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t PUBLISHED BY THE OARFIELD STUDENT ASfOCIATION GARFIELD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BERKELEY CALIFORNIA IP YOXT WANT TO KNOW WHO HADE THIS BOOK, TURK TO PAGE 27, OUR PRINCIPAL With the closing of this fall term of 1942 the students of Garfield can look back over a busy and successful term. The " Garfield spirit " served us well through the many and various new wartime ex- periences during the past semester. Garfield has grown stronger and better through the cooperation of students and teachers in meeting these calls for scrap drives, defense stamp and bond sales, and we can all be proud of the real American Spirit of our Garfield Student Body. Let us go forward knowing that we are pulling together and that each day finds us stronger and nearer to peace on earth and good will to men. Olivet C . J-awion OUR STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT This term the Executive Board was faced with the problem of planning the school ' s participation in the war effort, in addition to its regular activities. In making its plans, it was assisted by the principal and faculty advisor; in carrying them out, its success was due entirely to the efficient response of an alert student body. The Scrap Drive came first, followed by a series of War Bond and Stamp sales which set a record for the school. Dances, games, and assemblies were attended with the usual Garfield spirit. This spirit of cooperation made it possible for the executive officers to fulfill the duties for which they were chosen. As your President I wish to thank both you and the Executive Board for a splendid semester. ELNA MARIE KISTLER. 5 STUDENT GOVERNMENT JUSTICE COURT EXECUTIVE BOARD PREX Y " GLEANER STAFF STUDENT LEADERS GIRLS ' ASSN. REPRESENTATIVES TRAFFIC POLICE STUDENT LEADERS STUDENT aOVER: I -)ENT The functionG: of student government revolve ibcut the Executive Board. Thia or.ganiz?tlen consists of the elected officers of the Student Bodv and hr.s for its duty the development of the policy of student government. President — Presides at :ill school assemblies n.nd servos as good Yalll messenger in vprious social and civic affairs. Vice Presiden t — Fulfill: " ' office of president in case of absence of that ..7f ' i...ce- . Snocif ic duties involve conduct of pu]:a,ici ' ;7 »cai aaisns " . f or G, Sr A, sales and similar Secret ary - H ' a chj. ( o of the minutes of executive board meetings Treasurer— ' Has ' charp:e. of collection and disbursesient of Student Bodv fund Social Secret ai-y — Arr ang o s dances and other social activities of Cr , S • A , E ys ' and GlrlsJ -i: ' -l .? ' ' X J 2 ' ?l Pros ident 3 " - Fl an and carry oiit varioLit acea .:tlc of the Beys ' and Girls Associations re : •...c-:aa Boys and Girls IjU. ct ic; IvranaperS " -Undar the guidance of the gym in.: ■.•ruct-. .-rs . The Boas ' o.nd Girls ' Athletic Managers , 1.3 sue en--.i. tehe care of all athletic contests, Bojs and Glrlr t Ye " 1 Lt :a ; s--Main responsibility Is to maintain the pep and morale of the Student Body-- to lead yelli in ss o al. 1 les and at sthlctie contests. The outgo ing C- x i leers of the fall term are 0 « President - • • • • • " Ir a Klstler Girls ' AssQ, Pre 3, • Sally Taylor v ' ice Presld . .. 1- P-;tcrson Bo .-s ' Ath, ¥: [an a , Bill Boyd a i +- n f T • luca : Prentiss Girls ' lth,L ' -I -1. oria Sibllia Trea£ ;rer . • • • « .anal e Michel B ys ' yell I Ed Bortlett eocial Seer ' etar;, ' , ' ■ .-. -.o rie ?jad Girls ' Yell T J-J, ' J aequo line Michael t ' oys ' As3 5. pres, , 3 a. " i ' i- ?vtori2on The incoming of floors for the spring term r-.