Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX)

 - Class of 1961

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Garland High School - Owls Nest Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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4 if 11: rffwgi Www? M mA m ,y 4 3 WWW 0 ,ef HMM? , wfgilgfg M Jpfjiyiir JM MU3,ypAf:,?f"p4,.sf . MM My 0' 'Q' ik' fi 'AMHWJQLW if 5 ,,"5:f"0f9 ww SQ WM M W FS ef XD W W MWQQF A ffm Wm Q3ysM f V WN 5 ,wsfwx . x M355 iMWiw EE Ng X WW wg Q56 X gNpfiMK12ffW,95ff ., f f U V I , I 'V gffffmzk, 14 f1",, . dy ,X ' X I X5 gy? MOL' V M A . X H U .f 2 . H WM 7,154 -,N ,6 X ,aff L! M W V f M W M W L 9 f , W 5 W 1 Q if W My , f fgwfuf Wf We . W ' .W Www 'W A ' W W j Cy 6 WWW .1 J fl X ""' V WNW P X if f f X J G ., Y f W , 0 6? QQW ' jLfQf'.JfJv J! X ugjgzgh Schooywflf WW iw! Th .eniQr,ClaSs MMU! ZH A nd, Texasgw s , aiu Presents 17,44-vu. 23,5355 ,-cz..,,4.,,., . WMM .Qji Jw fff4Q-afL5L B -f in N: I A I EI i 9q':,vfjV1jL ,GD JQQAAJ 1, f 41 , 777,f,.,.-J 6fAfJ.k.ff.1.,4.C3 , -U 'jL1Jl,i-9.1 ' kk Dj'-Z.,-jyfxv X I . ,, A gnu, 159245 ,j,1,fJ4i,,f1Jl 44' I X077 , 1' . ' , .W 1 l , , -JY I , X' Q-I .f"'jJ,'.Q-J jllfl " I "I 419 x , I, f ji" V..- 131+ 5 A QU, ea pp- gy ff 5 fJ!0f4f.w f 4 ,','JJ,1Xf' H4115 - Q ff X X - ,- ' , . Q . i , J ' , QUA Lf1f-ffXf::r- A I I ,Y Y h N fx '1' I . T I4 1 1 X fl -s 11-H7 J, f"- gd ,GDHA W XM 'FL I I z .UL M, A' W 5 X n ,LM -X. Y X., ' ,gm , n xg? My Ty Y , gif A5331 QU , pq. 9 'P Mu U xj " . L W 1 Wim m!,i,Lv9.M JQQJEN f Xf0Lj ,A CV M X , AMN za , J ' f ' 732 1 fiw 2W W fwffa Wy? E WMMAW f HJ .yu 51,0 M cawrfpgwlw WMM JVM" 4 l QW in M 5 .SFF J!! Aix' K X. A WWW? ff MSSQQW I 'N 1 J' g'fJ"fJ GJ A , . wMi gf MD Q Q 5 GQI1 o'.' 'lf'xj,,.Q,'f,L -K 1 vw '2' -ft' ' R' 1 2:2,,,o!Ca,:v,,,,,4,a!o0-Z-ff"f4f"'-"""c'.' J 4 d'ffa4fff6f,Aecaw-fff41'5Cu'd7"""""7d' .XMI mfg Contdl rv-"', K, -Inf. Q lf' i iwf 1:7 LW W W 151311 1211 5 JI 4' Q PresentaHon . . Qi 4 HI? fy Title Pages xx f T'Q? oFConmnm W . N5 f n 'fireword J 'N QA ' Dedma' Ng Q Cr Hs 1 - ' pus nes 'Qsf fx ,Q imgation ,QXJU V , Classes ,Wi Q if W1 if u Q1 Activities , . . 3, f i i J' N X Organizations lf' U 'gf Q ,XX GMX 'PF' NJ Favorites x i.s-- X34 ' bi Sports in xiii-I Advertisements :V f .V v' . 121' Index fnmzinnvfff ,,.,,-s......4 lla 4s1.4.ul f- ""' The 1961 staff proudly presents the 1961 Owl's Nest. A story told rather silently of all the hustle, bustle and excitement of a year at Garland High School. We hope in this way the high achievements, u f 4 ssls s'llI'-cL , .. extracurricular activities, and the ' "I ""'f sylg ' lilftafkaafp, rl. scholarship ofthe students ofthis 4 'V " fy, V 15, I' 4, , 1, un N 'Inns gal pr,,,l4 A '."l. school will always loe remembered. uf- L yL . 4 .J A., 5 . I,-', it i LI-sf.. ,kL4. Ilia. K Always willwe, the students, remember 4"- 4 'fr' fun' ,, I , I Illslf 1g4ft.'. I I our years at GHS, and look back on this L 5 I 'I' " "" c D , 1 4 1. s 4 book as a treasury of one of those great F- S sv 1 's 0 v 1 , , I., .f Years, sfulr' I I, 1 , V. . Q, May the following years loe as happy 1 "I 1 and successful as those past. I WW, N Z "' I 9 X will X 4 f ff , K 0 1. fftrillll 1 if A' 5 ff' liz 1 fffedifntrz Because . . . . . . You are very thoughtful and helpful to each of your students . . . . . . You are dedicated to your profession , . . . . You show your love for the subiect you teach . . . You are always willing to back our school sponsored activities . . . You have a warm smile and sweet personality . . . . . . Everyone who knows you loves you and finds you "muy simpatico" . . . We, the Annual Staff, dedicate this 1961 OWL'S NEST to you, MISS KATHERINE STEPHENS. Miss Stephens relaxes in her garden, On Pan-American Day, Miss Stephens wears her Mexican costume, 7 0 . 1 v-any A - 2 QQSE- 1 51 5 .X 2 Q f: :'- 2 f: . . 1 5 , J W 3 4 ,,, I 7 ,ig J' .ff jg, V17 u , , 4 f 1 .f ,. K? ,Q A L' 1 Ng, , ,, , A . - f f I A4 1 Q - f -' ' ' fi. A , Sf,ii. K N .L . , . " J - ,u ,W ll- P If Q , ' X 5 W, wfffp ' ,Q - s iw ' fl, I4 -"' ui f- , Q 5, :Sita-V " M -' - Y".-' 'Q f, 'f Z? f V U A . . 4, 43' . K MY sn, :fm w H ' fffgif 'ms'-U" Z' M-'P ' L- A ' M H, 'f , 4, ,T -N, , , V ,L 1' . 1, . 4, 1,1 A 1 ' . . L1 , f . ' -'Q . f 'i x'lffif"iQ' "STf."f7'A 7" 'L' ' ' 'A ' Y' ,jg,'f rzglf . " , ' ' . -- .Qgffi'Sfgifijvv3"-,. A ' j f .7 K", ' ?g,1Q,,4,ifsf,N f ,Sl W-V W 7 4 - 1, , .R f' , QTSQ' K '59, .- n3jgg?q'f,lff'-f XV A ff: X 3 . 15 fgggiyj. ,yu V, fiat ,nl 4,7 -M3 4 V, ,431 , , ,j I 0 ,Z LLM 45? L1''v,,1'f71i3.fff2'Kfi54?,b5ff.-,ifff:. b X aux' im x -. AN F L- t ,xi Y W 7. r .... -v ,rx wif 'wif wh- 5 47 1-: ., i, Ziff J 5.1. yy aww, x.. l'Ilw0"Fl'U"! V xftfxf -fy: .mm- ka .4,, Q , if 1 - .W ., Q A M , -.. , .L f, 'A Rv '3:g?w1' H K ? ' 9 - in .,vv!?z. WW- K A- ' . 1 vf, ,Q- ' .fhx f- "h' " ff L-','1 XZ- . - f f , , , -,,. ,.., , f, ., .V f-,k,.ki5fN., Vkk,V. fy in I 5,,V Q ,Q---if. . ., , , ' l ,,i L 5, ,, , ' ,l .., Q 1 A. , " .. . . al .3 "1-4.x , A. 'wa -'HZ "2 -'L-5, '. . . 4" 4"'.-IVE'-' -.4 "fini-1 .M rf ff -af-fr H .4 'ZW-, -Q ., 'X' ' cf. : .f":w..: aw .' .e,g:1,,,q.,:i::.-: -,5,,:.e.Z ,3525,E,,.,.fvfgaffggi1.5 .1-f,,v:5 T., fy., ,wwf V... , Tub? ,. .fa-. ' F4-ef M M , :'ffiE'1'ff-s-- - .." E, 2 N N' W -1 29:59 vw' w w fe -f-- f Us Qgfmfklw-biim' - 3C'x"'f'E, ' ls: 1-1222- I . , . , ,.,..i,, I . , , K . gi .i mai- .0 e w-r ' j .' 1 ,q...,,, f ' r' 5 5 5 ijt" ' 1,7 ' - f. , .3gQUj,g-', fi, j ,.,, il A if fijr-'5'jf,,:7Q.i:'ii".xsx'fQQt'5',1SFQ-It1iii'5iF'Vfi?f"f5i1L2?21QlT2gjQ5f,.fiIH1.:.v1flH1liiQViz5W?3v-,'''7l"l"'l"bH'flf"V3f'?i:'5Af'95-2 A al l 2, K ,, ,. i qi vi, ai J, wi a ii., 1 fi f,-ws M.f.w A , M M is ,r-we ifw:wwi2,-fi .iw 7- i.a.wa,.-wif., Z .U,fa..U..,.-Q..iff2i,a-.Wxfi fi--W PM Fl v ''lwel1fsffzgJi-fimml.15'4Lf.Q13,1"rw+,'l Y-f',.:5ig,52g4fW,?Tgw'i - . r W - K ical N, K, - V , .,.,: 7 I K ,,,,, ,- ,, .,.. . V, . .W . ' 2 A - :Zz 212.7 -' as--J Band Hall Avenue D Wing Band Hall-The Band Hall houses The many 'trophies of which ihe Band members are so proud, and it also serves as a practice hall. Boys' Gym-The boys' Gym is The scene of much activity because of the many assemblies and basketball games which are held ihere. Avenue D Wing-This building is now part of the High School and many classes are held there. CA I0 Boys' Gym Shop Shop-This building serves for such classes as Mechanical drawing, history, and hanclcrafts besides being a storage place for band and shop supplies. Cafeteria-The cafeteria will always be one of the busiest and best known spots on the campus. Agriculture Building-The Agriculture boys are very proud of their Ag building in which they learn much about the modern techniques of farming. PU Agriculture Building ALMA MATER Hail, Garland High School Your Glory behold. We'lI e'er be loyal To the black and gold. Our alma mater, Steadfast you'll always be We'lI cherish you Through loss and victory. Cafeteria Girls' Gym Administration Building Main Building Girls' Gym-The old gym is the scene of action for our exuberating pep rallies and small school dances, in addition to the girls' P.E. classes. Administration Building-This building houses the offices of those who keep the wheels of our school running. Main Building-We shall always remember and be thankful for the many subiects, friends, and good times we enjoyed at GHS. nu-as-a-4mu.....,..,,.,' 2 abministvatirm BOARD OF TRUSTEE GARLAND INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Board of Trustees members are, from left to right: Mr. Hampton Creel, Mr. Marion Williams, Mr. Earl Luna, President, Dr. Coy Pickle, and Mr. E. B. Elliot, Sr. Not shown are Dr. Raymond Fletcher and Mr. Quentin Scruggs. MR. KENNETH N. WALLER MRS. JUNE CROCKER Director of Maintenance Bookkeeper and Secretary MRS, ANN DAVIS MRS. LARINA COWAN Receptionist Secretary MR. GLEN B. COUCH Superintendent of the Garland Independent School District i MR, W. E. PETERS MR. RALPH D. SANDERS Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Educational Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Business Affairs Instruction M. C. MOSES Principal of Garland High School B.S., M.S. "No ma'am, we are not giving a week's Mr. Moses, favorite principal of Dallas area schools for the holiday for Columbus Day this year." past two years, is also a favorite with Mrs. Moses, Mike, and Monte. I6 GHS FACULTY Mr. G. B. Hudson, Assistant Principal MF- Bobby Wynn, Assistant Principal B,A., MA, B.S., M.Ed. VISITING TEACHERS SCHOOL SECRETARIES Mrs. Oma Gene Bechiol Mr. Joseph PickIe Mr. John, Bufler B.A., M.Ed. B.S., M.Ed. SCHOOL NURSE LIBRARIANS Mrs. Margurite Turner Mrs. Ressie Isett Mrs. Nelleen Womack MISS Lucille TUFISY R.N. B.S., M.Ed. B-A-I NI-A- Mrs. Elaine Hightower E GLI H DEPARTME T Mr. J. G. Beeson Miss Madge Daniels Mrs. Marie Davis Mrs. Elizabeth Driver Mrs. Jessie Featherstone B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.Ed. B.A. B.A. Mrs, Ella Hickman Mrs. Agnes Johnson Mr. Jim Ligon Mrs. Ruth Lindblom B.A., M.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. Mrs. Margaret Rhoads Mrs. Lavona Rowen Mrs. J. R. Shelton B.A. B.S. B.A. ,N , Mrs. Pauline Smith Mrs. Gwendolyn Waller - B.s. B.A., M.A. MATH DEP RTME T Mrs Alta Lee Altom Mr L B Brackeen Mr. G. O. Dodson Mrs. Francis Gamble B S M A B B A M Ed B.S., M.S. B.S. Mr Bull Fmley Mr Sam Jackson Mrs. Mabel Kelley B S M Ed B S M Ed B.A., M.A. Mr. G. O. Dodson attempts to explain fundamental trlg to a few of his students. 'T I9 SOCIAL TUDIES DEPARTME T Mr. Jim P. Burns Mr. D. T. Clifton B.S., M.Ed. B.A. MTS- N0fma DOVSGY Mr. John W. Hadsky Mr. H. N. Harris B.A. B.S., NLS. B.A., M.A. Mr. B. J. Johnson Mr. Sidney Peveto Mr. Gerald Ratliff Mr. Alton Williams B.S., M.Ecl. B.S., M.S. B,S, B,S., M.S. VDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT. Mr. O. D. Stringer Mr. Billy Stewart B.S. B.S., M.Ed. ' 20 STUDY HALL AGRICULTURE DEPT. Mr, R, B, Sewell Mr, Ray Carggn Mr. H. E. Turrentine B.S. B.S., M.S. B-5-, M-Eli SCIENCE DEPARTME T Miss Adele Anderson Miss Faye Shockley Mrs. Mary Kate Burns Mr. Charles Haldeman B.A. B.A. B.S., M.Ed. B.S., M.S, t The Periodic Chart of the Elements, as explained by Mrs. Ruth Peters, is a great source of amusement to Buck Stevenson. Mr. Robert Hood Miss Billie Nickels B.S. B.S., M.Ed. Mrs. Ruth Peters Mrs. Virginia Rawlins Mr. John Wagner I B.A. B.S., M.S. B.S. MLISICA D RT DEPTS. 1 Mr. Paul Bolrelcllu Mr. Jim Jackson Miss Florene Gray BuslNEssfDEP RTME T Mr. W. B. Head Miss Louise Hunt Mrs. Catherine Smith Mrs, Jean Trotman Mrs. Martha Willis B.A., M.Ed. B.A., M.A. B.B.A. B.S. B.S. FQREIGN ANGUAGE DEP RTME T Mr. M. L. Johnson Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Celena Pierce Miss Katherine Stephens Mrs. Peggy Shelton B.A., M.A. N bf' P' V B.A. B.A., M.A. B.A. 7'-il flifirxjklll NV! tjsmimfhxvfas ,,iV 5 .riffs .M ," X5 DRIVERS EDLICATIO Mr. Van H. Venable Mr. Jerry Young B.S. B.S., M.Ed. PHYSICAL Enucf-nloli DEPARTME Ty Mrs. Rachel Calkins Mrs, Margaret Collins Mrs. Marybeih Finley Mrs. Nancy Philo Mr. Joe Brown B.A., M.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S., M.Ed. MF- Elm0 Cummins Mr. Homer Johnson Mr. Bud Owens Mr. Larry Reed B.S., Nl.Ed. B.S., M.S. B.S., M.Ed. B.A. NOT SHOWN: Mr. Dalton Hicks HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTME T Mrs, Fern Bruce Mrs, Fran Caldwell Mrs. Bettie Hudson Mrs. Evelyn McDowell Mrs. Alice Stroud B.S., M.Ed. . . . . B S B S B.S. B.S. l CAFETERIA WORKERS CLISTODIANS .-, TOP ROW, left to right: Mrs. Grace Bailey, Mrs. R. G. Wiggs, Mrs Left to right: Mr. W. B. Kemp, Mr. S. G. Rasor, Mr. Fred TOPPFHS. Maurine Harris, Mrs. Mattie Walton, SEATED, left to right: Mrs? MI'--limes Bl0Uf1f,Mf-Homef Klfl3Y- Georgia Riker, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Charles Newman, Mgr. F70 cAFEfERlA WQQKERS STANDING, left to right: Mrs. Zoe Whitlock, Mrs. Rebecca Morgan, Mrs. Betty Echols, Mrs. Winnie Hodge, Mrs. Gwen Christian, Mrs. Ruth Oelke, Mrs. Carolyn Sherron, Mrs. Virginia Pitts, Mrs. Louise Hawtharne, Mrs. Adele Todd, Mrs. Lois Jackson, Mrs. Lorene Cooper, Mrs, Alene McCleary, Mrs. Chrystine Buchholz, Mrs. Mildred Ethel. SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Dora Wright, Mrs. Lee Hicks, Mrs. Johnnie Hill, Mrs. Emma Sanders, Mrs. Louise Young, Mrs. Mary Russell. 24 15121135155 SENICR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD PICKLE BUSTER STEVENSON JOHN VIRDEN MAC DRAPER Vice-President Secretary President Treasurer -r JUDY ABBOTT BARRY ACKER JEANNE ADDINGTQN JOAN ALAMO FHA- Historian of Math Club, Biology, Art, Clubs, FHA, Choralaires, Junior Red Cross. d GLORIA ALLISON ARLINA ANDERSON FHA, Chorulaires, National Honor Society, Library Assistant, English Club. EDDIE ANDERSON GEORGIA ANDERSON PHIL ANDERSON RODNEY ANDERSON Chorolaires, National Honor Society. 1-we Al! SANDRA ANDERSON BEVERLY ANGEL SUSAN Asci-HM ELLEN ASHLEY Band, Studio Ensemble, English Club, Owl's Nest Advertising Manager, FHA, Transferred from Wichita Falls, Debs, Quill and Scroll Society. JEREBETH AXE All GHS, Beta Club Award, Business Staff Manager of Owl's Nest, Na- tional Honor Society, English and Future Nurses Club, Vice-President of Biology Club, Junior Classical League, Debs,' Bed Council, Quill and Scroll Society, English Club. JEAN BARBER Second Place and Honorable Mention in Story-writing Contest. Y-Teens So- cial Studies Forum, Reporter of FHA. Quill and Scroll Society, Owl's Eye Society Editor, Library Assistant. National Honor Society. JANIE BAKER VICTOR BARBER DIANE BARKER Second Place in Science Fair, Physics, Transferred from 50mmU9l 5EHl0L' Biology Club, Junior Classical League. Yedr- DOLORES BARNES Most Friendly, Creative Arts, Pan American Clubs, Secretary of National Honor Society, English Club, Trans- ferred from Abilene. JAN BARNES JEANNE BARNS JOE BARNES Most Athletic, National Honor So- ciety, Biology, Future Nurses, Cre- ative Arts Clubs, Treasurer of His- tory and English Clubs. NANCY BECHAM Reporter and Club Editor of Owl's Eye, Quill ancl Scroll Society, Pub- licity Committee of Y-Teens, Creative Arts, 3-D Speech Clubs. DON BEDELL Senior and Junior Most Handsome, Runner-up Sophomore Most Handsome, Truck, Pan-American Club Chairman, Treasurer of Commercial Law Club, Treasurer of Junior Class, Editor ol Creative Arts Club, FHA, A.O. Student Directory, English Club. RALPH BEAL JAMES BEASLEY CAROLYN BIRK Homemaker of Tomorrow, Short Story Award, Runner-up Most Witty, Pres- ident of Choralaires, Council Chair- man of Choralaires, Reporter of Creative Arts Club, FHA, A.O., Biology and 3-D Speech Clubs. ROSEANN BARNES All Region Band, Dallas Area Festi- val Band, T,W.U. Festival Band, Librarian of Band, Studio Ensemble, National Honor Society, 3-D Speech Club. CLYDE BLEVINS National Honor Society, Commercial Law Club. JUDY BOLES Best Owl Spirit, Runner-up for Most Versatile, Personality Plus, Best All Around, Nominee for Homecoming Queen, Valentine Princess, Cheerlead- er, Head Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Beta Club, President of Pan-American Club, Junior Red Cross. BOB BOLTON LINDA BONDS BARBARA ANN BOONE Commercial Law and Social Studies FHA, Y'Tee'15, 50Cial Studies Forum. Personallly Plus' Ru"""e"L'lp Besl.Na' Forum Clubs, tured and Friendliest, Vice-President BOBBY BOTSFORD A.O. Biology, Commercial Clubs. of FHA, Junior Red Cross, Future. l Nurses 'Club, Office Assistant. JACKIE BOWLING RUTH BRANCH JIMMY BRATHER GLYNN BROOKS KAREN KAY BROOKS 1 Most Courteous, Runner-up Best Na- tured, 3-D Speech Club, Treasurer of National Honor Society, Beta, English Clubs, Debs. DON BROWN LlNDA BUCHANAN Future Teachers, English and Com- mercial Law Clubs. DONNA GAYLE BUTTS Secretary of- 3-D Speech Club, Vice- President of National Forensic League, National Honor Society, Band, Vice-President of Gaval So- ciety, Beta, Biology, Chemistry, ancl Pan-American Clubs. EDDIE BROWN RALPH BROWN MARY LOU BROWN Sergeant-at-Arms, English Club, Pho- Transferred from Thomas .lerferson tographer of Key and Biology Clubs, High School in Dallas, Social Studies Pan-American Club. Forum, Future Nurses Club. MIKE BULLOCK Chemistry Club, Parliamentarian of English Club. SHONDA CAUDLE JUAN CERDA LINDA CHANDLER National Honor Society, Junior Classi- EXCl1ClY19e Sflldelti ff0m CUYUCUS, Vene- cal League, Junior Red Cross, zuela, Pan-American Club, Honorary Member of Student Council. ,Q-nn.. 'YF 'WY OMA JEAN CHASE Library Assistant, Choralaires, FHA, Commercial Law Club, Quill and Scroll Society, Reporter and Circu- lation Manager of Owl's Eye. DAVID CLOPTON DAVID CHRISTIAN Soroptomist Club Award, Delegate to "Democracy in Action," Tennis, Key, English, and Chemistry Clubs, Junior Classical League, President of Tennis Club, National Honor Society. MONTY COKERHAM President of English Club, National Physics Club. Honor Society, Golf, "G" Associa- tion. GARY COLE Best Nctured, Runner-up for Most Courteous and Most Dependable, Boys' State, Junior Rotarian, Beta, Key Clubs, Vice-President National Honor Society, Student Council and Commercial Law Club, Sergeant-at- Arms of English Club, "A" Basket- ball. JOHN COLLIER Most Witty, President of Commercial Law Club, Chemistry Club, "G" Association, Baseball. RICHARD CLARK SHERRY LYNNE CLENDENEN Key, Chemistry, Pan-American, Com- Choralaires, Senior Representative and mercial Law and Biology Clubs, Vice- Chair Council of Choralaires, Com- President English Club. merridl Law Clllb, FHA- BURNICE COLLINS OTHA COMBEST I DON COOK HUGH COOK Runner-up Mast Athletic, Dulce at Valentine Dance, Honorable Mention in All-District Football, Commercial Law, Physics Clubs, Sergeant-at-Arms of English Club, Football. , MARGARET DIANNE CUPPY Choralaires, Junior Classical League. Owl's Eye Staff, Quill and Scroll Society, Future Teachers, English Clubs. KX! Q' A B ETTY DAVI E MIKE CORLEY National Honor Society, Gavel So- ciety, Physics Club, Youth for Safety Council. DAVID COX Key, English, and Physics Clubs. LYNN CUNNINGHAM JIM CURTIS National Honor Society, Drum Maior Football, National Merit Scholarship of Debs, Deb Council, President of Award, National Honor Society, Pan-American Club, Beta, Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Key, 3-D Speech English Clubs. Clubs, "G" Association. GARY DAVIS Track, National Honor Society, Cap- tain of Track Team, Junior Classical League, Physics Club, President of English Club. NANCY DAVIS President Social Studies Forum, FHA, Voices and 3-D Speech Clubs, Y-Teens, Library Assistant. 'PDQ y"'V"4l . Ytcsf' BRENDA KAY DICKERSON Future Homemaker ol the Year, Treas- urer af Band, Studio Ensemble, Wood- wind Chair, FHA, Chemistry, Math, and English Club, Squad Leader of Band. ML GORDON O. DODSON Mr. G.H.S., All G.H.S., Runner-up Most Dependable, Most Handsome, Nominee FHA Beau, Boys' State, Student Council President, State Stu- dent Council Convention, Duke at Valentine Dance, Biology, Beta Clubs, National Honor Society. JANE DYE Transferred from Banks High School, Birmingham, Alabama. FAITH EASTON Most Ambitious, Runner-up Most De- pendable, Beta Club Award, President of National Honor Society, Treasurer of A Cappella Chorus, Choralairs, Vice-President of English Club, Owl Orators, Junior Classical League. MARY JO DRAKE MAC DRAPER FHA, 3-D Speech, English Clubs. Treasurer of Senior Class Chemistry i x M59 ZELT DUNBAR Pon-American, Commercial Law Eng lish Clubs, Social Studies Forum ETH ELENE DUNCAN Squad Leader of Band, Studio En- semble, Woodwind Choir, National Honor Society, Secretary of Physics Club, Treasurer and Vice-President of Math Club. RALPH ECHOLD National Honor Society, Physics and Chemistry Clubs. WINFRED ECHOLS wav' l ARLIE EDWARDS Math, English and Physics Clubs. LINDA ETHERIDGE NELDA FARMER GARY ENGLEMAN Physics, Chemistry, English Clubs, President Camera Club, Quill and Scroll Society, Owl's Nest Photogra- pher, Sports Photographer, and Ed- itor-in-Chief of Owl's Eye, Commer- cial Law Forum. JUDY FARIS Owl's Eye Staff, Quill and Scroll Society, Choralaires, Commercial Law Club. KAY FlELD Best Natured, Runner-up Most Courte- ous, National Honor Sbciety, Secre- tary Quill and Scroll Society, Vice- President Future Nurses Club, Junior Red Cross, Copy Editor of Owl's Nest, Chemistry, Biology Clubs, Con- sul Junior Classical League, Senior Humor Pub. CARLTON EPFERSON Baseball, Runner-up Most Ambitious, President Physics Club, Treasurer Eng- lish Club, National Honor Society, "G" Association. RICHARD LARRY ETHRIDGE All District-All Greater Dallas Foot- ball, Co-Captain Basketball, Track, Baseball, Most Athletic, Runner-up Best All Round, Duke at Valentine Dance, Student Council, English Club. JANET FINLEY Production Manager of Owl's Nest, National Honor Society, Tennis, So- cial Studies Forum, Junior Classical League, Quill and Scroll Society, Biology, English Clubs. JEAN FLETCHER Runner-up Most Athletic, Physics, English, BiolO97, Chemistry, Math Clubs, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Society, Debs, Club Editor Owl's Nest, Junior Classical League. Xie JERRY MILLARD FLOOK JOHNNY FONTENETTE BETTY FOOTE JERRY DON FOSTER Most Ambitious, President Junior Track, "B" Football. Junior Clfld Senlof RBPfSS6l1lUllVS, Classical League, National Honor FHA, Studio Ensemble, Woodwind Society, Commercial Law Forum, Bi- Choir, Squad Leader of Band. ology, English, Chemistry Clubs. EDNA JANE FULKERSON BETH GALBRAITH Second Place District Interscholcstic League Typing Contest, Quill and Scroll Society, Circulation Manager al Owl's Nest, A.O. BiolO9Y. Pan- Americon, Tennis Clubs. NANCY GARDN ER All G.H.S. Secretary, Student Coun- cil, Nominee Homecoming Queen, Valentine Duchess, Debs, Treasurer of Creative Arts Club, Art Editor Owl's Nest, Biology, Beta, English, Future Teachers Clubs, Quill and' Scroll Society, Junior Classical League. 05" 'vii MARK GARNER SAMMY GARVIN LINDA GENTRY Football, Senior Representative, Key A.O. Biology Club, Junior Classical Club, Physics Club. League, National Honor Society -novo' "Btu 1 QW JAMES LEONARD GEBBONS DON GLENN National Honor Society, English, Physics, Chemistry Clubs. l i M49 BETTIE GRAY JUNE GREEN National Honor Society, Debs, Junior Classical League, Future Teachers Club, Vice'President English Club, Library Assistant. ALMA LOU GIBBS DELORE5 GOOD All'Re9l0n Choir, Cl10fUl0lfe5, A CUP' English, Commercial Law Clubs, So pella Choir, Secretary A Cappella C301 Swdies Forum, FHA, Choir, Sextette, English Club. JEAN GRAHAM PATRICIA ANNETTE GRAU Soraptimist Club Achievement Award, National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Secretory and Pres- ident Future Nurses Club, Junior Classical League, Junior Red Cross, 3-D Speech, English Clubs. RONNIE GREEN SHARON GREGEORY Sophomore Most Handsome, Student Council, English Club, Commercial Law Forum, "G" Association, Foot- ball, Track. A Av' it 'VS' 'mi-H' 'y..,.. WAYNE GRIZZLE REX HALL GLENDA HALPIN JACQLELYN HARBINSON ,105 ? yt' mmf' ,.af9"Y' Adv' ONA MAE HARRIS GARY HARVEY Transferred from Mt. Pleasant Junior Valentine Duke, Boys' State, All Year, English Club, Junior Red Cross. G.H.S. Football, Track, President of it ws' QU' F-'FW g1qp.w-turning, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Physics, English Clubs. FHA. BARBARA HARDIN LINDA HARRELSON Choralaires, Library Assistant. JUNE ELAINE HARVEY Cl-loralaires, Future Nurses Club. 'tiff' ALYCIA CAROL HATLEY A.O. Biology, Library Clubs, FHA ibn GAlL HAWKINS Most Dependable, Editor-in-Chief OwI's Eye, Reporter National Honor Society, and Junior Red Cross, Quill and Scroll Society, Secretary English Club, Pan-American Club. THOMAS WAYN E HILL Transferred from Dallas Senior Year, Chemistry, Physics Clubs. MARYD EE HOFFMAN FFA Sweetheart Nominee, Quill and Scroll Society, Vice-President and Treasurer of Pan-American Club, Owl's Nest Business Staff, Vice-Pres- ident Physics Club, Parliamentarian English Club, Junior Red Cross, Ote tice Assistant. NELDA HERRIN JIMMY HIGGS GLYNN HIGGS Debs. SUSAN HODSON GWEN HOLLEY JERRY HOLMES Al-l-EN HOOD National Honor Society, Charalaires, FFA, Ccmera, Biology Clvbi, CONW- FHA. mercial Law Forum. JERRY BOB HOPPER Best Owl Spirit, Runner-up Wittiest, Cheerleader, Business Staff Owl's Nest, Owl's Eye, Quill and Scroll Society, Pan-American, Key Clubs, Reporter 3-D Speech Club, National Forensic League, A Cappella Choir. JEANNE HUGHES J. C. HOUSE JIMMY HOUSTON BONNIE HUGGETT 3-D Speech, English, Commercial Chemistry Club, "B" Football. Circulation Manager of Owl's Eye Law, and Qeqiive Am Clubs, National Honor Society, Quill and JAMES HUTSON Secretary English Club, Biology, Pan- Americon Clubs, Commercial Law Forum, Tennis, Library Assistant. LOR ETTA DUR EN E INMAN Nominee Homecoming Queen, Runner- up Personality Plus, Basketball Queen, Valentine Duchess, Biology Club, Junior Red Cross, Historian National Honor Society, Debs, Junior Classical League, Secretary English Club, Quill and Scroll Society, Activities Editor af Owl's Nest. Us-OJ ANDR EA JACKSON Runner-up Most Witty, Creative Arts and Future Nurses Club. Scroll Society, Social Studies Forum FHA, Senior Humor Publication. ANDY JACKSON Junior and Senior Class Favorite, Student Council, Runner-up Best All- Round and Miss G.H.S., All G.H.S., D.A.R. Representative, Homecoming Queen Nominee, National Honor So- ciety, Secretary Beta Club, Maiorette and Deb Council President, Debs. WELDON JAMES Band, Chemistry Club. JAMES JENNINGS JANIS JOHNSON Choraloires, F.H.A., English Club, Commercial Law Forum. ADAM JON ES LORRAINE JONES FHA, Social Studies Forum, Future Nurses Club. JUDY JON ES Miss G.H.S., Senior and Junior All G.H.S., Runner-up Most Dependable, Best All Round, Editor Owl's Nest, President Junior Red Cross, Secretary National Honor Society, Treasurer Beta Club, Reporter Student Council, Quill and Scroll Society, Vice-Pres- ident Junior Classical League. PEGGY JONES Most Beautiful, Class Favorite, Class Secretary, Student Council, FFA Sweetheart, Valentine Princess, Nomi- nee for Homecoming Queen, Runner- up Miss G.H.S., Deb Council, Art Editor Owl's Nest, Beta, Future Teachers, Creative Arts, English Clubs, Quill and Scroll Society. SUE ,ONES BILL JORDAN Joi-iN JORDAN MICHAEL TED Keenan FHA Ch,-,,-cranes Runner-up Most Courteous and Best Cl1eftjlSN'Y, PGH-Amefifdn Clubs. Com- Natured Vice-President Junior Classi' fY12fC'0l l-GW FOYUH1- cal Leaaue, National Honor Society, President English Club. PAUL KEPN ER JANA KESTERSON Historian and Reporter Math Club, Business Manager Biology Club, Ten nis, Junior Red Cross, Office Assist- ant, FHA. DAN KI RBY Pan-American, 3-D Speech, English Clubs, National Forensic League, Tennis, President Tennis Club. JERRY KISSICK JOHN KIDD MARILYN KING Key and Pan-American Clubs, Re- Transferred from Sherman Senior Year porter of Chemistry Club, Football and Baseball Manager. NANCY KING NICK KING Football, President Physics Club, Treasurer of English Club, National Honor Society, Beta Club. RONNI E KLAS National Honor Society, Key, Pan- American Clubs, Football, President English Club. DELORES LAND DON LAND JOHN LANGFORD JULIA LANGFORD Biology Club, Social Studies Forum. FHA, Social Studies Forum, Secretary GLENDA LEE TOMMY LOCKE Senior Best All Round, Runner-up Best Owl Spirit, Junior Class Secre- tary, Valentine Duchess, Cheerleader, Secretary Y-Teens, FHA, Junior Red Cross, Englirh Club. LARRY LOGSDON National Honor Society, Band, Studio Ensemble, Slide Rule, Physics, Eng- lish Clubs. V, 'ly' f. WAYN E LONG Creative Arts Club, Secretary Future Teachers Club, Y-Teens, Future Nurses Club. GERALD RICHARD LONGWELL Pan-American Club, "B" Baseball. ,J " J CHARLENE LEE Best All Round Sophomore and .lun- ior Year, Homecoming Queen, Run- ner-up Class Favorite, Student Coun- cil, FHA, Biology, Creative Arts Clubs, Quill and Scroll Society, Jun- ior Red Cross, Y-Teens. f""'Hhi J'-wie .. ,VM JIMMY LUNA - ' F I tier KAY MAGNESS R ENEE MARTIN All Region CIWOVUS, 50rlg Leader "B" Football and Baseball Com- FHA, A Cappella Chorus, Choralaires, mergiql Lqw Forum, English Club, Commercial Law Forum, library Assistant. ROBERT MAYH EW NANCY MALMQUIST JUDY MARONEY JOHN RICHARD MARSHALL Social Studies Forum, Future Nurses FHA, Social Sludies Forum. SSYVICG Lone Star Farmer Degree, Treasurer Club, Y-Teens, FHA. Chairman Y-Teens. FFA, Chemistry Club. RICHARD MARTIN JAMES McCOLLUM DIANE McGEE DAVID McKEAN Third Vice-President FFA' English Exchange Editor for OwI's Eye, Quill "B" Basketball, Baseball, Commer- Club. anal Scroll Society, Senior Humor cial, English Club. Publ ication. ZEN ITH MCCROAN Class Editor of OwI's Nest, Quill and Scroll Society, Secretary of Chem- istry Club: Secretary and Vice-Presi- dent of Junior Red Cross, Vice-Presi- dent Creative Arts Club, Vice-Presi- dent Junior Classical League, Biology and English IV Clubs and Senior Humor Publication. LINDA McKEE ""w-Nadi' BUTCH METCALFE DAVID MILLER Sophomore, Junior, Senior Best All- National Honor Society, Commercial Round, Runner-up Mr. G.H.S. and Law Forum, Art Club. Junior Class Favorite, All G.H.S., Boys' State, Co-Captain, Football, All-District, All-Greater Dallas, All- State in Football, Basketball, Tri- Captain, Track, Student Council, Beta Club, Vice-President Social Studies Forum. BILLIE MEDARIS RONNIE MCLAUGHLIN Dashing Debs. A Cappella Chorus, Choralaires Sex- tet, Biol09Yi Chemistry, and English IV Clubs and Commercial Law Forum. ALAN MEADOWS BILLY MERRIMAN Secretary and Reporter of FFA, and Biology Club. LAURA MOBLEY FHA, Y-Teens, Math JERRY MILLS Club. RONNIE MONROE Runner-up Most Friendly, A Cappella Chorus, Vice-President English IV Club. KAY MORRIS Runner-up Most Athletic, National Honor Society, Tennis. DAVID JOE MOORE ROBERT MOORE CAROLYN MORGAN FFA, English IV and Chemistry Clubs. Vice-President Physics Club, English National Honor Society, Vice-Presi- IV Club, National Honor Society. dent FHA, Secretary Choralaires, TY MORRIS Most Versatile, Runner-up Most Hand- some and Personality Plus, Texas All-State Chorus, Region X Choir, A Cappella Chorus, Quartet, Trans- ferred from Norman, Oklahoma, as Senior, National Honor Society. A Cappella, Speech, English IV, and Commercial Law Clubs. EVA LOU MORRIS HAROLD MORRIS Band, National Honor Society, Pres- President Creative Arts Club, A Cap- ident Y-Teens, Social Studies Forum. pella Chorus, English IV Club. JACK MORRISON JUDITH ANN MORSE Business Manager and Advertising Manager Owl's Eye, Quill and Scroll Society, FHA, Social Studies Forum, Senior Humor Publication. JAKE MOSSER LARRY MUIR SHERRY MYERS TOMMY NAU- Golf. Cl'teI'HlS7I'Y Clvb- National Honor Society, Track, "G" National Honor Society, FHA, Pan- Football, Student Council, "G" As- Association, English IV Club. American, and English IV Clubs. sociation and Commercial Law Forum. GLENDA NEDBALEK MAXINE NASH FHA. BARBARA NEELY NANCY NESBITT DONNA NEWCOMB SHERRY LYNN NICHOLS Quill and Scroll Society, Art Editor Library Club. Bandd, Studio Ensemble, Woodwind Rotary Award, Dashing Debt NUll0f1Ul Owl's Eye, Senior Humor Publication. Choir, Junior Red Cross, Pan-Ameri- Honor SocietY- can and Math Clubs, T.W.U. All- Girl Band Testival. fx. .r-ill NIC NICHOLSON DOROTHY JUNE OBANNON ELIZABETH PARKS "B" Team 50Slfell90ll. 5eY95Unf'Uf' FHA, Commercial Low Club. Transferred from Huntsville as Senior, Arms English IV Club, Physics ancl A Cappella Cho,-ug, Key Clubs. BlLL PATTERSON PATSY PATTON Commercial Law and Social Studies FHA, Choralaires. Forums, Key and Physics Clubs. CARROL PEACOCK CAROLYN PEARCE Choralaires, Historian, Future Nurses FHA, Vicypresidenf English IV Club, Club- Pan-American Club. JUDY PEAVY Most Witty, Dashing Debs, Deb Coun- cil, Vice-President Quill and Scroll Society and Junior Classical League, Secretary Physics Club, Beta Club, Reporter English lV Club and Jun- ior Classical League, Production Ed- itor Owl's Nest, Future Nurses Club, Senior Humor Publication, Thom McAn Leadership Award. PAUL PARR FHA, Future Nurses and English Clubs. IV m..f-'E My LEE PENLAND DAVE PETERSON RICHARD EDMOND PICKLE CAROL FICCOLO DAVID PIPPIN Bancl. Most Courteous, Runner-up Most Am- bitious, Vice-President Senior Class, Junior Rotarian, National Honor So- ciety, Beta, Chemistry,'Physics, and President of English IV Club, "B" Team Football. f-4-sal-'Q' ,,,,...,-VY' is RAY POOVEY JEAN PRATHER National Honor Society, Treasurer Y-Teens, Social Studies4Forum, Quill Tennis, Chemistry Club, and Junior and Scroll Society. Classical League. HAROLD POLLARD JEAN PONDER JERRY PRATER Baseball, Vice-President, Social Stud- ies Forum, Pan-American and English IV Clubs. PAT PRESLEY FFA, Camera Club, Commercial Forum. Law Ar-may ,.,, 115. ff' ov- ' if Y .. ' X9 f jg S114 LINDA PREWITT A Cappella Chorus, Choralaires, FHA, Biology, English lV, Commercial Law, and Future Nurses Clubs. "4Qw4xX 'Y'?"'W"9' ROBERT REDD Commercial Law Forum. BARBARA QUILLIN Runner-up Best Owl Spirit, Drum Major Band, Studio Ensemble, Band Council, All-Region Band, Dallas Area Select Band, A Cappella Chorus, All-Region Choir, Treasurer Junior Classical League, Reporter English lV Club, Biology and Physics Clubs. 