Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1950

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 17 of 36
Page 17 of 36

Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 16
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Page 17 text:

Name Phllllp Glvant Nancy Greene Pat Groff John Growney Jane Gustafson Joy Haglund Sonya Hamburg Tanya Hamburg Loretta Hanan Kathryn Hansen Marlorle Harmon Kathleen Hart Richard Hart Phlllp Hatch Emily Hatfield Fred Hayes Terry Haynes Sylvla Helnselman Martha Henderson Eda Hlng Pat Hoffmann Gerald Hogerhelde Carol Horn James Hulsh John Hulsh Michael Huntwork Susan Hurt Bob Jacobsen Robert Jaffa Mary Jensen Joane Jochums Peggy Johansen Cheryl Johnson Carol Kamb Monroe Kanouse Evonne Kempf Charles Kllmer Allene Kung Wayne Kung Doug Kirkland Christopher Koch John Larsen Robert Larsen Kelth Larson Jim Lawson lra Lee Janet Llnford Marilyn Loe Ann Sue Lykken Anlta MacNab Wally Macomber Ann Maloy Barbara Markham Lucllle Martin David Marttlla Ed Maschal Marilyn Masters Mary Jo Maxon Leon Mayhew Juanita McFarland David McSwaln Bob Metz Franz Mlsch Frank Mossan Hallle Moore Frank Murray Dole Myers Make McGinley Wesley Nelson Meredith Nlstle Noted For 2nd base Vorce Sacramento walk e Friends Pledmont boys Tennis Tom Cutie Tiny lps Latm Tenor voice Freckles Butch Eatnng Teeth Monologs Finger nall Cute figure Hrs sister Her last name Allene Left handed buntmg Eyes Boy friend s bracelet That bicycle Golf champ Aunt s pool Swummlng Neatness Short harr Sk: lump nose Pianist Nuttln Jeans Athlete Studebakers Fractured thumb That name Cameras Last name Spanish Trombone Opera singing Talkmg on the phone Quletness Locker Swing Muscles Math Wayne Kung Student Leader Pug nose Girls Red brown hair Art ablllty Prlscllla Cheerfulness Dude Ginny Dancing Bashfulness Jokes Ears Bright shirts Golf Quletness Roller skating Hope Short stop To be a smger Sacramento Bright red More friends To keep tl-:em More tenms To get nd of It Cuter Ta More Lnpstlcks Good grades Bass voice Good tan Mohawk Eating more Whlter teeth Variety shows Longer nalls To keep It To leave her at Garfield To change It Allene To run faster Bigger Eyes To keep It Tight rope rnder Long drives Private pool French bathing sunt Neater Shorter hanr Roman nose Jose lturbu Sompm More leans More athletic Cadillac Better thumb To keep nt Photography No confusion To be able to p ay Met Party lme97 Quleter To leave It Chains Better muscles Wayne Kung Rally boy Cut It