QA," f' . ' if f, HT? -W E 1 'i "M" 'kkk 5 . J :M-5 'ff " i " ,-'VY f""f,f .3 'V""Q'W :V NL ' 4' ' X i"",r " f vi 7"f,',f- Y -, I. .Q k T41 - 5. 1715? if. . 4, ig JT Q. gf:f1Q,t,',,gXtx,r.fv5v nm. .ggi gift igzilf ,wg -31, :Y Y. T.. .. K S4 xg, 4 W-fn W , .. K K, Q 4 Q, s1j',"TA-Q 1? 5 'F' +L N" fwi'f:f.3f,. -12tR,'Y'?',gJ2'gw"i'V"'JnF rg.,-mr " 'X - ' - ,.. . .2 .6 . J ,, . c, .WA Q,.,,m.H .35,qQ,,w,fQ. ,Wm QP, tgigw. , H, wx ,, , .Lf.,h.., ,wg v. Q ,,.V . M -A M, . -,. , . . 'MH 5 ,- - . T'-'74 - :L"5-'KP'-wL.i'y?f3f :-'QHW 45 Qffiff-Ylgnf ' Efinl ' I Z :il 'giiffv is". .''ff '- 3- 571.3 A " ' 'K if - " "www 'L w ' ai' .fn 2: Ni'-1f'4a-f"fg,,.gYwW.3m. ff-"5f:,,Sf1 35 fdffefifm I fs ?W',.,ff nh fig -mfm fm.. ff 'fl 'N " W ,- - , ' Y 'Q ' 4 ' 'g tw- ' i:.. 5"f-r "fl-' U-' A ' v fy " 'A ' 1- , ' 'V "'- 'Y' """',,.N 1 -- f ' 'v., ' " ku' ' , "" ' ' 11' ,, " V721 ' - V v 5' ...uf - .1 5:1-B: "1 ,MQ X aawk' if? W.. - J 5- -J' f iw...-N A '- . -1 -1' Mk 1 , 1 H f R 'NH ' dvertisement 297 Sales Besl' Wishes Class of '67 Royal Typewrilers From Semce COLE 81 DAVIS COMPANY GARLAND Dry Goods OFFICE SUPPLY 55065 Clolhing Cafering +o +I-ue Young al' Hearl' OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE EQUIPMENT Always Hrs, Where We Counfs III N. 6l'l1 ezo w. Garland Ave. D0Wn'l'0Wn PHONE BR 6-H39 GARLAND, TEXAS Garland q V w K V l 1 an ' G l I I N-K ow I. 4 ll S I ik X Class of I966-67 .nl CITY OEIAIQIJANIJ ,""'- ,I f 298 From Ieff Io rigI1+: Marilyn Wyrick, Judy Grisham, and J k D C I C IH d I ac ie avis. en er: ar en rix FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GARLAND 700 Avenue A MOTOR BANKING 7 AM. TO 7 P.M. Serving in Garland Since 1906 1 bloodfi A ...A p44A4.4 FIIID CHICK!! ' ea - GARLAND PHARMACY The Prescripiion Sfores for G 1' G I 34l5 Walnui' 'ea er 'wand Ga"a"d' Texas eos s. Garland was s. Firsi BR 6'5'89 BR 6-5049 BR 8-8I64 IQ GI' 1 348 Ridgewood Shopping Cenfer of W BR 8-3502 IIIICII HU! IIEIIII HIIIVII Office Supplies X Furnifure HARPER PRINTING COMPANY 20I5 Saiurn Rd. Garland, Texas PRITCHETI' 8: JONES Reelfors 81 Insurers 6I8 W. Garland Ave.-Garland, Texas Cusfom Designed Real Es'I'a+e Services BR 6-4682 BR 2-I950 RMIT ffh' THE TELEDYNE-GEOTECH DIVISION 300 L GARLAND FLOWER SHOP Lucille 8: Jimmy Locke'r+ BR 8-2l53 2525 Sou'll1 Garland GLENN WALLS 81 CO. Insurers-Realfors Every Type ol Insurance EXCEPT One Real Esiale Sales- Properfy Managemenl' Foresl' Tower Bldg. BR 2-25Bl GARLAND, TEXAS New 8: Used Cars. Truclcs 8: Jeeps S l3l9 W. Garland Ave. af Norfh Sfar Road GARLAND, TEXAS RAY coMPToN BR 2-l547 Owner DA 7-6477 Bob Stafford MEN'S VVEAR 2I3 Walnuf Plaza Garland, Texas BR 6-02 I5 Q-"iid fi, 9- xr Iv ', Graduafe Wafch Makers All Work Guaranleed Besi' Buys in Diamonds and Walches Phone BR 65680 606 W. Garland Ave. BILLY GIPSON, Owner Garland, Texas -lea Wcwb On 'll1e Square-Garland, Texas 75040 BR - 6-6684 s 3 T 2 BQ. .-' 'YO 9 D be 0 'B fi' 5 COLONIAL NATIONAL BANK 22 5 '5 az 9374? II6 WaInu'I Creek Shopping Cenfer Garland, Texas 75040 f BR 6-955I In Garland, All Signs Poini' 'I'o . . S2 275I Sou'II1 Garland Avenue. Garland e4oETWC4QB -VQON ff CompIimen+s of DR. EDWARD COPE DR. ROBERT DAY DR. M. D. MONAGHAN Garland Members of Ihe Texas OpIome+ric Associaiion 1900 302 Noie Io prospeciive op'rome'rry sIucIen'rs- For ca+aIog and ofher imcormafion perfain- ing +o an op+ome+ric career please wriIe Io: Office of I'I1e Dean COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON Hous'I'on, Texas GARLAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Loans Insured Savings Home ImprovemenI Loans Serving Garland 84 Communify Since I936 RICHARD H. ROACH . Prices Are Lowes'r af Rick's LEROY HOWARD o MAX H. SMITH. C.L.U. Roach - Howard 0 34- S 11 FURNITURE I 0 CARPET "AppIiances" 925 Siaie Sheei Gadand' Texas JACK FRIZZELLE l909 Garland Shopping Cen+e Phgne BRoadway 6-6I78 PHONE BR 8-BIII Garland. Texas Complimenis Congrafulafions of COOPER'S TH RIFTEE FOOD STORE 30I Norfh Sfar Road GARLAND LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS CompIimenI's of J. Y. TAYLOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY 303 MYERS COURTESY FORD 340I S. Garland Ave. GARLAND, TEXAS BR 8-958I-DA 7-938I "AT THE START OF THE MONEY SAVING MILE" J. E. SMITH CO. NICHOLSON'S BR 64043 2I7 Walrrg Village Wes+ Side of Square Developer Lakeside Meadows Garland. TGXGS x9 Craftsmanship is unchanging, though its techniques have been revolutionized endlessly through the years. Craftsmanship is precision . . . knowledge . . . dexterity - patience. But most of all, craftsmanship is pride in the job - pride that goes beyond pay or price or profit. Craftsmanship is not a system that can be installed by engineers. It is an indefinahle element that is bred into the fabric of an organization by inspired leadership and unending insistence upon producing only the finest. Craftsmanship works through the mind and the hand, but its genesis is in the heart. Until 9, AX 'P bv llllll P F' gdffftfgw Congrafulaiions, Seniors OFFICE PHONE CECIL COOP! 1966-I 967 'R 64932 BR 6-69' PLAZA HARDWARE COMPANY I8ll GARLAND SHOPPING CENTER COOPER REAL ESTATE Garland, Texas 75040 615 W. Ga,-land Schwinn Bikes Lawn Boy Mowers Toro Mowers 3RLl:iI5?g9TALLEY GERALD B. 5106225 CANNON DRY GOODS E51-flana Bail!!-Hjgwg 509 Sfafe S'l'ree'l' DOWNTOWN GARLAND Your Friendly Sfore Aboui, News 81 Picfures People You Know BUY SUNBEAM BREAD 306 It takes a lot of planning to place a generating station Producing and supplying customers' electric power needs is a full-time iob at TP8.L . . . and so is advance planning and the building of facilities to meet future needs. Construction is now in progress on a new 550,000- kilowatt generating unit at TP8.L's Valley Steam Electric Station in North Texas. This new unit will be placed in service in late 'l967. The Company's largest generating unit, Trading- house No. l, now under construction at a site east of Waco, will have an estimated maximum ca abilit of service in late T969. And, for service capability, TP8.L engineers are continuously planning other additions and improve- ments to Company facilities as tar ahead as 20 years. ln the future, as in the past, you can count on an ample supply of dependable, economical electric power from Texas Power 8. Light Company. an ,'.I- ,- Qmlf' I A V. J , .Z 'QT 'T f --gif L- .... at lx 4 . 'I , i 5 5 S' is lsrlrw. S I fi' I: gl tx i I I it S N , I N' l WX ink .-.X l I 'hgh P Y "I '53 565,000 kilowatts and is expected to be placed in 'FEE 1- l"g E51 Zigi' -:ara ' H Iv, in I POWER 8a LIGHT COMPANY Q a tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility ONITA'S BEAUTY SALON I25 North Star Phone BR 6-5244 PEAVY INSURANCE Gift and Dress Shop Complete Beauty Service "Gifts for the Entire Family" Auto, Home, Life, Hospitalization, 81 Business Insurance "Best Meats in Town" HILAND GROCERY TRAVIS BAGWELL 7I9 Fif+h SI'reeI' BR 6-5622 Meafs For Your Freezer Cus'I'om Processing Deer Processing Curris Crossma H. W. Jones INSURANCE AGENCY HARDWARE since I89O 81 FURNITURE CO Garland, Texas DIXIE CROSSMAN CURTIS CROSSMAN JR BERTHA's COIFFURES l GARLAND QNAPAI MOTOR PARTS QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE G PARTS AND SERVICE 2I I-A WaInu'r Plaza Garland, Texas BRoadway 6-6727 I0 S1'ylis'l's +o Serve You Open Evenings By Appoin1'men+ MACHINE SHOP 702 W. Garland Ave. Garland, Texas BR 6-6l04 Congra+ula+ions OWLS CLASS OF 66-67 . 7-:R .qv F. , :pq-A K ' ff" ' s i A .xi 5, . 'Q ' ' mf., x-W A ' 5l0 Garland Road GARLAND. TEXAS BR 6-6579 BR 6-5908 ARNOLD 81 MORGAN 309 JIM -HOLLA U Red Hanger Shop Counfry Corner GARLAND DODGE 2727 Sou'l'h Garland Ave. GARLAND, TEXAS EGU? .9llJul'aIlC2 .fdgelllfy Aufo, Home, Life, Hospifalizafion, 81 Business Insurance l224 Wesf Garland Ave. GARLAND, TEXAS Phone BR 6-I I3I For Compleie Home Furnishings NOW 2 GARLAND STORES GARLAND BANK s. TRUST COMPANY GAFQLANDI TEXAS gf? ' V . P .W-. -.-g-:-:-.f- r zo :-:- ae -:-:-:- x - .-.-.- 1 """"- 4- BAKER-5 III Soufh Garland , .- . .-.-g,33:,g:1at:'5s' s Congraiulahons I Down+own 524 Wesi' Garland Class of l 966'67 Walnui' S+ree'I' ai' Plano Roacl lI8 Skillman Foresi' Shopping Cenier STUDENTS, To Show Our Appreciation, Patronize These Businesses. I .gg co nj fc WHITEWAY SERVICE , STATION H A f 807 W. Garland Ave. A GLEN WATSON, Owner 3ll A ADAMS, BENNY F.-Golf Team 2, 3. Speech Squad 3. National Thespians 3. Owl's Nest Staff 3. Band I, 2. Library Club I, 2. French Club I. Representative to Band Council I. ALAMO, GARY-Varsity Baseball I, 2, 3, B-Team Baseball I. B-Team Basketball I. ALDERMUN, WESLEY LEE-Spanish Club I, 2. AO Biology Club 3. DECA 3. ALEXANDER, JUDY-Choralaires lSenior Rep- resentativej 3. FBLA Z. ALEXANDER, LESTER RAY-NHS 2, 3. FBLA 3, Track 2, 3, FFA I, 2. ALLEN, SHERRY-A Cappella Choir 3. NHS 2, 3, Historian 3. Owl's Nest Staff Publicity Manager 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. French Club I, 2. Club Reporter 2. Drama Club 2. Na- tional Merit Scholarship Commended Student. Representative to American Citizenship Semi- nar. ANDERSON, PHYLLIS-Transferred, Bishop Lynch 3. FSA 3. VOE Secretary 3. ANTHONY, RUPERT-DECA 2, 3. Parliamentar- ian. "Outstanding Boy" 3. APPELBEE, GEORGANNA SUE-Art Club 2. 3. Gold Jackets I. ARNOLD, WANDA-Owl's Nest Staff 2, 3. Managing Editor 3. Quill Bl Scroll 3. Spanish Club Treasurer 2. B-Team Cheerleader I. Student Council Representative I. Beta Club Student of the Month 3 ARRINGTON, DALE-DECA 3. B BAIN, MELANIE-Student Council I, 2, 3. Beta Club 2, 3. A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. Madri-Glee 3. Nom. Most Friendly, Most Talented 3. French Club I, 2. Nom. Class Favorite 2. All GHS I. BAKER, SUZANNE-Assistant Editor Owl's Eye 3. Owl's Eye Review Board 3. Quill 8: Scroll 3. French Club I, 2. Masque 8: Wig Players 2. A 8: M Journalism Workshop 2. Teen- aiders 2. Jr. Red Cross I. BAGBY, LINDA-Future Nurses 3. BARKER, LINDA-FHA Chapter I, 2, 3. FHA Girl of the Year 2. FHA Chapter "Out Standing Service Award I. FSA 3. FBLA 2, 3. Chemistry Club 2. Teenaiders I, 2 lPres. 2l BARNES, RETTA GALE-Transferred, Kaufman I. Spanish I Club I. Sophomore Class Favorite I. Office Girl 3. BARTH, ANNE-Transferred, Austin. A Cap- pella Choir I, 2, 3. FBLA 3. Spanish. Club 2. FHA 2. Math Club I. Senior Hlstorlan Club I. BEACH, JIMMY--Transferred I. Varsity -Base- ball 3. FBLA 3. FFA I, 2, 3. Felloyvshlp of Christian Athletes 3. Nom. Most Friendly 3. Student Assembly 2, 3. Beta Club Student .of the Month 3. B-Team Baseball 2. Dlstrlct Public Speaker 2. BEATY, JOSEPHINE-German Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. BECHTOL, BILL-Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3. Physics Club 3. GHS Representative to Garland Youth Council 2, 3. Chemistry Club 2. Band I, 2. Student Assembly I. BELL, MELANIE JANET-Biology Club I, 2, 3 lPres. 