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Text from Pages 1 - 24 of the 1940 volume:

C ARFIELD CLEANER Sptin , 1940 PUBLISHED BY THE GARFIELD STUDENT AffOCIATION This Publication is Gratefully Dedicated to THE GARFIELD FACULTY GARFIELD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. EL WIN LE TENDRE. PRINCIPAL Miss Ruth Kidwell, 9th Grade Counselor Mrs. Myrtle Kilkenny, 8th Grade Counselor Miss Alice Martin, 7th Grade Counselor Miss Marie Thompson, Secretary Miss Azalea Almy Mrs. Kate Archer Mrs. Franklin Bagnall Miss Margaret Barry Mr. Everett Bliss Miss Emma Brubaker Miss Charlotte Brush Miss Gladys Collar Mr. H. P. Corley Mrs. Dorothy Davis Mr. Carlton DeWitt Miss Marjorie Doyle Mrs. Margaret Dyson Mr. John Edwards Mr. Fred Flanders Miss Annie Mills Eraser Mrs. Isabel Gavin Miss Rachel Gaylord Miss Beatrice Goode Miss Christine Groefsema Miss Alice Hamsher Mr. Guy Helmke Mr. Samuel Hughes Miss Helene Laurens Mr. S. J. Leland Mrs. Estelle Livingston Miss Mary Lowrey Miss Alfredo Molly Miss Helen Martin Mr. John Minzyk Mrs. Alberta Montagne Miss Edith Mossman Miss Bessie Patton Miss Elizabeth Patton Mr. Howell Perry Mrs. Mona Piatt Miss Irma Riley Mr. Milton Roscoe Mrs. Evelyn Rowell Mrs. Edna Shriver Mrs. Iva Smith Miss Nell Stone Miss Harriet Stout Mrs. Blanche Taft Miss Flora Wilson Mrs. Lois Young Miss Beulah Baird, Nurse Mrs. Mary Hibbard, Clerk Miss Mildred Nelson, Attendance Clerk Mr. Franke Lumpe, Playground Director Miss Ruth Krenz, Assistant Librarian Mr. Carl Brown, Janitor Mr. Joan Hoag, Janitor Mr. S. B. Kimball, Custodian Mr. Joseph Odom, Janitor Mrs. Bessie Petitt, Matron Mr. Charles Post, Janitor Mr. W. A. Prior, Janitor Mrs. Menefee, Cafeteria Manager s c H O O L LIFE GARFIELD An organization, such as Garfield, can be successful only to the extent that the students, faculty, and em- ployees all work together for the bene- fit of the school. Cooperation is the one big word which guides the running of an effi- cient and successful school. We all know that Garfield is recog- nized as one of the leading junior high schools in the State of California. We have a first-class building, a good fac- ulty and a well balanced curriculum. We have good school teams that are well coached. Our Gleaner, as you can see, is a remarkable achievement, considering the amount of money we have to spend. The Student Associa- tion at Garfield is a live wire organiza- tion that shows real school spirit at all times. Now, do not think that all of this just happened. A large part of it has come about from the fine standards set by the former Student Bodies, faculties and employees, all working together for the good of the school. If each of you will continue to pull your share of the load and if you all pull together you are sure to keep Garfield on top. Jay Teasdel, Pres. G.S.A. 1. Executive Board 2. Gleaner Staff Student Court 4. Student Leader Captoins 5. Honor Sociaty Officers EXECUTIVE BOARD President Jay Teasdel Vice-President Audrey Schaefer Secretary Barbara Nelson Treasurer Reed Stone Social Secretary Margie Friday President of Boys ' Association Bill Cauch President of Girls ' Association Mary Vickery Boys ' Athletic Manager Rodney Ludwig Girls ' Athletic Manager Corinne Hansen Yell Leader Bill Brown STUDENT COURT PAUL O ' DRISCOLL. CHIEF JUSTICE Associate Justices Kenneth Wastell Ruth Harsch Robert Bonar Mary Lou Coombs James Barrett Betty Burton STUDENT LEADER CAPTAINS