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1-11 my " f 'K 1 ad' -aw .r 1 fx f , ,, , , gg? xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 4 5 4 bg S 2 24 , 24 ,S 24 ,S 2 4 ,S D' 'Q D4 bq A PQ W E ug pu ii 32 D4 E P f S4 ez SQ y ac ,2 Sf ,2 E5K5XXXXXXXQTQQXXXXXXXQQD7 Q Foreword Contents Faculty and Aciministration pages 9- 20 At welcoming dinner given Dr. M. Kline by faculty. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. M Kline, Dr. M. Kline, Mrs. M. Merritt, Miss H. Lingg. Standing: Miss S. Miller, Mrs E. Neavling. Seniors pages 21- 66 Ben lechner, senior, qualified as finalist in Merit Achievement Tests. U ncierciassmen Pages 67- 87 Vincent Copello, Sophomore Class President, presented Dr. Kline with Diane Kullaf Memorial Plaque. Sports pages 89-104 Mr. Argauer presented the Jewells A. C. Award for the "Most Valuable Player" to Bill Ventura. Activities pages 107- 143 Decorating for Senior Dance are: Standing: l. Slota. Seated: C. Nitus, R. Simone, V. Luciano. s , ...Q . , ftv, i X Q in-1' Y, ' I I ,K . K . xx .RMT an X , .-.ff 1 Ur' rf ,-..I' ' , Q-gp-rw .,, - HIGH OOL wff""" ' GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, GARFIELD, NEW JERSEY 1 959 Retrospect As the modern glass doors of Garfield High School open each day, Monday through Friday, five days a week, ten months a year, H55 students pass through. Of these pupils 603 are girls, 55l boys. The divisions of classes are: 245 seniors, 274 iuniors, 312' sophomores, and 324 freshmen. Approximately 35 per cent of the graduating class is college bound, the highest per cent in years. Although Garfield is a relatively new school it offers a diversified program of studies. There is a curriculum of I0 courses, 79 subiects, taught by the 55 members of the faculty. These courses are taught in 37 classrooms which include three laboratories, an art room, a wood shop, and a large gym- nasium. There is also a cafeteria with a capacity of 300 pupils, a recording room, an auditorium which seats 850 persons, 418.2 . ig if .e. Y 1- and a library complete with 8400 volumes. An able nurse is on duty all day in a fully equipped nurse's room. The 3 members of the office staff are ready to assist students at all times. The guidance department is efficiently handled by three counsellors. Garfield High School has received the approval of the State 'Department of Education of New Jersey, and is ac- credited by the Middle Atlantic States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The "L" shaped red brick two story building bord-ering along two sides of the Garfield Memorial Stadium occupies 14.5 acres. To facilitate parking, the Board of Education will pave the rear of the building and add a park to what we now call the "Brick-yard." in fr ifffk - .ug is ma 'p, -T.5.' xr-5 x -.2 ,ffl -H -'Q - -.ff , I I, 4 fb 4.,,,.,-. ' . ,l,., 4 f,,' "" ww ' . .1-' L 1'--v-c. I V V E 'xjf F' 11 . . fm -mi 'vm J' Vw, V fn" M N , 1 4 ' , 1- fi ' ow Q " , fx - ,, .W .f aff I- "4-Q7-:M Elf 'H' .-ff." , , hiv ," 'VL' 41 , M-"' JJ -.N. 4. lp, ,, , ' Q wr - ' ,fum .W , , ' V , v 5 w ot L I my W Av , snugly ,al ,rc . , V A My . I hw ,fmt . 3, , V , W , 'Y v M, I I .. I , elrosp cl 1 959 M,,Q--"' ,..f-ff" Landmarks ancl Garfield City Hall situated on Outwater Lane next to the high school. Popular i l Waterfalls on the Passaic River near Division Avenue. Samuel Hird and Son located on Outwater Lane and River Road. Barcellona's, our favorite spot on Friday night. Heyden Chemical Plant on Monroe Street and River Road. t at , f Garfield Memorial Monument on Marsellus Place and Harrison Avenue. Places Around our Town Dahnert's Lake, better known as the "Pump House". Overlooking city from the water tanks on Belmont Park. 1. L: cv 7 IN MEMCDRIAM Leo Brunetti Departed from our school but not from our hearts is the bright image of you who gave us the inspiration to achieve our ulti- mate goal in life. You impressed upon us 'a deep desire to attain all the shining ideals you so firmly upheld. You are gone from us, but you will live perpetually in all the memories we so dearly cherish. Administration Faculty i 1- ' ,E wa' i Ss -til f ?'x V n g A Ffsit I t fi r V, - 7? Jjgig ? - A' i T ig Wilt ff f - ff- 4 -Sf ,kg 'Q 12 1-f5'-'-- ' Q , 1' ,4 ., W ' ' 'ft' , A A iff-zz'1'i5gQ Board of Education Leff lo right: William Capone, Secretary, Edwin Schempp, Joseph Szuhai, Presidentg Clarence Rose, Albert Focarino, Henry Sucorowski, and John R. Rozema, Superintendent of Schools. Superintendent of Schools John R. Rozema l i Lucy Adams Strict and thorough . . . teaches fundamentals in al- gebra . . . checks registers each month. Marion Berkowitz New addition to Biology De- partment . . . previously Home Economics teacher and Dietician . . . adviser of Bio- logy Club. Edith Briefstein A wit as quick as her foot- steps . . . always on the go . . . adviser of Retrospect and sponsor of the National Ho- nor Society. Florence Adler Cheerful and efficient . . makes sociology a treat . . . capable adviser of the Busi- ness Staff of Retrospect and Quill. Helen Blackford Steel blue eyes . . . iovial and gay . . . mechanical drawing whiz . . . helped Chamber of Commerce "map" the city. Donald Brown Distinguished - looking, soft- spoken German teacher . . . newcomer from New England . . . adviser of Der Deutsche Verein. ,ff w -1-1, . James Bates Our red haired shop teacher . . . iazz enthusiast . . . ad- vises Hi-Y and coaches Junior Varsity Baseball Team. Mrs. Travers planning substitu- tion list for the day. Mildred Carrigan Pretty and vivacious . . . al- ways cheerful . . . avid read- er . . . Freshman English teacher. Gerald Benigno A newcomer to Business De- partment . . . teaches law, economics, and Junior Busi- ness Training . . . adviser of Boys' Golf Club. Theresa Bonelli Specializes in teaching office- practice students . . . always ready to help with mimeo- graphing programs . . . ad- vises Business Leaders of To- morrow. Nicholas Casini Personality -l' formulas -J Mr. Casini . . . this year took to the road with Drivers' Edu- cation . . . advises Teens for Safe Driving. 