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1 1 . 6 I I 1 F V F V i l i e F T F F I E ! I 'N W N l 5 a 1 ! I F i 5 . 5 1 1 X ALMA MATER Far above the toil and tumult Ot our city's growing might, Proudly stands our Alma Mater Shining brightly in the light. Crowned with wisdom, knowledge, power Boldly let her praises ringg Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail to Garinger High, we sing. Hail to thee, our Alma Meter, Hail to great Garinger High we sing. .in . Yi Y H x X X X sf W 'N-M NIPS 81 CUT Dedication .. Faculty Features .. Activities . Sports .... Classes .... Seniors . . . Juniors .... Sophomores Supporters ..... Directories . . Faculty . . . Seniors . . . ll'ld6X ...... TABLE OF CONTENTS . 10 . 12 . 38 . 66 124 172 174 224 244 268 288 288 291 307 Vol. LXI 1 vw X ,.-1-5' 'Qu' ' "" ,M , f si...--. ' 1 ,ww -1' Tiff- gn - ,, .,,,.,.,,. 'i5Q4'g5,63g.-12255 hi,f5,,GQgMs,,.5" , . .. - E . ,-A X I ' -nm-.go-T ' , was--m I . ' I A l' 5 twig. 'Ei-,ur - K, 39,1 .' ,.-, . fk' ' Q? , -af'-X' Q ., I ' I X . ' .. 'l P. .,, k , . , . -' 'l In h I f J - 1 w VW? '.'- .:.b.: .:.x.,-, WX, 4 . X. K W 1 N l J P 8 We Proudly Dedicate . . .the 1970 edition of SNIPS AND CUTS to Mrs. Shirley Houck Hein- baugh in appreciation for her gen- uine interest in and loyalty to Garinger High School. Mrs. Hein- baugh has taught at Garinger for nine years, during which time she has been advisor to the Latin Club and friend to all. Because of her sincere personal interest in each and every one of her students, she is loved and admired by everyone. We, the 1970 yearbook staff, would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Heinbaugh for being such an outstandingly great Wild- cat! 'll 1 d!'s"'m 3, Difficulties Face Administration Much has been written about the "population explosion". This year at Garinger it became a reality for members of the school administra- tion. Due to an overflow of new stu- dents comprised of sophomores and transfer students, the admini- stration battled against computers to place students in proper class- rooms. ln addition to scheduling students, the administrative staff was plagued with a lack of teach- ers and textbooks. Most students never realize the amount of work required of the administration to make this school year successful. Mr. Edward Sanders, Principal Miss Marian Reed, Assistant Principal "Be out of town by sundown." 14 Mr. Harold Hood, Assistant Principal "Well, it all depends . . .' 'Mrs. Peeler,this is no laughing matter!" Miss Nancy Abell Miss Betty Cunningham Mrs. Emily Kuykendall Mrs. Katherine Peeler Mr. James Taylor Mrs. Ruby Wrede 15 Office Aides Fulfill Daily Needs x .Ir. Frank Wampler, 200 office MVS- Bafbafa HSITUS, 200 OffiCe Q Mrs. Nadine Sinclair, 300 office Mrs Loretta Price, 100 office 16 Mr. Carriker, a new face at Garinger. Counselors Render Aid Members of the Garinger Coun- seling Department strive to provide students with those services which may enable them to achieve posi- tive self-direction. To accomplish this purpose, counselors work with students, teachers, parents, and various school and community agencies. They assist students with educational and vocational plan- ning and with personal problem solving. With a pupil-counselor ratio of 500 to 1, it would be impossible for one counselor to attempt counsel- ing in all areas. For this reason the work load of Garinger's counselors is divided into the following cate- gories: Vocational Technical training, and Selective Service informa- tion- Problems involving failure to succeed in school- System-wide testing programs and College and scholarship in- formation. : t Ji 5.4 yn s - . Q - .-.Nts - "It couldn't be that bad." Miss lnez Bankett Miss Carolyn Glascoe Mrs. Greta Kistler Mrs. Juanita Reed 17 At one time, French was consid- ered to be the diplomatic language of the world. However, in the past decade it has been replaced by English as the international lan- guage. This increasing importance of English in world affairs adds to the necessity for English speaking people to have total command of their language. ln addition to teaching grammar, English teachers at Garinger in- troduce their students to literature which presents many of the most famous ideas ever penned. Sophomores may sample a wide variety of authors and works rang- ing from Hamilton's Mythology to works by Dickens and Hemming- Miss Leonora Broughton Mrs. Fluby Caldwell Mrs. Jo Ann Carpenter Mrs. Faye Deese Mrs. Jeanne Fitzsimmons Mrs. Mary Fort Mr. Timothy Gailey Mrs. Peggy Gandy Mrs. Karen Gibson Mrs. Grace Hall Miss Susanne Haney Miss Katie Harris I8 English Literature way. Having had a taste of the spice which good literature adds to life, students are able in their junior year to pursue American literature in some depth. They meet charac- ters like the Stagemanager in Our Town, and E. A. Fiobinson's Rich- ard Cory. In the senior year, those who have begun to develop a taste for fine literature can satisfy their thirst for quality with the vintage plays of Shakespere and aged works like Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and other Greek tragedies. Continued study proves that the English language provides a never- ending feast of works which may be savored by connoisseur and amateur alike. Crowded Conditions Strain Library With more than 24,000 books, hundreds of back copies of period- icals, stacks of microfilm, copying machines and ever-increasing amounts of red tape, students this year found it more and more dif- ficult to get into the library. Sporting a unique style of archi- tecture and one of the best book collections in the state, Garinger's library became the center of con- troversy this year when a system was established requiring students to present a pass signed by a teacher indicating the time and the subject to be studied. This was later repealed, and it was only necessary for a student to indicate what he wished to study in order to be admitted to the library. Since research is essential to academic progress, Garinger stu- dents are fortunate to have such an excellent library. SEZ New librarians discuss important business Mrs. Dorothy Crawford Mrs. Helen Hollingsworth Mrs. Sarah Parrish Miss Sandra Smith "Three years over due?" 20 -,-nur-w 111 EM. ,. Understanding Through Languages Classes conducted in French olten raise questions. ,Q As intercontinental travel be- comes more commonplace, the need for a basic knowledge of for- eign languages becomes greater. Garinger's language department has grown with this importance. There are languages offered to meet every student's interests. Beginning language students may choose to study fundamental courses in French, Spanish, Ger- man, or Latin. lf a more detailed study is desired, French, Spanish, and Latin students may continue by exploring history and literature written in the foreign language. These courses give students a glimpse of the culture and heritage of the countries they study as well as the language of the people. Fourth year French students at- tend the meetings of the Alliance Francaise where they practice conversing with French-speaking people who live in Charlotte, F' "Please Mrs. Means,don't make me take it again." ' f 1 s l Nxt, -"M Mrs. Shirley Heinbaugh Mrs. Elizabeth Howle Mrs. Rosa Means Mrs. Margaret Palmer Mrs. Margaret Sims 21 l -lr African Cultures Added to History History, taken only as the study of the dead past, could be quite dull, but taken in its true light, it is as fresh and interesting as to- morrow's newspaper. This year history students have been able to say that they witnessed one of the greatest events in history - man's landing on the moon! This conquest has certainly given a more per- sonal touch to the student's study of history. Even though the pace of history is increasing, it is still necessary to return to the Middle Ages and the American Revolution to see the succession of events which led to the Space Age. In addition to his increased tech- nical knowledge, man must also come to a greater understanding of his fellow man. This understanding is the objective of the latest addi- tion to Garinger's history courses- African Cultures. This course em- phasizes the achievements and contributions of Afro-Americans to our society. The classes benefit from a weekly television program entitled "Americans from Africa". Projects stimulate student participation. Mr, Ronald Aldridge Mr. Steven Camp Mr. James Edwards Mrs. Frances Hawn Mrs. Flora Huntley Mr. Fred lngold "Do youthink it could be bad breath?" 22 QR A was X s w' . , X 1. sth Cola Mr. Cedric Jones Mrs. Barbara Kurek Mr. Henry Madden Miss Alice Rhodes Miss Janet Robinson Mrs. Chris Schweitzer Mrs. Mary Louise Vanwinkle Mrs. Eunice Wolfe Reasoning Mathematics is more than just a study of numbersg it develops the reasoning power of the individual. Its students are challenged to ex- plore the realms of the infinite and the undefined. Math is not merely a useless study of theories. Num- bers are tools that can help divide an apple or split an atom. Garinger offers a wide variety of fields of study. For those who are inclined only to the fundamentals of mathematics, General Math is of- fered. Courses in algebra and ge- ometry provide a background for more detailed study. Students with a genuine interest in mathematics may choose to study Advanced Math, Math Analysis, or Math Con- cepts. . 1 Power Strengthened ,,......--4 Mrs. Warren checks details. Mr. Thomas Asbury Mrs. Sara Deberry Miss Marsha Forney Mrs. Shirley Hamilton Mrs. Kathleen Madden Mrs. Alene McCorkle Mrs. Mary McGuirt Mr. Thomas McNair Mrs. Catherine Sanders i 24 "We haven't had a test in a long time through Math 'You've gotto be kidding!" 'Q Mrs. Agnes Yoos Mr. Karl Sawyer Miss Betty Steele Mrs. Klara Vinson Mrs. Jane Warren Science: New Safety Measures In this age of heart transplants, space travel, synthetic leather, and wonder drugs, no amount of em- phasis would be sufficient to point out the importance of science in everyday life. Science teachers at Garinger strove to furnish students with a basic understanding of the large role which science plays in our society. This year, students were able to pursue studies in chemistry, biology, and physics. Well equipped labs provided a place for students to put their knowledge to the test. Whether the course was fundamental or de- tailed, a new state ruling required all students to wear goggles when handling potentially dangerous materials. Man has made many valuable discoveries in the past, but there are still unanswered questions which face modern scientists. Those who studied science at Garinger this year could well be the ones who will help find answers to these questions. Mr. Fl. E. Cummings Mr. James Dixon Mrs. Ann Foxx Mr. Bob Godwin 26 Students practice safety in lab with new goggles. Mr. Robinson works between classes. 1.-11 N " ' Q ' -:SQ X.: 1.2 if 0-fvst NN: QL' w Q 5 QS M y :Q o .l an J, . 'n ? . Q8 X ff! Saw XS' Q ? uf 1 New Opportunities in Home Ec. Homemakers in today's world have opportunities beyond the lim- ited possibilities offered them as cooks and seamstresses. In addi- tion to learning cooking and sew- ing, Home Economics students this year had the opportunity to partic- ipate in a Cooperative Education program. Students worked two hours each morning at Shamrock Elementary School as teacher aides. Regular departmental activities included visits to a poultry farm, arranging showcase windows in 100 and 300 buildings, hearing a clothing representative speak, and dining in a restaurant. These activ- ities were offered to boys as well as girls. Home Economics classes educated students in the fine art of making a house a home. Girls Mrs. Virginia Boyd Mrs. Willa Carson Mrs. Frances Ryan 28 learn from experience. It's sew easy! Commercial: Unlimited Opportunities Speed is essential in taking dictation. Opportunities in the business world are numerous to qualified high school graduates. Our Com- mercial Department trains students as efficient and competent office aides. With the adequate facilities at Garinger, students learn in the atmosphere of an office. The ex- perience obtained here is valuable later when students are on their own. With a selection of courses, which includes typing, shorthand, and data processing, the business student is well prepared and quali- fied to accept the responsibility of an office job upon completion of his course. "You blew it this time." Mrs. Maxine Davis Mrs. Sabra Griffin Mrs. Don Hipps Mrs. Betty Lowery Mr. Ernest Privette Miss Clara Timmon 29 S Vocations.- Key to the Future One of Garinger's outstanding features is its vocational depart- ment. Students seek to prepare themselves for future work by be- coming proficient in various crafts. Drafting, photography, electron- ics, printing, radio broadcasting, and various other related skills are offered. Well-equipped working space is provided in the vocational building to allow students to put their know- ledge to practical use. New radio broadcasting equipment was in- stalled providing Garinger students with the facilities needed to record and broadcast radio programs. Printing classes printed the school literary magazine as a project in the spring. By supervised practice in the classroom, students gain valuable experience which will give them a decided advantage when making future job applications. Mr. Gilbert Ballance Mr. Don Belk Mr. Wayne Branshaw Mrs. Nancy Burgess New radio equipment helps students learn new techiques. 30 .-, v Mrs. Shirley Deal Mr. Robert Doster Mr. John Kemper Mr. Kenneth Sinclair Miss Delores Tibshrany "I knew I shouIdn't have taken that thing apart." Communicate Through Music "I wish it was mint flavored." Mr. Robert Maddox Mr. John Sanders 32 With the "generation gap" today, it may sometimes be difficult to communicate through words. New media of self expression can be discovered through study of music. Instrumental music is designed not only to aid students in master- ing an instrument, but also to imp- ress upon them the importance of interpretation and feeling in music. The choral department attains the same effect using voices instead of instruments. A relatively new course in music theory teaches development and arranging of music. Garinger's department of music is composed of noted groups that set the tone for many school activi- ties. 4 Mr. Sanders-"The Music Man". 'Miss King says to stay in the lines!" l l Miss Wilma King Art: "Do Your Own Thing" Some of the great talents of to- morrow are being discovered at Garinger today. Aided by modern equipment and supplies, as well as the inspirations of the old masters, art students have been able to find a means of self-expression in their work. This year emphasis was placed on such crafts as ceramics and rug-making in addition to drawing and painting. For those who still preferred the brush, acrylic poly- mers offered a new media with tremendous possibilities. Besides participating in class activities, art students contributed their time and talents to illustrate the literary magazine. 'sv' X Students prepare Christmas scene for Shoney's window. 33 Phys. Ed: "Exercise for Excellence" Well rounded people are not only sound of mind and well-versed in literature, science, and languages, but are also physically fit. Members of Garinger's Physical Education Department know that good health and physical fitness are essential to the well-being ofthe student. Realizing this, the department presents a wide variety of sports and activities which build coordi- nation and endurance. Girls are of- fered everything from field hockey and track to gymnastics and tennis, while boys prove their stamina in such sports as wrestling, weight- lifting, and cross country. Exercise develops stamina. Mr. Warren Hicks Miss Joyce Hunter Mrs. Julia Jones Miss Patricia McGee Mr. Joe Tomanchek 34 Hanging around between classes Sign of safety. Driver's Ed. Safety First All Charlotte-Mecklenburg stu- dents are required to successfully complete a course in driver's edu- cation before they may obtain a driver's license. It is hoped that education in safe and defensive driving can check the unfavorable accident statistics which are in- creasing each year. lnsurance figures show that most of our nation's accidents involve people under twenty-five years of ageg however, with better vision and quicker reflexes, young people are potentially the best drivers. Garinger's driver's education program, both in the class and on the road, tries to impress upon young drivers that they must take responsibility as they take the wheel. "Indianapolis here I come!" Mr. James Addison Mr. Charles Auten Mr. Charles McMullen Mr. Joseph White Mr. Ron Wright 35 Cafeteria - Custodial Staffs Back Cats This yearls overload of students kept the custodial and cafeteria staffs working over time. Their dedication and hard work did much toward keeping Garinger clean and healthy. Cafeteria staff members could be found at work early each morn- ing preparing large quantities of food for our many students and teachers. Custodians worked long into the afternoon in order to get the building and grounds ready for another school day. Receiving little credit for a job which merits much recognition, both staffs worked daily to meet the needs of a growing school. "No, we do not give double your money back guarantees." L...-3 FIRST ROW: Lorene Medford, Dorthea Lorenze, Beulah Hoke, Remalle Edwards, Viola Hopkins, Ruby Wrede, Helen Courtney. SECOND ROW: Mary Simpson, Evelina Jackson, Grace Linder, Susie Wade, Mabel Watson, Ruby Wendell, Eloise Heintz, Helen Glenn. THIRD ROW: Rose Mcllwaine, Ann Steel, Ruth Flowe, Eunice Jones, Susie Martin, Billie McClain, Mary-Frances Harley. 36 l 'Gee, a brand new dime!" Mission Impossible gsm ,K wk,- 'N . 1 5? is gg , . is vi S i is XR gm' i iff-4" E in H! s Hi I few' V E 2 2 2 V 1-- I .- - I n N 4 1 ,tv . s 1 ' This is dedication. 37 4 u + 38 'J 1 w 39 , MISS and Carol 'mf Denise Marie Wilson. ,oss 1969 - 70 M3SCOtS Denise Marie Wilson and Curtis Bryan Paar- man were chosen as the 1969-1970 Mascots at a senior assembly in De- cember. Denise, spon- sored by Kathy Goodwin, and Bryan, sponsored by Sally Marzione, were chosen from a group of over thirty four and five year old nominees. The nominees were pre- sented to the audience and were asked several questions. Denise enter- tained the seniors with her "fireball cheer" and Bryan sang to the tune of "Oh Suzanne". The Mascots will attend some of the Garinger events during the year. Curtis Bryan Paarman. a'Qwluw-' .., Tommy Roe Judges Garinger's Beauties This year Garinger's beauties were judged by the good-looking and successful singer, Tommy Roe. Tommy was born in Atlanta, Georgia in- 1943. Standing six feet tall and weighing 170 pounds, Tommy is the kind of guy that all girls dream of. Most of Tommy's songs are simple and happy, such as his hit songs - "Sweet Pea", "Dizzy", "Heather Honey", and "Jam Up and Jelly Tight". His hobbies include writing songs, painting, playing football, and lift- ing weights. Tommy's talent, good looks, old-fashioned courtesy, and gentleness combined with a strong masculinity, all add together to make him the successfully great guy he is. 42 LOWERY MUSIC COMPANY TILIPHDNE 233-6103 lNnnnPulA1':D Low-Twi Q Music Wonder Music Co., lnc. songs Of Faith Low-Ja Music P.O. Box 9687 Atlanta, Georgia 30819 Miss Sylvia Cable 3010 Telford Place Charlotte, N.C. Dear Sylvia: Thank you for asking me to judge your contest at Garinger High School. My selections are as follows: Senior for nSuper1ative Beautyu 2 Seniors for nSenior Beautiesn 2 Juniors for Junior Beauties - 2 Sophomores for Soph. Beauties- Donna Hayden Melody James Carol Wedel Robbie Isenhour Cathey Brandon Lynn King Robin Black It certainly was difficult to make my selections from so many beautiful girls, but I did my best, and it was a pleasure to be asked to do this. Thank you again for asking me, and good luck to you all at GARINGER HIGH SCHOOL. S' erely, 0-4- Tommy Roe S19 RG' F 3 x. I WT A R X Q ws x X K .us I 5 E . 'X jj! X 5 3 , ' W Q 1 . Q. 6 W its S S S KLALVL xf 4 i K gg K Q'-Q N A . , 6 2 5. F fu ' 3 N if ' X ' safdix Q Sis L X" N Q Rf Q . , Ax S X :', . 'QNX ,iw ' QA SNS ' X Q V . QR - 3 X X, if is 5Y:b L , S Q I A GRE? 5 V NS' R S K . K ,, gi W 5 S k -L'X V s I 1-at Q gnriv i K is 'K Q ' , gs Sw 3 A9 '- , O ,O X 1 N . I Q .x X ' Q A 5 Q.: as x 5 5 , K 9 4, it av K 9 4 K 1.1 5 o- N ' . NV . g f x ., Q Q 3 i ' ig Q- X. -K vscyi A Q S X x 9 -X X 9 - 1 . wx' K Q X Kb K I 5 g s 4 . . 1 s af "S ra r ' Y is st Q :V fum x'Q S Q55 X J X N T' 3 52 r- X .3 14 , rx' ' P N J . Q w Q x Q x .."' 5 S' Y 1 gg N' 5.4 f"Sen1or Superlatzve Beauty ff g Q? ' 5 i Q Q3 Q Miss Donna Hayden 'F ig, x 5 Senior Beauty Miss Melody james Senior Beauty Miss Carol weciel junior Beauty Miss Ro65ie Qsenfiour junior Beauty Miss Catfiey Brandon Sopfiomore Beauty Miss Rofiin Blacfi SopHomore Beauty Miss fynn King 1970 BEAUTY FINALISTS Janys Black Belinda Lay Anne Perry Katy Carlisle Patti! Wedei Pam Black Debbie Couet 1969 - 70 Homecoming One of the most outstanding events of the football season is the Homecoming and the greatest tra dition of this game is the crowning of the Homecoming Queen. At the eleventh annual Homecoming game at Memorial Stadium, Carol Wedel was named Garinger's Homecoming Queen for 1969-1970 Carol, who sponsored senior foot ball player John Johnson, was chosen by the senior football play- ers. She reigned at the Homecom- ing game and Homecoming dance. During the Coronation ceremony, the chief event of halftime, the identity of the queen was first made known. She received the crown from Kay Starnes, the reigning queen, and was crowned by Mr. Sanders, principal of Garinger. Senior players and their sponsors-SEATED Homecoming Queen Carol Wedel and John Johnson FIRST ROW Randy Dyer Yvonne Bell: Octavio Ponce, Brenda Bryant: Chuck Adams Donna Hayden SECOND ROW Scott Miliman Debbie Lechner Frank Ponce Debbie Longg Mike Morgan, Elaine Poston. THIRD ROW Janet Hackett nominated Mark Bauer Pam Prestimonico Knot plcturedl Frances Yarborough-nominatedp Buddy Wagoner, Michele Swiggett FOURTH ROW Pat Philmon Barbara Gallion Randy Brady Debbie Alexander Joe Graham, Shirley Stittg Mike Torrence, Debbie Falres 48 9191, 6 E Miss Fiobin Black . .Q ..11 N .Kasumi 9 .. . Miss Blue and Gray On the night of November twenty-fifth, 1969, an event took place that will hopefully become a new tradition at Garinger. Miss Robin Black was crowned Miss Blue and Gray of 1969-1970. The Miss Blue and Gray Pageant was sponsored by the Student Council for the first time this year. The judges-Elmer Horton, staff photographer of The Charlotte News: Lucy Welch, fashion co-ordinator for lvey's3 and Susan Jetton, staff writer for The Char- lotte Observer, had observed the girls the night before the pageant and had selected ten finalists on the basis of poise, personality, talent, and appearance. Each of the ten fina- lists presented the audience with a demon- stration of her talent. Miss Pam King was the first runner-up, and Miss Mikki Faille was second runner-up. The Ernie Bonner Trio, featuring Dave Kelsey, a teacher from Garinger, provided the music while Pat Phil- mon sang "This Guy's in Love With You". At the end of the night, Steve Cochrane, Master of Ceremonies, crowned Robin Black, and she was presented with a dozen red roses. Robin, who stands five feet tall with long brown hair and brown eyes brought peals of laughter as she presented her imi- tative dance to "I Like Onions". 51 Valentine Queen Crowned Valentine Queen was chosen by the student body from a group of girls nominated by the RAMBLER Staff. The top seven girls were presented on February 13th during a basketball game halftime. They were seniors Mikki Faille, Debbie Long, and Robin Marting juniors Al- lida Stephens and Robbie lsen- hourg and sophomores Lynn King and Wanda Winchester. Mikki Faille was crowned Valentine Queen of 1970 and presented with red car- nations. VALENTINE COURT: Lynn King, Ailida Stephens, Robin Martin, Mikki Faille, Debbie Long, Wanda Winchester, and Robbie lsenhour fnot picluredj. 52 ,,, 4 on uni," ti F vt jd " s .3 if Carol and her "chilly" family. Carol Goes to Chile This past summer, Carol Baker was honored by being selected as a foreign exchange student to Chile. Carole was sponsored by the Charlotte Foreign Exchange Stu- dent Program that promotes inter- national goodwill and understand- ing by offering select students the chance of living abroad as "sons" and "daughters" of families in other countries. Carol spent two and a half months in Santiago, Chile with her adopted family, the Sollhuhers. She attended Santaursula College, run by German nuns, with her "sister", Monica. While she was there, Carol participated in such activities as horseback riding over the Andes Mountains, traveling through the Chilean Desert, and visiting ancient archaeological sights. Carol came back with a broader and more un- derstanding view of life in South America. oi . J xi"w-s 8 ,Q .an fdllusrv 3 ,N ,Qrlbwf gs an ,Nw wa fs' .. 'Z -A' a if -. , Q - s ds u Q iv 1 QW Q- Q. v . K ggi' if gi 1 I sf 53 Harvard Book Award The Harvard Book Award is an award presented to a rising senior boy due to his superior scholarship and outstanding character. Randy Butler was chosen by the principal and members of the faculty to re- ceive the Harvard Book on Honors and Awards Day. The Harvard Book contains a collection of arti- cles written by Harvard graduates to inspire the student who receives it to continue his achievements throughout college. is X 54 Governor s School LEFT T0 RIGHT Sara Newman Melanie Hilder Patsy Hendricks Beejie Funderburke Darcy Bowman, Lisa Weaver. This past summer eight students from Garinger attended Governor's School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. These students were Darcy Bowman for artg Patsy Hendricks, Sara Newman, Sherry Blackwell, Beejie Funderburke, and Melanie Hilder for instrumental musicg Lisa Weaver for dance: and Sara Slechta for drama. Governor's School is a school for highly gifted or talented high school students who are rising jun- iors or seniors. The selected stu- dents study the particular field in which they are especially talented. The school is in session from June twenty-second until August ninth. The eight students from Garinger were chosen by Miss lnez Bankett and Mr. Ed Sanders on the basisi of their outstanding qualities. ss Morehead Semi-Finalists The Garinger Faculty Nominating Committee nominated four stu- dents to be considered for the Morehead Scholarship. These stu- dents were Flandy Butler, Steve Cochrane, Jimmy Houston, and Frank Ponce. After students are nominated by their schools, they must be further recommended to a District Selec- tion Committee after interviews are held. Out of the outstanding students nominated from the Charlotte Mecklenburg High Schools, Jimmy Houston and Randy Butler were selected as two out of twelve semi- finalists. The Morehead Scholarship is a grant for undergraduate study leading to a Baccalaureate degree. The nominees are judged on the basis of character, scholastic abili- ty, extracurricular attainments, outstanding citizenship, truthful- ness, devotion to duty, manhood, and courage. Jimmy Houston and Randy Butler. 56 Donna Wins D.A.R. Award Donna Hayden was selected by the senior girls of her class to re- ceive the D.A.R. Award on Honors and Awards Day. The D.A.R. Award is presented by the Battle of Char- lotte Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution to a girl who possesses the qualities of de- pendability, leadership, service, patriotism, citizenship, and schol- arship. Donna well deserves this distinguished award. Boys' State Boys' State, sponsored by the American Legion, is a one-week project held each year at Wake Forest University. Garinger's candidates this year were Karl Sawyer, Mike Torrence, and Eddie Williams. These boys were selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and interest. The purpose of Boys' State is to inform ambitious young people about the government of our state. This purpose is accomplished by means of workshops, classes, and lectures. Karl Sawyer, Mike Torrence, and Eddie Williams N .Xs SA si 1' Girls' State Each year Girls' State is held at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Girls' State is spon- sored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Garinger's representa- tive to Girls' State this year was Becky Prophet. During the week she was there, Becky learned about leadership, citizenship, and participation in government. 5 57 Marshals Chief Marshals: Scott Milliman, Frank Ponce, Carol Baker, Debbie Kemenczky, Chuck Adams, Randy Butler. Each year outstanding juniors are chosen to act as commencement marshals for the graduating Sen- ior Class. These students are chosen on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, and all around excel- lence. Although the duties of the marshals are few, being a marshal is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on a student. After being nominated by their homeroom teach- ers, these select juniors are voted on through secret 58 ballot by a committee of faculty members. At the baccalaureate service and the graduation exercises, the marshals distribute programs and escort parents, guests, and seniors to their seats. Six chief marshals are chosen from the number by the marshals themselves. The chief marshal es- cort the seniors to their seats and to the stage to receive their diplomas. 'sea .. .1 x x xl Q f x 1 K 'N S g ... s Q. Xi. XQA 5. ..'x , . SY K 'A S K fx .X 22,3 29+ Y 'iid 1 M ulv 4 xxx? 1z 7f'2 , iv QS W Q of 0 X Za . Vp ff Q' wg af Q mv ,., J f 9, le .. ie 1571- FR 23" R 2 2 w rp 51 7515-S 1 M 2 as 8 cw f W' A ' " . The National Honor Society President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Carol Baker Randy Butler Pat Wall David Pendleton The Garinger chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society is composed of seniors and juniors who have certain outstanding qualities. To qualify for Honor Society, a student must have maintained at least a 3.25 scholastic average during three consecutive semesters at Garinger. The students are select- ed by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Advisors Karl Saw- yer and Mrs. Gretta Kistler have helped the Garinger Honor Society to achieve its purpose of recogniz- ing outstanding students and en- couraging them inthe qualities with which they are gifted. Advisors Mrs. Gretta Kistler and Karl Sawyer consider Honor Society recommendations Patsy Abbott Chuck Adams Brenda Berryhill Nancy Bizzell 60 NX fir: . gi S Larry Allen Sharon Attaway Randy Austin Diane Belt June Brooks Teresa Brown Beverly Cato Sis Crowder 1-Q 1 it Michele Evans Sandy Hudgins Christine Mooney Tommy Flallings Kathy Thompson Donna Ward Yvonne Farrar Jimmy Houston Herman Mullis Debbie Russell Linda Threadgill Janet Watson Kathy Hanigan Norman Huneycutt Cindy Parker Sherry Salyer Gail Tolar David Whitley Adrian Hatfield Lynne Huskey Ann Parkin Camilla Smith Frankie Triece Donna Hayden Bonnie Kirby Nancy Payne Karl Sawyer Sherry Troutman Pamela Hicks Donna Miller Glenda Poston Ken Sawyer Adelaide Verble NOT PICTURED Carol Blackwelder Steve Lindsey Robert Smith Senior Superlatives Best All Around: Friendliestz Carol Wedel and Handy Dyer Bill Warren and Janice Black Q RA x X wi M N vg -1 xix R A T Q A A ,t g i .. in Q Q f S Q i if 'lf Best School Citizen: Sherry Salyer and Frank Wallace Y i 5 i Best Looking: Donna Hayden and Pat Philmon Moet Likely To Succeed: Unsung Hero and Herolne: Randy Butler and Carol Baker Scott Milliman and Debbie Lechner Most Courteous: Melody James and Chuck Adams i x i X Most Outstanding Wildcat: Frank Ponce and Ruth Mauney Most Talented: Lisa Weaver and Steve Cochrane - Outstanding . E ,, ..V..,,, ..,m,W,. . , 1,w:wruM,,k. - .f fmmmwmm . X X Neatest: Teresa Herrin and Bobby Brown l 'Ng P NS r - kr N 'wr- S ,f"'7?gN,f.,,l rg . Q .X fwa.,frff L q 6 fr far.-Q35 rf - A e A, x Q . r. is XPFH- r '. f ' ' f ' X x QR ik. . r. , iQ At5f?fQT!5 A Q - vi sg 1 ,g . 4 vfwv Q2 f X ,N Wm Q r. W Q1 'Cats Chosen . wi 1 ,Q - SY SN rx Most Athletic: Linda Hunter and Joe Graham nav Y I ix wgwvf- - Ma Wittiest: Pam King and Steve Cochran 65 ,nnxvm 'JF rw- CQ 51857 we ,, 332 -' Cf' Q E-""-,g""' rv' if Cv X9 '-Ei ui 5K 4534 QC "'Wf2:a 1' SUV' gg, Carol Vledel Reigns Homecoming Festivities ST...-. .,:.f-n mn ., .4 'TJTQ ngrzvnvug.-no 4 -an-an-r '-' .nu- Over at-rdilll' iQ..-1 .and .o-mu do Q-1 -4 .n-v ,Q 0 f,.-c-a..n4sn- -ul-nm 4'-4 v-,v-..-.4-nv,pf-va. V:-Q. ef'-.ngu- r-if-dw..--wwww f-..-. 1 -5 ..--4 H -1 1 .an .wav W .-.- 6.-s-, .nn b wv v.-.fu mt, Q,-, 1 -fl f- B.. ww. uf -1- 4. W... .,. .N- .--.-q 41,41-rl-n...:f-1 ,-wg-nadqnu nmpuu-:mga pcfvffuawnnpv ugmqusuprf ...--no--nr-.04 W --Q'-caan.,-4 .4-,..-4.4,...-sun: nm- mmm-.4 -u Qwponwsnuur- --.nn-am.-9 nv .nv-.--vnu.-v ps,--wus r..-4 -N .,.-nuaavu-nun -...annum-,.n-m. n.,...s1-4nN4- .-nn-v.1pm.n-n.- 'a,o -:ul un ..-,wv-nirvana, we-pn-1.3 U anna-1. rug..-Henna an-1--,anal an -scan-.nn..ove gngalpn nn pam.:-nv-n-A an-4. .unwind ,.f..-mr. f..-can--n -uv 'gqiinlrllili' pau-vhlmldnjll ELI! ,, dil'llfUl' Ealdents Participate In Council Excllang fauna- nano- .qndlfloi .4-asc.-0. .pm-I c-msn un,-ru-nquuunn ,annua- stasnnugenu use-A ....-n-mn4." .naman uma-uc.-anna madman .-.fa-so-.umm-nw. rn una an ann-an-nn. manual ru,.n-nan-.qs-u uw. um . W. 0 pon an 9 :aus ...nv an -u ,nu-an 'WWW' .vs .fs-I mend u QQ """' """"""""" ummm m...'unm,no- undone muuunnipn- new ml 9-.nugnnnwu cu QOrQiUl11OiO?'ll If rf.-,Qin-l.nn an win-nah nn..-0,-naman ...anna-ganna. rr lb l.lll1'lIlIlU4 IU? ..