Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX)

 - Class of 1962

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Text from Pages 1 - 344 of the 1962 volume:

1 I 1 gc f 'ln 1" L 4 , ,ff-1 If, I F11 ff 1 fl 1 1 d . . Y -W-rv ... rn-, Y .-.1-111'-:T vrvv' J r n f X 1 I M 1? , V X' X lg . , ' , X CQ Mug W1 Q 0" f f ' I 1' M me ff "MJ - 'f1 A ui QQ gwwwwy fgn, ,f r, . D-if M Q7 ff V. X HW , A A qffff 1 V wffu Q J M! L LJC .A.AV V I Af,A jf b4V1fbfNl'! V 1 1 V 6 lyflffl' 43 K "' . ff 'M - 51 Q' 62.47, M fb WWW f 2- ,Li '14 . bf af F19 LLC! my M mfmufwwfgffg AM 1 0 if N QM w f My mvvtfb NN 4 Ckg? f 9 Wm wKiA,Wfv Bwyfyygwg QM' X X W wifi Y K SAW W if W . M:'L'3WQXOb ' Af E Q-fl E5 f X D vi XS W ywflfjlggkipjw J M My 1 w 31 if Vw KL ASW wb! 'S ff si me B u f ' Q' 'P 31" bu if X tklfl 1 , . f if Q 4 , c is fs S . R s. K an W , ., fa W' , 3 fx, Q Vg v , 3 g k V . i 1 rx f wp, r 1' Am, I .M 1 75 sf "f . I "ggi XM" - 'ef ' fs ww., QW if 'R Aix A ,, .., , W W Q 1 Mai A ',',- 3 I .V - A g' " in-Sl' M gf. fi li wiv. ff? is is M554 W x ,. V U. wi 45 T" , -' , , 'iQ Z ian A 3 A ' if E5 r I I , A r Mrs. Rachael Calkins has been the sponsor of the Debs since 1948. During preparation for halft me sh s Mrs C lk ns con s ro tries th drum orett Dczizmfmrz J 6 For a, friendly word and a cheery smile, P A For your fighting spirit all the X X 1 ly Q while, 4 ll 4 fl' For your faithful guidance and instruction each day, For your sweet personality and understanding way, For working with others, and bringing them joy, For being a loyal friend to each girl and boy, For your loving encouragement in everything we do, XXX? iff ffkf X fy, 'Xf- Jil! f We the Annual Staff dedicate this 1962 Ouflis' Nesf in you Zfrcwvrd Soon some five hundred of us will say good-bye to Garland High School. We will miss our Alma Mater. Most of all we will miss the people, the friends, whom we came to know and love as Garland High School. But really we will always be together. It is the goal of the 1962 Owl's Nest to keep us to- gether. The annual staff cannot achieve this goal alone. It will take each of us, both student and faculty member, turning through the pages of the 1962 Owl's Nest for years to come. For it is here in these pages that We will always be frfgefhcr . X-...M ..,., ,wr if vfvfifif '52 WM, w'w?W' J 7,-.M .. 2, 3, Y Z 5 Qi making mxfr ,, . mmm-s-...N-,,,,, WWA we 'er Wwgau-vt A. fy-fYTf I ' M .. X. fix gif? 2 YN H ... ., .M '-f-f?r'1fvy-M. X if F , , M, ,I , H956 1- ,JP C3 V Q O saying 7I6'ffI7n to gift . . Alf' ' I f 1 X P w X L r P I r 1 .. , 1 011 mmm , 'mmm-W i f giwgfummw , www ,mm - Quinn:-u im Wxwww classes iff? M4 Q! ,. 5 .gg F 1 A . is , an 5 firfgcrgy V J W i M 5 QF, , .- 3 A x , g 'WY 'if . 1. 1 .. F' , , . J K 1 5 Q .aw T? V -.4 . wk- , , I H -4. Ki.: Q sg, wil d Q ,ax I pf.. Q,-, N A ya KL gm ff '13 gf Q W':7j2a 3 , f 1,11 l , , 5 if 3 z 'Q 2 sf wa S x x 2 I i E 35 is Wie! Q 5 A? ., fri' ,Ng Wk U 1 an N, X" W me 2953 1 n was, W, H 55 4!5,Q3,1QP K R Y S ..m,x+ A qt 19 , ki AME W my ' M95 ww, Im f, '332 w 5 .mi X 'Ur y E3 5 wf Q W if gwhil Fifi I 'Rei' QE' wi?-as if X223 V41 ,Aw Q ,,-Wx' X X i ef. I, " f 2' JV" X , ,M A ,, X L, W , , 'V X 3194 Lg- ,,., I3 SffE7'G,qLL7'X A Jofafff ,X U --- x 5 ff' Activities i CQLASSES?? N'E'J X Q 2 X September 3: ' f t ' -, I kK'- i 2 ,.LA e..W.,.L L .,., ,.e,, L V. t L we ' , U - the eef. e fp .lf f L - l eeeee . f ' referee y so F: ' 'K e e W l V. t ,, V - 'KV' f i ' 5 .:,A I t . e lk i e eeee 1 Majorette Susan Wright backs the "Somebody hand me the tape!" Owls. Student Council representa- tives, Judy Kissick and Sydna Holbert, serve at a coffee given for the teachers by the council. I6 "Are you hurting or scared?" says Mr Sutherland. Bill Wisener and Cathy Smith embrace after the victory over S.O.C. Co-captain Eddie Horstman leads the mighty Owls into their first pep rally of the '61 season, A V, 'X1 A 1 1 P 1 Z Y, 1 1 filiflff' 1 t,' I , Vii eilbf K N f 5 1 I xx 11' 1, "ii-6111549454 W1 ,,11-ii,1, 11s-11:-1 '-" -1 ,. .e-east' 1,55 ,.., J2E2i5iZ557IfTQIf1,- 1g--15,1 1, , ' ' 45551-21,:f1ssfzi:2rsi21s53,L1f 1.:1f1Qes11i11'1, ' S- ' " 1, ' ' Hifi "MT aryl 'ii f'1e,fJi'f1?7fiSl '55i'1Ji '1-fi fi i:3YE1"" ,Q , , ,,,,. J was-:?f11w1sTf55g?1tf2r1A1,1:1 11- f 1 1,,11,,p,1 ,w19w1,1Q12 1 ,1,11f,,111Q-,,9 L11 -1,,5g1az11qgf51?1,,L1- -1 s .L ' ' K 1, ,1,21122gj5i1' - +52 - 1, -1111'f1v- V- , - , 3,11 z,1ig1',1gg?i,ff1,1 jk jg '57 11 My ,511 -11,f1w - cg 1,1 ' , - ' M 1, - V - ' 7917 1 , - 1 i if A 1197 A KW ,gg f1fi'fY71'i??i'-5 Eiflff53117??1'5? 'Z ' 1 V, ,- f "1 K ' ' ' T J 4 '1s+'?fi11E5iiz7ilQ 15,1 f f- -:Eff 5 'fWT1l55T5f7f ' f 132153 K g,gSLe1f1,w,S, , M1 1 f, 1 , 71211 ' 11" ' 7 1 1- 1 1' 1 ' ' '1'f1Eii Ui H5 sy 1 Sie", 31, f 1,'g1f1gwgi1xv11w f 5g.jgggS1si1g?1s1g 1 ,1i,2is1121ge,1111,,1fsG2g K K f - f f ,, ,1,, f1 N1 1gA,x-awy11fggre,r1 11-111,1s11f,1-,- W , 1 f , 0 11,1 .ff it , ,V 11 1 1 if - ,11fgi4i?iffilfi12f2af'1:11,11f,geq-1 mfa1ff11,a14avii?gfE17saL1m1:12wfwASEgffi1- t ,, ,V Q , 1,1511gr1Qgf1fffr,fW,?fs'1,,i1gif,1wf211sm11 K v-13511 f Q , ,' ,gr1g:vi,111f1fwgggg3,1?-fw fv,fm151Q?KgZiif11,gs4iii55gi11-2+111-ui11eaze1- ff ' 11 , , ' xx '1irE1E3?' ' ' " Tlziiisfi ff , Q 2 f ' 2 1 . 15 1 1SK1Hf5??l!E1!i5'5i!51f'1 Eff95Ys5zh5'1.s11 it f27s5?isff11i1 5157 '-':' i mf 1575 157 ' S L?5Il?Y2f5E 'ei1Yi2aii9C"1i' i is 1 101 '15 ,mr W 7 ,-Mt. s 2 1. x W f 7 1 V 1 If ' K " " ' 1 1 Wx, 1, '15 451 - J5::5f::":" , -'-?-7fTYlff11'1s- A 5' 1 21 - ' 'ii ' - 5'1" -1 - v, ,1311 1 ,, ,-asf' lq,gp.gM11Q w11,,1sf1,1,i5Q1 ,, , , 1 1-21 ,hir Tw ,V X2 7f'11f?jggfUW, 'S ,Lff':g1 ,,,A'Z1 V 5 '12?5?ilf3f9i1i 115' iV35"f1?fEfQ2f?LifQnfflfffi xl11M?5'il1f'"?1'-Wnggliiff 'f , 1 1, L,1Q,1 , , L11, i,11 ,W 1, , , ,1 1, -1 A A f -I 1. 1,,-1wf1L1' -1 f W 1 ' .ifi2' 111 3 'L Qin ii Three proud seniors show off their 1'.j,'f'--- 1 Junior team captains enjoy the kick-off dinner for their magazine drive. Miss Billie Nickels catches a snooze in the new patio. Bill Wisener, Susan Wright, are Optimist Students of the Month, with janet jackson, Rotary Sweetheart and Bob Luna, junior Rotarian. The Cheerleaders mix up trouble for the Tigers at the pep rally. The junior girls' the direction of With poise and grace the nominees and their escorts practice for the Homecoming game, as band members look on. I8 Ocirfbcr One big happy family-"of seniors pause in the midst of a scavenger hunt cox ducted for FFA Sweetheart nominee, Ann Thruman. rx One point for the wrong end! V ,wx , . - I, . K l , 5 f' X sewing circle comes to order under President Ronny Fitzgerald. childhood. 1 ' Agn, V .A l J! Ronnie Faulkner NanCy Guynes 1007? Com'on, David, lets do the Twist! The juniors twisted for FFA Sweetheart Blackwell 6XPCI'iCI'lCCS his SCCOI'lCl ngminee, SueMgf5hal1, I9 N. Nmwzlfer Carolynn Hatfield, Larry Christian, and Gayle Stice, kick off Highland i Park week by hanging zi dummy of a Highland Park player. A twist of the ole' foot just to indicate embarrassment as Gary Christian gives the talk at the Highland Park pep rally. The Owls leave the home field for the last time this season. Hey, man le F4 YR we '-MJ Lili Students find themselves blocked by the Spirit Fence, a new facility at GHS. 20 W by Wai: ii WMF., Wi' v , ,J , ' 1-V , 1, x ,.v M gi! W " ,f 7, 5 ,uw fy, , af as , , , 5,2 'if' , N , . ' W :J .h i 2. 3 - Qi ' W' c n fix W -5, M any fi Mwmvfwxzm, M, . Larry Wolfe, Mike Moore, Bill Wisener, Gayle Stice, Becky jones, and Carol Kunkler welcome two well-known exesg Pat Goodwin and Martha Willis. Students of the month of November are Teresa Ahenhurst and Owl's Eyes flourish as always during this month, as David Mike Moore. Hall, Nelda Bolton, and Carol Hall take a count of their money. 22 A look of confusion passes over the Business Staff as the class pictures arrive. Even the duties of the Student Council are often hurn-drum. Rain or shine the Debs march on in the annual Christmas parade. Bruce Alger answers questions of a few students during his brief stay in "How dry I am." This picture was taken during prepara- Gnrland. tion for the Popularity Bull. 24 Some of the journalism students final- ly catch on to the twist after a trip to Texas XYfo1nen's University for T.H.S.P.A. convention, ,pf aff: E if Vx 5 . t fs 1 Tim Gentry drives the A Team cheerleaders in the Annual Christ- Gene Odell takes a look at the cold weather effects on the fountain mas parade. in the patio. Annual Staff members with the assistance of Sara Mc- Natt and Karen Mullins pre- pare cheesecloth for the 1962 Popularity Ball. 25 Rick, Larry and friends engage in a little snow flurry before classes begin. january Everyone at GHS enjoyed the days of snow despite cold noses, wet feet, unexpected snow ball, and frost-bitten hands. The break finds students at the fountain where Linda Horton seems to be in the swing of things. Some of the Senior boys couldn't resist a little rough and tum- ble in the snow. Spectators look on as Paul tries out his new ice skates Oops! Accidents do happen! 'f ' , Rf ew 8 Nw M gi N ,SF If it T ,,.. 326335 Aga -Q. 3 .. .Q 28 i 3 5 1 NSW. ,- 'W L Y' W3 .,, . my ,J WW ,f nw AYQYQ3 ' ..-.,as-,:,..K.::a 1. A lg, 4 '4 ' 5114 42' 96 m fai. V ,, i',,:?i5,f Am ,gem ' pw ' 'iw i , ,N Q, 1 3 X. Qs X if was s3Sf'g ?hs2 f my if 1 me :ml .szv .,, K Q4Ql'.Q ff Qvgzsg, f g evissisgl ffl 2 ' - ' A1 A Mmm Qclrrwzry The sgirit of St. Valentine cast his magic spell at the annual Valentine Dance Wonder what's wrong with Gary? All the Senior -M - .5 V8 "Q. a e f 1 . X , . ' Sisters smiled prettily at the camera, but Linda Horton just had to tell Judy Myers something before the camera was snapped. Md ff' In the traditional manner, the junior Sisters gather around Mrs. Calkins. 3' Don Hollenshead preferred to elect his own private Val- P056 now, Seniofi itls your last Chame- entine court. V V Who said Metracal didntworld High stepping Debs at the Highland Park Basketball game. A certain Dub finds herself fishing for pennies while Larry Senior Martha Crump receives her certificate for the winning es- Christian and Sherlyn Atteberry look on. say of Texas Health Association. 32 Persvnalifies omecomzhy af Beverly Burke Kathey Horton Marsha Erwin Jimmie Bennett janet ackson Homecoming at G.H.S. was sponsored by the Student Council. The eight nominees for Homecoming Queen were chosen by the senior class. Then the entire student body voted to elect its Queen, Ann Thurman was our Homecoming Queen for 19623 at her halftime coronation Mike Hayslip, Presl ident of the Student Council, presented her a charm bracelet and American Beauty roses. Later that night a dance was held in her honor. 1 fN ll ' Linda Six - yi ,V Susan Wright . if , 1962 jfomecomzfzy zzeen i omznees W' Y , J me W, X x, Nd! i , K A B Prince jerry Turner Princess Carolynn Hatfield 122 y gf earfs 1962 fUaQz2f1l12e ourf COURT: John Nickerson, Ronnie Faull5ner,,,Lzirry Christian, Jimmie Bennett, Carolynn Hatfield, jerry Turner, Garry Christian, jimmy Burns. Carol Scheid, Kay Pendergruft. 'Ngncy Guiqes. Ronny Fitgerald, Janet jackson, Linda Polzin, julia Freeman. 36 ,ww-Mr WV' -My xi WDW 4 M. M .Am ew mwwwwww nn Wunnerse p 1962 Epukrzky NJ j2Q1" 7 SENIORS-STANDING: Osby Berchardt, Wittiestg Eddie Horstman, Class Favorite, Most Athletic, Personality Plus, Best Naturedg jay Tillinghast, Wfittiestg Ronnie Blackwell, Class Favorite, Gary Mitchell, Class Favorite, Best All-Round, john Nickerson, Most Handsomeg VUade Bennett, Jerry Mat- lock, Most Ambitiousg joe Espinoso, Best All-Roundg Da- vid Carter, Most Courteous, Most Dependableg Ronny Cul- pepper, Most Athletic, Best Naturedg Garry Christian, Most Handsomeg James Marshall, Best Owl Spirit, Larry Chris- tian, Most Handsome: Dick Lawsong Bill Wisener', Class Favorite, Mr, G.H.S., Personality Plus, Most Dependable, JUNIORS-STANDING: David Lambert, Best!-XII-Round, jimmy Burns, Most Handsomeg Mike Goodwin, Class Favoriteg Jerry Turner. Class Favorite, Best All-Round, Most Handsomeg'Ff6ddie Fox, Most Handsomeg Ronnie Fitzgerald, Class Favorite, Best All-Round. SEATED: julia Freeman, Most Beautifulg Linda Polzin, Class Favoritej' Judy Kissick, Most Beautiful, Wfanda Loftis, Best All-Roundg Carolynn Hat- field, Class Favorite, Most Beautiful, Best All-Roundg Kay Pendergraft, Most Beautifulg Carol Kunkler, Best All-Roundg Sue Marshall. Class Favorite. f""'e- , 1' " - . 1 '- ul-m. swf- at Q: 7u1t..:-iiunziswyi-V ,.i,Mfwfmn , - -i f - runs.-1--ummurwi,-vs,--v f mms-mf -f,.i: fi fimm.vsf,-zfmwwaiiwzwv be-aw f f ,J Q L, , 2 , ,i1WA. 2 J V 1 ,f -'5'1 gesf::,fkf- , Mmm ' A .. . , . A "E ,, E 7' ,. ,L - - 'mg W. X P ' .35 1 Q N v Q f:+.:1.Zf I 2 iv f Z , A , . 5 af- if i- k ' .. Q W?-,Xa .... , ,, .,,, 3 at Q 2 . O .. x 0 ,,-ev Q V 'iff f- 1, g gm MZQLQ1 ,ww E' - A 411, 41 4 W da , , , V ,gi-1 ling W xx gl f M33 gif. WVR dw 'X ww w W H' . M W- 4 Y, 1 3 3, 5 4 I , af? MW NX' , M W- , ,y N 5 , Q. 1 P f I 9 ' - I - 4 ' 'H F ,556-,L ' ian 3 x ' E ' ' ' , L ' --31 il- P as but Y' la.: is v wx 'N ,M " 'ff ' , y , , was - V 'gg -L V ' :Q :M ' X A ' v 1 'H Pi f' ' ' J' F93 w. ' ,nik Wxiw 1 1 M 3 ' ' 33 , , JG ' ,"i. M' N 1 f V - G' , ? ji : n ,QSQKVVQ-ggk5kafQai,' . A QA ' 'f-:rg ' u 'I' 1:G'N'J' ,f, , " 'WI ' 1, . Q - , pi. , , Q X .... ff , Wim f N vw' E WEYJ, ' f ' , Hi, wgwk w-n zi, f L -,N ,f Q- . f ilm .N WW ' ,, - xx ,H Y .. 'my-Q., , 1 " 5 ' WAKE. , .X Y- Wm ww, ,- 'if i Q V if'2T . if V1 f 'X Q fan 5 .vi -'w w wfa V, l 3, w m, ',, , ef. ,N X V' -- Nw, W 2 M Gena Odell Bill Wisener Mike Hayslip Gale Gooch 6121014 The faculty selected the All G.H.S. students on the basis of their leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. They were presented at the 1962 Popularitv Ball, "Bali Haif 2 42 4 571 9715 5. Ronny Faulkne Martha New Ann Thurman Bob Lura 11121614 3 s Nancy Midget David Lambert Mike Goodwin Kathy Strickland Qgopgomore y rr 12 e I if Gary Bridges Marie Cherry Judy Pugh Ronnie Williams M ,W L47 L? ft W Qi Z , 1 A JY , ' . 'qv . -' .f ff N V ' 5, fb ff L vu u , ,f J My jp! Vfinyfff ww My MV P K , N P n www ..,V.r., Q ' ' ' '13 V n F. 4' Ft? FJ lg" lo ':, Q 1 1,3 -.f A-L N. L fx Q x 'H .- A . 4 X V , 'ea 1 ' . - ' ,4 4 iff? fi fs it , Tw, fs 'fi Q A A QQ . :ji N 1 J F P L -I., 1 n W 5? lisa tvx L,4:,s C, ,. ., Jing, R A X . ip 1 Q 2' Um 905, I it f lxsfwfgzg-ff 'if' : X J ev i1ggm,ff':W - 4? 215' wwspiii w fn . :wg2F.Zu' V f A 'Wm -.M ST Q X g 3 QR .- 5- n 4--Q Xa 5, NWI' 5 1. .' Q ' x Q K1 2 bi, ,- 'gp-133 f. wx 'ax F 1 , is fx Q , . , . -Q, 4 ' lg avg ,yg!,g. "H, n - R 5" 0 ' vt: ' . 8 X 5 f f y.. Q4-W' xii 5 'QA ' 1 3 s 295 4" F4 4 ffwag .az , V . , F x iff: 3' A 4- , A . - ,f 4-,W , , V rx fi ,ff - gk X 't U5 , f 2 " ,1 1 "' f 1' 5 3 , 5? A .M , Wy V K 'bfi 'gg if V 1 fa! ' r:,,1f "al v H 1 - -. 1 ,T ,,, . r . N? J 52:15,-ii? ' eq, SX ,ki iid, ffm ,fs ' V' x ' 1: ' ' yn f f' iff Cf' A Q , f 434 , , ,AM J, .5H, x HN ""4 'C 24' -M-.A J: W 'E , , '44, Q ,5 . 4: XA V J,gW:vX', JMX , . , 1 xl 7 K-N Q.- A A di., ,hgki , A , ' -W, fx ' ' xx NY - A -' 1 N ., 1 -, --J Mfg v ,ufvw fx, ' L, ,M , .L V W. V -' f ,-X , fdbf' I . Vg.-:ch nw,-Q 443, K r A vnu H , if X qtm ,,6,Q,, -21 - We fr- 9:2 ... A, AA "IX 5' I TW I X f, A , S321 QQ A 15, U, , , gg-1 fa., My 'f A xwiz , I K .gfl ' 4 VN ,, ,as , , ..,.,, I -QW . f + .. , 11.gf1'fZ4:'5 4 f 1 , ,,.,.-wx ,, 1 w5'5:f.,,: . V ' 1 J 'Y -'far-' H" lg '5' ?f"'3f :Lzil?,!-2-F15f0fif.d'959SP:, :E rw : Q. , - fy-ffgfwfg I - . H ' -A " H '.A'f1,1,:1,,3.1.b,Amr-wz,A5 ' ' GW' " Lf m EJ ' ' " fm.: . ig fsgw 15, -, WM 1 ..,. ?,,,,,-ww , fr ,.1x 3 Y +m ff' L, 153 ' .... -,WMV .,., 5 Q 'fa 1 4 X wp 21 VM, 7 , f ,-'Aff ra x . X N Q W rag. 5,53 Q fi Hy.. : ,-w-L fwkf fvyw X 1 Z . -,flaw w f - ' wi T New f W F5 6 S W Q YS H MK Orgauizafims 427 W W X f QW SPONSER: Mr. Billy joe johnsong MEMBERS: Bill Wisener, Bob Luna, Gayle Stice, Mike MooriglSarah Clelandfj Mike Hauslip, Gale Gooch, Sydna Holbert, Carroll Sewell, Weldon Mullens, Becky jones, Linda Ashley, Tommy Tho iisg'-judy'Kis'sick, Larry Wolfe, Carol Kunkler, Wanda Loftis, Jerry Turner, Bill Hatchel. Student 60u14cil To maintain a form of school govern- ment, to foster good citizenship, to sponsor and encourage worthwhile activities and proj- ects are the purposes of the Student Coun- cil. Also the council strives to develop lead- ership in our school. New representatives for the council are elected at the beginning of the school year by the students of their various classes. Council Members Tommy Thomas, Bill Wisener, Sydna Holbert, and Gayle Stice greet ex Edna jane Fulkerson at annual Homecoming for which the SC is responsible. C0 promote . . The Continentals furnish music and entertainment a 68 the Student Councils annual Harvest Hop. The council purchased flags for each of the rooms at GHS. Here members Larry Wolfe and Bill Wisener install a flag in Mr. Don Agnew's room. The Student Council is responsible for working in the concession stand at basketball games. X At Christmas the council furnished trees for both wings. Also they sponsored their annual Christmas dance. . . sclfwl spirit Officers of the Student Council are Bill Wisener, reporterg Carroll Sewell, historiang Larry Wolfe, treasurerg Mike Hayslip, presidentg Gayle Stice, secretaryg Mike Moore, vice-presidentg and Mr. Billy joe johnson, sponsor. Student Council officers lead a victory band through the halls of GHS President Mike Hayslip before one of our football games. They also led a snake dance' comprised of the entire student body Inter in the fall. . . 13' me aim af thc Sludcnt druucil vo MEMBERS: STANDING: Curwin Sanborn, John Roberts, Vicki Wester, Larry Short, Bob Knappage, Kenneth Altfather, Ernie McKenney, Gayle Stice, Terry Hardgrove, Bill Thomas, Alan Adams, Don Pickle, Jerry Lamm, SEATED: Kathy Strickland, jack May, jimmy Crawford, Ricky Howard, Glenn Jennings, David Beaver. Mu ,4M1a Uzcta MATH CLUB A new chapter of the National Math- ematics Club, Mu Alpha Theta, was formed this year by Mrs. Alta Lee Altom, sponsor. The purpose of the club is to promote an in- terest in mathematics, its instruments and their application to the sciences. OFFICERS: Mrs. Alta Lee Altom, sponsor, Karen Mullings, president, Jim Burks, reporter, Jerry Lamm, vice-president, joe Burks, secretary. MEMBERS: STANDING: Larry Wheat, Ioe Porter, Ronnie Rutherford, Teresa Ashenhurst, Dick Lawson, Judy Bell, gavid Sterner, Joe Burks, jim Burks, iane Clanton, Mike St. John, David Carter, David Tabb, Don Hollenshead, EATED: Dee Van Gilder, Leslie De- 1etri, Julie Alexander, Karen Mullings, Wight Brand. Slide Rule group of the Mu Alpha Theta are Ernie Mc- Kenney, Jerry Lamm, Mr. Charles Robertson, and David Sterner. .Mu ,ffhlid Uzcta members are Intermed in the study of math and all its rehztcd Heidi. . 7I Teresa Ashenhurst Suzanne Barbee Judy Bell, president David Carter Sarah Cleland, treasurer F. A. Coleman, reporter Linda Cruit Martha Crumpton Michael Dann Leslie Demetri Ronny Gibbs Nancy Gynes Mike Hayslip Judy Herring Kathy Horton Linda Horton Eddie Horstman Glenn Jennings Sb' W Dick Lawson Jerry Matlock, vice-president Mil-ze Moore Gena Odell Glenda Richards Linda Smith Janie Spraggins ga rf fi JR' """ JU 1 tilfsifiti t S Q V .- i K f 4195 ,, . 'MW as , 5 7- .- :- ' Hif r Qiiiggigs . -5 , -V w -.fa ig? 72 f. H, gr,-if ou. I i Gayle Stice David Tabb Jay Tillinghast Linda Thompson Ann Thurman awe.,-V K A V Y , , V -, John Wagner f i ' Bill Wisener V Susan Wright, secretary f mm W r I 1 nz ij XY A 4 if its he 2 Mrlffawmn-mwfqw ,,,.,- . ,,i A- f . New National Honor Society members are, FIRST ROW: Kandis Hardin, Judy Molden, Karen Mullins, Carolyn Hatfield, Sue Marshall, Wanda Loftis, Nancy Midget, Vicki Wester, Carol Kunkler and Karen Smith. SECOND ROW: Sara McNatt, Gloria Bedhun, Margaret Johnson, Louise Anderson, Carolyn Jones, Sonja Hegna, Marsha May, Eugenia Tapp, and Cathy Strickland. LAST ROW: Kieth Hughes, Jerry Lamm, Nicki Harper, David Lambert, and Terry Hargrave. Not shown: Lynn Neely, Lynette Tipton, Janie Richardson, and Alice Alberts. Scholarship and citizenship are upheld by the National Honor Society. afivmzl Honor Society To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to pro- mote leadership, and to encourage the de- velopment of the character in pupils of Garland High School are the purposes of the National Honor Society. New members are admitted to NHS at the end of the fall semester on the merits of scholarship, service, leadership, and char- acter. Sponsors are Miss Madge Daniel and Mrs. Polly Smith. National Honor Society holds annual Christmas party for under- privileged children. Susan Wright presents principal, Morgan Moses, .and visiting teacher, Mr. B. J. Johnson, with an apple on Valentines Day 73 Members of the Beta Club man the Lambert campaign booth at the annual Beta Club conf vention. 'P Q, Mrs. Norma Dorsey, sponsor, poses with a Chalk drawing of David Lambert, the 1962-65 state president of the Beta Club. Sfforf zls' ineifed by members ef the . -nv' gamma OFFICERS: STANDING: Joe Espinosa, president, Mrs. Norma Dor- sey, sponsor. SEATED: Kathy Horton, corresponding secretary, Sarah Cleland, recording secretary, Gina Odell, treasurer, Bill Wisener, vice- president. 74 The Beta Club sponsors the sale of class pins. TWO YEAR MEMBERS: TOP ROW: F. A. Coleman, Sarah Cleland,'Eddie Horstman, I Kathy Horton, MIDDLE ROW: Gayle Stice, Bill Wisener, Gena Odell, joe Epsinosa, Earl Luna President of the School board, in- BOTTOM ROW: Laffv Christian' Janet Jackson' troduces Professor Charles O'Galvin of SMU. . . Beta 61116 toward making zz better salma! BETA CLUB "Let us Lead by Serving Others" is the motto of the Beta Club. Its objectives are to encourage effort, promote character, stimulate achievement, reward merit, and to encourage and assist students to con- tinue their education after high school graduation. New members are nominated by the teachers in the spring, but the final vote comes from the old members. ONE YEAR MEMBERS: BACK ROW: David Lambert, Bubba Tomlinson, Wade Bennett, jerry Turner, Mike Good- win, Bobby Luna, Don jones, Ronnie Gibbs, John Wagner, Mike Moore, Mike Hayslip, MIDDLE ROW: Valerie I-Iardcastle, Carolyn Hatfield, Sue Marshall, Carole Kunkler, Lonnie Oglesby,Qg3dy FRONT ROW: Linda Six Ann Thurman, Beverly Burke, Nancy Guynes, Susan Wright, and Carol Schg-Z 75 OFFICERS: left to right: Na- tina Burkham, historian, Mar- tha New, secretary, Bob Luna, president, Gale Gooch, vice- president, Pat McCallum, treasurer, John Roberts, re- porter, Mrs. Lavonia Rowett sponsor. : National Qaransic league To promote the interests of interscholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking by encourag- ing a spirit of fellowship and by conferring upon deserving candidates a worthy badge of distinc- tion are the purposes of the National Forensic League. The greatest value of NFL is the encourage- ment and incentive it gives its members to be- come effective speakers and hence more success- ful and more influential citizens. NFL celebrates the victory of Kathy Strickland and Mary Cody at dinner after the Sherman Speech tourna- ment. drmpctitivc spezclf activitzks are pmmotcd by the Natzlmal Harcnsic League l 1 MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: David Lambert, Bob Foster, Wade Bennett, Mike Hayslip, Bob Luna, johnny Roberts, SECOND ROW: Kathy Strickland, Natina Burkham, Linda Grantham, Pat McCullum, Gale Gooch, Martha New. 76 l STANDING, left to right: Connie Needham, Gretchen Gore, Diane Horne, Gail Martin, Lynn Koffman, Barbara Parker, Jeanne LeCroy, Becky Jones, Sydna I-Iolhert, Cheryl Morphis, Jane Haney, Judy Strnad, Nancy Trish, Carole Bishop, Thora Keith, Gail Martin, Bobbie Bogard, Janie Storey, Judith Newcomb, SEATED, left to right: Deloris Aldridge, Saundra White, Karen Cabiniss, Linda Brayton, Jean Haney, June Haney. junior Keri Cfross Service to others, to our country, our community, and our school, for health of mind and bodyg and to promote better human relations throughout the world are the purposes of the Junior Red Cross. Each year 'M the members prepare an overseas chest. They also pre- pare favors and programs for the veteran's hospital and charity organizations. Refreshments are enjoyed by all at the Junior Red Cross Christmas party. Miss Adele Anderson, sponsor, Glenda Richards, president, Janis Junior Red Cross members work on Christmas favors for the Black, vice-president, Linda Horton, reporter. Veteran's Hospital. Servzke to others is encouraged by the junior Red Hross. 77 fy as X Qs, yy .xt Rqxfg, MEMBERS: TOP ROW: Tom Poole, Charles Smith, Tommy Thomas, john Walker, Chris Shively, Ralph Cox, SECOND ROW: Larry Wolfe, Mike Wagoner, David Hill, Ernie McKenney, Lynn Broyles, Ray Rushing, THIRD ROXW: Merlena Wallin, Margaret Anderson, Karer McArthur, Mary Lou Patterson, Vicki Napier, Dianne Foster, Beth Holser, Carolyn Allen, FOURTH ROW: Phyllis johnson, Regina Stone Ann Varner, Judy Freeman, Sandra Duncan, Susan Greene, Sonja Hegna. ,761 encourages the study af latin . . 2 MEMBERS: TOP ROW: Carrington Dixon, jim Burks, Larry Short, Dan Leech, Terry Logsdon, Charles Shoemaker, SECOND ROW: Louisi Anderson, Stephanie Winters, Cherie Allen, Carma Cockrell, Karen Cabiness, Gay Dodson, Patty Bedell, THIRD ROW: Janet Paulos, Betty Lovil, Nell Stokes, Benita Cannaday, Linda Carroll, Judy Pugh, Prissy Smith, FOURTH ROW: Madalyn Kennett, Paulette Littlefield Dolores McCulley, Susan Hunt, Carolyn Jonas, Linda Fykes, Pat Barrios, Peggy Flanders, FIFTH ROW: Margaret Northcutt, Jani: McMullen, julie Alexander, Brenda Bourn. 