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Table of Contents Student Life .... ....................................... 6 Organizations .. 42 Academics ..... . 100 sports .... ...... 1 50 Seniors ............ ...... 1 74 Underclassmen ..... ...... 2 16 Supporters ...... ...... 2 64 SMP5 AND CUTS 'I985 Vol. 76 Eciiior: Lindo B. ouberfson Business Ivionogerz Vwiiom A. Horfle y Advisor: J l?. Johnson GARWGER HIGH SCHOOL 'i'iOO Eosiwoy Drive Cnorioiie, Norin Corolino 28205 And the Tradition Continues arlnger, an outgrowth of old Central High, began its 26th year of existence with The 49841-85 school year. The Class of '8A had The honor of being The 25th graduating class To proudly wear royal blue caps and gowns, blue and gray Tassels, and Garinger class rings. The Class of '85 represents a new beginning and an example for all The classes To follow. Named for Dr. Elmer H. Garinger, who was a well-known educator and principal of Central High for 24 years, Garinger remains one of The most centrally located high schools in Charlotte. The tOo0's Type architecture and i'sideways" diamonds on Top of The buildings are unique. But, more Than The building itself, Garinger has made a name for itself because of its people. Individual accomplishments, sports, and academic excellence have been great Through The years. The 4600 students attending Gar- inger This year are all a part of tradition. The memories, hopes, triumphs, and defeats you experience during high school will last a lifetime. MMT y Fight for lt. Estee Bullock, Michael Bullock, Reggie Kirkpatrick, and Rodney Edmonds play basket- ball To pass the time away during their lunch period. ll 1 H ' 9 me fr. 'Q 2 fOpenlng Tribute to lnlured athletes. The National Anthem is sung by Kourtney Barnard. Varsity football players Johnny McKellar, Antonio Campbell, and Ralph McKissick proudly stand beside her. Executive Spirit. Executive Committee President Todd Plerceail displays his wonderful Wildcat spirit during the Page game at Memorial stadium. A swing to the left. The varsity cheerleaders, with Sharon Lindsay, Jennifer Phipps, and Allison Delaney in the foreground, execute a perfect dance routine during the Homecoing pep rally. i 5 i if Q, li l A What are open windows for? Marcus Hoover demonstrates the proper use of a window during an unexpected warm fall day. Colorful fashion. Sandi Stonebraker, Missy Harvey, OD9Vii"iQf3 and Darlene Hutchins enjoy the Homecoming pep rally dressed in their brightest fashions. 4fOpenung Foreign Language Week activities. Sheila Clark hangs her pinata that she made for her Spanish project during Foreign Lan- guage week in Marchy Teacher- student friendship. Math Teacher and advisor of the Honor Society Mary Katzel and voiedictorian Suresh DeSilva discuss important matters ot an Honor Society meetingy A true Wildcat tradltlon. Students proudly raise their pointed fingers at the end of a pep ralIy.4 No, that's not snow. Confetti flies every- where as Jamie Snyder Qleftj adjusts o buiihorn during a Friday night varsity footbail game, vis. if i 5 1 ,tbr . 4 nf J I s J Q ' is ss is 'o 4Changlng classes among the masses. Crowds head toward the 200 and AOO buildings on a warm fall day. fBelow lefty David Parker shows his interest in computers. I fl, Q U .rif. 0 0 0 0 yi 0 rf v , '- 7 Ki , r , f i I 9 I v , Q 4 . . ASpIrlt ls flying high! The message Good Luck WiIdcats" tied to blue and white balloons fly away during a pep rally, 4Proud and mighty. Varsity football player Milton Frazier takes a break from the action to rest on the sidelines. Openlngf5 STUDENT LIFE X X ey, what are y'all doin' Friday night?" This was a question that could be heard Toward The end of a school week. StudenTs' lives didn'T revolve around school and homework. Friday night games, jobs, and social occasions helped break The monotony of The school week. Numerous special activities aT school included the 25th Homecoming celebra- tion and many games. Wildcats were never shy when iT came to showing Their spirit! Academic excellence received much attention. Award winners and Junior Marshals are included in Student Life. Accomplishments as well as activities deserved coverage. AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES . . . Here We Go Again he days of sleeping until noon, watching soap operas, lying around the pool catching some rays, and staying out half the night, all very important parts of anyone's summer schedule, ended on Sep- tember Ath, while no- tebooks, teachers, getting up at some inhumane hour of the morning, and homework became the new routine of the day. For Juniors and Seniors, the first day of school is a time for looking for faces they have not seen since June. Most people quickly ren- ewed friendships and even made some new ones in the process. Junior Shelia Clark said, 'll spent the whole day talking with all of the people l had not seen since the end of school last year." Meanwhile sophomores were looking for a friendly face to help them locate a class they were already late for. "Garinger is so much bigger than Eastway was: I don't think I will ever learn my way around this school," said Kim Lee, a sophomore. Harder classes, new peo- ple, and a much larger campus had to be gotten used to before the new students could settle down into their new routine. The Executive Committee did several things this year to help these poor souls get accustomed to their new school. Big brothers and big sisters, posters introducing new students to the many activities at Garinger, and the posters identifying each classroom were just a few of the numerous things done to help the new students. The sophomores were not the only new faces at Garinger. Eleven teachers, one secretary, one guid- ance counselor, and one extended day teacher were all added to the school staff. Betsy Smith, the new Gener- al Math ll and Analysis teacher, complained, "I am a teacher, and I feel just as hopeless as some of the new students." All in all the first day of school was not that bad and it kicked off what is hoped to be the best school year in Garinger history. Melissa Brazzell Julie Higgins and Mmm Day of School Jeanne Pegram compare' the teachers they have this year. Pete Economos and Steven Mlchalek discuss the new attendance policy adopted this year by the school system. WWW 421.2 David Puckett and Stephanie Brooks have a friendly chat about the upcoming football game. Senior wlldcals Jomle Warner, Pom Bulls, Jennifer Porter, Slephanle Brooks, and Angle Hughes gossip about The lmporlanl happenings of The summer. l 3 Bill Campbell, a sophomore, Tries To get o schedule change in The hecfic 1 ,. "fs- I 'x, , ,, wi., mess of The main office on The firsf day of school. While his homeroom Teacher allempls To explain some of The new rules, Andy Smilhey daydreams abouf summer fun. First Day Of Schoolfl? A DCly in The Life of Cl WiIdCClT For mosT of The sTudenT body, each day began wiTh The rise of The sun and a franTic rush To beaT The 7:20 a.m. Tardy bell. WheTher a Time To caTch a few exTrd winks or To enhance your educaTion, firsT period was ofTen an indicafion of whaT was To come. WiTh only four minuTes beTween classes, as opposed To The five minuTes of years' pasT, and only a Ten minuTe home- room, socializing decreased while Tardies increased. Junior Gene Davis sTaTed, "I usually made iT To all my classes on Time wlTh The excepTion of one. Four minuTes was jusT noT enough Time To walk across campus." STudying, compleTing The Term paper ThaT was due The nexT day, aTTending meeTings, and socializing were only a few of The Things To do during lunch. SomeTimes you even geT To eaTl Senior Angie Cawa exclaimed, "In The years pasT, senior privilege was being able To go off campus aT lunch. This year, even wlTh a pass, iT is somewhaT of a 'bummer' because one doesn'T have The Time To caTch up on gossip and IasT minuTe parTy plans beTween classes." A friendly "Hello", an inTer- esTed "How are you do- ing?" or a warm smile, were a few of The many Things heard in The halls during The day. IT seemed one Thing never changed and ThaT was The friendliness of our sTudenTs. Of course sTudying played a big parT Too. ThaT was whaT we were here for. BuT The sTudenTs had always managed To add a special Touch To everyday life by making posTers, decoraTing The lounges, or honoring The special achievemenfs of a sTudenT or Teacher. Kim Blanchfield, a senior, was heard To say, "Everyone was so friendly and close ThaT I knew if I ever felT down, a loT of people cared and would Try To cheer me up." IT is safe To say ThaT unlike mosT schools, everyone cared abouT each oTher and ThaT in iTself will remain one of The mosT cherished memories of our high school years. Juniors Kelly Hill, Richard Jennings, and Lee Simmons discuss plans for college during College Day. pw if S mfs wwf ,. W.. jiw . av.. 0 -.ff . W, , J, ., .:- f Seniors STephanie Brooks, David IOXCOYTIDUS Life PuckeTT, and Doug Hanline Take Time ouT To geT accusTomed To being back aT school. Juanila Covinglon, Failh Wal- KOVKY M000 d9QiCl9Sl TO TVY lace, ana Darlene Wilson, SOm9ThiV1Q NSW his SGVWIOV YSOV calch up on The lalesl news - - - STUUY- oelween classes. is ' These sophomores kill time wailing for lunch To encl. Allison Delaney: Talking as Campus Lifefll usual. x'Typical" mmm. WhaT an inTeresTing person you say. You mighT Think he is The school brain wiTh all Those books. AfTer all, how many people ThaT make A's carry much less Than ThaT? ThaT looks really sfudious. BuT he's noT. His pencil lacks a lead poinT necessary for making Those A's. And The TrusTy calculaTor'? The lasT Time iT was used he make a hundred on his Algebra ll TesT and ThaT was because he 'idouble-checked" his answers. The school jock you say? He could fiT The descripfion wiTh The T-shirT and Converse Tennis shoes. And look aT Those musclesl lf everyone sprinTed To The door aT The sound of The bell every class period like he does, The word faT would be abolished from The English language. He runs so many errands a day he can'T even keep his shoes Tiedl ThaT obviously keeps him in shape. BuT he's lacking a numbered jersey, a Nike duffel bag, and somehow he's carrying Too many books To look aThleTic. ForgeT The school jock idea. lvlr. School SpiriT'? lT's possible. The Garinger painTer's cap, The WildcaT shirT, and an array of pins. The one on The kneecap, ThaT's original. You should see him aT The gamesl Tacky Takes on a new meaning when This guy shows up. lT's like he never knew colors besides blue and gray exisTed. His face isn'T blue because iT's sad. lT's because of his school spiriT so we can'T really rule ThaT one ouT. BuT whaT abouT all These oTher-TraiTs? Who is This guy? Well, wheTher you know iT or noT, you could probably be lisTed wiThin his ranks. He's none oTher Than The Typical sTudenT. There are oTher imporTanT TraiTs of his makeup also. Take The porTable headseT. lT's a necessary parT of his day, puTTing him To sleep during classes noT needed To pass for graduaTion. Along wiTh ThaT you'll find darkly TinTed shades To keep The flourescenT lighT ouT of his eyes and comforTable cloThing. Whose pajamas could be any more comforTable Than This? When waTching his Timex, his eyes Take more of a licking Than The waTch ever would because They sTay glued To iT for abouT The lasT 45 minuTes of class. He jusT can'T waiT To sprinTl LasT buT hardly leasT, ThaT ever imporTanT seT of car keys. He siays prepared To igniTe The car in case of emergencies such as second period hunger pangs or The NCAA championship playoffs. The Typical sTudenT is noT hard To spoT. BuT each is definiTely an original. 42fCampus Life STudenT Thanks To Todd Webber es, that's rightl She told you it was due todayl And with a pointed finger she's going to tell you so. The typical teacher isn't going to pass you either. YOU are going to pass yourself. She's just going to make it easier or harder for you. A stack of books and graded papers smother her desk daily and she is the only human being alive able to make heads or tails of it. Sometimes even she is unable to do so. Nevertheless she is well prepared and organized whether it looks like it or not. Pencils are kept handy at all times and with the mess on that desk, how could she have left a thing at home? Chalk stains are prominent on her clothing but that is the least of her worries. In her cheery attire she greets you with a twinkling eye ready to get under way with her teachings. She may be at her wits end but oh, is she ever so good at hiding it. That is if you're not in her seventh period class. If she's going to get it out of her system, that seems to be her favorite time of day and only the lucky have an early release schedule. Her fangs and horns grow every period and by the end of the day she appears not quite as organized. Don't be fooled! She's already planned tomorrow's assignmentsl The only thing you might guess that would top her off as totally and absolutely typical appears to be missing. But again - don't be fooledl A shiny red apple brought in daily by the class pet just might be somewhere beneath that mass of intellectual rubbish. Campus Lifef13 A Blue and Gray Celebraiion xpecTaTion, pride, and colorful exciTemenT floafed Throughouf The halls of Garinger during The 25Th Homecoming celebraTion. From OcTober 45-49, The daily 40 minuTes of homeroom were devoTed To The sale of spiriT chains, and balloons To be released aT The game. Also sold by The STudenT Council were chocoIaTe kisses for The senior fooTball players as well as raffle TickeTs for The game ball. The Team received encour- agemenf in The form of cup- cakes and candy from various clubs. G.G.S. carried on The TradiTion of selling Homecoming corsages. Finally iT was Friday, The climax of The week. A parade of club floaTs preceeded The pep rally Third period. Themes such as G-.G.S. "EaglebusTers" made The parade worTh waTching. The French Club Took firsT place in The floaT conTesT, Their Theme was "RoasTing The Eagles". The KeyeTTes' "KenTucky Fried Ea- gles" flooT was awarded second place, and The Senior Class received Third place wiTh a 25Th anniversary "BirThday Cake" floaT. Friday was pronounced "Mourning Day". Who was being mourned? The Eagles were The subjecT of sympaThy ThaT day. The sure defeaT of Easf lvleck. prompTed The WildcaTs To wear black aTTire and armbands, and a mock funeral was held aT The pep rally. Principal Don Rodgers, decked ouT in black from head To Toe including sunglasses, led The Homecoming courT hopefuls in placing The finishing Touch of flowers on The coffin. The Homecoming CourT candidafes were inTroduced To a loudly cheering crowd as The pep rally began. Then "Rever- end" Todd Pierceall, in a dark blue gown, preached, "Dearly 14fHomecoming beloved, we are gaThered here Today To geT Through This Thing called life . . He conTinued To solemnly mouTh The words of The monologue aT The beginning of Prince's smash hiT single "LeT's Go Crazy". The crowd was delighTed and became even louder. Then, for The firsT Time in Garinger's hisTory, The VarsiTy cheerleaders and The LeTTergirls performed Togefher, picking up where Todd lefT off. AfTer This combined rouTine, They led The crowd in cheer afTer cheer. The noise and enThusiasm increased as The VarsiTy FooTball Team was inTroduced. One by one The players sTruTTecl con- fidenTly onTo The field. Their confidence would lead Them on To a vicTory ThaT nighT. Homecoming week was a greaT success, and Friday nighT would prove To be a WildcoT Triumph, also. Unlfy leads To vlclory. For The firsT Time in hisfory, our LeTTergirls and Varisfy cheerleaders build a pyramid TogeTher during one of The high poinfs of The Homecoming pep rally. Keeping the splrlf alive. Senior Bert Giles prepares a sign for The Key Club flooT. Splrlf ls blinding. Chris Hopkins waTches Mr. Rodgers, who is sporTing unusual affire, enjoy The pep rally. Carrylng on a tradltlon. Sharon Mobley and Randy Little carry the wildcat banner that leads the parade. 4Funeral processlon. Ms. Mellen, Mrs. Carpenter, and Mrs. Broadwell carry the casket for the "dead eagle" for everyone to vlew. 4"Kentucky Frled Eagles". The Keyettes celebrate whlle rldlng atop their creatlve float, whlch won 2nd ploce among all the floats partlclpat- ing in the parade. Shout It outl Chrls Long yells through a bullhorn while Glenn Satterfield watches the Homecomlng proceed- ings. Homecoming 1 4 5 Going for lt. Coach Steve Shaugh- nessy discusses strategy wlth team members on the sideline bench. The strategy worked, and the Wildcats won 35-7.v A Night to Remember riday night was glorious. Unlike previous Homecom- ings, the sky was clear and the weather was perfect. Wildcat fans packed the stands to 'istanding room only". Unless you arrived early, it was virtually impossible to find a seat. Tradi- tion prevailed once again, as numerous former graduates re- turned to their alma mater for the game. Former Varsity Cheerleaders and Lettergirls eagerly performed routines with the present squad members. East Mecklenburg scored the first touchdown, but the Wildcats couldn't be held back. 46 f Homecoming Ralph lvlcKissick scored two touchdowns, and Garinger led 14-7 at half-time. During the second half, Antonio Campbell and Allen Tillman each scored a touchdown to clinch the game. That night was also an enchanting evening for Angie Smith, who was crowned 4984 Homecoming Queen. She was escorted by Harvey Finley and her court consisted of Allison Delaney, escorted by Eric Living- ston, and Liesl Battle, escorted by her father, Mr. Jack Battle. These girls had a moment of special glory that will provide memories for a lifetime. A Royal Night. Homecoming Queen Angle Smith and escort Harvey Finley smile for the camera. l Say "cheese"l Wild and crazy Varsity Cheerleaders "Ham it up" for the camera. The Smlle Says ll All. Angie Smith is proud fo be crowned Homecoming Queens There's No Stopping Usl Garinger's offensive line prepares To score from The 10-yard line.v Elegant. Llesl Baffle and her fafher, Malesflc Procession. Allison Delaney, Jack Baffle, proudly sfroll befween the accompanied by escorf Eric Living- JROTC drlll Team. sion, make Their way between The drill Team To be presented To The affen- five fans. Homecomlngf17 Practice: The Road to Success Practice is an essential part of every activity. Without it the goal of being the best could not be achieved. During football season there was at least ten hours of practice put into every two hour game. If you are interested in playing sports, cheering, band, or chorus, you should be prepared to take "time- out" for practice. Varsity football players stretch to relax their muscles before a long afternoon of practicep The Garlnger Townsingers prepare for another perfect performance.. Anthony Colyer practices his "jump shot" for the varsity basketball team. 18fPractlce B!! .-.- vf, , us Jeff Matthews Ioosehs up his neck before a wrestling match.A Scott Russ practices his expert throw.4 -gkx , ,.i, V QL The ROTC drill team work on a routine! The soccer team does high kicks as a warm-up.4 Practlcef 19 Following The Leader Closets and drawers overflowing with clothes never to be worn again - does that sound familiar? Fashions come in an go out, but the remnants lay buried around for years later. This year's left-overs will be some of the more colorful and different of recent years. Topping off the list was the popular forenza sweaters. You could always see one at school, whether it be in a soft pastel or a bright day-glow color. Florescent colors were another item that was popular. Neon earrings, pants, shirts, belts and even shoes were seen on male and female alike. For girls, lace and crinkled cotton was worn for the "in" look. For guys, hi-top converse tennls shoes and wildly-patterned bermudas made up their look. Designer labels faded out. Bulky and comfortable clothes took over the fashion scene. Casual was definitely rn. Just to rattle off a few of the trends: two-tone jeans . . . rat tails . . . spirit . . . Reeboks . . . MTV . . . anti-war songs . . . surfing "Madonna" look neon Gumby tank tops Prince the bob lots of earrings breakdancing the wave Trivial Pursuit . . . lace . . . printed bermudas . . . the Time body talk twist-a-beads leather . . . Mickey Mouse . , . big pocketbooks Hobie Bruce Springsteen. Swatch watches. in interesting colors and even with smells, are a fastly- growing Item. g 20fFads and Fashions Reebok tennis shoes are a popular shoe popping up In many styles and colors for guys and gals. Twist-a-beads add an extra touch to the neckline. O f ?x4r4 i K 4,5 is l Madie Bradley demonstrates an example of The ever-lasfing casual look. An oxford and old levi's provide born pracricallry and comfort. fr V, is ' 1 Q r s U P l 5 Myra Kiker, Kem Miller, Kay Rogers. Tammy Salisbury, and Lou-Ann Whitt sporr some of ine more "Trenclier" fashions. 'S W Joe Davis and Tommy Havelos arrend a foolball game in their wildly-printed snorrs. Angie Srofford shows a popular ourflr at school. A baggy sweater. Two-'fone jeans, and nl-Tops make up a fashionable ensemble. W. 2 ? 5 . Q Mickey Mouse is back in many forms, such as The earrings seen here. Pads and Fashionsf24 AWARD WINNERS: A Class of DisTincTion Excellence in characTer, ciTizenship and academics are some of The qualificaTions of award winners. Their hard work has broughT Them To Their uTmosT expecTaTions and has sTrengThened Their self-confidence. To Them, The award lTself does noT creaTe honor, buT The saTisfacTion of achieving iT does. LasT year Deywon AranT compeTed againsT FBLA sTudenTs from all over NorTh Carolina for The posiTion of FBLA STaTe SecreTary. She had To Take a wriTTen TesT and have a personal inTerview wiTh a panel of eighT judges. She Then had To seT up a campaign booTh and speak before approximaTely 2000 people. The following day The deIegaTes voTed and chose Deywon as STaTe SecreTary. Deywon also compeTed in The ExecuTive Women's lnTernaTional Scholarship Program. She placed second aT The disTricT level and received a Two-hundred dollar cash award. Cedric AnThony and AlmeTa Kilgo were chosen To be finalisTs for The NaTional AchievemenT Scholarship. The Scholarship Program exisTs for The promoTion of increasing The college opporTuniTies of promising young black sTudenTs. They were chosen To be semi-finalisTs from over 73,000 high school juniors who Took The PSAUNMSQT in 4983. They Then moved up To The finals and were considered for college-sponsored four-year scholarships. is 1 22fAwcrd Winners nn-""' John Claffee cornpeTed againsT Two sTudenTs for The posiTion of FBLA DisTricT 6 Vice-presidenT. LasT lvlay, he organized a campaign and proved To be vicTorious. As vice-presidenT, he had To organize The fall leadership conference of DisTricT 6 and oTher FBLA connpeTiTive evenTs. ln 49841 The Junior Class voTed Angela SmiTh To be The recipienT of The DAR award, DaughTers of The Arnerican l?evoluTion. This award signifies a sTudenT ThaT has expressed The aualiTies of good ciTizenship, leadership and paTrioTism. Angela aTTended a luncheon, sponsored oy The BaTTle of CharIoTTe ChapTer, in February in order To rneeT oTher DAR represenTaTives from across The counTry. Terri Blackman was a finalisT in Appala- chian's Chancellor Scholarship cornpeTiTion. Over 120 conTesTanTs applied for This presTigious award, buT only forTy finalisTs were chosen. This scholarship will pay Two-Thousand dollars, renewable for four years, Towards her college educaTion. Terri had To cornpeTe in Three areas: applicaTion, wriTTen essay, and personal inTerview. l-ler academic averages and her school and cornrnuniTy acTiviTies also conTribuTed To her accepTance for This award. I 3 Award Winnersf23 Brian Prince was awarded wiTh The Carolina Book Award. This award was presenTed To The sTudenT who was The mosT ouTsTanding in social sciences and maTh. The book conTains a picTorial hisTory of The UniversiTy of NorTh Carolina aT Chapel Hill. Above l?ighT: John Claffee was a nominee for The Bob Allen Scholarship. Each school chose one represenTaTive who was To be judged on academics and communiTy acTiviTies. The scholarship is funded To pay all necessary college fees. 2AfAward Winners by i s S b 5 LasT May, ThusiTh DeSilva was awarded wiTh The Sewanee Book Award. IT was given by The UniversiTy of The SouTh in Tennessee for ouTsTanding achieyemenTs ln academics and ciTizenship. :XE f 59" Suresh DeSiIvo wos oworded wiTh The i-iorvord Book oword in Moy, of 4984, on Honors ond Awords doy, This oword honored him for hoving d high ocodemic record ond for exeriing himself in ochievemenTs in oTher oreos. The book iTseIf conToins some of The coiiege's fomous sTudenTs. Top: Luonne Terry, Tim Poyne, Cedric AnThony, ond Brion Prince were chosen To be Nominees for The John iVioTIey ivioreheod Aword, o four-yeor schoiorship To UNC. AoouT 4500 semi-finoiisTs were judged on Their ochievemenTs ond poTenTioI for fuTure success. They comoeTed for more Thon 650 ochievemenT schoiorships vdlued oT more Thon Two million doilors. The Ivioreheod oword is one of The mosT presTigious schoiorships in NorTh Corolino. Above RighT: ThusiTh DeSiIvo won firsT pioce in The NorTh Coroiino SToTe CompeTiTion for CompuTer Progromming ond Design. He comoeTed wiTh forTy oTher progrommers who were judged on Time, occurocy of onswers ond documenToTion. Aword Winnersf25 SuTTon Named Miss Blue and Gray he 4984 Miss Blue and Gray Pageanf was held on March 20. The TradiTional pageanT's conTesTanTs prepared for The imporTanT nighT by rehearsing Their TalenT porTions of The pageanf for many hours. Meefing all The oTher conTesTanTs was anofher major parT of The preparaTion, new friends were made. WBTV's Moira Quinn, co-hosT of "PM Magazine" was The judge. She, along wiTh The aTTenTive audience, saw The various porTions of The pageanT - personal inferviews and TalenT. The TalenT porTion consisTed of performances ranging from dancing To singing and playing The piano. AfTer The compeTiTion ended, RiTa SuTTon, Then a sophomore, was named Miss Blue and Gray 49811. She commenTed, "l was shocked because l was up againsT a loT of Talenfed young ladies." Sharon Mills, Then a junior, was named Miss CongenialiTy. Affer a rewarding nighT, Rifa SuTTon comes home wiTh The crowns AX Lewis RepresenTs Garinger n Thanksgiving Day, 49841, The TradiTional Carrousel Parade Took place in downTown CharloTTe. The ciTy had iTs firsT chance To show off The new TransiT Mall, which opened jusT in Time for The parade. The Senior Class nominaTed Karen Lewis as Garinger's Carrousel Princess, by a homeroom voTe. She exper- ienced a week of fun, new friends, and friendly compeTiTion during The parade preparaTion, i'Being aT The Radisson was greaT. l enjoyed meeTing all The oTher girls, Too. IT was very exciTing and a greaT honor," she commenTed, The Marching Band, LeTTergirls, VarsiTy Cheerleaders, and ROTC Drill Teams performed, and, along wiTh Karen, represenTed Garinger well during The 38Th annual Carrousel Parade. Aboard her Carrousel fIoaT, Karen Lewis waves gracefully. 26fRoyalTy '84 'iff 'fl 'vida ,E fr 1 Juniors Ledding Seniors he Top sTudenTs in The Junior Closs were chosen To be The Junior lvlorshols for The groduoTing closs of 49841. The Chief Morshols ronked highesT in grode poinT overoge. The Chief lvlorshols broughT This group TogeTher in such o woy ThoT They ore odmired by oll. On groduoTion doy for The seniors, The Morshols' duTies included leoding The groduoTes To Their seoTs, honding ouT progroms, ond generolly moking Things run o liTTle more smooThly. Angie Cowo hod o very unusuol duTy, she wos posTed dT The end of The sToirs To moke sure no one would Trip. "IT wos one of The mosT heorT Touching momenTs in my life. Seeing dll The foces come down The sTeps jusT mode me wonT To be up There wiTh Them." Chief Morsholsz Brion Prince, Suresh DeSiIvo, ThusiTh DeSilvo, ond Terri Blockmon. NoT Picfuredz John Pickord. Fronf Row: Verno Ferrell, HeoTher McColl, Luonne Terry, Almefo Kilgo, Angie Smifh. Second Row: CoThy PeTTiT, Liso Reynolds. Jennifer Porfer, Deywon AronT, ElizobeTh Curlee, Angie Hughes. Third Row: ThusiTh DeSiIvo, Jeff Low. Angie Cowo, Doug Phillips. Shone Tucker, Liesl BoTTle, Jill PeTTus. Fourfh Row: Poul Dorn, Brion Prince, Cedric AnThony, lnder Shormcr, Suresh DeSilvo. Bock Row: Dwoyne Moson. Tim Poyne, BerT Giles, Dovid Elms, Jeff Prince. Nof PicTured: Chris Woyne, Terri Blockmon. Junior Morsholsf27 Middle right: Enthusiastic concern. Greg Dixon, Jeff Prince, and Korky Mann, complete with raised fists and bullhorns, eagerly watch a close home football game. vLadies of Spirit. During the first pep rally held in September, the Varsity Cheer- leaders and Lettergirls encourage spirit, Cur Pride is Showing ow will YOU remember football season? It was o time when Friday nights came alive with intense pride and enthusiasm. The football players looked to the home stands for extra support, and they were never disappointed. This incredible Wildcat pride contributed to our many successes and kept our team going during troubled times, Unique methods of displaying spirit became common sights. Blue and white painted faces and haircoloring, many types of Garinger shirts, and spirit buttons could be seen on fans. Bright blue paws on one cheek were seen on the Marching Band members and other fans. A small group of several students, most of whom were seniors, became "spiritualists", or We're Number One and we know it! Scott Griffin, Tim Payne, and Chris Long prove their spirit is great at Memorial Stadium, leaders of the intense spirit movement. When they were able, they jumped down in front of the fence and encouraged the home crowd with exaggerat- ed gestures and bullhorns. Football season was special and a time most Wildcats will never forget. Hopefully, this spirit will be carried on for many years as a Garinger tradition. r3?fi- ..T Let's clap. Charlene Altman, Kourtney QBXSDW' Barnard, and Eddie Rorie enjoy the Homecoming pep rally. A-fkf-5-A Q , Mfr f.-, .- f -,X A ,f eg W, as ,qv wi?-f" X Wu N4 JI W W 'FRI' X Ik' nv J, 4. 5 13: 'ex IT 2 wr Q Q ,5ff??fSf'krf.g:l 4 FWS ,MQ w.?5' f r ni? SpinTf31 1 , 'Q Q ,,m.V 3' I 52 f , 'Q f - ' S 5 4 V V fi la i M. M M V -N , .. ' Q ,, , ,W V ,- 4. - ,f :bl z EE , ,V Qc M ff,.m A x gpm , , N -we I f, A ' nfs ' A "f'5WUe,,B 1,15 'N F, ,QM W Q K Q2 , , , A , M' if ,, K fb ,LM k-" A 'f' , ' wwf! 'Q f 5 21 4 fm ,,.k ' ' A 3 5, V pl M .K ,K W , ,V I jwff? ,NV 9 M i Wg- v 6 f 'ff b Y ' V i ' +42 "9 A E ' Lsgiwfi fi 1 , ? gk A,-,,A r' 1. 5 1 Za , 'ei Q 5 1 1, 4 4' sg haf fu Vw , MM 9 Q Q mmg go his way Concern. Korky Mann pauses for a ' ' 1 momenf because The game falls To 0 I A Sea of Pride coreboard! Scooorrreboooarrd! "Give me a 'G'l", "We're awe- some, we're awesome, TO- TAL-LY!", "We love WildcaTsl", "Hiedy, Hledy, Hledy HOl". Fans screamed These chanTs aT The Tops of Their lungs aT boTh fooTball and baskeTball games. Teachers also goT inTo The acT. Mary Anne CarpenTer and her "friend", a spiriTed liTTle puppeT, never missed a game. One of The mosT spiriTed Teachers, PaT Mellen, bragged "Garlnger has The very besT spirlT! IT is greaT To know ThaT you Teach sTudenTs who rally behind The school and always come Through when you need Them!" As baskeTball season rolled around, fans' splriTs were high. A group of sTudenTs sTarTed aTTracTlng aTTen- Tion when They proclaimed Them- selves as "The SlxTh Man". They goT The name from realizing ThaT There are five players on The courT from each Team. Fans are imporTanT, so The middle secTlon of The bleachers was reserved for The "SlxTh Man" on The Team. OThers noTiced The spirlT wave, also. During The Taping of The WPCQ- TV's dance show, "LeT's Dance", many Garlnger sTudenTs proudly wore painTed faces and oTher spiriTed accessories. BerT Giles wore a blue wig and added all The accessories. The hosT of The show, Jack Daniel, announced ThaT if There was an award for The mosT school spirlT, The award would surely go To Garinger. From fooTball season To baskeTball season and everyday life, WildcaT spirlT surged on. uf f sf au 's Yeah, Todd, klcklng wlll help! Todd Webber succumbs To enThusiasm and kicks for The Team. ing. Middle LefT: Basketball games mean splrlf Too Mark Jones, Doug Hefner Norman Nguyen, and The many oTher fans enjoy a home baskefball game. Above: Even Santa has that Wildcat spIrlTI AT a baskeT ball game held near ChrisT mas, BerT Giles celebraTes The holiday by dressing up as SanTa Claus. Jeff Prince and Tim Payne find SanTa amus SpiriT f 33 A small Coke, please. Eastland Mall houses a variety of eating places in the form of 'Gourmet Gardens". Angle Donaldson prepares a drink at one of them. Tasos Pizza, Plllng lt on. Carol Grlndstaff scoops out Q double Of Bdsklh-Robbins on ln- dependence BIvd.v Let's get organized. Valentine's Day is always a popular time for sending greeting cards. Angie Cawa sorts through the selections at Eastland MalI's Lynn's Hal!mark.A 34fWorking Wildcats Don't shootl Piercing somewhat timic girls' ears is just part of the job for Michele Corder, who works at Christyt ln Eastland Mall. A is l f f XP' May I help you? The Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie in Eastland MaIl's Gourmet Gardens provides fun work for Mia Powell, Joe Davis, and Susan Gilmore. 5 W. Xu, A .,,.. , .,,. . 