Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 13 of 38
Page 13 of 38

Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 12
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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 14
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Page 13 text:

HARRY OBERG Activities: Volleyball, Track, Noon Leagues. Fate: To own H.O. trains. RICHARD OLITT Activities: Social Secretary, Gym Helper, Student Coun- cil, Noon Patrol, Track, Vol- leyball, Baseball, Basket- ball, Noon M ovie Commit- tee, Shows, Block " G, " Noon Leagues. Fate: To have all that it takes to be a social secre- tary. CATHY PALMER Activities: Girls ' Glee, Red Cross, Library Helper, Block " G, " Small " G, " Track, Student Leader. Fate: White bucks. STANLEY PARKER Activities: Cafeteria Helper. Fate: To be short and blond. BILL PATRICK Activities: Proiection Crew, Noon patrol, Noon Leagues, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Volleyball, Rally Commit- tee, Cafeteria Supervisor, Block " G, " Small " G, " Boys ' Athletic Manager, Gym Helper, Student Coun- cil, Ninth Grade Music Shows, Noon Movie Helper. Fate: Sharon Kahl. LEAH PEDERSON Activities: Glee, Gym Helper, Shows, Noon Leagues, Test Assistant, Student Leader. Fate: Typing. KAREN PETERSEN Activities: Student Leader. Fate: Pass French. ALEX POPOV Activities: Junior Classical League, Library Helper, Seventh Grade Chorus. Fate: A 10 plus B 16 BARBARA PRICE Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Junior Classical League, Noon Leagues, Li- brary Helper, Office Help- er, Gleaner Staff, Junior Red Cross, Music Club. Fate: To arrive at school at 8 : 10 . BETTY QUAN Activities: Boys ' Glee, Shows, Orchestra, Student Leader, Student Leader Captain, Noon Leagues, Volleyball, Basketball, Junior Classical League. Fate: To stop talking to Cynthia in history. JIM OLCOTT Activities: Orchestra, Band, Dance Band, Rally Commit- tee, Noon Patrol, Music Club, Shows. Fate: To conduct a dance band. JON OPPENLANDER Fate: Draftsman. PAULA PALMQUIST Activities: Student Leader, Glee, Attendance Helper, Student Leader Captain, Gleaner Art Staff, Shows. Fate: To paint a picture of Mr. Baxter. BETTY PARSONS Activities: Office Helper, Stu- dent Leader, Basketball, Junior Classical League. Fate: To flunk three algebra tests. SIDNEY PATTERSON Activities: Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Student Leader, Cafeteria Supervisor. Fate: To own a peroxide factory. FRANK PELICAN Activities: Baseball, Noon Leagues, Volleyball. Fate: Bird watcher. CARL PETROF Activities: Softball, Noon Leagues, Seventh Grade Chorus, Ninth Grade Music. Fate: To own a pencil fac- tory. DON POULSEN Fate: To stand up straight. MARY PRITCHARD Activities: Student Leader, Chief, Latin Club, Office Helper, Attendance Helper. Fate: Cat ' s eyes. ROSS QUAN Activities: Noon Patrol, Glee, Library Helper, Softball, Latin Club, Basketball. Fate: Biggie salesman. RAY OLITT Activities: Student Body President, Noon Leagues, Noon Patrol, Gym Helper, Baseball, Basketball, Block " G, " Small " G, " Grade Representative, Junior Clas- sical League President, Bas- ketball Manager, Gradua- tion Committee, Gleaner Staff. Fate: To live down that " ugly puss. " TOM PALLEY Activities: Student Court, Rally Committee, Gym Helper, Volleyball, Track, Softball, Block " G. " Fate: Only bachelor in our class. " BOBBI " PAPE Activities: Student Leader, Li- brary Helper, Student Court, Seventh Grade Cho- rus, Attendance Helper, Graduation Commitfee, Shows, Drama, Junior Clas- sical League, Gleaner Staff, Gleaner Art Staff. Fate: To get rid of her sniffles. TOM PASK Activities: Band, Noon Leagues. Fate: Good question. NICHOLAS PCHELKIN Activities: Mimeo Crew, Of- fice Helper, Cafeteria Helper, Library Helper. Fate: " Paa-chelkin. " RUY PEREIRA Activities: Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council, Volleyball, Track, Noon Leagues, Ninth Grade Music, Boys’ Glee, Shows, Cafeteria Supervisor, Noon Movie Committee, Block " G, " Graduation Committee. Fate: Penny. SHERRY PHELPS Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Ninth Grade Music, Office Helper, Test Assistant, Shows, Seventh Grade Chorus. Fate: Singer and designer of her own clothes. BEVERLY PRESCOP Activities: Latin Club, Noon Leagues, Music Club, Stu- dent Leader, Glee Club. Fate: A human periscope. SALLY PROCTOR Activities: Red Cross, Track, Attendance Helper, Gym Helper, Counselor ' s Helper, Student Leader, Studenf Leader Chief. Fate: Proctor and Gamble. JULIAN RANDOLPH Activities: Grade Rep., Stu- dent Council, Student Court, Latin Club, Cafe- teria Helper, Block ”G, " Small " G, " Noon Leagues, Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball, Track. Fate: Norm. II

