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 - Class of 1943

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JJ£JJ±CAT10jV .Vs re 3 pe ctiully Uh:Ci J-Cci. bv:; thi s , Issue 0 1 the hi saner to . OL ‘ h r ' JL V 1.- » - 9 L Ah son ’j ho hr. s faithfullv auicied this r;racir a ting; claas through throo fins years of ]unlo3 hi r 1 A s c ho o i o onto r i n g r i t h ' V .L s XJ.U ths lo 7 seven and .caving us in • ahe nis;n nino • Spirit of the Low Sevens Vjith its bnildings big and imposing, Garfield had us all supposing. Here there would be no time for fun, With so m ' ch hard work to be done« As we more and more familar grev’. And it wasn’t quite so big and new We became adapted to all the work. And from it w’e would never shirk. Now our teachers and classes we enjoy, And find if we great diligence employ. There assemblies, rallies, pictures. Games and riiany other things to do, V hat if upper classes do call us scrubs. We are good sports and can take the rubs For soon we will in higher grades be. And call the newcomers thlb‘ wlthT ' glee Marilyn Ebert too , PUBLISHED BY THE GARFIELD STUDENT ASSOCIATION GARFIELD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOl BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA HIGH SEVENS The ' 7inds may blow The sky may snow, But not a hi h seven Ever will know. The birds may call ' The rain maj - fall. But not a high seven Will ever recall The Oreeze may sigh End the birds will I ' ly, But not a high seven Will ever try. To romember the Doi •n r The: have given up play, ■hi a p homov ork and All of the day. hary V an Deusen Principal’s Message " As we come to the end of the Spring term of 1943, we find many changes have taken place. In these days of tumult, changes are ever present and it is the individ- ual, the family, the state and the nation that can adjust itself quickly and wisely that will continue to progress and go ever forward. As our changes come, let us meet them with understanding and make them with agility and go forward in life knowing we are fortunate to be living in a land such as ours at a time like this. I wish you all a very pleasant vacation and hope you will return to Garfield in the Fall to start the new term ready to make Garfield an even better school next year. " Student Body President Message In a school as large as Garfield, good organization is necessary to have a democratic student government. This past term, with the strain of war bearing heavily on all the students, Garfield should be proud of itself to be the leading example of a democratic school. We have been very successful in our G.S.A. card sale this term and Garfield had made itself one of the outstanding schools in the state, for selling bonds and stamps. As president, I wish to thank the Garfield Student Body and Executive Board for their cooperation in mak- ing this one of the most successful terms in the history of Garfield, and it is my wish that the future will place Garfield as the leading Junior High School in California. ■ llan a Lane STUDENT 1 . Executive Board 2. Student Court 3. Girls ' Association Representatives 4. Gleaner Staff 5 . Gym Assistants GOVERNMENT 6. Student Council 7. Locker Assistants 8. Bookroom Assistants 9. Girls ' Council 1 0. Jr. Traffic Police 1 1 . Library Helpers STUDENT GOVERNI ' IENT Executive Board? President --Allen Blanc Vice President--- ' Tom Bardot. Secretary Eiiuna Lou V hite Treasurer Paul Green Social Secretary-- Joan Anthony Boys ' Ass’n Pres. -James Schafer Girls’ Ass’n Pr e s , - Mary Me adoY s Boys’ Ath, Manager --Ken Cameron GirlvS’ Ath. Manager-Betty Scott Boys’ Yell Leader--Boh Morrison Girls’ Yell Leader-Sharon Kagan an Our student excellent .1oh government, consisting only of students, has done this teion in presenting educational entertainment. governing, and cooperating vUubh the faculty. We may be especially complimented on our bond sales which topped $29,000, a record that any school v ;ould cherish | Tliis year our government has had all the spirit and ' zeal that could have been desired, V ' Je leave Garfield with a memory of our just and good student " government . STUDENT COURT • i Chief Justices Michael McGlffert and Howard Miller Associat e Justices Mildred Mallory Diane de Pi chon Barbara Laurie . Ralph Cummings • Sally V alker John Bartlett The Student Court meets every Wednesday morning in Room 118, Thor ' they try the cases brought before them by student leaders, Ponc..ltios are ■ fixed for violations made in the school and on the gr.uinds, The associate justices take turns being baliffs. STUDENT LEADERS This only keep; ' c L j ’ j j. o (.T r. done „ n 4 1 .10 Student .Leaders in the halls, but I ' fi eld sr.oiLld be oroud o.f have had an important job, not a.lso seeing that they v erc thorn for the fine job they have Stuvlo]i ' c Leader Captains Head Gaptain--Tom Steel Capta: ns ? Fee " ury.;y 3 I94.5 II ' ' no Gc:li ’ " ' oy L i ’ 1 1 ' 1 ■ a.Lmo 1 e a 3 ur e Eleanor Gaines Harriet Paul Gayle Sticgolor Bob Lindsay Il.ene Foss Bruce Sadler Capt - ins ; Marco. 