13 Loretta Civita rese Returned from leave of ab- sence . . . teaches Sewing and Home Economics . . . ad- vises Sewing Club. Evelyn Culligan Bookkeeping teacher . . . fas- tidious . . . petite . . . co-ad- viser of the Bridge Club . . . guardian of the financial rec- ords ot the school. Marvin Fine Assistant director of band. . . teaches elementary students how to play instruments in preparation for the high school band. 14 John Cocula Strong silent type . . . teaches English and General Science . . . coaches Varsity Basket- ball and Junior Varsity Foot- Ann Colnaghi Always has time to say "hello" . . . Freshman Eng- lish and the Dramatics Club consume much of her time ball. . . . on Executive Board of PTA . . . liked by all. Mrs. Merritt checking plan Alphonse D'Acierno books. Salvatore Franzino Deli hts in teaching Chem 9 . istry . . . Junior Varsity Bas- ketball and Track Coach... our chief ticket salesman... Bucknell is his pride. Our reliable weather fore- caster . . . teaches General Science. William Gatyas Can be seen tumbling with his Gymnastics Club . . . ad- vises Teens for Safe Driving . . .. our real "collegiate" football and baseball coach . . . teaches Gym and Driver's Education. Augusta Costantin Her bright blue eyes show her enioyment of history . . . New York Times enthusiast . . . spare time is spent as adviser of sophomore class and National Honor Society. Gladys Filippone Teaches French . . . nice to know in any language . . . advises Les Amis and Les Miserables . . . enlivens class- es with slides ot her many trips to Europe. Mabel Grady Teaches Senior English and Speech . . . hails from Mis- souri . . . known for her "smiling zeros." Stasia Hogan Personality plus . . . pride of H.R. 214 . . . her world is filled with degrees and an- gles . . . as Irish as St. Pat- rick's Day. Jules Lazicki Effervescent . . . radiant smile . . . teaches Junior Business Training and Typing . . . manages school store . . . coaches Cindermen and Fresh- man Football Team. Frances Markey Persevering, industrious . . . "Oh that Senior Class!". ,. teaches World History and English . . . Senior Class ad- viser. John Hollis Teaches Physical Education . . . adviser of Leaders' Club . -. . rage ofqlunch period. . . complete with whistle. Hertha Lingg Head of History Department . . . well-informed on current events . . . Muzzey history book enthusiast . . . excellent panel discussions Thomas Meehan Tall and silent . . . teaches General Science. Peter Hubiak Teaches mathematics and slide rule . . . "what" and "by the rule" . . . makes good use of pockets . . . terror of second floor "Lock- er Brigade" . . . sponsor of Aviation Club. John Maiola Our active band teacher... constantly teaching new for- mations. Edna Janowski "Class, the bell has rung". . . Perfection in English is her goal . . . winner of prizes in tatting . . . adviser of Nee- dlework Club . . . sponsor of National Honor Society. Ruth Manko Newcomer to our teaching staff . . . pretty blonde '. . . efficient . . . instructor of English and History . . . ad- viser of Freshman Class. Mabel Merritt "2O" questions . . . Head of Science Department . . . teaches Biology . . . in her spare time advises Bible Club. Elizabeth Muldovan Sparkling personality . . . deeply involved in American History and Civics . . . adept Knitting Club adviser. . ."Oh those black and white saddle shoes!" 15 Edna Neavling As formal as Latin . . . subtle sense of humor . . . Head of the Language Department. . . many trips to Europe enrich her subiect. Lillian Plrrone Adviser of Garden Club . . . teaches English ll . . . good- naturecl and iolly . . . known for her "green thumb." Doris Rentsch Pleasing sense of humor. ,. active in government affairs . . . advises Teen Age.,Book Club . . . teaching seniors American History is her spe- cialty . . . known for "How to Study Rules" and "Glos- sary." 16 Robert Nork Pennsylvania accent adds to his personality . . . coach of a rival football team . . . teaches Physical Education classes. Mrs. Neavling looks as though she enioys her work. Mary Roman Guardian of our books . . . "Pay your fines or no report cardsl" . . . adviser of the Library Council. Julia Novack Loves reading and opera... tall and pleasant . . . Co-ad- viser of Bridge Club . . . teaches basketball drills and folk dances in Physical Edu- cation classes. Rose Porcelli Our small, peppy, exercising gym teacher . . . advises Cheerleaders . . . energetic in spite of her long trip from Staten Island every day. Marie Sauer Teaches art . . . never too busy to help with posters, signs or decorations for a dance . . . adviser of the Quill, Visual Aids Club, Bulletin Board and Poster Squads. Marie Perrapato Energetic gym teacher . . "clean your sneakers" . . . adviser of Junior Class... director and producer of Ju- nior Play. John Prelich Friendly and understanding . . . advises Student Council proceedings . . . straightens out confused Physics students . . . manager of Garfield sec- tion of Junior Achievement. Helen Scandariato Nimble-fingered typist . . . good natured, pleasant and understanding . . . Teaches typing . . . advises Typing Club. Gotlieb Schwall Teaches music to freshmen . . . thoroughly enioys play- ing the organ . . . helps se- niors with commencement ex- ercises . . . fine recordings. Marie Tedesco Constantly making her Home Economics and Family Living classes different and interest- ing . . . adviser of the Mod- ern Miss Club . . . donates Christmas proiects to Day Nursery. Carmello Trucco Demon fund raiser . . . lang- uage teacher with a "fine" Italian accent . . . advises the Italian and Spanish Clubs, Miss Adams and Miss Hogan at work checking registers. Peter Tengi Head of the English Depart- ment . . . coins neat phrases in amusing style . . . teaches English . . . adviser of Psy- chology Club Josephine Vilardo Can always be found help- ing "math" students after school . . . making another trip to Europe this summer. Angela Stefanelli Diminutive . . . bandbox neat . . . diligent . . . teaches Eng- lish lll . . . advises the Junior Red Cross Club .like Mr. Tengi enioys books. Robert Volonnino Rated "tops" by students. . . a friendly "hi" to all . . . teaches General Mathematics . . . "Mr. V." coaches Foot- ball and Freshman Basketball teams . . . advises Weight Lifting Club. Stephen Stirba Dedicated teacher . . . never at a loss for words . . . gives profitable advice . . . man of principles . . . teaches Sten- ography and Business Eng- lish. Bertha Travers Future Teachers' adviser . . . Head of Business Department . . . neat, precise and busi- nesslike . . . teaches Stenog- raphy and Transcription . . . sponsor of National Honor Society. Lucille Wolf Teaches Typing and Stenog- raphy . . . adviser of Girls' Golf Club . . . good natured and pleasant. Camera Shy Frank Sacha Civics and Problems of Amer- ican Democracy. Ciro Barcellona Newcomer to our school... "Man Friday" in the Guid- ance Department . . . Dean of Boys . . . Assistant Coach of Freshman Football Team. Guidance Staff Alice Martin Newcomer to Guidance De- partment from our teaching ranks . . . fun loving . . . ad- ministers Kuder test to under classmen. Sara Miller Guidance Director . . . Dean of Girls . . . adviser of Tri-Hi- Y . . . can be found thumbing through piles of college ca- talogues. Anna Schempp Secretary to Guidance De- partment . . . makes out transcripts to colleges . . . willing to help. 18 Miss Miller and Miss Martin are discussing with parent his son's future. Office Mr. Argauer's right hand . . . takes care of admittance slips . . . always ready to listen to good excuses. In spite of the trying problems of a working day, Mrs. Plunkett can still manage to smile. Mary Plunkett Dr. Kline's competent secre- tary . . . amazing knowledge of all matters' pertaining to the school . . . dependable. Accidents will happen. Mrs. Yoda fixes up Beverly Herina's cut. Slcill Nina Sorrento Can be seen running the of fice . . . answering tele phones . . . types and oper- ates switchboard. Helen Yoda Our school nurse . . . on call all day . . . "Are youreally sick?" . . loads of fun . . . advises Future Nurses of America. 