- ; President , , , , , Allen Blanc Girls ' Aesq, Pres. , Mary Meado ' s Vice President , Thomas Bardett Boys ' Ath, Hanager , Ken Cameron Secretary • • , , Emmy Lou Vhito Girls ' Ath, Mana.ger, Bett ' Scott Treasurer ,,,,,, Po.ul Green Boys ' Yell Leader , Bob Morrison Social Secretary , Joan i thony Girls ' Yell Leoder , Sharon Kagan E .oys ' As So. Prss, • James Shaefor Student Leaders The Student Leaders go to their posts at tho first bell. The passing bell rings and the students rush from their classes. But whoa — not so fast — reep to your right, etc. The Student Loader is on the lob. Continued on Page 16 GRADUATES MISS GROEFSEMA ' S ADVISORY Top Row: DAVIS BRYANT TED ORVIS Middle Row: ELLIS GORDON CELIA LILLIAN DIXON RICHARD GROUSE BETTY DENNISON ALAN DORSEY ELEANOR COX DENNY BRIGGS MARJORIE CARTER WAYNE CARLSON JEAN BAILEY JIM DOUGLAS JACK DERFER DIFFEN- EDWARD ANDRESEN WILLIAM ANDERSON JAMES BARTLETT EDDIE BOYD BILL DUCKWORTH KENNETH BERGER ALAN COVEY ROBERT BAKER ROBERT Bottom Row: BUCHANAN BRUCE BENNETT ELEANOR DUNSTER JEANNETTE BAXTER LEONARD DRESSER BETTY AUSTIN JOANN ARMSTRONG MARY CAMERON CONNIE DYER MILDRED BOERICKE ARTHUR DOYLE MEL MISS HAMSHER ' S ADVISORY Top Row: GUNTER BILL HAUSELT WILLIAM HOWARD FRANK HARVEY JIM HOWE WALTER HAVENS CHARLES GRUHN LEWIS FIKSO WALTER HIGLEY PAUL HAMM FRANK Middle Row: FORSYTH MARTHA JOHNSON CAROLYN E. LANDAUER ERNST GILDERSLEVE MARY FAUSER GEORGETTE JOHNSON CAROLYN H. HUGHES VIOLA LAMON NANCY LAMON DORIS KETCHAM SHIRLY HANSEN MARILYN Bottom Row: HISCOX FOREMAN JOHNSON GREEN HAUSELT LENHARDT HAYNES KIDWELL GIBSON KISTLER LANGLOIS KOHLMEYER DICK BOB VERLE BILL BETTY DOLORES BERNICE LOIS DOROTHY ELNA MARIE CAROL MILDRED 9 GRADUATES MISS MARTIN ' S ADVISORY Top Row: POLOS PETERSON MURPHY MICHAEL READ PRENTISS MONSON REINERO LUDWIG MORRISON PEARSON THALIA MARTHA MARJORIE JACKIE MARJORIE LUCRETIA MARGARET BARBARA DON BILL IRVING Middle Row: MORRISON BOB PONSKY GERALDINE RICHEY THELMA NURMI EVELYN McFARLAND ANNA MAY MAENCHEN GEORGE McCLELLAN DOUG RICHARDS PATTY McKEOWN PAT NELSON BARBARA O ' DRISCOLL CECELIA Bottom Row: LOGAN BRADLEY MASON BURTON LUDE MADGE RICHARDSON MARY ANN LITTLEFIELD MAXINE PETERSON MARILYN RIVERS LOIS LONN JEAN McNAB JOHN MR. PERRY ' S ADVISORY Top Row: STONE WISECARVER WRIGHT YOOL YOUNG PEDERSON STEWERT SCHNEIDER SUTTON SHERMAN ROD WARREN CHEEVER DON NORMAN DON MURTON KENNETH GEORGE STEVE Middle Row: SPARKS STEINFIELD SANFORD ROBERTSON MICHEL SCOTT SMITH SKILLING ARTHUR ALBERT BILL JAMES RUDIE HENRY WHEATON KENNETH Bottom Row: ' -■ TAYLOR SMITH WILSON WALE SMITH MATHIS TIGH VAN HOUTEN SYDENHAM SWIFT STOUT SALLY BARBARA EFFIE MAY NANCY JO ANN BARBARA LORRAINE SUE ELEANOR STEPHANIE VELMA 10 Name Ansv;ers to Noted for Fate Anderson, J arie s Anderson We won ' t tell It ' s a lie! A ndr e s en , Willi asi Bill Driving license Taxi driver A r matrong Mary Those gym shorts Bathing suit .Vis tin, Jc Ann Jo- jo Tennis " Gharxp " Bsiley, Jim c ' k ' l !.!axin3 -, 5 C ' - ' - Baker, P.obert Bok kice kid Intellectualist B ai ' t le 1 1 . Ed J i c Any klond Play boy Truck driver- Ba:cter, Leonard Baxter Shorty Little Ror-ieo Bennett, Elinor Elinor Blushing kore blushing Bergerj, Alan " Al ' Tea.cher-s tormento rSv ' ing shift E 0 r i c k 3 , At t niir Boericke Brain Historian Boyd, Bill bill Boys ' Ath. kag. All .Arnerican pigj s , Har jorie 3ri- ;:s B. Boning ton Sandy Brycnt, Orvis Avis Bude CoT boy P ' 1 c hana n , B r-ti o e ErLisie neign-c Einstein II Ca vjrcn, Gcnnie Connie East v orker That Boy Scout Carlson, Jean- Gerlson Boyfriends? Good gal Carter, Wayne Garter Bis women Little deals Ce ir ' , i a.±. Li an kixlian Can ' t say Hot TaTTiale Oovev, Robert Hob . Gnietness Eubb Cox, Denny Cox Strong, silent L- r: eDoris Grouse Bettv Bunny ' dan " hater En-Tlisb teacher Dalris, Tlieodcre 99999909 Scientist Denni s on , . " 1 an Ki, Pat Dif I snderf er , Ed Diffie Pli , Pat A riot Dilke, Snirley Dilke El Gerrito Bo " s Sweater girl Dixon, Rick and DizOn Cutting Amep Dor-oey, J leanor EI eanor " Dcrse r Girls " Ah tJier Petty DoTle , i- elville kel Piano D(3ets F :ln, English Dreaoer, Bett- Dr 6s 3or Suner - al P ( " . 6 ' all t y p lu s duokwortk . - : " ?att " c : ' " eacheri D inster, Jee " - ■ Ir " - ej cker D ' er , k 1 ired I 0 kxiitting A xax-I kills, Gordon Seriousness G 0 1 1 • ; : ■ .■) r 0 f e s s 0 r Fabrin, George Georye ' ' ' eekness Gkarles tlas II Fauser, Geor3;ette Geor x 1 0 Big eyes Sv.ell -al kikso, kalter It GarT A. ; k rY A . koreman, Rokert Bob Fjdrt Little " boss " korsytk, i " artka " ' artha Shyness Stan G lb s on , Dor o t b;;: Butck ii sec racks Srlske Cbarmer Gilders 1-5 0 3 , Gkry T hr 0 c kno r t ,e n That .ijialkl Fa ski on nlate, Le " 5? ds LoLiie Gnnter, Bill " ou tell " si Pax collector Ha ' m, Frank Big (?:uT Foreixn Ler ion Eaiisen, karilyn :;[aril " n Don ' t knov- " The " ' rs . ! ' 3uselt, ■iliia-:i Billy ' Twin sister Tvki.n c-ildren kanselt, B tty Bettv G?od ' ' tl ' d.etG decor breaker k?.v?