Page 12 text:

JOYCE McFADGEN Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Noon Leagues, Track. Fate: Noisemaker. DARLENE McKINNISS Fate: Vance Tolman. DONNA McNAMEE Activities: Office Helper, Block " G, " Small " G, " Track, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Ninth Grade Music, Girls ' Glee, library Helper, Shows. Fate: Gum taster in gum factory. MARY ELLEN MERIAM Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Volleyball, Or- chestra, Shows, Swim Club, Music Club, Latin Club. Gleaner Staff, Counselor ' s Hel per. Fate: That nickname " Me. " MELODY MEYERS Activities: Girls ' Glee, Nintn Grade Music, Shows, Stu- dent Leader. Fate: Old maid. DAVE MITCHELL Activities: Gym Helper, Noon Leagues, Gleaner Staff, Latin Club. Fate: " The Devil. " LYDIA MONEY Fate: To own Ban of America. LOUISE MULA Activities: Glee, Orchestra, Junior Classical League, Student Leader. Fate: Spinster. CARL NELSON Activities: Noon Le agues. Fate: Tom Nelson. JOHN NICOLES Activities: Ninth Grade Mu- sic, Boys ' Glee, Cafeteria Helper. Fate: Loyal student of Mr. Weiss. PATSY McGREGOR Activities: Ninth Grade Mu- sic Shows, Student Leader, Office Helper, Counselor ' s Helper, Track, Swim Club. Fate: Dancer. TANA McLAIN Activities: Office Helper. Fate: Diplomat. MARGARET McWHORTER Activities: Glee, Latin Club. Fate: " Sir! " ELSIE METCALF Activities: Gym Helper, Li- brary Helper, Student Lead- er, Noon Leagues. Fate: Track runner. SCOTT MILLER Activities: Noon Patrol. Fate: To leave Garfield in a missile. MARTHA MIYAKE Activities: Student Leader, Cafeteria Helper, Test Test Helper, Noon Leagues. Fate: Two-tone glasses. ANTHONY MONTANO Activities: Noon Patrol, Noon Leagues, Baseball. Fate: English professor. GEORGIA MYERS Activities: Block " G, " Bas- ketball, Track, Cafeteria Su- pervisor, Shows, Eighth and Ninth Grade Music. Fate: To have a crew cut. TOM NELSON Activities: Gym Helper, Noon Leagues. Fate: Carl Nelson. MARILYN NOBLE Activities: Noon Leagues, Stu- dent Leader. Fate: To develop a Hawai- ian sign language. BOB McKEAN Activities: Basketball, Block " G . " Fate: Typing 1 1. JANE McMILLAN Activities: Girls’ Glee, Drama, Student Leader, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Noon Leagues, Latin Club. Fate: Gym teacher. KENT MEISENHEIMER Activities: Cafeteria Helper, Gym Helper, Volleyball, Latin Club, Noon Leagues. Fate: Sergeant Garcia. TOM MEYER Activities: Boys ' Association President, Student Council, Shows, Block " G,” Small " G, " Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Noon Leagues, Gym Helper, Latin Club Secretary, Noon Pa- trol, Cafeteria Supervisor. Fate: To train a guide dog. RICHARD MINES Activities: Softball, Block " G, " Basketball. Fate: Policeman. MIKE MIYAKE Activities: Noon Leagues. Fate: To be taller than Martha. KATHLEEN MORGAN Activities: Band, Orchestra, Student Leader, Latin Club. Fate: To " 95 " from " 97 . " CAROLYN NAKANO Activities: Seventh Grade Chorus, Eighth Grade Mu- sic, Ninth Grade Music, Volleyball, Shows, Student Leader. Fate: Size 12 sheath. ANNE NEWTON Activities: Student Leader, Ninth Grade Music, Girls ' Glee, Shows, Drama Coun- selor ' s Helper, Library Helper. Fate: " Isaac Newton. " DEANE NOLLER Activities: Shows, Noon Leagues, 9th Grade Music, Library Helper. Fate: Artist. 10