21 1043 Shirley Broderick Eugenia Bates jpo-n T ' .v--- Miller Joanne Lo.ngel Glenn Strahl Bill Wooley Arnold Innis Captains ? M.ay 3, 1943 Christine Haymond Everett Lindsay Bob Greonleaf Cy.nth.ia Hoico.mb Glllotto Gordon Helen Bruner .Bob Sicular Bill Green EAGMLL S Top ow CaTlson, Jack Bardetj Thomas Blanc, Alien Boswell, Paul Campbell, Barbara Bindt, Clarence Camer on, Kenneth Upper Middle Row PekinsonT ' Tin ona Bennett, Richard Carrick, Bob Broderick, Shirley Bates, Eugenia Caricof, Gail Lower i Iiddle Rov Bi ' uner, Tlelen ' Carlson, Ilene Bi liman, Beverly Black, Ceygaynia Beckert, Ruth Ball, Beverly Byrne, Bill B ott c m. Ron Ca ' miTle, Jacquoline Beatty, Lorraine Anthony, Joan Braun, J Iarianno Bentley, Donald Caldis, Niki B ran. i-i.s Beverly MISS BRUBAKER’S ADVIS C RY Top R o ' W Degnan " Thomas Easter, George DeBonis, John Eyde, Richard Da-vis, Ray Cummings , Ralph D ona 1 d. s on, Erne raid Fowle, Donald Fischer, Richard, Deverel, Yfarren Cus liman, Allen Middle Row D onaliuo , " Eleanor Evans , J oan Diehl, Jane Crockett, Barbara D uc e , C har ma in Decker, Pat Dunham, Carol Davis, Jane Finnell, Gay E dwa r d s , Mi c ha o 1 Bottom. Row, Ge or ge Forester, Bruce do Pichon, Diane C layb on , Yvonno Eva.ns, ' ean Freemn, Myrna Davis, Jean Delfs, Joyce Cooley, Tom Cross, Marirnae MRS DYSON’S ADVISORY Top Rov; UiTrdTeT Dorothy Godfrey, Ilene Gr ennan , Mad e 1 e in c Friar, Patricia Halvors en , Martin Gn;hn, James Haines, Larry Hager, Robert Gaustad, Vincent Greenleaf, Robert Grubbe, Verle Ge rken , Rud ol f M iddle Row Green, William Friar, Barbara Hagan, Shirley Green, Barbara Haaf, Ruth-Anne Gerrity,. J.olm F re eman, W a r r en Gordon, Gillette Gitt e 1 s ohn , Ha r c Hager ty, Frances Plans en , Harr ie t BottoiTi. Row iSrdingV 1S 1 can o r Gaines, E le ano r Habib, Jamyla Grob, Allen Gass, Louis Giest, Wanda Gordon, Charles Gatse, Allen MRS. GAVIN’S ADVISORY Top Row FtiWry , Richard Kennet, Jack J ohns , Pau 1 Innis , Arnold Hardy, Hollis Horton, Don King, Don Hughes, Robert Hill, Richard Homel, Arthur Upper Middle Ron Has lam, Jean Altrocchi, John Kramer, Buryi James, Edvd.n Hodgson, Roger Keifer, Frank Kohler, Merlin liertle, Elmer Hitch, Lyinan Haskell, Alfred Green, Paul Lower MicWle Ha monT, lJh ' r is tine Kisin, Helen Jons on, Dolores Kitcholl, Beverly Kagan, Sharon Hirst, Anno J ohns on, S ondra Lander holm, Frances J ohns on, Ma.rtha Kempf, Patsy Bottom Row Hai ' kins, Wallacoe Johnson, Robert Ho.rr is on, Billy Jory, Stephen 6 GRADUATES IvOSS ISL Liy S “T 3 mfsar mss. Bt IV 17 T 01 I S rosra»s Top How IfoKenzTo AflHissr Loomis, Clarenoo Lowia, Don Miller Howard I latrbheivs , Frank I-oCnrdy, Riohard lis.rinoni, Heldn Lengel, Joanna Lkllor ’ ' , iildred o «4 Roy Ivixilvany Riohard Potta, Boh Riohardo Gkjcsrgo Pieroe, Hiahard Pursoll, Bin lutchell, Craig Rango, Bcfc Robertson Charloff Jin v iflionds, Goraid Stanforth Bob Stanforbh, John SioiUari Bob Sohafor Jim. E Sohafor, Jim W ' t Bvoaogaa rd, Hebert Saldal, James Top Row ITlchar i Top Row Middle T cm lTodad " o j TTor Q no e -;l 8 .uch, Ruth Lykken Lcu.ise kox ' U.s, l-Iary R.loi-ie ! lur ■ ' - ' It. ,■ T‘ ' y Ae 11 ’.. ' k • ' •■ n re 1 ,i j B e mie Lii- fi ay . Everett Ldn-.iray, Bob Lire lay j Bob Bottom Row ' ■ACa i Jerry Ll ' drlicit, Dick kc Y 3 ma , Cor inne Logan, Ifery Lkn t s , Gertrude ' .L.rtin, Gerry LkDissiok, Helen Lav.. ' ’ac, Do-rbara Planning, Kath5n n Lindsay, Doreen mddle R yfr O G icr, Keith latchell. Bin Peglow, PraTxV: Reidy, .George Roberts, Busan llcncrief, Pat Csirnr, eon Povrers, -Joeii Parker, In Id red Ogle, Lb.rie Parker, Polly Ol pstead, B.arbara B«tt on P.CTfT ? lOrr ' iTon, " " ” Bob Po.rtr igo , C alv in Rodjiia.n, Yfomda Reid, Beverly I ' lermian , Sally Reynolds, Clara Paul, Ik.rrist ' Perrin, Alice Jane Ac ores, Charles Aoody, Bill LtlddU Hav Itardorio Slidth, C oralse Shirley, Horma Sheridan, Anne S t ox or , S hi r le y Schaeffer, Betty A Rosenberg, Cathio Stickler, Gayle Rush, Dm ght S oe Iberg, Glo ida Bottom Rw Rossini J ' Eny S ummo rlx ay s , Lau ra Sparks, Grren Sidtli, Bob ■ S 0 lin aide n , C Ii ■s ok S chc ' ■ ' novo r , ' .Tarrcn S t G e 1 , Th o- .10. s Scot ' .;, Betty- Cu.j ;;i 8 s, Joan I£EXED GR C UBS ' Top Rox7 Holcomb, Cymthia Liarti:;:., Joyce Jenkir.s, To:.. Me Gif f e rt , Li oiiae 1 Hanson, Bill F orsyrth, Li one 1 Dickie, Joo Herrick, Bob Haines, Larry Ridd le kovr Barr;y ; tjawonco Sherry, Denis Sad loo, Bruce Reynold, Dulce Sargent, Sally Gonan, Roy Hilliai.c, Join balk or, Sally MISS Rxnnr «5 Top Row Waldron Janet Yflt cend®!, LJargio Vfanaoe, Andrey Hanoy V hltoly Earl basbauer, Marius If eng Horace ■ ' Heidemann, Bob Y oolcy ? illy Turner Bob bis or Emerson vrilliams Harston Terry, John Middle Sdw WlTow, ' i-iolen Tfarron, Dick Trottier, Roy Y right, William iriest, Roger Wilson, Ste- e Wat 0 rh ous e, Di ck Tranpleasure, Bill ■Til SOI, Jo0. n Thcrx ' .s, Gliristine Vineyard, Betty Bottom Eoi 7 Ykox-n , ilari e Tkin Bezel, Zenia Waldron, Ring Vohs, Jim Icci is tiers on, Jean ' . ' ’Tliit©, Emma Lou Vovl-es, liolan T is chic r, Lhry Tollefsow, Him West, Raney v ' ilco:;, Mary Bottom Rov !’ S trank , " C-lenn A. kiigcr, Pirrkb C oi ’ p. men , DaWanna Clfngk-g, Honm Leo Poes, Eileeav Ccuipbell, Bey r it tender. , iLe la ine B. aks.lj ' -ar, Beatrice Wa2Tfi ley, Patri cia Ahnge r , P .1 r kko Summer A in sewing Giggling Altroc ' chi, Jolm Sloppy people Superman " Teasing Mary Anthony, Jot-.n Camera fiends Tobo Tobo Atkinson, Winona Gossip; All A ' s High-heels Ball, Beverly Engl i sh Debutante Society Bardot, Thoreao Loud socks Toni - Toni Eo.rr, Larry All periods Bad scientist El 8c tricity Bartlett, John Crutches ■ Nan V e 3 1 A good boy Bates, Eugenia ?r . ' ■ckles Marine Blushing Beatty, Loriyiino School Snake c harmc r G ut ting Beckort, Ruth Long skirts Co era tor Albany boys Bennett, Richard Horses Helen Helen Bentley, Donald Ta3.1 girls Am one ? Being jilted Berry, Lawrence OcHrios Air corps Shaving Bios tnan , ? e r r " ’’ S ' icrev balls Live --dio Keeping quiet Billman, Beverly Dopes Violinist Reducing Bindt, Clarence