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Garinger High School - Snips and Cuts Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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WM , .ww 2 ,,v,,,,W W, ,, .5 ,.f,.,,.v 0 ,Aw W mmww W-M .WM o A fmwy,wM,W -M,.,,,,.w W, ,v ,www Nyurr-MW.f.mwV'.,L 4' ,ww-ymmwwwwwv' W , . ' w 41 1 N v ' x W, K I . f X 4,,,.,W W.,,D,,,, ,, 5 A G WW ,,M. Q,,,,,M ,,,,,.,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,Mm,,..m,,,,f7,f W MM, M M , ,V , M ,M A ,M s 5 The year was 1908 - a time when coffee was only 36 cents per pound and when two young people could be arrested for eloping. The Model T had just been intro- duced and the country faced an election year after the turbulent previous administration of Teddy Roosevelt- outofthis atmosphere arose Charlotte High and with it the beginnings of an era steeped in the pride and tradition which is Garinger. 2 X Introduction ,, , , AW , ,W f 'Jaya' 5, ,A 2 Y. ,Q . nv 3 a, ' ,lt-.,, ,W ' Y, ,f wwva, , 5, Auf , v tm wifi- " yn v W M , E Wi , ,LH wa . 'f V' iizxzgg Q k,'1L'i:'7f , ,It , ,, ff' ff.,- ...-uv V i Y' fv- wg Jr rr' M1926 cnai1otteH1qh School WF-i htirz 'Gentle-rrzerz 'Ll 9 9 hi ,pu 'M 1. I XE The 20's were a time of social change and Central was a testimony to that fact. The "Rambler" published an article in 1923 about a doctor who claimed that kissing could be hazardous to a young man's health. ln 1925 the election of a girl as a class officer brought about a serious protest by the boys at Central. Despite the occasional campus di- lemmas the students showed genuine interest in their school. ln 1922 the entire student body of Central High attended a performance given by a professional Whistler. Among the senior superlatives listed in the 1927 edition of The Snips and Cuts were - faculty's pet, biggest sheik, and caveman. Amid all the frivolity of the Central High of the 1920's one can feel sure the seriousness of the follow- ing decade was not anticipated. Introduction 13 Central High of the 1930's reflected the economic conditions of the period quite accurately. Central's seniors participated in an annual ac- tivity known as "lvey's Day". On this day members of the senior class would assume the roles of all posi- tions held by lvey's employees. "The Rambler" could be purchased by a plan of5 cents a week for 15 weeks in 1931. Also in 1931 an essential article for most every Central "blue wave" was a towel ticket. Towels were not supplied without charge - instead one had to purchase a ticket that for 25 cents would allot 15 towels. The towels could be gotten in the main office upon request. As forthe sports scene of the 30's one could say that bridge was considered a major sport around Central High. The solemnity of the 30's was ushered out by the 40's in great flash and spirit- 4 X Introduction American society was rejuve- nated during the 40's due to the war and the end of the economic crisis. Central High was no exception to this general social rule. The average Central student's vocabulary re- flected the new frivolic attitudes. Such words as "zombie" fan un- popular girll, "shot of dope" Ca glass of Pepsil, "Mona Lizard" ta girl no one likesl, and "klassy kitten" lgood-looking girll, were staple terminology. The 1945 Wildcat dressed in what was considered "flashy" attire. Blue suede shoes were worn while "cruis- ing" down the halls of Central with long multicolored shoe laces flap- ping in the breeze. Underthe cuffs of the peg legged pants worn with dazzling gold belts could be found either crew or fuzzy angora socks. The fully attired, properly versed Centralite would then litter-Bug the night away to his favorite big band sounds. Then for relaxation or humor they would listen to the "Hit Parade" with songs such as "My Darl- ing, My Darling" by Gordon McCrae and "All l Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" by Spike jones. This decade was setting the stage for the rebellious times that were to come. in L I ,xx 'wi v f vp' . , A. W 5 .i A mil ' s L Q 1 44-5 '74 ff run :ffmi111.s':cu1'uJt!n' mllqf Vfffff' wzmflfi' mn! ,u'1':wf fu in ,l'rwt.! fm. iw lo !'l'IlhlQ ulfonl lin' lfm1!f!r!f'.ff 01' fQpp!Jt'l1fl', 1't'xslt'l1:f lllt'f1m1'i'ftfl lfkffllfi of 1ftj4!'.Ifck'ffll .Xllfl,Ull. .sl,H1!1t'qflffft' .ilfffffffi fflffiiif, -mix 11mfi'l'Iool' ffm' mmf wi: fx mil- um' mu fn' mlfnl nfvmf iff ,fu fffiffff. fit !.I'l1,l' Arun Ji'111rn1,i'!1w1lr.l lfft fvfff' haf. , I1 m111'1fffr1l1lt'.sps' fnltfmfw.fl1.ffx'f:w1f um innri' In mfvfv out fluff Anim tit 'ff-S. lfwl' iff mu fin' lrmJ'v1',i'!11yr tml i im 'f'.f pls 171 fnrllm' vxf1fll'fQq our mlwfzfi' lv Klum fx ! Introduction X 5 CEHTHHL ' SWE' HHRDIHG ,, glib' Nov. 22,1951 -. zoo P. NL ,gy , , Q, M? " A ', 'Zi Q Q W W: ' gp all sv- fy L mx. 1 I ' A, .x YL-f L Llxv Q . A kN,?iR xivmi sem GREENSBQRO Q 6 X Introduction Mm cnM:r'rs4iNC. TO FiGHT FOR, LADS Wu., v ,gpm-P -f .N .. . K ir A N ss. we Ja ' WMM, wb' . Wa, During the 1950's the older generation sud- denly found themselves confronted by a group of young people. Their sons were wearing something called a "ducktail" on their heads, and leather jackets with words like "crusher" or "daredevil" on the back. Their daughters were twisting around the house in saddle shoes while their ponytails danced up and down. On any Friday night' they may have seen their young lady crawl into her fellow's hot rod and head out to a dance sponsored by the new Centrusa club. There they would "rock around the clock" to the tunes of Chubby Checker orthe Platters and discuss the decision to change Central to Elmer H. Garinger High School and relocate in a diffe- rent part of town. A few girls from the new sophomore club Adelphians may have shown up in their Angora sweaters looking for their very own imitation of james Dean. The underlying atmosphere of the 50's was reaching towards the realism that was to over- take the nation two decades later - ln troduction X 7 Q e V lmlwm We have risen from a two room building known as "The High School" to become North Carolina's largest secondary institution. We have progressed from the days of complete segregation to a time when black and white walk together as friends. We celebrate our existence and whisper words of "1" " xi .arf ,. tm.u.:h5L:?:?'it.'v' thanks for what we were, what we are, and what we shall be- ,gh 8 X Introduction W The annual staff would like to dedicate the '76 edition of Snips and Cuts to Miss janet Robinson. Miss Robin- son began teaching at Central High in 1936. She had also attended Central as a student and had the honor of serving as president of the Student Council. During her years as the Bible teacher at Central and Garinger she has stood as a source of inspiration for all who have come in contact with her. Due to this she has earned the position of a much sought after speaker on topics related to the Bible. The total belief and dedica- tion she feels toward her subject evokes a spirit of admiration. ln dedicating this annual to you, Miss Robinson, we represent all who know you in extending thanks for the time, patience, and love you have expressed through the years. t.,,L.,,f,f..c.'.f.. if Wi r-.rg 5 .ft 553 Qsgszgsisgsrjsifg- . WQSNJ: Dedication X 9 callliw They are entrusted with the power to help mold the minds of tomorrow's society - We are either glorious products of their talents or victims of their mistakes -- Together vve march on - thanking each other forthe knowledge we have gained of- our world - Faculty 1 ifiif if , if 5 I. ' M W , X si. 14' X. 'I In Memoriam Dr. Clarence Otto Thornburg, jr 1938-1975 Taught at Garinger during 1973-745 1974-75. Physics and Chemistry Teacher. 12 f Faculty gm, iff? 1.5 5:71 JKT fx J i same: , . : EW -X , 1-get-at f7'sf,S2w'X,iSSi:5sf - 5 Els iii: ,ytsaf Vwsg 1 twig' agsig i.3a5'4:g-CW f:f:'zf,s1ff-ststw gigf-15."?'Sf55Qfi21'4Q K N i, ,. A 'JQ5f2iY?i?i 2 smfafif i sf: f- V '- - , -figs? 1: fggiix ENQL s . Li iisgsg f ', Misa -'i?2fEm. we 5 . Sw . ,Jxvl T9-. fr mm: - - 1 W sf fx 5 E 5355 ' -mf - ,.,. A A . We 5 gf t 1 :lwls .USUN ,f,g.-is L figs .QQ,JS..'. ' wig .Q 1541: K fs-wgiffttws wx.,-5 Mess "When I am affects eternity he thee stops. Faculty ! 13 dministration Each year at Garinger is unique within itself. Each brings its own problems and joys. Our administration is prepared to confront either situation. Mr. Richard Cansler dealt with major administrative problems. Mr. Bill Ross, assistant principal, handled bus transportation. Mr. Thomas Asbury, also assistant princi- pal, was in charge of attendence. Miss Nan Abell was assistant to the principal. lb 14 ! Administration Mr. Richard Cansler Mr. Thomas Asbury ,S h lg 'jf 5 ,iw i, Q is , 3 Mr. Bill Ross Miss Nan Abell Administration ! 15 Behind the cenes Run that by me again. . . Not many students come in con- tactwith the secretaries. They, there- fore do not realize how important our secretaries are in keeping Garinger running smoothly. In the Main Office the secretaries take care of the main functions of the school. This is also where student records are kept and where schedules are taken care of. The 100 office mainly deals with daily atten- dance and withdrawals. All guidance 0 related work is handled in the 200, office. They keep recommendations and college test materials there. The 300 office is in charge of late arrivals fm and early dismissals. It takes the ef- fort of many secretaries to meet Garinger's needs. X . You won't tell anybody that I just found an MVS- Eunice l-eflef extra 52000, will you? ' fThis is what really goes on in the Main Office!! Mrs. Onetta Belk 16 !Secretaries 81 Aides Mrs. Gladys Buford 'Qvstifs' ' an 2 Mrs. Martha Dukes X Mrs. Dorothy Gregory Mrs. Peggy Pete rson Mrs. Tresa Griffin Mrs. Loretta Price 'Y"""V, " y ,rw j s,,' Mrs. Linda Giles Y Nf In .' AP 1 Mrs. Lela Holbert Mrs. Nadine Sinclair Secretaries 81 Aides X77 Counselors aid students with their Futures "You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." Galileo The Counseling Department helps students to get to know and understand themselves so that they can make decisions concerning their future. At the beginning of the school year they were responsi- ble for the special orientation edition of "The Rambler" and for the "Welcome Sophomores" assembly. ,sw ' A! J . r N ' Vg 4 f V, , 1 . 1 W '-t sa is , , gm Sw! FLW' f. w ff , M: ,sf e 'Q'MQll7' 9 y, ,,.,, g " ' 1 4 nf, li ' 5' 1 Mrs. luanita Reid Mrs. Inez Allen - - -would YOU belive it? ii X Qtr- f' .swf mf ssg :sf Mrs. Carol Bailey Mrs. Sally Hearon Mr. Sam Smalling Mrs. Carolyn Woodall 78 I Counselors hakespeare, Thoreau, Hawthorne "When l read some of the rules for speaking and writing the Englishlan- guage correctly. . .I think - Any fool can make a rule And every fool will mind it." H. D. Thoreau The English Department strives to teach the student the correct English language so that he may communi- cate effectively in society and to familiarize him with the best litera- ture that man has produced and is producing. They want to impress an - as!-f"TJ ' .. T5 5 Fi . 1 ' -Q-V. t g appreciation for the value of litera- ture as well as teach him to enjoy what he reads. Many teachers used the V.T.R. tVideo Tape Recorderb in their teach- ing. This gave the students an oppor- tunity to see themselves and the im- pression that they give others. The department had a new teacher who took Mrs, Raynette Covington's place during first semester. She was Miss Linda Norris who was a former graduate of Garinger. . A f f-- 4 Mrs, Faye Deese , , ' 'Vs WW 317: 9. ff? l : ,fp lg? A ' f' I Ai W ' ' 45 ff i ,f Mrs. Deidra Bennett .f ll: Monday always comes too soon. Mrs. Agnes Cole S English X 19 Mrs. Sarah Emerson Mrs. Jeanne Fitzsimmons Miss Susan Haney in-, Mrs. Bette Hinson Mr. Cedric jones Miss Marie Lewis MVS. P96013 Maxwell Mr. Sean McCormick Miss Linda Norris 20 f English 'V f f'ifEQ.i.s M Qi 1 N' t s E Mrs Suzan ne Pace "There "metrolina". A concentration upon the classics might alleviate the situation." Mr. Sean McCormick Mrs. Diane Peterson is a startling stupidity concerning the use of the English Language in it Miss Philecta Reinhardt Mrs. lrene Travis Mrs. lean Withers 1 r-,li a QW W 95 ig, 5.53 5 at M3385 7 Q lk, nxt Q m!-'X ,Magi English X21 The Pa t, Present and Future "History, by apprising tmenl of the past, will enable them to judge ofthe future." Thomas jefferson The History Department wants the student to understand the present and future by learning from the past. This helps him to survive in our ever changing world. Mr. Robert McClure who did stu- dent teaching at Garinger last year was a ne teacher in the department. ji JV' dw ,,,, i s'1,, n' U I ', v . o1sLu'9fi ln 1 1 1. . 4' ' J? , A xx ' ' V. 1' -3 gy ai' . , .h , . ' 1' 'E '-"YA, is A. 'l 501' 1, , va x 'Ezra' . - Put me down for twenty to show in the fifth. 22 X History 'QQ- I' Miss Alice Rhodes Mr. Ron Aldridge 'Q t i 1553 Eats? "The use of history is to give value to the present hour and its duty." Emerson Mrs. Beatrice Bennett You really finished my test?! adm, Mr. lim Edwards f'-if Mrs. Frances Hawn V A Mr. Robert McClure Mrs. Gail Godwin Mr. Ronald Hard man Mr. Reed Hilderbrand Mr. Henry Madden iszvwiwvi.-,M 'WV Mr. William Rogers 24 Aw? -f aff: F, . 4. .1 ,.,,.M f . 4 .. qva. - ilk' ,. ge elf rf M " xy ff. ,az :ii 235 4 . ' ... , ,U ,He If ' S 1, V15 Mr. Ron Wright History X 23 Emphasis on the Metric System Mathematics is a study which "did not begin with Pythagoras, and will not end with Einstein, but is the old- est and the youngest of all." The Mathematics Department meets the needs of both the college-bound and the non-college bound student. Their objective is to provide each individual with the math he will need in future life. They have begun to putemphasis on the Metric system, and a Metric Measurement kit was used in some classes. There were several new math courses offered this year - Algebra Ill Trig twhich replaced Math Conceptsl and Calculus were added. Algebra lll Trig was taught by Mrs. Sarah DeBerry and Mrs. Catherine Sanders. Mrs. Mary Carol Katzel and Mrs. Karen Kirkman were new teachers in the Math Department. G. H. Hardy 'ta as ,W .jg .Ak i . , . f ftiiili' M .y Take a clean sheet of paper. . . Mr. Karl Sawyer 5 X if Mrs. jane Boyd Mrs. Wanda Corriher Mrs. Sarah DeBerry 24 I Mathematics 044 wNi,.f,.w.wu4iiw vvwdzvkifiibifezfifv Ib Y Q, Z2 .3 ,Y , 'L sf Qi , I fx' Wlklx ff Bu 4 f X Jw' 5 Q f sw i Miss lean Grisdale Centrusa would just love to sell these! wJ'fr'iY? Mb' s . . l, 'fy f ,i A l. .Y l fvi , K rig X Mrs. Mary Carol Katzel M555 lean Potts .l,l M1 Fa W i , V M fm 4 x .Wi X we 95 l 'Sf W 5 . ' if we M, .Z M6 7 , ' , V ,J 'J 1, V A KMV1 5 , 4 A it 1 4 255 1 ' W f iw X , 4' W" 2' Mrs. Catherine Sanders Q. ,g ,,,' . 6 7 z Q f Miss Elizabeth Throneburg Mrs. Klara Vinson Mrs. Agnes Yoos Mathematics f 25 cience "Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of our science." Emerson The Science Department teaches students to be aware of the science in their everyday world. The students learn to use scientific methods to reason through problems. A new course added this year was Horticul- ture. The course was taught by Mr. Doug Crotts. Mrs. Karen Kirkman was a new addi- tion to the Science Department. She taught Physics and Biology. Mr. james Dixon Will you listen to me when I m talking to you? WV? 2,5 1. 1-we aw Mr. Bob Godwin Mr. 1. R. johnson 26 X Science Mrs. Nancy King Mrs Karen Kirkman ' K K.-' Y Sig: w Mrs. Gertrude Pearson Mrs. Geraldine Rogers Mr. George Sawyer , , G - P5325 1? A .. .- fffi-i"5i3X'3'ilQ 1 :Eff K ,.,k,k. 3 ' Q , M 5 1,m1.,,1 V H A . A, N .six esrs ge Q sssrssr is ,fag - -.ff Q -. i- - -,--- -V , K1 4515 i s G, M Let's see, that's SOM gin, 4811 Tom Collins Mix,. . 1 fs..-e..-, . Mrs. jane Steffen Mrs. Emma Washington Mrs. julia Wilson Science X27 .- gg? .: . .4 iii.-:3fS4'iS 'T N: -WS: , Y . ,,.. t, LM . X Q .L V s. , t if xi X Se 'I S. A . Q 4 TY t t X R X ,"'i "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." Hen ry Ward Beecher tudying the ' . iff we 2 K O I n Outlet for Garinger's art teacher, Miss Wilma King, expresses the main objective of the art department as an attempt "to broaden the students' base of experi- ence with tools, materials, and con- cepts in visual art with the emphasis on creating a greater awareness of the structural aspects of design". This goal crlptures For the past 16 years, Miss janet Robinson has taught Bible to those stu- dents who wish to study and learn more about the scriptures. She teaches both Bible I and Bible ll classes. Bible I stu- dents study Old Testament history and Creatlvlt is accomplished through study ofawide variety of techniques - students can try their hand at such things as leathertool- ing, batik, and making jewelry, along with drawing, painting, and sculpture. By experimenting in these areas, stu- dents can express themselves and at the same time, develop their natural talent. 541 the life of Christ. Bible ll students study Old Testament history, Psalms and Proverbs, and the Book of Acts. Bible is a very demanding course, but a very enjoyable and worthwhile one. K X XR 28 X Art .X J f V 11' I Wh if' ' ' 'V' ,.., ' B T 4. , t '-'." ,..., , ' . , , ig ..,,,,f Dr. Robert L. Maddox .71 1 1 r' ff. IIQQH . . , . V1 ., - f -'- H1-Tl I i I' 5 I t' Y: I I Ill' ,,,g,, H,-, l KQV J "Let Us Entertain You" Mr. john Sanders Garinger's Music department of- fers a wide spectrum of courses to suit all interests. Under the direction of Dr. Robert L. Maddox, the Sym- phonic Band spends football season as Garinger's marching band, and performs for the rest of the year at concerts and school music pro- grams, along with the Orchestra. The Concert Band's main purpose is for students to learn important musical skills. Garinger band members also provide the school with a pep band at basketball games. In the choral music department, the Choir, Girls Ensemble, and San- derettes, under the direction of Mr. john Sanders, are another pleasing addition to music at Garinger. The Drama department, headed by Mr. Bill Kinsey, gives plays, variety shows, and other dramatic perfor- mances throughout the year. All in all, Garinger's performing arts department is well-rounded and varied enough to suit all tastes. Mr. Bill Kinsey Performing Arts X 29 Quiet Place to Learn "The library is not a shrine for the worship of books. It is not a temple where literary incense must be burned or where one's devotion to the bound book is expressed in ritu- al. A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas- a place where history comes to life." Norman Cousins ima , l l The Garinger library is an indis- l pensible resource. It provides a col l lection of books, magazines, pam phlets, and audio visual equipment. The librarians are a great aid in help ing one to locate what one needs from these resources. Miss Sandra Smith as as Q-fuel" W: . V , V ' 1' , , v N. 5 ul ' f , ' ' 'Q V X -. 5 '- , ,, , ,f . ., , I f ,, f H , . ,WAW,,,f n H lv' L, f J. ' ki K., . Q, , yy, ' f , jfj.-' , 1 , ., M- 7. f - - f if 1' 'ff my tug WM' an 1 W 'U ff,,.,,,f::1,e-g, 4y,.gf,g1,g,gif-j.i as Mrs. Barbara Divine W , 30 I Library Mrs. Helen Hollingsworth l Breaking Language Barriers PEACE, Paix, Paz, Udo, Sith Mutendf, Frieden, Mtendere, Sulh, Tafadhali, Beke, Mir, Boa Binh, Pace, Aman, Paich, Rauha . . . Language forms a great barrier be- tween countries. Especially in today's world when communication is of ut- most importance, this barrier needs to be moved aside. Through studying a foreign lan- guage, a student not only learns the language, but also the culture of the country. The student also learns to appreciate his own language and cul- ture through the study of others. Miss lan Hall ,Nik 'N Mrs. Martha Hanna ln Spanish, you have to be veI'y careful about the way you pronounce things. . .I don't think you realize what you just called me. . . 15? WWW Mrs. Josephine Stegmeir ,pf Miss Vicki Schliestett ' iiziiaew is . . -. ffl . ' 'p'.:f'3. . Xa. ' i .1 " . -exam? . ggi! xi 1:51 'fzqrigg ., ,gffaw yt 'Q-. wi ensue?-Vw" . 'HM 'A . . we 9' .fm Qian: -1 ,QQ ',.. ef I 3 ' ' '2 ' Biffzii V-Q3 1? 'sa' E 1:iiq",?'iif,gQ3lflj ,TEVQLIZ sf'-nl iq , Mr. Charles Vaughan Foreign Language Preparing -for Jobs o A large percentage of Garinger's faculty teach Vocational or Business Education courses. These programs of study are designed to lead either to a job after high school orto fu rtherstudy in business education or in a specialized vocation such as radio braodcasting or cabinetmaking. The Busi- ness Education!Vocational department welcomed 3 new teachers this year: Mr. Dennis Totaro, Mrs. Katy Lesley, and Miss Liz Hernandez. Through the help of the Business Ed.!Vocational teachers, Garinger students who chose these programs of study are learning skills which will be helpful to them both at home and in the working world. KN ge r 7 fi .av X tv 'lx J' A, I. f K .0 Mr. Gil Ballance Miss Martha Bailey lm, ttf!" Mr. Don Belk 3 Sex sm 5 KN5 4' - ,X Wa. EF? gif? xx kite Q My Qi Y!"""-Y tl Q N? I , if fi A X X WS' Mrs. Virginia Boyd Mfg, Nancy Burgess Mrs. Bernice 32 X Occupational Education iiiii Mrs. Maxine Davis Mrs. Clotelle Fisher Mr. Fred Gregory L its S E Usi- .XQ . Mrs. Sabra Griffin Miss Liz Hernandez Mrs. Martha Hipps i.i.s .af Mrs. Pamela Hugs Mr. john Kemper Mrs. Katy Lesley Occupational Education X33 'Q Mrs. Betty Lowery 5 i fl Mrs. Ellen Skinner 3:-ff. is Miss Delores Tibshrany 34 X Occupational Education NQN, Mrs. Paula D. Poole Miss Frances Ryan R MN skim Is H Mr. Robert Staley Mr. Andrew Thompson .1- 1' , A , si Miss Clara Timmons Mr. Dennis Totaro Siesta ,. ,, kt six E R. H. Miller Mr. Bob Miller is Garinger's school resource officer. He not only serves Garinger, but Cochrane junior High as well. Miller goes to classrooms, gives talks, and demonstrates self- defense methods. He is one more familiar face who makes life at Garinger better. Garinger has School Resource Officer The goal of the Special Education department is to prepare students for their future life as adults. One way they do this is through special pre- vocational training which will enable students to enter jobs after high school. Special Education it ' 'x haf X Mrs. Doris Covington Mr. Hugh Harkey Special Education X 35 Tennis, Archery, Track, . . . According to Mr. lim Carroll, the Physical Education department serves a dual purpose: to teach students a number of activities they might use as a satisfying means of recreation both as students and as adults, and also, to foster apprecia- tion of the value of being physically fit. Garinger's P.E. instructors accomplish both of these, making fitness fun as well as beneficial. ' 2 , L, we ,E , K, ,M . 139 5 if W, :Y El i +- ,.,'a, , 97 Mr. Warren Hicks, lr. Miss Evelyn loyce Hunter 36 !Physical Education 'sig Q a -:ff Q' A5 M he QSXN ae NN.- ' 9 X Q f X. .8 it if XX XX Q is be as 3 n .4 ., ,Q Q 5 9,4 . Mr. Gary Brown akswi, is QQ . Q s ss 2 'ti :, 1 'Q r , T Q, 1' . 1 if It 54, e it i 2 51 .gi f Mr. Richard jones Behind the Wheel The Driver Education teachers at Garinger have an important job -to teach students the skills necessary to become safe, competent drivers. The five staff members accomplish this through study in the classroom and actual road experi- ence. They help to make this required course enjoyable as well as one of the most excitin ex eriences for so homores at Garin er. 8 .au is 4 5 2 S E s S f 5 , I fy A Q. ,1 T, Qi e . a f f w 's.,.5,.ivx, 1iW 1-X-' 'wri sf lsft . 3 if Y Ma' R A wife X .T V vt N, A,. W3 lp ,5 thy .. , H h s-...,,,, Y' . -1 Qi... '55 .J 3' ' ' 5" L ' L f I+ : 'TRN ..., -wfwirfi MN ' ? -' 5' ' -- 1. f we f , z ea's. fQ" ' 1' 1 Q s f 3 3 -s ittttii t Q 5 T ,pu-qw-Q. x , T v - Q fe:-' as if Q T X QQMQZW, .i"'i' K - ,Vt- l' 4 'N M- ., 425 ,. itlrzriar 1 t,ifil y,i,.i, 1 ,ti., 'l ' ' 'iWWi t " f it '-i' A Q' 1 SS , ..,,,,MM ,... ,.,,. , ,,L ,, , . yi,h 2 D .M Kgmmw . Q-A Y S NH : , Q is , Q fmw xbqwx, ,... M gsbwuwvhn-0S""'wQ" ' A F SU' ' 5 , ' , y : V , . 4 it ,ke Mr. Marshall Martin Mr. joseph White r f 5. L ......awaW, . Drivers Education X 37 R O T C XV ., .,,,. .,,w S,'ON4'O""' I. Q2g:.Q,'3goO "'ox'Do55" 3 N2-""NU3m-.O'Eg-5' QQUQZDH --on mmf' wozrom cl,-Q.:'2UQ:::', UQjO'.1".:OfD-Ovf 3' Nm-- 9653:-CD03-2-52 no-.3:..5'r'n4O 5"7UOL"ciT2 Q fDO9TS'O'D5'5" rw-la:-h3UQEG' Qfioanzm -ss o:."'O9' Ofgz' wcmg-13 m2S53Qm52 -:o5N4P'D'?.3oo FD as gm .m.,cn3m Twm Q-n WN rn ET m5'3m lwlllwxoxfl fri' I , i s f IQ., A Q fir fn-. V' s ff? if X Q 1 WERE s ax f -u-1 sm- sn.. - A- 41.3 xxx. . .. X I . . mix Lt. Col. CRet.J W. W. Campbell 5 QE: R s ff., 9 N is .X X Sgt. 1. L. Lopez Q5 'px 'Wqrgerw XX .,. . Sgt. john Robinson Q X a 5 In Grateful ppreciation Feeding and cleaning up after the over 2,300 Garinger students and faculty is the task assigned to Garinger's cafeteria and custodial staff. Each day, cafeteria workers prepare nutritious lunches at reasonable prices, and each after- noon, our custodial staff is hard at work to keep the school clean and running smoothly. Thanks to them, Garinger is a more pleasant place to spend each day. ffv f ii Custodial Staff X 39 a-iz' . v if JQQQ Qs 3-.... There are those who must take an extra step, learn another truth, or be recognized for their natural gifts - These special indi- viduals are the ones that keep our world alive - For when they share their life with us we too begin to live a little more - i l ,g 1 1 4 ,.. ff! A fs' aff? 4 ,. 'WN 4 A W fr I 1 222+ Mm W E. 1 :Q ff Q Wm tudentL1fe C K ww: A I 54? ,V 2. 'W ' fi 5 if Z if we 405 , W,-v ., fi., , A W W "'MTf5ffJQfe1w' ' ,v 4 V ,ee f ff " .ff42 s y45p2J fm V,,V A Q , f 2 W 2 ,nf C ndi Prevette i Miss Blue and Gra The annual Miss Blue and Gray pageant was held on May 15, 1975, in Caringer's auditorium. Nine girls vied for the title. Among these, one was chosen as Miss Blue and Gray, 1976. The winner was Cyndi Prevette, a member of the Senior class. She felt that it was based on individuality, not popularity. For her talent competition, Cyndi did a modern jazz dance to "lt's a Miracle". The first runner-up in the pageant was loyce Davis, also a senior. Her performing talent was singing "Let there be Peace on Earth". She stated that she was shocked when they announced that she was first runner-up. She had started only two days before the pageant, while others had been practicing for weeks. Miss Debbie Bunn, a junior, was second runner-up and she was also selected as Miss Congeniality. Shefelt highly honored since she had received the next highest honor to Miss Blue and Gray herself. Debbie's performing talent was a tap dance. get , . . - X. 1 . T. W ,-,..ts5fe X ' 'X A--r . K- --1 egg K .. . A .... f 151 has A ss. ., , A .,. .V s...c,:Qk .tt .. . .1, .. . 1 , .. .. ,. .. . . ,. .X T. .... W .s ,... . sis . 1 R .xx . . . 1 . . .. 'f-.sw-:' -. r. - s..:1Q ..J' ' '-ge t-.Xe f - 3. fu- ,Q s -as . i tf:,f:. . . k gnu-..,: 1 g .1 .155 .Q we f . -- D . . 4- . - .. tr. ,. Nag .ss Q v. .L ,N,X,..., . 9 : . , . .,.g3m,gL...,, M fr 1- ' be . ' ' I g . i " '51 - f - .T - 1 .... e .. .KN - f - 1-' 3 ' -s "t' 7 . ff? F- I .ff rY:1?f':,NmISN " :sive in If " Unn K ' 42 !Miss Blue and Cray revette SW loyce Davis iss Black and Blue On October 3, 1975 the annual Miss Black and Blue pageant was held in Garingers' auditorium. The pageant was opened with a dance by the eighteen contestants in an assortment of dresses that did not quite zip. Ms. lack Brayboy was Ms. Conge- niality as well as Ms. Black and Blue. iffy 1, ,af will '42 Miss Black and Blue X43 2 at , V 2 , ., - I fs ,l,, . , . jlstjj t,W,M.w,, , s Q X Wifi, Q, j gg' mga, S in QQ, A, B jr' 'Q Q23 " its 31" in X -t if - ss PM ' N 'f Q vt- 4 'K SQ M w Q Q The Garinger High School Honor Society, a chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools, is an organizationfounded to bring recognition to outstand- ing students. The object of the chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development of character. Qualified students selected for membership are in- ducted in the second semester of their junior year or during the second orfourth quarter oftheir senioryear. During the school year '75-'76 members of the society offered free tutoring to students requesting help with academic subjects. Another service project was the rais- ing of funds for two scholarships. 44 f National Honor Society f 'Kp C M J, H V ffff ,K ' Q ' :H fe . A If . . sll ,, l, h at 1 , ,E 6 l , 7 2' . , 5 as gt W fm wmgjfjtf f Q 4 mm a'.xw27 A gym, 'th 35 ' ,rW'f5,1 :ZH W ff ' ' -.1 0-tw' 'YJ , ffg,ag1.g,, .92 -Q ,,1. V ,1 1' 45 ' Z 15' "" 1, A ' , f 5 - ' A K' 4 fi r '. f M ja. e j , . , ,, .-fs t' ' " ' V, 3 -. . 99" , EW In 4, Officers: Leslie Fortner, Patty Cheek, Cheryl Smith, janet Martin " ,ff x 2' ational Honor ociety 1st Row - Linda Orr, Lisa Gaye, Lyn Steverson, Mimi Curlee, Cathy Crumpler, Paulette Kedfern, Sandra Mills, jack Cathey, Noel Petrea, 2nd Row - Mrs. Travis, Denise Wood, Kay Simpson, Lynn Haislip, Sharon O'Neil, joyce Loftis, Leslie Fortner, Greg Huskey, Lynne Ballard, Tanya Davis, Cheryl Smith, Mr. Aldridge, 3rd Row - Laurie Shiffler, janet Levine, janet Martin, Elaine Christensen, Patty Cheek, Teresa Collins, jeanne Ross, Barbara Starnes, jeanne Klein. 1st Row- Pam Davenport, Brenda Hartis, Sally Stone, Gail Baucom, Sherry Winchester, Mary Kelly, Pattie Davis, 2nd Row -Terri Cook, Lynn jones, Helen Pauls, Donna Aycoth, janet Talbert, Shelia Smith, Gail Cooke, Pam Rion, 3rd Row- Sherra Dunn, Robert Womack, Doug Barkley, Cathy Bogle, Charlie Bridges, Sam Emory National Honor Society X 45 1975 Chief Marshals and Mar hal 'Ffh xx' WLM? Tanya Davis, Patty Cheek, Sandra Mills. Being a marshal is one of the greatest honors that could be given to a member of the junior class. Marshals are selected on the basis of superior scholarship, citi- zenship, leadership, senlice, and personal appearance. Each mar- shal is nominated by his homeroom teacher and chosen through secret ballots by a com- mittee of faculty members. The chief marshals were chosen by class rank. This year's chief mar- shals are Patty Cheek, chief, Sandra Mills and Tanya Davis, as- sociate chiefs. The responsibilities of the marshals include distributing programs and escorting parents and guests to their seats during the Baccalaureate Service. The marshals also have the honor of escorting the seniors to their seats and to the stage to receive their diplomas. 'Marshals, Front row: Sandra Mills, Patty Cheek, Tanya Davis, Row2: Lyn Steverson, Barbara Starnes, janet Levine, Leslie Fortner, Lynn Haislip,1eanne Ross, Row 3: Lynne Ballard, Cathy Crumpler, Paulette Redfern, Cheryl Smith, leanne Klein, Row4: Denise Wood, Elaine Christensen, Sharon O'Neil, joyce Loftis, Laurie Shiffler, janet Martin, Row 5: Teresa Collins, Mimi Curlee, jack Cathey, Greg Huskey, Mary Steadman, Noel Petrea. 46 X Marshals Morehead ominees A jack Brayboy A S Tissot C s a g tttt g t C sg gigs? P i TF? A t "f -it xi :QA g E Paulette Redfern ffm Vim' ,MMM Mi' 'Saul 'Ihr VM M ,wa we ew 0 V477 'Ml fin' 'Mr Teresa Collins leanne Klein The john Motley Morehead award is a four year scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Morehead is one of the most recognized scholarships in the state. A committee composed of the counseling staff, Mr. Cansler, and selected teachers submitted four qualified students' names to seek the award which began on the county level. The four: lack Brayboy, Teresa Collins, leanne Klein, and Paulette Redfern, all met the eligibility requirements and excelled in the areas judged assets in becoming a Morehead scholar. Nevertheless, jack, Teresa, Jeanne, and Paulette did not make the county cut and were eliminated from eligibility for the award. Although the scholarship was not awarded to one of our representatives, the student body at Garinger is still very proud to have had such outstanding and intellectual students representing our fine school. ward Greg Huskey received the Harvard Book Award on Honors and Awards Day last year. This was presented to him on behalf of the Harvard Club of Charlotte. This award is given to a rising male senior who accumulated an excellent academic record. The Harvard Book is a synopsis of literary works concerning Harvard and works by Harvard students. Greg Huskey Morehead, Harvard Awards X47 Harvard Book Gove1'nor's School Kay Simpson and Susie Maag Americans Abroad This summer two Garinger stu- dents had the opportunity to travel abroad under the foreign exchange program. These students were Donna Aycoth and Teresa Collins, who spent the summer in Denmark and France respectively. They were chosen after meeting requirements that included having a B average and at least two years of one foreign lan- guage to their credit. Among the girls' experiences dur- ing their nine week stay were exten- sive European travel, exploration of French and Danish night life, and an improbable reunion together in z France. A new perspective of their own We customs and morals and close rela- tionships with their "families" made f ' T . for a rewarding summer they will V Z A , A 4 xt f Q 3, K " f . 9' ' "fin ' ' "1' never forget. 'n. 1 Donna Aycoth 48 I Governor's School, Americans Abroad C-overnor's School is held in Winston-Salem for six weeks. This school is held for students from all over North Carolina for their abilities in academics or the arts. Two students, Susie Maag who studied mathema- tics, and Kay Simpson who par- ticipated in the choral music program, attended the '75 summer session. While there the students spent two thirds of their time in their chosen field. Susie took advanced classes in math con- cepts and Kay in choral music. Both girls took courses in psychology and in philosophy. The activities also included var- ious recreational activities. There were softball games, movies, dances and even a masquerade ball, for their en- joyment. Both girls agree that their summer at Governor's School was filled with many en- riching experiences that they will never forget. Teresa Collins Boys' State David Carter Bicentennial Minute N K" ':E""+" 5' me are - M: .V 5, ' -- - N N X? . by N X if X . N tk t Q ... .. . . W.. . ae , 'P , . .ia .- .M t F, S .kr Sandra Mills Sponsored by the American Legion, the Boys! State Award is given to a rising Senior male. David Carter was selected from Garinger to attend a week long session held at Wake Forest University. While there, David learned more about local and state gov- ernment. The boys were put into political situations, such as city planning and elections which they had to work out themselves. David reported: "You really do not have to be interested in politics to enjoy the experience." The Shell Oil Company this year sponsored a Bicentennial essay contest for high school seniors. The contestants were re- quired to write a bicentennial minute for possible use later on one of the television segments of the same name. The judges, who included a local television broadcaster, a Garinger English teacher and a student representative, had to observe factors such as specified time length and con- tent in their selections. Chosen from many worthy entries was Sandra Mills' essay. This successful minute con- cerned events at the Continen- tal Congress the month before the Declaration of Indepen- dence. Within a contest that was nation-wide - Sandra's winningentryprogressed tothe state level for competition. Boys' State, Bicentennial Minute X49 . . R., Rennsalaer, ewanee Awards Patty Cheek received the Sewanee and the Rensselaer awards in the spring of 1975. The Sewanee award is pre- sented by the Univerity of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. The award is given on the basis of exceptional demonstration of scholarship, citizenship, and character. The Rensselaer is awarded by Rensselaer Univer- sity in New York. Patty received this honor on the basis of her outstanding performances in mathematics and science. "Remember, remember always, that all of us -and you and I especially - are descended from immigrants and revolutionistsf' The D.A.R. award is given to the junior girl who shows the most leadership, patriotism, citizenship and dependability. It was presented to jill Gardner on Honors and Awards Day last spring. She was chosen by the girls in her Senior class. jill commented that she was very surprised and that it was a plea- sure to receive such an honor. She received a pin along with the certificate explaining the meaning of the award. President Fran klin Roosevelt The Daughters ofthe American Revolution recognize jill Gardner. 50 X D A.R,, Rennsalaer, Sewannee Awards Project ries has third successful ear fs... 'He QM At Aw vga H 'sofas I ww. w'f" H'"ts""sw',5lf'ts.'..N'.W'.N', Asst? 'swf A . 9 We-f, T f M-I A as s.. 1 .5 it I ,5,sfw-Q,3,.fff 531,91-. is .1 expat C, slow ,AKG Q ff ? ifggfi s'lf's'iffs'gff'e 'fs ' 'sc 'S A wma cg., ss t...c.i if 5 is R Q Front row-Stephina Ingram, Angela Harell, Sherry Wooten, Len Spencer, 2nd row- Norman Bussey, Chyrel Little, loyce Miller, Sandra Mills, Sheila Peters, Doris jackson, lerri Newkirk, Pauletta Cooper, 3rd row - joey Bennett, Donzell Leak, Malcolm Ivy, Wayne Strong, Schwester Brewer. Project Aries is a human relations or- ganization which involves the entire Char- lotte Mecklenburg School System. The ' program at Garinger consists of four task force members and seventeen associate members. These students are divided into three junior high schools in Garinger's feeder district. The three junior high schools that Garinger works with are Q. at Hawthorne, Eastway and Cochrane. I This past summer the Project Aries task 4 force members Barbara Bass, Sandra Ale- xander, Bobby Bennett, and Rayford Mc- Clain attended Millstone 4-H camp in EI- Ierbe, NC. The week spent at camp pro- vided them with the skills they needed to know to be able to help the junior high schools whenever they were called upon. They were trained by two members of Management Manpower Associates. The associate members were then trained at a workshop after school started. Several re- treats were held during the school year for more training and to discuss problems that arose within the different schools. Top to Bottom: Barbara Bass, Chairman, Sandra Alexander, Assistant Chai rmanp Bobby Bennett, Region I Coordinator. Project Aries X51 ational Merit Finalist Garinger senior Sandra Mills rep- resented the school as a semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Competi- tions. 