Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1950

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 14 of 36
Page 14 of 36

Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

class walls John Anderson walls has noasaness to a parrot Nancy Archer walls her damples to l.I l Abner Patracaa Armstrong walls her dancang abalaty to her saster Nancy Don Arrangton walls has ska sweater to Sun Valley Barbara Austan walls her legs to a paano bench Ball Baker walls has Be Bops to Dazzy Gallespae Barbara Ballou walls the tame she spends an front of a marror to her math assagnment Ann Bankofier walls her glasses to a seeang eye dog Mary Barnholt walls her typang abalaty to Mass Groef sema James Batchelder walls has wane wandbreaker to sunny Calafornaa Barbara Benedact walls her cashmeres to Lee s Men s Shop Colby Baddle walls has cords to a paano Elazabeth Blatch walls her bandanas to a salkworm Dorothy Blass walls her student leader badge to Bamba Eardley Barbara Bowles walls her fraendlaness to everyone George Braun walls has sports abalaty to has saster Rose mary Earl Brown walls has voace to Mrs Kressman Ball Brudney walls has brother to anyone wath a rope Pat Burks walls that character to Mrs Curtace Tom Burton walls has seat an Mass Ochoas room to the dunce cap Saegfraed Cabral walls has wavy haar to the Tona Twans Henry Campbell walls has haar comb to the nearest hedge clappers Mell Carey walls has questaons to all the sufferang teachers Dolores Carsey walls her attendance helpang 'ob to Mrs Bartell Sally Carter walls her saze 3Vz shoes to Joy Sellman Clafford Ceradono walls the locker assastant key to any lock packer Mollae Chamberlaan walls her cartradge case back to the Army Surplus Varganaa Chase walls her gym shorts to her saster Dolores Dennas Chan walls has bacycle to Garfield s bacycle pen Make Clapham walls has math grades to anyone who wall work for them Ball Coach walls has whate sharts to the Cleaners Sharon Coble walls her pearls to the five and dame store Sandra Coles walls herself to San Mateo Donald Coney walls has strength to Superman Dack Connolly walls has grease to the nearest monkey Neal Connolly walls has figure to Look Magazane Davad Cook walls has last name to the Garfield Cafeteraa Sharley Crandall walls her blond haar to her saster Dor othy Patracaa Crane walls the H 9 grade gradually to her brother Cynthaa Craswell walls Sharley to her brother Bob Doras Crowe walls her fancy clothes to her brother Don Ball Cunnangham walls has rally hat to a hat shop Gal Davas walls has eyelashes to Roddy Davas Patracaa Davas walls those braads to the Indaans Conrad Delaus walls has haar to a carrot Paul Dennett walls has peekang abalaty to any nosy per son Gregory DeSousa walls has Englash success to Mrs Rowell Cynthaa Drew walls her tennas abalaty to her saster Elazabeth Drucker walls her football player from Paed mont to B H Norman Duckworth walls has name to the Call of the Wald Goose Ronald Ebert walls has heaght to the Empare State Buald an Joan Ehrenzweag walls her beautaful complexaon to ux Sylvaa Ehrlach walls her Vee neck sweater to Maraan Zarley Laurane Ellas walls her saster s clothes to all her younger cousans Jon Emerson walls has half pant saze to Mark Tuft Jerry Engel walls has figure to a clothes pole Donas Flemang walls her rosy cheeks to an apple Erwan Foster walls has sallaness to a clown Rachard Foster walls has freckles to a dog Mary Jo Freshman walls her curly haar to a broom Rachard Fuller walls has readang to Bob McGannas Maralyn Garland walls her brothers to Connae Krebs Dolores Garrason walls her voace to a grasshopper Tam Garthwaate walls has crew cut to Bob Sage Barbara Gauchat walls her long haar to any boy wath a crew cut Dennas Ghaggera walls has absence from school to Colleen Polley Ball Gall walls has track abalaty to Bob Sabalaa Phal Gavant walls has chatter an Latan to Mrs McCurdy s monkey Nancy Green walls her shyness of boys to Sally Kreep Patracaa Groff walls her bass vaol to Mr Manzyk John Growney walls has red haar to any boy wath blond haar Jane Gustafson walls her popularaty to a garbage can Joy Haglund walls herself to Paedmont Hagh School Sonya and Tanya Hamburg wall thear resemblance to one another to the Wraxon twans Loretta Hanan walls Tona to the Army Kathryn Hansen walls her shanang face to the Shoe Shane Bo Marlgrae Harmon walls herself to Santa Monaca Kathleen Hart walls her laps to the Revlon lapstack adver tasement Phalap Hatch walls has last name to a Chac Emaly Hatfield walls her red haar to Mrs Curtace s dog Bucky Fred Hayes walls has last name to two or more hay stacks Terry Haynes walls has Fs to Berkeley Ha Sylvaa Heanselman walls her whate teeth to a dentast Martha Henderson walls her monolog to Dorothy Dye Eda Hang walls her haar to Mr Phallaps Patsy Hoffmann walls her shape to a flagpole Gerald Hogerheade walls has books to has saster Carol Carol Horn walls her last name to a band James Huash walls all has garl fraends to Bob Pemberton John Huash walls that buald to Kay Walden Make Huntwork walls has pretty eyes to an eye doctor Susan Hurt walls her boy fraend s bracelet to a leweler Bob Jacobsen walls has newspaper route to the Gazette Bob Jaffa walls has braan to Tom Garrett Mary K Jensen walls her aunts swammang pool to her saster Barbara Joane Jochums walls her swammang abalaty to Tom Sweet Peggy Johansen walls her long waast to a tree Cheryl Johnson walls her Latan book to her saster Yvonne Carol Kamb walls her shyness to Kay Walden Monroe Kanouse walls has Gleaner edator 'ob to any an comang H 9 Prascalla Keays walls her smale to a Cheshare cat Evonne Kempf walls her braan to Dagwood C ' ' Il ' ll ' s II 'I . ll D - . IIL ll n 1 1 - g 1 u ' ' . . - I . ' . I I u . u u a s I ' ' ' . . . . . . ' I . . . . , ' ' Valerie Carpenter wills her "Boxers" to Joe Louis. ' - l . . . . l ' ' s . H s H . .... , . . . . . ' H H u n 1 . u I 4 ' . ' ' ' ll ll ' . . . . . ,, H ' ' - - - 11 Il - . . ' . . . - ' ' I I ' ' ' ' , n Il ll . . , . .

