Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1967

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JL ' - BUREAU POLICE DEPARTMEH; BERKELEY, CAUFORHI 1967 JUVENILT - IJReAU POLICE DEPARTMENT etRKELEY, CALIFORNIA QaRfiel6 juniOR high school Bepkeley, CAllCORniA in memoRum 30hn eC)monC)s 1953 - 1966 The yearbook staff proudly dedicates the 1967 Garfield GLEANER to the memory of John Edmonds, 1953 - 1966. " During the year one of our most courageous students died of cyst- ic fibrosis, a disease he had been living with for 13 years. John Edmonds knew of his handicap but was determined to be brave and to make the most of his short life. His parents report that John died W ' ith love in his heart for his friends and relatives. He was a fine boy and we will always remember him with fondness and admiration. I believe it is important to relate a short story about John. John was weak physically because of the disease. Last year in October as he ' alked home after school, two larger boj s began bullying Jolm, and made life unpleasant for him. He did his best to avoid the boys, but the bulging continued for a number of days. Although Jolm never used his physical handicap as an excuse, he finally had to report the problem to his father and to me. We caught the boys who had spoiled a few days in the short life of John Edmonds , but Jolin did not want to. get the boys in trouble.- Tnis consideration of others was tj pical of his attitude. I ' m sure if more people shared his attitude, the world would be a better place in which to live. We will miss John, but we are grateful we knew him. " Mr. Rowe, Principal pRincipAl ' s message A former student of mine returned recently for a visit. We talked about his future, and as he left, I wished him " good luck. " He asked, " Wouldn ' t you be impressed if I re- turned a few years later driving an expensive car and smoking a big cigar? " I admitted that I might take a second look, but that I agree with Albert Einstein who said, " Try not to become a person of ' success ' , but rather try to become a person of ' value ' . He is considered ' successful ' in our time who gets more out of life than he receives. " I am not sure if my visitor understood the quotation but I am sure you do. I have en- joyed working with you. Congratulations for your achievements at Garfield! I wish you good luck as you become young people of value. Robert N. Rowe Mr. Rowe confers with Student Body President Brenda Daniels. Student council executive committee fall semestCR spRinq semestCR FRONT ROW: Jeff Geiger, Dean Headley, Brenda Daniels. ROW 2: Rene Roatcap, Leslie Schnur, Kendell Jackson, Nancy Aitken, Ronnie Taylor. ROW 3: Kennette Towles, David Kositsky, Greg Wright, Kimo Schulze, Amy Gallick. FRONT ROW: Leslie Schnur, Brenda Daniels, Becky Beals, Amy Gallick, Darlene Dixon, John Skeels. ROW 2: Daniel Sanders, Jolm Maas. ROW 3: Dean Kanat, Greg Wright, Dean Headley, Greg Ware, Phillip Rosenzweig. ROW 4: Tom Wilson, Kimo Schulze. aC)ministR tion Mr. Rowe, Principal Mr. Parker, Vice Principal Mrs. Holmquist, Dean of Girls Mr. McKinney, Dean of Boys Staff counseloRS Mrs. Stigall, Head Counselor Mr. Collier Mr. Hawkins Mrs. Hehvig Mr. Hempel Mrs. McDaniel Mr. Patterson Mr. Wright Mr. Blanchard Mr. Holm Mrs. Machek Mr. Marin Mrs. Sipe Miss Taylor Miss Wilson, Librarian Miss Acty Mr. Anderson Mrs. Bell Mr. Black Miss Branch Miss Brown Mr. Calvert Mr. Carlstad Mr. Can-alho Miss Collar Mrs. Curtice Mrs. Daley Miss Davie Miss de Champlain Mr. Dunkum Mrs. Echols Miss Farquhar Mrs. Gieber Mrs. Glading Mrs. Goff Mrs. Gordon Mrs. Green Mr. Grimes Mr. Gruber Mrs. Hall Mrs. Hanlin Mr. Harris Mrs. Harvey Mrs . Hightower Mr. Jacobs Mr. Jewett Miss Jones Mr. Josephson Miss Judd Mrs. Kanat Mrs. Kastama Mrs. Keller Mrs. Key Mr. Knight Miss Kurtzig Mr. Leal Mrs. Levy Mrs. Long Mrs. Luke Miss Magnuson Miss Mahler Miss Mark Mr. Medeiros Mrs. Mikel Dr. Mileck Mrs. Mohler Mrs. O ' Gilvie Mr. Olsen Mrs. Paine Mr. Rohmau Mr. Sarna Mr. Satterlee Mr. Sauers Mrs, Schuermann Mr. Scott Mrs. Sherrill Mrs. Singer Mrs. Snyder Mrs. Sponseller Mrs. S vitzer Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Thron Mrs. Tro.xell Mr. Vamis Mr. Van Matre Mr. Whiteway Miss Zerlang Mrs. Bro vn, Nurse not shown NOT SHOWN Miss Laurens Mr. Neilson Mr. Sustaric Mrs. Tsutsui, Attendance QARpel6 secRetARiAl staff includes left to right: Miss Cassidy, Mrs. Hibbard, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Aungst, Mrs. West, Mrs. Jameson. NOT SHOWN: Mrs. Ito, Mrs. Tsutsui, Mrs. Whitgob. QARfielC) custodial staff FRONT ROW: Mr. Jesse Turner, Mrs. Clara Watkins, Mr. Will Rogers, Jr. BACK ROW: Mr. Clarence Miller, Mr. Tom Pruitt, Mr. Bill Cross, Mr. Tauno Pyykko. QaRfiel6 cafeteRia staff FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bernard, Mrs. Navarro, Mrs. Viale, Mrs. Valladao, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Venerable. BACK ROW: Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Sousa, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Critchfield, Mrs. Hall. 5 1 No one raise your hand unless it ' s an emergency. The Human Relations Club is doing WHAT today? ? ? A handshake instead of a kiss ? ? ? Sick joke??? Ugh! Another day done! Miss America, 1902. Hail! No ! You may not have a pass ! I used to be a 33 lb. weakling. . . and now ! If I look busy, maybe they ' ll think I ' m working. Mr. Parker in one of his happier moods. Boys, it is high time you learn the facts of Life. Caught you red-handed! Smile! You ' re on candid camera! Mr. Scott! Pick that candy wrapper UP! 31. Fresh Replacements: Miss Boydston, 16. The ONLY way to fly! 17. The invaders are here! 18. Excuse me, but I just ate lunch in the cafeteria. 19. Use new fresh " Start " 20. Now, where did 1 leave that box of Kleenex? 21. Please don ' t rock the boat with your questions. 22. T vo bundles of talent! 23. Ya Rang? 24. This is my letter of resignation! 25. Boss, you have bad breath! I said BAD BREATH! 26. Peekaboo ! I see you! 27. That makes 68. . . whoops, I forgot one! 28. I wonder why everyone is on the other side? 29. Love at first sight! 