15,000 students throughout the country were named as semi-finalists in this program. Sandra qualified for this position by scoring 1310 on her PSAT in 1974. The National Merit Scholarship is sponsored by various businesses and corporations. The scholarship is valued at S1,000, with the possible exception of four year scholarships to be given out by certain businesses. 11' 1. ,Q 52 i National Merit, Voice of Democracy Voice of Democracy The twenty-ninth annual Voice of Democracy contest was held this past year. Any student is eligible provided he is willing to present a speech on a given topic to a panel of judges. This year's topic was "What Our Bicentennial Means To Me". Senior Sylvester Brooks won the competition by presenting the idea that we must not dwell on the past but rather look towards the future for a greater America. Second place was taken by Cyndi Pre- vette who described the contest as an ef- fective spirit that exists within the younger generation. Ga1'inger's Foreign tudents This past year Garinger did not formally par- ticipate in the traditional foreign exchange program. Yet, as if to supplement this lack, C-aringer was host to four foreign students. These students were lda Pintor, Barbara Rothenbuhler, Un lu Song, and Thomas Tomzak. Only lda Pintor, who came from Chile, actually participated in an exchange program. She stayed at Garinger for only a few days, then transferred to Bennettsville, S.C. Barbara Rothenbuhler is a native of Swit- zerland. There she had completed her secon- dary education but had to wait until she was 18 to begin training in her chosen occupation. Consequently, she decided to come to the U- nited States to study. Barbara noted that American schools were much easier than the European ones she attended. This was the general concensus of all the students. Un lu Song from Korea noted that American math courses were not as extensive as those in Korea. Un lu immigrated to the United States for other educational reasons and is now living with her two sisters. Thomas Tomzak first came to the United States from Germany as a tourist. He liked the States well enough to move in with his uncle for a year to attend American schools. Thomas says that so far, he still likes it here but cites age requirements for certain recreational ac- tivities as a definite negative point. When these students return to their lands, let us hope we have helped to make their stay enriching. Jeanne Klein President of WDNA The 75-76 president of the Western District of the North Carolina Association of Student Councils was none other than Garinger's own leanne Klein. She achieved this by being chosen by dele- gates of the Western District Conference. While president, she represented 100 schools from 32 counties on the NCASC state board and at a convention in Atlanta during the summer. ln summing up her experience Jeanne said that it had been a lot of responsibility, but she learned much about people and the workings of other student councils. -W.-aww 2. f , y. 1. ggy. ,, tm 1-fe. , .4 ,gm rm., .f - 5. . f .," k?. re 4-1. ., f 2 L ff: I 4 W 2 . AS 5 WY . are , 4 Q 4, , . je .nm,.5f 'Viv Foreign Students, WDNASC ! 53 Boostin chool pirit gg, an 43, . iz ' 2 kj' ai r -M! ,',. ia 16 :mmf f fi gf, by ZV' T 'ww ' ..,.., g J X w ,, ,rf 1 Q ,I , , ga gf W, gr' W as ,L .1 A Q Q A Zgi pam' ,T EL ,I V jg The school spirit during the athletic seasons was boosted by the aid of our pep rallies. The cheerleaders, lettergirls, and the pep band combined their efforts to present an atmosphere of booming spirit. Cheers and performed skits led up to the introduction of the various teams to the student body. The varsity basketball team performed at one pep rally giving the students a preview of what was to come. Each pep rally was closed by the singing of our alma mater which always left the students feeling proud to be a part of Garinger. 54 X Pep rallies Cronkite peaks At Convocation l 5 ai' t . I-r: Will Parks, Walter Cronkite, and Beth Rodgers. The 1975 WBTV High School Convocation was held November 8 in Ovens Auditorium. T This year's speaker was CBS news commentator, Walter 1 T lrt 1 Cronkite. In his speech Mr. Cronkite challenged his audi- 5 ence to get involved in a revolution in which each young American is destined to play a part. His message dealt primarily with this revolution which he sees occurring in America today. According to him this revo- lution is "caused by man's aspirations, hope, dreams, and his chances of achieving them". After his talk Mr. Cronkite answered questions presented ' to him by a specially selected student panel. Three of the six panel members were Garinger students. They were jeanne Klein, Will Parks, Beth Rogers. There was also a selected group of Charlotte Mecklenburg students who attended a luncheon and a seminar with Mr. Cronkite. After saying that "we are standing on the brink of a pro- found change, we are faced with such a list of problems, . . Mr. Cronkite left the audience with the thought, "you are going to make things work". Tv Q 2 , Cronkite Convocation X 55 Homecoming Homecoming week, September 29 through October 4, featured numerous activities for the student body. Spirit chains were sold in homeroom for five cents a link. Homerooms with the longest chains were recognized Friday at the pep rally. The Miss Black and Blue pageant was a part of the week's celebration. A homecoming dance was held on Friday night. Garinger clubs created a variety of banners supporting their school for homecoming. All were displayed at Memorial Stadium for the game, along with the spirit chains. Gail Baucom was named Garinger's homecoming queen for 1975-76 by the senior members of the football team. Other members of the court were Mar- garet Hardin, sponsoring Robin Paul and escorted by Raeford Kirkpatrick, Bronwyn Poplin, sponsoring johnny Green and escorted by Timmy Lowery and Sherry Winchester, sponsoring and escorted by Doug Riley. f fffgmamh at :awww .f W, Wwwfmawa J ' xi, ,fe f f L- in A Z., ,V , www 5 ft' fav Gail Baucom -- 1975 Homecoming Queen. 56 X Homecoming Gail Baucom escorted by Rick Mulkie. Margaret Hardin escorted by Raeford Kirkpatric ,y 2' has Bronwyn Poplin escorted by Timmy Lowery. Sherry Winchester escorted by Doug Riley. s .A JM Lv Mr. and Miss Garinger 58 X Mr. and Miss Caringer Chip Saunders 61 jill Gardner 17 U I ,. T i Q P 5 x fs - 1:1 2 1 'Q ' . P X. 4 E 'lx f' Iggy! T K XM wg M Q T xxx? M 5 .. mi' , --" MOST LIKELY TO SLICCEED Greg Huskey 6' Sandra Mills g 'Ez 3 1 I 3 2 f wg 0, , Q M TiE4EsZ,1 Z ' 5: I L 1 f 1 ' , V W '- .4,i Q., 2 f, ' , , 1 i ' F-vfwf' " , .Wx , 'Z , L , ,' " " J ff' f ' f'- . f V , V.. ,A In as M ' ' Q ' Q 1' ' ff V M A I . N YN , vw. 4, ' 1 xy Q K W y,x ,'q2giY,i'f"ff79 1 ,1 .5 5 .V E Qwrljevn iw1rt'i"""'l 1. wk 'v - ,Al-' . 2 . ,A Q. - 4. eff' -Vg v aw. , ,4:" A . ' -V - W -4 :V , f' , A, fu ,, Qt ' 'HA 1525 VH.. ' '94 gg, L . . Q N l 1 , ..-1+ 'ef 1, '. 4 3 'Wt 559,751 fb . 5. 'Q ' '. L f H f .J ' ' --4 " ,A gf -,V wg? " 0 , , , ,, ,ww " ' W eww I M 'V Y 1' , -M, ' ef . L51 ,Lv N 5' 71" I M , . ,, L U. , QM ,s J Nut: U 0QA,.,,wIn yn 4 LINSLING HERO AND HEROINE MOST ATHLETIC Ned Yates 8 Beth Rodgers Stan Cunningham 8 Teri Frye Senior Superlatives X59 BEST DRESSED George Fulwood 6' Lynne Ballard 60 !Senior Superlatives -vm.. , 'dir . -Q BEST LOOKING jack Brdyboy 65' Sherry Winchester BIGGEST HEARTBREAKER Buddy Owens 6' jill Gardner 1 g ,ix in 2, 5 za Hz J 1 f . Q fa 1 X we X4 5 A "1. Q9 , Wx if J ang: , 4 'Eff' U ' 'sf 5 K 1 WITTIEST Larry Economos 8 Trilby Alford INDIVIDUALISTS Charles Newbold 8 Barbara Mortimer ,a MJN, aff'-,::..r at 0 ,yn xx r i 'W .-.Q lk! Q4 na na -1 1 wk 1 'ax .K if MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Scott Smith 6' Barbara Bass Senior Superlatives X 61 if Q ,,, aaa, iz ww? K Jfwf-7 f- N ,A if - i'y 2 1 : .,,, If KJ .. ff fi .L it 'F f 'T i "lii:?ifV,f1,f"fQgkirfffkib2 A '3'i"5'15'i i I-, i,434,:a4,,afr,, AV. 23 M if rift , 1 M tiff, j 2' Qui L7A1Eg1, fi Agggff, ilKl,L':ffgwGZ.x:'gJN QL, iw: 1 X' "C L 'V VY if? 14, N ,wwgflgaff My my ,VV, MW I ay , Sid Cunningham 63 Valerie Brown Cyndi Prevette 6' Rusty Gardner Bronwyn Poplin 6' Chip Saunders . I '2"'- i'5LQi'2'l! 14 V., ,. r. A ,Lv at C.: My-o an ,Zia-'ififi'f'a'r'tg,m .ii'Q",,41:fM 'rw mf 3 -. Ai Wd? r.y,:hY?'.P'Q it ,M .I ,ACM YJ Jam' I I -, 5 N bhp Q ' gy, ,.Mff!.i,:V lla., I f Q muon A -5 ZQMA, .sv ir A 'Q " '- Y., f ' "" . Y N -v ,, "Za V," '.', " 4, nw .M , P ,. lar, V.:1 'j,f,g 1 i ,W M f . , , ,'aaw'x 'rlY,: ,yu 1' v 'fl " f ,iw ,V W w .a i W. aa:,,.Xa.,X? an w U, . I - Wk Q . if ' ag.. af M, Q,-W, f '-3,,WQA,L,Q.v,,,L f, gf, , "f fwfy-.A i ff W W -fy tw M. we U- ,Q W i. V.-M - -Y W ,, 'iimsgjhq "if iff f if Y? Mitzi' li ' asf, if ' ' f fi'f'7""'-?"A , '95:.fl.5ffr Q i it 33J'5'J ff .i , .z ,ft if i 1 I 'J Why? by-,QQ am. ,f , ,qi 91. . I H.,!aLl,J , My ,V 11,5 i f' X. .,f"?-1 ,QM ,shin Q7 4, .1 4 , fiii ff - .m5,,g,iv'A',x4My,Q,ms i 7752 A-"'t' 'af-G 1' .iff"""v-ff- , ,, W ,,,gg,y nf ' , 'QW' A , 4 w ' W 1.77. 'Q 7.7 .ou A I w-.j,ff3'l',z7, I im-at -A :qw 3 .. 65' -,,ww,fE,. A, wtf' w hr 00' .04 iff, inf' , Zff+4'?3:+T1'.'0f Yr wav, .. ff" , xp, ldsummer Nlght s Dream By William Shakespeare ln February, the drama department produced the Shakespearean comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" under the direction of Bill Kinsey. The performance was a product of hard work and determination ofthe ac- tors. The members presented the play with such a capacity that they not only showed their capabilities of fine per- formances but also gained the admira- tion and respect of their peers. The success of the play along with its brilliance makes Garinger proud to have such a creative drama department. Playing the part of Nick Bottom, the weaver, Tim Gill showed great llman Brothers Judge Beauties 'st' ff faux as Ni: E is-V' The Allman Brothers Band con- Senior Superlative Beauty: Sophomore Class Beauties: sented to judge Garinger's class lillAnn Gardner Sheila Williams beauties this year. Of all their many Senior Class Beauties: loni Dunn recordings, the one that brought Sherry Winchester them the most acclaim was "Win, Lisa Alexander Lose, or Draw". junior Class Beauties: The Allman Brothers Band gave a Len Spencer performance on january 18 at the Lucia Core Charlotte Coliseum. The show was well attended and performed. The Allman Brothers decisions as to Garinger's class beauties are as fol- lows: 5 43 ! My . . , N I m Z f' . .,, , v? 2 Q , L . emor Superlaiive Beauty Miss Qin Ann Qardner Senior Beauty Miss Snerry Wincnester .if fj,,fQ, 66 X Sen is , Senior Beauty Miss Eisa Alexander Qunior Beauty Miss Ken Spencer Mi AN,,,4!"'l'm 5 I Qi s Qunior Beauty Miss ffueia Core 68 f Soph SopHomore Beauty Miss Sfieili williiims 'CJ ,X in 'iii A, SopHomore Beauty Miss Qoni Dunn Class Beauty Finalists Sophomore Sophomore Annette Brown Liz james SX Q 1 W L X 4,1 junior junior junior Tammy Lowery Kathy McKeown Kim McCorkIe fi' 'S Senior Senior Senior Paige Hudspeth Chyrel Little Carol Webb Be t 69 l V ,IN , ' -L T His ai ., A 'th 'ix . M, , ,. g its tl i i! J' ii S Jill Gardner is Carrousel Princess 70 X Carrousel Princess jill Gardner was selected as Garinger's 1975 Carrousel Prin- cess by the senior class. She represented Garinger in the an- nual Carrousel Christmas parade. Princesses are chosen from many area high schools and participate in a number of ac- tivities. The primary goal of each princess is to achieve the honor of serving as Queen of the Carrousel Parade. The selection is made on the basis of grace, poise, and beauty. jill noted that one of her most humorous moments as prin- cess came when her crown fell off while laughing hysterically during a formal banquet. She described her experience of being princess as "a riot". L T a Helen Pauls IS , . crowned 19 6 Valentine Queen Helen Pauls was crowned the Rambler's 1976 Val- entine Queen during halftime of the Garinger- North basketball game, Friday, February 13. She re- ceived a bouquet of red roses and a box of Valentine candy. The court consisted of seniors, Susie Cable and Sheila Smith, juniors, Margaree Hill and Debbie Mar- ttl , ting sophomores, Rhonda McKnight and Lorna Smith. They received a single red rose. This marked the seventh annual crowning of a Val- entine Queen bythe Rambler staff. In their selection the Rambler staff took into consideration the girls' personality, beauty, and honors and awards they had received. Kneeling: Susie Cable, standing: Lorna Smith, Debbie Martin, Margaree Hill, Rhonda McKnight, Sheila Smith. K The total person IS Involved not only In what Either alone or united with others he discov- ers hls frontiers and proves that he has be- gl. 3 .Vkk, 1? . a i fqmx - wg! -. . -.e QF PM N iagi--e'i:S:9:?1: W. 3 S 5 K N 'sk Y Q. Sf get f ff? ' milf E sg . X , xg A ,mmtc ,, wwfix, ,, Q QSM . K :,:. . , " i . , Q-lf.. A A W EV M V V :fi 5 , i f .. x, . W 4 X fm W X 3 QW M 1 Wx 93? ? ?flf"fi f""fl ?'i??ll?'4l Despite all the break-ins the an- nual room encountered, the staff managed to put together one of the best annuals ever. Five of the staffers and advisor, Ms. Grisdale, went to a workshop at Furman University for 5656 5656 5..6 5. 5.65656 one week during the summer. These people brought back many new ideas, especially for the bicentennial year. Some of the differences in the an- nual this year include: changing the color of the cover from the every year blue and gray to an old-timey beige, the senior section being in color for the first time, and the many hours spent on the headlines for the activities section, which involved cutting out and putting each letter in place with an exacto knife and ruler. There were four photographers assigned to the staff due to the great need of pictures. Sherry Winchester was placed in charge of photo- graphic equipment because of her knowledge and experience in the field of photography. The unfortunate sickness of editor, Debra Neville, put a lot of re- sponsibility on staff members and Ms. lean Grisdale. However, when Debra returned the staff was re- lieved to have her guidance and support once again. Investigation after break-in 74 !Snips and Cuts W ...f A W D 1 Ms. lean Grisdale receives sur- 4 Va rise for Christmas from th , Emma' Staff e Debra Neville, Editor -98" fic at ,Sis D if Dawn Bost, Introduction and Barbara Bass, Business Manager Copy Edit0r Photographers: Dean Dugger and David Poblet Sherry Winchester and Philip Martin tv: P Faculty and Copy Editors: Sandra Mills and Susan Head ' 1 ,, H " f "' , i A,A,aa My :- P ,,,- it gr gl AMW " ,W ,., ,. ,.? , S? Student Life: Cindy Speight and Chyrel Little v. Sports: Susan Prendergast and Sheila Peters Activities: janet Oakley, Denise Wood and Sheri Bodack Snips and Cuts X 75 V , ' ' , 43 , ss., . ffhiuw Seniors: Vickie Horne and Lynne Ballard juniors: Carolyn Forsyth Sophomores: Carol Kent and 35:- Dorry Kirby av ,-sw. .. if fT N, gf ll 1 L H Front Row: Sherry Winchesterg 2nd Row: Dawne Bost, 3rd ROW5 DOVVY KlfbYf Vickie Horne, Sheila PBIGVS, David Denise Wood, Cindy Speighf, Carolyn Forsyth, Debra Poblet, Sheri Bodack, Carol Kent, Cheryl Little, Phillip Mar- Neville, Sandra Mills, Susan Prendergast, Lynne Ballard: llnf Barbara Bass, Dean Duggerf Susan Head, lanel Oakl9Y- 76 !Snips and Cuts l is-W r UN I l if .44-lim v rg- , ,ff X Yi ,1 K V "Under the Willow Tree" officers, Front row: Elaine Christensen, Patty Cheek, editor, Second row: Susie Maag Garinger's literary magazine, "Under the Willow Tree", brought us another great year of poems, literature and art. This magazine was organized to give students a chance to see their own work published. All students are en- couraged to submit samples of their poetry, literature or art, and the staff publishes those chosen that show real talent. During the year, "Under the Willow Tree", a nonprofit organization, held a successful drive in order to give all the students a chance to purchase the magazine. A new aspect of the organi- zation this year was a monthly poster. This "poster of the month" was a selec- tion from previous copies of "Under the Willow Tree" with illustrations. This kept the club in contact with the students. The students of Garinger look for- ward to another successful magazine next year. we . Front row: james Campbell, Ginny Walters, Susan Larson, Margie Reeder, Third row: Susie Maag, Grover Flood, Patricia Dawne Bost, Cindy Speight, Susan Owens, Chris Kroboth, War- Brown, Phillip Poe, Reginald Ware, Margaret Hill, Mike HOFBV1, ren Gill, Second row: Sharon Beatty, Sally Stone, Faye Mitchell, Patti' Cheek Under the Willow Tree X 77 R E fll 9 rwwwwf' YZ, 'W'- "wr-.. Sitting: john Holloway, Cheryl McCullough, Susie Maagp Standing: Cindy Williams, jody jones. In a newsbreaking year, the young but award Z winning Rambler staff strove to broaden press coverage and provide indepth insight into a diver- 1 sity of events. One Rambler article critically inves- E tigated the controversial finance system at E Garinger. Another exposed the dangerously high L level of student alcohol abuse. The People In Ac- tion column focused an intense look into problem areas of national interest such as Appalachian re- . newal, spreading hunger and the hotly debated is- K sues behind the damming of North Carolina's New River. Backed by the photography of Greg Porter, and Ginny Walters, and the art work of jody jones, editors Susie Maag, Cheryl McCullough and Bobby Bennett managed the staff's articles as they broke. Officers: Susie Maag, Bobby Bennett, Cheryl McCullough. fp -..Q nw, 0 Q ,W ,, V ff - ,1 N if W , V f- rm ,gg Q 'I-2, ,il 2 Q , t T W Q or 0 3 in .Ji .' 1 J 11 H222 f H I The editors consistently depended upon the fresh, accurate and extensive reporting of Linda Martin, Susan Larsen, Gale Barber, john Holloway, and Sally Stone. The staff's finances and advertising were controlled by second year staffer, Cyndy Wil- liams. Faced with a majority of new staffers, Ms. Marie Lewis, fa former Rambler editor, herselfj shaped the Rambler staff with experience, skill and pa- tience. ,, 3' mnw""""" M AX if iii: ' 081' 11711 .--,,1,, , ,ell 2 Huw Vi.. +G, ,.-.wiv ,, ,G l.i4,l, Elnrrmaliuuul ifiinnnmrp Sunny thrikigli Sfhnnl Elnumalims 1.4.4 ,pu 466 Ms. Marie Lewis, Advisor 70 Hll ffl 'MW' M ? E E 0 R Sally Stone, Linda Martin, B bby Benn tt, Ginny Walters, Gail Barber, Greg Porter R mbler Staff 79 EXIECLU ll ll W E Kneeling: Sylvester Brooks, Chip Saunders. Standing: Bobby Bennett, Bronwyn Poplin, Mike Allen, jeanne Klein, jack Brayboy, George Fulwood. Sitting: jeff johnson. Ms. Abell -Advisor ,wM,,,,t,,4h MJMM ' Mew 2 , W WZ? Chip Saunders Sylvester Brooks Bronwyn Poplin Bobby Bennett leanne Klein George Fulwood jeff johnson K ,fsgau-.A Kneeling: jack Brayboy, George Fulwood, Bronwyn Poplin, jeanne Klein, Chip Saunders, Sylvester Brooks, jeff johnson, Bobby Bennett, Mike Allen, Second Row: Ellen Henderson, P. j. Henderson, Stacy McCullough, Barbara Bass, Gary Slade, john Green, Audrey Morse, Gail Baucom, Ned Yates, Third Row: Teresa Green, Susie Maag, Patty Cheek, Cathy Crumpler, Van Smith, Carol Farnsworth, joni Dunn, Donna Tarleton, Kim Diehl, Fourth Row: Carolyn Forsyth, Debbie Martin, Debbie Bunn, Pattie Davis, Carol Lyon, Chris Kroboth, Vickie Reynolds, William Fragakis, Fifth Row: Cindy Earle, Beth Davis, Sarah Ruth, Lyn Steverson, Melodie Stacker, Paula Maynard, The student council sponsored many assemblies throughout the year. , j :,, me ' , if 4,-gmm, I I 'egg sggg. ,,.ttty g V I fc y eese ,gg C Stephanie Ingram, Cindy Prevette, Susie Cable, Wanda Cox, Sixth Row: Lydia Sykes, Theodore Charity, Candy B. Stone, Wanda Carbaugh, Sheila Williams, Rhonda McKnight, julia Stanly, Sidney Cunningham, Debra Neville, Tanya Davis, Seventh Row: Gregg Porter, Cheryl Smith, David Carter, Cathy Owen, Lorna Smith, Dina Smith, Mark Asbury, Diane Garrison, Gwen Frazier, Debbie Pierce, june Wilson, Sherry Cude, Kevin Hamphill, Eighth Row: john Lindsey, Larry Economos, Eddie Griggs, Susan Nicholson, Bruce Strickland, Chip Helms, Ben Alexander, jack Cathey, Alan Sizemore. The Executive Committee this year got an early start in working out activities for the 1975-76 school year. The Student Council gave a luncheon for the faculty and ad- ministration for their understanding and cooperation that was given through the years. The activities sponsored by this commit- tee for the year 1975-76 were Miss Black 84 Blue, Big Brothers and Sisters program to welcome sophomores, Homecoming Dance, a Halloween party for the students at the center for human development, homeroom spirit chain competition, a con- cert, and assemblies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, all of which took careful planning and hard work. What made this committee one of the best Garinger has had is a combination of experience, deter- mination, and cooperation. Supplying the guidance needed in the Student Council and the Executive Commit- tee was Miss Nan Abell. W-no-M-.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fb-. my S .in - J .E E. ja t FN Cs! frm M M Q if L Mike Allen j I vw, GAG ww vw ,ff vw wx Front Row: P. 1. Henderson, lody Iones, Susie Maag, Waldney Angelo, Francisco Coello, janet Levine, Lois jones, Lynda Smith, Belinda Rockman, Second Row: Ellen Henderson, Teresa Ozmore, Susan Prendergast, Shelly Beaver, Sheila Sherron, Pam Rumph, Susan Markley, Sherry Taylor, Third Row: Sandy Campbell, Carolyn Gantt, Susan Gantt, Bill Brown, Terri Simmons, Mitzi Gathings, Wanda Car- baugh, Mona Riley, Paulette Redfearn, Fourth Row: Cheryl Wilson, Billy rl Q ..,,. ,. . .ts. ""' frf S- G . l at s ,Q is ssriss Q Qs--- -'--Q-v' 3 The Spanish Club consisted of ' iii "'1 5 'iii 25352.-. . . - , , , , - 1 ,,,, . - SJ r Studems Interested .Hi ,bel ng .l n ,QQ S volved in different activities relating LQ N -- r 'i-L ' ' . to the life styles of the Spanish iiti ii People- Thel' wok Part in 3 Chf'5l' if S S S mas party for the third graders at ii 1 iiss Winterfield Elementary School. They L sang Christmas songs in Spanish, Gardner, David Mills, Gail Cooke, Carla Hedrick, Sandra Mills, Cheryl Davis, Nancy Waller, Mary Kelly, Fifth Row: Billy Binkley, lan Burris, Donna Pritchard, Donna Lee, Kim Fowler, Mimi Curlee, Pattie Davis, Mimi Smith, Billy Johnston, Criss Langford, Sixth Row: George Tatsis, Bruce Strickland, Doug Barkley, Pete Davis, Wagner Angelo, Phil Poe, Kevin McDaniel, Billy Plott, Dean McDaniel, Ms. Schliestett. TTTBDIS. 3- Spanish club enjoys pinata at Christmas time. 51 82 X Spanish Club hung pinatas, and enjoyed refresh- The Spanish Club met several times during the year to enjoy a de- licious night of Tacos at Pedros. The club, under the guidance of Ms. Schliestett, was very successful. Ms. Schliestett, Advisor Kneeling: David Carter, Debbie Bunn. Stand- N ing: Kevin Holmes, Cathy Bogle, Cooper Hancock. is Q 'Rini '- This year Garinger's French and German clubs combined and formed a new club: The Franco-Prussians. The members of this club are all Fench and German students who wish to participate in extra- X curricular French and German activities. A few of the events which the club participated in this year were a foreign festival, a love feast, ' a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia, and they took part in the First An- L nual Kite Flying Championship. The club was under the guidance of Ms. Hall and Mr. Vaughan, and the Grand Potentate was Fraulein Cathy Bogle. The lucky mas- cots this year for the French students were crepe suzettes, and for J the German students it was schweinwurst. 5 .il H ,Gif l Ms. Hall and Mr. Vaughan -Advisors. 550741 if H I "Such a lovely group" Franco - Prussian Club X83 EC 1, QC T Ji 565 ,L li Le rf it Page -,. LQ, se. Paulette Redfern, Treasurer. Officers: Pam Rion, Vice-President, Cheryl Smith, President, Susan Wentz, Secretary its ,fha s v' Sitting, Front Row: Bronwyn Poplin, Kim Metcalf, Pam Rion, Paulette Edie Wagnon, Susan Wentz, Sabrina jenkins, Mary Sain, Cheryl Smith Redfernp Second Row: lan Foster, Becky Norton, Third Row: Armin Kim Lamon, Paula Carter, Ronnie Morris, Gwen Rose, Ms. Robinson Wrape, Terry Grooms, David McCullough, Wanda Tyndall, Standing: Bible Il is a continuation of Bible I. In Bible I the first five books of the Bible and the four Gospels teaching the life of Christ are studied. Bible l provides a strong background for Bible Il. " Bible Il is the year of further study of the Qld and New Testaments. The Psalms, Proverbs, and many of the books of the Prophets are taught. The letters to the newly formed churches of different cities in- cluding Romans, Acts, and Ephesians are read and analyzed during 2nd semester. Bible ll is used to give the members of the class an opportunity to have a more in-depth study and understanding of the word of God. It is a course in which every person gains some degree of personal de- velopment and spiritual growth. Ms. janet Robinson first started teaching Bible at Central High School 40 years ago. She said she has enjoyed teaching these past few years more than ever. 84 !Bible ll ,gif YD. 3 .2 ,S if in -as G , 55 ff if ,Q S ,fr .. ' Q., l'l Sf -. it J' W fi f iifg -- ff N X'-'Q f 1-'FT All img? Clk lLll lf? fix. .X Officers: Nancy lerrell, Alan Sizemore, jan Stack. TX The members of the Ciaringer Club, a service club only in its second year, consider school pride one of the most important parts of student life. They there- fore organized themselves in order to beautify the school, so that the entire student body would be proud of it. This club is open to all in- terested sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Although the club has been rather small in the past it has made great improvements for the school. This year's main activity of the Garinger Club was restoring the fountain andthe clock. Under the guidance of Mrs. Hawn, the Caringer Club has proven that it is a fast growing club that's planning on making even more "cat tracks" next year. Kneeling: Susan Harris, Lisa Werner, Linda Spurrier. Second Row: Miss Houser, Bill Fullam, Alan Sizemore, Laura Fullam, Linda Martin, Nancy Brunnemer, Angela Sigmon, Annette Huggins, Cathy Marsh, lane lerrell. Saadeh, Ian Stack. Third Row: Ann Saadeh, Wendy Brooks, Sandra Caringer Club X 85 W ...T One of the many organizations which helped boost school spirit this past year was the Wildcat Club. They did this through nonprofit sales and by school participation. One of the many items they sold to boost spirit was the "ever-boosting" booster badges. During the football and basketball seasons students were able to purchase these badges through their homerooms. These badges helped the athletes know that their fellow students were 100'M1 behind them. Football and basketball buttons were also sold during these seasons. The buttons, loved by the students, showed our oppo- nents how we "back the cats." During the year the club sold Garinger license plates and wildcat T-shirts. The members also sponsored the buses to the away games, and made posters for all athle- i tic events. l Under the guidance of Ms. Bennett and l ladder to success. l i i L A nn. the pregidengy gf Barbara Bags, Garinggl-'5 Seniors: Standing - Debbie Honeycutt, Cathy johnson, Kelly Hinton, loyce Loftis, Linda - - - Smith, Susan Hatley, Bronwyn Poplin, Barbara Bass, Lynne Ballard, Betty Galloway. Sides W'ldCat Club' Once agaln' Cllmbed up the Anita Henderson, ludy Grice, Sandra Mills, Alan Sizemore. Top - Lynda Sloop, Paula Car ter, Don Gaskey, Denise Wood, Pattie Davis, Paulette Redfearn, Debbie Ferguson. WWYIY are ii sz if gs , juniors, Standing - Kerry McCloskey, Lorie Broach, Greg Porter Debbie Bunn, Kathy McKeown. Sides - Kim Shuford, Susan Prenderl gast. Top- Alison Ridge, Sherry Pressley, Kathy Ross, Candy Stone. 7 ff a t nth., ,, , . 9 1 c TH s T' y - H9 Y 1 vlilzcan' Y l 'gk c " ' Q 'A . 4 Q. M ng f""" X "T" A aS5 t ' Wiarf A S sf W bw fi? ' i 553 lure V 44 ,www 1, M in w , 'Kit A , H3-:. ,Ml- f W f igmzif Z if 1 Ji X? W M ,, ,, 1 ' 1' WI, ,,,,kg --wgf QW ,"" fl , M V1 nam, 'Www 1, gi 'Qwfk ' Wai' ' . M7' f Y ,Q ,, !' o r , f . , a g,,ff?M4g,, is A.. A vw' My , ., ,ff 9' ff Q- L sf! Q 2 Q I Q 3 a x I L4 WMM 9 .i4!!!!!!u A 5 4.7 1.1 V FW av B8 X Ecology Club With today's polluted environment and apathy it is a great relief to know that there are still people around who care about their environment. Some of these people make up Garinger's Ecology Club. Their main pur- pose as an organization is to become aware of the fact that we must conserve in our en- vironment. The club is open to students in all grades interested in ecology. This year Garinger's Ecology Club, under the leadership of Max Henderson and gui- dance of Mr. Dixon, improved our environ- ment in many different ways. They took up an aluminum collection, and provided re- turnable bottles for all of Garinger's soft drink machines. One of their main activities was helping to run the recycling center lo- cated across the street from Garinger. The recycling center is used for glass, cans, paper and metal. G 56, H sf' iii iv T18 tl Q ev 3 5' 6 gi Q x,Q'.,-, R, tai' 6 3 h Q sfflfv Ecology Club Officers: Kneeling - Susan Hayley, Eddie Griggs. Standing - Billy Clements, Max Henderson, Larry Economos. 3 l . -3 1' ,135 XJ Front Row - Ricky Price, Linda Smith, Eddie Griggs, Chris Hall, Greg Kistler, Billy Clements, Glenn johnson, Larry Economos. Second Row - Mr. Dixon, Susan Hatley, Bill Brown, Becky Ma- ' I son, Wade Beard, Andy Martin, Lynda Sloop, Max Henderson. Third Row - Danny Yiottis, Phil Biles, Frank Owens, Greg Hus- key, Bob Patterson, Mark Dixon. K . ' ff .t 34 Q 1 i T3 . Interact, a service club exclusively for young men, was led by Ned Yates this year. Although the club was on shakey ground for awhile at the beginning of the year, the club came through in the end. They supported school spirit by painting posters for athletic events which backed the 'Cats. Also, the club members sold Garinger pennants, and during the year the club had an Ugly Man on campus contest. This year the lucky sweethearts were leanne Klein, Gail Baucom, and Sherry Cude, and the advisor was Mr. Rogers. rs nc V l vi-ff, ,w ' REMINDS YOu camera Pins Q THURSDAY HT 50l4Tl-l fllc llll "'i , 'i't H S glwflg' 5 Officers: Standing, Ned Yates, Andy Martin. Sitting, jeanne num arirafa Y rrr' Klein, jghnny Lindsay, Chip Helms. Front Row: Patrick Henderson, David Mills, Kevin McKnight, Billy Gard- Mark Harris, lohnny Lindsay, Sherry Cude, Doug Gullett, leanne Klein, ner, Andy Martin, Francisco Cuellop Second Row: Ned Yates, Scott Brick Smith, lohn Bedran, Gail B2lUCOm, Carl Herring, Wagner Angelo, Beddingham, Hector Venegas, Windy Kiser, Scott Smith, Scobey Sud- Chip Helm5, MV- ROEGVS- dreth, Van Smith, Billy Brock, loe Headen. Third Row: jimmy Nosser, Interact X89 c LP 1 V . - , 19 " .2 9 Q- ' " 5: J JJ X Q? MMJ ' .' Y V ,ag Officers: lohn Holloway, Treasurer, lack Cathey, President, Sherry Winchester, Charlie Bridges, Vice President, Bryant Mende, Secretary. 5l'e""Y Wlmhesfeff Sweetheart Seniors: Charlie Bridges, Eddie Griggs, jack Cathey, Charles Newbold This year Garinger's Key Club was as wild and success- ful as ever. They held their annual kapers and band nights, as well as being just naturally "crazy". Other services to the school included being responsi- ble for and running the concessions and ticket booth at all of the home functions and for extended day school. It wasn't hard to find a Key club sewice this past year at football games because it was sitting on every lettergirl's 90 X Key Club and cheerleader's shoulder. lt was the corsages that were provided with a red rose or two every now and then for a "special" girl. As money-making projects, the Key club sponsored the toboggan, bumper-sticker, and booster badge sales. The Key club is open to all men at Ciaringer wishing to be members. The applicants are voted on by current members of the club. x 4 Wi' S juniors: Sammy Shapiro, jeff johnson, Brian Westmoreland, Billy Calvert, William Fragakis Mr. Reed Hilderbrand, Advisor 'N' QQ, Sophomores: Tony Powers, Chris Pourlos, Dennis Henley, Glenn Ball, Bruce Joiner, Wayne Clark 'Q All 'fn ,hi rf Af ruler ,fl "-. Nl WEY X Xxc L U 6,1 l X 2 1 l N l xx ill ,, Key Club X91 Q M., I 'L "". fwirftlf g irimbqvwzl -. l A W, . E'? The Keyettes, the sister club of the Key club, is a service club of the school and community. They serve the school by improving the school and its spirit, and they serve the community by devoting their time and energy toward im- proving the world in which they live. They served Garinger this year in many ways. They began with their annual teacher's tea. This was given at the beginning of the year during a teachers' workday. The girls provided the teachers with refreshments in order to make their workday a little more enjoyable. Also, they gave a Halloween party for the children at Presbyterian Hospital. They decorated all of the children's rooms and gave each of them their own personal jack o' lantern. Dur- ing Thanksgiving and Christmas they had another party Front Row: janet Lloyd, Jody jones, Susie Maag, Susan Hatley, Dawne Bost, Noel Petrea. Second Row: Teresa Rorie, Dorry Kirby, Sandy McGuire, Sarah Ruth, judy Grice, Ms. Hernandez, Sharon O'Neill, Patty 92 !Keyettes ,,,, . c,,,c, .M ,,,,, ,s,, . . 3 MAKE A HELD Participate In Kggetrte . g , . , A llil "' ' :TGI for needy children, and also went Christmas caroling. The Keyettes also helped to boost school spirit by sponsoring the soccer team. They supported them throughout the entire season and held a soccer banquet at the end. They boosted school spirit by selling bumper stickers and Garinger buttons. Through these sales one may now see "Caringer Spirit" on cars and lapels where- ever one goes. As another money-making project they sold candy to all of the starving students. Under a new advisor this year, Ms. Hernandez, they had a very successful year and plan on many more in the future. Cheek, Leslie Eudy. Third Row: Lynn Haislip, Anita Henderson, Patricia Furr, Cindy Allen, David Hands, David McNair, Ellen Eurey, Charlie Bridges, Melodie Stacker, Leslie Fortner, Janet Martin. 4 Saw Kneeling: Gail Cooke, Paula Maynard: Standing: Wendy Horne, Carol Austin, Beth Davis, Elaine Christensen, Terry Grooms, lane Saadeh, Nancy lerrell, Debbie Bunn. Sitting: Debbie Pearce, loyce Loftis, Lucy 'L W ,msg Ms. Hernandez - Advisor. Catlin, janet Levine, Cathy Crumpler, Lyn Steverson, Mary Kelly, Linda Martin, Teresa Collins, Kathy Marsh. Officers: Ellen Eurey, lanet Martin, Melody Stacker, Leslie Fortner , i av -:Sf fc Y 5 VN B4 fx x X 1 ' N l 1 llxa l - F 5 - a Rf fb ,Lf Front Row: Kitty Petris, Terry Frye, Chris Kroboth, Susan Wentz, Alan Williams, Second Row: Cheryl Smith, Barbara Starnes, Teresa Bonti, Christine Karnazes, Ann Summers, Third Row: Miss Potts, ludith This year Centrusa had a very successful year. Their main objective was to serve the school and the communi- ty. They did this in many ways. The girls started the year off by entering the "spirit week" poster contest for the homecoming game and leav- ing with first prize. The poster illustrated how the 'Cats were going to "Stomp Those Mangy Mustangs". Centrusa also sponsored the basketball team and pro- vided posters for all of the games. As in the past years, they also gave the team a banquet at the end of the sea- son. Another service to the school was cleaning the trophy cases in the 300 84 200 buildings. Also this year they had their annual "powder-pufff' football game against GCS in the fall. Although they came in second once again, the girls all agreed it was great fun. They also planned a "donkey basketball" game for the spring, to replace their annual basketball game and to provide enjoyment for everyone. During the holidays the girls tried to make the season seem brighter for those less fortunate. For Halloween they gave a party for children at a nursery. The girls Hlulil" ii ii i ix: 1'- 94 X Centrusa . -4 N, j"'N . KJ R Vw Savage, Pattie Davis, Cathy Bogle, Denise Wood, Scott Smith, Helen Pauls, Susan Nicholson, Mrs. Katzel. brought the children candy for the holiday and played games with them. During Christmas they donated food and clothes to children in the mountains under the care of the "Parsons of the Hills". These extremely poor chil- dren received much needed gifts. For Thanksgiving they helped a needy family, and during Easter time they col- lected for the heart fund and went to a home for the el- derly. Through these services the girls brightened the holidays for many people. For the girls own enjoyment they had cookouts, par- ties, and their annual beach trip. ln order to raise money they sold banners which helped to raise school spirit, and they also sold candy, and had a car wash in the spring and fall. Twice a year they held a tea for all girls interested in joining. The tea provided a time for the members to get acquainted with the applicants and to have fun. Their mascots this year were Scott Smith and Alan Wil- liams. The club gained another advisor this year, Mrs. Katzel, who, along with Miss Potts, led the club through another successful year. N ,Q-. l a M . ..... . xx it Qsjtx 4 R .. 