Page 13 text:

:Q ""P ,lsr 4798 Sa 49 new 'TCD' 'P' an r.8 i , --4' .vvfvs -nogtl K as b is 'M fx . xi -- N Qi gui 1 . I V J is-' fz - S.. Sl Ni ",.M1r ,Alf 'W -'B 13 1 ef' W - ' Q- l Q- Fi- .- , 'qv' ""' " ,, -of QQ , vo- ,WO -no 15 at 'dn -Q 41 f'O Se-r f--.qv "Q if nav 'HP 'Q ff' X-.Sites f -:ls , 272 Q ' '-0 "qi , --no '---P -0' , uve .3 .Q ,fi ik 1 '51 tv-si .gi . girl I A A My ,ffiixi ' .,--., J my , xi . Robertson, Richard Rogin, Ruth Rowley, Jerry Royal, Eugene Sabine, Jack Salisbury, Dale Saunders, Sallie Sawdey, Maxine Schade, Richard Scott, Michael Segre, Claude Seifert, Anne Sicular, Nina Silces, Evelyn Simic, Fleur Simpson, Barbara Ferriera, Paul Simpson, Leighton Smith, lee Roy Smith, Robert Soderberg, Carl Saderlun, Jean Sowell, Betty Spurlock, Virginia Standley, Lorella Stenberg, Donna Stone, Lois Strong, Douglas Talbott, Susan Tarver, Frank Tellefsen, Tom Thomas, Carole Thomas, Richard Trump, Shirley Underhill, Ann Ury, Renee Van Buskirk, Jerry Vest, Margaret Violich, Paul Voyles, Virginia Wadleigh, Bill Wadlow, Barbara West, Patricia Whiston, Stuart White, Bob Williams, Shirley Williamson, Craig Williamson, Jane Williford, Rita Willoughby, Jack Wilsey, Gayla Wood, Charles Young, Shirley Young, Susie Sutherland, Sue Harmon, Mariorie

Page 15 text:

Charles Kulmer lust leaves Allene Kung wulls her haur cut to Voyles Barber Shop Wayne Kung wulls hus Studebaker to Henry Ford Douglas Kurkland wulls hus cuteness to all the boys Chrustopher Koch wulls hus name to Joe Blow John Larsen wulls hus hand strength to Jack McCrary Robert Larsen wulls hus wude awakeness to a nught owl Keuth Larson wulls hus shuny shoes to the Ruse and Shune C ub Jum Lawson wulls hus shyness to a chupmunk lra Lee wulls the unsude of hus satchel to the garbage can Janet Lunford wulls that good sense of humor to Mr Edwards Marulyn Loe wulls her grades to her suster Ann Sue Lykken wulls Pat s and her locker to anyone else that wants to use ut Anuta MacNab wulls that swung to the Garfleld play ground Wally Macomber wulls hus meekness to Joan McMurray Ann Maloy wulls Mrs Jacques to her suster Pam Barbara Markham wulls her flurtung abuluty to Barbara Zuebell Luculle Martun wulls her uob of student leader to any L 9 boy Davud Marttula wulls hus pug nose to Muke O Leary Edward Maschal wulls hus maguc to the Garfield stage Marulyn Masters wulls the flrst bell to anyone who wants to walk over the lune to go to student court Mary Jo Maxon wulls her art to Shurley Masters Leon Mayhew wulls the 2 20 to the track team Juanuta McFarland wulls her saulors to the Coast Guard Davud McSwaun wulls hus Be Bop sungung to anyone strong enough to take ut Bob Metz doesn t wull her he wants to keep her Franz Musch wulls hus ways about gurls to Bob Sage Frank Mousan wulls hus leans to the gray factory Hallue Moore wulls her lokes to anyone who us dull Frank Murray wulls hus math abuluty to Juduth Crowley Dale Myers wulls hus brught shurts to hus brotherJumo Muke McGunley wulls hus shyness wuth gurls to Jack Hooper Wesley Nelson wulls hus quuetness to Merton Trousdale Mereduth Nustle wulls her roller skates to Iceland Ted Nuttung wulls hus publuc address 'ob to any L 9 boy Muke O Bruen wulls hus crew cut to Nancy Armstrong Henry Otus wulls hus tan to the Sun Bathers Jerry Page wulls hus long legs to Marklee Tuft Sandra Pape wulls her swung to Sammy Kaye Peggy Patruck wulls her last name to the lrush Nancy Peppun wulls her brothers and susters to The Old Lady Who Luves un a Shoe Dennus Perry wulls hus pantomumes to Duck Spence Douglas Puper wulls hus heught to Phul Barrett Deborah Ploss wulls her lab as lota Prexy to anyone who wants to go crazy James Prescott wulls those bracelets to the chaun gang Davud Ream wulls that wunk to a saulor Mary Redfueld wulls her vuolun to her Beau Lous Rennulson wulls her smule to Pepsodent ad Joan Resser wulls herself to Berkeley Hu Aluce Ruchter wulls her temper to Elsue the Borden Cow Evelyn Sukes stull wulls her eye lashes to Muss Ochoa Stanley Runne wulls hus spellung grade to an addung machune Bruce Roberts wulls Barbara Markham back to Earl Byers Ruth Rogun wulls her bunder to an uncomung L 7 Jerry Rowley wulls hus drums to the closest lnduan Eugene Royal wulls hus baseball abuluty to Danny Perkuns Jack Sabune wulls hus puano playung to a puano tuner Dale Salusbury wulls that furst bell to anyone that wants to sneak out of Muss Laurens Englush class Sallue Saunders wulls her partues to anyone who us really desperate Maxnne Sawdey wulls her short haurto any Fuller Brush Man Ruchard Schade wulls hus good sense of humor to Muss Brush Muchael Scott wulls hus wuttucusms to Muss Laurens Claude Segre wulls humself to any ocean luner Anne Seufert wulls the name shrump to Mr Van Nuna Sucular wulls her guutar to Burl Ives Fleur Sumuc wulls her guggle to a steam drull Barbara Sumpson wulls her swell personaluty to Mr Sauers Leughton Sumpson wulls hus sungung to Frankue Lane Lee Roy Smuth wulls humself to Garfield Robert Smuth wulls Roseway to Johnnue Carl Soderberg wulls hus complexuon to Camay Jean Soderlun wulls her abuluty to skup grades to Jum Jenkuns Betty Sowell wulls her athletuc abuluty to the next year s Varsuty Basketball team Vurgunua Spurlock wulls her love of dogs to the Cuty Pound Lorella Standley wulls her fruendluness to everyone Donna Stenberg wulls her skurt to Room 136 Lous Stone wulls her short haur to Deborah Porrut Douglas Strong wulls hus last name to Bob Subulua Sue Sutherland wulls her gum to a cow Susan Talbott wulls her sparklung eyes to Murune Eye Wash Frank Tarver wulls hus vouce to the TOOT of an electruc traun Tom Tellefson wulls hus slouch to the Charm Beauty College Carole Thomas wulls her long pearls to the nearest flapper Ruchard Thomas wulls hus wutty comments to James Panella Shurley Trump wulls her vouce to Luly Pons Ann Underhull wulls her A braun to the strugglung Low Nunes Renee Ury wulls her naturally curly haur to Mr Blanchard Jerry Van Buskurk wulls humself to the Low Nune Margaret Vest wulls her French abuluty to Muss Laurens Paul Vuoluch wulls hus lob as treasurer to Honest Abe Vurgunua Voyles wulls her sulluness to Phyllus Turner Bull Wadleugh wulls hus baby face to Bob Subulua Barbara Wadlow wulls her abuluty to roll her sox down to DAVE S DONUT SHOP Patrucua West wulls her boy fruends to Muss Ochoa Stuart Whuston wulls hus way wuth teachers to anyone who needs A s Bob Whute wulls hus name to any burd Shurley Wulluams wulls her good fugure to Jane Russell Craug Wulluamson wulls hus skuung abuluty to the next Olympuc team Jane Wulluamson wulls her red haur to the druggust Ruta Wulluford wulls the Dubble twuns to Garfield Jack Wulloughby wulls hus shape to the suze nune shop Gayla Wulsey wulls Mr Van to Jum Jenkuns Charles Wood wulls hus suze to Mr Ameruca Shurley Young wulls her Spanush book to some poor Low Eughts Susue Young wulls her vacant seat un Glee to Shurley Harmon . . . . , . . . . . u . . - . . . . ,, . ,, . , . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . 1 . . . . . . Q ' ' - ' - ll 11 - , . . . . ,, ,, . . . , . . . . . . ' H . . . . l . n H . . . . . . . ' u . 1 . . , , ll I II . . . . H ,I ' ' ' ' . . . . .

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