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Garinger High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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Www MWWWWWM ZWWMWW fyfxdffwffwfwfguff 5' Emir Qaringer Hzgh School 1100 fastway Drive Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 Volume 69 Introduction Curriculum ...... page 18 - Happenings ..... page 50 Zlfhlefigg ...... Page 140 Zctivities ....... page 78 Senior.: , , , ,,,, Page 192 2! bl fC Sophomore.: . . . page 254 figs fSM1w,1 6,5 QSfM.T.W,T,F:Sv SQMJAWJLF-,5, E A rv-11.1 lx., 223, .,.,., 1 , JQH,0f10.H.'2'I13 41111211-Q'lH,VQ.'0. 27.!.4.5,0.'.9 ,, V74 15411a41r71e41v,2oM ,L11112,13.14l15.,1el1gi A9AW0.Ilhl7,iJ.ll.l3L 177 22':J'2412512o'x21a g1s11942o,21 ,ZZAZJ-jlq MIA' Ira l8.19.2D.1l 322' . ga sp , , 1, ,135 76L2742B429.J0k Q A2J,24,2552o,'z7,2a,29, , 2-1.:.1I111...2,1,:10111.1.,1g. 51213121 fffii-P1 15376, 111Q'i-54135111 v 1977 ,1:.1111f1111' 111711 IG! rgfpgge. . Y 1- , 1S1M1ee1f1+1e1Qf.i WS1"J1wef?+s 11f1:.wI'r'?- 2 5 9 2 11 34E:4E4f13i-23351 V'5"'WLi"?' 1 'G NL "vg21a2111oa11- 112112115 H - - . 2 1135.1-wglmvqglzfla 11,13 KI3 115115 I6 17: fg61f,,11.1s.1-v,2og,2L 1 in 1 1 QZOQ21 2223.2-.1 25 12,111 20121212 237 24 522.23124 2s,2f,12f42a4 ,wow fHEQA1fNUf, A 1 i2.7.iL2Bf.l?!,3U!,.i,. 1.5426 22228 293212 JI 331:10-1115 , , 3 1, 1- K qu A L za.. M. .. 5 .wx .. X V, L21 5 I . 1 1 A ' ' I A ,Eff-f??L1fJ?YI x 19711 gw111r,:H 1978 A111111 19725 11 - 1 111' 'af k"?T!Tk '1 ' '1 1 pw ,1S5M1,Ig1fJ?glf 'S?M,gT11iVgI,5I:?:Tf ' QM I W1Tf,Fl?g V516 7 s '9 I0 11- 5 '6'?"7?eh?29'1ofiF T43 4 5 Ve? ff an A ,N I2-lj 14415 16.17 181 1-12,13114'Q15fYQgT17'3T 9 10-11 1ff1Ql51?1 " 2 P9420 2l QQ 13 T25 221 1j?,20?2I 1223691 25 X6 I7 111 12520321 22p 1' 1252.7 28 1-W.g,, f ,gS,2f12s?2of:1oj31' 'TQ QQ124 25 21921213 1114 v .1 1.222 1 . 2. J -1 1 I 1 aol f 1 1 ' x In F1-MY 1978 JUN? 1975 A -' 'T M IYF L' WA-"" - ?c,FlA"r'1Af'r'c'ki5" !o'nI-r'u',1.,.gf1,.51 Eibmff UF 'QQS UX11 uniors ....... page 226 yearly Review page 272 Q..-A1 Bffestyles ..... Page 248 Supporters .... Page 276 Table of Contents I 3 Wx, ,V W, ILL-,LJXZ-,.,-1V------. ff in -fn' H ' 1 R w ,N x I v . s E E N bil, ,wid Mf.,,A,,, ..--,,s,,,,. , ,.f, , ,, ,, , W mi. . f wa-41 X ,Q A, J" ', 1, . gf, ,ji gl-'F 5 1 eg, Biff" " .1-1 . .. 9 u-f-79' 4 1,1 , T 1 ,Qs -Tyla? -ra . if'1f'i'f gf- gg P' 1 .A Q , 1' " .15 I. A i Introduction ! 5 ww Q-N f .4 z y -Q- 3. fx wg rg-at , . .Alefzfdsyi-ai fa 'nl' f' W mi mducwt YN 0 Q55 8 N..,,v"' E FRIENDLY! NEB 41. is gi 3 , Q 5 9 sf af K n 5 12 I Introduction my J Wfftgzvr W vi P1 4 o r v fr A 'wo goto Mini' ff, X ,4 52 X qw Q WWA ga :W , 151' Qhfgfgigimwer in a in E W A jg may Y er wg gmfirgigggwg 't W4 W 'timid N :owe of fr L1 Q? rn W vw may M L- ' .4ceiflk?Wi'w. V, f- "-,Mg ' r r A ff? t" if ' :few,:3rQ.',sm 1. -"N v. 1' '- :nwffyfihiiwf-533'lg5WTL5lQEgfHv: 'M' ' Y 1 to X ffyv r:fv4f,1.n::I',5,wffr-gf'tiQ2v2mt5S1,, fn f - 'I ' , n of , o o - ' Wfoa'zfbfffw-:?Lo,'Eii2EPgf'PJxil'wQQfE:i,!g?5r'1w M of-or.ilfitffelkswhfiwitfzu, K ' 1 N I ,i W, W, W ,Q ,Wye 1gym,pT-,WMY ,gui ,W .W M I ff!! ' 1,4 M ' f ' ,1 M MQ? F5355 - :stein V w, , X E Mmerhf t rutuf 't w' ,- Jn , F W! mu: " "W'4,"4T'r"? 'Y Li xmspfxfgp N w. ,M ,a ' ww ry-wjru:4,gfL .. n a o- , Hjm mam 4: r5,3,L,,,gm n o , H pw, v 1H on wwatsm M tgl f H . - x r ' V . f 2 I 'eqfgafgg A1 , 'ff 'WQJESJE Wag WF? JN 2, uf . 'Wt 'A??FV, -5-wmil ' 'filwi Ilefiftiipieeef " Y -A-Q Q , qw ' "mum,-. MM Cver intervening years Of struggling ano toil, Uo those almost holy years Of the gone am? pastg Introduction ! 13 Calling up 013 thoughts .7ln3 olo QHkCfi0115, or soothing, By one lonely Unsuspecteo burst of tears, Overchargeo hearts, Which have long requireo fusing of their huroeng , .3 f- ff- ,vets Z5 ,fi if in I4 1 Introduction ,nf ..-A' i 5 . . X95 , Q XSS JN if vw' .f eixf' 1 X X S E ,zy- .. . I .ff-L ,fi , af 'A K JL 'Q Y .. . - K 1 wk N' . -2 T' ' -.,5 k S X ' 1 Q . 5532 x' -Nz' Qgvflwzwi-.1 L X vga: fi A '7 Hn. S, f .X -fy MAA, Q! ,MF mcmgra W, if A Y E , D 1 rl fQ51v.5,?T?fZUMfz5 JAKE ff'-.0 wwf W P '1' 'WWQH Q -M wif' wal wsu U mb 195 4 f , .f mwf Sw. Jff' fffifs, W v ' f nil! piwflbgi' Hfdwfiif liwlwfimfm .gf D fy W N M, ' ! 3 Q, g -qu-w"" Q 1 -f-"""""' awww ,L.Lx...,.. . - I 3- i. . fm .. x -' Eggs N ' " gig Q N X is 1 X "Q K ' Q iw i'z.15RT?5: - . . 4 3 A Qfisfw .. . is f 5,5 3 Q ...wx Q- Jsfwfif N ,ew X w W , I Wg ,V gs W5 H X x mf SX N M R ss. 52 2 gmt X has K 5 lx 2? SMA swf: X ,, M .. . Qs f1.1..5's11+tE3?E:if1-' ' K QXQTSX5., K f M M qv.. A ,. w . . .. :r ar--::fs:5.m Qs? A X 5 xl SQ X Z xx 3 Rx 2 Rf 3 yf . X E K ' f Les? 7 , :" L if X WS: .V by -ps z.ez::e1 M3 sm u wi xwg: mfg- ffm-.r - . :E .amy - ,.. E'f?5izi55aE5xicSf': -" -W ,, ima 4, --.4 ' 42,2 gg M. .K ' :lil EE "f,:1s.??:i5- A '-Exiiffe fi: fisxifsfiig. ifzjwiiifsif 'Mega jizii-is-i , ,Q -. We N5 -- - X X 5 ,A .H .... " " X 2- " f ' , 1 3 K ' 3 5 11 x Q Q 5 3 Z J 5 m ' x , S .F Q 5 Li K .. M Q 2 L. 1 my 'YG' 3 K - N xxx 'S , v , 'Q , x i S W ? 44' A ', 'E' Q Q' 8,5 xx ,- Y x X X an Introduction X 17 Z ,t f fi-l:i+ l3E: : f 1g+': f -T3 L' 4 : f -' f i i Y 'ei lr 5537 Eriii iii AE :T "- E '55 u , T Z 1 Fi - in 4 -1 if T ,:,. -- if 1 E -1 -iff? - -d- W I ::.- 5 5 ggi "' f E? ' T Q ir Y E ? -L V 1 :lu E ' + ' A ill Y if gi 11:1 f li if Q if-I 1 + T i? ' if iE:, '? jr ggi :E '-"- E 'ug ifE F 1 67 Y NW -, "WW 18 X Curriculum 16 Co1?vkoW5XM3keR5 UW 'Qosx ex You Tv 'Berhad Qofwwg Me 50 x5oo11Xk ' B M5 Nome Q N919 Co CUf525lX Seoixon OS QMQ, SMS 'M Cm .administration Strives for a feat School With the leadership of Mr. Richard Cansler, Garinger has prospered and grown into one ofthe largest public schools in North Car- olina. He has done a tinejob as head administrator. Mr. Thomas Asbury and Mr. Bill Ross assist Mr. Cansler in administering discipline, the sec- uring of substitutes, maintenance and bus transportation among other duties. They should all be com- mended for their stupendous con- tributions to Garinger's students, faculty and community. Richard Cansler Nobody told me I couldn t go out to lunch' . 'Sf 20 X Administration 1 x wwwumwm p Thomas Asbury "Did I ever tell you the joke about. . " Bill Ross , 'VV' ,,,W..,-A:. K K . W 5, :Sax SF X-35:1 ufffmgiefwil- wtf f- Y' ' .Q-X NM f xfkgygyw f I..-,wmwfpii "Mi if 1 .. K. ww v Q X w , i ' X i i A . , , X X 'ww Q M Mvsffa NW 1 K , . 1,395f,gQ,M5--fm-Sb5xMj .Xi-f',,Q?'xm?ixTRQ2vi A -if faiivgigifrw-,f -K f H xfvgfifgiw,-ww, -S ,-"'-Rim Wvfxwg- . Ms, .. in A-m"4SiA fggiw. fy ' if New K 'X A f M i ,.,S.Q5wy,Sw X A A . A In Mk, l X M , 3 . W E wx me51'WWf?f-'ffgffi,.Q ,,,Q3sf-ij, -'ww f 1 A 5 . - J. - Exif f i. M wi .. X ' - H age: W- x ,S X 3 Administration X 21 n job Well one 35' J igtbf pps i X 1 N X NN Q N. it , Q Yffai sw is 3 7 W What period do you have lunch? Linda Giles Dorothy Gregory Eunice Lefier I am smiling. Why did you doodle all over my report? 22 X Secretaries The joys of tiling! R km Peggy Peterson Loretta Price Nadine Sinclair Keeping up with the whereabouts of every student in addition to all oth duties can be a tough job. But Garingerls secretaries do an exceptional jo Without the efficient work that they do Garinger could not be number on Sincere thanks and praise go to our secretaries. 'mm ' l don't think I understand that joke. Mm Helping Hands No matter what your problem our counselors are ready to help. Although each student is alphabetically assigned to a counselor, he may go to anyone he wishes. The counselors are there to help students get jobs, select classes, apply to colleges. or just to talk over problems. l Sally Hearon Are you serious'?!? Sharon Liner Juanim Reid Sam Snmlling EVFIIVII Winyrwz Counselors X 23 Media Center The new Library has been operating over one full year and has given Garinger affiliates oppor- tunities in using information pertaining to all sub- jects. It has an extensive collection of print mate- rials. The staffis well-qualified, cooperative, and efficient. The new facility is attractive and spaci- ous, and deserves great recognition from the Garinger student body. Students have the oppor- tunity to earn one full credit by being an assistant which has proved to be an excellent learning process. TM' 'fr -. Barbara Divine , M1 f ? 41 'I W 4' 2 afa 'i ,,'i V ll Wm N , 3 Wfffwwww 1 1 1 19 W 1 14 ,W 5 1 ff i 1 ,gf , 1 get 1 4 I ' W Lucille Kroboth Sandra Smith H 24 X Media D 5 H-it 1 t 1 1 l 1 it 7 ,"' We 2 l E it Rx if Agnes Cole English Benrjts Students This year, the English Department has stepped forward to modernize their tech- niques in relating literature and composition to students. There is a great variety and quantity of materials offered to classes. Teachers have opportunities to employ a variety of uniquely creative and innovative approaches to teaching. Deidra Bennett Raynette Covington Faye Deese Sarah Emerson English f 25 .leunrze Filisimmmzs Slllllllll' Haney Cedric' Jmies Pvc 0111 Mf1Xl16ll l hope my students get a better under- standing of themselves and the world around them. and a keener appreciation for the ways that literature can enrich their lives. Jean Withers Diane Petwwon he E 'em Q it .NNY 26 X English Z it Pay Day! W, ,M V MFMZWVV V W we t W Wvnpwf, U Philecta Reinhardt x Beth Summers Rollie Sumwalt Irene Travis Jean Withers English X 27 Special Education The Special Education Department should be commended for their talent in de- veloping Garinger's students education into a base for today's world. It reaches students that might otherwise be lost in the educa- tional process. The staff is dedicated, enthusiastic, and Well trained, and has made extensive use of and cooperation with community resources. N Doris Covington W. Hugh Harkey 28 X Special Education my , ,fa -sf ,eg Is this what our children's History lesson Ron Aldridge X 2 W R l James Edwards, Jr. Gary Benson will include? Beatrice Bennett Frances Hawn History - Deterrniner qf the future History plays an important part in the lives of every person everyday. Without it our country could not be as developed as it is today. History is also essential to the future. We can learn many things from the peoples of the past, and thanks to Garinger's History teachers, students have been given the chance to learn these things. The History Department suffered the loss of Mr. Ron Aldridge at the end of the first quarter, but through the dedicated efforts of his replace- ment, Mr. Patrick Webb, and all the staff another outstanding year was completed. History X 29 30 l History QUT' l 1-:N Reed Hilderbrand Jim Holland Cowabungag 1 S 9.35 Good Morning, America! 1 Robert McClure Alice Rhodes Patrivk Webb 'i 5 V ff K lk' , W 4 w ,, -v 4 , , . 1' 1 al , 4 4 , 1 v fr 4- 4 A 9 4 , I l ., ga 7' W A ,gp ' YW , 'W , ,M 7 - 3' Jane Boyd Where did I go wrong? Math - .7111 Integral Part Although only one year of high school arithmetic is necessary for gradua- tion, many students are continuing their mathematical studies. This past year, 1486 out of2200 students were enrolled in a variety of courses such as General Math I and II, Algebra I, II, II-Trig, Ill-Trig, Analysis, and Calculus. A good math background is a great asset and many students have realized this. Sam DfBe'W 1-Pg 1 fig,-Q1 g - A 9 sist A A 3,-ciw, fsepw Q wa..---,-. ,f 4 f X 5- . , N e- 'si Msvsmmgfiit fy Q Q ' 9 - , - i. f assi Q s w 4 ia , -7 ' - , Y V l!'ifY3T-- ff f i Q .. X X .ff ' + 7 , . .. 4 .ws itsfffwgilgkgifgslfauegssgg Manie Grigsby lt says, you take the square root of 346,010,948 . . . Wanda C nrrilzer Mathematics X 3l 32 l Mathematics Jean Grisdale E Mary Katzel Jean Platt in I could'a sworn that was right. Karl Sawyer Q X ,Y i NX ...Wt 9-I xr Vw XE Kev!! l l - l liiiflff 'x" l , M 1 eeaeeee eaeee j t be ,., l K , W . 1 t 222' Nm '- P1 1 P' 755355 Elizabeth Throneburg Catherine Sanders y E il "' Elements f BW Garinger's Science Department provides students with a comprehensive background in the fundamentals of science and their practical use. Courses included in this de- partment are Biology I and II, Chemistry I and II, Physics, and Horticulture. It pro- vides the student with an appreciation for life and the relationships of the many ele- ments that compose our world. ,A ,' , 5 Q5 , f ,QF 1 7 If I 4 'wifi ph' 5 ,?'A.g1gf 'VW y r nag ral Q mtg 'it X- , -iw S ' + " if 51, y , i!?'ffn.L 44 -' 'Sw ir.. ' as ,fx Z Law! . in iff,-f' 42515 gk Q -343, ' " " ' ' QQ 19-' ,If ' ' 1 ' 4 - V., 3, all . if . g , , fgfbf, 374 ',y" Q' X 1. 4 ,K- James Dixon B017 G0dWiIl J, R, Jghnsgn Dorothy Kirby Karen Kirkman Gertrude PFUVSOW Science f 33 w ,W "mf Q55 A" wifismifl"M255':Z'Si2ffi:fwSl.':EE5'lST1fiqi1:5iuiiiiff5N5T9142? - 51 .X ,.. - ' ',. - --N HQ ' A wav: -fr . Msfswggw .51 .. Psgisgr-2 5 "fisg1Qg,w 9, ww .F w f Q sw... . :w2fQ.,QQN Weir - ' ,. . , " 'Q ' - K Q ww, Qfs':wssw.Q-:gras N vm-m..1Q1...i1.f.Q,S,,fg , Q r X - . . 1 . :mf :- .H --skgQ:ma:wfQ:sMw .P , .: gg?Q...wgswq1mgfafw5fQ I- K .me.fo1w.m..Df.. fggswwxfqgv L x 1-fr miaifwvl:2v.:fws.w sfglgfffeigggsflgfr .5-..155.,si. 5 John Robinson .ww ,. 1 . . Q .Q .. ,.., . 4 1- .Sv T -X A N Q X- , 1 fs N5 51 gggpxswgxs - xx .gM.,s?... Geraldlne Rogers George Sawyer . Vim Julia Wilson 2 5 new M... Wilma King Students Express Uhernselres Drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry- making and enameling, fibers and fabrics are all a part of the world of art at Garinger. Students work with a variety of media, tools and equipment while learning to apply ele- ments and principles of art to what they are doing. This has been achieved again this year under the direction of Wilma King and her student teacher from Appalachian State University, Preston Lawing. This year a new ceramics room was a welcomed addi- tion to the department. A,-ggiaiifz, X get ,YW Huw '-I ,a U 'pf few' fi-M' Bible Creates Inspiration In the beginning, man was createdg after man, Janet Robinson. She has inspired many students, teachers, and her many friends. Students join in fellowship to share their thoughts of the Bible's contents and the meanings behind the many passages. Al- though Miss Robinson is leaving Garinger at the end of this year, we, the students, teachers, and community will always keep her close in our thoughts. Janet Robinson Art!Bible X 35 l I Broadcasting the Qooil News Radio!TV Broadcasting offers the interested junior and senior an opportunity to learn the bas- ics of the industry as they study announcing, commercial writing, station management, and preparation for taking the examination for the FCC Third Class Operator's License. During their two years of broadcast study at Garinger, students visit radio and TV stations, meet guest speakers such as John Wilson of WBTV, and produce a live, two-hour broadcast each week- night during the summer on WCGC. Gil Ballance I hope that Radio students not only learn good ,, A speech habits and good radio techniques but also eifft' learn to work cooperatively with each other so that after graduation they will be likely to succeed in whatever carrers they choose. G. Ballance '.v: 5 .,f- as i , ' 36 I Radio ....... ,Hsi- r v . 5. I W I warned you about studying! No, that says something not nice. Margarethe Armstrong Jan Hall Mrs. Stegmeir spends extra time with a student. W A Martha Hanna The teachers of foreign languages work hard to provide students not only with skills in their chosen language, but also with understanding of other peoples and cultures. In our ever changing World this understanding could be the most important thing learned in school. Mrs. Armstrong took Mr. Vaughan's place this year in teaching German. All the foreign lan- guage teachers should be commended for the opportunities of learning about other cultures they have given stu- dents. Foreign Language X 37 i 5 if Enhanced By Music The Garinger Music Department offers learning and enjoyment to the community as well as to its students. Performances by both the Band and Chorus enhance their audiences' ears with music ofall ages. During the fall ofthe year, the Marching Band drills constantly, pre- paring for the coming weeks half-time show. The Girls Ensemble, Choir and the Sandrettes practice everyday also preparing for perform- ances given for students and parents at night as well as for teachers and students during the day. For holidays throughout the year, both groupsjoin to give programs. Dr. Robert Mad- dox and Mr. John Sanders should be com- mended. The new pianist forthe Choir this year is Miss Annette Lewis. "And they say I don't know what I'm doing! "This has not been my day." 38 I Music R0b6I'f Maddox ,lohn Sgnderg Annette Lewis Star is Born The Drama Department is an especially talented department. Students are able to show their acting abilities as well as their creativity towards the sets they use for each play. Each year two major plays are given and several smaller plays inbetween. Miss Sessions should be commended for her first year at Garinger. She did a great job. Cakkteria fllncl Custodial Staff Deserves Recognition Feeding and cleaning up after Garinger's many stu- dents and faculty is not an easy task. This is why the Garinger cafeteria and custodial staff should be com- mended for the miraculous jobs they do. Each day nutritious lunches are prepared by the cafeteria staff and custodians work hard to keep the school clean and running smoothly. Thanks to them, Garinger is a more pleasant place to spend each day. Q f 1 4 l 4 l Drama: Custodial Staff! 39 ' ' ,. 5 l --ei.-it 1 -3 r: iw X N 3' T Q ' P E i 1 f ii if Q ef' - :awmggisg-:5., A ' V X lfggg s 1 r W' Lt. Col. William Ca .-ss: iff? if f ,Rpt , waxy , gt y ttts f Geronimo!! i"Q .4 -.,. mpbell . .., , .4 ff' Sgt.-Maj. Claren ,. ,. 5. 5 R 3? 5 F RQUC Provides B6dd6T5 Bottoms UDV Another successful year has been completed by the ROTC instructors. The goal of ROTC is to produce Americans who have good leadership and citizenship qualities in addition to developing re- sponsibility and respect for authority. The ROTC program is a great contributor to individual and national growth. 40 I ROTC Q , ,wt t . 'sri ' t i if-2 l' is James Carroll ' Warren Hicks Joyce Hume' Patricia McGee Joseph Tomanchek I I Qettzng into Shape The Phys. Ed. department tried something different this year. For the first time males and females were not assigned to separate classes and then mixed for certain sports. Instead, both sexes were assigned together to one of the five teachers. This seems to be working much better and leaves more time for partici- pation in sports. Physical Education X 41 5 1 i fl Lf Onetla Belk Gladys Buford Martha Dukes Qrientation, Personal Issues You must be kidding. All sophomores take a class called Orientation which is made up of two quarters of Study Hall, one quarter of Personal Issues, and one quarter of Drivers' Education. The course is called Orientation because these courses all help the tenth graders get oriented to starting high school. At the end ofthe year they are taken on tours during their Orientation period so that they can better choose their classes for the next year. 42 ! Orientationg Personal Issues, Study Hall Lehi Hnlbyrf Emma Washington STD' gmiiiinwn vunnmc RAILROAD HIGHWAY Mr. Brown reviews road signs. Marshall Martin Joe White i 5 :vi , . a F pg X ,Q 1- Orientationg Drivers' Education X 43 Bearning Business Each year, the Business Education depart- ment does an outstanding job in helping stu- dents to form their careers in a businesslike atmosphere. There are many Business related programs including accounting, bookkeeping, business law, business management, and busi- ness math. Some others are Computer Pro- graming I, Introduction to Data Processing, Keypunch Typing, Personal Money Manage- ment and Shorthand. Nan Abell Martha Bailey , ,WWWW ,WW ?",,..x35ya,M,,,,l 44 l Business m s s G H r 2 if fff its ff . - ff I , t.L -' Q4 F . V. V, L ..,:-its is ,... 5 I -s ,-k- . f J - riitt ,,,. . . , ,.,:.,. , ,. i ,. is ,L 2- 'f--ass - ggi. , i ii ,.- I -11 1 - - 5 WF -s A it K 'xf'?ilG'5. 'N' - M... W W.-I. l E Maxine Davis Martha Hipps ii E 5 l s I A l 2 1 I 1 5 i Qui' fflpd X 32 V QQ. 1- K 7 if f AW? V B Ufly Lm1'0ry QW fA, VVf'iV'1Vf ' f' 1V V, .,,, i WVVVV - ., .V ,Www ww f. V V V- ww MW V V V ,. VVVVVVVVAMWVWVW ' V1 V: N-'L 'f5?Zi?1i'7W?m5f - VVV Vw , Vwgwaw V V V V ,,,,r MVWV.,VV V VV A,,, ' V X Clara Timmons "1-un-......,,, " 'ZQVWQ V " V41 4 X5 'Z ,V 'Af V , V V J 'mi' 'pm 'iv f if 4, it f V ,V V w V , V1 V V o 'A V f QV 1:11011 .Skznnvr V f i'WiYZ4VfM' VV 'K "WV Vu :Zf9WZ2 'EV" V V 1 :QXZYSVW 5 ,V g i if 1 6 .1 I 35 V4 ' VI' ' .Z-6 V I Deborah Wilson V 5 ' V ' LVWVVVVfrg:wwwWwwewmem fgyA4wff,,yy4p4g-g4fy,f,y4gggmwmnwwwwmwgiwgwiVVVV V, 5 gig 5 aj 5 5 U' ' 5 V V j .EV 2 Zi Z QEQQQWQH 55, f ilaxitgi ff! 3 i E V I2 E! 55 Pg V Vw Ve 'S VVVVVV V v Qgu ig V We ! V G VZ VV 1 , ' Q W ' A L14 V 2 1 ? W EE J V V si gn VV V 5,151 5, V WV V, VV :EV -fiii' :f 5Vi,'2'eV21zV-VV, ' X g 1 ' -1 A f ' V 0 'VV H ' 5 i V, V if ' VVV- Q ffw V V '2-:fa VV f 2 2522 A 5 V V 2, f f E V L .,,,.M., 3 V ,. .. ,. ..f V NV V .V,, V.4,,V. WMV! 1 , V- :ff Q 54:24 2 sw f ' 'N 2 S Ms , 4 E V H V , ,:,gg,ETVV:fm V wV if Q2 1 K 2 5 , 2 V VV - V V V... if iz V 2,159 V wi V 5 W UF? Www Vw VV fmwf , V V V ja ff ,V VVV. 5, VV 1 . , V24 ' ' 4 ff f 9' V.: 1 3 an .V V V X7 4 Business X 45 Vocational Education Prepares Students For Careers The Vocation Education Department is an exciting department which teaches a multitude of vocational courses. These classes are skill-related programs includ- ing Auto mechanics, cabinetmaking, Drafting, Electronics, Graphics, and ma- chine shop. The students get special at- tention to help them in their forecoming careers. They are taught the basics up to the most complex ones. All of this is what makes this department a successful one. Don Belk Nancy Burgess Fred Gregory Pam Huss 46 X Vocational Education e H W M gg . " "" ' - ff "ii 2 5 . If Vi 5 nneno 4 iL' 2 f V Z5?Wii1yjf:, V Z: 'If' g ' ' g f? new E - , 5 ,m5:,5Z,L. Robert Staley Andrew Thompson Dennis Totaro my img. V .I , in go M. WM.. Q i Q-...N , ip. i B' ,Qs I Vocational Education X 47 Home Economics, Etc Home Economics is offered to provide the student with the skills necessary to help the graduate face the difficulties of the con- temporary world. The course teaches stu- dents the basic principles of clothing, -child care, family living, and foods. Courses other than Home Ec. are Family Living, Ad- vanced Clothing, Advanced Child Devel- opment, Occupational Preparation, Ad- vanced Foods, and Fashion l, Il, and Ill. Virginia Boyd Bernice Caldw ell Clotelle Fisher Frances Ryan ,Jawa Katie Lesley Delores Tibshrany if Y 4 Mgr 5? Zz! we fiV l 48 I Home Economics M-ah ff MW 1 ff wif you Have Uouche3 Us OOO ,,,,,,,,,,QMm V...,A ,-.1y,,. We Have Qrown CUfI'iCUl X49 v 'Y Q W ff' W mwxxmxxww mf " Nw M -W x MW MNH m + i :fmv fw + i w 1 M1 q l11l fW A w "' 1 , ' ' 1 ' ' 'fzw"'X V' ,XJW"X1t1""1t",.1!N'1'w,,w1 WWI' W' 'Qhmqqiitu www ,w"'1,. 'E M ww ' w mr ,1 V " M www , ' ' ,,, ' , , wu:' Lu 'Wm w , W M 1' , mi ' "' ' WW" Mm E f ' : qU, ,1N IW,'QEQxgxzW ,z,'32' , ' " ' 1mm !,' NWWNNMNWNIMMM' WW1UVmmmmmwwmmWM WNW!!! , N 1 U HMMWH I M i M W g N "' NF ,kN N W Eu w ,m ' N WWW wh HMUWHHWWJJJJJWMWmwMv eccgcafaM MI , , rf' N rv mlm j r W 1 M1 I I w , "" 'H N N W 1 Www wx NNW uv 'ffm WH W ,HMWMWW Wm X W X NWWWW w 'W W W w X X Wxtmwmxm N N NWWMWW X N MW MNH' ,,X'WwL,Q , N X Hx M mv N VMiiwwuwf NwWwWNw w, A 1nI1WWNN"""""""""'w, 5 wpnullm W l Y lgw3w111N:l'N'y! 1 N , ww - M! M ! Mmwwxxmwx ! Ju X X X Wwrf5Jll VW rm I M W, KW H I V W4 N HM'f'W'w7' , WH' "" W' U WWIW XM lm TU M l I W gf m Qmgw W, iff 'H' Mlm M M- 1 M 1 H ,. N Wm' ,,,, M , W wlwmenvulluu., ,, H ,, u1nN"fwm,,wWf , Wulf' W,m,, H hW m W u 1 W X kWm, m Wu u my WW11 K 4NW"AxkmW W S5 g, u 1rrw,111lllN1WNW1,vffaawwnamnwmll W km WDJSUQ UW 4 WfKWffffffffkfflfllfffffffffffffq' V Vv M Wfff wx WM MW HW 1Mm1anwnwvnnwwwhhiuaamammmmwA M wg HQ ma f fxffff ffm rwnmmffwf Hx W N W ' ' uxsxxxxxxhmxttttiRlW ff, ff rr U fmjwwff , W wma M HW , , W fm f f MMff , Mww 1 """ 'fJJfJf H MM Mwrvfwfwm WU' 'HHMNNW W !'Y"'H1 W YN X yy WN m W Mg, X ' w M W ,Wi M M A Wg NwlllwC, IN W X N M Y U! W H H MW MM m M W I I ,,,,,,,, QI ,,',' 31" HHN TW ws JNIHHIIIIlil! ,,,, mJJc9WJvir NW 4 H H' J1 + W"'ffffmff"MI 'fufu w Nj M w M N lp H. HL U N 41N1WII11i11'"1wun1ulllllsm1'1""imu W"W WW' M MU Q l WJJJ1l!mMmf!f1!.!..!.PF H , , , HJmf 1 M 'W' ' Nl'!lWWWlf Mara, W U u n W ,,M, ,,, , J+ f m i ' +++'+' " " NWMN WXSKWWiQiiiiMKxuxxmmiQiGnWM W rms "NN 1 V U an llIlIw ,,,,,,,DDU!JJJJJJDJJJIJJJJJJJIMJI!, JMUJlllllllllillllilllJJJJIIl lllUlJlllllllllllJlIJ1JlJllillIlllJJJJJJJJJ!IlllllJITILIII1iWill!IDIIlllllllllllIIIlil!!IllIllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllliillllUIbJlJHlllDHllHHlJHHHH49PDUHHHIHIIJHJJJliDiIJJJJJJ1lJll1lJlHlJJJJJJ1llllHIHHJJJJJJJJHIIHUJIDHJJIIIHllIlliJllllllllllllllllllllllll I appenmgs A f449m W WMU m1JIllM HW U I MH W K 5 V, umrrw MM " ' HMM " " VN Mf'W'c 'rl W ' 'W WM 'N M 4 nu Inu mu ! XM ,L rummw MJ WW M MMM M MWiF4aMMdipwxW4+, h',wM.iW1kMk W kk WMDMQW W X592 'fWf'f'fwfvfwhWm NM 1 W Wffwffffmm' ff" WM my H mW f wH H HW M MM 5 MN MW' www WW WM W H+!! mm , M! W m'frffmf1,gffrfn,,yff fm,ff'4ff?f,!gW,,f,, KW W W n1 Hf mmm x 4 nn ,W Y "W f J M 'kbs rwjllilll H www V N Hi QWllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllimllililllillllillllllllllllllllllllllllllli K M KWKWKXXXKWKKKKKKKWKXKKKW W KK MV WM KKKKKMXBW im k ....,.W?f !f!f!W!W0?YllWIWlMIfIWOIIWfM I Wllfmmm,fwmm,N1xw,,W, ,,,,,,, fwumm,,Humm,, .wb Comow Xtgosk 0 'Wfw W' Ax b W USGS C0915 eww We YW aw 951190 CMS Sed 50195 fflmericans ZZITOIIJ Two of Garingerls students were able to see parts ofthe world through the foreign exchange program, a program which allows a rising senior to experience a foreign country over the summer. The students are selected on the basis of an interview, a quiz on current events, and on how well they handle hypothetical situa- tions. Miss Lynn Cadmus and Mr. Kevin Holmes represented Garinger in the countries of Chile and Luxembourg. Each stated that this was an experience that they will always cherish. Kevin Holmes Nasharallah is . . . Garinger did not have a foreign exchange student this year, but did have the pleasure of befriending Mr. Tom Nasharal- lah. Tom, who is originally from Lebanon, came to America with his family. One of their reasons for coming was to allow Tom to attend American colleges, where he planned to begin his pharmaceutical studies. Even though he had graduated from school in his home country, he spent his first year in America with the Wildcats. While here he became a true Wildcat and found making friends an easy accomplishment. 52 ! Americans Abroad, Foreign Students Lynn Cadmus a Wildcat Tom Nashrallah Mary Lou Matsik McCullough is Cynthia McCullough National Merit Semi-fnalists Garinger is always proud to see their wildcats excel in all areas, especially when they excel nationwide, as in the case of Miss Mary Lou Matsik and Mr. Jeffrey Bernard. Miss Matsik and Mr. Bernard are Garinger's semi-finalists in the National Merit Scholarship competition. Both qualified through the Preliminary Scholarship Aptitude Test which was offered to all students throughout the United States. As semi-finalists, they continued to compete for the National Merit Scholarships, by first advancing to the position of state finalists. As well as being scholars, these Wildcats have music in common, both are members of the orchestra and the Youth Symphony. Jeffrey Bernard an Qzlchiever To be considered for any type of scholarship is quiet an achievement and Garinger is proud of its achievers. Miss Cynthia McCullough, one of Garinger's achievers, was a semi-finalist in the National Achievement Scholarship Pro- gram for Outstanding Negro Students. The basis for this scholarship is to help those outstanding black students further their education while they get the chance to expand their talents. Miss McCullough qualified for the scholarship by her high scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. In order for Miss McCullough to compete further for the 575 varying scholarships she had to achieve an equivalent score on her Scholastic Aptitude Test. Ms. McCullough is also a member of the Garinger or- chestra, a varsity cheerleader, and the editor of the RAM- BLER. National Merit. N.A.S.P.O.N.S. X 53 Essay Contest finalists Each year the National Council of Teachers of English sponsors an essay contest in which talented students are given the opportunity to ex- press their thoughts on a given topic. "Discuss an Experience" was the topic of the essays and within one hour the students had thoroughly ex- pressed their thoughts. Judged on the basis of content, structure and development, Miss Laurie Ferreira, Mr. Ken House and Miss Jeannie Maynard were considered to be the most profi- cient writers in their class. Jeffrey Bernard Bernard Httenas Seminar Annually a six week seminar is held for all North Carolina students who have excelled in academic or artistic areas. This seminar, entitled Governor's School, allows these students to further their studies in their cho- sen areas. Garinger was well represented in the field of music by Mr. Jeffrey Bernard. Jeffrey shows his great interest in music through his participation in the Garinger orchestra and Charlotte Youth Symphonic. 54 l Essay Contest, Governor's School, Rennasalaer Essay Contest Finalists Matsik .Receives .Rennsalaer Mary Lou Matsik There are many areas in which a student can advance and receive tokens of admira- tion in honor of his advance- ment. Many of the tokens are scholarships offered by pre- stigious colleges and univer- sities. The Rennsalaer honors those students who have per- formed well in the areas of higher mathematics and scienc- es. Garinger's honored scholar was recognized as Miss Mary Lou Matsik. Miss Matsik com- mented that she was very pleased to receive the scholar- ship and plans on attending Re- nnsalaer. Qaeda 4 , Jeffrey Robertson Rion .Receives DQZLR. Tracy Rion One of the most respected awards a rising senior can re- ceive is based on how he or she best displays citizenship, leader- ship, dependability, and patri- otism throughout his or her school life. Annually the Daughters of the American Re- volution recognize the student who best deserves the honor. Miss Rion was selected by her junior class as having best fulfil- led these standards. When asked how she felt upon receiving the award she responded L'To win an award is an honor but the real honor is in being selected by others in order to earn the awardf' Miss Rion involves herself in such activities as GGS and var- sity cheerleading. jaoirertson Receives Harvard Honor To receive an award in honor of high academic achievement is great and to receive one with such a prestigious name as Harvard backing it is even better. Annually the Harvard Club of Charlotte presents the deserving student with a collection of literary works concerning Harvard and its stu- dents entitled the Harvard Book Award. Mr. Jef- frey Robertson, a member of the Honor Society and the soccer team, proudly received this award on the May 5, 1977 Honors and Awards Day. Kenneth House House Wins Servannee Many awards are given to students who have excelled academically in school. An- nually, the University of the South, in Sewannee, Tennessee, presents to the stu- dent who has excelled while also displaying an admirable character with a scholarship. For a rising senior to receive such an hon- ored award is a privilege and Mr. Kenneth House was the privileged recipient of this award at Garinger's Honors and Awards Day ceremonies. Harvard Book Award, D.A.R., Sewannee Award X 55 Homecoming . . . o crowning affair As tradition would have it, Homecoming is the most celebrated affair of the school year. This year twenty ladies participated in Garinger's Homecom- ing festivities, for the most awaited event and most honored title, Homecoming Representative. Selected by the senior members of the football team, emerged four very proud ladiesg Miss Annette Brown, Miss Susan Harris, Miss Cathy Owens and Miss Sheila Williams. Although these ladies felt privileged to be members of the court, Janet Hayes felt this title of Miss Homecoming to be a time in her life which she will always cherish. Cansler crowns queen. Miss Janet Hayes Sponsors and their escorts. 