Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5 of 36
Page 5 of 36

Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 4
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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 6
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Page 5 text:

JOHN ADAMS— Born: Oakland. Ac- tivities: Boys ' Glee, Mimeo Crew, Rally Member, Track. Noted For: Judy Gordon ' s bulldog. Ambition: To hear it growl. DENNIS ALEXANDER — Born, Min- eola, Long Island. Activities: P. A. Crew, Electronics Club, Boys ' Glee, Ninth Grade Music. Noted For: Be- ing hungry. Ambition: To be an electronics engineer. DONALD ANDREWS— Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Band, Noon Leagues. Noted For: His illegible writing. Ambition: To learn to type. NORMAN ANDREWS — Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Track, Baseball, Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Block " G, " Boys ' Gym Helper. Noted For: His blood veins. Ambition: To be a rancher. DENNIS BARRY— Born: Berkeley. Activities: Boys ' Gym Helper, Rally Committee, Ham Radio Operator. Ambition: To be a Communication Engineer. RUTH BENTLEY— Born: London, England. Activities: Student Lead- er Captain, Cafeteria Assistant, Office Helper, Teacher ' s Assistant. Noted For: Being Mr. Van Matre ' s secretary. Ambition: To make up the algebra tests. ROBERT AVAKIAN— Born, Wash- ington, D.C. Activities: Boys ' Glee, Ninth Grade Music, Noon Leagues, Basketball, Student Council, Boys ' Association President. Noted For: Always singing; messing around. Ambition: To referee a wrestling match. BARBARA BEACH — Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Basketball, Volley- ball, Baseball, Track, Seventh Grade Chorus, Shows, Student Leader, Gym Helper, Counselor ' s Helper, Girls ' Glee, Latin Club, Student Council Secretary, Pom- pon Girl. Noted For: Catching all with Susie, Sharon, Therese, Kathy, Charlene, Judy, Ellen. WILLI (BILL) BIANCHI — Born: Switzerland: Activities: Baseball, Football, Volleyball. Ambition: To be an auto mechanic. KATHERINE BARNES — Born: Washington, D.C. Activities: Coun- selors ' Helper, Student Leader, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus, Shows, Noon Leagues, Block " G, " Small " G, " " Gleaner " Art Staff. Noted For: Eating all those gremlins at the football games. Ambition: To be with Bar- bara, Kathy, Sharon, Judy, Sharo.-i, Ellen, Charlene, Theresa, Susie. SHARON BENNETT— Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Student Leader, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Gym Helper, Library Helper, " Gleaner " Staff. Noted For: Going around with Marilyn, Marja, and Dagny. Ambition: To be a secretary with Marilyn, Marja, and Dagny. HENRY BROWN — Born: Iowa. Noted For: Forgetting his lunch money. Ambition: To remember his lunch money. LAURINDA BROWN— Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Red Cross Repre- sentative, Student Council, Drama, Ninth Grade Music, Student Lead- er, Shows. Noted For: " Hi, gang! " Ambition: To be a nurse. JANICE BROWNE— Born: Berkeley. Activities: Student Leader, Test As- sistant, Girls ' Gym Helper, Noon Leagues, Track, Basketball, Soft- ball. Noted For: Brownie. Ambi- tion: To fly to Pluto. VIRGINIA CARDER — Born: San Francisco. Activities: Student Lead- er, Office Helper, Orchestra, Track, Noon Leagues. Noted For: Pony tail. Ambition: To be a teacher. JUDY CASAROLI— Born: San Fran- cisco. Activities: Treasurer, Stu- dent Council, Student Leader, Pom- pon Girl, Block " G " , Office Help- er, Attendance Helper, " Gleaner " Staff, Shows, Track, Latin Club, Seventh Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues, Girls ' Glee, Basketball, Softball, Cafeteria Supervisor. Noted For: Eating apples after school. Ambition: To be with Shar- on, Ellen, Kathy, Kathie, Sharon, Charlene, Susie, and Therese. ROGER De NAULT— Born: Glen- dale, California. Activities; Noon Patrol, Noon Leagues. Noted For: Lousy Spanish. Ambition: To go to the moon on a roman candle. TERRANCE COHELAN— Born: Oak- land. Activities: Rally Boy, Noon Leagues. Noted For: Pudgy. Ambi- tion: Censored. MARK DUGGAN— Born: San Fran- cisco. Activities: Band, Noon Pa- trol, Noon Leagues. Noted For: Dugy. Ambition: To make the taxes on a million dollars. DICK CORTEN — Born: Berkeley. Activities: " Gleaner " Staff, Noon Leagues, Noon Patrol. Noted For: Wearing shoes on his hands. Ambi- tion: To wear gloves. CAROLYN ENCALADA— Born: Oak- land. Activiti es: Girls ' Gym Helper, Library Helper, Noon Leagues, Bas- ketball, Baseball. Noted For: Being tall. Ambition: To be shorter. KURT ERICKSON— Born: Oakland. Activities: Noon Patrol Captain, Student Council, Block " G " , Vol- leyball, Basketball, Noon Leagues. Noted For: " Shorty " . Ambition: To fly a penguin with Dick Corten in the Foreign Legion. WENDY FABRY — Born: Berkeley. Leagues, Girls ' Glee, Ninth Grade Activities: Office Helper, Noon Music, Shows, Student Leader Cap- tain. Noted For: Having a broken heart. Ambition: To keep the brok- en heart. DONNA FISHER— Born: Berkeley. Activities: Red Cross, Noon Leagues, Student Leader, Attend- ance Helper, Nurse ' s Helper. Noted For: Nurses ' s Helper. Ambition: To be a secretary.

