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f l. j ...V ' %, ' ; - = apSl itoi wm k mmmmm iWiWhk _. fX.t 5 ' _ 6 yA.yCt 5.t -2L 2 x- (SUm :: C .. jC (l4 Hy ' ‘ C Z L J(aZ jXZt . zny- cz: jy ? , X- ' k gJX Z ' ' - . ,Xe..,,i, jiAj -f)u.k£-, ' j ULlU . 0i4UUU iic CM iMf yu-i- cxy CiAX ZX. Us .oy i-CoJ- - 1 -■ y LiX cu dyTtU CLyy ci :AUjl ■ LfcorX iu (X A auxL % XhjJlL. . Cjji i A- 6 yiJ (j ' -yX-i ' Xjl y yi, JlyT, Jt_ _ ' XlC- A-y X) cX ' X y2tc CaA-jCL ' Ll ' CuA n( ' n S . Ky ' ' iji ' tj iLxJifisdJUiK 7 56 ?, J ' 50 yQjpJL -CjUj ‘- cx- X T 7 . . ; A li ' llA aJU-O cu- “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 o o o GARINGER HIGH SCHOOL . 1 DEDICATION 12 FACULTY 14 FEATURES 38 ACTIVITIES 60 2 SPORTS 112 CLASSES 154 seniors .156 juniors 200 sophomores 220 SUPPORTERS 242 DIRECTORIES 264 faculty 264 senior 268 INDEX 282 3 “To every thing there is a season, and A time to every purpose under the heaven:” D D D 6 The first year is a time for beginning. It is a time for change-yet as novices the changes are new and frightening. Upon entering high school, we are given a challenge, and this challenge will take three long years to accomplish-and we wonder. We find ourselves caught in a cycle of teachers, studies, books, rules, thinking, writing-frustrations. There is just never enough time! Yet, as time goes on through this first year, the crowded halls in which at first we lost our way, be¬ come halls with familiar faces-friendly faces -and we soon find G. H. S. to be more ttian just a learning institute. It is people. Students with whom we have things in common; students with whom we do not. And even with time pushing us as it does, we somehow make room for ballgames, parties, dates, clubs, and numerous other activities. At last we are becoming a part of Garinger, and soon it will become a part of us. 7 There is now a time for new anticipation, new dreams. A time when our days as novices have ended, and we are fully a part of Garinger High. We accept the work which is laid before us as we see our goal a year closer; and we feel the Garinger spirit around us. We sometimes even find learning to be exciting, and as we strive to grasp all of it-time runs slowly by. Yet time soon begins to move more rapidly, show¬ ing us how we have grown and matured. The boys in our class are playing in the ball games now, help¬ ing lead the cats to victory. And soon, senior proms will be coming, along with yearbooks and senior rings. It seems impossible that another year could have passed. Yes-Time is now moving too swiftly! 8 9 A TIMIE FOR ENDIMG There is a time when we must go our own way, and depart from those we have known so long. We find that there is a new world to conquer, and we must face it on our own. We look around at our school friends and sadly smile our grave good-bys. Times will never be such as those that were spent in Garin- ger High. Who are we, the persons who seem so moved by the times spent in school? We could be no other than the “Seniors,” who have come to love it all. From the time we move from sophomores to sen¬ iors, the days spent through the years become treasures buried in the hearts of each one of us. It is only with the arrival of baccalaureate and gradua¬ tion that we, the seniors, realize the fierce pride which has developed. Yes-we have become a part of G. H. S. and it has become a part of us. Even the smallest things are treasured as those memories which can never be erased by time. 10 HlailMo great G, ALMA MATER Far above the toil and tumult Of our city’s growing might Proudly stands our Alrpa Mater Shining brightly in th4Mht. 11 Mr. William Wistar Smith 12 Dedication For his sincere dedication to the Students of Garinger High School, For his support of Garinger activities And sports, For his outstanding performance as Principal of night school at Central Piedmont Community College, For his accomplishment of personally Assisting over 500 students to Come back to school and receive their Diplomas while he has served in the Above position. And for his interest in the Community As well as in Garinger High School, We, the staff of this Yearbook, proudly Dedicate the 1969 edition of Snips And Cuts to Mr. William Wistar Smith. 13 “A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted .. 14 Administration aims for higher goals Mr. Edward Sanders, Principal Miss Marian Reed, Assistant Principal " Big Daddy hard at work.” Mr. Fred Ingold, Assistant Principal, Semester II Mr. Alton Widenhouse, Assistant Principal 16 And now a word from our alternate sponsor. Miss Nancy Abell Miss Betty Cunningham Mrs. Emily Kuykendall Mrs. Katherine Peeler Mr. James Taylor Mrs. Ruby Wrede 17 Library: Focal part of academic life Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Garner and Miss Hollings¬ worth, the library becomes the focal point of Garinger’s academic life. Materials are made available in every field, and some of the newest modern fiction is added each year. As a further aid to researchers, the library now has a collection of magazines on microfilm. Besides being useful to the student, these microfilms allow the librarians to keep a backlog of magazines that will not take up valuable space. A full year’s subscription of one magazine is neatly stored on a three inch spool. The researcher need only thread the microfilm on one of two microfilm reader ma¬ chines available and “thumb through” the magazine issue of his choice. Another valuable piece of equipment that is farily new to the library is the dry-copier. With this device, a complete page may be copied. The progress that Garinger has made in the past will continue, and the library will help to lead the way. “I’m bound to get it right this time!’’ Mrs. Elizabeth Garner Mrs. Helen Hollingsworth Mrs. Sarah Parrish Mrs. Garner demonstrates visual aid equipment. 18 Counselors guide students toward goals Advice for students is offered by the Guidance Counselors here at Garinger. The function of these counselors is to assist students in 1) evaluating previous academic work and earned credits, 2) select¬ ing course work suited with the student’s abilities and aspirations, 3) assessing potentialities for intel¬ lectual growth and development and 4) preparing the student for a more rewarding future. " Mrs. Bankett, your main problem is . . . " Miss Inez Bankett Mrs. Gretta Kistler Mrs. Juanita Reid Mrs. Jo Bell 19 English: Extremely rich and accessible Literature, broadly defined, pre¬ sents the best that has been thought and said in the world. The literature of England and America is not only extremely rich but is al¬ so readily accessible. Through his study one may expect to enlarge and to discipline both the imagina¬ tion and the emotions, to increase the understanding of human prob¬ lems and character, and to gain aesthetic satisfaction through a participation in the ordered expe¬ rience which the artist presents. Special events, including a Jef¬ ferson Award Convocation, com¬ bined with the fact that new text¬ books were issued to students, added new life to mythology, Shakespeare, Emerson, and the many authors a person meets on his journey through the vast and exciting world of literature. " A friend, familiar to all students.” Mr. Ray Alston Miss Mary Balle Miss Leonora Broughton Mrs. Ruby Caldwell Mrs. Jo Ann Carpenter Mrs. Faye Deese Mrs. Jeanne Fitzsimmons Mrs. Mary Fort Mrs. Karen Gibson Mrs. Grace Hall 20 Miss Susanne Haney Miss Katie Harris Mr. Harold A. Hood Mr. Jesse Reich Miss Philecta Reinhardt Mrs. Irene Travis Miss Gray Vincent Miss Sara Wallace Mrs. Jean Withers Mrs. Imogene Yongue " Hey man, where did you get this book? " Joan pays attention to instructions. 21 New science equipment helps students A unit credit in biology is re¬ quired of all students before grad¬ uation. Of course if one were plan¬ ning to further his education by at¬ tending college or if he simply had an inquisitive mind, he could con¬ tinue in more advanced science courses. The science department strengthened its curriculum through the addition of new ideas. Such ideas were those in which Chemistry II and advanced physics classes received new electronic balances and pH meters. Chemis¬ try I classes were equally strengthened by receiving new text books on an experimental basis. Field trips were another source of study adopted by the physics classes and Mrs. Cathey’s Biology II classes. These new adjustments helped students to find learning more meaningful. ‘‘Boy, this class is really behind!” Mrs. Mary Cathey Mr. R. E. Cummings Mr. James Dixon Mr. Bob Godwin Miss Linda Lennon Mrs. Geraldine Rogers Mr. George Sawyer Mr. Wistar Smith 22 Mrs. Jane Sterrett [ I Barry performs an everyday task. 23 Mathematics: a study of relations Mathematics is most familiar to us as the study of numbers. We use numbers every day of our lives, in counting, measuring, and comput¬ ing. But there is much more to mathematics than that. It is the study of relations, or proportions — ho A different things compare with one another. Every natural science has a mathematical side, which tries to discover general “Laws”, with which we can discover new facts, predict fdture events, and make useful inventions. It is the purpose of the Mathe¬ matics Department of Garinger to provide the opportunity for each student to further develop his mathematical abilities to the point that he can be a knowledgeable and effective citizen. The department strives to pro¬ vide a mathematics program which will further the education of all students regardless of background or future plans. Each student is di¬ rected into either a college pre¬ paratory program or a terminal mathematics program depending upon his abilities and needs. Miss Watts, a real “groovey” teacher. 24 Proportions and comparisons Mrs. Sara Deberry Mrs. Darla Ellison Mrs. Benton Gardner Mrs. Shirley Hamilton Mrs. Jeanne McKinnon Mrs. Kathleen Madden Mrs. Catherine Sanders Mr. Karl Sawyer Miss Betty Steele Mrs. Klara Vinson Miss Brenda Watts Mrs. Agnes Yoos " OK! class just one more time.” Miss Steele tries to communicate. 25 77 ' f cJu., ac- ' S " History classes provide an excellent Each year the field of history embraces all that can be known about the activity of man in society from the earliest times to the pres¬ ent. It includes the study of the po¬ litical experiences, social institu¬ tions and intellectual creations. Social Studies provide not only an excellent foundation for many related fields of study, but also a background for a better apprecia¬ tion of our cultural heritage along with a much-needed understanding of the world in which we live. This year students at Garinger exercised their understanding of the world by taking advantage of this election year. Many Social Studies classes used this event as a basis for class discu ssions and debates. Several teachers held their own presidential and guber¬ natorial races complete with can¬ didates, speeches, and voting. " You can always tell a Halo girl. " Mr. Camp checks for details. 26 Foundation for various fields of study Mr. Ronald Aldridge Mr, Steven Camp Mr. James Edvi ards Mrs. Frances Hawn Mrs. Flora Huntley Mr. Fred Ingold Mrs. Georgia Lewis Mrs. Eunice Wolfe Mr. Henry Madden Mrs. Rena Cole Parks Miss Janet Robinson Mrs. Judith Scott 27 German is added to language curriculum Mrs. Margaret Palmer Mrs. Margaret Sims History has been and is being made not only i n English speaking countries but in all nations of the world. To be able to read and un¬ derstand the events that have shaped the world in the language in which they happened is to bring about understanding. Not only are the students taught the fundamentals of grammar and the correct pronunciation, but they are taught to analyze the literary passages which they study and ecome acquainted with many of t- he best writers. In French and Latin, students have studied the fierce battles be¬ tween Caesar and Vercingetorix, the Spanish students have laughed through the misadventures of Don Quixote, and the new German classes have studied the funda¬ mentals and have read short se¬ lections this first year. This year in addition to its regular activities the Latin Club put on a “Clean Up Rome Day " . Creerias un examen muy poquite? Mrs. Shirley Heinbaugh Mrs. Elizabeth Howie Mrs. Rosa Means 28 Linda works hard on project. Home Ec. — a fine art The most efficient methods of modern homemaking are explained and illustrated in great detail in the Home Economics Department at Garinger. During the year the classes in food and nutrition planned and prepared lunches, teas, and par¬ ties, giving special emphasis to purchasing the necessary supplies, setting the table, and the proper fundamentals in preparing the food and serving it graciously and cor¬ rectly. For the first time the classes invited guests to a turkey buffet dinner at Thanksgiving which proved to be very successful. Clothing teaches the proper se¬ lection, construction, and care of clothes. On Friday, December 6, the outfits that were made by the students as home projects were exhibited and the parents, teach¬ ers, and students were invited to go by and observe them. The main goal of the Home Eco¬ nomics department is to guide the student toward a happier and more efficient approach to life. " Well, my boyfriend . . Mrs. Virginia Boyd Mrs. Frances Ftyan 29 Art: Self Expression Work in art is a development of basic skills and knowledge that are directed toward development of aesthetic experiences and judge¬ ments. Students study original ex¬ amples of art in a variety of media and styles. This year several Garinger art students entered a fence painting contest sponsored by The First Union National Bank and won sec¬ ond place. In connection with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Bicentennial celebra¬ tion the art students participated in a contest sponsored by the D A R illustrating the Hezikah Alexander Home. Each year the students create design tor the annual Christmas Window decorating contest spon¬ sored by Shoney’s Restaurant. Paint by numbers. A fold out of a car? “Wilma, did you hear about . .? " 30 Music: A universal language of sound The educational purpose of the Department of Music is directed toward assisting the individual student to the fullest possible de¬ velopment of his innate musical gifts. The department aims to provide opportunities to the greatest pos¬ sible number of students to share in the heritage of the music culture of the human race and in turn to contribute to this culture. Both the choral and instrumental depart¬ ments put on numerous assem¬ blies, made a T.V. appearance and took several trips this year. In band and orchestra classes, students get a chance to improve their techniques and to practice for the assemblies in which they per¬ form. Music Theory teaches students the development of modes of music throughout the centuries and to write music for themselves. Ah .h Mr. Robert Maddox Mr. John Sanders Little boy blue, come blow your horn. 31 Commercial — preparation for the future Mrs, Betty Lowery Mr. Ernest Privette Miss Clara Timmons Sid works hard in class. A studen t with an aptitude in business will find unlimited oppor¬ tunities for professional recogni¬ tion, financial reward, and public services. Students interested in becoming financial officers of business cor¬ porations are trained in the theory and practice of corporate and busi¬ ness finance. In tomorrow’s world, much that is today’s drudgery will be accom¬ plished by machines. In the day-to- day operation of businesses, the electronic computer has already made great and far-reaching changes in the manager’s ap¬ proach to his problems. The com¬ puter is far more than a gigantic accounting machine; it is a means for insight never before available. A sound background in knowl¬ edge and skills, as well as leader¬ ship education, is important for of¬ fice personnel. " You’d better watch that, Donna. ' 32 Mrs. Turner offers assistance to Patty. Vocational classes expose students to experience Garinger ' s Vocational Depart¬ ment has been enlarged this year by adding a course in Fashion Merchandising to its curriculum. To obtain experience in purchasing clothes these classes made various trips to the Merchandise Mart. Distributive Education teaches the student about the business world and gives him an opportunity to gain work experience through training while still in high school. Industrial co-operative training students learn about occupational areas in industry by studying re¬ lated technical material in class. Students use business proce¬ dures and human relationships to prepare for careers in the business world. Placing these young people in an organization of training pro¬ vides an understanding of a work¬ ing business. I.C.T. and D.E. pre¬ pares the individual for a fulltime job after graduation. New machinery proves to be very helpful. Mr. Gilbert Ballance Mr. Don Belk Mr. Wayne Branshaw Mrs. Nancy Burgess Mrs. Shirley Deal Mr. Robert Doster Mr. John Kemper Mr. Kenneth Sinclair Miss Delores Tibshrany 33 Driver’s Education promotes safety The Driver Education program is designed to give the student a foundation in the theory, laws, and desirable attitudes relating to the operation of motor vehicles. The laboratory phase helps the student develop proper skill and practices of operating his vehicle. Garinger’s experience in driver education has been excellent. Even though “accidents always hap¬ pen”, Garinger has had only a few. A better knowledge of defensive driving on the student’s part could have avoided these few. The teacher’s greatest disap¬ pointment is the failure of the stu¬ dents to continue the practices learned in driver education. A good fact to remember is that a lesson worth learning may be the toughest lesson to learn. " If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times ...!” Mr. Jim Addison Mr. Charles Auten Mr. B. B. Delanie Mr. Charles McMullan Mr. Ron Wright There goes a brave soul. 34 Physical education increases skills Physical education has achieved a prominent position in Garinger’s curriculum. This year’s classes worked to stimulate and maintain active participation and interest in the athletic field. Girls, while trying to keep their feminine poise, took units in speedball, archery, recreational games, and were especially pleased with the additional unit in folk dancing. Those masculine Garinger boys reached the height of physical fit¬ ness by wrestling, baseball, and soccer. All total it would seem that the cats had a pretty well balanced physical program this year. Students at Garinger are re¬ quired to earn one unit in physical education in order to graduate. Most students choose to take the course in their sophomore year, but classes are also open to juniors and seniors. Boys reach for higher goals in Phys. Ed. " Bet I get it before you do! " Mr. Warren Hicks Miss Joyce Hunter Mrs. Julia Jones Miss Patricia McGee Mr. Joe Tomanchek 35 Cafeteria and Custodial Staff serve Wildcats The cafeteria staff serves well over 2,200 lunches a day. Thanks to the efficiency and capability of the staff, they fulfill the every day tasks demanded of them. The du¬ ties they perform are much more than the mere cooking and serving of food. They must also attend to the planning of nutritional lunches and the cleaning of the cafeteria after a busy day. Often unnoticed the custodial staff takes on the responsibility of maintaining our school grounds in keeping Garinger clean and beau¬ tiful. Headed by Mr. Taylor, they take deep pride in their work. Dur¬ ing the past years these two staffs have often been taken for granted, but students should appreciate the valuable services they render. “Boy this is hard work!” Cleaning up after a busy day. BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Rose Mcllwaine, Willie Smith, Gracie Linder, Peggy Davis, Mabel Watson, Susie Wade, Clara Crosby, Mary Prieder, Evelina Jackson, Eunice Jones, Francis Harley, Billie McClain, Betty Jones. FRONT ROW; left to right: Elna Tollison, Viola Hopkins, Lorene Medford, Dorthea Lorenz, Remalle Edwards, Ruby Wrede, Louise Christenbury, Eloise Heintz, Helen Courtney, Ruby Wendell. FIRST ROW: Fred Reeves, Lewis James, Luther Johnson, Annie Alexander. SECOND ROW: Eddie Martin, Willie Taylor, Willie Duncan. Jip Davis, Henry Hudson. 37 “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down and a time to build up . Mr. and Miss Garinger Mike Mayberry and Betsy Norris 40 Susan and Scott 1969 Mascots Susan Lynn Nilles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Nilles, and Scott Vincent Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, were chosen as the 1969 Mascots. They were selected by the seniors from a group of over forty four and five year olds. Susan was sponsored by Terry Nilles, a Garinger senior, and Scott was sponsored by Scott Lambert, a Garinger senior. The nominees were presented at an assembly for the seniors which was held in the auditorium. Susan and Scott 41 Miss America Judge chooses Garinger’s beauties THE PRICE FOU NDATION INCORPORATED Col. Mercer Lee Price, President ABROAD 49 RUE PlERRE-CHARRON Paris b prance P O- BO 275 ORMOND BEACH. FLORIDA 32074 TEL. 904 677-3222 December 2nd, 1968 Hiss Susan Burt, Feature Editor Miss Karen Kirby, Editor-In-Chief SNIPS AND CUTS Garinger High School 1100 Eastway Drive Charlotte, North Carolina. 28205. Dear Young Ladies: My affiliation as a Judge of the Princess Pageant of the famed Carolines ' Carrousel held in Charlotte during the Thanksgiving Holidays was delightfully interspersed with the privilege of selection of certain outstanding beauties in attendance at the Garinger High School. I unequivocally endorse and confirm the following as being highly represent¬ ative of feminine loveliness as well as the epitome of young American womanhood: SENIORS: 1st - PAT MOSLEY 2nd - CINDY KESTEH 3rd - DEBBIE BLACK JUNIORS: Ist - DONNA HAYDFN 2nd - CANDY WHITE SOPHOMORES: Ist - LYNN BARNES 2nd - PATTY WEDEL May each of the aforementioned students be blessed by the Goddess of Fortune as she moves forward in her quest for higher education Please never sell your generation short I HLP mm Colonel Mercer Lee Price, retired Broad¬ way producer and philanthropist, is well known for his many accomplishments. He has probably judged more pageants than any other man in the United States, including dozens of state pageants and Miss America Pageants. Because of his experiences as a judge, he is usually the senior judge. This only begins Colonel Price’s list of achievements. The title of President is very familiar to him since he is the former Presi¬ dent of Morgan and Price Theatrical Produc¬ ers and Price-Moore Company, New York Fi¬ nancial Firm. Most significantly. Colonel Price is President of the Price Foundation which he founded in 1962. The primary purpose of the foundation is to award scholarships and for educational grants, usually to beauty con¬ test winners as in Charlotte’s own Carolina Carrousel Queen’s Pageant. In the Queen City his foundation awards over $1500 in col¬ lege scholarships for the winners. Over 348 students from approximately 81 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Europe have received such funds. The Colonel admits having a special inter¬ est in winners of beauty pageants. He says, “I’ve found that many schools find their best material in beauty contests. Most girls in the contests today are not only pretty, but educa¬ tion minded, too.” 42 43 Miss Cindy Kester Senior Beauty f 44 45 Junior Beauties Miss Donna Hayden Miss Candy White Sophomore Beauties - 7 Wiim »»»n • iiSMiiiii Miss Lynn Barnes Miss Patty Wedel 46 1969 Beauty Finalists Linda Aughtry iUUtihiinr::;;;::;;!;::!?};;; ♦♦ ♦ ♦•♦ »» ••• .« t tH » ‘ ' »»»» ‘ ’ ' ' i%‘ MMMt »»»» • « -••• I t » »j«i fi y » ' | “; ...... Kathy Carlisle Robbie Isenhour Melody James Ann Perry Cynthia Sanders Sid Yandell 47 Kay Starnes—Homecoming Queen 48 Senior players and their sponsors - SEATED: Homecoming Queen Kay Starnes and Bobby Bacot. STANDING: Russell Meers, Cathy Jackson- Jay Rotertson Betsy Norris; Barry Broadwell, Conchita Talbot; Sandy Kinney, Karen Kirby; Lane Stephens, Pat Mosely; Susan Burt J mmy Morris (not pictured); Susan Liles, Chuck Smith (not pictured); Shaye Cashion, Rick Fuller (not pictured); Susan Matthews’ Donnie Griffin; Ginger Hall, John Turner; Darlene Richard, Mike Merritt; Nona Bailey, Dennis Purser; Cindy Kester Don- Peninoer’ Babs Brown, Jimmy Taylor. ’ For the school year of 1968-1969, Kay Starnes was named Garinger ' s Homecoming Queen. Kay was nominated by the senior football player whom she sponsored, Bob¬ by Bacot, and chosen by the senior members of the football team. She reigned at the tenth annual Home¬ coming game at Memorial Stadium and also at the Homecoming Dance. The identity of the queen was not known until the sponsors of the senior players were presented at the coronation ceremony, the chief event at halftime during the Home¬ coming game. Kay received the crown from the reigning queen. Eve Fragakis, and Dr. Elmer H. Garin- ger, the former Superintendent of Schools, placed it upon her head. 49 Carrousel Princess Each year the members of the senior class honor one of their outstanding girls by choosing her to rep¬ resent the school in the Carrousel Parade on Thanks¬ giving Day. The colorful Carrousel Parade officially ushers in the Christmas season for Charlotte. This year Cindy Kester was chosen by the class of 1969 to represent Garinger as Carrousel Princess. Cindy was one of many girls representing high schools in both North and South Carolina. She also attended the Carrousel Ball, which took place the night before the parade, and was present at the crowning of the Carrousel queen and king. The princesses from Garinger, Harding, and Myers Park serve as honorary princesses and are not eligi¬ ble for the title of Carrousel Queen. Cindy was chos¬ en on the basis of poise, grace, regal bearing, and beauty. John Fullerton receives three coveted honors John Fullerton has received three of the most out¬ standing honors that can be given to a senior boy. On Honors and Awards Day he received the Harvard Book Award. This is a book containing a collection of articles written by Harvard graduates and is presented to a ris¬ ing senior in the college preparatory program. The re¬ cipient of this award is chosen by the principal and members of the faculty for his superior scholarship and his outstanding character. The purpose of this award is to inspire the student who receives it to continue his achievements throughout college. This year the theme for the Voice of Democracy Contest was “Freedom ' s Challenge " . John was the first place winner at Garinger. The contest is sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and WSOC. John ' s speech will be judged on a countywide basis and the winner will receive a fifty dollar savings bond. John was also selected by the local Morehead Committee for the Morehead Scholarship competition on a regional basis. This award is a grant for under¬ graduate study leading to a Baccalaureate degree. To be eligible for the Morehead award, a candidate must be a current graduate of an accredited high school in North Carolina. He will be judged on qualities such as scholastic ability and attainments, manhood, truth¬ fulness, courage, devotion to duty, evidence of moral force of character, and extracurricular activities. John and other semi-finalists were chosen from a group of forty outstanding students of the Charlotte-Mecklen- burg area. 51 Governor ' s School Each year Garinger sends several gifted students to Governor’s School. The purpose of Governor’s School is to provide a unique expansion to the stu¬ dents ' educational experiences by means of inten¬ sive training in a select field. It also serves as a model for schools wishing to im¬ prove programs for talented students. This year Garinger sent five seniors and two jun¬ iors to the school. Sherry Jones, Robin Conrad, and Eddie Williams attended the school because of their exceptional abilities in the field of music. Sherry Sanders and Kathy Hanigan broadened their knowl¬ edge of science. Marsha Lowrance furthered her study of art, and Lou Carias was sent to further her training in drama. These students were chosen by Miss Inez Bankett and Mr. Ed Sanders. They were among approximate¬ ly four hundred gifted students who attended the 1968 summer session of Governor’s School in Win¬ ston-Salem, North Carolina. Sherry Jones, Robin Conrad, Marsha Lowrance, Eddie Williams, Kathy Hanigan, Sherry Sanders, Lou Carias (not pictured). 52 Marta attends Wild Acres Wild Acres is a mountain retreat in Little Switzerland, North Caro¬ lina dedicated to bettering human relations. Last summer Marta Renner was sent as the delegate from Garinger to Wild Acres. Marta spent each of the seven days in discussions of social, civic, religious, and scholastic-minded subjects; participating in interest groups, recreation, and fellowship amo ng the delegates. Everyone enjoyed the talent show, dances, and campfires in the evening. Delegates came from all over North Carolina to live in the rustic setting, and further their avenues of understanding toward others. Donna wins D.A.R. district title Each year the senior girls choose one girl from their own class to re¬ ceive the D.A.R. Award on Honors and Awards Day. Donna Hipps was selected this year to receive this honor. The D.A.R. Award is given by the Battle of Charlotte chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the recipient must possess the qualities of dependa¬ bility, leadership, service, scholar¬ ship, citizenship, and patriotism. Donna was further honored this year when she went on to win the district award among the Charlotte and Concord high schools. In March she will go to state competi¬ tion in Winston-Salem. Donna is certainly a deserving recipient of this coveted award. 53 Garingers’ Foreign Exchange Students Inger Randi Coll, Garinger’s foreign exchange student, comes to us from Norway and is living with her American family Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Losh and her “sister” Carol. When asked how to pronounce her name Inger says “Just call me Sam.” To the students at Garinger she is known as Nutte. With her American sister, Nutte has attended many ball games, parties, and other activities which are typical in the life of an Ameri¬ can teenage girl. Nutte has been inducted into two girls’ service clubs of Garinger - G.G.S. and Centrusa. When Nutte returns to Norway, she will take many unforgettable experiences and friendships with her and leave behind a warm feel¬ ing of affection in the hearts of those who knew he r and lived with her. Nutte Coll Nutte and her “sister " , Carol Losh 54 Lana Starnes Janet Wilson The Charlotte Foreign Exchange Student Program promotes inter¬ national goodwill and understand¬ ing by offering carefully selected students the opportunity to live as “sons” and “daughters” of families in other countries. Two Garinger students, sponsored by the Char¬ lotte Exchange Student Program, spent the summer of 1968 abroad. Janet Wilson spent two and a half months with a Venezuelan family in Maracay, a city about half the size of Charlotte. She lived with the family of Senor Cito Berti. She had two Venezuelan sisters, Mer¬ cedes, 19 and Alguita, 18. By living with the family, Janet learned much about the way of life of the people in Venezuela. Lana Starnes spent her summer in Santiago, Chile with the family of Vincente Escandon Hevia. She lived with her foster parents, a sis¬ ter, 20, a sister 18, and a little brother, 12. Lana joined into the family and participated in all family activities. Both Lana and Janet gained a greater understanding of the peo¬ ple and life in South America. Foreign Exchange Committee, SEATED: Donna Hipps, Lana Starnes, Mary Rodgers, Mary Helen Shaia. STANDING: Miss Watts, Advisor, Billy Helms, Janet Wilson, Jody Horne, Patricia Patterson, Grady Morgan, Reggie Bonnevie, Dale Moody. 55 Marshals Chief Marshals SEATED: Betsy Norris, Donna Hipps. STANDING: Dale Moody, Jimmie Lewis, Reggie Bonnevie, Bobby Bacot. The commencement marshals are members of the Junior Class who are selected on the basis of supe¬ rior scholarship, outstanding qualities of leadership, and all around excellence. These outstanding juniors are nominated by their homeroom teachers and chosen through secret ballot by a committee consist¬ ing of faculty members. The responsibilities of the marshals for the bac¬ calaureate service and the graduation exercises in¬ clude distributing programs and escorting parents, guests, and seniors to their seats. The marshals choose from among themselves six chief marshals to escort the seniors to their seats and to the stage to receive their diplomas. Being a marshal is one of the greatest honors that could be given to a member of the Junior Class. 56 Carol Losh, Lana Starnes, Joyce Caldwell, Sherry Sanders. STANDING: Karen Kirby, Donna Newman, Gail McCall, Marta Renner, Bobbie Stephens, Donna Glickert. SEATED: Keith Baker, Frank Bates, Charles Montieth, Rick Fuller. STANDING: Frank Stotts, Mark Hagel, Steve Ritch, Eric Hardison, John Fullerton, Russell Meers. 