30. Her UNUSUAL smile! Mrs. Donaldson, Mrs. Hilton. Kimberly Abraham Dennis G. Allen Raul Anziand Lucy Axt Nancy Barnett Joe Belton Rebecca Blake Franc hie Bonney Nicholas Abraham Dennis M. Allen Lynwood Armstrong Kyoko Baba Debra Batchie Lanier Bennett Royal Blanchard Stephen Bom Mar ret Adams David Alley Mark Arnold Vernon Babb Adrienne Bathurst Michael Bennett Rachel Blau Hector Boteilo Christine Adkins Dennis M. Allen Kate Asami Michael Bade Harold Beal Russell Bennett Anthony Bleisoe Georges Bouidin Debra Agee Richard Alvarez Janice As an Audrey Baker Rebecca Beals Mark Bernard Ernest Blodgett Sarah Bouwsma Joan Ahmed Kathryn Anderson Philip Assia Anita Baldwin Estell Bell Richard Biebel Michael Blunt Er ' a Boyd Shireen Alafi Demetri Angelakos Sharon Atkinson Stephen Ball Joe Bell Margit Birge Eve Bodinger Gary Boyd Alexander Prentice Noel Anthenien Johnnie Atwood Teresa Ball Rayford Bell Joseph Vivins Pamela Bogard Peggy Ann Boyd Peter Alfert David Anton Louis Austin Dennis Baptiste Claudia Belshaw Susan Blackwell Perry Bolton Rachel Bradley 8 Angela Braggs Arleen Brown Michael Bryson Johnny Butler Rickie Campbell Adam Chen -Ok Loxiis Christ Roland Coleman Lucy Brassea Charles Brown Cynthia Burke Rachelle Butler Raul Carbajal David Chisaki Steven Chung Pablo Collins Al Breland Leon Brown Trina Burney Michele Cabral Elaine Carey James Cho Brent Claudeanos Blake Coney Rachel Breland Paul Brown She r line Burns Michael Caine James Carter Valarie Chow Tom Clayton Elodie Contopoulos Kathy Brewster Ronnie Brown Michele Burton Noel Calvin Bonita Casimere Camacho Conrad Ann Clayworth Anita Couey Lawrence Brickell Tom Brown Reese Burton Cherisse Cambre Raymond Castain Andrea Christian Bill Clopton Conjiie Cowen Lauchlin Briggs Willie Brown David Busch Vicki Cambric Leonard Chadwick Johanna Chuan Jeni Coan Janet Craig Terry Britt Francesca Brucker Kathy Bush Polly Camp Diana Chan Madeline Chun Diane Colten Walter Craig Caren Brooks Steven Brumels Luis Bustamiante Daphne Campbell Vikki Cheney Robert Chung Carla Coleman Paula Crawford Marcia Crittenden Jeff Crump Joseph CuUen Brian Cummings EKvight Cummings Ted Curtis Anne Cutler Brenda Daniels Darlene Daniels Donald Daniels Henr - Davies Harriett Davis Jerry Davis Linda R. Davis Linda Davis Owen Davis Sherry Davis Vernadlne Davis Bruce Dawson Patricia Day Gregory De Lane Debra DeMingo Jay DeNatale Sonia Diermayer Donald Di on Darlene Dixon Sharil Dbion John Dodd Merced Dominquez Michele Doppelt Rosemarie Douglas Anna Dove Kim Dray den Brenda Dugar Glenda Dugar Ballard Dunking Dennis Dupont Deborah Dyer Linda Earl John Edmonds Charlotte Elder Janet Elder David Ellis Susanne Elmer Steven Elson Judith Enas Robert Enriquez Kenneth Er ' in Jill Escalante Alice Espinoza Stephanie Everts Deborah Ewing David Farreli Roderick Faulk David Feinberg Joel Felice Kenneth Felt Jeffrey Fentress Paula Ferguson Rosie Fernandez Jennifer Fidiam E el Ti Field Brian Finneran Ben Fisher Judith Foley GwendoUn Fortune Rosemary Foster Terry Fowler Sherry Foy Eugene Frank Felicia Franklin Gloria Franklin James E. Franklin James M. Franklin Larry Frazier Eric Freedman Gregory Freeman John Fremlin Nora Frisch Winifred Froehlich Laura Fujii Rachelle Fuller Donald Fullmer Norman Funk Jonathan Gaber Linda Gaebler Otis Gaines Amy Gallick Steven Garner Cynthia Garrett Rebecca Garrett Canidia Gartler Geoffrey Geiger Burlin Germany Beth Gidlof Gerald Gifford Randy Gilbert Donald E. Gillam Ronald Gilmore Thomas Glenn Susan Clock Guadalupe Godinez Wanda Goehring Ellen Goetz Julie Goldsmith Belle Goman Donald Gossett Linda Gottwald Bret Gould Deborah Gould Roy Graves Orlando Gray Pamela Gray James Green Zachary Gregg Denise Griggs Marilyn Gurevitch Eva Gurule Lindale Gushiken Thomas Habu Vernon Hallozian Andrew Hale Joyce Hall Bruce Hallorzn Deborah Hamblin Anita Hammond Jerome Hammonds Deborah Hampton Edgar Hampton Jacqueline Hand Teresa Harner Sherry Harrell Bruce Harris Celeastia Harris Julie Harris Margaret Harris Beverly Harvey Shirley Hayes Alyne Hazard Malyne Hazard Dean Headley Ruth Heckly Jonathan Heda Jacqueline Hegler Robert Hemphill Debra Henderson Michael Henderson Randolph Henderson Patricia Henry David Heppler Annette J, Herald Megan Hesterman ki 6 P Katherine Hewetson Carol He ' vood Lindsay Hiratake Diane Hirvo Eric HoIUday Ronald Holmes Caroline Holt Helen Holt Gregory Hood Eddie Hooker Muriel Hopkins George Horning Richard Hounila, Patrick Howe Richard Hudson Gary Hulbert Clementine Humphrey Barbara Hunter Douglas Hurlbut Garj ' ' Imazuini Diane Ito Patricia Ito Barbara Jackson Gail Jackson Jacquelyn Jackson James Jackson Kendell Jackson Luegene Jackson Margaret Jackson Oliver Jackson Patricia Jackson Theresa Jackson Augustus Jacobs Nathan Jacobson Price Jones Robert Jam ey son Sara Jeffery Jimmy Jenkins Lorene Jenkins David Jenkins on James Jennings Jan Jennings Kenneth Jeter Garry Jew Charles Johnson Gailyn Johnson Thomas Johnson Vendettia Johnson Victoria Johnson Barbara Jones Pauline Jones Stella Jones Tommie Jones Eric Joslyn Richard Jung Steven ICabeary Peter Kasin Kathi Kavanagh Jean Kawashiri Anthony Keeton Jeffrey Keller Colin Kelly Owena M. Kemp Deborah Keys R - 11 . Elizabeth Kidner Sean ICilleen Darryl K-inoshita Kamal Kishore Candace Levna Dan Lev aun thai Diana Lev ins on Kevin Lew Kim Kita Jesse Kleinman Susan Kleinstcin Heidi Kline Annette Lewis Gene Liev ds Carla Lipsey Stella Loera Joel Klutch David Kositsky Sarah Kridle Lisa Krocber Brenda Logan Ronald Lokken Marshall Lamiardo Anita Lopez Pamela Kunstman John Lambert Toby Landisman Stephen Larimore Ben Lopez Carraolita Lopea Melinda Lopez John Lorimer Jeff Larmour Robert Lattier Peter Laughlin Gary Laws on Patricia Louie Priscilla Louie Mark Louisell Doug Love Marty Leach Lyle Led ward Colin Lee Donald Lee Rudolph Love Mark Lovejoy Kenneth Lowe Linda Lucas Gwendolyn Lee Karl Lee Larry Lee Martin Lee Douglas Lum Anne Lyness Steven Maas Dan Maccoby Patricia Lee Wendy Lefall David Lemon Nancy Lemon Leslie MacRobbie Ronald Mah Robertii Malone Carol Mann Hubert Lenczowski Jerome Leonard Angela Leong Gloria Leslie Jayne Mansfield Robin Marsh Anthony Martin Deborah Martin 13 m JH jv - - OH - mm r Jyisi 9 1 Jaznes MaxtSn Carmen MarSnez VTezHTr Masri Saren. ilatsnmoto GLer-n Matsnnaga Vera. Mavs Mark McCaii Doris McClaia Betty 2 £cCie23an Andre .- McDaniel Zider McDoq b VonzsUs. McElrqy Eiiea JlcEwea Caroljn ZicGee Wilfred McGeiiee Amy McKay Doo as McKeoizie Ssnnetfe ilcKinney ZaciETj- McPeak Heorjr Meadez Laurel Meske Diane 3«£e!nrill Alzna Merrimaii CEennaise Miles Jereinj Milgrom Sally Miller Beverly Mims CU ord MilcEiell D rah MitG eU Ralpii Mitefcell R inald Mitchell ilar E iiizofcanii Patricia Miztj ara Florefice Mcetgonier; Larry Montgomery Robert Moosey Deborah Moore Debra Ann lEoore Sieila, Morefeead Roljert E. Morris Sosari Moeiiciioti- Laertes Maldro a St i£iaz£ie Mailer Kennetii Mizrakami Claresce More Cynthia Xahoxsek Joanne Xafeesn -Jeanne Xakagaki Dennis Xakamara Jofiy Ssksso Patil Navarro Umos. Xeely Engsie Xehira Siiarlene Nelms Lanren Aim Nestor Robert Xe«mami BcEiiize Xeyfcart ToEieirse Xicfeols Micfeael NixMSer Eleanor Ms hi Craig Xoiier Xaney Xoyce Randall Olson Daphne O ' Regan Wendy Oretslcy Eileen O ' Rourke Susan Puon Matt Rabinowitz John Raleigh Lois Ramonette Keith Osborne Peter Osborne Lauen Owyang Maureen Painter Marie Ramsey James Randolph Robin Ravanal Steve Ray Edward Parker Carla Paschell Adrienne Patterson Donald Patterson Jackie Redd Linda Reed Janice Reid Joan Richards Donald Patterson Marilyn Pauley Marilyn Pearsall Dennis Peazant Dwayne Richardson Carol Riches Kathy Rippee Cindy Riddell John Pedersuii Katharine Pederson Lathan Pelley Deborah Perrilliat Elsie Ritchie Rene Roatlap Douglas Robertson Steve Robertson Sheila Perry Jennifer Pettitt Eugene Phillips Gary Phillips Linda Robinson Jeff Roda Jan Rogers Patricia Roquemore Vlasta Pitelka Eddie Poindexter Christopher Polk Lawrence Porteous Deborah Ross Geoffrey Rouverol Philip Royston Marcie Rubardt Leland Porteous Deborah Porter Gordon Porter Diana Posey Janet Rubin Colin Rudolph Joan Rumford