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il: W. ,. L 4, . 51.512 r'w-- ,I A A Y . , 1, ,-. Y -. ra ,. A f' . ff, H.-fha . 1 f ., 1' : 3 'J 4 ,W ,W , , 4 355155 1924 504-3oox..S Q 6-1' QWOQSEMQSQ The REV IEW NINETEEN TWIENTY-1foU me To Our Parents Who have made it possible for us to attend these schools, this Review is gratefully dedicated by the classes of 1924 'Y l T V The REVIEW NtN1:'r1z1zN TWENTY-FOUR L. P. Goomucu The real purpose of the Junior High School is to aid boys and girls in growing into better citizens. Its problem is to offer the best environment for moral, intellectual, vocational and physical development. It should offer a challenge to ambition, an en- couragement of effort and an inspiration for the promotion of ideals. Its opportunity for service is unlimited. It reaches nearly all of the boys and girls of the growing gen- eration at the critical time when they are launching upon their careers as men and women. I junior High School students appreciate the opportunity which is given them. They are loyal to their school and their community. May they increasingly profit through wholesome recreation and honest industry. -L. P. Goodrich. Board of Education ' Dr. P. I. Calvy, President Mrs. E. L. Mendenhall Mrs. P. H. Martin F. A. Johnson VV. W. Hughes H. G. Rosenow F. H. Heath Mayor R. D. Haentze, E.r-officio L. P. Goodrich, Superintendent Page 3 Page 4 The REVIENV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Garfield Junior High T11 c REVIEW NINISTEEN '1'wEN'1'v-1foU1z PRINCIPAL S. P. UNZICKER Garfield Junior High School Faculty Top 'row-Adele F. Schaar. B. A., Science, L. J. Edmunds, .llusicg P. C. Green, A. B., History-C'itizenship,' H. O. Johnson, A. B., Scienccg NV. R. Gavin, Commerce, XV. J. Geiger, Gcograplzy-Citizenshipg Helen Goodrich, B. A., English-Lating Leta L. Breyer, B. A., M athematics. Middle row-J. M. Vanl-Iecke, Hyg-icneg Bernice Riley, Ilistoryj Tess O'Keefe. History- Gcog1'aphy,' Helen Moe, History-Goograph.y,' Hazel Epstein, Englislz-,: Zirian Blish, B. A., Englfishg Barbara Miller, B. A., Mathcmut-ics,' Viola Freberg, Mathematics. Bottom 'row-Margaret Sweeney, Ass't. L-ibravwianj Anita Vxfickert, E7LfIllSllj Evelyn Osborn, Lib1'nricm,' Helen Hirth, B. A., Lating Florence Weler, Matin.-Gc1"n1.a'rL,' A. Lawless, English- Hygiencg Gertrude McNown, Art, M. C. Kennedy, lllutlzmnatics. Page 5 gf .rf A, -, 'x . Q My -. .,,,,-. nf, Page 6 igh Roosevelt Jumor The REVIEW N1N15'rE15N TwvEN'1'y-1foU1z PRINCIPAL R. B, NVOODWORTH f 1 if Roosevelt Junior High School Faculty Top row-Marguerite Hartl, Illathenmtics: WVerner Xvltte, Gen. Sc-icncc,: Frank Sabish, History, R. B. NVoodworth, Pr-incipalg C. V. Liner, Mn. Arts, T. A. lvhitenack, Geogruphyg Harvey Hanlon, Historyg George Rose, Mn. Arts: Clyde Atwell, Mn. Arts, O. L. Xvakemaun, Mn. Artsg E. G. Schultz, Science. Second row--Charlotte Finnegan, Music ,' Gertrude Katen, Mnthcnzaticsl: Isabelle Lewis, History .' Margaret Manion, Illathemnticsg Clara Hoenig, Mathen1utics,' Laura Blaskn, Hygicncg Loma Eltlng,Eno1ish,' Grace Johnstone, Home Economics: Esther Erickson, Gen. Scicnceg Frances Oleson, History, Ann Larson Histo1'y,' Emily Hand, Commercial, Lucille Reilly, English.. Bottom row-Ruth Salinger, Off-icc, Bello Breler, Mathematics, Josephine Faustgen, Englishg Ruth Pinkerton, English ,' Tamar Mussen, Comm.e1'cia1g Margaret Minton. Home Eco- nomicsg Esther Stocking, Englishj Frances Roberts, Home Economxicsg Ruth Stout, Home Eco- nomics, Alta Osgood, Librarian. Page T O The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Page 8 The REVIEW' NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Z S' 9 A .l The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-I-'OUR Garjield Class Will VVe, the ninth grade class of Garfield Junior High School being of sane and sound mind do hereby make, declare, and publish this to be our last will and testament. To the faculty we will and bequeath all the amazing knowledge and startling information we have furnished them on our examination papers. To the pupils we hereby give and bequeath: Une half IOCKSI' per pupil. One period of detention for each excuse that fails to pass the official board of censorship. one hour per week-of llhysical Education. One scholarship banner. une thrift banner. Our- positions on the Garfield Junior and Review staffs. Our positions on all ll.llllt:llC teams. All the unused parking places on the under side of the chairs for their glllll. To Annabelle Murphy we leave Gertrude Smith's conversational ability. To Dan Lynch, as we all- sure he will make good use of it, Stuart Scheel's ability to escape math, assignments. To some sleepy head, Lorenas ability to study late. To George Ualvy, Frederick Dille's good English. To Charlotte Clarke, Esther I-Ialver sons cheerful wit. To 'l'h6!0dUlC l.a0l'6l'lZ, Alfred Guse's growing ability. To Gordon U'Brien, the patience which the teachers have had to expend on Joe Hard- glove. To the one most needing them, Flornce Hennigs good marks in Latin. To Jack Niles and lwathan Schmidt, the space which Lawrence Conners' and John Schnill's feet have occupied. To Lillian Dahrn and Clarlce Zlttelman, Ruth Broddis and lleen l5annon's giggles. To Violet Guell, Eileen Currington's good 'hunror. To anybody who desires it, Dean Goldon's ability to ask humorous questions. To Robert Goodman, Raymond Grenier's gum championship. To Har-old Nr ashbush, John L.itcher's Charming ways. Signed and sealed on this thirtieth day of April of our Lord nineteen hundred and twenty-four in the presence of that eminent company of workers -"The Staff." Roosevelt Class Prophecy I had just completed my wonderful invention. XVlth this invention, I would be able to see far into the future. -- The machine which I had just invented was some thing like a radio. It had a single dial and -vacuum tubes. But here the comparison ended. The scenes were flashed on a mirror by specially prepared projectors. As I was anxious to see if my invention wuold work, I lit the vacuum tubes, and adjusted the dial, so that the mirror would show me the position of my class- mates twenty-five years hence. ln IDE first picture l found myself in the great city of New York, caught in a whirlwind of business and pleasure. Here 1 found Lawrence Bellmore in his luxurious office dictating to ills private secretary, Marie Stepnoski. 1 also met Margaret Keenan who had established a beauty parlor, with Elizabeth McCoy and Anna Zimmerman, as her able assistants. Suddenly 1 saw the celebrated l'latz Theater, owned. and operated by our former class- mate, commonly known as Fred. Paul Kroes was directing the symphony orchestra and 1 noticed lrrances Miller and Harriet Carpenter were playing with him. As the curtain rose, the national favorite, Jeanette Vinton, appeared with her chorus, which was composed of Isabelle Hosting, nlrnestlne Wagner, Agnes lwomen, Mildred White, and NVinifred Menzel. l next saw the Davidson Hospital, endowed by Helen Davidson. Here l found VVallace Albrecht as the head surgeon. l The next picture took me to Xvashrngton D. C., where we called on the President of the United States, alias Charles Blewett. His re-election seemed certain because he had just repealed the Eighteenth Amendment. I also caught a glimpse of the United States senator' from wisconsin, Richard Heath. 'l'l'1B next scene snowed some of Roosevelt's former athletes. "Tip" Johnson was coach of' the Harvard Football Eleven. Arthur Fritz,.better known as "Battling" Fritz, was the champion uantam weight boxer. Nick Galleles was the star forward of the all-American fiveg John Haut- zinger, dist baseman of the New York Yanks. Vanas Rlstau, Bernice Lanser, Mary Brady, and Lauletta Konen were famous for their acrobatic stunts performed each season with the Rosen- burg-l'azolas Circus. Upon the shifting of the hscene, I was privileged to see how some of my classmates were figuring in the business world. Richard Assof was the senior partner of the Assof and Soaken Department Store. Franklin Vv'lnters was the manager in the dry goods department while George Bishop had charge of the toy department. , Arthur Rodenklrch was the owner of a. thrifty little butcher shop in Chicago. Harold Berkholtz was a wireless operator on a. large ocean liner. George Roy was the Admirable of a fleet of destroyers. George Magellas was managing the barber shop of "Cuttem and Shavem". NValler Paige was seeking his fortune ln the Alaskan gold field and John Nolan was boss of a lumber camp. A group of teachers was presented in the next picture. Harry Lange was the Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin. Mabel Tegen was teaching Home Economics in the High School at Van Dyne. VValter' Scherer was teaching seventh grade Arithmetic in .a little town in the Hawaiian Islands. His greatest trouble seemed to be making his pupils sit up in the r seats. Roosevelt Class Will XVe the class of 1924, of Roosevelt Junior High School, of the city of Fond du Lac, of the State of Wisconsin, being' of sound mind and body do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. - Xve give, devise, and bequeath our property and privileges as follows: To Mr. Woodworth, our esteemed principal, we give our heartfelt thanks for his untirlng