Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 15 of 38
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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 14
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Page 15 text:

WHITE, ELIZABETH Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues, Stu- dent Leader, Track Noted for: Not digging Al- gebra Ambition: First girl to attend Notre Dame WILDERSON, LARRY Born: Oakland Activities: Boys ' Glee Noted for: Worst student in in Garfield Ambition: To get a car WISEMAN, PAT Born: Oakland Activities: Drama, Student Leader, Noon Leagues, At- tendance helper, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Cheer Leader, Student Council Noted for: Talking too much Ambition: To stop talking WOODWORTH, HARRY Born: Honolulu, Hawaii Activities: Golf Club, Noon Leagues, Student Leader, Basketball Noted for: Falling asleep in Van ' s class Ambition: Engineer YOUNG, DONALD Born: Portugal Activities: Boys ' Glee Noted for: Getting in trouble Ambition: To get out of school real quick-like WICKLIFFE, LYNN Born: Oakland Activities: Ninth Grade Mu- sic, Shows Noted for: Sun bleached hair! Ambition: To sink the Sea Hawk WILLIAMS-FOOTE, SUSAN Born: Berkeley Activities: Girls ' Glee, Stu- dent Leader, Office helper, Attendance helper, Shows, Track, Noon Leagues, Drama Noted for: Trying to keep her figure (????) Ambition: To be the first Girl Water-boys on the Cal football team with Jane, Sally, Liz, Joyce, and Pam WOHLETZ, ELIZABETH Born: Berkeley Activities: Girls ' Glee, Block G, Track, Softball, Vol- leyball, Noon Leagues, Shows, Student Leader, Gleaner Art Staff Noted for: Purple Cow Ambition: To be the first Girl Water-boys on the Cal team with, Suzie, Jane, Sally, Joyce, and Pam WRIGHT, SALLY Born: San Francisco Activities: Secretary, Student Leader, Student Council, Ninth Grade Music, Girls ' Glee, Counselors ' helper, Track, Office helper, Test Assistant, Shows, Noon Leagues Noted for: Her glasses Ambition: To help Lindi change Sea Scouts to Mon- day nights YOUNG, RALPH Born: Berkeley Activities: Library helper, Band, Orchestra Noted for: His brief-case Ambition: To be in the Gleaner WIGHT, SUE Born: San Diego Activities: Student Leader, Office helper, Red Cross President, Student Council, Girls ' Glee, Shows, Basket- ball, Track, Noon Leagues, Ninth Grade Music Noted for: Tex Ambition: To be a kindergar- ten or Physical Education teacher in Texas! WINFIELD, JANE Born: Dallas, Texas Activities: Gym helper, Block G, Girls ' Glee, Track, Volleyball, Baseball, Drama, Shows, Ninth Grade Music, Noon Leagues Noted for: Arlen Ambition: To be the first Girl Water-boys on the Texas football team with Susie, Sally, Joyce, Liz, and Pam WOLFARD, LINDA Born: Berkeley Activities: Shows, Gleaner Art Staff, Counselors ' help- er, Library helper Noted for: Lindi Ambition: To help Sally change Sea Scouts to Mon- day nights YAEGER, MARCIA Born: San Jose Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor, Student Leader Noted for: Her horsetail Ambition: To travel YOURD, ROLAND Born: Youngstown, Ohio Activities: Band Noted for: Ron Ambition: Engineer ZAMARONI, CAROL Born: Berkeley Activities: Block G, Girls ' Glee, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Drama, Student Leader, Noon Leagues, Vol- leyball, Track, Test Assis- tant, Office helper Noted for: All her crazy par- ties Ambition: To own a c-o-o-l Ford convertible and go tooting around with II, 20, and 31 Shortest Tallest dst Rrtistic iJ 1 ' J TlMIDEST InrisT In PISH 1 ' f Qmh r- CUTETSTOMILE Thinnest Interesting •jj Cutest Smartest STATISTICS MOST HILL flCNTZ Tallest: Myra Murray, Larry Crawford Shortest: Dalyn Nelson, Jim Lose Best Athlete: Clarene Goon, Jim Hemphill Best Student: Trina Johnson, Win Wang Most Artistic: Judy Galpin, Don Young Most Versatile: Moni