57 The purpose of the National Honor Society is to recognize out¬ standing students and to encour¬ age their growth in the qualities upon which membership is based. To qualify for membership, a student must have maintained at least a 3.25 scholastic average during three consecutive semes¬ ters at Garinger. The officers for this year are Grady Morgan, Pres¬ ident; Donna Hipps, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Marta Renner, Secretary; and Linda Dixon, Treasurer. Advisors: Mrs. Kistler and Mr. Sawyer Judy Ashe Keith Baker Frank Bates Cathy Biggers Reggie Bonnevie Susan Burgess Susan Burt Nancy Caudle Janet Costin Linda Dixon Elaine Doerschuk John Fullerton Julia Goodloe Mark Hagel Curtis Helms Donna Hipps David House Susan Lewis Pauline Loo Carol Losh 58 The National Honor Society Pat Martin Doug Moore Susan Perry Lana Starnes Wendy Winchester Gail McCall David Moreau Pam Price Frank Stotts Shirley Yates Joan McClure Amelia Morgan Marta Renner Tom Tucker Sharon Merritt Grady Morgan Sherry Sanders Cheryl Walker Dale Moody Donna Newman Debbie Seate Dianne Whitley Not Pictured: Marisa Chong Stanley Cook “A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to mourn and a time to dance.. 60 Snips and Cuts strives With both the 1967 and 1968 Snips and Cuts receiving high rat¬ ings, this year’s staff worked dili¬ gently to attain the same results. By switching from a basic two column layout to a three column one, a wider selection of page variations was available, and the faculty sec¬ tion was reshaped to break the pattern which had existed in that section for many years. And along with a more complete Index, a Senior Directory was added and hopefully a new yearbook tradition. The staff did work hard to meet deadlines and produce a book which would contain memories for each and every student. Karen Kirby, Editor-in-Chief Shaye Cashion, Business Manager Keith Baker, Jerry Whitiock, Herman Patterson, Ads. SEATED: Susan Satterwhite, Anne McGerrigle, Index. STANDING: Carol Losh, Pam Price, Senior Statistics. to make ’69 the best yet Mindy Gantt, Melinda Buchanan, Susan Perry, Mary Helen Shaia, Donna Hipps, Class Miss Sarah Wallace, Advisor. Sections. SEATED: Donna Glickert, Teresa Brown, Faculty. STANDING: Beth Draddy, Vicki Whitesides. Activities: Susan Burt, Features. Eddie Mauney, Photographer. Lane Stephens, Sports; Wendy Winchester, Layouts; Jay Wise, Layouts, Sports staff sponsors Valentine sweetheart Ginger Hall, News Editor; Lana Starnes, Steve Bitch, Co-Editors; Donna Cole, Features Editor. Steve Cochrane, Bobby Ellis; Sports Editors. Lynn Howarth, Pat Morrow, Brenda Berryhill; Staff Writers. Frank Ponce, Business Manager. This year the Rambler Staff has added several new sections in helping to convey to the students local news. New ideas have marked the Rambler’s growth, “Mark my Words’’ added humor and wit, while the “Forum” presented contrasting student opinions on current issues. To help the Rambler Staff further understand all the techniques of publishing a successful paper, there was a special tour of the Charlotte Observer. Not only was this trip educational but it was also an enjoyable one. For the first time this year in addition to their regular activities, the Rambler Staff sponsored a Valentine Queen Contest. The Staff nominated ten girls from each class and the student body then voted on the girl of their choice. Cynthia Sanders was elected to reign over the Valentine dance held February 8th. SEATED FIRST ROW: Gregg Duckworth, Steve Ritch, Lana Starnes, Donna Cole, Jean Beford. SEATED SECOND ROW: Crissie Jones, Pam Hicks, Ginger Hall, Brenda Berryhill, Pat Morrow. STANDING: Mark Scoggins, Mrs. Carpenter, Steve Cochrane, Bobby Ellis Frank Ponce, Charles P@ek, Mikki Faille, Lynn Howarth. Feature Writers and Columnists, Donna Cole, Mark Scoggins, Gregg Duckworth, Brenda Berryhill, Jean Beford, Charles Peek. 65 Editors: Marsha Lowrance, Donna Hipps, Susan Perry. inspired Willow Tree III is student Now entering its third year of existence, Garinger’s literary magazine serves as a student’s greatest outlet for self-expression in the written form. This is truly a student publication. Poetry, stories, and essays are submitted by students; the Willowtree Staff edits the material, and art students of the staff illustrate. The printing is also done by pupils of Garinger. Under the Willowtree, as its name suggests, may be a magazine of romantic prose and landscapes, but it is not limited to that. Its material expresses the ideas of many individuals; hard core, realistic, and contemporary topics find their way into its pages because this is where much personal interest lies. FIRST ROW: Freddie Foushee, Emil Holloway, Jimmy Johnston. SECOND ROW: Gail Truslow, Margaret Ratchford, Marsha Lowrance, Donna Conner. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hamilton, Advisor; Marilyn Marks, Mindy Gantt, Susan Ward, Martha Henderson, Penny Franks, Kathy Thompson, Miss Wallace, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: Donna Cole, Carol Baker, Pat Renr.ud, Wendy Winchester, Diane Belt, Becky Griffin. Not pictured: Miss King, Art Advisor. Playmakers gain Statewide recognition The success of the Garinger- town Players’ past productions of Theives’ Carnival and Take Her, She’s Mine have helped to finance this year ' s productions. Our Town was the first play this year, and was so successful it re¬ ceived both local and statewide recognition. Thirty minutes of the play was filmed for T.V. station WTVI. Each year the department plans two major productions and several one-act plays for state festival competition. All students interested in back- stage work and business man¬ agement as well as acting may participate either in classes offered or through the club that meets regularly. Pat Mosley, Jimmy Yost, and Eddie Thornburg perform in Marriage scene from Our Town. FIRST ROW: Darlene Richard, Gayle Williams, Cathy Upright, Liz Slechta, Jan Fisher, Ginger Davis, Debby Belk, Lydia Wood, Miss Harris, Advisor; Karen Smith, Cheryl Momberger, Treasurer; Janice Patterson, Pat Mosley,, Secretary; Martha Boyd, Donna Halstead. KNEELING: Robert Ainsworth, Lewis Peeler, Billy Helms, David Crow, Mike Yandel, Chuck Jefferson, Steve Cochrane, Danny Adkins, Jerry Whitlock, Jimmy Yost, Vice President; Reggie Belk, President; Lou Carias, Max Cudd. THIRD ROW: David Newton, Herman Patterson, Eddie Thornburg, Marty Shu, Eddie Mauney, Dean Duncan. 67 V ILDCAT POWER WANTS YOU Reggie Bonnevie, President Mike Mayberry, Vice President Bobby Brown, Secretary h Shaye Cashion, Treasurer Student Council triumphs with FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGFIT: Mike Mayberry, Marta Renner, Donna Fiipps, Ann Perry, Mary Flelen Shia, Marilyn Kissiah, Gay Med- lin, Sid Yandell, Pat Mosley. SECOND ROW: John Fullerton, Jo Ann Waller, Karen Kirby, Chuck Smith, Bobby Bacot, Linda Tipton, Donna Cole. Octavio Ponce, Lana Starnes, Shaye Cashion. THIRD ROW: Reggie Belk, Randy Butler, Betsy Norris, Bobbie Stephens, Karen Kimbrell, Cathy Biggers, Nutte Coll, Pat Wall, Lane Stephens. FOURTH ROW: Frank Stotts, Jimmy Morris, John Turner, Jimmie Lewis, Dale Moody, Steve Cochrane, Grady Morgan, Johnny Fowler. Miss Abell, advisor mmm mm Council activities. Wildcat Day, the Council’s financial project, was successful both in raising funds and raising spirit and interest among Garinger students. It was Student Council Week, however, that really gave all Wildcats a chance to learn about and partici¬ pate in school affairs. An open Student Council meeting, with Second Ward and Independence presidents as guest speakers, was held for a schoolwide as¬ sembly. The Student Council advocates Garingerism and hopes that this word ' s true meaning en¬ compasses every Garinger student. “A Student Council is a student organization composed of students elected by students to represent them . . .” These words of Reggie Bon- nevie, president of Garinger’s stu¬ dent council, have been backed up by the organization’s attempt to include all students in Student Valentine Dance " Flares " with music. Wildcat Day, Student Council Week FIRST ROW: Bill Crassons, Jimmie Lewis, Kathy McGrath, Larry Swinson, Leslie Davis, Melanie Milder, Debbie Long, Carol Losh, Ginger Hall, Pat Philmon. SECOND ROW: Mike Silver, Jimmy Morris, Lind a Tipton, Pam King, John Easterling, Allida Stephens, Robyn Martin, Elaine Love, Sherry Jones, Pat Keziah, Steve Sanford. THIRD ROW: Karen Snider, Chuck Smith, Larry Wilson, Carol Bloxham, Steve Lindsay, Mac Westbrook, Stormy Hughes, Regg Pinkerton, Barbara Gallion, Susan Gardner, FOURTH ROW: Sherry Wilson, Larry Allen, Lynn Barnes, Karl Sawyer, Scott Milliman, Don Penniger, Donald Horne, Ken Christenbury, FIFTH ROW: Freddy Foushee, Linda Holmes, Donna Hayden, Beth Draddy, Karen Graham, Gwen Rowell, Pam Everhart, Howard Long, Bill Warren, Ken Sawyer, Judy Swacker, Joyce Brown, Brian Harrison, Carol Wedel. SIXTH ROW: Don Smith, Russell Meers, Johnny Fowler, Barry Broadwell, Eric Hardison. Interact publishes football preview i!, SEATED: Frank Stotts, Secretary; Billy Prophet, Treasurer; Ken Sawyer, Vice President; Grady Morgan, President. STANDING: Brant Hart, Senior Director; Chuck Adams, Junior Director; Johnny Costin, Sophomore Director. This year the Interact Club, a service organization sponsored by the North Charlotte Rotary Club, pub¬ lished the answer to every football fan ' s prayer. A pamphlet entitled GARINGER FOOTBALL PREVIEW, containing a game schedule, past records, a run¬ down on players and coaches, and other interesting information was compiled and distributed to every student by the club. Interact members, dressed in traditional Good Guy white, took trays for lazy students the two days pre¬ ceding the Christmas holidays. For anything from a nickel to five dollars, the gallant boys gladly ren¬ dered this service. Shaye Cashion was chosen the club’s sweetheart. As an honorary member, Shaye attends all meetings and participates in all club activities. Shaye Cashion, Interact Sweetheart. 70 Octavio Ponce Billy Prophet Steve Ritch Doug Sanders Ken Sawyer Chuck Adams George Airey Randy Austin Bobby Bacot Mike Bell Reggie Bonnevie Randy Butler Johnny Costin John Fullerton Charles Glass Brian Harrison Brant Hart John Johnson Sandy Kinney Mike Mayberry Russell Meers Scott Milliman Grady Morgan Jimmy Morris Frank Ponce Wes Scott Don Smith Eddie Stephens Lane Stephens Robert Stinson Frank Stotts Jim Thomas John Turner Doug Winchester -Li- A Jay Wise Kevin Wood 71 Key Club fountain gets under way Jimmy Lewis, President; Larry Swinson, Vice President; Chip Montieth, Secretary; Frank Bates, Treasurer. The Garinger chapter of the Key Club always strives to better their school as well as their club. Each year the members publish a student directory. The Key Club Kapers are always a high point in the school year as they give other clubs and individuals a chance to per¬ form. And, without the Key Club’s aid, there would be no juke box to liven up lunch periods. Garinger students are further indebted to the oldest service club for the addition of a fountain in the court between the gym and auditorium. Once completed, this project will heighten the beauty of the Garingertown campus. A Garinger Key Club member, Dale Moody, serves as lieutenant governor over this district’s Key Clubs. The Key Club members chose Pat Mosley as their sweetheart and honorary member this year. Urban renewal hits Garingertown. 72 Frank Bates Mark Bauer Barry Broadwell Bill Carson Derek Clontz Steve Cochrane Bob Creed John Easterling Fred Foushee Jerry Greene Tim Hackney Eric Hardison Adrian Hatfield Jimmie Lewis Chip Montieth Dale Moody Jack Parks Jeff Petris Chuck Smith Larry Swinson I New service club moves forward The Hi-Y Club is Garinger’s newest service club for boys. Its purpose is to cultivate individual in¬ terest in sports. Hi-Y, affiliated with the YMCA, holds its meetings at the Johnston Memorial YMCA. During the year club members participated in club day, a homecoming skit at a pep rally, and various other activities. Each year the boys elect a girl as Hi-Y mascot. This year’s mascot is Cindy Kester. She regularly attends meetings and other club functions, and by her support helps to boost club pride. Within two years Hi-Y has progressed to an im¬ portant spot in Wildcat country. The seniors look forward to the junior members carrying on club tradition and pride in the future. Cindy Kester, Hi-Y Mascot. Officers: Larry Swinson, President; Lane Stephens, Vice-President; Chuck Smith, Secretary-Treasurer; Grady Morgan, Devotional Chairman; John Turner. Sergeant-at-Arms. 74 Bobby Bacot Keith Baker Jon Blankenship Reggie Bonnevie Steve Cochrane Walter Eddy Rick Fuller Charles Glass Don Griffin Tim Hackney John Johnson Mike Mayberry Dale Moody David Moreau Grady Morgan Jimmy Morris Don Penninger Danny Phifer Tommy Phillips Fred Poston Jay Robertson Chuck Smith Don Smith Lane Stephens Larry Swinson 75 ' MSjti-SjK r " .K, fARLOT HARLOV f IHAKLOTr I ■ « J WARLOTr 1 harlott ' i 1 ' 1 1 r FIRST ROW: Shaye Cashion, Wendy Winchester, Lana Starnes, Lane Stephens, Mascot; Ginger Hall, Betsy Norris, Vicki Whitesides, Karen Kirby, Cindy Kester. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Waller, Tricia Campbell, Beth Draddy, Marilyn Kissiah, Tommie Sims, Linda Dixon, Donna Hipps, Judy Swacker, Janet Costin. THIRD ROW: Nancy Ritch, Sharon Thomas, Lynn Howarth, Nutte Coll, Debbie Long, Lynda Hunter, Joyce Caldwell, Gay Medlin, Darlene Richard, Joyce Brown. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Salyer, Carol Wedel, Linda Tipton, Debbie Kemenczky, Darcy Bowman, Ann Perry, Cindy Little, Susan Burt, Helen Hughes, Gail Williams, Ginger Davis. G. G. S. lends a hand to school spirit The Girls’ Good Sports Club uses as its motto “To lend a hand,” and the members live by it. This club is responsible for the decorat¬ ing of the stadium during football season. The members sell twirlies and links to the School Spirit Chain during the fall. The girls also buy and decorate the beautiful Christ¬ mas tree the lunch-room boasts during the holiday season. The traditional Powderpuff game with Centrusa was won again by G.G.S. In appreciation for their hard work, t he girls took their coaches out to Shoney’s after the close 13-7 victory. Lane Stephens, “head coach” for the G.G.S. “squad” later be¬ came the club’s only boy member. G.G.S. members are proud to help their school and their club. “Of course I ' m a GGS twirley girl!’’ 76 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: Cindy Kester, President; Shaye Cashion, Secretary; Ginger Flail, Vice President; Marilyn Kissiah, Treasurer; Lana Starnes, Rambler Representative; Judy Swacker, Student Council Representative. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: Ginger Hall, President; Linda Dixon, Vice President; Marilyn Kissiah, Student Council Repre¬ sentative; Darlene Richard, Secretary; Lana Starnes, Rambler Rep¬ resentative; Janet Costin, Treasurer. -j-. Centrusa adopts club uniforms 1968-69 has brought many changes in the Centrusa club. The most noticeable is the club’s way of dress. Centrusa girls have adopted white monogramed sweaters and navy blue skirts as their official club uniform. This is worn on meeting days. Garinger students may have also noticed every other Thursday a young man in a white monogramed sweater. Centrusa, traditionally a girls’ club, was surprised to find an application from a boy at the first of the year, but no more surprised than Doug Sanders when he was awakened by a herd of girls early one Saturday morning! Doug re¬ mains the only boy member of the club. This year for the first time Cen¬ trusa sold Garinger pennants as their money making project. The pennants, blue with a white wildcat, sold for one dollar. Joy Gatlin, vice President; Becky Henderson, Secretary; Pat Mosley, Student Council All in all, the Centrusa girls and Representative; Donna Johnston, Treasurer; Carol Losh, Rambler Representative. boy have worked hard for their club and others this year. Donna Wyss, Rambler Representative; Donna Johnston, Treasurer; Becky Griffin, Secretary; Sherry Jones, Vice President; Not pictured; Sandra Wentz, Student Council Representative. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Liles, Francis Yarborough, Amelia Morgan, Donna Glickert, Nancy Romary, Becky Henderson, Becky Griffin, Terry Murr, Doug Sanders. SECOND ROW: Susan Perry, Becky Lineberry, Gail McCall, Mary Brogden, Nutte Coll, Sue 78 Susan Lyles, President. " He came back, and we ' re glad he did! " Baker, Donna Wyss, Kay Starnes, Donna Johnston, THIRD ROW: Judy Satterfield, Donna Halstead, Joy Gatlin, Ann Hutchinson, Debbie Lechner, Melody James, Susan Satterwhite, Anne McGerrigle, Carol Losh, Myra Lyerly, Michele Swiggett, FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Hawn, Advisor, Pat Mosley, Debbie Crisco, Kathy Edwards, Sandra Wentz, Pam King, Elaine Poston, Mikki Faile, Donna Hayden, Susan Matthews, Janice Marshall, Sandra Sansing, Debbie Black, Sherry Jones. 79 " You’re standing on my foot. " Adelphians The privilege of belonging to the Adelphians, one of Garinger’s most active service clubs, is exclusively that of sophomore girls. The dedi¬ cated members can be easily spot¬ ted at home football games by the stack of football programs in their arms and the jingle of money in their pockets. They also sell pro¬ grams at the Summer Theater. The Adelphians collected for the Heart Fund this year as part of their community service program. Pro¬ viding a needy family with food and gifts for Christmas was another project the girls completed this year. The beach trip at the end of the year serves as a refreshing reward for a year of hard work and fellow¬ ship. The Adelphians, with an agenda full of service activities, are always ready to help. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brenda Berryhill, Kitsy Carter, Susan Gardner, Ginger Carlisle, Elaine Poston, Mikki Faille, Martha Henderson, Janet Hackett, Karen Holshouser, Debbie Caso. SECOND ROW: Nancy Payne, Carol Baker, Karen Sacra, Pam King, Darcie Bowman, Laura Willis, Marcia Mason, Jan Sloop, Beverly White, Miss Steele. THIRD ROW: Yvonne Farrar, Debby Burton, Brenda Jenkins, Debbie Kemenczky, Ann Perry, Glenda Poston, Donna Hayden, Debbie Lechner, Miss Watts. FOURTH ROW: Janet Watson, Sharon Thomas, Linda Tipton, Karen Holcomb, Ann Furr, Ginger Davis, Cynthia Anderson, Carol Wedel. 80 synonymous with service Adelphians hold a tea to meet new applicants. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS, STANDING: Miss Steele, Miss Watts, Advisors. SEATED: Anne Perry, President; Debbie Kemenczky, Secretary; Carol Wedel, Treasurer. Not pictured; Cheryl Chinnis, Vice-President. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS, STANDING: Miss Watts, Miss Steele, Advisors. SEATED: Anne Perry, President; Elaine Poston, Vice-President; Donna Hayden, Treasurer; Miki Faille, Social Chairman. Not pictured: Robin Martin, Secretary. 81 Monogram Club expands With a membership larger than any in the last three years, the Monogram Club, made up of boys who have lettered in a varsity sport, has proved to be very effective. The club has kept a designated area of the school grounds clean all year. Over Christmas holidays, the boys cleaned all of Garinger’s many trophies. Each home basketball game finds a Monogram member announcing the play by play. Coach R. E. Cummings acts as advisor for the club. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Bacot, President; Teddy Foster, Sec.- Treas.; Biliy Prophet, Vice-President. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Purser, Russell Meers, Mike Merritt, Lane Stephens, Frank Ponce, Billy Prophet, Teddy Foster, Ray Gillis, Allen Paterno, Johnny Kirkpatrick, SECOND ROW: Willie Mance, Regg Pinkerton, Pat Philmon, Jim Taylor, Chuck Adams, Jay Robertson, Freddy Poston, Chuck Smith, Bobby Ellis, Steve Cochrane, Jimmy Morris, THIRD ROW: Scott Milliman, Don Cochran, Mike Morgan, Don Peninger, Mark Bauer, Felix Hubbard, Sandy Kinney, Barry Broadwell, FOURTH ROW: John Johnson, John Turner, Eddie Thornburg, Emil Holloway, Phill Watts, Donnie Griffin, David Williams, Eric Hardison, Buddy Wagoner. Wildcat Club sponsors buses to games Y-Teens sell cook books Garinger’s Y-Teens look toward the future and consider the happiness of the boys of G.H.S. with their new project — the selling of cook books. Six varieties, each containing five hundred recipes, sold for one dollar each. The Y-Teens participated in the decoration of the “Y” building this year, along with other branches of the YWCA. “The Hanging of the Green” was followed by another Christmas proj¬ ect: the Y-Teen choir sang in the program " The Living Madonnas” on December 8. Also, a Christ¬ mas party was given by the members for a group of needy children. Garinger Y-Teens perform where they are needed. SEATED: Kay Black, Rene6 Woolwine, Mary Helen Shaia, Sandra Brawley. STANDING: Mrs. Gardner, Advisor; Brenda Gallamn, Karen Woolwine, Sylvia Damermon, Sharon Lock, Terri Impson, Connie Couet, Donna Smith, Pam Conder Kathy Black Rebecca Warren, Ann Glover. Latin Club cleans The Latin Club launched their new year with a “Clean Up Rome Day.” The Latin classroom, under Mrs. Heinbaugh’s supervision, was scrubbed from top to bottom. A Dec ember paper drive boosted the club’s treasury. up Rome The active members do more than work, however. All enjoyed a Christmas Banquet held December 27. A spring trip to Chapel Hill lies in the future for the club. Who knows? This year, Chapel Hill; next year, Rome? FIRST ROW: Sylvia Cable, Teresa Brown, Donna Newman, Sherry Salyer, Sally McCune. Teresa Brown, Vice President; Sylvia Ca- SECOND ROW: Camilla Smith, Marilyn Marks, Elaine Doerschuk, Pam Price, Robe- ble. Secretary; Donna Newman, President; rt Stinson. THIRD ROW: Dean Duncan, Dick Bakanic, Carlos Gilstrap; Chip Montieth. Sherry Salyer, Treasurer. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Houston, Adrian Hatfield, Bob Creed, Mike Call. Young German Club off to good start Garinger’s German Club, or the “Deutsche Kreis”, is a club that helps give the members an insight into the history and culture of the German people. The club has al¬ ready drawn its own constitution. Mrs. Fischer acts as advisor to the young club. FIRST ROW: Patsy Helsabeck, Jane Fulkerson, Frank Stotts, President; Robert Childers, Vice President; Carol Hall, Publicity Chairman; Henka Reynders, Cynthia Parrish, Mrs. Fischer, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Ann Travis, Karl Koehler, Lindsay Abee, Bill Hall, Danny Meier, Barry McKillop, Nacy McConnell, Jess Tennent. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Isen- hour, Steve Wilkinson, Steve Bolin, Jimmy Triplett. Not pictured: Suzanne Dean, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer. Club studies French culture The French Club is a group or¬ ganized for the benefit of students interested in the French language. All meetings are conducted in French, and members discuss the culture, music, art, and heritage of the people. Under the able direction of the club’s advisors, Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Means, members are responsible for the publication of a French newspaper. The paper is sold to interested students of French who may not belong to the club. Articles reflect the interests and ideas of students created in a language foreign to them. FRONT: Susan Burgess, President; Joan McClure, Secretary; Carol Baker, Treasurer- Not pictured: Sherry Sanders, Vice President. STANDING: Mary Kuppers, June Brooks! Susan Higginson, Cathy Johnson, Cindy Little. Spanish Club strives for effectiveness In the words of its president, Pat Wall, the Spanish Club is busy “re¬ establishing” itself as a club at Garinger. Because of a lagging in¬ terest in the language in recent years, a “Rebuild the Spanish Speakers” campaign has been the club’s main project this year. Student Council Week gave the members their first opportunity to shine. They mimeographed a sheet that contained the club’s constitu¬ tion, a Spanish story, and a list of the Spanish Club members. KNEELING: David Whitley, Lana Starnes, Larry Allen, Donna Cole, Ftandy Butler. STAND¬ ING: Gail Truslow, Donna Miller, Brenda Pierce, Glenda Poston, Pat Wall, Janet Watson, Mary Bishop, Cathy Austin, Ann Hutchison, Mary Helen Shaia, Martha Boyd. 85 Medicats tour hospital Students interested in medicine and its related fields have their chance to put their ambitions to work in Garinger’s Medicats Club. The club’s goal is to provide ave¬ nues of service and fellowship, and to cultivate and promote an active, growing interest in some aspect of medical profession. The members receive valuable insight and train¬ ing by helping at Wesley Nursing Center. They also take a tour of Memorial Hospital. Miss Lennon acts as advisor for the club. FIRST ROW; Billy Helms, Mike Helson, Charles Kirby, Kay Morgan, Gloria Williams, Burne Fullerton. SECOND ROW: Amy Falk, Sylvia Dameron, Deanee Brinkley, Connie Bell, Pam Atkins, Pam Keziah, Sharon Ownbusy. The Future Teachers of America enjoyed an enrollment boom this year. Forty-five students now be¬ long to the club. With its new strength, the club has taken on many responsibilities. The members helped new teachers on work days before school began. They also served as guides at the Back-to-school P.T.A. Cookies were made for the faculty as a Christmas gift from the club. Seven Garinger members at¬ tended the State F.T.A. conference in Greensboro this fall. Three of the club’s members are officers in the County Council. F. T. A. forty- five strong Karen Kimbrell, President; Lynne Husky, Vice President; Camilla Smith, Secretary; Sara Newman, Treasurer. SEATED: Myra Graves, Lynne Huskey, Donna Cole, Lana Starnes, Martha Boyd, Correy Moore, Vanessa Gallman, Camilla Smith. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Carpenter, Pat Wall, Denise McCarathy, Deanee Brinkley, Sherry Benell, Maxine Bolton, Pat Patter¬ son, Linda Rosental, Belinda Lay, Sara Newman, Karen Kimbrell, Mrs. Caldwell. SECOND ROW: Donna Halstead, Sandy McCoy, Mecia Koutroulias, Charlene Bur¬ nett, Joyce Ferguson, Wendy Bell, Donna Howard, Janet Watson, Mary Rodgers, Frances Royal, Carolyn Berry. THIRD ROW: Ginger Davis, Becky Royce, Linda Mc¬ Laughlin, Susan Ray, Barbara Medford, Angie May, Eddie Williams. 86 Teacher Auction - Big Event FIRST ROW: Mary Helen Shaia, Teresa Brown, Camella Smith, Lynne Huskie, Mrs. Lewis, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Ginger Davis, Lana Starnes, Jean Beford, Heidi Henderson, Sylvia Cable, Jan Sloop. THIRD ROW: Shelly Blanton, Pam Price, Jim Schlie, Connie Couet, Chris Brown, Pam Neville, Rebecca Grantham. FOURTH ROW: Billy Helms, Lewis Peeler. The UNICEF Club serves Garin- ger yearly through its many activi¬ ties. It is a United Nations affiliate and the projects are directed to¬ ward helping the underprivileged children of the world. The members of the club sell United Nations Christmas cards and calendars, adopt an orphan in Vietnam, collect money at Halloween, and hold a teachers auction. OFFICERS: Mary Helen Shaia, President; Teresa Brown, Vice President: Camilla Smith, Secretary; Lynne Huskie, Treasurer. Mrs. Lewis believes in UNICEF. 87 Drivers strive for safety Garinger ' s safety conscious bus drivers do not forget for one minute that there are many lives entrusted to them. A brilliant safety record is proof of the capability of the re¬ sponsible students. Hazardous weather conditions must always be taken into account by the cautious drivers. Every school day is their work day, and, from forty-five minutes to two hours a day, the salaried students drive with the knowledge that their lives, as well as those of others, depend on their good judgment. FIRST ROW: John Steele, Steve Ritch, Larry Cross, Roger Bladen, Doug Winchester, Chip Wampler. SECOND ROW: Dennis Lowery, Clay Hodge, Calvin Fink, Doug Stegall, Mark Scoggins. Jack Parks. THIRD ROW: Eddie Thornburg, Don Peninger, Alan Paterno, Donna Ferrel. FOURTH ROW: Steve Lewis, Don Beckwith, John Hanigan, Gene Coleman, John Nesbitt, Mark Bauer, Trippy Alden, Brant Sweet. Chess Club improves game To learn the many facets of the intellectual game of chess is the goal of Chess Club members. In previous years, the club has gone to other schools for games, but this year the games have been within the club. Mrs. Sterrett advises the group, and agrees that this year’s program has been very beneficial to all members. By playing among themselves, the members can give one another constructive criticism and thus learn by doing. SEATED: Jane Robertson, Hilary Williams, Johnny Fowler. STANDING: Judy Ashe, Cathy Johnson, Doug Moore, Freddy Alexander, Carl Payler, Bill Parnell, Dick Bakanic, Bill Powell. FIRST ROW: Bobbie Stephens, Sherry Sanders, Nancy Ritch, Becky Griffin. SECOND ROW: Sandy McCoy, Kay Morgan, Gloria Williams Brenda Little, Shirley Stitt, Pat Wall, Susan Birkland, Renee Woolwine, Sarah Newman, Kathy Norman, Cindy Morrison Mrs Yoos Mrs. Fort THIRD ROW: Evon Sims. Cindy Little, Helen Hughes, Bonnie Stafford, Lynda Hunter, Donna Newman, Mary Toldon ' Becky Howard, Jane Kennington, Sherry McCall, Angela Carnes, Jo Lawerence, Karen Sacra, Karen Raynes. FOURTH ROW- Burne Fullerton Charlene Burnette, Cara Scruggs, Chris Smith, Anne Frodge, Sharon Watts, Brenda Strader, Debbie Foster Katie Tarantino Karen Holcomb, Ann Morrison, Becky Hancock, FIFTH ROW: Scott Lambert, Ricky Sparrow, Marvin Heatherley, Sibyl Flowe Lynne Baldwin Tim Shirhall, Billy Helms, Tommy Williams, Shelia Cannon, Margaret Otto, Wally Dulin, Ladaria Stuart, Becky Royce ’ Monty Dobbins’ John Easterling, Regg Pinkerton. . Youth is you! The Garinger Red Cross works in conjunction with the Youth Serv¬ ice of the American National Red Cross. The representatives, who are elected by homerooms, are joined by other volunteers to carry on the year’s work. The many ac¬ tivities include an enrollment drive; Project HELPMATE, a project led by high schools to send birthday gifts to wounded soldiers in Viet¬ nam; and a blood program receiv¬ ing blood donations from the eigh¬ teen year old seniors. The “Youth is youth” motto inspired each to do his share in the past year ' s work. A highlight of the activities is collect¬ ing and assembling food for the needy at Thanksgiving. FIRST ROW: Angie Tucker, Sandra Lindsay, Linda Wentz, Henka Reynders, Denise McConahay, Sherry Bennell. SECOND ROW: Deanee Brinkley, Dianne Hampele, Trudy Canipe, Brenda Lemmond, Janet Holton, Willy Reynders, Barbara Tucker, Joyce Fergurson. THIRD ROW: Susie Adkisson, Miss Ryan, Advisor; Janie Irby, Cynthia Delinger, Linda Rosental, Pat Morton. Future Homemakers of America SEATED: Barbara Tucker, President; Sherry Bannell, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Deanee Brinkley, Secretary. STANDING: Linda Rosental, Rambler Representative; Susie Adkisson, Treasurer. Future Homemakers of America Club makes its members aware of the pleasures and rewards of homemaking and of family life. Being affiliated with the Home Econo¬ mics Department it gave its members the opportunity to take the Betty Crocker National Test in Homemaking. FHA girls also sold iron-on name tags to college- bound students of the Senior class. FHA will continue its efforts in supporting Garinger. 90 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Cochrane, Pat Mosley, Gus Fleggas, Susan Burgess, Doug Moore, Max Cudd, Lou Carlas, John Fullerton, Nancy Burnham, Gary Clark. SECOND ROW: Charles Peek, Dean Duncan, Jan Fisher, Randy Butler, Nacy McConnell David House, Brant Hart, Mike Silver, Ann Travis Debaters express opinions The 1968-69 Debating Team or¬ ganized student opinion on politi¬ cal, moral, and economic ques¬ tions. Question and answer periods gave members an opportunity to express their own desires and opinions. Members of the Debating Team gained recognition this year through their successes in various tournaments. John Fullerton, led these Wildcat orators through many hours of re¬ search and practice, which en¬ abled the team to gain necessary experience. The advisor, Mr. Steven Camp, feels that this year has been suc¬ cessful and there is great potential for the coming year ' s team. This year’s officers are John Ful¬ lerton, President; Randy Butler, Vice President; Max Cudd, Secre¬ tary; Charles Peek, Public Rela¬ tions officers. “My fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart.. 91 Assistants give aid to Librarians The library is one of the busiest spots at Garinger. Each day, hun¬ dreds of students assault the re¬ sources housed in the library. To help the librarians some Garinger students volunteer as library as¬ sistants. Each period these volun¬ teers work checking out, reserving and shelving books; filling and sending out overdue slips, and keeping the library generally in order. These students receive no scholastic credit for their valuable service to the school. w iH iK A .. !lfi I ' 1 aW 4 i If t d i|V 1 . 1 1 ij I FRONT ROW: Cathy Griffin, Patricia Delaney, Pam Belk, Anne Glover, Lynne Taylor, Sharon Posey. SECOND ROW: Renee Woolvmne. Debbie Kaso, Brenda Gallman, Frankie Triece, Kay Black, Melinda Buchanan. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Garner, Diane McCall, Linda Senn, Belinda Lay, Marcia Mason, Lavern Brown. Learning through Audio-Visual guides Audio Visual Aids are students who are trained to operate movie projectors, opaque projectors, filmstrip machines, and record players. These students volunteer for this service in the early fall and receive training from the librarians. LEFT TO RIGHT: David Newton, Bill Crassons. Robert Barley, Frank Bates, Burdette Hough 9J Assistants help in offices SEATED: Becky Griffin, Becky Lyles, Renee Grindstaff, Laurena Holmes, Phyllis Davis, Shelia Moffit, Cindy Little, Carol Hancock, Becky Henderson. SECOND ROW: Deborah Crisco, Sandra Wentz, Sandra Brawley, Jamie Hutto, Debbie Linker, Gwen Powell, Donna Halstead, Barbara Desmet, Kathy Carson, Linda Fortner. THIRD ROW: Steve Baucom, David Upton, Billy Helms, Mike Talbert, Mike Bell, Bobby Hand, David Lineberger, Barry Ainsworth, Ronnie Matthews, Jim Beard. Many students volunteer a period in their sched¬ ules to help with office duties. They answer phones, deliver messages, and many may be found stringing ‘‘Beat Cards” for Miss Abell during football season. Though they receive no scholastic credit, their services are valuable to both teachers and students. Girls aid gym teachers The girls who serve an essential role as gym assistants really love sports of all kinds. Participating in Garinger’s physical education program for the second time, first as a student and now as a leader as well as participant, these girls have developed many skills. They might be found playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, or base¬ ball, or simply leading exercises. Though there are many girls inter¬ ested in Athletics, these girls prob¬ ably represent the best, and many will pursue an occupation in P.E. FIRST ROW: Cindy Little, Linda Scofield, Libby Crede, Anne Heine, Joyce Caldwell, Miss McGee. SECOND ROW: Miss Hunter, Mindy Gantt, Sherry Salyer, Carol Baker, Joan Crenshaw, Mrs. Jones. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Cable, Sherry Troutman, Karen Sacra. Pam King, Susan Courtney, Susie Adkisson. FOURTH ROW: Chris Brown, Susan Phillips. Kathy Hanigan, Kathy McCoy, Kathy Mullis. C. 0. 0. anticipates future STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Morrison, Sharon Walker, Betty Ftee Hinson, Lynn Blackwell, Betty Jean Pittman, Brenda White, Marsha Styron, Sid Yandell, Cheryl Walker, Linda Jo Clontz, Teresa Ariail, Florine Lamon, Sandra Lockwood, Sheila Manis, Sandra Thornton, Mrs. Lackey. SEATED AT TYPEWRITER LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Ballard, Susan Wherry, Patsy Martin, Anna Johnson, Cynthia Penninger, Kelvin Walker, Frontz Walker. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sid Yandell, President; Cheryl Walker, Vice President; Betty Rae Hinson, Secretary; Cynthia Penninger, Treasurer; Betty Jean Pittman, Chaplain; Sandra Thornton, Historian-Reporter. Garinger’s Cooperative Office Occupations program has proved itself to be an excellent method for preparing its members for business world activities. This year, in addi¬ tion to two fund raising paper drives and a meeting with repre¬ sentatives of a cosmetic company, the C.0.0. club “adopted” four welfare children and provided toys for their Christmas enjoyment. Both most outstanding C.0.0. student and most active club member received trophies on Honors and Awards Day. All mem¬ bers enjoyed a Luau graduation banquet in May. 94 G. B. L. strives for advancement Progress is the key word for Garinger Business Leaders, a club made up of students taking business courses who are interested in business careers. G.B.L. members want to learn about the progress of business today, and, more importantly, how they, as future business leaders, can improve the efficiency of the business world. This ambitious goal will not be satisifed with textbooks. Often included in the program of the monthly meeting is a talk given by a local business leader. First hand insights from a proved expert are certainly the most effective means of learning. Other valuable experience is gained on the field trip the club usually makes to Kings College. FIRST ROW: Becky Smith, Brenda Patterson, Pat Morrow, Sandra Sansing, Sheila Moffitt, Mary Wester, Kathy Griffith, Donna Upton. ROW: Libby Whitley, Sandy Casner, Phyllis Davis, Marilyn Kissiah, Diane Whitley, Devvy Williams, Beverly Burnette, Cherre Gardner. THIRD ROW: Ernest Privette, Brenda Turner, Debbie Steinback, Betty Cunningham, Terry Deason, Cathy Biggers, Teresa Fisher, Sandra Wentz, Janice Marshall. 95 Service is main objective of VICA The Vocational Industrial Club of America is an organization designed for students who are taking one or more vocational courses as part of their cur¬ riculum. If enrolled in a vocational course, a student is eligible for membership, providing he is willing to be cooperative and loyal to his club. Service to club, school, and community must be the objective of each individual belonging to VICA. VICA is divided into several chapters suc h as electronics, mechanics, mechanical drawing, wood¬ working, and printing. With the help of his instructor, each member continues to learn and benefit in the branch of his choice. FIRST ROW: Billy Grey, Mike Campbell, Don Lockwood, Ricky Cot¬ ton, Chuck James, Lynda Hunter. SECOND ROW: Bobby Styron, Gary Webber, Randy White, Mr. Belk, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Tom Davis, Scott Heine, Randy Prevatt, Mel Hadden. FOURTH ROW: Cirby Hartman, Ken McMichael, Wayne Gillespie. FRONT ROW: Mr. Staley, Advisor; Sonny Ragan, David Gunter, Jeff Brown. SECOND ROW: James Ritch, Wallace Smith, Donald Howie, Michael Lawrence. FIRST ROW: Robert Sims, Sam Moody, Kenny Barnette, Sammy Helms, Mr. Kemper, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Malcolm Belk, Charles Spielman, Eddie Hodges, Scotty Grindstaff, Billy Findley. THIRD ROW: David Morelock, Eric Jones, Buddy Campbell. FIRST ROW: Terry Blackwell, Kenneth Hefner, William Courtney, Thomas Franklin, Carl Ingle. Mr, Doster, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Steve Seuzeneau, Kenneth Reid, Stephen Baisey, Larry Wright. THIRD ROW: Hugh Carithers, Daniel Baker, Richard Belcher, John Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Joe Hill, Dewey Thompson, John Bishop, Philip Wolfe. FIFTH ROW: Howard Starnes, Nathan Myers, Charles Berg, Lester Broome, Donnie Moore, John Hunnicutt. NOT PIC¬ TURED: Larry Grier, Craig Sloan, Jimmy Trivett, James Land, Ron¬ nie Cullingford, Billie Jenkins, Robert McClellan. FIRST ROW: Jan Fisher, Darrell Collins, Brant Hart, Kathy Bum¬ garner, Mack Hewitt. SECOND ROW: Geary Clar, Robert Childers, Don Sanders, Rick Preston, Lou Carias, Rickey Morris. THIRD ROW- Tommy Moore, Steve Bolin, Dave Porter, Steve Fitzgerald, Buddy Beaver. FOURTH ROW: Mike Norwood, Pernette Gibson, Shelia Liles, John Lambert, Barry Stanfill. FIFTH ROW: Martha Almond, Debbie Hall, Carlos Gilstrap, Jerry Whitlock, Mr. Ballance, Advisor’ SIXTH ROW: Carolina Brown, Andy Fralic, John Hannigan, Chip Wampler. SEVENTH ROW: Rick Norman. FIRST ROW: David Moreau, Charles McMurray, Clay Hodge, Mark Swett. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kemper, Advisor; Steve Williams, Jack Williams, Mike Yandle, Joe Overcash. THIRD ROW: Rikki Brown, Joe Conley, Mike Thompson. FIRST ROW: Mr. Branshaw, Advisor; Ralph Thompson, James Reece, David Lee. SECOND ROW: James Waddell. Eddie Mickel, Willie Mance, NOT PICTURED: Ted Carpenter. Lawrence Waddell, Larry Harrison. Wildcat voice bigger than ever According to the National Asso¬ ciation of Educational Broadcast¬ ers, Garinger may be the only high school in the area to offer extensive training in radio broadcasting. Using college text-books, it offers more broadcasting courses than many colleges and universities re¬ quire for a major in the field. In his last two years, a Garinger student may take two-hour courses in Voice and Diction, Introduction to Broadcasting, Radio Writing, Radio News, Radio Production, Radio Sales, Advanced Radio Production, and Station Manage¬ ment. Besides taking the courses, stu¬ dents participate in weekly broad¬ casts on WGIV, WIST and WYFM. An advisory committee, com¬ posed of educators and profes¬ sional broadcasters, helps to de¬ termine the nature of each course and program. The people in the two pictures above are the Wildcat Hour Disc Jockeys. ■i»M i A FIRST ROW: Lou Carias, Robert Childers, Jan Fisher, Darrell Collins, Jerry Whitlock, Brant Hart, Geary Clark. SECOND ROW- Rick Preston, Steve Fitzgerald, Carles Gilstrap, Buddy Beaver, Mack Hewitt, Tommy Moore, Jay Bridges Barry Stanfield THIRD ROW: Kathy Bumgardner, David Porter, Carolina Brown, Martha Almond, Debbie Hall, Pernette Gibson, Sheila Liles. Susan Burgess Chip Wampler, John Hanigan. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Ballance, advisor; John Lambert, Steve Bolin, Rick Norman. 99 FIRST ROW; Peqqv Wooten, Bill Etters, Penny House, Donna Roseman, Karen Holshouser, Cindy Harrington, Pam Lloyd, Jeanie Fox Vickie Gulledqe. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Burgess, Advisor; Jim Ford, Jerry Sneed, Jan Linker, Ellen Wade, Cindy Cuthbertsori, Deborah Padgett Le Ann Jones, Judy Ward, Joyce Caldwell, Lois Matthews, Kevin Delaney. THIRD ROW: Aurie Dickerson Charles Mullis, Mae Nell Kerr Darlene Gillespie, Lynda Hutchison, Mary Smith, Diane Hampele, Ann Glover, Shelly Blanton, Lynn Frierson. Brenda Gallman, Mike Dellinger, Miss Tibshrany, Advisor, FIFTH ROW: Andy Hedrick, Gordon Wise, Roger ' " son, Vivian Jone Carolyn Bright Kav Athey Barney Stegall, Bill Griffin, Steve Wallace, Bobby Wisecarver, Sandy Beach. Mark Carlisle. SIXTH ROVV Keith Ga dner, Jim Beach, George Hewitt, Mike Culp, Roger Melville, Ray Wilson, Curtis Helms, Tess Stroupe, Alan Miller. Teresa Hawley, Ken Eakes, Ron Alexander, Randy Christenbury, John Hackney, John Chesser. D. E. Club reaps honors Garinger’s Distributive Education Club began its active year one hun¬ dred fifty dollars richer by winning first prize for the booth the club prepared for the Mecklenburg County Fair. The November District Lead¬ ership Conference brought still more honors and trophies to its members. State Nationwide Leadership Conferences now await the ambitious club. Besides winning honors, the D.E. Club sponsors many worthwhile pro¬ jects. The proceeds of their spring car wash, for example, go to their Blair-Boone Scholarship Fund. Sandy Beach, President; Barney Stegall, Associate President; Alan Miller, Vice- President; Tess Stroupe, Secretary-Trea¬ surer; Cindy Harrington, Historian; Mark Carlisle, Reporter. 100 Twirlers sparkle the big " G” Debbie Black; Head Twirler No football game or pep rally would be complete without Garing- er’s girls in sequins and blue. The talented twirlers make a most col¬ orful addition to the Marching Band. The Wildcat twirlers pass on their talent by training prospective new twirlers all during the year. Also, along with fellow band mem¬ bers, the girls helped with this year’s uniform fund drive. All this is topped with their own baton and instrument practice. The desire to keep everyone happy has kept the twirlers working hard for others as well as for their own art. Babs Brown Beejie Funderburke Janice Black Mary Crowder Janet Watson Shaye Whitehurst Donna Ferrell Carol Blackwelder 101 Lettergirls practice Garingerism Our school’s letter girls do much more than spell out a marching GARINGER and display various flags. They serve as ushers at all concerts as well as represent the instrumental music department as hostesses for guests or officials. This year, the girls lent a hand to the band’s uniform fund drive. And, as always, they, in conjunction with the cheerleaders, raised funds for school spirit activities. Whatever the letter girls do, from stepping in time to seating guests, they perform with a grace and poise that makes Garinger proud to call them her own. 102 Marilyn Kissiah Donna Johnston Linda Aughtry Sherry Jones 103 w ' Band inaugurates Uniform Fund Drive Drum Major: Rick Adams 104 Garinger’s majestic Marching Band will look even more impres¬ sive when their goal for new uni¬ forms is realized. A fund drive to raise twelve thousand dollars for new uniforms was begun early this school year. Band members sold household cleanser and candy in two separate drives and were also given a gift sum from the Student Council in order to come closer to this goal. As always, the Marching Band is a focal point of pride and school spirit for Garinger’s student body. Summer practices pay off in half time shows. Drum Major: Robin Conrad Band’s goal is music appreciation This year the symphonic band members have carried more bottles of Rex and more boxes of chuck A agon candy than instruments. All of this was part of the fund-raising drive for new uniforms. Band members contributed endless hours and energy to meet this end. The symphonic band is composed of both string and brass instruments. Membership is gained by audition to students with a higher level of musical accomplishment. Throughout the year the symphonic band presents a series of evening concerts and stu¬ dent body assemblies featuring a repertoire of wide variety. During football season members also participate in the marching band. Other activities include participating in the State Fes¬ tival in Greensboro and cutting a record to sell to the student body. 105 Orchestra perfects and performs ' The orchestra is introduced to the standard orchestral literature for analysis, rehearsal, and for performance. The goal for each student is a comprehensive mental grasp of music quality, so that he may, in adult life, make sensible selections of music for his enter¬ tainment, worship, and possible participation.” All-State Orchestra: Betsy Norris, Sherry Jones, Beejie Funderburke, Elaine Doerschuk, Robin Conrad. Little needs to be added to Mr. Robert Maddox ' s explanation of the approach and fulfillments of the orchestral program at Garinger. To achieve the height of individual and collective pride of its members while entertaining music enthu¬ siasts, the orchestra gives a series of public as well as student body concerts. Donna Newman, Vice President; Betsy Norris, Pre sident; Sherry Jones, Secretary. 106 Concert Band attends State Festival Garinger’s Concert Band is made up of students whose musical ambitions are varied but by no means limited. Advancement to the Symphonic Band is available for those whose ability and interests lead in that direction. Members of the Concert Band also march in the Marching Band. This year for the first time, the Concert Band participated in the State Festival at Greensboro. Now Garinger’s music department is represented on an even larger scale than before. Along with other branches of the music department, Concert Band members helped with the uniform drive. And the beat goes on. 107 Ensemble sings out The Girls’ Ensemble is an ad¬ vanced chorus group for girls. Each girl in the Ensemble is chosen from tryouts the year before. The girls are chosen for their excel¬ lence in tone, pitch, and musical ability. The girls work closely with the choir and they also perform alone. In a Christmas program, the girls added dancing to their music. “Bored? Heaven forbid! " FIRST ROW: Lisa Weaver, Susan Birkland, Linda Bolick, Donna Hayden, Linda Fuller, Kaye Rowell, Janet Holton, Judy Carpenter, Theresa Stafford, Kathy Thompson, Donna Upton. SECOND ROW: Correy Moore, Kathy Smith, Sherry Smith, Marie Horton, Gail Mickel, Sandra Hudgins, Lynn Frierson, Cammilla Smith, Penny Franks. THIRD ROW: Melinda Buchanan, Bonnie Stafford, Anne Frodge, Barbara Edwards, Terry Johnson, Debbie Kaso, Pat Delaney, Cynthia Atkins, Debbie Hoffman. FOURTH ROW: Cathy Griffin, Beverly Griggs, Nancy Williams, Doris Strickland, Rebecca Grantham, Barbara Preslar, Brenda Berryhill, Susan Gardner, Trudy Pressley. PIANIST: Martha Shuford. 108 Chorus A FIRST ROW: Velda Ratcliffe, Gwen Hunt, Deberah Privett, Allene Barr, Bonnie Mull, Sheryl Cochrell, Deborah Tankersley Donna Conner, Deborah Lyles, Doris Pennington, Deborah Glover, Katrina Freeman, Gayle Duncan, Susan Artz Verlia Wiley SECOND ROW ' Joyce Ferguson, Barbara Medford, Pat Walters, Cathey Cadieu, Carol Dull, Janis Jenrich, Carolyn Fortenberry Cynthia Barnes Cynthia Harrington, Carol Smith, Gail Parham, Lynn Barnes, Teresa McConnell, Pat Franklin, Judith Price, Marsha Blanchard THIRD ROW- Steven Marlow, Michael Cansler, Harry Williams, James Williams, Larry Moungle, Jay Robertson, Donald Peninger John Howard William Little, Kenneth Jeffers, Fred Lau, Johnny Ray Helms, David Edenburn, Donne Mills, Tommy Morrison. Chorus B FIRST ROW: Cathey Brandon, Nina Hegler, Carolyn Edminston, Gloria Patterson, Myra Harris, Minnie Brice, Linda Hoover, Gwendoly Stitt, Shirley Boulware, Peggy Bridges, Sylvia Reynolds, Mildred Hinson, Elaine Anderson, Susan Cochrane, Burne Fullerton. SECOND ROW: Marsha Fink, Vickie Norkett, Sharon Posey, Cathy Mangum, Kathie Sherrill, Lynne Bowen, Sharon Lock, Darlene Brown, Cynthia McKee, Kathy Dowdle, Teresa Crump, Lynn Taylor, Janice Love, Donna Sanders. THIRD ROW: Susan Hutto, Pat Scofield, Kathy McCoy, Brenda Bryant, Frances Bowen, Becky Wensil, Leslie Davis, Angela May, Margaret Leverett, Debbie Hall, Brenda Strader, Dianne Knight, Linda Seaford. FOURTH ROW: Brice Jones, Merle McKenzie, Jack Joyce, Mike Primm, David Lineberger, Robert Hand, Richard Davidson, Mike Cook, Mark Delaney, John Cook, Brenda Lemmond. PIANIST: Linda McLaughlin. Choir and individuals compete for honors The Garinger High School Choir, under the direction of Mr. John Sanders, has an active member¬ ship of 60 students. Members are chosen by the quality of their voices, their musical ability and their genuine desire to sing. This spring the Choir competed with other Mecklenburg County Schools and attended a Concert in Mars Hill. On Honors and Awards Day recognition was given to the one outstanding student for his enthu¬ siastic participation and coopera¬ tion. A select group of girls known as the Sandrettes are chosen from the Choir each year. These girls are chosen for their special ability in singing, as well as their back¬ ground in the field of music. To learn through singing and to pro¬ vide enjoyment for others, is the gcal of each member. Say it with music. FIRST ROW: Brenda Ferrell, Sis Crowder, Janice Crowder, Jan Hall, Lynne Prophet, Sarah Best, Gail Williams, John Harrison, Eddie Baker, Lewis Peeler, Vicki Gulledge, Sandy McCoy, Joyce Brown. SECOND ROW: Kathy Reville, Patty Clark, Sandra Brawley, Donna Shaffer, Donna Hipps, Gwen Borders, Steve Ertzberger, Earle Royce, Art Stegall, Don Davenport, Carolyn Drake, Beth Wilson. THIRD ROW: Sheila Moffit, Debbie Cook, Nancy Romary, Frances Yarborough, Susan Matthews, Brenda Ponder, Sing Chow, Buddy Beaver, Larry Williams, Rick Cole, Pat Philmon, Barry McGee, Jim Ford, Vendora Orbison, Darlene Richard. FOURTH ROW: Lynne Huskey, Jane Irby, Donna Glickert, Joy Gatlin, Becky Hancock, Cynthia Arnett, David Crow, Kevin Delaney, Darrell Collins, Jimmy Yost, Eddie Thornburg, Mike Torrence, Marty Shu, Eddie Williams, Jane Smith, Lynda Hutchison, Amelia Morgan, Sandra Wentz. no OFFICERS: Eddie Thornburg, President: Sing Chow, Vice President; Francis Yarborough, Secretary; Darlene Richard, Treasurer. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pianist: Kathy Norman, Amelia Morgan, Sandra McCoy, Joyce Brown, Susan Matthews, Frances Yarborough, Donna Shaffer, Janice Marshall, Patti Clark, Donna Glickert. Ill “A time to get, and a time to lose; A time to keep, and a time to cast away .. SEATED: Head Coach R. E. Cummings, Ron Wright. STANDING: Gene Gille- land. Bob Godwin, Jim Addison. Wildcats top last year ' s mark The 1968 edition of the Garinger Wildcats surprised everyone by having a successful year. Many experts felt that the ‘Cats would be lucky to win three games. The “experts” were wrong! After the ‘Cats opened the season with a squeaker over Greensboro, the ‘Cats were tied by East Mecklenburg. Following a victory over Myers Park, the Wildcats lost a heart- breaker to South on a disputed fifth down play. Then, mentally unprepared due to the illegal loss, the ‘Cats lost to Ashley. Following this loss to the Green Wave, the ‘Cats closed the season with five straight victories. i 1 ■ 1 ; ‘Sm . 1 FIRST ROW: Gene Gilleland, Fred Poston, Bobby Ellis, Mike Morgan, James Williams, Joe Graham, Octavio Ponce, Rick Fuller, Lane Stephens, Frank Ponce, Danny Phifer, Mike York, David Williams. SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Godwin, Jay Robertson, Mike Merritt, Chuck Adams, Randy Dyer, Scott Milliman, John Johnson, Dennis Purser, Chuck Smith, Barry Broadwell, Jimmy Taylor, Emil Holloway, Teddy Foster. THIRD ROW: David Morelock, Bobby Bacot, Mike Torrence, Willie Mance, Randy Triplet, Neil Boswell, Donnie Griffin, John Turner, Don Peninger, Lemmy Presley, Ray Gillis, Coach Ron Wright. FOURTH ROW: Coach Jim Addison, Sandy Kinney, Trippy Alden, Tim Hackney, Mark Bauer, Mike Thompson, Jimmy Morris, Phil Watts, Eric Hardison, Allen Paterno, Russell Meers, Head Coach R. E. Cummings. 114 Garinger 7 Page 6 Garinger 20 East 20 Garinger 21 Myers Park 13 Garinger 21 South 27 Garinger 6 Ashley 39 Garinger 21 Independence 7 Garinger 28 North 7 Garinger 21 West Charlotte 6 Garinger 13 Hickory 7 Garinger 19 Hunter Huss 0 Dennis Purser — End Jimmy Taylor — Tackle Barry Broadwell — Center Neil Boswell — Tackle Russell Meers — Captain Danny Phifer — QB Eric Hardison — Guard Lemmy Presley — Guard James Williams — LB Jimmy Morris — HB Don Peninger — Guard John Turner — Tackle Mike Merritt — FB Rick Fuller —HB Jay Robertson — End Bobby Bacot —Tackle Donnie Griffin - Tackle Mike Thompson - FB Randy Triplett - Tackle Garinger nips Page Down 6-0 at halftime, the Wild¬ cats stormed back in the third quarter to defeat the Greensboro Page Pirates 7-6 on Frank Ponce’s extra point. Ponce’s successful conversion came after Rick Fuller scored on a 6 yard pass from Dan¬ ny Phifer. The Pirates came to Charlotte seeking revenge for a defeat suf¬ fered the previous year. Until Phifer threw to Fuller for 6 points and Frank Ponce kicked his extra point, it looked as if Page was going to find its revenge. Garinger and East tie After the opening victory over Page, the Wildcats squared off with the East Eagles in an important conference game. The Wildcats outplayed the Eagles, but the final score showed 20 points for each team. In a game riddled with Wildcat mistakes, fumbles and penalties kept the Garinger Eleven from winning. Rick Fuller, David More- lock, Joe Graham, and James Wil¬ liams played an outstanding game. Fuller, Morelock, and Graham scored touchdowns and Donnie Griffin added two extra points. Chuck Smith - End Freddy Poston - Guard Lane Stephens - HB Garinger rolls past Mustangs The Wildcats held Myers Park’s heralded passing attack to only three pass receptions in rolling to a 14-6 victory. Russell Meers started Garinger rolling by returning the opening kick-off all the way. Donnie Griffin added the extra point to make the score 7-0. Joe Graham scored two touch¬ downs and was voted “Most Valu¬ able.’’ ll 118 David Morelock — HB Sandy Kinney — FB South defeats Garinger The Wildcats were defeated by the South Mecklenburg Sabres in the final minute of the fourth quar¬ ter when the Sabres were awarded a fifth down near the Garinger goal line. The Sabres used the fifth down to make a first down at the ‘Cat one-yard line. Garinger’s de¬ fense, thinking that they had held South, started off the field. The Sabres took advantage of the mo¬ ment of indecision by Garinger and snapped into formation. South ran a play before the Wildcats were in position and scored to take a 27-21 victory. For the Wildcats, Russell Meers and Dennis Purser scored on passes from Danny Phifer. Sandy Kinney also scored on a two-yard plunge. Donnie Griffen converted all three extra point attempts. 119 Garinger drowns in Green Wave After the disappointing loss to South Mecklenburg, the Wildcats were totally unprepared for the contest with Gastonia Ashley. The result was a 39-6 defeat at the hands of the Greenwave. The ’Cat ' s only score came on a quarterback keeper by Pat Phil- mon. Starring with Philmon was Rick Fuller whose defensive efforts held the Greenwave to 39 points. The game was not as bad as the score indicated. Ashley scored two freak touchdowns in the last two minutes of action. Garinger stops Rebel revolt The Wildcats captured their fourth win of the season against North. The ’Cats dominated the ac¬ tion by rolling up over 400 yards in total offense. Pat Philmon, junior quarterback, was the hero of the Garinger vic¬ tory. Philmon scored two touch¬ downs and threw a 41 yard touch¬ down pass to Russell Meers. Sandy Kinney also scored on a 1 yard plunge and Donnie Griffin added all four conversions. Mike Merritt, Rick Fuller, Bobby Bacot, and John Turner were outstanding in the ’Cat victory. 120 Phil Watts - End Patriot uprising Following the loss to Ashley, the Wildcats bounced back to a 21-7 homecoming victory over the In¬ dependence Patriots. The win over the Patriots was especially sweet. The ‘Cats earned revenge for a loss suffered last year at the hands of Independence. Rick Fuller, Russell Meers, Mike Merritt, and Pat Phil- mon were instrumental in the Homecoming victory. Fuller started halted Garinger rolling with a 5 yard touchdown run. Meers added a 24 yard touchdown pass from Philmon in the second quarter, and Mike Merritt tallied six points in the final period to insure the victory. Donnie Griffin added all three extra points. Philmon played brilliantly on de¬ fense in addition to keeping the Garinger attack in high gear. Willie Mance - Guard 121 ’Cats devour the Lions The Wilcats received a mild scare at the hands of West Char¬ lotte but recovered in time to fash¬ ion a 21-6 victory over the Lions. Rick Fuller and Sandy Kinney were the offensive mainstays for the ‘Cats with Fuller scoring two touchdowns, and Kinney scoring one. Neil Boswell was outstanding on defense. ' Cats freeze the Huskies The successful Wildcat football season drew to a close with a 19-6 victory over Hunter Huss. The vic¬ tory over the Huskies raised the Garinger record to 7-2-1. Rick Fuller, Dennis Purser, and Frank Ponce scored touchdowns to aid the Wildcat cause. Donnie Grif¬ fin added an extra point. The Snips and Cuts staff salutes the Wildcats for a great season. 122 ' Cats terrify the Tornadoes The biggest win of the year for Garinger football enthusiasts was the game with Hickory. The Red Tornadoes journeyed to Charlotte with an unblemished record. The ferocious Wildcats knocked Hick¬ ory from the unbeaten ranks with a 13-7 triumph. Rick Fuller once again led the tenacious Wildcat defense. Fuller, the slender senior, intercepted two passes. Dave Morelock was also tough on defense. Morelock rec¬ overed a fumble to halt a possible Hickory scoring drive. Joe Graham also intercepted a pass. Fuller and Graham also led the Cats on offense. Fuller scored a three yard touchdown and Graham rambled eight yards for another. Donnie Griffin added one extra point to the Wildcat cause. 123 124 Top Cats Rick Fuller-Football Charles Glass-Swimming Teddy Foster-Wrestling Joe Graham-Basketball Larry Swinson-Tennis Jerry Greene-Cross Country and Track Billy Prophet-Baseball Kerry Edwards-Golf 125 J. V.’s show fine prospects Football has always been suc¬ cessful at Garinger, and the fine J. V. program is a main factor in the success on the gridiron. This year ' s J. V. team showed talent that will aid the varsity team next year. The Jayvees finished the season with a 4-4-1 record. Don Purser, Grady Cole, Charley Shaw, C. C. Phifer, Charles Kirby, Donny Smith, and Jim Sirhall showed an enor¬ mous amount of ability. These players and others are expected to aid the varsity team next fall. Mr. Bob Godwin is the coach of the Jayvees. He is assisted by Mr. John Robinson. These two men should be commended for doing a really great job. Garinger 18 Hunter Huss 0 Garinger 0 North 6 Garinger 0 East 6 Garinger 0 Myers Park 0 Garinger 6 South 0 Garinger 6 Ashley 19 Garinger 7 North 6 Garinger 7 West Charlotte 21 Garinger 28 Hickory 14 FIRST ROW: C. C. Phifer, Johnny Costin. Charley Shaw, Howard Long, David Harmon, Van Purser, Chip Cook. SECOND ROW: Phil Estridge, Sammy Blackman. Tim Sirhall, David Cook, Steve Stephens, Robin Harkey, Eddie Archibald, Richard Kalista. THIRD ROW: Coach Bob Godwin. Jesse Blount. Robert Lothrop, Charles Kirby. Bob Creed, Philip Alfred. Jimmy Tucker, Ray Black, Gary Robinson, Larry Airey. 126 Cheerleaders: pride - spirit The Varsity Cheerleaders worked hard this year to promote school pride as well as spirit. Dur¬ ing football season, the results of their summer labor could be seen by the colorful stadium signs. To make money the cheerleaders not only held their annual paper drive, but also sold Garinger pins in Jan¬ uary. The main purpose of this money was to buy the flag for the gym, which encouraged student pride in their country and their school. For the first time uniforms were worn to spring sports; helping to boost spirit here also. Cindy Kester June Taylor Dancers — Watch out! Ginger Hall Karen Kirby Head: Betsy Norris Linda Dixon 128 Pat Mosley Donna Hayden Brenda Bryant Anne Perry 129 Greene leads Wildcat Runners The 1968 Wildcat cross country team, led by senior veteran Jerry Greene, staged a successful sea¬ son. The cross country boys put out a lot of work for their success. Jerry Greene was captain of this year’s squad. Greene was also one of the county ' s top runners and placed high in the state meet. Greene, the annual staff’s Top Cat for both cross country and track has the potential to be a first class college runner. Besides Greene, other stand¬ outs for the team were Johnny Kirkpatrick, Darrell Bowen, Randy Beatty, Bob Carriker, Bill Stiles, and Don Cochran. Mel Hadden, Joel Greene and Ronnie Barnes added depth to the squad. Mr. Joe Tomanchek was the cross country coach. GARINGEH lEJV GARINGEl} iaringej SingeM ' GAflINGER FIRST ROW: Jerry Greene. Darrell Bowen. Mel Hadden, J. B. Kirkpatrick. Joel Greene. SECOND ROW: Coach Joe Tomanchek, Ronnie Barnes, Randy Beatty, Bob Carriker, Bill Stiles, and Don Cochran. 130 FIRST ROW: Jimmy Smith, Bobby Dasher, Wilson Williams, Teddy Foster, J.B. Kirkpatrick, Ricky Cotton, Jay Ritch. SECOND ROW Ronnie Overcash, Randy Triplett, Chip Cook, Don Peninger, Dean Mullis, Doug Brannon. Wildcat wrestlers capture title The Wildcat wrestling team staged its finest season ever this year, winning the conference championship. Ricky Cotton, Teddy Foster, Don Peninger, Randy Triplett, and Ronnie Overcash led the Wildcat matmen. Johnny Kirk¬ patrick, Chip Cook, and Bobby Dasher were also instrumental in the Wildcat charge. Coach Gene Gilleland should be commended for a great job. In only two years, he has made the Wild¬ cats a top-rated wrestling power. The ‘Cats are no longer swamped by fifty points in a single match but instead are turning the tables. Coach Gilleland has performed a small miracle for the Garinger stu¬ dents, and with him leading the way, the Wildcats can be expected to be tough again next year. 133 X »j 1 % I Sk " i% B Ki ' w ' Jfij viL j Vx RSir iflBA.- Pft - 3 r] Bl|j °j - ' y; 1 H AA i B Defeats yield to inward victories Coaches: Henry Madden and John Robinson GARINGER 38 NORTH 61 GARINGER 45 ASHEVILLE 80 GARINGER 32 ASHEVILLE 68 GARINGER 43 MYERS PARK 82 GARINGER 67 HARDING 76 GARINGER 55 NORTH 70 GARINGER 71 INDEPENDENCE 77 GARINGER 46 HICKORY 75 GARINGER 70 WEST 77 GARINGER 38 WEST CHARLOTTE 58 GARINGER 32 SOUTH 57 GARINGER 53 HUNTOR HUSS 58 GARINGER 39 EAST 81 GARINGER 54 INDEPENDENCE 55 GARINGER 52 HICKORY 88 GARINGER 58 WEST 71 GARINGER 68 WEST CHARLOTTE 81 GARINGER 46 SOUTH 66 GARINGER 62 HUNTOR HUSS 75 GARINGER 55 EAST 79 GARINGER 47 2nd WARD 90 FIRST ROW: Joe Graham, Billy Prophet, Octavio Ponce, Frank Ponce, Danny Phifer. SECOND ROW: Jim Blackman, David Morelock, Gene Brown, Doug Sanders. THIRD ROW: Don Cochran, Chuck Hughston, Neal Boswell, Marion Belton, and Manager Emil Holloway. 135 Garinger wins in building athletes La ck of height and lack of expe¬ rience were dominant factors in determining this year ' s basketball record. Although the Wildcat quin¬ tet failed to produce wins against unfavorable odds, they continued to build their hopes and efforts in order to win the “next one. " Junior Joe Graham, the only returning starter off last year ' s team, led the Wildcats in scoring and showed promising aspects for the future. Other lettermen aiding the Wildcat cause were seniors Doug Sanders, Danny Phifer, Billy Prophet, and Don Cochran. Three sophomores. Chuck Hughston, Jim Blackman, and Marion Belton, held starting positions on the varsity team, which is a showing of rare and talented ability for the future. Experience gained by the team was also shared by Coach John Robinson, who assisted Coach Madden this year. Through the equivalent ex¬ perience gained by coach and players, the thoughts of a promis¬ ing future emerged out of the dis¬ appointing setbacks. The unity of spirit binds the Wildcat efforts. 137 Joe Graham scores over East Eagle. Gene Brown makes a driving effort. “Chuck Hughston, you give Joe Graham some chewing gum or you won’t play!” 138 FIRST ROW: Sammie Blackman; Authur Frazier, captain; David Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Billy Parsley Richard Kalista Grea Belk, Bob Harding. THIRD ROW: Mark Sanger. Jess Blount, Ray Grier. Coach Ron Wright took on the job of training the new Junior Var¬ sity basketball players, and he has done a commendable job. The “Wiidkittens” have been supported by their many loyal fans during the entire season. Such players as Billy Parsley, Greg Belk, Sam Blackman, and Jess Blount have led the team to several victories. The skill and experience that these boys have obtained this year will not only help them in coming years but will also benefit Garinger’s athletic stand¬ ing. Wiidkittens fight past a long season V .i 1 1 1 140 Brenda Lowrance Melanie Hilder 1968-69 J. V. ' s The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were at their best this year. They were chosen not only on their abili¬ ty to cheer, but their co-operation as well. Beginning the year by hav¬ ing new uniforms made, the J.V.’s worked hard to perfect their cheer¬ leading ability and rhythm. Their main responsibility was to boost spirit among the sophomores, and to cheer at the Junior Varsity foot¬ ball and basketball games. They also rode the spirit buses to Hick¬ ory and to Asheville. Peggy Melson Katy Carlisle 141 Baseball Team vies for state crown With a solid nucleus of veterans returning from last year’s confer¬ ence champions, the baseball team is expected to go a long way, pos¬ sibly, to the State Championship. Returning starters from last year’s squad are Billy Prophet, Jimmy Morris, Russell Meers, Johnny Kirkpatrick, and Pat Philmon. Mike Merritt, Don Cochran, Danny Phi¬ fer, and Reg Pinkerton can also be relied upon to come through. The baseball team has the best chance of any team at Garinger to win the state championship. Billy Prophet, Russell Meers, and Jimmy Morris were selected tri¬ captains of this year’s squad. Along with Coach Joe Tomanchek, the tri¬ captains provide valuable leader¬ ship. You can look for this year’s baseball team in the state play-offs. Tri-Captains Russell Meers, Billy Prophet, and Jimmy Morris. Head Coach Joe Tomanchek. Assistant Coach Jim Edwards. 