1 : ,K I A .tl L Officers Helen Pauls Scott Smith Teresa Bontr Front Row: Connie Toth, Alan Wxlllams Scott Smrth Sherri Whrttlngton Chellle Luther Thlrd Row Kathy Sandy Coble, Lynda Sloop Second Row Susan Horne Laurle Fagan Linda Griffin Sabrina lenknns Whitehurst, Kathy Pauls .Qtr V N ,ax ,' ,S ,X 'X A X u I . it Xlfxlf EC 'P NV 191 Lt K xy-XV Eg fl NLMA. .... 11532 lil Adelphian Officers: Wanda Carbaugh, Mary Buraglio, Christy Russ, Caro- lyn Forsyth. The Adelphian club is organized exclusively for sophomore girls. Each year many sophomore girls try out for this club only to meet their ever famous initiation. Strange looking girls appeared at Garinger last year right after first and third quarters. They came to school creatively dressed by the old Adelphian members. Most wore bath robes, unmatched socks and shoes, curlers and tons of make-up. Although this was a welcome change for some of them, they returned to "normal" the next day. Adelphians is a girls' service club. As money-making projects they sold valentine carnations, candles, candy and had a car wash. This money went to sponsoring a fam- ily at Christmas, and a beach trip. In the past year they played basketball games against C-GS and Centrusa. They came out on top with Centrusa but they didn't quite make it with CICS. As a service to the community they had a Hal- loween party for Alexander Children's Home, where ghosts and goblins made a surprise visit. They also sup- ported the Heart Fund by collecting during their annual drive. This past year the club was led by Wanda Carbaugh, under the guidance of Mrs. lane Boyd, and the mascots were Robert johnson and Chip Saunders. 96 !AdeIphians ffxffx N 4XL1J Sk X New .. New K-NN hi..- Fw Advisor: Mrs. jane Boyd Kneeling: ludy Canipe, Robin Annas, Sheila Peters, Mary Lou Monroe, Standing: Robert johnson, Margaree Hill, Christy Russ, Sherry Pressley, Alison Ridge, Kim Shuford, Myra Craighead, Carol Kent, Mrs. Boyd, Sitting: Carolyn Raney, Kathy Ross, Debbie Godwin, Becky Styron, Beth Davis, Cathy Hetfner, Sabrina Young, Mary Buraglio, Wanda Carbaugh, Susan Head, janet Oakley. fits A 'Wwe - 31 f - S? , sotftil 4 Sl..--Pl? . -S . - les 5 jg as 'sh 'wi . as, is 'l.. i S Kneeling: Ellen Miller, Fran Miller, Rumiko Kunkel, Standing: Chip Saunders, Candy Stone, Lisa McKinnell, Beth Nixon, Patsy Fincher, Tammy Lowery, Susan Prendergast, Mrs. Covington: Sitting: Sandy Coble, Cathy Butler, Debbie Martin, Mary Lou Burch, Kathy MCKeowon, Sherry Belch, Donna Green, Debra Goins, Terese Green, Susan Williams, Kay Harkey, Carolyn For- syth. W M ,,.f L - ' " W, ' nfavvi-,V ,,., 7? ' 9 ' .. w ' 2, " 'V ' -. "" 2 '15 ' ASV i T t X-., rf "'?' 'W .1 f " :'f :lsr , ' ' l" . if I f ,uf M 4 4: WN ' '5 'ff H f ww. 'fi will Tanya Davis, President 'i Lyn ne Ballard, Secretary The Girls' Good Sports Club, more commonly known as GGS, is a girls' club whose main purpose is to serve the school. This year, under the supervi- sion of Miss Hall, they ac- complished this in many ways. They sponsored the football team and made posters for all of the games. In order to raise money, they sold sham- poo at the beginning of the year, and during the Homecoming Game they sold balloons and cor- sages. They sent part of the money earned to help support a child in Mor- ganton, North Carolina. During Thanksgiving they gave a meal to the Bowden family, and at Christmas time the family received presents from the girls. They collected for the Heart Fund again this year, and in May they planned their annual beach trip. Twice this year, GGS held a tea for all girls in- terested in joining. Through the tea they got to know the applicants better and they provided refreshments and enter- tainment for them. Determined to keep the title of "The Most Active Club at Garinger," GGS worked hard this year and they were great in helping to boost school spirit. Sherry Winchester, Vice-President Debra Neville, Treasurer Front Row: Sherry Winchester, Bronwyn Poplin, Susan Williams, Peggy lef, lill Gafdneff Debra NeVllle, Pam Rionz Slandlngi Thomas Thom- Reece, Mimi Curlee, Paige Hudspeth, jeanne Klein, Susan Prendergastg Sbaki Third ROWS Lynne Ballard, 5USle Cable, 5l'1efl'Y Clldef Debbie HOD- Second Row: Gail Baucom, Cyndi Prevette, Teresa Ozmore, Paula Car- eycutt, lan FOSleF? Fourth Row: Tanya Davis. 98 X GGS nY'w77? if 5,5531-i7I'Q 7 Q y ,ff 4fv"'Q"'420 nnw QQARI-01757 'ru ' 7- 1 Front Row: lack Brayboy, Dean McDanielsg Second Row: Sandra Mills, Lynn jones, Alison Ridge, janet Oakley, Kim McCorkle, Sheila Peters Terri Cook, Wanda Carbough, Patsy Fincher, Sherri Belch, Third Row: Carol Kent, Sheila Smith. We 'F CGS vs. Centru sa ,fx - wx asf as . - 'Nzifsaii-' H I I,iwvQ,.W, , I Q I IV? - f' f,,, Q GG Ms. jan Hall, Advisor Ldhq nofl' shwt USTHNGS bPU'l' -then ouT OF Thell' Pc:iin?l 'sm' GCS sells shampoo to r aise money for adopted child. ff X, .4 4 , , T :Q GCS sponsors the Bowden family. yan., Adopted Child M J o o M 700 X CCS 5359? www N Front Row: Sally Rodgers, Cindy Speight, Sheri Bodack, Lynn Cadmus, Bill Brown, Eddie Crawford, David McDuffie, Wade Beard. Second Row: Becky Wallace, jane Smith, Karen Little, Susan Harris, Piper Davis, P. j. Henderson, Toy Hinson, Debbie Armstrong, Stan Shaw, Lynne Ballard, Paulette Redfern, Billy Clements, Cindy Prevette, Sandra Mills, Third Row: Vickie Horne, Nancy Stokes, Debbie Morris, Denise Moffit, Kim Smith, Mike Horan, Mitzi Gathings, Shelly Beavor, Tanya Davis, Eddie Griggs, Kim Fowler, Greg Kistler, Belinda Rockman, Ellen Henderson, Windy Kiser, David Mills, Carol Lyon, Fourth Row: Chris Kroboth, Debra Goins, Helen Pauls, Cheryl Smith, Kevin McDanial, Bill Gardner, Vernon J is ll Officers: Sitting, Susan Prendergast, Standingg Greg Porter, Vice- President, David Carter, President, Steve Helms, Secretary. i Smith, Mike Murray, Tommy Brimhall, Steve Helms, SheilaSharon, Susan Prendergast, Diane Kenny, Glenn johnson, Cathy johnson, Fifth Row: Carolyn Forsyth, Cathy Hefner, Bryant Mende, Bronvvyn Poplin, Wanda Carbaugh, joey Cude, David Bost, Grady Walker, David Carter, Teresa Ozmorey Sixth Row: Greg Porter, Debbie Bunn, janet Oakley, joy Moser, Cindy Burris, Donna Newell, Mark Hall, Chuck Manning, Henry Smith, jack Starski, David Smith, Cooper Hancock, Kerry McCloskeyg Seventh Row: Lisa Alexander, Susie Cable, Sean Fleenor, Charlie Bridges, Phil Biles, Mr. Vaughan, Fernando Sosa, Mr. Hilderbrand, Shannon Pressley, Cyril Gulledge, Mica Lee. CIL - This year Garinger's ski club or Polar Cats adopted .a new name: "Winter Sports". They changed their name because the club expanded its activities from just skiing. They now also include ice skating, sledding, and any other winter sports the club members are interested in doing. The Winter Sports club provided Garinger's students this year with the opportunity to learn and enjoy safely the fundamentals of skiing. Throughout the year they planned skiing and ice skating trips. Instructions were provided for those who did not know how to ski or skateg those who did know how were allowed to go ahead and develop their skills. In order to cut the cost of the trips, money-making projects were carried out. They also had a Christmas party and a spring feast. The membership of the club is open to anyone in- terested in any of these sports. Ski Club X 707 Ll' .1 S 'Z 1 2 O s 'qnos The function of Garinger's Red Cross Club is to serve the American Red Cross. This year's activities began with the annual enrollment drive. For the enrollment drive the students donated money to the Red Cross and received a small Red Cross pin to wear. The money went to help needy families all over America. This year many members of the Red Cross Club volun- teered their services to the Red Cross center in Charlotte. They assisted the nurses in small duties and helped to cheer up the patients. As in the past years, the Red Cross helped to make the holidays a little more cheerful to some of those less for- tunate. During Thanksgiving they held a food basket drive, which was a great success. All of the donated food went to the local orphanages. At Christmas time they went caroling at nursing homes hoping to bring that "Christmas Spirit" to those not able to go home for the holiday. During the spring they carried out their annual Easter project. They visited day care centers and helped celeb- rate the arrival of the Easter Bunny with the children. Also, during the spring, they had their annual blood drive, which again, as in past years, was a complete suc- cess. The Garinger Red Cross Club, whose motto is "Youth serves Youth", has certainly proven that Garinger's Youth are number one. Front Row: Susie Cable, Patricia Rose, Chris Kroboth, Second Row: Barbara Bass, Billy Clemens, Sandra Mills, Lynne Ballard, Wendy Brooks, Linda Martin, judith Savage, Third Row: Sandy Coble, Carol johnson, Mary Lou Monroe, Sheri Chantain, Sylvia Unger, Donna Aycoth, joy 102 l Red Cross Hardeep Fourth Row: Kim Dennie, Cathy Marze, jan Stack, Teresa Oz- more, jane Saadeh, Tammy Holden, Liz james, Debbie Bledsoe, Fifth Row: Denise Wood, jackie Lyon, Deborah Nance, jimmy Hanigan, Kathy johnson, Rusty Bungay. ' vw. . i I . -, ,sg 4 W . x,.f. Xa nf W 1 Ll . 5 2 - A. 5 ,- ., J : N -Qld A . xp , Y A , . - 4 V Rf A fr, 1 A 41' A " gf Pi' 2 x Y Q r, 1 E v X :V . f Q ' w any ai? , ,, S . if m .Q f H NM 3 E 2 W fp v ii' 3 X sl, ' ii f 1 ' N A 'gif if , A E' XL WL.L , - KA f xi .- 4. X v ' KW 1-H---'M QT., ,J Y f jf-, T. . ,. iw 3 W3-'E N ' W, - . . 1"'T'Z' f'-:di " , , .4 M - R "'-- ' ,,, .... 3 . M-,.Q.gM K f :. - -. i-' - , K Wray 1 V -1 5+ 5-1 Agh.: sf E -1 A -..h b 'if 'J X.... W K x 1 ilgi. ., flag: 2 S ,S ., Q ,, R5-""'-.H-f xl-is f -,,.-.vb 'TWV Q M '08 X X 4, 4 -M .K M X Wal 355, . TEEN! HR S III W Q Amy Q YW S m .YM , ZVZ: 1 sy ,T fy Q 35,14 if . Q? Wim as Z ,W ww? 1 Robin Dotson Lynne Ballard 104 !Teen Board K 75K Q , 3 1. ia V7 K2 1. f ' ff . H L sf 23 'pq,1,??',, ff ggxml y 7 f .T -bw 'W '-vm Anne Luther L IH QU n PTR EE fl ,fgfx Q A do b Y ,ff N-fx Carol johnson Teen Board l 105 The Lettergirls of Garinger, headed by co-captains, Susan Nicholson and Sandra Mills, in- clude fourteen girls who participate with the Marching Band during football sea- son and occasionally at basketball games with the Pep Band. The positions are competitive each year and the final audition is per- formed for a com- mittee headed by Dr. Maddox. The auditions are based on marching skill, grace, and sincerity of purpose. The Lettergirls also serve as ushers and hostesses at any performance by the music department. Sherry Cude 106 f Lettergirls appearance, L-Ry Sherry Cude,'Susan Nicholson, Tanya Davis, Pattie Davis, Sandra Mills, Paulette Redfern, Anita Henderson, Debbie Ferguson. , A , ,F N. , os, ' f ' Q fi T 1 l . vt I ' sf t l Susan Nicholson Tanya Davis Pattie Davis QS. . ' my -QM f Q' L-R, Kerry McCloskey, Alison Ridge, Len Spencer, Sherry Pressley, Margaree Hill, Debbie Bunn Z ,. ,V ,,,., ,l,- ,,,, W ifvr 1 ,,,. Q A 1 ,.,.,, W' ' ' V i ' V ,' V f "'l ,N V ,., V., E iii if ' e H V ,,, , W L Z gf, " r - , ,wi f ,'r i M f . , ier i ,ir Q? fl f ' in is ,, , I 2 , , I K W A, ,' 5 VV - f L V ,V 1 VV iiiie V , , . ' A , ' - " , .,:, , , ,. ,.. Y ,,,, Vf V ,,- ,,,,4 ,,, f 4 3 M .VVV 'V VV V,,,- ,fV, ,,,' I ,r,, g f, f , :,, ., I Q ? E ill , V Q5 f as i l ,J Sandra Mills Paulette Redfern Anita Henderson Debbie Ferguson ,mwllmlilllltt T The Garinger Marching Band is composed of members from both the Symphonic and the Concert Bands. To be accepted, one must pass the audition tests of skill and memory given by Dr. Maddox. The students in this musical or- ganization prepare, perfect, and present their drills at football games to help promote school spirit. During the 1975 season the band performed at all the Garinger foot- ball games. They represented Garinger in the Carrousel Parade. They also gave performances at the Shrine Bowl and during a Davidson College half-time show. They were scheduled to perform at the World Football League game, Charlotte against Hawaii, but due to unforeseeable demise of the WFL, the games were all cancelled. The Marching Band was an active part of Garinger's fall life. Band Director, Dr. Maddox ' QPSK' Ns. Q . 31 S'- . QNX 1 H W ms. .wg NS? " Q . Q, ' se l A T X, M 5 1 51. Q .- 3 ,,.:lRjl . JY M- is ry-3 A , . . R V .gg.sqs.. - . .i Q . Y 15 ff "NSS .X . .. .- . - .. ss -, -+ St as i s 1 .fi . ' f- if .. W.- - 1 .wfifga ff,gi.s ' - f all 5 fs we 4 .- M - ll? - W " i s.-ag., 1 X - X T 5 msfwat- l ,. a . . s was ,- f"""" '-"?QT"'2."""9!I'i"i - ' ' wx . max. .V , . -. K -. -. -,..,,.......Q f,,,...,., . .. ...,. . .- .,s+.,., t i.1ig.5gQs5-R -. A tm m ama 's"iT""T f . . . .. MM. t, "'- -. ,..... K -K -1 K . . . ..,,,,. . HK ' 2 K . , - -- I .,... . .... . , 1"f""' ' ' 'iffiw'-y.... wif Q V ap. ..... .rf -321:-Q. -H. .sf T :Um . S' 32:54 , - , HP fHf1:v' - 1 ,. . Q : -. . ., - ..... g V- w at -Q V K W . .. .. ,., .... . ....,,a.. .. .,m,,...,M,. is.,,.. Q 1 N K k M l A 'A 3 f . .L WB if if . i ig. fr A -1 .. gf gl., 41: 'sian . V3 . :fig - 1- 1 ' ' 5 ,-- .... ..... B. , .id Q X . , A sg 2. . ,- W M1r:M ...p.e::'S:.-:-' F -2. ' -':.:w-- - ww. If- sit.: .P--KRW. sim ' sag.: '.-.f'-Wa. - . ,..., - X Q? Q - ' - 'W ---- ,. H. " 5- ...- 3 - - ' :L : H . -.? , ,S - 5 Q ' a N . ,, - - - 1 ij. M - -ii? .Q , A ., .. . ' 7 : - . i i . 5 ' .1. is . 5. . .. Q 'vwv .. ' "" ' l , . -P .. .. . , W im ..... .. as .T a. ' .1. .' - 2 a -. 'WV' -' T' .. N- wwf - N - 31 -.,, ---- sa.. f - - . 2 ff . My-. i- J t r A ' . .. i N . . ' 'f ' ' K Q-ff Q W. - as - Q . i, . . a , Q as , - -ti. . -Q-.,as.p.VM.,.. ...T Fifi' in ' ti' H ' 5 " ' H -- " .. 5. if-.1 9 J- s ' . ,M 5 H . 9 f it .. 3 ' .U ,H I ,K ' R 2 N' ai , M r , :.,- if " .. f -- ' . -v -a " - .- .V . ' 3 ' - 5 f Y ' I , -. .wi-Isexzzg. . ...sf ,f .5 '--' A g .- 1 A 1 .-.1ws .,f1ef.f5sf-g ,- , g . . y i .- .. K-,.f .mf.,.my.. kk,y . , , In - f 9.5. ' if L g .. ,Q '12 3- I .tl t A - , : gg-,ggf.3..,g,Hgg.,,.y., : -- aw -.. Q . it . Q .- . ..... 1 " ' f A ti'li . , . " ' - fgmsygf .f'ff.2.,.: ggsg..!f5'.if.1,511- assi-..,,. W sg-swag .K ' M,:M.L ,--- N -X--'f-K g H ,....,,,. ' .7 , , ,,,.. .. X S. N .it . . X A . . A , it -fa . V . El f. ,w .gwmfW"Ws .... .... - V :N-W-.W,m ' X -- " . . J -,H ' --mms www - N1 - , - .. .,,.. ..... W -r .... ---- f' 7 Mika. ff- ,. X ........N--a. ...., ..... -f .... a M,-w......a.,....,.,.,.....tswm,..a....a aw . . , 108 X Marching Band wrt Tw it It .... A xv W Drum Majorettes: Voneda Knight, Beth Rodgers l0Y USQS fire in nighttime routine I loy Hardee, Cheryl McCullough, Cindi Prevette N Ax The Twirlers are highly skil- led individuals who compete each year through try-outs. In order to be eligible for a posi- tion, the girls must spend time at an approved summer train- ing camp. Auditions, based on NBTA rules and given by Dr. Maddox, are based on skill, shovvmanship, poise, grace, and personality. The Twirlers spend many weeks on their routines and must continue to practice as they perform throughout the football sea- son. Twirlers X 109 110!Symphomc Band The Symphonic Band is made up mainly of juniors and seniors though a few talented sophomores are admitted. Membership into this band is based on auditions or recommen- dations by Dr. Maddox. Acceptance is usually attained after the student demonstrates his skill on his instrument during his sophomore year. The Symphonic Band performs a number of concerts annually and their music represents main historic periods and styles of composi- tion. Their concerts and assemblies offer them experience in maturing their musicianship. Each spring the Symphonic Band attends the State Festival to perform in competition with all North Carolina bands. C0526 HT x 'il The Concert Band, as do all the other instru- mental organizations at Garinger, pursues the goal of developing skill and the building of fun- ? damental understanding needed to perform music effectively. Sophomores are assigned to Concert Band. Concert Band helps students develop skills in preparation for Symphonic Band. Students hard at work pursuing the goals for musicianship. Concert Band X 117 LN 172 X Orchestra The Garinger Symphonic Orchestra is made up of most of the standard orchestral instruments. Many wind players volunteer their lunch period to help out the orchestra and add to their own experience. Through an annual number of concerts, the orchestra pursues artistic maturity and also demonstrates many different styles of music. Each spring, the orchestra attends the State Festival where they are judged and commented on by professional judges. Mr. Tom Petersen - Student Director NWN Dr. Robert L. Maddox - Director Mr. lohn Sanders - Director il Glllitlsf The Girls Ensemble is a performing group of girls chosen because of excel- lent work in Chorus or by audition. They sing for numerous occasions throughout the year. Christmas is a busy time with programs downtown, at shopping centers, schools, and churches. The Ensemble takes part in all concerts given by the vocal music department, and has always received high ratings in contests and festivals. They usually engage in a fund raising project which helps to pay the ex- penses of a relaxing weekend trip in the spring. -4- 4- ... l L Front Row: Cindy Armeen, lanet Burris, Penny Benning, jyoti Pandey, Ledwell, Dorothy Wyndham, loanne Piccirillo, Third Row Mona Riley Lisa Zamelia, Mary Brown, Vanessa Cooper, Ginny Ellsworth, Stephanie Christy Russ, Patti Coan, Sandy Houser, Kathy Stone, Susan Cox Wendy Seegars, Second Row: Barbara Love, janet Stack, Beverly Stamey, Brooks, Linda Hattrich, Vanessa Howard, Kathy Odell. Donna Lee, Susan Simpson, Constance Robinson, Sylvia Hosey, Kaye Girls Ensemble X 113 F5 C - F ,C Li. The Choir is composed of juniors and seniors and is considered the main vocal 0 performing group at Garinger. The choral literature is generally more dif- ficult and performance is expected to ap- proach professional standards. The students are encouraged to study privately and to - take part in other musical groups within the 5 V community. Jo Activities include music festivals, contests, assemblies, programs, trips out of town, and sometimes social events. The Choir rated - superior in 1975 contests. Garinger students e E ., 2, should be very proud of their choir. jd D 1 . .. 551' .,a,, S 1 ,, ,ll- 1 ' ' " f f - ,:-. ,:'.. .. X . ' si, 'rrir M ' pt - sta ,,., s .W """ ' Q .,,.. . F 5 ' .1 , ' 2. A S' ,,.,"' llnl :" Zt' e' s' "'r ,.., . . ,.t ,,- ' "f: f ' . 5 ,E In ff ,...a,.....a.....t-.-............ 53 , , .. 2 f . I ,E 5 bfi A:-'Ns .ww sl ,Q 5 L ,Vi .h .E 3, I ff- -3 ' . it Choir Officers: Seated - Lyn Steverson, Pres.g Standing - Donna Aycoth, Sec., janet Martin, Vice Pres., Kathy Ross, Treas. FIT Front Row: Tanya Simmons, jeanne Ross, Terry Grooms, Chellie Luther, Ann Summers, Christine Karnazes, Scott Selvy, Lyn Steverson, Cathy Crumpler, Lynne jones, Connie Toth, Debra Neville, Teresa Bonti, Mr. Sanders, Second Row: Wanda Cox, Lucia Core, Laurie Fagan, Cheryl Howell, Dawne Bost, Donna Aycoth, Cindy Earle, Cathy McKeown, Peggy Reese, Debbie Honeycutt, Sherry Cude, Karen Duffell, Debbie 114 l Choir Ross, Third Row: Betty Galloway, Barbara Davis, Melodie Stacker, Susan Owens, Leslie Eudy, janet Martin, Kay Simpson, Laura Fullam, Trilby Al- ford, Kathy Ross, Leslie Fortner, Ellen Eurey, Edie Wagoner, Shera Dunn, Fourth Row: Nancy jarrell, Cindy Farmer, Cindy Clarke, Alan Sizemore, Mike Robinson, Bob Cochrane, Charles Newbold, johnny Lindsay, Lex Thomas, Linda Martin, Debbie Pearce, Ginny Walters. SHN EEHEES 'D' Nine girls are chosen from the Choir to form a special sing- ing group to represent Garinger. They contribute many hours of hard practice on their own time to achieve a beautiful, well blended sound and a fine repertory. As a result, they receive invitations for many singing engagements throughout the year. They are awell-known group in Charlotte and in school circles throughout the state. 2 QW it sz' " f ,V .., l f 5 2' 1 '-W. 9 Sanderettes -Ginny Walters, Shera Dunn, Cindy Farmer, Linda Martin, Lyn Steverson, Donna Aycoth, Kay Simpson, Cindy Clarke, Lucia Core. Sanderettes X115 35 3 5 ,Q LT Standing: Eugene Stitt, Sandy McGuire, William Erving, Lynne Morrow, Debbie Ross, Beth Lawing, Gary Verbose, Brent Hancock, Becky Hatley, Vicky Morgan, Sandy Houser, Bus 233: Front Row: lay Ross, Cheryl McCullough, Bob Cochrane, Bubby Mcllwain, Aaron Brown, lay Blakeney. Sec- ond Row: Phillip Lewis, Grover Flood, Darrell Hood, Wendell Hill, David Caseyp Bus 81: Front Row: Bennie Deese, lim Hatley, Tim Parker, Bill Thomas, Second Row: Eric Frye, Doug Nelson, jeff Sinclair, Bill Gibson, Dale Oliven, lim Kinington. The responsibility of stu- dents' lives on a bus is the job T of our bus drivers. Student drivers must go through sev- eral days of training and study. Before obtaining a bus driver's license, a student must pass a technical test of skill and rules. Bus drivers receive one cred- it for their service as well as a much appreciated salary. Mr. Ross works with our bus driv- ers. He advises and constantly checks to make sure that Garinger has the best bus driv- ers possible. We owe these people a note of gratitude for the giving of their time. My bus is cleaner than your bus. 116 !Bus Drivers Front Row: Glen Larkin, Steve Mims, Barton Levison, Sally Stone, Dave Vanderhorst, Second Row: Leslie Tate, Gary Duncan, Marietta Tucker, Gail Cox, Adrian Lindsay. DEERTHNG CLUB Mr. jones, Advisor x L 1 ww -sw-my . 'ml xt Q -1. Qi Tl Officers: Kneeling: Glen Larkin, Sally Stone, Standing: Dave Van- derhorst, Steve Mims, Leslie Tate. 3 in This year Garingerfs debating club consisted of ten members. These students went to many different debates throughout the year and competed in local and state contests. Under the guidance of Mr. jones, the club learned to de- velop different debating skills. f I -s W... ...N m - " b-Y' ,w,,,f Q, - -1 Q tp in-misss! : -ESQ lKf.! what U - Q -LWWWEYXQ LYNN ?Y ii Y---awe, VN Q l?1 This year the Thespian Society in- cluded eleven dramatists. To become a member of the International Thespian Society one must be a Drama Club member and have acquired twelve points, which are given from parts taken in the production of a play. Once one is accepted into the society he is considered an accomplished actor. 1-nets PIAN5' Seated at Left: Sydna Ward, Mary Bryantg Standing Sherry Hodge Alan Right lon: Davis Amber Collins Wendy Brooks Laura Fullam Cyn Sizemorey Upside Down: Melanie Ray, Danny Mclntosh Seated at PVGVGUS EUC F"Ye 718 I Thespians x F' l 5 i S lg 1 Q 1 Q P nl I Q llll 2 E s T at i E E This year the membership of the Drama Club grew to almost the size it was last year. To become eligible as a member one must presently be taking Drama. These young actors worked very hard to produce an excellent play, "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream'f, this past winter. Through their very hard work and drive the Drama students had another very successful year under the ' f guidance of Mr. Kinsey. K ,Ll, ' 3 J Q-Ld-E 3 , Rfk Front Row: Nancy larrell, Linda Martin, Danny Mclntosh, Bruce Dailey, Bf00kS, Laura Fullami Onlladdefl lodi Ray, Melanie RaYf B9V9VlY Eric Frye, Paula Carter, Second Row: Linda Hatrick, Amber Collins, 5lam9Yf MBVY BVYHHI, Chellle Luther, Dessa Nance: Beneath l-Hddeff Cyndi Prevette, Teresa Cobb, Susan Frye, Third Row: Sydna Ward, loni 5h9f"Y Hodge- Davis, Alan Sizemore, Bryan Shaw, Steve jones, lim Fullam, Wendy Drama Club ! 719 f Front Row: Mike Whittington, Tim Crawford, Harvey jones, Butler Reginald johnson Kathy Hardee Mark Allen Alan Otis Glenn,joey Eaves,jimmy Langford, jeffrey Winecoff, Sec- Buchanan Willie Stanton Michelle Council Ricky Chastain ond Row: Marty Layton, Dale Fair, Ronnie Glenn, NadineTerry, james Campbell Roy Pope, Cam Whisnant, Brian Elder, Third Row: David fi, 0 r 1., 'l,ll1 VICA Front Row: joe Willingham, Larry Kingsley, Darrell Hill, Donnie Ervin Bill Gibson Eddie Terry Third Row Mr Kemper Dennis Baker Kiserp Second Row: Howard Lewis, Mike Bradley, Aaron Brown, William jimmy Smith Mike Griffin Mike Campbell Albert Martin Garinger's chapter of VICA: the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, was organized to unite common bonds among the stu- dents enrolled in trade and industrial classes. Its main purpose is to develop leadership abilities and participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational and social activities. Also, they promote high standards in trade ethics, workmanship, scholar- ship and safety. They work to foster a deep respect for the dignity of their work. The ability to plan together, organize and carry out projects through the democratic process is developed. Under the leadership of Marty Layton and the guidance of eight teachers, they helped to develop sincere interest and esteem in the stu- dents, faculty, and patrons. 720 l VI CA WQSWRQEWWWWE EWWGAWQQN sy' Front Row: Kim Long, Lee Rufty, Mark Davis, Kim Holshouser, Renee Reid, Mary Bryant, Cindy Daniels, Cheryl Little, Bertha Lowery, Eddie Simons, Second Row: Lydia Thompson, Robin Clarke, Kim Martin, Donnie Poplin, Ricky Parker, Bill Wentz, Cynthia Brown, Constance Robinson, Doris jackson, Miss Tibshrannyg Third Row: Debbie Sykes, Monica Long, Lisa Alexander, Linda Mullis, Sheila Hines, Debbie Walth- truss.:- DECA is made up of a group of young if people interested in obtaining a higher appreciation and understanding of the opportunities involved in the free enter- prise system. This organization promotes an interest in competitive responsibilities. DECA has been involved in many ac- tivities this past year. They sold candy, held a cookout, had a Bosses' Banquet, and a Christmas luncheon. The money raised by their projects was used to con- tribute to the Blair Boone Scholarship Fund. DECA also sent members of the group to represent Garinger in the District and State Leadership Conferences. Ms. Burgess is the advisor for DECA. all, Raeford McClaine, Mary McCullough, Diane Hoover, Robin Gard- ner, ludith Savage, Eric Stewart, Billy Dew, Fourth Row: Eddy Brown, Cindy Creasman, Teresa Hughes, Phylis Sanford, Donna Harding, Ann Luther, Marilyn Brown, Princton Rubin, Fifth Row: Mrs. Burgess, Melanie Godwin, Mike Orr, Sandra Gomillion, Anita White, Norman Craig, jeff Hollins. Officers: Bertha Lowery, ludith Savage, Constance Robinson, Cindy Daniels, Monica Long. DECA f 127 A joy Butler Miss DECA 5 : r Q 4 W T ummm MQW 122 ! CHE O F , ' , fr A . - I ' 3 Kneeling: lames Cato, Vanessa Agurs, First Row: Ann lan Riddle, Pam Wall, Connie Spielman, Adrin Whitley, Greg johnson, Charlene loplin, Buddy Owens, Woody Tuttle, Rusty Massey, Rick Smith. Metcalf, Eddie Bolder, lavier Peralta, Miss Ryan: Second Row: Home Economics Related Occupations KHEROJ is an or- ganization made up of young men and women that meet to prepare themselves for the type of employment that deals with the knowledge and the skills of home economics. This field of knowledge helps stu- dents develop to their full po- tential and helps prepare them to face the future world of employment and living. The many activities that HERO does throughout the year follow along with what is being done in the class, which is CHEO tCooperative Home Economics Occupationsl. Throughout the year, this club has carried out many dif- ferent types of activities. These activities were mainly involved with familiarizing these stu- dents with the areas of employment that most in- terested them. This organization makes up another important part of Garinger's active life. Miss Frances Ryan, Advisor WT R Q 1 9 , 5 I , S QT, 3 lift . , L . Officers: Kneeling: Charlene loplin, jan Riddle, Standing: lavier Peralta, Connie Spielman, , , fy Adrian Whitley. O0 oYo""6X0T1H an 4 JJ W Ui' In U Q vi w at Sl.fuf.w.4.tu4fawtr .-H .tv 1-5? . is V., . X aieisiftii Xsiitfir J if.. is! Front Row: Annette Huggins, Kelly jackson, Kathy Polson, lris K21fl1yl0hf1SOr1, Patty Campo, Denise Gaines, Cathy Riggins. Third Cathey, Carolyn Phifer,Vermelle McManus,james Carelock,Tina ROWI loyce Loftis, Barry Kiker, Lori Hanigan, Kelly Hinton, Lor- Foster, ludy Radford, Mike Correll. Second Row: Phyllis Tillman, raine Emory, Claude Covington, Rusty Bungay, Sandra McGuire, Amy Petris, Ann Lane, Curtis Long, Nancy Reid, Kathy Marsh, Donnie Woodard, limmy Kennington- Officers: Rusty Bungay, Denise Gaines, loyce Loftis, Mike Correll, Amy Petris. 5'-ft T rw . l'm going to vlink your vlood. CEO is one of Garinger's clubs which pro- vides students with the opportunity of getting experience in learning and educating children. These students meet each day during fifth period to learn new techniques in teaching children. They put these techniques to practice by tutoring students at Shamrock and Highland Elementary Schools. The students are each re- sponsible for a certain number of children and they help them overcome their disabilities by assisting in many different ways with reading, writing, and arithmetic. iii it Ax iw 5 ml '. -Q-' 'it A ' , flgxx . i"' h S gt t , E itil' EI EI E I7 A 1 I lL' IL' U IL' ill l I Cl i'l IL' IL' U ill l I EI fl En' CEO ! 123 U0 COO was organized especially for students interested in learning more skills for a future in busi- ness. These students come to school half a day and work the other half. The COO Club helps the students get jobs and have studies in class which go along with their activities on the job. These students learn to operate many machines and to do many different tasks efficiently. COO, which is under the gui- dance of Ms. Martha Bailey, is open to any senior wishing to in- crease his business skills. I 4 l Front Row: Robin Holt, Patty G Susan Blake Karen ledge, C' 'lm G W ir ,gy aj Xxcyf Lawrence, Loretta Cochrane, Taylor, Lydia Alcala, Third Row: Sue Chastain, riffinp Second Row: Kathy Gul- Faye Harris, Valerie Brown, jackie Davis, Holly , Cindy Allen, Carol Webb, Tia Hardin, Tanya Stutts, Donna Stamey. Officers: Robin Lawrence, Karen Holt, Lydia Alcala, k' D '. lac le avls Ms. Bailey-Advisor 'WW 724 X COO Tiiff f ' 4-:wQf",.:ag,,,m 'f'Ull'Uf'3 ll sms C351 Q j r . 9 Q Q 'Tr ll iuwnlliiwjpull . J y .L audalrs it alfmazrilau li ' f ti, , X gf N The Future Business Leaders of America started the year off by send- ing two of its delegates, Debra Hub- bard and Ms. Hernendez, to a con- vention in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This convention consisted of speeches, workshops, and new ideas on public relations. The FBLA members sponsored several fund raising projects. These included raising money to send people to conventions, for Thanksgiving aid, and for the March of Dimes. They also took part in the National Secretarial Week activities. FBLA meets at least once a month to further acquaint students going into the business area with proce- dures in the business world. .Q L if gs, Qfficers: Kneeling: Marty Rich, Parliamenta Secretary CarolWebb Historian Susan Mar rian, lack Brayboy, Treasurer, Debra Hub tin Reporter Debbie Godwin President bard, Vice-President, Standing: Patty Griffin Front Row: Patty Griffin, Karen Holt, Donna Stamey, Loretta Cochrane, Hubbard, Third Row Fred Talbert Debbie Godwin Tia Taylor Cindy Wanda Pride, Susan Martin, Wanda Cox, Second Row: Karen Swindell, Harmon, Sue Hepler Carl Herring Kathy Gulledge Fourth Row joe Carol Webb, Lydia Alcala, Patty Hill, Susan Blake, Sue Chastain, Debra Headon, Valarie Brown Marty Rich lack Brayboy -L f fr ws Wx ' z X h . . 4 . 'a 4 , U, W 'z?""l'r?2 lgf-lflldg Q W W QW. LN. an I W ..a . t le T . e H V. , ,, i :X . .J 7 ,Q aw ff HBE Radio I and II are both designed for those in- terested in Radio Broadcasting. Radio I allows the students to be introduced to Radio Broadcasting and to help them decide if it may be a possible future career. Those students who find Radio Broadcasting I in- teresting may further their education by taking Radio Broadcasting Il. These students prepare them- selves for a career in Radio Broadcasting by working on different jobs and by gaining additional skills. Garinger should be very thankful for the great ser- vice which the Radio classes render to the school. Radio ll students all take turns in doing the an- nouncements daily at school. Through these stu- dents' hard work and service, Garinger students are kept up-to-date on all activities. The instructor for many years has been Mr. Bal- lance, whose understanding and guidance has led to many successful careers. gs? f- ww" 'W 0' ' Y W.,t,c,,N 1 Q 'mm' Front Rovv: Pam Hubbard Doug Lamb Sandy Houser Ray McClain Kathy Mason Second Row Will Mr. Banance Parks, Mark Alexander Gerry Turbevllle Tony Earnhardt Third Row leff johnson Instructor 726 I Radio I V, Front Row: Sandra McQueen, Vanessa Howard, Third Row: johnny Grant, Curtis Tolleson, Steve Steve Waldoch Cathy Marze, Beth Lawingg Second Row: Mike Waldoch. McDonald, Brad Duncan, Scott McKee, Dale Oliverg in if ,M Debbie Helms lilhli S -' Vanessa Howard 093' if " ' 4 43 1 johnny Grant - HRH HE as is E S X N Y I - -'-- Front Row: Ned Yates, Beth Lawing, Gary Warren, Beth Rodgers, Second Row: Arnetta Moore, Lee Warner, William Booth, Neal Martin, jeff Goble, Mr. Ballancep Third Row: Lee Warner Shein Phillips, Gene Sitt, Tim Brewee, Tom Downs, Mark Harris, Scott Smith. ww Y .ffl l ,,., , K Vw I' I fx, F 1 J gy ' A A V f, Y I L ff N4 Arnetta Moore Mark Harris Ned Yates Sylvester Brooks 3 Sf K it if S .fx X .. 'N . K as at Ifv - . st sn ...Mt-Q E "There will be no school today - I repeat. . ." "Mr. Asbury's name sure is hard to forge!" Office assistants perform the many small tasks and errands that are important in keeping the major operations running smoothly and efficiently. Each day these students spend one period working and helping in one of the three offices. Even though they do not re- ceive credit they help to relieve the strain on the secretaries. Some of their many duties include: de- livering mail and bulletins to the faculty boxes, answering the telephone, and per- forming the sometimes tedious jobs as- signed to them daily. Through these duties, the students tak- ing this course gain valuable experience in office procedures. X it Q t. . Tr' an 9 ,., I 5 . 'fs' sca: t L ., ,ii A 1 X S 'X X ss ' 'R Ms. Giles -100 Office E FRONT ROW: ludy Grice, Mitzi Goble, Kim Black, Lisa Hon- Nathaniel Williams, Chip Helms, Kitty Ramsey, Darrell Smith, eycutt, Donna Ramsey, Bunny Kimmins, Debbie Painter, Becky Mark Davison, ludy Massey, lim Hatley. Norton. SECOND ROW: Pam Sutton, Randy Phillips, lane Davis, 3 3 .1 J on A .l sm gi Office Aides X 129 e fl A-Company Girls' Color Guard, BOYS' Color Cllafd julie Poarch, Diane Overstreet, Deborah Helms, Laura Stone. Eric Scott, Gene jackson, Billy Smith, Larry Sheen. 130 X ROTC liltaintdg Gangs B-Company During the school year of 1975-1976, Garinger's j.R.O.T.C. Batallion was operating at its greatest strength ever. During its six year history, enrollment increased from 80 to 180 cadets. This is the third year of girls' participation in the pro- gram. The girls have proven themselves equally compe- tent on the drill field and in the classroom. The purpose of the junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps is to promote citizenship and develop leadership potential in the members of the cadet corps. The batallion was striving this year to maintain its superior standards of performance. This was reached when they received the rating of Honor Unit With Distinc- tion bestowed upon them by the commander of the first R.O.T.C. Region. Inasmuch as America is celebrating her 200th birthday, Garinger's j.R.O.T.C. unit is becoming increasingly in- volved in community service. This they demonstrated by providing guides for Garinger's annual College Night and the District Teacher's Meeting. l.R.O.T.C. is open to all interested students, and it is commanded by Colonel Campbell. Boy's Drill Team ZN ZV' M anga r w- fbVV,1VH VV .V Girls' Drill Team Vf1v,i,p,g A - , . 'VV f'..55l' l ull", .1 3 'Ma A A V. V V V M , V V ,V V' V f,,'ff VMVV if V V Q, "5 rVx1ff1wVu:1f1fVfv4ffV'V?5?fzkfg5ffVfW V 5 M0532-if Vffftsmwgf' X415 i l ' 'r V l W ' T M ' V V lrlll V VVV,iga'5,f3P5M' K, ' V fn VfV. -Vfggqw ,W T' at V.Vf,sV25fl V Vp ,.Vf. V S f ff ? ,WM r W V ' AV VV lv A ':Ug,z, Vw, ' ,,-,! I wif? w ', , V V 1 M VW Vf V fm V , VV . V VV V ' ' V V- U V V 'il M 775' s.. ff? ' 5 V I ,VA QV V fa , V ,V V , 'ff V V, VV Vi VV , E fiqy - i 'K , ' ' V V V V A, ,MV ' VV V Q ,VL 2 V 1.1 ,VVVV ' 2 x,,,VV ,av 5 VV V f A V ,A I ' V V V -WV? 1-in ,..,, Z 1, ,Vi V V , 2 W V fl f View . V V 'V V V V, -, ,VVV V VV V . I ffl V V V IV an V VV , Vf Vg4'QV1'Vil V, K V ar 5 VWVVVLVM VV ,VA ,Vhh V, .1 , Z FV, wa, V E W2 Q 1? fy 'A pf M V " , f VV., V, 'V Vgwaj Vw , V ff Wi 1 J 3 V Q5 " 5 . V ' V 2 V VV , VV 'Q V ' VV V W "H 7 V V ff 2 2 VV f " ,, I ' V win, VV V. A V W W my V V ,,5,aVmf,f,VV 1 ,WM W l -Vmffmwwm 5 A aw,, VV V"' "" f','I V E V' ""' W., VVVA q '- V 'V , 4 'V Battalion Chief and Staff JV ' V, ww 'VV ," V 'Vw V3-,zVVVz,V- WV nw, MV.-VV,, ,V V V , E T W V Q5 V. V V VV V V2 V,,V ,, A V V V V V Vw aw . V w V V,fVfV,VV VV-VW , , V .Vgvlvgqm e j, VV V V - V i ff ,.,, , ' w 1- f , ' f A 51 ,, ,,,. af. .V W Q, , ,V , ,V , , , z I l A ll VV ',,' ""V f V:if1f"'V1E' f1V."'H 5? VV ,V -- W 4 if V15 ,hu , V, an V W W V V Z 27 VV V, VV ,V VV ,V V V V V V V ,,V,V V V ,VV V. V- VV VV'V,VV " V ,V V V M, ,,V' , V if ' '- V V , V .V V V .1 V V ,J M ,V ag, V Hy, -V KV ' V f' 51- 'fr W 1 'Q 1: fn Q " V"- V l QV 4 ' ' K' Va: fwfr y A V 1 fm ,V ,V gg, VV .V A W W2 W we any 'fl V M VVVVI i if ,. ., V, V if M 5 Girls' platoon VVVV 'V , V- V V 1-WW , Vamwqw, V Vi' VV . fff ' M Q 7 J? 'f Q, 5 y E ,Z A :V V M 44459 'll 5 I 1 w V 4 f viiglzew L, V V I S V f V s ' Z 1 V 4 I if? 1 - "rf V , V, 9 ' in 5 'lv 1 ff' Q' V A 5 af 'f aw 3 'E 7 V V FRONT ROW: Annette Walker, Peggy Hatley, Theresa Rorie, Karen Little. SECOND ROW: lapana Frazier, Alice Hinson, Angela Boulware, Shirley Caldwell, Laura Stone, Lessie Branch. W, wr' s zz H. 274 ,, THIRD ROW: Susan Cox, joel Shinn, janet Talbert, Schewester Brewer, lim johnson, Lisa White. t l m? --YV L 1'.i s " -f-- . K ts- s S X tr ' - A 1-:f-:is:f:s.v.qE,r:,x... A sf' 2 is . ft! 