Randy Runnels Douglas Poulsen Carolyn Powell Eddie Pree Molly Pruyn Libby Russell Lawrence Ruth Craig Saalwaechter Bruce Sagan 15 Lj Glenn Sahara Oscar Saint Marianne Salas Daniel Sanders John Skeels Matthew Skinner Andree Smith Andrew Smith Os rald Sanders Ronald Sanders Thomas Scanlan Robert Schaeffer Elaine Smith Ernest Smith Geraldine Smith Malcolm Smith Frank Scharlach Leah Schatzki Leslie Scheer Laurie Schrock Morgan Smith Rebecca Smith Sheila Smith Zelma Smith James Schulze Laurie Schutz Robert Schutz Elaine Schwimmer Preetinder Somal Ernest Sowell Linda Spencer Philip Stahr Bonnie Skidmore Judy Scoggins Arthur Scott Harold Scott Michael Stanley Robert Stephenson Ira Joe Sterling Wayne Stewart Vicki Scrudder Dale Sera Michael Sergeant Evan Sharp Yvonne Stockman Henrietta Stone Helen Strange David Streitweiser Barry Shaw Elliott Shaw Norma Shearer Guy Shelby Wilma Stuart Jon Sturtevant Karen Taylor William Teague Janet Sherma.n Leslie Shirasawa Linda Shore Laurence Shushan Ralph Teraura Larry Tessicini Alice Tetlow Michelle Thaxter Albert Sid Peter Siegel Blythe Simmons Karen Sims Coldwell Thomas Edward Thomas Patricia Thomas Jan Thompson 16 Savedra Thompson Vincent Tinaco Mary Tom Shirley Tom Gary Torainaga Kemiette Towles Tom Townsend Lowell Toyofuku Jeffery Trapin Elizabeth Trangott Virginia Trenery Rickey Trimms Robert Tsaconas Terry Tsuji Bruce Tsutsui Brenda Turner David Turner Marsha Turner Greg Tyler Luana Ulp Michael Uno Peter VanDyke Carlos Vela Harry Vernon Corrine Vickery Danni Vilas Carey Von Blum Cynthia Wade Sharon Walker William Walker Elizabeth Wallace Gazella Wallace Willie Wallace Carl Walter Richard Walter Ronald Ward Melissa Washburn Diane Washington Harvey Washington Janet Washington Jerome Washington Tanya Washington Kathleen Wasser Jane Webber Sally Watson Eugene Waugh Cynthia Weaver Kurt Weaver Martin Weber Harlan Webster David Weeks Todd Wehner Kim Weir AUce Wells Stefan Welch Kunike Weltin Cynthia Wenrich Jacqueline West Melissa Wester Julie Westergard Jeroen Weyzen Jonathan White Phillip White Karl Wiggins Mavis Wiggins William Wikander Michael Wilensky Lewellyn Wiley Richard Williams Albert Williams Carolyn Williams Clarence Williams M 1 1 « J ' Cleveland Williams Donald Williams Dwayne Williams LHvight Williams Lawrence Williams Linda Williams Marilyn Williams Marvin Williams Pamela Williams Peter Williams Priscilla Williams Debra Wills Debra Wilson Delores Wilson Pamela Wilson Levert Wilson Scott Wilson Thomas Wilson Pamela Wolin Donald Wong Nina Wong Raymond Wong Steven Wong Terry Wong Yuk Wong Michael Woodard Albert Woods AlvaUoi Woods Henrietta Woods Roosevelt Woods Stuart Woods Gregory Wright Curtis Wright Glenda Wyatt Iris Wyse Gerald Yanaba Louise Yoshimura Benjamin Young Allen Yafle Eric Yamagata Harumi Yamamoto Michael Yamamura Arthur Yamashita Nina Zavala Henry Zeff Richard Zinke Margery Zook Steven Jonson Russell Robinson not shown Sydney Bell Constance Cown Herbert Davison Mary Dixon Darlene Dotson Terrell Hudson Marsha Hunter Steven Johnson Billie Jo Jones Jeffery Keeve Steven Messinger Diana Staton Mary Strange Evelyn Washington Debra Williams MEMBERS of Boys ' Glee listen with rapt attention to their guide at Camp Park Job Corps. Rafeal Abrahams Lucky Abrams Tony Abuan Rosa Adams Mary Adams on Janet Ahegren Ken Ahlgren Nancy Aitken Andrei Allen Brenda Allen Sherlyn Allen Kenneth Allen Vince Allen Greg Altamirano Lucien Ambeau Tandy Ambuhl John Anderson Gordon Anderson Ron Anderson Mike Anderson Dave Anzalone Micheal Apte Emily Apter Stan Armstrong Richard Arndt Pam Asp Helen Attia Greg Austin Cecelia Babb Valerie Babb Daniel Bach Mary Baits Laura Baker Ken Baldwin Herald Ballard Philip Ballou Myah Balton Janice Banks Garfield Barker Kristin Barker Vicki Barnes Janet Barnett Noel Bartlett Karla Bates Eric Baum Lynn Beal Dion Beckford Derrick Bell Jane Bell Adden Benham LauroljTi Bennett Paula Bennett Edward Bent Amy Berg Brigitte Bermudez Philip Biebel Susie Birden Steven Blackmon Lisa Blackwell Carol Blakley Cleron Boatman Beth BoUiger Theodore Bolton Harold Bonton Rowe Booker Carla Bossieux Debra Boston Paul Botello Linda Bauldin Donna Boyd Cheryl Boykin Charles Boykins Doretha Bradley James Braley David Brass Lisa Braver Bruce Broxtan Mary Breland Ben Brinner Carl Brinston Brad Boddie Shireen Broido Risa Bromrind Charles Broom Billy BrOHTi Dena Brown Rowena Brown Verta Brown Linda Brumels Mick Buckette Bret Buckman Janet Buckwalter Mahala Bundy Mary Burdick Everllne Burns Jonathan Bush Marsha Bush Robert Bussey Lawrence Callins John Campbell Michael Campbell Robert Cardwell Randall Carlisle Arthur Carpenter Grady Carr Holly Chambers Michael Chang Connie Chapman Abby Cohn Ted Clifton Thomas Clement Jean Clay vorth Judy Clark Lenora Chmi Joanne Cho Albert Cho Robert Chard Rustin Cohn Mark Comendant Mary Comendant Walter Conrad Celeste Conti Patricia Conway Greg Cook Harold Cook Constance Cooks Gregory Coon Gilberto Cooper Jeff Copeland Thomas Cornish Joseph Costarella Lisa Couey Stuart Counsell Laura Coverson Janice Cowan Ian Crowe Lauren Crump James Cummings Doretta Cunningham Pamela Curtiss Amos Cutrer Derek Dang Phillip Daniels Sandra Daniels Joseph Dashiell George Davenport Jeffrey Davis Lafawn Davis Michael Davis Ronald Davis Robin Davis Yvomie Davis Michael Dean Jose Delgado Stacey DeNatale Ray DeRouchey Bennie Dickens Connie Dillard William Dippert Leamon Dismuke Margaret DiStafane Roy Dong Betty Dove Brien Dowdakin John Downie Holly Doyle Eric Drew Elvis Eagleton Belinda Earles Jennifer Echols Kathy Edwards Stephanie Edwards Vance Edwards Herbert Eiche William Elliott - Kimberly Ely Martin Engelbrecht Ki-isten Engesel Edward Ensler Debra Escobido Dave Evans Walter Evans Greg Feduloff Evelyn Fletcher Patricia Flippen Douglas Flock Seth Fogel Jeani Fong Rosalyn Fong Russell Fong Sam Fortune Dwight Frazier Luke Freeman Marilyn Freitas James French Pamela Friedman Mariana Fross Doran Fry Michael Fuhrman Nancy Fujii Edgar Fuller Linda Fulrath Tressa Fuselier Catherine Fyfe Charles Gaber Jane Galbraith Regina Garcia Rosalind Garcia Eric Garrett Angela Gaspard Rodney Gates Don Gatison Debra Geier Andre George Margaret Gerner George Gifford Jonathan Gill Beverly Gilliam Gregory Gilmore Jackie Gleason Larry Glenn Frank Godfrey Cheryl Golphin Wendy Goman Naomi Goodman David Goodwin Michael Goto Mark Gouailhardou Sandra Graham Angela Graves Louis Gray Daniel Green Gall Green Louise Green Michael Greer Rebecca Grothkipp Amy Grossman Linda Gurule Richard Gutierrez Yuri Habu Gerald Hacopian Eve Haight Kristin Halbach Rory Halcrombe Russella Hale Marilyn Haley Rhonda Haley Virginia Halican Laurence Halliwell Marc Hamaji Kirt Hambles Leland Hamilton Margaret Hamilton Bruce Hamilton Pamela Hand Valerie Hang Cheryl Haimah Dorene Hansen Catherine Hanson Kenneth Harder Angela Hardin Chris Harris Daniel Harris Robert Harris Theodore Harris Marvin Harrison Stephanie Harvey Timothy Havens Elizabeth Hayashi Carolyn Hearod Peggy Heckrotte Stephanie Heda Randall Hee Jeffrey Hellman Gwen Henderson Melanie Henderson Lois Herald Leonzo Herbert Erik Hesse Douglas