56 X Homecoming 1977 Janet and court. I Cats pull team powe ff Homecoming OOO tt bitter aqfeat The agony of defeat. " ,R Cats take the field. f Q t Q t. Q t A Wildcat Defense. H g1977f57 Sophomore Class Beauties Diane Crawford ""'-""" Lisa Alcala 'lil i fe Tina Suddreth Donna Gibson Sandra King Brenda Jones 58 I Sophomores Beauties unior Class Beauties Melody Richardson Pandora Black ww Lynn Haynes Sherri Bunn Kim Jones Laura Brazzell Juniors Beauties X 59 Senior Class Beauties Adelle Sanders Annette Brown 60 f Senior Beauties Wanda Horne Laura Ferriera Laurin Marley Dunn is Superlative Beauty 4? Miss Joni Dunn IS Senior Superlative. Spunky Chooses Beauties ds H. Spanky' S S p I t J d Bow 15 U66n The annual Miss Blue and Gray pageant was held on April 14, 1977, and from the many talented young ladies who competed, Miss Heidi Low received the crown. As Miss Low's talent, she performed a clarinet med- ley arranged by Bruce Dailey. Her attendants were Miss Crystal Mobley, first-runner upg Miss Joy Hardee, second-runner upg and Miss LaSandra President, Miss Congenial- ity. Miss Heidi Low Miss Crystal Mobley Miss LaSandra President MiSS J0y Hafdee 621 Miss Blue and Gray M Dunn is Carrousel frincess , t pt t Miss Joni Dunn F Sfurgill Garinger was well represented in the 1977 Carrousel Parade by Miss Joni Dunn. Miss Dunn was selected by her senior class to compete with other girls from area schools for the title of Carousel Queen. Miss Dunn explained her excitement as being a "Thrill to represent Garingerf' Miss Dunn is a member of the varsity cheerleading squad Cen- trusa, and FBLA. wins Voice qf Democracy Annually the Veterans of Foreign Affairs and the Association of Broadcasters sponsor the Voice of Democracy Contest. This contest, open to all students, gives students the opportunity to express their feelings on patriotic themes through written and oral speeches. The speeches are judged on the basis of originality, deliverance and con- tent. On December 5th the winners of this contest were announced as Mr. Mike Sturgill, first place winner: Mr. Brian Hawkins, second place winnerg and Mr. Jimmy Coreg third place winner. Left: Mike Sturgill Center: Brian Hawkins Jimmy Core Carousel Princess, Voice of Democracy X 63 Marshals usher at Qraduation First Row: Piper Davis, Laura Ferriera, Sheila Williams, Joy Hardee, Chris Fowler, Kelly Turner, Jeanne Maynard. Second Row: Lee Keeter, Ann Saadeh, Mary Matsik, Pat J ourdan, Lynn Cadmus, Sherri Taylor. Third Row: Ricky Thacker, Chris Fitzsimons, Ken House, Grady Walker, Mark Moser, Cyril Gulledge. Fourth Row: Jeff Ramsey, Mike Winstead, Scotty Parrot, David Mills. Fifth Row: Jeff Robertson, Kevin Holmes. One of the highest honors a member of the junior class can receive is to be a marshal at graduation. The purpose of the marshals is to serve as ushers dur- ing graduation ceremonies. Each mar- shal is selected by a committee of fac- ulty members, through nominations of homeroom teachers. Each marshal has been judged on the basis of superior scholarship, citizenship and leader- ship. From these selected members come the associate chief marshals. These students were selected by their class rank to serve this honored title, Miss Lynn Cadmus, Mr. Jeffrey Robertson, Mr. Ken House, and Miss Mary Lou Matsik. 64 ! Marshals L.-.- Lynn Cadmus, Jeffrey Robertson, Ken House, Mary Matsik. Wildcats nominated for Scholastic Honor unvou sunny..---Q cvnaoew 90l'lll0lll04'9' I if Q l 6 lf O V G Q l O O O if C lf Lynn Cadmus if Wumnwm- Kevin Holmes Frazier receives The North Carolina Association of Educators in con- junction with WSOC-TV selects a student each month to honor as a scholar. The Wildcats were proud to have Miss Gwen Frazier honored as the Garinger WSOC-TV Scholar of the Month for December. Miss Frazier, who involves herself in many school activities, stated "This was a big surprise that I must admit I was glad to receive." Miss Frazier also made a television appearance and received a S100 savings bond. 0 o o xi Ann Saadeh One of the most prestigious scholarships in North Carolina is the Morehead which sponsors a four year scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was established in the memory of John Motley Morehead. Garinger selects its nominee for this honor through a committee of faculty members. Each student is reviewed on the basis of scholastic abil- ity, extra-curricular activities, and physical vigor. This year Lynn Cadmus, Ann Saadeh and Kevin Holmes represented Garinger as Morehead nominees. Although none advanced to the finals, these students deserve commendation for their nomination. . . . WSOC honor s S 5 Gwen Frazier Morehead Nominees, WSOC-TV Scholar of the Month f 65 7 KQV I Ki-mamma-una-an Qaringer High School chapter 0 Front Row: Mary Lou Matsik, Chris Fowler, Sheila Wil- liams, Laura Ferreira, Kelly Turner, Sherry Taylor, Jean- nie Maynard. Second Row: Joy Hardee, Grady Walker, Jeff Ramsey, Piper Davis, Scotty Parrott, Mark Moser The Garinger High School chapter ofthe National Honor Society of Sec- ondary Schools was established to bring recognition to outstanding stu- dents. Its objectives are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimu- late a desire to render service, to pro- mote leadership, and to develop character. Qualified students selected for membership are inducted in the sec- ond semester of their junior year or during the second or fourth quarter of the senior year. During the school year 1977-78 members of the society raised money for two academic scholarships. Cyril Gulledge. Back Row: Mrs. Allen, Ann Saadah, Chris Fitzsimon, Ricky Thacker, Jeff Robertson, Kevin Holmes, Lynn Cadmus, Mrs. Travis. f It ,W-f"""'h Laura Ferreira, Secretary, Chris Fitzsimon, President, Jeff Robertson, Vice President, Sheila Williams, Treasurer. 66 X Honor Society OOO 54421: i O90 the National Honor Society Front Row: Mrs. Caldwell, Clara Barnes, Diane Kenny, Lippard, Donna Levins. Back Row: Mr. Cansler, Pat Cathy Owen, Annelle Morcock, Benita Lowder, Amy Jourdan, Windy Kiser, David Mills, Jeff Bernard, Tim Rumph, Lorna Smith, Lynda Smith, Jan Burris, Amy Atkinson, Bob Francis. V Hi There Sweetheart. So this is what it's all about. 4 of' 2 , Some of us are still a little shocked. Honor Society X 67 Safer Speaks on Success Morley Safer of 60 Minutes. Every year, at Ovens Auditorium, a convocation is held for all Mecklenburg high schools. This convocation is held to allow a well-known personality to ex- press his views on life and success. The convocation speech was given by Morley Safer of CBS's 60 Minutes. Safer spoke of his encounters on the road to success. He encouraged the high school students to make the best of their lives and to aim for success in all endeavors. Safer's ad- vice served to benefit everyone in the entire audience. ,V , A K wejwiiw im s rrr f lsyr We ,W Safer encourages students 68 X Convocation In all of his encounters on the road to success he aimed high. Hound is Simply Smashing Elementary! I am the Real Inspector Hound. Garinger's Drama Department was very fortunate this year to have Ms. Sessions as a new advisor. Her guid- ance and patience along with the stu- dents' long hours and hard work paid off with the production of their first play "The Real Inspector Hound". The play was a farce involving a play within a play and several deaths both in and out of the play itself. Leading roles were played by Chris Fowler as Cynthia, David Price as Moon, and Mark Adams as Bird Boot. Hi ladies, don't be sny. I think the poor chap is dead. Elementary! sir. Drama X 69 fproject Zries continues Successfully If f' 4? ,1f.,4ec.-5-f me le lu? 1, 1 .'f,'f-W' f' ' A . Project Aries is an organization which was designed to improve the human relations in the schools. G2-1ringer's Project members Tricia Ryan, Doris Hayes, Nancy Hough, Chris Nash, Ollie Reid and Jeff Montgomery not only dealt with these problems. but also improved their leadership skills. 1 1 wi- . 1. .A ,195 anfyf WVQDQQY3, I , 6 s-ff - . A e . sef,:..5,siM.wzss:sMu... r . 1 The officers and task force members. Just loun in around. 8 g 70 X Project Aries Discussing the problems of today. Miss Audrey Morse Morse crowned queen. . . . Hurlrey Morse As in the past the Rambler staff sponsored a very special Valentine's Day event. This event was the selection of the Valentine Sweetheart and Court. Miss Audrey Morse was chosen by her senior class as Garinger's 1978 Sweetheart. Her court was a very special one. Two young men, Mr. Greg Karam and Mr. Scott Hoffman, represented the sophomore and junior classes along with Miss Natalie Har- rell and Miss Crystal Mobley. The senior court members , were Miss Leslie Black and Miss Kim Deihl. The 1978 Valentine Court. Court is recognized. Valentine Sweetheart and Court I 7I Cupid? Catch is . . . 72 ! Sen 3 Senior Superlatives Most Hmbitious Unsung Hero uno Heroine Jeff Robertson and Diane Kenny Scott Clayton and Juanita Martin Most fzlttractive Most fashionable Tommy Brimhall and Joni Dunn Stan Shaw and Debbie Ballard lor Superlatives Senior Superlatives Best H11 Zrouno Chris Fitzsimon and Janet Hayes Most Dignweo Wayne Strong and Cynthia McCullough Most .athletic Larry Brown and Tammy Kiser Most School Spiriteci Ferd Sosa and Tracy Rion Senior S I t 7 Senior Superlatives 5 w Wiffieff Ken Harmon and Stephanie Huntley Shyest Rusty Washam and Sherry Smith Senior fffenazfesf Superlatives Steve Purvis and Gwen Frazier cutest Bill Rayner and Ellen Henderson Senior Superlatives Inilzvzdualzsts Steve Helms and Brenda Gambill S ' Most Popular enwr P.J. Henderson and Micah Lee Superlatives SCIHOI' Superlatives f 75 Senior Superlatives Most Uaienterl Lessie Branch and Mark Adams Best School Citizen Susan Frye and Charles Allen 761 Senior S p rlatives Biggest Heartbreaker Richard Riley and Stacy McCullough Most Bikeiy to Succeed Grady Walker and Lynn Cadmus Mr. ana Miss Qaringer Chris Fitzsimon and P.J. Henderson 78 X Activities ' u 1 O01 xaW5X1W1 'Renew Me 1 W on Oomome X11 U e CGW UYES Section OS UNM 97 SnkQs7l1G5 Cuts U0 T-e B' 'tee 50 ' U 'Post +- We C5 'W' ' B N1 9 X N I ' : T gil -il, 4 - , ? - -L -1 i l - - T - - N 3 ....--- , ,. 5f if 222 : g A -4, Cathy Head, business manager Chuck Peterson, jUHi0fS ,. . , M . 34.-W i Gwen Frazier and Bernice Johnson, Happenings Wilbert Ferguson and Linda Smith, sophomores fabovel Al Renaud, Lynn Eudy, Alton Kunkle and Rusty Washam, sports Cbelowl ":--,,.sf 2 :,- "fftf H' ig in M - gg . KM' Snips and Cuts fagerly Succeeds Except for six veterans, this year's staff was new and inexperi- enced at working on an annual. Many problems arose when staff members were unsure how to pre- pare their sections. Fortunately, the new staffers quickly learned from their mistakes. The workload on the two photog- raphers, Benny McKinney and Tina Lawing, was tremendous. Benny worked hard developing pictures. When illness prevented a few staffers from completing their sec- tions, everyone was willing to pitch in and help to finish the work. As eager as they were to help each other, the staff also enjoyed the lag after each deadline. Despite the problems, the staff feels that they have successfully re- viewed the past year at Garinger. "It's been a rough day." Dina Smith and Robbie Meador, faculty Laurin Marley, Cindy Deal and Debbie Ballard, seniors Benny McKinney, photographer Tina Lawing, photographer Dolores Wood, Diane Kenny and Jeannie Maynard, Ac- tivities Juanita Martin, editor Snips and Cuts X 81 Workshop at Qfurman 1 Last July, Juanita Martin, Cathy J Head, Jeannie Maynard, Laurin Marley, and Diane Kenny went to a yearbook workshop at Furman University. According to past expe- rience on a yearbook staff, each girl was assigned a suitable class level. There were also lectures and labs where the girls learned to draw lay-outs, coordinate patterns, and arrange pictures. The girls felt they learned skills which have helped them on this yeafg annual, Jeannie Maynard, Laurin Marley, Juanita Martin, Cathy Head, Diane Kenny ,mtg ull, 1 gil Ms. Jean Grisdale, Advisor Juanita helps staff members with their sections. Sitting: Dolores Wood, Tina Lawing, Jeannie Maynard, Cathy Head, Chuck Peterson, Laurin Marley, Diane Kenny, Gwen Frazier, Rusty Washamg First row: Linda Smith, Lynn Eudy, Cindy Deal, Debbie Ballard, Juanita Martin, Wilbert Ferguson, Second row: Dina Smith, Robbie Meador, Al Renaud, Benny McKinney, David Land, Alton Kunkle. 31 V33 A Af 82 X Snips and Cuts Qirls .attend f J e Beautmcation Zprojects Garinger Club promotes school pride in all areas of the school and tries to restore the beauty on cam- pus. Various fund raising drives throughout the year finance proj- ects such as restoration ofthe foun- tain, providing for landscaping and placing an ad in the Rambler. Although Garinger Club is small in size, under the guidance of Mrs. Officers: Sitting: Jeannie Maynard, Mary Lou Matsik. Back Row: Hawn, it is an active part of Alice Hinson, John Klyn. Garinger, Advisor: Mrs. Hawn Go Wildcats! Front Row: Karen Beaver, Lori McClain, Julie Combs. Ann Greene, Alan Hyatt, Alice Hinson, Mary Lou Matsik, Buzz Putnam, John Klyn, Leta Lane, Melinda Martin. Back Row: Bacot, Kathy Bobay, Jeannie Maynard. Mrs. Hawn, Randy Cagle, Sheri Greene, Mike Edge, Kim Garinger Club I 83 Wildcat Club Promotes School Spirit The Wildcat Club, once again helped school spirit reach an all- time high. This club, organized to help promote school spirit and to get all students interested in Garinger and in its different athletic teams, did just that. Members supported all athletic events. This support came in the form of selling booster badges and buttons during football and basket- ball seasons, making posters for each game and many other school spirited activities. They also pro- vided Willa and Willie Wildcat for every game. Under the direction of Mrs. Platt, this enthusiastic bunch let the teams know that "We Back The Cats." Officers: Kathy Bobay, Tina Gibson, Cheryl Davis, Amy Fowler. 84 f Wildcat Club o i e e l 3 S X A relaxing moment. M M' Advisor: Mrs. Platt , , f -2 f - i "We Back The Cats!" flginwia .An 2 wk' Front Row: Brenda Jones, Mary Alexander, Pattie Davis, Stephanie Helms, Johnny Nussman, Donna Overstreet, Bob Killough. Second Row: Kelly Thomas, Natalie Harrell, Laura Turner. Leigh Junkins, Penny Todd. Ginger Land. Donna Gibson. Carol Davis. Seniors, Kneeling: Lori McClain, Joy Hardee, Chris Fowler, Cheryl Davis. Juniors, Second Row: Toy Hinson, Renee Gibson, Judith Huffstetler, Cathy Poplin, Tammy Davis. Tricia Ryan, Susan Southerland, Libby Bailey. Back Row: Mrs. Platt. Kutyna Reid, Leta Lane, Susanne Ray, Kathy Bobay, Buzz Bacot, Amy Fowler. Kim Becknell, Dana Kluttz, Renee Pepper. Melissa Groins. Maria Gavrilis. Kathy Rainwater. Leslie Sides. Wildcat Club X 85 Zpulrlishing Qamlrler Hakes Ueamwork Supervising an inexperienced staff demanded a lot from the Ram- bler's editor, Cynthia McCullough. She had only one returning staffer, Tammy Holden. The rest of the staff had not worked on the Ram- bler before and was unsure how to put together a good newspaper. Be- cause of their uncertainty, the staff looked to Cynthia and their new ad- visor, Ms. Diedra Bennett, for guidance. The Ramblerls best topic of the year was about H.E.W.'s rulings. Staffers interviewed students for their opinions of H.E.W's decision that titles like lettergirl, Valentine Queen, Homecoming Queen, and Miss Black and Blue, were dis- criminative and would have to be changed. Most students opposed the decision and disliked H.E.Wfs interference into school activities. L. to R.: Betsy Valentine, John Klyn, Karen Hughes, Pam Braswell, Donna Levin Cynthis McCullough, Mary Moss, Billy Drake, Brian Roberts, and Tammy Holden Z i g 3 2 i Artist Tammy Holden works on sketches i 5 Cynthia McCullough, editor Reporters for the Rambler. 86 ! Rambler Ms. Bennett makes suggestions. MS- Diedfa Bennett, HdViS0f- Staff enjoys working together. Preparing fOr a deadline. as 1 f ,Qtr .f-. 5 fx ik Billy Drake progfreadg his Story, Brian Roberts works on an article. ,wgt t.t. , A Rambler X 87 Sandrettes - Sing U heir Way Into Our Hearts Ten girls are chosen from the Choir to form a special singing group to represent Garinger. These girls dedicate many hours of prac- tice to achieve their beautifully blended tone. High notes! Low notes! Clockwise: Amy Lippard, Susanne Ray, Joan Steverson, Gwen Dailey, Lisa Newell, Crystal Mobley, Karen Hughes, Lisa Reed, Gaye Dimmick, Kristina Smith. 88 X Sandrettes Practice makes perfect. Ualentezl Baciies Girls Ensemble is a performing group ofgirls who, after an audition by their director Mr. Sanders, are chosen because of their excellence in vocal music. These girls per- formed at all concerts sponsored by the vocal music department. In February, they participated in competition at UNCC and gave other performers stiff competition. Fund raising projects helped pay for their expenses while performing and for a relaxing weekend in the spring. Director Mr Sanders Great performance! Front Row: Ms. Lewis, Sheri Chastain, Effie Siozos, Ann Putnam, Melinda Martin, Ann Spainhour, Curtina Allen, Pam Bailey, Carol Deese, Martha Ewart, Kris Smith, Be- verly Stamey, Rachell Sutton. Second Row: Mary Moss, Michelle Armstrong, Suzanne Ray, Dwonda Smith, Ethel Phiffer, Shirley Martin, Cindy Smith, Janet Helms, Marleta Tucker, Tonya Loflin, Sandy Miller, Rhonda Rinck, Betsy Valentine, Mr. Sanders. Third Row: Kim Dennie, Sandy Baker, Lori McClain, Lisa Giles, Lynn Lewis, Tonna Kim- mons, Crystal Mobley, Susan Lingle, Laura Griffin, Jeanette Hudson, Karla Belk, Kelly Harwell. Back Row: Denise Horne, Kathleen Agee, Kathy Bennett, Karen Pearce, Lisa Poteat, Dana Kluttz, Felicia Haywood, Cynthia Blunt, Tricia Ryan, Lynn Haynes, Leigh Haynes, Tina Gardner, Cynthia Deese. Girls Ensemble X 89 .W Rewarding Experience Chorus is usually a first year class in vocal music. Its main purpose is to help students develop singing and performing skills. This past year the Chorus gave many performances and had several money raising projects to aid in their expenses. Chorus was once again directed by Mr. John Sanders. Taking a break. Director: Mr. Sanders. Front Row: Mr. Sanders, Karen Cooke, Cathy Lynem, Eva Garland, Tammy Pressley, Ann Ross, Stacy Holmes, Nancy Queen. DeAnna Bonti, Pam Reap, Mary Ann Stinson, Mar- garet Lee Stinson, Glorius Smith, Sherri Hughes, Sherry Ashman. Second Row: Elizabeth Freeman, Regina Coley, Blanca Yarman, Teresa Law, Karen Burke, Debra Carter, 90 ! Chorus Shelia Mulligan, Marolyn Jackson, Kelly Milstead, Kim Be- aver, Amy Whittington, Phyllis Faulkner, Ethel Phifer, Ar- leen Brooks, Nancy Laster. Back Row: Tony Powers, Mil- ton Caldwell, Dale Black, Joey Henry, Bert Webb, Charles Charles, Ricky Lewis, Roosevelt Ross, Benjie Linker, Mark Davis, Terry McKee, Cookie Robinson, Sherwood Page. l'U No i tw gli! Chorus is fun! , ,, , ,X 3 . '.,.sg,,l.ww as-wi i"' 9 S Perfection requires practice. Front Row: Susan McCroskey, Roxie Miller, LaMonda Smith, Robin Pepper, Patricia Harris, Secelia Judd, Jana Gregory, Melanie Estridge, Jessica Brill, Tonja Sorensen, Brenda Horden, Debbie Baldwin, Ruth Jones, Carol Buckley, Tamara Sanders. Second Row: Anette Lewis, Shir- ley Holcombs, Joane Koucouliotes, Tammy Goforth, Be- verly Leake, Sherrie Brown, Jackie Blanton, Kelly Smith, x . Darlene Gainey, Denise Ballard, Casie Hoffmann, Donna Raiff, Nancy Threatt, Angela Eaker, Julie Johnson. Back Row: Wayne Mumford, Tommy Hamlett, Mike Horan. Cecelia Mayhew. Jackie Witherspoon, Vanessa Sturgis, Sharon Lovett, Penny Todd. Bonita Byers, Donald Oakley, Stan Teer, Greg McCarroll. Chorus X 91 Choir Qqppears on focal Stations Christmas was a busy season for the choir, First, they gave a concert at the Merchandise Mart for the el- derly. WSOC-TV televised the concert. Then the choir appeared on WBTV,s Top O' The Day pro- gram. The choir consists ofjuniors and seniors who have been selected through auditions. Through self- discipline and continuous practice, choir members strengthen their musical abilities. The choir is under the direction of Mr. Sanders. , W4 'H . ,WMM Q 1 ww ' v, ,Q Choir officers: Karen Hughes, Mike Hoffman, Laurin Marley, Jeff Lindsey. lx First Row: Renee Corder, Sonya Dillard, Melanie Swindell, Linda Renfrow, Dowanda Hoagland, Lois Jones, Joan Steverson, Terri Hucks, Lisa Bolt, Donna Young, Lisa Reed, Lisa White, Debbie Stamey, Wendi Horne, Pam Bailey, Hae Song, Faye Mitchell, Second Row: Mr. Sanders, Sharon Alexander, Lessie Branch, Penny Wyatt, Janice Duncan, Terry Helms, Leslie Black, Debbie McAlphine, Becky Wallace, Kathy Stone, Lisa Darling, Cindy Wensil, Cheryl Wilson, Jan Burris, Laurin Marley, Lisa Newell, Karen Hughes, Mrs. Lewis, Third Row: Glenn Pyatt, Mark Odell, Scott Scarborough, Jeff Surratt, Preston McCalpine, Ricky Brown, David Higgins, Rayford Sellers, Chris Nash, John McLaughlin, Dale Hooks, Derrick Rivers. 92 X Choir VV ,ax safe .fy Beats Centrum 6- O The big event was the renewal of an old traditiong playing Centrusa in football. For G.G.S., the 6-0 win over Centrusa was the reward for weeks of intense practice. The girls agreed that the victory was due to their determination to win as well as the encouragement of their coaches and cheerleaders. Service projects were another major activity of the club. During holidays, the girls visited the kids at the Western Carolina Center. At Christmas, the girls provided food, clothing, gifts, and a tree for a needy family. At the request of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, they spent a day at Eastland Mall collect- ing money for research programs. To raise money, members sold lollipops on G.G.S. Lick 'Em Day and corsages during Homecoming Week. G.G.S. members also involved themselves in projects to show their pride in Garinger's athletic teams. They surprised the varsity football team with a party a few days before the Homecoming game. The girls had a supper for the soccer team to congratulate them on a terrific sea- son. Members also stayed busy making posters to boost school spirit. G.G.S. cheerleaders building a pyramid. G.G.S. pushes through Centrusa's defensive line. f USER - - - fx Ar, . . F ' 5 is rs Discussing the next play. The offense lines up for a play. GGS X 93 P. J. Henderson, President New members listen to instructions. at ii u 2 Q 4 Cathy Owen, Vice-President A poster helps advertise lollipop sale. Below: Ms. Jan Hall, Advisor. Sitting: Judy Allen, Dawn Plott, Jeanne Tomanchek, Tern Davis, Kim Fowler, Joey Cude. Second Row: Chris Fitzsimon, Gaye Dimick. Third Row: Diane Kenny, Liz James, Wendi Weaver, Debbie Ballard, Julia l Stanley, Gwen Frazier, Tracey Craig, Piper Davis, P. J, Henderson, Mike Horan, Fourth Row: Cathy Owen, Kim Diehl, Laurin Marley. Fifth Row: Tracy Rion, Laurie Ferreira, Susan Harris, Stacy McCullough, Ellen'Henderson. 94 X GGS ,Sf is foxy , ,J 5,19 , in K First Row: Mascots: Mike Horan, Chris Fitzsimon, Joey Cude. Second Row: Lynn Liz James, Secretary Goodwin, Tammy Holden, Kim Carter, Stacey Edelman, Juanita Martin, Janet Hayes, Jeanna Alexander, Julie Sweet, Sherry Smith. Third Row: Michelle Armstrong, Lisa Washburn, Donna Levins, Betsy Beard. fm' 'A nf' 4- ,J 'Wi "I've never had so much fun." Diane Kenny, Treasurer ,M , J, 1 asf' ' ,gf fa: , A 2 A , X L , V , "' La J '- f-" A ful 3 -x gf Z , X. f ,553 AM ' . ,ii N A: f 6'But lady, I like older women." Mascots have more fun. is GGS X 95 ,gl - s Skiers Have a Qreat Under the advice ofSMrs. Katzel and Mrs. Armstrong, this club pro- vides students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of skiing safely. The Ski Club tries to plan as many ski trips as the snow condi- tions will allow and possibly some ice skating or sledding parties. A dry land ski school was held at one of the first meetings and ski instruc- tions were provided at the moun- Uime M t tains. 'G-if . ., Q. 3 . 5 sy Y. ,gr fr t . 3 A Q Q .S X it S ii Officers: Stacey Edelman, Steve Helms, Danny Leopard Front Row: B. Washam, J. Woodson, S. Edelman, D. Leopard, T. Ross, S. Helms, Ms. Katzel. Second Row: T. Gibson, R. Dean, J. Huffstetler, M. Lucky, S. Kelbough, D. Young, L. Pate, L. Haynes, M. Goins, L. Haynes, J. Wat- son, P. Economos. Third Row: L. Lane, A. Fowler, T. Davis, P. J. Henderson, T. Teague, M. Robinson, J. Greg- ory, J. Long, S. Helms, A. Tate, D. Earnhardt, J. Sutton, S. King. Fourth Row: J. Stanley, J. Sweet, S. Smith, E. Hen- derson, K. Fowler, T. Rion. N. Harrell, P. Davis, T. Hicks, ,N 3 . . Mrs. Armstrong Cabovel, Mrs. Katzel ttop of pageb. S. Thomas, A. Spainhour, E. Glenn, B. Jones, E. Karam, K Holmes, J. Ramsey. Fifth Row: B. Poplin, J. Core, M. Ale Xander, D. Williams, G. Karam, B. Johnson, P. Curlee, G Walker, D. Karnazes, K. Medlin. Sixth Row: L. Turner, K Rainwater, B. McKinney, R. Woodard, M. Moore, R McKnight, S. Suddreth, G. Jackson, S. Purvis, S. Parrott, R Hardmen. Back Row: J. Klyn, K. Bobay, B. Liebler, D Kluttz, S. Craddock, S. Hoffman, M. Tingen, R. Taylor, B Brown. -tie? .M -sy-:iii H3553 Miss? :RSSB 96 I Ski Club I i I F F ii . L. Sophomore Color Guard receiving individual attention. Rappelling at Davidson College. H wx Jffeoac qw to Davidson College f- ' '-i JROTC, Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, is in its eighth suc- cessful year since its establishment in 1970. This program's purpose is to provide instruction in leadership and citizenship principles. In JROTC, one learns to respect au- thority to accept responsibility and to work as a team. Each year, J ROTC takes an outing to Davidson College. ,fu i i 2 1 9 4 lst Platoon, Company "A": Flag Ceremony at end of the day. J ROTC X 97 ,K mw . f 2nd and 3rd Platoons, Company HA" during rifle exercise 1st Platoon, Company HB". 98 X J ROTC 2nd and 3rd Platoons, Company "B" during inspection. lst Platoon, Company MCU taking care of the wounded. 2nd Platoon, Company HCM receiving instruction from Platoon leader. Battalion Commander and Staff 'GHere we go again." JROTC I 99 Key Club Raises Money for School Projects The purpose ofthe Key Club is to support and to promote Garinger through service to the school and community. For Key Club mem- bers that meant staying busy with money-making projects. This year, they sold jackets, sweatshirts, to- boggans, bumper stickers, and booster buttons. The club used some of its money to provide the lettergirls and cheer- leaders with corsages to wear at the football games. For the athletic teams, Key Club painted posters to show their sup- port ofthe players. Along with service projects, Key Club takes time to do thingsjust for fun. Each year, they sponsor the Key Klub'Kapers. This show pro- vides a chance for all the clubs to join together in an activity. Key Club is open to any male stu- dent in good standing with the school. Members must maintain a 2.5 average. y--V M. Officers: Glenn Ball, Chuck Peterson Mr Hilderbrand Chris Fltzslmon Tony Powers B111 Newbold l00! Key Club EY CLU s, K URNE Billy Fortner, Bill Newbold, Tony Powers, Jeff Kirkpatrick, Scotty Parrott, Keith Medlin, Mark Moser, Jeff Robertson, Jeff Ramsey, Glenn Ball, Charles Allen, Grady Walker, Chuck Peterson, Rusty Washam, Jim Fullam, Bobby Washam, Bobby Cable, Walt Maney, Mr. Hilderbrand, Chris Pourlos, Chris Fitzsimon. Mr. Reed Hilderbrand, Advisor and Chris Fitzsimon, Presi- The best restaurant in town. dent. Key Club X l0l Keyettes Have fflctive H ear 'l Keyettes, provides dedicated and effective service to the school and community. This is accomplished by full effort on the part of all mem- bers and w' th the help of Mrs. 1 Frances Hawn, their advisor. At the begi applicants at nning of the year, the tended meetings and participated in club activities. Their surprise induction was held at Far- rell's. Keyettes 0 nce again sponsored the soccer team. Refreshments and moral support were provided for each game. At the end of the soccer season the annual cookout was held for the team. Halloween was an exciting time for the Keyettes. The girls, all in costume, gave a party for a day care center. All the girls agreed that they had had as much fun as the children. their foster child Agustini. They Keyettes once again sponsored d also provide refreshments for the teachers at Christmas. The Key- ettes Went on and had lots their annual beach trip of fun. These girls had an exciting, active and construct fine example should be. ive year. Keyettes is a of what a service club My kind of initiation! Induction Night ft X . . S S7 it ,gs who E s . ,iw . is al ,g S N Officers: Susan Milstead, Secretary, Robbie Maddox, Treasurerg Jeannie Maynard, it Presidentg Alice Hinson, Vice President. Mascots: David Frye, Bill Newbold, Billy I'M balancing the books Fortner. 102 ! Keyettes pw Such a lovely group Soccer Cookout Advisor: Mrs. Hawn Kneeling: Billy Fortner. Front Row: David Frye, Jean New- ton, Alice Hinson, Renee Blakley, Laura Griffin, Robbie Maddox, Jeannie Maynard, Bill Newbold. Second Row: Ann Saadeh, Susan Lingle, Mary Lou Matsik, Dee Davis, Linda O'Leary. Third Row: Joy Hardee, Lynda Smith, Ann Put- nam, Sheri Chastain, Judy Strickland. Fourth Row: Lilian Coello, Lisa Elder, Robin Ashford, Michelle Ilsley. Back Row: Mrs. Hawn, Linda Shiffler, Robbie Meador, Kay Stutts, Karla Belk, Debbie Barkley, Kim Beaver. Keyettes X 103 Centrusa Serves School, Community As usual, Centrusa was success- ful in their attempt to serve Garinger and the surrounding community. The junior and senior girls once again helped sponsor the basketball team. They also had their annual "powder puff" football game against GGS in the fall. Al- though Centrusa came in second, the girls agreed that the fun they had was worth all the hard work and Officers: Carol Farnsworth, Cheryl Davis, Donna Newell, Susan Frye. Mascots: Toy Hinson, Scott Suddreth, Ken Har- man. 104 X Centrusa practice. The girls helped needy families this year by collecting and distribut- ing food, toys and clothing. They also gave a party for a nursing home and contributed to the March of Dimes. Under the supervision of Mrs. Kirkman, Centrusa had fun while participating in meaningful ac- tivities. Advisor: Mrs. Karen Kirkman Front Row: Nancy Hough, Melodie Richardson, Rhonda McKnight. Second Row: Terri Simmons, Beth Chappell, Kim Jones, Missy Borst. Third Row: Tammy Morrison, Belinda Rockman, Dominique McClain, Chris Fowler. Fourth Row: Shelia Sherron, Mitzi Gathings, Kathy Rainwater, Pam Ivey, Mimi Smith. Fifth Row: Terri Smith, Linda Renfrow, Sherry Horton, Susan Craddock, Gina Helms. Back Row: Lorna Smith, Donna Griffin, Sherri Smith, Anita Pearson, Neena Lindsey. Centrusa's cheerleaders. Front Row: Amy Rumph, Marie Smith, Amy Nance, Donna Newell. Second Row: Sherrie Taylor, Marleta Tucker, Sandra Frye, Cheryl Davis. Third Row: Joni Dunn, Carol Farnsworth, Julia Luther, Susan Frye. Back Row: Ken Harmon, Toy Hinson, Scott Suddreth. Centrusa makes vital decisions. Say "cheese!" Centmsa f 105 llQ I!QllN 'GQ Front Row: Steve Purvis, David Summers, Taco Daniels. Back Row: Tim Haney, Jim Burns, Phillip Moore, Mike Hunter Don Smith, Eugene Robbins, Mr. Kemper. was President - Mike Hunter V. President - Steve Purvis Machine Shop learning to build Machine Shop is a class taught by Mr. J. W. Kemper whose purpose is both charitable and training in the machine field. The machine shop students collected canned goods for a needy family at Thanksgiving. The products made in the shop are sold to pay for expenses for social outings and for charitable causes. 106 X Machine Shop ri Sec. 84 Treas. - Haney Tim Advisor: J. W. Kemper Front Row: James Hendrix, Barbara Combs, Stanley Easter, Susie Van Dyke, Eddie Springs. Back Row: Mark Bradshaw, David Hager, Rick Rudisill, Mike Young. Rick Rudisill, president Rodney Chance, v. president Susie Van Dyke, sec. Barbara Combs, treas. Bob Bailey, reporter David Hager, parliamentarian Mr. Gregory, advisor ICU VICE Develops Beaclers I.C.T. VICA is a club which is designed to develop leadership, promote high standards and ethics in workmanship and scholarship. This club, headed by Mr. Gregory, develops the ability of students to plan together, organize, and carry out Worthy activities and projects. The mem- bers of I.C.T. VICA help a needy family at Thanksgiving, and are willing to help the school at all times. All I.C.T. students are welcome to participate in this club. l I.C.T. VICA! 107 .7iut0 Mechanics - Bearning the Basics qf Engine Building l i , .cl,sc , I .Uma ggglgiutfwk Auto Mechanics is a class which lets students learn the fundamentals of auto mechanics. This class also hopes to create an enthusiasm for learning among the students. This class performs sometimes like a club as they are involved in hot rod- ding and racing. Both Auto Mechanics I and Auto Mechanics II are under the advice of Mr. Thompson. 