Bud Crystal Robert Haaf Bart Bulmore Ralph Chandler Betty Smith Marjorie Simpson Barbara Nurmi Pearl Likens GLEANER STAFF Hugh Singrey Editor in Chief Vardry Spicer General Manager Barbara White News Editor Bernard Jackson . , Photo Editor Margaret Hamilton Girls ' Activity Editor BillZitt Boys ' Activity Editor George Filice Jokes and News PHOTOGRAPHER ' S SECRETARIES Mary Lynn Mcintosh Ruth Johnson Pearl Likens Marjorie Simpson CONTRIBUTORS Sam Goldeen Bob Fisko Bob Haaf Bruce Nelson Avery Rogers Martin Griffin Beth Meeker Bill Coburn FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. Samuel Hughes — Individual and Group Photos Mr. Guy Helmke — Editorial Advisor HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . H9 Directors L9 Directors Richard Macdougall . Patricia Phillips Mary Lou Coombs . Bud Crystal Dick Moore Tim Meadows Margaret Hamilton . Charles Laughlin Marilyn Paterson HONOR SOCIETY H9 Anderson, Clarence Enas, Jean Macdougall, Richard Simons, Paul Barrett, James Enas, Jeffrey McFarland, Margaret Simpson, Marjorie Bary, David Filice, George McKevitt, Joanne Singrey, Hugh Bent, Newell Funk, Dorothy Meadows, Tim Smith, Betty Bolz, Geraldine Guthrie, Dale Metcalfe, Feffie Sorensen, Elaine Bonar, Robert Hamilton, Margaret Meeker, Beth Starratt, Weston Boyle, Mary Jean Hansen, Corinne Moore, Dick Stone, Reed Brown, Clayton Harsch, Ruth Moser, Helen Suffern, Betty Bubb, Anne Holt, Ruth Nurmi, Barbara Tait, Shirley Burton, Betty Householder, Betty O ' Neal, Jean Trampleasure, Calvin Cartwright, Frank Johns, Milton Paetzold, Pat Ullrich, Hermine Chandler, Ralph Jory, Nancy Perrott, Wilma Vickery, Mary Coburn, Bill Kerner, Helen Peterson, Barbara Vogeli, Evelyn Coles, Barbara Kessler, Barbara Phillips, Patricia Wastell, Kenneth Coombs, Mary Lou Kietzman, Jean Richards, June Wells, Carolyn Cope, Barbara Kincade, Dick Rogers, Avery White, Barbara Crystal, Bud Knowles, Brook Ross, Charles Woodward, Blanche Deeson, Ralph Krueger, Joe Schaefer, Audrey Wyss, Joyce DeTarr, Dawson Lund, June Schultz, Ruth Yost, Walter Elmore, Merritt Ziegler, Bill HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS L9 Bartlett, Dorothea Benedict, Marjorie Curtis, Tom Danielson, Betty-Jo Ermakoff, Olga Farwell, Joan Fry, Patty Grether, Virginia Hink, Bernice Howell, Joan Johnson, Ellene Johnson, Ruth Kass, Albert Laughlin, Charles Larson, Paul Lee, Constance Lengel, Donald LeTendre, Marnelle Lingard, Jeanette McGlynn, Claire Meinheit, Barbara Morrison, Lois Paterson, Marilyn Plummer, Shirley Powers, Patricia Reid, Nancy Rivers, Janice Rotermund, Barbara June Webb, Ted Selby, Richard White, Doris Sickler, Ray Wilderson, Dorothy Smith, Eugenia Wamsley, Ruth Stevenson, William Stoeckle, Vera Street, Marjorie Tansley, Carol Temple, Andree Walker, Amy Ruth Audrey Agee Joe Bishop Bart Bulmore Nancy Cousens David Edwards Ellis Garner Robert Heath Anson James Clarence Anderson Burton Blackwell Betty Burton Howard Coulter Bruce Elliott Lloyd Goldsborough Robert Gray Lawrence Heiselt Robert Held Merton Jesseph Harry Jensen Louise Anderson Geraldine Bolz Frank Cartwright Bud Crystal Ralph Ellis Peggy Ashby Robert Bonar Bill Cauch Joyce Croze Merrett Elmore Jack Griffith LaVerne Hoffer Milton Clinton Jetmore Ken Avery Mary Jean Boyle Donald Caudron Ben Cuny Jean Enas Richard Griffith John HoUenbeck Johns Stuart Johns Evelyn Baker Ardath Boynton Ralph Chandler David Davenport Jeffrey Enas Martin Griffin Francis