78 OFFICERS: I-Iarry Hill, photographer, Kenneth Altfather, treasurer, Betty Sor- rells, secretary, Kathy Strickland, vice-president, Nicky Harper, historian, Mrs. Pequy Shelton sponsor Dick Parsons president Marcia Richards vice resident, . r s , 1 7 , 1 f , 'P ' Linda Beach, secretary, Joe Burks, historian, Valorie Hardcastle, reporter. . . as thc key to our fuadzru civilckatzlm. juniar Hhssical league The Junior Classical League, better known as the Latin Club, furthers the knowl- edge and interest in Latin. The club pre- sents an annual banquet with meals served in Roman style. At the beginning of the year, slaves, Latin I students, are bought by the Latin II members of the club. The money from the sales is used in the club's activities. Dressed in Roman togas, Dick Parsons and Linda Beach participate in the formal initiation of the junior Classical League. Amused spectators look on as the Latin I students are initiated. 79 OFFICERS and SPONSORS: Mrs. Dorothy Linthicum, sponsor, Judy Strnad, Phil Portillo, Martha New, Gayle Gooch, Miss Louise Hunt, sponsor. .Quill and Scroll Society The Quill and Scroll Society is a na- tional organization for high school journal- ists. Membership is open to only those stu- dents who work on the Owl's Nest and Ow1's Eye. The main project of the Society is to publish the Senior Humor Publication. MEMBERS: Roy Bray, Jerry New, Bob Wfemple, Johnny Roberts, Fain Hubbard, Paul Gifford. FRONT ROW: Lynn Neely, Pat McCallum, Linda' Grantham, Marilyn McDanel, Jay Tillinghast, Bill Wisener, Pat Adams. MEMBERS: Suzanne Barbee, Janie Storey, Janice Black, Mary Brooks, Nita McCann, Caroline Edwards, Glenda Richards. SEATED: Donna Earls, Sarah Aschirn, Kay Cotham. Un: Quill and Scroll Socicly strcsscs quality ,olus humor in publications. Quill and Scroll members at THSPA convention held at TWU, Denton. Paul Gifford, Jerry New, Suzanne Barbee, Bill Wisener, Tommy Wright, and Fain Hub- bard. BACK ROW: Gayla Baise, Donna Earls, Suzanne Barbee, Sonja Hegna, Glenda Richards, Betty Wheat, Connie McCrum, Judy Lyles, Karen Cabiness, Joann Robinson, Q1QQQl.,SChE,id,. Gloria Ross, FRONT ROW: Thora Keith, June Pointer, Linda Horton, Connie Needham, Nita McCann, Eileen Rodgers, Rudolphgfa Pat Dunbar, Linda Six, Gloria Ross. A night shot of the Future Teach- ers at their annual Christmas par- ty. This year it was held in the home of Nita McCann. Hufure Cazchcrs To give students interested in teaching, a better understanding of the profession is the purpose of the Future Teacher's Club, The club was organized to encourage more capable students to enter the teaching pro- fession. The Future Teachers sponsored a "Panic Party" to raise money to attend the state convention in Austin. Martha Crumpton, jane jared, Kath Horton, Martha New, Polly Prowell, Barbara Parker and sponsor, Mrs. Hickman. 221 stimulate an ziftcrest 121 the tcaclfing ,urafafszim 129 the aim of the Yuture Zkaclrcrs 611111. an .- 9. pd H ,4 Kappella Khair BOTTOM, L. to R.: Donna Echols, Judy Blake, Carol Ann Barnham, Sue Moss, Pat Jones, Susan Foster, Babs Bradley, Peggy Smith, Betty Hopkins, Janie Spraggins, Alexa Coldwell, Sharon Smith, Andrea Eubanks, Dianne Keese, Rose Cyganick, Kandis Hardin, Carol S,chied. SECOND ROW: Ruth Williamson, Marlena Huston, Gale Gooch, Judy Myers, Hazel Roark, Beverly Justice, Retha Cook, Diana Boughton, Janice Echols, Linda Dillard, Mary McClaine, Beverly Mitchell, Janie Richardson, Betsy Bridenthal, Debroah Hagen. Judy Herring, Gloria Ross. THIRD ROW: Mike Wfatkins, Sam Blake, Carles Cornelius, Richard Surface, Wade Bennett, James Sel- lers, Tommy Thomason, Larry Cook, Teddy Mclferrah, Milton Anderson, James Darr, Jimmy Mills, John Weller, Conrad Quanstrom, Charles Shoemaker. FOURTH ROW: Don Hill, Cecil Pearson, Curwin Sandborn, Tommy Ingram, David Carter, Stephen Mitchell. Rob Redd, Don Dickerson, Ronnie Rogers, Mike Davis, Ted Henderson, Royce Rhoads, Bob Stewart, Bill Ridenour To enrich the lives of its members and its audiences through the art of singing is the purpose of the A Capel- la Chorus. The Chorus is the select mixed chorus of GHS. It serves as a A Cappella Sweetheart and Beau representative of our school by enter- taining audiences within our city, in neighboring communities and through- out the state. Members of the chorus attended state and regional music con- tests throughout the year. A CAPPELLA OFFICERS L. to R.: President-Ronnie Gibbs. Treas- urer--David Carter, Publicity Chairman- Tomrny Ingram, Vice-President4Janice Echols, Senior Representative-Judy Myers, Secretary-Judy Herring, Librarian-Gloria Ross, Junior Rep-Kandis Hardin, Librarian -Janie Spraggins, Sophomore Representative -Andrea Eubanks. Janice Echols Tommy Ingram 82 REGION CHOIR U.,,sg- ALL STATE CHOIR TOP ROW, Left to Right: Cecil Pearson, Don Hill, Ronnie Gibbs, David Carter, Royce Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Wade Bennett, Tommy Thomason, John Weller. THIRD ROW: Carol Ann Barham, Diana Boughton, Janis Echols, Judy Herring. LAST ROW: Mary McLane, Susan Foster, Janie Spraggins, Kandis Hardin. Kandis Hardin, Dianna Boughton, Linda Dillard Susan Foster, Sue Moss, and Peggy Smith. Crzjvle Zrias Left to Right: XWade Bennett, Tommy Thomason, Janice Echols, Kandis Hardin. Janice Echols, Janie Spraggins, and Judy Herring. Ronnie Gibbs, James Sellars, Royce Rhoads, Cecil Pearson, Wade Bennett. Richard Surface, and Tommy Thomason. Dvuble Quartets 83 i I l Q f E Members of Khoralaires BOTTOM, Left to Right: Julie Alexander, Julia Sims, Nancy Harris, Judy Presley, Linda Keltner, Barbara Shipley, Jo Wilson, Sue Van Zandt, Beth Brock, Jodena Marcucci, Alice Ann Taylor, Jo Ann Mitchell, Janice McKinney, Jackie McGuire, Janice Griden. SECOND ROW: Jerrie Hutka, Thora Keith, Suzette Fletcher, Sue Young, Jeanne Le Croy, Laurel Wagonor, Judith Anderson, Carol Ann Williams, Jan Manuel, Bonnie Smith, Gwyn Hall, Jinny Harris, Martha Holt, Cheryl Davis. THIRD ROW-: Carol Wigington, Virginia McCroan, Jan Muck, Sharann Hare, La Vern Smith, Lynne Coffman, Joyce Howard, Betty Tapley, Mary Smith, Mary Vaugham, Phyllis Fincher, Lynda Grantham, Lana Hankey, June Benner, Judy Freeman. TOP ROW: Joyce Clem, Sharon Hendershot, Betty Wight, Margaret Baker, Car- olyn Sheffield, Janice Morris, Caroline Edwards, Toby Sandburn, Judy Jone, Sula Smith, Virginia Oden, Becky Reddels, Judy Moulden, Diana Horne, Verna Giles. Z The Choralaires are made up of a select number of girls from the ninth to the twelfth grades. This group performs at different school and civic functions. L GHS's choral director MR. JAMES JACKSON These girls don't sing as a double sextette plus one, but they act as one, they are the Choralaire Officers for the 1961-1962 season. Pres. Judy Jones V.-Pres. Ginny Harris Sec. Lynne Coffman Treas. Judy Anderson Rep. Caroline Edwards Hist. Judye Moulden Sr. Representatives Gwyn Hall, Martha Holt Jr. Representative Thora Keith Soph. Representative Sue Van Zandt Librarians Sharon Lawson, Jo Wilson 84 Singing for the fact of singing. Kizairs' Activities Julie Alexander looks up from her "task" at the choralaires initiation. The annual first performance of the A Cappella at the faculty picnic. Janice Echols sings to the boys' chorus on a far-away island, Bali Hai, in the "Tour of Broadway" put on by the A Cappella. More of the "Tour" cast sings about the state of Oklahoma. Zfocalivmzl Jndusfrial 611111 The Vocational Industrial Club is composed of stu- dents participating in 'Industrial Cooperative Training. The ITC is a program providing technical instruction and supervised experience directly related to a chosen oc- cupation. In mechanics, electronics, nursing, dental labs, medical labs, photography, drafting, industrial chemistry, printing, and others. Vocational Industrial Club MOTTO "Preparing today for leadership tomorrow" CREED I believe in the dignity of work. OFFICERS or THE VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB: sTAND- Ibeheve In the American Way of Me' ING: Edwin Allison, sergeant-at-arms: Mr. Harvey Patterson, adviserg I believe in Education, William jordan, reporter, Buford Steele, treasurer. SEATED: Joe Ibelievei, fa? Play. Laminzck, secretary, jim Alford, president, johnny Higgins, vicea N President- I believe t tion is created by good work. MEMBERS OF VIC: FRONT ROW: Lana Underwood, Dona Barns, Jacqueline Valentine, Karen Felfe, Sandra Bohannon, Barbara Duck- worth, George de Vlugt. SECOND ROW: Billy Burt, Noel Plymlee, Buford Steele, Jesse Seals, Marion Duckworth, Joe Laminack, William jordan, johnny Higgins, Jime Alford, Sammy Humphries. THIRD ROW: Eddie McCrary, Donnie Malmquist, jimmy Parks, Larry Scarbrough, james Sprowls, Dwayne Pinson, Harry Giles, David Richards, Harvet Patterson. 86 jim Alford and Edwin Allison display the chapter banner. In the ICT Classroom: Dale Steelman, Barbara Cuckworth, Jesse Seals, Jimmy Cookston, Buford Steele, Sammy Humphries, Larry Searbrough, and Donnie Malmquist. JQFWWFI 15 'flaw L lngiiii S 'iii QI! K 1 f',,, if I fwfr ,ig 5, Vu' 'L Vocational Industrial club sweetheart Kay Pendergraft. jim Alford, johnny Higgins, Noel Plumlee, Edwin Allison, Sandra Bohannon, and Marion Duckworth around the Christmas tree and the collection of gifts for the Terrell State Hospital, 87 jesse Seals, auto mechanic, works at Becknc:-r's Gulf Service. Dwayne Pension, upholstere-r's assistant, with Buford's Up- holstery. jim Alford, butcher, works at Glifford Phelps-Time Saver Food. ICT classroom: George de Vlugt, Johnny' Higgins, Sandra Bohannon, Billy Burt, Richard Holder, joe Laminack, Wil- liam jordan, jim Alford. joe B. Leminack escorts Kay Pendergraft, sweetheart, at VIC District II meeting. d Dale Steelman, printer, Garland 88 Jimmie Parks, printer at the Garland Daily News. Bflfbflffl D1fCl4Wfifth, libfafiafl 30 Daily News. dentist s assistant BM.. .. . ., . , Buford Steele, carpenter, works David Norfleet, printer, works William Jordan, painter, jun- Larry Scarbrrugh, prit1fC1',W0fkS with Ray Patterson, contractor. at Garland Daily News. ior F. Davis, painting contrac- at Scottsland Printing. tor. , Q, ,. ,ri,i , . N , kri. , i, ,- . A if , is J Q s if pi . 5 3 ,mg AE: 1 , 5.5 if ' "W si K K 3 .-....5f1.- 1. L . 3, 5,-1 . if if , -K sms ,,,.,.., ..,. , . B? 3355? 5 Af, er ,V john Higgins, dentist's assistant, with T. R. Whitley, D.D.S. u on's Garage. David Richards, Floral Designer, works at Orchard Hills Florist. Sandra Bohannon, butcher George cle Vlugt, machinist, Joe L21IT1if121Ck, flobr layfff, W0rkS DWHYHC Jared, dfY Cleaner, works at Tom Thumb. works at Southwestern Gage at Garland Floor Co. works at Fashion Cleaners. 89 Co - ..., .... r .1 5 , 1 ,K . The Constitution Committee provides this new organization with rules and by-laws. Members of the committee are Betty Askue, Donald Hill, Beth Holden seated, and jimmy McCormack and Edward Wright standing. Dem gfllb DECA, meaning Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a national, state, and local organization, Our'local club is affili- ated with the state and national and is com- posed of students that are enrolled in Vo- cational Distributive Education Classes in high school. Our purposes are as follows: 1. To develop leadership in the field of distribution. 2. To develop a sense of individual responsibility. 3. To provide opportunities for intelli- gent career choice in distribution. 4. To allow practical application of Distributive Education through competition. 5. To engender a healthy respect for education. 6. To create and nurture an under- standing of our free, competitive enterprise system. Members of the club areas are: FIRST ROW: Vera Harris, Beth Holden, Betty Sorrells, Vickie Arnold, Teresa,Caulk, Linda Sorrells, and Glenda Gilliland. SECOND ROW: Bobby Emrick, Donald Hill, Betty Askue, Shirley Skinner, Linda Cupp, jackie Woodard, Darla Reid, Frank Glover, and Pat Rubrecht. THIRD ROW: David Brazell, jerry Welch jack Phillips, Dempsey, Denman, Edward Wright, Jerry Cunningham, James Gatlin, David Atteberry, Earl Duckworth and Jim McCormack. Members not shown are Jimmy Gooch, Eddie Prather, and George Hancock. 1 1 The new officers and sponsor W-. B. Head are shown in DE classroom. From left to right they are as fol- lows: Teresa Caulk, reporter, Vera Harris, treasurer, Beth Holden, president, David Atteberry, vice-president, Pat Rubrecht, secretary, Shirley Skinner, typist. 90 Knawlaye plus ezperieucc . . . vmmmuuu jackie Woodard and Mr. D. R. jenkins check over a new item at the M. E. Moses s Richardson. DECA Sweetheart BETH HOLDEN Shirley Skinner and Mr. Mike Korman of Zale's prepare a display for the counter. tore in These girls are employed by Fed-Mart. The girls are, from left to right: Vera Harris, Beth Holden, Vickie Arnold, Linda Sorrells, Darla Reid, and Linda Cupp. Bobby Emrick and manager Mr. Tom Fort at Garland Pharmacy No. 2. Glenda Gilliland tries her salesmanship on club sponsor, Mr. Head. V Q. ' - ffr llf a A ' H ' H f' M . "' 2' fa 22.11 ' .,,re rz w qw.Q WV. , . 1. V 2 ..' I i i? Q , 1- - 4, . to ,gf fgvxi g A ,gg ., I Q Donald Hill gets good training and good advice from Mr. L. S. Harris at the Orchard Hills Pharmacy. . . equals skill At Woolworth's, Teresa Caulk learns about a stock item from Mr. W. E. Darrow. 9I Mr. Guy Skinner, manager of Wyatt's Food Store instructs Frank Glover in stocking shelves. jerry Cunningham shows a steel guitar to prospective customer at the Cunning- ham Music Store. .a V-nad' James Gatlin is checker at Wyatt's Food Store in Garland Shopping Center. Mr. Art Goldin of the Goldin Furni- ture Co. gives DE student Edward Wright pointers on this vacuum cleaner. 92 D8 Sindfnls at Chair Training Stations "5 :f 1- W -1:15-. N ' W " ' -'rf V -' -P P Z' N31 N 4 if " a 5 2 Ki X l A at ik X i ,if .3 0 5, xii , fs .1 1 - 27,15 'M ,ar .I , , ii., -A ti f z: - "7 .V ' X f V gf"-.. ff ' l was , P ' 0 J ffm, ,ad Betty Askue and assistant manager, Bill Gaddis, in training at Levine's Dept. Store. Dempsey Denham has just served this customer at the J. C. Penny Co. David Atteberry, David Brazell, Bruce Holloway, and jack Phillips work at A 8a P Grocery with Mr. H. F. Ste- phens, manager. Eddie Prather points out tools at Baker Hardware, Mr. Farrell K. Baker, own- er-manager. George Hancock sacks nails at Hancock Roofing and Siding Co., Mr. Ben Han- cock is manager. jerry Welch and jim Stooksberry stock shelves at Worth Food Mart in Orchard Hills. Mr. Jack Gates is the manager. jim McCormack demonstrates refrigerat- ed foods at Safeway Grocery, Mr. P. S. Butts, manager. DECA Club officers seated at head ble at breakfast in Plaza Cafeteria. Fourth period DE Class getting Christ- mas cards to sell in order to raise mon- ey for DE banquet. it ma-..,.Q.i.ffsfi1l Second period DE students around tree and gifts which they sent to Terrell state hospital. Mrs. Lavona Rowett inter' 'ews DE stu- dent Shirley Skinner for "job Interview Contest." A hayride enjoyed by the DEA Club at Flagpole Hill. D564 Acfivifies Nl' 'cout- 00 4 r G' fo os 'V if XL '70 9-0 .-2, O, v Donald Hill in Sales demonstration contest. Beth Holden, Vera Harris, Donald Hill,- Edward Wright before going to Sherman for the DECA Youth Leader- ship Conference. Around the fire waiting for a wiener roast at the picnic. DECA Club having breakfast at Plaza Cafeteria. Second period class got fruit cakes to sell for Christmas. Mr. Paul Price speaks at DE Club Meeting on "The Retail Salesperson and Customers." A DE breakfast was enjoyed at Plaza Cafeteria. 93 Srzglish Hlulzs To obtain a fuller and more complete knowledge of how, when, where and why English language literature developed is the aim of the English IV Clubs. The clubs teach the students how to conduct a meeting according to parliamentary procedure. Pro- grams of interest and education are present- ed by the students. The clubs are sponsored by Mrs. Ella Hickman, Mrs. Lavonia Row- ett, and Mrs. Katherine Green. lst period officers: Roger Theis, sergeant-at-arms, Georgia Heath, secretary, Osby Borchardt, president, Glenda Richards, reporter, Mary Lloyd Smith, treasurer. 2nd period officers: Mike Hayslip, parliamentarian, Ronnie Black- Sth period officers: Teresa Ashenhurst, secretary, David Carter, well, treasurer, Kay Heath, reporter, Marsha Erwin, vice-president, reporter, Linda Six, parliamentarian, Eddie Horstman, vice- Gena Odell, president, Carol Scheid, secretary, Ronnie Gibbs, president, Beverly Burke, treasurer, Bill Lofland, sergeant-ab sergeant-at-arms. arms, Bill Wisener, president. Sponsored by MRS. ELLA HICKMAN 6th period officers: STANDING: Ronnie Morrison, president, Annette Byars treasurer, Suzanne Barbee, reporter, Don Hollenshead, parliamentarian. SEATED W. Val Vogel, secretary, Judy Strnad, vice-president. 94 Students learn and . , . 1st period officers: Janis Black, president, Judy Ramsey, vice- 2nd period officers: 5Carolyn Sullivan,Asecretary, Allen Adams, president, Gale Gooch, secretary-treasurer. PfGSid6I1t, Ruth Williamson, Vffe-PfC5idCHt, Sponsored by V MRS. KATHERINE GREEN 3rd period officers: Janet Ryan, secretary, Bob Foster, vice- president, Judy Bell, president. 5th period officers: Larry Christian, - secretary-treasurer, Susan 6th period officers: Deloris Aldridge, secretary-treasurer Faucett, president, Paul Bell, vice-president. Chester Bench, president, Wayne Lawrence, vice-president. . . in the ffnghslz W clubs 95 Sponsor MRS. LAVONA ROWETT red by S 5 2 F E The officers of the first period speech class, The Rostrum, are Dee Van Gilder, jerry Deaton, Danny Sims, Mike Cathey, Natina Burkham, Sheri Stalins, seated Val Vogel. 5rd period officers of the English IV Society are, left to Officers of the English IV Forum are, standing: Paul Gifford, Wade right: Mike Cathey, treasurer, Tabb, reporter, Lloyd Harb Bobby Luna, president, David Bennette, George Brush, seated Natina Burkham, Dinah Windt, Lil Ridout. ison, john Wagner, secretary, F. A. Coleman, vice-president. 96 Officers of Ye Olde Englishers are, standing: Carol Ann Barham, jo Ann Law, Judy Myers, Judy Lyles, seated Ricky Howard, and Bill Wisdom. .. . practice ,varlzizlucntazgzf procedure . . f l The clinic assistants are: Susan Fausett, Marsha Erwin, Brenda Wingo, Annette Byrlls Donna jones Linda Smith and Mary Lou Woods. A busy time in the clinic for the school nurse, Mrs. Ressie Isett CLINIC ASSISTANTS The clinic assistants help Mrs. Ressie Isett, school nurse, to care for the sick and injured students. The assistants take and re- cord temperatures, file and pull records, keep the clinic orderly, and do simple first aid. President, Connie Needhan. pours tea for the members of the Art Club at the home of their sponsor, Miss Flo- rene Gray. Ending beauty 01 cmything. 0fWc'c'l'S 6rcati1fc Arts To observe keenly and react vividlyg to develop memory and imaginationg to exercise judgment and discriminatiorig and to con- struct with power and vision are the aims of the Creative Arts Club. Membership in this club is limited to those students who are now taking or who have had art. The main activities are exhibiting student work and taking field trips to art galleries. Q54 Left to Right: Susan Tidwell, reporter, Gary Christian, parliamentarian, Gayle Stice, vice-president, Lil Ridout, treasurer, Connie Needhan, president, Carol Barham, secretary, and sponsor Miss Florene Gray. Here, the members are turning marbles into stone which may be mounted as cos- tume jewelry. 99 First semester Owl's Eye Editor Paula Partridge, and Owl's Eye Busi- ness Manager Marylyn McDaniel layout one issue of the newspaper. U16 Owl? Eye The Owl's Eye Staff publishes eight issues of the Owl's Eye each semester. One thousand papers are sold each printing. The Owl's Eye gives two scholarships and sends two delegates to Publications Workshops each year. Mrs. Dorothy Linthicum is the sponsor. junior reparlerr are, FIRST ROW: Lynn Neely, Nelda Bolton, Ray Bray. BACK ROXV: David Hall, Pat McCallum, Larry Hutson, and Dwaine johnson. I 00 Pat Adams, second semester Owl's Eye Editor and Carol Hall, second semester Assistant Editor. , i , ,415 Q l if F 1 " -- " "" ""' 7 V' I- .. -ff' I ,,,..,,.,,, Mary Brooks, second semester Owl's Eye Business Manager. Senior Rejworterf. Left to Right: Janice Black, Juanell Baker, jay Tillinghast, Judy Strnad, Nita McCann, Linda Horton, Glenda Richards, Bob- by Weinple, Janie Story, Suzanne Bai-bee, Bill Wisener. Y Y H, ,f e " ' l0l J gli . f J I 962 Ouflis' ,Nest ffidioriizl Staff The responsibility of publishing a well J rounded yearbook lies on the shoulders of the OWl's Nest staff. With Mrs. Dorothy Linthicum pushing and praying, the edito- rial staff works feverously to meet the dead- line and to get the coveted books to the stu- dents on time. Faffzlty Edilarf Nita McCann, Acli'zfilie.r Editor Glenda Richards, V Copy Editor Suzanne Barbee, Cliirr Editor Linda Horton. Club Editarrx Janie Storey, Judy Strnad, Caroline Edwards. Clan Eiiitmm' Janice Black, Juanell Baker, Junior As- sistant Vallory Hardcastle. Pb0fogmplJe1'J.' Paul Gifford, Rick Dunn. IO2 OWN Lis 033 Lis "-V Editor-in-flaief Bill Wisener Gampiling and editing the OW! 19 Sporlf Edizorr: Bob Wemple, Jay Tillinghast, Art Edilor Fain Hub- bard. I 4 I P7'0Lf1lffi07Z Mazzager Phil Portillo Bufirzesf Manager Martha New I 962 Owls ,Nest l6'usir1sss Stay The business staff led by Miss Louise Hunt, strive to solve the many problems of financing the yearbook. The selling of school pictures is one of the various ways they accomplish this purpose. They also sell sub- scriptions to the yearbook and ads to busi- ness firms in this area. Mes! zs fun and Work. Proa'zzrli0zz M.mager5.' Nancy Hutton. Donna Earls Cirfulaliozz Manager AdZ'E7'fiIj7lg Manager johnny Roberts Gale Gooch Arrirzantrr Tommy Wright, jerry New, Don jones, jamie Gilmer, Sara Aschim, Lynda Grantham, Kay Cotham. IO3 BACK ROXW: Euginia Tripp, Roger Wiley, Billy McCarter, Jerry Denton, Jimmy Epperson, Sherrod, Lynn Nelly, Linda Dickins, Pat Dunbar, Peggy Stanfield, FIRST ROW: Rodney der. BACK ROXW: Lloyd Harbison, Jerry Chambers, Don Hill, David Tabb,'Bob Finklea. Johnny Roberts, THIRD ROW: Pat Fredricks. Marlyn McDaniel, Bennie Thoiuis, Nancy May, Gwen Robinson, Sherry Stolins, Cynthia Rutledge, Joyce Stone, SECOND ROXW: Joyce Greenwood, Sherri Fort, Carole Rochell, Ginny Harris, Sherlyn Atteberry, Gwen Hall, Carol Baity, Joan Davis, FIRST ROW: Leslie Demetri, Eileen Rogers, Glenn Jennings, Carol Webb, Sarabeth Bnrksdale, Don Hollensheatl, l . -L Jack Davis, SECOND ROW: Karen Broyles, Pat McCoy, Don White, Paul Harris, Charles Alexan- Sacial Studies Hamm "Light and Liberty go together," is the motto of the Social Studies Forum. The aims of this club are: to supplement and give new dimensions and forceful direction to classroom efforts by utilizing special scholarly talent made available to us by col- leges and universities, labor and business. To have available outstanding speakers in the social, science, and history fields is one of the many projects of the club. I X X Professor Charles O. Galvin from the SMU Law School speaks to OFFICERS! I-eff to Rllfihfi ROUUY Gibbs, While BCUUCU- Lifldfi the Social Studies Forum on the United Nationg, Thompson, Bob Foster, FRONT ROW: hhirslm Erwin, Diclc Lawson, Ronny Culpepper, Kathy Horton, '04 ,Americanzism 119' the mas! zhzportanf ,uraduct of the Social Studlks Harum. F. i' T l MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: King ol.e,.Larr-gg Clark, Rudy Vetter, Bill Poole, Roger Theis, Ronald Davis, David Carter, BACK ROXW: Bubba Moffatt, Weldon Mullens, .ay Tillinghast, Jerry Holt, John Nickerson, Randy Goethals, Paul Bell, Charles King, Mike Russell, Phil Roger, Bunky LeMasters, johnny Kl3siBilL-Pourfds, David Helm, Andy Burke. 221 serve the home: school and community is the goolof the My 61116 "To serve" is the motto of the Key Club. : ' . Q , -a it To develop initiative and leadership and A to prepare for useful citizenship are the pur- poses and aims of the Key Club. The Key Club and Kiwanis Club spon- M sor an annual PanCake Day as a money li- raising project. i - ,ffA,L i r ,g ,cv C2 fr. QJW: OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Paul Gifford, vice-president, Gary Mitchell, treasurer, Don Hollenshead, president, Tommy Piccolo, secretary, Mr. Larry Reed, sponsor, BACK ROW: john Luck, jr. representative, jimmy Burns, reporter, Ronny Wfilliams, soph. representative, Ronnie Blackwell, sr. representative, VIEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Freddie Fox. Dickie Dixon, Bubba Thompson, Glen Jennings, Jimmy Lloyd, Skipper Newman, MIDDLE 'ROW: Dsby Borchardt, J. C. Kemp, Mickey Neathery, Mike Cloud, Danny Rogers, Wayne Lawrence, Bobby jones, jack Melton, Terry Logston, BACK ROW: Phil Brookshire, Tommy French, Ronny Harvey, Ricky Howard, Al Hyde, Don Pickle, Tommy Drum. '05 lr E! MEMBERS: TOP ROW: Leslie Wall, Paul Harris, Dick Shelton, Allen Fergusen, Ed Gardiner, Jerry Dieton, Mike St. John, Mike Watkins, Tim Powell, Torn Cornett, Richard Guthrie, Wayne Lawrence, Eric Johnson, Jimmy Nall, Bob Keith, SECOND ROW: Carol Dugger, Kathy Langford, Judy Anderson, Norma Laun, Barbara Willey, Linda Thompson, Janice Bevers, Peggy Stanfield, Dianne Kleutgen, Joyce Green- wood, Danette Keener, Mary Stevenson, Vicky Mann, Marion McKaskle, Judy Moulden, THIRD ROW: Vicky Hamilton, Virginia Oden, Carolyn Sheffield, Linda Dillard, Sherian Beaver, Linda Brayton, Nancy Midgett, Karen Mullings, Karen Farr, Peggy Strawbridge, Vivian Arnold, Susan Singleton, Jeanne Lecroy. Mrs. Janet Barto, sponsor, Harriet Edwards, secretary, Leo Wfhitman, l treasurer, James Winder, president, Ellen Wisenlaaker, vice-president, Nancy Midgett, reporter. , ,,,, C ,Lid dL,1r'tit. fearnmg 'jnarkrfraugazs ls thc. . . Umm H aan eo 6 S WS I06 MEMBERS: TOP ROW: Betty Miller, Becky Riddles, Donna Novak, jane Richardson, JoAnn Robinson, Joan Wolfe, Robbi juday, David Lambert, jack Whiteside, jimmy Frank, Diane Cowan, Carolyn Kemp, Paula Davis, Marilyn Winterbauer, Joy McClung, SECOND ROW: 'Becky Burchfield, Betty Barry, Pat Royman, Myrna Bailey, Gay Goin, Judy Yeager, Diedri Rose, Carol Sewell, Karen Bennett, Lynda Burks, Linda Jarvis, Brenda Harvey, Karen Boyles, Susan Evans, jan Mack, THIRD ROW: Rita Prechtl, jamie Gilmer, Marsha Besse, Susan Foster, jean McDaniel, Barbara Dickson, Karen Gossett, Brenda Roland, Donna Parker, Marie Stibbons. Lies flzhauy Hrangzzis 15715 Er'rc11cl1 Ouflsj To further cultivate an interest in the l French language, customs and culture are I the aims of Les Hiboux Francais. The main , project of this club is a fund raising cam- paign for a trip to New Orleans in the spring. 