Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1949

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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P k 2..v:.,,,,,,,Q 39464, 7 Q ---46.4-a..9,,.....f575JQ..,.. , 313-film... yy-Q P' 2750 CL..,..,,, -in-41.11, 'i . 5 SN af? DEDICATED TO NEW HORIZONS my ou-an 1 V7 I ' f I 5 Qfme Pqsf LS jane, 'Me fufure yej' MARCUS AU -Q , 'K A MISS ALMY MR BEHRENS MISS BRUBAKER MRS CARDWELL MRS CHOISSER MISS COLLAR MR CORLEY MRS CURTICE MRS DAVIS MR GOMEZ MISS GOODE MISS GROEFSEMA MISS HAMSHER MR HAWKINS MR HELMKE MRS JAMESON MISS LAURENS MR LELAND MISS LOWREY MISS MALLY MRS McCURDY MR MCPHEE MR MINZYK PRESIDENT S MESSAGE PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE With the closing of the spring term of 1949 the students of Garfield can look back over a busy and successful semester. The sale of student body cards has been 1002, the Gleaner sale was un- usually high, with 770 sold, participation in stu- dent body activities and our athletic program has been unusually enthusiastic. It is always a satisfaction to review such a suc- cessful year and to look forward with anticipa- tion to new experiences in the coming year I hope every one has a very pleasant, happy and profitable summer vacation A C Baxter Principal We the Spring Class of 1949, are now com pletmg another of the great steps in our lives We look back on our three years at Garfield with great satisfaction We feel our many activities have been a great success and we will never for get the many good times we have had together On behalf of the graduating class I want to thank our fine faculty and Mr Baxter for the co operation, understanding, and inspiration they have given us We sincerely hope we will make you proud of our record at senior high school Jim Gustafson FACULTY MR BAXTER TEACHERS WORLD HISTORY ARITHMETIC ARITHMETIC ALGEBRA PHYS ED ARITHMETIC ART PHYS ED DRAMATICS PHYS ED PHYS ED SOCIAL STUDIES TYPING GEN BUS TYPING ENGLISH INDUSTRIAL ARTS COUNS SOCIAL STUDIES COUN ART ENGLISH INDUSTRIAL ARTS SCIENCE ART ENGLISH LATIN BAND ORCHESTRA PRINCIPAL MRS MONTAGNE MISS OCHOA MRS PENDLETON MR PHILLIPS MISS RILEY MRS ROWELL MR SAUERS MRS SHRIVER MISS STAYTON MISS STONE MR VAN MATRE MRS WOBKEN MRS YOUNG OTHER S MRs siMRsoN MRS BARTELL MRs PRESTON MR SEAMAN MR TERRY MRs DAVIDSON MR MERRIHELD MR PINKERTON MR REGALIA ENGLISH SPANISH MUSIC COUNS SOC STUDIES HISTORY ENGLISH MECH DRAWING HOME ECONOMICS SEWING LIBRARY MATHEMATICS SPANISH ENGLISH MUSIC CHOOL PERSONNEL SECRETARY ATTENDANCE CLERK NURSE JANITOR .IANITOR MATRON CUSTODIAN CUSTODIAN JANITOR I . 'U , . I . MR. EDWARDS . , ....... SCIENCE M55 STRONG A -'--- f--- A RT STUDENT LEADERS omce HELPERS ATTENDANCE HELPERS STUDENT COUNCIL GLEANER STAFF STUDENT STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council consists of representatives of the various activities groups In the school lt meets each Wednesday morning After the minutes are read the council discusses any business that has come up GLEANER STAFF The Gleaner Staff is in charge of seeing that the Gleaner is out each term The mann staff which is headed by the editor and associate editor is made up of smaller staffs These smaller staffs are the Art Literary Photography and Publicity Staffs STUDENT COURT Garfield s Student Court is representative of our great American form of government lt gives stu dents charged with violating school rules a chance to plead their cases Working on the court has been an interesting experience Our thanks go to Mr Cor ley for his able leadership STUDENT LEADERS order un the passing of students between classes as we all know Garfield however keeps this under control through its Student Leaders under the durec tion of Mr Hawkins RALLY COMMITTEE The Rally Committee IS composed of a group of boys headed by Captam Cliff Cowan and Assistant Captam Bob Durand who work under the direction of Pete Corley Their many duties are keeping order during lunch periods assemblies rallies and other school activities All students who do not obey the rules of the committee must appear before Stu dent Court These boys are distinguished by their new orange and white caps which have been awarded to them this term Co operation by the stu dents helps maintain a school of which we are proud BOYS' GYM HELPERS The duties of the Gym Assistants are