Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX)

 - Class of 1964

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Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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,E A 1 I 4 I 4 i , ,.,' --., ' ' v- ,,- - 392, "-1... if" ' - Q 'lf Q ,M...m, -f ,p 1 A- -Lagavi-av:N959N"""'?'z6"AT ,T-4 "V-si-,N f -iii ' --we-:.: 1 ff:-49? V"' 'E'-'W W ww ' Tig' ww f "I,Wiml1 ,, ' 4- i ff H ' E' MZ : W ' ai J 5 f I 3-v-6145 1, ,V :U- A. 41 M. 1 ,HM ' - Hfffwlb ,Q :W f af f '-ia-- ak gg " ' -' E "'. A 4 A 1 'Q ' x::" 1E .1-1, i7Lf9i'x'! 35' 23- . I y x Y' :::::f -:::': .iff--mv T1"l"""""?- Mjxgvgihla-,LI 3 1 M,9mJ:1,Qg A ' . H f T1'zj'Wz'faMf1"Q,n"' ""- - 'W ,M - , X , ,Eg ,gu y mwwmf 'WEQ4 1 -. , xx Wyw. ' . A ' 1' New Wwwwfiwl' . J . - i , dn' jp ' ,N 2Jfm.5m ' . 3 , I i . - ff H 'i x , K Q , I . J , . 2' WW 'W' ' 6' "Q Y 1 ' FKWQ' H fn W, ,,,,, i , i 3 ? I J 1 2, I . I . 5 X . i 2 9 1 I- - 5. l , l 8 wvE sg-111.9-wQ'YK,4 w-fLe,llQ.,5:owX..JQ.g5t.1D,, 33329 DMM QWQQAWQQEQF WLM OW WW GQ., ,i QQ Q13-1 m Sew-D 0529. 'YVv1-fi LV1XJvvv wQxQkDx cc-ML.Q.Q,.,.JnJNQ4.xNQl,.,V.A,:k 45 My QT zfrsiffsfm MKEMWQSE -3qNr,,1,xcO.,o.M,u.wM 3:9 awww SZSELMJI- OWS ,W,,,5Q,..JDy ,QTM,wQi93.Q9'M3w:9EM...,!, Q,..Q,x Q Qcdowwggwm S WWJLQQQ elk.-Q .,m,MM5R.x N-WQSMQASLQQ Qin. f-QWMQQWD avoir' -Dv-'-fvvk RSA,-.D K fiafmwa 6 x 1 E E qvx A 1 L A - 6 0 , U N 4 A K T V 3 LAA'J ON-f Y TXNN-2 Q 1 N b " L i lx ' I -. - o OV X X Q I '- I.. , , AWD 3 X s,fVVNJs.a 0 T D an dwg N Qlvs F ' X ,L ,eg E v. . , . ,, ' E V ' Q - Q sn .3 Q 1 Q Gun- L S Q , . -. 5 Y Ovv-l. ' 6 N ,i fx kg f s Xb W- I ' . OJ'V'N-- xh-vxq 0 MW i L N ., Q im--f CX , E. ' I 7 V L r A! , ff 1 1' " ,yffyf A ,if Zfugf A .fi ,I 1- j f' ' U ' -uf, I Ig . X, I V 1 X , . NAL f if IQ' l, ' 1' 1, ,',xK.J' , , X 1 f X 1 Q ' . , 'fx' . I j e ee e THQ e 1963-1964 ' OWl's Nest A ' Q ff Garland Hi I1 School f Garland, Texas ' Presents L7!L,4 x, .-f WLDJ? ff'-P! Q. 1 ' I I X fA!fVV -" cy . fin! " 4, ,ff , ' 'lr X X ' ' A vi! ,LILIQK nf!! Uni, " f ' mlkfff, fm I X X' ' 'YM H" 4 H H ' I . -, .rfy , . fy f , Afeewf ' ff J f ' , 1 ,, , THE OWl.fS NEST STAFF Delores Allen 9 ttf Qu MM Jane Ramsey Y ' 45 if . Z XZ l- 4 Editor F Janice McKinney , n yi A Copy Editor Pat Aldridge 67ff'1f5Z"C'j 'Qual' Picture Editor W iw Judi Sides Q Carolyn Reeves . Pat Nesthus 402805 Wave M766 Ann Cieh e ' Class Editors 70-tc Vim-6, 26741 fhref Kathy Sanford 444494-L fgdjr Mary Argenbright 1 fi Q2 Club Editors fam' Marilyn Witt gfzgdbpxav J We Activities Editor ' u JEIY Spraggins E66 ?9ZVb ' Chris Shively - f Sports Editors - 6 if wif a att a Mitsui eww SandrafDuncan My ' 'Ronny-Biasigme A rt Editors A Jamie Gilmer A-pc Business Manager Q ' Janice McMullen ' ? Advertising Managers 5 ' Larry Morrow 1 Tommy Wright pl' Y , I Circulation Managers Jack Whiteside If I ' Terry Williams 1 ' in 7 l it V Production Managdi' XJ ,N J J ,yr if I Q ljy XJ l J l 4 l. W! ff fy if J . XII f , -"' ff 1- ,V I ' 1 1 , X L Lf, ' K ' , I M f J f J, , 1 E J ' ff' W l J JM J yfyyf W ' X LV Z V 2 X 1 , , IJ J xg M1 . J uf U 5' ff, W' , " A., . .f gf ,QV ,R 'U -, ., . I J A J ' f V V XJ' 0' N ,JLX 5A Lan 'iw VX HUD L Q, O Q V Ain LL I Hy LLL U L L! M4 Y NL iw U N LJ ,J ,1 , V 'J U L, f QL G c 4 0 A ' JL' M37 I L 2,1 ' A7, Q ,LL nvb x 7 V W V ff L ' I X I J 'J' ff I 1 V la ,' I L. Uv , 'X jilf h ' 5 0 f 91 A CV JL - vu I 4 , ' I 1 ' ' .1 1 1 Liga L JJ If 7 Lf I. 1 64 .124 . K -, X. I I fir f - ' K. - .X .'1 ,jf 5:51, , , f ,fl .,f' , xg' -if ',: 4 ,f EST ' r up ,' ' 1' ,- ' . f,- f' ' 1 -- .QW ,J-, , ,, ,L .' , f 1 - , 1 ' ,V K- . 2- ' f L' f f -1 kxw f xr, . rf, JW 5 iff f2Q fag QQmnwMfQLjmm+ K Aja My HQ!?dUJ LQJ fo fggdlf K mfg gmdl Q' L MMD JW' WW Jwn MM ,M yjw2fWUQ QQQXJLJQMDL fyfkgf NWQgifWJW0WZQWCjWq :W Foreword As time passes, each grain of sand shown in the hour glass represents a memory of both happy and sad times in our daily lives. While at GHS, you, as a student, have been given the opportunity to learn, to think and to create: Where you have grown in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man. Realizing that this will be the last one united grad- uating class of Garland, We, the 1964 OWl's Nest Staff, have chosen as our theme HA Time For Parting." In the future, as these grains of sand fall, may this volume be a resounding part you played so Well in 1964. if Contents ne for . Instruction Preparation Participation Recreation Recognition Action Representation Dedication In appreciation of your unfailing consideration for us, and your outstanding leadership at GHS, Fordisoipline maintained always with scrupulous fairness to students and faculty alike. For a gentle but firm manner which has com- manded the respect of all the students, lVlr. Gene Hud- son, the 1964- Owl's Nest is dedicated to you. , Coach of a Pee Wee football team, Mr. Hudson gives his sons some helpful tips on the game. Outside of school, Mr. Hudson spends many enjoyable hours with his wife, Mrs. Hudson, and his sons Larry and Gaines. Garland Avenue Building .,, I Y N A .K 3. -, j --75.1, Au. ' , ,,,. 5' ,h , 4:1389 . ' 1,:...:' .fs--1':-, A. Q. :ff L V' ,.-' " " ,if 1- fn.-4-' f 1' ,vi - rx 5 y- A -:1'v',f!f ,af -. 5 -41331, .it -3.-QV. e'igzi"fE9'i-jfgg-ai: ' -7 f f 5 Qflfi' - -t , l ---- f - 'MM K 'Q 1' ' Vi all I K ' k s aa F1 ' , , ,, X 5 -. .5 Q15 ai Q i :,. .f 11- ...:- 1 I S m-:f1,5,1-ffw,-- f-m,g,,mw13,,ff: . 3 gvffffggflyvm-,f7'Qf5'ff'1A'" Jvgkffmfgggg, A' 1"f 'f 4345!4s5uJGiMfwv',,Vwf4PW'5'NfiR9?1eXr,si':f fi'-.M WW 21 - 1:11 f- C3111 ll Q wglw -: WW ,L , -T -A, ' HEggLCQ5'f.Wh:A-QYTEJ' 'fffk f- Qsfrsww , . f 3 4 - , Wm , A A, ,W , ui. I ,hyh ,, ..k,- :u:J1VY2?f7' , M I 7 ' f. ,gk 1,,wL V , . fam. ,V W, . A . - fr.-:1'.,gm,,,5 Band Hall I l 1 Boys' Gym Shop 9 IT'S TIME FOR MR. ROBERT B. SEWELL, B.S., M.Ed. Stephen F. Austin College Although Mr. Finley is not new to Garland High School, this is his first year to hold the post of Assistant Principal. Mr. Finley is in charge of all students and personnel in the Avenue D wing of Garland High School. Mr. Sewell is quite familiar with GHS, al- though he was at Memorial Junior High in 1962. Mr. Sewell, along with Mr. Finley, handled the pre-school registration. He is re- sponsible for the students and personnel in the GA Wing and in all other buildings on campus. He was principal at Watson Elem. last year. MR. BILL FINLEY, B.S., M.S. East Texas State College I5 SECRETARIES+GARLAND ADMINISTRATION BUILDING EVELYN PEGGY MARY J O GENEVA SHIELA ELISSA ELLIS MURRAY SIMS SCHEEL HENDERSHOT NORRIS HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARIES GORDON THACKER Accountant MRS, OMA JEAN BECHTQL MRS. MARGARITE TURNER MRS. LOUISE JACKSON COUNSELLORS MRS. POLLY SMITH, B.S., M.Ed. MRS. LOUISE ROUTH, B.A., M.Ed. NURSES MRS. RUTH HICKS, R.N. MRS. RESSIE ISSET, R.N. University of Oklahoma St. Pau1's Hospital ' X 1 i AGNEW, MR. DON Biology BS North Texas State ALTOM, MRS. ALTA L. Mathematics BS Howard Payne MA Hardin Simmons Faculty Guides the Way! ANDERSON, MISS ADELE Biology BA Texas Christian BIRD, MRS. ANN Spanish BA University of North Carolina BARTO, MRS. JANET French BA North Texas State BLACKBURN, MRS. SARA Journalism BA North Texas State -' QF i5?AE?ET5Qi?Qfigj2SEiijijl-E , , if i'ii',' i Elly' .,, , - " ifffglkiv ..V: Q ALTOM, MR. MARSHALL Mathematics MA, BA Hardin Sim mons ARMSTRONG, MRS. MARY NELL History BS North Texas State BENNETT, MRS. MAUREEN German, Histoly BA Southern Method- 1st A ,tii ' a"' ii. ' V '..:::-:f...E: ' 5- ,ff5Lr5k1 :-'-was . ' I Y .i-' f i ? ' ' 1'- BOUREK, MR. PAUL Band BME Oklahoma State MME North Texas State BOWDEN, MR. WELDON Biology BS Oklahoma State BULLOCK, MISS BETTY English BA Baylor CARPENTER, MISS NAN English BSE Abilene Christian MH Southern Method- ist CHRISTOPHER, MRS. JUDY English BA East Texas State GHS Faculty Participates ' . 164' X . 5 if , -, E - U , if I X ' BRACKEN, MR. L. B. Mathematics BBA, MEd East Texas State BRYANT, MRS. JUDY Home Economics BA Texas Tech CALDWELL, MRS. FRAN Home Economics BS West Texas State CARSON, MR. RAY Agriculture BS, MS East Texas State CURTIS, MR. CHUCK Head Coach BS Texas Christian Mrs. Lewis proves her talents at imitating "owligator" at the Richardson pep rally. CALKINS, MRS. RACHAEL Physical Education BA, MHPER North Texas State in School Activities . . . COLEMAN, MR. W. G. Mathematics BS North Texas State ME East Texas State DAVIS, MISS BARBARA Typing BS Howard Payne DODSON, MR. R. E. Biology BS Texas Christian DRIVER, MRS. ELIZABETH German, English BA Southern Methodist CUNNINGHAM, MR. ERNEST R. Coach BS Midwestern DAVIS, MRS. MARIE English BS, ME East Texas State DORSEY, MRS. NORMA Civics, History BA Texas Won1an's ELLEDGE, MR. HAROLD Mathematics BS East Texas DANIEL, MISS MADGE German, English BA North Texas State MA East Texas State DILLARD, MR. OWEN Biology BS Henderson State Teachers College 1 DRAKE, MRS. HELEN English BA Southern Methodist GAMBLE, MRS. FRANCIS Mathematics BS Central State GRANT, MRS. LOIS Bookkeeping BS, MEd East Texas State HARRISON, MISS GLO Physical Education BA Austin College HICKMAN, MRS. ELLA English BA North Texas State MA Southern Methodist J 4 ,'fi.1,,-,isgrfgygf55,5553, -wg, - , ' A' Trl'-U gift? r-,mf 513 ' Q: 1.: 1 ,lzigi -5-,wif ' I 12 5 -' ,f .4 V. 2--2 , -vvv - fs, Guidance, Understandin GRAY, MISS FLORENE BA North Texas State MA East Texas State We . me I3 ml, K k5,,e,, fx . t rife iiiiwwu----+ft1' I , 7. it , T .fi " 'Yi - ' . ,H 1 25: ,, ..,, ,A i. HEAD, MR. W. B. Distributive Education BA, MEd East Texas State HAMILTON, MRS. JOHNNIE English BA Texas Tech MA Colorado State HENDERSON, MR. JIM Choir BMEd, MEd Midwest- ern HICKMAN, MR- Mrs. Dorsey came to the rescue of Kenneth Kattawar and explained the LESTER difference between lzvesta and Provda. Chemistry BA Baylor Aid Students ' , A5 HICKS, MR. DALTON Studyhall BS McMurry ISSET, MRS. RESSIE Home Nursing St. Paul Hospital School of Nursing JACKSON, MR. SAMMY Physical Education BS, ME North Texas State ' Slil ' ,' ..,r , x JOHNSHON, MR. M. L. English BA East Texas State MA Southern Methodist HICKS, MRS. RUTH ANN Home Nursing RN University of Okla- homa Mr. Sewell takes a stroll down the hall during classes. KONIOTH, MRS. MARGARET Assistant Librarian BA Kilgore Jr. College North Texas State 'Sli A, fl QQ . if 1 lt sa N i , sit Mt 'jr t , S ew: X.. ks r' it tt U , it K 1 .1 ,Q r 14 MEX 1' 5 1 2 HUNT, MISS LOUISE X Typing BA Baylor MA East Texas State .ln- JACKSON, MR. GERALD Industrial Arts BS, MS Abilene Chris- tian JETT, MRS. JULIE French, English BA East Texas State LEWIS, MRS. DONNA Home Economics BS North Texas State Instruction in Garland LINDBLOM, MRS. MCCARTY, MRS. RUTH JO ANNE German, English English, German BS Texas Womans BA East Texas State ' ff l EETES p McCLINTOCK, MR. BOB History, Football Trainer BS Texas Christian MS Kansas State Teachers College MCCREARY, MRS. MIRIAM Mathematics BA North Texas State MCDANIELS, MRS' "You see now, that this is not a verb but is a GBARBARA noun," Mr. Pease illustrates to his Engish IV class. erman BA East Texas State 'V , """ f A e Vmhy 'Q A A 5 i :tt i ii 5 ii 931' NICKELS, MISS OWENH MR. BUD BILLIE Study all Biglggy BS Delta State College BS, ME East Texas State ' 5 6 A .2 Q as , 4 at 1 PAGE, MR. P. H. Mathematics BA North Texas State Ranks A-OK! PARKER, MISS JOY Mathematics BS North Texas State PONDER, MR. P. S. Physical Science BS East Texas State RUSHING, MRS. ANN Home Economics BS East Texas State SHELTON, MRS. PEGGY Latin BA Hardin Simmons F I' Zt.. E. 4 , .... T In PEASE, MR. RALPH English, Speech BA University Texas PROTZ, MRS. .IO English, Mathematics AB, MRE Mercer Uni- versity SCHMIDT, MR. DON History BS Texas Tech SHUGART, MISS JILL History BA Baylor PETERS, MRS. RUTH Chemistry BA North Texas State 4 ROBERTSON, MR. CHARLES I.T.C. BS North Texas State MEd Texas A 81 M SEGO, MR. ROBERT Typing BS North Texas State SMITH, MRS. CATHERINE Bookkeeping, Typing BBA University of Tex as WN -F A K I :fz 59,3 fb ,gr. r 'f,' ' . igzjg - . h ir-,. I at . A A ' A A ' f f , 1 - ,S ,E I -'f r . 'N " gg? 5 I ll li w s i sfg Q 2 HW' WV Uh - ..,. . il' f-at . W' , Mei lik , Svfgff' ,f.,hx,f'w:P" If QL. , ?l?:EQ,3.. I 113 STEPHENS, MISS STEWARD, MR. STRAIN, MR. STRINGER, MR- O- D- KATHERINE BILLY JIMMIE Shop Spanish Golf History, Civics BS East TCXHS Stale BA, MA East Texas BS, MEd North Texas BS University of Texas State Slate The agriculture boys all pose as Don Gillespie shows off hi THOMAS, MRS. CAROLYN Latin BA North Texas State H S at 1 W Y e TOLER, MR. JIM English BA Baylor MEd East Texas State if ' Q 5 ' :-' .E TURRENTINE, MR. H. E. Agriculture Bs, Mad Texas MIM WAGNER, MR. J. R. Physics, Chemistry BS, MEd East Texas State T tiis 4 R ,r,'i:I Efffff T '-rags - T EH- 1" '- . . ,,.., , . h i s S i ir WILLI A M S M R . ALTON History, Tennis BS, MS East Texas State TROTMAN, MRS. JEAN Shorthand BS North Texas State VENABLE, MR. VAN Physical Education BS, MEd North Texas State WATSON, MRS. ELIZABETH Spanish BA East Texas State ,. 9 be X 4. , , R is 5 x. S is . 5 is - ' E.,-wzglfl ikfflgetigm 2 ,wgfggij 1: WILLIAMS, MR. 0'DAY Tennis, Biology BS Texas Christian it Q A aff I :EW I-Ewjff V . ' isilfiiff '- -'-i'f , K f- ' 1 ' . -M. .sfs-fa? f, " '-if-fa f - . Q A Ta ,,,- . K --1 v-- s..,,.1,.. , ,. ,. .. f. -s. 'W 175 Af" ' f-A-ffsfqtkgfri my .. .fw-wk u,sj-ef, fm. : .:f 1 ,, Z1 i WILLIAMS, MR. T. L. WILLIS, MRS. WINDHAM, MR. Mathematics MARTHA CHARLES BS, MEd East Texas Typing Sh0p State BS Texas Woman's BS East Texas State WOMACK, MRS. WRIGHT, MRS. NELEEN GRACE Librarian History BS, MS E351 TCXHS BS North Texas State State MS East Texas i Coach Chuck Curtis addresses the student body at a pep rally. Behind-the-Scenes Workers . . . Cafeteria workers are as follows: ffirst row, bottom? Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Bartlessg fsecond row? Mrs. Hodge, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Young, Mrs. McCraw, Mrs. Todd, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Ethel: fthird rowl Mrs. Schew, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Riker, Mrs. Oehlke, Mrs. Nalls, Mrs. Platt, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Belew, Mrs. Pitts, Mrs. Echols and Mrs. Whitlock. Garland High School custodians are, from left to right, Mr. F. M. Moss, Mr. Golden Rocer, Mr. Clifton Blount and Mr. Amos Christian. EN 28 IT 'S TIME FOR fl .fl u 5 Y i 'gk' , I is :N Senior Class Officers Senior class officers include Qback rowl Kenneth Kattawar, presidentg Ronnie Baker, secretaryg King Cole, reporterg ffront rowj Delbert Burton, vice presidentg Ralph Weaver, treasurer. 30 AGNEW, JUDY AO Biology Club, Pan-American Club, Ifnglisli IV Club, FBLA, vicc presidentg Sturlcnt Assembly Repre- sentative, Iunior Red Cross AKIN, JERRY ff- ew' N H .ffisi ALDERMAN, LINDA FHA, Library Club, secretary, Pan- Anicrican Club, Stutlcnt Assembly Representative, Y-Teens. vice presi- dent, English IY Club, Junior Acliievenient, Library Assistant, Colfl Jackets, Dashing Debs ALDRIDGE, PATRICIA FHA, Library Club, sccrclaryg Quill G Scroll, Owl's Nest, picture editor, Gold Jackets, Junior Red Cross, 0wl's Eyc, reporter: Junior Assist- ant, 1963 Owl's Nest, Library As- sistant, Junior Acliicvcmcnt, presi- clcnnt. ALFORD, LARRY FFA, treasurer ALLARD, CHARLES Class Favorite, frcslinian, suplmxuorcg Kcy Club, Football, Baseball. Trans- ferred from Commerce Higli School and W'allrip High Sclmol in Hous- ton, Texas ALEXANDER, .I ULIE Mu Alpha 'flu-lzi, st'vrt'taryg Owl's I-Qyt-, aclvvrtising nmnugvrg Quill K Scroll, Office Assislant, Library As- sistant, Biology Club, Cliomlairvs. Latin Club. ALLEN, BILL ALLEN, DELORE5 Editor-in-c'lxif'f--1961 Owl! Nest 1963 Owl! Nest, Junior Assistant 0wl's Eye, Reporterg ASM Publica tions Workslioyb Scholarship, FBLA Rcportrzrg Quill R Scroll, Secretary FHA, historian, Gold Jackets, Stu dent Assembly Representative, Eng lish IV Cluh, Senior Humor Publi cation, Favoritv Sayings,-Junior R0 tnrinn ANN, SHERIA 32 ARGENBRIGHT, MARY Captain, Gold Jackets. Jr. uutl Sr, Gold Jacket Council Representative Library Club, Junior Acliievcmcnt FHA, Future Nurses, Library As sistant, 196k Ou'l's Nest, Club Edi tor, 1963 OwI's Nest, Junior Assist ant, Quill R Scroll, Owl's Eyu, Rr' porter AUSTIN. SANDRA ARNOLD, VIVIAN French Club, DECA ASHLEY, LINDA Head Cheerleader, Runner-up Best All Round, Freshman 3 Student Council, Student Council Rcpresentztl tive, English IV Club, Pan-Amerb can Club, Best Owl Spirit, Quill X Scroll, Owl's Eye, circulntimi manager. Seniors ASKUE, BOBBY AVEN, TRUDY FBLA, English IV AYERS, NANCY Librar Club Librur ' Assistant, Y 1 Y Spccch Club, Rostrum, FHA BAILEY, BIYRNA French Club, Treasurer, Creative Arts Club, Cold Jackets, English IV Club, Student Council scntative, Most Friendly Year 34 BAGBY, VIRGINIA BAKER, CAROLYN FHA, Gnlml Jlwkl-fs Seniors BAKER, MARGARET BAKER, AIARYANN BAKER. RONNIE BAKER, RONNIE FHA, Engliglx IV Cluls, Churalalrcs. lxifloriung Bilzlc Club BANE, CAROL BARBEE, .LARRY Biology Club, Baseball Plxvllci-Clxexmixrv Club Xl I Brenda Button, Hr. Charles Robertson, and Joyce Howard of ICT prepare Christ- mas packages for a needy family. Seniors BARBEE, PHILLIP BARNES, GLENDA BARRIOS, PATRICIA Mu Alpha Theta, AO Biology Club, secretary, Physivs Club, treasurer, Latin Club, reporter, Goltl Jackets. Arlvtxucvrl Biology Club BARRY, BETTY Runner-up Most I"c'minine, Valen- tine Duchuss, Junior: AO Biology Club, French Club, Future Teach- ers Club, English IV Club, FIIA, Secretary: Junior Rod Cross, Vice Presidentg Gold Jackets, Dashing Debs BARRINGER, RANDY BASHAM, CAROLYN BASS,DELORES Chemistry Club, English IX' Club, Industrial Arts, Pan American Club. FBLA, Social Studies Forum BAYS,DON Mechauival Drawing III Club, AO Biology Club, Industrial Arts Club, Science Fair Grand Champion, First Place Svivnce Fair '61, '62, '63, United States Navy Science Cruiser Award, United Statcs Air Force Award, End Place Dallas Regional Science Fair, Concert Band, March- ing Band, Studio Ensemble, Stagi- Bancl, Pliysics-Chenlistry Club, Spanx ish Club, Advancorl Biologv Club BEAN,EDDlE BEASLEY,LINDA Student Council Representative Tennis Team, Transfvrrecl from I-'nil Park High School, 1960-62, Alter nate Student Council Reprcsvnta tivo, Iivd Cross, Girls' Intramum Sports, Tvnnis BEAVERS,CARY Pan-American Club, Biology Club Club, Sergeant-at-Arms BEDELL,PATTY BEGGS.PATSY BENNER,IUNE FHA, AO Biology Club, Junior FHA. Gold Jackets A Cappella, Choralaircs. English IX Classical League. Quill K Scroll, Clllb- Bible Club Owl's Eye Reporter, Interscholas- tic League Competition in Drama 36 Basketball, Baseball, English IX BESS, MARSHA Seniors Senior cllccrlcriders sink Junior l3llCCilll6CI'S in Boy's Gym ship battle. BISHOP, CAROL BLAKE, JUDY V BLANKb, JOHN Madri-Gler, Chornlnires, Sextet, A FBLA, Junior Aeliievenieut Cappella, Reporter, Publicity Chair- inang FBLA, English IV Club, Pan- Ainerierui Club, Future Teachers Club i BLASINGAME, RONNIE 0wl's Nest, Art Editor, Quill K Srroll, Arl Clulv, Runner-up Must 'l':ili-nu-cl BLOCK, GORDON A 'frnlii Fuollmll, C0-Cupluin: All Dislrivt, All Crealer Dallas, Most Allilelie, Runner-up Iles! All Round, l"lll.A 37 BLOUNT, CAROLYN FHA BOUSKA, HENRY Seniors Delores Bass shows us that mechanical draw- ing is a course suitable for girls as well as for boys. BOLTON, RICHARD Advanced Chemistry Club, English IV Club, Social Studies Forum BOURN, BRENDA Gold Jackets, AO Biology Club, Latin Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Dashing Debs, Advanced Biology Club, Runner-up Most Friendly, English IV Club 'E BOLTON, JANICE Spanish Club, FHA, Pliysics-Chem- istry Club, Library Club BOYD, MIKE All GHS, Freshman, A0 Biology Club, Varsity Basketball, Senior Captain BOYD, WILLIE BRACKETT, BOBBY BRATCHER, GARY BRAYTON, LINDA BRIDGES. GARY Runnvr-up Class Favorite, Senior, Frvaliulzmg Must Hnnclsnmv, Sopho nmrv, Senior: .-Xll GIIS, Frrslnuan Soplmmore, Junior, Srniorg Foot ball, fin-Captain, All Distrirl, Jay rm! Back of Yvnr, Hunor Mention Track, Rvgimi Finalist, Bc-ln Club liunnvr-up Must Hnnrlsmnc, Junior English IV Club. Junior Rvtarinn 0 Month Seniors Iliulngy Club. Mu Alpha Thctu, Fu lun' Tvzivlivrs Clulv, FBLA, Li lurury Clulv, Histuriauig Juniur Rm Cross, Frcnvli Club, English I3 Cluh, Sym-rli Club, Cold Jackets BROCKER, KENNY BROWN, SHARON BROYLES, LYNN Latin Club, Math Club, Physirs- Chemistry Club, Social Studies Fo- rum, A0 Biology Club. Truck. Buen- lmll, Manager, Phvsics Club BRYAN,ANDY Track BURNS,PAT D NBURCHFIELDVBEGKY 'f" K Student Council, Biology Club, French Club, Future Teachers Club. FHA, English IV, Roporterg Gold Juckc-ts, Dashing Dcbs, Runner-up Most Beautiful, Sophomore, .luniorg Valentine Duchess, Junior: Most Feminine, Runner-up Hom:-ruining Queen BURKE,PHHlP Band, Student Assn-nibly Reprrsentav tive, Physics-Chemistry Club Seniors BURT, JAN BURTON,DELBERT Senior Class, Vice Pri-sidcntq Run- nvr-up Best All Round, Beta Club, NHS, Varsity Football, llonorablc Mention All Dislrivt. B Tr-:mug Mu Alpha Thcln BURNSIJNDA BURNS,NOLAN 'l'r:insfvrrcd from fXIcKinnvv High School Seniors BUTTON, BRENDA Susan Hunt and Mrs. Routh organize hook- lets of aptitude tests. CABINESS, KAREN Future Hoiuenmkrrs, I'rL-sidvut, KC- , portcrg Junior Rccl Cross, Vice Presi- alcnl, Dallas Council Executive Cuuucilg Fulun- 'I'l-zlvliwrs Clulv, Svcrvtaryg English IV, 'I'rc'us11r1-rg Clivuiislry Club, A0 lfiulngy, Lakin Clulr, Dashing: Dvlis CADENHEAD, ROGER CANNADAY, BENITA CARR. MIKE Math Club. Tmnsfx-rrcll from Hunoy Latin Club, AO Biolugy Club, Gmvp FBLA, Buutl, Squaul l.r'a4lvrg FHA 4l Senlors CARROLL I IIND X CH XDWICK BILLY 1 ymrx Club mx 1 Tumi in mrln in flulv Club D CHERRY, MARIE FBLA, Beta Club, Spanish Club Secretaryg Clwcrlcndcr, Sr-crctnry All GHS, Soplmnumrc, Junior, Sen iorg Runner-up Class Fnvoritc, .lun iorg Runncr-up Br-st All Round Juniorg l-'FA Swc-vtlirart, Ilnnic-Y Coming Queen CLEM. JOYCE 42 CHRISTIAN, DOUG Cbcmislry Club, English IV Club, 'l'roasl1rc'rg FFA Stale Champion Cnmlurling Tmm CLANTON, DIANE FHA, AO Biolngy, Cllvmislry Club. Excculivc Cnunrilq Mu Alpina The-tri, NHS, Dvlvgnte In Holiday Sc'i:'nr-v Lectures. Spanish Club. Library Club CLARK, TERRY Kc-y Club. Football, Managcrg Bresc- lmll, ll Tn-am Football CLOPTON, L. D. Golf Team, Captain, Yicc' Prr-Sirlcnl English IV Club Senlors COBB. GLORIA Seniors patiently take directions from the Balfour rep- resentative and fill out their invitation order blanks. COLDWELL, ALERA A Cappella, All GHS, Freslnnang FHA Biology Club, FBLA, English IV Club, Office Assistant COLE KING CONNASTER BILL Footlmll Biseball Irack Senior Track B1 tlnll Award Xlr-chain :ss Offuer Most Witty cy cal Drawing, Award Club X0 Biology Club COOK, RETHA FHA, Presiclcntg Chornlaires, A Cap- pella, Marlri-Glace, Bible Club, Eng- lish IV Club COOLEY, JOEL 43 CORNETT, DIANE Student Council, Freshman .Choir, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, 3-D Speech Club COPELAND, CONNIE CORNELIUS, CHARLES AO Biology Club, Latin Club, Gold Jackms, Library Club, Honorable Mention in 1961 Scicnre Fair 0 COVINCTON, MIKE COWAN, DIANE COX, RALPH Spanish Club, Social Studies Forum French Club, AO Biology Club, English IV Club, Junior Achieve- ment, Treasurer: FHA, Choralaircs Owl's Eye, Reporter COSTA, EVERETT 44 Seniors ff X CRAIG, GAIL Senior students seem to he enjoying Professor Pease's class. Who is that-Guy Hull or The Tl1inker?! CRAWFORD, OMA LEE FHA, Quill K Scroll, Owl'5 Eye, Advertising Mrumger CUNNINGHANI, CINDY D l D b Nl 1 tt AO B ology Club, Pan-American Club. Treasurer: Future Teachers Club, Treasurer: English IV, Reporter Chemislrv Club CUMMINGS, WILLIAM DANCER, DANNY DANIEL, TINA DARBY, SHARON Emlitor. Quill K Scroll Publication: FBLA. Quill X Scroll, Yice Presi- tlcnt: Columnist. Owl's Eye. Fcnturrs Enlitorq Tennis Club. Spanish Club DEATON. JERRY Social Studios Forum. Prcsitlcntg .-Xclvatirt-nl Chcmistrv Club, Presif dcntg 3-D Speech Club, Prcsident, Carlannl Young Republicans, Presi- dent, National Forcnsic League, Vice Prcsiclcntg Physics Club, Rei porterg Frcnvh Club, Spanish Club, English IY Club, Band, Chemistry Club, Mu Alpha Theta, 1963 State Debate Champion, 1963 State Cham- pion Persuasive Speaking, Rotary Student ot' the Month, National llcrit Finalist: Nomincv, Most Am- bitious: Senior Most Talented DAVIS. PAUL.-X French Club, FHA, Futurc Teach ers, FBLA. Social Studios Forum AO Biology Club, Spanish Club Coltl Jacket, Secretary, Dashing Delis, Deb Council: Beta Club, 'I'rensurvr DAVIS, DELLE Most Beautiful, Sopliomorc, Junior and Senior .English IV Club, Arl- vancecl Biologv Club. German Club, Junior Class. Serrctaryg Runner-up Homecoming Queen, Basketball Quccn, Runnvrsup Class Favorite Seniors DENNIS, JAMES DICKSON, BARBARA AO Biology Club, French Club, Gold Jackets, Y-Teens, Sophomore Rcpresenlativeg Dashing Dcbs, Deb Council, Junior Class Reporter, Eug- lish IV Club, Runner-up Most VYitty, Personality Plus DAVIS, PEGGY AO Biology Club, Pan-American Club, Future Nurses Club, Colnl Jackets DEBIETRI, JAN Library Club, Secretary, Future Nurses, 3-D Speech Club, Y-Teen, President, French Club, Gold Jack- ets, Junior Red Cross DIXON, BILL DRURY, JOHNNY FBLA, Prcsiili-nt Copying is not all that bad! ls it Janet? DOLSON. YERENIA DRINKARD, KAREN DODSON, CAE Band, Studio Ensemble, All Region, Dallas Area Select, TWU All Girl, Librarian, Council, Freslnnan, Jun- ior Outstanding Student, Latin Club, AO Biology Club, Activities Chairman: Mu Alplm Theta, Chem- istry Club, Secrctary DUCGER, CAROL FHA, Golrl Jackets, I-'ren-Ali Club Chemiatry Club 47 Mu Alpha Thrtn Nvst. Art Eiliturg Quill K Scroll DUNCAN- 5-'XNDX DUNAVANT, DONNIE FHA-' lllbfllfl' Clllb- I-Mill Clllll. Yarsily Bnsvball. Basketball, Span- Guld Jncksns. Crvzuivi- Arts Club, 551, Club, Englisl, IV Club, TWH. licpurlvrg Chvlnistry Club, Owl's lu-gf Seniors DUNN, MARTHA DUPREE, WALTER DEC.-K, Personality .-'xwarflg FHA DUTTON, BILL DECA, Key Club. Frvnch Club, English IV Club. Football, Track Physics Club ECHOLS, DONNA FHA, Choralaircs, A Cappella, Sec- retary: Madri-Cleo, Region X Choir, Bible Club DYKES, W. C. DECA, English IV Club, Vice Prcsi- df-ntg FFA. Transferred from Kauf- man High School, FFA, Vice Presi- dent: Truck. Physics Club, Foot- ball HNER ROXANN E EIC , Cold Jackets, Spanish Club, Phys- ics Club, FBLA, Owl's Eye, Rc- porterg English IV Club, Library Assistant, Transferred from Blue Is- land Community High School, Blue Island. Illinois Seniors ENDSLEY, KIRBY Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cap- tain: Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Math Club. Mu Alpha Theta, Stu- rlvnl Assembly Representative, AO Biology Club Senior boys show off their rings while' Randy Barringer plays traffic cop. ELDER, ANNETTE ERIKSSON, ANITA Foreign Exchange Stuclvnt from Swcilcn, Bela Club EUBANKS, ANDREA EVANS, SUSAN EVINS, MIKE ' Band, Studio Ensemble, Secrclaryg -Tvnmi Football, Llbfiifb' Club. A0 Biology, Rlmnm-,up M051 Wiltyfv Social Studies Forum, Advanced Advanced Biology Club, Spanish BWIURY Clllbv IUdU5U'iil1Al'lS Club, Club, Social Studies F01-um Mechanical Drawing Ill Club, Vice Presiclcntq English IV Club, Ser- gzczint-nt-Arms 49 1 ,W ! ,J iff 5 f NX! EDM IJX il X, V N -iixiljlxl QV ,119 lv il llxwliile .Q J QL FX Xl W ,W Qt W WJ M y iw , t .xy QP' J WM A 'OJ r, N5 xl I A CU 7 X we ' hx! N N1 ,IX M X M x J ' J' EWING, LYNN FAGALA, SHARON FARR, KAREN FHA, Future Teachers, English IV Gold Jackets, Gold Jacket Council. French Club, Library Club, Art Club, Club. Gold Jackets Senior Representative: Library Club. English IV Cluh P A 'c Cl b F t Nurses FAUBION, CHRISTIE an- men an u , u urc Club, Junior Red Cross, FHA FERGUSON, ALLAN FLANAGAN, SANDRA FLANDERS, PEGGY FLEESON, PATJTY A Band, Band Council, Studio En- bl Ch 't B'l S 'l sein E, f-mis ry, m ogy, . puma 1 Club, FHA XM, we FLETCHER, DALE Senlors if HN. Linda Ashley catches up on the latest 0wl's Eye news. FLETCHER, SUZZETTE FHA, Junior Rml Cruse, Choral English 1V Clulr FORD, CHARLES FORBIS, GEORGE FORBIS, THOMAS FORD, GLENDA FHA, DECA FORTENBERRY, DON FFA Sentinel FULLER, HAROLYN FOSTER, DAINE FHA, AO Biology. Latin Club. Physics-Cliemistry Club, Advanced Bioway, English IV Club, FBLA, Historian: Junior Red Cross, Con- vert and Marvliing Banrls FOSTER, JENNI Creative Arts Club, FHA, Parlia- mi-ntarian Seniors FREEMAN, DOLORES FURLOW, SAMMY Class President, Freshman : Base hall, Football, Basketball, Trans ff-rrcxl from North High, Bakersfield California, Bryan Adams, :mil Sam uvl GORDON, JAN GREEN, ARNOLD AO Biology Club, Social Studies Forum, Treasurer, FHA, Crcntivc Arts Club, Band, Majorettc, Coun- cil, Runner-up Most Beautiful CALBRAITH, TOMMY Spanish I, ll Clubs, Runner-up MOSI Talent:-ml, English IV Club, Parliamivsnlziriang A Cappella Choir. Band, Sturlin Ensvmlmlc, Kvy Club Seniors GAFFORD LINDA Sally Rosenbaum poses for her senior picture taken during registraiion. GANUS, PAUL GARDINER, ED GAY, SHARON GEORGE, BRENDA llunnr'r-up iunsi Beautiful, Fresh- Sfuflfflf of Ihr Month. FHA, com man J3CkP!5, Y-Toon Club GIBSON, LEE GIBSON, SUE B Team Cheerleader, A Team Clivcrlenrler, Runner-up Sophomore Best All Round, Creative Arts Club, Treasurcrg Runner-up Best Owl Spirit Seniors GIEB ANN GILLISPIE DON GILMER, JAMIE GLENN, JIM 1 Future Nurses, 0wl's N1-st, Snplm- l FHA, Prcsitlentg French Club, Re- mnm Elinor porterg Future Tc-an-llcrs, Owl's Nest, GOETHALS, RANDY B Tr-aiu Football, Varsity Football. A0 Biology Club, Key Club, Vive Prrsitlentg English IV Club, Presi- dent: Physirs Club. Student As- sembly, Runner-up Xlost Courteouq 54 Business lllanagt-rg Quill X Scmll, Gulrl Jackets, Chemistry Club GOIN, GAY French Club, .-XO Biology Club, Fu ture Nurs:-s, Junior Rcrl Cross English IV Club, President: FHA Runner-up Most Feminine GORDON, DON Varsity Football, B Team Football, Track, Runner-up Best All Round, Valentine Duke, Runner-up Class Favorite, Seniorg Runner-up Most Handsome, Senior: Student Council Rnpresentzttive CRIMSLEY, ROBERT Phil Roger tunes up on his banjo while Joan, Sue, and Chuck look on. Seniors CREENWOOD, SUSAN AO Biology Club, Annual Repre- sentative, Spanish Club, Creativi- Arts Club, Gold Jackets, Dashing Debs, Runner-up Most Tzilcntecl GRIDER, JANICE Choralaires, FHA, Clinic Assistant GORDY, JERRY GRISSOM, PAT Spanish Club, FBLA, Chemistry Club, Speech Club, English IV Club, Tennis Club, Tennis Team. Transferred from Gosnell High School, Blytheville Air Force Base, Arkansas, Pep Club 55 HALL, JOE lnrlustrial Ar 5 1 1 B imis oxing C u 56 GRUBBS, JUDY GUNTHER, JAMES HALL, JIMMY O Senlors HAMILTON, VICKI HAMM, PAUL HAMM, SAMMY Englialx IX' Club. Sfwrn,-larry: Chem- islrx' Club, -KO Biology Club, Fu- turr- Teachers of Amerie., Social Stualivs Forum, French Cxub. Of- ficr' Assistant HAMILTON, JEAN rx, . 