'J French II students study French newspapers. yMembers of the French Club enjoy the Christmas party. What's so funny, Leo? l l . . cl112f aim of 'ks elim fra11g111s"' Sleepy, Ellen? I07 E715 P1111-,Amcriwu gdflllfl promotes an interest in . . BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Watson, Gloria Ferguson, Kay Ray, Judy Landers, Janet Jennings, Sue Peters, Linda Alderman, Betty, SECOND ROW: Diana Clanton, Barbara Williams, Sherri Hancock. Arlene Davis. Cindy Sammons, Sharon Windom, Cindy Cuttengham, Diane Wheeler, Donna Roberts, THIRD ROW: Patty Flesson, Sylvia XY'ebb, Judy Agnew, Sue Van Zant, Sharon Darby, Diana Shuetty, FOURTH ROW: Judy Presley, Carol Ann Williams, Lynn Bernbauim. Jean, June Jane Harvey, Delores Bass, TOP ROW: Ralph Scott, Danny Prger, Larry Marrow, Gary Brovers, Cindy Wimbel, Bubba Moffat, Johnny Klas, Larry Ledbetter, Pan-American 90171111 "Of One Blood Hath He Made All Nations," is the motto of the Pan Ameri- can Club. This club aims to establish a bet- ter relationship between the people of our country and those of Latin America. One purpose of the Pan-Am Club is publishing the student directory. Ann Thurman, President, Janice Black, reporter, Nan Estes, secretary, Sara McNatt, reporter, Kay Pendergraf, vice-president, Edna Cope- land, state reporter, Barbara Henson, treasurer. DANCING: Benny Thomas, l Dan White, Jane Davis, Tommy Galbraith, BACK ' ROW: Jorgann Jackson, Adna Copland, Mildred Todd, Susan Greenwood, James Marshall, Dale Davis, Carol Bain, Peggy Davis, Jerry Deaton, Paulette Chap- lan, Pat Adams. me J Spanish and fricnztslfjzf lrclufccu us and Latin ,4n1ericaf1s ,....- TOP ROW: Carolyn Dodson, Linda Douglas, Julia Freeman, Charles King, Emily Ticer, Jerry Deaton, Bobby Newman, Viki Wester, Sue E 1 Kay Coth nne Phillips, Karen Smith, Jenny Stephens, Randy Barringer, BOTTOM ROW Sara Mci att, Mills, Mr. Johnson, S COND ROW: Judy Tedford, Skipper Newman, Kathy Squire, Judy Ramsey, Kay Pendergraft, Beverly Raines an 'S ' i ' f . . ' : herri Fort, Carol ,iana XXfilliams, Lonnie Oglesby, Martini XX'ilson, Vicky Wilbanks. L... Members ofthe Pan American Club prg on a American Members of the Pan American Club gather round the campfire tourists visiting in Mexico. V ' f g, V. kv, to listen to the tales of life on the campos. BOTTOM ROW: Nan Estes, Ron- ny Davis, Ann Thurman, Tommy Drum, Bubba Tomlinson, Steve Henson, SECOND ROW: Judy Newcomb, Thora Keith, Ernestine Curlin, Barbara Henson, THIRD ROW: Pat Cockrell, Roseann Zy- ganik, Marsha Head, Peggy Hal- derman, Brend Mankin, Nelda Bol- ton, Jerry New, Meredith Morri- son, FOURTH ROW: Billie By- rum, James Marshall, Jack Davis, Robert Fiinlglea, Rilley Spraggins, Carl Wiillierson, Jimmie Rilley, Dan Starring. I09 .- Nqr OFFICERS: Don Hollenshead, reporter, Teresa Ashenhurst, secretary, Glen Jennings, vice-president, John Wagner, treasurer, Jerry Matlock, president, Osby Borchardt, historian, Judy Bell, librarian. Jerry Matlock is given a polygraph test at one of the meetings. Physics-Khcmisfry 61116 The Physics-Chemistry Club is a com- bination of the former years' Physics Club and Chemistry Club. To increase the knowl- edge and to further an interest in physics and chemistry is the purpose of the Physics- Chemistry Club. The club sponsors speakers in the fields of physics and chemistry. Field trips are also sponsored by the Physics- Chemistry Club. The sponsors are Mrs. Ruth Peters and Mr. John Wagner. MEMBERS-SEATED: Teresa Ashenhurst, Sue Carrow, Judy Bell, Jerry Matlock, Dick Lawson, Leslie Demetri. STANDING: Don Pickle John Wagner, Mike Moore, Larry Wheat, Alen Andrews, Michael Dann, Bill Thomas, George Brush, Osby Borchardt, David Carter, Guin Hubbard, Dee Van Gilder, David Tabb, Don Hollenshead, Joe Porter. 119' of erftremc interest i io Mr. John Wagner, physics instructor and sponsor of the club, ex- plains wave rectification using the oscilloscope and power board. Members of Mrs. Peters' chemistry class perform experiments in the laboratory. MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: joe Burks, Ruth Williamson, Margaret Johnson, Linda McGuffey, Jerri Hutka, Sara Aschim, Don Nolan, Ken- neth Altfather, Don Williams, David Rhodes, jerry Lamm. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Gouge, David Echols, Robert Copeland, Caroline Edwards, Sherri Stallings, Val Vogel, Keith Hughes, Ricky Howard, jerry Holt. THIRD ROW: Dan White, jim Burks, Mike McKerregan, Buddy Logan, Lester Hammond, Marvin Smith, Ricky Dunn, Mike Cloud, jimmy Burns, Nicky Harper, Ronny Faulkner, Rodney McCoy, Carrington Dixon, ,Anything new in the physical sciences . . ii n MEMBERS-BOTTOM ROW:Kay Ray, Jean Hamilton, Julie Alexander, Brenda Bourn, Judy Landress, Regina Stone, Linda Brayton, Delore: McCulley. SECOND ROW-: Linda Gafford, Linda Huggins, Norma Faun, Alera Caldwell, Sherrie Murphy, Donna Roberts. THIRD ROW Vicke Mann, Ann Gieb, Sue Kemp, Charan Hare, Sesan Evans, Rosalind James, Betty Prock. FOURTH ROW: Dianne Clanton, Becky Ridel Patty Eleeson, Judy Agnew, Vicke Hamilton, Betty Barry, Pat Barrios, FIFTH ROXV: Sondra White, Sally Rosenbaum, Janet Jennings, Con nie Copeland. V40 Bivlvgy glllb To further the knowledge of biology and to increase the interest of students in biology and its varied fields are the purpose of the AO Biology Club. To accomplish their aims the club sponsors many speakers in all fields of science and field trips. The sponsors are Miss Billie Nickels, Mr. Don Agnew, and Mr. Ben Strickland. OFFICERS: Sara McNatt, treasurer, Dick Parsons, president, Daren Mullings vice-president, Diana Williams, historian, Vicke Wester, reporter, Kathy Strick land, secretary. C0 further the knowledge af biahgy . . . Dr. Charles Smith from Timberlawn addresses the Miss Billie Nichols explains the classification of birds to some of her students Biology Club. II2 MEMBERS-TOP ROW: Ronny Harper, Dan Staring, Mike Spaniel, Mike Waggoner, Kirby Endsley, Tommy Thomas, Ronny Goethals, john Pickett, John Walker, Mike Boyd. SECOND ROW: Charles Cornelius, Bobby Keith, Phil Rogers, Diana Teamons, jane Ramsey, Diane Foster, Joe Pickle. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Varner, Patty Bedell, Brenda Roland, Cindy Cunningham, Diana Wheller, Delle Davis, Pat McCalA lum, Karen Cabiniss. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Greenwood, Carolyn Reeves, Karen Newman, jorgann jackson, Linda Williams, Diefri Rose, Becky Burchfield, Carol Sewell. A, 'MM as ey, ie. ,ms Students look on as Mr. Don Agnew demonstrates the technique of drawing blood from a frog. . . . is the aim of fl1c,40 Hialagy 61116 TUE MEMBERS-TOP ROW: Paul Hennig, Mike McKerrigan, Lester Hammond, Alan Thornton, Carl Wilkerson, Carleton Epperson, Jimmy Casstevens, Bruce Bedell, Dick Parsons, Fain Hubbard. SECOND ROW: johnny Klas, jerry New, Lynette Tipton, Judy Moulder, Roseanne Cyganik, Riley Spraggins, Kenneth Pugh, Jimmy Crawford. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Davis, Dinah Windt, Vicki Wester, Diana Williams, Karen Mullings, Judy Yeager, Sara McNatt, Ellen Wisenbaker, Kathy Strickland, Peggy Stanfield. II3 Law is the chief iuteres! af the Knmmcrczkzl Zaw .?0rum l Rita Jean Ogle is given a lie detector test. A commercial law class enacts a mock trial. ll .AY , i i',iJ XJ xl FIRST ROW: Gary Betty, Bobby Williams, Mike Lowry, Anthony Gnagi, Ronnie Blackwell, Roger Theis. SECOND ROW: Judy Williams, Claudia Ferguson, Paula Partridge, Sherry McClelland, Nancy Winkle, Carol Webb, Mary Lou Woods, Juanell Baker. THIRD ROW: Rhoda Whitlock, Phyllis. Taylor, Lynne Coffman, Judy Hines, Nancy Holmes, Beth Holden. FOURTH ROW: Travis Elliot, Jonathon Young, James Winder, Larry Wilkins, Doyle Hughes, James Darr. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Hataway, Rita Ogle, Glenda Hood, Sarah Griffin, Val Vogel, Ginny Harris, Judy Herring. BACK ROW: Ted Keener, Jerry Chambers, Randolph Green, Roger Crouch, Buddy Nicholson, Charles Davis, Robert Thompson. dfmmcrcial Law 27orum Each semester one of the main events of the Commercial Law Forum is a visit to the Dallas County Jail. The study of law is the purpose of the Commercial Law Fo- rum. The club strives to do this by field trips and by hearing speakers in the fields of law. The club gathers in the general assembly hall of the Dallas County Jail on one of their field trips. OFFICERS: BACK ROW: Dewayne Brown, program committee, Gary Christian, lst vice president, jonathan Young, program committee, Phil Portillo. vicerpresident, Lloyd Harbison reporter, Alan Adams, treasurer, james Burgin, president, FRONT ROW: Cheryl Morphis Industrial ,Arts By making field trips to industries and colleges in the surrounding areas the Industrial Arts Club plans to accomplish its aim: a more thorough knowledge in the matters of Industrial Arts, Member- ship in the club is limited to those per- sons who have had or who are taking Mechanical Drawing. 1 v secretary, Gerald jackson, Billy Stewart, O. D. Stringer, sponsors, Bobbie Bogard, reporter. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: Lloyd Harbison, Joe Kasper, Tommy Fuller, Bill Adam, Gary Christiam, H. C. Chambers, Butch Nichols, jackie Farmer, Danny Bennett, Mike True, SECOND ROW: Phil Brookshire, Bobby Wemple, Alan Adams, jack Bickle, Frank Noska, Eddie Elder, Dewayne Brown, john Rich, Roger Wiley, Joel Cooley, David Godsey, David Echols, Forrest Hogue, THIRD ROW: james Burgin, David Axe, Bobbie Bogard, Phil Portillo, Betty Miller, Ray Spanhel, Dwight Brand, Cheryl Mor- phis, John Malmquist, Jonathan Young, Lloyd Gouge, Howard Boltom, Mike Lowry. Planning bcytzrs lfnikting is taught to Industrial ,4rts Students Mechanical Drawing III, BACK ROW: Ray Spanhel, Bobby Wemple, Alan Adams, Phil Brookshire, FRONT ROW: Jonathan Young, Lloyd Harbison, James Burgin, Dwight Brand, David Axe. Industrial Arts Club enjoys picnic. l I5 Praetiee in ewee procedures ILS' learned by the Ofiee ,flssistaats OHM ,Assistants Picking up absentee blanks and checking them is only one of the many duties of the office assistants. These girls run errands for both offices and add a cheerful touch to the office. Sponsors of the office assistants are Mrs. Oma Bechtol and Left to Right: judy..Bell, Linda Horton, Joyce Wright, Kay Summers, Mrs. Oma jear Becktol, sponsor, 'Lois Ruelolpyh, Glenda Hood, and june Pointer. Kay Winterbauer, Suzanne Riggs, Martha New, Mary Lloyd Smith, Stephanie Winters, Kathy Squire, Martina Wilson, Becky Dean, Wanda Loftis, Martha Crumpton, JoAnn Davis, Mrs. Elaine Hightower, sponsor. Left to Right: Billy Earl Tomlinson, Becky Jones, Marsha Moul- 1 ton, Suzanne Phillips, Meredith Morrison, Sonja Hegna, Sondra White, Ronnie XXfill'ams, 1 .as at .v-t 2 BACK ROW: Larry Morrow, Darlene Wolfe, Janis McMullen, jack Whiteside, Sue Mills, FRONT ROW: Marsha Head, Vicki Wilbanks, I I jennifer Sorrells, Sandra Valentine. b Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Nancy Ayres, Deloris Aldridge, Eileen Rogers, Martha Nix, Gale Gooch, Pat McCallum, SECOND ROW: Janie Gilmer, Sue Peters, Herolyn Fuller, Susan Greene, Lana Hankey, Margaret Anderson, THIRD ROW: Janis McMullen, Nina Toun- send, Sonja Hegna, Cheryl Morphis, Linda Quillin, Peggy Brantley. Mary Beth Bowers, FOURTH ROW: Mike Cathey, Robbi juday, Sherri Stallings, Judy Yeager, Jan Demetri, jo Ann Law, Mary Copy, FIFTH ROW: Julia Hitchcock, Wade Bennett, Tommy Thoma- son, SIXTH ROW: Sharon Round, Natina Burkham, Val Vogel, Barbara Wiley, SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Deaton, Steven Collins, Rodney McCoy, Dick Parsons, EIGHTH ROW: Bobby Luna, David Lambert, Dee Van Gilder, jane jared, Dana Leach. Susan Greene, Natina Burkham, Wade Bennett gather around the tree at the club Christmas party. 3 Dis' Speech 61116 Debate, Declamation, and Dramatics are the 3D's of the Speech Club. To promote an interest in speech activities, especially in the above catagories, is the aim of this club. Members of the club participate in speech competitions held all over the state. The sponsor is Mrs. Lavonia Rowett. Officers of the club are: Kathy Strick- land, Linda Grantham, Mike Hayslip, johnny Roberts, and Ann Garner. Che 3-D 3' af speech are slmesed by the 3-D is' Speech 61116 i E S Future Nurses stuff envelopes with TB seals. I The Future Nurses Club was established for girls interested in nursing as a career. Q Through this club they are able to further their knowledge of nursing as a profession. The club's motto: "Lighting Our Lamps Through Service" is illustrated by their an- nual projects of filling TB seal envelopes and selling TB bangles. Janie Storey, historian, Sharon Norvell, chaplain, Judy Freeman, secretary, Linda Smith, reporter, Linda Beach, vice-president, Mary Lloyd Smith, presi- dent, Martha Crump, treasurer, Mrs. Isett, Sponsor. E715 Sfuture Nurses 611111 furthcrs an . . Left to Right: Claudia Burkhalter, Connie Mc- Crum, Gwen Robinson, Judy Freeman, Judy Jones, Linda Beach, Vic- ki Napier, Mary Brooks, Lois Rudolph, Jane Hanes, iNancy May, Carol Beaty gather around a make-believe patient. Nw N is Q , kv .iv iffwikjgt Left to Right: janet Paulis, Pat Adams, Kathy Squire, Ann Christenson, Sharon Norvell, Carol Gilbert, Mary Lloyd Smith fcenterj, Barbara Lewis, Martha Crump, Paulette Littlefield, Martha Dunham, Janie Storey. Members of the Future Nurses decorate the tree for the A speaker from the ship HOPE talked to the club and showed a film annual Christmas party. . . . l21fc'I'tZS'l in nursing as 11 wcafzbn. The proper procedure for bathing a baby is demonstrated in the home nursing classes. just having fun at the Christmas Party MEMBERS: left to right, TOP ROW: Mike Russell, H. C. Chambers, BOTTOM ROW: Bill Thomas, Sandy Duncan, Mike Carrillo, Linda Alderman, Paul Henning, David Hall, Vicki Purdom, jo Wilson, Peggy Strawbridge, Marlene Houston. library 611111 With a friendly, helpful smile, the members of the Library Club help students to locate books in the library and to find information in reference books. The aims of the club are to encourage other persons to want to read good literature and to render service in the library. J-lclozhg shzdcnls ta End and to check out bovkr OFFICERS: left to right: Bob Knappage, jan Demetri, Sue Sims, Deloris McCulley, Edward Thompson, Linda Killion, johnann Sebastian, Cynthia Blue and sponsor Mrs. Womack. Students gather in the library to work on term themes. MEMBERS: left to right: Laurel Wagoner, Karen Milligan, Diane Clanton, Mary Argenbright, Ann Gieb, Pat Aldridge, Patsy White, Claudia Finley, Darlene Norris, Sharon Henshaw, Karen Parker, Peggy Brantley, Connie Tuggle, and sponsor, Mrs. Korioth. re thc dutics of the members of the ,Cibrary Klub l Mrs. Wonnack lends a helping hand to senior, Mike Moore. I2I DEB kins, Sarah Bllrkeg Carolynn Hatfieldg Sara McNatt Majorette Carolynn Hatfxeld Wrrghtg S--QUEQ, Mrs. Rachel Cal- OdCllQ5l2lflCj7x-NQEYUESQ Beverly Linda P5lZi'r1"" arol Kunkler' ffl I' Judy Kissick Harriet Edwards Julia Freeman Judy Anderson Pamela Bernard Carol Kunkler Majorette janet jackson Majorette Gayle Stlce Dashing Dells add wk to football an '22 Sherri Fort Gretchen Gore nr: Drum Major Susan Wright nd eneitefnent psketlnzll season. Dashing Dees The Dashing Debs promote school spirit by their performances at football games and pep rallies. The Debs also perform at basketball games and participate in various parades and civic affairs during the year. Sherlyn Attebery juanell Baker Jimmie Bennett Ginger Blass Bobbie Bogard Beverly Burke Sarah Cleland jane Davis 03953 Kathy Horton and Gayle Stice give Dub Bobbie Bogard her new-Deb pin. Marsha Erwin Nan Estes Joyce Greenwood Nancy Guynes ' I 23 1 L? ii 5 sk! Ii Ji E. ,f Kay Heath Kathy Horton Happily the senior Debs led by Deb Council" President Sarah Cleland receive their long awaited jackets. X: Lp Linda Horton Janis Huffman The Debs added much good cheer to pep rallies this fall. X Nancy Hutton Nita McCann Judy Myers Connie Needham Gana Odell I25 Ly Q if ,ill K- Gam Elzecrlsaders. The B-team cheerleaders lead yells at all the B-team athletic functions and pep rallies. B-team cheerleaders are chosen from the sophomore class. They help the A-team cheerleaders to paint signs and posters to promote school spirit. The Bsteam cheerleaders decorate the goal post the afternoon before the game. Don't fall, Margaret. ZHEERLEADERS: Margaret 1cMurrian, Synda Holbert, fiarie Cherry, Sue Gibson, ,inda Ashley, Sherrie Murphy. IK- Gam dlfeerlazdczs boast sdrwl spirit hr all 13- Gam sports. The cheerleaders get acquainted with the vis- iting cheerleaders. l27 Clic ,A-Ccam Cflrccrlcadcrs boast EILEEN ROGERS JAMES "OLLIE" MARSHALL A- Gam Khcerlcadcrs The duties of the A-team cheerleaders are to promote school spirit for all varsity sports and pep rallies. They attend all school functions and encourage others to do the same. They spend many hours practicing yells for the pep rallies and games. The A-team cheerleaders are chosen from 'the junior and senior classes. Mrs. Martha Willis is their sponsor. BARBARA HENSON I 28 NANCY MIDGET ANN THURMAN-head' cheerleader A ww sm ,sgieqgz -3117121 1, , ' , ,K Q. -' 'V ,,,,gh,W5- 2-',,XgLg'iQ3ELfi.WIJ, L, ,Ik . 57 , :QQ , fl L 9 H3 iw 2 W w ,gffm ' 2?f?f?37??fhg1sg12sxs?M?+f A fl Tlf3L5f'5f!kfIl 'L ww ,RM . L." Q 5 , - " 1 1. ' ' ,iq-S if swf F H - ' V- K , 'f , H W . Q A f h A fT':lf-gags' f , fm f .-"2 :f FP Of t y J 4 am ' WE A Q, 1 yf5J? . , -1 f' 1 T ' - A-Vx: 1 1 - " K H f -M-swf' A H '- 1 Whatcha got there 01116 D 1 nd Olhe are wutmg to le-id m the flghting Owls. The Gold Jackets brighten half-time activities at the Bateam game. Goh! jackets The Gold Jackets is one of the new organizations which has been added to the school program. They perform drills and routines at the home B-team games and pro- vide a cheering section for the home A- team games. Their aim is to aid in improv- ing school spirit. Mrs. Wanda Owens is the sponsor of J the Goldjackets. N OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Sue Webb, Barbara Dixon, sophomore representatives, Kay Wood, Karen Bennett, junior representatives, Ben- nie Thomas, Juda Fly, senior representatives, SECOND ROW: Pat McCallum, reporter, Karen Cabiness, treasurer, Delle Davis, secretary Carole Bane, vice-president, Karen Newman, president. 0 perform at home 13- Gam games' and increase selraal spirit . . MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: Nina Townsend, Cindy Cunningham, Karen Gossett, Becky Jones, Gina Poore, Judy Landress, Prissy Smith, Judi Sides, Janis Helm, Barbara Sanders, Diane Davis, SECOND ROW: Regina Stone, Betty Barry, Barbara Dixon, Beverly Nicholson, Harrolyn Fuller, Carol Dugger, Linda Brayton, Sherrie Stinson, Linda Fykes, Donna Roberts, THIRD ROW: Brenda Roland, June Pointer, Cynthia Rutledge, Joyce Wright, Bennie Thomas, Jeanne Hamilton, Mynra Bailey, Becky Burchfield, Sharon Fagall, Jane Ramsey, Karen McArthur, FOURTH ROW: Lorenda Sumnrow, Mary Brown, Judy Reeder, Peggy Davis, Mary Argenbright, Pat Triplet, Joy McNatt, Carole Bane, Karen Newman, Sue Webb, Laura Lapsley, FIFTH ROW: Pat Royman, Cecilia Jackson, Cheryl Morphis, Linda Toone, Lynn Burnbaum, Ann Varner, Jamie Gilmore, Jeannie Shaw, Bonnie Smith, Denise Mann, Rita Williams, SIXTH ROW: Janet Jennings, Kay Ray, Linda Huggins, Sherry Yeager, Mary Patterson, Pat McCallum, Karen Cabiness, Grace Harmon, Marilyn Winterbauer, Sondra Cardwell, Gloria Rutherford. '30 Marching in the Christmas Parade is one of the Gold Jackets many activities. wwf 7' ' 3 n.5f,7"rqIfx 115 iii The Gold Jackets add color and spirit to our pep rallies. . 13 the purpasc of the Gab! jackets. MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: Pat Wiley, Mary Lou Hammons, Ernestine Curlin, Sandy Duncan, Brenda Bourn, Sharon Windom, Linda Martin, Donna Angott, Kathy Sanford, Gloria Ferguson, Paulette Chapman, SECOND ROW: Barbara Williams, Donna Edwards, Claudia Ferguson, Virginia Bagley, Kay Wfood, Sylvia Webb, Billie I-Iarkrider, Brenda Harvey, Betty Buchanan, Marie Stibbons, Deloris McCulley, Pat Moore, THIRD ROXW: Tommy Vfebh, Delle Davis, Betty Hutton, Linda Alderman, Joyce Gear, Leanne Harpey, Sally Nall, Lynn Ewing, Karen Bennett, Sandra Greenwell, FOURTH ROW: Rita Prechtl, Marie Nobles, Deanna Lemmons, Sue Peters, jorgann Jackson, Cindy Sammons, Pat Nestiss, juda Fly, Janet Ryan, Sandra Totten, Pat Barrios, FIFTH ROW: Sharon Norvell, Rebecca Fletcher, Connie Copeland, Linda Williams, Brenda George, Joan Wolfe, Diane Pate, Gay Goin, Kay Prior, Gail Robinson, SIXTH ROW: Diane Wheeler, Jerrie Stanton, Delores Allen, Susan Greenwood, Carol Sewell, Carolyn Reeves, Diedri Rose, Susan jirak, Linda Tate. l3l 5 ala Director MR. PAUL BOUREK Che GHS Band 60145511 The purpose of the band is to be of service to the school and community, to be ol service to band members, and to further music as an art. The band engages in many activities in service to the school and community. It sup ports the school at football games, pep rallies, assemblies, concerts and parades. It serve: the community by providing programs for civic clubs and churches. Activities are the University Interscholastic League, the Dallas County Festival TMEA Convention, College Band Days, and parades. One of the main functions of the band during football season is to perform at the half time. Hand Jo ANN LAW DICK PARSONS MARCIA RICHARD F33 1 1 Sf vi ' ml. Senior Drum Majorette 19 sg ,Q Junior Drum Major junior Drum Majorette CLARINETS: Left to Right: Arlene Davis, Karen Boyles, Jo Ann Walls, jo Ann Law, Dick Parsons, David Sterner, Dick Shelton, Marcia Richard, Gay Dodson, Rebecca Riddels, and Judith Newcomb. WOODWINDS AND SAXES: Left to Right: Madalyne Ken- nett, Sue Carrow, Robbi Juday, jim Burks, Bobby Newmah, George Brush, john Price, Joe Burks, Cheri Allen, Barbara Willey, and Miriam Tapley. CLARINETS: Left to Right: Ralph Cox, Diane Fostor, Sally Rosenbaum, Milton Anderson, Bennita Cannaday, Jerry Deaton, Margaret Henderson, Kay McIntosh, Mickie Morrison, Edna Copeland, and Ann Rector. FLUTES: Left to Right: Lynda Cruit, Sharon Round, Susan Tidwell, Stephen Stubblefield, Nell Stokes, Patty Fleeson, Norma Laun, Mary Raser, Teresa Ashenhurst, Julia Hitchcock, Jan Gorden, and Susan Evans. I34 STUDIO ENSEMBLE FIRST, Left to Right: Robbie Juday, Lynda Cruit, Sharon R01 Nell Stokes, julia Hitchcock, Arlene Davis, Judith Newcc Dick Parsons. SECOND, Left to Right: Lester Hammond, jir Lloyd, Buddy Logan, Gloria Beduhm, Robert Copeland, Ricl fri :il 4 1. Looks as if some of the band members got lost, but actually t face, Don Hill, james Stafford, Bill Adam, Kenneth Alfather, na Coepland, Mickie Morrison, Gay Dodson, Daniel Sterner. fIIRD, Left to Right: jim Burks, Bob Foster, Mike Gamble, rry Short, Jim Horne, Rodney McCoy, David Echols, Barbara iley, George Brush. le just marching into a formation. PERCUSSIONISTS: Left to Right: Tommy Galbreath, Don Curran, Larry Short, Philip Burke, Wade Bennett, David Echols, Betty Lonil, Pat Hancock, and David White. f-"far 1 -T - tx W bi CORNETS AND FRENCH HORNS: Left to Right: Preston Edwards, Kenneth Alfather, Philip Wooldridge, Kenneth Mor- ris, Carrington Dixon, Mary Morrison, Bill Adams, Tom Cor- nett, Tony Gardner, Dee Van Gilder, Gary Snapka, Harry Hill, Eric Johnson, Don Bays, Donnie Dennman, Carles Ford. SEC- OND ROW: Lester Hammond, Gloria Beduhm, jimmy Lloyd, Jimmy Crawford, Lloyd Nolan, Phyllis Price, and Buddy Logan. .-V TROMBONES AND BARITONES: Left to Right: Bruce Be- dell, james Stafford, Don Hill, Richard Surface, Jim Gordon, Bruce May and Robert Copeland. su---new BASSES: Left to Right: Rex Narraniore, jim Horne, Rodney McCoy, Jerry Holt, Alex Andrews, and Lloyd Gouge, I35 MH-1' TOP ROW, Left to Right: Dick Parson, Drum Major, jo Ann Law, Majorette and secretary, Chuck Simpson, Treasurer, Norma Laun, sophomore representative, Don Curran, Vice-President. BOTTOM ROW: Wade Bennett, President, Teresa Ashenhurst, Librarian, Marcia Richard, Majorette and junior representative, Sue Carrow, Reporter, and Bobby Newman, senior representative. Kegiaa Hand These members of the Region Band represented Garland in the All State Band Contest. To be a member of the Region Band is a coveted honor. 