HlUyard Duncan Hinks Diana Ho Donald Hodges John Holmes Ann Holt Thomas Holton Mark Hauser Eugene Horton Debra Hickman Darlene Hill Cheryl Hudson Suzanne Hulsh Robert Humphrey Michael Hunt Darlene Hunter Osby Hunter Pearl Hunter Ronnie Hunter Joel Hutner Donald Hwang Leslie Uno Karen Ikeda Nobuo Ikeda James Ikoma Arlene Inouye Gary Irwin Cessie Jackson Chappell Jackson Claudius Jackson James L. Jackson Judy D. Jackson Marvin Jackson Randy Jacobs Patricia Ann James David Jamison Julia Jansen Alan Jencks Gladys Jenkins Kurt Jenkins Jerry Bolton Anna Johnson Janice F. Johnson Kenneth Johnson LaSalle Johnson LuJean Johnson Ralph Johnson Arnesta Jones Dorianna Jones Linda Jones Linda D. Jones Manya Jones Steven Jones Sherry Jordan Sylvia Joseph Ricardo Junco Denise Kalm Dean Kanat Karen Kang Donald Kekki Keith Keller Darrell Kelley Charles Kemp Jimmy Kihara Seth Kimball Rone Kirk Wilson Ko Eric Koessel Ann Kohn Leona Koo Rachel Koretsky Joel Kroeker Leland Ki-ompart Leonard Kwock Kim Lacy Jeanne Lai Harold Landis Ira Lanford Marilyn Lappin Peter Ledward Elizabeth Lee n ' " Gloria Lee Janice Lee Jimm}- Lee Phillip Lee Jacqueline Leonard Andrea Levinson B3T011 Lewis Dolly I evris Gail Lenis Lisa Le- TS Robert Lieber Chris Lim Zelma Ijmbrick Carl Lipsev Edvrard Litttm Patricia Lock Crathia Loesh Claire lx fgren Mark Logan Pamela Logan Paula Logan Trudy Lomack Thaddeus Lombardo Earl Long Dorothy- Lopez Teresa Lopez John Lowe Michaela Lozada Shirley Lubin Barbara Locas John ilaas Douglas ilae Far land Gail Machlis ilarge Malanche Karen ilaples Marilyn Mar Janine Marin Daniel Markmann Elmo Marley James Martin T.fnria Martinez James Mashy Donna Mason Eugena Mason Royce Mason Sandra Mathis Darid Ma3-eda Robert Mayeda Ian Mayeno Da -id ilayeri Allen Mayorga Patricia Mays Enda McCabe T.infia McCIennan Priscilla McCoy Sherree McCrory Herman MeCntheon Craig McEw en Ronald McNay Susan McBay Paul Merriam Mark Messenger Ruth Middletcm Debra Miles Robert Miller Tymio Miller Ijouise Milne Renee Mims Fred Minter Nancy ilizuhara Ruth Ella Moore Sheryl -n Moore Kevin Moran Lynn Morita Bront Moriwafci Louise Morris Pat. Ann Morris Ralph Morris Reginald Morris L} " nne Morrow Richard Mortimer Mar;. " ilumm Raja Mima Kathleen Mimdell Bill Muranishi Kenneth Murray Scott Murray Sumiko Nakadegawa Richard Nakamura AlEreda Nelson Darrell Nelson Judy Lynn Nelson Mike Nelson Cathleen Nester Robin Neufeld Suzanna Neufeld Sally Nielsen Lorin NoUer Steven Noriega Mark Norman Wilbert Norman Daniel Norrls Rhonda Northrup Margaret Oda Steven Okl Pamela On Peter O ' Rourke Delia Ose Judy Y. Oshida Nancy Ota Suzanne Packness Stephanie Palmer David Parsons Gary Parsons Sally Parsons Paulette Payton Margaret Pederson - Mark Pentecost Darlene Percoats Paul Perez Ronald Perez Barbara Perry Reba Pete Suzanne Peters Alan Peterson Jon Peterson Royce Pettis Dimitri Pickett Leonard Pickett Pamela Pierce Gary Pilecki Jennifer Pillars Jennifer Pitts Kim Plainfield Raymond Plair Martha Pedell Lewis Pollard Laura Pollock Matthew Pollock Julie Posey Eric Prescott Althia Price Darryl Price Jennifer Price Vanessa Price Geoffrey Radford Amy Radnor Ruth Rainer Lydia Raleigh Arlene Ramirez Ronnie Rankin Chester Ratliff Eric Ray Sharon Redel Darlista Reed Gesina Reekers Eartha Reese Steven Reid Horace Reynolds Constance Richardson Frederick Ristrem Kathleen Roberts Marsha Zerlang Larry Robinson Rosella Rogers Ricky Romero Andrew Rosen Nick Rosenlicht Philip Rosenzwelg Virginia Rossi David Rost Ralph Roth Diane Rothenberg Ray Rothman Judy Rothschild Carla Rowland Todd Rowson Steven Royston Ann Russell Darryl Rutledge if 1 K 4 I J w 1 Kristen Rutledge Richard Salas Deborah Sample David Sanchez S%-lvia Sanchez Constance Sandefur David Sanders Re Tiard_ Sanders Linda Sanford Kre™e Sato Clai-ence Sayles Paul Schauppner Samuel Scheer Gregory Schmidt Katherlne Schmidt Leslie Schnur Philip Schurman Steven Sch«-artz Georgenia Scoggins Samuel Scott Chi-istopher Seegmiller Denlse Seller Karl Sells Eun-anda Sexton Tim Shakesnider Dahl Shannon Deborah Shaw JIathias Shearer Zalman Sher Elln Shogren Jeff Shushan Inger Sikkeland Eric Siu Blithe Skinner Gale Small Calvin Smith Eddie Smith Janza Smith Linda Smith Steven Smith Robert Sm der Steven Somers Rolando Soto James Spaugh Claude Sprague C -nthia Stallworth Theresa Stansberry Susan Starkej- David Steidel Rene Stephens Susan Sterrett Cherj-l Stockman Pamela Stora - Joyce Strange Scott Strehl Jennifer Stumpf Ed Sturehen Jeffrey Suda Martin Sumimoto Pam Sumimoto Dannj- Si lvester Johanna Taber Warae Takakmra Stephen Takano Mark Takeuchi Albert Tamayo Glenn Taplin Kenneth Taj lor Ronald Taylor Cesidio Tessicini William Theobald Teri Theodore Charles Thomas Inga Thomas Rosenda Thomas Cheryl Thompson Robert Thompson Verneida Thompson Debra Thomburg Robert Tietjen Thomasene Timmons Kathryn Tinoco Julius Torrertllas Michael Townsend Heather Tranter Robert Tunney Warren Turner Xanc ' Ukai Sally Underwood Alison Urdan Hector Valdez Julie VanBourg Michael VanHook Karen VanHorn Michael Vasquez Nlkld Vilas Graline Vinnlng Barbara Vlamis Dwayne Wainright Peter Walden Barrel Wales Mark Walker Martin Wallace Peter Wallace Suzanne Wallace Vivian Wals Garnett Ware Nancy Washburn Glaudell Washington Margaret Washington Phyllis Washington John Wasik Rena Wasserman Linda Wayne Leamon Weatheroy James Weaver Dorothea Webster Edward Webster Martha Wellbaum Deborah West Chris Westergard James Weymiller Marion Wheeler Phyllis Wherry Wayland White Willie White Kathleen Whiteway Wayne Whiteside Ronald Whitsitt Gwendolyn Wilborn Ross Wilcox Albert Williams Anthony Williams Beatrice Williams Calvin Williams Carmel Williams Delra Williams Herbert Williams Jane Williams Milton Williams Richard Williams Gregory Willis Kenneth Willis Mark Willis Patricia Willis Sharon Wills Clark Wilson Kenneth Wilson Marchelle Wilson Sandra Wirt Helen Wodickova Michael Wolf Daisy Wong Jenny Jang Glenn Wong Leslie Wong Muriel Wong Kevin Woodruff Mark Woodward James Wood Andrew Wright Roxanna Wright Mary Louise Wynn Gary Wyrick Faye Yee Ronald Yee Yuk Yee Jonathan Young Theodore Young Gloria Yudilevich John Zepeda not shown NOT SHOWN: Gwen Johnson, Alfreda Kennon, Mark Kisbey, David Kiviat, Gordon Larks, Edward Lee, Charles LeFall, George Loera, Jerry Smith, Claude Stallworth, Larry Strickland, Chester Valdes, Shirell Victoria, Eliz Williams, Alex Fernando , John Carp, Kathy Allison, Albert Davis, Wiles Edison, Earl Loreeta, Dyson Izota, Stephen Drisdale, Donald Daniels, James Ginger, Alex Bell, Cornelas Bolton, John Card, Andrew Herrick. 28 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. " Friends, Romans, CountrjTnen, . . " Leave that poor boy ' s hair alone. Geniuses at work. This is the main doorway. And they toldmelflused Ban it would work ! Would you believe Floyd Logan ' s automatic monster-maker? Two ' s better than one. Don ' t be a paleface! Use Coppertone. The chorus line. The girl watchers. Look over there by the snack bar! Isn ' t he cute? Prison break! My side had 20 ' .l. fewer teeth. No, I ' m not a Beatle! ! She could have told me instead of writing it! ! ! 