3I. Mu Alpha Theta I, 2, 3. Future Nurses I, 2, 3. Chemistry Club 2. Law Forum 2. Jr. Red Cross I. Spanish Club I. Physics Club 3. BENNETT, BECKY-A Cappella chair l, 2, 3 lTreasurer 3I. Band I, 2, 3. Maiorette 2. 3- Region Choir 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. BENNETT, GARY-B-Team Football l. BLAIN, MIKE-A Cappella 2, 3. Boys Choir 3. Madri Glee 3. Golf I, 2, 3. 3l2 Senior Activities BLAND, BOBBIE-DECA 3. Spanish I 8: II. BLANKENSHIP, BOB-VICA 2, 3. President 3. BLASS, DANNY-Varsity Football 2, 3. Key Club 2, 3. Beta Club 2, 3. Nom. Personality Plus 3. Valentine King 3. B-Team Basketball I. Student Assembly Representative I. BLOUNT, NANCY-Future Nurses 2, 3. Treas- urer 3. BOHANNON, RONNIE-DECA 3. BOLTON, DONNA-VOE 3. Teenaiders I, 2. FHA I, 2. BOWLINGS, JAMES-VICA 2, 3. Sergeant-at- arms 3. BOYD, PHILLIP L.-NHS 2, 3. Mu Alpha Theta 3. Quill 8l Scroll 3. Owl's Nest Staff 3. Physics Club 3. Chemistry Club Vice-President 2. Student Council I, 2 lTreasurer 2I. French Club I, 2 lPresident 2I. Law Forum Vice- President 2. BOYER, MARGARET-A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Madri-Glee 3. Spanish Club 2. FHA I. Choralaires I. BRACKEEN, CAROLYN ANN-A Cappella I, 2, 3. Secretary 3. Band I, 2, 3. Squad Leader 2, 3. Secretary 3. Studio Ensemble I, 2, 3. Stage Band 2, 3. All Region Band 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. Jr. Classical League I, 2. Treasurer 2. FHA I. Dallas Area Band I. Outstanding Jr. Band Member 2. FBLA 3. Nom. Most Talented 3. BRACKETT, GLENDA-FHA Chapter ll I. BRADY, DENNIS-VICA 3. NHS 3. BRAGG, JOHNNIE-Student Council I, 2, 3. Beta Club 2, 3. State Vice President 3. A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. All Region Choir 2, 3. All State Choir 3. Ollie Owl 2, 3. Best Owl Spirit 3. Nom. Mr. GHS 3. A Cappella Beau 2. Varsity Baseball 2. Chemistry Club 2. B-Team Baseball I. Spanish Club I. A Cappella Award I. BRATTON, SANDRA-Dashing Debs 2, 3. FBLA 2, 3. Corresponding Secretary 3. FSA 3. Spanish Club I 81 Il. FHA I, 2. Student Assembly I, 2. Gold Jackets I. BROOKS, GERALDINE-FBLA 2, 3. Spanish Club I, 2. BROOKS, STEVE-Baseball Manager 2. BROUSSARD, RONALD KENT-Varsity Football 3. BROWNLEE, JUDIE-FTA I, 2, 3. Biology Club I, 2. FHA 3. Office Girl. BRUNSON, LORETA ANN-Gold Jackets I. French Club I, 2. BRYANT, BRENDA-Student Council I, 2, 3. B-Team Cheerleader I. A-Team Cheerleader 2, 3. Best All Around I. Key Club Sweetheart I. Nom. FFA Sweetheart, I. Class Favorite I. Most Beautiful I. Beta Club 2. Class Favorite 2. Secretary of Beta Club 3. All GHS 3. Most Beautiful 3. Nom. Miss GHS 3. Nom. Class Favorite 3. Nom. Homecoming Queen 3. BUNCH, SUE-FHA I. Y-Teens I. BURNS, LINDA-FBLA 2. DECA 3. C CALDWELL, JERRY-Key Club I, 2, 3. Spanish Club I. Chemistry Club 2. Golf Team I, 2, 3. CANNON, JANIS-General Choir I. Spanish I Club I. Spanish Il Club 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. Student Assembly. Owl's Nest Staff 3. CANNON, JOHNNY-Track I. Chemistry Club I. Basketball I. CARTER, CANDY-Spanish Club I. Gold Jackets I. Dashing Debs 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. Beta Club 2, 3. FTA 2, 3. FTA President 3. CARTWRIGHT, BEVERLY-Spanish Club I, 2. Future Nurses 3. FHA 3. CASTEEL, STEVE-Varsity Football I, 2, 3. Baseball I. Nom. Best All Around I, 2, 3. Spanish Club I. Student Assembly Representa- TIVE I, 2. Key Club 2, 3. Track 2. Nom. Valen- tine Prince 2. Most Athletic 3. CASTLE, JANE ANN-Band I, 2, 3. Studio Ensemble 2, 3. A Cappella Choir 3. Drama Club 3. CHANDLER, SUSAN-ICT 2, 3. Gold Jackets I. VICA Z, 3. CHILDRESS, CAROLYN-FHA I, 3. DECA 3. lcLANroN, JOAN-Library Club l, 2, a. Art Club l, 2, 3. CLAYTON, GEORGE-President of Sophomore Class I. President of Choir I. German Club I. Nom. Class Favorite and Best All Around I. Vice-President of Junior Class 2. NFL 2, 3. President of Law Forum 2, 3. Advisory Council 2, 3. Student Assembly 3. Nom. Most Am- bitious 3. Vice President of Senior Class 3. CLAYTON, TERESA-Vice-President of Sopho- more Class I. B-Team Cheerleader I. Nom. Best All Around and Class Favorite I. Var- slty Cheerleader 2, 3. Nom. Class Favorite 2. Nom. Valentine Princess 2. Beta Club 2, 3. Nom. Homecoming Queen 3. Nom. Class Favorite 3. Best Owl Spirit 3. COLE, RONNISB-Team Football I. DECA 2, 3. FBLA 3. Owl Guard 3. CONNER, JAMES-Key Club I, 2. Spanish Club I. COOK, DAVID T.-Band I, 2, 3. Studio En- semble I, 2, 3. German Club I. Stage Band 3. Math Club 2. All Region Band 3. East Texas All Senior Honor Band 3. A Cappella Choir 3. Boys Choir 3. COOPER, DEBORAH-A Cappella I, 2, 3. EH? I. Office Girl I, 3. FTA 2. Madri Glee COOK, JERRY-B-Team Football I. Varsity Football 2, 3. Nom. Most Athletic 3. ICURTIS, BERT GARY-Latin Club I. Library Club I, 2. Varsity Tennis 2, 3. Math Club 3. Physics Club 3. D DARLING, JENNIFER-Jr. Red Cross I. Future Nurses 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. DAVIE, FRANKIE JOE-B-Team Basketball I. DECA 2, 3. FBLA 2. DAVIS, GAIL-Spanish Club I. Gold Jackets I. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Student Assembly Representative 2. DAVIS, JACKIE-Art Club I, 2, 3. Vice- President 2, 3. Owl's Nest Staff 2, 3. Business :Manager 3. Student Assembly 2. Quill 8: Scroll DAVIS, LINDA K.-German Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Student Assembly I, 2. Dashing llebs 2, 3. Office Assistant 3. FBLA Historian , 3. DAVIS, PATTY-Gold Jackets I, 2. FHA I. Jr. Representative 2. VICA 3 lReporterI. DENNEY, ROLAND-Band I, 2, 3. A Capella I, 2, 3. All Region Choir I. Dallas Area Band I. Studio Ensemble 2, 3. Stage Band I, 2, 3. All Region Choir 2, 3. All State Semifinalist 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. UIL One Act Play Cast 2. Cast "The Music Man" 3. Nom. Most Talented 3. Drama Club Vice-President 2. National Thespians 3. DENNY, DEBBIE-Gold Jackets I. Most Beautiful I. Miss Flame I964 I. Nom. Most Beautiful 2. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Rotarian Student of the Month 3. Nom. Most Beautiful 3. Nom. Most Feminine 3. Valentine Queen 3. Dashing Deb Maiorette 3. DEWEY, SAUNDRA-French Club I, 2. FBLA 2, 3. FTA 3. DICUS, CHUCK-Class Favorite I, 2. All GHS I, 2, 3. Mr. GHS 3. B-Team Football I. Varsity Football 2, 3. Basketball I. Executive Student Council I, 2, 3. Beta Club 2, 3. President of Beta Club 3. Optimist Club Stu- dent ot the Month 3. Nom. Most Handsome 3. DINGENTHAL, DIANE-FHA I, 3. Jr. Red Cross I. DISMORE, PAT-Transferred I. Owl's Nest Staff 2, 3. Managing Editor 3. Quill Br Scroll 3. FBLA 2, 3. Vice-President 3. A Cappella 3. FHA 2, 3. Reporter I. Dixie Darlings I. Gold Jackets I. DRANE, SHARON SUZANNE-Dashing Debs 2, 3. German Club 3. Secretary 3. FBLA 2. Spanish Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Student Assembly I. DUCKWORTH, DENISE-Owl's Nest Favorites Editor,3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. Art Club 2, 3. Personality Plus 3. Spanish Club I, 2. Nom. Most Witty 3. DUCKWORTH, LINDA-FBLA 2, 3. Art Club 2, 3. DUNGAN, JO BETH-Beta Club 2, 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. Owl's Nest Favorites Editor 3. Nom. Homecoming Queen 3. Nom. Best All Around 3. Nom. Most Beautitul 3. Miss GHS 3. Spanish Il Club 2. Nom. Most Beautiful 2. Valentine Princess 2. Spanish I Club I. DUNCAN, NANCY-Beta Club 2, 3. Dashing Debs 2, 3. French Club I, 2. DUNLAP, JIM-Band I, 2, 3. Vice-President 2. President 3. Stage Band 3. Studio Ensemble 2, 3. Pit Band for "The Music Man" 3. DUYCK, LARRY A.-Varsity Football 2, 3. Bas- ketball I, 2, 3. Fellowship ot Christian Athletes 3. All-District 3. Honorable Mention Basketball 3. Nom. Most Athletic 3. Nom. Best All Around 3. Nom. Valentine King 3. Spanish Club 2. Baseball I. E EASLEY, CRAIG-Physics Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Spanish Club I. Football I. EDWARDS, KENNETH MIKE-B-Team Basket- ball I. Varsity Basketball 3. ESTES, AUDREY-Physics Club 3. Mu Alpha Theta 3. EVANS, RAY-Owl Guard 3. B-Team Football I. EWING, BECKY-Nom. Most Witty 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. FTA 2, 3. Owl's Nest Class Editor 3. Spanish II Club 2. Spanish I Club I. Gold Jackets I. Secretary I. F FAGALA, BRENDA-FBLA 2, 3. Reporter 3 Owl's Nest Faculty Editor 3. Quill 8: Scroll 3. Reporter 3. Spanish I Club I. Jr. Red Cross I. Gold Jackets. FELDER, MARC-Best All Around 3. All GHS I, 2, 3. Nom. Mr. GHS 3. Golf Team 2, 3. Student Council President 3. Rotarian Student of the Montn 3. Beta Club I, 2, 3. Key Club I, 2, 3. Student Council 2. Student Assembly I. Football I. Baseball I. FLEEUP, SUSAN-FHA 3. FOLSOM, VICKI-FBLA 2, 3. FSA 3. Treasurer 3. VOE 3. President 3. Gold Jackets I, 2. Captain 2. FOLSTADT, MAROBA MARLICE-Quill 8: Scroll 3. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Owl's Nest Index Editor 3. Owl's Eye Staff Writer 3. FBLA 3. Nom. Most Feminine 3. Nom. Most Ambitious 35' Izench Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Biology u I. FONG, RONNIE-Senior Class President 3. Latin Club I, 2, 3. President I, 2 3. Presi- dent ot Texas Junior Classical League 3. Beta Club I, 2, 3. Physics Club 3. President at Junior Class 2. Nom. Class Favorite 2, 3. Nom. Most Ambitious 3. Chemistry Club 2. Presi- dent 2. Dallas Times Herald "Top Teenager" 2. Student Assembly I. FREY, SANDRA LEE-Spanish II Club 2. Gold Jackets I. Spanish I Club I'. G eAmMoN, noNNiz-Track 2, a. GARRISON, DORA-VICA 3. Sweetheart 3. GLEISER, BARBARA-FSA 3. FHA I, 2. GOODMAN, LEE-Spanish II Club 3. Tennis I, 2. Spanish I Club 2. Latin Club I. IGOODMAN, LINDA DARLENE-Future Nurses GOODMAN, SANDY-FSA 3. Owl's Nest Staff 2, 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. Art Club 2, 3. French Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. GORANSON, BRUCE-NHS 2, 33 NFL 2, 3. Treasurer 3. Law Forum 2, 3. Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3. President 3. Junior Classical League I, 2, 3. National Thespians 3. Advisory Board Student Assembly 3. Drama Club 2. Student Assembly 2. Summer Speech Workshop 2. Tennis I. Library Club I. GOSWICK, MARGARET-Dashing Debs 2, 3. Maiorette 3. Beta Club 2, 3. Treasurer 3. FBLA 3. Nom. Most Courteous 3. Deb Council 2. Spanish Club I, 2. Tennis Team I. GRASSMAN, GARY-Track I, 2, 3. B-Team Basketball. German Club I. GIFFORD, GREG-B-Team Football 2. Man- ager I. GRICE, LINDA-FSA 3. FBLA 2, 3. Spanish Club. Gold Jackets I. GIRMLAND, DAN-Band I, 2, 3. H HAGIN, RENAY-FBLA 3. Secretary 3. Owl's Nest Class Editor 3. A Cappella 3. Spanish II Club 2. 