'rl'l' X' x15 TY Z 1, I 6 AH V? . SALE ill' 1 . . . Yum H, IJURLNASE Work: Worih The Price of Time X X o, I can'T go To The game Tonighfg I have To work." This was a way of life for many sTudenTs under The realizaTion ThaT holding parT-Time jobs ofTen meanT missing ouT on some social evenTs. BuT for The maioriTy, IT was a price worTh paying. The exTra money, experience, and responsibiliTy learned proved To be The reasons behind holding jobs. Popular places of employmenT included fasT-food resTauranTs, grocery sTores, and The always popular EasTland Mall. IT was impossible To walk around EasTland wiThouT seeing numerous familiar Garinger sTudenTs working. SomeTlmes The hours The sTudenTs worked made iT hard To keep grades up. Organizing Time and masTering The delicaTe juggling acT beTween school, work, homework, and sleep was masTered only by The mosT crafTy sTudenT. All in all, The experience, Tremendous respon- sibiIiTy, and exTra money earned while holding a parT-Time job can be beneficial To sTudenTs' lives. Qupper lefTj . . . and 501: ls your change. Lisa Carpenfer, working aT Food Lion on CenTral Avenue, hands change To a cusTomer while fellow worker Brian Lake looks on. 4"May I help you?" Korky Mann and Bo WainwrighT musT use courfesy when dealing wiTh poTenTiaI cusTomers on The phone as well as in person aT Champs in EasTland Mall. Saddle up. Kari McCarver flashes a big smile aT her place of employmenT, Lebo's on independence Blvd. She normally works in The saddle deparT- V I Handling The money. Susan Neumann happily counfs ouT change as she handles an afTernoon rush of cus- Tomers af ldrklands in EasTland Mall. mem' Working WildcaTsf35 QFar rlghtj A lrlendly smile. Vi lwler happily rings up a purchase in 'news Shoe Store at Eastland Mall. Sorting the shoes. At Hahn's shoe store in Eastland Mall, Sandy Knight and Sheila Clark arrange the sale items, : r Music ls their Ilfe. Todd Webber and Doug Phillips handle things smoothly in the video department of Camelot Records and Tapes on independence Blvd.A But where's RONALD? Many students work for the numerous McDonaId's locations. The Central Avenue location is "home" for Ctopj Scott Lively, Cmlddlej Debbie Farns- worth, Sandl Stonebraker, Terri Blackmon. and qbottomj Eric McDanieI,v 36jWorklng Wildcats .K Time for an Ice-cream break. Tom Havelos takes time out from his busy day at Papers and Paperbacks in Eastland Mall., The Glamourous Life oise, beaufy, and charm were her aTTribuTes. Using These char- acTerisTics, Melissa Russ represenTed Garinger on Belk's Teen Boards. Along wiTh oTher parTicipanTs, she conTribuTed her Time doing monThly service projecTs, such as seTTing up a firsT-aid sTaTion aT The CharloTTe Observer MaraThon, giving a parTy aT an adopTion home, and prepar- ing food for The SalvaTion Army winTer shelTer. The Teen Boardfg also presenTed a "back To schooI" fashion show. Melissa, an acTive senior, was involved in clubs such as Adelphians, GGS, and Mu Alpha TheTa. She also exhibiTed her TalenT in The choir and Women's Ensemble. She feels The Teen Boards, was an excellenT way To build her self-confidence and To conTribuTe To The communiTy. "IT has broughf ouT my individualiTy in fashion, as well as poise. lT's been a greaT experience," she commenT- ed. Teen Board f37 Reagan Re-elecTed for Second Term n elecTion day, November 6, 49811, PresidenT Ronald Reagan won a landslide vicTory over Walfer lvlondale. lvlondale's running maTe, Geraldine Ferraro, was The firsT female Vice-PresidenTal nominee in The hisTory of The UniTed STaTes. Buf, The counTry overwhelmingly preferred Reagan. He won The greaTesT elecToral college vicTory by Taking 419 sTaTes wiTh 525 elecToral voTes. Reagan was known for his ofTen fierce budgeT cuTs and sTaunch defense plan, known as "STar Wars". lVlosT voTers believed in his capable leadership alThough some ThoughT his budgeT cuTs were hurTing The middle class The 741 year old Reagan proved To be one of The mosT popular PresidenTs of '. Qhx 'nn K lT's "Thumbs up" for Ronnie. Nancy Reagan applauds her husbands vicfory and Reagan celebraTes The momenT. APfWide World Phofo I Anoiher Heir 8 Royal Family Qains n oTher world news, The worsT indusTrial accidenT in hisTory occurred aT The Union Carbide planT in Bhopal, India. A sTorage Tank holding MIC-, a chemical used for making pesTicide, developed a gas leak. The fumes spread over a large area of The surrounding Town, suffocaTing many and permanenTly injuring more. The final counT came To 2,500 people dead and over 400,000 injured. For Thousands of Americans living near such sTorage faciliTies in The U.S., The Bhopal caTasTrophe raised The frighTening auesTion: Could iT happen here? he worsT single-day mass slaying by one person in U.S. hisTory occured on July 48, 49841 when a heavily armed gunman walked info a busy McDon- ald's resTauranT in San Ysidro, California and began firing his weapons. The man, 114 year old James Oliver HuberTy, slaughfered 20 people before being killed by a police sharpshooTer. Police said ThaT l-luberTy, an unemployed securiTy guard, apparenTly Told his wife he was going "hunTing humans" before killing his vicTims, who ranged in age from 8 monThs To 711 years old. 38fYear ln Review T 5 + rince Charles and Princess Diana had a second son on l SepTember 45, 'lO8A.7:fHe was named Henry Charles Alben David buT is To be called l-larry by The family. LiTTle Prince William was abouT 2 years old when his broTher was born. Prince Harry sTands Third in line of succession To The Throne. N 1 I X, Avfwide wand Photo T f T BfITaIn's Royal Family. Princess Diana and Prince Charles pose wiTh Their family. lpfwlde Woltd Photos I 1 l L... l Avfwiae wona Photo I L pace shuttle missions continued. .The space shuttle . 4 I - Challenger was the first to land at Kennedy Space Center hearty 4984. The 44th shuttle mission was the return to space f the Discovery whose mission was to launch two ommunlcatlon satellites and to retrieve the two communica- on satellites that had gone astray on an earlier shuttle flight. e mission was so top secret that it was speculated that . ashington was using the space shuttle on S0l'Tl9 sort of spy Lady of Liberty Gets a Facelift pproachlng its centennial in 4986, the Statue of Liberty began a period of rehabilitation in order to perform extensive reconstruction work. The torch and flame were removed by huge cranes to be replaced. Inside the statue the iron ribcage was to be replaced with one of stainless steel. A new elevator was to be installed for visitors viewing out from the newly rebuilt platform at the crown. The historic restoration, under the direction of architects and engineers from both France and the United States, is expected to be complete by the 400th birthday of the world's most celebrated symbol of freedom. ecomlng not only the first black Miss America but also the first ever to give up the crown, 24-year old Vanessa Williams announced her resignation in August, 4984, without a tear. Officials of the Miss America pageant asked for her resignation due to very explicit nude photographs taken of her when she was 49 and published in Penthouse magazine. Suzette Charles, first runner-up to Williams in September C'83y, gracefully stepped in to fill the remaining 7 weeks of the reign. Some speculation occurred that this unfortunate incident might tarnish the pure Miss America crown. Pi Pl. . or the second time in history, an artificial heart was implanted into a human being. 52 year old William Schroeder, a retired munitions inspector from Jasper, Indiana, received the Jarvik-7 from his surgeon, Dr. William C. Devries. in the days that followed his surgery at the Humana Hospital Audubon in Louisville, he kissed his wife, drank a beer, gat out of bed, and was interviewed on television. When asked what the heart felt like he answered with a smile, "An old-time threshing machine. l feel like l got ten years going right l l . T s r i '..i , X .V A Q 1 gf gi-9 WQ ., 'i'i . f f X . 3 -4 fi Bill ..,, ' "le q.""9M11n.v' . - if 5-dui rii' A 3 X- Q J' S 7 Q .S , W -s , A now." APfWlde World Photos Year ln Reviewf 39 Music Superstars Ban Together to Fight World Hunger t started with the December single, "Do They Know lt's Christmas?" by British superstars proclaiming them- selves as "Band Aid." Organizer Bob Geldof initiated the immense effort, with all its proceeds going directly to famine victims in Ethiopia. Canadian artists came together a few months later to record a song for the same cause. The British effort directly inspired superstars Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie to compose "We Are the World", an upbeat, inspirational song with an optimistic message. Again, Bob C-Beldof organized the proposed recording session. After UThe Amer- was held. The cause brought together Ao American music superstars includ- ing Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Cyndi Lauper, and Stevie Wonder. The group called themselves "USA for Africa" CUnited Support of Artists for Africaj. A seven minute long video for the song premiered on MTV on March ll, 4985. The single sold out quickly, and of course, all profits were sent directly to Africa. But, a portion of the proceeds were kept for starving Americans. A two-album set was expected to be released during the summer that will include i'We Are The World" and previously unreleased ican Music Awards" on January 28, tracks. 4985, the massive recording session Members of "USA for Africa" rehearse their song "We Are The World". f , , X ,v WT! . Madonna skyrocketed to fame with Superstar duo Daryl Hall and John Oates released atop such hits as "Like a Virgin" and ten aibum, "Big Bam Boom" that included such hits as "Material Girl", "Method of Modern Love" and "Out of Touch". They appeared at the Charlotte Coliseum in February, 4985. Other popular performers of the year included Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Phil Collins, and Chaka Khan. AOfYear In Review l Springsteen, Jacksons Each Go On The Road ruce Springsteen headed out on a long tour to support his very successful most recent album, "BernQ,irtf the USA", the tour brought him Charlotte, where he managed! to quickly sell out the Charlotte Coliseum for 2 successive nights in January. 1985. His energetic pure rock-n-foil, A-hour long concerts prove his popular reputation for being "The Boss". Michael Jackson, after recording the biggest selling album, in history, embarked on a "victory" tour with his brothers, in early summer. lt was hoped to be the largest concert tour ever, but even the most loyal Jacksons fans were surprised at the S3000-per-seat ticket cost. IN I "The Cosby Show" cominucily rated in The Top Ten TV i X . . eval' S fl!-N iii: i Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd sTar in shows, and became a huge hTT for The NBC neTwork. "GhosTbusTers". To Life ovies of 4984 eirperienced everyThing from The ghosTly underworld of "GhosTbus- Ters" To The high class Beverly Hills underworld of "BeverIy,gHills Cop." iiliiilligulixlulvay, Dcgigjggykroyd, and Haroldiiisliiamis up paropsychologisis who?aTTempTecl Tofrid New York CiTy of underworld spirifs. Young Eddie Murphy, riding on supersfardom, porTrayed a sTreeT-Touch deTecTive yeyr his laTesT ,ggsf 2Beveriy Hills Con-fisi rrle I reeu I urri The immense popisrairriy of musioliiisivideos was refIecTed in The phenominally successful movie "Purple Rain" siarring rock c musician Pflnce. K. K I In I ff m-ri-",, 4.f""' 0 8 ,. .. 0 2 CL E E 3 3 'E 2 5 . 2 X M, 5 E E MQ.. ls e,ur io. ,sa-. ,..,..9.s'f?QQisssQsQz..fg:,x if I In Super Bowl XVII, The San Francisco AQ'ers 38-io. G Q e G d dere-cried The Miami Dolphins by Q score of The games of The XXIII Olympiad, held from July ,28 To AugusT 42 proved a lhuge aThleTic and financial success. A record 4410 naTions aTTended, buT The SovieT Union and more Than a dozen of iTs allies boycoTTed The games. The US won 83 gold medals, 64 silver, and 30 bronze medals for a ToTal of 4741. Carl Lewis won four gold medals in Track and field: Edwin Moses won The men's 400 meTer hurdles, and Greg Louganis swepT The men's 3 meTer spring- board and 40 meTer plaT- form diving. In gymnasfics, The U.S won 5 gold, 5 silver, and 6 bronze medals. Sixfeen year old Mary Lou ReTTon earned a perfecT score of 40 in her final evenT, The vaulT, To Take The women's crown for individual all around. Year In Reviewfrlll OK GAIYIZA TI 0151 S ttentionl There will be a very X xA important Centrusa meeting Monday at 42:30. Wear your sweatshirt." Announcements like this were common. "Teas" and initiations were the first memorable parts of belonging to service clubs. Making new friends, raising school spirit, and serving the school and community became the payoff. No matter where your interests were - music, drama, student government, or just about anything else, chances are there was an organization to suit your interest. These organizations gave every- one a chance to belong and fit in. AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES STudenTs Leading STudenTs "To carry ouT your duTies, be There when needed, and simply abide by The rules are some imporTanT responsibili- Ties of being on The Execu- Tive CommiTTee." This was expressed by junior, Tony Maxwell, who was PubliciTy Chairman on The CommiT- Tee. if This is True, Then This nine member group cerTainly lived up To iTs sfandards. Again They proved Them- selves well organized and successful having assembled many enjoyable acTiviTies for The school To parTicipaTe in. The CommiTTee Therefore benefiTed from Their learning experiences by having fun aT The same Time. Responsible for Homecom- 4 A ing acTiviTies, various dances, Chrisfmas week, SpiriT Weekfsj, recognizing our fooTballand baskeTball Teams, and helping wiTh The Senior Dinner, iT was obvious ThaT They helped keep Wild- caf SpiriT aT iTs peak in some very consTrucTive ways. IT was These very acTiviTies ThaT helped brighfen your high school years and make Them a much more colorful remembrance. Deserving The credif for advising The CommiTTee was Nan Abell. She was spoken of as fun-loving buT was also described as a person who did nof play around when There was work To be done. wr- - Sfudenfs llsfen Tenfaflvely To Todd Pierceall during Homecoming. .Ir I AAfExecuTive Committee Rlfa Suffon conducts various Homecoming acTiviTies. Todd Pierceall - Presldenf, Karen Lewis - Vice-Presldenf, Michelle Phlfer - Dance Chairman, Rifa Suffon - ICC, Tony Maxwell - Publicify Chairman, Yolanda Johnson and Lisa Curefon - General Members, Tonya Taylor - Secrefary, and Mike Wade - Treasurer. fl 4 Q T T i 0 5 N Karen Lewis goes over new agenda at Student Councii meeting as rest of Commit- tee presides. Todd Pierceall and Lisa Cure- ton prepare constructive activities for the school to participate In. if c wasnt ia li., ,HP Mr. and Mrs. Santa, Steve Shaughnessy and Pat Meilen, and their "elves", Karen Lewis, Todd Pierceali, and Mike Wade, in a project sponsored by the Commit- tee. fi? Qlfw. V' Executive Committeef45 AT Your Service 'Tl?esponsibiliTy, leodership, ond dedicoTion To one's school ore The moin chorocTerisTics of d sTudenT council member," com- menTed senior Tereso CureTon who wos involved in The council. Remorked sTudenT council pre- sidenT Todd Piercedll, "IT wos hord work. We hod To plon ocTiviTies ThoT The whole sTudenT body would enjoy plus promoTe school spiriT." Indeed, The sTudenT council hod been quiTe ocTive in school funcTions. Their conTribuTions included sponsoring The homecoming porode, selling SonTo-groms ond plonning "Spring Reliever Week". The sTudenT council Took pride in being o lorge porT of ThoT "WildcoT SpiriT!" AnoTher orgonizoTion ThoT helped To shore in ThoT spiriT wos ICC, or InTer Club Council. The STudenT Council members A6fSTudenT Council council consisTed of one respon- sible member from eoch club, ond ThoT person represenTed hisfher club oT eoch ICC meeT- ing. One of The counciI's chief purpose wos To plon ocTiviTies for eoch club. AfTer The meeT- ing, The represenToTive reporTed bock To Their respecTive club ond discussed Their plons. 'IThe council wos o good woy To promoTe school spiriT from oil The differenT clubs' viewpoinTs," remorked ICC presidenT l?iTo SuTTon. "New ideos helped our clubs To become more inTeresT- ing, ond ThoT inTeresT oTTrocTed prospecTive new members." l?epresenToTive Lynn Edwards Tokes ci momenT To smile GT on omusing ThoughT. 4ICC members Tonyo Toylor, RIO Suffon, ond Liso Curefon. AS'ruden1 council members Brion Tillmon, Todd Pierceoll, ond Rifo SuTTon enjoy refreshments of o workshop. 4Members Ross Piffs ond Dono Donnelly discuss new ideos ot o meefing. We study hardlA Elizabeth Curlee focuses In on The important agenda of The meetingr Leaders of Tomorrow "A lot of hassel for a little tassel"is ci phrase used to describe the Honor Society. Members are chosen on The basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Strict standards concerning grades and conduct must be met in order to remain in The group. Members are required to complete Two hours of service each month to their school and community for a total of twenty hours. A grade point average of 3.6 must be maintained throughout the remaining year. Members are recognized at graduation as the seniors that wear gold tassels and ropes. The club is advised by Inez Allen and Mary Katzel. The officers are: Angela Smith, President, Tim Payne, Vice-president, Shane Tucker, Secretary, David Elms, Treasurer, and Doug Phillips, ICC. lnductions into the Honor Society are held in the fall and spring of each year. The Honor Society is not a "Bookworm Club" or just a group of "Whiz Kids", but it is a recognition of outstanding qualities and characteristics in students who have worked long and hard to achieve them. Jeff Prince, Tim Payne, Shane Tucker, and lnder Sharma attend a brief meeting, 48 fHonor Society Luanne Terry pays Honor Society dues to treasurer, David Elms.A Presldent Angle Smith discusses Items of business during a regular meeting. Cif352!i'if1I'f tv Kiwi' ' Qi, HW,- xgs L17 Front row: Terrl Blackman, Heather McCall, Angle Smith - president, Verna Ferrell, Almeta Kllgo, Cathy Pettit. Elizabeth Curlee, Deywon Arant. Second row: Mary Katzel - Advisor, Luanne Terry, Kelly Andrews, Jennifer Porter, Angie Cawo, Tlm Payne - Vice-pres., Brian Prlnce, David Elms - Treasurer, lnder Sharma, Jeff Law, Inez Allen - Advisor. Bock row: Paul Dorn, Cedric Anthony, Seresh DeSllva, Doug Phllllps - ICC, Jeff Prlnce, Bert Giles, Thuslth DeSllva, Shane Tucker - secre- tary. Alnez Allen explains scholarship infor- mation to interested applicants. 4Offlcers: Doug Phllllps, ICC, Angle Smith, President, Tim Payne, Vice President. Not pictured: David Elms, Treasurer, Shane Tucker, Secretary. Honor Socletyf49 We Can Solve Any Problem Mu Alpha TheTa provides a way To promoTe moTh by holding special conTesTs, IlsTening To guesT speakers, and challenging sTudenTs To discuss The relevance of maThemaTics in a high school environmenT. The MaTh Club was open To sTudenTs in The higher levels of maTh who applied and were chosen. Senior Terri Blackmon described members of Mu Alpha TheTa as being 'iproud To be members of a club ThaT rewards a job well done". However, Mu Alpha TheTa is noT only a club dealing wiTh scholasTics buT also a club dealing in fun. The MaTh Club has an annual pool-parTy aT The home of Bill Williams, Their advisor, where They change from maTh scholars To parTy goers. FronT Row: Dennis Bean, Tim Payne, Todd Webber, Doug Philips, Elizabelh Curlee. Second Row: Mike Whaley, Terrl Blackmon, Debbie McVicker, Michelle Phifer, Van Bul, Phi Dung Nguyen, Meg Kenny, Lee Simmons, Laura Ponder, Verna Ferrell, Carol GrlndsTaff, Angie SmiTh. Third Row: Dwayne Mason, Dallene Schlackman, Joseph SmlTh, Almefa Kilgo, Charlene Rldenhour, Gena Chambers, Shelia Schweers, Lynn Edwards, Jill PeTTus, Llesl BaTTle, Heafher McCall, Fred SmiTh, STan Armsfrong. Joey Gladden, Jeff Law, Allison Delaney, Yolanda Johnson. Back Row: Suresh DeSilva, Kelly Hill, Ronnie HoneycuTT, Thusilh DeSllva. Paul Dorn, Cedric Anthony, Shane Tucker, Tom Havelos, David Parker, Deno Pourlos, Mike Wade, lnder Sharma, Norman Nguyen, STeve Drye, Trl Bui. 50 fMu Alpha Thela Officers FronT Row: Dennis Bean - Treasurer, Tim Payne - ICC Represen- TaTive. Second Row: Elizabefh Curlee - SecreTary, Todd Webber - Presldenf, Doug Phillips - Vice-President. Computer Club Members: Deywon Arant, Tri Bui, Lisa Carpenter, Loren Charnley, Bryan Cheek, Denise Chisolm, Stephanie Cook, Linda Culbertson, Lisa Cureton, Teresa Cureton, Elizabeth Curlee, Chris Dailey. oe Davis, Suresh DeSilva, Thusith DeSilva, Paul Dorn, Lynn Edwards, Bernard Elmore, David Elms, Zoe Fortos. cott Geister, Carol Grindstaff, Tom Havelos, Robert Higgins, Brenda Huntley, Yolanda Johnson, Almeta Kilgo, siu Liu, Rhonda Livergood, Korky Mann, Eric McDaniel, John Megson, Melinda lvliller, Sandy Miller, Scott Moe, Todd Morris, Audra Newton, Norman Nguyen, Son Nguyen, Kelly Palmer, Tim Payne, Erin Poole, Brian rince, Renda Read, John Rice, Richard Rich, Charlene Ridenhour, Sharon Rose, Adriene Simpson, Tonya lrljaylor, Debbie Turbyfill, Mike Whaley. V l: s... Scott Geister takes a moment to relax n the new IBM computer lab located n room 245. The "Computer En- wanced Learning Lab", or "CELL" has aenefited both students and teachers. Two Clubs in Cne The Computer Club was a unique club that grew rapidly from previous years. It was divided into two separate but unified clubs in order to enable more students to participate. The clubs, dubbed as Fifth Period Computer Club and Sixth Period Computer Club, were open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who took a computer class. Due to the change in policies, the club got off to a slow start with only plans of holding a fund-raiser to purchase new equipment later in the year. Tom Havelos, President of the Sixth Period Computer Club, was quoted as saying, "I believe that the Computer Club has been a casual experience for all members this year." Computer Club Officers. Sitting: Ellen Skinner, Cora Mozingo - Advisors. Standing: Tri Bui, Melinda Miller, Bryan Cheek, John Rice, Joe Davis, Tom Havelos, Renda Read, Audra Newton. Computer Clubsf54 The Sophomore Experience Ask Qny Adelphion whQT wos The mosT fun QbouT being in The club Qnd They will probobly sQy iT wQs iniTiQTion. LQsT yeQr wQs no excepTion wiTh inducTees being pQrQded Qround The gym dressed in everyThing from Q Horris-TeeTer grocer To Q clusTer of gropes. Mony school Qnd communiTy projecTs were compIeTed by This ThirTy-four member club led by POTTY MoInQr Qnd DiQne PeTerson. The Adel- phiQns served refreshmenTs QT severol PTSA meeTings Qnd QT The JuniorfSenior Prom. They pQrTicipQTed in Q fund rQising skQTe-Q-Thon for ST. MQrk's CenTer Qnd of course held Their QnnuQl CQrnQTion SQle QT VQlen- Tines. 52fAdeIphlQns Dollene SchIQckmQn Qnd, Von Bul wQTch Shoron Mobley sTruggle To her S601 during The Adelphion Tec. Michelle Phlfer, Anneffe CovlngTon Kim Anderson, CDG Th6f6SG FOI'd Q91 involved QT on Adelphlon cQIl meeTing 5 X N' QL , f N N N x T Y x vwkgs, NES? T ' is T N N Q , X gs T ,, X. .... Q is T E Roche! Lewis posses on The flame To Meg Kenny during The cQndleIlghT lnducTIon service. Front row: Stephanie Cook, Pam Martin, Lori Davis, Joann Hamilton, Michelle Phifer, Lee Simmons, Candice Langston, Madie Bradley, Angie Stfford, Shelly Melvin, Laura Ponder. Second row: Vicki Ribera, Van Bui, Meg Kenny, Peggy Pait, Carol Walker, Annette Covington, Susan Neuman, Heidi Pirtle, Kristin Williams, Traci Brown, Sandy Knight. Third row: Sharon Mobley, Kelley Palmer, Rachel Lewis, Carol Grindstaff, Theresa Ford. Back row: Dennis Bean, Deno Pourlos, Gene Davis.v Officers: Angle Stafford, Treasurer: Sharon Mobley, Secretary: Van Bui, Vice-President: Laura Ponder, President, AdeIphiansf53 : The eagle before desfreyrng if in The WiTh A Smile! Girl's Good SporTs, beTTer known os GGS, is o service club composed of junior ond senior girls plus four moscoTs ond one very hord working odvisor, lvlorilyn Thompson. GGS members devoTe mony hours, boTh in ond ouT of school, working on service projecTs To benefiT The communiTy ond school. During The yeor, The girls sold homecoming corsoges, mode posTers for The big sporTing evenfs, ond decoroTed The Teachers' lounges. They olso visifed The children oT Alexonder's Childrens Home ond sponsored o "bird-busTing" flooT in The Homecoming Porode. In oddiTion To These proiecfs, GGS olso held o wolk-o-Thon wiTh proceeds going To former GGS member Kelly Mullis. GGS members ochieve Their gool of moking Their club beTTer Thon ony oTher by working TogeTher. They ogree ThoT Through GGS new friends con Truly become The besT of friends. As Elyse Evons, Vice-PresidenT sold, "GGS hos been o very speciol porT of my yeors oT Goringer. l will olwoys remember The speciol friends ond good Times wiTh fondness." I1 47 Officers ond lvloscofs - BoTTom: Dovid Elms, Doug I-lonline. Korky lvlonn, Jeff Prince. Middle: CoTrino Ross - Treo- surer, Mio Powell - PresidenT, Elyse Evons - Vice-President Top - Shoron Lindsay - SecreTory. safees Fronl Row: Shelio Clork, Trcici Brown, Lee Simmons, Shelly Fox, Rilo Sullon, Becky Sibley, Suson Newmon, Louro Ponder, Kelly lvlonn, Angie Slofford, Modie Brodley, Meg Kenny. Second Row: Liso Eddins, Jennifer Porler, Pom Bulls, Elyse Evons, lvlellsso Russ, Lynn Scruggs, Liso Curelon, Tereso Godwin, Tonyo Toylor, Kelly Andrews, Angie Cowo, Dovid Elms, Tereso Curelon. Third Row: Allison Deloney, Jockie Monson, Angie Smilh, Mio Powell, Deywon Aronl, Yolondo Johnson, Coirino Ross, Wendy Bohorl, Liesl Bollle, Jeonne Pegrom, Llso Reynolds, Shoron Linclsoy, Koren Lewis, Luonne Terry. Bock Row: Doug Honline, Korky lvlonn, Jeff Prince. Deywon Aron? ond Yolondo Johnson relox during o Chrislmos porly for old members. Members oflenllvely llslen os The officers ond odvisor shore informo- GGW55 lion. Wild and Crazy Bunch The Key Club was the epltomy of school spirit. When it came to school support, the Key Club was on top. Led by president Doug Phillips, this merry band of Wildcats attended all of the sporting events. Whether it was their critical- ly acclaimed Pep Club, for football. or the famous "Sixth Man" of basketball, these spirit boosters made going to games special. Painted faces, banners, and newspapers were some of the unique devices that helped to show their enthusiasiam. But promoting school spir- it was not all that the Key Club did. They were one of the most dedicated and strongest service clubs at Garinger. Their tradition was to raise money and to give it to reputable chari- ties. This year they spon- sored a "Car Bash". This involved purchasing "swings" at an old beat-up car with a Sledge hammer. Money raised was given to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Fund. The Key Club Sweet- hearts were the only girls in the club. They helped with all the fund raisers, and they also kept a "feminine air" about the club. President, Doug Phillips, raises school spirit as fellow club members raise him up to shout to the fansr Grant Hitchner and Tony Purcell carefully work on props to put on the Key Club homecoming float.v 56fKey Club Tim Payne prepares for a game by making a colorful banner. GARINGER HIGH SCHOOL DME OF THE WILDCAT KEY CWB i985 , . .,,, A , H 4 , Y ,,, Tx 'fi , ' JN , .,. 'ff -,..- .,,, -,,f 544' I y fir' W W - , I , H ,-,ff 1 f .1 ' f 1? f P !. ' if ' Club members, Dennls Bean, Vincenl Black, Wendy Bohari, John Burnefi, Todd Cheek, John Claffee, Gene Davis - Secretary, Joe Davis, Rodney Davis, Greg Dixon, David Elms, Jeff Fain, Bert Giles - Vice President, Doug Hanline, Doug Hefner, Grant Hifchner, Tom Havelos, Ronny Honeycuff, Richard Jennings, Mark Jones - Treasurer, Sharon Lindsay, Chris Long, Korky Mann, Siu McElroy, Johnny McKellar, Todd Morris, Tony Maxwell, Tim Payne, Doug Phillips - Presidenf, Jennifer Phipps, Todd Piercall, Deno Pourlos, Eric Pressley, Brian Prince, Jeff Prince, Tony Purcell, Llsa Reynolds, lnder Sharma, John Stewart, Luanne Terry, Brian Thomas, Brian Tillman, Shane Tucker, Jamie Warner, Mike West. Sweefhearfs: Top row: Jennifer Phipps. Middle row: Luanne Terry, Sharon Lindsay. Bofiom row: Lisa Reynolds, Wendy Boharf, Karen Lewis. Key Clubf57 Front Row: Elizabeth Curlee - Vice-President, Linda Culbertson - Secretary, Susan Neumann - Historian, Second Row: Beth McLaughlin - President, Todd Pierceall - Mascot. Meg Kenny - Treasurer, Bill Hartley - Mascot. Third Row: Rusty Israel - New member Van Bui, along with Lynn Edwards, Lisa Furr and Susan Neumann, enjoys initiation night at Burger King. Elizabeth Curlee and Linda Culbertson provided a decorative and delicious cake for the tea held in October. Mascot, Mike Wade - Mascot, Todd Webber - Mascot. Service Can Be Fun Over 50 applicants patiently waited outside the cafeteria as the 'old' Keyettes busily set up for the first tea of the year, held in October. "O.K. - everybody walk in imitating bats!" commanded president Beth McLaughlin. The hopeful girls strolled into the cafeteria with their arms waving. Their entrance was accompanied by the 4960's "Batman" TV show theme. The old Keyettes sat above the pit and looked on while the applicants were subjected to embarrassing questions, balloon- shaving contests, and other out- rageous activities. lnitiation took place about a week later. Burger King on ln- dependence Blvd. was the meet- ing place for all the new members and their iibig sisters" or "big brothers". Only a very few new members were chosen, and they were dressed in the craziest outfits 58fKeyettes imaginable - even as a Coke can! The Keyettes was one of many service clubs dedicated to improving the school and helping the community. One traditional activity for the clubs was the Homecoming Parade. The Keyettes won second place for their "K entucky Fried Eagles" float. Other activities that the club participated in included cleaning the trophies in the trophy cases, donating money, and sponsoring a "band appreciation feast" for the Symphonic Band before the band went to contest in the spring. This was Jane Sterrett's last year at Garinger, and last as advisor of Keyettes. The club will miss her. A beach trip was planned for Mother's Day weekend as a last get-together of the year. The future of Keyettes depends on its younger members. 5 llsi ri. T For Valentine's Day, mascot Blll Hartley made a sign which hung right beside Jane Sterrett's classroom door. It displayed the feelings of the entire club. Strange outfits could be seen during initiation night, Terri Blackmon, Celeste Black, and Marlo Morris enjoy the fun at Burger King. Balloons and sunglasses were The order of the day for the October tea for voting in new members. 4-rm cam i sv-5-ss m,',,..--" .,,,,X ,aww H Front Row: Meg Kenny, Susan Neumann, Beth McLaughlin, Elizabeth Curlee, Linda Culbertson. Second Row: Jill Brown, Tabatha Martin, Van Bui, Heather McCall, Terri Blackmon, Debby McVicker, Pam Martin, Terri Crawford, Kelley Palmer, Rachel Lewis, Lori Davis. Third Row: LaTricia Pratt, Marlo Morris, Tinka Burch, Celeste Black, Lavonia Rose, Rhonda Rickenbacker, Almeta Kilgo, Kym Ross, Bonnie Bryant, Lisa Furr, Lynn Edwards, Heather Lamb, Sheila Schweers. Erin Poole, Jane Sterrett - Advisor, Joan Davis, Jackie Flagg. Back Row: Todd Webber. Rusty Israel, Todd Pierceall, Mike Wade, Bill Hartley, Jamie Snyder. Mascot Rusty Israel finds that the usually comfortable Keyettes sweatshirt can get a little warm on the day of an early spring meeting. QAbovej Creating the Keyettes Homecom- ing float took hard work and planning, as demonstrated by Bill Hartley and Elizabeth Curlee at Beth McLaughlin's house. F Q Keyettesf59 Don'T Turn The Page . . . lVleeT CenTrusa! CenTrusa has proven once again ThaT iT was one of The mosT acTive clubs. Their main prioriTies included serving The school and communify. The club was comprised of 25 junior and senior members, and four sen- ior mascofs. "CenTruso is The grea- TesT club wiTh all The righT people . . . and l'm proud I was chosen PresidenT," Jennifer Phipps com- Frances Hawn demon- sTraTed again ThaT she is a caring advisor: The whole club adored her. The club was like one big happy family! ParTicipaTing in fund raising projecfs, helping needy children, and sponsoring a floaT in The Homecoming parade were jusT a few of The numerous acTiviTies Cen- Trusa was involved in during The year. Joe Davis qleffp and Chris Manley enjoy socializing and eaflng offer The 'iTea". menTed. Dawn SmlTh eagerly sings her version of Madonna's "Lucky STar" during The Tea.A Llsa Llghfner musf be Thlnklng 'YUCK' as Shelly Melvin makes her TasTe lemon julce during The Tea. Crazy cosTumes are a big parT of any iniTiaTion. Here, new member Donna Hufchins Cond her Teddy bearj enjoy bofcemmso waTching The J.V. Foofball game. 4New member Debbie Roberts doesn't seem too thrilled with her make-up job, but "big sister" Lisa Carpenter helps make her initiation fun and memorable. iz-i is Advisor Frances Hawn approves ap- plications before beginning the tea. WH RI !,Vi'r1. jg .VIH V5 Front Row: Lisa Carpenter, Sec.fTreas.: Chris Manley, Mascot: Vicki Fowler, Vice Pres.: Joe Davis, Mascot: Jennifer Phipps, Presidentg Tom Havelos, Mascotp Stacie Smith, ICC Representative: Greg Dixon, Mascot. Second Row: Nancy Burgos, Marlo Morris, Lisa Furr, Lisa Lightner, Peggy Pait, Sharon Suddreth, Shelly Melvin, Debbie Roberts. Third Row: Michelle Phifer, Dawn Smith. Michele Corder, Vikki Setzer, Wendy Jervis, Kim Blanchfield, Donna Hutchins, Jackie Brewton. ,N .L V 1 Alnitiation night is enjoyed by new mascots Chris Manley, Greg Dixon, Joe Davis, and new member Donna Hutchins. Centrusafol "Felix" scornfully eyes "Oscar" as he flirTs wiTh Their daTes. Garinger Players acT UD Once again, The Garinger Players proved hard work and discipline is whaf iT Takes To accomplish a producfion. The Players presenfed a comedy, "The Odd Couple" sTarring Todd Webber as Oscar and Bill Collins as Felix. The faifhful leader of The Drama Club was advisor RoberTa Sessions, affecTionaTely referred To as "Sesh." The Garinger Drama DeparTmenT gave sTudenTs a chance To furTher Their TalenTs Through song, dance, and acTions. The Players sponsored The annual VarieTy Show and a musical also. Drama was offered To sTudenTs eiTher as a class or exTra-curricular acTiviTy. Leading The Players were Dwayne Mason, PresidenT: Todd Webber, Vice-President Terri Crawford, Secre- Tary: and Bonnie BryanT, Treasurer. .C so Players Bill Collins, Carl Sevier, and Jason NobliTT discuss plans for The evening. FronT Row: Mike Whaley, Jana Sanderson, Todd Webber, Dwayne Mason, Bonnie BryanT, Terrl Crawford. Bill 62 D mo Collins, Anifa Radcliff, Cheryl Ellman. Second Row: Jeff Phillips, Robie Sheppard, Chris Gladden, Spencer Clark, f ro Leah Davis. Back Row: Angela Haney, Debbie Deese, KrisTy LeaTh, Shannon Mifzel, Pam Marfin, Verna Ferrell, VlcTor STegmeir. Gina MiTzeI, Heafher McCall, Kafhy Jacobs, David Ewing, Kelly MarTin. . Jeff Phillips, ond Carl sfudy Their hands. t -5 . 