'ursv Cll Dashin E! Bmlogzy Club uh, Chemistry HAMMONDS, MARY LOU 0 Senlo rs Will the real Chris Sllivley please step forward? HAMPTON, PHILIP HANCOCK, SHERRY HARALSON, BECKY Tennis Club FHX Pan Xmerican T i Cl b ' CI b I I I I I E I I I I I I u , n ers Zh IV C , f , enn s u , Owl s Eye, Reporter C m as ic League, ng- n nrsc no as ic magna, Honorable HARE, CHARANN HARCROVE, JANICE 57 HARGROVE, LINDA HARPER, RONNIE . - HARRAH, JUDY HATFIELD, KATHY Advanced Biology Club, Vice Presl- dent: Slide Rule Club, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, AO Biology' Club, B Team Football, Track HAYLEY, STEVE Band, Buccaneer Festival Solo, FBLA Seniors HELM, JANICE HEMPHILL, MIKE HENDERSHOT, SHARON Seniors Loafing in the halls can he fun! Heysjorg- ann and Ronnie! HENDERSON, LAURA HESSELBURG, JERRY HILL, CLARA HILL, HARRY HENNIG, PAUL DECA Varsity, B Team Football, Mcchanl- S tl A cn S- cal Drawing I Club. tu K sembly Representative l 59 HOFFMAN, JIM Math Club, Chemistry Club, Phys- ivs Club, Atlvancccl Chr-mistry Club HOLBURC, JOHN, Slutlt-nt Counril, DEC,-X 60 HITCHCOCK, JULIA National Forrnsic Lcaguc, l'rvsiilf:nl and Vice Presirlcntg 3-D Slwvftll Club, FHA, AO Biology Club, Froiwlx Club, German Club, Bunrl, Bausl Council. Studio Ensemble, Social Studies Forutn, National Speech Tournament, 1963, Rcprc- scntalivcg Semi-Finalist American Fir-lml Service Foreign Exchange Student Program, Runni-r-up Most Tal:-nlccl HENSHAW, DUANE Seniors l l-IOCUE, FORREST HOGUE, SYLVIA Choir, FHA HOLBERT, SYDNA Class Fzniorilv, Freshman, Sopho- inoreg liiiinlvr-tip Class Favorite annl Bvst All lluunflg Junior Best All Kuuntl, Sc-nior Runner-up Class Favorite anrl Best All Round, Chem- istry Club, Chef-rlcadcr, NHS, Beta Club, Executive Council, Historian, Stutlunt Cuunril, Creative Arts Club, Virv l'r1'siil1'nt HOLLADAY, HELEN 3-D Spcccll Club, FBLA, Futun- Tc-achcrs, NHS, Spanish Club, Trvasurcrg Azlvanrvsl Biology Club, Bvta Club Stufli-nl of the Month HOLLAWAY, LINDA Cl1l0I'S Carolyn waits patiently beside lockers for the first bell to ring :md classes to hugin. HOLLAWAY, PATRICIA 1 JMX HOLSER, BIHH . HORN II, DIAINNA iota alrvs, a ln u , 10 0 v C11 Lx C1bAOB1g. Klub, Sotial Studies Forum, unior J RMI Crass Owl? Eve Rcportf-r HOUSTON, ANITA HOWARD, JOYCE 6l HOYE, MIKE HUDGINS, LINDA HULL, GUY FHA, AO Biology Club, Library Freshman Football, ll Tcam Foot- Assislant, Y-Toons, Gold Jackets ball, Varsity Track, I'hysics-Chem- istry Club, AO Biology Club, Latin Club, Arlvnuccd Biology Club, Presi- dcnt HULL, SHIRLEY HURLEY, KATHRYN HUTCHERSON, KAY HUTTQN, BETTY HUNT, SUSAN Future Teachers, AO Biology Club Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Of lice Assistant, FHA Dashing Dvlps, Future Nurses, Run- ner-up Most Beautiful Y- -fu. JACKSON, CECELIA Spanish Club, AO Biology Club, English IV Club, Office Assistant, FFA Sophomore Runner-up, FFA Sweetheart, Colrl Jackets, FHA JARVIS, LINDA FHA, French Club, Future Teachers Club, FBLA, English IV Club HYDE, ROY DECA, lnzlustrial Club .lanice McKinney, Kathy San- ford, and Ronnie Blasingame rlgake plans for the Popularity all. JACKSON, JORGANN Gold Jackets, Dashing Dcbs, Deb Council, Student Council, Spanish Club, Prcsiclcntg Beta Club, Cor- responding Scrrctaryg English IV Club, Secretary, Daisy Mac 1963, Runner-up Class Favorite, Junior, Runner-up Most Willy, Personality Plus JENNINGS, JANET Spanish Club, AO Biology Club Junior Rr-ll Cross, Assistant, Eng lish IV Club, Chemistry Club, Dash ing Dabs, Gold Jacket: 63 JIRAK, SUSAN Choralaircs, FHA, Future 'I'caclivrs Clulr, English IV Clulv, Pnn-Amcri- can Club, Gold Jackvls, 3-D Spcvcli Cluln, National Forrnsic Lcaguf: IIisl0rizm JOHNSON, TOMMY JAMES Industrial Art Club, Student Coun- cil, lfreslnnang DEC.-X Club, Trans- ferrml ,Irum llunlxaxn High School JUCOY, LINDA JOHNSON, ERIC JOHNSON, TOMMY RAY FIIA, Clmrnlairvs, Junior liml Cross, AO Biology Cluli. Engliili X um DISC,-X, Secretary: DECA II, I'resi4 dr-ntg llunnc-r-up DEC.-X Swcvllirzart Seniors JONES, BECKY Slndr-nt Council. Secrvlnryg Bela Club, Sccrr-luryg Dashing Delis, Del: Cnunvil, Nnminfw- Class Fuvoritv, Soplwnioreg Nolninvr- Class Fnvoritv nnrl liz-st All Round, ,luniorg Val- vntinl- Durlu-ss. Junior, Class Favor' ite, Sc-ninrg All GHS, Sr-niurg Run, ncr-up Mlm GHS, Junior Hull Crnsl. Runuvr-up Ilrunz-mining Quvvn JON ES, KAY Fulurc Nursvs Cluln JONES, BARBARA Clmraluircs, FII,-X .ll'lJAH, ROUBI Nzxliunnl Fun-neiru lmzxgllv. Mos! 'l':nlf-ntwrl. Band, Region, Slurlio En- Ni-nvlulv. Dullne Area lfvilivzil, Smlv SUI-v Cunipi-tilinn: Beta Club Stn- nli-nl nf llnnlh. Physive-Clieniistry lfluh. Englidx IV Club, .-Xmlvanvcil I Kllirniislry Club. Soplmrnnrc Out- htnnilingz Bnnil Studvnl. 3-D Spf-Pvlu l Clulv, Fr'-u-'lx Clnlw, ,luninr Raul l Cross, Dvl--gully to tha' 1963 Hvrlimlnx' Frivlicc- Lrvlurcs V F r l W A. iq-as 'K K , pw, Seniors I. Cheerleader Linda Ashley breaks through Ilw MWC Wanl Dis11'icl" sign before a pep rally. KEITH, BOBBY KEITHLY. JERRY AO Biology Clulm. Frcnch Club KA TTAWAR. KENNETH livtn Club, Km' Clulv, NHS. Vivr- Prviiclcntg Slualvnt of llw Month, .luniur Rntnriun. Snrnptixnist Junior Ar-lnievvmvm, Most Ambitious, All GHS, Senior: Pri-siilvnl uf Senior Class, Englillx IV Clulu X KENDRICKS, LINDA L KENT, GARY 65 KERSHNER, JUDY Ilan-Arncrican Club, A0 Biology, I-'ulurc Nurses Club, Adv:u1ccLI Bi ology Club, Chr-rnistry-Physics Club. Junior Red Cross, English IV Club Social Sturlivs Frwrum KEY, LANDON Seniors KING, CHARLES KELTNER, LINDA Key Cluh, Junior and Senior liuprr- sentalivvg Student Cuuncil, Spanish Club, Chvrnistry-Plxysirs Club, Fon!- ball ' KRODEL, JAMES 66 KLAS, JOHNNY Math Club, Spanish Club, Chemis- try Club, Key Club, Treasurer Football, Runner-up Most Athleticz Best All Round KOERTH, ROBERT Siudcnt Assembly Represenlativc, Runner-up Most Friendly, Most Courtcousg Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Mulh Club, Key Club, A0 Biology Club, Spanish Club, Arl- vnncml Biology, Baseball LAMB, JACK CIIIOPS LAMB JUDY , LANDRESS,JUDY LANE,PARTKHA l l l Dashing Dabs, Bom Club, NHS, Pan-Amvrican Club, AO Biology Clulv, English IV Club, Cold Jack- Pls, l-'ulurc Teaclu-rs Club, Most Courll-wus, Senior LANGFORD,KATHE lfnturn Nurses Club, Chemistry- Physics Club, AO Biology Club, Junior Rc-ml Cross, Y-Teens, Frvncli Club, Clinic Assistant, FHA LANGFORD,UNDA LAUN,NORMA LAWSON,NANCY FHA, Band, Sophmnurc Representa- tive, Councilg A0 Biology Club, French Club, Arlvnnccd Biology Club HC C , 67 LAWRENCE, DON LEAMONS, DIANNA LEATHERS, JOHNNY Varsity Iffmllzull, Runuf-r-up Per- Gulll Javkvle, .-XO Biology Club, lfnml sonalily l'luQ FBLA LeCROY, JEANNE Cliuraluirl-5, Trcasurcrg Choir, NHS, Iieportcrg Iorizuig French Club, Cross, English IV Cl Assistant A Cappella FBLA, His- .luuinr Red uh, Library LEDBETTER, LARRY Pau-Aim-rivnu Club, llntli Club, Physics Club, English IV Club, Parliaun-ulnrinng NHS, Prcsidentg Kcy Clulr, Basrball, Tliird Place Story Coulvst, Beta Club Student of Muullu, Slurlcm Cuuuril Repre- srntntivr' LEVERETT. BARBARA LIERMAN, SHARON LINCBERG, MIKE Iiuglisli IV Club LOCUST, GLENN Sucinl Sturlics Furum, Industrial Arts Club, Meclmnivnl Drawing III Club eniors LONG, ROGER FFA LUNA, DAVID The Art Club float was one- of the muuy entered in the annual Homccoming Paradf-. LONCWELL, DANNY LOVIL, BETTY Latin Club, Bnnll, Studio Ensv-mblcg Chemistry Clulv, Biulogy Club, Cre- zuiw- Arts Club, Fulurfr Nurningg Club, 0ffiCc Assistant 'wg MACKEY, RICHARD Industrial Arts Club, President, Sm-inl Studios Forum, Junior Achievement, Vice President, Eng- lieli W1 Club 69 MANUEL, JAN MARTIN, GAIL MARTIN, LARRY MARTIN, LINDA Most Friendly, 'Transferred from Clxorznlairfrs, Junior Red Cross, FBLA, Hallsvlllc, Tc-xas NHS, Office Assistant MARTIKUS, PAT MARTIN, RONNIE Seniors MCARTHUR, KAREN MCCLAIN, MARY BELLE Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Cold A Cappella Choir, Librariang Cho- Iackrts, FBLA, Creative: Arts Club ralaires, Mnrlri-Glee, All Region X Choir, All Scniur Chorus MCCALLUM, FERRIS Senlors Sfmdy and,Qyndi V rk hard durmg regislrutioiliii the mak- ing of annual pictures. V l P P MCCALLUM, PAT Runncrvup Mos! Beautiful, Dashing Dc-hs, Deb Council, AO Biology Club, Pan-American Club, FHA Sccrc-tary, Trcasurerg Runner-up I-'FA Swccthcarl, Creative Arts Club, Gold Jackets, Sccretnryg Of- fice Assistant FHA, Social Studies Forum, Eng lisli IV Club QIEFEIERQS, TEDDY MCGRATH, MERLE ICK ' LE, MARION -. 3 9 il l0il' FH , rcnri u , r ' , pp FBIICA, lrll Jag A ist IV Club l 7I MCKINNEY, JANICE Mr'l,AU 1HLIN, ANITA FHA, Futurv Nursvs. Vim- Prcsi- dcnlg Cliuralnirl-s, Smwizil Sluclir-s Forum, 0wl's Nvst, Junior Aisist- antg Copy Ellilur: Cnlcl .lru'kvtS, Clinic' Assimtnnt. Owl! Eyv, Rf'- porlerq Quill K Scroll Seniors MCLAUCHLIN, BUTCH Englisb IV Club. Pri-siclf-1113 ll Team Football. 'fransfvrrml from Vlyliv Higlx Srlmul, Engliglx ll' Club. AID II Club MELTON, JACK K4-y Club. B Tonm Fuolball, Span- ish Club. 0ssl's Eye-, Rvportr-r 72 McMULLEN, JANICE 0wl's Nvsl, Arlvvrlising Managcrg Quill :xml Svrull, Math Club, Laiin Club, Spur-L-li Club. Art Club, Fu- lurv 'l'racln-rs of Ami-rica, Vic:- Prvsiflvntg 'l'f'nniS Club. DAR Awarfl fur Historx' MCMURRAIN, MARGARET Runner-up Class Fcivnrilr-, Frvsli- nuing Ruunvr-up Ros! All Round, I-'rcsliumug Ruuuvr-up Must Bvnuti- ful. Class Fnvorilv, B.-st All Rnumlg Clivvrlvfulcr. llumivr-up Mus! Unau- iiful. Juuiurg Yulvnliuv Primm-ss. .luniurg Rllmivrlup Must llvzxutiful. Most F1'luiuiu4', S1-nivvrg ICT Swvrl- bf-art, llunm-r-up llulm'u'mnin,f1 Quvvn, lluturv Fuuln-ut uf tbl' Aluntb, Spunisli Club, lliolngv Club, FHS, l"lll.A, Slumlc-nt finuuril MnNISH, MERLA MEUIR. WAYNE MILLER, JANIE FBLA. Creative Arts Club, Histori- an: AO Biologv Club ClllOI'S Q Mr. M. L. .lolmsou looks pleased while the NHS sing to him on Valentiue's Day. MILLER, JOAN MITCHELL, BEVERLY MITCHELL, FLETCHER CTPKIIWC AHS Clllb- SWFCFCUIFYZ Cllv' Trimsfvrrvml from llirlmrllsnn High ralairrs, A Cappollu Choir, His- Sn-luml Art Club, Gorman Club torinuq Rvgion X Choir, Madri- Clco Chorus MITCHELL, JIMMY MITCHELL, JO ANN Clmmlnirvs, 3-D Spfrvvll Club, lun ior llvcl Cros-, Social Studios Fo rum, Library Club, Library Assistant FHA, Junior Hmm-nmkvr Dvggrce l71'c'sllu1:m 73 Football, Baseball, Track, Key MOFFATT, BUBBA MONROE, CECIL MONTGOMERY, DON C1 b S eech Club, French Cl b Y g u , oun l-7 Math Club, English IV Club, Prcsi- Life, Tggnsfcrrcd from John Mar- dent shall High School, San Antonio MOODY, MARGARET Seniors MOORE, PAT Gold Jackets, e Senior Roprescntatx MOORE, BONNIE MORGAN, JANE MORPHIS, CHERYL Alt 1 C pt d MORRIS, DWANE Seniors MORRIS, JANICE A Cappella, FHA, Clioralaircs, Eng lisli IV Club MORROW, LARRY MOULDOON, TRUDY MULLENS, WELDON English IV Club, Vice Prcsidcntg Junior Itvil Cross, Junior Acliicvv- Stuclcnt Council, Key Club, Beta Key Club, Advancvsl Biology Club, ment, 'I'rvasurerg 'I'ransferred from Cluli, Prcsidcntg Baseball, Football, Chemistry Club, SpfuliSli Club, Base- Bethel High Schonl, Bethel Park, Valentine Court, Best All Round, ball, Owl's Nos! Circulation Mun- Pennsylvania Scuiurg Runner-up Class Favorite, agen' Sr-niorg Runner-up Class Favorite MURPHEY, CARLA and Bust All Round, Junior: Run- ner-up Class Favorite and Best All Rounzl, Sophomore MURPHEY, SHERRIE 75 NALL, JIMMY NALL, SALLY NAPIER, VICKI NELSON, CLYDE l"rf'nehCluh Latin Cluh, Future Nurses Club. Bnuzl, Transferred from Kubasnki Vice l'rr-sidentg Social Studies, High Selwul, Okinawa Chemistry Clulm, A0 Biologzv Club NESTHUS, PA'l Gulal Jackets, .-X0 Biolugx' Cluh, Futura Nurses Cluh, Spanish Club, Owl's Eye, Repn1'ter, Owl's Nest, Juniur Class Ellitnrg Quill K Seroll. Sym-4-lm Cluh NEWMAN, DOUG Sueinl Stnrlies Forum, Spanish Clulv. Track, Manager NEWMAN, KAREN NICHOLSON. BEVERLY NICHOLSON, DANA Gold Jaekvt, Ilresirlentg FHA, AO Future Nurses Cluh, Spanish Club, Biology Cluh, Chemistry-Physics Gold Jackets, Clinic Assistant, Owl's Clulw, Beta Club, Dashing Debs, Eye, Rn-porter D1-h Counril, Spanish Cluh, Score' lnryg Runnvr-up Best All- Round, S1-niurg English IV Clulm Ser-rvtary Seniors NOBLES, MARIE Social Studies Forum, Library Club, Scrrctaryg Spanish ll Club, FBLA NORTHCUTT, MARGARET liuml, Latin Club, Junior Red Cros 1 Ugh! says Andy to Mike, '4You put WHAT in these donuts?" PARKER, DONNA Math Club, Library Club, Trvas- urn-rg Social Studies Forum, Y- Tvons, Chcmislry-Physics Club NOSKA, JIMMY NOVAK, DONNA French Club. Chamirtry Club, En lish IV Club, FBLA, Dashing: Dcb Y-Tec-ns, Junior ,M'hievmnc-nt PATTERSON, MARY LOU Gold Jackets, Latin Club 77 PERKINS, ROSS PICKETT, JOHN B Team Football, Varsity Football, Chemistry Club, Advanced Chcmistrv Industrial Arts Club, Vicc Presi- Club, AO Biology Club, Latin Club, dent, FBLA, Library Club, Social Key Club, Reporter, Physics Club, Studies Forum Bctn Club, Varsity Football, B Tcaxnq English IV Club eniors PICKLE, JOE PIKE, CAROLYN PIPPIN, JULIA PLUMLEE, BONNIE AO Biology Club, Key Club, Chem- istry Club, Beta Club, Basketball POOLE, TOM Golf Team, Co-Captain, Latin Club, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Ad- vanced Chcmistry Club, Reporterg Mu Alpha Theta, English IV Club, AO Biology Club, Basketball I 78 I I Seniors POORE, GENA Ffeihmufl, Vice President, Choral- Annual staff members rush to finish in time for the aim' Sicrcmyi. FHA' Gold -lack' cts Office Assistant, English IV deildlllle- Cllib, Sergeant-at-Arms PRESLEY, JUDY PROCK, BETTY FHA, A0 Biology PUGH, JUDY Latin Club, President, Vice Presi- dent, Tennis Team, Tennis Club, Secretary, Reporter: Junior Red Cross, Vice Presidentg AO Biology, Mu Alpha Theta, Social Studies Forum, Pan-American Club, Ger- man Club, Secretary, Physics-Charm istry Club, Vice Presidentg Chem- istry Club, Presidentg Physics Club, Advanced Chemistry Club, Rotary Club Student of Month. Beta Club, NHS, Student Council, Rcporlerg Student Council, DAR Citiw-n of Yuar .-Xwarilg All GHS. Huplxmimrv, Junior, Senior: Most Ambitious, Runnerlup Miss GHS PULLEY, PAT PRICE, PHYLIS 79 QUESENBERRY, MIKE RAMSEY, JANE RMISEY. MARY FBLA, Spanish Club, Annual Staff, Aclvcrtisiug Mzinagcrg Quill K Scroll, AO Biology Club, Golcl Jackcts. NHS, Senior Publication, Business Manager RAY, KAY Tennis-Tocun, Tennis Club, Vict- Presitlcnt, Spanish Club, Student Directory Cliairnian, AO Biology Club, Gold Jackets, Social Studies Forum. Office Assistant, Librarx Club, Junior Achievement REEDER, JUDY lflil,.-X, Pun-.-Xnicrican Club, l,il.irary Club Future Tciclier' ' , S : Club, Li- hrnry Assistant, Officc Assistant. Golil .luck--ls if REEVES, CAROLYN Owl's Eyc, Rc-poilcrg Owl's Nest, Scnior Class Eclitorg AO Biology Club, Spanish Club, FHA, Cultl Jackcts, Quill Qi Scroll, Runncr-up Most Courts-ous. Senior lqulilicntimi, Assistant Editor RECAN, TIM RENER, NANCY REYNOLDS, SCOTT ROARK, HAZEL A Capprlla, Maflri-Glen Choir, All Region Choir, FHA, Bible Club. l English IV Club, Choir, Librarian Cl1l0I'S Marla Myers and Guy Hull enjoy a short time of leisure during break. RICO, MANUEL FFA, Treasurerg FFA Grecnliand, Vice Prcsiclcntg Garland Optimist Boxing Club RIDDELS, BECKY Iiuml Council, Majoreltc: Choral airvs, Vice I'rvsiLlf'ntg Futurn- Nurscs. Svcretaryg Choralaires, Student Con eluvlorg FHA, Song Lczulcr RICE, ROBBI FHA, DECA, AO Biology Club Library Club ROBERTSON, JIMMY 8l ROBINSON, CAIL ROGER, PHIL ROGERS, DANNY ROGERS, LESLIE ROHUS, VELVET Key Cluh, AO Biology Club, Eng- lish Club, er nt-at-Armsg Run- ner-up Mfrs! W'iI!5 unnvr-up Pwr- sonality Plus 0 S ROSE, DIEDRI Mu Alpha Theta, Physics Club, Secretary: Chemistry Club, AO Biology Club, Treasurvrg ,French Club, Golzl Jarkets, Dashing Dabs. Xlzijoretie Soroptimisl Y 0 u t li Afhievement Award, Junior Rn- tarian, Runnr-r-up Most Ambitious. NHS, Office Assistant Senlors ROSENBAUM, SALLY ROUND, SHARON Band, Social Stuflir-s Forum, FBLA, Band, Smdif' En59mb1Cy English IV AO Biology Cluh Club, AO Biology Club, Latin Club. Assistant Band Librarian, 3-D Spvcch Club, Rostrum, FHA RUSHING, RAY Physics Club, Vice Presidcntg Mu Alpha Theta, Chemistry Club, Atl- vanced Chemistry Club, Latin Club, English IV Club J eniors ROYMAN, PAT FBLA, Cold Jackets DECA students listen with in- terest as Mr. Head explains the new jobs that will soon he open. Creative Arts Clubg Frenrh Club, I RUTHERFORD, GLORIA Spanish Club, Social Studies Fo- rum, Future Teachers Club, Gold Jackets, Office Assistant SACHTLEBEN, A. R. SAMMONS, CINDY SANBORN, TOBY Pan-American Club, AO Biology Choralnires, English IV Club Club, Dashing Dabs, Future Teach- ers Club, FHA, Gold Jackets 83 SANDLRS, BARBARA 5ANF0RD, KATHY FHA, English 1V Club FHA, Gold jackets, Caplaiug 0 1 Nc-ax, Junior Assislantg 0wl's Eye lh-purtcrg 0wl's Nast, Club Editor, Library Club, Fuluru Nurses Club Seniors SCHMIDT, JACK SCHMIGEL, DIANA SAWYER, BOBBIE SCOTT, ROBERT SEBASTIAN, JOHNANN DECA, Library Club, Most Popular Librarian, DECA Sweetheart, T Club 84 FHA, Gold Jackets Junior Achievement, FHA, FBLA SEBASTIAN, STEWART SHADIX, RITA DECA, Choralzxircs, FHA P 1 l SHELTON, DICK Sue Gibson excitingly tells others that she has spotted some pirates just outside the boys' gym- SEWELL, CARROLL Bula Club, Student Council, Hifl torian, Scrreturyg Biology Club, French Club, German Club, Social Studios Forum, Junior lied Cross, Trcasurcrg Golml Jackets, Runner-up Class lfuvoritu, Frcshmang Class Favorite, Sophomore, juniurg Hun- ncr-up Class Favorite, Scniorg Miss GHS SHAKAWI, HASSAN SHEW, EDDIE SHEPARD, LYNN SHIPP, BILL SHIPLEY, BARBARA SHIVELY, CHRIS Choralaircs, Treasurer, President, Junior Achievement, Advanced Bi- FHA, FBLA, A Cappella, Alternate ology Club, Rcporterg AO Biology Club, Latin Club, Scholarship Southwestern Journalism Forum, Texas AGM, Quill K Scroll, Var- sity and B Toam Football, 0wl's Eye, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor, Owl's Nest, Sports Editor, Photog- raphcrg English IV Club, lteportcrg Social Studies Forum SIDES, .IUDI Quill K Scroll, Owl's Nest, Faculty Editor, Senior Publication Staff, FBLA, Pan-American Club, OwI's Nest, Junior Assistant, 0wl's Eyc, Reportcrg A0 Biology Club, Gold Jackets, Future Nurses SIMS, DANNY SIMS, JULIA SMITH, CHARLES Latin Club, Key Club, B Team Football, Track, Varsity Baseball SMITH, MARY Chomlziircs, Iunior, Senior Repre- sentative, FHA SMITH, ELIZABETH A typical GHS typing class hard at work. eniors SOLIZ, EDEN English IV Club, Vicc President: DECA, Parliamcnlurizmg Transferred from Rorkwall High School, NHS, Football, Freshmang Basketball, Freshman, Sophoxnorcg B Team Footlmll, Bnsketball SMITH, PRISSY Cold Jackets, Captain, Prcsidcntg Latin Club, A0 Biology Club, FBLA, Runner-up Best Owl Spirit SPANHEL, MIKE SPROWLS, VICKI AO Biology Club, Football. Fresh- man, Math Clul: STANTON, JERI LYNN STARING, DAN STARRANBERG, RICHARD STEWART, DAVID Owl's Eye, Society Editor, Re- Runner-up Most Handsome, Senior porter, Future Nurses Club, FHA, Parliamcntariang Quill K Scroll, FBLA, Cold Jarkets STIBBENS, MARIE Frcnrli Club, FHA, Colml Jackets, Future Nurses Club Seniors ttiwtwjim it t STO IE, REGINA AO Biology Club, Presidcnlg Lat'n Cluh, Historian: Creative Arts Club, Parliamentariang Gulrl Jackets, His- torian, Science Fair 1960, First Plan-, Honorable Mention 1961: Latin Club State Convention, Re- cvivctl Magna Cum Laude Award, Offim' Assislant, Chemistry Club Q? STOUT, LAVEDA FHA, DECA, Trcasurcrg FBLA STOKES, NELL Band, Studio Ensemble, Librarian Senior Representative, Latin Club AO Biology Club, Chemistry Club Art Club Seniors sTRA1N,CARoL Andy Wimpcc, Kathy Langford, Tommy Thomas, and Barbara Dickson sing happy birthday to Brenda Bourn during lunch period. STRAWBRIDGE, PEGGY STUART,BOBBY , Math Club. A Cnppvlla, 'llrvasllrrf W NI l Cl ,air -Pe STRINGER, TED STROUD, GLENDA Cnppr-lla, Mmlri-Glee, All Rvgionl English IV Club SUMROW, LORENDA 89 eniors TAPLEY, BETTY TAYLOR, BRUCE Vocational Industrial Club, Prcsi dentg Industrial Arts' Club, Rc porterg Sludvnt Council Reprcsenlar tive, Industrial Cooperative Train ing jr ,xy - J , X, THOMAS, CHYRELL Beta Club, FHA, Ynntis, Girls' Bas- ketball Tr-nm, Girls' and Boys' Bas- ketball Teams, Manngerg Yanlis Girls' Softball and Volleyball Tcnm, Transfvrrr-rl from Yanlis High School, Yantis, Texas THORTON, LANA 90 THOMAS, LYNN ANN THOMAS, TOMMY Student Council, Vice President, delogatc to TASCQ Owl Guard, Presi- dent: Bela Club, Track, Football, B Toning Advanced Biology Club, Key Club, AO Biology Club, Latin Club, English IV Club, Runner-up Mr. GHS, Senior Host Handsome, .lunior Class Favorite, Most Hand- some, Sophomore Class Favorite, Most Handsome THOMPSON, SUSAN TOMLINSON, BILLY eniors ' Danny Sims and Mike Cook are shinin amples of CHS students hard at work. l TOTTEN, SANDRA Library Club, Presiclenlg FHA, Gold TOONE, LINDA TRIBBLE, DON l l l l TRIPLETT, PAT TUCK, SANDRA TUCKER, DAVID I FHA, Future Tm,C1,m Club, Gold I,i1.1-My Club Award, cum Jafkm. ' jar-kets, C0-Captain, Council: Stu- dz-nt Assembly Representative V l TUCKER,KENNETH TURNER,BOBBY TURNER,UNDA Vanity Football, Varsity Hasvlmzill. B Team Football, Basketball, Basr- ballg Key Club, English IV Club. Library Club TURNER,PAT UNDERWOOD,3HKE VanZANT, SUE FHA, Secretary, Vice Prvsiclentg Clmralairr-5, Sopliuuuvrr- Representa- tivrg NHS, Secretary: Crcativc Arts Club, Prcsialcntg English IV Club, Rvpnrterg Futurz- 'l'r-ncbcrs Club, President, All GHS, Sn-niurg Run- nur-up Most Aiuhllimw. Mos! Cour- lcousg Rotary Sluclcnt of Month, Beta Club Slunla-ul uf llunlll ULREY,CHARLES VARNER,ANN Spm-cli Club, Rrpnrtcrg NFL, Latin Club, Fulurv Xurses Club, Gulll Jnckvls, AO Biology Club. Library Club, Advanced Biology Club, So- cial Sluclif-s Furum Chomislrv Club Senlors WADE, DELORIS Transferred from Wichita High School, South Wivhitn, Kansas WACNER, LAUREL FHA, AO Biology Club, Library Club, English IV Club, .luninr Rail Cross, Choralaires, President, Sec- rotary Roger Cadenhcad flies over the railing while attempting to get at the first of the invitation ordering line. WALDEN, WAYNE WALDRON, JAMES Football, Creative dustrial Arts Club, try Club Arts Club, In- Basketball, Freshman, AO Biology Physics-Chemis- Club, I'hysics-Chemistry Club, Eng' lish IV Club WACONER, MIKE Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Atl- vnncc-cl Chemistry Club, Vive Presi- clcntg Physics Club, English IV Club. AO Biology Club, Runner-up Best Owl Spirit, Most Friendly WALKER, JOHN Physics Club, AO Biology Club, Latin Club, Ativan:-cd Chemistry Club, Key Club, Inter-Club Chair- man: Varsity Football 93 WALLER, JIMMY WATSON, NORMA WEAVER, RALPH WEBB, SUE WEBB, SYLVIA Ggwld Iackftts, Vicv I7 tamg Spanlsh Club eniors Dashing Dabs, All GHS, Fresh Gold Izlvkcls, Cuuncilg Runn p Most Friendly, Best All R0 I Sp 1 Cl r E gl h IV Cl 1 anis: nz, fn is FHA WELCH, RICHARD WELLER, JOHN WERNER, BOBBY WHEAT, BETTY FHA, Fulurc Tcnvlwrs Club WHEELER, DIANE Dashing Dabs, Majoretteg A0 Bi- Olofgy Club, Pan-American Club Future Teachers Club, Cbcmistr Club, Runner-up Most Courteous Seniors WHEELER, LEON Frmtlmll, Freshman, B Team, Stu- dent Council Rvprcseniative, Best Oul Spirit, Runner-up Most Witty WHITE, SONDRA Cboralaires, FHA. Golrl Jackets, Junior Red Cross, Mechanical Drawing, Sturlcnt Council llvprv- sentative WHITE, PATTY Library Assistant, Futura Nurse Club, Gold Jackets, Cu-Captain FHA WHITESIDE, JACK Most Courtcous, Runner-up, Most Ambitious, Frcncli Club, President: Sorinl Studir-s Forum, Bela Club Slumlcnt of Month: Advanced Chem- istry Club WHITTEN, DURELLE 1 1 1 95 WIGGS, GUY WILLEY, BARBARA Froufh Clulm, AO Biology Club, I'hysirs-Chemistry Club, FHA, Jun- ior Reel Cross, 3-D Speech Club, NFL, Secretary, Band, Secretary, All Region X, Dallas Area Festival, Studio Ensemble, Finalist NFL Bi- Stnle Tournament, Finalist Ameri- can Forvifvn Exfhange Scholarships Seniors Q:W""""?14 WILLIAMS, ALAN A Cappella Choir WILLIAMS, RITA WILLIAMS, BARBARA Dashing Dabs, Drum Majorettb Deb Council, Social Studies Forum, Vice Prrsidcntg FBLA, Sccretaryg Pan- Ameriean Club, Future Teachers Club, Cheerleader, Freshman, Run- ner-up Homecoming Queen, Most Friendly, Bliss GHS, Valentine Queen WILLIAMS, LINDA WILLIAMS, MIKE Dashing Dehs, AO Biology Club, Varsity Football, B Team, Mcchanx Spanish Club, FHA, Golrl lavkcts rnlDrawing Club WILLIAMS, ROGER WILLIAMS, RONNIE Football, All District Honorable Mention 1962, ,Iayvecs Defensive Player of 1962, Runner-up Class Favorite, Freshman, Sophomore, Seniorg All GHS, Sophomore, Jun- ior, Most Hantlsmne, Junior, Sen- ior Personality Plus, Key Club, Secretary, Beta Club, Stvphmnorc and Junior Class, View President, Stutlent Assembly Represvntative, Track WINGO, JEAN I FHA, Future Nurses Club, Office Assistant, ICT, Gold Jackets P I I eniors ff "Not too hard, boys, it hurts" replies Kathy, as all of the boys give her a swat. WIMPEE, ANDY Spanish I, II Club, English IV Club, Varsity Football, Manager, Varsity Baseball, Most Friendly, Bas- ketball, Manager WINDOBI, SHARON Spanish Club, English IV Club, Cold Jackets, Dashing Debs, FHA, FBLA, Y-Teens, Future Nurses Club, First National Twirling En- semble WILLIAMS, TERRY Track, Fnotball, Owl's Nest, Busi- ness Staff, Sorial Stutlics Forum WITT, MARILYN Speerh Club, President, Stutlcnt Council, Pep Squatl, Kr-eu Club. Treasurcrg Future Nurses Club, Quill S1 Svrull, Owl's Nest, Junior Assistant, Aclivitivs Editor: Owl's Eye, Kepurterg Transferred from Texas City 97 WITTEKIND, CAROL WOLFE, JOAN Tvnnis Club, Tennis Tvalu, Latin FrenCh,C1ub1 HiS10fiHH1,G01fl -lack' Cluly, English IV Club cts, Quill 31 Scroll, President: Mos! Witty, Runner-up Personality Plus, English IV Club, Owl's Eye, Busi, ness Manngerg Y-Teens WOOD, JIMMY WOODS, JERRY WRIGHT, BETTY WRIGHT, KENNETH WOOLDRIDGE, PHILLIP Band, Mechanical Drawing Club WRIGHT, TOMMY AO Biology Club, Owl Guard, Owl's Nest, Circulation Manngcrg Beta Club, Vice President, Quill R Scrnll I YEAGER, JAY Spanish Club, Chenlistry-Physivs Club, Library Clulz, Golf Team Beta Club President Weldon Mullins relaxes while Mrs. Norma Dorsey relates details of the upcoming state convention. eniors YOUNG, MARY ZACHARY, KENNETH FHS, Fgturel Teixchers Club, Gold e .lac ets, r a ive rts Club Carolyn Reeves, Pat Nesthus, Sandy Duncan, and Mari- lyn Witt pose while working on the 0wl's Nest. 99 Junior Class Officers Junior Class Officers include: Qback rowj Billy Hunt, presidentg Bill Crump, treasurerg ffront rowl Gary Love, vice presidentg Ellen Stlicklin, secretaryg and George McKool, reporter. iAdams, Carol'fD xlkdamgllorbthy Adams, Glenda Adams, Jimmy Adams, Norman Addington, Bill Akin, Sharon Albright, Stephen Y A:lexEI1der,.Edna -1 V' Alexander, Margaret Allen, Darrell Allen, Neta Allison, Judy Alstor, Dorothey Ames, Dell Ames, Linda Anderson, Kay Anderton, Steve Andrews, Ricky Archibald, Merry Arnold, Janie Ashenhurst, Debbie Ashmore, James Ashley, Bobbie Attaway, Mike Axe, Charles Bacon, Delores Bacon, Davoin Bair, Larry Bailey, Elizabeth TSN Baise, Ronnie Baker, Charles Baker, George Balthrop, Linda Banard, Karen Barber, Craig Barker, Gwyn Barker, Barbara Barrnet, Judy Barrios, Virginia Barroer, Barbara Bartlett, James Bartlett, Jennie Bates, Clauda Bateman, Ricky Beaty, Ricky Beaty, Busty Beaver, Don Beaver, Bryan Bedford, Wayne Beeson, Don Beggs, Dale Beggs, Lanell Bell, Ernestine Bell, Ronnie Bellus, Marsha Bennett, Spencer Benson, Richard Berry, Kenny Bill, David Brackett, Parcy Brantly, Peggy Brawley, Brenda Braziel, Kenneth Brewer, Billy Brewer, Linda Brewer, Phliss Brisendriver, Carlena Browder, Linda Brown, Lynn Bird, Patty Blake, Diane Blake, James Blankenship, Monroe Blankley, ,larrot Blount, Carolyn Boggs, Wayne Booth, Evelyn Booth, Judy Bolton, Cynthia Bownda, Dan Bowers, Mary Box, Rick Boyd, Mike Bozman, Ronnie Cabiness, Weldon Caldwell, Larry Caldwell, Ronnie Campbell, Steve ' Campbell, Barbara Carnival, Karen Carpenter, Beverly Carpenter, L. D. Carpenter, Kenneth Carroll, Junior Brown, Lanny Brown, Mike Brown, Richard Brown, Vickie Broyles, Paula Bryan, Billy Bryan, Bob Buhler, Kathy Burke, Linda Burgett, Linda Burleson, Bob Burkham, Carol Buons, Pam Burns, Craig Burns, Gary Butler, Jerry Butt, Janice Burch, ,lean Burch, Phyllis Burke, Carolyn Cole, Richard Clopton, Sharon Cole, John Collander, Bill Collard, Jerry Collins, Hugh Collier, Pam Collins, Steve Collins, Judy Collinsworth, Jimmy Collingsworth, Pat Combest, Ronnie Combs, Billy Compton, Larry Cook, Cynthia Coo er Don P a Cook, Ed Cook, Erla Cook, Mike Corlett, Robert Case, Sharon Casey, Dennis Caskey, Charles Cady, Lindsey Cawthon, Donna Chandler, Danna Cheatham, Lee Chesser, Jeri Clark, Betty Clark, Dennis Cohlmia, Barbara Corner, Bessie Cotton, Linda Cox, Jerilyn Cox, Ronnie Crafton, Donna Craig, Donna Crane, Sandy Crawford, Candus Crawford, Carolyn Crawford, Linda Crawford, Pat Cross, Duane Crossman Kay Crouch Debbie Crump Bill Juniors wait patiently for their annual receipts. Crumpley, Mike Crow, Kay Cyganik, James Darment, Paula Davis, Beborah Davis, Jerry Davis, Judy Davis, Larry Davis, Linda Davis, Ronnie Davis, Stan Dawson, Linda Dean, Mike Deaton, Mike Delk, Mike Dendy, Allen Denman, Mike Dewberry, Dinah Dewberry, James De Witt, George Dietz, Karen David, Dillard Dixon, Brenda Dixon, Judy Dolkan, Bill Douglass, Mike Driver, Joe Dublin, Sharon Dubose, Peggy Duckworth, Cloyd Duke, Chuck Duncan, Harold Duncan, Jeannie l uo7 Duncan, Ronnie Echols, Buddy Echols, Jerry Edgar, Cary Elliott, Derrie Ely, Linda Emerson, Judy Emswiller, Nancy England, James Englebreston, Paul English, Lynn Ethridge, Mary Ann Evans, David Evans, Virgil Fain, Denny Faulkes, Charlotte Fenter, Larry Fields, Chip Fike, Charles Farmer, Dempsey Finch, Danny Fincher, Grant Finkley, Charles Fisher, Danny Fabasher, Martha Flanegan, Mike Floyd, Ralph Ford, Coy F oster, Mike Fowler, David Fraley, Janie Frantz, Woody Fredricks, Roy Frizzel, Bill Fry, Jody Gamble, Mary Garvin, M. T. Gheen, Susan Gabbons, Gary Geldmeier, Gilda Gilmore, Weldon Giles, Juanita Gill, Robert Gillentian, Martha Gilmore, Jerry Glidden, Charles Godwin, Johnny Goins, Brenda Graham, Barbara Graves, 'Jerry Gordan, Ann Once a day, every day, take a break with Weldon. gmfi 2, fr ax if. wa J., f , ' , , zz ifezia 1 -fm J, 2- ,, l.