'iii' JAMES RENFRO Bancl, Studio Ensemble, Chemistry, and English lV Clubs, Transferred from Rockwall. VIRGINIA RAMPH l-EOI-A RAMSEY National Honor Society, Pan-Ameri- Runner-up Most Courteous, President Can, Biology, and English IV Clubs, and Secretary Future Nurses Club, Fashions Editor Owl's Eye, Quill and Scroll Society, Biology and Speech Clubs. PAT RAWLlNGS BRENDA RAY Transferred from Wylie Senior Year. Choir Scholarship, Q.H.S. Sextet, A Cappella, Choralaires, Secretary FHA, Treasurer Commercial Law Forum, English IV Club. .IEANETTE RAE RENFRO NANCY KAY RICH Band, Band Librarian, Stuclio Ensem- Junior Red Cross, FHA. ble, All Brass Choir, FHA, Chemistry and English IV Clubs, Transferred from Rockwell. wbafvw' RITA lCRAWFORDl RICH GLEN RICHARDS BILL ROBERTS JAMES ROGERS FHA, Choralaires. National Honor Society. Treasurer Biology Club, Basketball, FFA- Baseball. LOREN ROGERS TOMMY ROGERS Golf. ROB ROTH BEVERLY JUNE ROWELL JANET ROYCE BARBARA RUBARTS "B" Team Football, Golf, Chemistry, FHA, Future Nurses Club. Secretary 3-D Speech Club, Chaplain FHA- qnd English IV Clubs, Future Teachers, Treasurer English, Pan-American Club, National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Office Assistant. JAMES RUPARD ST EVE RUSHING Photographer Owl's Nest, Reporter English IV Club, National Honor So- ciety, Band, Vice-President Physics Club, Chemistry and Pan-American Clubs. JAMES RUST Junior Class President, Junior Class Favorite, Boys' State, Co-Captain Football, All-District, All-Greater Dallas, All-State Football, Runner- up Mr. G.H.S., Best All-Round, Most Handsome and Class Favorite, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Beta Club, Junior Rotarian, All G.H.5., King of Valen- tine Court. MARTHA SUE SAND EFER MARY LOUS SANDEFER RONALD RUTLEDGE RUTH SANDERS RUTH SCHNIEDER BILL SCHMIDT CAROI-YN SCOTT Runner-up Most Versatile and Most FHA, Biology, Pan-American and FHA, Cltofdlflifes, PQH-AmHfiC0H Club Ambitious, National Merit Scholarship Commercial Law Clubs. Ncl'0"'Cl Honor SOFIUY- Commendation, National Honor So- ciety, A Cappella Chorus, Chcralaires, Pan-American, Chemistry, and 3-D Speech Clubs, Vice-President English IV Club and Reporter Future Teach- ers Club. FFA Sweetheart, Sophomore and Jun- ior Most Be utiful, Runner-up Most Beautiful and Most Friendly, Nominee for Homecoming Queen, Dashing Debs, Student Council, Quill and Scroll Society, Biology, Pan-Ameri- can, Future Teachers, English IV and Creative Arts Clubs, Picture Editor Owl's Nest, Valentine Queen. GLENDA SCOTT a FRANCES SHEPPARD JO ANN SHIPLEY Tennis, Speech Clubs, English IV, Pan-American, and Biol- ogy Clubs. f""i JOHN SHIPLEY Vice-President Sophomore Class, Soph- omore Runner-up Best All-Round and Class Favorite, Runner-up Most Friend- ly, Basketball, Baseball, Track, "B" Team Football, Student Council, and "G" Association, Valentine Court. SANDRA SHIPLEY BARBARA LYNN SHULER English IV Club. Transferred from Jackson, Florida, Y-Teens, English IV Clubs. DIXIE SIMMONS BOB SMITH BOBBY JO SMITH CLAUDIA SMITH FHA, Future Nurses Club, Social Band, Sports Editor Owl's Eye, Pho- Dashing Debs, National Honor Soci- Transferred from Bryan Adams, Dal- Studies Forum. tographer Owl's Nest, 3-D Speech, ety. IGS, JUHIOI' Red CYOSS. C0mfT1efCiCIl Physics, Chemistry, Math and English Law Forum, English IV, Math and IV Clubs. Physics Clubs. JAMES SMITH LETICIA SMITH LOLA SMITH RITA SMITH FHA. Library Assistant. SHERRY SMITH LAWERENCE SPANN Choralaires, A Cappella Chorus, Band, Fan-American, Speech and English IV Clubs. MICE SPENSER MARC SQUIER LARRY sTANToN KENNETH STEGALL Bi0l05Yf FUIUYG NUFSCS Flubir JUN-50' Transferred from Little Rock, Afl40f1SUS. Commercial Law Forum, Pan-Ameri- Region X Clwir, A Cuppellc Chorus CIGSSICRI LWB'-I9 Und l-'bf0YY A55'5l' as Junior, Camera, Speech and Physics gan Club, and "B" Team Football. 3.D Speech Club, Uni- Club. if CAROL ANN STEPHENS Secretary FHA, Dashing Debs, Valen- tine Court, Spanish and Biology Clubs. CHARLES WILLIAM STRUWVE Pan-American, Physics and English lV Clubs. BUSTER STEVENSON Most Friendly, Runner-up Best Owl Spirit and Best Natured, Senior Class Secretary, Football, Baseball, Football Council, President Commercial Law Forum, and Chemistry Club. DAYLE STQNER MOLLIE STOVAL MARY FRANCES STURDEVANT American Legion Award, Treasurer 3-D Speech Club, National Forensic League, Quill and Scroll Society, Class Editor Owl's Nest, Senior Humor Publication, Junior Red Cross, Pan-American, Biology, English lV Clubs. GLENN STIFF Commercial Law Forum. me V "'uuual"' -'ff' . , fy!! X. t 1 . LYNN STOKES rf Band, Studio Ensemble, Woodwind Choir, Creative Arts Club and Future Nurses Club. .L '-M Aman!! moms JEAN SULLIVAN JAMES SUMMERS FHA, Choralaires. Sentinel FFA. RICKY TAUZEN MARTHA JANE suTToN ELDA BETH TAFT 'RMA TAPLEY Commercial Law Forum, Band, "B" FHA, Biology and Chemistry Clubs. Band. FHA, Choir, Future Nurses, and Com- ANN TAYLOR JOHN ROGER TAYLOR Art Editor Owl's Eye, Quill and Transferred from Samuels, Dallas, Scroll Society, Senior Humor Publica- Physics and English IV Clubs, Com- tion, Camera Club, Chemistry and mercial Law Forum. English IV Clubs. RONAL TAYLOR Treasurer Commercial Law Forum, A Cappella Chorus, "B" Team Foot- ball. JIM TILLINGHAST Valentine Court, Quiz 'Em Team- Dallas County Champions, Vice-Pres- ident Beta Club, Sports Editor Owl's Nest, Quill and Scroll Society, Foot- ball, Sergeant-at-Arms English IV Club, National Honor Society, Secre- tary Commercial Law Forum, Physics Club, Junior Rotarian, Grand Champi- on, Science Fair. Team Football, Pan-American and Chemistry Clubs. mercial Law Clubs. l JIM THOMAS JUDY THURMAN Tennis, Key, Pan-American, Physics, FHA, Biology, Future Nurses and Math and English Clubs. English lV Clubs, Choralaires. LOUIS TOLBERT LAVENIA TOONE CHARLES TQULA JAMES TOWNSEND Track. FHA. Commercial Law Forum' and Biology CUPIUIH "5" Team Football, Presi- PRESTON VICE Captain Basketball, All-District, Sen- ior and Sophomore Class Favorite, Prince, Valentine Court, Runner-up Junior Most Handsome, Senior Most Athletic and Best All-Round, Beta Club and Student Council, Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class. JIM VIDRINE Transferred from Lake Charles, La Physics Club. Club. DELORIS TURNER FHA, Choralaires, Library Club. JOHN VIRDEN President Senior Class, Junior Rotari- cn, Boys' State, Most Dependable, Runner-up Best All-Round and Most Versatile, All G.H.S., Quiz 'Em Team-Dallas County Champions, Key, Beta and Physics Clubs, National Honor Society. dent Key Club, Speech and Spanish Clubs, National Forensic League. BILL VANDIVER Business Manager OwI's Eye, Reporter English IV Club, Secretary Key Club, Reporter Social Studies Forum, Quill and Scroll Society, Math, Pan-Amerl- can and Physics Clubs. RICHARD WAGNOR Vice-President Commercial Law Forum, Biology and Physics Clubs. ,nf V, 19" l CHARLES WALKER ROY WALKER LINDA WALLACE ANN WALLACE R National l'l0n0r 50ClelY. PU'1'Amefl' Commercial Law Forum and Physics National Honor Society, FHA, Future 3 can and English IV Clubs. Club. Teachers, Pan-American and English ' lV Clubs. MSR OSCAR WALLS JACKIE WARD siluvlb Commercial Law Forum, Physics Club. Band, Reporter Junior Classical '4?""""b- TOMMY LEE WARD BARBARA WATSON PAULA WATSON Key, Biology, Pan-American, and FHA. Commercial Low Clubs. League, Sergeant-at-Arms Chemistry Club, Biology Club. RONNIE WEAVER Personality Plus, Runner-up Most Willy, President Biology Club, and Physics Club, Reporter Key Club, Junior Classical League. """"1. IQ!! 'gi .,.p""s' I GAIL WEBBER ELENA JANE WHARTON TERESA WHITT Junior Classical League, Biology and ' s Junior Classical League, Creative Arts and Future Nurses Clubs. Ensemble, A Cappella Chorus, Na- Chemistry Club . Dallas Area Select Band, Band, Studio tional Honor Society, Junior Classical League, Reporter Biology Club, Physics and English IV Clubs. MARITA WHITE I SHARON WHITE WAYNE WHITSON FHA, Y-Teens, Future Nurses and Fu- Biology Club, Commercial Law ture Teachers Clubs. Forum. BETTY WHITEHEAD JOAN WILBORN BARBARA WILLIAMS Editor of 'Senior Humor Publication, FHA, Scciql Diredor of junio, Clqg. News Editor of Owl's Eye, Quill and sical League, Biology Club, Office Scroll Society, FHA, Commercial Law Assistant. Forum, Biology Club. JACKIE WILLIAMS Quill and Scroll Society fu? "i"""'llli SANDRA JANE WILLIAMS Most Versatile, All G.H.S., Runner- up Most Beautiful and Class Fayorite, Valentine Court, Nominee Homecom- ing Queen, Dashing Debs, Deb Coun- cil, Junior Red Cross, President Quill and Scroll Society, Organizations Editor Owl's Nest, Corresponding Secretary Beta Club, Secretary English IV Club, Future Teachers Club. VELDA WILLIAMS ARTHUR WISE PAUL woooARD Transferred from Woodrow Wilson, Football. A Cappella Chorus, English IV Club. SHARON WOODROOF CAROLYN ANN WOODWARD FHA, English IV Club. FHA, Future Nurses Club. mu w1LsoN DON WILSON "B" Teams Baseball, Biology, Chem- istry, and English IV Clubs, Law Forum and Social Studies Forum. WILLIAM WORTHINGTON RICHARD WRIGHT Bond, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Key and English IV Clubs. I I I I SHIRLY WRIGHT FHA, Choralaires, Pan-American Club. SUE ELAINE YEAGER National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Runner-up for Most Ambitious, Chemistry, Math, English and Physics Clubs, Junior Classical League. SHARP YOUNG President Sophomore Class, Football SENIORS ENTERING AT MID-TERM Not Pictured Jerry Thorton Sue Taylor Bobby Stewart Pat Stephens Larry Sanders Leo Ramsey Anna S. Wight Peacock Leon Odom Larry McPhaiI Steve Longino Ronnie Lamb Larry Hopkins JOE FIAMMI GARY TROUPP ffl: . 4' xr 1 SQA JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOE ESPINOSA F A. COLEMAN JUANELL BAKER EDDIE HORSTMAN PHIL PORTILLO Vice-President Reporter Secretary President Treasurer 62 Paf Adams Sfeve Adams Clay Alder Laura Alder James Arrington Delores Aldridge Bobby Alford Jim Alford Cherie Allen Alex Andrews ,Teresa Ashenhurst, ff' lzlames 'Ah'el5e'rry J' Sheryln Afferberry David Axe Joyce Bailey Cheryl Baker Juanell Baker Allen Aronold Brenda Bandy Leroy Bangs Suzanne Barloee Carol Barham Sara Beth Barksdale Tommy Bartlett James Beasley Thecla Beasley Carroll Beatly David Beaver Sherian Beaver Bruce Bedell d B ll JU Y e Chester Bencher Paul Bell Jimmie Dean Bennett Richard Bennett Wade Bennett Jack Bickle Janice Black Ronnie Blackwell Sammy Blake Shirley Bland Ginger Blass Bobby Bogard Sandra Bohannon Linda Buhler James Burgen Mary Brooks George Brush CaThi Bruner Joyce Braunig Andy Burke Beverly Burk Nahna Burkham Anne'rTe Byars Mike Cathy Jerry Chambers Gary Chapman Mike Childress James Carpenfer Sue Carrow David Carfer Reba Bynum Marylyn Carmishal James Ch rusfopher Nancy Cobb Lynn Coffman Larry Cole Tom Corneff Jerry Crane Sherry Crane Jlrnmy Crawford Jerry L. Cunningham Jerry M. Cunningha Don Curran Glenda Cufhbertson James Davis l'T1 Johnny Daniel Mike Dann James Dan Arlena Davis Charles Davis Joan Davis Robert Davis Wayne Davis Becky Dean l Leslie Demelri Frank Dewey DemseyDenmcan" Jane Davis Don Dickerson Donna Dickerson Linda Dillard Dickie Dixon Caroline Edwards Wiletta Edwards Ella Dupree Donna Earles Janice Echols Pat Dodson Earl Duckworth Barbara Duckworth Cloyol Duckworth Bobby Eltorol Danny Elder Travis Elliott Susan Fausett Clauolia Ferguson Gloria Ferguson Bob Finklea Tommy Faggart Linda Farmer Ronnie Faulkner iff, i, Pgfiws, 'Li.f2gf Marsha Erwin Joe Es inosa IO Nan Estes Mike Finley Judye Fly Bob Foster George Foster Patricia Fredrick Freddie Freeman Jerry Foster Stanley Foster Larry Fowler Tommy French Joyce Gaither Tommy Fuller Randolph Gheen Ronnie Gibbs Paul Gifford Carol Gilbert Anita Joyce Gear Tim Gentry Susan George Mike Gamble James Gather Robert Garvin Lillian Gillentine Jerry Gist Dickie Glidvvell Frankie Glover Robert Green Anthony Gnage Gail Gooch Jimmy Gooch Susan Greene Sandra Greenwall Sarah Griffin Joyce Greenwood Mary Grizzle Nancy Guynes Deboral Hagen Jean Halbert Carol Hall Danny Hall Gerald Hall Gwyn Hall Jerry Hamilton Kathy Hancock Pai Hancock Lloyd Harbison Dick Ha rg rove Jinnie Harrie wi Danny Haubrich K yl f Nancy Harris Rheba Harris Cecelia Harrison l y c i ,, X i 1 l i fb Paul Hawfhorne Mike Hayslip Kay Heath David Helm Pat Glenda Mike Harrison Ronnie Harvey Sharon Hataway Hemphill Don Hill Jerry Hodge Don Hollenshead Bruce Holloway Kathy Horton Lincla Horton Betty Hopkins Jim Horne Q Eddie Horstman RIClCy l'lOW6l'Cl Gary Hudgms Judy Holman Martha Holt Glenda Hood John Hoods Guinn Hubbard Jerry Hutka Nancy Hutton Al Hyde Tommy Ingram Frank Hunt Harmon Hunter Marlena Huston Janis Huffman Doyle Hughes Mary Hughes Judy Jones Pat Jones Glen Jennings Pat Johnson Donna Jones Beverly Justice Ted Keener Joyce lshnied Janet Jackson David James James Jared Joe Kasper Kitty Kennemer Judy Kirby Sharon Kissick Jo Ann Law Carl Lawrence Dick Lawson Charles Le MasTers Bob Knappage Lyzanne LaDue Lonnie La May Joyce Lewis Jimmy Lloyd Bill Lofland Margaref Ann Loffon M., Jimmy Manley Paul London Bobby Luna Judy Lyles Doyle Magee Donne Malmquisf Dennise Mann Charles Marcey James Marshall Jackie Mashburn Jerry Mallock Jack May Nancy May Burch Mankln Jerry Mayes :l l Y'? Don Mays Nita McCann Benny McCarney ,Avi ,, ,W Nevelyn McClung Jim Mcgrlomack Y Iris MCCQN ie cCrary Connie McCrum Marylyn McDanel Nancy McGee Janice McNulty Jimmie Mclntire Robert McKinney Phillip Metecalte John Meyer Bob Michaels Betty Miller Sherry McLelland Brenda Mitchell Gary Mitchell J. T. Mitchell Mike Moore Sidney Morris Mickey Morrison Ronald Morrison Bobby Newman Richard Newman Karen Nickels JD. Judy Myers Mick Neathery Connie Neeham Martha New Shirley Nichols Buddy Nicholson John Nickerson Frank Nogka Gena Odell Rita Ogle Judy Parker Barbara Parker Jimmy Parks Paula Partridge Melinda Patterson Shirley Payne Roger Peace Edith Pearson Linda Norwood Janet Pearson Gary Pefly Jack Phillips Don Pickle Phil Porlillo M rna Pike Y Noel Plumlee June Pointer Tim Powell John Price Tommy Price Bill Poole Joe Porter Ronnie Porter Polly Prowell Judy Pamsey Ann Rector Linda Renolds Yvonne Reynolds John Rich David Richards Ga ry Richa rds Harvey Rice Joe Rico Marfha Richards Gwen Robinson Lil Rideour Glenda Richards Suzanne Riggs Royce Rhodes Dewey Roberson Carol Rochell JOl'mHy R0berTS Eileen Rogers Ronnie Rogers Sharon Rosenbaum Alfred Rossen Gloria Ross Pai Rubrechf Mike Russell Glenda Russell Cynihia Rutledge Janei' Ryan Charles Shawver Steve Shugart Jessie Seals Joan Selt James Sellers Eol Serloanich Curuin Sanborn Larry Scarborough Carol Schieol Linda Six Linda Simmons Peggy Smith Sharon Smith Sila Smith Betty Smith Cathy Smith Linola Smith Mary Lloyd Smith Jan Skinner Shirley Skinner Bonnie Smith Carol Smith Wayne Starkweather Butord Steele Janis Spraggin James Sprawl Don Stabeno Shirley Steele Gayle Stice Linda Sorrells Sue Southerland Ray Spankel Sandy Spiva Dale Steelman Gary Sznajder David Tabb Dorothy Taylor Phyllis Taylor Judy Strnad Stanley Swendell Kay Summers Carolyn Stover Ja ney Storey Martha Stout Roger Theis Bill Thomos Linda Thompson Robert Thompso Billy Trent I1 Buck Thorton Ann Thurman Susan Tidwell James Tucker Mike Tucker Jay Tillinghast Mildred Todd Barbara Turley Freda Turner Dee Van Gilder Joyce Vickers John Wagnor Jean Tolleson Alice Wallace Charles Walker Bob Watson Joyce Washburn Ferris Watson Virginia Watson Carole Webb Jerry Welch Charles Whittle Bobby Wemple Jim Wesson Larry Wheat Pat Wilburn Mancil Wilford Bobby Williams Judy Williams James White Rhoda Whitlock Ruth Williamson Larry Wilkins James Winder Teresa Whitman Dinah Windt Brenda Wingo Nancy Winkle Bill Wisdom Jane Wright Susan Wright Jonathan Young NOT PICTURED Anderson Alder Bobby Alford Darrell Bingham Gary Chapman Ronnie Craig William Castiel George DeVlugt Dempsey Denman Linda Edwards Joe Fiammi Robert Garvin Bruce Holman David Huffman Douglas Jones Mike Lour James Manning Mike Mooney Sam Page Jackie Platt Ronnie Rener Jolene Stephens Lynne Smith Lois Rudolph Vivian Washburn Lula Watson Joyce Wright Bill Wisener Stan Winterbauer Vera Wolvertson Mary Lou Wood SQPHOMORE CLASS GFFICERS MIKE GOODWIN EDWARD TOMLINSON CAROLYN HAWKINS DAVID LAMBERT Vice-President Treasurer SecreTary President 'X 84 I Judy Anderson Louise Anderson Milton Anderson William Anderson James Angel Vickie Arnold Jimmy Arnold Sarah Aschim Betty Askue Carol Austim Charles Bacon Gayla Baise Pam Barnard Larry Barnes Linda Beach Bill Adam Greta Akard Jerry Akin Alice Alberts Thomas Alexander' Kenneth Alfather Edwen Allison Doris Anderson Judy Anderson Kay Anderson Gloria Beduhn Danny Bennett Karen Bennett John Bevers Richard Bills James Blanton Don Blount Nelda Bolton Dianna Boughton Carolyn Boyd Barbara Bradley David Brazill Ray Bray Carolyn Brewer Donald Brooks Donnie Brown kDwayi1e:B.':ownLij Betty Buchanon Caludia Burkhaller James Burks Gene Clemmons Mike Cloud Q Patsy Cockrill Linda Coker Judy Coldwell Standly Collinsworth La rr Coo er Y P Leon Covingfon Q J9Q,BQri5.s,-x Cgyn dj,5,QLks2 Jiirimmy Burns Barbara Burris Bill Burr aro Bur o , George Callow Sondra Cardwell Mike Carrillo Chris Case Jan Case Jimmy Cassfevens Mike Casfeel H. C. Chambers Douglas Clark Jo Ann Davis Robert Davis Ronald Davis Thomas Davis Danny Dennam G. W. Denton Linda Dikens Barbara Dixon Carrington Dixon Carolyn Dodson Linda Douglas James Dowdy Tommy Drum Marian Duckworth Pat Dunbar Linda Cox Clem Coyle Jerry Crawford Marsha Crawford Troy Cunningham . Erngjin-egurlin Rose Ann Cyganik Barbara Davis Frank Davis Jack Davis Martha Dunham Rick Dunn Gary Dutton Linda Dye David Echols Eddie Elder Harriet Edwards Donna Edwards Preston Edwards Phyliss Edgar Rebecca Fletcher Sherri Fort Susan Foster Paul Foster Freddie Fox Suzann Fowler Jimmie Frank Julia Freeman Floyd Frizzell Mary Fuirell Linda Fykes Linda Gaddy Frank Gardner Carolyn Gibbs Lee Gibson Sarah English Bob Emrick Jimmy Epperson Chris Espesett Carolyn Esiep David Etgen Janie Evans Phyllis Fincher Sharon Finger Ronny Fiizgerald Linda Giddiens Harry Giles Verna Nell Giles Glenda Gilliland Mike Goodwin Jim Gordon Gretchen Gore Lloyd Gough Mancy Gouge Don Granberry Lynda Grantham Skipper Graves Jenny Gray Billy Greer Betty Gregory Larr ,Grisha ri yn Groff Richard Guthrie Peggy Haldeman David Hall Nick Harper Richard Harral Paul Harris Vera Harris Bill Hatchel Carolyn Hatfield Carol Ann Hawkins Bobby Hawley Judy Hayes Martha Head James Hall Larry Hall Jame Hambriecken Joe Hammerle Fay Hamilton x X ef' BFTIITI Sammy Y-,f Donald Haney Jean Hanney June Haney Jane Haney Lana Hankey Steven Hanson Vallory Hardcastle Walter Hardgrove Kandis Hardin Joe Helton Robert Hendricks Barbara Helms Barbara Hendricks Paul Hennig Barbara Henson Danny Henson Doyle Herring Johnnie Higgins David Hall Bobby Hutson Larry Hutson Rexine Jackson Bobby Jacobs Nina James Frances Jamison Jerry Jared Dwaine Johnson Carolyn Jonas Don Jones a x H. Don Hill Harry Hill Sonja Hegna Ronnie Hill Bobby Holmes Nancy Holmes Kathy Hilton Jerry Holt Pat Holt Peggy Holt Beth Holton Linda Hooten Andy Howard Keith Highes Sam Humphris Thora Keith J. C. Kemp Judy Kissick Diane, Klentgen Carol Kunkler David Lambert Joe Lambert Joe Laminack Jerry Lamm David Landgraf Sharon Lawson Barbara Lewis Barbara Lewis Paulette Littlefield Bobby Livingston Landis Jones Mike Jones Robert Jones Tom Jones Nelda Jutkins Sue Keen Danette Kaner Phillip Keese Dianne Keese Barbara Keeter Wanda Loftis Ralph Logan Terry Logsdon Rosemary Long Vaughn Long John Luck Sue Lunsford Ann Maddocks Janet Mack Tommy Mahn Bruce May Marsha May Dale Mayfield Billy McCarter Pat McCallum Sandra McClung Rodney McCoy ,Ly1McCrea K cDaniel Tommy McGee Linda McGutfy Jackie McGuire Sharon Mclnnis Kay Mclntosh Ernest McKinney John Malmquist Ju lvern f renda Manki DC ar es Maret Jo Dena Marcucci Donald Marshall Ronald Marshall Sue Marshall Gerald Martin Sherrie Martin Charles McKnight Dennis McLauchlin Sara McNatt Nancy Midgett Gerald Miller Horner Miller Karlyene Miller James Mills Sue Mills Harvey Montgomery Kenneth Morris Ross Morris Juanita Morg Mary Morrison Mericlith Morrison Sue Moss Judy Moulden Karen Mullens Robbie Mulry Danny Murphy Bob Patterson Helen Patton Dick Parson Tommy Partridge Mike Parker Mike Parker Janet Paulos Helen Peace Linda Pelton Kay Penolergraft James Myers Carol Nation John Neal Lynn Neely Robert Nesbitt Jerry New Judith 'Newcomb Skipper Newman Don Nolan Sharon Norvell Virginia Odem j Lonnie Oglesby X Leobeth Oldham Gary Osborn Conrad Quanitions i xClydene Phillips ' Rohnie' Phillips Suzanne Phillips Tommy Piccalo Claude Plunk Diana Plunk David Pollard Linda Polzin Carolyn Ponder Jim Porter Eddie Prather Rita Prechtl Ronnie Prim Kay Prior Kenneth Pugh Beverly Ranes Mary Rasor Jennefer Rea David Rhodes James Rhome Jane Richardson Larry Richards Marcia Richards Judy Riddles Jimmie Riely Shirley Robert Jo Ann Robinson Gary Rogers Lee Roland Vernie Rollin Jack Rowan Virgil Rush Gary Rushing Mike Russell Ronnie Rutherford James Sachse Jerry Sager Edward Sanders Craig Schotter Stewart Sebastion Douglas Self Larry Self La Rue Sellers Larry Sexton Carolyn Sheffield Donna Shipley Norma Shipp Pat Sherrad Sue Shirley Larry Short Tommie Shortnancy, slYLinQSlm riiermakerfjf Charles Simpson Bud Slaughter D. A. Smith Dennis Smith Glenn Smith Karen Smith Laverne Smith Mawin Smith Jerry Smith Reda Smith Gary Snapka David Sneed Betty Sorrells Linda Spence Ronald Sprowls Kathleen Squire Riley Spraggins James Stafford Peggy Stanfield Randy Stansberry Bob Staring Ruth Starr Jenny Stephens David Sternat Mary Stevenson Sharon Stewart Sherry Stinson Cathy Stricklin Carrol Stooksberry Jimmie Stookesberry ,Richard Stone at .Steveqjtubblefield .Mike St.'John"' C ' 'f Cliff Sullivan Dean Sullivan Marilyn Sullivan Richard Surface Janelle Sutton Jean Swanson Kay Swindell Sue Swoftord Alice Ann Taylor Mlyran Jo Tapley: Eugenia Tapp Kay Taylor Judy Tedford Alan Thorton Jackie Tipton Lynette Tipton Marilyn Tipton Howar Trout Danny Talley Jerry Turner Pat Taylor Tommy Thomas Larry Totten Tim Tabor Charles Thacker Donald Tbcker Margaret Treveino Emily Ticer Sharon Tinger Bubba Tomlinson Nancy Tratsch Mike True Linda Tykes Donna Va nderslice Jackie Valentine Larry Walker Leslie Wall Jackie Wallace Jo Ann Walls Mike Watkins Webby Watson Billy Ward Dianne Warren Luella Weatherford Tommy Dean Webb Joan Webber Stephanie Wentefs Vicke Wester Dorothy Whattley Don White Dennis White Bill Whittle Leo Whitman Vickie Wilbanks Carl Wilkerson Roger Wiley Don Williams Diana Williams Ann Willis Lee Willmurth Kathryn Wilson Martina Wilson Marilyn Winterbauer Ellen Wisenbaker Larry Wolfe Phylis Worthington Edward Wright Eric Wright Jearn Wright Linda Wright Billy Wyatt Sherry Yeager Allen Young Sue Young Nell Zadarosini Virginia Alexander Larry Jack Ball Frank Belitere Dorothy Black Edward Bowen Ronnie Dean Brocker Roger Brown Bobby Frazier Barbara Hellums Danny Holman NOT PICTURED Mark Kuhn Leslie McKinney Joe David Nortleet Robert Perry Curtis Pinson Betty Jean Pittsinger Peggy Nell Pittsinger Raymond Hill Linda Kay Stapp Doris Elaine Vaughan FRESHMAN CLASS QFHCERS GENA POORE DANNY SIMS RONNY BAKER WELDON MULLENS Vice-President Treasurer Secrefary PI'eSidSI'lT Nancy Ayers Virginia Bagby Myrna Bailey Rodney Baily Jackie Ball Barbara Baker Larry Baker Ronnie Baker Margaret Baker Mary Baker Carole Bane Larry Barbee Phil Barbee Kenneth Barfield Betty Barry Glenda Barnes Earl Barrett Randy Btarrlnger Patricia Barrios Ricky Abbott Judy Agnew Jerry Aken Linda Alderman Judy Alexander Julie Alexander Larry Alford C Bill A9 e orls Allen Roger Allen Pat Alridge QA? Donna AW el-Arc er Delores Arevelo Mary Arganbright Mike Arnold Vivian Arnold Linda Ashley Bobby Askue Sandra Austin Trudy Aven Carolyn Basham Delores Bass Don Bays Eddie Bean Troy Beasley Gary Beavers Patricia Bedell Patsy Beggs June Benner Janice Bevers Lynn Bernbaum Betfy Jo Berry Jimmy Bickley Mike Biggs Carol Bishop Judy Blake Roger Blake John Blanks Ronny Blasingame Gordon Block Carolyn Blount David Bolton Richard Bolton Brenda Bourn Henry Bouska Mike Boyd Bobby Bracketf Gary Brafcher Elmer Bray Linda Brayton Gary Bridges Beth Brock Kenneth Brocker Lieshia Brodie Sharon Brown Lynn Broyles Kitty Brumit Andy Bryan Becky Burchfield Philip Burke Gloria Cobb Alera Ann Coldwell King Cole Anne Cook Joel Cooley Connie Copeland Charles Cornalius Everett Costa Mike Covington Diane Cowan Ralph Cox Ann Craft Gail Craig Ama Lee Crawford Mark Cummins William Cummings Cindy Cunningham Dale Davis Sharon Darby an Delbert Burton Mike Byrum Weldon Cabaniss Karen Cabiness Roger Cadenhead Kendall Calaway Janice Callaway Benita Cannaday Mike Carr Linda Carroll James Chambers Joe Chandler Paulette Chapman Judy Chase Marie Cherry Doug Christensen Linda Christopher Diane Clanton Terry Clark Joyce Clem Lester Clopton Jerry Echelburger Donna Echols Annette Elder Kirby Endsley Danny Engleman Andrea Eubanks Mike Evans Susan Evans Lynn Ewing Sharon Fagala Jackie Farmer Karen Farr Alan Ferguson Sandra Flanagan Peggy Flanders Patty Fleeson Dale Fletcher Georgia Fletcher Jim Flowers Jimmy Davis Linda Davis Paula Davis Peggy Davis Sandra Davis Delle Davis Jesse Deaton Carolyn Deaver James Dennis Barbara Dickson Kay Dickson Doris Dishner Billy Dixon Gay Dodson Carolyn Dolson Johnny Drury Carol Dugger Donnie Dunavant Sandra Duncan Bobby Dunn Walter Dupree George Forbis Thomas Forbis Charles Ford Glenda Ford Don Fortenberry Diane Foster Judy Freeman Jerry