19 is -b,, . - CAFETEWA STAFF Mrs. Hilda Lakefield, Mrs. Helen Tutsch, Mrs. Michelina Ciolino, Mrs. Rose Left to Right: Mrs. Irene Kmetz, Mrs. Minnie Novotny, Mrs. Hilda Musterer, Demeny, Mrs. Jean Copello, Mrs. Mamie Furman, Mrs. Sis Hasten. JANITORIAL STAFF MATRON Back row, Left to Right: Kurt Purfuerst, louis Visotcky, Joseph Paluh, John Ritoch. Bottom Row: "May I have a pass to go to my locker?" Leonard De Salvo, Dominick Marletta, John Polioka, Herbert Georges. That's the familiar question asked of matron, Mrs. Mary Mayo, during lunch every day. -ll'H1 wvqn an i Wil M. The most important event in our "food-life" was the first hot meal in our "Who needs a dishwasher when we have an efficient custodial staff?" The new school. The turkey dinner went over quite well with all concerned. first day we had hot lunches and the dishwasher broke down, Joe Verga, Alessi Cimino was first in line. Dominick D'Agostino, and Herbert Georges pitched in with washing and drying the dishes. Seniors X f' J! it X r Z i s , 3 . 456' . me SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - Back row: Richard Woidyla, Treasurer, Fran- cine Perrone, V. President. Front row: Georgia Verish, President, Jane Messler, Secretary. CLASS HISTORY The Senior Class has long been known to faculty, alumni, and others as an outstanding one. Our class, more than many others has shown wonderful spirit and enthusiasm in all phases of our lives. lt all started on a brisk morn when we gathered at No. 9 school, then our High School annex. Days passed into weeks and we 'found all our available time was being consumed in our studies and our activities. Soon, we frosh began seeping into the ranks of the upper classmen. Many of our boys made the J. V. teams, our girls made the cheering and twirling squads as substitutes. Soon summer was upon us. We anxiously awaited the completion of our new high school. Sophomore year came and with it occupancy in the new high school. Here we made our mark. Under the able leadership of our advisers, Mrs. Markey and Miss Filippone, we chose as class officers John Cali, president, Anthony Graceffo, vice-president, Carole Nitus, secretary, and Linda Hartos, treasurer. We ioined clubs, took part in school government, and enioyed being a rung higher on the class ladder. Soon a maiority of us were on the Varsity teams. With the spring came our "Sophomore Shipwreck," a class sponsored dance, and the knowledge that next year would be all important to us. With zeal and vigor we entered our Junior year. We elected our officers: Richie Woidyla, president, Anthony Calandriello, vice- president, Barb De Piero, secretary, and Joyce Chap, treasurer. How eagerly we awaited the arrival of our rings, made the plans and preparations for our party, "Autumn on the Campus", and re- hearsed our play, "Do You Trust Your Boyfriend". Most of us be- came well-known. Soon one of the most important events in our lives became not the dream which it long had been, but a reality- our Junior Prom. Senior W The charming contestants of the Miss Arnold Constable contest. The winner is chosen for looks, poise, and per- sonality. Can you guess the winner? The lucky girl was Vivian Spinella. Left to Right: Frances Gurak, Diane Chizmadia, Vivian Spinella, Joyce Barker. ' f qi,-,M .., . Senior Class Adviser, Mrs. Frances Markey. The Class of '59 met all their problems with a smile. We were now "top dog". ln electing our officers we chose those who would lead us through our last year at G.H.S. - Georgia Verish, presi- dent, Fran Perrone, vice-president, Jane Messler, secretary, and Richie Woidyla, treasurer. We cheered our teams on to many vic- tories and after our losses, patted them on the back and said, "We tried our best". We were leaders. Despite the College Board pre- parations, we still found time for the fun and preparation for our "Sadie Hawkins Dance", and making hearts for "Haven of Hearts", our Valentine Dance. Expectantly, we looked forward to a magical month-June-which brought Class Night, the Senior Social at the Waldorf, and our very special night-the one for which we had worked and prepared so long-GRADUATION NIGHT. Class 'ffHl'l' X ' - , f,,-1 il . ,,, f .. 'thi Y ,A its 1 14-ax 1 J' ll " 1 ' sf fl lvl i l " K cl I l Salvatore Joseph Affronte "Mooch" Business "A fellow of infinite iest and excellent fancy." Charles Alberti "Charlie" Undecided "Handsome is as handsome does." Varsity Club 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 3, 4. Charlotte Ann Amoruso "Char" Secretary "A friendly smile, a bright hello." Commercial Club l, Modern Miss Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y l. Football 1, 2. , W William Joseph Anthony "Billy" Teacher "A truly worthy friend." C.O. l, Radio Club 2, Archery Club 3. Paul Arthur "Paul" Air Force "Thou art a fellow of good respect." Spanish Club l, Audio Visual Aids 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Track l, 2, Camera Club 3. John Lawrence Avella "Johnny" Teacher "Swifter than an arrow shot from the Tartar's bow." Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club l, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Quill Staff 2. 25 . :Zi Effliif-' , Michalena Ann Babyak "Mickey" Teacher "True goodness springs from her heart." Good Grooming 1, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Needle Work Club Treasurer 4. Ilona Susan Barkocy "Ilona" Teacher "She is a Venus, a woman perfect in form, feature, and mind." Glee Club l, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Bridge Club 4, French Club 4, Quill Staff 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Flag Twirler 2, 3, Captain 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' Basketball Team 'l, 2, 3, Junior Prom Court 3. 24 Bernice Lois Barbato "Bernie" Secretary "A noble girl who would do thee no wrong." Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Italian Club 3, Needle Work Club 4, Dramatics Club 'l, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Quill Staff 4, Baton Twirler 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. Joan Catherine Bartyzel "Jeanie" Teacher "A gentle girl who is charming." Choral Group l, Dramatics Club 2, 4, Psychology Club 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Needle Work Club 4, Year- book Staff 4. Joyce Barker "Joy" Stewardess "In the world of dreams I have chosen my part." Sewing Club I, Baton Twirler 3, 4, Quill Reporter 4, Knitting Club 4. -semi, L ig ,f 1: z'?l?P iS:'g5j 'V ' Joyce Carol Basile "Joy" Teacher "She has a kindness all her own." French Club l, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 4, Psychology Club 4, Modern Miss Club 4. Filling out multitudes Adelheid Christine Becker "Heide" Accountant "A golden link in life's chain of friendship." Library Council l, 2, 3, 4, Bridge Club 4, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4, Yearbook Staff 3. Salvatore Benanti "Blood" Undecided "All are his friends for a true friend is he." Varsity Club, Secretary 2, 3, 4, Weight Lifting Club, President 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, Track 3, Gymnastics Club 3, Chess and Checkers Club, Presi- dent l, Proiection Club l. of schedule cards Frances Benanti "Fran" Secretary "Slightly shy, but a perfect lady and very nice." ltalian Club l, 2, 3,, Garden Club 3, 4, Secretarial Club l, Modern Miss Club 3, Poetry Club, Secretary 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Travel Club 3, 4, Needle Work Club 4, Future Teachers of America Club 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4, Knitting Club 4, Dramotics Club 3. Judith Martha Bence "Judy" Teacher "She is constant and so kind." Knitting Club l, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, French Club 4, Travel Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Psychology Club 4. Gary Sal Benanti "Gar" Undecided "The good, the gentle, the high-gifted, ever-friendly person." Johanna Bochiaro "Jay" Nursing "And her dark eyes - how eloquent." Dance Club I, Modern Miss Club 4. 