- s , Gkarles ka ' ens Iili ' un dark 12 N ame . A n3 w e r s to •Joted for Pate PJarvay, Jarnes ■r b.ernie . OhhJ Chhiihh! Ra y n e s , B e r-n i o s . . Glamour More glamour Higley, Paul ' Paul " " Changing voice An actor • His cox, Dick pinkv Dick Toughie . But oh Howard , Franlf Frani-L . jusu him Jaxiitor Howe, ' alter i ;ally That limp College boy Hughes , Viola Piu hes .Tnat laugn Typist Johnson, Carolyn E, oarol . GoocL t-!;.n Society. gal Johnson-, GvtoIjt} E, Carolyn Her ns ir Curly -hair Jopj-iston, Verle Skip his na.i.r • Another blonde Ketcham, Sl ii ' ley , Shirley Pair tennis ■vur s e ■ Ridv ell, Lois Lois . Bosieness " In-f orma tion Pleas i astier, Elna Harie -L ixbA 1-r e3i ' ..Lent; -I— 1 a ' " 1 " 1 Firsb lady Konlneyer, llildred St ad,, mg 1 • £ s.c r e t r omxanc e Lamon, Doris Doris Denny ? ? ■ n;olPess Lamon, .Nanc ' Le::non PD mar ' cot Craig M. Landau er, Ernst P ' rnst Encyc lop edia ? illbuster Landr e t h , " Shi r 1 e y Silir eY Eanp ' ' " soul Glamour, gal Lanf lois, Caro?. Caroi , Those e T-es Straight hair Le rihG. r d t , Do .1 o 6 s Dolores Team v ork Gym taacher- Li " c ' G ± e 1 1 e j-ci. , I ' la:-: me iriSCivie Jim 13 a rley Actr.ess Lo gan 5 Bra d 1 e y Beverly r « Jeanie Mee.-cness ' Tarzan .Jr. Lonn,. Jean ' " uietness Som.eoo.ay ' s darlm ' Liide,. Mao.p;e i ' sa " :e urood voice Broadway Ludvvig,. Don . Don Hot snirts Bead Maenchen, .Geor e Georf e TraAreler uthor Mason, Burton rig Hspoy boT ■ Sad man Ma c n J. s. , B ar u a r a Barbara Accompanist Piano teacher McClellan , ..Do-,g.,Las s Doug . igging Cc ' ii-fjdian xic x ' arlanii, . - .m?.. i -.ay Anna May Good ' grales " ■ ' ■ifie " ■ McKeovrs , ' Pat Pat Gborup girl McNab, Jolvn r: a D Sopbi tic??; t J. on Butcher Michel, Rudio nucii e Treasurer or nthau }: ' ■ 1 cha el, j 8 c qu e i n e uacicie Yell leader olfess L!onsor , largaret i ' cnson o — 1 " 1 £ a 1 ly Right hsnd r.or.: ! son , T-, JIT y :]- 1 1 ■ Gr m Funpy ! orrison, i;0D Boo Mixing up . Mixer aTu r ph ' f , r o r i e ; -idge Dimp.ies " Queenie " Nelson, Brircsrc; Ann Bs ros.ra Ouietness Secretary ■ Hurm , Sv u ].yn ciond hair Brunette 0 ' Driscol±, Cecelia Ce-ce Good gra:les No s Pearson, Irvmp: Swed ' j Blondie Big guy Persinger, l ' illi9Tri Perk SiZ ' o lO ha u Somibrero Peterson, i.ia r 1 1 n ✓ e t e Those looiis " Varga " model x- e t e r s on , i.Tar tha j; ' .ar oha Shak-cspeare Olivia Polos, Tnalia r o-- o Practical jokes Photographer Ponsky, Creraldxne Jerr.y Cute babe ■■■ A sailor . Prentiss, Tucretia oecx e L. ar v " Prat fella " Pederson, Don Don Hair Baldy • Read, Mar,] one Marcry . Social Dec. ... Clothes Horse Reilly, Mary ■:ary Rain " bat Ca shier Barbara Tallness Short husband Richards, Patty Patty Pinyernails G-eOo Davie Richardson, M- r-r .Ann Fizz SuDer pianist Society girl 13 KJ5ine Answers to Noted for Fate Hi choy , -i-hc Ima Thclma H:.rsclft tlniiiimiirmimi I Rivers, Lois Lois . Chock tkati J 1 Welder Rc b-or t s on , J vd-ao s Jim Cute Hubby Ross, Esther Esther Those b oysi Ted Davis Sanford, ? ' " lllie 5 1 " 5 ' 2 " • Schneidor, Konncth Ken Good tennis ' The winnahj Scott, Henry Henry English accent Southern accent Sherman, Steve Steve Red hair Insurance salesman Sibilia, Gloria Slim Manager President Skill Ing, Kenneth Ken Airplanes Grease monkey Smith, Barbara Barbara Bo yf r i end ' s p ins More pins Smithy Joan Smithy That .7ig£?le Upstairs maid Smith, • ' ■h.eaten Wheaties Brains Quiz kid Sparks, Arthur Arthur G-oocl ail boy Good ' lil hubby Steinfelt, Albert Albert Tennis Playboy S t e w ar t , Mur ton Murt Mexieajfi tuxedos Cram ps Stone, Roderick Rod Perfect Attendance Fisherri an Stout, Velma Velma ■ Long hair Jeep jockey Sutton, Geore:e Casanova " Splat " Violent death! Sydenham,. Elinor Elly Erudition Psychologist Swift , ■ Stephanie Stevie Lov 9 boys Future WAAC Taylor, Sally Sally That laugh Giant Tigh, Lorraine Tigh That coat Gommandette Van Houten, Sue Susie Remarks Cigarette girl Wale, Nance Wale Poet Career gal Wilson, Effie May Effie Her giggle Bachelorette Wi s e c ar ve r , F a-rr en Wi s ey Rugsed character Tarzan Waterman, Jim Jim Anything An " " thing