Fuller Harrolyn Fuller Linda Gafford Thomas Galbraith Paul Ganus Ed Gardiner Thomas Gentry Brenda George Clara Gibson Ann Gieb Don Gillespie James Gilmer James Glynn David Godsey Randy Goethals Gay Goin Jan Gordon Karen Gosset Hubert Green Susan Greenwood Janice Grider Bruce Griffin Wayne Grimes Robert Gremsley Margaret Haker Terry Hagen Steve Haley Jimmy'Hall Joe Hall Jeanne Hamilton Vicki Hamilton Paul Hamm George Hancock Sherry Hancock Vinnie Hanes Rebecca Haralson Charann Hare Janis Hargrove Lincla Hargrove Billie Harkrider Leanne Harper Ronald Harper Grace Harmon Judith Harrah Brenda Harvey Barbara Hawkins Doyle Headen Janis Helm Lonna Helton Mike Hemphill Sharon Hinclershot Jerry Hasselberg Glena Hicks Clara Hill W- Harry Hill Marvin Hill Steve Hilton Julia Hitchcock Larry Hoclson Forest Hogue James Hoffman Truman Hogue Sydna Holbert James Holloman Linda Holloway Patricia Hollaway Beth Holser Sylvia Hogue Mary Hood Diane Horne Anita Houston Joyce Howard Michael Hoye Becky Jones Dudley Jones Kay Jones Robbis Juday Kenneth Kattawar Bobby Keith Jerry Keithley Kenneth Kelly Linda Keltner Linda Kendrick Madalyn Kennett Garry Kent Robert Keorth Judy Kershner Curtis Key Judy Killian Ronnie Killion Linda Killian Charles King Linda Hudgens Guy Hull Shirley Hull Shirley Hunt Susan Hunt' Betty Hutton Ray Hyde Larry lsham Cecilia Jackson Jorgann Jackson Joyce Jackson Mike Jackson Linda Jarvis Linda James Janet Jennings Susan Jerek Linda Jacoy Eric Johnson Lana Johnson Marcus Johnson Ray Johnson Michael Lingloerg Roger Long Danny Longwell Steve Lucas Essie Luellan David Lussa Billie Lytton Richard Mackey Claudia Mais Vickie Mann Ernest Morlow Beth Martin Billy Martin Larry Martin Linda Morton Marcia Martin Pat Martinkus Karen Sue McArthur Ferris McCallum Gary King Randy King Mary Kirkpatrick Margaret Kitchens Johnny Klas Lester Koenig James Kroclel Judy Landress Kathy Langford Linda Laminack Norma Laun Laura Lapsley Don Laurence Nancy Lawson Diane Leamons Johnny Leathers Jeanne Le Croy Sharon Leeman Larry Ledbetter Betty Lynley Bob Lendley Patricia McCallum L. Z. McCoy Eddie McClung Delores McCully Myrna McFarland Teddy McFerrin Murel McGrath Roy McGuire Marian McKaskell Billy McKee Janice McKinney Mary Belle McLane Anita McLauchlin William McLaughlin Jerry McLoed Janice McMullen Margaret McMurrin Joy McNatt Jack Melton Greg Meyer Jane Miller 5: Janice Mills Beverly Mitchell Jimmy Mitchell Jo Ann Mitchell Bubba Moffatt Charles Moncrief Cecil Monroe Dennis Moody George Moody Margaret Moody Patricia Moore Ronny Moore Cheryl Morphis Jane Morgan Dwane Morris Janice Morris Larry Morrow Jimmy Joe Mothershead Wayne Muir Weldon Mullens Sherrie Murphy Jimmy Nall Sally Nall Vicki Napier Joyce Nelson Myrtle Nelson Patricia Nesthus Douglas Newman Karen Newman Butch Nichols Nita Nichols Beverly Nicholson Dana Nicholson Linda Nobles Darlie Norris Margaret Northcutt Jimmy Noska Donna Novak Beverly Oliver Gloria Pacilla Donna Parker Diane Pate Mary Lou Patterson Rickey Patrick Ross Perkins Sue Peters Olivia Petit Tommy Phillips John Pickett Joe Pickle Carolyn Pike Bonnie Plumlee Tom Poole Gena Moore Lynn Poovey Charlie Portwoocl Judy Presley Phylis Price Kay Prock Jimmy Robertson James Roger Danny Rogers Leslie Rogers Nelda Rogers Susan Rogers Velvet Rohus Brenda Roland Diedra Rose Nelda Rosenbaum Sharon Round Jackie 'Rowan Paf Royman Ray Rushing Richard Rutherford Sandra Rutledge David Ruyle A. R. Sachtleben Cindy Sammons Jimmy Pruit Judy Pugh Pat Pulley Mike Quesenberry Ronald Ragsdale Johnny Ramos Jane Ramsey Kay Ray Judy Reeder Alice Carolyn Reev Tim Regan Nancy Rener Carolyn Reinhart Scott Reynolds Robbie Rice Roger Rice Manuel Rico Becky Riddels Hazel Roark Gail Robinson Donna Roberts SS Charles Smith Elizabeth Smith Jackie Smith Mary Smith Prissy Smith Westley Smith Mike Spanhel Jeri Lynn Stanton Dan Staring Lynn Stephen Peggy Stevens Bobby Stewart Marie Stibben Nell Stokes Regina Stone Lavida Stout Peggy Strawbridge Judi Strickland Theadore Stringer Toby Sandbom Barbara Sanders Kathy Sanford Bobbie Sawyer Jack Schmidt Robert Scott Johnann Sebastian Carol Sewell Jeannie Shaw Dick Shelton Barbara Shipley Bill Shipp Chris Shively Carman Shoot Billy Shupak Judi Sides Martha Sims Nancy Simmons Danny Sims Julia Sims Betty Skaggs Tommy Stringer Glenda Stroud Larenda Sumrow Ronald Taft Betty Tapleu Linda Tate Bruce Taylor Janice Taylor Jimmy Taylor Larry Thomas Lynn Thomas Tommy Thomas Susan Thompson Tommy Thomason Llana Thornton Bill Tomlison Linda Toone Sandra Totten James Tribble Pat Triplet Sandra Tuck David Tucker Kenneth Tucker Marlin Tuley Bobby Turner Linda Turner Pat Turner Mike Underwood Sandra Valentine Sue Van Zant Ann Varner Mary Vaughn Betty Veal Laural Wagner Mike Wagoner William Waggener Wayne Walden James Waldron John Walker Patsy Walker Carol Wallace Larry Wallace Darlene Waller Norma Watson James Weaver Ralph Weaver Sue Webb Sylvia Webb Patricia Welch Johnny Weller Robert Werner Carol West Betty Wheat Diane Wheeler Leon Wheeler Patricia White Sandra White Jack Whiteside Walter Wiggs Barbara Willey Alan Williams Barbara Williams Carol Ann Williams John Terry Williams NOT PICTURED Charles Ames Jimmy Anderson Ronnie Baker Wayne Bankhead Danny Barnett Ray Bechtal Jesse Wayne Bowen Carol Bradley Wayne Crabtree Ronnie Davis Wayne Edwards Johnny Etheridge Cheryl Evans Victor Gentry David Gibbs Truman Hogue Jesse Hugghins Betty Ann Lovil Gary Miller Harvey Montgomery Buddy Morris John Odel Jerry Odom Richard Riggs James Sepaugh , Sharon Stewart ' Jimmy Strickland Terry Stunkard Karrol Ann Sutton Donna Vanderslice Francis Walls James Williams Mike Williams Linda Williams Rita Williams Ronnie Williams Ronnie Williams Diane Willis Joel Wilson Robert Wilson Andy Wempee Sharon Windom Jean Wingo Joan Wolfe Thomas Woverton Jimmy Wood Jerry Woods Pat Woods Phil Wooldridge Betty Wright Tommy Wright Randy Wright Jim Wright Jay Yeager Mary Young zutiiififinzs X ff g lffrmlba, ll J 5' 7 P A 3 nfl Uffiff Z I :.5,i2'0L111u'7 Ui? My AA Those Senior rings finally came . . . and went. if l .x W Owl's Eye Editor, Gayle Hawkins and Business Manager, Judy Af1f1Ual5UPPlemem5flnallY Came- Find Your Plcluref HarVeY? Morse present, on behalf of the staff, a 25 dollar check to the Student Council. Mr. Carl Bolin, author of our Alma Mater, and past band Morning, girls! Choralair initiates ate director at G.H.S. was surprised with a half time in his honor at the Woodrow Wilson game. The chair was a gift from the ,, J. at their initiation breakfast Leola Ramsey interviews exchange student, Juan Cerdo from "his is an 0fdeflY fire d"lll??? Caracus, Venezuela, for the Owl's Eye. l l4 "Let's go, Big Owls!" The Owls leave the pep rallies with assorted facial expressions. I Victory dances after football games were sponsored alternately by the Junior and "Irs not the size of the dog in the fight, but the Senior Classes- es, Pep rallies! for all our teams . . . Size of the fight in the dogj' B-team lshownb, Junior varsity, and Butch, did all those cheers and that applause leave you The Debs add color and spirit to the pep rallies with black and gold pom-poms and enthusiastic yells. ll5 0 I ff-A 'mi 'ze lxgufjd ilimwmf Edna Fulkerson and Janet Finley remind students to buy their annuals before time runs out. They always look so happy. Speech Club boards chartered bus for four-state tournament at Bell-Aire. I P f GFYQBQY' . ff? ?3:lgf,E?r?1 SS John never could resist a Presley record. The Juniors exceeded their goal in magazine sales f-""" XX 5? 102.1 G.H.S.'s first set of triplets-Jane Ann, June Ann, and Jean 33,2-'E Rf:ce1cUc9'i'l Ann Haney. c A S an A fi! ovfgfilver -cs n L 3 4 s 4 3 i, 1 9 '1 HH U- I3 mmf- :UVM 102.837-1'32"1fx, WY1-r,1q3o gzfx '21 adj! Nl if Applicants for the American Field Service exchange program look over a world map in aniicipa tio-n. Left to riqht: Carolyn Edwards, Dick Lawson, Joyce Braunig, and Susan Fausett. 'x cm rwo old minsfrels CTy Morris and Ronnie Gibbsp sing out Banner Sales are a condifion of life for Debs. "White Lightnin' " on the Harvest Hop stage show. Juniors pose with prizes from magazine sales. l II7 The Debs surprised the football boys with a coke party during a Even Jock Uohnsonl enioyed the cake party. workout before the Sherman game. was Students load onto the chartered bus. The six bus caravan led Garland fans into Sherman. Happy boys carry happy coaches off the field after a victorious game. Ollie reigned over the Bearcat in the Owl's march to the District title. Homecoming Queen nominees are STANDING: Sandra Williams, Durene Inman, Judy Boles, Anifa BalleYf The 1959 qUee"'f CVOWUS The 1960 Nancy Gardner, Charlene Lee. SEATED: Andy Jackson, Glenda Scott, and not shown Peggy CIUGGYL Charlene Lee- Cl'l3FlS1'1e'S SSCOFT is Jones. George Foster. 'N . Y , l, An involuntary but willing shower. "We WWW!" Coach Johnson gets a free ride after the High- Welcome Exes was the Homecoming Dance theme. land Park game. II9 Qemloer 1 a. 3 4 5 4,73 fl fl' 1311915 IYI 7210 M Us 13164 15 lb L7 QVYJ-iq 4 . C-'QS' rev" 1 , I Q l ,. Q . f gr C - I ?g3,Q. ' . ,t X N.H.S. honored the teachers at Christmas time with a special coffee 5 x 3, NW . Spanish Club members, with guest Luis Lama of Peru, rode in Christ- mas Parade with the theme: "Peace on Earth Through International Friendshipfi session. N.H.S. refreshment committee enioys leftover donuts. David, Ronnie, Fitzy, Don, and Jerry decorate the tree for the Christmas Dance. I20 X 4, f- A J5- in 'A 1 4 'S -1 L, W JR- if Below: One never knows what's going to pop out of a trash basket. Mrs. Issett's Home Nursing class observes the reactions of children to differ- ent circumstances. ,f-1 s Whats on? your mind? ChOralaiI'eS OH TOUF-TNS Sl'l0T WGS Taken On The G.H.S. A-team cheerleaders wish Christmas Parade watchers a Merry Christmas. Mary-Hardin Baylor campus. I22 ' January I2.3f+s'4m 8G av U 11.4314 , I-5051719 mmm oflq 212,314 15161713 D I 16 so 31 H ,,,, , v X' I0 'L uvovxfi 3 Y Q ' 8 4, 4: NN 1 5 0 X D0 'Q fb 4' f 'r fl 13 su 4 7 ,lg . 7 4 few , 45 e ff x-X . H"' in Y ' Cheers for the Owls I Fire extinguishers, anyone? W f f 1 g h l Q . fl-Q49 A L. A n t ' 'FH 'V' "1-Y -R3 ff'-if . ff' 433 , ,W ,Q Members in good standing of the Tissue Tuckers Club, you wouldn't believe it but, Don has a cold. Wha1's you lookin' af, David? l24 ai. Interested observers at The Popularity Ball Gar sa s "Food an one?" Y Y 1 I ,ffff What's so funny, Brend Valentine Court Februqy I L 5 L '1 8 q IL I3 4 an M xo at Rx! 29 'Im HJ P , VA? J P i ! Qt 60 P! Q '? X gg.-ff Couples at the Valentine Dance Traditional gathering of.some of the Junior sisters i N.H.S. Telegraph Office Mrs. Wiilis receives telegram ' Ge? in fhefe, Brackeen! Coach Johnson out cold at Seniors vs. faculty game -. .Ani Paving Off rwfe Smile, Billie! The Three Stooges ln- is 'f ri 53 5? if Q gym..-qs 0...-...- n rg mxiz aiions THE The Student Council leads the student body in proiects and activities of the school. lt goes all out to promote pride in our school. The Student Council's purpose is to maintain a form of school government, to foster good citizenship, and to sponsor and encourage worthwhile school activi- ties. The group is led by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Sewell. One of the many proiects of the year was preparing packages for needy families. The officers pose in a traditional setting the concession stand in the gym. Left to right: Judy Jones, reporter, Nancy Gardner, secretary Gary Cole vice president Mr Sewell sponsor Gordon Dodson president Butch Metcalf, treasurer, Mr. Johnson, sponsor. TUDE T CGLINCIL MEMBERS-ROW I: Ronny Blackwell, Beverly Burke, Gail Stice, Eddie Bean. ROW ll: Mr. Sewell, Gary Mitchell, Becky Jones, Sydna Holbert, Carroll Sewell, Becky Burchfield, Larry Wolfe, Mr. Johnson. ROW lll: Mike Hemphill, Don Granbury, Jerry Turner, Bill Hatchel David Landgraf, Ronnie Harvey, Ronny Fitzgerald. Nancy Gardner, Larry Christian, Gail Stice, Beverly Burke, and Ronny Clearing business with Mr. Wynn in the office are: Fitzgerald gather in the Student Council office for a brief session of Preston Vice, Becky Burchfield, Becky Jones, and Gary business. Harvey, historian. A -A The officers N.H.S. are Gail Hawkins, reporter, Durene Inman, historian, Karen Brooks, treasurer. SEATED: Judy Jones, secretary, Faith Easton, president, Gary Cole, vice-president. THE ATIO Al The National Honor Society works to help develop character, to stimu- late a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to create enthusiasm for scholarship. Member- ship in this organization is one of the highest honors to be attained by a student. New members are elected in February by the faculty on the basis of character, service, leader- ship, and scholarship. To be eligible to be in N.H.S., a student must have an average of 92. or above. The sponsors of N.H.S. are Mrs. Polly Smith and Miss Madge Daniel. The members of N.H.S. are BACK ROW: Gordon Dodson, Nick King, Gary Harvey, John Virdin, Corky Epperson, Clyde Blevins, Mike Corley, Jerry Flook, Steve Rushing, Gary Davis. SECOND ROW: Linda Gentry, Judy Boles, Sue Yeager, Kay Morris, Ruth Sanders, ilgait Fletcher. SEATED: Virginia Ramph, Donna Butts, Ann Wallace, Lynn Cunningham, Jerebeth Axe. D OR SOCIETY Ha" X members of N.H.S. are BACK ROW: David Miller, Ray Poov A, David Christain, Ralph Echols, James Gibbons. SECOND ROW: Elena arton, Eva Lou Morris, Sherry Meyers, Gwen Holley, ield, onda 'Caudal, Andy Jackson, Karen Brooks, Gloria Allyson, Janet 'cefAnnette"Grau. SEATED: Bettie Gray. Rose Ann es, Ethlene D ncan, Sherry Nichols, Carolyn Morgan. I' .nflf TT The N.H.S. tea after the formal initiation of the new members was enioyed by all who attended. 1 'I 7 f" .,,, -,..,...,.......M The new members of N.H.S. are BACK ROW: Dick lawson, David Carter, Leslie Demetri1yFlFTH ROW: Kathy Horton, Paula Partridge, Stan Winterbaun, Mike Moore, Sara Cleland, F. A. Coleman, John Wagoner, Eddie Horstman, Mike Cathy. FOURTH -ROW: Becky Dean, Susan Fausett, Judy Parker, Nancy Guynes, Osby Borchardt, Jay Tillinghast, Robert Moore, Tyx Morris. THIRD ROW: Linda Smith, Lynn Coffman, Suzanne Barbee, Gena Odell, Ronny Gibbs, Glen Jennings, Ronny Harvey, Michael Dann. SECOND ROW: Judy Crouch, Judy Bell, Linda Horton, Glenda Richards, Judy Herring, Janie Spraggins, Theresa, AS-hQljbr1:rSt, Linda Cruitt, Martha Crump- ton, Carolyn Scott. FRONT ROW: Susan Wright, Gayle Stice, Linda Thompson, Mike Hayslip, Jerry Matlock, Bill Wisener, Ann Thurman, Dolores Barnes, Georgia Anderson. '33 l96O-6I G H The cheerleaders work many hours to promote the school spirit of GHS. They dress the halls with signs, sell owl t-shirts, and lead school yells at pep rallies and football games to give encouragement to the teams. They are sponsored by Mrs. Martha Willis. The A-team cheerleaders, posed in the traditional "V" for victory, are: Jerry Bob Hopper, Charlene Lee, Judy Boles, head cheerleader, Ann Thurman, Glenda Lee, Sammy Blake. OLLIE OWL I34 The cheerleaders take out time from their busy schedule at SMU to smile for a picture. Many of the yells that are used by the cheerleaders are learned at the summer session at SMU. C HEERLE DERS The B-Team cheerleaders are, STANDING: Linda Ashley, Nancy Midget, Meredith Morrison, Barbara Keeter, head cheerleader. KNEELING: Sherrie Murphy, Barbara Henson, Sydna Halbert, Barbara Williams. Decorating the buses for out-of-town games was one of the many duties of the cheerleaders. Putting up signs on the locker of each of the football players and managers helped boost the OWL spirit. . f' '- M 43 ' S 56:21-fre ' 12 li it ffm, 'ii , i . W fi X f ' X .Q ,KXSMWKM Mrs. Willis, sponsor of the cheerleaders, shows the girls how to set up signs for the pep rallies. I3 One of the highlights of the year was the annual Deb tea held in honor of the Debs' parents. The receiving line was composed of Mrs. Calkins, Lynn Cun- ningham, Andy Jackson, and the hos- tesses, Jean Fletcher and Mrs. Fletcher. The Dashing Debs help pro- mote school spirit by perform- ing at halftime at football and basketball games. They sell banners as a money raising proiect. LYNN CUNNINGHAM Drum Maiorette TOP ROW: Juanell Baker, Robbie Mulry, Judy Tedford, Julia Freeman, Sarah Cleland. SECOND ROW: Bobbie Jo Smith, Kay Pendergraft Judy Kissick, Carol Kunkler. THIRD ROW: Sherry Nichols, Linda Six, Susan Aschim. THE DASHI C5 ANDY JACKSON Maiorette l l DEBS i960-6l +19 'X'-x XX SUSAN WRIGHT Maiorette STANDING: Linda Horton, Vicki Wester, Nan Estes, GayfStice, Sherry Fort, Judy Anderson, 1Judy Myers. KNEELING: Carol Burton,, ancy Gardner, Durene Inman, Marsha Erwin, Karen Mullings. N "J tl rv ,R ., EUJANET JACKSON I I "ff Maiorette The Deb Council, TOP ROW: Jerebeth Axe, Lynn Cunningham, Gail Stice, Janet Jackson, Kathy Horton. BOTTOM ROW: Carol Kunkler, Linda Polzin, Robbie Mulry, Andy Jackson, president, Mrs. Calkins, sponsor, Peggy Jones. The Debs also take part in many various civic activities. They aid the Soroptimist and March of Dimes by selling papers and blue crutches. They also participate in various parades. I , I I Left to right: Linda Polzin, Nita McCann, Sara McNatt, Nelda Herrin, Jimmie Dean Bennett, Nancy Hutton, Carolyn Hatfield, Judy Peavy, Sandra Williams, Dianne Warren, Connie Needham, Linda McKee, Beverly Burke. t J, i Aw' The Debs help support the basketball team by performing a banjo routine at halftime. The Seniors received their long-awaited iackets . . . and the "Dubs" were presented their Deb pins. STANDING: Carol Scheid-, Glenda Scott, Joyce Greenwood, Sherlyn Attebery, Peggy Jones, Jean Fletcher, Karen Brooks, Janie Richardson Kathy Horton. KNEELING: Sue Marshall, Carol Ann Stephens, Bettie Gray, Jerebeth Axig i -. t .N The decorated buses were a highlightllbf levery out-lot-town football game. f ' hi., ,ill i All A XX! At Sherman, the Debs lined up in perfectly straight C?!D lines, waiting for their entrance into the stands. fl The Owl mascot, formed by the Band and Debs, encouraged the stuflhhts to root for their first AA District win. I ff' it Af' THE A CAPPELLA CHORUS - WX - BACK ROW: Ronny Gibbs, Don Hill, James Sellers, Ty Morris, Tommy Ingram, Ronnie Monroe, David Carter, Dale Stoner, Ronald Taylor, Benny Dougan, Jack Phillips, Don Tucker, Joe Laminack, Johnny Jordon. THIRD ROW: John Meyer, Craig Meyer, Wade Bennett, Kenneth Stegall, Charles Cornelius, Sammy Blake, Arthur Wise, Tommy Thomason, Don Dickerson, John Hooks, Royce Rhodes, Ronnie Rogers, Harold Morris, Mark Cummins, Jerry Bob Hopper. SECOND ROW: Joyce Braunig, Marlena Houston, Ruth Sanders, Linda Prewitt, Elena Wharton, Dianna Boughton, Linda Reynolds, Janis Echols, Linda Dillard, Renee Martin, Elizabeth Parks, Maxine Nash, Billie Medaris, Judy Herring, Deborah Hagen, Gloria Ross. FIRST ROW: Sherry Smith, Barbara Quillin, Gale Gooch, Carol Ann Barham, Carolyn Morgan, Judy Meyers, Hazel Roark, Sue Moss, Pat Jones, Susan Green, Susan Foster, Alma Lou Gibbs, Janie Spraggins, Alera Coldwell, Sharon Smith, Faith Easton, Kandis Hardin, Dianne Keese. A,- Officers of the A Cappella Chorus are: STANDING: Ty Morris, senior repre- sentative, Janis Echols, junior representative: Kandis Hardin, sophomore representative: Alera Coldwell, freshman representative. SEATED: Royce Rhodes, vice-president, Faith Easton, terasurer, David Carter, president, Alma Lou Gibbs, secretary: Judy Herring, reporter. The A Cappella Chorus Sweetheart and Beau Janis Echols and Ty Morris l40 The A Cappella Cho- rus is the select mixed chorus ot G.H.S. lt serves as a representa- tive of our school by entertaining audiences within our city, in neighboring communi- ties, and throughout the state. Its goal is to enrich the lives ot its members and its audi- ences through the art of singing. The sponsor of the A Cappella Cho- rus is Mr. Jim Jackson. Students chosen for the All-Region X Chorus. BACK ROW: Ronny Gibbs, Judy Herring, Royce Rhodes, Janis Echols, David Carter, Renee Martin, Harold Morris. MIDDLE ROW: Benny Dougan, Kandis Hardin, John Meyer, James Sellers, Barbara Quillin, Wade Bennett. FRONT 'ROW: Kenneth Stegall, Alma Lou Gibbs, Sue Moss, Susan Foster, Ty Morris. The boys' Quartet and the girls' Sextette are composed of: BACK ROW: Mr. Jackson, sponsor, Ronny Gibbs, Ty Morris, Royce Rhodes, David Carter. FRONT ROW: Susan Foster, Alma Lou Gibbs, Janie Spraggins, Kandis Hardin, Janis Echols, Judy Herring. SEATED: Sue Moss, accompanist. These GHS choral students attended the State Choir meet in Dallas, Texas, February 3, 4, 1961. They are: Wade Bennett, Ty Morris, Janis Echols with Mr. Jim Jackson, sponsor. I4 l A CAPPELLA CHCIR PRESENTS THE PRINCE GE PILSEN A furious battle ensued between the Prince of Pilsen and the oilman from Texas. "Take heed of my good advice!" "Well, Bretheren, it went like unto this . . . " "Oh yes, l've heard of HER!" I l-sy, E' , lil ' W- -7- - THE CHORALAIRES The Choralaires is a select choir made up of eighty girls. These girls range from the ninth to the twelfth grade. E The Choralaires perform at dif- ferent school and civic organiza- tions. The officers of the Choralaires are: Beverly Justice, iunior representative, Gena Poore freshman representative, Shirley Nichds, secretary, Carolyn Birk, president, Lynn Coffman vice-president. Members of the Choralaires are BACK ROW: Gwen Holley, Donna Dickerson, Sue Williamson, Sharon Lawson, Retha Ann Cook, Caroline Edwards, Karen Cabaniss, LaVerne Smith, Janis Morris, Susan Jirak, Virginia Oden, Sue Swafford, Shirley Wright, Judy Jones, Mary Futrell, Linda Giddiens, Lana Hankey, Rose Ann Cyganik, Judy Moulden, Janis Johnson, Judy Thurman, THIRD ROW: Willeta Edwards, Joyce Clem, Betty Wright, Judy Blake, Judy Faris, Carolyn Birk, Judy Anderson, Nancy Clark, Lynn Coffman, Shirley Nichols, lrma Tapely, Toby Sanborn, Phyllis Fincher, Sula Smith, June Benner, Georgia Anderson, Luella Weatherford, Deborah Hagan, Dianne Keese, Char- ann Hare, Kay Magness. SECOND ROW: ,Donna YEchols, Carolyn Scott, Jeanne LaCrow, Carolyn Sheffield, Beverly Justice, Sue Young, Mary Smith, Joyce Howard, Betty Tapley, Mary Bell McLane, Beth Broek, Beverly Mitchell, Gwen Hall, Ginny Harris, Martha Holt, Jackie Mc- Guire, Jean Sullivan, Vickie Hamilton, Judy Freeman, Lynda Grantham. FRONT ROW: Betty Hopkins, Linda Keltner, Barbara Shipley, Julia Sims, Sherry Clendenen, Leobeth Oldham, Jerrie Hutka, Babs Bradley, Gena Poore, Peggy Smith, Dianne Cuppy, Jeanne Adding- ton, Jo Wilson, Paulette Chapman, Janice McKinney, Andrea Eubanks, June Harvey. While this initiate cooks breakfast . . . . . . these tour the town well-dressed C?!J I4 3 J BARBARA QUILLIN Drum Maior 'XX A l X Q1 , , 4 9 I Q A, , tt 3, , L " '1 L X ' ' .1 X3 'X' TH XGARLAND HIQQF J 4 f 4 fkgj X t The Band always provides an outstanding halftime show for the spectators. X 1 ' t ' ,xx f '- . is A t :J el ml . M X Mr. Bourek arranges the ranks before their entrance into the stands. 4 scitooi coNcERT BAN The Garland High School Concert Band is a service organization to The school and community, tothe individual members ofthe band, and To The art of music. The maior activities of The Band are perform- ance at pep rallies, football games, assemblies, concerts, and parades. The Band also provides programs Tor civic clubs and churches in The com- munity. The Band, led by Mr. Paul Bourek, represents The school at University lnTerscholasTic League contests, Fair Day, and College Band Days. The Band Council. SEATED: Barbara Quillin, Drum Maier, Wade Bennett, president. STANDING: Roseann Barnes, librarian, lris McCoy, secretary, Jackie Ward, reporter, Jim Burke, sopho- more representative, Befty Foote, senior representative, Brenda Dickerson, Treasurer, Don Curran, vice-president. ' I45 Jllllllly k.,IdVVIUIbl, JIIIIIIIY LIUYQ' Ldlly LUQBUUYII H15 lVlLN-Uy, DUU I'U5Iela IYXJVV Illl LIILIX TGIJUIIJ, IJCVCIIY FUIHFI, A-vnu s.v'.1x,15Lr.i?,4, Kenneth Altfather, Dee Van Gilder, John Price, George Brush, Bobby Newman, Jim Burks, Jeanette Renfro, Bruce Bedell, Richer ace, Mike Gamble, Barbara Quillin. STANDING? Jackie Ward, Rodney' McCoy, Jim Renfro, Wade Bennett, Don Curramiarry Short. X K L. wooDwlNDs:J.Eva Lau Marrigichara Allen, Barbara Quillin, Elena Wharton, Jim Burks, Bobby Newman, Jimmy Casstevens, Joe Burks, John Price, George Brush. BASS: Alex Andrews, JLQL Horne, Lloyd Gouge, Jerry Holt, Jim Renfro, Rodney McCoy. V' Jimmy crawfardfiiriilmmiuaayr'naganf C I46 JJ 11 q, ,v 'ttyl y L SECTICNS 2 ,WIFI CLARlNEIS:DQ1id Sternerplawrence Spann, Gary Rushing, Allar- Qgarret Hendersosri, Barbara Duckworth, Judy Newcomb, Kay McIntosh,"'Bren6a Dickerson, Beverly Angel, Roseann Barnes, Ann Rector,I,Elda Taft. xg- If All tl. 1. ll' V X 'la' TROMBONE-BARITONE: Robert Copeland, Jeanette Renfro, Bruce May, David Peterson, Jim Gordon, James Stafford, Bruce Bedell, Don Hill, Richard Surface, Dempsey Denman. Bob Foster. I l ,All , l 2 I l sEcTioNs CLARINET: Mickie Ethlene Duncan,-s.Edr1a, ,,Copeland, Arlene Donna Newcomb, Jo Ann Walls, Marda Law, Larry Wheat, Dick Parsons. va as ,fig . 235215 CORONET: Kenneth Alttather, Harry Hill, Weldon James, Johnny Daniel, La Rue Sellers, Bob Smith, Bill Adam, Mary Morrison, Carrington Dixon, Dee Van Gilder, Preston Edwards, Don Brooks, Danny White. fu, SAXOPHONE: Chuck Simpson, Bobby Holmes, Iris McCoy, Mike Gamble, Walter Jackson, Bob Foster. PERCUSSlON:l,Jackie Ward, David Echolsi, Pat Hancock, Don Curran, Wade Bennett, Larry Short. FLUTE: Eileen Rogers, Mary,.Rasor,mBetty Foote, Lynda Cruit, Susan TidwellCStephen Stubbletield, Glen Brooks, Robert Gar- vin, Lynn Stokesl"""M""h'---' ' ' I47 X x www ' K My . 6 Zn. ,,,, .., e - Q :J . QQ' if :: A A f Q 5 - K Ng f QQ N Y ,Tit X A:: , wa . E - it K iv A , X I 5 , , . 5 1 K x If A X Awxh . I nr' I f .X 0 1 f x X . wmv, - X Q v 14 Q- 1 Of ig I f s v ' Win M ? 'Z , Q in' ' 4, 'gin v r :M agy 'A ' Y Q W ' ggltiltllf l w L ml ' WB G25 d M G 'l H wkins, Leola Ramsey, Glenda Scott, Marydee Hoffman, Zenith McCro MEMBERS: Bonnie Huggett, Dianne McGee, Ju y orse, BI a Peggy Jones. THE OUILL AND SCROLL SOCIETY The Quill and Scroll Society is a national honorary organization for high school journalists. The main purpose of the society is to publish, the Senior Humor Publication. Mrs. Dorothy Linthicum is the sponsor. an, ,rixtfit i u ,,,,, Y r ' The officers prepare the refreshments at the Christmas party. Lett to right are: Q, Q Gail Hawkins, treasurer, Judy Peavy, vice-president, Sandra Williams, president, vu si, Kay Field, secretary. .Fd JOAN WILBURN Editor of Senior Humor Publication 4 MEMBERS-ROW I: Gail Gooch, Martha New, Ann Taylor. ROW' ll: Jean Fletcher, Susan Aschim, Judy Jones, Nancy Gardner. ROW Ill: Jerebeth Axe, Kay Finley, Jean Barber, Edna Fulkerson, Mary Sturdevant. New members selected the second semester. Left to right are Paula Partridge, Judy Faris, Barbara Neeley, Jackie Williams Bill Vandiver, Gary Engleman, Jean Prather, Oma Jean Chase Dianne Cuppy, Nancy Beckham. I49 Mrs. Dorsey, the state Beta Club sponsor, discusses banner sales with Larry Christian, Gary Cole, Judy Boles, Gina O'dell. OFFICERS: Jim Tillinghast, vice-president: Sandra Williams, corresponding secretary, Preston Vice, reporter: Andy Jackson, recording secretary: Judy Jones, treasurer, Gary Harvey, presi- dent. SEATED: Sarah Cleland, Gayle Stice. STANDING: Janet Jackson, Gordon Dodson, F. A. Coleman, Lynn Cunningham. l50 SEATED: Peggy Jones, Nancy Gardner, Judy Peavy, Kathy Horton. STANDING: Butch Metcalf, James Rust, Nicky King, John Virden, Eddie Horstman, Joe Espinosa. BETA CLUB Being of service to the school is the main ob- iective of the Beta Club. lt encourages effort, promotes character, stimulates achievement, and rewards merit while encouraging students to con- tinue their education after high school. The sponsor is Mrs. Norma Dorsey, who is also the state Beta Club sponsor. The Beta Club presented Juan Cerda' with his Senior ring. Admiring it are: Richard Pickle, Karen Brooks, Bill Wisener, Donna Butts. STANDING: Peggy Jones, Kathy Horton, Judy Peavy, Sandra Williams, Glenda Scott. SITTING: Nancy Gardner, Mrs. Hickman, Carol Scheid, Judy Thurman. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB The Future Teachers Club strives to encourage more capable students to enter the teaching pro- fession. The FTA gives the students a better understand- ing of the chance to help teachers with their work. The sponsor is Mrs. Ella Hickman. The officers of FTA group around Leola Ramsey, presi- dent. Standing are: Polly Prowell, vice-president, Janet Royce, chaplain, Julia Langford, secretary, Andrea Jackson, reporter, Martha Crumpton, treasurer, Sue Taylor, historian. 45' 34 fr X, rs if .1 g f .,-K , , sm, V. V .,' N 1 'ff' ' ' 'I . 4 N n , , I. Ty Morris and Ronnie Gibbs added a festive addition to the FTA Christmas Participating in the caroling were Ann Taylor, party by leading the group in carols. Ann Wallace, and Sharon White. l5l g. -1-R14 l if The officers of N.F.L. are: Donna Butts, vice-president: Gail Gooch, reporter, Bobby Luna, presi- dent, Mrs. Rowett, sponsor, Roseann Barnes, secretary, Jimmy Luna, treasurer. 