1 Q wr gl M--MQ,--...,, x if Linking The World . .. The Foreign Language Club was made of The French, Spanish, and LaTin classes. During The year The Foreign Language Club parTicipaTed in many acTiviTies. Homecoming was a greaT success. AfTer long hard hours of planning and preparing The floaT won firsT place for iTs Theme. The club also had an inTernaTional ChrisTmas parTy and dinner. Each of The foreign language classes were assigned differenT counTries from which They made popular dishes To bring. The members also provided enTerTainmenT wiTh ChrisTmas songs, break dancing, and lipsync. March 4Th-8Th, was Foreign Language Week. During ThaT Time members of The club made posTers, projecTs and wore badges recognizing diTferenT counTries. On Tuesday, March 5Th, Foreign exchange sTudenTs from CPCC came To Garinger To speak To The club and enjoy The lunch prepared by The members of The club. The Foreign language club also had a soccer game beTween The French and Spanish classes. The French class ended up having To forfeiT The game because There were noT enough people on The Team. Each year The Foreign Language Club A becomes larger and more well known for iTs T greaT aualiTy. all 1 LATIN - Fronf Row: Pablos Smargolls, Surresh DeSilva, Chip Givens, Chris Facenle. Second Row: Kim Allen. Thomas Simpson. Kevin Caswell, Perry Couchell, Kim Anderson. Third Row: Joey Gladden, Warren Phillips, Jeff Malhews. 6AfForelgn Language Club This ls a plnafa, made by one of The Spanish sTudenTs for Foreign Lan- guage Week. Jo Sfegmler supervises The clean up commlTTee for The Foreign Lan- guage Club Chrisfmas Party. Bette Campagna relaxes while read- THE ing the school newspaper between gage! X classes. FRE S A Dwayne Mason, Paul McPaul, and Beth A McLaughlin socialize after eating their ..-f international dinner. FRENCH - Terrence Adrey, Daniel Allison, Charlene Altman, Elizabeth Black, Madle Bradley, Jlll Brown, Trinetta Brown, Angie Brumfleld, Duc-Trl Bul, Trl-Quoz Bul, Van Bul, Cammle Caddell, Joy Cameron, Mark Carr, Denise Chislom, Jenni Christmas, Tanya Clinton, Ylvonnla Conner, Stephanie Cook, Tracie Cook, Cheryl Covington, Terrl Crawford, Llnda Culbertson, Elizabeth Curlee, Kirk Daniel, Gene Davis, Michelle Davis, Keith Dean, Thusith Desilva, Lisa Dickson, Trip Dlilon, Stephanie Dupont, Pam Eason, Julie Eubanks, Steven Eudy, Jackie Flagg, Jackie Gathings, Bernice Gibson, Julie Green, Scott Griflin, Jenny Griffith, Thayne Harmon, Kelly Harris, Cheryl Head, Joy Head, Wayne Hughes, Wesley Hunter, Drea Jackson, Robby Jones, Chris Keene, Meg Kenny, Davld Kerns, Myra Klker, Almeta Kllgo, Ron Klnard, Sandy Knight, Heather Lamb, Christine Lane, Tony Laugbrun, Kimberly Ledford, Eric Livingston, Chize Love, Speedy Mack, Kelly Mann, Dwayne Mason, Angie Massey, Shaun Masten, Karla Mayer, Stefanie McCIeary, Mike McLendon, Lydia Melchor, Melinda Mlller, Francie Mitchell, Todd Moms, Renee Nance, Susan Neumann, Loan Nguyen, Mydieu Nguyen, Nick Patel, Dawn Phelps, Laura Ponder, Felicia Roddey, Mark Sanders, Dalleen Schlackman, Bobby Scott, Selard Searles, Neerja Sharma, Dawn Shooke, Becky Sibley, Novella Simpson, Randy Smith, Andy Smlthey. Chris Spain, Angle Stafford, Darlene Stitt, Rita Sutton, Toni Sutton, Terence Thomas, Lisa Tucker, Faith Wallace, Lara Weibel, Crystal Whaley, Michael Whaley, Lou-Anne Whltt, Cynthia Williams, Princetta Wilson, Marc Wint, Susan Wise, Patsy Wyatt, Ricardo Young, I r ,rf A I if H, SPANSH - Torrance Adams, Jason Alen, Thomas Alen, Scott Aknes, Luisa Anderson, Ricky Anderson, Cecile Anthony, Stan Amtstrong, Thomas Amold. Charles Austin. Mark Avant, Ken Beard, Shay Bennett, Gary Black, Melissa Bolton, Jeff Brelsacher, Kevin Brewer, Greg Broadway, Stephanie Brooks, Traci Brown, Krlstl Burris, Donald Butler, Charles Colfer, Renee Cherry, Hslu-Chl Lul, Michelle Coe, Jeff Cook, Lisa Corder, Joan Davls, Chris Dailey, Johnny Dickinson, Melinda Dixon. Roslyn Dixon, Steve Drye. Cheryl Elman, Oscar Eubanks, Tonya Fllmore, Angela Fisher, Theresa Ford, Zoe Fortos, Lisa Furr, Kyle Gaither, Taleena Gardner, Mike Gibson, Susan Gilmore, Rlcky Grlce, Andre Grier, Lisa Griffith, Carol Grlndstaff, Robby Haine, David Hamilton, Toni Hammock, Todd Henllne, Chris l-iortls, Jimmy Harris, Christy Hefner, Patrick Hepler, Julie Higgins, Dawn Hilton, Mitch Hoffman, Brenda Huntley, Belinda Hutchins, Joel Jackson, David Jennings, Sam Jordan, Sharon Kelly, Kathy Keziah, Steve King, Mark Klser, Benito Kyle, Shannon Lamm, Deborah Land, Tommie Lankford, James Laughrun, Krlsth Leath, Klm Lee, Donald Lllly, Amy Llndler, Jeff Lindsay, Jackie Manson, Tabatha Martin, John Mauldin, David Mathews. Cheryl McClammy, Evette McCloud, Maurice McCord, Stephanie McCoy, Bob McDonald, Tami McElrnore, Stewart Mclllroy, Tracy McHon, Beth McLaughlin, Shelley Melvin, Laura Miller. Rickie Miller, Sharon Mobley, Marlo Morris, My Nyguen, Phi-Dung Nyguen, David Nicholson, Stacey Oxendlne, Wanda Pagoota, Theresa Perry. Michelle Phlfer, Heldl Plrtle, Ross Pitts, John Pittman, Leslie Pointer, Melody Poplin, Chris Potts, Eric Pressley, Brenda Prince, William Purcell, Renda Read, John Rice, Lavonla Rose, Kim Rudlsell, Sheila Schweers, Vlkkl Setzer, Lataundrio Simpson, Arthur Smith, Dawn Smith, Jackie Smith, Stacie Smith, Jenny Spratt, Charles Stewart, Kim Stewart, Jeff Stevens, Sandy Stonebraker, Sharon Suddreth, Cynthia Snyder, Cheryl Taylor, Dana Taylor, Angela Teal, Frank Timberlake, Suzanne Turner, Carole Walker, Monica Warters, Kelly Waters, Ray Wilks, Kristin Williams, Ben WWCXTISOD, Gayle Wood, Trina Woodland, Saffron Wright, Bert Voswlnkle, Foreign Language Clubf 65 All The Way I Wendy Jervis prepares food for FHA member I luncheon. FHA, FuTure Homemakers of Amer- ica celebraTed iTs AOTh year during 4984-4985. FuTure Homemakers of America lnnovaTive programs have Touched The lives of millions of young people Through local chapTers. CurrenTly There are 28 members and A advisors. Each sTudenT member has been very acTive, and exclTed abouT The acTivlTies of FHA. FHA-Hero are Two combined clubs ThaT are opened To all sTudenTs involved in a Home Economics Class. WiTh The help of Advisors, Bernice Caldwell, Maxine Berry, Frances Graves, and Pamela Huss The sTudenTs learn a greaT deal in The upcoming fuTure, and how To assume Their roles in socieTy Through home economics educaTion. l Fronf Row: Pamela Huss - Advisor, LaTonia FeTherson - Vice PresidenT, CaTherine Mason - PresidenT, Kelly Johnson - ICC l?epresenTaTive, Kelly Harris - Social CommiTTee Chairman, Wendy Jervis - Treasurer, Laura Gray - SecreTary, Maxine Berry - Advisor. Second Row: Angela CureTon, Maureen Ly, Kahlud Badran, DeTrina GarreTT, Pam Sykes, Angie Brumfield, Angela PorTer, Gina MarTin. Back Row: Melinda Dixon, Darlene Wilson, Carol Guice, Harold Pauley, VicTor Hall, Ruby Rivers, Sara CoxTon, Lisa SeawrighT, Joyce Bolman. 66fFHA SVP: A New Judy Lowe prepares sTudenTs for an upcoming Beginning STudenTs VocaTional PreparaTion was a new club aT G-aringer, com- monly referred To as S.V.P. The concepT of The club was To creaTe job inTeresT, leadership, a sfrong char- , acTer, as well as encourage confidenT involvemenT in social acTiviTies. Along wiTh Their supporTive advi- sor, Judy Lowe, They collecTed money for The empTy sTocking fund, gave a needy family a ChrisTmas BaskeT, Took a Trip To a childrens home and had various speakers come To The classes and Talk abouT good job opporTuni- Ties. Judy Lowe noTed ThaT because of fsf' being a new club, This' pasT year was basically jusT a sTepping sTone for The years To come. zzz, A 5:32 Q-i Q Front Row: Mickey Oliver, Mark Mize, Jeff Thomas, Charles Peoples, Weldon McBride, John Keziah. Second Row: Judy Lowe - Advisor, Terrell Meadows, Kay Guice - Treasurer, Mike LighTner - Vice President Rubonia Anihony, Reggie KirkpaTrick, VicTor Hall, Roberr Gee - President Back Row: BeniTa WhlTe, VeniTa Hood, Angela CureTon, Tara Galloway - SecreTary, Janice Smifh, PaT Dunlap - Reporier, Sandra Haga, Maureen Ly. svpfw The Real World DisTribuTive EducaTion Classes of America, more commonly known as DECA, has been a viTal parT of The school in pasT years and has conTinued This TradiTion. DECA parTicipaTed in communiTy projecTs, raised money for The sTarving in Elhiopia, helped Take invenTory aT Belk's, and held Their annual fashion show. WiTh The help of advisors Delores Jones, Libby Howey, and Nancy Burgess, some DECA members worked hard and were able To parTicipaTe in DisTricT CompeTiTion held aT Myers Park and CPCC. Pres- idenT Julie Higgins won an award for her ouTsTanding leadership in one compeTiTion. Vice-PresidenT Eric Living- sTon advised, "lf you have a chance To be in DECA, do iT, iT will help you in The fuTure. The experience has enriched my life in areas of poliTics, econ- omics, and in my everyday dealing wlTh people." !l The officers are Joann HamilTon, Julie Higgins, Jamie Deal. Back Row: Lisa Furr, Eric LivingsTon, Randy LiTTle. safoscfa FronT Row: John Pappas, YveTTe Blackmon, Candle Jones, Pam Simmons, Sheila Gardner, Trinea Fordham, Jamie Deal, Chris SmiTh, Joey Horne. Second Row: Valerie Davis, Laionia FeTherson, Caiherine Mason, Sheryl SmiTh, Tommie Lankford, Traci Brown, CynThia Nivens, AnneTTe Gee, Janice SmiTh. Third Row: Dawn Hillon, PaTTy Koonce, Teresa CureTon, Delores Williams, Ramona Hall, Tracey Mock, Doug Keesler, Brad SmiTh, FourTh Row: CrysTal Roseboro, Karen McKee, Valerie Moore, Suzanne Turner, STacey SmiTh, Jennifer Deery, Solly CarTer, Ronald Robinson, FifTh Row: Genise Moore, Rena Brandow, Mary Jennings, Randy LiTTle, Tami McLemore, Lou-Anne WhiTT, Fronza KirkpaTrick, Darrell Brewer, Jason Allen. SixTh Row: Phil Flowe, Jason NobliTT, Ricky Bosiic, ClayTon Hailey, Eric LivingsTon, Tim Thompson, Tony Bosh, PaTrick Glover, Richard Sianley. f '- -'wi y . Q . "' rr N. u FronT Row: Debbie BrewTon, Darlene HuTchlns, Jackie Brewion, Donna HuTchlns, Pairina Kelly, Lee Ann Helms, PaTTy Presnell, Joann HamiITon, Angie Massey, JaneT Crowe. Second Row: Melissa Bridges, KrisTie Aikens. Toni SuTTon, Lisa Furr, Angela JusTice, Kelly Parks, Revonda Hudson, DeTrina GarreTT, Kaihy Keziah. Third Row: Kelly Johnson, Melissa Brazell, Julie Higgins, Sheri BlanTon, Michelle Simpson, Susan Gilmore, Shelly Melvin. FourTh Row: Missy Harvey, David Crowson, Lee Frickhoeffer, Ray Wilks, Tony Price, Lee SmiTh, Rhonda Harmon, Tony Grier, Dana Hall, Elzener Jenkins, Francie MiTchell, Peggy PaiT, Siephanie DuPonT. Back Row: WalTer Harlow, Darrell Perry, Kevin Kimble, Pam TripleTTe, Shawn MasTen, Paige ParroTT. The fifth period officers are as follows: Smlfhey, Dana Taylor, and Julie Green. STepping inTo The FuTure The Science Club spenT The year conTinuing To build a solid base in The five sciences: biology, chemisTry, physics, physical science, and earTh science. As a TesT of Their knowledge, members of The Science Club parTicipaTed in a Science Olympiad held aT ST. Andres in Laurinburg, N.C. Combining Their aThleTic abiIiTies wiTh Their scienTific knowledge The group won second place in The compeTiTion. The Science Club Took parT in oTher evenTs ThroughouT The year. A Trip To The zoo and a Teleconference wiTh a NASA official abouT fuTurisTic air TransporTaTion highlighTed a few of The acTiviTies in which The club parTicipaTed. Advisor, Jim Dixon planned and coordinaTed all of The clubs acTiviTies. PresidenT of The sixTh period Science Club, ScoTT GeisTer sTaTed, "Being in The Science Club has been a greaT learning experience. l'm sure iT will help me in The fuTure." The sixTh period officers are ScoTT GeisTer - President lnder Sharma - Secrefaryp Tim Payne - Vice-Presidenfz Neerja Sharma - Treasurer. Fronf Row: Julie Green, Cheryl Covlngfon, Dana Taylor, lnder Sharma, Tim Payne, Andy Smifhey, ScoTT Geisfer, Neerja Sharma. Second Row: Jackie Flagg. Laura Miller, Gary Espin. Jennifer ChrisTmas, Chris Keene, Mike Crockford, Zoe Forios. Third Row: Tabafha MarTIn, Karla Mayer, Sharon Gleaves, Suresh DeSilva, Trip Reynolds, Thusifh DeSilva. FourTh Row: Jeff Miell, Joan Davis, Korky Mann, Joe Davis, Shannon Mifzel, Jef- fery MaTThews, Norman Nguyen, Son Nguyen. Fiffh Row: Todd Plerceali, Jason NobliTT, Krisfen LeaTh, Shane Tucker, Paul Dorn, Tommy Havelos, Jim Dixon - advisor. Science Club 169 9' fy w-Wiwwwhwm I K FronT row Kelly Andrews Vice For Success ln oddiTion To The regulor Bible sTudies, The Bible ll closs porTicipoTed in vorious ocTiviTies involving our school ond communiTy. The closs begon The yeor by recognizing speciol people whose conTribuTions were greoT buT Their proise wos noT. ln November The closs sponsored The onnuol Thonksgiv- ing ProiecT by receiving ond disTribuT- ing non-perishoble iTems from severol homerooms ond sending newsleTTers To former sTudenTs who ore now in college. VisiTing The Children's Words ond Nursing Homes wiTh fovors, greeTings, ond smiles, helping wiTh The onnuol Blood Mobile, ond lending supporT To school funcTions, ore only o few of The mdny Things The Bible ll closs occomplished. The moin Theme of Bible ll wos besT summed up by presidenT BerT Giles wiTh Proverbs 4633, l'CommiT To The Lord whdTever you do, ond your plons will succeed." PoTrino Kelly spends Time in closs sTudylng The books of The Bible, Froni row: Angie Boucom, Dono Holi, Poirino Kelly, Koren l-lollingsworlh. Second row: LoVerne Wright, Kelly Andrews, Williorn Wolson, Tornmi Bigby, Sharon Mills, Kimberly Siewori, Chris G-lodden. Third row: Dwoyne Collins, Seon Goiis, Beri G-iles, Chris Long, Chris Neville, Rhondo Rickenbooker, Donny Godwin. X1 Kelly Andrews onswers o queslion on o subjeoi she hos been well-versed in. Bible ii 171 A Cut Above Robin Wilson discover' the world of The Biology IXAG class has much to reflect on: magazine articles, oxford readers only a Ph.d under- stands, rotting beans, end- less hours of impossible homework, and test after test after test. Their teacher J. R. Johnson explained, "The kids in- volved in the academically gifted program are easily bored, so you have to keep them occupied or they lose interest." He continued, "You also have to push an AG student harder to get him or her to reach their potential." Tests in Biology lfAG are not simple one period tests like normal classes, but they are long drawn out affairs that can last anywhere from two to three full periods. Many of the students give up a large part of their lunch periods to complete these tests. "His tests were the hardest ones l have ever taken in my life." exclaimed Cheryl Covington. Another large part of their class time was spent doing hands-on dissections. They completed a total of six dissections. Included among these were a frog and a fetal pig. "I had never done anything quite like this before and I don't really want to do it again if possible," explained Tab- atha Martin. Between tests and dis- sections. class time was spent doing labs, micro- scope work, and usually taking pages of notes. "lt seemed that the notes would never end. He just kept throwing them at us but l felt l learned quite a bit from them," stated Duc Bui. Chad Leatherwood Mark Avant and microscopic organisms Front Row: Pat Lanier, Trip Dllllon, Cheryl Covington, Dana Taylor, Tabatha Martin, Karla Mayer, Joan Davis. Second Row: Perry Couchell, Patsy Wyatt, Robin Wilson, Jackie Flagg, Christine Lane. Back Row: J. R. Johnson, Teacher, Duc Bui, Chris Burns, Jeff McElroy, Andy Smithey, Chad Leatherwood, Mark Avant. QNot Pictured, Joy Cameronq 72fBiology IXAG Studying some strange organisms like la Volvox or an Amoeba, Patsy Wyatt lleans over her microscope. 61. Q Clowning around and not doing his lab work, Andy Smithey proves to the class that man cannot fly. l 3 t , if fr W, ,. H I if Because of class size, Biology I AG students have more freedom to roam around the room in search of answers. While reading Instructions before beginning work, Karla Mayer relaxes. Biology VAC-if 73 Biology ll . . . No Cure Found Yet A funny, tingling sensation in your hands: strained, red eyes: and extremely weird urges to cut open small animals are all symptoms of a typical case of Biology ll syndrome. As with all exotic diseases, there are usually only a few ways of transmitting this rare disease. First, accounting for the ting- ling sensation in The hands, are the hours and hours of notes, draw- ings, quizzes, papers, and magazine articles experienced by all good Biology ll students. Next, accounting for the strained, red eyes, are the days spent gazing through a micros- cope in amazement. This occurs, for the most part, while studying botany and anatomy, and at times it seems that your eyelids are stuck to the eyepiece. Last but not least, accounting for the urge to cut open small animals, are the times when you find yourself standing over slightly mutilated pigs, sharks, pigeons, and even squids. These activities, although believed to be the cause of Biology ll syndrome, are all a part of the curriculum. lt was designed for students who have finished Biology l and have a special interest in furthering their biological studies. JR. Johnson, who teaches the class, gets great pleasure out of seeing the syndrome infest all of his students. "When former students come back to you years later and thank you for teaching them on the college level, you know that your methods have merit," explained Johnson. Although there is the risk of catching Biology ll syndrome, this class is probably one of the most rewarding and challenging courses offered. Kernel by kernel, Melissa Russ counts her genetic corn. Front Row: Angle Hughes, Scott Gelster, Mitch Hofmann, Robin Howard Second Row: Melissa Russ, Korky Mann, Debbie Turbyfill, Marlo Morris Third Row: lnder Sharma, Lisa Reynolds, Todd Webber Back Row: Bill Hartley, John Koch, Gena Chambers, Verna Ferrell, Angie Cawa Completing his homeworkj Todd Webber hurrles to turn it ln. 74fBloIogy II ,sf f on eor of corn, Llso Reynolds her kernels To complefe o study. , Qne, two, lhree . . . Blll Hcrfley focuses rn on o single kernel of corn, As Korky Monn lgnores her, Marlo Morris figures our thot she con"r ect lomlnaled corn and lnsfeod, decldes to count l'r.v Wlfh o pencil, Debbie Turbyflll polnls out o purple, wrinkled kemel of corn.A Concenrroling on her eor of corn. Angie Hughes aggressively counts eoch kemel.4 VV Blology llf75 3-2-'I I I I AcTionlll Ill The Garinger Radio and producing, and performing in Television course was an im- commercials. mense program in The sTaTe of NorTh Carolina. Under The direcTion of Charles Gordon, This Two period a day course gave sTudenTs The basic skills needed for a career in broad- casTing. The firsT year, sTudenTs spenT Their Time comprehend- ing The operaTion of The equipmenT and amending Their announcing Techniques. During The second year, sTudenTs masTered wriTlng, "We read a loT of Shake- speare because iT was difficulT To read, and if They can read ThaT Caloudj, They can read anyThing," Gordon said. The sTudenTs Took various field Trips To Television sTaTions including WSOC T.V. in Char- loTTe. The sTudenTs learned ThaT There was more To radio and Television Than Talking and lisTening To music. Thayne Harmon is in full conTrol of his camera during a Taping. fa, RoberT STewarT and SCOTT McGuirT Take Time ouT To relax. 76fRadiofTelevision FronT Row: Andre Jones, Eric Graham, Pervis Thomas, Reggie Grier, Todd Morris, Jeff Phillips. Second Row: Charles YoTer, Reggie Malker, Boris SweiTzer, STeve Keno, DexTer BunTs, Todd Webber, Shelly Fox. Third Row: Charles Gordon - advisor, Susan Linder, Allison McDon- old, AniTa RaTliffe, Lisa GriffiTh, SyBrenna Hickland, Rachel Lewis. .J ,A 1, Preparing to go on the air, Shelly Fox gathers last minute bits and pieces. 092 k... H The radio and broadcasting room can be a difficult place. Rachel Lewis and Shelly Fox "cue up" a record. 'C . .'Qws ff , .. li I' n i TT?" Qi? AFront Row: Gerrace Headen, gy. Cincerely McRae, Pam Eason. Second Row: John Stewart, Todd S Z3 Cheech, Doug Hefner, Rodney i-'Wm Boone, Glen Satterfield, Chris Cur- ley, Charles Gordon - advisor. Third Row: Thayne Harmon, Rusty lsreal. .ww..m.A,.,W,, 4Anita Ratlifte, Shelly Fox, Rachel Lewis, and Lisa Griffith discuss their individual assignments. Radio fTelevision f 77 VICA Clubs . . . VICA, VocaTional lndusTrial Clubs of Arnerica, was Taken advanTage of by rnany sTudenTs To develop skills in high school. These classes, such as DrafTing, prepared sTudenTs for The working world by Training Them wiTh on hands experience. DrafTing l classes learned To use drawing insTrumenTs, how-To-draw wiTh drafTing ink, and geomeTric consTrucTion. DrafTing ll learned basic consTrucTion plans, floor plans, and how They are consTrucTed. FronT Row: Wesley Hepler, Russell Schneck, Trey Lankford, Gene Brown, John Dunn, NaThanieI Davis. Second Row: Renee SrniTh, David MaTThews, Chris Manley, Shane Tucker, and Ivan Alexander. STarTing The day off righT, Chris Manley works on his drafting assignrnenT second period. fd DrafTing VICA Club Officers: Wesley Hepler - SecreTary, Chris Manley - Vice President Ivan Alexander A Club Advisor, John Dunn - Treasurer, Gene Brown - l?eporTer, Tony Purcell - ParliarnenTarian, and Shane Tucker - PresidenT,v DrafTing Teacher, Richard Hender- son, gives his sTudenTs a learning experience, and also fun.v ............ f C, ' . , Q T 1 T S 78fVlCA T Lewis Johnson works on projecT for STeve Purvis, shop Teacher, in machine shop. .yo19'41Wk ,Wye +14 Building Toddy For A BelTer Tomorrow lndusTrial ArTs courses TaughT sTudenTs many skills needed for Today's indusTrial world. These courses consisTed of learning The fundamenTals of woodworking, following safeTy procedures, and moking such producTs as bookshelves, capineirs, and oTher wood producTs. VICA won firsT ond second place in Division 6 VlCA compeTiTion aT STanley Tech and Albemarle. Hard work and creaTiveness really paid off. Machine Shop VICA Club. FronT Row: Mark Hopkins, Tim Pence, and Eric Springs, Second Row Harold Pauley, Willie WesTbrooks, Allen Tillman, Tyron Simmons, and STeve Purvis - Advisor. Third Row: l?oberT Decker, Aaron lvlcKnighT, and Lewis Johnson, STeve STanek uses The Toble saw To clear his wood jusT The riQhT size, ........-ill Harry SechresT works wiTh sTudenTs on indusTrial skills and abilifies. VlCAf7O Excellence in Action Each year the Vocational lndus- triai Clubs have given many students practical work experience during high school. The large number of courses provided help to students in choosing a good career and practicing skills such as graphic arts. Graphic VICA Club Front Row: Renee Smith, Darlene Barnette, Sherri Edwards, Aaron Bucannon, James Snyder, Lea Ann Helms, Allison McDonald, Toni Clune and Erwin Springs. Second Row: Pat Land, Tawanda Allen, Renita Crawford, Angela Hall, Amy Joe Moore, Marsha Schaffer and Bill Collins, Third Row: Mark Hopkins, Sam Stinson, Scott Travis, Richard Montoaue, Anita Ratliffe, and Deloris Williams. Bus Drivers - Job Well Done Whether we knew it or not, being a bus driver meant a great deal of responsibility. Transporting students to school safely was not as easy as it may have seemed, especially when twenty to over forty students were on one bus at the same time. Each bus driver must have had a valid North Carolina drivers license for at least six month prior to taking bus driving. l l Front Row: Darrin Stinson, Randy Roberts, Jeff Crowder, Rodney McClure, Mike Whaley, and Charles Council. Second Row: Johnnie Mcllwaine, Anthony Washington, Gerald Teeter, Tyrone Simmons, Ruby Dean, Michael Raley, Bernard Elmore, and William Thompson. Third Row: Renee Smith, Kenneth Monroe, Cathy Pettit, Kenneth Jones, Rene Austin, Mickey Oliver, Kevin Rudisell, and Cedric Anthony. Fourth Row: Reggie Miller and Lee Staten. Fifth Row: Willie Westbrook, Jeff McMurray, Ralph McKlsslck, and Victor Hall. Top: Scott Sawyer. 8OfVlCA, Bus Drivers 4 2 ff M f f 4 F l l 15 Ill' gg Y Zane 65 guy" .gf 3 x 1 ' - .ff 2 31 0 X . QE K i gy, r Y ft!! '31, ' ' X, T 0 3 N, .- . gf gil ...,,M, 'Q -W. 5 K MQ .... ,W 5 I 33 , Q Mm 1 4 Wm. 'x ,, mv, f . wg ff, ?'i"- 9 . 0, ., f . j X K ' A 0 GSM' I o A Q 0 0 E2 0 itfkxil, 5 . gigs? -.. .2 .5 L fr Quin x ,, . v A -QE 1 Q 3.5 A 1 Q Q av. L Q 'f Q ' quvcafa . s ...vb Boys Color Guard: Bo Marlin, Rusty Doss, Lynord Wynn, Vincent Black 3 JY , i YZ ,R ig 1 N g,sA.z3.,i ,. H., ,,,W, ,, was G Boys Drill Team Girls Drill Team B2fJR.O.T.C. Girls Color Guard: Debbie Deese Lisa Edwards, Tammy Smith , .. , . fvtv- A.. 0-.Q A' , 4 41 lllwnxnnnl 17 Company A Company B Company C J.R.o.T.c. 183 MasTers of Trivia ConTrary To belief, The High-Q Team was noT a True indicaTion of inTellecTual abiliTy. The advisor JudiTh Lowe commenTed, 'lThe members had To have a quick recall, and have a wide range of inTeresTs. The Team pracTiced long and hard in order To do well in compeTiTion wiTh oTher high schools in NorTh Carolina." The capTain, Angie Hughes added. l'The High-Q Team has enriched my life and noT only has been a menTal challenge buT also fun." The compeTing Teams were asked general knowledge quesTions on a varieTy of subjecTs. The subjecTs included currenT evenTs, sporTs, hisTory, science, music, geo- graphy, and a range of oTher Topics. The Team members included The following: Angie Hughes, cap- Taing BeTh McLaughlin, Chris Keene, Dwayne Mason, and Paul Dorn. RepresenTing The Team as scorer was Joseph SmiTh. BeTh McLaughlin shows Off her new High-Q SWGOT Shll'TS. BeTh McLaughlin, Paul Dorn, Chris Keene, Dwayne Mason, Angie Hughes - CapTain. NoT Picfuredz Joseph Smith. Joseph SmiTh. Angie Hughes, and Dwayne Mason use valuable Time aT school To enrich Their knowledge. Srlflfligh-Q I .wi Angie Hughes quizzes Joseph SmiTh. Dwayne Mason, and BeTh McLaughlin ouT of a Trivia book. Sopranos use The firsT few minuTes of class To warm-up Their volces. Noievvorlhy Tradiiion Once again, The choral deparTmenT proved why iT is considered one of The mosT respecfed choirs around. The deparTmenT consisfed of The Garinger Singers, Women's Ensemble and Men's Ensemble, who repre- senTed The school well, by making a superior in The annual conTesT held aT WesT CharloTTe. ln addiTion To These groups are The Garinger Townsingers, who spenT The year performing aT various conTesTs and bandueTs. Of course none of This would have been accomplished wlThouT The supporT and encouragemenf of Their direcTor, MaryAnn CarpenTer. Jennifer PorTer, a senior choral sTudenT said, 'll believe Mrs. Carpenter will always mainTain The sfandards ThaT have been already seT in years before." Whafever The case, The choir is one of The few TradiTions ThaT can be counTed on To conTinue in The fuTure. AfTer all The work, The choir adds The finishing Touches. QW. 065 Fronf row: Rlfa Suffon, Carol Walker, Beverly Burris, Regina Ellisen, Rachel Lewis, Randy LiTTle, Mike Wade, Gary Espin, Scoff Blakely, Rusfy Israel, Susan Dean, Melissa Pope, Jennifer PorTer, Pam BuTTs. Second row: Donna Crawford, Sharon Mobley, Kourfenay Barnard, Karla Maynor, William Witherspoon. Jamie Snyder, Dwayne Mason, Anfonio Campbell, Lisa Eddins, Melissa Brazzell, Jeanne Pegram, Romana Hall, Carol G-rindsTaff. Third row: Romonda Harris, Teresa Crockeff, Kim Rudisill, Renee Robinson, Liesl BaTTle, Jill PeTTus, Todd Cheek, Carl Sevier, Jason NobbiT, Thomas BenneTT, Vicki Fowler, Angie Davis, Denise Chavis, Karen Lewis. Fourfh row: Dailene Schlackman, Lenifa Weldon, Melissa Russ, Allison Delaney, David Elms, Doug Hanline, Chris Frye, Andy Smifhey, Keifh Paylor, Vik Sfegmeir, Eddie Rorie, Lafricia PraTT, Jennifer Baker, Mary Jennings. cnoirfss First Row: Rita Sutton, Carol Walker, Beverly Burris, Kourtenay Barnard, Rachel Lewis, Lori Lewis, Susan Dean, Sandy Knight, Melissa Pope, Jennifer Porter, Pam Butts. Second Row: Donna Crawford, Denise Chavis, Kim Rudisell, Carol Grindstaff, Regina Ellison, Karla Mayer, Kelly Bean, Kay Rogers, Robin Wilson, Tabatha Martin, Melissa Braz- zell, Jeanne Pegram, Angela Hall, Janet Crowe, Third Row: Sharon Mobley, Ramonda Harris, DeTrina Garret, Renee Robinson, Liesl Battle, Jill Pettus, Janice Sanderson, Michelle Bell, Darlene Wilson, Lori SmiTh, Vicki Hall, Ramona Hall, Karen Lewis. Fourth Row: Dallene Schlackman, Rosa Crump, Angel Haney, Jennifer Christmas, Lenlta Weldon, Melissa Russ, Allison Delaney, Latonia Corbitt, Angela Davis, Jennlfer Baker, Mary Jenningsy iss ,ss :Sirk "NE The altos, of The Garinger Town Singers, try their best to memorize si, their partsy g sgg gg, , 86fChoir AThe sopranos carefuly watch The direction of MaryAnn Carpenter. MaryAnn Carpenter makes sure the choir is on pitch, at all Timesy Cholr Officers: Mike Wade - Llbrarlan, Kourienay Barnard - IVlce-President, Alllson Delaney - President, Karen Lewis - Librarian, David Elms - SecretaryfTreasurer. Garinger Townsingers: Donna Crawford, Mlke Wade, Sharon Mobiey, Thomas Bennett, Kourtenay Barnard, Randy Little, Rita Sutton, Gary Espen, Alllson Delaney, Andy Smithey, Karen Lewis, Rusty lsreal, Liesl Battle, David Elms, Jill Pettus, Doug Hanline, Vicki Fowler, Todd Cheek, Ramona Hall. Qfmw.-sf...,.::, .gg s. .W . 'K -.29 .. T,-'i5,.-gf? will K . K f, - Men's Ensemble Front Row: ,,,,t-- ,,hxl K K Randy Little, William Wither- EF spoon, Mike Wade, Gary 5 Espin, Scott Blakely. Second J Row: Dwayne Mason, Jamie h , Snyder, Jason Nobbit, Eddie F Q xkf' fl Rorie Rusty Israel, Todd Cheek. A i':- I ' -,l Third Row: Thomas Bennett, , .,,,. Andy Smithey, Chris Frye, J :': J Antonio Campbell, Doug Han- N Q X W are ,N J 'V . I "iii line, David Elms. ChoIrf87 AlmeTa Kilgo, Jill Brown, Dawn Shooke, Leslie Poinfer, Jackie SmiTh, Camie Caddell, Parks Reid, Valerie Sledge, Sherry Ward. Marie Horne. A Touch of Class The orchesTra, which was comprised of sTrings only, pursued The Music DeparTmenT's goals Through rehearsal and musical reciTals. These reciTals represenTed major hisTorical periods of classical music. Individual musicianship was sTrengThened Through a sTrucTured series of evaluaTive performances. These performances gave The orchesTra The opporTuniTy To display Their TalenT and show whaT They had learned. Concerf masfer AlmeTa Kigo sTaTed, 'il Think The orchesTra adds a refreshing Touch of class To Garlngerf' Musical Achievers ClarineTisT Loren Charnley and saxophone player CaThy PeTTiT demonsTraTed Their musical apiliTies and Technical know-how aT The annual All-STaTe Band audifion. PeTTiT received second chair honor and Charnley won Third chair. Their compeTlTion was fierce, and each should be congraTulaTed for Their ouTsTanding achievemenTs. T 88fInsfrumenTal Music Loren Charnley and Cafhy PeTTiT consider iT an honor To be chosen for All-Sfafe Band, Playing his heorT ouT, Loren Chornley exemplifies The excellence of The lviorching Bond during cz hcilfTime show. .Xw nw' V .H Mork Jones leods off The fons wiih o loud round of l'We Love Wildcofsf' we W Nw' Af pf TrumpeT line Ieocls The bross sechon The holfTime ocTiviTies GT The Norih gome. The Symphonic Bond is responsible for performing numerous concerTs. Music Conoidsf8O First Row: Lynn Edwards, Debby Mcvicker, Alicia Croom, Sabrina Hick- lin, Erin Poole, Tracy Baber, Loren Charnley, Second Row: Gena Chambers, Terri Blackmon, Brian Till- man, Eric McDaniel, Stan Armstrong, Catrina Ross, Fred Holmes, Doug Phillips, Cathy Pettit, Angie Smith, Lori Davis, Kim Anderson, Leandra Baker. Third Row: Meg Kenny, Pam Martin, Michael Whaley, Barney Brannon, Bill Hartley, Kent Margraves, David Jen- nings, Mark Jones, Frank Timberlake, Stephanie Brooks, Will Duke, Dwayne Woodard, Thelonius Reed, Chris Dailey, Maurice McCord, Jeff Ste- phens, Cline Gore, Vonyada McKee. Fourth Row Qstandingj: Tony Maxwell, Mark Sanders, Reggie Hartgrove. The Agony And The Ecstacy auditions conducted by Dr. Robert Maddox. How did the band members describe band? "Rowdy!" commented clarinetist Kim An- derson. The next level of band was Symphonic Band or Band ll. lt consisted mainly of juniors and seniors, but also contained sophomores who showed their individual talent through Lf Musical Youth The Concert Band or Band I was officially thought of as the prerequisite for the next level, Symphonic Band. Concert Band prepared sophomores and juniors for more advanced music. Led by Dr. Robert Maddox, the Concert Band gave seasonal concerts throughout the year so that students could become aware of Garinger's successful music department. QOflnstrumental Music First Row: Michelle Jaycox, Angie Horne, Stephanie Mills, Chantelle Gulledge, Kim Turner, Terri Kanipe, Tommie Turner. Second Row: Sheila Schweers, Teresa Perry, Tracy Smith, Tonya Hamilton, Gary Black, Donnie Floyd, Steve Dean, Jimmie Harrison, Mary Crowder, Annette Covington, Trinicia Strickland, Theresa Ford. Third Row Cstanclingj: James Norman, Jimmy Tatsis, Chuck Austin, Joy Cameron, Lee Oxendine, Chris Burns, Lisa Norris, Mike Crockforcl. Third Row Cseatedj: Jason Allen, Scott Hall, Craig Allen, Patrick Lanier, RoberT Maddox prepares The drum majors for Their half-Time performance. Majors in Music Drum majors Dawn Heard and Brian Tillman capTivaTed The audiences wiTh Their exciTing and individual Techniques. Along wiTh conducTing The marching band aT fooiball games away and aT home ThroughouT The season, They also led The band in seasonal parades, including The Carrousel Parade and The Shrine Bowl. Senior Dawn Heard commenT- ed, "PosiTion of drum major required a loT of responsibiliTy, buT along wiTh ThaT came fun because Brian Tillman made iT worThwhile. Good luck Brianl" The drum majors conducT marching band aT an afTer school praciice session. i lm Dawn Heard receives applause and praise for The majors' ouTsTanding performance. Y Q' Nervousness shows, especially on fhe face of Debby McVlcker who copes by eafing her flufe. ll's your turn. Jomes McCoy and Russell Mifchell practice a drum cadence before a pep rally. H Lg 31-Q A , ' 'fm Y A .fll Blowlng fhelr hardesf, fhese clarlnef and flufe players make playlng an lnsfrumenf look easy. Drum majors Dawn Heard and Brlan Tlllman wall fo dlrecl The flghf song. Beaflng on a drum. Chuck Ausfln and Tony Maxwell fry To enlerfaln themselves before a half flme show. 92fMarchlng Band 'Inu '46- ,J 'an Going From Rags To Riches ln The beginning, when The band was wiThouT form and void: and confusion covered The faces of The upcoming sophomores, Doc said, "LeT There be music:" and There was music. They pracTiced hour upon hour in The hoT, swelTering, AugusT sun, in prepo- raTion for The firsT game and The many oThers To come. Gradually, as The band became beTTer organized, more and more acTiviTies were planned. FirsT came The playing of The USTar Spangled Banner" for PresidenT Reagan when PaTienTly waTching, Dwayne Woodard waiTs To march onTo The field aT halftime. Marching down The sTreeT, The band and leTTer girls in The annual Carrousel Parade. he visiTed CharloTTe. Then came The Carrousel Parade which is a yearly evenT and The Time when They could show off Their qualiTy band. They also presenTed four shows of marching music on sTage for The sTudenT body and parenTs. LasT, buT definiTely noT leasT, was The firsT place Trophy which The band won for being The besT overall band, ouT of 16, in The Shrine Bowl Parade. You can definiTely say ThaT The marching band had a very busy year and can be proud of iTs accomplish- menTs. Sophomore and junior band members really have someThing To look forward To. GeTTing ready for a halftime show, STan ArmsTrong helps Gary Black buTTon his overlay. 