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C A R F I ELD C L E A N E R JUNE 1965 MY OWN STATISTICS My name is ive at My phone is. My Advisor is.— -My Counselor is FAVORITES Hobby Radio Station . Color TV Program . D ; sk Jockey Record Singer Theater Actor Actress Ice Cream Car Flower TEACHER AUTOGRAPHS Period Subject Teacher ' s Signature u nn uu. BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Pull out, pull out, On the long trail — The trail that is always new. — " The Long Trail, " by Rudyard Kipling Dear Reader: All of us on the Garfield Gleaner Staff hope you enjoy our efforts as much as we enjoyed creating it. We tried to make it what you would want. Our theme is roads. Please drive on from the beginning to the end on our special " highway. " — The Gleaner Staff TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Off Ramp to Faculty Glade and Student Government Departing Students Ahead 4-20 Activities Turn Out 22-27 Service Areas 28-32 Athletes Crossing 33-40 End Freeway, Sign-up Area 41-48 Message rom Mr. Rowe This has been an important year at Garfield. It represents a change of grades from 7, 8, and 9, to 7 and 8, and a change in the number and residences of students. No longer does Garfield have students from only one area of our city; now Garfield welcomes students from many areas of Berkeley. This year we had more stu- dents, more teachers, and more rooms than ever before. A wonder- ful new science and industrial arts building was constructed, and new courses and other school activities were developed. The " new look " at Garfield is a good look. " Most of you have had an important part in making Garfield an exceptional school where everyone has the opportunity to make a better person of himself. You are pioneering in a successful venture. Congratula- tions! I hope you have a wonderful summer, and that the coming school year is productive for you. Robert N. Rowe, Principal President ' s Message I would like to express my appreciation, personally and in behalf of the much to be commended administration of Mr. Rowe, Mr. McKinney, Mrs. White and the rest of the Faculty. I say this not simply for what we have learned, but for the warmth and personal interest imparted during the school year. With their help the Garfield students have proven to themselves and to the community that young people can take new and different circumstances in stride with maturity and understanding. I urge the graduates and future graduates when they near their life goals to reflect upon the knowledge and wisdom gained at Garfield with pride in the honor and tradition held here. Morgan Stryker STUDENT COUNCIL (Read from left to right) (most extreme left at the top) Margaret Matsui, G.A.M.; Hugh MacArthur, B.A.P.: Pat Cooley, B.A.M.; Gwen Edmonds, Treas- urer; Judy Reimann, G.A.P.; Paul Tittmann, Vice- President; Mark Steidel, Social Secretary; Cornelia Gildersleeve, Secretary; Morgan Stryker President. Y Read from the left to the right. ROW I: Mr. Roberts, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Marin, Mr. Van Matre, Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Dunkum, Mr. Olsen, Mr. Neilson, Mr. Dean, Mr. Kellis, Mr. Rowe. ROW 2: Mr. Grimes, Mrs. Sher rill, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Prichard, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Machek, Miss Peck, Mrs. Willhite, Mr. Wright, Miss Branch. ROW 3: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Satterlee, Mrs. Harvey, Miss Wilder, Mr. Galbraith, Mr. Carlstad, Mrs. Gieber, Miss Davie, Mr. Harris. ROW 4: Mr. Sauers, Mr. Grunseth, Miss Kopf, Mrs. Switzer, Mrs. Bower, Mr. Hempel, Miss Judd, Mrs. Daily, Mrs. Key, Mrs. Curtice, Miss Laurens. ROW 5: Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Carvalho, Mr. Jewett, Mr. Carlund, Miss