efforts in making our days at Roosevelt profitable ones. To the eighth grade class we bequeath our modern ideas, our industrious attitude, and our undying school loyalty. To Helen Mengel. Isabelle Hustlng's straight-bobbed hair. To Miss Finnegan, Mr. Sablsh's galoshes. To Sylvester Stepnoskl, T. J. Gordon's ability to bluff his way through. To Violet Moquln, Virginia. Kline's super-human mental ability. To Joseph Batal, the editorship of the Roosevelt Teddy. To Alfred Aspatore, the position of quarterback of the football team. To Eunice O'Brlen, Bernice Lancer's basketball ability. To Florence Backus, Cecelia Marshall's shingled bob. To someone who needs them, Dorothy Schrage's good Mathematic marks. To Mable Bebow, Laurine Gerhard's curls. To Clarence Meyer, Steve Pazolas's eagerness to bank. To next year's detention a set of Mathe- matic books containing easy problms with answrs. To Doris Anderson, Frances Koeck's quiet nilanners. To Richard Grassy, Lawrence Bellmore's job of keeping the erasers of the building c ean. Page 1 0 The REVIEVV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Ninth Grade Top row Ieff to riglzf-.lulius, Freischmidt, Bingen, Guse, Dunlap, Born, Guell, anscn, Giehel, Gilhoy, Gordon, Becker, Baier, Connors, Hardgrove. Ferdinand. Third row-Doese, Bauers, Bucholtz, Brill, Kussow. Dille, Dieman, Griilith. Holterman, Foley. Gaffney, Abraham, Goodman, Jacobi. Klingheil, Brehmer. Second row-Altman, Crouch, Hill, Kemnitz, Henning, Keyser, Krauteh, Kintz- ler. Kraemer, Halverson, Hohensee, Beyer, Flwing, Fitz, Deuster, Abbey. Firxf ro-zu-hlustl, Boelke, Glassow, Duffrin, Blakely, Bond, Barnes, Currington, ilrodda, Byrnes, Duffrin, Jenz, Bannon, Eckert, Hankwitz. Tofv row left to right-Sieward. Schmidt, Mielke, McMillan, Litcher, VVurtzel, Merrill, Schussler, Mayer, Michler. Panetti, Price, Zoellner, Radtke. Nimmer. Fourth- row-LaBorde. Schneider, Manis, Messner, Luttenberger, Plonsky. Luby, Streeter, Stemen, Stuebe, VValgenbach, Zastrow, Uhlman, Mietzel, Schnell, Rieiers. Third rote'-Murray, Wist, lVatson, Niles, Mayrand, Weidenmeier, Seefeldt. Pucker, Pinnow, Scott, Smith. Schmidt. McCrory, McCreery. Second row-Smith, Maciejewski, Monroe, Salzwedel, Luxem, Pavey, Lewis. Scharf, Rottman, Nelson, Scheels, Meixensperger, Rahn. Firm' rare-Scholl, Trader, Wfill, Schroeder, Smith, Roblee, Pagel, Mielke, Zoell- ncr, Schwartz, Pratt, Mietzelfeldt, Meyer. ' Page 1 1 The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Garfield Prophecy Joe Hardgrove by the means of fortunadio, which he has invented, recently got in touch with the powers that control the destlnies of Il'l0l'IalS, and managed. to get hold of tile fUll0XVlllH bits ot inlolmation about the future of the ninth graders. John Litcher will become the DAU' prietor or a ladies' barber shop and will be considered Americas best bobber. GCIIIUGB Smith will realize her ambition and appear on the operatic stage, making helselt tamous ln La wig- gliatia. composed Dy Leslie Mcureery. Victor kanettl will make a fortune out ot an lllYt:I1Llx,Il to prevent folds nom rattling. Lyle Trader is to make use or the expelience he is getting as drummer and tlavel with a Salvation Army Band. Jane Niles will be the much lespected pre- ceptress ot a gills' boarding school. Peter Julius will be steward on boald a vessel or Yvlliffll ltuyal Eel dlnand will be captain. Frederick Dille Wlll live up to his early love of making a noise and become a locomotive engineer, and how he will blow th whistle! Dolotlly .l5alIl:l, Leona wieman, and Dorothy 1-ratt's faces will frequently be seen on tne,movie-screee. Louis Schmidt will start a top shop with the toys that the teacnels contlscated Il'0lTl l'l1l'l'l, but later retulnetl. Alle lllanis Will remain ln athletics and become the most popular proressional dancer in a lalge Alaskan summer resort. Robert Born in his day will be recognized as the wolld's Cllhllllplull prize tighter. Deane Gordon will have the distinction of holding the first professorship of HUIHOIOIOSQ' in the LJUIIESQ of .Nova scientla. Florence Henning Wlll. be a xavollte and well palu IHUUUI ln il select Ladies' Sllop on Fltth Avenue. Robert Dunlap, John Murray, John Schnell, and rilchald watson VV1ll 6Sli.tDllSll a vely successful school in Central Afllca. 'l'f'lEll' 10020511 team will make ll tour ot the YVUIIU, winning the world's championship. Clyde Mellllls llolses Wlll take all the pllzes in tile glt!21T.t!Sf. horse laces of the country. ClB.l'6l'1Ce Scholl Will help plesel ve Ullldlti Salll s lolests. .Elletll Culllngton will eventually be seen on the Supreme 'JOULL rlencn YVIIBIG she will solten justice with humor. Leo lvleyer has the cheerful prospect of becoming Ileiltl guloenel- U1 the extensive White .l-louse gal dens. Esther I-lalvelson as a Iea.CI16l' or nngllsh in a select Gills' boarding SC1l00l will D1 ing pllde to her classmates. Mercedes Z43.SI1UW'S name Will glace a pdllll- lst sign. Malglt b'lLZ Wlll conduct travel parties in Europe, but the party Will eventually diminish to one. Hel belt b'IiESChITlid.t and Otto Justle will folm a publishing company and delight ln publishing the works of Bernce Eoley, Arthur Gross, and Florence Jacobi. we shall some day be drinking tea in the chalmlng tea rooms of Bernice 1-Ioltelman and Abbey Glirrith where we shall enJoy muslc furnished by Dorothy Klingbeil. Clyde Schneider s voice will be heard in the United States senate. Ronald I-Iill's beaming smile will greet us behind the bars-of a. bank. You'll just have to take out an insurance policy when Margaret Pucker asks you to. Among the futule honle makers are Adaline Kussow, Rita Luxem, Erma Smith, Alice Luby, and Dolothy NCISUH. To reveal their future names would be unfair to Cupid. Dorothy krautch profiting by yeals of es- pelience will become an expert gum tester in 'the Grenler-Doese Gum LVHCIOI y. lvlay Scott and Dorothy Bond will go into partnership and be ln a great demand as house decorators. Clarence Abbey, El win Baler, Clarence Becker, Gottfried Rivlers, Leo Giebe and Louis Hansen inspired by Steltanson will conduct a reindeer ranch in the Polar Region. Luella. Blakely and El nal SChH.lf will see Europe a newspaper correspondents. Dorothy Dieman will do social settlement WOlk ill ltome. Edward Bucholtz's address is Shanghai, China-tea merchant. VVe shall address lsabella, Bl'0St at Los Angeles in care of the Universal Film Company. Hilarian Blngen and Mal tin Breh- mer will travel ln the interests of the Schussler-McMillan School of Athletology. Jennie Good- man, Olga. Luttenberger and Maile Beyer will be seen behind a libral-ian's desk. Vivian Kjntzler, Leon Hankwltz, Martha Plnnow, Leona Mlelke, Lols Dille and Hilbert Nimmer are among the future teachers of the world. Francis McCrory will be the first United States Commission of Education. Evelyn Mayrand will be prepared to help her classmates out of legal difliculties. Dorothy Elwing will be the well paid stenographer of a Chicago lawyer. Earl Duester and Harry Eckert will demonstrate and sell tractors in Russia. Ruth Brodda and lleen Bannon will hold the unique of laugh starters for the Guell-Gllboy- Guse Vaudevllle Show, Gordon Monroe will be the advance manager for this show! Ruth Keyser and Ruth Pagel- wait till you need to get your order in early. Marcella Stuebe will be a dietitian in a laxgge' hospital. Leona Schroeder and Evora Schultze will appear as white capped nurses in the same hospital. Mildred Messnel' modestly but efficiently will direct the physical work at a city Y. W. C. A. You'Il want to send your children to the private klndergal-ten that Arlyle Kraemer and Marlon Kemnitz are going to establish. Walter LaBorde as manager of a theater will bring the very best talent to Fond du Lac. Maciejewske and Melxensperger-Haberdashers. Isn't that an attractive sign? Thomas Rahn as a courteous Pullman Conductor will be very popular. Stuart Scheel will be a dentist, his hours being from nine to four. Gladys Schwartz and Mar- guerite Walgenbach-you will Gnd them running a. quaint little book shop in Boston. In a few years the Fond du Lac public will enjoy the Dulfrln Sisters in their famous company of dancers among whom we shall see Virginia Byrnes, Edna Jenz, Harland Crouch, Herman Radtke, Lester NVist, and Louise Hohensee. Of course all his classmates will partonize Richard Schmidt's hotel in Honolulu. W'e shall see Alice Rottman gravely doing her duties as Justice of Peace. Charles Mayer and Lawrence Conners as busy bond merchants will carr ' on tr a. . that will out-wall XVall Street. Estelle Weldimeir's name will appear on thye alumivmrlslgigmal reader and entertainer. Martha Salzwedel's cover dslgns will appar on the leading magazines. Kenneth Smith will establish and edit a very up-to-date magazine. XValter Sievert will work out a code by which we shall be able to interpret the communications received from Mars. Adella Abraham will be "chief operator" of the receiving station. Virginia Brill and Llariuu Glasow will be eloquent lecturers in Zion City. Edward Mlelke will be chief cook in the Altman restaurant. Some day we shall go with the crowd to see the YVurtzel-Zoellner Circus. A partic- ularly mirth provoking clown will be rocgnized as "Bud" Bauers. Flossle Seefeldt