Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 8 of 38
Page 8 of 38

Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7
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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 9
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Page 8 text:

MARY DONNELY Activities: Band, Orchestra. Fate: Politician. LYNN EDELEN Activities: Attendance Help- er, Counselor ' s Helper, Eighth Grade Music, Teams, Shows. Fate: Latin teacher. MARK EUDEY Activities: N oon Leagues, Gym Helper. Fate: Latin III. ROBERTA FIELDS Activities: Student Leader, Gleaner Art Staff. Fafe: Plains. SANDRA FLICK Acfivities: Student Leader. Test Assistant. Fate: Smiley. LOUISE FOUNTAIN Activities: Band, Orchestra. Student Leader. Fate: " Pete " Fountain. JIM FRAZEE Activities: Boys ' Glee, Latin Club, Swim Club, Mimeo Crew. Fate: Greaseball. BILL GATEWOOD Activities: Science Club, Shows, Boys ' Glee, Noon Leagues, Office Helper, Cafeteria Helper, Gleaner Art Staff, Ninth Grade Music. Fate: Artist. KENNETH GODIN Activities: Block " G. " Small " G, " Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Track, Noon Leagues, Boys ' Glee, Ninth Grade Music, Gleaner Art Staff, Shows. Fate: Artist. DAVID GORDON Activities: Treasurer, Student Council, Orchestra, Cafe- teria Assistant, Cafeteria Supervisor, Gleaner Staff, Golf Club, Block " G, " Small " G,, " Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Basket- ball Manager, Noon Leagues, Gym Helper, Sev- enth Grade Chorus, Latin Club, Shows. Fate: Tax collector. STANLEY DOUGLAS Activities: Noon Patrol, Jun- ior Classical League, Glean- er Art Staff, Noon Leagues. Fate: Stanley Steamer. DAVID ELKINS Activities: Boys ' Glee, Basket- ball, Softball, Rally Com- mittee, Noon Leagues, Track, Gym Helper, Golf Club, Block " G. " Fate: Spanish major. JIM FABRIS Activities: Stage Crew, Track, Noon Leagues, Drama, Shows, Baseball, Seventh Grade Music. Fate: To be fabulous. ROBERT FISHER Activities: Band, Track, Rally Committee, Shows, Gym Helper, Noon Leagues. Fate: Girls. LOIS FLOCK Fate: A sheep herder. JIM FOX Activities: Block " G, " Track, Basketball, Gym Helper, Latin Club, Noon Leagues, Seventh Grade Chorus. Fate: Body beautiful. PENNY FRICKEN Activities: Drama, Student Leader, Cafeteria Super- visor, Cheer Leader, Stu- dent Council, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Seventh Grade Chorus, Glee, Gleaner Staff, Shows, Gleaner Art Staff. Fate: Ruy. EDITH GAUGER Activities: Latin Club. Fate: Public speaker. DAVID GOFF Activities: Basketball, Volley- ball, Noon Leagues, Block " G. " Fate: Minister. JUDY GORDON Activities: Girls ' Athletic Manager, Student Council, Block " G, " Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Track, Girls ' Glee, Shows, Student Leader, Gleaner Staff, Junior Clas- sical League, Noon League. Fate: To be G.A.M. of the moon. BRUCE DUNCAN Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Latin Club, Science Club. Fate: Cartoonist. . DONNA ELWOOD Activities: Noon Leagues, Drama. Fate: Daisy. ALLAN FAWKES Activities: Stage Crew, Boys ' Glee. Fate: Tickets. KEN FISHLER Activities: Ninth Grade Mu- sic, Glee, Boys ' Glee, Presi- dent, Shows, Noon Leagues, Music Club. Fate: Musician and com- poser. TOM FOLEY Activities: Band. Orchestra, Dance Band, Glee, Shows. Fate: Latin teacher. DAVID FRALEY Activities: Noon Leagues, Basketball, Track, Block " G, " Fate: Youngest in his class. BENNET FRIEDMAN Activities: Orchestra Presi- dent, Band Captain, Dance Band, Shows, Gleaner Staff, Ninth Grade Music, Music Club. Fate: One-man band. MARJORIE GELLUS Activities: Office Helper, Student Leader. Fate: Ronnie Bell. DANNY GOLD Activities: Band. Fate: Latin teacher. JAMES GRACEY Fate: Camera dodger. 6

Page 7 text:

DENNIS CLARK Activities: Cafeteria Helper, Cafeteria Supervisor, Noon Leagues. Fate: Dennis the Menace. SUZANNE COLBERT Activities: Gym Helper, At- tendance Helper, Pompon Girl, Girls’ Glee, Shows, Student Leader, Noon Leagues, Basketball, Volley- ball, Block " G. " Fate: To own a gun factory. DIANNE COMMINS Activities: Noon Leagues, Seventh Grade Chorus, Student Leader, Glee. Fate: Hockey player. JULIE CORBETT Fate: The song " Julie. " BILL CORREIA Activities: Latin Club. Fate: To go to Korea. LARRY CRAIG Activities: Seventh Grade Chorus, Track, Shows. Fate: Black hair. ELIZABETH DABNEY Activities: Office Helper, Ninth Grade Music, Teach- er ' s Assistant, Gleaner Art Staff, Student Leader. Fate: Painter. DANA DAUGHTRY Activities: Drama, Student Leader, Gleaner Art Staff, Seventh Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues, Shows, Track, Basketball, Pompon Girls. Fate: Teacher. JAMES DEAN Activities: Boys ' Glee, Shows, Noon Leagues, Assistant B.A.M., Tennis Club. Fate: Actor. VIRGINIA DINSMORE Activities: Test Assistant, Stu- dent Leader, Student Lead- er Captain. Fate: Minister ' s wife. VICTOR CLARK Activities: Noon Leagues, Cafeteria Helper, H8 En- tertainment Committee. Fate: Ventriloquist. CAROL COLLINS Activities: Yell Leader, Cho- rus, Swim Club, Noon Leagues, Drama Club, Track, Volleyball, Gleaner Art Staff, G.A. Cabinet, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Gleaner Staff, Student Leader, Cafeteria Supervi- sor, Student Council. Fate: To be an old maid. CALVIN CONKLIN Fate: Jimmy Durante II JOHN CORNISH Activities: Junior Classical League. Fate: To be Louise ' s brother. BETSY COX Activities: Seventh Grade Chorus, Ninth Grade Music, Student Leader, Track, Shows. Fate: Arnie. ROSANNE CRAWFORD Activities: Gym Helper, Of- fice Helper, Noon Leagues, Volleyball, Basketball, Stu- dent Leader, Library Help- er, Seventh Grade Chorus. Fate: To receive a Garfield Pennant. BARBARA DAILY Activities: Gym Helper, Stu- dent Leader Chief, Noon Leagues, Track, Softball. Fate: To grow back her pony tail. ELIZABETH DAVIS Activities: Office Helper, Attendance Helper, Student Leader, Cafeteria Supervi- sor. Fate: To talk back to Mr. Weiss in French. KARL DEIRUP Activities: Boys ' Glee, Noon Leagues. Shows, Seventh Grade Chorus, Swim Club. Fate: Tooth paste adver- fiser. JOHN DODDS Activities: Mimeo Crew. Fate: " Dodo. " DAN COHN Activities: Student Council, Junior Classical League, Mimeograph Crew, Noon Leagues, Noon Patrol Cap- tain, Junior Red Cross, Shows. Fate: Ice cream vendor. CLAUDE COLWELL Activities, Ninth Grade Mu- sic, Shows, Noon Leagues, Track, Softball, Electronics Club. Fate: Post control. TOM COPLEY Activities: Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Eighth Grade Music, Cafeteria Supervi- sor, Noon Patrol, Gym Helper. Fate: Teach world history. LOUISE CORNISH Activities: Gleaner Staff. Shows, Volleyball, Attend- ance Helper, Seventh Grade Chorus, Student Leader, Student Leader Captain, Noon Leagues, Counselor ' s Helper. Fate: To be John ' s sister. GEORGE CRAIG Activities: Gleanor Photog- raphy, Projection Crew Captain, Student Council. Fate: To throw flash bulbs at Garfield. MARCIA CROFTON Activities: Student Leader, Noon Leagues. Fate: Fast talker. MEGAN DALTON Activities: Orchestra, Teams, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Cafeteria Helper, Latin Club. Fate: Play the ' cello with Lawrence Welk. JEANNE DAVISON Activities: Student Leader, Teams, Pompon Girls, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Sev- enth Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues. Fate: Dancer. NANCY DeVIGHT Activities: G.S.A. Secretary, Student Council, Drama Club, Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Gleaner Art Staff, Gleaner Staff, Shows, Drama Club, Seventh Grade Chorus, Student Leader, Drama, Cafeteria Super- visor. Fate: Old maid. CLAUDIA DODSON Activities: Fate: Dodson Blitzen. 5