'PS Helping Linda Grantham practice for a tournament are: Glen Brookg Martha New, David Lambert, Mike Hayslip. na Preparing for a speech tournament are: Dan Kirby, Bob Foster, Mary Sturde- vant, Wade Bennett. I 52 NATIONAL FORENS ICS LEAGUE The National Forensic League encourages the inter- est of interscholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking. Its greatest value is the in- centive it gives the members to become effective speakers and hence more successful and more influential citizens. The sponsor is Mrs. Lavona Rowett. i l l i Watching Lyzanne La Due are: Janet Royce, Johnny Roberts, Ann Varner. we-1 A Hs N.F.L, is very proud of the Sweepstakes trophy which was won at the Adamson Speech Tournament. 3-D SPEECH CLUB Declamation, dramatics, and debate are the 3-D's of the Speech Club. The club members take an active part in these three categories held all over the state. The spon- sor ot the 3-D Speech Club is Mrs. Lavona Rowett. The officers of the 3-D Speech Club are: Martha New, Mike Hayslip, Glen Brooks, Janet Royce, Studying for a speech tournament are BACK ROW: Thora Kieth, Ann Helping t0 Sell donuts to raise money for speech tourna- Madox, Patricia Welch. FRONT ROW: Donna Roberts, Ronny Blasin- ment fl'iPS are BACK ROWI Johnny R0lJeI'TS, JSFFY New, game, Ann Craft, Ann Varner. James Townshend, Jim Curtis, Kenneth Stegal. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Fincher, Mary Jo Drake, Natina Burkham, Annette Grau. Aolmiring one of the trophys are BACK ROW: Wade Bennett, David Lambert, Jimmy Luna, Dan Kirby, Bob Foster, Bobby Luna. FRONT ROW: Donna Butts, Gail Gooch, Roseann Barnes, Sonia Hegna. l53 Joan WllbUff1, News Edffof Judy Morse, Business Manager Gary Engleman, Photographer Bonnie Huggett, Circulation Editor Diane McGee, Exchange Editor THE I 960-6 FALL SEMESTER STAE The fall semester staff is composed of students who had journalism in their junior year. They work on the newspaper a period each day with- out receiving any scholastic credit. The Owl's Eye and the Owl's Nest, the yearbook, paid for land- scaping the patio. Gail Hawkins, Editor-in-Chief Leola Ramsey, Fashion Editor I54 Bill Vandiver, Business Manager Bob Smith Sports Editor mane CUPPY Feafl-'fe Editor and Judy Faris Drama Editor DWL'S EYE PRING SEMESTER STAFF The spring semester staff is composed of stu- dents who, having had iournalism the previous semester, take over the responsibility of the news- paper. Eight issues are published each semester. Trips are made to the THESPA conference in December and Journalism Day at NTSC in March. Gary Engleman, Editor-in-Chief , , E Ea Nancy Beechham, Club Editor THE I96 EDITORIAL STAFF Publishing a well-rounded an- nual is the big responsibility of the An Editors Owl's Nest staff. With Mrs. Linthi- cum driving the editorial staff to meet a deadline, the editors get the coveted books to the students. Nancy Gardner and Peggy Jones Mary Sturdevant and Zenith Ann McCroan Class Editors .SM I Sandra Williams and Jean Fletcher Class Editors Durene Inman Activities Editor KA. Judy Jones Editor-in-Chief I Bill Wisener and Jim Tillinghast Sports Editors . sr'i . 'I , M I Q if ,V gf' ff' ..- 1 I ' , rf ' zz v Lky, I Glenda SCOTT Judy Peavy Kay Field PICTUVS ECIIYOI' Production and Faculty Editor Copy Editor IS6 DWL'S NEST BUSINESS STAFF The business staff led by Miss Louise Hunt engages in different proiects to raise money for pub- lishing the annual. Some of the main proiects are selling ads to business firms, selling school pic- tures and subscriptions. The Popularity Ball is a proiect of the Owl's Nest to present the school favorites. Edna Fulkerson Circulation Manager N y ff Jerebeth Axe Phil Portillo CJr.J, Sara Aschim iSoph.J, Chuck Simpson iSophJ Business Manager Martha New iJr.J, Nancy Hutton CJr.J, and Gail Gooch Uri Assistants. is X, Marydee Hoffman Janet Finley SUSBI1 Aschim Picture Sales Manager Production Manager Advertising Manag it It BILLIE NICKELS BACK ROW: Jerry Matlock, Don Pickle, John Wagner, Johnny Price, Jimmy Crawford, Joyce Bailey, Jerry Flook, Connie McCrum. FRONT ROW: Buster Stevenson. Lbickie Dickson, Nancy Guynes, John Collier, Nita McKann, Judy Lyles, Susanne Barbee, Martha Sutton. The officers of the Chemistry Club are: Jeannie Hughes, historian, Mrs. Peters, sponsor, John Kidd, reporter, Glenn Jennings, president, Mary Lloyd Smith, librarian, Jay Tillinghast, treasurer, Zenith McCroan, secretary. I58 The purpose of the Chemistry Club is . A to increase its knowledge and promote interest in chemistry. Through securing guest speakers and field trips, the club strives to fulfill its purpose. The sponsor is Mrs. Ruth Peters. Cleaning up after an experiment are: Mike Harrison, David McKean, Rutty Vetter, Mike Cathy, Bobby Williams. IH EMISTRY CLU B l , Left to righhkfheresa Ashenhursl, Kay Field, Lillian Gillatine, John Nickerson, Billy Meclaris, B-ill Wisener, Lynn Coffman, John Marshall, John Myers, Wade Bennefr, David Moore, Bill Poole, Jakie Mosser, Stanley Winierbean, Jimmy Houston, Rob Roth. J . F R 'M-if E l Preparing this experiment are BACK ROW: Dick Lawson, Mike Finley, Mike Dann, Mike Bullock. FRONT ROW: David Tabb, Jimmy Renfro, Jimmy Manley, Mike Keeler, Richard Clark, Mike Gamble, Jimmy Lloyd, Leslie Demefri. l59 A O BIOLQGY CLUB is 35.-L. STANDING, l. to r.: Eddie Brown, Judy Kissick, Tommy Ward, Carolyn Hatfield, Skipper Newman, Skipper Graves, James Marshall, Harietta Edwards, Linda Smith, Karen Smith, Lincla McGuffey, Rosemary Long, Claudia Ferguson. SEATED: Linda Polzin, Dianne Williams, Carol Kunkler, Wanda Loftis, Kay Pendergraft. The A. O. Biology Club strives to further the knowledge and to pro- mote more interest in biology. Such programs as lectures by speakers in different biological fields, films, and field trips are planned each year to promote interest in the biology field. Grouped around Miss Nichols, sponsor, are: Don Hollenshead, sergeant-at-arms, Osby Borchardt, vice-president, Bill Wisener, president, Judy Bell, treasurer, Miss Nichols, Judy Crouch, historian, Jana Kesterson, business manager, Linda Horton, secretary. STANDING: Sara McNatt, Robbie Mulry, Julia Freeman, Lonnie Oglesby, Judy Tedford, Dianne Kleutgen, Kathy Strickland, Carma Cockrell, Judy Coldwell, Sherry Fort, Dianne Warren, Vicki Wester. SEATED: Meredith Morrison, Vallory Jane Hardcastle, Karen Mullings, Sue Marshall, Nancy Midget. I60 GARLAND PHYSICS SOCIETY The officers of the Garland Physical Society are BACK ROW: Steve Rushing, 4th period vice-president: Nick King, 4th period president: Corky Epperson, 3rd period president, Wayne Hill, 2nd period reporter- historianp Ronny Weaver, 2nd period president. FRONT ROW: Ethelene Duncan, 4th period secretary- treasurery Jean Fletcher, 3rd period vice-president: Marydee Hoffman, 2nd period vice-president: Judy Peavy, 2nd period secretary-treasurer: John Virden, 3rcl period secretary-treasurer. Grouped around Sue Yeager are: Robert Wagoner, Robert Moore, Anthony Gnagi, James Gibbons, Gary Harvey, Glen Brooki Sammy Garvin, Hugh Cook, David Cox. . The purpose of the Physics Society is to further the study of physics and gain information about physics in fu- ture college work, and to obtain scholarships for its members. The motto is "Hard Work Plus Speed Equals Knowledge Plus Suc- cess." The sponsor is Mrs. Virginia Rawlins. Carefully watching Mrs. Rawlins, sponsor,. perform the experiment are BACK ROW: Don Hill, Marc Squier, Bill Struwe, Bruce Holman, Larry Hopkins, Oscar Walls, Paul Kepner. FRONT ROW: Janet Ryan, Barbara Quillin, Mrs. Rawlins, Elena Wharton, Jane Jared. Examining this experiment are BACK ROW: Royce Rhodes, Bob Smith, Roger Taylor, Jim Thomas, Mike Corley, Ralph Echols, Larry Spann, Gary Davis. FRONT ROW: Jim Curtis, Arlie Edwards, Larry Logsdon, Claudia Smith, Bill Vandiver, Bill Patterson, William Worth- ington, Ronny Klas. l6l GARLAND MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY Working on this graph are: Danette Keener, Mary Stevenson, Jerry Lamm, Ronny Rutherford, Ricky Howard, Judy Moulden, Mike St. John, Marilyn Winterbauer, Nevelin McClean. The Garland Mathematical Society -strives to encourage interested students to enter the more advanced math field. The club also stud- ies mathematical intsruments and their application to sci- ence. The sponsor of the club is Mrs. Altom. Officers grouped around Mrs. Altom, sponsor, are: Judy Bell, secretary, Ethlene Duncan, vice- president, Jana Kesterson, reporter, Donna Jo Newcomb, treasurer, Phil Portillo, president. SEATED: Judith Newcomb, Dianne Clanton, Jackie Vallen- tine, Linda Norwood. STAND- ING: Jim Burks, Jackie Wil- liams, Laura Mobley, Skipper Newman, Sue Yeager, Jim Thomas. SOCIAL STUDIES FORUM BACK ROW: Carolyn Pike, Donna Dickerson, Glenda Sorrels, Nancy Cobb. FRONT ROW: Pat Adams, Carol Beaty, Susan George, Janet Persons, Jane Davis. ,IJ fi A., MEMBERS: Judy Maroney, Nancy Malmquist,4Eva Lou Morris, Jean Barber, Linda Bonds, Glenda Richards. '- F The Social Studies Forum uses its motto, "Seek The Whole Truth" while encouraging an in- terest in civics and historical events. Their programs portray how our democratic government and how it came to sponsors are: Mr. Har- . Hadsky, and Mr. operates be. The OFFICERS-STANDING: Jerry Prater, vice-president, Bill Vandiver Amer Al-Kubaisa of Iran, who is a graduate student at SMU, points out his homeland to Mr. Harris. Mr. Kubaisa spoke to the Social Studies Forum. reporter. SEATED: Jean Barnes, treasurer, Lorraine Jones, secretary Nancy Davis, president. EL cl5cuLo ESPANOL The purpose of the Spanish Club is to teach the members interesting Spanish traditions and customs. It' also encourages a respect for other nationalities in the Americas. The main proiect of the Span- ish Club is to publish the student 1 directory for GHS. OFFICERS: Edna Copeland, reporter to Annual, Judy Boles, president, Ann Thurman, treasurer, Marydee Hoffman, vice-president, Janice Huffman, secretary. STANDING: Meredeth Morrison, group leader, Connie McCrum, Karen Smith, Jim Horn,gKay Pendergraph, Pat Adams, Suzanne Phillips, Lonnie Oglesby, Virginia Ramph. SHTEDT-Carol Kunkler, Sue Marshall, Wanda Loftis, Barbara Bradley, Jane Davis, Gloria Ferguson. ROW l: Ruth Starr, Mac Draper, Don Bedell, group leader, James Townsend, Lee Gibson. ROW ll: Brellfifi Mankinf Nina James, Nan Estes, Ann Thurman, Ginger Blass, Charles Walker, James Carpenter. ROW Ill: Janice Black, Nita McCann, Bobby Bogard, Rosanne Cyganik. Juan Cerda and Betty Bu- chanan demonstrate to the group dancing techniques. Grouped around are: Carl Wil- kerson, Jack Davis, Kathy Squire, Rodney McCoy, Jerry Prather, group leader, Larry Spann, June Haney, Richard Surface, Jim Thomas, Jane Haney, James Burgin, Anthony Gnagi, Judy Parker, Judy Coldwell, Marsha Crawford, Arlene Davis, Judy Lyles, Jean Haney. Members of the Spanish Club gather to prepare their float for the Christmas parade. Shown are: Jerry Prater, Carolyn Boyd, David Pollard, Judy Haysm, James Burgin, Eddie Brown. SEATED: Eileen Rogers, pro- gram chairman, Mike Moore, group leader, Susan Wright, secretary. STANDING: John Wagner, Charley Whittle, Lon- nie LaMay, John Waggoner, Jay Tillinghast, James Mar- shall, Skipper Newman, Mike Russell, Kathy Hancock, Donna Butts, John Kidd, Paul Bell, Ruth Sanders, Mike Keeter, Janice Huffman, Edna Cope- land, Dinah Windt, Eddie Brown, Jerry Bob Hopper, Alex Andrews, Judy Holman, Richard Clark, Donna Jones, Judy Newcomb, Donna New- comb. Jerry Turner and Carolyn Hatfield proofread the names for the Student Directory. SEATED: Rosemary Long, Betty Sorrels, rma Kay Cockrell 'x Linda McGuffey, Carol Smith, STANDLNEG: Dic a QTTPW Burks, Kenneth Altfather, Carrington Dixon, Lester Hammond, OFFICERS-ROW l: Jo Ann Law, secretary, Judy Bell, mem- bership, Karen Nichols, program chairman, Linda Horton program chairman, Teresa Ashenhurst, social, Zenith McCroan reporter, Glenda Richards, treasurer. ROW ll: Osby Borchardt, photographer, David Carter, sergeant-at-arms, Dick Lawson consul, Bob Foster, social, George Brush, sergeant-at-arms. 1 1 Paulos, Linda Beach, Dianne Keesee, Paulette Littlefield, Cathy Stricklin, ogan, Terry Logsdon, Joe Burks, Conrad Quanstrom, Harry Hill, Jinf JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The Junior Classical League, otherwise known as the Latin Club, promotes the knowledge and interest in Latin. Its chief social function is the annual Roman style banquet. Mrs. Shelton is the sponsor. 'N wg -ss Exim L .ex ext Qiw MEMBERS-ROW l: Jerry Hutka, Dianne Cuppy, Linda Norwood, Joyce Braunig, Mickie Morrison, Gloria Beduhn. ROW ll: Pat Jones, Susan Green, Marcia Richards, Linda Getty, Sonia Hegna, Judy Crouch, Suzanne Barbee. ROW III: Bill Wisener, Jerry Lamm, Tommy Piccolo, Jerry Burns, John Myer, Bob Luna, John Price, sllmmy Manley, David Tabb. ROW IV: James Futrell, Leslie Demetri, Don Pickle, 'Jackie Ward, Ernie McKenney, Danny Haubrick, Bruce Bedell, MaExWn'DS:rBith, Michael Vann, Larry Wheat. f' I66 1, I-J. fad Some of the members gather for a picture at the Christmas party. STANDING: Jean Swanson, James Winder, Sue Shirley, Judy Anderson, Ray Poovey, Dianne Kleutgen. LES HIBOUX FRANCAIS The officers, from left to right, are: Ellen Wisenbaker, vice-president, Mike Watkins, sergeant- at-arms, Dianne Warren, president, Harriet Edwards, secretary, Mrs. Pierce, sponsor. Not pictured is Linda Dillard, treasurer. Les Hiboux Francais, commonly known as the French Club, was or- ganized to promote interest in and appreciation of the French language and culture. A French language movie and a French meal and soiree will highlight the year's activities. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Pierce. STANDING: Nancy Midgett, Karen Mullings, Tim Powell, Wayne Lawrence, Jean Mc- Daniel, Peggy Stanfield. SEATED: Barbara Burris, Lana Hankey. I67 0 YTNI Ill fp FUTURE NURSES CLUB Girls who are interested in nursing as a career are able to further their knowledge of this profession through the activities of the Future Nurses Club. Guest speakers in the nursing field and field trips to different hos- pitals are two yearly activities. The annual proiects undertaken by the club are taking Christmas gifts to Terrell Hospital, filling envelopes with T.B. seals, selling T.B. bangles, and helping in the T.B. Unit. Officers of the Future Nurses Club grouped around Mrs. lsett, sponsor, are: Linda Smith, reporter, Annette Grau, president, Kay Field, vice-president, Mary Lloyd Smith, secretary-treasurer, Alice Spencer, chaplain, Letitia Smith, corres- ponding secretary. i l The Future Nurses stuff the T.B. envelopes as one of their many proiects. STANDING:- Jerebeth Axe, Beverly Rowell, Kay Magnis, Sharon Gathered around the patient, Barbara Boone, are: Kathy Langford, Norvell, Judy Thurman, Paula Parr, Dixie Simmons, Babs Bradley. Judy Freeman, Nancy Cobb, Carolyn Woodward, Janie Story, SEATED: Lorraine Jones, Ruth Brown, Nancyi Malmquist, Lynn Suzanne Barbee, Pat Adams, Linda Beech, Julia Langford, Jane Davis. Stokes, Sharon White. l68 TW AMERICAN JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross members believe in service for others, their country, their com- munity, and their school. They strive toward better human relationships by working to- gether with members in America and other lands. The main projects of the Junior Red Cross are filling an overseas chest, filling Christ- mas stockings, and providing parties tor day nurseries and hospitals. The sponsor of the Junior Red Cross is Miss Adele Anderson. The officers of the Junior Red Cross are BACK ROW: Gail Hawkins, reporter Glenda Richards, secretary, Karen Cabiness, vice-president, Connie Needham vice-president. FRONT ROW: Kathlene Kinstra, head of Dallas Chapter, Judy Stuffing stockings for Christmas are: Sherry McCleland, Micky Morrison, Kay Summers, Laverne Smith, Bobby Bogard, Miss Anderson, sponsor, Janice Black. STANDING: Gretchen Gore, Teresa Whitman, Pat Fred- rick, Barbara Wiley, Becky Jones, Margaret Northcutt, Barbara Boone, Sharon Rosenbaum, Kay Field. SEATED: Judy Stranad, Lynn Coffman, Ginger Blass, Nancy Trish, Barbara Parker, Ona Mae Harris, Mary Sturdevant, Shirley Nichols. BACK ROW: Judith Newcomb, Donna Jo Newcomb, Delores Aldrige, Yrrll- l-lprr1g,,,Qiane Horne, Jana Kesterson. FRONT ROW: Jo Ann Law, Zenith McCroan, Linda Horton. I . M , . 'List i Mil .,,,,,..lie'- K- -so OFFICERS: Jackie McGuire, Carol Burpnf pianists, Juanell Baker, parliamentarian, Carol Ann Stephens, secretary, Barbara Boor a- qlentg Mapha-4New, president, Kandis Hardin, treasurer, Bobbie Jo Smith, reporter, Carolyn Jonas, historian, Susan Foster, song leader. . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS G A STANDING: Mary Stevenson, Danette Keener, Jackie Wallace, Linda Spence, Kay Prior, Claudia Burkhalter, Rita Prechtl, Joyce Geor. SEATED: Janelle Sutton, Glinda Gilliland, Sharon Mclnnis. STANDING: Vera Harris, Linda Pelton, Paulette Littlefield, Betsy Askue. SEATED: Lynette Tipton, Harlene Miller, Natina Burkham, Vickie Arnold, Jo Wilson, Linda Gicldiens. K 1 T- Lf W LW STANDING: Pat Taylor, Sharon Rosenbaum, if argaret Henderso ' Carolyn Sheffield, Mary Morrison, Sue Young, Martha Crump, Helen Peace. SEATED: Judith Anderson, Peggy , rn Smith, Lynda Stapp. l 70 DF AMERICA WING FRONT ROW: Ruth Starrf Brenda Manki Jean Swans, Doris Anderson Linda Coker Jan Case Pat g Sherrod, Betty Lindly, Sue Keen. BACK ROW: Lavenia Tdone Jo Ann Walls Sandra McClung Jeanette Renfro, Beverly Angel, Linda Harrelson, Martha Sutton, Andrea Jackson Ann Wallace Carolyn Pearce Martha New, chapter president, crowns the FHA Beau, Phil Portillo, at the Highland Park game. The GHS Future Homemakers of America are affiliated with the State Future Homemakers of America, and membership is open to all home- making students. This year the club is divided into two divisions. Spon- soring the GA wing are Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Caldwell, and Mrs. Bruce. STANDING: Sharon Stewart Beverly Raines Donna Jones Sandra Cardwell, Earnestine Curlm SEATED Marsha May Faye Hamilton Chris Case, Linda Dickens STANDING: Barbara Watson, Linda Sorrels, Marylm Carmickly Joan Davis Jackie Mash born, Mary Grizzle, Iris McCoy, Oma Jean Chase m.1vV I: Teresa Whitman, Lynda Burks, Linda Fykes, Linda Wright, Carolyn Dodson, Carol Ann Hawkins, Barbara Henson, Barbara Dixon, Glenda Halpin, Pat Dunbar, Nina James. ROW II: Alycia Hatley, Emily Ticer, Carol Webb, Gretchen Gore, Tommie Webb, Jean McDaniel. ,IROW III: Glenda Russell, Betty Gregory, Linda Thompson, Barbara Bradley, Sherry Myers, Barbara Williams, Brenda Dickerson. ROW IV: ,l'Judy Morse, Myrna Pike, Donna Dickerson, Dinah Windt, Beverly Justice, Patsy Patton, Lois Rudolph, Sue Jones, Carolyn Birk, Betty Foote, I Bonnie Shtith, Jo Ann Robinson, Gayla Baise, Ellen Wisenbaker. Carolyn Birk was named the 1961 Betty Crocker ot Tomorrow in Left to right: Jo Dena Marcussi, Pamela Barnard, Diana Boughton, Mar- GHS- BY winning Inlsf She be' lena Wallen, Joyce Bailey, Marsha Head, Susan Foster, Alice Ann Taylor. Came eligible to fUn for ine Slale title. STANDING: Paula Parr, Barbara Willis, June Pointer, Roseann Cyganic, Judye Malden, Mary Rasor, Louise Anderson. KNEEL- ING: Verna Nell Giles, Carole Rochall, Beverly Rowell. ,., ,, ...,,. ,. . , sf - ' ,A..,..a ' W1 STANDING: Carol Stooksberry, Beth Holton, Judy Thurman, Shirley Wright, Kay Magness, Mickie Morrison, Arlene Davis. SEATED: Paula Watson, Gloria Allison, Gwynn Hall. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA AD WING 1 OFFICERS-ROW I: Becky Riddels, song leader, Sue Van Zant, secretary, Lana Simmons, president, Linda Martin, historian, Sydna Holbert, vice-president. ROW II: Retha Cook, pianist, Hazel Roark, song leaderp Linda Tate, reporter, Jerie Stanton, parliamentarianp Pat McCallum, treasurer. Paulette Chapman and Q11-iMIArig?tt serve refreshments at the installa- tion meeting. Waiting in IIE' - rs. Caldwell, Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Stroud, Mrs. Chapman, and rs. Angzottfi With its symbol, the red rose, and its motto- Toward New Horizons-the Future Homemakers strive to promote a growing appreciation of the ioys and satisfactions of homemaking and good will among nations. Sponsoring the AD wing are: Mrs. Stroud, Mrs. McDowell, and Mrs. Cald- well. FRONT ROW: Lynn Schuler, Kathy Sanford. SECOND ROW: Brenda Harvey, Laura Henderson, Sandra Davis, Sondra White, Sherry Hancockl THIRD ROW: Renea Willis, Carolyn Pike, Delores Arevalo, Patsy Beggs, Carolyn Reeves, Pat McCallum, Cecilia Jackson, Sally Nall, Sue Van Zant, Darlie Norris, Linda Martin. I73 STANDING: Pat Triplett, Harralyn Fuller, Linda Jocoy, Leanne Harper, Linda Kannick, Grace Harmon, Linda Halloway, Mary Young, Judy Freeman, Janice McKinney, Linda Keltner, Elizabeth Smith, Caro-I West, Liveda Stout. SITTING, back table: Lynn Ewing, Cinda Martin, Janice Grider, Linda Laminack, Karen Gossett, Jamie Gilmer. SITTING, front table: Janie Morgan, Linda Alderman, Sandra Duncan, Sandra Totten, Linda Toone, Jean Wingo. ROW I: Janice Calloway, Judy Chase, Sandra Austin, Carolyn Deaver, Nancy Reener, Jerie Stanton, Delores Allen, Glenda Barne. ROW II: Pat Fredrick, Lana Johnson, Delores Kay Aldridge, Nancy Ayers. ROW III: Susan Jirak, Linda Kellion, Anita Houston. STANDING: Lonna Helton, Kay Mclntosh, Mrs. Caldwell, Patricia Welch, Barbara Hawkins, Janice Bevers, Carol Dugger, Lana Simmons, Nancy Lawson, Sharon Tagala, Betty Wheat, Paula Davis, Peggy Stevens, Betty Tapley, Linda Turner. SEATED: Billie Harkrider, Mary Baker. I74 ROW l: Sharon Round, Nita Nichols, Sharon Brown, Betty Jo Berry, Brenda Roland. ROW ll: Pat Aldridge, Judy Killion, Carman Shoot, Carolyne Pate, Mary Hood, Sylvia Hogue, Becky Riddels, Patty Fleeson, Gay D0dS0n, Robbie RiCe. ROW Ill: Gail ROl9if1SOI'I, -lHl'1iS While, Betty Hopkins, Mary McKaskle, Patsy Walker, Carol Bishop, Diana Horn, Norma Laun, Karen Cabiness, Sydna Holhert, Madalyne Kennett, Alera Coldwell, Benita Cannaday, Diane Foster. STANDING: Glenna Hicks, Suzzette Fletcher, Brenda George, Linda Huggins, Carolyn Bount, Christie McLean, Betty Wright, Donna Echols, Hazel Roore, Retha Cook, Virginia Bagby, Barbara Shipley. -mu BACK ROW: Paulette Chapman, Jackie Smith,fDonn'a'1l,Aj1g-F-drtf Barbara Sanders, Essie Luellen, Bonnie Plumlee, Mary Arganbright, Lorenda Sumrow, Glenda Ford, Doris Wishner, Annetti?Eldei'fdMargaret Haker, Linda Jarvis, Linda Davis, Bobbie Sawyer, Louella Cowan, Lynn Bern- baum, Linda Carroll, Gail Craig, Margaret Baker. SEATED: Janis Morris, Lana Thornton, Linda Tate, Beth Brock, Dana Nicholson, Nelda Rogers, Jo Ann Mitchell, Laurel Wagner, Diane Clanton, Marie Stibbens, Rita Williams, Susan Tompson, Shirley Hull. l75 FUTURE FARMERS l The Garland Chapter officers of the Future Farmers are STANDING: Mr. Ray Carson, sponsor, Donald Marshall, parliamentarian, Mike Childress, sen- tinel, Ferris Watson, third vice-president, Billy Merriman, secretary, Larry Cole, second vice-president, Ronald Marshall, historian, Mr. H. E. Turrentine, sponsor. SEATED: Gerald Hall, reporter, Doyle Hughes, vice-president, Glenn Willeford, president, John Marshall, treasurer. The FFA Sweetheart, Janet Jackson, poses with Phil Portillo, the FHA Beau The Chapter Farmers are BACK ROW: Lee Roland, Leon-Covington, Jerry Hodge, James Myers, Stanley Swindell, Randolph Gheen, Benny McCartney, Bobby Holmes. SECOND ROW: Clem Coyle, Jr., Tommy Philips, Jerry Foster, David Moore, Dennis White, Roger Crouch, Larry , Hall, Joel Wilson. THIRD ROW: Billy McCarter, Larry Cooper, G. W. Denton, Douglas Clark, Bob Watson, Jackie Bowling, Bobby Hutson. FRONT ROW: Jerry Crawford, Joe Rico,-Larry Wilkins, Vaughn Long, Jerry Hamilton, James Beasley, Lynn McCreary. I76 OF AMERICA The Future Farmers ot Amer- T ica is a national organization composed of boys interested in vocational agriculture. Each boy must be enrolled in a Vocational Agriculture course and take part in some agriculture proiect approved by his sponsor. The boys take trips to various stock shows to display their animals for iudging. The younger mem- bers of the FFA are called Greenhanols. The sponsors of the F.F.A. are Mr. H. E. Turren- tine and Mr. Ray Carson. 1 The Greenhand Chapter Conducting team members who won first at District Leadership Contest and third at Area Leadership Contest are STANDING: H. E. Turrentine, sponsor, Don Gillespie, Ricky Abbott, Forrest Hogue, Ray Carson, sponsor. SEATED: Steve Lucas, John Blanks, Doug Christainsen, Manuel Rico. Mr. Turrentine, left, and Mr,- Carson, sponsors, enioy this type of work. Members of the Greenhands are BACK ROW: Truman Hague, Forrest Hogue, Hollis Bankhead, John Blanks, Ricky Abbott, Doug Christainsen, Jimmy Pruit. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Scott, Lynn Poovey, Don Gilespie, L, Z. McCoy, Roger Long, Don Fortenbery, Ronny Davis, Gary Bratcher, James Dennis, Manuel Rico, Steve Lucas. FRONT ROW: Mike Hemphill, Jerry Fuller, Duane Morris, Larry Martin, Jesse Brown, Wayne Edwards, Ferris McCallum, David Luna, Jimmy Jo Mothershead. H7 First place Dairy herd at the Fat Stock Show in Ft. Worth. Jo Dan Penn, left, state president, is greet- ed by Glen Williford, local president. John Marshall farms his crop proiect. Larry Cooper's heifers held by Gary Dut- ton, left, and Joe Cooper. I78 3rd place-Quiz Team Members: Jerry Fuller, Don Fortenberry, Rob- ert Scott, Hollis Bankhead. "Area" 3rd place-Chapter Farmer Chapter Conduct- ing and 3rd place Greenhand Chapter Conducting MIDLOTHIAN LIVESTOCK SHOW lAug., 19601 DAlRY First place-Ferris Watson, Jerry Ted Hamilton 2nd place-Lee Roland, Ferris Watson 4th place-Clem Coyle, Roger Crouch BEEF 2nd place-Larry Cole 6th-Dennis White SWINE Clifton Sullivan-lst place and Grand Champi- on Hampshire Gilt WAXAHACHIE-DAlRY Glen Willeford-Grand Champion Jersey Cow First places-Gary Willeford, Jerry Ted Hamil- ton Second places-Larry Hall, Lee Roland, Roger Crouch, Ferris Watson Third places-Clem Coyle, Ferris Watson Fourth place-Glen Willeford SHEEP "Suffolk" Roger Crouch-First place-Ram and Grand Champion Ram Hampshire Ewes-Mike Childress-Reserve Champion and Second and Third place Doyle Hughes-First and Fourth Ewe Lambs-Larry Cooper-First, second, and Third BEEF Larry Cole-2nd Dennis White-7th SWINE Clifton Sullivan-3rd place-Hampshire gilt DAIRY-Dallas Fair Ferris Watson won Junior Champion and Re- serve Grand Champion Guernsey. Jerry Ted Hamilton won Reserve Junior Jun- ior Champion Jersey. Blue Ribbons-Larry Hall, Clem Coyle, Lee Roland, Jerry Ted Hamilton, Ferris Mc- Collum C21 Red Ribbons-David Moore, Roger Crouch. Gerald Hall, Jerry Crawford. BEEF Commercial Beef Steers Prime-Blue Ribbon-Jackie Bowling and also lst place steer, Gary Dutton, Larry Cole, James Summers White Ribbon-Billy Merriman Baby Beef-6th-Dennis White Swine Judging Contest at Vernon Uan. 14, 19611 Second place-Ronald Marshall, Donald Mar- shall, Billy McCarter, and Clifton Sullivan F.F.A. HONCRS AND AWARDS WON LEADERSHIP JUDGING CONTEST "District" lst place-Chapter Farmer Chapter Conducting Teams Members: Clifton Sullivan, Donald Marshall, Ronald Marshall, John Luck, Lee Roland, Bobby Hutson, and Dennis White. lst place-Greenhand Chapter Conducting Team Members: Doug Christensen, Manuel Rico, Ricky Abbott, John Blanks, Steve Lucas, Forrest Hogue and Don Gillispre. 