Oberholzer, Mrs. Hanlin, Mrs. White, Mrs. Sipe, Miss Zerlang, Mrs. Paine. ROW 6: Miss Marsh, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Pearl, Mrs. Andersen, Miss Collar, Mrs. Beishline, Mrs. Sponseller, Miss Brown, Mrs. Mikel, Miss Long, Miss Acty. ROW 7: Mr. Knight, Mr. Black, Mr. Brown, Miss Nagafuji, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Tom, Miss Crossen, Mrs. Troxell, Mr. Gruber, Mrs. Wolpe, Mr. Sayre. ROW 8: Miss Wilson, Mrs. Daniels, Miss Jones, Mr. McPhee, Miss Magnuson, Mrs. Helwig, Mrs. Luke, Mrs. Keller, Mr. McKinney, Mrs. Wilkerson. NOT PRESENT: Mrs. Bales, Mr. Cal- vert, Miss Cannon, Mrs. Glading, Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Hock, Mr. Scott, Mr. Sustaric, Mr. Whiteway. WHICH TEACHER SAYS THIS? (Or Should?) 1. I live underground in a world of sound. _ 2. Gott sei dank es ist Freitag! 3. O.K. Let ' s see your pass .... merci 4. — b± b 2 — 4AC 2A 5. We ' re losing our liberties to nature. 6. There will always be a test on Thursday if the sun rises. 7. Choose your own color but use pink. Ah, Beethoven! 9. You were supposed to be eating two minutes ago. 10. What is the truth? ADAMS, FRANK ADAMS, STEVEN ADAMS, WILLIAM ADKINS, KATHLEEN AHLSREN, ALLAN AITKEN, EILEEN ALBRECHT, BONNIE ALBRECHT, LAURIE ALFORD, LARRY ALLAN, LAURA ALLEN, CATHERINE ALMEDA, THOMAS ANDERSON, CLAUDE ANDERSON, IDELLA ANDERSON, KIMBERLY ANDERSON, WENDY ANGELO, LINDA ANNESSER, BARBARA ARNOLD, KEITH ARNON, DENNIS 1 — o ASAMI, CHRIS BAILEY, LARRY BAILEY, SHANNON BALDWIN, AMY BALDWIN, DONALD BALLOU, DOUGLAS BALLOU, LINDA BANACH, PAMELA BARNETT, DOROTHY BARONE, PETER BARR, TERENCE BARTELME, SCOTT BEATTY, KATHERINE BELL, JOHNI BELL, SHIELA BELLAMY, NANCY BELLE, LARRY BELOOF, LAIRD BELOOF, MARSHALL BENNETT, LAMONTE i ■ J Aill BENNET, STEVEN BENT, FRANK BERMUDEZ, LAURENT BERNHARDT, LOUIS BILLINGS, ELIJAH BISHOP, MARK BJORKLAND, JONATHAN BJORNARD, LIV BLACK, MELINDA BLAKE, EVELYN BLAND, LLOYD BLAU, EVA BODEN, RALPH BOEHRER, NANCY BOGARD, CHRISTINE BOND, STEPHANIE BOSCHETTI, RICHARD BOTELLO, DAVID BOUTHILET, JAMES BOUWSMA, PAUL BOYD, ERVIN BOYD, ROBERT BRADLY, DAVID BRANCH, CAROLYN BRASS, DEBORAH BRENNAN, WAYNE BREUER, CATHY BROOKS, RICHARD BROWER, PATRICIA BROWN, ALEX BROWN, CLARENCE BROWN, JAMES BROWN, VICTOR BROWN, STEVEN BRYAN, NANCY BRYSON, LARRY BUCKWALTER, THOMAS BURKS, JOYCE BURNETT, NANCY BURTON, BELINDA BURTON, MARY BUTLER, ANNIE BUTLER, CASSANDRA BUTLER, LAVANDIS CAHILL, ALLISON CAMPBELL, CAROLE CAREY, LINDA CARLISLE, ANTOINETTE CARLISLE, AREEDA CARMICHAEL, JUDY CARNAHAN, STEPHEN CARR, MYRTLE CARTER, DANNY CARTER, DONALD CARTER, FRANK CARTER, JACKIE CARTER, TRAVIS CAULFIELD, DANNY CHAN, MARSHA CHEN-OK, ANGELINA CHEPOURKOFF, PATRICIA CHO, GILBERT CHOW, ROBERT CHEW, ROBERT CHOW, VICKEY CHRISTIAN, DALE CHUN, BRETT CHUN, DOUGLAS CHUN, LINDA CLARK, LINDA CLAUS, DAVID CLEMENTIN, LORNA COBURN, ERIC COFFEY, SHIRLEY COLE, MICHAEL COLEMAN, CATHY COLEMAN, CRAIG COLES, LOUIS COLLIN, BARBARA COLLINS, EDWIN COMENDANT, SHELLEY CONLEY, LARRY CONNELLY, JAMES CONTI, GINICA COOPER, JILL COPPERUD, JOANN COULTER, FAYEDINE COUNSELL, FREDERICK COX, JOHNS CREAMER, EDWARD CREER, EDWARD CRUTTENDEN, PETER CUMMINGS, CLAUDIA CURRAN, COLLEEN DANG, ALLISON DANIELS, DIANA DAVIS, DIANE DAVIS, KIRKSEY DAVIS, TRAMAINE DEAN, JOHN DE LA ROSA, MARIA DENNIS, PERCY DEW, DENNIS DIBRELL, ROGER DICKIE, WALTER DICKERSON, DIANNE DIXON, DEBORAH DODD, CAROL DONNER, RALPH DOUGLAS, VALERIE DOWDAKIN, TASHA DOYLE, PETER DRAKE, RENEE DREW, KERRY DUPREE, LEANDREW DUPREE, WALTER EARL, ANDRIETTA EARL, CORNELIA EDMOND, GWENDOLYN EDWARDS, JUDY EDWARDS, VALERIE ELLIS, STEVE ELMER, PETER ENSLER, ROBERT EPSTEIN, DAVID ESCALANTE, DEREK ESPINOZA, ELEANOR ESTER, BETTY SAYLES. DONALD EVANS, DOROTHY EVANS, DONALD EVANS, THERESA FARMER, ANN FARMER, TOM FERNANDEZ, BERNETTA