Holmes Nancy Jory Jane Baker Donald Broken Dan Chevez Alys Davis Carolyn Engstrom Ted Grubbe Jacqueline Holt Ann Kelner Judson Baker Donald Brennan Shirley Clements Robert Davis Donald Fairclough Otto Goth Ruth Holt Jack Kennedy Barbara Ball Harry Bressler Gordon Coats Alfred Day Richard Faszholz Robert Guerra Tessie Horton Helen Kerner GRADUATES Oran Barlow Jim Barrett Donald BrilhartKatherine Brooke Bill Coburn Jason Day- George Filice Dale Guthrie Dorothy Hottel Barbara Kessler Barbara Coles Nancy Deane Bob Fisher Robert Haaf Betty Householder David Barry Clayton Brown Joyce Collignon Ralph Deesen Jo Anne Fish Steven Haines Herbert Howard Betty Ketchom Jean Kietzman Eugene Batten Bill Brown Miriam Collins Dawson Detarr Robert Freeman Frank Beeman Audrey Brownell John Colvin Eleanor Deverel Marjorie Friday Margaret Hamilton Corinne Hansen Arthur Hall Orland Innis Gloria Kneiss Richard Kincade Brook Knowles Newell Bent Tom Bryant Mary Lou Coombs Patricia Edson Dorothy Funk Ruth Harsch Esther Irvine Mary Koets Gerald Berger Ann Bubb Barbara Cope Clinton Edwards Robert Gaines Jane Hawthorne Bernard Jackson Joseph Krueger Elaine Kuhn R. MacDougall Anita Morholt Leonard Pawlus Howard Rien Paul Simons Reed Stone David Wall Jack Langry Patricia Maurer Robert Morris Joanne Pearce Robert Ristenpart Marjorie Simpson Jack Studabaker Richard Lanzit Robert McCallum Langille Morrison Mary Permar Robert Roche Hugh Singrey Betty Suffern Kenneth Wastell James Watson Rodney Larson M. McFarland Richard Morse Wilma Perrott Avery Rogers Betty Smith Shirley Tait Caroly: Maurice Watts Dorothy Laurence Mary Mcintosh Helen Moser Dorothy Persell Dolores Rolph Carol Smith Ray Tarleton n Wells Barbara Madeleine LeProtti William McKenna Barbara Nelson Barbara Peterson Charles Ross Barbara Sneathen Jay Teasdel Kenneth Wh White Douglas Levy Peggy McKenzie Robert Nelson Shirley Petersen Audrey Schaeffer Rudolph Sommer Robert Texdahl ite James Whitelaw William Lewis Joanne McKevitt Rowena Nelson Ralph Peyovich Ruth Shultz Elaine Sorenson Barbara Thomas Jack Wilburn Peter Lev Allan McKillop Roy Nelson Patricia Phillips Dorothy Scott Vardry Spicer Frank Tiernan Thomas William GRADUATES Pearl Likens James McSorley Barbara Nurmi Robert Pinney Robert Scott Richard Spies Robert Tipton Leonie Logan Tim Meadows Clair O ' Connor Howard Plant Sheila Seagraves William Spry C. Trampleasure Robert Witherspoon Blanche Woodward Geraldine Wold Joyce Carolyn Louis Beth Meeker Paul O ' Driscoll Phyllis Pollard Alice Seaman Weston Starrett Edward Trempy Rodney Ludwig June Lund Jack Lutz William Lyons Feffie Metcalf Audra Metcalf Alice Miles Richard Moore Jean O ' Neal Patsy Paetzold Wesley Parker June Parkhurst Ernest Potter Edwin Quinn Bud Redd June Richards Joyce Shafsky Robert Shoemaker Georgia Sigelkoff James Simonds Mary Jean Stelznei Jill Stewart Norma Stewart Mary Stiver Hermine Ullrich Betty Van Boven Mary Vickery Evelyn Vogeli Walter Yose William Ziegler Wyss Harlan Young William Zitt SCHOOL JANUARY FEBRUARY MA JANUARY 3-9 . . . G. S. A. Drive in full swing — and doing well 10 . . . Captain Art Hook — Famous Deep Sea Diver 12 . . . " Scrubs " welcome party 19 . . . First " G. S. A. " Dance- Boy: " Uh? " Girl: " Uh-huh. " 24 . . . Professor R. B. Stringfield — Chemist FEBRUARY 2 . . . Dance in gymnasium for seventh graders 15... Honor Society starts the semester with their election of officers 22 . . . Soldiers from the Presidio