'lNow this is the fan belt." Advisor: Mr. Thompson 108 l Auto Mechanics "Maybe if I hide underneath here. . Kneeling: Phil Poe, Tony Pettit, Eddie Tucker, John Layton, Ricky Furr. Standing: Mike Farr, Kelly Fowler, Tommy Jones, Julius Davis, Gary Duncan, Eddie Hall, Vernon Smith, Lim Williams, Jerald Law. M Df- Disfrilvutive Education 'l DE is a club for students of DE or i Fashion Merchandising ll which c helps to develop vocational, and social, civic, and leadership re- sponsibilities. Under the advice of Mrs. Burgess and Miss' Tibshrany, DE students took part in many ac- ? """ii: F gliif tivities such as professional DECA contests, attended district, state, and national leadership confer- qu ences, and had a candy sale. ---,AJ Officers: Cseatedj George Henderson, Cheryl Davis. fstandingl Tony Rice, Teresa Dunn, Ken Harmon, Debra Wilkes. K ,lp . .. . . r x ,A K Miss Tibshrany, advisor. Front Row: Carl Ellis, Windy Dukes, Jeff McGee, Shelli Beaver, Ken Harmon, Cheryl Davis, Debra Wilkes, Cynthia Crawford. Second Row: Carrie Erwin, Randy Watson, Tammy Knight, Valerie Toney, Penney Montague, Wanda Horne, Sondra Beach. Third Row: Gary Withow, Tony Rice, Teresa Dunn, Karen Ford, Kim Moffitt, Anja Alexander, Debbie Grice, Cindy Deese. Fourth Row: Rennee Cohen, Elayne Austin, Tonya Loftin, JoAnn Lowe, Lisa Stroyce, Doris Eppley, Penny Starnes, Tina Bethea. Fifth Row: Donald Wheeler, Shelia Thompson, Lucinda Crawford, Johnny O'Tuel, Joel Wilson, Carolyn Miller. Sixth Row: Eric Pigford, Scott Duncan, Joyce Barringer, Verlene Hunter, Mike Watson, Melvin Garner, George Henderson, Vanessa Sturgis, Sherrill Reid. DE! 109 www ,gg 7' CEO attends District Rally CEO, Cooperative Education Occupations, is a club which has programs and activities related to the course of study. This club is a carry-over of class and work for CEO students. CEO students sold candy and sponsored the 6'Mr. 8a Miss Santa Contest." Near the end of the year, CEO has a banquet honoring those students who work as teachers at Shamrock Elemen- tary School. 1l0lCEO Officers: Tracy Rion, Gwen Stewart, Jeanna Alexander, Cindy Aycoth. 2 I . .- 2 if 5 5 S S Sitting: Tina Gibson, Denise Horne, Gwen Stewart, Steve Helms. Second Row: Toni Parker, Rebecca Salem, Robin Newell, Cindy Aycoth, Tracy Rion, Jeanna Alexander, Mrs. Huss. Third Row: Rosa Weldon, Robin Grier, Charles Mobley, Greg Hammontree, Todd Smith, Tommy Brimhall. CEO Students during break at F.H.A. District Rally CHEO, Cooperative Home Eco- nomics Occupations, is the class- room outgrowth ofthe Home Eco- nomics Related Occupations tH.E.R.O.J organization. H.E.R.O. provides an opportunity for leadership and emphasizes P 13 preparation for jobs and careers in relation to Home Economics. This club sells candy, goes on field trips Q ' and participates in programs which are related to their interests. Any- one in the CHEO class is automati- E 3 3 h ' cally a member of H.E.R.O. club. 4 Front Row: Angela Harrell, Ruby Lockhart, Tim Rorie, Washington. Third Row: Ethzel Phifer, Phyllis Faulkner, Sherry Carter, Larry Brown. Second Row: Kim Dennie, Tanisha Walker, Marier Newman, Donnie Starnes, Miss Clara Barnes, Rosalind Easterling, Delores Brown, Deborah Ryan. Officers: Larry Brown, Ruby Lockhart, Angela Harrell, Sherry Carter. CHEOXIII 112 X Ecology Club!Bus Drivers W Kneeling: Don Seriff, Betsy Beard, Mike McDaniel, Tammy Pritchard. Standing: Marolyn Jackson, Renee Pepper, Dolores Wood, Terry Helms, Ecology Club Receives Recy- cling Center The Ecology Club did many things this year. They held their an- nual paper drive for several Satur- days at the beginning of the year. A recycling center is being built in the corner of the tennis court park- ing lot for the Ecology Club. Amy Whittington, Marcus Dixon, Mr. Dixon, Kay Toms, Sandy Baker, Susan Allen. .a m 2. '- : ' ,,'a Bus drivers hold a greater re- sponsibility than many of us realize. They must transport high school, junior high, and elementary age students every day to and from school. They are responsible for every person on their buses. Bus drivers receive a credit for driving a bus. is ' Standing: Lula Henderson, Fred Rose, Annette Brown, Cal- Jackson, Chuck Byers, Randy Jackson, Chuck Manning, vin Cunningham, Wihema Edwards, Walter Twitty, Natasha Sylvia Unger, Jeff Church, Mark Beckham, Scott Treadway. Barnes, Cley Clyburn, Leroy Burham, Eric Ashley. Looking Kneeling on top of bus: Robert Smith, Denise Moffitt, out windows: Mark Brown, Mitzi Gable, Wilbert Fergeson, Wayne Strong, Herbert Wilson. Ricky Massey. Sitting: Susan Frye, Steve Purvis, Gar f- K, .513 . f.. t .gf J- V .ii ':t- K i -Q. ,-. ,L K E ,Q if gi 33 1 . :i'm 1 t '5 ' if Advisor: Ms. Martha Bailey mt, Is a business career in my future? Help for the Qffce Bound COO, Cooperative Office Occu- pations, was organized to help in- terested seniors learn more about business and business related occu- pations. These students come to school half a day and spend the other half on thejob. The COO club helps students tindjobs, learn to use many machines with greater skill and pick courses in school which would be of most value on their jobs. i is jx ' Front row: Sherry Horton, Joni Dunn, Carol sey, Calvin Cunningham, Angela Brown, Lula Hender- Farnsworth, Wilhelmenia Edwards, Sandy Campbell, son, Susan Robinson, Donna Bost, Leslie Tate, Becky Gina Helms, Debbie Jackson. Back row: Ladara Mas- Wallace. COO!ll3 Uodayff Students i7omorrow's Readers f Future Business Leaders of America offers Hadditional oppor- tunities for students in business and office education to develop voca- tional and career supportive com- petencies and to promote civic and personal responsibility." Members must be enrolled in some type of I business course and must be a P junior or a senior. FBLA's first project was to raise money to send club members to the Southern Regional Convention in -i rr Little Rock Arkansas it Ms. Bailey QWWWV Ms. Davis Ms. Wilson ?'f"""?fV""'3"Q' 1" Lu. N., 'Qi i ' Officers: Debbie Jackson, Ladara Massey, Becky Wallace, Leslie Tate MMM.. l 1 , . ,,, ,, ,,,,. ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, , , V ,A Au A W.,a.Wf , Front Row: A. Watson, B. Wallace, C. Haslam, P. Dunn, J Polson, J. McManus, B. Williams, E. Gill, K. Hamrick, J Gaston, Y. Cousar, G. Eudy, C. Johns, B. Reid, R. Morris L. 0,Leary, J. Edwards, T. Davis, D. Stameyg Second Row M. Williams, P. Brazzle, S. Alcala, M. Gathings, L. Watt, Tate, L. Massey, W. Edwards, F. Miller, T. Gayle, Stokes, P. Lockhart, M. Johnson, L. Mobley, P. Pride, Helms, S. Campbell, M. Pope, K. Pugh, D. Bledsoe, L T G T. ll4lFBLA Simmons, S. Sherron, D. Jackson, J. Luther, L. Keeter, K Honeycutt, S. Gantt, C. Gantt, D. McGalliardg Back Row: T Grier, M. Dawson, J. Green, M. Jordon, T. Hardee, C. Diel S. Robinson, D. Bost, E. Crawford, J. Lassier, D. Allen, S Clayton, T. Simmons, D. Godwin, M. Berryhill, P. Elder, S Edge, S. Horton, C. Farnsworth, J. Dunn, D. Newell, S Kisah, E. Graham, W. Smith, D. Williams, V. Harris. vnu' Sitting: Kim Quick, Kelly Morgan, Chris Fowler, Julia Luther, Karen Fultz, Beverly Stamey, Annette Haddock, David Price. Second Row: Lissa McKnight, Jeanine Liner, Kathy Pender, David Frye, Dee Davis, Rita Kelly, Tracy Cheek, Marolyn Jackson, Mark Adams. Third Row: Chris Nash, Tina Officers: Chris Nash, Elizabeth Smith, Cathy Pender, Chris Fowler. Yum. Above Concentration is the key. Lower Right: Advisor - Mrs. Sessions. Lawing, Ronnie McCroskey, Chanya Harris, Elizabeth Smith, Tina Garner, Annette Green, Jean- nie Burch, Veneda Watkins, Kris Smith, Mrs. Ses- sions, Debbie Bennett, Pam McGinnis. Back Row: Ree Ree Judd, Mark Beckham, Gary Jaminez, Greg Byrd. New Faces an3 This year the Drama Club has a new advisor, Mrs. Sessions, who helps students interested in drama develop their acting ability. Stu- dents demonstrate their talents through dramatic productions sev- eral times during the year. On November 18-19, they presented the comedy, 'SThe Real Inspector Hound," by Tony Stoppard. The students gave a fine performance to a receptive audience. They also presented a musical in the spring. a Successful QV ear 7 . . Sf 212255 5? E 3: . ESQ ..,....... 3 i 2 515:-g M 3 '2fi4-' , X 3 116 I Radiol IRIIMO I -E- Felds to Explore Under the direction of Mr. Bal- lance, the students of Radio I learn the basics of radio broadcasting. This training provides the students an opportunity to determine whether to further their knowledge of radio broadcasting in Radio ll. During the summer, Radio stu- dents have an opportunity to apply acquired skills on a daily radio pro- gram on WCGC, Station 1270. ln addition to these summer broad- casts, the students visit local radio and TV stations and hold an annual banquet with a broadcasting celeb- rity as guest speaker. To enter the radio broadcasting program, interested students must be recommended by two teachers. These students then have an inter- view and a reading test before being accepted. Regina, Dawne and Kim face the challenge Sitting: Regina Hunt, Dawne Fagan, Kim Griffin. Davison, Scott Scarbrough,Jay Hunter,JohnDav1s Standing: Wilbert Ferguson, Jimmy Holder, Steve Guest Speaker: John Wilson Jay Hunter at thg Controls- II'lStI'UCtOI'I Mr. BHHHHCC Sitting: Joane Koucouliotes, Terry Teague, Tammy Mike Cureton, Tim Stevens, Jeff Lindsey. Pritchard. Standing: Jim Illingsworth, Mike Young, Radio I X 117 QM f 1 ,f Ji 5' 'ln J A 'K 'I' - r P iff MM' Q f f We it if 1 H vi! Sitting: Brenda Gambill, Stephanie Huntleyg Henley, Terry Wall, Billy Drakeg Back Row Second Row: David Brooks, Mike Willis, Ricky Chris Helms, Mike Shermetta, Ken Kimball Kidd, Jackie Chappell, Wayne Clark, Dennis Wayne Strong. Z Future in , 1 ll8 X Radio II Broadcasttng? Radio II is designed to help radio broadcasting students expand their knowledge in the world of com- munications. These students con- tribute a special service to the school by keeping us informed each day through the morning an- nouncements. In addition to activities similar to those of Radio I, students produce TV specials for WBTV and WTVI. Radio II is also under the direc- tion of Mr. Ballance. Mr. Ballance points out techniques All together on three. One, two . . . This is Billy Drake with the morning announcements." Rule Knoll. Pay careful attention to instructions. Pleasant work! Radio ll ! ll9 .Welding Style For the last three years Joy Hardee has shared her talent with Wildcat fans. During half-time at football games, Joy performed flaw- less routines while the band played their feature tunes. She continually amazed the audience with her skill as a twirler. Joy has definitely been a favorite feature at half-time shows. Two other outstanding members of the band are Annelle Morcock and Derek Mason. Together they directed the band through perform- ances. By using whistle signals, the drum majors kept the band aware of what they were supposed to do. Annelle and Derek also performed their own drill before leading the band onto the field for half-time. it Joy Hardee, Garinger's feature twirler Annelle Morcock and Derek Mason drum majors 120 X Twirler, Drum Majors Bettergirls Change Name Because of a decision declaring the word lettergirl discriminatory, the girls were forced to choose a new name for themselves. 'gThe Cat's Meow" was adopted as their title since it showed no gender. The positions on the squad are still competitive and applicants are judged on their talent, poise, ap- pearance, and genuine desire to be a part of the group. The girls performed at football games and home basketball games. They marched in the Carousel Parade and participated in Shrine Bowl activities. The flag carriers. " as . 91 ' , V , wt 1- V.,, lgii ,S X 1 M ,h ,pai , , QW, ry fs L 1 3 Q l , 4 . ' . ' V f 1 'lm 7 5' "'r ' ' H lv' . "f' l V' f ,, I-NT" 1 V 7 ,, 'Q Q I ,Lily ,.,f iqfff '- , , z 7 ,lggfan 7 ff ,, M :v ,, fx H Qaygff .55 ,fr , .1-V f, g ,gf wi? ' ' ,W g , ,I - , 5 My I , 'K f Q 'f ? ,ff-Q, , ., 'z " Q 1' gf fa. . 4 ,f - wi Wy, . a'.f1wJe,-f.,, :r- 'Q -V ' "" ,,.1f:,-- A51 , , ' -ft! 'V is 1 712 page ' T l ,,,,.. .. ,V 1, , ,I 154.-,Q Y , ,gn xii- ' , - , - P.,-V 4, , , A . A ..,, Q, ,,.-I , , v gg 1 gyjwgf, Vv my , f , l a - Q p The girls that wear the letters. if:--fr! "- 4. ww V , Y' q, , in "'lh-'ZZ' , Xa ,lc ff 'N- E ,, if, a A . 2, ,1 W 1 . K, ff?-:Isis ' 1 4. 'f A, Marching with the flags during half-time. Performing at Homecoming. Lettergirls X l2l Ellen Henderson Donna Griffin-Head Susan Harris Y 1. Wa if ...sawwwwsggm k - W K K- W. K f Caddies: Meg Kenny, Melisande Maddox, Renee Corder. Stephanie Huntley Laurie Ferreira Robbie Maddox Girls display charm to Carousel Parade spectators. 122 I Lettergirls 7317 V-,, y Y I I j Gwen Frazier Cathy Owen is 5 g N Z J . Nancy Hough Lisa Washburn H Q n rn a , ,. i , 6 ' i Diane Kenny Terri Davis Liz James Cheryl Cody I 1' 'ff " The Cat's Meow" Lettergirls X 123 Marching Band Practices Hard The school year begins early for the members of the marching band. The last two weeks of summer vaca- tion are spent learning music, drills, and marching precision. Members of the band must earn their uniforms, thus earning the right to march in the band. This year the band accompanied the football team to Wilmington. Dr. Robert Maddox directed the band with the help of student teacher, Mr. David Yandle. The band stands at attention, awaits cue to begin playing The Marching Band. . . ,... a- .. s HN Preparing to march onto the field. Dr. Maddox talks with his assistant, Mr. Yandle. 124 f Marching Band Symphonic Banri: Dedicated Musicians This select group of musicians is chosen by Dr. Maddox through au- ditions and recommendations. Al- though the band is for talented up- perclassmen, some sophomores who display exceptional musician- ship are accepted into the band. Concerts are given by the sym- phonic band. The band plays at Honors and Awards Day and at an annual spring concert. This group has the chance to gain performing ,, ' th h b d t . "That's good, Doc. What other faces can you make? expenence mug an Comer S .fi QQ. ,W Musicians practicing for their winter concert. Trumpet PIHYCTS COUCCUUQW 011 music. Dr. Maddox instructs his students. MUSiCiHHS SWG if all Theyilfe S00 ta if ,. it ise t R S if is 1 ET xi S2 ess? . .1 'Mt V9 X x S4 N Sophomores try hard to improve in Concert Band Concert band is a steppingstone for sophomores who aspire to be- come a member of the symphonic band. ln concert band, students spend classtime practicing and im- proving music skills. Members of the band are eligible for positions on the marching band if they are de- voted enough to work hard. Quite often, students who have partici- pated in concert band will advance to symphonic and marching band. Dr. M21ddOX, Di1'CCi0f- For the Concert band practice makes perfect 126 f Concert Band Orchestra Students Qive Performances Through a variety of performanc- es, the orchestra students mature in their musical abilities. The or- chestra plays background music for school plays as well as for the graduation program. They take part in a state contest where they are judged by professional orchestra di- rectors. Except for the string sec- tion, many students play their in- struments in one of the bands. The Orchestra. if. ' 'fQgf5WWW' 1 'WM . .V X375 ., . ses.. E . . 3 .,.. 1 gg ,T..j.i t.-. . .... . l 'KX 1 A ffr. 35 W i 5 i 4 3 S 4 4 , i it S N gx ssfgggegs :sf I 53x58 E Q . 3 X s o -1' X. . S .5 3:ig?5:.':s-'ff' .'ENIf'5:.:5s' .5 s WNW Q3 .S2 Q NS N Eiykaw E. Sm .5 X ws T it., 3 saves. X ..,,mH N ij .1 5 .1-- f S... . ini: EM: ii K . I . - Ss' kk . it as 1 s . ., . Q, ,SEQ S gt... . , . . Q.. WARN 2 y S 2 8 T . 3 if is 3 S X 1 is is s. 1..i.i: Aj .-rik 1 5 .Q X Lk',i, i 11 5 - V.: A k , . as S . Dr. Maddox sets the tempo for his students. Sweet Sgunds from the girls, asm Playing the violin gives one a pain in the neck. Dr. Maddox in action. Orchestra X 127 ',,' X Q X M tl. S -V fe at , W - sg fi- , .- fel 4 ,O wt 'sf 5 Q. ,C y. C, lg Lf C . , A C + t ,gn - R' 1 'j'9,ff,V A Q li jf at e Y . K- -1,1 f, ,K ,f ,QVJ-"i'1'r'Z S ff y 'ff f 'X iiil ' + V f Irs-"""i C 'xii-ni 1 'Q " it x a E S-QQ Q 1-. I no-'IC l Seated: Gaye Dimmickg Gwen Frazier. Back row: Buzz Bacot, Treas.g Sharon Cagle, Sec.g Stacey Edelman, ICC Chairmang Chris Fitzsimon, Vice Presidentg Charles Allen, Presidentg Janet Hayes: Wayne Strong. gg-v--M I - may The Executive Council meets everyday as a regular class. " You had better jump back!" 128 X Executive Council Y 3 Q Advisor: Ms. Nan Abell Executive Council - the backbone 0 the Stuilent Council The Executive Council plays a very important part of student life at Garinger. Under the guidance of Miss Nan Abell, the Executive Coun- cil plans and participates in school service activities such as clean-up days. They also or- ganize social activities for stu- dents and faculty. The Executive Council pro- vides information to repre- sentatives of the student council to be spread throughout homerooms. President Charles Allen and V. Pres. Chris Fitzsimon have really helped in making another great year at Garinger. Executive Council X l29 Uhe Reb Cross lets you help others Under the advice of Mr. Johnson, Red Cross had another good year of helping the school and community through the American Red Cross. The Red Cross had a membership drive with all the money going to the youth services of the American Red Cross. At Christmas and Easter, the Red Cross did special projects for homes for senior citizens and hospitals. In the spring of the year, the Red Cross had a blood drive which let people help others through Red Cross. Red Cross is open to all interested students and it has no membership requirements. Officers: seated - Gaye Dimmick, standing - Debbie Barkley, Lynn Haynes, above - Leigh Haynes if ? r Z Q 5 5 "Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus . . . " Seated: Lynn Haynes, Sherri Greene, Melinda Martin, Leigh Haynes. Standing: Gaye Dimmick, Kim Green, Tricia Ryan, Missy Borst, Debbie Barkley, Terry Teague, Julia Stanley, Julie Sweet. Q Advisor: Mr. J. R. Johnson RE. Red Cross! l3l , k.'l'::'uund"""'M Front row: K. Whitman, S. Elam, L. McNally, A. Nance, G. McCoy, S. Pastrana, C. Conder. Second row: R. Hall, S. Lingle, L. Griffin, L. Reed, J. Gregory, J. Gregory, L. Marus, S. Suarz, L. Ozmore, P. Wyatt. Third row: A. Fowler, A. Kluttz, K. Becknell, S. McCreery, R. Dyson, L. Badran, C. Brady, J. Tomancheck. Fourth row: D. Seriff, S. Higginbotham, J. Hardee, R. Maddox, M. Moody, D. Raiff, L. Hoffman, G. Clayton, M. McLean, R. Rinck. Back row: T. Cauthen, L. Tuner, J. Hall, J. Klyn, K. Cankin, N. Hough, M. Washington, J. Hudson, L. Junkins, L. Sides, D. Wood, D. Mason. Trench Club just has a good time The French Club is not a service club. There are numerous service clubs at Garinger therefore their main purpose is to enjoy themselves outside of class and promote an , interest in French. i The 'ffrenchiesv have picnics, , ice skating and roller skating par- f ties, and dinners spotlighting the specialties from France. V The only requirements are to be a French student or a former French student. This year's officers are Derek Mason - president, Susan i Higginbotham - activities chairman, y Amy Nance - treasurer, and advisor . Jan Hall. Left to right: Amy Nance, Derek Mason, Susie Higginbotham. 1321 French Club www awww kkwiww: ,,,,, Ha ek .ff aff . 4: W2 Spanish Club has no requzrements The Spanish Club is designed to help students develop an apprecia- tion for Spanish culture and en- lighten their outlooks on Spanish lives. The Spanish club tried to have some type of outing each month. Some suggestions were eating di- nner at Pedro's or La Fiesta as has been done in the past. Many students do not realize that anyone can be in the Spanish club. Officers: Robbie Meador, Bill Brown, Carol Pierce, Karla Belk. .W i . A N J ' . , , , 4. f f- ,, .. aw W ,I .ya a it J .. 1 .g,,i55xg,. . A 4 ,il .fir gt.,,',,3.,,W,,,.,,..,g,......fmwiwffgzaf.. w u t f wa 2 if ' - . . KM . 222 ' i 752' 1 ,,,,, , , ia .. . . - f i f wf V . ' f I . S 1 wif W .f . .. A .I wwf 2 Y 1 wtf " " fi ig. . Q 5 5 I 534 A , I 22 A 3 -. ---ff , r as V. . in . ' w J ff X Ktrgtkegafifg 5 . V Vw it gf? 2 2 . K Q55-. I " Av I ,, , - X J f . " " Advisor: Ms. Martha Hanna Advisor: Mrs. Josephine Stegmeir Front row: M. Alexander, R. Meador, C. Pierce, L. Coello, B. Brown, S. Allen, P. Heatherly, C. Buckley, K. Fultz, C. Poplin, T. Newton, T. Kuck, B. Jones. Second row: K. Kiser, D. Joyner, G. Pourlos, R. Ashford, S. Gantt, A. Spainhour, T. Heatherly, S. Helms, M. llsley, S. Green, P. Porter, E. Fowler, D. Williams, P. Easterling, J. Core, L. Bolt, S. Dillard. Third row: A. Porter, P. Alexander, D. Herron, K. Belk, P. Todd, C. Davis, M. Wike, B. Killough, T. Hinson, B. Bacot, M. Cox, K. Bobay, Ms. Hanna, C. Dellinger, W. Mumford, P. McGinnis, V. Watkins, S. Brown. Spanish Club X I33 Front row: Susan Webb, Janet Woodson, Lynda Pate, Mari- lyn Gathings, Pee Wee Economos, Laura Brazzell, Julie Stemple. Second row: Amy Fowler, Karen Hastings, Debbie Earnhardt, Susan Southerland, Anne Crockford, Linda Re- nfrow. Back row: Stacey Edelman, Dana Kluttz, Leigh Haynes, Terry Teague, Mrs. Covington. President Stacey Edelman welcomes applicants. "I Want to be an ADELPHIANV' Officers: Pres. Stacey Edelman, V. Pres. Sharon Cagle, Treas. Jeanne Tomanchek, Sec. 134 f Adelphians Gaye Dimmick. Mascots: Scotty Parrott and Ferd Sosa Front row: Judy Allen, Sharon Cagle, Gaye Dimmick, Sondra Beach, Crystal Mobley, Betsy Valentine. Second row: Ansley Goodrum, Sandra Forsyth, Traci Williams, Lynn Haynes, Melissa Goins, Dominique McClain, Marie lzldelphians give applicants a hard time at tea The Adelphians, a club for sophomore girls, had another excit- ing year of community and school service. This year the Adelphians served the community by giving a Hallo- ween party for the elderly, giving mental patients Christmas gifts, making centerpieces for a Christ- mas party for the elderly, and also Walking in the Walkathon. The Adelphians did a lot for Garinger such as selling candy and selling programs at home football A games. On Valentine's Day they 0 .,,,, gave guys an opportunity to send C Carnations to the girls of their choice. The Adelphians also served at many school functions. This year's mascots were Ferd Sosa and Scotty Parrott. Holmes. Third row: Cindy Richie, Michelle Armstrong, Karen Pearce, Dipti Pandey, Kris Smith, Betsy Beard, Cathy Tan, Mrs. Boyd. Back row: Kim Griffin, Jeanne Tomanchek, Donna Young, Lisa Darling, Dolores Wood, Dawn Plott. Adelphians X 135 Neena Lindsay - Belk Lisa Darling - Ivey C7 een Boara Members Mo3el Fashions Lynn Haynes -Ivey's Leigh Haynes - lvey's . E I ,. i ,Z l 45 5 , e e,e-mm: M mx-n-1 ymnnir g 1 um n ,,,, , e,,.,,, im Bible Us The Bible II class is open to all students who have completed a semester of Bible I and desire to go on with more study of the Bible. The members of the class have a real love for God and each other and the sincere desire to be of use to Him. This group is fortunate to have Miss Janet Robinson for a teacher. She is one ofthe best examples of what she teaches. as sss wg: 3 X, s , ,go , , st We Q, S Xi 2. Wg iw i , ,t S ,,. ig :Qi mf: xi xx ss is . ,,, ,, WW . X E Q if 3' f f . . :T E , -Q-' T . ssf ,, A a........ Miss Janet Robinson HUn3er She Willow green "Under the Willow Tree" meas- ures its success as a literary maga- zine on the student bodyis re- sponse. Since it is a nonprofit or- ganization, the money to publish "Under the Willow Tree" must come from students. Along with the need for subscrib- ers is the need for submitters. Stu- dents are encouraged to share their talent whether it is by writing or drawing. Front row: Stacy McCullough, Linda Shiffler, Amy Rumph, Susie Johnson, Janice Parker, Second row: Rusty Fowler, Randy Berryhill, Ivory Smith, Berette Garner, Japana Frazier, Terry Parker, Third row: Jeff Bagley, Debbie Barkley, Mary Buckley, Beth Finger, Cheri Wooten, Miss Robinson, Beth Moss, Faye Mitchell, Fourth row: George Henderson, Tim Atkinson, Jerry Leach, Benjie Linker, Bob Hughes, Chuck Joyner, Tommy Jones. Officers: Amy Rumph, Debbie Barkley, Tim Atkinson, Stacy McCullough. Front row: Robbie Maddox, Lisa Washburn - Editor, Mary Moss - Business Manager, Lisa Springer, Leta Lane, Joy Long, Tina Lawing, Ann Putnam, Second row: Alice Hinson, Susie Teague, Jeannie Maynard, John Kyln, Joy Hardee, Mary Lou Matsik. GG -Ai ""'N'W'm"WmmW "'i?+Hf"MMW Students Spend Uime in the Qfiqce Office assistants rank high among the students at Garinger. They rep- resent the minority of students who will spend time doing work for which they receive no credit. The assistants perform the routine chores in the office. These students deserve a lot of praise for the many jobs they do on a daily basis. Front row, Bett Little, Willie Ruth Mason, Terri Smith, Donna Young, Lori McClain, David Frye, Lee Ann Keeter. Back row1Marolyn Jackson, Julia Luther, Mark Smith, Kevin Foster, Bill Little, Tammy Cranfill, Bill Pinnell. W J ,Wu Ns... 'N Annette Hardock writes a message down. Mrs. Lefler - Main Office First row' Ellen Chin Lula Henderson Carolyn Johnson Cheryl Cody Sharon Alexander Gwen Frazier. Second row David Lamb Melinda Johnson Glen Clyburn Marolyn Jackson Annette Hardock Karen Burke. Third row' Julius Davis Bill Pinnell Kevin Foster Terri Smith Donna Young. Fourth row' Julia Luther Tammy Moser 4 'YM 'M' V5.1 Ns 1wA ., 1 usvw , 4. . .. Front row: Mark Adams, Andy Rumph, Marcus Dixon, Shawn Jensen. Second row: Tony Powers, Debbie Willis, Tammy Jones, Mike Powers. Third row: Debra Gibbs, Anita Grier, Kay Toms. Fourth row: Sharon Beatty, Cindy Edwards, Clara Barnes. Fifth row: Sheila Williams, Betty Gardner, Linda Nelson, Dell Brookes. Bibrary .7li3e5 are Eager to Help Garinger is lucky to have devoted aides, volunteers who will clean up after the rest of the student body has left the books out of place or maga- zines on the tables. Library aides do all the tasks which keep the library in order. Being an aide involves more than just stamping books and checking passes. These students must know where all the books are located and how to use the card catalog. Library aides make the li- brary a better place for all students. W ..,, an Library aide stamps a student's book. its... Mike Price checks the date on a book. Library Aides I 139 140 I Sports N M' mimi J ff .wb C Fokowgxvggosx 0 6 0 Tde MQW G NWQJU X50 60 CRE 135 Q0 QW N 5 03,20 WM wah W '35 Coma? W, SCCWQWKQS nb Competative Wildcats finish 4- The Garinger Wildcat football team finished a less than successful season with a final game loss to Play-off bound East Mecklenburg. Their 4-6 record does not truly indicate the true talent of the team. With a few breaks going their way, they could have been one ofthe top teams in the city. The Wildcats got off to a super start winning their first three games over New Hanover, Harding, and Independence. Quarterbacks David Brooks and Ken Carpenter split time directing the Wildcat offense which featured Larry Brown, who despite playing with injuries, rushed for 875 yards. Balancing out the running attack was Barry Seate be- hind a fine, but young offensive line. Defense was the big story for the Wildcats this year as they had the best in the city. Leading this rugged defense were All County performers Charles Allen and Tommy Brimhall. The defense came through all year long, grinding some of the most potent offenses in the county to a halt. The Wildcats had first team All County ,Zyl WW' CNews, Observerj performers in Allen and Brimhall on defense and two offensive players on the second team, Larry Brown CNews, Observerj and junior Donnie Belch tObserverJ. Brown was also selected to play on the N.C. Shrine Bowl Team. With many talented juniors returning and a promising JV team to back them up, Head Coach Jim Holland and the Wildcat staff should expect the Cats to have a fine season next year. l42 X Football in Wa n: .. . f if ff, 1' Z " 4 gf, aff, 2 f,, ,gag ff ,M Qffg ' -,,,... .- ,W 5 E l OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: Barry Seate breaks through the line for a big gain. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Larry Brown looks for an opening in the line. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM RIGHT: Quarterback David Brooks fires to a receiver downfield. TOP LEFT: Cat defense converges on Myers Park running back. MIDDLE LEFT: Brooks hands off to Seate up the Middle. BOTTOM LEFT: Brown takes the pitchout on the sweep. TOP RIGHT: Leon Grier takes pitch from quarterback Ken Carpenter. ABOVE: Cat line opens up a hole for Larry Brown. Football X 143 TOP LEFT: Wildcats get ready to roar! TOP RIGHT: kr K f gps .,, . A . K MN -NWN ge .- .. Lv K 011- we Q - T, , Sw M . , .L ,. in - gf 1 'X l T. ,, .Q -, fwvis was Q E .Qs Q O - - ..- M X-,is--s, - . .,.- I Q -2 Lifes 1' -' '1 'L -S P ,, W .SA V : " W i on , N-.f 3, .- X . , K- . ,. . , in 4- :-IS?"-iL':,i5' .. X' f . i si- X T , L ..f s g ' of , O ' . - fm sf -1-any 1 -. 5 M on Mgig gfw- .1 . .al gig " . -'-' - Q --.A kg Swigggmq gi .5 Tri-captain Charles Allen wrestles Myers Park QB to 144 I Football the ground. ABOVE: Quarterback Ken Carpenter barks out signals. LEFT: Breakaway threat Larry Brown receives a kickoff. LEFT: Head Coach Jim Holland confers with linebacker Tommy Brimhall, BELOW: Wildcat efense poised for action sf FIRST ROW: Eddie Karam, Cedric Jones, Wayne Strong, Richard Gladden, Bob White, Tim Feeney, Ricky Gibson, Mark Hudspeth, Glenn Pyatt, Tim Lewis, John Teague, Craig Hardin, Roger Howard, Greg Hammontree, Steve Be- nge. SECOND ROW: Tim Eubanks, Tommy Brimhall, Ken Carpenter, Alton Kunkle, Ken Holmes, Danny McConnell, Chris Miller, Buzz Bacot, Grady Walker, Dale Aarsund, Chris Kuck, Robert Coleman, Larry Brown, Mike Winstead, Richard Riley, David Brooks, Scott Hoffman, Mike Feeney, Manager. BACK ROW: Charles Allen, Phillip Kinard, Jeff Rogers, Curtis Wardlaw, Kevin McDaniels, Bucky Tarleton, Scott Clayton, Jimmy Holder, Phil Woods, Vondell Carth- ran, Kevin Holmes, Johnnie Westmoreland, Donny Belch, Brian Goans, Walter Twitty, Joey Cude, Barry Seate, Ben McKinney, Sam Beach, Manager. Football X 145 ,7V's Post 7-3 Record The 1977 Junior Varsity football team had a good season compiling a fine record of 7-3. Under Head Coach Bob Godwin, the Wildkittens displayed their explosive offense. Quarterback Greg Karam and end Mark Hanline made the passing game exciting. When the Kittens didn't go to the air their running backs Gene Dunn and Mike Robinson led a ground attack which baffled their opponents. The Junior Varsity defense was one of the hardest hitting in the city. Led by Butch Baker, Willie Mingo, and Jimmy Core, the Kittenis defense held their opponents to an average of six points a game. Although coming from different schools, the Jayvees adjusted quickly to Garinger and played well together. TOP RIGHT: George Austin intercepts a West Charlotte pass. MIDDLE RIGHT: Cats' offensive line blocks for Karam. LOWER RIGHT: Ricky Coulson makes the tackle. ABOVE: Greg Karam drops back to pass 146 X J.V. Football LEFT: Sam Fleming runs the ball behind blockers. BELOW: George Austin takes handoff on the reverse from Gene Dunn FIRST ROW: William Johnson, Randy Stegall, Walter Ken Crowder. THIRD ROW: Herbert Perry, Melvin Floyd, Eric Shoemaker, Sam Fleming, Howard Little, Blackman, Robert Broadwell, Mark Hanline, Ricky George Austin, Greg Karam. SECOND ROW: Kent Coulson, Willie Mingo, Gene Dunn, Jimmy Core, Long, Gerald Green, George Pourlos, Reggie Cox, Wil- Butch Baker, Alfred Hart, Richard Heaton. lie Coleman, Jackie Black, Tony Bonds, Tim Brown, J. V. Football! 147 Soccer Squad Captures City Crown The Garinger Wildcat soccer team surprised everyone this year, compiling a winning 14-6 overall record. In preseason predictions the amazing Cats were counted out of the conference race, but when the dust had settled, GHS was sitting on top. When it counted most, the squad reeled off six consecutive victories down the stretch. Included were big wins over second and third-place finishers West Mecklenburg and Myers Park, respectively. In a match for the city crown, the Cats defeated rival East Mecklenburg, sending them into the State Playoffs. Against Greensboro Page, the squad dropped a fiercely played game in which the Cats roared back from 2-0 and 3-1 deficits to send the game into sudden-death overtime. However, the Wildcat season was suddenly ended when a Page shot found its mark in the Wildcat goal. Leading the Wildcats were All County selections Fernando Sosa, Wayne Clark, Keith Medlin, and Rusty Washam. On offense, GHS relied heavily on Sosa and Clark. Sosa scored a league record 42 goals and Clark's assists sparked many a Wildcat rally. Defensively, halfbacks Mike Loukas, Jeff Ram- sey, and Eddie Fowler picked up the slack. In the net was goalie Mike Horan who recorded an amazing 8 shutouts. The Wildcat defense allowed only 31 goals all year, whereas their potent offense scored 82. Garinger is now a league power in high school soccer, so next year they'll be the team to beat. 148 I Soccer defensive play. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: John Sutton looks to pass to Fernando Sosa. OPPOSITE PAGE. BOTTOM: Rusty Washam slows down to take a breather. LEFT: Wayne Clark and John Sutton double-team an opponent. BELOW: Fullback Eddie Fowler displays a sticky V ,,,.l,, ,y 4 y 3 I ,.,, .J f ' 2 . rg at 11 . i 'f,,,gfH, ' ' 'MM' i , 'ff-. W 4 I 5 V55 .af , .. Zim. : is pa. .msswswsf s - . I IN FRONT: Goalie Mike Horan. FRONT ROW: Roger Taymer, Mike Loukas, Rusty Washam, Waldney Angelo, Johnny Olivera. Ronny Hardman, Wayne Clark, Scotty Parrot. Jeff Ramsey, Fernando Sosa. Eddie Fowler. SECOND ROW: Donald Oakley. Jim Willin- gham. Steve Peralta. Donald Stevens. Bobby 5,5 X1 5 Washam, John Sutton. Glenn Ball. Danny Hathaway, Tommy Parrot, Paul Elder. THIRD ROW: Coach Jim Carroll. Managers David Thomas and Kelly Morgan. Jeff Robertson. Steve Perrill. Billy Fortner. Jeff Kirkpatrick, D. J. Karnazes, Keith Medlin. Jimmy Cook. Rusty White. N. W 'PQ Soccer 1' 149 1 ABOVE: Wayne Clark makes a sliding steal. TOP RIGHT: Bobby Washam and Scotty Parrott get set to head the ball. RIGHT: Fernando Sosa works toward the goal. 150 f Soccer LEFT: Rusty Washam sets up to play defense. BOTTOM LEFT: Fernando Sosa arrivesjust a little too late. BELOW: Wayne Clark moves past Patriot defender. Soccer X 151 Cjirls Volleyball Ueam follows Winning Uraclition E Q The Girls Volleyball team had a very impressive season this year with a 12-2 record. Under the lead- ership of Coach Joyce Hunter the spikers began their season with seven straight wins before their lirst loss to East Mecklenburg by the score of 2-0. They came back from their loss to win tive more games to end the regular season. Garinger was defeated by Hard- ing in the first game of the tournament which ended their hopes of a State Championship. For their out- standing play during the season Tammy Hardee and Tammie Kiser were named to the All Conference team. l 1 I - TOP RIGHT: Tammy Hardee sets it up. ABOVE: Macie Alexander taps it over. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cathy Owen ready for the return. 152 I Girls' Volleyball W W,-W as WW at . S UPPER LEFT: Tammy Hardee the ball. fi ij I F FRONT ROW: Tina McSwain, Dominique Macie Alexander, Annelle Morcock, Susan McClain, Cathy Owen, Tammie Kiser, Kim Frye, Coach Joyce Hunter, Carol Pierce, Griffin, Gaye Dimmick. BACK ROW: Rob- Manager. bie Meador, Manager, Tammy Hardee, spikes another one. LOWER LEFT: Tammie Kiser gets ready for the point. BELOW: Annelle Morcock returns Girls' Volleyball f l53 I The Garinger Cross Country team finished a disap- pointing season this year winning only one meet against Harding. However this was not the fault of Coach Joe White or any of the team members. White, in his first year of coaching Cross Country, had a poor tumout for the team's tryouts, with the team at times barely being able to find the necessary five runners to compete. Leading the team were senior Rusty Kissiah and sophomore Byron Jackson. Jackson had the best time in the city this year for a sophomore, posting a time of 16 minutes and 23 seconds over a three-mile course. He also finished 18th out of 120 runners in the conference meet. With the fine underclassmen returning next year the Harriers should be able to compete against anyone in the conference. ABOVE: Excellent running form displayed by Rusty Kissiah. TOP RIGHT: Cross Country men Bryon Walker and Boyd Krider turn down home stretch. MIDDLE RIGHT: Rusty Kissiah and Bryon Walker take the lead. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike Calhoun leads the pack. 154 I Cross Country Cross Country Squad Backs fxperience Q.. S l 2 1 2 m e 6, -X S SQERRPEQSQQESS FRONT ROW: Boyd Krider, Bryon Walker. BACK ROW: Coach Joe White, Marcus Dixon, Byron Jackson, Rusty Kissiah. LEFT: Bryon Walker cuts on the speed. BELOW: Boyd Krider struggles to keep up with the pace. BOTTOM RIGHT: 'Byron Jackson in hot pursuit. Cross Country X 155 -inlai- 156 X Girls Tennis FIRST ROW: Kristina Smith, Juanita Mar- Davis, Susie Fisher, Tammy Davis, Neena rin, Ann Saadah, Cindy Deal. SECOND Lindsey, Beth Chastain, Ginger Land, ROW: Lynda Smith, Terry Teague, Robin SUSEIHI16 Ray. Netters Have Hough Season The 1977 Garinger Girl's Tennis Team struggled through a tough year. Their record was 1-8, their only win coming against Independence. Under new coach Beth Summers, The Netters showed great determina- tion but couldn't overtake their opponents. The team was led by top seeded Cindy Deal and second seeded Juanita Martin. Throughout the year the Netters gave their all and kept their spirits high. The netter's biggest problem was their lack of experience. Although the top three people on the team were seniors, the Netters still had an abundance of juniors and sophomores. With fourth seeded Susanne Ray, sixth seeded Heather Smith, and many other returning juniors and sopho- mores, the Netters should be a contender next year. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: Heather Smith serves the ball. OPPOSITE PAGE, RIGHT: Juanita Martin stretches to serve. TOP RIGHT: Cindy Deal displays good form on her forehand. MIDDLE RIGHT: Susanne Ray takes aim on the ball. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lynda Smith shows determination. ABOVE: Neena Lindsey concentrates on backhand. Girls Tennis f 157 ,, 3 wg Lf fl V A W ,, fm QM f M 422 ,Q in sas l E ll 2 FRONT ROW: Cheerleaders Annette Brown and li-?1mS, Eddie Fowler, J0hI1HiC HUFL Frank J0h11S011, Joni Dunn, Albert Kelly, Micah Lee, Fred Coleman, Mark McDuffie, Buzz Bacot, Ken Carpenter, Calvin James Holland, Chris Fitzsimon, cheerleaders Janet LHHCE1SI6T,Vil'lH Davis, cheerleader Cynthia McCul- Hayes and Stacy McCullough. SECOND ROW: lough. Head Coach Rollie Sumwalt, cheerleader Sheila Wil- Boys Varsity Basketball ! I59 ,Q 'jf ,, 2' ,W if Q V Q' f V! Q Jw fy' 'Q M J HE 535351525 ff ' '41 Q if Q QW , ,N679f" A 4- ' , "-Z, L' ,,,, .w,w Q,i, H4wmgf?Mw,iw W ff . Q, new Q V 205719 'V 'fE,zfZYfii45i4L315Yfi 1 ,.,f q,,, , ,WW ,, f f 2 wx., ' ' f f F, ' ,y ,X ff , fa?" iw I' av 5' ,Q 'W ,,, I al wmwf Boys Varsity Fnishes Ffh Under new Head Coach Rollie Sumwalt, the GHS Boys Varsity Basketball squad ended the 1977-1978 season with eleven wins against thirteen losses. The Wildcats started fast, jumping to a 5-1 conference rec- ord. However, a loss to winless West Mecklenburg shattered the squad's confidence and the Cats dropped four of their next five games. The team kept fighting, though, and consecutive wins over South and Olympic enabled the Cats to finish only one game out of fourth place. After defeating defending conference champion South Mecklenburg twice during the regular season, The Wildcats fell to them in the first round of the playoffs. The Cats were led by senior guards James Holland CSecond Team, All Countyj, Chris Fitzsimon CHonorable Mentionj, and Micah Lee, all of whom directed the Wildcat attack. Sophomore forwards Frank Johnson and Gene Dunn, along with senior Al- bert Kelly gave the Cats one of the best front lines in the county. Center Fred Coleman teamed with Kelly for a powerful one-two scoring punch before he was de- clared ineligible. With the loss of four starters to gradu- ation, it appears next season's squad will be young. However, you can bet Coach Rollie Sumwalt's team will have their engines tuned for next year's race to the playoffs. strategy. .sMemasiF m m vm ABOVE: Micah Lee goes up strong under the basket LEFT Coach Sumwalt and Cats discuss Boys Varsity Basketball X 161 unior Varsity Ends Disappointing Season 3 - 17 The Junior Varsity Basketball team struggled through a tough season in 1977-,78. Under new head coach Bob Jacobs, the Wildkittens edged out a record of 3-17. The J.V. team was led by Gene Dunn who averaged 22 points a game before he moved up to play on the varsity squad. Dunn, along with Stanley Faulk- ner, led the team with excellent shooting and fine de- fensive play. Their quick moves and good ball handling led a powerful offense. The Wildkittens also received excellent play from Jackie Black and Bobby Turner. ABOVE RIGHT: Wildcat fights for loose ball. FIRST ROW: Chris Porter Gene Dunn Lane Edwards Stanley Faulkner Larry Jeff Dunn. SECOND ROW Len Fagan Jones Brian Parks Jackie Black 162 I J .V. Boys Basketball ABOVE LEFT: Stanley Faulkner muscles a shot. ABOVE RIGHT: Bobby Turner blocks shot. LEFT: Gene Dunn tires one up from the top ofthe key. ABOVE: Head Couch Jacobs gives instructions during time out. J,V. Boys Basketball I 163 Bday Wildcats .Book U0 Next year Garinger' s Girls's Varsity Team struggled through an extremely tough season. Despite their hard efforts and hustle, the Lady 'Cats failed to post a victory. Head Coach Elizabeth Throneburg's squad was plagued by a lack of experience and depth. Leading the attack was Tammy Hardee, who was one of the best performers in the county. She was assisted by senior Donna Levins, and junior Karen Harding. With the addition of players from the Junior Varsity Girls and three returning star- ters, the Lady 'Cats should have a lot to say about who wins the league championship next year. 1 I l 1 1 3 P 5 W 1 l . 5 tr , 1 in E iii 164 I Girls Varsity Basketball LEFT: Tammy Hardee drives for a shot. TOP RIGHT Dominique McClain dribbles around opponent. ABOVE ammy Hardee looks to pass the ball. ew-We f LEFT: Tammy Hardee fires up a jump shot from the corner RIGHT: Lynn Gulledge looks for an open teammate. f M ar A Q 7 f gk f , ir 5 f f if .1 7 ,mf few f J M f we f f ff rw! fx k 2 ig, ff Y' FRONT ROW: Curtina Allen, Dominique Ivey, Tammy Hardee, Sheryl Boulware, McClain, Carol Deese, Carol Johnson, Karen Harding, Adrienne Latimer, Head Lynn Gulledge. BACK ROW: Michelle Cgach Elizabeth Throneburg. Armstrong, Manager, Donna Levins, Pam Girls Varsity Basketball I 165 i i Wilakiffens Post Tour victories In Fmt year In their first year of J.V. competition the Lady Wildkittens pawed their way to a 4-14 record. Their record does not indicate how close many of the games were with many of them decided by less than tive points. The team was led by juniors Linda Renfrow and Lynn Eudy and sophomores Gina Clayton and Kim Purser. With a great deal of help coming from their bench, the team was a tough opponent for anybody to defeat. With the addition ofthese fine girls to the varsity next year, Garinger could improve greatly upon this year's record. 3,1 4, ,sl 1 MQ ,fr W ,EV V,,. ,,,, BACK ROW: Tammy Winecoff, Cookie Ezell, Angela Bogans, Gina Clayton, Kim Purser, Coach Tom Shepherd. FRONT TOP RIGHT: Angela Bogans puts up a shot. ABOVE: Team huddles to discuss game plan. 166 ! Girls J.V. Basketball 35 we .U ,fs ROW: Donna Watts, Lora Moore, Linda Renfrow, Tricia Ryan, Patricia Harris, Lynn Eudy. BOTTOM LEFT: Gina Clayton and Patricia Harris cut off East player. BOTTOM RIGHT: Angela Bogansjumps center. TOP LEFT: Lynn Eudy dribbles past East defender. TOP RIGHT: Linda Renfrow stops opposing player. 2 Girls J.V. Basketball ! 167 C1 H S Wrestlers Suffer from Back ryf Depth The Wildcat wrestlers, who finished with a final rec- ord of 2-9, ran into some tough competition this year. Many of the Wildcat defeats could possibly have been victories, had each weight class been filled. However, under the eyes of coaches Jim Carroll, Clay Barnes, and Allen Frailey, the squad showed tremendous courage in battling through an early season string of defeats. The grapplers turned things around with a rousing victory over West Mecklenburg midway through the season. Only two matches later, the Wildcats scratched and clawed their way to a big win at Harding. In the section- als, a total of six GHS wrestlers advanced to the second round, where all but Anthony Bonasera were defeated in hard-fought matches. Bonasera advanced to the fi- nals, where he finished an impressive 2nd among over fifteen other wrestlers. Wrestling in the lower weight classes were Eddie Hall 11121, Chuck Joyner 11191, Bonasera 11261, Bob Francis 11321, and Ned Ritchie 11381. In the heavier classes were Donnie Love 11451, Charles Davis 11551, Tim Lewis 11671, Joe Ervin 11851, and heavyweight Willie Mingo. G A FRONT ROWZ Eddie Hall, Chuck JOYUCT Mmgo Joe Ervin Tim Lewis Charles Davis MIDDLE ROW: Tony Bonasera Bob Francis Dgnmg Love Ned Ritchie, John Swain. BACK ROW Willie 168 X Wrestling N Q E Wx 5 s s OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Tony Bonasera covers opponent. OPPOSITE PAGE, MIDDLE: Assistant Coach Clay Barnes. OPPOSITE PAGE, FAR LEFT: Head Coach Jim Carroll watches the match closely. TOP LEFT: Chuck Joyner twists out of opponent's grasp. MIDDLE: Tony Bonasera loosens his opponent's grip. BOTTOM LEFT: Tony Bonasera upends opponent. BELOW: Teammates comfort Bob Francis after a defeat. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tony Bonasera awaits referee's signal. Wrestling X 169 '77 Baseball Squaa Rulea Out Of State Playaff Garinger's 1977 baseball team endured a season of real ups and downs. The squad was undoubtedly one of the top teams in the state, but because of a controversial infraction of a high school eligibility rule, the Wildcats became ineligible for the state playoffs. The unfortunate Cats jumped off to a tremen- dous 15-1 record before learning they would have to forfeit their first eleven games and be held out of the playoffs. Principal Richard Cansler, Athletic Director Bob Godwin, and Head Coach Joe Tomanchek were not aware of the infraction until late in the season, when it was learned that one of the players did not live with his parents. Thus the three, along with Simon Terrell Cdirector of the NCHSAAJ decided that the rules must be enforced to the letter. Despite the devastating blow, the gutty Cats finished the season with an overall record of 18-1, not including the for- feited games. The Wildcats were led by fireballers Brick and Scooter Smith, along with shortstop Bryan Little and cen- terfielder Charles Biddle. The Wildcat defense played almost errorless ball throughout the season, which made for some exciting plays. Of course, their potent offense also deserves praise. Even after becoming ineligible for the playoffs, the squad continued to put on an awesome display of hitting. While Brick Smith, "Tree" Owens, and Biddle provided the power, Little, Larry Brown, Scooter Smith, and catcher Jeff Hamrick stroked out the singles. Despite the heartbreaking decision, each one of the players and GHS students all know who the real State Champs were! ABOVE RIGHT: Pitching ace Brick Smith. RIGHT: Bryan Little lays down a bunt. LEFT: Catcher Jeff Hamrick. RIGHT: Slugging first , J h baseman Frank Owens. FRONT ROW: Bryan Little, Charles Biddle, Jeff Hamrick, Brown. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Joe Tomanchek, Ben Brick Smith, Frank Owens, Chip Helms, Bill Binkley. SEC- Lowder, Steve Helms, Mark Davidson, Joey Cude, David OND ROW: Coach Fast, Joey Blythe, Bobby Lawhon, Van Gaddy, Bob Walker, Coach Jim Edwards. Smith, Scott King, Chris Miller, Scooter Smith, Larry 171 Baseball Squad Feels U his Is U he Hear Just as in past years, the 1978 Garinger Baseball squad looks to be a county powerhouse. In perhaps the strongest league in the state, the Cats are seen as favor- ites in preseason forecasts. However, Myers Park and East are also expected to be contenders for the city title. Last year's unfortunate incident involving the for- feiture of participation in the State Tournament, as well as eleven games, may well serve as extra incentive for the Cats. Many of the players on that squad have re- turned with hopes that nothing will stop them this year. Pitching ace Scooter Smith and Second Baseman Larry Brown will lead the Cats this year. Smith, a top hitter as well as one of the best pitchers in the league heads a mound crew which includes Bob Walker and Joey Cude Brown a three year starter at second base will be the hub of a sticky defense With a strong bench also contributing the Wildcats look tough to beat It wouldn t surprise many experts to see the Cats grab the State Crown a crown which has only narrowly eluded the squad the past two years TOP RIGHT: Steve Helms awaits practice. BOTTOM RIGHT: Joey Cude pitches batting practice. 172 X Baseball TOP LEFT: Pitching ace Scooter Smith warms up. ABOVE: Second Baseman Larry Brown takes batting practice. LEFT: The squad waits for practice to begin. Varsity Baseball f 173 174 I Baseball TOP RIGHT: Steve Helms takes a few practice swings. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Chris Miller lets one rip. LEFT: Eric Shoemaker behind the plate. ABOVE: Pitcher Joey Cude works on his follow-through. Baseball f 175 Boys Urack Expects Qood year This year s edition of Boys Track has the potential to be one of the better teams in recent memory at Garinger. Although the Cindermen will encounter some tough competition from East Mecklenburg and Inde- pendence Head Coach Joe White feels that the team will do very well. Even though the team is young this. Leading the squad will be returners Mike Calhoun Charles Allen andjunior Donnie Belch who posted one of the best 880 times in the state last year as a sopho- more. Also newcomers Leon Grier Kenneth Crowder and Byron Jackson are expected to help the team out. With all of this talent and more the Wildcats could be one of the top track teams in the county this year. Coach White feels the talent of his squad will overcome ra. 176 1 Boys Track OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Leon Grier and Mike Calhoun go over the hurdles. LEFT: Greg Hammontree displays his form in the pole vault. TOP RIGHT: Mike Calhoun shows good form in getting out of the starting blocks. ABOVE: Determined broad jumper Kenneth Sumpter leaps forward. FIRST ROW: Sam Fleming, Kenneth Crowder, Cedric Jones, Byron Jackson, David Horne, Greg Hammontree. SECOND ROW: Jerry Clinkscales, Richard Gladden, Grady Walker, Leon Grier, Rusty Kissiah, Herbert Perry, Sam Beach, Bobby Campbell, Tim Lewis. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Joe White, Darryl White, Kenneth Sumpter, Mike Calhoun, Jim Fullam, David Beaver, Mike Rodriquez, Charles Allen, Len Fagan, Wayne Strong, Coach Gary Benson. Boys Track X 177 Qirls Urack Books Qptimistically C7 o New Season The 1977-'78 Girl's Track Team is looking forward to a very good year. Under Head Coach Reed Hilderbrand and Assistant Coach Jan Hall, the team should pile up many wins. The captains of the team are senior Tammie Kiser and Latahnya Watt. Kiser's main run will be the 880 and Watt's will be the 220. The team is also counting on outstanding performances from1Dominque McClain, Cookie Ezell, Julie Combs, Curtina Allen and Sandra Alexander. Coach Hilderbrand feels that he has a fine team, but should run up against tough competition against Myers Park and South Mecklenburg. The team is fairly experienced and should not run into some of the difficulties of a younger team. 7 ,yy , Q f , ' K M ., ...dir js. 'A of' wi.- . H rgm ' K.: V , .A . , ,W A' .9 A ' ' ,, W' lu .. .'.. , A , if . N ' " f ' Q.. W . - . V 'A .. er. , . ' H1 W wow, ffl f . f - , ,L M va V W ' L A ' - f V . MQW K .. ' f ws ' M. 1 , ,W off ,' - " -. . .f fi H . FIRST ROW: Samaria Hill, Ethelrine Smith Sharon Alexander. SECOND ROW: Coach Hil- derbrand, Teresa Wagner, Sandra Alexander Latahnya Watt, Cheryl Mill, Dominique MCC- l78 X Girls' Track af W' 4 W, M N , , . 4. .,,. , . .auf .. f .A . . .. f. . A 1.3 I Ang! .YV .,. 1. "v'3'C+ My A ' " . H- f fa f. 1. M Wai-'1T"s1h:..JfA! "" f lain, Kathy Poplin, Curtina Allen, Coach Hall THIRD ROW: Keane Daniels, Tammie Kiser Amy Fowler, Kim Becknell, Mary Mullen Cookie Ezell, Julie Combs, Lisa Newell. ,NNT WQIM., 'lil OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: Lisa Newell and Amy Fowler making their last lap. UPPER LEFT: Tammie Kiser leads the pack. TOP RIGHT: Captains Latahnya Watt and Tammie Kiser spring out of starting block. LOWER LEFT: Sandra Alexander takes a lap in warm-ups. LOWER RIGHT: Julie Combs extending her lead from teammates. W lir5'?3' ,te2'fevt,,4"1'ifLQWe,i,, ff f M I I WW Mal if , 55 35 ttal gm4w mft,..1,f f ,mmm ,,,, W ,, , . ,,,,,, sae, ,- 9,524 fy, A .4 7 50 aa 395424 af , . , Girls' Track f I79 Qoifers May Surprise Some feople Year after year, the GHS Golf Team finishes among the top teams in the city. With the return of over half of last year's squad, the 1978 team looks to be no excep- tion. Headed by seniors Bimmie Wallace and Jeff Ram- sey, along with juniors Bobby Washam, Jeff Thompson, and Lance Ripley, the team hopes to chal- lenge Myers Park for the top spot in the conference. Coach Bob Godwinls squad, with the majority of its matches to be played at Sunset Hills GC, opens its schedule against Harding on March 13. The optimistic Cats feel that with a victory there, they can keep the ball rolling right on into the State Tournament at Chapel Hill. ,:1 i I 1 1 l OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Keeping his eye on the ball, Jeff Ramsey drives it toward the green. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Chip Busker swings for the fairway. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM LEFT: Bobby Washam, using excellent form, prepares to hit theball. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM RIGHT: Jeff Ramsey displays his fine sportsmanship. ABOVE RIGHT: Rusty Washam lines up his shot. RIGHT: The squad clowns around. ME ISO X Golf 'A g gf 5 1 SW ? M E, , , m 5 2 2 , , K gf. 3 15- " hz iagzft I K , ,, ' ' I ., . . ,A Wm, 4 , ,.,, Www ,.,Q4KM,,, M, I' I, I ,5 ,,,, ,, 5 I In Q- 'If-If f 5.33 ,I - ' 7,3 " In V ,QQZQIQI-ZIIM, Q ' I ' I , , Q .I ,V .IW ,, . , ' I.IQIifI I an ,',z:fffIgIf,,,:L,., 'I 5 W , ,,,, . ,Wi " ' ' 1' IWIV 'MIIIII z'I I yu . wg H. IW ,. I '-fm.lIQ5i'9'f"3" , I, " ww, , I K I 5 S225 w fi' W " " 1 I' "" " 1 "'L z , , "-' Q5 ,. A ' 5 - ,,,. " "'Lf 5 . ,, ' . 1 ., is Eg in 5 ,II , I ' Hx ff Y , , vi .LII-.Im ,,,, 'WI W , ' ' 1 ' I 'wa I5 , 'I g QI 3 ' 'I Y ., f " "" 1 'I , " p . 1 I ' ,F w I 3' M II - 'Q ' ' if A ,.,., I I V 'I H 7' "" " ,,., fi " ,. f"ff A A I' I 'f ' ,mf :Iwi " ,I I ' ,, 'wpI1, I I . I .- I - I ,. .I , II I I ' aI ' A 'fWfWyw22I""i'V " ' ' azwawg . ff J- - g MI 'P ,A I.?,.rwII I , I I ' , L ' A I , , 7 , , ,, H W " ' ,, ,, " " Golf! l8I Boys Uennis Ueam Has High Hopes The 1978 Netters show great determination Al though they are not too experienced the team always works hard during practice Leading the team will be semors Donme Davis and Bob Francis Juniors Scott Cadmus and Tom Ross should also be team leaders season Coach Hunter says that her team s biggest prob lem is the lack of experience but because of their hard work in practice they will give their opponents tough competition Coach Joyce Hunter feels that they will have an average OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Tom Ross stretches to return the ball. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Scott Crump makes a good effort as teammate watches. TOP RIGHT: Good form on forehand is displayed by Keith Medlin. ABOVE: Bob Francis displays followthrough RIGHT: Keith O'Leary returns opponent's serve. 182 X Boys Tennis iw on S A, 5 ' ' t,"i.,i?!z,',i,, ,,,-, ,,',',,'i I 'Hn' A ' " 'I' Y vi K 5 W-.,,, L Q. V' is Q 0 .R -L.. , gigs, R -Nm ' . --K-X- lm x . in Ng., ogg, Xe Sl FIRST ROW: Bill Brown, Rodney Grant, Keith O'Leary, Scott Crump, Keith Medlin, Kim Tarleton, manager. SECOND ROW: John Bragg, Bobbie , -qnoemneg Slacom, Eddie Crawford, Bob Francis, Tom Ross, Ricky Brown, Coach Joyce Hunter. Boys Tennis f 183 Stacy McCullough Janet Hayes Tracy Rion -- -. 1 lwl Wee, l W ,,g,,V-W ww, - ,wr N FROM LEFT: Melody Richardson, Annette Brown, Kim Becknell, Cynthia McCullough, Sheila Williams, Stacy McCullough, Janet Hayes, Joni Dunn, Tracy Rion. Cheerleaders Keep Crowd native Kim Becknell 184 f Cheerleaders Melodie Richardson Garinger High School has always had a tradition of sporting extremely active and spirited cheerleaders. Cheerleading is one sport which is rarely overlooked. Who else can stir the emotions like cheer- leaders and pom-pom girls? Wildcat stu- dents are appreciative to the GHS cheer- leaders this year. The squad continually kept the student body involved in school athletics. Sponsoring competitions be- tween clubs and selling Wildcat T-shirts were just a few of the projects the squad undertook. The 1977-78 cheerleaders were Head Sheila Williams, Cynthia McCullough, Stacy McCullough, Kim Becknell, Janet Hayes, Annette Brown, Joni Dunn, Melodie Richardson, and Tracy Rion. Advisors were Mrs. Bennett and Ms. Throneburg. Practicing an aver- age of twice a week, the squad acquired imaginative stunts and routines. Their hard work paid off each time the packed stands stood and cheered along with them. The school spirit of '77 and '78 was as strong as ever, and most of it was the work of the Wildcat cheerleaders! Sheila Williams - Head Cynthia McCullough NX X, Ndimw Annette Brown Joni Dunn Cheerleaders X l85 .7.V. Cheerleaders .7133 Spirit The 1977-78 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders did a great job to stir up emotions at the J .V. football and basket- ball games. The '77-'78 J.V. cheerleaders were Sandra King, head, Phyllis Winchester, Tonya Capehart, Kelly Kiser, Tina Suddreth, Lisa Alcala, and Sabrina Cun- ningham. They were advised by Ms. Debbie Wilson. The cheerleaders were chosen from about 26 other sophomore girls who tried out last fall. The cheerleaders worked hard during practice to make sure that they had their routine down pat. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders added spirit to the J .V. games and hope to do the same for the varsity next year. '!4'e"'I' " Sandra King, Head Kelly Kiser 186 l J.V. Cheerleaders Tina Suddreth - 2580? ii: Tonya Capehart fi , ffuuuuuuuuuu Sabrina Cunningham R FIRST COLUMN: Tonya Capehart, Sabrina Cunningham. SECOND COLUMN: Lisa Alcala, Sandra King Kelly Kiser. THIRD COLUMN: Tina Suddreth, Phyllis Winchester. Lisa Alcala Phyllis Winchester :S W. sW""i 1 E 4 MV 3' K S' Wx 1 in ,, 5 it i X' 15 -1' if 0 ski, ff ifigtegy V sill? S . ,Fl ,. g . :., s,-s g.- N is if gs iii .r-555 if-5 is if , , ,, 4, I. .9. Q i 'Ti fi, ivwhmtf S ,yttyt t he ski ' H 11:-fi,-f-:ali af -'f-. WMM .. ' gg wi aringer '5 Outstanding fzlthletes nv -Q The faces you see on the following two pages are those of GHS's outstanding athletes. Selected by the head coach of their respective sports, each of these seniors have displayed character, leadership, and spirit on and off the field. They are as follows: TOP LEFT: Charles Allen, Football, TOP RIGHT: Tammie Kiser, Vol- leyball, BOTTOM LEFT: Cindy Deal, Girls Tennis, BOTTOM RIGHT: Fernando Sosa, Soccer. 15 3 ,, a g ,F or ,,,, , ,U by , ai , if ff ,ig Mew, f f rw "mm, W, I Jim vegas ' QSM ,- ' Q, I-w,,, . , 1, , I, f mf . f , W, , ,. WB, K tw fi - 1 .f - f ,tg ,N gr w,51f,,v W K if I-f.55iff?Fi?'fi. , . . K, , -.-1-if,,i41 , 'Q -.1 f.-,-f ,,,--... g V,,5i,jf " w 'f15,1f 'lt - '- , ,..., .,, A ,.,p. ,,,.,,,, .is ' f wx at .-......,,MW,, , it '- if J Hhs .. f' 0-'-fume iw , Z1 f 'Knew W l I MV' The Garinger Top Cats on this page are: TOP LEFT: Anthony Bonasera. Wrestling TOP RIGHT: James Holland Boys Basketball BOT- TOM LEFT: Donna Levins, Girls Basketball, BOTTOM RIGHT: Rusty Kissiah, Cross Coun- try. wp Nuiununn-.T Top Cats f 189 Girls Tennis 1-8 Garinger 2 North Mecklenburg East Mecklenburg 0 South Mecklenburg 1 Harding I Myers Park 3 West Mecklenburg Forfeit Olympic 6 Independence 1 West Charlotte 6' Q 'IVV ,VV if ,V V V V VV, V V, ,,,,, V ' V V Boys Varsny Basketball l 1-13 ' Gafmgef VVGx1fZV V55far33tyVVVV Basketball V 57 Bowman 69 ' l 68 Hardmg 54 V V VV ' VV 60 Il'ldCp8IldC11CC 48 V VV ' VV - -' fn- ,VV Vi'?VV K V ' V' V V VQQVVV' V 42 M yefg,5jar VVVV 74 V 33 V V 67 ' V HM V ' V VV V' V ecklenbufg 47 V ' ' VV ' ' ' Day 45 VV Inge e V V 5 V V W"' VV V LV V' ,, , V VV ,,,, V V VV VV VV Park 70 49 'L"" ' V " V Chaflfme 53 V VVVVV " 72 V! ' h M kl b VV V VV .VV. ' V"V V V V f VV V V V V ,,'V ' ' "' V VV ,,,, ' X "'A "V' V M 2 V ' V VVVWVVV ,?iWfi3.2VV'Wi ,V iii:VVlQzZV!'ZfZVVWV11-3'iff'L W'7VUi57ILVVV7'4,fVV" ' " f -- . 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A H Jeanna Gale Alexander Judy Alexander Robert Lee Alexander 1' Ben Michael Alexander Wy at gl at 1-- Q Q n 4,-f , Susan Lynn Allen Theresa Denise Alexander Paul Douglas Allen Rhonda Francis Allen l l faafd I , Ci l Waldney Ribeiro Angelo Mark Gordon Asbury Eric Mitchell Ashley Timothy Huntley Atkinson l Anthony Victor Alexander Sharon Renee Alexander 4:31. ym ,QS , V W A, Jane Forrest Andrews .4-'Q Carol Lee Austin Seniors X 195 Joni Ellen Dunn Juanita Roselind Easterling Patricia Ann Elder Michael Daniel Farr 202 f Seniors Linda Diane Dunn Patricia Diana Dunn Selena Edge Cynthia Louise Edwards Gwynne Eudy Darrell Kent Ewing Phyllis Faulkner Robin Jean Ferguson Teresa Diana Dunn Donald Edward Earle Xi we iite' F he James Ray Edwards Wilhelmina Edwards E:-Q .4 -ui A JOhr1 Farmer Carol Louise Farnsworth Van Wayne Ferree Laura Ann Ferreira Leon Vance Farrell Li 9 V' Y il William Leslie Fortner Robert Harold Frances Japana Frazier Nancy Elizabeth Finger Christine Louise Fowler Hortensia Francisco Linda Frazier Christopher John Fitzsimon Edgar Eugene Fleming Joseph Kelly Fowler Patricia Kim Fowler rica all Ez-ri. Jose Bonifacio Francisco Maria Antonia Francisco Steve Ray Fretz David Wayne Frye L , Thomas Andrew Fleming Van Harold Fowler in Gwen Ophelia Frazier Sandra Lynn Frye Seniors I 203 Angela Lovette Harrell Kelly Harwell Mary Catherine Head William Christopher Helms 206 X Seniors 1 XV .M . Etta Lauren Harrell Jeffery Alan Harris Susan Alice Harris Ffh -W--to Cynthia Ann Haslam Brian Everett Hawkins Sherrill Curt Hawley l Christopher Brian Heck Carla Lee Hedrick Gina Denise Helms PW Ellen Beirne Henderson Eunice Beirne Henderson George Wegly Henderson KL Vernon Harris Janet Lee Hayes f I A, 2 fi V Ltf , ' i X .I i'-,, , 2 -"iii" , Steven Parks Helms Lula Bell Henderson Jerry Dale Leach Steven Micah Lee Wayne Harvey Lee W 5 if if Aaron Timothy Lewis Adrienne Lindsay Kim Marie Lindsay me if A t ' X 'N ,-fill 11 i 4 , .',- an V, .- , . M V V , .4, fl cm., . - -.1 re. .' Y , , . . ,L -Y . .1 , ,.o,:, ,- L r .r .' . '- , 1 . - - .NIU ' . vat- H 1 at a..,', ,n a . 45' ' - n hr'-ln uve- A ' ' 3 .U . . , Q. I '5',",4.a.-,-, 1 . ski' nu.: 11. 1 G'-'.'.'i W-L - .4 . 1 ' .' Lorraine Kay Little Ruby Mae Lockhart Tonya Delores Loflin F im, 4 u f-1 Heidi Lynn Low Benita Frances Lowder Julia Edith Luther - - '-". -'. '.'.'-4' ' ' l. .- 4 -- an als' '1 Karen Ann Legrand Neena- Gaye Lindsay Sabrina Denise Lorick Debra Ann Lytle Donna Marie Levins Amy Carole Lippard Donnie Ray Love Walter Eugene Maney Seniors f 211 D l Shirley Denise McGalliard David McGrant Donna McIlwain Robert Marion McKee Nw? JCFICCH MCMZHIUS YVCII6 MCRHC Donna Louise Melton Carolyn Denise Miller 'IF E . if We ,K Y-. J ' S , 'Q 5 are ' .',, 5 , as if C' K i 4- it l 9 ll 'fl' ' ' "M Mn 1 Danette Miller Janet Lynn Miller James David Mins susan Elizabeth Milsteatii iyii iii M e t 4 tilf U WW, .i ,M-l rr,-I Wir Q V ,f mu, N. -V., I , W Mtv.. ,, ll, gifffl wt will r flwmieeb M: 4 W it V I W, .fi im il-2111 2. D 'Q' 8-L l' Q V if www M I as M all dx, I sl! W is W We ' 3 , ,W V flat, lg, 7, in 1 " in , yi' fm MWA WW, Q lui X1 4- 11,1 , ' V: , ll, , I Rhonda Ann McKnight l Christopher Wayne Miller Sandra Coletta Miller Faye Tinnie Mitchell Seniors I 213 Alex Charles Mobley Elizabeth Annelle Morcock fr Mark Moser r --.5 Amy Dorothy Nance 214 X Seniors Karen Denise Moftitt Deborah Morris Linda Joy Moser Andrea Denise Neal C? Penny Montague Douglas Moore Rhonda Moore N , fb if Mil Wi 5 1 , i limi. Janice Renee Morris Debbie Morrow Audrey Laine Morse it Tammie Darlene Moser Mary Elizabeth Moss James Calvin Mullis wow v.. ww' William Hunter Newbold Donna Lee Newell Robin Elaine Newell William Richards Brian Leon Roberts Eric Rodney Rodgers Amy Jacqueline Rumph Richard Allen Riley Tracy Marie Rion Derrick Rivers Jeffery Neal Robertson Susan Kay Robinson Belinda Rockman William Jeffery Rogers Timothy Edward Rorie Tammy Lynn Rose Q l iq . J, in l Salawa Ann Saadeh Rebecca Aileen Salem Adill Sanders l Hezzie Eugene Robbins Laurie Ruth Rodgers Richard Franklin Rudisill Laura Louise Sanders Seniors ! 217 1' Stanley Gilbert Shaw Donald Raye Shine 2l8! Seniors Michael Leonard Shermetta Eric Thompson Shirkey Verdall Sanders Phyllls SHI1f0fd John Barry Seate Varlie Volanda Seibles U' W 5 n Sheila Renee Sherron Linda Jean Shiffler Donna Leigh Sides Terri Leigh Simmons J S Leon Scott Www James Alexander Shaw I x i I Barbara Ann Shine Amelia Alta Smith WWI? Darrell Smith Dina Gayle Smith Ellen Marie Smith Judy Smith Lorna Leigh Smith Lynda Leigh Smith Mark Smith Vernon Michael Smith ff N...