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. That ' s the last straw Lisa! I wonder what this is ! ! ? Oh no ! Not again ! You must be kidding! Would you believe Picasso? Where ' s there ' s smoke, there ' s supposed to be a fire! Take .A.lka -Seltzer for fast relief! It caught on fire ! Maybe the school will burn down. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious ! " TfS ' c$ " ! (9 :. If someone knocks THIS bag out of my hand, I ' ll kill ' em! " Swing your partner, round you go! " The Thinker! Don ' t } ' ou know ever3 ' litter bit hui ' ts ? Oh, no ! I left my teeth in the bathroom ! 1. Sign here on the dotted line. 11. 2. Oh, how exciting! 12. 3. Headache? 13. 4. Have you tried Excedrin? 14. 5. Hey, it ' s raining! 15. 6. There ' s a new girl in class. 16. 7. When it rains, it pours. 17. 8. I didn ' t do it. 18. 9. The Invaders. 19. 10. WOW! 20. We ' re the new singing group. I protest! Look at the teacher ' s mini-skirt. They call it the tango. What did you say ? This is hard! Hey! Here comes the talent scout. Look good! A teacher ' s coming. We ' re losing. SCHOLASTIC ART AWABDS COMPE TITION WINNERS Mary Adamson and Channey Bartlett FRONT ROW: Beverly Sanderford, James Carter, Eddie Free, Annette Herald. ROW 2: Vicki Scrudder, Jackie Redd, Sheila Perry, Stella Jones. ROW 3: Sharlene Nelms, Elaine Smith. ROW 4: Darlene Dixon. NOT SHOWN: Teri Frisch, Carla Lipsey, Ronnie Brown, Blythe Simmons. RUNNERS-UP: Debra , Agee, Laurie Nestor, Mary Tom, Angela Leong, Heidi Kline, Nancy Lemon, Donald Fullmer, Philip Stahr, Nate Jacobson, Debbie Wills, Wendy Oretsky, Audrey Baker, Vicky Mast, Margit Birge, Robin Marsh. 31 32 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. I dream of Jeanie. The stars are v, " atciiiiig you. Come on, take the picture. We ' re ready! Mrs. Thron and her singing quartet. I flunked, oh no ! A limburger cheese sand?,-ich. It ' s chow time. Look at them legs. Friends ! We are gathered here today Mr. Wright in his flying machine. It ' s no use. I just can ' t do schoolwork during lunch Aha! I found you. Say uncle! Say it! ! " =S " ! 23. 24. 25. 26. Tea -Time. Look at the two pretty girls on the bench. Hey. There ' s someone in this ! ni give you 10 to 1 he jumps ! I v,-ish that little redheaded girl would come over and talk vath me. Ring-around-the -Rosie ! You know. . , the world looiss different from down here. Don ' t worry, Mr. Parker. We won ' t hurt him. Miss Judd, do I have to? ? ? ? ? ? ? I still say there is someone in this thing! " $%_ ' _%$ " Boys ' Qlee pel6 tRip camp pARk JOB CORPS 1. At right, Bob Neumann and David Feinberg. 2. Kim Drayden, second from right. 3. Boys ' Glee gets a briefing from Camp official. 4. Members of Boys ' Glee waiting for tour to start. 5. Gary Imazumi, second from right. 6. At left Tim Shakesnider. 7. Members of Boys ' Glee on Camp Park Job Corps grounds. 8. Foreground Robin Wales, Ernest Blodgett Far right. «« H •• 0 special events 9. Boys ' Glee during Christmas Assembly. 10. Girls ' Glee in concert. 11. Boys ' Glee during Armistice Day Assembly. 12. Dance Band in action. 13. Drama students in lirst play of the year. 14. Students and teachers listen during first Human Relations Conference held at GJHS in February. 15. Students react strongly to discussion during Human Relations Conference. faculty mementos Can you guess which faculty member the following statements refer to? Answers are somewhere on page 36. 1. The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. 2. The theme song of this adorable baby is " South of the Border. " 3. The girl on the right is one of Garfield ' s most illustrious mathematicians. 4. She ' s never outgrown her fondness for long hair. 5. At " 16 " this Garfield scholar graduated from high school! 6. The girl on the left is till a " singing " character - both in and out of class ! 7. This curly -haired moppet has been teaching in Berkeley for many years. 8. He still loves to fly high, as any of his 7th grade history students can attest. 9. This charming child is one of Garfield ' s most popular teachers 10. Doing her share in America ' s defense is the highly " dramatic " Garfield teacher. 11. Would you believe that at this age this Garfield Staffer was disci- plining her 0 " BROTHER ? ? ? ? ? lOiosyncRASies woulC) you Believe. . .? 1. Mr. Carlstad in Bermuda shorts? 2. Miss Collar standing still? 3. The Red Guards protected by Blue Cross? 4. Mr. Sustaric drinking raw milk? 5. Mrs. Echols chewing bubble gum? 6. Mr. Wright is really a leprechaun? 7. Mr. Sarna as " Sarna the Grape ? " 8. Mr. Van Matre wearing a Beatle wig? 9. Mrs. Bell as Lady Godiva? 10. Mrs. Tsutsui being late to school? 11. Mr. Parker is really a littei ' bug? 12. Miss Farquhar is the girl for U. N. C. L. E. ? 13. Miss Magnusan is a reincarnation of Beethoven? 14. Mrs. Holmquist as a Go-Go-Dancer ? 15. Mr. Jacobs being afraid of mice? 16. Mrs. Daley in a mini-skirt? 17. Mr. Scott as Don Juan? 18. Ronald Reagan as Governor? 19. Miss Mark as a Playboy Bvmny? 20. Mr. Dunlcum as a Hell ' s Angel? I wanted fop fixing basketball games littering the grounds slanting votes QVemeQ staff favoRites Food Hamburger Drink Coke Color Purple Pastime Opposite Sex Topic of Conversation " " Song " Ruby Tuesday " Movie " Tom Jones " T.V. Show " The Monkees " Radio Station KDIA Super -Hero Batman Day Jriday Season Summer Sport Baseball Singing Group The Jefferson Airplane Animal Dog Book C and y Means of Transportation Camel Subject (besides lunch) English Communist Covuitry Lower Slobovia Yearbook Advisor Miss Mark 35 nt sponsoRS FRONT ROW: Kathy Wasser, Vikki Cheney, mnit- a Reid, Chris Adkins, Freya Kidner. ROW 2: Matt Cook, Chris Cook, Danny Sanders, Brenda Daniels, iSeckrj- Beals, Jill Escalante, Janet Elder. NOT SHOWN: Mark Bernard. Attendance helpcRs ALPHABETICALLY: Caren Brooks, Benita Casimere, Ann Claj ' worth, Darlene Dixon, Anna Dove, Glenda Dugar, Gene Lewis, Diane Merrill. John Skeels, Bruce Tsutsui. audio-Visual aids ci ew ■ ALPHABETICALLY: R. Anderson, R. Abrahams, D. Anzalone, D. Brass, R. Cardwell, R. Carlisle, G, Carr, P. Collins, M. Comendant, J. Holmes, E. Litton, E. Lorry, G. Parsons, D. Parsons, C. Ratliff, L. Ruth, J. Scoggins, E. Shaw, A. Smith, K. Towles, W. White, B. Wikander, C. Williams, M. Wolf, St. Wong, E. Frank, S. Kabeary. 