-.wmouu.u.q- I .. .mf--v 4 an up I awww K. ,, L ,,k .,..., .H 1. ...,.-...xl mf ' ', L ,, Q., ..-. MM'-,.,-A'-'--" N P vides Sham k Sflldellf Aides -.. Q ,. ,M . ,.,. ,,.,g. mn ,wnvwlfmau , - . ,:::...'...., .....pz.......,.... j 'X' -N w.'p,- wg..-1 .gms .4 nn u. ,,,,,,,,, ,L U.. ,.,,,., -A uf,-4... Q. .-fv,n.f.. ww... ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..4,... ,.w ......., --. ww .... Q., -. -la. Q., .H ,mf . Na. 4-r. . pt mp, .....ffw. ,. 4 mf ..--1 ..-.n.,,puw, .na 4 yu -1 dun. . Q.-,.,.. , ,.,. V, Q "1-'v name x we an-5 A. --vm 44 .J .1 ef,- ELI-Wk . . J' A 1 1' ' F ' M. ...M 4. y ' .5 Y .. MW.. 5 .,: . , F K 3 'sf nm: an vom umm: nr mu una ,.. ,,, ,mr- rmxl 'I 67 Steve Cochrane, President Bill Warren, Vice-President Francis Yarborough, Secretary Donna Hayden, Treasurer Student Council As a whole, Garinger is com- posed of many organizations - social, academic, and service. Yet there is one organization which is the center of all these and the core of Garinger High School. This or- ganization is the Student Council. Composed of various committees and representatives for the student, the Student Council is designed to lead the school in major projects, handle important affairs, and pro- mote spirit and interest among students. As money-making projects, Stu- dent Council sponsored the "Miss Blue and Grey" Pageant and a Ftock Concert. During the year, the officers attended conventions where they studied leadership qualities. ln order to better rela- tionships among Charlotte schools, the Student Coordinating Council, consisting of students from all schools, was formed. Two mem- bers of Garinger's Student Council represented Garinger at the meet- ings - President Steve Cochrane and Sherry Salyer. This year one of the main aims of the Student Council has been to build up the pride in the school. lt is school spirit and interest that builds up pride and keep a school together, and in a school as large as Garinger this is a tremendous task. Garinger is the largest school in the state and the student Council has strived to make it the BEST! Miss Nan Abel, Advisor Encourages a Cleaner Garinger FIRST ROW: Sylvia Cable, Roger Johnson, Reggie Belk, Tim Hackney, Sis Crowder, Randy Dyer, Donna Hayden, Frances Yarborough, Bill Warren, Steve Cochrane, Sherrie Salyer, Susan Query, Pam Shirley. SECOND ROW: Karen Snyder, Scott Milliman, Robin Helms, Chuck Adams, Janice Black, Karl Sawyer, Charlie Fredrich, Bobby Young, Keith Isaacs, Jim Houghston, Kathy Norman, Leslie Davis, Teresa Call, Robin Black. THIRD ROW: Shay Whitehurst, Jane McKinnon, Brenda Bryant, Carol Wedel, Mike Talbert, Gary Smith, Fran Bowen, Debbie Long, Darcey Bowman, Shirley Stitt, Kathy Hannagan, Elaine Poston, Burn Fullerton, David Pendleton. FOURTH ROW: Joyoe Wagner, Patti McCorkle, Ann Perry, Anna Cottros, Monty Dobbins, Marsha Mason, Ginnger Davis, Sharon Thomas, Linda Tipton, Carolyn Long, Melanie Hilder, Camilla Smith, Randy Butler, Tony Stogner. FIFTH ROW: Karen Smith, Susan Harton, Makie Gregory, Ruth Brown, Pam Black, Michelle Evans, Brenda Berryhill. SIXTH ROW: Sherry Wilson, Charlene Burnette, Vanessa Gallman, Elaine Love, Sheila Cox, Mary Beth Kimmons, Pam Keziah, Sherry Troutman, Belinda Lay, Susan Courtney, Pat Williams, Sandy Logan, Sherry Talbert, Wanda Winchester, Pat Turner. SEVENTH ROW: Seve Smith, Doris Moore, Eddie Williams, Emil Holloway, Bob Creed, Frank Wallace, Miss Abell. S V N- N Dance Committee meets to plan Homecoming Dance. 5 Q X , L . Q ' - ef. . - Ei?-fx : A--as t il D X ,,.,f X N.-as . i . . X. XOQXQX Mr. Jesse Reich, Advisor X Debbie Kemenczky, Business Manager Staff The SNIPS AND CUTS STAFF worked hard this year to produce an annual which would contain memories for proud Wildcats to enjoy, both now and in the future. A summer workshop started members towards their busy year of drawing layouts, selling ads, writing copy, deciding upon a cover and theme, and taking care of many endless details. Our new advisor, Mr. Jesse Reich and Editor Teresa Brown led the annual staff in helping to get the different sec- tions in on time. The many mem- bers of the staff worked very hard trying to make the 1970 annual a success. . is s Q s SNIPS -me-W If Doug Stegall and Keith Mauney, Photographers 'uv Teresa Brown, Editor 70 Sylvia Cable, Features Editor, June Brooks and Carol Baker, Faculty Completes SNIPS AND CUTS LXI QNX SEATED: Darlene Brown, Statistics: Lynne Baldwin, Index. STANDING: Angie Robin Martin and Nancy Burnham, Activities Carter, Statistics: Rhonda Partee, Faculty Directory: Mary Kuppers, Index. . Annual Staffworks hard to meet deadlines. SEATED: Dolores Scruggs, Junior Class: Carolyn Hesterberg, Sophomore Class. STANDING: Bonnie Kir- by, Junior Class: Sharon Locke, Sophomore Class: Peggy Melson, Senior Class. Not Pictured: MSHDUH Buchanan, Senior Class. v 1 Name+ -4-......,..-..,., ..........,, STANDING: Debbie Tarleton, Ads: Sherry Salyer and Gene Gathings, Sports: SEATED: Barbara Heine, Ads. MN The RAMBLER staff members worked hard through the month of August to make possible a publi- cation of the paper the first week of school. This accomplishment was indicative of their efforts throughout the school year as they accurately reported the news of significant school functions in the bi-monthly issues. ln the eight page Christmas is- sue, ads were sold to students who wished to express greetings to friends and teachers. The other main feature of the Rambler was the sponsoring of the Valentine Dance and Queen in February. X .,"',.yvV 0 05 SrnQ?lX"m tml ng! Reiuff PW' lonecolltl FUYMML :az 5-ze:-2 ..1f'-I -::':5T:-I ::-U-'I-::'-7 '957'15 ?7'?g awk Pukbvi' f -:sf n fm-'4"f'.'!."!f.-2 QHMQPE tvts - :'.r-'2-'39 !B-'g,,,-- P vides "' cw gl1ff.ll"lil., as-'ri """V"f" Many long hours of hard work prove suc- cessful, RAMBLEF? Published Mikki Faille and Pam Hicks, Co-editors Sandi Logan, Photographer Charlie hard at work ?? ? 72 A Q---we 4...- minus:- 4 I Frank Ponce, Business Managerg Cathy Johnson, Artist First Week of School gm' sis Qi "-+L un- Features, SEATED: Jean Beiord, Editor, Brenda Pierce, Michelle Siggett, Steve Smart, Debbie Long, Cathee Brown Sports: Bobby Ellis, Editor, Mike Talbert, Charlie Frederick, Frank Ponce, Steve Sanford .-,kirw ., , g,. ...N -,pe qlgfsg -v QL-qt" ' :Tiff '7 -w::,,,,, -M ,,, ff 'wa,QX.?M N7'f' 'ff' I alglf'-4' ...f ... Mrs. Jo Ann Carpenter, Advisor News Writers: Cheryl Chinnis, Blanche Harris, Marcia Mason, Sandi Logan, Eva Turner, Brenda Berryhill, Editor 73 Y ,xx , 3 f X we ix A Y t 5 Ns? . Xt 1 f .' X -X E., 1 I 1, R hx, ,, E e ,f WILLOW TREE Big Success Composed of essays, poems, short stories, and original illustra- tions by Garinger students, UNDER THE WILLOW TREE has completed its fourth successful year of publi- cation. With the help of Mrs. Fitzsim- mons, Mrs. Hamilton, Miss King, and the art classes, the staff was able to produce an overwhelmingly successful magazine. Carol Baker, Editor: Frank Wallace, Artist, Martha Henderson, Business Manager ' KNEELING: Carol Baker, Frank Wallace, Martha Henderson. STANDING: Mrs. Jeanne Fitzsimmons, Ann Hutchison, Cathy Austin, Gail Truslow, Pat Renaud. Vincent Ingram, Kathy Johnson, Laura Willis, Mary Bishop, Carolyn Hesterberg, Marilyn Marks, Steve Smart, Pat Wall, Camilla Smith, Mrs. Shirley Hamilton, Kathy McGrath. 74 x "Hoorah for Garinger" To boost school spirit is the main objective of the Wildcat Club. They sponsor bus trips to all out-of-town football and basketball games. They also sponsor a clean-up day, which is a combination of work with play. As one of their money-making projects, the Wildcat Club sells booster badges for basketball and baseball games. Susan Courtney, President LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Freida Griffin, Debbie Lambert, Ann Wilson, Cindy Anderson, Miss Tibshrany, Kitsy Carter, Susan Courtney, Sharon White, Ruth Brown, Lynn King, Carolyn Long, Sherry Duncan. SECOND ROW: Vivian Jones, Nan Cox, Melody James, Jan Morrisette, Lynn Baldwin, Martha Henderson, Sandy Lindsay, Linda Gallman, Karen Holshouser, Gail Mickel, Kathy Goodwin, Patti Fisher, Beverly Ross. THIRD ROW: Pam Lloyd, Janell Glode, Bea Gibson, Brenda Berryhill, Sharon Thomas, Ann Hutchinson, Laura Willis, Marsha Mason, Gail Meek, Susan Mac Murray, Renee Woolwine, Elaine Poston. FOURTH ROW: Verna Austin, Donnie Harrelson, Vickie Alden, Belinda Lay, Fran Bowen, Pam King, Janet Hackett, Debbie Faires, Sandy Rose, Jo Ann Thompson, Terry May. FIFTH ROW: Chuck Adams, John Johnson, Tim Hackney, Mike Talbert, Bill Warren, Steve Jenkins, Buddy Wagoner, Steve Gaddy, Reggie Belk, Bobby Young. SIXTH ROW: Randy Beatty, Mike Morgan, Mark Bauer, Tim Shirhall, Mike Crowell, Bob Harding, Mac West- brook, Johnny Fowler, Patti Clark. SEVENTH ROW: Robin Harkey, Doug Stegall, Richard Fields, Glen Nangum, Steve Ridge, John Costin, Brian Harrison, Keith lssacs, Steve Sanford, Beverly Britt. 75 Key Club Furnishes wrt' if 'A K5 ' M Q 5 Q K ii lxt 2 F K We Q .. . Melody James, Key Club Sweetheart Dfl'6CfOI'f6S School and community service is the Key CIub's objective. Through the sponsorship of the Charlotte-Eastern Kiwanis Club, Garinger's Key Club carried out many activities. During football season, the club furnished cheerleaders with flowers for each game. In late fall, they sold ads to finance the student directory. Each spring, student entertainment is provided by the "Key Klub Kapers." Their services are helpful to all. Mark Bauer displays Key Club sign. Q ii. Officers: Bob Creed, Secretary, Charles Kirby, Treasurer, Adrian Hatfield, Vice-president: Mark Bauer, President. 76 Mark Ashley Kerry Baker Mark Bauer Harvey Brown Derek Clontz Steve Cochrane Bob Creed Mike Crowell Ben Davis Bill Dotson John Duncan Tony Dyer John Easterling David Eddy Buddy Floyd Mark Goodson Charles Gulledge Tim Hackney Adrian Hatfield David Holloway Bill Kincaid Biff Kirby Charlie Kirby Steve Lindsay David Marks Eddie McGinnis Mike Padgett Jack Parks Mark Propst Robert Smith Larry Watson Mack Westbrook NOT PICTURED Monty Willis Ben Edwards David Upton Joe Washam Hi-Y Helps Underprivileged Garinger Hi-Y was given a hut this year by Johnson "Y" to use for meetings. The members worked to put it in order, and to celebrate, they christened it with a party. Af- terwards, the boys had a sleep in. ln the spirit of Christmas and in the tradition of Hi-Y, the Garinger Chapter came to the aid of an un- derprivileged family by cleaning up the house and yard and giving the family gifts. A new tradition added to Hi-Y is a basketball team. Games are played every week against other "Y" affiliated teams. During basketball season, Hi-Y took charge of spirit promotion and half time show at one game. Also spirit wise, Hi-Y helped make clean-up day a success. OFFICERS: John Johnson, Vice President, Mark Bauer, Chaplain, Tim Hackney, President: John Costin, Sergeant at Arms, Chuck Adams, Secretary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Mike Morgan, Bobby Young, Robin Martin tMascotJ, Tim Hackney, Steve Ridge, Mark Bauer. SECOND ROW: David Cook, Gary Robinson, Keith Isaacs, Scott Milliman, Mike Crowell, Bill Warren, Doug Stegall, Chuck Adams, Bobby Harding, Steve Sanford, Glen Mangum, Robin Harkey. Tim Shirhall, Monty Dobbins, Mike Talbert, Richard Fields, Mac Westbrook. THIRD ROW: Buddy Wagoner, Steve Jenkins, Brian Harrison, Randy Beatty, Larry Wilson, John Johnson, Ricky Grimes, John Costin. 78 Interact Participates in School Projects Sponsored by the North Char- lotte Rotary Club, the Interact Club tackled projects on a school, local, and international level. To earn money to execute school projects, Interact members carried trays for students two 'days before Christ- mas holidays. Serving the community, three Charlotte Interact clubs, including Garinger's, sponsored the "Aquar- ian Youth-ln" January 15 of this year. It featured talent of youth in the community. They also spon- sored a series on WTVI called "Controversy" which gave experts a chance to express opposing opinions on controversial issues. Participating on the international level, Interact supplied a mission- ary school on Corn Island in the West Indies with needed educa- tional materials. In correlation with community activity, the club honors a Garinger girl each year as sweetheart. This year, Ruth Mauney served as the honorary member. Club members discuss future projects. Ruth Mauney Interact Sweetheart :sts 'H X Randy Butler, President: Kevin Wood, Vice-president: Chuck Adams, Treasurer: Ken Sawyer, Secretary: John Costm Jr Class Advisor Tommy Hardis, Soph. Class Advisor: NOT PICTUFIED: Scott Milliman, Sr. Class Advisor. 80 Robert Stinson Mike Talbert Kevin Wood Chuck Adams Randy Austin Greg Belk Ray Boardman Randy Butler John Costin John Fowler Charlie Frederick Bob Harding Robin Harkey Brian Harrison Robin Helms Chuck Hughston John Johnson Richard Kalista Scott Milliman Herman Mullis Vernon Piehl Karl Sawyer Ken Sawyer Wes Scott Charles Shaw Tim Shirhall David Smith Steve Smith NOT PICTURED: Marion Belton Joe Graham Tommy Hardis . Adelphians, a club for sopho- more girls, is one of Garinger's most active service clubs. Some of their regular projects include rais- ing the flag, selling football pro- grams at our home games, and selling programs at the Summer Theater. As a part of their community service program, the Adelphians collected for the Heart Fund. They also made favors that were placed on trays for the children that were in the hospital at Halloween. As a new service project, the Adelphians adopted an orphan from overseas. They hope to make this project a tradition with the club. awe' At the end of the year, the Adel- phians spend a fun-filled weekend at the beach. Miss Steele, Advisor FIRST ROW: Susan Skidmore, Susie Query, Martha Shuford, Allida Stephens, Kathy Oakley. SECOND ROW: Susan Cochrane, Diane Deal, Pam Shirley, Dolores Scruggs, Gayle Pemue, Katy Carlisle, Kathy McGrath, Robin Hollingsworth. THIRD ROW: Sandi Logan, Sherry Wilson, Theresa Call, Carol Broxam, Jo Lawrence, Beth Hodge, Pam Everhart, Beejie Funderburke. FOURTH ROW: Janice Borst, Patty Wedel, Barb Gallion, Denise Bacot, Robbie lsenhour, Brenda Lowrance, Stormy Hughes, Kathi Hawkins, Cathee Brown. FIFTH ROW: Leslie Davis, Marilyn Marks, Connie Sloop, Margaret Ratchford, Robin Rogers, Salley, Murr, Pat Williams, Karen Raines. SIXTH ROW: Kathy Norman, Charlie Kirby, Evelyn Murr, Denise Miller, Melanie Hilder, Brenda Pierce, Charlene Burnette, Nancy Feimster, Peggy Melson, Pat Edwards. 82 nw Banu... I , , Susie Query, President: Allida Stephens, Vice-president, Robin Rogers, First Semester Secretary, Martha Shuford, Treasurer, Kathy Oakley, Social Chairman: Susan Skidmore, Second Semester Secretary. 83 For the past decade and a half, Garinger students and the com- munity as a whole has benefited from the services of Centrusa. An- nually, G.G.S. and Centrusa pair off on the hardwood and the gridiron. For the first time in the football ri- valry, Centrusa defeated G.G.S. 26- 20. At Thanksgiving, canned goods were collected for the needy. Later in the year, the girls narched for the Heart Fund. The annual fashion show, a highlight in Garinger's social calendar, fea- tures Centrusa members modeling stylish fashions provided by local clothing merchants. Profits are in- corporated into a scholarship-loan for two deserving Garinger girls, one a club member, the other a non-club member. Centrusa Victorious FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: Janys Black, Vice-president, Mikki Faille, Secretary: Susan Courtney, Treasurer: Francis Yarborough, President. 84 Donna presents ideas for fashion show. in Powderpuff Game SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: Robin Martin, President: Elaine Poston, Vice-president: Susan Courtney, Treasurer: Nancy Payne, Mrs. Hawn. Advisor RAMBLER Representative: NOT PICTURED: Myra Lyerly, Secretary. FIRST ROW: Susan Courtney, Janys Black, Roger Johnson, Mikki Faille, Francis Yarborough. SECOND ROW: Cathy Griffin, Ann Hutchison, Melody James, Ruthie Mauney, Kathi Hawkins, Denise McCononey, Pernette Gibson. SECOND ROW: Debbie Lecnner, Elaine Poston, Donna Hayden, Pam King, Sally Murr, Karen Holshouser. FOURTH ROW: Kitsy Carter, Fran Bowen, Belinda Lay, Janet Watson, Babs Brown, Carol Fox, Martha Shuford, Jan Hall. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Cook, Karen Sacra, Janet Hackett, Allida Stephens, Cheryl Brown, Michelle Swiggett, Jane McKinnon, Mary McKenzie. FIFTH ROW: Ellen Wade, Terry Hines, Cathy Austin, Myra Lyerly, Jamie Hutto, Pat Williams, Leslie Davis, Mrs. Hawn. 85 G. G. S. Works Hard for Garinger FIRST ROW: ILeft to Righti Miss Haney, advisor: Debbie Kemenczky, Carol Wedel, Linda Tipton, Darcy Bowman, Randy Dyer, Mascot. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ritch, Lynda Hunter, Debbie Long, Sharon Thomas, Beverly Little, Sherry Salyer, Lynn Howarth, Lynn Hunter, Peggy Melson. THIRD ROW: Debbie Faires, Paula Beachum, Glenda Poston, Pat Wall, Kathy Norman, Susan Query. Patty Wedel, Ginger Davis, Kathy Hanigan, Robbie Isenhour. FOURTH ROW: Rhonda Partee, Barbara Gallion, Sylvia Cable, Camilla Smith, Shirley Stitt, Shirley Gregory, Correy Moore, Kathy Goodwin, Beth Hodge. FIFTH ROW: Sandy Logan, Melanie Hilder, Katy Carlisle, Beejie Funderburke, Robin Rogers, Kathy Oakley, Gail Perdue, Brenda Lowrance, Evelyn Murr, Diane Deal, Pam Beason. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS, KNEELING: Debbie Kemenczky, Miss Haney, advisor,discusses club projects with G.G.S. members. President: LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Ritch, Treasurer, Debbie Long, Vice-President, Sherry Salyer, Secretary, Linda Tipton, Student Council Representative. Garinger has profited this year from the activities of the Girls' Good Sports Club. G.G.S. helped boost the spirit at the football games by selling confetti, decorat- ing the stadium, and selling twirl- ies. During spirit week, links for the spirit chain were sold. The chain, when extended, was the entire length of the football field. These girls also took on the task of mak- ing another run-through for the goal posts. lt was first seen at the Homecoming game. Through-out the year, G.G.S. has worked hard for Garinger. The Christmas tree in the cafeteria, carried on just one of the traditions of G.G.S. G.G.S. backs the Cats. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: Sharon Thomas, Vice-president: Paula Beachum, Treasurer: Debbie Kemenczky, President: Debbie Faires, Student Council Rep.: Debbie Long. Secretary. 87 Y-Teens Provide Various Senfices Garinger's Y-Teens this year provided various services. During Christmas, they sponsored a toy drive for needy children. Other projects included a candy sale to raise money for the purchase of club sweatshirts. Y-Teen members also collected for the Heart Fund as one of their many phases of service. Y-Teens sell candy as a money-raising project. 88 Karen Woolwine, Treasurer: Renee Wolwine, Presidentg Sharon Lock, Secretary T. FIRST ROW: iLeft to Ri htl Renee Woolwine, Patricia Boyd, Anise Key, Carol Hancock, Susan Gardner, Donna Bennet, Burne Fullerton, Lynn Wallace, Frenda Sanders, Chellyn Towell, Betty Phillips. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McCorkle, Advisor: Perri Hoover, Anita Lee, Donna Geer, Sharon Lock, Shelia Davis, Sylvia Dameron, Karen Woolwine, Conchita Talbott, Dana Jones, Judy Dew. Ss S 5 Y-Teen poster displays members' pride in club. ew-ffm X Members hold toy and clothes drive for needy children. 89 Unicef Sells Night Shirts Teresa Brown Secretary, Michele Evans, Treasurer Camilla Smith and Sylvia Cable Co Presidents Under the guidance of a new advisor, Miss Joyce Hunter, the '69- '70 UNICEF Club launched several new projects. In addition to their annual activities of "Trick-or-treat- ing" at Halloween, selling Christ- mas cards, and holding a teachers' auction, the club members went Christmas caroling, collected for the March of Dimes, and sold Garlnger nightshirts. The UNICEF members, although busy with their many service projects, are always ready to help others. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Michele Evans, Camilla Smith Sylvia Cable Miss Joyce Hunter ladvlsorl Teresa Brown Mecla Koutroulias Dana Jones, Shelia Johnson, Gloria Dew. Jean Beford Susan Kemp Donna Adams Pat Buragllo Mary Bishop Lynne Huskey Pamela Hicks, Mary Alice Gibson, Ginger Davis, Bobby Gibson Y WW, , T, v , Y Red Cross Aids Men in Viet Nam Working through the Youth Serv- ice of the American National Red Cross, the Red Cross organization at Garinger broadened its scope of activity this year. ln addition to providing food from Thanksgiving baskets for Alexander Children's Home, they helped with day care services. To aid the men in Viet Nam, the Red Cross sent Christmas cards and made game books. The enrollment drive for this year was the most successful ever spon- sored by the Garinger Red Cross. Regular activities were supple- mented by Red Cross recruits work- ing at Wesley Nursing Center and Mercy Hospital during the summer. FIRST ROW: tLeft to Rightl, Standing: Angela Carnes, Secretary: Vicki Edmonds, Council Secretary: Burne Fullerton, President: Seated: Debbie Foster, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Sandra Gonzales, Ann Taylor, Penny Wilkerson, Velda Ratcliffe, Betty McDermott, Nancy Floyd, Kathy Houser, Donna Bennett, Mary Alice Gibson, Karen Holcomb, Karen Raynes, Vicki Edmonds, Burne Fullerton. SECOND ROW: Lynne Baldwin, Paulette Flowe, Mecia Koutroulias, Karen Scruggs, Myra Graves, Sherry Douglas, Susan McMurray, Sandy Lindsay, Anne Frodge, Donna Cowan, Debbie Foster, Gloria Williams. THIRD ROW: Jo Hedrick, Deanee Brinkley, Sharon Lock, Pat Wall, Correy Moore, Melody Adore, Gus Fleggas, Carolyn Sanford, Angela Carnes. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Goble, Charlene Burnette, Macky Bolton, Terry McCorkIe, Kathy Outz, Gail Muk, Deborah Medford, Susan Gilbert, Sherley Stitt, Mary Bishop, Cynthia Poteal, Cathy Goddwin, Angie Hardin, Mike Campbell, Reggie Belk. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Fesmire, Biff Kirby, Barbara Hanson, Sheila Davis, Sally Marzione, Mike Haney. F.T.A. Members Aid Teachers To assist Garinger's new teachers, members of The Future Teachers of America Club came to the school on the teachers' work days before school started this fall. F.T.A. members also served as F.T.A. Guides at the Back-to-School P.T.A. On Teachers' Appreciation Day, they baked cookies for the teachers. The state convention held in Fayetteville in the fall was attended by fourteen of the members. This year we can be extra proud of this group because all four county offices are held by Garinger F.T.A. members. Sara Newman, Secretary: Ed Williams, Second Vice-presidentg Lynne Huskey, President: Ginger Davis, First Vice-president: Camilla Smith, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Kathy Wilkerson, Susan Morgan, Camilla Smith, Sara Newman, Ginger Davis, Ed Williams, Lynne Huskey, Pam Beason, Peggy Smith, Donna Bennett. SECOND ROW: Clarice Dixon, Vanessa Gallman, Shirley Stitt, Debbie Whitley, Marsha Mallet, Belinda Lay, Pat Wall, Kay Morgan, Lynda Danner, Michelle Evans, Mary Alice Gibson, Lori Tandel. THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Thompson, Sandy Rose, Patsy Cato, Patty Fisher, Linda McLaughlin, Ken Sawyer, Robin Merritt, Brenda Berryhill, Mrs. Caldwell. F. H. A. Explores Fashion World This year's Future Homemakers of America Club pro- vided service to the community as well as to students at Garinger. In community service, the girls visited Thompson Orphanage and Wesley Nursing Center. In May they plan a picnic, inviting children from Thompson Orphanage to join them. Activities at the school included a candy sale and a Christmas fashion show for the faculty. They also participated in national F.H.A. week, and the state convention in Raleigh. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Nelson, Refreshment Chair- man: Janet Pickard, Treasurer: Debra Alexander, Rambler Rep- resentative. SECOND ROW: Deanee Brinkley, Co-President: Sherry Benell, Secretary. THIRD ROW: Suzi Adkisson, President. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Burton, Cathe Outz, Suzi Adkisson, Janet Picherd, Shirley Gregory, Donna Hooper, Debbie Maulton, Gail Mickel, Deanee Brinkley. SECOND ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Miss Frances Ryan. Patricia Meadows, Mira Graves, Ann Glover, Mary Crowder, Lynn Nelson, Carmen Trelles, Susan Tucker, Darlene Moser, Linda Stover. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Faye Harris, Billy Sawyer, Eva Turner, Claudia Bucannon, Sandy Lindsey, Louise McNair, Debra Alexander, Sherry Benell, Diane Hampele. 93 OFFICERS: Steven Smith, President: Shay Whitehurst, Secretary Debate Club Fteorganizes This year, the Debate Club re- organized into a Debate-Speech Club. This placed a greater emphasis on speech tournaments and contests where actual debate does not occur. With Steven Smith leading the club as President, more attention was directed towards Garinger itself. Along this line the club sponsored an essay contest dealing with controversial topics, which was open to all Garinger students. As always, the organized debate tournaments have not been ig- nored. The club's performance, un- der a handicap of small size, has been excellent. The Debate-Speech Club is small in size, but great in quality, and urges every interested student to seek membership in the organi- zation. Steven Smith, Randy Butler, Shay Whitehurst, David Smith, Gus Fleggas. NOT PICTURED: Jan Fisher, Susan Morgan, Miss Van Winkle, Advisor. 94 Chess Club Enters Tournaments Under the direction of Mrs. Ster- rett, the Chess Club this year used new techniques and developed greater skill. At the beginning of the year, competitive tournaments were held within the club to de- termine the more skilled players. Members were divided into cate- gories first chair, second chair, etc- in order of ability. Upon completion of these tour- naments with other Charlotte high schools, experienced members give pointers of strategy at each meeting to players who have never engaged in tournament play. This year, players showed more pro- mise forthe tournaments. STANDING: Mike Scruggs. Wing Loo, Mike Haney, Jeff Ellington, Norman Huneycutt Paul McConahey KNEELING Clarice Dixon Mary Kruppers. FIRST ROW: Joyce Lloyd, Mary Birce. SECOND ROW: Gail Mickee, Vanessa Waites, Gloria Williams, Leeanne Wilkinson, Barbara Attaway. THIRD ROW: Perri Hoover, Jack Parks, Roy Bishop. At the beginning of each school year, students volunteer to be Au- dio Visual Aids. After being trained by the librarians, these students are able to operate the audio visual A. V. Aids Helpful Library Assistants Library Assistants render valua- ble services to the librarians daily. They check out, shelve, and re- serve books in addition to checking overdue slips and performing general tasks. By volunteering their services, these students help re- lieve the strain of inadequate li- brary facilities at Garinger. equipment for teachers. Experi- ence gained by serving as an audio visual aid is valuable to these stu- dents as well as the teachers they help. E ,315 ii-.issf Robert Wilson, Tommy Williams, Bill Powell, Jim Smith. FIRST ROW: Lett to Right: Cathy Smith, Mecia Koutroulias, Linda Sacra, Pat Buraglio. SECOND ROW: Beverly Nance, Virginia Pritchard, Terri Hines, Lynn Frierson, Phyllis Miller, Donna Cowan. THIRD ROW: Carol Burton, Lynda Hunter, Pernette Gibson, Karen Flaynes, Pat Ross, Allida Stevens. Office Aides Run Errands Office assistants aid the admini- stration daily by running necessary errands. They deliver inter-office mail and get students out of class for phone calls and counseling I Assistants Develop I I I Abllltles Girl gym assistants have numer- ous responsibilities. They assist with the class activities by partici- pating as well as officiating. These girls help administer skill tests and demonstrations. In addition to these duties, they help officiate in- tramural games at junior high schools. Girls who serve as assist- ants develop greater athletic skill as well as leadership ability. appointments. In the fall, they string football beat cards. By lend- ing these services, these students make the administrators' work load a little easier. l l FIRST ROW: Ken Sawyer, Jess Tennent, Jerry Dahl, Mike Alexander, Jackie Helms, Randall West, Mike Scruggs. SECOND ROW: Rose Alexander, Sandy Morgan, Corey Moore, Janet Simpson, Fran Bowen, Becky Proffet, Debbie White, Mary Brice, Patricia Baily, Diane Patterson. THIRD ROW: Louis Outen, Ruth Pettis, Phil Gibson, Dee Dee Moser, Linda Stover, Barry Ainsworth, Joe Graham, Shirley Stitt. 97 French Club Enlarges The French Club, composed of students who are taking or have taken French, is advised by Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Meams. This year, for the first time, they met with the Alliance Francaise, an organization in Charlotte for persons interested in speaking French. The goal for each French Club member is to find confidence in conversational French and to be- come familiar with French customs, history, art, and culture. wr ws FIRST ROW: Joreather Reynolds, Virginia Pritchard, Pat DeLaney, Jean Short. SECOND ROW: Patricia Walters, Phyllis Miller, Jo Ann Baines, Jenny Fitch, Mrs. Sara Auten. Health Occupations Club Successful First Year Through Health Occupations Club, anyone interested in nursing can gain experience. The members of the club gave parties and aid at hospitals and rehabilitation centers during the year. In existence for the first time this year, the club proved to be very helpful. FIRST ROW: tLeft to Righty, Jeff Ethington, Norman Honeycutt, Gus Fleggas, Sam Lyon, Marshall Short, John Duncan, Sandy Logan, Sarah McNair, Susan Johnson. SECOND ROW: Nancy Pettigrew, Mary Kuppers, Brenda Edwards, Debra Keller, Louise McNair, Shay Whitehurst, Diane Belt, Cathy Johnson, Carol Baker, Kathy Hanigan, Mecia Koutroulias, Dolores Scruggs, Carol Jones, Robin McKee. 99 "Sweep-up" Sponsored Students in the vocational program at Garinger are eligible to join the Vocational Industrial Club of America. lt is composed of students from the six dif- ferent areas of vocational training - Machine Shop, ICT, Electronics, Cabinetmaking, Radio Broadcast- ing, and Graphics. Projects this year included a "Sweep-up" spon- sored by VICA in addition to participation in the Stu- dent Council Clean-up Day. Every year a Club Day is sponsored where each club displays items of in- by VICA terest. ln addition to large group projects, each division sponsors its own activities. Machine Shop sold candy and painted parking lines in the auditorium parking lot. Graphics' classes provided Garinger and other schools with printed material. By more activities and greater member participa- tion, this year's VICA was more successful than the previous clubs. X AX fx if K .-il., Graphics FIRST ROW: Doug Jones, Mike Slusher, Henry Moore, Billy Young, Lonnie Cox. SECOND ROW: Michael Lawrence, Lynn Hunter, Linda Gallman, Jeff Brown, Ricky Davidson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Staley, teacher. Radio FIRST ROW: Shelia Liles, Becky Lau, Gail Parham, Debbie Hall, Jan Fisher. SECOND ROW: Christine Gay, Carolina Brown, Kathy Bumgarner, Martha Almond, Dennis Lowery. THIRD ROW: Carlos Gilstrap, Mark Swett, Frank Hodges, Rick Morris. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Riles, Randy Kirkley. 101 Electronics FIRST ROW: Mike Harrison, Don Coulter, Wayne Reynolds, Mike Barefoot. SECOND ROW: Mike Kirkland, Richard Shaver, Lynda Hunter, Michael Adams, George Burnette, Ricky Knighton, Mr. Don Belk, Instructor. I. C. T. FIRST ROW: Ken Reid, James Bates, Becky Lowery, Wanda Honecutt. SECOND ROW: Larry Grier, Freddie Berg, William Courtney, Frank Seuzeneau, Larry Wright, Ted Carpenter, Joe Hill, Donnie Dixon. THIRD ROW: Michael Burke, Eddie Hefner, Roy Warren, Clayton Wheeler, Hugh Carithers, Franklin Starnes, Nathan Myers, Mr. Doster, Instructor. FOURTH ROW: John Norkett, Eddie Elmore, Steve Snell, Rickie Walters, Harry Wolfe. FIFTH ROW: AI Moreno, David Siancarlo, Ricky Hargett, Chip Clement, Frank Boggs. 102 DECA Hosts Conference Charlotte Mecklenburg's yearly District Confer- tion which was held in Winston-Salem. ence for D.E. Clubs was held at Garinger this year. Along with the honor of hosting this conference, All clubs in the city participated and contests were the Garinger Club won second place prize of 8100.00 held to select representatives for the State Conven- in the Mecklenburg County Fair Booth. OFFICERS: Jim Beach, Associate President: Margaret Leverett, President: Brenda Gallman, Secretary-Treasurer: Debbie Armstrong, Vice-President, Lois Barley, Historian. NOT PICTURED: Kim Sherrill, Publicity Chairman. l FIRST ROW: iLeft to Righty, Mary Della Hyde, Mac Nell Gilleland, Ella Mae Butler, Vernsie Baldwin, Thomisine Gainey, Helen Sanders. Janice Zimmermon, Debbie Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Jane McLaird, Doris Wilkerson, Andrew Massey, Richard McLean, Lewis Horton, Ron Jones, Sammie Bolden, Penny House, Beverly Summers, Peggy Wooten, Dale Rayfield. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Burgess, Jim Surratt, Carl Jones, Butch Wright, Robert Banks, Mike Austin, Barney Boswell, Janice Eppley, Darlene Moore, Johnny Kelly, Joyce Collins, Bill Etlers, Miss Tibshrany. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Taylor, Jim Beach, David Parks, Pat Scofield, Jackie Strickland, Gayle Chance. FIFTH ROW: Ron Alexander, Louie Thompson, Roger Steed, Larry Boyles, Junior Merritt, George Hewitt, Mike Hinson, Brenda Gallman, Kevin Delany. lO3 Broadcasters Produce Garinger extends to students many opportunities to learn broadcasting due to the extensive training offered in this field. Under the guidance of Mr. Gilbert Ballance, the students visit local broadcasting stations, attend lectures of local broadcasting executives, expose their work to the criticism of professional announcers, and gain much experience in their three half hour radio broadcasts each week. A student may begin broadcasting by taking Intro- duction to Radio Broadcasting for one hour a day for one semester of his sophomore year. If he wishes to continue, he may then register for Radio Broadcasting I for two hours a day in his junior year, and Radio Broadcasting ll in his senior vear. Weekly Programs Mr. Gilbert Ballance, Radio Broadcasting teacher. RADIO BROADCASTING ll: Steve Bolin, Barry Stanfill, Mike Norwood, Phyllis Frye, Sheila Brewer, Carolina Brown, Debbie Hall Kathy Bumgarner, Christine Gay, Martha Almond, Jan Fisher. NOT PICTURED: Jay Bridges, Carlos Gilstrap, Tommy Moore. 104 Experience Makes Perfection V P 1 RADIO BROADCASTING I, FIRST ROW: Donel Rorie, Tommy Liles, Bobby Stricklen, Dale Whitney, Debbie Dunn, Gail Parham, Becky Lau, Donna Sanders, Tim Tarleton. SECOND ROW: Jack Joyce, Ray Hilton, Dennis Lowery, Dana Turner, Mark Swett, Don Beckwith, Kenny Smith. NOT PICTURED: Henry Bigham, Ricky Hyde, Frank Hodges, Ricky Morris. 105 Introductory Broadcasting Classes FIRST ROW: Amy Gordan, Lindsay Abee, Dan Roberts. SECOND ROW: Tommy Carelock, Ricky Smith, Ricky Brown, Roy Hewitt. THIRD ROW: Willard Painter, Bobby Gibson, Johnny Helms. FOURTH ROW: Herb Garrison, Dick Tyson. NOT PICTURED: Phillip Cherry. Melinda Ferguson, Ricky Flow, Donnie Furr, Mike Gray, Fred Lau, Dennis Rorie, Don Tyson, Ronnie Wike, Thomas Worthy. FIRST ROW: Russell Conner, Ricky Grier, Ronnie Seegars. SECOND ROW: Jerry Story. Bill Harmon, Buddy Pigg, Ron Jones, THIRD ROW: Wayne Starnes, Jerry Sutton. FOURTH ROW: Gary Shinn, Rodney Floyd, Bob Fagan. FIFTH ROW: Jackie Coleman, Robert Williams. NOT PICTURED: Warren Anderson, Derek Clontz, Randy Kirkley, Steve Stevens, Leroy Whitener, Gary Wright. 106 C. O. O. ls on the Move By 1975, the United States will have four and one half million stu- dents in C.0.0. Cooperative Office Occupations is a business course that combines mornings in the classroom and afternoons in a bus- iness office. lt is for students who are interested in office careers and want some first-hand experience before graduation. The C.0.0. Club meets monthly with a luncheon at a restuarant and features a pro- fessional speaker. This year they climaxed their many projects by teaming up with all the Charlotte C.0.0. to treat their employers to a formal appreciation dinner held at the Downtowner Ballroom on April 21. Twelve outstanding busi- ness leaders in Charlotte serve as advisors to C.0.0. x Daryle Baker, President: Debbie Hoffman, Vice-president: Cheryle Mulkey, Secretary: Virginia Winslow, Chaplain: Vivian Miller, Historian Reporter: Cheryle Overcash, Treasurer. SEATED:Cheryle Overcash, Debbie Hoffman, Virginia Winslow. SECOND ROW: Sharon Watts, Rosemary McAndrews, Janice Collins, Margaret Fleig, Vivian Miller, Cheryle Mulkey, Barbara Seaford, Mrs. Deal iAdvisorl. THIRD ROW: Pat McLaird, Diane Eddins, Daryle Baker, Harriet Davis, Ora Lee Lowery, Cathy Crump, Janice Kesslar, Pam Bolick. NOT PICTURED: Gloria Currie, Jeff Johnson. 107 G. B. L. Prepares for Business World The Garinger Business Leaders Club consists of those students who are enrolled in business courses and maintain a "C" aver- age in them. Competence, aggres- siveness, and leadership are traits which are stressed in this club. These traits are of value in the bus- iness world and will encourage the 'N' 'N' girls to strive for high standards in the future. Interesting speakers are a part of the monthly meetings. Also, val- uable experience is gained on the field trips to important business firms and Kings College. Mr. Pri- X vette, a Garinger Business teacher, Q is advisor for the club. He provides a great service for seniors each year by helping them to find a po- sition in the business world after graduation. I' at i , E '- Pam King, Vice-president: Linda Talbert, President, Cathy Griffin, Secretary. NOT PIC- TURED: Carol Foxx, Treasurer. I I I FIRST ROW: lLeft to Righty, Sally Marzione, Renee Grindstaff, Carol Fox, Lynn Howarth, Karen Holcomb, Kathy Dowdle, Yvonne Bell, Cathy Griffin, Lydia Wood. SECOND ROW: Mr. Privette fadvisorj, Pam King, Gail Toler, Jane McKinnon, Debbie Russell, Deanee Brinkley, Cathy Smith, Jan Hall, Cindy Locke. THIRD ROW: Nancy Williams, Linda Talbert, Vickie Beaver, Elaine Faires, Shirley Faulkner, Debbie Cupid, Janet Hackett, Terri Hines. 108 l As a service to Garinger and the community, several students drive school buses each day. They not ' ' only provide transportation to and from school, but they transport students to school-sponsored ac- tivities. Working for a small salary, these students have great responsibili- ties. Each day they use their good judgement and alertness to safely carry students to their destination. Frank Wampler, Bus Driver's advisor. FIRST ROW: Beverly Wood, Lendsay Abee, Frank Wallace, Wilburn Hunsucker, Pam Everhart, Cynthia Poteat, David Upton, Gene Hill. SECOND ROW: Emil Holloway, Steve Lewis, James Nelson, George Mahathu, Denny Wade, Jess Tennent, Jody Nicholson, Joe Thompson, Don Howie, David Stephens, Bill Green, Jerry Dahl, Danny Hinson, Charles Armstrong, Mike Hullett. 109 Twirlers in Perfect Step During football season, Garinger students and fans were entertained by the Marching Band, featuring eight talented twirlers. As a pre- requisite, these girls must have been in the band before twirler competition. Long hours of vigor- ous training helped to mold these young ladies into topflight twirlers. Band director Robert Maddox makes the final selection each year. Grace, poise, twirling ability, and school spirit all enter into the selection of a Garinger twirler. Q s .L Shay Whitehurst, Head Kay Bishop JGUYS Black Caro' B'ackW9'd9" Babs Brown Mary Crowder Beejle Funderburke Janet Watson 4U Debbie Lechner, Head Lettergirl Pam King Belinda Lay Janet Hackett 112 GARINGER Displayed Chosen by appearance, citizen- ship, marching skill, and spirit, the select group of 1969-70 Lettergirls have added to and promoted school spirit this year at Garinger. The girls worked hard all summer to achieve a perfected marching line-up. They had paper drives and car washes to help buy flowers, new uniforms, and to take former Lettergirls out to dinner on Home- coming night. Besides marching with the band at football games and parades, the Lettergirls cheer at games and pep rallies. Among these many activi- ties, they also make time to usher at band and orchestra concerts. Susan Courtney Debbie Faires In Motion r Beth Hodge, Cheryl Brown, Allida Stephens, Nancy Feimster, Barbara Gallron Velda Ratclnffe Melody James Elaine POSIOD Carlos Gilstrap, Drum Major Band Reaches Goal Two years of hard work selling candy, household cleaner, and Garinger pillows, paid off this year as the Garinger High School Marching Band strutted with pride in their new uniforms. Long, hard summer practices prepared the members for march- ing at football games during pre- game and half time ceremonies. The band went to Carolina for a Band Day, participated in several parades, and placed third in a city wide High School band contest. At the end of the year, the band has a party to celebrate a year of hard work. Summer practice demands perfection. Concert Band Gains Experience Concert Band members gain experience through tion of Mr. Robert Maddox. Concert Band members repeated practice and classroom training. The Iookforward to the chance of being in the Symphonic members of this band, who have unlimited ambitions, Band next year. presented three concerts this year under the direc- Mr. Robert Maddox, director. 116 G. H. S. Rings with Music Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter . . . all of these holidays are accented by the Choir each year. Some of the most inspired assemblies, with the help of the Bible department, were put on by the Choir this year. Along with the school activities, the Choir does outside productions: they perform in the District Contests at Ovens Auditorium, sing in the Mars Hill Choral Festival at Mars Hill College, and also the Choir goes to the State Choral Festival at UNC-G. We at Garinger should be especially proud of our choirg it is one of the finest in North Carolina. Pat Philmon, President: Donna Hayden, Vice-presidentg Trudy Pressley, Secretaryg Mike Torrence, Assistant Secretary: Cathy Griffin, Treasu re r. l FIRST ROW: fLeft to Righty, Theresa Stafford, Franiece Ratcliff, Judy Carpenter, Donna Conner, Donna Shaffer, Gail Mickel, Linda Bolick, Lisa Weaver, Donna Hayden, Bonnie Stafford, Diane Belt, Margaret Leverett, Judy Weber, Terry Johnson, Terry McConnell, Kay Rowell, Cher Momberger, Mr. David Kelsey. SECOND ROW: Mr. John Sanders, Cathy Smith, Lynn Buchannan, Renee Woolwine, Lynn Frierson, Pat Scofield, Sandra Hudgins, Doris Strickland, Marie Horton, Kay Jandebeur, Susan Gardner, Adelaid Verbal, Brenda Berryhill, Cynthia Atkins, Pat Rutledge, Kathy Smith. THIRD ROW: Cathy Griffin, Barbara Edwards, Frankie Triece, Nancy Williams, Annise Foster, Barbara Preslar, Susan McMurray, Jan Hall, Sis Crowder, Francis Yarborough, Anne Frodge, Correy Moore, Trudy Pressley, Penny Franks, Chellyn Towell, Lynne Huskey. FOURTH ROW: Denise Myers, Jody Nicholson, Kevin Delaney, Fred Lau, Steve Baucom, David Crow, Rebecca Grantham, Ruth Pettis, Jane Smith, Rick Dauisen, Rick Cole, Neal Davenport, John Harrison, Buddy Beaver, Roger Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Vincent Ingram, Mike Cansler, Ed Williams, Kenneth Gaston, Tim Russel, Brice Jones, Mike Torrence, Mike Primm, David Lineberger, Danny Hinson, Pat Philmon, Steve Cochrane. Sandrettes and Garingertown Singers 3 E X x FIRST ROW: Lisa Weaver, Donna Hayden, Cher Momberger, Kathy Thompson. SECOND ROW: Sandra Hudgins, Kay Jandebeur, Jane Smith, Frances Yarborough, Marie Horton, Sis Crowder. Each year, a select group of girls is chosen by audition from the choir to serve as the Sandrettes. By de- voting time after school to practice, and with the aid of the director, Mr. David Kelsey, they prepare for the many concerts they attend. In ad- dition to the Christmas and Spring Concerts at school, the Sandrettes sang for a group at Myers Park Methodist Church and at the Char- lottetown Mall. This year for the first time, a small group of boys from the choir were chosen to form the Garinger- town Singers. lt is a madrigal group with about ten members. Through bi-weekly practice after school, they work on performances for special programs. These groups made a large con- tribution to Garinger as well as to the Choral Department. FIRST ROW: Frances Yarborough, Jane Smith, Sis Crowder, Pat Philmon. SECOND ROW: Lisa Weaver, Donna Hayden, Cher Momberger, Kathy Thompson, Marie Horton. THIRD ROW: Roger Johnson, Sandra Hudgins, Kay Jandebeur, James Beaver, Neal Davenport. FOURTH ROW: Edward Williams, Vincent Ingram, Rick Cole, Steve Cochrane. 'II9 Ensemble Chosen by Musical Ability Blue dresses with white mono- gramming are a familiar sight around Garlnger this year. These are the identifications of the fifty- five talented girls in the Girls' En- X e semble. This year the Girls' En- semble traveled to Meisenheimer, North Carolina in order to observe the Pfeiffer College choir. At Christmas the girls sang at Tryon Mall. They also gave a concert with the choir and choruses for the P.T.A. These girls, who were chosen by their musical ability, have made a pleasant addition to our choral department at Garinger. FIRST ROW: Gwen Stitt, Velda Flatcliffe, Susan Cochrane, Teresa Crump, Darlene Brown, Fran Bowen, Linda McLaughlin, Debbie Tankersley, Melinda Buchanan, Pat Almond, Denise McConahey,'Susan Artz, Martha Shuford, Brenda Bryant, Joyce Bass, Debra Glover. SECOND ROW: Vicke Edmonds, Cathy Brandon, Cindy Smith, Kathy Horne, Linda Hoover, Barbara Medford, Angie May, Lynne Jarvis, Cynthia Poteat, Leslie Davis, Susan Ray, Carol Hancock, Carolyn Ferguson, Verlie Wiley, Mary Kimmons, Mary Moore, Donna Greer, Mr. Sanders. THIRD ROW: Cindy McKee, Kathy Dowdle, Cheryl Galloway, Pat Downey, Rebecca Birshnell, Sharon Lock, Becky Wensil, Joyce Ferguson, Pat Walters, Virginia Chambers, Debbie Privette, Debbie Grundman, Becky Royce, Sandy Gillis, Brenda Strader, Joan Atkins, Burne Fullerton. l20 FIRST ROW: Mr. John Sanders, Director: Virginia Pritchard, Susie Ivey, Debbie Price, Wanda Davis, Patricia Osborne, Tammy Wells, Barbara Outley, Patti Stafford, Margaret Horne, Mary Stogner, Cathy Griffin, Connie Harrelson, Anne Heine, Sheila Glenn, Libby Starnes, Janet White, Gail Parham, Janice Love, Ginger Nelson, Lori Yandle, Annie' Butler. SECOND ROW: Patti McCorkel, Sharon Oakley, Cathy Gibson, Cora Moreno, Angie Carter, Elaine Hancock, Frances Roberts, Vanessa Gallman, Patsy Cato, Jenny Fitch, Vivian Jones, Jeanette Chapman, Judy Ferrell, Vicki Hartsell, Cynthia Hatley, Sherry Douglas, Nancy Ewart, Rhonda Partee, Cynthia Barnes, Donna Sanders, Debbie Tolleson, Ruth Mauney, Joreather Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Sarah McAdams, Peggy Hendricks, Deborah McDonald, Greg Starr, Steve Berrier, Ben Davis, Joe Pressley, Wayne Cochrane, Mark Christenbury, Ray Thomas, Ralph Seamon, Dana Turner, Donald Rivers, Richard Wallace, Alexander Huggins, Jackie Helms, Mitchell Connelly, John Talent, Allen Barnam. Choruses Complete Busy Year Activity was the password for the Garinger Chorus classes as this seemed to be their busiest year. They participated in the Christmas, Winter, and Spring Concerts. The classes were contestants in the District Choral Contest given at Ovens Auditorium in the Spring. They traveled to Mars Hill for the Choral Festival. The choruses also went to the State Choral Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina. 'l2l 'Q , -. i:v5,p..:f FIRST ROW: Debbie Martin, Mary Boyd, Ramona Williams, Debbie Lowman, Gail Lee, Bonnie Mull, Ruby Pickett, Susan Haywood. SECOND ROW: Vicky McClure, Glenda Baily, Barbara Ganatt, Susan Harton, Ann Woodruft, Pat Franklin, Joyce Godfrey, Barbara Attoway, Melanie Griffin, Jackie Mullen, Lo Ann Gray. THIRD ROW: Cindy Young, Cindy Frierson, Melody Adore, Linda Coates, Vicky Norrett, Linda Lail, Cindy Rickenbaker, Cora Moore, Patricia Bolder, Nancy Loyd, Debbie Clark, Deborah Foster, Joyce Lord. FOURTH ROW: Dawn Hilton, Camilla Smith, Carol Wedel, Susan Courtney, Sherry Moore, Vera Bogans, Arnetta Smith, Linda Robinson, Edna Bufford, Anne Davenport, Dianne Wallace, Denise Miller, Betsy Bruce. FIFTH ROW: Johnny Culbreath, Robert Latharp, Donald Nance, David Brakefield, Gary Evatt, David Newton, Charles Paty, Tommy Summitt, Scott Broadway, Dan Hoke. 122 -sf 13 ii M L 1 w i 4 Wildcats Suffer Numerous Defeats lt has been said that the measure one gives will be the measure one receives in return. Our players de- voted their time and effort to make the 1969 season a success, but something vital was lacking. ln- consistency haunted the team all year. Opponents racked up a total of 256 points, while the 'Cats man- aged only 78. Against East, South, West Char- lotte and Hickory, the Wildcats en- joyed some glory. ln these games, the 'Cats scored nine touchdowns. Despite these efforts, the Wildcats suffered a heartbreaking season. The managers, Larry Airey, Tommy King and Mike Sloop, did a fine job in their area. FIRST ROW: Chuck Adams, Sammy Blackmon David Cunningham Mike Brown Chip Cook Landis Tew David Cook Mike Crowell Octavio Ponce, Mike Morgan, Keith Isaacs Frank Ponce Joe Graham Clifford Byrum Richard Kallsta SECOND ROW Booster Purser Scott Milliman, Jesse Blount, Ray Black, Theodore Ware Dean Mullls Mike Stutts David Harmon Pat Phllmon Charlie Shaw Charlie Kirby, John Alden, Gary Robinson. THIRD ROW Manager Tommy King Cecil Phlfer Kevin Mitchell Phil Estrldge Tim Shrrhall Howard Long, Van Purser, John Johnson, Tim Hackney Randy Dyer Mark Bauer Buddy Wagoner Bob Creed Gerald Howe Mike Torrence Manager Michael Sloop. FOURTH ROW:Coaches Gene Grlleland Ron Wright Head R E Cummings Jim Addison I26 Q X 'N APEX 4' N x- W' WN, ggi x , ,F 0 Q . 5 f ,.. Q,. Q X s 3 .9 4: V w xx 1 X. X gs Q' K 'Cats Slashed In the fourth game of the season, our Wildcats were the victims of a 27-12 carving by the Sabres. Randy Brady intercepted a pass and gal- loped 45 yards for the 'Cats first touchdown. Later, Garingei threatened when Charlie Shaw sneaked in from the one. But the 'Cats were no match for the tena- cious Sabre defense which seized five passes while their offense scored four times. M.P. Stomps Garinger Our 'Cats, inspired by an enthu- siastic crowd, sought their first vic- tory of the season in the annual battle with archnemesis Myers Park. Spirits were high and the play of the 'Cats appeared improved over previous performances. Gar- inger's highlight came when Joe Graham scored on a 19 yard pass from quarterback Charles Shaw. Unfortunately, the offense fizzled and Myers Park held the Wildcats scoreless for the remainder of the 25-6 loss. 130 X Y J X S KX x X Sv X xN XX X A . . X. X - Q x.-N Q . Q sr X xx if , ww Q Q Y QW Q 5 Y, . Q x 5 ' 41 3-Q v K 125 Q93 X X 3 SN N Y gi H1 ,z Red Tornadoes Whitewash 'Cats 'Cats Hounded Garinger's hopes for revenge collapsed into the open arms of the Hunter Huss Huskies. Our Wildcats finished dismally with only three first downs and an offense totaling 100 yards. Huss scored six times, resulting in a 41-0 rout, ending a disastrous season for the Wildcats. Garinger's Wildcats traveled to Hickory fresh from their first vic- tory. Joe Graham scored on a one yard plunge in the first quarter. Nevertheless, glory was shortlived, for Hickory flashed back with seven touchdowns. Other 'Cats highlights in the 45-20 loss were Joe Gra- ham's 90 yard kickoff return and a 24 yard touchdown pass to Charlie Kirby from Charlie Shaw. Octavio Ponce's extra points were suc- cessful but insufficient to alter the outcome. IA -W S ' was ag Q - b s K ix S ,Q C X X " fs A ,HQ 4-wx , 1., Q , ,J-f'M " QQ Q' X X 3 x 5 XX ' 4- 'M Tw? Q 3 R f 1 4 I n E x Ai 'am-nf f1"5 Q me -mx if ' iz 5, 3, R 5 .-in anna . . 5 L ix,-,is A Af ew. s ips- fag'-N -L Q 'X v , x in in . A ' 1 K . af' N I 3 MMM 'yi ,HIS ,My , W - AAQ , 'Q J L L. L ' 4 6-. x L-h , es? ,L+ T I"- , ,L 'F f - 'f,T!i:Q"v y W Y ,' 3 1 m tg, A ,fi 4 1? . . h:,'3,i"', .L , K '- -z HS 'ff 7k -' Jr ' Q .. ' .RQ 1 ' n '-5 . f N . In M Lai I Q 'WY f,.f'L.x. Q .A .ln V0 .o""" , N A rl- ywx-fag ,.., , Q 5 R .rr k 2 g .A -A x , s a ' 'f,,-up W . .:, ...ff . x Q 3, , ix Y: . mn . I ' Y Q is . p'1"'q,. A 'r "G 'x 'r- .v.'! w. : wiv v- 1' FRONT ROW: Bill Stiles, Darrell Bowen, Dale Talbert, Tommy Stiles, Tim Lampley. BACK ROW: Ralph Seamon, Dave Hughston, Bob Carriker, Don Hughston, Larry Airey. Varsity Cheerleaders W, Try to imagine what the football games, pep rallies, victories, and, yes, defeats would be like without our vibrant cheerleaders. It is ex- tremely difficult work when one considers that these girls are school leaders and keep a good grade average. In addition to sell- ing doughnuts and spirit badges, painting signs, and attending camp, the girls collected papers to raise money. Debbie Kemenczky 138 Ruth Mauney NN 15 'Y' 4 . .. . ., , 1 3- .l im-' 1 as gt " Brenda Byrant, Head , ff' fl f - - 4 5 4 i n Brenda Lowrance Q Carol Wedel, Head Donna Hayden Robbie :Seymour Debbie Long Patty Wedel 139 Lynn King Shelia Black E . Fight! Win! Under the experienced guidance of the varsity cheerleaders, Garin- ger's 1969-70 junior varsity cheer- leaders were chosen from an enormous squad of enthusiastic sophomore girls. Long hours of practice helped to mold these tal- ented and co-operative young Ia- dies into future candidates for var- sity cheerleaders. 'Rs Vickie Alden Marilyn Long, Head Marion Winchester CHYOWU LOHQ Sharon White C Q -ff . . L.-. . . NS' Q , sg Q x X x EX QW- f Sa xx Q X N xx X' NX X X X X X X Q xx X Sk XX Q' 5 X- XX X X Q X 5 K 1 Ks . .- iff 15 .ai . Q I U. vw ' . w. N X X 3 fx. y if .X QQ- - x ww. 1: f 1 X.: ,z , 'XA S5 riff ? Ax F w 1 S 1 if 2 4 Q , .K , X N Q X X 'G fi X55 Q X 3 i 5' Q- Q35 Q NS x V xx X A ,qpw X YKXXXBER N N Higher, Joe, Higher Kittens Prowl for Wins 1969-70 proved to be a success- ful year for Garinger's J.V. round- ballers. In the past, the Wildkittens have had fruitless seasons. These young players improved with each additional game. Terry Howard and William Marshall showed excellent rebounding strength and inside shooting. William Felder displayed controlled dribbling, while Tommy White's percentage shots helped to win many a game. David Dixon and Ben Edwards proved valuable assets also. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Hughston, Charles Smith, Milton Sandifer, Dave Hughston Biff Kirby Terry Howard BACK ROW William Kincaid, Tim Keesler, Ben Edwards, Tommy White, William Felder, William Marshall, Robert Coleman lmanagerl 148 gi 'QAM . .W J X , Y Q if K Q 3 3 S ,, ,P if is gf ff 4 f NW i w Q XM s .,.: X K is Xi N AWN 5 X Q DRQXL I gx is: . -:X mm YF '- S X Q X 'S KX.:-..1 K ' . - -ww L QS ' 'QCA-is-5 Q Xb x if sm f -- SA T Q so X X is X . X x . T. X X XZ 15 5 E , .BNF -' f 18 X 'R "" ,ik 1 P , K 1 fi . 5, nc ,M FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Black, Anne Heine, Myra Graves, Allie Pinson, Mackie Gregory, Madeline Heine. SECOND ROW: Libby White, Barbara Heine, Kathy Miss Joyce Hunter, Miss Patricia McGee Hanigan, Terry Baker, Vickie Carriker, Sherry Salyer. THIRD ROW: Verly Mason, Regina Hall, Diane Curlee, Shitley Stitt, Cathy Austin, Shirley Jones. 152 Q 5 5 ME , S. XX QM df 'X . S Q xv sf? w-f N .E X Q + Q1 Q N Q X , XX Pat Philmon Joe Graham Bill Warren Ken Sawyer Karl Sawyer fl! Eg Keith lssacs Charlie Shaw David Cook 156 .viii Qliififf Gary Robinson E xx X N New l imma K Yglittfnv Y' yibfvieffif' fx, ,V Ifl'fIfQYf'!Lf Ury' I, fr fin!! V111 I ' X w 2 3 ' 1 2 Y kk? X! f X 3, L Lk xx Q E fix ' 4 3 an. N "g'-e f g s v sf Q V Q, qih: V Q Q. Duffers Dump Opponents Coach Godwin's "Duffers" have always had successful seasons. This year should be no exception. From last year's squad, which posted a 3-2-2 record, Johnny Fowler has become this year's number one player. Returning from that same team will be seniors Steve Sanford and Tommy Rallings and juniors Butch Gemin and Mar- shall Ledbetter. FIVE!! LEFT TO RlGHT:Johnny Fowler, Tommy Flallings, Steve Sanford, Butch Gemin, Marshall Ledbetter Knot picturedl. 158 m Q x wx u Y 3 -ww' dk 5 . bt Q 35,4 .. s Q, i x is fx vw .k ,W .1 Y if I' -....,-, Oh, come on! This is it! FRONT ROW: Ray Boardman, David Eddy, Neil Carroll. BACK ROW: Kevin Wood, Bill Powell, Steve Cochran, Brian Harrison. Netters Hope for Wins Hopes of improving last year's mediocre record of 4-6, are running rampant on the Garinger Tennis team. Mr. Dixon has assumed the coaching duties for the netters this year. Brian Harrison once again is the 'Cats chief weapon. Ray Boardman and Steve Lindsay are two other strong returnees from last year's squad. Daily drills on fundamental shots, running to build stamina, and doubles practice should make the tennis Cats the nemesis to area teams. 161 - Cindermen Singe Track Rivals if: Mr. White, new coach Another large squad of cinder- men is expected to continue Garinger's track prowess for the 1970 season. Coach Jim Addison is again at the helm. This year he will be assisted by Mr. White. Chuck Adams, last year's top point getter, is as strong and threatening as ev- er. Returning veterans will be Bobby Harding, Octavio Ponce, Scott Mil- liman, Sammy Blackman, Frank Ponce, Richard Fields, Bill Stiles, Bob Carriker, Charlie Kirby, and Darrell Bowen. Promising sopho- mores should offer points also. Practice sessions in early iand chillyt February will surely aid the team in the long run. This factor, coupled with daily sessions during the season and the added excite- ment of each meet, should boost the team to an impressive record. FIRST ROW CLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Kerry Baker, Charles Gulledge, Tim Lapley, Randy Beatty, Tim Hackney, Kevin Mitchell, Dwight McKnight. SECOND ROW: Robert Harris, David Threat, Eddie Archibald, Sammy Blackmon, Willie Heath, Jerry Ezell. THIRD ROW: Tony Stogner, Ralph Seamon, Bob Carriker, Chuck Adams, Buddy Wagoner, Albert Harris. FOURTH ROW: Richard Fields, Emil Holloway, Bobby Harding, Scott Milliman, Steve Gaddy, Bill Stiles. FIFTH ROW: Tim Shirhall, Steve Crompton, Dale Talbert, Darrell Bowen. 162 tu.....Mw Qs Take lfall off boys! a, L Ah! I'm going to get you. X N N, X 163 widens. .. Q x 1. 1 V 'A scam- Q!- M, 1 -ei x,-v A .X I H ,A v 4 Q' ' , ' . 4 X - x 4g"',a-,A 'a "1 f Sv N X 3 .A a' 'xffikggi MS XX E. WW 1 X? in xf 14 L If X. lk, .Q ii' X K ff K v .SAff'46l,f,1g ,i'L. 1' g ' fi ,3g'l"' 19 X X ff-+-.,9'S ' , xlkt x K pf '.k, gf I' x.g,,,A,A'Q2Q A Nj., xm""x.. Q W 'Y' - ax an x, 1 Q -S N A :S -nf sim W - s N K Q W 'wx jNsq -N xx ,Q .ku Sw 'Q X Q X W M Qi Q. MX 1 E A . KX 'S .Q xxx X x Q, 'WN at i x. f N 5 f X " A, 'M- N,xxKp 5 L' AQ . iwYf44'N-ximuv. . X ' x nk X ' A X 15- x X - QM, M Ng, kx X x NR, xXQf5XNx-AQh.,--. g X X - X zfklxg .Q -KSHNEQ x .WMX V x ,X b L xx we mf' X, is 4 ' Q .mx -. . K X lisa Q0 "Wx Q Nuff . ggi NS! X - .rm S- 1 Q RSV 5 S31 is wx 'UQ LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Fink, Ricky Grimes, Monty Dobbins, Steve Poteat, Randy Huss, Glen Mangum, Mike Primm, Larry Wilson, John Tallent, Mark Propst, Robin Foster. Aquacats Scuttle Foes ln their second year of existence, the Aquacats of Garinger found water to their liking. Long hours of practice at unheard of hours en- abled the team to progress and challenge local swimming powers. Coached by Mr. Jim Edwards and aided by Sharon Thomas, the team strengthened its stroke technique and endurance. Led by co-captains Mike Primm and Larry Wilson, the team posted many victories and second place finishes. Ricky Grimes, Jim Isenhour and Robin Foster excelled in their respective events of breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 166 Click . . .cIick. . .click . . . - sf ew Q . . x xx. ., N. - . is ' xxm 'Q 4 xxx. ga a. 1 N, Q S ix xxx. J S X M x ex T l 4 I ' 1 1 .T"""-N X 3 N? X X .IL Q!!! Fi! 353' ..-an 1 1 qw , B9 x ,Q . v -. , ...L- ,- 4-3 - lo wg www ,N X Q.. A sax '-up-5 fw- Q3 Z' QV' AR, 1970 Top Cats Mike Morgan - Football 'KF Larry Wilson - Swimming NOT PICTURED: Bill Warren - Baseball 168 Marion Belton - Basketball Johnny Fowler - Golf SS ,. .. , Qi if -Q . .5 Q ' ' Bill Sliles - Cl'0SS C0ul'1lI'y Rgy Bgafdmgn - Tennis Pal Philm0n - Baseball Chuck Adams - Track Jim Addison - Football and Track Gene Gilleland - Football and Wrestling Joseph Tomanchek - Head Baseball and Cross Country R. E. Cummings - Head Football Bob Godwin - Football and Golf Ron Wright - Football and J.V. Basketball 1970 Coaches Jim Edwards - Swimming and Baseball Hank Madden - Basketball NOT PlCTUFlED: John Robinson - Football and Basketball James Dixon - Tennis 169 Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger FOOTBALL Varsity: North East Myers Park South Ashley Independence Asheville West Charlotte Hickory Hunter Huss 170 Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger BASKETBALL Varsity: North Myers Park Harding North Olympic Myers Park Independence Hickory West West Charlotte South East Independence West West Charlotte South Hunter Huss East North West Charlotte Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger WRESTLING Albemarle West Lincoln Country Day North Olympic Ashley Independence West South East Hunter Huss Myers Park Harding Hickory West Charlotte Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger Garinger SWIMMING South Independence Independence West Charlotte South Independence West Charlotte West West Charlotte East Myers Park West East East Independence South West Independence West 172 Y 5 r w l L l 1 1 1 1 J 173 Senior Class Officers Scott Milliman, President Janys Black, Secretary 174 -HHS-9 ,ggxie NX " if! :fx EEE Y Chuck Adams, Vice-president A ww lon -We 5 lk. P Carol Wedel, Treasurer Patsy Dean Abbott Sylvia Jean Abbott Charles Lindsay Abee Linda Gail Abernathy Sharon Rose Ackerman George Legare Adams III Wanda Susan Adkisson Barry Eugene Ainsworth George Herbert Airey Larry Haywood Allen Vicki Jean Allen Martha Almond Carol Ann Baker Daryle Sturtevant Baker Joseph Gregory Baker Judy Ann Barkhouse Sylvia Ann Barr Mark Frederick Bauer James Ashton Beach Margaret Paula Beachum Howard Randall Beatty Patricia Ann Beatty James LeRoy Beaver, Jr. Donald Ernest Beckwith, Jr. Jean Marie Betord Deborah Ann Belk Malcolm Lee Belk Pamela Ruth Belk Seniors Purr with Pride Joseph Edwin Alston Cynthia Walker Anderson Glenda Marie Anderson Phyllis Ann Anderson Danny Lee Andrews William Dale Argo Lau ra Jean Armstrong Cynthia Marie Atkins Sharyn LaRue Attaway Cathy Renee Austin Michael Austin Randolph Benton Austin Verna Marie Austin Linda Dianne Avery Charles Lewis Bailes Jo Anne Baines Reginald Wayne Belk Susan Yvonne Bell Shirley Dianne Belt Charles Fredrick Berg Brenda Jean Berryhill Debbie Lee Bickel Pamela Flowe Biggers Mary Frances Bishop Nancy Evelyn Bizzell Janys Lavon Black Marsha Carol Blackwelder Peggy Lynn Blackwelder Sheryl Kathleen Blackwell Jon Emory Blankenship Charles Ernest Boggs Seniors Await College Acceptance Sammie Lee Bolden III Linda Lee Bolick Pamela Gail Bolick Rebecca Lynne Bolin Frances Luvenia Bowen Phillip Darrell Bowen Darcy Lou Bowman Mary Etta Boyd George Douglas Brannon Steven Eugene Brattain James Jay Bridges Carolyn Jean Bright June Anne Brooks Lester May Broome Barbara Jane Brown Carolina Susan Brown David Eugene Brown Jeffrey Wilson Brown Rikki Kenneth Brown Robert Dudley Brown Susan Christine Brown Teresa Ann Brown Overcrowded Conditions Cause Many Hectic Moments Brenda Viola Bryant Claudia Lou Buchanan Melinda Gayle Buchanan Kathleen Ina Bumgarner Charlene Bu rgin Carol Ann Burton Deborah Burton James David Busharl Randy Hitt Butler Sylvia Jean Cable Michael Curtis Call Lillie Mae Campbell Michael Daniel Campbell Trudy Canipe Steven Michael Cansler Eme Hugh Carithers f' Saw N' R 'X s 7 X 3 'l Virginia Ann Carlisle Beverly Diane Carpenter Judith Denise Carpenter Ted Michael Carpenter Rick Alton Carier Kathryn Dorsey Carter Dora Cassandra Cathey Beverly Katherine Cato Clihon Juan Chambers, Jr. ,QQ 4 Jackie Chavis Sheryl Ann Chinnis Clayton Allen Christensen, Jr Jack Wayne Church Jane Martha Cirulis Barbara Ann Clarke Debra Jeanne Clarke Janice Lynn Cline Derek Eugene Clontz 'Follow the yellow brick road." John Reginald Clontz Steven Edward Cochran Steven Newton Cochrane Ricky Eugene Cole Don Lee Collins Janice Collins Donna Marie Conner Cynthia Lee Cook Deborah Kaye Cook Larry Charles Cothern Alan Bruce Couch Connie Darlene Couet Y Susan Kaye Courtney William Edgar Courtney, Jr. Donna Carol Cowan Lonnie Lee Cox Catherine Jo Creech James David Crow Mary Louise Crowder Sarah Alice Crowder Catherine Elizabeth Crump Marshall Excell Cuthbertson Yasmeen Dahir Jerome Paul Dahl Ginger Patricia Davis Harriet Davis Kevin Joseph Delaney Patricia Marie Delaney Cynthia Dellinger Johnny Michael Dellinger Gloria Jeanette Dew Aurie Mae Dickerson Michael Diorio John Stanley Dobbins Walter Rozzelle Dulin, Jr. Deborah Ruth Dunn Randall Gary Dyer Kenneth Eakes Shelia Virginia Eargle John Harvey Easterling Rebecca Diane Eddins Cynthia Kay Edmonson Seniors keeping Garinger clean Seniors Leave Old Friends Deborah Jane Fosler John Henry Fowler Carol Elizabeth Fox Wade Franklin Wilma Jane Franks Charles Ogburn Frederick Nancy Lynn Frierson Cynthia Anne Frodge Phyllis Anne Frye Ann Lynch Furr Steven Michael Gaddy Thomasini Gainiz Brenda Kaye Gallman Linda Faye Gallman Keith Philbeck Gardner Mary Susan Gardner as X f Barbara Ann Edwards James Robert Ellis Bill Lloyd Etters Michele Evans Michele Marie Faille Deborah Louise Faires Mary Elaine Faires Linda Yvonne Farrar Richard Eugene Fields Calvin Lewis Fink Janet Scott Fisher Gus John Fleggas Margaret Anne Fleig Paulette Spring Flowe Linda Gail Fortner Annise Marie Foster to Follow Life s Ambltlons Eugene Paxton Gathings, Jr. Christine Gayle Gay John Avery Gibbs Dallas Odell Gibson, Jr. Mary Alice Gibson Pernette Marie Gibson Sandra Vivian Gillis Carlos English Gilstrap, Jr. Shelia Ann Glenn L if f Deborah Kaye Glover Helen Anne Glover George Morgan Goforth Margaret Kathryn Goodwin Rebecca Ann Granthom Teresa Gray Bill Wayne Greene Lloyd Timothy Greer Shirley Ann Gregory Danger! Beware! Caution! English teacher at WORK? Q Mascots Bryan Paarman and William Harry Grey Larry Darnell Grier Cathy Dianne Griffin Debbie Anne Griffin Beverly Ann Griggs Pamela Renee Grindstaff Doris Jane Gunter Thomas Kim Gwyn Janet Marie Hackett Timothy Wade Hackney Melvin Leroy Hadden Carol Else Hall Debra Marlene Hall Gayle Jeanette Hall Dianne Cheryl Hampele Michael Steven Haney Denise Wilson Selected by Seniors Kathleen Marie Hanigan Donald Hardin Vickie Lynn Hardin Robert Grier Harding Lewis O'NeaI Harpe Jerry Harkey James Brian Harrison John Arthur Harrison Adrian Paul Hatfield Teresa Ann Hawley Donna Maria Hayden Andy Quinn Hedrick Anne Dale Heine Scott Parker Heine Robin DuPree Helms Heidi Ann Henderson Martha Jean Henderson Theresa Lynne Herrin George Franklin Hewitt Pamela Dale Hicks Rickey Wayne Hicks Joe Hardeman Hill Debra Lynn Hilliard Hugh Hilton Ray Allen Hilton Terri Lynn Hines Joseph Michael Hinson Edward Andrew Hodges Deborah Elaine Hoffman Karen Sue Holcomb James Edward Holland Emil Louie Holloway Linda Diane Holmes Karen Cheri Holshouser Donna Hooper Linda Allene Hoots Linda Dianne Hoover Bernard Hunsucker Gwendolyn Hunt Lynda Hunter Lynn Hunter Donna Lynne Huskey Ann Louise Hutchison Susan Elizabeth Hutto Mary Della Hyde Melody Lou James Sherry Elaine James Kay Lorraine Jandebeur Olga Nadine Jeffers Brenda Irene Jenkins Steve Douglas Jenkins Dolores Diane Johns John Franklin Johnson Sidewalks Are Seniors X l Gift to Garinger Robert Edward Hoover Deborah Faith Hope Margaret Ann Horne Cirby Hortman Marie Eloise Horton Bernard Burdette Hough Penelope House James Hugh Houston Lynn Diane Howarth Donald Frank Howie Mary Ann Howie Kitty Howland Sandra Leigh Hudgins Mary Geraldine Hudson Patricia Flehm Hudson Norman Reece Huneycutt 'Now llay me down to sIeep." Nellie Fluth Johnson Roger Dale Johnson Teresa Annette Johnson 198 Carl Allen Jones Dana Ruth Jones Douglas William Jones James Brice Jones James Ronald Jones Vivian Jones 4. 