'Choralaires 2. Cheerleader I. Spanish I Club I. Showboaters I. HALPIN, JERRY-Beta Club 3. Student Coun- cil 3. Football I, 2, 3. Captain 3. Valentine Prince 2. Most Handsome 3. Track I. HAM, PHYLLIS-FSA 3. FBLA 3. HAMMACK, PAT-Band I, 2, 3. Studio En- semble 3. Stage Band 3. Owl's Eye Circulation Manager 3. Latin Club 2. HAMMERSMITH, PHYLLIS-NFL 2, 3. Secre- tary 2. German Club 3. Historian. Spanish I 81 ll Club State Reporter I. Law orum I, 2. Secretary 2. Office Assistant 3. Library 3. Pan American Student Forum Representative at State Convention 2. Y Teens I. Treasurer. Gold Jackets I. Junior Achievement I. HANES, SUZIE-FSA 3. VOE 3. Latin Club 2. Gold Jackets I. HARDWICK, SUSAN-Y Teens I, 2, 3. Presi- dent 3. ICC Representative I, 2. Spanish Club. A Cappella I, 2, 3. Alto Section Leader 3. Nom. A Cappella Sweetheart 2. Madri Glee 2, 3. All Region Choir 2, 3. All State Choir 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. Program Chairman 3. Gold Jackets I. Nom. Most Talented 3. HARPER, EDDIE-DECA 2, 3. Vice-President 3. HARRIS, JAN-Dashing Debs 2, 3. Deb Coun- cil 2, 3. President 3. FBLA 3. FSA 3. FFA Sweetheart 3. Basketball Queen 3. Nom. Homecoming Queen 3. Best All Around 3. Nom. Class Favorite, Most Beautiful, Miss GHS 3. Beta Club Student of the Month 3. Spanish Club I, 2. Secretary I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Student Assembly I. HARRIS, MARTHA-Dashing Debs 2, 3. Drum Maiorette 3. Rotarian Student of the Month 3. FSA Vice-President 3. FBLA 3. Nom. Home- coming Queen 3. AII GHS 3. Nom. Best All Around 3. Nom. Personality Plus 3. Spanish Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. HARROD, LLOYD-FFA Silver Emblem Judge at National Dairy Judging Contest 3. Lone Star Farmer Degree 2. Ist High Individual in the State Dairy Judging Contest at A 81 M 2. Chapter Farmer Degree I. HARRY, JACKIE-Track Manager 2. Varsity Football Manager I. HAUSER, CATHY-Transferred from Rockwall 2. HEDRIC, JAMES-Math Club 3. HENDRIX, BILL-Band I, 2, 3. Studio Ensem- ble 3. German Club I, 2. HENNIG, BABARA-NHS 2, 3. VOE 3. A Cappella 3. French Club I, 2. FTA I. HENSLEY, CELIA-Office Assistant 3. Chem- istry Club 2, 3. Reporter 3. Secretary 2. Bi- ology Club I, 2, 3. Latin Club I, 2, 3. HERRON, KATHLEEN-Library Club 3. Speech Squad 2. Drama Club 2. Gold Jackets l. HESSELBERG, ROBERT-A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. President 3. All-Region Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. Student Council 3. Chem- istry Club 2. HIGGS, ROBERT-A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. Boys Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 3. HIGHTOWER, RICKEY-Student Assembly I, 2, 3. Golt Team 2, 3. FBLA 3. Key Club 2, 3. Secretary 3. German Club 3. Chemistry Club 2. Law Forum 2. B-Team Football I. B-Team Baseball I. HILTON, WAYLAND GENE-Transferred 3. Track I, 2, 3. B-Team Football 2. HINES, DONNA-FSA 3. Latin Club I, 2. NHS 2. AO Biology Club I, 2. Gold Jackets HODGES, PHYLLIS-Class Favorite 3. Senior Class Secretary 3. Cheerleader 2, 3. Head Cheerleader 3. Beta Club I, 2, 3. Nom. Miss GHS 3. Nom. Homecoming Queen 3. Best All Around 2. Secretary Junior Class 2. Sec- retary Sophomore Class I. Spanish Club Sec- retary I. Nom. Class Favorite I. Best All Around I. HOLLAND, CAROL-A Cappella Choir I, 2. French Club I, 2. Library Cub I, 2. HOLLOWAY, SHAROLETTE-Quill 81 Scroll 3. Owl's Eye Staff 3. Tennis Team I, 2. HOLLOWAY, WELDON-FBLA 3. Varsity Base- ball 2, 3. Chemistry Club I. Spanish Club I. B-Team Basketball I. B-Team Baseball I. HOOKINS, LARRY-Math Club 2, 3. Treasurer 3. Chemistry Club 2. HOPKINS, CYNTHIA-Transferred 2. A Cap- pella I, 2, 3. Band I .Gold Jackets 2. FHA I. HOWELL BILL-Key Club 3. Baseball 2, 3. German Club I, 2. HUGGINS, CINDY-VOE 3. Future Nurses 3. FHA Chapter I I, 2. Reporter 2. HUSTON, DENNIS-Track Team 2, 3. Tennis Team I, 2. IVY, JEANNE-FBLA 3. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Spanish Club I, 2. Nom. Personality Plus 3. Valentine Court 3. Student Assembly Repre- sentative I, 2. J JEPPERSON, JANET-Transferred 3. Bible Club il, 2, 3. Kappa Gamma Pi 2, 3. American Field Service Club 2, 3. Pep Club I, 2. NHS 3. JOHNSON, CINDY-FHA I, 3. President 3. Vice-President I. FBLA 3. JOHNSON, SHARON ANN-VOE 3. FHA I, JONES, BOBBY DENNIS-Transferred 3. Track I, 2, 3. All District I. JONES, CHERYL-ICT 2, 3. Art Club 2, 3. Gold Jackets I. JONES, DONALD EDWARD-NHS 2, 3. Var- sity Baseball 2, 3. Physics Club 3. Chemistry Club 2. German Club I, 2. Mu Alpha Theta 3. Student Assembly 2. JORDAN, BOBBY-Varsity Basketball 2, 3. B-Team Basketball I. JUNG, BECKY-A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. All-Region Choir 2, 3. Stu- dent Assembly 3. Spanish II Club 2. Teen- aiders 3. Spanish I Club I. K KATTES, EYELYN-Owl's Nest Actiivties Edi- tor 3. FTA 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Treasurer 3. FHA I. Pianist l. Biology Club I. Gold Jackets I. Jr. Red Cross I. KEELEY, CYNTHIA-FSA 3. FBLA 3. Art Club 2, 3. Sganish I Club I. Gold Jackets I. Dash- ing De s 2, 3. KELLY, SHARYN-Quill 81 Scroll 3. Owl's Eye Feature Editor 3. Owl's Eye Advertising Man- ager 3. Student Assembly 3. Band I, 2. Tale Spinners Short Story Contest Winner 2. Span- ish Club 2. Y-Teens I. KESTOR, ELEANOR-A Cappella 2, 3. Drama Club 2, 3. Y-Teens 2, 3. National Thespians 3. Secretary 3. General Choir I. 3I3 KEY. BEBECCA-Owl's Nest Editor-in-Chiet 3. National Thespians 3. President 3. NFL 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Latin Club I, 2, 3. Reporter 3. A Cappella 3. Dallas Times Her- ald Teenage Council 3. Dallas Theatre Center Teen Board 3. FTA 2, 3. Quill 8- Scroll 3, All GHS 3. Nom. Most Ambitious and Most Witty 3. Ist Place District UIL Poetry Interpretation 3. 2nd Lamar Tech Speech Tournament Duet Acting 2. Masque 8: Wi Players 2. Texas A Xi M Journalism Workisliop 2. Scholarship Lamar Tech Speech Workshop 2. Owl's Eye Staff Writer lOIIie Owlj 3. KILLION, BRUCE-Golf Team 2, 3. Spanish ll Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Spanish I Club I. BATeam Baseball I. KIMBRELL, BECKY-FBLA 3. President 3. Ten- nis Club I, 2, 3. President 3. Tennis Team I, 2, 3. Captain 2, 3. Spanish I Club 2. Spanish II Club 3. Art Club 2, 3. Student Assembly 3. KINDLE, VALERIE LAJOYCE-FHA I, 2. Cho- ral Group I. KIRBY, CAROL-Owl's Eye Advertising Man- ager 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. Secretary-Treasurer 3. Choralaires I. KIRKPATRICK, JEFFREY E.-Beta Club 2, 3. Track I, 2, 3. Physics Club 3. Chemistry Club Q 'German Club 2. Reporter 2. B-Team Foot- a . KOHLER, SUE-NHS 2, 3. FHA I. Choralaires I. Dashing Debs 2, 3. L LAMB, CINDY-Senior Class Reporter 3. Nom Most Courteous 3. Spanish II Club 2. Gold Jackets I. LeFLORE, KEN--Varsity Basketball 2, 3. Varsity Easebiall 2. B-Team Basketball I. B-Team Base- a . LEMKE, DONNA-Transferred 3. Latin Club 2. Secretary 2. FHA 2. Student Assembly 2. DeLarne 2. Secretary 2. German Club I. Debate I. LEMMONN, JACKIE-Track 3. Owl Guard 3. Personality Plus 3. Nom. Most Witty 3. FBLA 2. Spanish Club 2. LEVI, LAURA-FBLA 3. FSA 3. Gold Jackets LEWIS, KIANNE LINDA-Owl's Nest Faculty Editor 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. FBLA 2. Student Assembly I. LEWIS, EVAN-Physics Club 3. Mu Alpha Theta 2. Chemistry Club 2. LEWIS, ROBBIE-Football I, 2. Track 2. Latin Club I. IGEYVIS, RONNIE-German Club I, 2. Foot- a I. LILLEY, GERALD WAYNE-Chemistry Club I. FBLA I. Math Club 2. Physics Club 2. LINDENBERG, CHRIS-Biology Club I. Owl Guard 2. Track 2. Owl's Eye Staff 3. LOUGHLIN, PAM-Spanish I Club I. General Choir I. Tennis I. Dashing Debs I, 2. Cho- ralaires I, 2. FTA I, 2. M McALLISTER, JANEY-FHA II I. DECA 3. MCCOY, GREGORY A -Transferred, Carver 2. Varsity Football 3. B-Team Football 2. McDOWELL, DOUG-Boys Choir 2, 3. A Cappella 2, 3. MCFERRIN, CAROLYN-General Choir I. lggaxmia Club I, 2. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. MCGEE, CATHlELatin Club I, 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. A Cappella 2, 3. FTA 3. McGIBBON, KATHY-Gold Jackets I, 2, 3. Gold Jackets Council 2, 3. Latin Club I. Student Assembly 3. FHA 3. McKNIGHT, .IAMI-Latin Club I, 2, 3. Fu- ture Nurses I, 3. MCMILLEN, VICKIE-Spanish Club I. Art Club 3. FTA 3. MAHON, LINDA-Gold Jackets I. Tennis I. FHA I. Dashing Debs 2. DECA 3. 3I4 MARET, BOB-Tennis l, 2. Latin Club I, 2. Key Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. MARKS, VALDEZ BETH-Spanish Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I, 2. Chemistry Club 2. MATHIS, PATRICIA-Gold Jackets I, 2. Cap- tain 2. FHA I, 2. MATTERN, KAY-Gold Jackets I. Spanish Club I, 2. FTA 3. MAYABB, SAM-Football I, 2, 3. MEDLIN, RUSTY-Golt Team I, 2, 3. Biology Club I. Key Club 2, 3. Senior Representative 3. Physics Club 3. MEEKS, VIRGINIA-Future Nurses I. FHA I,2. ICT 3. MEIS, DAVID-DECA 3. MELTON, JAMES WILLIAM-FBLA 2, 3. Drama Club 3. MERRILL, PAY-Band I, 2. German Club I. FBLA 2. MILLER, GINGER-Spanish Club I, 2. Ten- nis Team I, 2, 3. Biology Club 2. FBLA 2. Tennis Club 3. MILLER, JOAN-Choralaires I. FHA I. Latin Club I, 2. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. FTA 3. MILLER, NANCY-Art Club 3. Secretary. Owl's Nest Activities Editor 3. Latin Club 3. Student.AssernbIy I, 2. French Club I. Tennis I. Biology Club I. B-Team Cheerleader MOORE, TERESA DARLENE-FSA 3. VOE 3. Junior Achievement 2. FHA I. MORGAN, PAY-VICA 3. Secretary. MORPHIS, DIANE-German Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Maiorette 3. FSA President 3. NHS 2, 3. Secretary 3. Beta Club 3. Most Ambitious 3. MORPHIS, QUINN-Latin Club I, 2, 3. Band I, 2, 3. FBLA 2. MORRIS, BOB-Key Club I, 2, 3. Spanish I Club 2. Latin Club I. MORRIS, NAN-Band I, 2, 3. Area Band 3. Studio Ensemble I, 2, 3. Biology Club Treas- grer 2. French Club I. FHA I. German Club MOSELY, PAM-Math Club 3. FBLA 3. FHA 2. Gold Jackets I, 2, 3. Captain 3. Alternate Captain 2. MOYER, RON-German Club I, 2. Tennis I. Chemistry Club 2. MULKEY, MIKE--Owl's Nest Photographer 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. Latin Club l, 2, 3. Chem- istry Club 2. National Mosaic Winner 3. N NAIRN, LINDA-FSA 3. Gold Jackets I. Spanish I Club I. NALL, JANET--Transferred 3. Future Nurses 3. NEISWENDER, LARRY-DECA 2, 3. President 3. Delegate to State Convention Z, 3. NELSON, CATHY-Owl's Nest Staff 2, 3. Managing Editor 3. Valentine Court 3. French Club I. B-Team Cheerleader I. NOBLE, ELAINE-Transferred 3. VOE 3. Cheerleader I. Annual Staff I. Choir I. NOLAN, JOE-Beta Club 3. Key Club I, 2, 3. Latin Club I. B-Team Basebal I. Spanish I Club 2. President. Spanish II Club 3. Presi- dent. Varsity Baseball 2, 3. Most Friendly 3. NORMAN, KEN-Transferred 2, Student Coun- cil I. Football I. Track I. Basketball I. Biol- ogy Club I. VCL I. O OLIVER, SHARON YVONNE-Transferred 3, FSA 3. Choir 3. FNA 2, Choir I, 2. Swim Team I, 2. Spirit Club I, 2. FHA I. OWENS, BRIDGET-Gold Jackets I. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Deb Council 3. Spanish I Club I. Spanish Il Club 2. P gARKER, CHARLES-Owl's Eye Photographer PARKER, TOMMY-B-Team Basketball I. Ger- man Club I, 2. A-Team Basketball 2, 3. Co- Captain 3. Beta Club 2, 3. Vice-President 3. NHS 3. All GHS 3. Most Courteous 3. Nom Most Friendly 3. PARR, MIKE-DECA 3. PARTRIDGE, JAMES ROBERT--Basketball I, 2. Student Assembly I. Owl's Eye Sports Editor 3. PATE, CAROLYN-General Choir I. FHA I. Choralaires 2, 3. Spanish Club 2. Drama Club 3. FBLA 2, 3. PATTERSON, KATHY-French Club I, 2. FBLA 2,.ChoraIaires 2, 3, Historian 3. PATTERSON, KENNETH-FBLA 2. DECA 3. Owl's Eye Cartoonist 3. PEACOCK, SUE-Spanish Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. FBLA 2. FSA 3. VOE 3. PEOPLES, LARRY-Band I. A Cappella Choir 3. Boys Choir 3. PERRY BRENDA-Class Treasurer I, 2, 3. Nom 'Most Beautiful I. Spanish Club I, 2. Dashing Debs 2, 3 Deb Council 3. Nom Best All Around 2. Valentine Princess 2. Nom. Homecoming Queen 3. Nom. Most Courteous 3. Most Feminine 3. PICKLE, DOUG-Band I, 2, 3. Spanish Club I, 2. Symphonic Band 2, 3. Studio Ensemble 3. A Cappella Choir 3. Senior Representative 3. PLATE, MARLA JO-French Club I. Creative Arts Club I, 2, 3. Band I, 2, 3. FHA I. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Madri Glee 2. 3. Masque and Wig Players 2. National Thes- pians 3. Studio Ensemble 3. POINTER, MIKE-A Cappella I, 2, German Club I. Spanish Club 2. Boys Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. Bass Section Leader 2, 3. All Region Choir 3. Student Assembly 3. POOLE, DON-German Club I, 2. Band I, 2. 3. Student Ensemble 2, 3. POOLE, TIM-Latin Club I, 2. German Club I. Math Club I. Biology Club I, 2. Spanish Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Quill Zi Scroll 3. Owl's Nest Photographer 3. PORTER, CHARLES-Track I, 2, 3. Student Assembly I. B-Team Basketball I. Chemistry Club 2. Key Club 3. FBLA 3. Nom. Most Friendly and Most Talented 3. Most Witty 3. Fellowship ot Christian Athletes 3. POUNDERS, KENNETH-FFA I, 2, 3. Spanish 0 OUISENBERRY, ROBERT-B-Team Basketball I. Varsity Basketball 2, 3. Latin Club 2. Fel- lowship ot Christian Athletes 3. R RAFF, HERBERT-Transferred 3. Chess Club 2. Junior Engineering Technological Society 2. RAGSDALE, DAVID-VICA 2, 3. RAINES, JOHNNY-FFA I, 2, 3. Reporter 2. Lone Star Farmer Degree 3. Football 2, 3. Chapter Farmer Degree Parliamentarian 2. RANGE, DEBBIE-Transferred 3. FHA 3. French Club 2, 3. FTA 2. RECER, BARBRA-NHS 2, 3. FHA I. RICE, MARCIA-DECA 2, 3. Secretary ot Chapter I 3. Club 2. NHS. RICH, BECKY-Future Nurses 2, 3. Secretary 3. Mu Alpha Theta 3. Spanish Club 2. Gold Jackets I. FHA I. RIDGEWAY, JOYCE-Dashing Debs 2, 3. A Cappella 2, 3. Latin Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Choralaires I. ROBINSON, LYNN-FSA 3. VOE 3. FBLA 2. Spanish I Club I. Gold Jackets I. Spanish II Club 2. RODGERS, SHERRY-Miss Texas Maiorette 66-67 3. Texas Ist runner-up State Twirling Champ 3. Band Feature Twirler I, 2, 3. Rep- resented Texas at the National Twirling Con- test at St. Paul, Minn. 3. Most Talented 3. Nom. Best Owl Spirit 3. Optimist Student of Month 3. Finalist Miss Teenage Dallas 3. State AAU Strutting Champ 2. State AAU Strutting Champ I. Miss Texas AAU Beauty Queen Grand Champ Twirler at West Texas University I. Ist Runner-up USTA State Twirl- ing Champion I. ROWDEN, DENNIS-NHS 2, 3. FFA I, 2, 3. President 3. Area President 3. Area Vice- President 2. One of Top Ten Future Farmers in State 3. Ft. Worth Rural Youth Award 3. One ot Top Five Dairy Cattle Showmen in the Nation 3. Member of Radio Team 2, 3. Member of Livestock Judging Team 2, 3. Op- timist Club Student of the Month 3. Junior Rotarian 3. Texas Holstein Association's All- State Boy 3. Key Club 2. Santa Fe Educa- tional Award 2. Lone Star Farmer Degree 2. Star Dairy Farmer of Junior Area V 2. Chap- ter Leadership Award 2. Chapter Dairy Award 2. Dallas County Top Teen 2. Chapter Scholarship Award I. 3rd High Dairy Cattle Judge in State I. Member of Farm Skills Team I. Chapter Farmer Degree 2. Kiwanis Club Chain Helter I. ROWDEN, STANLEY-Spanish Il Club 3. Beta Club Student of Month 3. Spanish I Club 2. NHS 2, 3. RUSSELL, JIMMY-VIC 3. VICA 3. RYAN, JUDY-Band I, 2, 3. Studio Ensemble 2, 3. Orchestra I, 2, 3. A Cappella Choir 3. Physics Club 3. Chemistry Club 2. Latin Club I. S SAMUEL, CISSIE-Owl's Eye Editor-in-Chief 3. Choralaires I, 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Sec- retary 2. Quill 8: Scroll 3. President 3. NHS 2, 3. FHA I. SARRETT, CHARLES-Physics Club 3. Spanish II Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Spanish I Club I. AO Biology Club I. ' SCHEEL, MARRIANE-Dashing Debs 2 3. Future Nurses 3. FSA 3. FBLA 2. Latin Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. Jr. Red Cross I. SCHREIBER, DIANE-Future Nurses 3. Latin Club I, 2, 3. Historian 3. NHS 2, 3. Reporter 3. Physics Club 3. Chemistry Club 2. SCOTT, KENNY-Spanish ll Club 2. SHARPE, PAULA-A Cappella 2, 3. General Choir I. SHAW, DONAH-Homecoming Queen 3. Beta Club I, 2, 3. Secretary 3. Rotary Student ot the Month 3. Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3. Secretary 3. Most Beautiful 2. All GHS 2. Spanish II Club 2. FBLA 2. FFA Sweetheart Nominee 2. B-Team Cheerleader I. Class Fa- vorite I. Nom. Most Beautitul I. Nom.'Best All Around I. Spanish I Club I. SHELTON, DEBBIE-A Cappella 2, 3. FSA 3. Future Nurses 2, 3. FBLA 2. Gold Jackets I. French Club I. SHUGART, GWEN-Most Friendly 3. Nom. Best Owl Spirit 3. FBLA 3. Spanish II Club 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Beta Club Student ot the Month 3. Spanish I Club I. A.O. Biology I. SIMMONS, DONNA-VOE 3. FBLA 2. Gold Jackets I. Spanish Club I, 2. SIMMONS, JOE-Key Club 3. Varsity Foot- ball I, 2, 3. Class Favorite 3. Nom. Best All Around 3. Nom. Most Handsome 3. Student Assembly I, 2, 3. Best All Around I, 2. Law Club 2. Nom. Class Favorite I. SIX, SARA-Band I, 2. 3. Stage Band 3. Studio Ensemble 2, 3. Art Club 3. East Texas All Senior Honor Band 3. Spanish II Club 2. Jr. Red Cross I. Spanish I Club I. SKINNER, SUSAN-A Cappella 2, 3. FHA I. 2. Secretary 3. DAR Homemaker Award 3. Spanish ll Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Biology Club I. Spanish I Club I. General Choir I. Student Assembly I. SMILEY, MARSHA-A Cappella 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. Spanish I Club 2. FHA I. SMITH, DONNY-Band I, 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Band Council 2. A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 3. Disciplinary Board 3. Stage Band I, 2, 3. Studio Ensemble I, 2, 3. SMITH, J. HARDY-A Cappella I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. Student Council 2, 3. Vice- President 3. Beta Club 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. All- Region Choir 2. Football I. Most Talented 3. Lead in "The Music Man" 3. All GHS 3. Nom. Most Witty 3. SMITH, MAXIE-FTA I, 2, 3. Chaplain 3. Student Council 3. Co-Historian 3. A Cap- pella Choir I, 2, 3. lst Vice-President 3. Publicity 2. Madri Glee 2, 3. Nom. Person- ality Plus 3. Most Witty 3. Spanish ll Club 2. Student Assembly 2. Spanish I Club I. Gold Jackets I. SMITH, SUSAN-Spanish I Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Future Nurses I. SNEED, JOHNNY-VICA 2, 3. SNELL, JOY-VOE 3. FBLA 2. Spanish Il Club 2. Spanish I Club I. President I. Gold Jackets I. SOMERS, JANIS-FBLA 2, 3. FSA 3. VOE 3. Historian 3. FHA 2. SONGER, LOUISE-Transferred 2. Owl's Eye News Editor 3. Gold Jackets 2, 3. Head Captain 3. Gold Jacket Council 3. Y-Teens 2, 3. Vice-President 3. NHS 2, 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. SPRADLEY, KENNETH-Varsity Football Man- ager 2, 3. SPEARS, SHEILA-Owl's Eye Feature Editor 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. FBLA 2. SPENCE, LINDA-A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3. Madri Glee 2, 3. SQUIRE, DENNIS-Chemistry Club 2. German Club I, 2. STARNES, CLAUDIA-Transferred I. Owl's Nest Senior Class Editor 3. FBLA 2. Student Assembly I. Allied Youth I. Young Citizens Forum I. STUART, PRISCILLA-FBLA 2, 3. FHA I. STRUCK, DEBBIE--FBLA 2. Future Nurses 2. Dashing Debs 2, 3. French Club I. Gold Jackets I. STILWELL, RONNIE-VICA 3. DECA 2. STUBBS, FRANCES-A Cappella 2, 3. Madri Gge 3. FBLA 3. Spanish II Club 2. Spanish lub I. SWINDLE, JENNIFER MARIE-Transferred 3. Highlites-Highland Park I, 2. Blue Jackets- Samuell I. T TACKEL, GARY-Owl's Nest Business Statt 3. Quill Xi Scroll 3. Gott Team I, 2. Spanish Club I, 2. Chemistry Club 2. TANNER, VICTORIA-Transferred 2. Beta Club I, 2, 3. FHA 2. TAUZIN, BUTCH-ICT 2, 3. Owl Guard 2, 3. TAYLOR, MIKE-Latin Club I. TERRY, GLENN-Transferred 2. TESTA, MARY-Choralaires 2, 3. Alto Section Leader 2. Jr. Representative 2. President 3. FBLA 2, 3. Treasurer 3. Clinic Assistant 3. General Choir I. Student Assembly Repre- sentative I. THOMASSON, LARRY JOE-Transferred I. A Cappella Choir 3. Chemistry Club 2. Biology Club I. Sportsman Club I. Basketball I. Track I. Art Club I. THOMPSON, LARRY-German Club I, 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Speech Club 3. Football I. TIPTON, ROGER-Physics Club 3. Chemistry Club 2. German Club I. TRIPLETT, FINIS RAY-Physics Club 3. Chem- istry Club 2. Reporter 2. VIC 2. B-Team Basketball I. TUCKER, CHRIS-Transferred 2. Owl's Eye Staff Writer 3. TURNER, CHERRY-A Cappella 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. FTA 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Beta Club 2, 3. Dashing Debs 2, 3. Student Assembly I, 2. 3. All GHS 2, 3. Most Courteous 3. Nom. Most Ambitious 3. Nom. Most Friendly 3. Latin Club I, 2. Ottice Assistant I. TYNER, CONNIE-Spanish I Club 3. V VAN DUSER, KEVIN-AO Biology Club I, 3. Spanish Club I. VAN LANDINGHAM, JAN-FBLA 2, 3. FSA 3. Owl's Nest Organizations Editor 3. Quill Br Scroll 3. Nom. Most Feminine 3. Spanish Club I, 2. Gold Jackets I. VARN ER, JAM ES-DECA 3. VIBROCK, LYNN-Band I, 2, 3. Reporter 3. Band Council 3 Studio Ensemble 3. A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3. Choir Council 3, Reporter 3 National Thespians 3. Owl's Eye News Editor 3. German Club I, 2, 3. Reporter I. V'ce-President 2. Pfesident 3. Dama Club Secretary-Treasurer 2. Quill 81 Scroll 3. VOIGT, PETER-Library Club l, 2, 3. Vice- President 2. President 3. Law Forum 2, 3. Re- porter 3. I-listor'an 3. German Club I, 2, 3. President I. Biology Club I, 2. VOIGT, REINHARD--NHS 3. NFL I, 2 3. Treasurer 2. President 3. Band I, 2, 3. Studio Ensemble 2, 3. Lib-ary Club 3. 