'if , - 1 . 35 in A . Q ' i A - 31" fag A ,. . , , f f f ' , Q s,,.1p 'STs6Qile5is-Qgiafftx in Q X . SW' ' -X .- . -- f- . 5 we at V L we ct H ' H A A - if-'iw swf? K .Qx s k K .. , One of the greatest assets to the library is the library assistants. These assistants render valuable services to the librarians that help the library function smoothly. Some of their main purposes are checking out books and writing over-due notices. They also try to keep the books organized while students do their best in getting them out of order. Another duty is to see that no fake l.D.'s are used in checking out educational books. They do not receive academic credit for this, which proves they have an interest in helping people. "There sure is a lot of money from overdue books in here." .1 - li + L sr- .l in gi Library Aides X L hu f W1 we . 0 at They live a competitive life - The true athlete goes forward under all conditions not only for the team or the fans but also for the insatiable drive within himself - Perhaps in this lies the attraction to sports for where else can one see the human condi- tions fought out all in the name of the game - me t iwkxwxwwf, .. WMGRGN . Qwfmrt A. port , .. ,W ,. ,................ .W fy-,-rl 'va-'aurvA'K'Nifi11!"if.' w'z::mvnna,x22:zmmrm,zamnzfi:x'-E'3vvxnmfmwnw! pf h h I "A" A ' Af' ' Z -'AA f:2:fw 1 jg' , 51,255 5+?+?f2 , . .- " , i -' 1' , '- , Y " , ' , yn , ' I Aff?-l ' 49" 4-JK 'i "5if!-3 ?7s'ff6f6' I ' , 1 .g:,JX,1' f+ A ffqfjizfgm. Q" If V ,Y hy' t M eg '7l.Yv1f,,v .L 'I ,f ' '3 . , ,f 495, ,ff 1 Big 4 I 344 7'Xiv?' XIV' -ifgffafi gf" ' A , J ' f ivy- 1 1 :yn ,X ,.,,,f4, H' -, A , I 3 ff , , 4 f ' 1 12? , f 4 y 1 1 My , fy 1 ' ',,, , -V , A I rn 5 V A ',',fLw' fL"7iQ"Xf?Q A"" '1 Ak ' 'ff 'Q 1 gin ', fi? "W 'W ' 3 5 ' I X Zmfiif 9" 6 ' Y, w. , ,fy L' ,f . 5.22, W yi 3,'g+Q5,, .12 wg 2 ' dk , ' gf , w,, ff , ""'i . Wh' ffyka Q A fg- Q if gif ! if , fg M W I . A 8 VV,,: A, - 121, , I J F ZW A w J 5? A I V' A I K l 4 74 n ' f' nf , I - I ,Z ' V5 if" EV '12 'LQ L,'fl'?:f,2'z A Q WV . Q , ,V f ,M 'f M Aw A ' , , I . n ,M w. if g ,, 1. 4 ' , ig ,. 75" 252, ??g:4,7w?f"fW ' Q f Q , ,ggfw V- ,Qpgff gg, ',,g5..', WT.- ,Q ' gy Y xv' 'gf f if Q 'Gr 136 ! Football Wildcat Countr QQ I 3 . Q il S kj f .. ,-.. . ff Q .." M i l r if , ., 'fi ? , 41" 'Q iw ,,,g,!L 5 'S if ,- , ww If if wgf1':?z:f'j ww, mg -Q , wx an 'M 'f 1 M Fans follow cats . . . Were you ever cruising down Shamrock Drive about ten o'clock on Friday or Saturday night this fall? If you were, you probably passed a blue and white activity bus composed of complete silence. That was the way it was seven out of ten times for the 1975 C-aringer Varsity Football Team. Recalling the plays that could have changed the entire outcome of the game, still so vivid in their mindsp the players were solemn. Butwhen the Cats pulled into the parking lot, wait- ing were several parents and loyal fans who tried to overshadow the bitter disappointment that lingered in the air. Exemplifying that ole "C-aringer pride" and remembering the potential of the team they fol- lowed, the fans were able to lift some of the frus- trated faces that filed off the bus. Losing the season's openers to Hickory and East Mecklenberg inspired the Cats to defeat Harding, 39-7, and arch rival Independence, 14-0. However, a big homecoming loss to Myers Park, 14-6, was to be a prelude to what was to come at a later date. 138 I Football FRONT ROW: Eugene Stitt, Gerry Turbeville, Billy Gardner, David Ethington, Chip Saunders, Clayborn Marshall, joey Blythe, Brooks God- win, Bruce Sullivan, Doug Riley. SECOND ROW: Robin Paul, Chuck Barclift, Mark Harris, john Lindsey, johnny Green, jeff johnson, Nick Economos, Chip Helms, Fred Davis, Greg Capehart. THIRD ROW: Coach Wright, Ned Yates - manager, john Holloway, Elviles Crosby, Bobby Lawhon, Dennis Vaughn, Charles Barrino, Vernon Martin, Sidney Cun- W M5 -Q, ,Q a ww' ningham, Robert johnson, james Galloway, Roland Harris. FOURTH ROW: Coach Godwin, Steve Lawrence, jimmy Coleman, Dewitt Little, Carl Herring, Alan Smith, Stanley Cunningham, Scott Huskey, Brick Smith, Scobey Suddreth. BACK ROW: Coach jones, lsiah Samuels, jeff Williams, Buddy Mulligan, Bruce Strickland, Don Yarborough, Bob Coc- hrane, Doug Gullett, Benny Deese, jack Brayboy, Sidney Smith. Football X 139 . . . Whether winning or losing The game against North Mecklenberg, predicted to be conference champs, on their homecoming was expected to be another long nightfor the Cats. However, during the middle of the first half Wildcat followers were on "cloud nine" when the Cats were winning, 14-0. But unable to contain North's passing game, the Cats left the field with a 14-14 tie. In most of the second half the Cats were unable to do anything offensively. With 5:16 left in the game North scored. But one minute and thirty-nine seconds later Quarterback Ronald Carriker scrambled 51 yards to make the score 20-21. Coach Wright decided to go for the two- E point conversion play that had failed against Myers Park prior to the North game. Running the same "play", Car- riker plunged into the end zone to make it 22-21. There was total pandemonium on the Wildcats' side! During the North game the Cats had been at their best and had shown everyone their potential. Unfortunately, the senior Cats witnessed their last victory in high school football. The trials and tribulations that come with defeat were to be their only memories. Even though there were a few disturbances among the players atthe end ofthe season, the Cats lostwith dignity. A t 1 4 X lj -fi' 9 3 f 4 " - M A " 1 .... , s L 1 ,f -' f .A ' ' ,,f' f ,-r.- ' vs ' , 3. 11 ,Ffa W4 , 1 .f,, xx K W Zh ,V V 'JA f i g I Mya, L, ti , . wT'f7'?lma ry yirwitrfiww ryr ' . . 6 ...i J' -5' - wg, ' if 1 A' I f , ' "auf , :: , 2 2 A f r' f fs' f f' W WWW fy M fi ' , ' , 6 Wwme I , A ' 4 M 1' ff, 34 S ?g9,W,f,yfgMgp,,47,3y,f 1,51 , L ww f. l W I ,WX MQW 255 gy? WZ ,, W, ,,,, Q Q Z Q f I gi M5 fy? , fi ' Q W WWE g f, My sg f -"' 4 ,,,, .. fl Wffi x Wi W X2 929732 W M W? W 2 W 4 yf af L X S GU 2 5 f W A f " Mi V ew W Q X ? . 2: ""'E.,5 , - 1 " -T! i1sgg4?ifMf",':5,:-2 F ' Z 255.53 W 'iw ' 5, "" Y rw' 1. ,4 2 EE fy V q,,,Q,4 W, M V ww, ,my ,M 1 x ,f,, , , ,Qi, LA,F A1 V4 ,V I H I V62 ,.,, if , Z Q V,,,'7A7LEf5i.v,, ,, f ,1:,"g':Lt 1H?fv46Z,g6??1ffM' fifiwf M7757 ', fQ7Y25'2WfG!",7:-tifw , z W' wfff 'ff' ' Wi! ff ' , Digi, H 'E ""' , , X ,, ' N , V V ' ' A ' N V163W077'Q-,?ZlfQTWZfMQ " '.-f". - f W''WHT-'I5?ffW'F Eff, 'W ff :wfff Nfl 'E f 'N f W 1 ., ,M I M1ffq,:w4f'f, if52fi"""'22' ,, , , ' ' , gas f ' ,Aw few, f .Wg V f E 63 , V , , , . ,, , ,, 191 M , , v ' : I ,,'pff1bg, 3,: f ,,w,,,q,g , f by H . 'f'a51 : 374 Jw:Z'U-':bfi'T4MP'H,:' ?'f7 7 1 Q , , .. , -- " f ,, .A I ' , f I W Mzfffwfm- 'U 5' ' ,z'amyqg-Wfpziwwizww f . 1 .. f A ' 'N , , f ,,,,, by ww nw " ' fraywwa4fff?ffe1:w,f,1,,Qwf'4w ,,,i,yJ'?'f'w:,,, , "fm :JJiw1f?v1ff,i A 'ffwfzliif f 1 , ' f 'W' f , A , ' m,f1a,gmg75,, 5 h,fgimfxe,,:I1w- uns, .sfqwgz 3 V -M wwf ' wffw ' f 351 ,H Mi' 'I ,,',, ,ag j ,LE ,,:, ,H ,,,, , , , Wfivm. f iff' 7 'iff ,fl ,r w 52 4 +234 f X V 4 ' 1 ' 4 ff 'W fx , V mm W 'SA if ,vw Q ffm M SR 'X Q WAX . 1. Stanley Cunningham QB, T 6'1 220 lbs. All County iNews, Ob- serverl 2. Bob Cochrane, DE 6'3 178 lbs. 3. Chuck Barclift, FB 5'11 170 lbs. 4. Roland Harris, G 5'11 170 lbs. 5. Scott Huskey, C 6' 172lbs. 6. Benny Deese, T 6'2 190 lbs. 7. Eugene Sitt, G 5'7185 lbs. 142 I Football Gllllllll GAHIHELW Fl I' I MA 'Fd tcc Q c e Iiriib 'Meli- a lj 0 '., ll NBER y 'e" sa. 'ggi-4m4w 1. 5113116131 . 'K . . fm I Trib , Q M 5' f Ma-a gif? 2 K S H f 'Q' xi Kahn' C 7 l if.il5Illl1'l'llsg f x ,, .fjlvl avg, 4 31 J. ,L 4, Mg V ., , W 5 lllmfll 6 Y , lack Brayboy, DE, OE 6'1 172 lbs. Mark Harris, G,T 5'10 178 lbs. Robert johnson, E 6'1 165 lbs. Chip Saunders, SF 5'6145 lbs. james Galloway, E 6'1 175 lbs. Carl Herring, G 5'11 V2 165 lbs. Sidney Cunningham, HB 6' 188 lbs. Football X 143 5 ll' ll. .lllzll lil , I - 1-A ..i.A . H . lil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 . johnny Green, E 5'11 150 lbs. Dewitt Little, FB 5'11 160 lbs. Don Yarborough, T 6' 230 lbs. Sidney Smith, DE 6'3172 lbs. Doug Riley, SF 5'9 145 lbs. Robin Paul, HB, SF 5'a 155 lbs. . Bruce Sullivan, DCB, SB 5'11 160 lbs. . Wendell Hill, SB, SF 5'7 141 lbs. Raw: V 3 J , 7" 'itll' 'S y , .42 H ' U, E ,515 J , J 'Q 1 Z ,l f wage. 1, f 1 1, X is ,V .,.. ,ir ,, , i V Q! A '2,'v , ' , ' 'iff ' , 1 ' ff A. wx, i , - fl W , Q . ' N f'11..- ,, - it -:5'9 ' ... 1 ' "-' A' , V A lllli x fl A: 'A X , . 4 -- ., .,, , . -' A , l Q ' . " ' 4274.1 .1 ,y 'NS 71 2 0 4 'llll ."'l' 1' YP X ' K.. it " Rl Wi' Kc t 3 , Lib r' if 4: Z9 W3 ll, f. f y y lllN5Bl f M - Elllllil l l 4 at yy E Us S . ,fx l ,A . D. fl' . M A " V ' , V fi , ,f A Q Q" W ' 4, PM ' 5 Zim ff 1, ' E? W 44' W ,H Qin 1 spa E Q' ar it K, ,X ri A K .,. W ,gg me - , - Q ,, - ww , G A V- A 322 3 A-'- iffw I ' ,f H , KK Q ,Y kxLL ,K N . ,lh I K , ,. ,. ff Q . .. - S, bl 3Qx:3Ki..g:Q?.Q.J , , F kk X W x K N .5 xx ,. -sfwfgwslz 1 ,hi VV .X fn xx VX fs , ,ik k.kk K' gg K K, wa' ' S A ' x 53 5 if I '95 S A nk- Q K : Q wi , 4- w QLXMQKK 5 K - . - ,, M" t 4 ,fl 1 3 'E , ,sr . ,,w..q.,:. . 7 ' .Ni X- ' 1 5 is ., .. Ks . K I, -Q vm.. J .L Q 2 if ' " f Ak ag k kk . K Q X 'S Swfi . , Q 3 'H' ? ' , Ng? .J , , 5 - - H . if X me S' h ' Y WI M A 2 vw Swv 'lf ww ,Kg , N. N f 4' ' I ' . ' , . I I1 LK 'h 4. , -. ., " 9' f W ' ' 7 'Z fQ,,,f A aww' ., V , W ', ' I fgv.1,,', 'ff TA AM ,W , rw fy ' M ' ,4 ,' jk I ,',, ' C U is A V,g, K. W , M , Nw 'wffrqwg-' 'Q rfiw' x uff'Qr4?' M Q ' A ' ' f a , ' ,, , " ' ,, ' " I ' U K, ,f. Tw:s,fwg,?"iL,?'+fg,'77fiiyff'1m?.4g4,'i2f 9 '-, fffr KU iv ' WWW' K yu -WM Aw , ww, ,, f' , ' K. ,Lv K 4,4 , ,,, -, .,, K, 'A 1" , , .V "f www! ff , ,MK Q' - - ,L ,4 , ,K 1 fw , , A 1 ,- WZ, f91'i " fVU 2'? ' 4 , ' f ' ""f' 'Y' T 1 , M- 0' ' H "'KM 'E' 7 ' V-1 'Q Ke' X , 'ff' -' !Z 'ffQ 1 ,-f,,z,,,, ,Aa W w yff ,., ' 1 ., L , 1 , "M y ' , ,W , zz , ' , A' S iv 'W' ' 'FW' A' ,1 gf., M gg A iyfmznww I -' 41 ,.,' , f fxmfpi' A M'iWJ,W ,. IfG,V',L N' I X' 'f if "f",.' f be :HW iw, A Z'g4',5. - 307 ,, , " ' Z ,44j,1yY'74y ,aff-V ,' My M "' M ' , 'F ffrlff wwwfvf ,rf V , M ,V M, Y H V 1 f " N ' ,'.f-y+f'f',,f,ff5:w in ' , V ' 4.7-V", A K,,, 'ff V' ff ff 'W ' WW ' " M , .W Y I ,, , -' ., I , ' ' ' A , ' ,, V 'ww' v Qs, V , W, MV we M- f -K ,W W, ,wWw,M1,,'A ,,,,?.,-:w.,,V,fWf , ' ' , ' , " ' . A' ' ' ffg5,,ji,g,f ' 5 "' A H ,QWWLYW M ,,Q,,f2W 'A - 'K WW"-ffv M I ,I " , Y El, ' lpylk ' ' ' ,iff , , Q' V " 5 KK V 4 gfgwg 1' f W 14' ,' 'v ,, A' A W 'f mzfwfw M 'fra 1, 'Jim ,, 7' f ff .Q ,,.,.J? W' uw ff' ,Maw "if 1 ' y . ...- -'fuss -,!""', Lil Football X 745 Wildkittens D0 It ll . . . Adjusting to the high school scene can often times prove to be a trying time. However, changing from an easy going pace in junior high football to the rough competitive nature of senior high football can be even more difficult. When a jayvee team, composed of players from three different junior high schools, are able to overcome such a change, a season record of 8-0-2 might be the end result. With the Garinger Wildkittens, that's the way it was. Superior coaching on the part of new head coach Rogers and assistant coach Hilewitz, combined with a rare unity among talented players, these were the essential factors in the first undefeated season in Wildkitten football history. The 'Kittens' explosive running game evolved around MVP Larry Brown and the defensive unit that "stuck", commanded by Tommy Brimhall and Charles Allen, were the strongest aspects of their game plan. Being able to "learn to live with success" proved to be a most enjoyable pastime for the club. Defeating a strong East Mecklenberg team, predicted to be con- ference champs, 19-0, and a truly competitive West Mecklenberg team in the last game ofthe season and championship game, both games 7-6, made victory sublime. 146 l 1. V. Football 4. it if ily ,il I , A , M 'A Q: Head coach W Rogers Ile NE' . t as w c I j M j A , l Ab Assistant coach 3 Q 5 E Hilewitz -.f .,j gag. 3 X -' b -of .. Q ki, .,r- x gi 1' .xi , 13,2 Ot FRONT ROW: David Brooks, Richard Riley, lsiah Thomas, Wendy Kiser, Scott Clayton, Tommy Brimhall, Kevin McDaniel, Gary Cupp. SECOND ROW: Chris Laster, Steve Helms, johnny Privette, Robert Wallace, De- vonda Stinson, Roger Deans, Rusty Washam, Larry Brown. THIRD ROW: Robert McKee, Dan McConnell, Fred Coleman, Charles Allen, Barry f ,vs ,MM ,, va we M ...f , , Sage s S T 5 X 3 AG se-sksegwipc "' ,N its ,y ,ef ki qi. by K T' 1 K wxt, X X: . N. . . , Q K Ve , L . X K, X ,A , , X Q 1 .. . ., .Q C ls Q. A ,hill lllilw. 1 A Wes iz X A K. lr s .Ss W , A' C A ",i is K A .ij as iai R ' ti 'T-rr Wi -. C., fww T. Qt. t Q ,, 1, W, af -V, 1- , -W,f' V hw! www Seate, Tim Lewis, Grady Walker, Darrell Smith. BACK ROW: Coach Bill Rogers, Barry Cupp, Bennie Hill, Gary Dunlap, Vernon Smith, Mike Murray, Kevin Holmes, Charles larrell, joey Cude, Billy lohnston, Assis- tant Coach Harry Hilowitz. 1 .Q . 'I ll xiii -V all il vt , A " H . Nw-4. Q 5, , . . , ss- f , S' '21, ff ,. ,.. 1 , fe ESX X emi SH ? 3. zzu am in nail iii x ft' i w V if .3 s Q ,M Y fi W J gm QQ.. 'Xgs: Q, K in, X Y 3 u JW' f' 2 ,V A ,f,y.Lf1W M 0 ,W Q M W FRONT ROW Eddie Hall Ronnie Easterland Danny Collins SECOND ROW lames Holland Donzell Leak, Frank Owens, Mike Allen, Chip ROW Bryan Little Mike Duncan Mike Calhoun Mike Arnold BACK Landreth CThe team was supervised and coached by Mr. Robinson.J Run . . .jog . . . pace yourself . .. take it slowly . . . echoed in the background of a typical 1975 Garinger Harrier practice. Participat- ing in such an individualistic sport as cross country requires a great deal of determination and dedication from each runner. logging every school day and on the weekends tested the agility of a Harrier. Never winning a meet during the season does not truly represent what each player gained. Being in condi- tion for another varsity sport and winning the battle against their bodies were victories in themselves. Winning didn't mean being the first to cross the finish line but just being able to cross it. Cross Country X 149 Best eason Yet The socks ended their regular sea- son with an impressive record of 7-3, their best season yet. The team got the season rolling with wins over Northside and Con- cord. After a loss to Independence, the 'Cats were up for the win over Myers Park. The Myers Park victory was the most outstanding game of the season since it proved how good the 'Cats could be. Myers Park went on to win the city wide tournament. Captain Alan Williams and junior goalie Mike Gillespie led the de- fense, which had four shut outs. The socks were led offensively by junior Peter Conn with 15 goals. Considering the youth of the team, the 'Cats offense was much stronger than expected. Next year looks to be even more successful than this year since many of the socks will be returning. 150 I Soccer ' .feta-f H , wa ma , 1, 4, - , it if . , T " . Q, ' , , Q w e ,wiwffw fgggiet ,mi MQW, , 'ff I 1 tg. ' f A-1 is A, 5? N Q-- ,1 N' .K-.. ,X F .4-f , . ,N A -f -Q.,-s U s ' K?-' iv-.ff ' f-' .sf z-'F X ' . ' I fri-3 1 ' -Bidi Q ' f , K ,J ' W- f C A ,ff Y M A . .W . .. A 1 . QML..suw,. .-'6"'.v .Ai . 'X V , M- X . X Mf w-MSM m.. , gb -2' 5' ,Ili X if if KL xv , ...L iw lj 1 1 " ' A as . - 'B i5-'w-Nfia, N "'f"'3 "",,Q..' ,- 'L mv-f iv f' . ""wn'. , My . S, , I - A fd i ..-Ibm-gs ,sw Mvvfba 1 M K N-.M-6, Q Y -- sg , W 'F XVV X, , J Q . " K ' Q 'W D ,L ' H", Q as I I ix 1. A -4,5 ', ' ......,3v Q any-fs' ,ga m .A 2 ,J F L AL K 'sq S6 ' A sew - J' Q V k - K w Y 1 .K A W Q N I QR , 'Y' M S 5 V, ,+ if A Q fe. . ' X -. -Q .. . gn ff, . + . - .V f .Q farm., - , X Q , L QQ, I . 5 31.1-N x J' Q V ' ff 3 . . 'V iw -Q " sf ke ,L if , L 4 ' an S 'f Q 'S is if ' if L w Q . "iw-wi 'wt .. is W .. Q X lg W. A iff ,. 5 mf- ww if ..,,. 'Hn kwa an A, V wfv if ,X ,,. Q-25259, Y. vv M .f M' .ff .W X W. 1. , vs mv 1. s Q 9 " fn Q g A .k if X 2 'R fi I1 , A .1 Q NL, ,I Y. 2, A 4:v?g15ff,mg J,- , ., gg Q, iv fig I'- W V Wfrgjg I A ' Q , 'Y , Soccer I 151 Qi, , AVL? Vfflh :,'V."ff'7I if CQDVW, ,,,',4M'1'n ' ' f If Mk WZ!!! K X f ' , H x f 'g ff, ,, ' f f ' ,, , , ,,,, , f ,, ,- ,owfaw MF? " , : A: Q' -, --65:23, ' SQXX W is I -kg... A Front row: Mark Kirkpatrick, Andy McCallister, Wagner Angelo, Bill Cal vert, jeff Bamsey, Peter Conn, Bryant Mende, Second row: David McNair, Buddy Adkins, Bill Kaucouliotes, Hector Venegas, Glen Ball, Alan Wil liams, Mike Graham, Third row: Carlton Clark, Gus Smith, Bill Watson Mike Gillespie, jeff Marus, Wayne Clark, Fernando Sosa, Scott Parrott, Back row: Coach Carroll, Mike Walker, Richard Williamson, Billy Plott, Tom Downs, Steve Morris, George Tatsis, Tom Hazelton. Soccer ! 153 Netters Progressing Rapidl In its second year as a Varsity sport, the Netters showed tremendous im- provement by a record of 4-5. The team had difficulty in putting it all together in their two opening de- feats to Myers Park and East Mecklenburg. As the season pro- gressed, the unity and spirit of the team began to come alive with wins over Independence, West Mecklen- burg, North Mecklenburg, and Hard- ing. The Netters were led by seniors Terry Frye, Sharon O'Neill, and most improved player, Linda Orr. Since many of the girls will be re- turning, the outlook for next year is hopeful. 154 I Tennis Girls' Tennis: FRONT ROW: Mary Kelly, Cindi Little. BACK ROW: Coach Hunter, Sharon Deal, Linda Smith, Jeanne Klein, Peggy Hatley, O'Neil, Linda Orr, Lucy Carlin, luanita Martin, Manager. SECOND ROW: Susan Prendergast, Sally Rodgers. Terri ambert, Terri Frye, lody jones, Karen X 1 Qigfi 'rrf if if ii'r ,A I X gli - ' 5 . a ... in Sr ff 1-55... .. R wg tx bi Tennis I 155 f efraww ,aw M Hunter' Back - Team' Read ! Front row: Buddy Adkins, William Fragakis, jeff Ballard, Scott Beddingfield, Toy Hinson, Brian Westmoreland, Rick Wilkie, jacky Chappell, Bob Francis. Back row: jim Hanigan, Coach joyce Hunter, Will Parks, David Poblet, Billy Plott, Benny Deese, Cooper Hancock, Russell McKenzie, Neal Painter, Max Henderson, David Hands, David Ethington, Clayton Marshall, Greg Washington, jeff Harris, David Floyd. The Netters were prepared for a winning season under Senior Buddy Adkins. These returnees provided experi the direction of Coach joyce Hunter. Returning from last ence and leadership while contending for the Champion year were juniors jim Hanigan, William Fragakis, and ship. 156 I Tennis xvvmx ,.,...,N.a-0-X Nw. ' -1. :..: A -f Q-now-'M .f. X wrkk 3' 'PQ' fgiwfei 1. wa ? . .aff wwswwgw' 4 w ..,h..N K 'ixw-My . . . X . S' X" I Xue .," i " A ., -, b. ' f . r.- 3? V,,h .. K' 1-we M L A M 'K kgh-g N Aw L A -K . , -M X,-,. .- f if,-sf, . ff-I - . - A gg , MH ,, ., f .. -- 152- - . - ,- . M N ,, L . gf f- L A . W.. V- , . m,m . - 4. M ......... . ..A., A--- -- ..'-' bc . L...... K K M .H K , A..A. - 5 W .K ..v'S..a.... W.,kk, - 5 I -- Q K' KM "kh L W- 'Wwe X "MS x f ...M-4+'M'l"' U "gh N - M' ., wwf' K ,.,..,.i. M K Www. K, .L.... .M J KAKKBD ., Q, . f ' X W. .M ....,. . W..- Q W' Xl .. as A M aw 'W' A ff" QQ .. - . Q. .' .b Ef f A QS "' YAAA .954 ' ' - ' - , . E. ','L f - . .. 5...f3lr"Sf?-3.m:'x+.'Q'Xf?5g4fT?'f" U ' ' , . ' . ffn,XW5i'k . - - -'-- Q.. ' -1,w'4s,m1'fvs. LN - L'L - P. ...ff ,..- x g . .,Sgf.if? qggw-dj' .Q xfi5,Q...Q- wwf. 5 - - " 2 3-1 - 3 4 K W N n f N . A w w wwf. g - - ..,- f .Q . , J XY If ln if I K ' Q- ' .. K . ..,. - ,t xx' - . ' 5 1 -sm R ' . Sl f - . . f xx Q sb ' af ,sk xi W sr N . .Q Q 3 ' 'fi . Of Q Q K5 , 1: Q as ' A 'S' W mx X X N X ,g ...MS We ."L .... . -gi, x K K V ., . L K .5 ilk tv. ,.... ,,:- i .... A . f , WR I X . . i J w f Tennis X 757 One's effort ii iw lv iii My specialty is crossing hurdles I must be able to sprint and leap, My specialty is the shot put I must have super strong arms, My specialty is pole vaulting I must soar as does a bird, My specialty is the mile run I must be able to endure, My specialty is the dash e I must be quick and always ahead, My specialty is the high jump I must leap like a frog, My specialty is coaching track ... -I --. as Q v I must make these specialists all-vw '4 . - , . t rs. R is CD CD I-is 99 Ph Q ei- H CD el- S if fs, I I I sf F of a--s a winning track team. atv ' . cs-so Q. -, T La: -..-M ' . 758 ! Track M 4,3047 M W M 1, ,, N , . " ' " F QW, 'a,4,,.m- . 'mf' L' My si , - ef f... ' 1, if 5 "ra, 3 a Q .7 - .. I . I f..f , fr ,, 4 lffjy,-Lying ' ' 4 ei, 4 ','f,-,- we A '...- 15. A , -pm, , V+.: W 'i , J, ,Rf K' -g F. V ,s ,, sy, '.f wa., f A f 'w.,.l1+Qw..g'f, ,Lf',q.1,,u 'M ., -.,, -,A . ,.. L , M1 -, ,LM Uses. ,IQ-L. , ' I ,, ,W A W, ,A 5 ,M ,""'f"f- 141' 359 Q? Q QA 'W ' 31? fd w 31' A, ' ,ww ' 12' Vw A A ,vw ,f y Ai ,A M W ,,., ip? , , V A A ' ,Q f WMI. K ,si 12 ' 'Ti-ie, 1 A ww xr' , z' 5 PWZQQ A gg. 1 , . 2 ' ,6 J,z:'q,,,v 2 L :Q - nw gf' T41 M Z M54 K "Z, V A A I M lyffg f 533, gf: .- 153 - "2 -," K W A - A ,A 1 :ff '- , ' ' W"k , ' M , Q 3 I . aw. ,..,,. w,,,f4,-yn n. Aw ,.f- Y, -,A J AY, if ff -A , f AmVA x A .AQ , .,,' ',',' ,L,',,, A , w F ,f rbi,"-KLA ,,ff X yrs, fwj' A, L "" I '1:f:f5?:'3l9f12f9T!,1e f 9fS5fm'f?V?kv3A'EM,'hfeffw'2':A,1w ,A ,, , A 'Vi' 'P' ' A 1'fe'i9f'i'5ff3f5, -Miz fax f Q fr, A ,A , vrvk M M 4 r 1, SX ff Viv? , X j Track f 159 NW l QQ Relay Team 549 bw .. ,S .. SQ x Q. Y. i Q .433 'Sm N 'N .Xi Q 760 X Track lan Hall, head coach - Girls' Track joe White, head coach - Boys' Track if ','i .. W, .., f 'CQ U 4, I 'Q ' i., ,.,' , ..,, H 4 is 1 fs., l x x ---,f f l f Front row: Wayne Strong, jeff johnson, Roy Postell, jeff Wil- liams. Second row: Brian Shaw, Robin Pauls, Roger Mayer, Alan Williams, Walter Twitty, Benny Hill, Grady Walker, Don Avant, Elviles Crosby. Back row: Coach White, Tony Wright, Ricky Price, Steve Kent, Thomas Tomczak, Charles Allen, Mike Duncan, Dewitt Little, Greg Capehart, johnny Williams. Track X 767 ,X - Mui 162 I Golf Front row: james Cato, Mark Cooper, john Lindsey, David McDuffie Rusty Washam. Back row: Alan Goforth, jeff Ramsey, Billy Calvert George Monroe. f 'raw qwwhwr A ,.. , ,, 4 QA . . L -1-fs-1 .T -.,.,,,-,yktlj K Q. A - KK -' . ' 1 sf t is - - Y 'k'k A -' ' S f i "YW-'SF 275571: jf .. .. .Q if ,E , g it A N , . . L .,:. 1 ALA, 5. . Y A ,WM ,W i . . P'-aYrJrfWK-f2+.sfi,- f-K uf. K .s ' L V Q 'if ggrqg, 'L ,s'Q.i4,4 ,, ,. U' . - -K I . k K- -KK-fi K .SK A ' ' LK ir: iv- QR ,Q , -2 156 Y K - e- , A ffwsfi-Q ,f-fx-to gif', s gy- ,M-.iff-fr des-,y.sssf.ff -K., 1 KI'-E E ag-fr-it - -i fK ggtzifl, f'1M.'QH-'1'Kg. "lm Q ,-..'1gVT,'-,ffiif 'E J' K, , .11 2,.K-KS1we'R.1f'a.iF 'Q ,g il 1-j.K.K':ivq-2 2 ttf A I5 se L- me ?l"ff - Kf-iixm-3 wsu, XK - .-sim. , fzfs , -in Ke wg ,ffl 'K s wffsi-,s,5,f,gi. .ww ,,5,si-wgrags K gf . . sf 1- aff-QMQQ Kff2mi'i.qs.:?5fig4-Q4 5533: - rg. . 2 , - e gg- K. 3gwQg.rsKi i??l:3'if.ihgf3sgg'i2w,s..'- - K ,,.., N, V. L ,M-s.,.,a.a,,. .,. . ,Mg ,K .. J, A X. .V..,,5 waz' V. if fsisa-gg f' -2: ,KK F-stil--fiafKsK-K-w'-VK? fgwfvi KL' KK ' L-fkgfi-Mig - ' -K KK fr 5, a4sfg5:g3g51NX,: WS' 'ff' lfnfii K. 'fpif ' I Q , , Ki . H .mlm ' -L A . A KW Y . ll - KVI' M HY' 'A :L K Q3f4'm'g,12:,5e 'f'ff - ' ,rw .WK-2u.f'f-i,sK 'IV E .-0 . f " KKKKK , s.' K K . - X' of -- f . .. my ,, - H ' " 3 K w,. .- K- . K L ,g.,-5--K,-N . 1- T-wwf dg,e,.,s-4.--,Q Ars- ,fajisk fff-, -. V3 . f- V -ww .-1 -wi KW -,-.Q,Q,3rta--tifm-f V- ff- -Q fl gf' ,..'i+sK:i..2g-K--.Weis KW'--slassvfif. .f . -Q-wry-ir -Keg-KKif'K L, A my K ,:s3v+f,gsfe-',.51St.fn3z.+-1-,gs-Qisgvfitx 1. ., ,sg -ff-w,y-g-fg,g-++gK- 1--5-,mf -1 Q V f,g,,,,-5- g,,.,s. it ,ip -4- Wg, if 'i 1 1 Qi - . . iw- if -igslwg :fi-W we ap!-wlfli'-ff2 5--vw., iff:-HV 'f-few.-fggafiaggafs. safr , M-..--lQf:7'i.-i gk sf . , 'f f 1 'ff-9 ig+v:wfff.g.g i 5 5. ifjji. Kff ,-sie is exif iffgsf--2 as , . . z'fM's-,W-1-fs-if W' isis, f 'ix-msg? g,g.5g,gi-ggmsiafrg fqsgf-2E1?iQiqXi'?Sf'Pf 2-,rf'r?2' The Duffers of Big "G" under the -if watchful eye of Coach Bob Godwin, s hope to be in high swing this year. Heading this year's golf team will be juniors john L indsey and David McDuffie. The Duffers hope to "Club" their way t pionship. o the state cham- Coach Godwin K f- Golf! 163 Frontrow:DonnaGreen,Gay Rice,Terri Frye,leanne Klein Wanda Nlcholsen Ann Sherill Backrow Reggie Hilton Tammy Hardee AnnelleMorcock Tammy Kiser, Pat Ellis, Terri Lambert, Sheila Sharon Mitzi Gathlngs Coach loyce Hunter Garinger Sweeps to Title Once again Caringer Girls' Vol- leyball Team won the Southern 4-A Conference Title. Defeating East Mecklenburg, 3-2, in the semi-finals, the Wildcats were paired against North Mecklenburg in the final round of play. leanne Klein and Gay Rice were named to the All Confer- ence First Team. The Spikers ended their regular season with the record of 7-2 under the direction of Coach Joyce Hunter. 164 I Volleyball V'2l?tf45?7"? ' iw! MQ' 2 wvz ' - ' , g,.,,,,, W, ,V ,nz 'aw cf Q 3522611 if : 551 xi Vgpgfqggxgagl. , , zQ??fgmY,.f2:,f. kr, - . f '25-,f?f"N V' V,,V 7 75,5 k.,. ,Viv ,f"1 42 vw f'-. V. Q f LA 1 kk' 'nw kj I 5 M-ff' ML" 'f A , i fyyy. M 'uw 3 , , , ,W ,,w..W,.W,,Wg.W 1 S M5 E 5 K W , , Y Lv as Mwealf' Volleyball l 165 Get up for the Wildcats The Varsity Basketball team started out winning with a splurge of excel- lence. Opposing teams were unable to contain their accurate passing, superb shooting, and tough, sticking defense. The average spectator was sure to see a thriller when he found himself in the middle of a Wildcat contest. One was able to witness Ronnie "Moojoo" Little busting the basket for 36 points, Frank "Tree" Owens blocking shots back and forth, Fred- die Lee Hanson throwing unbelieva- ble passes into the middle of a crowd to Brick Smith, and Brian "Twig" Lit- tle sinking his aerial twenty footers. Wildcat reserves entered the games relieving their fellow teammates, with enthusiasm andl true aggres- siveness. If one found himself falling asleep, he was constantly awakened by the firey voice of Coach john Robinson and the overpowering enthusiasm of the Garinger fans. 166 I Basketball '32 ff? 0 sz""'Q""-m.,,., a Basketball X 767 Wildcats Come Alive ww '52 Z2 A I - - "W -an ,R Front row: Sidney Cunningham - senior captain, Brick Smith -junior captain. Second row: Larry Brown, jacob johnson, Stanley Cunningham, Assistant Coach Bill Rogers and Head Coach lohn Robinson. .K y j NSS? i ,cess - - rp 91" -gi ' ...arf Claude Covington, Donzell Leak, Frank Owens, Mike Allen, johnny Witherspoon, Ronnie Little, Fred Hanson, Larry Ashmore, Bryan Little. Basketball ! 169 T. Sfmw ds 170 X Basketball .1 """""v-mf., i WM Wawbfw WW wW Zzwqdyw Il il so o :s E NP: Z3 5 Fred Hanson guard ar ,J MW-WWW !f"p4' ...-1" 172 X Basketball T Stanley Cunnmgham guard! 2 4 5 7 MM? haf' 11' vm Sadneyflunnlnghanl uard MW... l A RK r,.o 3 -3 -5 in-194 Front row: Bill Newbold, Micah Lee, Chris Fitsimon, lack Howell. Back row: Tommy Brimhall, Charles Mobley, Kevin McDaniel, jeff Kirkpatrick, Fred Coleman, Billy Fortner, joey Cude, Mike Calhoun. , swl"",f l,k,. is Jayvee a ketball j.V. Basketball X 173 KJ!! li fzapugv 2.."t'v ...z lx!! l 174 !j.V. Basketball V mv 71 3 Being unable to execute the right plays at the right time, doomed the jayvee basketball team from the start of their 1976 season. Under the supervision of Reed Hilderbrand, the Wildkittens suffered several defeats that were determined at the buzzer. Nd kv- Head Coach Reed Hilderbrand and Assistant Coach Rick Butler Wildkittens lose despite effort has-r Even though their overall record might make one thinkthey fought for a losing cause, we all know they fought for a winning and lasting cause, Garinger High School. WW mmwwwm Sgxtgt . ' 'yr 1 ' ss-if - x I it- sg" 215: ft ' 'NQQ'-N-. WNQNWNNMNN. if 4' JN-x-, E WQX . ,, P Qi 'AW :iff Va- "fray f,:'35,f'T3 gg 'S 'WSL VWN X21 www' ' 'hwjgrbpaag J' 3555" Qiefii UW? '3 .' ,t .X -.J 'Q -u Q Q w,4fg.nihudn-in ,W """ N' ' .Z 176 I Baseball aww X . 1 S f' -I D -Mus, . f .'V I J 5:,..- fm, -of ., ' '4- .nw , "fu, ' N' ' . .:, - 7 ., f1-'gl.' - , T:fxf.f3j' 4, , V-I 1: jg H f N. Ul'Fl6,,Lf4i .T vf 1 M' -. .Q .f .a ,,-54 My H ., . M: 1 rw +f,,w.M f V 9' ,K M.. A' C- Z, f1'f7..g:J'?-'i 'fi fb "'1-f..YL?-T' 'ri 1 'A"' 5"""fg ffjfi ' ""f'v if . ' . 3 W , My XM 3 , Q f , 4 X G , W I' J. "' Q. x .f 4 r if Y 'IQ N U gwswsw -- K- rfvwwzw I Y- Q- . 'ws-xx Q 3 . ' f ' QW- "" A . K QQ W "ff 3 ' -f fr -11' Tfff rl ' l . g . l ,,. .S ...Ay ff .?KKK 3 E E r --X smg..,,,,w. , .Q-sm - -- - Q- -- ' M , A . Q -L ' K... :,, 4 'hug . f 'ii K V ' gifs . 6 PW- W? - - " :WGN ' - -. .. -.ue .: . ' ' z ..- " ' ' K ' . - " , ' ' , - N- 1 ff -- L f f . .. .f,.,,f-we-1' -5 - V Q- Q" - seg-K ' --Q. m . . - 1 - -- , . - -' A gjyfvi Q, ,.. . A , M ' ' . A I W 1-15 X 4-g . K A . K 3,-igykefjgfff-.-pq,gq-.. Q-gwi . -gi, , ' ' W f . 1 " Qi-I-'fm -, 'fi - .ww - , ,, w -. -,W f f-- ' Q- fr . .b--f51x,.f- . K ' ive f- - 'L -- A' W -Z' A K . " -. 'fl W- . ' " ' A 5 M uw- . f-, . N" -.JJ K f A gi K K' ' ! A V' L . ' T1 'K-:riff--A ' i. " W S .5 ,f N A K , , - .,,. Q-.-Q? . 1--' "K-D' W -xg 5,4 -. we - . , QW K. , KKK KK. My 5K --- KK -Q ,K , -Q, KK .1 3, Q, as W -R '2 Fx VS,-4 -f .. -. P K mx - ,.. -'gif vw., 4-,y .W eve- K ,. ,-, f., .- - K K K Rx KK AN.mPsf,KKK .K KY Y V an . , ,K 43: K . K K .. f KK-jam K.3,KK . Ti.-.Q 35.3 K ' k R A k MW 'S' A - r , . ' 'na 5 iw .Ka -Q . Baseball X 177 'lr First row: jimmy Lowery, Scott Currie, johnny Green, Chuck Barclift Brick Smith Don Yarborough Hector Venegas, Brian Little Second row Ned Yates mgr., Bobby Lawhon, Fred Davis, jeff Hamrick, Chip Helms Charles Biddle Billy Binkley joey Blyth Henry Lackey Third row Coach Tomanchek, Scott King, Van Smith, Scooter Smith, Frank Owens, joey Cude, Gary Slade, Larry Brown Coach Edwards The baseball team expects to have another winning season this year. Several lettermen will be returning and Coach Tomanchek's Wildcats will be sure to dominate the league. ..s . , -. Q ' K- ffisffw - may f-sz, .1 rx vs sk' -: fr f - ..',-i, 'Q5,- 5, . Ma f -- ' 4 .-IR,-"fr f. .- Q as Jisffzsgf '-is-i:'fE'S."'a-.ti-wflarliii r-"f... " 2:-katrzwfsii f , .. 33 ,. . asia' Qtxgfwkk .1 -15:5 Qs fffxg , ,v'.?. s.u ' I Sf 555535555-:":'-Y"' sg?f:?9sfsSs 'I .if -,, . QE" 455' 1 Kg '-' Y Twig 'i'f5:?a :: ,jf T in. ' 'f"iXfi45- ' i . T ' " 'QS .gli - S f . 1- - - .5 h do f " - is . 1' 'Jay A 5. .3211 my is S A . .W we 1, ,A ., . if .L -- .Q . . . . - in i .A Xi ' B B , - , " ff . W - 5 1 V . casa..." ' , , 11" a9t:fA-2g1+4,.2f-- j,,,- e:i:f'?'a. Q I M . ,fs-1 'fx . 1-lbw?-A . f' .area M was 'W' f- - ss . a ff M fatal' 1 1' - zofmff fa-ag at-L M--me--mf .' wf-:gif-cc A 1 fi M, . ,M , , 5 atiffjggss fg,f.:.--?sv- .fu .Q aes-a:..f,.,, - ,-an ,. - .uw N. k 3- My'f, 3 W ,Q as L M figs - f ! as - -- g N f " L ai wait 'f .s,.s1..a. w'. .. .. 'Sf N. psf, ' L I. ,- . 178 X Baseball Varsity Baseball '7 6 Cats Take to the Water Front row: Coach Vicki Schliestett. Back row: Laura Rogers, Chris Fowler, Susan Frye, Ricky Burks, Mike Orr, Tommy Stanley, Ronny Burks, Steve lackson, Mike Murray. This year's addition to the Garinger sports scene was the men and women's swim team. Ms. Vicki Schliestett led her charges through an impressive sea- . son. The practices at lohnston YMCA paid off in satisfactory re- wards for the women. They proved that in the aquatic world women are not the weaker sex. If this year was any indication of wnat is to come then Garinger will be proud of the "Catfish" during the seventy-six, seventy-seven school year. 'nw-WN' f .fr- v4f'mwAs-ffwiiyffma ,..W.. Matmen have successful season The Garinger Matmen ended their season with a strong 8-4-1 record. They were led by senior Steve Mims, who had only one loss, and who wenton to win a medal in the City Tournament at East Meckenburg. Coaches Sean McCormick and jim Carroll had pre- season hopes for a good squad since many of the wrestlers were returning. juniors john Holloway, jeff Shirley, and jimmy Lowery were assets to the team. The team looks for a winning team next year with more than half the squad returning. ix ,fp -...X I is Coach Sean McCormick Coach jim Carroll Front row: Eddie Hall, Scott Selvy, Billy Love, jimmy Harris, jimmy Lowery, Patrick Henderson. Back row: jeff Sinclair, Tony Hyatt jeff Shirley john Holloway, Chip Helms, Buddy Mulligan, Steve Mims. 180 f Wrestling 4? if , ' Q W 44 if I, 71 I i - Wk"Wm21f5m:a w , V V ' f h' 57? , Q W ,, , , L ., ,,,.u . , ' ' ' 'W ' , ' " , - w WW' ' ff-mf, ",w,,,..,,.f V, . ,, ' fy? MQ: .wg ix j..,- ix .h .gf , . K Q pf 4 km. , ,-W.. . Q .Q -yy gl Q Wd' is ,U- x . 'fs . ,Qg WM? A ,, ,f -M. .W -5 . :f-f..sf'Q -., - .. sg-gif -5 'j it 'mx , -"41-lign K5-izfl k V X' 5 X k 'SQ .v ,, Q N Wrestling ! 187 'Y4 , an Y Front row: johnny Privette, Chuck loyner, Tommy Stanley, Rusty Fowler, Charles Davis. Back row: Tim Lewis, Marty jones, Harold Miller, Eric Shirkey, Donnie Love, Wayne Clark. M I in j,,u...s S K. it- xff. lx V ,g -3 A.: V . Q1 , Q 15' as ' V -- . t.. , . . . . . .,f,x,..,...,.. ,. wt. . s N. ,qu y.. as +' .V . f Q ....- Top L: Was I supposed to wear blue or white socks. . .gray socks? Bottom L: lthought the pep rally was in the gym. Top R: Happy Birthday, Sweet Six- teen. Middle R: I had it on at the end of the first quarter. Bottom R: ...put your left leg out and shake it all about. .. vm., ....-we ,,y.W,,,.,W, My aww MM ,,,,,,.,,, wwwwwf, 7 ff. aw R t 1 Go get 'em Cats! C is for cheerful which we must be even when the team is losing. H is for helpful which is someone who spills food all over your uniform be- fore a pep rally. E is for everything which coordination is to a cheer- leader -imagine losing it for a mo- ment. E is for eager to get to a game on time you risk a speeding ticket. R is for remembering what uniform to wear so we don't have a multicol- ored squad. L is for late night study- ing which happens a lot in the life of a cheerleader. E is for early in the morning when you have to call and find out about the schedule you for- got. A is for aggravation - that's what our mothers feel when we practice at home. D is for duty which calls when your stomach is upset, your head throbs, and your feet ache. E is for easily budgeting time which never works out right. R is for ready when your school needs you. 184 X Cheerleaders --an 4-tif Varsity iff-. ae: 1 k A.. tl A fl .i K J' ll 9 ,sf r Q iii f, ' ' if 5,3 F Mrs, Corri -er, s, . 5932 . by-t .graph Advisor c M rrl' ,. . 1., .. -rw-mango , V .f fw,w- - . fi ' - K 'ff t. A-t..s.,lfgLfe wi f'Liff.V.551Ess?f? ' W e X A 'MW 'S 'Wg t . t , .. .5-Et. X i M smxx Q A t X Q. . 5,51 -V-:T -K , my F, 6 z f Q-W 1 Y X Kei ala vz, I mf - ,'ff.?'5.?.' .:5"E"s:Z: - ' E. .., ,.t..,. ,..... E 3 .-..,., , ?t gif. wikdllf .ta 'i 2-' 1 ' W f sittin 'fpl '-fffiiiai fr -v ...-QQ 1. 1233523 f. - -N21 1 2112, 'L ' 1 1 . N 'l Q ' W. ,.., Q . . ' ' i Q, :rw ---- -. t. . . xi i. :VV e ..., TL A - X..-. '2'f' x- S . . .,.. .. w g we e -sf T 5 X www . K S f k. . X : . fx . wi? 9 :1 X: f is w w Vgxr V 3 Z VV LV V. 'wif A H , e ,l1 Q i:,. 1 ' Q ' e we F2 2 x ,7.V E? x 5 E ,ag ' V, .XXM :QQQZI V i Wfy. ' M f W F9 J f Q? 3 Y 9 i if 2 ef 'fe , f i- ' f i 9' fi ,AV V V V ., , V e e e eg Q f Q ,4 4 4, V , ' ' ' V H X. - "?' , , V VV VV .V'V' V ' ix 5 V V V 1 f , 1 A VV V VVV V V M V. VVWV W , F , I JM Qu V i . ,' 2 ' lg I A,, 'f Cheerleaders X 785 Junior S J r McCullough W 'tl if ilu-I tg mm 3 A aj ' W v M , ' -Him, H s aye 186 fjunior Varsity Cheerleaders T r cy Rion ,fn ' Varsity Q,--""", ,- 9 3 .W Q as A Q-B Q v Q 4"""z A,...... bble Bailard A mn" .Mi , whiff 'H , t, if ff g ': WI, Viv' W i H e -.1 mf -. Dm U we EV.,-f' Top Cat Q 4? Sid Cunningham - Basketball These outstanding athletes have excelled in their respective sports. They have contributed to their teams on and offthe court or field. These Top Cats have been chosen bytheir coaches keeping in mind that all athletes representing the school are all supercats. 188 I Top Cat N f W as ft - Q S if t Sgr ll t PK ' I"'I as X QQ .,, .ga vi M S Terri Frye - Tennis Stan Cunningham - Football .wi r in Wye . M 5, l W? f' f Eli ZR NWN' Z ,Jaw V Mike Allen - Cross Country Steve Mimg - Wrestling leanne Klein - Volleyball Alan Williams - Soccer 33 EW' HS E 'NSI X Q. at 91 Wfigyp Qui f - it f 'W' Varsity Football Garinger 0-7 Hickory 0-7 East Mecklenburg 39-7 Harding 14-7 Independence Homecoming 6-14 Myers Park 22-21 North Mecklenburg 10-14 Olympic 14-35 South Mecklenburg 17-35 West Charlotte 19-20 West Mecklenburg Overall 3-7 Wrestling Garinger 28-26 190 f Scoreboard 24-36 49-15 24-44 27-27 48-15 51-12 49-21 36-31 32-27 46-19 23-40 51-12 Ashbrooke Myers Park West Mecklenburg North Mecklenburg Harding Hickory East Lincoln Independence West Charlotte Olympic South Mecklenburg East Mecklenburg Hunter Huss Overall 9-4-1 layvee Football 1975-76 City Champions Garinger 6-6 Hickory 19-0 East Mecklenburg 12-0 Harding 21-14 Independence 14-0 Myers Park 6-6 North Mecklenburg 35-7 South Mecklenburg 19-14 West Charlotte 7-6 West Mecklenburg 7-6 West Mecklenburg Championship game Garinger Overall 8-0-2 Girls' Tennis 9-0 Myers Park 7-2 East Meck. 4-4 Harding Garinger Girls 20-63 25-74 25-31 39-44 5-4 West Charlotte 0-9 West Meck. 6-3 Olympic 4-5 Independence 1-8 North Meck. 9-0 South Overall 5-3-1 Swimming Boys Hickory 32-77 Spartanburg 23-68 Independence 23-31 East Lincoln 34-93 Overall 0-4 layvee Basketball Garinger 52-57 52-54 41-54 52-75 61-64 53-60 45-69 79-62 43-69 71-58 59-54 43-62 54-76 54-66 61-66 54-71 55-65 57-50 53-60 63-65 Bowman Bowman East Mecklenburg Harding Independence Myers Park North Mecklenburg Olympic South Mecklenburg West Charlotte West Mecklenburg East Mecklenburg Harding Independence Myers Park North Mecklenburg Olympic West Mecklenburg South Mecklenburg West Charlotte Overall 4-16 Soccer Garinger 5-0 Northside 8-0 Concord 0-3 East 3-2 Concord 3-4 Independence 2-1 Myers Park 7-1 Olympic 0-4 South 2-0 Myers Park 3-0 West Charlotte 1-2 East ttournamentl Overall 7-4 Garinger 71-56 90-57 80-60 75-77 Holiday Tournament 68-48 " " 60-54 58-54 77-63 78-65 overtime 110-1 09 53-55 52-73 59-68 82-67 83-85 53-56 overtime 64-58 68-63 79-83 1 11-74 69-74 72-64 Conference Tournament 76-79 54-59 72-74 Caringer 3-1 Overall 15-10 Varsity Basketball Bowman Bowman East Mecklenburg g Harding East Mecklenburg South Mecklenburg Independence Myers Park North Mecklenburg Olympic South Mecklenburg West Charlotte West Mecklenburg East Mecklenburg Harding Independence Myers Park North Mecklenburg Olympic West Mecklenburg South Mecklenburg West Charlotte North Mecklenburg South Mecklenburg Harding Girls' Volleyball 1975-76 City Champions Harding 3-0 West Charlotte 3-0 West Mecklenburg 3-0 Olympic 3-0 Independence 3-2 East 0-3 North ' 3-0 Myers Park 3-2 South Tournament Garinger 3-0 Myers Park 3-2 East 3-0 North Overall 11-1 Scoreboard I 191 Existing in a limbo of childlike fears and adult aspirations - Sharing the same basic dreams as the seniors of years past And promising, as did they to fulfill the hopes for - tomorrow . . . 