3rd place--Radio Team Members: Lyn McCreary, Doyle Hughes and Larry Cole. This Duroc sow is James Meyers' proiect. Ferris Watson exhibiting his iunior cham- pion and Grand Champion Guernsey hei- fer at the San Antonio Fat Stock Show. steer at the Dallas State Fair. under, and Dennis White take it easy at the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show. John Luck's Dairy Jersey heifer calf won first at the Ft. Worth and San Antonio Stock Shows. These four Blue Ribbon Commercial Beef Steers at the Dallas State Fair are owned by James Summers, Larry Cole, Gary Dut- ton, and Jackie Bowling. This Southdown Fat Lamb, proiect of Larry Cooper, was exhibited at the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show. WINNING AT FORT WORTH SHOW SWINE Ricky Abbott-14th place Duroc Barrow Clifton Sullivan-6th and toth place Hampshire Barrows DAIRY Jerry Hamilton-ist place Senior Yearling Jersey, 2nd place Junior Yearling Jer- sey, Junior Champion Jersey of the Open and Junior Jersey Show Ferris Watson-ist place Junior Yearling CGuernseyJ and lst place Senior Calf iGuernseyl-Junior and Grand Champion Guernsey John Luck-ist place Junior calf Uerseyl in both Junior and open show Mike Childress-4th place Junior calf Uerseyj Dennis White-5th place Junior calf Her- seyj and a red ribbon Roger Crouch-7th place Junior calf and Uerseyt a red ribbon Don Fortenberry-Blue Ribbon Senior Jer- sey calf Lee Rolland-Red Ribbon Sr. calf Uerseyl Clem Coyle-Red Ribbon Sr. Calf Uerseyl Larry Hall-Red Ribbon Junior Yearling Uerseyl James Beasley-4th place and blue rib- bon-2 year old Jersey cow The chapter exhibited the lst place herd of 5 Jerseys and won 2nd place in neatness award SAN ANTONIO Ferris Watson-ist place Junior Yearling iGuernseyJ, Ist place Senior calf iGuernseyl, Junior Champion Guernsey and Grand Champion Guernsey, lst place Guernsey Showmanship Jerry Hamilton-2nd place Junior Yearling Jersey and a blue ribbon, 4th place Senior yearling Jersey and a red ribbon Larry Hall-2nd place Junior Yearling Jersey and 2nd place showmanship in Jerseys Lee Roland-Blue Ribbon Sr. calf Uerseyl Clem Coyle-red ribbon Sr. calf Uerseyl Don Fortenberry-red ribbon senior calf Uerseyl David Moore-2nd place and a blue ribbon Jersey John Luck-lst place Junior calf and a blue ribbon Jersey Mike Childress-2nd place iunior calf and a blue ribbon Jersey Dennis White-a red ribbon iunior Jersey calf The chapter won 2nd place Jersey herd and won 'lst place in neatness award. HOUSTON SHOW Ferris Watson exhibited the lst place Junior Yearling Guernsey and the 2nd place Senior calf. He won Junior Cham- pion and Grand Champion Guernsey and won a registered Guernsey heifer for having done the best iob of fitting and showing his animals. Jerry Hamilton exhibited one blue and one red ribbon Jersey. Larry Hall exhibited two red ribbon Jerseys. John Luck exhibited a 3rd place and a blue ribbon Jersey. David Moore exhibited a 2nd place and a blue ribbon Jersey. Lee Roland won 2nd and a blue ribbon on his Jersey. Don Fortenberry won 4th and a blue ribbon on his Jersey. Mike Childress exhibited a red ribbon Jersey heifer. The Chapter Farmer Conducting team. I Clifton Sullivan's fat barrow won sixth and tenth at the Ft, Worth Stock Show. E Jerry Hamilton's Junior Champion Jersey heiter at the Ft. Worth Stock Show. Ricky Abbott and his Duroc barrow won fourteenth place at the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show. I79 Q SEATED: Charlene Lee, Jeannie Addington, Nancy Gouge, Dianne Williams. STANDING: Judy Mouldin, Kay Magness, Cathy Smith, Lynn Stokes, Peggy Jones, Gyn Robinson, Gail Webber, Glenn Higgs, J. C. House. CREATIVE ARTS CLUB The Creative Arts Club was organized to fur- ther interests in creative arts. The club will strive to obtain their goal through work shops, field trips, and speakers. They will also help with any art work for GHS. Miss Gray, the art teacher, works with this group. Harold Morris, president, admires some drawings with Ann Taylor, Glenda Scott, and Andrea Jackson. l80 OFFICERS: Nancy Gardner, treasurer, Zenith McCroan, vice-president, Miss Gray, Julia Langford, secretary, Carolyn Burk, reporter. BACKJQOW: Donna Parker, Linda Gafford, Donna Novak, Cynthia Rutledge, Gwinni Robinson, Sherry Yeager, Pat Hancock, kM'arga'ref"Hen'der1f fson, and Sherry Stenson. FRONT ROW: Margaret McMurrain, Laura Mobley, Karen Cabiness, Linda Buhler, Kathy Langford, Jackie Wil- liams, Cecilia Harrison, Kay Prior. Y-TEENS Y-Teens is a new organization at GHS to help its members grow in friendship .with people of all races, vreligions, and nationalities. It also enables members to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Y-Teens is a branch of the Dallas YWCA. Mrs. Trotman sponsors the group. 1 BACK ROW: Charlene Lee, devotional chairman, Jean Prather, publicity chair- man, Marilyn Carmichel, inner club representative, alternate, Judy Maroney service chairman, Barbara Dixon, inner 'club representative. FRONT ROW Charlene Lee, secretary, Eva Lou Morris, presidentfyLinda Alderman, vice president, Carole Hall, treasurer. ' BACK ROW: Joan Wolf, Brenda Roland, Lanna Hankie, Linda Edwards, Brenda George, Donna Edwards, Pat Purbeck, Jean Thomason, Susan George, and Julie Langford. FRONT ROW: Nancy Beckham, Linda Bonds, Nancy Malmquist, Jean Barber, and Janet Persons. l8l ROW l: Mr. Reed, sponsor, Gary Cole, vice-president, John Collier, president, Don Bedell, treasurer, Jim Tillinghast, secretary. ROW ll Claudia Smith, Annette Byers, Susie Hodson, Irma Tapley, Ann Peacock, Ruth Schneider,'Jeannie Hughes, Joe Barnes. ROW Ill: Eddie Anderson, Barry Acker,'Clyde Blevins, Bill Patterson, Don Brown, Bobby Botsford, Bob Bolton, Don Wilson, MacDraper, Jim Hutson, James Smith, Wayne Whitson, Ronald Taylor. COMMERCIAL LAW FORUM The Commercial Law Forum was formed to promote the study of law. The club strives to do this by field trips and speakers in the fields of law. Mr. Reed sponsors both of the sections. L ROW l: Mr. Reed, sponnsory Richard Waggoner, vice-president, Buster Stevenson, president, Ronald Taylor, treasurer. ROW ll: Linda Chand Ier, Dorothy O'Banion, Delores Good, Judy Faris, Tommy Ward, David McKean, Billie Medaris, Roy Walker, Larry Stanton, Leslie Gray, Richard Clark, Glen Stiff, David Miller. ROW Ill: William Casteel, Charles Floyd, Kenneth Stegall, Alfred Rossen, Hugh Cook, Robert Redd Don Land, Tommy Locke. l82 KEY CLUB The officers of The Key Club are, STANDING: Bob Foster, Jr., representative, Glen Jennings, reporter, Eddie Brown, photographer, Skipper Newman, Soph. representafivep Sammy Garvin, Sr. representative. SEATED: Bill Vandiver, secretary: Don Hollenshead, Treasurer, Mr. Reed, sponsor, James Townsend, presidenfi Paul Gifford, vice-president The Key Club is a service organization that strives 'ro serve home, school, and com- munity. They sponsor a pancake day and a school assembly as proiecis during The year. The sponsor is Mr. Reed. MEMBERS: Terry Logsdon, Jim Thomas, Jimmy Burns, Nic Nicholson, David Hall, John Kidd. STANDING: Jim Curtis, David Cox, Ronnie Klas, Tommy Ward, Ronny Ruiherford. SEATED: Bill Patter son, Richard Clark, Eddie Brown, Tommy Piccolo. l83 ENGLISH IV CLUBS The officers grouped around Mrs. Hickman are: Gary Davis, president, Hugh Cook, sergeant-at-arms, Preston Vice, vice-president, Gail Hawkins, secretary. The English IV Clubs are formed in the English grammar and literature classes. The purpose of the English IV Clubs is to Teach students to conduct meetings according to parliamentary procedure and to give stu- dents practice in arranging and presenting programs. The sponsors of the English IV Clubs are Mrs. Ella Hickman and Mrs. Lavona Rowett. Mrs. Rowett's classes call themselves the G.H.S. Gavel Society. The officers of 2nd period English IV Club are: Carolyn Pearce, Fourth period officers grouped around Mrs. Hickman are: Faith Easton, vice-president, Mike Bullock, parliamentarian, Larry Ethridge, vice-president, Gary Cole, sergeant-at-arms, David Clopton, president, sergeant-at-arms, Richard Pickle, president, Sandra Williams, secre- Corky Epperson, treasurer, Judy Peavy, reporter, Marydee Hoffman, tary, Bob Smith, l'epOrTer- parliamentarian, Durene Inman, secretary. v Fifth period officers are: John Collier, president, Sandra Anderson, parliamentarian, Barbara Quillin, reporter, Nic Nicholson, sergeant-at-arms, Mrs. Hickman, sponsor, Bettie Gray, vice-president. I84 G.H.S. GAVEL SOCIETY Third period officers grouped around Mrs. Rowett are: Donna Butts, vice-president, Ronny Klas, president, Steve Rushing, re- porter, Jimmy Luna, parliamentariani Nick King, treasurer, Dolores Barnes, secretary. Fourth period officers are STANDING: Ronnie Monroe, vice-president, Jan Barnes, secretary, Eddie Brown, parliamentarianp Janet Royce, treasurer. SEATED: Bill Jordan, president. l Sixth period officers grouped around Mrs. Rowett are: Roseann Barnes, secre- tary: Jeanne Barnes, treasurer, James Townsend, president, Bill Vandiver, re- porter, Georgia Anderson, parliamen- tarianf Ruth Sanders, vice-president. OFFICE ASSISTANTS The Garland avenue wing office assistants are: BACK ROW: Mary Lloyd Smith, Gena Odell, Kathy Hancock, Donna Earles, Barbara Boone, Judy Bell, Dolores Barnes, .loan Alamo. FRONT ROW: Janet Royce, Leola Ramsey, Martha Crumpton, Judy Stranad, Kay Heath, Nancy Guynes, Mary Lou Wood, Marydee Hoffman, Judy Jones, Martha New. Picking up absentee blanks, checking them, and adding color to the office are just a few of the iobs the office assist- ants perform. The Avenue D wing assistants are BACK ROW: Gretchen Gore, Ann Willis, Patsey Cockrell, Ronny Rutherford, Vick'y Wilbank, Sue Mills Lonnie Oglesby, Sonia Hegna.'FRONT ROW: Carolyn Jones, Alera Ann Coldwell, Roseann Cyganik, Meredith Morrison, Kandis Hardin, Billy Tomlison. l86 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS c The library assistants check books in and out, check fines on overdue books, and help keep the books in order. Their help enables the librarians to devote more of their time to students using the li- brary. The head librarian is Mrs. Nelleen Womack. The Library Assistants are: Sandy Duncan, Sharon Fagala, Laura Henderson, Darlie Norris, Linda Carr Pat Aldrige, Sally Nall, Diane Clanton, Glenda Cuthberson, Linda Alderman, Judy Kirby, Nancy Co-bb, Joan Davis, Sandra White, Sharon Hendershot, Library Assistants are: BACK ROW: Tommy Thomas, Terry Clark, H. C. Chambers, Charles Marriot, Ruth Williamson, Alice Spencer, Alycia Hatley, Oma Jean Chase, Glenda Russell, Barbara Hardin, Delores Turner. MIDDLE ROW: Roger Blake, Johann Sebastian, Brenda Roland, Sharon Stewart, Jeagtte Renfro, Glenda Lee. FIRST ROW: Ronnie Baker, Peggy Flander, Julie Langford, Mary Young, Donna Parker, Nancy Nesbitt,'Br51da Mankw Mary Argenbright, Jane Morgan, Robie Rice, Linda Killian, Kitty Morgan, Jo Ann Mitchell, Mrs. Nelleen Womack. I87 ws K' ' ,W Q'fWpf M W'WW'539! fwyf Mp wQSML05 o QW W My AW f WT 0 fi? ipfvfff s!"'o9"?f WM, WW Mfwwwj WWQSW f Ji A U if A QUJIN tp CP Q N1 x fix W .fx V31 j,34fqfj6iS Wop 5? RWM QW WW WW WQQSQQQWMKMMSQ . YxW'Ub Q WQQNQXQXQXW W WQMKQKN Wm QQWQQWPWW W x'fQ?gVNQQQ fairnriinzs E 2 2 5 E 5 S 5 E v H ff' 1 f 1 . 1 - Qanimk ,314 g , -. - H I Y ,ik fkff'fQ2if.-iw - .1'-w?4ms21w?wgHb'6' ANDY JACKSON SANDRA WILLIAMS DURENE INMAN J HOMECOMING QUEEN NOMINEES Contenders for The coveted Homecoming Queen crown were elected by the Senior Class. The final vot- ing was cast by The entire student body with The use of a voting machine. The nominees were escorted To the center of the football field at The half time of the Highland Park game, November 28. Queen Char- lene was crowned by Miss Anita Baily, the 1959 Home- coming Queen. Gordon Dodson presented Charlene with a bouquet of red roses. After The game a Home- coming Dance was given in her honor. GLENDA SCOTT JUDY BOLES PEGGY JONES NANCY GARDNER QUEEN GLENDA SCOTT and KING JAMES RUST 'Midst the splendor of red roses, cu- pids, and hearts, the coronation of the 1961 Valentine King and Queen, James Rust and Glenda Scott. Prince and Prin- cess, Gary Mitchell and Juanell Baker reigned with the royal couple. THE l96I VALENTINE COURT The Junior-Senior Valentine Dance given by the Seniors in honor of the Juniors February I8 was the occasion for the coronation. Nominees for royalty and the winners were crowned by John Virden. Crownbearer was Buck Steven- son. PRINCESS JUANELL BAKER and PRINCE GARY MITCHELL TOP ROW: Dukes: Gary Harvey, Garry Christian, Larry Christian, John Nickerson. Duchesses: Nancy Gardner, Jimmy Dean Bennet, Nancy Guynes, Linda Six, Duke: Hugh Cook. Duchesses: Carol Stephens, Durene Inman. Duke: Jim Tillinghast. I92 if Q wen ws? . 2 yfmwgg JAMES RUST SANDRA WILLIAMS Winners of ALL GHS honors are selected entirely i by the teachers. The student body has no part in selecting the student. y JUDY JONES GORDON DODSON l 2 5. if li f l l l ANDY JACKSON GARY HARVEY The winners are chosen on the basis of their attitude in class, co-operativeness with fellow students and i teachers, and scholastic abllxty. JOHN VIRDEN JEREBETH AXE aa Gi st ,H 5: x5 M is F. A. COLEMAN SARAH CLELAND JUNIQR ALL GHS GINA O'DELL BILL WISNER CAROL KUNKLER DAVID LAMBERT SOPHOMORE ALL GHS DON JONES KATHY STRICKLAND wg. ,, s 3 5 Q A SUE WEBB MIKE BOYD FRESHMAN ALL GHS WELDON MULLINS ALERA CALDWELL X :QL 2 1 xv x x 9 , CEE? if Y., , K JH S w M Y K Q' ,fn rf 1 Q ff gg, 51. 4 6 , , ,- . 111 K ft'-. 4, -411 eff , f .ff 5-mil?" M N A X, .im 'E A. M ,f .Q 'fr 5 QF 1 ' V A f , X f zfizsfgfi A352 lie! a . fa E 5 1 2 is ii Es ai 322 9 E 5 if km E E Q Z 3 1 0 :fi Ka 3? Jw. iw Quia Via' 1 wi K ,Q f if w ik Q44 if 355' Xiu ,H R? ww 5:2293 ' N xv ,www iii ,QT Q, gig, 3 ,xr WM ,uf v K Tiff!-5 "S, Q Y Lf 4 L L -mf L, ff Rex L , IW 'VM f ,Nw We mm MSW ,erm 5 'Ez ' f fig,--,Q ' 1' L wfj: ' K aff. ' Y - Lwfi iw - w :fi , L- '11 Lu: , LLL, .,1 . wir' ,Q 'F 'K -ff 1:5'L'- L7 1' A L, f f -, s,L . A ' -wa, ,gi f fl gl fir ' ,. ' ' L Y 4 ,, 4fE'L1fQ -isK3gyf:sk:L :L L 2- L' P: sw, f 1, is- LmLwn -vi, -,-:wg fgff.-,M -1-mg, LL, if ffl? f. .. 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Msfsvi-fyesiff M 'L fwm, q,, g4 ,Jig-E Qiigz'-Ygfgiq'-. fglqw5511.4-gvxmfi y- ., Q ,- M, ff :Ll f,Hi,v1,-1, N 22 ffl' :f',Wi2smgf:y' - .-,,, , 1 ifsifis . H: -,k,. 5Q,,:U,Q v "'W"f - .mm f' 5 iffy 5? is Q? 1' ,SW - -,-xy H 'fe 1 ' if A fi il u sfaf - 5211, i 1 W: We af if , ,-5 A J . , 1 ,, o RUNNERS-UP l96I POPULARITY BALL T 'E t TOP ROW: Ronny Weaver, Wittiest, Ronny Monroe, Friendliest, Buck Stevenson, Personality Plus, Best Owl Spirit, Ty Morris, Personality Plus, Ruth Sanders, Most Ambitious, Gary Cole, Most Dependable, Joe Espinoso, Class Favorite, Eddie Horstman, Best All Round, Garry Christian, Most Handsome, John Nickerson, Most Handsorne, Phil Portillo, Class Favorite, F. A. Coleman, Carolyn Birk, Wittiest, Leola Ramsey, Most Courteous, Juanell Baker, Most Beautiful, Ann Thurman, Class Favorite, Sara Cleland, Best All Round, Janet Jackson, Class Favorite, Beverly Burk, Best All Round, Marsha Erwin, Most Beautiful, Glenda Lee, Best Owl Spirit. 222 qw TOP ROW: John Virden, Most Versatile, Butch Metcalf, Class Favor- ite, Mr. GHS, Gary Harvey, Most Versatile, John Collier, Best Na- tured, Best Owl Spirit, Hugh Cook, Most Athletic, Richard Pickle, Most Ambitious, Gordon Dodson, Most Handsome, Most Depend- able, Preston Vice, Best All Round, Most Athletic, John Shipley, Friendliest, Karen Brooks, Best Natured, Andy Jackson, Miss GHS, Sandra Williams, Most Beautiful, Class Favorite, Jerry Hopper, Wit- tiest, James Rust, Best All Round, Class Favorite, Ronny Weaver, Wittiest, Judy Jones, Best All Round, Kay Field, Most Courteous, Faith Easton, Most Dependable, Ruth Sanders, Most Ambitious, Glenda Scott, Most Beautiful, Friendliest, Barbara Boone, Friendliest, Barbara Quillin, Best Owl Spirit, Jean Fletcher, Most Athletic, Judy Boles, Personality Plus, Most Versatile, Durene lnman, Personality Plus, Miss GHS, Peggy Jones, Class Favorite, Miss GHS, Carolyn Birk, Wittiest. TOP ROW: David Lambert, Class Favorite, Jimmy Burns, Handsomest, Freddy Fox, Handsomest, Ronny Fitzgerald, Best All Round, Linda Ash- ley, Best All Round, Ronny Wiliams, Class Favorite, Gary Bridges, Best All Round, Weldon Mullins, Best All Round, Jerry Turner, Class Favor- ite, Mike Goodwin, Best All Round, Gretchen Gore, Most Beautiful, Kandis Hardin, Best All Round, Julia Freeman, Most Beautiful, Margaret McMurrian, Class Favorite, Sydna Holbert, Best All Round, Carol Sewell, Class Favorite, Carolyn Hatfield, Class Favorite, Carol Ann Hawkins, Class Favorite, Best All Round. 223 Q In AUTQGRAPHSN 4 Qof rej : Ufrjcvwxvwf g K ! gljgxvgy Ugg . ,.,, 4 Wf, W WQQAW f5fiQfi, ? 2 . 5 , "'-gk Qflgigglb Nw mxxwg W Niliigif bail? MWMEMQ spnrfis THE 196C DISTRICT FIRST ROW: Paul Gifford, Roger Theis, Joe Espinosa, Ronnie Rutherford, David Landgraf, Bob Micheals, Don Williams, Ronny Fitzgerald, Tommy Drum, Freddie Fox, David James, Richard Newman. SECOND ROW: Buck Stevenson, Jim Tillinghast, Tommy Nall, John Nickerson, Charles LeMaster, Bill Lofland, Larry Ethridge, Butch Metcalf, James Rust, Hugh Cook, Jim Curtis, Sharp Young, Paul Woodard, Eddie Horstman. THIRD Before the beginning of district play, few people felt that the Owls had any chance of winning the District 7-AAAA crown. In non-district competition the Owls had lost three out of six games. Sportswriters picked Garland to place thh'd in district behind Highland Park and Sherman. Then again few people felt the renewed spirit the Owls took to the field within the second half of the McKinney game and kept the remainder of the season. The Owls started out the 1960 season well enough, defeating Bryan Adams and Woodrow Wilson by the decisive scores of 22-O and 34-6 respectively only to lose their next two games at the hands of Grand Prairie and Arlington. With the help of rain and mud Grand Prairie stymied the Owls 19-O. The next week Garland played the Arlington Colts a hard game but they found themselves on the short end of a 12-7 score when the final gun sounded. Thoroughly riled by these two losses, the Owls came back to hand Irving an 18-O defeat. Feeling confident once again, the Owls iourneyed to McKinney only to be handed a 34-20 loss, but not until after the Owls had done a good bit of hard head-knocking. The loss, at long last, shocked the Owls into realization and with their "can't be beat" attitude rolled through district pl-ay to the cherished championship that brought Garland their first District Trophy since their debut into the AAAA rank in 1958. 226 Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland 22 34 O ----- 7 18 20 We- 38 ----- 30 23 ----- 14 -- 6 ARLAND OWL -AAAA CHAMPIONS ROW: Gary Mitchell, Dicky Dixon, Ronnie Klass, Ronnie Faulkner, Paul Bell, Lloyd Harbison, Bill Hatchell, Nick King, Larry Christian, Gary Christian, Gary Harvey, John Rich, Sammy Garvin, Ronnie Blackwell. Bryan Adams ,L......, -- Woodrow Wilson Grand Prairie ,...... ,,,,, Arlington .L,.,..... Irving ....A,..... McKinney ...,. Denison ,,.... Denton ...,.,.., Sherman .,,,...... Highland Park ..... .,... Lufkin .............. Anyone who saw the Owls play their first district game could tell something had come over them. Shellacking Denison C38-151 and Denton C30-81 in two games supposed to be close, the mighty Owls put their noses to the grindstone to prepare themselves for a tough Sherman team who had beaten Highland Park 21-20 the week before. All the hard work paid off and the Owls defeated the Bearcats 23-14 to assure themselves at least a share in the District 7-AAAA championship. Regrouping their forces during a two-week lay-off, the Owls met the mighty Scots from Highland Park and pulled the wool over their eyes in a brilliant 14-14 tie ball game to win the District championship. ln the bi-district, the Owls dropped a heartbreaker to Lufkin 7-6 to end a very successful and praiseworthy season. The Owls placed three on the All-District Team. They were James Rust, Butch Metcalf, and Larry Ethridge. Rust was named to the All Greater Dallas Team, and Metcalf and Ethridge were placed on the second team. Named to the All-District second team were Hugh Cook, Gary Harvey, Joe Espinosa, Bunky LeMaster, Eddie Horstman, and David Landgraf. 227 BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Young, Homer Johnson, Bill Finley, and John Butler. TOP ROW: Elmo Cummins, Charles Haldeman, Bud Owens, and Dalton Hicks. MANAGERS Jay Tillinghasf, Bill Poole, Bill Wisener, Osby Borcharclt, and John Kidd CO-CAPTAI N S ' l BUTCH METCALF JAMES RUST 228 -' me I' 2' 88 9 iif X S ff Qp .i ,cf sg . Q , is W ,, M4 47 gp 'Q 67 I5 m c X RICHARD NEWMAN ROGER THEIS JOE ESPINOSA NICK KING Guard Guard Guard Tackle JIM TILLINGHAST LLOYD HARBISON End Tackle 34-6 vidory over Woodrow Wilson. MIKE CATHEY PAUL WCODARD End End I SF"-4 ll .an I Iulu I If'u"'IRIm HUGH CQQK GARY CHRISTIAN BILL LOFLAND TOMMY DRUM End End End End 23' GARLAND 38 DENISON I5 The Owls rolled over The YellowiackeTs 38-15 To sTarT Their march Toward The DisTricT 7-AAAA Cham- pionship. Denison's Philip Shafer scored The Tirsf Touchdown of The game on a 65 yard pass play. The Owls fired back and scored on an 18 yard Efhridge To Mitchell pass. EThridge kepT around righT end for The Two poinTs and The score sTood 8-7. The second score came on a 17 yard run by EThridge. MeTcalf's kick was good and The Owls pulled away 15-7. The JackeTs came back quickly and Tied The score on a 45 yard pass inTercepTion. ForTy-seven seconds laTer Efhridge scored on a 9 yard iaunT around lefT end To puT The score aT 23-15 aT The halfTime. In The second half The scoring honors wenT To Fifzgerald and EThridge. Fifzgerald foughf from The 1'O in The Third period To score. Efhridge kepT for The final score afTer BuTch MeTcalf broughT down a Ballou pass on The 12 and Took iT To The 1 yard line before being dropped. HorsTman carried for The 2 poinTs and The score sTood 38-15 wiTh 9:25 lefT in The game. Sharp Young C201 picks up a speedy 22 yards in his only carry of The game. Denison's Harold Ballou C101 finally ran Young ouT of bounds. Joe Espinosa C661 and James Rust 1881 Team To- geTher To halt Denison fullback David Smith at The line of scrimmage. 232 GARLAND 30 DENTON 8 The Owls hit The road To Take The Denton Broncos in Their second district game. After having Two touchdowns in a row called back on penalties, The Owls were forced To surrender The ball-To the Broncos who were forced To punt. Eddie Horstman Took The kick and raced 62 yards To The Denton 5 yard line. On The nexT play, Horstman Took The handoff for The score. Ethridge kept for The Two points and The Owls Took The lead 8-0. The next score came on a keeper by Ethridge climaxing a 68 yard, T3 play drive. Sharp Young picked up Two points putting The score aT T6-O. Then came That famous goal line stand by The Owls. The Broncos Took The second half kickoff and drove 85 yards To The Garland one foot line only To give up The ball on downs. The Owls Took The ball and marched 99 2!3 yards To chalk up another 6 points with David Landgraf doing The honors. Garland stopped Denton again on Their own llyard line and made an 89 yard, 6 play Touchdown drive To end The scoring for The Owls. DenTon's only score came on a 43 yard punt return. The Broncos' Ronnie Grove scored The 2 points To make The score 30-8. This was The score when The game ended. The Owl defense puts forth a rugged display of sheer determination and stops DenTon's Mike Cotten at The one foot line. This fine effort marked the beginning of that unforgeTTable 99 2X3 yard touchdown drive that set a new Garland High School record. Butch Metcalf 1781 paves The way for Eddie HorsTman's T451 superb 62 yard punt return To DenTon's 5 yard line. On The next play Eddie carried the ball for the Owls first score of the game. 233 GARLAND 23 SHERMAN I 4 Garland assured Themselves of a share of The disTricT crown by defeaTing Sherman 24-14 in an excellenT display of hard TooTball. Garland's IiTTle sophomore, David Landgraf, Turned in his TinesT game of The season in carrying The ball 17 Times for 192 yards. Joe Espinosa sTarTed The scoring drive on an inTercepTed pass To puT The Owls in a posiTion for a field goal ThaT spliT The uprighTs on a 35 yard TlighT off The Toe of BuTch MeTcalf. Sherman Took The ball on The Owls' 42 and drove To The one TooT line where Ronnie Waldo pushed over for The TirsT BearcaT score. The exTra poinT failed and The Owls Trailed 6-3. Garland Then moved 90 yards in 10 plays for Their second score. The Tally came on a pass caughT by James RusT aTTer being deTlecTed off The finger Tips of David Landgraf. MeTcalT's kick was good and The Owls owned a 10-6 lead aT The half. The Owls pulled away 17-6 in The Third period on a Tield goal screen pass To Landgraf. lT was Land- graf again for The Owls' final score. WiTh 2:11 leTT To play Sherman scored on a long pass and Goff scored The exTra poinT To puT The final score aT 23-14. Eddie Horstman C451 knocks down a Sherman pass while Gary MiTchell C241 sTancls ready To cover any possible fumble, David Landgraf C441 adds some more To his 192 yard rushing Total wiTh The help of Ronny Fitzgerald C401 and Tommy Nall C64J. 234 GARLAND I4 HIGHLAND PARK I4 The Owls Tied Highland Park in a furious battle to win The District 7-AAAA crown. Highland Park led off The scoring on a I4 yard run by John Roderick. Fussel booted The extra point and The Scots held a 7-O ead. Garland Took The ball on Their own 30 yard line and went The distance in I6 plays. MeTcalf's kick was true and The half ended with The score 7-7. Garland stalled after a I5 yard penalty in The Third quarter and The Scots' Danny Thomas led his Team To paydirt To put The Scots ahead by 7 points. With less Than 7 minutes remaining, The Owls Took The kickoff and marched 68 yards in I6 plays. Eddie Horstman carried for The last 2 'yards To score. Once again MeTcalf's kick was good and The score was knotted I4-I4 with I:OO To play. Garland subdued The Scots' desperation attempts To break The Tie and earned Themselves a berth in The state playoffs. James Rust C881 fights off Two blockers in a desperate attempt to stop Highland Park's Reagon Dixon. Buck Stevenson fI2J comes up To aid Rust in the tackle. The Owls score their first touchdown against the Scots on a keeper through right Tackle by Larry Ethridge CI7l. David Landgraf M43 lunges for that crucial first down on a fourth and three situation from the Scots' 5 yard line with 2:25 left in the game. He picked up the needed yardage by inches and four plays later halfback Eddie Horstman scored the tying touchdown. 235 GARLAND 6 LUFKIN 7 lt was close, yet far away. That was the situation in the bi-district clash against the Lufkin Panthers. When the final gun sounded, it was Lufkin 7, Garland 6. A lot of hearts were broken, but no one should have been ashamed. lt was a hard fought game, but the breaks lust went the other way. It could have been worse if it hadn't been for the fine iob turned in by Buck Stevenson in filling in for the in- iured Larry Ethridge. Stevenson set up the only Owl score in a series of passes to lonesome end James ,Rust in the fourth quarter. lt was Rust on the receiving end of a Mitchell pass to climax a 71 yard, 8 play drive. A try for two points that could have made the difference failed. Garland's final chance to defeat the Panthers , came on a last minute field goal attempt by Butch Metcalf that fell inches short. Lufkin's only score was made in the third period by quarterback Cue Boykin from the Owl 5 yard line. V The fatal extra point was made by halfback Billy Ballard. It was a gallant and earnest try by the Owl eleven and everyone should be proud of the fine showing of determination and sportsmanship the Owls displayed. --' V. V--,VeV,.w. 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V -RWMWV VV msn.. ,-'xJmV:f..-Amze. V..'s.,,. Q . f.i, ..z-2V',fV,.. -aw.. ,Va . fm M, fm .fltvici rw, .Massa N r we Lonesome end James Rust C881 eludes Lufkin defenders and hauls in a perfect pass from quarterback Buck Stevenson 1121. 236 David Landgraf C-Ml hits the right side of the line for a short gain in the bi-district clash against Lufkin. THE I960 GARLA D "B" TEAM This year's B-Team record of 2-5-2 does not ta ke into consideration several close games and the lack of game preparation due to scrimmages with the A-Team. Without the fine help of these boys in helping the A-Team prepare for their games, the District 7-AAAA crown might not be in the Owl's hands now. ,Mfr s ROW l: Larry Self, David Rhodes, Johnny Ramos, Don Granberry, Pat Woods, Jerry Sprowls, Mike Carrillo, Larry Wol Starkweather, Dwight Brand, Jerry New. ROW ll: Mike St. John, Richard Gutherie, Don Pickle, Ross Morris, Jim Riley, Don Williams, s, Steve Hanson, Marvin Smith, Tommy French, H. C. Chambers, John Rich, Bob Michaels. ROW Ill: Pat Wilburn, Ronald Davis, Howard Bolton, Jerry-Holt, Charles Bacon, Jimmy Burns, D. A. Smith, Mike Casteel, Rick Howard, Richard Stone, James Daniels, Gary Osborn, David Helm, Danny Henson, Charles Whittle. ROW IV: David Henning, Tommy Piccolo, Don Jones, David Lambert, Jerry Eckeberger, Jerry Turner, Coach Bud Owens, Coach Jerry Young, Bubby Thomilson, Ronny Rutherford, Don Chapman, Ronny Porter, Claud Plunk, Larry Walker, Mike Cloud, mgr. Garland ...... Garland ....... COACH JERRY YOUNG COACH BUD OWENS Garland ....... ...... Garland ....... ...... Garland ....... ...... Garland ...... ...... Garland ....... ...... Garland ....... ...... Garland ....... ...... Grand Prairie - Irving ........... Arlington ..... Mesquite -- Denison ..... Denton .... Sherman Birdville ........ Highland Park THE I 960 GARLAN FRESHMAN TEAM BIG NINE CHAMPIONS The Freshman team completed another undefeated season and gave the A-Team a host of good prospects for future teams. .Q ff - , fa, -.. ,.- .., ,. , A ' kai...- ROW I: John Walker, Delbert Burton, Weldon Mullins, captain, Gary Bridges, captain, Ralph Weaver, captain, Tommy Thomas. ROW Il: Andy Wimpee, mgr., Danny Longwell, Charles King, Bob Chambless, Dave Hull, Bill Barringer, Ronnie Baker, Larry Ledbetter, John Pickett, Terry Williams, Don Lawrence, Jack Whiteside, mgr. ROW Ill: Tom Poole, mgl'-7 B0bbY TUmel'f ROWNY Wllllamsf Chris 5hlVleY, Charles Smlihf DSHYTY Simms, Lynn Poovey, Mike Spanhel, Randy Goethals, Bill Shipp, Roy McGuire, Johnny Klas, mgr. ROW IV: Gordon Block, Bubba Moffat, Dan Hollinsworth, Wayne Waldron, Coach Butler, Coach Hicks, Phil Barbee, Terry Clark, King Cole, Larry Wallace. coAcH JOHN BUTLER coAcH DALTON Hicks 238 Garland ..... Sherman -- Garland ,.... Sherman -- Garland ..... Mesquite -, Garland ..... Corsicana ..-,. Garland ..... Carrollton ..... Garland ..... Terrell ......... Garland ..... Richardson ..... Garland ,.... Richardson ..... Garland ..... Corsicana ....... Garland ..... Highland Park THE 1960 GARLA D OWLS DISTRICT 7-AAAA RUNNERS-uP The Garland Owls had an outstanding season this year with an overall record of 19-14. After having lost the season opener to Thomas Jefferson, the Owls bounced back to beat Kimball to start the Owls on a victorious season. Garland defeated Sherman in the district opener. Beaten by Denton in the second game, the Owls finished the first half of district plan by beating Highland Park and Denison. The second half of district play was successful except for the thrilling 50-61 defeat by Denton. Coach Brown's mentors did a fine iob this season in capturing second place in District 7-AAAA. STANDING: Larry Ethriclge, Butch Metcalf, Andy Burke, Coach Joe Brown, Ronnie Culpepper, Jerry Matlock, Ronnie Harvey. KNEELING: F. A Coleman, Preston Vice, James Rust, Gary Cole, Don Brown, John Shipley. 