'aw Forum 2, 3. Reporter 2. Treasurer 3. German Club 3. Reporter 3. Spanish II Club 2. Spanish I Club I. W WALKER, BOBBY-Spanish Club 2. Football I, 2. Track I. Baseball I. WALKER, DONYA-FTA 2, 3. Dashing Debs 2 3. Deb Council 2. Spanish ll Club 2. Span- ish I Club I. Biology Club I. Gold Jackets I. WALKER, KATHRYN-FSA 3. Choralaires 2, 3. Student Assembly 3. WALKER, MARGARET-Band I, 2, 3. Studio Ensemble I, 2, 3. Band Maiorette 3. All-Re- gion Band 2, 3. NHS 2, 3. Treasurer 3. Latin Club I, 2. WASHINGTON, EDWARD-Transferred 2. Football 2, 3. Beta Club Student ot the Month 3. WESTERHEIM, JAN-Betty Crocker Home- maker of Tomorrow 3. Spanish Club 2. French Club I, 2. Law Forum 2. Secretary 2. FHA I, 2. Ist Vice-President I. WHITESIDE, KEN-Band I, 2, 3. Studio En- semble 2, 3. Stage Band 2, 3. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Treasurer 3. Madri Glee 3 All- Region Choir 2 3. Nom. Most Talented 3. German Club I, 2. WHITFORD, CHERYL-Quill 81 Scroll 3. Owl's Nest Organizations Editor 3. Drama Club 2. Gold Jackets I. WIDMER, DIANE-VOE 3. President 3. Li- brary Club 2. Secretary 2. French Club I. WIGGS, STEVE-Key Club I, 2, 3. Vice-Presi- dent 3. Beta Club l, 2, 3. Golt Team I, 2, 3. Student Assembly I, 2, 3. Spanish Il Club 2. Vice-President 2. Spanish I Club I. Treasurer I. AO Biology I. WILBANKS, KATHY-FTA 3. Parliamentarian 3. Ottice I, 2, 3. FBLA 2. Spanish II Club 2. Spanish I Club I. WILLARD, DENNIS-Teen Court 3. WILLBERN, LINDA-FSA 3. VOE 3. FTA 2. Gold Jackets I. Y-Teens I. FBLA I. WILLIAMS, JOHN T. IPEDROI-Transferred 3. Varsity Football 3. WILLIAMS, LARRY-Varsity Football 3. Key Club 3. Valentine Court 3. Spanish ll Club 2. B-Team Football I. Spanish I Club I. WILLIAMS, SANDY-Transferred 2. Owl's Eye Statt 3. Quill 81 Scroll 3. Vice-President 3. WILLIAMS, TOMMY-FFA I, 2,1 3. Parliamen- tarian 2. Vice-President 3. Varsity Football 2, 3. FBLA 3. Football I. WILLIAMSON, CARL-Varsity Football 2, 3. B-Team Football I. WILSON, DOLORES-VOE 3. FBLA 2. Gold Jackets I. 3I5 WILSON, LARRY--Varsity, Football 2, 3. Co- Catpain 3. B-Team Foot all I. B-Team Base ballvl. Spanish I Club l. WINN, DAVID-FFA I, 2. WINSETT, ROBERT-Track Team l, 2. WISENER, RANDY-Golt Team l, 2, 3. Cap- SENIOR GIRLS Abney, Randy 53 Adams, Linda 53 Alexander, Judy 53 Allen, Sherry 53, l72, 242, 228 Ames, Cheryll 53 Adreason, Phyllis 53, 2l3, 2ll, 244 Appelbee, Sue 53 Arnold, Wanda 53, 242 Averre, Betty 53, 229 Bagby, Linda 54, 2l5 Baggett, Sandra 54, 228 Bain, Melanie 54, l72, 232 Baker, Susie 54, 239 Barker, Linda 54, 2l3, 204, 206, 2ll Barnes, Retta 54 Barth, Ann 54 Beaty, Josephine Biber 54 Bell, Linda 55 Bell, Melanie 55, l80, I8l Bennett, Becky 55, I73, 234 Berry, Janice 55 Birt, Carolyn 55 Bland, Bobbie 55 Bount, Nancy 56, 2l4, 2l5 Bolton, Donna 56, 244 Boyer, Margaret 56, l72 Brackeen, Carolyn 56, I73 Brackett, Glenda 57 Bratton, Sandra 57, 2l3, 204, 2ll Brooks, Geraldine 57 Brown, Barbara 57 Brownlee, Judie 57, 234 Brunson, Loreta 57 Bryant, Brenda 57, l4l, l88, I62, I94, 232 Buhler, Jo Ann Bunch, Sue 58 Burns, Linda 58 Cannon, Janis 58, 242, 229 Carter, Candy 58, 228, 234 Cartwright, Beverly 58, 2l5 Castle, Jane Ann 58, l72 Chandler, Susan 59, 245 Childress, Debbie 59 Childress, Carolyn 59 Childress, Mary 59 Clanton, Joan 226 Clark, Tam 2l3, 2ll Clayton, Teresa 59, l4l, l88, l54 Cook, Sara 60, 245 Cooper, Deborah 60, I73, 234 Culver, Linda 60, I78, I79 Culpepper, Brenda 60, 244 Darling, Jennifer 60, 2l4, 2l5, 2l2 Davis, Jackie 60, I78, I79, 242 Davis, Linda 6l, 2I3, 204, 2ll Davis, Patty 6l, 245 Day, Donna 60 Denney, Debbie 6l, I66 Dewey, Saundra 62, 234, 244 Dingenthal, Diane 62, 206, 209 Dismore, Patricia 62, l72, 242, 204 Dixon, Debby 62 Drane, Sherrie 62, 2l6 Duckworth, Denise I47, 62, I78, I79, 25l Duckworth, Linda 62, I78, 205 Duncan, Nancy 62, l95 Dungan, Jo Beth 62, l4l, 24I, I95, I42, I43 Eldridge, Jill 63 Estes, Audrey 63 Ewing, Becky 63, 24I, 235 Fagala, Brenda 63, 242, 204 Farmer, Patricia 63 Farrow, Judith 64 Fleeup, Susan 64, 209 Folsom, Vicki 64, 205, 2l0, 244 Folstadt, Maroba 64, 239 Frey, Sandra 65 Garrett, Mary Ann 65 Garrison, Dora 65 Gill, Shirley 65 Gleiser, Barbara 65, 2l4, 2ll Goodman, Linda 65, 2l4 Goswick, Margaret 65, l95 Grice, Linda 66, 2l3 Hagin, Renay 66, I73, 2l2, 24I, 2I0 Ham, Phyllis 66, ZI3, 2ll Hammersmith, Phyllis 66, 2l6, 247 3l6 YARBROUGH, JIM-Art Club 2, 3. French Club 3. tain 2, 3. Spanish ll Club 2. Spanish I Club - I. Basketball Team I. Student Assembly I. Index Hanes, Linda Susie 66, 2l3, 2ll, 244 Hardeman, Janet 66 Hardwick, Susan 66, I73, 228 Hare, Tommie 66 Hargrove, Jeanette 66 Harris, Carolyn I73 Harris, Jan 67, l4l, 2l2, I44, 205, 2l0, 252 Harris, Martha I63, 205, 2l0, 228 Harton Vilda 67 Hauser, Cathy 67, 245 Hawthorne, Judy 68 Hennig, Barbara 68, I73, 229, 245 Hensley, Celia 68, 227 Herron, Kathleen 68 Hines, Donna 69, 2l3, 2ll, 228 Hodges, Phyllis 69, I4l, IBB, I45 Holland, Carol 69, l72, 230 Holland, Diane 69 Holloway, Sharlotte 69 Hopkins, Cynthia 70, l72 Hortom, Velda 69 Huertas, Georgina 70 Huggins, Cindy 70, 244 Humphries, Linda 70 Hutchinson, Brenda 7l Ivy, Jeanne 7I, 205 Jackson, Nora 7l Johnson, Barbara 7l Johnson, Cindy 7I, 205, 206, 208 Johnson, Sharon 7l Jones, Cheryl 7l, I78, 245 Jordan, Kathy 72 Jung, Becky 72, I73 Kattes. Evelyn 72, 228, 24I, 235 Keeley, Cynthia 72, I78, 2l3, 2ll Kelly, Sharyn 72, 240 Kester, Eleanor 27, I73, l92 Key, Cheryle 72 Key, Rebecca 72, I93, 228, 242, I62, 235, 247 Kimbrell, Becky 72, I78, 204 Kimbrough, Penny 72 Kindle, Valerie Kirby, Carol 73, 239 Kohler, Sue 73, 228 LaBarba, Vicki 73, 2l3, 2ll Lamb, Cindy 73 Land, Patricia 73 Lange, Cindy 73 Laubach, Paulette 73 Lemke, Donna 73 Levi, Laura 74, ZI3, 2ll Lewis, Dianne 74 Lewis, Dianne 74, 242 Loughlin, Pmela 74, 234 Lyles, Martha 74 Malone, Georgann 75, 229 Martin, Marsha 75 Mathis, Patricia 75 Mattern, Kay 75 Maynard, June 75, 244 McAllister, Janey 76 McBride, Rebecca 76 McDowell, Johnnie 76 McFerrin, Carolyn 76, I73, 2l3, 2ll McGee, Cathie 76, I73, 229, 235, 245 McGibbon, Kathy 76 Mc Knight, Jami 76, 2l4 Mc Millen, Vicki 76, l78 McNaughton, Cathy 77 Mc Neil, Patricia 77 Meeks, Virginia 77, 245 Miller, Ginger 77 Miller, Joan 66, I63, 235 Miller, Nancy 77, I78, I79, 24I Moore, Teresa 77 Morgan, Patricia 77 Morphis, Diane 78, 2l2, I52, I95, 2I0, 228 Morphis, Quinn 78 Morris, Nan 78 Moseley, Pam 78, 205, 220 Murphey, Mary 78 Nairn, Gayle 78, 2l3, 2ll Mall, Mary Janet 78 Nelson, Cathy 78, 242 Nicholson, Debbie 79, 24I Noble, Marcia 79, 245 Norris, Luanne 79, 244 Oliver, Sharon 79, 2l3, 2ll Owens, Bridget 79 Pairsh, Jan 79 Pate, Carolyn 80, 205 Patrick, Cathy 80 Patterson, Kathy 80 Peacock, Sue 80 Perry, Brenda 80, l4l, l48 Pettigrew, Harriett 80 Pierce, Kathey Bl Plate, Marla Jo Bl, l78 Plumlee, Loretta 8l Potter, Brenda Bl, 244 Price, Billie Jean 8l, 229, 234 Range, Debbie 82, 208 Recer, Barbara 82 Rice, Marcia 82 Rich, Becky 82, 2l4, 2l5, 2l2 Ridgeway, Joyce 82, 2l3, l72 Robinson, Lynn 83, 2l3, 2ll, 245 Rodgers, Sherry 82, I49 Rollins, Emma 83, 245 Ruff, Gilda 83 Ryan, Judy 83, I73 Samuel, Cynthia 83, 239, 229 Scheel, Marrianne 83 Schreiber, Diane 83, 227, 228, 229 Sharpe, Paula 84, I73 Shaw, Donah 84, l88, l95 Shelton, Debbie 84, I73, 2I3, 2ll Shipman, Brenda 84 Shugart, Gwen 84, l5I Simmons, Donna 85, 244 Six, Sara 85, l78 Skelton, Gay 85 Skinner, Susan 85, l72, 206, 208 Smiley, Marsha 85, l72 Smith, Gloria 85 Smith, Maxie 85, l72, l53, 232, 234 Smith, Susie 85 Snell, Joy 86 Somers, Janis 86, 2l3, 205, 2ll, 244 Songer, Louise 86, 239, 220 Spears, Sheila 86, 240 Spence, Linda 86, l72 Spong, Pam 86 Starnes, Claudia 86, 24I Struck, Debbie 87 Stuart, Priscilla 86 Stubbs, Frances 86, I73, 205 Tanner, Victoria 87 Tapp, Patricia 87 Testa, Mary 87, 204 Thompson, Jean 87 Tillett, Linda 87 Trammell, Jerry 88 Turner, Cherry 88, I73, I50, I63, I95, 229, 235 Tyner, Conner 88 Van Landingham, Jan 88, 2l3, 24I, 204, 2ll Varner, Raenell 88, 220 Vibrock, Evelyn 89, I73, 230, 2l6 Walker, Donya 89, 235 Walker, Kathryn 89, 2l3, 2ll Walker, Margaret 89, 228 Walls, Ruby 89 Warren, Karen 89 Waters, Janis 90 Westerheim, Jan 90 Whitefield, Phyllis 9l Whittord, Cheryl 9l, 24I Whitson, Donna 9l Widmer, Diana 9l, 244 Wilbanks, Kathy 9l, 234 Wilbern, Linda 9I, 2l3, 2ll, 245 Williams, Ether 9l Williams, Sandra 92,239 Williams, Suzanne 92 Wilson, Delores 92, 245 Yearout, Pam 93 SENIOR BOYS Adams, Benny 53, 289 Akin, Larry 53 Alamo, Garv 53, 286 Alexander, Lester 53, 205, 229 Anthony, Rupert 53 Arrington, Kenneth 53 Baker, James 54 Beach, Jimmy 54, 205, 252, 285, 283 Bean, Peter 54 YEAROUT, PAM-Latin Club I, 2, 3. Office Assistant I, 2, 3. All-Nations Day Peace Essay 2. Gold Jackets I. Biology Club I. Z ZOTTER, FRED-German Club 2. Bechtol, Bill 54 Bennett, Gary Don 55 Bennett, Larrv 55 Blain, Mike 55, l72, 289, 290 Blankenship, Bob 55 Blankenship, Keith 55 Blass, Danny 55, 2l7, 260, I66, I69 Bohannon, Ronnie 56 Boone, James Bourek, Bill 56 Bowling, James 56 Boydd, Phillip 56, 242, l52 Brady, Dennis 57 Bragyg, Johnnie 57, l72, l54, I94, 22 Branch, Larry 67 Breedlove, Stephen 57 Brewer, James 57 Brooks, Steve 57 Broussard, Ronald Kent 57, 259 Bryan, Jimmy 57 Bunch, Roy 57 Caldwell, Jerry 58, 2l6, 2l7, 289, 9l Cannon, Johnny 58 Casteel, Steve 58, 2l7, 262, l48, 283, 284 Cerniak, John 58 Clark, Michael 59 Clayton, George 59, 247 Cole, Ronnie 59 Conner, James 59 Cook, David 59, I72 Cook, Jerry 60, 260, 259 Cowan Curtis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Dawkin Decker Denny, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dicus, , William 60 Bert 60 Andrew 60 Franklin 60 Frankie 60 Ronnie 6l s, Richard 60 , Jerry 6l Roland 6l, l72, l92 Benny 6l Walter 62 Willard 62 Chuck 62, I42, I43, I62, I94, 232, 259 Dunlap, Jim 62 DLENSCR, Larry 62, 260, I69, 259, 27I, 4 Easley, Craig 62 Edwards, Kenneth 63 Evins, Bruce 63 Faucett, Dean 64, 2l7, 289, 290 Favors, David 64 Feagin, Glyndle 64 Felder, Marc 64, 2l7, I44, I63, I95, 289, 290 Ferris, Gary 64 Fisher, Roger 64 Flowers, Ken 64 Fong, Ronald 64, 228 Fowler, Gary 65 Frankli n, James 65 Gammon, Ronnie 65 Gayler, Gary 65 Gifford, Greg 65 Gilbreath, James 65 Goodman, Lee 65 Goranson, Bruce 65, l92, 222, 229, 247 Grassman, Gary 66 Grimland Dan 66 Halpin, Jerry 66, 266, I46, 232 Hammack, Pat 66, 240 