-- Graves, Sharon Graves, James Griffin, Ann Gossett, Glancla Green, Lorna Grenning, Eddie Grice, Judy Cride, Linda Griffes, Stanley Grymes, Linda Haekins, Mary Hagan, Victor Haldeman, Clif Haliburton, Gene Hall, Toni Who said Danny was a pie l face? Hall, Mike Hall, Paula Halphin, Lowell Hammack, Mike Hammond, Robert Hanks, Curtis Hanson, Chuck Hanson, Grace Hargrove, Clevie Hargrove, Janet Harris, David Harrison, Darla Harrison, Fonda Harnell, Elaine Harrod, Linda Harry, Mary Harwell, Sharon Hatley, Suzette Hawkins, Deanna Heath, Sherrie You can tell this wasn't a candid shot. Heffner, Gerald Hendrickser, Pam Hendricks, Craig Henshaw, Bonnie Higgs, Judy Hill, Ricky Hines, Dawn Hines, Lea Hines, Johnie Hitchcock, Tom Hobbs, Ronnie Hodges, Vickie Hodges, J ack Hodshire, Glenda Hoffman, Pat Holley, Jim Holley, Mark Holloway, Arnold Holmes, Jim Holt, Sylvester Hopkins, David Horak, John Horn, James Hoskins, Jimmy Houston, Jimmy , o r Howman, Connie Hoye, Robert Hubbard, Gerald Hubble, Carey Huffman, Kirk Huffman, Lani Huffman, Sojna Huggett, Brenda H Dire? on e t ughes, Anita ffhes, Linda Hut, Hunt, Billy Hunt, Emory Hunter, Helen Hurley, Kathleen Hutson, Carol Hutson, Jackie Ingram, Andra Ingram, Ronnie Inyart, Cleta Jackson, Ann Jackson, Arliss Jackson, Sheila Jackson, Shirley J acobs, Gary James, Joan James, Jody James, Susan Jennings, Donald x Jester, Floyd J. J obe, Linda Jocoy, Dale Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Mike Jones, J ones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Cary Charles Henry Phil Randy Rita Ruby Jones, Sandra Jones, Tony Jones, Larry J ones, Mike UCL! Keith, Kelly, Jerry Kemp, Caroline Kones, Rita ,wir Nl Knight, Janice Kemp, Inez Kerh, Linda Kirkham, Pat King, John King, Pat Kirby, Jean Kirk, Glenda Kennemer, Lee Kent, Eddie Key, Karen Kidd, Suzanne King, Cayla - wtgbfgf Koon, Robert Kopezynski, J Krigan, Jody Jia,-5 vfxagi-." g ZH if VN Junior girls put lists of Varsity Club 0 Claire members on the bulletin board Kuehme, Danny Lance, Betty Lard, Nancy Landers, Chuck Landrum, Eddie Landurm, Larry Lanier, Jackie Lannon, Susie Lawrence, Sue Lawson, ,lames Lawson, Janice Lawson, Vickie Leath, James' Lott, Connie Leech, Robert Leggs, Becky Lenox, Pat Levy, Brian Gifford, Yvonne Lipscomb, Andy Little, William Under the spreading post oak tree, the little Locke, Mike Lohstreter, Norman Juniors it Lofton, Pat Luck, Billie Lu Ellen, Jerry Luman, Henry Luna, Linda Maham, Bill Loney, Donna Lott, Tina Love, Gary Lowery, Mike Logan, Don Mallett, Malcolm Manuel, Ricky Marcucci, Ronnie Marks, Gary Martin Martin Martin Martin Carolyn Charlotte Gayla Gayla Martin, George Martin, Linda Martin, Tom Martinkus, Pat Massey, Gary Massingill, Richa Masters, Diane Matlock, Sherry Mathes, Donnie Mattingly, Linda May, Sharon Mayes, Gene rd Mayberry, Bob Mayebb, Gloria McAdams, Melva McCallum, Gary McCarter, Benny McCleary, Ronnie McClung, Carolyn McCowan, Sharon McCullogh, Dicky McGee, Edna McGlaun, Don McGuffey, Rita McGuire, Linda McKinzie, Skip McKinney, Anna McKinney, David McKnight, Craig McKool, George McManigail, Morris McMurray, Pat McNatt, David McPhail, Katherine Meeks, Floyd Metcalf, Phillip Midgett, James Miller, Donald Miller, James Miller, Mike Miller, Nancy Miller, Sophie Milligan, Karen Minehart, Wayne Minter, Butch Mitchell, Rose Ann Mitchell, Harry Mitchell, Jimmy Mitchell, Steve Moody, William Moore, Christine Moore, Danny Morgan, Kay Moneyham, Sherrie Monroe, Scott Morris, Judy Morris, Mike Morrow, Paul Moss, Larry Moulton, Marsha Murry, Judy Myers, Charles Myers, Jerry Myers, Sandra Nedbalek, Gloria Nelson, Richard Newman, Glen Let's give a big hand for number 1O!!! Newell, Mike Nickens, Karen Norling, Sandra Norvell, Hill Norton, Alton Norton, Dennis Odem, Jimmy Odem, Sam Odle, Billy Ogle, Nancy Oglesby, Linda Oglesby, Richard Orman, Barbara Overall, Tommy Owens, Brenda Owens, Frances Oxford, Judy Pace, Wayne Parker, Ann Parker, Joe I really d1dn't expect to get elected a a1n Not really! Parker, Karen Parker, Roger Parker, Travis Partain, Jesse Partin, Linda Paschal, Don Patrick, Charla Patrick, Pat Patton, Pat Patton, Tammy Patterson, Nancy Pazick, Elizabeth Pearce, Kathy Peck, Diana Peeler, Sammy Pelton, Judy Perkins, Johnny Peters, Allen Peters, Andra Peters, Dennis Penny, Lynn Petty, Garth Phillips, Cheryll Phillips, Lee Phillips, Linda Phillips, Richard Piccolo, Paul Pickle, Jerry Pierce, Joe Pierce, Patsy Plumlee, Gene Pointer, Paula Points, J. D, Pool, Gary Poore, Jimmy Poovey, Madylne Ponder, Judy Pope, Rebecca Powell, Mary Prather, Billy Presley, Jane Pruitt, Becky Pruit, Darryl Pruit, Judy Purcell, Judy Ramos, Jerry Ramph, Linda Ramsey, Sherry Rhodes, Steve Richardson, Harold Richie, Pam Rick, Danny Riley, Charles Roark, Billy Roberts, James Roberts, Ronnie Roberson, Gilda Robertson, Paula Robinson, Gary Robinson, Judith Robison, Karen Rochell, David Rodgers, J oe Roe, Terry Rogers, Jerry Roland, Bill Rollens, James Romingor, Dianne Rose, Terry Rosson, Jo Ann Row, George y I2I Purclom, Victoria Purdy , JHH Pyles, Loretta Quillin, Linda Rowan, Dennis Howden, Stanley Rush, J oy Russell, Charlene Salter, John Salvador, Phil Sampson, lris Sanders, Sandy Look, Mal No cavities. Shaw, Rex Sheeton, Ellen Shewmake, Connie Shipley, Don Shipley, Mary Self, Linda Sellers, Sallye Sharp, Bill Sharp, Curtis Saxton, Carol Schultz, Arthur Scoggins, Ronnie Sapple, Chris Smith, Rex Smeeth, Charles Smith, Charlie Smith, Joyce Smith, Kenneth Smith, Sharon Smith, Sherry Simmons, Mary Simmons, Mike Simmons, Mike Simmons, Sandy Smith, Tina Smith, Walter Smith, Westley Sorrels, Jinnifer Shipley, Wayne Shugart, Ric Shugart, Vick Simms, Janice Sims, Sue Soliz, Esmeralda Spears, Sharon Spraggins, Jay Springfield, ,lucly Spurgin, Steve Stalling, Anna Starr, J an Straun, Verina Starling, James Steelman, Charlotte Stephens, Frank Stevens, Jery Stevens, Tim Stewart, Pat Stone, Vickei Stricklin, Ellen Stringer, Kenneth Sullivan, Dennis Swovelan, Sharon Szmakder, Carol What's the good word? fBle s her heart, Linda was really a bi help to the st:1ff.l Talkington, Gail Talley, Roy Tanner, Nancy Tapp, Betty Tatam, Paul Tauzin, Sherry Taylor, Burce Taylor, Carl Taylor, Linda Taylor, lVlelba Teer, Allen Terry, Sandra Testa, Frank Thompson, Ed Thompson, Linda Thurman, Donna Tilbet, Melha Tillerson, Gary Tiptin, Nancy Todd, John Tollenson, Harris Tomish, Richard Tompkins, Tommy Trammel, Gary Tucker, Blenda Tuggel, Connie Turner, Clifton Turner, Terry Turrentine Tomm ' 1 5 Urban, Sherrie Ursery, Mike Van Duser, Terry Vargesko, Ronnie Vaughn, Cindy Vibrock, Sandra Vice, Mike Vernon, Nancy Wagner, Marilyn Walden, Judy Wallace, Ann Qi' Watkins, Mike Watson, Duane Watson, James Ward, Donna Ware, Linda Washburn, Keith Waters, Chuck Waller, Gary Wallace, Robert Walker, Bob Walker, David Walker, Wanda Weaver, Bobby Webb, Susan Welch, Wanda Welk Belinda Poor Brenda, nobody ave her a G Wells, Barbara West, Jean Wesherry, Judy Wester, Jimmy Whalen, Mike Wheat, Denny Wheatley, Joan Wheeler, Don White, Charles Whitesellon, John Whitman, Paul Wiley, Donald Wileman, Sandy Wilkins, Linda Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams A happy bunch of bodies on Fair Day. Barb Betey David Helda Williams, Janet Williams, Marion Williams, Randy Williams, Tony Wise, Sharon Wood, Daian Kay Wood, Winefred Wooldridge, Anclra Wolf, Darlene Wolf, Dennis Wright, Denise Wright, Gloria Wright, Norma Wilson, Jo Ann Windt, Ray Winker, Ruth Wright, Toni Yeager, Donna Yeager, Kay Yates, Wanda Youngman, Diane Zaeske, Billie Mike, Suzanne, Roger and Karen proudly display their benefits of their magazine sales. Congratu- lations, Juniors! We were worried about you for a while. Junior Class President Billy Hunt supervises the ordeal. Sophomores Sophomore class officers include fback rowj Dale Herring, treasurer: Don Jacobs, vice president Cfront row? Mary Kay Holmes, secretaryg Joe Cooper, president. Adams, Sherrie Akin, Barbara Alexander, James Allen, Charline Allison, Linda Alton, James Ancock, Sherry Anderson, Donna Anderton, Dan Anerson, Nelda Baricos, Laura Barron, Rozann Barry, Sherry Bateman, Kelley Baulwore, Joe Beckham, Dana Beer, Ted Biggs, Tim Binche, Patricia Benner, Nancy Ashwood, Linda Atkinson, Susan Armstrong, David Arthur, Johnny Anstead, ,lan Anthony, Jane Arey, Gary Armstrong, Jerry ASIIIYIOTC, KHTCU Baggett, Charlie Ball, Davetta Banard, Gaye Barber, Judy 'Bardo Re ina E Barkwiorth, Anne Barnes, Nancy Barnett, Darlene Baker, Carol Bennett, Sue Benningfield, Cathy Bentley, Shirley Bezusha, Mike Bickle, Larry Bigham, Tommy Bird, Mike H l Black, Judy ' Blake, Carolyn Blakeway, Cindy r, r 'U Boatwright, ,lay Boggs, Lenice Bolton, Sherry Bonner, Brice Branch, Regina Brewer, Suzette Brown, Buddie Boren, Carl Brownrigg, Billy Bowles, Charles Boyd, Freddie Branum, Beverly Brech, ,lo Ann Brewer, Marcilee Bridgewater, Ronald Brink, Rodney Brooks, Kristine Brown, Dianne Brown, Rodney Brown, Shirrell Bryan, Mike Bryant, Larry Brylea, Sharon Buhler, Max Bullard, Sharon Burk, Barbara Burk, Kathy Burkard, Jimmy Burnaman, Mike Burns, Helen Bursby, Lewis Byrum, Sherrie Cabaniss, Jeanette Caldwell, ,lanet Calvert, Phillip Campbell, Rex Cameron, Don Cammons, Mike Campbell, Mike Campbell Cam bell P s Campbell, Campbell , Sandra Linda Ginger , Craig Carrigan, John Carter, Rickey Clifford, Campbell Cannon, Marry Capps, Roy Carter, Jerry Carter, Randy Cartwright, Mike Caraway, Lana Carey, Tommy Christian, Sue Clark, Mary Clark, Mike Clarke, Gary Claxton, Russel Clem, Donnie Cobble, Mary Cocknell, Kay Cohen, Cheryle Cole, Dale Coleman, Judy Collins, Bruice Collingworlh, Lawell Collins, Dennis Conaly, Larry Coninc, Sharon Corner, David Convmblon Sherrie Cooper Joe Cooper Rex Copeland Lynette Corely, Carolyn Davis, Connie Davie, Diane Davis, Elaine Davis, Randy Davis, Randy Davis, .lack Crabelree, Cary Crunpton, Ruth Cravens, Verne Cummings, Edith 1 Y Dale, Linda Corley, Wayne Comett, Karen Corry, Todd Cox, .lackie COX, LOUUIC Crawford, Paula CUYIC, James Creed, Virginia Crabtree, Roger Cunningham, Sandra Dawson, Pat Day, .lanice Dean, Lind Marie deLarios, Bobby Demetri, Kent Dendy, Len Echols, Wayne Edwards, Harriet Elder, Regina Eldridge, Jan Elder, Chessley Ehney, Allen I34 Deenning, Leslie Denny, Charles Dill, Larry Diehold, Frances Digiglio, Linda ew Dykes, Cary Dykes, Jimmy Easton, Irene Eastwood, Ray Echols, Marty Dioz, Mary Dismore, Darlene Dixon, Dorothy Donaldson, Tom Drown, Kelly Drum, Sandy Duggsn, Mike Duke, Robert Duncan, .lirn Duncan, Mike Dunning, Randy Dunsmore, Glenda Dut ybbing, Phyllis Fincher, Cindy Fisher, Charles Fisher, Kathleen Fisher, Steven Fishpaw, Kathy Fitzgerald, Bob Farr, Carolyn Faulknor, Margaret Fields, Thomas Field, Theda Evans, Ronnie Evans, Sandy Eye, Robert Faie, Sharon Farar, Carolyn Folstadt, Bob Ford, Coy Ford, Pamela Fontenette, Larry Ford, Ronnie F orst, Loren Fowler, Angla Fowler, Linda Fraizer, Randy Ellington, Bobby Engebretson, Ernest Enlow, Kenny Essary, Judy Ethel, Cathy Eubanks, Forest Frank, J oe Friedrick, Richard Friedrick, Billy Frye, Douglas Frye, .limmy Fuller, Phillip I35 Fulton, Charles Funder, .ludy Fykes, Marilyn Galvien, Bertha Gardner, Keith Gardner, Mike Garrett, Penny Garrett, Charlene Garrison, Billy Garrison, Kerry Gaskey, Jim Gear, Pat Gibbons, Loyd Gentry, Danny George, Gwen Gloyd, Herbert Gerubles, .lohnny Gilliland, Shirley Gillispie, Jerry Gillispie, Mikie Gooch, Johnny Goodman, Kathleen Gilmore, Gary Goethals, Ronnie Goswick, Gary Goswick, Larry Gougc, Lee Roy Gough, Dennis Graham, Saundra Gray, Kathy Green, David Griffin, Patsy Grigsly, Linda Grimmitt, Mike Grisson, Susan Gundy, Terry Gunn, Virginia Gunner, Charles Guynes, Marvin Hailey, ,loan 1 if Harp, Chester Harper, Carolyn Harper, .leanne Harrch, Barbara Hancock, Mike Hensen, Mike Hardin, Carol Hardin, Steve Hardy, Beverly Heiner, Ann Helton, Kynne Hendershot, Mary Henrey, Linda Henson, Roger Herrin, Dale Hayes, David Heald, Serena Heath, Marilyn Heddin, Donna Heifner, Greta Harrison, Cathy Harris, Daug Harris, Wayne Harris, Darlene Harrison, JOYCE Hatchel, Patricia Hawkins, .ludy Hawthorne, Sue Hayes, Mary Hayes, Connie Halle Martha Y, Haubrick, Johnny Harvell, Sharon Harwell, Sharon Halbert, Hazel Haley, Mary Hall, Ruth Halman, Allan Halpin, Diane Hammerle, Pete Hines, Gerald Hinley, Kenneth Hirldie, Ronnie Hutching, Rickey Hughes, Margaret Hill, Shirley Hill, Sue Hill, Terry Hillin, Gene Hirley, Carolyn Hurley, Erlene Holmes, Mary Jacobs, Don Hesselburg, Johnny Hill, Bill Hill, Dean Hill, Freddie Hill, Gordon Holloway, Angie Holt, Donna Holt, Gayle Holt, Vickie Horton, Hugh Honchins, .limrny Houston, Marilyn Hutson, Jean Hutson, Judy Hoffman, Kendna Howard, Ladona Howell, Sherry Holbent, Tammy lshnael, Nelda Ivey, Lee Roy Ivy, Sharon Howington, Holland, Linda Holland, Salvador Jackson, Charlatte Jacoles, Ann Holland, Mike Johnson, Randy Johnson, Fonda Jones, Cheryle Jones, Cynthia Jones, Dickey Hoye, Tim , 5, Johnson, Kris J l V l l Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Hufsledler, Cary Jacobs, Ronny Johnson, Billy Johnson, Carlene Kilgo, Brenda Kencaid, Richard Kinsell, Sandra King, Donna King, Ronnie Kirby, Bobby Kirk, James Kirkpatrick, Jamie Donna Eugene Kenneth Laura Jones, Sammy Sylvice, Jorden Kapp, Mary Jo James, Toni Jarvis, Domell Jenkins, Cary Jennifer, Sherron Jerdein, Connie Jerina, Frank Key, Vicki Keys, Diane Kill, James Keith, Dick Kemp, Jimmy Kent, Bobby Kent, Cheryl Kirkpatrick, Toni Klause, Freddie Knappage, Barbara Knittel, Lynda Knowles, Linda Koenig, Sue Kubrieh, Christi LaFlore, Lynn Lambert, Olga Landrum, Teddy Lang, Delores Lanford, Eddie Lanham, Carol Lannons, Mary Lou Lantrip, Sandra Lemmond, Harvey Lenox, Barbara Leonard, Cary Lopez, Mary Lawler, Mike Leathers, Joyce Liermon, Cleta Lloyd, John Lee, .lohnnie Legg, Wayne Locke, Don Lockham, Gary Logan, Kay ,fix ' Long, Bobby Lord, Braxton Lowery, Pat Lowery, Randy Lyons, George Lyles, Greg Lyons, Bill McCarter, Mary MeCluskey, Elaine McCormick, James McCormick, Robert McCroan, Willette Maxwell, Kay Medina, Rose Mary Meeks, Nancy Meos, Chuck Merritt, Joe Messingill, Linda May, Jackie May, Sara Maynard, T Martin, Roger Martin, Sondra mm Marshall, Sharon Martain, Linda Martin, .lo Ann Massey, .lohn Mathis, David Mathews, Buddy Maynard, George 0 Y Mays, Mike Mathews, Eugene Mathews, Ronnie Matlock, Penny Matlock, Robert Mackey, Robert Malone, Dwaine Mankin, .lulia Maret, Bill Mason, Judy Mason. ,Iudy McKee, David McLaughlin, Pat McLelland, Thomas McVay, Diane Mackey, Peggy McCrum, Kerry Mclflhaney, Bobby McElvaney, Lynda McElyea, Vicki McGee, Linda McGee, Fred Morgan, Virginia Mitchell, Darla Mitchell, John Mitchell, Steve Mixon, Jerry Mobley, James Montgomery, Davice Montgomery, Linda Moore, Kathy Morgan, laneta Metcalf, Becky Metcalfe, Pat Miller, Joyce Miller, .lune Miller, Patty Meridith, Rebecca Sophomores attrac Morris, David Morrison, Lava Moulden, Billy Mozley, Mike Murphy, Robert Murray, Barbara Murray, Mike Myers, Lee Nan Myers, Marla Myrell, Alan Nall, Nancy Nalley, Mike Names, Brenda Napier, Carol Neal, Richard Nelson, David Nelson, Nikki Nelson, Thomas New, Evan Newman, Gary Newson, Tommy Nick, Robert Nixon, Karen Nolan, Freddie Novak, Lynda 0'Bear, Danny niors O'Brien, Mike Odem, Skip Oliver, Wayne Onii, Bonnie Omi, Phillip Perriman, Marilane Peterson, Mary Ann Petroff, Steve Phipps, Trent Piccolo, Jerry Peck, David Orman, Paul Owings, Rosalyn Ozanne, Buddy Pace, Gail Patterson, Bill Patterson, Kenneth Patrick, Welson Paul, DuLu ,ff Paul, Terry Paulos, Kirmit Payne, Frances Pearce, Bobby Pence, Connie Pardue, Wayne Parker, Chester Parker, Jan Parker, Lester Parks, Keith Partridge, Mike Pierce, Beverly Pike, David Pike, Linda Pippin, Gary Pirtle, Peggy Plate, Tena Putman, Larry Pyles, Floyd Rains, Lanny Raglin, Randy Rankin, Mike Ratliff, James Plubell, David Pointer, Patty Polson, Linda Pomroy, Wayne Poole, Walton Proctor, John Pruitt, James Puckett, Phil Pu h Donald g , Purdy, Gay Poore, Judy Poovey, Vicki Pore, Roger Porter, Suzy Preston, Joyce Prince, Diane Pritchett, Theresa Prock, Billy Potelt, Dickie Potts, Merideth Poulen, Sandy Powell, India Powell, Jayme Press, Bob 4 Roberts, .lack Rolunson, Mary Rockett, ,Iolinda Roes, Linda Rogers, Chuck Rogers, Steve Ridout, Ken Riley, ,laylyne Roark, Linda Roberts, Dana Ross, Randy Ross, Ronnie Roth, Ricky Round, Dianne Repp, Robert Reynolds, Nancy Rice, Joyce Richardson, Rita Ridge, Ronny Rowbatham, Denise Rowell, Jerry Rowell, Norman Rudolph, Paul Rushing, Marion Ray, Author Reed, John Reeder, Bruce Reines, Glenda Reminger, Vickie Repp, David Russel, Larry Rutledge, Collene Ryan, Gail Sallisbury, Jimmy Samuel, Sylvia Sanders, Sherrie Schmidt, Paula Schulta, David Scott, David Scruggs, Jere Shugart, Bob ,M WS Seabourn, Johnny Shults, Bob Segura, Sylvia Seibel, Beverly Sellers, Carol Sewell, Roger Shaffer, Joyce Sharber, Johnny Sibley, Tommy Sides, Karen Simmons, Kay Slaughter, Ronnie Smith, Gary Smith, Gary Sharp, Gary Sharp, Patsy Sanders, Rickey Sawer, Francine Saunders, Billye Saxton, Wilford Scheid, Peggy Shook Arthur Sh h aw, C aries Smith, Isabel Smith, Buddy Shaw, Luther Shien, Christine Shelton, Debbie Sherril, Arlie Smith Cindy Sherrill, Jimmy Shew, Linda Shields, Barbara Shipman, Linda Shirley, Larry Spence, Carol Spence, Cloria Spradlin, Brenda Stafford, Alan Stanley, Becky Smith, Jeannie Strickland, Jeff Taylor, Patricia Taylor, Kaye Teer, Whit Tegenhold, Jim Testa, J oe Smith, Jl1llH Smith, Karen Stapp, Austin Stevenson, Chuck Stevens, Roy Stone, Laura Storm, Barbara Stovall, Larry Stubbs, Beverly Smith, Linda Smith, Pam Smothers, Pam Snell, Betty Snyder, Phylis Sarrensoe, Adrianna Sullivan, Jo Ann Summers, .lanis Suthers, Mary Swindle, Carolyn Sparks, Richard SPHWU, Linda Swinds, Kathy Tackett, Cynthia Tallent, Cindy Talley, Ernest Taps, John Tarpley, Bobbie Tate, Hilda Tucker, Brenda Tullos, Richard Turner, Judy Tussey, Rusty Tyler, Frances Tyner, Ronnie Underwood, Carol Underwood, Margie Unreh, Carolyn Voight, Peter Vance, Larry Vaughan, Glenda Vaughan, Jimmy Vaughan, King Thaxton, Glenn Theriot, Linda Theis, C. A. Thomas, Ducan Thomas, Sharon Vaughn, Rita Veal, Roy Vella, .laseph Vice, Evelyn Wagal, James Thomas, JO Nall Thompson, Glenda Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Wayne Thonne, Linda Tipein, Bonnie Todd, Keith Townsend, Pat Trammell, Linda Trembele, James Tropp, David Trousdale, Gail Tucker, Becky Tucker, Donna lg i 6... Q Jann, ., t. Y N Watson, Lawrence Watts, Dianne Watkins, Cary Welborn, Mike Welch, Jimmy Wells, David Wheat, Richard Wheat, .lohn Wheeler, Kay White, Patsy Walls, Mike Warren, Charlie Warrick, Eddie Washburn, Carolyn Washburn, Lee Webb, Glenn Watkins, GIYUCIB Welburn, .ludy Wagner, Troy Wagoner, lane Wakins, Yvonne Waldron, Williani Walker, Arthur Walker, Connie Walker, Glenda Walker, Sunny Wallace, Cynthia Wallen, Phillip Wliite, Bobby Wllitecotton, Becky Wiggs, Robert Wilcoxson, Bo Peep Wilhelm, Carol Wilhite, Larry Wilson, James Wilson, James Wilson, Sherrell Willard, Darlene Willig, Elaine Williams, Bill Williams, Earl Williams, Mark Williams, Larry Willard, Lydia Winters, Gary Wingo, Patricia Wittekind, Gail Wirstenwouth, John Woumans, Carolyn Wood, Joyce Wortham, Sherry Wright, Gary Having your picture made is so exciting! Y'barbo, Thomas Yarbrough, Beverly Yarber, Marianne Yeager, Linda Yeatts, Bobby Young, Beverly Young, Phyllis Zimmerman, Kathy Rominger, Richard Oh well, it's only Biology. Wright, Vickie Wright, Sharron Wright, Glenna Wuller, Sue Wyrick, Linda IT'S TIME FOR r a 1 w l I54 A Cappella vi, Wy A Cappella is the select mixed chorus of CHS. lts goal is to enrich the lives of its members and its audiences through the art of singing. The chorus represents our school by entertaining audiences within our city, neighboring I communities and throughout the state. The sponsor is Mr. Jim Henderson. ,V,, r ' ff P ' , ' W- Q , "" - 11 '55 i"-.. Mr. Jim Henderson Officers: First row-Winifred Wood, section lead- erg Judy Blake, publicityg Donna Echols, secretary 'Andrea Euhanks, vice president, second row- Bcverly Mitchell, historian, Mary McLane, library Hazel Roark, lihraryg Sherrie Mattock, section lead- er, Steve Spurgin, section leader. v it Stain' ' J ali: Wit, L Members: First row: Jacki Wood, Charles Ford, Weldon Linda McC-uireg second row: Rick Roth, John Todd, Tom Brawn, Hazel Roark, Jeanne Wheeler, Judy Murray, Alera e Lanier, Sherrie Covington, Carol Withelm, Judy Barnett, Linda Kirk, Winnie Gilmore, M. C. Gavin, Alan Williams, Barbara Orman, Judy Sims, Terry Cundy, Joyce Howard, Kathy Buhler, Judy Pruitt, Beverly Mitchell, Peggy Brantley, Donaldson, Bohhy Stewart, Jackie May, Handy Martin, Harry Mitchell, Mike LeCroy, Melba Taylor, Claudia Bates, Julie Boothg third row: Beth Brock, Kay Coldwell, Judy Mairis, June Benner, Steve Spingin, Ken Stringer, Phillip Metcalf, ALL-REGION CHOIR: First row-Kay WllCL?lK'l', Peggy Brantley, Winifred Wood, John Todd, Tom Donlison, M, G. Garvin, Bchhie Ashenhurst, Donna Echols, Mclva Taylor, second row-Judy Morris, Beverly Mitchell, Judy Pruitt, Steve Spurgin, Randy Martin, Weldon Gilmore, Marcia Bellus, Hazel Roark, Ritha Cook, third row-John NVL-llcr. Mike Watkins, Stew Mitchell, Terry Turner, Ted Stringer, Phillip Metcalf. Scott Monroe, Johnny Seabaurn, Mike Campbell, John Weller, Debbie Ashenhurst, Cynthia Bolton, Shiela Jackson, Judy Blake, Donna Echolsg fourth row: Andrea Euhanks, Mary Gamble, Mary McLane, Pat Collings- worth, Carolyn Corley, Deanna Hawkins, Phillip Omi, Alton Norten, Floyd Jester, Ted McFerrin, Tommy Galbraith, Steve Mitchell, Jimmy Houston, Terry Turner, Jimmy Oden, James Patton, Ronnie Vargesko, Maulane Pcrriaman, Sherry Matlock, Jeri Chesser, Marcia Bellus, Janice Maires, Sandi Wilemen, Elizabeth Pazick, Retha Cook, Genie Traley. The A Cappella is seen singing u number from its Christmas production "The Sounds of Christ masi' directed by Mr. Henderson. Nominees for A Cappella Sweetheart and Beau in- cluded Winifred Wood, Beverly Mitchell, Judy- Pruitt, Judy Morris, Steve Spurgon, 'ferry Turner, Steven Mitchell, Johnny Weller. Choralaires Members: First row-Carol Napier, Sharon Boublin, lrene Easton, Andra Wooldridge, lngrid Pitts, Barbara Shipley, ,ludy Presley, Suzzette Fletcher, Kathleen Coodmen, Evelyn Booth, JoAnn Mitchell, Chatzi Smith, Toni Wright, Wonda Yates, Marinel Hooks, Kaye Margon, Nita Allen, Karen Robison, second row-Linda Keltner, Jeannie Smith, Mary Smith, Donna Loney, Penny Matlock, Cheryle Phillips, Ann Griffin, ,ludy Collins, Donna Tucker, ,lolinda Rockitt, Cheryle Cohen, Marilyn Houston, Paula Pointer, Sharon Clopton, Gwen Tilletg third row-Betty Tapley, Phylis Brewer, Hilda Tate, Lanell Boggs, Sharon Smith, Donna Cawthon, Laurel Wagner, Carolyn Hall, Patsy Pierce, Betty Wright, Carol Bishop, Jan Manual, Patty Pointer, Lea McMurrayg fourth row- Paula Hall, Patty Miller, Laural Stone, Cindy Smith, Anne Wallace, Vikki Lawson, Bobbie Eavic, Vickie Hall, Carolyn McClung, Suzy Portor, Sharon Hendershot, Vernia Strown, Carol Baker, Paula Broyls, Sandi Jones, Margaret Baker, Dianne Youngmen, Nancy Pattison, Wanda Welch, Janice Lawson. Officers: Seated-Barbara Shipley, vioe presidentg Linda Keltner, president, Laural Wagner, secretary: standingfAndrea Wolldridge, librariang ,ludy Collins, librarian, Mar- garet Baker, historian, Vicki Lawson, publicity. Choraiaires after their initiation at the beginning of school. Has it been worth it? Choralaires IHCIICC dail for cominv rofframs. D D Winifred Wood, a member of All State Choir last year, congratulates Steve Spurgin, this year's All State Choir member from CHS. The Choralaires practice long hours for the Christmas assembly. Mr. Henderson gives Jo Ann and Judy point- ers on their singing. 0 Practice makes perfect! After long hours of practice, the girls take a few minutes to rest their voices. l59 Members: First row-Judy Barnett, Linda Kirk, Winifred Wood, Peggy Brantley, John Weller, Tommy Hitchcock, Judy Blake, Donna Echols, Melva Taylor, Claudia Baterg second row- Beverly Mitchell, Judy Morris, Mary Gamble, Mary McLane, Steve Spurgin, Debbie Hasenhurst, Hazel Roark, Ritha Cook, Sherrie Matlockg third row-Charlie Cornelius, Ted Stringer, Randy Martin, third row-Mike Davis, Bob Stewart, Bob Hammon, Steve Mitchell. Mr. Henderson is shown directing Madri-Glee group in preparing for the Christmas program. Madri-Glee The Madri-Glee is a new choir organization formed for those students interested in music edu- cation or as religious Work. The class is primarily studies theory. They study the Master Concert Se- ries, compositions of choral Work. Their activities include contest and special appearances. Mr. Henderson presents a silver key chain to Terry Turner and a gold jeweled compact to Judy Morris for being named Beau and Sweet- heart of A Cappella. Mr. Ralph Pease entertains banquet guests by singing some folk tunes accompanied by his gui- tar. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at the A Cappella Banquet which was held at Harris Restaurant. -0 Biology Miss Billie NiCklCS Mr, D011 Agnew To further the knowledge of biology and to increase the interest of students in biology and its varied field are the pur- poses of the A-O Biology Club. Such pro- grams as lectures by speakers from differ- ent science fields, films, and trips are planned each year to promote interest in the biology profession. An Advanced Biology Club has been formed to further interest in biology. This group is composed only of seniors. Officers: Seated-Virginia Barrios, secretary, Kathy Pearce, historian, Standing-Mary Beth Bowers, president, Duane Watson, vice president, Claudia Bates, reporter. Not Shown: Karen Barnard, treas- urer, Mary Simmons, annual reporter. Members: First row-Patsy Brackett, .ludy Barnett, Mary Bowers, Gwynn Barker, Irene Easton, Laura Barriosg Second row-John Todd, Regina Stone, Thereas Pritchett, Sharon Simmons, Sonja Huffman, Carlene Johnson, Elaine Willigg Third row-Kay Crossman, Sharon Swoveland, Ellen Stricklen, Roger Swell, Mike Watkins, Marvin Guynes, Allen Little, Keith Gardner, Dennis Collins. Members: First row-Linda Smith, Rozann Barron, Joyce Miller, Jackie Hutson, Lindsey Cady, Jan Purdy, Anne Barkworth, Chuck Meisg second rowfNancy Emswiller, Linda Harrod, Jo Claire Kopezynski, Kathy Pearce, Virginia Barios, Diana Davie, Mary Hendershot, Kent Demetrig third row-Mary Robinson, Peggy Scheid, Duane Watson, Charles Rowles, Karen Mixon, Sandy Crain, Joni James, Kelly Baterran. P ADVANCED BIOLOGY MEMBERS: First row-Brenda Boiurn, Judy Kershner, Jan Gordon, Susan Evans, Norma Laun, Julia Hitchcock, Barbara Dickson, Pat Barriosg second row-Don Bays, Guy Hull, Hellen Holladay, 'Diane Foster, Susan Thompson, Vicki Napier, Delle Davis, Larry Morrow, Ann Varner: third row-Mike Evins, Dan Staring, Tommy Thomas, Robert Koerth, Duane Hinshaw, Gordon Block, Charles Smith, John Roderick, Fonnie Harper, Larry Barbee, Chris Shively. The camera catches Tommy during the dissection of a grasshopper. Even the girls find that dissecting a grasshopper is interesting! R 7 ff, Q57 E Mr. Paul Bourek GHS Band The GHS Band proposes to further the art of music, to he of service to the school and the community, and to be of service to the members ofthe hand. Under the direction of Mr. Paul Bourek, the GHS Band represents the school at University lnterscholastic League con- tests, Fair Day, and College Band Days. The Band goes through precision drills at the AAAA State Championship play-off. 5""""""Xx'Il MAJORETTE NN MAJORETTE DRUM MAJOR MAJORETTE MAJORETTE Jan Gordon fy Ann Gordon Randy Williams Becky Riddles Jody James X 1, Z! I64 arching Band ,K 'N V Majorettes Jan Cordon,f1i:oLly..lQn1s,fAnn Cordon, Drum Major: Randy Williams, Majorette Becky Riddelsg First row- Don Bays, Woddy Frantz, Charles Ford, Richard Oglesby, Eddie Fike, Steve Haley, Duncan Thomas, Darryl Cruit, David Harris, Jieri Chrfsscr, Bobby Kirby, Bandy Davis, Clyde Nelson, David MeNatt, Barbara Wells, Don Beeson, John Whitesell, Billy Frizzel, Mike Simmons, Morris McManagel, Lee Washburn, Bob Shultz, Dick Jones, Second row-Steve Spurgin, Keith Washburn, Mary Robinson, Eddie Warrick, Brenda Owens, Richard Tullos, Kirmit Paulos, Weldon Kirkpatrick, Phil- lip Fuller, Bonnie King, Leroy Couge, Jack Davis, Don Camerson, L. D. Carpenter, Bonnie Bozeman, Karen Drinkard, Nell Stokes, Sharon Round, Patty Fleeson, Julia Hitchcock, Susan Evans, Candis Crawford, Mary Gamble, Third row-Cay Dodson, Ralph Cox, Bonita Caniraday, Diane Foster, Sally Rosenbaum, Cwynn Barker, Mary Dowers, Patsy Brackett, Lindsa Quillin, Mike Deaton, Joan Whcatly, Lennice Boggs, Nancy Barns, John Reed, Robert Bye, Mike Common, Diane McVay, Carroll Wilhelm, Diane Round, Cail Byan, Fourth row: Dia'ina,Horn, Winnifred Wood, Charles Glidden, Jan Purdy, Buddy Eehols, Allan Stafford, Dick Keith, Mike Dean, Margaret Northeutt, James Starling, Charlie Baggott, Mary Lopez, Ginger Gunn, :Xrlis Jackson, Lynn Dendhip, Donna King, Pay Townshend, Pat Kirpham, Mary Diaz, Patty Southard, Bah Yates: Fifth row-Bobbi Judy, Betty Lovil, Tony James, Randy Fogclin, Ray Windt, Forest Eubanks, Tommy Galbraith, Sue Scheilds, Carl Boren, M. G. Marvin. W. A. Little, David Rochelle, John Lloyd, Mike Vice, Browny Sheril, Mark Bird. the halftime shows. The Marching Band adds color and music to all hal-ftinie shows. Practice makes perfect as the band works out formations for I66 Concert Band First row--Karen Dinhard, Nell Stokes, Julia Hichcock, Susan Evan, Patty Flcsson, Candis Crawford, ,lan Gordon, Mary Gamble, Second row-Cay Dodson, Gwynn Barker, Ralph Cox, Nancy Barnes, Lennis Boggs, Robert Dye, Jon Rmike Commons, Linda Quillin, Mike Deaton, Denita Cannaday, ,loan Wheatly, Mary Bowers, Mary Lopez, Ginger Ginn, Alis Jackson, Carol Wil- hem, Winnfircd Wood, Robbi Judayg Third row-Gail Ryan, Darlc Michell, Diane McVay, Diana Round, Patsy Brockett, Diana Foster, Sally Rosenbaum, Donna King, Pat Townsend, Len Bendy, Mary Diazc, Pat Kirkand, Patty Southard, Bob Yates, Philip Fuller, Weldon Patrick, Kermit Paulos, Richard Tullos, Brenda Owens, Eddie Warrick, Mary Robinson, Keith Washburn, Steve Spurging Fourth