142 Joe Graham Reg Pinkerton Mike Merritt 143 Russell Meers Billy Prophet Jimmy Morris 144 ■ 1 I n 5.41 ’ r i »1 FIRST ROW: Jerry Greene, Jay Robertson SECOND ROW: Chuck Nilles, Manager; Robert Lotharp, Frank Ponce, Chuck Adams, Richard Fields, O. P. Ponce, Scott Milliman, Billy Shaver, Steve Cochrane, Emil Holloway, Charles Peek. THIRD ROW: Doug Cook, Terry Taylor, Bob Harding, Robin Harkey, John Macy, Joel M acy, Joel Greene, Ray Black, Mike Sloop. FOURTH ROW: Bob Creed, Mike Griffin, Mark Bauer, Mike Morgan, Mike Torrence, Frank Wallace. FIFTH ROW: Dwight McKnight, Howard Seegers, Trippy Alden, Charlie Kirby, Neal Boswell, Marion Crawford, Bob Carriker, Chuch Hughston, Randy Beatty, Bill Stiles, Mark Hagel, Mr. Addison, Coach. Cindermen get new coach The Garinger Cindermen are preparing for the ’69 season under the expert coaching of Coach Jim Addison. This year’s team has great potential and desire. Led by senior veterans such as Jerry Greene, Neil Boswell, Sandy Kin¬ ney, Steve Cochrane, and Jay Rob¬ inson, the Cindermen should be strong in most events. This year’s team has more boys on it than any team in recent history with the ex¬ ception of the 1968 squad. With these essentials the Cindermen should finish among the leaders in the Regionals. Track is the finish¬ ing touch to Garinger’s efforts to develop better athletes in mind and body. 146 148 Golfers out to surpass previous team KNEELING: Kerry Edwards, Johnny Fowler, Jimmy Thomas, Frank Bates, Charles Horne, Steve Sanford, Marshall Short. STANDING: Walter Eddy, Jeff Petris, Dale Moody, Johnny Thompson, Mike Call, Tommy Railings, Gary Kistler, Steve Monroe, Marshall Ledbetter, Butch Gemin, John Costin. This year ' s golf team will have a big task ahead of them in trying to surpass the record of last year ' s golfers. Mr. Godwin, the coach, has had topnotch teams in previous years but he feels that this year’s team can and will achieve even higher goals. Such golfers as Kerry Edwards, Johnny Fowler, Jeff Petris, and Tommy Phillips will help lead the team to many victories. Mr. Godwin shows great confidence in these boys to have a winning sea¬ son. 149 Tennis lettermen are few Last year ' s netters ended the season with a disappointing two wins against nine losses. However, three of the matches were lost merely due to a close 4-5 decision. The outlook for this year ' s team is certainly a bright one. With the return of three previous players, the team will already possess the necessary quality of experience which will help them in the coming matches. The team will compete with some of the best teams in their league, but with the boys’ skill, determination, and potential they should present the Wildcats with a winning season. KNEELING; Ray Boardman, Tom Phillips, Marty Shu, Larry Swinson, Craig Dunlap, Steve Lindsay, Jimmy Triplett. STANDING: Robert Ainsworth, Curtis Ritch, Bill Horton, John Nesbitt, Brian Harrison, Phil Watts, Bill Parnell, Bill Powell. 150 Swimming introduced at Garinger FIRST ROW: Steve Ridge, George Brooks, Marty Shu, Jeff Petris, Charles Glass, Richard Patterson. SECOND ROW: Coach Jim Edwards, Jimmy Isenhour, Ricky Grimes, Larry Wilson, Mike Primm, Monty Dobbins. Not pictured, Doug Fink. This was the first year Garinger has introduced swimming into its athletic program. The credit for organizing and coaching the team falls upon Mr. Jim Edwards. Prac¬ tices were held five times a week at the Johnston YMCA. For a be¬ ginning sport at Garinger, there were many adjustments to make. Although the swimming team lost several meets by close margins, Coach Edwards and the athletic program considered the season successful, due mainly to the par¬ ticipation and dedication of the members of the team. Even the twice a week 10:00 p.m. practices failed to be an obstacle to the de¬ termined swimmers. Seniors Char¬ lie Glass, George Brooks, Marty Shu and sophomores Mike Primm and Larry Wilson exhibited poise and fine competition to their op¬ ponents. Coach Edwards and the mem¬ bers of the swimming team are to be congratulated on helping to fur¬ ther Garinger ' s athletic program by the addition of such a fine, compet¬ itive sport. 153 “A time to rend, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing »j 154 Jimmy Morris, President Marilyn Kissiah, Secretary Senior Class Officers Cindy Kester, Vice-President Judy Swacker, Treasurer 156 Johnny Keith Adams Richard Thomas Adams Daniel Gary Adkins Robert Lynn Ainsworth William Franklin Alden III Angela Carole Alexander Kim Douglas Allen Freddy Lee Anderson Robert Reid Anderson Deborah Kay Anspach Dorothy Lee Ardrey Teresa Lee Ariail 157 Seniors show pep during David Neal Beachum Mary Ellen Beaver Richard Lea Belcher James Michael Bell Robert Steven Benson Stan David Berg Sarah Leone Best Mary Catherine Biggers Harold Mitchell Bigham Debra Lee Bishop John Ray Bishop Deborah Sue Black Rita Kay Black Roger Alan Bladen William Emil Blake Marsha Ann Blanchard 158 Cynthia Jean Arnett Judy Karen Ashe Kay Frances Athey Linda Faye Aughtry Robert Clyde Bacot Creighton Roy Badame Joyce Bailey Dora Lee Baines Keith Hayes Baker Susan Jane Baker Karen Lane Barefoot Margaret Allene Barr Charles Thurman Barnes Jeanie Ruth Bass Linda Jean Bass Frank Lee Bates school spirit week 159 Oh, Miss Broughton, may I please contradict? Ann Sheiton Blanton Miriam Elizabeth Boggs Robert Stephen Bolin Victoria Sue Bolton Johan Hendrik Boon William Reginald Bonnevie Ivey Gwen Borders Cornelius Boswell Everette Alan Bouchelle 160 Norma Lynne Bowen Martha Jean Boyd Sandra Vivian Brawley Peggy Diane Bridges Barry Wayne Broadwell Mary Ann Brogdon Carolyn Francis Brooks George Phylus Brooks Linda Mae Broome George Mein Brown Joyce Marie Brown Lavern Ann Brown 167 Seniors safeguard their Pamela Brown Ronald Lewis Brown Mary Susan Burgess Sylvia Jean Burgess Beverly Carol Burnette Joseph Herbert Burns Susan Ella Burt Floyd Allen Byram Joyce Maria Caldwell Linda Joyce Caldwell Frances Lynn Campbell Patricia Ann Campbell Betsy Wilder Cannon Shelia Diane Cannon Atress Wilson Canup Elba Lourdes Carias 162 ' .1 pit from underclassmen William Sloan Carson Linda Shaye Cashion Sandy Yvonne Casner Nancy Ann Caudle James Cleburne Chastain III Robert Allan Childers Jung Sing Chow Suzanne Christenbury Geary Eugene Clark Patricia Donna Clark Linda Jo Clontz James Donald Cochran Donna Diane Cole Carolyn Ann Coleman Sleeping beauty yT- Foreign exchange program furthers knowledge George Michael Culp Marshall Excell Cuthbertson Carolyn Ann Dalton Donald Thomas Davenport Lisa Suzanne Davis Phyllis Ann Davis Thomas Edward Davis Dennis William Deal Marie Susanne Dean Terry Lee Deason Guy Ernest Derby II Barbara Jean Desmet James Richard Dixon Mary Linda Dixon Deborah Jean Dobbins Margaret Elaine Doerschuk 164 Oscar Gene Coleman III Inger Randi Coll Darrell Russell Collins Howard Joseph Conley Stan Corley Cook Vickie Dianne Correll Janet Rae Costin Raymond Robert Couiter Deborah Lynn Cowan William Marion Crassons Gloria Joan Crenshaw Deborah Ann Crisco Charles Max Cudd Ronnie Thomas Cullingford 3nd understanding for all Gee, my homework was here this morning! 165 Elizabeth Ann Draddy Carolyn Ann Drake Gregg Thomas Duckworth Carol Diana Dull Dean Franklin Duncan Kenneth Patterson Eakes Henry Walter Eddy Kathy Diane Edwards Kerry Warren Edwards Marshall Thomas Edwards Mickie Lee Elmore William Franklin Elmore 166 Go ahead! The coast is clear. Deborah Kay English James Hoffman Epting Cynthia Ann Renee Everett Brenda Irene Ferrell Donna Jean Ferrell Helen Joanna Fincher Ronny Duron Finley Teresa Ann Fisher Stephen Vinc ent Fitzgerald 167 College boards are faced Cynthia Elaine Ginn Charles William Glass Donna Marie Glickert James William Godfrey Julia C. Goodloe Virginia Ann Gray Jerry Leon Greene Donald Elroy Griffin Rebecca Ann Griffin William Griffin Katherine Jeannette Griffith Alan Scott Grindstaff Vickie Suzanne Gulledge Phillip Dale Gwyn Mark Carl Hagel Edna Mae Hailey 168 by college bound students James Thomas Flowe Donna Lynn Ford Edward Howard Foster, Jr. Frederic Steven Foushee Thomas Odell Franklin Diane Frodge Vickie Savannah Frye Linda Mae Fuller Richard Floyd Fuller John Carr Fullerton III Robert Glenn Gallman Melinda Lee Gantt Cherre Wharton Gardner Joy Teresa Gatlin Brenda Darlene Gillespie Ray Eugene Gillis 169 Deborah Kathleeen Haley Virginia Alice Hall Donna Ann Halsted Gary Lee Hamlet Sherry Lynn Hammer Janie Rebecca Hancock Dennis Ray Hands John Christopher Hanigan Michael Bryant Hankins Wildcat talent shines in Our Town. 170 Eric Thomas Hardison Joseph Blake Harrington Brantley Bowen Hart III William Ralph Hatcher Jerry Benjamin Hedspeth Curtis Nay Helms William Gerald Helms Patty Ann Helsabeck Rebecca Ann Henderson Howard Michael Hesterberg Susan Carol Higginson Betty Thacker Hinson 171 Our 1968 Homecoming Queen? Mascots, Susan Nilles Roger Steven Hinson Ruby Diane Hinson Donna Carol Hipps Wanda Elaine Hodge Jane Elizabeth Hodges Janet Olivia Hodges Brenda Mae Holcombe Joseph Hollingsworth Janet Elizabeth Holton Charles Robert Horne Jo Nette Horne William Thomas Horton 172 and Scott Cook, selected by seniors David Worth House Vicki Lea Howan Marvin Eugene Howell Herman Felix Hubbard Helen Hood Hughes Cathy Sue Hunter Sarah Lynda Hutchinson Carl Samuel Ingle, Jr. Jane Webster Irby Ronald Kimerlee Jandebeur Janis Carol Jenrich Anna Margaret Johnson Donna Maria Johnston James Henry Johnston Wanda Rosemary Johnston Crissie Priscilla Jones 173 It happens to be in good taste! Senior pit, pep rallies, and indigestion. Esther LeAnn Jones Michaei Ray Jones Sherry Lynn Jones Norman Shaw Joyner Patricia Ann Kelly Linda Haynes Kennerly Cindy Louise Kester Patsy Gail Keziah James Harry Killian 174 Karen Jacqueline Kimbrell Marvin Herbert Kinard David Lee Kinney Karen Lynn Kirby Patricia Hope Kirkman John Parks Kirkpatrick Marilyn Joan Kissiah John Bill Lambert, Jr. Victor Scott Lambert Florine Ellen Lamon James Augustus Land Michael Eugene Lands 175 Exams hit Garinger Janet Lane Love Ylonda Ann Love Marsha June Lowrance Larry Lyles Harriet Diane McCall Elwyn McCall Phyllis Gail McCall Sherry Elizabeth McCall Robert Edv in McClellon Gale Diane McCleskey Joan Campbell McClure Nacy Joseph McConnell Nena Kathleen McCoy Robert Parker McCoy Sandra Jean McCo y Sally Ann McCune 176 in January and May Harry Hampton Lee Brenda Kay Lemmond Jimmie Lee Lewis Susan Jane Lewis Nancy Susan Liles Frances Denise Lindley Rebecca Sue Lineberry Alfred Leslie Liner Martha Jan Linker Cynthia Lee Little Dewey Reaves Little Kenneth Ronald Lloyd Sandra Gunter Lockwood Nils Lunsden Long Pauline Loo Carol Anne Losh )77 Beverly Martin McDaniel Barry Marshall McGee Anne Edwards McGerrigle Betty Katherine McKenzie Pamela Ann Mahaffey Willie Mance Maxine Manchester Sheila Elaine Manis Kathryn Jean Marino Janice Lynn Marshall Patricia Ann Martin Patricia Lynn Martin Barbara Lynn Matthews Susan Joyce Matthews William Edward Mauney Michael George Mayberry Honors and Awards Day recognizes 178 cholarship, leadership, and athletics Patricia Gay Medlin Jean Kathy Meek Russell Harlen Meers Roger James Melville, Jr. Michael Lynn Merritt Sharon Elizabeth Page Merritt William Edworth Mickel David Miller Tonya Lea Mills Sheila Jan Moffitt Oscar Gurney Momberger Horace Elliot Montieth Meditation 179 Bernard Dale Moody Samuel Helms Moody Donald Warren Moore Douglas Willard Moore Tim Ray Moore William Gary Moore David Clarence Moreau Amelia Ann Morgan Herman Grady Morgan James Thomas Morris Belinda Ann Morrison June Ford Morrow 180 The bench bunch. Patricia Diane Morrow Patricia Anne Morton Lewis Van Moser Patricia Ann Mosley Samuel Lee Mullis Shirley Ann Mullis Terry Leigh Murr Janet Marie Murray Michael Omer Nealy 181 Senior class of 1969 John Hill Nesbitt Donna Ruth Newman Terry Elaine Nilles Elizabeth Delite Norris Theresa Bonnie Odom George Albert Ogelsby Vendora Gwyn Orbison Margaret Elizabeth Otto Randy Joe Overcash Johnny Lee Pace Brenda Jane Patterson Janice Elaine Patterson Patricia Roberts Patterson Robert James Patterson Jeffery Eugene Patton Carl Richard Payler 182 leaves behind its gift to Garinger Charles Edward Peek Lewis William Peeler Donald Vann Peninger, Jr, Cynthia Elaine Penninger Doris Ellen Pennington Susan Lee Perry Jeffrey Paul Petris Danny Warren Phifer Norris Lynn Phifer Thomas Milton Phillips, Jr. Reginal Alexander Pinkerton Betty Jean Pittman James Arnold Ploger Delores Poison Brenda Gail Ponder Wanda Lynn Pope ( Dave Cecil Porter Sharon Ann Posey Fred Holmes Poston William Poweil Lemmie Lee Pressley Judith Eiaine Price Pamela Gail Price Mary Regina Prince Billy Bernard Prophet The charge ot the light brigade! A place for quiet. Walter Dennis Purser Debra Jean Queen Mel Terrance Raynes Marta Ruth Renner Kathy Louise Reville Hendrieka Myrika Reynders Wilhelmina Irene Reynders Walter Edgar Rhodes III Darlene Yvonne Richards Christine Richards Ann Rimer John Curtis Ritch 185 Graduation: A Cynthia Faye Scercy Cynthia Lynn Scott Lewis Wilson Scott Deborah Kaye Seate Linda Kay Senn James Franklin Severt Mary Helen Shaia Kathie Ann Sherrill Judy Ann Shirley Marty Reed Shu Tommie Elizabeth Sims Charles Lee Siniard Elizabeth Slechta Betty Jean Smith Charles Roy Smith Charlotte Ann Smith 186 Steve Durham Ritch James Ervin Robertson Jane Francis Robertson Mary Kathryn Rodgers Nancy Carol Romary Linda Nora Rosental Earle Allen Royce III Robert David Russell William Henry Russell Cynthia Milagos Sanders Donald Zane Sanders Douglas Jackson Sanders Sharon Ruth Sanders Sandra Kay Sansing Judy Diane Satterfield Susan Jean Satterwhite Deginning and an end 187 No Mozart? Don Jared Smith Jerry Wayne Smith Karen Lee Smith Mary Ellen Smith Rebecca Ann Smith Roger Steven Smith Carolyn Ann Somers Linda Karen Spruill Gary Stallings 188 Beverly Kay Starnes Charles Thomas Starnes Lana Lee Starnes Michael Vern Starnes Robert Theodore Steele Barney Franklin Stegall Robert Arthur Stegall Debra Lynne Steinback Barbara Lynn Stephens Darrell Lane Stephens Edwin Stephens Janet Herron Stinson 189 George Dewey Stitt Kay Frances Stitt Frank Daniel Stotts, Jr. Mary Teresa Stroupe Marsha Elaine Styron Glenda Ruth Sullivan James Edward Sullivan, Jr. Penelope Sullivan Beverly Short Summers Judy Elaine Swacker Gary Brant Sweet Van Mark Sweet Larry Wayne Swinson James Carlton Taylor, Jr. Terry Wayne Taylor Tina Elizabeth Taylor Goodbye Garinger . . . 190 Hello Myrtle Beach Tommy Dean Taylor Karen Joy Templeton James Long Thomas Roger Lee Thomas Carl Thompson Robert Michael Thompson Theodore Edward Thornburg Sandra Kay Thornton Charles John Topp Linda Ann Travis Debra Ann Traylor John Tracy Trigg Our hands have met and so our hearts. I9I Randall Lee Triplett Barbara Anne Tucker John David Tucker, Jr. Thomas Lewis Tucker Bright Elizabeth Turner John Cleveland Turner Donna Kay Upton Vann Matthews Vickerey Paula Jean Waldock Susan Waldrop Cheryl Walker Sharon Elizabeth Walker 192 The fashion advisors of Vogue magazine. Edvi ard Stephen Wallace Mary JoAnne Waller Frank Everett Wampler, Jr. Judy Deese Ward Rebecca Elaine Warren Phillip Baxter Watts Cynthia Gail Welch Linda Sue Wentz Sandra Elizabeth Wentz 193 Twelve long years draw to Mary Anne Williams Peggy Lynn Williams Janet Lorraine Wilson Sarah Elizabeth Wilson Albert Douglas Winchester Wendy Nims Winchester Bowen Jay Wise Gordon Russell Wise Bobby Neal Wisecarver Russell Allen Wommack Paul Edward Wong Jacquelyn Worthy Donna Lee Wyss Dennis Nolan Yager Sidney Elms Yandell Michael Lynn Yandle 194 3n end for Garinger seniors Mary Della Wester Susan Marie Wherry Brenda Irene White Vicki Gay Whitesides Dorothy Elizabeth Whitley Judy Dianne Whitley Jerry Wayne Whitlock Saraphine Marie Wilkinson Steven Ray Wilkinson David Curtis Williams Devvy Eileen Williams Gayle Marie Williams Harry Woodrif Williams Hilary Frank Williams Jack David Williams Larry Edward Williams 195 More than just a scrap of paper Michael Van Yandle Patricia Carol Yandle Shirley Ann Yates Susan Mae Yeager James Lenwood Yost III Charles Michael Young And the world thinks it ' s ready for us? 196 Most Popular: Betsy Norris and Mike Mayberry Best All Round: Ginger Hall and Bobby Bacot Best School Citizen: Donna Hipps and Reggie Bonnevie 197 Unsung Hero and Heroine: Karen Kirby and Sandy Kinney Best Looking: Cindy Kester and Dennis Purser Most Likely to Succeed: Donna Newman and Grady Morgan Neatest: Vicki Whitesides and Freddie Poston 1969 Superlatives Wittiest: Darlene Richard and Jay Wise Most Athletic: Judy Swackerand Russell Meers Most Talented: Marsha Lowrance and Eddie Thornburg 199 Frank Ponce, President Junior Class Donna Hayden, Vice President Anne Perry, Secretary Francis Yarborough, Treasurer 200 Patsy Abbott Sylvia Abbott Gail Abernathy Sharon Ackerman Chuck Adams Susie Adkisson Barry Ainsworth George Airey Ronnie Alexander Larry Allen Vicky Allen Martha Almond Ed Alston Cindy Anderson Glenda Anderson Dole Argo Jean Armstrong Cynthia Atkins Cathy Austin Mike Austin Randy Austin Verna Austin Linda Avery Charles Balles Betty Bailey Jo Ann Baines Dick BaKanic Carol Baker Daryle Baker Greg Baker Tootle Banks Denise Barber Kenny Barnette Sylvia Barr Bobby Barrett Yvette Barringer Leila Baskin Mark Bauer Jimmy Beach Paula Beachum Patricia Beatty Randy Beatty Buddy Beaver Gary Beck Jeannie Beford Debby Belk Malcolm Belk Pamela Belk 201 Reggie Belk Butch Bell Yvonne Bell Diane Belt Tommy Bentley Freddie Berg Brenda Berryhill Debbie Bickel Pam Diggers Susan Birkland Mary Bishop Nancy Bizzell Janice Black Carol Blackwelder Peggy Blackwelder Kathleen Blackwell Jon Blankenship Charles Boggs Sammie Bolden Linda Bolick Pam Bolick Becky Bolin Bobby Bolton Shirley Boulware Darrell Bowen Fran Bowen Darcy Bowman David Brakfield Doug Brannon Steve Brattain Jay Bridges Carolyn Bright June Brooks Babs Brown Bobby Brown Carolina Brown Chris Brown Gene Brown Jeff Brown Rikki Brown Teresa Brown Brenda Bryant Tim Buboltz Claudia Buchanan Melinda Buchanan Kathy Bumgarner Charlene Burgin Patsy Burris 202 Carol Burton Debby Burton James Bushart Randy Bulter Sylvia Cable Marilyn Cain Mike Call Buddy Campbell Lillie Campbell Mike Campbell Trudy Canipe Mike Cansler Ginger Carlisle Diane Carpenter Judy Carpenter Ted Carpenter Kitsy Carter Rick Carter Wayne Case Dora Cathey Beverly Cato Michael Chaffin Clifton Chambers Allen Christensen Jack Church Jane Cirulis Debbie Clarke Ruth Clemons Janice Cline Derek Clontz Steve Cochran Steve Cochrane Rick Cole Don Collins Janis Collins Donna Conner 203 Cindy Cook Debbie Cook Ricky Cotton Alan Couch Connie Couet Susan Courtney William Courtney Libby Crede Cathy Creech Barbara Crot David Crow Mary Crowder Sis Crowder Cathy Crump Debby Crump Thomas Cupp Gloria Currie Yasmeen Dahir Jerry Dahl Ginger Davis Kevin Delaney Patricia DeLaney Mike Dellinger Gloria Dew Aurie Dickerson Mike Diorio Stan Dobbins Pam Downey Thomas Drakeford Wally Dulin Debbie Dunn Randy Dyer Shelia Eargle John Easterling Diane Eddins Cindy Edmonson Barbara Edwards Dawn Edwards James Ellis Pattie Elmore Steve Ertzberger Terry Ervin Jeff Estridge Bill Etters Michele Evans Mikki Faille Deborah Faires Elaine Faires 204 Yvonne Farrar Richard Fields Calvin Fink Marsha Fink Janet Fisher Gus Fleggas Paulette Flowe Linda Fortner Annise Foster Debbie Foster John Fowler Carol Fox Pat Frady Penny Franks Charlie Frederick Lynn Frierson Anne Frodge Phyllis Frye Jane Fulkerson Teena Funderburk Ann Furr Steve Gaddy Brenda Gallman Linda Gallman Keith Gardner Susan Gardner Eugene Gathings Christine Gay Charles Gerald John Gibbs That makes 23 times he ' s said " don’t you see " today. “No, I don ' t see. " 205 " But you don’t know my parents! " And they talk about police brutality. Dallas Gibson Mary Gibson Pernette Gibson Wayne Gillespie Sandy Gillis Carlos Gilstrap Pat Ginn Henry Glasper Harriette Glenn Shelia Glenn Ann Glover Debbie Glover Buddy Goforth Kathy Goodwin Davis Goomis Malcolm Goss Joe Graham Rebecca Grantham Teresa Gray Bill Greene Tim Greer Shirley Gregory Billy Grey Cathy Griffin Debbie Griffin Mike Griffin Beverly Griggs Renee Grindstaff Cathey Grunt Doris Gunter 206 Kim Gwyn Janet Hackett John Hackney Tim Hackney Mel Hadden Stephen Haire Carol Hall Debbie Hall Jan Hall Diane Hamplele Kathy Hanigan Michael Hanley Bob Harding Eddie Hardy Neal Harpe Cindy Harrington Brian Harrison John Harrison Cirby Hartman Adrian Hatfield Teresa Hawley Donna Hayden Donna Haywood Andy Hedrick Anne Heine Scott Heine Deborah Helms Judy Helms Robin Helms Sammy Helms Cheryl Henderson Heidi Henderson Martha Henderson Patsy Hendricks Teresa Herrin George Hewitt Mack Hewitt Pamela Hicks Rickey Hicks Lynn Hilliard Hugh Hilton Ray Hilton Terri Hines Sylvia Hinson Alan Hodge Eddie Hodges Frank Hodges Debbie Hoffman 207 “Due tomorrow?!” Karen Holcomb Wanda Holcomb Eddie Holland Jerry Hollenbeck Emil Holloway Laurena Holmes Linda Holmes Karen Holshouser Donna Hooper Linda Hoots Eddie Hoover Debbie Hope Gail Hopper Margaret Horne Marie Horton Burdetts Hough Penny House Jimmy Houston Lynn Howarth Don Howie Mary Ann Howie Sandy Hudgins Jerri Hudson Irish Hudson Roy Hughes Mike Hullett Norman Huneycutt Bernie Hunsucker Gwendolyn Hunt Lynda Hunter Lynn Hunter Lynne Huskey Ann Hutchison Susan Hutto Mary Dela Hyde Jimmy Isenhour Richard Irby Katherine Jackson Chuck James 208 “But we ' ve just got to stop meeting this way, Harold is getting suspicious.” Melody James Sherry James Kay Jandebeur Nadine Jeffers Brenda Jenkins Steve Jenkins Diane Johns Jimmy Johnson John Johnson Paula Johnson Roger Johnson Terry Johnson Brice Jones Carl Jones Dana Jones Eric Jones Ron Jones Vivian Jones Ralph Justice Brenda Kannon Deborah Kaso Debbie Kemenczky Jane Kennington Mae Nell Kerr Janice Kessler Janet King Pam King Bonnie Kirby James Kirkpatrick Linda Kistler 209 Peggy Kunsman Linda Lail Larry Lankford Becky Lau Fred Lau Mike Lawrence Beiinda Lay Mark Le Chette Debbie Lechner George Lefler Marty Lentz Margaret Leverett Steve Lewis Sheila Liles Sandy Lindsay Steven Lindsay Debbie Linker Beverly Little Brenda Little Pamela Lloyd Cindy Locke Don Lockwood Karen Loftin Debbie Long Myra Long Wing Loo Joyce Lord Janice Love Pat Love John Lowery Myra Lyerly Judy Lyles Sam Lyon Rosemary McAndrews Jackie McBride Dale McCleskey Solitude in a busy place. 210 Juniors number over 700 Miss King will make an artist out of me yet!! Terry McConnell Cathy McCoy Wanda McCoy Dyane McGill Ronnie McGowan Pam McIntyre Patricia McIntyre Marie McKee Merle McKenzie Jane McKinnon Dwight McKnight Marjorie McLaird Pat McLaird Cindy McLaurin Susan McMurray Sue McRae Sharon Macallif Gayle Mackintosh John Manis Betty Marlow Gary Martin Robyn Martin Marcia Mason Ruth Mauney Ray Melton Junior Merritt Jimmy Messer Gail Mickel Alan Miller Donna Miller 211 “You did WHAT??” " So my fellow Americans. ...! " Ed Miller Vivian Miller Scott Milliman Cheryl Momberger Charles Montieth Betty Moody Zandra Moody Christine Mooney Correy Moore Tommy Moore Mike Morgan Sandy Morgan Stephen Morgan Darlene Moser Cheryle Mulkey Bonnie Mull Herman Mullis Kathy Mullis Pat Mullis Nathan Myers Beverly Nance Envoy Nance Shelley Nance Michael Neal Lynn Nelson Trisha Nelson Pam Neville Sara Newman David Newton Deidre Nivens 212 Juniors show spirit Vickie Norkett James Norwood Floyd Oakley Vaughn Odom Bobby Olando Angie Oswald Cheryle Overcash DeMaris Owens Jan Owens Gail Parham Cindy Parker Jacki Parker Ann Parkin David Parks Jack Parks Bill Parnell Alan Paterno Diane Patterson Herman Patterson Rick Patterson Candy Paty Nancy Payne David Pendleton Mike Perdue Anne Perry Bobby Peterson Raymond Pharr Charles Phillips Susan Phillips Pat Philmon “And I only had one cavity!” 213 Junior Class sponsors Janet Pickard Donna Plummer Brenda Polly Frank Ponce Octavio Ponce Elaine Poston Glenda Poston Barbara Preslar Trudy Pressley Randy Prevatt Pat Price Sandra Price Mike Privett Becky Prophet Ralph Pruette Sylvia Purser Jimmy Raborn Sonny Ragan Tommy Railings Vicki Randall Gayle Rape Franiece Ratcliff Tommy Ready Tommy Reavis " Did you ever get the feeling you were on a merry-go-round? " 214 " But I just typed that sentence.” " Well I have to eat something. es m Don Beckwith Jimmy Reece Mark Reed Patricia Reeder Ken Reid Pete Reynders Steve Ridge Irene Rigley Ron Riley Jay Ritch Nancy Ritch Susan Robbins Lavalle Roberts Janet Robinson Donna Roseman Robert Ross Kaye Rowell Beverly Russell Debbie Russell Tim Russell Karen Sacra Sherry Salyer Donna Sanders Steve Sanford 215 Class of 70 Billie Sawyer Karl Sawyer Ken Sawyer Carl Scher Pat Scofield David Scott Wes Scott Ronald Scurry Barbara Seaford John Serafini Frank Seuzeneau Donna Shaffer Billy Shaver Gail Shelby Kim Sherrill Jan Sloop Mike Slusher Camilla Smith Cathy Smith Carol Smith Chris Smith Jane Smith Kathy Smith Linda Smith ll99il 1 Oh no, not another leak! 216 The watchful eye of Miss King. " Hey, here it is!!” Marcia Smith Marion Smith Marsha Smith Robert Smith Sherry Smith Elaine Snipes Vernon Southern Anne Sperry Chuck Spielman Vickie Spurrier Bonnie Stafford Theresa Stafford Barry Stanfill Franklin Starnes Pat Starnes Stephen Starnes Roger Steed Douglas Stegall Nadine Stegall Michael Stephens Jill Stevens Ann Stewart Terri Stewart Robert Stinson Gwen Stitt Shirley Stitt Carroll Stoeckel Hans Strand Doris Strickland Bobby Styron 217 Thomas Summitt Jimmy Surratt Burt Sweet Michele Swiggett Linda Talbert Mike Talbert Conchita Talbott Katie Tarantino Debbie Tarleton John Taylor Lynn Taylor Ray Terry Sharon Thomas Debbie Thompson Johnny Thompson Kathy Thompson Louie Thompson Mike Thompson Robert Thompson Linda Threadgill Linda Tipton Mike Tolar Gail Toler Michael Torrence Chellyn Towell Frankie Triece Janice Troutman Sherry Troutman Angela Tucker Lynn Tucker Dana Turner Philip Turner Jimmy Underwood Bill Vanhoy Adelaide Verble Donna Voltz Ellen Wade Buddy Wagoner Pat Wall Anita Wallace Frank Wallace Carolyn Walters Pat Walters Donna Ward Betty Jean Warner Bill Warren Robert Watkins Janet Watson 218 Rising Seniors Sharon Watts Lisa Weaver Richard Webb Judy Weber Gary Webler Carol Wedel Patty Weisenberger Becky Wensil Eddie Wentz Mac Westbrook Candy White Shaye Whitehurst David Whitley Eddie Williams Melanie Williams Steve Williams Tommy Williams Laura Willis Ann Wilson Sheila Winchester Virginia Winslow Philip Wolfe Beverly Wood Renee Woolwine Peggy Wooten Gary Workman Butch Wright Larry Wright Cindy Wykie Verilie Wyley Frances Yarborough Mike York Bobby Young " Well, I never!” 219 Sophomore Class Officers Leslie Davis, President Charles Kirby, Vice President Cathy Norman, Secretary 220 Robbie Isenhour, Treasurer Roger Abbott Dianne Adams Mary Adams Mike Adams Melody Adore Larry Airey John Alden Ricky Aldridge Debby Alexander Rose Alexander Eddie Allen Pat Almond Elaine Anderson John Archibald Mickey Armeen Charles Armstrong Debbie Armstrong Denise Arndt Ronnie Arrowood Susan Artz Joan Atkins Donna Austin Kathy Austin Denise Bacot Pat Bag ley Joey Bagwell Pat Bailey Barry Baker Gloria Baker Larry Baker Robert Baker Terry Baker Lynne Baldwin Donna Balog Johnnie Banks Mike Barefoot Lois Barey Betty Barnes Cynthia Barnes Pam Barnes Becky Barnette Karen Barnette Bill Barrett Joyce Bass Jimmy Bates Robert Baucom Steven Baucom Pam Beason Johnny Beaty Vickie Beaver Charles Belding Greg Belk Charlene Bell Connie Bell 221 Sophomores number more than 750 Mike Bell Wendy Bell Roger Belton Sherry Benell Jerry Benson Robert Benson Joseph Bentley Ricky Berrier Carolyn Berry Henry Bigham Paul Bigham Kay Bishop Brice Black Cathy Black Kathy Black Ray Black Charlotte Blackman Sammy Blackman " They sure use big words! " " Another day without eating lunch!” Terry Blackman Ricky Blake Billy Blakely William Blalock Curtis Blount Jesse Blount Carol Bloxham Kenneth Blue Roxanne Blume Ray Boardman Frank Boggs Mackey Bolton 222 Sophomores begin high school life Eugene Booker Joe Bookout Janice Borst Frankie Bost Barney Boswell James Boulware Jerri Bousman Marchelle Bowers David Bowman David Boyles Lacy Boyles Larry Boyles Paula Boyles Terry Boyles Pat Bradsher Cathey Brandon Allen Branum Sammy Brickey Chris Bridges Jackie Bridges Freida Brigman Rachel Brigman Deanee Brinkley Randy Broadnox Scott Broadway Marcia Brooks Danny Broome Jackie Broome Cathee Brown Cheryl Brown Darlene Brown Harvey Brown Mike Brown Steve Brown Rusty Bryant Wanda Bryant Joy Buchanan Gilbert Buckley Edna Mae Buford Vicki Bullock Pat Buraglio Sam Burchfield Cathy Burgess Johnny Burkhead Charlene Burnette Sheila Burnette Steve Burnette Nancy Burnham 223 Oi tRNIGHI BOOKS niic nv Anu " I should have read all night.” " Sugar lips” Rebekah Bushnell Danny Byrd Vicki Byrd Clifford By rum William Byrum Teresa Call Pat Callahan Karel Campbell Susan Campbell Gay Canaday Joe Canaday Michael Canady Buddy Canup Cora Canup Chris Carlisle Katy Carlisle Angela Carnes Bob Carriker Neil Carroll Kathy Carson Pam Cawthorn Virginia Chambers Gayle Chance Paul Chavis Paul Cherry George Childers Ken Christenbury Gary Clark John Clement Lois Coble Cinda Cochran Susan Cochrane Sheryl Cochrell Grady Cole Robert Coleman Jay Collins 224 School spirit instilled in Sophomores Joyce Collins Pam Conder Diane Conley Mike Connell Pam Connell David Cook Doug Cook John Cook Karen Cook Susan Cook John Costin Mike Cothern Don Coulter Mike Cowan Bobby Cox George Cox Lonnie Cox Debbie Coyne Carole Craft Adrianne Crawford Carwell Crawford Marion Crawford Bob Creed Michael Crowell Mike Crowell Diane Crump Janis Crump Mary Crump Vivian Cunningham Debbie Cupit Beverly Curlee Dickie Cuthbertson Sylvia Dameron Lynda Danner Robert Dasher Ricky Davidson Gail Davis Leslie Davis Libby Davis Richard Davis Robert Davis Sylvester Davis Wayne Davis Diane Deal Phil Deaton Teresa Deese Clarice Dixon Freddie Doby Going . .. Going . . . Gone! GaeLynn Dodd Tere Dooley Sylvia Dove Kathy Dowdle Pat Downey Teresa Downing Vicki Draper Kay Duckworth Ken Duffell Jamie Dugger Johnny Duncan Craig Dunlap Nick Economos David Edenburg Robert Edenburn Vicki Edmonds Brenda Edwards Patricia Edwards Roger Edwards Mike Ellis Eddie Elmore Phil Estridge Rodney Evans Pam Everhart Nancy Ewart Patricia Faircloth Amy Falk Shirley Falkner Ken Farrar Sonny Feaster Nancy Feimster Carolyn Ferguson Joyce Ferguson Judy Ferrell Lynda Ferris Doug Fink 226 Robert Fisher Jenny Fitch Gary Fite Pam Fitzgerald Cathy Fleming Sheila Flowe Sibyl Flowe James Ford Jeffrey Fore Sylvia Fore Dean Foster Debra Foste r Don Foster Donna Foster Robert Foster Gloria Fowler Joanne Fowler Danny Fraley Patty Francisco Patricia Franklin Durand Freeman Mary Freeman Burne Fullerton Beejie Funderburke Mike Furr Barbara Gallion Vanessa Gallman Kenneth Ganus Linda Garmon David Gathings Donna Geer Butch Gemin David Giancarlo Susan Gilbert Anne Godfrey Debbie Golf Geraldine Goode Amy Gordon Doug Gordon Ralph Gordon Karen Graham Myra Graves Mamie Green Joel Greene Larry Greene Mike Greth Robert Greth Cathy Griffin Ricky Grimes Deborah Grundman Denise Guin John Hackay Paul Hamilton Joe Hamrick 227 “That Wind-blown Look " 1 i X m Carol Hancock Bobby Hand Karen Hankins Donald Hardin Mike Harding Harold Hargett Jerry Harkey Robin Harkey David Harman Billie Harris Libbie Harris Myra Harris Willie Harris Charles Harrell Michael Harrison Donna Hart Hope Hathcock Kathie Hawkins Brenda Haywood Marvin Heatherley Kim Hedrick Eddie Hefner Nina Hegler Barbara Heine Debbie Helms Diane Helms Johnny Helms Leonard Helms Ralph Helms Mike Helson Dinah Henderson Rebecca Henson Carolyn Hesterberg Melanie Hilder Gene Hill Kathy Hill Rob Hill Lane Hilliard Chris Hinson Danny Hinson Debra Hinson Mildred Hinson 228 Joann Hiser Allan Hodge Beth Hodge Sheila Hodge Bonnie Hodges Becky Hoffman Susan Hoffman Shirley Hoglen Pam Hoke David Holbrook JoAnn Holcomb Robin Hollingsworth Thomas Holman Wanda Honeycutt Nancy Hooper Perrie Hoover Debbie Horne Donald Horne Kathy Horne Steve Horton Kathy Houser Becky Howard Donna Howard Faye Howard J. W. Howard Hattie Howie John Hucks Cecil Huffstetler Stormy Hughes Chuck Hughston Cindy Hunt Victoria Huntley Mary Alice Huss Jamie Hutto Terri Impson Vinson Ingram " I finally passed a test! " Fish-eye View 229 “Should I risk eating it? " Robbie Isenhour Jeff I vaster Barbara Jackson Butch Jackson Carol Jackson Jane Jacobs Mike Jarrell Nancy Jarvis Johnny Jefferson Sylvia Jett Virginia Johns Cathy Johnson Helen Johnson Jane Johnson Mike Johnson Richard Johnson Carol Louise Jones Jeanie Jones Randy Jones Steve Jones Jenny Jordan Jack Joyce Richard Kalista Rhonda Kanipe Tony Kanipe Debbie Keller Charlotte Kelly Johnny Kelly Susan Kemp Randy Kerrick