Hampton, Gary 66 Harper, Eddie 66 Harrelson Bennie 67 Harris, Ronald 67 Harrod, Lloyd 67, 255 Harry, Jackie 67 Hatcher, Arthur 67 Havens, Doyce 68 Hawkins, Johnny 67 Head, Herman 68 Hedrick, Jimmy 68 Helton, James 68 Henderson, Wayne 68 Hendrix, Bill 68 Hennig, Jesse 68, 252 Hesselberg, Robert 68, I72 e Hickman, Steven 68 Higgs, Robert 68, I73 Hightower, Rickey 69, 2l6, 2I7, 2l6, 289, 290 Hill, William 69, I72 Hilton, Wayland 69 Hollenshead, Holly 69 Holloway, Weldon 70, 205, 284, 2 Hookins, Larry 70 Hooks, Jesse 70 Hopkins, Don 70, 264, 259 Horton, Terry 70 Howell, Bill 70, 2I7 Hughes, Tommy 70 Huston, Dennis 70 Hutchinson, Don 7l Jacobs, David 7I Jacobson, Tom 7l, l72 Jennings, Steve 7l Johnson, Raymond 7l Jones, Bobby 7I Jones, Donald 72, 229 Jones, Jimmy 72 Jordan, Bobby 72, 27l, 275 Killion, Bruce 72, 289- Kirkpatrick, Jeff 73 Lemmond, Jackie I47 LeFlore, Kenneth Lewis, Evan 73 Lewis, Robert 74 Lewis, Ronnie 74 Lilley, Gerald 74 Lindenberg, Chris Lipscomb, Gary 74, 2l6 Lucio, Joe 74 MacAdams, Danny 74 Mahaney, Ewell 75 Martin, Hanford 75 Matthews, Dennis 75 May, Troy 75 Mayabb, Sam 75, 264 Mayrell, Steve 76 Mays, Mike McClung, Ronald McCoy, Gregory 264, 259 McDowell, Douglas 76 McEntee, Gary 76, 252 McSwain, Kenny 77 Medlin, Rusty 77, 2I7, 2l6, 289, 2 Melton, Jim 77, l92 Meis, David 77 Merrill, Pat 77 Michell, James 77 Mixon, Jerry Moody, Walter 77 Moore, Daniel 77 Moyer, Ronald 78 Mulkey, Mike 78, 227, 242 Mulliis, Hal 78 Nagin, Joe 79, 2l6, 2l7, l5l, I95, 73,27l,273 74, 240 Parker, Charles 79, 240 Parker, Tommy 79, I50, I62, I94, 228, 27l, 273 Parr, Mike 79 Parrent, Leslie 79 Partridge, James 80, 240 Patterson, Kenneth 80 Patton, Robert 80 Peoples, Larry 80, I73, 229 Pickle, Doug 80, I73 Pierce, Jim 80 Pippin, James BI Pointer, Mike I73 Poole, Don BI Poole, Tim 8l, 242 Porter, Charles Bl, 2l6, 2l7, l53 Powell, David Bl, 286 Pritchett, Pat 8l Proctor, John Bl Quisenberry, Robert BI, 27l Ratt, Herbert Bl Raines, Johnny 8l Reed, Marty 82 Reynolds, Johnny 82 Robinson, Cliftord 82 Rhoades, Billy 82 Rowden, Dennis 83, 229, 252 Rowden, Stanley 83, 229 Russell, Jimmy 83 Rutherford, Ricky 83 Sarrett, Charles 83 Sarver, Roy 83 Schulz, Randy 83 Scott, James 83 Sellers, Garth 84 Sexton, Charles 84 Shadix, Randy 84 Shaw, Franklin 84 Shipley, Cecil 84 Simmons, Joe Smith, Donny l72 Smith, Hardy I95, 229, 232 85, 260, I45 85, I72, I49, 163, Smith, Kirby 85 83 90 Smith, Steve 85 Sneed, Johnny 86 Spradley, Kenneth 86, 265, 259 Squire, Dennis 86 Stillwell, Ronnie 86 Storm, Edward 86 Sullivan, Paul 87 Sutton, Everett 87 Tackel, Gary 87, 242 Taylor, Mike 87 Tauzin, Robert Butch 87 Terry, Glenn 87 Thomasson, Larry 87 Thompson, Larry 87, I73, 2l6, 252 Triplett, Ray BB Tucker, Charles 88, 240 Turner, Arnold 88 Vance, Mike 88 Van Duser, Kevin 88 Varner, James 88 Vernon, Randy 89, 2l7 Vickers, Bill 89 Vines, Richard 89 Voigt, Peter 89, 229 Voigt, Reinhard 89, 2l6, 247 Voorhis, Terry 89 Walker, Bobby 89 Wall, Rodney 89 Wallace, Jackie 89 Washington, Edward Waters, Mike 90 Wells, Charles 90 Wemple, Jimmy 90 Westbrook, Thomas 90 Wetmore, Richard 90 Whaley, Garry 9I Wheat, Jim 91 Whiteside, Kenneth 9l, I73 Wiggs, Steve 9l, 2I7, 289, 29l Williams John 263 Williams, Larry 92, 2l7, 262 Williams, Stanley 92 Williams, Tommy 92, 260, 205, 252, 259 Williamson, Carl 92, 264 Wilson, Boyce 92, 245 Wilson Larry 92, 264, 259 Winn, David 92 Wisener, Randolph Norman 93, 289, 29l Withrow, Jackie 93 Wood, Bobby 93 Wright, Gary 93 Yarborough, Jimmy 93, l78 Youngman, Ronnie 93 Zotter, Fred 93 JUNIOR GIRLS Adams, Patricia l0l Adams, Pat l0I, I73 Airhart, Brenda l0l Akin, Connie IOI Allen, Virginia IOI Anderson, Karen l0l, 227 Anderson, Richie I0l, 235 Andres, Linda l0l Archibald, Sherry l0l Arthur, Jo Ann l0I, 208 Baggett, Barbara IOI Bai ey, Bobbie Jo lOl, 220 Baker, Linda Bennett, Mary lOl Bennett, Mary Beth l0l Bickle, Judy l0l Biggerstaft, Sandra IOI Bourek, Kathy l0l Bolton, Cath: l0l Boyer, Kathy l0l, I02 Brady,-Joy I02, 243 Brakefield, Linda I02, 214, 2l5, 20l, 2I2 Brummett, Karen I02, 227, 228, 20 Bryant, Brenda I02 Buford, Ellen I02 Bunch, Frances I02 Burks, Bobbie I02, 20I, 209 Burns, Janice I02 Burton, Bynthia I02, 206 Cain, Deborah I02, 229, 205 Carner, Ann I02 Carter, Karen I02, l72, l92, 235 Carter, Sherry I02 Casteel, Jeanne I03 Casteel, Gloria I03 Cawood, Doris I03, 234 Chandler, Lynda l03 Chumley, Elizabeth IO3 Clark, Debbie IO3, 205 Cobern, Km I03 Coleman, elodee I95, 232 Collins, Terry I04 Corley, Donna l04 Coyle, Rita I04 Crabtree, Linda I04, 205 Crockett, Lawanda Crow, Alma I04 DeBord, Kelly I05 90, 260, 259 l03,l88,I57, 5 Dennis, Iona I05 Dial, Carroll l05 Dotson, Mary l05 Duckworth, Kathie I05 Dungan, Becky l05, l88, l55, I64, l95 Dunning, Debbie I05, l72 Ellis, Sharon l05 Eubanks, Ingrid l05, I67, I95, 232 Ferguson, Wanda IOS Ferris, Donna l05 Finleym, Alta I05 Flanagan, Carla l05 Finley, Alta IO5 Flanagan, Carol I05 Fletcher, Carla l05 Flynn, Jane I06 Floyd, Vickye l05 Ford, Marcele IO6 Ford, Shirley IO6 Foster, Claudia I06, 2I5, 20I Franklin Patricia I06, 205 Franks, Patti l06 Gailleyf Shirley IO6 Galles aw, Sherry IO6, 220 George, Pamela Gerlich, Tanya I06 Germany, Kathy I06 Gipson, Sandy IO6 Goodson, Norma I06, 207 Grimes ,Carol IO7 Grishan, Judy IO7, 242 Guidry, Vicki IO7 Haban, Reda IO7 Hairell, Elaine IO7 Haldeman, Penny IO7 Haley, Molly I07 Hall, Mary Ann IO7 Hall, Pamela IO7 Hall, Patsy IO7, l05 Hallerman, Terry I07, I78 Haltom, Patricia I07 Hammerle, Betsy IO7, I88, I56, l95 Hanna, Sharon IO7, I72 Hargis, Connie I07, IBB Har rove, Sharon I07 Harerider, Linda IO7, 243 Harper, Judy IO7 Harris, Ella l08 Harrison, Joy l08 Hart, Wanda Hartness, Kaye I08, 242 Haselott, Sandra I08, 206 Hay, Jeri I08 Hendricks, Sherrill 108, 243 Hennessey, Kathy l08 Hernandez, Yolanda IOB Herrin, Carol I08 Herrin, Scarlett l08, 2l6 Hettich, Donna l08, 207 Hibben, Sharon I08 Hill, Wanda IO8 Hise, Sharon IOB Hodge, Carolyn I08, 205, 243 Hopkins, Judy I08 Hornaback, Cindy I08, 20l Horner, Devona I08 Houston, Candy IO9 Howington, Rosemarie l09, 205 Hughes, Christine IO9 Hughes, Jenny l09 Humphries, Sandra IO9, 2I5 Irby, Charlotte IO9 Jackson, Ramoria l09 Jackson, Vicki l09, I73 Jacobs, Debbie I09 Jacobs, Jan IO9, 2I4 Jessie, Jo Ann Hongson, Linda IO9 Johnson, Patricia I09 Johnson, Paula I09 Jones, Jeanie ll0 Jones, Kathy 109 Jones, Linda I09 Jordon, Vicki ll0 Keele, Sharon ll0, I72, 227 Kennemer, Linda lI0, 220 Kerner, Jan lI0 Killion, Susan IIO, 24l Kinser, Berdens IIO, 207 Knobles, Kathy ll0 Kocks, Diana ' Lanham, Catherine IIO Leamons, Betty ll0, 235 Lewis, Diane ll0 Lewis, Paula ll0, 205 Lewis, Rosan ll0 Lepps, Linda IIO Little Pamela IIO Liniehela, Barbara llI,l78 Livingston, Linda Loolie, Jo Anne Ill Marks, Charlotte Ill Marks, Peggy Ill Martin, Donna Ill Martin, Kay' Ill Mauldin, S aron Ill Mayfield, Cheryl III McAnaIly, Ann Ill Mc Arthur, Diane Ill, 243 Mc Cluskey, Janice Ill, l72, 20I McClung, Patsy lll Coy, Susan Ill, 205 Craney, Dorothy Culloch, Sharon III Gee, Gaylene Ill llveene, Sherry II2 Gibboney, Pam II2, 208 Meuir, Linda II2 Miller, Barbara II2 Mitchell, Brenda II2 Mitchell, Linda II2 Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mobley Morale, Kathie II2 Morton, Brenda II2 Moses, Caroline II2, 2l5 Moss, Pam II2, I95, 233 Motley, Marilyn II2, l92, 24l II3, I64, 243 Mullings, Peggy Myers, Kathy II3, I93, 227 Nash, Elaine II3 Oakes, Wanda II3 Odle, Jackie ll3 O'HaIloran, Brenda II3 Ownby, Bobbie II3 Patrick, Rhenae II3 Patterson, Pam II3, 206, 208 Paul, Bonnie II3, 2l5 Paxton, Jo II3, 2I5 Peavler, Ann II4 Perriman, Scottie II4, 235 Peterman, Sherry II4, 235 Peters, Clara II4 Pevehouse, Reta II4 Phelps, Lynn II4 I Pitts, Vicki II4, 206 Pomroy, Jeanne II4, 205 Poore, Nita II4 Poteet, Cheryl II4 Potter, Kathy II4 Powers, Mary II4 ' Power, Peggy II4, I94, 233 Prock, Martha II4 Puckett, Doris II4 Pyles, Linda lI5 Quinn, Deborah II5 Raines, Joyce lI5 Rainey, Sarah lI5 Range, Lynn ll5, 243 Reames, Phama ll5 Ridings, Linda ll5 Riley, Sue Roberts, Jane ll5 Robinson, Linda Il5 Robinson, Vickie ll5 Ross, Letha Russom, Coletha ll5 Ruyle, Cynthia ll5, 205 Sa isbury, Nelda Il5 Sawyer, Jean II6, 235 Scott, Jonie II6 Seaton, Marcia II6 Seeber, Gil Shannon, Kathy II6, 205 Sheppard, Sue ll6 Smith, Virginia II6 Snell, Carolyn II6 Spanhel, Cynthia II6, l72 Speed, Brooke 205 Sprain, Pat II7, I73, 235 St. Aubin, Bobbie ll5 Sterling, Patricia II7 Stegall, Eddie Jo 206, 208 Stewart, Sher II7, I73 Stone, Janis III7 Story, Susan II7 Stout, Eva Sturdevant, Connie II7 Styles, Geneva II7 Sullivan, Shelley II7 Sutton, Chandra II7, 205 Tatf, Julia II7 Townsend, Janie II7, 243 Trammell, Deanna II7 Turner, Deborah II7 Tussy, Marsha Varchetto, Lucille II8 Vaughn, Mitzi II8 Vernon, Trudy II8 Vickery, Sharon II8 Wade, Linda II8 Wall, Shelia II8, I93, 228, 242, 24 Watkins, Rhonda II8 Weems, Elayne II8 Wells, Mars a II8 Wells, Kitty II8 Whitaker, Carla II8, 205 Whitaker, Dorothy II8 White, Betty II8 White, Dorothy II8 Wiltred, Teresa II8 Williams, Becky II8, l78, 20l, 205 Williams, Ethel II8 Williams, Shari II8, 243 Wilson, Patricia ll9 Winter, Joanne II9 Worley, Terry II9, I73, I93, 227 7 3 I7 Worth, Frances' II9 Worth, Mary II9 Wright, Deborah II9, 2l3 Wyrick, Marilyn II9, 227, 242, 235 Yates, Retha II9 JUNIOR BOYS Anderson, David lOl Anderson, Mike Anderson, William Aggszrton, Joe ,I0l, 2l6, I64, I94, Anstett, John l8l Armstrong, Billy IOI Arnold, Roy l0l, 287 Axe, Richard Baker, Audie IOI Baker, Charles lOl Bangs, David lOl Barbee, Robert IOI, 259 Barfield, Melvin Barnhart, Jim l0l Barton, Joe l0l Baugham, Danny I0l Behrens, Bennie l0l Bohuslar, Billy l0I Bolin, Carl lOl Border, Daniel l0l, I72 Boone, Prentice lOl Boulware, Paul lOl, I73 Bowers, Mike l02 Bradley, Mark ll2, I73 Branch, Jimmy l02 Brazeal, Jerry I02 Brazell, Calvin l02 Breedlove, Kenny l02 Brown, Jim l02 Bryan, David l02, 254 Buchanan, Larry l02 Bullard, Ronald l02 Burk, David, I02 Callenius, Jimmy l02, Campbell, David Carter, Duffy I02 Cartwright, erry I03 Cauley, Freddie I03 Chance, Ronald I03 Chapman, Willie I03 Chappell, Lonnie 230 Chase, Tom I03 Clift, Randy I03, 269 Cline, Kenneth I03 Coker, Walter I03 Collins, Ronnie I03, 2l6, 286 Connell, Robert IO4 Cook, Dany Cook, Donald Cooper, Kenneth IO4 Cooper, Roy I04 Cox, Larry Cox, Robert IO4 Cox Wesley IO4, I73 Coyle, amy io4 Canals, Charles IO4, 2l7, I95, 27l, 27l, 273 Crosby, L. C. Daniel, Charles IO4 Davis, Jimmy l04, 264, I56 Davis, Mike I04 Day, James Day, Wayne Dean, Jo n l04 Dela Garza, Michael Delmar, James IOS Diaz, Peta l05 Dickerson, John l05 Doyle, Gary I05, 27l, 275, 283, 285 Dudley, Danny Duke, Ruw I05 Duncan, illiam Dunn, Clitt l05 