Wi? i gh t , C he 0 V s r Che eve That smile Dimples Tool, ' Donald Duck Those Levis Levi kid Youjig , Norman Norm No thin ' much Good Humor Man Maxine L» i " I used to f ing in a choir " Margie R, i " llcv- long did you sing in it? " TIaxine L. s " Until the foimd out what was wrong with the choir, " Alan Dennisoni " ' liy are you eating v ith your knife? Ken Duckworth: " ' ' ' ' ell, my fork leaks.. " If Little Red Riding Hood lived today. The modern girl would seem her She only had to meet one wolf. Not one on every corner, Burt Mason: " Consider the advance of civilization. Eskimos at one time used to eat candles for dessert, " Bob Poremxan: " ' what do they eat now? Electric light bulbs? " Ln-i T c-ine Tigh? " I don ' t believe there ' s any turtle in this soup at .nil. " Waiter; " Turtle? I know there isn ' t. If you ordered cotta pudding you wouldn ' t expect to find a c-ttage on it would you? " GARFIELD FACULTY Fall Term 1942 The Garfioid. students are grateful for the guidance given by the faculty. Mr. S. J. Leland Miss Mary Lowrey Miss Alfreda Hally Hiss Alice Martin I ' .iiss Helen Martin Mr, John Hinsyk Mrs. Alberta Hontagne Mis Isabel Ochoa Miss Bessie Fatton Miss Elizabeth Fatten (Librarian) Mr. C. E. Peeler sen Mr. Howell Perry Mr. Eric Phillips Ivlr. Prank Po uers Miss Ima Riley Mr. Milton Ros ' coe Mrs. Evel m R owe 11 Mrs. Edna Shriver Mrs. Iva Smith Miss Nell Stone Miss Harriet Stout Mr. Ernest Van Matre Miss Flora v ' ilson Mrs. Lois Young Kr, Oliver- Law son (Principal) IJrs. Marie Simpson (Secretary) Student Leaders Continued froni Page 7 The Studert Leaders have a difficult job keeping the halls orderly. They are picked fror . the advisories and it is an honor to be a Student Leader. The Student Leaders don ' t like to report disorderly students, but vjhen it is necessary they do so. and alvuays, the high standards of to the Student Leaders, Don LudT ig DAilCES Garfield ' s dances startod off with a bang this term. v ith the full co-operation of the Student Body our first ¥ as a great success. To be admitted to this dance one had to three pounds of scrap, Ever3rone went " all out " and our scrap lection vjas one of the best in Berkeley. There was a big turnout at our Hallowe ' en dance with a true IIallov e en ati iosphero. The next social activity was the Boys Block dance, and a few weeks later the girls held theirs, A large tree, and many red 9jid green streamers helped add a festive spirit to our last dance, a Christmas dance, -- ' ar jorie Read 16 Miss Azalea Aliny Mrs. Helen El?nore I rs. Franklin Bagnall Liiss Margaret Barry I ' rr . Everett Bliss ; iss Ernma Brubaker I ' i ' So ' inerva Curtice ! :r s . Ru th Cho 1 s s er .::£3 Gladys Collar :ir. H. P. Cor ley Mrs. Dorothy Davis Mi s. Margaret Dyson III ' . John Edwards Miss Katherine risk Mr s . I s ab e 1 Gavin Miss Beatrice Gonde Miss Christine Groefsema M-SS Alice Hamsher ■ ■ • , La wr e nc e Eav;ki n s " Tr, Guy Helinke Mr. Samuel Hushes Miss Rutr V. Eid ell I Ir s = My r tie Ki Ik enny Mis " Helene Laurens Garf i It : eld +- ,s nop e a 7.dll carr hat thanl danc e bring col- stud. ant Court ' iaiu- .Tiiilth walked awav .from the bicycle, room. Inside the rodni ' waji ■ his oike- ' -ir p ' ' aiidcd £cr- 30 d ijii. Ho recalled that 40 minute ;i ' a.70 ho had had his bike. Then 35 nimitoET r.go ' if was as r;;ood as gono= - ' h had boon called hy the btudent Court. " Bailiff Murphy I ILnng in the dof ei dant . fie wfij facing the court. Alter ticking th3 oath he had " been questioned — quoijtion ed about riding hi3 bicycle on the playground. Ho vv£ guilty and knew it,. They e plairiod to hiir that he luight have hit someone. " I ' m guiltyl ' (n?hose words were frc L hie own L outh. ) After a diecuL5c;ion with the other lusticoc, the chief came in and pronounced the sentence. Sam went with thj Irstice to the bicycle room, vberc tUoy locked up his bike. Ho had learned a les-:on though. Still thinking, Sam omith walkud into the school building. ii- -, ' r -. ' r i ' c A- -v vc r V ' r Carfield etudents should have, and do have, vm ch freedom. Occasionally, 3omoone t:-:kes ,au vantage of it. The Student Court helps pupils to realize their mistakes, and to realize how lucky they are to be able to to a fine free