and Florence Zoellner after making a fortune in a beauty parlor will lead leisurely lives in various summer and winter resorts. One of the first women to hold a place in the Presidents Cabinet will be Mildra Lewis. Verna Roblee will be th etllclent social secretary of a famous authoress. Beatrice Paveys scientific investigations will startle th sclntltlc world. Doris Gaftnev will take out a patent on a energizing process, greatly regretting that she hadn't discovered lt while ln school. Everett Mitzelfeldt will be hard of as an expert short-stop on 't baseball tea ' H ld Michler will surpass Billy Sunday in his evangelistic eiorts. K I C m' am Page 12 The REVIEW' NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR D Ninth Grade Top row-XVi11ters, Bird, Zuppke, XVarrens. Nolen, Burkoltz, Bishop, Phillip Perry, Mueller, Peeke, Rodenkireh, Ollernian, Steinharth. Shea. Shoens, Belanger, Schwartz, Schmitz. Fozmflz- rote'-Moore, Albrecht, Shoener, Martin, Rosenthal, Lange, Andrews. Paige, Pazolis, Aspatore, Herz, Bellmore, Sharron, Wurtz, Wagner, Dyckhoiif. Tlzird row-Rosenberg, VVilliams, Martin, Salter, Wiittlcofr' Baldwin, F. Miller M. Miller, W'eiehmon, Tittel, VVills, Burkart, Triggs, Naronce, Sherrer, Hanquitz: Anderson, Buckley, Roy, Ludwig, Blewett. Second row-XVills, Ziegert, Miller, Sherrer, McCoy, Davidson, Menzel, Lonser J Zinnnernizin, O,Conne1, Risten, Reinhold, Reichling, Tetzloff, Tiinin, Shrange, Sherrer, lVag11er. First row-Steinoski, Strachota, Maurice Andrews Teffen, Promire, XN'aItzer. 1 2 b . lVendt, Reinhold, VVhiting, Smith, Simon, Smitz, Nelson, Peerenboonl, Rieter, Rice. lVacter, Ollernian. Top row-Homuth, Kroes. Platz, Ahel, Fritz, Freund, Gallales, Assaf, Galow, Iabcr, Kaeding, Hess, Heath, Abner, Lewis, Layher, Franzen, Renping. Fourth rote'-Barbow, Bastin, Jaber, Knutson, Friedel, Fletcher, Bennedict, Gaff- ney, Hewitt, MeMonogal, Megellis, Hantzinger, Gordon, Bast, Kaiser, Martin, Kleinke, Dobyns. Third 1'0'w-Kremer, Dana, Carpenter, Jensen, Hustings, Keys, Gantner, Kain, Gulig, Greene, Funk, Chapy, Brody, Eigenbrodt, Casper. Elsworth, Keenow. Second row-Dix, Hicken, Gcrhart, Downs. Corbeillc, Klein, C. Kramer, A. Kramer, Hogen, Heaton, Koenigs, Koenen, Bastian, Crookston, johnson, DnFrane Everling. First row-Glasscl, Gores, Freiberg, I-lubbel, Meyer, Keenan, Koeck, Kronier, Fitzgerolcl, Merz, Mengel, Milles, I-Ioddenott, Hensel, Bohnert, Meyer, Krug, Keyes, Ferris. 1 The REVIEW MNETEEN TwrzN'rY-FOUR Page 1 4 The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-Four Eighth A Roll Call Arnold, Marcella, "Mickey", Hebert, Grace, "Hehe", O'Bl'i61'l, Gordon, "Ir-ish"'. Bachman, Irene, "The Great Muthemut'iciu11.", Bar beau, Thelma, "Curly Locks"'. Behlen, Adeline, -'Rh-ermraticklesu. Berghandler, Erma, "Berg", Bleberltz. Paul, "Bebe". Buch, Paul, "Pnt"'. Busse, Louise, "Bus", Calvy, George, "Jigrrs". Chapman, Lloyd, "Harold Lloyd". Clark, Charlotte, "Char", Cohen, Leona, "Brush", Cohn, Ruth, "Coney Islumln. Crofoot, Bernice, "Bee-", Crouch, Halley, t'Halley's Cornet". Culver, Rolland, ffRollie". Dahm, Lllian, "Lil", Dieman, Ellenor, "Dee"'. Dougherty, Gerald, "Jerry", Dunn, Lecnard, "Len", Graunig, Elizabeth, "Betty"". Eberhart, Martha, "IlIm'ty"', Ebert, Mavis, f'IlfIa"f. Egelhoff, Norman, "N07'7ll'.J. Elwing, Gilbert, "Gil", u Erickson, Mildred, -'Ski1my". Farmer, Neal, "Neal1y". Farvour, Myrtle, "Myrt"', Fitzpatrick, Earl, -'Fitz". Flanders, Rose, "Flamle1"". Francis, 'Wm-ren, ".F7'UTLn. Gabrilska, Alton, "Gabriel". Gaffney, Genevieve, '-Gen". Glddlngs, Marlon, "Gid". Goodman, Joseph, "Easy". Goodman. Robert, "Bob", Gordon, Margret. "Maggie", Gorn, Reinhold, "Rein", , Grainger, Clarence, "Gru.ingc1' I. Grainger, Ralph, "Rel", Gray, Alice, "'G1'ayJ'. Gray, XVilliam, "Villain", Guell, Violet, "Vin, U Grenier, Raymrnd. "Pink", Hansen, Leland, "Lee"'. Heister, Edward, "Wait ll, 1n'lmlte". Helser, Emma, "Em", Henkel, Irene, "Rene"'. Hensen, Leona, "La", Hill, Viola, "'Vi"', Hlolmes, Bernard, "Berfn,"'. Holtz, Dorothy, "Dot". Hoyt, Harold, "Hall'-', Humleker, Bergliot, "Be1'gy'. Ingram, Fred, f'Clratler Bo". lmmel, Elmer, "Elem, Jacobsen, Harry, "'Gflggles"'. Jenz, Charles, "B'lllID. Jorgensen, James, "'Jim". Julius, Mary?" Justl, Rudolph, "Rud". Kastorff, Erving, "Er-v".' Keilberg, Elsie, "Els", Keirig, Russel, "Rus'i. Klenow, Eugene, '4Euge". Kimpel, Bessie, "Pim-ple". Klrchenstein, Orville, "01--v", Kobs, Evelyn, "Com", Kraemer, Harriet. "Well, I really can't think of that". Krueger, Martha, "JlIa'r". Krueger, Ottelia, "'Oathr". Kumber, Clarence, "Gravel", Lange, Milton, f'S-wift"', Lehman, Eleanor. "El"'. Locks, Helen, "Yale"', Lorenz, Theodore, "N0'lSyJJ. Lynch, Daniel, "Dan". Marshall, Mary, "Mm'shy"'. McClellan, Margaret. "I clon't see how you get that'-'. McGrath, Catherine, "Famous Babe llIcG'rath,". Mclntosh, Janet, "TVell-a-". Melvin, Everett, "Mel"'. Meyer, WVilllam, "Bill"'. Miller, Lawrence-"Lr1r1'yf", Murach, John, "Jack", Murphy, Annabell, "'Ann"'. Murray, Maurice, Hillary". Neubecker, Claude. "Becky"'. Niles, Jack, "Jack". Nolte, Dale, "Dale"'. Pommerick, Kermit, "Pom pam" Prehn, Orval, "Or-v-". Prey, Victor, "'l"ic,'. Prlnslow, Harold, "Hal"". Rady, Marie, "Rally", Rauls, Anna, "Ann", Rauls, Lester, "Les", Reinhold, Margaret, "IlIarg". Richter, Harold, "'Fat", Riviers, Nlnta, "Nita", Rosenthal, David, "Dave", Sadoff, Anna, "Sad"'. Scharfenberger, Helen, HB6'l'gJ'. Schloush, Eva, "Eve", Schmidt, Nathan, "'Nat". Schulze, Bernice, "Bud", Schwandt, Oliver, "Olives", Severin. Muriel, "1lIurrie", Shipman, Charles, "Simpy", Sievert, Lillian, "Lilly . Smith, Floyd, "Dolly", Soll, Richard, f'Dick". Sullivan, Jean, 'YLengthy", Tesloff, Caroline, "Carolina, llla-my", Thaw, Eu, ffrsriglnyr. Thorp, Jessie, "Not guilty". Thresher, James, "Jim", Treleven, John, 1'Jaok", YValgenback, Frances, f"Shorty"'. Vifalsh, Julia, "Jewel", YVarner, Edger, "Ed", Watke, Dorothy, "Dot", VVatson, Frances, "Sheba", VVerner, Alvin, "Al", W'ilhe1ms, Clarence, "How many please?" Willis, Thomas, 'fRhuba1'l1 Vaselliuou, Vvist. Mildred, "'Per1!1y". VVrig'ht, Gladys, "Glarly". Zastrow, Irene, "Reny". Zickert, Robert, "'Bobi'. Zittleman, Clarice, "Clm'e". Zimmerman. Conrad. "Con", Schulze. Adelle, "Da". Zorr, La Verne, "So-So". Eighth B Roll can Abbey, Margaret, "iIlIug"y'.', Ambelane, Ethel, "Skinney", Arthur, Vlfllhelmlna. "Art". Atkins, Edna, "E'ddy"". Bartell, Margaret, "Don't do that", Beldin, Ruth, "R1fthie". Bell. John, "Di'n7 Dong". Beutler, Arlisle, "Bete1"-'. Beyer. Herbert, "He1'bey'f. Blakely, Gladys, "Glarlyi'. Bolan. Mildred, "Boly". Breltenaross, Fremont, "Free", Calvy, Donald, "Don", N Case, Lawrence, "Box Cal". Conners, Margaret. "Maggie J. Corth, Edward, "Ed1l'ie-'E Currington, Grace, "Irish", Cross, Gerald, "Jumping Juck"'. Deitte, Cecelia, "Geal", Dollhausen, Thomas, "The Talker". Engelhorn, Albert. "Buck"". Felten, Francis, "B1'i'vht Eyes". Grlesmer, Gordon. "Shorty", Guell, Leslie, "Fat" Guell, Rosella, "'Rosy". Hall. Dorian, "I!,1'If7l-13", ' Hellmick, Hazel, "Ikey", Hrnker, Dorothy, "Dot"'. Hill. Virginia, "J'i11.'llflI,".. ' Holmes, Roland. "Roll-me-".' I-Tolterman June, 'AJ1mn1el'. Hutchins, Traver, 'fSchick". Kelly, Janice, "Tiny", Kennedy, Clyde. "RCh'l'i1ll1Jv. Keyes, Jerry, "Pep", I H Kendel, Dorothy, "S1J7"l'l'l.U": Rresal, Florence. "Flossy". Kruck, Ralph, "B1ul"'. Ley, Helen, Hlllusicol Helen". Lehman, Bernadine. 'fBi1'zlic", Luby, Kenneth, "Ken", Maney, Murvin, "Little Jaclc Mathews, Evelyn. "Marci", Meyers, Irene, f'ReneyJ'. . Meyers, WVendell, "Whitey", Mietzel, Lenora, "Nellie", Mineau, Dorothy, "Dot"'. Mullen, Evelyn, "Shin'1les", Murphy, May, "JlI'u1'nh". Nimmer, Ruth, 'fRuth-ie"'. vu Priest, Marlon, "Meg", Rawlings, Nvlnifred. "Happy", Reinhold, Flora, "Flo0"', Roth, Lawrence, "'La1'1'y". Rottman, Vivian, "Viv", Rowells, Jane, "Janie", Schulze, Fred, "'F1'itz", Slevert, Edna, "Ed", Smith. Hazel, "Hazel nut". Stauffer, Alta, "Bars", Streeter, Henry, "Hank", Tomasum, Kathryn, "Krzth'ie". Treleven, Arthur, "'A'rt". Valkoske. Rose Anna, "Val", Vander Voort, La Reine, " Vandyn. Vandervoort, Marion, "'Vcmrly to" Nllashbush, Harold f'The Liviuo Skelton". VVeideman, Helen, "Weefly." Vveinsheim, Bernice, "B", Vvhalen, Lina. 'fCZothes line". VVilhelms, Arthur, "Art," Williams, Robert, "Rob", Page 15 The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Page 16 The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Roosevelt Eighth Grade Roll Adler, Ruby, 'fRube". Aigner, Raymond, "Amy", Alcott, Shirley, "Curly", Allen, Marlin, "Gabby", Allard, Eva, "Ev", Allard, Iva, "Ivy", Allender, Lucile, "L11,oyt'. Anderson, Doris, "F1'ccklcs". Xnthon NVilliam "Huck 1"i'n" f y, -' , f Aspatore, Alfred, "Locks", Auchue, Clayton, "Cou'E". Awde, Margaret, -'Jlloggle". Bannerman, Robert, f'Bob", Barbeau, Lucy, "Luv, Beaudreau, Ernest, "Beau", Beaudreau, Rose, "Rosy", Becker, Kathro, "Jolly", Bieger, Margaret, "Marg", Bigsby, Mildred, "Bigsy", Boudry, Alice, "Frcnchy-". Boudry, Elaine, "Honcy"', Brandt, Lucille, "Shorty'f, Brandt, Rocllle, '-Rossy". Braxmeler, Arlyn, "IS1'a:r-ic". Broderick, Cliffold. "Bu1l"'. Brunet, Ceclle, "Billy", Brunet, Marjorie, "Stn.bby", Brunson, Leota, "Leaf, Burmaster, Sydney, "Sid", Bush, Vllilllam, '-Billie", Camp, Anna, 'fAnn", Casper, Arno, "Cassy". Chapman, Helen, "Choppy", Christowsl-ti, Irene, "Christy", Clark, VVarren, "Doc", Cleveland, Hazel, "Skinny"'. Collins, Fern, "Dim11les". Cone, Betty, "Fate", Conery, Clarence, "Coney", Cook, Cecile, 'fBrowny", Cotter, Patrick, "Pat"'. Dankert, Dorothy, "Sclz,rimp", Darfze, Lester, "Les", Davis, George, A'Dwvic", Davis, Allan, "Al", DeNell, Agnes, "Agfrie". DeNell, Dorothy, "Dot", DeNell, Joseph, "Joe", Derbeok, Edward, "Dcrby"'. DeRusha, Gladys, "GZmlfIic", DeVlne, Virginia. "l'i1"'. Dille, Harold, "Pickles", Dllle, Lawrence, "I,m'1'y". Dodd, Catherine, "Cuts'-', Dougherty, Archibald. "Archie", Duples, Arlyn, "Jumbo". Duquette, Ashley. '-Duke . Erickson, Harold, "Hal", Feiereisen, George, "Fi , Fenton, Esther, "Esslie". Finger, Donna, 'fDo-n."'