Eastes, Mike I05 Edney, Stephen l05 Elder, Jimmy l05 Erwin, Johnny l05, 269 Eubanks, Mark l05 Eubanks, Jimmy l05 Evans, David I05, I72, l92, 228 Evans, Larry l05 Everett, Wayne Fain, John l05, 2I7, 227, 264 Farrow, Dwayne l05 Fast, Ronnie I05 Ferguson, Art Ficher, Mike 254 Fisher, George Fitzgerald, David l05, 266 Flatt, Steve l05 Flowers, Gary l05 Ford, Troy IO6 Forman, Al IO6 Frantz, Felton IO6, I73 French, Mike I06 Gagnon, Rodney I06 Garner, Rickey l06 Garrett, James l06 Gear, Jimmy I72 Geter, Gary 3l8 Gibbs, Ronnie IO6 Gibbs, Lero l06 Gildon, William Gilliam, Mike IO6 Glover, Curtis IO6 Goczoll, Hans Greenwell, Paul l06, l8l Gregory, Marshall Grit is, David I07, 259 Hainline, Charles Hamll, Robert IO7 Hammack, John Hammond, Dick IO7 Hanssen, David Hargrove, William IO7 Harris, Jerry IOB, I8l Harrison, Joy IO8 Harrob, Tommy IOB Harstrom, Stephen IOB, IBO, I8l Haynes, Rick Haywood David Heaain, Bruce ioa Heifner, Russell l08 Heinen, Jimmy IOB, 2l7 Henry, David IOB Henson, Timmy IOB, 242 Herrin, Wayland l08, 260, 259 Herring, Gary l08, 2l6, 2l7 Hestand, Warren Hickman, David l08 Hickman, Robert l08, 27l, 274 Hicks, Gary l08 Hill, Frankie 255 Hinton, Gary Hinton, Richard Hollon, Jimmy l08 Holt, David IOB Houston, Bobby IOS Ho le, Andrew IO9, I26, I64 Hullt, Sam IO9 Ingram, William IO9, 2l6 Jackson, Charles IO9, 27l, 276 Jackson, Daltord I09, I73, 228 Jacobson, Steve l09, 283, 284 Jennings, David Johnson, Phil Johnson, Gerry IO9, 269 Johnson, Ricky IO9 Johnson, Rocy 269 Jonas, Davi IO9, 2l6, 286 Jones, Anthony Jones, David Jones, Deanie Julian, Jeff IIO Jubg, Ronnie ll0 Kasberg, Johnie Il0 Kelsey, John ll0, 260, 259 Kershner, Thomas ll0 Kirkpatrick, Jess Kite, James ll0 Knott, Robert Knowles, Ernie ll0, 2l6, 259 Lander, Chris Il0, 260, I94, 259 Lasater, Marvin Il0 Lewis, James Lopez, Robert Ill Luna, Johnny lll, 263, 259 Lusk, Jerry Ill Mabery, David Ill Marshall, Michael Martin, Larry Ill Martin, Philip I73 McClain, Steve Ill, 254 McCommas, Ricky Ill McCoy, David McGrift, Joan ll2 McKerrigan, Robert lI2 McSwain, Donny 284, 283 Meeks, David Midgett, Mike ll2 Mitchell, Bobb Mitchell, Douglas ll2 Mitchell, Ted ll2, 262 Montgomery, Rickey Moss, Randy ll2 Muller, Wa ter II2 Mullins, Tommy Nail, Joe Nation, Gerald II3, 227, 262, 259 Nelson, Danny II3 New, Wayne ll3 Nichols, Lyron II3 Nix, Ronnie II3, 259 Oexman, Mike II3, I72 O'Halloran, Ronnie II3 Orr, Tom II3, 2I6, 2l7, 227 Park, Scott II3 Parker, John II3, l92 Partridge, Don II3 Paulos, Henry ll3 Payton, Robert II3, 254 Pearce, Paul II4 283, 285 Perry, Oliver II4 Pettigrew, Calvin Pickett, Barry II4, 2l7, 252, 254 Pierce, Donald Pike, Mike II4 Prewitt, Buddy II4 Prue, Bob II4 Raines, Rusty ll5, 254 Reed, Frank Riddle, Rudy ll5 Riley, Rancy ll5, 255 Roberts, Terry Robinson, Carlton Robison, Danny ll5, 2l6, 27l, 274, 283, 286 Rogers, Gary ll5, 289 29l Rosenbaum, Benny I I5 Ross, Ji Row, Ji mmy ll5 mmy ll5 Rudolph, Harold ll5, 264, 259 Ruff, M Russell, Russell, Russell, Sarver, ike ll5 John Carl Mike ll5 Randy II6 Saulters, Donald Sawyer, Sawyer, Scheu, Gary II6 Ronny II6 Reginald II6 Schuler, Frederick II6 Scoggins, Dwight II6 Scott, Michael II6 Sewell, Robert II6, 2l7, 227, l55, I94, 233, 286 Shewmake Jack II6, 269 Schields, George II6 Sibenthaler, Bill II6 Sims, Billy II6 Sizemore, Larry Smith, Jimmy II6 Smith, Kenneth II6 Smoot, Richard II6, IBI, 228 South, William Sparks, Murray Spawn, Mike II6 Spears, Kenneth II7 Spears, Ralph II7 Spencer, Gerald II7, 263, I57, 259 Sprouse, Danny II7, 2l6 Starns, William II7, 2l6, 2l7, 266, I67, I95, 233, 259 Steadham, Arcasclno 269 Steele, Stout, Ronnie II7, 266, 259 Michael Strawbridge, Terry II7 Stroud, Mike II7 Summers Travis II7 Talley, Mike in, I72 Taylor, Billy II7 Thompson, Charles II7, 254 Thorne, Joe II7 Thpasher, Billy II7 Thurman, Steve ll7 Toney, Glelnn I73 o in, oe Tu5lar,gDarrell II7, 228 Tullos Wesley II7, 2I6 Tunnell, Mike in Turner, Dean 254 Turner, Lorenza Urbach, Murray Vance, Jimmy II7 Waldron, Mi e lI8, 2l6, 259 Walke r, Michael IIB Wallace, David IIB Wallace, Earl Il8, I72, l92 Ward, Michael ll8 Warren, Jimmy Watson, Don IIB Watson, Larry IIB Wam ire, Charles Il8 Weber, Jim ll8 Wells, James ll8 Whalin, Greg II8 Whitaker, Charles IIB White, Terry IIB White Jimmy Il8 wmfelieaa, Richard us Whitfield, Danny Wiginqton, Jim IIB Williams, Jsseph IIB Williams, Larry ll8, 254 Willis, Tim 283, 284 Wilmuth, Charles II9 Winn, Kyle Wisdom, Mike II9 Womack, Steve II9 Wood, Chip II9 ,27l, 275 Wright, Alan II9 Wright, Robert Yarbrough, Gary II9 Young, David II9 Jones, Jarold SOPHOMORE GIRLS Akin, Nelda l2I Aldridge, Linda l2l Amos, Gail l2l, 228 Anderson, Judy I2I Anderson, Nancy l2l Archi Axe. bald, Kathy Ann l2l Mary l2I Bagby, Elizabeth l2l Bailey, Judy I2l Baker, Cynthia l2l Bateman, Bethena l2l -WY Y, Beck, Linda Gale l2l Blakeway, Jere l2l Blankenship. Jo Ann l2l Borrego, Kathleen l2l Boyd, Charlotte l2l Bradford, Jo,l2l, 206, 209 Branch, Brenda l2l Branning, Shirley l2l, 208 Brewer, Norma l22 Brimmage, Darlene l22 Brunit, Darlene l22 Bunch, Elaine l22 Burnaman, Peggy l22 Burnsed, Wanda Faye l22 Bursby, Shari E. l22 Calk, Dorothy Ann I22 Call, Beckie Ann I22 Call, Vickie l22, 208 Callenius, Pamela l22 Cameron, Janie I22 Campbell, Nancy Ruth l22 Campbell, Vicki Elaine l22 Caflef. Kathy l22, I73, IBI, l59 Carter, Peggy l22 Carney, Linda Dookling, Vicki l22 Casey, Carolyn Sue l22, 2l5 Chandler, Sharon l22 Childress, Ann l22 Cockrell, Carolyn I23 Colbert, Deborah 229 Coter, Nancy Kaye I23 Colburn, Susan I23 Ccglgwell, Margaret I23, I93, 2 Cole, Carolyn I23 Coleman, JoAnn I23 Cook, Beverly I23 Cook, Judith I23 Cook, J. Kathleen I23 Cooper, Aloran Dee I23 Cooper, Candy I23, I90, l92 Core, Fredda I23 Covington, Mary Ann I23 Craft, Judy I24 Crane, Nancy I24 Crouch, Jackie Denise I24 Crouch, Pat I24, I93 Crow, Susan I24 Crump, Barbara I24 Davis, Kathy I24 Davis, Vikke Lynn I24, I93 Day, Veta I24 Dennis, Wanda I24 Denny, Doris I24 Denny, Shirley I24 Dickson, Judy I24 Dickson, Sheila I24 Dowell, Patricia I24, I73 Crown, Terri I24 Dugger, Debra I24 Duke, Cathy I24 Duncan, Cecelia Faye I24 Duncan, Linda I24 Eagle, Debbie I24 Echols, Janelle I24 Edwards, Barbara I24, 208 Edwards, Beverly I24 Edwards, Carolyn I24 Eller, Robin I25 Elliott, Andrea I25 Ellis, Anna I25 Estes, Frances I25, IBI, 228 Estrello, Josephine I25 Evans, Jan I25 Erbanks, Lana I25 Fain, Vivian I25 Fair, Debora I25 Fairless, Donna I25 Favors, Glenda I25 Feagin, Linda I25 Finch, Linda I25, I72 Flanagan, Sharon I25 Fong, Louise I25, I90, 228, l65 Fortner, Linda I25 Frederick, Gretta I25 Fulkerson, Norma I25, Bl Garrison, Cheryl I25 Gay, Karen I25 Gillispie, Pat I26 Goebel, Martha I26 Goodman, Betty I26, I73 Gray, Cindy I26, l7B Griffin, Debra 242 Gundy, Deborag I26, l8l Haden, Linda I26 Hainline, Martha I26 Hall, Jane I26, l8l Hamilton, Sylvia I26 Hammond, Lora I26 Hargrove, Teresa I26 Harmon, Mary Jane I26 Harris, Debra I26 Harris, Mary I26 Harris, Sandra I26 Harris, Sherry I26, 243 Harrison, Donna I26 Harry, Carolyn I26 Harvey, Linda I26 Hatler, Penny I26 Hatley, Lena Jo,l26 Heady, Elaine I26 Heller, Nan Herron, Linda I26 Hines, Barbara I27, l92 Hines, Sherry l27 Hinton, Donna l27 Hobbs, Sandra I27, 208 Hoffman, Dede l27 Holloway, Annelle l27 Holmes, Barbara l27 Holt, Becky l27 Holt, Joyce l27 Houts, Kati I27, l8l Howell, Jouce I27, l8l Hoyle, Kay l27 Hudson, Susie l27 Hughes, Brenda l27 Hume, Rita l27 Hutchison, Catherine l28 lsenburg, Pamela l28 Jackson, Glenda l28 Jackson, Sally I28, I73 Jaynes, Deborah I28, l8l Jobe, Sammie l28 Parker, Cristy Lynn l3l Patman, Janell l3l, 243 Patterson, Patricia l3l Patton, Diane l3l Patton, Kathy l3l Payne, Lynn l3l Pendergrass, Kathy Lou I3l Peters, Patricia l3l Phillips, Antoinette l3l, 242 Phipps, Linda l3l Pickett, Vicki l3l, l65 Pierce, l3l, IBO, l8l, l92 Pierce, Kathleen l3l Piercy, Linda I3l, 206, 209 Pippin, Ruby Marie l3l, I92 Plunk, Evelyn l3l Pollard, Virginia l3l Poole, Cathy l32 Posey, Sandra Maie I32, 208 Clopton, Mike I23 Combs, Johnny I23 Conkling, John I22 Cook, Clarence I23, 2l6 Cook, Gary I23 Carmack, Edward 228 Cox, Jerry l24 Crawford, Gary l24 Crawnover, Seve l24 Crosby, Bobby l24 Culwell, David l24, IS9, 269 Curry, Tommy Franklin I24 Curtis, Dennis l24 Dale, James l24 Davis, Bobby l24 Davis, Charles l24 Davis, Steve l24 Davis, Tommy l24 Day, Ted l24 Johnson, Dianne l28 Johnson, Diane l28 Johnson, Diane l28 Johnson, Donna I Johnson, Sandra l28 Johnson, Sharon l28 Jones Brenda l28 Jonesi Carolyn l28, 20l Jones, Debbie l28 Jones, Donna l28 Jones, Janice Annette l28 Jones, Josephine l28 Kegans, Dorothy l28 Kennedy, Martha l28, 201 Kennedy, Mary l28, 20l Kindle, Margaret l28 Kingsley, Judy I28 Kirk, Cathy l28: Kite, Joanne I28 Kuehne, Dinah l28 Lander, Lindeen l28, I90, l58 Laney, Melba l28 Legg, Cheri l28 Lewis, Lisa I29 Lewis, Melva I29 Lierman, Beverly I29 Lilley, Gloria I29 Locklear, Frances I29 Lollie, Janet I29 Lord, Sharon I29 Luedtke, Elizabeth I29 Lynn, Nita I29 Maddox, Johanna I29 Magill, Malone, Kay I29 Lyndal I29 Mannering, Melody I29 Marks, Carolyn I29 Martin, Debbie I29 ' Martin, Delores I29, 208 Martin, Linda I30 Martin, Marilyn I30 Maston, Kay I30 Maston, Sandra I20 Matthews, Janice I30 Meazle, Gail I20 Merle, Patti I30 Metcalf, Merry I30, I80, IBI Miller, Beki I30 Mitchell, Phyllis I30 Moore, Carmen I30, l90 Morgan, Patricia I30 Moseley, Brenda I30 Moses, Joni I30 Muller, Pamela I30 McCallum, Rita I30 McConnell, Linda I30 McEntee, Vicki I30 McGowan, Shirley I30 Mcllveene, Marie I30 McKinnie, Pattie I30 McMillan, Debbie l30 MCNUH, Judy iso Nation, Diane I30, 228 Neveling, Barbara I30, 207 Nevil, Veronica l3l Norris, Billie I3I O'Bannon, Connie I3l Odell, Cindy l3l Odle, Cheryl l3l Ondeck, Pamela l3l O'Neal, Johnnie Sue Power, Diane I32 Prather, Sharon I32 Pratt, Teresa I32, l8l Ranson, Esther I32, 208 Ray, Sharon l32 Rector, Tina Anne I32 Reed, Janie I32, l60 Rickman, Sherron I32, l92 Robinson, Becky l32 Robinson, Sharon I32 Rose, Debra I32 Rountree, Linda I32 Rowden, Emilyn I32 Schmiegel, Judy I32 Schmitt, Janie l33 Scott, Elaine l33 Self, Barbara Ann l33 Shape, Sandy I33 Sharp, Connie l33 Sheets, Sharon Shick, Linda l33, l8l, I72 Short, Sherrina l33 Shugart, Elaine I33 Simons, Geraldine I33 Smith, Becky l33, l90 Smith, Laura l33 Soliz, Enedelia l34 Spath, Bettye Lou I34 Speake, Sue I34, I93 Spence, Jan l34, l8l Spillman, Charlotte I34 Spradley, Donna I34, l8l Spraldin, Gail I34 Springfield, Joan l34 Spurgin, Glenda I34 Stegall, Eddie Jo I72 Steele, Donna Sue l34 Strickland, Cherie l35 Struck, Rhoda l35 Swanson, Anette l35 Tapp, Peggy l35 Tatman, Leona l35 Taylor, Mary Ellen l35 Terry, Brenda I35 