4Q".gM E IOR fx N L10 enior Class Officers 1 Left to Right: johnny Green, Theresa Rorie, Cheryl Smith: Kneeling: Paige Hudepeth and Paulette Redfern. 794 I Seniors Class O 'FMKQIW' elizabeth joanne adcock trilby lynn alford gregory Curtis anthony ja vvhar ba dran , , 'N , 1' kt, vanessa agurs lydia alcala 'sap' Mnm 3 ff' Cynthia larue allen lolita dolores amessa sidney david arceneaux Cynthia anita armeen resa lynette ballard tammy ruth barbee deborah ann alexander ronald james anderson Sylvia armeen 1: milisa june alexander , . A . ,f s anfift' ,Q Fav. u t -' V johnny reed annas ' Qi donna denice aycoth Seniors i 195 gisele fran ces beford sheryl lynn bodack james william booth dawne ellse bost ferry milton boyd robert manning brand jack simeon brayboy wendy carol brooks ,f'x " ll' Q fl marilyn unita brown kendra jean bryant RM- N! V II . f fa ti" ,M-tw ' ...W.,.,,o,- .A R sv-me ,wa-v' 1 1 49' a schwester Carrol brewer timothy brewer charles payne bridges billy walker brock F 3 aaron brown dorothy elizabeth brown eddy blaine brown lisa kay brown N ' -, hu' 535' ' A-42:3 W ' 1y"s,,Q . . W ff' fa., V i V. V , ft' ? Q xef - 5 l A peter william brown roger brown valerie loretta brown veronica denise brunson fa M! bryan lee bungay ronald harvey burks Cynthia dawn burris joy ann butler Seniors l 197 mack donald Caldwell william david Casey kyi hong Chin is x robin Clarke 798 l Seniors .M Tl william benjamin Canipe kathy elizabeth Cassada lin da elaine Chris tens en kimberly annette Cline james edward Carelock 1 :ga alice Christopher loretta Cochrane ki J jack miller Cathey KJ J david wayne Carter susan diane Chastain Cynthia dianne Clark teresa anne Collins paula denise Carter Lax patricia lorena Cheek james Carlton Clark vickie lea Conklin ' A V i wr . Aff? gr teresa laurel Cook norma gall Cooke vanessa lynn Cooper Curtis sherwood Corder Claude franklin Covington I If -bf.. ,Jn 2 gf' i. ,mmm melissa jo Crump sharon lynn Cude Sidney Cunningham stanley Cunningham mary ann Curlee svn- 'X' 0' A' 0 vxh ' 4 L x 4 4, , Cindy daniels sharon daniels lisa kay daugherty pamela davenport barbara lee davis jacqueline elizabeth davis Seniors l 199 .U joyce elaine davis earl mills de tter karen denise duffell darrell gordon dye 200 l Seniors lewis wilson davis patricia ann davis tanya davis bennett vernon deese ,,,.,i1pi fn-,. Q--N, angela maria dickey robin dotson thomas rea downs cathy elizabeth drew 'iv' -'-sul' -w-.5 1'-9 QQQ if , gp I d d dean clark dugger janetta ann dula christopher dunlap sherra ann dunn if fx i"' i F!-""',, N A 'E 'K .Jig ronnie james easterling virginia ellsworth lorraine margaret emory samuel george emory S PM 1' i' ' rin .,.. W ,. :fi X NL Q: ' ' A i an -in I, xr, Pm i' 1- 'H V T 1 'F-3. F 1 ,MJLFK Q .ii . Ji- init .gf '-Hn. W ima . QI s-4' ' ' . V Y il, '-,f.," ,.,'v". Q l I - 11-' " 'K Mig 'K 1 '- 1 . x 3, 4' 1 i Il..A gb, 3 f D 1 ,L ,, vp- w '-4 N2 J. S sf' 4, 'Q f ' Q " 34. tx. J 1 M V lm.: D O W V, fury gi ' M1 'Y . .I A 11 ax ' 'film Q wfegklg, :22 . .'f'1j3' r 'ff' 3372 rtrifffifti 2 4-. -11 Lb? V 'Q ' if! fu ,.,,- fl , 21111 1 ' -4, .mas '+f'."va2-'-Q, tg?" ,.,f.i.- , , ."' ,Q K 'J ., . " . .k,.,,m,3,! E A V I .1-by if ,x 'f, A: I ' frnfvel ,1x 'P' t j jf L41 , a L i QA, fl . ,x , ' W' M it l lg l ""'M'- ' i george fulwood patricia jane furr 6 'mt , it jill anne gardner russell gardner lisa karen gaye william lindsay gibson . 4 A melanie wrenn godwin timothy dale goodman 202 l Seniors aw' denise gaines brenda diane garris timothy salem gill peggy ann graham betty colene galloway W5 james galloway his donald ray gaskey 'X ,M WX' . .. pearlie lavern gilliam john franklin green lucy marie gatlin jeffrey lee goble . wt 2 if K v yxpw Q i . , ' . 5. ff ' W U i A mal edmond green ,,WwW' Chard lee green elizabeth anne greth judy dale grice linda Carol grifhn terry lynne grooms 'MPW -'Hmmm 34 , .,Mfj . r, 44f:Qi3 1' nl . -at patricia beatrice haga christopher ross hall karen gall hammontree gordon brent hancock david allen hands patty laverne griffin n 9. keith rezna gunter martha lynn haislip lori joan hanigan Seniors l 203 Q holly Iinn hardin sandra denise harris beverly sue hathcock F' VFW 5 l susan faye hatley 204 l Seniors -Q. margaret hardin jack levern hargett james vincent hargraves mark vernon harris :sy EQ r 'qu .Q Y 212.5 'il brenda joyce hartis X QQ sei rig , ,I gal rebecca karen ha tley WMM' linda jean hattrick robert everett heffner laura heine deborah kaye helms 1 ... We f 1 'x my 'KM fw- kalvin isaac hemphill anita gale henderson patrick thomas henderson sharon anne henry patricia lynn hill sheila jean hines rv U i l ff 'P Q susan holmes holt deborah lynn honeycutt ,, xi . -H-wa-0... ,V " ... .A : A "Eff A- 11 ' -ft: If',,:i..f3:V.l Ti .1 ---f-:Q -LA - - , ff '-ff., .fZ.. . H f ' j 3 g I 1 : ' 3 H-., . 5 N X . Wg- K max branford henderson joseph carlton herring ifigs' kelly ann hinton ll kimberly holshouser -'---,,-,, f 'xi t .Mx ,-Q., karen beth holt larry eugene hood randy carl hooks kathy jo horne Seniors l 205 vickie lee horne mjkwairm' 'W i ' . teresa linn hughes debra elaine hubbard clifton austin hudson 4 mf, : 'Sl-..-I if . f jane millicent hull charles thomas hunter ,H 0 2 paige hudspeth vi - -.IL-slfif 4. susan jean hurt tilt . 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W l 'tml ff I QQ V ' flaw . vhs , W l H 'R , , tliw'y ,,, t . . howard manley lane betty ann land roy tod landreth james michael lawing robin cecilia lawrence donzell william leak 3 5 l 1 w 3 , I randy joe lankford N Q janet marie levine . .1122 dewitt little darrell glenn lively is wr-KV Q -'wr .XJ V - k N .... , W, l , M ,,, , A '. YA . .H 4 .W , , Cynthia joyce loftis curtis antonial long karen denice long monica louise long ' ,, J il SQ ,A ll fl me my 1 Q -t-----W--..........,,w....,M.,M. 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J- is ylmmmltz, EQ , i N x 'QW U , ., wa -vif Ji patsy elaine little bronwyn cecile poplin M lla M. eugene julius stitt Due to the mis- placement of senior pictures by the photog- raphy company and a printing deadline, these seniors have been added after the conclu- sion of this section. Seniors l 227 l it r wa N Seniors X223 5, , i ,T i i f,f" Alf , f " M: ' ,f6 " ' -W 1 f " :fd-' 1 . 'ff"',.y',' K I W , H if if f As varied as they are many - yet- united in a maze of untrodden paths They wander as has been the custom for decades on this mysterious path 1 And find comfort in knowing that their academic ancestors have done The same and Survived DERCL SSME V 8 .gn If ir! QL ,,-ff' 57 J. 55' f xx aff v ef 3. 2, may M -46 4 5-10 ,, 3 Q M , 1 ' am, ""-M... ,X,. . iv- -,Q 'I ! 225 www J umor Class 4 ' Officers x 5' g --.1 ce Strickland, P es Kim Akins David Alexander Derrick Alexander Mark Alexander Willie Alexander Mark Allen Mike Allen Carla Annas Robin Annas james Arazie Angela Archibaud Debbie Armstrong Kirk Arndt Mike Arnold Larry Ashmore Clint Atkinson Chris Austin Dennis Baker leff Ballard Gale Barber Charles Barrino Peter Basavappa Wade Beard Randy Beaver Scott Beddingfield Shari Belch jamie Bell Doug Benge joey Bennett Barbara Bent Alan Beutel Cindy Bickel Charles Biddle Billy Binkley Kim Black Debbie Blackmon Shirley Blanding Ricky Blanton Carol Boatright Ken Boger Angela Boulware Carolyn Boyle juniors X227 cD0nald :Junior ' Lunchroom lternati e - N.-.aa X 3 :, ... X K - Srrvszf- Q 1 Q, riff:- 5 E . I Assy 2 3 m i ie' R Mike Bradley Marsha Brantley jimmy Brazell Thomas Brewton Patricia Brickman Woody Bridges Laurie Broach Terri Brock James Brooks Greg Brookshire Angela Brown Kristi Brown Mary Brown Ronald Brown Terry Brown William Brown Allen Buchanan Pam Buckaloo Patti Buckaloo David Bumgardner Debbie Bunn Maw Buraglio Mary Lu Burch Linda Burkhalter 228 ffUI7lOfS 3 ka -5- a i. .K K ails HEY THERE! Cindy Busker Norman Bussey Cathy Butler Debbie Byrum Greg Byrum William Byrum lo Ann Caldwell Shirley Caldwell Bill Calvert Rodney Cameron james Campbell Mike Campbell Wayne Campbell judy Canipe Craig Cannaday Greg Capehart Wanda Carbaugh juniors f 229 Charles Carpenter jimmy Carpenter jimmy Carpenter Ronald Carriker Donna Carter Selena Carver Ricky Chastain Patti Coan Sandy Coble james Coley Amber Collins Danny Collins jack Conklin Peter Conn Tyra Cook David Cooke Mark Cooper Lee Coppley Lucia Core Donna Corpening Michelle Council Tina Courtney joseph Cox Susan Cox Myra Craighead Tim Crawford Cynthia Creasman Debbie Cribb james Crook Eviles Crosby Beth Dacus Bruce Dailey Craig Danley 230 K juniors ,ft,s,.mwMQ001G Hanes make you feel good all under! Chris Davidson Beth Davis Deborah Davis lane Davis loni Davis Mark Davis Vernon Davis Teresa Day Laura Dean Dale Deese Melissa Deese Penny Denning William Dew Mark Dixon Lynn Dodd John Dozier Darren Drake Glenn Drake Tonya Dulin Brad Duncan Michael Duncan Steve DuPont Cindy Earle Tony Earnhardt joey Eaves Nick Economos Dee Dee Elder Haywood Ellis David Ethington Leslie Eudy Paulette Feimster james Fennewald Patsy Fincher Cindy Fisher Thomas Fleming Carolyn Ford Carolyn Forsyth Bridget Foster Wendy Fowler William Fragakis Hortensia Francis Maria Francisco co juniors X231 232 f juniors David Fridy Eric Frye Ti m Fu nderburke Ronnie Gaddy Robin Gardner Billy Ga rd ner Helen Gavrilis lvan Gill Mike Gillespie Robert Gillespie Thomas Gladden Gloria Glenn Debbie Godwin Brooks Godwin Alex Goforth Debra Goins Sandra Gomillion Annette Gooding Kenny Goodrum Anthony Gordon William Gould Mike Graham johnny Grant Steve Grant Laverne Gray Rick Gray Donna Green lunior Green Marcia Green Terese Green . Umm, umm, good! pecial Times for Junior Now, who can I bribe to go to the prom . . .Z aimrx-W5 Penny G rier Mike Griffin Susan Griffin Doug Gullett Brenda Hailey Hope Hall Mark Hall jeff Ham rick Cooper Hancock Larry Hand lim Hanigan james Hanna Kathy Hardee Terry Hargraves Kay Harkey Cindy Harmon Chris Harrington Beverly Harris juniors X233 jimmie Harris William Harris Francena Harvey jim Hatley Peggy Hatley Tom Hazelton Susan Head Virginia Heath Kathy Heavner Cathy Heffner Tim Heffner Chip Helms Debra Helms Lydia Hendricks Rebecca Hepler Peggy Herring Darryl Hill Margaree Hill Margaret Hill Ronnie Hill Sharon Hill Bob Hinson Sherri Hodge Eleanor Hoey 234 ! juniors No, you can't have a flick of my bic! A-+2 john Hoke john Holevas james Holit james Hollins Bryon Hollis john Holloway Lisa Honeycutt Darryl Hood Dianne Hoover ,fl-o kg 5' --,,N 'Ei Craig Horman Cindy Hornback Vicki Horne Christine Horton Michael Horton john House Sandy Houser Curtis Howard Vanessa Howard Cheryl Howell Pam Hubbard Robert Hudson Steve Hughes Teddy Humphries Raymond Innes Gene jackson Steve jackson Carol johns Carole johnson Greta johnson jacob johnson james johnson jeff johnson Linda johnson Myron johnson Reginald johnson Glenn johnston David jones Debbie jones Harvey jones jeff jones jody jones Lisa jones Teresa jones Shelley jordon Veronica judd Michelle Kalista judge Kaloudis Sharon Kelley Carol Kent Tracy Kiker Miriam Kimmons juniors H235 Brian King Danny King janet King Scott King Larry Kingsley David Kirby Dorry Kirby Mark Kirkpatrick Marsha Kirkpatrick lanice Kiser Kenneth Kiser Karl Klyn Veronica Knox Billy Koucouliotes Kenneth Krause Doris Krider Rumiko Kunkle Henry Lackey Casey Laizure Billy Lam Doug Lamb Terri Lambert Sherrie Laney james Langston Susan Larsen jimmy Laster Bobby Lawhon Bonnie Lawing Steve Lawrence Marty Layton 236 ! lunlors Q34 - rw, , V W in I 5 You'll have to excuse the lady on my right- she has a slight case of JUNGLE fever' x Mawr Yes, Alison, I'm sure that "Psalms" is not spelled "Salms"l Barbara Ledwell William Lee Yong Lee Christopher Lemmond Cheryl Leopard Barbara Lewis Howard Lewis Phillip Lewis john Lindsey Bryan Little Karen Little Pamela Little Grady Lockhart Tommie Lockhart julie Long Kim Long Sonia Long Charles Love Donald Love jimmy Lowery Tammy Lowery Tammy Lowery Chellie Luther Cheryl Lyon jackie Lyon Scott McCall Rayford McClain juniors X237 Kerry McCloskey Gloria McCollum Kim McCorkle Sarah McCoy Yvonne McCray Mary McCullough Kathy McDaniel Michael McDonald David McDuffie Baxter McGalliard Daniel Mclntosh Scott McKee Kathy McKeown Lisa McKinnell Trish McManus David McNair Susan Maag Steve Mann Greg Marr Clayborn Marshall Claude Marston Andy Martin Carrie Martin David Martin David Martin Debbie Martin Phillip Martin Vernon Martin Cathy Marze Kathy Mason Darrell Massey Lisa Massey Debbie Maston Bryant Mende Mark Mesards Richard Milledge Beverly Miller Ellen Miller Fran Miller Garry Miller leanester Miller ludy Mizell 238 I juniors lwant my mommy! fr: George Monroe Mary Lou Monroe Eddie Morrell Sharon Morris Steve Morris Teresa Morris Kay Morrow Steve Mull Bobby Mulligan Buddy Mulligan Linda Mullis Barbara Murray Debra Nance Rhonda Nance Mike Nash David Nelson David Nesmith Wanda Nickolson Beth Nixon jerry Nolan loyce Norman Kathy Norman Brian Norton jimmy Nossar Eva Nowell lan Nussman janet Oakley Kathy Odell Gene Odom Libby Ofsonka Dale Oliver Diane Overstreet Frank Owens Susan Owens juniors X239 Teresa Ozmore Darlene Pace Neal Painter jyoti Pandey Scott Paneque Ricky Parker Tim Parker Mike Parks Will Parks Robbie Parnell Teresa Parris Dorothy Patterson Sam Patterson limmy Paul Kathy Pauls loleen Penick Sheila Peters Lisa Pettus Michael Phillips Randy Phillips loanne Piccirillo Sandra Pilgrim Wayne Pinyan Billy Plott David Poblet Richard Polk Roy Pope Donna Poplin Greg Porter Andrea Poston Susan Prendergast Elvis Pressley Sherry Pressley Doug Presson Bobbie Price lessie Price Ricky Price Wanda Pride Donna Pritchard Randall Pugh Kenneth Rainey Lewis Raker 240 X juniors 1 KRQ Robin Rallis Esperanza Ramirez D Donna Ramsey MDF Kitty Ramsey Marie Ramsey Carolyn Raney Hope Rataj Melanie Ray Rowell Raymer Debra Register Kathy Reid Gay Rice Betty Richards joe Richardson Alison Ridge Mona Riley Debbie Robinson james Robnett john Robnett Patty Rose David Ross jay Ross Kathy Ross Lee Rufty David Rupe Ray Rushing Christy Russ -m N- ima juniors 1241 Sarah Ruth Marty Ryan lane Saadeh lsiah Samuels Mae Samuels Ricky Sanders Phyllis Sanford Eric Scott Debbie Seaford Stuart Seay Stephanie Seegars Scott Selvey Sammy Shapiro Brian Shaw Cathy Shaw Betty Shearer Ted Shelton - Ann Sherrill loel Shinn Kim Shuford Scott Sides Eddie Simmons Tammy Simmons Tanya Simmons Larry Skeen Gary Slade Timothy Smalls Alan Smith Billy Smith Brick Smith David Smith George Smith Van Smith Carol Sosebee David Sparks Cindy Speight Len Spencer Sand ra Spielman Mandy Springer Predesal Springs Debbie Stallings jeff Starnes 242 X juniors W!! 17' ww Phillip Starnes Nona Stavrakas Denese Stewart Eric Stewart Wendy Stewart Elizabeth Stidham Fredrick Stitt Patricia Stokes Beverly Stone Candy Stone Laura Stone Bruce Strickland Kevin Stroud Terri Stutts Becky Styron Scobey Suddreth Tom Suddreth Steve Sulpy Pam Sutton Karen Swindell Brooke Sykes jimmy Talbert Sherri Talbert Evelyn Tan George Tatsis Brenda Teague Dale Terry Eddie Terry Nadine Terry Brenda Thomas juniors X243 Cecil Thomas Lydia Thompson Robin Tindall Curtis Tolleson Laney Tomberlin Mary Townsend Ellen Travis Bryan Tucker Gerry Turbeville David Vanderhorst Dennis Vaughn Robin Vaughn Gary Verbos Kathy Vickers William Voltz Stephen Waldoch Cheryl Walker Cookie Walker Mark Walker Mike Walker Coleen Wallace Ginny Walters Debbie Walthall Cheryl Ward Reginald Ware Shirley Warren Ann Watson Donna Webb Bill Wentz Michael Wentz Brian Westmorland Frank Wheeler George Whisnant 244 X juniors Y 7511 Onl One More Year. Anita White james White Larry White Mattie White Susan Whitehurst jeff Whitten Donna Whittington Evelyn Whittington johnny Whittington Steve Whittington joseph Wiley Deborah Wilkie 2 isgsg Ere NVQ Uv? Up, ff, Carole Williams jeffery Williams Kenneth Williams Kim Williams Susan Williams Debbie Wilson Martha Windham jan Winstead Susan Wise johnny Witherspoon Gregory Womack Scott Wooten Eric Wrape jarrett Wyant janet Wylie Dorothy Wyndham Sabrina Young Lisa Zamiela juniors !245 ophomore Class Officers E 246 X Sophomores r -3 W- Q my is NL 4 9 ' 43' 5 x.,.- A -.AQ ' A --r -- 'J -ra 5 K i .V i -.N S . W K .Q , A N I nz 8 ,, it ,, I . . e Us Q Q Q K . Q he ' Q 5 N. Q' K xg .Q 'fi K ,M I N, 5, N sg 1 ,s i XV .s 4, -2 K W if A, e xglxk R W ,F Sk .,,,. '15 ' i ,, ',,.M.s,,e, We 1 A A qw 'XQXO . sm 5 t S Q ...NU- e c Q ix Q ' .,. -s ..W 1, S .xi K qmfimw Front row: Rhonda McKnight, P. 1. Henderson, Debbie Ballardg Second row: Wayne Strong, Chris Fitzsimon. 'S K g . rs . E S 1 se +" 'Vx Carol Farnsworth and Debbie Ballard try out for cheerleading. i .. fl f x 0 Mffw, w fi-19 M 44: 4 1 ,n . ,ova ,f 5 ,V K at M -4 M, ta Vt. I J r l Sandra Acker Anthony Adams Linda Adams David Agurs Bill Albritton Sylvia Alcala Ivan Aldridge Anja Alexander Ben Alexander leanna Alexander ludy Alexander Sharon Alexander Vic Alexander Clint Alford Charles Allen Paul Allen Rhonda Allen Susan Allen jane Andrews Waldney Angelo Mark Asbury Eric Ashley Tim Atkinson Barbara Austin Bobby Austin Carol Austin Della Austin loni Austin lane Auten Cynthia Aycoth Tim Bagley Pam Bailey Glenn Ball Debbie Ballard Debbie Barkley Ricky Barksdale Natasha Barnes james Barrett Ravi Basavappa Shiela Baucom Carol Baumgardner Bill Beall Jeri Beall Susan Bean Sophomores X247 Sharon Beatty Shelli Beaver Donna Belk Michael Belk Teresa Belvin james Benfield Debbie Bennett Bertha Berry Mike Berryhill Sharon Bestgen Ernestine Bethea Ken Bibeau Steven Biddle limmy Bivins Connie Black Leslie Black Bobby Blackburn Bobby Blalock Cynthia Blanding Debbie Bledsoe Mark Blue Cynthia Blunt Charles Bonasera David Bost Donna Bost Regina Boulware Yvette Boulware Tony Bourroughs Melissa Bowen Ken Bowers Deborah Bowles Scott Bradey Edna Bradshaw Mark Bradshaw Cynthia Branch Lessie Branch Bobby Brandes Leroy Branham Pamela Brazzell Nathan Brewer 248 X Sophomores '54 m- 3 if c R 5 b adv M-...t Our favorite Uncle Ron! Sophomo res enjoying "lunch"? E Robbie Briggs Tommy Brimhall Douglas Bristow Danny Broadway Charles Brooks David Brooks Annette Brown loe Brown loey Brown Larry Brown Mark Brown Mary Brown Nathaniel Brown Red Brown Tonda Brown Valerie Brown William Brown Mary Buckley Donna Buffkin Curtis Bufford Clarence Bulls Deborah Bunn Billy Burch Ricky Burks Bobby Burns Cathy Burris lan Burris Leon Burson Tonda Butler Craig Byrd Lynn Cadmus Al Caldwell Eddie Caldwell Milton Caldwell William Caldwell Michael Calhoun john Campbell Rebecca Campbell Sandra Campbell Chris Carpenter Betty Carter Glenda Carter lan Carter Kathy Carter Sherry Carter Clyde Case Kevin Casner Patsy Cassell Tim Cauthen Rodney Chance Jackie Chappell Sheri Chastain Kim Childers Mary Childers Ellen Chin Damon Christenbury Sophomores 1249 Ricky Clark Wayne Clark Scott Clayton Glenn Clyburn Teresa Cobb Francisco Coello Gary Cohen Fred Coleman johnny Coleman Mary Coleman Karen Collins Sammy Collins julie Combs Kathy Conley Donna Cook Ted Cook Pauline Cooper lanet Corpening Timmy Corum Celia Council Yvette Couser Gail Cox Susan Craddock Lib Craig Michael Craig Tracy Craig Cynthia Crawford Eddie Crawford Tommy Crawford Kathy Crump joey Cude Calvin Cunningham Mark Cunningham Barry Cupp lohn Curenton Mack Currence Franky Dagenhart Michael Dalton Howard Daniels Mark Daniels Tommy Davenport lohn Davidson Charles Davis Charles Davis Cheryl Davis Dee Davis 250 X Sophomores ,Ria 5 .,,,. ,,., A ,.... My girdle is killing me! ka lulius Davis Piper Davis Terri Davis Terri Davis Diana Day Scott Day Cindy Deal Cindy Deese Crystal Deese Darlene Deese Kathlyn Delargy Chip Demby Kimberly Dennie Tony Dennis Forrest Denton Randy Dickerson james Dickey Kim Diehl Donald Dixon Harold Dixon Marcus Dixon l've got rhythm l" Teresa Doolittle William Douglas Billy Drake Kim Drake Gary Duncan Michael Duncan Gary Dunlap loni Dunn Linda Dunn Patricia Dunn Teresa Dunn Don Earle Selena Edge Bill Edmonds Cynthia Edwards Kimberly Edwards Ray Edwards Wilhelmina Edwards Pat Elder Steve Ellery Mark English lane Evans Kent Ewing Eric Fair Horace Farlowe john Farmer Carol Farnsworth Mike Farr Sophomores X251 Phyllis Faulkner Robin Ferguson Van Ferree Laura Ferreira Leon Ferrell Beth Finger Chris Fitzsimon Edgar Fleming Billy Fortner Bobby Foster Chris Fowler Kelly Fowler Kim Fowler Rusty Fowler Linda Fox Robert Francis lose Francisco Douglas Francois Gwen Frazier lapana Frazier Steven Fretz David Frye Sandra Frye Susan Frye james Fullam Patricia Furches Ricky Furr Tony Gadd David Gaddy Debra Gaines Tina Gale Brenda Gambill Carolyn Gantt Miguel Garcia Betty Gardner Wayne Gardner Sharon Garmon Burnette Garner Mitchell Garrick Calvin Gaston Mitzi Gathings Eleanor Gibson Tina Gibson Karen Giles Warren Gill Carolyn Gillespie Michael Gilley Ronnie Glenn Eddie Goble Mitzi Goble 252 X Sophomores Nw? It's worth it to be an Adelphian! ii , 3, qaii johnny Godfrey Thomas Godfrey Ricky Godwin jason Gomillion Kim Goodman Amy Goodnoh Tricia Graham Terri Grant Susan Gray Donald Green james Green Linda Green Marta Green Brad Griep Arnetha Grier jackie Grier Robin Grier Thomas Grier Deb Griffin Donna Griffin Cyril Gulledge Timothy Gurley Cheryl Hailey Eddie Hall Richard Hall Rhonda Hammer Gregg Hommontree Kim Hamrick Donnie Hancock Lee Hancock Tim Haney joy Hardee Tammy Hardee David Hargraves Ken Harmon Lisa Harper Terri Harper Angela Harrell Etta Harrell Edward Harris jeff Harris Susan Harris Valerie Harris Vernon Harris Kelly Harwell Cindy Haslam Brian Hawkins Curt Hawley janet Hayes Sheila Hayes Sophomores X253 Kathy Head Chris Heck Carla Hedrick Chris Helms Diane Helms Gina Helms Ken Helms Steve Helms Danny Henderson Ellen Henderson Lula Henderson P. j. Henderson james Hendrix Dennis Henley Alan Higgins Anthony Hill Regina Hilton Alice Hinson Marvin Hinson Toy Hinson Dowanda Hoagland Tammy Holden james Holland William Hollars Kevin Holmes Dennis Holston Mark Holston Mark Holt Leslie Hooper Wayne Hooper Lori Hopkins Mike Horan Billy Horne Denise Horne Edward Horne , Zig ' x far EW J 9 Sophomores acting their age? 254 I Sophomores ww Ml 6 The Three Stooges. .1 4 1 599' a Li Whv if 4 uf fy wk' 3 MMM . gin .Y if---.XSX Wanda Horne Wendy Horne junior Horton Sherry Horton Wyjean Hosey Linda Hoskins Kenny House jack Howell Dot Howie Terrie Hucks Mary Hudson Bob Hughes Melinda Hulsey Kim Huneycutt Branda Hunter Mike Hunter Stephanie Huntley Stephanie Ingram Patricia lnscoe Malcolm Ivey Pam lvie Darla jackson Debbie jackson Car jackson julie jackson Mary jackson Kay james Liz james Charles jarrell Marie jenkins Tony jenkins jim jett Darlene johnson Michael johnson Penny johnson Sophomores X255 Reginald johnson Reginald johnson Reginald johnson Rosalind johnson Susie johnson Billy johnston Mark johnston Eric jolly Lois jones Marty jones Thomas jones Walter jones Dave jordan jeff jordan Mary jordan Donald joseph Randy joseph Chuck joyner -- Lee Keeter Kim Kelty Diane Kenny M Steve Kent Mike Keziah Ricky Kidd Carol Kiker Ken Kimball jeff King Mary King A I Kim Kingsley Dorothy Kirby jeff Kirkpatrick Q'lzizrln!ir ilibm-rrnr Melvin Kirkpatrick Debra Kiser Lora Kiser Vvjn Roger Kiser Tamara Kiser Windy Kiser .q In NM N Stokes Kisiah Rusty Kissiah Gregory Knight Tammie Knight Michelle Kramer Chip Lambert Christopher Langford Pam Langford Mike Langley Students keep up with current events. 256 f Sophomores iv I should have stayed home and watched "The Waltons"! gg Q -1z-. ,. 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Donna Newell Robin Newell Robin Newell Marier Newman William Nolan jimmy Norbeck Ronny Norris Linda O'Leary Deborah Oliver Ted Oliver johnny O'Tuel Cathy Owen james Owens Phillip Page Dennis Painter Gilbert Painter janice Parker Terry Parker Toni Parker Marshall Parrott Cynthia Patton Scott Payne john Pegram lvey Pegues javier Peralter Doug Perrault Chuck Petterson Anthony Pettit Ethel Phifer Doug Phillippi Andrew Pickens Teresa Piellucci Karon Pigg Bill Pinnell julie Poarch Philip Poe Andrea Polk Teddy Polk Marie Polson Mark Poole Chris Pourlos Tony Powers Lasandra President Sophomores X259 Shannon Pressley jonathan Privett Angela Pugh Steven Purvis Barbara Putnam Mark Putnam Nancy Queen jeff Ramsey Lynn Rape jodi Ray Robin Ray Bill Rayner Robin Redfearn Sharon Redfearn Sammie Reeder Becky Reid jeff Reid Sharon Reid Marie Reilly Perry Rice Michael Richards Melvin Richardson Cheryl Riggins Richard Riley Tracy Rion john Roary Hezzie Robbins Brian Roberts jeff Robertson Frankie Robinson Randy Robinson Susan Robinson Belinda Rockman Laurie Rodgers Eric Rogers William Rogers Paula Rollins Tim Rorie Tammy Rose Amy Rumph Bill Russell Ann Saadeh Rebecca Salem jerry Samuels Adell Sanders Laura Sanders Verdell Sanders Wayne Sandford Chuck Saunders Roger Saunders 260 I Sophomores In search of the Mighty Mitochondria 9 ! ,gil ma ,, Q ,Y ., ' X ltlv PL QR A . M .IN Hlafions 4 - lay Saxon Barry Seate Valerie Seibles Abby Sellers joseph Sells Mark Shaver Randy Shaver Stan Shaw Candy Shepardson Michael Shermetta Sheila Sherron Linda Shiffler Barbara Shine Donald Shine Eric Shirkey Susan Shirley Donna Sides Angela Sigmon Amelia Simmons Isabella Simmons Terri Simmons Henry Simpson Susan Simpson Cathy Sineath Mike Singletary Buddy Smith Darrell Smith Derrie Smith Dina Smith Donald Smith Ellen Smith Ivory Smith Judy Smith Linda Smith Lorna Smith Lynda Smith Mark Smith Mary Smith Melissa Smith Michael Smith Mimi Smith Pam Smith Sophomores X 261 Robert Smith Roger Smith Sherri Smith Sherry Smith Terri Smith Todd Smith Vaughn Smith Frank Sorrell Fernando Sosa Wayne Spearman joel Speller Lisa Springer Ricky Springs Linda Spurrier Beverly Stamey Debbie Stamey james Stanley julia Stanley Tommy Stanley Danny Starnes Donnie Starnes Nelson Steele Ronald Steele Teresa Steele George Stegmeir Th rome Stevens Carolyn Stewart Gracie Stewart Terry Stokes Kathy Stone Tammy Stoots Wayne Strong Edward Strother johnny Stroud Mike Sturgill Vaness Sturgiss Kaye Stutts 262 !Sophomores Scott Suddreth David Summers Roddie Sumpter jeff Surratt julie Sweet Darlene Swiger Melanie Swindell Lydia Sykes Donna Tarelton Leslie Tate Connie Taylor Pamela Taylor john Teague Ophelia Teague Brenda Teeter Nick Tewell Richard Thacker Amy Thomas Catherine Thomas Isiah Thomas Lee Thomas Randy Thomas Danny Thompson Lorie Thompson Robert Thompson Teresa Thompson Sherry Thornsbury Nancy Lee Th reatt Kay Timmons Thomas Tomczak Valerie Toney Angela Tribue Rosetta Truesdale Eddie Tucker Greg Tucker Marleta Tucker Sharon Tucker ,.,- ' Sophomores 1263 Kelly Turner Walter Twitty Sylvia Unger Mae Ussery Rose Vandiver Linda Vanlandingham joel Vaughn Bobby Wagoner Tonya Wainwright Bob Walker Carolyn Walker Charles Walker Dell Walker Grady Walker Mary Walker Terry Wall Bimmie Wallace Becky Wallace Curtis Wallace Teresa Wallace Nancy Waller Russell Washam Cathy Washington Deborah Washington Annetta Watson Chris Watson Mike Watson Mark Weisner Rosa Weldon Calvin Well Anthony Wells Bernard Wells Cindy Wensil Lisa Werner Kenny Westbrook George Whisnant Charles White Daniel White Elaine White james White Keith White Kenny White 264 !5ophomores 1' R H n i"la, U 2 4 Z bmlkwmw W vga: ' 'ir i' ' ws 4, If -ik an 1:9 W F2 -ll' if A s- gf it V Iv' 551' s 5 ,k 5 W' , 0 ' Q f 4 Marilyn Wilkerson Ricky Wilkie Brenda Williams David Williams Mark Williams Melinda Williams Omelia Williams Richard Williams Scott Williams Sheila Williams Sherryl Williams Tim Williams Wilson Williamson loe Willingham Mike Willis Cheryl Wilson june Wilson Kathy Wilson Nancy Wilson William Wilson Ricky Winchester Mike Winstead Billy Wofford Calvin Woodard Chip Woods Eugene Woodward Cheri Wooten Sabrina Worick james Wright Reda Wyatt Randy Wyke Tiny Wynn Debbie Yarbrough Brenda Young Donna Young Becky Williams Lyndon White Keith Monroe Class of 1976 Class of 1977 Class of 1978 Sophomores 1265 She told me I had a nappy head. Dance With Me. Steve, are you gonna buy me one or not? . . 266 X Student Life "You mean you WANT an encore?" UVVhyseveWoneleawng?' 'fatyourheansoutg y THE 2 if I , 4 ,,Mf""!',T W It ff X bac R?F i e B x m m X O CO HyAway HO,HO,HO! "High M N LY 267 'glt all depend on our point of ie ,.-...Q-nnbfih-Q -es M - Q..+..--v 5 I X f an K: af 99 ,....M '- A ass W' f .P , -5"?fff' : , 'S .I W A sf Q' ' A LM I 2 - w,,,,,f' :,, ' A ' J A , Q53 X 1 "Til 3 - z 3 ' 'S , - f ff - 'I 1 It kk" W ,N V 5 3 ' If 2 A 3 " 2 , 2 - wg? ,L lyj Q 3 0 - f E 5 ,EZ 112 41, 3.21 3 ,mf ' - , W' , '91 ws ' Y 'ff V, W ff xy fly V' "bk wyf wyf 'wx XR! 'aff wa 'xy' wx! V wx WNW! QV!! xx ' 'xxx ff 2 if j uf 'ff 'ff 'ff Rf Rf ff W! xv' VKf"l QNKMVI gf . W h f ' 'W 3 1, 1 L' 1 , f " ', 1 . , . W, X , 1, i 1. ff ff if m if x ff xy! uma ,Yf ff wx! K! .xy 3! KKK, V VN! , ar,, ,, M Q , VW V Q-ALJ. ,- N rf' ,YL X in Ay xt J, x 5 wk ,VY A xx A ff R' I J X K X 'X 7' f ,f E V ' 'K X" " V ' 'jf -ff Y 865 sl X! V! Rf V' N7 N KV 1 ,Rx Q 4 Y , 1 I ! 1 I, K, A X, VW I A V, k A 47,4 Y A A . ,, f ,ffm A F ,ff m ,YA X ,V A xx , KX , . ZK Q A ' V ,,. :I ax-vi i? J, ,.,,i , f r 7 Av I, 5 V AX JV xg k y In - I 'f 5 ' -.,A A V QA.. V A 'fi' 1 m 5 " , A 2' ' M' " S :1:V"'b 452373 ' :MM 'Vial Q. 'ax k i ':' ' W ' :W M y VA A ,V Q . 1 5 I VvV,V gyrwrk, v 'K" If If ,, , ,. :AS Q Vx- X K' f :L :MA 7 W .VV M :LV M Zwfif, .MV V,, fi QM hm. M :Wh ,. I by X N X b , 1 , . 'T T Qtff if xf-7' v6'iA '. ,, f P " ' V 'X N R XX N x iyfwmdgl rm nw? j x, V, .LLL-'yi i. , 55214: - . V 4 .,,,sx X X X X xx N X A R.. ,,,, f i' - V V- .59 " 2 68 I Student Life See it my wa if .-4 Hours of looking for just the right picture of ' HOW I0 MLASURE Hn. 'GYM L I H 3 f , lhl nmu:1: Nut a:r:n:g,llnt susan v , the had :lu he-uhun in ' f., Jf L - ....,. . Q . , W7 Siimlm, f3'+..,.21 2714 , Zliik K ,Mgr fl . rm rm, .2154 TW ncaa Wi...liI1gfflk..QiZl5g T'5'g,H134 tS'4.,.lSl5'7 . 2'4'Tk.,.i34vi -1,1 I Q3....iZ1r'4Q7'f,g,..2t21,4.7'g.. 135 X, Q im. ::oa,l7x4,. 23 in ...img . I 1 4 EX X52 -N ...M --.,.,... ,..,,...H, ., . W. . , 0' ' f Qu F M!:..H'8 Hlzms are 635, QK, 7, J 0' 5 Wi. 154, 735 and 754. l1.xtr:o. 4 ' 'js' "' sizes ure: 795 tn H. Boys' . Sizes :1rsa654, 654, 65, 635 and 7. Chll1lren'u 1-Sizes, 636. 536. 554, 645 and 61, Ifyou do not have a tape measure X me at hand, use astrlp oflraper for attach sauna to your nr er. MEN'S DERBY 0 R STI F F' HATS, 51.50. No. 33R2010 Young Me-n's Stiff Hat, lu fashionable shape. Is a very neat block, not extreme, but st llsh. Grown.-Hilnchesz rim, lk inches. Fine silk hand and binding. Col- ors, black or brown. Sizes, 634 t,o7',4. Price, each .... l1.50 It by mall, postage wsu ring and two guys juggling oranges while running cross country - Nights spent search- ing forthe right words to describe the importance of the "Save Our Pe- tunia's Club"- All worthless if not for our gracious ,ccc L g qqiipfb Coffee MHlWlth Glass Honp ANU. BISQHHS A l-pon! Blill, with Glnrm 'lite llnppr-r, trans-qmrc-nt bright and vlcar: 1-otfee sight 1 1-:my to grind 3 easy ea-ay lo see the coffee lu l tumble-r. ln lim Urystal Mill hot :md tumbler are made 1 extra, 34 vents. A Fashion ble Block In Menps Stiff Hate for 82.00. 270 No.33R20l 4 Young' Men'a Fashionable Szltrllat. Astrlctly corrvct, block ln asu- wrlorcxpallty. Anon- srvaka le hat. that wlllwezlrllke a fi3,fY1 halt. Cx-man, Hi ln.: brlm,lK inches. l-'hw slik hand, binding and swf-ut, Wv warr- rzuxt vwrry hilt. ln gi rv Stxilafzwturv rwrvlm- SlZl'f4,t3'34liifVQ l'UiUl"x, black or dark hmm n lfzivil. . ., 312.00 extras, Nsclnlll vents. Lolo Stylo mwd lf hy xnnll, lmstxsgv 9 1' K 54 'L , lil .J iw L Y tl I e -"lilly Q--..f -'i . ' 1 tba" 1' . ' xiii? ..,..'i::.i - . .f' VA. V If - 1'-f-' wif.-utr flames, svcured to i of mill by clamps and rut ions so tlmtmlmt-1'e is mist danger of breztkzige-, and is fusti-ned to thc: wall i handsonie umwarzmncc. can always tell at at gl how you are fixed for col capacit of the mill is orflinzary family use. Fully warranted. 3.60 HEAVY THREE-SUT FULL PLATFORM WIGOI 3359.60 12 NO. HRl02l H I ave an large' demand for Llwse wagonn mong llverymen, who r ryinz Mx or more pasewngvres. nr for can ying one or two puncta? r-vernal trunks or namplv 1 uses. It in also und very largely ln the fur l58.6O we furnish this heavy, thrwa-sent full platform wagon, lon board the cars ut the facwry in Southvrn Ohio. from which point no-r pays the freight. upporters Mushroom 1w'39 1HffHff'f Hfvflffw MM ... 12 4' 35 .A xnwhiury Hvinnurv-2, If-mgi Ya, 4 reviews, an-im , 1 ,. .4 Q." 'f 'ff,,I' 'Nj ' Effe t JA" W? f f , ,A,A ,,AA,1A A C s X if ' 4 , mf A 2 45 ' W 1 , f ' : A ' . . ' Ktffm, 1 5: .3 -1. lk ff ' I Q A, A , Y wk Mi' i Q ' n W 'l 1 J f' , ff' X 'A' Y.. , ' f " 1 4 IIA ,-5 ,xx - 2 .,.. ,H E21 t 'f'i'3'f 'tf,'5"- M' 1. . .."-Er 1 yi ff, A 9- . ff 'j.f3iP? ,tg zglig-- 4,10 4, V, K vm., , hw k V Q14 1 I fc ' A A V : A , all-: 1, K Q ' X Ki . M up .fax T., , t 1' 'W A 4 f 692. 5, ,M :ics 2 ' 'Q ix: f ! , lggvgg' fi. z Q, ,fji , ,gg Nqwanssvs snarling suvef ' X- ' 9 W W JJ" . Schnmrs, hnngthjgq inctlws. - fi - - W cf 'i,4'F" ," 'if yy, Y 'eq .A Price? L,.......AA, .. 4,..8l.11 Ufggiz' -3, "TT"-1f"'7-I:,1f31f'l3 "'Qx"iffZ5"5, 35 ' If byl1xail,p0Sl9-gcextra-, 4C ,QA 'O Q.. .. q i' 'vu ,' " ,, "P G ' ":f,., I ' WQETQ-1,25 -i1'g'?25f'T,,,fqf-zf MfWl ' 4 No. 4525877 gffj-3,5 pf H ufffwfixl'-'f ' ff ,.g',g."f"f" Sterling: Silver "fQf "- 531 W W M' 'Lf Q' , Nall Imliaher N -eb'!,,',v ff . ei. ' ff ' 324 irxchfixs Emmir. 1, , , I u M 0 . grfg f ' ' 5,1 Price. , ..., M65 'ff'-" W. ,Q f mf A P If by mail, pus-lt. 5' f' ' 237 ageextra,4ce-ut: AW ,- N1 ' '50 'B ' "fy W mfr 4 fm rf own cJ+.X...1zM.... czfxtwn... n..t.-. 1 512' ff-' - f ..u B 113.11316 1.018 111111 1138 IJ, f . K Q f,Xfe.Q,':2.' n I". nm 'YIQ "1 yr' , 1 I K 17' 'Zz V 1 ggrted satin and Lace Dram in row ar ing bound with narrow fancy bl-ai' wireg trimmed with a large Alsatianal black liberty satin. The same being with buckle of handsome design. A gink American beauty roses is posed at over which is dragged black Chau ver-Yd1pret,taX manner. he lace is caug buc e an is draped over either s caught in the back with fancy oz-nam of lace forms the veil effect. The bam with black liberty' satin, which is genuine rhinestone ornament.. Hat.: only. Trimming any color desired. Pr 277 Zizuaifuzrg grins Gllyurzlq QW 61121 1131 Eastway Drive -P. O. Box 9485 Charlotte, N. C. 28205 Bobby G. Ross PGFSOYIHQG Pastor 536-1988 si s as Charlotte's Oldest Pentecostal Church 1923-1975 272 I Advertisement A A ' ' KU NG.Fu , , ., . ,,,', ,Q-,gli 1,71 ill .iki i -,-, ,gif .grin 5 h I will SOCIETY I S S Q' QA' ' QP? fiiwzfh 'x E- ' K X- A Q SCHOOL or SELF DEFENSE .f'fL,j.i QAJ X . N 7' , gift" 1716 ' - 3 9'i'?'f A -I X7 E if ff t f QDRIQQINAL g,Ti,tt ,fx A X E 5 CLASSES ' ,s , ., -wg I fl I J CHILDREN, WOMEN - 315, Gi ' If gym A' 'F 'I AND MEN i IW" A Q I I . f X- - ,Q 'Qt' -- .:3-!"- ' 'I , AGES 6 TO 66 L-ZIWPIL , 0' ' .QW I qiglllllzl A . I 7 Elf? .E. T57 mfg-2? 'I SPECIAL RATES Fon GnouPs -I Q .V Jfgggz- A Lunch or dine in an aura of .flii"i. . . I- A .,D6 A . . -E- L ' .55 sPEc'AUz'NG IN qw X Victorian Elegance. Hosts qglfrlaf I Q , 9 -T zu I to manydnotablesn You are Y ' , -' , gf xx-, invite to enjoy our ,. :.l','g1 mh Yv I Famous Repertoire of .Z ":. I 3 g , g At, 5,4 W Continental Cinsinenand -iw u- ' . I l I selection of Fine Wines. gag? R 9 gf Q ,JIASXT 5 Excellent banquet facilities. ' Q ' -3--f' -Y-'Minis Onl ' one mile North from 5597" - 'f :fl 21. ,' 'EGL ' X 5 114"' 3 T , QUALIFLED BLACK BELT INsTRucToRs the Charlotte campus of mga I Y LARRY HARTSELL-QRIGINAL BRUCE LEE STUDENT I y ,233 the University of North - li ED ECHEYERRIA-RoaERTo ALCALA A-' I , 'QWIHQIS Carolina. 495435 X MOFQNHXIG, AFTERNOON R EVENING CLASSES of -l5"2"f:'f2? A-vt- I OPEN 11100 AM-11:30 PM '.Fg-55' L C ' QQ, DAILY-CLOSED SUNDAY Hg, A L CALL FOR SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS F f ' V , . ,353 ' A - ' lift? ll HWY 49 EAST 'I KU NG FU SOCIETY ff 'X UNIVERSITY CITY BLVD. Y 1214 THOMAS AV, L V qi, Q V W tl Gb ma Q, M , ,LQZZA Eiagiugstglu af ,gmt--Q, s-. A, s, . 'LFTLK if -Zqlgpi, 3 -sg A234-6918 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '76 CLOTH WORLD OF THE PLAZA 4411 Plaza Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Featuring the Latest Fashion Fabrics and a Complete Line of Sewing Notions Advertisement X 273 PLAZA ROAD GULF SERVICE 6101 The Plaza Charlotte, N. C. -0 3 JOHN O'BRIEN'S EXXON 537 5 9 535 Eastway Drive N. C. Inspection wheel alignment Charlotte, NC 28205 , , brake service auto repalrs tune-ups W. G. Willoughbyg Manager I A 4' X DON QW Q5 X DEASON gmt I UNISEX ' HAIRCUITERS F1 ,E PRECISION HAIRCUTTERS PERMANENTS - BLowAvEs coLon - Fnosrmes NA'runAL ORGANIC PRODUCTS FEATURING Shape-up Fon APPOINTMENTS CALL 537-1 752 3862 E. INDEPENDENCE BLVD. AMITY GARDEN SHOPPING CENTER 274 X Advertisement CR BOB DOSTER - T EATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMES ARTISTIC METAL 84 WOOD SCULPTURES ELEPHONE 17047 376-1889 Famous throughout the South for fine Italian cookery Your choice of Imported G Domestic Wines Q4 . I RP- LMIQ9 CDOIIIAO 9 - School? 