239 2 :ills -4 L . W, 'Nr' fm 'fgmllzl -: li-A 4 ff :ig-wi'ffl-iggggi-23yw,.+,3l ,UW 'fm , , ,A .lg V k K 1g,g,.J,,w ,,ga'a5rf,,,1 if gf,-g,,, , , f .lg f wmv' 75 wifew-,gy-?.f,yuff',,,,,446. V' , W ,, . Q if ,,, A , E , . A?-T E : , -H . - '- ,fmrg .. ,f, L- igbfgnm J, f- il, x f gf A l 'g 1 lf' J ' ' L, - if g u ' l 'zff,i1EQ59f' ' ., X 5 5 if E ' 3 M" ' , ij. Dalton Hicks, Joe Brown, Jerry Young MANAG ERS COACHES CO-CAPTAINS Bobby Alford and Charles Toula PRESTON VICE LARRY ETHRIDGE Garland 55 47 Garland 55 57 Garland 5 555.530 Garland 7,,, 64 GarIand555 .. 5 55555546 Garland .,,,. 42 Garland 55 76 GarIand555 7,,,, ,.,. 4 9 Garland 7,.. 55 .7,,. 70 Garland 555555550 Garland . ,, , 5 .,,,. 60 Garland 6666666 ,66. 5 5 Garland 666666 55 55555551 Garland .66, , 55 ,,,, 50 Garland ,,.5 55 .,555 5I Garland 5 Y,,, 5 5 ,,,, 560 Garland 555555550 ANDY BURKE Thomas Jefferson Kimball 5 55 5555 Thomas Jefferson Woodrow Wilson Kimball 5555 Hillcrest Bryan Adams 5555 Samuells 5 ST. Marks 5555555 North Dallas 5555555 Thomas Jefferson Birolville 555555555555 Birdville DISTRICT Sherman Denton 55555555555555 55555581 Garland Highland Park 55555 5 555. 541 Denison 555555555555 NON-DISTRICT 5555555575 Garland Garland Garland 55555557 Garland Garland Garland 55 5555555 44 Garland 555555 72 Garland Garland Garland Garland 49 Garland 59 55555546 uarland 55555534 GarIand555555 Garland Samuells 5555555555 Bryan Adams 5555 Hillcrest 555555555555 Irving 55555555555.5555 Woodrow Wilson Decauter 555555555555 Greeneville Thomas Jefferson Irving 55555555555555,5 Bryan Adams 5555 Sherman 5555 5555 Birdville GARLAND TOURNAMENT SCORES IN OWL'S EYE Sherman 555555 .5 Denton 5 555555555555555 Highland Park Denison 5555 Ronnie Culpepper runs into a little difficulty with three Denison players. Garland won, 57 50 It's another two points for Preston Vice as he leads The Owls to victory over ihe Denison Yellowiackets. DON BROWN RONNIE HARVEY 242 -1. 9 Q. 1 Q5 I wg T -1 u 4. gms- J, S S ww 5 , 5 if ' Eli . 'AF19ft'm su- 'Nun ww Vw if W9 x T GARY COLE Preston Vice looks for help as he is couped up by two Birdville players. The Owls were victorious 55-49. Jerry Matlock ties up the ball with HP's Mike Fussell. L JOHN SHIPLEY 245 is 5 THE I96O OWL B-TEAM e B am completed a very fine season with a record of 16 wins against 8 oach Young a happy man and Coach Brown a little less worried over ' e s ess of next year's "A" Team. Q 3 ., Owls had a 5-3 showing in District play which was good enough BX 'f' ' ' X5 QL J-.wgjgawaifwaifkdfca H Wana SEATED, left to right: Jim Epperson, Bobby Jones, Jimmy Manly, Ronny Rutherford, Alan Thornton, and Jerry Lamm. STANDING left to right Larry Smith, Bobby Luna, Mike McCarrigan, Marvin Smith, Nicky Harper, John Wagoner, and Alan Young. Garland ...,.... ......... Garland ........ ......... Garland ........ ......... Qarland ........ ......... Garland ........ ......... 4 2 Garland Garland ........ ......... 4 3 Garland ........ ......... Garland ........ ......... Garland .....,,. ..c,..... 4 3 Garland ........ ......... Garland ....... ...... 3 8 246 Thomas Jefferson Kimball .............. Thomas Jefferson Woodrow Wilson Kimball .............. Hillcrest .......... Bryan Adams .... Samuells ....... Richardson Samuells ....... Bryan Adams .... Hillcrest .......... Ga rland--------- --------59 .--,--------44 Ga rland--------- --------58 ----------4O Ga rland--------- --------6O ----------43 Garland----,,--- --------4l GarIand--------- --------53 -.-----63 Ga rIand.--.----- -----.--4l -- ,...... 30 Garland ......... ........ 3 0 -------4l Ga rland.-------- --------39 -------48 Ga rland--------- -------.54 -------37 Ga rland--------- --------60 -- ....... 27 Garland ........ ........ 5 l . 56 Garland ......... ........ 5 3 lrving ...... Irving ...... Sherman ..... Denton .....,,... Birdville ........ Highland Park Denison ........ Denton .......... Birdville ........ Highland Park Denison ........ Sherman .,.,. THE I96O OWL FRESHMAN TEAM Coach Dalton Hicks, a newcomer to Garland, led a well rounded Freshman team to a respectable i4-9 season record. There are several fine prospects for future "A" Team places. STANDING: Bubba Moffatt, Danny Sims, John Pickett, Robert Keorth, Coach Hicks, Bobby Turner, Mike Boyd, Gary Beavers, Andy Wumpee Mgr., Kirby Endsley, Danny Dunovant, Joe Pickle, Kerry Hagen, Robert Grimsley, Danny Rogers, Bobby Chambless, Mgr. Garland Garland ........ s.,,,s,,, Garland ........ ...... 3 3 Garland .....,.. .ssa..... Garland Garland ........ ....,,.., Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland Garland ..A...., ,.,..ssss McKinney McKinney .... Ennis .,,.,,, Mesquite ...,u., Terrell .........................,.. Corsicana Collins Denison ...,.s,...,. ......s., Sherman ,,,,,, Gainesville ..... Richardson ..,...,. .,s...... Highland Park ., Richardson .....,,. ......... Garland ....... ss.VV,. Garland ,....., ......s Garland s...,. ........ 4 4 Garland Garland ....... Garland Garland Garland Garland .....s. s...-.. Garland Garland .....s .....,,. 4 5 Corsicana Drane Duncanville ,s, Buckner ........ Mesquite Terrell ................ Corsicana Collins Lake Highland -- Highland Park -- Richardson ........ Corsicana Drane Mesquite ......... THE I96I O LTENNIS TEAM It's still a while before the District tennis meet, but Coach Alton Williams' prospects are looking good. This year Garland High School has one of the largest teams in years and hopes are high for a very rewarding season. SEATED: Diane Clanton, Karen Smith, Sandra Flannigan, Natina Burkham, Francis Sheppard, Carol Smith, Jeanne Hughes, and Judy Caldwell. KNEELING: Anthony Gnagi, Judy Lyles, Dan Kirby, Judy Pugh, Leo Whitman, Peggy Flanders, David Snead, and Sue Gibson. STANDING: Rita Ogle, Diane Klutegen, Carma Cockrell, Lester Hammond, David Christian, Eric Wright, Jimmy Frank, Rosemary Long, Ray Poovey, Susan Tid- well, and Jana Kesters . 248 DAVID CHRISTIAN DAN KIRBY KAY MORRIS JIMMY FRANK ROSEMARY LONG , I I I I LESTER HAMMOND JUDY LYLES DIANE KLUETGEN E 4 1 u61nzrlis1zme11f CURTIS CROSSMAN ComplimenI's of ROACH-HOWARD AND CO. INSURANCE AGENCY 925 STATE STREET Garland- Texas DIXIE CROSSMAN CURTIS CROSSMAN, JR. REMBRANDT STUDIO Specialisf in School Yearbook Phoiography Also PORTRAITS--WEDDINGS-COMMERCIAL ALBUMS-FAMILY AND WEDDING TRIPS Frames-by NaI'ionalIy Aclverfised Manufacfurers Call CLINT SUTHERLAND-BR 6-5292 6I0 SI'aI'e SI'ree'I' GARLAND. TEXAS Garlancl Owl's Nesi' Phofographer Since I943 ' CANNON DRY GOODS Comphmenlis of N. E. Corner Square ROYAL PLAZA ,,c,,,,,,,c,w,, Laundry and Dry Cleaning GARLAND, TEXAS II2 E. Public Square YOU' FFISNIIY 5'f0"e NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE VARO SALUTES THE CLASS OF 61 A SOURCE OF PRIDE TO OUR COMMUNITY CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH MEMBER OF YOUR CLASS AND BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS QQJQQQMJ M W ,affix RESEARCH 0 DEVELOPMENT 0 DESIGN 0 MANUFACTURING 15? VARO JMD? C J 2201 WALNUT STREET GARLAND TEXAS BROADWAY6 6141 LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA WASHINGTON D DAYTON OHIO SYRACUSE NEW YORK CHICAGO ILLINOIS ,J C, , ff. ff, I, . Z ,fl MP ,Aff ' ff, ff? ' Z., f ' f' ff' i A ' . I M . , I . ALC 2' '--,' I f , B, , f I A V .1 A ,, '6Q'! "' Jj i X ff '31 -iz' " n I I ,,' If ,X I I , 1 fff"Z I A Filllnx dl 5 L 0 5 HQ 0 01, Plc: ,mm O O - 1 , c. , 1 MCKNIGHT DRUGS N. W. Corner Square BR 6-5858 Developing, Prinfing, and Enlarging by Koclalc Movie Developing-4 Day Service by Easiman Black and Whi+e Developing 24 Hour Service From I2:00 Noon Daily A regisfered pharmacisi' on du+y ai' all -I-imes 'ro fill your prescripiion. CLOPTON DANCE ACADEMY Free Transporfalion for Working Moihers WE OFFER . . . I. One Teacher, Teaching Everyfhing 2. Locally Owned Sfuclio 3. TV Recii-als for P.D.C. Phone BR 6-5923 903 W. Garland Ave. Complimenfs of FAYBEN SPEEDWAY Bell' Line Hwy. 67 BR 8-38I I Congraiulalions, Seniors! HARRIS SEAT COVERS Across From High School BR 6-53 I 0 GLENN AND HELEN HARRIS .frf 'MLB llrl Aulomobile Loans All Kinds A 232. al Bank R-HES of ,.,..R. 5 ERAA frrearya Morfgage Loans Insurance 'FTA Q 1 AAA ' .. ::: E E f LE GEORGE A ALEXANDER INSURANCE A 'A AEAA I i E, .-f:-,,'- ,,.... ....,.a4.,1,,.... ,,, uv.,L -EMA n e w . 7. --f'A ?1mww7n:l...,,,.w W. FRANK BRUMMETT GARLAND- TEXAS HUMBLE SERVICE STATION Firs'l' Sfreei' Shopping Cenier BRoacIway 6-6 I 5I "AVOID TROUBLE . . . Have Your Insurance WriHen by an Agenl' Who Knows How COOMER'S INSURANCE AGENCY ROLAND COOMER 6l9 Wesl' Garland Ave. Garland, Texas BR 6-5905 IT WILL PAY YOU DIVIDENDS TO PLACE YOUR INSURANCE WITH THIS AGENCY "A Picture Tells the S tory" DOC ALLEN STUDIO QZQBQLQ 'Jfinz Bbntugrapbp fur whose who Qian" If 5'- 4 -Wwrwpurtraits uf Bistinctinnwwwf Bride Portraits ond Wedding Condids Children and Groups FOR Brush Oils PROMPT COMMERCIAL PHOTOGBRPHY COURTESUE SERVICE lncluslrichchileclurol lllus'l'rcIl'ive mir BR oadway 6-5789-1 A POR APPOINTMENT f' Y C f I- l402 James Drive Air Condirioned the Year 'Round COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO GREATER GARLAND 30l Soulh Shiloh Rd. MITCHELL-GOODWIN LUMBER CO. 8l'h and Garland Ave. Garland, Texas BR 6-5063 ZALES JEWELERS Low, Low Prices a'I' Zales FIRST STREET SHOPPING CENTER Garland's Fines'I' Toy and Hobby Siore BRYAN AND MARY LOU DUPUY I7I4 FIRST STREET SHERWIN-WILLIAMS C0. CARPET CENTER Carpefs-Rugs-Linoleum-Tile 2205 Souih Garland Ave. TELEPHONE BR 8-5538 Complimenis of HUTSON'S FOOD STORE 6I8 Sfaie E BR 6,6098 LUNA'S TExACo SERVICE 508 Ave. D Garland. Texas BR 6-4988 FDR. FURNITURE HARDWARE X 5, FURNITURE APPLIANCES A G - CARPETS T H ' ' ' x1 S' JIKILWIIIIIF Iggmiml A III-I . CAN RELAX L S Sggggre Warihoase S'I'ore BR 6-sw: HARDWARE-EURNITU RE Duck C'e3RS6,i:,55g"9 Cm' Okay. Marfha. You Can'f Buy H' All! M. E. MOSES CO. Sc To SI.00 Phone BR 8-4855 MISSION PRINTING Offsef LeH'erpress Books and Church Supplies 2049 Ibfh ST. GARLAND. TEXAS LET US HELP A Z 'T Congraiulafions fo The Sgsilfsflwqp Seniors of I96I 5 0 'B " A ir- ff ' F:..E:'zh :E GARLAND STATE BANK S ' 4 9 A1 GARLAND SHOPPING CENTER e"""l Zan Wfoaeg 0 o CGAkHRIIuA1NIID'S ILEAHDIIBNCG BBHUIIILJDEBR aamdi DEVELOPER 303l S. Firsf S+. GARLAND, TEXAS MI.. CC.. CCICOJJLE HREAML. ESTATE BR8-2l87 WHERE BUYERS GET SATISFACTION AND SELLERS GET RESULTS ' Realtor - FHA 8: Conventional Homes - Business Properties - Shopping 'Center 'Leases - Developer - Builder I 6111 Flllll F x 'HE Laundr Qs Cleaners A l rr's A unfvne ro :saws vou suvvcl NICHOLSON VARIETY STORE DOWNTOWN. GARLAND The Place Where You Gei' The Mosi' Change Back Wesi' Side of Square Congrafulaiions, Seniors THE DAIRY QUEEN JERRY McDANlEL DAVE AHALBROOK Congra+ula'I'ions, Seniors ONITA'S BEAUTY SALON I25 N. S1'ar BR 6-5244 iComple+e Bea uiy Servicej A-I TYPEWRITER COMPANY WE SERVICE-SELL-RENT 505 S+a'I'e Sireef Garland, Texas BR 6-59 I I ANTHONY TEXACO STATION Weyerhaeuser Company Milk Carton Division Garland Branch FRANK WOLFE TRANSFERS. STORAGE 6l3 Avenue "A", Garland, Texas AL E. lBudl Wolfe BR 6-5558 fa 5 PAYNE DRUG STORE 5 Souih Side of Square 5' 9 E JERRY'S SHOES , Qi II8 S. 9+h SI'ree+ Garland, Texas PHONE BR 6-5534 FREEMAN OLDSMOBILE COMPANY 2009 S. Garland Ave. BR 8-8I8I Garland, Texas "Garland Decoraiing HeacIquarI'ers" WOLTMAN PAINT CENTER Firsi' Sfreei Shopping Cenfer PAINT-WALLPAPER PICTURE FRAMES-ART SUPPLIES Garland, Texas BR 8-2922 We Specialize Call BR 6-5956 BILLIE'S BEAUTY SALON 3I9 S. Garland Ave. Across From High School Congraiulafionsl Seniors '6 I , SEBASTIAN MOBIL SERVICE JADARO MACHINE PRODUCTS "SIcaI'e for HeaI+h's Sake" SWANER'S BELT LINE ROLLER RINK Congra+uIa+ions Seniors. '6 I PEAVY INSURANCE AGENCY OPAL'S COIFFURES na RIDGEWOOD BR a.62l6 "Specializing in Permaneni' Waves and Lamp Cui' for Na+urally Curly Hair" COLE AND DAVIS COMPANY Dry Goods-Shoes-Cloihing DOWNTOWN GARLAND Wes+ Side of Square f 7MW MII!!! ,iiii JAFWW umummmum llllllllllllllllllllllllllllil ffff nmllllil' uuumrnlunum Compliments of REBUILDERS, INC. THE PETITE-BEAUTY SALON Coiffures Designed- Wiih You in Mind I3l7 W. Garland Ave. GAY FRANKLIN Garland, Texas Phone BR 6-68I7 BUS. BR 8-2I7I RES. BR 8-2009 zi ggy, LAUNDRY SERVICE JIMMY YARBROUGH owne' I Congrafulafions, Seniors GORE LUMBER COMPANY HH-AND CLEANERS CORNER KINGSLEY ROAD AT GARLAND ROAD GARLAND' TEXAS "FREE" Delivery Service No Job Too Large or Too Small Phone BR 6-6748 Noihing Down Up 'I'o6Mon+hs +o Pay 7I3 S- 5I'I'1 Sffeei sos AND ELMER GORE Garland- Texas Bobbie and Brenda E+ The MUSIC MART Across From High School BR 6-606I BR 6-503I I402 Foresi' Lane SERVICE STATION , GLEN WATSON S Texaco ProcIuc+s - Fires+one Tires RadIa'I'0" Service 807 WEST GARLAND Aufo Glass BR 6-5042 HAMPTON CREEL GARLAND. TEXAS COMPLIMENTS of HILAND GRCCERY 7I9 so. Fif+h s+fee+ BR 6-5622 Garland, Texas Home-Cooked Food to Go Phone BR 6-5 I 64 , HM. AuI'omo+ive Paris and Supplies III S. 6'I'h S+. NOBLE SPURGIN-Mgr. Garland. Texas GuII'ar Lessons Wifh Don McCord STUDIO LOCATED in DON MCCORD MUSIC STORE 32I S. GarIancI Ave. BR 6-78 I 8 Across From High School GarIand Shopping Cen+er FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GARLAND Serving Garland and Communily Over 50 Years DIRECTORS H. R. Bisby Willis C. Brown M. C. Cole Roland Coomer A. R. Davis R. M. Davis M. S. Hollenshead Melvin Mi'I'chell B. B. Owen Haskell L. Roach Harry Rolniclc H. A. lBudI Wallcer A. D. Jackson, Jr. Donald D. Jones D. Cecil Williams DOWNTOWN GARLAND Member Federal Reserve Sysiem Member FDIC OFFICERS A. R. Davis, Chairman R. M. Davis, Presidenl' D. Cecil Williams, Vice Presidenl' Melvin Milchell, Vice Presiden+ B. O'Neal Hillin, Cashier W..H. Beach, Jr., Vice Presiden+ Henry Meazle, Ass'+ Vice Presidenl' Carl L. Hendrex, Ass'+ Vice Presidenl' and Audiror W. D. Todd, Assisranl' Cashier Delberf S. Todd, Assisl'an+ Cashier Joe M. Smollra, Assisranl' Cashier James Manning, Assislanl' Cashier Dewayne McCreary, Ass'+. Cashier Billy Arms+rong, Assis+an'l' Cashier COmpIimen+s of JACKSON CHEVROLET I 275I S. Garland Ave. BR 8-8l69 Rainey and Barbara chai' af +he RAINBOW INN Across From High School I RED GOOSE GRACE WALKER JOHN C. ROBERTS A. D. JACKSON, JR. Mah Shoes "Your Family Shoe STOFGH Insurance Firsi' S'l'ree1' Shopping Cenfer Phone BR 6-6527 PHONE BR 8-2863 GARLAND, TEXAS MAL BARBER GARLAND, TEXAS Congrafulafions, Seniors! AMPCO METAL, INC. an WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 8I3 Garland Avenue Sc PHONE BR 6.5149 NORMA LEE DRESS SHOP Firs+ S'I'ree+ Shopping Cenfer SINGER ig SEWING MACHINE COMPANY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE '07 N. Mh- 9T7Mg'RijT?::T Ave' BRoacIway 6-6559 JERRILL MARSH, Mgr. 9N'jfR General Elecfric Appliances 'rfvliria Complere Tire Service 04f,,,,w POLLOCK CONTAINER CORPORATION Manufacrurers of Corrugafed Shipping Conrainers Division of ST. REGIS PAPER CO. P.O. Box I208 Garland, Texas SCOTT'S SANDWICH SHOP II5 S. Garland Ave. BR 6-9907 CARTER'S BARBER SHOP Flaf-Tops Our Specialfy 4 BARBERS 502 S. Garland GARLAND FLOWER SHOP 2525 S. Garland Ave. BR 8-2l52 Garland, Texas Complimenls of HOLLENSH EAD Furniture and Appliances Ronnie walches as Mickey services his car af COLLINGSWORTH SERVICE CENTER E. B. EDISON RAY EDISON GARLAND SAFETY LANE Wheel Alignmenl-Tire Balancing Brake Service 264l S. Garland Ave. Garland, Texas PHONE BR 8-7202 GAY'S BEAUTY SALON l828 Garland. Shopping Cen'l'er "Beau'ly Designed Especially 'For You" BR 8-5324 COOPER REALTY Cecil Cooper Oliver D. Talley Gerald B. Cooper GIPSON J EWELERS Graduale Welch Makers ALL WORK GUARANTEED Bes+ Buys in Diamonds and Walches Phone BR 6-5680 606 W. Garland BILLY GIPSON, Owner GARLAND, TEXAS Congra+ula+ions, Seniors I96I ARNOLD 8: MORGAN PIANO COMPANY "For The Beslr Buys in Pianos and Organs" BR 6-6579 5I0 S. Garland Ave. BR 6-5908 PECORA INCORPORATED "Superior Prod ucls for Builc.ling" Congralulalions, Seniors! GOLDIN TIRE AND APPLIANCE 5+l1 and W. Garland .,.1 1 ...,.:: 2 fe R G R 0 cs? iiiiiii in f '-:i iii 'i:i' ..-:: f 2f22?fif?f'i' ..., 12222251525 ':" ',-. 1 . 7 - -. P LUMBING! + in 4- H2551 2 U 75,0- c a s B enni o 6 o - reee oooiei 1 W U oieeie ERVICE vii f - 45 24 HOUR SERVICE "'li. Vz.. I ..--i- EQAI: i .5 li. EVHZIAWZI E 23, -5 ii, 6' 1 BR n . A A AU5feYdC0X , V1,,, :LZL 2 :",A ':i" 'F' J' DeLOACH FOOD STORE n I 555: ......... :1i'1'.l ..... 1-:53i'.I.. .L ....... zz: Z H. E "Buddy" Spradlin Q X l800 Kingsley Rd. BR 8-4605 2I04 Delano Drive ' i "FANCY MEAT AND STAPLE GRO." xx' HOMEMADE BAR-B-QUE Em x scIIIsIIImEm 1 M., ,--. ,.,,. - - A ..... h .- Q-v 1 1 Em ,ff 1 ' Q I :ti-E' Vg La-'1 .,f V .,- -fl 1-..- 5' 1f'f1:H- if: f f f, " :J If: , 53? ' , I ji T' .-il 1-.I." -33 ,I -.'1., if ,,-,.., ,.i E 3. 411+ ff- gif.:--.I--v'I l-1-.L -.-J:Lr-Z-u :l'-x--:-L.1-J:,i.- -P:'L:,:r 35 -:F -" f "-'-.-:Tir -" 104-A Rmszwooo SHOPPING CENTER CALL BRQADVIIAY s-8156 GARLAND. TEXAS WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME D. CECIL WILLIAMS MARION D. WILLIAMS GRAHAM PIERCE SPORTING GOODS 504 S. Garland BR 6-550l ' DAIRY MAC 2547 S. Garland Ave. GARLAND. TEXAS S. Sz H. NURSERY IIIIIIIIILANDSCAP snug l!SIl.l.lll.lll ru frm Dwuln I3 RLAND, TEXAS GERALD 5Au B S MARSHALL SINCLAIR SERVICE 40I Sou+h Garllancl Ave. f5L,,,,,l I l', I H99 K 4313. , , , Y V gy: W- V t Q ,. V A at H, Q X, I Fi A ,M 5 pg' in Tnixgvjti Y .e -4: N V' , YF is ' ' ,...g,.f-, W 1 N-533' V? 3 'rfnirp , 31 fm k sf Q faq EJ f -me-uw. M- - xi f A VX , , . 1.-. ,K ' -awning Mlm V A x X , E' V X F2 fs fi X32 f was W2 f fe 1.1 X, - . 5, , vas -ffwgf -H fm? ,f , A f ig 1 ,ggi A Q x 5 - A 12 W' . - Q wi. ffgf , 4 :K 1 x ,- ggi y y ,:-- 231: .V w wav, M. big ji if L g ,,, , ,:,. A, QW ,N m,,,w, , ,,,2,, .7 The Symbol of Quality Behind Each Garland High School af- Class Bing . xx ,Nr .4 X V P Q s I . X xl Q S, on 1 1 ' Q' 1 all , N X s Q ls Southwestern Balfour Sales Uffice--Sanger Bros.-2nd Floorl Southwestern Balfour Offices-3501 McKinney Ave.-Dallas THE GEOTECHNICAL HILAND BEAUTY SHOP CCRPORATION 405 Ave- 9 340l Shiloh Rd. BR 65979 BR 8-8l02 "We specialize in cold waves." S+uden+s Clofhing by my PLAZA HARDWARE -Q I8I I SKILLERN PLAZA TAQORED . CL,INY Lawn Boy Mowers JIM HOLLAND'S MEN AND BCYS' CLOTHING l Congralulalions, Seniors '6l COOPER'S THRIFTY GROCERY "Your Friendly SIore" 30I N. Slar PHONE BR 6-6886 BAKER'S WAREHOUSE STORE GARLAND, TEXAS New and Used Furnilure and Appliances 522 S. Garland Ave. PH. BR 6-5236 Harrison's Service S+aI'ion HUMBLE Duck Creek Shopping Cenler 5I9 S. Garland Ave. DUB AND RAYBURN GARLAND PHARMACY The Prescriplion S'l'ores for Grealer Garlancl 808 S. Garland l638 So. Firsl BR 6-5049 BR 8-8l64 ' READY-MIXED UIIBIIEIE III. GARLAND, TEXAS 1100 llo. Sth - P. 0. Box 1497 SALES INSTALLATION SERVICE 0255555 GARLAND HEATING AND ' Tms AIR CONDITIONING- COMPANY BR 8-2l I9 2l I3 Soulh Garlancl H OUSTON 'S II COOK STOVE ' 'Pawn Ufmpfff I f, Q, I . RESTAURANT EVA' C H - K OPEN 24 HOURS DANIEL 8: YARBOROUGH 27's S' GARLAND RD' Congrafularions, Seniors! l96l 233I SO. GARLAND ROAD CONGRATULATIONS 'Id +I1e GracIuaI'ing Seniors, I'he S'ruden'rs and Faculiy of GARLAND HIGH Miss Sunbeam and +I'1e Bakers of Ba'Her Whipped SUNBEAM Bread Wish You Success GOLMAN-OAK CLIFF BAKING CO. J. Y. TAYLOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Garland, Texas ROYAL TYPEWRIE A LAND OFFICE S Y A fda? w Jim Mm W ,,, 2, '0'3'?gfWWgjjWjWwg? Chg? MRLMWWQAME Awww QMWAJ 'fcerv' ww ffmlfgib AM Spenc SENIOR GIRLS Abbott, Judy Lynn, 27 Addington, Jeanne, 27, 180 Alamo, Joan, 27, 186 Allison, Gloria, 27, 172 Anderson, Arlene, 27 Anderson, Georgia Ann, 27, 185 Anderson, Sandra, 28, 184 Angel, Beverly, 28, 146, 147, 171 Aschim, Susan, 28, 136, 149, 157 Ashley, Ellen, 28 Axe, Jerebeth, 28, 139, 149, 157, 168 Baker, Jane, 28 Barber, Jean, 28, 149, 154, 163, 181 Barker, Diann Carol, 28 Barnes, Dolores, 28, 185, 186, 214 Barnes, Roseann, 29, 145, 146, 147, 152, 153, 185 Barns, Jeanne, 29, 163, 185, 219 Barnes, Jan, 29, 185 Beckham, Nancy, 29, 155 Birk, Carolyn, 29, 172, 180, 222, 223 Boles, Judy, 30, 134, 150, 164, 217, 223 Bonds, Linda, 30, 163 Boone, Barbara, 30, 168, 169, 186, 218, 223 Branch, Catherine, 30 Brooks, Karen, 30, 139, 150, 220, 223 Browne, Mary Lou, 31 Buchanan, Linda, 31 Butts, Donna, 31, 130, 152, 153, 165, 185 Caudle, Shonda, 31 Chandler, Lynda, 31, 182 Chase, Oma Jean, 32, 155, 171 Clark, Nancy Clendenen, Sherry, 32 Crawford, Rita, 50 Cunningham, Lynn, 33, 136, 150, 166 Cuppy, Dianne, 33, 155 Davis, Nancy, 33, 163 Davis, Betty, 33 Dickerson, Brenda, 34, 145, 146, 147, 172 Drake, Mary Jo, 34, 153 Duncan, Ethelene, 34, 146, 147, 161, 162 Dye, Jane Carol, 34 Easton, Faith, 34, 184, 212, 223 Etheridge, Linda, 35 Faris, Judy, 35, 182, 155 Farmer, Nelda, 35 Field, Kay, 35, 149, 156, 159, 168, 169, 215, 223 Finley, Janet, 35, 116, 149, 157 Fletcher, Jean, 35, 136, 139, 149, 156, 161, 223 Foote, Betty, 36, 145, 146, 147, 171 Fulkerson, Edna Jane, 36, 116, 149, 157 Galbraith, Beth, 36 Gardner, Nancy, 36, 130, 131, 137, 149,150,151,156,180,193 Gentry, Linda, 36 Gibbs, Alma Lau, 37 Good, Delores, 37, 182 Graham, Bobbie Jean, 37 Grau, Annette, 37, 153, 168 Gray, Bettie, 37, 139 Green, June, 37 Gregory, Sharon, 37 Halpin, Glenda Sue, 172 Harbison, Jacquelyn, 38 Hardin, Barbara Jean, 38 Harrelson, Linda, 38, 171 Harris, Ona Mae, 38, 169 Harvey, June, 38 Hatley, Alycla, 38, 172 Hawkins, Gail, 39, 149, 154, 184, 221 Herrin, Nelda, 39, 138 Hodson, Susan, 39, 182 Hoffman, Marydee, 39, 149, 157, 161, 164, 184, 186 Holley, Gwendolyn, 39 Huggett, Bonnie, 40, 149, 154 Hughes, Jean, 40, 159, 182 lnrggg, Durene, 40, 137, 156, 184, 193, Jackson, Andrea, 40, 151, 171, 180 Jackson, Andy: 40. 136, 150, 201, 223 Johnson, Janis, 41 Jones, Judy, 41, 130, 149, 150, 156, 169, 186, 195, 223 Jones Jones Jones 151 I DEX , Lorraine, 41, 163, 168 , Margie Sue, 41, 172 , Peggy, 41, 137, 139, 149, 150, , 156, 180, 209, 223 Kesterson, Jana, 42, 160, 162, 169 King, Marilyn, 42 King, Nancy, 42 Land, Delores, 42 Langford, Julia, 43, 151, 180 Lee, Charlene, 43, 134, 180 Lee, Glenda, 43, 134, 155, 205, 222 Magness, Carolyn Kay, 44, 168, 172, 180 Malmquist, Nancy May, 44, 163, 168 Maroney, Judy, 44, 163 Martin, Renee, 44 McCroan, Zenith Ann, 45, 149, 156, 158,165,169,180 McGee, Jackie Dianne, 44, 149, 154 McKee, Linda, 45, 138 Medaris, Billie, 45, 159, 182 Mobley, Laura, 45, 162, 181 Morgan, Carolyn, 46 Morris, Eva Lou, 46, 146, 163, 181 Morris, Kay, 46 Morse, Judy, 46, 149, 154, 172 Myers, Sherry, 47, 172 Nash, Maxine, 47 Nedbalek, Glenda Joyce, 47 Neeley, Barbara, 47, 155 Nesbitt, Nancy, 47 Newcomb, Donna Jo, 47, 146, 147, 162, 165, 169 Nichols, Sherry, 47, 136 O'Bannon, Dorothy, 48, 182 Webber, Gail, 59, 180 Wharton, Elena, 59, 146, 147, 161 Whitt, Theresa, 59 White, Marita, 59 White, Sharon, 59, 151 Whitehead, Betty, 59 Wilburn, Joan, 59, 154 Williams, Barbara, 59, 172 Williams, Jacqueline Carol, 59, 155, 162 Williams, Sandra, 60, 138, 149, 150, 151, 156, 184, 213, 223 Williams, Woodroof, Velda, 60 Sharon, 60 Woodward, Carolyn, 60, 168' Wright, Shirley Ann, 61, 172 Yeager, Sue, 61, 161, 162 SENIOR Acker, Bo BOYS rry, 27, 182 Anderson, Eddie, 27, 182 Anderson, Phil, 27 Anderson, Rodney, 27 Barber, Victor, 28 Barnes, Joe, 27, 182 Beal, Ralph Beasley, James Bedell, Don, 29, 164, 182, 209 Blevins, Clyde, 29, 182 Bolton, Bob, 30, 182 Parks, Elizabeth, 48 Parr, Paula, 48, 168, 172 Patton, Patsy, 48, 172 Peaco Peaco ck, Anna, 48, 182 ck, Carrol, 48 Pearce, Carolyn Jo, 184 Peavy, Judith, 48, 138, 149, 150, 151 156 Piccol , 161, 216 o, Carole, 49 Ponder, Jean, 49 Prather, Jean, 49, 155 Prewitt, Linda, 50 Quillin, Barbara, 50, 144, 145, 146, 147, 161, 223 Ramph, Virginia, 50, 64 Ramsey, Leola, 50, 114, 149, 151, 154, 186, 222 Rawlins, Patricia, 50 Ray, Brenda, 50 Renfro, Jeanette, 50, 146, 148, 171 Rich, Nancy, 50 Rowell, Beverly, 51, 168. 172 time, Jar-er, 51, 151, 152, 153, 185 186 Rubarts, Barbara, 51 Sandefer, Martha Sue, 52 Sandefer, Mary Lou, 52 Sanders, Ruth, 52, 165, 185, 222, 223 Schneider, Ruth, 52, 182 Scott, Carolyn, 52 Scott, Glenda, 52, 139, 149, 151, 156, 180, 192, 223 Shepperd, Mary Frances, 53 Shipley, Jo Ann, 53 Shipley, Sandra, 53 Shuler, Lynn, 53, 173 Simmons, Dixie, 53, 168 Smith Bobbie Jo, 53, 136, 170 Smith, Claudia, 53, 161, 182 Smith, Letitia, 54, 168 Smith, Lola Smith, Rita Smith, Sherry er, Alice Marie, 54, 168 Stephens, Carol Ann, 55, 139, 170, 193 Stokes, Lynn, 55, 146, 147, 168 Stovall, Mollie, 55 Sullivan, Jean, 55 Sturdevant, Mary, 55, 149, 152, 156, 169 Sutton, Morhta Jayne, 56: 158, 171 Taft, Elda, 56, 146 Tapley, Irma, 56, 182 Taylor, Ann, 56, 149, 151, 154, 180 Taylor, Sue, 151 Thurman, Judye, 56, 151, 168, 172 Toone, Lavenia, 57 Turner, Deloris Lee, 57 Wallace, Sue, 58 Wallace, Sarah Ann, 58, 151, 171 Watson, Barbara, 58, 171 Watson, Paula, 58, 172 Botsford, Bobby, 30, 182 Bowling, Jack, 30, 176, 178 Bratcher, Jimmy, 30 Brooks, Glynn, 30, 146, 147, 152, 153, 161 , Brown, Donald, 31, 182, 239, 242 Brown, Eddie, 31, 160, 165, 183, 185 Brown, Jackie Brown, Johnny Brown, William Ralph, 31 Bullock, Mike, 31, 184 Cerda, Juan, 150, 165 Christian, David, 32, 248, 249 Clark, Richard, 32, 165, 182, 183 Clapton, David, 32, 184 Cokerhum, Monty, 32 Cole, Gary, 32, 130, 150, 182, 184, 215, 222, 239, 243, 245 Collier, John, 32, 158, 182, 184. 