row-Don Bays, Woddy Frantz, Jerri Chesser, Darrel Cuit, David Harris, Steve Hayle, Duncan Thomas, Leroy Mr. Bourek has his own musical instru- ment reserved for practice sessions. The band led the annual Homecoming Parade. C-ouge, Bobby Kirby, Randy Davis, Morris McManigale, Dick Jones, Clyde Nelson, Mike Simmons, Billy Frizzell, John sell, Bob Shults, Lee Waslilmurn, Don Beeson, Barbara Wells, David McNair, Charlice Baggett, James Starling, Mike White- Dean, Margaret Northcutt, Dick Keith, Alan Stafford, Buddy Echols, .lan Purdy, Charles Abddeng Fifth row-Richard Olgesby, Eddie Fike, Charles Ford, Ronny King, Jack Davis, Ray Windt, Carl Boron, Sue Shield, Randy Ragen, Forrest Eubanks, T ny Tommy Cvallraith, Betty Lovel, .lohn Lloyd, Mike Vice, Brownie Sherrill, Mark Bird, Deanna Horne, Becky Riddl ody Ann Gordon, Don Cameron, L. D. Carpenter, Ronnie Bozeman, Dick Rochell, W. A. Little, Randy Willianis, M. G. Carvin. The CHS Band adds enjoyment to the 1963 Christmas parade. ailones, James, Q I67 Mrs. Norma Dorsey ga- W. , it as . .1 Ti Weldon Mullens, President Beta .Club Service to the school is the main objective of the GHS Beta Club. It encourages effort, promotes character, stimu- lates achievement, and rewards merit while encouraging stu- dents to continue their education after graduation. New members are nominated by the teachers in .the spring, but the final vote comes from the old members. Mrs. Norma Dorsey is the club'-s sponsor. Officers: First row-Brenda Huggett, reporterg Delle Davis, treasurerg Becky Jones, recording sec- retaryg second rowgleorgann Jackson, corresponding secretaryg Tommy Wright, vice presidentg third row-Weldon Mullens, president. Anita Eriksson, exchange student from Sweden, was made an honorary member of the Beta Club. Mc-mhers: First row--Cheri Hearth, Marie Cherry, .ludy Landress, Sherrie Murphy, Brenda Huggctt, Carolyn Burke, Vicki Stone, Becky Jones, Holgtg Second row--Ronnie Bounan, ,loe Pickle, ,lorgnnn Jackson, Delle Davis, Judy Pugh, Carol Sewell, Darlene Wglifdlfinda Ogleshy, Anita Eriksson, Karen Newman, Phil Jones, Third row-Andy Lipscomb, Bill Crump, Delhert Burton, Kenneth Kattawar, Rohert Koerth, Danny Simms, Ronny Williams, Weldon Mullens, Gary Bridges, Tonnny Thomas, John Pickett, Tommy Wright, Bill Hunt. ,: 5' f,:'2EZ Z' 1 t B fv-- ..,... at fl 'i' ,wM ' "" "' , ,,-.,- , i'rA" to "" ' ,,-, , '- ,V I hifi DOYSCQ , V' if gives instructions . it D ' 53.35 Concerning lhff annual convert. ' t tion. ,,,, ij ,,,, .,l41E?ii Dellu and Becky seem to be enthused ovcr Beta Cluh activities. ,Iorgann Jackson, Sherry Murphy, and Vicki Stone prepare for the National Beta Convention held in Dallas this year. '69 Mrs. Martha Willis A-Team Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders work many hours to promote the school spirit of GHS. They attend all school functions and encourage others to do so. They dress the halls with signs, sell balloons at Homecoming, and lead school yells at pep rallies and football games. The A-Team Cheerleaders are chosen from the junior and senior classes. Mrs. Martha Willis is their sponsor. Marie Cherry Linda Ashley, Head Cheerleader l70 Sydna Holbert Sue GilJS0fl w Brenda Huggett J an Starr To promote school spirit and help the cheer- leaders in decorating the goal posts and painting signs are only a few of the duties of Ollie. Ollie takes part in all pep rallies, football games, and parades. Ollie's costume was furnished by the Beta Club. OLLIE OWL Ronnie Spivey ViCkeY Stfme Carolyn Burke B-Team Cheerleaders: To to bottom-lma Sue Hill, P Sandy Drum, Cindy Blakeway. B-Te-am Cheerleaders The B-team Cheerleaders lead yells at all the B-team athletic functions and pep rallies. They work many long hours dressing the halls with signs and posters and helping the A-team cheerleaders. Chosen from the sophomore class, they strive to promote school spirit. Cheerleaders hold pep rally for the Highland Park game. Cheerleaders and students back the Owls at every pep rally. B-Team Cheerleaders: Left to right-Beverly Hardy, Kathy Burk, Freddy Boyd. Cheerleaders show their approval of another Owl victory. B-team cheerleaders hol d pep rally during break to boost the team on to another Owlet victory. l73 Miss Florene C-ray Creative Arts Club To observe keenly and react vividly, to develop memory and imagina- tiong to exercise judgement and discrimination, and to construct with power and vision are the aims of the Creative Arts Club. Membership in this club is limited to those students who are now taking or who have taken art. The main activities are exhibiting student work and taking field trips to art galleries. Miss Florene Gray is the sponsor. lo! or i Officers: SeatedeSue Van Zant, presidentg S dbm,' vice presidentg Beverly Mitchell, secretary, standing- Sue Gibson, treasurerg Janie Miller, historian, Regina Stone, parliamentariang Sandy Duncan, reporter. i , The Creative Arts Club took an active part hy presenting its float in the annual Homecoming Parade. Members: First row-Sydna Holhcrt, Sandy Duncan, Vicki Purdom, Marion ,lWlcKaglE,lAhne Bark- worthg second row-Marcia Keith, Jan Gordon, Judy Coleman, Maryann Etheredge, Nelda Anderson, Gail Craig, Judy Williorng third row-Carol Adams, Myrna Hailey, Tommy Walden, Frank Gutner Dennis Peters, Sue Gibson, Sandra Vibrock, Susan Greenwood. Members: First row-Carol Wilhelm, Sue Van Zant, Regina Stone, Gayla Martin, second row- Darla Mitchell, Anna McKinney, Janis McMullen, Pat Royman, Beverly Mitchell, Ann Wallace, Janie Miller, third row-Nancy Barnes, Karen Farr, Betty Lovil, Ed Thompson, Darrell Howard, Jennie Foster, Edna Alexander. MAJORETTE Cindy Cunningham The Dashing Debs The Dashing Debs help promote school spirit by performing routines during the halftimes at football and basketball games. They also partici- pate in various parades during the year. They sell football banners as a money raising projectj The Deh tea and luncheon are among their club ac- tivities. DRUM MAJOR Barbara Williams MAJORETTE MAJORETTE Diedri Rose Diane Wheeler Karen Newman, president Mrs. Rachel Calkins Deb Council: Barbara Williams, ,lorgann Jackson, Barbara Dickson, Delle Davis, Becky Jones, Karen Barnard, Rachel Calkins, directory Karen Nick- ens, Sandra Vibrock, Karen Newman, president, Cheri Heath, and Linda Oglesby. Janet Jennings, Sharon Windom, and .ludy Landress display the three types of Deb uniforms. Mary Carole Karen Betty Brenda Archibald Bane Barnard Barry Boum Becky Jones, Barbara Williams, Karen Nickens, Cheri Heath, Linda Oglesby, Becky Pruitt, and , Linda, Karen Newman assist Mrs. Calkins in serving at J' Becky Browder the Deb Tea. 1 Burchfield Kay Kay Delle Linda ii Crossman Crow Davis Dawson Dickson . Susan ,leanni Cheri Betty .lorgann Greenwood Hamilton Heath Hutton Jackson M New-M Aw,.. 7 .img 41 f 51- ws: f 7 7941i-7fjgX ggi-,ff , if-2 ,loan .lames Becky Jones F ie: " J 1 , 5 The colorful Dashing Debs lead the Suzanne Kidd .lo Kopczyski annual 5. - 43 21?- ,, Q fsJio'Qisfffffi7k:+ w,f:g. wQf'5s?ZfW h W-if' 11:-Ni F1321 'Y' '1 V 4.25 "'-"YifZ2:' ,fi Mii,Efffi5f,:fi' ,PV . -7.59,-.Qgggvgfl551339-Q55 Qfgzkwfifl- m p- V-: 2 L7 M555 V in ,gimlie1m,NEwf,f,i14, K 1 i QU , V L. K E Q I " if K I ' 1, 532 ' vu 'i??i 5Qj'3l15jZf 92221 Qing lflfifiigifezfiikli ' - . 'V' Lvi 1' A., M' 2 A + -'h' i ' , il ' W ' ' ig J: 1 .Q A zliigiqfi use ggi-1:Qge.3,iWk i K , ' I . A A Q.: - , . k L , A , w,l,,f,gg, ,, W. X, mg , TQ R SP K gm H T fi Q En Q ,Z 2 S wi ,, A " K 1 S Q , j gy Ji 1 :Z fb Egg 2 if 4 5, 1 S5 V is 9 3 xiii, ' Qi 2512275-:G 'il 5 ' i L as M 'Ev 4 X an f ,M kiwi le 'lf .mv iz I, Y 9 5 K 2 SST: 5 'P , 5 2. 145: of . ,, ' if 555:53 1 1 X Wumi,-ffusi, We wi fe, Qfg.,..2Lwi.,.ww l ,Q ,is iz .?ff.:Q,-:M .ggggzfik . MT, x K Q13 : I ff-.wi WN ? i 5? fs s sisfzz . zf A ,A ,,.. 3. v,..,,l. -f s eam 1 ,f 4 W . ,1lb, E Q L . I J 1 wg? I 4 Q 'I' iiusgiafsiilmiisei'Qm5iES2255i , .5i.gZ,,,v,, K :sv im A-fi' was 3 fwzei fl 'Hn rzgsffeftiseg f ,Ei f sf hi m ii? z J ' K ig, QQ S Hi Qi L7 Z2 H . M if mgiw r . mm, , , ,SWK Y 'P 4 J 5 M V: 'z , K X Q, Z , ws wg hs gy 555 C W Z 1 Q Y S I ff rg sa, 5 'P 3 ,- 1 fin x 2 f E? 2 A e J xg Z? 155 S 2 1 S will sl Ji we , gg A ASQ s , , we if H if f g f if Z1 ,, , ,S w dw X ' 5? ,Q 6 1 ff ' 622 H '-52154 - 'iixitf' fs,- , ,. fig. -am A . .5 ge 'K 'W i ' if ofmyxi' 7 " ' ,w I , . ps- ' . .,,., ,, 1, K, -,aw Christmas Parade. Judy Landress .1 .lanet Jennings Linda Luna K , xnxx . , Q, , ,I V is 3 ' ' ' Mk K I A i K A . 5 I ,,,. 1 X if 'rig ,K 1 K, AK ,, Vi I . Y ,Sig ,i1:iiZiiZ2?'22 -I X Yi A . pq , A .. ii, P ,fgsg ,Q ' 65 ,, 1 . , ' ,- 5 :ag H i ,cg Q P Q' 'A S ,Who ,"feggl.-gif 2 , , , , ,,.e M ,l11i, ,, , ' -i" Y ' 'L 1 I1 ''32ixiifiiffzuiwiziiii f mi I , ' ' - ' Pat Cheryl Sha-rrie KHIGH Donna McCallum Morpllis Murphy Niclicns Novak 'f,, M asf " gl L' - 4 V , Q 512' 225- ,fag ,115 R -, VV' ,,-, F2,'.y-w:-1 ' . 5 ' V' mmlfiiks -A4533 ff",ioYif51iV - 5 f V , ,AQQEVV K ' :rw gl it N Ku AS Wg? ff 3 Y war m w 2 , M le K . R ., Q tr g,l 2 fl W if if HQ Q QE g QM , gf E flag i? gf N . ? oh VU '- wg-jr. - ' A J fl 5 A NV Q 5 1 Y QB f 3 Q , Y :ef mr The Debs traveled a long ways to Tascosa to bring a victory to the Owls. Linda AUD Oglggby PdI'lxE'f Becky Judy Paula Cindy Sally Pruitt Prultt Roberts Sammons Sellers 'L H . K . , 5 iiii1,1iLg,5 ," X 1,g2 ,, i' -?:QLxi'fIQ?V?QS?45i: ,:'i4-Mllfw SA? ,.lVkg55??: ij! ' -"gig WSW' ' 'M 3 wir, ' H1eefiV"' V we- K V119 V1 V: g, :Vw--: -- wi? V ?l4l22fVfm:Q2r4f F7 ifTi1',1sf:V:'fbs-lwwv5',f , Vim -mi S 4' :::gir+l:, -: fff'SvVV,g, ffgiw V. , 'V 5 VV , . I. 1 :M ' V, ff ' . -V V ,, ' S , .. - V J--3' .EEi?lf2f, 'V-' ' if V' ""i!:2:?j f1"7?' 95-F' Kam ggffl 5 V. 2 'li l ' ' llilkifisfofzilflfwf ' ,. if jx YQIQZL Q- , A W A ,J A '- 2 ' V vp 'P 5, ' S f A wifi 1 M wg 'f . - l V H ' my mf 1 wifi? ' V 2. ' w egmfw K' . M V 1 ' gy , V " ' -V , I g ,M ' , . W V VV ,L 3 . ' A V A X " , rim. an , ,I if ,.,, .. 1. Y- s xV , gig.. QW, .. - Altt , ,L , V V- A A V ,, Q Vfftzw "feng do Q L? Q W Sagiw-1f?9g1, ,vw ., .V - mega: 's,wlHgQ,fi, ,, "K-ss P421-1gy"V, -A 'ff 'f f- 1-2, 4 -W. 'Mizz girflsff 4, , A M f nf 'Mgt 'fwffzz-5 ofizefw' C S mit -1 .mah pam I , gs 11152 fgfafw - V- uw fx . 011: -'uf my w ,V :wif Vv, V' , ., 4--.Q, ?ws 1 . ,V so 'M-V1 ff? wfzp V ,zo own aw f , .1-fl ,-,.. , VF . V- ' -L 2 V f ,V . W fir o J ' Y y r l A Q , ' 4,3 y V- ' A ' r ,. V ' ., ' , , I t :cs .. , 2 7- im n J my K . V 5. A' V, V' , - l R ' ' , i 251' VW ' 4 7V J. jH?:'gf'2, :L g WE. A S l V-2 ,V ,' L ' 9' ' 'f 1 542' ',-fi-4','1i,5H:: L- '59:1:'5V,Vwz33' 1,1I'iSi5Ji ., 1565 JW ik ' 'Ll ' Q, 1 1: V -V , f' ' f -wM- wvwro lygowwffywmwmwwwwwwmmwwm wool Vfrrw fr V - V .V L 1 - , I "r' V i , " Q ,, 'L 1 ' l V - V- - s,,,. 5.k,,. ..f,.si YW-1 if- T ' f Qs.,-,g,, ,. K Sherri Tauzin s ,iw ' 'SN I i X. X 9. is if Susan Wclaia Sharon Windom ,4 Q " c, V ' ,A . A V K 4. W2 ..V i s . is ' I ,E .El .Q S i 53? sas fs ,-w, ,, rf' 2 ,my M, ,,s,VW , sigma Sw ,.5T5sfsew " mm. zvsmii ::, wp , -. .5 sq, QV, QM, , . uw-12, , zgssj 1 ' , ,,fz,N S ii, -5 V 5 f S 2: ff,s:,, 4e-wwvfwvriaz 5 , , ., , W ,Q Nancy Sherry Sandra Sue Tipton Urban Vihrock Webb The Dashing Dehs shown precision marching during the half-time shows. - ii Diana Wood . 132144K ssiw- M55-,I sgijggfw Jgggbgxggazseaiiz 1 X f ,, ,1',,gf15,5Y,, ml. I -"ff " ' 5 . A, ,S , -22462442355 Z SEV-fifi 1.1, -X'-'fzififfs i iff? sim Wbiiliiixiir -'1L.v1'sfQ,V : -. ,A,V.s, "--' -1 Vlizf s Lswhgmgggsv I gpg- 235355 -Muff . f442me,f!5 vmmnwyr V 1 , -1 , 2 s2155fgsif,fQ, 1,-5 . ,M M2 Va I ' egem of K Q fsfaimf- Yswsggigkg. gqiiw ' '523?SfV2s gi TA ' V1 'T 55EL3Efi"f" 5 " . 17Q?E.'f1 , . ' , W' fa. Eg V as ffE,fig.g,s72s:-.,:f xJfsv.sMgges2wVV, 1, ' fi figiizvzg-i X-1-V 'Vny i j HQ V14-sasifsf' PV? 2 zifz, H W . ' 'V fm A V We VM- , m V , Ir, ,.,.i., -1 . .ws ,,.S,,.. ,, V 1: . K, iV1fiv11'Lf'.5i5iFi . . ,'- "Y AQ" , Y' -1Yf"5g,p5V- 2 : - ,. Www-'W-IV Q, , ,, ,,,:fe,wV:.izseffi 2'ffV4fSSffVfl'-W'-' 1: .,v'szg:-,rizfivszs.'f,'f, r .. , S, sw,szs.r,, A,3.,,g,,1V -su. 51ViL,,f1-- 1' N .,,j', . gi, " : f - fa,WVwsilfsmflsem.. , wt. VV , -gigisfgfi,.sgg.Szg.sWsV,,,yy.V wma- .,,.. 5 1 fm,aff,viet7i1fwQ.V15, , . . 1- " zaswmfvfgisgifiifzw.WV -' -, .l"2.! .. is :?lii'?L,S2LZ?2WW-ififfifi Wwgqgqf-943 . if iw.2Vn2,'fziHiff5Z'?L'ggL--gl? V im ,,,,,2,fgf 5 wV-ms ,, L, L, fx V2-w:.1f1..s . i , ,,,,.k,k ..,,..,,i, 3-, iw i ' Wifi:-fsir' Fw fo, 52 nl W MK Q 3 Q r X Q .- am,aww.-.-,,ff,.ga, V Qgg,mfs.V.W,,, xg fs A fi FHM? ' f , Ka ' A 3 ogg Q i- 2 s 13 2 Q f Q Q 5 I 3: Linda Williams Kay Yeager ?f.lL 31L"'3,5"'?L25 W . T ,A , 5 f JVV'l,Q,1sgsz1 ,,.. ., as .,,.,,,, W, i ., ws, Q F .Lx f,,V:,,V,,,,g - .. .g .1 Q ,...w.i. sax .V, kiwi eehsazfga.-Q15 .:f ,.. . V ' nfV,. .r,. , 'K . V V r , .,,.... M V V -fe .V Ifefweiz .izfsi 1, si:.,,' A if ' V:" 'iQ7 fiirfiiasivfswf 12221 iq A ' 4 , , W . gesgfesgz Q. ...V . rw ff. .V f-if i5 ii if V fs -fs f , xiii fs, gg 5, 5, 41513: -A-W, W -sf- 1152 Q -s. -. 56 5 mm-ns. . --sms.-.G wV:,fVfe, s.z..w,V Wg ,,f ... 3 ,.,,, ,,,., s.,. E , , .X , fV ?WSw211V,.JZs5 V ri, W ' , 1 ,b WMM 1 .V few. ' fV f"' ' n iiezf-,WL ,f.z,, ,r..L e?igy , ' isiiu 1 -+L . Q ' s fwei isf A . , V' :Q ,,,,,?, ,.,,, W-V 23? gg B ff' fglsi s , .Q rfwiiiwks - V fu V ,gg , V, fs-visa -,E - , DECA Club DECA, the Distributive Education Clubs of America, is composed of students who are interested in becoming future businessmen and women. DE. students attend school in the morning taking one period of Distributive Education and report to their place of business in the afternoon. The club's purposes are as follows: l. To develop leadership in the field of distribution. 2. To develop a sense of individual responsibility. Mr' W' B' Head 3. To provide opportunities for intelligent career choice in dis- tribution. 4. To allow practical application of Distributive Education through competition. Q 5. To engender a healthy respect for education. 5 6. To create and nurture and understanding of our free, com- petitive enterprise system. Linda .locoy, president Members: First row-Kathy Hatfield, Kay Hutcherson, .loan Miller, ,lohnann Sebastian, Karen Parker, Linda Jocoy, Linda Thompson, second row-James Ashmore, Denny Fain, W. C. Dykes, Tim Regan, Jerry Hasselberg, Richard Nelson, Danny Solez, Pat Laneg third row-Linda Carroll, Ronald Jennings, Don Montgomery, Richard Welch, Kenneth Carpenter, Gene Plumbe, .lohn Salter, Tommy Johnson. l82 Officers: Seated--Gene Plumlee, treasurer, Glenda Ford, seeretaryg Linda Jocoy, president: Danny Soliz, parliamen- tariang standing-,lolrnann Sebastian, sweetheart, Richard Nelson, vice president, Pat Lane, reporter. at we "' Johnann Sebastian, DECA Sweetheart Members: First row-Janie Arnold, Glenda Ford, Vivian Arnold, Rita Shadix, Annette Elder, Betty Veal, Robbie Rice, Laveda Stout, Carolyn Crawford, second rowelerry Lueden, Richard Brown, Roy Hyde, Bobby Askue, Walter Smith, Danye Fisher, Fred Headen, Bobby Werner, third row-David Tucker, David Tuna, Monroe Blankinship. Mrs Ella Hickman Officers of Second Period: First row- Randy Coethals, president, Vicky Hamil- ton, secretaryg L. D. Clopton, vice presidentg Chris Sliively, reporterg sec- ond' row4Donnie Dunavant, treasurer: Cary Beavers, sergeant-at-arms, Terry Clark, parliamentariang Danny Simms, program chairman. English IV Club The goal of the English IV Club is to practice correct parlia- mentary procedure. Members plan and present educational, as Well as entertainment, programs in Mrs. Ella Hickmanls English IV classes. Officers of First Period: First row- Phil Rogers, sergeant-at-armsg Becky Burchfield, reporter, Sherrie Murphy, secretary, second rowMW. C. Dykes, vice president, Andy Wimpee, presidentg Tommy Cailbreth, parliamentariang Jimmy Noska, treasurer. i its fiat acxw Officers of Fifth Period: Larry Ledhetter, parliainenturiung Jerry Deaton, program chairman, Bubba Moffatt, president: Judy Landress, reporter, Cena Poore, sergeant-at-arms: Julia Hitchock, treasurer: .lorgann Jackson, secretary. Officers of Fourth Period: First row4Bceky Jones, treasurer: second row-Danny Soliz, vice president: Cindy Cunningham, reporter: third row-Jim Glynn, president: Charles King, parliamentarian, Karen Newman, secretary. Officers of Sixth Period: Karen Cabiness, treasurer: Mike Evins, vice president, Sue Van Zant, reporter, Everett Costa, president: Sinda Holloway, secretary. I85 Miss Barbara Davis Mr, B013 Sago Officers: First row4Barbara Williams, secretary, ,leanne LeCroy, his- toriang Andra Ingram, parliamentariang Gail Martin, treasurer, second row: Judy Agnew, vice presidentg Diane Foster, historiang Johnny Drury, president, Delores Allen, reporter. FBLA 'The Future Business Leaders of America was formed in 1963 by Mr. Bob Sego to train students in business leadership and to explore the many areas of business. This club is a national organization for all high school students enrolled in business subjects. lts chief purposes are to further aggressive business leadership, to strengthen the con- fidence of young men and women in them- selves and in their Work, to participate in worthy understanding for the improvement of business and its community, to develop character, to train for useful citizenship, and to foster patriotism. Sponsors are Mr. Bob Sego and Miss Barbara Davis. Hot chocolate, cookies, and a good time were enjoyed by all who attended the FBLA Christmas party. I86 'After all the guests had been served, Johnny finally made his way to the table to join in the refreshments. Members: First row-Delores Allen, Vernia Strawn, Donna Craig, Sandra Flanagan, Paula Printer, Barbara Cohlmia, Dennice Wright, Barbara Williams, Alera Coldwell, Linda Ware, Sherry Smith, second row-Benita Cannaday, Sally Rosenbaum, Paula Davis, Diane Foster, Judy Agnew, Jeannie LcCroy, Sandy Myers, Gloria Nedbalek, Linda Brayton, Pam Burns, Sharon Andersong third rowe Donna Novak, Sharon Darby, Toni Williams, Ross Perkins, Rex Shaw, James Miller, John Blank, Cecil Monroe, Steve Haley, Ann Wallace, Linda Cotton. 1 1' Members: First row-Gail Martin, Sherry Mooneyhan, Pat Patrick, Nancy Rener, Barbara Shipley, Audra Ingram, Bonnie Hinshaw, Trudy Avin, Marie Cherry, Prissy Smith, Judy Crubbs, Mary Ann Etheredgeg second row-Marie Nobles, Linda Martin, Delores Bass, Joan James, Yvonne Gifford, Roscann Mitchell, Marion McKaskle, Karen McArthur, Sheila Jackson, Dianna Leamons, Jane Ramsey, Linda Jarvis, Judy Purcell, Bobbie Sawyer, third row-Kitty Brumit, Glenda Kirk, Karen Parker, Dianne Horne, Nancy Lawson. Cordon Block, Bobby Askue, Johnny Drury, Jeri Lynn Stanton, Peggy Strawbridge, Pat Grissom, Judy Reeder, Laveda Stout. Y Rx - Mrs. Ruth Hicks Mrs. Ressie lsett X Officers: Back row-Becky Riddel, secretaryg Jerri Lynn Stanton, reporterg Jeri Chesser, treasurerg Sec- ond row-Janice McKinney, vice presidentg Sharon Dublin, chaplaing and Sherrie Murphy, president. Future Nurses HLighting Our Lamps Through Servicei' is the Future Nurses motto. The club is composed of girls interested in nursing as a career. To further this they work on several projects through the school year such as sending Christ- mas presents to patents at Terrell State Hos- pital and stuffing the TB seals for the Garland area. KN to First row--Judy Kershner, Judi Sides, Jeannie Hamilton, Judy Allison, Terry Rose, Jane Presley, Fonda Johnson, Janice McKinney. Second row-Sharon Fagala, Grace Hanson, Betty Hutton, Anna Stalling, lnez Kemp, Elizabeth Peazick, Jeri Lynn Stanton, Becky Riddel, Sherri Tauzin, Pat Nethus, Cynthia Bolton. I 88 Gallia? All Um By CHRIS SIIIVELY THE SAND IS SLOWLY fall- ing through the hour glassy the days are becoming more hec- ticg the end is in sight. In a few short days the school year will draw to a close. In a few days only the memories will be left. The senior class will be no more. The juniors will rule the roost. The sopho- mores will divide. A chapter is closing. The seniors will go their sepa- rate ways. Like the four winds they will scatter to new places, to new deeds. They will reach and attain the highest goals. Mankind is depending upon this generation, and its high time the class of '64 and '65 and '66 point their lives toward the stars of peace and satisfac- tion. The preceding generations have done all they can to erase hunger and disease and ill will. It's our turn to give it a try, each in his own way taking ad- vantage of opportunities as they present ,themselves and proving that our generation is a generation of doers. . . Gwllvye, "1F..1-W onli Fdk Me asanoeuqniimanlyumlux :mst be pail fm-. Exchange Column Baveyuuevallisaillzs- ly'abrltFhserllm?BlllnmlliQ HlNlIEll,BIllBm,1E!aS,,l8- Med fmellmn as a pusmal iilillgdaopmdnm-lltylla lmlstwalkfllrlllgllit. Ilnencmnnrfmmnaxniinpllign in Arlilglln, Ihxas, allains wl:atllmheshnnesgIvd. ,11le qlulilicdimsilmylabelishm- mnstareihm: - 'lllelamimdn' .... lhe wlmmaksymlmn puamwllowmlh'tgbb Members: First row-Mary Argenbright, Vicki Poovey, Janice Day, Jackie Hutson, Rita Richardsong second row-Sanors Jones, Kay Jones, Pat Hoffman, Darlene Vlfillard, Joyce Howard, Dinah Dew- herry, Beverly Nicholson, Tina Lottg third row-Carol Huston, Ann Varner, Patty Wlmite, Ann Gieb, Vicki Napier, Margaret Alexander, Arlis Jackson, ,lean Wingo, Connie Jarden. he sent to Terrell State Hospital. Sherrie Murphy, President GHS students help the Future Nurses pack Christmas gifts to Future Nurses help Dr. Taylor Pickett at the Food Handlers Clinic. I89 Future Teachers Club The aims of the Future Teachers Club are to get students in X terested in teaching a better understanding of the teaching profes s sion. The club encourages students to enter the profession of teaching The sponsor is Mrs. Ella Hickman. Mrs. Ella Hickman V, Y, ll! Sue Van Zant, president Officers: First row-Karen Cabiness, secretaryg Janis McMullen, vice presidentg Sue Van Zant, president, second row-Cindy Cunningham, treasurcrg Kay Crow, historian, .ludy Barnett, chaplaing Linda Brewer, reporter. Members: First row-Kaye Crow, Sherry Urban, Fonda Harrison, Brenda Owens, Judy Blake, Mary Young, Charlott, Faulkes, Kathy Mooreg second row-Barbara Williams, Deborah Ashen- hurst, Vicky Hamilton, Gilda Cildmeier, Linda Jarbis, Betty Wheat, Tena Plate, Gloria Mayabb, Linda Brewerg third raw-Susan Webb, Marilyn Houston, Sherry Howell, Janice McMullen, Rita McGuffey, Sandra Norling, Bobby De Larios, Paula Davis, Donna Yeager, Judy Davis, Susan Jirak. I90 Members: First row-Susan Hunt, Judy Landress, Cindy Cunningham, Sue Van Zant, Judy Barnett, Linda Bryantg Second row-Judy Reeder, Charla Patrick, Sally Sellers, A , Judy Grubbs, Jo Claire Kopczynski, Betty Barry, Becky Burchfieldg Third row , Suzanne Kidd, Marsha Molton, Diane Wheeler, Karen Cabaness, Bobby Weaver, Pat Triplett, Helen Holladay, Jamie Gilmer, Gloria Rutherford. Vice president Janis McMullen and secretary Karen Cabaness discuss club activities. Karen Cabaness makes u nomination at the called meeting to elect delegates to the State Convention in Austin. K' . if 1 2 ':1z,1fizif-' . t ff"v.f' 1,75 ,lf K, V, k VVV, 7,,Eg ,.. . ft., I 1 f. L 4 . t iwgisfiiiilkfiIEW-ii?fi5535f2Q1i3i7'3561F' -L .5 .."f51b'5il3f ' i -- , . ,muff X 2, Fa l El Mr Ray Carson Mr. H. A. Turrentine Don Cillispie, president, conducts business at an FFA meeting. FFA 'learning to do, Doing to learn, Earn- ing to live, and Living to servef' is the motto of the Garland Future Farmers Chap- ter. The national organization is composed of boys interested in vocational agriculture. The aims of FFA are to develop better agri- cultural leadership, citizenship, and co- operation. The boys enter various agricul- tural shows with their animals throughout the district, region, and state. Officers: Seated-Don Cillispie, president, Marie Cherry, sweetheart, Benny lVlcCarter, vice presidentg standing-Joe Cooper, historiang Richard Benson, 2nd vice presidentg ,Charlie Myers, 3rd vice presidentg Bill Roland, reporter, Don Fortenherry, sentinel, Larry Alford, treasurer, Rich- ard Neal, parliamentariang Gary Pickett, secretary. t t l f Marie Cherry, FFA Sweetheart Gary Pickett, Marie Cherry, Don Gillispie, Benny McCarter are shown at the presentation of the 1963-64 Sweetheart during pre-game cere- monies at the Richardson game. Greenhand Chapter Conducting Team won First Place in the State Leadership Contest at Sam Houston State Teachers College in Huntsville, Tex. Members of the team were, seated-Boyce Wilson, David Winn, Mike Crimg standing-Dennis Rowden, Benny Dennis, Johnny Lewis, H. E. '93 Turrentme, advisor, Lester Alcsander, and Tommy Williams. Members: First row-Larry Martin, Bill Roland, Richard Benson, Hollis Bankhcad, Larry Alford, Sammy Hamm, Manuel Rico, Second row-Ronnie Davis, George Row, Robert Scott, Benny Mc- Carter, Don Gillespie, James Dennis, Don Forte-nberry. State FFA President, Benny Mayes, displays FFA trophy with Don Gillespie, local president. I94 Members: First row-James Wilson, Richard Neal, Thomas McLellardg Second row-Wayne Leggs, Johnny Gooch, Floyd Pylesg Third row4Bill Lyons, Harvey Lemord, Gary Newman, Bobby Pierce. Local Jaycee Steve McCommas presents Members: First row-Allen Peters, Wayne Boggs, Cary Edgar, Chip Jones, Johnny Gooch with a registered Black Angus. Second row-Joe Pierce, Charlie Myers, Jerry Myers, David Williams, Donald Wylie, Third row-Torn Martin, Mike Crumpley, Darryle Cruit, Mike Miller, Lyn English. Members: First row-Dennis Gooch, James Smith, Lee Roy lvey, Ronnie Heidleg Second row-Charles Denny, Gary Pickett, George Lyons, Joe Cooper, Ron Richardson, Third row-James Coyle, Mike Grimmit, Gary Smith, Cary Watkins, Ronnie Slaughter. '95 Les Hiboux Francais Les Hihoux Francais, more easily recognized as the French Club, was organized to promote interest in the French language, customs, and culture. The sponsor is Mrs. Janet H. Barto. Mrs. Janet Barto Cfficers: Pal Crawford, vice president, Karen Nickens, secretary, Candus Crawford, historian, Jeannie Duncan, treasurer, Paul Wliitliian, president. Members: First row-Derrie Elliott, Sherry Howell, Patricia Wingo, Patsy White, Kathy Moore, Carol Hardin, Dannene McPl1ail, Jan Purdy, Judy Grubbs, Nancy Emswillerg second row-Jerilyn Cox, Susan Webb, Judy Davis, Lynda Henry, Carolyn Dutton, Diane Davie, Linda Smith, Dorothy Dixon, Penny Garrett, Mary Lou Shipley, Karen Nickensg third row-Candus Crawford, Roy Fredrick, Emory Hunt, Paul Wliitnian, Larry Morrow, Don Shipley, Roger Parker, Chuck Duke, Carolyn Corely, Yvonne Watkins, Kathy Swires, Jody James. I96 f Members: First row-Kathy Cray, Jeannie Duncan, Barbara Ormun, Kaye Crow, Joyce Miller, Francis Diebold, Gail Wittiking, Becky Whitecottong Second row-Raul Orman, Carol Willielni, Tommy Johnson, Bruce Taylor, Wayne Gill, Mike Deaton, Pat Crawford, Linda Shaw, Winifred Wood, Third row-Connie Howman, Johnny Arthur, Carol Underwood, Lenico Boggs, Jeri Chess- ler, Joyce Harrison, Bobby Dclsarois, Kris Johnson. Mrs. Barto was caught by surprise while teaching her last period French class. Mike Dealon seems to be wondering whether to eat or not to eat. Club members show off their manners ut the Frcnch Club Banquet. Mrs. .ludy Bryant Mrs. Donna Lewis 5 ' , E L-,L- Nlrs. Fran Caldwell Miss Ann Rushing FH The Future Homemakers of America strive to further interest in home economics, to foster the development of creative leadership in family and community life and to promote appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking anfl good will among nations. With its symbol, the red rose, and its appropriate motto, 'LToward-.New Horizons," the GHS Chapter strives to achieve these aims. Membership is open to all homemalcing students. Mrs. Brant, Miss Rushing, Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. Caldwell are the sponsors. Chapter II Officers: Joyce Wood, song- leaderg Jan Gordon, liistoriang Julia Hitcock, prcsidentg Glenda Rayns, par- liamentariang Linda Knnittlc, pianistg Sandy Walden, 3rd vice president, Sharon Simmons, 2nd vice president, Hilda Tate, song leaderg Kay Wheeler, reporterg Darlene Wolf, 4th vice presi- dentg Charlen Allen, lst vice president, Betty Barry, secretary. I98 Chapter I officers: Cseatedl Rose Ann Michell, secretary, Donna Yeager, pres- identg Joan James, vice presidentg fstandingl Sondra Martin, song leaclerg Ellen Shelton, historian, Jenni Foster, parliamentariang Karen Cabniss, report- er, Karen Smith, treasurer. ,lenia Foster keeps up with the style of short skirts. Future Homemakers work on Christmas projects. Charla Patrick models her finished dress 1n the homes making style show. Sherrie Wise seems to be giving the girls some instructions before the big show. At the "My Fair Lady" style show, Sherrie Urban shows her talents as a seamstress. A f A Chapter 1 Members: First row-Mary Lou Hammonds, Sondra Marlin, Carol Saxton, Patsy Sharp, second row-Carol Sznajder, Jackie Jutson, Sharon Cay, Judy Purcell, Karen Smithg third row-Donna Craig, Kinda Hollaway, Jenni Foster, Christine Moore. Members: First rowfRose Ann Mitchell, Mary Harry, Linda Thmnpson, Joan Jarnesg second row- Nancy Ogle, Donna Yeager, Lana Caraway, Sharon Anderson, Marion McKaskleg third row Betty Tapp, Jody Davis, Karen Cabaniss, Dinah Dewherry, Nancy McCartney. 