5 H E i ,L f l i. j Ralph Allen Justice Brenda Kay Kannon Debra Kay Kemenczky Mae Nell Kerr Janice Elaine Kessler Dennis Waymon King Janet Lea King Pamela Sharon King Bonnie Charlene Kirby Whit every junior wants . . . what every senior has." Linda Ann Kistler Margaret Elizabeth Kunsman Clyde Kymble e Deborah Cheryl Lackey Linda Tracy Lail Larry Stephen Lankford Fred Otto Lau Rebecca Jean Lau Michael Purvis Lawrence 'Don't tell Jay, but that chair is getting closer and closer. Belinda Joy Lay Deborah Elizabeth Lechner Martha Tina Lentz Margaret Loraina Leverett Stephen Henry Lewis Shelia Allene Liles Class of '70 Stimulates Leadership Sandra Marie Lindsay Steven Wade Lindsay Deborah Juan Linker Beverly Ann Little Kristie Marie Lloyd Pamela Jacqueline Lloyd 1 i a ! V ' ' elll i ii 'gg Lucinda Marie Locke Karen Marie Loftin Deborah Ann Long June Wing Loo Joyce Loraine Lord Carolyn Patricia Love Janice Lee Love John Dennis Lowery Myra Dianne Lyerly Sam Martin Lyon Leola Mach Ida Gayle Mackintosh Betty Jean Marlow Gary Lee Martin Robin Martin William Edward Martin Sally Marzlone Marcia Denise Mason Mary Cynthia Mattox Fluth Ann Mauney Rosemary McAndrews Roger Dale McCleskey Claudia Teresa McConnell Cathy Anne McCoy Wanda Elaine McCoy Deborah Ann McDonald Eddie McDougald Dyane Cheryl McGill Pamela Ann Mclntyre Patricia Ann Mclntyre Mary Marie McKee Diane Darlene McKinney Jane Ellen McKinnon Dwight Keel McKnight, Jr. Marjorie Jane McLaird Patricia Ann McLaird Cynthia Ann McLaurin Susan Irene McMurray Louise Marie McNair William Junior Merritt Graduation Exercises l Are Climax of the Year L N S x i R5 lg X? James Edward Messer Sharon Diane Micallef Gail Laverne Mickel Donna Elaine Miller Edward Lee Miller Richard Alan Miller Vivian Sue Miller Scott Lee Milliman Cheryl Lynn Momberger Charles Forres Monteith Christine Amelia Mooney Correy Denise Moore Tommy Boyd Moore Bennie Michael Morgan Sandra Lorrence Morgan Stephen Young Morgan , PF iiiiuh ' lllnggls Qligzxrluttv'ifilrrixlxazizazrg Srlgunis 5135: in tn ifertifg flea? N Nillimn ,Samsung zaaajlrmtt tQr mgnirvumats for grxhaarinu fum tigia lfigtf N Sqn! an grrnrriiwrh bg tip Baath ni Flarariau in mrirlrh to Hgh e - i - X this fifth in nf Suu. one tbaanxmh 'Now Ican put my mind at ease." Nancy Darlene Moser Cheryle Ann Mulkey Patty Mulkey Bonnie Sue Mull Herman Johnson Mullis Patricia Ann Mullis Sylvia Mullis Nathan Myers Beverly Ann Nance 206 Envoy Fowler Nance Shelley Ann Nance Patricia Lynn Nelson Pamela Faye Neville Belinda Newhouse Sara Candace Newman David Sloan Newton Deidre Lynn Nivens Vickie Dianne Norket A dream fulfilled. James Michael Norwood Floyd Ivan Oakley Angela Kay Oswald Carolyn Jane Overcash Cheryle Lee Overcash DeMaris Owens Jan Ellen Owens Beverly Gail Parham Cynthia Lee Parker Wanda Jaquelyn Parker Lola Ann Parkin David Andrew Parks sg if .x What do you mean I can't dance?" "And I ate all this in 15 minutes' Jack Edward Parks, Jr. Rhonda Elese Partee Gloria Diane Patterson Richard Merle Patterson Susan Candace Paty Nancy Louise Payne David Eugene Pendleton Bill Peoples James William Pernell Ill Graduation Leaves Memories Charles Michael Privett Miriam Rebecca Prophet Sylvia Diane Purser James Graham Raborn Thomas Billy Rallings Vickie Gay Randall Velma Francine Ratcliffe Jimmy Walker Reece Mark Stephen Reed Kenneth Wayne Reid Pieter Benjamin Reynders Steven Lane Ridge Nancy Evelyn Ritch Willis James Ritch, Jr. Susan Lane Robbins Lavalle George Roberts -v of 12 Long Years. Anne Louise Perry Robert Earl Peterson Charles Alan Phillips Susan Carol Phillips Patrick David Philmon Janet Alma Pickard Donna Jean Plummer Brenda Kaye Polly Francisco dePaula Ponce Octavio Julio Ponce Glenda Sue Poston Patricia Elaine Poston Barbara Louise Preslar Randy Cecil Prevatt Patricia Ann Price Sandra Hope Price Janet Carol Robinson Donna Lynn Roseman Robert Ross Elizabeth Kaye Rowell Beverly Arlene Russell Debra Marie Russell Timothy Frankin Russell Karen Johanne Sacra Sherry Lynn Salyer Stepen Leo Sanford Billie Ennis Sawyer Karl Summey Sawyer, Jr. Kenneth Michael Sawyer Carl Robert Scher Patricia Ann Scofield Walter Edwin Scott Outstanding Seniors Recognized on Honors and Awards Day Barbara Elaine Seaford John Seralini Frank Steven Seuzeneau Mike Conley Sexton Donna Sue Shaffer Billy Joe Shaver, Jr. Marcia Gail Shelby Jane Kimberley Sherrill Evon Grey Sims Nina Frances Sims Sarah Elizabeth Slechta Jan Allison Sloop David Michael Slusher Camilla Anne Smith Carol Lynn Smith Cathy Jo Smith Christine Marie Smith Jane Ellen Smith Jayne Marcia Smith Kathy Lynn Smith Linda Ann Smith Marion Claude Smith Marsha Elaine Smith Robert Hunnicutt Smith Steven Michael Smith Sue Smith Elizabeth Anne Sperry Charles Dean Spielman .LA -l.-Y Y Vickie Lynn Spurrier Bonita Susan Stafford Theresa Gail Stafford Barry Cobb Stantill Howard Franklin Starnes Patrick Franklin Starnes Roger Dale Steed Catherine Nadine Stegall Joel Douglas Stegall Debra Jill Stevens Amaryliss Ann Stewart Teresa Lynn Stewart Flees William Stiles Robert Everelte Stinson Gwendolyn Anita Stitt Shirley Elizabeth Stitt Hans Eugene Strand Doris Elaine Strickland Bob Styron Thomas Carl Summitt Burton Erwin Sweet, Jr. Van Mark Swett Michele Leal Swiggett Linda Jane Talbert Robert Michael Talbert Conchita Ann Talbott Deborah Elizabeth Tarleton John Leslie Taylor Lynn Diane Taylor John Raymond Terry Sharon Denise Thomas Deborah Jean Thompson Heather Hall Thompson Jimmy Thompson John Webster Thompson Kathy Denise Thompson Louis Frank Thompson, Jr. Linda Gail Threadgill Linda Ruth Tipton Gail Toler Michael Alexander Torrence Chellyn Ann Towell Frankie Joanne Triece Janice Lea Troutman Sherry Debra Troutman Angela Christine Tucker Eva Carol Turner James Courtland Underwood ..." . 'QQ . If , -mfg New. 2 K -1 .-'W ,'--...,g.., X , . ,. for f' sn-I 93,4 . . , William Marshall Vanhoy Adelaide Gray Verble John Henry Vincent Donna Lee Voltz Ellen Diane Wade Bruce Daniel Wagoner, Jr. Bessie Patrice Wall Frank James Wallace Carolyn Pat Walters Patrick Ervin Walters Donna Jan Ward Betty Jean Warner "The Mod Squad." John William Warren Robert Carey Watkins Janet Marie Watson Sharon Faye Watts Lisa Christie Weaver Richard Dean Webb Gary Wayne Webber Judy Roxanne Weber Carol Ann Wedel Patricia Ann Weisenberger Becky Dianne Wensil John Edgar Wentz Grayden McLean Westbrook Sharon Renee Whitehurst David Anderson Whitley Verlia Faye Wiley Adine,Wilkerson Edward Vann Williams, Jr. We-" Michael Williams Nancy Karen Williams Steve Lee Williams Thomas Allen Williams Laura Jean Willis Marion Ann Wilson Mark Winkler Virginia Christine Winslow Philip Nesbit Wolfe, Jr. Beverly Delane Wood Renee Woolwine Peggy Louise Woolen Gary Wayne Workman Larry Wayne Wright Thomas Edward Wright W Wildcats Forever! ! ! Cynthis Diana Wykle Frances Marie Yarborough Bassam Mahmoud Yassin William Michael York Robert Dewitt Young ' 1 Junior Class Officers N K 2 Kathy Norman, President Beejie Funde rbu rke, Secretary 224 Leslie Davis, Vice-president ' R Tif- i Robbie lsenhou r, Treasurer Xe FXTX as S. 1 1 X XS. 1 X X i 0 wk X? e WX Q X X A if X3 X X Q Q X X 1 V 3 5 5 I XX XX gif -fs. S Q51 'i , l i QTXXZ W s X lik 2558 z X Q X! if S 1 3 tg? S s X9 if wi it X gg W ,, , ',5+,,'ff,-:X "3 '-7 ?5fi5v'ri?fsz4vfQf X- X YXSX XXX g 'X X X X if A X X X X X-X - Sv ,X x.... is X XX NX X XX X X XIX ' . ' X X x X XT' - i 'LETS - X - gixgxx XXX X-X XX XTXX X XX X'- X X X X X X X A X X X Q XXX X , , , iff ,:. . . wi I l E X fi N -XXX . X K X ' X X X -X 5 XXX XX ig A vgi , I L5 XXX: L 55 S X' era X-X X X X D ' XV X X 'B XE c. - fiX X P' ,, XE? is -X5 X, 'X is gi' ,XX ik Xfkfl R XN X XX X X Y K is XXXX XR iw X L W fXSXaX X ' X . t X , A: -X3 X S3 B tx Q S X T E 1' I, 4 7 Q N Q R X QQ U XS be gb, A X X Q Q X e X X X X X X XX gi XX X X ifX1:X : -X A A at X K XXH51 - - XG 'N in X X X N , N X X Xa... , ,. mi, Q A Q X Qs Roger Abbott Michael Adams Melody Adore Larry Airey John Alden Ricky Aldridge Deborah Alexander Rosi Alexander Phillip Allred Pat Almond Eddie Archibald John Ardrey Deborah Armstrong Denise Arndt Ronnie Arrowood Susan Artz Joan Atkins Donna Austin Kathy Austin Denise Bacot Pat Bagley Joey Bagwell Patricia Bailey Patricia Bailey Robert Bailey Barry Baker Gloria Baker Larry Baker Robert Baker Terry Baker Lynne Baldwin Cheryl Balloway Donna Balog Mike Barefoot Lois Barley Betty Barnes Cynthia Barnes Lynn Barnes Karen Barnette Lucy Barnette Allen Barnum Billy Barrett Joyce Bass James Bates Steve Baucom William Baucom Ronnie Bazemore Jim Beard Pam Beason John Beaty Vickie Beaver Greg Belk Richard Belk Charlene Bell Connie Bell Wendy Bell Roger Belton Sherry Benell Robert Benson Carl Berrier Ricky Berrier L Carolyn Berry - Paul Bigam Kay Bishop Kathy Black 'sk-2 .K Charlotte Blackman ' l we eg XR Sammie Blackman Terry Blackman 1, 1 X n Ricky Blake if Q W, William Blalock -L Curtis Blouet "' X 3 Jesse Blout Put your left hand in and shake it all about! 226 Carol Bloxham Roxanne Blume Ray Boardman Vera Bogans Frank Boggs Macky Bolton Eugene Booker Joe Bookout Janice Borst Frankie Bost Barney Boswell Patricia Bowers X Q X X xx N , A ' S Q , N in H 1 Ss. NVQ . -is 21 "" ""r web as A X fx E N X " - six T w Ka. 5 . X. A 5 N W x X X NR X an x S X 'lt . X 1 f it is v 1 VX A N A ' M -:sis .fs l .Y ,ef , .NR ' - . , ' - tl 1 1: "' . ,Q .eS'f:.Qi1iQ - 'f'fi':E?-'f,ii'.5 ,A QQ M X X a e - :G ' ef X . xg N' 5 1. Q Q av X Q X H David Bowman David Boyles Lacy Boyles Larry Boyles Paula Boyles Terry Boyles Pal Bradsher David Brakefield Cathy Brandon Marta Braswell Freida Brigman Deanee Brinkley Randy Broadnax Marshall Broadway Marcia Brooks Jackie Broome Mike Broome Cathee Brown Cheryl Brown Darlene Brown Harvey Brown Mike Brown Steve Brown Susan Brown Robert Brudnicki Wanda Bryant Joy Buchanan Gilbert Buckley Edna Bufford Vicki Bullock Pat Bu raglio Samuel Burchfield Charlene Burnette George Bu rnette Nancy Burnham Rebekah Bushnell Clifford Byrum Gary Byrum Michael Cadle Marilyn Cain Teresa Call Pat Callahan Susan Campbell Joe Canaday Mike Canady Chris Carlisle Katy Carlisle Angela Carnes Bob Carriker Neil Carroll Kenneth Caudle Virginia Chambers Gayle Chance George Childers Paul Chovis Ken Christenbury Benny Clark Gail Clement John Clements Lois Coble , Q - 1. 5. w -. H -r n ll Y- 4' 5 e . ' 'N an- D 9 Q' V5 ,s,. X . X 1 f PU 5, 9 as Q ur l lr 'N ,,- S Q--.. Red Rover, Red Rover send Billy right over! S t i K' . C 1-aft! . api f 85 ' , if , 'Q E G G ,x FR . 'x QA N '05 . .. jbs I Nc kb ' Xi ills QL X X X Xxx .R in g'L' L . ,Y xx - , G :if - X was 'Na 55' 11545 X 't X X t A S.. X . its Qt ' X . egg- sf. . :js if .,, ,lg . y, 'F' C be 1 C I. . f l 'L Rf' . .xt 4. Cinda Cochran Susan Cochrane Grady Cole Joyce Collins Pam Conder Mike Connell Wade Constant Chip Cook David Cook Doug Cook Johnny Cook Karen Cook Susan Cook Russel Corns John Costin Donald Coulter Michael Cowan Bobby Cox George Cox Adrienne Crawford Pauletta Crawford Marlon Crawford Bob Creed Tony Creed Mike Crowell Diane Crump Janis Crump David Cunningham Vivian Cunningham Debbie Cupit Diane Cu rlee Dickie Cuthbertson Sylvia Dameron Lynda Danner Ricky Davidson Gail Davis Leslie Davis Libby Davis Patricia Davis Richard Davis Diane Deal Teresa Deese Mark Delaney Clarice Dixon Monty Dobbins Gae Lynn Dodd Theresa Dooley Carolyn Douglas Deborah Douglas Sherry Douglas Sylvia Dove Kathy Dowdle Pat Downey Vicki Draper Teresa Drowning Ken Duffell James Dugger Jimmy Duke John Duncan Craig Dunlap Nick Economos Vicki Edmonds Brenda Edwards Pat Edwards Diane Elms Jeff Estridge Phil Estridge Jeff Ethington Gwendolyn Evans Rodney Evans Pam Everhart Nancy Ewart Patricia Faircloth Amy Falk Roberi Falls Lawrence Farrar Shirley Faulkner Nancy Feimster William Felder Carolyn Ferguson Joyce Ferguson Judy Ferrell William Findley Doug Fink Robert Fisher Jenny Fitch Cathy Fleming Debbie Fleming Sheila Flowe Sibyl Flowe James Ford Jeff Fore Sylvia Fore Dean Foster Debra Foster Don Foster X 'QX L V Q X X X :y zms s x -in ,. so Xi A X X X Q X XXX X XX XX Q XXX X s X Q N Q XXX ' FXS Q RQ X ,QSX XX T3 :X i X sx s av- X, .X in X X Y Q X X l' 3 Xl X W X Xxx l XX X X 5 X -XX-. sX XX X X X X XX? Xi? l X X XX X X XX X XX Q X X sl X Xi fXXX:'aX - X 'f 5 'sgf1 f.X1' .X ':s: X af 1 ' X 1 XL Xe X XX-XX S2- ffl' is r if . f X X X N X ' XXXX X XXXXXX ii X XX X XXXXX X X X X X X - XX n X n ' 3 - X X gi' X . x XXX , X 4. 1 X X XX: X F X X XX XX X . X if if-L - , XX X' g gg f gg 1 X - X 'f '-'Fig XXX X X N L X X.. XX X . -. XXX-X K X' -X X X -X -Xki X . X g X XX X X X iii Q SX l L S X A X X X XXX X X S X XX X 4. X X X, .j,x X., X... X, ,.,.. . XX., X JL an 51,3122 X' X X, Q " X' ' XX X M .. -. me Xi 1 ' '-is Q - L ' X ig! is - .' ' XXX'-'XX S K X X QX XRXX ' Q QX, .H S XS? XX X Sig X XX X X X XX Sy X X Q. 5.-ha KX S , nf sf. il :EX S ' I X. Q, ka. 'X , Sig, 1 SX X . X X i. X X x X Junior-Senior Involves Much Planning ,,,.,,..,..X..,..+...- QXQX X X Gig 5 XX SSM XXX NX is F 'Q QQ Q X X i X . X X X X xf if X ' 4 xn-- F 'F Xi . Lg l X SX XX X i wx if . Q3 :fiat ' 5 f 9 . X in -X l Q' 6 lv? Q Q v 35 X X L XXX g .1 ? X ,f X 1 1 X X X X W who .. x 2 X .f if 1 A X as l i' X 15' '1 if D X X X XA X XX xx Q X X xx 1 rx s X I i' f A f .WS v Donna Foster Pat Foust Gloria Fowler Danny Fraley Martha Fredell Mary Freeman Reta Frye Bu me Fullerton Beejie Funderburke Barbara Gallion Vanessa Gallman Terri Garris Ricky Gatewood David Gathings Robert Gemin David Giancarlo Cathy Gibson Susan Gilbert Anne Godfrey Debbie Goff Geraldine Goode Amy Gordon Doug Gordon Malcolm Goss Myra Graves Anna Greene Joel Greene Larry Greene Donna Greer Robert Greth Cathy Grlffen Ricky Grimes Debbie Grundman Joe Hamrick Carol Hancock Karen Hankins Angie Hardin Pamela Hardin Ricky Hargett Robbln Harkey David Harman Charles Harrell Blanche Harris Llbbie Harris Myra Harris Robert Harris Willie Harris Denise Hart Hope Hathcock Kathie Hawkins Brenda Haywood Kim Hedrick Eddie Hefner Nina Hegler Barbara Heine Debbie Helms Leonard Helms Mike Helson Carolyn Hesterberg Melanie Hllder Rob Hill Sally Hill William Hill Lane Hillard Danny Hinson Debra Hinson Mildred Hinson Rebecca Hinson Joann Hiser Alan Hodge Beth Hodge Shelia Hodge ease- is - X 1 N N Q X Q X X A Bi x K Y - ax X NS, X -Q gas X as J as X . RV- Q as -X X Xi L t if s E ,: 3 . if X X95 ' N1 - X WRX? x-NYY' K ' fits? XY? 2, .., ffji ai X X , . 3 X. I X . tl - sf' 'X . . 5:5 Sh " - 5 s - . ' . . - O x - fx x . ' Syl rf mi :szffsw1t-f . f FSA s 1 f I 5,4 ff 7 Y ,X 'a A ' uf' f 4? WW! ' if Q1 iw at 7' ,. 3 f' ' Q Wffw it ff f f " .w72zH5lwww'ff0 Y, we tv' 1 ' 'Q' .I ,-. :z-is 51 i Y NW ' '. . greg j ge We as wx X . 5 Bierce-Qi ze. -. figjf 551--1 gh N . X . is 8 we -ff Xe was eng N ,-s: . sake 1 i mg A 'in N . s y 2. g l Q f -. 9'f'2f fs ' E ' w a is R R ye . s xv. . awe Q K . it - y B ttt.t y it -. Spirited Jun' X-814: X: X -,sag-f v N at s N x X 3 F ,f' XQ f if U .. r : ill fx- -' E. Q Tit ilitikiz X ..-, X5 , - x i X Y X NF K lors Back the 'Cats if . X XR Q- W Nasa re bQ X XX R x' X E xx 5 sy Q N Q R if N X? f i N Nix Q A A X S 5 N N XSS ' X 1 l i ' x Qi - ESS ' L ES Xe XS 1 X 5 X X X A H ag w GR, 'Q Becky Hoffman Susan Hoffman Pam Hoke Roderick Hoke David Holbrook Maudia Holland Robin Hollingsworfh Wanda Honeycutt Perri Hoover Debbie Horne Kathy Horne Steve Horton Ex Xi J ix N X is SX -isilix gs ,X X XX 'N X Q ' XX X X x H I v W. X N fi. Kathy Houser Becky Howard Donna Howard Jacqueline Howard Gerald Howe Mattie Howie Cecil Huffsfetler Stormy Hughes Chuck Hughsfon Anthony Hunt Victoria Huntley Mike Huskey Mary Alice Huss Jamie Hufto Vincent Ingram Keith Isaacs James Isenhour Robbie Isenhour Butch Jackson Carol Jackson Reva Jackson Jane Jacobs Mike Jarrell Nancy Jarvis Ethel Jeeter Roddy Jennings Cathy Johnson Jane Johnson Mike Johnson Carol Jones Steve Jones Jack Joyce Richard Kalista Rhonda Kanipe Debbie Keller Charlotte Kelly Johnny Kelly Susan Kemp Pam Keziah Don Killian Mary Beth Kimmons Rita Kincaid Joe King Johnnie King Tommy King Charlie Kirby Paul Kirby Mike Kirkland 33' ,Q .X N X 'R A s X X Xxgs 1 . as rl. ,.1..f., 'X iw' we Q A gist Q .X Q . , rx' .Qi it W 5 t ,- . it g i 3 .. F f 0714224 ,f X710 w 0 AWZWM X X Y X NYS K - i sv : X in I 5 r X - tbiilsxig r-kr ' .X Q ... 'i X X . G K - - 1 iff? ' - - i f g-as L ' 3' in , A ,A K . .Z k k 55. , ..,.. 5 k K SEQ . K .4 1. sm: R K Q ,X ' X t ii - . .- 5 isiiifr Nl' Quark. 'E NX "C Z X N XSS- , J is R X I K. s i -if Kk'LL .iei f R siis i Q X elf' ' kxffbak 1, -Q ii But Miss Reinhardt, I have a hall pass!" "What's a Green Phantom?" C tx ,Lx , L at tb at , bi x XX1. kQ'x A x i t ' x L. M x.L.x. 5 i iz. 3 ' K I . N . V A,-. 1 X F ,Q . .L.. - , X -11 0 X f ' 'S - Q ixfx wt?- - tee .. We I x A A . We 1 X X it vi' 5 f SA f Bobby Kiser Kathy Kiser Jerry Kiser Randy Kissiah Gary Kistler Lonnie Kitchen Cissy Klouse Ricky Knighton Mecia Koutroulias Mary Kuppers Tim Lampley Jo Lawrence Suzanne Lawter Mike Leber Marshall Ledbetter David Lee Olivia Lee Bernie Lessard Willie Lewis Thomas Liles David Lineberger David Lipton William Little Sharon Lock Sandi Logan Howard Long Elaine Love Jamie Love Becky Lowery Brenda Lowrance Kathy Lupsity Becky Lyles Deborah Lyles Patrick Lynch Joanne McAndrews Kathy McCall Maxine McCauley Ruthie McCollum Denise McConahey Betty McDermott Sandra McEachern Shelley McEntire Barbara McGinn Bill McGinn Eddie McGinnis Flonnie McGowan Vivian McGrant Kathy McGrath Remember, twelve sources for your term paper. 0110 dvwn and eleven I0 90- Karen Mclntyre Ella Mcllwaine Vivian Mcllwaine Janet McKee Mary McKenzie Barry McKilIop Richard McLaughlin Richard McLean Danny McMilIian Evelyn McNair Sarah McNair Doug McRae Christine McWhirter Jack Mabry Laurie Mackerhagen Lola Mahatha Wanda Mallard Glenn Mangum Norma Mann Marilyn Marks Connie Martin Ronald Matthews Janice Mauldin Patti Mauldwin Keith Mauney Patricia Meaders Barbara Medford Ronnie Meek Danny Meier Peggy Melson g ' F5 Q X 1 x t Vx ws, sq-s r if NS- ii .t X X fi six EX he X N ' ne' - , 3 . 5 'X ,X-sFFs?5i'1Tf - X ' . ,fli- ..1.. .-,gn ,gl X an X, , qw! X NNQEK X X? X4 5 ix" Q35 S5 f 5 " Sw 3' we N x X sr L x xx XY X ecee X 7 Q R gf... an 1 ,. S We fix.. i f 236 l Juniors Look Toward the Future X5 s sr -.. y 'A N M -an i s is A i C Ra C l YP i 0 Q Q gm i I Q ' x A i is C IT' . Q l xAuA: I J .5 ui" 'ISA . A X X roor C Y , L 1 X t 5 x K R ,E ,... ,, - ., Q- X X -' X1 is t l - X i x Class of '71 dreams ol upcoming college days. Robin Merritt Debbie Miller Denise Miller Lonnie Miller Maxine Miller Phyllis Miller Becky Mirly Cynthia Mitchell Kevin Mitchell Odessa Mitchell Diane Moody Chester Moore Cora Moore Darlene Moore Henry Moore Mary Moore Sharon Moore Kay Morgan Susan Morgan AI Morino Mike Morrett Danny Morris Cindy Morrison Freida Morrison ...J Peace at Garinger! Janet Morrissette Deede Moser Dean Mullis James Mullis Joyce Mullis Evelyn Murr Sally Murr Denise Myers Donald Nance Ginger Nelson James Nelson Jody Nicholson Chuck Nilles Kathy Norman Dennis Norton Norman Nowlan Kathy Oakley Jerry Olive Patricia Osborne William Outley Cathe Outz Debbie Overcash Sharon Owensby Blaine Oxidine Gary Padgett Bill Parks Cindy Parrish Lori Patton Teen Paxton Steve Pendlton Janet Pethel Nancy Pettigrew Curtis Phifer Avery Phillips Betty Phillips Vernon Piehl ,rs 'x if .X L . Qi K 1 Q X is x , t NX Y. 'R -4 i Q -' l R we 1- r x A is 5 , txt. x - Q K K 'iffs ' i as A X . S'-E'-.X . FXM . -si' '- ' ' ' ' - If :iii 1. x X Q X X S 'K ' - , - iv K N V .fe , K f In K J ffxbxi -saw? e t ff X ' Q X . '- . l -sf . N Iii? X- i NTL T A C J- he x , -5' X- If l Q V . K N X le. ,fe Awe- 4 sk - 1 ww . P . . ewes-v . ' I T ' ' is X. in - -- - ge-1 Q 1 f' " -' N. QYQQQEQ - -' ' Exif? " X . K-X ' N ' W ., - i ' bixxi- A 3 3 A 5: fwfr f WP S X. X A XX Q ' - i Ramona Quinn Tina Quinn Dwight Rainey Margaret Ratchford Velda Ralcliffe Susan Ray Ronda Rayfield Karen Raynes Doris Fiedfearn Patricia Reeves Pat Renaud Pam Rhodes Barbara Pierce Brenda Pierce Nancy Pierce Tevis Pinkerton Mike Polly Bonnie Poison Ted Poole Teresa Pope Steve Porter Qnfhii Poteal Bill Powell Teddy Preslar Joe Pressley Deborah Price Mike Primm June Prince Rebecca Prince Virginia Pritchar Debbie Privett Gayle Purdue Van Purser James Putnam Susan Query Denise Quin d Jacqueline Rhyne Pam Ritchie Donald Rivers Kathy Roach Neal Robbins Fran Roberts Wayne Roberts Michael Robinson Robin Rogers Dennis Rorie Harry Roseboro Jerry Ross N' ui' if , L. , W ,ig . . . x mga-we s '- rs NW 0 QMS sg X X K X s Q x , . N ' We 5 if ii X Nl X 4 'X' X, , .t 1 ' --Q us.. W - .'.. X at all blil X . 1 ,. "Gee whiz, as soon as l homework!" Pat Ross Frances Royal Beckie Royce George Rudisell Charles Russel Frenda Sanders Helen Sanders Carolyn Sanford Mark Sanger Lora Satterfield Carol Stterwhite Beth Savage James Schlie Dolores Scruggs Mike Scruggs Ronnie Seegars Richard Shaver Charles Shaw Pam Sherrill Tim Shirhall Pam Shirley Stan Shooter Jean Short Marshall Short 240 finish this I can begin if N Se . Q 5 , X S X is its S R N QXB NX S S 5 ,Qs yesterday's J., W., l si "Hey man, tell me h ow you get out of this place!" Second Year Challenges Juniors exix x X 'K X S QS . . N Som, 5 . t -X S w X X X 'Ge t 1 Wea- Q t. Martha Shuford James Simmons Gloria Simms Beth Simpson Linda Simpson Susan Skidmore Layne Skipper Debi Sledd Mike Sloop Connie Sloope Steve Smart Cyndy Smith Donna Smith Hope Smith Jim Smith Kay Smith Kenneth Smith Rose Ann Smith Vicki Smith Karen Snider Sherri Spielman Jerry Stallings Steve Starnes Sheri Stegall Allida Stephens David Stephens Mae Stevens Mary Stogner Brenda Strader Bobby Strickland Jackie Strickland Bonnie Strong Don Stroud Ladaria Stuart Michael Stutts Paulette Suddreth Jim Sweet Debbie Tankersley Randy Taylor Jess Tennent Landis Tew Bobby Thomas Look Out Pit, Here We Come' Ah, the anticipation . . . lam 8 Senior af 'asf' 242 1 oofo 2 . f Gerald Thomas Greg Thomas L Theresa Thomas ' ,.,g Wanda Thomas , . T Frank Thompson T ' K.-. N Joe Thompson ' X it X Willie Thompson Bruce Tillman Sibyl Tipton Deborah Tolleson Tenna Topp Jody Torrence Bobbie Triplett Jimmy Triplett Mary Tripp Gail Truslow Jimmy Tucker Susan Tucker Dana Turner Sammy Umbarger Kay Vanderburg Amy Varney Ricky Vido John Vincent Vanessa Waites Walley Walker Craig Wallace John Walsh Rickie Walters Flay Warren ax 1 A Qs 'Q is is i X I ne u, . -. of K 1. f iit. 1, sf msgs: . X swgx X et X QXXXN ,ia A 'Q Nl Xxx X X X to uf ' X - x Y X X, 3 N X XX X X X X xx K l sax f . P ' 'N X vi"x X s X XS J 3 . B X, Q, XX.X.X X, L iq ---Lk,X , ff Q1 r K s' ! .L 4 XX 5 - - Y' . . gif.: f Q S? X2 X- l if ,if . " X . 2 . - I, Xff me . Q SR 'XX X X is NX QNX AX Q X - X t - X Ne Sb Y Patty Wedel Tammy Wells Clayton Wheeler Larry White Phyllis White Dale Whitney Rioky wniu Frances Wiley Cathy Wilkerson Doris Wilkerson Penny Wilkerson Gloria Williams Pat Williams Peggy Williams Robert Williams Monty Willis Bill Wilson Larry Wilson Sherry Wilson Harry Wolfe Kevin Wood Lydia Wood Karen Woolwine Moe Wright Gwen Wyatt Cynthia Yandle Bassam Yassim Virginia Yates Billy Young Gayle Zuk egg, Sophomore Class Officers Don Hughston, President , :Wi-ff .9 Marilyn Long, Secretary 244 v K 3 Pam Black, Vice President Carolyn Long, Treasurer h A 'lr E? ' 5 i ' t gk- tg. rl K X X X X K ,X x Vickie Aasness Donna Adams Everette Adams Vickie Alden Carla Alexander Michael Alexander Donnie Alford Mary Allen Steve Allen Debbie Allred Willie Alston Jerry Anderson Donna Arbogast Mark Ashley Lynn Atkins Robin Atkinson Barbara Attaway Louis Auten Turner Avery James Aycock Lora Balles Cynthia Bailey Kerry Baker Terry Baker Joel Ballard Karen Banker Jimmy Barnette Rocky Barr Catherine Barringe Jean Baskin Tommy Bass Jan Batts Dolly Beck Oreen Becker Cecile Beford Cindy Belk Donna Bennett Don Berg Ron Berg Linda Berryhill Gayle Bickel David Bilbro Pam Birens Roy Bishop Janet Bivens Crissie Bizzell Ben Black Jeanne Black Julia Black Karen Black Pam Black Robin Black Sharon Black Shiela Black I' J 245 Johnny Blackburn Robert Blackwelder Rhett Blalr Deborah Blalock Mike Bodilord Zahira Bodran Patricia Bolder Debbie Bolick Vivian Bolton Delores Booker Jerri Bousman Rincy Bowen Danessa Bowman Jera Boyd Patricia Boyd Sandra Brady Barbara Brannon Nora Brasfield Joey Brewer Mary Brice Barbara Brigman Beverly Britt Doug Broadnax Debra Brooks Hubert Brooks Richard Brooks Carolyn Brown X XX X Qs: , af " x Q X ew - . . -. R X . 51. . . - es:-iF ea' x, .l ' . X K 1 , ,,l.,o . , sm, 'Q 2-I' ?fi?5 ' 'z We as 'R 'lv ' N . 'SESS 3' lsee it, but I don'l believe it! Garinger Welcomes Sophomores iii Q +R J gg i U X N Sv: -r N' N 935 S QM , FT l ,.. Q N 5 v R iv 'iii H- 5' 11 e N ' .l Cindy Brown Gloria Brown James Brown Kevin Brown Norris Brown Ricky Brown Ruth Brown Sheila Brown Betsy Bruce Debra Buchanan Karen Buchanan Louvenia Buftord Ruby Burch Jane Burgess Sheila Burgin Eddie Burnene Jimmy Burnette Marsha Burris Gregory Burton Johnny Burton Steve Byerly Deborah Byrum Cynthia Cable Elaine Cadle Mike Callahan Gary Campbell James Campbell Melvin Campbell David Cannon Wade Carpenter Why is everyone following me? Are you really going to take a book home? Don Hughston is NCSCC President ls that what It means? Sammie Coleman Kent Collins Mitchell Collins David Conley James Conner Angela Cook Randy Cook Anna Cottros Debbie Couet Gene Cowan Nan Cox Joyce Craig Linda Crassons Elizabeth Crawley Paul Crenshaw Darrell Crews Steve Crompton Robert Crow Vicki Carriker John Carson Jimmy Carter Lois Carter Patsy Cato Artis Caudle David Chastain Stewart Cheek Mark Christenbury Melanie Cherry Pattie Clarke Charlie Claud Burl Cline Deborah Clontz Linda Coates William Cobble Sherry Coble Chuck Cochrane Jackie Coleman Johnny Coleman 16 wa. 8 N X e Q e Sophomores Show School Spirit P Q ' A Q Z .. W x 'Q a 5 Q Q s 3 S 5 . .gg i N x Q Y 5 ' gg :- M S. X I ,, f X3 . J C v xy . W-N X as A l N r 'Qs ga . 5 91 22 fx bn fl 5 s Q P' f A N. 0 q .Mex f.,5IRT'??e'i 1 '33 vs JYIKIAWQ, 5: , fa 259' "f1:"': 'Q 131' Y ., -.zrakwwirwsis " eel wx .ff -i if ": " - 5: 1' ' ' Q as vs S ' -. N w a . C. is - l 'Q' wi1fi .g , Y ' x fi v x s K X wr' ' V iw Nzff. wi, - A fx. an any W ? . . f Nw 4 L PP it Tammy Crump Vanessa Crump Marvin Culbrelh Christy Cullingiord Brenda Cunningham Sammy Curlee Tommy Dabney Brenda Danner Debbie Dark Linda Daugherty ' Ben Davis Betty Davis Butch Davis David Davis Flora Davis Shelia Davis Wanda Davis Wayne Davis Calvin Dean Janet Dean Angela Deese Ronnie Deese Sherry Deese Wayne Deese Charles De Groot Jimmy Dennis Judy Dew Barbara Digsby Jeanne Dillard Ann Dixon Willie Dixon Freddie Doby Bill Dotson Naomi Douglas Hank Draddy Steve Drake Cindy Duncan Dennis Duncan Sherry Duncan Judy Dunlap Tony Dyer Don Easterling Iris Eddins Rose Eddins David Eddy Teddy Elis Ann Elliott Diane Ellis .f k f if Q Qin 5 5 SSW X512 M. . si il ,s Q nf J 3 sr- -we 55 i X1 5 .,.. X . R .... 'H I' 5Q?2f?QYl'.K,i:t- . -. N-NQN: ' QR A9 NR S ex 91. , .V ix X X . K xx ...f- 'iff P 9 imqssw - S, QSM X W X Q yi' ' '--- A ar?-P396 yA.::.,, Q31 2 , x p Xwiglf xg 5 '. x-ur .-4 'O' ,3- 4, QLQ M A wx 'iikwawy . .. W .- Q A i'NNi?fihq1 ' x " g - 1 5 2' X 5 Nf fsvi-xfsfewifixxziif - 2' l Mike Furr Hildred Gainey Barbara Gantt Jimmy Gardner Mike Garmon Herb Garrison Bruce Gatlin Annette Gehlsen Lindsay Gibson Philip Gibson Robert Gibson Randy Gillis Vanesa Glenn Dorothi Glickert Bea Glisson Janell Glodell Joyce Godfrey Barbara Godwin Elio Gonzalez Sandra Gonzales Mark Goodson Butch Gordon Ralph Gordon Mac Grantham LuAnn Gray Marie Gray Cynthia Grayson Karen Grayson Linwood Grayson James Graham Darla Green Cindy Greene Mackie Gregory Ruby Gregory Susan Gregory Debbie Griffin Melanie Griffin Frieda Griffith Charles Gulledge Floyd Gunter Joan Gurley Mike Hagler -iw Debbie Hahn Dale Hall Holly Hall Regina Hall Linda Hamer Chris Hammond Elaine Hancock Sherry Hancock Pamela Hand Diane Hands Barbara Hanson Mike Harding Bill Harmon Dickie Harrell Donnie Harrelson Susan Harrison Paul Hart Tommy Hartis Susan Harton Vicki Hartsell Cindy Hatley Deborah Hawes Steve Hawley Susan Haynes Susan Haywood Karen Head Willie Heath Mary Jane Heavner Jo Hedrick Madeline Heine Claudia Helms Diane Helms George Helms Jackie Helms Johnny Helms Donald Henderson Gary Henderson Peggy Hendricks Deborah Hendrix Beth Hennings Patricia Herring Roy Hewitt Scott Hicks Mike Hildreth Debbie Hill Jim Hill Linda Hill Michael Hill Rickie Hill Robert Hill Albert Hilton Dawn Hilton Diane Hinson Mike Hiser . N an Q X FK Q sf J. -Em i Q its X S N Xb X Q 1 'S I .. MW.: ' 3 9131 . 534:51 s . .. . : .K .X 4 Q-rm, X X Xxx Q. Si as x i v. e 3 z, N5 4-is X .,. s ,,,.,s4f.:xf . . g- 5 , g Q1 . si. e ei my . A. s 1 ..... S 3 1 J L te. If 1 3' ' -, SQ ' 'sf' K i s fa? Qi . X 3 5 K' K ' -Z ,,-- SY S .L . .. . X . ' L ! . A xii sl 5 . r X -f " 4 9' ri s L X . 1 erik R e3'.ff-' s ei J ' ir' X . . ii : . i Re Nite X 'N' Q5 qiqif. , 5 . N lx . t . lb X X. S N. xt. ge N fs s s ' 1.2 9 . N is x . A0 .. ,A.. X X .ik 1 'L' N k,.,Q SX -KP S-Q 5 f in N. . ,us ,se -- s X X5 Q K osx ii Q K I WN Q50 C s x 1 X X ,XS .N x 1 Gin Johns Carol Johnson Jerry Johnson Missi Johnson Shelia Johnson Susan Johnson Jan Johnston Billy Jones Candace Jones Steve Hocsak Dan Hoke Rhonda Holders David Holloway Pam Holtzclaw Carolyn Hood Kenny Hopkins Mark Horne Clinton Horton Jerry Horton Mike Horton Bill Houck Zoe Hough Jane Houser Ronnie Houser Elijah Howard Max Hoyle Susan Hubbard Stuarl Hudgins Sandy- Hulfman Marian Hughes Mike Hughes Dave Hughston Don Hughston Tommy Huneycutt Randy Huss Mike Hutchinson Harry lngle Joy lsenhower Richard Ivey Barbara Jackson Bobby Jackson Zafia Jarosiewics Linda Jeeter Newton Jeffers Don Jenkins Well, who's goingto help me get up? Shirley Jones Johnette Jordon Susan Jordan Wayne Jordan Gretchen Josephs Peggy Joyce Tommy Juba Tim Keesler Tim Kelly William Kelley William Kemenczky Evelyn Kendrick Anise Key Bill Kincaid Dwight Kidd Danny Kinder Donna King Netta King Ronnie King Biff Kirby Carol Kirkman Joe Kirkpatrick James Kiser Patsy Kiser Karen Kitchens Joseph Kivett Lucia Lachicotte Rodney Lanier Lynn Lankford Debbie Lambert Julie Lambert Julie Lambert Mike Lambeth John Lawrence Debbie Leaird Cynthia Lee Marsha Lee Inez Lefler Berry Lewis Eddie Lewis Nancy Lewis Betty Liles Bob Lincoln Terry Lindley Ann Little Jeanette Little Joyce Lloyd Nancy Lloyd Pamela Lloyd Sandy Locke Carolyn Long Gail Long Marilyn Long Priscilla Long ,ra sag- fl' 'mi X Roads Cleared for Student Drivers f 4- Flenee Long J ,. ,ry f Cameron Low Y ' Debbie Lowman D x eed Debi Luckadoo ' Mike Lyerly Jerry Lynch .r Q Rick L Ynn ' 1 Sarah McAdams Q Tracie McClain A A Jim McCloud D Vicky McClu re 4 Paul McConahey Kyle McCorkIe Patti McCorkle Terry McCorkle Gary McCullough Matilda McCullough Janice McDaniel Johnny McDonald Debbie McElveen Billy McGee Shelia McGinnis Ophelia McGrant Debbie McKay Sophomore in the pit! Janice McKee Robin McKee Doug McKenzie Betty McKnight Donna McLaughlin Lynn McLendon Pamela McManus Susie McKoy Terry McRae Nancy Mabry David MacKay Debbie Malcom Marcia Mallet Mark Mangrum James Mann Don Manus David Marks Ella Mae Marshall XY G is t ,. ' -4 K . ' . M 'Tl' , ' ,, les, . x, X X as X it 7 s N xc X N Q N., ' T- W 2 if - fsixiilea - x '- ty'-. Q ss. ..s ws is Qtilkx I ff -D -A D' N Q35 . f Q 5 - .1 il P-- fwsqg - 9' ' ft WNY . si-S-1 X .X as X 1 we s S N- sv:-tw N L .yy, K .1 t . ryy t , at " f if - K 1 ws X ' i ' X .. ali sq ., .LQQN1 ,t K a N i D. if -. c , S - -11 E515 rg, : sy: b e .. i Liga ' R51 S 5. , i is Q was , . , - Q' is .4-no-wdwwk S s '30 ... Q .2 .. f , w s'F"W"'f Q I wanlto know why 99W of the class failed this test! William Marshall Debbie Martin Kenneth Martin Mary Martin Phil Martin Marilyn Maser Helen Mason Neva Maston Donna Matthews Kathy Mauterer Dean Maxwell Sandra May Terri May Brooks Maynor Deobrah Medford Jeanette Medlin Gail Meek Eddie Melton tis ? A if ' Si 3 N I 'Q N X was I 3 1? an ' Q- .V S X l H Q. .. r fal l.- , . as Ve- , X . i wi Qs H x X514 . S Q -iii. aifin wi?-! N Q ""l ,f s . s - ,tl X 5 as ' . Y' Nets 5 l K Sophomores Cheer Wildcats to Af. 5 ,mA. 3 , .YQ W . is Ei? .. 4' L.. - :N sf. . 'WE 45'E:f ': H322 NFL 'Q' ' ,. XWRYE- gg-gh . , - ,j , alilif.