Issuing all equipment and seeing that it is returned at the end of the period helping with gym classes checking attendance and many other minor duties such as GROUPS running errands etc The assistants sacrifice their study periods to be of help to the gym teachers GIRLS GYM HELPERS Gym Helpers pass out balls referee games help with tests and sometimes take roll For their services they receive an award plus five points toward their pennant They are a great help to the teachers LIBRARY HELPERS Library helpers are responsible for helping the school librarians to keep books circulating among the student body BLOCK G Block G consists of boys who have won their G an some school sport P A BOYS The P A boys are the school electrical control as slstants Garfield depends upon them for the opera tion of the public address system movie prolectors MIMEO CREW Mumeographed programs and other school forms are turned out In the thousands by the mlmeo crew LOCKER ASSISTANTS The bug 'ob of maintaining the 'IOOO lockers in Garfield IS ably done by the locker assistants ATTENDANCE HELPERS The attendance helpers collect the attendance slips from each room and help to keep the records straight They run many errands for Mrs Bartell and deserve a great deal of credit for helping Garfield to run more smoothly OFFICE HELPERS The office helpers and the counselors the secre tary and Mr Baxter In their work They run errands assist parents who visit the school and do many other odd 'obs about the office , . . ' . I . I I , . ' I n n p - , . , . . . . ' f H 11 I . . . I . . I ln every school there is a certain amount of dns- and auditorium spotlights. - , , . I . . g A II ll u 1 . 4 ' T I . l I I - . . : . . . I - , . . , 1 I , , I . n LIBRARY HELPERS STUDENT COURT GIRLS' GYM HELPERS BOYS' GYM HELPERS BLOCK G RALLY COMMITTEE P. A. BOYS MIMEO CREW LOCKER ASSISTANTS . Q MY if 'fav I '26 uv .su- -Km A ' sie rl if gggzfli I 1'-.1 Q .f , ww? 3 ., ,-5, . .ff 1, 4 ff :,w--sw, W .ma 2' .3 '53 1 31 2, :-:.. ..,, X -.. --fn. . . , X ., . - LQsp19'a2Jgj .,ug,S.. ,Mg , , an A V 'iw Q2 if-. , 47 4 0 ak' . q . v sn. s5f"f4, 4 ff' f Meir, ,W 47 M Z- fm. 4 ae I if K i Sv xx" n 34N y M , 'A 1 s 154, . I .Jw ,j:. , J Eli F T34 WK. I I . , r IJ .55 .....-.-.A-..- 595, 5 lx, H .lu H gfvl? DRAMATICS AND GLEE CLUB ,of 5 Q5 A! 'U 'W , 1,7 K-MY 3 1. ,, 's -4 Q, i , : a v-., 4 . s , f a F 5 , 292,25 ig 4 PM '.ff' 74' Z . ei -5 . 95 ' , J? f mf-9 A fc. N 4 5 'V .T-I A 23. ,, , ff!! R 5 Q44 J", Q., ink ,,'..n, I' -nf! ig! Aff? E. Name Eluse Abrahams Jack Altman Karen Anderson Pat Bankson John Barboo Charles Barker Robert Barnes Jane Barrett Don Bartell Gayle Bennett Dave Berry Shan Berry Ken Buscay Bergluot Bornholdt Nayda Bowen Bull Brandenburg Lous Brelsford Jay Brown Bull Buckley Ron Burch J m Burke Gaul Burgess Sugrud Carlson Ralph Carr Patsy Carver Cluft Chamberlaun Betty Chapman Davud Chrustensen James Chrustuanson Margo Claypoole Davld Cleveland Roy Cofer Suzu Cope Jum Corley Cluff Cowan Bruce Cox Jean Crowl Doug Crowther Pat Dearung Marrlyn De Bonus Cynthua Deluus Pat Demsey Phyllus Duckue Barbara Dodd Marulyn Dorsey Ronnue Downer Cedruc Drucquer Madelaune Drucquer Bob Durand Margy Ebrught Eluzabeth Ehrenzweug Pat Eggan Ruchard Eglun Robert Ek Krustun Ekstrand Margaret Eluot Ben Elkus Ann Ellus Robert Ellsworth Phul Eyrung Sylvua Fast Jum Faulkner Shurley Faulkner Muldred Fergusen Sabra Furesteun Bruce Flood Jum Floyd Bob Foley Ron Folson Don Foreman Mark Foster James Gade Jackue Gardner Darlene Gatenby Helen Glass CLASS PROPHECY Noted for Flurtatuous eyes Cal bat boy Whute bucks Vouce Smallness Trumpet Sweatshurts Her brother Hus mother Dancer Blue sweater Mr McPhees luttle helper Drawung boats Bergy Hugh school boys Pest Good Latun grades Smokung Swummer Sax El Cerruto gurls Slugger Typung abuluty G Metkovuch Her dog Ladues man Athlete Motor scooter Mughty mouse Good posture Baby face Havung hus mouth open Boys Pete Hus female rootung sectuon Hus walk Pretty eyes J uft Taggung Margy Ebrught Puckung them up J Foyd Peroxide blonde Cute tlgure Good dusposutuon Personaluty Artust Money borrower Tuppung the scales Marumba Nousy character Eyebrows Peppuness Whuskers Hustory reports Those glasses Cuteness Athletuc sweater Heught Bo Strong sulent type Quuetness S um Sweet dusposutuon Not beung un Englush A s un Spanush Lead