'U' "' ""l' " . ,aw 1: Marching Bandf93 The LeTiergirls Wanna Be STarlin' SomeThing AfTer aTTending camp for tive scorching summer days aT Furman UniversiTy, fourTeen exhausTed leTTergirls pracTiced daily afTer school, including 7Th period, learning rouTines TaughT aT camp. A few of The more popular rouTines were performed To Michael Jack- son's, "Wanna Be STarTin' SomeThing," Herbie l-lancock's "RockiT," and Lionel l?ichie's, "Running wiTh The NighT." They won 54 blue ribbons ouT of 65 which enTiTled Them To carry home a sweepsTakes Trophy. Having displayed The besT spiriT, The girls were also awarded a splriT pam. During half-Time shows ThroughouT The fooTball sea- son, The leTTergirls performed dance rouTines To songs played by The marching band. WiTh The assisTance of a Tape recorder, They also enTer- Lavonia Rose imiTaTes one of Michael .lackson's more popular dance sTeps. Bonnie BryanT smiles as she is invaded by her pom-poms. Tained fans aT halfTime during baskeTball season. These dancing wildcaTs con- TribuTed Their TalenT in The Carrousel and Shrine Bowl Parades. They also presenTed a finale of dance rouTines wiTh music provided by The march- ing band in an onsTage perfor- mance. Aware of The score, Beverly Burris flashes ThaT leTTergirl smiley . While dancing, Lisa Reynolds proves hairsTyles are noT To be worried abouf. ,N-...,-.,,..f v T Hn... HQ 94fLeTTergirls ,ff 1 l During The pregame show ofa football game, The flagllne proudly prepares for The NaTional Anfhem. Proving Garinger is not the only school they support, Traci Brown and Wendy Bohart snuggle in their favorite blan- kel. These smiling Iettergirls happily flaunt A E their winnings awarded at camp. 4 if il' , - . ' fx I , , h V- 4,,g3,,, 5 , A if y 'Lug ri ft' fu ,gr W 1 R - - M wifsw :rant row: Tracl Brown, Beverly Burris, Kim Stewart, Bonnie Bryant, Second row: Wendy Bohart, Luanne Terry, Catrina Ross, Terri Crawford. Back row: Jill Pettus, Lavonia Rose, Lisa Reynolds, Angie Smith, Stephanie Brooks, Angie Hughes. LettergirIsf95 Rambler: Informative and Rewarding Newsprint on their fingers was not the only reward for the twelve students and the advisor of the Rambler. Each month they noticed other people in homer- oom grabbling and silently con- centrating on the pages they had been working on for weeks. Fellow students as well as teachers read articles the staff had been pushed to write before deadlines. Editorial page editor, John Golyski recalled, 'lit has been hard working on the staff, but the recognition and ap- preciativeness from the students and teachers well makes up for any hardship." "Being on the newspaper staff," explained junior Jackie Henderson, "has taught me to be responsible, dedicated, and creative." These qualities were required to get the attention and interest of readers and to suc- cessfully report on everything from the winnings of the varsity football team to new school computers to spotlights on in- dividual athletics, students, and teachers. Biology teacher J.R. Johnson was shared by two journalism classes as advisor of the Rambler as well as Snlps and Cuts. He considered the job a real chal- lenge. "Most people have ab- solutely no idea how much hard work, time, and energy is in- volved. It really means a great deal when students and faculty come up to you and compliment J.R. Johnson and Elizabeth Curlee attempt to proofread articles the staff has submitted for the next issue. Reporters Angie Hughes, Stephen Sobota and Sports Editor Chris Long concentrate on the frustrating job of designing pages. you on a particular issue." "Journalism focuses on curiosi- ty," commented Editor Elizabeth Curlee. "I think their experience with the Rambler has taught the staff members which questions to ask and how to ask them. The individual personality of each reporter was in the pages of every issue of the paper. My two years on the staff have been demanding, very rewarding and fun." "My favorite writing came in music and the arts. I loved writing critical reviews," stated Stephen Sobota, who, along with Joey T Gladden, reviewed groups and T - 'HOF singers from Julian Lennon, the Eurythemics, and the Fixx to Big Country and Public Image Limit- ed. "I like journalism," grinned controversial staff member Joey Gladden. "Newspaper is fun." "I don't think I will ever forget the things I went through on the Rambler staffl" exclaimed Heather Lamb, one of the eight juniors in the class. Sobota concluded, "Through the many experiences that we Cthe Rambler staffj have shared, I have learned much about journalism while becoming close friends with each member." i "Just make something up," replies Q6!RAMBI-ER Editor Elizabeth Curlee in helping a staff writer with a news story. HeaTher Lamb puTs The final pieces TogeTher on The fronT pages while Angie Hughes counTs lines To see if "Teacher of The lvlonTh" will fiT. 9' W J T ' of W mff""'M g Hgns noon Garm 21 I C '1j,'Q,2,2Z'3,,f NC mos S3 YS OVEN1 V , EXDIMGN M271922 Editor ............... ..... E lizabeth Curlee Business Manager .... .... B eth McLaughlin Sports Editor ......... ...... C hris Long Editorial Page Editor ................ John Golyski Reporters: Kim Carson, Sheila Giles. Joey Gladden, Jac- kie Henderson, Angie Hughes, Heather Lamb, Paul McPaul, and Stephen Sobota. Photographers: Elizabeth Cu rlee, Pat Land, and JR. Johnson Advisor ............................. JR. Johnson -. we UUE AReclining: ElizabeTh Curlee. FronT Row: Jackie Henderson, Kim Carson, JR. Johnson, Sheila Giles, HeaTher Lamb, John Golyski. Second Row: Joey Glddden, BeTh McLaughlin, Chris Long. Back Row: STephen SoooTa, Paul McPauI, Angie Hughes. Junior Sheila Giles explains, "I have enjoyed working wiTh The paper and The experience will be advanTageous To me in my college and career fields," John Golyski enjoys being a parT of The firsT Rambler sTaff ThaT uses compuTers in producing arTicles. W1 RAMBLERXO7 98fSnips and Cuts Snbs and Cuts Presents Your Yearbook Layouts! Copy sheets! Stamp pads'! Ad agreements! Contact sheets! White layout envelopes! BIG- GREEN PLASTIC ARMY BAGS! All were popular items with the '84-'85 Snips and Cuts Staff. The staff, which was much larger than in previous years, learned to wrestle with all the supplies necessary for designing a year- book. With only one veteran returning from last year's staff, Editor Linda Culbertson, the staff had much to learn. Most of the first few weeks of the year was devoted to learning the basics of layout. Linda Culbertson commented, "Designing a page isn't as easy as some people think. It takes imagination and patience." Staff members were responsible for both design and writing on their assigned pages. Early in the year the other editors were chosen and '10 of the staff members went to a yearbook workshop. The staff had yearbook sweatshirts made in December. The white shirts with a blue circle boasting 'LG-aringer High School Snips and Cuts Staff Member '84-'85", were a proud addition. Advisor JR. Johnson commented, "lt is quite rewarding to know that all year long you are working on a book that most of the students eagerly anticipate." Everyone has to change jobs occasionally. Layout Editor Bonnie Bryant has to look over copy when deadlines are near. Linda Culbertson discusses the copy with her., 4-OL Looking for pictures is part of the job. Laura Ponder. Bonnie Bryant, and Donna Hutchins scan the negatives for just the right pictures. Linda's house. Many hours of work outside of school are required to complete a quality yearbook. Bill Hartley and Bonnie Bryant spent hours with Linda Culbertson at Jeff Taylor, Allison Delaney, and Angie Smith put the finishing touches on layouts to be submitted on the last deadline. - r .n the e Youf nfgli 'Lindo V you mCyHnojTRInGJOhnSOF1 3 ' dO1 Tnes- 1 I S. ,.NO,Llr1k 857 Tl opy Id9O EZTIZSSQD C ner VY ffgrd and ie STG - ' n on O die Bradliigllgggve declsno MC ke O TO mo Front Row .' wi' HQ .' Linda Culberfson rrley, Bonnie Bryanf erfy Jones P d l?ow.' . Kelly Parks, Laura , onna Hutchins. Third Row: Terri Blackfnon, Deywon Arani, Dawn Phelps, Alison Delaney, Sean Goffs, . . Johnson, Jeff Taylor, Jeff Law, Donald Butler. Back Row: Angie ' Srafford, Lisa Corder, Joanie Cherry, ngie Sfhlfh, Kelly Andrews, Pam Buffs, Lisa Eddins, Doble Sheppard. fsfw snaps and Cu , Bill . Secon ,Lisa Furr onder D 'iv 'V A CADEMI C S I 1. wa ww Jw'reff5Mi9Y3i7W PA S fa: :W vvl' ,'Aff . if Q k., pass in your homework." This YY was a familiar command that could be heard in every class- room. Students' varied interests some- times made it possible to overlook the very reason for going to school. Everyone had to experience the reality of going to classes, studying, and taking exams. Patient teachers guided students through difficult subjects and usually became friends in the process. Courses offered ranged from the basics - English, Math, Science, and History, to electives such as Computer Programming, RadiofTV Broadcasting, and Bible, along with many others. Required courses were offered in different levels - Advanced Placement, Ad- vanced, Regular, and Skills, so every student found it easy to be challenged. AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES AdminisTraTion Supporls Led by Principal Don Rodgers, our caring and sup- porTive adminisTraTion handles everyThing from new school sysTem policies To discipline. Much of The job involves conTinuous paperwork, phone calls, and long hours aT school. These individuals sTrive for excellence among The faculTy and sTudenTs. Mr. Rodgers helped To brighTen The year by showing up aT The Homecoming pep rally dressed in black sun- glasses, haT, and suiT To Always wearing a smile, Mr. Rodgers enjoys an assembly held aT The begin- ning of The year. Dressed for The occasion, Mr. Rodgers goes over pep rally preparaTions wiTh Rifa SuTTon and Karen Lewis. Garinger "mourn" The Eagles wiTh The resT of The sTudenT body. He also was one of The "mysTery guesTs" on Channel 3's Sky 3 HeIicopTer aT The HunTer Huss VarsiTy FooTball playoff game. Those liTTle exTras, along wiTh many oThers provided The sTudenTs wiTh a view of our principal ThaT we don'T nor- mally Think abouT. Providing supporT and aid To Mr. Rodgers are The assis- TanT principals, Mr. Tom Asbury and lVlr. Bill Ross. Mr. Ross and Mr. Asbury are caughT by surprise as They make Their way up The media cenTer sTeps To a sTaff meeTing. 402yAdmir-,isffofgon Tom Asbury Don Rodgers Bill Ross AssisTanT Principal Principal AssisTanT Principal imw, gf zz Other important members of our adminis- tration include Charles Anderson, Interim Assis- tant Principal for instruc- tion. He was promoted to this job just this school year. The duties of this job include keeping the staff well-informed about curriculum, par- ticularly implementation of systemwlde curriculum objectives. He works clo- sely with department chairpersons in accom- plishing tasks for all staff members. Another familiar face around campus is Officer P.J. Anderson. He patrols school-related functions and is responsible for keeping the peace around campus. He could be seen giving lectures to classes on the law and the students place in it. A new face to Gar- inger Administration is H.L. Mitchell, the tran- sportation coordinator. His chief responsibilities include making sure bus riders get to and from school on time and safe- ly. Q -tj K7 1. V.'... lf., 7 11 J L. ,El r'-ii A it '-- 14 1 W L-+7 :H.L. Mitchell poses in the bus parking lot. 4"Officer P.J.", one of "Char- lotte's Finest" catches up on the day's news in the 400 office. Ch I A P.J. A gras watson Nderson Administrationfl03 Assistant Principal School Resource for Instruction Officer People VViTh The Answers Deoling wiTh The uncer- ToinTies of The fuTure con ofTen be confusing, buT we were lucky To hdve cdring counselors To mdke These quesTions o liTTle eosier To hdndle. Sending colleges TronscripTs, mdking schedule ond closs chdnges, ond Tolking Things over wiTh sTudenTs were d few of Their ongoing jobs. The "Counseling Office" C200 offlcey become d populdr pldce To be if you hdd ony problems or ques- Tions dbouT The fuTure. Also, coreers in The miliTdry ond porT-Time jobs could be discussed wiTh The coun- selors. ApplicoTions for vor- ious college-boord TesTs could be ocquired There, dnd d friendly dTmosphere welcomed oil. Keeping good records is cr musT for The counselors. Evelyn WinsTon drrdnges filing cords., Inez Allen welcomes oil To her office wiTh o smiIe.v is ,. if Principol Don Rodgers works closely wiTh The counselors. Here, he discusses imporfonf mdTTers wlTh WolT Porfer. if M T gr , fl' 4 L Whiz If Simi If If 1 sr x H2124 Q Q Q 'Y if T , w , -- f Tfwlll T'-yr... xr T 1' Is 'fn 2 T -X X... Ms., mmm A- .. lnez Allen Wclfer PorTer Juonifo Reid Sdm Smolling 104 f Counselors Evelyn WinsTon Dene Sinclalr makes a point clear as she shows off her Wildcat splrlt. 152' My mm, W Yiiyfk 7 Fifi Dedicated Ladies Answering an average of 500 phone calls a day could drive anyone crazy, but our secretar- ies handle it, along with countless other tasks, with ease. They helped each day run a little smoother. Paper work, filing, and dealing with impatient people be- came daily routines to these dedicated ladies, and we were blessed with true gems. rm, 8 Pam Case Martha Dukes ,fw 'M' .Nz f' Linda Giles 0 1 l Doris Godwin i I Dot Gregory Loretta Price Dene Sinclair Jackie Waddel Linda Giles and Doris Godwin discuss the new attendance policy. Secretaries f '105 English . . . Our Basis of Cgmmuniggtign M... Ssmmom .ends Sheila The knowledge of English is priceless in today's world. Passing on valuable knowledge to their students is the primary goal of our devoted English teachers. From grammar exercises to term papers, this knowledge is passed on with a smile. With a ready welcome to students for consultations, or friendly chats, these unique ladies guide our destinies and become friends at the same time. These understanding teachers display this guidance with only the utmost of patience and thought which develops not only an academic intelligence, but a social intelligence as well. Evidence of this is shown in their participation in school clubs as well as in the classroom, where this atmosphere is set. Mrs. Deese explains gram- mar to seniors. She ls best known for her "thought for the day" and her own nickname, "The Great I Am". , .. 1 Linda H. Duncan Suanne Haney Pecola A. Maxwell English 10 English 12 English 11, 12 Senior Class Advisor 106fEngllsh 14680 Schweers on an errand. .4 Ig' W -,S Joan K. Bender Agnes K. Cole English 10 English 11 Patricia C. Molnar Reading Adelphian advisor English 10 Reading Adelphian Advisor Diane E. Peterson f"N Foye B. Deese English 12 Mrs. Deese, Mrs. WlThers. ond Mlss Honey shore The pleasure of o few momenTs of free Tlme before closs. Mrs. Turner enjoys performing The duTIes of her job. Calmlng The nerves of orrlvlng sophomores on The flrsT doy of school, Mrs. PeTerson explolns . C school guldellnes. Leno M. Sommons Ann H. Spence English 14 English 44 ai ,af LoliTo C. Turner Jean M. WiThers English 40 English 12 Senior Class Advisor Engnsnf4o7 Math Department On The Move Whether figuring the square root of 'IAA or adding the cost of a Big Mac and Fries, Math is useful in everyday life as well as in the classroom. Our Math department consists of excellent teachers who are willing to go that extra mile for each and every student. Each teacher has their special- ty, ranging from General Math through Geometry and even Calculus. "We have a group of progressive teachers and students We're con- stantly doing something." commented Mattie Grigsby, head of the Math department. She is hard working and she demands modern concepts of Math-related ideas. Many students are in- volved in various Math competitions throughout the year, with the assis- tance of these teachers. This proves that our Math . Department is on the move, and producing the mathmeticians and engi- neers of the future. Mattie Grigsby helps two students with dlfflcult com- puter math problems. loafwiain l Marzella Brown examines her busy schedule. l Hazel P. Garrett Extended Day Mathematics Marzelle B. Brown Algebra I Algebra ll Special Topics as if Mattie P. Grigsby Mary C. Katzel Algebra ll Calculus General Math I and ll Geometry General Math l National Honor Society Advisor 4 Q9 Betsey Smith takes a break from her routine class schedule. Mary Katzel explains a diagram to students during a geometry class. Bruce Kreutzer goes through the tedious task of checking students' absences. on 4. Beth Murrow Jean P. Platt Competency Math Algebra ll Athletic Tralnlng Director General Math I and ll Geometry E R A . Joyce P. Rea Algebra I Concepts General Math s.9"""-.. Marilyn Thompson Wllllam H. Wllllams Consumer Math Algebra I General Math I Algebra ll Trigonometry Geometry General Math I GGS Advisor Math Club Advisor Mmnfloo Then, Now, and Forever An account of past facts and events affecting one or more nations or peoples arranged in due order, usually with comments and explana- tions: this is one dictionary's definition for history. But a simpler interpretation may be needed. Quite plainly, history is the has been that capable instruc- tors bring into the now to show what the effect will be. It is the study of both familiar and totally foreign ideas and beliefs. All teachers, no matter what subjects they may teach, have an enormous responsibility. They must give the dates, facts, and figures to us, the students, in such a way that we are capable of understanding. That, definitely, is not an easy task. But our history department goes one step further -- they make that learning process funl James Sledge, new to our faculty this year, explains a complicated fact to his A.C-5. U.S. History class. 1 10 f History X V. James Edwards Frances Hawn Reed Hllderbrand U.S. History World History World History J.V. Baseball Centrusa Advisor High-Q Advisor N-ff K... Allce Rhodes James Sledge U.S. History World History N.C. Close-Up U.S. History, A.G. National Close-Up J.V. Football Tinka Burch takes a minute to answer a question from a fellow student. Alice Rhodes prepares herself for the days' classes. is if Hisfory students listen attentively to a lecture. Hlstoryfi 4 1 Discover The Many AsloecTs of Life IvliTosis, lvleiosis, whaT's The difference? If you don'T know, eiTher you haven'T Taken Biology or you didn'T pay aTTenTion in class. When you Think of The Term Science. you usually Think of invenTions and who invenTed Them. BuT Science covers many differenT fields. which in- cludes Biology, ChemisTry HorTiculTure,and Recycling. AT one Time in our lives we all have had To Take Science. We all have Viola Reid, new Biology Teacher, enjoys new surroundings. Ann BurTon, chemisfry Teacher -n..,gV, adds final Touches To class preparaflon. experienced The dissecT- ing of lab animals and The chemisTry labs. The Science deparTmenT is a valuable asseT To any school and Garinger is forTunaTe enough To have excellenT Teachers who care abouT you and your schoolwork. Any class you Take in The fuTure will benefiT you greaTly . . . . . . . . . so Take advanTage of MiTosis, Meiosis. and dead lab animals while you sTiIl can. Mr. Dixon capTivaTes his sfudenfs during one of his classes , I . f Z 1 R Ann E. Burron Ellzabefh Allison Decker James W. Dixon ChemlsTry HorTiculTure Biology Physics Recycling 4 42fSclence Survival Bob Godwin Biology AThleTic Director f JR. Johnson Biology Journalism Mafia Elizabe Decker helps siudenfs Sophomores work hard To earn discove The world of plants. good grades. -IW Rm .I M..-lan' ws' Emma Washingron explains maferlal fo Llsa Herrera. Chad Leafherwood and Mark Avani dlscover new Things under microscope. xl! '4"iT:'?' K, ,. K Genrude Harper Pearson Karen A. Reed Jane Garver Srerreif Emma Washlnglon June Davenport Blology Biology Chemistry Behavioral Science Biology Physical Science Biology Biology Extended Day Keyeiies Advisor Personal Issues Science! 1 13 Mrs. STegmelr and son, VlkTor, pose for The camera during The For- X' elgn Language club plc- nic. Makin Languages Noi So Foreign Foreign language provides an inTeresTing look inTo The culTure of oTher counTries. Three languages were offered for sTudy - French, Spanish, and LaTin. Many sTudeTns enroll in These courses for college enTrance purposes, buT as Their sTudy pro- gresses, They realize ThaT learning anoTher language can be fun, ben- eficial, and challenging. Three dedicaTed Teachers provid- ed direcTion To Foreign Language sTudenTs. Their job goes well beyond The classroom and inTo The various Foreign Language clubs' acTiviTies. rv' Q Mrs. Campagna begins unpack- Ing To prepare for The '84-'85 school year. BeTTe H. Cam French pagna Fl'6l'1Ch Club l14fForelgn Languages MarTha S. Hanna Josephine Smlfh STegmelr Spanish SDGHISU English 14 LaTln Spanish Club Wilma King demonstrates the proper use of water colors to an attentive student. The Finest of Arts Thrive A thorough education in- cludes much more than reading, writing, and math. Fine Arts, which incudes Music, Art, and Drama, provide the extra touch needed to show off talent and creotivity. Bible study, too, enriches students' lives in ways other courses cannot. The busy music department, which includes both instrumental and choral music benefits all who participate in Band, Or- ly brighten a student's years in high school and beyond. Art is for the very creative, also. Students enrolled in Art classes find that creating both realistic and abstract paintings, sculptures, and sketchings to be fun and challenging. The Drama dept., headed by Ms. Sessions, who also teaches English, puts on success- ful plays and musicals each year. Future actors and actresses look chestra, and Chorus. The wonders and mysteries of the musical experience can definite- toward their dramatic exper- iences in high school for enrich- ment. "Doc" Maddox, wearing his favorite hat, watches the first pep rally of the year. Besides being our Band director, he is also the conductor of the Charlotte Pops Symphony Orchestra. Mary Anne F. Carpenter Wilma L. Kl Choral Music Art Garlnger Townslngers ng Robert L. Maddox Laveme Wright Concert Band Bible I, ll Symphonic Band Orchestra Music Theory Marching Band Fine Artsft 45 The Business sara or of Business As we look dround us, business is every- where. IT is in our offices, sTores, ond hornes. ThdT's why our business cldsses ore d very imporTonT porT of Gdringer. In The Typing closses The sTudenTs ore ledrn- ing such skills os speed Typing, dccurdcy, ond rnoking correcTions. They ore olso leorning The bdsics of how To Nancy Nlell Abell Accounflng Record keeping Typing STudenT Council Type resumes, ouTlines ond even The dredded Term poper. In office occupoTions The sTudenTs refine vor- ious skills in GD office dTmosphere. These skills include proficien- cy in TypewriTing, Tele- phone eTiqueTTe, col- culoTors, dicTophone, ond TrdnscripTions. Mrs. Tull ddvises Melinda Miller ond Felecho Corley on business skills. M M, . . x A Jerry Brown Business EducoTlon FBLA 1l6fBuslness I Morlc Henderson Business English Word Processing TYDWWQ BeTTy H. Lowery Pdf B. Mellen Bdrborc G. Tull Business Educofion Typing Office Occupdflons FBLA lnTroducTion To CompuTers Shorfhond Mrs. Dlvlne asslsTs STan Arm Sling' in checking ouf his e Do you know where Prince recorded his firsT album? WhaT O. J. Simpson's rushing record was? Or even The mosT conTagious fever? You would find These and many oTher lnTeresTing facTs in The library. And do you know who would help you find Them? The librarians would. The librarians can help you find almosT anyThing you would ever wanT To know. Besides help- ing you find informa- Tion The librarians The library. in Media shelve books, films, and magazines, in- sTrucT classes, and keep Track of all The books ThaT are ouT of The library. So really The librarians have a very busy buT rewarding day. Oh, by The way, Prince recorded his firsT album, FOR YOU, in 4978. O.J. Simpson's rushing record is 40,483 yards in 9 years. And The mosT conTaglous fever is WildcaT Fever found only aT Garinger. Sfudenfs work diIigenTly In Paperwork is a major parf of Mrs. Divine's day. 439' Barbara Dlvlne Lucille KroboTh Sandra Smlfh Wilma Woodard Media Speclallsf Media SpecialisT Media SpecialisT Media Specialisf SecreTary Media Specialisfsf 4 47 Getting a Vocational courses are expanding and changing to meet the needs of today's students. Over 7296 of all students are enrolled in at least one vocational class. These classes include electronics. drafting, fashion merchan- dising, machine shop. and others. Along with these courses, on-the-job train- ing is offered in various career areas. The vocational dept. here at Garinger is con- l-lead Start stantly moving forward and offering students the very best. Students who participate in this program develop skills that carry them through their working years. Vocational courses enable them to be better prepared for the working world. Using his valuable knowledge of woodworking, Darrin Schrum pieces together a porch swing,v Testing the equipment, Mr. Gordon talks to camera operators as he prepares to videotape in the media center. Y Clotelle Fisher Charles Gordon Richard N. Henderson Judith A. Lowe Life After High School Radio and T.V Drafting S.V.S. Broadcasting I and ll Woodworking Vocational Preparation Girls and Boys Tennis Football coach Club Key Club advisor Wrestling coach High-Q advisor -fu . W ' Qffnis Steven L. Purvls Harry R. Sechrest Erwln Springs Machine Shop Industrial Arts Graphics V.l.C.A. Cabinet Making Golf coach V.l.C,A. V.l.C,A. 4Mr. Purvls cuts steel on the band saw during one of his classes. Mr. Sechrest and Alan Isen- hour share a friendly chat during a break between classes. V 4Checklng papers ls a necessary evil for Mr. Sprlngs as he prepares for another day. Vocatlonalf 4 19 Mr MarTrn and sTudenTs prepare for a driving lesson on I The road Drivers educoTion is a required course ThaT each sophomore sTudenT enjoys Taking. The driving Teachers Take on a greaT deal of responsiblIiTy. Each sTudenT geTs a chance To go ouT on The road for skill and compe- TenT driving pracTice. Before They go ouT on The road, They are TaughT The safeTy rules and how To become a con- fidenT and responsible driver. The sTudenTs are also TaughT by The Teachers how To use The many devices of The car, and how To drive during bad weaTher. There are currenTly 3 driver educaTion Teachers, and each have separaTe responsibiIiTies, also They are TaughT how To acT in case of an emergency on and off The food. The driving insTrucTors help make This required course enjoyable, as well as one of The mosT exciTing experiences for sophomores aT Garinger. l2OfDrlver's EducaTion Huss looks ahead in a as Roslta Mason, Crawford and Daryl prepare dessert for n S I achers .. I So o e' n e Kitchen As a part of Home Econ- omics the Teachers as well as the students cover things that mostly happen in our every- day life. Garinger offers ten different courses in Home Economics, from Career Orien- tation to Health and Home Care of the Sick. i'Everyone is a home- maker," stated Mrs. Bernice Caldwell, head of Home Econ- omics Department. Bernice Caldwell has been a teacher here since 4970 and is also involved with FHA. The only occupational course offered is Q?"4t"'n' UA., WW '.V' Food Services l, ll, Pamela Huss teaches these classes. She's also established the Blue and Gray Cafe. The students also play an important part in helping with the serving and duties of cleaning up. No one is left out, as you can imagine everyone's work is very impor- tant, and every one of the students take great pride in their work responsibilities. Alth- ough currently we have only four teachers, each one plays a great part in the responsibili- ties of Home Economics. Teachers enjoy themselves at the blue n' gray cafe as Mrs. Huss and Donna Craw- ford prepare to clean up. -QW Maxine T. Berry Bernice T. Caldwell Frances H. Graves Pamela A. Huss Home Economics Home Economics Adult Roles Food Services l, ll Adv. clothing Adv, Child Development Consumer Education Home Economics! 424 P.E.: Where The Action Begins Physical Education is set up to give a student a maximum of activities to participate in. Physical Education involves students with both team and individual effort. "lt takes energy to make energy," committed Mr. Carroll. More effort is needed by the students in participation. Physical Education helps students to keep in good shape and teaches us how to stay healthy. Physical Education is not only the participation of sports, but also offers a training course in life saving techniques, such as Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation. Physical Education is where the results happen. Even though most students do not like gym, Gordon Allred, Joe Niday, Melvin Short 84 Mark Hopkins enjoy themselves in a game of basketball. 1 . ip, Miss Hunter shows Chuck Carter the finer points of archery. v Miss Hunter shows students where not to shoot an arrow. r 4 . if la- F' 2 James Carroll Joyce Hunter Pat McGee Steve Shaughnessy Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Varsity Football Coach Varsity Soccer Coach Varsity Volleyball Coach Weight Training Club Glrl's Track Team Coach Varsity Girl's Basketball Advisor 422fPhysical Education Coach Col. Campbell explains The ROTC CadeTs lead n basic imporTance of Tech- Homecoming parade. v I nique. .,. . A Igr 'wma 92 ?: y.. WW, . ,, x W... i Wllllam Campbell JROTC Girl's Drill Team l Glrl's Softball Team T Rifle Team Clarence Dover Jesus Lopez JROTC JROTC JROTC BaskeTball JROTC Soflball Drill Team Command Performance The Reserve Officers Training corps., is made up of 153 cadeTs. The uniT is commanded by LTc. Lisa Edwards. The ROTC classes are TaughT by SgT. Lopez, Col. Campbell and SgT. Dover. lT's main purpose is To promoTe ciTizenship, develop leadership poTenTial, and Teach self discipline in The cadeT corps members. ROTC have male and female drill Teams, color guards, rifle Teams, and even aThleTic Teams. The ROTC uniT has been acTlve in parTicipaTion wlTh The Carrousel parade, Homecoming and Half-Time acTiviTies during fooTbll games. The ROTC uniT plays a very imporTanT parT of Garinger curricular acTiviTies. H A 'VA' 4SgT. Dover relaxing before . T fi? CIOSS- ' if ' L 4Col. Campbell shows " V Q T cadefs The main porTs of a ' gun. kv R.O.T.C.f'l23 Special Ed for Special People Individualized learning is very unique. Each student learns at his or her own level. Students can also have regular classes in addition to these special ones. Tailored learning is essential in this program. Margie Holman shares a smile with her students. 1241 Special Education Because of the average class size, which is very small, each individual receives one-on-one learning experience. This helps to comprehend otherwise difficult problems Lisa Hurt eagerly helps an enthusiastic student.v Doris Covington carefully reads papers from her classes. 1. an n f . .. . 1 Q Q .T . s Q .. 1., . . v S ' 'WRX 4 Doris Covington Lisa Hurt English, Math Science ETC club Varsity Cheerleaders l i i -2 9 Af .f Margie Holman English, Math 'IO + 8 2 Super Service! As you looked oround cdmpus, you frequenTly sow The cusTodidl sToff hord dT work keeping our school cledn. They could be seen QT mdny nighTly funcTions, dlso. They puT in mdny long, hord hours on The job. The cofeTerid work- ers prepdred food for noT only Two lunch periods, buT for breok- fdsT ds well. They provided sTudenTs wiTh bdlonced rneols ond greeTed everyone wiTh friendly smiles dnd gredT service. Booker T. Alexander does his pcrl' To keep our campus clean. SupporT Personnel 1 125 Mary Anne Carpenter's students observe as she glves them some very helpful advice. Dr. Jeckle or Mr. Hyde? Ron Hardman shows off hls haunty Halloween humor. 7 Af ' ,Q--A4 ,sq A ,ffm f ,,: Reed Hllderbrand and Thayne Harmon Steve Shaughnessy glves Scott Russ take tlme out to enjoy a friendly an encouraging pat on the back conversatlon. durlng a pep rally. Doris Godwin, Afiendance Secreiary, confirms Robin Meader's early diSmiSSOl,A LaVerne Wright, Bible Teacher. reviews siudenis for Bible quiz.4 Ruby Rivers receives IDSTYUCTIODS on asslgnmenfs from her Teacher Resrna S1evensA Josephine Siegmeir counsels My Nguyen before class on a Spanish Iesson4 Teacher Candldsf 427 RoberT Maddox makes a musical poinT To The concerT band during a daily rehearsals Principal Don Rodgers insTrucTs a sTudenT abouT a schedule change during The firsT day of school.v 'hi-nu 'h.. lnsfrucfing during The day is noT The only job of a Teacher. BeTTy Lowery, as well as oTher Teachers, musT aTTend deparl- menTal meeTings. sf' 428 f Teacher Candids , I , I I '52 V ,, w, f ww V While aTTending a pep rally, Nan Abell gives encouragemenl To varsiTy fooTbaIl player AnTonio Campbell for The upcoming game. MEMORIAL - Mrs. Jean Grisdale ean Elizabeth Grisdale, who taught at Garinger for 43 years, died August 40, 4984, of cancer. She was 46 years old. She taught in Asheville, North Carolina before coming to Garinger, where she taught math. A graduate of Charlotte Catholic High, Mrs. Grisdale went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree at North Carolina State University. She enjoyed her work and participated in many math contest preparations with her students. She spent many years as Snip and Cuts Advisor. Jean Grisdale had to leave Garinger at the beginning of the second semester of 4984. Her senior homeroom was concerned that she would not be able to come to their graduation and announce their names. But, she made it to the Class of 4984's graduation, much to the teary-eyed delight of her homeroom students. Memorial f 429 'H 1 e f 2. J' 2 AMN. if -We - f EH g , ,gyms 4 in 'S 5 ff' mg. , .A f - ' zff:-Q 1' f as . 4' I4 :skis-. '4 "f ' M1 U . 4 ai?" SPORT -Af ' Ls Af V. f K 1 41 -Mx My 'N--.Q 5, JS' w -if .. . Q- M, -XX -. Khevln Sherrll weaves Through a sea of South Mecklenburg defenders on his way to The goal. 'l32fSoccer Soccer . . . s . ,sssr,,sr . 5 ,rsss,s,.sss . - ' rff?Qsril,Tff1fi:?'iVi fiff!ffm-i:55iI2'ifE:lW Wi . 2 N ' . 'fgffis ff 'ff"' - H: lx Before a game, Jamie Warner lalks Granl Hllchner prepares To lake a free aboul The upcoming game. klck agalnsl NorTh Mecklenburg. 