Gatewood, Bill Crawford Most Likely to Succeed: Moni Gatewood. Bill Crawford Wittiest: Patty Canham, Bill Crawford Teachers ' Trial: Phillips Karp, Ken Revzan Cutest Couple: Jane Winfield, Arlen Lee Most Popular: Joyce Burton, Ray Bressler Prettiest Hair: Judy Jastram, Mike Ander- son Friendliest Smile: Lois Ulvang, Conrad Chevez Prettiest Eyes: Diane Frederickson, Larry Lowell Best Figure: Sally Wright, Arlen Lee Best All Around Personality: Pam Kimball, Ray Bressler Best Manners: Judy Jastram, Alexis Ver- hoogan Favorite Food: Johnny ' s Hamburgers Favorite Drink: Coke Best Actor: James Dean Best Actress: Debbie Reynolds Favorite Radio Program: Lucky Lagei Dance Time Favorite Television Program: Mickey Mouse Club Favorite Singers: Sue Kahl, Paul Nielsen Favorite Song: Angels in the Sky Favorite Sport: Skiing Favorite Movie: Rebel Without a Cause Favorite Pastime: Opposite Sex 13

Page 14 text:

JR . »v. STEPHENSON, JIMMY Born: Philadelphia Activities: Projection Crew Noted for: Being small Ambition: Civil Engineer STOCKER, CHARLES Born: Hollywood Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor, Cafeteria helper Noted for: Chas Ambition: To get a good grade in Latin from Mrs. McCurdy STROSS, BARBARA Born: Berkeley Activities: Library helper, Or- chestra, Noon Leagues, Vol- leyball, Track Noted for: Yelling in the halls Ambition: Horse doctor TAGUMI, ROBERT Born: Sacramento Activities: Student Court, Basketball, Block G Noted for: Tagi Ambition: To sell a hair-grow- ing tonic to Mr. Van TAYLOR, CONNIE Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Those eyes Ambition: To get Kathy In trouble with Miss Riley TURNER, STEVE Born: Abilene, Texas Activities: Noon Leagues, Li- brary helper Noted for: S.S.S. Sea Hawk Ambition: To sink S.S.S. Fa- rallon ULVANG, LOIS Born: Anchorage, Alaska Activities: Student Leader, Red Cross, Girs ' Gym help- er, Office helper, Track, Noon Leagues, Giris ' Glee, Shows Noted for: Blushing Ambition: To go back to Alaska and live in an igloo VI LLARRU D, JOAN Born: Berkeley Activities: Counselors ' helper, Girls ' Glee, Gym helper, Li- brary helper, Noon Leagues, Office helper, Orchestra, Shows, Track Noted for: Those A ' s in Latin!! Ambition: To go into Law WALKER, MIKE Born: Berkeley Activities: Band, Orchestra, Rally Committee, Volley- ball, Basketball, Track, Block G, Small G, Shows, Noon Leagues, Caf- eteria Noted for: My love for teach- ers Ambition: To give Mr. Gre- rnaux a chatter mark WEST, KAREN Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Leader, Cafeteria Supervisor, Ninth Grade Music, Noon Leagues, Grade Represent- ative, Shows, Student Coun- cil, Trac k, Latin Club, Gleaner Art Staff Noted for: Westy Ambition: Easty STEVENS, CAROLD Born: Albany Activities: Noted for: His Initials C. S. Ambition: To change his ini- tials STRATHEMAN, BETTY Born: Long Beach Activities: Girls ' Glee, Swim Club Noted for: 5 ' 9 Ambition: 6 ' 2 STRUBLE, ADRIENNE Born: Oakland Activities: Student Leader Gleaner Art Staff, Ninth Grade Music, Shows, Coun- selors ' helper Noted for: Her ambition Ambition: To find the gator who said see you later TALBOTT, JUDY Born: Albany Activities: Noon Leagues, Cafeteria helper Noted for: Going to auto races Ambition: To drive in a pow- derpuff derby TILTON, PAT Born: Hartford, Connecticut Activities: Library helper, Noon Leagues, Student Leader, Ninth Grade Mu- sic, Shows Noted for: Scatterbrain Ambition: Lady wrestler with Margo and Launi TURTURICE, PETER Born: Oakland Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor, Noon Leagues Noted for: Pedro Ambition: To be good in B. H. S. VERHOOGEN, ALEXIS Born: Watsa, Belgian Congo Activities: Treasurer, Student Council, Noon Leagues, Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball, Office helper, Boys ' Glee Noted for: Bugger Ambition: To get into