Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1947

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? ' S! ,Lg s i , 'N li wa gp' M Sri? W Za fl 7 gl JW xi fgll, u ?'5o Xl g:!f xl if llllll llull' my gi ikr ffif J Q 3 135 , f 1 X , 1 X vb' ,,,, 4 'N HMM, "f 'lit sa,-x W ,1!ll'fl7'A ' iZ?i?k ?wzif5 ,J -4, 1 , ei 'E - 4 7 f I A , X hi, 4 Y.. KP I S Q ' Ml' N1 , 'ffqlrf Y ' ' , fu. ,ll ' v -K I ' ,wx Q 2 ,1 ' X 4 f 1,1 X4 2-ff. IIHIINUU .- I- . ' 'J-K1 ,I W f "-5 9 neg 7' Y rm f- S ,N 2 Z ,f JG ' 25:25-5 ' -Z 3 'n my ,nw f 033 'rn fd S53 . m 54 V Q, i F, Q ' N 'K 7 ' ,L , ' gg Q W ', ' 3 fy 23 rg ' WN' S N S ' A X! B . XX X N I f we 1 ' ' , . r , Q ' 'N ' X , .' J 5 , 4. b , ,f Q Z 3 3 1 1,034 I Q- "1 ' if- . 1,4 :K N. 1 . 9,-A i-U ,,,,m3i'mw , ' Q' fIf'?:'5 - ' ,q,.:.f 51 f" , - -'en , pg! fi 3 MWF- .,,-N, 1" M1 fag? A 55' L" ' xx, . 1 Alb, 8 Q , x .N 1 U15 mam: !n 'Feud 'R if lx-1 ful' gy'- llltggfiltlng 1 144118, lui- it ,2'2""S 0 ,J , s-dmv-fszmff f w1l'1i'f""'7' ,ESL . my M ,.-QM, -f OW gg n.,,.', N 1 E mmf ,156 Y , 'Il N . .. ,W r , r. W - nr x 5 - L, ,, 6 ,fn , L... . H 1,1-A-1 "'Y1 wad wr v,-V k N 'N .nf rig an :-.....,., 9 f" 3' A .' I 4-. f 4 ' A ' My-11 ff" -x . f ' ? 4 0 f- 1 , f 1 . . . 4, ,wif L .. ,F . 'ffffkiwvig 1 W ' " .. , -X simfaa . . A , 5 . . S 7:17 , n ,J L ,, J., A 7? 5 .- ' f L 75' 'E' f"1f'f565--Q X3 - 1 , , ,,,.. 515. ..h. f- k.. , -xi xy Q 7 , . yds g:1.?ffz,,2,- K. .Mar k 4 ' ' LW, 1' 4 -- K.-nw' .Q 6 wif if as J., , A. if I 4s,"+ by 1 - 5 is f "' 1-1 ' M , if N. 45 ?A.iiEf iAV M ,XM VE lzl- f ,ix . i" . 3 Psa if Luv fu fx W. W Q 3 J: MH .,, fp y I-P. .J xr' rrfw A., .cas .- Q- T , ' U" .., ,. Mk, LR lv Wt, -.. - , was wa. .1 . , ln? Am!!! N5 Y --.. wlggilg 5-dim 4 . f b A 5 f Q, 'f 3 . 3 ch f : ,,' ' I f x My-M' uns f' Fr' ., A Eafitiiff ' ,ew we - , 1?-XX, 4 x . ,,,.-o-'-- - .ew-an X GIT A LONG LITTLE HORSE A Scotchman went out to the riding stables and held out a dollar bill to the stable boy. "I want to rent a horse, Laddie," he said. "How long?" asked the boy. "The longest you've got, Laddie. There are five of us going." LOW VOLTAGE John: "And so you notice something electric about me?" Noel: "Yes, you're as cold as a refrigerator." Mrs. Young: "One seat for tonight's show, well forward, center, and downstairs." Clerk: "Do you play the violin?" Chris V. E.: "Extro! Extra! Two men swindled!" Passerby: "I'll take one. Why, there isn't anything in here about two men being swindledi" Chris: "Extra! Extra! Three men swindled!" Margie W.: "Kay, why do you look so unhappy?" Kay H.: "I lost my dog." Margie: "Why don't you put an ad in the paper?" Kay: "What's the use, she can't read." Mrs. Evans: "Answer the telephone!" Ronney: "What did it say?" Mr. Dwight fat golf coursel: "Notice any improvement since last year?" Caddy: "Had your clubs shined up, haven't you?" Ruth O.: "Gee, doc, do I feel terrible. Yesterday I ate a dozen oysters." Doctor: "Were they fresh?" R. O.: "I don't know." Doctor: "What did they look like when you opened them?" R. O.: "Oh! You mean l should have opened them?" A question in a physiology examination read: "How may one obtain a good posture?" The little country boy wrote, "Keep the cows off it and let it grow." LAST CHANCE Surgeon: "There is no hope for your recovery. Is there anyone you would like to see?" Phil S.: "Yes-another doctor!" BOYS' VOLLEYBALL-FALL T947 Garfield had four excellent teams this