Page 9 text:

MARK GRANDY Activities: Science Club. Fate: To pass English. SYLVIE GUEDENET Fate: French. KAREN HANLEY Activities: Office Helper, Stu- dent Leader, Girls ' Glee, Cafeteria Supervisor. Fate: French teacher. SUSAN HARRINGTON Activities: Girls ' Glee, Cafe- teria Supervisor, Library Helper, Gleaner Art Staff, Office Helper, Student- Leader, Gleaner Staff. Fate: Listening to the radio in a car. KAREN HAUGEN Activities: Girls ' Glee, Eighth and Ninth Grade Music, Li- brary Helper, Counselor ' s Helper, Student Leader, Shows. Fate: Goldilocks. NANETTE HAYES Activities: Pompon Girl, Stu- dent Leader, Office Helper, Counselor ' s Helper, Ninth Grade Music, Drama, Track, Shows, Plays, Noon Leagues, Fate: Baldie. ALAN HENRY Activities: Boys ' Glee, Noon Leagues. Fate: Henry Alan. KRISTINE HILTON Activities: Girls ' Glee, Li- brary Helper, Student Lead- er, Shows. Fate: Mrs. Chumley. TOM HOFMANN Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Noon Leagues. Fate: His hair. FRANCES HOUMAN Activities: Glee, Library Helper, Student Leader, Drama. Fate: Gum chewer. DEBORAH GREENE Activities: Noon Leagues, Gleaner Staff, Cafeteria Helper, Cafeteria Super- visor, Student Leader, Shows, Ninth Grade Music, Drama Counselor ' s Helper. Fate: To keep a straight face for a day. RICHARD HACK Activities: Noon Leagues. Fate: A foul in basketball. BARBARA HARDING Activities: Orchestra, Student Leader, Captain, Track, Shows, Teacher ' s Helper, Junior Classical League, Gleaner Staff, Eighth and Ninth Grade Music. Fate: Harvard. FRED HASSID Fate: American citizen. ED HAVLICK Activities: Cafeteria Helper, Glee, Noon Leagues, Latin Club, Shows. Fate: " Puddy. " VIRGINIA HENDERSON Activities: Girls ' Glee, Swim Club, Orchestra, Student Leader, Cafeteria Helper and Supervisor. Fate: " Virginia.” GRAIG HENRY Fate: Henry Graig. JEFFERSON HING Fate: Politician. GEORGE HONGELL Activities: Rally Boy, Noon Leagues. Fate: Hamster. BILL HUNTER Activities: Noon Leagues, Boys ' Glee, Rally Commit- tee, Small " G,” Ninth Grade Music. Fate: Latin. DIANE GRIFFING Activities: Noon Leagues, Track, Shows, Student Lead- er, Office Helper, Ninth Grade Music. Fate: Latin III. TERRY HAMRE Activities: Noon Leagues, Cafeteria Helper, Boys ' Glee. Fate: Bird watcher. JOHN HARDING Activities: Noon Movie Help- er, Stage Crew, Noon Leagues, Baseball, Foot- ball, Noon Patrol, Cafeteria Supervisor. Fate: His hair. GLEN HASSLER Activities: Volleyball, Track, Softball. Fate: Ringmaster. SADY HAYASHIDA Activities: Noon Leagues, In- tramural Baseball. Fate: French accent. BOB HENDRICKSON Activities: Basketball, Volley- ball, Baseball, Noon Leagues, Block " G, " Track. Fate: Hendrickson ' s Ham- burgers. CAROL HILL Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Noon Leagues, Track. Fate: Bean bag filler. SANDRA HOBBS Activities: Gym Helper, Cafe- teria Supervisor, Student Leader, Attendance Helper, Girls ' Glee, Seventh Grade Chorus, Track, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Noon Leagues, Shows. Fate: Ballet teacher. TOM HOOVER Activities: Noon Leagues, Basketball, Block " G,” Baseball, Cafeteria Super- visor, Glee, Ninth Grade Music, Track, Shows. Fate: Principal in a school. ROXANNE HUSKEY Activities: Student Court, Of- fice Helper, Student Lead- er, Volieball, Basketball, Softball, Track, Gym Help- er, Band, Orchestra, Noon Leagues, Gleaner Staff, Drama, Counselor ' s Helper, Attendance Helper, Block ' ’G.” Fate: Rock of Gibralter. 7

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