-m f i y 35? fe c " ': lt? ft fn 5 it- i ' if f- - i . K I K Q . -Ni , 5 x X ., .s X ix X X rs 1 e Ntsbf Gfgilik X X 5 N' Tf3i'fg 3, Wx t Q X ,e f at k 5 X ea f X X- I ss Victory Valorie Merritt Stephen Messer Betty Miller Denise Miller Ronny Miller Victor Miller Kathy Mills Phyllis Monroe Barry Moody Mike Moody Debbie Mooney David Moore Katy Moore Sherry Moore George Moreland Pete Morgan Becky Morris Cindy Morrison JoAnne Morrison Marlene Morrow Debbie Moulton Don Moyer Jackie Mullen Frank Mullis Joe Mullis Donna Mummert Jeffery Myers Jean Nance Richard Nantz Teresa Neeley Up, up, and away! And then he said to me. . . Sophomores Experience High School Life Mary Neelley Annette Nesbitt Michael Nicholson Lester Norman Melva Norwood Gay Nunn Sharon Oakley Fred O'Daniel Allen Orbison Pat Orr Terry Orr Barbara Outley Donald Owens Debra Padgett Michael Padgett Jimmy Page Willard Painter Danny Panther Leroy Parker Earl Pate Marcia Payne Donna Peacock Mike Pearson Debbie Peeler Allan Perry Anne Perry Gail Perry Marilyn Perry John Pettigrew Beverly Pharr l 'X fi gh is agar as ' l asf P ,, Left' Right' Left' Right! I l Q Some study K gi x 'X X Q as Ot X X N X Qs Y . N b ar s X v, S Including Exams . s. ,- sw Q 'Y .....samW X f S 9 if as C we X ' X ' K Zi x 5 - .YX sl Xi 5 SOME don't :SS X Qs Harold Phifer Marion Phiter Dale Phillips Ruby Pickett Morna Pigford Buddy Pigg Kathy Pike Diane Pinnel Mary Alice Pinson Thomas Pistone Regina Plemmons George Ptott Mary Plummer Kenneth Ponder Ann Porter Gail Posey Kathy Poston Steve Poteat Gerald Preston Jerry Prevatt Linda Price Mark Propst Donna Pruitt Richard Pugh Becky Putnam Donna Pyatte John Quick Debbie Railey Betty Randall Joyce Rann Mike Rape Phillip Redd Doug Redfern Terri Rees Janet Reid Wayne Reynolds Gary Rice Mildred Rich Cindy Rickenbaker Larry Ritch Denise Robbins Dan Roberts Diane Roberts Sandy Rose Beverly Ross Deborah Ross Kenneth Royal Teresa Rushing 1 5, .X Q 1 + R' e ' , 5 sais X Q is K ,.. ,F W!! xi X Q 'lk-W X , K fs . 3 , , 3... Q55 L f ss X i, 'C' ' b .w s:F:2k ' X 4 X5 kkhk f Now watch the birdie! Q Mx X sfo if? X X t X . N ii S . 1 so X N S . geese 'Q n . as ,Q x Q v r ji 3 Q 1 Q QS .. x,.x, , . vt 'fx f Let's go Wildcats! An Qi er gs W , N 3 9 X X, A XX.A V' ' 35.1 5 nga sz- li- ' A 1 F-I 1. S iiz " K - -. N XTX YES x x Q1,.1 , f . -NN se .i N x Linda Sacra Janice Sanders Milton Sandifer Regina Sandifer Diann Sansing Gwynn Sasser Mike Saunders Mindy Saunders Beverly Savage Bruce Scofield Ralph Seamon Larry Sellers Robert Sellers Sharon Sessions Billie Sewell Richard Shanklin Phyllis Shaver Jan Sheppard Gary Shinn Clint Shu David Shufford James Shytle Barbie Slmister Clifford Simpson Janet Simpson Ronnie Simpson Sherry Simpson -R K.'-. 6 John Smith Karen Smith Kathy Smith Kim Smith Livvi Smith Martha Smith Nancy Smith Pamela Smith Ricky Smith Ricky Smith Ricky Smith Sandy Smith Tony Smith Vicky Smith Richard Snider Cynthia Sowell Myra Sowell Beverly Stackston S S Three's company, two's not enough." 262 Debbie Simms Steve Sinnett Skip Slaughenhaupt Butch Smith David Smith Gary Smith Jeltrey Smith Joe Smith I 1 X Xe X X F 6 X t . . N N.. X N ig R X N X S ixf ef. w Qt' xx it gs Q' f S .v- Patti Stafford Douglas Staker Junior Stamey Bill Stanley Eddie Starnes Libby Starnes Myra Starnes Wayne Starnes Gregory Starr Bill Stewart Kristy Stewart Jan Stewart James Stemple Tommy Stiles William Stitt Malnutrition in the amphibian world Lewis Stogner Linda Stover Janet Stowe Susan Styron Karen Sullivan Jerry Sutton Philip Sweet Gerald Swett Vickie Sykes Dale Talbert John Tallent Tim Tarleton fuss Terri Tate Ann Taylor Lynn Teer Cynthia Thomas David Thomas Richard Thomas JoAnne Thompson Joey Thompson Pam Thompson Zelma Thompson Ronnie Thorne David Threatt Chip Tipton Paula Toler Tommy Torrence Teresa Trammell Carmen Treiles Norman Trexler Debbie Triplett Steve Tucker Douglas Turner Pat Turner Donald Tyson Kenney Warren Jimmy Ware Brenda Ward Karen Walters Jeanne Waller Marilyn Wallace Lynn Wallace v . : as 2 5 X K is A X Q Y S X X X X .X Q sl e w-fly D . 3 5' X i X . in sa .L il X Il Y X r ss-sf' M035 5. .X-fQ SQ1fsfg'i Q 1 . 2? 'fx f TN . i.ii N' ' Q ,. 5, 264 X QE sa. we - 15 . . wi NEEDS . K, zz 5 You don't say! Q X5 K .Q , ,' 9 5 l E x Nvii ' X X S X .. A - Q A W . 5 55 ' if 5111-so X f-' f fx - x X. . . i fha if t if X X u R - 59 '- s 5 Dianne Wallace Tayloria Walker Beth Waite Joyce Wagner Chris Waechter Denny Wade Joe Washam Steve Washam Larry Watson Mark Watts Gloria Webb John Webb Terri Webb Pamela Weems Gwen Welch A tense moment mm Nothing like a good joke to cheer you up! 265 Sophomores - Juniors Next Year IQ! Qt Boys toe the line in volleyball. Mike Wentz Randall West Robbie West Debbie White Janet White Libby White Mark White Sharon White Steve White Tom my White Debbie Whitley Carol Whittington Ronnie Wike Corine Wiley Corline Wiley it X Xx "Who bothers to wear shoes ?" 266 i'sn-wsu-4 we 'R A' Q, X iw 'te t X. Well what do you know . . . it'st xt he skull of the extinct Tyrannosaurusl Qx Rx, N N fwegsfwsl :W i l ,Nl l - S. i x Y' Ken Young Jon Zagar Robin Zink John Willhelm David Williams Diane Williams Freddie Williams Gwendolyn Williams Kathy Williams Keith Williams Ramona Williams Ricky Williams Shirley Williams Steve Willliams Charles Winchester Doris Winchester Marion Winchester Ruth Winchester Wanda Winchester Judy Wise Ophelia Witherspoon Debbie Wolfe Mark Woodard Julie Woodburn Linda Woods Ann Woodruff Kenneth Wooten, Jr. Michael Worley Joseph Wright Harriet Wyla Carolyn Yandle Lori Yandle Clara Young .,-qu.. ,...,. x--dug... '-'IK-L -un--M 68 269 Carolinds Largest Dealer cb-FOI1v2.E." 531 e.1nAoE sr. - EDison 2-3131 - ' Opposite the Courthouse Chevrolet Headquarters Since 1925 JOHN O'BRIEN TEXACO TUNE-UPS, BRAKE SERVICE, s 8t H GREEN STAMPS 4320 The Plaza 377-9218 I W6 ITALIAN RESTAURANT at PIZZERIA 3200 MONROE ROAD CHAni.o'r-rs, N. C. ws SFECIALIIE IN TAKE our ORDERS MIKE MILLER - PROP PHONE 333-4726 .-.uf-"Wi" ' if .iff ' if :J -..Q-'Y' ci' I '1 ' "" .DEPENDABLE fy ,E,, W Drzueelsr S T A N L E Y ' S Super Drug Store I949 East 7th St. "You see everybody here" FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER JIM BUDDY FAULK BROTHERS HARDWARE, INC. 5744 North Tryon Street Charlotte, N.C. Business Ho 596-4397 596-1086 HOME - FARM - RESIDENTIAL NEEDS me 596-0369 BRESLER'S ICE CREAM SHOP In The Eostwcy Shopping Center HOME OF THE 33 FLAVORS I-auf sr ,IQ F T025 0,,o' 'Q O wwf '? 1 SHAMROCK BEAUTY SALON EVELYN ALLISON, Owner Located Shamrock Shopping Center I4'I3 Eastway Drive, North Phone 537-6743 Stylists Mrs. Martha LaFove Mrs. Christine Dodd Mrs. Carolyn Purser Mrs. Dorothy Cooks Mrs. Ann Pearre Miss Donna Tucker BUSTER BROWN SHOES ALSO 1'sHoEs rosa ADULTS" MEN'S, womEN's eovs', cms' a. V, 56 INFANTS' A 1197 f . '-2 ' ALSO LINGERIE DEPT HIVHERE T0 BUY THEM" THOMPSOWS SHOE STORE Independence Blvd 8: Pecan Ave At Thomas Square --------------------------- 332-54 14 LITTLE ITALY N- RESTAU RANT 7377. Fmztfzarr AND :Y AMERCIAN CUISINE If 1' Wi' i Call for Carryout Service V 222I CENTRAL AVENUE Dial 375-1625 ' A Nmum nfwsnicm A - New IZA SP H TT! V CHICKEN SCALLOPIN HI ENA CCIATOI .R 'ww biz . AG E J ms CK ' THE ES LASAGNE M2315 MINUTE MAN CLEANERS 3060 EASTWAY DRIVE EASTWAY SHOPPING CENTER Best Wishes From 2437 Central Avenue Charlotte, N.C. 4427 The plaza Pm-me 375-9184 Phone - 333-0388 Buck Lankford, Owner McEWEN Phone - 375-2157 FUNERAL SERVICE 727 E. Morehead CHARLOTTE 3, N.C. Phone ED 4-6421 Best Wishes From SHORT FABRIC SHOP 1304 North Brevard St. CMissJ Fay Short, Mgr. 272 FUNDERBURK S ,X GUM' GULF SERVICE aff! KlNG'S DRUG STORE Gas - Oils - Lubrication 3038 EASTWAY DRIVE Tires - Tubes - Accessories CHARLOTTE, N.C. 2937 Eastway Dr. PHONE - 537-4212 CHARLOTTE, N.C. BILL BYRUM 377-3685 JEAN BYRUM "The woman's every need" S , no Byrum's Florist , 6 44:7 PLAZA ' j 1 fa L, L. fir: 1' 5 in NORTHEAST PLAZA SHOPPIN9 CENTER HERRIN BROS. GULF run OILS KEROSENE COAL-ICE for year-round service 2 Locations: - h 315 EUS' 359' SWE' Eastway Shopping Center 537-2964 'O Su" ' e Season Phone 332-2193 Pinviiie Rd. K-Man shopping center 523-1740 273 COMPLIMENTS OF i A FRIEND RUTH'S FASHION SHOPPE i PLAZA HILLS Pharmacy, Inc. Reg. No. 8991 PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 376-2774 2513 Plaza Rd. Charlotte, N. C. HALYBURTON'S CLEANERS Quality Cleaning at Reasonable Prices Complete Laundry Service 2919 Shamrock Dr. Phone 537-9061 H0 TOY Translated-Good Luck Chinese and American Restaurant l220 Thomas Ave. COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS OF 1970 Good Luck Seniors! IHIMRRNS o TEIETTEIR SUPER MARKETS:uc. 274 SHAMROCK FABRICS 1417 Eostway Drivc 537-6546 Look smart, be smart-shop at SHAMROCK FABRICS SHOP COMPLETE FRONT END SERVICE " . .-gngig HANSEL'S ALINEMENT STANLEY HIGHWAY Bus. Phono: VA 7-1822 MT. HOLLY. NORTH CAROLINA Rss. Phone: VA 7-M33 COMPLIMENTS OF THE PLAZA MEN'S STORE, INC. 1500 Central Ave. or 3732 Coliseum Shopping Center Best Wishes From WHISNANT DESIGNS DISPLAYS - GRAPHICS EXHIBITS - INTERIORS Charlotte, North Carolina NN f Q 9 O la n y 4 , A .4 kgs Reddy To Rock Reddy Kilowatt never misses a party.In fact,without him,things would be pretty dull. Think of il: no stereos, televisions, electric guitars or ice cubes. Thanks to Reddy there are over l6O Nameless electric ser- vants that make modern living comfortable, economical and fun.When you have o home of your own, there will probably n u 'Jr be even more. ' Duke Power COMPLIMENTS OF SHAMROCK BARBER SHOP Equipped with Clipper Vacuum 1407 Eastway Dr. lg? ' P 596 6145 rf 'E' V, ,.,, 1 ff H51 , I , ' ix 'tts S 6 , The Amber House RESTAURANT OPEN 6 A.M. TO 11:30 P.M. CLOSED ON SUNDAY TOMMY AND ANDV 5525 N 1-RYON T PRIVATE DINING ROOM QHARL-OT-I-E N C WEDDINGS - FUNERALS - CORSAGES CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS W E GRACE'S FLORIST WI 121- 4426 NORTH HAVEN DRIVE - CHARLOTTE, N.C. Phones 596-5332 5 E LL GRACE s. PENNINGER Nights 596-2758 ROY'S JEWELERS 4425 The Plaza Charlotte, N.C. Phone - 377-2819 51, S TR AWN Z BUMG A R NE R I NC. W, 3 72 , 6 300 THROWER'S TEXACO SERVICE FOR FAST EFFICIENT SfRVIOf U HAUL TRAILERS 3301 The Plaza 375-9414 276 SHAMROCK + 3029 THE PLAZA Rn. PHONE ED 3-0168 CHARLOTTE. N. c. Open 8 am - 10 pm Daily and Sunday ACE ELECTRIC COMPANY 3740 Dunwoody Drive GOOD LUCK SENIORSI Telephone EDison 3-8846 ROY WHITE'S FLOWERS "Finest in Flowers" ,L-.1D!,,4 , N P7 I933 E. 7th Street 1 'L -"2-A EXW IIT II CHARLOTTE, N. c. 55 A 'J Roy J, vvnfe A LY- - f RIENTTAL RESTAURANT Chinese and American Cuisine Open Every Day 2100 E. Independence Blvd. Telephone Charlotte, N.C. 28205 47049 332-2238 "Near the Coliseum" KING CLEANERS 8E LAUNDERETTE SUGAR CREEK ROAD EASTWAY PURE 945 Eastway Dr. Across from Garinger Phone 536-4096 27 Compliments of COCHRANE FABRIC SHOP 5703 North Tryon St. Charlotte, N.C. Phone - 596-4923 Dine In or Carry Out Phone Ahead Q ready in 20 min. ,lf PIZZAHUTQ 2501 Central Ave. 3101 Freedom Dr. 372-7521 399-5989 Traiiways and new Interstate highways bring you Faster, Smoother and Safer travel. NATIONWIDE THRU SERVICE TOURS - CHARTERS PACKAGE EXPRESS SHIPPING CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS Easiest Travel on Earth Phone 372-1303 OF CHARLOTTE Specializing in Half Sizes and Large Sizes Eastway Shopping Center Charlotte, N. C. 28205 Phone 537-0863 FOUR SEASONS CLEANERS WINDSOR PARK 3001 Shamrock Drive 536-1185 4314 The Plaza 376-1807 ATLANTIC e!f CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '70 ATLANTIC SERVICE Phone 537-9977 FREE PICK-UP 81 DELIVERY - ROAD SERVICE 4401 Central Avenue Charlotte 5, North Carolina Best Wishes Seniors! 8 BOB'S ESSO 916 EASTWAY DRIVE Phone 333-2872 R :gm 15...1.1.,,S, 1.,c. l I b PROP:-lsr Bnos. on co 4 P Give X X cliregion 1 e MMM W MW iifilffi Southern Bel Telephone 84 Telegroph Compony RUSS WISE BARBER SHOP Hair Styles ' Shampoo 8m 8: Hair Dying Tonics Mud Packs Razor Massage Cuts 2123 Shamrock Drive Hours: 9-6 Mon. - Fri Sat. 8-4 Ps-ion: sos-e624 MISTER PIGS LEES RESTAURANTS SERVICE Specializing in FRESH BARBECUE CPork and Beefl and FRESH SEAFOOD QFisI1, Shdimp and Oystersj CATERING TO any size party - no party too large - BANQUET FACILITIES at our Eastway Drive Location Charlotte Locations 530 Eastway Drive - 332-6802 4640 South Blvd. - 525-3492 'III3 Pecan Avenue - 334-2653 OFFICE and CATERING 1600 Purser Drive - 537-8895 E. L. LEE Owuln 1300 SUGAR CREEK ROAD WBST CHARLOTTE, N. C. 24 HOUR SKRVICE K , .,, , IIT? Q"' 'X ---' ' '--4 --W- D I f P--'Q - T choose your campus A look from our BIG 3 , K . . THE SAXON SHOP 'X -. N fs: ' .- - THE JUNIOR WORLD X-X. . Q"' " - THE CORNER CUPBOARD w' b Q 1 A 7 Q .... ..., , . 1.-:-:-:Q-:.:::.1,:-EIS" xx, 55-.5 x.:.:.:., - .-.-,- A --N-:4:-wr.-.-..m. BELK, DOWNTOWN CHARLOTTE 'QQ" l N D ' . TRYON MALL PHILLIPS 66 501 Sugar Creek Road 596-2322 BILL'S GLASS SERVICE 5900 Old Concord Road Q Compliments of 1 v ' 'Ll X SUGAR CREEK GULF 516 Sugar Creek Road W. Charlotte, N.C .5 BILL BECK PONTIAC "h"n"596'5"' MERCEDES-BENZ 5141 E. Independence Blvd. Phone 536-1234 Charlotte N C TO THE CLASS OF 1970 GARINGER HIGH SCHOOL THANK YOU THE HERFF JONES COMPANY IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO MANUFACTURE YOUR CLASS RINGS. REPRESENTATIVES CARLTON E. uPcHuRcH DEVQN W. SMITH TAYLORSVILLE, N. C. KT NORTH CHARLOTTE PHARMACY Phone 332-5470 3201 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, N.C. Free Delivery Service EASTWAY 65 SERVICE C0"'P'i""f"'5 of t::T:f::.E.:1::""' 0 Mechanic on Dul nun .WMM T h e ation , , , STAMPS Auditorium-Coliseum 'W' SMC' OVAATICII Hill PllllllPS 531-9931 E E 3718 Central Ave. CROWDER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1123 East 10 Street 333-9692 CURKSR 't fi Now 2 Locations: 128 N. Tryon 3730 E. Independence Blvd. Compliments of HUTCHINSON AVENUE BARBER SHOP in Hth A ShppgC Compliments of PlKE'S DRUG STORE 2044 North Graham EASTWAY CLEANERS H. B. Cash, Mgr. 3701 Central Avenue KE 7-4848 "Drive-In Window" Compliments of BOB SHIELD Best of Luck Seniors" O ' , GN A 2.1, 1.8.8010 QQ CSVTNNED , 2:29 cc-:NlE,AL AVE i l 1 i TEL 333 0989 Compliments of HUNTLEY'S ESSO 3721 CENTRAL AVENUE CHARLOTTE, N.C. PHONE - 537-4183 SOUTHERN PIPING 81 ENGINEERING CO., INC. 4342 Central Avenue PACTION ALWAYS PRINTING smc: 1869 SERVICE And SATISFACTION mold blothol tn form I Z powerful vllunl unity. We It KEYS Ilka pride In the tacllltlu in depth vm make lvalllblo to our patrons In putting Inm print the pur- aonallw of ml' pmdlkrt wi EYS NG CORPORATION - M Greenville, S. C. SMITH ELECTRIC OF CHARLOTTE 1123 Commercial Ave. 375-3588 Night and Holidays 537-6121 "Friend of the Oil Equipment lndustry" "Try our Jamesburger Sandwich" DIAMOND RESTAURANT 1901 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, N.C. "Home Cooked MeaIs" Phone 332-9568 for take out orders. 28 7 Mr. Edward Sanders Furman University, B.A., M.A. Principal Miss Marian Reed Duke University, B.A. Syracuse University, M.A. Assistant Principal Mr. Harold A. Hood Lenior Rhyne College, B.A. Univ. of N. C., Chapel Hill Med Degree Assistant Principal Miss Betty G. Cunningham Co-advisor of Garinger Business Leaders Secretary Mrs. Emily Frazer Kuykendall Queens College, A.B. Treasurer Mrs. Katherine M. Peeler Registrar Miss Nancy Niell Abell Winthrop College, B.S. Director of Students Activities Advisor to Student Council Mrs. Loretta B. Price Mecklenburg College A.A.tSecretarial Coursel Guidance Secretary Mr. Frank Everett Wampler Teachers Aid, Mr. Hood's Aid Bus Director Mr. James Addison UNC-C, A.B. Graduate work at UNC-C Driver Education, Football Coach Mr. Ronald Aldridge Mars Hill College B.A. University of Dijon, France Clark University in Worcester, Mass. University of North Carolina United States History, World Geography Mr. Ray Lewis Alston Appalachian State University, B.S. M.A. Special Education Chai rman-Door Committee Jr.-Sr. Mr. Thomas E. Asbury Livingstone College, B.S. A 8- T State University, M.S. Mathematics Mr. Charles P. Auten Driver Education Gardner Webb Jr. College A.A. Wake Forest College, B.A. Graduate Work UNC-C Mr. Gilbert S. Ballance UNC at Chapel Hill Northwestern University Wake Forest University A.B., M.Ed. Radio Broadcasting Director of Broadcasting Miss Inez M. Bankett Catawba College, A.B., UNC-G, M.Ed., UNC-CH, N.C.S.U., Queens College, UNC-C Counselor ' Faculty Directory Mr. M. Donald Belk N.C.S.U., B.S. Electronics Chapter V.I.C.A. Club Advisor Mrs. Beatrice Frye Bennett Livingstone College A.B. A 8t T University M.S. World History, United States History Mrs. Virginia K. Boyd Elon College A.B. Home Economics, Clothing, Family Life Education Mr. Wayne L. Branshaw Stout State University, B.S. Cabinet Making Teacher V.l.C.A. Miss Leonora Ethel Broughton Winthrop College, B.A., M.A. English IV, II Mrs. Nancy P. Burgess Winthrop College, B.S. UNC-C Distributive Education Teacher- Coordinator Advisor to DECA Mrs. Ruby May Caldwell UNC-G, A.B., UNC-CH English ll, English lll Garinger Fl' A Sponsor Mecklenburg FFA Sponsor Mr. Dan Steven Camp Appalachian State Univ., B.S. World History Advisor for Interact Mrs. JoAnn K. Carpenter Catawba College, A.B. English ll, Journalism Advisor to Rambler Stafl Advisor to F.T.A. Mr. Franklin Dewitt Carriker Mars Hill College, Catawba College, A.B. UNC-CH, M.A.T. Guidance Counselor Key Club Advisor Mrs. Willia R. Carson Winston-Salem Teachers College, B.S. Univ. of Wisconsin Teachers College Columbia University, M.A. Home Economics ll, C.E.O.-Coordinator Mrs. Dorothy Fl. Crawford Knoxville College, B.A. Catholic Univ. M.S.L.S. Librarian Mr. Hubert D. Crotts UNC, L.R., A.B., M.A. World History Mr. R. E. Cummings, Jr. Appalachian State Univ. B.S. UNC M.A. Biology, Football Coach Mrs. Maxine Ormond Davis Livingstone College, B.S. Columbia Univ., M.A. Teacher of Business Education G.O.P., Business Math, Personal Typing Mrs. Shirley M. Deal Mars Hill College, A.A. Pieiffer College, B.S. UNO-CH Cooperative Office Ed. C.0.0. Club Mrs. Sara M. DeBerry Limestone College, B.S. UNC-CH, UNC-C, Clemson Univ. Converse College General Math I, Algebra l, Il Chairman of Faculty Flowers and Gift Committee Mrs. Faye B. Deese Concord College, B.S. Marshall Univ., M.A. English IIA, IV Head of English Department Mr. James William Dixon Pfeiffer College, B.S. UNC-CH, M.Ed, Biology I Mr. Robert 0. Doster Ohio State Univ., B.S., M.A. UNC-CH, NCSU Industrial Cooperative Training, l, Advisor - ICT Chapter ot VICA Mr. James A. Edwards, Jr. Duke University A.B. U.S. History, Swimming Coach Assistant Baseball Coach Mrs. Jeanne Knapp Fitzslmmons Florida State Univ., B.A. William and Mary, UNC-C Queens College English lll, lV Willow Tree Miss Marsha Jean Forney North Carolina Central Univ., B.S. General Mathematics I Algebra l, II Mrs. Mary Dunham Fort University of Illinois, UNC-CH UNC-G, A.B., M.A. Reading Improvement Red Cross Advisor Mrs. Ann Roberson Foxx Johnson C. Smith Univ. B.S., A.B. Biology I Mr. Timothy Martin Galley Davidson College, A.B. English ll, Ill Mrs. Peggy B. Gandy Queens College A.B. English ll, Ill Mrs. Karen 0'Brisn Gibson Florida State University, Bachelor Arts English ll, Ill J.V. Cheerleading advisor Mr. E. Eugene Gilleland, Ill NCSU, Appalachian State University, B.S. Boy's Phys. Ed., Assistant Football Coach, Head Wrestling Coach Mrs. Donnis Carolyn Glascoe Appalachian State Univ., B.S. tEngllshl M.A. tGuidance and Counselingl Guidance Counselor Mr. Bobby E. Godwin UNC-CH, B.A., M.A. Biology I Football - Asst. Coach Golf Coach Mrs. Sabra E. Griffin Winthrop College, B.S., Queens College UNC, Typewriting I, II NCEA Representative Mrs. Grace M. Hall Glenville State Teachers College, A.B., Marshall College, M.A., West Virginia Univ. Emery Univ., English Il, IV Mrs. Shirley J. Hamilton Coker College A.B., USC., UNC Univ. of Georgia, General Math I, ll, Geometry Business Advisor Under the Willow Tree Miss Suanne Haney UNC-G, A.B., UNC-C Davidson College English ll, IV Advisor of GGS Mlss Katie Harris Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. English Ill, Speech, Drama I, ll Director, Garingertown Players Mrs. Frances Ramsey Hawn UNC-G, A.B. World History Advisor to Centrusa Club Mrs. Shirley H. Heinbaugh Ohio Univ. A.B., Graduate Study Western Reserve Univ. - Graduate Study Latin I, II, Ill, IV, French I Advisor to Latin Club Mr. Warren S. Hicks, Jr. Wake Forest Univ., B.S. Boy's Physical Education Mrs. Martha Grayson Hipps UNC-G, B.S. lSecretarial Administrationl Business Education - Shorthand I, Typewriting I, Business English Mrs. Helen G. Hollingsworth Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. Winthrop College, M.A.T. Librarian Mrs. Elizabeth D. Howie Converse College, B.A. Spanish I, Il, Advisor-Spanish Club Miss Evelyn Joyce Hunter Pfeiffer College, B.S. Girl's Physical Education Advisor - UNICEF Girl's Intramurals Advisor Mrs. Flora S. Huntley Univ. of New Zealand, B.A. Winthrop College, M.A. U.S. History, Sociology Economics Mr. Frederick Lee lngold Jr. UNC-CH, A.B., UNC, M.A.T. World History Miss Shirley A. Johnson Shaw Univ., Raleigh, N.C. Livingstone College, A.B. Catholic Univ. UNC English II, Ill Mr. Cedric Hughes Jones Shaw Univ., B.A. Columbia Univ., M.A. World History Mr. F. Marion Jones Benedict College, A.B., A Bt T State Univ., M.S., Union College Univ., M.S.T. Morris College, South Carolina State College, UNC-CH, Atlanta Univ., Univ. of Kansas Biology I Mrs. Gloria Godfrey Jones UNC-G, B.A. in English English Il, German I, ll German Club Mrs. Julie Hobson Jones High Point College, B.S. Physical Education-Girl's Mr. John W. Kemper Fairmont State College Burton Institute, Central Piedmont Community College Instructor of Machine Shop Advisor VICA Club Miss Wilma Lillian King UNC-G, B.F.A., M.F.A., UNC-CH, New York Univ., Univ. of California - Berkeley, Univ. of Tennessee Art I, ll Art Advisor for Willow Tree Mrs. Gretta W. Kistler Queens College: Greensboro College, A.B., Winthrop College, M.A., Duke Univ.: UNC Counseling National Honor Society, Sponsor Mrs. Barbara M. Kurek College of William and Mary A.B. Winthrop College M.A.T. World History Miss Linda Lennon UNC-G, UNC-CH, B.S. UWM Physics, Physical Science Mrs. Betty H. Lowery UNC-G, B.S.S.A.g Queens College ASTCQ Business Law, Typewriting I Mrs. Lucille H. Mackay Johnson C. Smith Univ., A.B. Washington Univ., M.A. Reading Improvement ' Mr. Henry Lee Madden Furman Univ. B.A., Emory Univ. U.S. History 1 Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach Mrs. Kathleen Helms Madden Queens College A.B., UNC-CH, UNC-C Algebra I, ll, General Math I Cheerleader Advisor Mr. Robert L. Maddox North Texas State Univ., B.A., M.M.E. UNC, Converse, New York Univ. Instrumental Music, Theory Advisor to Marching Band 8- Jazz Ensemble Mrs. Patricia Stacy 'Margerlson UNC-CH: B.A., Duke Univ., M.A. English ll, Ill Mrs. Pecola Abraham Maxwell John C. Smith Univ. B.A. Univ. of North Carolina English Il, IV Works on "Prevention and Handling of School Problems Program". Mrs. Alene Stewart McCorkIe North Carolina College B.S. Duke Univ. UNC-CH, Davidson College Columbia Univ. General Math I, II, Algebra I, Il Y-Teen Advisor, Building representative to C.T.A. Miss Patricia Ann McGee Appalachian State College, B.S. Girl's Physical Education Girl's Intramurals Advisor Mrs. Mary Lucy Smith McGuirt Rollins College, Florida, UNSC, B.S. Algebra Il, Geometry, General Math I. Mr. Charles O. McMuIIan East Carolina Univ. B.S. Columbia Univ. M.A. Pittsburg University Driver Education Mr. Thomas McNair Waynesburg College, B.S. Graduate work at Univ. of Arizona West Virginia Univ. General Math I, Geometry Mrs. Peeny Wiggins McNeill Greensboro College, A.B. Spanish I, ll Adelphian Advisor Miss Rosa W. Means North Carolina at Durham Univ. of Lille, Univ. of Poitiers French I, III, IV French Club Advisor Mrs. Margaret F. Palmer UNC-G, UNC-CH, B.S., UNC-C Spanish Il, III, IV Mrs. Sarah Kissiah Parrish Kings Business College Library Secretary Mr. Tyson Marshall Pasour Jr. Johnson C. Smith Univ., B.A. Occupational Economics Miss Sheila Gllley Perry Appalachian State Univ., B.S. UNC-CH, M.A., Special Education Mr. Ernest D. Privette East Tenn. State Univ., B.S. UNC-CH Columbia Univ., M.A. Appalachian Shorthand l, Il, Secretarial Office Practice, Business English Advisor of Garinger Business Leaders Club Mr. Jesse LeVon Reich UNC-C, B.A. English III, Yearbook Advisor F.T.A. advisor Mrs. Juanita Pinckney Reid Hampton Institute, B.S., NCSU, Univ. of Wisconsin. M.S., UNC-C Atlanta Univ., Johnson C. Smith Counselor Miss Philecta Reinhardt George Peabody College, B.S., UNC, Columbia Univ., M.A., Davidson College, Univ. of Colorado English ll, Ill Miss Alice Ruth Rhodes Bennett College, B.A., Indiana Univ., M.S., Fisk Univ., Davidson College U.S. History, African Culture Miss Janet Bruce Robinson Queens College, A.B. Bible I, II Advisor to Religious Activities Committee of Student Government Mr. John P. Robinson Catawba College, A.B., UNC-CH, M.Ed. Biology I Assist. J.V. Football Coach Assist. Basketball Coach Mrs. Geraldine Dayton Rogers Furman Univ., Western Carolina, UNC-CH, B.S., M.A. Chemistrv I, II Miss Frances Salter Ryan Winthrop College, B.S. Columbia Univ., M.A. Boys Home Economics and Foods Future Homemakers of America, Advisor Mrs. Catherine Brockman Sanders Furman Univ., B.S., Univ. ol Wyoming, Univ. of South Carolina Appalachian State Univ. Advanced Math, Algebra Il, General Math I Mr. John Wintree Sanders Furman Univ., B.A., M.A., Converse College, Columbia Univ. UNC, Choral Music Mr. George Lippard Sawyer, Jr. Appalachian State Univ., B.S., M.A. Biology l Mr. Karl Summey Sawyer Appalachian State Univ., B.S., M.A. UNC-C, Geometry, General Math l, II Chairman of Math Dept., Advisor of National Honor Society Mrs. Chris Schweitzer Michigan State Univ., B.A. Occupational Economics 290 -+- Mr. Harold Howard Shuford Johnson C. Smith, B.A., UNC-C South Carolina State College, Appalachian State Univ. Special Education Mrs. Margaret Powell Sims Greensboro College, A.B., UNC-CH Duke Univ., M.A. French Il . Mr. Kenneth C. Sinclair Western Kentucky College, B.S., M.A. Drafting I, ll State Textbooks, Bookstore, Caps 8. Gown Committee, Announcement Committee Mrs. Nadine C. Sinclair Wingate Junior College Office Secretary Miss Sandra Smith UNC-G, B.A. in History UNC-CH, M.S.L.S. Librarian Mr. William Wistar Smith Furman Univ., B.S., M.A., UNC-CH, M.A.T. Chemistry I, Applied Chemistry Miss Betty Jo Steele Meredith College, A.B. Algebra I, General Math I Adelphians, Sponsor, Dance Committee Advisor Mrs. Jane G. Sterrett Duke Univ., B.S., Charlotte College Wake Forest Chemistry I, Applied Physics Advisor to Chess Club Mrs. Joel G. Thomas Wesleyan College, A.B. English I, II, Ill Mrs. Shirley Thompson Thomas Bennett College, B.A., Graduate Study at Duke Univ. English ll, IV Miss Delores Helen Tibshrany Winthrop College, B.S. Fashion Merchandising, Dlstributive Education I, II Advisor to DECA, Advisor to Wildcat Club Miss Clara Timmons Univ. of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., B.A. Typewriting I, Personal Typewriting Mr. Joseph J. Tomanchek Elon College, B.A., UNC-CH, M.Ed. Boy's Physical Education Baseball Coach, Cross Country Coach Mrs. Irene R. Travis Hunter College, B.A., Columbia Univ., M.A., Davidson College, UNC-CH, Winthrop College, College of New York City English II, lll ,. Mrs. Brenda Black Turner Appalachian State Univ., B.S. Keypunch and Computer Mrs. Mary Louise Van Winkle Wellesley College, B.A. Harvard Univ., M.Ed. World History, Current Affairs Debate Mrs. Klara Davis Vinson Johnson C. Smith Univ., B.S. N.C. Central Univ., Hampton Institute, South Carolina State College, Geometry, General Math I, Math Analysis Mrs. Jane C. Warren NCSU, B.S., Math Concepts, General Math Geometry Mrs. Emma H. Washington Bennett College, B.S., Hampton Institute, Johnson C. Smith Univ. UNC-CH, Univ. of Chicago Biology I Mr. Joseph W. White Johnson C. Smith Univ., UNC-G Drivers Education Mrs. Jean M. Withers Wake Forest College, B.A. Lenoir Rhyne College, Appalachian Univ., Davidson College ' English II, IV Junior Class Advisor Mrs. Eunice Kneece Wolte Coker College, A.B., UNC, M.A. Ohio State Univ. - Graduate work Western Carolina Univ. U.S. History Mr. Ronald P. Wright Western Carolina Univ., B.S., M.A. Drivers Education Football and Basketball Coach Mrs. Imogene T. Yongue Spelman College, A.B., New York Univ., M.A. English ll, ll' Mrs. Agnes G. Yoos Berea College, Queens College, B.A General Math I, ll, Geometry Red Cross Advisor PATSY DEAN ABBOTT Entered 67. Red Cross 1: HR V.P. 3. SYLVIA JEAN ABBOTT Entered 67. CHARLES LINDSAY ABEE Entered 66. German Club 2, 3: Bus Driver 3: A.V. Asst. 3. LINDA GAIL ABERNATHY Entered 67. SHARON ROSE ACKERMAN Entered 67. D.E. Club 2. GEORGE LEGARE ADAMS III Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: Sophomore Class V.P. 1: Chief Marshal 2: Interact 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, Sec-Treas. 3: Varsity Football 2, 3: Honor Society 2, 3: Monogram Club 2, 3: HR Pres. 3: Senior Class V.P. 3. WANDA SUSAN ADKISSON Entered 67. FHA 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Pres. 3. BARRY EUGENE AINSWORTH Entered 67. Oftice Asst. 1, 2, 3. GEORGE HERBERT AIREY Entered 67. Interact 2, 3: Chess Club Treas. 3. LARRY HAYWOOD ALLEN Entered 67. J.V. Basketball 1: HR Rep. 2: Ring Com. 2: Honor Society 2, 3: Social Welfare Com. 3. VICKI JEAN ALLEN Entered 67. Competitive Art Project 2. MARTHA ROBERTA ALMOND Entered 67. Red Cross 1: VICA 2, 3. EDWIN JOSEPH ALSTON Entered 67. Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Art Asst. 3. CHARLES ALLEN ANDERSON Entered 67. CYNTHIA WALKER ANDERSON . Entered 67. Adelphians 2: Wildcat Club 2, 3, Sec. 3. GLENDA MARIE ANDERSON Entered 67. FHA 31 UNICEF 3. PHYLLIS ANN ANDERSON Entered 69. tSecond Ward High Schooll English Club 1, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2: VICA 2. WARREN ANDERSON Entered 69. DANIEL LEE ANDREWS Entered 69. twilmington, N.C.I Marching Band 1, 2: GHS Marching Band 3. DALE WILLIAM ARGO Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3. Senior Statistics Class of 1970 LAURA JEAN ARMSTRONG Entered 68. CYNTHIA MARIE ATKINS Entered 67. Girls Ensemble 2: Choir 3. SHARYN LA RUE ATTAWAY Entered 69. Garingertown Players 3: Honor Society 3: WILLOW TREE Staff 3: lTexasl American Heritage Club 1, 2, V.P. 2. CATHY RENEE AUSTIN Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Wildcat Club 2: Spanish Club 2: Centrusa 2, 3: House 8. Grounds Com. 3. MICHAEL CULPEPPER AUSTIN Entered 67. Garinger Exchange Student 3: Exchange Com. 3. DARYLE STURTEVANT BAKER Entered 67. C.0.0. Pres. 3. JOSEPH GREGORY BAKER Entered 68. ROBERT WAYNE BANKS Entered 67. D.E. 1, 2, 3. JUDY ANN BARKHOUSE Entered 69. KENNETH BARNETTE Entered 67. VICA 2: Red Cross 2: HR V.P. 3. RANDOLPH BENTON AUSTIN Entered 67. Ring Com. 2: Marshal 2: Honor Society 3: Interact 1, 2, 3. VERNA MARIE AUSTIN Entered 67. Chorus 3: Wildcat Club 3: Art Asst. 3. LINDA DIANNE AVERY Entered 67. CHARLES LEWIS BAILES Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3. Jo ANNE BAINES Entered ss. vIcA ap lNewland High school: FHA 1. CAROL ANN BAKER Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Chief Marshal 2: Gym Asst. 2: Constitution Revision Com. 2: French Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Pres. 3: HR V.P. 2: HR Sec. 3: WILLOW TREE 2. 3, Editor 3: Honor Society 2, 3, Pres. 3: Elections Com. 3: SNIPS 8- CUTS Staff 3: BLONDENIA YVETTE BARRINGER Entered 68. DONNA BARTLETT Entered 69. LEILA MARY BASKIN Entered 67. MARK FREDERICK BAUER Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: Key Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3: HR Pres. 1: Track 2: Wildcat Club 2, 3: Monogram Club 2, 3: Varsity Football 2, 3: HR V.P. 2: HR Sec. 3: Bus Driver 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Dance Com. 3: Honor Code Com. 3: Inter-club Council 3. JAMES ASHTON BEACH Entered 67. DECA 2, 3, Assoc. Pres. 3. MARGARET PAULA BEACHUM Entered 67. Latin Club 1: SNIPS A CUTS Rep. 1: HR Sec. 1, 3: Dance Com. 2: G.G.S. 3. 291 1 HOWARD RANDALL BEATTY Entered 67. Track 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 2, 3: Hi-Y 3. PATRICIA ANN BEATTY Ef'lf8l'Sd 67. JAMES LEROY BEAVER, JR. Entered 67. Cross Country 1: Bus Driver 1: Red Cross 1, 2: VICA 23 Radio Broad- casting lWiIdcat Hourj 23 Choir 2, 3. DONALD ERNEST BECKWITH, JR. Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3, Bus Driver 23 Wildcat Hour 3. JEAN-MARIE BEFORD Entered 67. UNICEF 1, 2, 3, Invitations Com. 23 Refreshment Com. 25 RAMBLER 2, 3, Feature Editor 3. DEBORAH ANN BELK Entered 68. Drama Club 2. MALCOLM LEE BELK Entered 67. VICA 2, 3. REGINALD WAYNE BELK Entered 67. Red Cross 13 HR V.P. 1, HR Pres. 2, 33 Drama Club 1, 2, Pres. 2. 292 SHIRLEY DIANNE BELT Entered 67. WILLOW TREE 1, 2: Honor Society 2, 3: Choir 3: French Club 3. BRENDA JEAN BERRYHILL Entered 67. Adelphians 1, Red Cross 1, 2, 35 FFA 2, 33 HR Treas. 23 Girls' Ensemble 2, RAMBLER 2, 3, News Editor 3: Choir 33 Wildcat Club 3, Religious Activities Co- chairman 3. DEBORAH LEE BICKEL Entered 67. Gym Asst. 23 House 81 Grounds Com. 33 Publicity Com. 3. PAMELA FLOWE BIGGERS Entered 67. Sym. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Char- lotte Youth Sym. 3. MARY FRANCES BISHOP Entered 67. Spanish Club Sec-Treas. 2: UNICEF 3, Red Cross 3, Elections Com. 33 WILLOW TREE 3. NANCY EVELYN BIZZELL Entered 67. Band 1, 2: Honor Society 2, 3. JANYS LAVON BLACK Entered 67. Sym. Band 1, 2, 3: Red Cross 1: Wildcat Club 2: Fash. Merch. 2, Theme Com. 2: Centrusa 2, 3, V.P. 33 Twirler 2 3, Orientation Com. 2, 3, History Asst. 3 Mascot Com. 3, Senior Class Sec. 3. SYLVESTER SNO BLACKMOORE Entered 69. DECA 3. MARSHA CAROL BLACKWELDER Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 33 Twirler 2, 3: Wild- cat Club 3. PEGGY LYNN BLACKWELDER Entered 67. Graphics 1, 2, VICA 3, Hist Asst. 3. JON BLANKSHIP Entered 67. Hi-Y 2. CHARLES ERNEST BOGGS Entered 66. SAMMIE LEE BOLDEN III Entered 67. DECA 3. LINDA LEE BOLICK Entered 67. Girls' Ensemble 2, Choir 3. PAMELA GAIL BOLICK Entered 67. C.0.0. 3. BECKY LYNNE BOLIN Entered 67. Wildcat Club 2, HR Sec. 2. JAMES DAVID BOSHART Entered 67. Chess Club 3: WILLOW TREE 3. FRANCES LUVENIA BOWEN Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Red Cross 1: HR Sec. 1: Wildcat Club 1, 2, 3: Fash. Merch. 