216, 223 Collins, Burnice, 32 Combest, Otha, 32 Cook, Don, 33 Cook, Hugh, 33, 161, 182, 184, 193, 223, 227 Corley, Jerry Michael, 33, 161 Cox, David, 33, 161, 183 Curtis, Jim, 33, 153, 161, 183, 227, 230 Davis, Gary, 33, 161, 184 Dodson, Gordon, 34, 131, 150, 194, 223 Draper, Mac, 26, 34, 164, 182 Dunbar, Zelt, 34 Echols, Ralph, 34, 161 Echols, Winfred, 34 Edwards, Arlie, 34, 161 Engleman, Gary, 35, 154, 155 Epperson, Carlton, 35, 161, 184 Ethridge, Larry, 35, 184, 219, 226, 229, 235, 239, 240, 244 Flook, Jerry, 36, 158, 212 Floyd, Charles, 182 Fontenette, Johnny, 36 Foster, Jerry Don, 36 Futrell, James, 166 Garner, Mark, 36 Garvin, Samuel, 36, 161, 183, 227 Gibbons, James, 37, 164 Glenn, Jerry Don, 37 Gray, Leslie, 182 Green, Ronnie, 37, 229 Grizzle, Wayne, 38 Hall, Rex, 38 Harvey, Gary, 38, 131, 150, 161, 223, 227, 230 Hill, Wayne, 161 Hopkins, Larry, 161 - Hood, Allen, 39 Hopzper, Jerry Bob, 40, 137, 165, 217, 2 3 House, James C., 40, 180 Hutson, Jimmy, 40, 159, 182 James, Weldon, 40, 147 Jennings, James, 41 Jones, Adam, 41 Jordan, John, 41 Jordan, Bill, 41, 185 Keeter, Ted, 41, 165 Kepner, Paul Ray, 42, 161 Kidd, Johf, 42, 158, 165, 183, 228 King, Nick, 42, 150, 161, 227, 231 Kirby, Dan, 42, 152, 153 Kissick, Jerry, 42 Klas, Ronnie, 42, 161, 183, 185, 227, 230 ' Lamb, Ronnie, 166 Land, Don, 43, 182 Langford, John, 43 Locke, Tommy, 43, 182 Logsdon, Larry, 43, 146, 148, 161 Lang, Wayne, 43 Longwell, Gerald, 43 Luna, Jimmie, 43, 152, 153, 185 Marshall, John, 44, 159, 176, 178 Martin, Richard, 44 Mayhew, Robert, 44 McCollum, James, 44 McKean, David, 44, 182 McLauchlin, Ronnie, 45 McPhail, Larry Meadows, Glen, 45 Merriman, Billy Jack, 45, 176 Metcalf, Butch, 45, 130, 150, 205, 223, 226, 228, 233, 239 Miller, David, 45, 182 Mills, Jerry, 45 Monroe, Ronnie, 46, 185, 222 Moore, David Joe, 46, 159, 176 Moore, Robert Glen, 46, 161 Morris, Harold, 46, 180 Morris, Ty, 46, 117, 151, 213, 222 Morrison, Jack, 46 Mosser, Jakie, 47, 159 Muir, Larry, 47 Nall, Tommy, 47, 226, 230, 234 Nicholson, Nic, 48, 184 Odom, Leon Patterson, Bill, 48, 161, 182, 183 Penland, Lee, 48 Peterson, David, 49, 146 Pickle, Richard, 26, 49, 150, 184, 220, 223 Pippin, David, 49 Pollard, Harold, 49, 165 Poovey, Ray, 49, 167, 148 Prater, Jerry, 49, 163, 165 Presley, Pat, 49 Ramsey, Leo Redd, Robert, 50, 182 Renfro, James, 50, 146, 148 Richards, Glenn, 51 Roberts, Bill, 51 Rogers, James, 51 Rogers, Loran, 51 Rogers, Tommy Roth, Rob, 159 Rupard, James, 52 Rushing, Steve, 52, 157, 161, 185 Rust, James, 52, 150, 192, 223, 227, 228, 229, 232, 239, 243, 244 Rutledge, Ronald, 52 Sanders, Larry Schmitt, Bill, 52 Shipley, John, 53, 223, 239, 245 Smith, James, 54, 182 Smith, Bob, 53, 147, 155, 184 Spann, Lawrence, 54, 146, 161, 165 Squier, Marc, 54, 161 Stanton, Larry, 54, 182 Stegall, Kenneth, 54, 153, 182 Stephens, Pat Stevenson, Buster, 21, 26, 55, 158, 182 214, 222, 226, 229, 235 Stiff, Glen, 56, 182 Stoner, Dale, 55 Struwe, Bill, 55, 161 Summers, James, 55 Tauzin, Ricky, 56 Taylor, John Roger, 56, 161 Taylor, Ronald, 56, 182 Thomas, James Paul, 56, 161, 165, 183 Thornton, Jerry, 244 Tillinghast, Jim, 56, 150, 156, 182, 193, 226, 231 Tolbert, Louis, 57 Toula, Charles, 57, 240 Townsend, James, 57, 153, 164, 183, 185 277 Tropp, Gary, 61 Vandiver, Bill, 57, 155, 161, 163, 183, 185 , Vice, Preston, 57, 131, 150, 184, 201, 223, 239, 240, 244, 245 Vidrine, Jim, 57 Virden, John, 26, 57, 150, 161, 221, 223 Wagoner, Richard: 57, 182 Walker, Charles Allen, 58, 164 Walker, Roy, 58, 182 Walls, Oscar, 58, 161 Ward, Jackie, 58, 145, 146, 147, 166 Ward, Tommy Lee, 58, 160, 182, 183 Weaver, Ronny, 58, 161, 218, 222, 223 Whitson, Wayne, 59, 182 Willeford, Glen, 176, 178 Wilson, Don, 60, 182 Wilson, Bill, 60 Wise, Arthur, 60 Woodard, Paul, 60, 227, 231 Worthingotn, William, 60, 161 Wright, Richard, 60 Young, Sharp, 61, 227, 229, 232 JUNIOR GIRLS Adams, Patricia, 63, 163, 164 Alder, Laura, 63 Aldridge, Deloris, 63, 169, 174 Allen, Cherie, 63, 146 Ashenhurst, Teresa, 63, 148, 159, 166 Attebery, Sherlyn, 63, 139 ' Bailey, Joyce, 63, 159, 171 Baker, Cheryl, 63 Baker, Juanell, 62, 63, 136, 170, 222 Bandy, Brenda, 63 Barbee, Suzanne, 63, 158, 166 Barham, Carol, 63 Barksdale, Sarabeth, 64 Beasley, Theta, 64 Beafy, Carroll, 64, 163 Beaver, Sheriom, 64 Bell, Judy, 64, 160, 162, 166, 186 Bennett, Jimmie, 64, 138 Black, Janice, 64, 164, 169 Bland, Shirley, 64 . Blass, Ginger, 64, 164, 169 Bogard, Bobbie, 64, 164, 169 Bohannon, Sandra, 64 Braunig, Linda, 65, 117, 166 Brooks, Mary, 65 Bruner, Cathi, 65 Buhler, Linda, 65 Burke, Beverly, 65, 131, 158, 202, 222 Burkham, Natina, 65, 153, 170 Byars, Margie, 65, 182 Bynum, Reba, 65 Carmichael, Norma, 65, 171, 181 Carrow, Sue, 65, 146, 147 Cleland, Sarah, 66, 136, 150, 198, 222 Cobb, Nancy, 66, 163, 168, 187 Coffman, Lynne, 66, 159, 169 Copeland, Edna, 66, 146, 147, 164, 165 Crane, Gerry, 66 Crane, Sherry, 66 Crouch, Judy, 66, 160, 166 Cruit, Lynda, 66, 146, 147 Crump, Martha, 66, 170 Crumpton, Martha, 66, 151, 186 Cumbie, Mary, 66 Cuthbertson, Glenda, 67, 187 Davis, Elizabeth J., 67, 187 Davis, Frances, 67, 146, 147, 165, 172 Davis, Joan, 67, 163, 171 Dean, Becky, 67 Dickerson, Donna, 67, 163, 172 Dillard, Linda, 67 Dodson, Pat, 68 Duckworth, Barbara, 68, 146 Dupree, Ella, 68 Earles, Donna, 68, 186 Echols, Janice, 68 Edwards, Caroline, 68, 117 Edwards, Linda, 181 Edwards, Willeta, 68 Erwin, Marsha, 68, 137, 222 Estes, Nan, 68, 137, 164 Farmer, Linda, 68 Fausett, Susan Ferguson, Claudia, 68, 160 Ferguson, Gloria, 68, 164 Fly, Judy, 69 Frederick, Patricia, 69, 169, 174 Gaither, Joyce, 69 Gear, Joyce, 69, 170 George, Susan, 69, 163, 181 Gilbert, Carol, 69 Gillentine, Lillian, 70, 159 Gooch, Gale, 70, 149, 152, 153, 157, 180 278 Greene, Mary, 70, 166 Greenwood, Joyce, 70, 139 Greenwell, Sandra, 70 Griffin, Sarah, 70 Grizzle, Mary, 70, 171 Guynes, Nancy, 70, 158, 186 Hagan, Deborah, 70, 166 Halbert, Jean, 70 Hall, Carol, 70 Hall, Gwynda, 70, 172 , Hancock, Kathy, 71, 165, 186 Hancock, Patricia L., 71, 147 Harris, Esther Harris, Nancy, 71 Harris, Rheoa, 71 Harrison, Cecelia, 71 Hataway, Shirley, 71 Heath, Karolyn, 71, 176 Hemphill, Patricia, 71 Herring, Judy, 71 Hibdon, Glynda, 71 Holman, Judy, 72, 165 Holt, Martha, 72 Hood, Glenda, 72 Hopkins, Betty, 72 Horton, Kathy, 72, 139, 150, 151 Horton, Linda, 72, 137, 160, 166, 169 Huffman, Janis, 72, 164, 165 Hughes, Mary, 72 Huston, Marlene, 72 Hutka, Jerrie, 72, 166 Hutton, Nancy, 72, 138, 157 Ishmael, Joyce, 73 Jackson, Janet, 73, 137, 150, 176, 222 Jared, Brenda Jane, 161 Johnson, Patsy, 73 Jones, Donna, 73, 165, 171 Jones, Judy, 73 Jones, Pat, 73, 166 Justice, Beverly, 73, 172 Kennemer, Kitty, 73 Kirby, Judy, 73, 187 Kissick, Sharon, 73 LaDue, Lyzonne, 73, 152 Law, Jo Ann, 73, 147, 166, 169 Lewis, Joyce, 74 Lofton, Margaret A,, 74 Lyles, Judy, 74, 158, 165 Mann, Rena, 74 ' Mashburn, Jacklyn, 74, 171 May, Nancy, 74 McCann, Nita, 74, 138, 158, 164 McCoy, lris, 75, 145, 146, 147, 171 McCrum, Connie, 75, 158, 164 McDanel, Marylyn, 75, 155 McGee, Nancy, 75 McLelland, Sherry, 75, 169 McNulty, Janice C., 75 Mclntire, Jimmie, 75 Miller, Betty, 75 Mitchell, Brenda, 75 Morrison, Mickey, 75, 146, 147, 166, 169, 172 Myers, Judy, 76 Needham, Connie, 76, 133, 169 New, Martha, 76, 149, 153, 157f170, 171, 186 Nichols, Karen, 76, 166 Nichols, Shirley, 76, 169 Norwood, Linda, 76, 166 Odell, Gena, 76, 150, 198, 186 Ogle, Rita, 76 Parker, Judy, 76, 165 Parker, Barbara, 76, 169 Partridge, Paula, 76, 155 Patterson, Melinda, 76 Payne, Shirley, 76 Pearson, Edith, 76 Persons, Janet, 77, 163, 181 , Pike, Myrna, 77, 153, 172 Painter, June, 77 Prowell, Polly, 77, 151 Ramsey, Judy, 77 Rector, Ann, 77, 146 Reynolds, Linda, 77 Reynolds, Yvonne, 77 Richards, Glenda, 78, 161, 163, 166 Richards, Margia, 78, 146, 166 Ridout, Lil, 78 Riggs, Jody, 78 Robinson, Gwen, 78, 180, 181 Rocholl, Carole, 78, 172 Rogers, Eileen, 78, 146, 147 Rosenbaum, Sharon, 78, 170 Ross, Gloria, 78 Rubrecht, Patricia, 78 Rudolph, Lois, 172 Russell, Glenda, 78, 171 Rutledge, Cynthia: 78 Ryan, Janet, 78, 161 Scheid, Beverly, 79, 139, 151 Self, Joan, 79 Simmons, Lana: 79. 143, 174 Six, Linda, 79, 136 Skinner, Shirley, 79 Skinner, Jan, 79 Smith, Bonnie, 79, 172 Smith, Carol, 79, 166 Smith, Cathy, 79, 180 Smith, Lynne, 79 Smith, Linda, 79, 160, 168 Smith, Mary, 79, 158, 168, 186 Smith, Peggy, 79 Smith, Sharon, 79 Smith, Sula, 79 Sneed, Betty, 79 Sorrels, Linda, 80, 163, 171 Southerland, Sue, 80 Spiva, Sandy, 80 Spraggins, Janie, 80 Steele, Shirley, 80 Stephens, Jolene, 80 Stice, Glenda, 80, 131, 137, 150 Storey, Janie, 80, 168 Stout, Martha, 80 Stover, Carolyn, 80 Strnad, Judy, 80, 169, 186 Summers, Kay, 80, 169 Taylor, Dorothy, 80 Taylor, Phyllis, 80 Thompson, Linda, 81, 172 Thurman, Ann, 81, 134, 164, 206, 222 Tidwell, Susan, B1, 146, 147 Todd, Mildred, 81 Tolleson, Edith, 81 Turley, Barbara, 81 Turner, Freida, 81 Vickers, Joyce, 81 Wallace, Alice, 81 Washburn, Betty, 81 Washburn, Vivian, 82 Watson, Lula, 82 Webb, Allie, 82, 172 White, Janis, 82 Whitlock, Rhoda, 82 Whitman, Teresa, 82, 169, 171 Williams, Judy, 82 Williamson, Ina, 82 Windt, Dinah, 82, 165, 172 Wingo, Brenda, 82 Winkle, Nancy, 82 Wolverton, Vera, 83 Wood, Mary, 83, 186 Wright, Patricia, 83 Wright, Melva, 83 Wright, Susan, 83, 137, 165, 210 JUNIOR BOYS Adams, Steve, 63 Alder, Anderson, 63 Alford, Bobby, 63, 240 Alford, Jim L., 63 Andrews, Alex, 63, 146, 165 Arnold, Allen, 63 Arrington, James R., 63 Attebery, David, 63 Axe, David, 63 Bangs, Leroy, 63 Bartlett, Tommy, 64 Beasley, James, 64, 176 Beaver, David, 64 Bedell, Bruce, 64, 146, 148, 166 Bell, Paul, 64, 165, 227 Bench, Chester,.64 Bennett, Richard W., 64 Bennett, Wade, 64, 145, 146, 147, 148, 152, 153, 159 Bickle, Jack, 64 Blackwell, Ronnie, 64, 117, 131, 210, 227 Blake, Samuel, 64, 134 Bolton, Howard, 65, 237 Borchardt, Osby, 65, 160, 166, 228 Brand, Donald, 65, 237 Brush, George, 65, 146, 147, 166 Burgin, James, 65, 165 Burke, ,Andy, 65, 239, 241 Carpenter, James, 65, 164 Carter, David, 65, 166 Casteel, William, 65, 182 Cathey, Mike, 65, 231 Chambers, Jerry, 65 Chapman, Gary, 65, 237 Childress, Charles, 65, 176 Christian, Garry, 65, 222, 227, 231 Christian, Larry, 65, 227, 230 Christopher, James, 65 Cole, Larry, 65, 176 Coleman, F. A., 15, 62, 65, 193, 292, 239, 244 Compton, David, 65 Cornett, Tom, 65 Cox, Larry, 65 Craig, Ronnie, 65 Crawford, Jimmy N., 65, 146, 148, 158 Crouch, Roger, 65, 176 Culpepper, Ronny, 65, 239, 241 Cunningham, Jerry L., 66 Cunningham, Jerry M., 66 Curran, Donald, 66, 145, 146, 147, 148 Daniel, Johnny, 66, 147, 237 Dann, Michael, 66 Darr, James, 66 Davis, Charles, 66 Davis, James, 66 Davis, Robert, 66 Davis, Wayne, 66 Demetri, Leslie, 66, 166 Denman, Dempsey, 66 DeVlugt, George Dewey, Frank, 66 Dickerson, Don, 66 Dixon, James, 66, 158, 227, 229 Duckworth, Audley, 67 Duckworth, Herbert, 67 Elder, Danny, 67 Elliott, Travis, 67 Espinosa, Joe, 62, 67, 150, 206, 222, 226, 231, 232 Faggart, Tammy, 67 Faulkner, Ronny, 67, 227, 229 Fiammi, Joe, 67 Finklea, Robert, 67 Finley, Michel, 68 Foster, Jerry,-68,f,1-7f6'j"'i 4'-'Ti-X Foster, Robert, 68, 146, 147, 152,,153, 165 183 .f-f""T '- 75?fer,'StaT,15, '68 Fowler, James, 68 Freeman, Freddy, 68 French, Tommy, 69, 237 Fuller, Tommy, 69 Gamble, Mike, 69, 146, 147 Garvin, Robert, 69, 147, 230 Gatlin, James, 69 Gentry, Tim, 69 Gheen, Randolph, 69, 176 Gibbs, Ronnie, 69, 117, 151 Gifford, Paul, 69, 183, 226, 229 Gist, Jerry, 70 Glidewell, Dicky, 70 Glover, Frankie, 70 Gnagi, Anthony, 70, 161, 165 Gooch, Jimmy, 70 Greer, Robert W., 70 Hall, Danny, 70 Hall, Gerald, 70, 176 Hamilton, Jerry, 70, 176, 179 Harbison, Loyd, 71, 227, 231 Hargrove, Dick, 71 Harrison, Mike, 71 Harvey, Ronnie, 71, 131, 239, 242 Haubrich, Danny, 71, 166 Hawthorne, Paul, 71 Hayslip, Mike, 71, 152, 153 Helm, David, 71, 237 Higgs, Glynn, 71, 180 Higgs, Jimmy, 71 Hill, Don,71,146,161 Hodge, Jerry, 71, 176 Hollenshead, Don, 71, 160, 183 Holmes, Jerry, 39 Holloway, Bruce, 71 Holman, Bruce, 72, 161 Hooks, John, 72 Horne, Jim, 72, 146, 164, 169 Horstman, Eddie, 62, 72, 150, 202, 222, 227, 230, 233 Houston, Jimmy, 72 Howard, Ricky, 72, 162, 237 Hubbard, Guinn, 72 Hudgins, Thomas, 72 Huffman, David, 72 Hughes, Doyle, 72, 176 Hunt, Frank, 72 Hunter, Harmon, 72 Hyde, Al, 72 Ingram, Elmer, 72 James, David, 73, 226, 229 Jennings, Glenn, 73, 158, 183 Jones, Douglas, 73 Kasper, Joseph, 73 Keen, Richard, 73 Keener, Ted, 73 Knappage, Robert, 73 LaMay, Lonnie, 73, ,165 Lawrence, Carl, 73, 167 Lawson, Dick, 73, 117, 166 LeMasters, Charles, 73, 226, 230 Loyd, James, 74, 146, 148 Lofland, Bill, 74, 226, 231 London, Paul, 74 Lour, Edward, 74 Luna, Robert, 74, 152, 153, 166, 246 Magee, William, 74 Malmquist, Don: 74 Mankin, Birch, 74 Manley, Jimmy, 74, 166, 246 Manning, Lloyd, 74 Marshall, James, 74, 165 Matlock, Jerry, 74, 158, 239, 243, 244, 245 May, Jack, 74 Mayes, Ferry, 74 Mays, Don, 74 McCartney, Benny, 74, 176 McClung, Nevelyn, 75 McCormack, Jim, 75 McCrary, Eddie, 75 McKinnie, Robert, 75, 166 Metcalf, Philip, 75 Meyer, John, 75, 159, 166 Michaels, Bob, 75, 226, 237 Miller, Larry, 75 Mitchell, Gary, 75, 131, 227, 229, 230 Mitchell, J. T., 75 Moore, Mike, 75, 165 Mooney, Michael, 75 Morris, Sidney, 75 Morrison, Ronnie, 75 Newman, Bobby, 146, 147 Newman, James R., 76, 165, 226, 231 Neathery, Mickey, 76 Nicholson, Buddy, 76 Nickerson, John, 76, 159, 222, 226 Noska, Frank, 76 Page, Sam, 76 Parks, Jimmy, 76 Peace, Roger, 76 Petty, Gary, 77 Phillips, Jack, 77 Pickle, Don, 77, 158, 166, 237 Platt, Jacky, 77 Plumlee, Noel, 77 Poole, Bill, 77, 159, 228 Porter, Harry, 77 Porter, Ronnie, 77, 237 Portillo, Phil, 62, 77, 157, 162, 171, 176, 222 Pounds, Bill, 77, 237 Powell, Maple, 77, 167 Price, John, 77, 146, 147, 158, 166 Pr'ce, Tommy, 77 Reher, Ronnie Rhodes, Royce C., 161 Rice, Harvey, 77, 227, 237 Rich, John, 78 Richards, Gary, 77 Richards, Samuel, 78 Rico, Jae, 78, 176 Robertson, Dewey, 78 Roberts, Johnny, 78, 152, 153 Rogers, Ronald, 78 Rosson, Alfred, 78, 182 Russell, Mike, 78, 165 Sanborn, Curwin, 79 Scarbrough, Larry, 79 Seals, Jessie, 79 Sellers, James, 79 Serbanich, George, 79 Shawver, Charles, 79 Spanhel, Walter, 80 Sprowls, James, 80, 237 Stabeno, Henry, 80 Starkweather, Wayne, 80, 237 Steele, Buford, 80 Steelman, Lemual, 80 Swindle, Stanley, 176 Sznaider, Gary, 80 Tabb, David, 80, 166 Theis, Roger, 81, 226, 231 Thomas, Bill, 81 Thompson, Robert C., B1 Thornton, Oran, 81 Tillinghast, Jay, 81, 158, 165, 228 Trent, Bill, 81 Tucker, James, 81 Tucker, Mike, 81 Van Gilder, Dee, 81 Waggoner, John, 165 Wagner, John, 81, 158, 161, 165 Walker, Charles, 81 Watson, Bob, 81, 176 Watson, Ferris, 82, 176, 178 Welch, Jerry, 82 Wemple, Bob, 82 Wesson, Jimmy, 82 Wheat, Larry, 82, 147, 166 Whittle, Charles, 82, 165, 237 Wilfred, Mancil, 82 Wilburn, Roy, 82, 237 Wilkins, Larry, 82, 176 Williams, Bobby, 82 Winder, James, 82, 167 Winterbauer, Stan, 83, 159 Wisdom, Billy C., 82 Wisener, Bill, 83, 150, 159, 160, 166, 198, 229 Young, Johathan F., B3 SOPHOMORE GIRLS Sept. 30, 1960 Akard, Greta Nell, 85 Alberts, Alice Mae, 85 Alexander, Virginia Pearl, 85 Anderson, Carolyn Kay, 85 Anderson, Doris Marie, 85, 171 Anderson, Judith Marie, 85 Anderson, Judy Kay, 85, 167 Anderson, Virginia Louise, 85, 172 Arnold, Vicki Lynn, 85, 170 Ashim, Sara Jane, 85, 157 Askue, Betty Jo, 85, 170 Austin, Janet Carrol, 85 Boise, Gayla Sue, 85, 172 Barnard, Pamela Jean, 85, 172 Beach, Linda Belle, 85, 166 Beduhn, Gldria Sue, 85, 146, 148, 166 Bennett, Karen Sue, 85 Black, Dorothy Bolton, Nelda Sue, B5 Boughton, Dianna, 85, 172 Boyd, Carolyn Ruth, 85, 165 Bradley, Barbara Jorene, 86, 164, 172 Bnewer, Carolun Jo, 86 Buchanan, Betty Carolyn, 86, 165 8urkhalter,'Claudia June, 86, 170 Burks, Lynda Gay, 86, 172 Burris, Barbara Ann, 86, 167 Burton, Linda Carol, 86, 137, 170 Cardwell, Sondra Kay, 86, 171 Case, Chris, 86, 171 Case, Jan Joy, 86, 171 Cockrell, Carma Kay, 86, 160, 166 Henderson, Laura Cockrill, Patsy Ann, 86, 186 Coker, Linda Sue, 86, 171 Coldwell, Judy Kay, 86, 160, 165 Cox, Linda Nell, 87 Crawford, Marsha, 87, 165 Curlin, Bettye E., 87, 171 Cyganik, Rose Ann, 87, 164, 172, 186 Davis, Barbara Ellen, B7 Davis, Jo Anne, 87, 164 Dickens, Linda Carol, 87, 171 Dixon, Barbara Loyd, 87, 172 Dodson, Janis Carolyn, 87, 172 Douglas, Linda Lou, 87 Dunbar, Pat, 87, 172 Dunham, Martha Sue, B7 Dye, Linda Ann, 87 Edwards, Donna Jo, 87 Edwards, Harriet Ann, 87 English, Sara Elizabeth, 87, 160, 167 Estep, Carolyn.Jeanne, 88 Fincher, Phyllis June, 88 Finger, Sharon Ann, 88 Fletcher, Rebecca Jo, 88 Fort, Sherri Lynn, 88, 136, 160 Foster, Susan Kay, 88, 170, 172 Fowler, Sariann, 88 Freeman, Julia Anne, 88, 136, 160, 223 Futrell, Mary Frances, 88 Fykes, Linda Kay, 88, 172 Gaddy, Linda Sue, 88, 166 Gibbs, Carolyn Ann, 88 Giddiens, Linda Carole, 88, 170 Giles, Verna Nell, 88, 172 Gilliland, Glenda Ray, 88, 170 Gore, Gretchen Lynn, 88, 169, 172, 186, 223 Gauge, Nancy Lynn, B8 Grantham, Lynda Sue, 89, 153 Gregory, Betty Lue, 89, 172 Gray, Jenny Ann, 89 Haldeman, Peggy Marie, 89, 170 Hambuechen, Jane Mae, 89 Hamilton, Faye Alyne, 89, 178 Haney, Jane Ann, 89, 165 Haney, Jean Ann, 89, 165 Haney, June Ann, 89, 165 Honkey, Lana Delyn, 89, 167 Hardcastle,'Vallory Jane, 89, 160, 207 Hardin, Kandis Greer, 89, 170, 223, 186 Harris, Vera Nell, 89, 170 Hatfield, Carolynn Elaine, 89, 138, 160, 223 l-Tawkins, Carol Ann, 84, 89, 172, 223 Hayes, Judy Kay, 89, 165 Head, Marsha Lynn, 89, 172 I Hegna, Sonia Clarissia, 90, 153, 186 Hellums, Barbara Jean, 90 Henderson, Margaret, 146, 170, 173 Henson, Barbara Fern, 90, 135, 172 Hilton, Judith Katherine, 90 Holmes, Nancy Jean, 90 Holt, Patricia Ann, 90 Holt, Peggy Jean, 90 Holton, Vara Elizabeth, 90, 172 Hooten, Linda Gail, 90 Jackson, Rexine, 90 James, Nina Jean, 90, 164, 172 Jamison, Frances Leigh, 90 Jonas, Virginia Carolyn, 90, 170, 186 Jones, Janice W. Judkins, Nelda Jeanne, 91 Keen, Mildred Sue, 91, 171 Keener, Rita Danette, 91, 162, 170 Keesee, Dianne, 91, 166 Keeter, Barbara Carol, 91, 135 Keith, Thora B. J., 91, 153 Kissick, Judy Kay, 91, 137, 160, 211 Kleutgen, Dianne, 91, 160, 167 Kunkler, Patricia Carol, 91, 130, 160, 164, 199, 203 Lawson, Sharon Ann, 91 Lewis, Barbara Ann, 91 Lewis, Barbara Jean, 91 Littlefield, Jannie P., 91, 166, 170 Loftis, Wanda Kay, 91, 160, 164 Long, Rosemary, 91, 160, 166 Lunsford, Frankie Sue, 91 Mack, Janet Lynn, 91 Maddox, Elverta Ann, 91, 153 Mankin, Brenda Cheryl, 92, 164, 171 Marcucci, Jo Dena, 92, 172 Marshall, Tina Sue, 92, 139, 160, 164 Martin, Sherrie Marie, 92 May, Marsha Lee, 92, 171 McCallum, Patricia Kay, 92 McClung, Sandra Lou, 92, 171 McDaniel, Carolun Jean, 92, 167, 172 McDaniel, Clarise Ann, 92 McGuffey, Linda Marie, 92, 160, 166 McGuire, Jackie Diann, 92, 170 Mclnnis, Sharon Marie, 92, 170 Mclntosh, Mary Kay, 92, 146, 174 McNatt, Sara Ann, 92, 138, 160 Midgett, Nancy Kate, 92, 135, 160, 167 Miller, Karlyne Linda, 92, 170 Mills, Jana Sue, 92, 186 Morgan, Juanita Marie, 93 Morrison, Mary Elizabeth, 93, 147, 170 Morrison, Meredith, 93, 135, 160, 164, 186 Moss, Sue Nell, 93 Moulden, Judy Cora, 93, 162, 172, 180 Mullings, Karen Kathleen, 93, 137, 160 Mulry, Robbie Jean, 93, 137, 160 Nation, Carol Anne, 93 Neely, Dorothy Lynn, 93 Norvell, Sharon, 93, 168 Newcomb, Judith Ann, 93, 146, 147, 165, 169 Oden, Virginia Louise, 93 Oldham, Leabeth, 93 Oglesby, Lonnie Frances, 93, 160, 164, 186 Paulos, Janet Dolores, 93, 166 Patton, Helen Teresa, 93 Peace, Helen Louise, 93, 170 Pelton, Linda Carol, 93, 170 Pendergraft, Carole Kay, 93, 136, 160, '164 Philips, Claudia Clydene, 94 Phillips, Michelle Suzanne, 94, 164 Pittsinger, Betty Jean Pittsinger, Peggy Nell Plunk, Daina Lee, 94 Polzin, Linda Gail, 94,,138, 160 Ponder, Carolyn Sue, 94, 171 Prechtl, Rita Kay, 94, 170 Prior, Linda Kay, 94, 170 Rasor, Mary Louise, 94, 146, 172 Ranes, Beverly Ann, 94, 171 Rea, Jennifer, 94 Richards, Marcia Lee, 94 Richardson, Jane Diane, 94, 139 Riddle, Judy Nell, 94 Roberts, Shirley Marie, 94 Robison, Joanna, 94, 172 Sheffield, Margaret G., 94, 170 Sherrard, Patricia Ann, 171 Shipley, Donna Marie, 95 Shipp, Norma Gene, 95 Shirley, Sue Ellen, 95, 167 Shartnac , Tommie '- ' 1 ' I.. , , .1 Smith, Karen Ann, 95, 160, 164 Smith, Janey Laverne, 95, 169, 170 Smith, Reda Dowe, 95 Sorrells, Betty, 95 Spence, Linda Nell, 95, 170 Squire, Kathleen Marie, 95, 165 Stanfield, Peggy Eileen, 95, 167 Stapp, Linda Kay, 170 Starr, Ruth Anne, 95, 164, 171 Stephens, Jenny, 95 Stevenson, Mary Elizabeth, 95, 162, 170 Stinson, Sheri Ann, 95 Stooksberry, Carrol Ann, 95, 172 Stricklin, Edna Catherine, 95, 160, 166 199 . Sullivan, Carolyn Larose, 95 Sullivan, Marilyn Novella, 95 Sutton, Janelle, 95, 170 Swanson, Bonni Jean, 96, 167, 171 Swolford, Gwenlyn Sue, 96 Swindell, Winnie Kay, 96 Tapley, Mirian Jo, 96, 147 Tapp, Mary Eugenia, 96 Taylor, Alice Ann, 96, 172 Taylor, Kay De, 96 Taylor, Patricia Ann, 96, 170 Tedford, Judy Jane, 96, 136, 160 Tipton, Carol Linette, 96, 170 Trevino, Margaret, 96 Trietsch, Nancy, 96, 169 Valentine, Jacqueline Marie, 96 Vaughan, Doris Elaine Wallace, Jackie Nell, 96, 170 Walls, Jo Ann, 96, 147, 171 Warren, Matilda Dianne, 96, 138, 160, 167 Wester, Vicki Leigh, 96, 137, 160 Whatley, Dorothy Jean, 96 Wilbanks, Susan Victoria, 97, 1,86 Winterbauer, Marilyn Kay, 97 Weatherford, Luella Jane, 97 Webb, Tommie Dean, 97, 172 Webber, Jaan, 97 Williams, Diana Marie, 97, 160, 180 Willis, Barbara Anne, 97, 172 Wilson, Jo Kathryn, 97, 170 Wilson, Martena Morma,'97 Winters, Stephanie Anne, 97 Wisenbaker, Ellen, 97, 167, 172 Worthington, Phyllis L., 97 Wright, Linda Faye, 97, 172 Wright, Marilyn Jean, 97 Yeager, Sherry Faye, 97 Young, Patricia Sue, 97, 170 Zadarosni, Nell Marie, 97 SOPHOMORE BOYS Sept. 30, 1960 Adam, William Carroll, 85, 147 Akin, Jerry Wayne, 85 Alexander, Thomas Michael, 85 Altfather, Kenneth Dale, 85, 146, 147 166 Allison, Edwin Lee, 85 Anderson, Lewmel Milton, 85 Anderson, William, 85 Angel, James Terrance, 85 Arnold, Jimmy Edward, 85 Bacon, Charles Edward, 85 Ball, Larry Jack Barnes, Larry Vernon, 85 Belitere, Frank Bennett, Danny Lee, 85 Bevers, John Russell, 85 Bills, Richard Allem, B5 Blanton, James Keith, 85 Blount, Nolan Don, 85 Bowen, Edward Harvey Bray, Leamon Ray, 86 Brocker, Ronnie Dean Brooks, Donald Weldon, 86 Brown, Donnie Ray, 86 ' Brown, Harold Dwayne, 86 Brown, Roger Leeland, 86 Brazell, David Dewain, 86 Burks, James, 86, 146, 162, 166 Burks, Joe, 86, 146, 147, 166 Burns, Jimmy, 86, 166, 183, 223, 237 Burt, Billy John, 86 Callow, George Edward, 86 Camaro, Rick Carrillo, Michael, 86, 237 Casstevens, Jimmy, 86, 146 Casteel, Mike, 86, 237 Chambers, H. C., 86, 237 Clark, Doyglas L., 86, 176 Clemmons, Earnest Eugene, 86 Cloud, Mike, 86, 237 Collingsworth, Stanley, 86 Cookston, Jimmy Cooper, Larry, 86, 176, 178 Copeland, Robert Seaton, 86, 146 Covington, Troy Leon, 176 Coyle, Clem, 87, 176 Crawford, Jerry Dale, 87, 176 Cunningham, Troy Glenn, 87 Davis, Davis Davis Davis Davis Ben Franklin, 87 , Gary Jack, 87, 165 , Robert Allan, 87 , Ronald, 87 , Thomas, 87 Denman, Danny Daryl, 87 Denton, G. W., 87, 176 279 Dixon, Carrington Baker, 87, 166 Dowdy, James Lloyd, 87 Drum, Tommy, 87, 226, 231 Duckworth, Marion Leon, 87 Dunn, Rick, 87, 157 Dutton, Gary, 87 Echols, David Kenneth, 87, 147 Edwards, Thomas Preston, 87, 147 Elder, Edmond Gene Emrick, Robert E. Jr., 88 Epperson, Jimmy Garland, 88, 246 Espeset, Chris Charles, 88 Etgen, David Richard, 83 Fitzgerald, Ronald, 88, 117, 131, 203, 223, 226, 230, 234 Fox, Freddie, 88, 223, 226 Frazier, Bobby Ray Frank, Jimmie, B8 Frizzell, Floyd, 88 Gardner, Frand Anthony, 88 Gibson, Harmon Lee, 88 Giles, Harry Paul, 88 Goodwin, Mike, 84, 88, 223 Gordon, Jim, BB, 146 Gauge, Lloyd Vernon, 88 Granberry, Don, 88, 117, 131, 237 Graves, William Charles, 89, 160 Greer, Billy Dayne, 89 Grisham, James Larry, 89 Guthrie, Richard, 89, 237 Hall, David, 89, 183 Hall, James Alton, 89 Hall, Larry Wynne, 89, 176 Hammere, JoseW, 89 Hammond, Lester Harfoed,- 89, 146, 148, 166 Haney, Donald Elzie, 89 Hanson, Steven Lynn, 89, 23? Hardgrave, Walter Terry, 89 Harper, Nicki, 89, 246 Harrah, Richard Duane, 89 Harris, Paul, 89 Hatchel, William Joseph, 89, 131, 227, 229 Hawley, Robert, 89 Helton, Joe Donald, 90 Henderson, Robert Tod, 90 Hennig, Paul, 90, 237 Henson, Danny, 90, 237 Herring, Doyle Wayne, 90 Higgins, Johmmy Allen, 90 Hill, David Alan, 90 Hill, Donald Ray, 90 Hill, Harry James, 90, 147, Hill, Raymond Dean Hill, Ronnie J.: 90 Holman, Donny Russell 166 Holmes, Bobby Ray, 90, 147, 176 Holt, Jerry Glyn, 90, 146, 237 Howard, Andy H., 90 Hughes, Alton Keith, 90 Humphries, Sammy Lee, 90 Hutson, Bobby Don, 90, 176 Hutson, Larry Wayne, 90 Jacobs, Buddy Joe, 190 Jared, Dewayne Jerry, 90 Johnson, Oliver Dwaine, 90 Jones, Don, 90, 199, 237 Jones, Mike, 91 Jones, James Landis, 91 Jones, Robert, 91, 246 Jones, Tom Paul, 91 Keese, Phillip Gerry, 91 Kemp, J. C., 91 Kuhn, Mark Lambert, David, 84, 91, 153, 199, 207, 223, 237 r Lambert, Joe, 91 Laminack, Joe B., 91 Duncan Lamm, Jerry, 91, 162, 246 Landgraf, David, 91, 117, 131, 226, 230, 234, 236 Livin stan Bobb Huh 91 9 1 Y 9 7 Logan, Ralph Benton, 91, 146, 148, 166 Logsdon, Terry Woodard, 91, 166, 183 Long, Vaughn Ray, 91, 176 Luck, John, 91 Magee, Thomas Richard Mahon, Tommy Ray, 91 Molmquist, John Wesly, 92 Maret, Charles Eugene, 92 Marshall, Donald Gary, 92, 176 Marshall, Ronald Jerry, 92, 176 Martin, Gerald Glenn, -92 May, Bruce Allen, 92, 146 Mayfield, Everett Dale, 92 McCarter, Billy Aden, 92, 176 McCoy, Rodney Duwayne, 92, 146, 148, 165 McCreary, Mitchell Lyn, 92, 176 McKenney, Ernest Mix, 92 McKinney, Leslie Dewayne, 92 McKnight, Charles Ray, 92 IZEICJ McLauchlin, Dennis Ray, 92 Miller, Gerald Glen, 92 Miller, Homer Glenn, 92 Mills, James Marvin, 92 Montgomery, Harvey James, 92 Morris, Billy Ross, 93, 237 Morris, Kenneth Wilkes, 93 Murphrey, Danny Dell, 93 Myers, James Sullivan, 93, 176, 178 Neal, John Douglas, 93 Nesbitt, Robert Wayne, 93 New, Jerry Lynn, 93, 153, 237 Newman, Hamilton Arthur, 93, 160, 162, 183 Nolan, Don Bischoff, 93, 146 Nortleet, Joe David Osborn, Gary Lee, 93, 237 Parker, Mike William, 93 Parsons, Richard Charles, 93, 146, 147, 166 Partridge, Tommy Steve, 93 Patterson, Robert Brian, 93 Perry, Robert Walter Phillips, Ronald David, 94 Piccolo, Thomas Frank, 94, 166, 183, 237 Pinson, Curtis Dwayne Plunk, Claude Earlon, 94, 237 Pollard, David Harrison, 94 Porter, Jimmy Ray, 94 Prather, Edward Perry, 94 Prim, Ronny Allan, 94 Pugh, Kenneth Edward, 94 Quanstrom, Conrad Lee, 93, 166 Rhodes, David A., 94, 237 Rhome, James Wilson, 94 Richards, Larry Wilson, 94 Riley, Jimmie Ray, 94, 237 Rogers, Gary Jaye, 94 Roland, Aubrey Lee, 94, 176 Rollin, Veanie L., 94 Rowan, Jackie Lynn, 94 Rush, Virgil Stanley, 94 Rushing, Gary Edward, 94, 146 Russell, Mike Francis, 94 Rutherford, Ronnie Clyde, 94, 162, 183, 186, 226, 246 Sachse, James Thomas, 94 Sager, Rolland Jerald, 94 Sanders, Edward Henry, 94 Sebastian, Stewart A., 94 Self, Douglas Ray, 94 Self, Larry Wayne, 94, 237 Sellers, LaRue George, 94, 147 Sexton, Larry Thaulton, 94 Schotter, Craig Charles, 94 Short, Larry Osborn, 95, 146, 147, 148, 166 Simpson, Charles Kimbal, 95, 147, 157 Slaughter, C. M., 95 Smith, D. A., 95, 237 Smith, Dennis Neal, 95 Smith, Marvin Dee, 95, 166, 237, 246 Smith, James Terry, 95 Snapka, Gary Dean, 95 Sneed, David Rice, 95 Spraggins, Riley Lee, 95 Sprowles, Ronald Dean, 95 Stafford, James M., 95, 146 Stansbury, Randy A., 95 Staring, Robert Langs, 95 Sterner, David Arthur, 95, 146 St. John, Michael Graham, 95, 162, 237 Stone, Richard Layton, 95,237 Stooksberry, Jimmy Leon, 95 Stubblefield, Stephen Richard, 95, 147 Sullivan, Elmer Clifton, 95, 179 Sullivan, Melton Dean, 95 Surface, Richard Lobdell, 95, 146, 148, 165 Taber, Timothy Neil, 96 Talley, Danny Joe, 96 Thacker, Charles Richard, 96 Thomas, Tommy Helbing, 96 Thorton, Alan James, 96, 246 Tomlinson, Edward Bates, 84, 96, 211, 237 Totten, Larry Clayton, 96 Trammell, David Edward Trout, Howard Neal, 96 True, Michael Gordon, 96 Tucker, Donald Liwis, 96 Turner, Jerry Edward, 96, 117, 131, 223, 237 Vetter, Rudy Walker, Larry Buck, 96, 237 Wall, Leslie Scott, 96 Ward, Billy James, 96 Watkins, Michael Lee, 96, 167 Watson, Welby, 96 White, Dan Wilson, 96, 147 While, Dennis, 97, 176 Whitman, Leo Alphonsus, 97 Whittle, William Clark, 97 Wiley, Roger Lawson, 97 Williams, Donald Edwin, 97, 226, 237 Willmurth, Lee, 97 Wilkerson, Carl Thomas, 165 Wolfe, Larry Clayton, 97, 131, 237 Wright, Edward Madison, 97 Wright, Eric, 97 Wyatt, Billy Earl, 97 Young, Allen Carl, 97, 246 FRESHMAN GIRLS Sept. 30, 1960 Agnew, Judy Nell, 99 Alderman, Linda Diane, 99, 174, 187 Alfridge, Patricia Lee, 99, 175 Allen, Delores Louise, 99, 174 Alexander, Judy Ann, 99 Alexander, Julie Anne, 99 Angott, 'Donna Lee, 99, 173 Argenbright, Mary Louise, 99 Arevelo, Delores B., 99, 179 Arnold, Vivian Sue, 99, 135 Ashley, Linda Carol, 99, 174, 223 Austin, Sandra Lorraine, 99 Aven, Trudy Diane, 99 Ayers, Nansy lone, 99, 174 Babgy, Virginia Ruth, 99, 175 Bailey, Myrna Kathryn, 99 Baker, Barbara Louise, 99 Baker, Mary Carolyn, 99, 174 Baker, Margaret Jean, 99 Bane, Jo Carole, 99 Barnes, Glenda Joyce, 99, 174 Barrios, Patricia Ann, 99 Barry, Betty Lane, 99 Basham, Carolyn Fern, 100 Bass,'Delores Gay, 100 Bedell, Patricia Ruth, 100 Beggs, Patsy Sue, 100, 173 Benner, Margaret June, 100 Bevers, Janice Carol, 100, 174 Bernbaum, Joan Lynn, 100 Berry, Betty Joe, 100, 175 Bishop, Carole, 100, 175 Blake, Judy Dianne, 100 Blount, Carolyn Sue, 100, 175 Bourn, Brenda Faye, 100 Bradley, I.ena Carol Brayton, Linda Karol, 100 Brock, Brodie, Brown, Bethany Ann, 100 Liesha Carol, 100 Sharon Lannette, 100, 175 Brumit, Kitty Ann, 100 Burchfield, Becky Elaine, 100, 131 Cabiness, Karen Elaine, 101, 175, 181 Callaway, Janice Kay, 101, 174 Cannaday, Benito Ann, 101, 175 Carroll, Linda Ann, 101 Chapman, Paulette, 101, 173 Chase, Judy Kay, 101, 174 Cherry, Garland Marie, 101 Christopher, Linda Janelle, 101 Clanton, Nora Diane, 101, 187 Clem, Joyce Elaine, 101 Cobb, Gloria Sue, 101 Coldwell, Alera Ann, 101, 175, 186, 200 Cook, Retha Anne, 101, 173, 175 Copeland, Connie Sue, 101 Cowan, Diane, 101 Craft, Ann Elizabeth, 101, 153 Crawford, Oma Lee, 101 Cunningham, Cynthia, 101 Darby, Davis, Sharon Lynne, 101 Linda Ruth, 101 Davis, PaulatKay, 102, 174 Davis, Peggy Ann, 102 Davis, Sandra Kay, 102, 173 Deaver, Carolyn Ann, 102, 174 Dickson, Barbara Jean, 102 Dickson, Kay, 102 Dishner, Doris Ann, 102 Dodson Dolson, , Mildred Gay, 102, 175 Verenia Carolyn, 102 Dugger, Carol Lynne, 102, 174 , Sandra Gayle, 175, 87 Echols, Donna Rae, 175 Elder, Josie Annette, 102 Evans, Cheryl Jane Eubanks, Billie Andrea, 102 Evans, Susan Elizabeth, 102 Ewing, Lynn Annette, 102, 174 Fagala, Sharon June, 102, 187 Farr, Karen Lee, 102 Flanagan, Sandra Gail, 102 Flanders, Peggy Karen: 102 Fleeson, Patty G., 102, 175 Fletcher, Georgia Suzette, 102, 175 Ford, Glenda Lavon, 103 Foster, Diane, 103, 175 Freeman, Judy Marie, 103, 168, 174 Fuller, Harralyn, 103, 174 Gaftord, Linda Louise, 103, 181 George, Brenda Joyce, 103, 175, 181 Gibson, Clara Sue, 103 Gieb, Ann Elizabeth, 103 Gilmer, Jamie Ray, 103, 174 Goin, Gay Ann, 103 Gordon, Jan Lee, 103 Gossett, Karen Lee, 103, 174 Greenwood, Susan Lynn, 103 Grider, Janice Marie, 103, 174 Haker, Margaret Ann, 103 Hamilton, Jeanne,' 103 Hamilton, Vicky Lynn, 103 Hancock, Sherry Ann, 104, 173 Hanes, Vennie Arlene, 104 Haralson, Rebecca Jane, 104 Hare, Charann, 104 Hargrove, Janice, 104 Harkrider, Bill-ie, 104, 174 Harper, Leanne, 104, 174 Hargrove, Linda Darlene, 104 Harmon, Grace, 104, 174 Harrah, Judith Elaine, 104 Harvey, Brenda Sue, 104, 173 Hawkins, Barbara Gene, 104, 174 Helm, Janis, 104 Helton, Lonna L., 104, 174 Hendershot, Sharon Lynne, 104 Hicks, Glenna Rae, 104, 175 Hill, Clara Beth, 104 Hitchcock, Julia Margaret, 104 Halbert, Sydna Marie, 104, 131, 135, 173, 175, 204, 223 Holloway, Linda Jeanatte, 104, 174 Holloway, Patricia Ann, 104 Holser, Mary Beth, 104 Hogue, Sylvia Maria, 104, 175 Hood, Mary Louise, 104, 175 Horne, Dianna Jean, 104, 169, 175 Houston, Anita Joe, 104, 174 Howard, Joyce M., 104 Hudgins, Linda Beth, 105, 175 Hull, Shirley Jo, 105 Hunt, Shirley Jean, 105 Hunt, Susan, 105 Hutton, Betty Jane, 105 Jackson, Cecelia Ann, 105, 173 Jackson, Jorgann, 105 Jarvis, Linda'Carol, 105 Jennings, Janet, 105 Jirak, Susan Martha, 105, 174 Jocoy, Linda Ellen, 105, 174 Johnson, Lana Joyce, 105, 174 Jones, Becky, 105, 131, 169 Jones, Mary Kay, 105 Juday, Rabbi Jane, 105 Kelton, Linda Lou, 105, 174 Kendrick, Linda Kay, 105, 174 Kennett, Madalyne M., 105, 175 Kershner, Judith Ann, 105 Killion, Judy Kay, 105, 175 Killion, Linda Carol, 105, 174 Kirkpatrick, Mary Lynn, 106 Kitchens, Margaret Ann, 106 Landress, Judith Elaine, T06 Longford, Kathy Elaine, 106, 168 Laminack, Linda, 106, 174 Laun, Norma Gaye, 106, 175 Lapslay, Laura L., 106 Lawson, Nancy Gayle, 106, 174 Leamons, Dianna Gay, 106 Le Croy, Jeanne, 106 Leeman, Sharon Kaye, 106 Lindley, Betty Sue, 106, 171 Lovil, Betty Ann Luellen, Essie Mae, 106 Mias, Claudia