off More gurls Browner halr Ma or In Art To keep her Bob Hope Frankie Lane To keep her Faster dancing Someone Better pokes Bigger ones Brighter shirts Champ Qulet Berkeley skates Hate Throws from McSwaln Not to be a singer Berkeley Punk No friends To lose them No tenms Uglmess To be tlny Chopped llps A to Her freckles Hollywood To go hungry Yellow teeth Chlldren Short nails Bad figure To take her to Berkeley Hu Her last name Competition Right handed buntlng Small eyes To lose It Circus Short chips Chlorine water Berkeley HI sunt Sloppy people Long hair Straight nose Jazz Glrls Nuttln Glrls leans People not athletic Ford Bad thumb To lose rt Bad film Confusion Not to play It Popular songs People who won t talk Noisy people To keep Ropes Spinach School Napa A badge Pug nose Boys Redder haur Pencils Competition Dead pans Tennessee Ernie To lose her Slow dancing Grrls'7'P Quiet people Earrings Dull shlrts Green grass Noasy people Black rollers Fate Bat boy Boys Glee Alaska Green Enemies Football player Broken racket Curlers Homely Tom Thumb Chap stick Mrs McCurdy Soprano Measles Baldy One meat a Cavntnes Children s hour No nails Bicycle rldlng Carol Toot' Allene Hockey Eye wash Mrlen s Jeweler Tricycle Peewee golf Mud puddle Water wings Sloppy No hair Jimmy Durante Conductor Sompm Khakis Tlddly wmks ch Crosley No thumb Designation Sun spots Larsen twins Mr Ochoa Tuba Al Jolson Strike Noisy Pm ups Slide Pop Eye Move to Napa Chief' Jlmmy Durante St Mary s Halr tlnt Paint L 7 gurls Mortrcuans Dude Martin ll Rope Corns S amp Lonely Hearts Club Corn Dumbo Sun glasses Pmg pong Red Skelton Iceland ...........Rd ....,......ffflf' fffflffflffff' ....'1fflffff:ffl ..........A's.............lll:l:llA-l-......,,.llllllllllllA-.......,llliillllll:lB-l- . .,......... ' .................... T ' ' ..... f..fffn. ....... ffffffffffffflf I' ......... ' ...........,. QQII Il..lll:ll:::ll:l:l::l: -"ifIfffffIffIfIf H . ..,......... ' ................... .......,..... F fs. ..................... . A .............. ' .............. ' .,............. I .................... - I ....,.... ' ......... .....,... ' . ......... .... ...... l f .ff bll Pfasczllqxeays.ffflfffflfrriff ..ffffflfIffffffA boy Mjffffffifffffff- '.lffflfflflllfffffloldmaid r' ....,...,.... ' ................. A. .............. ll.lllllA-'s. .... IIIQIIIIIIIII . ' ..... ,,..,.. . . ' ..,........,... ' .ll.1ffffflff ' ....... flffl 's v ......... . .,.. .............. ' .........,.,... a f ............... '-