school in a free country, • " •Vg have Aad only a few minor cases this Gcrm, thanks to the cooperation the f acult y and students . It is ho 000 there will be no cases at cll, next term, . " -Chief Justice Jim Bailey As told to Bob IViOr risen Junior Traffic Police A v;histle blows and all cars stop on the corners of Rose and ' Grove, ITov; Garfield ' s pupils can cross in safety- -thanks to the Junior Traffic Police, To have a well workina; Traffic squad the boys drill every Monday morning under officer Stevenson. Charles Schnieder is top serpx;ant,. Martin Halversen and Artmr Sparks are serg .ants. Buryl Bramer and Charles Fuller are corporals. The foUovJin. boys are on the scn.iad; L rn-.n Hitch, IX:n holvin, Harold Townsend, Wade Hic;aaan, Kenneth Caldv ell, Norman Ale7;ander, Jack Carter, Tom Scott, Bob Bonncy and Harley Riley, Girls ' Association This term the gals of Garfield had a series of grand programs Wo had five top assemblies s-ach as the Big Sister Party, given to the Low 7 ' s by the High 9«s, The scraibs had . swell time, and everyone enjoyed it. This cam-w off on September 25, Next, the girls had a fashion show on October 23, Some ' of the models in- cluded the Lc.mon Twins, Marilyn Peterson, and Nance Wale, On October 58, there was a Hallowe ' en program which gave everyone the shivers. There was a movie str.rring Mick.jy Rooney on i:ecember 4, On the same program, was also a picture on reptiles. Our final pro gra x v as a wonderful Christmas party and play for the little or- phan boys and girls. Patsy Kempf 17 Scrap Sjjrlvo Wo hoar bhcro ia still a person in Borkeley v ho has a water heater, Betv con Mrs, Montagno « s advisory and Perry ' s boys, and other advisorios ransacking this city for metal, tin, bronze, we wo.ndcr howl The total teachccl somewhere in the vicinity of 45 tons, with Mrs. Montagno ' s advisory turning in the most scrap. The proceeds wont to the Berkeley Hospital Unit for equipment. Don ' t be surprised if one of the boys from Bataan comes back with a story about shooting a Jap with part of the Key System rail- road track that some of the fellas gathered to make bullets, -- Ct0 or go SiAtton Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition Bond Drive Arc we wonderful! To think that we have averaged about $50 a day in our sale of v ar savings bonds and stamps. To top this, in the December 7-14 drive Garfield rolled off vrith $5 600 and that ain ' t hay ' By the way v e didn ' t do so bad selling stamps in the auditoriumr ' Over -fl,000 in 40 minutes.- If we can keep this up, even Mrs Gavin ' s ;.;dvisory ' s grand total of $502 will seem like chicken food. --George Sutton Boys ' Association The Boys ' A ssoci.ition v as run very well this term under the able leadership of President Bill Morrison, The programs were well planned and interesting. On October 9 there was a very interesting film on the building of a me d ium - s i z e d b omb c r » Again on October IG there was a short cai=toon and a football film called " pigskin progress, " It told about football from the time vifhen it was a mere child to the present day football. Then on November 4 an exciting National League baseball picture named ' Safe at Home " v as shown. On November 18 there were very ' tlirilling football films, Thj first one was the Berkeley High- -Richmond gamie , The second one was colored end on the Richm.ond " -St , M-r,7 ' s game. Assemblies of G, S, A. The G, S, A, went along smoothly this tci m, with a svi ell little president and oxr.cutive bo::.rd. The first assembly was held September 25. It was for card sales. The second assembly v as held September 50, The speaker was Mr. George Houttcn v ho talked about the Scrap Drive, F udie Michel then gave a skit on the same. The third .assembly was a skit on bonds and staFips, ' held October 22. The next asseii,ibly was on November 6, when the constitution v;as read. On November 15, the next assembly v as held, at v;hich war stamps and bonds were sold to a total of |::1,100, The next assom.bly was all Mr, Law son ' s iri v hich he talked about the conduct of the school the past fev weeks, Tlie next assembly ' was held on December 7, Tv7o naval officers and a sailor gave talks on Pearl Harbor and the war in general, 