year. Both of the ninth grade teams were undefeated, winning the city championship. The high eighth grade team won the city championship, losing one game, while the low eighth grade team lost two games and tied with Willard and Burbank for the city championship. H-9-Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 L-9+Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 H-9-Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 L-9-Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 SCORES: FIRST SERIES Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Willard T H-8- Willard T2 Burbank 4 Burbank T2 Willard T3 L-8- Willard T2 Burbank 2 Burbank 5 SECOND SERIES Willard 7 H-B- Willard 5 Burbank 6 Burbank 6 Willard 8 Willard 8 L-8- Burbank 2 Burbank 6 Garfield Garfield Garfield T4 Willard T6 T0 Willard T5 T5 Burbank 5 T5 Burbank 5 7 Willard T5 T3 Willard T5 T5 Burbank TT T5 Burbank 5 12 Willard T5 T5 Willard T0 T5 Willard 3 T5 Burbank T2 T5 Burbank 2 T5 Willard 5 T5 Willard T2 3 Burbank T5 T5 Burbank T2 TT Burbank T5 GIRLS' SPORTS The girls have had a very successful volleyball season this year. The L-9 and L-8 won the city championship. L-B--Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 Garfield T5 The H-8 games H-B-Garfield 9 Garfield T Garfield T5 Burbank 3 L-9-Garfield Burbank T Garfield Willard 5 Garfield Willard 3 Garfield Garfield ended in a tie between the three Burbank I5 Garfield Burbank T5 Garfield Willard 9 T5 Burbank 5 9 Burbank T5 T6 Burbank T4 T5 Willard 4 T5 Willard 0 schools. T3 Willard T5 T6 Willard T4 The H-9s won one series of games and lost one series. H-9-Garfield T5 Burbank 2 Garfield T5 Willard 5 Garfield T5 Burbank 2 Garfield 9 Willard T5 Garfield T2 Willard T5 SNAPPY DEFINTTIONS Lou: "What's a ten-letter word meaning a hold-up?" Virgie: "I'll bite, what is it Lou: "Suspenders!" 711 Mr. Brown: "I thought I heard the clock strike three when you got home last night." Berniece: "Oh, that's all right: it was really TT:00 but I stopped it because l was afraid it would wake you." Miss Ochoa fvery firmlyl: "Order!" Pupil in back of the class: "A double chocolate malt and ham- burger." Mr. Yool: "I am sorry, son, but we can't buy this mutt." Ken: "He's no mutt! He's four kinds of thoroughbredsf' sig ' GIRLS' GYM HELPERS BOYS' GYM HELPERS LOCKER ASSISTANTS MR. EDWARDS' SCIENCE CLUB MIMEOGRAPH BOYS BLOCK "G" SOCIETY ...uf A ,nib hs ,Ck 13 w. qv xl 509 bf." ng 3?-: 'S . Lffm H- ml 'W S-47 A, R I- '-igxmf' 1' wfgssv 945 .1 gf? . H .- :gf f g ' ,Q ffm 5' ? - ,W V 1 5+ ,JI M. .4 W f D!" iiwv-M., L-8 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL L-8 Bovs' VOLLEYBALL H-a GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL H-8 Bovs' VOLLEYBALL L'9 G'R"5' H'9 GMS' H-9 Bovs' VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL Ill H iw. U U M1 1 -,MM-H W, QM Ary j1u-Q H h ...I1 , ,,,',,, an XT'- Name Shurley Lansberry Carol Larson Peggy I.aVuolette Margaret Lawson Judy Leatherman Marston Leugh Jenda Leng Pat Lonergan Joanne Lowry Cussuly Lutz Merwun Lykken Gertrude McNab Gretchen Maeshner Nellue Mauch Betty McEntaFfer Shelly Melbun Jack Merkle Joan Metz Leslue Muchaels Arlen Mulls Paulune Mott Carol Nelson Carol Nuvola Mary Notley Ruth Oser Bull Park Frank Patty Pat Puckard Nancy Preston Peter Reynolds Carlton Rear Barbara Reynolds Carl Rossunu Ted Sanford Stewart Saunders Mary Louuse Schafer Donald Schmudt Wayne Shultz Wanda Sellers