1671144 Hourzcil These students were elected by the entire band to represent their fellow band members in all im- portant decisions. Left to Right: Richard Surface, Judy Newcomb, John Price, George Bursh, Barbara Wileyf, Kenneth Althfather. SAXES: Left to Right: Iris McCoy, Lynn Sheppard, Chuck Simpson. Robert Foster, Richard Bennet, Danny Hall, james '36 Myers, Mike Gamble, and Margrett Northcutt. Hamm! 61116 "We learn to live as we serve," is the motto of the Garland High Photography Club. The Camera Club aims to create in- terest and to give training in photography. The club plans to present programs featur- ing various phases of photography, portrait, news, sports, hobby, etc. The sponsor of the club is Mr. Robert Hood, Officers of the Camera Club are: Royce Rhodes, Dianne Horne, Fain Hubbard, Mr. Robert Hood Donald Hill james Horne Donna Ferguson, and Dee Van Gilder. ,flflembcrs of the Gamera gfllb laura fha feelin' ues 0 lakm and zcturcs lflfyglf Members of the club gather for a picture. They are, standing, Mr. Robert Hood james Horne, Bruce May, Joe Porter, Don Hill, and Dianne Horne. Doyle Hughes, FFA President, escorts Vicki Stone, FFA Sweetheart, off the field after her crowning. Qatarc Qariacrs cf,41acrica Garland 6l1a,ctcr "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earn- ing to live, and Living to serve," is the mot- to of the Garland Future Farmer chapter. The national organization, the Future Farm- ers of America, is composed of boys interest- ed in vocational agriculture. The aims of FFA are to develop better agricultural leadership, citizenship, and co- operation. The boys enter various agricultur- al shows with their project animals and hold a local livestock show. Vocational agricattarc is' ,cracticcd by the stadcats Iiclaagiag tc thc Qaturc ?ariacrs af,41acrica State Dairy judging Team composed of jerry Ham- ilton, Clem Coyle, and Lee Roland place fifth in the nation at competition held in Waterloo, Iowa Mr. H. E. Turrentine is the sponsor. FFA CHAPTER OFFICERS: BACK ROW: Ray Carson, Donald Marshall, Dennis White, Ferris Watson, Lee Roland, joe Rico, H. E. Tux rentine. SEATED: Larry Cooper, Lyn McCreary, Doyle Hughes, Manuel Rico, Ronald Marshall. I38 'F 'iw u 3 4 LES if Y mam .Awards and J-lonors Won by 93,4 .Members and their Stack Ferris Watson and Mr. H. E. Tur- rentine, sponsor, with Ferris' Grand Champion Guernsey, "Bluffview Say Priscilla," at the Grand Cham! pional Texas State Fair, Forth Worth Stock Show, San Antonio Show and Houston Show. The first place Guernsey Dairy Herd at Southwestern Fat Stock Show at Ft. Worth. L. to R.: Ferris Watson, Jerry Hamilton, L. Z, McCoy, Ronnie Bell, Billy Bryan, and Mr. Turrentine. I4O Three first place heifers at the S o u t h w e s t - ern Exposition and Fat Stock Show at Fort Worth. L. to R.: Ferris Watson, Mr. Turrentine, L. Z. McCoy, jr., and Billy Bryan. Clifton Sullivan and his blue ribbon steer at the State Fair of Texas. 1 Chapter Farmer Chapter Conducting Team that won first place in State competition. Left to Right: Ray Carson, advisor, Donald Marshall, Dou Chustensen, Ronald Marshall. BOTTOM ROW: Clifton Sullivan, Leon Covington, Forrest Hogue, Lee Roland. Larry Wilkins, Mike Childress, Larry Cole. joe Rico, Roger Crouch, and Doyle Hughes learn to use the cutting torch in Farm Engineering class First place Jersey Dairy Herd-Fort Worth Stock Show. 1962. Left to Right: H. E. Turrentine, jerry Hamilton, Dennis White, Lee Roland, Clem Coyle. Richard Benson. Beef steers shown at the Midlothian Stock Show. Left to Right: Doug Christensen. Clifton Sullivan, and Dwane Morris. Awards and J-lvnors STATE FAIR OF TEXAS At the State Fair the following boys totaled thirteen blue ribbons on their dairy animals: Richard Benson, jer- ry Ted Hamilton, Larry Hall, Lee Ro- land, john Luck, Doug Christensen, Clem Coyle, Don Fortenberry, Mike Childress, James Beasley, and Larry Martin. XVinning red ribbons on their dairy animals at the State Fair: Larry Hall. Dennis XVhite, Clem Coyle, Roger Crouch. and Larry Martin. In the Guernsey division of the dairy show Ferris Watsiin won Grand Champion, Junior Champion and Show- manship award. Don Gillispie won re- serve junior Champion, Mike Hemp- hill and L. Z. McCoy won blue rib- bons. The Garland Chapter won third place herd. In the beef division Clifton Sulli- van had a blue ribbon steer. Dennis White and Doug Christensen both had red ribbon steers. The Garland Chap- ter won first place neatness award in the dairy and second place neatness in the beef show. In the sheep division Larry Cooper had a sixth, seventh, and eleventh place sheep. JUDGING CONTEST The Garland Dairy judging team won a Gold Emblem Award and placed fifth at the National Dairy judging Contest in Waterloo, Iowa, in October. LEADERSHIP JUDGING CONTEST The Chapter Farmer Chapter Con- ducting Team placed first at the Dis- trict. Area, and State Contest. The Greenhand Chapter Conducting Team placed first at District and second place at Area. The Greenhand Quiz team placed first at district and third at Area. FT. WORTH STOCK SHOW! At the Fort Wforth Stock Show Ferris Watson's entry won Senior and Grand Champion. L. Z. lVIcCoy's won Junior Champion in the Dairy Show. The following boys won blue ribbons for their stock: Billy Bryan, Roger Crouch, jerry Hamilton, Richard- Ben- son, Dennis White, Lyn English, Mike Childress, Clem Coyle, Larry Hall, Lee Roland. The following boys won red ribbons on their dairy animals: Roger Crouch, jerry Hamilton, Gary Tram- mell, Stan Davis, Clem Coyle, Bill Ro- lam. In the swine division, Gary Dut- ton's entry won ninth and twelfth place. The Garland Chapter won first place Guernsey Herd and first place jersey herd. The Chapter also won first place in neatness in dairy and second place in beef. SAN ANTONIO STOCK SHOXYI Ferris XVatson's entry won junior, Senior and Grand Champion Guernsey Dairy. Dennis Wliite's entry won first place junior Yearling Jersey. The fol- lowing boys won blue ribbons on their dairy animals: jerry Hamilton, Dennis White, Lee Roland, Stan Davis, Clem Coyle, L. Z. McCoy and Billy Bryan. The following boys won red ribbons for their stock: Jerry Hamilton, Larry Hall, Lyn English, Gary Trammell. Mike Childress, and Richard Benson. In the beef show Benny McCarter had the first place Aberdeen Angus heifer, Billy McCarter's Angus heifer won second place and Ronnie Bell fifth place with his Angus heifer. The Garland Chapter had the first place Neatness Award in both the dairy and beef show. The Garland Chapter also won first place dairy herd. HOUSTON STOCK SHOXY! Billy Bryan's entry won reserve junior Champion Guernsey and Billy won a registered Guernsey heifer val- ued at 8250.00 for doing the best job in showmanship and having the best fitted animal. Ferris XYlatson's Guern- sey won Senior and Grand Champion and L. Z. McCoy won first place on his junior yearland Guernsey. t The Dairy judging Team won the Gold Emblem rating at the National Dairy Contest. STANDING, Left to Right: Lee Roland, Clem Coyle, Larry Hall, and Jerry Hamilton. r. , 1 1 ...... tiiir K -,, tttt ffl ,yle 5 . .. ,jffifl A ij.: +3 4 I1.. 'N s e 7 5 it 1' s Vg 'Y' I -ii ,Q r h 5 :edt U t M ,vo ,gif FLT? X Eg g tj 1 'x ' , is 1 I 'ta 1 ,' I 5' 4 Qi- li' f' .f f it '-ff? ...t ,, V -. ' " vm' ' br il w- " X' Ay K' of a Q 14? f ze H f , '- X .. 5 s do '- -A X, N1- 'HLFW' Me Nw Nw A my .p,VV,.. Z. V V ,, or . , 'Q-,, , ., ,, .. 'sz g ,fg- -f, , 'iI"5 2- fi. i C . - rift? ' 'Sf' 7' PUD - ' " i n 'iii f ' H" ' ' A i'i:' ' . : : , l A f --ee ' 3 'nfk:,g3jQfr1,1,'f ' il : ' Junior exhibitor Larry Cooper and two Hamp- shire Sheep shown at'the State Fair of Texas in 19611 They placed 6th and 7th. Michael Childress, Larry Wilkins, and Doyle Hughes watch Roger Crouch operate the Ra- dial-saw in Farm Engineering Class. Mr. Ray Carson shows joe Rico and jerry Crawford how to operate the arc-welder. I4I MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Nita Nichols, Suzzette Fletcher, Diane Cowan, Nancy Ayers, Janis Calloway, SECOND ROW? Judy Chase, Beth Hill, Linda Keltner, Beth Brock, Brenda Harvy, Susan Jurak, Judy Moulden, Anita Houston, Janis McKinney, Sharon Brown, Gail Robinson, Carman Short, Linda Tomb, Patty White, jean Wingo, Many Young, Lorenda Sumrow, Margaret Baker, Omma Crowford, Karen Gossett, Barbara Shiply, BACK ROW: Diane Pate, Carolyn Reeves, Karen Newman, Delores Allen, Leanne Murphy, Kay Prock, Jeri Lynn Stanton, Robbie Rice. Quturc Jfamenmkcrs af ,America The Future Homemakers of America strive to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemalcing and good will among nations. With its symbol, the red rose, and its ap- propriate mottofToward New Horizons-the GHS Chapter strives to achieve these aims. The GHS Chapter is- affiliated with the State Future Home- makers of America. Membership is open to all home- making students. RONNIF. GIBBS, FHA beau. Ronnie Gibbs is crowned FHA beau by Gale Gooch, FHA presi- Sewing is one of the arts these girls learn during the year dent, and Sue Van Zandt. G1 live better lives today . . u-14 FRONT ROW: jane Morgan, Linda Lammanak, Linda Alderman, Sandy Duncan, Linda Holloway, Cleata Enyart, SECOND ROW: Betty Scaggs, Laurel Wagner, Patsy Biggs, Beth Brock, Lynn Bournbawn, Carol Bishop, Glynda Stroud, Pat Triplet, Pat Aldridge, Mary Argenlaright, Betty Wright, Linda Gifford, Bobby Sawyer, Llana Thornton, Betty Veal, Marie Stibbens, BACK ROW: Dianna Horne, jo Ann Mitchell, Peggy Stevens, Betty Tapley, Sandra Totten, hlargaret Haker, Annette Elder, Brenda George. . , at. , , FRONT ROW: Nancy Gouge, Carol Sarrett, Jane Davis, Joyce Ishmal, Martha Crump, Sherlyn Attebery, Pat Frederick, Linda Douglas, Linda Wright, SECOND ROW: Dot Watley, Carolyn Jonas, Virginia Pierce, Sherry Stanson, Carolyn Estep, Marsha Head, Mylinda Patterson, Diane Kazle, Becky Dean, judy Myers, Mary Brooks, Martin Burkam, Marsha May, Linda Dickens, Pat Dunbar, THIRD ROW: Emily Ticer, Gretchen Gore, Nancy Stephenson, Dennett Keener, Peggy Halclerman, Sarah Ann Towler, Martha New, Ann Christianson, june Pointer, Kay Cotham. l l ,, ,, ,, , ,, The FHA officers preside at the silversservice and punch bowl, left to right, Gale Gooch, president, Delores Allen, Historian, jo Wilson, Parliamentarian, Patricia McCallum, Secretary, Linda Killion, Treasurer, Linda Tate, Reporter, Alera Coldwell, Song Leader, Hazel Roark, Song Leader, Ritha Cook, Pianist, and Sue Van Zandt, Vice-President. to have a better ward! tomarrow for aursclm' and our families . . I43 A solemn occasion this-Gale Gooch installs new members. E, 5 9 Mrs. Betty Hudson presents Rita Ogle, homemaker of the year, with the Betty Crocker homemaker award. You get three guesses as to which pai of the refreshments these girls fixed. Becky Dean, Linda Cruith, Judy Purcell, and Linda Kendrich display the trophies they won in the Temco "Dress A Doll" Contest. 11" the goal of the 91-LA X in Sports R Q2 U15 I 96 FRONT ROW: David Rhodes, Tommy Piccolo, Ronnie Williams, Ronny Fitzgerald, Ralph Weaver, David Landgraf, Gary Bridges, johnny Daniel. MIDDLE ROW: Lloyd Harbison, David james, Larry Christian, Bill Lofland, Gary Mitchell, Eddie Horstman, Joe The 1961 Owls, .coached by Homer three wins and seven losses in a season of bad breaks and bittef disappointments. The line was hit hard by graduation and injuries to key players. But the team made up for what they lacked in size, depth, and experience with an abundance of spirit, de- sire, and old-fashioned toughness. Gfzrlmzd 22, Bryfzzz Admzzf 12. In the Owls' first game of the season, a beefy Bryan Adams' team lost a 13-8 half-time lead in the last half as Garland came to life and scored two touchdowns. David Landgraf, who carried the ball 27 times for 167 yards, scored all of Garland's points. I46 Wbodrow Wilfofz 14, Gazrlmzd 12. The Wildcats came from behind and re- sisted Garland's attempts to score a third touchdown in a close, hard-fought game. Landgraf and Gary Mitchell led the Owls in offense, and Don Williams was a stand- out on defense. Gmini Pmirie 21, Garlmm' 6. The Gophers broke up a 6-6 half-time dead- lock at the Gopher Bowl with a pair of touchdowns in the last half. Garland could manage only one touchdown against Grand Prairie's brick-wall defense. Garland 24, South Oak Cliff 22. Gar- land got back on the victory trail a week later in Garland. Led by Eddie Horstman, Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland 12 . .. .... 22 6 24 29 30 22 ?arla14d Owls' Mlm Espinosa, Ronny Faulkner, Gary Christian, Mike Cathey, Richard Nawman. TOP ROW: David Lambert, Jerry Turner, Don Williams, Gordon Black, Bill Pounds, Bill Hatchell, Ricky Howard, Ronnie Rutherford, Travis Elliot, Tommy Drum, Bubba Tomlinson, Bryan Adams ,,,r, Woodrow Wilson Grand Prairie ,,,l..,,.,,,,,,. South Oak Cliff Irving ,,.,. ,..,.,,,,, McKinney ...,,,, Denison .,,,,,, Denton ,,,,...,.,,, Sherman ..,,,,,,,l,.. Highland Park ...... ,,.,,l Ronny Faulkner, and David Landgraf, the Owls scored three touchdowns in the first half and then fought off the Golden Bears for the remainder of the game. Gfzrlmzfl 29, Iwifzg 12. In a wild game highlighted by Ronnie Fitzgeralds spectac- ular 85-yard TD dash, the Owls finally got tough in the last half and sailed to their third and final victory. The fourth touchdown came on a pass play from Bill Hatchell to Bill Lofland, while Landgraf and Faulkner scored the other two. McKinney W34, Garlfzzzzi 30. A full house at Williams' Stadium saw the Mc- Kinney Lions rally from the short of end of a 30-8 score in the third quarter to ,defeat Garland on a 43-yard touchdown pass in the last seven seconds of the game. Diftrirt gamer. In district competition, the Owls were unable to move the ball consistently on offense. Despite several heroic efforts, the Owls lost all four dis- trict games. At tough Yellowjacket defense led Denison to a 7-6 victory in the dis- trict opener, and an intercepted pass killed Garland's hopes the following week as Den- ton squeezed by the Owls, 34-22. Sherman gained a 7-6 victory over Garland on a fourth-quarter touchdown. These games were all extremely close and could have gone either way, but at Highland Park, the Owls found themselves totally outclassed as the Scots won, 36-8. I47 COACHES Elmo Cummins, Homer johnson, Bill Finley, and jerry Young. .giwmam A fm fav ,V 5:2 . l,L- :lf F. a fi , fu MANAGERS T RAINER www QLA4. G' Oy: Sf' 0 631 3 ui men ' HIGH Andy Wimpee, Osby Borchardt, Jack Melton, and Mike Cloud. Not shown: Dwight Brand. CAPTAI NS BOB MCCLINTOCH Eddie Horstman, Gary Mitchell, joe Espinosa, and Bill Lofland. HIGH 5z3U'44' EE! 6 David Landgraf 1445 attempts to stop a Bryan Adams ball carrier in the opening game of the season. In offense, Landgraf led the Owls to a 22-13 victory over the Cougars. in my RICHARD NEWMAN EDDIE HORSTMAN DAVID JAMES ' ' A A A up -A 1 ,R1CK'1f,HQWARD' MIKE CATHEY 1 V, QaryfM1tchell C245 trres to escape several tacklers after catchrng a 13-yard pass from. Roniit-:'Faullcner to the Bryan Adam's 15. Two plays later, the Owls scored .,,,. ffm Av JERRY TURNER TOMMY DRUM if Q11 57-FI Ronny Fitzgerald 1401 tries to out-run a Grand Prairie defender. The Gophers won, 21-6. TRAVIS ELLIOTT TOMMY PICCOLO GARY MITCHELL JOE ESPINOSA BILL POUNDS Tommy Drum 1851 reaches for a pass from Ronnie Faulkner in the Grand Prairie game. BUBBA TOMLINSON Don Williams f77J stops Burl I-Iintze's C411 run in G:1r1and's 24-22 victory over South Oak Cliff. BILL LOFLAND Eddie Horstman M51 slips past Irving's Ronnie Brahmhall U81 nto the end ,zone for a two-point conversion following the third Owl ouchdown as Garland defeated the Tigers, 29-12. GARY CHRISTIAN LARRY CHRISTIAN RONNIE FAULKNER RONNY FITZGERALD l5l DAVID LANDGRAF ki Ronnie Faulkner C101 prepares to break up a conversation between two South Oal -A RONNIE RUTHERFORD RALPH WEAVER BILL HATCHELL JOHNNY DANNIEL With 1:03 left in the game, Bill Lofland C805 hauls in a 20-yard pass from Bill Hatchell and heads for the end zone for the final touchdown against Irving. K' - v , gf". ,fx lxg., H, 'LI ,X q nk I -y Illjf ,xv W- X.,, my 2 JU-,Mk -f ,Hx L, , -K f.. , li ' K GORDON BLOCK ff players. Ronnie Fitzgerald C401 side-steps McKinney's Phillip Smith f22j and goes in for the first touchdown of the game in Garland's heart-breaking loss to the Lions, 34-30. C! DAVID LAMBERT RONNIE XWILLIAMS LLOYD HARBISON DAVID R1-1013135 GARY BRIDGES Denison 7 In the opening game of 'district competition, the Owls traveled to Denison and dropped a close one to a tough Yellowjacket team that eventually ran away with the district crown. Playing ball control, Garland led the Yellowjackets in rushing, passing, and first downs, but the final score still read Denison 7, Gar- land 6. The Yellowjackets started the scoring in the sec- ond quarter after they intercepted a pass at the Gar- land 40 and returned it to the nine yard line. Quarter- back joe Parmley 'scored on a keeper from the three, Garland 6 and David Burks kicked the game-deciding extra point. The Owls fought back after the half as Eddie Horst- man returned the kickoff 63 yards to the Denison 27 yard-line. Two plays later, Horstman scored from 24 yards out on an end, but the important two point conver- sion attempt failed. The Owls threatened late in the fourth quarter on a 70-yard drive, but their efforts bogged down on the Deni- son 12 yard line with less than a minute left in the game. A Denison defender spoils David Landgrafs 1441 attempt to pick up his blockers. Landgraf, how- ever, led both teams in rushing with 118 yards. I54 Eddie Horstman 4453 picks up a nice gain against Denison. Horstman scored Garlancl's only touchdown after return- ing the kickoff 63 yards. Denim 34 In the second week of district play, the Denton Broncos came to town to kill the Garland Owl's slim hopes for a district title by downing the Owls, 34-22, in a wild, hard-fought game that was a lot closer than the score indicated. The Owls had 16 first downs to Denton's 15 while the Broncos had 348 yards combined offense compared to 345 yards for the Owls. In the first half Denton's jim Wilson scored the first three of his four touchdowns for the night on jaunts of 55, 2, and 20 yards. The 55-yard touchdown dash came on the first play of the game. Garland's only first-half touchdown came on a pass from Ronny Faulkner to Tommy Drum on a crucial fourth-and- nine situation. The first half ended with Denton ahead, 22-6. After recovering a fumble on the Garland 29 early in the third quarter, the Broncos quickly increased Garland 22 their lead to 28-6. When Bill Hatchel came in as quarterback following the kickoff, the Owls came alive. Landgraf followed tremendous blocking 67 yards to the Dento-n's 13 yard- line. After Fitzgerald fought to the five, Horstman ran the remaining yards to make the score 28-14. Early in the fourth the Owls narrowed the gap to 28-22 after a spectacular 45 yard touchdown run by Horstman. Garland appeared to be headed for another touch- down that could lead to victory as they drove to Den- ton's 21 yard line early in the fourth quarter. But then Denton intercepted a pass from David Landgraf in the end zone to spoil the drive. Several plays later, Wilson completed his scoring rampage with a 78-yard gallop that sewed up the victory for Denton, 34-22. David Landgraf 1440 goes -for a 20-yard gain against Denton after receiving a roll-out pass from Ronny Faulkner. Landgraf led the Owls offensively with 168 yards. Eddie Horstman 1455 collides head-on with a Denton defender in an attempt to grind out a few extra yards. l55 Sherman 7 The Garland Owls dropped their third straight district game by a score of 7-6 as the Bearcats of Sher- man spoiled Garland's homecoming at Wfilliams Sta- dium and defeated the Owls for the first time in seven years. Protecting a 6-O lead, the alert Owludefense was able to hold the Bearcats scoreless until early in the fourth quarter by intercepting three of ten Sherman passes Qsix of the others were completedj and recovering two of three Bearcat fumbles. S Eddie Horstman returned the first intercepted pass 26 yards to the Sherman 41. Three plays later Ronnie Fitzgerald ripped out another of his famous jaunts through the line and scored from 21 yards out with one minute left in the first quarter. The two-point conver- Garlami 6 sion attempt failed. In the second and third quarters, both teams made serious attempts, but neither were able to cross the other's goal. Ronnie Rutherford attempted a field goal from the 12 yard line in the third quarter, but it was short and wide. In the fourth quarter, however, the Bearcats clawed their way to victory with nearly seven minutes remain- ing in the game. Ronnie Faulkner punted to the Garland 43 but a 26 yard punt return left Sherman deep in Owl territory at the 417. On the next play, Ronnie Waldo's pass was completed to the two. Harold Willianis scored two plays later and then kicked the extra point to give Sherman a narrow 7-6 victory. The major portion of the Owl defense, eight altogeth- er, gang-t a c k le s Sherman's 33. A Sherman Bearcat rushes up to put the clincher on Ronny Fitzgerald MOD. I56 Highland Mzrk 36 Garland 8 The Owls ran their losing streak to five with a humiliating 36-8 rout at the hands of Garland's tradi- tional rival, Highland Park. Charles King scored four touchdowns to lead the Scots in revenge over last year's 14-14 tie that gave Garland the district title. The Scots took advantage of a fumble on the Owl 27, a Garland punt blocked on the Owl 48, and an onside kick which Garland fumbled to run up a 22-O lead before the first half ended. The Owls returned from the half-time intermission fired up enough to give the Garland fans something to cheer about. Ronnie Fitzgerald returned the kickoff 29 yards to the Scot 41. The march was completed when Gary Mitchell, who played as quarterback during this march, threw a 25 yard pass to Tommy Drum in the end zone for the touchdown. Highland Park's fourth touchdown was the result of a 74 yard drive. Charles King took the honors again from five yards out. The scoring was completed in the fourth quarter when the Scots marched 71 yards for their final touchdown. Besides the fine effort that led to Garland's only thing that kept the touchdown, the only being a total disaster for the 'Owls was the outstanding defensive performance of Ralph Weaxfer, a sophomore. game from Eddie Horstman M51 stops Highland Park's Reagan Dixon Q45 knock ing him off balance. David Landgraf rounds right end for 19 yards, the only substantial gain f the night for Garland. David James 4203, Ronnie Williams f12j, and jerry Turner QSOD close in on Ralph Baker 1161, a Scot halfback. l57 Cflb' I 967 Garland 15'-Calm The Garland B-team has emerged this year with a fine record of 3 5 0 and ha done this through the cooperation of both coaches and players. Thus giving the A team a bright outlook for future players next season. Throughout loss and victory the B team has always expressed fair and clean sportsmanship. TOP ROW: Wayne Walden, Harry Hill, Tommy' Thomas, john Walker, Bill Shipp, Budda Turner Don Gordon Jerry Crim Danny Simms, Bubba Maffott, Delbert Burtong ROW II: Terry Williams, Ross Perkins, Joe Finley Terry Clark Weldon Mullins Chris Shively, john Pickett, Andy Goethrals, Charles Smith, Don Lawrenceg ROW III: mgr Jay Hull Charles King Bill Coplen King Cole, johnny Klas, Randy Barringe, Johnny Leathers, Mike Welliams, Ronnie Baker and mgr Butch McLaught1n Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland I58 The B-team SCHEDULE For 1961 12 0 18 20 .. 0 6 18 .. 6 Grand Prairie . Bryan Adams Mesquite ...... Birdville Denison ...... Denton ,..... Sherman ........ Highland Park hw The B-Team is spirited by the Goldjackets. ,E K3 47 H Coaches Don Gordon slips past for a T. D. Dalton Hicks Bud Owens Managers Captains Jay Hull Butch McLaughtin Danny Simm, Bubba Moffat, Weldon Mullins U16 1961 Garland Owls' Disfricf 7-MAA Khampzlfns R F. A. Coleman, jimmy Manley, Mike Boyd, Ronny Culpepper, Marvin Smith, Mike McKerreghan, Jerry Matlock, Alan Thornton, jimmy Epperson, and Coach joe Brown. kneeling. This year Garland had one of its most successful basketball teams in history. Coach joe Brown's Garland Owls compiled a season record of 23 wins and 2 losses. Although the team lacked height and experience, -their spirit and strong determination brought an end to Den- ton's reign as District 7AAAA Basketball Champions. While the season was still young, it was apparent that Garland had a top-notch basketball team. With each game their teamwork improved rapidly. The Owls' sys- tematic offense and stubborn defense performed smoothly when the going got tough. In district competition, the Garland cage-rs swept through the rest of the scheduled games with only a l60 single defeat. After running over Denison, 81-51, the Owls lost a heartbreaker in the final seconds, 40-39, to Denton, the defending champs. The loss did not dampen their enthusiasm, however, as the Owls defeated Sherman, Highland Park, and then Denison again. In their greatest effort of the season, the underdog Owls triumphed over Denton 56-51, on the Bronco home court. A magnificent 94-43 victory over Sherman and a 54-48 win over High- land Park left the Owls in first place. Garland lost the bi-district clash in Tyler with Tyler Lee, 56-48, but this year's basketball season will not soon be forgotten around GHS. an N U L Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland .,A.... ,,Y,,. Garland Garland ,,,A... ..,,,,,, Garland Garland NON-DISTRICT Kimball wwv.. ....Y. 5 4 Garland ,,.w.,. AA. Samuell VVVVVVVV 63 Garland .....,, ...,, 5 7 Hillcrest ,,,,,...,,, .,.... 