-7 Sherii Lee Smith Sherry Selene Smith Terri Lynne Smith Todd Eugene Smith in l l Q i t 3 1 Tae Kyong Song Un Ju Song Fernando Augusto Sosa Kathryn Lee Sowell Lynda Kay Smith Y Robert Louise Smith Hae Kyong Song I Wayne Madison Spearman Seniors I 219 Lisa Melanie Springer Linda Faye Spurrier K QE, B l ,. T l Phillip Daniel Starnes Teresa Ann Steele Terry Ann Stokes Katherine Rene Stone Vanessa Sturgis Martha Kay Stutts 2201 Seniors Debra Karen Stamey Julia Diane Stanley Donald Ellis Starnes, Jr. Gracie Luvenia Stewart Gwendolyn Stewart Jack Darryl Stogner Wayne Timothy Strong John Timmons Stroud Michael Cole Sturgill Scott Eugene Suddreth Julie Ann Sweet Melanie Renee Swindell Donna Lynn Tarleton is Ag Brenda Elizabeth Teeter ' 5 'f ,syi .,4"":-1 get 1 .I 9 . as Nancy Lee Threatt Marietta Devonne Tucker QL'-5 Leslie Diane Tate Pamela Cheryl Taylor John Pleas Teague III Ophelia Suzanne Teague 1 V xgz fri My , eeuu 3 l 3 fig? W X 2 X ' f. it I ---If ...Jin E at, Nicholas Lee Tewell Richard Wayne Thacker Margaret Amelia Thomas Sheila Patricia Thompson Mrk lj! Valerie Ann Toney Angela Lorraine Tribue Rosetta Maria Trusdale Edward Buford Tucker are j' i if Kelly Ann Turner Sylvia Unger Tamera Lee Vanderburg Robert Edwin Wagoner Seniors I 221 Carolyn Dale Walker Terrence Wall 0 , 2 Deborah Ann Washington William James Waters 222 X Seniors 'M 'fe' Charles Walker Hugh Grady Walker III Curtis Wallace Rebecca Ruth Wallace A. X4 C 1 'f .. 'Wm 4 1: Annetta Ann Watson Chris Watson Wendi Ann Weaver Donna Weibel -if .g is W if , ,,, Wulf X ln 2' W , v , -.' l -V ,ly Robert Randall Walker Tamisha Walker 4 g William Caleb W21llaCC Russell Warren Washam '54 Michael Watson Lathnya Antwawn Watt Rosa Ann Weldon Anthony Santo Wells l Cynthia Denise Wensil Marilyn Elaine White Richard Anthony Williams Timothy Mark Williams .nw .HU 1 MQ F' V. M 'ff Y P Wil i ,. ,Q 1 ,N if if W wig li f 5 if M 1 , , A Lisa Kay Werner Kenneth Westbrook Keith White . W ,, t w-,, rr I Marilyn Ann Wilkerson Samuel Richard Wilkie Brenda Gale Williams Lisa Karen White Melinda Elizabeth Williams Sheila Kay Williams me , Wm.. Wilson Williamson k Seniors ! 223 Michael Wayne Willis Cheryl Lynne Wilson Joel Dennis Wilson 1 i 'Sf Billy Wglfgs Eugene Woodard Pat Woodward Nancy Ruth Wilson .M ,E f -.m..wW,?a ak ka gx 6, . 1 ' W H ' , ' f" x - gi Y E. Vi, I "N Yr. r 1? ' M- V! ' l f f :M ' 92' ik l , if NWN: ieffalff A i , iiaii lllen ' if 4' U M ,,.. H W f W . V, ,,l,, H M 'A M Kirf , l 4 Cheryl Ann Wooten Paulette Withrow Evetta Wynn I 1 1 1 l Donna Jean Young Katherine Denise Young 224 I Seniors X, Q ' o 1 fl 'A ' 2 mf 1 X' 1 . if? . J f' , lx f 5 , Q4 9Q525,53X.Qgfief,g'igl3QgiQ.:1 ,f ., A ,ww v , ,rn V Y f75f'f'h' ' .fj:5 ,f. ,k,, .3 'W ' ' . 9' Y'i-fvfff2':: 'lf vw. 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JSM Jeanne Tomanchek, President Missy Borst, Vice President unior Class Qfjqcers Kim Becknell, Secretary Ken Carpenter, Treasurer Cedric Jones 228 X Juniors .,. fi 'X QQX- for cr! ,f,"' "fy I M f Tim Eubanks trying on a new wig. dr'- Dale Aarsund Dee Dee Adams Keith Adkins Kathy Agee Gaynell Aldridge Macie Alexander Sandra Alexander Eric Alksnis Curtina Allen Judy Allen Debra Anderson Michelle Armstrong Ray Arrington Robin Ashford Sandy Aycock Buzz Bacot Linda Badran Harold Bagley Libby Bailey Robert Bailey Sandy Baker Sandy Ballance Michael Barnett Stephen Barringer Samuel Beach Sandra Beach Betsy Beard Bernice Beasley David Beaver Mark Becham Juniors X 279 230 I Juniors Kim Becknell Donnie Belch Karla Belk Sherrie Bellew Teresa Belvin Steve Benge Randall Berryhill Mike Bigham Pandora Black Bruce Blackwell Whit Blackwell Renee Blakley Doug Blakney Myra Blount Kathy Bobay Debra Bogans Missy Borst Cecil Boulware Sheryl Boulware Debbie Bowman Dean Boykin Pam Braswell Laura Brazzell Barbara Brewton Susan Brickman Dell Brooks Mike Brown Roger Brown Kathy Bullock Mike Bump .. ,A is? , If s 1 T x, :. A X .. ' ,ls 'rx 5 , it K Q A x i1r:'fef?S!' 53.3 ., , 'Q .- i l N Q 1 fx ME, 'A s 5 tw' W l 3 is X , .. r XX. .ri'wif,.Qke 1, 5.9. fn ll :QQ X F1 Q Sm Z' f 'Ima if t H D H 5. 15 . ,Cf- dd . . A isgwt - fi: Y, .L - Q - f 1 az. -1:12222-is esfi-if :g if-- ' JL : ' ':,. '55 f - . V .. . iw f--- A- X W- k ax V' 'K ' Q-M-' , ii -' 2 i is -zgzgy if K ' X f 'f""- t my S I i,,sf , I a W- , if M - r i -:. L f A . ,- AP' sr Nwyfff gg .. A I f-+Q2,..,. 1 wg: 5, fri: 3 WN' -V .. K3 rigs YI' X X 3 X f Sharon Cagle in a state of shock wt 0, B tv X E ,f gm, ,L WWW 4 What s Ken been doing? Sherrie Bunn Jeanie Burch Karen Burke Chip Busker Rick Butler Charles Byars Bobby Cable Scott Cadmus Sharon Cagle Lee Callihan James Campbell Vanessa Campbell Tina Canipe Joyce Carelock Helen Carlson Donna Carpenter Ken Carpenter Kim Carter Rodney Chance Beth Chappell Larry Chastain Sherry Christian Teresa Clary Cheryl Cody Lilian Coello Renee Cohen Beatsy Coleman Mary Coleman Robert Coleman Barbara Combs .Jlll'1l0lSf7zl Karen Conklin Denise Connell James Cooke Ronald Copeland Arnold Come Kathie Cornell Mammie Covington Mike Cox Ronald Cox Lucinda Crawford Anne Crockford Crystal Cross Larry Crump Lamon Cuffie Michael Cureton David Curlee Mark Dale Lisa Darling Stephen Davidson Bruce Davis Linda Davis Mark Davis Stephanie Davis Tammi Davis Tammie Davis Wendy Davis Robin Dean Donald DeBerry Michael Deese Tobitha Deese 232 X Juniors :TQ 'Dx - - E fix 1 Ji R -w-.Q S t W f S,Q a ,X L t Q . ,. ...,t an XX t 5 3 i X X f 1 Q I 1 Egg? P " was as x X15 5, is st as 1. as . . '5 YZ . i X. vg l5i'il551 Q? 5 K I an the Flasher Goa .1 X xt all iii X if..-L., -,,, gWgQ 15:Q: i.-:. .QR i 3 I N y X XX x X j Q Ni 5 Ne i . it ns- a ttf' Q M 1 in 6' Qiaf .J W? N...-4"""""' Gwen and Sharon listening in. . -f 2 3 T3 C N' , Q, 5 I 3 Q :J , pu X 1 ,J-'K f 4' Ll Gaye Dimmick Hung Dinh Jackie Dixon Ronald Dixon Tracie Downs Jessie Dozier Jack Driggers Rick Dyson Debbie Earnhardt Stanley Easter Christina Economos Stacey Edelman Teresa Edwards Lisa Elder Sandra Ellenburg Carl Ellis Helen Ellis Robin Elmore Michelle Ervin Carrie Erwin Tim Euhanks Lynn Eudy Martha Ewart Dawne Fagan Janie Fagam Fatemen Famshidi Henry Farnsworth Mike Feeney Tim Feeney Eric Felch Juniors X 733 Mike Ferguson Wilbert Ferguson Gwen Flood Sandy Forsyth Charles Foster Amy Fowler Wesley Foy Arthur Frazier Debbie French Lori Furr Anthony Gabriel Tina Gabriel Linzeter Gaddy David Gales Andy Gantt Anthony Gardner Charles Gardner Charles Gardner Wade Gardner Eva Garland Tina Garner Gashous Gaston Marilyn Gathings Maria Gavrilis Debra Gibbs Renee Gibson Ricky Gibson Tina Gibson Tina Gibson Lisa Giles 234 ! Juniors Wilbert feeling the pressure Mable Gilliam Brian Goans David Godwin Melissa Goins Ansley Goodrum Brenda Gordon Bruce Gordon Robert Gray Karen Green Annette Greene Debbie Grice Kevin Griffin Kim Griffin Laura Griffin Sharon Griftin Dwayne Guill Rae Hager Randy Hager Vernon Hailey Lisa Hall Rick Hall Craig Hardin Karen Harding Ronnie Hardman Harold Harmon Jeff Harmon Mary Harrell Felice Harris Lynn Harris Randy Harris Cathy Haslam Karen Hastings Danny Hathaway David Hathaway Leigh Haynes Lynn Haynes Jarriette Haywood Tommy Head Lee Heine Janet Helms Mike Helms Amy Helton Wendy Henrich Melissa Hicklen Jay Hicks Steve Hicks Susan Higginbotham David Higgins Greg Hildreth Wanda Hill Jerald Hinson Brian Hoffman Mike Hoffman Scott Hoffman Jimmy Holder Ken Holmes Stacy Holmes Dale Hooks David Horne Ellen Horne 236 l Juniors - N1 is if 'vm an 7 WM, x '6,,.,,9? ,J W pgdfk-M That's a real group! And Over Steve Horne Bryant Horton Karl Houck Nancy Hough Bobby Howard Jeannette Hudson Mark Hudspeth Judi Huffstetler Karen Hughes Melanie Humphries Regina Hunt Carolyn Hunter Jay Hunter Michelle Ilsley Teresa Inman Christy Ivester Julie Jackson Linda Jackson Marolyn Jackson Randy Jackson Eddie James Kevin James Shawn Jensen Cynthia Jeter Bernice Johnson Jeffery Johnson Meg Johnson Cedric Jones Joy Jones Kim Jones Juniors X 237 Shonah Jones Tammie Jones Woody Jones Beth Jergensen Eddie Karam Scott Kelbaugh Sharon Kelly Henry Kennedy Jeff Kenny Dolores Kimble Tonna Kimmons David King George King Tami Kirby Patty Kirkpatrick Scott Kiser Dana Kluttz John Klyn Joane Koucouliotes Chris Kuck Alton Kunkle Fred Lajoie David Land Leta Lane Carl Langford Janine Lanier Calvin Lancaster Adrienne Lattimer Teresa Law Tina Lawing John Layton Brenda Lee Danny Leopard Patricia Levesque 238 X Juniors A W, ,, , kkkk K J I to - P it ta A ' is I 95- Xiit A R 5 wif itf.. ii si J i? 3 1 Q I , Q45 ' ss K . - -. A' 1 .. ff 4,- qs... Q t These people keep Skoal in business. Am li Iii hiya gi N0 Qs! ,M K is fl . .i I 1241 Bill Liebler Deborah Liles Jeff Lindsay Susan Lingle Bell Little William Little Denise Lockey Joy Long Ray Long Mike Loukos Aaron Love Sherry Love Charles Lovett McClean Low Ben Lowder Joann Lowe Chandra Luckey Mike Luckie Robirene Maddox Kellee Mann Melinda Martin Rodney Martin Ronald Martin Sherry Martin Eddie Karam heading out to eat. Derek Mason Leigh Massey Janine Matthews Jo Ann Matthews Chris Maxwell Suzanne McAlister Dominique McClain John McClendon Tina McCrary Michael McDaniel Catherine McDow Mark McDuflie Janine McGowan Brenda Mclnnis Ben McKinney Brian McKnight Monica McLain John McLaughlin Glenn McManus Ray McManus Stuart McManus 240 ! Juniors -:ahh - we-fx A Ea. :AQ K' Xian KN . K xxx J' ,WN ,.,,...,M.,.-u ...mum-un Mike Hoffman caught in the act i A These exams get me. Bill Liebler, living it up. Joe McNair Linda McNally Robbie Meador Keith Medlin Steve Merritt Donald Miller Frances Miller Francine Miller Frank Miller Crystal Mobley Linda Mobley Kim Moftitt Randall Montgomery Charlotte Moore Debra Moore Mike Moore Otis Moore Paul Morgan Gary Morris Jimmy Morris Tammi Morrison Mary Moss Sharon Moss Jeff Murphy Juniors X 241 Scott Napier William Napier Chris Nash Linda Nelson Sandra Nelson Lisa Newell Jean Newton Robin Niday Ella Norman Delphine Norris Tammy Norris Cindy Norwood Mark Odell Michael Odom Donna Ogburn Keith O'Leary Teresa Owens Dipti Pandy Jamie Parks Steve Parrott Mack Partee Lynda Pate Gerald Pauling Derek Pearce Karen Pearce Renee Pepper Edward Peralta Ken Perry Pat Perry Kent Petrea i i l l i QM' P B38 'gh-..,. What an exciting ball game. New Ax A L mil Joseph Phifer Wanda Phillips Carol Pierce Dawn Plott Cira Ponce Margie Pope Martha Pope Mary Pope Cathy Poplin Lisa Poteat Sylvia Prather Regina President Billy Pressley Mike Price Phillip Pride Tammy Pritchard Ann Putnam Barbara Putnam Glenn Pyatt Jackie Rainwater Kathy Rainwater Susanne Ray Dorene Redfern Sallie Reece Al Renaud Linda Renfrow Teresa Reynolds Tony Rice Melody Richardson Cindy Richie Toni Riggs Rhonda Rinck Lance Ripley Ned Ritchie Bobby Robinson Dorrine Robinson Juniors X 24? E 244 I Juniors Kathy Robinson Robert Rockman Frederick Rose Tom Ross Andy Rumph Tricia Ryan Mike Salem Thomas Sanders Venita Sanders Scott Scarbrough Sammy Shipman dward Schweiger Allen Sellers Don Seriff Michael Shaia Denise Shaw Leslie Sides Tim Simmons Sheila Simpson Sadie Singleton Effie Siozos Joe Small Cindy Smith Doug Smith ,A Doug Smith on the Balance Beam! N, 'NS There's that giant, Rick Taylor. """"f me Nimbus Ethelrine Smith Kristina Smith Melissa Smith Melody Smith Susan Southerland Eddie Springs Mike Starnes Penny Starnes Kenneth Steadman Anthony Steele Julie Stemple Donald Stephens Susan Stephens Kevin Stettler Tim Stevens Tyrone Stevens Joan Steverson Jackie Stewart Margaret Stinson Sara Stinson Crystal Stogner Vickie Stone David Strange Judy Strickland Lisa Stroupe Mike Sulpy Debbie Summers Juniors X 245 Bonnie Sutton John Sutton Charles Sweatt Cathy Tan Bucky Tarleton Richard Taylor Vincent Taylor Terry Teague Eric Thacker David Thomas Jeff Thompson Vincent Thompson Jeff Thore Mike Tingen Barbara Tollison Jeanne Tomanchek Linda Toms Darene Torrence Jackie Torrence Scott Treadaway Amelia Turner Earl Turner John Turner Betsy Valentine 246 X J uniors X AA ,Tj . QR Y 5 5 S tx 5 2 XA ,C if 4 1 X Terri Vanderburg Beatrice Vandiver Carmen Vincenty Tim Walters Bob Washam Lisa Washburn Maxine Washington Veneta Watkins Jill Watson Randy Watson Susan Webb Donald Wheeler Bob White Russell White Rusty White John Whitley Deborah Wilkes Joey Williams Traci Williams James Willingham Debbie Willis Herb Wilson Tim Wilson Mickey Wofford Dolores Wood Michael Woodard Janet Woodson Keith Wright Tracy Wright Regina Wyatt Blanca Yarman Steve Yarman Michael Young Michael Zamiela Juniors I 247 9 -Q n Q ...f '1 'W LJ . f , H 'W 7 L., --4 ..f 'W LJ Tony Powers spends his weekends motorcy- cle racing. He participates in the Amateur level of the American Motorcycle Contests throughout North and South Carolina. For the past two years he has been racing through rain, mud, and even snow. He has taken top place several times. 248 f Lifestyles Dominique McClain is Miss Teenage North Carolina. Dominique spent a week in Miami where she competed with girls from all the states for the title of Miss Teenage America. Qualifications for Miss Teenage North Carolina included acceptable appearance, good grades, completion of an essay on life ambitions, and involvement in community and school activities. is , KW, Pat Jourdan, Dell Brooks, and Karen Pearce Dell Brooks, Pat Jourdan, and Karen Pearce now help teach beginners. Their dance company spend much of their time dancing. For several gives performances for private schools and char- years they have taken lessons in tap, jazz, ball- ity grOUpS. room, ballet, and modern dance. These students Garinger's Larry Brown was chosen to play in the North Carolina Shrine Bowl. He started the game as the kickoff and punt return specialist. Larry contrib- uted to several big plays and scored a North Carolina touchdown. In 1976 he was chosen for the first team All-County tailback. In 1977 Larry made second team All-County tailback. Larry will be remembered for the reputation he helped bring to Garinger foot- ball. t"'QSs Lifestyles I 249 me Todd Smith, a senior, has been an assistant baseball coach for a Pony League team for the past two years. The team consisting of thirteen and fourteen-year old boys has Won the League Champi- onship both years. Todd helps his older brother with the team. 250 f Lifestyles A group of Garinger's top music students performs with the Youth Symphony of the Carolinas. These talented students must audi- tion each year to become part of the Symphony which has members ranging in age from 13 to 21. Some members receive special music study scholarships. The Garinger students are Jeff Bernard, Derek Mason, Kevin Stetler, Scott Cadmus, Mary Lou Matsik, Susan Higgin- botham, Lillian Coello, and Lynn Cadmus. Dr. R. Maddox conducts the Youth Symphony. Five Garinger students are involved in a special group called Sounds of America. They are Chuck Gardner, guitarist Jeff Harris, Betsy Beard, Bobby Cable, and Amy Lippard. Sounds of America is a religious and patriotic music group in which the stu- dents arrange their own music and choreography. They perform on such occasions as the Festival in the Park and summer tours. Lifestyles I 251 W Jeanette Hudson 252 X Lifestyles Mike Horan, Lisa Newell, Tina Garner, Gwen Dailey. The Charlotte Oratorio Singers is a group ofsixty-five students selected from ten high schools. Six Garinger students were chosen after auditions. Mike Horan, Lisa Newell, Tina Garner, Gwen Dailey, Jeanette Hudson, and Amy Lippard are members of the group. The Singers perform classical music, sometimes in Latin. The youth are sponsored by the adult group of the Charlotte Oratorio Singers. For the past eight years Wendi Weaver has been riding and showing horses. She has collected one hundred and eleven trophies by competing in horse shows from North Carolina to Alabama. She has been in national contests, after winning district and state competitions. Wendi has had the help of Hancock's King, an eleven-year-old Western Quarter Horse, that she has owned for seven years. The abilities of Wendi and Hancock's King are currently tested as they compete in Western pleasure classes, trail, horsemanship, and showman- ship. Wendi alsojudges in some horse shows. She now plans to become an AQHA approved judge. x The New Life is a Christian musical group which performs at churches, hospitals, and banquets. The band played in various places while on a summer trip to Indiana. Another out-of-state tour is being planned. Lois Becky Wallace, Lois Jones, Mark Moser, Anna Michie is a very talented pianist. She is a National Guild winner and she placed in the Statewide Section during competition with other talented musicians. Anna has accom- panied professional artists during recitals and Workshops. She is also a flutist in the Garinger Marching Band. Jones and Becky Wallace are the vocalists. Wesley Foy, Jim Fullam, Scott Cadmus, Greg Hildreth, Mark Moser, and David Smith Knot of Garingerl perform on various instruments. Jim Fullam, Greg Hildreth, Wesley Foy, Scott Cadmus. Lifestyles I 253 fi .,.,, Z ,iz , ,M Y' Aw! 3 J 1 f M f W f alfa? f , ,. 7 HI 5 ,, W Q .iw M My XNSQQWXWA ww X -kgigm .i ,k..k, ,, It , wk, . .1 F XIWSR . 'if .. f gwakw 7 k iffiss. -5 My 2? X - m is . "':Q if il V P 53: E- 1 ki S ig , .,,..T iii i gg-E 31 1-1 - 4, fs X S! ,X Sli 2 gem ESU E 31 35 EJ X QQ gg W w X x 'E .asm 2 we X W fx-x W.. QQSQ' X wllllvi' Y I?-F S i Mfr- 1 .?s:5:' , ' A iifvqi' '- K , ' A -. M25 p ,L ww I' Willie Mingo V Jimmy Core Eddie Fowler E Tina suddrerh L aufa Turner Sophomore Class Qffcers 256 X Sophomores Oh. . .for a homecooked meal! I Ande Ande Ande Ande Ande Andr Arrin Austi Barkl Barte Stephanie poses for a picture. Adam Alata Alcal Alexa Alexa Alexa Alexa Alexa Alexa Allen, Alley, Allred, Alsbr e Antho Ashm Atkin Avery, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baldw Ballar Barge Barne Barrin Barrin Bartle Beam S, Jerry ris, Angie a, Maria nder, nder, nder, Dobronyi Lenora Merri Pam Steve Wilbert nder, nder, nder, Alonza Sharon Steve Pam , Karen , Kevin Linda Robert , Tony ook, rson rson rson rson rson ws HY, s , , Laura Audrey Loy Sherry Kim George Pat Angela gton, an, son, fl, Arthur Lloyd n, Deborah i d, Debra r, Danny ey, Danny s, Abbie ger, Alan o, Jackie ls, Joel tt, Richard er, Bob Sophomores X 257 Bean, Nanci Beatty, Terry Beaver, Karen Beaver, Kim Belch, David Bennett, Cathy Berrier, Debbie Biddle, Katie Black, Dale Black, Dorothy Black, Jackie Black, Kim Black, Vernon Blackman, Melvin Blackwell, Gordon Blackwell, Timothy Blakney, JoAnn Blanton, Jackie Blount, Mike Blythe, Janet Bobay, Richard Bolder, Anthony Bolt, Lisa Bonds, Antonio Borchert, Suzanne Bowlin, Robby Boyd, Michael Brady, Charlie Bragg, John Brazzle, Sherry Brewton, Ronnie Brill, Jessica Britt, Greg Broadwell, Robert Brooks, Arleen Brooks, Paulette Brown, Charles Brown, Douglas Brown, Ricky Brown, Sherry Brown, Suzanne Brown, Terry 'C X. .. . il .., X 5 iffx- Q? X. 'sw we. Q'-, 7' if , ,gt E 258 I Sophomores Are you sure? qs- gif ki ii in Zigi 2? sf? if but I WA., .,.. K ., X , Q K ' but t t C ,,, C ,W I Q ii my F' ,Q x f Brown, Timmy Browning, Steven Buckley, Carol Buckley, Michael Bulls, Leon Burrough, Tony Burrows, Raymond Butler, John Byers, Bonita Cagle, Randy Caldwell, Wendy Callicutt, Donnie Campbell, Ray Campbell, Robert Cannon, Cherie Carder, Ed Carelock, Steve Carlson, Anne Carpenter, Billy Carpenter, Danny Carter, Carol Carter, Deborah Carter, Ricky Caune, Chris Cauthen, Tony Chambers, Jackie Chambers. Marvin Champion, Greg Chapman. Cliff Chastain, Beth Cheek, Tracie Cheely, Randy Chen, Peter Cherry, Shirley Chidester, Nathan Cirilus, Andy Clark, Bobby Clark, Sandy Clatterbuck, Fred Clayton, Gina Clinkscales, Jerry Cobb, John Sophomores X 259 Coble, Linda Coleman, Tony Coleman, Willie Coley, Glenda Coley, Regina Coley, Teresa Conder, Carol Cooke, Karen Cooper, William Corder, Renee Core, Jimmy Correll, Tim Coolson, Rick Courtney, Terri Cox, Michael Cox, Reginald Crawford, Diane Crawley, Otey Criswell, Karl Crosby, Dresby Crowder, Kenneth Crump, Lisa Cullingford, Mary Culpepper, Loveta Cunningham, Marion Curlee, Paul Curry, Tracey Dailey, Gwen Dalton, Joseph Daniel, Diane Danley, Sandra Davis, Carol Davis, Laura Davis, Mark Davis, Mark Davis, Mark Davis, Michelle Davis, Pattie Davis, Robyn Davis, Ronnie Davis, Tony Davis, Wanda Davis, Vin Dawkins, Roberta Dean, Veronica 260 l Sophomores Q . X ,Am ,. v. - XXX M .Ha ...usw!? f - . f, a T X 5 Q ix -limi f i 'WV The pea-shooting brigade. was Dellinger, Chuck Dennis, Wanda Dillard, Sonja Dixon, Beverly Dixon, Ronald Dixon, Sherry Dowling, Beverly Drye, Teresa DuBose, John Duncan, Janice Duncan, Sharon Dunn, Calvin Dunn, Jeff Eaker, Angela Eargle, Mickey Early, Ellen Early, Wendy Easter, Sterling Easterling, Phyllis Edge, Mike Edwards, Lane Elam, Scott Elder, Paul Elliot, Melanie Ellis, Jeff Elmore, Billy English, Jane Ervin, Joe Estes, Charles Estridge, Melanie Ethington, Kenny Ezell, Cookie Fagan, John Farris, Raymond Faulkner, Stanley Feimster, Yolanda Ferreira, Ronald Fewell, Audrey Fincher, Dale Fink, Laurie Flowe, Kevin Floyd, Hunter Floyd, William Forbes, Jack Forte, Steven Sophomores X 26l Fowler, Eddie Fowler, Philip Fowler, Sherry Foy, Wayne Frazier, Frank Freeman, Elizabeth Fullagar, Shari Gaines, Stephanie Gantt, Marquise Garner, Dora Gates, Richard Geeck, William Gibson, Donna Gibson, Michelle Gill, Sandra Gladden, Alesia Gleaton, Ronnie Glenn, Esther Glenn, Gigi Glover, Letittia Gofonh, Tammy Goins, John Gouch, Allen Graham, Everett Graham, Karen Graham, Laura Grant, Debbie Grant, Rodney Grant, Tim Green, Gerald Green, Kim Gregory, Jana Grier, Nathaniel Grier, Ricky Griffin, Bobby Guest, Tracy Guill, Darrell Gulledge, Lynn Haga, Kenneth Hager, David Hagler, Elaine Hall, Rick 5 i Z .QXTSF 262 X Sophomores Future Artists of America? A ss. Q tw Wg ,, SEQ 3 S' t t it Hamlett, Thomas Hamrick, Songene Hanline, Mark Hardee, Candy Harding, April Hardman, Robin Hardock, Annette Harper, Colonel Harrell, Natalie HarTis, Chanya Harris, Patricia Harrison, Carolyn Hart, Alfred Hawes, Donna Hawkins, Walt Hayes, Doris Heatherley, Patricia Heaton, Richard Helms, Cindy Helms, Stephanie Helms, Terry Henderson, Judy Herndon, Mandy Herron. Denise Hicks, Terri Hill, Angela Hill, Samaria Hill, Vicki Hilton, Scott Hinson, Ellen Hinson, Jeff Hinson, Rhonda Hinson, Robin Hoffmann, Lorie Holcomb, Shirley Holden, Joel Holden, Trina Holder, Melanie Hollis, Donna Holmes, Gretchen Honeycutt, Tony Hooper, Willie Hoskins, Albert Hosseine, Bahram Howard, Earl Howard, Roger Sophomores I 263 Howell, Donnie Howze, Angela Hudson, Ethel Hughes, Clifford Hughes, Richard Hunnicutt, Candy Hunt, Gregory Huntley, Fifi Hurt, Johnny Hutchison, Lynne Hyatt, Alan Illingworth, Jim Illingsworth, Jimmy Ivey, James Jackson, Byron Jackson, Daren Jackson, Mitchell Jett, Loretta Jiminez, Gary Johnson, Billy Johnson, David Johnson, Dejuana Johnson, Denise Johnson, Frank Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Julie Johnson, Natashka Johnson, Patricia Johnson, P. J. Johnson, Scott Johnson, Sherry Johnson, Thomas Jones, Annette Jones, Billy Jones, Brenda Jones, Chuck Jones, Jenny 264 X Sophomores Walking in a. . .Wonderland? A Jones, Larry Jones, Kim Jones, Ruth Jones, Tiffney Jones, Vanessa Jourdan, Jon Joyner, Doug Junkins, Leigh Karam, Greg Karnazes, D. J. Karras, Tina Kee, John Kelley, Rita Kendall, David Kersey, Lee Keziah, Kim Keziah, Randy Keziah, Robin Kiker, Mark Killough, Bob King, Sandra Kiser, Kelly Kiser, Keith Kiser, Wanda Knight, Jackie Knight, Jacqueline Krider, Boyd Krider, Loretta Kuck, Todd Kunz, Patti Lam, Thuy-Hoe Lamb, Bobby Lamb, Kelley Lancaster, Jerry Land, Ginger Laney, Gerald Laster, Nancy Aw, Shucks! Sophomores I 265 Leak, Beverly Lee, Christopher Lefler, Susan Levins, Ginny Lewis, Lynne Lewis, Ricky Little, Doris Lively, Dennis Lockhart, Edward Logan, Jennifer Long, Kent Love, Kenneth Loyd, Barbara Lynam, Cathy Lynch, Harvey Lynch, Mark Mack, William Manning, Mike Marti, Vickie Marus, Laura Mauldwin, Alice N E fi, X ' rw .ff Qi? McCain, Kenneth McClinton, John McCullum, Cynthia McCoy, Bonne McCreery, Sandra McCroskey, Susan McCullough, Sherry McDaniel, Aubey McDuftie, Patricia McElveen, Teddy McFarland, Todd McGinnis, Pamela McGraw, David MCGuirt, Jeff Mclntosh, Justine McKee, Terry McKinnon, Darrell McKnight, Lissa McLean, Monica McRae, Laverne McSwain, Tina 266 l Sophomores O Happy Day! YN-nv And once upon a time. . . Meadows, Cora Medley, Roy Medlin, Danny Melton, Debbie Melton, Derek Melton, Terressa Mesaros, James Metcalf, Rory Michie, Anna Miller, Carl Miller, Catherine Miller, Debra Miller, Mary Miller, Randy Miller, Robin Mills, Cheryl Milstead, Kelly Mingo, Willie Mixon, Valerie Montgomery, Jeffery Moody, Mike Moore, Bobby Moore, Jeff Moore, Vernon Moragne, Deborah Morgan Morgan Morgan, Ernest Gary Morgan, Morgan, , Kelly , Mark Tanya Morrison, Valerie Mouchet, Maurice Mullen, Mary Mulligan, Sheila Sophomore girls perform at Adelphian tea. Sophomores X 267 Mumford, Wayne Murphy, Lenny Myers, Thomas Nance, Ray Neal, Dawn Neal, Karen Neely, Nikita Norman, William Norwood, Ricky Nussman, Johnny Oakley, Donald Ofsonka, Rebecca Olivera, Johnny Osborne, Donald Overcash, Elizabeth Overstreet, Donna Ozmore, Linda Page, Howard Painter, Debbie Painter, Mike Parke, Kirk Parker, Gary Parker, Kirk Parker, Rhonda Parks, Bryan Parks, Jamie Parrott, Tommy Parsons, Deborah Pauls, Maria Pearson, Debbie Pepper, Robin Perry, Debra Perry, Denise Perry, Herbert Petrea, Reginald Petrea, Rosemary Pettit, Lynn Pettit, Mike Piellucci, Troy Pleasants, Darlene Plumley, Elizabeth Polson, Lisa Pope, Robin Pope, Terri Poplin, Bonita Porter, Chris Porter, Peggy Pourlos, George Powers, Tammy Pressley, Johnny Pressley, Tammy Price, Cheri Price, David Pride, Renee 268 I Sophomores s ff- 5 gf A 2 '- Qu I'm huggable. J Q qi J L i ' P ' H5 , '38 :X gi. - a .., Q ,Q , ,M 1 'P 'gg . ' Z' .' 4 ' 'Y K ii- fs fs ' ff . me 'e' ff M f ix J E P at ' f A , . si f 'uigz .... Lx l J RN, "e' , , g Q Q A 7 L gig .E ,iw t ity ,,,, , 3. w , 4 3 1 Af ' 5 I , I in 1 4- 'A .. " it , . up A2 ,J , N , , . ,f t ' . . . 5 " ' if ,te .fs " 'W 'Q ' ' :Q ,, 4 ' J - K P J 1 ' 1 K at X 1 i safe 1 ,ff ' I ,k N if fx -1? Y J S ' f . - 1 ,t X '-,' , . J Q K f +3ffggi,t,,,.. L it tk' , . g why A wi-F fu, , ".. u 1 .f ' " ' f f if -'-' 1 1 4 f .wy A Q, Z! '.... . :wk . 1 .-,-f.- 2 ' E225 , ' , i ff T . ',,, . , ., ' -vw' Q sf ev A was ills . K ' X " f M f f let, p , 'S K S-Q rtlt e e V kkkk K ,L . . ,Q it .. ,, , ,gt Purser, Kim Quick, Kym Raiff, Donna Raymer, Roger Reap, Pam Redfern, Jackie Redmond, Gene Reed, Lisa Reel, Carolyn Register, Joe Reilly, Tommy Revels, Lisa Rhyne, Kim Roach, Randy Robinson, Charles Robinson, Melissa Robinson, Mike Robinson, Terri Rorie, Charles Rorie, William Ross, Phyllis Ross, Roosevelt Ross, Steve Ru-sell, Mike Rutledge, Nathan Saadeh, Irene Salem, Regina Salter, Jeff Samuels, Ralph Samuels, Willie Sanders, Debra Sanders, Glenn Sanders, Tamara Sanger, Kyle Sansing, Alan Scarth, Deborah Scott, Paulette Seate, Dale Sessoms, Charlena Sharp, Mike Sharpe, Wayne Shaver, Linda Shaw, Cindy Shaw, Jeff Sherrill, Pamelia Shoemaker, Eric Shook, Terry Simmons, Lucille Simpson, Margaret Sinclair, Jan Sineath, Joey Slacum, Bobby Smith, Billy Smith, Dawn Sophomores X 269 Smith, Glorius Smith, Heather Smith, Ida Smith, Kelly Smith, Lamonda Smith, Phyllis Smith, Renee Smith, Rod Smith, Sissy Sorensen, Tonja Spainhour, Anne Springs, Lionel Starnes, Bobby Starnes, Joyce Starnes, Margaret Staten, Delores Steele, Tina Stegall, Debbie Stegall, Randy Stevens, Keith Stewart, Deloris Stewart, John Stewart, Mitzi Stinson, Mary Stokes, Dale Stone, Deb Strong, Carolyn Strothers, Willie Sturgill, Ricky Suarez, Sylvia Suddreth, Tina Sutton, Pamela Sutton, Rachel Sutton, Ralph Sutton, Ronnie Swain, John Swett, Debbie Tarlton, Kristal Taylor, Gina Thacker, Terri Thomas, Dawn Thomas, Donna Thomas, Jeff Thomas, Kelly Thomas Robert Threatt, Nancy Tillman, Brenda Todd, Penny Toney, Herbert Toney, Sandy Torrence, Barbara Torrence, Perry 270 f Sophomores em- KL.-5 1 ,- T, fas- sief -,::'s,.sff1 ,az ' I'm a sophisticated lady. it X X Nt: I so 5 l Sophomores at a Garinger pep rally. Ji H , , ,, ., Q i S as ssh XS - .-.C ,L . f . Tl'-figjiilr fzimf 5 5 i X all , X it K i .- . , ttgwk J K W La , t K XA w J . , ff. g f lt Torrence, Sylvester Treadaway, Teresa Troutman, James Truesdale, Johnnie Turner, Brenda Turner, Laura Turner, Robert Turpin, Sam Wade, Barry Wallace, Vickey Walsh, Alfred Walton, Brian Walton, James Warren, Watson, Jerry Terri Watts, Donna Watts, Jeff Webb, Bert West, Kathy Westmoreland, Kenneth White, Daryl W'hite, Linda White, Nadine White, Robert Whitman, Kellie Whittington, Amy Wike, Mary Williams, Barbara Williams, Beverlyn Williams, Debbie Williams, Richard Williams, Shannon Winchester, Phyllis Winecoff, Tammy Withers, Tonya Woodard, Randy Woods, Pam Wooten, Susan Worsley, Raymond Wyatt, Penny Young, George Voltz, Lisa Sophom ores I 271 H71 Hfflnnual H Report 1977-1978. . .a year of terror. . .the Hillside Strangler, the Labor Day Sniper, the second New York City black-out. . .a year of great losses. . .Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Hubert Humphrey. . .and yet a year of pleasure. . .Billy Beer, "Star Wars", and Valentine Carnations. These and other events helped make the year 1977-1978 memorable. On the local scene. . .Charlotteans elect a new Republician mayor, Ken Har- ris, after Democrat Belk decided eight is enough. . .years, that is. . .Jay Robin- son, Charlotte-Mecklenburg's new 272 X "Annual" Report 1 A -.-.xiii-. Q 2 E 5 school superintendent, shows he is a man of his word by shaking the hand of every area school teacher. . .Garinger also ob- tains a new area superintendent, Grace Templeton. . .Jim Bakker of Charlotte's own PTL Club, cries for Hustler's Larry Flynt on public TV, insisting that now Flynt "hustles for the Lordi' . . . a couple of local tirsts . . . Waxhaw finally gets a liquor store, and the Radisson gains a McDonalds . . . what's next? Nationwide. . .Hunt lowered sen- tences for nine out of the Wilmington Ten, while the only white was paroled after the burning of a grocery store, sev- eral years ago. . .meanwhile. . .Joan Lit- tle escaped from Raleigh State Prison, taking refuge in New York. . .and in Durham, an elementary school principal kidnapped and held hostage his teachers. Further from home, the Son of Sam kil- lings by accused David Berkowitz, of the Bronx, terrorized young couples in New York. . .on the political scene. . .Ber Lance, Budget Director, resigns unde pressure, satisfying many Americans. Many lives were touched by the tragi loss of a college basketball team frorj Evansville, Illinois, in a plane crash. . elsewhere, weather caused tre- mendous problems. . .floods across the U.S. caused considerable property dam age, including the destruction of a smal Georgia Bible College. . .Snov paralyzed most of the northern U.S. , with el . l drifts up to I0 feet, burying many homes and cars. . .closer to home, the Carolina Mountains reported excellent skiing con- ditions from excessive amounts of snow. Elsewhere in the world. . .Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin had an all important meeting in an attempt to gain peace in the Middle East. . .the world's worst aviation disaster ever occurred when two airplanes collided on the Ca- nary Islands, leaving 582 out of 644 dead . . . in Canada radioactive debris was found after the crashing of a Russian sate- lite. In the entertainment world. . .the loss of such great pioneer entertainers as Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin helped draw to a close an important breakthrough in the Show Biz . ,fc world. . .and with the death of Guy Lombardo. New Year's Eve may never be the same. Debby Boone's "You Light Up My Life" and Fleetwood Mac's 'LRumors" remained at the top the charts for many weeks, while on the movie scene "Star Warsn topped flaws" as the biggest box office hit. . .running a close second was "Saturday Night Fever" starring ex-sweathog, John Travolta and the Bee Gees, whose sound track also climbed the charts. . . "Close Encoun- ters of the Third Kind" made many people stop to think that maybe 'fwe are not alone". . .Alex Haley made prepara- tions for a sequel ofRoots. . .at the age of 65, Eric Sevareid of CBS, complied with station policy and retired as commentator ofthe evening news, a seat that would be hard to fill. Dolly Parton and her musical career finally reached their peak with her hit record "Here You Come Again", and now Dolly's headed for Hol- lywood. . .Farrah leaves Charlie with Cheryl Ladd in hopes of more money, but the only thing she really finds is a new hairdo. In the wide world ofsports. . .Portland beat Philadelphia in six games for the NBA Championship. . .Steve Cauthen,a 17 year oldjockey, walked away with six million dollars and a smile on his face. . .speaking of horses. . .Seattle Slew captured the Triple Crown. . .the Cowboys smashed the Orange Crush in Super Bowl XII with a score of 27- 10. . .after a long career of football. the ladies man, Joe Namath, retired from .... , - ...v - - , 2 ' - R f f . '. g ..,,,,wM gk i .. wb! "Annual" Report ! 