Ida Sugelkott Bob Sums Beverly Smuth Bull Somervulle Pat Sorenson Januce Stacy Phullup Starke Raleugh Swunford Nyla Tollefson Barbara Trelease Dolores Trelease Multon Watchers Charles Weber Alfred Wells Edgar Whute Floy Whute Wulfred Wulluams Dorus Wulson Gordon Wulson Carlene Wolfe Walter Yewdall Dorothv Zarley PROPHECIES Noted for Accorduon That walk Well dressed Small vouce Those long eyelashes Dunky Nuce guy Lauql- Secretary Skatung Wolf Beautuful vouce Comuc Braun Fast typust Wutty comments Paper boy All around gal Wutty comments un a Hus walk Fremont boy Heuqht Aloany Hu Student Leader That wunk Basketball team Those eyes Nousy Sungunq vouce Nash Folk dancung Fun un Spanush Those new glasses Pest un hustory Swanee Artust Pulgrum s Progress Her wallet Pretty Vouce That fraternuty pun Athlete Photographer Smule Plastuc bubble Cuttunq 9 Cuteness Twun Twun Lover boy Bones Sonny Noon leaguer Frankness Dream boat Treasurer Bung Quuet Good kud Sweetness tun Hope Better player Elevator shoes Bugger wardrobe Larger vouce Longer ones Taller Nuce gurl Bugger laugh Typewruter Sonua Heune Red Rudung Hood Metropolutan Laughs Bug executuve Head steno Joke book Reporter All around fellow More wutty comments More bounce Freruont boys To be taller Albany Good people Boys to wunk at Cal basketball Obuect to cast them pon Quuetness Raduo Cadullac Russuan ballet More fun un Spanush Bugger glasses Pest un Algebra Al Jolson Famous artust No more book reports More puctures Raduo To get un Team Good models Bugger smule Sally Rand Less classes More mousture Cute boy Duet To be called Dolores More gurls Muckey Brughtnes Athlete More frank people Schooner U S Munt Andrews Susters Quuet boy Swell gal Candy Hate Puanos Stults Luttle wardrobe Quiet people Short ones Tall people Mean people Dead pans Long hand Weak ankles Grandma Horse operas Dull people B B Braun Long hand Dull lakes Paper snatcher Square People wuthout sense of humor No swung Claremont To be short Garfield Guvung tuckets No boys to wunk at Guard Small eyes P A system Beung oft key Chevrolet Lundy Hop Studyung Small glasses Reformed chuldren Bung Co'nuc strups Short books No puctures Stage Other fraternutues Athletes foot Sad Sacks No smule Pun cushuon man Stayung un class LSMFT Nothung Quartet To be called Barbara Marrued people Charles Dullness Tured feet People who arent frank Row boats Money mad people Frankue Loud people Bad sports Lemons Fate Hand organ Crutches Mother Hubbard P A system Fuller brushes Stults Alcatraz warden Mortu'ner Snerd Boss s knee Skate sharpener The Woodsmen Soap operas Mrs Bob Hope Soda uerk Office gurl Lou Costello Copy boy Truangle Latun teacher Floor walker Garfield boy Shortenun Bread A to Zed Student Court Nervous twutch Water boy Eddue Cantor Auctuoneer Puano tuner Crosley Arthur Murray Mr Ochoa Contact lenses Alcatraz Jummy Durante Al Capp Encyclopedua Bruttanuca Rogues Gallery Penny Arcade Sororuty Absorbune Junuor No film Pepsodent Gypsy Rose Lee Truant officer Tobacco auctuoneer Sue Pereura s brother The Sportsmen Trelease Bachelor Archubald lnglesteun Weatherman Epsom Salts Frankensteun Garbage Scow Muser Judy Canova Ruveter Tom Breneman Cavutues - t ' ' ........... ' ' L ' .... ' ,.... , ' , ..,......... Character ...,.,,......., Laughs ,...........,... .Other comedians .,.. ,.... D igbyO'Dell ' ' ,........ "03" .,.......,,,..,... ' . ......... , .....,............ ' ll II ll ' ll ' ' Name Holly Anderson Hope Anderson Robnn Angel Cortland Bacon Vlrglnla Ballou Berverly Bateman Phyllns Bateman Phyllis Benham Nancy Blddle Adair Blackwell Stewart Bowers Duana Bowersack Duane Brmgolf Bernnce Brown Kendall Brunle Nancy Bryant Marulyn Bush Gerald Butner Everett Campbell Bull Cassady Vaughn Chamnes Carol Clark Bull Coughlan Dave Creech Mary Crelghton Lou Curtnce John Denney Ronald Dnbble Barry Durkee Ruth Emery Alan Farrington Jo Ann Floyd Gerry Folso George Forester Ronald Forsstrom Phllllp Foster Graeme Fountaln Noel Fraters Rlchard French Mary Gallgher Sue Galluchotte Davld Gardner Denny Garrett Donna Glancolu Danael Graves John Gregg Wnlllam Horgls Davld Hawes Duncan Haynes Patty Hays Jlmson Hung Robert Hollett Antoinette Hubbert Joyce Jenklns Elizabeth Jensen Marlene Jorgensen Kenneth Kamb Kenneth Karsberg Beverly Kelsey Ann LaGrone Robert Langner PROPHECIES Noted for Those A s In Algebra lce Skatung Angel Curly haur Red halr Susue Tumbler Those boys In convertlbles Fremont boy Fred Astalre Helght Quuetness Personaluty Pest Fllrtatlous Braun Neat English Gettlng IH trouble Those blue eyes That smule That wenght e Her clothes That giggle A No tlame Good looks That figure Science Dxgest Dancer Her bother Concert DI appearing In Spamsh That hanr Mouse That guy Physique Sweet dlsposltlon That name Prexy Student Leader Going steady Ltl Abner Justice Neatness Doodle bug That rally hat Social Secretary Judo Cabin boy Artlst Dramatlcs Wnllard boy Gym assistant Shyness Gym helper Quiet Student Leade Tallness Hope A s In Latin Champion Harp Beauty shop Blonde ev Double lomted More boys Cadlllacs Albany HI boy Gene Kelley Taller boys Quiet world Better personality No D D T More boys Cleanliness No English More trouble Brown eyes Pepsodent Great Glldersleeve Brown halr Sak s 5th Avenue Comednan G A P Safety matches Charles Atlas Mlss America Esquire Theater Brother In law More concerted Dlsappearlng In Algebra Longer halr Bob J Gregg Hercules Sweeter Dlsposutuon People can spell rt Two legged A s In Algebra To gave more tickets More steadles Dalsy Mae Supreme Court Best dressed man Motorcycles B H S rally cap Berkeley HI Soc Sec Strong man Mate Onl paints Cart R Wlllard boys Boys G A Bachelors home Girls gym helper Llbrarran Chaet Student Leader Hugh cellung Hate B s n Latun Roller skating Low places Wlg Freckles Beverly Rheumatusm M Model T s Gartleld boy Arthur Murray Short boys Norse Dull people D D T Competition Sloppy people English Good people Green eyes Colgate Sklnny people Red halr Kress s Serious people Gurls'9' Fnre extlngulsher Bad looks Fattenlng food Books Stat? muscles Her brother Unconcelt 40 Mun periods Short halr Graeme crackers? No guy Weaklungs Butter dlsposutlon People who cant spell ut One legged A sm Dellnquents No steadles Fearless Fosdlck Brcycle Court Messy people Bicycles Burbank rally cap Unsoclable people Boxing Swabbnng deck Water colors Radlo Burbank boys Gxrls G A Glrls Lost balls Nonsy Violators Low ceullng Algebra Fate Latun teacher Ice scraper Pitching coal Tons Peroxide Beverly Jane Pretzel Stanley steamer Napa boy Fallen arches Eddue Mnlu Atomnc bomb Lnbrarlan Pest extermmator Anna Heads School teacher Garbage collector Pug Latin Pr: on attendant Cross eyes False teeth The Fat Man Halr restorer Grant s Louella Parsons Bachelor"'7" Flreman Mr Ameruca Rye Crnsp Callung All Boys Punch and Judy Oh brothe .week Detention Butch Kllroy David G Charles Atlas course Hershey bar Webster s Ductronary Mr Brubaker Ten years hard labor Old maud Lena the Hyena Crooked polltuclan Hobo Trlcycle Salvatlon Army cap Solitary confinement Tndduly Winks Wet mop House painter Greek Theater Alcatraz boy Day nursery Anna Heads B H S gym helper No 7 Streetcar conductor Prison guard O P A ' 5 ........., D.B. .... .. ....... .. ..... .. ........ . .,........ . . . . , ' .. .,.. .. ..... ' ...,..,..,,...., A's, .....,..,...,.,..... B's ............ ' . ,..... .,,... ' ' ...... ....,...... , . ........... .. 's - t t , Ronald Evens . ..,.. .... . ,Girls ...,...,............ More girls .........,..,.. Competition ..... . ....,.. Vassar ' tt - - H If - rf H - H ............ ., .,,.,....... -'- . .....---.. -4------.---- - , V! . . . ,. .. ....... 's ' A ' ' ' '. ' ..--.- ' F H H ..... .. I , . , . , .. - ,. ,- . ., . - , . -1 r A .,,. ., ' , .,.. ,' , ......,,... ' M 5 J H Q WK X gk? N w 1 Hb mx? xi W., 5'-Q E -4.-1 f K -w 5 if 5 3? in ,J X J a 5 M' S f r 'S ' rw , T L X .f- A 4 " a, 34 gg, " If 1 Q 5 1 E U 'V S 1 ,f ' ,YN 4 Q x J x Y. 'Tr I ,JF 'tif W g Fx,,. , , 'QAM iA 55 V ' mEif fklgiel iw Si ff , ' I 22g 4 1 U 5 ,' 4 R 11533 M gr 5, W 'Y- . . 4 r' , -. ,W t . ,, Q H I N, ds. M ' ws- E, - f 1 ,s A X, ETA :fx f B A Q 5 k , 2 .L-'15, Ev af, jk 4 av 1-Qin f ' - I , ,X R, 1-nw i ,525 K, p 1 . 67 , 33 rx f gif gf .m. 25 ,,q,, A A 4 5 4, Qu- as X Q v' ' L . .. var? If ', 4 A "'-"-' 9 K 1 ' if w A M fl V QA X W L , A D ' Q . 'Xml w1 f , 'Qw-JA -1, ,HQ + Qkg A, M4 5 f.. Ti'-F 1 2 J: is A i Q f - 54 l 4 494 5 X 1 X. - 'N-.. F Q-2.-li "-Q . ...L... u , . 'yl xv Q A r x 3 5 .YQ X: e 35 ,ll I Q1 ,Q J . x I' ,o g . if' 6 il 1 1 . E, ' 'Q X X17 T., 3 Q , 1' 7' .Q- ,4- S if-9 fy-1 fu ' an "":'1gf: 4 fll in' I f A. 3 V Q , 7 . uri f 'W A , ' Q 5 ' f 1 fx . 5 id 'G' O7 ' 'pgs "pb 'T7' 4.,-f a,,,,f by Q, x 'Q' 1 5' J. mv, 5 9 1 s- . L, . 'Y I 'if W, W lf'fs 4, lei ' . is , 1 ' ' 1 if is lg I ni ' '- I 2 ws' - if , Q 1 " 4 1' .- A .. A ' ' ri A F w ,mime W! ,g li at N . , Y. E I ,nn--q 0 ' N A, .. , W a C E . gffr 4 if W, 5 ll!! , YN if Q , 2-5 ! If lm . 'Si gg,-L 'lf GYM ASSISTANTS These assistants do a swell job in helping the gym teachers keep track of all gym equipment. They also help by refereeing games and taking charge of classes. Lots of thanks for a iob well done. ASSEMBLIES This year the Garfield Student Body enioyed a wide variety of entertainment at its assemblies including everything from science to comedy. In the way of science we had an excellent show of experiments by General Motors about iet power, the finest records, and many other interesting things. Our would-be Thespians added their bit with "Bobby Sox" and "Angel Child." In connection with history we had some beautiful color slides on Greece and Italy. The Gleaner Talent Show added greatly and helped to make the year's assemblies a success. GARFIELD SINGS Do, re, mi, fa, sol-up the scale and down again-sing the bud- ding nightingales of the Garfield music classes. One can tell by putting ear-to-keyhole at the bungalow door that these potential coloraturas and baritones are inspired to sing under the waving, instructive hand of the teacher. After such pleasant eavesdropping one is struck by an odd fact. While most of the classes are evenly matched lsections equally filled with boys and girlsl one class has only three male members. These bra-a-ave boys are