Page 4 text:

PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE The fall term of 1957 has been a very busy one for the student body. The enthusiasm of the graduating class has been in a large measure responsible for a successful semester. Our par- ticipating wholeheartedly in many philanthropic community enterprises is always very gratifying. Our support of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Campership project, Community Chest, Community Christmas gifts and Junior Red Cross rounds out a full and satis- factory program. During the semester we have also maintained a high scholastic standing in the school, which is, of course, extremely important. We wish for all of you a very pleasant and successful high school experience. A. C. BAXTER, Principal PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE During our three years at Garfield we, the graduating class of Fall, 1958, have learned many new things and have made many new friends. We all would like to express our thanks for the help and guidance from Mr. Baxter and the faculty. We shall always remember our years at Garfield. JIM RILEY, President OFFICERS Margie Kempf Barbara Beach Judy Cassaroli Richard Moran Sharon Kahl Linda Long Vice President Secretary Treasurer Treasurer Social Secretary G.A.P. Bob Avakian Aileen Kaneko John Mosher Judith Offord Kathy Barnes Steve Icardi B.A.P. G.A.M. BA.M. Gleaner Editor Gleaner Art Editor Chief Justice

Page 6 text:

| s «--•? w irk r ' ;:;. Mir™ , jB ■ ! HHHHHBHH V • 1 A n €1 JANE FONTENROSE — Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Student Leader. (Voted For: Not having a TV. Ambi- tion: To be a teacher. LYNN FORNEY — Born: Berkeley. Activities: Latin Club, Swim Club, Drama Club, Noon Leagues, Cafe- teria Supervisor, Shows, Student Leader. Noted For: Liking low eight boys. Ambition: To like high school boys. PHILIP FOX— Born: Orange, Cali- fornia. Activities: Baseball, Bas- ketball, Track, Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Block " G " , Boys ' Glee. Gym Helper. Noted For: Giving Garrett a bad time. Ambition: To have his seat moved in Miss Beck- with ' s room. LINDA GANDER— Born: Berkeley. Activities: Student Leader, Coun- selor ' s Helper, Attendance Helper, Cafeteria Supervisor. Noted For: Being quiet. Ambition: To talk all the time. GREGORY GAUSTAD — Born Berkeley. Activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Track.. Rally Committee, Cafeteria Supervisor, Block " G " , Noon Leagues, Latin Club. Noted For: " Goose. " Ambition: To be a street sweeper. JAMES GARDNER — Born: Oakland. ROBIN GARRETT— Born: Berkeley. Activities: Noon Leagues, Library Activities: Rally Committee, Coun- Helper, Rally Boy, Boys ' Glee. Noted selor ' s Helper, Ninth Grade Music, For: Poor spelling. Ambition. To Drama, have grand spelling. PETER GOODMAN — Born: New SALLY GOTZENBERG— Born: Oak- York City. Activities: Volleyball, land. Activities: " Gleaner " Staff, Small " G " , Noon Leagues, Gym Office Helper, Attendance Helper, Helper, Stage Crew, Noon Patrol, Cafeteria Supervisor, Track, Soft- ball. Latin Club. Noted For: Goody. Ambition: To be a lifeguard with Scott and Randy. Noon Leagues. Noted For: Pony tail. Ambition: To cut it off. JASENE HANSON — Born: Berke- STUART HARKNESS — Born: GEORGE HARMON— Born: Berke- ley. Activities: Orchestra, Office Berkeley. Activities: Noon Leagues, ley. Activities: Stage Crew Cap- Helper, Student Leader, Cafeteria Track, Gym Helper, Student Court, tain, Student Council, Noon Patrol. Rally ' Boys. Noted For: " Ape " . in Helper, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Noon Leagues, 9th Grade Ambition: ' To get an " A " Music, Latin Club, Swim Club, Spanish. Shows. Noted For: Getting hiccups in