18 19 SPORTS GIRLS ' BLOCK G SOCIETY BOYS ' BLOCK G SOCIET VARSITY BASKETBALL BOYS ' LOW NINE VOLLEY BOYS ' HIGH EIGHT VOLLEY BALL GIRLS ' LOW NINE VOLLEY BALL TENNIS TEAMS GIRLS ' HIGH EIGHT VOLLEY BALL 20 BOYS ' SPORTS Pall Volley Ball In Intercl .ss competition after three weeks of practice the high " eight team beet the low eight team and the lovij nine team beat the high nine team to represent Garfield in Inter-School competi- tion. Inter-School competition started off with s bang on October 13. The resiilts were as follows ° Low Nine Team 1st game--Garf ield 16 " - -Biirbank 14 2nd garrie--Garf ield 15 Burbank 9 High Eight Team 1st game " -Garf ield 15 ---BurbDnk 1 2nd game-»Garf ield 15----Biirbank 4 The first lo¥ nine game was close and exciting, the second g ame went f ? s t e r , The high eight team played their tv o games while the first low nine game vjas being played. The Willerd teams forfeited their game, thus giving Garfield the City Championship, Other Pall Sports The Irck of .Interest on the part of Willard teams did not pre- vent our teams from enjoying s very successful season. Our nooD-league gr m,cs hove carried on ns usu l v;ith a great deal of intbi ' 0: ' :t and close competition in the various games. Our inter-class and inter -squad com.pctition will be stressed more next s omc star, duo t o ar c o nd i t i o ns . 3£K " . ' au30 of the long sem.ester, baskotbrll w. ' - s started e rly. Over sixty ho 3 3 turned out for the five weight teoms. While our Iccpue competition docs not start till next scmeoter (if at all ) , several fs ernes have already been played with St. Mary s , and various nlrygrpound to:. m.s. The 115 ' s best St. Marys 27 to 17 and the Un- i.irit-.ds lost 52 to 15. The Unlimiteds boat Jrmes Kenny 29 to 34 ?nd Jofferson 39 to 20. 95 ' s and 105 ' s vjon from St, Mary Magdalene. Let ' s hrvG a lot of luck next scmet ' ter, so vfo can have many wins for the Orange and ' ' ' l ito, GIRLS ' SPORTS All girls h?ve h?d : chence to prrt 3 cipate in rll kinds of sports this term. For the girls there h- s been deck tennis, foot- ball 3 socker, tennis r nd inter- school volle3rb.9ll. The " Girls ' Bloc] G, " olso has been busy. They have had many a c t i V i 1 1 e s , i no lud ing a d anc e . 21 aiRLS ' SPORTS contirmed Tennis v as stc.rtod again g his tcriri and it is hoped that it v;ill soon becorne a regular activity. Results of tlae com- petition v. ' Gro as fellows s ■ First place Jo Ann Aiistin Second place Shirley Ketchem Third placc--i ' ildred Kohlnicyor In inter-class volleyball the lev nine defeated the high nine and the lev ei ht boat the high eight, thtis representing the school. Results of the intor-school competition wore as f ollov s I Burbank Low nines won-tv;o, lost none. Low eight! won one, lost tvro rillard . ■ - Low nine; won tv o, lost one. Low eights von tv o, lost one, J30YS ' G-LES . This scmostor Garfield ho.s had a very fine Boys ' Glee, offering them riany- opportunities, .. l. Thcy boc rrnc acquainted rith boys in other grades, 2, They oprned Glee " letters " , if they had perfect attendance , The otitstanding Social Event was a party v ith the Girls ' Glee. After being in Glee for one sc.Tiester they are entitled to go into A Cappella, This sernostor the Glee was directed by Mrs, Youjn.g, To helo her, officers were elected by the boys. They v ere as f olloFS s President, Jolui o ' rcuzzij- Vicc;- ProsidGnt , Richard iTidoverj Secretary, Dick Tebbi Trecsurer, Joseph Sibelia, A fev of tl:c Gleet ' s cter soloists are? John Brillhart, Ed Caine, .Gilbert Erau.n, Lloyd Grchari and Dick Gardener, On Decenoor 1, the Glee sang for the P, T. A. Their 3cng was ' Thi3 is 7; orth Fighting For ' ' , They sang again on Sujiday, Deconber 20, It was for the Berkeley CoiriTiunlty Chrlst- nas progr- jn, held at Goirnunit r Center, It is hoped that the Boys ' Glee vtIII carry on the laigh standard it has set this year. Band -nd Orchestra This ten: ' ■■e have an addition to the realm of music in C-arfleld; It ' s the little fellow v.ho makes the students jui ' ip and jive, - .nd teochers close their do- rs and windovrs , The one v h-o made its first e.ppcnj?ance at the Boys ' Blocli G Dance, v as the Garfield Dance Bandi This doesn ' t take