raised our flag — " Woo-Woo " Washington Day Program MARCH 6 . . . Hair dressers from McKinley High School demonstrated types of hair dressing — " Just look at us now! " 15 . . . Talent Parade — " We ' d get bows instead of bongs from Major! " 29 . . . Leap Year Dance APRIL MAY JUNE APRIL 1 . . . No home work — April Fool! 5 . . . Negro Chorus — About 30 excellent singers 9 . . . Mason Animal Circus — Mr. and Mrs. Mason showed us their trained monkeys — " Can you hang by your tale? " 13 . . . Honor Society Banquet 6:30 to 10:00 P.M. 19... Second half of talent parade — very good 24 . . . Girls ' Day 30 . . . Dr. Luther S. H. Gable— Radium Authority 1 . . . The First of May opened with a festival by all Music Clubs at 8:00 P.M. 3 . . . Field Day 16... High Nines visit Berkeley High School 21 . . . G. S. A. Elections — " May the best man win " 29 . . . Gleaner Day — " Sign my Gleaner? " MAY lUNE 3 . . . Awards Assembly 6 . . . H9 Banquet 7 . . . Graduation — Farewell! Hurray! Hurray! 1. Garfield Band 2. Girls ' Glee Club MUSIC £k clubs ORCHESTRA The orchestra gave three concerts this term. The first of which they played for a school assembly, which was held April 3rd. On April 13th, 10 members of the orchestra were selected to play for a banquet at the Longfellow School. The third concert was held on the evening of May 1 , in the School Auditorium. The orchestra then played three selections as their part in the Music Festival which was held that evening. At this time, the members of the orchestra gave Mr. Minzyk an ebony silver-tipped baton in their appreciation of his fine and patient leadership. 3. Garfield Orchestra 1. Craftsman Club BOYS ' GLEE CLUB Mr. Bliss led the sixty-four members of the Boys ' Glee Club through a very good season. Mr. Bliss hopes more boys will join next year. Vardrey Spicer GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Mrs. Young ' s well-directed Girls ' Glee Club gave two enjoyable performances this term. It sang on May 1 in the Garfield Music Fes- tival and May 9 at Washington School. Among the songs they sang are " The Breeze " and " The Green Cathedral. " 5. A Cappella S. Craftsman Club A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella, under the leadership of Mrs. Iva Smith had a suc- cessful term, the highlight of which was the Music Festival in which all the musical organizations of the school took part. BAND The band under the able direction of Mr. John Minzyk, had a very successful season, the peak of which was the trip to San Jose to play in the contest. 7. Boys ' Glee Club 3. Craftsman Club CRAFTSMAN CLUB The Junior Craftsman Club of the Garfield Junior High School will participate in the National Hobby Show in Vacation Land on Treas- ure Island throughout the duration of the Exposition. They will be working with their models under the supervision of Miss Mary Lowrey, teacher at Garfield Junior High School. There have been at least two hundred pupils constantly working at home and at school during the current semester. The Club par- ticipated in the Berkeley Hobby Show at Willard School and was presented with an award for one of the best exhibits. 