25 William Daniel Boon "Boon" Geology "Men of few words are the best men." French Club l, Aviation Club, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Home Room Vice- President 4, Student Council 4. Peter John Buglino 'Pete Bugs" Service "Merrily shall I live now, with nary a worry." Class Officer l, Varsity Club 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track l, Mechanics Club 3. 26 The "honor" of occupying Mildred Briganti "Millie" Secretary "A pleasing personality is ever an asset." Secretarial Club l, Spanish Club l, 2, Audio Visual 4, Home Room Vice-Presi- dent 2, 3, 4. June Ann Burek "June" Teacher "She is so lovely, fair, and sweet - a princess." Tri-Hi-Y l, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Quill Staff 2, 3, Yearbook 3, Editor 4, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4, Library Council, President l, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Camera Club, Vice-President 3, Tennis Club 3, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 4, Bridge Club 4, Junior Prom Court 3, Home Room Secretary 4, Home Room Vice-President 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3. Joan Bugg "Joanie" Teacher Happiness is her twin." Dramotics Club l, Girls' Basketball League l, 2, 3, Garden Club 2, 3, Fu- ture Teachers ot America 3, 4, Student Council 3, Bible Club 4, Home Room Treasurer 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Quill Staff 4. Anthony Joseph Calandriello "Count" College "First in the fight and every courageous deed." Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Gymnastic Club 3, 4, Vice-President Junior Class 3, Home Room Treasurer 4, Chess and Checkers Club, President 2, Archery Club, Vice-President 3. front-row auditorium seats P J John Joseph Cali "Meatball" College "I say what I think - nothing more or Iess." Projection Club l, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, C.O. Club, President l, Gymnastics 2, Football l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. Carolyn Catenaro "Rosie" Teacher "She was our queen, our rose, our star." Student Council 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Quill Staff 2, 4, Year- book Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y l, library Coun- cil 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Future Nurses 4, Junior Prom Queen, Home Room Vice-President 2, 3, 4, Youth Week Official 3. Ralph Anthony Calia "Junk" College "ln athletics he's a star, his pleasing ways will get him far." Engineering Club l, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Mechanic Club 3, Chess and Checkers Club 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball l. Gloria Mary Cavillo "Glor" Undecided "She is of such a merry, nimble spirit." 'Wi' "rm " "Sr Delores Frances Cangialosi HDBBH Nurse "Like careless, flowing fountains, are the ripples of her hair." Librarian Club 4, Camera Club 3, Home Room President l. Joyce Marie Chap "Joycey" Teacher "Always smiling, always gay, she chases all your frowns away." Newspaper Club, President l, Tennis Club 3, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 'l, 2, 3, 4, Editor in Chief, Year- book 4, Tri-Hi-Y l, Camera Club, Treas- urer 3, Bridge Club, Treasurer 4, Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Class Treasurer 3, Court Junior Prom 3, Home Room Presi- dent 2, Youth Week Official 3, Girls' Basketball League l, 2, 3. 27 Robert John Chervenak "Bob" Engineer "Few things are impossible to diligence and skilI." Junior Engineering Club I, Camera Club 3, 4, Aviation Club 4. Thomas Joseph Ciffo "Bawana" College "Both silent when there is need, and speaking in season." Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Chess and Check- ers Club l, Basketball l, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. 28 Diane .D. Chizmadia "Di" Secretary "She is fair and virtuous." Knitting Club l, Anthology Contest Win- ner 3, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4, Needle Work Club 4, Quill Staff 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Home Room Vice- President 2, National Honor Society 4. Alessi Peter Cimino "Babe" Undecided "There's mischief in this man." Engineering Club l, Football 2, 3, 4. Kalman John Chizmadia "Chizzy" Mechanic "None but himself can be his parallel." Chess and Checkers Club l. Richard Peter Closterman "Rich" Air Force "True to his work, his word, his friends." Science Club l, Basketball I, Base- ball l. Slaving over term papers, Carole Lee Coffey "Ca" Secreta ry "Within the midnight of her hair, heaven shone." Dancing Club lp Psychology Club 35 Student Council 35 Treasurer of Student Council 45 Junior Play 35 Future Teach- ers of America 45 Bridge Club 45 Year- book Staff 45 Girls' Basketball l, 2, 35 Home Room Vice-President l, Secretary 2, Vice-President 45 Bulletin Board Squad 3, 4. Lorraine Ann Theresa Comito Secretary "She is pretty and honest and gentle5 and one that is a true friend." Knitting Club lg Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Business Leaders of To- morrow 4. Ronald Anthony Colletti "Ronnie" Musician "Gentleman is written legibly "' his bm'-" Anthony Carl Comito Science Club lp Band l, 25 Camera Club 35 Italian Club 45 Junior Play 3. He is a second Hercules Stephen Vincent Corsale Corkf' Engineer "Thought is deeper than all speechp feeling deeper than all thought." Engineering Club l. speeches, and book reports Maryann Crisafulll "Mill" College "Constant thought will overflow In words unconsciously.' Dramatics Club l, 25 Jazz Record So ciety 3. Charles Steven Czagas "Bud" Agricultural Engineer "Few words, but many deeds." Camera Club 45 French Club l. Barbara De Piero "Barbs" Teacher "A flawless girl, how delicate and fine." Choral Club lp Quill Staff 25 Psychology Club 35 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Junior Class Secretary5 Court of Junior Prom5 Twirler 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, Art Editor 45 Basketball l, 2, 35 Student Council 45 Bulletin Board Squad 3, 45 Bridge Club 4. 