FEINBERG, RUTH FERNANDEZ, ROBERT FIEDLER, WILLIAM FISCHER, FRED FISHER, ROCH ELLE FLETCHER, PHILLIP FONG, ALAN FONG, BRENDA FONG, LAWRENCE FORTUNE, CALLEEN FRANK, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, LORENZO FRANKLIN, RITA FROEHLICH, MARION FUJII, JOANNE fnEZ!k? lP9 % V a ▼ . f ... F Am I ; ml •I it o O O A j j r GAASH, LIORA SAEBLER, CLAIRE GAGE, EMMA GAINES, EDWARD GAINES, GARY GALINDO, LOIS GANGWER, JAMES GARCIA, JOSE GARLAND, BRENDA GARRETT, ANTHONY GASS, RONALD GAUSTAD, MALCOLM GEE, RAYMOND GEIER, PAMELA GIDRON, CHARLES GILDEN, ROBERT GILDERSLEEVE, CORNELIA GIPSON, SANDRA GISCHEL, SCOTT GLASS, BARBARA GOCK, LOUISE GODFREY, VINCENT GODINEZ, ANA GOEHRING, MELVIN GOEPFERT, GLEN GOLDSTEIN, GARY GOMEZ, BETTE GORDON, JAMES GORDON, MARCIA GORDON, MIKE GOUAILHARDOU, DEBORAH GOULD, MARILYN GRAY, RAYMOND GREEN, DEBBY GREEN, GWEN GREENBLAT, CATHY GREENE, JOHN GREGG, GARY GRUNLUH, SUSAN GUNDELFINGER, SCOTT GUFFY, DAVID GYORY, LYNNE HAIGHT, MARI HALABY, MIRANDA HALE, MARK HALEY, DENNIS HALL, LUTICIA HALL, STANLEY HALTON, STEPHANIE HAMILTON, BRUCE HAMMER, WILLIAM HAMMOND, DEN ' S HANCOCK, FRANCENA HAND, MICHAEL HANG, GLEN HANNA, PETER HANNAH, VICTORIA HANSEN, MARY HARADA STEPHEN HARAGUCHI, EARL HARANO, DONALD HARANO, JOANNE HARBERTS, DIANE HARBERTS, HELEN HARDIE, HOWARD HARRINGTON, PAUL HARRIS, CAROLINE HARRIS, KERRIGAN HARTMAN, JEFFERY HASSELGREN, BRUCE HAUGEN, ELLEN HAUGHEY, DANIEL HAWKINS, KENNETH HAWLEY, JOEL HAYASHI, STEVEN HAYASHIDA, CATHY HAZELETT, MARCUS HEADLEY, DAVID HELLE, JOEL HENDERSON, DEBORAH HODGES, DUNCAN HENDERSON, GREGORY HENDERSON, MICHAEL HERVEY, TERRY HESS, MAIMU HESTERMAN, ORAN HIGHTOWER, LINDA HILL, DEBBIE HILTY, ANN HINSHAW, CALIA HIRATSKA, MARILYN HIROTA, SHERRY HODGES, DUNCAN HOGGATT, WENDY HOLLEY, SYLVESTER HOLMES, JOSEPH HOLMES, MICHAEL HOLTON, MELISSA HOPKINS, JOLYN HUMPHREY, MARGARET HUTCHERSON, CARLOS HYDE, CAROL HYDE, WENDY IKI, MARI IMAZUME, MICHAEL INGRAM, ETTA IWATA, AMY JACKSON, JACKIE JACKSON, JOHNNIE JACKSON, VANCE JACOBS, CYNTHIA JAMES, JAN JAMEYSON, ANDY JANSON, SHARON JARVIS, BRUCE JENCKS, EMILY JENKINS, RHIEVA JENKINS, STANLEY JEW, DON JEW, REGINA JOHNSON, BRENETTA JOHNSON, DOUGLAS JOHNSON, JEFFREY JOHNSON, JIMMY JOHNSON, KEITH JOHNSON, KEN JOHNSON, MARVIN JOHNSON, REGAN JOHNSON, ROBIN JOHNSON, SUZETTE JOHNSON, THOMAS JOHNSON, VALERIE JONES, JOCELYN JONES, JUANITA JONES, LARRY JOUTSEN, MATTI JUNG, DOUGLAS JYRINKI, SUZANNE KADEL, RICHARD KALEVA, DOUGLAS KASIN, MIRIAM KASSIS, DAVID KATAYAMA, TED KEMP, ANDREW KEMP, BARRY KENNEDY, RAY KENT, DORIS KERMAN, LUCY KIDDER, HENRY KILLEEN, JOAN KIMURA, NANCY KLEIN, STEPHEN KLEINSTEIN, AMY KNIGHT, HOWARD KNIGHT, MARTIN KOCH, JENNIFER KOHN, MICHAEL KOMPANETZ, ARVAD KOSITSKY, ANN KUJAWA, LAURA LACY, CHARLES LA RUSSA, STEVEN LAVIOLETTE, SHARON LAWLER, DAVID LEACH, CHRISTOPHER LEACH, PATRICIA LE BLANC, ANTHONY LEE, DENNIS LEE, DON LEE, OUIDA LEE, ROSALYN LEONG, BRYANT LEVINSON, EUGENE LEW, JONATHON LEWIS, PAUL LEWIS, VIVIAN LLANES, JOSEPH LOCK, GEORGE I OCKABY, MICHAEL LOFTUS, CHRISTINA LOGAN, PETER I.OMACK, ELBERT LOOPER, KYLE LOPEZ, DANNY LOPEZ, LUCY LOWE, IRENE LOZANO, GLORIA LUM, DENNIS LUSK, SANDRA LUTZ, NANCY LYNESS, ROBIN MACHLIS, PAUL MACK, DELMA MADISON, BILLY M AGILLIGAN, SUSAN MATSUI, MARGARET MALAYAN, CHRISTINA MALLMAN, GEORGE MAPANAO, EVELYN - m ' M J mm O r . (X ft w 1 ■BK w So W if Ml 1 Hr »9S Ik fc MARGRAVE, WINDY MARSHALL, DEMETRI MASHY, CHRISTINE MATHER, CHRISTINE MAYEDA, GLEN MAYEDA, MARIAN MAYS, SHIRLEY McADAMS, JOHN McBAY, MARY McCarthy, beverly McCARTY, YVONNE McCLEAR, KATHRINE McCROSKEY, DAVID McCULLOUGH, VIVIAN McFADDEN, RONALD E. McFARLAND, GUSTAVUS McGEHEE, TROY McGHEE, DAVID McOUINNIE, VIVIAN MERDELL, ANDY MENENDEZ, PAUL MERKEL, VALERIE MERRICK, THEA MERRILL, GARY MERRIMAN, JOSEPH MIDDLETON, ERNESTINE MILLER, ALLISON