E, Jerks Guess whoYti . Con ora fiend Black, Coygaynia xilge -ra. Shorter name A in English Blanc, Allen Fat boys TT . i C! ' T p » ' D VJT • Gals ■ Booricko , Chari es Dumb gals Smart gal Being a brain Boswell, Paul School Shop Levis Brandis, Beverly Boys Boys Boys Braun, Mar i a n n e Brothers Miss Stout n Long skirts Broderick, Shirley Double chins Mike M, Miko M, Br own , Do ugl as Gc 1 1 i ng told off Pat to Sis Bruner, Helen Rod Hair Break a record Athletics Byrne , ¥ 1 1 1 i am Spanish Nice girl Squirming Caldis, Niki b., ys Old maid Getting A ' s C amc r on , Ko nn c th Small gals All Amorica.n Blo,;k G ' s Camillo, Jacqueline Tall boys Jerry Me Guo Airplane mode: Campbell, Barbara Morons Ladp’’ wrestler Teacher’s pot Campbell, BeverL ' ” Poison oak Howard M, Howard M. G amp bell, Jan ice Fresh air Apartments Short hair Garicof, Gail Ga.rf i eld boprs H. II. Angol Carlson, Jack Carlson,. liens Carrick, Robert Carroll, Marian Chapman, DaWanna Clayton , Yvonne Clinging, Norma Cooley, Tom Crittenden, Helaine Crockett, Barbara Cross, Ma r i a ma e Cummings, Ralph Cu s hman , Allen Davis, Jean Narie Davis, Mary Jane Davis, Ray DeBonis, John Decker, Ratricia De gnan , T om Delfs, Joyce de Pichon, Diane Dev ere 1, vVarren .Dickie, Joe Diehl, Donaldson , Emerald Donahue, Eleanor Dowling, deorge Du f f u s , R i c ha r d Dunham, Carol Duce, Charmian Easter, George Edwards, Michael Evans, Jean Evans, Joan Eyde, Richard Finns 11, Gay Fischer, R i c he. r d Forster, Bruce Forsyth, Lionel Foss, Eilesn Fo Vvf 1 e , Do na 1 d Fr e eman , Wa ' U’’ on Freeman, j urruo Fr i a r , Pat r i c 1 .;.i Friar, Br rbara Ann Fia r y , ■ R 1 c h d G a i n 6 s • , E 1 e an o Gass , Louis Gatze, .A ' ilan G ' -ra G tod, Vincent Goist , . T- ' nda ■Gerkon , ■ RudqlP Gerritv, ' -Tohn Git t ' e 1 s 0 }:lu. , Mire God-fre .Ilene Goma.n , Ray Hate Hope Hobby Long Hair If mimiimm 1 Hillside Droops Pretty boy Sighing School Admiral Shop Reformatory Russian boy Rushing All bo " s blit Duffus Duffus Rougli boys Joe Blow Clothes Thin boys Fat boy V addling Brats Good ]oke Corny jokes ” Girls ' ’ ■ " Boys ' Any boy Boys Old maid Po Bums Minister ' s wife " None Being on time Get an A Being late Smart people J • • Any gal Hard chairs Somebody All A»s Kids Tail bov Nothing Washing dishes uc V Short pants Girls ' Car crib ’ Landis iirtist G-arfield High ' school Boys Teachers Footbalj. star Being, tardy Boys --Ha 1 -If red. He Boys BJ Little men Potts Silence V orld History Krupa Moaning ikisic teachers T, Salesma-n Joking Fat people Get reduced Reducing Mules ■ Vi tali s Drawling " ' Sweaters .■ Vamp ing Fat bovs ' B « i-- . Airplanes Nuts DSvV anna C , Sailor Spanish •Sc.ilor Mo vie ma gsi. z inc Books Short hair Being tard f Dirty shoes Louder hat Red hat Brats " Marie " " MsLrie " None Strc.ight Getting thin Mike S. K. e. K. G. • ' Ick” music Gall C, Studying gals Soys Go to Good student Eye lashes Girl None (Oh yeah) Tall dames s. n. E. ,H. ' ' Igebra More weeds Cutting .r i i • - 0 B, M. Going steady Pat boys Got thin .Ro ' - ' ucing Twins Triplets Fli.rting T ' vina Tripl ets Sclenoe Twl.nsi Triplj ts Mmirimm Twins Triple ' cs Getting F ' s Air dlasses No school Acting scre ¥y El -oanor • H. M. V ' oof ing English A in algebra Algebra Spanish Sport star Fooling around MEcckheaeC-S Q ir V O 6 X ' . » • T e r.. sing 0 c h o c- Aiu Anyone Axnyone Small kids Football star Being a dope Cl iris ' Carling iron Ca.rls Soar ish A in Spanish Spanish Frogs ■ ■ ■ Opera singer Singing Pink’ elephan ■. To graduate Hair Nane Gordon, Gillette Gordon, Charles Green, Barbara Green, Paul Green, V illiara Greenleaf, Bob Grennan, Madeleine Grob, Allen Grubbe, Verle Gruhn, Jim Haaf, Ruth-Anne Habib, Jamyla Hagan, Shirley Hager, Robert Lee Hagerty, Frances Haines, Larry Halsey, Diane Halvorsen, Martin Hansen, Harriet Hansen, ' William Hardie, Dorothy Harding, Eleanor Hardy, Hollis Harkins, Wallace Harris, Shirley Harrison, William Haskell, Alfred Haslam, Jean Haymond, Christine Herrick, Robert Hill, Richard Hlneline, Lois Hirst, Anne Helen Hitch, ’Lyman Hodsdon, Roger Hoffman, Margaret Holcomb, Cynthia Hormiel, Arthur Horton, Donald Hughes, Robert Innis, Arnold James, Bill James, Edv ln Jenkins, Tom Johns, Paul Johnson, Martha J ohns on , S ondr a .Jenson, Dolores - Jordan, Lorraine Jory, Stephen Kaga n, Sharon Karpenter, Neal Kempf, Patsy Anne Kiefer, Prank King, Donald J ohns t cn R ob e r t He te Hope Hobby Tests Baseball star Stamps 9 « • Dopes knows????? Getting A s Nothing ' Gerrv Gerry Brothers Net king A ’ s . Chile beans Vocabulary Dishwasher Bold boys Mail Male Woman V Oman Joking Drugstores Druggest ’’Albany” School All •Arne r lean Athletics Big brothers A’s Studying Blonde boys Hot Tamale Miss Fisk Corsets T, Salesman Flirting Robert Lee College Gazing w. S, Artist Drawing Vi orking Algebra School h •§500 a month Dinky , 110 Ibso Dutchman Brain Brain Baseball P, Charming Smiling Pat boys Slim gal Being nuts Conceited boys Bill M, Showing off Nothing Bruce Bruce D. e; Gail C, Gail C. Shorty Books Bullies Bookstore Running Noise Quiet A’s ' Blondes Joyce D, Joyce D, Who knows? Paputchka English Jolcn A, Teacher School Nothing Blahi That hair Punks Luckies Basketball Girls 1,000 boys Flirting Dresses Brains Living Spaghetti Big Leagues C mthia H. Competition Toni Cute girls Fat men Clem Kiddelhopper California Carm.en Miranda Showing off Short gals Women Marbles Football Big League Baseball Noise 9 Being quiet English Professor Girls Shorty Professor Getting P s Baseball Big Leagu.e Baseball Turtle Nev Sweater