1' f 1 Wgy WM ,Mai Jw Mp. I ,, We QW 91, , ., S ,, ,, 5 5 sf A Mike McLendon talks about his respon- sibilities on the field with Coach Fernando Sosa and Coach James Carroll. Running before practice was some- thing dreaded by most members of the team. r , My Front Row: Scott Geister, Grant Hitchner. Second row: Shelia Schweers - scorekeeper, Kelly Foxx, Richard Jennings, Mike McLendon, Jamie Warner. Third Row: Tony Purcell, Richard I-Ielley - scorekeeper, John Claffee, Gene Davis, Jeff Lindsey, Tim Morris, Tommy Arnold, Jimmy Harris, Ben Williamson. Soccer f 133 A Kick In The VarsiTy Soccer Team posTed anoTher compeTive season. They played hard and wiTh dedicaTion. ln every game The Team was a serious ThreaT To all opponenTs. 'lWe did a greaT job againsf some of The besT Teams in The league and proved we aren'T jusT a bunch of backsTreeT brawlers," said Jimmy Harris. ln many games fighTs broke ouT because of The high inTensiTy level aT which Garinger Team members played. Many of The losses suffered by The Team were close, usually decided by one goal. "All in all l was well pleased wiTh The Team's perfor- mance," remarked Coach James Carroll. The Junior VarsiTy Team had an almosT compleTe Turn- around. From a disappoinTing O-9-2 record lasT year They improved To a 40-A-i record. Coach Fernando Sosa, a former Garinger sTudenT, said, "I was really impressed wiTh Their performance. They played wiTh a greaT amounT of deTerminaTion, and They never gave up." The Team had a balance of offensive and defensive players ThaT proved To be a greaT combinaTion . All of These players should be wel- come addiTions To The varsiTy Team nexT year. While pracficing a sei play, several of The players geT involved in The acTion .r The Grass! Warming up before a game is very imporTanT: iT reduces The chance of injury. - I Barak Williamson and Jason Koch geT ready To inTercepT an opponenTs' pass. A :if FronT row: David Kerns, David Nicholson Qco-Team capTainj, Kim Miller, Robby Jones, Khevin Sherril. Second row: Eric lvlcDaniels, Micheal Hogan, Chris Mayes, Jeff McElroy, 434f3OCC9r Tony McNighT, Bill Campbell, Donald BuTler fco-Team captainj, Jason Koch, James Rich. Larry Davis takes tlme out while the defense takes over.v Making That Wildcat Effort 4984 was James Sledge's first year coaching Garinger's Junior Varsity Football team. They had a less than perfect season with eight losses and no wins but players have high hopes for moving on to the Var- sity team in 4985. Early in the season, quarter- back Jeff Matthews suffered a broken foot injury and was side- lined the rest of the season. They had sportsmanship, de- termination, and that Wildcat enthusiasm which earns them re- spect regardless of their record. Er 5 A J Front row: Reggie Miller, Tyrone Mitchel, Carton Rickett, Larry Davis, Mike McGuirt, Ricky Young, Cedric Barnette: Second row: Eric Carter. Sam Givens, Gary Meadows, Jeff Matthews, Todd Bloom, John Donaldson: Third row: Shawn Kelly, Marc Went, Rodney Baker, Anthony Tillman, Nate Sanders, Dwayne Nims, Kevin Kimbell: Back row: Scott Hall, Coach James Sledge, Benard Degree Jv. Foorboiifiss fri: ,Y w .1--,, if. x km, S P X f Y f P 3 .,we1,ew:fe4g:g'w,1m 3 K, re K ., fkk- L.,,fw. g Q V' L f 1 Q 17, wwwz 'NW :ifizwfiiez W ,mymy H fm HM.-....,,, --. w.1mA ' . ,V ?'fwXf'ff.7Q75:f,. Uh ':,:-'y YEL, LJ,ffl:z,'f5T3?VflQtf5g?PE'f'1f'1 4515E1T?,igzms+ff11l ' ,a-tr, L "-K Q YW 11:'1faf?wsgmE2gffq?Wg:gap '4s2ztAistAwrv'4L9,f'1 , I ' A x S ww R. 3, 'WMI-'Aii'a2f-:Wgegf"3wi-WHS f7,,fWfgg,4s,M1, , f, ff , ., - ,,,f.m2 P7,,xwfsfgff,,f 5?,,f.L,,,,4,1g,L 4 K X , K M' m,,f5,ggw,, ' Ar ' ,ng X A , ' A , X ,,..,,, 5 , w,,1f f GV- ,, 133352 Ifwsfif fmiffsfvfrf .,, ,f iv, U N B 3 E 'w,g. aiu I mn, W f ,, ff' , 0 Q PWR f f,,ff A K f:-f 121, A S mi ,. , , Kwvih aff, ' WY V , . , - f 'L A H4 f X ' M, if an V , K I ,K ,N , Q K 'K ,. R ,L , ,. , - .4 X 3 4 , K Q' 5 A, 2 ,rv wiv", ' ' K '11- I 2 xf ' 1' 'wwf Wf , W , ,flfblw 1 X 1 N, , ,,.a1f,4g36 Q , " ' ' ., f. 1 i .. AW . Qikk "Vin, , ff .,,., ex ,W 3 P S mf -2 , wi,-,, ,V Y me, X, .,, 'za- W K J 2? 6 Q9 1? 2, L45 W 12, Eff ,K 1.1 '35 in 435 ,mf 5? fi Af 3, X2 ff z, Vw ,193 K .5 fee, 55 Ax, 5? Q? K 3 iii ' f Fi ,ing ' 'Ula ,..M .-.S-R -N. -ww" Ani?- ax f .. M W I 535235 211 1,1 11 1 , 11, 1, 1, g3111Q2f1v1 552153, me 11 1 1 1222 1- 1 11 - , 1 1,1 si91fisf1fs11 211:222- f 5111511111111 , 21111121111 - e2fW:11St1 1 353233111 1611 ' 52435115 'z F1 -, W11111, 11 ,,f. 1 , i4rv1z,,rm11w 1 51121 ,, 13, 1, Q51 111111, ,---f 1- , 1 35, Sem! 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M-1-f - -2' W' Lady Splkers Have ThaT Winning Dedicated, high-spiriTed, and self-disciplined all des- cribe The Lady Spikers. AlThough They weren'T The highesT ranking Team, They never gave up. The Splkers always had a "go-geT 'em" aTTiTude before a game. "Having a posiTive aTTiTude is whaT kepT us going," said Co-capTain Michelle Simpson. 'lWe had a loT of responsibiliTy during a game. If a Spiker had an off day iT was up To anoTher Spiker To back up her TeammaTel" AlTiTude The Team's coach, Joyce HunTer, described The Team as hard working and compeTiTive. "We needed more inTeresTed and dedicaTed players," she answered when asked if one Thing could be changed abouT The pasT season. Joyce HunTer con- cluded by saying. "The girls displayed good efTorT ThroughouT The year." All in all we were proud of The Lady Spikers, who ended The season wiTh an eighr and Ten record. SchlneTTa Anderson fires up a serve To lead The Lady Splkers To vlcTory. Jenean Davis and Coach Joyce HunTer applaud afTer The Lady Splkers score. MQXVOHGYDGH FronT Row: Felicia Ardrey, Lynn Scruggs, Second Row: SchlneTTa Anderson, Jennifer ChrisTmas, Third Row: Coach Joyce HunTer, Tanya Fllmore, Melinda Miller. Back Row: Michelle Simpson - Co-capTain. Lynn Scruggs and Teresa SmiTh concenTraTe on The game before reTurning To pIay,4 Lynn Scruggs keeps her Team- maTes in suspense as she prepares To reTurn The baII,v ,ffgj We W. T 7 7 11 190 ywffgw 4 M --1 3 ' . 2:21 'TZ is - .a I .Z,..,.,N,,.....N.,...,s, " ' ,ii Michelle Simpson seTs up The ball for TeammaTe, CynT Bakem Coach Joyce HunTer informs The Team on whaT To do nexT.4 ' ,VI 4 sg ,133 A 31 MYITT TA if W iw 4 if 9 Volleyball f 143 l if is BaskeTpall Slams Keep Fans on Their FeeT ExciTemenT mounTed aT Garinger as baskeTball season rolled around. STudenTs were hopeful ThaT Garinger would prove To be as excellenT on The baskeTball courT as on The fooTball field. The CaTs won 3 pre-season games and Their season was filled wiTh exciTing games many of which were carried inTo overTime. They won The ChrisTmas TournamenT in Elkin, NorTh Carolina where Willie Walker was named lVlosT Valuable Player. The Team ended The season wiTh an overall record of 43-ll. They placed sixTh in The conference which qualified Them for The conference TournamenT buT They were eliminafed in The firsT round due To a loss To NorTh lvleck. Honors during The season were given To Willie Walker who was nominaTed Sun Drop Hoop STar of The Week and To James Elmore who was unanimously chosen All SouThwesTern AA Conference Two years in a row. T36 GW mt Q T l If limo Fans' spiriT and arTisTic abiIiTy is displayed as AnThony Colyer inbounds The ball aT a home game againsT independence. 44AfVarslTy Boys' BaskeTball Willie Walker slams for Two poinTs again af NorTh Meck. ... f """n-.... Co-capTain, James Elmore fighTs againsT a NorTh Meck player for rebound. Front row: +24 Anthony Colyer, +'l'l Eric Livingston, +30 James Elmore, +14 Kel Hill +20 Howard Mcllwaine Back row' Coach Bruce Kreutzer +31 Aaron y , . , , McKnight, +21 Darren Stinson, +34 Raynard Stephens, +23 Willie Walker, +22 Steve Audrey, +32 Pervis Thomas. Springing for two points, co- captain Willie Walker closes the gap between West Char- lotte and the home team. James Elmore shows some magic as he adds points to the home team's score. Varsity Boys' Basketball! 145 Pervis Thomas jumps over the West Charlotte opponent. Aaron McKnight springs for two more points against West Chariotte, Mbfvarsity Boys' Basketball Amidst the opposition, Darren Stinson attempts a jumper. Raymond Stephens struggles to gain some points against West Chariotte. fy! K Johnny Dickinson, No. 22, adds anoTher Two poinTs To The WildcaT's score. Vl!e've GOT SomeThing To Prove Though They were slow aT The beginning half of The season, The Junior VarsiTy paskeTpall Team came ouT wiTh a roar in The second half. TeammaTe Harvey Finley recollecTed, T'AlThough we weren'T greaT, we played To The besT of our apiliTy and wiTh school spiriT." The Team had obsTacles Thrown in Their paTh which made Their job harder. They were faced wiTh much compeTiTion wiTh The Olympic Trojans leading The pack. BuT The WildcaTs 'Tore 'em aparT" wiThouT mercy. Olympic was Hone of The pesT", according To The players, so our win was considered a significanT dchievemenT. Head Coach Phil Gary concluded, ul Think The Team learned a loT from each oTher and from The experience. I know I did." Charles Peoples, No. 42, makes a long shoT To bring The WildcaTs closer To vicTory ogainsf The WesT CharloTTe Lions. FronT Row: WaITer Bufford, John Rice, Jimmy Blakney, Harvey Finley, 5TewarT IVlcEnroe, Shawn Kelly, Phil Gary - Head Coach. Second Row: James Finley - Manager, LesTer Willis, Charles Peoples, Andy SmiThey, Johnny Dickinson, Russell MiTchell, Tony Harrell, Frank CuThberTson - Manager. J.V. BaskeTballfTr17 "GuTsy" Girls AlThough The Lady Wild- caTs received IITTle sup- porT, They played as if The bleachers were filled wiTh cheering sTudenTs. Being shorT in number and heighT did noT keep The Team from always giving Their all. AT The sTarT of The season The Team had ThirTeen players, buT ended The season wiTh only eighT. Joyce HunTer, who usually coaches Them, was ouT because she had To have an operafion. Ulf There was one Thing I could have changed abouT The sea- son," said HunTer iT would have been The facT ThaT we needed more girls wiTh inTeresT and desire To play baskeTbaIl or jusT girls' sporTs in general." When asked To com- menT abouT The girls' bas- keTbaII Team, Coach Linda Giles had much To say. She began by saying, "I felT ThaT The girls' program did noT geT The full school supporT ThaT I Think They deserved, and even wiTh a losing Team, iT would have been greaT To geT some supporT. The only regreT I have is ThaT I wish we'd had enough girls inTeresTed in baskeTbaII To have boTh a junior varsiTy and varsiTy program, and ThaT would have enabled us To win more ball games, I beIieve." Giles concluded by saying The Team was a group of "guTsy " girls who learned The hard way abouT being on a Team and whaT iT Takes To be a Team player. Ending The season wiTh a I and 'IQ record did noT boTher The Team, because They knew They had played wiTh greaT cour- age each game. Even Though The sTudenTs did noT back The Lady Wild- caTs 40096, we were Truly honored To say They were our girls and They never gave up! TeammaTes Michelle Simpson, Melinda Miller, Tonja Sloan, and Mary Fallie prepare To rebound The jump ball STephanie Tobias jusf hiT. Beverly Moore keeps an eye on her Showing ThaT WiIdcaT spiriT, Melinda opponenT as she dribbles The ball To Miller keeps her arms ouT for good The baskeT. defense. Sfephanie Tobias leaps in The air To score Two poinfs while her opponenf waiTs To possibly rebound The ball. Front Row: Melinda Miller, Mary Ann Bennett, Beverly Moore, Michelle Simpson, Second Row: Roslyn Dixon, Stephanie Tobias, Tonja Sloan, Coach Linda Giles. Back Row: Manager Cynthia Nivens, Mary Fallie. Tonja Sloan runs to get the ball before it rolls out of bounds. s Joyce Hunter hopes next year will bring more girls that will be interested and dedicated to girls' athletics. Stephanie Tobias jumps in the air in order to pass the ball to one of her teammates, Girls' Basketball f 449 C5elTing lnTo The Swing Cf Things The golf Team faced many changes in Their 4985 season. WiTh only Two reTurning seniors, Darrin STinson and Mike Hughes, The Team had To rebuild and sTarT a fresh new Team. Two juniors as well refurned To The group, Jeff Fain and STeve Eudy, who helped The remaining seven sophomores become sfronger and gain self confidence. Erwin Springs, golf coach, said, "I am very confidenf Qin The Teamp ThaT They will rebuild and go ouT wiTh a compeTiTive spiriT To win." Several hours a week of pracTice were required in keeping skills, dedicaTion and virTue alive in The Team. The 4984 Team ended Their season wiTh a A-5 record. Chris Burns .P P 38 1. ' 6 S ,, ,Tk V 2 .h Q , A L J 1 Q ,, ff M hkk 1 V, ,, J 935, 215115: , f' V , -f '--' M 'K 7 ,:,, vm, I, JL, L, .r r , Q XM , ,,' , gb x f X W N 2 " Wig!! ,Y ' , .K 5.3 I Q I ,my gfwg , 1 s 1 I M V Q5 Q W .f . M A , a MV, 45 4, . Nr'-4. av ,ff 'W 'Wi 4 'Sgr 42 M, ,rfffg .ji Y cw, ang. L .wp Q Q 5' 9 Q u ch Pix I 5 JL ff' R Rx Aa. ,, .,f' if 5 . .w45,f4f+fwC' 4' Q ,abs ' V' 5 , , ' .,,- H mf W lf?Ei,,,.W WH? ""' 7' M 5 G' W . 3 3 If fl' , ' , ,M , ' Q 'ltr - G ' ' Q ' . Q-f I ,fin "W ' ' M i' m " n .,, 4, ,Q M? - " ' A HW"'-fm., -- 3, I an - Jqf' :V ti If-. t H, 3 Girls' Tgnnig Senior, Ks., Andrews demonstrates Gains Experience Early in September while most students were merely adjusting to waking up at 6:00 am, a handful of girls were staying after school drilling on crosscourt forehands and backhands and practicing volleys and serves. The girls' tennis team had a disappoint- ing season winning only one out of nine matches, but players gained needed expe- rience. Coach Charles Gordon is looking forward to August when they will begin practice for the 4985 season. "l'm hoping we'll do better next season," stated Gordon. l'We've got some experience now, and we're only losing two seniors." Varsity letter winners includ- ed seniors Jennifer Porter and Kelly Andrews, Juniors Shelly Fox and Laura Ponder, soph- omore Laura Miller and fresh- men Sally Warren and Becky Rowell. Jennifer Porter plays the baseline warming up for a match. Junior, Shelly Fox does a backhand lunge. 452fGirls' Tennls 1' X s s , s g s .....,, S' r hSf forehand STl'Ok6 , " 'Q x f . , ,: - 3 'S , . , WSW vw: .f , V ' - S' . " fs A A 3, . f , - ' "sp, jk-,fs ,,,s-W ,. I ,, ,f S' G S it Q-, -4, , ff, , ll Front row: Laura Ponder, Shelly Fox, Klm Lee, Kelly Andrews, Sally Warren, Laura Mlller. Back row: Shawn Masien, Stephanie Duponi, Wanda Pagoofa, Crystal Whaley, Becky Rowell, Jennifer Porfer, Coach Charles Gordon. 5 . During a doubles march, Shelly Fox watches Kelly Andrews refurn a crosscourl forehand while Laura Ponder anllclpales The ball. Girls' Tennlsf 453 Tennis AT lTs BesT lf you did noT geT a chance To see The boys' Tennis Team play, you missed seeing Their sTrengTh, power, and enThusiasm. WiTh The reTurning power of Eric Press- ley, Doug Phillips, Ricky An- derson, Richard Jennings, and Richard Wike and The new sTrengTh of John Claf- fee, Bob McDonald, Bob BreiTzman, John ArmsTrong, Hung Nguyen, Nick PeaTeI, and Danh Nguyen The Team exhibiTed Tremendous win- ning abiiiTy. We were very forTunaTe To have such a fabulous Tennis Team repre- senT us in our spring sporTs. T- 6 'T A, .., X If jc Charles G-ordan works ouT The line up before a match. vs 454fBoys' Tennis Eric Pressley concenTraTes on his serve. Richard Wike sTreTches for a powerful forehand. R Front Row Hung Nguyen Richard Wlke Erlc Pressley Doug Phillips, Nick Peatel, Ricky Anderson, and Danh Nguyen. Back Row Kevin Wllllams manager John Armstrong Richard Jennings Bob Breltzman Joel Jackson, Bob McDonald, John Claffee, and Charles Gordon coach f ,M " v V icky Anderson shows off his forehand. Charles Gordon shows his approval with a laugh. s., I ml' Tracks To Victory The boys' track team was a successful, strong, and energe- tic one. This team consisted of 18 members had high expecta- tions as the season opened. "This year we've improved a lot from last: next year we should have even a better team," stated Eric Neeilsen, junior member of the team. The team participated in outdoor as well as indoor meets. At the first two outdoor meets, the team part- ed with two first places. The gentlemen who participated felt it was a great experience and will help their training in the future. Eric Truesdale stretches before practice. Q ' .,-Mg, - V , W V .WMM-ff W , 2 "5 -: if ' H -- , ,, ' , ,. H, 5 M' , M ' ' , 3 sf we . fame ,gif -,Z .52 lv, 49" W W, -110' Q K V WL 'X . Uv I' ,- 4w,H'v','l. vI'f'i' ,, 0: sf. ,W M ,ff I , , L -. 4- . fy. ,.,. , ,N -. ., ,,, ...uh x - A I 2 1 -V-.wjffi-rg f .JV 053, .v':-Cfg-ff "W ' G , " ' ,,,.,,- Af .T '-df -noi , ' Eric Carter, Charles Stewart, Mark Saunders, Daniel Krider, Eric Truesdale, John Ingram, Allen Tillman, Ray Haggard, Ralph McKissick, Derrick Glenn, Coach Glenn, David Parker, Bernard Dupree, Bo Lowery, Darrin Germany, Coach Staley, Elmore Petis, Ross Pitts, Eric Neeilsen, Coach Dean, Thayne Harmon, Coach Carroll. 'l56fBoy's Track James Carroll and Nate Glenn check time during a practice run. Speeding To Success The girls' Track Team was highly Trained This season. The girls who parTicipaTed felT ThaT all The long hours of work and sweaT was well worTh iT. The Team was a biT larger Than ,...,,x,,,, previous ones, which helped boosT Team morale. These young ladies deserved much appreciaTion, because They Took Time ouT of Their busy schedules To represenT G-aringer. 'lsT row - Kelly Hammond, Dawn Hilton, SchineTTa Anderson, Char- lene Meadows, Mary Faillie, Tonya Filmore, 2nd row - Coaches Nale Glenn, and James Carroll. NoT PicTured - Beverly Moore, Twanda Allen, Teresa JohnsTon, PaTina WiTh- row. on ,. Girls' Track f 457 ....a-vw" Running Everywhere Racing for vicTory was The aim of The cross counTry Team This pasT year. AiThough They were noT vicTorous many Times, Their Team spiriT and TogeTherness was sure To be found. GeTTing and sfaying in shape was The main objecT of The Training, which included one To six miie runs, forTy yard dashes, and hill climbing. Being a compeTenT runner required leadership, and dedicaTion Through- ouT The Team. Thayne Harmon was one of The sTaTe finaiisT in The Wendy's InviTa- Tional. Also rewarding To G-aringer's cross counTry Team, was finishing fourTh Place in The Sun Valley's inviTaTionai. The cross counTry Team's efforTs were rewarded wiTh many honors. Their dedicaTion and Team spiriT were an inspiraTion To all. John Ingram leads The race as his other opponenfs are slighfly behind. Thayne Harmon sprinfs Toward The finish line. 158fCross Counfry KrisTin Williams adds pep To acTion on The field. Tough Ladies For Soflboll The Lady WlldcaT sofTball Team consisTing of 'ld members sTarTed off The season wiTh vicTories over NorTh Mecklenburg and Olympic. These young ladies puT forTh much efforT, and iT paid off in a big way. Third baseman KrisTin Williams ex- pressed, "The TogeTherness of The whole Team was whaT really helped us Through The season. The coaches emphasized The impor- Tance of sporTsmanshlp which buiIT The confidence of The Team." Coach Evle Laramore gives IasT minuTe advice before The game. FronT Row - Laura Ponder. KrisTin Williams, Laura Miller, Shannon Lamb, Jenny SpraTT, Michelle Simpson. LaTonya CorbeTT, Second row - Manager Neerja Shar- ma, Coach Jackie' Price, Sherry Biron, Teleena Gardner, Deanna Ross. STephanle McCoy, Coach Evle Laramore. NoT picTured Shelly Fox, Kaihy Lawrence. Chize Love Soffballf 459 With proud smiles, the cheerleaders display their winnings. The cheerleaders face the stands and form a very difficult pyramid. -. if 'WA-n..q 'M i , PW . ,,q.f,A, imw iH,9 16OfVarsity Cheerleaders 3.5.31 Co-captain Karen Lewis gives instructions to her fellow squad members. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Allison Delaney, Karen Lewis, Vicki Fowler, Lisa Cureton, Sharon Lindsay, Angie Stafford, Becky Sibley. Stacie Smith, Jennifer Phipps. Not pictured: Sharon Suddreth. ., . was-W, -. Xgain, a perfecT pyramid is formed during a JaskeTball game. Advisor Lisa HurT supporTs "her girIs" during The Cheerwine Cheer-off. Becky Sibley smiles and claps for The home crowd during a foofball game. Sharon Lindsay exe cuTes a perfecT Toe Touch during pracTice. I . CompeTiTive SpiriT 4984-85 was Truly The year of The VarsiTy Cheerleaders. From The summer of 49841 Through The spring of 4985, These cheerleaders parTicipaTed in various compeTiTions and never IefT empTy handed. The Cheerleaders aTTended a summer camp aT Furman UniversiTy where They were noT only The 3rd besT squad aT The camp, buT They were named supersTar squad. They had "spiriT sTicks" every nighT of The compeTiTion and Jennifer Phipps and Sharon SuddreTh were nominaTed for "All American Cheerleader." OTher compeTiTions also proved To be successful for The ladies of spirif. A compeTiTion aT The Teenage nighTclub 'iWeekends" neTTed Them a firsT place TiTle. The "Cheerwine Cheer-off", held aT EasTland lvlall, proved To be a somewhaT conTroversial win. Because of scoring errors, The Myers Park squad originally was declared winners, buT a close check of The adding of The scores proved ThaT The WildcaTs were 461-4 afTer all. The VarsiTy Cheerleaders also parTicipaTed in a special Valen- Tine's Day episode of The WPCQ-TV's dance show, "LeT's Dance", where They won a proud second place . PlenTy of experience benefiTed The squad. Every member had cheered for aT leasT Two years prior To This year. Co-capTains Karen Lewis and Sharon Lindsay, along wiTh Allison Delaney and Jennifer Phipps, cheered all Through Their high school years. Lisa HurT has had 3 years of experience being The advisor. Hard work, precision, closeness, and friendship made The VarsiTy Cheerleading squad one of The besT in hisTory. From leading The crowd in various chanTs To genuinely supporTing all kinds of school acTiviTies, The cheerleaders made everyone proud To be WildcaTs. VarsiTy Cheerleadersf464 Garihg-ger's NATHANIEL DAVIS 3ra iD sTaTe iD The 'IO'I weiahr class Srare Wresrlihg Taurhamehr - February 23, 4985 Parklaha I-Iiah Schaal Wihsrah Salem, NC 462fWresTIihg Champion Fronf Row Sybil SingleTary Dana Taylor Head Second Row Julie Green, Shannon lvliTzel, .plir SeT for Success The junior varsiTy cheer- leaders were a very dedicaT- ed group. The seven member squad pracTiced before each game and also spenT Time on The weekends perfecTing cheers and chanTs. The girls were hard workers: They noT only focused Their aTTenTion on junior varsiTy Teams, buT gave Their all To The varsiTy Teams also. They cheered in The aT varsiTy fooTball sTands games and helped ouT aT pep rallies. Their sTaTed, "The girls worked hard. By The end of The loaskeTball season you could see much improvemenl. I was real proud of Them." advisor, BeTsy SmiTh C8 Q4 ,T H 4 M 4The jv cheerleaders perfecT a sTunT aT one of Their rigorous pracfices. APerforming aT The baskefball pep rally, The iv cheerleaders show off Their cheering skills. l fl ,Ll me -wk JV Cheerleadersfl63 wua.u,.9g..,,M , Coach Richard Henderson instructs a wrestler during a match while Deno Pourlos looks on. Wesley Hepler dispiays extraordinary technique as he tries to turn his Myers Park opponent, M, ww 104 " 'SW B tv 'NX 12' N, ,W .em SiPe1sff'fi5,i' I -L X: K .1 Q15 f is . Front Row: Deno Pourlos, Horace Wiliiarns, Wesley Hunter, Darneli Davis, Rodney Tillman. Steve Clark, Donald Butler, Wesley Hepler, Mark Bryant, Mark Sanders, Nate Davis, Mike Davis, Back Row: Scott Moe, Keith Dean, Paul Purser, Jeff Mathews, Darrin Stewart, Jason Pentecost. Rodney Tillman lunges for a Takedown againsT a Myers Park wresTler. 1 rg M :Main X -, ,, s ,,,sMLg,W,,,: T wif'-M , Ja , fy, , l -' , " T ' ' Tyr ,X ,n'nnn T T T f - 'ff' .- , , , V "f "'i"J's?H, ' V l i V f ' T .. T ' is 3 f ,, Al'llTude Sirengihens Wresilers The Garinger vVresTling Team was noThing less Than excepTionaI. The Team's inTense workouTs were proof enough. Each day during pracTice, Team members sweaied off as much as six pounds. DedicaTion To The sporT made iT easy. Individual excellence in The sporT included NaTe Davis winning The TiTle of SecTional Champion. The Two-year wresTler also came in Third in The Region and Third in The STaTe CompeTiTions for his weighT class. Mark Sanders also qualified for Regional Champion. 'TIT was a disappoinTing season Team wise, buT rewarding for some individuals," sTaTed Coach Richard Henderson. We ,ilk ,V - W ,,'::-g'.3, .lfs,-ax WMM-+2-fL,14 Middle lefT: Rodney Tillman conTrols The hips and wrlsTs of a SouTh Mecklenburg opponenT. Above: Wesley Hepler looks on inTensely as Mike Davis yells encour- agemenT To ci fellow Team member. 4Deno Pourlos holds on TighTly To The leg of a wresTling opponenT 70 pounds heavier. Deno won This hard maTch. WresTlingflo5 Sacrifice And Hard Work Make Baseball A Success The VarsiTy Baseball Team consisTed of young, deTer- mined aThleTic juniors and seniors. The Team has had many winning seasons and 4985 was no excepTion. AT The beginning of The season, wiTh new coach, STeve Shaughnessy, Things looked very promising. Since being head fooTball coach, Shaughnessy explained ThaT baseball was quiTe differenT from fooTball in condiTioning and fundamenTals. "This year's Team had a good season, wiTh The piTching coming Through and The defense holding back," said Shaughnessy. Many long hours of hard work and pracTice helped make The season a success. BoTh coaches and players dedicaTe Themselves To ba- seball aT The expense of school work and free Time. '166fVQrslTy Baseball AssisTanT Coach Ken Shields and Head Coach STeve Shaughnessy. As The Wildcafs beaT Norlh Mecklen- burg, Kelly Hill looks over The game. Gene Brown winds up for a curve ball During a hard practice, Jeff Prince concenfraies on a hifling drill. ll, M 'M ,, b, - .'N W 'F' ,Mardi nf' . wr- .M dl... J .. '-' ,sw ' ff I I Y' ,, F. , 1 i Al ,W ' ,, , V .4 lf. 3. 1, Aix, ' "?i'!r1,. U n K- K1 P s,' , V u - V' f f , . mfr- - l Ufvazl V ' N j...--,J. , ui' .,,,. "--"'fY'1' 'ff' I - W, , ff 'A ff' V " A' f v-vw f 4+ A f f 1 ,f ,, ' f VK ,,, V. ki W h,vy4 ,JV ', .,:., .fl , J ,4'u.-,.,g . :F rg, 1 4 f .4' ff, 7 ,,o .ff ' 4, - 'uflh ,M v ' . Neff: r' ." 4Brian Prince walls pallenfly on a bafier so They can starr The game. Shaughnessy adds some last mlnufe poiniers To boosl Team spirlf for an upcoming game.v Froni row: Jeff Prince, Gene Brown, Kelly Hill, Ronnie Honey- culi, Tim Payne, Scoll Russ, Brian Prince, Greg Dixon, Mark Jones, Doug Hanllne, Greg Brown. Back Row: Coach Ken Shields, Troy Seahorn, Sieve Clark, Greg Broadway, John Rice, Bo Wainw- righi, Eric Coe, Ricky Grlce, Dennis Bean, Slewarr Mcllroy, John Burnelle, Coach Sieve Shaugh- nessy. Varsity BasebalIf467 . Long TradiTion of Winning 'l68fJ.V. Baseball Allen l?uTledge prepares To piTch The junior varsiTy baseball Team, under The G Winning 90m9- direcTion of James Edwards, had a sTrong season. The piTchers were Horace Willoughby and Allen i2uTledge who held The Team TogeTher. Edwards explained, "J.V. baseball has a long TradiTion of winning. Since The J.V. league began in 4965, Garinger has had only one losing season. This year's group hoped To keep The TradiTion alive". These players benefiTed greaTly under Coach James Edwards, who helped give Them The poTenTial To move To The varsiTy Team. Horace Willoughby, afTer receiv- ing a leg injury, waiTs paTienTly on The Trainer To remove The ice pack. FronT Row: Chris Laughrun, Andy SmiThey, Allan l?uTledge, Brian Shue. Lee Oxendine. Mark Gray, Brand Shue. Back Row: Brian Waugh, Shawn Kelly, Jeff MaTThews, Horace Willoughby, David Thompson, Gary Sowell. Mike Gibson, Robbie Haire. KeiTh Hall - Manager: James Edwards - Coach. NoT picTured: John Donaldson, Chip Cosgrove - Manager. Shawn Kelly, caTcher. Takes a break from pracTice. Shawn Kelly smiles as BeTh Murrow wraps his Injured ankle. odney Edmonds conTlnues waTchlng he fooTbaII game while BeTh Murrow Tlends To his injured fooT. An AThIeTe's BesT Friend "Miss Murrow, my knee hurTs when I move iT like This." "Miss Murrow will you hurry up and Tape my Thumb so I won'T be IaTe To pracTiceI" These are jusT some of The commenTs BeTh Murrow, Garinger's new Trainer, received every- day. She spenT a greaT deal of Time aT school TreaTing injuries ThaT were encounTered all The Time. Unlike pasT years, she did noT have The benefiT of sTudenT Trainers To help ease her workload. "IT was greaT having a Trainer you could depend on To be There when I was hurT," exclaimed Wesley HunTer, a member of The fooTball and wresTIing Teams. This feeling was True for boTh The aThleTes and The coaches. Coach Richard Henderson said, "IT was nice To be able To send an aThleTe To her and geT him back insTead of waiTing To send him To The docTor." "IT was hard work being The Trainer This year, buT I enjoyed iT because all of The Teams did Their besT, and ThaT made iT worThwhiIe," said Murrow. Due To her greaT skill and devoTion To her job, BeTh Murrow proved To be a valuable asseT To The aThleTic program. BeTh Murrow's responsIblliTies noT only include Garinger aThIeTes buT Those of visiTing Teams like This Myers Park wresTIer. Mark Sanders receives experT care from BeTh Murrow afTer an excep- Afilefic Tfomeffibg Tionally hard wresfling mafch. 170fTop Cots , ,f-L OP CATS. Our Pick of the Litter ali. 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Boys' Bdskefbcll Girls' Tennis l Volleyball 7-ll 4-s I s-to Scott Russ watches as Greensboro Page's offense dominates at Memorial Stadium during Garinger's last state tournament game. Anthony Colyer outleaps his North Meck opponent in a jumpbail situation, Tim Payne gets a base hit against North Meck. Scoreboard f 4 73 L........ T Q dolized and feared, seniors conlin- ually rule The school. This lasl year of school seems To go by The quickest, and if usually holds The pesl memories. "Seniorilis" becomes an epidemic around March or April, and The only Thing Thai will cure il is graduation Sending college applications, applying for scholarships, wearing senior shirls, and ordering caps and gowns were some popular "seniors only" activities. The Class of '85 was a uniaue group of different, yer unified individuals wilh a common goal in mind - To graduale from Garinger High School. Being a senior means being Hon lop". ll is a Time To look forward To your fufure and look back To good memories. AND THE TRADITION CONNNUES . . . 'via-rf' tv, :D 0' 5 The Backbone of the Senior Body Each year the Senior Class Officers work busily throughout the year to serve and represent the Senior Class. Consisting of Brian Prince, President: Angie Smith: Vice-President: Lisa Rey- nolds, Treasurer: Teresa Cureton, Secretary: and Willie Walker, ICC Representative, the officers met every Monday to discuss important issues concerning the seniors. The officers were re- sponsible for senior shirts, senior week, the senior slide show, and preparation for graduation. As well as keeping the Senior Class organized, they also promoted school spirit by sponsoring a homecoming float, a dance, and by making posters. Offering advice and support to the officers were advisors Sue Haney and Jean Withers. The Senior Class Officers along with the advisors represented the best Senior Class everl Front Row: Brian Prince: Willie Walker: Back Row: Angle Smith: Llsa Reynolds: Teresa Cureton. 1, , . i is E is , 'l76fSenIor Class Officers vn ""'n:"'s. At a weekly Monday meeting, the Senior Class Officers along with Sue Haney design the Senior Class shirts. Decorating the Senior Christmas tree, Teresa Cureton decides to add herself as an ornament. xi .V-Xrn' ,- jrauia Jerome .fdolama pau! .xdnalrew .fdfhwn puLonia .fdnflmony ,4n,efa ai ,Mara Anneffe JC ,M .Zeywon Ienean .xdranf Ciynflmia marie gmcer 4 78 f Seniors gelfy fgamca 'IMMW K Abxandef .glzineffa .xdnalemon jehcia .xdrclrey ..K0lll'telldy gdfllafd .9Udll AAXGHJBV eliyllll .Jdlltlfeuld jfora lgena .xduafin QGFAIIB Baflleue jalllallda Ciezlric .xdnfllony jfdty .!4llll BULB? 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John Koch con'T seem To stay awoke during o quiz. 486fSeniors "lb it A f .Salter-ri lynn jfoyfl A- ff: fi , 1 W, H! an 1' f'-' ff 'wl lwff 1- w,"w'- 2112- ' X4 11 'L 2- ,L f ., A ,mf -Q A V f .M , k Q A 'K r tw ucforia jowgzr ibefrina garreff scoff geibfer jerry QZQOIIQI Zoe MX jorfod A- .- -..,..-M , WarL .Hayward GGL! WDIJCG on gdrtlller lgagerf lee gee junia Jdnneffe gee """,.,Q'2-f perry george jolm ..JUuLerf Q65 lynn gl'GJAy cxor-Leff gore, meniae .xdngefa Aa!! 7ammi penae .jJanLin.4 pager Janice Quena Ionafrl gfouer manief ,gay gozlwin jereda lawn goJwin tl' Y f .Steam gofla .fbavial Cilugene greene gric far! guice Sandra Juaga pamona pack!! .Huff Mcfor Ewayne .Huff Regina .jvlamihon .glzaron ..jJamricL X A , J Q. .NGIIAHZ Jtlyfe Renee .yafyeu QOMIAIIJ R .yaffid .J4. .Juarfky Seniors! 487 1 ig .X jkomaa Jalan .yauefoa Iawn WiLifa .jvlearrl ibougfzu .Hefner Jen .fdnn Juefma paufa maniac .yefma "'lGZ"".JP" pafricL W .MBFLV 6a55al1Jl'l1 ell. .AQFWIGH 3211.46 Jouiae .NHILJ Jug? 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Tim Christie takes a breather while offense takes over during o Varsity football QOlTi6.r College day contuslon. Elyse Evans leaves the cafeteria after college day! 206fSenlor Candids Mascot helps out. During the Keyette tea held in Gctober, mascot Bill Hartley writes out the ballots. w ll' Future at hand. Seniors collected many brochures from various colleges during College Day. itil! -IAM' 1Senior class officers celebrate. Teresa Cureton and Willie Walker wear their caps and gowns a little early to celebrate Homecoming '84 'sw Human Coke can. Terri Blackman does a little advertising during Keyette initiatioru 4Testing 1,2,3. Jamie Turbeville learns The tricks of the trade in Radio! Television Broadcasting. Senior Canclidsf207 N J' V i,,W4wwn,W' fi, will 559 uwaxuwgx ,,um 208 fSenior Condids 41 Club and school splrll. G.G.S, members Throw cdndy To The crowd while riding oTop Their imdginofive homecoming fIooT. Their flooT's Theme wcis "Eoglebus- Ters". ,ww I 4PreporInq for lhe fulure. Cedric AnThony fills ouT o requesT form for more lnformoTion obouT some col- leges oT College Ddy held in OcTober vA short break. Anfonio Cdmpbel C4345 ond Gene Brown C4425 look oui Toward The field during one of The firsi VorsITy foofboll gomes of The seoson nib-...f , 2 Lel's Tolk aboul college. BeTh McLoughlin invesTigciTes various col- leges during College DOY, During an inTerview for The Rambler, Tonya Taylor Teaches The class how To Brian Prince, Todd Webber, Jeff Prince DOUY Tclk. explain Their views on "The Sixih Man". nk' sm...