MILLER, CAROLYN MILLER, JACOUELINE MILLER, LINDA MINNER, CATHERINE MITCHELL, ARTHUR MITSUYASU, RONALD MONTEMAYOR, DAVID MOODY, STUART MOONEY, CHARLES MOONEY, SUSAN MOORE, GEORGE MOORE, YVONNE MORISHIGE, STEVE MORIWAKI, SHIRLEY MORIYAM A, YUTAKA MORTIMER, DOUGLAS MOUTON, JOSE MULLER, JOHN MUNGUIA, MARIO MURAKAMI, CHERYL M U RAN ISH I, DEAN MURRAY, SHARON MYERS, EMLEN NEAL, DEBORAH NEELY, APRIL NICCOLLS, EDWIN NIGHTINGALE, WILLIAM NILSON, RUSSELL NORMAN, CARLAS ODA, EMILY OHMAN, MARK OKANO, PATTI OLSON, PETER ON, CRAIG O ' NEAL, AUGUST O ' NEILL, DOUGLAS O ' ROURKE, FRANCIS OULTON, LINDA OWYANG, VICKY PACHECO, ROSALIE PARKER, GOLDIE PATTERSON, CHARLES PATTON, GERALD PEARSALL, RONALD PERRY, LARRY PLAINSFIELD, MARK PRESTON, CECILIA POPE, JOHN PORTEOUS, GREGSON PORTER, DAPHNE PRESTON, MILFORD PRIDGEON, REGINA OUON, PETER REED, STANLEY RENNACKER, LARRY REID, JOHN REIMANN, JUDY RENAUD, RAOUL RENNACKER, LEE REYNOLDS, AMY RICHARD, KENNETH RICHARDSON, CONSTANCE RICHARDSON, RENEE RICHARDSON, SANDRA ROBINSON, CHARLES ROBINSON, CORNELIA ROBINSON, DIANE ROBINSON, GEORGE ROBLES, DEBORAH RODA, CHRISTINE RODRIGUEZ, BONNIE ROGERS, BRUCE ROGERS, SHARONNE ROGERS, SUSAN RONCHO, JOSEPH ROSA, FATIMA ROTHSTEIN, ZEL ROWSON, TRACIE RUTH, DAVID SAITO, PATRICIA SAMBOR, TAMAR SAMPSON, DEBORAH SANDHU, BALWINDER SANTORO, GARY SASAKI, GARY SCARBROUGH, GENE SCHAEFFER, RONALD SCHOLES, PETER MARIN, DOUGLAS SCHURMAN, MICHELE SEIDLETZ, LISA SCOTT, LINDA SERGEANT, JUDITH SEYMORE, JOY SHAFFER, MARY SHANNON, DEBORAH SHELTON, SHARON SHERRIFFS, ALEX SHINBROT, MIA SHIPMAN, RONALD SHIPP, STUART SICULAR, MARDI SILVA, FRANK SIMMONS, RAY SIMMONS, WINTRELL SIMPSON, RODERICK SIMS, JOHN SINGER, MARK SLUSS, DEBORAH SMITH, ALLEN SMITH, ANDREW SMITH, BENJAMIN SMITH, HUMPHREY SMITH, RITA SMITH, RUTHERFORD SMITH, VICTOR SPAIN, JAMES SPONSELLER, CATHERINE SPRAGUE, WENDY STALTER, DEAN STEIDEL, MARK STEINER, CHARLES STEINBACK, ELEANOR STEPHENS, REGINOLD STERLING, SHARON STERN, NANCY STEWART, GARY STEWART, JACQUELINE STONE, JUDY STRICKLIN, ALIVIA STRUVE, KYRA SWAIN, VINCENT SWARTZ, WILLIAM SWEENEY, ANDREW SWIFT, DAVID TADEMY, CORVIN TADEMY, DEXTER TAKAHASHI, CLYDE TAKATA, ERIC TANAKA, RICKEY TAPER, GORDEN TAPLIN, GARY TARASOFF, ALEXEI TAYLOR, RANDOLPH TAYLOR, TERRENCE TEN BROEK, NICOLAAS TETLOW, SUSAN THOMAS, PEGGY THOMPSON, JAMES THOMPSON, GERONE TODA, NEIL TOJI, WAYNE TOM, DIANE TORRES, REBBECA TRAUGOTT, RUTH TREADWELL, KEITH TUCKER, ELLEN TULVING, ANN UPTON, DARLENE VAUGHN, BIREL VICTORIA, LEON VINICOFF, ERIC VISHER, MARY WAEN, PHILLIP WALKER, WARREN WALLACE, JESSE WALLACE, JOYCE WALT, TIM WARD, LINDA WARD, ARTHUR WATSON, ANTHONY WATSON, MARK WATSON, RAYMOND WEBB, PAUL WEBER, KARL WEIR, SCOTT WESLEY, DAVID WESTBROOKS, WANDA WESTERVELT, JAMES WHITE, GREGORY WILBORN, KATHY WILENSKY, STEPHEN WILEY, SAM WILLIAMS, CHARLES WILLIAMS, GREGORY WILLIAMS, HOWARD WILLIAMS, MONA WILLIAMS, MELVA WILLIAMS, THOMAS WILSON, RICHARD WILSON, VIVIAN WILSON, VONCILE WOLIN, CLIFFORD WONG, DONNA WONG, EDWARD WONG, JANET WONG, SUSAN WOODARD, RAMONA WOODS, ROSALYN WOODBRIDGE, MARIA WRAITH, JOHN WRAITH, ROBERT WRIGHT, GEORGE WYNN, LILLIE YASUKOCHI, VALERIE YOUNG, GAYLE YOUNG, JENNIFER YOUNG, KATHY YU, ROBERT ZACHERIA, MICHAEL ZERCHER, BENJAMIN ZOOK, CHRISTINE CAMERA SHY Sally Bailey Martha Davis Douglas DeBord Dennis Ferrera Michele Francis Frederick Golden Spenser Goodloe Eric Hansen Janet Hansen Melinda Henson Patricia Holmes Michael Jacobs Kenneth Kerl Christine Kjarsgaard Patrick Kuhn Joseph Loera Karin Mahan David Morris Pamela Pope Barbara Raab Joan Ross Gilbert Scoggins Diane Seward Beverly Smith John Taylor Marie Vasquez Vasco Zinnerman 1A (Read from left to right): ROW I: Jacqueline Burgess, James Caldwell, Cameale Casey, Darsie Angle, Terry Chinn, Randall Chung, Dav.d Claudeanos. ROW 2: Cathy Black, Bertrand