50 Dominick Anthony D'Agostino "Domsey" College "A friendly person that very oft lightens your humor with his merry iests." Basketball 25 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Var- sity Club 3, 45 Home Room President l, 2. Marilyn De Voogd Teacher "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul." Dramatics Club l, 25 Home Room Presi- dent 25 Spanish Club President 35 Quill 2, 35 Future Teacher of America 35 Honor Society 3, 4. Poring over Angelo Vincent Dellibovi "Del" College "A quick smile plays around his lips." Chess and Checkers Club l, 25 Auto Mechanics Club 35 Pharmacy Club 3. Daniel Joseph Diorio "Dan" Business "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows." Basketball 1, Manager 25 Baseball 3, 45 Teens for Safe Driving 45 Boys Club l. college catalogues Nick Peter Di Paolo "Mole" College "The little foolery that wise men have, makes a great show." Travel Club I, Track 2, Gymnastics Club 3. Patricia Ann Dosky "Pat" Teacher "She finds the ioys of heaven here on earth." Newspaper Club lg Tennis Club 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4, French Club 4, Future Teach- ers of America 4, Student Council 4, Junior Achievement 4. Patricia Dolcemascolo "Dolce" Secretary "She is kind as she is fair." Gardening Club lg Tennis Club 3. Donald Dowiak "Peanuts" Undecided "A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known." Engineering Club l, 2. Lenora Debra Lee Dombal "l-ee" Secretary "Happy 'tis she whose heart is truly fine." Glee Club lg Girls Basketball 'lp Office Memo Club 3. Dorothy Kathaleen Dowiak "DOT" Secretary "Friendliness is a wonderful thing." Gardening Club I, Dramatics Club lg Girls' Basketball lg Office Memo Club 3. 31 Walter Dul 'Walt" Veterinarian "The true wit in nature to advantage stressed." l c i Joseph John Ferrandino "Joe" ' Teacher "He only is a well-made man who has a good determination." French Club l, C.O. 'l, Math Club 2, 4, Golf Club 4. 52 John Stanley Durski "Dursk" College "He that was ever handsome but never proud, had tongue at will but was never loud." Spanish Club 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Weight Lifting Club 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track i, 2, 3, 4, Chess and Check- ers Club Secretary l. Angela Ferrante "Angie" Model "Joy rises in her like a summer morn." Dramatic Club 'l, Audio Visual Club 4, Modern Miss Club 4. Dorothy Ann Fafard "Dot" Bookkeeper "She has an eye that could speak though her tongue were silent." Handicraft Club l, Junior Achievement 3, Bridge Club 4, Future Business Lead- ers of Tomorrow 4. Susan Mary Fisher "Sue" College "Thou lov'st to hear the sweet melodious sound the queen of music makes." P.T.A. Talent Show 'l, 3, 4,. Home Economics Club l, Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3, Color Guard 2, Captain 3, 4, Home Room President 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Quill Staff 3, Psychology Club 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Bridge Club Vice-President 4, Junior Play Prompter, Bulletin Board Squad 3, 4, Office Assistant 4. Pondering our Marie Olga Formosa Secretary "Grace is more beautiful than beauty." Good Grooming Club l5 Modern Miss Club 45 Business Leaders of Tomorrow Treasurer 4. Rose Mary Geng "Ro" Secretary "She wears the rose of youth upon her." Needle Work Club 45 Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4. uncertain futures Stephen Joseph Gallopo "Steve" Business "And when he plays, heaven is drowsy with harmony." Sports Club lp Italian Club l, 25 Chess and Checkers Club 45 Teens for Safe Driving 45 Golf Club 45 Jazz Record Society 35 Band Club l, 25 Dance Band l, 2, 35 Band l, 2, 3. Anna Marie Gantz "Ann" Teacher "A new friend, sincere and demure." Donald Giamo "Gime" Teacher "He has put the spirit of gaiety in everything." French Club lg Spanish Club 25 Gymnas- tic Club 25 Junior Prom Court. Frank Michael Gilfone "Fats" Undecided "Much he spoke and in such a humorous manner." French Club I5 Home Room President 45 Gymnastic Club 35 Baseball 2, 3, 4. 33 Joseph John Giordano "Joe" Service "A free and a friendly man." Future Engineers lp Photography Club 3, 45 Gymnastics 35 Track 35 Yearbook Staff Photographer 4. Anthony Thomas Graceffo "Barrels" Accountant "His honors in sports are honors that speak for themselves." Football l, 2, 3, Capt. 45 Baseball 3, 45 Track 'l, 25 Basketball Manager l, 35 letterman's Club 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics Club 3, 45 Weight Lifting Club 3, 45 French Club l5 Science Club lp Travel Club, President 35 Junior Prom Court 35 Vice-President of class 25 Home Room President 3. 34 Antonia Palma Gliatta "Toni" Secretary "There is never any malice in her heart." Choral Club I5 Future Teachers of America 4. Jack Phillip Graceffo 9'Jack" Accountant "He may not score, yet helps to win who makes the hit that brings the runner in." Football l, 45 Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club li l.etterman's Club 3, 45 Court of Junior Prom5 Gymnastics Club 3, 45 Weight Lifting Club 3, 4. All this and yet - who in Vivian Sandra Goldstein "Viv" Secretary "Happiness courts thee in the best way." Glee Club l5 Home Room Treasurer 2. Elizabeth Joanne Gradzki "Betty" Teacher "Honor lies in honest toil." Glee Club I5 Junior Achievement, Presi- dent 2, Secretary 35 Assistant Manager, Quill 35 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Psychology Club 45 Spanish Club, Secretary 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Sales- manship Contest Winner 25 Home Room President 25 National Honor Society 4. the class of '59 can forget? Joan Theresa Gradzki "Joan" Teacher "Thy modesty's o candle to thy merit." Glee Club lg Junior Achievement 2, 35 Quill Staff 35 Circulation Manager 45 Psychology Club 45 National Honor So- ciety 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Home Room Vice-President 35 Yearbook Staff 4. Frances C. Gurak "Fran" Teacher "For t'is she - most charming in form and feature." library Council l, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Tennis Club 35 Quill Staff 2, 35 Yearbook Staff 35 Dramatics Club l5 Camera Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y l, 25 Home Room Secretary 25 Home Room Treas- urer 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Nicholas Grenevitch "Nick" Marines "Thou art a friend both merry and wise." Science Club l. 355.33 - Dianna Betty Hanzl 'Di" Chemical Engineer Blue eyes shimmer with angel glances." library Council, President l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Student Council 25 Junior Achievement 3, 4 President5 Yearbook Staff 45 Chemistry Club 35 National Honor Society 4. Herbert Gruener "Herby" TV. Serviceman "His are the joys of nature, his the smile, the cherub smile of innocence and health." Travel Club, Secretary I5 Audio Visual Aids Club 2, 35 Photography Club 35 Radio Club, Treasurer 3. Linda Susan Hartos "Lin" Secretary "Letter of honor add not to her worth, who is herself an honor to her title." Central Organization l5 Dramatics Club l5 Student Council 2, 3, President 45 Psychology Club, President 35 Quill Staff 25 News Editor 3, 45 Bridge Club 45 National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4. 