200 Chapter 2 Members: First row-Gloria Gomez, Sherry Bolton, Joyce Preston, Charlean Harwell, Kay Wheeler, Glenda Raines, Peggy Pirtlc, .ludy Essary, Patricia Wingog second row-Linda Burke, Charlene Allen, Hilda Tate, .loyce Wood, Sharon Simmons, Vicki Key, Darlene Wolfe, Mancy Reynolds, Patricia Taylor, Donna King, Martha Halley, Jay Riley, third row-Cweyn Campbell, Paula Craw- ford, Virginia Creed, Mary Lopez, Phyllis Young, Cheryl Kent, Shirley Hill, Nancy Nall, Vickie Hodges, Christine Shein, Sharon Teein, Chela Luer Man, fourth rowflvatrica Kirphane, Dianna Watts, Darlene Desmore, Donna Heddin, Barbara Nurray, Mary Fitzgerld, Edna McGee, Linda Brewer, Bobbie Tarpley. r Vlembers, First row-Judy Mason, Vickie Wright, Fonda Johnson, Karen Milligan, Lana Morrison, Jerilyn Cox, Marian Baker, Susan Hunt, Margaret McMurrain, Cena Poore, Delores Dacon, lan Gordon, Julia Hitchocockg second row-Cindy Cunningham, Becky Burchfield, .lean Hudson, Sandi Witelnen, Collene Rutledge, .ludy Higgs, Judy Crice, Hilda Williams, Betty Barry, Linda Burns, Denise Wright, Barbara Campbell, third rowALynda Kenittel, Marilane Perriman, Kathy Fishpaw, Margaret Hughes, Linda Shipman, Kay Loden, Wanda Welcll, Cherrell Wilson, Sylvia Samuel, Joyce Harrison, Sue Webb, Sheri Wise, Barbara Willey, Sharon Thomas. Mrs. Maureen Bennett German A new addition to our language department is the German l Club. It was created in 1963. To pro- mote understanding of German customs and people is the purpose of the club. Each member corresponds with a German pen pal. The club meetings are high- lighted with guest speakers or films on Germany. Mrs. Maureen Bennett is the sponsor. Members: First rowglulia Hitehoek, Judy Pugh, Delle Davis, Pat Gear, Bonnie Tipton, Carroll Sewellg second row-Pat De Jong, Peter Voigt, Mike Howington, Le Roy Gouge, Pat Dawson John Haulbrich, Dave Connerg third row-Philip Calvert. Keith Gardner, Bob Shults, Bill Hunt Dale Herrin, Luther Shaw. 202 Members: First row-Terry Gundy, Virginia Barrios, Pat Hoffman, Harriet Edwards, Kendra Hoffman, Vikki Purdorng second row-Pat Coliingsworth, Greta Heifner, Kerry McCrum, Ronnie Goetbals, John Todd, Rick Rothg third row-Jeff Stricklin. Butch Saxton, Mike Campbell, Terry Roe, Lee Waslilnurn, Rick Sanders, Bobby Kirby. Officers: John Todd, reporterg Butch Saxton, treusurerg Vikki Pardom, secretary, Pat Hoffman, presidentg Peter Voigt, vice president. The German Club displays its car entered in the Homecoming Parade. 203 Miss Glo Harrison Gold Jackets The Gold Jackets strive to highlight each home-B team game with drills and routines. They also provide a colorful cheering section for the home A-team games. Their aim is to improve school spirit. Mascot: Lark Skelton Officers: Prissy Smith, president-3 Sylvia Welnb, vice presidentg Linda Ely, secretary-treasurer. Captains: Back row: Sylvia Webb, Barbara Barkerg Middle row: Kathy Sanford, Prissy Smith, and Linda Ely. 204 Captains and alternates take time to pose together before the l.alJor Day Parade. Captains and alternates relax after a hard day's work at Roads End Drill School. 'SHere's to Garland High School," Gold Jackets add spirit to pep rallies. Hand routines add much to the pep rallies. Almost 200 Cold Jackets attend each pep rally. First row-Connie Davis, Lee Nan Myers, Karen Smith, Carol Hardin, Joyce Preston, Julia Mankin, Pat Patrick, Charlotte Jacksong second row-Ann Heinan, Annetta Laye, Rozann Barron, Marilou Lan- nom, Sondra Martin, Becky Stanley, Janis Summers, Kathy Mooreg third row-Cynthia Tackett, Mari- anne Yarher, Sherry Aycock, Beverly Yarbrough, Mary Kapp, Brenda Maries, Berth Galvang fourth row-Marla Myers, Bonnie Tipton, Kay Cockrell, Sherron Conine, Sharon Fain. First row-Janet Coldwell, Mary Argenbright, Donna Holt, Laura Barrios, Janice Day, Marilyn Case, Sandra Kinsell, Kelly Browng second - row-Linda Cotton, Nelda Anderson, Joyce Leathers, Cindy Fincher, Carolyn Kemp, Carlene Johnson, Shirley Hill, third rowffiegina Bardo, Sherry Wortham, Dorothy Dixon, Mary Kay Holmes, Kris Johnson, Linda Cambellg fourth row--Toni Kirkpatrick, Beverly Young, Joyce Harrison, Greta Heifner, Elaine McCluskey, Jane Ant thony, Jeannie Harper. 206 First row-Glenda Watkins, Glenda Dunsmore, Mary Cohhle, Marilyn Wagner, Linda Ashwood, Vickie Wright, Sharon Wright, Angela Fowler, second rowf Lydia Willard, Patricia Taylor, Linda Smith, Sue Bennett, Millie Chance, Carolyn Button, Bobbie Tarpleyg third row-Decky Dager, Linda Novak, Linda Wyrick, Cathy Ethel, Sharon Fagala, DeLu Paul, fourth rowiC-aye Barnard, Pam Ford, Ruth Bewley, Cynthia Wallace, Kitty Brummity. First row-Essie Soliz, Francine Sarvas, Linda Mc- Elvaney, Jennifer Sherron, Carol Spence, Vicki Mc- Elyea, Lynn Brown, Linda Yeager, second row- Pat Moore, Phyllis Young, Nancy Nall, Willette Mc- Croan, Linda Spawn, Gail Wittekind, Dana Roberts, Sharon Thomas, third row-Peggy Scheid, Sondra White, Gay Purdy, Ann Meredith, Edna McGee, Debbie Shelton, fourth row-Kathy Swires, Lorenda Sunirow, Billie Ann Sanders, Hilda Tate, Barbara Strom. First row--Christi Kubrich, Darlene Barbett, Linda Fowler, Ann Jacobs, Vicki Poovey, Peggy Pirtle, Sharon Marshall, Marilyn Fikes, second row-Rose Medina, Diana Pominger, Chris Chick, Beverly Pierce, Sandra l.andtrip, Sherrie Byruni, Vicki Rominger, Nancy Benolds, third row-.ludy Essary, Laura Jones, Penny Garrett, Sandy Crain. Sarah May, Danene McPhail, Marilyn Perriman, Barbara Akin, fourth row-Peggy Dellose. First row--Linda Massingaill, Sherry Mo-oneyhani, .loyce Miller, Angie Holloway, Sue Hawthorne, Patsy Sharp, Pat Metcalfe, Marilyn Heath, second row- Susan Grissom, Mary Lou Hammond, Marie Stebbens, .lere Scruggs, Linda Monthgomery, Patricia Hatchel, Nikki Nelson, ,loylene Riley, third row-Vickie Hall, Collene Rutledge, Elaine Willig, Evelyn Vice, Sue Fuller, Linda Thorne, Judy Turner, Janie Knight, fourth row-Pam Smothers. 207 Mechanical Drawing The Industrial Arts Club is open for hership to all students who are en- M,Ch 1 - M.o. D. sr' ,g mem , , I ar es Wmdom I rm er rolled in or have completed mechanical drawing. By making field trips to indus- tries and colleges in the surrounding areas, their aim to have a more thorough knowl- edge in the matters of industrial arts is accomplished. Mr. Gerald Jackson' MF- Billy Stewart Members: First row-Jimmy Mitchell, Delores Bass, Dale Fletcher, Mary Cannon, Roger Williams, Second row-Randy Raglin, Tommy Dignan, Phillip Barbee, Mike Evins, Gary Kent, Ferris Mc- Collum, Dennis Clarkg Third row-Billie Zaeske, Ralph Cox, Tommy Galbraith, Chuck Landers, Jack Schmidt, Ronnie Lansing, Jimmy Rohinett, Tommy Johnson. 208 Members: First row-Lee Phillips, Charles Cornelius, Ross Perkins, Billy Combs, Second row- Robert Mackey, Wayne Mirnheart, Gary Robinson, Jerry Akin, Henry Bouska, Bruce Taylor, Cary Kinserg Third row-Kerry Hubble, Larry Goswick, Richard Brown, Tonny Walden, Leon Wheeler, Joe Hall, Sebastian Stewart, Richard Mackey. Officers: Richard Mackey, president, Ross Perkins vice president, Leon Wheeler, program chairman, Mary Cannon, secretary-treasurer, Tommy Walden senior representative. Not shown Bruce Taylor, re- p01'iCl'. MECHANICAL DRAWING Members: First row-Phillip Barlnee, Mike Evins, Dale Fletcher, Joel Cooley, Second row-Ronnie Moore, Roy Hyde, Don Pasehall, Everett Costa, Don Bays, Andy Bryan. Junior-Classical Lea ue The Junior-Classical League, better known as the Latin Club, furthers y knowledge and interest among students and in community concerning great i heritage transmitted to us by Ancient Rome and Athens. The club presents MIS-PCSSY5l161t0I1 an annual banquet with meals served in Boman style. ln the fall, Latin l students are bought by the Latin ll members of the club. This money is used in the clubis activities through the year. The sponsor is Mrs. Peggy Shelton. Members: First row-Linda Brewer, Pat Barrios, Toni Kirkpatrick, Ann Keiner, Kriss Brooks, Davelta Ball, Batty Pointer, Gail Ryang second row-Gloria Mayabb, Patricia McCallum, Mary Gail Hender- shot, Claudia Bates, Ann Griffin, Judy Collins, Sherry Aycock, Mary ,lo Kapp, Elaine Willig, Michael Pheiferg third row-Diane Round, Cheryl Kemp, Linda Crigsby, Linda Wyrick, Sharon Conine, Bertha Galvan, Cynthia Jarvkett, Vickie Hodges, Linda Harrod, Cynthia Wallace, Toni James, Rusty Baityg fourth row-Theresa Pritchett, Jerry Carter, Allen Teer, Joe Meritet, Carl Boren, Allen Stafford, Mike Commons, Bill Patterson, Dickie Jones, Don Cooper, Duane Watson. 2l0 Officers: First row-Kathy Pearce, historiang Pat Bar- rios, representativeg Sharon Graves, active chairmang Claudia Bates, recording secretaryg Second r0w4Regina Stone, co-historiang Mike Simmons, treasure-rg .ludy Pugh, vice prcsidentg Karen Barnard, co-secretaryg Ellen Strick- len, vice president. Mrs. Noble Spurgin shows Latin students her slides on different countries where sho trav- eled in Europe. Mrs. Shelton shows her class tt chart on grammar in Latin. Latin students take notes and listen very carefully to what is being said. J r. Red Cross Service to others, to our country, and our school. for health of mind and body, and to promote better human relations throughout the world are the pur- poses of the Junior Red Cross. They prepare an over- seas chest and prepare favors and programs for the Veteran's Hospital and charity organizations each year. Miss Adile Anderson is the sponsor. Miss Adele Anderson Officers: Sharon Graves, treasurerg Cathy Pierce, reporterg Standing-Barbara Graham, artist, Connie Lee, vice president: Not shown: Marsha Bellus, president. Members: first row-Sharon Fagala, Sherry Urban, Linda Jocoy, Sharon Graves, Barbara Graham, Betty Barry, Ann Parker, Joyce Miller, Connie Lee, Linda Massingill, Johnnie Hines, second row-Joyce Preston, Helda Williams, Sharon Dublin, Mary Harkins, Kathy Pearce, Bo Peep Wilcoxson, Lesley Dunning, Sandra Flannagan, Linda Partin, Llana Thorn- ton, Barbara Colheinia, Pat Aldridgeg third row-Norma Wright, Darla Harrison, Dianne Rarnph, Tina Lott, Cheryl Kent, Debbie Crouch, Judy Pugh, Marilyn Houston, Laurel Wagner, Diane Foster, fourth row-Arlis Jackson, Dianna Hawkins, 2 l 2 Martha Fabacher, Pat Townsend, Larry Bair, Donna Yeager, Jerilyn Cox, Susan Weliln, Tammy Patton. Getting ready for Valentine's Day are Cseatedb -Marcia Bellus, ,lerelyn Cox, CStandingJ- Barbara Graham, Connie Lee, Pat Aldridge, Tammy Patton, and Sharon Graves. Linda Massingale, Darla Harrison, and Marilyn Houston try to recruit more members for the Club by placing posters on the bulletin board. J M' Connie Lee and Tammy Patton prepare Val- entine plaeeniats for the Old Folks Home. Arranging the valentines on the place mats are Qseatedl- Cathy Pierce, fstandingl-Norma Wright, Pat Towensend, Mary Harkins, Debbie Crouch, Tannny Patton, Elizabeth Pazick. Cynthia Bolten, Sharon Fagala, and Connie Lee. ZI3 B? 'H l ii Y? ca 5 - ki tt To serve' IS the motto of the Key Club. The purposes and aims of the club are to develop initiative and leader- 5 ship and to prepare for useful citizenship in the community. The annual project ft ' u sat e. , f-.1 WEN-My J'-i.1iff'i I? I I of the Key Club is Pancake Day, when it cooperates with the Kiwanis Club 4 V ii in selling tickets to a pancake breakfast, Mr. John Hadskey is the sponsor. Mr. John Hadskey Members: First row-Ronnie Co-ethals, Pat McLaughlin, Randy Lowery, Jimmy Mitchell, Phil Roger, Roy Tally, Mike Morris, Danny Rogers, second row--King Vaughan, Jack Melton, Mike Cook, Roh Burleson, Tim Stevens, Bobby De Larios, John Walker, Billy TOl1lllSOHQ third row-Charles King, Johnny Klas, Ronnie Ford, Jimmy Noska, Charles Smith, Jimmy Adams, Ronnie Bell, Ronnie Baker, Charles Allardg fourth row-Ricky Andrews, Hassan Sharawi, Larry Ledbetter, John Pickett, Tommy Turrentine, Jerry Piccollo, Randy Coethals, Bobby Weaver. Key Clubhers work energetically at a money- Key Club members Johnny Klas and Ronnie T3iSiUg Cllr Wi1Sll. Baker help in preparing for the Classroom 2'4 Teachers Banquet. Officers: First row-Billy Toniilgon, president, Randy Board of Directors: First row-Ronnie Coethals, Tommy Goethals, vice presidentg second row-Bobby Weaver, Turrentineg second row-Johnny Klas, Charles Allard, secretaryg Johnny Klas, treasurerg John Pickett, Randy Goethalsg third rowdCh:1rlcs King, John Pickett, reporter. John Walker, Bobby Weaverg fourth row-Billy Tomilson, Danny Rogers. Members: First row-Marion Williams, Glenn Webb, Cary Jones, Ronnie Cox, Jimmy Westerg second row-George McKool, Jack Melton, Frank Testa, Dennis Wolfe, Rick Shugartg third row- Steve Collins, Cary Jacobs, Robert Koerth, Kenneth Kattawar, Bubba Moffatt, Bill Dutton. 2I l Mrs. Nelleen Womack Mrs. Margaret Korioth Officers: First row-Peter Voigt, parliamentariang Danny Dancer, presi- dent, second row-Linda Brayton, historian, Luther Shaw, vice president: Marie Nobles, secretary: Darwin Bacon, treasurer. Library Club X To encourage other person-s to want to read good literature and to render service to the library are the aims of the Library Club. With a friendly smile, the members help stu- dents to locate books inthe library and find information in reference books. Mrs. Nellen Womack and Mrs. Margaret Korioth are the sponsors. Members: First rowslfvetty Tapley, Linda Keltner, Linda Brayton, Pat Smith, second row-Sharon Hendershot, Karren Milligan, Ann Varner, Ann Cieb, Connie Tuggle, Olga Lambert, Linda Dale Sally Bennett, Patty White, Karen Farr 6 Barbara Graham, third row-Charles Axe, Mike Howington, Roger Williams, Tom Forbis, Jay Yeager, Paul Piccola Peggy Strawbridge, Peter Voigt, Ed Thompson, Danny Hanson, Ronnie Moore. Mrs. Woniaek helps teachers find infor- mation needed. Tina Plate takes time out from filing for a friendly smile and wave. Members: First row-Nancy Ayers, Linda Alderman, Lana Morrison, Hilda Williams, Charlean Harwell, Harriet Blankley Sandra Tuck, Marie Nobles, second row-alerilyn Cox, Joy Rush, .ludy Dison, Tina Plate, Martha Hatley, Gary Sharp, ,lolinda Rockett, Diane Halpin, Judy Reeder, Karen Cornett, Donna Novakg third row-Denny Fain, Darwin Bacon, W. C. Dykes, Robert Scott, Bonnie Harper, Ross Perkins, Mike Evins, Lesley Dunning, Luther Shaw. gipyggsgg. fxirfweyafqsrz , aegis l , r . ffft.i,,,. v,., I ' iq lvl u Alpha Theta Mrs. Alta Lee Altom sponsors the GHS chapter of Mu Alpha ut xl, is Theta, a National Organization. The cluh's purpose is to promote an interest in mathematics, its instruments. and their application to the sciences. S21 'fsf2f.m,, H' ' r 1 W ' ' ' 1 , , U...-, ,. 'Y ls!-,f.V:-WL-rf' f TI I. : .wr 57ff"l:'ff7 S T 41 .Zf ',. ': - .4 L 1- kj, 5' Mrs. Alta Lee Altom Officers: Julie Alexander, secretaryg Ronnie Bozman, treasurerg Mrs. Alta Lee Altoin, sponsor, Bill Shipp, vice presidentg Diane Clanton, president. 2l8 Members: First row-Sharon Hendershot, Karen Drinkard, Donna Parker, Gay Dodson, Linda Brayton, Mary Beth Bowers, Pat Barrios, Sandy Duncan, second row-Ralph Cox, Jerry Deaton, Lowell Halpin, Ray Rushing, Roger Cadenhead, Billy Hunt, Bill Dollar, Charles Cliden, Kirby Endsley, Jerry Butler, Delbert Burton, Don Beaver, Jim Hoffmang third row-Bill Addington, John Horack, Billy Combs, Rick Hill, Wayne Gill, Tom Poole, Charles Baker. Members: First row-Lea McMurray, Nancy Lawson, Nancy Vernon, Shelia Jackson, Ellen Strick- land, Dedri Rose, Judy Pugh, Judy Walden, Kay Yeager, Kay Wood, second row-Charles Sneath, Bubba Moffett, Lynn Broyles, Robert Koreith, Charles King, Mike Kennedy, Gary Love, Johnny Klas, Larry Ledbetter, Steve Rhodes, Don Miller, Dwayne Watson, third row-Dan Anderton, Larry Landrum, Johnny Arthur, Jim Starling, Mike Spaniel, Lynn Dendy. Bill Shipp, Ronnie Bozman, Julie Alexander and Mrs. Altoni discuss business for their next meeting. Donna Parker points to a problem during one of Mrs. Altom's explanations, while fellow students look on. Mr. Ralph Pease FL To promote the interests of interscholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking by encouraging a spirit of fellowship and by confer- ring upon deserving candidates a worthy badge of distinction are the purposes of the National Forensic League. The group is the elite of the competitive speakers speech de- partment. The greatest value of NFL is the encouragement and incentive it gives its members to become effective speakers and hence more successful and more influential citizens. The sponsor is Mr. Ralph Pea-se. Officers: First rowslulia Hitchcock, president: Belly Lance, reporterg second rowf Susan Jarali, historiang ,lerry Denton, vice president: Ronnie Bozrnen, treasurer. Hard at work are they! 220 Julia Hitchcock, President Memlfers: First row-Mary Beth Bowers, Susan Jirak, Betty Lance, Andrea Eubanks, .lulia Hitch- cock, Cary .lonesg second rowgCurtis Hanks, Ronnie Bozrnan, ,lorry Denton, Steve Albright, Dennie Wolf, Bill Hunt, Ellen Stricklin. Barbara Wiley proudly displays the trophy she won in speech analysis at the Bellaire speech tournament in Hous- ION. Shown displaying her trophy is Ellen Stricklin, who win first place in the Original Oratory at the Adamson Speech Tournament, and Ronnie Bozman, who won second in Extemporaneous Speaking. VIC The Vocational Industrial Club is composed of students par- The ICT is a program providing technical instruction and " supervised experience directly related to a chosen occupation. The club's motto is '4Preparing today for leadership tomorrow." Code of Ethics VIC MEMBERS SHOULD: Exercise proper respect for the rights of others. 3 ticipating in Industrial Cooperative Training. if ,"': i f I in y ddc a re 1 is Mr. Charles Robertson Respect and obey the rules and policies of all host schools. Dress in an acceptable and appropria.e manner for all occasions. Take an active part in all VIC Work. Realize the importance of VIC for all members. Uphold and practice the true meaning of the VIC Creed and Pledge. Be a good sport in all VIC-sponsored activities. Strive for better health of body and mind. Be industrious at school and at Work so that a better knowledge of the chosen occupation might be obtained. Practice the Golden Rule. Officers: Weldon Cabiness, sergeant-at-arms, Joyce Doward, reporterg .lulia Simms, secretary, Connie Shewmake, vice presidentg Bruce Taylor, president. Members: First 'row-Tonnny Overall, Joyce Howard, Brenda Button, ,lean Wingog second row- Connle Shewmake, Leslie Rogers, Charles White, Alan Ferguson, Wilkie Boyd, Weldon Cabaniss 222 Margaret McMurrian, VIC Sweetheart Pledge UPON MY HONOR, I pledge to endeavor to train myself by diligent study and ardent practice to become a worker whose services will be recognized as honorable by 1ny employer and fellow workers. I shall through honesty and fair play respect the rights of my employer, my instructor, and my fellow classmates. I pledge myself to honor and respect my vocation in such a way as to bring good repute to myself. That my expectations of reward shall be based upon the solid foundation of service, I shall spare no effort in upholding the ideals of my training organization and the Vocational In- dustrial Club. Mr. Robertson shows members of VIC pictures of a club activity. Members: First row-John Villa,'-Gail Craig, Beth Brock, Julia Simms, Henry BouskH3 second row-Lee Phillips, David Billard, Mike Lingberg, Stewart Sebastian, Bruce Taylor, Harry M1tChC1l- I 223 it .fn 9 Spanlsh Club .I J -if, Los Conquistadores, better known as the Spanish Club, aims are fe, , to promote a better relationship between our country and the countries i t of South America. To teach interesting Spanish traditions and cus- , toms are among the clubis purposes. ' ., , E Vi The main project is to publish the GHS student directory. Mi-ss J Katherine Stephens is the sponsor. Miss Katherine Stephens Spanish l Officers: Pat McLaughlin, presidentg Janice Butt, reporter, Lynne Brown, secretary, King Vaughan, treasurer. Spanish I Members: First row-Tommy Carey, Wayne Echols, Roger Poore, Bob Shugart, Kent Demetri, Pat McLaughlin, King Vaughn, Bill Cody, Sal Hollaman, Bill Frizzell, Ronnie Ford, Tim Biggsg second row-Cynthia Jonas, Joyce Rice, Sherry Smith, Carolyn Swindle, Angie Holloway, Sally Bennett, Johnnie Lee, Marilyn Heath, Diane Halpin, Janet Coldwell, Mary Cobble, Sharon Clopton, Charlotte Jackson, Gail Trousdale, Saundra Graham, Carol Napier, Gayle Holt, third row-Joe Driver, La Donna Howard, Freddie Boyd, Wilette McCroan, Laura Barros, Linda Campbell, Barbara Jones, Ellen Shelton, Genie Fraley, Jean West, Sandy Myers, Barbara Williams, Lynne Brown, Janice Butt, Cathy Harrison, Beverly Young, -fourth row-Ann Jacobs, Jo Ann Wilson, Jimmy Walker, Rita Vaughan, Patsy Griffin, Judy Ponder, Paul Tatum, Billy Moalden, Mike Cartwright, Whit Tiver, Debbie Crouch, Beverly Hardy, Evelyn Vice, Jere Scruggs, Cathy Ethelg fifth row-Richard Wlleat, Stanley Griffin, Randy Lowry, Arlan Sherrill, Gary Hufstedler, Mike Clark, Johnny Seaboure, Jackie Daniel, Ronnie Spivey, C. A. Theiss, Billy Brownrigg. 224 Spanish ll Members: First row-Gwynn Barker, Sherry Urban, ,lan Williams, Judi Sides, Sharon McCowen, Sandra Terry, Sally Sellers, Harriet Blankly, ,lean Kirby, Diane Cook, Second row-Sonia Huffman, Sharon Simmons, Ann Parker, Linda Martin, loan James, Paula Roberts, Jo Claire Kopczynski, Pat King, Marsha Moulton, Linda Amis, Nancy Tipton, Suzanne Kidd, Cecilia Jackson, Third row-Ann Jackson, Glenda Hodkinson, Karen Cerniak, ,ludy Higgs, Kay Crossman, Wenda Walker, Pat Grisson, Deanna Hawkins, Pat McCallum, Helen Halladay, Peggy Branlly, Barbara Cohlmiag Fourth row-Mike Watkins, Ronnie Ingram, Mike Morris, Rex Smith, Ronnie Harper, ,lorgann Jackson, Larry Bair, Marie Cherry, Bob Walker. Bill Dollar, Ronnie Bell, Larry Landrum, ,lack Hogges, John Todd. Officers: Top row-Helen Holladay, treasurer, Jorg- ann Jackson, president, Marie Cherry, secretary: Sonja Huffman, reporter, Bottom row-Barbara Cohl- W mia, vice president, Sherrie Wise, reporterq Harriet Blanklenreporler' Spanish ll students work hard translating their class work. Chemistry Club To increase knowledge in Chemistry and to further in- terest in chemistry is the purpose of the GHS Chemistry Club. Through securing guest speakers and field trips, the club strives to fulfill its purpose. Mrs. Ruth Peters Mr. Lester Hickman Members: First row-'Randy Barringer, Judy Kershner, Jeanne Hamilton, Cindy Cunningham, Grace Hanson, Bonnie Hinshaw, Mary Beth Bowers, Claudia Bates, Kaye Crow, Connie llowman. Carol Huston, Diane Cornett, Second row-James Walden, Mike Simmons, president, Anna Stalling, ,Teri Chnsser, Nancy Tipton, Regina Stone, Sheila Jackson, Dcbhie Davis, Jamie Gilmer, Diana Wood, Susan Hunt, Sandra Terry, representative, Vicky Hamilton, Glenda Hodkinson, Put Nesthus, Larry Morrow, Third row-Ellen Stricklin, Becky Riddels, Jerry Kelley. W':llter Smith, Nell Stokes, John Todd, Jerry Butler, Jody Fry, Susan Webb, Don Bays, Dale .loCoy, James Lawson, Charles Baker: Fourth row-Bennie McCartcr, Andy Lipscomb, Billy Hunt, treasurer, Jerry Davis, Don Cooper, John King, Cliff Halal:-man, Herry Luman, Bill Dollar. Richard Oglesby, Ronnie Harper, Ronnie Bell, Rex Smith, Guy Hull, Billie Zaeske. Members: First row-Buddy Echols, Bruce Taylor, Sydna Hulbert, Sandy Duncan, Diana Clanton, Cindy Blaton, Kathy Pearce, Judy Pugh, vice president, Connie Lee, Second rowfKirby Endsley, Paul Tatum, Gary Tillesson. Bill Mahan, Danny Finch, Becky Riddcls, Gay Dodson, sccrctaryg Robbie Juday, Karen McArthur, Candus Crawford. Mary Gamble, Third row-Phil Hampton, Ronnie Bozman, Steve Rhodes, Charles Finklcn, Mike Deaton, Charles Axe, Bill Frizzell, Diane Wheeler, Pat Grissom, Delores Buss, Fourth row-Mike Boyd, Keith Washburn, Bill Combs, Jerry Dcaton, Doug Christiansen, ,loc Driver, Jim Hoffman, Donna Novak, Duane Watson, Emory Hunt, Karen Cabnniss, Pete Lohstreter. 226 Advaucecl Chemistry Members: First row-Gay Dodson, sccrctaryg Judy Pughg Rabbi Judayg Diane Clanton, Randy Barringcrg Mike treasurer: Eric Johnson, Charles Alardg Second row-Jim Hoffman, Tom Poole, representative: John Pickctlg Jack Whitesideg Jerry De dent, John Wall-cor, Mike Wlngoner, vice presidentg Joe Pickle, Mike Kennedy, Ray Rushing. Physics Club of the Physics Society. Mr. John Wagoner i Underwood, aton, presi- To further the study of physics and gain information about physics in future college Work and to obtain scholarships for its members are the purposes The Motto is "Hard Work Plus Speed Equals Knowledge Plus Successfi Mcmhcrs: First row-Pat Barrios, treasurer: liubhi Juday, Diedri Rose, secrelaryg Judy Pugh, presidentg Tom Poole, Randy Barringcrg Second row-John Pickett, John Walker, Jack Whiteside, Robert Grimslcy, Larry Lcdbeltcr, Randy Goethalsg Third row-Charles Alarcl, Joe Pickle, Jerry Deaton, representative, Mike Kennedy, Ray Rushing. vice president, James Waldron, John Drury, .lim Hoffman. uill and Scroll Mrs. Sara Blackburn Miss Louise Hum Membership in Quill and Scroll, a national so- ciety for high school journalists, is open only to those students who work on the OWL'S EYE and OWL'S NEST. Officers: First row-Linda Ashley, treas- urer, Delores Allen, secretary: second row- Joan Wolf, presidentg Sharon Darby, vice president. Members: First row-.lulie Alexander, Oma Lee Crawford, .ludi Sides, Janice McKinney, Mary Argenbright, Kathy Sanford, Glenda Gossett, Pat Taylor, Vikki Lawson, Sandy Duncang second row-Linda Ashley, Pat Nesthus, Betty Lance, Pat Aldridge, Delores Allen, Janice McMullen, ,lane Ramsey, Jamie Gilmer, Ann Giebg third row-Joan Wolf, Jeri Lynn Stanton,'Jerry Ramos, Chris Shivley, Larry Morrow, Tommy Wright, Carolyn Reeves, Sharon Darby. 228 Pat Aldridge, Marilyn Witt and Kathy Sanford discuss plans for the 1964 Annual While . . . Jane Ramsey and Vicki Lawson, members of the Business Staff, discuss the problems of finance. The 0w1's Eye takes pride in the paper as shown in its Homecoming entry. lf.....uu. M, .A The 0wl's Nest Staff car said Hwelcome fixes" in the an nual Homecoming parade. 229 Editor Chris Shivley Circulation Manager 0wl's Eye The OWl's Eye Staff is in charge of publishing the school paper. Six issues are published each semester. The students Work on the paper a period each day Without receiving any scholastic credit. It' is sponsored by Mrs. Sara Blackburn. Feature Editor Sharon Darby Linda Ashely Business Manager ,loan Wolfe KN iety Editor ori Lynn Stanton Assistant Editor Betty Lance Photographers Chris Shivlcy Buddy Ozunn Jay Spraggins Sports Editor Jerry Ramos Advertising Managers Julie Alexander Onm Lee Crawford Owl's Nest Editorial Staff COPY EDITOR Janice McKinney PICTURE EDITOR Pal Aldridge ACTIVITIES EDITOR Marilyn Witt CLASS EDITORS Judy Sides Carolyn Reeves Pal Nesthus Ann Cieb PHOTOGRAPHERS Chris Shivley, SPORTS EDITOR Buddy Ozannc .lay Spraggins, SPORTS EDITORS 23Z Publishing a well-rounded annual is the big responsi- bility of the editorial staff. The staff is continually busy identifying picturesg making layouts, and writing copy. With the help of the sponsor, Mrs. Sara Blackburn, and the co- operation of the staff, deadlines are met so that finished hooks may be delivered to the student body in May. a EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Delores Allen ART EDITORS CLUB EDITORS Simdb' Duncan Mary Argenbright Ronny Blasingarne Kathy Sanford Business Staff The business staff, directed by Miss Louise Hunt, is in charge of financing the yearbook. The selling of school pictures, yearbook subscriptions, and ads to the business firms are the various ways they accomplish this purpose. One of the projects of the Qzntire Owl's Nest Staff is sponsoring the annual Popularity Rall which is held in January. BUSINESS MANAGER Jamie Gilmer 3 PRODUCTION MANAGERS ,Jack Whiteside Terry Williams ADVERTISING MANAGERS Janice McMullen Jane Ramsey CIRCULATION MANAGERS JUNIOR ASSISTANTS Larry Morrow Sharon Graves, Cary Jones, Pat Taylor, Glenda Gossett, Vikki Tommy Wright Lawson, and Pam Hendrickson, alight and Liberty go together," is the motto of the Social Studies Forum. The aims of this club are to sup- plement and give new dimensions and forceful direction to classroom efforts by utilizing special scholarly talent . made available to us by colleges and universities, labor and business. To have available outstanding speakers in the social, Mr. Alton Williams Mr. Jimmy Strain science, and history fields is one of the many projects of the club. Mrs. Grace Wright Officers: Seated-Jan Cordon, treasurerg Barbara Williams, vice presidentg Standing-Karen Nickens, secretaryg .lerry Deaton, president, Suzanne Kidd, reporter. L Members: First row-Terry Williams, Charles Axe, Sharon Hendershotg Second row- Chris Shively, Scott Reynolds, Diedri Rose, Barbara Williams, Gay Dodson, L. D. Carpen- ter, A. R. Sachtlebien, Chuck Landers, Third row-Marsha Moulton, Sally Sellers, Sandra Campbell, Barbara Bollard, ,ludy Hicks, Debbie Crouch. 234 Members: First row-Cary Jones, Jack Whiteside, Karen Nickens, Suzanne Kidd, Lowell Halpin, Andy Lipscomb, ,lan Gordon, Kaye Crow, Kandis Hardin, Linda Quillin, Terry Williams, Second row-Kay Yeager, Sharon Graves, Larry Landrum, Winifred Woo9Donna Parker, Delores Bass, Linda Jarvis, Paula Davis, Julia Hitchcock, Susan Evans, Third rrmgljglaiacy Ogle, Brenda Owens, Billy Bryan, Teddy McFaryn, Richard Bolton, Nancy Patterson, 'Ni -e Vice, Mike Simmons. ti ggdfffuwfdw ,QV 591243- nqfd Professor Cockran a government professor at SMU, spoke to the club on the foreign service. Mr. Jimmy Strain introduces Professor Cockran to Jerry Deaton. Mrs. Martha Willis Danny Sims, Student Council president. tudent Council From the all-school elections in early September to theelose of the school year, the GHS Student Council keeps moving. The Council is the backbone of the activities and projects of the school. The Student Council's purpose is to maintain successful school government, to foster good citizenship, and to encourageworthwhile school activities. Mrs. Martha Willis is the sponsor. i Officers: First row-Judy Pugh, reporterg Becky Jones, secretaryg Sydna Holbert, his- toriang Carroll Sewell, treasurerg seoond row-Danny Sims, president, Tommy Thomas, vice president. 236 Executive Council: First row-Becky Jones, Sydna Holbert, Diane Davie, second row-Dennis Wolfe, Ronnie Bozman, Judy Pugh, Linda Oglesby, Carroll Sewell, Pat Mclsaughling third row-Bobby Weaver, Tommy Thomas, Danny Sims, .lore Driver, Roger Sewell, Charles King. General Assembly: First rowf.loyce Shaffer, Judy Landress, Sue Van Zant. Linda Alderman, Paula DeArrnent, Sandra Terry, Charla Patrick, Jerilyn Cox, Karen Nickens, Johnnie Lee, Suzanne Kidd, Marilyn Heath, Carolyn Swindle, Rozann Barron, Sherry Aycock, Donna Holt, Linda Ingram, Deloria Allen, Sondra White, second row-Yvonne Watkins, Joyce Wood, Diana Horne, DuLu Paul, Myrna Bailey, Pat Collingswoth, Linda Ashley, Judy, Agnew, Brenda Button, Linda Beasley, Jo Claire Kopczynski, Pam Henrichson, Nlarvin Guynes, Jack Roberts, Tommy Tompkins, Pat Tripletg third row-Johnny Jarvis, Andy Lipscomb, Ronnie Cox, Bill Patterson, Rick Shugart, Phil Jones, Mike Partridge, Doug Longwell, Jerry Butler, Ronnie Ingramn, Cary Jones, Larry Russell, Burran Thomas, Bill Sharp, Bryce Taylor, Cay Purdy, Dennis Wolfe, fourth row-Keith Gardner, Bill Lyons, Robert Koerth, Philip Burke, Gary Jacobs, Larry Ledbetter, Ricky Andrews, Kenneth Carpenter, Harry Hill, Dm Cordon, Duane Cross, Jack Whiteside, Ronny Williams, Leon Whcller, Lenneth Rattaman, Jimmy Noska, Randy Coethards, Kirby Enclslegy. e B J . -' - ,,,. X ,,,., K, A ,, . J' ' gy' ..., 1 H V f Le , s , rf 1 'X 1, ' ' - ei, t : ,- " P f X ,. '?' ,... t ff: 'I F t 'N Q " ' 7 '- ' e :tra .f er ,.