dominated by the rest of the class which is composed entirely of the fair sex. Identification of various dance forms from record and piano selec- tions has been a main course of study forthe L8's. The L8's now feel equipped to identify, from music, a tarantella, farandolo, English hornpipe or stately minuet. OFFICE HELPERS An office helper is one of those helpful people who comes into the room in the middle of an algebra test and says, "Mrs. Jameson would like to see you!" Seriously, an ofifice helper is a lot of help to the counselors. He runs errands, looks up names and telephone numbers of students lfun if you can do ith and generally helps around the office. The office helpers have done a good job this term and deserve a lot of credit. BOOK ROOM ASSISTANTS The book room assistants help Mr. Van Metre in the book room, distributing and checking all Garfield books. Mr. Van appreciates their assistance and the boys enioy helping. Good work! of ll in x ug Our . -.--,Q-, 3 6 W Q -s S l -, C Q ORCHESTRA The orchestra offers our students an opportunity to display their musical talents. We have a fine orchestra at Garfield, and they are always willing to give us entertainment for any occasion. We don't have a big band, but our leader, Mr, because he has created They give out with the other occasions. BAND name like Tex Beneke leading our school Minzyk, is equally famous around Garfield, a fine band out of our talented students. jazz at assemblies, special programs and LIBRARY HELPERS If some of the kids start giving you scrubs a long line of intelli- gent sounding words, don't be frightened. They've just been near a dictionary because they're our library helpers, who do a fine job of helping Miss Stone in the library. BOYS' GLEE One of the most delightful activities for the girls at Garfield is Boys' Glee. Boys' Glee consists of about one hundred boys who all think they're second Bing Crosbys. But seriously they make some very fine entertainment at assemblies, P.-T.-A. meetings, etc. GIRLS' GLEE Girls' Glee consists of about eighty members, under the direction of Mrs. Young. It is composed of girls who are talented in music. They sing at our assemblies, P.-T.-A. programs, etc., and are always enioyed by all. PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM The P. A. boys, who are responsible for some of the static during our programs, work quite hard keeping the microphones, spotlight, proiector, and other equipment in good working order. The boys have to study their subiects hard to keep above the B+ average required. They are especially proud of the fact that they are the only boys allowed in Girls' Association programs. The boys, under the direction of Mr. Hawkins, do an excellent iob. LOCKER ASSISTANTS Garfield's able and trustworthy locker assistants, under the direc- tion of Mr. Sauers, are in charge of all locks and lockers. If someone forgets his combination or has locker trouble, these assistants will help him in every possible way. Since most Garfielders don't have too much trouble with their locks, the locker assistants don't work too hard. J M ' IZ, I V' I .yd 5 :X H gw A Ns" 3 lx. N, lf'- rr-f . .if ' s V 4 fisiw F' I sl. .M , , J,,' ,Ji -fu, I 99 one 'K gm' QQ ' A vw.. , 'Aww ,o' 454 "' ut mga Q1 -Q . 3- Eff ""Ur' in M ah A .- . 