--M During Biology ll, Lisa Reynolds lends a helping hand To Melissa Russ. Before The game KourTenay Bernard Angie Hughes, a member of The prints a paw on Jamie Snyder's cheek. Rambler sTaff sTaTes, "Noi anoTher deadline." Senior Candidsf2OQ , Travls Jerome Adams: French Club 40: Spanish Club 44: Weight Training Club 44. Schlnetta Anderson: Volleyball 44,42: Track 40,4 4,42: Cross Country 44. Kelly Lynn Andrews: Adelphians 40: GGS 44,42: Bible Il Vice President 42: Foreign Language Club 40,44,42: ICC 44: Tennis 44,42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42: Honor Society 42: Student Council 40,44,42: Office Assistant 44: Summer Economic Institute 44. Cedric Scott Anthony: ROTC Super- ior Cadet 40: J.V. Football 40: Varsity Football 44,42: Math Club 40,44-,42: Math Club Vice President 44: Computer Club 40,44: Mor- ehead Nominee 42: National Honor Society 44,42: Foreign Language Club 44,42: Junior Marshal 44: U.S. History Award 44: Bus Driver of the Month 42: Project Close Up 44: Bus Driver 44,42. Rubonla Marlorletta Anthony: VICA 44: SVS VP 42. FSIICIO MICh6lI6 Ardrey: SVS-VP Club 44: Volleyball 40,44,42. Tracy Ann Baber: Marching Band 40,44,42: Keyettes 40,44,42: RAM- BLER Staff 44: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42: Foreign Language Club 44. Kourtenay Gaye-Susan Barnard: Honors Chorus 42: Mars Hill Choir 44,42: Choir Vice President 42: Garinger Townsingers 44,42: Choir 40,44,42: Women's Ensemble 40,44,42: Soloist for Football 42: VICA Secretary 42: Wildcat Mascot 42. Tammy Darlene Barnette: Miss VICA 44: VICA Treasurer 44: VICA Vice President 42. Llesl Palge Battle: GGS 44,42: Adelphians 40: Choir 44,42: Women's Ensemble 40,44,42: Gar- inger Townsingers 42: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40: Math Club 44,42: Junior Marshal 445 Student Council 44: Homecoming Court 42. Deborah Lynn Baxter: FBLA 40,44,42: DECA 44: Softball 44. Kenneth Edward Beard: JROTC 40,44,42: Drill Team 40,44: Com- puter Club 44,42. Sherry Lynn Blront Basketball 40: Softball 40,44,42. Talorla YVSHS Blookmonl DECA 40,44,42. Terrl Elizabeth Blackmon: Mu Alpha Theta 44,42: National Honor Society 44,42: Keyettes 42: Marching Band 42: Symphonic Band 42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42: Associate Chief Junior Marshal 4 4: Junior Achievement 44. Wendy Yvonne Bohart: Lettergirl 44,42: Head Lettergirl 42: GGS 40,44,42: Adelphians 40: Key Club Sweetheart 42: Foreign Language Club 40: ICC 42: Super Senior 42: Who's Who in American High Schools 44,42. 240fSenior Statistics Senior Statistics Joyce Ahh BOIFDODI DECA 44: FHA 44,42. Rodney Boyd Boone: VICA 44. Melissa Suzanne Brazzell: Choir 42: Adelphians 40: DECA 42. Stephanle Sue Brooks: GGS 44: Keyettes 44: Drama Club 44: Lettergirl 44,42: Marching Band 40: Symphonic Band 40,44,42. Cedric Eugene Brown: Varsity Football 40,44,42: Varsity Basketball 40,44: VICA 44,42: VICA Reporter 44,42: Student Council 40,44,42: J.V. Baseball 40: Varsity Baseball 44,42: Varsity Football Co-Captain 42. Bonnie Lee Bryant: Drama Club 44,42: Drama Club Treasurer 42: Foreign Language Club 40: Letter- girl 42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff! Layout Editor 42: Keyettes 44,42. Nancy Jane Burgos: Adelphians 40: Centrusa 42: Weight Training Club 44: PTSA Visual Arts Contest filth placej 44. Pamela Ann Butts: GGS 40,44,42: Concert Band 40,42: Garlnger Townsingers 44: Foreign Language Club 40,44: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42. Llsa S. Carpenter: Student Council 44: RAMBLER Staff 44: Centrusa 44,42: Centrusa SecretaryfTrea- surer 42: Computer Club 42. Angela Koren Cawa: Adelphians 40: GGS 44,42: Student Council 40: Summer Economics Institute 44: Project Close Up 42: National Honor Society 44,42: Junior Marshall 44: Computer Club 44: Mu Alpha Theta 40,42: Young Life 44,42: Foreign Language Club 40: Drama Club 44: Writing Contest 44. Gena Sue Chambers: Foreign Language Club 40,44: Math Club 44,42: Marching Band 40,44,42: World History Award 44: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42. Loren Chanley: Marching Band 40,4 4,42: Computer Club 42: JROTC 40,44,42: All-State Band 40,44,42: All-American Music Hall of Fame 44. James Todd Cheek: Key Club 42: Varsity Football 40: Student Council 40: Wrestling 40: Drama 40: Choir 40,44,42: Garinger Townsingers 42. Joanle Vanessa Cherry: Drama Club 40,44: FHA 44: Junior Achievement Secretary 40: Junior Achievement Vice-President 445 Foreign Language Club 40: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42. James Brlan Chrlstenburyz J.V.Foot- ball 40: VICA 44,42: VICA President 42: DECA 42: JROTC 40. John Trenton Clatteeg FBLA 40,44,42: FBLA President 40,441 FBLA District Vice President 42: Key Club 40,44,42: J.V. Baseball 40. J.V. Soccer 40: Varsity Soccer 44,42: Varsity Soccer Captain 44,42: Computer Club 44: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40,44: J.V. Soccer Captain 40. Aundrea Laynett Cochran: FHA 40,44: DECA 44: Foreign Language Club 40: Exploring Club 42. Anthony Colyer: J.V.Football 44: J.V. Basketball 40,44: Varsity Bas- ketball 42. Lee Michele Corder: Centrusa 42. Felecha A. Corley: J.V. Cheer- leader 40: FHA 40: Junior Achievement 44: FBLA 40. Sara Ann Coxton: FHA 42: FBLA 42. Donna Michelle Crawford: Key- ettes 44,42: Chorus 40,44,42: Women's Ensemble 40,44,42: Gar- inger Townsingers 42. Allcla Ann Croom: Adelphians 40: Keyettes 40,44: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42: Marching Band 40,44,42: Foreign Language Club 44. Linda Burnette Culbertson: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 44,42: SNIPS AND CUTS Editor 42: Keyettes 40,44,42: Keyettes Secretary 42: Computer Club 42: Science Club 44: Shorthand Club 44: Foreign Language Club 42. Teresa Michelle Cureton: Adel- phians 40: FHA-HERO 40: Computer Club 42: FBLA 42: Science Club 44: DECA 42: Senior Class Secretary 42: GGS 44,42: Student Council 40,44,42: Junior Achievement 40: Explorers 40,44: ETC 42: Foreign Language Club 44. Llsa Marie Cureton: J.V. Cheer- leader 40: Varsity Cheerleader 42: Student Council 40,4 4,42: Executive Committee 44,42: ICC Chairperson 44: Computer Club 40,44,42: Com- puter Club Treasurer 44: Foreign Language Club 44: ICC 44,42: GGS 40,44,42: Adelphians 40: Junior Achievement 40: Junior Achieve- ment Treasurer 40: Explorers 40: Bible I President 42: FHA 40. Elizabeth Ayers Curlee: Adelphians 40: Science Club 40,44: Keyettes 44,42: Keyette Vice President 42: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42: Mu Alpha Theta Secretary 42: National Honor Society 44,42: Junior Marshall 44: Computer Club 42: RAMBLER STAFF 44,42: RAMBLER STAFF Photographer 42: RAMBLER Editor 42: French Clul: 44,42. Rodney Thomas Davis: Wrestling 40: Football 40 ,44: Drama Club 40,44: "Sweet Charity" 40 "Rehearsal For Murder" 44: Key Club 42. Alan Joel Davis: Foreign Language Club 40: Student Council 44,42: Key Club 44,42: Centrusa Mascot 42 Science Club 42: Computer Clut 44,42. Jennlfer LISG Deery: DECA 44,42. Debra L. Deese: JROTC 40,44,42 JROTC Drill Team 44,42: VFW Awarc 44: Superior Cadet Decoration 44 Foreign Language Club 44,42 Garinger Players 42. Alllson Deanna Delaney: Soph- omore Class Officer - ICC 40: Junior Class OfficerfSecretary 44: Adel- phians 40: J.V. Cheerleader 40 Choir 44,42: Garinger Townsingers 42: Foreign Language Club 44 Computer Club 44,42: ETCfPre- sident 44,42: GGS 40,44,42: Varsity Cheerleader 44,42: Student Counci 40,44,42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42 Super Senior 42: Junior Achievemen' fSecretary 40: Women's Ensemble 40,44,42: Drama Club 44. Homecoming Court 42: Choir Pre- sident 42. Suresh DeSlIva: Math Club 44.42, Science Club 44,42: Computer Club 44,42: Foreign Language Club 44,42: National Honor Society 44,42. Harvard Book Award 44: Chiet Junior Marshal 44: Chess Club Vice-President 44. Thuslth DeSIIva: Computer Club 44,42: Math Club 44,42: Science Club 44,42: Foreign Language Club 44,42: Chess Club 44: FBLA 44: Honor Society 44,42: Junior Chief Marshall 44: Sewanee Book Award 44. I Llsa Joy Dickson: Foreign Language Club 44,42: FBLA 44,42: ICC 44,42: Weight Training Club 44: Track 42' John Gregory Dixon: J.V. Basebal 40: Varsity Baseball 44,42: Centrus S S Melissa Bridges and Jackie Brewton put library skills to work. llascot 42: Key Club 42: Computer Club 40,44,42: Foreign Language Ilub 44,42. aul Dorn: Mu Alpha Theta 40,4 4,42: oreign Language Club 40,44,42: cience Club 44,42: Chess Club resident 44: Computer Club 42: lational Honor Society 42: High-Q eam 44,42. usty Doss: ROTC 40,44,42: ROTC rick Drill Team 40,44,42: ROTC egulation Drill Team 40,44,42: OTC Colorguard 40,44,42: ROTC Loft 44,42: VICA 40,44,42: Storm am 40,44,42. gt Elizabeth Dunlap: SVS-VP Club porter 42: SVS-VP:Club 44: Junior chievement 44. ohn Wesley Dunn: Baseball Man- ger 40: VICA 44,42. UYTISIG RSDSS Eason: ETC 40,441 'ench Club 42, Von Kelly Eaves: French Club 40. werrl Lee Edwards: VICA 40,44,42: ICA Leadership Award 42: VICA ecretary 44,42. Iellssa Karol Edwards: Tennis 44: omputer Club 44: Spanish Club 44: rama Club 44: JROTC Drill Team O,44,42: JROTC Unit Staff 44,42: ROTC Colorguard 42: JROTC Bat- Elion Commander 42: JROTC perior Cadet Decoration 40. ernard M. Elmore: JROTC 40,4 4,42: omputer Club 42. mes Anthony Elmore: Varsity sketball 40,44,42: FHA 40. avid Timothy Elms: Key Club 4 4,42: omputer Club 42: GGS Mascot 42: aringer Townsingers 42: Junior arshal 44: Honor Society 44,425 Jnor Society Treasurer 42: Choir J,44,42: Choir Treasurer 42. lrry Walter ErVIn! VlCA 44: VICA ub Advisor 44: SVS-VP Club 42. litherlne Elyse Evans: Foreign inguage Club 40,44: Women's isemble 40: Choir 44: GGS 44,42: SS Vice-President 42: Student buncil 42. adney Brewer Faulkner: J.V.Foot- ull 40: Weight Training Club 44: FCA 42. brna Leigh Ferrell: Foreign Lan- iage Club 40,44,42: National inor Society 44,42: Math Club l,42: Drama Club 42: Project Excel I: "The Odd Couple" 42: Spanish Nara 44: Junior Marshal 44: Intern- lp at the Community School of the ts 44. itonla Lavon Fetherson: DECA ,42: FHA 40,44,42:FBLA 441 FHA ce-President 42: Student Council inya Lavosha Fllmore: Volleyball E: Computer Club 42: FBLA 44,42: nior Achievement 40,4 4,42: Short- ind Club 44: Upward Bound i,44,42: ROTC Drill Team 40,44,42: :sistant Drill Team Commander 44: lll Team Commander 42: Most Jtstanding Junior Girl Cadet 44: Senior Statistics lndoorfOutdoor Track 40,44,42: Track Captain 44,42: Most Out- standing Sprinter 44: Cross Country 44,42. Yolanda Deneem Fllmore: Volley- ball 4O: Track 40: DECA 44: Student Council 44: Junior Achievement 42. Phlllpplan Flowel DECA 40,44,42. Sherri Lynn Floyd: Shorthand Club 44: DECA 44,42. Zoe Alexis Fortos: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40,44,42: Computer Club 44,42: Science Club 42: Art Contest 40: Writing Contest 40. Vlctorla Joan Fowler: French Club 40: Women's Ensemble 40,44,42: Choir 44,42: Garinger Townsingers 42: Varsity Cheerleader 42: Centru- sa Vice-President 42: Centrusa 44,42: "Sweet Charity" 40. Monica Leigh Gardner: Shorthand Club 44. Norman Garnes, Jr: Student Coun- cil 42: Foreign Language Club 44: Computer Club 44: Chess Club 44. DeTrlna Rochelle Garrett: DECA 44,42: FBLA 42: Student Council 42. Tunla Annette Gee: DECA 44,42: Track 44,42. Robert Lee Gee: J.V. Basketball 40: Key Club 40,44: DECA 40,44: SVS Club President 42. Scott Michael Gelster: Varsity Soccer 44,42: Science Club 44,42: Science Club President 42: Chess Club 44: Weight Training 42: Foreign Language Club 44: Student Council 42: State Select Soccer Team 40: Junior Achievement President 40: Computer Club 42. John Hubert Giles, lll: Key Club 44,42: Key Club President 42: Varsity Football 44,42: Young Life 44,42: Foreign Language Club 40: National Honor Society 40: Junior Marshal 44: Super Senior 42. Donald Patrlck Glover: Track 40: Computer Club 40: Spanish Club 40,44,42: VlCA 44: DECA 42. Teresa D. Godwin: Choir 40,44: Women's Ensemble 44: Garinger Townsingers 44: GGS 42. Corbett Cline Gore, Ill: Wrestling 40,44,42: Marching Band 40,44,42: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42: VICA 42: Honors Orchestra 44. Robert Sean Gotts: Junior Achievement 40: JROTC 40: Foreign Language Club 44: Explorers 44,42: FBLA 42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42. David E. Greene: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40,44: Student Council 42: Computer Club 42: VICA 40,44. Kelth Bernard Grier: VlCA 442 JROTC 44. Carol Kaye Gulce: SVS-VP Trea- surer 42: DECA 44: JROTC 40: Softball 40: SVS-VP 44: FHA 42. Victor Dwayne Hall: Bus Driver 40,44,42: SVS-VP 44,42: FHA 42. Ramona Rockell Hall: Women's Ensemble 40: Garinger Townsingers 44,42: FBLAfReporter 44: FBLAfPar- liamentarian 42: Student Council 40: Weight Lifting Club 44: Computer Club 40: DECA 42. AnQela Denlse Hall: VICA Club Treasurer 42: DECA 40,441 FHA 44. James Douglas Hanllne: Key Club 40,44,42: GGS Mascot 42: Student Council 44,42: Choir 40,44,42: Gar- inger Townsingers 44,42: Baseball 40,44,42: Football 40,44. Rosalind Rochelle Harris: DECA 44,42: FHA 42: ROTC Drill Team 40. Wllllam Ardon Hartley: Student Council 42: Keyette Mascot 40,44,42: Foreign Language Club 40,44: SNIPS AND CUTS Business Manager 42: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42: Pep Band 40,44: Marching Band 40,44,42: Who's Who Among American High Schools 42. Thomas John Havelos: Key Club 40,44,42: Math Club 40,44,42: For- eign Language Club 40: Computer Club 4O,4l,2: Centrusa Mascot 42: Student Council 40,44,42: Science Club 42: Computer Club Vice President 40: Computer Club Pres- ident 44,42. Dawn Naklta Heard: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42: DECA 44,42: J.V. Cheerleader 40: Foreign Language Club 40,44: Centrusa 44,42: Drum Major 42: Marching Band 40,44,42: Pep Band 40,44,42. Lea Ann Helms: DECA 40,44: VICA Treasurer 44,42. Patrick Wesley Hepler: Wrestling 40,4 4,42: Wrestling Captain 425 Golf 42: Soccer 40,44,42: VlCA 44,42: VICA Secretary 42: Student Council 40,44: FHA 40. Teresa Louise Hicks: French Club 40. Julle Elizabeth Higgins: Adelphians 40: Centrusa 44,42: DECA President 42: DECA 44,42: DECA NC State Runner Up 44: Foreign Language Club 44,42. Karen Renee Hollingsworth: FHA 40,44: FHA Treasurer 44: Foreign Language Club 44. Robin Charlene Howard: DECA Vice-President 42: Varsity Basketball Captain 42: Red Cross 44: VICA 44,42. Michael Allen 40,44,42: Foreign Language Club 44. Angela Christine Hughes: Adel- phians 40: Lettergirl 44,42: Keyettes 44,42: High-Q Team 44: Science Club 40,44: Student Council 40: Foreign Language Club 40,4 4: Junior Marshal 44: Who's Who Among American High Schools 44,42: High- Q Team Captain 42. Hughes: Golf Wesley Antoine Hunter: Football 40,44,42: Track 44,42: Wrestling 44,42. Donna Renee Hutchings: Softball 40,44,42: DECA 40,44,42: Centrusa 42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42. Glenn Russell Israel: J.V. Soccer 40: Varsity Soccer 44: Keyette Mascot 44,42: Men's Ensemble 40,44,42: Choir 44,42: Garinger Townsingers 42. Justa Allen Jackson: Soccer 40: Varsity Baseball Manager 40: Cross Country 40,4 4: VICA 40,4 4,42: Junior Achievement 40. Mary Beth Jennings: Choir 44,42: Garinger Townsingers 42: Women's Ensemble 44,42: DECA 44,42: FHA 44: Computer Club 40: Marching Band 40. Yolanda Johnson: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40,44 : Adelphians Vice President and ICC 40: Junior Class Treasurer 44: FHA 40: Computer Club 42: Executive Committee 42: Student Council 445 Belk Teenboard 44: Project Excel 40: FBLA 42: RAMBLER Staff 44: GGS 42. Kelly Darlene Johnson: Drama Club 40: DECA 44,42: DECA Historian 44: FHA 42: Student Council 42. Robert Mark Jones: J.V. Baseball 40: Varsity Baseball 44,42: Key Club 40,44,42: Key Club Treasurer 42: Marching Band 40,4 4,42: Symphonic Band 44,42: Foreign Language Club 40,44: MAA Award Winner 44: Concert Band 40. Betty Ann Jones: Marching Band 40: Keyettes 40: FHA 44: FBLAfPhoto- grapher 44: Student Council 40,44: Junior AchievementfPresident 40, 44: SNIPS AND CUTS StafffPhoto- grapher 42: Foreign Language Club 40: WSOC-TV Internship 42: Junior AchievementfV.P. Finance 44. Teuwanda Anita Jones: Computer Club 40: Shorthand Club 44: DECA 44,42: FBLA 44: French Club 40. Larry Stewart Kaplan: Spanish Club 421 VICA 44: J.V. Football 44,422 Computer Club 42. Dennis Patrick Keneston: Men's Ensemble 40: VICA 44: Student Council 40: Foreign Language Club 42. Kathy Ann Kezlahz DECA 44,42: Women's Ensemble 40: Spanish Club 44,42: Almeta HIII Kllgo: National Honor Society 44,42: Keyettes 44,42: Mu Alpha Theta 44,42: Foreign Lan- guage Club 44,42: Orchestra 40,44,42: Junior Marshal 44: Com- puter Club 44,42: Who's Who Among American High Schools 44,42: Student Council 40,44,42: National Achievement Scholarship Semifinalist 42. Ronald Eugene Klnard: VICA!- Reporter 44: French Club 42: FBLA 42. John Bernard Koch, ll: Explorers 40,44,42: Junior Achievement 40: Computer Club 44: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40,44,42. Patrlcla Judith Koonce: DECA 44,42: Women's Ensemble 40. Patrick Gary Land: VICA 44,42: Senior Statisticsf244 VlCAfVice-President 44: SNIPS AND CUTS StafffPhotographer 42. Jeffrey Clarence Law: National Honor Society 44,42: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42: Computer Club 40: Junior Marshal 44: SNIPS AND CUTS Photography Editor 42. Karen Loulse Lewis: Head J.V. Cheerleader 40: Varsity Cheer- leader 44,42: Head Varsity Cheer- leader 42: Adelphians 40: Executive CommitteefSecretary 44: Execu- tive Committeefvice President 42: GGS 44,42: Key Club Sweetheart 42: Weight Training Club 44: ChoirfPresidentfLibrarian 40,44,42: Miss Garinger 42: Student Council 40: Carrousel Princess 42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 44: Foreign Language Club 40: Garinger Townslngers 42: Women's Ensemble 40,4 4,42: Valen- tine Sweetheart 44. Sharon Ann Lindsay: J.V. Cheer- leader 40: Foreign Language Club 40,44: FHA 40: Student Council 44: GGS 44,42: GGS Secretary 42: Key Club Sweetheart 42: Varsity Cheer- leader 44,42: Head Varsity Cheer- leader 42: Weight Training Club 44: Computer Club 44. LISG L. Llner: FBLA 42. Scott Martin Lively: Marching Band 40: Wrestling 40: Bus Driver 44.42. Rhonda Kay Llvergood: FBLA 44: FHA 40,44: FHA President 445 Wrestlerette 40: Computer Club 42: Who's Who Among American High Schools 44. George Earl Lombardi: Computer Club 44: FBLA 42: FBLA Reporter 42. Mary Long: ROTC 44,42: ROTC Drill Team 44,42. J. Chris Long: RAMBLER Staff 42: Soccer 40,44: DECA 40,44,2: Key Club 42: Student Council 40: Foreign Language Club 44. Maurlce Lowery: Computer Club 44: J.V. Basketball 40: J.V. Football 44: Cross Country 42: Track Team 40,44.42. Gerald Mack: J.V. Football 40: Varsity Football 44,42: Varsity Foot- ball Co-Captain 42: French Club 42. Christopher Wade Manley: VICA 44,42: VlCA Vice President 44,42: Centrusa Mascot 42. Korky Lee Mann: Soccer Manager 40: Sophomore Class President 40: Junior Class President 44: Student Council 40,44,42: Key Club 40,44,42: Computer Club 40,44,42: C-SGS Mascot 42: Science Club 42: French Club 40,44: Math Club 42: FBLA 40: ICC 44: Sex Symbol "STUD" 42. Jacquelyn Lovette Manson: Adel- phians 40: Concert Band 40: GG-S 42: J.V. Cheerleader 40: Foreign Language Club 42: Computer Club 44: Shorthand Club 44. Gina Loulse Martin: FHAXHERO 42: SVS-VP 42. Jehh Clavln Marusl VICA 44,42. Dwayne Gregory Mason: Project 242 f Senior Statistics Senior Statistics Excel 40: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42: Drama Club 40,44,42: Thespian Society 40,44,42: UNCC Math Con- test 40: Choir 40,44,42: Men's Ensemble 40,44,42: Garinger Town- slngers 4 4: Science Club 4 4: Student Council 44: High-Q 44,42: Honors Chorus 44,42: Mars Hill Choral Clinic 44,42: Foreign Language Club 44,42: Junior Marshal 44: Drama Club President 42: "Up The Down Staircase " 81 "Sweet Charity" 40: "Rehearsal For Murder" 44: "Hot Grog" 44. Roslta Denise Mason: JROTC 40,44,42: Track 40,44, Catherine Ann Mason: FHA 40,44,42: FHA President 42: Office Assistant 44,42: DECA 44,42. David Keith Matthews: J.V. Baseball 40: Varsity Baseball 44,42: VICA 44,42: VlCAfTreasurer 44: Foreign Language Club 44,42. Robert Maltlce: Wrestling 44. Heather Paige McCall: Keyettes 40,44,42: Adelphians 40: Drama Club 44,42: National Honor Society 44,42: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42. Karl Ann McCarver: Orchestra 40,44,42: Shorthand Club 44. James Darren McCoy: Marching Band 42, James Aaron McKnight: J.V. Bas- ketball 40: Varsity Basketball 44,42: J.V. Football 40: VICA 40,44,42. Sandra Elizabeth McLaughlin: Adel- phians 40: Athletic Trainer 40: Keyettes 40,44,42: Keyettes Trea- surer 44: Keyettes President 42: Foreign Language Club 40,44,42: High-Q 42. John Michael Megson: Foreign Language Club 40,44: Computer Club 42. Robert Thomas Miller: Football 44: Weight Training Club 44. Sharon Lee Miles: Computer Club 44,42: FBLA 44,42: Adelphians 40: Miss Blue 84 Gray Pageant 40,44: Miss Congeniality of Miss Blue 84 Gray Pageant 44. Ken Eugene Monroe: Cross Country 40: Bus Driver 42: Track 42. Marlo Michelle Morris: Marching Band 40,44: Pep Band 40,44: Student Council 40: ETC 40: Centru- sa 42: Keyettes 42: Foreign Lan- guage Club 44,42. Mydung Nguyen: Computer Club 44: Foreign Language Club 40.42. Son Huu Nguyen: Foreign Language Club 40: Computer Club 42: Science Club 42. Norman LongSon Nguyen: French Club 40: Math Club 40,42: Soccer 40: Science Club 42: Computer Club 42: Algebra llfTrig Award 40: Junior Achievement 40. Cynthia Ann Nlvensz JROTC 40,44: DECA 42. Mickey Christopher Oliver: Bus Driver 44,42: VICA 44,42: SVS-VP 42: Junior Achievement 40: JROTC 42. Harald Pauley: VICA 44,422 FHA 44,42. Timothy Allen Payne: J.V. Baseball 40: Varsity Baseball 44,42: Key Club 44,42: National Honor Society 44,42: Junior Marshal 44: Morehead Nomin- ee 42: Math Club 40,4 4,42: National Honor Society Vice-President 42: ICC 42: Science Club Vice-President 42: Computer Club 44,42. Jeanne Kay Pegram: Adelp- hiansfSecretary 40: DECA 40: Women's Ensemble 44: Red Cross 40: Choir 42: G-GS 42. Catherine Ann Pettit: Marching Band 40,44,42: FBLA 44: Junior Marshal 44: National Honor Society 44,42: All-State Band 42: Bus Driver of the Month 42: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42. Pamela Jlll Pettus: Student Council 42: Adelphians 40: Women's Ensem- ble 40,44,42: Choir 44,42: Garinger Townslngers 42: Junior Marshal 44: Lettergirl 42: Foreign Language Club 40,44: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42. Dawn Renee Phelps: FHA 40: Student Council 44,42: DECA 44: Foreign Language Club 44,42: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 42: Keyettes 42. Douglas John Phllllpsz Marching!- Concert Band 40: Key Club 40,44,42: Key Club President 42: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42: Mu Alpha Theta Vice President 42: National Honor Society 4 4 , 42: Mar- chingfSymphonic Band 44,42: For- eign Language Club 40: Governors School NomineefFrench 40: Gover- nor's School NomineefMusic 445 Tennis 40,44,42: World History Award 44. Tony Andrew Phillips: JROTC Drill Team 40,44,42: JROTC Drill Team Commander 42: DECA 40,44,42: Computer Club 40.42. Jennifer Lynn Phipps: Centrusa 44,42: Centrusa President 42: J.V. Cheerleader 40: Varsity Cheer- leader 44,42: Adelphians 40: Super Senior 42: Key Club Sweetheart 42: All American Cheerleader Nominee 42. David Todd Plerceall: Student Council Representative 40: Execu- tive Committee 44,42: Student Body President 42: Key Club 40,44,42: Keyette Mascot 44,42: Foreign Language Club 40,44: Science Club 44,42: FBLA 40. Charles Frank Plnnell: Choir 40,44: Football 44: VICA 44,42: Junior Achievement 40. Ross DeVoe Pitts: Wrestling 40: Indoor Track 40,44,42: Outdoor Track 40,44,42: Computer Club 44: Foreign Language Club 44,42: ETC 44: Chess Club 44. Vernon Odell Poison: Computer Club 44,42: FBLA 44: DECA 42: Student Council 44: Spanish Club 42. Sandra Erin Poole: Keyettes 44,42: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,42: Marching Band 40,44,42 Foreign Language Club 40,44 Computer Club 42: FBLA 42: Pei: Band 40: NCTE English Award 44 Writing Contest 44: Project Excel 44 North Carolina Close-Up 44. Jennifer Denise Porter: Adelphian 40: Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42, GG! 44,42: National Honor Society 44,42 Junior Marshal 44: Choir 44,42 Women's Ensemble 40: Studen Council 40: Foreign Language Clut 40,4 4: Who's Who Among Americar High Schools 44,42: Academic lnternshipfAccounting 4 4. Charlene Annette Pough: FH! 40,42: DECA 44,42: SES 42. LaTrlcla Dianne Pratt: Keyette 40,44,42: Drama Club 40,44: VIC! 44,42: Women's Ensemble 44: Choi 42: Junior Achievement 40,44,42 Junior Achievement Secretary 42. Brian Andrew Prince: J.V. Baseba 40: Varsity Baseball 44,42: J,V Football 40: Varsity Football 44 Sophomore Class Vice-President 4C Junior Class Vice-President 44 Senior Class President 42: Studen Council 40,44: Key Club 40,44,42 Foreign Language Club 40,44 Foreign Language Club Secretar' 44: Adelphian Mascot 40: Compute Club 42: National Honor Societ' 44,42: Associate Chief Marshal 44 Morehead Nominee 42. Wllllam Anthony Purcell: Key Clul 40,44,42: Foreign Language Clul 44,42: Choir 40: Computer Club 42 Soccer 40,44,42: VICA 44,42. Renda Carol Read: Computer Clul 44,42: Computer Club Treasurer 45 Foreign Language Club 44,4 Student Council 42. Robert Trlp Reynolds: Foreign Lag guage Club 40: Science Club 4 Student Council 42, Llsa Elaine Reynolds: Adelphian President 40: GGS 40,44,42: Ke' Club Sweetheart 42: Sophomore Class Secretary 40: Junior Clas Officer 44: Senior Class Treasurer 4 Lettergirl 44,42: Junior Marshal 4 Student Council 40: Foreign Lan guage Club 40,4 4: Super Senior 42 ICC 44. Kenneth Gary Richardson: Cros Country 40: Foreign Language Clul 40,44: VICA 40,44. Rhonda Mechelle Rlckenbackei Keyettes 44,42: Big Sister 42: 'iUl The Down Staircase" 40: Drami Club 40,44: French Club 40: Ex plorers 44: Academic Internship 42 Charlene Renee Rldenour: FBLT 44,42: Computer Club 42: Matl Club 44,42: Who's Who Among American High Schools 42: Junia Achievement 44. Deborah Lynn Roberts: Studen Council 42: Centrusa 42. Sharon Michelle Rose: Compute Club 42: Spanish Club 44,42: FBLJ 40,44,42: Shorthand Club 44 Keyettes 44,42. Kimberly Anne Ross: Keyette 0,44,425 Foreign Language Club 0,445 Student Council 44. :atrina Renee Ross: Computer Club 445 Marching Band 40,441 .delphians 405 Lettergirl 42: Who's lho Among American High Schools 2: GGS 44,42: GGS Treasurer 42: lath Club 40: Pep Band 40,445 tudent Council 42: Junior Achieve- ient 405 Academic Internships 4.42: Foreign Language Club 40. oseph Scott Russ: J.V. Baseball 40: V. Football 40: Varsity Baseball 4,425 Varsity Football 44,425 For- ign Language Club 40,445 WSOC- V Player of the Week 42. lellssa Holly Russ: Adelphians 40: lu Alpha Theta 40,44,42: GGS 0,44,425 Women's Ensemble 0,44,42: Choir 425 Student Council 05 Belk's Teenboard 42: Foreign anguage Club 40,44. lark L. Sanders: Marching Band 0,44,425 Symphonic Band 44,42: TC 44,42: Student Council 44,42: 'arsity Football 44,42: Track 0,44,42: Wrestling 44,42: Foreign anguage Club 44,42. erry Darrin Schrum: Spanish Club 0,44,425 VICA Treasurer 44,42: 'ICA President 42. heila Joan Schweers: Drama Club O,44,42: Keyettes 40,44,42: March- ig Band 40,44,42: Nomination for ICSSM 405 Nomination for Project xcel QHistoryj 445 Attendant at Iational Close-Up 44: Foreign Lan- luage Club 40,44,42: "Up The 'own Staircase" 405 l'Sweet Chari- y" 40. tder Sharma: Math Club 44,42: cience ClubfSecretary 44,42: Zomputer Club 42: Tennis 44,42: unior Marshal 44: National Honor ociety 44,42: Chess Club 44. ililliam Earl Sharpe: Foreign Lan- iuage Club 40. Dhn Richard Shull: Varsity Football H,425 J.V. Football 40: Varsity Track 45 FBLA 42: Weight Training Club 14,425 Foreign Language Club 0,445 Shrine Bowl Nominee 42: econd Team All Conference Foot- bill 42. Renee Simpson: DECA 42: .Basketball 405 Softball 40,44,42: Basketball 44,42: Volleyball Senior Statistics Adrlene Yvette Simpson: FBLA 445 Orchestra 40: Computer Club 4 4,425 Who's Who Among American High Schools 44: Student Council 40. Tonja Michelle Sloan: Girls' Basket- ball 40.42. Sheryl Lynn Smith: Student Council 40: ETC 405 Track 40: DECA 44,42. Lee Roy Smith: DECA 425 FBLA 445 Chess Club 40: Weight Training Club 40,44. Angela Renee Smith: French Club 40: VICA 44: VlCAfReporter 42: J.V. Basketball 40. Stacey Diane Smith: FBLA 40,445 DECA 40,44,42: Computer Club 44: Shorthand Club 44. Angela Denise Smith: Mu Alpha Theta 40: Marching Band 40,44,42: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,425 Lettergirl 425 Foreign Lan- guage Club 44: National Honor Society 44,425 National Honor Socie- ty President 425 Computer Club 42: Senior Class Vice-President 42: GGS 44,42: Shorthand Club 44: Junior Marshal 44: SNIPS AND CUTS Staff 425 Student Council 40,44,42: DAR 445 Homecoming Queen 42: Super Senior 42: Junior Achievement 40. JanICe Michelle Smith: SVS 44,422 DECA 42. James Carlton Snyder: Keyette Mascot 44,425 VICA President 44,425 Garinger Mascot 425 Choir 44,425 Men's Ensemble 44,42. ErIC D. Springs: VICA 44,42. Lee Edward Staten: Football 40,425 Weight Training Club 40,44,42: Wrestling 40,44,42. Vlktor J. Stegmelr: Drama Club 40,44,42: VICA 44,42. Kimberly Lynn Stewart: COO 42. Dwayne Royce Stewart: Men's Ensemble 40: RAMBLER Staff 44: Foreign Language Club 40,4 4: VlCA 42: Weight Training Club Secretary 44: Wrestling 40,44,42: Chess Club 44. Timothy John Stewart, Jr.: Key Club 425 J.V. Football 40. Darrin M. Stinson: Weight Training Club 44,42: Golf 40,44,42: Football 40,44,42: Foreign Language Club 40,44. Samantha Lee Stinson: DECA 40,4 45 Student Counci 40: VICA 4O,44,425 FBLA 44. Darlene Stltt: Computer Club 40,445 Foreign Language Club 44,42: Basketball 405 Softball 40. Pamela Sue Sykes: FHA 42. Tonya Elaine Taylor: Executive CommitteefTreasurer 84 Secretary 44,425 FBLAfTreasurer 40,445 Soph- omore Class OfficerfTreasurer 405 Shorthand Club 44: ETCfSecre- taryfVice President 40,44,42: Com- puter Club 421 GGS 42: ICC 44,42: Wildcat Club 40: Student Council 40,44,42. Luanne Renee Terry: Adelphians Treasurer 40: GGS 40.44.425 Key Club Sweetheart 425 Lettergirl 44,425 Junior Marshal 44: National Honor Society 44,42: Foreign Lan- guage Club 40,445 Mu Alpha Theta 405 Computer Club 425 Morehead Nominee 42: Project Excel 44. Rodney Lovette Tillman: J.V. Foot- ball 40: Varsity Football 44,425 JROTC 40,44,42: Track 40: Junior Achievement 445 Bus Driver 42: Wrestling 42: Weightlifting Club 44: JROTC Drill Team 40,44,42: JROTC Colorguard 42. Frank Oliver Timberlake, Ill: Foreign Language Club 40,44,42: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 44,425 Marching Band 40,44,42. Scottie Tobias: Basketball 40: Base- ball 40. Christopher Shane Tucker: Key Club 425 Foreign Language Club 44: Math Club 40,44,42: National Honor Society 44,42: VlCA 44,425 Science Club 42: Computer Club 445 Nation- al Honor Society Secretary 425 VICA President 42. James Thomas Turbeville: Foreign Language Club 40. Deborah Sue Turbyfill: Computer Club 44,42: Computer Club Secre- tary 44: Foreign Language Club 40,44,42. Suzanne Renee Turner: Foreign Language Club 425 DECA 44,42: FHA 44. William Michael Wade: Keyette Mascot 40,44,42: Math Club 44,42: Foreign Language Club 44,42: Executive Committee Treasurer 42: Men's Ensemble 40,44,42: Choir 44,425 Garinger Townsingers 425 J.V.Baseball 40: J.V. Football 40: Varsity Football 44.42. Willie Edward Walker: Varsity Bas- ketball 40,44,42: VlCA Vice- President 425 Spanish Club 40: Senior Class Officer 42: Student Council 44: VlCA Treasurer 40.44. James Robinson Warner, Ill: DECA 40: J.V. Soccer 40: DECA Vice- President 44: Spanish Club 445 Key Club 44,425 Varsity Soccer 44,425 Governor's Page 40,44. Anthony Pervis Washington: Weight Training Club 44,42: VlCA 44,425 Bus Driver 425 Wrestling 40. William Watson: JROTC Staff Ser- geant 40,44: VlCAfParliamentarian 40,44,42: ETC 40,44. Todd Anthony Webber: Project Excel 44: Drama Club 40,44,42: Drama Club Treasurer 44: Drama Club Vice President 425 Mu Alpha Theta 40,44,42: Mu Alpha Theta Secretary 44: Mu Alpha Theta President 42: FBLA 44: Keyette Mascot 44,42: Foreign Language Club 445 Student Council 44,42: Shorthand Club President 44: DramafMost Valuable Player. 49841 445 Dramatic Productions 40,44,42: Student Director 445 International Thespian Society 40,44,42. Mike Keith West: J.V. Baseball 40: Key Club 44,425 Varsity Baseball 44,42: Varsity Football 44,42: For- eign Language Club 44. Michael Brandon Whaley: Concert Band 40: Symphonic Band 42: Marching Band 40,42: Foreign Lan- guage Club 44,425 Drama Club 4O,44,42 Math Club 42: Computer Club 42: Student Council 42: Pep Band 405 FBLA 42: Bus Driver 42. DelOl'e5 Evette WIIliClmS5 VICA 44,42. Dwayne Edward Woodard: March- ing Band 40,44,42: Foreign Lan- guage Club 44. David Troy Woollen: JROTC 42. Darrin Stinson, Lee Staten, and Rodney Edmonds prepare to stop opponents offense. ttergirls entertain the crowd at a Friday night football game. Cool seniors. David Woolen and Glenn Saiierfleld experience "senioriTis" in The worst way. impatience overlakes hlm. Like mosi other seniors, Cedric Anihony could noi wail uniil June To Try on his cap. W! GRADUA 77ON 4 985 lf's fhaf fime again They call if graduafion. Along wifh feelings of pride, There is high expecfafion. Everyone was born wifh a desfiny Buf if's your job fo fullill. Hold your head up high And defend your sfrong will. When faced wifh a hard challenge You proved fa be worfhwhile. Now if's fime fo sfarf a life, Begin if wifh a smile! Always sfrive fo be The besf Af whafever you do. The happiness of your fufure Depends heavily on you! - Julie E. Higgins 2'I4fSenior Closing l I 3 lm ..-ni. ll's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do Il. Handlng out caps and gowns prove To be a rewarding job. buf if makes a few seniors crazy. Debbie Turbyfill, Melissa Russ, Jennifer Porter, Cairina Ross, and Zoe Forios give up their lunch period To do This duly. -lcppy To be a senior. Glenn Jarrell Tries on his new 'oyal blue COD. A Hme for Sad Goodb yes X X TTenTion seniors! Orders for caps and gowns will be Taken nexT week. Please go To room 209 during your lunch period To be fiTTed. ExTra Tassels will be available for S250 each." Early in The second semesTer, ThaT announcemenT shocked seniors inTo realiTy. AfTer ordering inviTaTions and caps and gowns, graduaTion seemed more official. As spring approached, The ineviTable aTTack of "senioriTis" spread feverishly Through The senior English classes. Like never before, 42Th graders felT "on Top of The world". Did you hear anyone singing in The halls? Or maybe jusT daydreaming during class? He was probably a senior. lmpaTienT To graduaTe, buT noT auiTe ready To leave close friends, They counTed The days To June 7, 4985. FuTure college or work plans were finalized and sTudenTs realized ThaT iT was Time To enTer a new phase in Their life - adulThood. if -ils Q .,,, BuT's Its Too blgl Renda Read finds fhaT her cap is jusT a liTTle large. Reward for hard work. VarsiTy foofball player David PuckeTT is one of a few aThleTic sTars To receive afhIeTic scholarships, l-le received a four-year scholarship To Clemson Universify. Surrounding him are his parenTs, Coach STeve Shaughnessy, and STephanie Brooks. Senior CIosingf215 .N .,.....