1. Girls ' Block G Society 2. Girls ' High 9 Basketball 3. Girls ' Low 9 Baseball 4. Girls ' Low 9 Basketball 5. Girls ' High 8 Basketball 6. Girls ' High 8 Baseball 7. Girls ' Low 8Basketball 8. Boys ' H8 and L9 Softball 9. Boys ' 105 lb. Basketball SPORTS BOYS ' ATHLETICS UNLIMITEDS 115s Garfield 1 1; 1 o 12 Garfield 40 Crockett 10 97 19 Garfield 15 Willard q 19 Garfield 23 Crockett 1 s ariieiQ 1 Q 28 Garfield 16 Willard i 1 j-ariieia Z.O Dui DariK 22 Garfield 8 San Pablo LI VJ7C11 llt lCl 17 Burbank 26 Garfield 23 Vallejo 9Q ariisia 17 Willard 14 Won 4, lost 2 vjrariieiQ 20 San Pablo 1 i Garfield 27 Crockett 33 Garfield 17 Willard 15 105s Garfield 25 San Pablo 18 Garfield 8 Willard 16 Garfield 31 Albany 20 Garfield 12 St. Mary ' s 3 Garfield 34 Crockett 26 Garfield 26 Crockett 14 Garfield 24 Vallejo 17 Garfield 26 Willard 15 Garfield 11 Richmond 30 (Unlimiteds) Garfield won 1 1, lost 3. GIRLS ' ATHLETICS The girls made a good showing in Athletics this term. In Basketball, the L.9, H.8, and L.8 grades were the champions of Berkeley. Burbank was the champion of the H.9. The scores were as follows: L8 L9 Willard 2 Garfield 28 Willard 1 Garfield 16 Burbank 13 Garfield 19 Burbank 2 Garfield 8 H8 H9 ,0. Boys ' 85 lb. Basketball Willard 8 Garfield 35 Willard 29 Garfield 11 Burbank 13 Garfield 19 Burbank 19 Garfield 4 2. Boys ' Varsity Baseball In Baseball, the H.8 won against the L.8 to play the other schools. The L.9 won against the H.9. The following are the scores: The Ninth Grade The Eighth Grade Willard 17 Garfield 10 Willard 7 Garfield 12 Burbank 13 Garfield 7 Burbank 35 Garfield 37 3. Boys ' 95 lb. Basketball FIELD DAY 4. Boys ' Unlimited Basketball This spring Field Day was celebrated with relays and races only. 5. Boys ' Block G Society The reason — our new grass field is sprouting. Next year — Oh boy! 1. Student Leaders 2. Attendance Assistants STUDENT ASSISTANTS BOYS ' ASSEMBLIES The Boys ' Association had only one assembly this semester — A baseball movie and lollypops — Oh sugar! FLAG RAISINGS 3. Public Address Assistants 4. Flag Assistants Every morning of the school week, a flag is raised in the Garfield court. Sometimes soldiers help us raise it but more freguently Boy 5. Red Cross Representatives j q ' I Scouts perform the ceremony of raising our beloved Stars and Stripes to the breeze. 6. Traffic Squad 7. Library Assistants STUDENT ASSISTANTS Student Assistants are a great help in our Garfield life. They help our counselers, library, the nurse and many of the teachers. Nearly every student has a chance to and desires to become an assistant in some phase of our Garfield life. GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES 8. Counselors ' Assistants 9. Office Assistants 10. Locker Assistants 11. Student Leaders This year, under the able leadership of Mary Vickery, the Girls ' Association had five fine programs. The first was held on January 12 and it was a party to welcome the Low Seventh grade girls. A program was held and afterwards the Low Seventh grade " little sisters " went down to the cafeteria for refreshments with their High Nine ' ' big sisters. January 23 there was a fashion show presented by Miss Stricklin. In it the new spring and summer fashions were modeled by girls from the sewing classes. On February 1 3 a cosmetics lecture was given by Miss Jones who explained care of the skin among other things. A hairdress demonstration was presented March 6 by the McKin- ley extension school. The newest hair styles were introduced and one of the girls from McKinley lectured on hair care. To finish out the term with a final bang, May 24, a High Nine Girls Farewell was held. 1. Soldiers from the S. F. Presidio raise the flag. 2. George, Joe, Ernie. 