Pamela Keziah Don Killian Mary Beth Kimmons Vanessa Kinard Johnny Kincaid Larry Kincaid 230 Sophomores participate in club activities Rita Kincaid Joe King Johnnie King Tommy King Charlie Kirby Doug Kirby Mike Kirkland Randy Kirkley Skip Kirkley Bobby Kiser Howard Kiser Jerry Kiser Kathy Kiser Randy Kissiah Gary Kistler Lonnie Kitchen Ricky Knighton Fred Knox Karl Koehler Dali Kotel Mecia Koutroulias Mary Kuppers Mary Lambert Tim Lampley Janice Lamonds Jo Lowrence Suzanne Lawter Ken Leach Mike Leber Marshall Ledbetter David Lee Mullis Lee Olivia Lee Patricia Lee Byron LeJune Tommy Liles David Lineberger Jerry Linker Carol Little Steve Little William Little Sharon Lock SandiLogan Howard Long James Long Robert Lotharp Elaine Love Jamie Love 231 Rebecca Lowery Brenda Lowrance Kathy Lupsity Becky Lyles Deborah Lyles Patrick Lynch Jo Anne McAndrews Johnny McBride Calvin McCall Kathy McCall Denise McConahey Betty McDermott Dian McDougald Eddie McDougald Shelley McEntire Barbara McGinn Billy McGinn Eddie McGinnis Kathy McGrath Marshall McGwinn Marie Mcliwaine Virginia Mcliwaire Karen McIntyre Sheri Mclver Roger McKay Cindy McKee Janet McKee Mary McKenzie Barry McKillop Cathy McLamb Linda McLaughlin Richard McLaughlin Richard McLean Danny McMillian Doug McRae Christine McWhirter Jack Mabry David Madlin Lola Mahatha Wanda Mallard Cathy Mangum Glenn Mangum Norma Mann Cindy Manship Marilyn Marks Connie Martin Ronnie Matthews Patti Mauidwin Janice Mauldin Keith Mauney Angie May Patricia Meaders Barbara Medford Ronnie Meek 232 Sophomores learn a routine Danny Meier Peggy Melson Junior Melton Robin Merritt Clarence Miller Debbie Miller Denise Miller Phyllis Miller Donne Mills Le Mills Mac Mills Becky Mirly Cynthia Mitchell Kevin Mitchell Steve Monroe Sylvia Moody Chester Moore Darline Moore David Moore Lynne Moore Al Morend Kay Morgan Susan Morgan Mike Morrett Danny Morris Jane Morris Cindy Morrison Freida Morrison Joann Morrison Tommy Morrison Janet Morrissette Deede Moser Don Moyer Dean Mullis Joyce Mullis Tommy Mullis Jerry Munger Evelyn Murr Sally Murr Donald Nance Rhonda Nealy Ginger Nelson John Norkett Kathy Norman Larry Norman Dennis Norton Norman Nowlan Kathy Oakley 233 Kerry Olive Patricia Osborne Bill Outley Cathy Outz Debbie Overcash Sherry Owensby Blaina Oxidine Freddie Pace Bill Parks Cynthia Parrish Billy Parsley David Passaly Lori Patton Steve Pendleton Dean Pepper Gayle Perdue Janet Pethel Nancy Pettigrew Johnny Petty Beverly Pfifer Donna Pharr Curtis Phifer Avery Phillips Betty Phillips Vernon Piehl Barbara Pierce Brenda Pierce Nancy Pierce Tevis Pinkerton Mike Polly Bonnie Poison Glen Poole Teddy Poole Teresa Pope Richard Porter Steve Porter Cynthia Poteat Bill Powell Teddy Preslar Joe Pressley Mike Primm June Prince Rebecca Prince Virginia Pritchard Debbie Privett Kenneth Privette Van Purser James Putnam Susan Query Ramona Quinn Tina Quinn Carolyn Ramsey Margaret Ratchford Yelda Ratclifte 234 Susan Ray Dale Rayfield Karen Raynes Patricia Reeves Pat Renaud Shirley Reynolds Wayne Reynolds Pamela Rhodes Bill Riddle David Riddle Yvonne Ritch Pam Ritchie Donald Rivers Leon Rivers Kathy Roach Monty Robbins Neal Robbins Donnie Robinson Gary Robinson Linda Robinson Mike Robinson Robin Rogers Connie Roland Pat Ross Glenn Roth Gwen Rowell Francis Royal Becky Royce George Rudisell Donnie Russell Frenda Sanders Carolyn Sanford Mark Sanger Lora Satterfield Carol Satterwhite Beth Savage 235 Randy Scercy James Schlie Bruce Scofield Johnny Schoolfield Cara Scruggs Dolores Scruggs Mike Scruggs Linda Seaford Charles Sessions Charles Shaw Pam Sherrill Tim Shirhall Pam Shirley Stan Shooter Jean Short Marshall Short Martha Shuford Mike Silver James Simmons Gloria Simms Beth Simpson Linda Simpson Susan Skidmore Mike Sloop Connie Sloope Steve Smart Cindy Smith Donna Smith Donnie Smith Hop e Smith Jim Smith Kenny Smith Mike Smith Rose Ann Smith Vickie Smith Karen Snider Richard Sparrow Sharon Spielman Dianne Stallings Jerry Stallings Claude Stapleton Bill Stavrakas Sherie Stegall Allida Stephens David Stephens Sophomores await Junior year Steve Stevens Mary Stogner Debbie Stong Brenda Strader Yvonne Staugh Smitty Streetman Jackie Strickland Bobby Stricklen Bonnie Strong Don Stroud Ladaria Stuart Paulette Suddreth Deborah Sutherland Jim Sweet Debbie Swinson Debbie Tankersley Francine Taylor John Taylor Mattie Taylor Randy Taylor Jess Tennent Landis Tew Patricia Thames Bobby Thomas Gerald Thomas Greg Thomas Mike Thomas Ronnie Thomas Theresa Thomas Wanda Thomas Joe Thompson Rick Thompson Skiddie Thompson Willie Thompson Ronnie Thorne Bruce Tillman Jeannine Tillman Sybil Tipton Mary Toldon Deborah Tolleson Teena Topp Jody Torrence Bobbie Triplett Jimmy Triplett Marius Tripp Gail Truslow Alan Tucker Jimmy Tucker 237 ‘‘I’ll never learn this in two minutes.” Susan Tucker Doug Turner Linda Turner Debbie Tuttle Sammy Umbarger Cathy Upright David Upton Kay Vanderburg Amy Varney Ricky Vido John Vincent Vanessa Waites Donnie Waldoch Keith Walker Wally Walker John Walsh Rickie Walters Susan Ward Joan Warren Phillip Warren Ray Warren Roy Watts Patty Wedel Tammy Wells Pat Welsome Clayton Wheeler Jeff White Phyllis White Ricky White Tommy White Jacqueline Whitley Brent Whitlow Frances Wiley Penny Wilkerson Cathey Wilkinson Chuck Willes 238 David Williams Gloria Williams Ken Williams Pat Williams Peggy Williams Wilson Williams Monty Willis Sophilia Willis Bill Wilson Edison Wilson Larry Wilson Richard Wilson Sherry Wilson Donn Windt Harry Wolfe Kevin Wood Lydia Wood Karen Woolwine Mov Wright Gwen Wyatt Freddie Wyndham Cynthia Yandle Ginger Yates Billy Young Gayle Zuk 239 Class Advisors Mrs. Jeanne Fitzsimmons-Senior The class advisors are teachers chosen by each class’s officers to help them in all the activities throughout the year. Each advisor has consented to add to their regu¬ lar duties those of coordinating all the committees of each class acti¬ vity. Mrs. Catherine Sanders and Mrs. Geraldine Rogers-Junior Miss Philecta Reinhardt-Sophomore 240 ' UT Coaching: hard work - little credit Though coaches are always ex¬ pected to have winning seasons, this not always happens. Each year a different sport seems to be out¬ standing -and maybe that’s the way it should be. What ever the outcome, coaches should be re¬ spected for the long hours they spend planning, and they should remember that true Wildcats re¬ spect them for a hard fought loss as well as a victory. And when a coach stands up for his team, even to the Athletic Board, he becomes admired as well as respected, and when players and coaches work together for real teamwork, the re¬ sults are memorable. G.H.S. Coaches, we salute YOU — For a job well done! 241 “A time to love, and a time to hate; A time of war and a time of peace .. 242 »ll« WB , W] t J!Ij ;• «ji I J!51 ; i III 5 II 31 II II I 3« II II II 11 I I U I I 3 11 11 ] 31311111111 IIIIIIIIIII Him III! IIIIIIIIII 13 IIIIII 11 IIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIII IIIIII II11 Elilllll _ IB 1 TD 1 244 MORNINGSIDE BARBER SHOP 2311 Central Avenue Charlotte, N.C. Phone 332-8958 the (BWudjCUif CAFETERIA AMITY GARDENS SHOPPING CENTER Independence Boulevard, East CHARLOTTE, N. C. KING S DRUG STORE 3038 EASTWAY DRIVE CHARLOTTE, N.C. PHONE - 537-4212 SHAMROCK FABRICS 1417 Eastway Drive 537-6546 Look smart, be smart—shop at SHAMROCK FABRICS SHOP 245 COMPLIMENTS OF BOROUGH-LINCOLN MERCURY VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION 5201 E. Independence Blvd. Phone 536-6020 LITTLE ITALY RESTAURANT If » ♦ K- FINE ITALIAN AND AMERCIAN CUISINE )f ♦ )f 4- f- Call for Carryout Service 2221 CENTRAL AVENUE Dial 375-1625 ITAUAN AMERICAN CgiSINE PIZZA ( S PAG H ETT VEALS r SCALLOPINL. IhiCKEN A lA ' ■:ACClATORA|r CHICKEN Compliments of HUNTLErS ESSO 3721 CENTRAL AVENUE CHARLOTTE, N.C. PHONE - 537-4183 McEWEN FUNERAL SERVICE 727 E. Morehead CHARLOTTE 3, N.C. Phone ED 4-6421 FEED-SEED - FERTILIZER JIM BUDDY FAULK BROTHERS HARDWARE, INC. 5744 North Tryon Street Charlotte, N.C. Business Home 596-0369 596-4397 596-1086 HOME - FARM - RESIDENTIAL NEEDS 246 ATTENTION! Professor Bates knows all. fiwu SHOP unm ALL ATHLETES WELCOME COMPLIMENTS OF THE PLAZA MEN’S STORE, INC. Jp.SHAMROCJ l 3029 THE PLAZA RD. PHONE ED 3-0168 CHARLOnE.N.C. 1500 Central Ave. Open 8 am - 10 pm 3732 Coliseum Shopping Center Daily and Sunday HOLYBURTON’S CLEANERS DISCOUNT RECORDS Coliseum Shopping Center Quality Cleaning at Reasonable Prices 3705 East Independence Blvd. Complete Laundry Service Phone 537-0957 2919 Shamrock Dr. Phone 537-9061 RUSS WISE BARBER SHOP 2123 Shamrock Drive Hours 9-6 Mon.-Fri. Sat. 8-4 247 to the graduating class RESTAURANT Chinese and American Cuisine Open Every Day 2100 E. Independence Blvd. Telephone Charlotte, N.C. 28205 (704) 332-2238 “Near the Coliseum” COMPLIMENTS OF J. D. WHITESIDES WHOLESALE GROCERY 2425 South Boulevard Phone 523-4094 Compliments of KALE-LAWING CO. 217 South Tryon St. Charlotte, N.C. Phone - 377-2641 w Compliments of SUGAR CREEK GULF 516 Sugar Creek Road W. Charlotte, N.C. Phone - 596-5445 248 You watch the door while I open the safe. DRY CLEANING MAR’VEL CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 5542 N. Tryon — 596-5441 Now 2 Locations: 6451 Derita Rd. — 596-3237 128 N. Tryon 3730 E.,Independence Blvd. “Satisfaction is our motto” 249 Carolina ' s Largest Dealer Opposite the Courthouse Chevrolet Headquarters Since 1925 250 LEX MOSER’S ARMY-MARINE STORE 5217 N. Tryon St. Best Work Pants in Town for 75c. Phone 596-4583 Compliments of STANDARD PLUMBING HEATING, INC. “Repairs are our specialty” “Serving Charlotte Since 1927” 2115 Globe Court Phones — 537-0369 537-0289 NORTH CHARLOTTE PHARMACY Phone 332-5470 3201 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, N.C. Free Delivery Service BILL BECK PONTIAC MERCEDES-BENZ 5141 E. Independence Blvd. Phone 536-1234 Charlotte, N.C. “Try our Jamesburger Sandwich” DIAMOND RESTAURANT 1901 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, N.C. “Home Cooked Meals” Phone 332-9568 for take out orders. Who me? ! I don’t want it. 251 COMPLIMENTS OF MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC. BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS oooeoc r Accredited Placements Incorporated 1104 AMERICAN BLDG. 201 South Tryon 375-9818 Your Future IS Our Business oeoeeoeeori i 252 BILL BYRUM 377-3685 JEAN BYRUM Byrum’s Florist -UP PLAZA NORTHEAST PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Compliments of HUTCHINSON AVENUE BARBER SHOP 2036 North Graham Street Charlotte, N.C. Phone 376-6269 “The Place For Snips Cuts” Gordo’s American Service 3129 The Plaza TUNE-UP - BRAKES f-REE PICK-UP dr DEl-IVERY INSPECTION station pH 332-9223 CHARLOTTE N C. 253 ' if) F0A r 4C FRANK WOOD S PONTIAC “Serving Charlotte for 34 years” 522 S. Tryon St. 372-1200 AMITY FUEL OIL CO. 5124 Central Avenue Charlotte, N.C. Phone 537-9927 Ward Walden, Mgr. C) LLOYD’S OF CHARLOTTE ' d HAIRCUTS OF ALL KINDS 2854 THE PLAZA Alone with Playboy at last! COMPLIMENTS OF SHONEY’S RESTAURANT 3700 E. Independence Blvd. Phone 536-0716 " HOME OF THE BIG BOY” 254 Roelgcrs lOuiltlers, Inc. 1 5135 Central Avenue Cont! actors Charlotte, N. C. 28205 1 Efig ueers Telephone 537 - 604-1 1 WINDSOR BEAUTY SALON 3025 Kilborne Dr. Coloring . Cold Waves . Cutting . Shaping Manicuring . Professional Hair Styling Phone 537-7116 ROY ' S JEWELERS 4425 The Plaza Charlotte, N.C. Phone - 377-2819 HERRIN BROS. GULF FUEL OILS KEROSENE COAL-ICE for year-round service 315 East 36th Street to suit the season 332-2193 Compliments of The Auditorium-Coliseum EASTWAY CLEANERS H. B. Cash, Mgr. 3701 Central A venue KE 7-4848 " Drive-In Window " Compliments of PIEDMONT FABRICS 4880 Silabert Ave. Charlotte, N.C. Phone — 255 COLONIAL MOBILE HOMES 0 SOUTH’S LARGEST AND MOST DEPENDABLE DEALER 5800 N. TRYON CHARLOTTE. N.C. PHONE 596-0156 QUALITY - INTEGRITY - SERVICE 256 PARKER’S FISH CAMP “All you can eat” 3026 Eastway Shopping Center Phone 537-5931 Compliments of TROUTMAN (£s SERVICENTER 1431 East Independence Blvd. Phone 375-2926 Independence at the Plaza " Open 24 Hours” ANNE WILKINSON’S FLOWERS Cotswold Shopping Center Complete Florist Service Phone 366-7872 375-2228 MARBLITE PRODUCTS COMPANY Licensed PolyKrystalon AAanufacturer 2920 Gibbon Road. 596-5714 CHARLOHE, NORTH CAROLINA 28213 Owners W. C. Faulkenberry G. E. Rudisill “For all your marble needs” 257 Compliments of COCHRANE FABRIC SHOP 5703 North Tryon St. Charlotte, N.C. Phone — 596-4923 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’69 FROM YOUTH SHOE CENTER “From tots to teens” 4425 The Plaza NORTH EAST SHOPPING CENTER Charlotte, N.C. Phone 377-4243 4 laps, you gotta be kidding! COMPLIMENTS OF SHAMROCK BARBER SHOP Equipped with Clipper Vacuum 1407 Eastway Dr. Compliments of PNEUMAFIL CORPORATION 2516 Wilkinson Boulevard CHARLOTTE, N. C. 258 WC WILL SQL ' fOUR HOME 372 6300 FOR FAST CFFICIFNT SERVIOT COMPLIMENTS OF EAGLES STORES Tryon Mall Shopping Center Phone 596-7168 Compliments of NORTH 29 MOBILE HOME SALES, INC. 5707 North Tryon St. Phone — 596-6311 JONES’ PLAZA 66 6000 THE PLAZA CHARLOHE, N.C. PHONE - 537-9848 LEONARD JONES, Owner 259 choose your campus look from our BIG 3 • THE SAXON SHOP • THE JUNIOR WORLD • THE CORNER CUPBOARD BELK, DOWNTOWN CHARLOTTE SUPER MARKETS, me. 260 loO TO THE CLASS OF 1969 GARINGER HIGH SCHOOL THANK YOU THE HERFF JONES COMPANY IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO MANUFACTURE YOUR CLASS RINGS. REPRESENTATIVES E. L. HEDRICK DEVON W. SMITH TAYLORSVILLE. N. C. Best Wishes From EASTWAY-PLAZA DRUGS 4427 The Plaza Phone - 333-0388 FATHER AND SON SHOES " A step ahead in style” 4500 Tryon Mall Phone 596-9806 261 RUTH’S FASHION SHOPPE 2 Locations; Eastway Shopping Center 537-2964 Pinville Rd. K-Mart Shopping Center 523-1740 “The woman’s every need " - WEDDINGS - FUNERALS - CORSAGES CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS GRACE’S FLORIST 4426 NORTH HAVEN DRIVE - CHARLOTTE, N.C. Phones 596-5332 GRACE S. PENNINGER Nights 596-2758 375-6939 JOE ' S BARBER SHOP 3114 N. Davidson St. Joe Crowell Shoe Shine W. E. Hoffman O. F. Wagstaff Charlotte, N.C. COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS OF 1969 Good Luck Seniors! SKRvic h s ST -SATISFACTION ALWAYS PRINTING SINCE 1869 SERVICE and SATISFACTION meld together to form a powerful visurl unity. We at KEYS take pride in the facilities in depth we make available to our patrons in putting into print the per¬ sonality of their product. KEYS PRINTING CORPORATION 311 E. McBee Greenville, S. C. 262 Editor-in-chief Karen Kirby Business Manager Shaye Cashion Advisor Miss Sarah Wallace Faculty Donna Glickert, editor Teresa Brown Features Susan Burt Activities Beth Draddy, editor Vicki Whitesides, editor Seniors Donna Hipps, editor Mindy Gantt Juniors Mary Helen Shaia Sophomores Susan Perry, editor Melinda Buchanan Ads Keith Baker, editor Jerry Whitlock Herman Patterson Layouts Wendy Winchester, editor Jay Wise, editor ■ i Sports Directory Index Lane Stephens, editor Pam Price Anne McGerrigle 1 ’ Jay Wise, editor Carol Losh Susan Satterwhite 263 Faculty Directory Mr. Edward Sanders Furman University, B.A., M.A. Principal Mr. Alton Glenn Widenhouse, Jr. Appalachian State College, B.A. Assistant Principal Miss Marian Reed Duke University, B.A. Syracuse University, M.A. Assistant Principal Miss Nancy Niell Abell Winthrop College, B.S. Director of Students Activities Advisor to Student Council Bookkeeping Mrs. JoAnn Bell University of Illinois Graduate Work at UNC-C Counselors’ Secretary Miss Betty Gertrude Cunningham Secretary Mrs. Emily Frazer Kuykendall Queens College, A.B. Treasurer Mrs. Katherine M. Peeler Registrar Mr. James Taylor Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Ruby Wrede Manager of Cafeteria Mr. James Addison UNC-CH, A.B. Graduate work at UNC-C Driver Education, Football Coach Mr. Ronald Gene Aldridge Mars Hill College, B.A. University of Dijon U.S. History, World Geography Mr. Ray Lewis Alston Appalachian State University, B.S., M.A., Special Education Chairman-Door Committee Jr.-Sr. Mr. Charles P. Auten Gardner Webb Jr. College, A.A. Wake Forest College, B.A, Graduate work UNC-CH Driver Education Mr. Gilbert S. Ballance UNC-CH, A.B., M.Ed. Northwestern University, Wake Forest University, Broadcasting, Speech, Supervisor of Broadcasting Miss Mary Balle Winthrop College, B.A. New York University, M.S. Middlebury College, M.A. English III, IV Miss Inez Bankett Catawba College, A.B,, UNC-G M. Ed., N.C.S.U., UNC-CH Queens College Counselor Mr. M. Donald Belk N. C.S.U., B.S., N.C.S.U., B.S. Industrial Art, Electronics I, II Electronics Chapter, Industrial Clubs of America Mrs. Virginia K. Boyd Elon College, A.B. Home Economics II Mr. Wayne L. Bradshaw Stout State University, B.S. Wood Work I, Cabinet Making Miss Leonora Ethel Broughton Winthrop College, B.A., M.A. English IV, II Mrs. Nancy Purser Burgess Winthrop College, B.S. UNC-C C.D.E. LC.D.E. II Distributive Education Clubs of Garinger Advisor Mrs. Ruby Caldwell UNC-G, A.B., UNC-CH English II. Ill FTA Advisor Mr. Dan Steven Camp Appalachian State Univ. B.S. World History Advisor Debate Club Mrs. JoAnn T. Carpenter Catawba C ollege, A.B. English II, Journalism Advisor to Rambler Siaif Mrs. Mary M. Cathy Queens College, A.B. N.C.S.U. UNC-CH, UNC-G, M.A. Biology I, II Chairman Science Department Mr. R. E. Cummings, Jr. Appalachian State College, B.S. Duke University, UNC, M.A. Biology I, Head Football Coach Monogram Club Advisor Track Coach Mrs. Shirley M. Deal Mars Hill College, A.A. Pfeiffer College, B.S. UNC-CH D.E. 1,11 Distributive Education Clubs of Garinger Mrs. Sara M. DeBerry Limestone College, B.S. UNC-CH, UNC-C, Clemson Univ. General Math I, II, Algebra II Mrs. Faye B. Deese Concord College, B.S. Marshall University, M.A. English II, IV Head of English Department Mr. Brumit Belton Delanie Johnson C. Smith Univ., B.A. New York University, M.A. Driver Education Mr. James William Dixon Pfeifer College, B.S. UNC, M.Ed, Biology I Mr. Robert Owen Doster Qhio State Univ., B.S., M.A. UNC-CH, N.C.S.U., ICT I, II Industrial Club of Garinger Mr. James A. Edwards, Jr. Duke University, A.B. U.S. History, World Geography Assistant Baseball Coach Swimming Coach Mrs. Darla C. Ellison Queens College, A.B. N.C.S.U. General Math I, II Algebra I, II Mrs. Jeanne Knapp Fitzsimmons Florida State University, B.A. William and Mary College Queens College, UNC-C English III, IV Senior Class Advisor Mrs. Catherine C. Fischer Pfeiffer College, A.B. German I, English II Mrs. Mary Dunham Fort University of Illinois, UNC-G, A.B., M.A., UNC-CH Reading Improvement Red Cross Advisor Mrs. Peggy Bedsol Gandy Queens College, A.B. World History, English III Mrs. Benton Walter Gardner Meredith College, A.B. Algebra II, Gen. Math I, II Advisor to Y-teens Mrs. Elizabeth Furr Garner Appalachian State College, B.S. Librarian Audio Visual Coordinator Mrs. Karen M. Gibson Florida State University, B.S. English II. Ill Mr. Elmer Eugene Gilleland N.C.S.U., Appalachian State College, B.S. Boy’s Phys. Ed., Football and Wrestling Coach Mr. Robert E. Godwin Univ. of N.C., B.A., M.Ed. Biology I Football and Golf Coach Mr. Richard B. Gregory Appalachian State College , B.S., M.A. Bookkeeping I, Business Math General Office Practice Key Club Advisor Mrs. Sabra E. Griffin Winthrop College, B.S. 264 Queens College, UNC-C Data Processing, Typing II Mrs. Grace M. Hall Glennville State College, A.B. Marshall University, M.A. West Virginia Univ., Emery Univ. English IV, II Mrs. Shirley J. Hamilton Coker College, A.B., USC Univ. of Georgia, UNC. General Math I, II, Geometry Business Manager, Willow Tree. Miss Susanne Haney UNC-G, A.B., UNC-C English IV Advisor to GGS Miss Margaret Kay Harris Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. English III, Drama I, II Director, Garingertown Players Mrs. Frances Ramsey Hawn UNC-G, A.B. World History Advisor to Centrusa Mrs. Shirley H. Heinbaugh Ohio University, A.B. Western Reserve University Latin I,II,III,IV Spanish I Latin Club Advisor Mr. Warren S. Hicks, Jr. Wake Forrest, B.S. Boy’s Physical Education Mrs. Martha G. Hipps UNC-G, B.S., Typing I,Shorthand I Business English Mrs. Helen G. Hollingsworth Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. Winthrop College, M.A. Librarian Mr. Harold A. Hood Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. UNC-CH, M.Ed. Special Education, 10th Grade Advisor to Interact Club Mrs. Elizabeth 0. Howie Converse College, A.B. Spanish I, II Advisor to Spanish Club Miss Evelyn Joyce Hunter Pfeiffer College, B.S. Girl’s Physical Education Mrs. Flora S. Huntley University of New Zealand, B.A. Winthrop College, M.A. U.S. History, English History Sociology Mr. Fredrick Lee Ingold, Jr. UNC, A.B., M.A.T, Current Affairs, World History Assistant Principal - Semester II Mrs. Kelly R. Jones High Point College, A.B. Girl’s Physical Education Mr. John W. Kemper Fairmont State College Burton Institute, Central Piedmont Community College Casey Jones School of Aeronautics Mechanical Drawing II, Technical Drafting I, II Machine Shop, Advisor VICA Miss Wilma Lillian King UNC-G, B.F.A., M.F.A. New York University, Univ. of California-Berkley University of Tennessee, UNC-C Art 1,11,111, Drawing and Painting, Art for Willow Tree Mrs. Gretta W. Kistler Greensboro College, A.B. Winthrop College, M.A., Duke University, UNC Counselor National Honor Society Advisor Mrs. Louise Smart Lackey John B. Stetson Univ., B.S. UNC-C, UNC-G, N.C.S.U. Cooperative Office Occupations C.O.O. Club Advisor Miss Linda Fay Lennon UNC-G, UNC-CH, B.S. Chemistry I, Physics Advisor to Medicats Mrs. Georgia Ruth Lewis East Tennessee State, B.S. New York Univ., Western Caro. University World History, World Peace Contest Mrs. Betty H. Lowery UNC-G, B.S.S.A. Queens College, A.S.T.C. Business Law, Typing I Mr. Henry Lee Madden, Sr. Furman University, B.A. Emory University American History Athletics Director Mrs. Kathleen Helms Madden Queens College, A.B. General Math I, Algebra I, II Advisor to Cheerleaders Mr. Robert L. Maddox North Texas State University B.A., M.M.E., UNC-C, New York University, Symphonic Band and Orchestra, Marching Band, Concert Band Advisor to Marching Band Mrs. Rosa Means North Carolina College at Durham, B.A. University of Lille University of Poitiers French I, III Co-advisor to French Club Miss Patricia Ann McGee Appalachian State College B.S. Physical Education Mrs. Jeanne Elliot McKinnon Erskine College, A.B. UNC-C, M.Ed. University of Chicago, Univ. of Oregon, M.A. Mathematics Sponsor, Ring Committee Mr. Charles O. McMullan East Carolina University, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Pittsburgh University Driver Education Mr. Daniel Brown McNeill University of S.C., B.A. World History Mrs. Penny McNeill Greensboro College, A.B. Spanish I, III Mrs. Margaret F. Palmer UNC-CH, B.A. Spanish I, II, IV Co-advisor Spanish Club Mrs. Rena Cole Parks UNC-G, A.B., M.A. University of Georgia Columbia Univ. Western Caro. World History Chairman of Speech Contests Faculty Flower and Gift Mrs. Sarah K. Parrish Kings Business College Library Secretary Mr. Ernest D. Privette East Tennessee State Univ., B.S. Columbia University, M.A. UNC-C, N.C. State, Appalachian Shorthand I, II, Business English Secretarial Office Practice Garinger Business Leaders Advisor Mr. Jesse Le Von Reich UNC-C, B.A. English II, III Co-advisor to FTA Club Mrs. Juanita P. Reid Hampton Institute, B.S. N.C.S.U,, Atlanta University University of Wisconsin, M.S. Counselor Miss Philecta Reinhardt George Peabody College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. UNC, University of Colorado Davidson College English II, III Faculty Advisor Soph. Class Miss Janet Bruce Robinson Queens College, A.B. Bible I, II Advisor to Religious Activities of Student Government Mr. John P. Robinson Catawba College, A.B. UNC-CH, M.Ed. Biology Assist. J.V. Football Coach Assist. Basketball Coach Mrs. Geraldine D. Rogers Furman University, B.S. Western Carolina University, M.A., UNC-CH Chemistry I, II Junior Class Advisor Miss Frances Salter Ryan Winthrop College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Boy’s Home Economics, Foods, Advanced Foods FHA Advisor 265 Mrs. Catherine Brockman Sanders Furman University, B.S. University of S.C., University of Wyoming, Advanced Math, Algebra II, General Math I Charlotte Junior Music Club Junior Class Advisor Mr. John Winfree Sanders Furman University, B.A., M.A. Converse College, Wofford College, Columbia University Chorus, Girl’s Ensemble, Choir, Sandrettes Mr. George Lippard Sawyer, Jr. Appalachian State Univ., B.S., M.A. Biology I Mr. Karl Summey Sawyer Appalachian State Univ., B.S. M.A., UNC-C, General Math Geometry, National Honor Society Chairman of Math Dept. Mrs. Judith H. Scott Radford College, B.S. World History Mrs. Margaret P. Sims Greensboro College, A.B. Duke University, M.A. UNC-CH, French I, III Mr. Kenneth C. Sinclair Western Kentucky College, B.S., M.A. Mechanical Drawing I Bookstore, State Textbooks Mr. William Wister Smith Furman University, B.S., M.A. UNC-C, M.A.T., Chemistry I Applied Chemistry Mr. Robert M. Staley Printing Miss Betty Jo Steele Meredith College, A.B. General Math I, Algebra I Advisor to Wildcat Club and Adelphians, Advisor for Senior Breakfast Mrs. Jane Garver Sterrett Duke, Univ., B.S., UNC-C, Chemistry I, Applied Physics Chess Club Advisor Miss Delores Helen Tibshrany Winthrop College, B.S. Distributive Education I, Fashion Merchandising Advisor to Dist. Education Club Miss Clara Timmons University of Pittsburgh, B.A., M.Ed. Typing I, Personal Typing Mrs. Joel Gaither Thomas Wesleyan College, A.B. Fashion Merchandising, Dist. Ed. I Mr. Joseph J Tomanchek Elon College, B.A., UNC-CH, MEd. Boy ' Physical Education Head Baseball Coach, Cross Country Coach Mrs. Irene R. Travis Hunter College, B.A., Columbia College, M.A., Winthrop College, UNC-CH, Davidson, English II, III Mrs. Brenda B. turner Appalachian State University, B.S. Computer and Keypunch Mrs. Jon Van Winkle Wellesley College, A.B. Harvard University, M.Ed. World History, Current Affairs Miss Alice Gray Vincent UNC-G, B.A. English III, II Mrs. Klara Davis Vinson Johnson C. Smith University, B.S. Hampton Institute, N.C. College at Durham, S.C. State University General Math I, Geometry, Physical Science Miss Sarah C. Wallace Erskine College, A.B. Duke University, M.Ed. English II, III Snips and Cuts Advisor Under the Williow Tree Advisor Mrs. Emma H. Washington Bennett College B.S. University of Chicago, Hampton Institute,.Biology I Miss Brenda Jean Watts UNC-G, B.A., UNC-CH, University of Chicago Geometry, General Math II Mrs. Jean M. Withers Wake Forest University, A.B. Lenoir Rhyne College Appalachian State College English II, IV Mrs. Eunice Kneece Wolfe Coker College, A.B., UNC, M.A. Ohio State University University of S.C., Western Carolina American History, English III Mr. Ronald P. Wright Gardner-Webb College Western Carolina, B.S. East Carolina Driver Education Football Coach J.V. Basketball Coach Mrs. Imogene T. Younge Spelman College, A.B. New York University, M.A. Pennsylvania University University of Maryland English II, III Mrs. Agnes Green Yoos Berea College, Queens College, B.A. General Math I, Algebra I Geometry Advisor to Red Cross 766 Senior Statistics Class of 1969 CHARLES LINDSAY ABEE Entered 66. German Club 3, JOHNNY KEITH ADAMS Entered 66. Hi-Y 1, 2; Wildcat 3; Office Asst. 2; Gym Asst. 3; Orientation Com. 2, 3; J. V. Basketball 2, 3; Track 2; Football 3. RICHARD THOMAS ADAMS Entered 66. Red Cross 2; Band 1, 2. 3; Drum Major 3. WILLET A. ADAMS Entered 66. D.E. 2, 3. DANIEL GARY ADKINS Entered 66. Garingertown Players 3; J. V. Football 1; J. V. Baseball 1; Football 2; Gym Asst. 2. ROBERT LYNN AINSWORTH Entered 66. Red Cross 1, 2, 3; Garinger¬ town Players 2, 3; Chess Club 1; Finance Com. 3. WILLIAM FRANKLIN ALDEN III Entered 66. Wildcat 3; Points System 2, 3; Gift Com. 3; Bus Driver 2, 3; Chemistry Asst. 3; Football 1,2; Track 1, 2, 3. ANGELA CAROLE ALEXANDER Entered 66. Orchestra 1,2, 3. QUEN FELIX ALEXANDER Entered 66. KIM DOUGLAS ALLEN Entered 66. Snips and Cuts Rep. 1. FREDDY LEE ANDERSON Entered 66. Chess 1, 2, 3; Dance Com. 2, 3; Band 1, 2. 3. ROBERT REID ANDERSON Entered 66. DEBORAH KAY ANSPACH Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; SNIPS AND CUTS Rep. 1; Gym Asst. 2. DOROTHY LEE ARDREY Entered 66. TERESA LEE ARAIL Entered 66. C.0.0. 3; Red Cross 2; Devo¬ tions Com. 3. CYNTHIA JEAN ARNETT Entered 66. F.T.A. 1, 2; Red Cross 2; Ram¬ bler 2; F.H.A. 3; Chorus 1; Sec. 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Choir 3; Library Asst. 2; SNIPS AND CUTS Rep. 1; Girl ' s Softball Team 2. JUDY KAREN ASHE Entered 66. Chess 2, 3; Girls’ Ensemble 1, 2; National Honor Soceity 3. KAY FRANCES ATHEY Entered 66. D.E. 2, 3, V.P. 3; Adelphians 1; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Office Asst. 1; English Asst. 3; District III DECA Sweetheart 3; District III Girl Student of the Year 2; Most Outstanding Girl Student in DECA 2. LINDA FAYE AUGHTRY Entered 66. Wildcat 2, 3; Lettergirl 2. 3; Valentine Court. ROBERT CLYDE BACOT Entered 66. Monogram 2, 3, Pres. 3; Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact 2, 3, Sgt. at Arms; Wildcat 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Elections Com. 3, Ch.; Orientation Com. 3; Baseball 1; J.V. Football 1; Football 2, 3; All-County Foot¬ ball 3; Chief Marshal 2; BEST-ALL- AROUND 3. CREIGHTON ROY BADAME Entered 66. Baseball 1. DORA LEE BAINES Entered 68. STEVE BAISEY Entered 65. VICA3. DANIEL CLARK BAKER Entered 66. ICT3; VICA3. EDDIE BAKER Entered 65. Chorus 2; Choir 2; Band 1, 2 . KEITH HAYES BAKER Entered 66. Honor Society 3. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 1; French 2; J. V. Baseball 2; Marshal 2. SUSAN JANE BAKER Entered 67. Centrusa 3. HR. Sec. 2; Invita¬ tions 2. CYNTHIA DARLENE BALLARD Entered 68. C.0.0. 3. KAREN LANE BAREFOOT Entered 66. Mascot Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Diploma Com. 3. CHARLES THURMAN BARNES Entered 65. RONNIE HUGH BARNES Entered 66. Cross-Country 3. MARGARET ALLENE BARR Entered 66. Invitations Com. 2; Mascot Com. 3; Chorus 3. JEANIE R. BASS Entered 68. DECA 3. LINDA JEAN BASS Entered 66. History Asst. 2; English Asst. 3; Senior Gifts Com. 3, Ch.; Orientation Com. 3. FRANK LEE BATES Entered 66. Key Club 2, 3, Treas. 3; Honor Society 2, 3; HR. V.P. 3; Golf Club 2; Audio-Visual Asst. 3; Marshal 2; HR. Pres 3. SANDY WILSON BEACH Entered 66. DECA 2, 3, Pres. 3. DAVID NEAL BEACHUM Entered 66. Chess 1, 2; Announcement Com. 3; Dues Com. 2; Orientation 3. MARY ELLEN BEAVER Entered 66. RICHARD LEA BELCHER Entered 66. Bus Driver 1, 2; ICT 3; Red Cross 2; Office Asst. 2. JAMES MICHAEL BELL Entered 66. Interact 2, 3; Points Com. 2; Office Asst. 3. ROBERT STEVEN BENSON Entered 66. STAN DAVID BERG Entered 66. Sym. Band 1,2, 3. SARAH LEONE BEST Entered 66. Chorus 2; Choir 3. MARY CATHERINE BIGGERS Entered 66. GBL 2, 3; Orchestra 1; Typing Asst. 3; National Honor Society 3. HAROLD MITCHELL BIGHAM Entered 66. DEBRA LEE BISHOP Entered 66. DECA 3. JOHN RAY BISHOP Entered 66. VICA 3, Treas; ICT. DONALD CRAIG BIZZELL Entered 66. Band 1,2, 3. DEBORAH SUE BLACK Entered 66. HR. Treas. 1; Twirler 2, 3, Head 3; Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3; Beau¬ ty Nominee 3; Centrusa 3. RITA KAY BLACK Entered 66. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2, Pres. 3. TERRY WILLIAM BLACKWELL Entered 66. ROGER ALAN BLADEN Entered 66. Band 1, 2, 3; Bus Driver 2, 3. WILLIAM EMIL BLAKE Entered 66. MARSHA ANN BLANCHARD Entered 66. ANN SHELTON BLANTON Entered 66. Y-teens 1, 2; UNICEF 1; Red Cross 1, 2; Wildcat 2; Dance Com. 2; Re¬ freshment Com. 2; Mascot Com. 3; Office Asst. 1. MIRIAM ELIZABETH BOGGS Entered 66. 267 ROBERT STEPHEN BOLIN Entered 66. VICTORIA SUE BOLTON Entered 66. UNICEF 1; Red Cross 3; Ring Com. 2. WILLIAM REGINALD BONNEVIE Entered 66. Interact 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2; Hi-Y 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3, V.P. 2; Wildcat 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3, Elections Com. 2, Ch., Pres. 3; J.V. Basketball 1; Office Asst. 3; Chemistry Asst. 3; Foreign Ex¬ change Com. 2, 3; Chief Marshal 2. IVEY GWEN BORDERS Entered 66. Red Cross 1; Wildcat Club 3; Elections Com. 3; Choir 3. EVERETTE ALAN BOUCHELLE Entered 66. Cross-Country 1. Student Council 3. NORMA LYNN BOWEN Entered 66. Chorus 2, 3; Typing Asst. 2, 3. MARTHA JEAN BOYD Entered 67. Spanish 3; F.T.A. 2, 3; Mascot Com. 3; Finance Com. 2. SANDRA VIVIAN BRAWLEY Entered 66. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Treas. 3; Gift Com. 3; Office Asst. 3: Gym Asst. 2; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Choir 3. PEGGY DIANE BRIDGES Entered 66. Devotions Chr. 1; Typing Asst. 3. WILLIAM DAVID BROADWAY Entered 66. BARRY WAYNE BROADWELL Entered 66. Key Club 2, 3; Monogram 2, 3; Student Council 3: Football 1, 2. 3; Wrestling 2. MARY ANN BRODGON Entered 66. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 1; Centrusa 2, 3; UNICEF 1, 2, 3; V.P. 2; Ring Com. 2; Invitations 2. CAROLYN FRANCES BROOKS Entered 66. GEORGE PHYLUS BROOKS Entered 66. Band 1, 2, 3; Pres. 3; Swim Team 3; Bus Driver 2; All-State Band 2. LINDA BROOME Entered 66. GEORGE MEIN BROWN Entered 66. JOYCE MARIE BROWN Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Sec. Student Council 3; Choir 2, 3; Orchestra 1. 2; Band 3; GGS 3; Ring Com. 2; Announcement Com. 3. LAVERN ANN BROWN Entered 66. Invitations Com. 2; Chorus 1, 2; Library Ass ' t 2, 3. PAMELA BROWN Entered 66. RONALD LOUIS BROWN Entered 66. Band 1,2,3. MARY SUSAN BURGESS Entered 66. French Club 1. 