---K ..-.....-?+a...,.a,. X here's The 200 building?" Anxious ond exciTed, sophomores seT fooT on compus for The firsT Time. AlThough They were ridiculed during Their firsT few doys, They soon discovered ThoT C-Eoringer dcTuoIIy welcomed everyone. Juniors ofTen felT coughT in The middle. No longer The young ones, buT noT yeT The big shoTs, They could relox for o yeor. STudying usucilly come firsT, wiTh The redlizoTion ThoT grdduoTion wds noT very for owoy. AmidsT The pressures of school, underclossmen goT involved wiTh clubs ond school dcTiviTies ofTen, ond helped moke our school conTinuolIy greoT. AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES 248fJunlors Junior Class Officers Lead The Way Elecfed aT The end of Their Sophomore year, Junior class Officers Tradifionally face a very difficulT Task - planning and execuTing The Prom. Much of The year was spenT on This issue, and The five officers ofTen spenT lunch and afTer school hours perfecfing The plans. They all conTribuTed ideas Towards The Theme. Pre- sidenf Gene Davis sTaTed, "IT was hard To decide on a Theme: we wanTed iT To be an enjoyable experience for everyone." They decided The Theme was To be i'AlmosT Paradise", and The Prom was held on April 27, again aT Myers Park BapTisT Church. Each year, Thanks To The efforTs of Junior FronT row: Kelly Mann, Gene Davis. Back row Traci Brown, Michelle Coe, Lee Simmons. class Jfficers, our Proms are conTinual successes, and prove To be memorable experiences for all who aTTend Them. Class of '86 chose Gene Davis, Kelly Mann, Lee Simmons, Traci Brown, and Michelle Coe as Their officers. Besides underfaking plans for The Prom, These leaders musT plan fund raisers. Junior Class dues, which, once paid, enTiTle you To an inviTaTion To The Prom, remained To be The main source of funds. BuT, oTher evenTs proved beneficial as well. The CompuTer Mafch-up service, was held again. Everyone fills ouT a quesfionnaire, and your responses, along wiTh everyone else's in Garinger, was fed inTo a compufer. A lisT was processed of your mosT compaTi- ble persons of The opposiTe sex: This lisT could be boughf a few weeks afTer The quesfionnaire was filled ouT. Anofher projecf for The of- ficers was a dance They spon- sored on November 2. The dance immediafely followed The Garinger-Independence VarsiTy Foofball game. WiTh The help and leadership of The Junior Class Officers, The Class of '86 was beTTer able To face Their Junior Year wiTh con- fidence. Krlstie Alkens Gordon Allred Scott Almes Klm Anderson Ricky Anthony Bobby Archie Terrance Ardrey Stan Armstrong Tommy Arnold John Ayers Lelgh Ayers Leandra Baker Mellssa Baldwin Pamela Banks Leroy Banner Doug Barrier Angela Baucom Carolyn Baxter Steven Baylor Marcella Beachem JunIorsf219 220 fJunlors Dennls Bean Walter Becker Sharon Bennett Mark Befhune Rodney Bethune Henry Blgham Celeste Black Gary Black Jlmmy Blakeney Sherrl Blanlon Denlse Boderlck Rlcky Bosflc Madle Bradley Jeff Brelsacher Kevin Brewer Greg Broadway Comellus Brown Gregory Brown Tracl Brown Wanda Brown ,Q ,,. 1 - ff , 0 ,yv M M fs X 'M Z5 , Y 7 Q ,,,.,f"!'3 7 f faay yy , ' B lle r i r sr ly 51 1 fin ' 1 an . 32 Gene Davis, Candice Langston, and Kelly Mann observe Christmas cards on The Junior Tree. Mark Bryan? Tri Bui Von Bui Dexler Bunls Tinka Burch John Burnelle Todd Burnelle Beverly Burris Tammy Burris Anfhony Bush Donald Buller Chuck Carler Juniors 1224 222 fJuniors Harry Carler Erlc Calhey Jamie Chapman Linelha Chapman Tammy Chapman Todd Cheek Deborah Chandler Renee Cherry Denise Chisolm Sheila Chavis Roberl Clark Shelia Clark Sieve Clark, Greg Thompson and Brian Thomas sil down and relax from The huslle and bustle of The cafeleria. ni 5 l Maya 41 ,f H 2 , WM Sieve Clark Teresa Clark Klm Clausen Bryan Clough Tonl Clune Cynthia Clyburn Debra Coats Michelle Coe Donald Cole Bill Collins Ylvonnla Connor Jeff Cook Stephanie Cook Lisa Corder Charlie Council Terri Crawford Jeff Crowder Jane? Crowe David Crowson Jeff Crump Junlorsf223 224fJunIors Jane? Culpepper Chrls Dalley Pafrlck Daley Klrk Danlel Gene Davls Leah Davls Lorl Davls Steve Davls Jamle Deal Steven Dean John Delagarza John Dickenson Melinda Dlxon Wlllle Downs Steven Drye Wallace Early Melvln Easier Janlce Easlerllng Pele Economos Lynn Edwards , it 'Y 2 ,,,....-L .--......,.,,., K7 it MM? wnrzdf' px ,f f 45' 2 , X , l ll ScO'fT Elkins Cheryl Elman Kim Erwin Sieve Eudy Jeff Fain James Finley Angie Fisher Cindy Foley Theresa Ford Demeiric Fordham Lafanya Foster Shelly Fox John Frlckhoeffer Chris Frye Klm Furr Lisa Furr Tara Gallaway Sheila Gardner Perry George Darrin Germany g ...,,s...4M,-u..V,,,, , , 226fJuniors Shelici Giles Aldric Gill Dionne Gillis Susan Gilmore Joseph Glodden Williorn Glodden John Golyski Potrloio Gordon Condice Longston tries to avoid getting her picture token with Sondy Knight ond Carol Wolker. 1 l I Z v W ffm 451 'W Maman, MQ' Tlno Horlow looks up from her studies. Eric Graham Keiih Greenway Lauren Gregory Ricky Grice Reggie Grier Kimberly Griffin Lisa Griffilh Carol Grindsiaff Carole Guice Dana Hall Ramona Hall JoAnn Hamilton Toni Hammock Angela Haney Roger Harkey Tino Harlow Waller Harlow Rhonda Harmon Jimmy Harris Kim Harris Junlorsf227 228 f Juniors Romonda Harris Christopher Harlis Richard Helle Jacqueline Henderson Todd Henline Lisa Herrera Sybrennd Hicklin Robert Higgins Derrick Hlll Dlllo Hlll Kelly Hill Ray Hinson Michael Hogan Fred Holmes Ronnie Honeycull Venilc Hood Kevin Hoover Chris Hopkins Marie Horne Derrick House If Q W- I 1 V4 - "1 x BAI -l Dailene Schiackrnan pokes fun aT Chris - - - Frye as he wears a hai of confeTTi. iL?D22lgE1ZLmSgmiSf3ir,:gh some NOT if . s rf .n 'J-.hwy -dl ' I if riff Z! f Us Dee Horion Revonda Hudson John Hughes Brenda Huniley Darlene Hufchins Andrivia Jackson Cecii Jackson Kim Jackson Ronald Jdckson David Jennings Richard Jennings Freddy Johnston Juniorsf22Q Andre Jones Ryan Jones Sam Jordan Norman Kaye Doug Keesler Patrlna Kelly Meg Kenny John Kezlah Steve King Reginald Kirkpatrick Mack Klser Michael Klzlah Stuck ln The Middle 230 fJunlors -2? if ii Whether it is receiving your parking permit, class ring, or a prom invitation, becoming a junior is a rewarding time for most. You relentlessly begin to obtain privileges well deserved and long awaited. Toughing out eleven years of month after month, week after week, day after day, projects, pop quizzes, and a few cafeteria duty assignments fsome still lingering in the depths of your dresser drawerj, your life starts to take some direction. lt's time to start making decisions about your future, while keep- ing your grades up to stand- ards in order for possible college acceptance. Proba- bly, the most looked-for- ward-to event as a junior is becoming a senior. 5. . -gil Anila Ralliffe Te-STS her radio broacicasiing skiIls,4 Pairs of Kellys flock iogeTher.v X ' f'..f,f..,'1i his Spanish ll assignmenl. Gene Davis watches The Olympic foolball game wilh much conceniraiion. Baiioms up, Shelly Fox! Craig Allen works ailigenily an Juniorsf23l Sandy Knight Anfhony Knlghfen Renlfa Kyle Hea1her Lamb Candlce Langston Tommy Lankford Tony Laughrun Sandy Lawrence John Lemmon Gary Lenler Clayton Lewls Rachel Lewls Elleck Llghtner Llsa Llghfner Amy Llndler Susan Llnder Joyce Llftle Dave Llftlejohn Chlze Love Kelly Mann 0 V A ' ya Q3 V 'J ff ir x , --. ' Q jk' , 'ws , 5 , , . L ,, I f , ,Q .. , 1.- K ,Q ' V, S k 1 fl 'ws' If Sybil Manson Kevin Margraves Gina Marlin Porn Marlin E fmrf 0 . if' T Rosie McManus, Linefha Chapman and Shonelle Chapman are all silllng prelly. A l, Ronald Marlin Angle Massey Chris Mayes Cheryl McClammy J Stephanie McCleary Rodney McClure Maurice McCord Slephanie McCoy Richard Jennings, Tommy Arnold and Fernando Sosa head for o grueling practice on The soccer field. Juniorsf233 Erlc McDanlel Terry McDaniel Alllson McDonald Stewart Mcllroy Johnny Mcllwaine Marcellous Mcllwaln Yvefle Mclnnls Ralph McKIssIck Michael McLendon Taml McLemore Rosle McManus Clncerely McRae Debbie Mcvlcker Robin Meaders Terrell Meadows Shelly Melvln Mellnda Mlller Sandra Mlller Terry Mlller Gregory Mllls 3 Francie Mitchell Gina Mlfzel Mark Mize Sharon Mobley Scott Moe Scott Montague Genise Moore Todd Morrls Jennifer Moses Kelly Munsell Eric Neelsen Susan Neumann Tabatha Newsom Phi-dung Nguyen Layfeffe Nlxon James Norman Monfy Ollve Dwayne O'NeaI Valerie Ofls Reginald Outing Janelle Oxendlne Wanda Pagoota Kelly Palmer Kelly Parks Charles Peoples Karen Petty Michelle Phlfer Jeff Phllllps High School Memories Through Class Rings Memories of high school can best be symbolized by one's class ring. Wrapped around one's finger are lingering thoughts of romances gone and all those times when sweethearts exchanged their high school Treasures of silver and gold to show love and devotion. Recollections of friends sharing experiences of happiness and sorrow come flooding back from a single glance at this precious memoir. Football games won and lost, and after-game parties and dances are vividly recalled through inscriptions along the sides of the glittering stones. involvement in various clubs, sports, National Honor Society. band, cheerleading and roles of leader- ship are only a few of the means of attaining high school recognition and personalized initials individualize each member of one's graduating class. Your high school class ring is a very special and treasured belonging along with your many great memories. 236fJunlors Heidi Pirlle Laura Ponder Chris Potts Charles Polls Deno Pourlos Brenda Prince Mike Quales Aniia Ralliffe Lavaie Redfearn Parks Reid Wende Reid Robert Reives John Rice Buddy Richardson Ruby Rivers Ronald Robinson Felicia Roddey Lavonia Rose Gregory Rowell Rochelle Salem 238 f Juniors Helene Sanders Jana Sanders Mark Sanders Steve Saunders Scoll Sawyer Paul Scoggins Dallene Schlackman Vikki Selzer Roble Sheppard Khevln Sherrlll Teresa Shook Becky Slbley Lee Slmmons Daron Slmpson Lalaundre Slmpson Gerald Small Christopher Smlth Dawn Smllh Fred Smllh Joseph Smllh ru.. 'Qi' fy Wri1f,'5' 19' 'T . Q VM . ,f H r 3, fo ' 'L fW43 Q - impinge! j ,Lk q f 45" W ti 1, new My 7 4 f cyl t. I V f 1- . V s Z sf ' y ' ' ' 3 E 5E":-Vffifiilfff, "rjfwf3,f3,AE:HQVEF, Kerry Smlth Russell Smith Stacle Smith Tammy Smlth Stephen Sobota Larry Sosebee Jenny Spratt Angie Stafford Tammy Starnes Charles Stewart Kim ST9wGrT Sandy Stonebrea Scott Stover Trlna Streeter Sharon Suddreth Rlta Sutton Tonl Sutton Guy Talley Jlmmy Tatsls Jeff Taylor ker Junlorsf239 240fJunlors Angela Teal Fellcla Teal Brian Thomas Greg Thompson Jackle Thompson Tlm Thompson Brlan Tlllman Kalhy Todd Roger Toney Sonla Troxler Lisa Tucker Debble Tyburskl Clndy Wade Tonya Wagner Bo Walnwrlghl Carole Walker Clndy Walker Monica Warlers Kelly Wafers Palrlcla Watson UM in V Wa Mfr K y mga f - ,l- . will--.n' lf' Z! an , 3 W Ricardo Young 4-wr Lynn Wealhers Buddy Weeks Laura Weibel Tammy Welr Lenlla Weldon Michelle Wesi Beniia While Eric Whlffleld Richard Wike Krisfin Williams Pafina Wilhrow Gayle Wood Angle Wrenn Saffron Wrlghl Charles Yafes Maurlce Young Junlorsf241 Dono Toyior looks weory offer o pep rolly. ""'l. ,,,f ,, A f'-"o'A Chris Frye, oiwoys The gen- Tiemen, Tips his hoi To The iodies. Joseph Smifh does his irT1iTOTiOr1 Corio Moyer expresses her of o wide mouih boss. opinion on The subject. 242fUr1dercIoss Cohdids Pete Economos stuffs his foce with french fries. I QM., ,xx Dole Hood hos got those registration blues. -s mfs I . ..s,s. Nicole Sloon, Beverly Moore, ond Ronetto Stowe converse beside the cofeterio. New Kids in Town Very soon after the start of their Sophomore year, hopeful students began a quest for signatures. A large number of signatures was needed before becoming eligible to run for the office. Then, the furious campaigning began. Atten- tion-getting posters, hung in every location imaginable, conveyed the magic mes- sages and begged for votes. Shortly before the election, sophomores were able to meet and talk to the can- didates during 5th period 244fSophomores lunch. The election was held by homeroom ballots. The final tally revealed the Sophomore class choices: Joan Davis, Jackie Flagg, Julie Green, Nina McNair, and James Rich. These five, capable leaders began planning for their Junior year, while making the most of their first year at Garinger. Carrying on the tradition, the officers planned and worked on the decorations for the Sophomore Christmas tree. Advisor Joyce Rea com- mented, l'They were a good group it's been fun. We enjoyed the Christmas tree." Being a class officer during any of your high school years is certainly something to be proud of, but being elected as Sophomore Class Officer is very special. Your new and largest class has placed their confidence with you for a great 40th grade year. The Class of '87 was off to a great start after electing these officers. 4- we A- ,wksive-sg r:-1:- -..e:s.... A ol.-f' I 2 5 f -X Z--.-rn, ef lf, of 1 sl ef" ,xl X il 1-is is sr s 'S X A X ss , -:- N. 4 E is Q' ' I 1 an Angela Adams Regina Adams Torrance Adams Franklln Adklns Chris Alexander Clara All Craig Allen Jason Allen Kim Allen Danny Alllson Dave Allred Charlene Altman Louise Anderson Tawanna Anderson John Armstrong Chuck Austin Nathum Austin Mark Avant Khulood Badran Israel Baerga Jennifer Baker Rodney Baker Spencer Barnette David Barrett Mary Baxter Kelleigh Bean Brian Belk Michelle Bell Mary Bennett Loretta Berry Robin Best Elizabeth Black Scott Blakly David Blum Kathy Bollck Sophomoresj245 Dana Taylor learns computer skllls. The sophomores flnd a relaxing place to exchange tldblts of intellectual conversatlon. Melissa Bolton Sophia Brandon Stacy Bratton Deborah Brewton Ed Brooks James Brown Jlll Brown Shawn Brown Trlnetta Brown Lori Bruton Quoc Bul John Burns Pam Burns Krlsti Burrls Cammle Caddell Jennlfer Caldwell Joy Cameron Wendy Cameron Blll Campbell Edle Campbell 2461 Sophomores nr N E 5, B s if rstr . .,.....-V if ff N. ' M4 lx . , QL 0 3 ii? 1 4 . A f R-elf' I X M2546 .- Q as P X My , :gr K Q QE W' i X is 1 S 3-Ski' H '-L.f'f"f f 2 - xg . Mark Carr Erlc Carter Lee Casey Kevln Caswell Jlm Cavana Mlchelle Chapman Mellssa Chrlsllan Jennlfer Chrlslmas Spencer Clark Ron Clyburn Darrln Conners Tracle Cook Latanya Corbell Jerry Corder Klm Cornellus Chlp Cosgrove Perry Couchell Cheryl Covlngton Juanella Covlngfon Mlke Crockford Mary Crowder Ronald Cunnlngham Caml Cupp Dana Dannelly Andre Darcus Angle Davls Angle Davls Janlne Davls Joan Davls Larry Davls Kelth Dean Susan Dean John Deese Mlchelle Deese Bernard Degree Sophomores f 247 Lonnle DeLaGarza Brian Delaney David Delllnger Carey Dlgsby Chrls Dlgsby Dlana Dlllard Trlp Dlllon Haywood Dlxon Rosalyn Dlxon Mlcky Drake Chrlsloph Drummond Tonya Dunbar Carmen Duncan Sfephanle Dupont Eddie Dyson John Early Derrick Edmonds Johnny Edwards Terrl Edwards Scott Elklns Reglna Elllson Gary Espln Julle Eubanks Wlllls Eubanks David Ewlng Chrls Facenle Mary Fallle Shenessa Falls John Femald Webster Fllmore Jackle Flagg Travls Flowe Danny Floyd Donnle Floyd Johnnle Floyd 248fSophomores ' il B ' X A... , 3 m X E x SZIRX ,g 5' Rx K s 1. , NS, .MW L . ,a,. J ., , L ml.: - -0- v 2 Lg, 2 ? . , ' lk ,rv x WD' X W5 wx . .,. 1 5 ,3 X my if e' W N E - yi- xl , Shannon Francls Mllfon Frazier Tracy Fries Fellse Gabriel Sfephanie Gadson Kyle Galfher Alex Gardner Joseph Garland Taleena Gardner Jackie Galhlngs Chris Gibbs Davld Glbson Michael Gibson Chip Givens Samuel Givens Sharon Gleaves Tommy Glenn Dawn Glldewell Mark Gofonh Derrick Gomllllon Brian Shue and Johnnie Floyd socialize Joan Davis and Tabaiha Marlin work after eating lunch intensely ln The computer lab Sophomoresf249 Some of the sophomore guys sit Chgnggl impatiently waiting for the bell. Looking down on his possibilities, Tldnt McCoy decides on a schedule ',,k .. .- X.5h V iw , . . ,, ,. Tammy Goodwin Laura Gray Julle Green Andre Grier Scott Griffin Jennifer Grlfflth Eric Gulce Chantllle Gulledge Raymond Haggard Robert Halre Davld Hall Keith Hall Lemuel Hall Scott Hall Vlckle Hall Davld Hamllton Tonya Hamilton Kelll Hammond Wendy Hammonds Wendy Hardy 250fSophomores 2- .,,, 'ff rfzwi ,, ,Q Q X ,,,:,, zz. g g Sw 3 ,, ,, h ,E ,Q YQB wg C ggg q zb N X kyzr ' .fkk ,M ls s Rm fi Q 'Sk i .-Q ww. .fi I v . Z5 Perclval Hargrove Mlchael Harkey Kelly Harrls Klm Harrls Jlmmy Harrlson Pafrlck Harrlson Reginald Hartgrove Mlssy Harvey Davld Hazelfon Cheryl Head Joy Head Chrlsflne Heffner Chrls Helm Teresa Helms Reglna Henderson JQITISS HSITOD Down Hllfon John Hlnson Todd Holbrook Rlchdrd Holland Karen Holmen Allson Holmes Robby Honeycuh' Shea Honeycuff Dale Hood Llso Hood Kevln Hoover Angle Horne Joseph Horne Robln Horne Carolyn Hough Danlelle Hsu John Ingram Todd lngram Davld Jackson Sophomores X251 Joel Jackson Orrln Jackson Sld Jackson Terry Jackson Antolneffe Jaycox Constance Johnson El'h9Sl' Johnson Kelfh JOhnSOn Klm JOl'1nSOf'l Laura JOl"lnSlOf'l Teresa J0l'lnS'lOD AllClO Jones ll'O Jones Mlchael Jones Mlchelle J0n6S Robby Jones Rosa Jones Robln Jusflce Terry Kanlpe Christopher Keene Shawn Kelly Michelle Kennedy Davld Kems Wendy Kezlah Myra Klker Kevln Kumble BCYDOYG KlS6f Eddle Knight Mlcneue Knight Mlcneue Knight Jason Koch Danlel Krlder Shannon Lamm Deborah Land Bobby Lands 252 f Sophornores 2 . ' ':"'k5EffI,2ETI N N 53 so S Q. A S H X Q Ztsx Q go . ,a-Q, nw rg, ,uf ,Q 2 ,x,--rf I i x x 15 Q' L :PQ 17 K F . g rg, wwf 'Y Chrls Lane Tracy Lane Pat Lanler Shonda Lanler Karen Lasher Ashley Lathe Chrls Laughrun Brlan Law Kathleen Lawrence Jeff Layne Krlsfen Learn Chad Leafherwood Kim Ledford Klm Lee Joo Lee Derrlck Lefler Lori Lewls Don Lllly Jeff Llndsey Shawn Llffle Wendy Lodln Robert Long DOWN LUl'1C6fOfd Pafrlcla Ly Michael Mack Maureen Mackey Julle Marlowe Kelly Mar'l'ln Mary Marfln Tabafha Martln Kim Masfen Jeff Malfhews Reggie Maulker Arnie Mauldin Carla Mayer Sophomores f 253 John McCarthy Sharon McCloud Tlant McCoy Tyrone McCree Joseph McCullough Denise McDowell Jeff McElroy Mlchael McGuIrt Tracy McHone Howard Mcllwalne Karen McKee Todd McKinney Anthony McKnight Nlna McNalr Charlene Meadows Gary Meadows Russelle Means Lydla Melchor Brldgld Mellbruda Herbert Mlddleton Charles Miller Kem Mlller Laura Mlller Reginald Mlller Stephanle Mllls Dwayne Mlms Marty Mlms Russell Mltchell Shannon Mltzel Haywood Mobley Tracy Mock Glnger Montgomery Valerle Moore Timothy Morrls Robert Morrison 254fSophomores 5 T I Y 1 fi Rf. ' " X S rm Q ,. A 1 V 4 V 4 , X X L v. . Rmxx h ki x , T' Q, C lll ly T s l A fs as fm-X T ,T C T 1- ::Ef:.' K -uri kk ,S n Q 5? R - 2 T .J :sf X N . 8 Q- Q 4 ' ' s felt x it ., f Ny., . l . Rodney Blake looks on as Tommy Glenn flashes The "peace" slgn. 5 Q x . 1 4 I ' Lou-Ann Whih' and Cindy Snyder share a llfesaver durlng The Adelphlan Tea. Lulher Murphy Renee Nance Ruselle Neans Charlle Newman Huna Nguyen Loan Nguyen Mydleu Nguyen Davld Nlcholson Joe Nlday Jason Noblltl Pandora Norman Llsa Norrls Julle Ollver Edwln O'TueI Lee Oxendlne John Pappas Robert Parker Carllsa Parks Paige Parrott Rebecca Pale Sophomores 1255 Nltesh Patel Sonlo Paullng Darrell Perry Theresa Perry Elmore Peltus Jenny Phllllps Warren Phllllps Jackle Plercy Leslle Polnfer Mark Pondo Mellssa Pope Melody Poplln Klm Poleaf Annefle Poffs Shelley Powers Jannell Prlce Tony Purser Albert Ralney Rlckey Ralner Llsa Rankln 3 1 James Rlch Conlon Rlckefl Shelby Roach Mark Roblnson Octavlus Roblnson Roslyn Roblnson Tammy Roblnson Kay Rogers Tommy Rorle Davld Ross 1 DSQDHG Ross Klm Ruclsell WGITST BUffOl'd SNOKBSDG Russell Allan Rufledge 2561 Sophomores Q J, M L W fl " 'Q Xxx I QP . .Q 1' ,315 l ls isle R N .ll 3 4, Q., si' '21 war! . v .Wu ,,.,.,f"' Phllllp Sadler Tammy Sallsbury Klm Sanders Thomas Sawyer Lorl Schultz Scott Schuster Bobby Scott Robert Seagraves Troy Seahorn Salena Searles Neerja Sharma Amy Sharpe Mark Shepard Charles Sherrill Chrls Sherrill Dawn Shooke Brad Shue Brian Shue Joseph Shumaker Connie Simmons Sophomoritis: A Deadly Disease At 7:20, on September 4, the first day of school. A59 students caught sophomoritisg o disease that all students who pass through the dreadful year of school must live with. Remember the first symptoms you felt? The excitement and nervousness all mixed up inside of you. As more time passed on. these two symptoms slowly merged into one symptom: a complete feeling of utter despair. You wondered if you would ever become familiar with your new school or not. A day didn't go by that you weren't probably insulted by a hail of unkind remarks made by unsympathetic juniors and seniors. "You are a sophomore scum" and t'Sophomores are so immature", are just a few of the comments you can receive throughout the year. Now that the school year has come to an end, you can relax because you have been cured of one of the worst diseases known to students. Sophomores 1257 Even though 1hey're sophomores, Bradley Shue and Johnnie Floyd still have plenty of school spirit. Bill Campbell shades his eyes from The blazing sun. W 1 A Q, if ,asm ' 7, mlb- , ix if . 174 rw Cheryl Covington cheers away aT a pep rally. 258 f Sophomores V V li Sharon Gleaves improves on her drawing skills. is N 'K N Y awe-5 . ,.. f, J A 1 g Y ix. , -iff f rib W X' i K.. 5 Pamela Simmons Kim Simpson Thomas Simpson Sharon Simuel Tara Sinclair Sybil Singietary Valerie Sledge Paulos Smaragdis Brad Smith Debbie Smith Kelly Smith Lori Smith Samuel Smith Shawn Smith Teresa Smith Tracy Smith Andy Smithey Cindy Snyder Lance Sosebee Gary Sowell Christine Spain Kelly Springer Elizabeth Staley Michelle Stegall Jeff Stephens Angie Stevens Leanna Stiller Darren Stinson Meredith Stirewait Barrett Stowe Trina Streeter Trinicia Strickland David Stroud Jennifer Sweitzer Mike Tadlock Sophomoresf259 Teresa Tanner Kalherlne Tavenner Dana Taylor Kelrh Taylor Donald Thomas Terrence Thomas Wllllam Thomas Davld Thompson Helen Thompson Rlchard Thompson Shawn Thompson Anthony Tlllman Shanle Tlllman Pam Trlplefle Leah Tucker Plnkney Tucker Klm Turner Tammle Turner James Vance Mlke Varnadore Marla Waer Wlllle Walker James Walsh Erlca Walters Gregory Ware Bryan Waugh Tawana Weldon Tawanna Wellen Crystal Whaley Fellcla Whlpple Tlm Whlraker Marlowe Whlre Lou-Ann Whl1'1 Robert Wllllams Cynlhla Wllllams 2oOfSophomores fx'- S is if fs 'Y :- f - : 5 X s Y x ws x VIN WT X T . L.. sm 5 N , fl xg X .5-'N -5 5 l r :sf M. is . x y L :J ,a fd g .,.JJ1'f, A X 5 Xl I 7 fi' SP' A V . X XL 4 X , Y .,,, Angle Wynn Myra Wynn Denise Young Jerry Young Sandra Rodgers uses her home eco- nomic skllls To Thread her sewing machine. Leah Wllllams Loran Wllllams Mike Wllllams Barak Williamson Horace Willoughby Lamar Wllson Howard Wilson Susan Wlse Charles Woodard Perry Woodard James Woolken Michael Wofxman Sean Wrlghl Michelle Wyatt Palsy Wyafl Sophomoresf264 pow ff L,..L yggrsgaiil M 1 4 M 1 K C .4 f I u , -.-fqtivifffl 1 an . Wmgg, X ,X 14? 5 gk Y fl ss.. iw- 4 kr'-. if - . sd vi 1 Q 'br "- na vW,...4-f, R 'L ww, ' 'M J, W ' f w,z.f:2,,Hk I ' 'Mraz WK 4 Sz' ' , , X , -4 'gg.wzgQl:Qi5 911 SX 1 A ' 1,-4 1 154: if:'.,131fK , LS, 1, ,vi 2 W, H, , ,X R, x X ould you like to buy an ad'?" This was an all too familiar question common to annual staff members. In any endeavor, support is essential in finishing the product. Producing a yearbook requires money which is gained from selling advertising space. Garinger has a history of a large and detailed advertising section. We were lucky to have many individuals and organizations, as well as businesses, backing the 'Cats Garinger and the SNIPS AND CUTS staff wishes to thank everyone who contributed to this section. AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 85! To Our Boby Mrchell. Thrs rs when your school ddys begdn. Mdny trmes you thought rt would never end. Well now rt hos ond o new trme stdrts. Congrdtuldtrons on tinrshrng school. Good luck in everythrng you do. We love you ond ore very proud. Love Your Fdmrly CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1985 SGDIOI' LGLTGFQIFIS We love you ond wrsh you the very best The Junlor Lettergrrls 264 f Supporters l r r RAMB ER no . +,' M535 0,516 mating v ",M31,'l4 fs, -Y 'b Go ' A "Q 'fe-. +I:-fm "l'r3r.fAf27- 'S W ,, fl ' A. ax.,-HQ, 1. fr, -.,jz.,"g,,"4v -UQ! '00, 'ff,,'w, Hy, . Jeff? lmg'fw?4'r ' , H. jd. 'Q' u, miie 01' 'aff' M, ' my fe V ' x' J S Q 'Q ' kv ff , '9' . M pw K X' . P Ve" sf ff 'M V , ' 9 ,J wtf C." f 3 -U ,fra yew' olo . 't.1 f'+Tz-eff-fe ef f x0 e L' ,fl we .W I X Awl'A0'C5 KNO G 2 " 9 Q9 0 xl 'bw Q65 Hr to OG ,f: Q Y Q0 r' QQXAGXXG. 'J M' V! Ti. e 4, , rg.- Q f Yllfwll-"fv'VlHfl'f'21 " we f 1 ,. .v gi, 5 , Xe-N,-'q,.' if ,w - ' ' 'f if Q65 Q, f V.1,:3gfg3-" A f- 69 .- . , A D, ,xnxx . J ' . A i 6,1 . ry- , ' jj-xl QA " gv'f'vi'f1-iffg..-g ,ar ' XX l3Q5,1Q-:.'f'gL- X06 .U gQ,,fj1.jj:fQ,.:,gQ,-ix35' I ,iq -gf' 5 Haj. wb' 1 ,MM 0 0Wi,,AZj,r8,, 90 N24 x,.f,,-QL,,,,,.,f- 'fb cox 11, T. , , ,KN 4, ".g.,.-,Q O 1.9 -W Q, 5,0 ,t'l,,,-, alfa-,J -1, u:,,'e,'4,,y,,4"f,Q ,vrf,,'-Q, f, -ww-r, -,Vu fl, -,ow km, 1, -we ,ivy m y wgmj-gf.: 3' O,'v"'nJ ',, Af, A' 5, "2 'v,.'2v l, if-Q 9, 1- 'A ,M , Qc, 'fi '.,'- w b-4, ww V, eu ,-D? '-5Z'vff"J gow 3 fr.,,m,m,grm 'w W ,Q A 0. Q, lf, Q, -an W, gov, N 'u 1 'v Q I 0 4-f fa 'ww rc, 0, fm 'Q-R., ,V W, 'ff Wfa 'r f "cfm , "K , , . . , . 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'Y' .bk Ike ,HSN 0 -4,9534-.,' f,', , fm '5,,,4',,h w 'X x 960 "1fi'1wJ-1'."u, "g'wfm "va, L Kg -me-W ,M we Q, 4, ., V, Q w, 05, lf '-5 'iq' Q 'fy '44, 0 f ,Q ,U 9 1, uw, 'W 6, r ,pb ,A W r 448 edu, Q,.1,J,,t .ID ,wimpy - 9 0 was 0 A. De M K, L,.,,l,,f.,y ,, my r of X Q 1 40 I -,A .,VQy.n,, V, W pq r 9 f V -5, ' 579 uf" " ' M W on -. f. f Q., . , r '81 uegmf-F. rr ' A, .y A. 40 Q 1 Y f,gf,'3,j J A A au. Mwgl., OSow,,Q,,z:S.l ns 'V zzwqwmm p.,,,,,,ms3 ' V Y ,N Q .,. 0022 w 'f I A . V rv ' 4 1 YQ M ' ,.'Q,f5g' Q -A A N e' nv Ae 5 Q 9,1 vw ,QQ do pe ev A, 9, ,Q ,Q 6. ,Q Q 00 , ,Q ,o . ,ll ,Jw 9 X , , N ,D 0 we 39" xp Q1 x oi' nl' 09 e9 5' '64, N . ' Koen? v ,Ql- IQ, . av . les ., ,V 'IQ 6,47e,M Polmeflo Stole Poul: Steve Sooolcsgeq Chris "Mr. Sports" Long: John Duneski: ' ' P SUppOrfers!265 'heh f Joculor Joey: Benevolent Belh: Dorlng Dee: Journalism Johnson. Edilor Ellzclbelh, Sassy buf Sweet Sheila. Helpful Heather, Jovlol Jczckle, and dont for- get Qulel Klm Carson, ond Angle "l-lelpl" Hughes. This crazy crew combined to concocf the school newspaper for you. We hope you enjoyed the RAMBLER. 6 ,a:,.ZU,,Zw,f'm:.4, G sh, oenogb 0 v,,, ,rg ".,:Q.:,,,'n .Lai ,,' Q4, cya .1 J' 'ffji Qj5.7fQj-eg 6 ,Q-,,3QG'g,f.,b2r,7 .I1,2f,, HM so .....,.. fl. SSSEQQ 22225, USES? 3' 'ID :aw 3 ,M ., ,... 3'-P923 ff . Em! . . Q- IT S A GCOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTE 1820 MIT Rd ' -4 4N. Ty . B WISHES To the CLASS OF 85' f 5 WE LOVE V!lLl2CATS' WTDWTWQCWFUYTTFEUUIH Q LQ-J cmnnorn 3 Bobby G Ross 1131 Eastway Drrve P O Box 9485 Parsonage 5351988 Pastor Charlotte NC 28205 Churrh 5363709 S tw 'jgg W t wiggggigg. M . il- .Q 'w , .1 it i vt: E V 'itz Xu 'Q 3 '1 ' , 2 , ' if 1 , FV' fCy',Ztfsf' ,llf'f:fgif5iift' , ' 'i,W" Q ' ,, sf. A ' . :ff ff- , 1 if M tiff I . av 1 9 . I x . jf- " F,-8 A " A ' wif' l 1 F , -is" I ,. ' A 1 1- ' 3 M - ff: N ' I r s ., ' 1 - - - - - Q K I is-tl" wer' ,111 5 if Charlotte's Oldest Pentecostal Church 1923 - 1983 faq Supporters 1267 1 1 1 1 4: l magea I . .if-. A ,V fl S TAS CONTAINER TRANSPORT, INC 0 f 'L ' 'A TRANS ATLANTIC SERVICE, INC. I uv RONALD B. MCLAUCHLIN etfjlgni - DIRECTOR STYLISTS RICK EPLEY 1212 G 5- H GRAPHIC COURT PO BOX 21068 CHARLOTTE NC 28206 PHONE CARIBBEAN 17045 334 1664 DON ROBERTS SHERYL WILSON 28205 Phone 704-3351615 Kelly Gnd Angie Sophomore year we were Inseparable We hed Ihe best of Ilmes. But junlor year really showed me TI"IOI mY Kelly WOSDT GN fT'lII'I6. Senlor YSGI' ls GIITIOST OVBI' WS V8 TBGIIY QIOWH UD O lol. we no longer take for granted ThClI the Ofhel' wlll QIWGYS be Ihere. Now we are l0OkInQ toward college And when we are mlles apart, II wlll be memorles ol our good tlmes That wlll plck us up and warm our hearts. TELEX 802023 DO ev ox! Sf Q- t X 44 '55 N . . 2' ' 'Ev' 3901 U2 Monroe Rd., Charlotte, N.C. I A I I 268fSupporters There are many people that we meet in our lives but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we will think of often and who will always remain important to us as true friends. Jennifer Pam Lisa and Kelly GCDCD LUCK to the Class of 1985 especial ly to those who have made Thanks fOf two hGl'Cl WOI'kif1Q 9di'lOfS. Linda Curlee and Elizabeth Culbertson Love Winn-Dixie what it is. y , l M95 REAL PIT BAR-B-Q Mrs. Cgle, jjjg1T:1vj,1g0,gdB'1-1,7 TYIGDKS fOI' The love Gnd 'mfs "'a"""v0" support you gave to each of us. ll Su'l4li'2's .'l.'l'l,'.1?.""' We love you and will always remember you. HOMEROOM 312 Supporters X 269 M F 'l S 10-6 WAREHOUSE OF SHOES Outlet Prices MENS ' LADIES ' CHILDREN A friend is someone you con frusf: fhdf's whdf I found in you. A friend is someone who wiil olwdys be honesfg fhdf's whof I found in you. A friend is someone who is olwdys There, no mdffer whdf fime, ddy or nighfi fhdf's whdf I found in you A friend d frue-blue forever friend Thdf s you' WE MADE IT' Teresa Gnd Lynn 8 S T 4423TI-IE LAZA 527 1433 375-6394 27OfSupporfers if Q J! li I-IOIVIEROOIVI Where s fhe ofher hdIf'P We mode uf' "Fire if up!" BOOSTER CLUB GO CATS GO 'I985 DR MADDOX S SENIOR HOMEROOM YEAHII We oo iuolly won the iesi'7l'7 Doc we love you ond well miss BYE GARINGER' I A.. Q ...M - spirit ohoin con- yo'. i AdOIT1 L SA' ii We you coub We love you Mom g Amy IYIIPE WW Lorry Brown CLASS OF 85' Janice and Tommy , PS f Q X f SOISS Representative ,. . .- . . so much. And we ve experienced some great times. We ll never forget the things that made us laugh: the B.l. Ziggy the D.D. Bllpple Mulch and the plaid pants. Nor could we forget the things that made us cry: term papers reports and projects. But we finally made if! Our frlendshlp has been tested but it endured and became stronger. Thats why we know that although well be miles apart after graduation well always be close. Well always love you Garlnger. BEST WISHES CLASS OF 85! Debbie and Verna P.S. - Mrs. Hanna mas que un grapefruit! Well miss you! CCJNGRATULATICNS It s been a long time and we all had faith in you. We knew you could do it. You ve come a long way baby. Daddy would really be proud as we all are. We all love you Mamma Sylvia Elaine Bub- ba Debbie Sandra and Robbie 27AfSupporters WIWGT Hoppenedl QWCJ Hopprn dy MRS. DEESE'S 'IST PERICDD se 2 F-ei-2 1' IHAWVE coNeRAruLArloNs WESLEY! LEA It's been o long rood since thot first doy of school but you mode every doy o joy. r We ore very proud of you. Love m Mom Docl Shone ond Shelby Congratulations. Mom, Dad 81 Matt. R N., X We ore very proud of you Michele Love Doddy Mother Curt Renee Suson Reggae Mom ond Grondmom 1 H, W W 'hge- ow? y. 1 wi.. I 5 ' xi.. on as ,D F of-f f -H.. r .- . A-.1-W ' '-'V su :E gl en gg K . - Lx an ,Y 3 X .XX Az ,S 1 , A X I 'X ,Q K ,452 -. ., x , ,X ' -X VW rf gh.. y K ,jx , Xx -5 1- ' 1. I 3 ,KA egg ,L . ' sf -xi , I I 1 I I I I I 276fSupporTers I c I O I N W . G I II I R I I A I T as I I U - L , wArcH our Fon THE L:-I'gI3iI?TOADI I A Q 'I MQITI Gnd Ddd 'I' I I I O N I S I l ifII'iff'Il3 I L I i If II I The Class of '73 I I congratulates I U the Class of '85! I A I I Love ya, sis! I N Coc:IIiI Culbertson Terry N - fand Mike, Jason, and I I Ashlyny E I I I We love you very much. I I Mom and Dad SupporTersf277 Q A - fr ' C 'D ' X r 4 A x ., A ,A X-fW,yfgs ,X s A Growing . . . from the warm security of home high school and friends to the uncertainty of a far-away university and strangers to turn into friends. In lite you never stop Growing. Congratulations on your present and future GCNSVSITWGDTS HeGTl"Ief. We love YOU Mom Dad and Courtney 7 f Todays American Builder TOM CRAWFORD CORPORATION Tom Crawford President 3314 Ninterfleld Place Charlotte, NC 28205 17043 536-1322 ff HCDMERCDOM Class of 85 278fSupporters Dedr Junror Lellergrrls We would lrke lo wrsh you dll The luck rn lhe world for your senror yeor We hope rl wrll be os Terrrfro ds ours hos been Thonks for mokrng our squod lhe besl Beverly Troor Lovonro Terrr ond Krm we ore gorng lo mrss you ond wonl To soy lhdnks for Three greol yeors Love The Senror Lellergrrls Wendy Ludnne Lrso Angle ond Bonnre MYRTLE BEACH or BUST' Cldss of 85 GCJCJDBYE GARINGER We love youl Shoron Koren Lrso ond Jennrfer Goodbye Goringerg we love you G.G.S. BACKS THE CATS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS 0F 1985 H rfierfiadxfb Giqwf-as 1 Os? n , 3 5 r osela wc! If I Wh y ' th' kofRoseI d -. .. 332-8191 . ..... ., C tr I ' A -- C-BOCD LUCK' Beth, Bill dnd Angie X 1 'J-'QE-1: Sewing the Ctfrlotte Area for 47 Years N Q' 1' iv 'V 3 I f lg: 4 x X j vw' fl' xv N x M FLORAL co., INC. 