Blackwell, Jeanette Blair, Bill Borden, Joan Broudy, Lazaroy Brown, Pat Brown. ROW 3: Pam Angleman, Caro- line Axt, Janice Baldwin, Denise Barrow. (Read from left to right): ROW I: David Forsberg, Jon Frisk, Richard Gamble, Sharon Garcia, John Garrett. ROW 2: Eileen Drake, Bruce Evans, Carlus Evans, Thomas Farmer, Michele Filgate. ROW 3: Michael Colston, Pat- rick Cooley, Eddie Creamer, Steven Cunningham, Scott Daughtry. (Read from left to right): ROW I: John Henderson, Leo Hamaji, Gordon Gee, Deborah Hill. ROW 2: Carl Henderson, Joe Helle, Wayne Hampton, Beru- nia Harper. ROW 3: Sharon Garret, Edward Henderson, Maurice Harris, Lane Gromme. 17 41 S (Read from I eft to right): ROW I: Alan Johnson, Clar- ence Johnson, Jimmie Johnso i, Suzette Johnson, Josh Kadish ROW 2: Jacqueline Jackson, Kathleen Jacobson, Warren Jang, Andrew Jeffries, Carol Jensen. ROW 3: Jeffrey Hink, John Hodges, Adrienne Hollody, Judy Hunter, Brenda Jackson. (Read from left to right): ROW I: Edmund Mah. Ingrid Marfoldi, Karin McCall, Kit McCleer, Rex McClellan. ROW 2: Lillian Lim, Jonathan Llanes, Barbara Lockhart, Ste- ven Loughlin. ROW 3: David Katayama. Don- na Kent, Marvin Lee, Phyllis Lee, Jenanne Le Roy. ' Read from left to rigntj: ROW I: Patricia McKean, San- dra Pitts, Erica Radner, Ana Ralph. ROW 2: John Moore, Kosaiyn Moore, Marjorie Olsen Lea Merrick, Eugene Perry, William Petty. ROW 3: Cynthia Phillips An- nette Penny. Melinda Michaelis, Antonin Michalek, David Mil- le r, Robin Miller. 18 (Read from left to right): ROW I: Richard Teraura, Rich- ard Rizzolo, Sylvia Thompson, Janet Tinnin, Donise Tiilman. ROW 2: Julie Slavazza, Clar- ence Soe, Nancy Sterling, Don- ald Sayles, Carol Strassner, Morgan Stryker, Janis Tappin. ROW 3: Stephen Ricks, Susan Tetlow, Nigel Sanders, Mable Stone, Deborah Schrock, Judith Sergeant, Marilyn Siegal. (Read from left to right): ROW I: Cynthia King, Rodney Hensley, James Joseph, Ber- nard Kidwell, Jerry Kihara. ROW 2: Tony Gutierrez, Patricia Guy, Karen Habbestad, Sydney Heizer, Debbie Braver. ROW 3: Tom Adams, Luchan Baker, Sydney Barr, Claudia Kirby. (Read from left to right): ROW I: Hilma Wikander, Susan Wilber, Alice Williams, Doug- las Wright, Kenneth Wyse, Christopher Yoshimura, Steven Yoshimura. ROW 2: Linda Ward, Patty Watson, Devon Welsh Larry West, Pat Weston, Pat Wh.te. ROW 3: Paul Tittmann, Cle- mente Torres, Lee Turk, Bruce Turman, Diana Voorhe.s David Wallace. 19 ' Read from left to right): ROW I: Janis Tappin, Benson Lee, Frederick Zachery. ROW 2: Pandora Patton, Debra Poulsen, Lisa Shon, Cindy Collins. ROW 3: Donna Young, Michael Lee, Hugh MacArthur, Anita Newman. (Read from left to right): ROW I: Andriette Earl, Her- shel Kirk, Bertha Williams, Janet Wright. ROW 2: Ronald Jacka, Kenneth Hawkins, Michael Jackson, Terry Kinnosh ta . EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES Animal dog Food .. _ steak Drink coke Fla vor __ chocolate TV Prog ram The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Movie Tom Jones Radio Station KYA Actor Albert F inney Actress Connie Stevens Singing Group Beatles Dance Slow Commercial .. .Jolly Green Giant Pastime Opposite sex Color blue Song .. ..... My Girl Magazine MAD Car Mustang SEVENTH GRADE FAVORITES Animal dog Food steak Drink coke Flavor chocolate TV Program . ..The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Movie Goldfinger Radio Station ... KYA Actor Paul Newman Actress Connie Stevens Singing Group Supremes Dance Philly Commercial Jolly Green Giant Pastime Movies Color red Song Goldfinger Magazine .....MAD Car ....Mustang 20 DONTSucee FOLO EC1 I IRJulJWLidL) — --iMAfi. CLASS DUNCE ?l Student Leaders Squads 1-4 Student Leaders Squads 5-7 NEWS IN BRIEF World News. Dr. Melissa Holton discovers the Moon is made of green cheese. National News. Dr. Joanne