3. A good paved playground is needed in California weather. 4. See Number One. Ditto. 5: Captain Hook with gestures. 6. See Number Four. Ditto. 7. Leap Year dance. Girls, see those shrinking violets? 8. Fiddle, where you goin ' with that gal? 9. " Gosh, I wish I could throw ' em away! " 10. Field Day— Blanket finish. 11. Field Day— Start. 12. Rainy day — noon. 13. Field Day— Starter. JOKES There was a co-ed quite shy, Who said to student named Cy, ' If you kiss me, of course. You will have to use force; But, thank heaven, you ' re stronger than I. " Audrey Scheafer: " You know that old vase, you said had been handed down from generations. " Mrs. Scheafer anxiously): " Yes. " Audrey: " Well, this generation has dropped it. " Mrs. O ' Hara: " You have been very naughty and I am going to keep you after school for an hour every day this week. " Bill Brown: " Oh, I don ' t care for myself, but aren ' t you afraid folks ' ll talk? " The flivver owner: " Wouldn ' t that jar you? " The radio announcer: " I ' ll tell the world. " The murderer: " Well, I ' ll be hanged. " The judge: " Fine. " The telephone girl: " I got your num- ber. " The fisherman: " I ' ll drop a line. " The seamstress: " Darn it. " It was the end of the scene; the heroine was starving. " Bread, " she cried, " give me bread. " And then the curtain came down with a roll. Beth Meeker was left by her mother to watch the soup while her mother entertained some guests. Pretty soon Beth ran out and cried, " Mother come quick! The soup ' s getting bigger than the pot! " Corrine Hansen: " What ' s all the riot in the science room? " lim Barret: " That ' s just Miss Lowrey rolling the bones. " Mary Lynn Mcintosh: " My Scotch boy friend sent me his picture. " Anne Bubb: " Oh, let me see what he looks like. " Mary Lynn: " I can ' t; haven ' t had it developed yet. " Said the toe to the sock, " Let me through, let me through! " Said the sock to the toe, " I ' ll be darned if I do. " Mary had a little lamp, She filled it with benzine; She went to light her little lamp, And hasn ' t since benzine. Barbara Nelson (talking to Margie Friday after her ice skating lesson): " The only thing that ' s hard about ice skating is the ice, when you come right down to it. " Mr. Roscoe: " What does this mean? Someone just called up and said you were- sick and could not come to school today. " Buddy Griffin: " Ha, ha! The joke ' s on him. He wasn ' t supposed to call up until tomorrow. " lay Teasdal, the love maker (who was popular with all the girls) said: " To make love, all you need is a little crust and some applesauce. " Reed Stone: " What do you mean by telling my girl that I ' m a fool? " Hugh Singrey: " Good heavens, I ' m sorry, but how should I know it was a secret? " Frank Tiernan (just before leaving from Barbara ' s house): " Well, I must be off. " Barbara Nelson: " That ' s what I thought when I first saw you. " Mr. Bliss: " Bart Bulmore, why are you looking at your watch so often? " Bart: " I was afraid you might not have time to finish your interesting lecture. " Mr. Gaines: " I want you to be good while I ' m away. " Bob Gaines: " Well! give me a quar- ter and I will. " Mr. Gaines: " Son, when I was a boy I was good for nothing. " Rodney Ludwig: " That ' s funny. " George Filice: " What ' s funny? " Rodney: " Oh, I was just thinking. " George: " That ' s funny. " AUTOGRAPHS f Oa u cf

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