38 ALPHABETICALLY: Vincent Allen, Noel Bartlett, Amy Berg, Holly Chambers, Joanne Cho, Abby Cohn, Doretta Cunningham, Derek Dang, Jennifer Echols, Bill Elliot, Luke B. Freeman, Bruce Hammel, Cheryl Hannah, Catherine Hanson, Jeffrey Hellman, Donald Hwang, Dru Kemp, Seth Kimball, Leonard Kwock, Mark Logan, Marilyn Mar, Janlne Marin, Daniel Mar ' kmann, Craig McEwen, Paul Merriam, Robert Miller, Louise Milne, Ralph Morris, Sumiko Nakadegawa, Nancy Ota, Alan Peterson, Leonard Pickett, Kim Plainfield, Geoffrey Radford, Horace Reynolds, Todd Rows on, Linda Sanford, Chris Seegmiller, David Steidel, Jennifer Stumpf, Danny Sylvester, Cesidia Tessicini, Peter Walden, Mark Woodward, Jonathan Young. cafeteria supecvisoRs 6th pepioC) cafeteRia supeRvisoRS 5th pepioC) FRONT ROW: Oswald Sanders, David Kiviat, Shane Keller, Henry Davies, Charles Brown, Wilfred McGehee. HOW 2: Mrs. Thron, Gloria Smith, Tanya Washington, Harriet Davis, Jennifer Fidian, Joyce Hall. ROW 3: Dave Farrell, Jim Jenkins, James Franklin, Doug Poison, Wayne Stuart, Greg Wright, Dennis Allen. FRONT ROW: Orlando Gray, Ernest Blodgett, Lee Muldrow. ROW 2: Thomas Glenn, Richard Williams, Michael Bryson, Andree Smith, Jerome Leonard. ROW 3: Mr. Rowe. Boys ' Qlee ALPHABETICALLY: R. Anziani, D. Bell, E. Blodgett, B. Boddie, L. Briokell, S. Broinels, R. Burton, R. Bussdy, J. Bush, M. Caine, L. Callins, J. Carter, M. Chang, A. Chen, R. Chung, L. Christ, D. Daniels, P. Daniels, J. Delgado, J. DeNatale, L, Desmuke, R. Dong, K. Drayden, K. Ervin, D. Feinberg, E. Freedman, J. Gaber, J. Gill, R. Gilmore, T. Glenn, M. Hampton, A. Herriok, R. Hunter, G. Imazurai, D. Jamison, S, Kabeary, S. Killeen, J. Klutch, P. Laughlin, G. Lewis, B. Lieber, C. Lipsey, E. Long, G. Mats ' onaga, M. Messenger, R. Muna, B. Muranishi, K. Murray, D. Mao Far land, E. McCabe, W. McGehee, B. Newman, W. Norman, J. Pederson, P. Perez, L. Porteous, G. Robertson, D, Rosen, P. Rosensweig, R. Roth, R. Rothman, P. Royston, N. Rosenllcht, D. Sanders, R. Sanders, A. Scott, S. Scott, G. Schmidt, M. Shearer, Z. Sher, P. Siegal, R. Stephens, J. Sturtevent, E. Smith, R. Taylor, B. Theobold, E. Thomas, T. Townsend, R. Wales, A. Williams, K. Willis, C. Wilson, K. Wilson, G. Wong, G. Wright, B. Young. 39 cafetepia helpeRS i KLT ' HABE TIC ALLY: D. Chan, R. Chung, D. DuPont, J. Harris, W. McGehee, D. Moore, L. Nester, L. MacRobbie, L. Schutz, L, Treelroth, C. Wade, T. Washington, S. Wilson, M. Leach, ceasupa FRONT ROW: Larry Ruth. ROW 2: Elizabeth Kidner, Janet Rubin, Yuri Habu. ROW 3: Leah Schatzki, Vikki Cheney, Kazi Pitelka, Rachel Bradley. central office helpcRS FRONT ROW: Janet Craig, Debbie Hamblin, Kyoko Baba, Corrine Vickrey. ROW 2: Delores Wilson, Donald Jossett, Kathy Brewster, Valarie Chow. cHess cluB FRONT ROW: John Gill. ROW 2: Eric Joslyn, Louis Christ. ROW 3: Mr. Parker. NOT SHOWN: Andrew McDaniel, Ron Whitsitt. com cluB FRONT ROW: Sandra Graham, Cheryl Golphin. ROW 2: Matt Skinner, Jeff Trapin, Ed Webster. 7th QuaOe chORal cluB FRONT ROW: Nancy Mizuhara, Trudy Lomack, Paula Logan, Pamela Logan, Nancy Fujii. ROW 2: Mary Breland, Dorothy Lopez, Lisa Couey, Cheryl Golphin, Laura Pollack, Janice Banks. ROW 3: Naomi Goodman, Rhonda Haley, Stephanie Heda, Jennifer Pillars. ROW 4: Car la Rowland, Ira Langford, Susan Starkey, Vanessa Price, Delra Williams, Margaret Garner, Rosenda Thomas. ROW 5: Phyllis Wherry, Wanda Sexton, Mrs. Thomas, Thomasene Timmons, Linda Jones. NOT SHOWN: Ann Holt, Ruth Moore. 7th QRaOe QlRlS ' ChORUS ALPHABETICALLY: J. Ahlgren, N. Aitken, B. Allen, S. Allen, P. Asp, M. Saltan, J. Barnett, D, Beckford, A. Benhani, L. Bennett, C. Blakely, G. Boatman, M. Bundy, M. Comendant, L. Coverson, S, Daniels, C. Dillard, B. Earles, K, Edwards, K. Ely, D. Escobido, P. Friednaan, J. Gaibraith, B. Grothkopp, Y. Habu, M. Hamilton, C. Hudson, P. Hmter, A. Inouye, D. Kalm, R. Koretsky, A. Levt!:ison, G. Lewis, Z. Limbrick, C. Lofgren, T. Lopez, D. Mason, P. McCoy, S. McCrory, L. Morita, M. Miunm, K. Mundell, C. Nestor, S. Nielsen, S. Packness, S. Parsons, P. Paj ' ton, M. Pederson, S. Peters, R. Rainer, D. Reed, D. Rothenberg, A. Russell, D. Rutledge, L. Schnvir, D. Shannon, S. Sterrett, N. Ubii, A, Urdan, J. VanBourg, S. Victoria, N. Vilas, L. Wayne, D. Webster, K. Whiteway, S. Wills, M. Wilson, S, Wirt, D. Wong, R. Wright, M. Zerlang. Oance Band FRONT ROW: Debbie Ross, Helen Holt, Sasha Matson, Larry Shushan, Lee Porteous, Ken Murakami, David Shisaki, Steve Elson. ROW 2: i Kazi Pitalka, Claudia Belshaw, Bonnie Seidmore, Noel Bartlett, Tony Bledsoe, John Lambert. ROW ;i| 3: David Ellis, Gerald Williams, Joe Cullen, Dan Leventfaal, Dale Sera, Noel Calvin, Wayne Stewart. NOT SHOWN: Mike Wilenskv. J counselORs ' helpeRS FRONT ROW: Beverly Mims, Lee Muldrow, Charlie Johnson, Raul Carbajal, David Weeks. Greg " ? DeLane. ROW 2: Eve Bodinger, Leslie MacRobbie, Marty Leach, Gus Porter. ROW 3: Daniel Sanders, Pam Bogard, Marianne Salas, Gordon Porter. ROW 4: Richard Hudson, Vicki Cambric, Gwendolyn Lee, .. Janet Washington. ROW 5: Jackie West, Eugene ;« Ware, Paul Liston, Louis Pollard. V 6ance committee FRONT ROW: Susie Birden, Eddie Pree, Linda Shore. ROW 2: Eric Wiley, Elaiiie Smith, Sharlene Nelms. ROW 3: Darlene Dixon, Dennis Allen, Sharil Dixon. ROW 4: Ballard Dunking, Greg Wright. 6eans ' helpens - QROUp i Don Patterson, Brenda Turner, Louis Pollard. ORAma cUss - 7th pei3io6 Jackie Hand, Pat Roquemore, K. D. Pederson, Debra Moore, Vicki Scrudder, Kathy Brewster, Laura Fujii, Sharil Dixon, Pat Thomas, Julie Harris, Marsha Turner, C.C. Naboisek, Margaret Adams, Oswald Sanders, Marty Leach, Kendell Jackson, Winifred Frolich, Terry Ball, Polly Camp, Jackie Redd. NOT SHOWN: Keith Johnson, Susan Blaekwell, Bonita Casimere, Tom Townsend. 6ems ' helpeps - Q»20up 2 FRONT ROW: Adrienne Patterson, Elaine Carey. ROW 2: Bruce Harris, Richard Alvarez, Teri-y Britt. ALPIiABETICALLY: Stephen Born, Eve Bodinger, ■ Trina Burnley, John Fremlin, Belle Goman, Megan Hesterman, Jackie Hegier, Vicld Johnson, Peter Kasin, Toby Landisman, Ann Ljmess, Doris McClain, Cliff Mitchell, Sasha Matson, Janie Reed, Pat » Roquemore, Randy Runnels, John Skeeis, Luana Ulp, Kathleen Wasser, David Weeks, Karl Wiggins, Harrys ■ Vernon. 6i?Ama cUss - 9th peRioO ALPHABETICALLY: Ivlike Bennett, Caren Brooks, Mike Caine, Connie Goweii, Jeni Coan, Harriett Davis, John Dodd, Brenda Dugar, Teri Frisch, Pam Gray, Zack Gregg, Debbie Hamblin, Diane Birvo, Richard Hourula, Debra Henderson, Mark Louisell, A ' iclw Mast, Stephanie Muller, Sheila Perry, Doug Robertson, Linda Shore, Leah Sehatski, Henrietta Stone, Carey VonBlxun, CjTithia Wade, Betsy Walker, Kun Weir, Linda Williams . electRonics cluB FRONT ROW: Larry Brickell, Kim Rainfield. ROW 2: Greg Willis, Elliot Shaw, Walter Craig. ROW 3: Bruce Logan, Andree Smith, Matt Skinner, Ronnie Holmes. ROW 4: Bob Neumann, James Green, Frank Scharlach, Keith Keller. Gilmore, Tom Scanlon. ROW 5: Ronnie 44 folk song cluB FRONT ROW: Priscilla McCoy, Ruth Rainer, Jonny Gill. ROW 2: Miss Farquhar, John Heda, Kimo Schulze, Miss Branch. Qleaneij yeaPBook staff FRONT ROW: Lathan Pelley, Gordon Anderson, Donald Wong, Dean Kanat, Colin Lee, Denaetri Angelakos, Ken Harder, Richard Biebel. ROW 2: Glenda Wyatt, Laura Fujii, Linda Davis, Pat Ito, Diana Levinson, Ronnie Taylor, Cynthia Nabaisek, Michele Doppelt. ROW 3: Pat Lee, Eileen O ' Rourke, Debbie Keys, Valarie Chow, Cheryl Stockman, Jackie Leonard. ROW 4: Dennis Allen, Adden Benfaam, Karen Taylor, Margaret Adams , Anna Dove, Leslie MacRobbie. ROW 5: Debra Moore, Ronald Mah, Phillip Assia, Stacey DeNatale, John Dodd, Harumi Yamamoto, Vikki Cheney, Sally Mac Underwood. NOT SHOWN: Donald Daniels, Larry Glenn, Barbara Hunter, Gwendolyn Lee, Mark Woodward. 