--cf N1 . " I if K, V. ' ,j S - 1 1 fr ,,, 2 1- , . - The Owl Guard consists of ffront rowj Billy Tomlinson, Dennis Wolfe, Tommy Wright, secre- tary-treasurer, fstandingb Bob Burleson, Tommy Thomas, president, Bobby Weaver, vice presi- dent. Marie Cherry, Homecoming Queen Student Council members take time out from their busy schedule to clean the fountain before school starts. 237 ational Honor Society The National Honor Society, whose colors are white, purple, gold, and red, symbolizes character, leadership, and scholarship. These are explained during the initiation ceremony held each spring at a special assembly. New members are admitted to NHS at the end of the fall semester with the approval of the faculty. Members rnust MiSSMHdaffD11HiC1 MrS.EliZf1l1ClhDriV6r maintain a 92 grade average. The sponsors are Miss Madge Daniel and Mrs. Elizabeth Driver. Diane Clanton explains what one of the society's colors symbolizes to the new members chosen. Officers: Jeanne LeCroy, reporterg Sue Van Zant, sccrctaryg Kenneth Kattawar, vice presi- dentg Andrea Eubanks, treasurerg Larry Ledbettcr, prcsidentg Sydna Holbert, historian. 238 The Valentine tc-legrtnns is ai NHS nioncy raising W project. Ronnie and Sharon discuss what they will send in their tclcgrmins. Members: Firgt row-Synda Holbert, .ludy Landress, Gail Matting Second row-Karen Drinkard, Judy Pugh, Jeanne Le Croy, Diane Clanton, Andrea Eubunks, Sue Van Zantg Third row-Helen Hollziduy, Delbert Burton, Larry Ledbetter, Bill Shipp, Kenneth Knttuwar, .lack Whiteside, Dedri Rose. 239 240 Clinic Assistants include Beverly Nicholson, Glenda Stroud, Janice Crider, Janice lIcKinne-5. Clinic Assistants The clinic assistants help Mrs. lsett and Mrs. Hicks Care lor the students who become ill. The assistants take and record temperature, file and pull records, keep the clinic orderly and do simple first aicl. Sherrie Murphy seems to he trying to get Cary to say 'lAh." Linda Langford, Kathy Langford, Patty White, Barbara Jones lm GA Office: First row-Julie Alexander, Diana Peck, Marie Cherry, Roseanne Mitchell, Verna Strawn, Linda Brewer, Prissy Smith, Gena Poore, Gail Martin, second rowgAleIa Coldwell, Regina Stone, .ludy Ponder, Cecelia Jackson, Sharon Liernian, Pat Triplett, Charann Hare, Gloria Rugherford, Lynn Ewing, Cindy Salnmons, ,lan Gordon, third row-.lackie Hutson, Benita Cannaday, Linda Kendrick, Betty Lovil, Kay Ray, Joan Wolfe, Patricia McCallum, Vicky Hamilton, Lorenda Sumrow, Gail Robinson. Office Assistants Picking up absentee blanks and checking them is only one of the many duties of the Office As- sistants. These girls add a colorful touch to the office and run errands for both GA and AD offices. Lynn Ewing helps Hrs. Bechtol with office work. AD Office: First row-Marilyn Fykes, Barbara Barker, Carolyn Pike, Mary Shipley, Sherry Aycock, Barbara Knappage, Linda lVlartin,,Sandra Terry, Sarah Mayg second row--Glenda Kirk, Ann Gordon, Kathy Pearce, Greta Heifner, Beverly Hardy, Gayle King, Sylvia Joi-dau, Paula Roberts, .ludy Grice. IT 'S TIME FOR i s P g -E ME in gf , , r kg 5 J'-'gx5A Z - ,. KL, XX x 243 f X, N A ly k Becky Burchfield 1 Dale Davis BeckY Jones Synda Holbert Homecoming Nominees Homecoming Queen for 1963 Marie Cherry was presented during pre-game ceremonies at the Sherman-Garland game. Carolyn Hatfield, Miss GHS of 1962, crowned Marie, and Thommy Thomas, Student Council vice president, presented her with a bouquet of American Beauty roses. A parade and the Coronation Ball were given in her honor the following day. Eight nominees were chosen by the senior class. Final vote was cast by the student body. Homecoming weekend was sponsored by the Student Council. Margaret Mclllurrian Barbara Williams Carroll Sewell Kenneth Kattawar Becky JOHCS C Senlor Marie Cherrie Delbert Burton Sue Van Zant Danny Sims All GHS Gary Bridges Judy Pugh Bill Hunt Vickie Stone Junior All GHS Sharon Graves Gary Love Cindy Blakeway M3fViI1 GUYHCS Sophomore All GHS Roger Sewell Diane Davie l . e- K aw ff fzfeiw vga?-,ffawf -1 ,, , , . .mf " Ky,-v:f'1 ma::iZ'L-:t,5L',.LX,lr " 'umm :smif ---mfEgsw.Qe silk- f-,mxs J, . we-lifif. ZH 115 - f ,,., . USL: W , W 4 1 1 1 I Mr. GHS Ralph Weaver qM,,,,,s. Senior Class Favorite Danny Sims Becky Jones '94 f ,, A V , 2 Q1 - .5 , . , V X, m H ,.,. A ' A ' ' A , L , ,, T' ig ,jd .V 4' M is kwin , kia 55: .,.l 5 , . kk r ex fy? mf 512:21 1, 1 , ', A fig :MF 311' Q41 1 . Q 4 W' Q vii E, Q , i W x l .- .... ' 41'-1' Q 3 W? 4 C Senior Best All Round Sherrie Murphy Weldon Mullins .W ,W V f: 51 A W' 'WW-'-W" ' IVLA V .V L- ,gwwfl mzwgggggsfag-Q14-Wsw wg ' f UK wwf-M-sg.,,.mmgggm3 6,55 LT fi. ',,'1AiM'L,f I Zll q,lfX 1- ,1 ,,v,,-1: ,Wx m,,.s,gm,.X,m..M.g igasgifgwzfm. myLg:-vgsiv1f227.sssQf',1-Ms... ' ,, .. ,,Wi L1 mm, . Z, ,K .hx . . fywsgwHmmm,Q-:ww ,- w515fsszs:wif--3:-:H-:H-E gg pg gi fzwki fL.2Hw.f Z1 fm, :iw-,wff5cz45Q.sez :12525211fv , f - f - , myW-U:-:fw,ifm,,',,,:l,,M: A- H Qmsei1,s1e1f.:-' W, ,Hi-lf, ' " f L W l R wzmww f. mwwmw1..AA. wg . ffm., in my 1 131111: mn' ew- Amr A-ffA- F My - - Most Talented Robbie Juday Jerry Deaton Most Athletie and 'V Most Feminine Becky Burchfield Gordon Bloek ' ' i 257 Q '---f .. , wmlm fai mwjamzmzzmammr' wf::Ma1narx:,a1r If ,- 1. z- ff f- J. .mssmwema ff Q x Q v f"M"'-w. www 1 .71-+4 , V J f '.,iff"4"4, S422 ' in , . A 2 ,fvw aww ' 1. . f,. ,,,. ,M F 5 -A V vffgf-,ff , ,,,. , V V.I,z. t AV K 4 s a.-an 555964 , my " V ., f - ,Q 3, w pf, - W, - , Q. L aww M, . 1 Q . i g ,?'77fEff3filfl"wefF 4 M14 w k,4,nf" 4 K f ' y W xg V , 3 ,Mfr N V fe' H . " ' f , L ,2f??'?!9M,,g,f A' M ' . gs xx 1 2355 wmawwvwzzwzwsmimwwan, H:-1,-2 .- mm- -,fm ml .M ,.,, ,,-- f ,.Qm,m11mw'- -: 5 Y? QV if 521 2 l E 555 E! S M Junior Class 'Favorite Brenda Huggett Bill Hunt l mv' 'E Junior Most Beautiful and Most Handsome Vickie Stone Andy Lipscomb 266 ? 1 3. 'K an xx .ww 2, QW Q f , f 'SLQILQMM ,gf 5 . M 1 ,U 3 ,w,,,,ww.- w , . , . K. 4 z,fz1::.:-M.-W A i fg55ngZ1zisfsgs1z i ngzffuzifiw' ' ' gfswffgzvssfzf- img Gsm 5. gf . W, . Q 11 QQ gmfiv, S, ,XL.,L X ,. XuXX,, ,, wg L, Ab M ,Vx fb.-A My ..., , 1V,A iw, Eff Y -"SSH fit, ,rg 0 sgggw 3- 43 dw fr ,gsggf E?j5:', 2115, 51511452 1 , Y mmmw fx,-MM m X 5 I x ,S 4, I E l l E. V i L F x ,f.. n L i. v-, ,, 4 9' 2215A W Wim , , ominees for 1964 Popularit Ball oulin Rouge Nominees: First row-Karen Drinknrd, Sue VanZnnt, Syndu Holbcrt, Sue Webb, Cay Coin, Susan Greenwood. Sue Gibson, ,lun Cordon, Diedru Rose, Judy Pughg Second row-Bobby Turner, Don Cordon, Kenneth Kuttawar, Tommy Thomas, Robert Koerthg Third row-Terry Clark, Don Law- rance, Charles King, Jerry Deaton, King Cole, .luck Whiteside, Larry Ledbetterg Fourth row- Rnndy Goethals, Ronnie Blnsingamo, Phil Ruger, Dan Staring. Serving punch and cookiee at the refreshment table at the ball are annual staff members Carolyn Reeves and Kathy Sanford. Nominees First row Delle Davie, Barhruu Dixon Jorggnnn Jackson, Betty Barry, Pries Q I , ' , ', . . ti : ' ' - '- ' ' , '. ' ' - , ' th, Margaret McMurr1an, Brenda Bourn, .ludy Landrcss, Sherrie Murphy, Second IOW' ily, Carolyn Reeves, Diane Wheeler, Joan Wolfe, Betty Hutton, Third row-Tommy " - it, Billy Tomlineon, Leon Wheeler, Hike Wagoner, Cordon Blocl, Weldon Mullins, Johnny las. as W-'fb Zvi Q39 A Q, ,W ii nl' Kali-fkfw v V W ar x 'WS 5 M52 is 2. 5 ,Q , M P Sv ii ' f' In j ,I i r if W .. H wa 5 Jn 1- VQ? M ,N , fi gi L, 'X wr' ax 1' 2-S A 35345, ,X f m. .1-' " P cgi 'ref 'SRE fyf 'GM Ll' A' .11 , ,Qs . 31 ,. W, , f' Y wg 'Zig Q fx ' af' M 52 K w fm 5 ww 543' X -1: ' W , , M ww. .AQ Wm W , ,N iw' M , , ,Z Ai, , 12 5 ' xqifiiln ,, M ' ffl, ,, Q M gf. Emi- f pm 4, r Nw L Y J Q -M .2 7 Y' M5 ? EJ was The 1964 Valentine Court The 1961- Valentine Court was presented by Kenneth Kattawar at the dance given hy the seniors in honor of the juniors February 15. Prince and Princess Mike Morris Linda Ogleshy Royal Court: Duke Phil Jones, Duchess Linda Browder, Duke Gary Love, Duchess .lan Starr, Duke Ronnie Scoggins, Duchess Sandra Vibrock, Prince Mike Morris, King Tommy Thomas, Queen Barbara Williams, Princess Linda Oglesby, Duchess Margaret McMurrian, Duke Larry Ledbetter, Duchess Gay Coin, Duke Don Gordon, Duchess Betty Barry, Duke Ronny Baker. 4. 6. 1 .Qs if EZ' -vv .ffwx 4 40 235 's -i".1"X . , km' 'K 3 . 3 kan 1, f 9 vm- sa my www. W Exx IT'S TIME FOR N Y September Come on, Don! The back-to-school dance was better than that Or was it? Better ask Delores and Sydna. Registration wasn't had at all. Head Cheerleader Linda Ashley leads on the fighting Owls at first pep rally. Debs promote school spirit at pep-rally. Is this a new version of the hand-jive? MWMWSV fs Wi?2wa-WMM M52 E33 gm 'P-NZ?" asian wit Y Q i A xml' ksxi., f,,55,,Q,wQ.t. , - , L,.. , A J E s. K my .. nk it A Vhyb A TJ' V ' I 'L A L" K, V' ' i f.,f 5' off ,. :W e-tsf g ttlt fig tg e , .t t t e Everyone takes an interest in Garland's pep rallies and spirit runs high. Judy Presley initiates Jo Ann Mit chell at Choralaire initiation. Hold on, Dale. He just wants your picture, not your autograph. Gordon gets a kick out of Danny's speech. Students get together before school. Future janitors of America work hard to develop their skills. October Trophy cleaners of GHS. Gold Jacket officers prepare for Labor Day Parade. my Mike Hemphill seems to have cleaning problems of his own at the Key Club car wash. Student Council officers for 1963-64 are Becky Jones, Sydna Holbert, Judy PughQ Tommy Thomas, Carol Sewell and Danny Sims. If you think the pep-rallies are crowded-come to the games. 280 y . " i1 el' Hey Jeanne, did someone tell a Joan Swifte? 'YF -grab NH ,ky""vf' .y T mv f N' "Z:-V fl? f VV F rf f J, I Qs f , , . F' 'W A- 'W N M' A -5 ' 1, x fx Asif, A i x M fn' Q V A we A M ,Q 2 1 i X , ' V Q - , W V. Mx, L' , -swf A - A ., - 6 img If they ask where I am don t tell them October y N ., , , , ' . y f---N , , W , 4? X 4 ,, Eat drmk and be merry' Right Diane? A K i -. GHS band members seem to enjoy the performhice Q ,, VA of the visiting band. "' . .vc ' if It's an Owl in a horse suit! An Owl photographer will do al most anything for a picture. Seniors prepare for "The Big Day" by ordering graduation invitations. Jerry Deaton adds another honor to GHS when named a finalist in J. R. seems to be having a problem with his apple at the the Mem Scholarship Contest' Fair. B-Team Cheerleaders Kathy, Cindy, Freddie and Not everyone seems to want Charles Beverly rest after hard practice. Kingis autograph. gs , Shall we dance, Cary? GHS students crowd to the gates to praise the victory over Highland Park. GHS students meet on the campus after school for a friendly game of football. Who told you that you could take my picture? Ralph "Freight Train" Weaver leads the Owls into another exciting Pep Rally. 283 November crib ow N4 Teachers, Debs Cold Jackets and, Garland fans in general hack the Owls all the way. l 5 - mm. un-an-ununn-:snr unn-nuns'-nun--n, insists:-mai K nr: , Y A H, 4, is K as W B-team Cheerleaders, driven by their sponsor, Mrs. Martha Willis, rode in our festive Home- coming parade. The twist was the popular dance at the Coronation Ball . . . MLEL, But, it sure was good to rest your feet. Q, if esp V warfmssf-at ,W i . .. ms., 5 Joyful Marie Cherry, Homecoming Queen of 1963, poses for her first official picture along with Tommy Thomas and Carolyn Hatfield. P, .Q 1 , l MMM,,,,W-M----4 x .afsw-:vmffw . ,,,,.w ,M lin 9 ' ll' i E , X C., it 1 t gf fi K. i x ,rgynbr In the parade the following morning, Marie smiled and waved to all who looked on. 285 November COACH CHUCK CURTIS: Before . . . And after another outstanding Owl football victory. During . . . The Exes looked on as Ollie Owl proudly wore the crown of District 7-AAAA for GHS. Willing Garland boys risked their status as loyal Owls when they portrayed past Owl opponents at the Horne- ooming Pep Rally. lu December NW nf This snowman told us Christmas was just around the comer. Beat Paschal! And we did-34-Ol GHS students the Owls as they Amarillo to play in semi-final play cheered left for Tascosa offs, 287 December Coach Brown canlt quite decide which senior cheerleader he should buy a haskethall hanner from. These students seem to be proving the point that it's Future Nurses work hard on their yearbook. strictly a dogls life. Speech students gladly display two of their tro- Thoughtful senior Peggy Strawhridge is always ready phies. to help! 288 --l.L-- Cheerleader Marie Cherry is seen in deep President of the Richardson Student Council, shown with Danny Sims, pre- sented this live mascot to the Garland Owls Prior. Senior boys yell for another Owl victory, thought during the Miller game. t Leon Wheeler. shown with "his gang," did much to promote Owl spirit. Cheerleaders lead in the yell-"We want State Y January Q -'I - Q-In 1 s X, V I 'x ' The snow gave Cindy some extra time to study for CXHIHS. Brenda finds extra time between classes to 290 study for her next exam. W -,,L:i i Q. A. R. just couldn't resist the temp tation as Bill turned his back. Sandra Vibrock, Tricia Hatchell and Linda Oglesby proudly display the finished product. ii Jamie Gilmer and Delores Allen prepare tables for the 1964 Popu- larity Ball, Moulin Rouge. Delores Allen and Jamie Gilmer announce Mr. and Miss GHS nominees for 1964 and present the winners. Mr. Hudson discusses future senior activities Seniors admire u diploma in a mounted frame at the senior assembly. January Eager sophomores do their best in Deb try outs. Debs andzdulnsv all seem happy. Leon Wheeler seems to have emerged from the Hgroup below!" February ,lay Spraggins,HMike Boyd, and Henry Luman sign up as coaches for the Varsity Club "Powder-Puff" football game. Senior boys raised the Rebel flag on the anniversary of the day Texas seceded from the Union. Becky Pruitt took advantage of the Student Coun- cil Valentine telegram service. Speaker at the Brotherhood As- sembly was Mr. Dan Pratt, minister of music at the Wilshire Baptist Cliurcli in Dallas. Kenneth Kattawar delivered the message 1 Ronnie Harper. -2125. iff? '7- K -,tk -2 'f- ' ,, ,, 1 z ..f, Ziff 'U .,-Liar: , 2 N V,W2 g2Lik ai.. . . .wmfm y, as ,, 2-g , P-L :si 1 --yy - . : ,Vw QL ,f 1-42514 ,,-wa, " -,r 1: ' 1+-52 . 2' g g-Q fy :. gif? , A wif? f' if '- 75' fP'1"21i1'?.?:f5f1ii,iT3 'N 94 fi nn- "jd QA ' K V 4 5- f Q' NA IT'S TIME F OR 298 Garland Owls State AAAA Champs Garland will long remember the year 1963. For the first time since 1956, the Owls won the State AAAA Champion- ship, and for the first time since 1945, the Garland Gang went undefeated. State sportswriters picked the Owls to finish second in District 7-AAAA competition, behind Highland Park. Many scribes remarked that this year was to be one of rebuilding. But after the first game of the season it was evident that Gar- land was the team to beat. There were two dramatic turning points during the sea- son. The first was the sensational final-quarter victory over arch-rival Highland Park. The second was the equally come- from-behind victory over the Tascosa Rebels for the semi- final victory. Both wins gave the hard-fighting Owls crucial victories which they were not predicted to obtain. Ralph Weaver, bruising fullback, was named to the all- state first team as well as being selected Most Valuable Player in the Championship game with Miller of Corpus Christi. Named to the District 7-AAAA squad were Don Cordon, Duane Cross, Cordon Block, Bill Crump, Gary Bridges, Bubba Moffatt, Delbert Burton, Ronnie Cox, Phil Jones, Johnny Klas, Jimmy Adams, and Ronnie Scoggins. After the season ended, the Owls were chosen the number four team in the nation by a national poll of sportswriters. Coach Chuck Curtis, who won the State' AA Championship the preceding year at Jacksboro, was named Coach of the Year by the Texas Sportswriters Association. il The Making of Champions First row-Clifton Turner, Mike Cook, John Klas, Hugh Collins, Rick Shughart, Ronnie Cox, Gary Edgar, Steve Rhodes, Paul Engle-britseng Second row-Don Lawrence, Roger Parker, Ralph Weaver, captain, King Cole, Jim Adams, Cary Love, Harry Hill, Phil Jones, Jerry Butler, Third row-Vic Shugart, Gary Bridges, captain, Ronnie Seoggins, Weldoii Mullens, Danny Sims, Bubba Moffatt, Delbert Burton, Gene Mays, Bill Cruinpg Fourth row-Henry Lunlan, Dickie McCullough, Lowell Halpin, Don Gordon, Bobbie Turner. Denny Wheat, Duane Cross, Gordon Block, captain, Andy Lipscomb. GUARDS: Top, Mike Cookg Bottom, John Klas, Bubba Moffatt li' TACKLES: Top, Harry Hill, Duane Crossg Bottom, Cary Edgar, Vic Shugart 300 CENTERS: Top, Dickie Wheat, Gordon Blockg Bot tom, Gary Edgar TACKLES: Top-Dickie McCullough, Bobby Turner, Bottom-Delbert Burton J GUARDS: Topsflene Mayes, Bottom-Cary Love Steve Rhodm TopiTackIe: Bill Shipp, Guard Cary Jacobs, Bot- tom-Back: Mike Flannagzm QUARTERBACKSQ Top, Danny Sims, Jim Adams, Bottom, Andy Lipscomb, Phil Jones HALFBACKS: TOP, Jerry Butler, Roger Parker, HALFBACKS: Top, Ronny Scoggins, Bill Crump Bottom, Gary Bridges Bottom, Ronny Cox 'V J n 4 ENDS: Top, Don Gordon, Henry Lumang Bottom, Don ENDS: Top, Lowell Halping Bottom, King Cole, Wel ' Lawrence, Hugh Collins d0I1 M11l10I1S P FULLBACKS: Top, Ralph Weaver, Clifton Turnerg Bottom, Rick Shugart Garland 28 - Thomas Jefferson 0 The Garland Owls opened a new season with a bang. 'A packed crowd at Williams Stadium watched the Owls roar past the Thomas Jefferson Rebels 28-0. Action got rolling quickly for the Garland gang. The first time they pos- sessed the ball, the Owls scored with Ralph Weaver carrying. Danny Sims converted, and the Owls led 7-O. Garland dominated the entire con- test. The Owls led 21-0 going into the fourth quarter when Bill Crump scored with a 70-yard touchdown run. Sims again converted to conclude the scor- ing. Although the Owls showed up im- pressively, the Dallas sportswriters picked the Owls to finish third in Dis- trict 7-AAAA competition. Jimmy Adams 1145 pitches out to Bill Crump i205 Don Gordon K8-D sidesteps a Rebel defender. 1 s ww L. i QQ W MM. Garland 23 - Grand Prairie 8 Andy Lipscomb 1111 lunges forward for the first down. Phill Jones C173 just can't stand to see anybody lose the ball. Gordon Block 1565 goes in for the kill as the Gopher runner shuts his eyes. The Owls journeyed to the first out of town game of the season with Grand Prairie. Bringing plenty of spirit and fighting power with them, the Owls scorched the Gophers 23-8. Bill Crump highlighted the game with a dash of 79 yards for a touchdown. The long run came in the second quarter fol- lowing a Jimmy Adams completion to Don Gordon for the first Garland score. Other scoring for the Owls was a plunge from the two by Ralph Weaver for 6 points. Danny Sims split the up- rights for a field goal and kicked two con- versions. The lone Gopher score came in the third quarter as the Gophers opened up with an air attack and moved to the Owl 9, where Gary Gilbreath hit John Horsley who took the ball in for the score. Garland 31 - McKinney 6 The Garland Owls kept up their brilliant pace of consistent football, beating the McKinney Lions 31-6 at Williams Stadium. The victory was the third of the season against no losses and one dead- lock. The first Owl score came late in the first quarter when halfback Bill Crump took off around left end and went 13 yards to paydirt. The T.D. followed a 64-yard march. Danny Sims converted and the Owls led 7-O. Ralph Weaver kept the fur flying as the big fullback went over from the 7, with 17 seconds remaining in the first quarter. This time the point after failed and the Owls led 13-0. ln the second quarter Jimmy Adams com- pleted a 14-yard touchdown pass to Don Gordon. Sims faked the kick and Adams passed again to Gordon. The Owls were way out in front 21-0. Late in the first quarter Sims kicked a 32- yard field goal and late in the second half, Ron- nie Scoggins raced 45 yards for a tally with Sims converting. The Lions got on the board with a 4-yard dash by Charles lVlcKissick, but the Owls by that time had an assured Victory and the score con- cluded 31-6. Take this-Gary Bridges, 20, throws a forearm at a Lion defender. Big Ralph Weaver breaks loose for a long gain. That's Bill Crump churning for extra yardage. Don Gordon races over to cut down McKinney's 24- ' 307 Garland 22 - Highland Park 20 Two Owls leap up and attempt to break up a Scotty pass. The big rival game ended with a happy bunch of Owls taking a 22-20 victory back to Garland. The Owls came from behind in the final period to overcome the Scots. Going into the final period the Owls were trailing 14-7. But with 7:51 left in the game, Gary Bridges hit off left tackle and rambled 15 yards for the touchdown, following an 83-yard Garland drive. The Owls then trailed by one, 14-13. They went for two as Jimmy Adams hit Bill Crump in the end zone for the go-ahead points. For the first time in the game, the Owls were in the lead, 15-14. Soon after, the Owls took over on the Scot 22 and drove to the 3 where Ralph Weaver bull- dozed his way over for the score. Danny Sims con- verted and the Owls led 22.14. With a mere 1:52 left, Neal Starkey rared back and fired a long pass to Al Mallouf who hauled it down and went in for a 65 yard touchdown play. But the Owls held in the point after attempt and for the first time in the 6 year series the Garland Owls beat the Highland Park Scots. Marie Cherry and Sue Gibson anxiously await the results of a measurement. Right: Big Don Gordon chases a Scot late in the game. 308 ' l Garland 39 - Mesquite 0 Ronnie Cox played in the Skeeter backfield all night. Here the Owl trips up Mesquite's 22. The Owls were still steaming after the High- land Park victory. The Garland squad met the Mesquite Skeeters at Williams Stadium and gave them a real working over, 39-0. The first quarter looked as though the Owls were ready to set a scoring record. Ralph Weaver powered across for the first tally and Bill Crump was credited with the next T.D. In the second quarter the Owls went to the air and moved deep into Skeeter territory. Danny Sims put another 3 points on the scoreboard for the Owls with a brilliant 14-yard field goal. Still in the second quarter, Weaver bulled his way 1114 yards for a touchdown. For the third con- secutive time, Sims booted thepoint-after and the Owls led 24-0. Ronnie Scoggins added the next two Garland touchdowns. The tough halfback scrambled up 90 big yards rushing, and carried to paydirt on a 10- yard sweep and raced from the four for the next score. The extra points were added and the Owls piled up a 39-0 massacre. Don't do that! Gary Bridges points an accusing finger at a Skeeter poised to bring him down. Ralph Weaver rams across the line of scrimmage for.a score. 309 Garland 35 - Denton 13 .lohnny Klas, guard, pulls acro t t B h'1 G - - . Bridges follows him with the ball. SS O rap a I-Oncol W le ary tercgg::kl3!imBXtia?E3mp recclvcs a pass from quar' The Denton Broncos, who were considered by some people as one of the weak teams in' 7-AAAA, proved to be a probable darkhorse in the 7-AAAA race, The Owls won 35-13 after a slow first half. Gary Jacobs got the action rolling earlywas he picked up a Denton fumble on the Bronco 25 and traveled all the way for the score. Danny Sims con- verted and the Owls led 7-0. The Broncos took the kickoff and moved 83 yards in six plays, sending quarterback King in from the 5. The kick was good and the game was tied 7-7. With 3:30 remaining 'in tlie first quarter, Jimmy Adams dove from the one footline for another 6 points. Sims split the uprights and the Owls had the 7-point edge. Denton sprang back in the second period with a T.D. but missed the conversion try,'and the Owls led at halftime 14-13. Garland rallied in the second half, sending Gary Bridges for one tally and Ralph Weaver for two big touchdowns. Sims booted the points after and the Owls came out on top, 35-13. 3l0 A familiar scene. Ralph Weaver fighting for yardage with a Bronco trying to bring him down. Bill Crump i205 crashes to earth while Bubba Moffatt and Don Gordon rush over to lend a hand. Garland 32 - Richardson 7 At the first of the season, Richardsonls Eagles were predicted to be strong contenders for the 7-AAAA crown. But when the Eagles met the Gar- land Owls at Williams Stadium, 15,000 spectators, Garland's largest crowd in history, watched the Owls blast Richardson 32-7. Richardson kept up the pace with the Owls in the first quarter. After the Owls put 6 points on the scoreboard, Richardson fired back to add 7 and led at the end of the first period, 7-6. In the second period the Owls broke loose with two touchdowns that gave them an impressive 21-7 lead at halftime. Danny Sims booted a field goal in the third quarter to give the Owls 3 more points. The final T.D. came in the last few seconds of the game. Ronnie Scoggins showed his power and running ability as the tough halfback gal- loped 38 yards to paydirt. Delbert Burton nabbed the Eagle quarterback in the end zone for a safety, and the Owls ended the game with a 32-7 district victory. A high-flying Eagle leaps over Gene Mays C615 in his rush to make the stop of Garland's Bill Crump 4205. Ralph Weaver scores but fumbles in the end zone. Lowell Halpin recovers for the first Owl tally. 3Il 3I2 Garland 20 The Owls clinched a tie for the dictrict cham- pionship and earned a playoff birth as they jour- neyed to Denison and whipped the Denison Yel- lowjackets 20-0. Late in the first quarter Ralph Weaver took the ball and rambled 38 yards for the first Owl score. Danny Simis kick was no good and the Owls held a 6-point margin. Denison 0 Early in the second period Gary Bridges raced 413 yards with the help of fine blocking to give the Owls a wider margin at halftime. Sims added the point for a 14-0 lead. With 5:05 left in the game, Weaver added the final tally as he blasted over from the Denison 2. The kick was good and the final score stood at 20-0. Bill Crump 1203 seems to hit a solid wall of determination. Don Gordon f84D just couldn't hold onto the hall. Ralph Weaver C375 plays string along with Denison defense. Garland 27 - Sherman 7 The Owls display excellent teamwork as Gary Bridges 1225, rounds left end for a long gain. Lowell Halpin C805 and Ronnie Cox 1243 block a Bearcat punt in the Sherman end zone. The Owls scored seconds later. Ralph Weaver i375 is stopped short of paydirt as Duane Cross 4703 charges over to block. Garland's Owls rolled past the Sherman Bear- cats 27-7 to complete the season with an unde- feated record, the first unbeaten season since l955. The Sherman victory gave the Owls the district 7-AAAA championship and earned them the right to enter the state playoffs. The Owls were first to score as they drove 76 yards, the first time they had the hall. Ralph Weaver thundered across from the one to put the Owls in front, 7-0. Weaver, district scoring leader, plunged from the one, for his second T.D. in the second quarter Danny Sims converted and Garland led at inter mission, 13-7. The Owls drove across for two more touch- downs in the final quarter. Ronnie Scoggins, rap- ped out the first as he scampered 32 yards. Jimmy Adams hit Lowell Halpin with a 25-yard touch- down pass for the final 27-7 score. 3I3 Garland 58 - Texarkana 14 Ronnie Scoggins, 30, eludes a potential tackler. All-State fullback Ralph Weaver runs over a Texarkana tackler while John Klas, 50, blocks. The Tigers from Texarkana, journeyed to Garland for the AAAA bi-district game. But the Owls sent them home with their heads in a swim. The Garland gridders blasted the Texarkana eleven 58-14. The Owls jumped to a 14-O lead with 5:44 re- maining in the first quarter. The Tigers were quick to get their bid on the board. The Texarkana boys rang up their first touchdown early in the second period. Ralph Weaver scored his seventeenth touchdown of the season, climaxing a 62-yard march. But Tex- arkana popped back with another T.D. to make it 14-20, still Owls. From there it was Garland all the way. The Owls held a 30-111 lead at halftime and by the con- clusion of the third quarter led 37-14. ln the final period, Ronnie Scoggins marked up his second tally of the game with a blast from the Tiger 3, which tipped off a 65-yard drive. Roger Parker tore to paydirt from the 10-yard line to put the cork in the bottle for Garland and when Danny Sims added the last point the Owls came up with a 58-1-l massacre. Roger Parker, 42, blasts through a wall of Tigers to score. F- M- - nm , 1 Garland 34 - Paschal 0 One of the little known reasons for Carland's success was the line's blocking. Bubba Moffat, 67, and Johnny Klas, 50, Clear a path for the backs. Bill Crump, 20, breaks into the clear for a long gain. Seven Owls are in on the tackle and stop Paschal's hack for a Fort Wo1'th Paschal who was highly rated after their victory over No. 1 rated South Oak Cliff, were due to propose a threat for the Owls. But the Garland crew stacked up 34 points to win their quarter- final contest 34-0. Ralph Weaver' charged for the first Garland tally on the hoard with 5:40 re- maining in the first period. Danny Sims' kick was blocked and the score stood at 6-0. With 8:53 remaining in the half, Sims split the uprights for a field goal that gave the Owls a 9-0 lead. When the first half ended, the Gar- land eleven had marked up 15 points and the score at interniission 23-0. ln the final half, Garland grabbed another touchdown and a field goal. Mike Flanagan hit Gary Bridges in the end zone for the score. 