solduers M DeBonus Bug feet Cartoons Tactful way wuth gurls Hus bug shoes Trolls Comuc Sweaters and skurts A s Hope Fl rtatuous ears Yank bat boy Whuter bucks Opera I Louus Armstrong Cashmeres No brother Mother un law Ballet Two of them No study peruods luxury luner Bergermeuster College boys No D D T Better l.atun grades Pupe Johnny Weusmuller Jummy Dorsey More gurls Team 100 words per munute Ball player More dogs To rud the world of gurls Olympucs Car M-ghfy Powers Model Beard To catch a fly More boys Coach Bugger bus to Vallela More bounce Wes Odell J Ruffer More Jum F Towhead Cuter flgure More fruends Personality plus Rembrandt Banker More weught Puerce Knox To graduate Real ones Eluzabeth Wheatues Monty Wooley Dramatucs Pearl rums Cute boy B H S sweater Hugh ceulung Robert Lubraruan Quuet world Slummer Sweeter dusposutuon No school Algebra Tun solduers Marrlyn D Hate Flurtatuous nose Seals Loafers Lught opera Puccolo T shurts Brother Step mother Arthur Murray Yellow sweater Helpung Tugboats Pabst Blue Rubbon Garfield boys D D T Mr McPhee Bull Durham Lute packet Tommy Dorsey Oakland gurls Hard ball 50 words per munute Ferrus Faun Gro pup Gurls Atl-uletuc aroma Buke Mouse Conover Model Baby oul Prophecy wruters Ruvalry Gym helper Gurls who can No swung Glasses Faurues Guvung them Other boys Brunette Calorues Snobs Deadpans Cartoons Scotchmen Thun people Xylophone Rowdues Eyebrow pencul Betty Corn Flakes Burma Shave Hustary Plastuc rums Other cute gurls Maths Low ceulung Bobby Loud mouths Nouse Fat man Sour dusposutuon Muss Laurens Gen math Tun saulors Others Hus bug feet to top growung Hus bug feet Al Capp ll Gurls to be tactful wuth Bug feet Gargoyles laughs Suuts More A s Muss Collar Tact Small feet Normal thungs Dull people Dresses B-l- s o to Vallelo Fate Bugamust Mulwaukee Brewers Barefoot gurl Soap opera Fat Man Bass tuba Angora Oh brother' Whustler s mother Fred Astaure Polka dots atun teacher Garbage scow Lost Weekend Jefferson boys Pest extermunator Mrs Whute Chumney Water wungs Sweet potato Bachelor Benchwarmer Muss Homsher Bat boy Cats Vassar Athlete s foot Pedestruan Pousoned cheese Varga gurl 5 o clock shadow locklaw Mulls College Pete moss Gas shortage Floorwalker Mascara Q Puxue Tehachapu Seter Peers Carrot top leprosy Saleslady Charm school Salvador Dalu Scotch wufe So round so firm packed Glockenspuel Dead End Kud Tweezers Beth Dr Puerce s Pleason George B Shaw Student teacher Rumless Hydrofluoruc acud D D T O P A Robby Auctuoneer Atomuc bomb Thun Man Hershey bar Englush teacher Busuness practuce Paper dolls Bachelor s home Suze I4 leaky pens Sur Galahad Suze 3 Lena the Hyena Mrs Bob Hope Barrel Mental breakdown so ully t Pellets " : .......... . .... ' ' .ffffff ' ...lflfffff ' .Ifffffl ' .. ..... . ..... ' ' ' ..,... ' 'tg ' " .I..IQQ.QQIQQff1p- Diane Cunnigham ...,.... ' ' . . . ,Malcolm Ebright ........, Ky Ebright ............,, John Van Riper ' ...,......... ' ' ........,. ...............,... ' ' up .....,.... ' ' ........ . l ......,..,,,.,.. ' . ..,........ ., ...,. .,.. ,....... . . ' ....,, .... ' ' ...,.. ,. ' .......,..,. ' . ............ , , f ' ' . .,., 'fum ...... ..,, , tfffl- ffflffff ....4,... fflffl , ....,,., " b" .....,........,,.. " " ,... .......... , " " ................ " U " ' "ffff1fff'l"'..fffffffQff' .,.fffffffffffff" ' " Name Joan Goddard Herbert Grow Vurgunua Gregor Pat Gregory Gulfred Gunderson Jum Gustafson Grace Habub Bully Hamann Bob Hamulton Gerald Hamm Russell Hamm Duane Hargus Margaret Harrus Suzanne Harruson Terry Harruson John Hau Donald Havus Sonua Helgesson Katharune Henderson Aluce Hendruckson Davud Hess Jum Hodges George Hoh Arlene Hollott Sally Horton Ruchard Hough Nancy Howell Jenny Hoyt Shurley Huber Janet Huseby Tom Hudson Kent Jackson Barbara Johnson Chrustune Johnson Gerald Johnson Joan Jugenheumer Sue Kercher Wuley Keys Anne Klellstrand John Lambert Robert Latumer Eruc Lawrence Thomas Leary Don Lehmer Margy Luechtu Alden Loomus Bull MacCloy Marlon MacDonald Junann Maguure Charlotte Moyer Claure Maynes Roz McCaun Rucky McCue Ruchard McDonnell Bruce McPhee lrus Mello Margaret Meyer Maruanne Meylan Ed Muller Pat Muller Susan Mulls Henny Mulner Jockue Moon John Mooney Huroko Moruoka Betty Morrow Marulyn Mortumer lee Mulut Ed Murray John Myers Jolley Nash Corunne Nuel en Maruan O Bruen Wesley Odell Bull Olsen