8th QRAde QIRlS ' Qlee ClUB ALPHABETICALLY: K. Abraham, C. Adkins, S. Alafi, B. Beals, M. Birge, E. Bodinger, P. Bogard, C. Cambre, B. Casimere, A. Christian, J. Chuan, D. Cohen, C. Dowen, B. Daniels, L. R. Davis, D. Demingo, J. Enas, S. Everts, D. Ewing, P. Ferguson, J. Foley, L. Fujii, A. Gallick, S. Clock, E. Goetz, D. Gould, A. Hammond, D. Henderson, M. Hesterman, C. Heywood, D. Hirvo, T. Jackson, S. Jeffery, P. Jones, D. Keys, B. Kidner, K. Kita, S. Kleinstein, S. Kridle, L. Kroeber, M. Leach, G. Lee, N. Lemon, M. Lopez, J. Mansfield, V. Mast, V. Mays, E. McEwen, A. Merriman, L. Nestor, M. Painter, A. Patterson, K. Pederson, J, Pettitt, J. Reid, C. Riddell, L. Schutz, N. Shearer, B. Simmons, H. Stone, K. Taylor, M. Thaxter, J. Thompson, M. Tom, K. Towles, C. Vickery, D. Vilas, P. Williams, D. Wilis, P. Wolin, T. Wong, I. Wyse. QOlden Qatep - newspapeR staff FRONT ROW: Steve Maas, Albert Sid, Dean Headley, Dan Maceoby. ROW 2: Karen Maples, Peg Heckrotte, Vivi Walz. NOT SHOW: Jim Ginger. Boys ' gym nelpeRS Eugene Nehlra, Zider McDougie, Ralph Teraxira, Jeroen Weyzen. QiRls ' Qym helpers FRONT ROW: Beckj Beals, Judy Foley. ROW 2: Laurie Schrock, Kim Abraham, Miehele Burton, Peggj Boj d. honoR society - fall semesteR ALPHABETICALLY: D. Agee, S. Alafi, P. Alfert, D. Angelakos, K. Asami, K. Baba, M, Birge, S. Blaclcwell, S. Bouwsma, R. Bradley, L. Briggs, K. Bush, M. Cabral, V. Cheney, A. Chen -Ok, J.Chuan, M. Chxm, P. Clark, J. Craig, W. Craig, J. DeNatale, C. Diainond, S. Diermayer, T. Dxiffy, J. Elder, R. Feeman, L. Fujii, J. Gaber, L. Gaebler, G. Geiger, D. Gould, P. Gray, D. Hamblin, R. Heckly, M. Hesterman, C. Heywood, D. Hirvo, D. Ito, P. Ito, S. Johnson, M. KalHo, E. Kidner, S. Kirdle, E. Kroeber, J. Lambert, N, Lemon, D. Liim, S. Maas, D. Maccoby, R. Marsh, E. McEwen, E. McGuire, J. Milgrom, K. Murakami, E. Nehira, L. Nestor, E. Nishi, D. Norquist, N. Noyce, D. O ' Regan, M. Painter, J. Pederson, K. Pederson, Lawrence Por-teous, L. Porteous, C. Riddell, E. Ritchie, M. Rogers, M. Rubardt, J. Rubin, B. Sagan, L. Schatzld, J. Schulze, N. Shearer, A. Sid, M. Smith, R. Smith, L. Spender, D. Streitwieser, J. Sturtevant, B. Tsutsui, D. Vilas, M. Washburn, S. Watson, S. Welch, J. Westergard, A. Williams, D. Wills, T. Wilson, P. Wolin, E. Yamagata, A. Yamashita, G. Yanaba. FRONT ROW: Dennis Allen, John Skeels, Greg Wright, Leslie Shirasawa, Darlene Dixon. ROW David Kosetsky, John White, Joel Kluteh. ALPHABETICALLY: 7TH GRADE. P. Ballot;, N. Bartlett, R. Bavmirind, L. Braver, V. Bro vn, H. Chambers, M. Comendant, D. Cunningham, A. Edwards, S. Edwards, C. Gaber, A. Grossman, R. Grothkopp, G. Hacopians, B. Hammel, M. Hauser, E. Hayashi, R. Hee, K. Kang, L. Lee, G, aiachlis, K. Maples, J. Marin, P, McCoy, L. Morrow, A. Peterson, L. Pickett, J. Posey, A. Radner, P. Schurman, I. Sikkeland, L. Sinith, V. Valz, Y. Yee. 8TH GRADE; D. Agee, A. Bald vin, C. Belshaw, N. Calvin, D. Chan, M. Chun, J. CuUen, D. Ellis, S. Elson, N. Frisch, L, Gaebler, P. Gva.y, B. Harris, A. Hazard, R. Heckly, K. Hewetson, N, Jacobson, G. Johnson, J, Kleinman, J. Lambert, K. Lee, D. Lemon, N. Lemon, J. Lorimer, A. Lyness, C. Miles, E. Nishi, N. Noyce, D. O ' Regan, W. Oretslcy-, L. Owyang, V. Pitelka, D. Posey, R. Roatcap, M. Rogers, D. Ross, R. Sanders, L, Schatzki, B. Scidmore, D. Sera, N. Shearer, L. Shushan, R. Smith, H. Stone, A. Tetlow, K. Tovvles, M. Turner, L. Ulp, K. Wasser, S. Watson, M. Weber, T. Wehner, S. Welch, M. Wilensky, D. Williams. Rally Boys FRONT ROW: Carlos Vela, Alexander Bell, Willie Scott, Phillip Biebel, Robert Bussey. ROW 2: Ricardo Junco, John Pederson, Pai;l Listen, Rayford Bell, Richard Biebel, Michael Caine, Paul Brown. ROW 3: Edward Bent, Malcolm Smith, Eugene Waugh, Danny Sanders, Steve Kabeary, Lucky Abrams. NOT SHOWN: Willie Scott, Derek Dang, Doiiald Patterson, Gerald Williams, Donald Daniels. I 48 neC) CROSS cIub FRONT ROW: Rey Sanders, Calvin Williams. ROW 2: Joanne Lai, Karen Maples, Dorianna Jones. ROW 3: Dorene Hansen, Suzanne Huish, Diane Merrill, Daisy Wong. ROW 4: Pat Lock, Lanier Bennett, Leslie Scheer, Roland Coleman. ROW 5: Mrs. Sherrill, Shirell Victoria, Mrs. Hall. satuROay science cluB FRONT ROW: Chris Lim, Gerald Williams, Laiura Coverson, Jesse Kleinman, Bill Elliot, Tom Holton. ROW 2: Oliver Jackson, Debra Mitchell, Dennis Allen, Susanne Elmer, Mike Henderson. sewiriQ cluB FRONT ROW: Cheryl Thompson, Mary Br eland, ROW 2: Betty McClennan, Rosenda Thomas, Cheryl Boykin. ROW 3: Cynthia Garrett, Deborah Mitchell, Marilyn Gurevitch, 49 student leAC)eRS ALPHABETICALLY: D. Allen, K. Anderson, N. Antheien, K. Asanai, K. Bab, A. Baldwin, N. Barnett, R. Beals, E. Bell, L. Bennett, G. Bouldin, S. Born, P. Boyd, L. Briggs, M. Burton, M. Cabral, D. Campbell, C. Cambre, P. Camp, V. Chow, B. Claudeanos, D. Cohen, B. Cummings, A. Cutler, B. Daniels, L. Davis, J. Edmonds, K. Er -in, E. Franklin, G. Franklin, J. Fole} ' , W. Froehlich, J. Gaber, L. Gaebler, A. Gallick, C, Garrett, J. Geber, G. Gieger, L. Godinez, E. Goetz, D. Griggs, D. HambUn, J. Hand, C. Harris, J. Harris, M. Harris, G. Haj vard, D. Headley, C. Hej vood, C. Holt, H. Holt, R. Howe, B. Hunter, K. Jackson, D. Johnson, M. Kemp, S. Killeen, D. Kinoshita, K. Kita, J. Klutch, S. Kridle, M. Leach, D. Lee, G. Lee, L. Lee, M. Lee, D. Lemon, N. Lemon, H. Lenczowski, L. Kroeber, A. Leoimg, C. Leung, P. Lindad, R. Lokken, A. Lopez, B. Lopez, L. Lopez, M. Lovejoy, S. Maas, L. MacRobbie, R. Mah, C. Mason, D. Mason, G. a Iatsunaga, B. McGlennan, E. McEwen, E. Melamed, H. Mendez, J. Milgrom, S. Miller, B. Mims, R. Mitchell, P. Mitzxihara, S. Morehead, B. Morris, K. Murakami, J. Nakaso, L. Nestor, B. Neumann, T. Nichols, E. Nishi, D. Norquist, D. Norris, N. Noyce, S. Oats, S. Old, K. Osborn, J. Pederson, K. Pederson, K. Pitelka, S, Quon, J. Reid, J. Richards, C. Riddeli, E. Ritchie, P. Roquemore, D. Ross, P. Royston, M. Rubardt, J. Rubin, L. Ruth, J. Rumford, C. Salas, M. Salas, R. Schaeffer, F, Scharlach, J. Schultze, E. Schwimmer, D. Sera, L. Shirasawa, L. Shore, J. Shushan, A. Sid, J. Skeels, An Smith, M. Smith, P. Stahr, D. Streitwieser, K. Taylor, R. Teraura, M. Thaxter, J. Thompson, G. Tominaga, K. Towles, L. Toj ' ofuku, J. Trapin, V. Trenery, M. Turner, L. Lip, P. VanDyke, C. VonBlum, S. Walker, B. Wallace, M. Washburn, K. Wasser, S. Watson, J. Webber, J. White, A. Williams, C. Williams, G. Williams, D. Wills, T. Wilson, P. Wolin, D. Wong, N. Wong, S, W ' ong, C, WrigM, G. Wright, B. young, A. Yamashita. Student Relations committee ALPHABETICALLY: M. Birge, R. Bradley, V. Cheney, D. Ellis, S. Garrett, J. Gill, C. Harris, S. Johnson, J. Kleimnan, D. Kositsky, J. Lowe, J. Maas, L. McClennan, S. Nakadegawa, J. Reid, R. Roatcap, L. Ruth, L. Schatzke, K. Schulze, I. Sikkeland, E. Walker, S. Welch, J. White, M. Woodward, G. Wright, T. Frisch. D. Ross. stage cRew Robert Mooney, Drew Kemp, Stephen Born, Pablo Collins, Mark Comendant. student council - fall I ALPHABETICALLY: G. Altamarino, D. Bell, S. Birden, L. Callins, L. i Coverson, J. Dashiell, J. Echols, P. Friedman, 4 C. Golphin, A. Herrick, P. Hunter, E. Koessel, M. Logan, J. Maas, C. McEwen, S. Packness, B. Perry, R. Romero, L. Schnur, J. Smith, E. Sturcken, G. Ware, P. Wherry, M. Wilson. 