up all of TTr, Min- zyk ' s time, for he also is responsible for oiir syjoII band " and orchestra who have m.ade several appearances this sencstcr. The band and crchestra played for the ?, T. A, on December 1 -and November 3 respectively. The band also went to the Calif orni a- -Oregon game ' -•nd played -.t Edwards ' Field for the Y. M. C. A, after the game. Joyce liar tin 22 MUSIC A Cappella The A CappGlla ho.s Jis.d riany invitations to sing for various groups this term, but due to the cjim out restrictions has not been able to accept any of them. Patsy Kempf GIRLS GLEE The GIp. ' Is ' Glee is made up of girls from all the grades in the school. The membership this ter was eighty-five girls. The Girls Glee h " .d a busy season. They .lust sang for the Womxon ' s Organization of the Ncrthbrae Ccmmunlty Church, Rever- and Cross, ' of the Ncrthbrae Communtiy Church, after hearing the girls sin phoned Mr s., Young and asked if the girls would sing in the morning Christmas Service at the Oaks Theate r, The girls brought happiness to the patients of the Berkeley General Hospital by singing Christmas Carols in the corridors. Their last performance was singing for the incoming low 7 s at. the close of the semester. The officers rf the Girls Glee -are; Prosidont, Jane. Texdahlj Vice-President, Mary Kimber; Treasurer, Margaret Olney; Secretary " , Joyce Taylor, The B. :ys ' and Girls ' Glee shared the planning and fun of a party at John Hinklc Park, TPie Girj.s ' Glee develops an appreciation for music, offers the pleasure; of singing together and helps to develop the voices individually. Assistants and Helpers The Faculty alone can not run this school; they must have help from the students. Students can (and do) help in many v ays. Besides the executl ' o board, student court, etc., there are student assistants and holners. Some students help ' in the office or libi ' ary; others help by being attendance helpers, gym assistants, lockor assistants, or by working : n the public ad- dress. All students vnlunteer for the jobs, and must have good grades and time to be hol.pers. The students learn much from their duties. Office and Counselor helpers learn clerical work, run errands, sort and file papers, lielp nev ' students and have many such lobs. Library assistants ' learn about library work. They 7 ork at the desk, put av ay books, and help find bocks. All helpers learn, and gain much knowledge. This term, too, assistants and helpers have rt.ceived rewards. Everyone is grateful to these boys and girls for their fine work. Bob Morrison 25 r — w I W ' TS ' - MUSIC GARFIELD BAND GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB BOYS ' GLEE CLUB A CAPELLA CHORUS STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES GARFIELD ORCHESTRA 25 STUDENT HELPERS PUBLIC ADDRESS OPERATORS BOOK ROOM ASSISTANTS NURSE ' S AND ATTENDANCE MESSENGERS LIBRARY HELPERS LOCKER ASSISTANTS GYM HELPERS LIBRARY HELPERS COUNSELLORS ASSISTANTS 26 THE GLEANER STAFF This year we can truthfully say that the Gleaner is a students ' publication Our art classes, our typing classes, our printing classes, all did their essential share in putting this little war time book together. The Editorial Staff: Nance Wale, Joyce Martin, Robert Morrison, Richard Bennett, Robert Greenleaf, Patsy Kempf, Marjorie Murphy, Niki Caldis. The Art Staffs Wyl Kramer, Howard Miller, Lois Ki dwell, Joe Dickie, Ed Dif f enderf er , Leonard Baxter, The Photography Staff: Maxine Littlefield Thalia Polos, Leonard Baxter, Mary Riley, Jack Degnan, The Printing Staf f: Lionel Forsyth , Bill Mitchel, Tom Degnan. The Typing and Mimeographing Staffs Viola Hughes, Robert Baker, Connie Cameron, James Robertson, Evelyn Nurmi, Barbara Nelson, Eleanor Dorsey, Barbara Green, Laura Summerhays, Eny Rossini, Beverly Cambell, Marjorie Briggs, George Dowling, Tom Steel, Tom Cooley, The Production Staff: The 9th Grade art class—Period 4j Bungalow 74B. (See page 6 for picture) The Faculty Sponsors : Photography- -Mr. Samuel Hughes MimGographing) Miss Alice Plamsher and Typing ) Miss Christine Groefsema Printing- Mr, S, J, Lei and Art --Mr, Guy Plelmke Production--Mr , Guy Helmke Editorial- Mr Guy Helmke 27 JOKES Dorothy Gibson; (upsetting ink bottle) " Have I done you