35 , Mg Diane Marian Hasten "Di" Nurse "Silence is the perfect herald of icy." Home Economics Club l, Future Nurses Club 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 4, Needlework Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Junior Achievment 4. John Robert Herkaler "Herk" Pharmacy "A true friend is the greatest of blessings." Science Club l, Audio Visual Aids 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, Treasurer 3, Archery Club 3, Camera Club 4. 36 Charles Hawthorne, Jr. "Charl" Mechanic "There is a majesty in simplicity which is far above the quantities of wit." French Club 2. Paul Thomas Hoffman "Wimpy" Pizzeria "From the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, he is full of mirth." Mechanical Drawing Club, President l, Audio Visual Aids, Vice-President l, 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics Club 3, 4. Beverly Marie Herina "Bev" Teacher "The force of her own merit makes her way." Good Grooming l, Dramatic Club 2, Quill Staff 2, 4, Spanish Club 3, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Tennis Club 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Nurse's Assistant 3, 4, Home Room Treasurer 4, Sewing Club, President 4. Ruth Diane Hook "Ruthie" Secretary "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and Iow." Homemaking Club l, Spanish Club 3, Junior Achievement, Treasurer 3, 4, Quill Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Needle Work Club 4, Bridge Club 4, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4. Practicing for Arlene Betty Hudak Nurse "Mind cannot follow it, nor words express her infinite sweetness." Good Grooming Club l5 Home Room Treasurer 25 Camera Club 35 Sewing Club 45 Future Nurses 3, Vice-President 45 Nurse's assistant 45 Yearbook Staff 45 National Honor Society 4. Kathleen Marie Jadach " Pudgie" Secretary "Mine honour keeps the weather of my fate." Bridge Club 4. our opening game Patricia Mary Hyduchak " Pat' ' Secretary "A gentler heart did never we see." Home Room Treasurer I5 Knitting Club l5 Business Staff 45 Needle Work Club 45 Business leaders of Tomorrow 45 Sewing Club l. Michael George Jaretsky "Mike" Engineer "To others lenient, to himself sincere." French Club l, 2, 35 Golf Club 25 Avia- tion Club, Secretary and Treasurer 4. Walter Alexander Jablonski "Walt" Undecided "Sometimes serious, sometimes smiling- always friendly." Junior Play 3. ' Helen Harriet Jezierski Teacher "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." Dramatic Club l, 25 Quill Staff 2, 35 Home Room Secretary 45 Junior Achieve- ment 3, 45 Tennis Club 35 Library Coun- cil 45 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 3. .37 Joseph Kenneth Kacsanik "Joe" Undecided "ln quietness will be your strength." Science Club l. Frank Edward Klein "Frank" College "The only competition worthy of a wise man is himself." Engineering Club l, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. 58 Completely taking over Elizabeth Kalemba "Betty" Legal Secretary "Honors achieved far exceed those that are created." Knitting Club l, Baton Twirler 2, Cap- tain 3, 4, Quill Staff 2, 3, Home Room Secretary l, 2, Office Memo Club 3, National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4, Junior Achievement 2, Secretary 3, Psy- chology Club Secretary 3. 1 - Noel Gay Kmetz "Noel" Dancer "To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent." Glee Club l, Psychology Club 3, Cloth- ing Club 3, Psychology Club President 4, Modern Miss Club 4. Doris Louise Kern "Dor" Stenogropher "A silent tongue, a strong heart." Library Council l, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, German Club 4, Needle Work Club 4, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4. Louise Marie Koch "Lu" Bookkeeper "She can because she thinks she can." Audio Visual Aids 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Dancing Club l, Needle Work Club 4, Tennis Club 3, Baton Twirler 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, National Honor So- ciety 4. Barcy's every Friday Night Betty Jean Kochanowski Comptometry "Let gentleness my strong enforcement be." Homemaking Club l, Future Teachers of America 4, Library Council 4. Barbara Ann Kopacz "Bobbie" Secretary "Often the greatest talents lie unseen." Good Grooming l, Teens for Safe Driv- ing 4. Judy Anne Komorowski Teacher "She is the very pink of courtesy." Homemaking Club l, Quill Staff 3, Fu- ture Teachers of America 3, 4, Library Council 3, Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. George Kopec "George" Executive "He is always laughing for he has an infinite deal of wit." All Sports Club l, 2, Hi-Y. William Stephen Kopacka "Bill" College "Faithful friends are hard to find." Engineering Club I, Camera Club 4, Aviation Club 4. Irene Maryann Krawiec "Irene" Undecided "Always happy, so truly happy." Sewing Club l, 3, Yearbook Assistant 3, Business Manager 4, Junior Red Cross Club 4, Audio Visuai Aids 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4, Future Teach- ers of America 4. 39 Gail Lucille Kreic "Gail" Secretary "Small of stature, great of nature." Dramatics Club lg Girls' Glee Club 25 Junior Achievement 35 Business Leaders of Tomorrow 45 Golf Club 4. Gloria Ann Kuropchak Teacher "For all that is fair is good by nature." French Club lp Dramatics Club 25 Bible Club, Vice-President 45 Needle Work Club 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Quill Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 4. 40 Joyce Kroin "Joy" Speech Therapist "Of all those arts in which the wise excel, nature's chief masterpiece is writing well." Dramatic Club l, Vice-President 25 Quill Staff 2, News Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 45 Psychology Club, Treasurer 35 Future Teachers of America, President 35 Span- ish Club 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 l Speak for Democracy Winner 35 Con- stitution Contest 35 Guidance worker 3. Henry Thomas Kuter "Hank" Undecided "He has honesty and a wealth of wit." Hunting and Fishing Club 'l, 25 Automo- bile Club l, 2, 3, 45 Boating Club l, 2, 35 Football 2, 3. Theodore Frank Kurilko "Ted" Undecided "Silence is true wisdom's best reply." Engineering Club, Secretary 'l5 Gymnas- tics Club 3. l Lillian Deborah Kutney "Lil" Pharmacist "This soul ever yearns to be doing something." Newspaper Club lp Baton Twirler 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Bridge Club 4. Choosing year- -, ,".