8TH GRADE: D. Angelakos, R. Beals, A. Breland, C. Cambre, B. 5 Claudeanos, S. DLxon, B. | Dunking, J. Foley, B. Goman, J. Harris, O. Jaclison, T. Jones, C. Lee, A. Lopez, W. McGehee, S. Miller, T. Nichols, J. Reid, D. Robertson, J. Scogglns, A. Smith, A. Tetlow, S. Walker, D. Wilson, A. Yamashita. stuOent council - spRinq ALPHABETICALLY: G. Allen, M. Baits, D. Brass, M. Bucketts, P. Conway, L. Davis, B. Earl, R. Gates, W. Goman, A. Herrick, P. Hunter, D. Jones, C. Lim, J. Maas, R. Mims, C. Notter, S. Packness, B. Perry, P. Rosenzqeig, C. Sandefur, L. Smith, J, Suda, H. Valdez, P. Wheri-y, M. Williams, M. Wolf. 8TH GRADE: L. Axt, R. Biebel, A. Breland, J. Butler, B. Claudeanos, S. Dixon, J. Elder, J. Franklin, D. Hamblin, A. Herald, D. Ito, P. Kasin, C. Lee, A. Lopez, R. Marsh, D. Nakamura, J. Reid, M. Salas, B. Sanford, A. Smith, B. Turner, K. Weir, A. Woods. supei2ioR COURt Kimo Schulze, Anne Cutler. teachcRs ' ai6es FRONT ROW: Gary Imazumi, Andy Smith, Lisa Blackwell, David Chisaki, Glen Sahara, Kim Drayden. ROW 2: David Brass, Lisa Kroeber, Nancy Noyce, Webster Holiday, Angela Leong, Rachel Blau, Pat Mays. ROW 3: Janet Rubin, Carolina Holt, Claire Lofgren, Albei ' t Sid, Judy Foley, Eve Bodinger, Steven Messenger. ROW 4: Andy Smith, Brenda Daniels, Becky Beals, Nancy Barnett, Belle Goman, Rachel Bradley. 51 Vietnam Analysis cLub [ROM ' ROW: Erik Hesse, Bob Neumami, Rachel 111 uiLy. ROW 2: Charles Kemp, Mrs. Kanat, Janet Rubin, Dru Kemp. woRlC) affams cluB j FRONT ROW: John Maas, Dan Harris, Mora Rogers, Robin Marsh, Janet Rubin, Lenny Pickett, Mrs. Curtice. ROW 2: Colin Rudolph, Pablo Collins, Mary Adams, Kimo Schulze, Erie Freedma, Rachel Bradley, Cathy Diamond, Jesse Kleinman. y-teens cluB FRONT ROW: Cynthia Wade, Tanya Washington, Alvalyn Woods, Stella Jones. ROW 2: Doris McClain, Marsha Turner, Vicki Scrudder. ROW .J: Laona Funes, Advisor, Kennette Towles, Carole McKnight, Co-Advisor, Sally Miller, Sheila Morehead, I 52 7th QRAC)e BAsketBAll team FRONT ROW: Dan Cron, Andy Herrick, John Pederson. ROW 2: Steve Smith, Manager; Glen Taylor; Dan Markman; Greg Schmidt; Ray Mason. 8th QRa e BaiSketBall team FRONT ROW: Gordon Porter, Chris Polk, Carl Walker, Tom Wilson, John Sturtevant. ROW 2: Gerald Williams, Manager; Joe CuUen, Anthony Bledsoe, John Lambert, Greg Wright, Bruce .. Tsutsui, Kimo Schulze, Manager. Boys ' ptiysicAl education teacheRS Mr. William Olsen is a native-born Berkeley citizen. He has been at Garfield for three years and graduated from University of Cali- fornia at BerkeleJ Mr. Ronald Neils on was also born in Berkeley and attended the Universit} ' of California at Berkeley. He has taught at Garfield for three years and he and his wife have one daughter. Mr. Proverb Jacobs, in his first year at Garfield, was born in Oakland. He attended Universitj of California at Berkelej and was a Pro -Football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants ! TOM WILSON, 44 jmnping. Carl Walker, 22. Andy Herrick, 5. CHRIS POLK, John Lambert, Joe Cullen. 54 faculty stuC)ent BASketBall Q me 1. John Lambert and his gang. 2. Mr. Olsen refei ' eeing (or fixing his belt?) 3. Mr. Mc Kinney pushing for a basket. 4. Mr. Parker throwing. 5. Mr. Parker missing. 6. Tony Bledsoe praying. 7. They went whichaway? 8. Aw, come on fellas ! 9. It ' s up there somewhere! 10. The score: " Visitors " won! (Faculty!!) 55 QiRls ' physical education staff Mrs. Phyllis Levy has been at Garfield for two years. She has taught in Kansas as well as southern California in Castle Park and Chula Vista. Mrs. Doris Echols has been at Garfield for tvro j-ears. Before coming to Garfield, Mrs. Echols substituted in the Berkeley schools. She attended college at Texas Southern University. ]Mrs. Audrey Switzer was born in Toronto, Canada, and graduated -ith a degree in Physical Education from State College, Trenton, New Jersey. She taught school in Xew Jersey and Washington D, C. before coming to California. The cheerleaders and pom pon girls in action at the FaciiL-b. " -Student Basketball smne. CheeRleaOeRS front row: lellnda Lopez, Candy Leung, Eileen O ' Rourke. ROW 2: Ellie Xishi, Lupa Lopez, Cynthia Garrett. FRONT ROW: M vv.- Leach, Linda Davis, Bettj- :McClennan. ROW 2: :Mary Tom, Katie Pederson, Denise Griggs. 1. Well, here goes nothing! 2. Where is the ball? 3. Is this the way you show your gratitude? 4. This is MY ball ! 5. Don ' t shoot ' til you see the whites of their eyes ! 6. Get in role-call order? We are! ! 7. I want my ball! 8. Somebody get him down! 9. Who ' s the wise guy with the rubber band? 10. This is for keeps? 11. I ' ll get you for that! 12. Boy! What a party last night ! 57 pictuRe CReC)its i 1. A typical GLEANER staff meeting! 2. A completely attentive staff! ! ! 3. Ah Come on fellas! Not another i retake ! ! ! 4. Editors and co-editors: after their 1 deadlines were met! ' 5. 1967 GLEANER staff - together for I once! I 6. Staff reaction to special price for I GLEANER students. 7. GLEANER staff members working? ? 8. Maybe I can get some studying done before Miss Mark notices ! in RetRospect The 1967 Garfield Junior High School GLEANER is now finished. It is not a perfect yearbook. It -as never intended to be. It is an example of what can be done when a staff of 46 frantic students, one harried advisor and coimtless numbers of tremendously helpful people contribute their talents and energies to a project. To all of the faculty, students, advis- ory representatives, candid -contributors, paste -up helpers the GLEANER staff gives you its deepest thanlvs for a job well-done. The 1967 GLEANER has made many mistakes, and its staff has learned from them. If you or j ' our name was involved in one of them, the staff sincerelj ' apologizes. We hope that you will accept this yearbook for what it is: a sometimes funny, sad, silly, serious, memory -filled series of pages that mirror the events and happenings at Garfield Junior High School during the past school year. Read it, enjoy it, for it is a reflection of you and your school. Sandra F. Mark, Advisor Qiemen staff Patricia Ito Editor-in-Chief Diana Levinson Co-Editor Barbara Himter Activities Editor Margaret Adams Activities Co-Editor Colin Lee Art Editor Laura Fujii Art Co-Editor Anna Dove Business Editor Vikki Cheney Business Co -Editor Demetri Angelakos Ca ndids Photography Editor Deimis Allen Candids Photography Co-Editor Debbie Keys Class Pictures Editor Dean Kanat Class Pictures Co -Editor Leslie MacRobbie Faculty Page Editor Adden Benham Faculty Page Co-Editor Cjmthia Naboisek Sales Publicity Editor Michele Doppelt Sales Publicity Co-Editor Richard Biebel Sports Editor Ken Harder Sports Co-Editor Valarie Chow Typing Editor Hariuni Yamamoto Typing Co-Editor STAFF: Gordon Anderson, Phillip Assia, Donald Daniels, Linda Davis, Stacey DeNatale, Jolin Dodd, Larry Glenn, Gwendoljai Lee, Pat Lee, Jackie Leonard, Ronald Mah, Debra Moore, Eileen O ' Rourke, Lathan Pelley, Cheryl Stockman, Karen Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Sally Mac Underwood, Donald Wong, Mark Woodward, Glenda Wyatt, Harumi Yamamoto. Miss Mark Advisor 59

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