Fujii awarded Pul- itzer Prize for autobiography Exodus from Garfield. Local News. Mayor Miriam Kasin of Berke- ley announces that Berkeley will be replaced by a parking lot. Volume 4, IOO ' 4 , No. 157 Priceless GARFOO GARFIELD TIDDLY WINK TEAM TURNS PROFESSIONAL! Berkeley Coach Mari Haight of the Garfield Junior High Tiddly Wink Team an- nounced yesterday that the entire Garfield team had turned profes- sional after their upset victory in the Alameda County finals last month. Coach Haight was sad. " Just think, " she said in an exclusive in- terview with ace reporter Glen Frendel, " the greatest winkers in the history of the game. " In answer to the reporter, she further reported that the star wink- er. Miss Connie Richardson, signed with the Rose Street Warriors for a reported salary of three hambur- gers, four boxes of Junior Mints, six boxes of chocolate-covered rais- ins and a package of spiced charms a week. Other team members including Sharon Laviolette, Joanne Fujii, Chris Bogard, Lucy Kerman, and Nancy Bryan were signed by " Cookie " Stryker of the Indian Rock " Rocks " for salaries ranging from two frostie freezes per week plus unknown amounts of " Double- Bubble " gum. THE COOKING CORNER WITH OUR FRENCH CHEF Housewives from all over the country have been sending me re- ceipts. Here are only a few. MARVELOUS MEATLOAF 3 cups finely chopped slugs 5 quarts cat tail juice 2 pounds flamingo gizzards 8 stalks of crabgrass 4 light bulbs (300 watts) Mix slugs, crabgrass and gizzards thorougnly. Stew in cat tail juice for eignt nours. Garnisn with crush- ed ligntbulbs. Serve on a pie plate, steaming hot. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SPACE FOR SALE: CONTACT JOHN GLENN Dear Gwen Dear Gwen: My mommy thinks that I ' m too young to wear knickers to school and I hate short pants. —23 and Getting Older Dear 23 and Getting Older: I think your mommy is right. Knickers aren ' t in style, anyway. Dear Gwen: My girlfriend thinks that she has broken a world record by going steady with 20 boys in one week. Can you confirm this? — Number 21 Dear Number 21: No. When I was her age I went with 25 boys in one week. Dear Gwen: I ' m flunking math. Dad says that if I do, I don ' t get to buy a Super Dooper Skater-roo Skate Board. HELP! " F " Dear F: Appeal to your math teacher. Otherwise get yourself a copy of the answers. Dear Gwen: This certain boy walks with me every day between English and math. No matter what I do, I can ' t shake him. What can I do? — Desperate Dear Desperate: If you really must shake him, try an osterizer . . . MR. MARK PILIAVIN TESTS NEW SANDWICH North Pole, June 16 — Mr. Mark Piliavin has just announced that the new Eskimo pies are better than ever. The noted food taster for World Crispy Crunchy Corporation was educated at Garfield Junior High School in Berkeley, Califor- nia. When asked recently how he entered the food tasting business, he said, " I developed my remark- able abilities in my old English class instead of doing my spelling! " Freddy F.S.M. COMES TO GARFIELD Berkeley Dr. Mona L. Williams, Miss Shar- on Shelton, Miss Patricia Watson and Miss Pat Holmes, the Executive Committee of the Fried Sauerkraut Movement (F.S.M.) have come to Garfield to sponsor the world-wide movement to eat more fried sauer- kraut for lunch. In an exclusive interview with our daring, enterprising reporter, Miss Jennifer Young, the Commit- tee confessed that many students lacked enthusiasm. In the words of the distinguished Committee: " Many still are eating, if you ' ll par- don the expression, hamburgers. " GARFIELD RECORDS FALL! Berkeley Event winners in the annual Gar field track and field meet are as follows: Michael Beil — Paper Throw Henry Clayton — Paper Crumble Diane Duckett — Unlimited Gum Chew Valerie