Page 16 text:

Name John Anderson Nancy Archer Pat Armstrong Don Arrmgton Barbara Austln Bull Baker Barbara Ballou Ann Bankofler Mary Barnholt James Batchelder Barbara Benedict Colby Bnddle Bettue Blatch Dorothy Blnss Barbara Bowles George Braun Earl Brown Bull Brudney Pat Burks Tom Burton Slegtrled Cabral Henry Campbell Mell Carey Valerle Carpenter Dolores Carsey Sally Carter Cllf Cerldono Mollue Chamberlain Vnrgmla Chase Denms Chun Mike Clapham Bull Coach Sharon Coble Donald Coney Duck Connolly Nell Connolly Davud Cook Shurley Crandall Patrucla Crane Cynthia Crlswell Dons Crowe Bull Cunnlngham Gul Davus Pat Davls Conrad Dellus Paul Dennett Gregory De Sousa Cynthia Drew Ellzabeth Drucker Norman Duckworth Ronald Ebert Joan Ehrenswelg Sylvia Ehrllch Laurlne Ellus Jon Emerson Jerry Engel Dams Fleming Erwm Foster Rlchard Foster Mary Jo Freshman Richard Fuller Marllyn Garland Dolores Garrison Tum Garthwarte Barbara Gauchat Denms Ghlggerl Bull Gull Noted For Dark haur Ro Tap dancer Walk Tan legs Specs Freckles Umpire Sewmg Wme packet Cashmeres Cord pants Bandannas Student Leader Cute smsle Tallness Slnglng Emlly H Character Shyness Curly halr Bright shirts lntelllgence Latm grades Glggle L ll oy Locker Assistant Smallness Gym shorts Sports Whrte shnrts Flgure P A oy Sllmness Math grades Sun glasses Her figure Sewmg ablllty Gum Twm brother Rally hat Anne Seifert Brands Carrot top That dlmple Manners Tennls ablllty Football player Fllrtmg Hts volce Her complexion Brown V neck sweater Clothes Smallness Swede shoes Rosy cheeks Shyness Math ablllty Ketl Paper route Brothers Singer Tlnlness Hanr Grades Speed class prophecy Hope Darker Ro Arthur Run Tanner legs No specs White skin Bug league umpure Seamstress Blue packet More cashmeres More cord pants Bandanna maker Better Student Leader Advertlslng Taller luly Pans To keep her Blgger character Not to be shy Curller More shuts More mtelllgence Better grades To lose her glggle To keep hum Locker pucker Stay small Shorter shorts Babe Ruth Whlter shurts Model Berkeley Hugh Sllm'ner Better Math grades Not to break them To keep It To sew stralght More gum To keep hum Bee have cap Taller gurls Longer brands Blond halr Two dimples Better manners Champ To play football Not to fllrt To be a singer To tan Cashmeres More clothes To be taller Kld shoes Teacher Gentleman To be smarter To see Ketnl Route Captain Sisters Opera Tmy Longer halr Better grades Olymplcs Hate Light halr Ro No dancing Trot Whlte legs Specs Freckles Referee Hand sewing Gray packet Wool sweaters Levls Set hanr Student Court Frown Shortues Frankie Lane To lose her Quiet people To be shy Straight half Dull shlrts Dummles Latm To gnggle Competltlon Keys Blgness Long shorts Ted Wllllams Colored shirts Reducmg To talk Plumpness Math No glasses To lose It Room 136 No gum To lose ham Rally committee Short hair Red halr Just one Bad manners Not a champ Berkeley To tllrt People that don White face Brown No clothes Smallness Loafers Apples Women Gym Not seemg Ketnl Shopping News Both Comedy To be bl Short hair School Wayne Kung t sung Fate Peroxide Ro No taps Gallop Goose bumps Eye doctor Freckles Popcorn popper Broken needle Jacket Blouse Pegged pants Sllkworm Rally boy False teeth Shrimp Mrs Kressman Bambl Comic Mrs McCurdy s monkey Tom T shirts Mortimer Snerd German Hah' Garfleld Combmatlon Suze mne shop Slacks Oakland Oaks No shlrts Duet Sore throat Dletlng Mr Van Squmty Reducmg Mrs Jacques Sore paws Triplets Cal Rally Commuttee 7 foot Scissors Blondex Plastic surgery Englrsh teacher No ball Pnedmont Glrls school Gargle Freckles Lanamere Dressmaker Punk Track shoes Boys Bachelor Gym teacher Norway Ladies Home Journal Only chllcl Be bop Bllmp Butch Teacher Broken leg .ffllflff A .... IIIQIQIIIIIQQIQQ d ..1ffffffffif a .................... d ...ffffflf buff ............ A .............. " . ...... ,... . .. D l - mffflflfrfs .,,ffff1ffflffAf, ...... .....,,..,. ..., r ' 5 ....,.......,........ B+. Sandra Coles lTo come- :To leave ......,. Bus driver - ' ...... ffffffif 'mffllflff ' ..ffffff1fff3'6" ................ ""iffI1f 1 ...,.., 1111111111111 '..fQffffffff1 ' ' ......... . . ' ' .f1ffffI" 'ffffffffff- ...,,............... -9 .........,.... ..'

Page 18 text:

Name Ted Nuttung Muke O Bruen Henry Otus Jerry Page Sandra Pape Peggy Patruck Nancy Peppun Dennus Perry Douglas Puper Debby Ploss James Prescott Davud Ream Mary Redfleld Lous Rennulson Joan Resser Aluce Ruchter Stanley Runne Bruce Roberts Ruchard Robertson Ruth Rogun .lerry Rowley Eugene Royal Jack Sabune Dole Salusbury Sallue Saunders Maxune Sawdey Duck Schade Muchael Scott Claude Segre Anne Seufert Nuna Sucular Evelyn Sukes Fleur Sumuc Barbara Sumpson Leughton Sumpson Robert Smuth Carl Soderberg Jean Soderlun Betty Sowell Vurgunua Spurlock Lorella Standley Donna Stenberg Lous Stone Douglas Strong Sue Sutherland Susan Talbott Frank Tarver Tom Tellefson Carole Thomas Ruchard Thomas Shurley Trump Ann Underhull Renee Ury Jerry Van Buskurk Margaret Vest Paul Vuoluch Vurgunua Voyles Bull Wodleugh Barbara Wddlow Pat West Stuart Whuston Bob Whute Shurley Wulluams Craug Wulluamson Jane Wulluamson Ruta Wulluford Jock Wulloughby Gayla Wulsey Chuck Wood Shurley Young Susue Young Noted For P A System Helper Englush grades Conceut Basketball Ice skater Suster Braun un Englush Popular Musuc Iota Prexy Chauns Not goung to church Vuolun Nousuness Skuppung a grade Sulluness Englush Gur s Prolectuon room Two boy fruends Drum player Catcher That puano Bucycle Dances Cookung Prexy Baseball batter Helpung Reno Lazuness Usung those eyelashes That French name Her haur That vouce Sea scout Feet Skuppung grades Sports Muscles G A P Typung Pest Shyness Gum B H S oys Shortness Hus walk Her complexuon Good guy Sungung lessons Humorous That bug house Joker Dark haur Manners Clever remarks Blue eyes Clothes Cuteness Baby face Spanush Nuceness Ball player Blond haur? Punnafores Slum N Duckworth V Prexy Poluteness Home teachers Hope Berkeley Helper Better grades Hank Unlumuteds Ice skater No suster Braun Spuke Jones Censored To stay Prexy More chauns No church Vuolunust Quuet To skup more grades Sulluer 9000 B Markham Bug lune operator Just one Bugger drum Bug leagues Boogue Car More dances Cook To graduate Bug leagues Assustant To go back To get more sleep Actress Flower shop More streaks Popular sunger Fusherman Small feet Cal at the age of T5 Putcher Gurl wrestler Berkeley ottlce Secretary Pestuer Louder Double bubble Cal boys Elevator shoes Posture course Cover gurl Good gal Opera star Funnuer Mauds Ace Darker haur To be more correct More clever remarks Bluer eyes Bugger closet Prettuness To look older French More fruends Bug leagues Ammonua Skurts and sweaters Jack N Duckworth Prexy Poluter To Come back to school Hate Speakung Henry 85 lbs Roller skatung Susters and brothers Bad grammar Chopun Treasurer No chauns Sunday school Puano Nouse Dummues To be dugnufled 40'X:- Wayne Kung Cartoons Two boys Puano player Munor leagues Classucal Trucycle No dances Dush washer Flunkung Football Lazuness To stay un Berkeley Work Short eyelashes Tulup Just one color Classucal Longshoreman Large feet Stayung back lst base Weaklungs No office Mustakes Extermuncutors Shyness No bubble Garfield boys Sandals To slouch Freckles Bad people Jazz Seruousness Cleanung ut herself Deuce Blonder Bad manners Deadpans Brown eyes Old clothes Average looks Youngness Spanush To be alone Munor leagues Peroxude Dresses Wulloughby Others Low otflces To be urucourteous Stayung home Fate Cal Helper Muss Laurens Interuoruty complex 75 s Ice hockey Bung Crosby Mrs Rowell Symphony orchestra Freshman Snow Bushop Hazel Scott Woody Woodpecker Kundergarten Eluzabeth Taylor 5 off for talkung Lover boy Kuddue matunee Old maud Malorette Umpure Organust Scooter Chaperone Wautress Garbage man Kuckball Janutor Poor Gul Loafing Fake ones Duggung weeds Zebra Opera Sea cluver Shoemaker Chuld produgy Score keeper Mrs Atlas G A P Stuck keys D D T J UH Pop' Nursery school Barefoot boy Charm school Pouson oak H Bogart Soap opera Poker face Mansuon Queen Wug Mr Post Groucho Green eyed monster Clothes hamper Ugly ducklung Lute beguns at forty Muss Ochoa Me and my shadow Peanut league Lemon Levus Hey you' No Duckworth Offlce boy Etuquette teacher Housekeeper - "'Qfflfff1'3 . .... ffl. ..''5, ............. .... I ,Q ' 'IIQQIQQQQIII ' .lllffffflff ,f .f:f:ffflfflfffff... . ..........,.. ' LeeRoySmith...l::lIIlllTexas .... ................. "Hewentthata-way "'fQI1ff1fQ1 "'IfQQQQIQQiIQQIfI flllllilfllflll ..... QfffffQf.'R" .fflfff. .fb ..........,.. .......u........ . ,.....,.,,. . - ff ...... Iliff' 'mlffffflffl .

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