7 5 Garland ,A,,,,, ,,,,,,-,YY Bryan Adams .....A 7,v.,.. 3 7 Garland ,,5,,,, ,,7w,,,,AV Kimball ...w,,,...w A.,,,. 39 Garland ,,...,, ,v.....w,A Hillcrest ..,.,,.. ...,.. 5 O Garland ,,,.VVV Vw,V,,,V,V Su11SCf ,V,.YV,A....... 4.AAA. 5 7 Garland ,Y,A,.. ..,A.,,,, C1'OZi61' TCCl'1 ,,,,.,,, YY.,Y.. 3 5 Garland A,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,, Carter-Riverside Y,,,....,,,, 63 Garland, Irving VVVVVY,Y.,....V.YV v74-V-- 5 1 Garland ,,,.,,, ,,Y,,,Y,,, North Dallas I ..ll lll..l. 3 2 Garland, DISTRICT Denton ,,,,,, ....,. 4 O Garland lDD,lDD ,,,ll, 5 6 Denison .lY..V.. ...... 5 1 Garland DDDDDDY ,,,.,,,lY, 4 5 Sherman .....eeeeeee.e ....e4 5 9 Garland ee...,. ,....,..ll Highland Park ........,,.... 48 Garland ,,,,,Y, ,v,,A-.,,, 5 4 BI DISTRICT PLAYOFF Garland ,7,7.,...l,..,,,,l,, 48 Tyler 7, ,,,,,w,,...w,..7, ,.lIII 5 6 Kimball ..,lI,, Samuell I,,I,,,, Samuell ,,,,,e,,lII Bryan Adams ..,,., Irving .Y,..,,s.,s..rirv, Woodrow Wilson Texarkana ,,YY,,,,,... Thomas jefferson Birdville ,,,,oooooioroo Woodrow Wilson Birdville ,,,,. .,,i,.l, Denton .,,r Denison ,....,,.... Sherman .,....,......, Highland Park .o,, Coach Brown gives the players instructions during a timeout as "Baby Huey" listens in. COACH MANAGERS JOE BROWN Dwight Brand, Leslie 'Demetri TRI-CAPTAINS I JERRY-MATLOCK F. A. COLEMAN RONNY CULPEPPER l62 Q. NXVMMHNK L F':.::..:-,.17'ji?: I --r lf 7.2 uf Af as if Q1 3 M ,Y A f 1 if ,MMM 5Sfw5f?5 Ag vu: J. .,.- W . . Z if .wgfiai .gm jg H A ,N,.m,,f WN 'H if 'if 'V5e:Q:W2w .ff 5 , me awww, WM yy wa. fl, sw: .E 3? gr f. 'wi f . ,:f 3 1Q53?i5 L ::, -- H . PM , Wia. , ,A,,. Lg,.,,,. 4 , , my r 3 3 V 4 61 Q li. .. V, , ww Xxzw ex - 1 ' 5, -'se-. . , 1.5:-sw - 2 L E 3 Y ,S S W , ,Q 1fi,uT+EW'E wif www Q v,y ' .4Hz'm QQ . Q . , QWiQ3ff M?Q??? l Q??Qi' 5533! igwf Lili wif- Q54 wvwi fag if k bf fy ti 3? 55 EL I 3 I n This is teamwork? It was a little crowded, but Marvin Smith still managed to work his way through a maze of Tyler Lee defenders for another two points. I67 U16 I 961 Garland 15' Gam The B-team started slow at the beginning of the year, but showed rapid improve- ment later in- the playing season. Thus the A-team has a bright outlook for players for the 1962 Owl team. Left to Right: Danny Rogers, guard, 5'-4"g Kirby Endsley, guard, 5'-7"g Robert Koerth, forward, 6'-0"g Mike Casteel, forward 6 5 Bobby Turner, center, 6'-3"g Bubba Moffatt, forward, 6'-0"g Robert Grimsley, guard, 5'-6", Coach: Jerry'Young. Garland Garland t,,,i. Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland l68 M53 Samuells M42 Hillcrest ,53 Bryan Adams Kimball Hillcrest Irving Samuell Bryan Adams Irving Woodrow Wilson 1961 SCHEDULE 56 Garland 20 Garland,,,,,,,.. 76 Garland 37 Garland 50 Garland 57 Garland 53 Garland 46 Garland 68 Garland ,,,t...... .... . .. 55 Birdville ......,e....., Woodrow Wilson Denison .,....,,,,,.i,, Highland Park .,., Sherman ,o,r...... Denton .,,.. Denison .,e,.,,,., Sherman ....,,e...... Highland Park ..,. Danny Rogers goes past Deuison's tall defense. All praise to the mighty basketball Coach Young makes some diagrams of plays on the board. I69 U16 I 962 Garland Tennis Calm The 1962'Owl tennis team has had the largest team ever this season, thus proving that tennis is a fast growing sport around GHS. They proved their might with a very rewarding season last year, and Coach Altom Williams hopes to keep up the winning streak this year. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: jimmy Hall, Sandra Flanagan, jimmy Hoskins, johnann Sebastian, Paul Whitman, Peggy Flanders, joe Don Parker. MIDDLE: Becky Harlson, Sherry Hancock, Mike Carr, Carma Cockrell, Rosemary Long, Judy Lyles, Judy Coldwell, Judy Pugh, Dianne Kleutgen, Coach: Altom Williams. BACK ROW: Tammy Patton, Linda Carroll, Christie McLean, Danny Hanson, George Dewitt, Bobby Walker, john Beardsley, Jimmy Frank, David Hill, Anthony Gnagi, Leo Whitman, Don Stabeno. l70 ROSEMARY LONG JIMMY FRANK IUDY PUGH JOHN BEARDSLEY JUDY LYLES LEO WHITMAN DIANNE KLEUTGEN E Y 5 is " x J: R WT P X X Kfx K XM Adminisfrufivu lj- 2 MR. GLEN COUCH, B.A., M.A., Southern Methodist University Superintendent of the Garland Independent School District MR. W. E. PETERS, B.S., M.S., MR. RALPH SANDERS, B.S., M.S., North Texas State University East Texas State College Assistant in Charge of Education Instructions Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Business Affairs. MR. KENNETH N. WALLER, M.S., East Texas State College '74 Director of Maintenance Ecard nf Crusfces Garland Independent Selma! District LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Coy Pickle, Mr. Hampton Creel, Mr. Earl Luna, Mr. Guy McClung, Mr. E. B. Elliott, NOT SHOWN: Mr. Quenton Scruggs, Mr. Marion D. Williams. Garland Jrzdepcndcuf Salma! District Persanuel Mrs. Ann Davis, Mrs. Peggy Murray, Mrs, Evelyn Ellis, Secretary Receptionist Secretary in charge of special services .' ...., ' N - V cffi, , lwfeffv V Tl ' ioi,' Q3 1 k " ' Del Hartirl, Mrs. Mildred Baker, Q Mrs. Rose Kissenger, Bookkeeper Asst, Bookkeeper Oklahoma College for Women Dietician B.S. '75 Zzczzlfy l9rinc1Qwzl Mr. Morgan Moses, B.S., M. S., North Texas State University Asszsfani Przlmpalf Mr. Bobby H. Wynn, B.S.,- North Texas State Unizersity East Texas State College ' 4 Kaunsellars Mrs. Polly Smith, B.S., ' Mr. Carmen McLarey, B.A., M.A., Texas Woman's University Abilene Christian College V North Texas State University Mrs. Orna Jean Bechtol Mrs. Elaine Hightower, B:S., Mrs. Marguerite Turne. I 76 Texas Women's University 14 Mr. Berr G. Hudson B.S., M.E., Y 3 East Texas State College Suglislz Department MR. JESSE G. BEESON, B.A., Southeastern State College MISS MADGE DANIEL, B.A:, M.A., East Texas State North Texas State University INIRS. MARIE DAVIS, B.S., M.E., East Texas State College MRS. NEDRA H. DRAKE, B.A., Southern Methodist University MRS. ELIZABETH DRIVER, B.A., Southern Methodist University MRS. LOIS GRANT, B.S., M.E., East Texas State College MISS FLORENCE GRAY, B.A., M.A., North Texas State University East Texas State College MRS. KATHERINE GREEN, B.A., Texas Woman's University MRS. ELLA HICKINIAN, B.A., M.A., North Texas State University Southern Methodist University Q,,,,yC9t.a.u . ' ' Q-.Q '5 mg WMV qkq-gqr,-w.,Xi'-f-D'-ss-4,,, MRS. AGNES JOHNSON, B.A., Southern Methodist University MR. JIM LIGON, B.A., North Texas State University Texas Christian University MRS. RUTH LINDBLOM, B.S., Weatherford Junior College Texas Woman's University Southern Methodist University MRS. BETTY MALONE, B.S., North Texas State University MR. RALPH PEASE, B.A., University of Texas MRS. GAYLE ROGERS, B.A., Trinity University MRS. LAVONIA ROWETT, B.S., North Texas State University MRS. WILMA RUTH SHELTON, B.A., Texas Christian University MRS. GWENDOLYN E. WALLER, B.A., M.A East Texas State University University of Texas Science MR. DON AGNEW, B.S., North Texas State University MISS ADELE ANDERSON, B.A., Texas Christian University MRS. MARY BURNS, B.S., M.E., Sam Houston State College East Texas State College MR. JAMES W. BOWDEN, B.S., Oklahoma State University MR. LESTER E. HICKMAN, B.A., Baylor University MR. ROBERT B. HOOD, B.S., University of Texas MISS BILLIE NICKELS, B.S., M.S Texas Woman's University East Texas State College MRS. RUTH PETERS, B.S., North Texas State University MR. BEN STRICKLAND, B.S., North Texas State University MR. J. R. WAGNER, B.S., East Texas State College Texas A8cM, Oklahoma State Uni. Nebraska Wesleyan University Vecczfiemzl Agriculture MR. RAY CARSON, B.S., M.S., East Texas State College MR. H. E. TURRENTINE, B.S., M E Arlington State Texas A8cM North Texas State Universitv l6'usic1ess Admiuzsfrafzeu MRS, LOVELLA COWAN, B.S., Howard Payne College MISS LOUISE HUNT, B.A., M.A., Baylor University East Texas State College MR. ROBERT A. SEAGO, B.S., North Texas State College MRS. CATHERINE SMITH, B.S., University of Texas MRS. JEAN TROTMAN, B.S., North Texas State University MRS. MARTHA WILLIS. B.S., Texas XVoman's University J-fvmemaking MRS. FERN BRUCE, B.S., M.S., Sam Houston State Teachers College Texas Woman's University MRS. FRAN CALDWELL, B.S., West Texas State College North Texas State University MRS. BETTIE HUDSON, B.S., North Texas State University MRS. DONNA LEWIS, B.S., North Texas State University MRS. ALICE STROUD, B.S., University of Texas Music MR. PAUL BOUREK, B.M.E., M.M.E., Oklahoma State University North Texas State University MR. JAMES L. JACKSON, B.S., M.E., Abilene Christian- College Southern Methodist University North Texas State University Physical diucafian MR. JOE BROWN, B.S., M.E., North Texas State University MRS. RACHEL CALKINS, B.A. M.H.P.E. 8: R North Texas State University MR. C. E. CUMMINS, B.S., M.E., McMurry College MRS. MARY BETH FINLEY, B.S., East Texas State College MR. SAMMY J. JACKSON, B.S., M.E., North Texas State University MR. HOMER JOHNSON, B.S., M.S., North Texas State University East Texas State College MR. BUD OWEN, B.S., Delta State College MRS. WANDA JO OWENS, B.S., East Texas State College MR. FRANK C. REID, B.S., M.S., North Texas State University MR. VAN H. VENABLE, B.S., M.E., North Texas State University MR. JERRY YOUNG, B.S., M.E., North Texas State College .,. I. '21 .. I. r www 5 QW..-'I-7 ,Q sq- . git .adm Nagy Social Sturm' MRS. MARY NELL ARMSTRONG, B.S., North Texas State University MRS. PAT ASTON, B.S., Texas Christian University MR. JIM P. BURNS, B.S., M.E., Sam Houston State College East Texas State College MRS. JACKIE CANTRELL, B.S., North Texas State University MR. DENZIL T. CLIFTON, B.A., Baylor University MRS. NORMA DORSEY, B.A., Texas Woman's University MR. JOHN W. HADSKEY, B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University MR. HORACE N. HARRIS, B.A., M.A., Southern Methodist University Sul Ross State University of Texas MR. DALTON R. HICKS, B.S., McMurry College MR. BOBBY E. MCCLINTOCK, B.S. M.S. Texas Christian University Kansas State Teachers College MR. LONZO C. MEUIR, B.S., East Texas State College MR. SIDNEY K. PEVETO, B.S., M.S., North Texas State University MR. LARRY REED, B.A., M.E., North Texas State University Southern Methodist University Law School MR. ALTON R. WILLIAMS, B.S., B.S., East Texas State College Industrial Arts MR. GERALD W. JACKSON, B.S., M.S., Abilene Christian College North Texas State University MR. BILLY STEWART, B.S., M.E., North Texas State University MR. O. D. STRINGER, B.S., East Texas State College Disfribufivc Sducafzm MR. W. B. HEAD, B.A., M.BQ, East Texas State College Jlflzzilz MRS. ALTA LEE ALTOM, B.S., M.A., Howard Payne University Hardin-Simmons University MR. HUBERT I.. BOBBETT, M.E., East Texas State College MR. L. B. BRACKEEN M.E. B.A., East Texas State College MR. GORDON DODSON, B.S., M.S., College of Marshall East Texas State College Southern Methodist University MR. BILL FINLEY, B.S., M.E., East Texas State College MRS. FRANCES N. GAMBLE, B.S., University of Oklahoma Central State of Oklahoma MRS. MABEL KELLEY, B.A., M.A., Oklahoma University Southern Methodist University Miss JOY MARIE PARKER, B.S., North Texas State University MISS REGINA PENNINGTON, B.A., M.A., Texas Woman's University Southern Methodist University MR. JESSE R. PROFFER, B.S., M.E., East Texas State University MR. CHARLES ROBERTSON, B.S. M.E North Texas State University Texas ARM MISS GAYLE SNODDY, B.A., Southern Methodist University MR. T. L. WILLIAMS, B.S., M.E., East Texas State College Library MRS. MARGARET B. KORIOTH, B.A., Kilgore Jr. College North Texas State University MRS. NELLEEN WOMACK, B.S., M.S., East Texas State College industrial 60-operative Zfmirzirzg MR. HARVEY PATTERSON, B.S., North Texas State College Southeastern State College, Texas A8cM Wsiiing Zfcfachers MR. JOHN BUTLER, B.S., M.E., East Texas State College MR. BILLY J. JOHNSON, B.S., M.E., East Texas State College University of Houston ... Itttst .sv film. 199 Y .fa AR RWM Zvrezyn Language MRS. JANET H. BARTO, B.A., North Texas State University NIR. M. L. JOHNSON, B.A., M.A., East Texas State College Southern Methodist University MRS. DOROTHY B. LINTHICUM, B.A., Southern Methodist University University of Illinois MRS. PEGGY M. SHELTON, B.A., Hardin-Simmons University MISS KATHERINE STEPHENS, M.S., East Texas State College MRS. ELIZABETH WATSON, B.A., Tyler Junior College East Texas State College 601116 MRS. RESSIE ISETT, R.N. St. Paul Hospital Kzzfcieria Workers STANDING, left to right: Mrs. Hodge, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Messengil, Mrs. Wiggs, Mrs. Whit- lock, Mrs. Oehkke, Mrs. Buchholz, mgr., Mrs. Hawtharne, Mrs. Ricker, Mrs. Pitts, Mrs. Coff- man, Mrs. Barlett, Mrs. Mall, SEATED: Mrs. Ethel asst. mgr., Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Todd, Mrs. McGraw, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Rus- sel, Mrs. Robison, Mrs. Seay, Mrs. Smith Not Shown. I82 Kusfodiaus LEFT TO RIGHT: F. M. Moss, Clifton Blount, Golden Racer, W. B. Kemp, Amos Christian, Homer Kirby. Elasses V7 f",,,.H,0.,0,g,ffOWfj," K,,,,,,5,MM, I83 OFFICERS: joe Espinoso, Prexidenl Gary Mitchell, Secrezary Kathey Horton, Treuyurer Osby Borhardt, Reporter Eddie Horstman, Vire-Prexidenr Senirfr Hlass ALAN ADAMS "B" Baseballg Treasurer of In- dustrial Arts Clubg President Eng- lish IV Clubg National Mathemat- ics Club: Transferred from Grand Prairie junior Year. PATRICIA ANN ADAMS Editor-in-Chief of Owl's Eyeg Re- porter Pan-Amercan Club and Owl's Eyeg Quill and Scroll Soci- ety: Social Studies Forumg A.O. Biolofzvg Future Nursesg and Eng- lish IV Club, Senior Humor Pub- lication. STEVE ADAMS Pan-American and Mechanical Drawing Clubs. DELORIS KAY ALDRIDGE BOBBY ALFORD Treasurer English IV Club, Jun- Baseball, Basketball, English IV ior Red Crossg j.C,L.g 5-D Speech Club. and Future Nurses Clubsg F.I-I.A. JIMMIE LEE AT-FORD CAROLYN ELIZABETH ALLEN President Vocational Industrial Club. English IV Clubg I.C.I..g Trans- ferred from Terrell. CHERI LYNNE ALLEN Squad Leader of Bandg E.H.A.g English IV Clubg J.C.L. ALEX ANDREXVS ALLEN ARNOLD JAMES ARRINGTON Wlinner of Garland Jaycees Safe Driving Rodeog Freshman Foot- ballg Sophomore Baseball Manngerg Bandg Pan-American, Chemistry, Physics, and English IV Clubs. TERESA ASI-IENHURST Runner-up Most Ambitiousg Opto- mist Student of the Monthg T.P. and L. Summer Scholarshipg XVho's Whog Vice Consul j.C.L.g His- torian N.H,S.g Secretary Physics- Chemistry Club and English IV Clubg Bandg Studio Ensembleg Band Councilg Band Librariang A.O. Biology, Chemistry, and Math. Clubs. DAVID ATTEBERY Vice-president DE.g Math Club SHERLYN DIANNE. ATTEBERY DAVID ERNEST AXE CHARLES BACON Dashing Debsg F.H.A.g Social Law Forumg Industrial Artsg English IV and AO Biology Science Forumg Future Nurses j.C.L. Clubsg Commercial Law Forum Club.,-qu.-.. -Xia.-mime... -I--f , -.l JOYCE DIANE BAILEY CHERYL BAKER F.H.A.g Chemistryg English IV, Social Studies Forumg Commercial and A.O. Biology Clubsg j.C.L. Law Club. JUAN ELL BAKER Valentine Princessg Sohp. Class Favorite and Secretaryg Jr. Class Secretaryg Runner-up F.F.A. Sweet- heartg Soph., -Ir. Most Beautifulg Optimist Student of the Monthg Class Editor OWl's Nestg Vice- President F.H.A.g Reporter Owl's Eyeg Quill and Scroll Societyg Debsg Commercial Law Forumg A.O. Biology, English IV Clubsg Senior Humor Publication. SUZANNE BARBEE Copy Editor of Owl's Nestg Re- porter Owl's Eye and English IV Clubg Who's Whog N.H.S.g Quill and Scrollg Junior Red Crossg So- cial Studies Forumg J.C.I..g Phy- sics-Chemistry, A.O. Biolo8Y, Fu- ture Teachers, and Future Nurses Clubsg Senior Humor Publication. BRENDA BANDY LEROY BANGS CAROL ANN BARHAM l SARABETH BARKSDALE Secretary of Creative Arts Club Junior Red Crossg English IV and Ye Ole Englighefgg A Cap. Clubg Social Studies Forumg pella Choirg All Region Chorusg F-H-A- Bandg F.H.A.g Future Teachersg Bibleg and Pan-American Clubs. ,mmm fiemiskf.1if.--i,.... .-f...-i ...wmwwe-rffwmumm .sw-wM...m.. . . W., W. 1.1 1a...4..-:recom-.iliW.,.1wawar.isaw4mm--alnmfmag,,Bmw-u V... ., , . .ww W wummmpm DONNA DICKERSON BARNES TOMMY BARTLETT JAMES R. BEASLEY l.C.T.g Choirg F.H.A.g Social Baseballg English IV Club. F.F.A. Studies Forum. THETA BEASLEY CARROLL BEATY F.H.A., Future Nurses Club, So cial Studies and -Commercial Law Forums. DAVID BEAVER SHERIAN BEAVER HOYLE BRUCE BEDELL Mu Alpha Theta, Pan-American, French Clubg Social Studies Forum. Bandg Studio Ensembleg Stage and English IV Clubs. Baridg A.O. Biology, English IV, and Mu Alpha Theta Clubsg j.C.L. ,w...,- JUDY BELL Most Ambitious: Runner-up Most Dependableg Optimist Student of the Monthg Girl's State Repre- sentatiyeg Wl1o's Whog President N.H.S, and English IV Clubs: Vice-consul 'I.C. L. 3 Secretary Math. Clubg Treasurer A.O. Bio- logy Clubg Librarian Physics- Chemistry Club: Office Assistantg Mu Alpha Theta Club. PAUL LaROY BELL CHESTER LAWRENCE BENCH Vice-president of English IV Club, President of English IV Club, Pan Delegate of Pan-American Studen American Club, Social Studies Forum, Chemistry Club. Forum. JIMMIE DEAN BENNETT Valentine Queeng Junior Valentine Duchess, Runner-up Homecoming Queen, Sr. Class Favorite, Most Athletic, Dashing Debs, Deb Council, Student Council, English IV, Pan-American, and A.O. Bi- ology Clubs, Commercial Law Forum. RICHARD XVELDON BENNETT Bandg Stage Band, Fresh. Band Reporter, Industrial Arts, English IV, and Commercial Law Clubs. XVADE L. BENNETT, III Most Versatile, Optimist Student of the Month, Soroptimist junior Achievement Award, Outstanding Band Student, All-Region Band and Choir, All-State Choir, Presi- dent of Band and English IV Club, Treasurer Band, Parliamen- tarian Social Studies Forum, Band, A Cappella Chorus, Studio En- semble, Stage Band, N.F.L., 3-D Speech and Beta Clubs. JACK BICKLE Industrial Arts Club. DOROTHY BLACK JANICE BLACK Class Editor of Owl's Nest, Presi- dent English IV Clubg Vice-Presi- dent junior Red Cross, Reporter of Pan-American Club and Owl's Eye, Quill and Scroll Society, Senior Humor Publication. RONNIE BLACKWELL Most Handsome, jr. and Sr.g Runner-up Sr. Class Favorite, Soph. Most Handsome, Class Fav- orite, and Best All Aroundg Stu- dent Councilg Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, Key, English IV, and Medical Clubs. SAMMY BLAKE Best Owl Spirit, Cheerleader, A Cappella. GINGER ANN BLASS MARY BLOUNT Dashing Debsg F.H.A.g Junior Red Cross, Pan-American, A.O. Biology, and English IV Clubs. BOBBIE BOGARD SANDRA BOHANNON HOWARD EUGENE BOLTON Reporter of Industrial Arts Club, Historian of Creative Arts Clubg Pan-American Club: junior Red Cross: Dashing Debs. JAMES OSBY BORCHARDT Best Naturedg Runner-up XVittiestg Soroptimist junior Achiexement Awardg Treasurer of Soph. Classg Reporter of Sr. Class: President of English IV Clubg Vice-president ot' A.O. Biology Club, Historian of Physics-Chemistry Clubg j.C.L.g Key Clubg N.H.S. DWIGHT BRAND "B" Team Footballg junior Var- sity Footballg Student Trairierg English IV, Industrial Arts, and Mathematics Clubs. MARY BROOKS Business Manager of Owl's Eye, Reporter Owl's Eye: Quill and Scroll Societyg Future Nurses Clubg F.H,A.g Social Studies Forumg 3-D Speech Clubg Senior Humor Publication. GEORGE C. BRUSH Outstanding Soph. Band Student, Sgt-at-Arms J.C.L.g Treasurer Eng- lish IV Clubg Band: Stage Band, Studio Ensemble, All Region Band, Dallas Area Festival Band, Alter- nate All State Bandg A.O. Bi- ology, Physics-Chemistry, and Math Clubs. PHIL BROOKSHIRE CLAYTON ANCIL BROXVN Key, Industrial Arts, and English IV Clubs. CATHI JEANNE BRUNER LINDA KAY BUHLER F.H.A.: Y-Teensg English IV and A.O. Biology Clubs. ff..,,,l .. l 1 f- r.imf-vrz1u,w.iat--.u.-c,,..f -W ... JAMES BURGIN President of Industrial Arts Clubg Pan-American and English IV Clubs. BEVERLY JEAN BURKE Sr., Ir. Class Favoriteg Runner- up Sr. Best All Round, Personality Plus, Soph., jr. Best All Round, Soph. Class Favorite, Homecoming Queeng Treasurer English IV Clubg Dashing Debsg Deb Councilg WILLIAM ANDREW BURKE Basketballg ,I,C.L.g English IV and Key Clubs. Student Councilg Beta Club. CLAUDIA JUNE BURKHALTER Future Nurses Clubg F.H.A. NATINA JANE BURKHAM F.l-LA. State Degreeg Second Dis trict Tennisg Historian N.E.L. Parliamentarian English IV Club Secretary Rostrum, Speechg F.H.A BILLY J- BURT MARGIE ANNETTE BYARS REBA LYNN BYNUM Treasurer English IV Clubg Fu- ture Nurses Clubg J.C.L.g Com- mercial Law Forum. M RICK CAMARA JAMES HAROLD CARPENTER SUE ANN CARROW DAVID TRUETT CARTER Runner-up Most Dependable and Most Courteousg Who's XX7l1og junior Rotariang Outstanding Snph. of A Cappella Chorusg President, Treasurer A Cappella Chorusg All- Region X Clmrusg Boys Quartetg Reporter English IV Clubg Sgt.- at-Arms j,C.L,g Key, Math, 5-D Speech and Physics-Chemistry Clubsg N.H.S. MICHAEL R. CATHEY "A" Team Footballg XVho's Whog N.H.S.g 3-D Speech and Physical Science Clubsg j.C.I.. H C CHAMBERS JERRY CHAMBERS Commercial Law Club. Deen, Reporter Bandg Studio Ensemble: Woodwind Choirg Bandg Physics' Chemistry and Future Nurses Clubs. GRACE GLASGOW! CHANDLER GARY CHAPMAN MICHAEL CHILDRESS ANN CHRISTENSEN B Team football English IV F.F.A.g Sentinel of F.F.A.g Chap- F.H.A.g Future Nurses and Crea Club ter Farmer Degreeg State Parlia- tive Arts Clubs mentary Procedure Teamg Live- stock Judging Team. GARRY DONALD CHRISTIAN Sr. and Jr. Valentine Duke: Run ner-up Jr., Sr. Most Handsome "A" Team and "B" Team Foot: ballg Industrial Arts, Creative Arts, and English IV Clubs. LARRY RONALD CHRISTIAN Valentine Kingg jr. Valentine Dukeg Soph. Most Handsomeg Runner-up Sr. Most Handsome: "A" Team Footballg Student Councilg Beta Clubg Secretary- Treasurer English IV Club. as iff!!! sMf,LIiusNNfeHsr:mr ,., Frierxglvli6SiLYSoph-.',"Ir, All-G.H.S.g Runner-up Miss G.H.S., Most Versatile, Wittiest, and jr. Best All Aroundg Optimist Student of the Montbg XVho's Whog President Deb Councilg Treasurer N.H.S.g Secretary Beta Clubg Student Coun- cilg Dashing Debsg A.O. Biology and English IV Clubs. NANCY COBB MARY FRANCES CODY Social Studies Forumg F.H.A. 3D Speech Club NFL Trans Pan-American, Future Nurses ferred from Dallas Senior Year A.O. Biology, and Library Clubs .f..e.. 1 . , , 1 i ij, I A Z ., :Wig H, K A '- - . , m Q 2': M1 . X ..:1-ts. -L.f l. LYNNE COFFMAN LARRY L. COLE Vice-president, Secretary Choral- "B" Team Footballg Vice-presi- airesg Junior Red Crossg F.H.A.g dent F.F.A.g 3rd Place State Chemistry and Commercial Law Clubsg N.H.S. Leadership Team. F. A. COLEMAN III Personality Plusg Runner-up Best All Round, Most Versatile, Most Athletic: Rotary Award: Reporter Junior Classg Jr. All-G.H.S.g Vice- president English IV Clubg Re- porter N.H.S.g Student Cnuncilg Basketball Captaing Baseballg Beta, Physics-Chemistry, A.O. Biology, and Pan-American Clubs. Clubs. EDNA LYNN COPELAND lst Place Clarinet Solog Honor- able Mention and 2nd Place Science Fairg Correspondent to State Pan-American Clubg Bandg Studio Ensemble: Chemistry and English IV Clubs. DAVID RAY COMPTON LARRY PITTMAN COOK Industrial Arts and English IV TOM RAY CORNETT Bandg State Bandg Studio En sembleg j.C.L.g A.O. Biology French, and English IV Clubs CAROLYN COVINGTON Transferred from Greenville Sen- ior Year. JERRY DALE CRAXVFORD JIMMY CRAWFORD BILLY CROUCH F.F.A. Banclg Studio Ensemble: Brass English IV Club. Choirg Physics-Chemistry, A.O. Biology, and Mu Alpha Theta Clubs. PAT JOHNSON CROUCH ROGER CROUCH F-H-A-S A-O- Biology Clubg Gold Historian F,F.A.g Commercial Law Jackets Club' Office Assistant LINDA CAROL CRUIT MARTHA KAY CRUMP MARTHA ANN CRUMPTON Bandg Studio Ensembleg Wood- Treasurer Future Nurses Clubg Treasurer and Secretary Future wind Cboirg N,H.S.g Assistant F.H.A. Teachers Clubg Pan-American Band Librariang F.H.Ae.g XVho's Clubg N.H.S.g Office Assistantg Wfho. Wfhds Wlho. CHARLES CRUSE RONNY CULPEPPER JERRY LEE CUNNINGHAM Runner-up Best Natured, Most Industrial Arts Club. Athleticg Tri-Captain Basketballg All District Basketballg Basebzillg Vice-president Social Studies Forumg English IV Club. JERRY M. CUNNINGHAM DON CURRAN Soph. Band Representativeg Vice- , president - Bandg Studio Ensembleg Band Councilg Percussion Choirg A.O. Biology, Chemistry, and Medical Clubs. JOHNNY DANIEL MICHAEL W. DANN JAMES ROLAND DARR "B" Team and "lA" Team FOOT' Optimist Student of the Mon-thg A Cappella Chorusg Commercial ball: Band: English IV Club- Who's Whog N.H.s.g Physics- Law and English IV Clubs: Trans- Chemistry, English IV, and Chem- ferred from W. W. Samuell, Dal- istry Clubsg j.C.L. las, junior Year. ARLENE DAVIS CHARLES RAY DAVIS ELIZABETH JANE DAVIS Bandg Studio Ensembleg Wood- Commercial Law and English IV Dashing Debsg Social Studies wind Choirg F.H.A.g English IV, Clubs. Forumg F.H.A.g A.O. Biology, Pan-American, Future Nurses, and Pan-Amreican, Future Nurses, and A.O. Biology Clubs. English