'Q W K, a 51.4 , Q L ---wc.: 'Ei mf s NEFF? gmc -1 ,F 1 ' 'Q is L1 0 . mira ' an 1 9 X 1? if STUDENT COUNCIL A rap on the table and we hear, "Will the meeting please come to order!" That was Dave Gardner, our student body president, begin- ning the weekly meeting of Student Council. Student Council this term consists of Dave Gardner, President, Bill Somerville, Vice-President, Joanne Lowry, Secretary, Patty Hays, Social Secretary, Doris Wilson, Treasurer, Dot Zarley, Girls' Associa- tion President, John Denny, Boys' Association President, Joan Metz, Girls' Athletic Manager, Richard French, Boys' Athletic Manager, Denny Garrett, Chief Student Leader, Barry Durkee, Rally Boy Cap- tain, John Gregg, Frank Patty or Lou Curtice alternating for Student Court, Marston Leigh, "Gleaner" Editor, Beverly Coles, Nadine Gra- ham, Frank Robinson, George Koss, and Chuck Stockholm, Grade Representatives. This council meets every Wednesday morning to discuss grade problems, dances, "Gleaner" sales, programs, student body card sales, and many other school problems. We thank Dave Gardner, Mr. Sauers, Mr. Baxter, and the other members of the Student Council for making this term a very successful one. STUDENT COURT "Cafeteria duty for two weeks, and rules written twice in ink due next Tuesday, and it better be in on time, or else!!" Thus ends another case of Student Court. The court this term consists of John Gregg, Frank Patty, Lou Curtice, and Marston Leigh, Judges, Bernice Brown, Clerk, Shirley Lansberry and Mary Galigher, Bailifts, Bill Coughlan and Diana Bowersock, Sergeant-at-Arms. When an offender is called to court he is sworn in, pleads guilty or not guilty and tells his case. The court decides if he is guilty or not, and he is either given a penalty or acquitted. We want to thank the faculty for giving us this privilege and honor of being on Student Court, Our thanks also to Miss Laurens for helpful advice. STUDENT LEADERS Student Leaders are really Garfield's policemen. They stand very bored in the halls just waiting for someone to scream, run, skip stairs or "konk" someone on the head with a book. Then out come the white slips and next thing you know-you have a ticket! Then you have to appear before Student Court where ---- I! Milton W: "What's a sure way to keep ct fish from smelling?" Dink L.: "l don't know, what?" M. W.: "Cut off its nose." A missionary wrote home: "The natives here are starving and we are badly in need of food-send more missionaries." GIRLS' ASSOCIATION The Girls' Association, headed by Dot Zorley, has had a successful semester. Our first progra-n was the "Big and Little Sister Party," where the low seven girls were introduced to one another by their "Big Sisters." Our second program was a talent show. One of the humorous parts of the show was put on by a group of High Nine girls who sang "Feudin' and a-Fussin'." Next came a fashion show, where the girls were shown examples of the much argued over "new length." The last show was the Senior Farewell with its tra- ditional Senior Skit. The girls have enioyed these programs very much, and we all wish to thunk Mrs. Curtice for her help in pre- senting them. BICYCLE count Each Saturday morning finds four students, each from a difterent school, iudging bicycle offenders who have been given tickets by Berkeley police officers. There are four students from each iunior high school and three from Berkeley High who alternately iudge four weeks on Bicycle Court. The object of this court is to make children become safe bicycle riders. The most