. Floyd, Clarice, "CZar", Fohl, Harold, "Happy", Fohl, Kathryn. "Ix'r1tty". Freund, Fred, 'iFl'0lIfliC'f. Fritz, Irene, "Fitz", Funkey, Harriet, "Hf11'ry"'. ,u Gaffney, Madalyn, "Mari . Gehde, XValter, "Guilds", Geiger, Gladys, "G'lmI1Iie"', Gibson, Harvey, "IIarv". Glaser, Louis, f'Lo1zie, Glassnappl, Harrison, "Glossy", Glasow, Lorraine, "Goodies", Gloyd, Marie Louise, "Mary Lou". Goebel, Bessie, "Bess", Goebel, Vvalter, "Bumps", Goik, Eleanor, "Nora", Gormican, Lawrence, "'SZ1Zppery"', Gormican, Paul, "Pinky"". Grassy, Richard, "Dick", Gratton, Blanche, "Popsy". Grebe, Helen, "Lena", Grlmn, Lyle, "'Weu,1'y WilIic"'. Groesbeck, Dora, "Gross"', Gross, Ruth, "Rutlliei'. Gunderson, Bernice, "-B'u,nnfe"', Habib, Marie, "Fuzzy", Halfman, Raymond, "Gully", Halfman, Roland, "Rollie"', Hamburg, Ethel, "E", Hansen, Ethel, "Ethie". Hebbe, Alvin, "Heb", Hendricks, Xvllllam, "Boots", Horr, Frederick, "Lolly", Hughes, Ethel, "Reddy", Ingalls, Gordon, "Goa"-', Jabers, Lilly, "Lil"'. Jacobs, Vera, "Jake"', Jentz, Joseph, "Joe", Johnson, Leora, "Johnnie", Jones, Francis, "Sissy", Jors, Frieda, "Freda", Justen, Dorothy, "Dotsy'l Karls, Edward, "'Ezldie", Kelrig, Russel, "Russ", King, Marie, "Bings". Kirchoff, Gerhard, "Gov-ry"'. Kltzman, Harriet, "'Kitty", LaValle, M argaret, "Rem ", Layher, Wallace, "Wallie"', Lehner, Mildred, "Millie" Lehr, Xvm., "Garlic", Leonard, Ethyle, "Whiffle"'. Lapine, Doris, "D01'i6'J, Laplne, Lucille, "Lu", Laroux, Everett, "EvJ'. Laroux, Willard, "Lm'dy", Lewis, Barton, "Ba-rt". Lewis, Gerald, "Gerry", Little, Isabelle, "Izzy", Lucas, Eileen, "Ike", Lynels, Claude, "Dinky". McCall, Florence, f'Flory". McCormick, Frances, "Mickey Maloff, Fama, "Patsy", Mable, XVillia1n, "Bill", Malone, Johnson, '-Sleepy". Mann, Marcella, f'Jlla-r". Manthel, Genevieve, "Gen", Martin, Molly, f'O'Molly". Magellas, Catherine, "Crafty, Mendlesky, Norman. --Rome Mendlesky, Raymond, "Raye", ., 0" Mengel, Helen, "Ming", Merz, Arthur, "Artic", Meyer, Fern, "Blue Eyes". Meyer, Theodore, "Ted", Mielke, Luetta, "Etta", Miess, Viola, f'0lc". Miller, Della, "Del", Miller, Elaine, -'Laine". Miller, Gordon, -'Go'r1I". Moore, Donald, "Sli pery Slim" Moqui Violet -fv-ie Il, , . Morgan, Lucille, "Ce1le". Nedjelsky, Antelena, f'Sunshine". Nelson, Alvin, 'fAla", Neuman, Viola, "0lie", 0'Brien, Eunice, "Obie", O'Connor, Ferroll, "Ferry", O'Connor, Margaret, -'Pey!lie", 0'Laughlin, lVm. C., "Snooks". O'Laughlin, WVm, P., "Bill", Olson, Evelyn, "Ev'ie". Pace, Norlln, 'fLin". Panger, Lucille, "Cel", Peters, Leslie, "Pete", Pfelfer, Oscar, "Slim", Platz, Charles, f'C'huck". Pommervllle, Paul, "Pom", Platz, Frederick, "Plate", Propson, Herbert, "Herbie", Rautenberg, Regina, "G-inn", Raymer, Eugene, '-Gene? Reilly, Regina, "Dolly", Reinig, VVlllla.m, "Rainy", Rice, Mable, "Blondy", Roberts, Alice, "Rosy" Rossner, Armond, "Ross", Rossner, Melltta, "Me1Zie", Rothgery, Jane, f'Gary", Roy, George, "Raya, Rueping, Elolse, "C"zuId1es", Rueplng, Kurt, "Count", Salter, Jean, "Jen", Salter, Ralph, "Sal", Schave, Lenore, f'Lee"', Schlefelbeln, Kenneth, "Ken", Schmitz, Sidney, "Smitty", Sharbuno, lVa.lter, '-lVa1t". Shirey, Lester, "Buster". Shoemaker, Hugh, f'Alg0", Silgen, Tom, f'Tuckc1"', Smith, Lorraine, "Lo-r", Smith, Ruth, "Ru,fic'-', Smlthers, Dorothy, "Dow-f', Spellecy, Eleanor, NEI", Stanchtleld, Gancello, "Gunsy" Starmon, Roy, "Star-ry". ' Sfellnoski, Sylvester, 3'S'yZ", Suhr, Leola, "Leo", ' Supernand, David, "Soup"", Sweet. Verla, f'Ver". Sweet, VVald0, "TVrllIic". Tate, Francis, f'F-mn", Tessner. Genevieve, "Tess", Thuerwachter, Marcella, "Mn rcell", Trescott, Mary, "Baby", Twohlg, Marjorie, "1lIm'g'ie", Vandermolen, Tessie, "Tessie". XVas:ner, Ruth, f'Peg". Vvallichs, Ruth .lune, "Babe", lValtzer, Lucille, "Sis"', Xvarden, Ruth, -'Rudy"', XVeddig', Xvilliam. "Wed", lvilmet, Arleen. "R" VVilson, Marshall, "llIu1'sh,", Wfinters, Virginia, "Ji1my". llfolf, Ruth, "Rufus", XVood, Hazel. "Hu,:f". XVurtz, Harold, "lVm't.:"'. Yockcy, Donald, '-Don", Zackman, Milton, "l'llilt"'. Zoellner, Christian, "C'hris'r', Zynda, Charles, "Charlie", Page 17 ,gen The REVIEVV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Seventh A Roll Call 1,- Adams, Caroll, "Slew motion , Anderson, Margaret, '-Marg". Arnold, Agatha, "Agn, Becker, Dorothy, "Dot", Berghandler, Frieda, "Brownie", Berry, Fred, "Rastus". Boelker, Margaret, "Mary", Boelke, Robert, f'Teaspoon'f, Buchholtz, Esther, "Bucky", Burgess, Leslie, "Hap'uy"'. Burmeister, Lester, "Master". Caird, Blanche, 'fGoggles"'. Caird, Byron, "Car'rots"', Cohen, Lena, ffCu1'ley". Corbeille, Gilbert, "Kirk"'. Crosby, Robert, 'fBob". Dettmer, Edward, "Soap", Fahn, Joe, f'Dee1"", Favreau, Vllillard, "'Rabbit". Friedel. Olive, "Ali12e'i Gloede, Margaret, "Granny", Hamer, Vernon, "Sleepy". Hanson, Albert, "Grumpy", Hopewell, Keltah, "Kelly", Hicken, Grace, "Hide", n Jordan, Clarence, "Olai'ey , J arvis, Grace, "'Ja'r", Kemp, Mary, "Tnst Mary", Kennedy, Dan, "Irish,'i, Kinkel, Reuben, "Ruben, Klieneschay, Ervin, "Erin", Klieneschay, Mildred, "Sis"', Knutson, Carol, f'Ca1'irie". Knutson, Ervin, "'Knut", Kobs, Madelyn, "Kobe", Kulike, Hubert, "C'ooly", Kraft, Christopher, "'C'olumbo'i. Kumber, Edward, "Smiles", Lewis, Adaline, f'Lou", Longua, Earl, f'Duke", Martin, Elaine, "Lane"'. Miller, Kathryn, "Babe,'. Miller, Margaret, "Mag", Miller, Royal, "Roy,', Mitzelfeldt, Marie, "Mite", Moersch, Arnold, "Mm'sh"', Mueller, Norman, "Nord", Nelson, Esther, "Nellief', Niland, John, f'Jiggs". Parker, Ellenor, "Pm'k". Petterson, Eva, "Pete", Plonsky, Harold, "Son'ny"', Pommerick, Norman, "Desperado", Raddatz, Virginia, "Raflrlishes'. Rady, Carl, 'fFat". Ransom, Allan, "Al", Rauls, Virginia, "Din", Riley, Francis, "P1"lt'lll,u, Salter, Lyle, "Iellusi', Sampson, Dorothy, "Samba", Schleger, Francis, f'Galahad". Schneider, Vera, "Schnit.e", Schultz, Isabell, "Belle", Schram, Harriet, "Fam", Shipman, Adelaide, "Gip'i. Toll, Etta, "Et", Tnylus, Vivian, "Bobbie", Valkoske, Eugene, "Eugc", NVheeler, Ruth, "Rufus", Wiedenmeler, Frank, 'iWee1ly" VVituck, Lucyus, "Scissors", Seventh B Roll Call Arnold, Margaret, 'fMngs"', Averbeck, Ruth, "Rupus". Berry, Phyllis, "Curly", Boelke, Marie, ffDa'rk". Brayton, Fern, f'B1'ay", Breltzman, Cleon, "Ona", Brossa, Myrtle, "Turtle", Bruett, Tilman, "Tillie", Brugger, Carl, "Briggle", Bunkelman, Lois, "Bunk", Cailouette, Harry, "Kangaroo", Chapman, Mable, "'Mczb . Benjamin, "Slim", Carl, "Ab !" Bernice, "Bunny", Clark, Cohen, Corth, Dyhr, Vvilliam, "Willie", Elwing, Lloyd, "Frec7cles". Engel, Phyllis, 'fAngle". Frazier, Pearl, "Jumpy". Y Gllssendorf, Helen. "Slim Grainger, John, "Gro-iny", Gasser, Peter, f'Pete". Gray, John, "Look out", Griggs, Catherine, "Katie", Guell, Virginia, "Ginny", Page 1 S Jim". Hall, Donald, Hansen, Gladys. "Babby", Harmer, VVilliam, "Fish", Hass, W'alter, "Wallie", Herrick, Marlon, "Short", Holmes, Norman, -'Shoi'ty"', Huck, Lester, "Husky," I-Iumleker, Dagfin, "P7'0f8SS07':,. Jacobson, Wilhelm, "Billie',, Jarvis, Lucille, "Fi'enchy". Johnson, Randolph, "'Babe". Justl, Norman, "Schrimp", Kelly, Eileen, "Sho1'ty"'. Kennedy, Roland, "Irish, Jr." Klawitter, Laura, f'Se1'iousness" Knapwurst, Francis, "F1'an"', Kohler, Hyman, f'Hy". Kropacek, Gertrude, "Gertic". Kuehn, Fred, "F1"it2:"'. Kunasch, Benjamin, 'fBen". Luttenberger, Walter, "Fraggy" Mahoney, Clide, Mantz, Paul, "Pauly", Maze, Leslie, "Less", . McCarthy, Patricia, "Pat", Meracle, Doris, "Deity", Meyer, Viola, 'fVi"'. Meyer, WValter, "Butch", Miller, M iller, Elsie, "Els", Esther, "Essex", Montville, Elinor, "Monty", Jean, "Morey", Morrill, Mullen, Edward, "Pinky", Marguerite, "'1lI1Lg". Nelson, Nelson, Ruth, "'Flu1T"t. Nimmer, Harold, "Nemo", Praddupp, Esther, f'Prorl". Richter, Edward, Richter, Esther, "Ricky", Riley, Donald, "Don", Schultz, Emma, "Bnltz"', Schwebke, Harvey, "'Ontey", Seller, Helen, "Cy", Smalley, Miriam, "Mamie", Smith, Mildred, "Milly", Sorenson, Gens, "Goran", Tates, Sylvia, "Silly", Toll, Adolph, "Ring", Treleven, Grace, "Gmane", Vvaiile, Susanna, "Syrup", Vverner, Ruth, "Rufus", Vvinnig, Margaret, "Winnie", Wintzel, Marie, "Winnie", Zimmerman, Elmer, "Zinni". leg i The REVIENV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Seventh Grade Roll--Roosevelt Allan, Marlow Allard, Arthur Allen, Clayton Allen, Edith Allen, Fern Allender, Mildred Almy, John Anthony, NVil1iam Assaf, Rachel Augustine, Jack Anthony, Karl Allende-r, Lucille Babcock, Lawrence Bagley, Avis Balthazor, Alvin Bannasch, Archibald Barbeau, Lucy Barthelman, Doris Beaudreau, Adalyn Beaudreau, Ernest Bebow, Mabel