2, 3; Pres. 3; Debate Club 2, 3; VICA 3: National Honor Society 2, 3; Pianist for Chorus 1; Merit Award Commendation; Invitation Com. 2; Inter-Club Council 3. SYLVIA JEAN BURGESS Entered 67. BECKY ANN BURNETTE Entered 66. BEVERLY CAROL BURNETTE Entered 66. G.B.L. 2, 3; Typing II Award 2; Typing Asst. 2, 3. JOSEPH HERBERT BURNS Entered 65. Red Cross 1; Choir 1, 2. SUSAN ELLA BURT Entered 66. Adelphians 1; F.T.A. 2; Wildcat Club 1, 2, 3; G.G.S. 3; Homeroom Treas. 3; Social Welfare Com. 2; Ring Com. 2; Finance Com. 3; Invitation Com. 2; SNIPS AND CUTS, Editor of feature section 3: Chemistry Asst. 3; National Honor So- ceity 2, 3; Girl ' s Ensemble 2; Chorus 1; Caps and Gowns Com. 3. MacARTHUR BURTON Entered 66. V.I.C.A. 3 FLOYD ALLEN BYRAM Entered 66. CATHEY WEAVER CADIEU Entered 66. JOYCE MARIE CALDWELL Entered 66. UNICEF 1; DECA 3. LINDA JOYCE CALDWELL Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat 2; GGS 2, 3; H R. Sec. 3; H.R. V.P. 1; Caps and Gowns Com. 3; Gym Asst. 3; Marshal 2. LEON CAMPBELL Entered 68. Band 3. PATRICIA ANN CAMPBELL Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat Club 2; GGS 2, 3; H.R. V.P. 1, 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; Elections Com. 3. BETSY WILDER CANNON Entered 66. G.O.P. Asst. 3. SHEILA DIANE CANNON Entered 66. Red Cross 3; Mascot Com. 3. ATRESS WILSON CANUP Entered 66. LOU CARIAS Entered 66. Drama Club, V.P. 2; FTA 2; 268 Debate Club 3; Wildcat Hour 3; H.R. Sec. 1, 2; Ring Com. 2; Governor ' s School 2; English Asst. 2. WILLIAM MARK CARLISLE Entered 65. DE 2, 3; Bus Driver 2, 3; Stu¬ dent Council 1. EUGENE CARROLL Entered 65. Band 1,2, 3. WILLIAM SLOAN CARSON Entered 67. LINDA SHAYE CASHION Entered 66. Adelphians 1, V.P. 1; GGS 1, 2, 3 Sec. 3; Wildcat Club 2, 3; Treas. of Sophomore Class; Sec. of Junior Class; Treas. of Student Council; Chr. of Ways and Means Com. 3; Announcement Com. 3; Ring Com. 2; Gym Asst. 2; SNIPS AND CUTS, Business Manager 3; Interact Sweetheart 3; Homecoming Court 3; Stu¬ dent Council 1,2. SANDRA YVONNE CASNER Entered 68. G.B.L. 3; Diploma Com. 3. NANCY ANNE CAUDLE Entered 66. Adelphians 1; French Club 1; Y-Teens 1; National Honor Society 3; Civi- tian Award Com. 3: Typing Asst. 3. JAMES CLEBURNE CHASTAIN III Entered 66. Commencement Com. 3. JOHN WAYNE CHESSER Entered 66. D.E. 2, 3. ROBERT ALLAN CHILDERS Entered 66. VICA 3; German Club 3, VP 3; Debate 1; Wildcat Hour 3; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 1; Visual Aids Asst. 2. MARISA CHONG Entered 68; National Honor Society 3. JUNG SING CHOW Entered 66. Office Asst. 1; Choir 2, 3, Treas. 2, V.P. 3; History Asst. 3. JAMES RANDOLPH CHRISTENBURY Entered 66. DECA 3; J. V. Football 1. SUZANNE CHRISTENBURY Entered 66. Red Cross 2; Medicats 2; Ori¬ entation Com. 2; Civitan Award Com. 3; Scrapbook Com. 3. GEARY EUGENE CLARK Entered 66. Wildcat Hour 3. PATRICIA DONNA CLARK Entered 66. Girls ' Ensemble 2; Choir 3; Sanderettes 3; Bus Driver 3. LINDA JO CLONTZ Entered 67. GBL 2; C.0.0. 3; Willow Tree HR Rep. 2. JAMES DONALD COCHRAN Entered 66. Monogram 3; Wildcat 2; Bible 3; Student Council 1; Invitations Com. 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 3. DONNA DIANE COLE Entered 66. FTA 2, 3; GGS 2, 3; Rambler 2, 3, Feature Editor; Spanish 3; Wildcat 3, Ch. of the Baseball Com. 3; Willow Tree 3; HR Sec. 2; Student Council 3; Mascot Com. 3; Hist. Asst. 3. CAROLYN ANN COLEMAN Entered 66. Gym Asst. 2. OSCAR GENE COLEMAN III Entered 67. Bus Driver 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 2 . INGER RANDI COLL “NUTTE " Entered 68. Foreign Exchange Student. Centrusa 3; GGS 3; Student Council 3; Honor Society 3. DARRELL RUSSELL COLLINS Entered 66. VICA 3, VP 3; Cross Country 1; Wildcat Hour 3. HOWARD JOSEPH CONLEY Entered 68; VICA 3. ROBIN VANN CONRAD Entered 66. Gift Com. 3; Band 1, 2, 3, Drum Major 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Bus Driver 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; Governor ' s School 2; All- Country Orchestra 3. MIKE COOK Entered 66. Chorus. STAN CORLEY COOK Entered 66; National Honor Society 3. JANET RAE COSTIN Entered 66. Adelphians 1; GGS 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Wildcat 2; Decorations Com. 2; Ways Means Com. 3; Publicity Com. 3; Announcement Com. 3. RAYMOND ROBERT COULTER Entered 66. WILLIAM MARION CRASSONS Entered 66. Key Club 2, 3; Student Council 3; Audio Visual Asst. 3; Ring Com. 2. BRUCE ALLEN CREDE Entered 65. Office Asst. 3. GLORIA JEAN CRENSHAW Entered 66. Orientation Com. 3; Mascot Com. 3; Gym Asst. 3; English Asst. 3. DEBORAH ANN CRISCO Entered 66. Centrusa 3; Decoration Com. 2; Refreshment Com. 2; Wildcat 3; Office Asst. 3. JAMES LAWRENCE CROSS Entered 66. Bus Driver 2; Chorus 3. CHARLES MAX CUDD Entered 66. Debate Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3; Garingertown Players 3. RONNIE THOMAS CULLINGFORD Entered 66. VICA 2, 3. GEORGE MICHAEL CULP Entered 66. DECA 3. JACQUELINE CUNNINGHAM Entered 66. CAROLYN ANN DALTON Entered 66. DONALD THOMAS DAVENPORT Entered 66. Band 1,2, 3; Choir 2, 3. LISA SUZANNE DAVIS Entered 66. Y-teens 1. PHYLLIS ANN DAVIS Entered 66. GBL 3; HR Sec. 2; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 2; Gym Asst. 2; Office Asst. 3. THOMAS EDWARD DAVIS Entered 66. J.V. Football 1; J. V. Basketball 1 . DENNIS WILLIAM DEAL Entered 66. MARIE SUSANNE DEAN Entered 68. French Club 3; German Club 3. TERRY LEE DEASON Entered 66. GBL 3; Typing Asst. 3. BARBARA DESMET Entered 66. Y-teens 1. JAMES R. DIXON Entered 66. Bus Driver 2; Chorus 3; Visual Aid Asst. 2. MARY LINDA DIXON Entered 66. Y-teens 1; GGS 2, 3, V.P. 3; Honor Society 2, 3, Treas. 2, 3; Decoration Com. 2; HR Sec. 3; Gift Com. 3; Cheer¬ leader 3; Math Asst. 3. DEBBY DOBBINS Entered 66. Y-teens 1; SNIPS AND CUTS 2; Shorthand Asst. 3. ELAINE DOERCHUK Entered 66. Red Cross 1; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Wildcat 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Willow Tree 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Library Asst. 2; Student Council 3. BETH DRADDY Entered 66. Adelphians 1; GGS 2, 3; Wild¬ cat 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Gift Com. 3; Dance Com.2; Lettergirl 2,3; SNIPS AND CUTS 3. CAROLYN DRAKE Entered 66. DE 2, 3, Reporter 2; Student Council 1; Chorus 1; Girls’ Ensemble 2; Choir 3. GREGG DUCKWORTH Entered 67. Rambler 3, Artist. CAROL DULL Entered 66. Chorus 2, 3. DEAN F. DUNCAN Entered 66. Garingertown Players 2; De¬ bate Club 2, 3; Bus Driver 1, 2, 3; FTA 1; Latin Club 3; House and Grounds Com. 2,3. KENNETH EAKES Entered 66. DECA 3; J. V. Football and Baseball Manager 1. WALTER EDDY Entered 66. Hi-Y 1.2, 3; Golf team 2. KATHY DIANE EDWARDS Entered 66. UNICEF 1; Wildcat 2; Centrusa 3; Decoration Com. 2. KERRY EDWARDS Entered 67. Golf Team 2. MARSHALL EDWARDS JR. Entered 66. J. V. Football 1. MARIE ELKINS Entered 68. MICKIE ELMORE Entered 66. Band 1. WILLIAM FRANKLIN ELMORE Entered 66. DEBORAH KAY ENGLISH Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Red Cross 1; Decorations Com. 2; H.R. V.P. 2; SNIPS AND CUTS Rep. 2. JAMES HOFFMAN EPTING Entered 66. DOYLE BUICE EVANS Entered 66. Band 1, 2. CYNTHIA ANN RENEE EVERETT Entered 66. Baccalaureate 3. BRENDA IRENE FERRELL Entered 66. Spanish 2; Wildcat 3; Choir 1,3; 7-Teens 3; Chorus Award 2. DONNA JEAN FERRELL Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; Bus Driver 2, 3; UNICEF 1; FTA 1; Mascot Com. 3; Band 1; Decorations Com. 2; Symphonic Band 1,2, 3; Twirler 2, 3; Orchestra 3. HELEN JOANNA FINCHER Entered 66. DECA 2, 3; Orientation 2; Scrapbook Com. 2; Finance Com. 3; Li¬ brary Asst. 3. RONNY DVRON FINLEY Entered 66. HR. Sec. 3. TERESA ANN FISHER Entered 66. GBL 3. STEPHEN VINCENT FITZGERALD Entered 67. Cross-Country 2; VICA 3. RHETTA JEAN FLOOD Entered 67. JAMES THOMAS FLOWE Entered 65. DONNA LYNN FORD Entered 66. JIM ALAN FORD Entered 66. Garingertown Players 2; DECA 3; Choir 3. CAROLYN MAE FORTENBERRY Entered 66. EDWARD HAROLD FOSTER JR. Entered 66. Monogram 2, 3, Treas.; Band 1; Mgr. of Track Team 1; Mgr. of Football Team 2, 3; Wrestling 2, 3, Capt. FREDERIC STEVEN FOUSHEE Entered 66. Key Club 2, 3; Student Council 3; Willow Tree 3. CHARLES ANDREW FRALIC Entered 68. Wildcat Hour 3. DENNIS LAMOINE FRANCISCO Entered 67. THOMAS ODELL FRANKLIN Entered 66. VICKIE SAVANNA FRYE Entered 66. Wildcat 2; HR. Sec. 1,2, 3. LINDA MAE FULLER Entered 68. Girls’ Ensemble 3. RICHARD FLOYD FULLER Entered 66. HI-Y 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; Student Council 3; Football 1, 2, 3; All-County Football 3; Marshal 2. JOHN CARR FULLERTON III Entered 66. Debate 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Interact 2, 3, VP 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Spanish 1, Pres. 1; Chess 1; Student Council 3; Constitutional Com. 3; Hall of Fame Com. 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Voice of Democracy; Marshal 2; Harvard Book Award 2; More- 270 head Semi-Finalist 3; Degrees of Merit Honor, National Forsenic League 1, 2. ROBERT GALLMAN Entered 66. Student Council 1; Tennis 1. MELINDA LEEE GANTT Entered 66. Red Cross 1, 2; Willow Tree 3; SNIPS AND CUTS 3; Mascot Com. Chr. 3; Orientation Com. 3; H.R. V.P. 3; P.E. Asst. 3; Library Asst. 2. CHEERE WHARTON GARDNER Entered 66. GBL 2, 3; Gifts Com. 3. JOY TERESA GATLIN Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3 V.P. 3; Wildcat 1, 2; Y-Teens 1; French Club 1, 2; H.R. V.P. 1; H.R. Sec. 2, 3; Gift Com. 3; Choir 3; English Asst. 2. JACK TIMOTHY GETTIS Entered 66. BRENDA DARLENE GILLESPIE Entered 66. FTA 2; DE 3; Girls’ Ensemble 2; Bible Asst. 2. RAY EUGENE GILLlS Entered 66. Monogram Club 3; Invitations Com. 2; Football Manager 3. CYNTHIA ELAINE GINN Entered 66. FHA 3; Orientation Com. 3. CHARLES WILLIAM GLASS Entered 67. Hi-Y 3; Interact 3; Com¬ mencement Com. 3; Track 2; Swimming 3, Capt. DONNA MARIE GLICKERT Entered 66. Centrusa 3; FTA 3; Invitations Com. 2; Caps and Gowns 3; Decorations 2; Choir 3; Sandrettes 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Office Asst. 1,2; Marshal 2 . JAMES WILLIAM GODFREY JR. Entered 66. Wildcat Club 3. JULIA C. GOODLOE Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat 3; Drama 3; Orientation 3; Decorations 2; Commencement 3: Chorus 1; National Honor Society 3. VIRGINIA ANN GRAY Entered 66. Chorus 2. JERRY LEON GREENE Entered 66. Monogram 2, 3; Key Club 3; Visual Aid Asst. 1, 2, 3; Cross-Country 2, 3, Captain 2; Track 3. WILLIAM GRIFFIN Entered 68. D.E. 3. DONALD ELROY GRIFFIN Entered 66. Hi-Y 2, 3; Monogram 2, 3; J. V. Football 1; Football 2, 3; Wrestling 2; J. V. BasebalM. REBECCA ANN GRIFFIN Entered 66. Centrusa 2, 3; Red Cross 1, 2, 3; Treas. 2; Wildcat 3; Sec. 3. Willow Tree 3; Office Asst. 3. KATHERINE JEANNETTE GRIFFIN Entered 66. GBL 2, 3; Latin Club 2; Medi¬ cate 1; Gift Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Decorations Com. 2; Red Cross 1, 2; Office Asst. 1,2. ALAN SCOTT GRINDSTAFF Entered 66. VICA 2, 3; Treas. 2 and V P 3. VICKI SUZANNE GULLEDGE Entered 66. UNICEF 1; DE 3; CHOIR 3. JOHN DAVID GUNTER Entered 66. PHILLIP DALE GWYN Entered 66. MARK CARL HAGEL Entered 66. Honor Society 2, 3; Constitu¬ tion Com. 3; Finance Com. 2; Marshal 2; Renselaer Award 2; NSF at Univ. of Chicago 3. EDNA MAE HAILEY Entered 66. UNICEF 2. DEBORAH KATHALEEN HALEY Entered 67. VICA 2, Sec.; DECA 3; Dance Com. 2. ALYCE VIRGINIA HALL Entered 66. Adelphians 1, Treas.; Wildcat 2, 3; GGS 1, 2, 3, VP 3; Pres. 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; RAM¬ BLER 2, 3, Senior News Editor; VP of Sophomore Class 1; Chorus 1; Best All Around; Valentine Court. WILLIAM GUY HALL Entered 66. Chemistry Asst. 3. DONNA ANN HALSTEAD Entered 66. Centrusa 3; Drama 3; Y-teens 1; Wildcat 2, 3; FTA 3; Orientation Com. 3; Mascot Com. 3; Office Asst. 3. GARY LEE HAMLET Entered 66. VICA 2; J.V. Football 1. SHERRY LYNN HAMMER Entered 67. Wildcat 2. JANIE REBECCA HANCOCK Entered 66. Red Cross 3; Choir 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Invitations Com. 2; Library Asst. 1. DENNIS HANDS Entered 66. Chess Club 1; Debate Club 2; Red Cross 1; Band 1; Concert Band 1 . JOHN HANIGAN Entered 68. Bus Driver 2, 3. Office Asst. 3; Wildcat Hour 3; VICA 3. MICHAEL BRYANT HANKINS Entered 66. Band 1, 2, 3. 271 ERIC THOMAS HARDISON Entered 66. Key Club 2, 3; Monogram 2, 3; Honor Society 3; Student Council 3; J.V. Football 1; J. V. Baseball 1; Varsity Foot¬ ball 2, 3; Math Asst. 3; Marshal 2; More- head Nominee 3. JOSEPH BLAKE HARRINGTON Entered 66. BRANTLEY BOWEN HART III Entered 66. Debate 2, 3; Interact 2, 3; VICA 3; Wildcat Hour 3; HR. V.P. 1; Civitan Award Com. 3; Willow Tree Rep. 2. RODNEY WARREN HAYNES Entered 66. JERRY BENJAMIN HEDSPETH Entered 66. KENNETH WAYNE HEFNER Entered 66. VICA 3, V.P. 3; Red Cross 1; Track 1, 2. WILLIAM GERALD HELMS Entered 66. Medicat 3; Wildcat 2, 3; For¬ eign Exchange Student Com. 3; Bible Com. 3; Red Cross 2, 3; Office Asst. 3; Civitan Com. 3; UNICEF 2, 3; Garingertown Play¬ ers 1,2,3. CURTIS NAY HELMS Entered 66. DECA 2, 3; J.V. Basketball 1; National Honor Society 3. PATSY ANN HELSABECK Entered 65. UNICEF 2; Art Award 2. REBECCA ANN HENDERSON Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3, Sec. 3; Office Asst. 1, 3. JOSEPH HERBERT Entered 65. Red Cross 1; Choir 1. 2. HOWARD MICHAEL HESTERBERG Entered 66. SUSAN CAROL HIGGINSON Entered 66. Spanish 1; French 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 1: Finance Com. 3; French III Award 2 . BETTY THACKER HINSON Entered 66. Wildcat 1; C.O.O. 3, Sec.; Invi¬ tations Com. 2; Chorus 1; Library Asst. 2; Girls ' Ensemble 2. MICHAEL HINSON Entered 66. ROGER STEVEN HINSON Entered 66. DECA 3. RUBY DIANE HINSON Entered 66. Bible Asst. DONNA CAROL HIPPS Entered 66. GGS 2. 3; Honor Society 2, 3. VP 3; Willow Tree 1, 2, 3, Editor 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Sophomore Class Sec.; Junior Class Pres.; Foreign Exchange Student Com. 2, 3; Choir 3; Chief Marshal 2; DAR Award 2; BEST SCHOOL CITIZEN 3; SNIPS AND CUTS, 3, Senior Section. WANDA ELAINE HODGE Entered 66. English Asst. 2; HR Asst. Sec. 1 , 2 . WILLIAM CLAY HODGE Entered 68. VICA 3, VP. JANE ELIZABETH HODES Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; Student Council 2. JANET OLIVIA HODGES Entered 65. Y-Teens 1; Diploma Com. 3. JANET ELIZABETH HOLTON Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; Decorations Com. 2; Chorus 2; Girls’ Ensemble 3; Library Asst. 2. CHARLES ROBERT HORNE Entered 66. JO NETTE HORNE Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Garingertown Players 2; Foreign Exchange Student Com. 2, 3. WILLIAM THOMAS HORTON Entered 66. J.V. Baseball 1; Varsity Base¬ ball 2; Tennis 2. DAVID WORTH HOUSE Entered 66. Debate Club 2, 3; French Club 3; Chemistry Asst. 3; Honor Society 3. VICKI LEA HOWAN Entered 66. MARVIN EUGENE HOWELL Entered 66. HERMAN FELIX HUBBARD Entered 66. Monogram 3; Baseball 1, 2; J. V. Football 1. BELINDA KAY HUFF Entered 68. HELEN HOOD HUGHES Entered 66. Wildcat 3: Red Cross 3; Dec¬ orations Com. 2; Baccalaureate Com. 3; Lettergirl 3; GGS 3. HOWARD LEON HUNT Entered 66. CATHY SUE HUNTER Entered 66. Chorus 2. MELVIN GERALD HUNTLEY Entered 66. SARAH LYNDA HUTCHINSON Entered 66. DECA 3; Red Cross 1; Chorus 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Choir 3. JANE WEBSTER IRBY Entered 66. FHA 3, Sec. 3; Choir 3. CARL SAMUEL INGLE JR. Entered 66. VICA 2, 3; I.C.T. 2, 3. RONALD KIMERLEE JANDEBEUR Entered 66. Spanish 1; Red Cross 2; Band 1, 2, 3. JANIS CAROL JENRICH Entered 66. Social Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Office Asst. 1,2; Chorus 3. BILLIE JOYCE JENKINS Entered 66. I.C.T. 2. 3. ANNA MARGARET JOHNSON Entered 66. C.O.O. 3; Bulletin Board Com. 3; Point System Com. 3. JAMES HENRY JOHNSTON Entered 66. Latin Club 2; Art Asst. 1; Decorations Com. 2; Willow Tree 3; Scholastic Art Awards Certificate of Merit 2 . 272 DONNA MARIA JOHNSTON Entered 66. Wildcat Club 2; Centrusa 2, 3, Treas. 3; Student Council 1; House and Grounds Com. 2; J.V. Cheerleader 1; Let- tergirl 3. WANDA ROSEMARY JOHNSTON Entered 66. Chorus 2. CRISSIE JONES Entered 66. RAMBLER 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. V.P. 3; Wildcat Club 2; Mascot Com. 3. ESTHER LEANN JONES Entered 66. D.E. 2, ' 3. JAMES FRANKLIN JONES Entered 66. Band 1,2, 3. MICHAEL RAY JONES Entered 66. Wildcat Club 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1; Band 1; Football 1. SHERRY LYNN JONES Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat Club 2, 3; Centrusa 2. 3, VP 3; Spanish Club 1; Student Council 3; Decorations Com. 2; Commencement Com. 3; H.R. Sec. 2; Let- tergirl 2. 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Sec.-Treas. 3; Governor’s School 2; All-State Orchestra 2, 3; All-County Orchestra 3. NORMAN SHAW JOYNER Entered 66. Band 1; Cross-Country 2. RAY JOSEPH KALISTA JR. Entered 66. GEORGE MIKE KELLY Entered 66. Chess Club 1. LINDA KENNERLY Entered 66. P.E. Asst. 2. CINDY LOUISE KESTER Entered 66. Adelphians 1; G.G.S. 2, 3, Pres. 3; F.T.A. 2; Wildcat 2, 3; H.R. V.P. 1; Stu¬ dent Council 2; V.P. of Senior Class 3; Invitations Com. 2; Cheerleader 2. 3; Beau¬ ty Nominee 1, 2; Carrousel Princess 3; Best-Looking Sr. Superlative 3; Hi-Y Sweetheart 3. PATSY GAIL KEZIAH Entered 66. JAMES HARRY KILLIAN Entered 66. KAREN JACQUELINE KIMBRELL Entered 66. F.T.A. 2, 3. V.P. 2. Pres. 3; Willow Tree 2. MARION HERBERT KINDARD Entered 66. DAVID LEE KINNEY Entered 66. Monogram 1, 2, 3; Interact 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Unsung Hero Superlative 3; Red Cross 3. KAREN LYNNE KIRBY Entered 66. Adelphians 1; GGS 2. 3; Wild¬ cat 2, 3; Social Welfare Com. Chr. 2; Stu¬ dent Council 1, 3; Music and Figure Com. 2; Civitian Award Com. 3; Cap and Gown Com. 2; J.V. Cheerleader 1, head; Varsity Cheerleader 3; SNIPS AND CUTS 2, 3, Editor 3; Garinger Guide Com. 2; Marshal 2; Unsung Heroine Sr. Superlative 3. FREDDIE EUGENE KIRKLEY Entered 66. JOHN PARKS KIRKPATRICK JR. Entered 66. Monogram 3; Baseball 2, 3; J.V. Baseball 1; Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Cross- Country 3. PATRICIA HOPE KIRKMAN Entered 67. MARILYN JOAN KISSIAH Entered 66. Spanish Club 1; Adelphians 1; GBL 2, 3; GGS 2, 3, Treas. 3; Wildcat 1, 2, 3; V.P. of Sophomore Class 1; Sec. of Senior Class 3; Sec. H.R. 1; Social Wel¬ fare Com. 3, Chr. 3; Elections Com. 3; Ways and Means Com. 3; Point System Com. 3; Lettergirl 2, 3; Office Asst. 1; H R. V.P. 2, 3. RONALD WILLIAM KNIGHT Entered 66. J.V. Baseball 1. JOHN BILL LAMBERT JR. Entered 66. Refreshment Com. 2; Track 2; Cross-Country 1,2; VICA3. VICTOR SCOTT LAMBERT Entered 67. FLORINE ELLEN LAMON Entered 66. C.0.0. 3. JAMES AUGUSTUS LAND Entered 66. DECA 3; ICT 2. MICHAEL EUGENE LANDS Entered 66. HARRY HAMPTON LEE Entered 66. Gift Com. 3. BRENDA KAY LEMMOND Entered 66. FHA 3; Chorus 2, 3. JIMMIE LEE LEWIS Entered 66. Key Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 2, Pres. 3; Student Council 1,2, 3; Chemistry Asst. 3; Chief Marshal 2; Boy’s State 2. SUSAN JANE LEWIS Entered 68: National Honor Society 3. NANCY SUSAN LILES Entered 66. Adelphians 1, Prog. Ch: Cen¬ trusa 2, 3, Pres. 3; Wildcat 2; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 1; HR Sec. 1; Student Council 2; Inter-Club Council 3; Social Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Invitation Com. 2. REBECCA SUE LINEBERRY Entered 66. Centrusa 3; Wildcat 3; Com¬ mencement Com. 3. ALFRED LESLIE LINER Entered 66. Band 1, 2, 3. MARTHA JAN LINKER Entered 66. DECA 3; Library Asst. 2. CYNTHIA LEE LITTLE Entered 66. Wildcat 2. 3; French 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 3; Mascot Com. 3; Decorations Com. 2; Office Asst. 3; Gym Asst. 3; Bac¬ calaureate Com. 3; GGS 3. DEWEY REAVES LITTLE Entered 66. Band 1, 2, 3. THOMAS LITTLE Entered 66. KENNETH RONALD LLOYD Entered 66. MICHAEL LLOYD Entered 65. VICA 1; Lab Asst. 2. SANDRA GUNTER LOCKWOOD Entered 68. C.0.0. 3. NILS LUMSDEN LONG Entered 66. PAULINE LOO Entered 66. Honor Society 2, 3. CAROL ANNE LOSH Entered 67. Centrusa 2, 3, RAMBLER Rep. 3; FTA 2; Marshal 2; SNIPS CUTS 3; Student Council 3; Diploma Com. 3; National Honor Society 3. JANET LANE LOVE Entered 66. HR Sec. 1,2. YLONDAANN LOVE Entered 66. Student Council 2. MARSHA JUNE LOWRANCE Entered 66. Spanish Club 1; Adelphian 1; Willow Tree 1,2, 3, Art Editor 3. DEBBIE ANN LYLES Entered 68. CHARLES ELWYN McCALL Entered 66. D.E. 2, 3. HARRIET DIANE McCALL Entered 66. Red Cross 3; Chorus 2. PHYLLIS GAIL McCALL Entered 66. UNICEF 1. 2, 3; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Centrusa 3; Ring Com. 2; Invitations Com. 2; Announce¬ ments Com. 3; Marshal 2. 273 SHERRY ELIZABETH McCALL Entered 65. Red Cross 3. BRENDA GALE McCLESKY Entered 66. Chorus 2; Math Asst. 2. JOAN CAMPBELL McCLURE Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; Wildcat Club 2; French Club 3, Sec. 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; 1st Place Winner French II 2. NORMAN DOUGLAS McCLURE Entered 66. Debate Club 1; Bible Com. 3; Fteligious Activities Com. 3; Voice of Democracy Runner-Up 1,2, 3. ROBERT EDWIN McCLELLAN Entered 66. I.C.T. 2, 3. NACY McConnell Entered 66. Debate Club 2, 3; German Club 3; Certificate of Merit from National Fo¬ rensic League 2. NEVA KATHLEEN McCOY Entered 66. Chorus 3. ROBERT PARKER McCOY Entered 66. SANDRA JEAN McCOY Entered 66. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3 Sec. and Student Council Rep. 3; Senior Ring Com. 2; Red Cross 3; SNIPS AND CUTS Rep. 1, 2; Ori¬ entation Com. 2, 3; Civitan Award Com. 3; Chorus 1; Ensemble 2; Choir 3; Sand- rettes 3; Invitations Com. 2; Choralettes 2 . SALLY ANN McCUNE Entered 66. French Club 1; Latin Club 3; Scrapbook Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Chemistry Asst. 3. BEVERLY MARTIN McDANIEL Entered 66. BARRY MARSHALL McGEE Entered 65. H.R. V.P. 2, 3; Chorus 1; Choir 2, 3. ANNE EDWARDS McGERRIGLE Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 3; Gym Asst. 2; SNIPS AND CUTS, Index editor 3. DEBORAH SUE MclLWAIN Entered 66. BETTY KATHERINE McKENZIE Entered 66. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; English Asst. 3. DAVID ALEXANDER McKENZIE Entered 66. CHARLES MILLEN McMURRAY Entered 66. VICA 3; Red Cross 1; J.V. Football 1; Bus Driver 2, 3. PAMELA ANN MAHAFFEY Entered 68. WILLIE MANCE Entered 66. Monogram 3; Baseball 1; Foot¬ ball 3; Student Council 3. SHEILA ELAINE MANIS Entered 66. UNICEF 2; H.R. Sec.-Treas. 2, 3; C.O.O. 3. KATHYRN JEAN MARINO Entered 66. Spanish Club 1; Library Asst. 1 . STEVEN LESLIE MARLOW Entered 66. JANICE LYNN MARSHALL Entered 66. Drama Club 1; UNICEF 1; Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3; G.B.L. 2, 3; H.R. Treas. 1, 3, and Pres. 2; Decorations Com. 2; Ensemble 2; Choir 3; Sandrettes 3; Office Asst. 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN MARTIN Entered 66. C.O.O. 3; Red Cross 1. PATRICIA LYNN MARTIN Entered 66. Red Cross 2; Spanish Club 1; Honor Society 2, 3; Finance Com. 2; Chemistry Asst. 3. TONNIE MAX MARTIN Entered 66. BARBARA LYNN MATTHEWS Entered 66. H.R. Sec. 2. LOIS ANN MATTHEWS Entered 68. D.E. 3. SUSAN JOYCE MATTHEWS Entered 66. Centrusa 2, 3; Adelphians 1; Sandrettes 3; Caps and Gown Com. 3. WILLIAM EDWARD MAUNEY Entered 66. Garingertown Players 1, 2, 3; Bus Driver 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3; SNIPS AND CUTS, Photographer 3; Bus Driver Award 2. CINDY MAUPIN Entered 68. MICHAEL GEORGE MAYBERRY Entered 66. Interact 2, 3; Hi-Y 2, 3; Wildcat Club 2, 3; H.R. Pres. 1, 2; Sophomore Class Pres. 1; Doors Com. 2, Chr. 2; Student Council Vice-Pres. 3; J.V. Baseball 1. PATRICIA GAY MEDLIN Entered 66. GGS 2, 3; Points System Chr. 3. JEAN KATHY MEEK Entered 66. RUSSELL HARLEN MEERS Entered 66. Interact 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Tri-Capt. 2; Gym Asst. 3; Marshal 2. ROGER JAMES MELVILLE Entered 66. D.E. 3; Orientation Com. 3; House and Grounds Com. 3. MICHAEL LYNN MERRITT Entered 66. Monogram Club 3; J.V. Foot¬ ball 1; J.V. Baseball 1; Football 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3; Gym Asst. 3. SHARON ELIZABETH MERRITT Entered 66. Honor Society 2, 3; House and Grounds Com. 3; Ring Com. 2; Chorus 1; Willow Tree 2, 3; NSF Science Program Univ. of Chicago 3; Accepted at Governor’s School 2; National Merit Commended Stu¬ dent 3. WILLIAM EDWORTH MICKEL Entered 66. VICA 2, 3. DAVID MILLER Entered 68. Commencement Com. 3; Gar¬ ingertown Players 3; technician. TONYA LEA MILLS Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; Drama Club 2, 3. DOUGLAS LEWIS MITCHELL Entered 66. DECA 2, 3. 274 SHEILA JAN MOFFITT Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; GBL 2, 3; Decora¬ tions Com. 2; Chorus 1; Girls’ Ensemble 2; Choir 3; Office Asst. 3. OSCAR GURNER MOMBERGER Entered 66. HORACE ELLIOT MONTIETH Entered 66. Key Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3; Latin Club 3; Cross-Country 2; Track 2; Marshal 2 . DALE MOODY Entered 66. Key Club 1, 2, 3, Lt. Gov. of N.C. and S.C.; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Pres. 1 Sec.- Treas. 2, International Com. Member; Wildcat Club 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Elections Com. 2, 3; House and Grounds Com. 3; Dance Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; J.V. Football 1; Golf 1; Chief Marshal 2; Honor Society 3. Entered 66. Chess Club 2, Treas. 2; Band 1 , 2 . HERMAN GRADY MORGAN Entered 66. Interact 2, 3, Pres. 3; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3. Pres. 3; Wildcat Club 3, Organizational Chr.; House and Grounds Com. 3; Publicity Com. 3; Orien¬ tation Com. 3; Invitation Com. 2; Civitan Award Com. 3; Football 1; Biology Asst DAVID MORELOCK Entered 66. VICA 3; Red Cross 3; Football 1,3; Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 3. JAMES THOMAS MORRIS Entered 66. Interact 2, 3; Monogram 3; Wildcat Club 1; Hi-Y 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; J.V. Football 1; J.V. Baseball 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Football 2, 3; Baseball 2. 3, Co-Captain 3; Senior Class Pres. 3. CHARLES JENNINGS MULLIS Entered 66. DECA2, 3. SAMUEL LEE MULLIS Entered 66. SHIRLEY ANN MULLIS Entered 66. TERRY LEIGH MURR Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centr usa 2, 3; Wildcat 2; Latin Club 2; H.R. Sec. 2; House and Grounds Com. 3; Dance Com. 3; Fi¬ nance Com. 2; Lettergirl 2, 3; Chemistry Asst. 2. JANET MARIE MURRAY Entered 66. MICHAEL OMER NEALY Entered 66. JOHN HILL NESBITT SAMUEL HELMS MOODY Entered 65. VICA 3, Sec. 3; J.V. Football 1 . DONALD WARREN MOORE Entered 66. ICT 2, 3, Sec. 3. DOUGLAS WILLIARD MOORE Entered 67. Chess Club 2, 3; Debate Club 3; Honor Society 3; Band 2, 3; Orchestra 3; Book Room Asst. 3. TIM RAY MOORE Entered 66. WILLIAM GARY MOORE Entered 66. DAVID CLARENCE MOREAU Entered 66. Hi-Y 2. 3; J.V. Football 1. AMELIA ANN MORGAN Entered 66. Adelphians 1; French Club 2; Centrusa 2, 3; Music and Figure Com. 2; Chorus 1; Ensemble 2; Choir 3; Sandrettes 3; National Honor Society 3. CHARLES EDWARD MORGAN JR. BELINDA ANN MORRISON Entered 66. Red Cross 3; C.0.0. 3. PATRICIA DIANE MORROW Entered 66. JUNE FORD MORROW Entered 66. Invitations Com. 2; Office Asst. 2; Chorus 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Choir 3. PATRICIA ANNE MORTON Entered 67. FHA 2, 3. TOMMY LEE MOSER Entered 66. PATRICIA ANN MOSELY Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Garingertown Players 1, 2, 3, V.P. 1, Sec. 3; Wildcat Club 2, 3; Centrusa 2, 3; Student Council 1; Orientation Com. 1, 2, 3, Chr. 3; Ring Com. 2- J.V. Cheerleader 1; Cheerleader 3; Soph. Beauty 1; Homecoming Court 3; Key Club District Sweetheart 3. LARRY MOUNGLE Entered 66. Bus Driver 3. Entered 66. Bus Driver 2, 3; J.V. Football 1 . DONNA RUTH NEWMAN Entered 66. Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Adelphians 1; Honor Society 2, 3; Invitations Com. 2, Ch.; Red Cross 3; House Grounds Com. 3; Orchestra 1, 2; Marshal 2; Governor ' s School 1; NSF Honor. TERRY ELAINE NILLES Entered 66. Wildcat 2; Gym Asst. 2, 3. SAMUEL RICHARD NORMAN Entered 66. Band 1. 2, 3. ELIZABETH PELITE NORRIS Entered 66. Adelphians 1, Pres.; GGS 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, Head 3; Sophomore Class Treas. 1; Junior Class V.P. 2; Wildcat 1, 2, 3; Dance Com. 3; Ring Com. 2, Ch.; Student Council 1, 3; House Grounds Com. 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Band 2; Governor’s School 1; Chief Marshal 2. THERESA BONNIE ODOM Entered 66. Library Asst. 2. 275 WILLIAM POWELL GEORGE ALBERT OGLESBY Entered 66. VENDORA GWYN ORBISON Entered 66. Chorus 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2, Pres. 2; Choir 3; Choralettes 2. MARGARET ELIZABETH OTTO Entered 66. French Club 3; Mascot Com. 3; Decorations Com. 2; Red Cross 3; Li¬ brary Asst. 2. RANDY JOE OVERCASH Entered 66. Bus Drivers 3. JOHNNY LEE PACE Entered 66. DEBBIE TRAYLOR PADGETT Entered 66. DECA I II, 2, 3; Chorus 2. BRENDA JANE PATTERSON Entered 66. GBL 3; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 2; Invitations Com. 2; Office Asst. 1. JANICE ELAINE PATTERSON Entered 67. Garingertown Players 2, 3. PATRICIA ROBERTS PATTERSON Entered 66. FTA 2, 3; Foreign Exchange Student Com. 3. ROBERT JAMES PATTERSON Entered 66. FTA 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 1. JEFFREY EUGENE PATTON Entered 66. CARL RICHARD PAYLER Entered 66. Chess Club 3. CHARLES EDWARD PEEK Entered 66. Debate Club 3, Public Rela¬ tions Officer; Baccalaureate Com. 3; J.V. Baseball 1; Track 2, 3; Rambler 3. LEWIS WILLIAM PEELER Entered 66. UNICEF 2, 3; Garingertown Players 3; Choir 3. DONALD VANN PENINGER JR. Entered 66. Wildcat Club 3; Monogram 2, 3; Hi-Y 3; Ring Com. 2; Student Council 3; HR. VP 2; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Foot¬ ball 2, 3; Wrestling 2, 3; Chorus 3; Gym Asst. 3; Bus Driver. CYNTHIA ELAINE PENNINGER Entered 66. C.O.O. 3, Treas. 3; English Asst. 3. JERRY ALEN PEPPER Entered 65. SUSAN LEE PERRY Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3; Wildcat 3; Honor Society 3; SNIPS CUTS 3. Sophomore Class Editor; Willow Tree 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 3; Baccalaureate Com. 3. WILLIAM DAVID PERRY Entered 66. JEFFREY PAUL PETRIS Entered 66. Key Club 1, 2. 3; Golf 1; Swimming 3. DANNY WARREN PHIFER Entered 66. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Rambler 2; Stu¬ dent Council 1; J.V. Football 1, Captain; Varsity Football 2. 3; Varsity Baseball 1. 2, 3; J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2.3. NORRIS LYNN PHIFER Entered 66. VICA 2, 3. THOMAS MILTON PHILLIPS JR. Entered 66. Hi-Y 1, 2; Bus Driver 2; J.V. Baseball 1; Golf 2. MARTHA JANE PIERCY Entered 66. Chorus 1. REGINAL ALEXANDER PINKERTON Entered 66. Monogram 2, 3; Student Council 3; Baseball 1, 2; Gym Asst. 2. BETTY JEAN PITTMAN Entered 66. C.O.O. 3; UNICEF 2. JAMES ARNOLD PLOGER Entered 66. BRENDA GAIL PONDER Entered 66. Y-teens 1; Red Cross 1; Chorus 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Choir 3. CLIFFORD POOLE Entered 66. MICHAEL JAMES POOLE Entered 67. WANDA LYNN POPE Entered 66. House Grounds Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; English Asst. 3. DAVID CECIL PORTER Entered 66. VICA 3; Wildcat Hour 3. WILLIAM DOUGLAS PORTER Entered 67. SHARON ANN POSEY Entered 68. Chorus 3; Library Asst. 3. FRED HOLMES POSTON Entered 66. Hi-Y 3; Monogram 3; J.V. Foot¬ ball 1; Varsity Football 3; NEATEST. Entered 68. LEMMIE LEE PRESSLEY Entered 66. Monogram 3; J.V. Football 1; J.V. Baseball 1; Varsity Football 3; Gym Asst. 3. RIC PRESTON Entered 68. VICA 3; Wildcat Hour 3. JEAN S. PRICE Entered 66. Girls ' Ensemble; Chorus 2. JUDITH ELAINE PRICE Entered 66. Chorus 2, 3. PAMELA GAIL PRICE Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat 1; UNI¬ CEF 3; Latin Club 3; SNIPS CUTS 3, Senior Statistics Editor; Orientation 2, 3; Mascot Com. 3; HR Treas. 2, 3; Office Asst. 1; National Honor Society 3. MARY REGINA PRINCE Entered 66. History Asst. 3. SAM PRITCHARD Entered 66. HR Treas. 1; Track 1. BETTY LYNNE PROPHET Entered 66. Chorus 1; Choir 3. BILLY BERNARD PROPHET Entered 66. Interact 2, 3, Treas.; Monogram 2, 3, VP; Invitations Com. 2; HR. V.P. 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3. RUBIN TYSON PULLIAM Entered 66. Band 1, 2, 3. WALTER DENNIS PURSER Entered 66. Student Council 1, 3; Band 1,2, 3; Football 3; BEST LOOKING. DEBRA JEAN QUEEN 276 Entered 66. Bus Driver 2; DECA 3; Orien¬ tation Com. 3. LAWRENCE CARLTON QUIGLEY Entered 66. Orchestra 1, 2, 3. MEL TERRANCE RAYNES Entered 66. MARTA RUTH RENNER Entered 66. Debate 1; FHA 2; Honor So¬ ciety 2, 3, Sec. 3: Student Council 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; Finance Com. 2, Ch.; Orien¬ tation Com. 3; Religious Activities Com. 3, Ch.; Civitan Award Com. 3; Debate Ser¬ vice Award 1; Wildacres Delegate 2; Mar¬ shall 2; Runner-up in World Peace E ssay Contest 2. KATHERINE LOUISE REVILLE Entered 68. Choir 3. HENDRICKA MYRIKA REYNDERS Entered 66. Finance Com. 3; Decorations Com. 2. WILHELMINA IRENE REYNDERS Entered 66. Red Cross 2, 3; Library Asst. 2; Decorations Com. 2. WALTER EDGAR RHODES Entered 66. Choir 2. DARLENE YVONNE RICHARD Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat 2; Girls ' Ensemble 2, Sec.; Choir 3, Treas.; Student Council 1, 2; HR Treas. 3; Gym Asst. 2; WITTIEST; Girls Track 1, 2; GGS 2, 3. OKEY THEODORE RIDDLE Entered 68. ANNE RIMER Entered 66. French Club 2; Ring Com. 2. JOHN CURTIS RITCH Entered 66. Band 1,2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3. STEVENSON DURHAM RITCH Entered 66. Interact 3; RAMBLER Photo¬ grapher 2, 3; Marshal 2; Bus Driver 2, 3; FtAMBLER Award 2. JAMES ERVIN ROBERTSON Entered 66. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Monogram 2, 3; Wildcat 3; Student Council 2, 3; House Grounds Com. 3; Ring Com. 2; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Fooiball 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3. JANE FRANCIS ROBERTSON Entered 67. Chess Club 3. MARY KATHRYN RODGERS Entered 66. FTA 2, 3; Foreign Exchange Student Com. 3. NANCY CAROL ROMARY Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Spanish 1; Wildcat 2; Centrusa 2. 3; Girls’ Ensemble 2; Choir 3. LINDA NORA ROSENTAL Entered 66. FHA 3; FTA 3; RAMBLER Rep. 3; Student Council 3. EARLE ALLEN ROYCE III Entered 66. Red Cross 1, 2; Annual Rep. 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Announcement Com. 3; Office Asst. 2; History Asst. 3; Choir 2,3. CYNTHIA MILAGOS SANDERS Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Garingertown Players 2; Vaientine Queen. DONALD LANE SANDERS Entered 66. VICA 3; Wildcat Hour 3. DOUGLAS JACKSON SANDERS Entered 66. Interact 1, 2, 3; Centrusa 3; Soph. Class Pres. 1; Student Council 1, 2; H.R. Sec. 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3. SHARON RUTH SANDERS Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Red Cross 1, 2, 3, V.P. 3;French Club 2, 3, V.P. 3; Honor Society 3; Invitations Com. 2; Diploma Com. 3; Marshal 2; French II Award 2; Governor’s School 2. SANDRA KAY SANSING Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 3; GBL 2, 3; Wildcat Club 2; H.R. Sec. 2; English Asst. 2, 3; J.V. Cheerleader 1; Art Award 1 . JUDY DIANE SATTERFIELD Entered 66. Adelphians 1; French Club 2; Centrusa 3; Ring Com. 2; Religious Com. 3; WCTU State Award for Eassay 2; Girls State 3. SUSAN JEAN SATTERWHITE Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3; Finance Com. 2; Announcements Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Diploma Com. 3, Chr. 3; SNIPS AND CUTS 3. MARIE WILKINSON SAWYER Entered 66. D.E. 3; Chorus 2. CYNTHIA FAYE SCERCY Entered 66. English Asst. 3. MARK STEPHEN SCOGGINS Entered 66. RAMBLER 2, 3; Bus Driver 2, 3; J.V. Football 1. CYNTHIA LYNN SCOTT Entered 66. LEWIS WILSON SCOTT Entered 65. DEBORAH KAYE SEATE Entered 66. Red Cross 1; Rep. 3; UNICEF 1, 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; Dues Com. 2; Library Asst. 2; Math Asst. 3; NSF at Univ. of Chicago 3. LINDA KAY SENN Entered 66. Medicats 2. JAMES FRANKLIN SEVERT Entered 66. 277 MARY HELEN SHAIA Entered 66. Spanish Club 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3; UNICEF 1, 2, 3, Pres 3; Debate Club 1; Adelphians 1; Student Council 2, 3; Scrapbook Com. 2, Chr. 2; H.R. V.P. 2; Library Asst. 2; Willow Tree Rep. 1, 2; SNIPS AND CUTS 3, Junior Class Editor; SNIPS AND CUTS Rep. 1, 2; Foreign Exchange Com. 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; Orientation Com. 3; Decorations Com. 2 . THOMAS LEE SHINN Entered 66. H.R. Sec 3. JUDY ANN SHIRLEY Entered 66. Student Council 1. MARTY REED SHU Entered 66. Diploma Com. 3; Chorus 2; Choir 3; Swimming Team 3; Tennis 2, 3. ROBERT KELLY SIMS Entered 66. VICA 2, 3, Pres. 3. TOMMIE ELIZABETH SIMS Entered 66. Adelphians 1; GGS 2, 3; Wild¬ cat Club 2, 3; Refreshment Com. 2; H.R. V.P. 2; Orchestra 1,2, 3; Lettergirl 3. CHARLES LEESINARD Entered 66. Track 1,2, 3. WILLIAM RANDOLPH SITTON Entered 67. ELIZABETH SLECHTA Entered 66. Garingertown Players 2, 3. MAURICE CRAIG SLOAN Entered 66. VICA 3; Cross-Country 1. BETTY JEAN SMITH Entered 67. CHARLES ROY SMITH Entered 66. Hl-Y 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2; Sec.-Treas. 3; Key Club 3; Wildcat Club 2, 3; Mono¬ gram 3; Student Council 3; House and Grounds Com. 3, Chr. 3; Point System Com. 3; Election Com. 3; Ways and Means Com. 3; Dance Com. 3; Orientation Com. 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1. DON JARED SMITH Entered 66. Interact 2. 3; Hi-Y 2, 3; Wildcat Club 1, 2, 3; H.R. V.P. 1; H.R. Treas. 2; Student Council 3; Dance Com. 3; J.V. Baseball 1. JERRY WAYNE SMITH Entered 66. VICA 2. KAREN LEE SMITH Entered 66. Wildcat Club 3; Drama Club 3; Red Cross 1; Ensemble 3. MARY HELEN SMITH Entered 66. Red Cross 3; Wildcat Club 2; DE 3; Mascot Com. 3; Invitations Com. 2. REBECCA ANN SMITH Entered 66. GBL 3; Student Council 1. ROGER STEVEN SMITH Entered 66. STEVE SMITH Entered 68. JERRY LYNN SNEED Entered 65. DE. 3. LINDA KAREN SPRUILL Entered 67. Y-Teens 1; Wildcat Club 2, 3; SNIPS AND CUTS Rep. 2; Refreshment Com. 2; Orientation Com. 3; Mascot Com. 3; Girl ' s Track Team 1, 2. GARY E. STALLINGS Entered 66. BEVERLY KAY STARNES Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3; Wildcat Club 3; Social Com. 3; Lettergirl 3; Homecoming Queen 3. LANA STARNES Entered 66. Adelphians 1; GGS 1, 2, 3; Wildcat Club 2,3; RAMBLER Rep. 3; Spanish Club 3, Student Council Rep. 3; UNICEF 3; FTA 3; Foreign Exchange Com. 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Willow Tree 3; RAMBLER 2, 3, News Editor 2, Editor 3; Dance Com. 2, 3; Decorations Com. 2, Chr. 2; Elections Com. 3; H.R. Sec. 1, 2, 3; Youth Council 3; Student Council 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; Civi- tan Award Com. 3; Sec. of Sophomore Class 1; Marshall 2; Foreign Exchange Student 3. MICHAEL VERN STARNES Entered 66. DE 2, 3. ROBERT WILLIAM STAVRAKAS Entered 66. Hi-Y 2, 3. JOHN HENRY STEELE Entered 66. Bus Driver 2. ROBERT THEODORE STEELE Entered 66. Student Council 2. BARNEY FRANKLIN STEGALL Entered 65. DE 3, Asst. Pres. 3; Football 1 , 2 . ROBERT ARTHUR STEGALL Entered 66. Choir 2, 3. DEBRA LYNNE STEINBACK Entered 66. Y-Teens 2; GBL 2, 3. Asst. Publicity Manager; Foods Asst. 3; Diploma Com. 3; Ring Com. 2. BARBARA LYNN STEPHENS Entered 66. Spanish Club 1; Red Cross 1. 2, 3, V.P. 2; Pres. 3; Wildcat Club 2, 3; Adelphians 1; Invitations Com. 2, 3; Ring Com. 2; H.R. Sec. 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Band 2, 3; Head Lettergirl 3; Marshal 2 . DARRELL LANE STEPHENS Entered 66. Hi-Y 2, 3. V.P. 3; Interact 2, 3; Monogram Club 3; Dance Com. 3, Chr.; H.R. V.P. 1; H.R. Treas. 2; Ring Com. 2; J.V. Football 1; J.V. Baseball 1; Football 2.3; SNIPS AND CUTS 3. EDWIN STEPHENS Entered 68. Interact 3; Mascot Com. 3. JANET HERRON STINSON Entered 66. GEORGE DEWEY STITT Entered 66. Garingertown Players 3; Track KAY FRANCES STITT Entered 66. FHA 3; Chorus 2. FRANK DANIEL STOTTS JR. Entered 66. UNICEF 1; Interact 2, 3, Sec. 3; German Club 3, Pres. 3; Finance Com. 2; Commencement Com.,3; Student Council 3; Chemistry Asst. 3; Marshal 2; NSF at Univ. of Chicago 3; National Honor Society 3. MARY TERESA STROUPE Entered 66. Y-Teens 1; UNICEF 1; H.R. Sec. 1,2, 3; DECA2, 3, Sec-Treas. 3. MARSHA ELAINE STYRON Entered 66. Adelphians 1; COO 3; Girls’ Track 1, 2; Girls ' Volleyball 1, 2; P.E. Asst. 2 . GLENDA RUTH SULLIVAN Entered 66. DECA 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 3. JAMES EDWARD SULLIVAN JR. Entered 66. PENNY SULLIVAN Entered 66. Garingertown Players 2, 3; Red Cross 3; Gift Com. 3; Religious Com. 3; Gym Asst. 2. JUDY ELAINE SWACKER Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Wildcat Club 2; GGS 2, 3 Student Council 3; H.R. V.P. 1, 2, Sec. 3; Girls’ Volleyball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2; P.E. Asst. 2; English Asst. 3; Most Athletic Superlative 3. GARY BRANT SWEET Entered 66. Spanish Club 3; Dinner Com. 3; Bus Driver 3. VAN MARK SWETT Entered 66. VICA 3, Pres. Drafting Chpt. 3, VICA Consul 3; Baseball 3. LARRY WAYNE SWINSON Entered 66. Key Club 1, 2, 3, V.P. 2; Hi-Y 278 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Wildcat 3; House and Grounds Com. 3; Invitation Com. 2; Dance Com. 2; Student Council 2, 3; Tennis Team 2 . JAMES CARLTON TAYLOR JR. Entered 66. Monogram 2, 3; Key Club 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 3. JAMES EDWARD TAYLOR JR. Entered 66. DECA 2, 3; HR Treas. 3. ROSA LEE TAYLOR Entered 66. Red Cross 2. TERRY WAYNE TAYLOR Entered 68. Orientation Com. 3; Social Com. 3. TINA ELIZABETH TAYLOR Entered 66. Centrusa 2, 3; HR Treas. 1, 2; Office Asst. 3. TOMMY DEAN TAYLOR Entered 66. DECA 2, 3. WILLIE RAYMOND TAYLOR Entered 66. KAREN JOY TEMPLETON Entered 66. Invitation Com. 2; Chorus 2. ELIGAH THAMES Entered 68. JAMES LONG THOMAS Entered 66. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Interact 3; Football 1, 2; Wildcat Club. ROGER LEE THOMAS Entered 66. Audio Visual Asst. 2. CARL THOMPSON Entered 66. DEWEY WILBERT THOMPSON Entered 66. ICT 2, 3. RALPH THOMPSON Entered 66. ROBERT MICHAEL THOMPSON Entered 66. Hi-Y 2, 3; Monogram 3; Red Cross 3; Football 2. 3; Track 1,2, 3. THEODORE EDWARD THORNBURG Entered 66. Wildcat 1; FTA 3; Monogram 3; Garingertown Players 3; Y-teens 2; Invi¬ tations Com. 2; Choir 2, 3; Football 2; Track 2; Chorus 1; Bus Driver 2, 3; Choir 2, 3, VP 2. Pres. 3. MOST TALENTED. SANDRA KAY THORNTON Entered 66. C.0.0. 3, Historian; House Grounds 3; HR Sec. 1, 2, 3; J.V. Cheer¬ leader 1. NELLIE TISZAI Entered 66. Office Asst. 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1 . CHARLES JOHNTOPP Entered 66. LINDA ANN TRAVIS Entered 66. Medicats 1; Ring Com. 2. RANDALL LEE TRIPLETT Entered 67. Monogram 3; Football 3; Wrestling 3. BARBARA ANNE TUCKER Entered 66. FHA 3, Pres.; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 2. JOHN DAVID TUCKER JR. Entered 66. ICT 3; Baseball 1. THOMAS LEWIS TUCKER Entered 68. Baseball 3; National Honor Society 3. BRIGHT ELIZABETH TURNER Entered 66. Announcement Com. 3; HR Sec. 1; Office Asst. 3. JOHN CLEVELAND TURNER Entered 66. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2, Sgt. at Arms 3; Interact 3; Monogram 3; Wildcat 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Football 3, Co- Capt. KENNETH JAMES TWINING Entered 68. Symphonic Band 3. DONNA KAY UPTON Entered 66. GBL 3. LESLIE CARLTON VALENTINE Entered 66. VICA 3, Treas. 3; Tennis 1. VANN MATTHEWS VICKERY JR. Entered 68. JAMES WILLIAM WADDELL Entered 66. LAWRENCE PAUL WADDELL Entered 66. PAULA JEAN WALDOCH Entered 66. UNICEF 1; C.O.O. 3. CHERYL YVONNE WALKER Entered 66. Adelphians 1; C.O.O. 3, VP 3; HR Sec. 1, 3; Office Asst. 1, 3; National Honor Society 3. FRONTZ WALKER Entered 66. C.O.O. 3. KELVIN LEE WALKER Entered 66. DECA 2; C.O.O. 3; Invitations Com. 2. SHARON ELIZABETH WALKER Entered 66. Adelphians 1. EDWARD STEPHEN WALLACE Entered 67. DECA 2, 3. MARY JoANNE WALLER Entered 66. Adelphians 1, Sec.; Spanish 1; GGS 2, 3; Wildcat 2, 3; Mascot Com. 3; Publicity Com. 3, Ch; Caps and Gowns 3. FRANK EVERETT WAMPLER JR. Entered 66. Wildcat Hour 1, 3; Bus Driver 2, 3; VICA 3, Pres, of Radio Chapter; SNIPS CUTS 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Radio Award 1; Ail County Orchestra 3; Charlotte Youth Symphony 3. JUDY DEESE WARD Entered 66. DECA 3; Chorus 1. REBECCA ELAINE WARREN Entered 66. Y-Teen 2, 3; Library Asst. 2. EDWARD WAYNE WATSON Entered 68. Hi-Y 3. PHILLIP BAXTER WATTS Entered 66. Monogram 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, VP 3; Orchestra 2, 3; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 2. 3; Tennis 1, 3. 279 LINDA SUE WENTZ Entered 66. FHA 1, 2, 3, Refreshment Ch. 3. SANDRA ELIZABETH WENTZ Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3; GBL 3; Wildcat 2, 3; HR. Sec. 1, 2, 3; Diploma Com. 3; Decorations Com. 2: Of¬ fice Asst. 3; Choir 3; RAMBLER Rep. 3. MARY DELLA WESTER Entered 66. Adelphians 1; GBL 3, Pres.; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 1, 2; Announcement Com. 3; Shorthand Asst. 3; Diploma Com. 3. SUSAN MARIE WHERRY Entered 66. C.0.0. 3. VICKI GAY WHITESIDES Entered 66. GGS 2, 3; Wildcat 2. 3; Red Cross 2; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 1, 2; HR. Sec. 2; Decorations Com. 2; Dance Com. 3; SNIPS CUTS 3, Activities Editor; NEATEST. BRENDA IRENE WHITE Entered 66. C.0.0. 3. JUDY DIANNE WHITLEY Entered 66. Debate 1, 2, Sec. 2; Spanish I; Drama 1, Treas.; Y-Teens i, 2; Honor Society 2, 3; FHA 1; GBL 3; Wildcat 1; SNIPS CUTS Rep. 2; Foresnic League 2, Degree Merit 2; Debate Awards 1, 2; Certificate from Wake Forest 1,2. DOROTHY ELIZABETH WHITLEY Entered 66. History Asst. 3. JERRY WAYNE WHITLOCK Entered 66. Garingertown Players 2, 3; Red Cross 2; Wildcat Hour 3; Orientation Com. 3; Finance Com. 3; Audio Visual Asst. 2; SNIPS CUTS 3; HR Devotions Ch. 3. STEVEN RAY WILKINSON Entered 66. German Club 3; Cross Country 1 . DAVID CURTIS WILLIAMS Entered 66. Medicats 1; Monogram 3; Football Manager 2, 3. DEVVY EILEEN WILLIAMS Entered 66. GBL 2, 3, VP 3; Typing Asst. GAYLE MARIE WILLIAMS Entered 66. Wildcat 2. 3; Red Cross 3; Drama 3; Chorus 2; Choir 3; Social Com. 3; Office Asst. 1; GGS 3. HARRY WOODRIF WILLIAMS Entered 66. Chess 2, 3; Chorus 3; Wrest¬ ling 3. HILARY FRANK WILLIAMS Entered 66. Chess 1, 2, 3, VP 2; Band 1, 2. 3. JACK DAVID WILLIAMS JR. Entered 66. VICA3; J.V. Football 1. JAMES CALVIN WILLIAMS Entered 66. Football 1,2, 3. LARRY EDWARD WILLIAMS Entered 66. Chess 3; Choir 3. MARY ANNE WILLIAMS Entered 66. Office Asst. 1. PEGGY LYNN WILLIAMS Entered 68. Girls’ Ensemble 3. JANET LORRAINE WILSON Entered 66. French 1; Willow Tree 1, 2; Exchange Student Com. 3, Ch.; Scrapbook Com. 2; Gift Com. 3; Chorus 1; Exchange Student 2. SARAH ELIZABETH WILSON Entered 66. Fled Cross 1; Library Asst. 2; Chorus 2; Choir 3. ALBERT DOUGLAS WINCHESTER JR. Entered 66. Interact 1, 2, 3; Bus Driver 2, 3; Student Council 1; J.V. Football 1. MAXINE ELIZABETH WINCHESTER Entered 67. WENDY NIMS WINCHESTER Entered 66. GGS 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 3; Wildcat 2, 3; Diploma Com. 3; Decora¬ tions Com. 2; Elections Com. 3; SNIPS CUTS 3, Layout Co-Editor 3; Art Award 2; English Writing Award 2. BOWEN JAY WISE Entered 66. Interact 2, 3; Junior Class Treas. 2; Basketball 1, 2; SNIPS CUTS 3. GORDON RUSSELL WISE Entered 66. DECA 2, 3. BOBBY NEAL WISECARVER Entered 66. DECA 3. PHILIP NESBIT WOLFE Entered 66. VICA 2, 3; J.V. Football 1. RUSSELL ALLEN WOMACK Entered 65. PAUL EDWARD WONG Entered 66. Diploma Com. 3. JACQUELYN WORTHY Entered 66. DONNA LEE WYSS Entered 66. Adelphians 1; Centrusa 2, 3; Wildcat 2; Civitan Com. 3; HR. Treas. 2; Ring Com. 2. DENNIS NOLAN YAGER Entered 66. Dance Com. 2; Band 1,2, 3. MIKE LYNN YANDLE Entered 66. Drama 3. MICHAEL VAN YANDLE Entered 66. Red Cross 3; Library Asst. 3. PATRICIA CAROL YANDLE Entered 66. SIDNEY ELMS YANDELL Entered 66. C.0.0. 3, Pres.; Student Council i, 2, 3; Invitations Com. 2; Library Asst. 2; Orientation Com. 3; Jr. Class Beauty 2; Senior Class Beauty Nominee 3. SHIRLEY ANN YATES Entered 68. Honor Society 3. SUSAN MAE YEAGER Entered 66. JAMES LENWOOD YOST Entered 66. Garingertown Players 3, VP; Invitations Com. 2; Mascot Com. 3; Band 1; J.V. Football 1. Index Abbott, Patsy, 201 Abbott, Roger 221 Abbott, Sylvia 201 Abee, Lindsay 84 Abell, Miss Nan 17, 69 Abernathy, Gail 201 Ackerman, Sharon 201 Adams, Chuck 70, 71,82, 114, 146, 201 Adams, Dianne 221 Adams, Johnny 157 Adams, Mary 221 Adams, Mike 221 Adams, Rick 104, 157 Addison, Mr. Jim 34, 114, 146 ADELPHIANS 80 Adkins, Danny 67, 157 Adkisson, Susie 90, 93, 201 Adore, Melody 221 Ainsworth, Barry 93, 201 Ainsworth, Robert 67, 150, 157 Airey, George 71, 201 Airey, Larry 126, 221 Alden, John 221 Alden, Trippy 10, 88, 114, 146, 157 Aldridge, Ricky 221 Aldridge, Mr. Ronald 26 Alexander, Angela 157 Alexander, Debby 221 Alexander, Freddy 88 Alexander, Ron 100, 201 Alexander, Rose 221 Alfred, Philip 126 Allen, Eddie 2i2 Allen. Kim 157 Alien, Larry 23, 69, 85, 201 Allen, Vicki 201 Almond, Martha 97, 99, 201 Almond, Pat 221 Alston, Ed 201 Alston, Mr. Ray 20 Anderson, Bob 157 Anderson, Cindy 80, 201 Anderson, Elaine 109, 221 Anderson, Freddy 157 Anderson, Glenda 201 Anspach, Debbie 157, 295 Arcnibaid, Eaoie 126, 221 Arorey, Dorothy 157 Argo, Dale 201 Ariail, Teresa 94, 157 Armeen, Mickey 16, 221 Armstrong, Charles 221 Armstrong, Debbie 221 Armstrong, Jean 201 Arndt, Denise 221 Arnett, Cynthia 110, 159 Arrowood, Ronnie 221 Artz, Susan 109, 221 Ashe, Judy 58, 88, 159 Athey, Kay 100, 159 Atkins, Cynthia 108, 201 Atkins, Joan 221 Atkins, Pam 86 AUDIO-VISUAL ASSISTANTS 92 Aughtry, Linda 39, 103, 159 Austin, Cathy 85, 201 Austin Donna 221 Austin, Kathy 221 Austin, Mike 201 Austin, Randy 71, 96, 201,254 Austin, Verna 201 Auten, Mr. Charles 34 Avery, Linda 201 Bacot, Bobby 49, 56, 68, 71, 75, 114, 116, 159, 197, 297 Bacot, Denise 221 Badame, Butch 159 Bagley, Pat 221 Bagwell, Joey 221 Bailee, Charles 201 Bailey, Bettie 201 Bailey, Joyce 159 Bailey, Pat 221 Baines, JoAnne 201 Baisey, Stephen 97 BaKanic, Dick 84, 88, 201 Baker, Barry 221 Baker, Carol 66, 80, 85, 93, 201 Baker, Daniel 97 Baker, Daryle 201 Baker, Eddie 110 Baker, Gloria 221 Baker, Greg 201 Baker, Keith 57, 58, 62, 75, 159, 263 Baker, Larry 221 Baker, Robert 221 Baker, Sue 79, 159 Baker, Terry 221 Baldwin, Lynne 89, 221 Ballance, Mr. Gilbert 33, 97, 99 Ballard, Cindy 94 Balle, Miss Mary 20 Balog, Donna 221 Bankett, Miss Inez 19 Banks, Johnnie Mae 221 Banks, Tootie 201 Barber, Denise 201 Barefoot, Karen 159 Barefoot, Mike 221 Barley, Lois 221 Barley, Robert 92 Barnes, Betty 221 Barnes, Charles 159 Barnes, Cynthia 109, 221 Barnes, Lynn 39, 46, 69, 109 Barnes, Pam 221 Barnes, Ronnie 130 Barnette, Becky 221 Barnette, Kenneth 97, 201 Barnette, Kerri 221 Barr, Allene 109, 159 Barr, Sylvia 201 Barrett, Billy 221 Barrett, Bobby 201 Barringer, Yvette 201 Baskin, Leila 201 Bass, Jeanie 159 Bass, Joyce 221 Bass, Linda 159 Bates, Frank 57, 58, 72, 73, 92, 149, 159, 167 Bates, Jimmy 221, 246 Baucom, Steven 93, 221 Baucom, Robert 221 Bauer, Mark 73, 82, 88, 114, 146 Beach, Jimmy 100, 201 Beach, Sandy 100 Beachum, David 158 Beachum, Paula 201 Beard, Jim 93 Season, Pam 221 Beatty, Patricia 201 Beatty, Randy 130, 146, 201 Beaty, Johnny 221 Beaver, Buddy 97, 99, 110, 201 Beaver, Johnny 221 Beaver, Mary Ellen 158 Beck, William 201, 248 Beckwith, Don 2, 88, 215 Beford, Jean 65, 87, 201 Belcher, Richard 97,158 Belding, Charles 221 Belk, Debby 67, 201 Belk, Mr. Don 23, 96 Belk, Greg 139, 221 Belk, Malcolm 97, 201 Belk, Pam 92, 201 Belk, Reggie 67, 68, 202 Bell, Charlene 221 Bell, Connie 86, 221 Bell, Mrs. Jo 19 Bell. Joe 202 Bell, Mike 71,158 Bell, Mike 93, 222 Bell, Susan 202 Bell, Wendy 86, 222 Belt, Dianne 66. 202 Belton, Marion 134, 135 Belton, Roger 222 Benell, Sherry 86, 90, 222 Benson, Jerry 222 Benson, Robert 222 Benson, Steve 158 Bentley, Joe 222 Bentley, Tommy 202 Berg, Freddie 97, 202 Berg, Stan 158 Berrier, Ricky 222 Berry, Carolyn 86, 222 Berryhill, Brenda 64, 65, 80, 108, 202 Best, Sarah 110, 158 Bickel, Debbie 202 Diggers, Mary 58, 68. 95, 158 Biggers, Pam 202 Bigham, Harold 158 Bigham, Henry 222 Bigham, Paul 222 Birkland, Susan 89, 108, 202 Bishop, Debra 158 Bishop, John 97, 158 Bishop, Kay 222 Bishop, Mary 85, 202 Bizzell, Nancy 202 Black, Brice 222 Black, Cathy 222 Black, Debbie 39, 45, 79, 101, 105, 158 Black, Janice 101,202 Black, Kathy 83, 222 Black, Kay 83, 92 Black, Ray 126, 146, 222 Blackman, Charlotte 222 Blackman, Jim 135 Blackman, Sammie 126,139, 222 Blackman, Terry 222 Blackwelder, Carol 101,202 Blackwelder, Peggy 202 Blackwell, Kathleen 202 Blackwell, Lynn 94, 178 Blackwell, Terry 97 Bladen, Roger 88, 158, 224 Blake, Billy 158 Blake, Ricky 222 Blakely, Bill 222 Blalock, William 222 Blanchard, Marsha 109, 158 Blankenship, Jon 75, 202 Blanton, Shelly 87, 100, 160 Blount, Curtis 222 Blount, Jess 126, 139, 222, 258 Bloxham, Carol 69, 222 Blue, Kenneth 222 Blume, Roxanne 222 Boardman, Ray 150, 222 Boggs, Charles 202 Boggs, Frank 222 Boggs, Miriam 160 Bolden, Sammie 202 Bolick, Linda 108, 202 Bolick, Pam 202 Bolin, Becky 202 Bolin, Steve 84, 97, 99, 160 Bolton, Bobby 202 Bolton, Mackey 222 Bolton, Maxine 86 Bolton, Vyky 160 Bonnevie, Reggie 55, 56, 58, 68, 71, 75, 160, 197 Booker, Eugene 223 Bookout, Joe 223 Boon, Rick 160 Borders, Gwen 110,160 Borst, Janice 223 Bost, Frankie 223 Boswell, Barney 223 281 Boswell. Neal 9. 114, 115, 135, 146, 148, 160 Bouchelle, Everette 160 Boulware, James 223 Boulware, Shirley 109, 202 Bousman, Jerri 223 Bowen, Darrell 130, 202 Bowen, Frances 109, 202 Bowen, Lynne 109, 161 Bowers, Marcelle 223 Bowman, Darcy 76, 80, 202 Bowman, David 223 Boyd, Martha 67. 85. 86, 161 Boyd, Mrs. Virginia 29 Boyles, David 223 Boyles, Lacy 223 Boyles, Larry 223 Boyles, Paula 223 Boyles, Terry 223 Bradsher, Pat 223 Brakefield, David 202 Brandon, Cathey 109, 223 Brannon, Doug 132, 202 Branshaw, Mr. Wayne 33, 97 Branum, Allen 223 Brattain, Steve 202 Brawley, Sandra 83, 93, 110, 161 Brice, Minnie 109 Brickey, Sammy 223 Bridges, Chris 223 Bridges, Jackie 223 Bridges, Jay 99, 202 Bridges, Peggy 109, 161 Bright, Carolyn 100, 202 Brigman, Freida 223 Brigman, Rachel 223 ' Brinkley, Deanee 86, 90, 223 Broadnax, Randy 223 Broadway, Scott 223 Broadwell, Barry 23, 49. 69, 73. 82. 114, 115, 161 Brogdon, Mary 79, 161 Brooks, Carolyn 161 Brooks, George 105, 152, 161 Brooks, June 85. 202 Brooks, Marcia 223 Broome, Danny 223 Broome, Jackie 223 Broome, Lester 97 Broome, Linda 161 Broughton, Miss Leonora 20 Brown, Babs 49, 101, 105, 202 Brown, Bobby 68, 202 Brown, Carolina 97, 99, 202 Brown, Cathee 223 Brown, Cheryl 223 Brown, Chris 87, 93, 202 Brown, Darlene 109, 223 Brown, Gene 135, 138, 202 Brown, George 161 Brown, Harvey 223 Brown. Jeff 97, 202 Brown, Joyce 69, 76. 110, 111, 161 Brown, Lavern 92.161 Brown. Pamela 162 Brown. Rikki 97, 202 Brown, Ronnie 162 Brown. Steve 223 Brown. Teresa 63, 84, 87, 202, 263 Bryant, Brenda 109, 128, 174, 202 Bryant, Rusty 223 Bryant. Wanda 223 Buboltz, Tim 202, 206 Buchanan, Claudia 202 Buchanan,Joy 223 Buchanan, Melinda 63, 83, 92, 108, 202, 263 Buckley, Gilbert 223 Bufford, Edna Mae 223 Bullock. Vicki 223 Bumgarner, Kathy 97. 99, 202 Buraglio, Pat 223 Burchfield. Sam 223 Burgess, Cathy 223 Burgess, Mrs. Nancy 33, 100 Burgess, Susan 58, 85, 91, 99, 162 Burgess, Sylvia 162 Burgin, Charlie 202 Burkhead, Johnny 223 Burnette, Beverly 95, 162 Burnette, Charlene 86, 89, 223 Burnette, Shelia 223 Burnette, Steve 223 Burnham, Nancy 91,223 Burns, Herbie 162 Burris, Patsy 202 Burt, Susan 49, 58, 63, 76, 162, 179, 251, 263 Burton, Carol 203 Burton, Debby 80, 203 BUS DRIVERS 88 Bushart, James 203 Bushnell, Rebekah 224 Butler, Randy 68, 71, 85, 91,203 Byram, Allen 162 Byrd, Danny 224 Byrd, Vicki 224 Byrum, Clifford 224 Byrum, William 224 C. O. O, 94 Cable, Sylvia 84, 87, 93, 203 Cadieu, Cathey 109 CAFETERIA STAFF 36 Cain, Marilyn 203 Caldwell, Joyce 100, 162, 294 Caldwell, Joyce 57, 76, 93, 162 Caldwell, Mrs. Ruby 20, 86 Call, Mike 84, 149, 203 Call, Teresa 224, 230 Callahan, Pat 224 Camp, Mr. Steven 26 Campbell, Karel 224 Campbell, Lynn 162 Campbell, Lillie 203 Campbell, Mike 96, 203 Campbell, Tricia 76, 162 Campbell, Susan 224 Campbell, William 97, 203 Canaday, Gay 224 Canaday, Joe 224 Canaday, Michael 224 Canipe, Trudy 90, 203 Cannon, Betsy 89, 162 Cannon, Shelia 162 Cansler, Mike 109, 203 Canup, Atress 162 Canup, Buddy 224 Canup, Cora 224 Carias, Lou 67, 91,97, 99, 162 Carithers, Hugh 97 Carlisle, Chris 224 Carlisle, Ginger 80, 203 Carlisle, Katy 39, 141,224 Carlisle, Mark 100 Carnes, Angela 89, 224 Carpenter, Diane 203 Carpenter, Mrs. Jo Ann 20, 65, 86 Carpenter, Judy 108, 203 Carpenter, Ted 203 Carriker, Bob 130, 146, 224 Carroli, Neil 224 Carson, Kathy 93, 224 Carson, Bill 73, 163 Carter, Kitsy 80, 203 Carter, Rick 203 Case, Debbie 80 Case, Wayne 203 Cashion, Shaye 49, 70, 76, 77, 163, 263, 68 Casner, Sandy 95, 163 Cathey, Dora 203 Cathey, Mrs. Mary 22 Cato, Beverly 203 Caudle, Nancy 58, 163 Cawthorn, Pam 224, 226 CENTRUSA 78 Chaffin, Mike 203 Chambers, Clifton 203 Chambers, Gin 224 282 Chance, Gayle 224 Chastain, James 163 Chavis, Paul 224 CHEERLEADERS 129 Cherry, Paul 224 CHESS CLUB 88 Chesser, John 100 Childers, George 224 Childers, Robert 84, 97, 99, 163 CHORUS A 109 CHORUS B 109 Chow, Sing 110, 111, 163 Christenbury, Ken 69, 224 Christenbury, Randy 100 Christenbury, Suzanne 163 Christensen, Clayton 203 Church, Jack 203 Cirulis, Jane 203 Clark, Gary 224 Clark, Geary 91,97, 99 Clark, Patty 110, 111, 163, 295 Clarke, Debbie 203 Clement, John 224 Clemons, Ruth 203 Cline, Janice 203 Clontz, Derek 73, 203 Clontz, Linda 94, 163 Coble, Lois 224 Cochran, Cinda 224 Cochran, Don 82,130, 135, 143, 163 Cochran, Steve 203, 295, 297 Cochrane, Steve 64, 65, 67, 68, 73, 75, 82, 91, 170, 203, 205 Cochrane, Susan 109, 224 Cochrell, Sheryl 109, 224 Cole, Donna 64, 65, 66, 68, 85, 86, 163 Cole, Grady 224 Cole, Rick 110, 203 Coleman, Carolyn 163 Coleman, Gene 88, 165 Coleman, Robert 224 Coll, Nutte 54, 68, 76, 79, 165 Collins, Darrell 97, 99, 110, 165 Collins, Donald 203 Collins, Janice 203 Collins, Jay 224 Collins, Joyce 225 CONCERT BAND 107 Conder, Pam 83, 225 Conley, Diane 222, 225 Conley, Howard 97, 165 Connell, Mike 225 Connell, Pam 225 Conner, Donna 66, 109, 203 Conrad, Robin 52, 104, 106 Cook, Chip 126, 132 Cook, Cindy 204 Cook, David 126, 225 Cook, Debbie 110, 204 Cook, Doug 146, 225 Cook, Geary 163 Cook, John 109, 225 Cook, Karen 225 Cook, Mike 109 Cook, Stan 165 Cook, Susan 225 Correll, Vickie 165 Costin, Janet 58, 76, 77, 165 Costin, John 70, 71, 126, 149, 225 Cothern, Mike 225 Cotton, Ricky 96, 132, 204 Couch, Alan 204 Couet, Connie 83, 87, 204 Coulter, Don 225 Coulter, Raymond 165 Courtney, Bill 97, 204 Courtney, Susan 93, 204 Cowan, Debbie 165 Cowan, Mike 225 Cox, Bobbie 225 Cox, George 225 Cox, Lonnie 225 Coyne. Debbie 225 Craft, Carole 225 Crassons, Bill 69, 92, 165, 167 Crawford, Adrienne 225 Crawford, Carwell 225 Crawford, Marion 146, 225 Crede, Libby 93, 204 Creech, Cathy 204 Creed. Bob 73, 84, 126, 146, 225 Crenshaw, Gloria 93, 165 Crisco, Deborah 79, 93, 165 Cross, Larry 88 Crot, Barbara 204 Crow, David 67, 110, 204 Crowder, Janice 110 Crowder, M ary 101, 204 Crowder, Sis 110, 111, 204 Crowell, Mike 225 Crump, Cathy 204 Crump, Debbie 204 Crump, Diane 225 Crump, Janice 225 Crump, Mary 225 Crump, Teresa 109 Cudd, Max 67, 91, 165 Cullingford, Ronnie 165 Culp, Mike 100, 164 Cummings, Mr. R. E. 7, 22, 114, 118, 241 Cunningham, Miss Betty 17, 95 Cunningham, David 139 Cunningham, Vivian 225 Cupit, Debbie 225 Cupp, Tommy 204 Curlee, Beverly 225 Currie, Gloria 204 CUSTODIAL STAFF 37 Cuthbertson, Cindy 100 Cuthbertson, Dickie 225 Cuthbertson, Marshall 164 D. E. C. A. 100 Dahir, Yasmeen 204 Dahl, Jerry 204 Dalton, Carolyn 164 Dameron, Sylvia 83, 86, 225 Danner, Lynda 225 Dasher, Bobby 132, 225 Davenport, Don 110, 164 Davidson, Richard 109, 225 Davis, Gail 225 Davis, Ginger 67, 76, 86, 87, 204, 80 Davis, Leslie 69, 109, 220, 225 Davis, Libby 225 Davis, Lisa 164 Davis, Phyllis 93, 95, 164 Davis, Richard 225 Davis, Robert 225 Davis, Sylvester 225 Davis, Tom 96, 164 Davis, Wayne 225 Deal, Dennis 164 Deal, Diane 225 Deal, Mrs. Shirley 33 Dean, Marie 164 Deason, Terry 95, 164 Deaton, Phil 225 DEBATE CLUB 91 Deberry, Mrs. Sara 25 Deese, Mrs. Faye 20 Deese, Thersa 225 Delaine, Mr. B. B. 34 Delaney, Kevin 100, 110, 204 Delaney, Mark 109 Delaney, Patricia 92, 108, 204 Delinger, Cynthia 90 Dellinger, Mike 100, 204 Derby, Guy 164 Desmet, Barbara 93, 164 Dew, Gloria 204 Dickerson, Aurie 100, 204 Diorio, M ' ke 204 Dixon Clarice 225 Dixjn, Mr. James 22, 23 Cixon, James 164 Dixon, Linda 58, 76, 77, 128, 164, 174 Dobbins, Debby 164 Dobbins, Monty 89, 152 Dobbins, Stan 204 Doby, Freddie 225 Dodd, Gae Lynn 226 Doerschuk, Elaine 58, 84, 106, 164 283 Dooley, Tere 226 Doster, Mr. Robert 33, 97 Dove, Sylvia 226 Dowdle, Kathy 109, 226, 246 Downey, Pat 204, 226 Downing, Teresa 226 Draddy, Beth 63, 69, 76, 103, 166, 263 Drake, Carolyn 110, 166 Drakeford, Thomas 204 Draper, Vicki 226 Duckworth, Gregg 65, 166 Duckworth, Kay 226 Duffell, Ken 226 Dugger, Jamie 226 Dulin, Wally 89, 204 Dull, Carol 109, 166 Duncan, Dean 67, 84, 91,166 Duncan, Johnny 226 Duncan, Linda 109 Dunlap, Craig 150, 226 Dunn, Debbie 204 Dyer, Randy 114, 204, 297 Bakes, Kenneth 100, 166 Eargle, Shelia 204 Easterling, John 69, 73, 89, 204 Economos, Nick 226 Eddins, Diane 204 Eddy, Walter 75, 149, 166 Edenburn, David 109, 226 Edminston, Carolyn 109 Edmonds, Vicki 226 Edmonson, Cindy 204 Edwards, Barbara 108, 204 Edwards, Brenda 226 Edwards, Dawn 204 Edwards, Mr. James 27, 142, 152, 153, 296 Edwards, Kathy 79, 166 Edwards, Kerry 125, 149, 166 Edwards, Marty 166 Edwards, Patricia 226 Edwards, Roger 226 Ellis, Bobby 64, 65, 82 Ellis, James 204 Ellis, Mike 114, 226 Ellison, Mrs. Darla 25 Elmore, Bill 166 Elmore, Eddie 226 Elmore, Mickie 166 Elmore, Pattie 204 English, Debbie 167 Epting, James 167 Ertzberger, Steve 110, 203, 204 Ervin, Terry 204 Estridge, Jeff 204 Estridge, Phil 126, 226 Etters, Bill 100, 204 Evans, Michele 204 Evans, Rodney 226 Everett, Candy 167 Everhart, Pam 69, 226 Faille, Mikki 65, 80, 79, 204 Faircloth, Patricia 226 Faires, Debbie 204, 246 Faires, Elaine 204 Falk, Amy 11,86, 226 Falkner, Shirley 226 Farrar, Ken 226 Farrar, Yvonne 80, 205 Feaster, Marion 163 Feaster, Sonny 226 Feimster, Nancy 226 Ferguson, Carolyn 226 Ferguson, Joyce 86, 90, 109, 226 Ferrell, Brenda 110, 167 Ferrell, Donna 88, 101, 167 Ferrell, Judy 226 Ferris, Lynda 226 Fields, Richard 146, 205 Fincher, Helen 167 Findley, Billy 97 Fink, Calvin 88, 205 Fink, Doug 226 Fink, Marsha 109, 205 Finley, Ronny 167 Fischer, Mrs. Catherine 84 Fisher, Jan 67, 91,97, 99, 205, 219 Fisher, Robert 227 Fisher, Teresa 95, 167 Fitch, Jenny 227 Fite, Gary 227 Fitzgerald, Pam 227 Fitzgerald, Steve 97, 99, 167 Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Jeanne 20, 240 Fleggas, Gus 91, 205 Fleming, Cathy 227 Flowe, Jimmy 169 Flowe, Paulette 205 Flowe, Sheila 227 Flowe, Sibyl 89, 227 Ford, Donna 169 Ford, James 100, 227 Ford, Jim 110 Fore, Jeffrey 227 Fore, Sylvia 227 FOREIGN EXCHANGE COMMITTEE 55 Fort, Mrs. Mary 20, 89 Fortenberry, Carolyn 109 Fortner, Linda 93, 205 Foster, Annise 205 Foster, Dean 227 Foster, Debbie 89, 205 Foster, Debbie 227 Foster, Don 227 Foster, Donna 227 Foster, Robert 227 Foster, Teddy 82, 114, 125, 132, 169 Foushee, Freddy 66, 69, 73, 169 205, Fowler, Gloria 227 Fowler, Joanne 227 Fowler, John 68, 69, 88, 149, 205 Fox, Carol 205 Fox, Jeanie 100 Frady, Pat 205 Fraley, Danny 227 Fralic, Andy 97 Francisco, Patty 227 Franklin, Patricia 109, 227 Franklin, Thomas 97, 169 Franks, Penny 66, 108, 205 Frazier, Arthur 139 Frederick, Charlie 205 Freeman, Durand 227 Freeman, Katrina 109 Freeman, Mary 227 FRENCH CLUB 85 Frierson, Lynn 100, 108, 205 Frodge, Anne 89, 108, 205 Frodge, Diane 169 Frye, Phyilis 205 Frye, Vickie 169 Fulkerson, Jane 84, 205 Fuller, Linda 108, 169 Fuller, Rick 57, 75, 114, 116, 125, 169 Fullerton, Birne 86, 89, 109, 227 Fullerton, John 51, 57, 58, 68, 71, 91, 167, 169 Funderburke, Beejie 101,106, 227 Funderburke, Teena 205 Furr, Ann 80, 205 Furr, Mike 227 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 90 FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA 86 G. G. S. 76, 77 Gaddy, Steve 205 Gallion, Barbara 69, 227 Gallman, Brenda 83, 92, 100, 205 Gallman, Linda 205 Gallman, Robbie 169 Gallman, Vanessa 86, 227 Gantt, Mindy 63, 66, 93, 169, 263 Ganus, Kenneth 227 Gardner, Mrs. Benton 25, 83 Gardner, Cherre 95, 169 Gardner, Keith 100, 205 Gardner, Susan 69, 80, 108, 205 GARINGER BUSINESS LEADERS 95 GARINGER CHOIR 110 GARINGER TOWN PLAYERS 67 Garmon, Linda 227 Garner, Mrs. Elizabeth 18, 92 Gathings, David 227 Gathings, Gene 205 Gatlin, Joy 78, 110, 169, 294 Gay, Christine 205 Geer, Donna 227 Gemin, Butch 149, 227 Gerald, Charles 205 GERMAN CLUB 84 Giancarlo, David 227 Gibson, Dallas 206 Gibson, Mrs. Karen 20 Gibson, Mary 206 Gibson, Pernette 97, 99, 206 Gilbert, Susan 227 Gilleland, Mr. Gene 114, 132 Gillespie, Darlene 100, 169 Gillespie, Wayne 96, 206 Gillis, Ray 82, 114, 169 Gillis, Sandy 206 Gilstrap, Carlos 84, 97, 99, 203, 206 Ginn, Cynthia 168 Ginn, Pat 206 GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE 108 Glasper, Henry 206 Glass. Charles 71, 75. 125, 152, 168 Glenn, Harriette 206 Glenn, Shelia 206 Glickert, Donna 19, 57, 63, 79, 110, 111, 168, 263 Glover, Ann 83, 92, 100, 206 Glover, Debbie 109, 206 Godfrey, Anne 227 Godfrey, James 168 Godwin, Mr. Bob 22, 114, 126 Goff, Debbie 227 Goforth, Buddy 206 Goode, Geraldine 227 Goodloe, Julia 58, 168 Goodwin, Kathy 206 Goomis, David 206 284 Gordon, Amy 227 Gordon, Doug 227 Gordon, Ralph 227 Goss, Malcolm 206 Graham, Joe 9, 114, 125, 135, 136, 137, 138, 143, 206, 241 Graham, Karen 227, 69 Grantham, Rebecca 87, 108, 206 Graves, Myra 86, 227, 246 Gray, Teresa 206 Gray, Virginia 168 Green, Mamie 227 Greene, Bill 206 Greene, Jerry 73, 125, 130, 146, 168 Greene, Joel 130, 146, 227 Greene, Larry 227 Greer, Tim 206 Gregory, Mr. Richard 32 Gregory, Shirley 206 Greth, Mike 227 Greth, Robert 227 Grey, Billy 96, 206 Grier, Johyde 139 Griffin, Becky 66, 78, 89, 93, 168 Griffin, Bill 100, 168 Griffin, Cathy 92, 108, 206 Griffin, Cathy 227 Griffin, Debbie 206 Griffin, Donnie 49, 75, 82, 114, 117, 168, 296 Griffin, Mike 146, 206 Griffin, Mrs. Sabra 32 Griffin, Kathy 95, 168 Griggs, Beverly 108, 206 Grimes, Ricky 152, 227 Grindstaff, Renee 93, 206 Grindstaff, Scotty 97, 168 Grundman, Deborah 227 Grunt, Cathey 206 Guin, Denise 227 Gulledge, Vicki 100, 110, 168 Gunter, David 97 Gunter, Doris 206 Gwyn, Kim 207 Gwyn, Phil 168 GYM ASSISTANTS 93 Hackay, John 227 Hackett, Janet 80, 103, 207 Hackney, John 100, 207 Hackney, Tim 73, 75, 114, 207 Hadden, Mel 96, 130, 207 Hagel, Mark 57, 58, 146, 167, 168 Hailey, Eddie 168 Haire, Stephen 207 Haley, Debbie 170 Hall, Bill 84 Hall, Carol 84, 207 Hall, Debbie 97, 99, 109, 207 Hall, Ginger 49, 64, 65, 69, 76, 77, 128, 170, 197 Hall, Mrs. Grace 20 Hall, Jan 110, 207 Halstead, Donna 67, 79, 86, 93, 170 Hamilton, Paul 227 Hamilton, Mrs. Shirley 24, 25, 66 Hamlet, Gary 170 Hammer, Sherry 170 Hampele, Dianne 90, 100, 207 Hamrick, Joe 227 Hancock, Becky 89, 110, 170 Hancock, Carol 93, 228, 294 Hand, Robert 93, 109, 228 Hands, Dennis 170 Haney, Miss Suanne 21,76 Hanigan, John 88, 97, 98, 170 Hanigan, Kathy 52, 93, 207 Hankins, Karen 228 Hankins, Mike 170 Hanley, Mike 207 Harding, Bob 139, 146, 207 Harding, Mike 228 Hardison, Eric 57, 69, 73, 82, 114, 115, 171,165 Hardy, Edward 207 Hargett, Harold 228 Harkey, Jerry 228 Harkey, Robin 126, 146, 148, 228 Harman, David 126, 228 Harpe, Neal 207 Harrell, Charles 228 Harrington, Cindy 100, 109, 207 Harrington, Joe 171 Harris, Billie 228 Harris, James 228 Harris, Miss Katie 67 Harris, Myra 109, 228 Harrison, Brian 69, 71, 150, 207 Harrison, John 110, 207 Harrison, Larry 97 Harrison, Mike 228 Hart, Brantley 70, 71,91,97, 99, 171 Hart, Denise 228 Hartman, Cirby 96, 207 Hatcher, Bill 171 Hatfield, Adrian 73, 84, 207 Hathcock, Hope 228 Hawkins, Kathie 228 Hawley, Teresa 100, 207 Hawn, Mrs. Frances 27, 79 Hayden, Donna 39, 46, 69, 79, 80, 108, 128, 174, 200, 207, 217 Haywood, Brenda 228 Haywood, Donna 207 Heatherley, Marvin 89, 228 Hedrick, Andy 100, 207 Hedrick, Kim 228 Hedspeth, Jerry 171 Hefner, Eddie 228 Hefner, Ken 97 Hegler, Nina 109, 228 Heinbaugh, Mrs. Shirley 28 Heine. Anne 93, 207 Heine, Barbara 228 Heine, Scott 96, 207 Helms, Mrs. Barbara 296 Helms, Billy 55, 67, 86, 87, 89. 