Algebra Jive Good record Petitions Men? Buddy S , Buddy S « Dope’s D . Ru sh D . Pui sh ? innle A strong man Singing Civilians Marine . Armed. forces B’ar ' bers Tarzan Curls Baclnvard boysWolf Wo. .f ess Army Navy Good Guy Vi edgles Chas, Atlas II o " Big Frank” K1 uten HU I Boys Helaine Girls Small boys 6 ft. Baseball 12 Name Hate . Hppe Hobby Kisin .Plelen- ' Engli-sh ■ Mode 1 - Pr imping KitcheX, BeVerXy ' M ' dch. ' Dr. boys John G, Boys ' Kramer, Buryi Tests Artist Art ' ' ■ Kohler, Merlin " Spanish To bo tough Being quite Landerholih, Prcinccs Sunday school Teacher Mirror gazing Laurie, Barbara ’’Blondie” L lb r ariosi Fussing-- around Lee, Elaine ' Noises Gi‘cat romance Flirting Lengel, Joanne Parties To get a Man Chattering Lewis, Don School ■ Tcnnie choanp Good guy . Lindsay, Doreen Dancing Soldier Sports Lindsay, Bob Dances Bov! Getting jilted Lindsay, Everett Competition Sal Who knows M Lodado, Florence Getting up 2 A Son Juan Thinking Logan, Mary 9 • You tell us Blushing Loomis, Clarence Jerks??? Basketball star Basketball Lougher, Beverly Red hair?? Dick Ross Dick Ross Lykken, Mary Louise Girls Don Powle Any boy MacKay, Bob Brats I Somebody Quietness Mallory, M 11 dr e d Hor Nose- Romance Art Manning, Kathryn Gossiping? Bob Gonzales • Girls ' Marlin, .Wendell Holly woods Some bone Little -ideals Marinoni, Helen Boys -ha 1 " Uh " Being frank Martin, Gerry Fresno Paul Green Paul Green Martin, Joyce Girls A in Spanish Crying Marts, Gertrude School Albert V ood Albert Wood Matthews , Prank History Bev C, Loafing Mauch Ruth Sdhool Any one John- Terry Me Cue, Jerry None Jean Miller • None ' ' " ' ' ■ McCurdy, Richard Ice creara .. Who knows 1 Piano •. McDov eli, Bernice Noise Ilene Foss Drums- - McGiffert, Michael Suckers S, Broderick SuC’k ' er McKenna, Corinne Homework , A millionaire Mirrors • McKenzie, Ashley Show??? Sal Two timing! McKissick, Helen Berkeley! I Tucker Tucker Meadows, Mary Florence George Sutton Being s-tubborn Meinhiot, Richard Pickle boys ■ Lefty Track! Miller, Hov ard Pickle boys Bev C, Wolfing Miller, Jean Marie Child actors Actress Acting Mitchell, Bill Digging ditches Do t H , W ' ’omon Mitchell,, Craig Cops A girl La.wlessness Moncrief, Patricia Mossy hair A tall man Guess? ■ Moody, W 1 1 1 i am Baseball We wjondcr Being lazy Moore, Charles School A good excuse Excuses Morrison, Robert Vohs Dede Cutting up! ! Mu 1 V any , Richard Keeping still To graduate Being a pest Newman, Sally Hats ' GUil! Chewing -g-um O’Connor, Keith Opera ' A gal Being shy Omstead, Barbara Garfield Albany boys Flirti ng Ogle, Marie Little brother Mike Edwards Love affairs Osmer, Joan Music A man Gossiping Parker, Mildred Bass viol Joe G, Being nice Parker, Polly Tallness ’ A Wave Carmel boys Partridge, Calvin French An A Getting P’s Paul, Harriet Flirts Ballot Spanish Pearce, Richard No telling No telling No telling Peglow, ' Pr .nk Freckles lloet anything That laugh 13 Name Hate Hope Hobby Perrin, Alice Jane Bass viol Veronica Lake Hair combing Perry, Frank English A in English F in English Pholps ' Dcnald Work No work-- Sea Scouts Po-t t s , R6%Gr b Characters, P. P. Pov ers, -Joan Algebra Tobo Jokes Preecott,- Jack Lights Donahue Lights out Pursell, Bill Who knows 1 Mildred M, Scouts Range, Robert Weaklings 9 t None Rej’nolds, I u.icc None None None Reynolds, Clare. Rivals Jim Vohs S tudy ing Reid, Beverly ' -Tcarx 10 la Forger Forging Richards, George Silence Noise Quietness Richardson, Roy Algebra Anyone Loafing Riedy, George Bugler Strorig man -Arr.xj Roberts, Susan ' Drills None None Robertson, Charles Small gals Admiral Sea Scouts Robertson, lyndhen Books A blond Looking .up Rodman, Wanda Lee Bullies Anyone Boys Rosenberg, Cathcrino Screwballs Jim S tudabaker Chattering Ross, Dick Gals--Hai: Anybody Dancing Rossini, Eny Sailers V. -L. Writing letters Rush, I ;vlght Censors No one--yet Being a wolf Rose, Lena Roses Dick Ross Homework Sadler, Bruce Vacation All school A in everything Saldal, James Compotit ion Sal Attempting Schaeffer, Betty D ' omb things Ashley M, Nothing J I 1 Schafer, James W. Boys A-ssoc. Sal Sham socks Schafer, James E. Muf ler Major leagues Baseball Scheider, ' Charles Silent pecpl c Long eyelashes Thinking Schoonover, ' Warren Wolf esses Foreman Work Scott, Elizabeth ' Athletics Lady w restlcr Vv ' elder , Sergeant, Sallv Plano E, G. Swimming Sheridan, Uine Ann Sheridan Doctor ii(Ieokness Sherry, Denis ' • " ■ Homework No school Sleeping Shirley, Norma Short- boys French bov V Boys Sicular, Robert Nas-e ' Aictor Acting S ime nd s , Gerald ToachLers Policeman Traffic cop Smith, Cora.lee ' ' Qakics ' ' Missourian " Oakles” Smith, Bob School A in anything Cutting Smirh, Mar j or ie Brunettes Any boy All A ' s Soej.berg, Gloria Men? V ? Marine Ha ir Sparks, Gwendolyn Fat boys Skinny boys character Stanforth, Robert Girls Prizefighter Degs S t a.ns f 1 e 1 d , John Book worms Write a book Books Steel, Torn Student lead- cr K, M, Firebug Stleglor, Gayle No eking ' - ha I Andy Clinches Storer, Shirley -■ Oranges Glamour gal Mixing up Stout, ■ Robert Slim ' Jerks To get an A Getting F’s Strahl, Glenn Tall " girls To be tall Stretching S tudabaker , J Im Dot McCain C, Rosenberg Many gals Suernne r hay s , Laur S: Typewriter J, DeB. Getting. A’s Suppes, Joan Chorus girls Can ' t say Seriousness Svensgaard, Llewellyn Music i-n other Krupa Dr ' uin Pounding Terry, John Radio Radioman Radio Thoma s , Christine Play boys Fashion plate Shyness.