Latin. Ambition: To be a Mouse- kateer. Noted For: That long hair? Ambi- tion: To keep it short. ARTHUR HAWLEY — Born: Inde- pendence, Missouri. Activities: Baseball. Noted For: Censored. Am- bition: Censored. JIM HAYNES — Born: Berkeley. Activities: Rally Boy. Noted For: Moochie. Ambition: To build a cus- tom car. DIANNE HEALY— Born: Berkeley. Activities: 9th Grade Music. Noted For: Dee-dee. Ambition: To be a secretary. DAVID HUDSPETH — Born: Oak- land. Activities: Golf, Noon Patrol, Basketball Manager. Noted For: Golf. Ambition: To see Mr. Van do the Cha-cha. ANITA JENSEN— Born: San Ber- nardino. Activities: Cafeteria Su- pervisor, Student Leader, Red Cross, Volleyball, Basketball, Block " G " , Test Assistant, Noon Leagues, Drama, Shows, Office Helper. Noted For: Nothing. Ambition: Something. SHARON KAHL — Born: Kansas City, Missouri. Activities: Social Secretary, Student Council, Pompon Girl, Student Leader, Attendance Helper, Gym Helper, Gleaner Shows, Cafeteria Supervisor, Shows, 7th Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues, Small " G " , Block " G " , Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Track. Noted For: Losing voice after gym dances. Ambition: To be with Sharon, Ellen, Kathy, Barbara, Susie, Therese, Charlene, Judy, Kathie. MARJA HELENIUS— Born: Phila- delphia, Penn. Activities: Volley- ball, Gleaner Staff, Student Lead- er, Gym Helper, 9th Grade Music, Shows, Swim Club. Noted For: Going around with Marilyn, Sharon, md Dagny. Ambition: To be a medical secretary with Marilyn, Sharon, and Dagny. STEVEN ICARDI— Born: Oakland. Activities: Boys ' Glee, Track, Noon Leagues, Student Court, Cafeteria Supervisor, Gym Helper, Grade Representative, Volleyball, Small " G " , Stage Crew, Rally Committee, Block " G " , Student Council, Bas- ketball, 9th Grade Music, Golf Club, Shows, Latin Club. Noted For: Six toes on right foot. Ambition: Choo Choo man. HARRY JOHNSON— Born: Berkeley. Activities: Asst. B.A.M., Volley- ball, Noon Patrol, Rally Committee, Noon Leagues, Boys ' Glee. Noted For: Boomer. Ambition: To get an " A " in Algebra. AILEEN KANEKO— Born: Newell, California. Activities: Girls ' Ath- letic Manager, Student Leader, Stu- dent Leader Captain, Cafeteria Su- pervisor, Latin Club, Gym Helper, Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball, Noon Leagues, Student Coun- cil, Gleaner Art Staff. Noted For: " Smilev " . Ambition: " 32 " . ELLEN HAYS — Born: Palo Alto. Activities: Student Council, Cheer- leader, Student Court, Track, Bas- ketball, Girls ' Glee, 7th Grade Chorus, Shows, Student Leader, Gym Helper, Cafeteria Supervisor, Counselor ' s Helper, Gleaner Staff, Noon Leagues, Block " G " , Noted For: Diets. Ambition: To be with Sharon, Therese, Kathy, Kathie, Sharon, Barbara, Susie, Judy and Charlene. SHARON HOUSTON — Born: San Francisco. Activities: Student Court, Pompon Girl, Student Lead- er, Attendance Helper, Counselor ' s Helper, Shows, Cafeteria Super- visor, 7th Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues, Block " G " , Volleyball, Softball, Basketball. Noted For: Lending money. Ambition: To be with Ellen, Sharon, Kathy, Kathie, Barbara, Therese, Susie, Judy and Charlene. FINN JENSSEN — Born: Albany. Activities: Noon Leagues, Baseball. Noted For: Many girl friends. Am- bition: To get an " A " in Spanish. WILLIAM JURGENSEN — Born: Berkeley. Activities: Volleyball, Baseball, Track, Gym Helper, Noon Leagues. Noted For: Being called " Spider " . Ambition: To get " A ' s " in English. DICK KANEKO — Born: Newell, California. Activities: Gym Helper, Noon Leagues, Basketball, Volley- ball, Track, Student Court. Noted For: His name. Ambition: To get an " A " from Mr. Berg. 4

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