Merkle — Limited Gum Chew Terry Taylor — Loudest Hall Noise Dayne Coleman — Loudest Class Noise Alex Sherriffs — Lunch Dash Kenneth Carter— Pencil Sharpen Victor Smith — Stair Skip People and Places. Mr. Alex Sherriffs finds a thou- sand year old fossil and an- nounces it to be his English teacher. ,N GASBAG Sports. Miss Maria Woodbridge rides the winning horse in the Big Derby: Waxy Wong. Weather. Cold and clearing in five years. High 56, low 55. Westerly winds 35 mph. Chances of rain 1000 to %. Phone: Disconnected the Scrapers THE GOSSIP PILLAR Berkeley A 30 foot skateboai ' d has re- placed the A.C. Transit bus lines, yesterday. The buses, normally used for transportation, are being " Put to bed " said the A.C. Transit head Lawrence Fong. There has been, however, question of what to do when it rains . . . The new textured stockings have set a craze for the new textured gloves. The gloves extend up the arm, and are attached to the neck. When buying textured stockings you can get a matching pair of tex- tured gloves for only $5.95. Miss Karen Hill, the designer of the gloves expects them to be a great craze. WILD ANIMAL TRAPPED ON ROSE AND GRANT! Berkeley A team of famous animal trainers led by Dr. D. Braver ran down and trapped a wild creature near Rose and Grant Streets in Berkeley last Wednesday. When our reporter saw the animal, he said, " Why, it ' s a mouse. " The good Doctor said, " EHHHHHH " and climbed the near- est tree. The Raven Once upon a morning dreary While I pondered weak and weary Over many a quaint and curious Volume of forgotten math. While I nodded nearly napping Suddenly there came a tapping As of someone gently rapping, Rapping at our classroom door. " Tis the prinicpal, " I muttered " Tapping at our classroom door. " Only him and nothing more. " Ah distinctly I remember, It was in the bleak December And each separate failing ' port card wrought its ghost Upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow Vainly I had sought to borrow From my dog surcease of sorrow, Sorrow for the lost A plus. For the rare and radiant grade, Whom the angels named A plus. Nameless here for evermore. And the bending, sad hard Rustling of each white card Thrilled me, filled me With fantastic terrors Never felt before. So that now to still the Beating of my heart I stood repeating ' Tis the principal entreating Entrance at our classroom door. With a tardy pupil, entreating Entrance at our classroom door. It is them and no one more. Presently my soul grew stronger, Hesitating then no longer. " Sir, " said I, " not madam, Truly your forgiveness I implore. " But the fact was I was Napping and so gently You came tapping and tapping At our classroom door. GARRELIAN INCREASES POPULARITY (finally)! Berkeley The results of a recent survey made of local magazines and news- papers shows the Garfield Garfiel- ian is 394th in popularity in the Berkeley area. The local editor, Mr. Paul Machlis, when asked to com- ment, said, " I ' m not discouraged. In the last year, we ' ve risen from 432nd to 392th and passed up sev- eral vital publications including the Bee Keepers monthly Sting and the Rattlesnake Breeders ' quarterly magazine Bites. Asked why the Gar- fielian didn ' t publish a paper last week, the editor said someone had borrowed the pencil and failed to return it. GARFIELD DONE OVER Berkeley The new escalators, the three Olympic-sized swimming pools, the five student lounges with deep leather chairs, coke machines, and automatic hamburger dispensers have been installed at Garfield. In answer to a question about student reaction, the Principal said, " Other schools have problems of drop-outs — our problem is drop- ins. " SALE!!! 1964 Booper Skate Board, Good condition. Wheels made by famous Jonathan Singer. $1:79. HAIR SPRAY! PINK GOLD AND PURPLE!!! ONLY $1:02. BLOOPERS. All colors . . . large (one foot) and small (¥2 meter). Call Sherry Hirota. STOCKINGS . . . TEXTURED! The lastest patterns . . . BEA- TLES! In red, blue, green, yellow, and ultro-violet. BUY! Notify Ann Wassit. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HERE IT IS! THAT CORRUPT- ING FOUR LETTER WORD!!! . . . work. 26 27 28 31 33 Winners of the " Turkey Trot " 34 Seventh Grade Football Team 35 36 1. Neither one of them said hello to us this morning ! 2. I d like to know who took my mirror! 3. " Gee, Mr. McKinney we were as quiet as mice! " 4. " I don ' t know what it represents, ask Mr. Pearl. " 5. Sometimes I have the feeling I ' m all alone. b. Mr. Rowe, they are going to set here until the Beatles come to Garfield! 7. Women and children first! 8. " No one here but us chickens! " 9. That was the best joke I ' ve ever heard! 10. No, these are my books for the first two periods only! I I. You mean you got your locker open the first time! 12. My locker always opens. " 13. " Hey, all I forgot was one homework as- signment! " 14. Four more periods until lunch and we ' re starved already. 38 1. " The next time I come to school, I ' m only taking one of you. " 2. ' ' Gee, Mrs. Hall, those darn painters are blocking the door to 126 and I can ' t get in! " 3. You mean I ' m the only girl with a 10 speed bike? 4. It ' s a new dance, called the " Strangle. " 5. " We ' ll run the second stretch over there after we tear down the old Golden Gate and then . . . " 6. I ' m going to surprise Mr. Jewett and use the Jeweler ' s saw on this wood! 7. " Gee thanks, Mr. Gruber, I didn ' t think we sounded so much like the Beatles. " 8. " Let ' s see, Chuck, if we loosen this level, maybe I can get my thumb out! " 9. " As a matter of fact, they ' re not bad broiled too. " 10. Now only 5,328 more pieces and I ' ll have the biggest jig-saw puzzle in the seventh grade. 11. " Come, come Gwendolyn, not all these books are for history! " 12. Do you think we can both chew gum in Mr. Galbraith ' s class or shall we play it safe? 13. " Three little maids from school are we . . . " 14. " Well, thanks for the compliment, Mr. Dunkum. but I ' m really a teacher, not a student. " IB. " This is the ' Washington Post March ' not A Hard Day ' s Night. " SPECIAL EVENTS Girls ' Glee Assembly, March 12, 1965. Toni Carlisle, Ana Godinez and Bev McCarty singing " The Hammer Song. " Girls ' Glee Assembly, March 12, 1945 with Miss Judd directing. Girls ' Glee Assembly, Dale Christian, Dan- ice Barrow, Maimu Hess and Cassandra Butler singing " Everything ' s Coming up Roses. " Girls ' Glee Assembly. Shelley Comendant, Cornelia Robinson and Judy Stone singing " Chim Chim Cher — ee. " Girls ' Fashion Show, January 15, 1965. Mod- els are Kim Anderson, Jackie Burgess, Cornelia Gildersleeve, Pat Leach, Sidney Heizer and Eleanor Steinback. Girls ' Fashion Show, January 15, 1965. Mod- els are Evelyn Mapanao, Rita Smith, Bette Gomez, Diane Harberts and Anita Newman. Drama Show, " The Devil and Dan Web- ster, " April 2, 1965. Steve Bennett, Pat Kuhn and David Miller. Drama Show, " The Devil and Dan Web- ster, " April 2, 1965. Debbie Evan, Diana Voorheis, Lee Rennacker, Mike Kiyala, John Taylor, Caroline Axt, Pat Featherstone. Girls ' Glee Assembly. Laurie Allan singing " There But For Fortune. " Girls ' Gym Folk-Dancing in the Auditorium. Boys ' Glee Rehearsal with Mrs. Paine directing. Seventh Grade Spelling Champions: Winner — Cameron White Runner-up — David Smith Eighth Grade Spelling Champions. Winner — Lisa Shon Runner-up — Mardi Sicular The Jury of the Devil in the School Play " The Devil and Dan Webster. " 44 Autographs Printed by Lederer. Street Zeus Co., Inc., Berkeley. California

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