06 CDaIIciIIg . TAP, BALLET, BATON TOE, JAZZ, ACROBATICS AcEs 2 - ADULT STEVE 3847 Rosehaven Dr. 537-1344 GUS ECONOMOS TWO LOCATIONS IN CHARLOTTE W. MOREHEAD AT WILKINSON BLVD 4322 CENTRAL AVE. BEAUTY SALON BEST VWSHES -:Jim I - so MINUTE CLEANERS ,, ""2L""S 1910 Milton Road .-5 Arrolummr ' 4447 The Plaza 5 DOROTHY MAULDIN - Owner 536-1978 5121 THE PLAIA IMAMPSHIRE HILL SHOPPING CENTER! Advertisement X 275 Compliments of "THE BEST MEAT IN TOWN' PHARMACY 3201 North Davidson Locally Owned And Operated On The Corner Plaza 81 Milton Rds. Rcoacdi tems Btuiilcdlceums, Timo. 276 ffldvertisement 4300 Qzklfarcf Drive - GAar5lIe, 96 Cf. 2620.5 Gonlraclorx O .Box 12446 gefepf10ne.'.5J7-6044 Cnyzheerxr Carolinds Largest Dealer co-Z3c3I1xr'7E'.' 531 E. TRADE ST. ' EDiSon 2-3131 ' Opposite the Courthouse Chevrolet Headquarters Since 1925 ROSELAND FLORAL COMPANY "When You Care Enough . . ." 324 North Tryon Street LYNN LACKEY Phone 332-8191 PLAZA HILLS PHARMACY, INC. PRESCRIPTIONS Reg. No. 8991 Phone 376-2774 2513 Plaza Rd. Charlotte, N. C. use Esso and Smile ' Complete Car Service Phone 537-4183 JIM HUNTLEY'S EXXON SERVICENTER WE PICK-UP AND DELIVER Cor. Sharon Amity 81 Albemarle Rd. Charlotte, N. C. BARBER SHOP EAsTwooD Northeast Plaza Shopping Center 4409 The Plaza in Front of Eastwood Golf Course Don Hicks Don Putnam Charles Johnson Jimmy Eggers HAIR STYLING FOR MEN Bus. Phone 377-7002 278 I Advertisement Phone: 596-2520 WILSON FENCE COMPANY Mallard Creek Road FENCE FOR EVERY NEED RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL ALSO SPLIT RAIL Joe M. Wilson Res. 596-2520 P. O. Box 26692 Charlotte, N. C. 28213 Bill Richardson 63,60 Qu is Qurls , SPECIALIZING IN PRECISION CUTS . . V. 1 , Idewlld Office Park Sulte 3 8 f Nj 'Cha rlotte, N. C CALL 537-3428 F I . 4 5 on AN APPOINTMENT I Q ef .' S AV: Q' YOUR PERSONAL STYLIST BOOKS 8. THINGS 5644 E. Independence Charlotte, N. C. Independence Shopping Center Best Sellers Paperbacks Magazines Gardening and Cook Books School Titles WE SPECIAL ORDER Compliments of THE COLLINS COMPANY Tryon Mall Shopping Center for all your needs. 'Nuff said ? Department store ce ted for purchase Local 81 home town checks ac p amtg credit cards: BA, MC. Advertisement X279 GIBSON ' MARTIN ' FENDER - PEAVEY TlLLMAN'S MUSIC CITY EVERYTHING MUSICAL 2110 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, N. C. 28205 R. A. GILLIS, Manager Telephone: Office 372-3960 Home 537-7526 Best Wishes EASTWAY PLAZA DRUGS 4427 The Plaza Phone: 334-0388 COMPLIMENTS OF 4' 5 I 2 W ,L?,,,,m,, tc, Q ,, f if 3' ' sl wx . 'if V 8 93 3 THE ICE CREAM PARLOR, INC. 4808 Central Ave. 531- I 81 I K5 .1 L ! KING'S DRUG stone 3038 EASTWAY DRIVE I CHARLOTTE, N.C. PHONE - 537-4212 280 X Advertisement YQ SERVING THE CHARLOTTE AREA 'xh FOR 40 YEARS T A. 15327 f A rf , M .,,, A A , J I FTDA 'Q WA, or FLORAL co., mc. . -X Q "When You Care Enough" B ' , ,MN L "W A 332-8193 , 324 N. Tavou A, L,Xj ,f5-Six evil.. -AQ-A. , TUWIONS L I Also D E R I T A H A R D W A R E D e r i t a R o 8 d Cgwcnmifs JAcK's PLAZA BEAUTY SALON From 1525 Central Avenue Phone: 334-0723 Owned and Operated By BRUCE AND BARBARA JOYNER Advertisement X 287 DIAMOND RESTAURANT 1901 Commonwealth Avenue Charlotte, N. C. "HOME COOKED MEALS" For Take Out Orders Call: 374-9778 227 North Tryon Street COSMOS STEAK HOUSE U. S. PRIME STEAKS FACILITIES FOR PARTIES Open Mon.-Thur. 11:00 AM-3:00 PM Lunch 5:00 PM-11:00 PM Dinner Fri. 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Sat.5:00 PM-12:00 PM Sun. 5:00 PM-11:00 PM owned and operated by George and Nina Gavrilis 5100 East Ind. Blvd.-Phone 537-8044 ' Charlotte, NC We were renting tuxedos and dinner jackets when most of our competitors were still in short pants. GINGISSQ World's largest formalwear renter. CHARLOTTETOWN MALL Charlotte, North Carolina 28204 Tel: C7043 377-6519 i -1 l 1 282 !Advertisement I- I I"' 5 I"" 3? f2'I1 "EiH':E"i2E5 izlz 2 5i5?52K2Q::fzE'5?71iP1:39 rl' v gs ' if eganf :ning , 152 - FEATURING - ft QE A' CHOICE PRIME STEAKS 5 A cHAncoAL anoILEo TO voun TASTE 9 FRESH SEAFOOD - PRIME RIB OF BEEF XT . ITALIAN Fooos - PIzzAS 'STALLS FOR 4 T020 PEOPLE " fi '-.7 RE BANQUET FACILITIES - SALAD BAR ZI.. , LUNCI-IEoN SPECIALS DAILY BROWN BAGGING-ALL ABC PERMITS if .,.,. ,.,,..,.I,...,,,,,....,.L.L.L.IWI,I,,,,, I,.,,, . , S VISIT THE SA EMBASSY LOUNGE oPEN MON.-FRI. 11:00 AM. TIL zo . . K guggg 01' SeL:'12Q:vi,,sI: I IIIIIIT I I3 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES Advertisement X 283 I l ...girl A -mu THE GREATER For Over 73 Yeors Your Home of Better Volues Downtown, Southpark, and Eastland Mall Compliments of THE MONEY TREE 4451 Central Ave. Telephone: 568-5000 Q Q - 3 284 X Advertisement PLAZA MEN'S STORE Cotswold Shopping Center BACKS THE CATS 'Tlide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a un-Dial in the shade?" That admonition was written two hundred years ago by Benjamin Franklin, printer, political statesman, revolutionary. It still makes good sense, today. Keys proudly acknowledges the historic role ofprinted communications in the growth and the American educational system. of America keys pmntmg EDUCATIONAL DIVISION P, O. Box 8 Q Greenville, South Carolina 29602 o Phone: 18033 288-6560 "Help with the planning as well as the printing." - I I -W 1 "' I' ., X .. Z 1 .1 'i" J V " sf: -, . I f ,422 gm, 1 w, ,,,- f I ... 57 I. , f X x l 3322-. SX H If V- 'LI fm ,VA A.. -X X 9 - -- y -1 -- X ' K . sv-'--Lt1i1f5i.5'fa'i1- S ..,. ,,.., euw"'f,- " ' " f Mfhfiaf ,Q , .:-A 3 . , , if . ......,.. . . - ,. xy--es.-.ati -ffl .. ...- I os- iff., :J ...,S. . lg. 1 .gn N.. Q I -I In -an . v.. .,, - ,tg "5 ',.sy31a- f' ,M W , F lgg.5..- " I j f Q., 3 . 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Phone - 377-2819 288 ffldvertisement .fm oyce CHARLOITE N C 282051 PHONE 53 3935 37I4 E. INDEPENDENCE BLVD COLISEUIVI SHOPPING CENTER PIANO AND ORGAN DISTRIBUTORS also GUITARS AND SHEET MUSIC O O Q51 1.-,, Kgs-.f"""""' I 'Z IWIII 1 ll um' " J maid CIJH ff' vQ'v'Q'o'o v1 . bSfvfi0fv.of0fv.vf0 -If,.,, -- -v I X sms xmxsfr 5-NivwxW." I D, ' . ' ., f P .. .- lfr.. ,- -- ' X .'-.Q.0 H ?0 -:z QI" II 'Q mIII'2'..a? , . Q 4 qp up I 55 I 5 I carl I :Q . . I 3:6 9: I 432: 5. 2 I ' I I 1 U O I 222: QI! I 'I Ifzzzztf: I 3.0, Izofr ,, H"' ' 59:0 ,OAI HU' R I I - I - - - - - - - Advertisement X289 THOMAS SCHOOL OF MUSIC CharIotte's Leading School of Music MUSIC LESSONS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS REPAIRS, SOUND EQUIPMENT Phone: 333-2455 RENTALS - SALES - SERVICE 1 -1, L A l I Congratulations you made it! l 'L I 'F' Southem Bell An Equal Opportumty Employer v Q FOR A TELEPHONE INTERVIEW CALL 377-8135 290 X Advertisement Full Line of Trophies 8. Plaques B 8g R SPORTING GOODS Exclusive Distributor for C.C.M. Bicycles "Everything for the Sportsman" 'Scuba Gear 'Tennis Equipment 'Raquet Restringing 'Hockey Equipment 'Complete line of Athletic Shoes Special team prices to Schools ' Colleges ' Clubs Coliseum Shopping Center G8St0f1 Mall 3748 Independence Boulevard Gastonia, N- C- 536-1756 Advertisement X291 ., sAgaJL,J:x-J'-il ' " 'X X T "'i"f'iff5-W ' ? 5533223555 J I AND XX i f J f-. 1 H -h,' H'- li :+"9C,,:1i-'F f 5' X f ' 'ef' A A. -- V X X Jxg 44965 5 xmas DRAPERIES UPHOLSTERYE -1 .P ,A.-W ,df 1.-X. ' i 4' fig' .H I in Tfogr Po?DuEA?zL:sPRfiJexxfE5SATERiflUsT 'T 3 mx 596-4923 jj! ' ff 6 V, ' ' ' 5 lnusiaic sHoPf ll 3 5703 N. mvoii CASE TRUCKING COMPANY An Intrastate Carrier Phone: 376-1518 . s ,, .Q in l l ' -"'L:.: also Also . . . Trailer Switching in Metropolitan area. kg. I .... Elgitfeiii . - ' ' ? ,i -il ' : Q . ' 'own' Best Wishes from GRAY FOX FARMS Matthews, N. C. DICK STROME Manager JERRY LINKER Trainer . 'gf Pleasant Plains Rd. Telephone: 847-9450 292 ffldvertisemenf O HERFF JONES TOM BUCKLEY GRADUATE SERVICES P.O. BOX 17916 - CHARLOTTE, N.C. 28211 704-365-0928 ,.., Q' In Z, 'J " ' ,.-' 25:5 'fy V A , iA1 A - A' ."211' ' , ,1-' "1--' 1 'fi f 'fir' . .'f-: X Q ,,, 5 'Q f:,A , .,,,. , N CLASS RINGS ' GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS YEAR BOOKS ' DIPLOMAS ' MEDALS ' AWARDS CAPS and GOWNS Advertisement ! 293 I From: '76GfadUafeS LEEWARD PUBLICATIONS, INC 527 Oakland Avenue Charlotte, NC 28204 294 !Ad Y 1 !cy?Z, Y ff f' W T' A 'CATS zrl. E I x XI ARE 1 I Q . .' . I WI-av "If'Q....zp DYNAMITE! if IX NIA . X f 1 1 i I IT ' I N 'I'?,Q87'J J 5 Q I U26 C4273 Reid Annas Robin Annas Debbie Armstrong Lynne Ballard Charles Barrino Barbara Bass Mr. 84 Mrs. j. L. Bass Al Banister Gale Barber Mike Berryhill Dawne Bost Laurie Broach 'X WE BACK THE WILDCATS WE BACK THE BEST! sfdgafg l WenClY Brooks N ' T 1:-all Debbie Bunn f ki' ' ' Susie Cable T X Kenneth Carpenter , jack M. Cathey , 3 X - Patty Cheek Q J I Kyi Hong Chin Mu 'l T Elaine Christensen l W I Sherry 84 Ken Cloaninger Ellen Cobb Gail Cooke Lomie Lou Cooke Shelia Daniels Beth Davis jonie Davis Pattie Davis Sam Emory Sean Fleenor Patsy Fincher Wylie Gladden Mrs. Godwin judy Grice Mrs. S. Griffin David Hands Susan Hatley Mike Hildreth Beverly 84 Keith Hill Mr. 84 Mrs. Edwin B. Hill, jr. 296 X Advertisement Margaree Hill Debbie Honeycutt Paul Horne Cheryl Lyn Howell Carole johnson jeff johnson Kim junkins Kenny Kirby Mark Kirkpatrick Chris Kroboth Roy Lee Debbie Martin Linda Martin Kerry McCloskey David McNair janet Miller Sandra Mills Cam Morse Susan Nicholson janet Oakley Mr. 84 Mrs. O. E. Oakley Teresa Ozmore Darleen Pace Dave Perri Calvin Peters Rev. 84 Mrs. james C. Peters, Sr. Sharon Peters Sheila Renee Peters Chuck Peterson Cecil 84 Ann Poplin Bonnie Poplin Bronwyn Poplin Susan Prendergast Paulette Redfern Steve Purvis Carolyn Raney Pam Rion Teresa Rorie Alan Sizemore janice Stack Len Spencer Melodie Stacker Pam Starnes Candy Stone Donna Tarleton j. S. Thomas Connie Toth Mrs. Washington Susan Wentz Willie and Willa Wildcat Debbie Williams Susan Williams Richard Williamson Mike Winstead Denise Wood Gown Cross 2, Skt Club 3 Nominee5 legisla Mascot 3 Cap and Staff 2. Aries 3' Board 35 2 Honor interact 3. Club 2,35 Thespian Society Best Actress Award 25 Girls En- semble 35 Red Cross 35 Garinger Club 3. Brown Aaron 73. Football 15 Bus Driver 1,2,3. Cynthia Lorraine 73. Track 15 Volleyball 2. Lisa Kay Peter William :Z Entered 1973. Swim Team 15 Cross Country 25 ROTC 15 Key Club 25 Track 35 Bus Drivers 3. Aycock, Teri Leigh Entered 1973. Wildcat Club 1,25 Adelphians 15 Student Council 15 Home Economics Advisory Board 3. Aycoth, Donna Denise Entered 1974. Interclub Council 25 Student Council 25 Foreign Exchange Student 25 Wil- low Tree Editor 25 Sanderettes 2,35 Choir 2,3, Secretary 35 Wildcat Club 25 Red Cross 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3. Bailey, Norlene Entered 1973. Baker, Christopher jefferson Entered 1973. Basketball 2. Ballard, Resa Lynnette Entered 1974. GGS 2,3 Secretary 35 Red Cross 2,3, Executive Council 2,35 Wildcat Club 2,3, Treasurer 3, Ski Club 2,35 lvey's Teen Board 35 glnvitation Committee 35 Snips and Cuts Staff 3, Caps and Gown Committee 35 National Honor Society'2,35 junior Marshal 2. Barbee, Tarnrny Ruth Enfered 1423. H gr . Cathy Ellen 1973. Adelphians 15 Wildcat Club 15 Club15 Centrusa2,35 Student Council Honor Society 35 German Club Franco Prussians Club 35 President 3. Boldet, Edward Allen Entered 1973. FHA-HERO 3. Bost, Dawne Elise Entered 1974. Student Council 15 Under The Willow Tree 2,3, Business Manager 25 Snips and Cuts Staff3, Copy Editor 3. Bowers, Bruce A. Entered 73. ROTC 1 ,2,35 Rifle Team 1,2,35 Drill Team 1,2,35 Who's Who in America 2. Boyd, lerry Milton, lr. Entered 73. Bradley, Florence Entered 73. Red Cross 15 Cheerleader 2.3. Bradley, Robert Vernon Entered 73. Brand, Robert M. Entered 74. Brayboy, lack Simeon Ill Entered 73. Football 1,2,35 Basketball 152, Mgr. 25 Track 1,2,35 Student Council 1,2,35 Execu- tive Council 35 lr. Class President 25 Prom Committee Chairman 25 Who's Who in Randy Dean Roger Allen 73. Fogtballlf . . Valarie Loretta Entered 73. Wildcat Club 15 Red Cross 2,3, FBLA 35 COO 35 Gym Assistant 2. Bryant, Kendra lean Entered 73. DECA 3. Bryant, Mary Entered 74. Drama Club 25 Thespians 25 Red Cross 25 DECA 35 FHA-HERO 35 NAACP 3. Brunson, Veronica Entered 73. Bungay, Bryan Lee Entered 73. Red Cross 1,2,35 ROTC 1,2,35 FHA-HERO 35 lnteract Club 3. Burris, Cynthia Dawn Entered 74. Keyettes 25 Ski Club 35 Franco- Prussian 3. V Butler, loy Ann Entered 73. DECA 3. Cable, Peggy Sue Entered 1973. Adelphians 15 Red Cross 1,2,3, President 35 GGS 2,35 Student Council 35 Wildcat Club 1. Caesar, Theresa Diane Entered 1973. Chorus 15 Girls Ensemble 2. Caldwell, Mack D. Entered 1973. Band 1,2,3. 5 'Senior Statistics X297 . at 4 ,'f' ,V 5, . , fam, 1 .5 we i' i.5. 5 - Camon, Kim Murray Entered 1973. DE 2. Campo, Patricia Ann Entered 1974. CEO 35 FHA-HERO 3. Canipe, William Benjamin Entered 1973. Key Club 1, Football Manager1, Ski Club 'l,2. Carelock, james Edward Entered 1973, FHA-HERO 3, Boys Home Economics Award 2. Carter, David Wayne Entered 1973. Ecology Club 15 Ski Club 2,3, Vice-President2, President35 French Club 2,3, Secretary 35 Concert Band 1, Symphonic Band 2,35 Marching Band 1,2,35 Pep Band 1,2,35 Or- chestra 25 Boys State 25 Ring Committee 25 Invitations Committee 25 Student Council 35 Homeroom President 3. Cassada, Kathy Elizabeth Entered 1973. Wildcat Club 1. Cathey, Iris LaWunda Entered 1973. Cheerleader 1 ,2,35 Red Cross 1. Cathey, jack Miller Entered 1973. Key Club 1,2,3, President 35 Na- tional Honor Society 2,35 German Club 1,25 Student Council 35 lnterclub Council 35 Track 3. Cato, james Floyd, jr. Entered 74. Golf Team 2,35 ROTC1,2,35 HERO 3. Chastain, Susan Diane Entered 75. FBLA 35 COO 3. Cheek, Patricia Lorena Entered 73. Keyettes 1,2,3, Treasurer 25 Under the Willow Tree 1,2,35 Editor 35 Honor Society 2,3, President 35 Chief junior Marshall 25 Sewanee Award 25 Renssaeler Award 25 Stu- dent Council 2,3. chin, Kiji Hong Entered 73. Christensen, Elaine Linda Entered 73. Adelphians 15 Under the Willow Tree 1,2,3, Co-Editor 25 Governors School 25 French Club 2,35 junior Marshall 25 Honor Soc- iety 2,35 Art Scholastic Blue Ribbon 25 Keyettes 35 Student Council 3. Clark, james Carlton Entered 73. Soccer 1,2,35 Wrestling 15 French Club 3. Clark, john P. Entered 75. Clarke, Robin Elizabeth Entered 74. DECA 2,3. Clements, William Ervin Entered 73. Ecology Club 2,35 German Club 2,35 Red Cross 35 Ski Club 3. Cline, Kimberly Entered 74. Clyburn, Eva Loretta Entered 73. Coble, john jeffrey Entered 73. Cross Country 1,25 Bus Driver 3. Cochrane, Robert Bruce Entered 74. Football 2,35 Choir2,35 Bus Driver 2,35 Garingertowne Singer 2. 298 I Senior Statistics Collins, Teresa Anne Entered 74. junior Marshal 25 Foreign Ex- change Student 25 French Club 25 Keyettes 35 Morehead Scholarship nominee 35 Franco- Prussian 3. Cooke, Norma Gail Entered 73. Garinger Club 25 Keyettes 35 Honor Society 35 Spanish Club 3. Cooper, Pamela Renee Entered 73. DECA 3. Cooper, Vanessa Lynn Entered 73. Chorus 15 Girls' Ensemble 2,35 Wildcat Club 2. Copeland, Debra jean Entered 73. Coppin, Tony james Entered 74. Corder, Curtis Sherwood Entered 73. Track 2,3. Cox, Wanda Gail Entered 73. Band 15 Girls' Ensemble25 Choir 35 Student Council 35 FBLA 3. Crawford, Ramsey Entered 73. Crump, Melissa jo Entered 73. Crump, Susan Lynn Entered 73. Adelphians 15 Red Cross15 Wildcat Club 1. Crumpler, Catherine Hart Entered 73. Girls' Ensemble 15 Choir 2,35 Keyettes 35 Honor Society 2,35 junior Marshal 2. Cude, Sharon Lynn Entered 73. GGS 2,35 Student Council 2,35 Let- tergirl 2,35 Girls' Ensemble 25 Choir 3. Cunningham, Sidney Garvvin Entered 1973. Basketball 1,2,35 Football 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Student Council 3. Cunningham, Stanley Gregson Entered 1973. Basketball 1,2,35 Football 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Red Cross 3. Curlee, Mary Anne Entered 1973. Adelphians 15 GGS 2,35 Tennis 1, National Honor Society 2,35 junior Marshal5 Spanish Club 3. Currie Scot Entered 1973. Baseball 1,2,3. Daniels, Cindy Delores Entered 1973. DECA 3. Daugherty, Lisa Kay Entered 1973. Volleyball 2. Davenport, Pamela Michelle Entered 1973. National Honor Society 35 Franco-Prussian Club 3. Davis, jacqueline Elizabeth , Entered 1973. Chorus 1,2,35 COO 2,35 FBLA 2. Davis, Lewis Wilson Entered 1973. Red Cross 15 Spanish Club 3. Davis, Patricia Anne Entered 1973. Wildcat Club 1,2,35 Spanish Club 35 Centrusa 2,35 Lettergirl 35 National Honor Society 35 Homeroom Representative 3. Davis, Tanya Entered 1973. Adelphians 1, V. President 15 GGS 1,2,3, President 35 Student Council 25 Lettergirl 2,35 Ski Club 3. Deese, Barbara Lynn Entered 1973. D.E. 2,3. Deese, Bennett Entered 1973. Football 1,2,35 Tennis 2,35 Bus Driver 2,3. Dette r, Earl M. Entered 1973. RoTc 1,2,3. Dicky, Angela Maria Entered 1973. Red Cross 15 Art Award 3. Dixon, james Henry Entered 1973. Dotson, Robin Cheryl Entered 1973. GGS 35 lvey's Teen Board 35 Graduation Committee 3. Dowless, Pam Entered 1973. Downs, Thomas Rea Entered 1973. Soccer 35 Football 2. Drew, Cathy Elizabeth Entered 1973. Science Fiction Club 1,2, Presi- dent 25 Wildcat Club 15 French Club 1,25 Franco-Prussian Club 3. Duffell, Karen Denise Entered 1974. Girls Ensemble 25 Choir 3. Dugger, Dean Clark Entered 1973. German Club 35 Homeroom President 25,Snips and Cuts 3. Dula, janetta Ann Entered 1973. Band 1,2,3. Dunn, Sherra Entered 1973. Girls Ensemble 15 Choir 2,35 Sanderettes 2,35 Ring Committee 25 Under The Willow Tree 3. Dye, Darrell Gordon Entered 1973. Orchestra 1,2,3. Easterling, Ronnie Entered 1973. Cross Country 3. Economos, Larry Constantine Entered 1973. Key Club 1,2,35 Ecology Club 35 Golf 1,2,35 Football 1,25 Spanish Club 25 Ski Club 3. Elliot, john Michael Entered 1974. Ellsworth, Virginia Elizabeth Entered 1973. Chorus 1,25 Girls Ensemble 3. Emory, Lorraine Margaret Entered 1973. FHA-HERO 3. Emory, Samuel George Entered 1973. National Honor Society 3. Epps, Christopher Entered 1973. Erwin, William H. Entered 1973. Football 2. Garrls 73 Red Ray, lr. Club1,Wlllie Girls Tennis 3: Hill gg 3 Re ig man Club 25 Franco-Prussian 3 Gaines, Denise Entered 73. FHA-HERO 3. Galloway, Betty Colene Cer Halt, Barbara lane Entered 1974. Hall, Christopher Ross Henderson, Anita Gale A Entered 1973. Wildcat Club 1,2,3, Secretary 2, Vice President35 Keyettes 'I ,2,3, Vice President , 23 Lettergirl2,3g Symphonic Ba1i?idl2,35 Concert Banai. 3 3 ' E Henderson, Barbarakutb 3 Entered 1973. C si K A if -1 Lkkk, k,.-kk . .kykky . . . . - - .-ef-. eserreee 3 C, is sfaffsffcsfzsv 3 - - - - M:-1 - , .. .. are-i. . nf-ww . C C A. 3 .1 gfgfifgd 73- Girls' Ensemble 2: Choi ,Entered1973. Ecology Club Club u ' 2. f ' ' i:-. . fziiiiiilg f l I .,,:.,. BK 3 ee, V sss E C .. E . .gfs .?51r:iX.s , .,dNQE42 f:aafQ-ff-f'1-L 'E A ,. Q .Et- is 2 S EJ . K K i ,..,.,. me 5, . . - 3 ,i.,e,e C, C C ,,hl i . C C M e.,.,ii. 3 ' X . .ss Branford . Club 1,2,3, President 2,3, Tennis 2,3. 15 Har- Ecology 5 Anne 1973. Football 152,35 lnteract 2,3. Pattie Lynn Hill, Wendell joseph Entered 1973. Football 1,2,35 Bus Driver 2. Hines, Sheila jean Entered 1973. D.E. 3. Hinson, Stanley Entered 1973. Football 3. Hinton, Kelly Ann Entered 1973. Red Cross 25 French Club 25 Wildcat Club 35 FHA-HERO 3. Holt, Karen Beth Entered 1973. COO 35 FBLA 3. Honeycurt, Deborah Lynn Entered 1973. Chorus 15 Girls Ensemble Choir 35 Adelphians 15 GGS 2,35 Council 25 Prom Decorating Committee Hood, Larry Eugene Entered 1973. Sophomore Drill Team Award 2 L5 Hooks, Randy Carl Entered 1974. Baseball 2. Horne, Kathy jo Entered 1973. French Club 35 Centrusa 35 Wrestling Scorekeeper 3. Horne, Vickie Lee Entered 1974. Snips and Cuts 2,35 Keyettes 25 Ski Club 3. Hosey, Sylvia Yvonne Entered 1973. House, james E., jr. Entered 1974. Hubbard, Debra Elaine Entered 1973. Red Cross 25 Homeroom Presi- dent 2,35 FBLA 3, Vice President 3. Hudspeth, Paige Elizabeth Entered 1973. Adelphians 15 Student Council 1,25 CGS 1,2 35 junior Class Officer' Senior 1, ms. 2, FBLAM 15 Beta Club 2, jackson, Doris Viciella 1973. ROTC 1,25 LibraryAsst. 15 D.E. 35 Ann Club 2,3, Vice Presi- Cross 25 Choir 2,35 Star 2,35 Drama 3. German Club Lathan Football 1,2,35 Baseball 1,25 Key Mascot 3. Entered CHEO 35 Gym Asst. 2. johnston, Lynn Hunter Entered 1973. jones, Donna Dale Entered 1973. Student Council 15 DECA 2,3. jones, judith Lynne Entered 1973. Chorus 15 Girls Ensemble 25 Choir35 Adelphians15 GGS 35 National Honor Society 35 Wildcat Club 1. jones, Steve 5 Entered 1973. ROTC 1,2. joplin, Charlene Maria Entered 1973. Garinge r Club 2,3 5 FH A-HERO 35 Tennis 1 s Wildcat concert Band 1,2,3. surer 39: German . .... . . -' C '3' igsru dent Council 3 , . Prorn Hughes' Teresa Lynn . . . g Entered 1973. Volleyball 25 D.E. 2,3. - .-s5. - .l.... " ' 3 ' Kelly, Mar5rQjo'Anrre . g Hull, jane Millicem Enteredg73, Keyettes 35 Natiopal Honor Society Entered 1Q72. 35 Spatstshtglubr.3.5+Tennis 3. - . Hunt, Elizabeth Ann Kihsffisatsnn 5 Entered 1973. 0.5. 2,3. Enfefedm- . .9 Hunter, Charles Thomas Klfblff TQVQQQSBY Entered 1.9742 2 Entered - Hurt, Susan j. Entered 1973. ' .X 300 I Senior Statistics Kiser, Donald' Entered 73. DECA 3. Kistler, Russell Ente red 73. Club 1,3. Klein, Adelphians 1, 1,2,35 Executive leyball 35 GGS 2,3 Marshal 25 NCFE Scholarship Knight, Voneda Elizabeth Entered 73. Drama 15 Orchestra 1,2,35 Sym- phonic Band 1,2,35 Drum Major 2,3 Kroboth, Christine Marie Entered 73. Adelphians 15 Red Cross 1,2,35 Centrusa 2,35 Ski Club 2,35 German Club 1,25 Red Cross Award 3. Land, Betty Ann Entered 73. Adelphians 15 Red Cross 1,25 FHA-HERO 35 Office Asst. 15 Underthe Willow Tree 1. Landreth, Roy Tod Entered 73. Lankford, Randy Entered 73. Lawing, Beth ' Entered 73. Adelphians 15 German Club 1,2. Lawing, james M. Entered 72. Lawrence, Robin Cecilia Entered 73. Chorus 1,35 Girls' Ensemble 25 COO 35 FBLA 3. Leak, Donzell William Entered 73. Football 25 Basketball 35 French Club 15 Project Aries 1. Levine, janet Marie Entered 73. Bowling 15 Honor Society 2,35 junior Marshal 25 Spanish Club 35 Keyettes 35 Who's Who in America 2. Lewis, james Drake Entered 74. ROTC Drill Team 2. Little, Chyrel Entered 73. Red Cross 1,25 Cheerleading 2,35 Debate Team15 Homeroom President 15 An- nual Staff 2,35 ROTC 2,35 GGS 25 NAACP 25 Project Aries 2,35 Fashion Merchandising 2,35 Invitation Committee 25 Class Ring Committee 2 F? Little, Dewitt E. ' . Entered 73. Football 1 ,35 Bus Driver 2,35 Track 5 lgg little, Patsy Elaine . ll lllz in A ll Tintered 73. Lively, Darrell Glenn 59-. Entered 74. Baseball 25 Office Asst,,.2. I 5 Lloyd, janet Sue . . A Entered 74. Keyettes 2,3. Loftis, Cynthia joyce - . Entered 73. Adelphians 15 Ecology 15Treasurer 15 Invitation Committee 25 Marching Band 1,2,35 Wildcat Club 35 Concert Band 15 Sym- phonic Band 2,35 FHA-HERO 3, Treasurer.35 Pep Band 1,25 Honor Society 2,355 GGS 1125 junior Marshal 25 Keyettes 3. Long, Curtis Antonial Entered 73. FHA-HERO 35 Red Cross 15 ROTC 1. Long, Karen Denice Entered 74. Long, Monica Louise Entered 73. Adelphians 15 Homeroom Presi- dent 15 D.E. 2,3. Love, Barbara Ann Entered 73. Love, William Haskell Entered 73. Wrestling 1,2,3. Lovin, Kenneth Ray Entered 75. Lowery, Bertha Louise Entered 73. Red Cross 15 Debate Team 15 D.E. 3. Luther, Ann Cothran Entered 73. Adelphians 1, Secretary 15 Wildcat Club 15 DECA 35 Teen Board 3. Lytle, Randy R. Entered 73. ROTC 1,2,3. Maney, Sharon Darleen Entered 1973. D.E. 2,3. Martin, Dana Kimberly Entered 1973. Wildcat Club 15 DECA 2,3. Martin, janet Lasley Entered 1973. Chorus Award 15 Keyettes 2,3, Secretary 35 junior Marshal 25 National Honor Society 2,3, Vice President 35 Choir 3, Vice President 3. Marsh, Kathy Susan Entered 1973. Bible ll5 FHA-HERO 35 CEO 35 Keyettes 3. Martin, Linda Louise Entered 1974. Sandrettes 35 Rambler 35 Choir 2,35 Wildcat Club 3. Martin, Susan Gail Entered 1973. D.E. 25 FBLA 3. Martin, Timothy Scott Entered 1973. Marus, jeffrey Wright Entered 1973. Auto Mechanic 2,3. Mathews, Steven Myron Entered 1973. Football 15 Basketball 15 Baseball 1. McCain, Ronald Franklin Entered 1973. McCarver, Eddie Lanier Entered 1973. Football 1. McClure, Carol Elaine Entered 1973. Red Cross 1. McCrary, Lisa Entered 1973. McCullough, Cheryl jean Entered 1973. Marching Band 1,25 Twirler 35 Student Council 1,25 Concert Band 1,25 Sym- phonic Band 35 Rambler 2,3, Editor 35 Bus Driver 35 Voice of Democracy 2,3. McGill, Edith Lavern Entered 1973. DECA 2, Treasurer 25 Fashion Merchandising 3. McGuire, Sandy Gwen Entered 1973. Wildcat Club 1,25 Chorus 1,25 Keyettes 2,35 Red Cross 1,25 FHA-HERO 35 CEO 3. Mcllwain, Bobby j. Entered 1973. McKnight, Kevin Loramer Entered 1974. Interact Club 3. McManus, Vermelle Entered 1973. FHA-HERO 3. Masaros, joseph P. Entered 1974. FBLA 3. Metcalf, Kimberly Ann Entered 1973. Adelphians 15 GGS 3. Metcalf, Russ Arthur Entered 1973. FHA-HERO 3. Miller, jane Marie Entered 1975. Miller, joyce Ann Entered 1973. Orchestra 1,2,35 NAACP 2,35 Project Aries 3. Miller, Gloristine Ente red 1973. Miller, Harold Ente red 1974. Miller, Richard Entered 1973. Mills, Sandra Ann Entered 1973. National Honor Society 2,35 Let- tergirl 2,3, Head 35 Snips and Cuts Staff 35 Wildcat Club 2,35 NCTE English Award 25 State Chemistry Exam 25 Ski Club 35 Spanish Award 35 GGS 35 Adelphians 15 Prom Decorations Committee 25 Who's Who ln American High Schools 35 Red Cross 2,3, Executive Commit- tee 35 Associate Chief junior Marshal 25 Pro- ject Aries 35 National Merit Semifinalist 35 Bicentennial Senior 35 Graduation An- nouncements Committee 3. Mims, Steve Entered 1973. Football 15 Debate 1,2,3, Vice President 35 NAACP 1,2, Vice President 25 Wrestling 1,2,35 Drama 1,2,3, Best Supporting Actor 3. Morgan, Elsie Virginia Entered 1973. Moore, Arnetta Entered 1973. Moore, Sharon Lynne Entered 1975. Morgan, Lisa Dawn Entered 1973. Fashion Merchandising 3. Morris, Donna Marie Entered 1974. Morris, Ronald joseph Entered 1973. ROTC 1,2,3. Morse, Carol Ann Entered 1975. Mortimer, Barbara janet Entered 1973. Red Cross 1,2. Moses, Karen Leslie Entered 1974. Mullis, Kenneth P. Entered 74. Napier, Cynthia Dawn Entered 74. FBLA 3. Neely, Elsy Eugene Entered 73. Neville, Debra Diane Entered 73. Adelphian 1, President 15 Student Council 1,2,35 GGS 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Thes- pian 2,35 Drama 25 Snips and Cuts 2,3, Editor 35 Wildcat Club 1,25 Chorus 15 Girls Ensemble 25 Choir 35 Decorating Committee 25 Invitation Committee 35 Morehead Scholarship Nominee 3. Newkirk, jerri Inez Entered 73. Concert Band 15 Marching Band 1,2,35 Pep Band 1,25 German Club 1,25 Sym- phonic Band 2,35 Franco-Prussian Club 35 Proj- ect Aries 3. Nicholson, Susan Lynn Entered 73. Adelphians 15 German Club 1,25 Lettergirl 2,3, Head 35 Centrusa 2,35 Student Council 3. Norton, Rebecca Sue Entered 74. Garinger Club 25 Guidance Asst. 3. Norris, Bill Entered 73. Oakley, Michael Lynn Entered 73. Symphonic Band 15 Orchestra 2,3. Oakleyf Mark Timothy Entered 72. Baseball 1,2. O'Neill, Sharon Lee Entered 73. Tennis 2,35 Honor Society 2,35 junior Marshal5 Keyettes 2,35 Wildcat Club 1. Orr, Michael Lee Entered 73. Swim Team 1,2,3. Painter, Deborah Lee Entered 74. Garinger Club 25 Red Cross 2. Panther, Rita Carol Entered 74. Ski Club 3. Parris, Tony Eugene Entered 73. Patterson, Robert john Entered 73. Key Club 35 Ecology Club 1,2,3. Paul, Robin Malcomb Entered 73. Football 1,2,3. Pauls, Helen Entered 73. Wildcat Club 15 Adelphians 15 Centrusa 2,3, President 35 National Honor So- ciety 3. Pearce, Debra Lynn Entered 73. Keyettes 35 Homeroom President 1,35 Student Council 35 Girls Ensemble 25 Choir 3. Petrea, Noel Marie Entered 73. Biology Award 15 Keyettes 2,35 Honor Society 2,35 Scholastic Art Award 2. Senior Statistics X307 4 Entered 73. Adelphians 17 FHA-HERO 37 Social Chairman 3. ' Petris, Catherine Anne Entered 73. Adelphians 17 Wildcat Club 17 Centrusa 2,32 Willow Tree Representative 2. Phifer, Carolyn W Entered 73. FHA-HERO 3. Phillips, Daniel Kenneth A Entered 73. Drama Club 1,3. Philiigs, sharon. Entered 73. ROTC 1,2,37 Red Cross 1,37 Radio 'K ' ' . .,..t.Xl .. ....,.,. Y 7 --V.. -17:-ss 1.::.5i5!5l R er X. ' k --1 1-.2 ez: 17.--11-.T 1. --Q-,fggfszttsszgfa refs . .,72g.sE.s.. - '-1-g,15-.k- aug.:f-7i175575353.5.7gfafSasser.-fgegligfsasfry.f77zrfse.- We leaf illl llllll Club 1. Riddi Stiles Entered2i?45:i,.Bus Driver 2,3. Ridagagiiiiriet Denise Enteirfed,73. Adelphians 17 Red Cross 1,2,37 Li- 27 CHEO 37 FHA 37 Secretary 3. jean 73. FHA-HERO 3. 3- .sl -,.,k. 7 7, .kk.. , ... 213, ' Edward Polk. Marilyn Entered 73. Track 1. Faith , Adelphians 1 7 GGS 2,37 Honor So- Polson, Kathy Louise Entered 73. FHA-HERO 3. - rm4A Vann Martin, jr. Poplin, Bronwyn Cecile ii,3. 73. Track 32 FBLA 3- Entered 73. Adelphians 17 GGS 2,37 Class Officer7 Wildcat Club 2,37 Constance Melodey jan Council 3, Secretary 37,,Sslgi Club 3. 73. Wildcat Club 1,27 Keyettes 27 tnioo T 3? President 3- P0Sfell- ROY L3 Entered 73. 2,3. 33 gggQ,i.rg-gig Robinson, Craig i,-' Entered 73. Football 17 Soccer 2. Pressley' lf' Robinson, Michael Harold Enfefed . ' --x.exsa1i7:2r25sr:ft 71 -Ss-:es is-'ev - . ' . 7' 11:-7 .7-1:A9MSF.5iiS:iiEFti::fl:K1'-W I172'Is7i2221gr.ssss-3?5e3iEii-Eff"iii-i .2 -112224-i'3-7-524fiWit'-f-fiiitt2555575-li-f' Entered . Thesplans 5YmPh0nlC Entered 73. ROTC 1,2,37 Choir 2,37 Red Cross 2,3. Rodgers, Elizabeth Gayle Entered 73. Marching Band 'l,2,3j Pep Band 1,2,37 Drum Major 37 Student Director for Pep Band 3. Schenck, Douglas Entered 73. Schuman, Guerry joseph Entered 73. Shaffer, Philip D. Entered 73. Sharpe, jackie Anne Entered 74. Shaw, David G. Entered 74. Key Club 1. Shiffler, Laurie K. Entered 74. Honor Society 2,37 junior Marshal 27 Orchestra 2,3. Simpson, Beatrice Kay Entered. 74. Choir 'l,3j Fall Musical at East Mecklenburg 17 Pageantin N.C. House of Representatives17 Girls' Ensemble 27 Mars Hill Choral Clinic 27 Girls' Ensemble Golden Award 27 Governor's School 27 Honor Society 2,32 junior Marshal 27 Sanderettes 37 All-County Choir Festival 3. ' Sloop, Lynda Kay Entered 74. Wildcat Club 37 Decorations Committee 27 Centrusa 37 Ecology 3. Smith, Arthur B. Entered 74. Marching Band 3. Smith, Cheryl Marie Entered 73. Student Council 17 junior Class Ofticer7 Centrusa 2,31 Honor Society 2,37 Senior Class OfflCEfj Ski Club 3. Smith, Guthrie Crandall, jr. Pride, Markita 5 f iiir ii ,V ,iii ,,ililili: I liiil 3 ciiil 3 ililz fi? Entered 73. Interact 37 Soccer 3. . Entered 73. Marchrngssna 1,2,3i.-f ,7,7,. Rodgemf 5a"Y 'nfiz , . A .. .-. ,..k.. . .,.: Entered 73. Tennis 2,3, Ski Club 1,2. Smith jimmy F ir.. .. Ramersonf Nan Gregory . - Rode Theresa ' ' Entered 74. vicA 3. Entered 73' Entered 73. Sophomore Class Officer 7 March- Smith, Karen Lyn Ray Paul Leonard i iiliil it '93 Band 1'2'37 Keyeffes 237 Semor Class Of' Entered 73- - Entered 74. Chess Club 3 7 French II' ,.., Mer' i I 7 'ilz r.., -. 37 Orchestra 37 Honor Society 3. 1.iil.f,i'Q,i-..R0Se Gwen . Emlth' .7i. ,.,, it Cl b 1 2 7 ... -i7- ' nt T - Q... ,-.. il C3 U , I Re... air., Nr.. 75- H05-3 ' Enter d 73. Band 2. 7 e7.i B 7 Debofal' . . , A., ir. Redfearn, james Sylvester 74' Bus Ensemble 25 Club 1? Football V213- Entered 74. Track 2,3. al 3' .iii'.7 i..- i ,ff i',.y.i, fa., y 3 I ' 'lilli C 53" a 9 .... ,...,.. .... . t.. . . .... 7777 .,.s. C. . K 7 iuriiafmgrrshal 2.1 i7i.......... ..77 7 i..i. . . . Ski e ' C 3.3 1 3 Charles .1. - 2? Ring 'ed 734. 77.7. tt. 77.77 nsl iril. Hushei liite ....M ary Kafhlyn ..... .rsi - 3.e .els 7.ii3 P0"'Se' 3 illl . illill Band 1. 3 ..... 73- Office ...7 ... W"d'fa' Club 29 . ..s7.. 777777 . rary 2, Band1. 97 li 7-17 7 7 7i' Enteredi73. Adelphians 17 GGS 2,37 Girls'.-,Eff Saunders, Harold Turner, jr. 77, 7 , , . , , semble 27 Choir 3. 5- irfili Entered 73. Football 1,2,37 Track 1i72',-37.839-reitllffl FII. 'ff . 17. 17. - ing 17 Sophomore Executive Committee7 Stu- Entefed.73- K?Ye'fl95. 123- President 37 Reeder, Margie Carolyn dent Council 1,2,3, Treasurer 27 Student Body HERO gi Cho" 3? G"'l5 Ensemble 27 Entered 74. President 37 Key Club 1,27 Adelphians Mascot COUFFUI 3- , Reid, Carl Milton X . Stanfeyf Donna Kay Entered 73. ict 37 vicfx 3. r 7 savage, judith Nell Entered 74- FBLA 31 COO 3- 5 Entered, 73. Centrusa 2,37 Wildcat Club 1,27 3 . Reid, Cassandra R. 1,2,3, Executive Council :l,2,3j 5tanl9Yf Annette Gall Entered 73. DECA 3. ., ',1,,,- 7 3. Emeifed 1974' liii Reid, Nancy Lynn l0el Bradford ... . ...e-.... Staines- Ang-e'a Wa" Entered vs. Orchestra 2,37 vs. Enwed 1975- SCWG CM' 302 X Senior Sta tis tics .Q -f 2.472771 -.1 7- .. 7-.gas:s7s.sgg-7.572-stzs...,,. -.-,,s---srf -ws- -Tiki! ' 539251::HTeixsiifiwfeixiifssss'JCL- N Yi, fgiiigg .'is1.Lf5-5f.l'if is-refer-25:22-2'-airsi.Ysf2-rffffgaeass'9-me T: r .s 75.11 gf.. .. . l'i"75" 157552 F377 L' f "1 ri1gE..Eigi?g?rQL sitesi2sQ.??5..?agQ5? 2551235-asset 7 Y - tm 13222.-we .. 4 i 7 -' ff1s7s...- . . 1 3-3 1 . f -1 fr ' --1 Tillman Phyllis Ann Entered 1975 FHA HERO 2 3 Red Cross 3 Toth, Connie Sue 25 Girls Ensem- 25 Centrusa 35 Choir 3. Williams Entered 73 Staff 2 3 Williams Entered Harvey Whitley 1974. Bus Driver 2,3. Williams Entered 73. yn 1 Band Williams Marie 1,2,35 Entered 73. Willie Cross 25 D.E. 2,3. 3 Student Council 2,35 Senior Marshal 2, National and Gowns Commit- Club 25 Debate 2,35 The Willow Tree 35 Stu- Nominee Award 25 Na- 35 Voice of Democracy, Runner-Up For National ' Woodrow Lee 3' Entered 1974. cHEo 3. 35 Governor's School Tyler, Charles Curtis Ente red 1973. Tyndall, Wanda Lynn Entered 74. Snips and Cuts Staff 25 Second Place In Theme Contest 25 Bible 3. Ussery, Gloria Entered 73. Radio 3. Venegas, Hector E. Entered 73. Football 15 Basketball 15 Soccer 2,35 Baseball 1,2,35 Interact 3. . iw t"if4l5""?'i "" E d 73 gt.e.5s,,m.- ..41" e 25 Bible 3. Ann Williamson, Richard H., lr. - Entered 73. Key Club 1 2 3 Soccer Wilson, Entered Winchester Entered 73 Valentine 35 Snips Winchester Entered 73. Winslow, William Granville Entered 73. Red Cross 15 Basketball 1 Homeroom Presidemt Band 15 war ,.,, 5 Cent sa 2,3 Wrape, james Entered 74. ight, V tered 73. T 5 Electronics1 Band 2. Willie, jr. 73. Baskegall 15 Track Adrian Recardo Ms Billy 1975. Star Core 73. NAACP 25 C ree 25 COO 2. Whi gton, Sheryl Lynn Enter 74. Centrusa 3. Danny Club 1,2,3. William Wallace 'QQ Willia Alan 5 3 'l l,2,3e...., i f 4. Entere 53. Football 15 3 2 3 sa 2 Soccer YOUf1geI', l.OI'l I I I A Entered 73 1 Centrusa Faculty Index Miss Nan Abell, Winthrop College, B.S.!15 Mr. Ron Aldridge, Mars Hill College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.f22 Mrs. lnez Allen, Catawba College, B.A., U.N.C.-Greensboro, M.Ed.!18 Mr. Thomas Asbury, Livingstone College, B.S., A 81 T University, M.S.!15 Mrs. Carole W. Bailey, Appalachian State University, B.S., University of Tennessee, M.S.!18 Miss Martha Bailey, Appalachian State University, B.S., Gardner-Webb, A.A.!32,124 Mr. Gil Ballance, U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, B.A,, M.Ed.f32,126-128 Mr. Don Belk, N.C. State University, B.A.!32 Mrs. Onetta Belk, King's College!16 Mrs. Beatrice Bennett, Livingstone College, B.A., A 84 T University, M.S.f22 Mrs. Deidra Bennett, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A.!19 Mrs. lane Boyd, Samford University, B.S.!24,96-97 Mrs, Virginia Boyd, Elon College, B.A.!32 Mr. Gary Brown, Mars Hill College, B.S., Western Carolina University, B.S., A 81 T University, M.S.!37 Mrs. Gladys Buford, Winston Salem State, N.C. CentraIl17 Mrs. Nancy Burgess, Winthrop College!32,121 Mrs. Bernice Caldwell, N.C. Central, B.S., U.N,C.-Greensboro, M.Ed.!32 Lt. Col. W, W. Campbell, Florida Southern College, B.S.!38 Mr. Richard Cansler, Appalachian State University, B.S., M.A.!15 Mr. lim Carroll, A St T University, B.S.!36,153,180 Mrs, Agnes Cole, Greensboro College, B.A., Emory University, M,A.!19 304 X Faculty Index Mrs. Wanda Corriher, U.N.C.-Charlotte, B.S,!24,184 Mrs. Doris Covington, johnson C. Smith University, B.S., Appalachian State University, Cert. Sp.Ed.!35 Mr. Doug Crotts, Lenoir Rhyne, B.A., U.N.C.-Charlotte, M.A, Mrs. Maxine Davis, Livingstone College, B.S., Columbia University, M.A.!33 Mrs. Sara DeBerry, Limestone College, B.S. Mrs. Faye Deese, Concord College, B.S., Marshall University, M.A,l19 Mrs. Barbara Divine, Queens College, B.A.!30 Mr,1ames Dixon, Pfeiffer College, B.S., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed,!26,8B Mrs. Martha Dukes, King's College!17 Mr, lim Edwards, Duke University, B.A.!23 Mrs. Sarah Emerson, Catawba College, B.A.!20 Mrs. Clotelle Fisher, Hampton Institute, Trade Diploma, Barber-Scotia College, B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed!33 Mrs. leanne Fitzsimmons, Florida State University, B.A.!20 Mrs, Linda Giles, 17,129 Mr. Bob Godwin, U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, B.A., M.Ed.!26,128,'l39,163,138 Mrs. Gayle Godwin, Birmingham Southern College, B.A,!23 Mrs. Dorothy Gregory, 17 Mr. Fred Gregory, lr., Clemson University, B.S.!33 Mrs, Tresa Griffin, Central Piedmont Community Collegel17 Mrs. Sabra Griffin, Winthrop College, B.S.!33 Misslean Grisdale, N.C. State University, B.S., Arizona State University, M.S.l25,74 Miss lan Hall, Queens College, B.A.!31,83,99,160 Miss Susan Haney, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A.!20 Mrs. Martha Hanna, Duke University, B.A.!31 Mr. Ronald Hardman, Lenoir Rhyne, B.A.!23 Mr. Hugh Harkey, U.N.C.