Becker, Rolland Benedict, Ambrose Bergman., Lucille Boede, Arnold Boehrlg, Earl Boehrig, Harold Bohnert, Gertrude Bohlman, Violet Bonell, Lorraine Bott, Leona Boyle, Jerome Brandt, Lucille Brayton, Marion Brennan, Marion Buch, Louis Buckley, Ralph Buckley, Rolland Burgoyne, Fola, Camp, Anna. Capelle, Carl Chapin, Lawrence Collins, Harvey, Collins, Luella Commo, Peter Conery, Daniel Cook, Alberta Czerneski, Vera Darge, Russell Deroulu, Lester Detweller, Pauline Dignin, Lawrence Dille, Forrest Dobbratz, Marvin Donovon, Kenneth Doudican, Vincent Dougherty, Mary Drager, Exilda Dyckoff, Helen Eigenbrodt, Richard Eigenbrodt, Rose Engel, Ruth Ennis, Charles Enright, Vivian Fanie, Anna Farrey, Verna Faucher, Leo Faust, Anita Floyd, Lawrence Francis, Alice Gaffney, Hugh Lialeles, Anna Gardner, I-lope Geiger, hthelyll Getcnell, Theodore Gielow, Florence Gxelow, Clarence Gllenoack, Edwin Gi-irnn, Lyle G1 unwald, Ruth Habib, Johanna Heber, Lillian Heinz, Dorothy Henkel-, Sylvester Hewitt, Sheldon 1-lickey, Marion Hinkley, Arthur Hoey, Hemy Hope, Marlon Jean Huelsman, Bert Hunt, Lyle Jaber, Louise Jacobs, Raymond Jarvis, Cleon Johnson, Orllla. Joseph, Gerald Karls, Edward Kingsbury, Lloyd Klein, Chester Klein, Edward Kline, Robert Knapwurst, Charles Knutson, Leo Krause, Marie Kremer, Betty Krenke, Lloyd Krueger, Albert King, Ambrose Krug, Verna Keirlg, Russell Laisure, Mildred LaRose, Margaret Lehr, VVllliam Lemieux, Bernard Lemieux, Kenneth Lemke, Frieda Lepine, Jeanette Lewis, Dolores Lewis, Zola Lyman, Alice Lynels. Genevieve McDougal, Hazel McEwan, Marjorie Martin, Molly Mengel, Rosella Maurice, Hubert Menzel, WVilllam Meyer, Clarence Meyer, Evelyn Meyer, Fern Michels, Violet Mielke, Luetta Mless. Viola Moquin, Joe Mueller, Gordon Neitzel, Mildred Nelson, Elwln 0'Connor, Annie Ollerman, Genevieve Pallock, Benjamin l'a1ish, Frank Peeke, MacLean 1 ierce, Solon 1f'1-opson, Leo Quinn, Edna Radtke, Donald Bauls, Edith hautenberg, Louis Raven, Altred haven, Edna. niley, Eugene ltoberts, Eunice Hobie, Aloys liockstroh, Philip Roy, Urval Sadoff, David Sadoff, George Salchert, Alma Salchert, Grace Scheiback, Leonard Schellenberg, Hugo Scherer, Raymond Scherzinger, Dorothy Schlaak, Louise gchuillftrd-t, Orland cov e, ames Sealy, Fred Severin, Virginia Slgarbuno, Joseph arron, Hilda Shaw, Francis Salter, Fred Smeg, Ilsatgryn me , or ert Smith, Jean Smith, Loren Smith, Ruth Enow, Genlivieve orenson athryn Spellacyflglnol' Starman, oy Stewart, Frederick Stotefckeril Alfred Sto er, eona Stone, Charles Storm, Charles Etraula, Lgletus 'trau , rances Stringham, Earl Swalby, Clifton Taylor, Laurette Tessner, Raymond Thompson, Robert Thuerwachter, Georg' Timm, Francis Toney, Emil Trott, Marie Twohig, Marion Velie, Donald Voell, Marion Vtfalker, Benjamin YVaters, Ellery VVeber, Esther Wfeddig, Magdaline Xvhite, Margena Vvlllet, Louise VVil1et, Lucille Vv'ilson, Ealine lVrig'ht, Dorothea NVurtz, Freeland Yockey, Anna Lee Ziebell, Elmer Ziebell, Louise C Page 1 9 The REVIENV NINETEEN TWENTY-1foUR Page 20 Tl REVIEW 'ENN'-1-'oU.1z 16 7 w Q K-2 GQ ' .ORGAm1zf11TTOfv.S. , I Crrfzafvsmp - DRAMHTJCS X ORCHESTRA ' BAND-LATIN X L 'rscvfvns-c-nmfve , ,, 9 s a 4 an The REVIEW N INETEEN '1'WEN'1'Y-FOUR Page 22 The REVIEW N INETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Activities Although school means books and hard study the pupils of Roosevelt still find time for various activities which have come to mean a great deal to most of us. They help to relieve the monotony of daily study and keep us tit for our work in school. The teachers and pupils work lOl-ZtfhOl' and try to make these activities as interesting' as possible. There are outdoor and in- door activities ror both boys and girls tor all seasons. rn tne fall there is football for the boys and hiking and tennis for both the girls. During the winter season the boys and grils play basketball for indoor sport boys and the while skating furnishes an opportunity for outdoor exercise. JH the spring hiking and tennis are resumed and the boys get out their balls organize basball teams. Not The Orchestra, The uotivlty in and hats and an of the school activities are however ln the nature of sports. most important indoor activities are thc Latin Club, Dramatic clubs, the Band, the the Debating Club, the Cltizenship Club, the Glee Club, and the Camp pupils are urged to take part in some outside work and are allowed which they are most interested. .tflru Rruups. to choose the We have all derived a. great deal of benefit from these activities and they have served their purpos, that of promoting school spirit and keeping the pupils interested in their school work. PROVINCE OF GAUL The Province of Gaul is a. branch of tne Senior High School Classical Club. All the mem- bers of the Latin classes in Roosevelt who pay their taxes to Rome are eligible to vote and be members of the Roosevelt Club. The club is divided into two parties the Patricians and Plebeians. Those who have taken Latin two years are Patrlclans, those who have taken it one year art: 1 lebeians. THB otlicers elected for the year 1924 were Sylvester Stepnoski, Governor, Marcella Mann, Quaestor, and Richard Grassy, Scrlba. Honor Roll At thesclose of the six weeks ending April 18, fifty seven i571 pupils were found to merit ll P12109 011 T-he Honor 12011: twenty-three 1233 of these are members of the ninth grade. To attain this distinction, rt was necessary for pupils to average 902, or over ln all of the studies carried and not fall below 85'Z, in any single study. NINTH GRADE-ROOSEVELT Harriet Carpenter' 103 96.2 Loretta. Konen 106 92.4 Clementina Keys 106 91.2 Virginia Kline 106 95.8 Elsie Krug 106 92.4 Richard Assaf 104 91.0 Vanas Rlstau 108 95.4 Melvin Mueller 108 92.4 Paul Kroes 106 90.8 Dorothy Schrage 109 95.0 Adele Relchling 108 92.4 Florence Peerenboom 108 90.8 Laurine Gerhard 104 94.6 Jennie Entringer 103 92.2 Cecelia Marshall 107 90.6 Ermin Freund 104 94.4 Dorothy Barbeau 104 92.2 NVinifred Menzel 107 90.6 Grace Jensen 106 94.2 Charles Hess 104 92.2 Margaret Dana 103 90.4 Cecelia O'Connell 10S 93.8 Mary Brady 104 91.8 GARFIELD Abraham, Adella Arnbelang, Ethel Lieldon, Ruth Byrnes, Virginia Calvy, Geor:-re Cohen, Lena Diemun. Dorothy Duffiim, Lorena Duffrim, Viola Felton, Frances Friedel, Olive Glasow, Marian Henning, Florence gacobli glorence enz, E na Kernnitz, Marian Kinkel, Dorothy Klingbeil, Dorothy Lehman, Bernzrdine Lewis, Mlldra Marshall, Mary Meyers, Irene Scharf, Erna Xveidemneier, Helen NV halen, Lina GARFIELD REVIEW STA FF Adella Abraham Herbert Bauers FIOFFIICE' Hefllflins' Faculty Advisers Marion Kemnrtz Lawrence Connors Arlyle Kraemer Miss Goodrich Eileen Curringtun Charles Mayer Mr. Geiger Bernice Foley GARFIELD JUNIOR STAFF Maurice Murray Esther Halverson Charles Mayer .John lritclu-r Arlyle Kraemer ltlildra Lewis Eileen Currlngton REPORTERS Herbert Bauers, Kenneth Smith, Abraham, Julia Walsh, Lyle Trader, Jennie Goodman, Gertrude Smith, Dorothy Bond, Adella Catherine McGrath, Lawrence Connors, lleen Bannon, Dorothy Barnes, Robert Dunlap, Harley Gilboy, Evelyn Mullen, Mildred Boland-, Dorothy Mineau, NEWSPAPER CLUB OFFICIALS Lester XVist, Lawrence Conners, George Calvy, Kenneth Smith. Faculty urlviscr, Mr. Geiger. Laliunie Vandervoort. TEDDY STAFF Cecelia Marshall, Prcsirlentj Irene Bacchus, Copy-lfV1'1Zter,' Melvin Mueller, Edito1'ic1l,' Daisy Dix, Iln-mor,' Mildred NVhlte, Humc-r,' Richard Heath, H'lL7Il01'j Harold Berkholtz, S1J0'I'lS.,' Andie Perry, Sportsj Helen Davison, Assembly. Reporters, Ursel Boudry, Muriel Buckley, Margaret Keenan, Helen Kremer, Isabelle I-Iusting, Ernestine Nlfagner, Lachlnn Pee-ke. ROOSEVELT REVIEVV STAFF Virginia Kline, Harriet Carpenter, ltiargaret Dana, Melvin Mueller, Grace Jensen, Ermin Feurd, Charles l-less, Paul Kroes, Laurine Ge-rhart, Marie Stepnoskl, Janet Trlggs, Harry Torgc, Kurt Rueping. Adele Reichling, George Megellis, Andre Perry. Faculty, Frank Sabish, Grace Johnston, Ruth Pinkerton. Page 23 The REVIEXV NINETEEN 'rw1QN'1'v-ifonn Roosevelt Band Tow row Cleft to rightb-G. Miller, R. Aigner, A. Nelson, A. Davis, Alvin Hebbe, Leonard De glusha, P. Kroes, VV. Paige, R. Bannerman, N. Mendelske, R. Assof, E. Leroux, R. Halfnmn, F. haw. Second row Qlejt to 'rightj-J. Trlggs, C. Zoellner, G. Davis, C. Broderick, C. Warns, E. Schultz, XV. Clark, R. Heath, A. Dougherty, F. Freund. First row ilcft Lo rightj-C. Storm, R. Kline, R. If.GillH', XV. Hendricks, A. Dupies, I-I. Dille, C. Zynda. Roosevelt Urchestra Top row-Floyd, Lynels, Anderson, Nvarns, Baldwin, Davis, Miller, Kroes. Second row-Salter, Heath, Miller, DeNell, Relnig, Bush. Bottom row-Peeke, Klein, Carpenter, Anderson, Klein, Zucksinnn, Merz, Maurice Finnegan. ' Page 24 The REVIEW N1NE'l'EEN TWENTY-1f0UR Garfield Junior Bona' and Orchestra Top Cleft Lo 'rightj-Brelteng'ross, Bauers, Schleger, Schmidt, Guell, Dlltmar, lnprum Bcukl-r, lvlumch. Illirlrllc row--Jvnz, Trader, Crook, Rcttmun, Kllngbcil, Vundervoolt. XVist, Dl'LlilL'l', Kuhn Bottom -row-Johnson, Kienuw, Dollhuusen, Ruttman, Blakely, Whoa-ler, Dousu, Nuubgukl. Edmunds. y GRACEFUI, DANCERS IN THE UPERETT.