273 knee problems, and other troubles. . .af- ter reigning as world heavyweight cham- pion for some time, Muhammad Ali was defeated by Leon Spinks in a split deci- sion. . .Spinks, the new Superman. Looking toward home, Charlotte's Ced- ric "Cornbread" Maxwell plays and hits with the Boston Celtics. . .and the big victory at Garinger was when GGS smashed Centrusa in a powderpuff foot- ball game,6-0. . .Garingeris soccerteam, led by Fernando Sosa, won the confer- ence championship and made its way to the state playoffs. Garinger was well rep- resented in the Shrine Bowl by Larry Brown who scored for North Caroli- na. . .Rollie Sumwalt replaced John Robinson this year as basketball coach, and if his first year is any clue to the coming years, they will be great. 274 I "Annual" Report This year held in store many changes for Garinger. . .there was the change in the student government, when Wayne Strong resigned a Presi- dent, leaving Vice-President Charles Allen to carry on. . .three new teachers were added to the faculty. . .Mrs. Dorothy Kirby added her green thumb to the staff. . .Mrs. Roberta Sessions directed students in the art of act- ing. . .and Mr. Patrick Webb, who re- placed a much missed Mr. Ron Al- dridge. . .It was time again for those all important Southern Association meetings in which dedicated teachers spent much time toward getting our ' ' - - - - K gt- .,... ,....,,.,,...,.,....., ,.. ......w,.:s.,,s,,..W,,,- 2-.'-.1-mrffz.. .:-:re ..:'1Ffz." ' 'fffi' f i 1' K fa- H - I JN . .M - X 4 , new-..f.12's . x , school reaccredited. February l5th was a famous day at Garinger. . .sev- eral members of the school board at- tended the dedication ceremony for the new recycling center, led by Jim Dixon. In many ways, HEW changed Wildcat traditions. . .Homecoming week lost some of its excitement when the Black and Blue contest was cancel- led for discriminatory reasons. . .all former titles, such as Homecoming Queen, were changed to repre- sentatives and court. . .for the first time guys could be elected to the Val- entine Court. . .and some were! As this year comes to a close, we reflect on the events that were impor- tant in our lives and the lives of others. The hectic pace of today. . .the disas- ters that occurred, the faces that dis- appeared, and the tests that were never passed . . . give way to the things we will never forget . . . the movies to remember, the dreams to be fulfilled, and the hopes for tomor- row. . .For it is the moments of glory, the fun, the friends. and the people who touched our lives that we will never forget. "Annual" Report X 275 276 X Supporters cmd 15 Mme UNM K NA 1 K Q o ameb Xu Um SUQKEO GER OS UM N9 nb Cuts Semen Smys QA You We C ' X ' B 5 o filmed 'Egg 00 Tl OTWQGT C nk ' 61 S ' I 7 PHONE 537-0539 PLAZA ROAD GULF N. C. INSPECTION WHEEL ALIGNMENTS BRAKE SERVICE AUTO REPAIRS TUNE-UPS WRECKER SERVICE GRADY WILLOUGHBY 6101 THE PLAZA Owner CHARLOTTE, N. C. gearing ,4atonootiae 74.4. GENERAL REPAIRS AUTOMATIC TRANSIVIISSIONS AIR CONDITIONING Mutual Savings and Loan Association Charlotte, North Carolina Downtown! 330 South Tryon Street! 28202 Sharon Office! 4735 Sharon Road! 28210 The Plaza Office! 6001 The Plaza! 28215 114 West mst Street Cotswold Office! 4517 Randolph Road! 2821 1 Phone 376-4981 RICHARD "Dick" BEHLING Owner Charlotte, N. C. 28206 "Wall be there with you" , Jil... 278 I Advertisements LASTRADA RISTORANTE ITALIANO Home of Sicilian Pizza Pizza-Subs-Spaghetti 4808 Central Ave. 2 Blocks W. of Eastland Mall 537-5123 4350 Colwick Rd. 1 Block N. of Cotswold Mall 365-2211 Mama Mia Questa Pizza E Buona BEST ICE CREAM CO. 3101 The Plaza "WE SELL ONLY THE BEST ICE CREAM" PLAZA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE, INC. " Basic classes I ' Part Time classes 4 " Day or evening y classes 'k Brush-up courses V. A. Approved Scholarships Available Ask us about Basic Educational Opportunity Grant Program 1419V2 Central Ave. 333-8893 WE HOPE YOU'VE INCLUDED US IN YOUR PLANS... 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FEW BYRUMS '- ,N ia Ph E f . 1 :sr rx ' ' , i 1 I5 lff' ' . . sank d 12' Zi in .W Mo C I I - 'xg I FTD f E . f 1 V . 1 N P' 'fini' I " ,,.1sf -"' ' L V.- ORDER DEPARTMENT G OFFICE 377-3685 CHRISTIAN GIFTS 81 BOOKS BY BYRUM'S mun ansms Q33 Li 5 Aff ,KSN FLOWERS is, Q V S file! 732 ,gy QCEIF 3. T eneevmc cAnos ' A A' alaLEs 'E "E " ' Jswnnv 377 -41 23 M... CIW Wide 4417 THE PLAzA 0e'iVe'Y Rss. 537-1102 C d c Q CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '75 CLOTH WORLD OF THE PLAZA 4411 Plaza Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Featuring the Latest Fashion Fabrics and a Complete Line of Sewing Notions WE SPECIALIZE IN LARGE ORDERS Advertisements X 281 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '78 Congratulations to our daughter, Cindy Deal - Class of '78. Love, BEST WISH ES MOM 8. DAD McEWEN FUNERAL SERVICE 727 East Morehead GRADING ExcAvA'riNo LANDSCAPING Chanotte' N' C' HUN EYCUTT LANDSCAPING CO. 2429 Laburnum Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. 28205 KENNETH HUNEYCUTT 332-3340 334-621 CAROLINA BUMPER EXCHANGE Melvin D. Smith 438 ATANDO AVENUE CHARLOTTE, N. C. P. O. BOX 5311 I704I 333-6651 ' BUMPERS ' RADIATORS ' AUTO GLASS ' PICK-UP TRUCK ACCESSORIES ' BODY SHOP SUPPLIES 282 I Advertisements 1-llil!llll!I-hh--IIil-il:lllllll-I-H-1-l-l-ll-Il-1-1-lr uglil EASTWOOD BARBER SHOP ROFFLER SCULPTURE cut HAIRSTYLING 5 FORMEN 4-1 A By. K J ,- -1'X u""l I ,,4x uualit ,n .1 -tl' Donald Hicks 5 V Don Putnam Jim Eggers Charles Johnson By Appointment If Desired Open 6 Days 3 Stylists 84 1 Barber Ready To Serve You Anytime Located ln The Northeast Plaza Shopping Center 4409 The Plaza Phone: 377-7002 ANNUAL STAFF "SPORTS SECTlON" BACKS THE CATS DINNER BELL SANDWICHES 1305 E. Third Street Charlotte, N. C. Phone: 376-5528 Advertisements f 283 GARINGER WILDCAT BOCSTER CLUB congratulates UGARINGER GRADUATES" GOOD LUCK GACLNGE-Vx M EASTWAY DRIVE CHURCH OF GOD 1131 Eastway Drive - P. O. Box 9485 Bobby G. 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'f' -.I-me , X 5 iw ' be - Jie N 4 v 1 at X. ei - ' fra-' I et' I 1 SAN owlcl-IES , it I 'El'E5'2"'Ze V if 2 I N 1 'rl 5 f 2 1 gr XI 55 I 31 2 f 'I' I 5 8 , -.V K I X sw 'j x 'YK' max ri X ' ,Afraid Ig J gf. I I , ii-I ' lg 1 I k, Nxt e wal 1. .gy 1 f.,i YQ " IR? 'W y '4 'N' I '-N sf Q 1-A wr 1, vs J 5:2 K Q f Y' ' ' 3 1. M A 1 fe "T".: . ,gg fig if ,Wk I M' It Q my A 'ly T ?Q.sigfi'!gt'gT,' . 3, fy ggit .Q , ' at-1 -I ' " 4.-mgrfa --ty , -m, . 1 - . .. .1 - J xilgezf W" A 'I' T I- iw .QF 1' ' ' N il" "H-"5l', n ,, i13 ?' 5 f' r ev 4 w - ' ,wir , a , - -- 61512. f' , fi A w e ,Q t,tt t .Q If ,O M ,,, wg ZA.AX I r . ' I.1 -f I - .-,Q ' ta,s'f1Ftaf+m x fit- ' I f " ' Aw 'I-'fits' Sr gg! ii '3"'5t' QT 5' , M -,z lgmoy I I It's the realthing. ul 292 f Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1978 LEEWARD PUBLICATIONS 527 Oakland Ave. Charlotte, N. C. 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Exterior Remodeling - " Siding ' Awning 5' Carports To Coach Sean McCormick Compliments of AI and Benny Reel rents Bmuiuccilceirs, Hume. 4300 Dzklfarof Drive ' GAarhl!e, . Cz' 25205 Conlraclor: .7304 12446 jefepfzonex 5.57-6044 Cnylheers 300 X Advertisements Compliments Of wwe 3911 Glentalls Ave. Phone: 365-0928 3 2521? fi: 7 O MV' NW M' Os' sl 1 0 I O 'x my -of Q, - 1 114' V03 I 6 ' I M - my f o'. Cong rzfhd a:Hons uclass Of "li" Wilclcoj' Lrfffoff ef' GARINGER HIGH'S HOME TV STATION WSCC - TV CHANNEL 9 Advertisements X 301 i HARRiLL's BAR-B-Q H ..., Q ,- i 1600 Purser Dr. CAcross From Garingerj WW .,.,,..,. X , ,, QW9, The Home Of Old Fashioned BAR-B-Q cheeseburgers hamburgers hotdogs fish sandwiches french fries hush puppies 302 X Advertisements U ff -I -v Y ""' Fabric, Notions, Sewing Accessories, And Sewing Lessons. H- iv 138 Charlottetown Mali 704-334-3018 Charlotte, N. C. 28205 lx N N . 33 kf' ' 3: - - 3 , MXN., ay' ' i,f'j,f'! 'I gi! Xu! b,-fr'i" Jff,.f'Rt A wt! fi. we 'sf -vPm."e-me-+-JM, we .1 , .sin , . 1 WLxmS,mea:,.J,' W ROY WHITE'S FLORIST 1931 E. Seventh St. CLIFFORD PARSONS MORNINGSIDE BARBER AND STYLE SHOP 2311 Central Avenue Charlotte, N. C. 28205 Advertisements X 303 li Special Uhanks to Cjaringer' Nan Abell Bill 8L Linda Abernethy Robin Ashford Chanteau Atwell Glenn Ball, '78 Mr. 8L Mrs. Benson Jeff Bernard Mike Berryhill Black Betty Melvin Blackmon Donna Bost Broad 8L Dilly Bird, '78 Bulette Jan Burris Centipede Jack Chappell Glen Clybum Carol Conder Jimmy Core Donnie Davis, '78 Wanda Davis Cindy Deal, '78 Kim Dennie Gaye Dimmick fa' X, 4 Q7 ' -"T , " f' -1 I . XX ix. 0 ' Q he ' i lv' . . N 'J fm 'J ff", A ,, U., ig if -C55 l Vllfll' W v iii l 7, ' IE .wx 1 f l lv? fvvrif . wg-,,1f W ,iv f,,.,.- I l '- ',f'f"' l w . ' J Mrs. Clara Duncan Leslie Eudy Janie Fagan Chris Fitzsimmons, '78 Mark Gantt Betty Gardner Good Luck to Sterrett's Homeroom Students Laura Griffin Richard Hall Tammy Hardee Felice Harris Alice Harris Alice Hinson Homeroom 101 Melinda Hulsey Stephanie Huntley Charles Jarrell ' Mr. J.R. Johnson Joy Jones Bunny Kimmons Mr. Jim Kimmons Tonna Kimmons Criss Langford Katie Lesley Susan Lingle Heidi Low Leigh Massey Mary Lou Matsik Jeannie Maynard "T.C." Maynard Debbie McAlpine Terry McKee Monica McLean Mr. Guy Meador David Mills, '78 Mark Moser Bill Newbold Lisa Newell Terri Newton New World Records Keith O'Leary Linda O'Leary Debra Oliver s fatrons Tony Powers Ricky Price Tammy Pritchard Ann Putnam Mrs. Robbie Rabin Jene Redmond Al Renaud Tony Rice Ricky Rudisill Don Sheriff Denise Shaw Dina Smith Leslie Tate '78 Terry Teague E.R. Throneburg Grady Walker Ms. Washington, '78 Debbie Wilkes Debbie Williams Cheryl Wilson Terry Winstead Delores Wood Mrs. Doris Wright Donna Young 304 I SUPPORTERS William Jay Albritton ROTC 1.2.3. Sylvia Alcala FBLA 1,2 - President 2. Anja Leigh Alexander invitations Committee 25 DECA 3: Caps and Gowns Committee 3. Anthony Victor Alexander FBLA 3. Ben Michael Alexander Student Council lg Basketball 2g Breakfast Committee 3. Jeanna Gayle Alexander Adelphians lg Ski Club 1.2.31 Wildcat Club l,2g FHA HERO 3: GGS 3. Sharon Renee Alexander Choir 3. Charles Sylvester Allen Student Council l: Executive Council 2.3: Football l,2.3g Track l,2,3g Dance Committee - Chair- man 2,3g Key Club 2,35 Vice- President Student Body 33 Tri- Captain Football Team 2,35 Sec- ond All-County Football 2g First All-County Football 3. Susan Lynn Allen Ecology Club l,2,3 - Treasurer 2.3. Waldney Ribeiro Angelo Spanish Club 1,25 Ski Club lg Soc- cer 2,3. Mark Gordon Asbury Student Council lg Junior Achievement 15 Baseball 1: Marching Band l,2,3. Timothy Huntley Atkinson Marching Band l,2.35 Pep Band 1,2,3: Bible ll 3 - Chairmang Honor Society 3. Robert Gregory Austin Announcements Committee 3. Cynthia Ann Aycoth Ski Club 2: FHA HERO 3. Pam Diane Bailey Chorus 15 Girls' Ensemble 25 Choir 3. Glenn Allen Ball Baseball 15 'Key Club l,2,35 Ski Club 1,25 Soccer l,2.35 Golf 2.3. Deborah Lee Ballard Adelphians lg Cheerleader lg Sophomore Class Officer: Student Senior Statistics Council 1.2.33 GGS l,2,3g Ski Club 1,21 Young Life 1.2: Wildcat Club 1.25 Swim Team 1,25 Junior Class Officer - Presidentg Invitations Committee 2: SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 2.3: Announcements Committee 3: Speakers and Civi- tan Committee 3. Debra Ellen Barkley Adelphians 1: Franco-Prussian l: Junior Achievement l.2: Girls' Ensemble 2g Red Cross 1.2.33 Speakers and Civitan Committee 3. Ricky Lee Barksdale Student Council lg Executive Council 2g Voice of Democracy 2g Senior Class Ofticer 35 Century Ill Writing Contest 3g Thespian Soci- ety 3. Clara Jean Barnes Franco-Prussian Club lg Keyettes 2g Decoration Committee: HERO 3. Natasha Ana Barnes FBLA 35 Cap and Gown Commit- tee 3. Sharon Renee Beatty Under The Willow Tree lg Break- fast Committee 3. Debbie Gay Bennett Student Council Alternate l.2,3: Drama Club 2.3: Girls' Ensemble 25 Invitations Committee 25 Thes- pian 2.3: Young Life 2,31 An- nouncement Committee 3. Walter Jeffery Benard Orchestra 2,35 All-State Orchestra 2g Governor's School 35 National Merit Semi-Finalist 3. Michael David Berryhill ROTC l: FBLA 3. Ernestine Anita Bethea Under The Willow Tree lg Invita- tions Committee 2: Breakfast Committee 33 Girls' Ensemble l.2,3. Kendall Dean Bibcau Track 3. Patrice Leslie Black Adelphians lg Wildcat Club 1,23 Franco-Prussian Club l,2g Ski Club l,2,3g Chorus 1: Girls' En- semble 2g Choir 3. Debra Elaine Bledsoe Franco-Prussian Club 1.25 Young Life l.2g Wildcat Club l,2,3g Ski Club 1.2.35 Red Cross 1,2,3. Cynthia Mae Blunt Junior Achievement 1. Donna Cheryl BOS! FBLA 31 COO 3. Mark Alan Bradshaw VICA 3: ICT 3. Lessie Verona Branch Chorus 15 Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 3. Leroy Branham Bus Driver 2,3. Pamela Ann Brazzell FBLA 3. Thomas Morgan Brimhall Ski Club lg Basketball lg Baseball lg Football 1.2.32 FHA Hero 3. David Preston Brooks Marching Band l: Concert Band lg Student Council 21 Symphonic Band 2,35 Football l,2.3g Track 1,2,3. Angela Octavia Brown FBLA 35 Announcement Commit- tee 3. Annette Brown Spanish Club l: Symphonic Band 2,35 Cheerleader l.2,3: FBLA 3g Bus Driver 3. Delores Laverne Brown Caps and Gowns Committee 3. Larry Donnell Brown Basketball 1.2: Football l,2.3g Baseball 1.2.31 HERO 3. Mark Colston Brown Bus Driver 2.3. William Belton Brown Spanish Club l,2.3: Vice- President 2, President 3: Ecology Club 1.2.31 Ski Club 35 Student Council 3: Tennis 3. Curtis Randolph Bufford ROTC 2.3: Track 3. Donna Jo Buffkin Girls' Ensemble 15 Centrusa 1.2.3. William Burch Ski Club 1.2. Janet Catherine Burns . Adelphians 15 Spanish Club 2: Girls' Ensemble 1,21 Choir 3. David Lee Byrd Cross Country 35 Ecology Club 35 Junior Achievement 34 VICA 35 ' Track 3. Lynn Carol Cadmus Franco-Prussian Club 1,21 Ski Club 1,2,3: Honor Society 2,35 All State Orchestra - Band Z: Foreign Exchange Student 25 Youth Sym- phony of Carolinas 2,31 Morehead Nominee 3. Michael Vincent Calhoun Basketball 1,25 Cross Country i,2,3g Track l,2,35 Speakers and Civitan Committee 3g Senior Class GiflikCOHHIlitiC6 3. . Faye Campbell Aclelphians lg Spanish Club 15 COO 35 FBLA 3. Glenda Faye Carter FBLA 3. Sherry Ann Carter CHEO 33 HERO 3. Timothy Barkley Cauthen Franco-Prussian Club l,2,3. p Jack Lee Chappell Tennis 1.2.3. Sheri Lynn Chastain Chorus 1: Girls'p.Ensemble 2,3g Red Cross l.2,3g Keyettes 3. Carol Baumgardner Christenbury DE 2. Damon Lee Christenbury Franco-Prussian Club 2.3. Wayne Radwin Clark Wrestling 1: Soccer l.2,3g Key Club 1,2,3. Scott Ervin Clayton Perfect Attendance Award 1,25 Baseball lg Football 1,2.3g FBLA 3. Theron Glenn Clyburn Jr. ROTC 1,2g Bus Driver 3. Francisco Alfredo Coello Interact 1.2.35 Spanish Club l,2,3. James Albert Coley Jr. Baseball 29 Chess Club 2. Karen Leigh Collins Franco-Prussian Club 15 Or- chestra 1,2,3. Julie Lynn Combs Girls' Track l.2,3: ROTC 1,2.3g Garinger Club 2.3. S Senior Statistics X 305 Evette Cousar Typing Award 2: FBLA 3 - Treas- urer. Susan Ann Craddock Ski Club 1.2.33 Young Life I.2,33 Campaigners 2,33 Centrusa 3. Tracy Anetta Craig GGS 2. Cynthia Melody Crawford DE 3. Samuel Thomas Crawford DECA 2. Joseph Stanton Cude Basketball 13 Student Council lg Junior Class Vice-President 23 Baseball 1,2,33 Football 1,33 GGS Mascot 3. Mark Gregory Daniels Ski Club 13 Franco-Prussian Club 23 VICA 3. John Mark Davidson Baseball i1,2. I . Diana Helen Day' R Project Aries 23 Student Council 3, Charles Thomas Davis Wrestling l,2. - Cheryl Denise Davis Adelphians li Spanish Club 1,25 Wildcat Club l,2,3 - President 3g Centrusa 2,33 DECA 33 Student Council 33 Senior Breakfast Committee 3. Donald Charles Davis Tennis 2.3. Lois Dee Davis Adelphians 13Junior Achievement I3 Young Life lg Marching Band l,2,33 Pep Band 1.2.31 Concert Band 13 Symphonic Band 2,31 Keyettes 1,2,3. Piper Davis Adelphians 1: Girls' Track 1: Ski Club 13 Junior Marshall 23 GGS 2,33 Senior Class Officer 3. Teresa Lynn Davis Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Wildcat Club 23 Ski Club 2,33 GGS 2,33 Student Council 33 Lettergirl 3. Terri Sue Davis FBLA 3. Cynthia Anne Deal Spanish Club 13 SNIPS 8: CUTS STAFF 2,33 FBLA 2,32 Senior Breakfast Committee 3: Girls' Tennis Team 1,2,3 - All- Conference 33 Invitations Com- mittee 3. Cynthia Louise Deese Invitations Committee 23 DECA 33 306 X Senior Statistics Caps and Gowns Committee 3. Kimberly Ann Dennie 1 Red Cross 13 Bible II 23 HERO 33 Grils' Ensemble 3. Forrest Lindsey Denton Baseball 1. Marion Kimberly Diehl Adelphians 1 - Vice-President3 Student Council 1,33 GGS 2,3. Marcus LaRay Dixon Ecology Club 2,33 Cross-Country 33 Track 3. Michael Scott Duncan DECA 2,3. , Joni Ellen Dunn , iici. i t1.' iim.V. 3 ,A Adelphians 13 Student 13 Centrusa 2,33 ski Club rouse! Princess 3g FBLA 33 Cheer- leader 3. ' Linda some Dunn Red Cross 2. Patricia Lynn Dunn 1 Ski Club FBLA 3. A Donald Edward Earle Franco-Prussian Club 3. 3 Rosalind Juanita Easterlingr Track lg CHEO 3. Selena Ann Edge FBLA 3. Cynthia Louise Edwards Red Cross 1,23 Student Counciliiii Senior Breakfast Committee iii 1 James Ray Edwards Franco-Prussian Club 1,2. Wilhemenia Edwards FBLA 3. Carol Louise Farnsworth . Adelphians 13 Franco-Prussian Club 13 Ski Club 1,23 Student Council 1,2,33 Centrusa 2,3 - Vice-President 33 FBLA 2,3. Mikel Daniel Farr Junior Achievement 1,23 VICA 33 Wrestling 3. Phyllis Faulkner Chorus 1,23 Girls' Ensemble 3g CHEO 33 HERO 3. Laura Ann Ferreira Adelphians 13 GGSL 1,2333 Franco-Prussian Club lg Honor Society 2,3 - Secretary 33 Junior Marshall 23 Lettergirl 2,33 NCTE Achievement Award in Writing Nominee 23 Student Council 33 Senior Breakfast Committee 3.- Marcelia Maria Fewell Red Cross 1.2. Ophelia Suzanne Teague Fisher: Girls' Tennis 2,33 Under The Wil- low Tree 2,3. Christopher John Fitzsimon Sophomore Class Officerg Student Council 13 Math Contest Winner 13 Executive Council 2,33 lCC chairman 2: Junior Marshall 23 Cross-Country 2: Football Statis- tician 2,33 Key Club 2,3 - President 33 Honor Society 2,3 - President 33 GGS Mascot 33 Century lll Win- ner33 Basketball 1,2,3 - Captain 3. William Leslie Fortner Jr. Franco-Prussian Club 13 Basket- ball 13 Cross-Country 23 Soccer 3. Christine Louise Fowler Swim Team lt Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Drama Club 1,2.,33 Wildcat Club 2,33 Ring Committee 2g Honor Society 2,33 Thespians 2,3 - President 33 Centrusa 3. -Patricia Kim Fowler S Adelphians 13 Spanish Club 13 Ski Club 1,2,33 GGS 2.3. Van Harold Fowler Jr. Wrestling 13 Key Club 2,3. Robert Harold Francis Tennis 1,33 Wrestling 2,32 Honor Society 3. Gwen Ophelia Frazier Marching Band 1,23 Concert Band lg Student Council 1,23 Sym- plionic Band 2,33 GGS 2,33 Letter- girl 33 Executive Council 33 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 2,3. Japana Frazier Caps and Gowns Committee 3. Steven Ray Fretz , Track 2,3. David Wayne Frye Concert Band lg Marching Band 1,2,33 Pep Band l,2,3Q Symphonic Band 2,33 Keyette Mascot 3. Sandra Lynne Frye Adelphians lg Wildcat Club 23 Centrusa 1,2,3. Susan Elaine Frye Swim Team 1,23 Adelphians ll Drama Club l,2Q Student Council 2,33 Centrusa 2,33 Bus Driver 2,33 Volleyball 3. James Thomas Fullam Garinger Club 13 Drama Club lg Marching Band 1,2,33 Pep Band 1,2,33 Key Club 2,31 Track 3. David Lane Gaddy Key Club l,2,3Q Baseball 1,2,3. Tina Marie Gale Student Council lg Spanish Club lg Latin Club 23 ROTC 1,2,3. Betty Elaine Gardner ROTC 1,2,33 Invitations Commit- tee 2. Berette Garner ROTC l,2,33 Bible ll 3. Mitzi Arlene Gathings Adelphians 13 Volleyball lg Ski Club 13 Spanish Club 1: Student Council 3: Centrusa 3. Carolyn Jane Gantt Spanish Club 1,2,3, Susan Elaine Gantt Spanish Club 2,33 FBLA 3. Eleanor Faye Gibson FHA HERO 3. Karen Marie Giles DE 2,3. Richard Leon Gladden Football 2,3. Mitzi Goble g CO0 2,33 FBLA 2,33 Bus Driver 2,3. 3 Lynn Montez Goodwin P GGS 33 Rambler Staff 3. Susan Leila Gray . Student Council lg Centrusa 2,3. Bartees Leon Grier Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Bus Driver 2,3. Robin Ann Grier FHA HERO 3. Donna Renee Griffin Adelphians lg Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Wildcat Club 1,23 Cen- tI'USa 2,33 Lettergirl 2,3 - Head 3. Cyril Long Gulledge Jr. Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Ski Club 1,2,3: Honor Society 2,3. Donnie Hall DE 1. Eddie Lee Hall Cross-Country lg Wrestling 1,2,3. Richard Brian Hall Franco-Prussian Club 2,33 Ski Club 3. Billy Gregory Hammontree Refreshment Committee 2g Track 2,3: Cross-Country 2,33 Football 33 HERO 3. Kim Laverne Hamrick Decorations Committee 23 FBLA 3. Joy Lynne Hardee Adelphians 13 Red Cross 13 Girls' Track 13 Majorette lg Student Council 2, Junior Marshall 2, De- corations Committee 2, Ski Club 2, Feature Twirler 2,3, Wildcat Club 2,3, Franco-Prussian Club l,2,3, Honor Society 2,3, Invita- tions Committee 2, Keyettes 3, Young Life 3. Tammy Kay Hardee Volleyball l,2,3, Girls' Basketball 2,3, FBLA 3. Angela Lovette Harrell Project Aries 1,Track 1, CHEO 3 - Secretary 3. Kenneth Edward Harmon Tennis 1,2,3, Ski Club l,2,3, Garinger Club 2, DE 3 - President, Centrusa Mascot 3, Ecology Club 3. Jeffrey Alan Harris Tennis 1. Susan Alice Harris Adelphians 1, Ski Club 1, GGS 2,3, Lettergirl 3. Kelly Harwell FBLA 1, Chorus 1,23 Bus Driver 2,3, Girls' Ensemble 3, Garinger Club 3. Brian Everette Hawkins Franco-Prussian Club 2. Mary Catherine Head Adelphians 1, Franco-Prussian Club 1, Wildcat Club 2, Red Cross 2, SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF - Business Manager 3, Breakfast Coinmittee,3, Young Life 3, Ski Club 3. Janet Lee Hayes Under The Willow Tree 1, Cheer- leader l,2,3, Homecoming Queen 3, Executive Council 3, GGS 3. Chris Heck Ski Club l,2,3. Chris Helms Symphonic Band Gina Denise Helms Franco-Prussian Club 1,2, FBLA 2,3, Centrusa 3. Steve Parks Helms Football 1,2, Ski Club 1,2,3 - Sec- retary l, Vice-President 2, Presi- dent 3, Baseball 2,3. Ellen Beirne Henderson Adelphians I, Spanish Club 1, Student Council 1,2,3, Ski Club l,2,33 GGS 2,3, Lettergirl 2,3. Eunice Beirne Henderson Sophomore Class Officer, Adelp- hians l, Ski Club 1,2,3, Spanish Club 1 - Treasurer, Student Coun- cil 1,2, Junior Class Officer, GGS 2,3 - President 3, Senior Class Of- ficer. Lula Bell Henderson Track 1, COO 2,3, Bus Driver 2,3, FBLA 3. Carla Lee Hedrick Spanish Club 1. James Hendrix VICA 3. Dennis Wade Henley Key Club l,2,3. Alan Stuart Higgins Spanish Club 1,2, Ski Club 1. Regina Lynne Hilton Volleyball 1,2, Adelphians 1. Alice Marie Hinson Keyettes 1,2,3 - Vice-President 3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Garinger Club 2,3, Ring Committee 2, Senior Gift Committee 3. Toy Brent Hinson Tennis 1, Franco-Prussian Club 1, Ski Club 2,3, Centrusa Mascot 3. Dowanda Ann Hoagland D Chorus 1, Girls' Ensemble 2, Choir 3. Tammy Marie Holden Red Cross 1, Adelphians 1, Franco-Prussian Club 1,2, Ram- bler Staff 2,3, GGS 3. James Holland Basketball l,2,3, Cross-Country 1,2, Franco-Prussian Club 1,2. Kevin Wayne Holmes Football l,2,3, ski Club 1,2,3, Franco-Prussian Club l,2, ROTC 2,3, Foreign Exchange Student 2, Honor Society 2,3, Project Aries 2, Junior Marshall, Morehead Scholarship Nominee 3, Student Council 3. Denise Marie Horne Girls, Ensemble 2,3, FHA HERO 3: CHEO 3. Sharon Rebecca Horton Ski Club l,2,3, Student Council 1,2,3, Wildcat Club lg FBLA 2,3, Centrusa 3. WyJean Hosey DE 2. Jack Doyle Howell Basketball l,2, Cross-Country 2. Terrie Annette Hucks Chorus 1,2, Chorus Award 2, Choir 3. Mary Sue Hudson ROTC 1,2,3. Melinda Francis Hulsey Franco-Prussian Club 2, Swim Team 2, Centrusa 3. Kimberly Ann Huneycutt Girls' Ensemble 2, Biology ll 2, Senior Breakfast Committee 3, FBLA 3. Stephanie Patricia Huntley Red Cross 1,2,3, Spanish Club I, Decorations Committee 2, Letter- girl 3, Rambler 3, Invitations Committee 3. Pamela Jean lvie Adelphians 1, Decorations Com- mittee 2g Ski Club 2,3, Centrusa 3, Speakers and Civitan Committee 3, Girls' Basketball 3, Student Council 3. Deborah Jeannette Jackson COOl1 3, FBLA 3. Garland Louis Jackson Jr. Student Council 1, Young Life 1, Bus Driver 2,3. Elizabeth Ashe James ' Adelphians I, Red Cross 1, Stu- dent Council 2, GGS 1,2,3 - Secre- tary 3, Young Life 1,2,3, Cam- paigners 1,2,3, Lettergirl 3. Charles Edward Jarrell Franco-Pmssian Club I, Football 1,23 ROTC l,2,3, Wrestling 3. Carol Ann Johns FBLA 3. Susie Gaye Johnson Concert Band 1, Girls, Ensemble 2, Drama Club 2, Marching Band 2,3, Symphonic Band 2,3, An- nouncements Committee 3, Bible ll 3. William Lee Johnston Spanish Club 1, Baseball 1, Foot- ball l,2,3, Student Council 3. Eric Shawn Jolly ROTC l,2,3, Debating Club 1. Francis Kay Jones Spanish Club 1. Louis Lougenia Jones Adelphians 1, Archestra 1,2, Spanish Club 1,2, Garinger Club 2, Choir 3. Mary Jane Jordan FBLA 3. Patricia Louise Jourdan Junior Marshall 2. Lee Ann Keeter Honor Society 2,3, Caps and Gowns Committee 3, FBLA 3. Albert Alonzo Kelly Cross-Country 2,3, Basketball 2,3, Track 2,3. Diane Elizabeth Kenny Adelphians l, Student Council 2, Ring Committee 2: Decorations Committee 2, Young Life 1,2,3, Campaigners 2,3, GGS 2,3 - Treasurer 3, Lettergirl 3, Class Gift Committee 3, SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 3, Honor Society 3. Carol Ann Kiker Young Life 2,3, Ski Club 3, Senior Gift Committee 3. Jeffrey Eugene King Ski Club 1,2,3, FBLA 3. Jeff Lawrence Kirkpatrick Basketball 1, Cross-Country 2, Soccer 3. Tamera Jean Kiser Tennis 1, Basketball 2, Volleyball 1,2,3, Track 1,2,3, Student Coun- cil 3. William Henry Kiser Football 1, Baseball 1, Interact l,2, Ski Club 1,2, Student Council 2, D.E. 2, Red Cross 2. Walter Stokes Kisiah Jr. Debating Club 1, Golf l,3, Wres- tling l,3, Key Club 2, ROTC l,2,3, Soccer 3, FBLA 3. Kenneth Russell Kissah Wrestling 2,3, Track 2,3, Cross- Country 2,3. Tammie Renee Knight Franco-Prussian Club 1, Ski Club 2, DE 3. Christopher Eric Langford Spanish Club 1, ROTC 1. John Randall Layton Ski Club l,2,3. Harvey Wayne Lee Spanish Club 1. Steven Micah Lee Student Council l,3, Symphonic Band 1,2,3, Marching Band l,2,3: Basketball l,2,3, Key Club 2,3, Cross-Country 2. Donna Marie Levins Student Council 1, Ski Club 1, Girls' Basketball l,2,3, Franco- Prussian Club 2, Rambler Staff 3. Aaron Timothy Lewis Football l,2,3, Track 1,2,3, Wres- tling l,3, Perfect Attendance 1,2,3, Basketball 2, Garinger Club 3, Red Cross 3. Kim Marie Lindsay FBLA 3. Neena Gaye Lindsay Tennis 3, Centrusa 3, Belk Teen Board 3. Senior Statistics f 307 Amy Carol Lippard Keyettes l,2,3Q Girls' Ensemble 1.23 Sanderettes 2,33 Choir 3. Tonya Delores Loflin Chorus 13 Girls' Ensemble 2,33 DE 3. Donnie Ray Love Wrestling 1.2.3. Heidi Lynn Low Ecology Club lg Franco-Prussian Club 1.23 Ring Committee 23 Pep Band 1.2.33 Marching Band 1.2.33 Invitations Committee 3. Benita Frances Lowder Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Speak- ers and Civitan Committee 3. Julia Edith Luther Centrusa 1.2.33 Thespians 33 FBLA 3. Debra Ann Lytle ROTC 1.2. Walter Eugene Maney Franco-Prussian Club 23 Key Club 2,32 Student Council 33 Senior Breakfast Committee 3. Susan Beth Markley Adelphians lg Spanish Club 1.23 Red Cross 23 Student Advisory Committee 3. Laurin Blair Marley Adelphians 1 - Treasurer3 Franco-Prussian Club li Chorus I3 Choir 2,3 - Treasurer 33 GGS 2.33 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 3: Caps and Gowns Committee 3. Juanita Ruth Martin Ring Committee 23 Tennis 1.2.33 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 2.3 - EDITOR 33 Invitations Commit- tee 3: GGS 3. Ladara Kay Massey FBLA 3 - Vice-Presidentg COO 3. Ricky Mason Massey Bus Driver 1.2.3. Mary Louise Matsik Keyettes 1.2.33 Orchestra 1.2.33 Renssalaer Award 23 Associate Chief MafShallQ Garinger Club 2,3 - President 33 Honor Society:.Vg2l.3.5.ip Under The Willow Tree 2,3gfp.3Stti-fi? dent Couifcil 33 National Merit Semi-Finaliist 3. Paula Jean Student lL Keyettes 1.2.3 - Presidentg ringer Club 1.2.3 - 2, Secretary 33 Junior Mafstiari 2. NCTE Writing Nominee3 Honor Society 2.33 Under The Willow Tree 2.33 SNIPS 8: CUTS STAFF 3: Senior Gift Committee 3. 308 I Senior Statistics Debbie Leah McAlpine Chorus lg Student Council lg Choir 2.3. Lora Ann McClain Garinger Club 3g Wildcat Club 33 Girls' Ensemble 3. Daniel Wayne McConnell Ski Club lg Football 1.2.33 Young Life l,2,33 FBLA 3. Cynthia Lynn McCullough Adelphians 13 Franco-Prussian Club 13 Concert Band 1,23 March- ing Band 13 Cheerleader 2.33 Ram- bler Staff 2,3 - Editor in Chief 33 Caps and Gowns Committee 3g National Achievement Scholar- ship Finalist 3. Kevin Stuart McDaniel Spanish Club 13 Basketball 13 Ski Club 1.23 Baseball 1: Student Council 2.33 Football 1.2.3. Shirley Denise McGalliard Marching Band 1.2.33 FBLA 3. Robert Marion McKee Football 1. Penny Lynne Montague Adelphians I3 Concert Band 13 Marching Band 1.2.33 Symphonic Band 2.3. Elizabeth Annelle Morcock Track l - Manager 23 Franco- Prussian Club 1.23 Wrestling Mas- cot l3 Marching Band 1,23 Ecology Club 23 Volleyball 1.2.33 Drum Majorette 3. Deborah Lynn Morris Ski Club 13 Volleyball Manager 2: Student Council 2. Janice Renee Morris Wildcat Club lg FBLA 3. Audrey Lane Morse Wildcat Club 1,23 Student Council 1.2.33 Key Club Sweetheart 2. Lynda Joy Moser Ski Club 1.2.33 Student Council 23 Franco-Prussian Club 23 Wildcat Cl'-tb 24.1. - Andrew Moser Key Club 1.2.33 Marching Band 1.2.33 Symphonic Band l.2,33 A p Biology Awaiitiilgglunior Marshall Rhonda Ann Mcrcnrgm 21 HOW' 5923? Sophomore Class Officer ..'1 it C if dent Council 13 r'lir-t.-ti. .Mary Elll-abCfhtlMQS5f Senior Class iff YWBB Life 1,2-31 Gowns .e..e.n.. 3' Ski aae 3 . f 3 3 iii iiii 3 iiiii AmYiii35f0f5Y Nance Jerleen McManus ililll S FfaU'ib'PfU5SiaU Club 1-2-3? C00 3g FBLA Wildcar Club 23 2,3. Carolyn Denise Miller 3 Annie Maller Newman DE 2.3. 3 FHA- HERO 3. Christopher Wayne Miller . ipii 3 Baseball 1.2.33 Football 2,3. Sandra Coletta Miller Junior Achievement li Red Cross 1,23 Student Council 23 FBLA 2,3. James David Mills Interact 1.23 Young Life 1.23 Junior Marshall 2. Susan Elizabeth Milstead Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 March- ing Band 1.2.33 Pep Band 2.3Q Keyettes 2.3 - Secretary 33 An- nouncement Committee 3. Faye Tinie Mitchell Adelphians 13 Wildcat Club 13 Chorus 13 Girls' Ensemble 23 Choir 33 Voice of Democracy Con- tesgg- 3rd place 23 Bible ll 33 Club 3g Speakers and 3. Alex Charles Mobley Basketball 1.23 Cross-Country 23 FHA - HERO 3. Karen Denise Moftitt Ski Club 13 Bus Driver'32,3-L n Donna Lee Newell Wildcat Club li Decorations Committee 23 Ski Club 1.2.33 Stu- dent Council l,2,33 Centrusa 1.2.3 - President 33 Announcements Committee 3. Linda Claire O'Leary Wildcat Club 13 Ecology Club 13 Keyettes 2,33 Perfect Attendance 1.2.3. John Harold O'Tuel DE 2.3. Catherine Anne Owen Adelphians 13 Cheerleader lg Stu- dent Council 13 Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Orchestra 1.2.33 Ecology Club 23 Volleyball 2.3 co-captain 33 Lettergirl 33 GGS 2,3 - Vice- President 3. Toni Gayle Parker Student Council 23 Invitations Committee 2: CEO. FHA HERO 33 Wildcat Club 33 Announce- ments Committee 3. Anita Louise Pearson Belk Teen Board 23 Red Cross 2 - Vice-Presidentg Under The Wil- low Tree 23 Ski Club 23 Wildcat Club 23 Announcements Commit- tee 3: Centrusa 3. Charles Fredrick Peterson ll Wrestling lg Football Manager 23 Spanish Club 23 Key Club 1.2.3 - Vice-President 33 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 2.3. Ethel Louise Phifer CHEO 33 HERO 33 Girls' Ensem- ble 3. William Dennis Pinnell Wrestling li Track 13 Franco- Prussian Club 1,22 Football Man- ager 23 Red Cross 2. Douglas Edward Phillippi Under The Willow Tree 2.3 - Editor of Art 3. Steven Leroy Purvis Bus Driver 1.2.3. Marshall Scott Parrott Baseball 13 Junior MHfShHllQ Ski Club 2,3: Honor Society 2.33 Soc- cer 1.2.3 - co-captain 3. Philip Edward Poe Spanish Club 13 Under The Willow Tree 1.2. Janice Marie Polson Ecology Club li FBLA 3. Chris Jimmy Pourlos Spanish Club 13 Soccer 13 Cross- Country 23 Key Club 1.2.3. Tony Marvin Powers Key Club 1.2.3. LaSandra President Track 1.23 ROTC 1.2.33 ROTC Ball Queen. Douglas Shannon Pressley Cross-Country 13 Ski Club 1.2.3. Mary Melissa Rape Spanish Club 1. Jeffrey Ford Ramsey Junior Marshall3 Golf 1.2.33 Soc- cer l,2.3Q Honor Society 2.33 Ski Club 2,33 Key Club 3. Rebecca Faye Reid DE 2.3. Marie Elizabeth Reilly Franco-Prussian Club lg HERO 33 Ecology Club 3. Michael Scott Richards Franco-Prussian Club 13 DECA 2.3. Richard Allen Riley Ski Club lg Football 1.2.3. Tracy Marie Rion Adelphians l - Presidentg Ski Club 1,33 Cheerleader l,2,33 Student Council l,2,33 Young Life l,2,33 Franco-Prussian Club 23 GGS 2,33 DAR Award 33 CEO 33 Senior Breakfast Committee 3. Brian Leon Roberts Rambler Staff 3. Jeffrey Neal Robertson Basketball 13 Franco-Prussian Club 23 Chief Marshall 23 Key Club 2,33 Honor Society 2,3 - Vice-President 33 Harvard Book Award 23 Senior Gift Committee 33 Soccer 3. 5 Susan Kay Robinson Wildcat Club 13 FBLA 3. . fislfnda Rackman eele 3. 