2: HR V.P. 2: Office Asst. 3: Girls' Ensemble 3: Centrusa 3. PHILLIP DARRELL BOWEN Entered 67. Cross Country 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Monogram Club 3. DARCY LOU BOWMAN Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Red Cross 1: G.G.S. 2, 3: Governor's School 2: WILLOW TREE 2, 3, Art Co-editor 3: Youth Sym. 3: Student Council Com. Chairman 3: Band 3: Orchestra 3: Bus Driver 3. MARY BOYD Entered 68. Dance Com. 3: Y-Teens 3: Publicity Com. 3. RANDY LEWIS BRADY Entered 69. Football 3: ISecond Wardl Gen. Welfare Com. 1: Antagnons 2. STEVE EUGENE BRATTAIN Entered 67. JAMES JAY BRIDGES Entered 67. Swim. Team 2: VICA 2, 3: Wildcat Hour 2, 3: Ways 8- Means Com. 3. JUNE ANNE BROOKS Entered 67. Orchestra 1, 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: French Award 2: Honor Society 2, 3: WILLOW TREE 3: SNIPS 8 CUTS 3. LESTER MAY BROOME Entered 66. LINDA MAE BROOME Entered 66. C.0.0. 3. CAROLINA SUSAN BROWN Entered 1967. VICA Club 2, 3. Radio Broadcasting and Production 2, 3. BARBARA JANE BROWN Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Twirler 2, 3: Centrusa 2, 3. DAVID EUGENE BROWN Entered 1967. Vice President of Homeroom 2, 3. J.V. Basketball 1. Varsity Basketball 2, 3. ROBERT DUDLEY BROWN Entered 67. J.V. Basketball 1: J.V. Baseball 1: HR Pres. 1: Sophomore Class Pres. 1: Red Cross 1: Student Council Sec. 2: HR V.P. 2: Elections Com. 3. JEFFREY WILSON BROWN Entered 67. VICA 2, 3: HR Pres. 3: VICA V.P. 2. JOHNNY LEE BROWN Entered 67. RIKKI KENNETH BROWN Entered 68. VICA 2. SUSAN CHRISTINE BROWN Entered 67. UNICEF 2. TERESA ANN BROWN Entered 67. UNICEF 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2, Sec. 3: Latin Club V.P. 2: SNIPS 81 CUTS 2, 3, Editor 3: Mascot Com. 3: Honor Society 3. BRENDA VIOLA BRYANT Entered 1967. Adelphian Club 1. Member of Homecoming Court 3. Varsity Cheer- leader 2. Co-head Varsity Cheerleader 3. Secretary of Homeroom 1, 2. CLAUDIA LOU BUCHANAN Entered 67. FHA 3. MELINDA GAYLE BUCHANAN Entered 67. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2: Red Cross 1: Wildcat Club 1: Library Asst. 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1: Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 3: Student Council 2, 3: Invitations Com. 2: Inter-club Council 3: UNICEF 3: SNIPS 81 CUTS 2, 3. KATHLEEN INA BUMGARNER Entered 67. VICA Radio 2, 3, Sec. 2, Treas 3. DEANA CHARLENE BURGIN Entered 67. Office Asst. 2: C.E.O. 3. JEROME BURKE Entered 67. ISecond Wardl Baseball 2: Basketball 2. MICHAEL EDWARD BURKE Entered 68. :Second Wardj Football 1. CAROL ANN BURTON Entered 67. C.E.O. 3. DEBORAH BURTON Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Wildcat Club 2: FHA 3. BETTY RUTH BUTLER Entered 67. Wildcat Club 1. ELLA MAE BUTLER Entered 69. ISecond Wardl HR Pres. 1: Red Cross 2. RANDY HITT BUTLER Entered 67. Debate 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2: Student Council Parliamentarian 2: Interact 2, 3, Pres. 3: Chief Marshal 2: Harvard Book Award 2: Spanish Club V.P. 2: Honor So- ciety 2, 3, V.P. 3: Degree of Merit INat'I. Fort. Leaguel: Ring Com. Chairman 2: Fi- nance Com. Chairman 2: Inter-club Council 2, 3: N.C. Jr. Science 8. Humanities Sym- posium 2: Degree of Honor INat'l. Forensic Leaguel 2: Social Welfare Com. Co- chairman 3: Semi-finalist in Nat'I. Merit competition 3: Morehead Award 3. INomi- neel SYLVIA JEAN CABLE Entered 67. UNICEF 2, 3, Co-pres. 3: Latin Club Sec. 2: Gym Asst. 2: HR Pres. 3: Mascot Com. 3: Orientation Com. 3: SNIPS 8- CUTS Feature Editor 3. MICHAEL CURTIS CALL Entered 67. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Wildcat Club 1, 2: Red Cross 1: Key Club 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Golf2: DE 2, 3. LILLIE MAE CAMPBELL Entered 69. Home Ec. Fashion Show 3. MICHAEL DANIEL CAMPBELL Entered 67. J. V. Baseball 1: VICA 2: Red Cross 2. WILLIAM CAMPBELL Entered 68. VICA 2: Band 3. TRUDY ALICE CANIPE Entered 67. Wildcat Club 1: FHA 2. STEVEN MICHAEL CANSLER Entered 67. HR V.P. 2: Chorus 2: Choir 3. VIRGINIA ANN CARLISLE Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Wildcat Club 2, 3: Centrusa 3: Red Cross 3. JUDITH DENISE CARPENTER Entered 67. Chorus 1: Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 3. BEVERLY DIANE CARPENTER Entered 67. TED MICHAEL CARPENTER Entered 67. VICA 1, 2, 3. ANGELA KAREN CARTER Entered 69. SNIPS 81 CUTS 3: IChristian High Schooll Cheerleader 1, 2: Junior Class Treas. 2: Student Council Sec. 2: Annual Staff 1: Newspaper Staff 2. KATHRYN DORSEY CARTER Entered 1967. Adelphians 1. Wildcat Club- Vice Pres. 1, 2, 3. Centrusa 3. Orientation Committee 3. House and Grounds 3. Dance Committee 1. RICHARD ALLAN CARTER Entered 67. VICA Graphic Arts Pres. 2: Red Cross 3. DORA CASSANDRA CATHY Entered 67. C.E.O. 3. BEVERLY KATHERINE CATO Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3: Orientation Com. 3: Wildcat Club 3. CLIFTON JUAN CHAMBERS Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 1. SHERYL ANN CHINNIS Entered 1967. Wildcat Club 1, 3. Adelphians 1. Vice Pres. 1st Sem. Rambler 3. Snips A Cuts Rep. 1. CLAYTON ALLEN CH RISTENSEN Entered. 67. JANE MARTHA CIRULIS Entered.67. Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Sym. Band 1, 2, 3: Wildcat Club 1, 2, 3. BARBARA ANN CLARK Entered 68. DEBRA JEANNE CLARKE Entered 67. Chorus 3: DECA 3. JANICE LYNN CLINE Entered 67. Religious Activity Com. 3. DEREK EUGENE CLONTZ Entered 67. Key Club 1, 2, 3. JOHN REGINALD CLONTZ Entered 68. Baseball 2, 3. STEVEN EDWARD COCHRAN Entered 67. Red Cross 1: Dance Com. 3. STEVE NEWTON COCHRANE Entered 67. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Monogram Club 2: Debate Club 2, 2: Key Club 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Gar- ingertown Players 2, 3. WAYNE OTIS COCHRAN Entered 67. 293 CHARLIE LEE COLEMAN Entered 67. DONALD LEE COLLINS Entered 67. J. V. Basketball 1. JANICE CAROL COLLINS Entered 67. C.0.0. 3. MITCHELL STEVEN CONNELLY Entered 67. DONNA CONNER Entered 67. RICK EUGENE COLE Entered 67. Chorus 1: Choir 2, 3: Bus Driver2, 3. CINDY LEE COOK Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Centrusa 3. DEBORAH KAYE COOK Entered 67. Chorus 1: Choir 2. LARRY CHARLES COTHERN Entered 67. RICKY DAVID COTTON Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: VICA 23 Wres- tling 1, 2, 3, State Champ. 2, Capt. 3. 294 ALAN BRUCE COUCH Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3. CONNIE DARLENE COUET Entered 67. UNICEF 2: Y-Teens 2: Eng. Asst. 3: Orientation Com. 3: Diploma Com. 3. SUSAN KAYE COURTNEY Entered 67. Gym Asst. 2: Centrusa 2, 3, Treas. 3: Wildcat Club 2, 3, Pres. 3: Chorus 3: HR Pres. 3: Lettergirl 3. WILLIAM EDGAR COURTNEY, JR. Entered 67. ICT Pres. of VICA 2, 3. DONNA CAROL COWAN Entered 67. Wildcat Club 1: SNIPS 8- CUTS Rep. 1: Red Cross 3: WILLOW TREE 3: Dance Com. 3. LONNIE LEE COX Entered 67. VICA 3. ELIZABETH AGNES CREDE Entered 67. Gym Asst. 2: Hist. Asst. 2, 3. CATHERINE JO CREECH Entered 67. Red Cross 1. JAMES DAVID CROW Entered 67. Chorus 1: Choir 2: Garinger- town Players 2: Choir 3. MARY LOUISE CROWDER Entered 67. Sym. Band 1, 2, 3: Twirler 2, 3: FHA 3: Wildcat Club 3. SARAH ALICE CROWDER Entered 67. Wildcat Club 1: Choir Accomp. 2, 3: Student Council 3: Elections Com. Chairman 3, Orientation Com. 3: Ways 81 Means Com. 3: Sandrettes 3. CATHERINE ELIZABETH CRUMP Entered 67. JOHNNY HUGH CULBREATH Entered 67. GLORIA KAREN CURRIE Entered 68. C.0.0. 3. JEROME PAUL DAHL Entered 67. Bus Driver 2, 3: Office Asst. 3. GINGER PATRICIA DAVIS Entered 67. Adelphians 1: FTA 1, 2, 3, V.P. 3: UNICEF 1, 2, 3: Eng. Asst. 2: G.G.S. 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Sec. 3: Student Council 3: Orientation Com. 3. HARRIET DAVIS Entered 69. C.0.0. 3. KEVIN JOSEPH DELANEY Entered 67. DECA 2, 3. PATRICIA MARIE DELANEY Entered 67. Girls' Ensemble 2: VICA 3. JOHNNY MICHAEL DELLINGER Entered 67. DECA 2, 3. GLORIA JEANETTE DEW Entered 67. Y-Teens 3: UNICEF 3. AURIE MAE DICKERSON Entered 67. DECA 3. JOHN STANLEY DOBBINS Entered 67. TOMMY CLEVELAND DUKE Entered 69. WALTER ROZZELLE DULIN, JR. Entered 67. Red Cross 1: Baseball 1, 2. RANDY GARY DYER Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: Varsity Football 2, 3: Student Council 1, 3. KENNETH PATTERSON EALSES Entered 66. J.V. Football 1: Baseball M r. 1: DECA 2. SH ELIA VIRGINIA EARGLE Entered 67. Orientation Com. 2. JOHN HARVEY EASTERLING Entered 67. Key Club 1, 2, 3: Student Council 2: Red Cross 2: Bus Driver 2, 3. REBECCA DIANE EDDINS Entered 67. UNICEF 1: C.0.0. 3. MARSHALL THOMAS EDWARDS. JR. Entered 66. BARBARA ANN EDWARDS Entered 66. Chorus 1: GIFIS' Ensemble 2: Choir 3. JAMES ROBERT ELLIS Enf9fSd 67. WILLIAM LOYD ETTEFIS Entered 68. DE 2, 3. MICHELE BREWER EVANS Entered 67. French Club 15 SNIPS 8. CUTS Rep. 1, Student Council 13 FTA 33 UNICEF Treas. 33 Honor Society 3: Social Welfare Com. 3, Chem. Asst. 3: WILLOW TREE 3. MICHELE MARIE FAILLE Entered 67. Adelphians 1, Social Com. Chairman 1, Centrusa 2, 3, Sec. 3, Gym Asst. 33 Ways 8 Means Com. 3, RAMBLER 2, 3, Co-Editor 3. MARY ELAINE FAIRES Entered 67. G.B.L. 2, 3. LINDA YVONNE FARRAR Entered 67. Red Cross 1: Adelphians 1. RICHARD EUGENE FIELDS Entered 67. Track 1, 2, 3: Interact 3, Hi-Y 3: Wildcat Club 3. CALVIN LEWIS FINK Entered 67. JANET SCOTT FISHER Entered 67. Drama Club 2, 3, Best Sup- porting Actress 2, Pres. 3, Radio Club 2, 3: VICA 2, 35 Debate Club 2, 35 Orientation Com. 33 HR Sec. 3, Student Council 33 Inter-club Council 3g WTVI 2, 3. GUS JOHN FLEGGAS Entered 67. Red Cross 2: Debate Club 1, 2, 3, Sec-Treas. 33 Elections Com. 3, Social Welfare Com. 3: Assembly Com. 3. MAGGIE ANNE FLEIG Entered 69. C.0.0. 3. PAULETTE SPRING FLOWE Entered 67. Wildcat Club 23 Red Cross 3. LINDA GAIL FORTNER Entered 68. Office Asst. 2. ANNISE MARIE FOSTER Entered 67. Drama Club 1, 2, 3. DEBORAH JANE FOSTER Entered 67. Red Cross 2. JOHN HENRY FOWLER Entered 67. Chess Club 1, 2, 33 Golf 1, 2, 3, Capt. 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, Wildcat Club 23 Inter-club Council 2, 33 Interact 2, 3: Dance Com. 33 HR Rep. 2. CAROL ELIZABETH FOX Entered 68. Wildcat Club 2: G.B.L. 2, 3, Treas. 3: Dance Com. 33 Centrusa 3. PATRICIA ANN FRANKLIN Entered 67. RUSSELL TIMOTHY FRANKLIN Entered 1967. WILMA JANE FRANKS Entered 67. Invitations Com. 23 WILLOW TREE 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 33 Chem. Asst. 3, Ways 81 Means Com. 3. CHARLES OGBURN FREDERICK Entered 67. Band 1: J.V. Baseball 1, Inter- act 3g HR Pres. 3, Point Com. Co-chairman 3: RAMBLER 3. NANCY LYNN FRIERSON Entered 67. FTA 3. 295 CYNTHIA ANNE FRODGE Entered 67. HR Devotion Chairman 1: HR Sec. 2, 3: Wildcat Club 2: Red Cross 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 3: Orientation Com. 2, 3. PHYLLIS ANNE FRYE Entered 67. J.A. 1, 3: Radio Club 2, 3: VICA 2, 3. FLONNIE JANE FULKERSON Entered 67. German Club 2, 3. ANN LYNCH FURR Entered 67. Adelphians 1: HR Sec-Treas. 1: Jr. Dues Com. 2. STEVEN MICHAEL GADDY Entered 67. Finance Com. 2: Wildcat Club 3: Dance Com. 3. THOMASINE GAINEY Entered 69. DE Club 3. BRENDA KAYE GALLMAN Entered 67. Red Cross 1: DECA 2, 3, Sec.- Treas. 3: Y-Teens 2. LINDA FAYE GALLMAN Entered 67. Red Cross 1: VICA 2, 3, Sec- Treas. 2, Pres. 3: Dance Com. 3. MARY SUSAN GARDNER Entered 67. UNICEF 1: Adelphians 1: Girls' Ensemble 2: HR Pres. 2: Student Council 2: Invitations Com. 2: Choir 3: Y-Teens 3. EUGENE PAXTON GATHINGS, JR. Entered 67. Dance Com. 2, 3: SNIPS 8 CUTS 3. DENNIS WAYNE GAUSE Entered 69. tEast Meck.l J.V. Baseball 1: Radio Club Treas. 2. CHRISTINE GAYLE GAY Entered 67. Radio Broadcasting 2, 3: Wildcat Hour 3: VICA 1, 2: Fashion Merch. 2. JOHN AVERY GIBBS Entered 67. Charlotte Student Union 3. DALLAS GIBSON, JR. Entered 67. MARY ALICE GIBSON Entered 67. Hist. Asst. 2: UNICEF 3: FTA 3: Points Com. 2: Math Asst. 3: WILLOW TREE 3. PERNETTE MARIE GIBSON Entered 67. Student Council 1: VICA 2: Radio Broadcasting 2: Centrusa 2, 3: Of- fice Asst. 3: Gym Asst. 3. ROBERT WAYNE GILLESPIE Entered 67. VICA 2. CARLOS GILSTRAP, JR. Entered 67. Latin Club 1, 2: Sym. Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Drum Major 3: Radio Club 2, 3, Pres. 3: VICA 2, 3: Wildcat Hour 2, 3. SHELIA ANN GLENN Entered 1967. Wildcat Club 3. UNDER THE WILLOW TREE 3. DEBORAH KAYE GLOVER Entered 67. Chorus 2: Girls' Ensemble 3. 296 HELEN ANN GLOVER Entered 67. Y-Teens 2: D.E. 2: FHA 3: Dance Com. 3: House Bt Grounds Com. 3. YVONNE GLOVER Entered 67. GEORGE GOFORTH Entered 67. MARGARET KATHRYN GOODWIN Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Wildcat Club 3: Red Cross 3: Dance Com. 3: Ways 8t Means Com. 3. JOE NATHAN GRAHAM Entered 67. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: HR V.P. 1: Interact 2, 3. WILLIAM RANDOLPH GRAHAM Entered 69. Publicity Com. 3: Dance Com. 3: Student Union 3. REBECCA ANN GRANTHAM Entered 67. Band 1: UNICEF 2: Choir 3: Bible Asst. 3. TERESA DELL GRAY Entered 67. Latin Club 2: UNICEF 3: FHA 3. BILL WAYNE GREENE Entered 67. Sym. Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3: All State Orchestra 3. LLOYD TIMOTHY GREER Entered 67. Marching Band 1, 2, 3. mga, Ill. SHIRLEY ANN GREGORY Entered 67. HR V.P. 1: FHA 3. WILLIAM HARRY GREY Entered 67. VICA 2. LARRY DARNELL GRIER Entered 1967. VICA Club 3. RAY GRIER Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: J.V. Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 3. CATHY DIANNE GRIFFIN Entered 67. Library Asst. 2: Student Coun- cil 3: Centrusa 2, 3. DEBBIE ANNE GRIFFIN Entered 67. BEVERLY ANN GRIGGS Entered 67. Chorus 1: Girls' Ensemble 2: Asst. Bible Sec. 2: Bible Pres. 3: Religious Activity Com. 3. PAMELA RENEE GRINDSTAFF Entered 67. HR Sec. 1, 2, 3: Office Asst. 1, 2, 3: G.B.L. 2, 3, Sec. 3: Student Council 3. DORIS JANE GUNTER Entered 67. C.E.O. 3. KIM THOMAS GWYN Entered 67. JANET MARIE HACKETT Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Student Council 2: G.B.L. 2, 3: Centrusa 2, 3: Letterglrl 2, 3: Wildcat Club 2, 3: Elections Com. 3. TIM WADE HACKNEY Entered 67. Key Club 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 Varsity Football 2, 35 J.V. Football 15 Elec- tions Com. Chairman 35 Mascot Com. Co- chairman 3. MELVIN LEROY HADDEN Entered 67. Cross Country 2, 35 VICA 3. CAROL ELSE HALL Entered 67. German Club 2, 35 Publicity Com. Chairman 25 Chorus 15 Program Com. Chairman 3. DEBRA MARLENE HALL Entered 67. VICA 2, 35 Wildcat Hour 2, 3. GAYLE JEANETTE HALL Entered 67. SNIPS 81 CUTS Rep. 15 Choir 2, 35 G.B.L. 2, 35 Centrusa 35 Dance Com. 3. DIANNE CHERYL HAMPELE Entered 67. FHA 1, 2, 35 DECA 2. MICHAEL STEVEN HANEY Entered 67. Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 35 Red Cross 35 House 8 Grounds Com. 3. KATHY MARIE HANIGAN Entered 67. Governor's School 15 Gym Asst. 25 Honor Society 2, 35 G.G.S. 2, 35 HR Pres. 35 Girls' Intramurals 3. VICKIE LYNN HARDIN Entered 69. lMorganton High Schooll FHA 15 Bible Club 15Spirit of M.H.S. 2, 3. ROBERT GRIER HARDING Entered 67. Band 15 Cross Country 15 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 35 Interact 2, 35 Hi-Y 35 Wildcat Club 2, 3. LEWIS O'NEAL HARPE Entered 67. JAMES BRIAN HARRISON Entered 67. HR Pres. 1, 25 Student Council 1, 25 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Interact 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 Centrusa Homecoming King 3. JOHN ARTHUR HARRISON Entered 67. Chorus 15 Choir 2, 3. CLARENCE CIRBY HARTMAN Entered 67. VICA 3. ADRIAN PAUL HATFIELD Entered 68. Key Club 2, 35 Latin Club 25 Key Club Board of Directors 35 House 81 Grounds Com. 35 Cap 8 Gown Com. 35 lNew Bern, N.C.l Latin Club 15 Pep Club 1. TERESA ANN HAWLEY Entered 67. D.E. 2. DONNA MARIA HAYDEN Entered 67. Soph. Class Beauty 15 J.V. Cheerleader 15 Sophomore Class Treas. 15 Adelphians 15 HR Pres. 1, 25 Junior Class Beauty 25 Centrusa 2, 35 Varsity Cheer- leader 2, 35 Wildcat Club 25 DAR Award 25 Honor Society 35 Sandrettes 35 RAM- BLER 35 Student Council Treas. 35 Car- rousel Princess 3. ANNE DALE HEINE Entered 67. Track 1, 25 Softball 15 High Point Field Day 1, 25 Gym Asst. 25 Speed- ball 3. SCOTT PARKER HEINE Entered 67. ROBIN DUPREE HELMS Entered 67. Student Council Rep. 1, 35 ln- teract 2, 3. SAM MY NEAL HELMS Entered 67. HEIDI ANN HENDERSON Entered 67. UNICEF 1, 2, 3. MARTHA JEAN HENDERSON Entered 67. Adelphians 15 WILLOW TREE 1, 2, 3, Business Mgr. 35 Red Cross 25 Decorating Com. 25 Wildcat Club 2, 3, Publicity Chairman 35 House 8. Grounds Com. 25 Ways 81 Means Com. 25 Orientation Com. 25 Point System Com. 35 Chem. Asst. 35 C.S.C.C. 3. PATRICIA GAY HENDRICKS Entered 67. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, All County Orchestra 2, Charlotte Sym. Orchestra 35 Governor's School 2. THERESA LYNNE HERRIN Entered 1967. PAMELA DALE HICKS Entered 67. RAMBLER 2, 3, Co-Editor 35 UNICEF 35 Honor Society 3. RICKY WAYNE HICKS Entered 67. JOE HARDEMAN HILL Entered 67. VICA 2, 3. DEBRA LYNN HILLIARD Entered 67. Nominee for Governor's School tArtI 25 WILLOW TREE 3. HUGH HILTON Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 15 DECA 3. RAY ALLEN HILTON Entered 67. Marching Band 1, 2, 35 J.V. Baseball 15 Concen Band 15 Sym. Band 2, 35 VICA 35 Wildcat Hour 3. TERRI LYNN HINES Entered 67. Red Cross 15 Centrusa 35 Gym Asst. 3. JOSEPH MICHAEL HINSON Entered 67. DECA 3. ALAN LEE HODGE Entered 67. EDWARD ANDREW HODGES Entered 67. VICA 2, 3, Mach. Shop V.P. 3. DEBORAH ELAINE HOFFMAN Entered 67. G.B.L. 25 C.0.0. 3. KAREN SUE HOLCOMB Entered 1967. Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Adel- phians 1. G.B.L. 3. Student Council Rep. 3. JAMES EDWARD HOLLAND Entered 67. EMIL LOUIE HOLLOWAY Entered 67. J.V. Football 15 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 1, 25 Student Council 1, 3, Parlia- mentarian 35 Varsity Football 25 Basketball Mgr. 25 WILLOW TREE 25 Monogram Club 2, 35 Garingertown Players 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Music 8- Figure Com. 25 Dance Com. 35 Student Union Co-chairman 3. KAREN CHERI HOLSHOUSER Entered 67. Adelphians 15 HR Sec. 1, 2, 35 DECA 25 Centrusa 2, 35 Wildcat Club 3. LINDA ALLENE HOOTS Entered 68. tSkyIand, N.C.I FHA 1. LINDA DIANNE HOOVER Entered 68. llndependenoe High Schooll Home Ec. Club 1. DEBORAH FAITH HOPE Entered 67. MARGARET ANN HORNE Entered 67. MARIE ELOISE HORTON Entered 67. Drama Club 35 Sandrettes 3. RASTUS JUNIOR HORTON Entered 1968. Current Event Club-Vice Pres. 2, Second Ward High. RUBY HORTON Entered 69. BERNARD BURDETTE HOUGH Entered 67. A.V. Asst. 2. PENELOPE ANN HOUSE Entered 67. French Club 25 DECA 25 DE 1, 25 Orientation Com. 3. JAMES HUGH HOUSTON, JR. Entered 67. Latin Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 2, 35 297 German Club 3: Student Council 3: Re- ligious Activity Com. Chairman 3: Honor Society 2, 3: Nominee for Morehead Award 3. LYNN DIANE HOWARTH Entered 67. G.G.S. 2, 32 FIAMBLER 2. DONALD FRANK HOWIE Entered 1967. Bus Driver 3. VICA Club 3. Marching Band 1, 2, 3. MARY ANN HOWIE Entered 68. lEast Meck.I Red Cross 1. SANDRA LEIGH HUDGINS Entered 67. HR V.P. 1: WILLOW TREE 1: HR Treas. 2: Honor Society 2, 3: Orienta- tion Com. 2: Ways 8 Means Com. 2: Girls' Ensemble 2: Elections Com. 3: Choir 3: Sandrettes 3. MARY GERALDINE HUDSON ERIGTSO 67. MARVIN MICHAEL HULLETT Entered 67. Red Cross 1: Band 1, 3: Bus Driver 3. NORMAN REECE HUNEYCUTT Entered 67. Chess Club 3. WILBURN HAHN HUNSUCKER, JR. Entered 67. Bus Driver 2, 3. LYNDA HUNTER Entered 67. Track 1: Softball 1: Red Cross 1, 2: G.G.S. 2, 3: VICA 2, 3, Sec. 2, Pres. 3: Electronics Club 2, 3, Pres. 2, Sec. 3: Swim Team 2, 3. 298 LYNN HUNTER Entered 67. Red Cross 1, 2: Gym Asst. 2: Music 8. Figure Com. 2: GG.S. 2, 3: Track 2, 3: VICA 3: Orientation Com. 3. DONNA LYNNE HUSKEY Entered 67. Student Council 1: UNICEF 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2: FTA 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2, Pres. 3: Choir 2, 3. ANN LOUISE HUTCHISON Entered 67. HR Pres. 2: Spanish Club 2: Wildcat Club 3: WILLOW TREE 3: Centrusa 2, 3. SUSAN ELIZABETH HUTTO Entered 67. Chorus 1, 2: Red Cross 2. MARY DELLA HYDE Entered 67. RICHARD ARTHUR IRBY Entered 67. KATHERINE LOUISE JACKSON Entered 67. C.E.O. 3. MELODY LOU JAMES Entered 67. Centrusa 2, 3. Lettergirl 2, 3: Wildcat Club 3: Key Club Sweethean 3. SHERRY ELAINE JAMES Entered 67. KAY LORRAINE JANDEBEUR Entered 67. J.A. 1: Refreshment Com. 2: Choir 3: Sandrettes 3. OLGA NADINE JEFFERS Entered 68. WILLOW TREE 3: lEast Meck.I Latin Club 1. BRENDA IRENE JENKINS Entered 67. Adelphians 1: HR Sec. 3. STEVE DOUGLAS JENKINS Entered 67. HR Pres. 1: Basketball 1: Base- ball 1: Football 1, 2: HR V.P. 2: Hi-Y 3. DOLORES DIANE JOHNS Entered 67. Chorus 3. JAMES WALTER JOHNSON, JR. Entered 67. JEFFERSON CLAYTON JOHNSON Entered 1969. Football 1, 2, 1966-68 West Charlotte High. Science Club, 1968-69 Second Ward High. C.0.0. Club 1968-69 Garinger High. JOHN FRANKLIN JOHNSON Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: J.V. Baseball 1: HR V.P. 1: Interact 1, 2, 3: Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, V.P. 3. OREN PATTERSON JOHNSON Entered 1967. VICA Club. Band, 1, 2, 3. PAULA YVONNE JOHNSON Entered 67. ROGER DALE JOHNSON Entered 67. Student Council 3: Centrusa 3. TERESA ANNETTE JOHNSON Entered 67. Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 3. CARL ALLEN JONES Entered 67. DECA 3. DANA RUTH JONES Entered 67. Red Cross 23 Y-Teens 33 UNICEF 3. DOUGLAS WILLIAM JONES Entered 67. VICA Graphics Sec-Treas. 3. ERIC LESTER JONES Entered 67. J.V. Football 13 J.V. Basketball 13 VICA 2, 3. JAMES BRICE JONES Entered 67. Ways 8. Means Com. 33 Social Welfare Com. 3. JAMES RONALD JONES Entered 67. DECA 3. VIVIAN JONES Entered 67. Chorus 13 Wildcat Club 13 J.A. 3. RALPH ALLEN JUSTICE Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 13 Baseball 2, 3. BRENDA KAY KANNON Entered 67. DEBRA KAY KEMENCZKY Entered 67. Head J.V. Cheerleader 13 Adelphians 1, Sec. 13 Medicats 1, Treas. 13 G.G.S. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 33 HR Pres. 23 Wildcat Club 13 Chief Marshal 23 Student Council 23 Inter-club Council 33 Cheer- leader 33 Dance Com. 33 SNIPS 81 CUTS 3, Business Mgr. 3. MAE NELL KERR Entered 69. DECA 1. JANICE ELAINE KESSLER El'Il6l'8d 67. CLYDE EDWARD KIMBLE Entered 67. Baseball 1. DENNIS WAYMON KING Entered 69. lOrIando, Fla.I J.V. Football 13 lBoone, N.C.I Civitan Club 2. PAMELA SHARON KING Entered 67. Adelphians 13 Marshal 23 Gym Asst. 23 Student Council 23 Lettergirl 33 Centrusa 33 G.B.L. 3, V.P. 33 Wildcat Club 3. BONNIE CHARLENE KIRBY Entered 68. Math Asst. 33 Social Wellare Com. 33 WILLOW TREE 33 SNIPS 8. CUTS 3, Jr. Class Editor 3. LINDA ANN KISTLER Entered 68. Diploma Com. 3. MARGARET ELIZABETH KUNSMAN Entered 68. LINDA DAVIS LAIL El1f6l'6d 67. FRED OTTO LAU, Ill Entered 67. Marching Band 1, 2, 33 Chorus 23 Choir 33 Radio Broadcasting 3. REBECCA JEAN LAU Entered 67. VICA 3. MICHAEL PURVIS LAWRENCE Entered 67. VICA 2, 33 Chorus 3. BELINDA JOY LAY Entered 67. HR Sec. 13 FTA 1, 2, 33 UNICEF 23 Library Asst. 23 Refreshment Com. 23 HR Pres. 2, 3: Wildcat Club 3: Lettergirl 3: Centrusa 3: Ways 8- Means Com. 3. DEBORAH ELIZABETH LECHNER Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Wildcat Club 2: Centrusa 2, 3: Lettergirl 2, 3, Head 3. GEORGE RAY LEFLER Entered 67. Intramural Football 1: Intra- mural Basketball 1. MARTHA TINA LENTZ Entered 67. MARGARET LORREEAN LEVERETT Entered 67. DECA 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3: Choir 3. STEPHEN HENRY LEWIS Entered 67. Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 1: Sym. Band 2, 3: Bus Driver 2, 3. SHELIA ALENE LILES Entered 67. Red Cross 1: Radio Club 2: VICA 2: Invitations Com. 2: Publicity Com. 3. STEVEN WADE LINDSAY Entered 67. HR Pres. 1, 2: Key Club 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3. DEBBIE JUAN LINKER Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3: Office Asst. 1, 2, 3. BEVERLY ANN LITTLE Entered 67. Red Cross 1, 2: G.G.S. 2, 3: Garingertown Players 3. KRISTIE MARIE LLOYD Entered 67. Medicats 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Orientation Com. 2. PAMELA JACQUELINE LLOYD Entered 67. Wildcat Club 1: Chorus 1. LUCINDA MARIE LOCKE Entered 67. Student Union 2: G.B.L. 2: Of- fice Asst. 3: Publicity Com. 3: Dance Com. 3. KAREN MARIE LOFl'IN Entered 67. Student Union 3. DEBORAH ANN LONG Entered 67. HR Pres. 1, 2, 3: G.G.S. 2, 3, V.P. 3: Elections Com. 2: Orientation Com. 2: Point System Com. 3: Wildcat Club 2, 3: FTA 2, 3: Senior Gift Com. 3: Ways 8 Means Com. 3: Cheerleader 3: RAM- BLER 3: House A Grounds Com. 3. WING LOO Entered 67. Chess Club 1: Publicity Com. 1. JOYCE LORRAINE LORD Entered 67. HR Pres. 1: Ways 81 Means Com. 2, 3. CAROLYN PATRICIA LOVE Entered 67. JANICE LEE LOVE Entered 67. JOHN DENNIS LOWERY Entered 67. VICA 3. 300 ORA LEE LOWERY Entered 69. C.0.0. 3. MYRA DIANNE LYERLY Entered 68. Centrusa 2, 3: FTA 3: tGreens- boro, N.C.I Pep Club 1: Civinette Club 1: Basketball 1 : Volleyball 1. SAM MARTIN LYON Entered 67. ROSEMARY MCANDREWS Entered 68. C.0.0. 3. ROGER DALE McCLESKEY Entered 67. DE 2. CLAUDIA TERESA MCCONNELL Entered 66. CATHY ANNE McCOY Entered 67. WANDA ELAINE McCOY Entered 67. Office Asst. 1: Bible Asst. 2: Hist. Asst. 3: Religious Activity Com. 2, 3. DEBORAH ANN MCDONALD Entered 69. Chorus 3. DYANE CHERYL McGILL Entered 67. PAMELA ANN McINTYRE Entered 67. PATRICIA ANN McINTYRE Entered 68. Refreshment Com. 2: lPanama City, Fla.I French Club 1. MARY MARIE McKEE Entered 67. HR Sec. 1: SNIPS St CUTS Rep. 1: Office Asst. 1: D.E. Club 3. DIANE DARLENE McKlNNEY Entered 69. Y-Teens 3. JANE ELLEN McKINNON Entered 1967. Adelphians 1. Centrusa 2. Secretary of Homeroom 3. DWIGHT KEEL McKNlGHT, JR. Entered 67. Track 2. MARJORIE JANE McLAlRD Entered 68. DECA 3. PATRICIA ANN MCLAIRD Entered 68. C.0.0. 2. CYNTHIA ANN MCLAURIN Entered 68. KENNETH LEE McMlCHAEL Entered 67. SUSAN IRENE McMURRAY Entered 68. Band 2, 3: Wildcat Club 2, 3: Finance Com. 2: Dance Com. 3: Red Cross 3: Spanish Club 3: Choir 3: tEast Meck.I Pep Club 1: FTA 1: Band 1. GWENDOLYN DARLENE McNAIR Entered 69. Orientation Com. 3: tSecond Wardi Red Cross 1, 2: Y-Teens 2: Office Asst. 2. LOUISE MARIE MCNAIR Entered 69. Social Welfare Com. 3: FHA 3: Band 3: French Club 3: tTechran, Irani Soph. Class Sec. 1: Jr. Class V.P. 2: Band 2: Welcoming Com. 2: Choir 2. IDA GAYLE MACKINTOSH Entered 67. Medicats 3: Wildcat Club 3. SURVELLA ALEXANDER MARSHALL Entered 69. GARY LEE MARTIN Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3: Orchestra 2, 3. ROBIN MARTIN Entered 67. J.V. Cheerleader 1: Adelphians 1, Sec. 1: HR Pres. 1, 2: Marshal 2: Elec- tions Com. 2: Invitations Com. 2: Centrusa 2, 3: Ways 81 Means Com. 3: SNIPS 8 CUTS 3: Hi-Y Sweetheart 3. TONNIE MAY MARTIN Entered 66. SARA FRANCENE MARZIONE Entered 69. Red Cross 3: Diploma Com. 3: G.B.L. 3. MARCIA DENISE MASON Entered 67. Adelphians 1: SNIPS IL CUTS Rep. 1: Wildcat Club 2, 3: Student Council 3: Library Asst. 2: Scrapbook Com. Chairman 3: RAMBLER 3. ANDREW EUGENE MASSEY Entered 67. CYNTHIA MARY MATTOX Entered 67. RUTH ANN MAUNEY Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Dance Com. 2: Centrusa 3: Cheerleader 3: Y-Teens 3: ln- teract Sweetheart 3. DAVID WILLIAM MAUTERER Entered 69. twinston-Salem, N.C.I French Club 1: Concert Band 1: Marching Band 1: tBirmingham, Ala.: French Club 2: Con- cert Band 2: Marching Band 2. JUDY MARIE MAXWELL Entered 69. Y-Teens 3. WILLIAM JUNIOR MERRITT Entered 67.,D.E. Club 3. SHARON DIANE MICALLEF Entered 67. Dance Com. 2: Publicity Com. 2. GAIL LAVERNE MICKEL Entered 67. Chorus 1: Girls' Ensemble 2: Choir 3: FHA 3: Wildcat Club 3: UNICEF 3: Speedball 1, 2. DONNA ELAINE MILLER Entered 67. Spanish Club 2: Honor Society 3. EDWARD LEE MILLER Entered 68. RICHARD ALAN MILLER Entered 67. D.E. Club 2, V.P. 2. VIVIAN SUE MILLER Entered 67. C.0.0. 2, Historian Rep. 2. I 6T,,,., ,f5 igg,.kg5g2ggg?i, :?x1xs:j.iffg, " ' ' Q 4 4 'Q An 2 W A J. 1 , 4, , X g, f- -P EX N. Q A 15? 2' J aafai xs7'i-P 51' -.wmv :sw R " '51 'slfl vm 1. , f Ttsff' I' 3 XS S we 'fbi 1 pw.'Qg1fyd..,:sw,? .Q ,-. 'J ggx 5 Q 'D 'I .Qs if N4 1 7 X -N BELINDA CHARLOTTE NEWHOUSE Entered 67. Chorus 1. SARA CANDACE NEWMAN Entered 67. Red Cross 2: Ring Com. 2: F'I'A 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Sec. 3: Orchestra 3, Pres. 3: Governor's School 2. DAVID SLOAN NEWTON Entered 67. Drama Club 1, 2, 3: A.V. Asst. 2: HR V.P. 3. DEIDRE LYNN NIVENS Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3. VICKIE DIANNE NORKET Efltefed 67. JAMES MICHAEL NORWOOD Entered 67. Radio Club 2, 3. FLOYD IVAN OAKLEY Entered 67. ANGELA KAY OSWALD Entered 67. G.B.L. 2: Y-Teens 3. CHERYLE LEE OVERCASH Entered 67. C.0.0. 3, Treas. 3. DEMARIS OWENS Entered 68. BEVERLY GAIL PARHAM Entered 67. Chorus 1, 2, 3: VICA 1, 2, 3: Radio Broadcasting 1, 2, 3. CYNTHIA LEIGH PARKER Entered 67. Y-Teens 3: UNICEF 3: Honor Society 3. WANDA JACQUELYN PARKER Entered 67. Orientation Com. 2. LOLA ANN PARKIN Entered 67. Honor Society 3: French Club 3. DAVID ANDREW PARKS Entered 67. D.E. 3. JACK EDWARD PARKS Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 1: Key Club 2, 3: Bus Driver 2. JAMES WILLIAM PARNELL Entered 67. Chess Club 2, 3. RHONDA ELESE PARTEE Entered 69. UNICEF 3: Wildcat Club 3: Chorus 3: lTennesseel FTA 1, 2: Student Council 1, 2: FHA 1, 2: Spanish Club 1, 2: Pep Club 1, 2: Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2: Soph. Class Sec. 1. DAVID WAYNE PASSALY Entered 67. Baseball 1. GLORIA DIANE PATTERSON Enfefed 67. HERMAN EARL PATTERSON Entered 67. Drama Club 2, 3. SNIPS 8 CUTS 2. SUSAN CANDACE PATY Entered 67. Red Cross 1: Decorations Com. 1: Student Council 2, 3: Invitations Com. 2: Elections Com. 3. NANCY LOUISE PAYNE Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Refreshments Com. 2: Centrusa 3: Elections Com. 3: Red 302 CFOSS 3. DAVID EUGENE PENDLETON Entered 67. Marshal 2: HR Treas. 2: Honor Society 2, 3, Treas. 3: Student Council 3. Society 2, 3, Treas. 3: Student Council 3. WILLIAM CHARLTON PEOPLES Entered 67. Bus Driver 2, 3. ANNE LOUISE PERRY Entered 67. J.V. Cheerleader 1: Adelphians 1, Pres. 1: Jr. Class Sec. 2: Cheerleader 2: G.G.S. 2, 3. ROBERT EARL PETERSON Entered 67. Inter-school Exchange Student 3. RUTH BELLE PETTIS Entered 69. Honor Society 3. CHARLES ALAN PHILLIPS Entered 67. PATRICK DAVID PHILMON Entered 67. Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3: Monogram Club 2, 3. JANET ALMA PICKARD Entered 67. FHA 3, Treas. 3. DONNA JEAN PLUMMER Entered 67. Chorus 2, 3. BRENDA KAY POLLY Entered 67. House 8 Grounds Com. 1. FRANCISCO de PAULA PONCE Entered 67. Football 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2: Interact 1, 2, 3: HR Pres. 1: Jr. Class Pres. 2. OCATVIO JULIO PONCE Entered 1967. J.V. Football 1. J.V. Basket- ball 1. Track 1, 2, 3. Varsity Football 2, 3. Varsity Basketball 2. Interact Club 3. G.G.F. 3. GLENDA SUE POSTON Entered 67. Adelphians 1: SNIPS 8t CUTS Rep. 1: Orientation Com. 2: Student Coun- cil 2: Ring Com. 2: Spanish Club 2: G.G.S. 2, 3: Honor Society 3. PATRICIA ELAINE POSTON Entered 67. Adelphians 1, V.P. 1: Centrusa 2, 3: Lettergirl 3: HR Pres. 3: Wildcat Club 3. AUDREY BEVERLY PRAYLOR Entered 69. ISecond Wardj Red Cross 13 HR V.P. 2. BARBARA LOUISE PRESLAR Entered 1967. Girls Ensemble 2. Choir 3. TRUDY ELAINE PRESSLEY Entered 67. Chorus 13 GIFIS' Ensemble 2. Sec. 23 Choir 3, Sec. 3. RANDY CECIL PFIEVATT Entered 67. VICA 23 A.V. Asst. 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN PRICE Entered 68. DECA 2.3. SANDRA HOPE PRICE Entered 67. FHA 3. CHARLES MICHAEL PRIVETT Entered 68. HR Sec. 2. MIRIAM REBECCA PROPHET Entered 67. HR Sec. 13 HR V.P. 23 Office Asst. 33 Girls' State 3. SYLVIA DIANE PURSER Entered 67. House 8 Grounds Com. 33 WILLOW TREE 3. JAMES GRAHAM RABORN Entered 67. THOMAS BILLY RALLINGS Entered 67. Golf 1, 23 Ring Com. 23 HR Pres. 23 Honor Society 3. VICKIE GAY RANDALL Entered 67. Adelphians 1. GARLAND THOMAS REAVIS Entered 67. JIMMY WALKER REECE Entered 67. VI CA 3. MARK STEPHEN REED Entered 67. KENNETH WAYNE REID Entered 66. HR Pres. 13 Bus Driver 1, 23 Art Asst. 1, 2, 33 Library Asst. 23 J.A. 2, 33 I.C.T. 2, 3. PIETER BENJAMIN REYNDERS Entered 67. JOREATHER REYNOLDS Entered 69. BONNIE SUE RICH Entered 67. UNICEF 1. STEVEN LANE RIDGE Entered 67. Track 1, 23 Swim Team 23 Wildcat Club 23 Decorations Com. 23 Hi-Y 2, 3. IRENE ELIZABETH RIGLEY Entered 67. NANCY ELVELYN RITCH Entered 1967. Red Cross 2, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. G.G.S. 2, 3, Treasurer. WILLIS JAMES RITCH Entered 67. VICA 2, 33 Wrestling 3. SUSAN LANE ROBBINS Entered 67. HR Sec. 13 Points System Com. 13 HR V.P. 23 Music 8. Figure Com. 23 Garingertown Players 3, Treas. 3. LAVALLE GEORGE ROBERTS Entered 67. HR Pres. 13 Student Council 1. JANET CAROL ROBINSON Entered 68. LARRY DONNELL ROBINSON Entered 67. DONNA LYNN ROSEMAN Entered 67. Adelphians 13 DECA 2. ROBERT THOMAS ROSS Entered 67. HR Pres. 13 J.V. Football 13 J.V. Basketball 1. ELIZABETH KAYE ROWELL Entered 67. Spanish Club 13 Invitations Com. 2. ANTIONETTE RUSHING Entered 69. BEVERLY ARLENE RUSSELL Entered 67. DEBRA MARIE RUSSELL Entered 67. Honor Society 3. PATRICIA ANN RUTLEDGE Entered 67. Choir 3. KAREN JOHANNE SACRA Entered 67. Adelphians 13 Red Cross 2 33 Centrusa 3. I SHERRY LYNN SALYER Entered 67. UNICEF 13 Latin Club 2, 1, Treas. 23 Volleyball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Tennis 2, 33 Gym Asst. 23 Marshal 23 G.G.S. 2. 