common offenses are going through signals, riding on handlebars, improper parking, and riding without lights at night. The four representatives from Garfield are John Gregg, Frank Patty, Lou Curtice, and Marston Leigh. Bicycle Court improves Berkeley and makes it a better city in which to live. BOYS' ASSOCIATION The Boys' Association has had a very successful semester under our president, John Denney. We have seen several interesting movies, the first of which was called "To the Shores of Iwo Jima." It was a vivid account of amphibious warfare during 1945. The second movie was "One Man Task Force." This was an educational Navy picture which described the coordination necessary between fleet and aircraft in order to produce an effective task force. These movies were secured with the assistance of Mr. McPhee. We have enioyed our programs greatly. Thanks to John Denney for a lot of fun. HL .iffy PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE Today marks another mnlestone In the educational career of our graduatlng class Next week you wall all report to a sensor hugh school I sincerely wush for all of you much success and happlness In your new school experuence A C Baxter MR HELMKE MRS .IAMESON MR PHILLIPS PRESIDENT S MESSAGE The time has come to leave and on behalf of the class of Fall I947 I would luke to express the feeling we have at thus time We appreciate the mstructnon that has been given us ln the last three years and graduate wnth hearts grateful for the lnsplratlon of a grand faculty and of our prmcnpal Mr Baxter Most of us have partlcupated In some form of student ac tnvntues and have enloyed thus partlcnpatlon to the fullest extent We go forward with the assurance that we can face and accompllsh better the tasks ahead because of our experuence and trannung here at Gar field Davud Gardner I I . L i ' X f I I I . ,Y I . I I , , , . . 2?-5.5.f4....A'. Emmqi QL... DEDICATFD TO A-.L Tr-IG F H 9 GIRLS WHO GAVE US GREAT ENCObRAGcMf-IIT AIN. KEPT OUR SPIRITS HIGH 7 I I f 1 , I I fwf' -E' A S V? fi wm,i I 5 4 L 1 I f ., ' 'T' W 1 GLEANER STAFF Faculty Advisor R H Behrens Editor nn Chief Marston Leigh Assistant Editor Milton Watchers PHOTOGRAPHY ART John Eakles John Keelnng James Hodges Don Schmidt Jerry Ladar Bob Keasbey Bull Needham Barbara Nelson Pat Sousa Ginny Roach Joseph Byrnes Christy Russell B1llSomervnlle Nancy Bracken Richard Greely Mary Ellis LITERARY Marlon O Brien Ruth Oser Barbara Dodd Lou Curtxce Sara Sue Sutherland Virginia Ballou Marilyn De Bonus Bev Bateman Jerry White Gayle Merrifield Wayne Schultz JOKES SPORTS Margie Watson Denny Garrett Kay Hutchinson Joan Metz ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Our special gratitude to the following for their contributions to the Gleaner rubbish helped keep the magazine cleaner To Faculty Advisor Mr Behrens who gave us alot of advice and ran a lot of ehrens To the invaluable art services of Miss Collar Without whom our art wouldn t have been worth ten cents on the dollar To Mr Baxter who made It possible for Mr Sauers To assist his assistants sell the Gleaner during school hours To Miss Groefsema and Miss Hamsher for the stuff they typed To all of the magazines whose lakes we swiped To Lou Virgne and Bev whose ever present beauty Made the editor s work more a pleasure than a cluty' d To Mr. Merrifield, whose daily disposal of ' E .

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