-Charlotte, B.A.!35 Mrs. Frances Hawn, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B,A.!23 Mrs, Sally Hearon, Hollins College, B.A., Duke University, M.A.T., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.!18 Miss Liz Hernandez, Appalachian State University, B.S.!33,92-93 Mr. Warren Hicks, lr., Wake Forest University, B.S.!36 Mr. Reed Hilderbrand, Appalachian State University, B.S.f23.91,173 Mrs, Bette Hinson, University of Michigan, B.A., Winthrop College, M.A.!20 Mrs. Martha Hipps, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.S.l33 Mrs. Lela Holbert, East Carolina University, B,S., M.A.Ed.!17 Mrs. Helen Hollingsworth, Lenoir-Rhyne, B.A., Winthrop College, M.A.T,!30 Miss loyce Hunter, Pfeiffer College, B.S,!36,155,163 Mrs. Pamela Huss, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.S.!33 Mr. I. R. johnson, Appalachian State University, B.S,, M.A.!26 Mr. Cedric jones, Shaw University, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.!20 Mr. Richard jones, 37,138 Mrs. Mary Katzel, Vanderbilt University, B.A,, Northeastern University, M.Ed.!25 Mr. lohn Kemper, Fairmont State Teachers College, Burton lnstitute!33,89,120 Mrs, Nancy King, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A.!26 Miss Wilma King, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.F,A., M.F.A.!28 Mr. Bill Kinsey, U.N.C.-Charlotte, B.A.!29 Mrs. Karen Kirkman, Tennessee Wesleyan College, B.A.!26 Mrs. Peggy Peterson, 17 Mrs. Diane Peterson, Duke University, B.A.!21 Mrs. Paula D. Poole, Pfeiffer College, B.A.!34 Miss jean Potts, Mars Hill Baptist College, B.S.!25,95 Mrs. Loretta Price, Mecklenburg College, A.A.!'l7 Mrs. juanita Reid, Hampton Institute, B.S., University of Wisconsin, M.S.!l8 Miss Philecta Reinhardt, George Peabody College, B.S., Columbia University, M.A.!21 MissAlice Rhodes, Bennett College, B.A., Indiana University, M.S.!22 Miss janet Robinson, Queens College, B.A.!28,B4 Mr. john Robinson, Catawba College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.A.!169 Sgt. john Robinson, 38 Mrs. Geraldine Rogers, Furman University, B.S., Western Carolina University, M.A.fZ7 Mr. William Rogers, East Carolina University, B.A.l23,89,'l4-6,169 Mr. Bill Ross, Appalachian State University, B.S., U.N.C.-Charlotte, M.S.!15 ,.., S . , Mi, K Zi ig , ,.,f ' I mamma . mari? .. .rwf1,iw, mm .. Mrs. Eunice Leller, Winthrop College!16 Mrs. Katy Lesley, Madison College, B.S.f33 Miss Marie Lewis, Duke University, B.A.!20,79,184 Sgt. j. L. Lopez, 38 Mrs. Betty Lowery, U.N.C,-Greensboro, B.S.!34 Mr. Robert McClure, johnson C. Smith University, B.A.!23 Mr. Sean McCormick, Davidson College, B.A.!23,180 Miss Patricia Ann McGee, Appalachian State University, B.S.!36 Mr. Henry Madden, Furman University, B.A.!23 Dr, Robert L. Maddox, North Texas State University, B.A., New York University, Ph.D.!29,108,112 Mr. Marshall Martin, Winston-Salem State University, B.S., A 84 T State University, M.S.!37 Mrs. Pecola Maxwell, johnson C. Smith University, B.A., U.N.C.'Charlotte, M.Ed.!20 ' Miss Linda Norris, U.N.C.-Charlotte, B.A.l20 Mrs. Suzanne Pace, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.A.!21 Mrs. Gertrude Pearson, johnson C. Smith University, B.S., Fisk University, M,A.l27 N my FA, Miss Elizabeth Throneburg, N.C, State University, B.S.l25,184 Miss Delores Tibshrany, Winthrop College, B.S.!34,l21 Miss Clara Timmons, University of Pittsburgh, B.A., M.Ed.!34 Mr, joseph Tomanchek, Elon College, B.A., U,N.C,-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.!36,'l75 Mr. Dennis Totaro, Montclair State College, B.A.!34 Mrs. lreneTravis, Hunter College, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.!21 Mr, Charles Vaughan, Catawba College, B,A.B1,83,101 Mrs. Klara Vinson, johnson C, Smith University, BSXZS Mrs. Emma Washington, Bennett College, B.S., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.S.!27 Mr. joseph White, johnson C. Smith University, B.A.!37,'l60 Mrs. julia Wilson, Limestone College, B.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M,A.T.!27 Mrs. jean Withers, Wake Forest University, B.A.!21 Mrs. Carolyn Woodall, Appalachian State University, B.S., M.A.l18 Mr. Ron Wright, Western Carolina University, B.S., M,A.l23,l3B,139 Mrs, Agnes Yoos, Queens College, B,A.f25 Miss Frances Ryan, Winthrop College, B.S., Columbia University, M.S.B4,l22 Mrs. Catherine Sanders, Furman University, B.S,!?5 Mr. john Sanders, Furman University, B.A., M.Af29,113 Mr. George Sawyer, Appalachian State University, B.S.,M.A.!27 Mr. Karl Sawyer, Appalachian State University, B.S., M.A.f24 Miss Vicki Schliestett, U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, B.A.!31,82,l79 Mr. K. C. Sinclair, Western Kentucky University, B.S., M.A. Mrs. Nadine Sinclair, 'l7 Mrs. Ellen Skinner, Meredith College, B.A., University of Tennessee, M,S.l34 Mr. Sam Smalling, Duke University, B.S., East Tennessee State University, M.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.!18 Miss Sandra Smith, U.N.C.-Greensboro, B.A., U.N,C,-Chapel Hill, M.S.L,S.!30 Mr. Robert Staley: 34 Mrs. josephine Stegmeir, Florida State University, B.A., M.A,!31 Mrs. jane Sterrett, Duke University, B.S.!27 Mr. Andrew Thompson, A Bt T University, B.S.l34 Faculty Index X305 8 8 Acker, Sandra Yvonne 247 Adams, Linda Dianne 247 Adams, Mark Anthony 247 Adcock, Elizabeth joanne195 Adelphians 96, 97 Adkins, Ray Stewart 156 Administration 14, 15 Agu rs, David 247 Agurs, Vanessa 195, 122 Akins, Kim Marie 227 Albritton, William jay 247 Alcala, Lydia 124, 125, 195 Alcala, Sylvia 247 Aldridge, Ivan Timothy 247 Alexander, Anthony Victor 247 Alexander, Anja Leigh 247 Alexander Ben Michael 81, 247 Alexander David Woodrow 227 Alexander Deborah Ann 195 Alexander, jeanna Gale 247 Alexander, julia 246 Alexander Mark Laney 127, 227 Alexander Milisa june 66,101, 121, 195 Alexander, Sandra Lavern 222 Alexander Sharon Renee 247 Alexander , Willie Marr 227 Alford, Roy Clinton 247 Alford, Trilby Lynn 114, 195, 61 Allen, Charles Sylevester 247, 147, 161 Allen, Cynthia Larue 92,124,195 Allen, Mark Andrew 120, 227 Allen, Paul Douglas 247 Allen, Rhonda Frances 247 Allen, Robert Michael 80, 81, 227,149,169, 189 Allen, Susan Lynn 247 . Brickman, Patricia Carol 228 Penney jill 113 Amessa, Lolita Dolores, 195 Anderson, Ronald james 195 Andrews, jane Forrest 247 Angelo, Wagner Ribeiro 82, 89 Angelo, Waldney Ribeiro 247 Annas, Carla Susan 227 Annas, johnny Reed 195 Annas, Robbin Lee 97,227 Anthony, Gregory Curtis 195 Arazie, james Daniel 227 Ardeneaux, Sidney David 195 Archibaud, Angela Faith 227 Armeen, Cynthia Anita 113, 195 Armstrong, Debra Ruth 101, 187, 227 Arndt, Kirk Peter Allen 227 Arnold, Michael Peeler 149, 227 Art 28 ASbury, Mark Gordon 81,247 Ashley, Eric Mitchell 247 Ashmore, Larry 227, 169 Atkinson, Clinton 227 Atkinson, Robin Marie Atkinson, Timothy 247 Austin Barbara Lynn 247 Bagley, Harry Franklin Bagley, Timothy Mark 247 Bailey, Pamela Diane 247 Baker, Dennis Arthur 227 Ball, Glenn Allen 247,91 Ballard, Deborah Lee 247, 186 Ballard, jeffery Brian 227, 156 Ballard, Rise Lynnette 45, 46, 87, 98,101,102,103,195, 60 Balog, Paula jeannette Barbee, Tammy Ruth 195 Barber, Linda Gale 79,227 Barclift, Charles Edgar 139, 147, 196, 176, 178 Barkley, Debra Ellen 247 Barkley, Douglas Lee 45, 82,196 Barksdale, Ricky 247 Barnes, Natasha Alva 247 Barrett, james Benjamin 247 Barrino, Charles Calvin 139,227 Besavappa, Peter 227 Basavappa, Robert 247 Baseball 174-177 Baseball I, V. 172, 173 Basketball, Varsity 164-171 Bass, Barbara Ann 74, 81, 89, 98, 187, 196, 61 Baucom, Barbara Gail 45, 81, 89, 98, 187, 196 Baucom, Sheila Marie 247 Baumgardner, Carol 247 Beall, jeril L. 247 Beall, William R., jr. 247 Bean, Susan Gail 247 Beard, Arthur Wade 88, 101, 227 Beatty, Sharon Rene 77, 248 Beauties 64-69 Beaver, Betty Lashall 82, 86, 101, 248 Beaver, Randall Keith 227 Beddingfield, Richard 89, 227, 156 Beford, Gisele Frances 196 Belch, Sharon Marie 97, 99, 227 Belk, Donna Earlene 248 Belk, Michael Wayne 248 Bell, jamie Lynn 227 Belvin, Teresa 248 Benfield, james Phillip 248 Benge, Douglas Allen 228 Bennett, Bobby Mitchell 79, 78, 80, 81 , 196 Bennett, Debra Gay 248 Bennett, joey Gaylan 51, 227 Benning, Austin Austin Austin i Carol 247 , Christina Wynne 227 , Deborah Anita Austin, Della Theresa 247 Austin Austin Auten Avant, ,joni Elayne 247 Robert Gregory 247 ,I jane Carolyn 247 Don Ricky 161 Aycock, Cynthia Ann 247 Aycock, Donna Denice 15, 48, 45,114,115, 102 Badran, jawhar195 Baggett, Steve Michael 306 f Index Bent, Barbara jean 227 Berry, Bertha 248 Berryhill, Michael David 248 Bestgen, Sharon Kay 248 Bethea, Ernestine Anita 248 Beutel, james Allan 227 Bibeau, Kendall Dean 248 Bible II 84 Bicentennial Minute 49 Bickel, Cynthia Sue 227 Biddle, Charles Leon 227, 178 Biddle, Steven Christopher 248 Biles, Phillip Ervin 88,101,196 Bin kley, William Alex 82, 227,178 Bivens, james D. 248 Black and Blue, Mr. 43 Black, Connie Elaine 248 Black, Kim 227 Black, Patrice Leslie 248 Black, Virginia Louise 196 Blackburn, Bobby joe 248 Blackmon, Deborah Ann 227 Blake, Susan Carol124, 125,196 Blakeney, Barbara Ann Blalock, Bobby Lee 248 Blanding, Cynthia Elouise 248 Blanding, Shirley 227 Blanton, Christopher Blanton, Richard Dean 227 Bledsoe, Debra Elaine 248 Blue and Gray, Miss 42 Blue, Mark 248 Blunt, Cynthia Mae 248 Blythe, joe Neal 139, 178 Boatright, Carol Rebecca 227 Bodack, Sheryl Lynn 75, 76, 101, 196 Boger, Kenneth Lee 227 Bogle, Cathy Ellen 45, 83, 94, 196 Bolder, Edward Allen 122 Bonasera, Charles 248 Bonti, Teresa 94, 95, 114, 196 Booth, james William 128, 196 Bost, Dawne Elise 74, 76, 77, 92, 114, 196 Bost, Donna Cheryl 248 Bost, Stewart D. 101, 248 Boulware, Angela 133, 227 Boulware, Regina 248 Boulware, Yvette Marie 248 Bourroughs, Ralph Conner 248 Bowen, Melissa jane 248 Bowers, Bruce A. 222 Bowers, Kenneth Eugene 248 Bowles, Deborah 248 Boyd, jerry Milton 196 Boyle, Carolyn Ann 227 Boys' State 49 Boys' Tennis 156-157 Bradley, Ramon Scott 248 Bradley, Florence Dart 187 Bradley, Michael Bishop 120,228 Bradshaw, Edna Mae 248 Bradshaw, Mark Alan 248 Bradshaw, Ricky 248 Branch, Cynthia Carol 248 Branch, Lessie Verona 133 Brand, Robert Manning 196 Brandes, Bobby Gainor 248 Branham, Leroy 248 Brantley, Marsha Patrice 228 Brayboy, jack Simeon 41, 47, 80, 81, 99,139,143,197,125, 60 Brazell, james Clyde 228 Brazzell, Pamela Ann 248 Brewer, Nathan 248 Brewer, Schwester Carrol 51, 133, 197 Brewer, Timothy 128, 197 Brewton, Thomas Wayne 197, 228 Bridges, Charles Payne 90, 92, 45,101, 197, 228 Briggs, Robert Albert 249 Brimhall, Tommie Morgan 101, 147, 249, 173 Bristow, Douglas Winslow 249 Broach , Laurie Lee 86, 87, 228 Broadway, Daniel 249 Brock, Billy Walker 89, 197 Brock, Terri Lynn 228 Brooks, Charles 249 Brooks, David Preston 147, 249 Brooks Brooks Brooks , james 228 , Sylvester 80, 81, 128 ,Wendy Carol 85, 102, 113,118,119,197 Brooks hire, Gregory Dale 228 Brown, Aaron 120, 197 Brown, Angela Priscilla 228 Brown, Annette 69, 186, 249 Brown, Cynthia Lorraine 121 Brown, Dorothy Elizabeth 197 Brown, Eddy Blaine 121, 197 Brown Fred Herron 249 Brown, joel Dane 249 Brown, joseph Lentz 249 Brown, William 82 Brown, Kristi jan 228 Brown, Larry Donnell 147, 249, 169, 178 Brown, Lida Kay 197 Brown, Marilyn Unita121,197 Brown, Mark Colston 249 Brown, Mary Ann 228, 249 Brown, Mary Ethel 113 Brown, Nathaniel 249 Brown, Peter William 101, 197 Brown, Roger 197 Brown, Ronald 228 Brown, Terry Lynn 228 Brown, Tonda Lynn 249 Brown, Valerie Loretta 124, 197, 62 Brown Valerie Lynn 125 249 Brownl William Arthur 228 Brown, William Belton 249 Brunson, Veronica Denise 197 Bryant, Kendra jean 197 Bryant, Mary Ruth 117, 118, 119, 121 Buchanan, james Allen 120, 228 Buckaloo, Pamela Ann 228 Buckaloo, Patricia Marie 228 Buckley, Mary Quinette 249 Buckner, Kamba Renae 249 Bufford, Curtis Randolph 249 Bulls, Clarence 249 Bumgardner, David Raymond 228 Bungay, Bryon Lee 102, 123, 197 Bunn, Deborah Elizabeth 42, 228 Bunn, Debra Ruth 81 , 83, 86, 101, 107, 249, 93 Bunn, Debra 42,228 Buraglio, Mary Theresa 96, 97, 228 Burch, Mary Lucile 97, 228 Burch, William Robert 249 Burkhalter, Linda Karen 228 Bu rks, Richard Edward 249, 179 Burks, Ronald Harvey 197, 179 Cox, Burns, Robert Harold 249 Burris, Cynthia Dawn 101, 197 Burris, janet Catherine 113, 249 Burris, Kathryn Elizabeth 249 Creasman, Cynthia Lou 121, 230 Burson, Leon Timothy 249 Bus Drivers 116 Busker, Cindy Ann 229 Bussey, Norman Lee 51, 229 Butler, Catherine Denise 97, 226, 229 Butler, David Lindsay 120 Butler, joy Ann 121, 197 Butler, Tonda Deree 249 Byrd, Craig Anderson 249 Byrum, Deborah jean 229 Byrum, Gregory Thomas 229 B rum William Lane 229 198 Cheek, Patricia Lorena 44, 45, 46, 50,77,81,92,198 Cheerleaders 183-185 junior Varsity 187 Varsity 186 CHEO 122 Childers, Kimberly LouAnn 249 Childers, Mary Frances 249 Chin, Ellen Lan 249 Chin, Kyi Hong 198 Choir 114 Christenbury, Damon Lee 249 Christensen, Linda 45, 46, 93,198 Christopher, Alice 198 Clark, Cynthia Dianne 114, 115, 198 169 Cox, joseph 230 Cox, Sonia Gail 117, 250 Susan Dale113, 133, 230 Deal, Cynthia Anne 251,155 Y 1 Cable, Peggy Sue 81, 98, 101, 102,103,222,71 Cadmus, Lynn Carol 101, 249 Caldwell, Albert Ernest 249 Caldwell, Betty jo Ann 229 Caldwell, Eddie Lee 249 Caldwell, Mack Donald 198 Caldwell, Milton 249 Caldwell, Shirley Mae 133, 229 Caldwell, William jerome 249 Calhoun Michael Vincent 149, 249, 173 Clark Clark Clark , james Carlton 198 Ricky Brian 250 , Wayne Radwin 91, 250 Clarke, Robin 121, 198 Clayton, Scott Ervin 149, 250 Clements, William Ervin 88,101, 102, 222 Cox, Wanda Gail 81,114, 125 Craddock, Susan Ann 250 Craig, Elizabeth 250 Craig, Michael Lendon 250 Craig, Norman Dale 121 Craig, Tracy Anette 250 Craighead, Myra Lee 91, 230 Crawford, Cynthia 250 Crawford, Eddie Todd 101, 250 Crawford, Samuel Thomas 250 Crawford, Timothy Bruce 120, 230 Cribb, Deborah jean 230 Crook, james Reid 230 Crosby, Elviles Maurice 138, 230 Cross Country 149 Crump, Kathy Elaine 250 Crump, Melissa jo 199 Crumpler, Catherine 45, 46, 81, Q- AIUCQQN 553 , M05 '4L. jwfifglszijfgiiigfa 43835 KMA mae qgMH'5"7f-XWPGPKQNE 35211396383 , it N AK V! yogi Calvert, William Earl 91, 229 Cameron, Rodney 229 Campbell, Donald Leroy Campbell, james Alexander 77, 120, 229 Cline, Kimberly Annette 198 Clyburn, Theron Glenn 250 Coaches 142-145 Coan, Patricia Lynn 113, 230 Cobb, Teresa 250 Coble, Sandra Ann 95, 97, 102, 230 Cochran, Robert Bruce 114, 139, 142,222 Cochrane, Loretta 124, 125, 198 93, 114, 222 Cude, joseph Stanton 147, 250, 178, 173 Cude, Sharon Lynn 81, 89, 98, 101,106,114,199 Dean, Laura Frances 231 Dean, Roger Vinson 147 Debating Club 117 DECA 121 Dedication 9 Deese, Barbara Lynn Campbell, john Edward 249 Campbell, Michael Andrew 229 Campbell, Rebecca jean 249 Campbell, Sandra Faye 249 Campbell, Wayne Douglas 229 Coello, Francisco 82, 89, 250 Cohen, Gary Nathaniel 250 Coleman, Frederick Lee 147, 250, 173 Coleman, james Edward 139 , 106 , Teresa Lynn 251 Campo, Patricia Ann 123, 222 Canipe, judy Ann 97, 229 Canipe, William Benjamin 198 Cannaday, Craig Paul 229 Capehart, john Gregory 139, 229, 161 Carbaugh, Wanda jean 81, 82, 96, 97, 99,101, 226,229 Carelock, james Edward 123, 198 Carpenter, Charles 230 Carpenter, Christine 249 Carpenter, james David 230 Carpenter, james 230 Carriker, Ronald Hayden 230 Carrousel Princess 70 Carter, Betty joan 249 Carter, David Wayne 49, 81, 83, 101, 198 Carter, Donna Christine 230 Carter, Glenda Faye 249 Carter, janet 249 Carter, Paula Denise 84, 87k 98, 119,198 Carter, Sherry Ann 249 Carter, Virginia Kathleen 249 Carver, Selena Allison 230 Case, Walter 249 Casey, William David 198 Casner, Kevin Sefton 249 Cassada, Kathy Elizabeth 198 Cassell, Patsy Ann 249 Cathey, lris Lawunda123, 187 Cathey, jack Miller 45, 46, 81, 90, 198 Cato, james Floyd 122 Cauthen, Timothy Barkle 249 Centrusa 94, 95 CEO 123 Chance, Rodney Leon 249 Coleman, johnny 250 Coleman, Mary Louise 250 Coley, james Albert 230 Collins, Amber Dawn 118,119, 230 Collins, Daniel Ross 149, 230 Cunningham, Calvin 250 Cunningham, Mark Anthony 250 Cunningham, Sidney 81,139, 143,199,62,172,169,188 Cunningham, Stanley 139, 142, 199, 59,172,169,188 Cupp, Barry Allen 147, 250 Cupp, Garry Richard 147 Cureton, john Wesley 250 Curlee, Mary Ann 45, 46, 82, 98, 199 Currence, Herman 250 Currie, Scot 199, 176, 178 Dacus, Elizabeth Anne 230 Dagenhart, Frank jay 250 Dailey, Bruce Warren 119, 230 Deese, Bennett Vernon 200,142, 139, 156 Deese Deese , Crystal Diane 251 , Cynthia Louise 251 Collins, Collins, Collins, Karen Leigh 250 Samuel F. 250 Teresa Anne 45, 46, 47, 48,93,19a Combs, julie Lynn 250 Concert Band 111 Dalton, Daniels, Daniels Daniels, Daniels, Danley, Michael Eugene 250 Cindy 121, 199 Howard Lee 250 Mark Gregory 250 Sharon 199 jeffrey Craig 230 Conklin, jack 230 Conklin, Vickie Lea 198 Conley, Kathy Lynn 250 Conn, Peter Robert 230 Convocations 55 COO 124 DAR Award 50 Daugherty, Lisa Kay 199 Davenport, Thomas George 250 Davenport, Pamela 45, 199 Davidson, Christopher 231 Davidson, john Mark 129, 250 Chappell, jackie Lee 249,156 Chastain, Ricky Lee 120, 230 Chastain, Sheri Lynn 249 Chastain, Susan Diane 124, 125, Cook, Donna Sue 250 Cook, judson Theodore 250 Cook, Teresa Laurel 45, 99, 199 Cook, Tyra Lynn 230 Cooke, David Reginald 230 Cooke, Norma Gail 45, 82, 93, 199 Cooper, Marcus Bryon 230 Cooper, Pauline 51,250 Cooper, Vanessa Lynn 113, 199 Coppley, jackie Lee, jr. 230 Corder, Curtis Sherwood 199 Core, Lucia Anne 67,114,fl15, 230 Corpening, Donna jean 230 Corpening, janet Lynn 250 Correll, Michael Ranson123, 222 Corum, Charles Timothy 250 Cosby, Elviles161 Counselors 18 Council, Amelia Michelle 120, 230 Council, Celia Ellen 250 Courtney, Tina Elaine 230 Cousar, Yvette 250 Covington, Claude 123, 199, 172, Davis , Barbara Lee 114, 199 Davis, Charles Thomas 250 Davis, Cheryl Denise 82, 86, 250 Davis, Deborah 231 Davis, Donald Charles 250 Davis, Fred Franklin 139, 178 Davis, jacqueline 97, 124, 199 Davis, joyce Elaine 42, 200 Davis, julius Lee 251 Davis, Laslie jane 231,129 Davis, Lewis Wilson 200 Davis, Lois Dee 250 Davis, Mark Edward 231, 121 Davis, Mary joan 231,118,119 Davis, Patricia Anne 200, 45, 81, 82, 87, 94, 106 Davis Piper 251 101 Davis , Susan Elizabeth 231, 81, 93 Davis, Tanya 200, 45, 46, 81, 97, 101 Davis Davis Davis ,Terri Sue 251 ,Vernon Wayne 231 Day, Diana Helm 251 Day, Scott Eugene 251 Day, Teresa Renee 231 Deese, Dale Edward 231 Deese, Darlene 251 Deese, Melissa jane 231 Delargy, Kathlyn Ann 251 Demby, Emmett Clarence 251 Dennie, Kimberly Ann 251 Deming, Penny 231 Dennis, Tony Ellis 251 Denton, Forrest L. 251 Detter, Earl Mills, jr. 200 Dew, William jennings 231,121 Dickerson, Randy jay 251 Dickey, Angela Maria 200 Dickey, james 251 Diehl, Marion K. 251,81 Dixon, Donald Angelo 251 Dixon, Harold Wayne 251 Dixon, Marcus Lai Ray 251 Dixon, Mark A. 231, 88 DOd.dX Linda jean Dodgij Rebecca Lynn 231 Doolittle, Teresa Lynn 251 Dotson, Robin 200 Douglas, William 251 Downs, Thomas Rea 200, 128 Dozier, john Williams 231 Drake, Darren M. 231 Drake, Glenn Walter 231 Drake, Kim 251 Drake, William Lee 251 Drama Club 119 Drew, Cathy Elizabeth 200 Driver's Education 37 Drummer, Cassandra Duffell, Karen Denise 200,114 Dugger, Dean Clark 200, 75, 76 Dula, janetta Ann 200 Dulin, Tonya Carol 231 Duncan, Bradford William 231, 126 Duncan, Gary Eugene 117, 251 Duncan, Michael Anthony 231, 149, 161 Duncan, Michael Scott 251 Dunlap, Christopher 200 Dunlap, William Gary 251,147 Dunn, joni Ellen 68,251,181 Dunn, Linda Diane 251 Dunn, Patricia Lynn 251 Index !307 Mitzi j. 129, 252 Dunn, Sherra Ann 200,45,114, 115 Dunn, Teresa Diana 251 Dupont, Steven 231 Dye, Darrell Gordon 200 Earle, Cindy Marie 231,114, 81 Earle, Donald Edward 251 Earnhardt, Tony 231,127 Easterling, Ronnie james 200,149 Eaton, Kimberly Lynn Eaves, john Kendall 231,120 Ecology Club 88 Economos, Larry C. 81, 88, 61 Economos, Nick Steve 231, 139 Edge, Selena Ann 251 Edmonds, Max William 251 Edwards, Cynthia Louise 251 Edwards, james Ray 251 Edwards, Kimberly Dawn 251 Edwards, Wilhelmina 251 Elder, Delores Marie 231 Elder, Patricia Ann 251 Ellery, Stephen Andrew 251 Ellis, Haywood Hansome 231 Ellis, Patricia Ann 164 Ellsworth, Virginia E. 200, 113 Emory, Lorraine Margaret 200, 123 Emory, Samuel George 200,45 English, Mark Everett 251 English 19-21 "Art, Arf." 308 f Index Epps, Christopher 201 Ervin, William Henry 120 Estes, john Ernest 201 Ethington, David Vester 231, 155 Etters, Doris Elaine 201 Eudy, Leslie Robin 231, 114, 92 Eurey, Ellen Louise 201,114, 92, 93 Evans, Yana Howe 251 Ewing, Darrell Kent 251 Executive Council 80 Exell, Alice Marie 201 Faculty 12-39 Faculty Index 304, 305 Fagan, Laurie Ann 201,114, 95 Fair, Dale Lee 120 Fair, Erik Allen 251 Farlowe, Horace Lavern 251 Farmer, Cynthia Diane 201,114, 115 Farmer, john 251 Farnsworth, Carol Louise 251, 81, 86 Farr, Mikel Daniel 251 Faulkner, Phyllis 252 FBLA 125 Feimster, Paulette 231 Fennewald, james Earl 231 Ferguson, Deborah D. 201, 87, 106 Ferguson, john Kenneth 201 Ferguson, Patricia Ferguson, Robin jean 252 Ferree, Van Wayne 252 Ferreira, Laura Ann 252 Ferrell, Leon Vance 252 Fincher, Beniy Woodrow 201 Fincher, Patricia Gail 231, 97, 99 Finger, Nancy Elizabeth 252 Fisher, Cynthia Elaine 231 Fitzsimon, Christopher 252, 173 Fleenor, Sean 201, 101 Frye, Sandra Lynne 252 Frye, Susan Elaine 252,119,179 Frye, Terry Leigh 201, 94, 155, 59, 164, 188 Fullam, james Thomas 252,119, 85 Fullam, Laura Ruth 114, 118, 119, 85 Fulwood, George 202, 90, 81, 60 Funderburke, Timothy D. 232 Furches, Patricia Ann 252 Furr, Patricia jane 92, 202 Furr, Ricky Lee 252 Gadd, Anthony Glenn 252 Gaddy, David Lane 252 Gaddy, Ronald Edwin 232 Gaines, Debra Denise 202, 252 Gaines, Denise 123 Gale, Tina Maria 252 Galloway, Betty Colene 87,114, 202 Galloway, james S.139,143, 202 Gambill, Brenda Lee 252 Gantt, Carolyn jane 252 Garcia, Miguel Daniel 252 Gardner, Betty Elaine 252 Gardner, jill Anne 50, 65, 70, 98, 187, 202, 58, 60 Gardner, Lewis Wayne 252 Gardner, Robin Lynn 232,121, 103 Gardner, Russell P. 202 Gardner, William Terrance 82, 89, 139, 232 Garinger Club 85 Garmon, Sharon Lynn 252 Garner, Burnette 252 Garrick, Mitchell Lee 252 Garris, Brenda Diane 81, 202 Gaskey, Donald Ray 87, 202 Gaston, Calvin 252 Gathings, Mitzi Arlene 82,101, Goodnoh, Amy Maureen 253 Goodrum, Kenneth Allen 232 Gordon, Anthony Lee 232 Gouch, Charles Bernard 232 G0vernor's School 48 Graham, Patricia Anne 253 Graham, Peggy Ann 202 Graham, Thomas Michael 232 Grant, johnnie Earl232, 126,127 Grant, Stephen Allen 232 Grant, Terri Ann 253 Gray, Linda Laverne 232 Gray, Robert Fredrick 232 Gray, Susan 253 Green, Green, Green, Green, Green Connie 81, 97, 232 Donald Ralph 253 Donna Page 232,97,164 Hilliard Cleofus 232 james Michael 253 Greenl john Franklin 81, 139, 144,194, 202,176,178 Green, Green, Green Linda Ann 253 Mal Edmond 202 Marcia Elanye 232 Greeni Marta jo 253 Green Richard Lee 203 Greth,, Elizabeth Ann 203 Grice,j udy Dale 87, 92, 129, 203 Griep, Bradley Glenn 253 Grier, Arnetha Bell 253 Grier, Dorothy jean 233 Grier, jacqueline 253 Grier, Robin Ann 253 Grier, Thomas Cornelius 253 Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, 203 Debra Ann 253 Donna Renee 253 Larry Michael 233 Linda Carol 95, 203 Patty Laverne 124, 125, Griffin, Susan Lynn 233 Fleming, Edgar Eugene 252 Fleming, Thomas Andrew 231 Flood, Grover lll 222, 77 Flowers, Leslie Celeste 201 Floyd, Ralph David 156 Football, j.V. 146 Football, Varsity 136-141 Ford, Carolyn 231 Foreign Language 31 Foreign Students 53 Forsyth, Carolyn Faye 231, 76, 81 , 96, 97, 101 Fortner, Leslie Dare 201, 44, 45, 46, 92, 93 Fortner, William Leslie 114, 252, 173 Foster, Bobby Ray 252 Foster, Bridget 231 Foster, Natalie jan 201, 123, 84, 98 Foster, Tina Marie 201 Fowler, Christine Louise 252,179 Fowler, joseph Kelley 252 Fowler, Patricia Kim 252, 86, 101 Fowler, Van Harold 252 Fowler, Wendy Christine 231 252, 164 Gatlin, Lucy Marie 93,155,202 Gavrilis, Helen Laina 232 Gaye, Lisa Karen 45, 202 CGS Club 98-100 Gibson, Elenor Faye 252 Gibson, Tina Marcel 252 Gibson, William Lindsay 120, 202 Giles, Karen Marie 252 Gill, lvan Dean 232 Gill, Timothy Salem 202,63 Gill, Warren Dennis 77,252 Gillespie, Carolyn Diane 252 Gillespie, james Michael 232 Gilley, Michael Ray 252 Gilliam, Pearlie Lavern 202 Girls' Ensemble 113 Girls' Tennis 154, 155 Gladden, Thomas Wylie 232 Glenn Glenn Glenn Goble Goble Goble, Gloria jean 232 Otis 120 Ronnie Edward 120,252 Edward E. 252 1 jeffrey Lee 128, 202 Griggs, Eddie Ray 81, 88, 90,101, 222 Grooms, Terry Lynne 114, 84,203 Gulledge, Cathy Lynne 124, 125 Gulledge, Cyril Long 253 Gullett, William Douglas 233, 89, 139 Gunter, Keith Rezna 203 Gurley, Timothy Ray 253 Haga, Patricia Beatrice 203 Hailey, Brenda Diane 233 Hailey, Cheryl Lynn 253 Haislip, Martha Lynn 203, 45, 46, 92 Hall, Christopher Ross 203,88 Hall, Edward Lee 253, 149 Hall, Hope Elizabeth 233 Hall, Mark Vincent 233, 101 Hammer, Rhonda 253 Hammonds, Teresa Lynn 222 Hammondtree, Billy G. 253 Hammontree, Karen Gail 203 Hamrick, jeffrey Robbin 233,178 Hamrick, Kim Laverne 253 Hancock, Cooper Yandell 233, 83, 101, 156 Fox, Linda Ann 252,86 Fragakis, William George 231, 81, 91, 156 Francis, Robert Harold 252,156 Francisco, Hortensia D. 231 Francisco, jose Bonifacio 252 Francisco, Maria Antonia 231 Francois, Robert Douglas 252 Franco-Prussian Club 83 Frazier, Gwen Ophelia 252,81 Frazier, japana 252, 133 Fretz, Steve Ray 252 Fridy, David Carlisle 232 Frye, David Wayne 252 Frye, Eric Stephen 232,118,119 Godfrey, johnny Tazio 253 Godfrey, Thomas Herbert 253 Godwin, Deborah Elizabeth 97, 125, 232 Godwin, Gary Brooks 139,232 Godwin, Melanie Wrenn 202, 121 Godwin, Richard Lee 253 Goforth, Alexander Frank 232 Goins, Debra Renee 232, 97,101 Golf 160, 161 Gomillion, jason 253 Gomillion, Sandra Anita 232,121 Gooding, Annette 232 Goodman, Kimberly Ruth 253 Goodman, Timothy Dale 202 Hancock, Donnie Ray 253 Hancock, Gordon Brent 203 Hancock, Lee Brutus 253 Hand, Larry Eugene 233 Hands, David Allen 203, 92, 71, 156 Haney, Timothy Wayne 253 Hanigan, james Michael 233, 102, 156 Hanigan, Lori joan 203,123 Hanna, james Anderson 233 Hanson Hardee Hardee , Freddie Lee172, 169 ,joy Lynn 253,102,109 , Kathy jean 233, 120 Hardee, Tammy Kay 253, 164 johnston, Lynn Hunter 206 Hardin, Holly Linn 204,124 Hardin, Margaret 57, 204 Harding, Donna Annette 121 Hargett, jack Levern 204 Hargraves, David Leon 253 Hargraves, james Vincent 204 Hargraves, Tresiah Ann 233 Harkey, Cynthia Kay 233, 97 Harmon, Cynthia 233 Harmon, Kenneth Edward 253 Harper, Lisa Yvette 253 Harrell, Angela Lovette 51, 253 Harrell, Etta Lavern 253 Harrington, Christopher 233 Hendrix, james 254 Henley, Dennis Wade 254 Henry, Sharon Anne 205 Hepler, Rebecca Sue 125, 234 Herring, joseph Carlton 205, 125, 89,139,143 Herring, Peggy Dean 234 Higgins, Alan Stuart 254 Hill, Anthony 254 Hill, Bennie 147, 161 Hill, Darryl Eugene 234, 120 Hill, Margaree D. 234, 77, 97, 107, 71 Hill, Margaret jean 234 Harris, Beverly Ann 233 Harris, Edward Lee 253 Harris, Faye Antoinette 124 Harris, jeffery Alan 253,156 Harris, jimmie Lee 234 Harris, Mark Allen 128 Harris, Mark Vernon 89,139, 143,204 Harris, Roland Eugene 142 Harris, Sandra Denise 204 Harris, Susan Alice 101, 253 Harris, Valerie 253 Harris, Harris, Vernon Emanuel 253 William Otis 234 Hartis, Brenda joyce 45,204 Hill, Patricia Lynn 205,125 Hill, Ronday Alexander 234 Hill, Sharon Yvonne 234 Hill, Wendell joseph 144 Hilton, Regina Lynne 254,164 Hines, Sheila jean 205,121 Hinson ,Alice Marie 254,133 Hinson, Bobby Ray jr.334 Hinson, Marvin 254 Hinson, Toy Brent 254, 156 Hinton History Kelly Ann 205, 132, 87 ,Teachers 22, 23 Hoagland, Dowanda Ann 254 Hodge, Sherry Dean 234, 117, 119, 95 255 Harvard Book Award 47 Harvey, Francena B. 234 Harwell, Kelly 253 Haslam, Cynthia Ann 86, 253 Hathcock, Beverly Sue 204 Hatley, james Sidney 129, 234 Hatley, Peggy Sue 234, 133, 155 Hatley, Rebecca Karen 204 Hatley, Susan Faye 87, 88, 92, 204 Hattrick, Lindajean113, 119,204 Hawkins, Brian Everett 253 Hawley, Sherrill C. 253 Hayes, janet Lee 186, 253 Hayes, Sheila 253 Hazelton, Thomas Ross 234 Head, Mary Catherine 253 Head, Suzanna Alexis 75, 76, 97, 234 Headen, joseph Patrick 89,125 Heath, Virginia Lugina 234 Heavner, Kathy Sue 234 Heck, Christopher B. 254 Hedrick, Carla Lee 254 Heffner, Catherine Elora 97, 101, 234 Heffner, Robert Everett 204 Heffner, Timothy Clifton 234 Heine, Laura E. 204 Helms, Deborah Ann 234, 127, 130 Helms, Deborah Kaye 204 Helms, Elizabeth Diane 254 Helms, Ernie Lee 81, 89, 139, 234, 178 Helms, Gina Denise 86,254 Helms, Kenneth Lee 254 Helms, Steven Parks 101, 147, Hoey, Eleanor 234 Hoke, john Gregory 234 Holden, Tammy Marie 254,102 Holevas, john George 234 Holit, james Anthony 234 Holland, james P. 254, 149 Hollars, William Sandif 254 Hollins, james jeffrey 234,121 Hollis, Bryon Mark 234 Holloway, john Thomas 226,234 78, 90, 139 Holmes, Kevin Wayne 254, 83, 147 Holshouser, Kimberly 205, 121 Holston, Dennis Michael 254 Holston, Mark Eugene 254 Holt, Karen Beth 205, 124, 125 Holt, Mark Anthony 254 Holt, Susan Holmes 205 Homecoming 56, 57 Honeycutt, Deborah Lynn 205, 114, 87, 98 Honeycutt, Kim 254 Honeycutt, Lisa jane 234,129 Honor Society 44, 45 Hood, Darryl Brice 234 Hood, Larry Eugene 205 Hooks, Randy Carl 205 Hooper, Leslie Denise 254 Hooper, Wayne 254 Hoover, Dianne 234, 121 Horman, Craig 235 Hopkins, Lori Ann 254 Horan, Michael Raymond 254, 77, 101 Horn, Wanda Ellen 254,86 Hornback, Cynthia Ann 235 House, Kenneth Lee 255 Houser, Sandra Lynn 235, 127, 85, 113 Howard, Curtis Eugene 235 Howard, Vannessa Raven 235, 126, 127 Howell, Cheryl Lynn 235,114 Howell, jack Doyle 255,173 Howie, Dorothy Ann 255 Hubbard, Debra Elaine 206,125 Hubbard, Pamela Sue 235,127 Hucks, Terrie Annette 255 Hudson, Clifton Austin 206 Hudson, Mary Sue 255 Hudson, Robert Wayne 235 Hudspeth, Paige E. 194, 206, 67, 98 Huggins, Annette 206, 123, 85 Hughes, Bobby Lee 255 Hughes, Steven Wayne 235 Hughes, Teresa Linn 206, 121 Hull, jane Millicent 206 Hulsey, Melinda Frances 255 Humphries, Ted 235 Huneycutt, Kimberly Ann 255 Hunter, Brenda Kaye 255 Hunter, Charles Thomas 206 Hunter, Michael 255 Huntley, Stephanie Pat 255 Hurt, Susan jean 206 Huskey, Gregory Alan 45, 46, 47, 88, 206, 59 Huskey, jonathan Scott 139, 142, 206 Hyatt, Tony Dell 206 Index 306-313 Ingram, Stephanie Denise 51, 81, 255 Innes, Raymond 235 lnscoe, Patricia Ellen 255 Interact 89 johnson, Penny Simone 255 johnson, Reginald 235 johnson, Reginald B. 256 johnson, Reginald Earl 256 johnson, Reginald Leon 120, 256 johnson, Robert Lathan 95,139, 143, 206 johnson, Rosiland 256 johnson, Shelia Ann 206 johnson, Susie Gaye 256 johnston, David Mark 256 johnston, Glenn Byron 88,101, 235 johnston, William Lee 82, 147, 256 jolly, Eric Shawn 256 jones, David Everton 235 jones, Debora Lucille 235 jones, Donna Dale 207 jones Harvey Michael 120,235 jonesl jeffrey Kyle 235 jones, jody Felicia 78, 82, 92, 155, 235 jones, judith Lynn 45,99,114, 207 jones, Lisa jo 235 jones, Lois Lougenia 256 jones, Ralph Martin 256 jones, Steven Bernard 119, 207 jones, Teresa Darlene 235 jones, Thomas 256 jones, joplin, Walter Lewis 256 Charlene Marie 122, 207 jordan, Dave Bradley 256 jordan, Mary jane 256 jordan, Roger jeffery 256 jordan, Shelley M. 235 joseph, Donald Leon 256 joseph, Randy 256 joyner, Bruce Cone 91,256 Introduction 1-8 Irby, Cha lsenhour rles E. ,Mary 206 Ivey, Denise Ivey, jr. Clyde lvie, Pam ela jean 255 Ivy, Malcolm 51,255 jackson, Darla Ann 255 jackson, Deborah jeanette 255 jackson, Doris Viciella 51,121 jackson, Garland Louis 255 jackson, Harold Eugene 130, 235 jackson, james Stephen 235, 179 jackson, jackson, julia Lee 255 Kelly Ann 123, 223 jackson, Mary Lois 255 james, Elizabeth Ashe 69, 102, judd, Veronica Regina 235 junior Class 226-245 junkins, Kimberly Sue 207 Kalista, Michelle Rose 235 Kaloudis, Gus George 235 Karnazes, Christine K.94,114, 207 Keeter, Lee Ann 256 Kelley, Sharon Lyvett 235 Kelly, Mary jo Anne 45, 82, 93, 155, 207 james, Kay jarrell, Charles Edward 147,255 jarrell, Nancy Carolyn 114, 119, 85, 206 jenkins, Anthony Stuart 255 jenkins, Chandra Marie 255 jenkins, Sabrina Armstrong 84, 95, 206 254 Helms, William Christopher 129 Hemphill, Kalvin lsaas 81,205 Henderson, Anita Gale 87, 92, Horne, Denise Marie 254 Horne, Edward Courland 254 Horne, Kathy jo 205,95 Horne, Vicki Lynn 235 Horne, Vickie Lee 206, 76, 101 Horne, Wendy Lynn 93 Horne, Horton Horton William Paul lll 254 , Christine 235 ,junior Lee 254 jett, jim 255 johns, Carol Ann 235 johnson, Carole Lucille 102, 235 johnson, Darlene Dee 255 johnson, Greta Ann 122,235 johnson, Gwendolyn 223 johnson, jacob Caldwell 235, 169 johnson, johnson, james Elgin 133, 235 janice 206 106, 107, 205 Henderson, Ellen Beirne 81, 82, 101, 254 Henderson, Eunice Beirne 82, 101, 254 Henderson, George 254 Henderson, Lula Bell 254 Henderson, Max Branford 88, 205, 156 Henderson, Patrick Thomas 89, 205 Hendricks, Lydia C. 234 Horton, Michael 235 Horton, Sharon Rebecca 255,86 Hosey, Sylvia Yvonne 133 Hosey, Wyjean 255 Hoskins, Linda Herlene 255 House, james Eugene 22 House, john 235 johnson, jeffery Scott 80, 81, 91, 127,139, 235,161 johnson, Kathy Anne 101, 87, 123, 206 johnson, Linda Dyree 235 johnson, Michael Lloyd 255 johnson, Myron Carlton 235 "Bottoms up." Index X309 Kelty, Kim Cassaundra 256 Kennington, james Ed 123, 207 Kenny, Diane Elizabeth 101,256 Kent, Carol Ann 76, 97, 99,235 Kent, Stephen Edward 256, 161 257 Larsen, Susan Kirsten 236, 77 Lassiter, Chrisopher R. 257 Laster, Christopher 256, 147 Laster, james 236 Love, Donnie Ray 257 Love, james William 257 Love, William Haskell 209 Lovin, Kenneth Ray 209 Low, Heidi Lynn 257 Key Club 90, 91 Keyettes, 92, 93 Keziah, Glynn Michael 24256 Kidd, Kiker Richard Selver 256 . Barry Wayne 123, 207 Kiker, Carol Ann 256 Kiker, Clyde David 207 Kiker , Tracy Lynn 235 Kimball, Kenny Ray 256 Kimmons, Miriam Anne 129, 235 King, Alan Scott 236, 178 King, Brian Cleveland 236 King, Dan Brevard 236 King, janet Lynn 236 King, jeffery Eugene 256 King, jerry Lynn King, Lisa Ann 207- King, Mary Lillian 256 Kingsley, Kimberly Sue 256 Kingsley, Lawrence Duane 120, 236 Law, lerald 257 Lawhorn, Robert Anderson 236, 139,178 Lawing, Bonnie Faye 236 Lawing, Elizabeth Ann 209, 126, 128 Lawing, james Michael 208 Lawrence, Robin Cecilia 208, 124 Lawrence, Steven Eugene 236, 139 Layton, john Randall 257 Layton, Marty Craig 236, 120 Leach, jerry Dale 257 Leak, Donzell William 208, 51, 149, 172, 169 Ledwell, Barbara Kaye 237, 113 Lowder, Benita Frances 257 Lowery, Bertha 209, 121 Lowery, Carol 257 Lowery, james Earle 237, 178 Lowe ry Martha Ann 257 Lowery, Tambra Ann 67, 97, 237 Lowe ry, Tamula Kay 237 Luckey, Reginald Lee 257 Luther, Ann Cothran 121,209 Luther, Dorothy Rochelle 95, 114,119, 237 Luther, julia Edith 257 Lyon, Cheryl Ann 237 Lyon, jacqueline Marie 102, 237 Lytle, Debra Ann 257 Lytle, Randy Roland 209 Leith, Kirby, David Samuel 236 Kirby, Dorothy E. 92, 236 Kirby, Dorothy jean 76, 256 Kirby, john Walter 207 Lee, Donna jean 257,113 Lee, jathen Gatlin 257 Lee, Roy joe jr. 257 Lee, Steven Micah 257, 173 Lee, Wayne Harvey 257 Lee, William Patterson 237 Lee, Yong ll 237 LeGrand, Karen Ann 257 Lydia Ann 257 Kirby, Teresa Kay 207 Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick Kirk atrick P f Kirkpatrick, , leffery L. 256, 173 Marcia E. 236 Mark Alan 236 Melvin Les 256 Raeford B. 57 Kiser, Debra Kay 256 Kiser, Donald Ray 120 Kiser, janice Carol 236 Kiser, Kenneth Kirby 236 Kiser, Lora Ann 256 Kiser, Marvin Frank Kiser, Roger Alonzo 256 Kiser, Tamara jean 256, 164 Kiser, William Henry jr. 256, 101, 149 Kisiah, Walter Stokes 256 Kissiah, Kenneth Russell 256 Kistler, Russell Greg 210, 88, 101 Klein, jeanne Elizabeth 207, 45, 47, 55, 80, 89, 98,155,187,164, 189 Klyn, Karl johannes, 235 Knight, Elizabeth V. 207, 109 Lemmond, Christopher David 237 Lemmonds, Rodney Dale 257 Lemmons, Buddy Darryl 257 Leopard, Beverly Cheryl 237 Lester, joseph Nicholas 257 Lettergirls 106, 107 Levenson, Barton Paul 117, 257 Levine, janet Marie 208, 45, 46, 81, 93 Lewis, Aaron Timothy 257, 147 Lewis, Barbara j. 237 Lewis, Howard Love 237, 120 Lewis, Phillip Maurice 237 Librarians 30 Library Aides 133 Lindsay, johnny Lee 237, 114, 81, 89 Lindsay, Kim Marie 257 Lindsay, Neena Gaye 257 Lindsey, Adrienne R. 117,257 Linker, Benjamin Kenneth 257 Lippard, Amy Carole 257 Little, Chyrel 208, 51, 121, 74, 76, Maag, Susan Ann 48, 77, 78, 81, 82, 92, 238 Maney, Sharon Darlene 209 Maney, Walter Eugene 257 Manley, Conner 257 Mann, Stephen Gregory 238 Manning, Charles T. 257 Marching Band 108 Markley, Susan Beth 257 Marley, Laurin Blair 257 Marr, Gregg Charles 238 Marsh, Kathy Susan 85, 93,123, 209 Marshall, Clayborn 139, 238, 156 Marshall, Debra Denise 257 Marston, Claude Hamill 238 Knight, Gregory David 256 Knight, Tammie Ranee 256 Knox, Veronica Lavon 236 Koucouliotes, William 236 Kramer, Michelle Marie 256 Krause, Kenneth Robert 236 Krider, Doris Ann 236 Kroboth, Christine Marie 208, 77, 81, 94,101,102 Kunkle, Rumiko Anne 236,197 Lackey, Henry Howard 236, 178 Laizu re, Steven Casey 236 Lam, William Connor 236 Lamb, Douglas K. 236, 127 Lambert, Terri Diane 236, 155, 164 Lambert, Thomas Alexander 256 Lamon, Kim Murray 84 Land, Betty Ann 209, 123 Landreth, Chip 149 Landreth, Roy Tod 209 Lane, Howard Manley 208 Laney, Sherrie Lynn 236 Langford, Christopher E. 256 Langford, Pamela E. 256 Langley, Michael Norris 256 Langston, james johnson 236 Lankford, Randy joe 208 Larkin, Glenn Michael jr. 117, 187, 69 Little, Dewitt 208, 139, 144, 161 Little, lda Christine 257 Little, Karen Denise 237, 133, 101 155 Little, Linda Marie 208 Little, Lorriane Kay 257 Little, Pamela Sue 237 Little Patsy Elaine 223 Little: Richard Bryan 237,149, 169, 178 Little, Ronnie Leon 172, 169 Lively, Darrell Glenn 208 Lloyd, janet Sue 209, 92 Lockhart, Grady 237 Lockhart, Thomas Lee 237 Lockhart, Peggy Marie 257 Loflin, Tonya Delores 257 Martin, Benjamin Rhyne 209 Martin, Carrie 238 Martin, Dana Kimberly 121 Martin, David Cleveland 238 Martin, David Robert 238 Martin. Debbie Marie 71, 81, 97, 238 Martin, james Andrew 88, 89,238 Martin, janet Lasley 44, 45, 46, 92,93,114,209 Martin, Martin, juanita Ruth 155,257 Linda Louise 79, 85, 93, 102,114,115,119, 209 Martin, Neal Gresham 128, 210 Martin, Phillip jackson 