3, Sec. 33 Speedball 33 HR Sec. 2, 33 Honor Society 2, 33 Student Coordi- nating Council 2, 33 Student Council 3. THOMASINA RUTH SAMUEL Entered 69. ISecond Wardl Safety Com. 2. STEPHEN LEO SANFORD Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 13 J.V. Basketball 13 Golf 2, 33 HR Pres. 23 Student Council 23 Hi-Y 33 Points System Com. 3. BILLIE ENNIS SAWYER Entered 67. FHA 33 Hist. Asst. 3. KARL SUMMEY SAWYER, JR. Entered 67. Office Asst. 13 J.V. Baseball 13 HR Pres. 23 Boys' State 23 Interact 2, 33 Honor Society 33 Point System Com. Chairman 33 Announcements Com. Chair- man 3. KENNETH MICHAEL SAWYER Entered 67. J.V. Basketball 13 J.V. Baseball 13 Varsity Baseball 23 Marshal 23 Student Council 23 FTA 33 Office Asst. 33 Honor Society 33 Interact 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3. CARL ROBERT SCHER EI'lf8l'8d 67. PATRICIA ANN SCOFIELD Entered 67. Gym Asst. 2. WALTER EDWIN SCOTT Entered 67. HR Pres. 13 J.V. Football 13 Interact 2, 3. BARBARA ELAINE SEAFORD Entered 67. ROGER INGRAM SEEGARS Entered 67. JOHN SERAFINI Entered 67. FRANK STEVEN SEUZENEAU Entered 67. VICA 2, 3. MIKE CONLEY SEXTON Entered 1967. Wrestling 3. DONNA SUE SHAFFER Entered 67. Adelphians 13 HR Pres. 1, 23 Red Cross 1, 33 Latin Club 23 Point System Com. 23 Sandrettes 23 Social Welfare Com. 33 Choir 2, 3. BILLY JOE SHAVER, JR. Entered 67. Track 1, 2. MARCIA GAIL SHELBY Entered 67. JANE KIMBERLY SHERRILL Entered 67. D.E. 1, 23 Ways 81 Means Com.2. EVON GREY SIMS Entered 68. Red Cross 2. NINA FRANCES SIMS Entered 67. G.B.L. 2. 303 JAN ALLISON SLOOP Entered 67. Adelphians 13 UNICEF 2. DAVID MICHAEL SLUSHER Entered 67. VICA V.P. 2. CAMILLA ANNE SMITH Entered 67. Y-Teens 1, 23 FTA 1, 2, 3, Sec. 23 Treas. 33 UNICEF 1, 2, 3, Sec. 2, Co- Pres. 33 Girls' Ensemble 23 Ring Com. 23 Latin Club 23 Marshal 23 Honor Society 2, 33 WILLOW TREE 33 Caps 8- Gowns Com. Chairman 3. CATHY JO SMITH Entered 67. Adelphians 13 Student Council 13 HR Pres. 13 Finance Com. 23 Library Asst. 23 G.B.L. 2, 3. CHRISTINE MARIE SMITH Entered 67. Music Bt Figure Com. 23 Red Cross 2, 33 Orientation Com. 3. JANE ELLEN SMITH Entered 67. Wildcat Club 13 Choir 2, 33 Sandrettes 33 Elections Com. 3. KATHY LYNN SMITH Entered 68. Eng. Asst. 23 Gym Asst. 23 Vol- leyball 33 C.0.0. 33 tGastonia, N.C.I French Club 13 Soph. Hostess 1. MARCIA JAYNE SMITH Entered 67. Library Asst. 13 D.E. 3. MARION SMITH Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 3. MARSHA ELAINE SMITH Entered 67. ROBERT HUNNICUT'I' SMITH Entered 68. Marshal 23 Hi-Y 2, 33 Key Club 2, 3, V.P. 33 Honor Society 33 tEast Meck.I Band 1. STEVEN MICHAEL SMITH Entered 67. Debate Club 2, 3, Pres. 33 In- teract 2, 33 Garingertown Players 33 fWest Meck.I Soph. Class Council 13 Science Club 1. SUE CONOLENE SMITH Entered 69. Drama Club 3. WALLACE BOYD SMITH Entered 67. VICA Printing Class Pres. 2. JERNON LEE SOUTHERN Entered 67. D.E. 1. ELIZABETH ANNE SPERRY El'Ifel'9d 67. CHARLES DEAN SPIELMAN Entered 67. VICA 2, 3, Machine Shop Pres. 3. VICKIE LYNN SPURRIER Entered 67. BONITA SUSAN STAFFORD Entered 1967. Red Cross 2, 3. Invitation Committee 2. Choir 3. Ensemble 2. Orienta- tion Com. 3. THERESA GAIL STAFFORD Entered 67. BARRY COBB STANFILL Entered 67. VICA 2, 3. HOWARD FRANKLIN STARNES 304 Entered 67. VICA 2, 3. PATRICK FRANKLIN STARNES Zentered 67. ROGER STEED Entered 67. CATHERINE NADINE STEGALL EI'If6l'Sd 67. JOEL DOUGLAS STEGALL Entered 67. Band 23 Bus Driver 23 Hi-Y 33 SNIPS 8- CUTS Photographer 3. DEBRA JILL STEVENS Entered 67. SANDRA LOUISE STEVENS Entered 69. AMARYLISS ANN STEWART Entered 67. TERRI LYNN STEWART Entered 67. Orientation Com. 23 House 81 Grounds Com. 33 Publicity Com. 3. REES WILLIAM STILES I! 'A' Entered 67. Track 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 2, 3. ROBERT EVERETTE STINSON Entered 67. Ring Com. 23 Ways 8- Means Com. 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 33 Interact 2, 3. GWENDOLYN ANITA STITT El'1t9fSd 67. ChOI'l.IS 1: GiI'IS' EDSSITIDIB 3. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH STITT Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 33 Red Cross 1, 2, 33 FTA 1, 33 Track 2, 33 J.A. 2, 33 Softball 23 Chem. Asst. 23 Finance Com. 23 Speed- ball 33 Student Council 33 Office Asst. 33 Dance Com. 3. HANS EUGENE STRAND Entered 67. Sym. Band 1, 2, 33 Marching Band 1, 2, 3. DORIS ELAINE STRICKLAND Entered 67. Girls' Ensemble 23 Choir 33 WILLOW TREE 3: House 8- Grounds Com. 3. RICKY STROUD Entered 67. ROBERT HAROLD STYRON, JR. Entered 67. English Asst. 2, 3: VICA 2, 3: Electronics Asst. 3. BEVERLY SUMMERS Entered 67. D.E. 2, 3. THOMAS CARL SUMMITT Entered 67. HR Treas. 3. JAMES THOMAS SURRATT Entered 67. DECA 3. BURTON ERWIM SWEET Entered 1967. Golf 2. VAN MARK SWETT Entered 66. VICA 2, 3, Pres. 2, V.P. 3. LYN ASHTON SWEIGART Entered 67. MICHELE LEAH SWIGGETT Entered 68. Centrusa 2, 3: Homecoming Court 3: HR Pres. 2: RAMBLER 3: Wildcat Club 2, 3: tAtIanta, Ga.I J.V. Cheerleader 1: HR Pres. 1: FHA Treas. 1. LINDA JANE TALBERT Entered 67. G.B.L. 3, Pres. 3: Inter-club Council 3. ROBERT MICHAEL TALBERT Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 1: Wildcat Club 1, 2, 3: Orientation Com. 2: HR Pres. 2: Hi-Y 3: Interact 3: Baseball 3: RAMBLER 3: Dance Com. Chairman 3: Student Co- ordinating Com. 3. CONCHITA ANN TALBOTT Entered 67. HR V.P. 1, 2, 3: Band 2, 3: Y-Teens 3. DEBORAH ELIZABETH TARLETON Entered 67. Library Asst. 2: House 81 Grounds Com. 3: SNIPS 81 CUTS 3. EDWARD TAYLOR Entered 69. LYNN DIANE TAYLOR Entered 67. Chorus 2: Red Cross 2: DECA 3. JOHN RAYMOND TERRY Entered 67. Sym. Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1,2, 3. SHARON DENISE THOMAS Entered 67. Adelphians 1: HR Sec. 1, 2: G.G.S. 2, 3: Wildcat Club 2, 3: Swim Team 1, 3: HR Pres. 3: Dance Com. 3: Chem. Asst. 3: Student Council 3: Asst. Swim Coach 3. DEBORAH JEAN THOMPSON Entered 67. Orientation Com. 2. GARY BERNARD THOMPSON Entered 69. tSecond Wardl VICA Asst. Treas. 1: Baseball 1, 2. JOHN WEBSTER THOMPSON Entered 67. VICA 3. KATHY DENISE THOMPSON Entered 67. SNIPS 8 CUTS Rep. 1: WIL- LOW TREE 2: Girls' Ensemble 2: Invita- tions Com. 2: Choir 3: Sandrettes 3. LOUIE FRANK THOMPSON, JR. Entered 67. D.E. 2, 3. LINDA GAIL TH READGILL Entered 67. Honor Society 3. LINDA RUTH TIPTON Entered 67. J.V. Cheerleader 1: Adelphians 1: G.G.S. 1, 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3: Wildcat Club 3: Scrap Book Com. Chair- man 2. MICHAEL PETER TOLAR Entered 67. GAIL TOLER Entered 67. Adelphians 1: Honor Society 3: G.B.L. 3: Diploma Com. Chairman 3. MICHAEL ALEXANDER TORRENCE Entered 67. J.V. Football 1: Choir 3, Asst. Sec. 3: Football 2, 3. CHELLYN ANN TOWELL Entered 67. WILLOW TREE 1: Chorus 1: Choir 3. FRANKIE JOANNE TRIECE Entered 67. HR Pres. 1: HR Sec. 2: Invita- tions Com. Chairman 2: Orientation Com. 2: Choir 3. JANICE LEA TROUTMAN Entered 67. UNICEF 2: F'l'A 2, 3: Drama Club 3: Social Welfare Com. 3. SHERRY DEBRA TROUTMAN Entered 67. Volleyball 1: Track 1: HR Sec. 1: SNIPS 81 CUTS Rep. 1: Red Cross 2: HR Pres. 3: Honor Society 3. ANGELA CHRISTINE TUCKER Entered 67. Red Cross 2: FHA 2. EVA CAROL TURNER Entered 69. FHA 3: RAMBLER 3. JAMES COURTLAND UNDERWOOD Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 1: HR Sec. 2. WILLIAM MARSHALL VANHOY Entered 67. WILLIAM ODOM VAUGHN Entered 67. ADELAIDE GRAY VERBLE Entered 68. Honor Society 3: Cap 8. Gown Com.3:Choir3:tHardinglRedCross1:G.A.A.1. JOHN HENRY VINCENT Entered 67, Bible Asst. 2, 3: Religious Ac- tivities Com. 2, 3. DONNA LEE VOLTZ Entered 67. ELLEN DIANNE WADE Entered 67. HR Sec. 1: DECA 2: Finance Com. 2: Centrusa 3. JAMES DAVID WADE, JR. Entered 1968. D.E. 1, 2. DECA Club 1, 2. SBCOTIU Ward. BRUCE DANIEL WAGONER, JR. Entered 68. Football 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Mono- gram Club 2, 3: Hi-Y 3: tCoIumbus, Ga.I Key Club 1: Football 1: Track 1: Basketball 1: Monogram Club 1. BESSIE PATRICE WALL Entered 67. FTA 1, 2, 3: Publicity Com. 1: Orchestra 1, 2: Student Council 2: Point System Com. 2: ICC 2: UNICEF 2, 3, Red Cross 2, 3: G.G.S. 2, 3: Spanish Club Pres. 2: Honor Society 2, 3, Sec. 2, 3. FRANK JAMES WALLACE Entered 67. J.V. Basketball 1: Marshal 2: Track 2, 3: Dance Com. 3: Publicity Com. Co-chairman 3: WILLOW TREE Art Editor 3. CAROLYN PATRICIA WALTERS Entered 67. Bible Asst. 3: Girls' Ensemble 3. PATRICK ERVIN WALTERS Entered 67. Gold Key Art Award 1. DONNA JAN WARD Entered 67. French Club 3. BETTY JEAN WARNER Entered 67. JOHN WILLIAM WARREN Entered 67. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3: Stu- dent Council 2, 3: Hi-Y 3: Monogram Club 3: Dance Com. 3: Student Council V.P. 3. ROBERT CAREY WATKINS Entered 67. JANET MARIE WATSON Entered 67. Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1: Adelphians 1: FTA 1, 2: Spanish Club 2: Twirler 2, 3: Centrusa 2, 3: Music 8- Figure Com. Chairman 2: Orientation Com. 2: Honor Society 2, 3. SHARON FAYE WATTS Entered 67. Red Cross 2, 3: C.0.0. 3. LISA CHRISTIE WEAVER Entered 67. Girls' Ensemble 2: Governor's School 2: Choir 3: Sandrettes 3: Interclub Council 3. RICHARD DEAN WEBB Entered 67. GARY WAYNE WEBBER Entered 67. HR Pres. 1: VICA Electronics Pres. 2. JUDY ROXANNE WEBER Entered 67. WILSON THURMAN WEBSTER Entered 69. CAROL ANN WEDEL Entered 67. Adelphians 1, Treas. 1: G.G.S. 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader 1, 3, Co-head 3: Valentine Court 2: Senior Class Treas. 3: Homecoming Queen 3. BECKY DIANNE WENSIL Entered 67. J.A. 1: Girls' Ensemble 3. JOHN EDGAR WENTZ Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 1. GRAYDEN McLEAN WESTBROOK Entered 67. HR Pres. 2: Key Club 3: Hi-Y 3. RANDY GENE WHITE Entered 67. VICA 2. SHARON RENEE WHITEHURST Entered 67. Band 1: FTA 1, 2, 3: Twirler 2, 3, Head 3: Debate Club Sec. 3: Drama Club 3: HR Pres. 3: House 81 Grounds Com. 3: Dance Com. 3: Director of Garinger Student Exchange 3. 305 LEROY WHITENER Entered 69. DAVID ANDERSON WHITLEY Entered 67. HR Pres. 25 Spanish Club 22 Student Council 23 Honor Society 2, 3. VERWIA FAYE WILEY Entered 67. Chorus 1: Girls' Ensemble 3. ADINE WILKERSON Entered 69. EDWARD VANN WILLIAMS, JR. Entered 67. FTA 1, 2, 33 Chorus 13 Music 6 Figure Com. 2: Chorus Accomp. 23 Char- lotte Junior Music Club Pres. 25 Choir 2, 3: Social Welfare Com. Co-chairman 3. NANCY KAREN WILLIAMS Entered 67. Chorus 1: Girls' Ensemble 2, Choir 33 G.B.L. 3. STEVE LEE WILLIAMS Entered 67. VICA 2. THOMAS ALLEN WILLIAMS Entered 67. Red Cross 2. LAURA JEAN WILLIS Q .. 1 YOUR App ,' 7 OIN, .t M Entered 1967. Adelphians 1. Wildcat Club 2, 3. WILLOW TREE Staff 3. Refreshment Committee 2, 3. Orientation Committee 2, 3. MARION ANN WILSON Entered 67. Adelphians 13 SNIPS 8 CUTS Rep. 15 Wildcat Club 1, 3, Treas. 3. RAY ODELL WILSON Entered 67. SANDRA MARIE WINDSAY Entered 67. FHA 2, 33 Wildcat Club 3, Dance Com. 35 Garingertown Players 35 Red Cross 3: Eng. Asst. 3. VIRGINIA CHRISTINE WINSLOW Entered 67. C.0.0. 3. BEVERLY DELANE WOOD Entered 67. Student Council 1, Concert Band 1QAdeIphiaI1S 15 Sym. Band 2, 3. RENEE WOOLWINE Entered 67. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2, Pres. 3: Red Cross 25 Girls' Ensemble 25 Library Asst. 2, 33 Choir 3: Wildcat Club 3. PEGGY LOUISE WOOTEN EMI CAM 15.7 ,Qty M N 1 N63 DAR Av Entered 67. Y-Teens 1, DECA 2. GARY WAYNE WORKMAN Entered 67. J.V. Basketball Mgr. 2, 3. GARY WRIGHT Entered 69. LARRY WAYNE WRIGHT Entered 67. VICA 2, 3. THOMAS EDWARD WRIGHT Entered 67. D.E. 3. CYNTHIA DIANE WYKLE EI'It6T8d 67. FRANCES MARIE YARBOROUGH Entered 67. J.V. Cheerleader 13 Sophomore Class Sec. 13 Wildcat Club 1: Junior Class Treas. 23 Ways 81 Means Com. 25 Marshal 25 HR Pres. 25 Sandrettes 2, 33 Choir 2, 3, Sec. 33 Centrusa 2, 3, Pres. 3, Inter-club Council 33 Student Council Sec. 3. ROBERT DEWITT YOUNG Entered 67. J.V. Baseball 1, Student Council 23 Red Cross 2, Baseball 23 Mas- cot Com. 3: Hi-Y 3. .11 5. . . for S .,.w1f,..,,N ywqw 7 Q "m ,nl Q S Rav 1 S 4 Q? ali IS 179 " 12 S 'Pe as Qsgd 78 ,S ta SQ Q5 as 80 X ffgnuafvyt' . 37 .ts ew , - . 3 wif? X K .. - Xa A 'i'fff1':..f' 72 . XA L 3 74 19 . 75 e .K X x A 'WNW' 'On Ar sf--,lie 306 . 20 25 21 A 26 .22 Index Aasness, Vickie 245 Abbott, Patsy Dean 60, 175 Abbott, Roger 225 Abbott, Sylvia 175 Abee, Charles Lindsey 98, 106, 109, 175 Abell, Miss Nan 15, 68, 69 Abernathy, Linda 175 Ackerman, Sharon Rose 175 Adams, Donna Suzane 90, 245 Adams, Everette 245 Adams, George lll 48, 58, 60, 64, 69, 78, 80, 81, 126.127, 174, 175 Adams, Michael 102, 225 Addison, Mr. Jim 35, 126, 169 ADELPHIANS 82, 83 Adkisson, Wanda Susan 93, 175 Adore, Melody 91, 110, 122, 225 Ainsworth, Barry 97, 175 Black, Airey, George Herbert 175 Airey, Larry 137, 225 Alden, John 126,225 Alden, Vickie 75, 141, 245 Aldridge, Rickey 225 Aldridge, Mr. Ronald 22 Alexander, Deborah 48, 93,225 Alexander, Elaine 245 Alexander, Mike 97, 245 Alexander, Ron 108 Alexander, Rose 97, 225 Alford, Donnie 245 Allen, Larry 60, 175 Allen, Mary 245 Allen, Steve 245 Allen, Vicki 175 Allred. Debbie 245 Allred, Phillip 225 Almond, Martha 101, 104, 175 Almond, Pat 120, 225 Alston, Joseph Edwin 176 Alston II 245 Arndt, , VW Anderson, qfnthia Walker 75, 176 Anderson, Glenda M. 176 Anderson, Jerry 245 Anderson, Phyllis Ann 176 Anderson, Warren 106 Andrews, Danny Lee 176 Arbogast, Donna 245 Archibald, Edd 225 Ardrey, John 225 Argo, W. Dale 177 Annstrong, Charles 109 Armstrong, Debbie 103, 225 Armstrong, Laura Jean 177 Denise 225 Arrowood, Ronnie 225 Artz, Susan 120,225 Asbu ry, Mr. Thomase 24 Ashley, Mark 77, 245 Atkins, Cynthia M. 118, 177 Atkins, Joan 120, 225 Atkins, Lynn 245 Atkinson, Robyn 245 Attaway, Barbara 96, 110, 122,245 Attaway, Shayn 60, 110, 176 AUDIO-VISUAL ASSISTANT S 96 Austin, Cathy Renee 74, 85, 152, 176, 273 Austin, Donna 225 Austin , Kathy 225 Austin, Mike 103, 176 Austin, Randy B. 59, 60, 81, 176 Austin Verna Marie 75, 123, 176 Auten,' Mr. Charles 35 Auten, Auten, Avery. Avery, Louis 245 Mrs. Sara 99 Linda Dianne 177 Turner 245 75 U' 'YY W Aycoc k, James 245 Bacot, Denise 82, 225 Bagley, Pat 225 Bagwell, Joey 225 Bailes, Charles Lewis 177 Bailes, Lora 245 Bailey, Cynthia 245 Bailey, Glenda 122 Bailey, Patricia 225 Bailey, Patricia 97, 225 Bailey, Robert 225 Baines, Jo Anne 99, 177 Baker, Barry 225 Baker, Bobby 225 Baker, Carol Ann 53, 58, 60, 63, 74, 99, 176 Baker, Daryle Sturtevant 107, 176 Baker, Gloria 225 Baker, Greg 176 Baker, Kerry 77,245 Baker, Larry 225 Baker, Terry 152, 245 Baker, Terry 225 Baldwin, Lee 103 Bell, Wendy 226 Bell, Yvonne Susan 48, 108, 178 Belt, Shirley Dianne 60, 118, 178 Belton, Marion 143, 168 Belton, Roger 226 Benell, Sherry 93, 226 Bennett, Donna 89, 91, 92, 245 Benson, Robert 226 Berg, Don 245 Berg, Charles Frederick 102, 178 Berg, Ron 245 Berrier, Carol 226 Berrier, Ricky 226 Berrier, Steve 121 Berry, Carolyn 226 Berryhill, Brenda 60, 69, 73, 75, 92, 118 178 Berryhill, Linda 245 Bickel, Cayle 245 Bickel, Debbie Lee 178 Biggers, Pamela Flowe 178 Bigham, Paul 226 Bilbro, David 245 Birce, Mary 96 Baldwin, Lynne 71, 75, 91, 225 Ballance, Mr. Gilbert 30, 140 Ballard, Earl Ballard, Joel 245 Balloway, Cheryl 225 Balog, Donna 225 Bankes, Karen 245 Bankett, Miss Inez 17, 55 Banks, Robert 103 Barefoot, Michael 102, 225 Barkhouse, Judy Ann 176 Barley, Lois 103, 225 Barnam, Allen 121, 225 Barnes, Betty 225 Barnes, Qfnthia 121,225 Barnes, Lynn 225 Barnette, Becky 225 Barnette, Jimmy 245 Barnette, Karen 225 Barr, Rockv 245 Barr, Sylvia Ann 176 Barrett, Bill 225 Barringer, Catherine 245 Baskin, Jean 245 Bass, Joyce 120, 225 Bass, Tommy 245 Bates, James 102,225 Betts, Jan 245 Baucom, Charles 118, 225 Baucom, Robert 225 Bauer, Mark 48, 75, 76, 77, 78, 177 Bazemore, Ronnie 225 Beach, James Ashton 103, 177 Beachum, Margaret 86, 87, 177 Beard, Jim 225 Beeson, Pam 86, 92, 226 Beatty, Patricia Ann 176 Beatty, Randall 75, 78, 176 Beaty, John 226 Beaver, Buddy 118 Beaver, James Leroy, Jr. 119, 176 Beaver, Vickie 108,226 Beck, Dolly 245 Becker, Oreen 245 126, 127, Beckwith, Donald Earnest, Jr. 105, 177 Beford, Cecile 245 Bishop, Kay 111,226 Bishop, Mary 74, 90, 91, 178 Bishop, Roy 96,245 Bivens, Janet 245 Bivens, Pam 245 Bizzell, Crissie 245 Bizzell, Nancy 59, 60, 178 Black, Ben 245 Black, Janice 47, 62, 69, 84 85, 179 Black, Jeanne 245 Black, Julia 245 Black, Karen 245 Black, Kathy 226 Black, Pam 47, 69, 245, 246 Black, Ray 126 Black, Robin 46, 51, 69, 245 Black, Sharon 152, 245 Sheila 141, 245 Betord, Jean 73, 90, 177 Belk, Belk, Belk, Belk, Belk, Belk, Belk, Belk, Qnthia 245 Deborah Ann 177 Mr. Don 30, 102 Greg 81, 226 Malcolm Lee 177 Pamela Ruth 177 Reginald Wayne 69, 75, 91, 110, 178 Richard 226 Charlene 226 Connie 226 Blackburn, Johnny 246 Blackman, Charlotte 226 Blackman, James 143, 151, 226 Blackmon, Sammie 126, 226 111,174 Blackwelder, Marsha Carol 111, 179 Blackwelder, Peggy Lynn 179 Blackwelder, Robert 35, 246 Blackwell, Sheryl Kathleen 179 Blair, Rhett 246 Blake, Ricky 226 Blalock, Deborah 246 Blalock, Rennie 226 Blankenship, Jon Emory 179 Blount, Curtis 226 Blount, Jesse 126, 226 Bloxham, Carol 82, 226 Blume, Roxanne 226 Boardman, Ray 81, 161, 168, 226 Bodiford, Mike 246 Bodran, Zahira 246 Bogans, Vera 122, 226 Boggs, Charles Ernest 179 Boggs, Frank 102, 226 Bolden, Sammie Lee Ill 103, 179 Bolder, Pat 122,246 Bolick, Debbie 246 Bolick, Linda Lee 118, 179 Bolick, Pamela Gail 107, 179 Bolin, Rebecca Lynne 179 Bolin, Steve 104 Bolton, Macky 91, 226 Bolton, Vivian 246 Booker, Delores 246 Booker, Eugene 226 Bookout, Joe 226 Borst, Janice 82, 226 Bost, Frankie 226 Boswell, Barney 103, 226 Bousman, Jerri 246 30 7 Bowen, Frances Luvenia 33, 69, 75 97, 120, 179 Bowen, Phillip Darrell 137, 179 Bowen, Rincy 246 Bowers, Marcella 226 Bowman, Darcy Lou 55, 69, 86, 180 Bowman, David 227 Bowman, Vanessa 246 Boyd, Jera 246 Boyd, Mary 122, 180 Boyd, Tricia 89,123,246 Boyd, Mrs. Virginia 28 Boyles, David 227 Boyles, Lacy 227 Boyles, Larry 103, 227 Boyles, Paula 227 Boyles, Terry 227 Bradsher, Pat 227 Brady, Randy 48, 127, 143 Brady, Sandra 246 Braham, Jim 98 Brakefield, David 122,227 Brandon, Cathay 45, 120,227 Brannon, Barbara 246 Brannon, George Douglas 180 Bransfield, Nora 246 Branshaw, Mr. Wayne 30 Braswell, Marta 227 Brattain, Steven Eugene 181 Brewer, Joey 246 Brewer, Sheila 104 Brice, Mary 97, 246 Bridges, James 181 Bright, Carolyn Jean 181 Brigman, Barbara 246 Brigman, Freida 227 Brinkley, Deanee 91, 93, 108, 227 Britt, Beverly 75, 246 Broadnax, Doug 246 Broadnax, Randy 227 Broadway, Scott 122,227 Brooks, Debbie 246 Brooks, Hubert 246 Brooks, June Ann 60, 181 Brooks, Marcia 227 Brooks, Richard 246 Broome, Jackie 227 Broome, Lester May 181 Broome, Mike 227 Broughton, Miss Leonora 18 Brown, Brown, Barbara Jane 85, 111, 180 Carolina Susan 104, 110, 180 Brown, Carolyn 101,246 Brown, Cathae 73, 82, 227 Brown, Cheryl 85, 113,227 Brown, Darlene 71, 120, 227 Brown, David Eugene 180 Brown, Harvey 77, 227 Brown, Jeffrey Wilson 101, 181 Brown, Mike 126, 227 Brown, Ricky 106 Brown, Rikki Kenneth 181 Brown, Robert Dudley 59, 64, 181 Brown, Ruth 69,75 Brown, Steve 227 Brown, Susan 227 Brown, Susan Christine 181 Brown, Teresa Ann 60, 69, 90, 180, 181 Bruce, Betsy 122 Brudnicki, Bob 227 Bryant, Bryant, Brenda 48, 69, 120, 138, 180 Wanda 227 Buchanan, Claudia Lou 93, 180 Buchanan, Joy 228 Buchanan, Melinda Gayle 120, 180 Buchannan, Lynn 118 Buckley, Gilbert 227 Buftord, Edna 122, 227 Bullock, Vicki 227 Bumgarner, Kathleen Ina 101, 104, 180 Buraglio, Pat 90, 97, 228 308 Bu rchfield, Sam 228 Burgess, Mrs. Nancy 30, 103 Burgin, Charlene 180 Burke, Michael 102 Burnette, Charlene 69, 82, 91, 228 Burnatte, Edward 134 Burnatte, George 102, 228 Burnham, Nancy 71, 228 Burton, Carol Ann 97,181 Burton, Deborah 93, 181 BUS DRIVERS 109 Bushart, James David 181 Bushnell, Rebekah 120, 228 Butler, Annie Ruth 121 Butler, Ella Mae 103 Butler, Randy Hitt 54, 56, 58, 60, 63, 69, 80, 81, 94, 180 Byrum, Clifford 126,228 Byrum, Gary 228 Cable, Sylvia Jean 69, 86, 90, 180 Cadle, Michael 228 Cain, Marilyn 228 Caldwell, Mrs. Ruby Call, Michael Curtis 180 Call, Teresa 69, 82, 114, 228 Callahan, Pat 228 Camp, Mr. Steven 22, 149 Campbell, Lillie Mae 180 Campbell, Michael Daniel 91, 180 Campbell, Susan 228 Canaday, Joe 228 Canady, Mike 228 Canipe, Trudy 181 Cansler, Steven Michael 118, 181 Carelock, Tommy 106 Carithers, Eme Hugh 102, 181 Carlisle, Chris 228 Carlisle, Katy 47, 86, 228 Carlisle, Virginia Ann 182 Carnes, Angela 91, 228 Carpenter, Beverly Diane 182 Carpenter, Mrs. J. A. 18, 73 Carpenter, Judith Denise 118, 182 Carpenter, Ted Michael 102, 182 Carriker, Mr. 17 Carriker, Bob 137,228 Carriker, Vicki 152, 248 Carroll, Neil 161, 228 Carson, John 248 Carson, Mrs. Vlhlla 28 Carter, Angie 71, 121 Carter, Jimmy 248 Carter, Kathryn Dorsey 75, 85, 182 Carter, Lois 248 Carter, Cathay, Rick Alton 182 Dora Cassandra 182 Cato, Beverly Katherine 60, 182 Cato, Patsy 92, 121,248 Caudle, Artis 248 Caudle, Kenneth 123,228 CENTRUSA 84, 85 Chamber, Gin 120, 228 Chambers, Clifton Juvan, Jr. 182 Chance, Gayle 102, 228 Chapman, Jeanette 121 Chastain, David 248 Chavis, Jackie 183 Cheek, Stewart 248 CHEERLEADERS 139, 140, 141 Cherry, Melanie 248 Cherry, Phillip 106 CHESS CLUB 95 Childers, George 228 Chinnis, Sheryl Ann 73, 183 CHORUS 121, 122, 123 Chovis, Paul 228 Christenbury, Ken 228 Christenbury, Mark 121,248 Christensen, Clayton Allen, Jr. 183 Church, Jack Wayne 183 Circulis, Jane Martha 183 Clark, Barbara Ann 183 Clark, Benny 228 Clarke, Debra Jeanne 122, 183 Clarke, Pattie 75, 248 Claud, Charlie 248 Clement, Chip 102 Clement, Gail 228 Clements, John 228 Cline, Burl 248 Cline Clont Clont , Janice Lynn 183 z, Deborah 248 z, Derek Eugene 77, 106, 183 Crenshaw, Paul 248 Crews, Darrell 248 Cropton, Steve 134, 248 Crow, James David 118, 185 Crow, Robert 248 Crowder, Mary 93, 111,185 Crowder, Sarah Alice 60, 69, 118, 119, 185 Crowell, Mike 75, 77, 78, 126,229 Crump, Catherine Elizabeth 107, 185 Clontz, John Reginald 184 Coates, Linda 122, 248 Cobble, Bill 248 Coble, Lois 228 Coble, Sherry 91, 248 Cochran, Chuck 248 Cochran, Cinda 229 Cochrane, Steve Edward 65, 161, 184 Cochrane, Steve Newton 64, 68, 69, 77, 110,118,119,184 Cochrane, Susan 82, 120, 229 Cochrane, Wayne 121 Cole, Grady 229 Cole, Ricky Eugene 118, 119, 184 Coleman, Jackie 106, 248 Coleman, Johnny 248 Coleman, Robert 148 Coleman, Sammie 248 Collins, Don Lee 184 Collins, Janice 107, 184 Collins, Joyce 103, 229 Collins, Kent 248 Collins, Mitchell 248 CONCERT BAND 116 Conder, Pam 229 Conley, David 248 Connell, Mike 229 Connelly, Mitchell 121 Conner, Donna Marie 118, 184 Conner, James 248 Conner, Russell 106 Constant, Wade 229 COO 107 cook, chip12s,229 Cook, Cynthia Lee 85, 184 Cook, David 78, 126, 156,229 Cook, Deborah Kaye 184 Cook, Douglas 229 Cook, Gail 248 Cook, Johnny 229 Cook, Karen 229 Cook, Randy 248 Cook, Susan 229 Corns, Russell 229 Costin, John 75, 78, 80, 81, 229 Cothern, Larry Charles 184 Cotton, Ricky 151, 184 Cottros, Anna 69, 248 Couch, Alan Bruce 184 Couet, Debbie 47, 248 Coulter, Don 102,229 Courtney, Susan Kaye 69, 75, 84, 85, 185 Courtney, William Edgar, Jr. 102, 185 Covet, Connie Darlene 184 Cowan, Donna Carol 91, 97, 185 Cowan, Gene 248 Cowan, Mike 229 Cox, Bobby 229 Cox, George 229 Cox, Lonnie 101, 185 Cox, Nan 75, 123,248 Cox, Sheila 69 Craig, Joyce 248 Crassons, Linda 248 Crawford, Andrienne 98, 229 Crawford, Mrs. Dorothy 20 Crawford, Marlon 229 Crawford, Paulet 229 Crawley, Elizabeth 248 Creech, Catherine Jo 185 Creed, Bob 69, 76, 77, 126,229 Creed, Tony 229 Crump, Diane 229 Crump, Janice 229 Crump, Teresa 120 Crump, Tammy 249 Crump, Vanessa 123,249 Culbreath, Johnny 122 Culbreth, Marvin 249 Cullingford, Christy 249 Cumm ings, Mr. R. E. 26, 126, 169 Cunningham, Miss Betty 15 Cunningham, Brenda 249 Cunningham, David 126, 143,229 Cunningham, Vivian 229 Cupit, Cu rlee Curlee Debbie 108, 114,229 , Diane 152, 229 , Sammy 249 Currie, Gloris 107 Cuthbertson, Dickie 229 Cuthbertson, Marshall Excell 186 Dabney, Tommy 249 Dahi r, Yasmeen 186 Dahl, Jerome Paul 97, 109, 186 Dameron, Sylvia 89, 229 Danne Danne r, Brenda 249 r, Linda 92, 229 Dark, Debbie 249 Daugh erty, Linda 249 Davison, Rick 118 Davenport, Ann 122 Davenport, Neal 118, 119 Davidson, Ricky 101, 229 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, 186 Davis, Ben 77,121,249 Betty 249 Butch 249 David 249 Flora 249 Davis: can 229 Ginger Patricia 69, 86, 90, 92, 110 Harriet 107, 186 Davis, Leslie 69, 82, 85, 120, 229 Davis, Libby 229 Davis, Mrs. Maxine 29 Davis, Patricia 229 Davis, Richard 229 Davis, Sheila 89, 91, 249 Davis, Wanda 121,249 Davis, Wayne 249 Deal, Diane 82, 86, 229 Deal, Mrs. Shirley 31,107 Dean, Dean, Calvin 249 Janet 123, 249 DEBATE CLUB 94 Deberry, Mrs. Sara 24, 25 DECA 103 Deese, Angela 249 Deese, Mrs. Faye 18 Deese, Ronnie 249 Deese, Sherry 249 Deese, Teresa 229 Deese, Wayne 249 DeGroot, Charles 249 Delaney, Kevin Joseph 103, 118, 186 DeLaney, Mark 229 DeLaney, Pat Marie 99, 186 Dellinger, Cynthia 186 Dellinger, Johnny Michael 186 Dennis, Jimmy 249 Dew, Gloria Jeanette 90, 186 Dew, Judy 89, 249 Dickerson, Aurie Mae 186 Digsby, Barbara 249 Diorio, Michael 186 309 Dixon, Ann 249 Dixon, Clarice 92, 95, 229 Dixon, Donnie 102 Dixon, Mr. James 26 Dixon, Willie 249 Dobbins, John Stanley 167 Dobbins, Monty 69, 78, 166,229 Doby, Freddie 249 Dodd, Gae 229 Dooley, Teresa 229 Doster, Mr. Roben 31, 102 Dotson, Bill 77, 249 Douglas, Carolyn 229 Douglas, Deborah 230 Douglas, Naomi 249 Douglas, Sherry 91, 121,230 Dove, Sylvia 230 Dowdle, Kathy 108, 120, 230 Downey, Pat 120, 230 Downing, Teresa 230 Draddy, Hank 249 Drake, Steve 249 Draper, Vicki 230 Duffell, Ken 230 Dugger, James 230 Duke, Jimmy 230 Dulin, Walter Rozzelle, Jr. 187 Duncan, Cindy 249 Duncan, Dennis 249 Duncan, John 77, 99, 230 Duncan, Sherry 75, 249 Dunlap, Craig 230 Dunlap, Judy 249 Dunn, Deborah Ruth 105, 187 Dyer, Randall Gary 62, 69, 86, 187 Dyer, Tony 77,249 Eakes, Kenneth 187 Eargle, Shelia Virginia 187 Easterling, Don 249 Easterling, John Harvey 77, 18,7 Economos, Nick 230 Eddins, Iris 249 Eddins, Rebecca Diane 107, 187 Eddins, Rose 249 Eddy, David 77, 123, 161,249 Edmonds, Vicki 91, 120, 230 Edmonson, Cynthia Kay 187 Edwards, Barbara Ann 118, 188 Edwards, Ben 134, 148 Edwards, Brenda 99,230 Edwards, Mr. Jim 22, 169 Edwards, Pat 82, 230 Elis, Teddy 249 Elliott, Ann 249 Ellis, Diane 249 Ellis, James Robert 73, 188 Elmore, Eddie 102 Elmore, Jim 134 Elms, Diane 230 Eppley, Janice 103 Ervin, Rhonda 250 Estridge, Anita 250 Estridge, Jett 230 Estridge, Phil 126,230 Ethington, Jett 95, 99, 230 Etters, Bill Loyd 103, 188 Eury, James 250 Evans, Gwendolyn 110, 230 Evans, Michele 8.61, 69, 90, 92, 188 Evans, Rodney 230 Evatt, Gary 122, 250 Everhart, Pam 82, 109, 230 Ewart, Nancy 121, 230 Ewing, Kim 250 Ezelle, Jerry 134,250 Fagan, Bob 106 Faille, Michele Marie 52, 72, 84, 85, 188 Faircloth, Patricia 230 Faires, Deborah Louise 48, 75, 86, 87, 189 Faires, Lynn 250 Fai res, Mary Elaine 108, 189 Faires, Sonny 250 310 Falk, Amy 230 Falls, Bob 230 Falls, Tommy 250 Farrar, Ken 230 Farrar, Linda Yvonne 61, 189 Farrar, Ronnie 250 Farris, Rodney 250 Faulkner, Shirley 108, 230 Feimster, Nancy 82, 113, 230 Felder, Ricky 250 Felder, William 148,230 Felker, Mike 250 Ferguson, Carolyn 120, 230 Ferguson, Joyce 120, 230 Ferguson, Melinda 106 Ferguson, Sandy 250 Ferrell, Judy 121,230 Ferrell, Rusty 250 Ferell, Teresa 250 Fesmire, Eddie 91,250 Fields, Richard Eugene 75, 78, 188 Findley, Billy 230 Fink, Calvin Lewis 188 Fink, Doug 166,230 Fisher, Janet Scott 101, 104, 110, 188 Fisher, Patti 75, 92 Fisher, Robert 230 Fitch, Jenny 99, 121, 230 Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Jeanne 18, 74 Fleggas, Gus John 91, 94, 110, 188 Fleig, Margaret Anne 107, 188 Fleming, Cathy 230 Fleming, Debbie 230 Fleming, Flo 250 Fleming, Katina 250 Fleming, Mike 250 Flock, Joy 250 Flow, Linda 250 Flow, Ricky 106,250 Flowe, Debra 250 Flowe, Paulette Spring 91, 189 Flowe, Sheila 230 Flowe, Sibyl 230 Flowers Threaca 250 Floyd, Buddy 77, 250 Floyd, Nancy 91 Floyd, Rodney 106, 250 Ford, Cindy 250 Ford, James 230 Ford, John 250 Fore, Jeff 230 Fore, Ronnie 250 Fore, Sflvia 230 Forney, Miss Marsha 24 Fort, Mrs. Mary 18 Fortner, Linda Gail 189 Foster, Annise Marie 110, 118, 189 Foster, Foster Foster Foster, FOSt6f FOSf8l' Foster, Dean 230 Deborah Jane 122, 188 Debra 91, 230 Don 230 Donna 231 Johnny 134, 250 Rob 166 Foust, Pat 231 Fowler, Denise 250 Fowler, Gloria 231 Fowler, John Henry 75, 81, 168, 188 Fowler, Mark 250 Fox, Carol Elizabeth 85, 108, 188 Foxx, Mrs. Ann 26 Fraley, Alan 151, 250 Fraley, Danny 231 Francis, Rickey 250 Franklin, Pat 122 Franklin, Wade 189 Franks, Wilma Jane 118, 189 Frazier, Arthur 143 Frazier, Elaine 250 Fredell, Martha 231 Frederick, Charles Ogburn 69, 72, 73 189 Freebu rn, James 250 Freeman, Mary 231 FRENCH CLUB 99 Frick, Billy 250 Frierson, Cindy 122, 250 Frierson, Nancy Lynn 97, 118, 189 Frodge, Qfnthia Anne 91, 118, 189 Frye, Donald 250 Frye, Phyllis Anne 104, 188 Frye, Reita 231 Fullerton, Burne 69, 89, 91, 120, 231 Funderburke, Beeiie 55, 82, 86, 111,231 Furguson, Carol 250 Furr, Ann Lynch 188 Furr, Donnie 106 Furr, Mike 251 Fu rr, Susan 250 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 93 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 92 Gaddy, Steven Michael 75, 188 Galley, Mr. Timothy 18 Gainey, Hildred 251 Gainey, Thomasine 103, 189 Gallion, Barbara 48, 82, 86, 113, 231 Gallman, Brenda Laye 103, 189 Gallman, Linda Faye 75, 101, 189 Gallman, Vanessa 69, 92, 121, 231 Galloway, Cheryl 120 Gandy, Mrs. Peggy 18 Gantt, Barbara 122, 251 Gardner, Jimmy 256 Gardner, Keith Philbeck 189 Gardner, Mary Susan 89, 118, 189 GARINGER BUSINESS LEADERS 108 GARINGER CHOIR 118, 119 GARINGER TOWN PLAYERS 110 Garmon, Mike 251 Garris, Terri 231 Garrison, Herb 106, 251 Gatewood, Rick 231 Gathings, David 231 Gathings, Eugene Paxton, Jr. 190 Garlin, Bruce 251 Gay, Christine Gayle, 59, 101, 104, 190 Geer, Donna 89 Gehlsen, Annette 251 Gemin, Butch 231 GERMAN CLUB 98 G. G. S. 87 Giancarlo, David 231 Gibbs, John Avery 190 Gibson, Bea 75 Gibson, Bobby 90, 106, 251 Gibson, Cathy 121,231 Gibson, Dallas Odell, Jr. 190 Gibson, Mrs. Karen 18 Gibson, Lindsay 251 Gibson, Mary Alice 90, 91, 92, 190 Gibson, Pernette Marie 85, 97, 190 Gibson, Phillip 251 Gilbert, Susan 91,231 Gilleland, Mr. Gene 126, 131, 169 Gilleland, Mac 103 Gillis, Randy 251 Gillis, Sandra Vivian 120, 190 Gilstrap, Carlos English, Jr. 101, 114, 190 GIRLS' ENSEMBLE120 Glascoe, Miss Carolyn 17 Glenn, Sheila Ann 121, 190 Glenn, Vanessa 251 Glickert, Dorothi 251 Glisson, Bea 251 Gloede, Janell 75,251 Glover, Deborah Kaye 120, 191 Glover, Helen Anne 93, 191 Goddwin, Cathy 86, 91 Godfrey, Anne 231 Godwin, Barbara 251 Godwin, Mr. Bob 26,169 Goff, Debbie 231 Goforth, George Morgan 191 Gonzales, Sandra 91, 251 Gonzalez, Elio 251 Hall Carol Else 98, 193 Hall Dale 252 Hall, Debra Marlene 101, 104, 193 Hall, Gayle Jeanette 85, 108, 118, 193 Hall, Mrs. Grace 18 Hall, Holly 252 Hall Regina 152 252 Goode, Geraldine 231 Goodson, Mark 77,251 Goodwin, Margaret Kathyryn 75, 191 Gordon, Amy 106, 231 Gordon, Butch 251 Gordon, Doug 231 Gordon, Ralph 251 Goss, Malcolm 211 Graham, James 251 Graham, Joe 48, 65, 97, 126, 127, 143, 147 Grantham, Mac 251 Grantham, Rebecca Ann 118, 191 Graves, Myra 91, 93, 152, 232 Gray, LuAnn 122,251 Gray, Marie 251 Gray, Mike 106 Gray, Teresa 191 Grayson, Cynthia 123, 251 Grayson, Karen 251 Grayson, Linwood 251 Green, Darla 251 Green, Maria 232 Greene, Bill Wayne 109, 191 Greene, Cindy 251 Greene, Joel 123, 232 Greene, Larry 232 Greer, Donna 120, 232 Greer, Lloyd Timothy 191 Gregory, Mackie 69, 152, 251 Gregory, Ruby 251 Gregory, Shirley Ann 86, 93, 191 Gregory, Susan 251 Greth, Robert 232 Grey, William Harry 192 Greir, Ray 143 Grier, Larry Darnell 102, 192 Grier, Rickey 106 Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffith, Griggs, Grimes Cathy 108, 121, 232 Cathy Dianne 85, 11 Debbie 251 Debbie Anne 193 Freida 75 Melanie 122,251 Mrs. Sabra 29 Freida 251 Beverly Ann 193 , Ricky 78, 166, 232 Grindstaff, Pamela Renee 108, 193 Grundman, Debbie 120, 232 Gulledge, Charles 77, 251 Gunter, Floyd 251 Gunter. Jane 193 8,192 Hamer, Linda 252 Hamilton, Mrs. Shirley 24, 74 Hammond, Chris 252 Hampele, Dianne Cheryl 93, 193 Hamrick, Joe 232 Hancock, Carol 89, 120, 232 Hancock, Elaine 121,252 Hancock, Sherry 252 Hand, Pam 252 Hands, Diane 252 Haney, Michael Steven 91, 95, 193 Haney, Miss Suzanne 18, 86 Hanigan, Kathleen Marie 61, 69, 86, 99 152, 192 Hankins, Karen 232 Hanson, Barbara 91, 252 Hardin, Angie 91,232 Hardin, Donald 192 Hardin, Pam 232 Hardin, Vickie Lynn 192 Harding, Mike 252 Harding, Robert Grier 75, 78, 81, 192 Hargett, Ricky 102, 232 Harken, Jerry 193 Harkey, Robbin 75, 78, 81, 232 Harman, David 126, 232 Harmon, Bill 106, 252 Harpe, Lewis O'Neal 192 Harrell, Charles 232 Harrell, Dickie 252 Harrelson, Donnie 75, 121, 252 Harris, Blanche 73, 232 Harris, Faye 93, 123, 232 Harris, Miss Katie 18, 110 Harris, Libbie 232 Harris, Robert 232 Harris, Willie 151, 232 Harrison, James Brian 75, 78, 81, 161, 193 Harrison, John Arthur 118, 193 Harrison, Mike 102 Harrison, Susan 252 Hart, Denise 232 Hart, Paul 252 Hartis, Tommy 80,252 Harton, Susan 69, 122, 252 Hartsell, Vicki 121, 252 Hatfield, Adrian 61, 76, 77, 192 Hathcock, Hope 232 Hatley, Cindy 121, 252 Hawes, Dibbie 252 Hawkins, Kathie 82, 85, 232 Hawley, Steve 252 Hawley, Teresa Ann 192 Hawn, Mrs. Frances 22, 85 Hayden, Donna Marie 43, 48, 50, 56, 59 61, 63, 68, 69, 85, 118, 119, 139, 140 192 Haynes, Susan 252 Haywood, Brenda 232 Haywood, Susan 122, 252 Head, Karen 252 HEALTH OCCUPATION 99 Heath, Albert 252 Heavner, Mary 252 Hedrick, Andy Quinn 192 Hedrick, Jo 91,252 Gurley, Joan 251 Gwyn, Thomas Kim 193 GYM ASSISTANTS 97 Hackett, Janet Marie 48, 75, 85, 108, 192 Hackney, Timothy Wade 69, 75, 77, 78, 126, 192 Hadden, Melvin Leroy 192 Hagler, Mike 251 Hahn, Debbie 252 Hedrick, Kim 232 Hefner, Eddie 102, 232 Hegler, Nina 232 Heinbaugh, Mrs. Shirley 21 Heine, Anne Dale 121, 152, 192 Heine, Barbara 152, 232 Heine, Madeline 152,252 Heine, Scott Parker 193 Helms, Mrs. Barbara 17 311 l'l9ll'f1S, Helms, Helms, Helms, Helms, Helms, Helms, Helms Claudia 252 Debbie 232 Diane 252 George 252 Jackie 97, 121, 252 Johnny 106, 123, 252 Leonard 232 Flobin DuPree 69, 81, 193 Helson, Mike 232 Henderson, Donald 252 Henderson, Gary 252 Henderson, Heidi Ann 193 Henderson, Martha Jean 74, 75 Hend ricks, Patsy 55 Hendricks, Peggy 121, 252 Hendrix, Deborah 252 Hennings, Bith 98, 252 Herrin, Theresa Lynne 64 Herring, Pat 252 Hesterberg, Carolyn 71, 74,232 Hewitt, George Franklin 103 Hewitt, Roy 106,252 Hicks, Pamela Dale 61, 72, 90 Hicks, Scott 252 Hicks, Mr. Warren 34 Hilder, Melanie 55, 69, 82, 86, 232 Hildreth, Mike 123, 252 Hill, Bob 252 Hill Debbie 252 Hill, Gene 109,232 Hill, Jim 252 Hill, Joe Hardeman 102 Hill, Linda 252 Hill, Michael 252 Hill, Rickie 252 Hill, Rob 232 Hill, Sally 232 Hilliard, Lane 232 Hilton, Al 252 Hilton, Dawn 122, 252 Hilton, Ray Allen 105 Hines, Terri Lynn 85, 97, 108 Hinson Hlf1S0f'l , Danny109, 118,232 Debra 232 Hinson, Diane 123, 252 Hinson, Mike 103 Hinson, Mildred 232 Hinson, Rebecca 232 Hipps, Mrs. Don 29 Hiser, Joanna 232 Hiser, Mike 252 Hl-Y 78, 79 Hocsak, Steve 253 Hodge, Allan 232 312 Hodge, Beth 82, 86, 113,232 Hodge, Shel ia 232 Hodges, Frank 101 Hoftman, Becky 86,233 Hoffman, Susan 233 Hoke, Dan 122, 253 Hoke, Pam 233 Hoke, Roderick 233 Holbrook, David 233 Holcomb, Karen Sue 91, 108, 1 Holder, Rhonda 253 Holland, James Edward 195 Holland, Maudia 233 Hollingsworth, Mrs. Helen 20 Hollingsworth, Robin 82, 233 Holloway, David 77, 253 Holloway, Emil Louie 69, 109, 110, 195 Holmes, Linda Diane 195 Holshouser, Karen Cheri 75, 85, 195 Holtzclaw, Pam 253 Honeycutt, Wanda 102, 233 Hood, Carolyn 123, 253 Hood, Mr. Harold 14 Hooper, Donna 93, 195 Hoots, Linda Allene 195 Hoover, Linda 110, 120, 195 Hoover, Perri 89, 96, 233 Hoover, Robert Edward 196 Hope, Deborah Faith 196 Hopkins, Kenny 253 Horne, Debra 233 Horne, Kathy 120, 233 Horne, Margaret Ann 121, 196 Horne, Mark 253 Hortman, Cindy 196 Horton, Jerry 253 Horton, Lewis 103 Horton, Marie Eloise 118, 119, Horton, Mike 253 Horton, Steve 233 Houck, Bill 253 Hough, Bernard Burdette 197 Hough, Zoe 253 Houghston, Jim 69 House, Penelope 103, 197 Houser, Jane 91, 253 Houser, Kathy 91,233 Houser, Ronnie 253 Houston, James Hugh 56, 61, 197 Howard, Becky 233 Howard, Donna 233 Howard, Elijah 253 Howard, Jacqueline 233 Howard, Terry 148 Howarth, Lynn Dlane 86, 108, 196 Howe, Gerald 126, 233 Howie, Don 109, 196 Howie, Hattie 233 Howie, Mary Ann 196 Howland, Klttey 196 Howle, Mrs. Elizabeth 21 Hoyle, Max 253 Hubbard, Susan 253 Hudgins, Sandra Leigh 61, 118,119, 196 Hudgins, Stuart 253 Hudson, Mary Geraldine 197 Hudson, Patricia Rehm 197 Huffman, Sandy 253 Huffstetler, Cecil 233 Huggins, Alexander 121 Hughes, Marian 253 Hughes, Mike 253 Hughes, Stormy 82, 233 Hughston, Chuck 81, 143, 233 Hughston, Dave 137, 148, 253 Hughston, Don 137, 148, 246, 253 Hullet, Mike 109 Huneycutt, Norman Reece 61, 95, 99, 197 Hunnicutt, Tommy 151, 253 Hunsucker, Bernard 196 Hunsucker, Wilburn 109 Hunt, Anthony 233 Hunt, Gwendolyn 196 Hunter, Miss Joyce 34, 90, 152 Hunter, Lynda A. 65, 86, 97, 196 Hunter, Lynn 86, 101,102,197 Huntley, Mrs. Flora 22 Huntley, Victoria 233 Huskey, Donna Lynne 61, 90, 92, 118, 197 Huskey, Mike 233 Huss, Mary Alice 233 Huss. Randy 166,253 Hutchison. Ann Louise 74, 75, 85, 197 Hutchison, Mike 253 Hutto, Jamie 85, 233 Hutto, Susan Elizabeth 197 Hyde, Mary Della 103, 197 lngle, Harry 253 lngold, Mr. Fred 22 Ingram, Vincent 74, 118,233 INTERACT CLUB 80, 81 lsenhour, Jimmy 233 Isenhour, Joy 253 lsenhour, Robbie 45, 82, 86, 139, 233, 277 lssacs, Kelth 69, 75, 78, 126, 156, 233 lvey, Ricky 253 lvey, Susie 121 Jaclson, Bobby 253 Jackson, Butch 234 Jackson, Carol 234 Jackson, Jean Barbara 253 Jackson, Reva 234 Jacobs, Lillian 234 James, Melody Lou 44, 64, 75, 76, 85, 113 1 Jamggs, Sherry Elaine 196 Jandebeur, Kay Lorraine 118, 119, 196 Jarosiewics, Zalia 253 Jarrell, Mike 234 Jarvis, Nancy 120, 234 Jeeter, Ethel 234 Jeeter, Linda 253 Jeffers, Newton 253 Jeffers, Olga Nadine 197 Jenkins, Brenda Irene 197 Jenkins, Don 253 Jenkins, Steve 75, 78, 197 Jennings, Roddy 234 Johns, Dolores 123, 197 Johns, Gin 253 Johnson, Carol 253 Johnson, Cathy 72, 74, 99, 234 Johnson, Jane 234 Johnson, Jeff 107 Johnson, Jerry 253 Johnson, John Franklin 48, 75, 78, 81, 126 127, 197 Johnson, Mike 234 Johnson, Missi 253 Johnson, Nellie Ruth 198 Johnson, Roger Dale 69, 85, 118, 1 Johnson, Sheila 90, 253 Johnson, Susan 99,253 Johnson, Terry 118, 198 Johnson, Jan 123, 253 JORBS , Billy 253 Jones, James Brice 118, 198 Jones, Mr. C. 23 JORBS , Candace 253 Jones, Carl Allen 103, 198 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones , Carol 99, 234 , Dana Ruth 89, 90, 198 Doug 101,198 f lvlr. Francis 27 Mrs. Julia 34 :Ron103,106,198 , Shirley 152, 254 Jones, Steve 234 Jones, Vivian 75, 121, 198 Jordan, Susan 123,254 Jordan, Wayne 254 Jordon, Johnette 254 Josephs, Gretchen 254 Joyce, Jack 105, 234 Joyce, Peggy 254 Juba. Tommy 254 Justice, Ralph Allen 199 Kalista, Richard 81, 126. 