- K ' Ll . , ,, ., Thomas Lamantia "Thomessh" College "A youth, light-hearted and content." Chess and Checkers Club 2. Beniamin Lawrence Lechner "Beni" Medical Research "The fruits of knowledge are various. He must be strong indeed who can digest all of them." News Broadcasting Club, Vice-President l5 Science Club I, 25 Radio Club 2, 35 Camera Club 35 Audio Visual Aids 45 Psychology Club, Vice-President 45 Merit Achievement Finalist 45 National Honor Society 4. book proofs Salvatore Joseph Lano "Sam" Undecided "Prone to mischief and as able to perform it." All Sports Club l5 French Club l. Robert Andrew Lee "Bob" Undecided "A proper young man of excellent looks and presence." Band 2, 35 Biology Club 35 Gymnastics Club 35 Quill Staff 35 Golf Club 45 Leaders Club 4. Judith Elizabeth Lawrence "Judie" Secretary "She touches nothing but adds a charm." Choral Club 15 Basketball I, 25 Year- book Staff 45 Needle Work Club 45 Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4. Elizabeth Leili "Liz" Secretary "You like her because she's always herseIf." Dramatics Club 35 German Club 45 Needle Work Club 45 Home Room Treas- urer 45 Yearbook Staff 4. 41 Rose Lentini "Ro" Secretary "Eyes too expressive to be blue, too lovely to be gray." Newsman Club, President 2, Italian Club, Secretary 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4, National Honor Society 4. Marion Helen Luciano "Luch" Social Worker "The angels listen as she sings." Dramatic Club l, Tennis Club 2. 42 Attacking the city with boxes of Anthony James Locascio "Tony" Undecided "His smiling eyes where simple truth is stored." Glee Club l, 2, Camera Club l. Veronica Petrino Luciano "Ronnie" Secretary "Thine eyes are like the deep, blue, boundless heaven." Teens for Safe Driving Club 4, Bridge Club 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Home Economics Club l, Yearbook Staff 4, Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3, Color Guard 3, 4. Anita LoRe "Anita" Secretary "She is neither shy nor bold, iust a girl with a heart of gold." Choral Club l, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Tennis Club 3, Camera Club 3. Theodore Ludvik "Tex" Contractor "An easy minded soul, and always was." Chemistry Club, President l. cookies to finance our yearbook ' 'n"!.-ln! .N - Arlene Mary Luty "Arlene" Secretary "Nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." Home Room Vice-President lg Dancing Club I5 Future Teachers of America 45 Business Leaders of Tomorrow 45 Dra- matics Club 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. Annette Marie Madonna "Annette" Beautician "More expressive may be than all words ever spoken." Home Economics Club, Vice-President I5 Needle Work Club 45 Home Room Sec- retary 3, 45 Home Room President I. George Macognone "Mack" Army "He is not only witty himself but also causes wit in others." Hi-Y 3, 45 Gardening Club I5 Golf Club, Secretary 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Carol Joyce Magee "Carol" Secretary "ln her tongue is the law of kindness." Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Handicraft Club Treasurer I5 Psychology Club 45 Busi- ness Leaders of Tomorrow, President 45 Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 35 Tennis Club 35 Future Teachers of America 4. Nick Bob Madonia "General" Teacher "Wonderful personality, full of rascality." Gardening I5 Future Teachers of Ameri- ca 45 Teens for Safe Driving, President 45 French Club I5 Gymnastics 3, 45 Hi- Y 2, 3, 45 letterman's Club 3, 45 Bas- ketball I, 2, 35 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Mary Mahon "Mar" Beautician "Friendly counsel cuts off many foes." 43 Joseph Michael Marino "Joe" Undecided "Happy and carefree, a friend to all is he." C.O. l, Gymnastic Club 4, Football l, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 4. Evelyn Pauline Maykovic "Eve" Secretary "How much lies in laughter." Knitting Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, Nee- dle Work Club 4. 44 Anthony Michael Mastropole "Matt" Engineer "He most prevails who nobly dares." Engineering Club, Vice-President l, Ca- mera Club I. Edith Maryann Mayor "Eydie" Teacher "So young, so fair, good without effort, great without foe." Glee Club I, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Fu- ture Teachers of America 4, Camera Club 3, Student Council 3, Quill Staff 3, News Editor 4, Yearbook Staff 3, Needle Work Club 4, Junior Play Prompter, Home Room Treasurer 3, 4. Richard Frank May "Boopsie" Nuclear Physicist "All his happiness we seize." French Club l, 2, Golf Club, President 4, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Aviation Club 4. Jacqueline Theresa Mazzola "Jackie" Teacher "Winning is her way, and pleasant is her smile." Future Teachers of America 3, President 4, Audio Visual Aids Secretary 2, Presi- dent 3, 4, Italian Club 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3. Worrying about Michael Melfi "Mike" College "He makes many friends who never made a foe." Audio Visual Club 2, 4. Ross George Mistretta "Moose" College "As merry as the day is long." Italian Club l, 2. college boards Jane Gertrude Messler "Gertie" Undecided "To be well favored is a gift of fortune." Home Economics Club l, Future Nurses Club, Vice-President 3, 4, Tennis Club President 3, Secretary of Senior Class, Junior Achievement Secretary 3, Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3. Joanne Mary Molchon "Jo" Secretary "When nature's happiest touch could add no more, Heaven lent an angel's beauty to her face." Knitting Club l, Modern Miss Club 4, Needlework Club Secretary 4, Junior Achievement 4. Kenneth Stephen Milonic "Ken" lawyer "Habits form character and character is destiny." Joan Anne Monaco "Joan" Teacher "Snappy, peppy, full of good will, very seldom found still." Choral Club 1, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Social Chairman 4, library Council Secretary 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y l, Ca- mera Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Quill Staff 3, Junior Prom Court, Student Council 3, 4, Bridge Club 4, Girls' Bas- ketball l, 2, 3,, Junior Play Chairman. Janet Morgan Medicine "There is no substitude for thorough going, ardent and sincere earnestnessf' Carole Joyce Nitus "Ca" Teacher "The heavens such grace did give her, that admired she might be." Secretary of Sophomore Class5 Youth Week Official 'l, 25 Spanish Club 35 Fu- ture Teachers of America 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Junior Prom Court 35 Bridge Club 45 Teens for Safe Driving 45 Tri- Hi-Y lp Home Room President I5 Girls' Basketball l, 2, 35 Student Council 3, 45 Color Guard 3, 4. 46 Enioying many hours skating Thomas Daniel Murray "Tom" Church Organist "An artist to his finger tips." Audio Visual Club 2, 3, 45 Photography 3, 4. Maria Onufrak Secretary "Softly speak and sweetly smile." Quill Staff 4. Patricia Ann Nardone "Pat" Teacher "The brightness of her cheeks would shame the stars." Future Teachers of America 2, 35 Italian Club 2, 35 Student Council 35 Quill Staff 2, 35 Camera Club 35 Library Council 4. National Honor Society 4. Edward Orechovsky "Ed" Electrical Engineer "An honest man is the noblest work of God." Science Club lj Photography Club 25 Psychology Club lp Audio Visual Club l, 3, Treasurer 2. at the "Pump house' Lois Margaret Oswald "Lo" Secretary "Mildest of manners and gentlest of heart." Knitting Club l, 4, Quill Staff 2. ,,,,,.,..s..,,., ...L .' ' - - i Dorothy Beverly Pastor "Bunny" Secretary "True goodness springs from her heart." Knitting Club l, Quill Staff 4, Audio Visual Club 4, Receptionist 4, Jazz Rec- ord Club 3. William John Paroby --Bmu Engineer "Thou art rich in good works." Band l, 2, 3, Golf Club 3, Audio Visual Club 4. lin., L . mx-X' 1 ., -gy., ft in - '- " ri 5' .L- . w ' ' - 2? Ad.. fa , ,w., ,1:'., ,:S9':7 ' ,' . ,aye 5, . , 5,-LQ'T'.71 2'-J-T f V ' :'1i9fQ2T'Qf: Dennis Joseph Pelcher "PeIch " Service "He is so good that no one can be a better man." Gymnastic Club 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Weight Lifting Club, Vice-President 3, Sports Club Treasurer l, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3. John Parsons Lawyer "So much one man can do That does both act and know." Bowling Club l, 2, 3, Chess Club 'l, Golf Club 2, Debate Club 3. Robert James Pepe "Sweeny" Business "Full of pep, and loads of fun, He's a friend to everyone." French Club President l, Sports Club I, Quill Staff 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4, Leaders Club 4. 