1 Adelphians 13 Spanish I YPRHS Life 11 3th isfiisifzrfg-.s 1..k W..5,u. Laurie Ruth . Rodgers Swimffeam il ,2. Rodney Rogers Baseball 'I 3, Young Life 132. Williamfieflfrey Rogers Football 1,33 DE 2. Edward Rorie - Secretary 3. ljlicharcIp,iFranldin Rudisall - President 3. . 3 3 ' il Cfub 12 . ,, Atieiphians ig Gafiager Club 1, Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Keyet- tes 2,3g Junior Marshallg Honor Society 2,33 Under The Willow Tree 2,33 Red Cross l,2,33 Tennis 33 Morehead Nominee 3. Rebecca Alieen Salem Invitations Committee 23 CEO, FHA HERO 33 Announcements Committee 3. Adell Sanders ,Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Track 113 John Barry Seate Wrestling 13 Football l,2,33 Track 2,33 Young Life 3. Stanley Gilbert Shaw ,.A Ski Club 1,33 Bus Driver Shelia Renee Sherron Adelphians 13 Ski Club 13 Spanish Club lg Volleyball li Centrusa 33 FBLA 3. T Linda Keyettes 33 Orchestra 1,23 March- ing Band l,2,33 Bible II 33 Pep Band 3. Barbara Ann Shine Announcements 3. Eric Thompson Shirkey Baseball 13 Ski Club 13 Wrestling l,2,3. Terri Lynne Simmons Adelphians 13 Spanish Club 13 Junior Achievement 13 Centrusa 33 FBLA 3. Susan Kay Simpson Girls' Ensemble 1,23 Drama Club 2. Ameila Alta Smith Adelphians 13 Spanish Club lg Ski Club l,2,33 Centrusa 2,3. Derrie Louana Smith Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 DE 2,3. Dina Gayle Smith Concert Band 13 Student Council 13 Franco-Prussian Club 13 Ski Club 1,23 Marching Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band 2,33 SNIPS 84 CUTS STAFF 3. Ellen Marie Smith Centrusa l,2,33 Red Cross l,2,33 FBLA 3. Linda Kay Smith Red Cross l,2. Lorna Leigh Smith Adelphians 13 Student Council l,2,33 Wildcat Club l,2,33 Cen- trusa 2,3. Lynda Leigh Smith Spanish Club 13 Under The Willow Tree 23 Tennis 33 Keyettes 33 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 3. Michael Vemon Smith Ski Club l,2,33 Football 1,23 Baseball 1,23 Young Life l,2,33 Interact 3. Robert Louis Smith Ski Club 1. Sherri Lee Smith Franco-Prussian Club li Wildcat Club l,2,33 FBLA 2,33 Ski Club 33 Centrusa 3. . Lynn Smith Franco-Pmssian Club lg Wildcat Club 23 Ski Club 2,33 Caps And Gowns Committee 33 Centrusa 3. Todd Eugene Smith Baseball l,2,33 FHA HERO 3. Fernando Augusto Sosa Soccer l,2,33 Young Life l,2,33 Ski Club l,2,33 Adelphian Mascot 23 Key Club 23 Franco-Prussian Club 23 Track 3. Wayne Madison Spearman Key Club33 Track 3. Lisa Melanie Springer Franco-Prussian Club l,2,33 Under The Willow Tree 3. Linda Gay Spurrier Garinger Club 2. Debra Karen Stamey Girls' Ensemble 1,23 Choir 33 FBLA 3. Julia Diane Stanley Student Council lg Wildcat Club 1,23 Young Life l,2,33 Ski Club l,2,33 GGS 2,33 Red Cross 2. Donald Ellis Starnes Jr. CHEO 3. Gwendolyn Luvenia Stewart FHA CEO 3. Kathryn Rene Stone DECA - Secretary 2. Michael Cole Sturgill Marching Band l,2,33 Concert Band l,2,33 Franco-Prussian Club 2,33 Pep Band 33 Young Life 3. Vanessa Sturgis DE 2,3. Martha Kay Stutts Keyettes 33 Caps And Gowns Committee 3. Scott Eugene Suddreth Young Life l,2,33 Ski Club l,2,33 Football 23 Centrusa Mascot 33 Ski Club 33 Interact 3. Julie Ann Sweet V.p:,V C1551,2gistuiieia3t3,qunei1 2, Red Cross 33 Ski Club 3. Melanie Renee Swindell Chorus lg Girls' Ensemble 23 Choir 3. Leslie Diane Tate Debating Club 13 Invitations Committee 23 COO 2,33 FBLA 33 ROTC l,2,3. Pamela Cheryl Taylor Adelphians 13 Wildcat Club 1,23 Spanish Club 1,23 Junior Marhsall3 Honor Society 2,33 Centrusa 2,3. John Pleas Teague III Football 3. Nicholas Lee Tewell Young Life l,2. Lee Anne Thomas Garinger Club 1. Richard Way Thacker Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Junior Marshallg Honor Society 2,3. Margaret Amy Thomas Junior Achievement 13 Ski Club l,2. Sheila Patricia Thompson DE 2,33 Caps and Gowns Commit- tee 3. Valerie Ann Toney Franco-Prussian Club 1,23 Cen- trusa 1.2. Rosetta Trusedale FBLA 3. Marletta Devonne Tucker Debating Club 13 Student Council 13 Centrusa 2,3. Kelly Ann Turner Honor Society 2,3. Walter Whitman Twitty Track l,2,33 Bus Driver l,2,33 Football 3. Sylvia Unger Red Cross 13 Bus Driver 2,3. Hugh Grady Walker III Football 1,33 Student Council l,2,33 Ski Club l,2,33 Track l,2,33 Junior Marshallg Honor Society 2,33 Key'Club 33 National Merit Scholar 3. Robert Randall Walker Baseball l,2,33 Ski Club 2. Mary Ruth Walker CHEO HERO 3. Rebecca Ruth Wallace Orchestra l,2Q FBLA 33 Choir 3. Robert Lee Wallace Spanish Club 13 Football l,2,3. Russell Warren Washam Football 13 Ski Club l,2,33 Golf l,2,33 Soccer 2,33 Key Club 2,33 SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF 2,3. Annetta Watson FBLA 3. Micheal Wayne Watson DE 2,3. Wendi Ann Weaver Student Council 23 GGS 2,33 Young Life 2,33 DECA 33 Ski Club 3 Rosa Ann Weldon FHA 3. AnthonySanto Wells Red Cross lg DE 23 Chorus 2 Charles Tereney Wells Ski Club 13. Senior Statistics I 309 Honor Society 2,3 - Treasurer 3. s Com- Wilson Williamson Student Council lg FBLA 3. Williams lg Girls' 35 Keyettes Committee 3. l,2,3 - 5232? rg . .. e1:fL.1me:w ,V . A.f,e,ns.wg ,,f . 3 23 X Student Council 1,23 Bus Driver 2,3. Micheal David Winstead ROTC l,2,3g Football 3. Wofford Young 2g Choir 3. ...N ,... N- ...M N W .. k Ak-V,..k V V .ig Si is Tar ahove the toil ana tumult of Our cityls growing might, froualy stancls our .7llrna Mater Shining brightly in the light. Crownea with wisaorn, hnowleage, power, Bololy let her praises ring. Hail to thee our .7llma Mater, Hail to Qaringer High, we sing. Hail to thee our fzllrna Mater, Hail to Qreat Qaringer High, we sing l Nan Abell, Winthrop College, B.S.! 44, 129. Ron Aldridge, Mars Hill College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.! 29 Inez Allen, Catawba College, B.A., U.N.C.-Greensboro, M.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.A.! 23, 65. Thomas Asbury, Livingston College, B.S., A 8L T University, M.S.! 21. Martha Bailey, Appalachian State University, B.S., Gardener-Webb, A.A.! 44, 113, 114. Gil Ballance, U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, B.A., M.Ed.! 36, 117, 118. Don Belk, N.C. State, B.S.! 46. Onetta Belk, Kings College! 42. Beatrice Bennett, Livingston College, B.A., A 8a T University, M.S.! 29. Deidra Bennett, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A.! 25. Gary Benson! 29. Jane Boyd, Samford University, B.S.! 31, 135. Virginia Boyd, Elon College, B.A.! 48. Gary Brown, Mars Hills College, B.S. , A 8a T University, M.S.! 29. Gladys Buford, Winston Salem State, N.C. Central! 42. Nancy Burgess, Winthrop College, B.S.! 46. Bernice Caldwell, N.C. Central, B.S., U.N.C.-Greensboro, M.Ed.! 48, 66. William Campbell, Florida Southern College, B.S.! 40. Richard Cansler, Appalachian State University, B.S., M.A.! 20, 66. Jim Carroll, A 8: T University, B.S.! 41, 149. Agnes Cole, Greensboro College, B.A., Emory University, M.A.! 25. Wanda Corriher, U.N.C.-Charlotte, B.S.! 31. Doris Covington, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A., Appalachian State Univ., Sp.Ed.! 28. Raynette Covington, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A.! 25, 134. Douglas Crotts, Lenoir Rhyne, A.B., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.A.! Maxine Davis, Livingston College, B.S., Columbia University, M.A.! 44, 114. Sara DeBerry, Limestone College, B.S.! 31 Faye Deese, Concord College, B.S., Marshall University, M.A.! 25. Barbara Divine, Queens College, B.A.! 24. James Dixon, Pfeiffer College, B.S. U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.S.! 7 33. 312 ! Faculty Index Clarence Dover! 40. Martha Dukes, Kings College! 42. Jim Edwards, Duke University, B.A.! 29. Sarah Emerson, Catawba College, B.A.! 25. Clotelle Fisher, Barber-Scotia College, B.S., Pennsylvania State, M.Ed.! 48. Jeanne Fitzsimmons, Florida State, B.A.! 26 Linda Giles! 22. Bob Godwin, U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, B.A., M.Ed.! 33. Dorothy Gregory! 22. Fred Gregory, Clemson Univ., B.S.! 46. Sabra Griffin, Winthrop, B.S. Tresa Griffin, C.P.C.C., A.A. Mattie Grigsby, Johnson C. Smith Univ., B.S., N.C. Central Univ., M.S., L.S.! 31. Jean Grisdale, N.C. State, B.S., Arizona State, M.S.! 32. Jan Hall, Queens College, B.A.! 37, 132. Susan Haney, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A.! 26. Martha Hanna, Duke Univ., B.A.! 34, 133. Ronald Hardman, Lenoir Rhyne, B.A. Hugh Harkey, U.N.C.-Charlotte, B.A.! 28. Francis Hawn, U.N.C.-Greensoboro, B.A.! 29 Sally Hearon, Hollins College, B.A., Duke Univ., M.A.' U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.! 23. Warren Hicks, Wake Forest Univ., B.S.! 41. Reed Hilderbrand, Appalachian State Univ., B.S.! 30. Martha Hipps, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.S.! 44. Lela Holbert, East Carolina Univ., B.S., M.A.Ed.! 42. Jim Holland, Appalachian State Univ., B.S., Clemson Uni M.Ed.! 30, 145. Joyce Hunter, Pfeiffer, College, B.S.! 41, 153. Pamela Huss, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.S.! 46. J. R. Johnson, Appalachian State Univ., B.S., M.A.! 33, 131. Cedric Jones, Shaw Univ., B.A., Columbia Univ., M.A.! 47. Richard Jones, Catawba College, B.S., A. 84 T. Univ., M.S. Mary Katzel, Vanderbilt Univ., B.A., Northeastern Uni M.Ed.! 32. John Kemper, Appalachian State Univ., B.A. 'y-0451 .. x lancy King, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A. Vilma King, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.F.A., M.F.A.! 35. Karen Kirkman, Tennessee Wesleyan College, B.A.! 33. Dorothy Kirby, Atlantic Christian College, A.B., U.N.C.-Chapel llill, M.A. ,ucille Kroboth! 24. lunice Lefler, Winthrop.. 22, 138. Katy Lesley, Madison College, B.S.! 48. haron Liner, Furman, B.A., U.N.C.-Charlotte, M.Ed.! 23. esus Lopez! 40. Jetty Lowery, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.S.! 45. .obert McClure, Johnson C. Smith Univ., B.A.! 30. ean McCormick, Davidson College, B.A. atricia McGee, Appalachian State Univ., B.S.! 41. .obert Maddox, North Texas State Univ., B.A., M.Ed., New York lniv.! 38. 124-7. Iarshall Martin, Winston-Salem State Univ., B.S., A. 8L T. State lniv., M.S., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill! 43. ecola Maxwell, Johnson C. Smith Univ., B.A., U.N.C.-Charlotte, l.Ed.! 26. obert Montgomery, N.C. Central Univ., B.S., A. 8L T. State Univ., LS. uzanne Pace, Randolf-Macon Woman's College, B.A., U.N.C.- hapel Hill, M.A. 'ertrude Pearson, Johnson C. Rmith Univ., B.S., Fisk Univ., M.A.! 3. eggy Peterson! 22. :anne Platt, Mars Hill, B.S.! 32. oretta Price, Mecklenburg College, B.A.! 22. lanita Reid, Hampton Institute, B.S., Univ. ofWisconsin, M.S.!23. hilecta Reinhardt, George Peabody College, B.S., Columbia Univ., l.A.! 27. lice Rhodes, Bennett College, B.A., Indiana Univ., M.S.! 30. tnet Robinson, Queens College, B.A.! 35, 137. ihn Robinson, Catawba College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.A.! l. eraldine Rogers, Furman Univ., B.S., Western Carolina Univ., l.A.! 34. ill Ross, Appalachian State Univ., B.S., U.N.C.-Charlotte, M.S.! l rances Ryan, Winthrop College, B.S., Columbia Univ., M.S.! 48. atherine Sanders, Furman Univ., B.A., M.A.! 32. nhn Sanders, Furman Univ., B.A., M.A.! 38. eorge Sawyer, Appalachian State Univ., B.S., M.A.! 34. arl Sawyer, Appalachian State Univ., B.S., M.A.! 32. Jberta Sessions, Columbia College, B.A.! 115. . C. Sinclair, Western Kentucky Univ., B.S., M.A. adine Sinclair, Wingate College, B.A.! 22. Ellen Skinner, Meredith College, B.A., Univ. of Tennessee M.S.! 45. Sam Smalling, Duke Univ., B.S., East Tennessee State Univ. M.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.! 23. Sandra Smith, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill,M.S.! 24. Robert Staley! 27. Josephine Stegmeir, Florida State Univ., B.A., M.A.! 133. Jane Sterrett, Duke Univ., B.S.! 34. Beth Summers! 27. Rollie Sumwalt, Davidson College, B.A., Wingate College, M.A.! 27. Andrew Thompson, A. 8L T. Univ., B.S.! 47. Elizabeth Throneburg, N.C. State Univ.. B.S.! 32. Delores Tibshrany, Winthrop College, B.S.! 48. Clara Timmons, Univ. of Pittsburg, B.A., M.Ed.! 45. Joseph Tommanchek, Elon College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.!4l, 171. Dennis Totaro, Montclair State College, B.A.! 47. Irene Travis, Hunter College, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.! 27, 65. Patrick Webb, Mars Hill College. B.A., University of Ten- nessee. U.N.C.-Charlotte, M.A.Ed. Emma Washington, Bennett College, B.S., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.S.! 42. Joseph White, Johnson C. Smith, B.A.! 43, 155. Debra Wilson, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.S., M.S.! 45, 114. Julia Wilson, Limestone College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill. M.A.! 34. Evelyn Winston, Barber-Scotia, B.A., U.N.C.-Charlotte, M.Ed.! 23. Jean Withers, Wake Forest. B.A.! 27. Wilma Woolard, Chowan College, A.B., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, B.S. Ron Wright, Western Carolina University, B.S., M.A. Faculty Index ! 313 Aarsund, Dale Reid 145, 229 ACTIVITIES 78 ADELPHIANS 134, 135 ADMINISTRATION 20, 21 Aycock, Cynthia 110 Adams, Dwight Everette 229 Adams, Jerry Lonnie 257 Adams, Mark Anthony 76, 115, 139, 195 Adkins, Keith 229 ADVERTISEMENTS 276-304 Agee, Kathleen Denice 229 Aikens, Vincent Charles 137 Alataris, Angie 257 IDEX Allen, Rhonda Frances 195 Allen, Susan Lynn 195 Alley, Sharon Lee 257 Allred, Stephen Kelly 257 Alsbrooks, Pamela Marleen 257 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anthony 257 Debra 229 Karen Marie 257 Kevin Mark 257 Linda Sue 257 Anderson, Robert Christopher 257 Andrews, Andrews, Jane Forrest 195 Laura Marie 257 Angelo Waldney Ribeiro 149, 195 Albritton, William Jay 195 Alcala, Maria Elizabeth 58, 257, 187 Alcala, Sylvia 114, 195 Aldridge, Gaynell 229 Alexander Anja Leigh 109, 195 Alexander Anthony Victor 195 Alexander Ben Michael 195 Alexander, Dobronyi 257 Alexander, Judy 195 Alexander, Jeanna Gale 95, 110 195 Alexander, Lenora 257 Alexander, Macie 96, 133, 152 153, 229 Alexander Merri Hope 85, 257 Alexander Pamela Diane 257 Alexander Robert Lee 195 Alexander Sandra 229 Alexander, Sharon Renee 92, 138, 195 Alexander Alexander Alexander v v s Stephen 257 Theresa Denise 195 Wilbert 257 Anthony, Audrey Denise 257 Armstrong, Tanza Michell 89, 95, 135, 165, 229 Arrington, Loy Vernon 257 Arrington, Thomas Ray 229 ART 35 Asbury, Mark Gordon 195 Ashford, Robin Elaine 90, 103,229 Ashley, Eric Mitchell 195 Ashman, Sherian Ann 257 Atkinson, Kimberly Lilea 257 Atkinson, Timothy H. 195 Austin, Carol 195 Austin, Della Theresa 196 Austin, George John 146, 147,257 Austin, Robert Gregory 196 Auten, Jane Carolyn 196 Avery, Patricia A. 257 Avery, Teresa Carol 196 Aycock, Sanders Frank 229 Aycoth, Cynthia Ann 196 Bacot, Allen Hunter 85, 128, 133, 145, 159, 229 Badran, Linda Sadallah 132, 229 Alksnis, Eric 229 Allen, Alanza Jo 257 Allen, Charles Sylvester 76, 101 128, 142, 144, 145, 188 Allen, Curtina Glendora 89, 165 229 Allen, Judy Lynn 94, 135, 229 Allen, Paul Douglas 114, 195 Bagley, Harold Jeffery 137 Bailey, Angela 257 Bailey, Gonza Lee 139 Bailey, Mary Elizabeth 85 Bailey, Pamela Dianne 92, 196 Bailey, Robert Wayne 107 Baker, Arthur Lee 146, 147, 257 Baker, Lloyd Christopher 257 Baker, Sandra Kay 89, 112 Baldwin, Debra Denese 91, 257 Ball, Glenn Allwn 101, 103, 149, 196 Ballard, Deborah Lee 72, 81, 82, 94, 196 Ballard, Debra Denise 257 Barger, Daniel Charles 257 Barkley, Daniel Thomas 257 Barkley, Debra Ellen 103, 130, 131, 137, 196 Barksdale, Rickey Lee 196 Barnes, Abbie Gail 257 Barnes, Clara Jean 67, 111, 139, 196 Barnes. Natasha Alva 112, 196 Barringer, Alan Leslie 109, 257 Barrino, Jackie Wilson 257 Bartels, Joel David 257 Bartlett, Richard Scott 257 Beach, Samuel A. 145, 229 Beach, Sandra K, 135, 109, 229 Beamer, Robert Earl 257 Bean, Nancy Diane 258 Beard, Betsy Gayle 251, 135, 95, 112, 229 Beasley, Bernice Rena 229 Beatty, Sharon Rene 196 Beatty, Terry Ann 258 Beaver, Betty Lashall 196, 109 Beaver, David Brevard 229 Beaver, Karen Elizabeth 258, 83 Beaver, Kimberly Deane 258, 90, 103 Beckham, Mark David 112, 229 Becknell, Kimberly Susan 184, 85, 132, 230 Belch, David F. 258 Belch, Donald Ray 145, 142, 230 Belk, Donna Earlene 196 Belk, Karla Earnean 103, 133,230 Bellew, Sherrie Lee 230 Belvin, Teresa 230 Benge, Steven Gwyn 145, 230 Bennett, Cathy Anita 89, 258 Bennett, Debra Gay 115, 197 Bernard, Walter Jeffrey 53, 54, 67, Blackwell, Bruce Milland 230 Blackwell, Gordon Lewis 258 Blackwell, Timothy Wayne 258 Blackwell Whit Kramer 230 Blakley, Rena Renee 103, 230 Black , Black, Black, Black, 314 I Index 197, 250 Berrier, Deborah 258 Bexryhill, Michael David 114, 197 Benfyhill, Randall 137, 230 Bethea, Ernestine Anita 197 Beway, Bertha 197 Bibeau, Kendall Dean 197 BIBLE 35 BIBLE II 137 Biddle, Katie Lee 258 Biddle, Steven Christopher 197 Bigham, Michael 230 Bivens, James D. Jr. 197 Connie Elaine 197 Dale Lee 90, 258 Dorothy Jean 258 Black, Jackie 147, 258 Black, Kimberly Layne 258 Black, Pandora 59, 230 Black, Patrice Leslie 92, 197 Vernon O'Hare 258 Blackmon, Melvin Lee 147, 258 Blakley, Douglas Edward 230 Blakney, Joann 258 Blanton, Jacqueline Leigh 91, 258 Bledsoe, Debra Elaine 114, 197 Blount, Michael Lee 258 Blount, Myra Lisa 230 Blunt, Cynthia Mae 89, 197 Blyth, Janet Kay 258 Bobay, Katherine Michel 83, 84, 85, 96, 230 Bobay, Richard Andrew 258 Bogans, Debra Jean 230 Bogans, Mitchell Antonia 167 Bolder, Anthony Venarosa 258 Bonasera, Charles Anthony 197, 168, 169 Bonds, Antonio 147, 258 Bonti, Deanna Lee 90 Borchert, Suzanne Joyce 258 Borst, Melissa Jane 104, 131, 230 Bost, Donna Cheryl 113, 114, 197 Boulware, Cecil Thomas 230 Boulware, Regina 197 Boulware, Sheryl Rena 165, 230 Bowlin, Robert Wayne 258 Bowman, Deborah Kay 230 Boyd, Michael A. 258 Boykin, Dean Alan 230 Bradshaw, Mark Alan 107 Brady, Charles Paul 132, 258 Bragg, John M. 258 Branch, Cynthia Carol 197 Branch, Lessie Verona 76, 92, 197 Brandes, Bobby Gainor 197 Braswell, Pamela Jayne 86, 230 Brazzell, Laura Patricia 134, 230 Brazzell, Pamela Ann 114, 197 Brazzle, Sherry Denise 258 Brewton, Barbara Denise 230 Brewton, Ronald 258 Brickman, Susan Gail 230 Brill, Jessica Miriam 91, 238 Brimhall, Tommie Morgan 72, 110, 142, 145, 197 Britt, Gregory Lilley 258 Britt, Jeffrey Dale 198 Broadwell, Robert Seigle 147, 258 Brooks, Arleen Francis 90, 258 Brooks, David Preston 118, 142, 143, 145, 198 Brooks, Dell Loraine 230 Brooks, Paulette 258 Brown, Angela Octavia 113, 198 Brown, Angela Priscilla 198 Brown, Annette 56, 60, 112, 159, 184, 18 5, 198 Brown, Charles Lee 258 Brown, David Michael 230 Brown, Delores Laverne 111, 198 Brown, Douglas Rodrick 258 Brown, Joseph Lentz 198 Brown Larry Donnell 72, 73, 111, 142, 143, 144, 145, 171, 198, 249 Brown, Mark Colston 198, 112 Brown Brown, Mary Ann 198 Brown, Richard Lawrence 92, 258 Brown, Roger Nelson 230 Brown, Sherrie Cornellia 91, 258 Brown, Suzanne Marie 133, 258 Brown, Terry Ray 258 Brown, Timothy Leon 147, 258 , William Belton 96, 133, 198 Browning, Steven B. 259 Buckley, Mary Quinette 137, 198 Buckley, Michael Duane 259 Buffkin, Donna Jo 198 Carter, Sherry Ann 199 Carter, Virginia Katherine 199 Carthran, Vondell M. 145 Casner, Kevin Sefton 199 Cassel, Patsey Ann 199 Caune, Mark Christopher 259 Cauthen, Timothy Barkl 132 CENTRUSA 104, 105 CEO 110 Chambers, Jackie Denise 259 Chambers, Marvin E. 259 Champion, Greg Wilson 259 Chance, Rodney Leon 107, 231 E Q l Bufford, Curtis Randolph 198 Bullock, Katherine 230 Bulls, Deborah A. 198 Bulls, Leon E. 259 Bump, Vernon Mike 230 Bunn, Sheryl Lynn 58, 231 Chapman, George Clifford 259 Chappell, Jackie Lee 118, 199 Chappell, Mary Elizabeth 104,231 Chastain, Elizabeth Ann 156, 259 Chastain, Lan'y Dean 231 Chastain, Shari Lynn 89, 103, 199, Burch, Loretta Jean 115, 231 Burch, William Robert 198 Burke, Karen Annette 138, 231 Burke, Sabrina Denise 198 Burks, Richard Edward 198 Burris, Janet Catherine 92, 198 Burroughs, Marcus Antoin 106, 259 Burrows, Raymond Malcolm 259 Busker, Raymond 231 BUS DRIVERS 112 BUSINESS EDUCATION 44, 45 Butler, John Wesley 259 Butler, Richard Charlton 231 Byars, Charles Elmer 231 Byers, Bonita Rachelle 91, 259 Byrd, Craig Anderson 115 Cable, Robert Jason 101, 231, 251 Cadmus, Lynn Carol 52, 64, 65, 66, 76, 198, 250 Cadmus, Scott Russell 231, 250, 253 CAFETERIA STAFF 39 Cagle, Randy Eugene 83, 259 Cagle, Sharon Leigh 128, 134, 135, 231 231 Cheek, Tracie Ellen 259 Cheely, Herbert Randolph 259 Chen, Ellen Lan 199 Chen, Peter Tie Sein 259 CHEO 111 Cherry, Shirley Denise 259 Chisholm, Darryl Bernard CHOIR 92 CHORUS 90, 91 Christenbury, Carol 199 Christenbury, Damon Lee 199 Church, Thomas Jefferson 112 Cirulis, Andrew William 259 Clark, Bobby Donald 259 Clark, Sandy Dee 259 Clark, Wayne Radwin 148, 149, 150, 151, 198 Clary, Teresa Dee 231 Clatterbuck, Frederick Jr. 259 Clayton, Gina Lynn 132, 167, 259 Clayton, Scott Ervin 72, 114, 145, 199 Clinkscales, Jen'y Carter 259 Clyburn, Theron Glenn Jr. 112, 199 Corne, Amold 232 Cornell, Katherine Marie 232 Corpening, Janet Lynn 200 Correll, Timothy Ellis 260 Coulson, Steve R. 146, 147, 260 Council, Celia Ellen 200 COUNSELERS 23 Courtney, Terri Lynn 260 Cousar, Yvette 114, 200 Covington, Mamie Lee 232 Cox, Michael Anthony 133, 232, 260 Cox, Reginald John 147, 260 Cox, Ronald Lee 232 Craddock, Susan Ann 96, 104, 200 Craig, Tracy Anetta 94, 200 DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION 55 Davidson, Stephen Bradfo 232 Davis, Bruce 232 Davis, Carolynn Yvonne 85, 133, 260 Davis, Charles Thomas 168 Davis, Cheryl Denise 84, 85, 104, Crawford, Cythia 109, 200 Crawford Diane 260 Crawford Eddie Lodd 114, 200 Crawford Lwcinda 109, 232 Crawford Crawford , Samuel Thomas 200 , Sylvia Diane 58 Calhoun, Caldwell, Milton 199 Caldwell, Wendy Sue 259 Michael Vincent 154, Cobb, John Edward 259 Coble, Linda Elaine 260 Cody, Cheryl Ann 123, 138, 231 Crawley, Otey Montgome 260 Ctiswell, Karlton Matthew 260 Crockford, Rebecca Anne 134, Coello, Francisco Alfred 199 199 Callicutt, Donald Lee 259 Callihan, Roy Lee 231 Campbell, Arthur Ray 259 Coello, Lillian Carmen 133, 231, 250 Cohen, Leslie Renee 231 220 109, 200 Davis, Donald Charles 201 Davis, Julius Lee 108 Davis , Laura Ann 260 Davis, Linda K. 232 Davis Davis Davis , Lois Dee 103, 201 , Marchaell Louise 260 , Mark Alan 90, 232, 260 Davis, Mark Edward 260 Davis, Michelle 260 Davis, Patricia Lynne 85, 260 Davis, Piper 64, 66, 94, 96, 201 Davis, Robin Delaine 156, 260 Davis, Ronnie Samuel Jr. 260 Davis, Stephanie 232 Davis, Tamara Darlene 232 Davis, Tammie Leigh 85, 114,232 Davis, Teresa Lynn 94, 96, 114, Campbell Campbell Campbell 199 , James Henry 231 , Robert Lewis 259 , Sandra Faye 113, 114, Campbell, Vanessa Ann 231 Canipe, Tina Jean 231 Coleman, Beatsy Jr. 231 Coleman, Fredrick Lee 158, 159, 160, 199 Coleman, Mary Louise 231 Coleman Robert Earl 145 231 Coleman: Willie Andrew 147, 260 Cannon, Cherie 259 Carder, Edward Andrew 259 Carelock, Joyce Ann 231 Carelock, Steven 259 Carlson, Helen Ann 231, 259 Carpenter, Christine M. 199 Carpenter, Daniel James 259 Carpenter, Donna Lynn 231 Carpenter, John Kenneth 142, 143, 144, 145, 159, 231 Carpenter, Wm. Arnold 259 CARROUSEL PRINCESS 63 Carter, Caroline A. 259 Carter, Debra Ann 111, 259 Carter, Glenda Faye 199 Carter , Kimberly Rene 231 Carter, Ricky Lee 259 Coletrane, Janet 199 Coley, Glenda 260 Coley, Regina Ann 90, 260 Collins, Karen Leigh 200 Combs, Barbara Lee 107, 231 CONCERT BAND 125 Conder, Carol Reynolds 132, 260 Connell, Denise Ann 232 CONVOCATION 68 COO 113 Cook, Karen Rose 90, 260 Cooke, James Melvin 149, 232 Cooper, William Riley 260 Copeland, Ronald Charles 232 Corder, Elizabeth Renee 92, 260 Core, James Kevin 63, 146, 147, 256, 260 Crosby, Darrin 260 Cross, Crystal Belinda 232 Crowder, Kenneth 147, 260 Crump, Larry Scott 232 Crump, Lisa Kaye 260 Cude, Joseph Stanton 94, 95, 145, 171, 200 Cuffie, Lamona 232 Cullingford, Mary Ann 260 Culpepper, Loveta Faye 260 Cunningham, Calvin 112, 113,200 Cunningham, Marion 260 Cureton, Michael Angela 117, 232 Curlee, David 232 Curlee, Paul 96, 260 201 Davis, Terri Sue 114, 123, 201 Davis, Tony Wade 260 Davis Davis Davis Davis Dawk , Wanda Regina 260 , Wendy Diana 232 , Vin 159, 260 on, Mark 171 ins, Roberta 260 Day, Diana Helm 201 DE 109 Deal, Cynthia Anne 80, 81, 83, 114, 156, 157, 198, 201, 188 Dean, Robin Ann 96, 232 Dean, Veronica 260 Deberry, Donald Robert 232 Curry, Tracy Lavohn 260 Dagenhart, Frank Jay 200 Dailey, Gwen Elaine 88, 252, 260 Dale, James Marcus 232 Dalton, Joseph 260 Deese, Carol 165 Deese , Cynthia Diane 89 Deese, Cynthia Louise 201 Deese, Michael Jackson 232 Deese Dellin , Tobitha Caroline 232 ger, Charles 133, 261 Dalton, William Michael 200 Daniels, Diane 260 Daniels, Mark Gregory 200 Danley, Sandra Jill 260 Darling, Lisa 232 Demby, Emmett Clarence 201 Dennie, Kimberly Ann 201, 89 Dennis, Wanda Jeannine 261 Denton, Forrest Lindsey 201 Dickerson, Randy Jay 201 Index I 315 Diehl, Marion Kim 20, 194 Dillard, Sonja Marie 92, 261 Dimmick, Gaye Brenda 94, 128, 130, 153, 233 Dinh, Hung Nguyen 233 Edelman, Stacey Regina 95, 96, 128, 134, 233 Edge, Michael Keith 261 Edge, Selena Ann 114, 202 Dixon, Dixon, Dixon , Jacquline 233 Dixon, Beverly Elizebeth 261 Harold Wayne 201 Marcus Lai Ray 112, 139 155, 201 Dixon, Ronald Spencer 261 Dixon, Ronald Clark 233 Edwards, Cynthia Louise 202 Edwards, Edwards, Edwards Edwards, James Ray 114, 202 Kendall Lane 261 Teresa Ann 233 Eilhelmina112, 113, 202 Elam, Scott Howard 132, 261 Elder, Melissa Dawn 233 Elder, Patricia Ann 202 Dixon, Sherry Ann 261 Dowling, Benerly Amelia 261 Downs, Tracie Ann 233 Drake, Laketa Anne 201 Drake, William Lee 86, 87, 118, 201 DRAMA 69, 39 DRAMA CLUB 115 Driggers, Jack 233 DRUM MAJORS 120 Drye, Teresa Lynne 261 Dubose, John Henry 261 Dukes, Windy Theresa 109 Duncan, Gary Eugene 201 Gibson, Eleanor Faye 204 Duncan, Janice Maye 261, 92 Duncan, Michael Scott 201 Duncan, Robert Wesley 201 Duncan Sharon Elaine 261 Dunn, Cavin Eugene 143, 146, 163, 261 Dunn, Jeffery Edward 261 Dunn, Joni Ellen 61, 63, 72, 100, 159, 184, 185, 200 Dunn, Linda Diane 202 Dunn, Patricia Lynn 114, 202 Dunn, Teresa Diana 109, 202 Dyson, Charles Richard 233 Eaker, Angela Kaye 261 Eargle, Minnick Luther 261 Earle, Donald Edward 202 Earley, Ellen Kay 261 Early, Wendy Lynn 261 Earnhardt, Debroah Lois 96, 233 Easter, Stanley 107, 233 Easter, Sterling Keith 261 Easterling, Phyllis Anita 261 Easterling, Rosacind 202 Easterling, Royln 111 Economos, Christina 233 Elder, Paul Harris 149, 261 Ellenburg, Sandra Jo 233 Elliot, Melanie Ann 261 Ellis, Carl Anthony 109, 233 Ellis, Jeffery Lynn 261 Elmore, Robin Carlyle 233, 261 ENGLISH 25, 26, 27 English, Allen Bernard 233 English, Jane Elizabeth 261 Ervin, Joseph Nelson 261, 168 Estes, Charles Gordon 261 Estridge, Melanie Ann 91, 261 Ethington, Kenneth James 261 Eubanks, Timothy Cooke 145 Eudy, Gwynne Tamara 202 Eudy, Lyndia Joy 80, 82, 167 Ewart, Martha Eugenia 89, 233 Ewing, Darrell Kent 202 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 128 Ezell, Altavia Uvette 261 FACULTY 18 FACULTY INDEX 312, 313 Fagan, Dawne Marie 233 Fagan, John Leonard 261 Farmer, John 202 Farnsworth, Carol Louise 104, 113, 114, 202 Farnsworth, William Henry 233 Farr, Mikel Daniel 108, 202 Farris, Raymond Napoleon 261 Faulkner, Phyllis 90, 202 Faulkner, Stanley 163, 261 FBLA 114 Feeney, Michael 145 Feeney, Timothy Dion 145 Feimster, Yolanda Juetta 261 Ferguson, Michael Worth 234 Ferguson, Robin Jean 202 Ferguson, Wilbert 82, 112, 116, 234 it W' Q4 Q, Ferree, Van Wayne 202 Ferreir, Ronald Scott 261 Ferreira, Laura Ann 54, 66, 60, 64 94, 122 Ferrell, Leon Vance 203 Fewell, Angela Denise 261 Fincher, James Dale 261 Finger, Nancey Elizabeth 137,203 Fink, Laurie Ann 261 Fitzsimon, Christopher 64, 73, 77, 94,95,100,10l,158, 159,128,203 Fleming, Edgar Eugene 203 Fleming, Samuel David 147 Fleming, Thomas Andrew 203 Flood, Gwendolyn 234 Flowe, Kevin Alphonse 261 Floyd, Walter Hunter 147, 261 Floyd, William Albert 261 FOOTBALL, J.V. 146-147 FOOTBALL VARSITY 142-145 Forbes, Jack Brown 261 FOREIGN EXCHANGE 52 FOREIGN LANGUAGE 37 Forsyth, Sandra Kay 135, 234 Forte, Steven Robert 261 Fortner, William Leslie 101, 105, 149, 203 Foster, Charles Kevin 138, 234 Fowler, Amy Lynn 134, 96, 84, 85, s Gales, David Allen 234 Gambill, Brenda Lee 75, 118, 204 Gantt, Andy Marquise 234, 262 Gantt, Carolyn Jane 114, 204 Gantt, Susan Elaine 114, 133, 204 Gardner , Anthony Lewis 234 Gardner, Betty Elaine 139, 204 Gardner, Charles Clinton 234, 251 Gardner, Charles Timothy 234 Gardner, Charles Wade 234 Gardner, Dora 262 Gardner, Elizabeth Todd Gares, Richard 262 GARINGER CL UB 83 Garland, Eva Susan 90, 234 Garner, Berette 137, 204 Garner, Melvin 109 Garner, Tina Elizabeth 114, 234, 252 Gaston, Mark 234 Gathings, Marilyn Denise 114, 134, 234 Gathings, Mitzi Arlene 104, 114, 204 Gavrilis, Maria George 234 Geeck, William Joseph 262 GGS 93, 94, 95 Gibbs, Debra Ann 139, 234 Gibson, Donna Kay 58, 85, 262 Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, James Richard 145, 234 Michelle 262 Rene 85, 234 234 Fowler, Christine Louise 64, 66, 85, 104, 114,203 Fowler, John Edward 148, 149, 159, 256, 262 Fowler, Joseph Kelley 203 Fowler, Patricia Kim 94, 96, 108, 203 Fowler, Roy Philip 262 1 316 I Index Fowler, Sherry Melinda 262 Fowler, Van Harold 203 Foy, James Wesley 234, 253 Foy, Robert Wayne 262 Francis, Robert Harold 168, 203 Francisco, Hortensia D. 203 Francisco, Jose Bonifaci 203 Francisco, Maria Anton 203 Frazier, Arthur Lewis 234 Frazier, Erman Franklin 262 Frazier, Gwen Ophelia 63, 74, 80, 82, 94, 123, 128, 138,203 Frazier, Japana 137, 203 Frazier, Linda Nell 203 Freeman, Elizabeth Jane 90, 262 FRENCH CLUB 132 French, Deborah Lynn 234 Fretz, Steve Ray 203 Frye, David Wayne 104, 114, 138 203 Frye, Sandra Lynne 104, 203 Frye, Susan Elaine 76, 104, 153, 204 FTA 112 Fullagar, Sharon Lynette 262 Fullam, James Thomas 101, 204, 253 Fultz, Karen Eveline 133 Furr, Lori Ann 234 Furr, Ricky Lee 109, 204 Gabrial, Anthony Admies 234 Gabriel, Arltina 234 Gaddy, David Lane 171, 204 Gaddy, Linzeter 234 Gaines, Stephanie 262 Gainey, Darlene 91 Gale, Tina Marie 114, 204 a Gibson, Tina Gay 84, 95, 110, 234 Gibson, Tina Marcel 234 Giles, Karen Marie 204 Giles, Lisa Ann 234 Gill, Eddie Allen 114 Gill, Sandra Gay 262 Gilliam, Mable Annette 234 GIRLS ENSEMBLE 89 Gladden, Alesia Baine 262 Gladden, Richard Leon 145, 204 Gleaton, Ronald 262 Glenn, Esther Laurie 96, 262 Glenn, Georgina Leigh 262 Glover, Letittia 262 Goans, Brian Douglas 145, 234 Goble, Edward 204 Goble, Mitzi 204 Godfrey, Johnny Tazio 204 Godwin, David Lynn 95, 234 Godwin, Richard Lee 204 Goforth, Tammy Denise 91, 262 Goins, John McCoy 262 Goins, Melissa Anne 96, 235 Goodrum, Ansley Ruth 235 Goodwin, Lynn Montez 95, 135, 204 Gordon, Brenda Elaine 235 Gordon, Bruce Rodger 235 Gouch III, Charles Berna 204 Gouch, William Allen 262 GOVERNOR'S SCHOOL 54 Graham, Everett Natonio 262 Graham Graham , Karen Marie 262 , Laura Elizabeth 262 Graham, Patricia Anne 205 Grant, Debra Lynn 262 Grant, Rodney Steve 262 Grant, Timothy Lane 262 Gray, Robert Newton 235 Gray, Susan Leila 205 Green, Gerald Bernard 147, 262 Green, Linda Ann 205, 235 Helms, Gina 104, 206 Helms, Michael Alan 236 Helms, Michael Dwayne 236 Helms, Stephanie Ann 236 Helms, Steven Parks 75, 95, 96, 110, 171, 206 Helms, Terry L. 92, 112, 263 Helms, William Christopher 206 Honeycutt, Tony Wayne 263 HONOR SOCIETY 55, 56 Hooks, Rodney Dale 92, 236 Hooper, Leslie Denise 207 Hooper, Wayne 207 Hooper, Willie Dexter 263 Horan, Michael Raymond 91, 94, 95, 148, 149, 207, 252 138, 206 ,,,,,,...,...