-X 'WVITCH OF FAIRY DELL" Top row-Hill. Thomason, Rawlings, Miss Edmunds, Rottman, Currington, Felton. Sono-nfl row-NVarnex', Humleckor, Whalen, Brodda, Loy, Mullen, Xkfxight, Diemzm. Bottom ro-w-Barbeau, Shram, Zorr, Belden, Calrd, Clark. Page 25 4 The REVIEW N1xE'r131:N '1'WEN'1'Y-FOUR Garfield Girls Glee Club Ton rou:-Vvinnigg Klingbell, Hohensee, Mullen, Boland, Mineau, Ambelang, XVhzxlcn Wright, Humleeker. ' Third row-Glissendorf, Byrnes, Dieman, Foley, Tuyls, Vandervoort, Bruddu, Bachmun Curringtcn, Meyers. Second row-Rauls, Engels, Severein, Xvalgenbach, Clark, Smalley, Herrick, Schnir-der Rawlinrs, Felton, Stauffer, Brodda, Caird. First row-Hill, Rottman, Ley, Schram, Zorr, Belden, Treleven, Siler, Burke Kelly Keuy, Arnold. ' ' Bottom row-Miss Edmunds, director. Roosevelt Girls Jlub Top 1'0lU-EHtllHg0l', Awde Corbeille, Eigenbrodt Rothg:e-ry, Winters Allen, McCoy . . . I-Iustiny, Keenan. I Sc:-onrl rout-Kceck' Jacobs Whitimx, F. Bohlmun Anderson, Lucas, llrennun, Johnson Tx lggs. l+"irs't -row-Kain, Buckley, Beuudeuu, Merz, Finnegan, BklI'tllCllllUll, Uunkert, Timm Slllltl'lClS, Sorrenson. The New Teacher: Freddie if I would give you 5 dollars today, 3 dollars to- morrow and 5 dollars the day after. what would you have? Freddie: I'd have a Ht. Page 26 1 l The REVIEW NINETEEN Twr:N'1'x'-FOUR S13 The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR The "T eddy" Football Team Left to 'right-Pazolos, Fletcher, Aspatore, Baldwin, VVilson, Rosenberg, Martin, Fritz, Coach Yvhltenack. Bottom. row-Blewltt, Bellmore, Martin, Johnson, Hubbell, Twist, Megellas, Pfelfer. Football 1923 Honors are almost evenly divided in football last fall. Garfield won the first game by a score of 7-6, while in the next game the Teddies came back and administered a sound thrashing to Garfield I8-6. In the final game Garfield won by a good margin 25-7 in the last quarter of the game. Both sides won a game and Roosevelt lost the championship by a 7-6 game although Garfield scored the most points in the season. This leaves each school having a championship. Next Fall Roosevelt will put an exccp tionally Fine team on the field. QUESTION AND ANSWER COLUMN Question: XVhat is the difference between a barber and a mother with a large family? . Answer: One shaves with his razors and the other raises her shavers. Question: lVhy is the 12:50 train the hardest to catch? Answer: It is ten to one if you catch it. Question: VVhen will water stop running down hill? Answer: VVhen it gets to the bottom. Question: VVhy do you put your left shoe on last? Answer: VVhen you have put on one, the other is left. Question: W'hat is that which works when it plays, and plays when it works? Answer: A fountain. Question: Wfhat thing is drawn more frequently than another? Answer: VVater. Question: XVhat would happen if everyone got to school on time? Question: 'What would happen if there were nonc in detention? Hand in your answers. Page 28 The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR 1 City Junior Champs Top 'row--Peter Julius, Lawrence Connors, Howard Schussler, Henry Zoellner, John Lltcher, Louis Hansen, Coach Johnson. ' Middle row-Robert Dunlap, Clyde Merrill, George McMillan, Captain Richard Xvatson, Aho Manis, Leo Giebel, Jack Niles. Bottom row-Leland Hansen, Leslie McCreery, Ronald Hill, Hllarion Bingen. SPORTS Garfield has a record to be proud of in basketball, out scoring all opponents three to one. Perhaps they will never have :mother record like this but we all hope so. Last season's scoring did not run as high as this scason's but the team was there and usually Won. Last season Garfield lost the Grst game of the series to Roosevelt but were with- out Abe Manis and one or two others regulars but swamped the Teddies in the re- maining games of the series. This season the only game lost was to the Juniors by a I8-15 decision in the Little Five Tournament for the Championship. Last season they also lost to the Vocational School in the championship event by one point. There is but one more sport activity left that we may take from thc Teddies in which all able should go out for and that is "Baseball", The call of the pigskin brought a large number to the gridiron. The crowd soon thinned down to the first and second teams. The green and white got even with Roose- velt as they copped the city title the former year. All players went through the season with no serious injuries, and showed good sportsmanship in their battles. The rest of the honor goes to Coach Johnson and the second team to make a good first team. Nov. I7 we invaded VVauwatosa and lost by a 9'3 flwslon- GRIDIRON RECORD Garlield 7 Roosevelt 6 Garfield 6 I Roosevelt 18 Garfield 25 Roosevelt 7 Garfield 3 Wauwatosa 9 Garfield 4I Opponents 40 Note: There were a few loyal fans that motored down to Wauwatosa and witnessed the hard fought battle. . ' The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Basket Ball Team Top row-Pazolas, F., Burmaster, G.: Nvitte, Coachg Galeles, F.g Bishop, F. L Bottom -row-Magellas, G.: Hubbel, C.: XV1son, G. BASKET BALL 1924 Coach NVitte with new material developed a good team in basketball, Oshkosh fell before the Pazelonians, as did the faculty and the Vocational school. Garfield had an exceptional line team this year especially in Manis and W'atson playing for thc Garfield their second year. Most of Roosevelt's team had to be developed this year. Practically a new team will wear the purple and gold next year also. BASEBALL 1924 Games postponed on account of rain this year does not give us anything to write about except the two faculty games in which our superior knowledge dispensers took our team into camp I2-O in the first tilt and 20-19 in the second fracas. We were ahead at times in the last game and had the glory of batting our principal out of the box. Fohl and johnson did the work on the mound. A little spark, a little coil A little gas, a little oil A piece of tin, a little board Put them together and you'll have Mr. lVakeman's ford. Page 30 The REVIEVV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Garfield Basketball Team Top row-John Murray, Charles Mayer, Coach Johnson, Maurice Murray. Bottom. row-Howard Schussler, Captain Richard WVatson, Abe Manis, Carl Rady, George McMillan. About thirty-tive fellows came out for basketball, but the number thinned to the names above. We can state that we are undefeated among junior Highs of the State, and the Teddies found victory impossible. This year we had some new talent in the lineup, and we had more victories to our credit. VVe played outside teams, playing home and return games with them. Again we took part in the "Little Five Tournament" and met defeat for the first time in the title games. OUR RECORD Garfield 33 Ripon 6 Garlield IS Rosevelt 6 Garfield 18 Wauwatosa c Garfield 37 Ripon 4 Garfield 22 Vifauwatosa 9 Garfield 48 Roosevelt S Tournament Garheld 18 Sophomores I7 Garfield I5 Juniors IS Garfield 209 Opponents 68 Page 3 1 A The REVIEW NINETEEN 'rwEN1:Y-Form Roosevelt Class Roll d-Qlael, George-"'Oue of the few not meant to ie. Ahner, Charles-"Our beloved student." Albrecht, Wallace-f'He is among the pri-me in worth." Anderson, John-"Quiet, but persistent."' Andrews, Aurelia-"Always the sameg quiet and kind." Andrews, George-"His -manner is quiet: but don't judge him by it." Assaf, Richard-"Good-naturedg busy, and to all a friendf' Bacchus, Irene-"Rather quiet girl." Baldwin, Ray-"'Beware, I may be something sensational." Balthazar, Royal-"fBe noble in every thought and deed." Barbeau, Dorothy-"A merry laughs at care." Beust, Ax-thur-"Men of few words are the best llI,91L Bastian, Margaret-"She has no time for boys." Bastian, Marie--"I hate nobody?" Bebow, Louise-"Ain't we got fun." Becker, 'lVil1lam--"Let"s study English, Bill." Belanger, Orson-'fMost quiet student always talking." Bellmore, Laurence-'fAll great men are deadj I donit feel well myself." Benedict, Alfred-"What do you say Benny, let's grow." Benz, Walter-f'A. right good fellow with all g but intimate with few." Berkholtz, Harold-"He is the sum total of a man." Bishop, George-"The good die youngg don't worry." Blewett, Charles-UA man among the men and ladies too." Bohnert, Edna-"Why worry, things aren't so bad. ' Boudry, Ursel-"You never can tell." Brady, Mary-"About the boys I never think? Buckley, Muriel-"True artists are made- t no born. Burkhart, Lucille-"Short, but sweet." Burmaster, Donald-"Ready for anything: work or play." D I Carpenter, Harriet-"Truly a musical wonder! Casper, Leona.-"Well look whois here."- Chappy, Marcella--"Nothing is more simple than greatness." l I l Corbeille, Viola.-"Words fail us in this crisis." Corcoran, Wallace--"Our Basketball player." Crookston, Margaret-f'No wisdom like silence." Dana., Margaret-'fYou tell 'em Peg." Dankert, Arnold-"Why should life all labor be?" Danor, Charlotte-"Laugh and the world laughs with I-il,l0'M.,' , Davison, elen-"Oh, Helen, we dont know what to say." , - J DeRusha, Leonard-"Let's play b.all.' Dix, Daisy-"Be happy and pass. it along." Dobyns, Robert-"Champion studier." ' Downs, Genevieve-"She may be small, but7'- DuFrane, Margaret-'fl have a heart with room for every Joy." I i Dyckhoff, Carl-"Who has him for a friend is lucky." , Eigenbrodt, Augusta-"All of Roosevelt will miss her cheery smiles." . Ellsworth, Ruth-"Oh, so quiet." , Entringer, Jennie-"She always acts Just as she ought." Erke, Agnes-"C'mon let's go !" . Erke, Bernard-"His are the quiet stepssof Dreamland." I J Everling, Harriet-"So quiet and demure. ' I Faude, Verna.