75, 76, 238 Martin, Susan Gail 125,210 Martin, Vernon 139, 238 Marus, jeffrey Wright 210 Marze, Catherine Louise 126, 238 Marshalls 46 Marze, Mason, Mason, Mason, Mason, Catherine Louise 238,126 Kathryn Susan 238 Peter Craig 257 Rebecca Spencer 88, 257 Willie Ruth 257 Massey, Darrell Deveard 238 Massey Deborah Diane 257 Masseyi Gregory Kearn 122, 210 Massey Massey Massey Massey Maston , judy Aretha 129 , Ladara Kay 257 . Lisa Shirlene 238 , Ricky Mason 257 , Debra jean 238 Mathematics Teachers 24, 25 Loftis f Cynthia joyce 209, 45, 46, 123, 87, 93 Long, Curtis Antonial209,123 Long, julie Ann 237,95 Long, Karen Denice 209 Long, Kemie Elizabeth 237,121 Long, Monica Louise 209, 121 Long, Sonia Rea 237 Love, Barbara Ann 209,113 Love, Love, Charles Henry 237 Donald Lee 237 Matsik, Mary Louise 257 Matthews, Steven Myron 210 Mayer, Roger Frederick 210, 161 Mayes, james Albert 257 Maynard, Paula jean 81, 93,257 McAlister, Andrew Raile 257 McAlpine, Debbie 257 McCain, Ronald Franklin 210 McCall, Michael Scott 237 McCarroIl, Tina Lucille 258 McCarver, Eddie Lanier 210 McClain, Lori Ann 258 McClain, Rayford 121, 127, 237 McCloskey, Kerry 86,101, 107, 238 McCloskey, Kim 258 McCollum, Gloria Denise 238 McConnell, Daniel Wayne 147, 258 Mccorkle, Kim 69, 99, 187, 238 McCorkle, Michael Alan 258 McCorkle, Tammy jean 210 McCoy, Sarah Emmaline 238 McCrary, Lisa Rene 210 McCray, Cynthia Yvonne 238 McCray, james Edward 258 McCray, jerry Luther 258 McCroskey, Charles 210 McCroskey, Ronald Dean 258 51, 75, 76, 82, 87, 99,101,102, 103, 106, 107, 59 Milstead, Susan E. 258 Mims, Steve 117, 189 Mitche Mizell, Il, Faye Tinnie 258, 77, 86 judy Lynn 238 Norris, William Comer 223 Norton Norton , Brian Mitchell 239 , Rebecca Sue 129, 212 Nossar, james joseph 89, 239 Newell, Eva Marie 239 Mobley, Alex Charles 258, 173 Moffitt, Karen Denise 258, 101 Monroe, Brian Keith 265 Monroe, George Mark 239 Monroe, Mary Lou 239, 97, 102 Montague, Penney Lynne 258 Moore, Arnetta 128 Moore, Cynthia Kay 258 Moore, Douglas Wayne 258 Moore, Rhonda Sharelle 258 Moore, Richard William 258 Moore Sharon Lynne 211 McCullough, Cheryl 78, 109, 210 McCullough, Cynthia 258 McCullough, David Scott 84, 210 McCullough, Mary Louise 121, 238 McCullough, Stacy 81,186,258 Moragne, Ronald Gordon 258 Morcock, Elizabeth A. 258, 164 Morgan, Lisa Dawn 211 Morgan, Vickie jan 211 Morehead Scholarship 47 Morrell, Frank Edwin jr. 239 McDaniel, Kathryn Marie 238 McDaniel, Kevin 82,101,149, 258, 161 McDaniel, Michael Dean 82, 99, 210 McDonald, Michael Todd 126 McDonald, Wendy Louise 258 McDuffie, james David 101 McElveen, Sandra Darlene 258 Morris, Morris, Morris, Deborah Lynn 258, 101 Donna Marie 211 janice Renee 258 Morris, Lisa Dawn 258 Morris, Ronald joseph 211, 84 Morris, Sharon Octavia 239 Morris, Steven Fulton 239 Morris, Morse, Teresa Irene 239 Audrey Laine 258, 81, 86 McGalliard, Shirley 258 McGrant, David Lynn 250 McGuire, Sandra Gwen 92, 123, 210 Mcllwain, Bobby joe 210 Mcllwain, Donna 258 Mclntosh, Brian james 258 Pandey, jyoti 95, 113, 240 Mclntosh, Daniel Anthony 118, 119 McKee, john Scott 126 McKee, Robert Marion 147, 258 McKenzie, Russell Scott 210, 156 McKeown, Kathy Deane 69, 86, 97, 114 McKinnell, Mary Lisa 97 McKnight, Kevin Loramer 89,210 McKnight, Rhonda Ann 71, 81, 258 McLaughlin, Melanie Sue 258 McManus, jerleen 258 McManus, Vermelle 210,123 McMickens, Michael 258 McNair, David Thomas 92 McQueen, Sandra jean 126 Morse, Carol Ann 211 Mortimer, Barbara janet 61 Moser, Linda joy 258,101 Moser, Mark Andrew 258 Moses, Barbara Lucille 258 Moses, Karen Leslie 211 Moss, Mary Elizabeth 258 Mull, Walter Steven 239 Mulligan, Bobby Brice 239 Mulligan, Buddy Lee 239,139 Mullis, james Calvin 258 Mullis, Linda Kay 239,121 Mullis, Thomas Mack 258 Nowell, Mathew Earle 212 Nussman, jan Mitchem 239 Oakley, janet Ellen 75, 76, 97, 99, 101, 239 Oakley, Mark Timothy 212 Oakley, Michael Lynn 212 Occupational Education 32-34 Odell, Kathy Lynn 113, 239 Odom, Gene 239 Odom, jeanne Lee 212 Office Aides 129 Ofsonka, Libby Marie 239 Oleary, Linda C. 86, 259 Oliver, Deborah Ann 259 Oliver, Roger Dale 126, 239 Oliver, Theodore McLean 259 O'Neill, Sharon Lee 92, 45, 46, 155,212 Orchestra 112 Orr, Linda Louise 45,155,212 Orr, Michael Lee 121, 212,179 Otuel, john Harold 259 Overstreet, Alma Diane 130, 239 Owen, Catherine Anne 81, 186, 259 Owens, Brabham Wilcox 122, 212 Owens, Frank Alvin 88,149,239, 60, 169, 178 Owens, james Eugene 259 Owens, Susan Lynn 77, 114,239 Ozmore, Nancy Teresa 82, 97, 101, 102, 240 Pace, Darlene 240 Page, Phillip Shelton 259 Mungo, Barbara Ann 258 Murray, Barbara Ann 239 Murray, Michael Carl 258, 147, 179 Myerly, Nance, Dorothy Marie 258,101 Amy Dorothy 258 Nance, Deborah Ann 239 Nance, Rhonda Kaye 239 Napier, Cynthia Dawn 211 Nash, Michael Raymond 239 National Merit Semi-Finalist 52 Painter, Deborah Lee 129, 212 Painter, Dennis Eean 259 Painter, Gilbert Gordon 259 Painter, Larry Neal 240, 156 Paneque, Franklin Scott 240 Panther, Rita Carol 212 Parker, Parker, Parker, Charles R.121, 240 Deborah Lynn 212 janice Elaine 259 Parker, Terry Lynn 259 Parker, Toni Gayle 259 Parker, William Timothy 240 Parks, Michael Garry 240 Parks, William Hoyle 55,126, 127, 240, 156 Nolan, McRae, Yvette 258 Melton, Donna Louise 258 Mende, Bryant Hiller 238, 90,101 Merrithew, Kevin Ern 258 Mesaros, joseph Paul 210 Mesaros, Mark 238 Metcalf, Kimberly Ann 211,84 Metcalf, Russ A. 122 Michael, Connie Marie 211 Milledge, Richard 238 Miller, Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Beverly Ann 238 Carolyn Denise 258 Christopher Wayne 258 Ellen Marie 238, 97 Fran juanita 238, 97 , Garry Ken 238 Miller, ,janet Lynn 258 jane Marie 211 Miller, jeanester 238 Miller, joyce Ann 211,51 Miller, Richard 211 Miller, Sandra Coletta 258 Neal, Andrea Denise 258 Nelson, David Byron 239 Nelson, Douglas Sinclair 211 Nelson, Kevin Eugene 211 Nesmith, David 239 Neville, Debra Diane 74, 76, 81, 98, 114, 212 Newbold, Charles Harper 90, 114, 212, 61 Newbold, William H. 258, 173 Newell, Donna Lee 86,259 Newell, Robin Elaine 259 Newell, Robin Lee 259 Newkirk, jerri lnez 51,212 Parnell, Robert Norris 240 Parris, Teresa Diane 240 Parris, Tony Eugene 213 Parrott, Marshall Scott 259 Patterson, Dorothy jean 240 Patterson, Robert john 213, 88 Patterson, Samuel Edward 240 Patton , Cynthia Bonita 259 Paul, jimmie Leroy 240, 226 Paul, Robin Malcome 139,144, 213,161 Pauls, Helen Elaine 45, 94, 95, 101 213 71 Pauls: Kathryn 95,240 Newman, Annie Marier 259 Nicholson, Susan Lynn 81, 94, 106, 212 Nicholson, Wanda Elizabeth 239 164 Nixon, Mary Beth 97,239 Nolan, jerry Lee 239 William C. 259 f Mills, Donna Elaine 258 Mills, james David 258, 82, 89, 101 Mills, Sandra Ann 211, 45, 46, 49, Norbeck, james Blackwell 259 Norman, joyce Larose 239 Norman, Katherine Lynn 239 Norris, Ronald jay 259 Payne, David Scott 259 Pearce, Debra Lynn 81, 93,114, 223 Pegram, john Clifton 259 Pegues, Ivey Drymall 259 Penick, joleen Caroline 240 Pep Rallies and Assemblies 54 Peralta, javier122, 213 Performing Arts 29 Perrault, Douglass 259 Peters, Sheila Renee 51, 75, 76, 97, 99, 240 it S 3. S "Have we got something for a headache!" Petrea, Noel Marie 45, 46, 92,213 Petris, Amy jo 94,123, 213 Petris, Catherine Anne 213 Petterson, Charles 259 Pettit, Anthony Steven 259 Pettus, Lisa Carol 240 Phifer, Carl Anthony 259 Phifer, Carolyn Rebecca 123, 213 Phillippi, Charles 213 Phillippi, Douglas 259 Railey, Douglas 57 Rainey, Kenneth 240 Raker, Lewis Talmadge 240 Rallis, Robin Diane 241 215, 121, 113 Robinson, Deborah Ann 241 Robinson, Frankie Lee 260 Robinson, james Craig 215 Robinson, Michael Harold 215, 114 Robinson, Philip Leslie 215 Robinson, Randy Eugene 260 Robinson, Susan Kay 260, 86 Robnett, james joseph 241 Robnett, john William 241 Rockman, Belinda 260, 82, 101 Rodgers, Elizabeth Gayle 215, 55, 128, 109, 59 Rodgers, Laurie 179 Rodgers, Sally Inez 215,101,155 Rogers, Eric Rodney 260 Rogers, William Richard 260 Rollins, Paula Yvette 260 Rorie, Rorie, Theresa194, 215,133, 92 Timothy Edward 260 Shaffer, David Phillip 215 Shapiro, Samuel Robert 91, 242 Sharon, Sheila 164 Shaver, David Randall 261 Shaver, Mark Kevin 261 Shaw, Brian David 242, 119,161 Shaw, Cathy Lynn 242 Shaw, David Gary 216 Shaw, Stanley Gilbert 261, 101 Shearer, Betty Margaret 242 Shelton, Ted Newell 242 Shepardson, Candy Lynn 261 Shermetta, Michael L. 261 Sherrill, Ann Valentina 242,164 Sherron, Sheila Renee 261,82 Shiffler, Laurie Kay 216, 45, 46 Shiffler, Linda 261 Shine, Barbara Ann 261 Shine, Donald Ray 261 Shinn, joel Sidney 242,133 Shirkey, Eric Thompson 261 Rambler, The 78, 79 Ramirez, Esperanza 241 Ramsey, Delorese Onieta 241 Ramsey, Donna Lynne 129, 241 Ramsey, jeffrey Ford 260 Ramsey, Marie Louise 241 Rose, Gwen Anita 84 Rose, Patricia 102, 103, 241 Rose, Tammy Lynn 260 Ross, David Lee 241 Ross, Deborah Lynn 114, 223 Ross, Dorothy jeanne 45, 46, 114, 215 Shirley, Susan Elaine 261 Shuford, Kimberly Sloan 242, 86 97 Sides, Donna Leigh 261 Sides, Kenneth Scott 242 Sigmon, Angela G. 261, 85 Simmons, Amelia 261 Phillips Phillips, Barron 129, 240 Phillips, Daniel 213 Phillips, David Wayne 213 Phillips, Michael 240 Sharon 128,213 1 I Physica Education 36 Piccirillo, joanne Marie 113, 240 Pickens, Andrew Reid 259 Piellucci, Teresa Diane 259 Pigg, Karon Denesse 259 Pilgrim, Sandra Lynn 240 Pinnell, William Dennis 259 Pinyan, David Wayne 240 Plott, William Gray 82, 240, 156 Poarch, julia Ann 130, 259 Poblet, David 75,1 76, 240, 156 Poe, Philip Edward 77, 259 Polk, Andrea Denise 259 Polk, Marilyn jeanette 213 Polk, Richard Clinton 240 Polk, Teddy Dexter 259 Polson, janice Marie 259 Polson, Kathryn Louise 123, 213 Poole, Mark Thomas 259 Pope, Roy Lee 120, 240 Poplin, Browyn Cecile 57, 80, 81, 84, 87, 98,101, 223, 62 Poplin, Donald Ralph 121 Poplin, Donna Christine 240 Porter, Charles 79, 81, 86, 101, 240 Postell, Roy 161 Poston, Andrea Gaye 240 Pourlos, Chris 91,259 Powers, Tony Marvin 91, 259 Prencipe, Leonard 213 Prendergast, Susan Pace 55, 75, 76, 82, 86, 97, 98, 101, 240 President, Lasandra 249 Pressley, Douglas 101,260 Pressley, Elvin Lee 240 Pressley, Harvey Darrell 214 Pressley, Sherry Lynn 86, 97, 107, 240 Presson, Douglas Stewart 240 Prevett, jonathan Martin 147,260 Project Aires 51 Pugh, Angela Kelly 260 Pugh, Randall 240 Purvis, Steven Leroy 260 Putman, Barbara jean 260 Putnam, Mark Adam 260 Queen, Nancy Anette 260 Radford, judy Dale 123, 214 Radio I 126, 127 Radio ll 128 312 ! Index Raney, Carolyn Dolores 97, 241 Rape, Howard Lynn 260 Rataj, Hope Marie 241 Raulerson, Alan Gregory 214 Ray, jodi Van 119, 260 Ray, Melanie Dawn 118, 119, 241 Ray, Paul Leonard 214 Ray, Robin Richelle 260 Raymer, Rowell Augustus 241 Rayner, Floyd William 260 Reap, Cathy Nile 214 Red Cross 102, 103 Redfearn, Robin Gazette 260 Redfearn, Sharon Vernice 260 Redfern, james Sylvester 214 Redfern, Martha Paulette 194, 214, 45, 47, 46, 82, 84, 87,101, 108, 106 Reece, Peggy Rae 214, 114, 98 Reeder, Margie Carolyn 223 Reeder, Sammie Lee 260 Register, Debra Kaye 241 Ross, Kathy Diane 86,97,114, 241 Ross, Randel 241 ROTC 131-132 Rubin, Princeton 121 Rufty, Kenneth Lee 120, 241 Rumph, Amy jacqueline 82,260 Rupe, David Wayne 241 Rushing, Ray 241 Russ, Mary Christian 96, 97, 113, 241 Russell, Alan Daniel 215 Russell, William 260 Ruth, Sarah 81, 92,242 Ryan, Bobby Martin 242 Saadeh, Mooza jane 85, 93,102, 242 Saadeh, Salwa Ann 260 Sain, Charles Ernest 215 Sain, Mary Kathryn 84,215 Salem, Rebecca 260 Simmons, Eddie Elton 242,121 Simmons, Isabella 261 Simmons, Tammy Felicis 242 Simmons Terri Lynne 261 Reid, Carl Milton 214 Reid, Cassandra Renee 214, 121 Reid, jeffrey O'Neal 260 Reid, Kathy Ann 241 Reid, Nancy Lynn 214,123 Reid, Rebecca Gaye 260, 86 Reid, Sharon Denise 260 Reilly, Marie Elizabeth 260 Rennsalaer 50 Reynolds, Vickie Ann 214,81 Rhodes, Norma Sue 214 Rice, Carolyn Gay 241, 95, 164 Rice, Perry Lee 260 Samuels, lsiah Smith 139, 242 Samuels, jerry 260 Samuels, Mae Francis 242 Sanderettes 115 Sanders, Adell 260 Sanders Laura Louise 260 Sanders, Ricky 242 Sanders, Verdell 260 Sanford, Kenneth Wayne 260 Sanford Phyllis Ann 121, 242 Saunders, Charles 80, 81,260 Saunders, Chip 58, 62, 97, 139, 143 Richards, Betty Sue 241 Richards, Michael Scott 260 Richardson, joseph Daniel 241 Richardson, Melvin Ivor 260 Riddle, janet Denise 214,122 Ridge, Alison Neil 241, 86, 97, 99, 107 Riggins, Catherine j. 214, 123 Riggins, Cheryl Ann 260 Riley, Douglas Edward 214,139, 144 Riley, Mona Lisa 241,102,113 Riley, Richard Allen 260, 147 Rion, Pamela Faith 214, 45, 84,98 Rion, Tracy Marie 260, 186 Ritch, Vann Martin 125, 215 Roary, john 260 Robbins, Hezzie Eugene 260 Roberts, Brian Leon 260 Robertson, jeffrey Neal 260 Robinson, Constance Melody Saunders, Roger 260 Savage, judith 94,102,103,121 Saxon, james joseph 261 Scarborough, joel 215 Schenk, Douglas 215 Schuman, Guerry 215 Science Teachers 26, 27 Scoreboards 190, 191 Scott, Eric Clyde 242 Scott, Tony Morris 130 Seaford, Deborah Lynn 242 Seate, john Barry 147, 261 Seay, Carolyn Stuart 242 Secretaries and Aides 16, 17 Seegars, Stephanie Kay 113, 242 Seibles, Valerie Volande 261 Sellers, Abigail Lee 261 Sells, joseph Daniel 261 Selvey, Scott Lee 114, 242 Seniors 194-293 Senior Statistics 297-303 Simpson, Beatrice Kay 216, 45, 48, 114, 115 Simpson, Henry William 261 Simpson, Susan 261,113 Sinclair, jeffrey Lynn 216 Sineath, Catherine Ann 261 Singletary, Michael Lyon 261 Sizemore, Alan Paul 114, 119,81 85, 87 Skeen, Larry 242 Ski Club 101 Slade, Gary Lynn 242, 81,178 Sloop, Lynda Kay 216, 87, 88, 95 Smalls, Timothy 242 Smith, Alan Webster 242, 139 Smith, Amelia Alta 261 Smith, Anthony Darrell 261, 129 147 Smith, Billy joe jr. 242, 130 Smith, Brick Dudley 242, 89,139 169 Smith, Buddy Lloyd 261 Smith, Cheryl Marie 194, 216, 44 45, 46, 81, 84, 94,101 Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith David Dorman 242, 101 Derri Lavona 261 Dina Gayle 261,81 Donald Ray 261 Ellen Marie 261 ,George jr. 242 Smith, Guthrie Crandall 128, 89, 94, 95 Smith, Ivory Bernard 261 Smith, jackie Withers 216 Smith, jimmy Franklin 216 Smith, judy Marie 261 Smith, Karen Lynn 101 Smith Linda Kay 82, 155, 261 Smith Smith Smith Smith Linda Lee 87, 88, 216 Lorna L. 71, 81, 86, 261 Lynda Leigh 261 Mark Allen 261 Smith Mary Eliza 261 Smith, Melissa Lee 82,261 Smith, Michael Vernon 101,147 261 Smith Pamela jean 261 Smith Rick 216 Smith Robert 262 Smith Roger Eugene 122, 262 Smith Scott 61 , 216 1 1 Smith, Sheila Ruth 45, 99, 216, 71 Smith, Sherri Lee Smith, Sherry Selene 262 Smith, Sidney Earl 144,139,216 Smith, Terri Lynn 262 Smith, Thomas Evander 89, 242, 178 Smith, Todd Eugene 262,178 Smith, Vaughn Dekay 262 Snips and Cuts 74-76 Soccer 150-153 Sophomores 246-265 Starnes, Barbara 45, 46, 94, 217 Starnes, Donald Ellis 262 Starnes, Philip jackson 243 Starnes, Phillip Daniel 262 Starnes, Thomas jeffrey 242 Staten, Willie 120 Stavrakas, Ramona Ann 243 Steadman, Mary Ann 216, 46 Steele, Nelson Moody 262 Steele, Ronald Wayne 262 Steele, Teresa Ann 262 Stegmeir, George joseph 262 Twi rlers Sorrell, Frank joseph 262 Sosa, Fernando Augusto 101, 262 Sosebee, Carol Frances 242 Spanish Club 82 Sparks, David Bruce 242 Spearman, Wayne Madison 262 Spears, Teresa Delores 217 Special Education 35 Speidel, Kathryn 217 Speight, Cindy Diane 75, 76, 77, 101, 242 ,, .. ,, Q Stephens, Sharon Louise 223 Stevens, Throme Harold 262 Steverson, Richard Dean 217 Steverson, Katherine 217, 45, 46, 114, 115, 81, 93 Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart. Stid ham Carolyn Elaine 262 Denese Rena 243 Eric Steven 243, 121 Gracie Luvenia 262 Wendy L. 243 , Elizabeth Kay 243 Sturgiss, Vaness 262 Stutts, Martha Kaye 262 Stutts, Tanya Lynn 217,124 Stutts, Teresa Dee 243 Styron, Rebecca Ann 243, 97 Suddreth, Scobey Glaze 243, 89, 130 Suddreth, Scott Eugen 263 Suddreth, Thomas Ray 243 Sullivan, Bruce R.211,139, 144 Sulpy, Steven Mark 243 Summers, David 263 Summers, Ruth Anne 114, 94 Sumpter, Roddie Keith 263 Superlatives 58-63 Supporters 272-296 Surratte, jeffrey A. 263 Sutton, Pamela Dawn 243, 129 Swanee Award 50 Sweet, julie Ann 263 Swiger, Regina Darlene 263 Swimming 178, 179 Swindell, Karen Virginia 243 Swindell, Melanie Renee 263 Thomas, jason Lex 114, 217 Thomas, Lee Anne 263 Thomas, Margaret Amelia 263 Thomas, Randy Kelly 263 Thomas. William Mark 218 Thompson Danny Charles 263 Thompson Lorie Ann 263 Thompson, Lydia Yvonne 121, 244 Thompson Robert Franklin 263 Thompson, Teresa Ann 263 Thornsbury, Sherry 263 Threatt, Nancy L. 263 Tillman, Phyllis Ann 123 Timmons, Kay Frances 263 Tindall, Robin Leigh 244 Tolleson, Curtis Alan 126,244 Tomberlin, Laney 244 Tomczak, Thomas 98, 263, 161 Toney, Valarie Ann 263 Top Cats 188, 189 Toth, Connie Sue 95,114,218 Townsend, Mary 244 Track 158, 159 ,Q , la v. MPM-ff . wr swf-M . 1 , . , , , ,,., V t t'i" ,. , . . ,'.f f -,,' w " f,'f2,g5ifz,f ?1f+wff.-,WW 7,-, .,.:ll . ,tl 1 -.'yl .,, lv ' l ' L3 if , f ,J 2 E15 4 5 , M Z im? 1 , ,V if 'A Q , ,ma , , , 1 ,.,.,,,1, V 5 ft 'Q 1' iw K V ' -' , , ,, Z I in fit V in ,.,,f1 ft '23 f, , -ff s, 2 . Q Q, 4 4. , f gf KW! ,,,, 5 Q g ,Q 2 a,.' ft, ,,.. I 5 ,,,,. . , ., .-.. .,., :flew V i.y1r:'rzsz,2f?a 5 1.4, af, ,Z f ,, 4- ., . aft , -1 if , ' V' . , ., 5 M, lag Q ., , 4, 4 f, -,-' 2 , an ffizw,i,y,,.,1 W ffmi , Speller, joel Douglas 262 Spencer, Leonora Edna 106, 242 Spielman, Connie Kay 51, 67, 122, 217 Spielman, Sandra jean 242 Springer, Amanda Lee 242 Springer, Lisa Melanie 262 Springs, Predesal 242 Springs, Ricky Alphonso 262 Spurrier, Linda Gay 262 Stack, janet Ponise 85,102,113, ., y, i'1'l Q ' it 1.1,e it .t,1l,- 1 . Sykes, Brooke Norris jr. 243 Sykes, Deborah Lynn 121, 217 Sykes, Diane Lynn 217 Sykes, Lydia Lorraine 81, 263 Symphonic Band 110 Talbert, james Shelton 243 Talbert, janet Elizabeth 45, 133, 217 Talbert, Sherri Dawn 243 Talford, Frederick 125, 217 Tan, Evelyn jean 243 Tapley, Wendy Kathleen 217 Tarleton, Donna Lynn 81, 263 Tate, Leslie Diane 117, 263 Tatsis, George Peter 82, 243 Travis, Ellen 244 Tribue, Angela Lorraine 263 Truesdale, Rosetta Marie 263 Truesdale, Willie Lee 218 Tucker, Bryan Deleslie 244 Tucker, Edward Buford 263 Tucker, Gregory Keith 263 Tucker, Marleta Devonne117, 263 Tucker Sharon Annette 263 Turbeville, Gerry Frank 126, 127 244 Turner, Kelly Ann 264 Tuttle, Woodrow Lee 122, 218 109 I 2 1 12 S, 1 litl j ,, .4 4 g ,At f, -Hr,-7g,,,-1, -fwfr W, g v , 4:,-ft: 1 1 ' ,E ,, .1 'ff ' M127 f " ' -My ff kf','i- 7 fl?fsJ12fQJfH ," A..,1,, . ,. , Uk f , . 3, ny: ,." grffflv 2."f:Y1wy A Taylor, Connie Sue 263 Taylor, Pamela Cheryl 82, 86, 263 Taylor, Tia Elizabeth 124 Teague, Brenda jeanette 243 Teague, john 263 Teague, Ophelia Suzanne 263 Teen Boards 104, 105 Teeter, Brenda Elizabeth 263 Terry, Edward Dale 243 Terry, Edward Robert 120 Terry, Nadine 120, 243 Terry, Phillip Edward 243 Tewell, Nicholas Lee 263 Thacker, Richard Way 263 1' F' 1 'sl Ya, ,,el1 i . 111 f, n f ' f',f ,,,-we - v f, 1 ' ,Latin Stinson, Devonda 147 Stitt, Eugene julius 223,128,142, 139 Stitt, Frederick Bernard 243 Stokes, Nancy Gale 217 Thespians 118 Thomas, Brenda Ann 243 Thomas Thomas Thomas , Catherine 263 , Cecil Robert 244 , lsiah Louis 147, 263 Twitty, Walter Whitman 264, 161 Tyler, Charles Curtis 218 Tyndall, Wanda Lynn 84,218 Under The Willow Tree 78, 79 Unger, Sylvia 264 Ussery, Winnie Mae 264 Valentine Queen 71 Vanderhorst, David 117, 244 Vandiver, Rose Marie 264 Vanlandingham, Linda 264 Vaughn, Dennis Keith 139, 244 Vaughn, joel 264 Vaughn, Robin Ann 244 Venegas, Hector Eduardo 89, 218, 176, 178 Verbos, Thomas Gary 244 VICA 120 Vickers, Susan Catherine 244 Voice of Democracy 52 Stokes, Patricia Ann 243 Stokes, Terry Ann 262 217 Stacker, Melodie 81, 92, 93, 114, 217 Stalling s, Deborah Kaye 242 Stamey, Beverly Ann 113,119, 262 Stamey , Debra Karen 262 Stamey, Donna Kay 124, 125, 223 Stanley, Annette Gail 217 Stanley, james Baskin 262 Stanley Stanley ,john Thomas 262,179 julia Dianne 81, 262 1 Stone, Beverly jean 243 Stone, Candice K. 243, 81, 86, 97 Stone, Kathryn Rene 262,113 Stone, Laura jean 243,130,133 Stone, Sally Faye 45, 117, 77, 79 Stoots, Tammy Lee 262 Strickland, Uriel Bruce 226, 243, 81, 82, 139 Strong, Wayne Timothy 262, 161 Strother, Edward Raymond 262 Stroud, john Timmons 262 Stroud, Kevin Alexander 243 Student Council 81 Student Life 42-71 Sturgill, Gregory Bruce 217 Sturgill, Michael Cole 262 One, two buckle my shoe. Index X313 Volleyball 162-163 Voltz, William joseph 244 Wagnon, Edith Lovern 84, 114 Wagoner, Angelo 218 Wagoner, Robert Edwin 264 wagnon. Ediriw Lovern 84,114 Williams Wagoner, Robert Edwin 264 Wainwright, Tonya Ann 264 Waldoch, Stephen William 127, 126, 244 Walker, Annette Deloris 133, 244 Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, 264, 1 Carolyn Dale 264 Charles Allen 264 Dell Marie 264 Hugh Grady lll 101, 147, 61 Walker, Mark Steven 244 Walker, Mary Ruth 264 Walker, Michael Boyce 244 Walker, Robert Randall 264 Wall, Pamela Hope 122, 218 Wall, Terrence 264 Wallace, Cheryl Rene 244 Wallace, Coleen Katharine 244 Wallace, Curtis Eugene 264 Wallace, Rebecca Ruth 101, 264 Wallace, Robert Lee 147 Wallace, Teresa Ann 264 Wallace, William 264 Waller, Nancy jane 264 Walters, Virginia Anne 77, 79, 114, 115, 244 Watson, Annetta 264 Watson, Christopher B. 264 Watson, Michael W. 264 WDNASC 53 Webb, Carol Ann 218, 69, 124, 125 Webb, Donna Lynn 244 Weisner, Mark Graham 264 Weldon, Rosa Ann 264 Well, Calvin junior 264 Wells, Anthony Santo 264 Wells, Bernard 264 Wensil, Cynthia Denise 264 Wentz, Michael 244 Wentz, Susan Marie 218, 84, 94 Wentz, William Michael 244, 121 Werner, Lisa Kay 264 Westbrook, Kenneth Ray 264 Westmoreland, Brian Scott 244, 91, 156 Wheeler, Frank McAlpine 244 Whisnant, George Campbell 244 Whisnant, George Clayton 264 Last june, Dr. Elmer H. Garinger, for whom our school was named, paid a visit to the Snips and Cuts staff and discussed the history of Central and Garinger High School. Wilkerson, Marilyn Ann 265 Wilkie, Deborah Anita 245 Wilkie, Samuel Richard 265 Williams, Alan Price 219, 94, 95, 189,161 Williams, Brenda Gale 265 Williams, Carole A. 245 Williams, Cindy Ellen 219, 78 Williams David Lackey 265 Williams Debbie Omelia 265 Williams Elwood Mason 219 Williams Williams Williams Williams I Williams, , jeffery Antoni 245, 161 johnny Arthur 265,161 Kenneth Ray 245 Linda Darnell 219 Melinda Elizabeth 265 Nathaniel Ott 129 Williams, Richard Anthony 265 Williams, Scott Curtis 265 Williams, Selena Marie 219 Williams, Sheila Kay 68, 265, 81, 186 Winstead, Michael David 265 Witherspoon, johnny 245,169 Wofford, William Hamilton 265 Wolfe, Larry Gregg Wolfe, Mary Magdalene Womack, Gregory 245 Womack, Robert Covington 45 Wood, Denise Yvonne 45, 46, 75, 76, 87, 94,102, 219 Woodard, Calvin 265 Woods, Robert james 265 Woodward, Eugene 265 Wooten, Cheryl Ann 51, 265 Wooten, Gerald Scott 245 Warick, Sabrina 265 Wrape, Eric 245 Wrape, james Armin 219, 84 Wrestling 180-182 Wright, Angela Denise Wright, james Carnell 265 Wright, Thomas Anthony 219, 161 White Anita Louise 245 121 Whits, Charles E. 264 White Daniel 264 White james Allan 245, 264 White Keith Wayne 264 White Kenny Norman 264 White, Larry Franklin 245 White, Linda Marie 265 Williams, Sherry Lynn 265 Williams, Susan jean 245, 97, 98 Williams, Timothy Mark 265 Williamson, Richard H. 219 Williamson, Wilson 265 Willingham, joseph Dewi 120, 265 Willis, Michael Wayne 265 Walthall, Debra Lynn 121, 244 Ward, Cheryl Yvonne 244 Ward, Sydna Lynn 119, 118, 218 Ware, Reginald 244 Warner, Edward Lee 128, 219, 223 Warren, Gary Vance 128,218 Warren, Shirley jean 244 Washam, james Michael 218 Washam, Russel Warren 147,264 Washington, Cathy Elaine 264 Washington, Deborah Ann 264 Washington, Gregory 156 Watson, Ann 244,11 314 l Index White, Lisa Karen 265, 133 White, Marilyn Elaine 265 White, Mattie Mae 245 Whitehurst, Susan Gay 245,95 Whitley, Adrian 122 Whitlock, Bobby 265 Whitten, jeffre Lynn 245 Whittington Y Donna Yvonne 245 Whittington, Evelyn Sue 245 Whittington, johnny M. 245 Whittington Michael Steven 245, 120 Whittington, Sheryl Lynn 218, 95 Wildcat Club 86, 87 Wiley, joseph Edward 245 Wilson, Cheryl Lynn 265, 82 Wilson, Debbie Kay 245 Wilson, june Rena 265,81 Wilson, Kathryn Ann 265 Wilson, Nancy Ruth 265 Wilson, William David 265 Winchester, Mary l. 219 Winchester, Ricky Deway 265 Winchester, Sherry Lynn 219, 45, 57, 66, 75, 76, 90, 88, 187, 60 Winchester, Susan Smith Windham, Martha Ann 245 Winecoff, jeffrey Brent 120 Winslow, William 219 Winstead, janice Kiel 245 Wright, Wanda Yvette 219 Wyant, jarrett lrvin 245 Wyatt, Reda Gail 265 Wyche, Gwendolyn L. 219 Wyke, Randy Cornell 265 Wyndham, Dorothy Gail 245, 113 Wyndham, Elizabeth jane 219 Wynn, Evatta jean 265 Yarborough, Donald Wayne 219, 139, 144,176, 178 Yarbrough, Deborah Marie 265 Yates, Nelson Pet 223, 128, 81, 89, 139,59, 178 Yiottis, Danny Nick 219, 88 Young, Brenda Sue 265 Young, Donna jean 265 Young, Sabrina Ann 245,97 Younger, Lori Christene 219 Zamiela, Lisa Rose 245,113 ,, 4,1 , I 2 - E E xg, , ,A N fr f f , , w I , , iglg W T : K VM W, K , f "'TI"" AQ, ' , V, 'W . Y V , K , 3 f X h' My f r v ' 4,1 I , My A . ,, x ,LR I V xx, , , fy MXL, , f , ,f, 'N-,qw mmm The Yearly Re iew ,. f "f?'i'4""f'! wrfQ , fv, FY "W 'run K is Yearly Review X 375 This edition of the yearly review will express the purpose of the annual's theme, recognize out- standing occurrences or achieve- ments which have affected life around Caringer, and show points of interest throughout the city, state, nation, and world. The people responsible for the annual's introduction have trans- formed the national bicentennial into a more relevant issue by trac- ing the evolution of Garinger from 1908-1976 in the hope that a corre- lation would be drawn between the development of Garinger and the beginning of the United States. lt was also thought that a review of the school years preced- ing "75-76" would encourage un- derstanding and appreciation of our lives today. The following events helped to make Garinger what it was for six hundred and eleven seniors, six hundred and seventy-five juniors, and nine hundred and thirteen sophomores, in the "75-76" school year. The first thing noticed by those students and teachers who fre- quently visited the 300 office was the absence of the amiable Dene Sinclair, due to her transfer to the main office annex. Arriving late to school just wasn't the same with- out Ms. Sinclair. Her return to the 300 office in November was wel- comed by one and all. A new, paved track with a bright, shiny fence to protect it fi- nally brought some form of re- ward for Garinger's unappreciated Cindermen. Another addition to the campus was an auto mechanics building. This new asset has helped to further the as- pirations of some future Richard Petty. Both boys and girls alike around Caringer were found broad- casting their feelings via a little gadget called a "mood ring". When their mood rings registered dark brown or black, perhaps one could hear an exclamation of "Sit on it," pass from their depressed lips. Such "intellectual" fads and terms only support the theory of the year that high school students don't seem to be as smart as they 316 X Yearly Review l 5 used to be. This rumor started when re- ports were released by College Board Testing Systems that SAT scores were the lowest ever recorded. Can a national test- ing organization and a certain teacher in room 309 be wrong? We hope so! The national bicentennial was not over- looked at Garinger. The band contributed to the Bicentennial Spirit by selling packages of bicentennial tulips. Another form of dedication was demonstrated at the Big "C" in the form of "Beatle-mania". Petitions to "bring back the Beatles" cir- culated through the school. The many sig- natures on these petitions was representa- tive of the world's still present love of the Beatles. Devotion was definitely lacking for our football players this season. Spirit and at- tendance at football games was at a disap- pointing low, proof that "everybody loves a winner". Locally, john Belk proved himselfawin- ner once again by being re-elected to the office of Mayor. One popular action of Mayor Belk was his brave participation in Eastland's opening on ice. Eastland's ar- rival provided stores and eating estab- lishments, a three part theater complex, and of course, there's always the ice arena. Considering the number of people to be found at Eastland on any given night, one can only wonder what everyone did be- fore it was opened. Sharon Amity Road's reconstruction was basically finished in january, thus allieviating much traffic, congestion, and time loss due to detours. Wendover Road became a topic of debate when it was proposed that the trees should be cut down for widening. Citizens living on Wendover began protesting the action which led to a conflict reminiscient of the Eastway Drive protest in the late sixties. 0 Our present road system seemed to please the "Mov- ing On" producers enough to film two shows about truck- ing. Many local citizens were used in the episodes. Char- lotte was definitely growing up in leaps and bounds. No one really needed a television company to tell them that. One trip downtown expresses Charlotte's new maturity quite accurately. Our NCNB building was even publicized in Newsweek this past summer. Downtown Charlotte was not only an example of what the future has to hold, it also took part in our Bicentennial heritage. lt served as the first location at the West Charlotte Civitan's bell which rang muffled for a week in various locations about the county. Charlotte citizens all celebrated the Bicentennial by driv- ing around with "First in Freedom" license tags on their cars. Throughout the state, the bicentennial was celeb- rated by musket fire, traveling caravans, and various other activities. Perhaps causing much more excitement than any bicen- tennial program was the arrival of the Rolling Stones in Greensboro for a performance this summer. "Rock and roll" could have taken on a new meaning for people in Wilmington, N.C., had the prediction of the earthquakes been correct. Thankfully, the designated week of january 20 came without even the slightest tremor, thereby saving that coastal city from drifting out into the ocean. Guatemala was not as lucky as Wilmington. A devastat- ing earthquake did rip through this small country. Many Americans rallied to produce food, clothing, and money for the Guatemalans. Meanwhile, New York was experiencing its own disaster - bankruptcy. Singer Paul Anka held a concert and turned over all proceeds to New York in order to help the city's financial predicament. This was the year of the disaster film to end them all- jaws. More people went to see a vicious, great white shark than ever saw Rhett Butler or Maria and the Von Trapp kids. The lighter side of celluloid amusement had "Rhoda" getting married, a bright spot to an otherwide dull year for television. Real life romance was a slightly different matter for the "beautiful people" of television, rock and tennis. jimmy Connors and Chris Evert split up during Wimbledon - which may explain their inabilities to win their champion- ship matches. The real romantic drama of the year belonged to nude but sweet Cher- and now, soap opera fans, a brief synop- sis of Cher's romantic escapades: Divorced Sonny - mar- ried Gregg Allman, nine days later left Gregg- reconciles, left him, reconciled, left him, found to be pregnant, re- conciled, teamed with Sonny professionally for television show again. lack Ford in the White House seemed to be taking advantage of his fish bowl existence, despite all of his complaining. First it was Bianca jagger and now Chris Evert. While lack was playing America's Cassanova, his sister Susan became a photographer and most recently was hired to do a spread for a magazine. Meanwhile, Betty Ford was bringing candor and dancing to the White House while President Ford proved that most football players are basically clumsy. The Fords brought a new element of interest to the White House that almost every American could relate to in some way. The Patty Hearst story was another subject that was quite relevant to Americans in general. Her return from the underground on September 18 brought to the forefront once again the idea that whether guilty or innocent she was victim of our times, therein lies the relevance to the American people no matter to what social or economic group they belong. Another sign of the times was the attempt made by an Arabic oil magnate to purchase the Alamo. Talk about recycling -what's more ridiculous than American dollars being used by Arab oil men to buy American landmarks? Arabians were instrumental in many aspects of American life this year. Two horses in the Kentucky Derby were descendants of the agile, ancient Arabian race horses. The Kentucky Derby race itself was beset by tragedy. "Ruf- fian", the favorite suddenly snapped her right fetlock, consequently losing the "Race of the Century", to "Foolish Pleasure". T 2 - - .Lim LET' i'-"W"i"' K ig' . . ...W .-.. ,, W.,,,W,, .-. W c fo - .gsm-1.-.asximsasg e...-v ' K' Yearly Review f 317 Alaska contributed to the pursuit of foolish pleasure by legalizing marijuana. One wonders if the work on the great Alaskan pipe line will be continued with quite as much in- terest as before. Billy lean King shifted her interests this year and became a sports caster rather than participant. This was brought about by her retirement from tennis competition. A sadder note for the sports world was the death of Casey Stengel. He was a colorful figure and is missed by baseball players and fans. Presidential candidates began their campaign trials in nine- teen seventy-five. A multitude of Democrats and two Repub- licans were listed as presidential hopefuls by the New Hamp- shire primary. Many Garinger students will vote for the first time in an election year that stresses quantity not quality. The United States was not the only country where violence, romance, and surprise were held. Great Britain became a center for mass terrorism. America's Caroline Kennedy barely escaped death due to an act of terrorism meant for the British official with whom she was residing. On the more harmonious side of national affairs was the Appolo-Soyuz space mission. The mission involved an American and Russian space capsule. The two capsules docked in space and the astronauts and cosmonauts then shared many responsibilities and memories. They exchanged cultural packages representative of their respective coun- tries. Upon completion of their experience one American astronaut was moved to tears. Another international meeting was between English actor Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in Africa. It resulted in their re-marriage on an African game lodge. Unfortunately, shortly there after Burton contacted malaria. The United States welcomed a visit by Emperor'Hirohito of japan. lt was his first visit to the United States. He was taken, among other places, to Disneyland and Pearl Harbor. It was quite a step for American-japanese relations since Hirohito had proclaimedsuch disdain for the U.S.during World War ll. call Page TIl1r.',lii'lRSli liltlll, Evan IN c'11.,i1e1.o11zff Th VNS!!! ti Q15 fgkxmesvww Fri. ASM. Feb.,l3th 814th . ble Performances mile today X44 i . , . W d1I'9Ct. Its eas1er 3.1'ldf3SiIB1' r 318 ! Yearly Review Francisco Franco, another powerful figure during World War Il, died this year. He was succeeded by his nephew. Conversely, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was assassinated by his nephew in early nineteen seventy-five. The assassin was executed publicly by decapitation. This was an interesting year for international sports. Pele, a Brazilian soccer player, joined the New York Cosmos, thereby assuring the team of a good season. Muhammed Ali beat joe Frazier in the "Thrilla from Manila". Ali proved once again that his footvvork and fists are as quick as his mouth. Arthur Ashe pulled a surprise win over jimmy Connors at Wimbledon. The Winter Olympics held an element of sur- prise inthe person of Sheila Young. This woman speed skater achieved the feat of winning three medals for herself and the U.S. The summer Olympics will hit home with many Garinger students since history teacher Reed Hilderbrand will be play- ing onthe Olympic handball team. With the advent of summer, many of us will gather together all the experiences that we have had through the years and think of the effect they will have on what we are yet to do. College andfor work stands over the horizon and we have but our dreams to sustain our quests. Each child-like step into the world quickly becomes our past because of the brevity of its presence, but still brings us closer to our hopes fortomorrow Yearly Review X319 Thank you 1976 Snips and Cuts annual staff and long suffering, patient and ever helpful Miss jean Grisdale, our advisor, Special thanks to Mr. Doster for his expert photography advice and also Mr. Nor- man for his constant concern and suggestions. Because of your hard work and dedication to do a good job our year is recorded, and is now part of Garinger's history and joins those behind us. We have found, as did our predecessors, that a yearbook is not born by itself. Thank goodness for those of you with "know-how'f who came to the aid of us "green horns" in the yearbook business. My editorship will always be one of the high points in my life. A-r1 editor is only as good as his staff. Thanks friends, for working hard, long hours, for overcom- ing obstacles and frustrations, meeting deadlines, solving problems, and always being there. The school ofdeadlines, pressures, and short tem- pers gave us lessons in "give and take" with rewards of patience, tolerance, and recognitions of each other's capabilities and talents - a true learning ex- perience. Snips and Cuts, 1976, is how it was at Garinger. Debra Neville Editor 320 ! Yearly Review

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