- Tollcfson, Mina School A boy Cutting 14 . Name H at ; Tischler, Narv Studying Trainpleasure’v’ WTOi-liam Cigars- ■ Trottier, Roy Teacher’S ' Turner, Robert ' Blushing Vallo¥7, Helen ' Sweater gals Van Bezels Zenia Past vjorlrers Vineyardy- Betty -Lou L ' wian -E. Vohs , ’Fiiii ' !!orrison Von Chris hier s on , J e an Preachers Voyles, He hen Cynthia Hole V ahne , ■ Nancy Walker, Sally PYasels ? a Idron , Jane t Bottlenecks Y a Idr on , Kin g Loots Wa J lace, Au drey ' J , De ' Doni s ■ Y ainsley, Patricia Short skirts Warren, Dick Small heels Eiasbauer, Marius PYench •Waterhouse, ' Richard Fr’ank Vveideinann, Bob Gerauins ' •Test, Nancy Lou Dentist White, Emma Lou Dopes Ydltoly, Earl Airplanes Wiest, Royer r;c,.V, ? t t ? ' Jickenden, Margie Noise W i 1 c 0 X , Mar y -I;Ou Jokes ' ■ Vj‘ i 1 1 i am s , J oiin Athletics Willi am s , 1 ■ a r s t o n econ leagues 1 i 1 s 0 n , Stephen . Lnelish W i s e r , Erne r s c n Girls Wyman, Lurie Shy people Woolley, William Long pants Wcng , ' Eora c e Photography W right , 1 i 1 li am La 1 1 n Wilson, Jean Blondes Hope Hobby Sophistication That walk P-O ' liticiair . • Getting A’ s ■Street ' cleaner. ■No . homework Barba r a . Gr e e n B. G. Hubby Brains Swing shift You tell us Oomph .girl S’.veaters ' a « Being handsome Ushenette Gapping . .V) ]fr ♦ ‘i¥ Primping A preacher Praying Ashley M. Every body Fan dancer Twin , Cowho- - T’win D, R... Grinning • - Gum ■ ■ - Gu.j A dancer Girls Bartender Pishing Bank -guard Spi t-talls ■ ■ Sailor German Spy J ohn B John B. Alfred ,F. Secretary ■ ' C ' card . Touring S. S. fouard Drooling The islands lie e ping still Librarian Library books ' The Thin Man " Reducing Backstop Stringing bead Peon Bliss II ilachelor Dear hunting PYotball. player Barker Muscles Building -Up Navy photography Inventor A scientist Rita Hayv crth Bleaching Girl Audd i e Wal la c c - Sissie Gains 3 -- Ge r t r i d e li a r t s - Be V C ainpb e 1 1 - - Gerry Nartin Gail Caricof lv:a r ima e Gross-- Yvonne C lay ton - Be V C ampb ell Kelen Marinoni- Dede De Picixon- Toni Anthony Ilene Godfrey-- Ilargie Smith Gayle Stiegler- Kildred Kallory The j-U eal rhch Nine Eoy. SEY 35 OF FL RSCY, iLI:; YAIB lYYS ' pT TT rytT ' PI GO B Y -CLCTFP3 PYELASf-YS-- COiPLlXIOY ■■-•n DA‘:YIYG void ----blUINS --PROFILE yOSE OR Girl Un V ---Jim Volis ---Boh L i r: d say ---Doug mown Frank Ki offer Allan Blanc ---Jchn DeBcnis ---Horace Wong --- Y?;ard i. ' iller John Gerrity --Don Bentley --dn nht Rij.sli --Dpiip Brown - - A i f r J : - Haskell ---Paul Green --John De Bonis --Tom Dardet Favorite Expressions Ga ' rfield Faculty « One two thre e • f our- five 1. Almy inust have silence. 2. Bagnall Mrs.-- onl 4 - throwing erasers 3. Barnes, VJlllV----- Just to remind yon, 4 . Barry, Miss 5. Bliss, Mr.-- constitution hack. 6. Brubaker, I ' iiss warning you. Be quiet,, 7. Curtice, Mrs. -Don’t you contradict met 8. Choisser, Mrs. I- -Oh you little darlings’. 9. collar, Kiss- you to get in there 10. Corley, hr. Zeroise, position, exercise, position. 11. Davis, Mrs. Take off your bandanna, Mary. 12. Dyson, Mrs. --So I poked him in the nose, 13. Edwards, Mr. tio Keep you after school. 14 . Fisk, Miss These tests are tex’rible 15. Gavin, Mrs. RTchard, be quiet’, v. t n 16. Gaylord, Miss - Don’t leave until the second » 17 . Goode, Miss-- sdiool can’t go on without me. 18. Groefsema, i.iiss VJatcb your stroking. i+. 4-9 19. Hamsher, Miss oe day for blue prints, isn 20. Hawkins, Mr. Il.-Ouit drilling holes in your hand, Willie. 21. Hughes, Mr.- — ” Relpor’, Helper’. 22. Kid¥ ell, Miss vobiscum-pueri . 23. Kilkenny, Mrs. , vnn dieu. vous etes stupide. 24. Laurens, Miss III - Stop throwing type 25. Le land , Mr . s . - - Ahhhhhhhhhhlihhhhhh . 26. Lov ' .rey, Miss Onlv one up at a tlrae. 27. Kally, Hiss--- .-7iy“ for evermore! 23. Martin, Hiss a. 4 ' atch your endings. 29. Martin, Kiss II.--- tap, three tap, four t P, 30. Einzyk, Kr .- that so, class? Isn ' t that so. 31. Kontagne, nrs.----- Cuidadol , in the room. 32. Oohoa, miss--- — - Fr-eedom of speech hut not xn the room. 33 Fatten, Miss rlaase , quiet please. M latton Miss E.- — OHef M r haAdl away ' from hat cutter. 55. perry , Hh . going to have a 36. Phillips, Fix-.- Idaiio, the potatoes 37 . Po’ivers, ' Mr. Griff sn ff. Who’s chewing 33 . Riley, Miss up those lunch wrappers. See! 39. Roscoe, Mr. a iiamber from 40. Rowell, Mrs. ; Gr ' i ' ' d, you’ve found a subst, for rubbe 41. Shriver, Idrs. don’ t like you. 42. Smith, Firs. j.ppve my books alone’. +- -hpr ' 43. stone. Miss--- H Pod hoys or I ' ll Wok you out of her 44. Stout, Miss--- Youke disturbing the rest of the class. 45. Stro,ng, Kiss see you get tough in my cl 46. Van Matre, lir. " PI pjpat are you doing? 47 . Wilkes, Firs. ' „rnn’t talk during the test, 48. Wilson, L iss-- ready to take notes tomorrow. 49 . Young, F-rs, ’Y , i; v qI ■ ' T ' he ' e are your assemblies, c„n.w tor tu. e»“ ““ hy the faculty. TtlE L0¥; EIGHTH We " buy G.S.A cards and help in the vmr, We go collecting scrap from door to door. We help in the bond drives as best as vie can, To take our boys to where Hitler ran. Yesi V e’re the Low. Eight and we try with all o- ' or might For we Y ant to- get in and help in the fight. Novj we Lov; Eights have another side too, It s not all on -the serious side so true We YJork and jet stop for play ViJe’re athletic in every v ay Miss Collar s advisory v ins in the races. Both boys and girls run fast paces Miss Lauren ' s won -the Noon League Test, Athletes strong, they prove their best For glamor we have Mr. Hawkin ' s gals. Pretty and charming -and best of pals Handsome are the boys o f Van Matre ' s clasa, With the alluring- charm that will alwhys pass Ph V llis Blak t. G. S. A. AoSSIBLISS lvfe.y 18 -— }!hy 19 -— ' i ' lD.y 3 D—- ' -ky 21 If (l)---Old Glory March 5-— Monlcey roan and circus March 10- -Boys Assoc ---Movie ( 2 —Sadie Havki-ns Dance I’krch 22— Camp Ashby Boys l rch 24- -Bond Rally (S)J ' .1a: ' " ch 25 ' --AsseLibly--3onds and Stomps Jky 24- — (4)April 2- ' --Bond Rally jj lS, 000-Ho Jeeps ( S L -T ' .