IV Clubs. BECKY DEAN Who's Whog N.H.S.g Pan-Ameri- can Clubg F.H.A,g Office Assist- HDI. JOAN DAVIS XVAYNE DAVIS Social Studies Forumg F.H.A.g Team Footballg Track. English IV and Future Nurses Clubs. LESLIE ROBERT DEMETRI Parliamentarian English IV Club: N.H.S.g Social Studies Forumg Physics-Chemistry and Math Clubsg J.C.I..g Basketball Managerg Track. DEMPSEY EUGENE DENMAN. GEORGE de VLUGT FRANK NORRIS DEWEY, JR. DON C. DICKERSON A Cappella Choirg J.C.L.g A.O Biology Club. C s s g F.H.A,g Social Studies Forum. BARBARA DUCKWORTH CLOYD DUCKXVORTH Banclg F.H.A.g I.C.T. LINDA DILLARD DICKIE DIXON Treasurer French Clubg A Cap- "A" Team Footballg Baseballg pella Choirg All Senior Honor Student Councilg Pan-American, horus Sextette Re ion Choirg Chemistry, and Key Clubs. EARL DUCKXVORTH MARION LEON DUCKWORTH DONNA EARLES Runner-up Wittiestg Production Manager of OWl's Nestg Historian F.H.A.g Quill and Scroll Societyg Pan-American, English IV, and Future Teachers Clubsg Office As- ,TANICE KAY ECHOLS Choir and Rotary Sweethearts Vice-president, treasurer A Cap pelln Chorusg All-State and All Region Choir. sistantg Senior Humor Publication, Editor. CAROLINE LEE EDXVARDS Optimist Student of the Monthg Finalist Americans Abroad Pro- gramg Honorable Mention Science Fairg Organizations Editor of Owl's Nestg Reporter Choralairesg J.C.L.g Quill and Scroll Society: Physics-Chemistry and English IV Clubs. LINDA ANN EDWARDS Gold Jackets: Y-Teensg F.I-I.A.: A.O. Biology and English IV Clubs. DANNY ELDER TRAVIS ELLIOTT PEGGY ENYART 150811511 IV Club- "A" Team Football. Transferred from Forney Senior Year. MARSI-IA ERWIN Soph. Most Beautifulg Baseball Queen, Runner-up Homecoming Queen, jr. and Sr. Most Beautiful, Vice-president English IV Club, Secretary Social Studies Forumg Dashing Debsg A.O. Biology and Pan-American Clubs. JOE ESPINOSA ' e f Sr. Class Favorite, jr. Best All Round, President Senior Class and Beta Club: Vice-president Soph. and jr. Classesg Runner-up Jr. Class Favorite, Sr. Best All Round, American Legion Awardg "A" Team Football, Honorable Mention All District. NAN ESTES Runner-up Most Courteousg Secre- tary Pan-American Clubg Dashing Debsg Library and English IV Clubs. , . Senior Year DOROTHY JEAN EVANS TOMMY FAGGART Transferred from Kaufman, Texas, LINDA FARMER RONALD EUGENE FAULKNER SUSAN FAUSETT F.H.A.g Commercial Law Forum. Sr. Valentine Dukeg All G.H.S.g Optimist Student of the Monthg Vice-president Medical Clubg Rotary Sweetheartg President Eng- Chemistry Clubg "A" Team Foot- ballg Baseball. lish IV Clubg N.H.S.g Who's Who, F.H.A.g Pan-American Club. CLAUDIA FERGUSON GLORIA FERGUSON Gold jackets: English IV, Pan- Gold jackets: Pan-American, and American, A.O. Biology, and Com- Commercial Law Clubs. mercial Law Clubs. IV Club: So- Pan-American MICHEL J. FINLEY BETTY FISHPAW Chemistry and English IV Clubs. JUDA FLY GEORGE R. FOSTER Senior Councilman Gold Jacketsg Y-Teens, English IV Club: Trans- ferred from Springfield, Missouri. Soph. Year. ROBERT ALLAN FOSTER, JR. Ist Place 59-60 Science Fair: jr. Representative Key Clubg Treas- urer Sncial Science Forumg Secre- tary English IV Club: Concert Bandg Stage Bandg Studio Ensem- bleg Wriodwind Choirg Physics- Chemistry and 3-D Speech Clubs, N.F.L.g j.C.L.g Mu Alpha Theta. PATRICIA ANN FREDERICK FREDDY EOE FREEMAN TOMMY FRENCH F-H-A-I .ll-lf1lOl' RCC-l CYOSSS 50531 Medal for 440 yard Relayg "B" Runner-up Friendliestg Key, A.O. Studies Forum. Team Footballg Trackg English IV Biol0RY. English IV, and Library Club. Clubsg "B" Team Footballg Track. TOMMY FULLER MICHAEL E. GAMBLE Social Science Forumg Chemistry and English IV Clubsg Bandg Vlfoodwind Choirg Studio Ene sembleg Stage Band. ROBERT THOMAS GARVIN JAMES GATLIN JOYCE GEAR Distributive Education Club. Gold Jacketsg F.I-I.A,g English IV Clubg Junior Red Cross. DOROTHY CAROL GILBERT TIM DOUGLAS GENTRY SUSAN ANNETTE GEORGE RANDOLPH GI-IEEN Gold Jackets. E.F.A.g Commercial Law Club RONNIE MICHAEL GIBBS F.H.A, Beaug Runner-up Most Versatile, Wittiestg Who's Wlhog President A Cappella Chorusg All- Region X Chorusg Reporter Social Science Eorumg Boys' Quartetg Beta Clubg N.H.S. Social Studies Forumg A.O. Bi- ology, Pan-American, Future Nurses, and English IV Clubs. ' DAVID PAUL GIEFORD, JR. Owl's Nest A8cM Scholarshipg Key Club Boy of the Yearg Photographer Ow1's Nestg Vice- president Key and English IV Clubsg Reporter A.O. Biology Clubg Quill and Scroll Societyg Camera Clubg "A" Team Foote ballg Fresh. Team. HARRY PAUL GILES VERNA NELL GILES F.HA Choralaires JIMMY H GOOCH JERRY GIST JOHN GLIDEXVELL FRAVK TROY CLOVER ANTHONY EDWARD GNAGI Tennis Teamg Physics an-d Pun- American Clubsg Commercial Law Forum. MARY SUSAN GREENE GALE GOOCH Most Versatileg All G.H.S,g lst Runnerhup Miss G.H.S.g Runnere up Most Dependableg Rotary Good Citizen Award: State Debate Championg Optimist Student of the Monthg President F.H.A.g Vice-president N.F,L.g Historian A Cappella Chorusg Advertising Manager Owl's Nestg Student Councilg Quill and Scroll Societyg 5-D Speech, English IV Clubsg Senior Humor Publication. A Cappella Chorusg J.C.L.g 3-D ' -- Speech Club. ff: , , vw . 1- . ' Y'-L ' x SANDRA LADINE GREENXVEII XS, 22 fe JOYCE GREENXVOOD Best Naturedg Representatixe to Parade of Championsg Dashing Debsg Social Studies Forumg F.H.A,g French, Chemistry, and English IV Clubs. SARAH GRIFFIN CHARLIE GRIMLAND Trackg Band. MARY DEAN GRIZZLE NANCY GUY Runner-up Best turedg Jr. and . lentin ghessg N.H.S.g Dashing e sg Ijeb Councilg Beta, Chemistry, and English IV Clubsg Office Assistant. DEBORAH HAGAN JEAN HALBERT CAROL HALL A Cappella Chorusg F.H.A. Song F-H-A- Assistant Editor and Reporter Lezxderg Choralairesg Choralaires Owl's Eyeg Treasurer Y-Teens Sextetteg A.O. Biology Club. Quill and Scroll Societyg Social Studies Forumg Senior Humor Pub lication. f 3:3 KATHY HANCOCK DANNY JOE HALL President Fresh. Bandg Band. GXVYNDA N. HALL All-Senior Honor Chorusg Sr. Pan-American, A.O. Biology, and Representative Chorz1lairesgF.I-I.A.g Future Nurses Clubsg Office As- Srvcial Studies Forumg Math, A.O. Biology, and Future Nurses Clubs. sistrmt. W PATRICIA LYNN HANCOCK LLOYD HARBISON Bandg Y-Teens, Pan-American Pnrliamentzirran English IV Club, Club. "A" and "B" Team Footballg Industrial Arts Clubg Social Studies Forum. L DICK LYNDON I-IARGROVE NANCY SUE HARRIS RHEBA ANN HARRIS Choralairesg F.H,A. Future Nurses Club. VIRGINIA HARRIS Vice-president Choralaires' All CECELIA ANN. HARRISON' MICHAEL DAVID HARRISON F H A ' A O Biology Club A O Biology Chemistry, and Eng- smiof Honor Chorusg ,Social ' ' " ' ' ' niifiv Clubs. Studies Forumg F.H.A.g A.O. Bi- ologY, Commercial Law, and Fu- ture Nurses Clubs. I RONNIE HARVEY SHIRLEY SUE HATAWAY 51 N.H.S., Student Council: Key F.H.A.g English IV and Com- Club. mercial Law Clubs. DAN 1. HAUBRICH PAUL HAWTHORNE Golfg J.c.L.g English IV and Band: Band Council. Physics-Chemistry Clubs. MICHAEL RAY HAYSLIP Wfittiestq All G.I-I.S.g Runner-up Mr. G.I-I.S., Best Owl Spirit, Most Dependable: President Stu- dent Councilg junior Rotariang Optimist Student of the Monthg Chairman Dallas County Youth Traffic Safety Conference: Presi- dent 5-D Speech Clubg Parliamen- tarian English IV Clubg N.H.S.g Beta Clubg N.F.L. GEORGIA CAROLE HEATH Transferred from Woodrow Wilson Senior Year. KAROLYN KAY HEATH Wfitticstg Reporter English IV Clubg Dashing Debs: Pan-Ameri- can, A.O. Biology Clubsg Office Assistant. DAVID L. I-IELINI Kay and English IV Clubs. JUDY MARIE HERRING Secretary, Reporter-Historian A Cappella Chorusg Vice-president. Historian F.H.A.g All-Region and All-Senior Honor Chorusg A Cap- pella Scxtetteg N.H.S.g Creative Arts and Commercial Law Clubs. MARGARET HENDERSON ROBERT TOD HENDERSON F.H.A.g Y-Teensg English IV Junior Achievement. Clubg Band. DONALD HILL President Camera Club: All-Re- gion X Choirg A Cappella Chorusg Bandg Stage Bandg Brass Choirg Studio Ensemble: J,C.L.3 Social Science Forumg English IV Clubg Junior Achievementg Garland Physical Society. HARRY JAMES HILL JR Photographer J.C,L.g Band RICHAR RILEY HOLDER F.H.A.1 Commercial Law and Transferred fr 'reeport Senior I,C,T, A.O. Biology Clubs, , Year. JUDY CLAUDETTE HINES BETH ANN OL EN fi 4 emit 4 DONA LEE HOLLENSHEAD Optimist Student of the Month BRUCE L. HOLLOWAY Soph. lst Place Science Fairg President, Treasurer, Key Clubg Sgteat-Arms A.O. Biology Clubg Reporter Physics-Chemistry Clubg Parliamentarian English IV Clubg Social Science Forumg Mu Alpha Theta. JUDY HOLMAN ' MARTHA HOLT PEGGY JEAN H01-T Pan-Americanj English IV, and F.H.A.g Choralairesg Senior Rep- A.O. Biology Clubsg Library As- resentative Choralaires. slstant. -,eve ,-fi. 'nouns-.Mr 7-,N .,,i M-V, 1,-www -f7:MiiW,,., 1- We W ,.-We .MR4 GI-ENDA HOOD JOHN C. HOOKS BETTY HOPKINS F.H.A.g Choralettesg Commercial 11,1-LA.: A Cappella: Cho,-Jlnjfgsl Law Club, Office Assistant. Clmmlctfeg, JAMES A. HORNE Secretary Camera Clubg Sales Man- ager, Purchasing Agent junior Achievemcntg Bandg Brass Choir, Studio Ensembleg Junior Red Crossi English IV and Pan-Amer- ican Clubsg Transferred from West Denver High, Denver, Colorado, Junior Year. ,fgff so v X, rf. ff, EDDIE HQRSTMAN kMfT'GiH.S.Q Runner-up Class Fa- vorite, Personality Plus, Best Na- tured. Most Athleticg Soph. and jr. Class Favorite and Presidentg Sr. Class Vice-presidentg Vice- president English IV Clubg XVho's Who: N.H.S.g Beta Club: Co- captain "A" Team Footballg Jr. and Sr. All District. LINDA LOU HORTON KATHEY HORTON Miss G.H.S.g Runner-up Class Favorite, Personality Plus, Most Courteous, Sr. Most Beautiful, Friendliest, Best Naturecl, Home- coming Queen, Soph. Most Beau- tifulg Rotary Sweetheartg Sr. Class Treasurerg N.H.S.g Vice-president Future Teachers Clubg Secretary Beta Clubg Social Studies Forum, Dashing Debsg Deb Councilg A.O. Biology Club. Most Courteousg Runner-up Friend- licst, Personality Plus, Best Na- tured, Best All Around, F.F.A. Sweetheartg Rotary Sweetheart, Dallas Advertising League Awardg Who's Wlhog Picture Editor Owl's Nestg Secretary A.O. Biologyg Re- porter Owl's Eyeg junior Red Crossg Dashing Debsg N.H.S.g J.C.L.g Quill and Scroll Societyg Office Assistantg Future Teachers, English IV Clubsg Senior Humor Publication. RICHARD BENTON HOWARD Soph. Honorable Mention Science Fair, Vice-president English Clubg Key. Pan-American, Chemistry, and Math Clubsg "A" Team Foot- ball? "B" Team Football. GUINN FAIN HUBBARD GARY HUDGINS JANIS SUE HUFFMAN Art Editor of Owl's Eye and Owl's Secretary Pan-American Clubg Nestg Quill and Scroll Societyg Dashing Debsg F.H.A.g English Garland Mathematics Societyg Mu IV Club. Alpha Thetag j.C.L.g A.O. Biology, Creative Arts, Physics-Chemistry, Photography, and English IV Clubs. DOYLE W, HUGHES MARGARET HUGHEY President of F.F.A. FRANK HUNT HARMON HUNTER MARLENA JO HUSTON Pan-American Clubg Social Studies English IV Club. A Cappella Chorusg Pan-American Forum. and Library Clubsg F.H.A. JERRI DEAN HUTKA Reporter - Historian Choralairesg Chemistry Clubg J.C.L. NANCY HUTTON Most Beautifulg Circulation Man- ager of Owl's Nestg Dashing Debs. AL HYDE Key and Commercial Law Clubs JANET JACKSON Valentine Duchessg F.F.A. Sweet- heartg Rotary Sweetheartg Runner- up Jr. Class Favorite and Home- coming Queeng Dashing Debsg Majoretteg Deb Councilg Beta, Pan-American, and A.O. Biology Clubsg F.H.A. TOMMY INGRAM JOYCE ISHMAEL A Cappella Chorus. F'H'A' DAVID XVAYNE JAMES JIMMY JAMES BRENDA JANE JARED GLENN JENNINGS President Chemistry Clubg Vice- president Physics-Chemistry Clubg Reporter, Jr. Representative Key Cluhg Reporter 3-D Speech Clubg Math, A.O. Biology, and Pan- American Clubsg Social Studies Forumg N,H.S.g XVho's XVhog DONNA JEAN JONES F.H.A.g A.O. Biology, Pan-Amer ican, and English IV Clubs. Golf Team, JANICE JONES Order of Business Excellenci Awardg A.O. Biology, Future Nurses, and Pan-American Clubs. JUD ITH ELAINE JONES President and Chairman Choral- airesg Junior Red Cross: Future Nurses and Pan-American Clubsg Choralairesg Choralettes. PAT JONES Secretary J.C.L.g A Cappella Chorusg Math, A.O. Biology, and English IV Clubs. BEVERLY JEAN JUSTICE President F.H.A.g Junior Repre- sentative Chomlairesg A Cappellag A.O. Biology and English IV Clubs. JOE KASPER Industrial Arts Club. --lf TED D KEENER SHIRLEY' BLAND KEESE JUDY KIRBY SHARON KISS BOB KNAPPAGE Ice sslstant Erxgllsh IV Club. Golf, Math, and Llbrary Clubs Jo ANN LAW Runner-up Best Owl Spiritg Rotary Awardg Band Majoretteg Jr. Rep- resentative Bandg Secretary Band and j.C.I..g Parliamentarian Eng- lish IV Clubg Junior Red Cross. ' I 3 Q, k.,-fs' DICK LAXVSON Most Ambitious: Optimist Student of the Monthg Outstanding Biology Studentg Wlin's XVhog President J.C.L. and Social Studies Forum, N.H.S.g Physical Science, Chemis- try, English IV and Math Clubs, Cross-Country Track Team. CHARLES LeMASTER Vim:-president Chemistry Club, Key, English IV, and Pan-Ameri- can Clubs: Track, "A" Team Football, "B" Baseball. DANA C. LEECH J.C.L.g Photography, 3-D Speech, and English IV Clubs. Transferred from Evanston, Illinois, Junior Year. F.H.A. JOYCE LEWIS BOBBY LIVINGSTON JIMMY LLOYD BILL LOFLAND INIARGARET ANN LOFTON Bflfldi 5fUdiO Eflkmblfl S9531 Most Courteousg Sgt-at-Arms Eng- Transferred from Lakeland High, Studies Forum, Key, Chemistry, lish IV Club, "A" 'Team Foot- Lgkeland, Florida, junior Year, and English IV Clubs. ball, Captain, "All-District" """m i ALICE LOUISE XVALLACE LONG MICHEAL EDWARD LOWRY JUDY LYLES Most Athleticg District Finalist. Tennisg Secretary Tennis Club and junior Achievementg Reporter Eng- lish IV Clubg Pan-American, Chemistry, A.O. Biology, and Fu' ture Teachers Clubs. ,Sl ROBERT EARL LUNA Most Dependableg All Runner-up Mr. G.H.S., bitious, and Friendliestg Rotariang President N.F.L. English IV Clubg Student Councilg Beta and 3-D Speech Clubsg J.C.L. DONNIE MALMQUIST I.C.T.g English IV Club. BURCH MAINIKIN JIMMY MANLEY RENA DENNISE MANN I.C.I..: ChCmlSf1'Y Hfld EnBli5h IV Gold jacketsg F.H.A.g Social Clulasg Basketball. Studies Forumg Junior Achieve- mentg Pan-American and English IV Clubs. JAMES EDXVIN MARSHALL Ollie Owlg Runner-up Best Owl Spiritg Pan-American State Rep- resentativeg A.O. Biology, English IV, Pan-American, Math, and Physics-Chemistry Clubs. JERRY MATLOCK Runner-up Most Ambitiousg Soph. All G.H.S.g Optimist Student of the Monthg President Physics- Chemistry Clubg Vice-President N.H,S.g XVho's Wfhog A.O. Bi- ology and English IV Clubsg Tri- Captain Basketball Teamg All- Star Team, Irving Tournament. JACK L. MAY mth Club. NANCY MAY DON MAYS Clubs. F.H.A,, Social Studies Forum, Eu- ture Nurses and Commercial Law fi 9 K .ff VIL fl f 1 fr i 01 f' full I NITA JOYCE MCCANN BENNY XVAYNE MQCARTNEY NEVELYN CARROL MCCLUNG Optimist Student of Faculty Editor of Owl porter Owl's an Scroll SM' Chemistry American, Senior itor, Math Club. JIMMY EI-IE MCCORMACK IRIS MCCOY EDDIE RAY MCCRARY Secretary Band Studio Ensembleg MARYLYN FAYE MCDANEL Business Manager Owl's Eyeg Jun- ior Assistant Business Manager Owl's Eyeg Quill and Scroll So- cietyg Social Studies Forum: Math Clubg Senior Humor Publication. NANCY PAYE MCGEE SHARON MARIE MCINNIS ROBERT MCKINNIE Commercial law Club SHERRY LYNN MCLELLAND BOB MICHAELS BETTY SUE MILLER F.H.A.g junior Red Crossg Com- mercial Law Club. GARY L. MITCHELL Most Athletic: Soph. Best All Roundg Runner-up Sr. Class Fa- vorite and Best All Round, Soph. Most Handsome and Class Fav- oriteg Secretary Senior Classg Treas- urer Key Club3 Captain "A" Team Football: Honorable Mention All District Footballg All District Base- ball. HOMER GLENN MILLER BRENDA JOYCE MITCHELL Choralairesg F.H.A.g Y-Teensg English IV Club. J. T. MITCHELL English IV Club. MIKE MOORE Runner-up Most Courteousg Opti mist Student of the Monthg Vice president Student Councilg N,H.S. Beta, Pan-American, Physics-Chem istry, and English IV Clubsg Base ball. E KWJ www? -swf' e"klQW"l SIDNEY ALFORD MORRIS MICKIE MORRISON RONNIE MORRISON lst Place and Honorable Mention Science Fairg Bandg Studio En- semhleg XVoodwincl Choirg F.I-I.A.: junior Red Crossg English IV Clubg J.C.L. JUDY MYERS A Cappella Chorus Senior Rep- resentntiveg Soph. Representative Chornlairesg Chornlriires Sextetteg All Senior Honor Chorusg Dash- ing Debsg F.H,A.g Treasurer Eng- lish IV Clubg Social Studies . X I , -IGHA-EL-Rr NEATHERY .K i C En Iish IV and Ke Clubsg Base- S5 Y ballg Football. Forum. CONNIE NEEDI-IAM President Creatixe Arts Clubg Vice- president junior Red Crossg Dash- ing Debsg English IV and Future Teachers Clubs. DONNA NELSON Optimist Student of the Monthg President English IV Club. MARTHA ANN NEW Most Dependableg All G.H.A.g Runner-up Most Versatile, Most Ambitiousg State Debate Cham- piong Rotary Sweetheartg Ameri- can Legion, Soroptimist Youth Achievement Awardsg Optimist Youth XVeek Honoreeg D.A.R. Good Citizeng President F.H.A.g Secretary N.F.L., Quill and Scroll Societyg Treasurer 31'D Speech and Future Teachers Clubsg Business Manager Owl's Nestg Office As- sistantg Senior Humor Publication. BOBBY NEXVMAN RICHARD NEWMAN KAREN NICHOLS Sr. Representative Bandg Dallas "A" Team and "B" Team Foot- Vice-president I.C.L.g junior Area FCSf1VHl Bilfldl P21f1'AmSf1- ballg English IV Club. Achievementg A.O. Biology Club. can and Industrial Arts Clubs. BUDDY NICHOLSON Commercial Law and English IV Clubs. JOHN DAVID NICKERSON Jr. and Sr. Valentine Dukeg Run- ner-up Soph.. Jr., Sr. Most Hand- some: Chemistry and Pan-Ameri- can Clubsg "A" Team Football and Baseballg Track. ,f FRANK NOSKA III " GENA Industrial Arts Club. and"Sr. All G.H.S.g Runner- u-pfMost Dependable, Most Am- bitiousg Optimist Student of the Monthg Who's Whog President English IV Club: Treasurer Beta Clubg N.H.S.g Dashing Debsg Deb Councilg Pan-American Club. RITA JEAN OGLE 1962 Homemaker of the Yearg F.H.A.g Treasurer Junior Achieve- mentg Tennis and Commercial Law Clubs. Q10 3 'gh'-'ve-f W 'A-sA.v0-' BARBARA PARKER JUDY PARKER JIMMY CLYDE PARKS Parliamentarian Future Teachers Social Studies Forumg A.O. Bi- Clubg junior Red Crossg F.I-I.A.g ol0gY, Pan-American, Math, and English IV, Pan-American, and English IV Clubs. Future Nurses Clubs. 5 Sl V - PAULA PARTR IDGE Scholarship ARM journalism Wforkshopg Editor-in-Chief Owl's Eyeg Vice-president Quill and Scroll Socictyg N.H.S.g English IV, Commercial Law, and A.O. MELINDA PATTERSON F.H.A. If SHIRLEY PAYNE Biology Clubsg F.H.A. EDITH PEARSON Vice-president F.H,A.: Gold jack etsg Social Studies Forumg Eng lish IV and Future Nurses Clubs. JANET PERSONS Social Studies Eorumg Y-Teens F.H.A.g English IV Club. GARY PETTY JACK PICKARD PHILLIPS DON REDELL PICKLE Commercial Law and Industrial "B" Team and junior Varsity Arts Clubs. Footballg Chemistry, Physieal Science, Math, Key, and English IV Clubsg j.C.L. MYRNA CAROL PIKE- NOEL PLUMLEE F.I-I.A.g Social Studies Forumg Library, English IV, A.O. Biology, and Future Nurses Clubs. DIANA PLUNK JUNE POINTER DORIS POINTS F.I-LA. Secretary-Treasurer Y-Teensg Gold F.H.A.g English IV and A.O. Jacketsg Future Teachers Clubg Biology Clubs. F.H.A.g Office Assistant. ROIN NY PORTER BILL POOLE MARIAN LYNN POOLE Golf Team: Football Managerg 3-D Speech and English IV Clubs: Key, A.O. Biology, Chemistry, Transferred from Uniontown, Pa. and English IV Clubsg ,l.C.I.. JOE PORTER Optimist Student of the Monthg Junior Achiexement Advanced Achiever Award, junior Execu- tives ancl Executives Awardsg Pres- ident Junior Achievement, Mu Al- pha Thetag Math, A.O. Biology, Chemistry, Camera, English 'IV, Physical Science, and Pan-Ameri- can Clubs. PHILLIP RAMON PORTILLO Frienclliestg Runner-up Personality Plus, Jr. Best All Around and Class Favoriteg Jr. Class Treasurerg F.H.A. Beaug Student Council, Sales Manager Owl's Nest, Presi- dent Math Club and Quill and Scroll Society, Vice-president In- dustrial Arts Clubg Creative and English IV Clubsg Senior Humor Publication. WILLIAM GLENN POUNDS TIM POWELL French and English IV Clubs. SAM PORTER JOHN REEVES PRICE THOMAS ALLEN PRICE SHIRLEY PROCK Concert, Stage, and All Region English IV Club. Transferred from Forney Senior Bandg j.C.I..g English IV and Year. Chemistry Clubsg All State Band Candidate. POLLY ANN PROXVELL JUDITH GAYLE RAMSEY President Future Teachers Clubg Secretary-Treasurer English A.O. Biology and English IV Clubg F.H.A.g A.O. Biology and Clubs. Commercial Law Clubs. CAROL ANN RECTOR BOB REDD ROYCE RHODES Y-Teensg Bandg Pan-American "B" Team Baseball Managerg A Vice-president A Cappella: Sgt-at Club. Cappella Chorusg Commercial Law Arms Camera Clubg Soph. Ch-oir Club. Awardg All Region Chorus: High School Quartet: Basebnllg Physics and English IV Clubs. JOHN H. RICH GARY FRANK RICHARDS SAMUEL DAVID RICHARDS "A" Team Baseball. GLENDA GAIL RICHARDS MARTHA RICHARDS Activities Editor of Owl's Nest: Pan-American and A.O. Biology President and Treasurer junior Red Clubs. Cross: Treasurer j,C.L.1 Reporter English IV Club and Owl's Eye: Wl1o's Wlioz N.H.S.: Quill and Scroll Societyg Social Studies Forum: Future Teachers Club: Senior Humor Publiczitiong junior Annual Assistant. MAZELLE LILBURN RIDOUT JODY SUZANNE RIGGS DEWEY ROBERSON RSPOUCY EFIHIISII IV Club: Treas- Creative Arts and English IV urer Creative Arts Clubg F.H.A. Clubsg F.H.A. GWEN ROBINSON Y-Teens: Social Studies Forum: Creative Arts and Future Nurses Clubs. JOHN STEVEN ROBERTS President 3-D Speech Clubg Re- porter N.F.L.: Circulation Man- ager Owl's Nest: Quill and Scroll Societyg Social Studies Forum. CAROLE ANNE ROCHOLL Historian F.H.A.: Dashing Debs: A.O. Biology and English IV Clubsg Social Studies Forumg Li- brary Assistant. L EILEEN ROGERS Best Owl Spiritg Cheerleaderg Sec- retary Cheerleadingg Group Lead- er Pan-American Club: Bandg Studio Ensembleg Social Studies Forum: English IV. 3-D Speech, and Future Teachers Clubs. RONALD BENJAMIN ROGERS A Cappella Chorusg All Senior Honor Chorus: Social Studies Forumg A.O. Biology and Mar- keting and Investments Post Clubsg "B" Team Footballg "A" Team Baseballg Tennis. GLORIA JEANNETTE ROSS CAROL ROUTH PATRICIA ANN RUBRECHT Librarian-Pianist A-Cappellag Eng- lish IV Clubg F.H.A. LOIS MARIE RUDOLPI-I MIKE RUSSELL CYNTHIA RUTLEDGE Key, English IV, and Pan-Ameri- Gold Jackets: Inter Club Office can Clubs. Council Member Y-Teensg Social Studies Forumg Future Nurses Club. C, JANET RYAN CURWIN A. SANBORN Vice-president English IV Clubg A Cappella Chorusg Math. Com- Gold Jacketsg Math and Physics mercial Law, and English IV Clubs. Clubsg Track. ,qr 5 L,-1 iii? f i g I7 AI, V ' I I L. 1, 1 if ' LARRY CALVIN SCARBROUGH .CAROL SCHEID, D EUGENE JESSIE SEALS lValentinc Duchessg Runner-up iM0st Courteousg Secretary English XNIV Club:-f7K Cappella Chorusg EITTHQY Debsg A.O. Biology and Future Teachers Clubs. DOUGLAS RAY SELF JOAN MARIE SELF JAMES COROIN SELLERS LANA JOYCE SIMMONS Choralairesl President F.H.A. I.C.T,: Transferred from Wfnod row Wfilsnn junior Year. DONNA MARIE SHIPLEY DIANE SHUTTY Photography Club. lj. will Kas' i lt, V' E Wflf ' N6 K P l Li l fill A .I N :K ,J I pg UAV J f ,xp v,,:Qxv x le, XX AVP M XJ,- if xx-A -: , -:xy xx., i- :QL N C wir if --'LINDA SIX , 1 1 ,Vff lf SHIRLEY ixfersonality Plus: Vilehtine Difclm-' O l egg- -f,. B asketball Sweetheart: Run- ner-up Homecoming Oueen, Sr. Class Favorite, Best All Around, and Friendliestg Reporter Creative Arts Club: Parliamentaririn Eng- lish IV Club: Dashing Dabs: Beta, Future Teachers, Pan-American, and A.O. Biology Clubs. JEAN SKINNER BONNIE SMITH CATHY SMITH LINDA SMITH F.I-I.A.: Junior Achievement: So- Runner-up Best Owl Spiritg Cheer- Reporter Cm-yggpondrng Secretary cial Studies Forumg Choralaires: leaderg junior Red Cross: Creatixe Future Nufgeg Club JC L 3-D Speech. Future Teachers, and Arts and Pan-American Clubs. N41-LS, AO Brolom Phxsics English IV Clubs. Chemistrx and En lish IV Clubs MAY LLOYD SMITH President and Secretary-Treasurer Future Nurses Club: State Treas- urer Texas Association of Future Nursesg Treasurer English IV Clubg Librarian Chemistry Clubg Office Assistant. l SHARON SMITH A Cappella Chorus: All Senior Honor Chorusg Sextetteg Social Studies Forumg Junior Achieve- mentg Library and 3-D Speech Clubs. PEGGY SMITH Girls' Triple Trio A Cappella Treasurer Choralairesg Choralettes SULA MARIE SMITH LINDA XVANNETTE SORRELLS Choralaircsg Choralettesg Pan- American and Commercial Law Clubs. SUE SOUTHERLAND XVALTER RAY SPANHEL SANDIE SPIVA Pan-American Club. Industrial Arts and English IV FHA Gold jukets Clubs. JANIE ANNETTE SPRAGGINS JAMES M. SPROXW N.H.A.: F.H.A,1 A Cappella Chorus: Region Choirg A Cappella ik, Sextette and Librzlriang Snroptim- ist Award. DON STABENO LYNDA STAPP XVAYNE DEVONE J.C.I..: Junior Engineering Tech- F.H.A. STARKXVEATHER nicrll Societyg English IV Clubg Tennis. ef? 2- , 'S . . . su, ,K sat. . .. Q ., Q- Q it tv.. 4 , BUFORD XVAYNE STEELE SHIRLEY JANE STEELE LEMUAL DALE STEELNAN - - . z ev . Q A ,kk " - '--,. V . ,., .l we 5- , W tif -1. my -, .:. err . . E A mpsgpi 1. GLENDA GAYLE STICE Best All Roundg Runner-up Most Versatile, Soph, Class Favorite and Best All Roundg XVho's Xllfhog Vice-president Creative Arts Clubg Secretary Student Councilg Maior- ette Dashing Debsg Deb Councilg N.H.S.g Beta, A.O. Biology, Math, Chemistry, and English IV Clubsg Fresh. Cheerleader. JANIE SHARON STOREY Club Editor of OWl's Nestg His- torian Future Nurses Clubg Re- porter Owl's Eyeg Quill and Scroll Societyg junior Red Crossg So- cial Studies Fnrumg Pan-American Clubg Senior Humor Publication. MARTHA JEAN STOUT CAROLYN STOVER JUDY STRNAD Club Editor of Owl's Nest: Re- porter Owl's Eyeg Treasurer Quill and Scroll Soeietyg Vice-president English IV Clubg F.H.A.g junior Red Cross: Les Hiboux Francais: Senior Humor Publication. 