234 Kanipe, Rhonda 234 Kannon, Brenda Kay 199 Kessler, Tim 148, 254 Keller, Debbie 99, 234 Kelley, William 98, 254 Kelly, Charlotte 234 Kelly, Johnny 103,234 Kelly Tim 254 Kelsey, Mr. David 118, 120 Kemenczky, Debra Kay 86, 87, 199 Kemenczky, Joey 254 Kemp, Susan 90, 234 Kemper, Mr. William 31 Kendrick, Evelyn 254 Kennerley, Wesley Kerr, Mae Nell 199 Kessler, Janice Elaine 107, 199 Key, Anise 89, 254 KEY CLUB 76, 77 Keziah, Pamela Diane 69, 234 Kidd, Dwight 254 Killian, Don 234 Kimmons, Mary Beth 69, 120, 234 Kincaid, Rita 234 Kincaid, William 77,148,254 Kinder, Dan 134, 254 Kin Dennis Wa on 199 9' Ym King, Janet Lea 199 King, Joe 234 King, Johnnie 234 King, Lynn 46, 52, 75, 141, 254 King, Netta 254 King, Pamela Sharon 59, 65, 75, 199 King, Ronald Alford 254 King, Tommy 126, 234 King, Miss Wilma 33 Kirby, Bltl 77, 91, 134, 148, 254 Kirby, Bonnie Charlene 61, 71, 199 Kirby, Charles 76, 77, 82, 126, 234 Kirby, Paul 234 Kirkland, Mike 102, 234 Kirkley, Randy 101, 196 Kirkman, Carol 254 Kirkpatrick, Joe 254 Kiser, Kiser, Bobby 110, 235 James 254 Kiser, Jerry 235 Kiser, Kiser, Kathy 235 Pat 254 Kissiah, Randy 235 19, 198 85, 108, Kistler, Mrs. Gretta 17, 60 Kistler, Gary 98, 235 Kistler, Linda Ann 200 Kitchen, Lonnie 235 Kitchens, Karen 254 Kivett, Joe 254 Klouse, Cissy 235 Knighton, Ricky 102, 235 Koutroulias, Mecia 90, 91, 97, Kunsman, Peggy 200 Kuppers, Mary 71, 95, 99, 235 Kurek, Mrs. Barbara 23 Kuykendall, Mrs. Emily 15 Kymble, Clyde 200 Lachicotte, Lucia 254 Lackey, Deborah Cheryl 200 Lail, Linda Tracy 122, 200 Lambert, Debbie 75, 254 Lambert, Julie 254 Lambert, Julie 254 Lambert, Mike 254 Lampley, Timothy 137, 235 Lanier, Rodney 254 Lanklord, Larry Stephen 200 Lankford, Lynn 254 Latharp, Robert 122 Lau, Becky Jean 101, 105,200 Lau, Fred Otto 106, 118, 200 Lawrence, Jo 82, 235 Lawrence, John 254 Lawrence, Mike Purvis 101, 12 Lawter, Suzanne 235 99, 235 3, 200 Lee, Marsha 122, 254 Lee, Olivia 235 Lefler, Inez 254 Lentz, Martha Tina 201 Lessard, Bernie 235 LETTER GIRLS 112, 113 Leverett, Margaret Loraina 103, 118, 201 Lewis, Berry 254 Lewis, Eddie 254 Lewis, Nancy 254 Lewis, Stephen Henry 109, 201 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS 96 Liles, Betty 254 Liles, Shelia Alene 101,201 Liles, Tommy 105, 235 Lincoln, Bob 254 Lindley, Terry 254 Lindsay, Sandra Marie 75, 91, 93, 110, 2 Lindsay, Steven Wade 77,201 Lineberger, David 118, 235 Linker, Deborah Juan 201 Lipton, David 235 01 Lay, Belinda Joy 47, 69, 75, 85, 92,201 Leaird, Debbie 254 Lebe r, Mike 235 Lechner, Deborah Elizabeth 48, 63, 85, 201 Ledbetter, Marshall 235 Lee, Anita 89 Lee, Cynthia 254 Lee, David 235 Little, Little, Ann 254 Beverly Ann 86, 201 Little, Jeanette 254 Little, William 123,235 Lloyd, Joyce 96, 254 h Lloyd, Kristie Marie 201 Lloyd, Nancy 122, 254 Lloyd, Pam 75, 123, 254 Lloyd, Pamela Jacqueline 201 Lock, Sharon 71, 88, 89, 91, 120,235 Locke, Lucinda Marie 108, 202 Locke, Sandy 254 Loftin, Karen Marie 202 Logan, Sandi 69, 72, 73, 82, 86, 99,235 Long, Carolyn 69, 75, 141,246,254 Long, Deborah Ann 48, 69, 52, 73, 86, 8 139, 140, 202 Long, Howard 126, 235 7 'RN 313 Long, Marilyn 141, 246, 254 Long, Cilla 254 Long, Robin 254 Loo, June Wing 59, 95, 202 Lord, Joyce Loraine 122, 202 Love, Elaine 69, 235 Love, Jamie 235 Love, Janice 121, 202 Love, Pat 202 Lowery, Mrs. Betty 29 Lowery, Dennis 101, 105,202 Lowery, Ora Lee 107 Lowery, Rebecca 102, 235 Lowman, Debbie 122 Lowrance, Brenda 82, 86, 138, 140, 235 Lupsity, Kathy 235 Lyerly, Myra 85,202 Lyles, Becky 235 Lyles, Deborah 235 Lynch, Patrick 235 Lyon, Sam Martin 99, 202 McAdams, Sarah 121 McAndrews, Joanne 235 McAndrews, Rosemary 107, 203 McCall, Kathy 235 McCauley, Maxine 235 McCloskey, Roger Dale 203 McClure, Vicky 122 McCollum, Ruthie 235 McConahey, Denise 85, 120, 235 McConahey, Paul 95 McConnel, Terry 118, 203 McCorkle, Mrs. Alene 24, 89 McCorkle, Patti 69, 121 McCorkle, Terry 91 McCoy, Cathy Anne 203 McCoy, Wanda Elaine 204 McDermott, Betty 91, 235 McDonald, Deborah Ann 121,204 McDonald, John 134 Mc Dougald, Eddie 204 McEntire, Shelley 235 McGee, Miss Patricia 34, 152 McGill, Dyane Cheryl 205 McGinn, Barbara 235 McGinn, Billy 235 McGinnis, Eddie 77, 235 McGowan, Ronnie 235 McGrant, Vivian 110, 235 McGrath, Kathy 74, 82, 235 McGuirt, Mrs. Mary 24 Mcllwaine, Ella 236 Mcllwaine, Vivian 236 Mclntyre, Karen 236 Mclntyre, Pam 205 Mclntyre, Pat 205 McKee, Cindy 120 McKee, Janet Ann 236 McKee, Janice 256 McKee, Mary Marie 205 McKee, Robin 99, 256 McKenzie, Doug 256 McKenzie, Mary 85, 236 McKillop, Barry 98,236 McKinney, Diane Darlene 205 McKinnon, Jane 69, 85, 108, 204 McKnight, Betty Jo 256 McKnight, Dwight Keel, Jr. 204 McKoy, Susie 256 McLaird, Marjorie Jane 103, 204 McLaird, Pat 107,205 McLaughlin, Donna 123, 256 McLaughlin, Linda 92, 120 McLaughlin, Richard 236 McLaurin, Cynthia Ann 205 McLean, Richard 103, 236 McLendon, Lynn 256 McManus, Pamela 256 McMillian, Danny 236 McMurray, Susan 75, 91, 118, 205 McMullan, Mr. Charles 35 McNair, Mr. Thomas 24 314 McNair, Evelyn 236 McNair, Louise 93, 99, 205 McNair, Sarah 99, 236 McRae, Douglas 236 McRae, Terry 256 McWhirter, Christine 236 Mabry, Jack 236 Marby, Nancy 256 Mach, Leola 202 MacKay, David 256 Mackintosh, lda Gayle 202 Madden, Mr. Hank 23, 169 Madden, Mrs. Kate 24 Maddox, Mr. Robert 32, 116 Mahatha, George 109 Mahatha, Lola 236 Malcolm, Debbie 256 Mallard, Wanda 236 Mallet, Marcia 92, 256 Mangrum, Mark 256 Mangum, Glenn 75, 78, 166, 236 Mann, James 256 Mann, Norma 236 Manus, Don 256 MARCHING BAND 114 Marks, David 77, 256 Marks, Marilyn 74, 82, 236 Marlow, Betty Jean 202 Marshall, Ella Mae 256 Marshall, William 148,256 Martin, Connie 236 Martin, Debbie 110, 122,256 Martin, Eddie 203 Martin, Gary Lee 202 Martin, Ken 256 Martin, Mary 256 Martin, Phil 256 Martin, Robin 52, 59, 71, 78, 79, Marzioni, Sally 91,108,203 Maser, Marilyn 256 Mason, Helen 256 Mason, Marcia 69, 75,203 Mason, Verly 152 Massey, Andrew 103 Maston, Neva 256 Matthews, Donna 256 Matthews, Ronald 236 Mattox, Mary Cynthia 203 Mauldin, Janice 236 Mauldwin, Patti 236 Maulton, Debbie 93 Mauney, Keith 236 85, 202 Mauney, Ruth Ann 64, 80, 85, 121, 138, 203 Mauterer, Kathy 256 Maxwell, Dean 256 May, Angie 120 May, Sandi 256 May, Terri 75, 256 Maynor, Brooks 256 Meaders, Patricia 123,236 Meadows, Patricia 93 Means, Mrs. Rosa 21 Medford, Deborah 91, 123, 256 Medford, Barbara 120,236 Medlln, Jeanette 256 Meek, Gall 75, 256 Meek, Ronnie 236 Meier, Danny 236 Melson, Peggy 71, 82, 86, 236 Melton, Eddie 256 Merritt, Junior 103,205 Merritt, Robin 92, 237 Merritt, Valorie 257 Messer, James Edward 204 Messer, Stephen 257 Micallef, Sharon 204 Mlckel, Gall 75, 93, 96, 118, 204 Miller, Betty 257 Miller, Debbie 237 Miller, Denise 82, 122,237,257 Miller, Donna Elaine 61,204 Miller, Edward Lee 204 Miller, Lonnie 237 Miller, Maxine 237 Miller, Phyllis 97, 99, 237 Miller, Richard Alan 205 Miller, Ted 257 Miller, Vic 257 Miller, Vivian 107,205 Milliman, Scott 40, 48, 58, 63 69 78 80 81, 126,127, 174,205 Mills, K athy 257 Mirly, Becky 237 Mitchel Mitchel Mitchel l, Cynthia 237 l, Kevin 126,237 l, Odessa 237 Momberger, Cheryl Lynn 110, 118 119 204 Monroe Monteit Moody, Moody, Moody, , Phyllis 257 h, Carles 204 Barry 257 Diane 237 Mike 257 Mooney, Christine Amelia 61,204 Mooney, Debbi 257 Moore, Chester 237 Moors, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore Cora Lee 122, 237 Correy 86, 91, 97, 118, 204 Darline 103, 237 Doris 69 David 257 Henry 101, 237 Katy 257 Lynne 237 Moore, Mary 120, 237 Moore, Sherry 122, 257 Moore, Tommy 204 Moreland, George 257 Moreno, Al 102, 237 Moreno Morgan Morgan 205 Morgan , Dora Beatriz 121 ,Kay 92,237 , Mike 48, 75, 78, Pete 257 Morgan: Sandy 97, 205 Morgan Morgan , Stephen Young 205 Susan 92 97 237 Morrett: Mike 237' ' Morris, Becky 123, 257 Morris, Danny 237 Morris, Mo rriso Morriso Ricky 101, 105 n, Cindy 237, 257 n, Freida 237 Morrissette, Jan 75, 238 Morrison, Jo Ann 257 Morrow, Marlene 257 Moser, Deede 97, 237 Moser, Darlene 93, 206 Moulton, Debbie 123,257 Moyer, Don 257 Muk, Gail 91 Mulkey, Mulkey, Cheryl 107, 206 Patty 206 Mull, Bunnie Sue 122, 206 Mullen, Jackie 122, 257 Mullis, Dean 126, 151, 238 Mullis, Franklin 257 Mullis, James 238 Mullis, Joe 257 Mullis, Joyce 238 Mullis, Patricia Ann 206 Mullis, Sylvia 206 Mummert, Donna 257 Murr, Evelyn 82, 86, 238 Murr, Sally 82, 85, 238 Myers, Denise110, 118,238 Myers, Jeftery 257 Myers, Nathan 102, 206 Nance, Beverlyn Ann 97, 206 Nance, Donald 122,238 Nance, Envoy Fowler 207 Nance, Jean 257 Nance, Shelley Ann 207 Nantz, Richard Edward 257 1 , Neeley, Kay 123,257 Neelley, Mary 258 Neely, Henry D. 134 Nelson, Ginger 121, 238 Nelson, James 109, 238 Nelson, Lynn 93, 107 Nesbitt, Annette 258 Neville, Pam 207 Newhouse, Belinda 207 Newman, Sara 55, 92, 207 Newton, David 110, 122, 207 Nicholson, Jody 109, 118, 238 Nicholson, Michael 258 Nllles, Chuck 238 Nindly, Terry 134 Nivens, Deidre Lynn 207 Norket, Vickie Dianne 207 Norkett, John 102 Norman, Kathy 69, 82, 86, 238 Norman, Lester 258 Norrett, Vicky 122 Norton, Dennis 238 Norwood, James Michael 208 Norwood, Melva 258 Nowlan, Norman 236 Nunn, Gay 258 Oakley, Floyd Ivan 208 Oakley, Kathy 82, 83, 86, 238 Oakley, Sharon 121, 258 O'Daniel, Fred 258 OFFICE ASSISTANTS 97 Olive, Jerry 238 Orbison, Allen 258 ORCHESTRA 117 Orr, Pat 258 Orr, Terry 258 Osborne, Pat 121 , 238 Oswald, Angela Kay 208 Outen, Louis 97 Outley, Barbara 121,256 Outley, William 151,238 Outz, Cathe 91, 93, 238 Overcash, Cheryl Lee 107, 208 Overcash, Debbie 238 Owens, DeMaris 208 Owens, Jan Ellen 208 Owensby, Sharon 238 Oxidine, Blaine 238 Padgett, Debra 258 Padgett, Gary 238 Padgett, Mike 77, 258 Page, Jimmy 258 Painter, Willard 106, 258 Palmer, Mrs. Margaret 21 Panther, Danny 258 Parham, Gail 101, 105, 121, 208 Parker, Cynthia Lee 61, 208 Parker, Leroy 258 Parker, Wanda Jacquelyn 208 Parkin, Lala Ann 61, 208 Parks, Bill 238 Parks, David 103,206 Parks, Jack 77, 96, 209 Parrish, Mrs. Sara 20 Parrish, Cindy 238 Partee, Rhonda 86, 71, 121,209 Pate, Earl 258 Patterson, Diane 97, 209 Patterson, Herman 110 Patterson, Rich 209 Patton, Lori 238 Paty, Candy 209 Paty, Charles 122 Payne, Marcia 258 Payne, Nancy 61, 85, 209 Paxton, Teen 238 Peacock, Donna 258 Pearson, Mike 258 Peeler, Peeler, Pendlet Pendlet Mrs. Katherine 15 Debbie 258 on, David 60, 69, 209 on, Steven 236 Peoples, Bill 209 Perdue, Gayle 82, 86 Pernell, James William Ill 209 Perry, Allan 258 Perry, Anne 258 Perry, Anne 47, 69, 210 Perry, Gail 258 Perry, Marilyn 258 Peterso Pethe I , n, Robert Earl 210 Janet 238 Pettigrew, John 258 Pettigrew, Nancy 99, 238 Pettis, Ruth 97, 118 Pharr, Beverly 258 Phifer,Curtis 126,151,238 Phiter, Harold 259 Phifer, Marion 259 Phillips Phillips Phillips , Avery 238 , Betty 89. 238 , Charles Alan 210 Phillips, Dale 259 Phillips Philrnon, 210 ,Susan Carol 210 Pickard, Janet Alma 93, 211 Pickett, Ruby 122, 259 Piehl, Vernon 81,238 Pierce, Barbara 123, 239 Pierce, Brenda 73, 82, 239 Pierce, Nancy 239 Pigtord, Morna 259 Pigg, Buddy 106, 259 Pike Kathy 259 Pinkerton, Tevis 239 Pinnel, Diane 259 Pinson, Ally 259 Pistone, Tom 259 Plemmons, Regina 259 Plott, George 259 Plummer, Donna Jean 123, 211 Plummer, Mary 259 Polly, B renda Kaye 211 Polly, Mike 239 Polson, Ponce, Bonnie 239 Fl'8f1ClSCO UBPBUIB 48, 58, 64 72 73, 126, 127, 210 Ponce, 272 Octavio Julio 33, 46, 126, 128 210 Ponder, Kenneth 259 Poole, Ted 239 Pope, Teresa 123, 239 Porter, Ann 259 Porter, Steve 239 Posey, Gail 259 Poston, Elaine 48, 69, 75, 85, 113,210 Poston, Poston, Poteat, Poteat, Powell, Glenda 61, 86, 210 Kathy 259 Cynthia 91, 109, 120,239 Steve 166,259 Bill 96, 161,239 Preslar, Barbara Louise 118, 210 Preslat, Teddy 239 Pressley, Joe 121, 239 Pressley, Trudy 118 Preston, Gerald 259 Prevatt, Jerry 259 Prevatt, Randy Cbcil 211 Price, Mrs. Loretta 17 Price, Debbie 121, 239 Price, Linda 259 Price, Pat 211 Prioe, Sandra Hope 211 Primm, Prince, Prince, Michael 166, 188, 239 June 239 Rebecca 239 Pritchard, Virginia 97, 121,239 Privett, Charles Michael 210 Pat 48, 63, 118, 119, 126 156 Privett, Debbie 120, 239 Privette, Mr. Ernest 29, 108 Prophet, Becky 57, 97, 210 Propst, Mark 77, 166, 259 Pruitt, Donna 259 Pugh, Richard 259 Purdue, Gayle 239 Purser, Booster 126 Purser, Sylvia Diane 210 Purser, Van 126, 239 Putnam, Becky 259 Putnam, James 239 Pyatte, Donna 259 Query, Susan 69, 82, 83, 86, 239 Quick, John 259 Quin, Denise 239 Quinn, Ramona 239 Quinn, Tina 123,239 Raborn, James Graham 211 RADIO BROADCASTING 104, 105 Railey, Debbie 259 Raines, Karen 82 Rainey, Dwight 239 Rallings, Tommy 61,211 RAMBLER 72, 73 Randall, Betty 259 Randall, Vickie Gay 211 Rann, Joyce 259 Rape, Mike 134, 260 Ratchford, Margaret 82, 239 Ratcliffe, Velda 91, 113, 120, 239 Ratcliffe, Velma Franiece 118, 211 Ray, Susan 120,239 Raynes, Karen 91, 97, 239 RED CROSS 91 Redd, Phillip 260 Redfearn, Doris 239 Redfem, Doug 260 Reece, Jimmy Walker 210 Reed, Miss Marian Reed, Mark Stephen 210 Rees, Terri 260 Reeves, Patricia 114, 239 Reid, Janet 260 Reid, Mrs. Juanita 17 Reid, Kenneth Wayne 102, 210 Reinhardt, Miss Philecta 234 Renaud, Pat 74, 239 Reynders, Pieter Benjamin 210 Reynolds, Joreather 99, 121 Reynolds, Wayne 102, 260 Rhodes, Miss Alioe 23 Rhodes, Pam 239 Rhyne, Jacqueline 240 Rice, Gary 260 Rich, Mildred 260 Rickenbaker, Cindy 122,260 Ridge, Steven 75, 78, 211 Ri les, Tommy 101 Ritch, Jay 123, 151,211 Ritch, Larry 151,260 Ritch, Nancy Evelyn 86, 211 Ritchie, Pam 240 Rivers, Donald 121,240 Roach, Kathy 240 Robbins, Denise 260 Robbins, Neal 240 Robbins, Susan 110,211 Roberts, Dan 106, 260 Roberts, Diane 260 Roberts, Fran 121,240 Roberts, Lavalle George 211 Roberts, Wayne 240 Robinson, Gary 78, 126, 156 Robinson, Miss Janet 23 Robinson, Janet Carol 212 Robinson, Mr. John 26 Robinson, Linda 122 Robinson, Michael 240 Rogers, Robin 82, 83, 86, 240 Rorie, Dennis 106,240 Rorie, Donel 105 Rose, Sandy 75, 92, 123, 260 316 , 1 your in .. st s I ' ifiil ' Q Xfigf 'Tig X X Rosenboro, Harry 240 Roseman, Donna 212 Ross, Beverly 75, 260 Ross, Deborah 260 Ross, Jerry 240 Ross, Pat 97, 240 Ross, Robert 212 Rowell, Elizabeth Kaye 118, 213 Royal, Frances 240 Royal, Kenneth 260 Royce, Becky 110, 120, 240 Rudisell, George 240 Rushing, Teresa 260 Russell, Beverly 213 Russell, Charles 240 Russell, Debbie 61, 108,213 Russell, Timothy Franklin 118,213 Rutledge, Pat 118 Ryan, Mrs. Frances 28, 93 Sacra, Karen 85,213 Sacra, Linda 97, 261 Salyer, Sherry 59, 61, 62, 69, 86, 152,212 Sanders, Donna 105, 121 Sanders, Mr. Edward 14, 55 Sanders, Mrs. Catherine 24 Sanders, Frenda 89, 110, 240 Sanders, Helen 103,240 Sanders, Janice 110,261 Sanders, Mr. John 32, 118, 120, 121, 123 Sandifer, Milton 148, 261 Sandifer, Regina 261 Sanford, Carolyn 91, 240 Sanford, Steve 73, 75, 78, 212 Sanger, Mark 240 Sansing, Diane 261 Sasser, Gwynn 261 Satterlield, Lora 240 Satterwhite, Carol 240 Saunders, Mike 261 Saunders, Mindy 261 Savage, Beth 240 ,gs s S as .g Savage , Lynn 261 Sawyer, Sawyer, Billie Ennis 93,212 Mr. George 27 Sawyer, Mr. Karl 25, 57, 60, 61 Sawyer, Karl 59, 69, 81, 156, 213 Sawye r, 213 Ken 59, 61, 80, 81, 92, 97, 156 Scher, Carl Robert 213 Schlie, Jim 240 Schweitzer, Mrs. 23 Scofield, Bruce 261 Scofield, Pat 103, 118,213 Scott, Wes 81,213 Scruggs, Dolores 71, 82, 99,240 Scruggs, Karen 91 Scruggs, Mike 97, 240 Seaford, Barbara Elaine 107,212 Seamon, Ralph 121, 137,261 Seegars, Ronnie 106,240 Sellers, Bobby 261 Sellers, Larry 261 Serafini, John 212 Sessions, Sharon 261 Seuzeneau, Frank 102,212 Sewell, Billie 261 Sexton, Mike 212 Shaffer, Donna 118,212 Shanklin, Richard 261 Shaver, Billy Joe 213 Shaver, Phyllis 261 Shaver, Richard 102,240 Shaw, Charles 81, 126, 156, 240 Shelby, Marcia Gail 213 Sheopard, Jan 261 Snerrill, Jane Kimberley 213 Sherrill, Pam 82, 240 Shinn, Gary 106,261 Shirhall, Tim 75, 78, 81, 126,240 Shirley, Pam 69, 240 Shooter, Stan 240 Short, Jean 99, 240 Short, Marshall 99, 240 Shu, Clint 261 Shufford, David 261 Shuford, Martha 82, aa, ss, 120,241 Shytle, James 261 Siancar, David 102 Simister, Barbie 98,261 Simmons, James 241 Simms, Debbie 262 Simms, Gloria 241 Simpson, Beth 241 Simpson, Clifford 261 Simpson, Janet 97, 261 Simpson, Linda 241 Simpson, Ronnie 261 Simpson, Sherry 261 Sims, Evon Grey 212 Sims, Mrs. Margaret 21 Sims, Nina Frances 212 Sinclair, Mr. K. C. Sinclair, Mrs. Sadine 17 Sinnett, Steve 262 Skidmore, Susan 82, 83, 241 Skipper, Layne 241 Slaughenhaupt, Steve 262 Slechta, Sara Elizabeth 212 Sledd, Debi 241 Sloop, Jan 212 Sloop, Michael 126, 214 Soope, Connie 82, 97, 241 Bill 263 Stewart, Slusher, Mike 101, 212 Smart, Smith Smith Steve 73, 74, 241 Arnetta 122 Butch 262 Smith, Camilla 59, 61, 69, 74, 122, 213 Smith, Carol Lynn 213 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith. Smith, Smith Smith: Smith Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, 1 1 Cathy 97, 108, 118,213 Charles 148 Chris 214 Cissy 241 Cyndy 120,241 David 81, 94, 262 Donna 241 Gary 69, 262 Hope 241 Jane Ellen 118, 119,214 Jayne Marcia 214 Jim 96, 241 Jeffrey 262 Joe 134, 262 John 262 Karen 69, 262 Kathy 262 Kathy Lynn 118, 123,214 Kay Frances 241 Ken 105, 241 Kim 262 Linda Ann 123,214 Liwi 262 Marion Claude 214 Marsha Elaine 123,214 Martha 262 Nancy 262 Peggy 92 Ricky 262 Rickey 106, 134, 262 Robert 59, 77, 214 Rose Ann 241 Miss Sandra 20 Smith, Sandy 262 Smith, Steven Michael 69, 81, 94, Smith, Sue 214 Smith, Tony 262 Smith, Vicky 262 Smith, Mr. W. Wistar 27 Snell, Steve 102 Snider, Karen 69, 241 Snider, Richard 134, 151,262 SNIPS AND CUTS 70, 71 Sowell, Darlene 262 Sowell, Myra 262 Sperry, Anne 214 86, 90, 92, 110, 214 Spielman, Chuck 214 Spielman, Sherri 241 Spurrier, Vickie Lynn 215 Stackston, Beverly 262 Stafford, Bonita Susan 118,215 Stafford, Patti 121, 263 Stafford, Teri 118,215 Staker, Douglas 263 Stallings, Jerry 241 Stamey, Junior 263 Stanfill, Barry Cobb 104, 215 Stanley, Bill 263 Staley, Mr. Robert 102 Starnes, Sta rnes, Sta rnes, Starnes, Starnes, Starnes, Eddie 263 Franklin 102, 215 Libby 121,263 Myra 263 Patrick 215 Wayne 106,241,263 Starr, Greg 121,263 Steed, Roger 103, 215 Steele, Miss Betty Jo 25, 82, 282 Stegall, Catherine Nadine 215 Stegall, Doug 75, 78, 215 Stegall, Sheri 241 Stemple, James 263 Stephens, Allida 52, 82, 83, 85, 241 Stephens, Clara 241 Stephens, David 109, 241 Sterrett, Stevens Stevens, Mrs. Jane 27 Debra Jill 215 Steve 106 Stewart, Amaryliss Ann 215 Stewart, Stewa rt Jan 263 Kristy 263 sllles. Fiees William 137, 168,216 97, 113, Stewart, Terri 215 Stiles, Tommy 137, 151, 263 Stinson, Robert 81, 216 Stitt, Gwen 120, 216 Stitt, Shirley 48, 59, 69, 86, 152, 216, 285 Stitt, William 263 Stogner, Mary 121, 241 Stogner, Tony 69, 134, 263 Stover, Linda 93, 97,263 Story, Jerry 106 Stowe, Janet 123, 263 Strader, Brenda 120, 241 Strand, Hans 216 Strickland, Doris 118,216 Strickland, Jackie 103, 241 Stricklen, Bobby 105, 241 Strong, Bonnie 241 Stroud, Don 241 Stuart, Ladaria 241 STUDENT COUNCIL 68, 69 Stutts, Michael 126, 241 Styron, Bob 216 Styron, Susan 263 Sudd reth, Paulette 241 Sullivan, Karen 263 Summers, Beverly 103 Summitt, Tommy 122, 216 Su rratt, Jim 103 Sutton, Jerry 106,263 9927 Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Burt 216 Jim 241 Philip 263 Gerald 263 swen,'Mark1o1, 105,216 Swiggett, Michele 48, 73, 85, 216 Sykes, Marie 263 SMYPHONIC BAND 115 Talbert Dale 137 263 Talbert: Linda 106, 216 Talbert, Talbott, Talbott, Mike 69, 73, 75, 78, 81, 106, 217 Sherry 69 Conchita 89,217 Tallent, John 121, 166, 263 Tankersley, Deborah 120, 241 Tarleton, Debbie 217 Tarleton, Tom 105,263 Tate, Terri 264 Taylor, Mr. James 15 Taylor, Ann 91, 264 Taylor, John Leslie 217 Taylor, Lynn 103, 217 Taylor, Flandy 241 Teer, Lynn 264 Tennent, Jess 97, 98, 109, 241 Terry, Ray 217 Tew, Landis 126, 241 Thomas, Bobby 241 Thomas, Cynthia 264 Thomas David 264 Thomas, Dick 264 Thomas Thomas Thomas , Gerald 242 , Greg 242 Ray 121 Thomas, Sharon ss, 15, ae, ev, 211 Thomas, Theresa 242 Thomas, Wanda 242 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson Thompson, Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Debbie 217 Heather Hall 217 Jimmy 218 Jo Anne 75, 92, 264 Joe 109, 242 Joe 264 John Webster 218 Kathy 61, 119,218 Louie 103,218 Pam 264 Rick 242 Willie 242 I Zelma 264 Thorne, Ronnie 264 Threadgill, Linda 61, 218 318 Threatt, David 264 Tibshrany, Miss Delores 31, 75, 103 Tillman, Richard 242 Timmons, Miss Clara 29 Tipton, Chip 264 Tipton, Linda 69, 86, 218 Tipton, Sybil 242 Toler, Gail 61, 108,218 Toler, Paula 264 Tolleson, Deborah 121, 242 Tomanchek, Mr. Joseph 169 Topp, Tenna 242 Terrence, Jody 242 Torrance, Michael Alexander 48, 57, 118, 126, 128, 218 Torrance, Tommy 264 Towell, Chellyn 89, 10, 218 Trammell, Teresa 264 Trelles, Carmen 93, 264 Trexler, Norman 264 Triece, Frankie Joanne 61, 118,218 Triplett, Bobbie 242 Triplett, Debbie 264 Triplett, Jimmy 242 Tripp, Marlus 242 Troutman, Janice 110, 218 Troutman, Sherry 61, 69, 218, 273 Truslow, Gail 74, 242 Tucker, Angela Christine 218 Tucker, James 242 Tucker, Susan 93, 123, 242 Tucker, Steve 264 Turner, Dana 105, 121,242 Turner, Douglas 264 Turner, Eva 73, 93, 123,218 Turner, Pat 69, 264 TWIRLERS 111 Tyson, Dick 106 Tyson, Donald 106,264 Umbarger, Sammy 242 UNDER THE WILLOW TREE 74 Underwood, Jimmy 218 UNICEF 90 Upton, David 109 Vanderburge, Kay 242 Vanhoy, Bill 219 Vanwinkle, Mrs. Mary Louise 23 Varney, Amy 242 Verble, Adelaide 61, 118,219 V. l.C.A.100, 101,102 Vido, Ricky 242 Vincent, John 242 Vincent, John Henry 219 Vinson, Mrs. Klara 25 Voltz, Donna Lee 219 Wackerhagen, Laurie 110,236 Wade, Dennis 109,265 Wade, Ellen 85, 219 Waechter, Chris 265 Wagner, Joyce 69, 265 Wagoner, Buddy 48, 75, 78, 126, 128,219 Waite, Beth 265 Waites, Vanessa 96, 242 Walker, Tayloria 264 Walker, Wally 242 Wall, Pat 60, 74, 86, 91, 92,219 Wallace, Craig 242 Wallace, Dianne 122 Wallace, Frank 59, 62, 69, 74, 109, 110 219 Wallace, Lynn 89, 264 Wallace, Marilyn 264 Wallace, Richard 121 Walsh, John 242 Walters, Karen 264 Walters, Pat 99, 120,219 Walters, Patrick Ervin 219 Walters, Rickie 102,242 Wampler, Mr. Frank 17, 109 Ward, Brenda 264 Ward, Donna Jan 61,219 Ware, James 264 Ware, Ted 126 Warner, Betty Jean 219 Warren, Mrs. Jane 24, 25 Warren, Bill 62, 68, 69, 75, 78, 156, 220 Warren, Kenney 264 Warren, Ray 102,242 Washam, Joe 265 Washam, Steven 265 Washington, Mrs. Emma 27 Watkins, Robery Carey 220 Watson, Janet 59, 61, 85, 111, 220 Watson, Larry 77, 134, 265 Watts, Mark 265 Watts, Sharon 107, 220 Weaver, Lisa Christie 55, 64, 118, 119,220 Webb, John 265 Webb, Richard 220 Webb, Susie 265 Webb, Terri 265 Webber, Gary 220 Weber, Judy 118, 220 Wedel, Carol 40, 44, 48, 49, 62, 69, 86, 122, 139, 174, 220 Wedel Pa 47, 82 86, 139, 140, 243 - NY . Weems, Pamela 265 Weisenberger, Patricia Ann 221 Welch, Gwen 265 Wells, Tammy 121, 243 Wensil, Becky 120, 221 Wentz, John Edgar 221 Wentz, Mike 266 West, Robbie 266 West, Randall 97,266 Westbrook, Mac 75, 77, 78, 221 Wheeler, Clayton 102, 243 Wilson, Rob 96 Wilson, Sherry 69, 82, 243 Winchester, Charles 267 Winchester, Dotty 267 Winchester, Marion 267 Winchester, Ruth 267 Winchester, Wanda 52, 69, 267 Winkler, Mark 222 Winslow, Virginia Christine 107, 222 Wise, Judy 267 Witherspoon, Ophelia Dianne 267 Wolfe, Wolfe, Wolfe, Wolfe Wood Wood Wood Debbie 267 Mrs. Eunice 23 Harry 102, 243 , Philip NeSbi1, Jr. 222 Beverly 109,222 Kevin ao, 81, 161 243 I Lydia ,108, 110, 243 Woodard, Mark 267 Woodburn, Julie 267 Woods, Linda 267 Woodruff, Ann 122,267 Woolwine, Karen 88, 89, 243 Woolwine, Rene 75, 88.89, 118, 222 Wooten, Peggy Louise 103,222 Wooten, Kenneth 267 Worley, Michael 267 Workman, Gary 222 Worthy, Thomas 106 White, Debbie 97,266 White, Janet 121. 126 White, Mr. Joseph 35 White, Smltty 243 White, Libby 52, 266 White, Mark 134, 148, 266 White. Phyliss 243 White, Sharon 75, 266 White, Steve 266 Whitehurst, Shay 69, 94, 99, 110,111,221 White, Tommy 266 Whitener, Leroy 106 Whitley, David 61,221 Whitley, Debbie 92, 123,266 Whitney, Dale 105, 243 Whittington, Carol 266 Whitt, Richard 243 Wike, Ronnie 106, 266 WILDCAT CLUB 75 Wiley, Corine 266 Wi Iey, Corline 266 Wiley, Frances 243 Wiley, Verlia Faye 120,221 Wilkerson, Adine 221 Wilkerson, Cathy 92, 243 Wilkerson, Doris Elaine 103, 243 Wilkerson, Penny 91, 243 Wilkinson, Corby 96 Willhelm, John 98, 267 Williams, David 267 Williams, James Curtis 134 Williams, Diane 267 Williams, Eddie 57, 69, 92, 118, 119,221 Williams, Freddie 134,267 Williams, Gloria 91, 96, 243 lMll iams, Williams williams, williams, williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Williams: Vlhlliams, williams, Williams Gwendolyn Paulette 267 Kathy 267 Keith 267 Michael 222 Nancy Karen 108, 118, 222 Pat 69, 82, 85, 123, 243 Peggy 243 Ramona 122, 167 Ricky 267 Robert 106, 243 Shirley Ann 267 Steve Lee 222, 267 Williams: Thomas Allen ss, 222 Vlhllls, Laura 74, 75, 222 Willis, Monty 77, 98,243 Wilson, Ann 75, 222 Wilson, Bill 243 Wilson, Larry 78, 166, 168, 243 fur-un '1- Wrede, Mrs. Ruby 15 Wright, Butch 103, 222 Wright, Gary 106 Wright, Joe 267 Wright, Larry 102, 222 Wright, Mow 243 Wright, Mr. Ron 35, 126, 169 Wyatt, Gwen 243 Wykle, Cindy 223 Wylie, Harriett 267 Yandle, Carolyn 267 Yandle, Qfnthia 243 Yandle, Lori 92, 121, 267 Yarborough, Frances 48, 59, 68, 85,118, 119,223 Yassin, Bassam 243 Yates, Virginia 243 Yoos, Mrs. Agnes 25 York, William Michael 223 Young, Billy 101, 243 Young, Bobby 21, 69, 75, 78, 223 Young, Cindy 122 Young, Clara 267 Young, Ken 267 Y-TEEN 88, 89 Zagar, Stephanie 267 Zinnermon, Janice 103 Zink, Robin 123,243 Zuk, Gayle 243 GJ 69. B4 319 R S X ,EX X Q Q vsp 8 Q. -. Q 8-,spvg gf " .. a 4 BQQR "3 , ,, -. v W s K - -5'-'Q' . f ,. . A 4. M. ' T46 .' L' 1' ' G' N g - , .L 'esnf' 'x Sf , 2 Q - ,, pa K Q mx 5 , - A .Q tr . V.. . . . , t, ,FQ-'A' , J A .v K K m 4 5 . I ., ' " . A V L 5:27, 4-vs. I ax ' 1 fs :- X - ., x ,Kg -Q - A -'UAB-L H41 N , 'sa 5 9 ggmvsffl 4 -V K 31 N K "5-fv in 35" 5 ,f Neff' . i' , x my n Lmmx, A. ,gg Q 1.2 ,, ii! ui qw' 1 ' , .w W. ,fi f Y" fwfr 1 'Q f 5' 'mv x . . w ,- L- , . R 0 W,,' . 5 . . .. ' A 'Q -wg -F5 wif R T 1325? , 5 K. ff '- ' 3- K. x M . X: , +. 1 ' Q ,K .mg tlgbvs "X x k ' x X im" ' ' ., f N - - , , ', , . , i x f W ' V'R - 5x ..ff V, Ed! ' Q- D .. nf i. 5 ,r .. W x Vx: A a , .ak g li! - I xx, S in S VI-ai V.. : :ax Q4 W, I' X x X. A , , Uffif, .3xx,:J', ' ' if . fm 4 K ,I ' . ' U HP: A A X31 . gi 5' JIZ? -in '51 'A' 9' " g vi 'Q M inf" H .TN S. 5 X xx - 3 ff -- W1 'X N, 5 ' Xxx x' 1 ,xx , " Kg ' A A ' LY Q sf 4 L "F A . L 1 4'-' " 0 ,ff Y - 'S . J .- 4 , " G Q , .f3f?4fffWf' K, ,5 vw i 5 f .H my ,, gtg,-A 1 . . jx KM , ' ww y -2254 A 5 J 'Q f - F 4 .mx hw. ..,x 5 -1 . Q .- N3 I 0 Q, is Sk. 3 "wa Q S Q X V' P, S x 1 ' Y . K RQ . wk .. i nga . . . , , 9 My . - K Q-q51'E 4' , 1 . K N K f ., I y- . 4 - 1. A-Wi' .'N . , A L, V L, Y wg S V ' V, , Vi' x ,fx .Q X Asa ' ff P X K' .xrqigxgi K' N ,A N X - ,Sf K ,Lx in S' in '.:.,2 51 Q "' w 'K" ' .K A 5 N, ' MS" XR-Q 1 f X X 1 .Q ., X' : Q . Q' Q A, W V13' in A A.. H nga Q WN 9 dx ,QQ -ak 1 A if MLM S 40" Pride in Garinger Forever' How many of us can truthfully say that we have stopped and looked at Garinger High School as it really is? Indeed, there have been many changes over the yearsg all one has to do is look around and he can see many of them. However, there is one thing about Garinger that will never alter - PRIDE. That one important thing is what makes students cheer even when we lose a gameg it makes people pick up papers, stay off the grass, and show that they really care about GHS in every way. No matter how many surface changes occur at Garinger, the school itself will al- ways stay the same as long as ev- eryone keeps shouting, "l'm a Wildcat, couldn't be prouder" . . . N. ' LifN..g..i i K t 324 N. ,-ngfn, .Rx :vi , v V X , n 1 " A .mv A Q: u ,L .F A -- 22' 5' iw if 4 pk :nf 1, Y , A f 'J wma 1 4.455 M' 325 Pictures, Captions, Copy, Deadlines 326 These have all been a large part of my life for the past year. At first, it seemed as if I were facing an impossible task, but slowly all of my "annual problems" disappeared, and the dream of the 1970 SNIPS 81 CUTS became a reality that I will always treasure. With the help of many wonderful people, I finally made it through three headache-filled deadlines. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people without whose help and cooperation the 1970 SNIPS 81 CUTS could not have been completed: Mr. Ron Norman of Keys Printing Company for being so very helpful whenever I needed him. Mr. Ed Sanders for being so helpful and patient in helping me solve many of our problems. Also, a special thanks to three very special faculty members - Mrs. Shirley Hamilton, Mrs. Catherine Sanders, and Mrs. Nadine Sinclair, all of whom were most patient and understanding with me and all of my annual problems. Singer Tommy Roe for judging our beauties and Jack Gale and Long John Silver for helping us get in contact with Tommy. Mr. Jesse Reich, my advisor, for putting up with me and how little I really knew about yearbooks. My staff, especially those who gave up many week-ends to work at my house. My parents for being so patient and encouraging during hectic deadlines. Finally, I would like to thank all of YOU - my friends - whom I hope will find this annual an acceptable memory of the past year at GHS. Teresa Brown Editor Q- - - Cl ,Lim

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