-"I admit that I like the boys." Ferris, Anna.-"Ye gods, how she could talk." Fields, Doris-"Her cheeks are like two roses." but a dandy heart that Page 32 Fitzgerald, Lucille-"Sun is red,' and so is your head." Fletcher, Howard-"lVork-what is that!" Franzen, Leo-"First in play 5 last in work." Freiburg, Lucill-"When I grow older, I'll be bolder." Freund, Ermin-'-A quiet, diligent student." Friedal, Andrew-"Ambition plays no part." Fritz, Arthur-"He's so meekg even his shoes refuse to squeak." Funk, Ethel-"Silent is she." Gaffney, Mike-'fEver likes to cheer a man." Galeles, Nick-"I'll put a girdle around the world." Galow. VVilla.rd-"Men of few words are best." Gantner, Lorena,-"Welcome, stranger in our midst." Gerhard, Lorraine-"Curly doesn't say muehg but she delivers the goods." Glassel, Dorothy--"She swings a mean racket." GOYGOD. T. J.-'fHe"s a deep student, at the bottom of a class." Gores, Kathryn-"Life and laughs-every inch of her." Greene, Margaret--'fTalks little 5 thinks much." Gulig, Regina.-"She's just the quiet kind? Hagen, Ehtel-"She would laugh at anything.-" Hautzinger, John-'-'He has the right spirit." latlglevath, Richard-"Good at debate and never Heaton, Irenwffstudious and full of fun." Heber. Leonard-f'Still water runs deep."' it 3-Iensel, Gladys-"Always busy but quiet about .Hess, Charles-"Could they run the school without me!" Hewitt, Bryant-"I can waste more time in an hour than most people can in a week." Hlcken, Hazel-"She cannot live long--single." H0ddll'10i. Mable-"I am for work, the whole day long." Homuth, Milton-"He thinks over-study may prove fatal." Hubbell, Mary-"Always merry. and never busy." HUM. Esther-"Favorite pastime-watching the clock tick." Husting, Isabel-ff Who is giggling back there."' Jaber, Samuel-"Chatter, chatter, as I go." Jaber, Sophie-"J-ust' one bluff after anotheix' Jensen, Grace-"Nota-eably brilliant." Johnson, Alleata.-"Favorite occupation-do-ing nothing." Johnson, Clifford-"Hasten, but do it slowly." grlguagn, Marxe-"I know it's a sin to sit and 1 Kaiser. Jacob-"Small boy with a large heart." Keenap, Florence--"She attractis all with her gentle virtues." Keenan, Margaret-"Dancing is good for re- ducing, eh, Maggie?" Keys, Clementina.-'fDiligent studentj not without results." Keys, Esther-"Better late than never." Kleinke. Paul-"No worry has he." Kline, Virginia-'fShe-'s good in all her classes? Knutson, Elmer-"Our best Pal." Koeck, Frances-"Talk about ginger, she's the whole spice box." Kaenigs, Lucile-"Intelligence is not her only virtue." Konen, Loretta-"The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Kramer, Alice-"Earnest endeavor reaps its reward." Kramer, Mary-"If you would climb high- aim high." Kramer. Cecelia.-"If she would say -more, we would know more." Kremer, Helen-"A studious look j a pen and a book." Kroes, Paul--"A gentleman at all times." Krug, Elsie--"Quiet but newer idle. The REVIEVV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR Ladwlg, Edward-"A rcdtop lad." Lange, Harry-"I want what I want when I want it." . , Lanser, Bernice-"Giggle, giggle. giggle." u Lewis, Barton-'fl'-m going to be a bachelor! Mclgoy, Elizabeth-"Forgetting is a good cav- cuse. McGray, Alice-"She's just the quiet kind!" Mclvlonagle, Vincent-"Someday we expect to find you in "Whois Who." . Martin, Carl-"ffl quiet tongue shows a wise head." Martin, WVa.lter-"Big boy of our football teanv."' Martin, Yvllblll'-"'lVllfC'h him blush when the girls speak to him." I Marshall, Cecelia-"Her -motto-'Anything masculine is mine." " - Megellas, George-f"Eueryone likes th-is atheletef' G , Mellis, Marjorie-"Here,s to the girl -untlt eyes so blue." Mengel, Hazel--"Little but. oh my!". I Menzel, Vvlnifred-"Small but full of ideas? V- Merz, Alice--"All musical people are liaqzrvvil Meyer, Catherine-"She loves powder-but what of it." u . Miller. Frances-"She is a musician you bot-- Spa.rky."" l U Miller, Florence-'fA girl of auiet ways. ' Miller, Mildred-"'There"s always sometlmzg bad in every girl." ,' , ,J Mueller, Melvin-'fHe has no time for girls: Nelson, Effie-"Effie loves to gossip." l ,V Nolan, John-"Caruso paid me-to keen still- O'Connell, Celia-"'Her marks are some of the la .. t." ezlllerman, Vera-"A happy maid with a smile for all." , . Pace, Doris-"Ready and true .in every wayq Paige. NValler-"Pleasant and Jolly." H Pazalos-"He gets a concrete basketball. U Peeke, Lachlan-"If he would only Uflllflvel Peerenboom, Florence-" Whenst is thy learning V' , Perry, Andre-'fl am a man of importance. look at me." , Phillips, Joseph-f'Don't ever work, you might get the habit." , D Platz. Frederick-"He almost has 'llll1l4'7S. Promen, Apmes-""She laughs every time she's tickled." ' A , ,, Reichling, Adele-"A Jolly good friend is she. ' Reinhold, Josephine-"'True-many a friend has she." h , Reinhold, Ruth-"Away with books-lets have some fun." U Rice, Dorothy-f'She is tall and cheerful. Richter, Hazel-"'Knowledf1e 'Is power." Rlstau, Vanas-"1Vorld's greatest girl basket- ball player." Rndenkirck. Arthur--"The girls think he's right cute." n Rosenberg. Freelan-'fAnrl sweetly rang his silver voice." Rosenthal, Ivan -"My thoughts run wool- gathering." Roy, George-"Good things come in small packages." Rueping, E1oisaw"Her thoughts are. oh, her thoughts are scattered oc"uer the land." Rueping, Kurt-"A lover and master of Art."' Salter, Ralph-"In one ear and out the other." SCha0f0I'. Norbert-f'Lend me thy ears: I have no need of an extra tongue." Schaeve, Arthur-"He says nothing and says it quietly." Scheibach Esther-" You can't all be as tall as lf' ' Scherer, Esther-"She may tumble into fame Scherer, VValter-"Full of fire and mischief too.-" Schmitz. Mildred-"IlI'ach allowance must be made for her." Schrage. Dorothy-"She may be small but hear her talk." Sharron, sm'ile."' Shea, Donald-'-Measure your mind's height by the shadow it casts." Simon Dorothy-"Little children grow up so quickly." Smith, Jeanette+"An excuse in time saves -mine." smith, Jessie-"I don't talk much but I think a .o , Steinbarth, John-HA quiet an dan agreeable man. Steinmetz, Stella-"life tried to describe her but fell down." Leo-"A happy lad with a hapr' Stepnoskl, Marie-"She is always friendly an'1 carries a smile for all." Strachota.. Catherine-"My thoughts are my co-nz p anions." Teren, Mabel-"She never was a stacker." Tetzloff, Lucille-"Silence is sweeter than speech." Timm, Isabelle-'fThe tongue that no man can tame." Titel, Marie-"There ain't no use in hurrying through life." Trlggs, Janet--"Mistress of herself, though China fell." Vinton. Jeanette-"She keeps her smiles for a favored few." Wachter, Lorraine-"We never heard her speak in haste." Nllagner, Alfred-"If talk is silver, silcncc is gold." Xvagner, Bernetta-"She has no time for boys." Vilagner. Ernestine-"She applies all her arts to the -miles of men." YValtzer, lVl'arle-fflnnocence is a gift." XV:-trns. Carl-"The deeds I contemplate are great but as yet I know not what." NVelch, Martha-"Eat. drink, and be merry for tomorrow we diet." Vlfenrit-lvlnifred-''lllild as the soft sprin' breefeu XVhite. Mildred--"An athletic Girl." Xllhitinz. Bernice-"She's free from sorrow and free from care."' Wlhifinrf, Fern-"Stately and graceful, but never hastefu-Z." XVllls, Donald-f'Let the no-rlrl go as it may, I'll take it either wanf' Yvills. Dorothy-"The greatest virtue is un- selfishness." Winters, Franklin-"A lamb appears a lion."' Xlllttkopf. Norman-HA modest and retiring gentleman." XVurtz, Harold-'fHe was a mang take him all and all. Ziegert, Frances-"It seems to me that she always looks glad." Zimmerman, Anna-"TVe know but little of you." DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU It was Z1 dark night a motorist was lost. Presently he saw a sign on a post. With great diliiculty he climbed the post, struck zi match and read, "XVct Paint." lkvklkfk Miss Eiting: Viola use Etiquette in a sentence. Viola: Eddie began work, but Eddie quit. Page 33 T1 PRX IEXX LIIE'1E 1' 5 inf: I .f A -..A ,e Af... The REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-noun Calendar SC?f7f01IlI7C'1'- Children get school fever. Signals 3-IS-26-3 begin. Go and stop signals nceded in halls. Classes well under way as new teachers have all been tried ont. Rah-Rah-Mass Meeting Sure Garfield will lose. October- Sick boys at Roosevelt-due to Garlield's victory. Columbus day-He took a chance so why can't we? fCome on let's skip schoolj. Advisors day-'fNow you should be good boys-4" Yes Mom we will. Nor'vmbc'r- No more assembly for Miss Pinkerton's room. Much mental control needed in Roosevelt and Garfield. M r. Wfakeman cleans up on some boys-Beware! Thanksgiving--Vacation. Hurrah for Punkiu Pie. DCCL'IlIbCf- Oh Gee Xmas is coming. Many notes to Santa found under 7th graders' desks. Betty Kramer asks for a doll. Mabel Bebow wants a rattle. Orilla johnson wishes for a box of tin soldiers for herself and Hazel Hicken. Vtfashbush and Marg Keenan receive NVallace reducing records for Xmas, why? January- Debaters are out.. Beware they will change your mind for you. 