any damage, Don? " Don Ludwig " (imrnersed in ink) " No, but keep on sv inging your arms about and I ' ll oon be dryj " 1 Vayne Carters " Gee, I ' ve got a splinter in ray finger J " Jim Baileys " Serves you right for scratching your head. " Bill Morrison; " I gazed into her glov;ing eyes. Her lips were saying those three wonderful words I had waited for so long I couldn ' t believe it, and yet it was time. Again she said fulfilling the dream of my life, ' No algebra assignment! ' " Sit on the tack of success, and you ' re bound to rise, Mary Ann R, ; " How much, money do you have, Dick? " Dick Hiscox; " Between 98 and 100, " Mar:v Ann R, : " That ' s a lot of money, " Dick HiscQx; " Oh no, it ' s only two dollars, " Doris L, ; " Say, Denny, your hat ' s on the v. ' rong ' way , " Denny C,i " How do you know which way I ' m going, " Midge ■ Murphy 2 " " hiat should a man do who has water on the knees? Mar i lyn P o t c r s o n ; " I don ' t know , " Midge Murphy; " Wear puiirps, " How polite is the Japanese He always say excuse mo, please He climbs into his neighbor ' s garden And smiles and says I beg yoiir pardon He bov s and grins a friendly grin And brings his hungry family in He grins and bows a friendly bow And say, so sorry, this my garden now. Ogden Wash Mr, Edv ards ; " E:cplain the effect of heat and cold and give an illustration, " Lyn Lloyd; " Heat expan.ds; in the summer the days are long. Cold contracts ; in the winter the days are short,,,,. Miss. Lowrey; " Fnat is water composed of? " Kathleen; " Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin.and Hydrogin, Oxygin is pure gin, and Hydrogin is gin and. water, " Miss Rilov; " A iiat kind of shoes did the Greeks 7ear? " Fr ank ; " They wo r e s and a 1 s . " Mary; " I got a letter from a friend in tlie service and he put LXuiyi at the end, I wonder what it means, " Diane; " Love and kisses of course, " Teacher; " Correct ' It was me who broke the windovv, ' " Sutton; " It wasn ' t mg who broke the window, " 29 JOKES Mrs, Mantagne; " f ivc tho future of ' I give,! " J o ann e ? " Yo u t ak o , " Miss Gooder " " Define the first person, " Marguerites " Adam, " Mr, Edwards s " irnat is the fruit of the pine tree? " Bills " Pineapple. " Miss Barry s " Uhere is Chica,f o? " Martha; " Nearly at the bottoiu of Lalce Michigan. " Mr, Pedersens ••■ " l ' ' .hLat are tho inhabitants of Moscow called? " Jolmspn ° ■ ■ " They ■ are palled . Moa nuitoes . " » " ' ' Mr, Edwards? " Name four breeds ■ of pigs, " Students " Black pig, white pig, black and white pig, and brov n pig.- -ha 1 hal hai ha] hal " " Geese is a low heavy bird which is most meat and fc ' thers,- Geesc can ' t sing much on account of the dampness of the water. He ain ' t got no between-his-toes and he ' s got a little balloon in his sluaTimick to keep him from sinking. Some geese when they are big has Claris on their tails ond are called ganders. Ganders don ' t have tp set o.n hatch, but just oat o.nd loaf aroi;.nd and go sv;imming. If I was a goose I ' d rather be a gander, ' " . Dysons " V ' Jhat kind of a nouji is trousers? " V ilder Bentlys " Irregular-- singular at the top and plu.ral at the bottom, " Usher (at the theater) s " Ho? fs.r down v ould you like to sit? " Marian Beavers " All the way, of course, " Miss Stones " If the President, Vice President, and Cabinet all died who would af f .ciate? " " Richard Millers " Tho undertaker, " Virginal Fairbanks s " Did you. hear about the man who died last week and left everything he had to an orphanage? " Lora Kiems s " No, what did ho have? " " ... Virginia Fairbanks s " Twelve children, " Gene Bernardls (to proprietor of store )s " I see that you have a blind, " Proprietors " Yes, my customers it, " Gene Bernardi s " How did you get them to buy a blind? " Proprietors " l put a box outside that said ' Giv e to the Blind, ' Miss Rileys ' How did Pueen Anne take pills? " Peggy Curtis s " In cider (inside her), " Nancy Pcarces " I v ould like to give this drawing; to a chari- table institution, " Miss Mallys " V hy not to an institute for the blind? " Ministers " My m.i3sion in life is to save men, " Winifreds " Ohi s ?.ve me one, " 30 AOTO Cl PES 9 OL tmdMA

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