3l5 Garland 7 - Taseosa 6 The action gets rough as Gary Bridges is upended by a pair of Tascosa defenders. Pat Harkins, Tascosa's quarterback, saw many dark-shirted Owls throughout the con- test. The toughest game of the year and one of the coldest took place at Amarillo. The Owls clashed with the Tascosa Rebels who threw up a rigid de- fense and an offense. which kept the black and gold on its toes. But after four quarters of tension packed action, the Owls came out on top, 7-6 for the Semi- Final win. Danny Sims and Gary Bridges did the scoring chores for the Owls. Bridges hit for five yards around left end in the third quarter for the touchdown. With the game depending on his kicking ability, Danny Sims booted the extra point and the Owls had the vital 7-6 edge. Kicking ace Danny Sims boots the game- winning extra point. Notice how close the ball came to being blocked. I W ummm-u u. ,,,,,m..,.. nwmmwnw Garland 1 - iller 0 Cary Bridges, 22. scores the final Owl touchdown as he scarnpers around left end. Garland's undefeated Owls journeyed to Austin where they met the Corpus Christi Miller Buccaneers for the state final game, declaring the Texas AAAA champs. The Owls displayed a mixture of a dazzling offense and a hadgering defense to blank the Buccaneers l7-0 for the state crown. Danny Sims kicked a 31-yard field goal. Ralph Weaxfei' scored after setting up his touchdown with a spectacular run. Gary Bridges capped the scoring with a nine-yard sprint around end. Weaxfer' was picked by the sports scribes as outstanding player of the game. The all-state fullback stacked up 100 yards A proud Coach Chuck Curtis is con gratulated after he wins his second chain on 16 carries plus his touchdown at the end of the game. . . . 1 Y p10I'lSll1p in as many years. Bridges lowers his shoulder and fights for extra yardage. 1963 Garland B-Team District 7-AAAA Champions After a slow start, the Garland B-Team experienced a fast finish and won the unofficial District 7- AAAA Championship. Most of these players are transferring to South Garland High School and will be coached by O,Day Williams. Don Schmidt and R. E. Dodson led the Owls to the B-Team crown. Top row, left to right-Coach Don Schmidt, Trent Phips, Carl Bradford, Mike Nalley, Randy Carter, Don Locke, Randy Ross, .lim Goskey, Tony Holland, Chuck Rogers, Doug Frye, Coach Dalton Hicksg Third row-Louis Braxton, Richard Fred- ricks, Carl Douglas, David Stapp, Jerry Piccollo, Hugh Horton, Richard Sparksg Second row-Mike Mays, Glenn Webb, Gary Marks, Ronny Ford, Ronny Bridgewater, Marvin Gymes, Charles Bowles, Pete Hammerly, Phil Warlin, Mike Rankin: First row-Jack Roberts, Mike Mobley, Billy Mouldin, Pat Lowrey, Jerry Carter, Jerry Rowe, David Green, Gary Ferrel. Leslie Dunning. 1963-64 SCHEDULE Garland ,.,,,,,, s,..., 6 Carrolton W Garland. ..., , .ttt.,,,t 32 Terrell s,ss,. ,,t, , Garland ,,,, t,.... 7 Grand Prairie , Garland ,C ,,.... 0 Richardson Garland ,tttttt, ,.,,ss 1 414 Highland Park Garlandv ,,.t ,,., l 5 Mesquite ,,,,,,, Garland ,,,,ssss .,,,,..., 2 7 Denton ,,,,.,, Garland, ,,,, t,,t. l 5 Richardson Garland ,,,tt,t ,,,,t,,, 4 1 Denison sss,, Garland ,,t, t,,tt, , 42 Sherman i..V The 1963-64 Garland OW s Top row-Mike Boyd, Tony Cyganik, Bill Dollar, Mike Locke, Coach Joe Brown, Joe Driver, Don Jacobs, Robert Corlett, Kirby Endsleyg Bottom row-Jody Fry, Ronnie Ingram, Mike Morris. Mike Lowery, Bruce Taylor, Roy Talley. SCHEDULE Open Garland l,,Y,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,, 4-l Samuell ,.,,,, Garland ,,,,..,,,..,.......,,,., 50 Kimball ,vY,,,,,Y Garland Tournament Garland ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........ 71 Crozier Tech ..,,. ........... Garland ,,,,,,,,.,, .,...,,,, 4 3 Samuell ..YY.,,,Y Garland ,,,,,,.,, 44 Waxaliachie Open Garland ,,,,,r,,,r, , r,,,,,,, 50 Kimball ,,,,, 1 Garland ,,,,,,,,,,,, 39 Samuell ,,YY..... Jesuit Tournament Garland ,,,,,,rrr,r ,,,,,,,,,, 4 6 Adamson ,.,,,,. Garland ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 6 9 Cleburne .YY,.,...Y, Garland ,,,,,,,,r,r ,,,,,,.,,, 5 8 Bryan Adams Garland .,..,.,....,,77, ,.,,,,7 5 0 Richardson ....,,,,. ..,,,,., Dr. Pepper Tournament Garland ,,,, ,,,,r,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 4 8 St. Marks ,,,Y,,,,YYY .,,Y,... Garland ,,,,,,,,r ,,,,,,..,. 5 0 Bryan Adams District Garland ..,.,,,.,,, ,,,,,,..., 5 6 Denison ......,,,.,,..,,, ,,,..Y, Garland ..,,,,...., ,..,,,..,, 4 6 St. Marks t,..ttt.tttt.,,,,,,,.,,,t, Garland ,,..,,.,,, 43 Highland Park Garland .,..,,,.... ,,....r,,, 5 1 Denton ..,...,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,r,, Garland ....,tt,Y.t ,tt,t.... 6 6 Mesquite ..,t....... ...,....., Garland ,.,,,.,., 49 Sherman ,,,,,, Garland ,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,, 4 7 Richardson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Garland ,,..,.,,,, 64 Denison ...i..,,.............,..,.., Garland ..,.,,,,,,, ,,.....,,, 4 1 Highland Park Garland ,,,,.,.,,,, ..,i.,.... 4 7 Denton ,,,,,,,,..., ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Garland ,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,... 7 4 Mesquite ........,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. Garland .,..., ,,,.,,,,, 55 Sherman The Owls of Garland came up against a tough district during the 1963-64 basketball season, finishing in fourth spot with a season record of 11 wins and 14 losses, and a district record of 5 wins to 7 losses. Losses in district play were at the hands of Highland Park, Denton and Sherman twice, and Richardson once. The Owls took wins over Richardson once, Mesquite and Denison twice. A .F in , W 4.1 .w . , ,,, X. . Fly. M W9 'Qi' ,.....,.fr' xv l 91 it A 2 g ,s M Q ' ,Q Q 11 5 X2 wax f TM, ,al-,wjQ1:k 21511 W S- q, .,,, ,., we Aw W , ye' K 5: few fs ahv- Nf .1 ASS -anu- -Q, 533: '55s 1 Wim my MJ W if ' is .Q 352 K 'S ' 5 3. CQS Q x .T-.x A . Y-xg 'ity 54?- ,ni 4 And up we go. A mass of humanity leaps upward for a rebound. lXlesquit0's 40 heats thc rest for the prize. ......f" Thafs ,loe Driver. Garland's All-District haskethaller demonstrates his award-winning form. flueftl Denton's lim Williams, 45, along with Owls Bill Dollar, 14, and Mike Locke, 23. 325 fLeftJ Joe Driver, 25, rebounds while Mike Locke and fl Denton Bronco watch and wonder. CBelowJ All eyes are on the goal as Mike Boyd, 33, Iobs the ball through the basket for two points. Ball, ball, who has the hall? Eager hands of both Garland and Denton cagers grab for the elusive basket- ball. 1964 Garland 'B' Team Bottom row-Phil Hampton, Chuck Stevenson, Mar k Bird. Dale Cole, Mike Mozley, George Lyonsg Top row-Roger Henson, Stove Mitchell. Roy Sowell. Coach Dalton Hicks, Tommy Sibley, .lerry Armstrong, Lynn Lelflore. Coach Dalton Hicks took over as B-Team men- tor this past season, and came through with a fairly successful basketball season. His B-cagers finished the season with an overall record of ll-7. ln dis- trict play the Owl sophomores rolled up an 8-4 clip. At the beginning of the season, the B's looked as though they were going to have one of the most unsuccessful teams that Garland has ever had. But as the games progressed, the Owls came out of their slump and began to improve. When the district campaign opened, the Car- land squad got things rolling with an impressive win over Richardson. However, the Owls lost their second tilt to Denison and a thriller to Highland Park and Denton. Finishing up the first round, the Owls heat Mesquite and Sherman. Then the second round began. Garland Waxed Richardson for the second time, scored a victory over Denison again, and dropped a thriller to Highland Park by one-point in the waning moments of the game. The final three games were in Garland's favor. The Owls looked brilliant as they slapped Denton. Mesquite and Sherman to complete the season. Sparking the B-team were ,lerry Armstrong. Tommy Sebley and George Lyons. However Lyons was unable to play most of the second round, after undergoing an operation. The Garland Tennis Team Members: First row-Connie ,lo Lee, Tammy Patton, Rozann Baron, Randy Barringer, Sandra Graham, Dennis Gooch, Eddie Landrum, Second row-Linda ' ' La Donna Howard, Harriet Edwards, Sandra Flanagan, ,ludy Pugh, Kay Q- andy Evans, Debbie Couch, Anita McLauchling Third row-Kathy Harrison, a rissom, ex Cooper, Larry Landrum, Robert Wick, ,lim Hall, Mike Bezusco, Boll Walker, Kirk Huffman. COACH ALTOM WILLIAMS The Garland tennis team has another large squad this year. Under Coach Alton Williams' direction, the large squad learned the many skills required by expert netters. With five letterrnen returning, the Owls looked forward to a winning season. ROBERT WICK LARRY LANDRUM BOB WALKER JIMMY HOMER A JIM HALL As Kay Ray watches, Sondra White returns the serve during a practice session PAT GRISSOM SANDRA FLANNIGAN KAY RAY JUDY PUCH The Garland Golf Squad Back rowflames Starling, Tommy Turentine, L. D. Clopton, Tom Pooleg Middle row-Pat Craw- ford, Johnny Drury, Rex Smith, Larry Coldwell, Phillip Barhecg Front row-Richard Jones, Roger Bateman, Buddy Ozanne, David Tropp. Zack Hodges. COACH BILLY STEWART Garlandis 196-It Golf Squad had the largest number of boys on the roster since its beginning. With lettermen L. D. Clopton, Tommy Turrentine and Tom Pool, Coach Billy Stewart had excellent potential for a suc- cessful season. The golf squad participated in the annual district meet. Golf is a sport requiring quick thinking and consistent playing. Not only must the golfer know the course, but he must have a knack to make the right play at the right time. .Tommy Turrentine putts out on the tenth hole in a match with Sherman. L. D. Clopton taps the ball only to see it miss the hole. He sinks the putt on his next shot. 0 Golf - The Sclence of Putting . . . 33I IT'S TIME FOR KEHQEEQQQJ. Garland Shopping Cenfer "GOOD SHOES PROPERLY FITTED" 9 P before you spend " wig' ' . . ' pig.. ,Qin more, compare ALWAYS runs? QUALITY , , gg.. '1'fif g5?g. Penneys low pnces! 2:E:QE5?5E: I' A Bird' Z.. ' " ""' " " ""::'-I VVVQ' Complimenfs of DR. J. H. MONTGOMERY, O. D. AND STAFF I EXAS STATE QFTICDAIJ CONTACT LENS SPECIALISTS V W IBO9-B GARLAND SHOPPING CENTER 'HE Laundr Afleaners f , .1 Clilalllllf! "Congra+ula+ions, Seniors" 'EEY19' FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GARLAND 700 Avenue A Serving in Garland Since I906 OFFICE SUPPLIESXOFFICE FURNITURE , Q OGLESBY'S JEWELRY horper printing GIHS for +he Whole Family CQTTIDQUY I807 SIdIIern Plaza BR 8-8876 ZOI5 SATURN ROADXGARLANDTEXAS M. E. MOSES CO., INC. 5-I0-25C 8: SI.O0 R. OI. EVANS GARLAND SHOPPING CENTER PON-I-IAC 1 GMC COMPANY "Where Your Money Buys The Mosf GARLAND, TEXAS 27I3 S. Garland Ave. Phone: BR 8-6I07 - 1 v P I i W THE mill! SCHEID AGENC - - -- 5- - " E - f ' ig? 'Q 42-1 .f , . ,L HIV -3- 1 ,- , -'jr E'J'4:"" -Ei , 1 'f -i Li i --- -l- 1' 'L r- - 'L"'- f ,K ' Zi '- 'lL - Tdi -5 fr , ' -ll F-'T f -..... -11' 'Tr'-F-'K -' ., -Ti . -QS'-3 1 H is-L 'ix---LZ-L? -T'--hi T- :V V "'7!117Tf..'-3'lT?Z?'J-57'T-315'-T'.u1 Lrg. Au - -.-. - -,, , . . in-Yr - I - x.. . an -Q .-k.K.'S':- 104 RIDGEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER CALL BROADWAY 8-8156 GARLAND. TEXAS TOY VILLAGE Toys, Hobbies i Ar'r Supplies i Firsi' S+ree+ Shopping Cenfer FLOWER SHOP 2525 S. Garland BR 8-2i53 DON ALLISON'S GARAGE Carburetor Tune Up and Brake Specialist "Ge'l' ii' Done Righi ihe Firsi' Time, Avoid Cos'I'iy Re'l'urns" EKUTEIH CongrahHaHons Seniors 1964 - 65 THE GEOTECHNICAL CORP. 340I SHILOH ROAD Congratulations GARLAND BANK AND TRUST CO. 746 gcmbtiatfezadcecb gacwag AUTO BANK LIVE In Garland MUNI OPEN BANK In Garland I 9 A.M. TO 7 P.M. .II I il IIN.-'I .,-.?wN'mm3um I IIL IE 5 1 MII -wa. ,...... T... ...... 2.2, A f " -B1 Loan DeparI'men+, Drive-In Bank and New Accouni' Deparfmeni' are open 9 A.M. +0 7 P.M. Monday fhrough Friday . . . "70e2i Zeke to Say Zee! MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION H. W. JONES HARDWARE A. B. HBENNYH MORROW Low, low prices a+ BODY SHGP ZALE'5 E- Garland Avenue Firsi' S+reef Shopping Cenier THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS C0. Painfs - Varnishes - Lacquers - Allied Produc+s OWLERLAND 3207 Foresi' Lane BR 6-seas 'X' GARLAND, TEXAS X X" 1 Way? n ' ' kg' f f 15 U ,X M f , Q 1 L' ff' V ' v q fn' f L W. ' ML ,7 f mmg 1 V N LL LL UL O .ZA N 'lj J' J gf 1 V 'y , W f L, ,, , 1 'Mu W f ' l' ' .V Lf I 1 I , ,f JV" ' f f lf W Y ' X, 1 f Lf , X , ,ff N ff f , X 'G , H ' W 1 , , I, 1 L" , J .K 1, ' ,f ll, , , L f ' , ,x ,' ' I If, I f f , L , rw , f , 1 W , , ,f I. 1 f , 4 , ' fl fzf Q y KW M N ff FV L 6 qt ffl? L' x K fy 4 L, f I Q WJ, if J Q 1 1 X u L3 QL D Ji fb if LL gtk? X k J 6 ln? VL L QL, twl K jk LL I L lc! V qql L ,JV , rl , I , I , 0 X V' 5, v w , 1 f 1 , , X N ,X ,' 7 N' ,lL L 5 AL If ! A f JL? q J fm My , L' W Lu qv fit KL XV 7 N Lf J ', 'x . ' , Gwrf' 1 UL 'JL 'W My nf Lb fx L L 'f v, V fy ,, , , WL W 7' ,by X' A 7 7f1f'Z L5 V SWL 'lily VIL L VL! X97 x M P , Mfvp , X I ,C A ff F 5 1 , ap ,W gf 1 L, W M by WV 1 W J , ZW fb 1 x 1 KK! V 1U ' IIA, U5 :ff jf W 4 KW fx I Mft 'V 4 fy 446 W if W Aw e fy own XKXCUUH PY J if R ' fd 7 f W J 0 G! w f L f , ,0 C L f , ,.fV f X at fy LJ V If X f V K 1 f ' ' L, Q J if , W cf' ,X ? lb , 1' ff J JW AL I in su 5' 39351 , , , 523 ., . I B s. .eIff fs' A We S x. is mc. 309 S. Garland Ave. BR 6-5lII Across From Ihe High School WYATT'S CAFETERIA 2I7 S. Garland Avenue BR 6-5652 EPPERSON PUBLICATIONS, INC. 523 Shepherd Drive Garland, Texas BR 6-8535 JIM -HOLLAND 2025 Sa+urn GARLAND PHARMACY R for Grealer Garland "We Curl Up and Dye for You" NO. 2 508 S. Garland Ave. BR 6-5049 BEAUTY SALON NO. I No. 3 Across From High School 2639 S. Firsf Ridgewood S. C. BR 8-8l64 BR 8-3502 GARLAND, TEXAS BR 6-5956 BILLIE WALKER - Owner Congralulalions, Owls CITY OF GARLAND Across From High School ' Phone BR 6-53 I0 TWP HARRIS SEAT COVERS lAcross From Hi Schooll 4ll S. GARLAND AVE. All Type Car and Boal' Upholslery P O Box 57 and GLENN HARRIS GARLAND, rms Miller and Firs+ S+ree+ Q 40" 4s : Q. SOE. 5 V ' 5 an 3? ETRIC HOMER A DANIELS Comphmems of LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY DR ROBERT DAY 600 W. Garland Ave. Home BR 6-5537 DR. M. D. MONAGHAN Garlancl Members of 'lhe Texas Oplomelric Associalion Business BR 6-50II f Congratulations Seniors 1963-1964 '7 dpqzxafs '40, C10 va do coo . eaboi 9907 6700 ia . PM 60,3 l23 N. Slar Rd. Owner: "MARC-BE" VIBROCK CANNON DRY GOODS A. N. E. Corner Sq. Downfown INSURANCE GARLAND, TEXAS phone BR 5-6527 "Your Friendly Slore" GARLAND. TEXAS Na'l'ionally Known Merchandise Besl' Wishes 'ro 'lhe Class of '64 , 2, xx-. ' 'Vgfxgzral-f we , 1 1 W we ' V , 'gtg' '3m.:"'.3?:FXi" M xv 023W-as ,, ggi?-5 -Jes, J , 4 'Rf P' 4" ff' "wh- Congra+ula+ions +o THE FIGHTING OWLS "S+a+e Champs l963" 2623 SOUTH GARLAND AVE R8-2030 - BR6-6377 s In Garland, All Signs Point to . . . Eg ret! 2751 South Garland Avenue 'Garland Mayfag Frigidaire Kroehler COOMER INSURANCE Hoover Englander Coleman AGENCY Magnus Organs Tappan Molorola Aulomobile-Dwellin s I' 'gi ! Household Goodsg HOLLENSHEAD .gf BR 65905 . . 6l9 W. Garland Avenue Appliance 8: Furnrlure Co. 4 W GARLAND' TEXAS GARLAND, TEXAS si gag' DOC ALLEN STUDIO q,2?3'6L,g ":lfine Photography for Ulihuse who Gare" Qwwwspnrtraits of Eistinctinnwwaw' Wo Bride Portraits and Wedding Candids Children and Groups FOR Brush Oils PROMPT COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND R lnduslrial - Archilecfural COURTEOUS SERVICE X llluslralive DIAL BR oadway 66789-1- FOR APPOINTMENT l402 James Drive Aix Conditioned the ear ' oun N For You C mfort- Y R d COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO GREATER GARLAND fee M43 :K l ,J l MCKNIGHT DRUG ' Free Prescriplion Delivery N.W. Cor. Square Phone BR 6-655l GARLAND. TEXAS MMu.4l. ..... ,....,..... 31 The Newesl' Always in Fashions ON THE SQUARE GARLAND M ARNOLD 81 MORGAN PIANOS S552 Garland Road Corner Oa+es and Fergu Dallas DA I-2954 "Best Meats in Town" HILAND GROCERY TRAVIS BAGWELL 7I9 Fiffh S+ree+ BR 6-5622 Home Cooked Food To Go Eg , K E co S I STATION 5 , Al 'Hi I WHITEWAY SERVICE I fb I 807 W. Garland Ave. A GLEN WATSON, Owner MEMBER FEDERAL I-IOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION MAJ TITLE f nr-fjbqf! 1731 ijiifxp f -,ii 'LTC X-Xie In NDIISTRIAL AVINGS ASSOCIATION 1820 GARLAND SHOPPING CENTER I GARLAND, TEXAS l BR 8-2191 an Bes'r Wishes, Seniors DEEENDABLE ROYAL PLAZA if DRUGGIST Laundry Dry Cleaning GARVIEW REXALL WE DO IT ALL IN GARLAND Firsi S+ree'I' Shopping Cenier H2 E' Square GARLAND, TEXAS TBI- BR 6-5054 When The Occasion Requires a Special Message - in a Very Special Way - May We Say il' - for You - Wi+h Flowers? Ist STREET FLORIST I8I7 So. Firs+ S+reeI' GARLAND. TEXAS BR 8-3759 Re-sicIenI'iaI-Commercial-Fa rms C LO PTO N REAL , ESTATE A , L QQQTSITTEE-f,7 THERESNO ' LKITHSONSYUJY "SERVICE IS OUR IvIOTTO" LESTER CLOPTON II8 Glenfield a+ Isl' Home Phone BR 8-4520 Office Phone BR 8-95I7 METROPOLITAN LETTER SERVICE 35068 Walnuf GARLAND. TEXAS . BELLUS FORREST A BR 6-6973 BR 6-5244 Ofzifa BEAUTY SALON 125 N. Star Garland, Texas Complete Beauty Care Hours: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. , A T' EET I I Phone BR 6-6625 l402 Forresi' Lane IA CHUCK CURTIS A' A SPORTING GOODS 504 S. Garland Ave. 0 RADIATOR SERVICE BR 6-550l 0 AUTO GLASS HAROLD GARRISON GARLAND, TEXAS BQQT J. Save rs cure Successful OUTHERN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Firs+ S+ree+ and Kingsley Road BR 8-952I MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complimenfs of J. E. SMITH CO. REMBRANDT STUDIO Specialist in School Yearbook Photography Also Portraits - Weddings - Commercial Albums - Family and Wedding Trips Frames - by Nationally Advertised Manufacturers Call CLINT SUTHERLAND - BR 6-5292 6l0 State Street GARLAND, TEXAS Garland Owl's Nest Photographer Since I943 wwf' ,-"5 POLLOCK CONTAINER CORPORATION Manufacturers of Corrugated Shipping Containers Miller at Shiloh Road GARLAND, TEXAS PHONE BR 8-8l4l Smedley IJidn't Buy The Uffiuial Glass Ring. l-le wenr bargain hunling. l-le Jrhoughl all class rings were alike. l-le hadn'+ heard Thar +he official class ring is official because il is made lo rigid specilicalions lor lhe proleclrion ol lhe sludenr body. Neilher, ap- parenlly, had he heard lhal il is made by Balfour, lhe mosl clislinguished crealor of line class rings in lhe enlire world. A splendid fellow, Smedley. Bur lhere are reasons +o suspecl' he is noi complelely in slep wilh lhe Times. LOBELLO'S WHERE Tl-IE HOME EOLKS TRADE ,I , , , Come n Gel' I+' S 81 M AUTO SALES From Our Charcoal Broiler Pl'l0ne BR 6-667l Nor+l1wes1' Hiway al' Preslon Rd SAM SCHREIBER MACK MCCARTER and Garland Road, Garland. Texas of 1 I Cl 611116211115 THE 6 QIUIQFS ' I a r uns ro smvi You Amo ,D "Congra'I'ula+ions, Seniors" PATRONS George Alexander Frank M. Anderson Tice Barnett Dr. R. M. McMurrain J. E. Smith SENIOR BOYS Akin, Jerry, 31, 209 Alford, Larry, 31, 192, 194 Allard, Charles: 31 Allen, Bill Allen, Roger, 32 Archer, Paul, 32 Askue, Bobby, 33, 183, 187 Baker, Ronnie, 34 Baker, Ronnie, 34 Bankhead, Hollis, 194 Barbee, Larry, 34, 163 Barbee, Phillip, 35, 210, 332, 208 Barringer, Randy, 35, 330 Bays, Don, 36, 163, 165, 167 Bean, Eddie, 36 Beavers, Gary, 36, 184 Blanks, Jolm, 37, 187 Blasingame, Ronnie, 37, 272, 228 Block, Gordon, 37, 329, 322, 163, 187 Bolton. Richard, 38 Bouska, Henry, 38, 209, 222 Boyd, Mike, 38, 329, 322 Boyd, Willie, 39 Brackett, Bobby, 39 Bratcher, Gary, 39 Bridges, Gary, 39, 249, 256, 169 Brocker, Kenny, 39 Broyles, Lynn, 39 Bryan, Andy, 40 Burke, Phillip, 40 Burnes, Nolan, 40 Burton, Delbert: 40, 30, 248, 225, 169, 239 Byrum, Mike, 41 Cadenhead, Roger, 41 Carr, Mike, 41 Chadwick, Billy Christian, Doug, 42 Clark, Terry, 42, 184 Clopton, L. D., 42, 332, 333, 184 Cole, King, 43 Connaster, Bill, 43 Cooley, Joel, 43 Cornelius, Charles, 44, 209 Costa, Everett, 44, 185 Covington, Mike, 44 Cox, Ralph, 44, 210, 165, 166, 208 Cummings, William, 45 Dancer, Danny, 45, 216 Davis, Ronnie, 194 Deaton, Jerry, 46, 258, 185, 220, 221 Dennis, James, 46, 194 Dixon, Bill, 47 Drury, Johnny, 47, 187 Dunavant, Donnie, 48, 184 Dupree, Walter, 48 Dutton, Bill, 48 Dykes, W. C., 48, 182, 184 Endsley, Kirby, 49, 329, 323, 322 Evins, Mike, 49, 210, 163, 208 Ferguson, Allan, 50, 222 Fletcher, Dale, 51, 210, 208 Forbis, George, 51 Forbis, Thomas, 51, 216 Ford, Charles, 51, 165, 167 Fortenberry, Don, 52, 192, 194 Frantz, Woody, 167, 165 Furlow, Sammy, 52 Green, Arnold, 52 Galbraith, Tommy, 53, 210, 165, 167, 184, 220 Index Ganus, Paul, 53 Gardiner, Ed, 53 Gibson, Lee, 54 Gillispie, Don, 54, 192, 193, 194 Glenn, Jim, 54, 185 Goelhals, Randy, 54, 272, 276, 184 Gordon, Don, 55, 272, 276 Grimsley, Robert, 55 Gunther, James: 56 Haley, Steve, 187, 167, 165 Hall, Jimmy, 56 Hall, Joe, 56, 209 Hamm, Paul, 56 Hamm, Sammy, 56, 194 Hampton, Philip, 57 Harper, Ronnie, 58, 163 Hayley, Steve, 58, 167 Headen, Fred, 58, 183 Hemphill, Mike, 58 Hennig, Paul, 59 Hesselburg, Jerry, 59, 182 Henshaw, Duane, 60, 163 Hill, Harry, 59 Hoffman, Jim, 60 Hogue, Forrest, 60 Holburg, John, 60 Hoye, Mike, 62 Hull. Guy, 62, 163 Hyde, Roy, 63, 183 Johnson, Eric, 64 Johnson, Tommy Ray, 64, 210, 208 Jolmson, Tommy James, 64, 182, 197 Kattawar, Kenneth, 65, 30, 225, 248, 262, 272, 169, 238 Keith, Bobby, 65 Keithly, Jerry, 65 Kent, Gary, 65, 210, 208 Key, Landon, 66 King, Charles, 66, 185 Klas, Johnny, 66, 273, 301 Koerth, Robert, 66, 272, 163, 169 Krodel, James, 66 Lamb, Jack, 66 Lawrence, Don, 68 Leathers, Jolmny, 68 Ledbetter, Larry, 68, 224, 225, 272, 276, 185, 238, 239 Lingberg, Mike 68 Long, Roger, 69 Longwell, Danny, 69 Luna, David, 69, 183 Martin, Larry, 70, 194 Martin, Ronnie, 70 Martikus, Pat, 70 McCallum, Ferris, 71, 210, 208 McFerrin, Teddy, 71 McGrath, Merle, 71 McLaughlin, Butch, 72 Melton, Jack, 72 Meuir, Wayne, 72 Mitchell, Fletcher, 73 Mitchell, Jimmy, 73, 210, 208 Moffatt, Bubba, 74, 185 Montgomery, Don, 74, 182 Monroe, Cecil, 187 Moore, Ronnie Morris, Dwane, 75 Morrow, Larry, 75, 163, 196, 228, 233 Mullens, Weldon, 75, 255, 273, 168, 169 Nall, -Jimmy, 76 Nelson, Clyde, 76, 165, 167 Newman, Doug, 76 Noska, Jimmy, 77, 184 Perkins, Ross, 78, 187, 209 Pickett, John, 78, 169 Pickle, Joe, 78, 169 Poole, Tom, 78, 332 Pulley, Pat, 79 Quesenberry, Mike, 80 Regan, Tim, 80, 182 Rico, Manuel, 81, 194 Robertson, Jimmy, 81 Roderick, Jolm, 163 Rogers, Phil, 184 Tohrt, Phil, 82, 210 Scott, Robert, 84, 194 Sebastian, Stewart, 84, 222 Shew, Eddie, 85 Sharawi, Hassan, 85 Shelton, Dick, 85 Shipp, Bill, 86, 239 Shively, Chris, 86, 163, 184, 228, 230, 231 Sims, Danny, 86, 249, 254, 169, 184 Smith, Charles, 86, 163 Soliz, Edin, 87 Staring, Dan, 88, 272, 163 Starranberg, Richard, 88 Stringer, Ted, 89 Stuart, Bobby, 89 Taylor, Bruce, 90, 209, 222 Thomas, Tommy, 90, 277, 276, 163, 169 Tomlinson, Billy, 90, 273, 222 Tribble, Don, 91 Tucker, David, 91, 183 Tucker, Kenneth, 92 Turner, Bobby, 92, 272, 322 Ulrey, Charles, 92 Underwood, Mike, 92 Wagoner, Mike, 273, 93 Walden, Wayne, 93, 175 Waldron, James, 93 Walker, John, 93 Waller, Jimmy, 94 Weaver, Ralph, 94, 30, 253, 301 Welch, Richard, 94, 182 Weller, John, 94 Werner, Bobby, 94, 183 Wheeler, Leon, 95, 273, 264, 209 Whiteside, Jack, 95, 260, 272, 233, 239 Whitten, Durelle, 95 Williams, Alan, 96 Williams, Mike, 96 Williams, Roger, 96, 210 Williams, Williams Ronnie, 97, 257, 169 , Terry, 97, 233 Wimpee, Andy, 97, 261, 184 Wood, Jimmy, 98 Woods, Jerry, 98 Wooldridge, Phillip, 98 Wright, Kenneth, 98 Wright, Tommy, 98, 273, 168, 169, 228, 233 Yeager, Jay, 99 Zachary, Kenneth, 99 SENIOR GIRLS Agnew, Judy,31, 186, 187 Alderman, Linda, 31, 217 Aldridge, Pat, 31, 228, 229, 232 Alexander, Julie, 31, 228, 231, 241 Allen, Delores, 32, 188, 189, 230, 232, 239 293, 186, 187, 228, Baker, Maryann, Anderson, Sharon, 32. 181 Angott, Donna, 32 Ann, Sheria, 32 Argenbright, Mary, 33, 189, 206, 228, 232 Arnold, Vivian, 33, 183 Ashley, Linda, 33, 264, 170, 228, 230 Austin, Sandra, 33 Aven, Trudy, 33, Ayres, Nancy, 33 187 Bailey, Myrna, 33, 261, 273, 175 Bagby, Virginia: 34 Baker, Carolyn, 34 34 Bane, Carole, 34, 178 Barnes, Glenda, 35 Barrios, Patricia, 35, 163 Barry, Betty, 35, 193, 273, 276, 178, 191 Basham, Carolyn, 35 Bass, Delores, 36, 210, 187, 208 Beasley, Linda, 36 Bedell, Patty, 36 Beggs, Patsy, 36 Benner, June, 36 Bess, Marsha, 37 Bishop, Carole, 37 Blake, Judy, 37, 154, 160, 189 Brummit, Kitty, 187 Blount, Carolyn, 38 Bolton, Janice, 38 Bourn, Brenda, 38, 273, 163 Brayton, Linda, 187 Brock, Beth, 154, 178 Burchfield, Becky, 40, 193, 259, 178, 184 191 Burns, Linda, 40 Burns, Pat, 40 Burt, Jan, 40 Button, Brenda, 35, 222 Button, Brenda, 41 Cabiness, Karen, 41, 193, 185, 189, 191 Cannaday, Benita, 41, 165, 166, 187, 241 Carroll, Linda, 42, 182 Cherry, Marie, 42, 221, 248, 169, 170, 187, 191, 193 Clanton, Diane, 42, 244, 225, 239 Clem, Joyce, 42 Cobb, Gloria, 43 Coldwell, Alera, 43, 154, 187 Cook, Retha, 43, 154, 155, 160 Copeland, Connie, 44 Cornett, Diane, 44 Cowan, Dianne, 44 Craig, Gail, 45, 175, 222 Crawford, Oma Lee, 45, 228, 231 Cunningham, Cindy, 45, 178, 193, 176, 185, 189, 191 Daniel, Tina, 45 Darby, Sharon, 46, 186, 228, 230 Davis, Delle, 46, 163, 168, 169, 177, 178, 202 Davis, Paula, 46, Davis, Peggy, 46 Demetri, Jan, 46 Dickson, Barbara, 177 Dodson, Gay, 47, Dolson, Verenia, Drinkard, Karen, 186, 190 165, 166 47 47, 272, 163, 166, 239 Dugger, Carol, 47 Duncan, Sandra, 48, 174, 175,228,232 Dunn, Martha, 48 46, 179, 273, 163, 178, Echols, Donna, 48, 154, 155, 160 Eichner, Roxanne, 48 Elder, Annette, 49, 183 Erickson, Anita, 49, 225, 168, 169 Eubanks, Andrea, 49, 225, 154, 221, 238 Evans, Susan, 49, 163, 165, 166 Ewing, Lynn, 50, 241 Fagala, Sharon, 50, 188 Farr, Karen, 50, 175 Faubion, Christi, 50 Flanagan, Sandra, 50, 330, 331. 187 Flanders, Peggy, 50 Fleeson, Patty, 50, 165, 166 Fletcher, Suzzette, 51, 157 Ford, Glenda, 51, 183 Foster, Dianne, 52, 163, 165, 166, 186 Foster, Jenni, 52, 175, 186, 187 Freeman, Dolores, 52 Fuller, Harolyn, 52 Gafford, Linda, 53 George, Brenda, 53 Gibson, Sue, 53, 272, 170, 174, 175 Gieb, Ann, 54, 189, 228 Gilmer, Jamie, 54, 193, 191, 228, 233 Goin, Gay, 54, 272, 276 C61-a6n,Jtm, 52, 272, 163, 164, 165, 166, 175 Greenwood, Susan, 55, 272, 175, 179 Grider, Janice, 55, 242 Grissom, Pat, 55, 187 Grubbs, Judy, 56, 187, 191, 196 Hamilton, Jean, 56, 179, 188 Hamilton, Vicki, 56, 183, 190 Hammonds, Mary Lou, 57 Hancock, Sherry, 57 Haralson, Rebecca, 57 Hare. Charann, 57 Hargrove, Janice, 57 Hargrove, Linda, 58 Harrah, Judy, 58 Hatfield, Kathy, 58, 182 Helm, Janis, 58 Hendershot, Sharon, 59, 157, 216 Henderson, Laura, 59 Hill, Clara, 59 Hitchcock, Julia, 60, 163, 165, 166, 185, 221, 220, 202, 175, 174 Hogue, Sylvia, 60 Hulbert, syana, 60, 170, 224, 225,271 169 Holladay, Helen, 60, 191, 193, 225, 227, 163 Holloway, Linda, 61 Holloway, Patricia, 61 Holser, Beth, 61 Horne, Dianne, 61, 167, 187 Houston, Anita, 61 Howard, Joyce, 61, 154, 189 Hudgins, Linda, 62 Hull, Shirley, 62 Hunt, Susan, 62, 193, 191 Hurley, Kathryn, 62 Hutcherson, Kay, 62, 182 Hutton, Betty, 62, 227, 179, 180 Jackson, Cecilia, 63, 227, 241 Jackson, Jorgann, 63, 179, 227, 257, 273 168, 169, 185, 177 Jarvis, Linda, 63, 187, 190 Jennings, Janet, 63, 177, 179 Jirak, Susan, 63, 190, 220, 221 Jo Coy, Linda, 64, 182, 183 Jones, Barbara, 64, 242, 240 1 Jones, Becky, 64, 179, 248, 254, 168, 169, 177, 178, 179, 185 Jones, Kay, 64, 189 Juday, Robbie, 65, 258, 165, 166 Kendricks, Linda, 65 Kershner, Judy, 66, 163, 188 Keltner, Linda, 66, 157, 216 Lamb, Judy, 67 Landress, Judy, 67, 193, 225, 260, 273, 169, 177, 239, 191, 185, -17.9 Lane, Pat, 67, 182, 183 Langford, Kathy, 67, 242, 240 Langford, Linda, 67, 242, 240 Laun, Norma, 67, 163 Lawson, Nancy, 67, 187 Leamons, Dianna, 68, 187 LeCroy, Jeanne, 68, 224, 225, 154, 186, 187 238 Leverett, Barbara, 68 Lierman, Sharon, 68 Lovil, Betty, 69, 165, 167, 175 Manuel, Jan, 70 Martin, Gail, 70, 225, 186, 187, 239, 241 Martin, Linda, 70, 187 MacArthur, Karen, 70, 187 McLane, Mary Belle, 70, 54, 160 McCallum, Pat, 71, 227, 180, 241 McCartney, Nancy, 71 McKaskle, Marion, 71, 175, 187 McKinney, Janis, 72, 188, 228, 232, 240 McLaughlin, 72 McMullen, Janis, 72, 193, 242, 175, 189, 191, 228, 233 McMurriar1, Margaret, 72, 273, 276 McNish, Merla, 72 Miller, Janie, 73, 174, 175 Miller, Joan, 73, 182 Mitchell, Beverly, 73, 154, 155, 156, 160, 174, 175 Mitchell, Jo Ann, 73, 157 Moody, Margaret, 74 Moore, Pat, 74 Morgan, Jane, 74 Morphis, Cheryl, 74 Morris, Janice, 75 Murphy, Sherrie, 76, 255, 273, 169, 180, 184, 188, 189 Nall, Sally, 76 Napier, Vickie, 163, 189 Nesthus, Pat, 76, 190, 230, 234, 188 Newman, Karen, 76, 179, 193, 169, 177, 178, 185 Nicholson, Beverly, 76, 242, 189, 240 Nicholson, Dana, 76 Nobles, Marie, 77, 187, 216, 217 Northcutt, Margaret, 77, 165, 167 Novak, Donna, 77, 180, 187 Parker, Donna, 77 Patterson, Mary Lou, 77 Pike, Carolyn, 78 Pippin, Julia, 78 Poorc, Gena, 79, 185, 241 Presley, Judy, 79, 157 Price, Phylis, 79 Prock, Betty Pugh, Judy, 79, 225, 249, 262, 330, 331. 