-i 1 S ' Gii Is As s oc hlay 2 6— - April ] l--?.ir-Americ n Doy I ' ky 28— (cUpri ] 1 ' - m - Ame r 1 c n D ay lD-- ' 3j.inci Xylophqnes " t Ao ' - ' i.x 21 --Hcll Trood Movio--’‘Carefree” Iky ol—- 30--Arra.rds AsserMy ( 6 ) 1 b,y — - - T o 1 e s o on e Vbj V — .--Girls Assocj ( 9 „„„ ««Bond Rally-- Jeep Aay 10----I ' Iavy Movies 11a; 11- Land of Ldbsrty-- Movie June 2- — f June 2— • Gar ,-Bur,— S oftball -Rforld at War— Movie -Ge.r -Willard--S oftball -Hard Tiires Dance Blind Piano Player ‘ Fare v:ell to 0, C, L. -Hello 4 to Mr, .Baxter, our new principal -Traci: Events • -King of the Ro; al Mounted and his dogs, -Inb reduction of Candidates -Girls Assogo— " Style Show •Electioi of Next terms officers or Boys (lOj- — ---—Track meet with El C, Mo.y 13 Gar. - Bur .--So f tba 1 1 (ll — ——Hobby Show May 14-— -Track Meet with Willard June 4- — June 9-— June 10— June 11- - June 14— ' June 15-“ ' June 18— incoming scrubs g -Block G Dance -P et a look around A 1 , Movie imrds Assembly Athletic Awards Assembly ' Girls Assoc, Meet ing High Nine Dinner and Dance ■Graduati on BOND DRIVES This year Garfield has set nevv records, still to be broken. We completed t TO -.uccessful Bond Drives, both amounting beyond the most optimistic speculations Altogether, the amounted to approximately |29,000; over 18,000 in the first one and over $10,000 in the second. The former amount wont toi ard the National Campaign and the latter tomrd the building of the ”U, S, S. GEORGE ' j;RRELEY, Both quotas assigned to Garfield were over subscribed, thus showing she spirit with v hich Garfield is backing up our fighting men. For this splendid " eocrd, we reoeived a letter of congratulations and a certificate for twenty jeeps rom the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Ga.rfield should indeed be proud of the Berkeley Public Schools Bond Campaign —Paul Green, Treasurer HOBBY SHOW Garfield Jr, Craft Club was stanted in 1938, Since then it has had an annual .■ ■ ' obby Dsthibit, under the direction of Miss Louroy, 0 This yea.r there were 300 entries and the followiuig members Tvon 1st prizes: Grand Prize- Jim Studebaker FolloYiring vrere all first prizes ; 7, ' arren Freeman Trank Mlat thews -Achard Bennett Gale Devender John Stockdyk Bob Greenleaf Bill Mitchel Tully Bowman GarloYr Riley Herbert Wagoner Allan Ga,tze Tom Jenkins 18 CREOTIVE wst ■ JIB ' 1 ' fW iP ' ‘ wil ' l nl mVr ' W iHHI j y - ■■■ i Sl HmC •I IBBt J ' { t= Vi m 1 J i SPORTS 1. Boys ' Unlimited Basketball 2. Girls ' H-9 Basketball 3. Boys ' 115-lb. Basketball 4. Girls ' H-9 Basketball 5. Boys ' 95-lb. Basketball 6. Girls ' L-9 Basketball 7. Varsity Basketball 8. 1 05-lb. Basketball 9. Jr. Varsity Baseball 10. H-8 Soft Ball 1 1. L-9 Soft Ball GIRLS SPORTS The H.9 and L 8 Basketball Temas beat in the interclass series but all four teams » H.9, L.9, H. 8 , and L ,8 played Burbank, The games were close but Burbank won. The H,9 and L ,8 Baseball Teams beat in the inter-class series and played Burbank v inning all games. In track, four records were broken, Diane Brackman v on the most points with tvjo broken records and two first places. She broke the 85 lb. Baseball Throv for distance and the 85 lb. Basketball Throw for distance. Nineteen H,9 girls out of a class of 142 girls won the Garfield pennants. They must earn 125 or more points in the six terms at Garfield to get a pennant. B, J. T. P. The Junior Traffic boys have done a fine 30 b this term. They are at their posts rain or shlbe every morning and every afternoon. On Monday mornings they drill with Officer Stevens of the B, P. D, Some of the credit for their punctuatllty, alertness, and courage is due to Mr, Phillips, their advisor, GIRLS ASSOCIATION ■To get acquainted v ith the girls of the Low Seven we had our semi-annual Big-Little Sister Program, By the end of the program most of the Big Sisters had adopted their little Sisters for keeps, -We had a variety of other programs this term including; Amateur Hour, Fashion Show, U. S, 0, Book Program, Truth or Consequences show and a large Talent show to end the term,, ' This joyed it term has been loads of fun for me and I hope you have en- too, Ilary Meadows, Girls Assoc, Pres . BOYS ASSOCIATION A movie, " Look to Lockheed for Leadership, " was procured for the Boys’ Association. It showed all the famous Lockheed models, the A entura the Knuds on, the Lodestar , the P—38, and new they are con structed and flown, " The U,S, Secret Service, " a March Time movie was shovjn at the last meeting, A sizeable portion of the B,A, funds went towards Mr, Lawson’s gift from the student body. 22 BOY’S SPORTS FALL AND SPRING BASIIET BALL UNLIMITEDS , 115 ' s. Garfield 27 El Cerrito 23 Garfield 25 Willard 13 Garfield 31 Westlake 13 Garfield 22 Willard 9 Garfield 21 Willard 32 Garfield 26 •Willard. 