Page 14 text:

KENT RASMUSSEN Activities: Noon Leagues, Latin Club, Gym Helper. Fate: Pencil dropper. JUDY REID Activities: Gleaner Staff, Gleaner Art Staff, Girls ' Glee, Drama, Shows, Junior Classical League, Art Club, Student Leader, Student Leader Captain. Fate: To be Bobbi ' s enemy. LARRY REVZAN Activities: Noon Leagues, Junior Classical League, Softball, Cafeteria Super- visor. Fate: To flunk a Q.T. alge- bra test. MARY RICHARDS Activities: Office Helper. Fate: Politician. ANTONIO ROCHA Activities: Noon Leagues, Ninth Grade Music. Fate: Not to be grade con- scious. JOAN RUEDRICH Activities: Orchestra, Volley- ball, Basketball, Student Leader, Junior Classical League, Track, Small " G, " Noon Leagues, Latin Club, Block " G, " Gym Helper. Fate: " Ziggy. " SANDRA SCHNEIDEWIN Activities: Junior Classical League. Fate: To be Mrs. Doe. JOHN SCHUGREN Activities: Gym Helper, Cafe- teria Helper, Office Helper, Noon Leagues. Fate: To be an Eskimo yoyo. MICHAEL SELVIN Activities: Gym Helper, Block ' " G, " Noon Leagues, Vol- leyball, Basketball, Base- ball, Softball, Track. Fate: Not to be a row monitor. CONNIE SHAO Activities: Student Leader. Fate: To run out of clothes. NANCY RAWLS Activities: Girls ' Association President, Student Council, Shows, Gym Helper, Sev- enth Grade Chorus, Cafe- teria Helper, Student Lead- er, Gleaner Art Staff, Latin Club, Block " G, " Basket- ball, Track, Volleyball, Softball, Cafeteria Super- visor. Fate: No bangs. NANCY RELLER Activities: Student Leader: Test Helper, Latin Club, Track. Fate: Liberace II. VIRGINIA REYNOLDS Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Block " G, " Student Coun- cil, Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Basketball, Gym Helper, Baseball, Junior Red Cross, Student Leader. Fate: To have Mr. Van teach her geometry I and II. GREGORY RICHARDSON Activities: Swim Club, Noon Leagues. Gym Helper. Fate: Tongue twisters. BRUCE ROGERS Activities: Office Helper, Latin Club, Stamp Club. Fate: To see the Cardinals lose to Milwaukee. BARBARA SAARNI Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Student Court, Student Council, Student Leader, Office Helper, Block " G, " Basketball, Track, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Latin Club Treasurer, Seventh Grade Chorus, Swim Club, Volleyball, Graduation Committee. Fate: To hypnotize herself. TAMLYN SCHAFER Activities: Latin Club, Swim Club, Girls ' Glee Vice- President, Student Leader, Eighth and Ninth Grade Music, Test Assistant. Fate: To grow up. RUSSELL SCHUMACHER Activities: Baseball, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Track, Block " G, " Noon Leagues, Gym Helper, Cafeteria Su- pervisor. Fate: To raise rabbits. RICHARD SEVERSON Activities: Ninth Grade Music. Fate: " Bookie. " JIM SHAW Activities: Softball. Fate: To get a better ex- cuse for being late. PATTY REED Activities: Volleyball, Basket- ball, Orchestra, Band, Glee, Junior Classical League, Shows, Eighth Grade Music, Block " G, " Student Leader, Noon Leagues. Fate: To stop talking. KENNETH RENZ Activities: Noon Patrol, Boys ' Glee. Fate: To get his costume. SUE JANE RICE Activities: Music Club. Stu- dent Leader, Ninth Grade Music, Shows. Fate: To go to college with Deane. BRUCE ROBINSON Activities: Cafeteria Helper, Cafeteria Supervisor, Noon Patrol, Boys ' Glee. Fate: To have someone wreck him. GEORGE ROSS Activities: Noon Patrol, Elec- tronics Club. Softball. Fate: To Build a Washing- ton Monument. JOHN SALISBURY Fate: To leave Mr. Dunkum ' s billy club alone. DAVID SCHOOLEY Fate: To write a history book. KATHLEEN SEIM Activities: Student Leader, Office Helper, Shows, Vol- leyball. Fate: " Seem. " VIOLET SHAFER Fate: Pansies. LYNDA SHEFFER Activities: Gym Helper. Fate: To be in a roller derby. 12

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