93, 171 Helms, Curtis 58, 100, 171 Helms, Debbie 207 Helms, Debbie 228 Helms, Johnny 109, 228 Helms, Judy 207 Helms, Leonard 228 Helms, Ralph 228 Helms, Robin 207 Helms, Sammy 97, 207 Helsabeck, Patsy 33, 84, 171 Helson, Mike 86, 228 Henderson, Becky 78, 93, 171 Henderson, Cheryl 207 Henderson, Dinah 228 Henderson, Heidi 87, 207 Henderson, Martha 66, 80, 207, 217 Hendricks, Patsy 207 Henson, Rebecca 228 Herkin, Theresa 207 Hesterberg, Carolyn 228 Hesterberg, Howard 171 Hewitt, George 100, 207 Hewitt, Mack 97, 99, 207 Hl-Y 74 Hicks, Pamela 65, 207 Hicks, Ricky 207 Hicks, Mr. Warren 35 Higginson, Susan 85, 171 Hilder, Melanie 69, 141, 228 Hill, Gene 228 Hill, Joe 97 Hill, Kathy 228 Hill, Rob 228 Hilliard, Lane 228 Hilliard, Lynn 207 Hilton, Hugh 207 Hilton, Ray 207 Hines, Terri 207 Hinson, Betty 94, 171 Hinson, Chris 228 Hinson, Danny 228 Hinson, Debra 228 Hinson, Diane 172 Hinson, Mildred 109, 228 Hinson, Roger 100, 172 Hinson, Sylvia 207 Hipps, Donna 53, 55, 56, 58. 63, 66, 68, 76, 110, 172, 197, 263, 296 Hipps, Mrs. Martha 32 Hiser, Joann 229 Hodge, Alan 207 Hodge, Allan 229 Hodge, Beth 229 Hodge, Clay 88, 97 Hodge, Sheila 229 Hodge, Wanda 172 Hodges, Bonnie 229 Hodges, Eddie 97, 207 Hodges, Frank 207 Hodges, Jane 172 Hodges, Janet 172 Hoffman, Becky 229 Hoffman, Debbie 108, 207 Hoffman, Susan 229 Hogien, Shirley 229 Hoke, Pam 229 Hoke. Roderick 21 Holbrook, David 229 Holcomb, Brenda 172 Holcomb, Joann 229 Holcomb, Karen 80, 89, 208 Holcomb, Wanda 208 Holland, Eddie 208 Hollenbeck, Jerry 208 Hollingsworth, Mrs. Helen 18 Hollingsworth, Joe 172 Hollingsworth, Robin 229 Holloway, Emil 66, 82, 114, 135, 146, 208 Holman, Thomas 229 Holmes, Laurena 93, 208 Holmes, Linda 69, 208 Holshouser, Karen 80, 100, 208 Holton, Janet 90, 108, 172 Honeycutt, Wanda 229 Hood, Mr. Harold 21 Hooper, Donna 208 Hooper, Nancy 229 Hoots, Linda 208 Hoover, Eddie 208 Hoover, Linda 109 Hoover, Perrie 229 Hope, Debbie 208 Hooper, Gail 208 Horne, Charles 149, 172 Horne, Debbie 229 Horne, Donald 69, 229 Horne, Jody 10, 55, 172 Horne, Kathy 229 Horne, Margaret 208 Horton, Bill 150, 172 Horton, Marie 108, 208 Horton, Steve 229 Hough, Burdette 92, 208 Hourston, Miss Elizabeth 297 House, David 58, 91, 173, 215 House, Penny 100, 208 Houser, Kathy 229 Houston, Jimmy 84, 208 Howan, Vicki 173 Howard, Becky 89, 229 Howard, Donna 86, 229 Howard, Faye 229 Howard, J. W. 109, 229 Howarth, Lynn 64, 65, 76, 208 Howell, Marvin 173 Howie, Donald 97, 208 Howie, Hattie 229 Howie, Mary Ann 208 Howie, Mrs. Elizabeth 28 Hubbard, Felix 82, 173 Hucks, John 229 Hudgins, Sandy 108, 208 Hudson, Jerri 208 Hudson, Irish 208 Huftsietler, Cecil 229 Hughes, Helen 76, 89, 103, 173 Hughes, Randy 208 Hughes, Stormy 69, 229 Hughston, Chuck 134, 135, 137, 229 Hullett, Mike 208 Huneycutt, Norman 208 Hunnicutt, John 97 Hunsucker, Bernie 208 Hunt, Cindy 229 Hunt, Gwen 109, 208 Hunter, Cathy 173 Hunter, Miss Joyce 35, 93 Hunter, Lynda 76, 89, 96, 208 Hunter, Lynn 208 Huntley, Mrs. Flora 26, 27 Huntley, Victoria 229 Huskey, Lynne 86, 87, 110, 208 Huss, Mary Alice 229 Hutchison, Ann 79, 85, 208 Hutchison, Lynda 100, 110, 173 Hutto, Jamie 93, 229 Hutto, Susan 109, 208 Hyde, Mary 208 Impson, Terri 83, 229 Ingle, Carl 97, 173 Ingold, Mr. Fred 16, 27 Ingram, Vinson 229 INTERACT CLUB 70 Irby, Janie 90, 110, 173 Irby, Ricky 208 Isenhour, Jimmy 84, 152, 208 Isenhour, Robbie 39, 141, 220, 230 Ivester, Jeff 230 Jackson, Barbara 230 Jackson, Butch 230 Jackson, Carol 230 Jackson, Katherine 208 Jacobs, Jane 230 James, Chuck 96, 208 James, Melody 39, 79, 103, 209 James, Sherry 209 Jandebeur, Kay 209 Jandebeur, Ronnie 173 Jarrell, Mich 230 Jarvis, Nancy 230 Jeffers, Kenneth 109 Jeffers, Nadine 209 Jefferson, Chuck 67 Jefferson, Johnny 230 Jenkins, Brenda 80, 209 Jenkins, Steve 209 Jenrich, Janis 109, 173 Jett, Sylvia 230 Johns, Diane 209 Johns, Virginia 230 Johnson, Anna 94, 173 Johnson, Cathy 85, 88, 230 Johnson, Helen 230 Johnson,Jane 230 Johnson, Jimmy 209 Johnson, John 71, 75, 82, 114, 209 Johnson, Mike 230 Johnson, Paula 209 Johnson, Richard 230 Johnson, Roger 209 Johnson, Terry 209 Johnston, Donna 78, 103, 173 Johnston, Jimmy 66, 173 Johnston, Wanda 173 Jones, Brice 109, 209 Jones, Carl 209 Jones, Carol Louise 230 Jones, Crissie65, 173 Jones, Dana 209 Jones, Eric 97, 209 Jones, Jeanie 230 Jones, Mrs. Julia 35, 93 Jones, LeAnn 100, 174 Jones, Mike 174 Jones, Randy 230 Jones, Ron 209 Jones, Sherry 52, 69, 78, 103, 106, 174 Jones, Steve 107, 230 Jones, Vivian 100, 209 Jordan, Jenny 230 138,146, Joyce, Jack 109, 230 Joyner, Shaw 174 Justice, Ralph 209 Kalista, Richard 126,139, 230 Kanipe, Rhonda 230 Kanipe, Tony 230 Kannon, Brenda 209 Kaso, Debbie 92, 108, 209 Keller, Debbie 230 Kelly, Charlotte 230 Kelly, Johnny 230 Kelly, Pat 174 Kemenczky, Debbie 76, 80, 209 Kemp, Susan 230 Kemper, Mr. John 33, 97 Kennerly, Linda 174 Kennington, Jane 89, 209 Kerr, Mae Nell 100, 209 Kerrick, Randy 230 Kessler, Janice 209 Kester, Cindy 39, 44, 49, 50, 74, 76, 77, 128, 156, 174, 198 KEY CLUB 72, 73 Keziah, Pam 86, 230 Keziah, Patsy 68, 174 Killian, Don 230 Killian, James 174 Kimbrell, Karen 68, 86, 175 Kimmons, Mary 230 Kinard, Herbert 175 Kinard, Vanessa 230 Kincaid, Johnny 230 Kincaid, Larry 230 Kincaid, Rita 231 King, Joe 231 King, Johnnie 231 King, Lea 209 King, Pam 69, 79, 80, 93, 103, 209 King, Tommy 231 King, Miss Wilma 30 286 Kinney, Sandy 49. 71, 82, 114, 119, 175 198 Kirby, Bonnie 209 Kirby, Charles 86, 126, 146, 220, 231 Kirby, Doug 231 Kirby, Karen 49, 57, 62, 68, 76, 128, 174, 175, 198, 263, 300 Kirkland, Mike 231 Kirkley, Randy 231 Kirkley, Skip 231 Kirkman, Hope 175 Kirkpatrick, James 209 Kirkpatrick, John 82, 130, 132, 143, 175 Kiser, Bobby 231 Kiser, Jerry 231 Kiser, Howard 231 Kiser, Kathy 231 Kissiah, Marilyn 68, 76, 77, 95, 103, 156 175, 253, 296 Kissiah, Randy 231 Kistler, Gary 149, 231 Kistler, Mrs. Gretta 19, 58 Kistler, Linda 209 Kitche, Lonnie 231 Knight, Dianne 109 Knighton, Ricky 231 Knox, Fred 231 Koehler, Karl 84, 231 Kotel, Marian 231 Koutroulias, Mecia 86, 231 Kunsman, Peggy 210 Kuppers, Mary 85, 231 Kuykendall, Mrs. Emily 17 Lackey, Mrs. Louise 32, 94 Lail, Lin la 210 Lambert, John 97, 99, 175 Lambert. Mary Ann 231 Lambert, Scott 89, 175 Lamon, Florine 94, 175 Lamonds, Janice 231 Lampley, Tim 231 Land, James 97, 175 Lands, Mike 175 Lankford, Larry 210 LATIN CLUB 84 Lau, Becky 210 Lau, Fred 109, 210 Lawrence, Jo 89, 231 Lawrence, Mike 97, 210 Lawter, Suzanne 231 Lay, Belinda86, 92, 210 Leach, Ken 231 Leber, Mike 231 LeChette, Mark 210 Lechner, Debbie 79, 80, 103, 210 Ledbetter, Marshall 149, 231 Lee, David 97, 231 Lee, Harry 177 Lee, Mullis 231 Lee, Olivia 231 Lee, Patricia 231 Lefler, George 210 LeJune, Byron 231 Lemmond, Brenda 90, 109, 177 Lennon, Miss Linda 22 Lentz, Marty 210 LETTERGIRLS 102, 103 Leverett, Margaret 109, 210 Lewis, Mrs. Georgia 26, 87 Lewis, Jimmie 56, 68, 69, 72, 73, 177 Lewis, Steve 88, 210 Lewis, Susan 58, 177 LIBRARIANS AID 92 Liles, Shelia 97, 99, 210 Liles, Susan 49, 79, 177 Liles, Tommy 231 Lindley, Frances 177 Lindsay, Sandra 90, 210 Lindsay, Steven 69, 150, 210 Lineborger, David 93, 109, 231 Lineberry, Becky 79, 177 Liner, Freddy 177 Linker, Debbie 93, 210 Linker, Jan 100, 177 Linker, Jerry 231 Little, Beverly 210 Little, Brenda 89, 210 Little, Carol 231 Little, Cindy 76, 85, 89, 93, 177 Little, Dewey 177 Little, Steve 231 Little, Bill 109, 231 Lloyd, Kenneth 177 Lloyd, Pamela 100, 201 Lock, Sharon 83, 109, 231 Locke, Cindy 210 Lockwood, Don 96, 210 Lockwood, Sandra 94, 177 Loftin, Karen 210 Logan, Sandi 231 Long, Debbie 69, 76, 210 Long, Howard 69, 126, 231 Long, Jimmy 231 Long, Myra 210 Long, Nils 177 Loo, Pauline 58, 177 Loo, Wing 210 Lord, Joyce 210 Losh, Carol 54, 57, 58, 62, 69, 78, 177, 184, 261,263, 294 Lotharp, Robert 126, 146, 231 Love, Elaine 69, 231 Love, Jamie 231 Love, Janet 176 Love, Janice 109, 210 Love, Pat 210 Love, Ann 176 Lowery, Mrs, Betty 32 Lowery, Dennis 88, 210, 215 Lowery, Rebecca 232 Lowrance, Brenda 141,232 Lowrance, Marsha 52, 66, 176, 199 Lupsity, Kathy 232 Lyerly, Myra 79, 210 Lyles, Becky 93, 232 Lyles, Larry 176 Lyles, Deboah 109, 232 Lyles, Judy 210 Lynch, Patrick 232 Lyon, Sam 210 McAndrews, Rosemary 210, 232 McBride, Jackie 210 McBride, Johnny 232 McCall. Calvin 232 McCall, Diane 92, 176 McCall. Elwyn 176 McCall, Gail 57, 59, 79, 176 McCall, Kathy 232 McCall, Sherry 89, 176 McCarathy, Denise 86 McClellan. Robert 97,176 McCleskey, Dale 210 McCleskey, Gale 176 McClure, Joan 21,59, 85, 176 McConahey, Denise 90, 232 McConnell, Nacy 84, 91, 167, 176 McConnell, Terry 109, 211 McCoy, Bob 176 McCoy, Cathy 109, 211 McCoy, Kathy 93, 176 McCoy, Sandy 86, 89, 110, 111, 176 McCoy, Wanda 211 McCune, Sally 84, 176 McDaniel, Beverly 178 McDermott, Betty 141,232 McDougald, Dian 232 McDougald, Eddie 232 McEntire, Shelley 232 McGee, Barry 110, 178 McGee, Miss Patricia 35, 93 McGerrigle, Anne 62, 79, 178, 263 287 McGill, Dyane 211 McGinn, Billy 232 McGinnis, Eddie 232 McGowan, Ronnie 211 McGrath, Kathy 69, 232 McGwinn, Marshall 232 Mcllwaine, Marie 232 Mclwaire, Virginia 232 McIntyre, Karen 232 McIntyre, Pam 211 McIntyre, Patricia 211 Mclver Sheri 232 McKay, Roger 232 McKee, Cindy 109, 232 McKee, Janet 232 McKee, Marie 211 McKenzie, Betty 178 McKenzie, Mary 232 McKenzie, Merle 109, 211 McKillop, Barry 84, 232 McKinnon, Jane 211 McKinnon, Mrs. Jeanne 25 McKnight, Dwight 146, 211 McLairo, Marjorie 211 McLaird, Pat 211 McLamb, Kathy 9, 232 McLaughlin, Linda 86, 109, 232 McLaughlin, Richard 232 McLaurin, Cindy 211 McLean, Richard 232 McMichael, Ken 96 McMillian, Danny 232 McMullan, Mr. Charles 34 McMurray, Charles 97 McMurray, Susan 211 McRae, Doug 232 McRae, Sue 211 MacWhirter, Christine 232 Mabry, Jade 232 Macallif, Sharon 211 Mackintosh, Gayle 211 Macy, Joel 146 Macy, John 146 Madden, Mr. Henery 27, 135, 137 Madden, Mrs. Kathleen 25 Maddox, Mr. Robert 7, 31 Madlin, David 232 Mahaffey, Pam 178 Mahatha, Lola 232 Mallard. Wanda 232 Mance, Willie 82, 114, 121, 178 Manchester, Maxine 178 Mangum, Cathy 109, 232 Mangum, Glenn 232 Manis, Johnny 211 Manis, Shelia 94, 178 Mann, Norma 232 Manship, Cindy 232 MARCHING BAND 104 Marino. Kathryn 178 Marks, Marilyn 66, 84, 232 Marlow, Betty 211 Marlow, Steven 109 Marshall, Janice 79, 95, 111, 178 Martin, Connie 232 Martin, Gary 211 Martin, Patricia 9, 59, 178 Martin, Patricia 94, 178 Martin, Robyn 69, 211 MASCOTS 41 Mason, Marcia 80, 92, 211 Matthews, Lois 100 Matthews, Ronnie 93, 232 Matthews, Susan 49, 79, 110, 111, 178 Mauldin, Janice 232 Mauldwin, Patti 232 Mauney, Keith 232 Mauney, Ruth 211 Mauney, Eddie 63, 67, 178 May, Angie 86, 109, 232 Mayberry, Mike 68, 71, 75, 172, 178, 197 Meaders, Patricia 232 Means, Mrs. Rosa 28 Medford, Barbara 86, 109, 232 MEDICATS 86 Medlin, Gay 68, 76, 179 Meek, Jean 179 Meek, Ronnie 232 Meers, Russell 49, 57, 69, 71, 82, 114, 115, 142, 144, 179, 199 Meier, Danny 84, 233 Melson, Peggy 141,233 Melton, Forrest 233 Melton, Ray 211 Melville, Roger 100, 179 Merritt, Michael 49, 82, 114, 116,143,179 Merritt, Robin 233 Merritt, Sharon 59, 179 Merritt, William 211 Messer, Jimmy 211 Mickel, Gail 108, 211 Mickel, Eddie 97, 179 Miller, Alan 100, 211 Miller, Clarence 233 Miller, David 179 Miller, Debbie 233 Miller, Denise 233 Miller, Donna 85, 211 Miller, Ed 212 Miller, Phyllis 233 Miller, Vivian 212 Milliman, Scott 69, 71, 82, 114, 146, 148, 212 Mills, Donne 109, 233 Mills, Le 233 Mills, Mac 233 Mills, Tony 179 Mirly, Becky 233 Mitchell, Cynthia 233 Mitchell, Kevin 233 Moffitt, Sheila 93, 95, 110, 179 Momberger, Cheryl 67, 212 Momberger, Bud 179 MONOGRAM CLUB 82 Monroe, Steve 149, 233 Monteith, Charles 212 Montieth, Chip 72, 73, 84, 179 Moody, Dale 55, 56, 59, 68, 69, 73, 75, 149, 180, 296 Moody, Betty 212 Moody, Sam 97, 180 Moody, Sylvia 233 Moody, Zandra 17, 212 Mooney, Christine 212 Moore, Chester 233 Moore, Correy 86, 108, 212 Moore, Darline 233 Moore, David 233 Moore, Donald 97, 180 Moore, Doug 59, 88, 91, 167, 180 Moore, Lynne 233 Moore, Tim 180 Moore, Tommy 97, 99, 212 Moore, Gary 180 Moreau, David 59, 75, 97, 180 Morelock, David 97, 114, 119, 135, 142, 143 288 Moreno, Al 233 Morgan, Amelia 59, 79, 110, 111, 180 Morgan, Grady 55, 59, 68, 70, 71, 74, 75, 160, 180, 198, 296 Morgan, Kay 86, 89, 233 Morgan, Mike 82, 114, 146, 211,212 Morgan, Sandy 212 Morgan, Stephen 212 Morgan, Susan 233 Morrett, Mike 233 Morris, Danny 233 Morris, Jane 233 Morris, Jimmy 68, 69, 71, 75, 82, 114, 116, 144, 156, 180 Morris, Rickey 97 Morrison, Belinda 89, 94, 180 Morrison, Cindy 89, 233 Morrison, Freida 233 Morrison, Jo Ann 233 Morrison, Tommy 109, 233 Morrissette, Janet 233 Morrow June 180 Morrow, Pat 64, 65, 95, 181 Morton, Pat 90, 181 Moser, DeeDe 233 Moser, Lewis 181 Moser, Darlene 212 Mosley Pat 39, 43, 49, 67, 68, 72, 79, 91, 128, 170, 181 Moungle, Larry 109 Moyer, Don 233 Mulkey, Cheryle 212 Mull, Bonnie 109, 212 Mullis, Dean 233 Mullis, Charles, 100 Mullis, Herman 212 Mullis, Joyce 233 Mullis, Kathy 93, 212 Mullis, Pat 212 Mullis, Samuel 181 Mullis, Shirley 181 Mullis, Tommy 233 Monger, Jerry 233 Murr, Evelyn 233 Murr, Sally 233 Murr, Terry 79, 103, 181 Murray, Janet 181 Myers, Nathan 97, 212 Nance, Beverly 212 Nance, Donald 233 Nance, Envoy 212 Nance, Shelley 212 Neal, Michael 212 Nealy, Michael 181 Nealy, Rhonda 233 Nelson, Ginger 233 Nelson, Lynn 212 Nelson, Trisha 212 Nesbitt, John 88, 150, 182 Neville, Pam 87, 212 Newman, Donna 57, 59, 84, 89, 106, 182, 198 Newman, Sara 86, 89, 212 Newton, David 67, 92, 212 Nilles, Chuck 146 Nilles, Terry 182 Nivens, Deidre 212 Norkett, John 233 Norkett, Vickie 109, 213 Norman, Kathy 89, 111,220, 233 Norman, Larry 233 Norman, Rick 97, 99 Norris, Betsy 49, 56, 68, 76, 106, 128, 182, 197 Norton, Dennis 233 Norwood, James 97, 213 Nowlan, Norman 233 Oakley, Floyd 213 Oakley, Kathy 233 Odom, Theresa 182 Odom, Vaughn 213 OFFICE ASSISTANTS 93 Oglesby, George 182 Olando, Bobby 213 Olive, Jerry 234 Orbison, Vendora 182 ORCHESTRA 106 Osborne, Pat 234 Oswald, Angie 213 Otto, Margaret 89, 182 Outley, Bill 234 Outz, Cathy 234 Overcash, Cheryle 213 Overcash, Debbie 234 Overcash, Joe 182 Overcash, Ronnie 132 Owens, DeMaris 213 Owens, Jan 213 Owensby, Sherry 234 Oxidine, Blaine 234 Pace, Freddie 234 Pace, Johnny 182 Padgett, Debbie 100 Palmer, Mrs. Margaret 28 Parham, Gail 109, 213 Parker, Cindy 213 Parker, Jackie 213 Parkin, Ann 213 Parks, Bill 234 Parks, David 213 Parks, Jack 73,88,213 Parks, Mrs. Rena 27 Parnell, Bill 88, 150, 213 Parrish, Cynthia 84, 234 Parrish, Mrs. Sarah 18 Parsley, Billy 139, 234 Passaly, David 234 Paterno, Alan 82, 88, 114, 213 Patterson, Brenda 95, 182 Patterson, Diane 213 Patterson, Gloria 109 Pattefson, Herman 62, 67, 213, 263 Patterson, Janice 67, 182 Patterson, Pat 55, 86, 182 Patterson, Rick 152, 213 Patterson, Robert 182 Patton, Jeffery 182 Patton, Lori 234 Paty, Candy 213 Payler, Carl 88, 182 Payne, Nancy 80, 213 Peek, Charles 65,91, 146, 183 Peeler, Mrs. Katherine 17 Peeler, Lewis 67, 87, 110, 183 Pendleton, David 213 Pendleton, Steve 234 Peninger, Don 49, 69, 75, 82, 88, 109, 114, 116, 132, 183 Penninger, Cynthia 94, 183 Pennington, Doris 109, 183 Pepper, Dean 234 Perdue, Gayle 234 Perdue, Mike 213 Perry, Anne 39, 68, 76, 80, 128, 200, 213 Perry, Susan 59, 63, 66, 79, 183, 263 Peterson, Bobby 213 Pethel, Janet 234 Petris, Jeff 73, 149, 152, 183 Pettigrew, Nancy 234 Petty, Johnny 234 Pharr, Donna 234 Pharr, Raymond 213 Phifer, Beverly 234 Phifer, Curtis 126, 234 Phifer, Danny 75, 114, 116, 135, 136, 143, 183 Phifer, Lynn 183, 188 Phillips, Avery 234 Phillips, Betty 234 Phillips, Charles 213 Phillips, Susan 93, 213 Phillips, Tom 75, 150, 183 Philmon, Pat 69, 82, 110, 143,203,213 Pickard, Janet 214 Piehl, Vernon 234 Pierce, Barbara 234 Pierce, Brenda 85, 234 Pierce, Nancy 234 Pinkerton, Regg 69, 82, 89, 143, 183 Pinkerton, Tevis 234 Pittman, Betty 94, 183 Ploger, Jim 183 Plummer, Donna 214 Polly, Brenda 214 Polly, Mike 234 Poison, Bonnie 234 Poison, Delores 183 Ponce, Frank 64, 65, 71, 82, 114, 135, 146, 200, 214 Ponce, O. P. 68, 71, 114, 135, 146, 148, 214, 297 Ponder, Brenda 110, 183 Poole, Glenn 234 Poole, Teddy 234 Pope, Teresa 234 Pope, Wanda 183 Porter, David 97, 99, 184 Porter, Richard 234 Porter, Steve 234 Posey, Sharon 92, 109, 184 Poston, Elaine 80, 214 Poston, Fred 75, 82, 114, 118, 184, 199 Poston, Glenda 80, 85, 214 Poteat, Cynthia 234, 238 Powell, Bill 88, 184 Powell, Bill 150, 234 Powell, Gwen 93 Presslar, Barbara 108, 214 Preslar, Teddy 234 Pressley, Joe 234 Pressley, Lemmie 114, 116, 184 Pressley, Trudy 108, 214 Preston, Rick 97, 98 Prevatt, Randy 96, 214 Price, Judy 109, 184 Price, Pam 59, 62, 84, 87, 184, 263 Price, Patricia 214 Price, Sandra 214 Primm, Mike 109, 152, 234 Prince, June 234 Prince, Rebecca 234 Prince, Regina 184 Pritchard, Virginia 234 Privett, Debbie 109, 234 Privett, Mike 214 289 Privette, Mr. Ernest 32, 95 Privette, Ken 234 Prophet, Becky 214 Prophet, Billy 70, 71, 82, 125, 135, 142, 144, 184 Prophet, Lynne 110 Pruette, Ralph 214 Purser, Dennis 49, 82, 114, 116, 185, 198 Purser, Sylvia 214 Purser, Van 126, 234 Putnam, James 234 Queen, Debra 185 Query, Susan 234 Quinn, Ramona 234 Quinn, Tina 234 Raborn, Jimmy 214 RADIO PRODUCTION 99 Ragan, Sonny 93, 214 Railings, Tommy 149, 214 THE RAMBLER65 Ramsey, Carol 234 Randall, Vickie 214 Ftape, Gayle 214 Ratchford, Margaret 66, 234 Ratcliffe, Franiece214 Ratcliffe, Velda 109, 234 Ray, Susan 86, 235 Rayfield, Dale 235 Raynes, Karen 89, 235 Raynes, Terry 185 Ready, Tommy 214 Reavis, Tommy 214 RED CROSS 89 Reece, Jimmy 97, 215 Reed, Miss Marian 16 Reed, Mark 215 Reeder, Patricia 215 Reeves, Patricia 235 Reich, Mr. Jesse 21 Reid, Mrs. Juanita 19 Reid, Ken 97, 215 Reinhardt, Miss Philecta 21,240 Renaud, Pat 66, 235 Renner, Marta 53, 57, 59, 68, 185 Reville, Kathy 110, 185 Reynders, Henka 84, 90, 185 Reynders, Pete 215 Reynders, Willy 90, 185 Reynolds, Shirley 235 Reynolds, Sylvia 109 Reynolds, Wayne 235 Rhodes, Pamela 235 Rhodes, Walter 185 Richard, Darlene 49, 67, 76, 77, 110, 111, 185,199 Richards, Christine 185 Riddle, Bill 235 Riddle, David 235 Ridge, Steve 152, 215 Rigley, Irene 215 Riley, Ron 215 Rimer, Anne 185 Ritch, Curtis 150, 185 Ritch, James 97, 132, 215 Ritch, Nancy 76, 89 Ritch, Steve 57, 64, 65, 71, 88,187 Ritch, Yvonne 235 Ritchie, Pam 235 Rivers, Donald 235 Rivers, Leon 235 Roach, Kathy 235 Robbins, Monty 235 Robbins, Neal 235 Robbins, Susan 215 Roberts, Lavalle 215 Robertson, Jane 88, 187 Robertson, Jay 49, 75, 82, 109, 114, 116, 146, 187 Robinson, Donnie 235 Robinson, Gary 126, 235 Robinson, Miss Janet 27 Robinson, Janet 215 Robinson, John 135 Robinson, Linda 235 Robinson, Mike 235 Rodgers, Mary 55, 86, 187 Rogers, Mrs. Geraldine 22, 240 Rogers, Robin 235 Roland, Connie 235 Romary, Nancy 79, 110, 187 Roseman, Donna 100, 215 Rosental, Linda 29, 86, 90, 187 Ross, Pat 235 Ross, Robert 215 Roth, Glenn 235 Rowell, Gwen 69, 235 Rowell, Kaye 108, 215 Royal, Frances 86, 235 Royce, Earle 110, 187 Royce, Rebekah 89, 235 Rudisell, George 235 Russell, Beverly 215 Russell, David 187 Russell, Debbie 215 Russell, Donnie 235 Russell, Tim 215 Russell, William 187 Ryan, Mrs. Frances 29, 90 Sacra, Karen 80, 89, 93, 215 Salyer, Sherry 76, 84, 93, 215 Sanders, Mrs. Catherine 25, 240 Sanders, Cynthia 39, 187 Sanders, Donnie 97, 187 Sanders, Donna 109, 215 Sanders, Doug 71, 79, 135, 143, 187, 294 Sanders, Mr. Edward 7, 16 Sanders, Frenda 235 Sanders, Mr. John 31 Sanders, Sherry 52, 57, 59, 89, 187 Sanford, Carol 235 Sanford, Steve 69, 149, 215 Sanger, Mark 139, 235 Sansing, Sandra 79, 95, 187 Satterfield, Judy 79, 187 Satterfield, Lora 235 Sat terwhite, Carol 235 Satterwhite, Susan 62, 79, 187, 263 Savage, Beth 235 Sawyer, Billie 216 Sawyer, Mr. George 22 Sawyer, Mr. Karl 24, 25, 58 Sawyer, Karl 69, 215, 216 Sawyer, Ken 69, 70, 71,216 Scercy, Randy 236 Scercy, Sue 186 Scher, Carl 216 Schlie, James 87, 236 Scofield, Linda 93 Scofield, Bruce 236 Scofield, Pat 109, 216 Schoolfield, Johnny 236 Scoggins, Mark 65, 88 Scott, Cindy 186 Scott, David 216 Scott, Mrs. Judith 27 Scott, Lewis 186 Scott, Wes 71,216 Scruggs, Cara 89, 236 Scruggs, Dolores 236 Scruggs, Mike 236 Scurry, Ronald 216 Seaford, Barbara 216 Seaford, Linda 109, 236 290 Seate, Deborah 59, 186 Seegers, Howard 146 Senn, Linda 92, 186 Serafine, John 216 Sessions, Charles 236 Seuzeneau, Steven 97, 216 Severt, Jimmy 186 Shaffer, Donna 110, 111, 216 Shaia, Mary Helen 55, 63, 68, 83, 85, 87, 186, 263 Shaver, Billy 146, 216 Shaw, Charles 126, 236 Shelby, Gail 216 Sherrill, Kathie 109,186 Sherrill, Kim 208, 216 Sherrill, Pam 236 Shirhall, Tim 89, 126, 236 Shirley, Judy 186 Shirley, Pam 236 Shooter, Stan 236 Short, Jean 236 Short, Marshall 149, 236 Shu, Marty 67, 110,152, 186, 203 Shuford, Martha 108, 236 Silver, Mike 69, 91,236 Simmons, James 236 Simms, Gloria 236 Simpson, Beth 236 Simpson, Linda 236 Sims, Grey 89 Sims, Mrs. Margaret 28 Sims, Robert 97 Sims, Tommie 76, 103, 186 Sinclair, Mr. Kenneth 33 Siniard, Lee 186 Skidmore, Susan 236 Slechta, Liz 67, 186 Sloop, Jan 80, 87, 216 Sloop, Mike 146, 236 Sloope, Connie 236 Slusher, Mike 216 Smart, Steve 236 Smith, Becky 95,188 Smith, Betty 186 Smith, Camilla 84, 86, 87, 108, 216 Smith, Carol 109, 216 Smith, Cathy 216 Smith, Charlotte 186 Smith, Chris 89, 216 Smith, Chuck 68, 69, 73, 74, 75, 82, 114, 118, 174, 181, 186 Smith, Cyndy 236 Smith, Don 69, 71, 75, 188 Smith, Donna 83, 236 Smith, Donnie 236 Smith, Hope 236 Smith, Jane 110, 216 Smith, Jerry 188 Smith, Jim 132, 236 Smith, Karen 67, 188 Smith, Kathy 108, 216 Smith, Kenny 236 Smith, Linda 216 Smith, Marcia 217 Smith, Marion 217 Smith, Marsha 217 Smith, Mary 100, 188 Smith, Mike 236 Smith, Robert 217 Smith, Roger 188 Smith, Rose Ann 236 Smith, Sherry 108, 217 Smith, Vickie 236 Smith, Mr. W. W. 12, 22 Smith, Wallace 97 Sneed, Jerry 100 Snider, Karen 69, 236 Snipes, Elaine 217 SNIPS AND CUTS 63, 263 Somers, Carolyn 188 Southern, Vernon 217 SPANISH CLUB 85 Sparrow, Ricky 89, 236 Sperry, Anne 217 Spielman, Chuck 217 Spielman, Charles 97 Spielman, Sherri 236 Spruill, Linda 188 Spurrier, Vickie 217 Stafford, Bonnie 89, 108, 217 Stafford, Teri 108, 217 Staley, Mr. Robert 33, 97 Stallings, Dianne 236 Stallings, Gary 188 Stanfill, Barry 97, 99,217 Stapleton, Claude 236 Starnes, Charles 189 Starnes, Franklin 217 Starnes, Howard 97 Starnes, Kay 48, 49, 79, 103, 189 Starnes, Lana 55, 57, 59, 64, 65, 68, 76, 77, 85,87, 189, 249 Starnes, Mike 189 Starnes, Pat 217 Starnes, Stephen 217 Stavrakas, Bill 236 Steed, Roger 217 Steele, Miss Betty Jo 25, 80 Steele, John 88 Steele, Robert 189 Stegall, Art 110, 189 Stegall, Barney 100, 189 Stegall, Doug 88, 217 Stegall, Nadine 217 Stegall, Sheri 236 Steinback, Debby95, 189 Stephens, Allida 69, 236 Stephens, Bobbie 57, 68, 89, 103, 189, 262, 294 Stephens, David 230, 236 Stephens, Edwin 71,189 Stephens, Lane 49, 63, 68, 71, 74, 75 76, 82, 114, 118, 189, 263 Stephens, Mike 217 Stephens, Steve 126 Sterrett, Mrs. Jane 23 Stevens, Jill 217 Stevens, Steve 237 Stewart, Ann 217 Stewart, Terri 217 Stiles, Bill 130, 146 Stinson, Janet 189 Stinson, Robert 71,84,107, 217 Stitt, George 190 Still, Gwendolyn 109, 217 Stitt, Kay 190 Stitt, Shirley 89, 217 Stoeckel, Mina 217 Stogner, Mary 237 Stong, Deborah 237 Stotts, Frank 57, 59, 68, 70, 71,84, 190 Strader, Brenda 89,109, 237 Strand, Hans 217 Straughn, Yvonne 237 Streetman, Smitty 237 Strickland, Doris 108, 217 Strickland, Jackie 237 Stricklen, Bobby 237 Strong, Bonnie 237 Stroud, Don 237 Stroupe, Tess 100, 190 Stuart, Ladaria 89, 237 STUDENT COUNCIL 69 Styron, Bobby 96, 217 Styron, Marsha 94, 190 Suddreth, Paulette 237 Sullivan Blenda 190 Sullivan, Eddie 190 Sullivan, Penny 190 Summers, Beverly 190 Summitt, Thomas 218 Surratt, Jimmy 218 Sutherland, Deborah 237 Swacker, Judy 69, 76, 77,156, 190,199 Sweet, Brant 88, 190 Sweet, Burt 218 Sweet, Jim 237 Swett, Mark 97,190 Swiggett, Michele 79, 213, 218 Swinson, Debbie 237 Swinson, Larry 69, 72, 73, 74, 75, 125, 151, 190 SYMPHONIC BAND 105 Talbert, Linda 218, 246 Talbert, Mike 93, 218 Talbott, Conchita 49, 218 Tankerslay, Debbie 109, 237 Tarantino, Katie 89, 218 Tarleton, Debbie 218 Taylor, Francine 237 Taylor, Mr. James 17, 37, 296 Taylor, James 49, 73, 82, 114, 116, 190 Taylor, James 21 Taylor, John 218, 237 Taylor, Lynn 92, 109, 218 Taylor, Mattie 237 Taylor, Ray 218, 237 Taylor, Tina 190 Taylor, Terry 146, 190 Taylor, Tommy 191 Templeton, Joy 191 Tennent, Jess 84, 237 Tew, Landis 237 Thames, Patricia 237 Thomas, Gerald 237 Thomas, Greg 237 Thomas, James 71, 75, 149, 191 Thomas, Michael 237 Thomas, Robert 237 Thomas, Roger 191 Thomas, Ronnie 237 Thomas, Sharon 76, 80, 218 Thomas, Theresa 237 Thomas, Wanda 237 Thompson, Carl 191 Thompson, Debbie 218 Thompson, Dewey 97 Thompson, Joe 237 Thompson, Johnny 149, 218 Thompson, Kathy 66, 108, 218 Thompson, Louie 218 Thompson, Mike 75, 97, 218 Thompson, Ralph 97 Thompson, Rick 237 Thompson, Robert 114, 117, 191 Thompson, Robert 218 Thompson, Skiddie 237 Thompson, Willie 237 Thornburg, Eddie 67, 82, 110, 111, 191, 199 Thorne, Ronnie 237 Thornton, Sandra 94, 165, 191 Threadgill, Linda 218 Tibshrany, Miss Delores 33, 100 Tillman, Bruce 237 Tillman, Jeannie 237 Timmons, Miss Clara 32 Tipton, Linda 68, 69, 76, 80, 218 Tipton, Sybil 237 Tolar, Mike 218 Toldon, Mary 89, 237 Toler, Gail 218 Tolleson, Deborah 237 Tomanchek, Mr. Joe 35, 130, 142 Topp, Charles 191 Topp, Teena 237 Torrence, Jody 237 Torrence, Michael 110,114, 146, 218 Towell, Chellyn 218 Travis, Mrs. Irene 21 Travis, Linda 84, 91, 191 Traylor, Debbie 191 Triece, Frankie 92, 218 Trigg, John 191 Triplett, Bobbie 237 150, Triplett, Jimmy 84, 150, 237 Triplett, Randy 114, 117, 132, 192,297 Tripp, Marius 237 Troutman, Janice 218 Troutman, Sherry 93, 218 Truslow, Gail 66, 85, 237 Tucker, Alan 237 Tucker, Angie 90, 218 Tucker, Barbara 90, 192 Tucker, Jimmy 126, 237 Tucker, Lynn 218 Tucker, Susan 238 Tucker, Thomas 59, 192 Tucker, David 97, 192 Turner, Mrs. Brenda 95 Turner, Dana 218 Turner, Doug 238 Turner, Elizabeth 192 Turner, John 10, 49, 68, 71, 74, 75. 82, 114, 116, 192 Turner, Linda 238 Turner, Phil 218 Tuttle, Deborah 238 TWIRLERS101 Umbarger, Sammy 238 UNDER THE WILLOW TREE 66 Underwood, Jimmy 218 UNICEF 87 Upright, Cathy 67, 238 Upton, David 73, 93, 238 Upton, Donna 95, 108, 192 V.I.C.A. 96 Vanderburg, Kay 238 Vanhoy, Bill 218 Varney, Amy 238 Verble, Adelaide 218 Vickery, Vann 192 Vido, Ricky 238 Vincent Miss Gray 21 Vincent John 238 Vinson, Mrs. Klara 25 Voltz, Donna 218 Waddell, James 97 Wade, Ellen 100, 218 Wagoner, Buddy 82, 218 Waites, Vanessa 238 Waldoch, Donnie 238 Waldoch, Paula 192 170, Waldrop, Susan 192 Walker, Cheryl 59, 94,192 Walker, Frontz 94 Walker, Keith 238 Walker, Kelvin 94 Walker, Sharon 94, 192 Walker, Wally 238 Wall . Pat 68, 85, 86, 89. 218 Wallace, Anita 218 Wallace, Frank 146, 218 Wallace, Miss Sarah 21,63, 66, 263, 297 Wallace, Steve 100, 193 Waller, Mary 68, 76, 193 Walsh. John 238 Walters, Carolyn 218 Walters, Pat 109, 218 Walters, Rickie 238 Wampler, Chip 88, 97, 98, 193 Ward, Donna 218 Ward, Judy 100, 193 Ward, Susan 66, 238 Warner, Betty 218 Warren, Bill 69. 218 Warren, Joan 238 Warren, Phillip 238 Warren, Flay 238 Warren, Rebecca 83, 193 Washington, Mrs. Emma 23 Watkins, Robert 218 Watson, Janet 80, 85, 86, 101,218 Watts, Miss Brenda 24, 25, 55, 80 Watts, Phillip 82, 105, 114, 121, 150, 193 Watts, Roy 238 Watts, Sharon 27, 89, 219 Weaver, Lisa 108, 219 Webb, Richard 219 Weber, Judy 219 Webler, Gary 96, 219 Wedel, Carol 69, 76, 80, 186, 219 Wedel, Patty 39, 46, 141,238 Weisenberger, Patty 219 Welch, Cindy 193 Wells, Tammy 238 Welsome, Pat 238 Wensil, Becky 109, 219 Wentz, Eddie 219 Wentz, Linda 90, 193 Wentz, Sandra 79, 93. 95, 110, 193 Westbrook, Mac 69, 219 Wester, Mary 95, 195 Wheeler, Clayton 238 Wherry, Susan 94, 195 White, Beverly 80 White, Brenda 94, 195 White, Candy 39, 46,219 White, Jeff 238 White, Phyllis 238 White, Randy 96 White, Ricky 238 White, Tommy 238 292 Whitehurst, Shaye 101, 219 Whitesides, Vicki 63, 76, 195, 199, 263 Whitley, David 85, 219 Whitley, Jackie 238 Whitley, Judy 59, 95, 195 Whitley, Libby 95, 195 Whitlock, Jerry 62, 67, 97, 98, 195, 263 Whitlow, Brent 238 Widenhouse, Mr. Alton 16 WILDCAT CLUB 82 Wiley, Frances 238 Wiley, Verlia 109 Wilkinson, Cathy 238 Wilkerson, Penny 238 Wilkinson, Marie 195 Wilkinson, Steven 84, 195 Willes, Chuck 238 Williams, David 114, 195 Williams, David 82, 239 Williams, Dewy 95, 195 Williams, Eddie 52, 86, 110, 219 Williams, Gayle 67, 76, 110, 195 Williams, Jean 86, 89, 239 Williams, Harry 195 Williams, Hilary 88, 195 Williams, Jack 97, 195 Williams, James 109, 116, 149 Williams, Ken 239 Williams, Larry 195 Williams, Larry 110 Williams, Mary Ann 194 Williams, Melanie 219 Williams, Nancy 108 Williams, Pat 239 Williams, Peggy 239 Williams, Peggy 194 Williams, Steve 97, 219 Williams, Tommy 89, 219 Williams, Wilson 132, 239 Willis, Laura 80, 219 Wiilis, Montgomery 239 Willis, Anne 239 Wilson, Ann 219 Wilson, Beth 110, 194 Wilson, Bill 239 Wilson, Edison 239 Wilson, Janet 55, 194 Wilson, Larry 69, 152, 239 Wilson, Ray 100, 239 Wilson, Sherry 69, 239 Winchester, Doug 71,88, 194 Winchester, Sheila 219 Winchester, Wendy 59, 63, 66, 76, 194, 263, 296 Windt, Don 239 Winslow, Virginia 219 Wise, Jay 63, 71, 194, 199, 263 Wise, Rusty 100, 194 Wisecarver, Bobby 100, 194 Withers, Mrs. Jean 21 Wolfe, Mrs. Eunice 26 Wolfe, Harry 239 Wolfe, Phil 97, 219 Womack, Russell 194 Wong, Paul 194 Wood, Beverly 219 Wood, Kevin 71, 239 Wood, Lyndia 67, 239 Woolwine, Karen 83, 239 Woolwine, Renee 83, 89, 92, 219 Wooten, Peggy 100, 219 Workman, Gary 219 Worthy, Jacquelyn 194 Wrede, Mrs. Ruby 17, 36 Wright, Butch 219 Wright, Larry 97, 219 Wright, Miles 239 Wright, Mr. Ron 34, 114, 139, 140, 241 Wyatt, Gwen 239 Wykie, Cindy 219 Wyley, Verilie 219 Wyndham, Freddie 239 Wyss, Donna 78, 194 Y-TEEN 83 Yager, Dennis 194 Yandell, Sid 32, 39, 68, 94, 194 Yandle, Cynthia 239 Yandle, Michael 18, 196 Yandle, Mike 67, 97, 194 Yandle, Patricia 196 Yarborough, Francis 79, 110, 111, 200, 219 Yates, Ginger 239 Yates, Shirley 59, 196 Yeager, Susan 196 Yoos, Mrs. Agnes 25, 89 York, Mike 114, 219 Yost, James 7, 67, 110, 196 Young, Billy 239 Young, Bobby 219 Young, Charles 196 Yongue, Mrs. Imogene 21 Zuk, Gayle 239 ’ n ■3 rlai i 293 294 297 298 Just as there is a time for beginning, a time for anticipation, and a time for ending, so must there be a time for Hope — a time to face the future with anxiety, knowing that the same cycle is taking place again. We now start to build our lifetime dreams as we de¬ cide for which star to reach. Yet, as we do, we find life to be more than parties, ball- games, and studies. The adult world we have been thrown into so suddenly has many problems we must face, and sometimes there is much loneliness. There are friends to help us through these hours, but only one we can depend on — yes, just one. Now with determination we move forward, and with faith we will reach our goals. We now stop and look back over the years and wonder; was it all worth it? Our answer — it can only be YES! 299 Editor ' s Note There were countless individuals witho whose help this yearbook would never have gone to press. And it took the co-operation of each of them in order to make the 1969 Snips Cuts a reality. It is only possible for me to recognize a few of those who contribu¬ ted so very much... My staff, who worked unceasingly in order to meet deadlines and who never lost spirit. A special thanks goes to Shaye Cashion for an excellent job as Business Manager. Also thanks go to Mr. R. W. Norman and Keys Printing Company, without whose assistance we would have never made it. Mr. Sanders and the faculty who stretched their patience many times to allow for interruptions and inconveniences. The many business firms and individuals in the community who supported us through their advertisements and endorsements. Colonel Mercer Lee Price who took time from his busy schedule to select our beauties. We were honored by having such a distinguished gentleman to perform this task. And thanks also go to Mrs. Kity Reardon for arranging the interview. Mr. Small, who not only spent many hours on our campus taking pictures, but who also met our deadline emergencies with overnight picture devel¬ opments. Also, a thanks to Mr. Elmer Horton, an Observer Photographer without whose help our football section would have been lacking. Last on my list, though probably the most important, goes my deepest gratitude to Miss Sarah Wallace, advisor, for her patience, encouragement and suggestions; and to my parents for their patience and understanding during hectic deadline days. Without the support of these individuals the task would have been unbearable. Our staff has tried to publish a memory for every student. If you the Garinger student body, find this publication acceptable, then our efforts have been successful. 300 LyHi zjL X-lhiU “ rVif-cryt . oa- f tl 0 »4 i Jt-Oyn ' ooy yQS uC Lh 6t usT - ' e ex CIL Ip4j0 . r UM ' V 1 This Copy of nips 0- Cuts Belongs to Mike Dellinger H. R. No.. V-1

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