169, 239, 202 Ramsey, Jane, 80, 187, 228, 229, 233 Ramsey, Mary, 80 Ray, Kay, 80, 330, 331, 241 Reeder, Judy, 80, 193, 187, 191, 217 Reeves, Carolyn, 80, 273, 228, 232 Rener, Nancy, 80, 187 Rice, Robbi, 81, 183 Riddels, Becky, 81, 164, 165, 167, 188 Roark, Hazel, 81, 154, 155, 160 Robinson, Gail, 82 Rohus, Velvet, 82 f' Rose, Dicdri, 82, 178, 272, 176, 239 Rosenbaum, Sally, 82, 165, 166, 187 Round, Sharon, 82, 165 Royman, Pat, 83, 175 Rutherford, Gloria, 83, 193, 191, 241 Sammons, Cindy, 83, 180, 241 Sanborn, Toby, 83 Sanders, Barbara, 84 357 Sanford, Kathy, 84, 273, 228, 229, 232 Sawyer, Bobby, 84, 187 Schmigel, Diana, 84 Sebastian, Johnann, 84, 182, 183 Sewell, Carroll, 85, 252, 169, 202 Shadix, Rita, 85, 183 Shepard, Lynn, 85 Shipley, Barbara, 157, 187 Shoot, Carmen, 86 Sides, Judi, 79, 86, 190, 227, 230, 234 Sims, Julia, 86, 154, 222 Smith, Elizabeth, 87 Smith, Mary, 87, 157 Smith, Prissy, 87, 273, 187, 204, 240 Sprowls, Vicki, 87 Stanton, Jeri Lynn, 88, 187, 188, 228, 231 Stibbins, Marie, 88 Stokes, Nell, 88, 165, 166 Stone, Regina, 88, 174, 175, 241 Stout, Laveda, 88, 183, 187 Strain, Carol, 89 Strawbridge, Peggy, 89, 187, 216 Stroud, Glenda, 89, 242, 240 Sumrow, Lorenda, 89 Tapley, Betty, 90, 216 Thomas, Chyrell, 90 Thomas, Lynn Ann, 90 Thompson, Susan, 90, 163 Toone, Linda, 91 Totten, Sandra, 91 Triplett, Pat, 91, 193, 191, 241 Tuck, Sondra, 91 Turner, Linda, 92 Van Zant, Sue, 92, 193, 225, 249, 272, 174, 175, 189, 191, 238 Varner, Ann, 163, 189 Veal, Betty, 183 Wade, Delores, 93 Wagner, Laurrcl, 93, 157 Watson, Norma, 94 Webb, Sue, 94, 272, 181 Wheat, Betty, 95, 190 Wheeler, Dianne, 95, 178, 193, 273, 176, 191 White, Patty, 95, 189, 240 White, Sondra, 95, 330 Willey, Barbara, 96 Williams, Barbara, 96, 178, 179, 276, 277, 176, 177, 178, 186, 187, 190 Williams, Linda, 96, 181 Williams, Rita, 96 Windom, Sharon, 97, 177, 181 Wingo, Jean, 97, 189, 222 Witt, Marilyn, 97, 229, 232 Wittekind, Carole, 98 Wolfe, Joan, 98, 263, 273, 228, 230, 241 Wright, Betty, 98, 157 Young, Mary, 99, 189 J UNIOB BOYS Adams, Jimmy, 101, 216, 304 Adams, Norman, 101 Addaway, Mike, 101 Addington, Bill, 101, 220 Albright, Steven, 101 Allen, Darrell, 101 Anderton, Steve, 101 Andrews, Rickey, 101, 216 Ashmore, James, 101, 184, 182 Axe, Charles, 101, 216 Bacon, Davoin, 101, 216 Bair, Larry, 101, 214 Baise, Ronnie, 101 Baker, Charles, 101, 228 Barber, Craig, 101 358 Bartlett, James, 101 Bateman, Rickey, 101 Baty, Rickey, 102 Baty, Rusty, 102 Beaver, Dom, 102 Beaver, Bryan, 102 Bedford, Wayne, 102 Beeson, Don, 102, 167 Beggs, Dale, 102 Bell, Ronnie, 102, 216, 228 Bennett, Spencer, 102 Benson, Richard, 102, 194, 192 Barry, Kenny, 102 Bill, David, 102 Blake, James, 103 Blankinship, Monroe, 103, 185, 183 Blankley, Jarrett, 103 Boggs, Wayne, 103, 195 Bownda, Dan, 103 Box, Rick, 103 Boyd, Mike, 103 Bozeman, Ronnie, 103, 220, 228, 169, 167 Brackett, Parsey, 103 Brazill, Ken, 103 Brewer, Billy, 103 Brown, Lanny, 104 Brown, Mike, 104 Brown, Richard, 104, 183, 209 Bryan, Bill, 104 Bryan, Bob, 104 Burleson, Bob, 104, 216 Burns, Craig, 104 Burns, Gary, 104 Butter, Jerry, 304 Cabiness, Weldon, 104, 221 Campbell, Steve, 104 Carpenter, L. D,, 104, 167 Carpenter, Kenneth, 104, 182 Carroll, Junior, 104 Casey, Dennis, 105 Caskey, Charles, 105 Cheathem, Lee, 105 Clark, Dennis, 105, 208 Coldwell, Larry, 104 Coldwell, Ronnie, 104 Cole, Richard, 105 Cole, John, 105 Collard, Jerry, 105 Collinder, Bill, 105 Collins, Hugh, 105, 305 Collins, Steve, 105 Collinsworth, Jimmy, 105 Combast, Ronnie, 105 Combs, Billy, 105, 209 Compton, Larry, 105 Cooper, Don, 105, 194, 192 Cook, Ed, 105 Cook, Mike, 105, 216 Corlett, Robert, 105 Cox, Ronnie, 106, 304 Cox, Ronnie, 106 Crawford, Pat, 196 Cross, Dewayne, 106, 302 Cruiti, Darrell, 195 Crump, Bill, 307, 106, 304, 314, 167 Crumply, Mike, 106, 195 David, Dillard, 107 Davis, Jerry, 106, 228 Davis, Larry, 106 Davis, Ronnie, 106 Davis, Stan, 107 Dean, Mike, 107, 167 Deaton, Mike, 107 Delk, Mike, 107 Denndy, Allen, 107 Denman, Mike, 107 Dewitt, George, 107 Dolkan, Bill, 107 Douglass, Mike, 107 Driver, Joe, 107 Duckworth, Cloyd, 107 Duke, Chuck, 107, 198, 196 Duncan, Harold, 107 Duncan, Ronnie, 108 Echols, Buddy, 108, 167 Echols, Jerry, 108 Edgar, Gary, 108, 302, 195 Englebretsen, Paul, 108 English, Lynn, 195 Evans, Davis, 108 Fain, Denny, 108, 184, 182 Finner, Larry, 108 Fields, Chip, 108, 165 Fike, Charles, 108, 167 Finch, Danny, 108 Fincher, Stuart, 108 Finkley, Charles, 108 Fisher, Danny, 108, 183 Flanngan, Mike, 108, 383 Floyd, Ralph, 108 Ford, Coy, 108 Foster, Mike, 108 Fowler, David, 108 Freiiricks, Roy, 109, 198, 196 Frizzel, Bill, 109, 167 Fry, Jody, 109, 228 Gahbons, Gary, 109 Garvin, M. G., 109, 155, 167 Gill, Bob, 109 Gilmore, Jerry, 109 Gilmore, Weldon, 155, 109 Glidden, Charles, 109 Godwin, Johnny, 109 Graves, James, 110 Graves, Jerry, 109 Greening, Eddie, 110 Griffis, Stan, 110 Gunter, Frank, 175 Hagin, Victor, 110 Halderman, Cliff, 110 Haliburton, Gene, 110 Hall, Mike, 110 Halpin, Lowell, 110, 305 Hammock, Mike, 110 Hanks, Curtis, 110 Hansen, Chuck, 110 Hargrove, Clevie, 110 Harris, David, 111, 165 Heifner, Gerald, 111 Hendriks, Craig, 111 Hill, Ricky, 111, 220 Hines, Janey, 111 Hines, Lee, 111 Hitchcock, Tom, 111, 160 Hobles, Ronny, 111 Hodges, Zack, 111 Holley, Jim, 112 Holley, Mark, 112 Hollington, Robert, 112 Holloway, Arnold, 112 Holmes, Jim, 112 Holt, Sylvester, 112 Hopkins, David, 112 Horack, John, 112 Horne, James, 112 Hoskins, Jimmy, 112 Houston, Jimmy, 112 Howard, Darrell, 112, 177, 175 Hoye, Robert, 112 Hubbard, Gerald, 112 Hubble, Cary, 112, 209 Huffman, Kirk, 112 Hunt, Billy, 112, 204, 228, lngram, Ronnie, 112 Jacobs, Gary, 113, 383 Jennings, Don, 113 Jester, Lloyd, 113, 154 Jocoy, Dale, 113 Johnson, Mike, 113 Jones, Chip, 195 Jones, Phil, 169 Jones, Tony, 167 Keeley, Jerry, 113 Kenncrner, Lee, 114 Kent, Eddie, 114 King, John, 114 Koon, Robert, 114 Kuehne, Danny, 114 Landers, Chuck, 114, 208 Landrum, Eddie, 114 Landrum, Larry, 114 Lawson, James, 228, 115 Leath, James, 115 Leech, Robert, 115 Lency, Brian, 115 Lipscomb, Andy, 115, 304, Little, William, 115, 167 Locke, Mike, 115 Logan, Don, 115 Love, Gary, 115, 221, 388 Lowry, Mike, 115 Luellen, Jerry, 115, 183 Luman, Henry, 305 Maham, Bill, 115 Mallett, Malcolm, 116 Manual, Ricky, 116 Marcucci, Ronnie, 116 Marks, Gary, 116 Martin, Tom, 116, 195 Massengil, Richard, 116 Massey, Gary, 116 Mathis, Donnie, 116 Mayes, Gene, 116, 383 Mayberry, Bob, 116 McCallum, Gary, 116 169, 202, 221 228, 169 McCarter, Benny, 116, 194, 195, 192, 193 McClea1y, Ronnie, 116 McCul1oh, Dickie, 116, 383 McGlaun, Don, 117 McKenzie, Skip, 117 McKinney, David, 117 McKnight, Craig, 117 McKool, George, 117 McManigail, Morris, 117, McNatt, David, 117, 167 167 Meeks, Floyd, 117 Metcalf, Phillip, 154, 117, 155 Midget, James, 117, 189 Miller, James, 187 Miller, Mike, 117, 195 Minhart, Wayne, 117 Minter, Butch, 117 Mitchell, Harry, 117 Mitchell, Jimmy, 117, 208 Mitchell, Steve, 154, 117, 155, 156, 160 Moody, William, 117 Moore, Danny, 117 Monroe, Scott, 118, 154 Morris, Mike, 118, 216 Morrow, Paul, 118 Moss, Larry, 118 Myers, Charles, 118, 194, 192, 195 Myers, Jerry, 195 Nelson, Richard, 118, 182, 183 Newell, Mike, 118 Newman, Glenn, 118 Norton, Alton, 118 Norwell, Hill, 118 Norton, Dennis, 118 Oden, Jimmy, 118 Odle, Billy, 118 Oglesby, Richard, 119, 165, 228, 167 Overall, Tommy, 119, 224, 222 Pace, Wayne, 119 Parker, Joe, 119 Parker, Roger, 119, 198, 303, 196 Parker, Travis, 119 Parten, Jesse, 119 Pascall, Don, 118 Peeler, Sammy Perkins, Jonny, 120 Peter, Dennis, 120, 177, 175 Peters, Allen, 195 Petty, Gary, 120 Phillip, Lee, 120, 209 Phillips, Richard, 120 Piccolo, Paul, 120, 216 Pickett, Gary, 19, 213, 195 Pickle, Jerry, 120 Pierce, Joe, 120, 195 Plumlee, Gene, 120, 182, 183 Points, J. D., 120 Pool, Gary, 120 Poore, Jimmy, 120 Prather, Billy, 120 Ramos, Jerry, 121, 233, 228, 231 Rhodes, Steve, 121, 228, 383 Richardson, Harold, 121 Rick, Danny, 121 Rylie, Charles, 121 Roark, Billy, 121 Roberts, James, 121 Roberts, Ronnie, 121 Robinson, Gary, 121, 209 Rochell, David, 121, 167 Roe, Terry, 121 Rogers, Jerry, 121 Rogers, Joe, 121 Roland, Bill, 121, 194, 192 Rollins, James, 121 Rowe, George, 121, 194 Rowan, Dennis, 122, 195 Rowden, Stan, 122 Salter, John, 122, 182 Salvador, Phil, 122 Scoggins, Ronnie, 122, 304, 316 Sharp, Bill, 122 Sharp, Curtis, 122 Shaw, Rex, 187 Shipley, Don, 122 Shipley, Wayne, 123 Shugart, Ric, 123, 305 Shugart, Vic, 123, 302 Shultz, Author, 122 Simmons, Mike, 123, 213, 237, 167 Smith, Charles, 123 Smith, Charlie, 123 Smith, James, 195 Smith, Walter, 123, 183 Soliz, Danny, 182, 183, 185 Spraggins, Jay, 123, 233, 231, 232 Spiigtgin, Steve, 154, 123, 155, 156, 1 Starling, James, 124, 167 Stevens, Frank, 124 Stevens, Jerry, 124 Stevens, Tim, 124, 216 Stringer, Kenneth, 154, 124 Sullivan, Dennis, 124 Tallenson, Harris, 125 Talley, Roy, 124, 216 Tatum, Paul, 124 Taylor, Bruce, 124, 197 Tear, Allen, 125, 212 Testa, Frank, 125 Thompson, Ed, 125, 175 Tillerson, Gary, 125 Todd, John, 125, 154, 155, 162, 203 Tomish, Ric, 125 Tompkins, Tommy, 125 Trammel, Gary, 125 Turner, Terry, 125, 154, 155, 156 Turner, Clifton, 305 Turrentine, Tommy, 125, 216 Ursery, Mike, 125 Vam Derser, Terry, 125 Vargesko, Ronnie, 125, 154 Vice, Mike, 125, 167 Wallace, Robert, 126 Waller, Gary, 126 Walker, Bob, 126 Walker, David, 126 Washburn, Keith, 126 Waters, Chuck, 126 Watkins, Mike, 126, 154, 155 Watson, Duane, 126, 162 Watson, James, 126 Weaver, Bobby, 126, 216, 238, 191 Wester,'Jimmy, 126 Whalen, Mike, 126 Wheat, Denny, 126, 302 Wheeler, Don, 126 White, Charles, 126 Whitesellan, John, 167 Whitman, Paul, 127, 198, 196 Wiley, Donald, 195 Williams, David, 195 Williams, Randy, 167 Williams, Tony, 187 Windt, Ray, 167 Wolfe, Dennis Crawford, Carolyn, 106, 183 Kemp, In JUNIOR GIRLS Adams, Carol, 101, 177, 175 Adams, Dorothy, 101 Adams, Glenda, 101 Akin, Sharon, 101 Alexander, Edna, 101, 177, 175 Alexander, Margaret, 101, 177, 189 Allen, Nita, 101 Allison, Judy, 101, 188 Alston, Dorothy, 101 Ames, Linda, 101 Anderson, Kay, 101 Archibald, Merry, 101, 180, 178 Arnold, Janie, 101, 183 Ashggliurst, Debbie, 100, 155, 192, 160, Ashley, Bobbie, 101 Bacon, Delores, 101, 203 Bailey, Elizabeth, 101 Balthrop, Linda, 102 Barker, Gwyn, 102, 162, 227 Barker, Barbara, 102 Barnard, Karen, 102, 213, 180, 177, 178 Barrios, Virginia, 102, 236, 203 Barrnet, Judy, 102, 154, 192, 160, 162, 189, 191 Barroer, Barbara, 102, 236 Bartlett, Jennie, 102 Bates, Claudia, 102, 212, 162, 213, 228 Beggs, Lane1l, 102 Bell, Earnestine, 102 Bellus, Marcis, 102, 154, 155, 214 Bennet, Sue, 208 Bird, Pat, 103 Blake, Diane, 103 Blount, Carolyn, 103 Bootl1,EVelyn, 103, 151 Booth, Judy, 103 Boulton, Cynthia, 103, 190, 188 Bowers, Mary, 103, 220, 162, 228, 221 Brantly, Peggy, 103, 220, 162, 228 Brawley, Brenda, 103 Brewer, Linda, 103, 192, 212, 189, 190 Brewer, Phylis, 103 Brisendriver, Darlena, 103 Browder, Linda, 103, 180, 276, 178 Collinsworth, Pat, 105 Cook, Cynthia, 105 Cook, Erla, 105 Corner, Bessie, 106 Cotton, Linda, 106, 208, 187 Cox, Jerilyn, 106, 198, 203, 196, 217 Crafon, Donna, 106 Craig, Donna, 106, 198, 212, 187 Crane, Sandy, 106, 163 Crawford, Candus, 106, 198, 196 Crawford, Linda, 106 Crawford, Pat, 106, 198, 197 Grossman, Kay, 106, 162, 180, 178 Crouch, Debbie, 106, 236 Brown, Vicki, 104 Broyles, Paula, 104 Buhler Bunch, , Kathy, 104, 154 Jean, 104 Bunch, Phylis, 104 Burke, Linda, 104, 253 Burke, Carolyn, 104, 171, 267, 169 Burns, Pam, 187 Button, Carolyn, 208 Butts, Janice, 104 Campbell, Barbara, 104, 203 Carnival, Karen, 104 Carpenter, Beverly, 104 Case, Sharon, 105 Cawthih, Donna, 105 Chandler, Donna Chesser, Jeri, 105, 190, 165, 188, 197 Clark, Betty, 105 Clopton, Sharon, 105 Cohlmia, Barbara, 105, 189, 187 Collier, Pam, 105 Collins, Judy, 105, 212 Crow, Kay, 106, 198, 228, 180, 178, 189 197 Darment, Paula, 106 Davis, Deborah, 106 Davis, Judy, 106, 190, 196 Davis, Linda, 106 Dawson, Linda, 107, 180, 178 Dewberry, Dinah, 107, 191, 189 Dietz, Karen, 107 Dixon, Brenda, 107 Dixon, Judy, 107 Dublin, Sharon, 107, 188 Dubose, Peggy, 107 Duncan, Jeannie, 107, 198, 199, 196, 19 Ely, Linda, 108, 206 Emswiller, Nancy, 108, 198, 196 Ethridge, Mary Ann, 108, 175, 187 Faulkes, Charlotte, 108, 192, 189 Favasher, Martha, 108 Fraley, Janie, 109 Gamble, Mary, 109, 160, 223 Gifford, Yevonne, 187 Giles, Juanita, 109 Gilmiier, Gilda, 190 Goin, Brenda, 109 Gordon, Ann, 109, 164, 165, 167, 191 Gossett, Glenda, 110, 228, 233 Graham, Barbara, 109 Graves, Sharon, 110, 213, 214, 237, 250, Green, Susan, 109 Green, Lorna, 110 Grice, Judy, 110 Grider, Linda, 110 Griffin, Ann, 110, 212 Grymes, Linda, 110 Halkins, Mary, 110 Hall, Toni, 110 Hall, Paula, 110 Hanson, Grace, 110, 188 Hargrove, Janet, 110 Harnell, Elaine, 111 Harrison, Darla, 110 Harrison, Fonda, 111, 192, 189 Harrod, Linda, 111 Harry, Mary, 111, 202 Harwell, Sharon, 111 Halley, Suzette, 111 Hawkins, Deanna, 111 Heath, Cheri, 111, 169, 181, 180, 177. 178, 179 Hendrickson, Pam, 111, 233 Henshaw, Bonnie, 111, 288, 187 Higgs, Judy, 111, 203, 236 Hines, Daun, 111 7 233 Hodges, Vicki, 111 Hodshire, Glenda, 111 Hoffman, Pat, 111, 191, 189, 203 Howman, Connie, 122, 228, 197 Huffman, Lannie, 112 Huffman , Sonja, 112, 162 Hugget, Brenda: 112, 168, 169, 171 Hughes, Anita, 112 Hughes, Linda, 112 Hunter, Helen, 112 Hurly, Kathaleen, 112 Huston Hutson Hutson , Carol, 189 , Carrol, 112, 191, 22 , Jackie, 112, 191, 18 8 9 Ingram, Andra, 112, 183, 186, 187 Jackson, Ann, 113 Jackson, Arlis, 189 Jackson, Shiela, 113, 220, 18 Jackson, Shirley, 113 James, Joan, 113, 200, 182, 179, 187 James, Jody, 113, 164, 165, James, Susan, 113 Jobe, Linda, 113 Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Carlene, 162 Johnson, Fonda, 203, 188 Jones, Rita, 113 Jones, Ruby, 113 Jones, Sandra, 189 Jones, Su san, 113, 190 Keith, Marcia, 113, 177, 175 Kemp, Caroline, 113 ez, 114, 188 7 167, 191, 196 Key, Karen, 114 Kidd, Suzanne, 114, 236, 237, 182, 179,191 King, Gayla, 114 King, Pat, 114 Kirby, Jean, 114 Kirgan, Jody, 114 Kirk, Glenda, 114, 187 Kirk, Linda, 114, 160 Kirkham, Pat, 114 Knight, Janice, 114 Kopezyniske, Jo Claire, 114, 163, 181, 179, 191 Lance, Betty, 114, 220, 221, 228, 231 Lannon, Susie, 114 Lard, Nancy, 114 Lawrence, Sue, 114 Lawson, Janice, 115 Lawson, Vickie, 115, 228, 229, 233 Leggs, Becky, 115 Lennox, Pat, 115 Lofton, Pat, 115 Looney, Donna, 115 Lott, Conne, 115 Lott, Tina, 115, 191, 189 Luck, Billie, 115 Luna, Linda, 181, 179 Martin, Carolyn, 116 Martin, Charlotte, 116 Martin, Gayla, 116, 175 Martin, Linda, 116 Masters, Diane, 116 Mattingly, Linda, 116 Mattock, Sherrie May, Sharon, 116 Mayabb, Gloria, 116, 191, 212 Rush, Joy, 122 Williams, Betty, 127, 157 McAdams, Melba, 116 McClung, Carolyn, 116 McCowan, Sharon, 116 McGee, Edna, 116 McGuffy, Rita, 117, 192, 190 McGuire, Linda, 117, 154 McKinney, Anna, 117, 177, 175 McMurry, Pat, 117 McPhail, Katherine, 117, 109 Miller, Nancy, 117 Miller, Sophie, 117 Milligan, Karen, 117, 203, 216 Mitchell, Rosan, 117, 187, 241 Moonyhan, Sherry, 118, 187 Moore, Khristine, 117 Morgan, Kay, 117 Morris, Judy, 118, 236 Moulton, Martha, 118, 236, 191 Murray, Judy, 118 Myers, Sandra, 118, 187 Nedblack, Gloria, 118, 189, 187 Nickens, Karen, 118, 198, 237, 182, 177, 178, 180, 196 Norling, Sandra, 118, 192, 190 Ogle, Nancy, 119, 202 Oglesby, Linda, 119, 169, 276, 292, 182 180,177,178 Orman, Barbara, 119,154,197 Owens, Brenda, 119, 192, 189 Owens, Frances, 119 Oxford, Judy, 119 Parker, Ann, 119, 214, 182, 180 Parker, Parten, Karen, 119, 184, 182, 187 Linda, 119 Patrick, Charla, 119, 191 Patrick, Pat, 119, 187 Patterson, Nancy, 119, 237 Patton, Pat, 119 Pazick, Elizabeth, 119, 188 Pearce, Kathy, 119, 163, 162, 214, 213, Peck, Diana, 119 Pelton, Judy, 120 Peters, Andra, 120 Phillips, Cheryll, 120 Phillips, Linda, 120 Pierce, Patsy, 120 Pointer, Paula, 120, 189 Poovey, Madlyne, 120 Ponder, Judy, 120 Pope, Becky, 120 Powell, Mary, 120 Presley, Jane, 120, 188 Pruitt, Becky, 120, 182, 178, 180 2 Russell, Charlene, 122 Sampson, Iris, 122 Sanders, Sandy, 122 Sapple, Christina, 122 Saxton, Carole, 122, 202 William s, Helda, 127, 203 William, Janet, 127, 227 Wilmar, Sandy, 154, 127 Winder, Ruth, 127 Wise, Sherry, 127, 203 Self, Linda, 122 Sellers, Sally, 122, 236, 182, 191 Sheeton, Hellen, 122 Shewmake, Connie, 122 Shipley, Mary, 122, 198, 196 Sims, Janice, 123 Sims, Sue, 123 Simmons, Mary, 123 Simmons, Sandy, 123 Smith, Karen, 202 Smith, Joyce, 123 Smith, Sharon, 123 Smith, Sherry, 123, 189, 187 Smith, Tina Soliz, Esmeralda, 123, 209 Sorrels, Jennifer, 123 Spears, Sharon, 123 Springfield, Judy, 123 Stalling, Anna, 124, 190, 228, 188 Starr, Jan, 124, 171 Steelman, Charlotte Pruut,Judy, 120,154,155,156,182,180 Purcell, Judy, 120, 202, 187 Purdom, Vicki, 122, 177, 175, 203 Purdy, Jan, 122, 163, 198, 167, 196 Pyles, Loretta, 122 Quillon, Linda, 122 Ramph, Linda, 121 Ramsey, Sherry, 121 Richie, Pam, 121 Robertson, Cuilda, 121 Roberts, Paula, 121, 182, 180 Robinson, Judy, 121 Robison, Karen, 121 Rominger, Diane, 121 Rose, Terry, 121, 188 Stone, Vicki, 124, 171, 169, 250, 268, 169 Straun, Verina, 124, 187, 241 Strickland, Ellen, 124, 221, 228, 162, 213 Stuart, Pat, 124 Swovelan, Sharon, 124, 162 Szmarder, Carole, 124, 202 Talkington, Gayle, 124 Tanner, Nancy, 124 Tapp, Betty, 124, 202 Tauzin, Sherry, 124, 190, 183, 181, 188 Taylor, Linda, 124 Taylor, Melba, 154, 124, 160 Terry, Sandra, 125 Thompson, Linda, 125, 202, 182 Thurman, Donna, 125 Tilbet, Melba, 125, 180 Tipton, Nancy, 181 Tucker, Belinda, 125 Tuggle, Connie, 125 Urban, Sherrie, 125, 192, 201, 214, 227, 183,181,189 Vaughn, Cindy, 125 Vibrock, Sandra, 125, 177, 292, 276, 183, 175,186 Vernon, Nancy, 125, 220 Wagoner, Marylen, 125 Walden, Judy, 125, 220 Wallace, Ann, 125, 177, 175, 187 Walker, Wanda, 126 Ward, Donna, 126 Ware, Linda, 126, 189, 187 Webb, Susan, 126, 192, 183, 214, 228, 181, 190,196 Welch, Wanda, 126, 203 Welk, Belinda, 126 Wells, Barbara, 126, 167 West, Jean, 126 Westberry, Judy, 126 Wheatly, Joan, 126 Wilkins, Linda, 127 Williams, Babs, 127 Wood, Diana, 127, 228, 183, 181 Wood, Winnifred, 160, 154, 197 Wooldrige, Andra, 127, 157 Wolfe, Darlene, 127, 200, 203, 16 169, 181 Wright, Gloria, 127 Wright, Norma, 127 Wright, Denise, 127, 189, 203, 18 Wright, Donna, 128 Yates, Wanda, 128 Yeager, Donna, 128, 192, 200, 20 9, 183 7 2,181 Yeager, Kay, 128, 221, 237, 183, 181 Youngman, Diane, 128 SOPHOMORE BOYS Alexander, James, 130 Alexander, Lester, 193 Alton, James, 130 Anderton, Don, 130 Arey, Gary, 130 Armstrong, Jerry, 130 Armstrong, Jerry, 130 Armstrong, David, 130 Arthur, Johnny, 130, 197 Baulwore, Joe, 130 Bair, Ted, 130 Biggs, Tim, 130 Bezusha, Mike, 131 Bickle, Larry, 131 Bigham, Tommy, 131 Bird, Mark, 131, 329, 167 Boatright, Jay, 131 Bonner, Bruce, 131 Brown, Buddie, 131 Boren, Carl, 131, 167 Bowles, Charle, 131 Bridgewater, Ronald, 131 Brink, Rodney, 131 Brown, Rodney, 131 Brownrigg, Billy, 131 Bayan, Mike, 131 Bryant, Larry, 131 Buhler, Max, 131 Burkard, Jimmy, 131 Burnnan, 132, 226 Burshy, Lewis, 132 Calvert, Phillip, 202 Calxton, Russel, 132 Cameran, Don, 132, 167 Cammons, Mike, 132 Campbell, Craig, 132 Campbell, Mike, 132, 203 Campbell, Rex, 132 Carrigan, John, 132 Carter, Ricky, 132 Capps, Roy, 132 Carten, Terry, 132 Cartwrite, Mike, 132 Carey, Tommy, 132 Castleberry, James, 132 Canfman, Roger, 132 Christensen, Vernon, 132 1 361 Evans, Ronnie, 135 Clark, Mike, 132 Clarke, Garry, 132 Clen, Donnie, 132 Clifford, Campbell, 132 Cole, Dale, 132 Collins, Bruce, 133 Collins, Dennis, 133 Collingsworth, Lawrence, 133 Conaly, Larry, 133 Cooper, Joe, 133, 269, 195 Cooper, Rex, 133 Corley, Wayne, 133 Corne, David, 133 Corry, Todd, 133 Cox, Lonnie, 133 Coyle, James, 133, 195 Crabtree, Roger, 133 Crabtree, Gary, 133 Crim, Mike, 193 Curry, Mike, 133 Davidson, Larry, 133 Daniels, Jackie, 133 Davis, Randy, 133, 165, 167 Davis, Jack, 133, 165, 167 DeLarios, Bobby, 134, 192, 21 Demetri, Kent, 134, 226 Dendy, Len, 134 Dennis, Benny, 193 Denny, Charles, 134, 195 Dawson, Pat, 134, 204, 202 Dill, Larry, 134 Donaldson, Tom, 134, 154 Duggsn, Mike, 134 Duke, Robert, 134 Duncan, Jim, 134 Duncan, Mike, 134 Dunning, Randy, 134 Dykes, Gary, 134 Dykes, Gary, 134 Eastwood, Ray, 134 Echols, Marty, 134 Echaols, Wayne, 134, 226 Ehney, Allen, 134 Ellington, Bobby, 135 Elder, Echesley, 134 Engebretson, Ernest, 135 Enlon, Kenny, 135 Enbanks, Forest, 135, 167 Fields, Thomas, 135 Fitzgerald, Bob, 135 Folstadt, Bod, 135 Fontenette, Larry, 135 Ford, Coy, 135 Ford, Ronnie, 135 Forst, Loren, 135 Fraizer, Fandy, 135 Frank, Joe, 135 Fredrick, Richard, 135 Fredrick, Billy, 135 Frye, Douglas, 135 Frye, Jim, 135 Fuller, Phillip, 135 Fullon, Charles, 136 Gardner, Keith, 136, 202 Gardner, Mike, 136 Garrison, Billy, 136 Gaskey, Kerry, 136 2, 190, 197 Gentry, Danny, 136 Gerubles, Johnny, 136 Gibbons, Loyd, 136 Gillispie, Jerry, 136 Gillispie, Mike, 136 Goethals, Ronnie, 216, 136, 203 Gooch, Dennis, 195 Gooch, Johnny, 136, 194, 195 Goya, Herbert, 136 Goswick, Gary, 136 Goswick, Larry, 136 Gough, Lee Roy, 136, 167, 202 Gough, Dennis, 136 Green, David, 136 Grummit, Mike, 136, 195 Grundy, Jerry, 136 Gunner, Charles, 136 Guynes, Marvin, 136, 162, 251 Halman, Allan, 137 Hammerle, Pete, 137 Hancock, Mike, 137 Hardin, Steve, 137 Harp, Chester, 137 Harris, Doug, 137 Harris, Wayne, 137 Hanbrik, Johnie, 137, 204 Hanyes, David, 137 Heidle, Ronnie, 195 Hensen, Mike, 137 Hensen, Roger, 137 Herring, Dale, 137, 204, 221, 202 Hesselburg, Johnny, 138 Hill, Bill, 138 Hill, Gordon, 138 Hilln, Geen, 138 Hines, Gerald, 138 Hinley, Kenneth, 138 Hirdler, Ronnie, 138 Horton, Hugh, 138 Honchins, Jimmy, 138 Holland, Savandor, 138 Howington, Mike Hoye, Tim, 139 Hubsledler, Gary, 139 lvey, Lee Roy, 138, 195 Jacobs, Don, 138 Jacobs, Ronny, 139 Jenkins, Gary, 139 Jerina, Frank, 139 Johnson, Billy, 139 Johnson, Randy, 139 Jones, J ones, Dickey, 139, 167 Kenneth, 139 Jones, Safnmy, 139 Keith, Dick, 139, 167 Kemp, Jimmy, 139 Kencaid, Richard, 139 Kent, Bobby, 139, 165 Kill, James, 139 King, Ronnie, 139, 167 Kierk, James, 139 Kirby, Bobby, 167 Legg, Wayne, 140, 194 Landrum, Teddy, 140 Lanford, Eddie, 140 Lanler, Mike, 140 Lennond, Harvey, 140 Leonard, Gary, 140 Lewis, Johnny, 193 Lloyd, John, 167 Llynod, John, 140 Lock, Don, 140 Lockhanun, Gary, 140 Long, Bobby, 140 Lowery, George, 140 Lyles, Greg, 140 Lyone, Gile, 140 Lyons, Bill, 194 McCornick, James, 140 McCornick, Robert, 140 McCurn, Kerry, 141, 203 McElhaney, Bobby, 141 McGee, Gred, 141 McKee, David, 141 McLellard, Thomas, 141, 194 Machey, Robert, 141 Malone, Dwaine, 141 Maret, Bile, 141 Martin, Roger, 141 Massey, John, 141 Mathews, Buddy, 141 Mathews, Ronnie, 141 Mathews, Eugene, 141 Matlock, Robert, 141 Maynard, George, 141 Mays, Mike, 141 Meos, Chuch, 141 Meritt, Joe, 141 Mitchell, Johen, 142 Mitchell, Steve, 142 Mixon, Jerry, 142 Mohley, James, 142 Montomery, David, 142 Morris, Daive, 142 Moulden, Billy, 142 Mozley, Mike, 142 Murphey, Robert, 142, 329 Murphey, Robert, 142 Murray, Mike, 142 Myrell, Alan, 142 Nalley, Mike, 142 Neal, Richard, 142, 192, 194 Nelson, David, 142 Nelson, Thomas, 142 New, Evan, 142 Newman, Gary, 142, 194 Newson, Tommy, 142 Nick, Robert, 143 O'Bear, Danny, 143, 134 0'Brian, Mike, 143 Oden, Skip, 143 Oliver, Wayne, 143 Omi, Phil, 143 Orman, Paul, 143, 197 Ozanne, Buddy, 143, 231, 232 Pardue, Buddy, 143 Parker, Chester, 143 Parker, Lester, 143 Parks, Keith, 143 Partridge, Mike, 143 Paterson, Bill, 143 Patrick, Welson, 143 Paul, Terry, 143 Paulos, Kermit, 143 Pearce, Bobby, 143, 194 Petroff, Steve, 143 Wilhire, Larry, 149 Farr, Carolyn, 135 Phipps, Trent, 143 Piccolo, Jerry, 143 Pick, Daivd, 143 Pile, David, 143 Pippin, Gary, 143 Plubell, David, 144 Ponroy, Wayne, 144 Poole, Walton, 144 Poore, Roger, 144, 226 Poteet, Dickie, 144 Press, Bob, 144 Prick, Billy, 144 Proctor, Hohn, 144 Pruitte, James, 144 Puckette, Phil, 144 Pugh, Don, 144 Peuman, Larry, 144 Pyles, Floyd, 144, 194 Raines, Lanny, 144 Ranbin, Mike, 144 Patliff, James, 144 Pay, Author, 145 Reed, John, 145 Reeder, Bruce, 145 Repp, David, 145 Repp, Robert, 145 Ridge, Ronnie, 145 Ridcut, Ken, 145 Roberts, Jack, 145 Roes, Lings, 145 Rogers, Chuck, 145 Rogers, Steve, 145 Ross, Randy, 145 Ross, Ronnie, 145 Roth, Ricky, 145, 203 Rowden, Dennis, 193 Rowell, Jerry, 145 Rowell, Norman, 145 Rudolph, Paul, 145 Russell, Larry, 145 Sallisbury, Jimmy, 145 Sanders, Ricky, 145, 203 Schulta, David, 146 Scott, David, 146 Shook, Arthur, 146 Seahorun, Johnny, 146 Shugart, Bob, 146, 226 Sewell, Roger, 146, 238, 251 Shibley, Tommy, 146, 329 Sharp, Gary, 146 Shaw, Luther, 146, 204, 202, 216 Sherril, Arlie, 146, 167 Spivey, Ronnie, 171 Stafford, Alan, 147, 167 Stapp, Austin, 147 Stevens, Roy, 147 Strickland, Jeff, 147, 203 Taps, John, 147 Taylor, Pay, 147 Teer, William, 147 Tegenhold, Jim, 147 Testa, Joe, 147 Thomas, Duncan, 167 Tullos, Richard, 148 Tussey, Rusty, 148 Wagner, Troy, 149 Waldon, Arutur, 149 Wallen, Philip, 149 Walls, Mike, 149 Warren, Charlie, 149 Warrick, Eddie, 149 Watkins, Gary, 149, 195 Webb, Glenn, 149 Welborn, Mike, 149 Whest, John, 149 White, Bobby, 149 Wiggs, Robert, 149 Wilson, Boyce, 193 Wilson, James, 194 Williams, Bill, 149 Williams, Earl, 149 Williams, Larry, 150 Williams, Tommy, 193 Winn, David, 193 Winters, Gary, 150 Wolf, Dennis, 127 Wriglit, Gary, 150 Y'Bardo, Thomas, 151 Yeatts, Bobby, 151 SOPHOMORE GIRLS Adams, Sherrie, 130 Akin, Barbara, 130 Allen, Charlene, 130, 203 Allison, Linda, 130 Aycock, Sherry, 130, 208, 212 Anderson, Donna, 130 Anderson, Nelda, 130, 177, 20 Anstead, Jan, 130 Anthony, Jane, 130, 208 Atkinson, Susan, 130 Baker, Marian, 203 Ball, Davetta, 130, 212 Barber, Judy, 130 Bardo, Regina, 130, 208 Barrioes, Laura, 130, 208 Barksworth, Ann, 175 Barksworth, Nancy, 130 Barnard, Gaye, 130, 208 Barnes, Nancy, 175 Barnett, Darlene, 130, 209 Barron, Rozanne, 130, 163, 20 Barry, Sherry, 130 Beckham, Dana, 130 Benner, Nancy, 130 Bennett, Sue, 131 Benningfield, Cathy, 131 Bently, Shirley, 131 Bewley, Ruth, 208 Black, Judy, 131 Blake, Carolyn, 131 Blakeway, Cindy, 131, 172 Boggs, Lenice, 131 Bolton, Sherry, 131, 203 Bowers, Mary Beth, 162 Branch, Regina, 131 Brannon, Bev, 131 Brench Brewer, Brewer, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Buylea, 9 Jo Ann, 131 Macilee, 131 Suzette, 131 Khristine, 131, 212 Dianne, 131 Shirree, 131 Kelly, 208 Sharon, 131 8, 175 8 Bullard, Sharon, 131 Burk, Babs, 131 Burns, Helen, 132 Bryum, Sherrie, 132 Cabaniss, Jeanette, 132 Coldwell, Janet, 132, 208 Campbell, Sandra, 132 Campbell, Gwen, 203 Campbell, Linda, 132, 208 Campbell, Ginger, 132 Cannon, Mary, 132 Case, Marilyn, 208 Chance, Millie, 208 Chick, Chris, 209 Christian, Sue, 132 Clark, Mary, 132 Cobble, Mary, 132, 208 Cockrcll, Kay, 132, 208 Coleman, Judy, 132, 177, 175 Conine, Sharon, 133, 208, 212 Copeland, Lynette, 133 Corely, Carolyn, 133, 154, 198 Cornett, Karen, 133 Covington, Sherrie, 133 Cox, Jackie, 133 Cox, Lonnie, 133 Crawford, Paula, 133, 203 Cravens, Verne, 133 Creed, Virginia, 133, 203 Crumpton, Ruth, 133 Cummings, Edith, 133 Cunningham, Sandra, 133 Curiren, Pat, 133 Dager, Becky, 133, 208 Dale, Linda, 133 Damon, Peggy, 133 Daniels, Jackie, 133 Davie, Diane, 133, 198, 196 Davis, Elaine Dawn, Marie, 134 Dawson, Pat, 134 Day, Janice, 134, 191, 208, 189 Diehold, Francis, 134 Digglio, Linda, 134 Dioz, Mary, 134 Dismore, Dot, 134 Dixon, Dot, 208 Drown, Kelly, 134 Drum, Sandy, 134, 172 Dunsmore, Glenda, 134, 208 Dutton, Carolyn, 134, 198, 196 Dyobing, Phyllis, 134 Easton, Irene, 134, 157, 163 Edwards, Harriet, 134 Elderidge, Jan, 134 Essary, Judy, 203, 135 Ethel, Kathy, 135, 208 Evans, Sandy, 135 Fain, Sharon, 208, 135 Faulkner, Margie, 135 Fikes, Marilyn, 136 Finche, Cindy, 135, 208 Fisher, Kathy, 135 Fishpaw, Kathy, 135 Ford, Pamela, 135, 208 Foster, Jenni, 202, 192 Fowler, Linda, 135, 208, 209 363 Funder, Judy, 136 Galvaen, Bertha, 136, 208 Garnett, Charlene, 136 Garnett, Penny, 136, 198 Gear, Pat, 136 George, Gwen, 136 Gilliland, Shieley, 136 Goodman, Kathy, 136, 154 Graham, Sandra, 136 Gray, Kathy, 136 Griffin, Patsy, 136 Grigly, Linda, 136, 212 Grissom, Susan, 136 Grundy, Terry, 136 Gomez, Gloria, 203 Gunn, Jenny, 136 James, Toni, 139, 212 Jardin, Connie, 139, 189 Jennifer, Sherron, 139 Johnson, Charlene, 139, 208 Johnson, Chris, 139, 208 Jones, Cheryle, 139 Jones, Cynthia, 139 Jones, Donna, 139 Jones, Laura, 139 Jutson, Jackie, 202 Kapp, Mary, 139, 208, 212 Killgo, Brenda, 139 Kinsell, Sandra, 139, 208 Kirkpatrick, Toni, 140 Knappage, Babs, 140 Knittel, Linda, 140 Kubriech, Christi, 140, 209 LaFlore, Lynn, 140 Lambert, Olgn, 140 Lang, Teddy, 140 Lanham, Carole, 140 Lonnons, Mary Lou, 140, 208 Lantrip, Sandra, 140 Lapez, Mary, 140, 203 Lenox, Babs, 140 Leathers, Joyce, 140, 208 Lee, Jonnie, 140 Lierman, Cleta, 140 Logan, Kay, 140 McCarter, Mary Beth, 140 McCluskey, Elaine, 140, 208 McCron, Willette, 140 Mcllilvaney, Lynda, 141 Mclillyla, Vicki, 141 McGee, Linda, 141 McLaughlin, Pat, 141 McWay, Peggy, 141 Mackey, Peggy, 141 Mankin, Julia, 141, 208 Marshall, Sharon, 141, 209 Martain, Linda, 141 Martin, Jo Ann, 141 Martin, Sandra, 141, 200, 202, 208 Mason, Judy, 141, 203 Matlock, Penny, 141 May, Sarah, 141 Mayell, Kay, 141 Medina, Rose Mary, 141, 209 Meeks, Nancy, 141 Massingwell, Linda, 141, 214 Metcalf, Becky, 142 Metcalf, Pam, 142 Miller, Joyce, 142 Miller, June, 142 Miller, Patty, 142 Mitchell, Darla, 142, 177, 175 Montogomery, Linda, 142 Moore, Kathy, 142, 198, 202, 208, Morgan, Janeta, 142 ' Morgan, Virginia, 142 Morrison, Lava, 142, 203 Murray, Barbara, 142 Myers, LeNan, 142, 208 Myers, Marla, 142, 208 Nall, Nancy, 142 Names, Brenda, 142 Napier, Carole, 142, 157 Nixon, Karen, 143 Novak, Linda, 143, 208 Omi, Bonnie, 143 Owings, Rosalyn, 143 Pace, Gail, 143 Parker, Jan, 143 Paul, Dulu, 143, 208 Payne, Frances, 143 Perriman, Marilane, 143 Patrick, Pat, 208 Peterson, Mary, 143 Pierce, Beverly, 144 Pike, Linda, 144 Pirtle, Peggy, 144, 203, 209 Plate, Tena, 144, 190 Pointer, Patty, 144, 212 Polson, Linda, 144 Pominger, Diane, 209 Poore, Judy, 144 Poovey, Vicki, 144, 208, 189 Porter, Suzy, 144 Potts, Meredith, 144 lPoulen, Sandy, 144 Powell, India, 144 Powell, Jamie, 144 Preston, Joyce, 144, 203, 208 Prince, Diane, 144 Pritchett, Theresa, 144, 212, 162 Purdy, Gay, 144 Reines, Glenda, 145, 203 Reminger, Vickie, 145 Reynold, Nancy, 145, 203 Rice, Joyce, 145 Richardson, Rita, 145, 191, 189 Riley, Jalyne, 145 Roberts, Danna, 145 Robinson, Mary, 145 Rockett, Jolinda, 145 Roes, Linda, 145 Round, Dianne, 145, 212 Rowbatham, Denise, 145 Rushing, Marion, 145 Rutledge, Cyrene, 145, 203 Ryan, Gail, 145, 212 Samuel, Sylvia, 145 Sanders, Sherrie, 14-5 Sarver, Franciene, 146 Saunders, Billie, 146 Schied, Peggy, 146 Schmidt, Paula, 146 Scruggs, Jere, 146 Segura, Sylvia, 146 Seibel, Beverly, 146 1 Sellers, Carol, 136 Sides, Karen, 146 Simmons, Kay, 146, 203 Saffer, Joyce, 146 Sharp, Patsy, 146, 202 Shien, Christene, 146 Shelton, Debbie, 146 Smith, Isabel: 146 Smith, Cindy, 146 Smith, Jeannie, 147 Smith, Julin, 147 Shew, Linda, 146 Shields, Barbara: 146 Shields, Sue: 167 Shipman, Linda, 146 Spence, Carol, 147 Spence, Gloria, 147 Spradlin, Brenda, 147 Stafford, Alan, 147 Stanley, Becky, 147, 208 Stone, Laura: 147 Storm, Barbara, 147 Stubbs, Beverly, 147 Smothers, Pam, 147 Sullivan, Jo Ann, 147 Summers, Janis, 147, 208 Snell, Betty, 147 Snyder, Phyllis, 147 Suthers, Mary, 147 Swindel, Carolyn, 147 Sparks, Richard, 147 Spawn, Linda, 147 Swinds, Kathy, 147 Tackett, Cynthia, 147, 208 Tallent, Cindy, 147 Talley, Tina, 147 Tate, Hilda, 147, 203 Tarpley, Bobbie, 147, 208 Taylor, Kaye, 147 Taylor, Pat, 147, 203, 208 Theriot, Linda, 148 Thomas, Sharon, 148 Thomas, Jo Nell, 148 Thone, Linda, 148 Tucker, Brenda, 148 Turner, Judy, 148 Tyler, Frances, 148 Tipton, Bonnie, 148, 208 Townsend, Pat, 148 Trammell, Linda, 148 Trousdale, Gail, 148 Tucker, Becky, 148 Tucker, Donna, 148 Underwood, Carole, 148 Underwood, Margie, 148 Unreh, Carolyn, 148 Vaughn, Glenda, 148 Vaughn, Rita, 148 Vice, Evelyn, 148 Wagoner, Marilyn, 149, 208 Walkins, Yvonne, 149, 198 Walker, Connie, 149 Watkins, Glenda, 149, 208 Walker, Sunny, 149 Wallace, Cynthia, 149, 208, Washburn, Carolyn, 149 Watkins, Gary, 149 Wilburn, Judy, 149, 175 KWL 0 Autfmgraphs ww f mga my f , 0 f-W MHIMLZQ, ZLMQM ggfcwlffffffff 545' 67 LL my UL 0 MAJ f qi I ' ftp H fm, 4325 Qf J lmao, W W df X1 WJLIL flvufvum, harm ov iiqpcfiwy ,mf XY - , , cb Q fx A 'a4w ,w.if QQ, wil my JBQJXA QA W9 Www! 112 7711 Wvjfwi LL , W SQ yy Q55 QF fimfu X Zmz , Q V5 QU .YQ AMMVL if ZLLZJLZ vw MV mc' f Q? 35 LJZVLZK4 ' CMLLLLZ Af, 7Q Bw HKS? 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Suggestions in the Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) collection:

Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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