'MQ Wi en ou thunk of flowers rn an Vw mam-.lfarqe ul 633 en al Ave - X in-if-s Q i e Shdron Mllls You dld super' u ISSSIDQ in We knew you could do It Mom dnd Ddd CCNGRATULATIONS! S ppor'rersj281 V-'NG GARINGER PTSA BACK THE CATS CONGRATULATIONS We love I I I - :Q1 .f,' ou and wish 1 , , you the very bes Mom Cecil ond Klm rm e U , I , 4508 East Independence Boulevard 175 Charlotte North Carollna 28205 I .e 'I' II , I I f 4 NIL,-Z I l ' I I, X c I I , you did gregf wxx I lvlexlcon Reslouronte C7045 567 6027 kid. J Lg y ' 'IIE' I. J I We have been through Hell but ll looks llke we re going lo moke ll Al leosl o couple of us' . M.. -1 CONGRATULATIONS lo the Sensors of 85 Homeroom 'I 10 ? I . - I . , . E an pporlers 3' I ls 4 W f .mx 1 k 1 lf' , HCJMERCOM we Mlghf Make nl Class of 85 HOMEROOM 108 Congrcatulcahons to our lost W Gonnger graduate 9 O cl h O ly Th GS fOf YO ol CYS Mothe m MGICIDS G Cl B ook Vmhmkmnm I f , I I l I SPECIALIIING IN HARDNESS TESTERS . EY CHAR . . . f . l 1 BOYCE OLIVER a os Recrearoon Conxevs Center Ma g C E B C C zz: 1 7 3 2 Bnuuswrcx CONGRATULATIGNS CICISS of 85' Wondo Pogooro GOODBYE GARINGER! From The one ond only Tonyo T amy Tomorrow We CADOLINA CALIBDATION SEQVICE HOMERCOM 404 S pp T f285 Korky I THGDK YOU for being CI DOH of OUI' You have brought us joy ond hoppi- ness. We wish The some for you! We love you. Momo, Pop, Christy ond Joshuo CONGRATULATIGNS 28ofSupport SFS Irves We ore very proud of you. Love Mom ond Sus GOLDIE S MONKEYS Do we have to onswer the dlscussron questions? I l - - 1 1 1 l l l 1 1 l l l 1 'A l I 1 n l 1 X HOLD Ti-IE 1 wma Q Su Cl'lOU.iE , Q . X' Beauty .Sa on c Hampshire Hills Shopping Center Phone 536-1978 CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA I W Yo II ore WANNAFUL WANNAFUL' We wont To be just like you' Good luck and best wishes Modie Angie Kelly ond Laura 5:95. f? f if C J IVIR HAWN S SENIOR HOME ROOM WE RE A CLASS ACT' 4 2 I v f Z' U In , IZ . aw ' QA I .llrw I A Z5 M in We I 7 ' u . . l 5 l l H KZ ' ygsyra sy 5, Q., Iv, , , 'fl 'VFX 95' ld, FEL .' S 1. , 662, Wye. . .ly QYQLQ. ,,g'a, , 1 f Ji' -f i N xi 5 Q, I 9,3 l I fi ' , 1 'fe - v I I ' ' I I - U I - - For three years through thtok and thtn we stuck together to the end We really hate to leave but we must go Thanks Mr Wtlltams and dont forget us WE LOVE YOU! Room 'H3 the best CIGSS of 85 7' XE I 1 Qs ai 4 I 'Wu K Q U4 Y M ,ry t A Q M I l 54 .. rx-A rr l 1 I ' 1 I I n n g I I 1 l I H - J N' t tt att started tn the tenth grade with I O ' Adelphians, and ever since we have - . Tires . Batteries become the best of friends. We've been - Brake Service - Tyne Urns through lt all togetherg thanks to you r ' Mm' Repmfs Garinger. We're gonna miss you. L Love, wenay and Jeanne PLAZA ROAD GULF WATCH out APP l 'I Charlotte, N.C. Larry Hicks Pnane: 537-0539 Supporters f 289 CONGRATULATICNS JENNIFER CONGRATULATIGN JENNIFER' HOMEROOM 220 To The oloss of 1985: We ore your Tomorrow. Good luck to eoch ond everyone of you. We knew you could do it. Love Mom Dod Sh Il y E y new you could do it. I love y . R b 1 Kourtenay Barnard Gary Booker Jackre Brewton Gena Chambers Renrta Crawford Teresa Crockett Tommy Havelos DCIVId Elms Ronald KITIOTCI B L o owery Rrcnard Montague not prctured Glenn Satterfreld Rodney Trllman Wlllram Watson Darnell Davrs J D WE FINALLY MADE IT ALL OF US AND YOU "THOUGHT" WE WOULDN'T GLENN S SENIOR HOMEROOM Ella Pearce not pictured Wendy Jervrs not prctured ames rxon Sherry Massey not prctured 1 ,, Mark Hopkins I S pporters f 291 Thanks to GGNDQGI' Clnd Mrs. Stevens for making these three years GREAT! We Love You Class of 85' 6, -sr WE MUST SAY' Weedle Bully Joel Chicken McNuggets That s Wald wartamanute you need to gave up that Idea Bob and Davld Lette-man duy with her bug halr tostrtos Daryl Hall you just dont do those thnngs bubbles going mental In a corner surp lm serlous Wnnk c rowded ne ne ne ne Tom Hanks It s a fact of llfe accept It or due spaz trc aroohah Bruce Springsteen Take yo luv ones to d sho' We doggrn We doggln unh unh unh Precrous Phrl Collins bonk luke what IS she wearing? mayun and you know Stzng It was gone before It came Pee Wee Herman They need to leave of world and joy f fond memones as a boy world of A son IS a of happiness too Especially a son Whos as loving as youl are so proud ol you. B Love Mom and Dad Today tomorrow and always God bless you wrth Hls love And ID Hrs goodness shower you With graces from above May He be part of all you do And hear your every prayer Today tomorrow and always God keep you ID Hls care Congratulatlons Bert and much Friends Forever Mom Dad and cms Lrz and Lrn Edltors 85 Y' l B' I I '23 1 7 y . 5 'T I T fun, . WB ' ' ' ms Od 'S 'n such dlsomy! V remember that we love you very 292 f Supporters 84 85 I CATS' Front Row: J. Davls J. Lindsey C. Altman D. Nicholson J. Flagg J. Allen L. Whitt Second Row: K. Bean L. Corbett R. Dixon S. Dupont S. Falls S. Gleaves J. Green C. Head Third Row: D. Hilton K. Harris K. Lee K. Mayer L. Melchor K. Miller L. Miller S. Mills L. Nguyen Last Row: M. Nguyen K. Rudisill T. Salisbury K. Simpson J. Smith C. Snyder K. Turner T. Turner R. Wilson P. Wyatt ADELPHIANS BACK THE CONGRATULATICNS MARK We re proud of you May God bless you Love always Grandmother Grandfather Harry and Jessie Sanders l ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - I I r I I I I I r I I I I I I I 1 l l i 1 l 1 1 1 1 l 1 l i l l 1 I I l y - I I I 7 1 l 1 1 Supportersf293 MRS MURROW S HOMEROOM I "BEAcHBouND I 8 I I Koren Slnce you clldnt get very rn volved rn hugh school octrvrtres moybe youll do better rn college Congrotulotlons BRATI We love you Mom Pop Rene Coleen Jason ond Yodo Stop by to see us sometime. e Class 'R-.lf Doug and Tommy We just wanled to thank you for making this year so special and also one we ll never forget. We have enjoyed all the fun times and the memories we have made. You will always be on our minds and especially on our hearts' Good luck in the future well miss you! We love you! Palsy and Dana We Th ., -s of , '85! 5 'L fav , CONGRATULATIONS RUSTY! We love you. Mom, Dad and Billy 1 l 1 its nu-nun ,un of Q BRIAN' e re so proud of you Love MOFT1 Dad CIDCI Chris CONGRATULATIONS W ' I . .1 ' 1 FIRST is , l 3,1 l:l,Q7,g ev A- ie. 's 4' ,uv L- CLASS L l .geasag i - A A ,X I .yx -X- SPECIAL! y I i s Z 4 14 'ED . f 1.155-A V ., ,... 55 6 V ' ""' A " ' Msg? . ,iq ,L EE .1 wx, I '6 5 I Q 'r ".5'!1'mW ' ea. i'V .V,. , V LIMITED TIME ONLY! -X - A Choose birthstone, school . ' mascot. graduation date and I -1--1-' ., your initials engraved inside for this special price. Gold rings are INSTANT available for additional price. Stop in CREDIT grdav to :ee alkstylesl Orser your ring ............-....-. - 'an opena oung mer cane args account. ,,,.,,g:d fo! ,nv ,,,,d?l,,J, so vouyoan charge your Gordon's class ring. I :::.z.'.,:.":.:fx::'.,.,:. l L our Young American V . I D P PH u L co 'fuwzmr . . 'W' Q11-vffcif 75 r lnih C fins? I EASTLAND MALL 'U Us ezxsxross MALL Central Avenue North New Hope Road Gasr Phone 568-6193 Phone B67-3527 Q l 1 Supporters f 295 THE GARINGER PLAYERS AND D T APPLAUD THE SENICJRS OF 1985 A , if l 1 Q K T LX Q E NICCJLE BINKLEYI The Working Class WIT VITTTTTSSSTT CHCT1! Qfflce See you in '86' Occupations ll Ycl' Blinkie Ccarol G Kristin W trrr There s a comforting thought at the close CATHY ANGIE TAMI KATHY of the day When lm weary and lonely and sad That sort ot grips hold of my crusty Old heart And bids it be merry and glad. lt gets in my soul and it drives out the blues And finally thrills through and through. Did you know l grew stronger and better b ecause I had merely touched shoulders with you? Mom and Dad We re the ca s that survived. We're the Class of '85. IVIRS. IVIOLNAR'S HCDIVIERCCDM 7 si V, Xxjx' 5962 r M fx I Wifi, W 5 12 filly QW , ll itll f Q A at M l l Ji i lil 5 X ' Supporters f2Q7 nes guys. Debble L. Deese PPE A EVER God Bless You Miss Wnghll We love you so very much' The Buble ll Closs of 4985 1 - - - - - 1 I 1 l - K 1 - - I - - I I ' on VY' lx J fl! F V if . . I - - - K K I - 1 I - 298fSupporl YOU should CIII be irlSTiTuTlOn- ollzed but I love you ony- woy! Thonks for the memor- I LYF TYM BUILDING PRODUCTS C0 INC 3820 N Davidson St Charlotte N C 28205 HE P O Box 5583 C7045 372 3480 Congratulahons To The Class Of 85 The Corders Herb Eaton Co 5205 Monroe ROCld ChGfIoIfe N C 28205 Representing NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDIOS PRESTIGE PORTRAITS WALSWORTH PUBLISHING CO -'iv 1' Q Sq!-ko ,UI W' L ff -D Speclallsts tn Custom Senlor Portralts School Day Portracts Yearbooks Publlcatlons Consultant President Oltlce Manager wayne Wolfe Herb Eaton Jane Deck SALES REPRESENTATIVES Eddre Boggs Jane Amrck Marvrn Tarlton Ken Ashley we are pleased to have been selected as the ottrcial portrart photographer and publisher lor the 1985 Snlps and Cuts I I iz., Q. K . N. 1 I ' ' 4 I tl I rf H I n Qsd I I xt I .7. ,,. C , i x lqq' I N' N1 , ' w -car. . . hh 300 fSupporters 'WW Jie ,Q.. Q3 ,Q HAMPSHIRE HILLS BARBER SHOP 6425 THE PLAZA Mon. thru Fri. .... ................................... ..... 8 1 00 - 6:00 0. .............. . ...........................,............. ..... 8 200 - 5:00 3 BARBERS SPECIALIZING IN ALL TYPES OF HARCUTS G. B. MORGAN W. H. BEARD 535-0688 We re moving to The top Ms Berry S I'IOI'Tl9I'OOI'T1 I M f Y ox' I Seon. 0 Moy the Lord bless you and keep you: The Lord mdke his foce shine upon you ond be grocious to your The Lord fum His face Iowcfd you and give you peace." These words hold the promise of Q H me bngmesf future possibue and S this is our pfoyer for you, A I Congrofulofions on your grodud- -5 ,Q tion, we love youl Mom, Jock and Amy I L l i I l l l Q Wendy: II SBBITIS IIIC8 only YSSIBICICIY Thdf YOU WSIB IUSI "SO I'1IQh." And Though a lot of IhIhQS ITIGY CINCIHQS As d0YS Gnd YSGIS Q0 DY, They hoven'Y changed YOU! sweetness Of YOU! dear and Ih0UQhI'IUI WGY. And thct's why YOU GTG loved SIIII H1078 Wlfh SVSIY DQSSIDQ dGY. 3 We-CIS VSYY proud of YOU. I Good Iuck GT A.S.U. next YBGII Love GIWCYS, Mom, Dad, Kelly, Erln and Richard i, fy ' V .- A , W p- ,, V .4 ov 'again , A' I IIII Y' Y I SI l I Qi- 3 I I T I Y eeuy , inf I I E , I ' if I l -7 ' I l Supporfersfli O4 i 1 I I I I I 1 I l I I PAW POWER will live forever! Goodbye Goringer, J, B, Phil, ond Twig Lo xsmnus n .-:,.V-:--,. .,,,,,,',. I ALL-SAFE 81 LUCK CU. Locks Henman 0 nennsous INSTALLE k ".: Amsmcnn a F0aEs5'IeCEIRS , , ,P I 24 HR' SE CCNGRATULATIONS COMMERCIAL 81 RESIDENTIAL To The Nziuzsfzusoiifss I 91 Class gf 351 CUMBINATIUNS CHANGED UPENEDGREPAIRED 596 4825 I I a E " l Call Pete Furr - Bonded Locksmith E - F3 WE LCVE GARIN ,JJ-.J ?mJ,.mf-Jfs.i.,.f ,L Nfgkmfdgxfgww lv? Ea ww 'vigil-ww Ln 'E MRS BRCWN S SENICDR HOMERCDCDIVI CLASS OF '85 Supporters f 303 To Allison Karen Sharon Jennrfer Lrsa and Vrckle This year of cheerleadrng has been a most memorable one We love yal We wrsh you the best rn whatever you do Angle Stacre Sharon and Becky WHAT CAN WE SAY JUNIORS7 Stacre your lumps Thumbs upl Becky drd you yell we couldnt telll Angle remember when you flrpped and slrppedl Sharon remember your backbend youll never do rt agarnl We ve been through XTRA thrngs but rf we could do rt agarn What can we say? Good luck and we luv yal Ya'll have really been great this year! ' ,' ' 3041f Supporters Doug We re proud of you fl, Mx Mom ond Dod Tncnlis for the memories. I:I'OI'II' Row SHARON MOBLEY BEVERLY MCCLURE SANDY KNIGHT Second Row LARA WEIBEL KATHY TODD DARRELL BREWER Book ROW: KIM ERVIN LENITA WELDON DAVID JENNINGS -' - - -' '-1 MRS. c:oRA Mozlwoo E1 GO WILDCATS I MRS. lvlozlNoo's HOMEROOM DUDCOTI, FIDCI1 81 WGICIT AOVSITISITTQ, IDC. Supporters f 305 CONGRATULATIONS DAWN PHELPS Gnd FRANCIE MITCHELL LLLTTTA LNf1L A Bestest Frrends Forever' ink M 41984-123 fi 5 . . af, I CLASS OF 85' Rusty Doss ond Trm Bell Frrends Forever I ,.4u1l?"""' I I ,. 'Md '. K ' I 'K' . ,Lx .i , c, . A 9' V 'if Q - I ,,,, L rrs T W r,sF , T A Q' H -A A ' 1-K-Qs? ,w r Q A L ' LX 1 isis -Q ,f V L A L L .kr . 6 I , A -- sm G In orrers We are preparrng for leadershrp rn the world of work Excellence In Actron e Rusty CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes ln the Future We Love You! Joan Karla IWW ll ,Rm ,454 Il -. Il ' 7 I l 1 I b ' . k k Q We love you always Cheryl Jason and Chuck l CONGRATULATIONS, ELIZABETH! We are very proud of you. We love you. MOM and DAD Sharon, You're the est frlend we could ever have We hope th y y Il l y I rememb T g th th gh th g d d bad w d d Q p lttl Tha l' l y t p l I I , L 1 l 1 l I l gf ,L ig I """"' l Supporter CO. "Your Art Carved Class Ring Specialist" CARLYLE 84 TONYA' Fine Jewelers since 1922 5555 EASTLAND MALL We love YOU Gnd wish the VSTY best for you always. CENTRAL Ave. Love CHARLOTTE N.c. 28242 Mom and Dad STORE PHONE 704-568-3350 To my beautiful sister who has always taken command when mom wasn't around. Hope you had a terrific experience at Garinger. Congratulations, Eric T ".h 'fiff 1 T ' - ' 5 'N L 1 " 308fSupport 6 CONGRATULATIONS R WASH DRY FOLD lt' Ron Rath 4, Hoors rrsrrnra fourmrlrr A Effreshment CREST LAUNDRCMAT 354: A POUND TOPLOADER 6003 Q DOUBLELOADER 606: TRIPLELOADER S'1.25 SAFEWAY AUTO PARTS 6104 Th Pl C ITT N.C. 28215 Sherrr LeaAnn Darlene F' ' EASTWUUD BARBER SHOP Don Hlcks Class of 85' Rjgfw' Egggffw We finally made il! DICK HIII pporle WE FINALLY MADE ITI Congrats to the Cats' The Class of 85' We made rt can you? Teuwanda Anrta Jones fb k a Candrey Aldrro Lamont Gull Cb k a The Mikey NITE LIFE 85 pqmerc. Renee Eason Paul Dorn k G VG'-my, Charles Yates Tnp Reynolds T.C. DeSrIva Suresh DeSrIva Brran Blackwelder Dwayne Stewart Barney Brannon upporters "cENrRusA sENnoRs" Good-bye Gcaringer! cnwm vzwrzmg We Love YCU Mrs Hclwnl Hp I f ff? 1 'Ya l l ...1, , - 1. .l....l...1.L..,i. Supporfe d In Abselif? ,days Ssniors ovordf ea rxerrre prague. ' 2 SX rB?fU'?f'q 2325 ,BQWHGQ 2 ,a ibmniah, 1Cadr1Cf5!35, . Barren. David 235' V171 LBurreH'. Donna 1?8kik Barrier, Doug 219' ' ' Burmger, Sherry 179. , ,V ll r.k,,, A , ,4.ouv1da4sr ewnhcena ra. aaa, Zawaa, 1391 jvrrqo,-aaa. 466, 162, 477.131, 208 ABrc514n,' ,Greg mo, 167. 220 BfQ'yr1,' Hon-.eroom 235 A H ' Bfvwvrdnmes 2462 i 51522101--.:'BfFY,146',2, 2 5rgawr1pg,M- Hivmeroam , 'mei k..L' ,if .LA. iff Bkbgeih, RDb6ff 184 Kgs - Shown 246 ' swim, Trace 53. 55.2 65366, Q95, 248, Amazing! the Junior Cross, B'-'SS' Row 17933 , 2 , ,BKSWDY 1359170 65. 246, , Q ' , .A A V Gow 1791, ,la l.V V - -wmqg:220,5,,Agg 9 M A2em, wn,f44,iMab,4 2 v - BWB' H29JM,?f'i?1zlQ,50'Sfwailavbf fBfwiiHreId,,AnuMS. Acudfr-ffsrLirii1fr20e,r2Ql 2 a 2 ev. W 1 2 2 isrfrmtreff 246 L , Addmb-Nfbefd 245 'SGUGOHWQ Af1f1i9!?4.:117f7, 219 2 r 2 Bc-me' ,6S. a2g,,'12A:',L9QS,M,98g299,, Adams. 2315 Bwffer- C0f0ivn219, ',A,'1 ' 484,265 - Q . 2 Adams, Torvurjde 65, 245 Baxter, Debbie .137,-1179, , af,f5m,rMursr rod, ,Q Adams. Trax7is,137, 478 H ' Bwfer, Mary ZAQ1' H afgygmgrzqnerf 131 Aae:pnmng13z,52.5a. 255, 298 Savior, srevan 239 2 2 reieso aaa 1 h.'b Adkins. Ff0f1kl4r1245 2 4 BBOCWGYW 21? 2 4 Auron B0gj,43'f-QE, .... . 2, AafnrnsrrciHiQfN02f,4G3 W wana-DefWS,wf1z23f25?1 13H6?r220 Ed 137 2 . . 2 P-r1f6nS,aKfiSii?5 26512192 2 l ' BQG'11K9Pe'QU,,aQ4Qr1i245,l1 .. I 2, ' , SNiw1rer'4s':'L l. 2421732562 A1carQ.,Angsk:-.176 2 , W' 'semi Ken 65' 2 ,,.Bm,14:Dyc o5, 72, 2 Alexandarliliookef r, 425 W 4 Becker, Wolrerf 422.22220 V 1 'agg,1Jrr 50,2 54, 65, 245' 1 - Al6XOHd6Yg-C1555 245 5654, SHOT! 2451 ,ij -- Builrynn SQL 52' 53' '58,15Ql Q24 Aremncer,,Br1cn 428, 295 Heirs Teen Board--3? army, sms 2 2 Alexanqer, 78, 437, 478 A Michehe 86, 2452 V Buliock, Iwchaei 2 ' A An, Ciara-245 ' Kasu, Tm 306 -1 - f 2 Bums, owner 76, 220 . . ff Aflfsafeymdiacu co. 302 -Bender, Juan 4965, mam 581 2251, Qff AH-S1af9,:BQh3 BB f A k . ..., ,B9'm9f'f.A'Th9G7i1i?9' 1 2 4BUiQbw,NQr1cv Q8 if if, , Aran. Cfmgg,q2Q'a904 245 , f aj, gisgnnerr, S gNk1ncy.o1, , ,. Arlen, 248549. 401: 2 . h.. -,semen ShcroH65e?.220 , 2 Ljaurrwre, 57, 467522253 'L Aran. Jcsofrcss. pa, 90. 245, 307 2 semen, Thamo5A85,B?,h17Q gumgffe, read 220 'V , Aran. Kim 641245, 2 Aloen, Towahda 50, 157, 17a - Anison. Dcmy 55, 245 Allison, Pam 4,78 1 Anred. K Anzac. -Gqrdgrj UQ' fumes, Scprfgbs, 219 2 - 2 AlfrnonQ'CiifiarI6rse 28. 65, 245 Anderson, Officer PJ, 403 Anderson, Andafsctn , Anderson Cherries 103 Louise 65, 2215 Tcwdnna 245 Anderson, Kim 52. 64, 90, 219 Anderson., Rrckyaas, 454. 155 2 Berry, Loraira 245' Berry. Maxine 66.'424A Berry's Hamaraom 304 Bes1,Rob1n 245, j' xBethune, Mark 2205- LT- . Beihune, ?2Qdney'f2?0fLf. , 345 ' f' 7 ' ' ,L'L If 70-71. 295Qfff'gi1',-L',iM . 1'BlQbY.' Tommy 74, 251742. 27,3 Bigham. Henry 220 V Binkisy, Nicole 296 BDOIOQV 72-73, 74, '75, 512, H3 Bioiogy I AG 72-73" Bronogy an 14-75, 2 1 Anaefsqmsrzfurrwervo 142, 152, 175A.f7 ,Biwr1. Sheffv 152 21792, S Anarews,'Keny 49,155 70, 74, 99, 4524 QBWBHS- 000040 1l79f F 153, 4284-268' 269 i Brock, Annette 47922 . Anthony, Cedric 22, 25, 27, AQ, 50, 66, BO, 178. 208, 2111 Anthony, Ricky 259 Anthony. Ruborm 67. 178 Aram, Deywon 22, 27, 24. 51, WM A Archie, Bobbyj24-9 .- Ardrey. Falrclia 442 478 Ardrey, Sfeva -1115 ' , A Arcirey, Terraraee 65, 219 A 5 Armsfrong, Jahn 454, 455, 2115 , Armstrong. Stqn 50. 65, 90, 98, 447, 217 Arnoid, Tommy 65. 133, 249, 233 , Arr Educafion 445 L Black Black Brock Ceresre 59, 22G Black, , Elizabeth 65, 245 . Gary 65. OO, 93, 220 , vrncenr 57, 52, 137, 1 -Blcsckmon, Talorio 480 ' Biockmon, Tam 23,fV2?. 36, AO. SG, 59.. , 90. oo, 150, 20722. Q, , Y Bfdckmon, YVBHSTQZJBA ' Ig J arccuwelaef, anon, 180,-340 snake, Rodney 255 ' Blcnkeney. Jimmy 4-47, 220 srakoey, scoff 55, 57. 245 Brcmcmiera, Kam 40, 4512 wo acumen, Sheri oe, 220 2 Asbury, rQm7,g4Q2 Blum, David 135. 2 , Aus-fm. Choices 6590, 02, 2:15, 307 VV'V .Qu -Bcdeflck. Denise, 46D-i 22U,f 79 AusTin. ,245 1: Armen. Reria ao, wa Avonf, Mark 65, YZ. 113. 72h Award Winners 22-25 Ayers, John 249 Ayers, Leigh 249 l zoa, 289. 3041-'305 Bolick, Kmny 245 ' . 1 A aormon, Joyce bo, -189 Boiron, Melissa 65, 246 h Booker, Edward 180 Bohm, wemy 55,,57IT95.' 480, 200, f wunom 429 1 , Big Foot - Andy Smirhey. Brain - Squishy, gray matter possessed by many but used Boone, Rodney 77. 200 Booster Club 274 f , I BQS-fic, rzrckv 68, 2201 ,, V Boy's Tennis 45424554 472 2 Boys' Track 156, 472 Bradley, M0419 21, 54. 56, 57. 220, 288 Brawey, Daniel 'IBO Brandon, Sophia 68, 206 Brannon, Milledge 90. 180, 34 Bretton. Stacy 244 A A Brazzell, Melissa 8,198,285 86. 65. W. O 180 by few. f , A Berber. Trocy 90. 178 Badran, Khuiood 66, 245 Baergn, israel 245 Baker, Cynthia 143, 474, 178 Baker, Jennifer 85, 86. 245 Baker, Leandro 90, 219 Boker, Rodney 135, 245 Bold wln, Melisia 219 Banks., Berry '178 f Banks, Pameic 249 Bonner, Leroy 249 Barnard, Kourtenav 3, 28. 32, 85, 86, 87, 478, 209 342jlndex Brelsaoher, Jeff 65, 220 2 Breifzman, Boa 154, 455 Brewer, Darrel 68 Brewer, Herberf 480 Brewer, Kevin 65, 220 Brewwn, Debbie 68, 246 Brewron, Jackie 61, 180 images. ADEQ-180 V H Bridges, Melissa bs: raor 5 Bridges, Teresa 425 " " A Broadway, Greg 65, 167, 220 BYOOGWGW, M0rTha 15 Brooks, Edward 246 Brooks, Stephanie 8, Q, 10, 65, 90, 95. 180, 492, 203, 264, 215 Broom, Jeffery 151 Brown, Cornebius 81, 220 Bums, Qwris oo, 150, 154 2 ,fi Bums,,.1ohn 246 ' 1 80315, Pom 245 - ,1 .,fk V sums, Beverly as, 86, 94295, 220 , Burris, Krlsii 65g 246 gl fBErs-Drrvars 80 V H I , ausegarpny ea. 220 2 2 Bushes Education no 2 sun-er,Darryl1 451 K V- , Burien. Donald 65, 99, 434. 464, 220 Pam Q, ss, as. ers, QQ, 454, 269 Bf9rs,,Brendc1 425 L t fl V2 'V C1055 - used to describe O Seniorp 2 ,VBV . Computer - on Item usedro ,,s PUT , 'Wes War 95f5V5,U5 Cfgzyf . cbduen, Carrmie as. se, 24:6 ccrezeno Staff 125 K- Ccrdwei, Bernice co, 121 Ctlldwei, Jennifer 246 Cameron, Juv 65. 72, 246 K v1CGnTr6fOn, Windy 2116 ,Q gg 1, Barre 1.6541 Qffik Edie 246 e j Q55 'CGfT1Db9I1, am 9, 134. 245, 2552 Campbell, Amonio 3, 46f86,87. 138, 181, 208 .. Campus Life 10-41 .V Y Cannon, David 181, 493 Cupergbaryi 421 V 137, CGf3ifQ,3'DUl'IYl 184 1 , CCJHYIS 8: Company23U81 'iw - Coroiina Book Award 245 - '- COVDGDTST, Maryanne 45, 33. 85, 86. 445, 126 Corpenfer, Llsc 35, 51, 421, 484, 272 Carr, Lawrence 181 COFF,,Mi31'k 65, 247 V A Carrou, James 122, 133,f3A,'.457, 456 Ccirrquset Parade 25, er, 91,1f?3, va Carson, Kim 97 f A - Cdrter,'Chartes 65 ' -, V Carter, Chuck 422, 220 ' Carter, Eric 456 Carter. Harry 68, 222 Coder, Ski 181 Coder, Vernon fEricJ 135, 2117 7 Case, Pam 405 j . V Q , ,CGQEYQLSG 247 ' -1 ,'A' r Ccswelt, Kevin 64. 247 A Carhey, Eric 222 A , Covono. Jlm 2417 Cawa, Angie 40, 27, 34. 49, 55, 74, 181, 268 A Csmrusa 43, 60. 61. 195, 3,14 Chambers, Gena 50. 74, 90. 184 ChQndler,Deboron 222 Q , 222- 247 2 Chopmqn,j':Et1or3net 233 Chopffmfff 222 2 2 81, 88. 89. 90. CMVQA SGW 11 ' 85 80222, I x 2 - 11 arr, f QHBSRQAQ 7, Yl'f5,f87,1j182IT22222' 1 cnemrsrrgf332QQ f ,Q 2 T 152 2 , 2 Cherry, RQaeeV,65, 222 ,, ' , g Chl-Chi'S Mexican KRQHOLITOHYB 283 - cmssom,54Qfmse ,s1.o6,222 Ch05f155f5?z gf 2 2, f char ,am , , Groom. MCPQLQQ., 393:14 f CWS! 2 2 Ch"Sf6UbWfT13f'9f':452' ' P cnnsfrurrmgrssa 2472 2 , l w a,,r cmsnaik rm ,-137, H 440. '182206f' , f r cmsvmqs. 65, 59, ao, 162247, cmeg.iJcm2a.'24, sv, rss, 454.455, 482 2972 Sw-we Sm D912 , 2 2 L crark cm, Shiiilifkii, a, ao, 55, 222. 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Q 1 152: , '.-' ,N , Crenshaw, S16waajtl'5'82 ' A ' Cresr Lm.ncifomar,gT3Q9 1 Crockerf, Tgresa 85,4183 - cfocmngmainei az, QQ, 247 Crass 'Countrsf q 'ji Crowder, Crowder, - Crowe, .loner 6811 86,5226 A CYGWSOI1. DGVid- 68,3223 ' cmmp, Jeff 2215" ' ' r f Crump, Rosa 86.183 , A f V icrmnsfm. uma k1,-51, sa. sv, 65.98, QQ, ras, 203.,251,g,2'Q2,- r 5 2 H cunpepoeff Qulfgl ,2,, J iz Cunnbghom'-.RQWQWLEQWW ' rcumangmmp rea 2 cupp. cams 2472 2 5 2 , H Cureian. Ange!a'66, 67 Cureton, Lisa 44, 45. 247. 51, 55, 160, 153,304 ' 1 px 2 2 Cursfon, Tere5p,46,5'l', 55. 68, 176. 1531 cunee. euzabafri 22 48, 495 50. sri sa, 59, c5.r96gTb?',Lf1s3,' 263, 307 ,,V gi ,., : . 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Jomaso, 65. oo, 122244. 247, 249 Davls. 61, Davis. Davis, Davis, Davls. Duvls, Davis, Dcvls. Dovls, Dcvls. 21, 34, 51, 64?."?if?1' - , Larry 135, 247 Leah 62. 224 Lozl 59, 90. 224 Mlkail 165, 166 i 57. 60, '5f9V9 224 V 'L I ' Nafefre, 162, 164.365 1 Rodney 57, 183 , Steven 224 Valerie 68, 183 Warren 137, 140 uw, Jamison. 224 f Dem, Dean, Dean, Dean, DECA wceefhss, 164, 247 my so Sfeven oo, 22A susmaes, eo. 247 68 ly Decker, A111smH112, 113 Decker, Roberl 79 ' Deery, Jenhlfer 68. 183, 290 Deess, Debbie 62, 81, 82, 183. 298 Deese, Faye 13. 106. 107 -Deese, Jol1p421l7 L Q, , Deese. Lucille 183 I Deese, Mlchelle 247 A Deese's Flfsl Perlod Class 275 Degree, Bemord 135. 247 DeLaGorzo,5l.onnle 248 A g . DeLaGorzug' John 224 I 1 1 , Deldfley, AIBSOU 3, '11, 16, 77, 50. 55. 86, 86, 57, 96, 992160, 161. 184. 197, 205, 304 Delaney. Hugh 248 D9Ill1'lg6r,kDOVld 248 DeSllvu. Suieih 4, 25, 27, 49, 50. 51. 64, 69, 184, 310 1 DSSHVG, Thusifh 24. 25, 27, 50, 51. 65, 69, 184, 310 Dlcklnson, John 65, 147, 224 Dickson. Llso165. 184, 308, ' Dlgsby. Carey 248 Dlgsby, Chrls 248 Dillard, Dlonc 248 ,club 62 Drivers Educallong42D Drum Mayors 96 , Drummond, cms 248 484 5 , DQk9LPl1llllp90-4 1 Dukes, Mmm 105 ' Tonya 248 Duncan, Carmen 248 Linda Rilo, 1 D'-mlCD,'Pa1 6717184 -A - A , Dum, John 73. 184 1 Dupont, Stephanie 65, 68, 153, 248 Dupree, Bernard 656 Dufrence, Barbara, 184 Dygon. Eddie 248 2 Education -f"Wl1C!T cz Seriior has spent 42 qor maybe 133 YSOVS lrylng to obtain. 1 Exams - o ,fest of your 9599799 Ch9QTll71Q cblli1'yQ.,1 sony, John 248 , Eason, Renee 65. 77, 184. 310 EasTer,VMelvIn 224 '- Eaqferllna. JCll'1lCQ'r'l55,'224 2 7 EGSTIODG MGI 34, 35, 36, 464 Economos, Pele B, 224, 243 Eddhs, USO 55, 85. W, 185, 269 Edmonds, D6l'rlCk 81. 248 Edmonds, Rodney 2, 137, 169, 1185 Exscamve Commlltee 8. 44, 45, 102 Flreobrllls - outdoor exodus every ,monlh Gs! prescrlbedfy by ldw. Y as '.l' f , if Football - physical match ondemain cause for school spirit. 1 , 12 Jams' 64, ,245 , Peas and Fashions 205219 Fam, Dems 137 , mn. Jeff 57, 150, 151, 225 Fallle,"Mary 148149, 157. 248 Fdls. 15h8K'l65Cl 248 y lll1l"'.,,. .. -gg, ' Fdnimerf Rochey 185 . Faulcner,1Klmberly 155' gloebbweeslslofa , FBLA Guture Business Leaders of Amerkicy 22. 23 7 A 1. , 248 ' 3 - ,f Ferrell, ,Varna 27.'49,'f5CE '62, aa, 74, 185. R274 Felhefson, Kenneth 185 Felhersbn. Lafonlc 66. 168, 185 L' FlUT1OfQ,'W6b5fBf 2A8 1 Flnley. Harvey 16, 147 Flnley, James 147. 225. Fits? Day, of School 842 - - FWWQ- ,Keele 651 225111 M -A FiSh6f,:,CalGY698 H8 ,Y . Flsher, Nllchell 264 , Flshefs, Homeroom 27811 Flagg, 59. 72, 244. 2481 68, 156 ,K .IQ k Flows, Slrinvls 245 1' 1 Floyd, 248 2 Floyd, Dame 90, 2218 neva, .lonrwe 248. 249.2253 Fl0Yd, snefrl 186 l soglejeny 186 . l 11225 1 2 Ford, Helen 125 Ford, Theresa 52. 53. 65. 90, 225 , Fordxam. Demetfic 68. 225 FOIQQHVLGTIQUQQS 4, 64.55. 114. 231 For-rcs,-Zoe 51, 65, 691186. 4236, 2122 2152 1 1 2 Foster, John 186 - Foslek, Laftanya 225 , Foulus, Randy 150 , Fowlerflzamla 186 2 2, Fdwlsrf Vicki 136, 60. 161, 85, 87Q 1601" 186, son 2 Fox, snesy 55, vo, 77, 552, 153. 159, 172, 2225, 231 2 Foxx, Kegy 133 in Ffcnclifm, Shannon 24935 Frazler, Hilton 5, 137, 24 Frlckh06ffef, John 68, 22 Fries, Tracy 249 Frye. cms ss, ar, 226. 5 229, 242 62, 2481? f FHA4-ERQIS6 1 2 1 Fllmorajonya 65. 14251151 472. 186111 Fufr, KS1111225 m Fum 59, 61 65, Future Hamemakefs of 421 68, 99, 225 America 66, Edwards. James HO, 168 t Edwards, Johnny 248 Edwards. Lynn db, 50, 51, 58, 59, 90, 224 Edwards, Mellssaflf23, 185 Edwards, Sherri 60, 186, 309 Edwards. Tefrl 248 Elklns, Scoff 225, 248 Elle, Kennefh Lee 186 Dlllon, Trlp 65. 72, 246 Dlvlne, Barbara 117 Dixon, Greg'28, 32. 57, 61. 167, 184 Dlxon, Haywood 248 Dixon. James 69. 112 Dixon. Melinda 65. 66. 224 Dixon, Rosiyn 65, 149, 248 DOnQldSQ!1. Jbhrl 135, 168 ' Donaidsan, Angle 34, 184 ', Dorn, Puul 27. 49. 50, 51, 69, 84, 184, 310 Doss. Rusty 61. 82. 184, 306 Dover, Clarence 123 Downs, WINS 224 1 Drdre, Micky 248 Drake, Robert 184 Drama 115 Ellison, Regina 85. 86. 248 Elman, Cheryl 62. 65, 225 Elmore, Bernard 51, 60. 185 ' E!mOf8. Jcmes 144 145, 174 f Elms, David 27, 48, 49, 51. 54, 55. 57. 85, 87, 183, 185 Emerson! Homeroom 264 ehgnsh Educallon,M1o7 Ervin, Jerry 185 ' ' Ervin, Klm 225 Espln, Gary 69. es, 157. 248 Espln, victor 155 sun-qnus, me 65. 248 Eubcnks. Oscal 65 Eubanks. Wlllts 248 Eudy, Steve 65, 150, 451, 225 Evans, Elyse 54, 55, 185. 206 Grade - that which was received as on lndlccrlion of your work, , f Guher - language heard clally as a part change. of class G.G.S, 44. 37. 54-55, 208, 280 Gabnei, Fellse 249 Gadson. Slephonle 249 GGNUSL Kyle 65, 249 Gales, Mark 186 Galloway, Toro 67, 225 Gardner.- Gardner. G-ardxer, G-archer, Garlnger Garlnger' Garlnqer, Garland, Alex 249 Monlccl 186 Sheila 68. 225 5 Taleena 65, 1 9, 2119 Players 296. 62 'fownslngers 68, Elmer H. 2 Joseph 2119 Games, Deborah 186 Games, Norman 186 C-Barrett Defrhcl 66. 68. 861186 Gcrrefl, Hazel 108 Gary, Phil 147 GOYNHQS. Jackie 65. 249 eee,Annqffe oa,1ao 2 Gee. fzoberfeaf, 1114 , 3 2 Geisler. Scot! 51, 69, 741133, 186 George. Perfy 137, 156, 225 Germany, Darrin 156, 225 Gibbs, Chrlsg249 Glbson. Bemixgie 65 A M Gibian, 249 ff?--' Gibson, Micihcel 65, 163, 249 Giles, Berl 14. 27, 33119, 57,70,71. 137, 184, 186. 205, 292 2 Glues, unaaejqs, 148. 149 L-Glas, shame oz. 226 g, aurora, Davie 125 1 ell. Alclfic 226, 310 Gm, Dlamafzza ' Gillis, Lynn 187. ' . C-Jllmore, Susqijd, ce. aa5,,224l. 231 Glrls' Bcskefblall 4l18'449 ffff' Girls' Boskelball 171, 173 Y 1 GHS' Tennis 172, 173 Girls' Track 157, 172 swam. ca, 249 1 Givens, Janice, 181, 273 ff,j,4 Glvehs. 135. 249 1 seamen. ohm 52, 71, 226, Gladden, Joey 50, 64, 96, 97, 226 Greaves. sharon 09, 240, Glenn. Derek 156 seem, No1e '157 ' 5: Glenn, Tommy 1249, 255 , if Glenn! Homefoom 291 -' Glidawei, Down 249 L -Glover. Donald 187 slew, Pamex be eaawln. 50511122 . nanny 11. 187 3, Godwin, Godwin. Doris 105, 127 - Godwin. Teresa 55. 187, 270, 284 Gofurm. Mark 249 GOlf'15G-151 srln ,, . Golysul, Jem Qs, 97, 2261 'li' G0fl'1HliOO, D91'l'5Ck 249 T Goodwin, Tammy 250 A Gordon. CUGHSS 76, Y7, HB. 452, 153, 154, 155 i A , Gordon,'PQTlflQiG 226 f Gore, Cline 90. 187, 286 Gotls, Sean 71. 99, 187. 266, A301 Senlor Closlnq 27, 214 Graham, Edo '76, 227 Graves, Frances 66, 121 , Gray, Laura 66' 250 Gray. Mark 168 Gray, P011 125 Gwen, JuIlS 65, 69. 163, 244, 250 Greene, David'187 , ' Gmer1wC:v.llCQl1?l 227 , A 'V L Gregory, 001105 ' I-,I A Gregory, Lauren 227 . Grica, Hcky 65, 137, 167, 227 .LGner, Andre 65, 250 A 9"9f1R99U9,74f227 1 Mi ,Grlen Tony 68' K . -Gfiffen, Klrnherly 227 sflffln. some 28 Gflffln, scoff es, 151, 250 enffnn, Jenny os, 250 use 65, 76. 77. 227, 262 csfxgsby. Mama 408 Grhdsfaff, Ccwol'34, 50, 51, 53,-65, ess, 86, 227 , Gfl3dGl8, JSCYI 429 Gi-IPCS, Carol 6, 67, 227 Gulce. Eric 250 'A sausage, omnnm 90, 250 2 Headache - 7:20-2:20 Homework 2- idea fhat has nofl, quite goflen across, Mega, sandra on 127 Haggard, Rav 150, 250 Haley, cluvmn ae mem as, 2148. 250 HQFMHQW 6042BQQ187 oe, 21. 227 1 l1alE.'Davld250 ' 1-lax. Keith wa, 250 Lemuel 250 A A Hal' Ramona os. 85,1 ao. a7, 1871, 221 HGll.1SC0Y'l 120,135,250 , Halhvlcme sb, 25113 Vlctor 2. 66, 07, au, 187 . Harmon, David 65, 250 Homllfoh. Tanya 90, 250 ' Hurnl1on,Realndi1,B7, 2, Tonl2S5,Qg227g Harhmond, Kem 4-57, 250 Hammonds, Wendy 250 Hampshire, Hills Barber Shop 301 Hmflck, Shofon 182 , Af1f1SlQ62',59f 227 , Sue' 106Q'i407,' 176 ' f Hahkins, Tamml 48? 1-lame, Doug 10, 32, 54, ss. 57, as, lar, 167, 187. sos 2 1 HC5lf1l?lii1L'iMCPlha M4 '."' Harexmm, non 126- 1 l-lady, Wendy 250 Hargrove, Peroivol251 Harkey, Mcmox 251 Haney, Roger 2271, 1 Harley, Mae Franais' 425 Harlow, Tino 226, 227 Hmiow, WQl'l9Y 68, 227 HCIfm0fl,RYlOl'1dU os, 227 Thoyl'l9 65, 76, 77, 426. 156, 17158, 1,3 , Q V l-Iainbock, Jackie' 125 Mural, Tony 147 ' Harris. Jimmy 65, 133, 134, 227 new es. ms, 251 Kimberly 221, 251 Ha1fgi5jRomonda Sbfutla, 226 . Hen-E, Rosalind aa? Patrick 251' James 99. 251 Harfgrove, Reginald DO, 251 HUlTlS.,Chrls es, 2281268 1 B111 1, 58, 555274 75130, 98, 1592 2 187, 206 '1 - 1 Harvard Book Award 25 A Harvey, Joy 66, 251 Huvelos, Tommy 21, 36. 50. 51. 57. 61, ff6?.L188. 191, ,295 H 1 l-lawn, Frances 60, 61, 110, 311 1 57 Karen Lewis and LBO Cureton look over The adverilsemenl that we received durlng football season, lndexf'313 Deaofesea' Jackson. Meadows. Julie 253 Hawrvs Homeroom 22, 288 Hown's Third Period Class 286 Hozeifon. David 254 Head, Cheryl 65. 251' - Hem, Joy 55. 254 . . H Heoden. Gerroce 77 Hecxd, Down 94. 92, 485 A Hecsley, Wayne 137 Heffner. Chflsfy 65, 251 Hefner. Doug 35, 52.777, 488 Helleplenurd aaa. 228. Hein, Chris 251 Helms, Leo 68. BO. 488, 309 Hetms, Polic 188 - Helms, Teresa 254 Henderson, Ricnmah75Li14a,- 436. 4:-17. 439. 164, 165. 469 Henderson. Regina 254 Henderson. Jackie 96. 97. 228 Hepler, Wesley 65, 78.164, 165. 275 Herb Baron. Co. 300 . ' Herman. Sandy 188, Heffem. Liss 113, 223 Herron, James 251 Hlckih, Sybrenna 7b. 90. 228 Hk:iqs.,i1'elteso 488. jf. 188. mggmme e, 65. oe. fee. 214' .. mgqim, Roben 54. 228 Hugh-Q an Hircemranu, Reed Mu, 426 . HM. Derrick 225 f HSIDKBHY wo. so, 145.166, 167. 22s. 231 . Hitton, Ddwn 65. 68.151 254 Hanson. John 254 Hmon. Roy 228 History Education 410, M4 i Hltrzhfiar, Gram 56. 132, 433, 4 794 . . f 488 L. . .. Hofmcmn, Mlfch 65. 74 K Hogan, Michael 134 HOIUOOK, Todd 254 Hoilondiy Richard 254. M Hoillngsyqorfh.-Karanlq.. 168, 266 V Holman, Margie 124' V , Holrnen, Karen 254 ' Homes. Alison 254 Hotmes, Fred 90. 228 Home Economscs 421: 'h '- Homecoming 2. a. 7,'42f:'45 46. 17. zq, 44.54. so. 59. 64. wa. ne, 194. 495. 203, 201 Horxeycuff. Shao 251 . V Honeycu-H. Robby 251 . f Hongycumwonnie 543. 57. 167, 2284- . Hood. Dale 2431251 - Lf, ' Z 3 ' Hood, Lisa 251 A " " Hood. Vande 67, 228 Hoover, Kevin 228. 25-S Hoover.-Marcus 3 9 ' nopumcms mm. 22a gig, Hopkins. MGR 79. BC , Home, Angle 90. 251 f Hughes, Hugnes, Hughes. Hunfer. Hunier. Hunter. Huntiey. John 229 Mike 450.151, 485 Wayne 65 Joyce 122, 142.143, ma. me SP1ei!o,489 A A Wesiey 65, 437. 164, 169 Brenda 54. 66. 229 Johnston. Loura 252 Johnsfon. Freddy 229 Janes. AICKI 252 - Jones. Andre 76.1230- Jones. Beny A995 139 Jcmbi. 'Candle 68" JORGE. Hunily. Ccnrmole 189 Hun, Usa 124. A161 Huss. Pom.66,.424 , mfcnam. mamma 2, o5.1zsi1, 22o Hufchlm. Dome 60. 61. 68. 98. 99.459 Income - reason for pcm- fima job of1ar'schooi.. . JGNBS. Jones. JQ00! Jones. A .302 Ira 252 lm 252 . . Kennemlsq . H Mom as .iii 57. so. vo. 4orQ'i5QQ Jones. Michelle 252 Jones. Michael 252 Jones. Robby 434. 252 Jones. Jones Jones Rosa 252 gi 7 Ryan 230' ' . Tewthdd 159, 340 Jordon, Scam 65, 230 JL.QNOf Cicss 248. ZA3 IQQEQIQQ'-MQFSFHCIS 7.3.27 . . ll 4umof VCYSIW 'smsmlr. 4aa if Y Independence - 'Tfriendly" rivals. KSC Omer Club Counctlj 46, 47, 50 Images nyjDesIgn 268, - P I , , Ingram, JOhhf'156, 458, 254 kngrom, ToddA251 isenhour, Alon 480 Issues. 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Maurice 241 Young, Ricky 65. 436, 2114 Zero - numberof members on the Goringer wafer polo TGQTTT. sophomores. juniors. ond seniors. Xerox. - method uygwnicn, 1 resf were reproduced. Q Greg riowerr, Denise Dyson. orrd cindy lwoae oispioy vrnor is ref? of mer drivirrgcbllifyr lndexf317 Somehow, I can'T believe The annual is finished. There were so many Times when I ThoughT iT would never be done. IT has been an ofTen frusTraTing experience, buT cerTain people have helped me geT over The rough Times. FirsT of all, l wanT To Thank my wonderful lvlom and Dad, who puT up wiTh 7 solid monThs of yearbook supplies being scaTTered all over The house. Their incredible paTience, kindness, and help have been invaluable. Also, l wanT To Thank my friends who undersTood when l could noT go ouT every weekend wiTh Them. l appreciaTe Their help, especially wiTh carrying my big green bags! Liz, Thanks for Taking so many greaT picTures, Tool A big Thanks goes To Those dedicaTed sTaff members who gave of Their Time and TalenTs To help produce The annual. We've managed To have some good Times, Too. Thank you, also, To J. R. Johnson, who managed To make me laugh in beTween crying spells. l don'T know how he manages wiTh 2 sTaffsl Thanks, J. R., for your paTiencel Thanks To everyone for a very valuable experience! QueLLse,LA:'QQ fx COLOPI-IGN The 76Th ediTion of Snips and Cuts was prinTed by WalsworTh Publishing Company in Marceline, Missouri. WalsworTh's paTienT represenTaTive was Mr. Wayne Wolfe. This 348-page book had a press run of OOO copies wiTh a Trim size of Q x T2 inches. All Type was seT in AvanT Garde, AV Bold, and AV lTalics, excepT for BenguiaT Bold and lTalics on The firsT endsheeT and dividers. Body copy was seT in TO poinT, headlines in 30 poinT, and capTions in 8 poinT Type. This book has a weighf of A U2 lbs. each. 49841-85 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF ECliTOf -......................... .... L inda Culbertson Business Manager ...... .,.,,.,,,,, B ill Hartley LayouT EdiTor .......... .... B onnie Bryant CODY EOliTOr ............... ..... L isa Corder PhoTography EdiTor ,,,,,,,,,,, Jeff Lqw Sporfs ECNTOV .-----.............. ..... D onald BuTler Underclossmen EdiTor ...... Angie Sfafford Ind!-BX ECHTOI' ........................................ Jeff Taylor AdviSOr ............................................. J.R. Johnson PhoTographers: J. R. Johnson, BeTTy Jones, Pat Land, Kelly Parks, Roble Sheppard. LayouT and Copy STaff: Kelly Andrews, Deywon Aranf, Terri Blackman, Madle Bradley, Pam Buffs, Joanle Cherry, Allison Delaney, Llsa Eddlns, Lisa Furr, Sean Goffs, Donna HuTchIns, Dawn Phelps, Laura Ponder, Angle Smlfh. 3l8fEdiTor's Farewell WALSWORTH PUB LISHING COM PANY MARCELINE MISSOURI UH A

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