Kathallene Palmer CLASS PROPHECY Noted for l0 oclock scholar B A M Peasant blouses Guggles Physuque H 8 gurls Skunny Volleyball team Nuce guy Bruefcase Wolf Sweetness Wearung pearls Haur bows Art student Struped T shurts Hus buckle shoes Sonny Attendance helper Carryung all her books Hus haur Photographer Speed Gurls gym helper Yell leader Red hour Ice skater Red face Her walk Passung notes Hus grades Specs Shrump Horse lover Sardune sandwuches un m Shortstop lavendar sweaters Pale face Soft vouce Shy boy Hus father s Mercury Televusuon set Left handed The P A boy Muscles Flowered shurts Softball putcher Obscure Clungung vune Pretty black hour Her twun brothers Cat Muss Collar s pet That swung Collung all Moose Short hour Beung dramatuc Goung to France Luttle Eddue Good tan Hula Gurl wuth green hour Pullung lught swutches Who knows? Shyness Mort Hus Hollywood Tall The Moose Brauds Real pearls That blush Sunger Snupe hunter oth Hope 3 o clock scholar No equupment Jane Russell Bugger laugh Hercules l. 9 gurls Bones Basketball Nuce gurl Bruefer case Wolf gal Candy Hope duamond More beaux Furst pruze Checks Shoes wuth laces Dave Bartlett Bugger attendance slups Less books Crew cut Professuonol Mel Patton Boys gym helper Bug crowds Auburn haur Jummy Grogan Tan face More swung letters An A No specs Mussels Horses Salmon Putcher hand knut sweaters Jane Russell Loud vouce Bachelors home Hus own Cadullac Technucolor set Ambudextrous Raduo shop Mr Gomes Orcluuds Struke out kung To get un spotlught Nuce bug tree to clung to Pretty blond hour Twun susters To'n cat un More swung Callung all Gurls Natural curls Lynn Fontanne ll Porus Bug Ed O Baby o l Grass skurt Boy wuth green hour More lught swutches Who cares? Shy boy Marulyn We trued Wuldroot Tall gurls Mooses longer brauds Double strand Powder Bass Snupes you do your best Hate Advusory Lost balls Hugh necklunes Sourpuss Weaklung H 9 gurls Flesh Baseball Mean people Homework Prudes Lemons lmutatuons No beaux Second pruze Sweaters Regular shoes Ed Bartlett Small attendance slups Lockers Long haur Brownues Lloyd LaBeoch 9Ym Sore throat Carrot top Barbara Ann Scott Pale face Good posture Monuscrupts Specs Steak Horse radush Tuna Fly balls Cashmeres Bob Hope Soft vouce Gurls Mercurys Roduo Rught handed people Statuc Muss Ochoo Petunuas Sluggers Obscuruty Helpless men Pretty red hour Sun twusters Water Muss Collar People wuth bugger wung Collung all Boys Permanent Jane Russell London Small Ed Sunburn Tweezers Red haur Cops Your guess us good as mune loud mouth Mort Kreml Small gurls Other Moo e hunters Curls Broken strung Rouge Tenor Alden loomus Fate Governess G A M Peasant Mortumer Snerd Charles Atlas course I. 7 gurls Toothpuck 8 ball Alcatraz warden Movung van Were wolf Cavutues Paste Buttons and Bows' Honorable mentuon Ploud Bootues John Bartlett 10006 attendance Locker assustont Golclulocks No tllm Sammy Snaul Rest qym Cough drops Henna runse Rollerland Scarlet fever Modelung school Authoress Gloss eye Crab Horse face Halubut Center field Knobby knut Scalped Judy Canova Bugamust Kuddue car Crystal set Amputated arms Bulb snatcher Isobel Gomez Flower gurl 9 Ted Wulluamses Movue star Trellus Pretty wug Truplets Back fence un Gross skurt ladues Home Comp Tonu Baby Snooks Tale of Two Cutues Peeled Alden s lawn mower Fuchsua hour Cheese ut the Bulls 9 Walter Wunchell Mort? Axle grease Pygmy Mounted Moose Queue Oyster farm Blushung brude Soprano Kathallene Loomus OYHOI1 . . - - - H ,, I ............ H H ......... ......... ....,...... . . . .flfffffffff .ffffffffffff ff'fffflffffffffffffrfs.....,..ffffffffIffH-9 Sidney Kotz ....,,..,,,,, Violinist ............,... Menuhln .......... , ..... Fiddles ................. .lack Benny , . . . . .- 2 ............... I . .......... ............,...... . . ' fffffffffffff' W"5"mfffffffff"A"' uf'f'fff.ffffI' ""fllffflff"r"' on ' .. ..... ' .. ........... ' .......... ' ' s ' .. ' H - H H - -H H - rf H -u - ' .......,.. 1 ........... ' .......... ...... , ...... I 1 H H ' .......... . ..... " ' ' " . ......... . ." ' l-'L .l...l.." " ......... ..... E d ' ..........,..... . .................... ...C E N S R E ...................... .......... ' ........ ,D ................. ............. . .. I . .... . ....., I ' I ...... O ' ...... ,. ....... .H I H ' ' .......... . ...... , .... . . ............. ' ' ..? . . I .. ............... . ......... . ...... , . ................... lI.....A3.,...........H H H H . ,. . Name Donald Payne Sue Pereura Irene Perttu Betty Peterson Lewus Petros Shurley Putts Nancy Potter Barbara Ramsey Shurley Reully Gary Reumer Robert Rennue Connue Reynolds Duane Reynolds Duck Reynolds Lorna Ruchard Leo Ruchards Jean Ruchardson Laurence Runne Ronald Runta Frank Robunson Marulyn Rohr Anne Rogun Joan Rose Bull Russell John Russell Robert Ryberg Joan Sabune Shurley Sadler John Schmutt Ruchard Schulze Peter Sears Clalre Sha Maruan Shaffer Charles Shere Betty Short Art Suler Cathy Sargent Lendel Smuth Ruchard Soderlun Larry Soderman Davud Stewart Terry St John Rudolf Stohler Margaret Stone Sara Sutherland Wulson Talley Jan Tarsku Tum Thorpe Glorua Trumble Joe Tucker Joan Uhl Marlon Ufhlaut John Van Ruper Evelyn Venstrom Nancy Wadsworth Frank Wagener John Waggoner Barbara Walker Paul Wallace Ken Webb lowell Wells Gerald Whute Sharon Whute Sally Whutworth Earl Wuqhtman Shurley Wulkuns Beverly Wulson Walter Wolkenhauer Nancy Woodruff Edward Woodsude Alfred Woulf Robert Wrught Ann Ze tfuchs CLASS PROPHECY Noted for Broken leg S'nurkung Secret admurers Well dressed Curly haur Zazu Center fielder Her lunes lun art that usj Beung quuet Rally boy Bug Schmoe Tuny feet Cute smule Low vouce Quuet Skuppung backward Dumples Green Bu Whute Jacket Playmg drum Handsome Not wearung socks Her attutude Pretty complexuon Character Freckles Puanust So good un sports for Strong sulent type Basketball manager Sayung Oh really? Tap dancer Student leader HQPPY All round guy Blue letter swea Knufe thrower Coy boy Paper boy Bagpupe lessons Dulzy Izzy Those gams Speed Slouch Scuence Dugest Dushwasher Rungs on hus flngers lnhalung Cornet Lubrary helper That name Chuco Hugh Muss Collar s pet Heught Marumba Aguluty Temper Curly haur Flurtatuous SIZE Gettung la t prophecy made Monalogue No flame Socually uncluned Good tan Puanu t That cute luttle d Doung nothung That mop of haur Crepe soles Hus name P A boy Braun Hope Wheel chaur To smule More of them Bugger wardrobe Great actor Shurley Grounders Muss Ameruca Quuet place Gurl to wear hus rally hat Schmee Suze 3 Boys to smule Lower vouce Quuet boy Track team Somethung to smule at H Tommy Check Mr Ameruca Nylons Worse attutude lady Esther Whuch twun has t e Laughs Boy wuth freckles Classucal Mechanuc Ju uutsu expert B H S manager O Ruley To guve more tuckets Betty All round gal Red letter sweater Eutcher knufe Quuet world Edutor Scotland Spanush III Betty Grable To make the dash More slouch Esquure Automatuc dushwa her Bells on hus toes Exhalung Tru'npet Ofllce helper People can pronounce To go back to Chuco Mlss Mally Tall boy Vubra harp Contortuonust More temper Stra ght haur More gurls To get flrst one More vouces Safety matches More partues Better tan Concert puanust Large splash To do somethung Longer haur Thuc er ones To luve up to ut More as emblues Second Eunste '1 Hate Crutches Chuckle Secrets Luttle wardrobe Ham actors Zazu Fly balls Muss Calufornua Nousy places Offenders S hmoos Suze 4 Fullungs Soprano Nouse Runnung Sad thungs Garfield Cymbals 97 lb weaklung Bobby sox Teachers Pan cake makeuo Tom? Other comeduans Freckle cream Popular Sports Boxung Umpure duh Sore feet Delunquents Eluzabeth Squares No letter Letter openers Nousy people Reporter Ireland Spanush ll Van Johnson Track shoes Posture course Books Durty dushes Earrungs No aur Puccolo Attendance helper People who can t Berkeley H gh Art Average people Xylophone Mu cle bound Meek people Charm curl Competutuon No prophecy Short monologues Fure extunguusher People who don t go to her partues Foggy weather Accorduan Normal people Socual people Short haur leather soled Gur Broken records D nse people Fate Broken neck Hyena Secret Agent Mother Hubbard Mustard Hu Zazu No balls Mu s Lower Slobovua Bus druver Student court S ob Chunaman Falsues fteeth that Tenor Ruveter Hop scotch Sude show El Cerruto Tom tom Plastuc surgery Too cheap to buy any Problem chuld Mud pack Embalmer Freckle doctor Be bop Sports photographer Gorgeous George Referee Wha hoppu Dr Scholl s foot pads 'IO years hard labor Sad Sack Truangle No sweater Sword swallower Spuke .lanes Copy boy Wales Pug Latun l Sydney Greenstreet Relays Backfleld un motuon Callung All Gurls Dushpan hands Nose rung Halutosus Harp Gvm helper Webster s Ductuonary Wullard Muss Strong Mudget Bells lndua rubber man Mrs Mulquetoast Ye olde glue potte West Pount Thus one Laryngutus Furewoman Empty house Sun lamp Plano tuner Puddle Socualust Toupee Spukes M X Blown fuse Mortumer Snerd Q . . ............ H H ............... I , ............. .............. I I. H l ............ .... ..... . .. ' ' .. ..... ...... ....- ' ' ..... ...... . ..... : ..... .... . ' , ,A,,,,,,, ' ............ .. ' ct.. ....... " ...... ......,. . .. ' , isl ' ,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ' 3 ....., ............,. ' .......... . ' .,,, , ,,,,,, ' .... B. .S. ........ . ........ .............. . . ' h ............ H H .,.......... I .. ....... A . ' ' ----' A ------ .... , ................. .. ' ' ut ........ .... , .... , .. ' ' ff .. ...Uffff ...f1fff.ff..." ' wt?" ' .,..,, , .,,, .............. R .F. ................... ............... . ' I ...,... I I n ' Rays Sisson ..,.,...... . ,Green loafers , . .......... Crepe soles .. ............ Red loafers . ..... . ..... . .Sandals , .,,, ,,,,,, t er .... ,. .... ...... . .......... H l .......... H . H ........ , -HH . h H ' ......... . .....,.,. lf -,.- ' ---- - --" ' l 1 . , . - ' s . .......... .... , ....... ' . ............ I ........,...,. L . .....,..... I ........ . ' " .. ......... ' 'S ..........,....... " .. ........ ' ..... ' ........... " ' rfp" ...,. .... .. .. ......- .- - 1 . ..........t ......... 1 lr ..... In g . .....,,..,. ' , ...,. ' ' ....... 'ls ., ....... r- - r Q , .. at , if Y an-uv 3,5 fi ,LLL of 3' DI 1' B' QS" 'LT' 5 as lf' ix 3 sf bv l 1-1 b i 3 ld if 3 4 l . . -i is , ,i J, A 41--vw' p. s , Hy, . li ,f-313 'gf 9, few' 51562. wif 'Z-J ,W we L ' N wr +1575 , We ' : N 1 4. ff Q Q, I 1' Abrahams, Elise Altman, Jack Anderson, Karen Banlcson, Patricia Bcrboo, John Barker, Charles Barnes, Robert Barrett, Jane Bartell, Donald Bennett, Gayle Berry, David Berry, Shan Biscay, Kennerh Bornholdt, Bergliot Bowen, Nayda Brandenburg, Wm. Brelsford, Lois Brown, Jay Buckley, Bill Burch, Ronald Burke, James Burgess, Gail Carlson, Sigrid Carr, Ralph Carver, Patsy Chamberlain, Clifford Chapman, Betty Christensen, David Christenson, James Claypoole, Margaret Cleveland, David Cofer, Roy Cope, Suzanne Corley, Jim Cowan, Clifford Cox, Bruce Crowl, .lean Crowther, Douglas Cunningham, Diane Dearing, Patricia X-J l ,..-J .a - . .4 gang i L wt ,r I A A I 6:7 A X ,5 j ,W- av ' ' 'A , Vial Y b ,k 4 V. 5 . A 'L K ' ,QQ H 'W .wav Q ffgglf , ,,,........k :gf X, fr xx W' " aff? Qfifff ' -ww 5- 31. v f f ' V341-if .f -V i 3 'A .L,. t ' Y 1, fagfgilflf 'W' f TS' ' . ' Ii ' :gf 'WW QW Q , ? if 1 If : 2 'sf V,k Y Wifi by Qf 'qmi . 4 M' 34, O ' f ,gi ' J .,i ' Af ng, -I J 1' ix X ff' ?'uKV Jia WJ Q, " ffzffg ' kr' L 43- V ! aa, 1 ., - :SAV ' I vm ' 3. ' -1,36 Q A: 1' ' .. Q . 1 f S 4' '- r. j : "A ff, i 'ik YL if YV 'UT7 4 57 , - px tw: W 9:1 XCJYCK- My Wifi 3 1 ' ' 'tif' , 4 ?- lg Ei A V M L! ,- 4 ff' A - 1 I Y ' L 2 ,5 F 1 Q v k ' ' K .5 K 2 K 1 ww 1 J pgnjffwgp QQ ' I I 'VX 'CD , as ig Q ,. - i 1 " :Q 1 S. ,gb fps, f Q, +5 'J , ' 8 XX ,Q if X sl X iii. A A s l r lt ,X if 9 vi, : 2- " rsgfig , , 1, -,Jul 'X i.Al 'i , -L14 life -.-1 'S' if 2 1. K. :xy QL 1 1, , ,et W-v tx '9' 4,5 r Y ,pu--f Gustafson, James Habib, Grace Hamann, William Hamilton, Bob Hamm, Gerald Hamm, Russell Hargis, Diane Harris, Margaret Harrison, Suzanne Harrison, Terry Hou, John Havis, Donald Helgesson, Sonia Henderson, Katherine Hendrickson, Alice Hess, David Hodges, James Hoh, George Holleti, Arlene Horton, Sally Hough, Richard Howell, Nancy Huber, Shirley Hoyt, Jennifer Huseby, Janet Hutson, Tom Jackson, Kent Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Christine Johnson, Gerald Jugenheimer, Joan Kercher, Sue Keys, Wiley Kfellstrand, Anne Kotz, Sidney latimer, Robert Lambert, John lawrence, Eric Leary, Thomas Lehmer, Donald Liechti, Margaret Loomis, Alden MacClay, William MacDonald, Marion Maguire, Junann Moyer, Charlotte Maynes, Claire McCain, Rosalind McCue, Fredric McDonnell, Richard McPhee, Bruce Mello, Iris Meyer, Margaret Meylan, Marianne Miller, Edward Miller, Patricia Mills, Susan Milner, Henrietta Moon, Jacqueline Mooney, John Moriolra, Hiroko Morrow, Betty Mortimer, Marilyn Mulit, lee Murray, Ed Myers, John Nash, Jolley Nielsen, Corinne O'Brien, Marian Odell, Wesley