1.,a , 2 g CAROLYN I.nROSE SULLIVAN MELTON DEAN SULLIVAN GLYNDA KAY SUMMERS Secretary English IV Cluhg F.I-I.A.g Treasurer Junior Red Crossg Fu- A.O. Biology Clubg Y-Teens. ture Teachers and English IV Clubsg F.H.A. l DAVID LEE TABB Optimist Student of the Lfonth Reporter English IV Clubg N.H.S. Social Science Fnrumg J.C.L.E Chemistry, Math, Physics-Chemis- try, and A.O. Biology Clubs. STANLEY RAY SXVINDLE GARY SZNAIDER DOROTHY TAYLOR F.H.A.g Future Nurses Club. PI-IYLLIS TAYLOR Pan-American, English IV, and Commercial Law Clubs. si 2 ROGER XVILLIAM THEIS "A" Team Footballg Key, Eng- lish IV, and Commercial Law Clubs. BENNIE XXVYLENE THOMAS Senior Councilman Cold .Iacketsg Social Studies Forumg Library and Pan-American Clubs, Transferred from Altus, Oklahoma, junior Year. BILL THOMAS Co-captain Golf Team, Math, Phy- sics-Chemistry, Library, and Eng- lish IV Clubs. ORAN BUCK THORNTON K Q-Zn- -Aff-' r"" T' fr- A LINDA THOMPSON ROBERT C. THOMPSON Runner-up Most Athletic, Treas- English IV and Commercial Law urer F,H.A.g N.H.S.g Dashing Clubs. Debsg Social Studies Forumg French and A.O. Biology Clubs. C. ANN THURMAN Homecoming Queen, All G.H.S.: Soph. and Jr. Best All Aroundg Fresh. and Soph. F.H.A. Miss Courteousg Runner-up jr. Class Favorite and Sr. F.F.A. Sweet- heart, Wl1o's Who, I-lead Cheer- leaclerg President and Treasurer Pan-American Club, Vice-president English IV Club, N.H.S.g Beta Clubg F.H.A. SUSAN TIDXWELI. A.O. Biology, Pan-American. and English IV Clubsg Band: Wiurmd- wind Choir, Studio Ensemble, Ten- ms. l ,A, x JAY TILLINGHAST X,-f :Runner-up XVittiestg Splits Editor of 'Owl's Ncstg 'Rcpurter Owl's Eyeg Treasurer Chemistry Cluhg Quill and Scroll Sucictyg Physics- Chemistry, Math, Key, English IV, and Pan-Amcricaln Clubs: N.l-LS.: Humur Etlitur Senior Hu- mor Pulnlicntiong Junior Annual Assistant, rx- N , Lil- ly , GENE TROPP Co-Captain Golf Teamg English IV Club. CLAYTON LARRY TOTTEN BILLY FRANK TRENT MILDRED TODD JEAN TOLLESON Pan-American and English IV F-H-A-1 EUXJUSII IV Club Clubs, Teens. MICHAEL TRUE LUKE TUCKER Industrial Arts Club. BARBARA TURLEY FREIDA TURIXIER DEE B. Van GILDER F.H.A.g Choir N.F.I..g Mu Alpha Theta: Physics, 3-D Speech, Camera. and Eng- lish IV Clubsg Rostrum. RUDY VETTER "B" Team Footballg Track: So- cial Studies Forum: Pan-American, Key, and Chemistry Clubs. VALENTINE VOGEL President Rostrumg Vice-president 3-D Speech Club: Secretary Eng- lish IV Clubg N.F.I..g Physics- Chemistry Clubg Commercial Law Forumg Americanism Club, Trans- ferred from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sen- ior Year. JOHN ROGER XVAGNER Treasurer Physics-Chemistry Clubg Secretary English IV Club, N.H.S. Wh4J's XVhng Pan-American Chemistry, and Beta Clubsg Bas- ketball, Track. BOB XY,ATSON FERRIS LEE WATSON F-F-A-3 English IV Club- Reporter and Vice-president F.F,A,g Won, 7 junior Championships, and 3 Reserve Grand Championships. VIRGINIA WATSON ALLIE CAROLE WEBB JERRY WELCH Runner-up Wittiestg F.H.A.g Com- Industrial Arts and Distributue mercial Law Clubg Junior Red Education Clubs Crossg Social Studies Forum. BOBBY WEMPLE Sports Editor of Owl's Nestg Re- porter Owl's Eyeg Reporter and Vice-president junior Achievementg Quill and Scroll Societyg English IV, A.O. Biology, Camera, Indus- trial Arts Clubsg Senior Humor Publication. LARRY WHEAT JANIS KAY WHITE Bandg J.C.L.g Math, English IV, F.HA and Physics-Chemistry Clubsg Track. CAROLE WIGINGTON RAY EQQQRICK NVILBURN ll I ' 'SU N! CHARLES H. XVHITTLE, JR. President junior Achievement Com- panyg Pan-American, A.O. Bin- logy, Library, and English IV Clubs: "B" Team, Fresh., and Junior Varsity Football. MANCIL XVILFORD LARRY XVILKINS BOBBY XYKILLIAIVW iff A .ef ' 'Y L 9 'li i, if I vt JUDY WILLIAMS RUTH WILLIAMSON JAMES WINDER NANCY XV INKLE Pan-American :ind Law Clubs. Secretary English IV Club: Pan- Clinic Assistzlntg F.H.A.g English Vice-president English IV Clubg President French Club: Commer- Library Assistantg Choralairesg A cial Law and English IV Clubsg Cappella Chorus: Chemistry and Social Studies Forum. BILLY C. WISDOM President English IV Clubg A.O. Biology, Chemistry, Pan4Americ:in and Math Clubs. BILL WISENER Best All-Round, All G.H.S., 3 years, First Runner-up Mr. G.H.S., Runner-up Class Fa- vorite, Personality Plus, Most Dependable, Friendliest, Most Versatile, Most Ambitious, Best Owl Spirit, Best Natured, Most Cour- teous, Rotary Award, Optimist Student of Month, Junior Rotarian, Optimist Award, XVho's XVho, Dallas County Youth Apprecia- tion Award, Editor-in-Chief Owl's Nest, N.I-I.S., Vice-president Beta Club, President Biology, English Clubs, Reporter Student Council, Math Club, Owl's Eye, Head Foot- ball Manager, Owl's Nest Scholarship, Senior Humor Publication, Quill and Scroll Society. SUSAN XVRIGHT Jr. Most Beautiful, Optimist Stu- dent of the Month, Runner-up Homecoming: Queen, Sr. Most Beautiful, Best Owl Spirit, Most Athletic, Who's Who, Secretary N.H.S., Student Council, Drum Major and Majorette Dashing Debs, Deb Council, Pan-American, Beta, and English IV Culbs. MELVA JOYCE WRIGHT Y-Teens, Gold Jackets, Social Studies Forum, Transferred from Houston Soph. Year. VERA RUTH WOLVERTON MARY LOU XVOOD JACKIE MASHBURN XVOODARD JANE WRIGHT F.I-I.A. JONATHAN YOUNG "B" Team Football, "A" Team Baseball Manager, Track Man- ager, Industrial Arts and English IV Clubs. mmf-mum- aa7svx-wwfwfisfwmt-353.2-7 f f f-Aiwa, . i- V- W - . ,, .medal in Not Pictured Jimmy Cookston Larry Cox James R. Davis Thomas Davis Joe Fiammi Jerry Foster Robert Greer Jerry Hamilton Randy Huffman Dewayne Jared Dwayne Pinson Carolyn Ponder Joe Rico David XValler Larry XVilkins Rowdy Lee XVilm unth 24I CLASS OFFICERS: Mike, Cloud, reporterg Sue Marshall, treasurerg David Lambert, presiclentg Carolynn Hatfield, secretaryg Mike Goodwin, vice-president. yunivr 6fllSS 242 Bill Adams jerry Akin Alice Alberts Thomas Alexander Edwin Allison Kenneth Altfather Doris Anderson Judy Anderson Judy Anderson Louise Anderson Margaret Anderson Milton Anderson Some art students put the finishing touches on their pictures James Angel Vickie Arnold Sara Aschim Betty Askue jackie Ball Gayle Baise Pamela Barnard Larry Barnes Linda Beach Troy Beasley John Beavers Gloria Beduhn Danny Bennet Karen Bennet Richard Bills James Blanton David Bolton Nelda Bolton Diana Broughton Carolyn Boyd jim Burks' joe Burks Lynda Burks jimmy Burns Carol Burton Kendall Callaway George Callow Sandra Cardwell Mike Carrillo jan Case jimmy Casstevens Mike Castell Karen Boyles Babs Bradley Roy Bray David Brazel Donald Brooks Donnie Brown Dwayne Brown Betty Buchanon Iwvaamaau zmvxumsw m -af Kay Cotham Leon Covington Linda Cox Clem Coyle Wayne Crabtree Sherry Crane Marsha Crawford Bob Cummins Linda Cupp Ernestine Curlin Rose Ann Cyganil- Barbara Davis Eurlene Chapman Douglas Clark Mike Cloud Carma Cockrell Pat Cockrill Judy Coldwell Larry Cooper Robert Copeland V- asx,,.,,.f-4.-i . - . f 11 Jack Davis Jo Ann Davis Robert Davis Ronald Davis Danny Denman G. W. Denton Linda Dickens Barbara Dixon l-l. ,ff 1-lu vBm Carrington Dixon Carolyn Dodson Linda Douglas Tommy Drum Pat Dumbar Martha Dumham Ricky Dunn Gary Dutton David Echoles Phyllis Edger jimmy Edmonson Donna Edwards Qc 1 W junior Magazine winners show off their prizes. Harriet Edwards Preston Edwards Eddie Elder Bob Emrick Sarah English Jimmy Epperson Carolyn Estep David Etgen Janie Evans jackie Farmer Phyllis Fincher Sharon Finger Ronnie Fitzgerald Becky Fletcher Sherrie Fort Susan Foster Sariann Fowler Freddie Fox jimmy Frank julia Freeman Mary Futrell Linda Fykes Linda Gaddy Frank Gardner Mike Gaskey Glenda Gilliland Mike Goodwin jim Gordon Gretchen Gore Lloyd Gouge Nancy Gouge Don Granberry Lynda Grantham Skipper Graves Duke Gray Jenny Gray Richard Green Billy Green Betty Gregory Larry Grisham wfzw,faifref2Qa N .. , fu . Richard Guthrie Lupe Guzman Peggy Halderman David Hall james Hall Larry Hall Faye Hamilton Lester Hammond Joe Hammerle jane Haney jean Haney june Haney f!" Abu- 155 5 q gi' Wi 'MW Wi? Lana Hankey Steve Hanson Vallory Hardcastle Terry Hargraves Kandis Hardin Bill Harmon Nickie Harper Richard Harrah Paul Harris Bill Hatchel Carolyn Hatfield Hugh Havens Bobby Hawley Judy Hayes Marsha Head Sonja Henga Paul Hennig Barbara Henson Danny Henson johnny Higgins . i 1-a Elizabeth Holton Andy Howard Jessie Huggins Keith Hughes Sammy Humpheys Lane Huneycutt Bobby Hutson Larry Hutson Mike jackson Rexiue jackson Buddy Jacobs Nina James Linda Hightower David Hill Don Hill Larry Hodson Bobby Holmer' Nancy Holmes Jerry Holt Pat Holt jerry jered Dwaine johnson Margaret johnson Alvin jones Carolyn jones Bob jones Don jones Mike jones Landis jones Tom jones Nelda judkins Sue Keen Dannett Keener Dianne Keesee Phillip Keese Barbara Keeter Thora Keith Doulii Judy Kissic u J. C. Kemp W 4 Diane Kleutgen Ken Kraft Carol Kurkler Bobby Lake David Lambert joe Lambert Joe Laminack jerry Lamm David Landgraf Ronnie Latham Sharon Lawson Barbara Lewis I wrote that song myself. Mal.. 'Nw Www. 5, Barbara jean Lewis Betty Lindley Paulette Littlefield Wanda Loftis Buddy Logan T. W. Logsdon Bill Long Delta Long Rosemary Long Vaghn Long john Luck Jan Mack Thomas Magee Tom Mahon Dale Malefield john Malquist Brenda Mani-:in Jo Dina Marcucci Donald Marshall Ronald Marshall Sue Marshall Gerald Martin Sherry Martin Bruce May Marsha May jerry Mayes Dale Mayfield Pat McCallum Bill McCarter Eddie McClung joy McClung Janis McCoy Rodney McCoy Lyn McCreary Jean McDaniel Pat McDaniel Linda McGuffey jackie McGuire Kay Mclntosh Bill McKee Sue Mills Harvey Montgomery Ronny Moore Juanita Morgan Kenneth Morris Mary Morrison Meredith Morrison Sue Moss Judy Moulden Karen Mullings Robbie Mulry Danny Murphy ling -'15 Ernie McKenney Mike Mclierreghan Dennis McLauchlin Sara McNatt Nancy Midget Gerald Miller jimmy Mills Shelia Mills Don Nolan Sharon Nornell Virginia Odem Leobeth Oldham Lonnie Oglesby Mike Parker Dick Parsons Tommy Partridge Helen Patton Robert Patterson janet Paulos Helen Peace James Myers Rex Narramore John Neal Lynn Neely i jerry New Judith Newcomb Skipper Newman Butch Nichols Cecil Pearson Linda Pelton Kay Pendergraft Clydene Philips Suzanne Philips Tommy Piccolo Virginia Pierce Rosa Lee Pippin Claude Plunk David Pollard Linda Gayle Polzin Rita Prechtl Kay Prior Kenneth Pugh Conrad Quanstron Johnny Ramos Beverly Ranes Mary Rasor Dianne Ray Darla Reid Troy Beasley, john Luck, and Lee Roland guard the entrance to a junior party given for F.F.A. sweetheart nominee, Sue Marshall. '98 rv v...- David Rhodes james Rhome Larry Richards Marcia Richard Janie Richardson Judy Riddle jimmy Riley Joanna Robinson Jackie Rogers Leslie Rogers Lee Roland Vernie Rollins Jackie Rowan Virgil Rush Gary Rushing Mike Russell Ronnie Rutherford James Sachse jerry Sager Joe Salvador Edward Sanders Carolyn Sarrett Ann Scissor Stewart Sebastian Larry Self Larry Sexton Carolyn Sheffield Pat Sherrard Sue Shirly Chadles Shoemaker Larry Short Tommie Shortmacy 'Num 'fm 119'- ruuwk N-sf K Lynn Simmermaker Charles Simpson Bud Slaughter D. A. Smith James Smith Karen Smith Lavenna Smith Marian Smith Rita Smith Gary Snapka David Sneed Betty Sorrels Linda Spence Riley Spraggins Kathy Squire James Stafford Sharon Stallings Peggy Stanfielcl Randy Stansbury Bob Starling Carroll Stooksberry jimmy Stooksberry Kathy Striklancl Stephen Stubbfield Clifton Sullivan Richard Surfis Carrol Sutton Jean Swanson Sue Swofford Danny Talley Mirian Tapley Eugenia Tapp Ruth Starr David Sterner jenny Stevens Mary Stevenson Mike St. john Sharon Stewart Sheri Stinson Richard Stone Lynette Tipton Marylin Tipton Bubba Tomlinson Barbara Toula David Trammell jo Ann Trembley Nancy Trietsch Jerry Turner jackie Valentine Donna Vanclerslice Leslie Wall jackie Wallace Alice Ann Taylor Kay Taylor Pat Taylor Judy Teciford Charles Thalcer Alan Thorton Emily Ticer jackie Tipton Merlena Wallin jo Ann Walls Dianne Warren Mike Wfatkins Wfelby Watson Tommie Webb Joan Webber Gary Weems 'hw Billie West Glenda West Vicki Wester Dorothy Watley Mike Wheatley Dan White Dennis White Billy Wfhittle Leo Whitman Vicki Wilbanks Roger Wiley Carl Wilkerson 'QQ 265 jean Wilderson Dianne Williams Don Williams Anne Willis Jo Wilson Martina Wilson Marilyn Winterbauer Stephanie Winters Ellen Wisenbalcer Larry Wolfe Kay Wood Phillip Wfoolridge Phyllis Wforthington Edward Wright Denise Weir Linda Wright Jeanne Wright Judy Yeager Sherry Yeager Allen Young Carol Nation Georgia Smith Jimmy Arnold Frank Belitere Gerald Ferguson jimmy Flowers Floyd Frizzell Doyle Herring Don Holden David Norfleet Oliver Pettit Bill Platt idx,-55 '09 NOT PICTURED jimmy Porter Eddie Prather Ronnie Prim George Sellers Edward Serbanich Glen Smith John Spong Ronald Sprowls Timothy Taber Larry Walker Billy Ward ' AZYZZJM-mid. af Z1.5V"5 94? gfwf' 3 A Sue Young Nell Zadarosni Karen Felfe Ronnie Phillips 99' CLASS OFFICERS: Gary Bridges, Secretary, Ronnie Williaimus, Vice-President, Danny Sims, President, Ralph Weaver, Reporter, Gordon Block, Treasurer. Saphomare Lflass Agnew, Judy Akin, Jerry Alderman, Linda Aldridge, Patricia Alexander, julie Alford, Larry Allen, Bill Allen, Delores Allen, Rodger Ames Dale Angoit, Donna Archer, Paul Arevolo, Delores Argenbright, Mary Arnold, Mike Arnold, Vivian Ashley, Linda Askue, Bobby Austin, Sandra Aven, Trudy Ayers, Bagby, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Bailey, Nancy Virginia Myrnia Margaret Mary Rodney Baker, Ronnie Bane, Carol Bankhead, Hollie Barbee, Larry Barbee, Phillip Barringer, Randy Barnes, Glenda Barrios, Patricia Barry, Betty Bass, Delores Bays, Done Bean, Eddie Beavers, Gary Bedell, Patricia Beggs, Patsy Benner, Margaret Chambless, James Chapman Paulette Chase, Judy Cherry Marie Clanton, Diane Christenson, Doug Bernbaum, Joan Berry, Betty Bevers, Janice Bickley, Jimmy Bishop, Carol Blake, Judy Blake, Roger Blanks, John Blasingame, Ronnie Block, Gordon Blount, Carolyn Boltone, Richard Bourn, Brenda Bouska, Henry Bowen, Jesse Boyd, Mike Brackett, Bobby Bratcher, Gary Brayton, Linda Bridges, Gary Brock, Beth Brocker, Kenny Brown, Sharon Broyles, Lynn Brurnmit, Kitty Bryan, Andy Burchfield, Becky Burke, Phillip Burns, Done Burton, Delbert Byrum, Mike Cabaniss, Katen Cabaniss, Weldon Cabenhead, Roger Callaway, Janice Cannday, Benita Clark, Terry Clem, Joyce Clopton, Lester Cobb, Gloria Coldwell, Alera Cole, King The "Finger Mashersn are hard at work Cunningham, Cynthis Darby, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Cook, Theta Cooley, joel Cornelius, Charles Costa, Everett Covington, Mike Cowan, Diane Cowley, Vicki Cox, Ralph Craig, Gail Crawford, Oma Crim, Jerry Cummings, William Sharon Delle Paula Peggy Ronnie Deaton, Paul Deaver, Carolyn Dennis, james Dickson, Barbara Dickson, Kay Dixon, Billy Dodson, Gay Dolson, Carolyn Duncan, Sandra Dugger, Carol Drury, johnny Dupree, Walter Dutton, William Echols, Donna Eichner, Roxanne Elder, Annette Endsley, Kirley Eubanks, Andrea Evans, Susan ' Ewing, Lynn Fagala, Sharon Farr, Karen Feather, johnny Fenley, joe Ferguson, Alan Flanagan, Sandra Flanders, Peggy Fleeson, Patty Fletcher, Dale Fletcher Georgia Forbis, George Forbis, Thomas Ford, Charles Ford, Glenda Fortenberry, Don Foster, Diane Freeman, Judy Fuller, Harroyln Fuller, jerry Gafferd, Linda Gain, Gay Galbraith, Thoma Ganus, Paul Gardiner, Ed Gentry, Rush Gentry, Thomas George, Brenda Geib, Ann Gibson, Sue Gillespie, Don Gilmer, jamie Glynn, james Godsey, David Goethals, Randy Going, Ronald Gordon, jan Gosset, Karen Greenwood, Susan Grider, Janice Grimsley, Robert S Grizzel, Karlyne Haker, Margaret Hall, joe Hamilton. Jeanne Hamilton, Vicki Hamm, Paul We just don't understand, Hammonds, Mary Hancock. Sherry Hanes, Vinnie Haralason. Rebec Hare, Charann Hargrove, Janis Hargrove, Linda Harkrider, Billi Harmon, Grace Harper, Leanne Harper, Ronnie Harrah, Judy Harvey, Brenda Hawkins, Barbara Headen, Doyle Helm, Janis Helton, Lonna Hemphill, Mike Hendershot, Sharon Henderson. Laura Hesselberg, jerr Hill, Clara Hill, Harry Hitchcock, Julia Hoffman, James Hogue, Sylvia Holbert, Synda Holden, Raymond Haley, Steven Holloway, Linda Holloway, Patricia Holsen. Beth Hood. Mary Horne, Dianna Houston, Anita Hoye, Mike Howard, Joyce Hudgins, Linda Hull, Juy Hull, Shirley Hunter, James Hunt, Susan Hutton, Betty Hyde, Roy Jackson, Cecilia Jackson, Jorgann James, Roaalind Kent, King, Mike King, Randy Kirkpatrick, Mary Kitchens, Margaret Klas, John Koenig, Lester Jarvis, Linda Jennings, Janet Jirak, Susan Jocoy, Linda Johnson, Eric Johnson, Marcus Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Tommy Jones, Barbara Jones, Becky Jones, Kay Juday, Robbie Katawar, Kenneth Keith, Bobby Keithly, Jerry Keltner, Linda Kemp, Sue Kendrick, Linda Garry Kennett, Madalyn Kershner, Judy Killion, Judy Killion, Linda Killion, Ronnie ,LL I y ,rw , .,..., i.,,, fo Q y ,t L 1 +3 ,W " 1 Yam- . R K , fi .1 'Nw 1 332' at ,tina vw rsaaeiagmaaggaeizvgsaw Q Yin ,gt 2 fb .,-. x J , H! wi" as 5 ,Q H2 ,a L 1 if W, if Koerth, Robert Laminack, Linda Landers, Judy Langford, Kathy Laun, Norma Lawrence, Edwin iii V ., 'E ,QAVI ' IQ., X ffm Ki, fa! . . , 4 . .,,. I, ,f.- Y .,, 2 3 'li W Look what you miss if you don't go to the library Lawson, Nancy Leamons, Diane Le Croy, Jeanne Lemasters, Bobby Ledbetter, Larry Lierman, Sharon Lindberg, Mike Lockhart, Johnny Locus. Glenn Long, Roger Longwell, Danny Lovil, Betty Luellon, Essie Lussa, David Mackey, Richard Mais, Claudia Mann, Vicki Manuel, jan Martin, Larry Martin, Randy Martin, Linda Martin, Gail Martinkus, Pat Melton, jack Meuir. Vlfayne Miller, jane Mitchell, Beverly Mitchell, jimmy Mitchell, Jo Ann Mitchell, Quida Moody, Margaret Moffatt, Bubba Monroe, Cecil Moore, Patricia Morgan, jane Morphis, Cheryl Morris, Dwane Morris, Janice Morrow, Larry Mullens, Weldon Murphy, Sherrie McArthur, Karen McCallum, Patricia McCoy, L. Z. McCoy, Eddie McCulley, Delores McFerrin, Teddy McGrath, Murel McGuire, Roy McKaskle, Marian McKinney, Janice McLaughlin, Anita McLaughlin, Willie McLean, Christie McLane, Mary McMullen, Janice McMurrian, Margaret McNatt, Joy McNish, Merla Nall, Sally Napier, Vicki Nelson, Jouce Newman, Douglas Nawman, Karen Nesthus, Patricia Nichols, Nita Nicholson, Bever Nicholson, Dana Nobles, Marie Norris, Darlie Northcutt, Margaret Noska, Jimmy Novak, Donna Odle, John Ogle, Virginia Pugh, Judy Pulley, Pat Presley, Judy -.,.v-mama Sfliiiij tj, r:.., ,, -, ,. - .awww my ' -farm.: as .. .- . f -- : " 9--' .' 'l-a1,,:,.,,'?s. 'tlsf55'5E J 1.1 ' I " , v-"Q zisialfs' t, .. N geese? ' " , QW, , . : , - -, ,X.- t A E-:.,egg :1-J . ' f-1fZ1.,1 '1, , ai, 35,5 it R If was .. . , ,VAR li :',. LL,A 1 Q K b ' P" . ini fs.. . ,2.5:..:'L:i - . is is ssatrate t K ' Price, Phylis Proxk, Betty Poole, Thomas Poore, Gena Poovey, Lynn Portwood, Charlie Girls, what do you think? Plumlee, Bonnie Pickett, john Pickle, joe Pike, Carolun Pippin, Julia Perkins, Ross Peters, Sue Parker, Donna Pate, Diane Patricia, Rickey Patterson, Mary Ramsey, Jane Ray, Patricia Reeder, Judy Reeves, Carolyn Regan, Tim Rener, Nancy Reynolds, Scott Rice, Robbie Rico, Manuel Riddels, Rebecca Riddle, Louise Ridenour, Bill Riggs, johnny Roark, Hazel Roberts, Donna Robertson, jimmy Robinson, Gail Rogers, Nelda Rohus, Velvet Roland, Brenda Rogers, Danny Rogers, Phil Rogers, Leslie Rose, Diedra Rosenbaum, Nelda Round, Sharon Roya, Cynthia Royman, Pat Rushing, Ray Rutherdord, George Sachtleben, A. R. Sammons, Cindy Sandborn, Toby Sanders, Barbara Sanford, Kathy Sawyer, Bobbie Schmidt, Jack Scott, Robert Sebastian, Johnan Sewell, Carol Shaddis, Rita Shaw, Jeannie Shelton, Dick Shepard, Lynn Shipley, Barbara Shipp, Bill Shirley, Chris Shoot, Carman Sides, Judi Sims, Danny Sims, julia Singleton, Susan Skaggs, Betty 1 Smith, Charles Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Smith, jackie Smith, Prissy Smith, Westley Starling, Dan Stone, Regina Stibbens, Marie Stewart, Bobby Stevens, Peggy Stanton, Jeri Stout, Laveda Stokes, Donna Strawbridge, Margaret Stringer, Theodore Stroud, Glynda Spanhel, Mike Sunrow, Larenda Tapley, Betty 9- fc M l-,l,,W.l1 ff-- w,:11f,1a-ffb The future Scientists of G.H.S. observe the parts of a grasshopper Tapley, Laura Tate, Linda Taylor, Janice Tenter, Larry Thomas, Lynn Thomas, Tommy Thomason, Tommy Thompson, Susan Thornton, Llana Tmlison, Bill Toone, Linda Totten, Sandra Trent, Dana Tribble, james Triplet, Pat Tuck, Sandra Tucker, David Tucker, Kenneth Turner, Bobby Turner, Linda Turner, Pat Valentine, Sandra Underwood, Mike VanZant, Sue Varner, Ann Veal, Betty Wade, Delores Wagner, Laural Wagoner, Mike Waggoner, William Waldron, james Walden, Wayne Walter, jimmy Walker, john Wallace, Carol Wallace, Larry 1-wr Watson, Nancy Weaver, james Weaver, Ralph Webb, Grace Webb, Sue Webb, Sylvia Welch, Patricia Weller, john Wheat, Betty Wheeler, Diane White, Sandra White, Patty White, Jeanette Whiteside, Jack Wiggs, Walter Willey, Barbara Wiley, Pat Williams, Alan Williams, Barbara Williams, Carol Williams, Linda Williams, Lonnie Williams, Mike Williams, Rita Williams, Ronald Williams Ronnie Williams: Terry l Willism, Dineen Wimpee, Andy Windom, Sharon Wingo, Jerry Wittekend, Carol Wolfe, joan Wqdds, jerry Wpbd, Jimmy Wfight, Betty ,J .- J: ,l, fif I X, gf. il, - !?.A,J X. 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' 1' X if ffl, ,fl ' I U1 ,fx ' Wright, Toinhiy L' , ,if i f f ' v iff Af if K ,ff ,lf fl Yeaggfa Tay j arrr , v , ' ' . sl ,af f fr' if ' ,W , it If 1 ,r f f . ! 00' Ig , l VA, I , If V , 4 V, 1 Inq f' , If jg 4 U. I Q f, n A f ,V f ,-J .'.' , 5' ' ,I 5 :ff - I ' .,! ' ,ff if ,--' ' , If !f 1,1 j -,sy A I ' 9 ' i fl f .fl ff W fill' .il rt lil ff ill' I A W! f.l- .., ff fur ,I f H f ., f 'ffl i ,, Ml 'V ffl f J ffl-A' ff 5' 1'-' J -fl M11 ., if af., 1 f L X' I 5, V+' ,,' ,,, . ri ,'.,.' ,,,a fl' ff , 'f I 5 5 ,Q fi ' 5 7 ' 4 " ' ?,ij,f' fa flaw 1 1, filf 11. i f f 1 J ll ' M! ,,.' 1 , if l, H- f ,.- - ,ff , l,- E' ,i ,- . V my I i jf 1 Q ,, gc! E X rl young, Mary 280 l f- f ' V jig 1 - 1 'nil ' 1 - ,j 'lj I 96 Owl? Nc' I upplemmf :signs The Juniors who will be in charge of the 1963 Owl's Nest Wanda Loftis, Rick Dunn, Ellen Wisenbaker, Diana Williarns, Sue Mills. Lonnie Oglesby, Sheri Stallings, David Hall, Vicky Wilbanks, Sara Aschim, Don Jones, Karen Mullings, Larry Wolfe, Kay Cotham, Pamela Barnard, Lynda Grantham, Judy Yeager. 0,lO00t rv 041 I V QQ, f' -- yg xx L' ll 'M , 1 'IL Aly Q fog' 261,-4 -gig lr W If-' ' HW A . Q Q A A" v 0' - A fd 'f ' - ' - U4 D 4 if N' ' ' 54 f.. 2 1, lg 5-52' f 'sf 4' fi 1 ' ' bs' Y 5 . 9 - K --' W iv? 5 " "' ' y c 4 5 , - ,ef X gf ' ' 42319. K-jf.. f J X els..- ffi X M by 4 . l - . ,Q .fill x MIA rl. J I. 3, .Q r.v,i:eJ - vm.-.'-3 '.-,MX jug.-qv -,v4x9.'!.' '.'."'!Q:o, O 5 9090 'fl-'QQ s . .5 x Q f -,Kg 01.5- V13'3'32f'1'7'v . L i'Bf':'S1-ft7'G" 4,,:,4,.cx,:,? A ,..Q5s'...3'..,1,sa 4 - eq AAA, . gh, Q i:.:':sSsergai Q ' ':':"6'1'V:' QW"6.'f'1'S-'iQ'oi'Q.e49 '1v,fg3Q3:y vgvggg-1.3.g.fog.-3.g.g.?g.jQQ vs - .gi- .-9 3:3 ,S 'e :' O 's ' Aw: 1 R I A . 74f0f Deb s "Noi It's my turn!" insists Mr. Mc- Clintoch. This lovely chorus line cheered loudly for the faculty clispite the Seniors' 47- 30 victoly. Student Council members preparing to leave for the convention at San Antonio. jim Alford and Edwin Allison display the official banner of the Vocational Industrial Club. Garlands own Galaxies "rock on" at the Stu- dent Council Stunt Show. G a r l a n d High Schools answer to Elvis - Lonesome Bobby Newman. Betty Lovil and David Hill hang posters for Latin Week. OUCH! Some of the "dubs" perform at the talent show, Some members of the '62-'65 Annual Staff at North Texas Benny McCarter and Joe Rico show their prize-winning on journalism Day. Herefords in the Livestock. Show, But where s Petr Mason! Th A.T Y e eam pyramid that will lead Garland's cheers next year are: Linda Ashley, Marie Cheri, Marsha Head, Nancy Midget fhead cheerleaderj, Sydna Holbert, Barbara Henson. O n D e M o la y Day Mr. johna s o n solemnly swore never to put another tack in Mr. Moses' chair. Members of the 440 and Mile Relay proudly pose with tro- phies brought back from the Tyler Rose Re- lays. Home Nursing g i r l s enjoyed using real babies to study their unit on Child Care. Rick Dunn dis- plays his third place winning science project at the Regional Science Fair. Big smiles from B-Team cheerleaders: jan Starr Vicki Stone, Carol Carmichel, Brenda Huggett, Carolynn Burk, and Betty Tapp. I' I "Just think! This is the third year I've exchanged my senior cards." Crowded, Dave? Fun though, wasnt it? Everyone had fun at the '62 Deb Dance. just think, Mr. Moss, you swept all this under the lockers fifteen years ago Don and Carol admire as Scrooge brags on his prog- ress. Kathy Stricklin and Bobby Luna add another trophy4 to the Speech Club's new A trophy case. Deb Majorettes for '62-63. Congratulations, Carolynn. Director Bobby Wemple oversees A the activities of the Publications Picnic. Blacks and Wliites battle it out at the intersquad game. KHY Heath ffewned baseball queen bY cofaptains Mike Moore and Dickie Dixon. .Q 4+ 15 ,v we ff' I ri Famous last words "I am not going to cry at the Senior Assembly." Dubs have a wormy initiation. May The Seniors show their appreciation to Mike Hay- slip for a job well done. "Long Live The Seniors," was the toast made by members of the journalism classes at their anhual luncheon. We all know that the water is bad, you clOn't need to show us. WW Seniors started Senior Day off early hy cooling off a few underclassmen. ,J - Seniors' bike day came with a big traffic problem. Joe Porter shows off his Baseball Jacket. Che I 96 Owl GW Ceam The Owl Golf Team has completed one of its most successful seasons. At the Texas Women's University course in Denton the team placed third in District UIL competition. Denison and High- land Park won the first and second place honors. CAPTAINS: Gene Tropp, L. D. Clopton and Bill Thomas. Coach Billy Stewart TOP ROW: L. D. Clopton, Gene Tropp, Glen Jennings, Bill Poole, Bill Thomas, Tom Poole. BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Blassingame, Mike Murphey, Bill Addington, Tommy Turrentine, Larry Bair, Larry Caldwell. zflb' 1962 KllS6'bllff Timm BACK ROW, Left to Right-joe Porter, Mgr., Hill Norvell, Bobby Hawley, Jerry New, Bob Alford, jimmy Epperson, Weldon Mullins, David Compton, Mgr., joe Brown, Coach. KNEELING-Dickie Dixon, john Nickerson, F. A. Coleman, Gary Mitchell, Mike Moore, Ronny Culpepper, Ronny Faulkner, Alan Adams. ' The Garland High School Baseball Team traveled to over half of their games. The team had a very rough season and won only two of its fifteen games. Tl Mesquite ., T Bryan Adams l.,... H Woodrow Wilson H Bryan Adams ...r., H. Samuells ........ T. Samuells , ................. T Woodrow Wilson H Highland Park ..,, The 1962 Garland High Baseball Scores Visitors Garland Visitors 4 5 7 3 6 1 5 1 7 1 6 5 6 9 2 6 T Denton T Carrollton H Denton T Sherman T Sherman T Denison T Denison 7 9 4 1 2 4 12 Garland 3 O 3 O O 2 5 .- . W wa Y . " ' ' . . ' "'-" 1-"wQQw ,i ig. 1 'Y 'lf .. .1 f i , za V 1 , ' :Inv-wa:.f:f.'-f. V1 ' ' ' K area. ff:5gLf1'5f5if' sw Qi'-'faifiv .. rr fr f- 3 .- ., wafre -- , we me ' . A ' ' -M . WW.: r-for-ii 1 'W -'fnrfrf"? , ,2v to :ga zif-fi. if-2, - . gf :.:Jii' 1 1-fiffwise , 1 by- r a if,a a, af M-af:1zs..fra,. fi , af fi asm. W, f -1-y -. H .L V ,' -. f .. W , 1 - 'K V .. A -- 2 f " A f '- M 1 1 swf, ,532 , ,' Nw,-X K . rr -4 -Q wa.:-ye., 41' f.: Q. my fame? - , i--W. , ,':.:5w.' 155 1: ,rr -' ,.'- . V- - . rnwfq '---T i Y - f Eff 1 ' i - Yerfffswwrm ga- - 1 f x a- ff " 1 M 1231 1, 1 , ' . , ' QQ iz,iif,m'j5'.' 5 ff ne. , ,, -f'-fe 1 JL 'ff Y - ' ' 1, , - n-212 1' ff-fe-egfffwi,-gi .mi . ,W-1, wr. f 6154.-:Q '-H: A --.21 f . f- f 2. ' ,"5w21fzfvQwv:VQe,gila.r5'i. 1'-7-.f.fpE21'?5? .ma.ra.. aim fa-.g,fiwuw. 2 i. , . we -f f. fa f.4r.fz:f,ta-mafia-If-H. .wgw spawn ai, fi 'N 1 - " '59 Hill Norvell Bob Alford jimmy Epperson Dickie Dixon ' ..f. .-,,. .,1u,.w. 'g:,,. fl , . 7 E :lf :flv:l'?si'L53fQ457QSLi'zf f ' 1 V1 Q 1i.::ei1-1.-Efw l T .- "1 A f Wives fifdwsgif ' . , 'H ' .Q-fa-1, -M- P sz5Gf' 111 1.22fk' J' -Z V215 ,"' ' . "',' C: j jf :. v.f,,f':kg- -. ' vf H A , 4 we: HN ' ff , ,, 1 . J will ' I 'i.giYi'::',g". ws, A 2 "- ew-we .1-R K-fixffis . . - Bobby Hawley Ronny Faulkner john Nickerson as y, 1'-'5 mf-'5S'Ug.'-Wim'-11,1 :Int , M,-ls, L, , ,a -an-, in 2 Q5 TQ Y , 2:3 in ,, ,M .:v,:re,3vliv7i"L26a17il guy ,15 i' f' nnn, en nn e..e M . Wear ff A. f ww: N Sm ff Q. 1 . ,iff wiwr K H ,3 A V-mem if A1 K 4:52. W -'hh K .. 1 . ,f - ,f g,q.. .:,..'f-rf. -Q f X'X'fWj'fi 153 , - , . il. f e le . . .,.-sv-1,4 ... . A W MSW? -, Han. F. A. Coleman Managers David Compton and Joe Porter is f A X :K ' 35.9, me 2,6 xx 5'fsS1fs2lssff?ll"'. Qzsgiw lig-iga ' ' ' H.-M . . ws ,wr 'f wzm t il . ' . .11 A .1 .,g,,,,.m Q Q , ggf" 'f' .EF-FE H.-':'SEfx:i:.::-2 . Tag 1,4-gms? ., fy- yi er I ,ugly ,fQz.fvffm,,, 1, w,,r,n l fksigfy .WA :Q mg. f A- , A i. 5.1 5, X J ,Z 3.1. ' 'Wg A 1QQ'r2ir5fSf , XXV. x ' . . "' ' K ""'wl' aff. fi-of X ix 2 f :fm "'?+?1'9flw. mage' . ' 'J' 'W' gl, . I "fn . V J Ii " 5 '1 M. is . f- -f 45.1374?5.MEg.a,1 k,., -'mfws-,rf . - ugfxgifyk , ,. fini? A4 ls'f'3'a,.:' '55, 1 -l. - Ronny Culpepper Mike Moore Weldon Mullins jerry New Gary Mitchell Alan Adams 1962 Crack Calm BACK ROW, Left to Right--Bo Demetri, Ronny Baker, Danny Sims, Dick Lawson, Jerry Turner, Don Williams, Tom Magee, Bill Hatchel, Don Gordon, Ronny Harper, Kenneth Pugh. MIDDLE ROW-Dalton Hicks, Charles LeMasters, Gary Bridges, John Wagner, Tom Drum, Mike McKerreghan, Wayne Davis, David Landgraf, Doyle Magee, Jerry Gist, Joe Henley, Lynn Broyles, Bill Finley. SEATED-Mike Boyd, jack Davis, Richard Stone, Andy Bryon, Jimmy Bickley, Joe Salvador, Larry Wheat, Terry Hagen, Guy Hull. Ure 1962 Crack Swann Coach Bill Finley was greatly pleased with the fine efforts and showings of the track team this past season even though the team lacked experience and depth at the beginning of the season. The 1962 track won nine first place ribbons and three trophies. at Tyler Rose Relays, eight blue rib- bons at Greenville meet. In the Gainesville Breakfast Invitational they beat forty-seven other high schools and took the meet, In this past season, the Garland Owl track team has chalked up three major victories in relay meets and placed five athletes in the Regional meet held at SMU, April 14. Mike McKerreghan Wayne Davis john Wagner Thomas Magee Gary Bridges a,,m,1r, gxsffifrwtfsfffrv ,L -f' W? rzi "i2fs?zaiF3ss I I -V fm-wf5aag,fg,12 as ,. sa f, f my ,,Lm,r . W arrgfrg , 9 ,AMQSQQH Y 7 15 ,S ,,.,, rm.r,,,W2:Mg,.MZ LX, S, ,arww wgwp ,-risvzfesasfiQSQWQ1-elfaggirfgwasryexamsV f wefwEf4'1f 'mfg , . L51-azfagzmgggibfiieifsrzsafrrrrasu fgafiQ?aiMZfzf!S?Ea?5r5?si5g1a r WW F22 :sE?551"5fY'fj .311 ,if 1 A Y IV. 1' I! Awff ,r If A 'S 3 215:21 1 fgvir-Q3eZZ2??sY4i??sfSfaa ' dk vfakgewigsg a2mem,X.a,.r.r,fQm K 1. gr f g Y ..'? . ..,qn,. g f, f Q rv ,-,,- - f wfaatifr f 1 -222-'--, . E55 My lx , w wf .M ,kv x I., .. i , MJ b 1 ii W ..,,, .,., I ,',. ' 3 - ' Qwzggrrarga zzksrzirriff-ffsikaiaiwrg we K' 1, I Wfwg , ,. , . ,kls5i5Mi4gQ,3i,5fg5r55 ., , I , f Q, as any 5 Y 55275, H- N, Q, L r ,. zgleifjggiyjfgifgil g-s9?.2f2,sg211 W' W m , 25551, few ,mfr 41" fs,fggfqgggagfaesseiismgzargssv:azsszzzeaazf 9 WL- Nik Qgwgfim:awzs1z2?Zf2f11S1 - ' - ' :'zf1fXffQ1i?,5FeiEEE:1rg:5jf:,:-2Ami? asQgi5f1jfggs5ym1wgm1fe'?fT'LE7 -sfsS.f,1Cf5fff'?2P eiaifeifegisfs' LW as WW eif:,??'2521V1x sgf-:N H Lsvggf'-5 1 ffl L ,, ' 1 f :ff r:w,,,fsiLz:fFf,i:1f'fF' ' glfhzfgrgwf I Q5 ,,,. M ,ig ,Ui ,rv Q3 ,r::,W5,ig1,r:ss ' -V T ' 6-i55iE2i6i51fi" ' 7 . A '5Si55iaiS.:x5i,:i?5z? Kenneth Pugh David Landgraf Andy Bryon + ,ga wfwfg, ,ra A X ...,V... H My S I . Qjggig-ggQc5e34zLfJci2,25.r I 'V ' " V ' :avg-f , M . , - ,Q -fqx,,,,.g, W :'fQ1'if'f-:'1Y-Sfe+Si'jg3'Sf.: we fj?f5'34i.g7'fF-51' gr 1 fl-H ,, . . ..,. , ,k,-f,i,, .wswf-slvwgf-L1-ri,1,5 pw, ,Q S- 2 Lis- i -4' f -f rr , fi' I ' '7::kf'43i1f:fg9HC . '-w , LQ-S'ffDTfN5s!,v'f3 - I 'av . 'K . f K fs-QZQMQY f " r- WY'-f'f-f1Lef?f+c.rbQ - Aff .. ' pf. ' e -, l ee 3 5 NNN K M S SEAM N 5' Q 23 X , , t r J 2 N' S 5 A I 1' N W K S 'bg Y' bg Q 15 fa M e ,r R G 3 f 1 .. 4 I , , , W , 3 g , 1 r . I 'gy 1 . -fa UL ' ' S35 'K' , -QA?'SQ-:"-:f.:-fam..1 " " K :Q-' Xwit--4-.LiL5s:iNff,sSf-a'Ifi'.'-.-s,.!3,-M : ' ffsslff-5.3 f' wir?-71 - "v "'gflf"'..,. 1 ' '1 f may -K .pg-y f' 5 :2 f A, W 5 -new :f . - . L ff f?w'mr1ri,'r:ff,a, f2 Q Q , ra Tommy Drum Doyle Magee Jimmy Bickley Terry Hwen L' if ' W Q m ,pig - , , mam if-fiifl j., V f "w.If'f1QL:' ff? f - K :ik , g f f, KMA T? f y ", ., ' Vx- rw 5 k xr "T K4 f mai- 3. -V Q as fr kg E ' 5? , K M - L IL . .f 5 , ...,. ,.., Q. ,, f , '1.,x- My ff-1 .. Larry Wheat Richard Stone Bunlcy LeMasters Danny Sims Don Gordon Bo DeMetri ' jerry Turner Bill Hatchel Don Williams Senior Day 2767145 1 601461 7 M , V f 1 , mfh -1 " u p ' 4m..X L 5 ,Lv M -ff? Mijn v W , A' -, 4 . '1 . ig - 1 1 ' .,, 3 g IQ 5 j 'fi1,:5Qfu : Ee W ,L . X 1 7, 4 Q , Q , . " Q 1" ,- ..L,,, ' ,V :X .. , Q 1 2" ' ' WL ... M -1,53 ' - ' . ,X ' V ' 'f , 1- 1 V, H3 KX 3, -- 5 f 1 Q ' x 1 ' , - Y :W . ,ww g . A 535 V Gm. 5 , K , misss 2 , V LVTA, 'IG Q N W fi y W W k ww affsffrx-1'1fY. --b- .F-m, l 1 is I fx Mi W in 5 XX: My he I K s 5 i , A' , .. Z. s. is 1 Q4'h H ., 1 - M . ' Q i f Ei ' W E, X Q ' 29' K My ,w r ff! ,X it ' . 'T , - h? M f Q 1 Q Q W Claire Sutton ,,,,,,, Wfilma Sutton .. Carol Sutton Adele Sutton .. Maggie . . ,,,,,,,,,, .. Lizzy Lucas ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Baggy-Pants Baldwin Annabelle Mason Jimmy Howard ,,,, Henrietta Carver Ray Lizz' Taylor ...,..... ie . ,.,...., Martha . ,,,,,, ,,,,, . Political Group . . Judge Arnold ,.,,,, Lawyer Fixit ..... Mrs. Loop ,,,,,,,,, Mrs. Fowler ,,,,,..i . THE CAST Joe Long ,,,,,,,,,, ,, , Mrs, Townsend ,,,,,,, Mrs. Tongue .,,, Mrs. Gnu ........ Mrs. Tittle .... Mrs. Lomas ....... Tom Lomas ...... .. Mrs. Step-up ........ Daughter Caroline ..............i. Mrs. Deahborn ..... .........,........ Mrs. Lewis Thompkins, III Mrs. Echo ................................. .. Joyce Greenwood Eileen Rogers Jimmie Dean Bennett Gayle Stine ..,. Sue Carrow Bill Wfisener Osby Borchardt Val Vogel David Carter Linda Horton Larry Christian Linda Thompson ..... Joyce Bailey Royce Rhodes Johnny Roberts Linda Six Marsha Erwin ., ,. Jay Tillinghast Martha New Pat Adams Carol Scheid Mary Lloyd Smith Glenda Richards Bobby Newman Sarah Cleland Beverly Burke Janet Jackson Gail Gooch Nita McCann Coke.Set . . . Ding QMike Moorej, Dong fDon Hollensheadj, Mike Finley, Kay Heath, Bennie Thomas, Raul Gifford, Nan Estes, Eddie Horstman, and Cynthia Rutledge. "You'd better give that ring back, Ray," says Linda to Larry, when she finally pins him down. As she empties Ginger's purse, Berverly is the life of the party and the cause of Che Serzivr 6lll55 of I 'Henrietta Ginger's embarrassment. Bobby Wemple, Robert Finklea, Mary Cody, Connie Needham, and Nita Joyce McCann all know that being a stagehand is no easy job. Jimmy Dean and Bill just Can't agree on what color of tie Bill should XVCHI. Students who received Scholarships at the Awards Day Assembly. Award? Linda Horton accepts the Owl's Eye Scholarship from Mrs, Rick Dunn accepts his plaque for winning first place in a National Linthicum. Photography Contest. Mrs. Linthicum presents scholarships for the Texas A8cM Publications workshop to students on both the Owl's Eye and Owl's Nest Day Students who received Awards at the Awards Day assembly. ,.. .... lllfllffl'-' js, in ?2'Itli'1l The unior-Senior Dinner Dance was held on May 19 1962 at Garland s Community Cen- ter. The setting was a colonial garden, over- M q.- .1 W Vk"5 sm ee eee eeeee 'em V ez as i g .nn n f nlee gif: .:, 4 y gyii gafzmz figs fJC1..,.,z ' A'1' znvizesyou e ' To Li, 1- ,. ,," fr K ,.-'f. Qfahmjny m,,,g,1g,Q'Hau vlinelemxlh Qlzfneleevr gmmz 1, mea., lmnrls-eel am! szxly-lava eiglxi orclocl Qomnivzrsiw Qenier Qnflafd, rqexas Q.el.O7.f9. of O'1'ZmA.,11 looked by the imposing facade of a southern plantation house. Moss covered trees drooped gracefully over the dance floor as couples whirled by to the sweet strains of "Tara's Theme" from Gone With Ike ll7i7zd, The beauty of the spectacle surpassed everyones expectations, making the Junior- Senior Prom a memory to be cherishedlby all who attended. Senivr Mum I D E716 1962 Baccalaureate Service WILLIAMS STADIUM SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 20, 1962 8 O'CLOCK Pmccsrzoizfzl ,,,,,,,,..,, Garland High School Band Regal Processionaln .. S,,, . Clifton Williams I77ZJOf!Zfl0iZ ,,,, , .. . .. Robert Earl Luna Cboial Selecfiofzr Praise To The Lord" , Christiansen God Of Our Father" . . Maddy Acldferr tvttttttttttttttt tttttt . . Rev. Ed Mace Pastor First Christian Church, Garland Befzecifcfzozz ., . .. . . Williarn T. Wisener, Ir. Recemozzal tttttt ttttt G arland High School Band Ceremonial March" .,,,, john Morrissey Dnecfof af Mavic . Paul Bourek Choral Direelar t,,, .. . james jackson I-laaar Val 6617251012672 JUDY BELL Average 97. 59 Out of the 1962 Senior Class numbering 433, fifty-six students will graduate with honors. The students in order of rank are: Judy Bell, Dick Lawson, Teresa Ashenhurst, Sarah Cle- land, Gena Odell, Su- san Wright, Bill Wise- ner, jerry Matlock, Judy Herring, Mike Moore, Gayle Stice, Leslie Demetri, Micha- el Dann, Lynda Cruit, Ronnie Gibbs, Sharon Kissick, Ann Thurman, Linda Smith, F. A. Coleman, David Carter, John Wagner, Linda Horton, Janie Sprag- gins, Suzanne Barbee, Nancy Guynes, Linda 0 uduafmg 611155 fudenfs Thompson, Mildred Todd, jay Tillinghast, David Tabb, Mike Cathey, Susan Fausett, Paula Partridge, Eddie Horstman, Kathy Hor- ton, Mike Hayslip, Martha Crumpton, Glenn Jennings, Caro- line Edwards, Glenda Richards, Beverly jus- tice, Lynne Coffman, Susan George, Becky Dean, Judy Parker, Gale Gooch, Stan Win- terbauer, Edna Cope- land, Linda Edwards, Ruth Williamson, Carol Scheid, Ronny Harvey, Beverly Burke, Janet Persons, Susan Tidwell, Karen Nichols, and Bob Foster. S!Z!llfL1f0l'ifl7Z DICK LAWSON Average 97.42 Kommencemenf Program Garland Hlyh Selma! WILLIAMS STADIUM, 8 P.M. May 25, 1962 P1'0re,r.ri0'1mf-''Regal Processionalm . ,,,,, ,,., , ,, , .. Clifton Wfilliams Garland High School Band Izzvomljoyz , Micluael Hayslip Aiwf of Erlfzrfzfiwz , , , Richard Lawson "The Role of five I11rfi1f2d1nzl"" , , Judy Bell Pmrezzmfiozz of Dipfonmr ,, , Dr. Coy Pickle Mr. Earl Luna Alma Maier . N , ,, ,, Senior Class Directed by Wade Bennett Bezzefficfiozz A . ,, ,, ,. , Michael Moore Receuiozml-''Ceremonial March" , ,, John Morrissey Garland High School Band Band Director - Paul Bourek CLASS OFFICERS Prffidezzf N ,,,, ,,,, , , ,,,,, , joe Espinosa Vice-Pmridezzf H ,, Eddie Horstman Secrelm'y ,, , Gary Mitchell T1'ef1,rzz1'e1' , , Kathy Horton Reporlez' , , Osby Borchardt SPOIIJUI' . Mrs. Marie Davis C0-Sj201z.t0r , ,, Mrs. Frances Gamble 68 X Adverfisfmcnfs sw Bes+ Wishes, Seniors LU NA'S TEXACO SERVICE Pick Up ancl Delivery 508 AVE. D BR 6-4988 Congra+ula+ions, Seniors '62 LUMBER COMPANY Everylhing +o Build Any'I'l1ing" 2I25 Kingsley BR 8-2I7I SEBASTIAN-BUCHANAN Mobil Service l00 S0u+l'1 9+h BR 6-4964 Engraving Sfone SeHing TICE'S JEWELRY Phone BR 6-565l 507 So. Garland Ave. Garland, Texas 282 C IN FRONT OF GARLAND HIGH SCHOOL Phone BR 6-6511 ' 6 gQPgg ,a ' 4 p . V 52' fi , ,fp GARLAND'S YEAR-ROUND TOY STORE Firsf S+. Shopping Cenfer Phone BR 8-3004 AMPCO METAL J 8: E DIE CASTING CO. Jehu Morphis, Owner Aluminum and Zinc Pressure Die Casfing BR 6-5098 T Granny Lannom ai' LOU'S CAFE 209 W. Garland Ave. TOWN 81 COUNTRY DRESS SHOP S 5X .latex K X! I'8I9 Sou+h Firs+ S+ree+ Garland Larry and Garry ge-+ Jrhe works ai' RUTH'S BEAUTY SHOP Is'r Sireei Shopping Cenfer I29 Commercial S+ 5 284 ., - I 1 ' Q. : -3 ...J ,-,, , . . 1, . M M, -1 f ,M . wwww . Q- - T-gf-'qv :, .F--Q. , ,. 'F f .- w H1 ue.. eg. . 3 mga Q ms mms we va ff f .4 23.43 - ' - T' W - ' WT: f 11. . TW ' g.:-fe firm my ..1W1:f'f: fri-I.T" 'LT.,l'Df. 7 ' 'fi - GARLAND SAW AND LAWN MOWER Sales and Service on Lawn Mowers and Power Saws I33 W. Garland Ave. L. H. Killion: Owner BR 6-5393 "We Curl Up and Dye for You" BlLLlE'S BEAUTY SALON 3I9 S. Garland Ave. Garland, Texas BR 6-5956 ThUndefb0'+ T00'S BILLIE WALKER-Owner J 11' Q WESTERN AUTO C H EVRO LET ASSOCIATE STORE l 8l3 Garland Avenue, JACKSON CHEVROLET Phone BR 6-5l49 275I S. Garland Ave. BR 8-8l69 Weyerhaeuser Company Milk Carton Division Garland Branch 285 wave L .L ME is WRLALWEEEE QQ JONES HARDWARE A RsADv.Mlxzn IIIIBIIEIE III. ll00 No. Sth - P. 0. Box 1497 GARLAND, TEXAS BAILEY USED CARS I LEA NANS Downfown COOPER REALTY 6I5 W. Garland-BR 6-4932 CECIL COOPER A OLIN D. TALLEY ' GERALD B. COOPER Pick Up and Delivery BR 6-5054 ROYAL PLAZA INDUSTRIAL WOODWORKING MACHINE CO., INC. Cleaning Laundry 549 N. Fiflh S+. H2 E. Szuare P. O. Box I466 Garland, Texas BR 6-6692 We Congralulale and Complimenl' Ihe Garland School Sysfem SPUNG McGOWEN REALTORS CANNON DRY GOODS N. E., Corner Sq. Downlown Garland, Texas "Your Friendly SIore" Nafionally Known Merchandise Besl' Wishes 'Io 'I'he Class of '62 IIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII . WG? - 4' . '. .'.'.'.' -'.'. Z"'1 I ,.,.-.-s,.-.- .- 3-pix.. . -f -'P P , MI!!! s umllllllllllmllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I -:-:4:-:-:Z , . -:f :1:': .1 5555555355551 , , ,.,.,,z::5:55515E5E5E3E5E5E5E55fErEr?E2E:E:g::.:.g.,., , Compliments of REBUILDERS, INC CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAMS LIFE INSURANCE CO. 7I6 W. Garland, Garland, Texas "Family Group lnsurance" "Garland Decoraling Heaclquarlers WO LTMAN PAINT CENTER Firsl' SI'ree'I' Shopping Cenfer PAINT 'I' WALLPAPER Picfure Frames-Ari' Supplies Garland, Texas BR 8-2922 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. For 'I'i1e Bes'I' In ORCHARD HILLS Used Cm! REXALL PHARMACY GARLAND MOTOR CO' Saiurn and Kingsley Rds. "Bargain Corner BR 8-354I Lowes+ Prices Ever" Garland- TSXGS 20g Lavon BR 6-6311 Complefe Drug Service Au'l'o Loans All Kinds ai' Bank Raies 0-F Morfgage Loans Insurance GEO. A. ALEXANDER INSURANCE 602 W. Garland Ave. BR 6-6l5l "AVOlD TROUBLE . . . H Y I WriH'en by an Ageni' Whoapiovniulilolizarance 288 COOMER INSURANCE AGENCY RUSHING T.V. SERVICE AUTOMOBILE 1- DWELLINOS I734 Soufh PM S+. HOUSEHOLD GOODS BR 8-8757 BR 6-5905 6I9 W. GarIancI Avenue Garland, Texas Bobby Iooks II1em over af- S 8r M AUTO "A Picture Tells the Story" DOC ALLEN STUDIO q,315?L2 "fine Bbntngrapbp fur Zlibuse who Gare" gwwwmpurtraits ui Eistinctiunwww 0 0 Bride Portraits and Wedding Candids Children and Groups FOR Brush Oils PROMPT COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND X IncIus'IrioI Archifecfural COURTEOUS SERVICE lnulhome DIAL BR oadway 6-5789 POR APPOINTMENT ' F Y c f :- I402 James Drive Air Conditioned the Year ' oun COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO GREATER GARLAND VAT O SALUTES THE CLASS OF '62 A SOURCE OF PRIDE TO OUR COMMUNITV CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH MEMBER OF YOUR CLASS AND BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS R' UC! RESEARCH . DEVELOPMENT . DESIGN . MANUFACTURING IFES' VARO Mi, Q J 2201 WALNUT STREET GARLAND TEXAS BROADWAY6 fT4T LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA WASHINGTON D C DAYTON OHIO SYRACUSE NEW YORK CHICAGO ILLINOIS I f , ,, X , 7 I I vi J Ig a , A - T, M J I X X T I lf ' 7 f - L- -f . rf 'V . , , f L I f f',,,f . . .' 0,3 1:5 fo 0:7 nc: "'fvfmEw'9 o I o - , I I ' ' I I I CONGRATULATIONS, SENIOR owLs CQIFFURES from LEVINES II8 Ridgewood So. Side of Square BR 8-62I6 Downfown GarIand OPAL'S "Specializing in Permaneni' Waves and Lamp Cui' 'For Na'ruraIIy Curly Hair" LILLEY AYRES SHOES Garland Shopping Cen'I'er BUS. BR 6-5900 NIGHT: BR 6-7345 Free Es+ima'Ies Chain Link-Fences-Redwood HANCOCK ROOFING AND SIDING CO. NEW ROOFS-I0 YEAR GUARANTEE Clofhesline Poles-AII Home Improvemenfs Awnings-Ornamenfal Iron-Guifer No Down Paymenf-F. H. A. Terms THE ITIHII SCIIEID AGENC 2.5: ymumu - Z.-lk.. ff Y - , - fi i gp.. l g 31 3 5 l'TiT-iff-44: f, RTE :E 5251?-9 43? , I '1l...:f-,: -l- - Y .A-- -.1 L-' 'Q-E I 'E fi. -ftltlffiige-3. m 5?-F 5-F5 l.' i: LPTT-' "Ev'1'-,.- -J . r'.f ,..-15?-I' iF.. --..-:ff ,f ,f , ,,. if Y .., ,,A,. .e..e..A..,H:.. w. ., ,E ..,,.,r... enm- IO4 Ridgewood SI1oppirgCenI'e" BR 8-8I56 GarIand, Texas HALLMAN LUMBER COMPANY 525 N. 5+I1 BR 6-6l96 ll-LMAN L -If 525 reoi groi A aarrerie ife I 5, ,B 9 "EVERYTHING for 'I'I1e BUILDER" ow 2025 Sa'Iurn Q99 AX , p gb I 29I One of our Sensible Seniors ETHEL!I Complimen'rs of . . . DEE'S VILLIAGE DRIVE IN Complimen+s of GLOBE UNION, INC. l22 Garvon S+. 01,110 J P. O. Box II BR 6-H37 v4,.,,.,f.-,-, .x.f,-f g K 1 X PM , -gilqrtw ' " Q " ' "" DEPENDABLE fr gr, DR ueelsr 23'- GARVIEW REXALL Firsf S1'ree'r Garland, Texas STANTON BUILDING COMPANY General Confracfors Prefabricafed Sfeel 'Buildings Garland, Texas REMBRAN DT STUDIO SpeciaIis+ in School Yearbook PhoI'ography Also PORTRAITS--WEDDINGS-COMMERCIAL ALBUMS-FAMILY AND WEDDING TRIPS Frames-by Na+ionaIIy Adver'risecI Manufaciurers CaII CLINT SUTHERLAND-BR 6-5292 6I0 SI'a're S+reeI' GARLAND, TEXAS Garland OwI's Nesi' Phofographer Since I943 CLOPTON DANCE ACADEMY Free Transpor'raI'ion for Working Mo+hers WE OFFER I. One Teacher, Teaching everyihing 2. LocaIIy Owned S'I'ucIio 3. TV Reci'l'aIs 'For P.D.C. Phone BR 6-5923 903 W. Garland A. D. JACKSON. JR. Insurance Phone BR 6-6527 Garland, Texas NICKELSON VARIETY Wes+ Side of Square Down'I'own Garland Congra'ruIa+ions, Seniors of '62 293 'QL PLAZA HARDWARE I8lI G I CI Sh ' C T SINGER ar an opplng en er SCHWINN BICYCLES SEWING MACHINE COMPANY LAWNBOY MOWERS ' Wesf Side Square Garland, Texas BR 6-6559 T-L GARLAND FLOWER SHOP 2525 S. Garland Ave. BR 8-2I52 Garland, Texas Th Th D I g Th enly pl-ace To buy your Complimenfs Iewels 'S of OGLESBY'S HOLLENSHEAD JEWELERS FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCES . . .Take if From Sarah. SKlLLERN'S PLAZA 5701! Bes+ Wishes 60052 FOOD Class of '62 ' - DA'RY coma 8. DAVIS co. QUEEN Since l895 I Wes'I' Side of Square Down+own Across From High School CONGRATULATIONS 'ro 'rhe SENIORS of I962 From -rl rn U 5 W -I I I I I I :QE A . .A, 4 MV' r,. ., .V ':,.,,Z v jggam p ., H W X A .. T V,,, I " , K4 V1 .M . ' y , K I " ' me .IL ' 1 an ' ,. ""' I -- 1 , " N' M 122' ' I ,. -'L, I, ' .. Q, .. ,, ,, ,. 1 Q by ,mm A -v-f f "" . " ,. W, " "" .,.' AA,, l n I "" f my .M A ., ,-h' A --'- INTRODUCING CompIeIe DeparI'menI' S'I'ore FED MART Merchandise a'r SubsIanIiaI Savings ONE STOP SHOPPING 295 phi My. how Mike's legs Cisbp Iejms hfw ' ' ' have changed. Bu+ if + e ar Way' doesnW seeni io b +h A A-I TYPEWRITER COMPANY Sales-Service-Renials DIAL BR 6,8374 ls+ S+ree'I' Shopping Cen+er 505 Siaie Garland, Texas g X, CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '62 GEORGE'S DRIVE IN LANDER'S FOOD MART l608 Fif+h Sfreei' l02 Garland Ave. BR 6-9932 BR 6-5385 George Lander - .. LET US HELP gtk QXCUL QQ-Av f": A if n I A f A Z ,gg-, X' bl Uwx - C9-A-1 24 eww ,gaf smj A ooS2rUM-,exe vewoo,-Dim, C-1 wo. ve-New ffm Www ix uumgi Congraiulaiions +0 'Phe Seniors of I962 GARLAND STATE BANK Garland Shopping Cenier XNSUR G 4y Q55 1 . Q, S' Vlixlrnum fb Q SIMUUU 1 E: Insurance 3 ,6 Fo Ea De s J Q Y. + MEMQEQ '- J a,Q,0M-J die? f Qld' A Q' st Meats in ownujl 7 gggfgsigg VWQQJ HI LAND GROCER U21 J s f 7 7 ' kj W7 LTRAVIXAGWELL 'X 7l9 Fif+h s+ree+ BR 6-5622 Home Cooked Food 'ro Go NEWMAN ,1 AND SAVE BUTANE x A 1' 'gui L A A HOUSE a HOME FURNITURE Fu'I'ure Home Breakers Look Around AL HAMILTON AGENCY Genera Insurance 2635 Sou+h Garland Avenue Business BR 8-7302 Home BR 8-7220 297 No Holes . . No Streaks. . . No Poor End Slices.. Sunbwmx BATTER WHIPPED Sunbeam gmac! It's Tender Tested! ,mai X ONITA'S BEAUTY SHOP JIM ALLEE OLDSMOBILE GARLAND USED CARS IiFVgai::1I3SAve. 23I7 S. GarIand Rd. Sales and Service New and UsecI CurIis Crossman CROSSMAN INSURANCE AGENCY since I890 Garland, Texas DIXIE CROSSMAN CURTIS CROSSMAN JR. Laundr Afleaners A I me , ,I Glk.LZl1l1l,E! Congrafulahons, Seniors S I GARLAND PHARMACY The Prescripfion S+ores for Grealer Garland ". . . abou'l' a quarl' low, Phil" says Gale Garland Firsi' your AUTHORIZED HUMBLE DEALER BR 6-5049 BR 8-8:64 BRUMWTHUMB'-E S E R V l C E ARNOLD 81 MORGAN PIANOS 7542 4' Corner Oales 8: Ferguson Elo Garland Rd' Dallas DA I-2954 BAKER FURNITURE WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME D. Cecil Williams Marion D. Williams MII A f ww ww 9fffvW'f Wifi AWIZWQZ? WARM I E . CWWFMMQNJW 5 M E QMW MQW JA R Q,.Zfm5.7?0JwZ WQNM 1A! A , i4ii JWIIM -IQUWW 1 . VJ if ff J j X XV? M VA' xx LU ff UW ,NMX A 1, T' ' fm W fy? X 1, w X X, AN, IC, X KJ Nm W Q 1 5 rm, 1 L L L ff DX kj 0 A X milf y fv fm! 1 W jd JW f' V 1' 'I 3 lf fl ,U ww wi W Q Q I JXP ji VX'-1' 5 XL' Q I W ,f ,I "J ' ' ' r I nj If 1' ' Q +5 LV X 1' ' 'D My 5 'IW P V X J fy' jk, W2 -N .vt L If U D L Rf ,lf A fb if M w f 2,1 V M m ., K I f, .xv , f ,ff lt! .N 4 J Jf' XP VX ' O M A15 bf X s 1 f W b 2, A ,L , 1 ,V L. , f fx ffm 1 ip ,W J lb Lf A J if nv X M N V M Lf ' f V V J N 5' Li! A l A M ,J WU 'win - - J' Y ' , L Lu' if if NVQ V qf'YI L I , fu A ff J f f W AL' M . , , . ,J .' NL A U' ' " ,f 0 JP' M V fly ff M X L ,N LN ' M N ' J. ' 1 , ' A P ff 7 J l I 5 aj 10' VP! Mk! JJ JLL K L l, v L, X' V ' Iv v ,, 1 fl qf ,' uf J f ' J ' , DU , VKX X NM N ' VR , f . . , ff m- 7 J XJ b Y MJ MQM p EM 1 Wj47fJVWV5j9P W M MW Tbif A 'zph 7 Com lif . i 1 1 f Your Offic' s Manuf tur r X gl ,K QLJW J www KQWMW Vyffif WW 7 'WWMW WE gf Ww A Jl i I 1 fm ffl, , fmwviv ,f WQ my 35 7 W Vi EMM W Og 1 YTQSX A m'W'U'L X N ax QQ ,AN is New Y QW KWAEFQQA Qs Skiiwf wi M ,M fASV?R,lx A5 MQ QQ AX K Q NX EDM Ag gliwysgmf is , f ffiifgikiwf 59 0 si Qpyefm ijbjlgfqig - WW ff 1 ,M Si,,f,,,gg,, 1635? igwfiiif M 5 WWW M M3553 Www YW . M X gf f X2 R EWS? f QL R225 3. W f QQ ?,T U,,,M,.Y The Wor d's Best Yearbooks Are Tay or made VEAKBOOKS X7 W mf ff K MJ NJA 5 WM NW ffjwy fly, wY3f25?3 iidivlflffffi QV P 410 fog M lk WBXJQQ whey W w,m ',WW5f'X?N L, L QL? 1 WSNJV , f 'M "fo w-'Yyiyckwkwjif Myjgvww 1, I7 ,Mfg 2 ji X Uv!! Q1 ' ' fu if ' L,f 5412L,Mff M2 iw ff 1 W! M4 A A J fjf-X451 ' W fi I ' Q7 ,, jf 7 M, LLAYXQQT JWZ WV! ' WWC. lg!" wgfdy f,f'ffj,,, .,z! 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Suggestions in the Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) collection:

Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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