12 Garfield 28 Willard 15- Garfield 32 Willard 27 Won 3 Lost 0 Garfield 24 El Cerrito 24 GarfieM 51 Burbank 16 105 ’s Garfield won St. Marys lost Garfield 25 Willard 29 Gairf leld won LIO Alumni lost Garfield 22 Willard 14 Garfield won V lllard lost Garfield 26 Burbank 25 Garfield lost H12 Alumni won Garfield ¥7 on Willard lost Won 2 Lost 1 Garfield won A lumni lost Garfield ¥7 on Burbank lost 95’s Garfield lost Alumni won Garfield 17 Willard 21 Garfield 18 Willard 6 V Ion 11 Lost 4 Won 1 Lost 1 BASEBALL MRDBALL The varsity won eight out of twelve games, entered into the American Legion League biit won due to high school . competition. Garfield 13 St. Marys 9 Garfield 3 Garfield 20 St. Marys 4 Garfield 23 Garfield 8 St. Marys 7 Garfield IS Garfield 10 St. Marys 2 Garfield 4 Garfield 2 St. Marys 7 Garfield 16 Garfield 7 Berk Hi 8 Garfield 4 ' This term they one out of five Berk. Hi. 10 V fillard 9 Willard 0 Grove 4 Berk. Hi, 2 Grove 7 d The Junior Varsity won three out of five games and also played with the Varsity and Junior Varsity. No games were played with El Cerrito or Albany, The Midgets v on all in the American Legion, they lost three and won one SOFTBALL Both High Nine and High Eight teams won all of their games with Burbank and Willard, TRACK V fe had a successful track season this year vmth track meets with Willard, Burbank, El Cerrito, Albany and Berkeley, All in all, we ? on championship in baseball, basketball, and softball, finishing up an outstanding spring term at Garfield, 21 TPIE GARFIELD BARD Vifhat a ' bs.ncU Garfield’s band has seventy-nine members, who know their instruments and how to play them. The Bond Rally on Alpril 2nd w ' as the only chance our band had to play this term and it vas sn inspiring one. Their performance gave great spirit to the rally, rnTT-ni ir.:h GARFIELD ORCIjE Anything from symphony to swing] Our Garfield Orchestra can do that and much more. It has encouraged and developed the musical afoility of the students. This term they certainly have lived uip to their reputation of fine music and musicians » They played for tv o assemblies, under Mr, Minzyk and all of them took pleasure in learning and practicing numbers to play at assemblies. GLEE CLUBS ( irls Glee Officers Pres, --Carla Case V, Pres, --Hope Hansen Soc. Sec. --Sue Richardson Treas , --Diane Meadows Bovs Glee Officers Kj Pres, --John Bullhart V, Pres .--Joseph Sibilia Sec , - -Sym Wi 1 s on Treas , --Dick Matthev ?s The Girls’ Glee v as all out to help in any way they could this term] One pf their noblest performances, was singing for the patients of the Berkeley General Hospital, The two clubs together gave a vaudeville show and their executive bocrds acted a.s judges for the partic ipants. They had a combined picnic and dance, Mrs, Young is the able director of both groups. She does a grand job and v orked hard to make Garfield’s Glee C].ubs something of which we can always be proud. A CAPPELI i Garfield’s A Cappella is just about the best A Cappella that you can find anyYHiere ] Two of their appearances this term were singing for the P.T.A, mothers in April and singing at the Epv orth Methodist Church. Both times they gave grand performances ] The A Cappella had a barbecue and. dai ce and all the students had a lot of fun] Mrs, Smith and the members have worked together to make the A Cappella the fine organization it is. 24 The Spirit pf the High Eight This grade is full of vigor With cheers ard laughs galore. They have their fun and playtime. And studies aren’t a bore. They ' re busy in the classrooms. They ' re active in the sports. With football,- baseball, track-teams. They ' re great on tennis courts, t They keep a grand old spirit. They ' re level-headed, cool. They’re really qdite a grand young gang To have around the school, A class that ' s full of brightness. That keeps up Garfield ' s vim. They do their part to do their job To keep our school in t rimi Mac-k V hite A CAPELLA GIRLS GLEE BOYS GLEE ORCHESTRA BAND .r afitdOl FQBxfl f V f ' n jifJ f icv X ' Lav 1 THE GmHER STAFF For the first time in the history of our Gleaner, it has been a complete students’ publication with two classes turned ovef to its developement. Editorial Staff: Editor---Dwight Rush Staff---Allen Blanc, Joyce Belfs, Catherine Lyman, Gerry Martin, Dick Bennett, Jim Vohs, Kerineth Cusick, John DeBonis, Joe Dickie, Bob Greenleaf, Mary Meadows. Art Staff: Art Editor Peggy Curtis Staff Gene Bernard!, Barbara Cooney, Joan Huggard, Mildred Mallory, Mildred Parker, Joan Gundlach, Photography Staff: Photography Editor- — ‘Horace Wong Staff---Tom Steel, Edward Bindt, Bill Mitchel Printing Staff: Lionel Forsyth, Bill Mitchel, Dick Bennett, Bob Greenleaf. Typing and Mimeographing Staff? Barbara Green, Laura Surnmerhays, Tom Steel, Beverley Campbell, Tom Cooley, Lionel Forsyth, The Production Staff: Mrs. Wilkes, Mr, Hughes, Jir. Hawkins, Mr. Del and. Miss Hamsher, Miss Groefsma. We are grateful for the help given by the following members of the faculty? Mr. Lawson, Mr. Baxter, Miss Collar, Miss Ki dwell, Jilrs, Bagnall, ttrs. Montagne and all others who have helped us make this Gleaner possiblp. We are also grateful to Eugenia Bates, and Beverly, Lougher and all other students who -have given assistance to our staff. Low Nine Spirit Low nine spirit-is it low? ' ? . i • • • ♦ - You said, ”Low?” - ' No 2 No I No I ' Pull or steam, full of pep. Snappiest class in Garfield ..yet. Fall in line, join the crowd ‘ ’ Low nine spirit-aren t we proud] Bill Rieger JOIvES Mrs, Rowel I---” How do ’ ' Bunk” Becker---” It ’ s finds out,” V Mrs, W®lker --”Sally, Sally- — " Yea, Mother, and I 4 aid, No thank % v you define ignorance?” when you don’t kno¥f something and someone f V • 5 " T r V ' J )T V A w v were you a good girl in church today?” A man offered me a big plate of money, you, ’” y» f % p jy f St t 4V 4 4 4 4S % Proud Mother---” Our Johnny is very smart in school,’ Visitor---”What is he studying?” P, M,---”Oh let’s see, he’s studying French, Spanish, and Algpbra Johnny, say ’hello’ to Mrs, Smith in Algebra,” .. . t t Kt t St t St St St St A %V vC iC A A A A VV A « Richard Mulvany---”Suppose you were a cast-avv ' ay on an island ¥;ith only one book; what book would you like it to be?” John Stansf ield---”That ’ s easy ’’Boat Building for the Amateur St St At Sf M St At St St St St " r if A vC % ' C trC ii w VT W t t rC Gillete Gordon (just finishing the 440) ”pid you take my time?” Mr, Corley---” ' ! didn’t have to, , You took it yourself,” St St St At At St At At St St A St At tv A A A t r ’tv tv • ’is VT Mr, Lawson- — -’’How many students are in your class?” Mr. Edw ards ’’About one, out of every five,” St St St At At At St St St St St ts " is ”fs v t ' C " ifT ' T 3 nr ’V ' T C ’is ’’The examination,” said Mrs, Curtice, ’’will be conducted on the honor system. Please sit three seats apart and in alternate rows,” St St St St St S St St St St At ■VC ’iC ts " Vv " SC " ’{ “is ’i ' C tC Mrs, Shriver---”Name five things, that contain milk,” Cecelia C , --- " Butter, cheese, ice cream, and tv ro cows, " ' St St St St St St St St St t St t trv V ’is W fC ’i V ’i ' C " VC B, Morrison " l wonder why J, Schafer talks- to himself so much?” J, Vohs---”He says that he likes to talk to a smart man and that he likes to hear a smart man talking,” St sr St St St St St St St Si s iS ts ' V ts fs ’is ' V ’is Bob " Why is he yawning, .in the middle of his speech? " Dick---”’He must be listening to it. " J ' !, ► ' . J ' . AL ' L ts s ts ts ’ts V " k ■ ’tC Mrs, Bagnall’s English class was set to the task of writing an essay on " ' Our Dog,” Dick Gardner was the first to finish. His essay read; " ‘Our Dog, we haven’t got one. " J ' , ' ' ' ' St St St ts ts t ts ts ts tv ts ts ts Ik t’ ’iC Miss Riley- -- " ' When was Rome built? " Dick Bennett " At night, " Miss Riley " ' Who told- you that? " Dick Bennett " V ell, you said Rdme wasn’t built in a day, " •l d JL J ' Jt Si t St St ts ts t ts t ts • % t ts %•% ’i ' S ■ ’fs ’tC Tom Cooley " I raise lions on my ranch,. " Barber " 17 ' hat k i n d ? " Tom Coole f " ’Dandy lions. " Si SI St St St St St St St St St ts“ ts " ts ' T i ’tC “iC ’fC ' i ’tC ’tC ’fC Mrs. Shriver " ' Did you glean this fish before you cooked it? " ' Gloria " ' No, what’s the use of washing anything that’s lived in water all of its life? " ,? ■ J’ ' ' “i, ' • ts ts ts ts fs yC C vC ’ts fs " tT , Mrs, Curtice " And why did you put quotation marks around all of your answ ers on the test? " Bob Greenleaf " ' I was quoting the girl in front of me. ' ' s ts ts ts ts ts ts ts y V ’tC ’ts ’ts JOKES Lionel Porsjth--”L herG do Jellyfish got their jelly?” ' Joe Dickie--” ' Prom the Ocean currents, I guess,” " “ V " V ' T ' T ' Jt ' T %% 3 " { %■ " VC " • Boh Turner- ■ anyhow, y©u won’t have to ¥orry about fire ' drills . ” ‘ , Scriib---” ' ¥hy not?” ' ‘ - Bob Turner- You ’ re too groon to burn,”’ ' ■ ;. 3nT " ir » v r % ■ " i IriT " Vi " Mr, Powers ”Have jov. been reading ” Longf ellovj?” Bill Mitchell ”No, onl for a qu.arter of an hour.” ' r . f r st « %t 7 " v i rv Miss Lowery--”! will take some hydrogen and then I will take some chloroform. ” Class ”0h fine,” M St St St St St St (Merritt Pres ' ton ' in a beLrt)eh’ ' hbp’) Barber ”Do you went it cut or just the oil changed.” James Schafer is quite conceited isn’t he?” ”I’ll say -he is,” ' ”Why on his last birthdon he sent a letter of congratulation to his •parents,” — 4 t St t t t St St St " ir“ C“ iC “ T %C v V Hov ard Miller (on telephone ) -”Hollo dear, how about us having . dinner together this evening?” Bev Campbell ”I would love it.” Howard Miller -” ' Well, toll vour ' ' mother I’ll be over about seven o ’ clock, 4 4 4 -t St St St St St St St St St St Its " tC ' VC ' VC ‘Vv " ’ % " VC v ‘VC C VC VC VC Miss Gaylord (’writing out absence slip) ” ' W111 the children who are absent please speak up in order to save time,” ' t St 4 t St 4 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 VC VC C VC " VC " VC " VC " VC " VC VC " VC VC " VC Miss Pe.tton--“” Craig, name the 48 states,” Cra.ig Uitche ' l‘r“-‘ ' - ’ ' California, ' ' Oregon, etc,” Miss Pa.tton ”VHiy, when I was a child I could name them in half that time.” ' ■ ’ Craig Mitchell ’’Sure, but there were only thirteen then,” 4 4 4 4 4 St St St St 4 St St t ' is " VC VC " VC " VC " VC " VC " VC " VC " VC " VC VC " VC Bob Vifledeman ”Di(i I pass my singing tost?” Mrs. Smith ”V ell, I won’t ’sa ’’, but I play on the Black and Vifhite keys and you sing in the cracks,” Mrs, Dyson (sternl 7 y) this essay on ’Our Dog’ is word for word the same as your brother’s,” Allen! 4 lanc 4 r -sl ' ' j! . ,r;ia ' --m---,-lt s " t he same dog.” St S St ' 4J St ’St St St St St St 4 St " VC " VC " VC " VC C " VC " VC " VC " VC VC " VC " VC " VC Mr, Brovm ” Vhat did you learn in school today?” Doug Brown---”! learned t ' o say ’No sir’ and ’Yes sir’, and ’Yes Ma’m and no Ma’m,’” Mr. Brown (greatly pleo.sed) ”You did.’” Doug Brown ” ' Yep « - 4 St t t t 4 4 4 4 4 4 At t ts " VC ts " VC " 4 " VC " VC “VC " VC " V4 VC vC Mrs, Bagnall -- ' -’’Thomas Bardet, what does straight mean?” ” ' Tobo” ”No soda,” 30 High 9 s In this v orld of war and strife, Vifc Seniors lead a hectic life, Working nov from sun to sun, We never get our homework done, V e think we’re nothing hut the host, And don’t mind telling it to the rest. But soon from proud Seniors we. Will once again poor freshmen he, Joan Anthony i pi ‘ ■ ' • vk '

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