Olsen, William Palmer, Kathallene Payne, Donald Perkins, Ann Pereira, Suzanne Perttu, Irene Peterson, Betty Petros, Lewis Pitts, Shirley Potter, Nancy on Jr ?' bx me ,, v fav' WL, DLL, as 35 45-D an 7 x !L,f ur 15 .Q 'P ' I O' - ' . "1" .f':'ff'- ,Rh ,N , K X Qi' ts 1 3 Ramsey, Barbara Reilly, Shirley Reimer, Gary Rennie, Robert Reynolds, Connie Reynolds, Diane Reynolds, Richard Richard, Lorna Richards, Leonard Richardson, Jean Rinne, Laurence Rinia, Ronald Robinson, Frank Rohr, Marilyn Rogin, Anne Rose, Joan Russell, Bill Russell, John Ryberg, Robert Sabine, Joan Sadler, Shirley Sargeni, Kathy Schmilf, John Schulze, Richard Sears, Peter Sha, Claire Shaffer, Marian Shere, Charles Short, Elizabefh Siler, Arfhur Sisson, Roys Smith, Lendell Soderlun, Richard Soderrnan, Larry Slewarf, David S1.John, Terry Svchler, Rudlof Stone, Margoref Talley, Wilson Sutherland, Sara Sue Tarski, Jan Thorpe, Tim Trimble, Gloria Tucker, Joe Uhl, Joan Uthlaut, Marion Van Riper, John Venstrom, Evelyn Wadsworth, Nancy Wagener, Frank Waggoner, John Walker, Barbara Wallace, Paul Webb, Kenneth Wells, Lowel White, Gerald White, Sharon Whitworth, Sally Wightman, Earl Wilkins, Shirley Wilson, Beverly Wolkenhauer, Walter Woodruff, Nancy Woodside, Edward Woulf, Alfred Wright, Robert Zeitfuchs, Ann Legs Biggest Feet Hair Eyes Tallest Shortest Best Dressed Figure F nrt Shyness Most Popular That Swing Cutest Couple Smile Athlete Best Personality Cutest Biggest Roughy Longest Eyelashes Best All around Strawber y Blonde Striking Profile Baby Smile Biggest Snob .. . Loudest ........ Favorite Song .. . Favo.ite Record . Gtr Claire Sha Slgrld Carlson Gayle Bennett Ann Ellis Betty Peterson Marrlyn De Bonus Susy Cope Marion Uthlaut Pat Demsey Marge Ebright Marrlyn De Bonls Sally Horton Margy Llechtl Duane Cunningham Kathy Palmer Barbara Dodd Slgrld Carlson Bev Wilson Barbara lohnson Dat Dearlng ., . Favorite Saying ..,........ ............. Movie Actor ..,. Movie Actress ............, .....,...............,.. Singer-Male ., . Singer--Female . Band ......... Program ....... Food .......,,. Sport ......... Average Height . Average Size Feet Boy Rudolf Stohler Jim Burke Jack Altman Herbie Graw Russell Twins John Barboo Jim Hodges Frank Robinson Louis Petros John Lambert Jim Gustafson Jim Floyd Russell Hamm Gil Gunderson Donny Forman Terry St John Tom Hutson Dick Eglin Ronny Folsom Wes O Dell Gerald Hamm Benedict Elkus John Schmidt Cruising Down the River l2th Street Rag Wha Happen? Montgomery Clift June Allyson Bing Crosby Doris Day Spike Jones Sam Spade Dill Pickles Baseball 7 8'2 STATISTICS 'l I' ..ffQjfQff1IffQ1 ,Hltfffflfffff - L Brain ...... 5' la" BOYS UNLIMITED BASKETBALL TEAM BOYS I 15 BASKETBALL TEAM BOYS 105 BASKETBALL TEAM BOYS 95 BASKETBALL TEAM BOYS 85 BASKETBALL TEAM f'Qf'X V YY QW 0 nl Q ii , f' .wfv Ks sv ,sir W ,hifi i :fi 4 W M is E D is 1 mn iii -:rf ,cn 4 in S fb, r - my ff' L' Z' 'Wig Q av' mn., X, f - v Qi f 2, X P , I get ni f W-. Aa., kim 5. .ff sv, .nv 'W' ' -"Pl 5 .. x ysvgu, :1i7lA,f' ..'1i'!t I . :f!"K-"Y, .f.'-- fl 2 . - f W X. ni, bi- .K -in-an-os, .-V, x A iz' V F., 1 . M. Y , Q p . 4 fs. i1,,s-5, 5 ' " 1 Q, f k f .x,. Q W fi 5 Ln Riff' gf FQQSSQ' 'M 93. 4' wg? f if A 5, 1 if -V' x 2 E34 Wfgif, .,i7x 1 H A V 'f 5 AW: 5. ' W 1' ' 5 vt 3 1. f Q 2 - itxivfia asf, f 5 3. . 'YQ 'gf f , -E f 5 'Q Q if , www, 2 1 ii S PO RTS BOYS SPORTS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM T e Varsrty Basketball Team had a very successful season and captured a league title with their slick playing SCORES VARSITY Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Willard Burbank Willard Burbank SCORES CITY LEAGUE Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield 95 Ib Willard Burbank Burbank Willard I05 Ib Willard Willard Burbank SCORES RECREATION LEAGUE Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield 95 Ib Franklin Cragmont Cragmont I05 Ib Burbank Burbank James Kenny Mt Carmel Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield 95 won the Saturday Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Won II5 wo Unllmuteds als League and 95 Ib Willard Burbank Wnllard Burbank the Junior Hugh League T05 Ib Burbank Willard Willard Burbank e Junlor Hugh League I I5 I: Willard Burbank Willard n the Saturday League Unlimited! OW Willard Burbank Willard Burbank on the Saturday League 1 h . . . . . ' ' ' ' , ,....,.. . ,,.. 