a girls ' college with Keggie VON BARGEN, RICHARD Born: Santa Rosa Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Rich Ambition: To fly to the moon WANG, WIN Born: Washington, D. C. Activities: Library helper, Cashier Noted for: All A ' s Ambition: To teach Van Al- gebra WETHERELL, ROBERT Born: Berkeley Activities: Boys ' Glee, Gym helper, Ninth Grade Music, Assistant Rally Captain, Shows Noted for: Knowing the an- swers to the Algebra prob- lems before school Ambition: To sail around the world STEVENS, GORDON Born: Berkeley Activities: Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Baseball, Track Noted for: Gordo Ambition: To enter the House of Blue Lights with Tom Sebree STREETER, MYRNA Born: Albany Activities: Girls ' Glee, Cafe- teria helper, Volleyball, Basketball, Noon Leagues Noted for: Being tall Ambition: Legal secretary SYKES, WALLY Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Leader, Noon Leagues Notedfor: Goofin ' off with Derril Smith Ambition: Doctor TALBOTT, LOIS Born: Oakland Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Shows, Noon Leagues, Track Noted for: Curly hair Ambition: To own an ice cream factory with Sue, Syl- via and Linnie TUFT, MIKE Born: Berkeley Activities: Rally Captain, Boys ' Glee, Ninth Grade Music, Volleyball, Student Council, Block G Noted for: Patti ' s shadow Ambition: To have girls like the Sea Hawk with Bob and Ray UCCELLI, ROSEMARY Born: New York Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor, Test Assistant, Stu- dent Leader, Track Noted for: Those A ' s ??? Ambition: To get those A ' s VILLA, VERONICA Born: Santa Barbara Activities: Counselors ' helper, Noon Leagues, Shows, Drama Noted for: Ronie Ambition: To Teach Pam all 25 verses of Davy Crockett WALDO, MARY Born: New Haven, Connecti- cut Activities: Noon Leagues, Tropical Fish Club Noted for: Staying off the honor roll Ambition: To get on the honor roll WEISS, MARIANNA Born: Pakrac, Yugoslavia Activities: Noon Leagues, Latin Club Noted for: Good grades Ambition: A good pianist WHITCOMB, SUE Born: Berkeley Activities: Test Assistant, Soft- ball, Music Club, Noon Leagues Noted for: Those brown eyes! Ambition: To swim across the ocean

Page 16 text:

Vol No. June 15, 1956 Berkeley Priceless f i Primary Election Coming Up Soon It will be a fight to the finish for sure, as the three candidates fight it out for the Presidential nomination. Ray Bres- sler still stands unopposed on one ticket, but the Crawfordists and Andersonists are bitterly fighting it out on the other. Senator Tony Horn who has become a great card player, suggested that the states be divided up and each candidate be given an equal amount. Senator Mike Roger, always practical, stated that perhaps the result would be a tie, but he was overruled. Then candidate Crawford accused candidate Anderson of illegally influencing the residents of his states. Anderson promptly fired back that he would not take such an insinuation without proof. The fight came to an open brawl when Crawford disclosed that he had his underground too. Anderson replied that that was a I blow below the belt. He then openly declared war on Crawford. Crawford told Anderson that this was unconsti- tutional and was backed by Mr. Knud- son. Anderson ignored the comment and told Crawford to name the weapons. Crawford chose jellybeans on roller skates at fort} - paces. Anderson accep- ted and the big day arrived. The jelly beans were lined up and both candidates i were warming up. All at once Supreme Court Judge Michael Tuft arrived and announced that the whole business was unconstitutional and besides all the peo- ple in New York were moving into Rhode Island. So Crawford and An- derson shook hands and postponed the duel till another day. FLASH! A Red Hot Exclusive By Linnie Bock The great Algebra Haters Club formed back