Ann, 106 Mann, Vicki M., 106 Martin, Beth Cinda, 106, 174 Martin, Linda Janelle, 106, 173 Martin, Marcia Gail, 106 McArthur, Karen Sue, 106 McCallum, Patricia Ann, 107, 173 McCulley, Delores Jean, 107 McFarland, Myrna, 107 ' McKastle, Marion Gayle, 107, 175 McKinney, Janice Lee, 107, 174 McLane, Mary Belle,.107 McLau6'h1in, Alpha Anita, 107 McMullen, Janis Carol, 107 McMurrian, Margaret C., 107, 181, 223 McNatt, Joy Lynn, 107 Miller, Arta Jane, 107 Mills, Janie Lucille, 107 Mitchell, Beverly Jean, 107 Mitchell, Jo Ann, 107 Moody, Margaret, 107 Moore, Particia Ann, 107 Morphis, Cheryl Janet, 107 Morgan, Larena Jane, 107, 174 Morris, Janice Anita, 107 Murphy, Sherrie Sue, 108, 135, 208 Nall, Sally Roiean, 108, 173, 187 Napier, Vickie M., 108 Nelson, Joyce Ellen, 108 Nelson, Myrtle Ella, 108 Nesthus, Patricia Eileen, 108 Newman, Karen, 108 Nichols, Nita Kay, 108, 175 Nicholson, Darlie Jean, 108 Nicholson, Dana Gordon, 108 Nobles, Linda Marie, 108 Norris, Darlie Jean, 108, 173 Northcut, Margaret E., 108, 169 Novak, Donna Jean, 108, 181 Oliver, Beverly June, 108 Padillo, Gloria Ann, 108 Parker, Donna Marie, 108, 181 Pate, Carolyn Diane, 108, 175 Patterson, Mary Louise, 108 Peters, Sue, 108 Pike, Carolyn Lee, 108, 173 Plumlee, Bonnie, 108 Poore, Gena, 98 Presley, Judith Sue, 108 Price, Phyllis Ellen, 108 Prock, Betty Katherine, 108 Pugh, Judy, 109 Ramsey, Jane Ann, 109 Ray, Patricia Kay, 109 Reeder, Judy Carolyn, 109 Reeves, Alice Carolyn, 109 Rener, Nancy Ann, 109, 173 Rice, Robbie Anne, 109, 175 Riddels, Rebecca Jane, 109, 173, 175 Roark, Hazel O., 109, 173 Roberts, Donna Elaine, 109, 153 Robinson, Daina Gail, 109, 175 Rogers, Nelda Sue, 109 Rogers, Susan Lee, 109 Rohus, Velvet Ann, 109 Roland, Brenda Verne, 109, 175, 181 Rose, Diedri Elaine, 109 Rasembaum, Nelda P., 109, 169 Round, Sharon Lee, 109, 175 Rayman, Patricia Ann, 109 Rutledge, Sandra Kay, 109,41B1 Sammons, Cindy Kay, 109 Sanborn, Toby Darrace, 110 Sanders, Barbara Ann, 110 Sanford, Kathy Jolene, 110, 173 Sawyer, Bobbie L., 110 Sebastian, Johnann, 110 Sewell, Elcy Carroll, 110, 131, 223 Shaw, Wanda Jean, 110 Shipley, Barbara Joan, 110, 175 Shoot, Carman Louise, 110, 175 Sides, Judy Suzanne, 110 Simmons, Nancy Jane, 110 Sims, Julia Ann, 110 Skagga, Betty Louise, 110 Smith, Sleane Elizabeth, 110, 174 Smith, Jackie Jeanette, 110 Smith, Mary Alice, 110 Smith, Pricilla Ann, 110 Stanton, Jeri Lynn, 110 Stevens, Peggy Joyce, 110, 173, 174 Stewart, Sharon Louise, 110, 174 Stibbens, Montra-'Marie,,n110, 171 Q6kEs,,Don,naMM:J,LDJ Stone, Regina Ann, 110 Stout, Laveda, 110, 174 Strawbridge, Margaret Rose, 110 Strickland, Judy Gale, 110 Stroud, Glynda LaVerne, 111 Sumrow, Lorenda Sue, 111 Sutton, Karrol Ann Tapleu, Betty Joyce, 111, 174 Totten, Sandra Annette, 111, 174 Tate, Lynda Ann, 111, 173 Taylor, Janice Marie, 111 Thomas, Lynn Ann, 111 Thompson, Winifred Susan, 111 Thornton, Liana Carol, 111 Ticer, Emily Margaret, 111, 172 Toone, Linda Sue, 111, 171, 174 Totten, Sandra Annette, 111, 174 Triplett, Patricia G., 111, 168 Tuck, Sandra Lee, 111 Turner, Linda Inez, 111, 174 Turner, Patricia Arlene, 111 Valentine, Sandra Rose, 111 Vanderslice, Donna Gaye, 111 VanZant, Mildred Sue, 111, 173 Varner, Tex Ann, 111, 153 Vaughn, Mary Louise, 111 Veal, Betty Lee, 111 Wagner, Laurel Anell, ill Walker, Patsy May, 111, 175 Wallace, Carol Lynn, 112 Walls, Frances Darlene, 112 Watson, Norma B., 112 Webb, Sue, 112, 200 -Webb, Sylvia Karyn, 112 Welch, Patricia Ann, 112, 153, 174 West, Carol Leah, 112, 174 Wheat, Betty Maxine, 112, 174 Wheeler, Diane Leah, 112 White, Patricia Ann, 112 White, Sondra Sue, 112, 173 Willey, Barbara Rose, 112, 135 Williams, Barbara Jean, 112, 135 Williams, Carol Ann, 112 Williams, Linda Jean, 112 Williams, Rita Jo, 112 Willis, Dineen Kenea, 112, 173, 186 Windom, Sharon Laverne, 112 Wingo, Wanda Jean, 112, 174 Wolfe, Joan Iris, 112, 181 Wright, Betty Delarise, 112, 175 Young, Mary Lou, 112, 174 FRESHMAN BOYS September 30, 1960 Abbott, Ricky, 99, 177, 179 Akin, Jerry Don, 99 Alford Larr Gene- 9 -.1' n, illiam, 99 Allen, '--- s ey, 99 Ames, Dale Charles, 99 Anderson, Jimmy Dale, 99 Archer, Julian Paul, 99 Arnold, Mike Fain, 99 Askue, Bobby Lee, 99 Bailey, Rodney, 99 Baker, Ronnie Lynn, 238 Baker, Ronnie Rascae, 98, 99 Bankhead, Hollis Wayne, 177 Barbee, Larry Lee, 99 Barbee, Philip Richard, 99, 238 Barfield, Darrell Kinneth, 99 Barnett, Danny Lee Barrett, Earl Parks, 99 Barringer, William lRandYl7 99, 238 Bays, Don Vincent, 100 Bean, Edward Frank, 100, 131 Beasley, Troy, 100 Beavers, Gary Lynn, 100, 247 Bickley, Jimmy Ray, 100 Biggs, Mikael Vernon, 100 Blake, Rodger Wayne, 100 Blanks, John Hugh, 100, 177- Blasingame, William Ronnie, 100, 153 Black, Gordon Lee, 238 Bolton, David Eugene, 100 Bolton, Richard Lee, 100 Bouska, Henry F., 100 Bowen, Jesse Wayne, 100 Boyd, Stuart Michael, 100, 200, 247 Brackett, Bobby Dean, 100 Bratcher, Gary Leon, 100, 177 Bray, Elmer Roy, 100 Bridges, Gary Lane, 100, 223, 238 Brocker, Kenny Ray, 100 Broyles, Elbert Lynn, 100 Bryan, Andrew, 100 Burke, Philip Gregory, 100 Burton, Delbert Lowell, 238 Byrum, Michael Paul, 101 Cabaniss, Ernest Weldon, 101 Cadenhead, Roger Lee, 101 Callaway, Kendall Wayne, 101 Carr, Michael Lee, 101 Chambless, James Robert, 101, 238, 247 Chandler, Larry Joe, 101 Christensen, Douglas Raly, 101, 177 Clark, Terry Foster, 101, 238 Clopton, Lester Darrell, 101 Cole, William, 101, 238 Cooley, Joel Durward, 101 Cornelius, Charles Paul, 101 Costa, Everett Salvaton, 101 Covington, Michael Keith, 101 Cox, Ralph Marvin, 101 Crabtree, Wayne Cummings, William Carl, 101 Cummins, Mark Allen, 101 Davis, Dale, 101 Davis, Jimmie Don, 102 Davis, Ronnie Ray, 177 Deaton, Paul Gerald, 102 Dennis, James Ellioh, 102, 177 Dixon, Billy Wayne, 102 Drury, Johnny Bryant, 102 Dunavant, Donnie Marvin, 102, 247 Dunn, Bobby Lynn, 102 Dupree, Walter Ray, 102 Eckeberger, Jerry, 102 Edwards, Dwight Wayne, 102, 177 Endsley, Kirby Gene, 102, 247 Engleman, Danny, 102 Etheridge, Johnny Wayne Enins, Michael Wayne Farmer, Jackie Lynn, 102 Ferguson, Alan Roy, 102 Fletcher, Dule Alvin, 102 Flowers, Jimmy Dee, 102 Forbis, George, 103 Forbis, Thomas Wayne, 103 Ford, Charles, 103 Fortenberry, Don Ray, 103, 177 Fuller, Jerry Henry, 103, 177 Galbraith, Thomas Edward, 103 Ganus, Paul Floyd, 103 Gardiner, Edward Marcus, 103 Gentry, Rush Victor Gentry, Thomas, 103 Gibbs, David Olan, 103 Gillispie, Don Lynn, 103, 177 Glynn, James Edward, 103 Godsey, David Wilkerson, 103 Goethals, Randall Maurice, 103, 238 Green, Hubert William, 103 Griffin, Edwin Bruce, 103 Grimes, John Wayne, 103 Grimsley, Robert, 103, 247 Hagin, Terry Charles, 103, 247 Haley, Mark Stevene, 103 Hall, James Alton, 103 Hall, Joe Michael, 103 Hamm, Paul Rocky, 103 Hancock, George Ross, 103 Harper, Ronald, 104 Headen, Fred Doyle, 104 Hemphill, James Mike, 104, 131, 177 Hesselberg, Geert, 104 Hill, Harry Lynn, 104 Hill, Marvin Ray, 104 Hilton, Steve Calvin, 104 Hodson, Larry Seth, 104 Hogue, Forrest, 104, 177 Hague, Truman Douglas, 104, 177 Hoffman, James Thomas, 104 Holloman, James Howard, 104 Hoye, Michael Brian, 104 Hugghins, Jessie Barton Hull, Guy Willard, 105, 238 Hyde, Roy Glynn, 105 lsham, Larry Edward, 105 Jackson, Travis Michael, 105 Johnson, Eric Foster, 105 Johnson, Marcus Ralph, 105 Johnson, Tommy Ray, 105 Janes, Dudley Clell, 105 Kattawar, Kenneth Adam, 105 Keith, Robert Hall, 105, 246 Keithley, Jerry Wayne, 105 Kelleu, Kenneth Kent, Gary Leee, 105 Key, Curtis Landon, 105 Killioy, James Ronnie, 105 King, Charles Michael, 105, 238 King, Gary Allan, 106 King, Randy Wayne, 106 Klas, John Paul, 106, 238 Koenig, Lester Claude, 106 Koerth, Robert Lee Krodel, James Allen, 106 Lawrence, Edwin Don, 106, 238 Leathers, Johnny Wayne, 106 Ledbetter, Larry Davis, 106, 238 Lindley, Bobby Ray, 106 Lingberg, Michael Joseph, 106 Long, Roger Dale, 106, 177 Longwell, Danny, 106, 238 Lucas, Royal Steven, 106, 177 Luna, David Hamer, 106, 177 Lytton, Billy Ray, 106 Mackey, Richard, 106 Marlow, Earnest Eugene, 106 Martin, Larry Don, 106, 177 Martinkus, Pat James, 106 McGuire, Roy James, 107, 238 McLeod, Jere Dwight, 107 Melton, Jack Ray, 107 Meuir, Floyd Wayne, 107 Meyer, Craig Alan, 107 McMollum Richard Ferris, 107 McCoy, l. Z., 107, 177 McClung, Eddei Louis, 107 McFerrin, Teddy Ray, 107 McGrath, Murel James, 107 McKee, Billy James, 107 McLaughlin, William Thomas, 107 Miller, Gary Mitchell, Jamse Leroy, 107 Moffatt, Dial Allan, 107, 238, 247 Moncriet, Cecil Jack, 107 Montgomery, Harvey James Moody, Dennis Charles, 107 Moody, George Henry, 107 Moore, Ronny Joedell Morris, Buddy Neal Morris, Leslie Dwane, 107, 177 Morrow, Larry Edwin, 107 Mothershed, Jimmie Joe, 107, 177 Mullens, Weldon Duaine, 108, 200, 208, 223, 238 Nall, James M., 108 Newman, Douglas Andrew, 108 Nichols, Wendell Butch, 108 Noska, Jimmie David, 108 Odel, John Carl Odom, Jerry Rhea Patrick, Ricky Lee, 108 Perkins, Ross Edward, 108 Pettil, Oliver Andrew, 108 Phillips, Tommy William, 108, 176 Pickett, John Allan, 108, 238, 246 Pickle, Joe David, 108, 247 Poole, Thomas Lofland, 108, 238 Poovey, Herman Lynn, 108, 238, 177 Portwood, Charlie Madison, 108 Pruitt, Jimmy Robert, 109, 177 Pulley, Pat J., 109 Quesenberry, Michael Dean, 109 Ragsdale, Ronald James, 109 Ramos, Johmmy, 109, 237 Regan, Tim Charkes, 109 Reynolds, Charles Scott, 109 Rice, Roger, 109 Rico, Manuel Baiars, 109, 177 Riggs, Richard Lee Robertson, Jimmy Lucuis, 109 Roger, James Philip, 109 Rogers, Danny Gordon, 109, 247 Rogers, Leslie Carroll, 109 Rowan, Jackie, 109 Rushing, Edwin Ray, 109 Rutherford, Richard Glenn, 109 Ruyle, David Lee, 109 Sachtleben, A. R., 109 Schmidt, Jac Elwood, 110 Scott, Robert, 110, 177 Sepaugh, James Hubbard, 110 Shelton, Harold Dixon, 110 Shipp, Bill Jule, 110, 238 Shively, Christophre Ely, 110, 238 Shupak, Billy Hartt, 110 Sims, Danny Roland, 98, 110, 204, 238, 246 Smith, Charles Edwin, 110, 238 Smith, Westley William, 110 Spanhel, Terry Mike, 110, 238 Staring, Dan Edward, 110 Stephen, Lynn V., 110 Stewart, Robert Wayne, 110 Stricklamd, Jimmy Deward, 110 Stringer, Theodore Boyd, 110 Stringer, Tammy Loyd, 111 Stunkard, Terry Lane Taft, Ronald Jay, 111 Taylor, Bruce Wayne, 111 Taylor, Wiley James, 111 Thomas, Larry Paul, 111 Thomas, Tommy, 111, 238 Thomason, Tommy Mark, 111 Tomlinson, Billy Earl, 111, 186 Tribble, James Donald, 111 Tucker, David Alfred, 111 Tucker, Kenneth Britt, 111 Tuley, Martin Marty, 111 Turner, Bobby Dan, 111, 238, 247 Underwood, Michael Edward, 111 Wagoner, James Michael, 111 Waggoner, William Wallace, 111 Walden, Tommy Wayne, 111 Waldron, James Allen, 111, 238 Walker, John Losson, 111, 238 Wallace, Larry Lynn, 112, 238 Weaver, James Rudd, 112 Weller, John Robert, 112 Weaver, Ralph Junior, 112, 238 Werner, Robrt Allen, 112 Wheeler, Edwarrd Leon, 112 Whiteside, Jack Marshal, 112, 238 Wiggs, Walter Guy, 112 Williams, James Roger Williams, James Michael, 112 Williams, John Terry, 112, 238 Williams, Lester Alan, 112 Williams, Ronald David, 112 Williams, Ronnie Arthell, 112, 238, 223 Wilson, Joel David, 112, 176 Wilson, Robert Wayne, 112 Wimpee, Andy Charles, 112, 238, 247 Wolverton, Thomas Eugene, 112 Wood, Jimmy D., 112 Woods, Jerry Ray, 112 Woods, Pat Gear-ld, 112 Wooldridge, Phillip Harry, 112 Wright, Jim Alan, 112 Wright, Randy Jim, 112 Wright, Tommy Blair, 112 Yeager, Ernest Jay, 112 281 Wm W dy im Wk!! 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Gnrlmul High School Band " .Unrc-lx l'rovvssic+ru:aI" .,,.. .., .,.. ,..G:'nmlxm1n lzlmf-:nliun ,,.,, A , . .Gary Thlvis "howl Sz-lx-diovns 'Kwfmisxe To 'I'h1- Lord". .. . ..t'lz1-iftismrxwrx "Kimi Of Om' If'nH1vr". . ..,A ,. .Mzuldy fX:iJ1'wL+ ,.,,.., . ,, ,L.., ..,.,.... Newt C'?sz11'Im L, tiockrell l'1mrn'. First Iiupiimt Vhurch. Gnrizlml !3vr:afrlic1timi.,. . .... Nmnliw Wifzxvtl' Rf-c-cssionsll ..,..,..,.. , .......,... Gzlrlzlnti Uizlx Sc-lu-nl VS:1mT M4101-fanufpxnifxl Mm-czlnfs ....,....,.,.,.... Mrm-issrfy Dlx-wrztfmr uf Nfnsirak . . .,., Pam! Hmwlc Cfmrui Diwuiux . ,..Jfn1xw Jawk-mm JERRY FLOGK Salutatorian 96.93 A -+ I 1 x ' '- ' - '- - 4-nf ., -, . - Y .- -v. -...V . - ,.i, . V 5- 5 ,,.-q...', , -. , . - , . -3. Y .. E 04, EkWfw M,9 OS? :P A W 'B NW W AQ? we W JoQx1wQ62QfgM4ww9 may 5 ww a949e0f',!A4.QmCl' Q Wf,,Qf,, A ' W + WW, W ffwfgiff My X by WWI Nwifw G, M 5 V50 U' Q Sgvnyfp 0' ' D gm ww X g TE Ni' Qf'3T- of' ' 25 X 5 W fy gf, 4 A G E ' AYTW MA V L .V K ..- ,sr 32 m.-..L- f,,.T X im 3 ,SJW WWW 1 5 PAH, . , kj, Wwe Fx fvfjflb' q J WJ I V +0 " 1 A fs 1 f 'O WE MWTEWMM NSE ' Wg NZM WW. Wi fngljwi WM Kwai? M ' wwf dAb ham WMQW WW' yummy 520- 'ZH -'Ci f N TAYLOR PUBLISH NG COMPANY N "The WorId's Bes1 Y YEAKIOOKS AQ duh' W Y , W 5gU M 5' W i W N, x A9 .xx f . Z Q MW W M 1 gkgffggf -. M, ,, X W, ff 1 f-Q... , .i -, N 11 R x N Y X 1 ,S 1 u -J 1 4 sv X ' A 1 5 . M w X Q is M X K ff. S' mvrz A "1-, , QA 4 W, ,Mkz,?,,,A. 1 X s 2 s a 1 Q .4-,51,K.,::.w . W f., kt 'W-I we W 5 X 3 f gay y XA ,, , Qhac, if ay ' ax -nfe',.f1':1.w: wan A New 'Q-Q1 ' A , . V we avvwfv 'H -,,fww+,M,' '- - '- V ' N2 -i ,AQ ,LL .V Ii If , ? . H , .wgg.i: fn R 65,5 f . V , , 15'-'gfwfi Y . ke f :Q ' ' :fi ' X P XG!X..M, wk f-f.:v:r,rm fm. Q .v VQ,,1,, ,, f I96I 'S NEST' LIPPLEMEN THE 1961 OWL'S NEST JUNIOR ASSISTANTS Bill Wisener, Jo Ann Law, Linda Horton, Juanell Baker, Janie Storey, Beverly Burke, Carol Schied, Ricky Dunn, Osby Borchardt, Dick Parsons Alex Andrews, Chuck Simpson, Phil Portillo, Caroline Edwards, Nancy Hutton, Nita McCann, Glenda Richards, Janice Black, Judy Strnad Gayle Stice, Suzanne Barbee, Lynda Grantham, Sara Aschim, Paul Gifford, and Jay Tillinghast. Not pictured are Martha New and Gale Gooch Nlqrcll -- A '1 l'?e?ol5'Q W Jigga 431524455 , an A 3 U D v 75 i, 5 ' Q U ffl 5 if , fl XX 'I a g D' -ff-4? H ---f X XXQR Students parficipafe actively in Open House. Connie McCrum, winner of first place, Senior Girls' Division Jim Tillinghast, Grand Prize winner of local Science Fair. and third place local at the Science Fair. J Sprinfers on their way to Career Day Assembly. Mr. Sewell pleads insanity while Mr. Wynn pleads guilty, as City Manager fakes them on De Molay Day. Some student council members before beginning their trip Anyone wanna buy a donut from the Speech Club? to Odessa for a convention there. A friendly North Texas State student at Journalism Day in Denton Future Senior cheerleader at tryouts. Pensive speech student at our first invitational speech tournament. The Speech Club did wonders with THE WONDER HAT. Sammy Bla Day winner t ke, Carylon Scott, Dee Dee Parks, and Kathy Squire, Pan American Cotton Queen,Judy Peavy, with baseball co-captains. s. Gail seems happy to receive first place in Future Teachers Assembly. New National Forensic League members. Foreign exchange student assembly. First place winners at Cotton Dance girls' debate. WB' A -inf, ,W , fa , 1 Q Q 2 ...: ' Garland's first boy drum maior, Dick Parsons. Eileen gets smeared at the cheerleaders' picnic. This is the Freshman band? S 1 2. 3 L+ 5 6 7 8 110111233 1'-t 15161718 1 zo 21 Z2 23 2+ 25 26 27 za --tn T F S f , -. Jr 1? l Z' RT- l l O O ' gag Swingin' Seniors at Publications Picnic Mr. Johnson presents Gordon with his picture which is to Proud Seniors glance at newly installed fountain. be placed in the hall. Seniors view the first ar- rival of their humor publica- tion, Senior Send-Ott, the arrival of their first invita- tions, and the arrival of their last annuals. Seniors exchange cards. af 1 A good look at the new annual. Seniors sign annuals. Interesting things can be read in the humor pub published by the 'Quill and Scroll Society. MAY The 1961-2 Drum Maiorettes. May gets hot at G.H.S. so-classes outside, anyone? "Where the boys were"-at the Deb picnic! Mrs. Katherine Stephens proudly accepts a copy of the 1961 Owls' The Junior Red Cross busily packs the overseas chest Nesi which is dedicated to her. GLENN WILLEFORD JOYCE CHANDLER LARRY MILLER JERRY BAILEY President of FFAp Junior Ro- Joyce came from Ventura, Cali- Up from Junior class. Biology, Jerry came from Van, Texas tarian. Glenn's picture waS fornia, at mid-term Math, and Chemistry Clubs omitted in the senior section of the Owl's Nest I96I GRADLIATING SENIORS Enrolling at Mid-Term and Some Who Were Omitted in Other Sections Not Shown Linda Reynolds Ronnie Rener Walter Jackson Omitted on Tennis lndividuaI's Page JUDY PUGH-Freshman LEO WHITMAN-Sophomore Rated number one in singles. Rated number two in singles. Played on number one doubles team. JUDY MURPHY Debs, FHA, Commercial Law Forum THE l96I OWL BASEBALL TEAM i FRONT ROW: Ronald Sprowles, Mgr., Glenn Richards, Ty Morris, F. A. Coleman, Mickey Neathery, Ronnie Blackwell, Gary Mitchell. MIDDLE ROW: Ronny Culpeper, Roger Taylor, John Collier, Larry Ethridge, James Rust, Carlton Epperson, Mike Moore, Allen Young. BACK ROW: Jack l Davis, Mgr., Jerry Prater, James Beasley, Bill Roberts, Coach Brown, Bill Jordan, John Nickerson, Skipper Newman. l i The '61 Owl Baseball team, led by Coach Joe Brown, ran hot and cold through the season, com- 1 piling a record of seven wins and eight losses. The Owls lost two out of their first three games to i l Thomas Jefferson, both by heart-breaking one-run margins. After running over Mesquite, ll-O, and losing to Highland Park, 8-3, the Owls pounded out a four game winning streak, high-lighted by Bill Jordan's 13-O no-hitter over Denison. But inconsistent hitting resulted in a slump of four straight losses, three of them district games. After rebounding to defeat Denison, 9-6, the Owl nine finished The season with a 3-O loss to the District Champs, Denton. TRI-CAPTAINS 4 l l l l 1 l l ti i James Beasley, Larry Etheridge, and Ty Morris. a Garland Garland Garland Ga rland Garland Garland JAMES BEASLEY JOHN COLLIER Tri-Ca ptain NON-DISTRICT Garland ........ ...... Thomas Jefferson SCHED ------ 5 Bryan Adams .,.......... 5 Thomas Jefferson Mesquite .................. ------ 7 O McKinney ........... .... 2 Bryan Adams ..... .... 8 Grand Prairie ..... .... 7 GLENN RICHARDS TY MORRIS ULE Garland.. ....... ......... 3 Garlancl Garland ........ ..... Garland .... .... ..... Garland ........ ...... Garland., ....... ...... Garland Garland .................... Tri-Captain DISTRICT Highland Park ..Af... - Denison .................. Sherman .................. Highland Park ........ Denfon .............A...... Sherman ....... ..... Denison .... ..... Demon ...... ..... Ty Morris slides safely home in the Bryan Adams game. The Owls won, 'II-8. RONNY CULPEPPER LARRY ETHRIDGE ROGER TAYLOR F. A. COLEMAN JAMES RUST Tri-Captain JOHN NICKERSON MIKE MOORE CARLTON EPPERSON RONNIE BLACKWELL GARY MITCHELL . John Collier connecis for a single against Bryan Adams. Gary Mitchell, James Rust, and F. A. Coleman welcome I?D Larry Ethriclge home BILL ROBERTS after his home run against Bryan Adams. MICKEY NEATHERY JERRY PRATER BILL JORDAN ALLEN YOUNG THE I96I OWL TRACK TEAM If . A ,......1... FRONT ROW: Eddie Horstman, John Wagner, Mike McKerregham, Don Williams, Johnny Fontenette, Doyle Magee, Kenneth Pugh, Curwm San burn, Gerald Martin, Jerry Gist, John Shipley. BACK ROW: Butch Metcalf, Wayne Davis, Tommy Drum, Bill Hatchel, Jerry Turner, Don Gran berry, Richard Stone, Ronnie Rutherford, Ross Morris, Larry Wheat, Coach Finley. Coach Bill Finley's 1961 track team started the season successfully with a series of wins in practice meets with Richardson. After a disappointing showing at the Southwest Invitational, the Owls finished second behind Highland Park at the District meet in a surprising show of strength Butch Metcalf led the team with two first place finishes, including E District record in the shotput Larry Ethridge placed first in the high lump. Eight boys qualified for the Regional meet, where Met calf broke a school record with a first place heave of 56 feet, 6 inches, in the shotput. John Ship ley won second place in the broad lump at Regional and broke the school record with his leap of 22 feet, ITM: inches. These results earned Metcalf and Shipley a trip to the State meet in where Butch placed fifth, but John scratched on each of his tries. l John Shipley and Butch Metcalf prepare to leave for the State meet in Austin. Austin JOHN WAGNER RICHARD STONE JOHNNY FONTENETTE DON WILLIAMS DOYLE MAGEE -M i 'f V: 1 'Tw ,zu ' .1 P S ' E, fzggsfg: s. ' . . .V -H: Ht iw. f'19.13f: 7-2. J I ' 1f3g,M,x'2",.,. -Swv., ' R --'-'Hz-Pfff. ' L . f- "4ff7'5::,:.., " . , - .f:,:m?..??T. - my - ,g , K Q Q mm x H 2312? S N1- ffm? L , O'-..,,. QL. A.5.1.f,7fq...K, M , . V9 '::. ski' , V. ,'1N2f,fe:f-,R A .,?,Ai..u. if fy. Why P32335 . ,.,,. V , - L . ,I Q. A - . 2 -K+ - an - ,gqfi ,. , ,-.wi 'T 'O '-.' ' 'zz- : 1.-2 .'5Y?s 'f . . ..., z W. . - A ,,,.-Q: R X ,way-N 1,,,.'1F35 -, - , . - -,5.4fgg,:.fjMfi JK -. .ff -, ii i f, A AQ . air 5: zig'f5f-Usws?Q1Sj??'?fx4Qz3W:Hif2sif"Qs .N QQQTW- .ffsw - w ..?M? 71 gfis j fx fy fe., -.A 1 I gf ' ., . , X , , 4.,: :.qTf3.i,.gg .S w im.,V3g54,Vk. 6 M . kfg.,??. if f' A N R 1 Q wh -J'-1' "N, 1. fm 14,41 , V k y. 1. , 1. I ,i M.,q..h, ,,., ,. - v iw" N441 W fr Z MW. . W. ,. ...Z E M Sv v-Y' 1 Qgwieglffvx X fr fr ,, "'f:,.,f.-f KR, 'A -HV A. 952,94 Y., wifw M, 5' , W Q4 . - ff 4 as JK X ar E Q . Kia xx ' ,1 4 N . Lf E 5 1 l'3i,sg33.355 ,, J .nh "H I1 0. hh' A75 " J' - . -1 ' wr- A -.wi R' XS Y 1: W wi J" Ldrry Ethriclge clears the bar at the Regional meet. Ei,'EM5'f'fi5QL IEW, aww ...W . . I H41 ' ff '4lf?fL??G5325-YQ9'irw36?lfsiflbififiziliff V312 S122 - f 2 fri 552,1821P?355fg?lf0?5isiZ+2f1V:i,ff5'9?ig?iSa -1, f- H1 35552 wwf , im ,'f221iF.z-Qztni'kip Effa -iififpzifiiww 1 ki kM53?5,5?g?fe2f2i':1:A-i'f'f?fQ22?.f 1 T , Agn- ' '.:. ii. . - fifsgg2g,f'i1:?194s?1rsY!3?gxe?s5S53l ag-Q -- .-,:s:.f5.f,.fz.eww ,. zsfif- M,MQg1?sXs:ffkiilzffgezgsfggf fi- 4 -iffi1f2l:'.l"' ' ' ' : f'siis?gsYf5fWf,gviffgis-fiwesi ' "s , sh, iiff.. . -1, .. 4 2 s1':..- . - 's'-311, - Lf. -.2f,f.w S , - wigs , ,gy up ffl. wif M M.W, -ff? f'f5lgfU.Sf f figjgf Qfz' Y jarj 53535 f 1- fi' ff Q gk Q A 7. .4 1..g4ns..NLawf:iQf.fgmfs ROSS MORRIS GERALD MARTIN DON GRANBERRY JOHN SHIP'-EY RONNIE RUTHERFORD JERRY GIST EDDIE HORSTMAN WAYNE DAVIS Wayne Davis finishes second in ihe low hurdles at District. ii .,,-kh 495 an E BUTCH METCALF 'ii ' . V V f 14Hff1e:4q:a-'mai ,f 'si in N, V 'i" . i eww-Q: - -Jr, ,. 141 -xfffQr'1 ' ' . f i2ig5uuPfg" ,gf l M ,. 3 f w, f :J N ,,,..,., , A , L, I, i 'Y -f. Wm my -- J2gei1fff"," If, Nw-"'-"'gif3' if A . 'imp "' "iii .M-,gf f as-'Wig ttf iff A '1 E' . Qfqiww' ' ,.,, - ' - " ' Y T I A 'ML ? in' " - ' if" mr: MIKE MCKERREGHAM CURWIN SANBURN LARRY WHEAT KENNETH PUGH THE l96l OWL GOLF TEAM FRONT ROW: Philip Barbee, Tom Poole, David Clopton, Jay Yeager, L. D. Clopton, Ronnie Blassingame, Bill Thomas. BACK ROW: Coach Billy Stewart, Bill Poole, Gary Tropp, Jake Mosser, Danny Haubrich, Charles Floyd, Gene Tropp. Coach Billy Stewart and the Owl golf team completed the most successful season in the team's history. The Owl golfers won five out of six matches. ln District play the Owls finished only two strokes behind the winning Denton team, playing with a home-course advantage. At the Regional meet the Owls nudged out favored Kimball High of Dallas to finish in second place behind Paschal of Forth Worth. The Denton golfers came in five strokes behind Garland on the neutral course. This year nineteen boys tried out for the golf team. There was strong competition between the first and second units, which was a maior reason for the team's success. y REGIONAL RUNNERS-UP Gary Tropp, Jake Mosser, David Clopton, and L. D. Clopton. THE I96I GARLA D B-TEAM The B-Team completed the season with a fine record of three l wins and three defeats. Coach Owens' Owls provided many good i prospects for next year's "A" team. i t' I 1 FRONT ROW: Freddie Fox, Carl Wilkerson, Larry Richards, Jimmy Epperson, Bobby Hawley Jerry New Jerry Lamm Alan Thornton BACK J ROW: Coach Owens, Richard Guthrie, Johnny Daniel, Larry Wolfe, Terry Smfih, J. C. Kemp Alan Adams Ronnie Rogers Garland--s. ..., ., .... 13 Thomas Jefferson Garland ....... ..... l 3 Bryan Adams ...,. Garland Woodrow Wilson Garland Garland Garland Bryan Adams .,.., Bryan Adams ..... Woodrow Wilson THE l96I FRESHMA TRACK TEAM Coach John BuTler's Freshman Track Team had a successful season. The OwleTs won The Junior High Track meeT, finishing ahead of Highland Park, Richardson, and The resT of The eleven-school field. Gary Bridges was voTed The ouTsTanding aThleTe of The meeT. AT The DisTricT meet, however, The resulTs were very disappoinfing, as The Team finished in lasT place. FRONT ROW: Joe Pickle, Mgr., Charles Portwood, Ronnie Baker, Terry Williams, Tommy Thomas, Terry Hagin, Ronnie Williams, Charles Smith, Bob Chambless, Mgr. BACK ROW: Coach Butler, Danny Sims, King Cole, Weldon Mullens, Gordon Block, Gary Bridges, Ralph Weaver, Ronnie Harper, Mike Boyd. IOR DAY . . . FUN! Vsmmmmsg , , ,gf ,, , THE l96I SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS "PROBLEM FATHER" On May 3 and 4 the 1961 Senior Class presented the play, "Problem Father," under the direction ot Miss Katherine Stephens who was assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns. The play was again pre- sented in a theatre-in the round style-in the boys' gym. Ah! the perfect position for relaxing. Elena, Ronnie, Jim, and Ruth listen to Miss Stephens' suggestions. Jerry Bob thoroughly frightens Judy Peavy's friends, Donna Butts and Jerebeth Axe. The Ladies' Club meeting shortly before its sudden "adiournment." Judy and Ronnie discuss their problem father. "Don't get excited, iust sit down and relax," says Jerry Bob to Elena Shonda Ca'-Idle, Pf0mP'fef, l1GS a visit from member of the CEST, while Ronnie and Larry look on. Barbara Qvillan- in in Judy Faris and Peggy Jones apply make-up to Mary Sturdevant. The above students received club awards: Gary Richards-N.H.S., Elena Wharton-Junior Cham- ber of Commerce, Ty Morris-Beta Club, and Gordon Dodson-Lions Club. ARDS W H. Gale Gooch and Martha New are shown above with their UIL State speech trophy. Also shown is Mrs. Lavona Rowett, G.H.S. speech teacher. Gary Engleman, recipient of the Owl's E e and Garl d The 'future teachers receiving scholarships from the P.T.A. and teacher organiza- Y an tions are Betty Gray, Nancy Gardner, Sandra Williams, and Leola Ramsey. News' scholarships, is shown with Mr. Hilton Hagen, editor of the News, and the owner and publisher, Mr. Phil McMullen. These boys, Lee Roland, Jerry Hamilton, and Clem Coyle, are shown above with the trophy they won at the State Dairy Judging Contest in Austin. Music awards were received by Elizabeth Parks, Carolyn Morgan, Ronald Taylor, Doyle Stoner, Ty Morris, Wade Bennett, Billie Medaris, Elena Wharton, Maxine Nash, and Janice Echols. Ty Morris received the Orian Award. DAY DA R Awards went to Andy Jackson for citizenship and Brenda Dickerson for homemaking. Lil Ridout received the Carnegie Medal for heroism. Lil saved a boy from drowning though she could not swim. Engmeeflng Scholarships Wefe awarded 70 GGVY DaV'5 Carlfon Paul Gifford Bill Wusener, Ricky Dunn and Paula Partridge received EPPEVSOY1 and -lim Tllllnghasf- scholarships to attend Publications Workshop at A 81M 5,12 K, gf , ,,k T ,.gQLifz?f!l!!,i 1277 Q ,J J. ff Q..fa Ulla gundam cfaaa of gazfarld Scgoof rlrwibsa you lo Alia gunL0'L- 5m :oz Duzrzzl-Z arzcz dfonav inc, tg: .glzniou .ciahzufay suzrzirzg, dusty lwzrzfizfff nirzatzzn ffiuzvlnzcl avzcf Aixfy-on: at :wsvsn-tgizfy okfoals gland ,earrwm cggazafarz affotef gan-,sank Un uibafio fagfum gumzr 341551 .IU IOR-SENIOR The annual Junior-Senior Prom was dedicated to the graduating class of '61. The theme, Golden Dreams, proved to be quite success- ful as the prom did fulfill the every dream and expectation of 550 peo- ple. This evening at the Sheraton Hotel will long be remembered by all who attended-truly a golden dream come true. PROM FAITH EASTON Valedictorian 97.34 91052 'LQH2 THE I96I Processional-"March Prccessionall' .,..,.,.. .,.. , .....,...... Grundman Garland High School Band ' T' I Gor4iQgiE,,Dor3sqzl,:11z ' 1hvocaticnQ.L..,.... .... ,..L1w:Z.,..... U "Blueprints" .........., ,. ......,............ ,. T'Count Down To Thg Futurelfwi.-, Prescniznirxn of Diplomas, .....,,,. ..,. erry Flock ., ,..A ,,.. ,... ,... F gilh Egstqxg , nr. Coy Pidlile V Mr. Wallace Ethridge Mr, R. K. Gardner - Alma Mater ..,...A.,...,..,....,. , .,.....,..,.........,.....v,., J ..,.......,,. .Senior Class' Directed by Barbara Bcnediction, ,,.......,...,,,. ...A,..., . ...,... , .7 ,,..A,,.., .,.. A ...., ,Gary Cole Recessionnl-"Cemmnniul Ma1'cll",., .... , , , ...,k......, , .,.,.... .llldorrissey Garland High School Rand - Band Dircctor - Paul Bnurek CLASS opwrcmes President ........... Vice President .,....... Secretary ..,l..,.... Treasurer ..vv,..l., Sponsor ...... Co-Spons0r...l.., , ...,..... John Virden , l.,,. .Richard Pickleffk Y. , Clyde Stevensonlf Drapenkg: ..l.Mr. John lllffllladskey K In .,.,..Mr. Horace N. Harris A .u mu 55-r .f Vi: M'I's'," f -'fTf'Q I ,k 1 ...r . j I r 9 f !,., J V , ,,.+,,.,w-X: 'f ' W-.H 1 ' 2 1. gf: f f .Q 115a1+h's3 'ma fz1 f- v g .4 I -,,,. ? z....- ,,lE," " " Kkjjx, "JY ,,,- W . - -' , X - . '17-7" - 4'-T' ' -rf yv"""'-5" QQ ' L ' 'a' . 4 YG ,,,, V . ,'. 7'3W?55'5ZW'u -I 4, 1 'Q ' x x 4 'Q

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