Thaxton, Brenda l35 Thompson, Donna Jean l35 Toney, Patricia l35 Toole, Nancy l35 Towler, Vicki l35 Townsend, June l35 Trevino, Esther l35 Trussell, Carol l35 Turner, Joquita l35 Turner, Karen l35 Turner, Kathy l35 Voyles, Jeanne l3S SOPHOMORE BOYS Adams, Alan Ray l2l Alexander, David T. l2l, 269 Allen, Teddy l2l Armstrong, Robert Earl I2l Bagby, Larry Joe l2l Bailey, Sonnie I2l Bailey, Wilson J. l2l, 254 Bartlett, Mike W. l2l Battle, Richard l2l Beasley, Mike Don l2I Beaver, Jim H. l2l, l8I, 2l6 Beeson, Douglas Ray l2l Birket, Stevie Lee l2I Blackburn, James C. I2I Blassingame, Rickey l2l Bobo, David l2l, 286 ' Bouton, Lee Frederick l2l Brackett, Roder I2I Brantley, Mike l2l Brittain, Steve l22 Buchanan, Joe I22 Bunch, Mike I22 Burleson, James I22 Chanslor, Fred I22 Clark, Eddie I22 Clark, Randy I23, 228, l60, l65, 269 DeLisle, Thomas l24 Dingenthal, Dwight lZ4 Duckworth, Mike l24 Dunlap, Clyde Andrew l24 Dybvig, Gary l24 Edwards, Donald l24 Epperson, Robert l25, 283, 285 Fipps, Guy l25 Flander, Chuck l25 Foster, Wayne l25, 269 Frazier, Don l25 Frey, Mike l25 Frizelle, Ben l25 Garrison, Jackie l25, 254 Gatlin, Bobby l25, 269 Gayle, Cloris l25, IBI Germany, Bobby l25 Giddens, Kenneth I26 Giddiens, Butch l8l Gipson, Jackie I26, 269 Gracy, Ken I26 Green, Dick I26 Greenwell, Steve I26, 228 Grier, Jimmy I26 Groves, Mike I26 Grubbs, Eddie I72 Guidry, Dale I26 Halpin, Ronnie I26, 269 Hancock, Terry I26 Harmon, Glen I26 Harris, Dennis I26 Hart, Mike I26 Hatley, Larry I26 Hawkins, Thomas I26 Head, Donnie I26 Helton, Ronnie I26 Herrin, Brad I26, 2l6, 269 Hickman, Lynn I26 Hightower, Larry I26 Hill, George I26 Hilton, Donald l27 Hinshaw, Joel l27 Hise, Bobby l27 Hopkins, Doug I27, 259 Houston, Don I27, 228 Howald, Bill l27 Huddleston, Wayne l27 Hungins, Robert l27 Hufstedler, John l27 Jackson, Charles l2B Jacobs, Steve l28, 265 Johnson, Jimmy 228 Johnson, Lee' l28, 269 Johnson, Michael l28 Johnson, Sammy l28 Keele, James l28, l73 Key, Greg l28 Killingsworth, Rob l28. 254 Kostue, Ricky I29. 259 Lanbert, Ronnie l28 Lancaster, Dwight l28 Laster, Tommy l28, l58, 283, 285 Lewis, Danny l28 Lewis, Jimmy l28, l73 Lewis, Larry l28 Lewis, Mike I29 Ling, Billy I29 Little, Gary I29 Long, Terry I29 Lucas, Michael I29 Lumpkins, Roy l29 MacAnally, William I30 McCommas, Gary I30 McCluIlough, Michael I30 McGuire, Jackie I30 McLaughlin, Danny I30, 229. 2 Malone, Lynda I29 Marks, Jimmy I29 Marshall, David I29 Martin, Randy I30 Mayabb, Virgil I30 Mayes, Herbie I30 Medlin, Doug l30 l65, 269 Mitchell, Marty I30 Miller, lrwin I30, l8l, 228, 233 Mitchell, Royce I30 Moran, Jared I30, 269 Morris, Billy I30, 269 Morris, George I30 Mueller, Gary I30 Nance, Bill I30 Noble, John l3l Noska, Carl l3l Odom, Randy l3l Oglesby, Johnny l3l, 269 Ohletree, Steve l3I, 228, 269 Palmer, Richard l3l Parker, Phil l3l, 2l6 Patrick, Ronnie l3l Patton, Mike l3l, 269 Payne, Paul l3l Peoples, Gary l3l Pedtord, Wendell l3l Peters, Ronnie l3l Pevehouse. Ricky l3l, 269 Pickett, James l3l Pittsinger, Keith l3l Poole, Ben l3l, 2l6 Puckett, Jimmy I32 Ramey, David James I32 Ramsey, Roy I32 Rasure, Ken I32 Read, David I32 Reavis, Bill I32 Record, Mike I32 Reed, Steve l32 Ritter., Jimmy I32 Robinson, Gary l32 Rushing, Charles l32 Rushing, Trey I32 Sams, Scotty I32 Saulters, Bill I32 Schmidt, Reggie I33 Schmidt, Ricky l33, 269 Schrade, James l33 Seay, Larry I33 Sebastian, Benny I33, 269 Sherman, Terry I33 Simms, Sammy I33 Singleton, Gary l33, 230 Smith, Billy I33 Smith, Billy Wayne l33 Smith, David Wayne l33 Smith, Roger l34, 269 Smith, Wilbur I34, 269 Snow, Don I34 Snyder, Gregory l34, l8I Sosbee, Gregory l34 Spears, Ronnie I34 Sprecher, Ken Allen l34, IBO, I Stafford, Richard I34 Stallings, Michael I34 Standeford, Danny I34 Stokes, Charles l34 Stone, Arthur l34 Tawney, Darrel l35 Taylor, Barry l35 Thomas, Dennis l35 Thompson, Roy Carl l35 Tullos, Larry Ray l35 Turlington, John l35 Turrentine, Mike l35, l92 Vanderslice, Waylon l35 Vanduser, Craig l35 Van Wart, John I35 Van Zent, James l35 Vice, Terry l35, 269 Varner, Bill l35, 254 Virden, Phillip l35 Walden, Steve l35, 228 Walker, Edward l35 Walker, Jack l35, 269 Walter, Walter I36 Watkins, David I36 Watkins, Johnny I36 Weatherford, Jimmy I36 Weaver, Gary I36 Weber, Alan I36, 228 Wells, John I36 West, Mike I36, 269 Whitehead, Bobby I36 Williams, Charlie I36 Williams, Mark I36 Williams, Rocky I36 Willis, Jerry I37 Willis, Randy I37 Wilson, Doris I37 Wilson, Steve I37, IBI Windham, Ronnie I37, 269 Winsett, Gene I37, 247 Wooldridge, Jay I37 Wright, David I37 Yates, Charles I37 Young, Mike I37 Zaidle, Sanny Lee I37 Zedler, Eugene l37 3I9 Afterword The 1967 0wl's Nest staff worked hard to trans- fer life at Garland High School to the pages of this book. The pressure and worry of having to meet a deadline was always present, but overshadowing this anxiety was the anticipation of presenting the Owl's Nest to you, the student body. We could not have compiled this annual without help, though. Thanks go to Edward Lamm, Bob Mays, Ralph Cordray, Bill Rowsey, and Doc Allen, who handled our special photography, to Wayde Cloud, Women's Editor of the Garland Daily News, who provided us with historical data, and to Principal Gene Hudson, who has been behind us one hundred percent during this year. Bob Lynch, our Taylor Publishing Company rep- resentative, and his assistant, Tom Harral, should also be thanked for the effort they have exerted to- ward making this book a credit to our school. Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to editorial staff sponsor Glenna Newkirk and busi- ness staff sponsor Louise Hunt. Without their help and guidance, this book would not have been pos- sible. The heritage of GHS has been displayed through- out the 1967 Owl's Nest. This emphasis on the past, when combined with the story of 1966-67 has, we hope, given force and meaning to our theme: Garland High School has been, is, and-as long as we remember the spirit of CHS-always will be. The l967 Owl's Nest Staff TAYLQRW 'lu f1':l5lf'f49 ,CQTIANY 61112 6191111254 Nazi Q 12157 Memories Are Made of This . . at G. H. i Little Abner and his Daisy Mae for "67". . yyM1WM,gmWMi.w-,,WWh,i. ,,,..,,,, ,,,..,5.i .k.,,V ..., . ,,.,,, ,. ,,.,,,, V.,, . i., ,,,, , ..,, , ,,,W,,, V.m,w...,..,w ,,,.. . ,,,,. ,,..,,,,,, M . L,,,, ,,.,..-,,,...,,..,.,-. W,,, ,,Wi,, ,,,.,,,, - ,,,.. 7j7.i,Q,,..i ,,,. W, ,,,, M W WVVV MmmXWZLWQ'MmnwwilxwzIKHMNQ31fy-1,1-4I ,,......HMm,.,, ,,,. W-. WWW ,,,,. , ,,,,,,. ,Hu AKW ,,,...,,, ..,,, , ...,,, . ... ..,,,...W ,i,,,, MM, ,,.,, ,.,A mn' , , H.. . ww-MM-bw-M ,, If n- nn-uw 1 K 1 ui 1 5' , H cz "nm PM ra. Baer' J. Hardy rubs the bus for luck as the band and choirs leave for contest. l .-Wwfwwf Miss Daniels receives the coveted "Teacher of the Year" award. Hardy walks away after receiving one of his many awards. The girls' gym was practically empty at the scribble party. if E In i I ix is Q h st 3 1 a it . J. X V t . 'Q W. xi 't ai . - Q tt, t 4' 11 an Couch Willis entertains his audienve with his assortment of jokes. - i K 0 fi, ,J an f Q l2 5-wg.-5-1336 i' Y' . . . and the hand played on. The A Cappella holds tht- mltlit-nw spolllmund as they pt-rform their lust concert of the season. ., t, ,,,, ,t ,,,L . GARUID msn scnom.0wl.S im YP' DASHING DEB5' s num A D TEXAS Let's give three cheers for .lan Kerner, Deb man- ager. Danny Border will lead the band to another fantastic year. The B-team cheerleaders for 67-68 Sheila Wall displays her singing talent in the last concert. ' i ,mi f in R 2 I - , ,. w ',,, i i K"r, Debby Clark and Susan Killion will head the Annual Staff in 68 . . . looks like they're getting prepared! These eight girls will lead the student body in support of the mighty Owls in 67-68. New Leaders at G. H. S. J p2 CI- Swear ,lt C9114 ,Yi gllC5E9S NP . YZQBT .v The Deb majorettes will be under the direction of drum majorette Alta Finley. .11 nl snnivkw' ' ysmm 'I fr rs X ' 'If .... 'IM 'mi 1 marc 79 i T ' I fl K al . I , , 'L ' . ,.., Q . T X Q I -is M '--.,,Y Darrell and Marilyn d0n't seem to take editing THE OWL'S Johnnie Bragg, Tom Orr, and the Bodyless owl EYE too seriously. Senior 6668" The marvelous Madri Glee makes musical merriment. '-H 5' co Z C' 2 G it , "Before" Prof. Hill listens to the mayor's wife as she pours out her gossip. "After" - ., Q - 1 I thought there were 76 trombones! 2 KK' A 1' MAN - does it again! "But he doesn't know the territory! !" Marion and Harold make beautiful music together in more ways than one. Garland has an award winning ballet team as you can see. al X Af- ,Y , R. ' , A ffyv ' ,Q ' W W- 1f h' Mg," Oh w ll boy 11 b b ys The d nc ng g1rls we e hit, naturally. Q . Q . h rn. - liz 5 ,,,,, ,- I ' x LL ,, 4 5' f h hhghh , If-5 5 hh I "The stars." The boys enj y th r ft n on le onade break 6 C O for 1 One of the show's more touching moments. IJ I guess everyone likes to call Chuck Boyles. "We just dropped in to say hi." Serqeant U Www-32? www X41 i 4 'S ' , ,. 3 Q N A I suv- 4 , . ., , My dz ,V 'Y A v Q A M, at . ! 1 Q :V I Ail Q bk L My f y ' , . 'X :Q J A 'W V Senior-Facult Game Me and my shadow" siiis h Those sophomore girls get worse every year. I if lin. 4 i v-5. This is the champion senior basketball team? The girls spent many long hours shopping for the right gown and accessories for the "big night." The decorators did a marvelous job. "The Chaperons" The Apparell Mart was the scene for the "67" Senior Prom. There was kool-aid served in champagne glasses so everyone would feel like adults. Nl., :L 4 ,,,, L 37'- Q T j2 I 13, F f' l. 4, , K' ip Q ey: They all were wishing they could be back in school. The swimming pool music-makers. -4 I know you're a Boy Scout but this tent is never going to go up. And here they are folks-the leaders of tomorrow. 9 1 --an lf' L l iff- ' E H Here is .1 sample of our world renowned swimming and diving team M,-rf Even though the pool was small, everyone had fun. Senior Da At Last! People being thrown in the pool was a very common sight Seniors went berserk-just the thought of "no school" made ,Wir them go crazy. Golf is a game where good manners toward all players is pruciicvd. Gl1l'lLlI'ld'S answvr to but -IHLIH. Q i "The Water Nymphs" F I ....,...i" Some seniors graduated. There were parties for some seniors. Some lucky seniors received all kinds of gifts-even diplomas. M 0 I I 1 , , ,.. . . ,.. . MT 5.5-T,-y?::ff:.,,.g.. ' .L 1 - -2-vw. U L 5.553 ' fy X I VA! 'qw 1 Tis? I wil .:. y,- -gf: ' 'cw xg 9' . Jfsa'-fs Q -ul , ..-.K t " . mug Qs' , Q -. Q- .- ...M ww.m.N...w,.,:fLnawn-m,..,w,q44iqpi1g dw., f , ,Waals v 1

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