'Mona noi! snogino am new ue asmzo qi p1za.1 03 .raao sun 11.1111 pluom noA mann I Skating club organized but not much action. Anyone can join and learn to slfate in ten sittings. FL'bI'IlUl':V- Valentines are out already. These children will be children. Lincoln's birthday well celebrated. Basket Ball Fans get crushed at Oshkosh game but cheer up the season is nearly over. . Rush for extra Peptimist. March- Spring breezes-Oh ! Oh! ' Detention is bad this weather. Snow again. School is bad to us in many ways but good to use when thcre's wood to pile at home. Band concert-very good. Hiking clubs reorganized. Irish Minstrels and oh such actions. QNO actors I meanj Puff, Puff from the Gym. April- Mr. VVoodworth and Mr. Unzicker gave us each a candy box and told us to play all day-Um Um. .. nova uldv Exams and oh such marks. Must be cold weather when they give out O's. 1 Pictures are taken for Annual-Get in your snaps now or never. Last Call. May- Review goes to press. Rain every day. Page 35 Tlzc REVIEW NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR SEPT. OCT NOV. Q 11 -. 9 v I " 56 E .4-Q, 2 xi., , Qs V359 . 1 Lx' - OOTBALL. ff? HIKING X VEC- -TA N. FEB. me, CHRl5:,: 1:45 .6211 'mu "' X9 ? so 7 1.3 1 lv f csc-mesa z, dn THII? f 7. Ig FDNUY L+ QW Q2 GYM? ' 4 ' P in ii ' FQ V M ii U B,35Ks'rBA1.L. ,4 1 x IJ mx MARCH ., APR I L. MAY IN ssmzcu OF NGVYSW Fon TYILESEHZPAPERS, 0 E21 ' ff Q 0.1 mL . , ig: KW F lm J '14 , --1 M fr- lmsf-J MIMSTRELS. """ "' JU NE J' U L. Y A U6. 'A F' I' 5 E OSX? s ,4,...,4..... 1.144- V QNQ YA ! W A H 'gy , Giwams THE Fou RTH 5 ATL. I NZ 1536 The REVIENV NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR GOOD ADVICE Don't be what you ain't Jes be what you is ' For if you is not what u ani Then yon am not what you is. You can always pass the slate If you can't exhort or preach If you jes a little pebble Don't try to be a peach. wr :if wk ar If youlre jes a little tadpole Don't try to be a frog If you is a little tail Don't try to wag the dog. Don't be what you aint just be what you is For the man who plays square Is a going to get his. Got 65 in English 64 in Math. They heard him softly hiss I'd like to catch the guy who said That ignorance was bli wk af :if wk A man came into a restaurant an ordered ha Man: "Say waiter, eliminate those eggs." l1Vaiter: "VVhat boss ?" Man: 'KI say eliminate those eggs." Waiter: "Fraid ah all didn't understan yoh." ss. in and eggs. Man Qgetting impatientj : "I said eliminate the eggs ll' VVaiter went into the kitchen and after awhile returns handle ob dat eliminater am broke." Pk Pk wa 41 . "Sorry boss, but de Kindly old party in hospital to soldier lying in bed with a bandage over his head. "Did you get hit in the head my good man ?" Soldier: "No mum, I got hit in the foot and tl an wk wk is ie bandage slipped up." The Girl behind the counter chews, her gum in manner artful, My cow chews in the self-same way, except 4: :if ur ar my cow looks thoughtful. The thing that goes the farthest, toward making life worth whileg That cost the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile. It's full of a worth of goodness, too, with genial kindness blentg It's worth a million dollars, and doesn't ccst :sf is af wk 8. Cellt. Mr. Sabish: Margaret, what is the underground railroad? Margaret L. V.: It is a train drawn by the engine that runs underground. as :r bk PF Miss Hoenig: VVhat is a radio? Marie Stepnoski: It's the difference from the inter to the outside. Miss H.: No, what is it Chas. Hess? Chas.: It's a radio. ar wk if wk She: "You raised your hat to that girl that passed and you don't know her, do you ?" ' He: "No but my brother does, and this is his hat." ai: 4: fr ar Mr. Schultz was giving the class a lecture on "Gravity". "Now children" he said, "it is the law of gravity that holds us on the earth." "But please, teacher", inquired Richard Grassy, "how did we stick on before the law was passed? Page 3 7 The REVIEW NINETEEN '1'wENTY-FOUR OUR FACULTY Our Roosevelt school doth always wear a smile, true friendliness is known to be its style. The principal of this fine school, is Mr. XVoodworth who knows each Pedogogic rule. Mr. Sabish looks so mild and meek. but when its History he knows whereof he speaks. And he has helpers who are wise and kind, Mr. Hanlon, Misses Lewis, Olson, and Larson you will find. In English Miss Pinkerton none can excell with tfxe Misses liaustgen, Stocking, and Reilly all working well. In Math Miss Hartl plays a part, with Misses Katcn, Manion, llreir, and lfloening in her art. Mrs. Foster the artist of our school, knows well her art and every rule. In Science with Mr. Schultz none can compete, with Erickson, Blaska and XVittie there to meet. The work to lead us in assembly time, to Miss Fmnegan we do assign. 'We must have Latin and geography too, and this we leave for lVhaleon and XVhiteneck to do. And when it comes to cutting of the cloth and that, to the Misses Minton and Stout we take off our hat. And when there's bread and cake to bake, Miss Roberts and Miss Johnstone are wide awake. About Manuel Arts, nothing must he said I suppose, just listen to the hammers of VVakeman, Liner, .-Xtwell, and Rose. And now we have told you the work of the 34, Faculty members of 1924. Grace Salchert: Yeast is a small plant which grows on small bushes. ik 41 Dk Pk l Miss Epstein: Name the 5 states of times. Ruth Nelson, do you know them? Ruth N.: Past, Present. Perfect, Regular, and Father Time. wi: vs ik ak Say John, did you see that swallow. See what swallow. That bird. No, what did it swallow. if if ft if Mueller Z.: See here that dollar you lent n.c was counterfeit. Alfred V.: Didn't ya say ya wanted it bad. sz: ai: 1: 4: Mr. Sabish: XVhat's that bump on your head? Ray U.: Oh that's where a thought struck me. s: ao: 1: Ik Mr. Hanlon: XVhat is the most prominent school club in America? Wise Kid: Birch Club. wk wk tk 4: 'SXVOIHCII are beginning to assert themselves in China." "How's that ?" "Never heard of Pa-Jong, didja ?" fa: x 4: 4: Mr. Sabish Qin citizenship classj : Why was the new political party during the jaeksonian period called Wfhigs? . Bright Pupils: Because they all wore wigs. 4: al: 4: 4: Do you know that: The reason we count in tens is that man first counted on his fingers and toes, and as there are ten of each it has become a habit to count by tens. Page 38 The REVIEW N1xET1:EN TwvENTv-FOUR Page 39 and The REVIEW NINETEEN 'rwENTx'-Fork DO YOU KNOXV THEM? VVe have come little book to tell thee How the Garfield faculty of 23, Has labored to teach us the golden rule, That should be taught in every school. A principal and guardian in Mr. Unzicker we find As he and his helpers try to broaden our mind. Our English is poor but to improve is our wish, And how can we help it with Goodrich, Epstein, Riley, Wlickert. and Blish. But to be good citizens. Mathematics we need So Breyer, Miller, Kennedy, Freberg, and VVeier we heed And to live without History is useless we know, So here we have Mr. Green, Miss O'Keefe and Miss Moe. Now we all know the need of Hygiene, Science and Art ' And here we have Lawless, Van Hecke, Schaar, johnson, McNown each to play their part. And of Mr. Geiger and Mr. Gavin we surely must tell. How they teach us Geography and Commerce so well. And now let us sing with Miss Edmunds the music to yield Of our 1923 faculty of our dear old Garfield. 4: wk an if If we had Goodrich Loom Cousj and a Lawless Breyer grew VVou1d Mr. Geiger Moe it down or let it grow Green with a NVire around it? Please send in your answers early. 4: ik :if if Hugh G.: Is yesterday a direct object? Ralph B.: No yesterday was the Ioth. ik af in :if Jean Hope: How do you get your assignments so well? Mac Peeke: W'hy the teacher assigns that at the end of period. lk Ik lk wk JUST THINK or THAT Three men went into a restaurant for supper. Ist man ordered ice cream. 2nd man ordered biscuits and honey. 3rd man ordered baked apple. The men started eating. Ist man: "Say, waiter, how do you account for the hair in my ice CYCZIITISH XVaiter: "Dat am easy boss. they done used shaved ice." ' 2l1f.l man: "Say waiter, I see very plainly how you get hair in the ice cream, but how do you account for hair in my biscuits and honey ?,' VVaiter: "Dat am easy to 'count foh, dat honey done come out ob a comb." 3rd man: "Hey waiter, I see how you get hair in the ice cream and biscuits and honey, but how the dence do you account for hair in my baked apples ?" XVaiter: "Boss, dat sho' am a hard one to answer. Dem's s'possed to be talds-wons !" ar in x 4: The patter of little feet was heard on the stairs and Mrs. Blank raised her hand for stillness among the members of the bridge club. i "The babies are going to give me their good night message," she said, "it always gives me a feeling of reverencef' The silence was tense as the women listened. ' "Mama!" came the voice, "Willie found a bedbug!" Page 40 I f. 'S 5' :WY wzww, ,Fw -if SYQ F - ..-. rm ' f TP V Q v. If -'d,5,oV X 4 . ., ,M gr, ,, V A f1,,,-- U I-, , CJ-5 3 : ,Y-.K ' 3, .tw 1 1 X N U

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Garfield Junior High School - Review Yearbook (Fond Du Lac, WI) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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1924, pg 17

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