--'-'- Greene, Kimberly Dawn 83, 131 262 Greene, Patsy Annette 115 Greene, Sheri Denise 83, 131 Gregory, Jana Leonora 91, 132 262 Grice, Deborah Jo 235 Grier, Arnetha Bell 205 Grier, Bartees Leon 143, 145 Grier, Nathaniel 262 Grier, Grier, Grier, Ricky Donnell 262 Robin Ann 205 Thomas Cornelius 114 Griffin, Donna Renee 103, 104 122, 205 Griffin, Joseph Robert 262 Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin , Kevin Heath 235 , Laura Ann 89, 132, 235 , Leslie Kim 135, 153, 235 , Sharon Rose 235 Hardman, Ronald Christia 149 235 Hardock, Annette Marie 115, 138 263 Harmon, Harold Francis 235 Harmon, Jeffrey Alan 235 Harmon, Kenneth Edward 74 104, 109, 205 Harper, Colonel Brondus 263 Harrell, Angela Lovette 96, 111 206 Harrell, Etta Lavern 206 Harrell, Mary Denise 235 Helton, Amelia Celeste 236 Henderson, Ellen Beirne 75, 94, 95, 122, 206 Henderson, Eunice Beirne 75, 94, 96, 206 Henderson, George 109, 206 Henderson, Judy Lee 263 Henderson, Lula Bell 112, 113, Henderson, Pamala Ann 207 Hendrix, James 107, 207 Henley, Dennis Wade 118, 207 Henrich, Wendy Lou 236 Herny, Joseph Bradley 90 Herndon, Mary Amanda 263 Herron, Denise Ann 133, 263 Hicklen, Melissa Anita 236 Hicks, Joe Lee Jr. 236 Hicks, Steven Malloy 236 1-licks, Terri Lynn 96, 263 Higginbotham, Susan Lynn 132, 236, 250 Higgins, Alan Stuart 207 Higgins, David Scott 92, 236 Hildreth, Kelly A. 207 Hildreth, Thomas Gregory 236, 253 Hill, Angela Renee 263 Horne, Wanda Ellen 60, 109, 207 Horne, David Wayne 236 Horne, Denise Marie 89, 110, 207 Horne, Ellen Anne 236 Horne, Wendy Lynn 92, 207 Horne, Wyley Steven 237 Horton, Bryant Austin 237 Horton, Sharon Rebecca 104, 113, 114, 208 Hoskins, Albert Arnell 263 Hosseini-Kermanshahi Bahram 263 Houck, Karl Kevin 237 Hough, Nancy Louise 70, 104, 123, 237 House, Kenneth Lee 54, 55, 64, 208 Howard, Bobby Joe 237 Howard, Earl A. 262 Howard, Stephen R. 145, 263 Howell, Jack Doyle 208 Howell, William D. 264 Howze, Angela Renee 264 Hucks, Terrie Annette 92, 208 Hudson, Ethel Reen 264 Hudson, Jeannette 89, 237, 252 Hudson, Mary Sue 208 Hudspeth, Mark Steven 145, 237 Guest, Tracy Lane 262 Guill, Darrell L. 235, 262 Gulledge, Cyril Long 64, 66, 205 Harrell Harris, Harris, , Natalie Gay 85, 263 Chanya Legrant 115, 263 Felice Rochelle 235 Harris, Jeffery Alan 251, 206 Harris, Lynn Rae 235 Harris, Patricia Ann 91, 167, 263 Harris, Susan Alice 56, 94, 122 206 Harris, Vernon Emanuel 206 Hill, Samaria Elaine 263 Hill, Vicki Pamela 263 Hill, Wanda Kay 236 Hilton, Regina Lynne 207 Hilton, Stanley Scott 263 Hinson 207 , Alice Marie 83, 102, 137, Huffstetler, Judith Gail 85, 237 Hughes, Bobby Lee 137, 208 Hughes, Clifford Allen 264 Hughes, Linda Karen 86, 86, 92, 237 Hughes, Richard Raymond 264 Hughes, Sherri Lynn 90 Hinson, Ellen Irene 263 Hinson, Jeffrey Lewis 263 Gulledge, Peggy Lynn 165, 262 Haga, Kenneth Michael 262 Hager, David Lyndon 107, 262 Hager, Raeford Lynn 235 Hager, Randy Leroy 235 Hailey, Cheryl Lynn 205 Hailey, Vernon 235 Melanie Ann 263 263 Hall, Edward Lee 108, 205 Hall, Lisa Darlene 235 Hall, Richard Brian 132, 205, 235 262 Hamlett, Thomas Dee 263 Hammontree, Billy G. 110, 145, 205 Hamrick, Kim Laverne 114, 205 Hamrick, Songene 263 Haney, Timothy Wayne 106, 205 Hanline, Mark Clifton 146, 147, HAPPENINGS 50 Hardee, Candy Ann 263 Hardee, Joy Lynne 62, 64, 66, 85, 103, 120, 137, 132, 205 Hardee, Tammy Kay 114, 152, 153, 165, 205 Hardin, Craig Winfred 145, 238 Harding, April Renee 263 Harding, Karen Alane 165, 235 Hardman, Robin Renee 96, 263 Harrison, Carolyn Denise 263 Hart, Alfred Alonzo 147, 263 HARVARD BOOK AWARD 55 Harwell, Kelly 206 Haslam, Catherine Arline 236 Haslam, Cynthia Ann 114, 206 Hastings, Karen Sue 236 Hathaway, Danny Lee 236 Hathaway, David Loyd 236 Hawes, Donna Maria 263 Hawkins, Brain Everett 63, 206 Hawkins, Walter Ruel 263 Hawley, Sherrill C. 206 Hayes, Doris Yvonne 263 Hayes, Janet Lee 56, 73, 95, 100, 128, 159, 206, 184 Haynes, Hedy Leigh 96, 130, 134, 136, 236 Haynes, Jody Lynn 58, 89, 96, 130, 135, 136, 235 Haywood, Jarrietta Felicia 89,236 Head, Mary Catherine 80, 82, 206 Head, Tommy Lee 236 Heatherley, Patrica Ann 133, 263 Heaton, Richard Paul 147, 263 Heck, Christopher 206 Hendrick, Carla Lee 206 Heine, Lee Abbott 236 Helms, Chris 118 Helms, Cynthia 236 Hinson, Jerald Eugene 236 Hinson, Rhonda Darlene 263 Hinson, Robin 263 Hinson, Toy Brent 204, 207 Hinton, Linda Ruth 207 HISTORY 29, 30, 31 Hoagland, Dowanda Ann 92 Hoffman, Alan Scott 96, 145, 236 Hoffman, Donald Michael 236 Hoffman, Mart Loraine 132, 263 Hoffmann, Brian Campbell 236 Holcomb, Shirley Marie 263 Holden, Joel Malcolm 263 Holden, Tammy Marie 86, 95, 207 Holden, Trina Marlene 263 Holder, James Vortiman 116, 145, 236 Holder, Holland, James 158, 159, 207 Hollars, William Sandifer 207 Hollis, Donna Cheri 263 Holmes, Gretchen Juanita 263 Holmes, Kenneth McCray 145, 236 Holmes, Kevin Wayne 52, 64, 65, 66, 96, 145, 207 Holmes, Marie 135 Holston, Dennis Maichael 207 HOMECOMING 56, 57 HOME ECONOMICS 48 Hulsey, Melinda Frances 208 Humphries, Melanie Dawn 237 Huneycutt, Kimberly Ann 114, 208, 264 Hunt, Gregory Lynn 264 Hunt, Regina Faye 116, 237 Hunter, Brenda Kaye 208 Hunter, Carolyn Joyce 236 Hunter, Julius Redford Jr. 116, 117, 237 Hunter, Micheal A. 106, 208 Hunter, Verlene 109 Huntley, Stephanie Pat 74, 118, 122, 208, 264 Hurt, John T. 159, 264 Hutchison, Sharon Lynne 264 Hyatt, Alan Keith 83, 264 lllingworth, James Edgar 117, 264 Ilsley, Michelle Roxanne 103, 133, 237 Inman, Teresa Kay 237 INTRODUCTION 1-17 lvester, Christine Amanda 237 Ivey, James 264 Ivie, Pamela Jean 104, 165, 208 Jackson, Byron Neal 154, 155,264 Jackson Daren M. 264 Jackson, , Darla Ann 114 Jackson, Deborah Jeanette 113, 114, 208 Jackson, Garland Louis 96, 112, 208 Index X 317 ,J N1 , King, David Neal 238 King, George Belk 238 King, Jeffery Eugene 210 King, Sandra Kay 58, 186, 265 Kingsley, Sue Kimberly 210 Kirby, Tamara Lyn 238 Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey 101, 210 Kirkpatrick, Patricia Lynn 238 Kiser, Debra Jean 210 Kiser, Keith 265 Kiser Kelly 133, 265 Kiser, Lora Ann 210 Kiser, Roger Alonzo 210 Kiser Scott Walker 238 Kiser Tamera Jean 53, 73, 152, 210 Kiser, Wanda Gail 265 Kiser, William Henry Jr. 67, 210 Lewis, Ricky 266 Lewis, Tamara Lynne 266 LIBRAR Y 24 LIBRARYAIDES 139 Liebler, Liles, D William A. 239 eborah Lynn 239 Lindsay, Jeffrey William 92, 117, 239 Lindsay , Kim Marie 211 Lindsay, Neena Gaye 104, 136, 156, 211 Lindsey, Andrienne Rebecca 211 Lineberger, Lisa Virginia Liner, Janine 115 Lingle, Susan Elaine 103, 132,239 Linker, Benjamin Kenneth 90, 137 Lippard, Amy Carole 88, 211, 251, Jackson, Julia Lee 237 Jackson, Linda Ann 237 Jackson, Marolyn Kae 90, 112, 115, 138, 237 Jackson, Mitchell 264 Jackson, Randy Paul 112, 237 James, Elizabeth Ashe 95, 123, 208 James, Kevin Arnaz 237 James, Thomas Edward 237 Jarrell, Charles Edward 237 Jenkins, Anthony Stuart 209 Jensen, Shawn Henry 139, 237 Jeter, Cynthia Ruth 237 Jones, Shonah Jeanne 238 Jones Tammie Lynn 139, 238 Jones, Thomas Wallace 137, 209 Jones, Thomas Woodard 232 Jones Tiffney, Charmain 265 Jones, Varnessa 265 Jett, Loretta 264 Jewell, Marcella 209 Jiminez, Garrett Charles 115, 264 Johns, Carol Ann 114, 209 Johnson Johnson Johnson 1 Bernice 80, 236 Billy 264 Carolyn Lynn 138, 165 Johnson David Lee 264 Johnson, Dejuana Lynn 264 Johnson Denise Lynne 264 Johnson, Franklin Delano 159, 264 Johnson Jacqueline Elaine 264 Johnson Jeffrey 237 Johnson, Julie Ronel 264 Johnson Meg Eileen 114, 237 Johnson Melinda Geanel 138 Johnson Natatshka 264 Johnson Patricia Ann 264 Johnson Penny Simone 209 Johnson Scotty Bernard 264 Johnson Sheri 264 Johnson Susie Gaye 137, 209 Johnson Thomas Eugene 264 Johnston, David Mark 209 Johnston, William Lee 157, 209 Jolly, Eric Shawn 209 Jones, Annette 264 Jones, Brenda Gayle 133, 264 Jones, Cedric Hughes 145, 237 Jones, Charles 264 Jones, Frances Kay 185, 209 Jones, Joy Marie 237 Jones, Kimberley Dale 58, 104 Jones, Larry Lawrence 265 Jones, Lois Lougenia 92, 209, 253 Jones, Melissa 238, 265 Jones, Ralph Martin 209 Jones, Ruth Ann 265 318 I Index Jones, William Craig 264 Jordan, Mary Jane 114, 209 Jordan, Roger Jeffery 209 Jourdan, Jonthan Paul 265 Jourdan, Patricia Louise 64, 209, 249, 265 Joyner, Bruce Cone 133, 137, 209, 168, 169 Joyner, Larry Douglas 265 JROTC 97, 98, 99 Judd, Secelia Verone 115 JUNIORS 228-247 Junkins, Leigh Anne 85, 132, 265 Jurgenson, Beth Ann 238 Karam, Edward George 96, 145, 238 Karam, Gergory Neal 96, 146, 147, 265 Karnazes, David John 96, 149, 265 Karras, Tina M. 265 Kee, John Harlan 265 Keeter, Lee Ann 64, 114, 138,209 Kelbaugh, Calvin Scott 238 Kelley, Albert Alonzo 158, 159, 160, 209 Kelley, Rita Le'Chon 115, 268 Kendall, David 238, 265 Kennedy, Henry James 238 Kenny, Diane Elizabeth 67, 72, 81, 82, 94, 95, 123,209 Kenny, Jeffrey Patrick 238 Kersey, Lee Grant 265 KEY CLUB 100, 101 KEYETTES 102, 103 Keziah, Kimberly Faith 265 Keziah, Randy Curtis 265 Keziah, Robin Renee 265 Kidd, Deborah Kay 210 Kidd, Richard Selver 118, 210 Kiker, Carol Ann 210 Kiker, Mark Wesley 265 Killough, Robert Andrew 133, 265 Kimball, Kenny Ray 118, 210 Kimble, David Michael 238 Kimmons, Tonna Marisa 282 Kinard, Phillip Otis 145 Kisiah, Walter Stokes 114, 210 Kissiah, Kenneth Russell 154, 155, 210 Klutz, Dana Sue 89, 96, 132, 134, 238 Klyn, John Willem 83, 85, 86, 132, 137, 238 Knight, Gregory David 210 Knight, Tammie Ranee 109, 210 Koucouliotes, Joane 117, 232 Krider, Boyd Edward 154, 155, 265 Krider, Loretta 265 Kuck, Christopher Andrew 145, 238 Kuck, Michael Todd 265 Kunkle, Alton Jay 80, 145, 238 Kunz, Patricia Rose 265 Lajoie, Fred Arthur 238 Lam, Hoa Thvy Thi 265 Lamb, David Olin 138 Lamb, Kelly Louise 265 Lamb, Robert Wayne 265 Lancaster, Samuel Jerry 265 Land, David Allen 238 Land, Virginia Eleanor 265 Lane, Leta Ann 83, 137, 238 Laney, Gerald Ray 265 Langford, Carl Gene 238 Langford, Christopher Ray 210 Lanier, Janine Michelle 238 Lassiter, Christopher Ray 114 Laster, Christopher 210, 238 Laster, Nancy Lorraine 265 Latimer, Adrienne Denise 145, 238 Law, Jerald 108, 210 Law, Terese Elaine 238 Lawing, Tima Lynne 81, 82, 115, 137 Layton, John Randall 108, 210 Layton, John Timmerman 238 Leach, Jerry Dale 137, 211 Leake, Beverly Ann 266 Lee, Brenda Ruth 238 Lee, Steven Micah 75, 158, 159, 160, 211 Lee, Wayne Harvey 211 Lefler, Susan Elizabeth 265 Legrand, Karen Ann 211 Leopard, Danny Ray 95, 96, 238 LETTERGIRLS 121, 122, 123 Levesque, Patricia 238 Levins, Donna Marie 67, 165, 211 Levins, Lucille Virginia 265 Lewis, Aaron Timothy 145, 211, 168 252 Little Doris Mae 266 Little, Howard Roosevelt 147 Little, Lorraine Kay 211 Little, Mary Betts 138, 239 Little, William Hall Jr. 138, 239 Lively, Dennis Anthony 266 Lockey, Denise Lorraine 109, 239 Lockhart, Edward 266 Lockhart, Peggy Marie 114 Lockhart, Ruby Mae 111, 211 Loflin, Tonya Delores 211 Logan, Jennifer Marie 266 Long, Joy Anne 137, 239 Long, Kent Furman 147, 266 Long, Ray Bernard 239 Lorick, Sabrina 211 Loukos, Michael 148, 239 Love, Aaron Franklin 239 Love, Donnie Ray 211, 168 Love, Love, Kenneth Russell 266 Sherry Charlene 239 Lovett, Charles 239 Low, Heidi Lynn 62, 211 Low, Jennifer McClean 109, 239 Lowder, Benita Frances 67, 211 Lowder, Benjamin Benoit 239 Lowe, Joann 239 Loyd, Barbara 266 Luckey, Chandra 239 Luckie, Michael Allen 96, 239 Luther, Julia Edith 105, 114, 115, 138, 211 Lynam, Cathy Anne 266 Lynch, Harvey Ray 266 Lynch, Mark Allen 266 Lytle, Debra Ann 211 Mack, William Bernard 266 Maddox, Robirene 102, 122, 132, 137, 239 Maney, Mike 266 Maney, Walter Eugene 101, 211 Mann, Kellee 239 Manning, Chuck Tereny 212 MARCHING BAND 124 Markley, Susan Beth 212 Marley, Laurin Blair 60, 81 , 82, 92, 94, 212 MARSHALLS 64 Marti, Vicki Lynn 266 Martin, Juanita Ruth 72, 81 , 82, 95, 156, 157, 212 Martin, Melinda Patrice 83, 89, 131, 239 Martin, Rodney Darryl 239 Martin, Ronald Dale 239 Martin, Sherry Darlene 239 Martin, Shirley Elaine 89 240, 250 Marus, Laura 132, 266 Mason, James Derek 120, 132, Mason, Peter Craig 212 Mason, Willie Ruth 138, 212 Massey, Ladara Kay 1 13, 114, 212 Massey, Leigh Ann 114, 240 Massey, Ricky Mason 212 MATHEMATICS 32 Matsik, Mary Louise 53, 54, 64, 66, 83, 103, 137,212,250 Matthews, Janine Carroll 240 Matthews, Jo Ann 240 Mauldwin, Alice Elizabeth 266 Maxwell, Christopher 240 Mayhew, Cecelia Rosaly Maynard, Paula Jean 54, 64, 66, 81, 82, 83,102, 137,212 McAlister, Andrew Haile 212 McAlister, Suzanne 240 McAlpine, Debbie Leah 92, 212 McCain, Kenneth Louis 266 McCalpin, Preston A. 92 McCellan, Debra Ann 212 McClain, Dominique 165, 153, 135, 104, 240 McClendon, John 266, 240 McCollum, Cynthia Elai 266 McConnell, Daniel Wayne 145, 212 McCoy, Bonne Gretchen 266, 132 McCrary, Tina Kae 240 McCreery, Sandra Jean 266, 132 McCroskey, Ronald Dean 115 McCroskey, Susan A. 266, 91 McCullough, Cynthia Lynn 184, 185, 212, 53, 159, 73 McCullough, Sharon 266 McCullough, Stacy E. 184, 212, 159, 137, 94, 76 McDaniel, Aubey Anne 266 McDaniel, Kevin Stuart 145, 212 McDaniel, Michael G. 240 McDonald, Wendy Louise 212 McDow, Catherine 240 McDuffle, Mark Steven 159, 240 McDuffle, Patricia Karen 266 McElveen, Sandra Darlene 212 McElveen, Teddy Milburn 266 McFarland, Todd Bernard 266 McGalliard, Shirley D. 114, 213 McGee, Jeffrey Allan 109 McGill, Victoria Belle 266 McGinnis, Pamela 115,133,266 McGowen, Janine Cheryl 240 Miller, Mary Delores 266 Miller, Randell Delane 266 Miller, Robin Lynne 266 McGrant, David Lynn 213 McGraw, David Earl 266 McGuirt, Jeff 266 Mcllwain, Donna Christine 213 Mclnnis, Brenda 240 Mclntosh, Justine Marie 266 McKee, Robert Marion 213 McKee, Terry Wayne 90, 266 McKinney,Benjamin Frank 81, 145, 240 McKinnon, Darrell Joseph 266 McKnight, Brian Leslie 240, 266 McKnight, Lissa Marie 115 McLean, Mary Monica 240, 266 McManus, Glenn Charles 240 McManus, Jerleen 114, 213 McManus, Ray Howard 240 McManus, Stuart W. 240 McNair, Joe Nathan 241 Miller, Sandra Coletta 213 Mills, Cheryl Tresa 266 Mills, James David 64, 67, 213 Milstead, Kelly Lyne 90, 266 Milstead, Kelly Lyne 90, 266 Milstead, Susan E, 102, 213 Mingo, Little Willie 146, 147, 168, 256, 266 MISS BLUE AND GRAY 62 Mitchell, Faye Tinnie 92, 137,213 Mixon, Valerie Denise 266 Mobley, Alexa Charles 110, 214 Mobley, Crystal Joy 62, 89, 135, 241 Mobley, Linda Ann 241 Moffltt, Karen Denise 214 Moffltt, Kimberly Diane 109, 241 Montague, Penney Lynne 109,214 Montgomery, Jeffery 70, 266 Neal, Andrea Denise 214 Neal, Dawn Elizabeth 268 Neal, Karen Michelle 268 Neely, Nikita Laverne 268 Newbold, William 100, 101, 102, 214 Newell, Donna Lee 104, 114, 214 Newell, Lisa Lynn 88, 92 Newell, Robin Ealiane 110, 214 Newman, Annie Marier 215 Nolan, William Chris 215 Norman, William Joseph 268 Norris, Ronald Jay 215 Norwood, Richard 268 Nussman, John Monroe 268 Oakley, Donald Frank 91, 268 OFFICE ASSISTANTS 138 Ofsonka, Rebecca Faye 268 O'Leary, Linda 103, 114, 215 Oliver, Deborah Ann 215 ORCHESTRA 126 ORIENTATION 42, 43 McNally, Linda Catherine 32, 241 McRae, Laverne Denise 266 McRae, Yvette 212 McSwain, Tina Renee 153, 266 Meador, Robbie Lynne 81, 82, 103,133,153,241 Meadows, Cora Delores 266 Medley, Roy Anthony 266 Medlin, Danny Flecther 266 Medlin, Keith Floyd 101, 96, 148, 149, 241 Melton, Deborah Lynn 266 Melton, Donna Louise 213 Melton, Teresa L. 266 Merritt, Steven Dale 240 Mesaros, James 266 Metcalf, Thomas R. 266 Michie, Anna Melinda 253, 266 Miller, Carl E. 266 Miller, Carolyn Denise 213 Miller, Catherine 266 Miller, Christopher Wayne 145, 171, 213 Miller, Danette Elizabeth 213 Miller, Deborah Ann 266 Miller, Donald Lee 241 Miller, Frances Levette 114, 241 Miller, Francine Dorothy 241 Miller, Frank Clifton 241 Miller, Janet Lynne 213 Montgo Moody, Moore, Moore, Moore, mery, Randall 241 Mike Gene 132, 266 Bobby Carroll 266 Charlotte Gayle 241 Debra Lynn 241 Moore, Douglas Wayne 214 Moore, James Michael 241 Moore, Otis George 241 Moore, Phillip Wayne 106 Moore, Rhonda Sharelle 214 Moore, Jeff 267 Moore, Vernon Franchot 267 Mooreh ead, Pansila Loret MOREHEAD SCHOLARS 67 Moragne, Deborah Ann 267 Morcock, Elizabeth Annelle 67, 120, 153, 214 Morgan Morgan , Ernest 267 , Gary Lee 267 Morgan, Kelly Richard 149, 267 Morgan Morgan Morgan Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, , Mark Olen 267 , Paul Allen 241 , Tanya Paulette 267 Deborah Lynn 214, 267 Gary Wayne 241 James 241 Janice Renee 214 Morrison, Tamara Leigh 104, 241 Morse, Moser, Audrey Laine 214 Linda Joy 214 Moser, Mark Andrew 64, 101,214 Moser, Tammie Darlene 138, 214 Moss, Mary Elizabeth 137, 214, 241 Moss, Mary Frances 137, 241 Moss, Sharon Annette 241 Mouchet, Maurice 267 Mullen, Mary Hazel 267 Mulligan, Sheila Ann 90, 267 Mullis, James Calvin 214 Mumford, Wayne Carroll 91, 268 Murphy, Jeffery Brian 241 Murphy, Lenny Wayne 268 MUSIC 38 Myer, Thomas Bernard 268 Nance, Amy Dorothy 132, 214 Nance, Ray Jr. 268 Nash, Christopher Martin 70, 92, 115 Nasrallah, Talaat 52 NATIONAL MERIT 53 NATIONAL MERIT FOR OUT- STANDING BLACKSTUDENTS 53 Osbone, Donald 268 Otuel, John Harold 215 Overcash, Elizabeth 268 Overcash, Jackie 215 Overstreet, Donna Lynn 68, 85 Owen, 215 Catherine Anne 56, 67, 123, Ozmore, Linda Kay 132, 268 Page, Howard Sherwood 268 Page, Phillip Shelton 215 Painter, Debbie Carol 268 Painter, Michael Lynn 268 Pandey, Dipti 242 Parker, Curt 268 Parker, Gary Wayne 268 Parker, Janice Elaine 137 Parker, Rhonda Carol 268 Parker, Terry Lynn 137, 215 Parker, Toni Gayle 215 Parker, Wilton Kirk 268 Parks, Bryan Lithelle 268 Parks, James Newton 268 Parrott, Marshall Scott 64, 66, 96, 101, 150, 215 Parrott, Steven Marion 149, 268 Parsons, Deborah Ann 268 Pastrona, Sandra 132 Pate, Lynda Carol 96 Pauling, Gerald 242 Pauls, Maria Eva 268 Payne, Cynthia Hovis 268 Pearce, Jimmy Derek 242 Pearce, Karen Jean 89, 242 Pearson, Anita Louise 104, 215 Pearson, Debra Ann 268 Pegram, John Clifton 215 Pender, Cathy Ann 115 Pendleton, Dana Lynn 242 Pepper, Donna Renee 85, 112, 242 Peralta, Edward Steve 242 Perrault, Douglas W. 149, 215 Perry, Deborah 268 Perry, Perry, Perry, Denise Ann 268 Herbert Fitzgerald 147, 268 Kenneth Tarleton 242 Peterson, Charles 80, 100, 101,215 Petrea, Kent Lamar 242 Petrea, Reginald Dane 268 Petrea, Rosemary Lynn 268 Pettit, Pettit, Pharr, Phifer, Anthony Steven 215 Lynn Michelle 268 Don Rico 108 Ethel Louise 111, 215 Index f 319 Phifer, Joseph Steven 243 Phillip, Edward Poe 216 Phillippi, Douglas E. 215 Phillips, Wanda Gail 243 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 41 Piellucci, Teresa Diane 215 Piellucci, Troy Alan 268 Pierce, Carol Elizabeth 133, 135, 243 Pigford, Eric Todd 109 Pinnell, William Dennis 138, 216 Pleasants, Darlene Louanne 268 Plott, Dawn Leigh 94, 135, 243 Plumley, Elizabeth Carol 268 Poe, Philip Edward 108, 216 Polson, Janice Marie 216 Polson, Lisa Renae 268 Ponce, Cira Encanasion 243 Poole, Mark Thomas 216 Pope, Margie Annette 114, 243 Pope, Martha Elaine 243 Pope, Mary Elizabeth 243 Pope, Robin Bernice 268 Pope, Terry Elizabeth 268 Poplin, Bonita Ann 268 Poplin, Cathy Lynn 243 Porter, Angela 133 Porter, Christopher Lee 268 Porter, Peggy Louise 133, 268 Poteat, Lisa Ann 89, 243 Pourlos, Chris 101, 216 Smith Pourlos, George Jimmie 133, 147, 268 Powers, Mike 139 Powers,Tony Marvin 90, 100, 101, 139, 216, 248 Prather, Sylvia Jean 243 President, Lasandra 62, 216 President, Regina Danette 243 Pressley, Billy Joe 243 Pressley, Douglas Shannon 216 Pressley, Johnny Ray 268 Pressley, Tammy Denise 90, 268 Price, Chery Leigh 268 Price, David Alan 115 Price, Michael Wendell 139, 243 Pride, Phillip Arrica 114, 243 Pride, Renee Eugenice 268 Pritchard, Tammy Lee 112, 117, 243 PROJECT ARIES 139 Pugh, Angela Kelly 114, 216 Purser, Kimberly Grey 269 Purvis, Steven Leroy 96, 106, 215 Putnam, Margaret Ann 83, 89, 243 Putnam, Barbara 243 Putnam, Mark Adam 216 Pyatt, Donald 92, 145, 243 Pyles, John Wesley Queen, Nancy Annette Quick, Kimery Michelle 155, 269 RADIOI 116, 117 RADIO? 118, 119 Raiff, Donna Louise 91, 269 Rainwater, Katherine 96, 104, 243 RAMBLER 86-87 Ramsey, Jeffrey Ford 64, 66, 101, 149, 216 Rape, Lynn Howard 216 Rape, Mary Melissa 216 Ray, Jodi 216 Ray, Susanne L. 85, 88, 89, 243 Raylield, Jamie Arlene Raymer, Roger Alexander 149, 269 320 I Index Raymer, Floyd William 75, 216 Reap, Pamela Elizabeth 90, 269 RED CROSS 130-131 Redfern, Dorene 243 Redfern, Jacqueline 269 Redmond, Thomas Eugene 269 Reece, Sallie Lynn 243 Reed, Lisa Lynn 88, 92, 132, 269 Reel, Carolymn Deloris 269 Register, Joseph Edward 269 Reid, Kutyna Renee 85 Reid, Ollie 70, 114 Renaud, Albert Lee 81, 82, 243 Renfrow, Linda 92, 104, 138, 167, 243 Revels, Lisa Jean 269 Reynolds, Teresa Dyann 243 Rhyne, Kimberly Jean 269 Rice, Tony 109, 243 Richards, Michael Scott 216 Richards, William 217 Richardson, Melody Ann 59, 184, 185, 188, 243 Richie, Cynthia Kay 135, 243 Riggs, Toni Marie 243 Riley, Richard Allen 76, 145, 217 Rinck, Rhonda 89, 132, 243 Rion, Tracy Marie 55, 72, 94, 96, 110, 170, 184,217 Ripley, Lance Neal 243 Ritchie, Ned Stephen 168, 243 Rivers, Derrick 92, 217 Roach, Ross Randolph 269 Robbins, Hezzie Eugene 217 Roberts, Brian Leon 86, 87, 217 Robertson, Jeffrey Neal 55, 64, 72, 101, 217 Robinson, Charles Michael 269 Robinson, Dorrine 243 Robinson, Kathy Ann 243, 244 Robinson, Leo Jackie 91 Robinson, Melissa Lee 96, 269 Robinson, Mike 146 Robinson, Susan Kay 113, 114, 217 Robinson, Theresa Ellen 269 Rockman, Belinda 104, 217 Rockman, Robert Nathan 244 Rodgers, Laurie Ruth 217 Rogers, Eric Rodney 217 Rogers, William Jeffrey 145, 217 Rorie, Charles Bernard 269 Rorie, Timothy Edward 111, 217 Rorie, William Charles 269 Rose, Frederick Douglas 112, 244 Rose, Tammy Lynn 217 Ross, Ann Marie 90 Ross, Phyllis Renee 269 Ross, Ray Thomas Jr. 96, 244 Ross, Roosevelt Jr. 269 Ross, Steven Douglas 269 ROTC 40 Rudisill, Richard Franklin 107,217 Rumph, Amy Jacqueline 67, 104, 134, 217 Rumph, Charles Andrew 139, 244 Russell, Michael Coker 269 Rutledge, Nathan Dean 269 Ryan, Patricia Marie 85, 89, 131, 244 Saadeh, Jameela Irene 269 Salem, John Michael 244 Salem, Regina Lynn 110, 269 Salter, Jeffery Lynn 269 Samuel, Willie Mai 269 Shirkey, Eric Thompson 218 Shoemaker, William Eric 269 Shook, Terry Thomas 269 Sides, Sides, Donna Leigh 218 Leslie Lynne 85, 244 Simmons, Lucille E. 269 Simmons, Mark Timothy 244 Simmons, Terri Lynne 114, 218 Simpson, Margaret Ann 269 Simpson, Sheila Jeanne 244 Sinclair, Janice Dean 269 Singleton, Sadie Bell 244 Siozos, Efstathia 244 SKI CLUB 96 QS, M., ., ,Aww Samuels, Ralph Alexander 269 Sanders, Billy 218 Sanders, Adell 60, 217 Sanders, Debra 269 Sanders, Glenn E. 269 Sanders, Laura Louise 216 Sanders, Tamara Lee 91, 269 Sanders, Thomas Edward 244 Sanders, Sanders, Venita Michelle 244 Verdell 218 SANDRETTES 88 Sandifer, James Bradley 269 Sanger, Kyle Hampton 269 Sansing, Alan William 269 Scarbrough, William Scott 92, 116, 244 Scarth, Deborah Lee 269 SCIENCE 33, 34 Schipman, Benjamin Samuel 244 Schweiger, Edward Joseph 244 SCOREBOARD 190, 191 Scott, Paulette Denise 269 Seate, John Barry 142, 143, 145, 218 Seate, Rodney Dale 269 SECRETARIES 22 Seibles, Valerie Volande 218 Sellers, Allen James 244 Sellers, Raeford Louise 92 SENIORS 194-225 SENIOR BEA UTIES 60 SENIOR STATISTICS 305-311 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 72-77 Seriff, Donald William 112, 132, 244 Sessoms, Charlena Denise 269 Shaia, Michael Thomas 244 Sharp, Michael Lelon 269 Sharpe, Wayne Scott 269 Shaver, Linda Jeanne 269 Slacum, Robert William 269 Small, Joe Perry 244 Smith, Smith, Smith, Amelia Alta 104, 218 Anthony Darrell 219 Billy Neal 269 Smith, Christina 89, 115, 135 Smith, Cynthia G. 244 Smith, Dawn 269 Smith, Dina Gayle 81, 82, 219 Smith, Donald Ray 106 Smith, Douglas Dean 244 Smith, Ellen Marie 105, 219 Smith , Ethelrine 244 Smith, Glorius Elaine 270 Smith, Heather Dorothea 157, 270 Smith, lda Christine 137, 270 Smith, Ivory Bernard Smith, Kelly 270 Smith, Judy 219 Smith, Kristina Kay 156, 244 Smith, Lamonda Jean 270 Smith, Linda Kay 80, 103, 219 Smith, Lorna L. 67, 104, 219 Smith, Lynda Leigh 67, 82, 156, 157, 219 Smith, Mark Allen 219 Smith, Mark Emil 138 Smith, Martha Jo 270 Smith Smith , Melissa Lee 244 , Melody Lynne 244 Smith, Michale Vernon 108, 219 Smith, Peggy Elizabeth 115 Smith, Phyllis Ann 270 Smith, Renee 270 Smith, Robert Lodis 219 Smith, Roderick Courtney 270 Smith, Sherri Lee 219 Smith, Sherry Selene 74, 104, 219 , Terri Lynn 138, 104, 219 Shaw , Cindy Elaine 269 Shaw, James Alexander 218 Shaw Jeffrey William 269 Shaw Stanley Gilbert 72, 218 Shaw, Susan Denise 244 Shermetta, Michael L. 118, 218 Sherrill, Pamela Denise 269 Sherron, Sheila Renee 104, 114, 218 Shiffler, Linda 103, 134, 218 Shine, Barbara Ann 218 Shine, Donald Ray 218 Smith, Todd Eugene 110, 171,219, 250 SNIPS AND CUTS 81, 82 SOCCER 148-151 Song, Hae Kyong 92, 219 Song, Tae Kyong 219 Song, Un Ju 219 SOPHOMORES 256-271 SOPHOMORE BEA UTIES 58 Sorenson, Tonja Lynn 270 Sosa, Fernando Augusto 73, 135, 149,l50, 151,219 Southerland, Susan Carol 85, 244 Sowell, Kathryn Lee 219 Spainhour, Anne Katherin 89, 196, 170 SPANISH CLUB 133 Spearman, Wayne Madison 133, 219 SPECIAL EDUCATION 28 SPORTS 140 Springer, Lisa Melanie 137, 220 Springs, John Edward 107, 244 Springs, Lionel 270 Spurrier, Linda Gay 220 Stamey, Beverly Ann 115 Stamey, Debra Karen 114, 220 Stanley, Julia Dianne 94, 96, 220 131 Starnes, Donald Ellis Jr. 111,220 Starnes, Joyce Lee 270 Starnes, Margaret Ellen 270 Starnes, Michael 244 Starnes, Patricia Lynn 109, 244 Starnes, Phillip Daniel 220 Starnes, Robert Floyd 270 Staten, Delores Jane 270 Steadman, Kenneth Doyle 244 Steele, Anthony 244 Steele, Ernestine 270 Sweatt, Charles Alexander 246 Sweet, Julie Ann 95, 96, 131, 220 Swett, Deborah Leigh 270 Swindell, Melanie Renee 92, 220 SYMPHONIC BAND 127 Tan, Cathy Grace 246 Tarleton, Donna Lynn 221 Tarleton, Julian David 145, 246 Tarlton, Kristal Leigh 270 Tate, Leslie Diane 96, 113, 221 Taylor, Ben Vincent Jr. 246 Taylor, Pamela Cheryl 64, 66, 105, 221 Taylor, Peggy Regina 270 Taylor, Richard John 96, 246 Turner, Sam 271 TWIRLERS 120 Twitty, Walter Whitman 112, 145 UNDERCLASSMEN 226 Unger, Sylvia 112, 221 Valentine, Bessie Ann 86, 89, 246 Vanderburg, Tamera Lee 221 Vanderburg, Terri Lynn 247 Vandiver, Beatrice 247 Vandyke, Carolyn Sue 107 VICA-AUTO MECHANICS 108 VICA-ICT 107 VICA-MACHINE SHOP 106 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION 46, 47 VOLLEYBALL, GIRLS 152, 153 Wade, Edward Barry 271 Wagoner, Robert Edwin 171, 221 White, White, White, Nadine 271 Robert Kent 271 Russell Price 247 White, Rusty Donald 149,247 Whitley, John Stanley 247 Witman, Kellie Elizabeth 132, 247 Whitmire, Wendy 252 Whittington, Amy Marie 90, 271 Wike, Mary Lynn 133, 271 WILDCAT CL UB 84-85 Steele, Teresa Ann 220 Stegall, Deborah Gay 270 Stegall, Marley Rand 147, 270 Stemple, Julie Ann 244 Teague, John Pleas 145, 221 Teague, Ophelia Suzanne 221 Teague, Terry 96, 117, 131, 134, 246 TEEN BOARD 136 Teeter, Brenda Elizabeth 221 TENNIS, BOYS 182-183 Walker, Bryon 154, 155 Stevens, Keith Tyrell 270 Walton, Stephens, Donald Edward 244 Stephens, Susan Faye 244 Stettler, Kevin Lee 244, 250 Stevens, Timothy Michael 244 Stevens , Tyrone 244 Steverson, Joan Bedell 88, 92, 244 Stewart Stewart , Deloris Elaine 270 , Gracie Luvenia 220 Stewart, Gwendolyn 220 Stewart, Jacqueline L. 110, 245 Stewart, John Christopher 270 Stewart, Mitzi Ann 270 Stinson Stinson, Stinson, , Mary Ann 90, 270 Margaret Lee 90 Sara Ellen 245 Stogner, Crystal Chansan 245 Stogner, Jack Darrell 220 TENNIS, GIRLS 156- 157 Tewell, Nicholas Lee 221 Thacker, Richard Wayne 221 Thacker, Terri 270 Thacker, Thomas Eric 64, 246 Thomas, Dawn 270 Thomas, Donna Lee 270 Thomas, James David 149, 246 Thomas, Jeffrey Glenn 270 Thomas, Kelly Jeane 85, 270 Thomas, Margaret Amelia 221 Thomas, Robert Lee 270 Walker, Carolyn Dale 222 Walker, Charles Allen 222 Walker, Hugh Grady Ill 64, 76, 96, 101, 145, 222 Walker, Robert Randall 222 Walker, Tamisha 222, 111 Wall, Terrence 118, 222 Wallace, Brenda Marpes 114 Wallace, Curtis Eugene 222 Wallace, Rebecca Ruth 92, 113, 114, 222, 253 Wallace, Vickey Creola 271 Walsh, Alfred Calvin 271 Walters, Timothy Van 247 Brian Charles 271 Wilkes, Deborah 247 Wilkie, Samuel Richard 223 Williams Williams Barbara Ann 114, 271 Beverly Diane 271 Williams, Brenda Gale 223 Williams, Debbie Omilia 133, 271 Williams Deborah Ann 114, 133 Williams, Geralean 96 Williams Joey Mark 247 Williams, Melinda Elizabeth 114, 223 Williams Richard Anthony 223 Williams, Richard Query 271 Williams Shannon Lee 271 Williams Sheila Kay 56, 64, 66, 139, 159, 184, 185, 223 Williams, Timothy Mark 108, 223 Williams, Traci Ann 135, 247 Williamson, Wilson 223 Willingham, James Lewis 149, 247 Willis, Debra Elaine 139, 247 Willis, Michael Wayne 118, 224 WILLOW TREE 137 Wilson, Cheryl Lynn 224 Thompson, Jeffrey Ayles 246 Thompson, Shelia Patricia 109, 221 Thompson, Vincent Dwayne 246 Thore, Jeffery Watson 246 Threatt, Nancy I. 221 118, 128, 145, 220 Stokes, Charles Dale 270 Stokes, Terry Ann 220 Stone, Deborah Lynn 270 Stone, Katherin 92, 220 Stone, Vickie Lynn 245 Stover, Zackary N apole Strange, Jerry David 245 Strickland, Judy Renee 103, 245 Strong, Carolyn 270 Strong, Wayne Timothy 73, 112, Strother, Willie Anthony 270 Stroud, John Timmons 220 Stroupe, Lisa Kay 245 STUDENT COUNCIL 129 Sturgill, Michael Cole 63, 220 Sturgill, Richard Lynn 270 Sturgis, Vanessa 109, 220 Stutts, Martha Kaye 103, 220 Suarez, Sylvia 132, 220 Suddreth, Scott Eugene 96, 104 220 Suddreth, Tina Marie 58, 186, 256, 270 Sulpy, Michael David 245 Summers, Beth 245 Summers, David 106 Sumpter, Roddie Keith SUPERLATIVE BEAUTIES 60 Threatt, Nancy Patricia 270 Tillman, Brenda Rennae 270 Tingen, Michael Ray 96, 246 Todd, Penny Elizabeth 85, 91, 270 Tollison, Barbara Elaine 246 Tomanchek, Jeanne Emily 94, Wardlaw, Curtis James 145 Warren, Jerry Luke 271 Washam, Robert Anderson 96, 101, 150, 247 Washam, Russell Warren 74, 80, 82, 101, 104, 151, 222 Washburn, Lisa Katherine 95, 123, 137, 247 Washington, Deborah Ann 111, 222 Washington, Maxine Anita 132, 247 Wilson, Herbert James 112, 247 Wilson, Joel Dennis 109, 224 Wilson, Nancy Ruth 224 Wilson, Timothy Randall 247 Winche Wineco ster, Phyllis Mari 171, 187 lf, Tammy Kay 271 Winstead, Michael David 64, 145 Withers, Tina Michele 271 Witherspoon, Jacqueline 91 Withrow, Paulette 224 Wofford, Mickey Charles 247 Wolfes, Billy 224 132, 246 Toms, Linda Kay 112, 246 Toney, Herbert Lee 270 Toney, Sandra Elise 270 Toney, Valerie Ann 221 TOP CA TS 188-189 Torrence, Barbara Lynn 270 Torrence, Darene Alfred 246 Torrence, Jacqueline 246 Torrence, Perry Lee 270 Watkins, Veneta Kay 133, 247 Watson, Annetta 114, 222 Watson, Christopher 222 Watson, Jill Elaine 96, 247 Watson, Michael 109, 222 Watson, Randall M. 109, 247 Watson, Terri Marie 271 Watt, Lathnya 114, 222 Watters, Willie James 222 Watts, Donna Jeanine 271 Wood, Dolores Elaine 81, 82, 112, 132, 247 Woodard, Randall Vaden 96, 271 Woods, Pamela Nalbone 271 Woods, Phillip Kevin 145 TRACK, BOYS 176-177 TRACK, GIRLS 178-179 Treadaway, Teresa 271 Treadway, Tyler Scott 112, 246 Tribue, Angela Lorraine 221 Troutman, James Clarke 271 Truesdale, Johnnie Mae 271 Truesdaale, Rosetta Marie 221 Tucker, Edward Buford 108, 221 Tucker, Marleta Devonne 89, 105, 221 Tuner, L. 132 Turberville, Larry Dale 246 Weaver, Wendi Ann 94, 222 Webb, Bert E. 271 Webb, Susan Elaine 134, 247 Weibel, Donna 222 Weldon, Rosa Ann 110, 222 Wells, Anthony Santo 222 Wensil, Cynthia Denise 92, 223 Werner, Lisa Kay 223 West, Kathryn Lois 271 Westbrook, Kenneth Ray 223 Westmoreland, Johnnie 145 Westmoreland, Kenneth 271 Wheeler, Donald 109, 247 Woodson, Janet Leigh 95, 134,247 Woodward, Eugene 224 Woodward, Michael 247 Woodward, Pat 224 Wooten, Cheryl Ann 137, 224' Wooten, Susan Lynn 271 Worsley, William Raymond 271 WRESTLING 168-169 Wright, Keith Lamar 247 Wright, Tracey Leigh 247 WSOC-TV SCHOLAR 67 Wyatt, Penny Jo 92, 132, 271 Wyatt, Regina Ann 247 Wynn, Evatta Jean 224 Yarman, Blanca Maria 247 Yarman, Steven Kirkwood 247 Sutton, Sutton, Sutton Bonnie 246 John Craig 96, 246 Pamela Diane 270 Sutton, Rachel Nadine 89, 270 Sutton, Ralph Conrad 270 Sutton, Ronnie 270 Swain, John 168, 270 Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Brenda Faye 271 Earl Edwin Jr. 246 John William 246 Kelly Ann 64, 66, 221 Turner, Laura Eleanor 85, 256, 271 Turner, Robert 163, 271 White, Bobby Bernard 145, 247 White, Darryl 271 White, Keith Wayne 223 White, Linda Maria 271 White, Lisa Karen 92, 223 White, Marilyn 223 YEARLY REVIEW 272-275 Young, Donna Grace 92, 135 Young, Donna Jean 138, 224 Young, Cathy Denise 226 Young, George Maurice 271 Young, Micheal Allen 107, 117, 247 Voltz, Lisa 92, 271, 247 Index ! 321 Q 322 X Conclusion 3? Uhere are men whose faces will light up an era, ana there are women in whose eyes you may react the whole plan of salvation. Uhese inaiviouals are sprung from our miastg although we hnow not what will hecome of each other, we Jo hnow that the results will he in the formation of our worlo. Every man is unique in his iaeals, ana these iaeals shoulo he respectea hy one ana all. Every inoivioual shoula wrap himself in virtue ana carry on to set examples for those who are to follow in his footsteps. 'P Q 324 f Conclusion S- .-.. Qc. , ., Q Mm, X -,N I f ,M Q .wx 'ff ,M svn, wuwqx Conclusion f 325 326 I Conclusion s Conclusion I 327 Editor: Juanita Martin Business Manager: Cathy Head Curriculum: Dina Smith Robbie Meador Activities: Diane Kenny Jeannie Maynard Delores Wood Sports: Rusty Washam Al Renaud Lynn Eudy Alton Kunkle Happenings: Gwen Frazier Bernice Johnson Seniors: Debbie Ballard Cindy Deal Laurin Marley Juniors: Chuck Peterson Sophomores: Lynda Smith Wilbert Ferguson After months of some of the hardest work that I have ever encountered, I can proudly say that we are finished. This year has been extremely hectic, and at times disappointing, but it is very fulfilling to see one's goals finally realized. I would like to thank the whole staff for their dedication and hard work, and Ms. Jean Grisdale, without Whom there would have been no annual. We hope that the student body of Garinger appreciates our efforts. Cbwailbc-rhsiik Book Size: 9 x 12 No. of Books: 1300 Paper Stock: 80 lb. Gloss Headlines: 30 pt. Quill Body Copy: 10 pt. Roman Cutlines: 10 pt. Roman Ph0t08faPhefSi BCHHY McKinney Cover: Blue Lexitone with silver Metalay Tina Lawing Advisor: Ms. Jean Grisdale Design Weight of Book: 2274 grams

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