in ' 56 is going to have a huge reunion at Miss Sue Wight ' s house. For many years now the mem- bers have been busily collecting all the algebra books in circulation. They have robbed the libraries, plundered the schools, and even robbed the Algebra Teachers ' Rest Home. At the reunion, a grand prize of an atttomatic cosmic ray pencil will be presented to the per- son who has collected the most books. We have heard rumors that John B. Richards and Margie Anderson have a very good chance. After the ceremony Ken Revzan will prepare a gigantic bonfire and Sylvia Le Page will light it. Then all the members will have a wild time throwing in the books and eating yami yogart and oatmeal mush topped with olives. There will be some special awards called a.- given to the best algebra haters for outstanding courage and bravery- Our underground secret serv- ice, the Worm Patrol. informs us that Sally George. Liz Wohletz, Rob Cassel- Vrry. and Fred Fitzgerald are to receive rewards. Famous Scientist Disproves Own Theory We are sorry to inform you that the discovery made by the noted scientist John GhiseUi has been disproved today, and by none other than the man him- self. Mr. Ghiselli had evolved a scheme whereby he could view the inhabitants of Mars with his powerful telescope. He described them as being a sort of blue-black all over with 6 legs and sev- eral pairs of beady red eyeballs. They were very clever, said Ghiselli, and they could walk up the side of a building quite easily. The scientist and his assistant. Win Wang, were both excited and spent almost two hours with the reporters, Richard Von Bargon, Mike Franc ' sco. Alexander Guthrie. A little later Mr. Ghiselli was cleaning his equipment and he was dis- mayed to find that there was a common black and on the end of the telescope, and he had just been looking at the and magnified umpteen times. The scientist is now in a state of mental shock and will spend a lot of time at the Happy Dale Sanitarium. Dr. Ralph Young says that Ghiselli ' s case is a rather acute one, but we are confident that he will recover. ADVICE TO LOVELORN BY MONI GATEWOOD Q. — I ' m going steady with the cap- tain of the football team but I ' m afraid he doesn ' t like me. He spends more time with his football than he does with me. — Betty Strathman A. — I suggest that since he is so disloy- al, you better break up with him. When you do, please let me know. Q. — My husband beats me everv night. What shall I do? — Lois Ulvang A. — Stop gambling with him. Q. — I ' m in love with the man up the street and the man down the street is in love with me, and my sister is in love with him. — Valerie Machek A. — Take an alka-seltzer. If that doesn ' t work, you ' ll have to commit suicide. OLYMPICS AT PAPOOSE GORGE 1976 Winter Olympics were held re- cently. They were a crowning success. The Russian ream, who were runners- up in the toboggan race, happily crowned the USA ' s team with their to- boggan. Wishing to be fair and square, the USA ' s team crowned them back. It was proposed that they shake hands af- terward, but as none of the team members was in condition to do so, it was post- poned. The team : Larry McDonough, Pat McLaughlin. Alexis erhoogen, Randv Cramer, will be spending a little time (about 9 months) in the hospital, but thev have nothing on the toboggan sleds. All that is left is a heap of splinters. This is most alarming because, said Prof. Ro- land Yourd today, We can ' t even tell which are Russian splinters and which are ours ! One of the most daring spectacular events was the ski jump in which Lin- nie Bock took first place. She said to- day that the reason for her exceptional speed was that she used to jump off Marin Ave. so as not to be late for school. When told that she has made a record of one minute flat, she remarked that she must be getting rusty: she could never have gotten upstairs before the second bell. The second skier out was really the most graceful. He soared way out over the slope, like a bird, remarked Charlene Akers. a bystander. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Miss Akers was right. Bill Ambrose ' s shoelace came untied and he tripped before he got out the gate. He was allowed another chance and had his other shoe lace not come untied, he might have won the cup. Bill has now enrolled for a course in shoe lace tying at the Garfield Xursery School. What Are You? First Initial Last Initial A- -Adorable Adolescent B -Bothersome Behoper C- -Cute Cat D- -Dopey Doll E— -Enthusiastic Egotist F- -Fat Fool G- -Gruesome Gangster H- -Horrible Hepcat I- —Ignorant Icicle J- -Jolly Juvenile K- -Kissable Kangaroo -Likeable Lunkhead M -Mad Monster -Xosey Nuisance O- -Obnoxious Oyster P- -Prettv Prisoner -Quiet Quack R— -Romantic Rogue S- -Sneaky Stinker T- -Timid Tiger U- -Unseen Umpire V- -Variable Valentine W- -Witty Watermelon X- -Xenomorphic Xylophonist Y- -Young Yankee Z- -Zealous Zaney By : Clarence Goon UNCLE BUNKER ' S GAME CORNER ( Panel of experts : Derril Smith, Wallj Sykes. Kathie Popov. Barbara Stross.) Directions : Just by changing the word slightlv. see if vou can make the evo- lution from GAZETTE to CHI- CAGO. GAZETTE TV SCHEDULE 8:00 — John B. Richards spotlights the news 8:30 — Toby Clark turns the house lights on 9:00 — Breakfast in Bed with Dale Carter 9 :30 — Does Duz Love Dove, with Sobs Sanger 10:00 — Bing Gong Firehouse, with Priscilla 10:30— Old Mudder Jones, with Wendy Jones 11:00— The Wyoming Wetherell Show 11:30 — Samuel Q. Lewis 12 :00 — Bust the Pig, with Gordon Get rich quick Fawkes 12 :30 — Guiding Spite, with Grudgey Gayer 1 :00 — Galpin and Canham Show — Sensation of Modern Scream I :30 — Laff Time — half hour of re- covery from G. and C. show. 2:00 — The Big Pate Off— execu- tioner. Bloody Backus 2:30 — Ince Upon a Time, with Dickie the Pooh 3 :00 — Johnson Quartet — Diane. Jane, John. Trina 3 :30 — Arthur Godthix with all the little Godthixeths : Keaster, Veronica. Hollace. Marilou 4 :00 — Western John Marshal 4:30 — Shari Evans Show — excitin? new discovery in the vocal world 5 :00 — Mooney Moonitz show 5 :30 — Moonev Moonitz show (Hog!) 6:00 — Tasumi tells the time with Miyasaki to wind the clock 6: ? 0 — fh ' xsteffield news with Doug M. Felders 7 :00 — Hopalong Hischier 7 :30 — Choke Time with Bob Fouke. his bare hands and a shovel 8:00 — U.S. Rubber Hour, with Spitwad Romascan and Miss Riley 8:30— Mr. and Mrs. West 9 :00 — I Love Launi 9:30 — Boxing — Jeff Kenway and Dave Bowman 10 :00 — Limberger Theater with Re- gan Hess and a clothespin 10:30 — Ivey Theater with Diane Ichiyasu II :00 — The Pot and the Kittel — presented bv Proctor and Gold Co. 11 :30 — Late Show 12:00 — Late, Late Show 12:30 — Late, Late, Late Show 1 :00 — Early, Early Morning Show Editor of this Garfield Gaz ette Linda Lovejoy CHICAGO Hints for Modern Homemakers It is most economical to sell vour house in March and buv it back in Mav. — Gary Debell. Bartlett Hills, Hollywood. Calif. If you put bricks on the children ' s heads, they won ' t grow so fast. — Adrienne Kimura, Kookamooga (or is it Kookamagoo ?) If you like to read in the bathtub, it is best not to put any water in the tub. — Jim Baylor. Poker Flats. It is best to be insured when the house burns down. — Robin Paxton, Hernando ' s Hideaway. If you want to find out whether your guppies are boys or girls, here is a foolproof method. Just add a little sodium hydroxide to the water. Then if he floats to the top, he is a boy, and if she floats to the top, she is a girl. — Lois Talbott, Davy Jones ' Locker. Don ' t take no wooden Nicoles ! — Marsha Atkinson, Oilwell, Oklahoma.

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