43 ' ....,l.l,...... so ----- A "-"--' 30 ----'A-'-'-A- . I05 th ' ' . , ,....... ,.... 2 I ' ............... 22 . .............. I2 .....,...... ' .............. 32 ' ,............ Gornald . Garfield ...,.......... 28 Burbank ............ . .............. 50 ' .,...,....,, , . .,.,...,.,,,, 26 . ,.,....,.... I4 " . I I . . , . . . S, 1 . . . . i I L8 H8 L9 H9 , 'ft . 11 - - I. I- ll - I ,I .- I I - l . , . . ... I . I 1 , , , . . . . I GIRLS SPORTS GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAMS This year the gurls basketball teams were very outstanding They captured three out of four city champion hips The H9 team has held their champlonshlp for the past three consecutive years The scores are as follows Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Burbank Carfield Burbank Willard Garfield Willard Burbank Garfield Burbank Willard Garfield Wnllard STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS BOYS ASSOCIATION Under the guidance of Boys Association President Bruce McPhee and Mrs Curtlce faculty advisor, the boys expanded their actlvltles to include In add: tion tothe usual assemblies and movies exchange variety shows and other entertainment This term the boys put on a show for the gurls who reclprocated by putting on a show for the boys GIRLS ASSOCIATION This term the Girls Association President Barbara Dodd, introduced several new programs The first of these was the "Hello Week" during which all gurls, new to Garfield, were welcomed Two shows were staged April Showers and one with a sidewalk cafe theme One of the Important prolects undertaken by the association this term was the sending of CARE pack ages overseas Sadie Hawkins Day and the tradl tional senior farewell were two other highlights of the Girls Association actnvutles for the term DANCES Seven dances Including two held at noon were held this term These dances arranged by Pat Dem sey Social Secretary were for couples only, and were well attended by the student body Prizes for couples winning elummatlon dances were a feature of these dances wsuuuls vm ii 'wwf A iv W pf fr 'mia bp if '1 J f 5 L? 'IW 263 P p Nix Tig 'Z 1.4, ? f3lf if I ' f .W D V 3' 'VW 1 'X U ' ., - xo x X in 'H X 3 -'Z 'i 5 V 0- , ' 3. J ss "L 4-"': ,Q X . ..f: . -L ' T M ull. . X 1' s K P ,. W sf I : 1 Llama VS, 9 W 9 9 Y Lk,-. ul, wg- nf I Q l xx ,VL qw 'Q-' lm 1 Wir 1 , .fab X 1, Lk gf" ' ,f -' 'm X1 W Q x, lfiw ' Nfff., my l AThleTkcs p- ff - I ' '1' U! 0 .gt K sz Nr ' I' --sgfcon DNQ -1 " KV' ' fy :ow ' 'Q-J' 51"-if I N I Jug 5 C5-'wb' xv -96" 963 " , if f . X 0 .54 N2v.ic.n'v- . 1 A, '2.00'-"' E, -lr '7Q'1 f l Q a it X JJ W my 'Sv 7 '7-C. ' .1 if 4-3- , Kffcwfhj "WV-f I www! fam ffggx B ,E Ta enT Shows Cx Q ffk U., Or-chesfra M 7 so 'W I if X ,U URW JW jffff! 5 J do fp T517 .M Rally Boys Y f X QJ1 awful if is r' PIQQSUV 0' M H5Tor'y H m Umv slfy D Q A ffl' P j , A , ' ' , ' s.. lu- UP' ff fj ' f ' I' AV- -N X. 1 1' ' 4 I I I V Ihht Y-1: .QW f ' S, , 6' f - Jr, QQ Q A sm LQ i , 7' 1 2 Af .I ,X L' Mya X , , ' P, U' Q nk W" if ip yt 1 Ac' ..1,f 4' I' ,. I X by " 9 ' Vg: 15 O I 5 Y' Rpt QLAVAJ,J Z. af L ' Q , ' , , Y 7 b f 2 ' ' .,' f f 3 . for Gym l 7 I 59 MW H . , U ff! I ,. Q . Ly A ' N 6 A K2 4 I MM ,A , ,Lg WA . W r f , J 'W' 1 , M X, , -A A ,A L ' L, Y K s .- Q. K ' f- 6 kit A M S 3 j li - ' ' "gi 1 ' " T u 2 1 X X A f ,, , , f-mls f U f X Ann Zei Uahs., L -E., ,, F V I Sing. 3 ' x"1' 1-1 , , ,A ' , -' 'L -' 5 ' I "JJ ""J'L XM' 'lily Liv ,Ivy X , Q. + if 57 127 ,AL , my f W f a f , , If A' f f gj- lglqfjr I ' wr ' X , ff: 7 ' , ' "1 awww , 3 . sa .- Nil ! if I if Q, XV 5 Our ' 0wLEDQ'EMENT XX X J who imQ',ef'eJfhavNX-A340 Mp gehveng QQ .- I Ve m Q ' ,A fi whg 3UpQFV.k5eV3':3:x9 TEXp5+O Mn SSUSPQ, ' ,N +0 V'V'SSCoHar umi Sa S Ox WG Gleaner-' ' BN 2 MVB avi- womgw er whose Ciilreckiofw - 5 S 53-8 as done, if-0 KN MW I H V2-f"' magma MV-Baud MSS' ' Pow +w1eav whole h S2 awheracuhg, SP9 Sovr Thai-8Y'+Qd, SUPpQp-1.. W M X tired' 5, 1 O-,bac-,a use 04? I- - Space + . lm A name muh 'fx x5'mQO5S1bKS -YQ 1 1 on -l-hewwane 5+-'L.5q?eU+S LDx0OhaV8 Sgy-VEC-L d.QQpl 8 H 8.3 -QS' HOLDSVQYXU we Q, done Ei Ppreacnajre all MASH hgve Q! 2 M3'N'N'ew Uetbomg M X SMH Wage Q Q Q vw' 'K . 5-611111111 asa Alf gl 1' A 2.5 -Fi . ' Hexg G,x8SS , XXX UV'

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