47 Francine Perrone "Fran" Lawyer "From whose pen issued forth melliflu- ous streams that watered all the schools of academics, old and new." Glee Club l, Audio Visual Club Secre- tary 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Treasurer 4, Quill Staff 3, 4, Junior Achievement Vice-President 3, Tennis Club 3, Psychology Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, National Honor Society 3, 4. Edward Andrew Pirog "Eddie" Chemical Engineer "Character is greater than all intellect, yes this man has both." Dramatic Club l, C.O. l, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 'l, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Court, Var- sity Club 2, President 3, 4, Camera Club President 3, Gymnastic Club Vice-Presi- dent 3, Boys' State 3, National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4. 48 Barbara Florence Perruzzi "Bobbie" Secretary "Quietly I go about my work from day to day." Good Grooming Club l. Olympia Mary Pistone "limp" Secretary "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eyes." Gardening Club l, Modern Miss Club l. Frank Joseph Pilewski "Plu" Service "Found seldom, if ever, singing the blues." Science Club 'l, Weight Lifting Club l, Golf Club 2, Football 4. Ronald Michael Plafta "Ronnie" n College "Good-natured, winning the favor of all." French Club 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Audio Visual Club 2, Golf Club Vice-President 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Basketball 2, 3. The fun of Dorothy Anna Popeck "Dot" Retail Merchandiser "A cheerful life is what she loves, A soaring spirit is her prime delight." J. V. Cheering Squad 3, Girls' Basket- ball l, 2, 3, Audio Visual Club 4, Fu- ture Teachers of America 4, Language Club Secretary l, Commercial Club l, Camera Club 3. Heike Lisbeth Poppe "Hi" Business "How sweet and lovely dost she make the day." Foreign Language Club l, Yearbook Staff 3, layout Editor 4, Business lead- ers of Tomorrow Secretary 4, German Club 4, Needle Work Club 4. learning to drive Barbara Ann Popick "Barb" Secretary "Not much talk, a great sweet silence." Junior Achievement Treasurer 4, Psy- chology Club 4, Business leaders of To- morrow 4, Dramatic Club 4, Art Club Treasurer l, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Quill Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. Dorothy Jane Prebolsky "Dot" Teacher "An active girl is, always full of pep, ioy, and fun." Dramatic Club I, Home Room President l, Quill Staff 2, Audio Visual Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y l, Spanish Club 3, Psychology Club 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Student Council 4, Color Guard 3, 4, Democracy Contest 3, Office Assistant 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Bridge Club 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4. John Edward Popowich "Pop" Pharmacist "Whate'er he did was done with so much ease, ln him alone, 'twas natural to please." Student Council l, 4, Basketball 2, Gar- dening Club l. Janet Carolyn Pristas "Jan" Teacher "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman." Tri-Hi-Y l, 3, 4, Knitting Club l, Year- book Staff 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3, 4, Psychology Club 4, French Club l. 49 Robert Edward Pritch "Pritch" College "He knows what pathway leads to popularity." Varsity Club 3, 4, Home Room President l, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Patricia Joyce Puzino "Pat" Secretary "Clouds may hide the radiant skies, But her sunshine never dies." Glee Club l, Psychology Club 3, Office Assistant 4, Tri-Hi-Y l. 50 Sylvia Pucciarelli "Pucci" Business "For all her care was to be fair, and all her tasks to be sweet." Commercial Club Vice-President l, li- brary Council l, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Sewing Club l, Home Room Vice-Presi- dent 4, Student Council 2, 3, Quill Staff 2, Tri-Hi-Y l. Beverly Jeanne Radzai "Bev" Teacher "Small things are not small if great things come of them." Latin Club President l, Library Council l, Managing Editor of Quill 'l, Drama- tic Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Junior Play, Quill Staff 2, 3, 4. Pushing cars out of the Evelyn Ann Purfuerst "Ev" Teacher "She is gracious and of a noble, modest nature." Tri-Hi-Y 2, Knitting Club l, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Gardening Club 2. Joseph Raia "Little Joe" Service "A good iester forever." Engineering Club Treasurer l, Weigh' Lifting Club 3, Golf Club 3, Gymnastic Club 3, Camera Club 3, Track 2. mud in the parking lot l Robert Redl "Bob" Engineer "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." Archery Club Vice-President 35 Golf Club 35 Engineering Club 3. Gaeton Rigano Musician "The man that hatcheth mischief, catcheth mischief." Home Room President 3. Edward Rembish "Remch" Business "He doth indeed show sparks that are like wit." Hunting and Fishing Club l, 25 Automo- bile Club 'l, 2, 3, 4. Louis Frank Riggi "Shaggy" Clothing Manufacturer "What care l how tall l be, when all the world looks up to me." Hunting and Fishing Club 35 Automobile Club 4. Lisa Maria Restuccia "Lee" Psychologist "She has wit one can well observe." Home Economics Club l5 Future Nurses Club 35 Tennis Club Vice-President 35 Audio Visual Club 45 Junior Achieve- ment 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Future Teach- ers of America 45 Girls' Basketball l, 2. 3. Gasper Rigolosi "Gap" Engineer "To set the cause above renown, To love the game above the prize." Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Gymnastic Club President 3, 45 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 Court of Junior Prom5 Weight lifting Club 3, 45 Teens for Safe Driving 4. 51 Annette Risi "Nette" Teacher "Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are." Dramatic Club l, Tri-Hi-Y l, Girls' Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, Twirler 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, Business Manager 4, Office As- sistant 3, 4, Psychology Club 3, Home Room Secretary 3, Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4, Bridge Club 4. Marie Grace Rubino "Ree" Secretary "She is a lady because her nature is kind and affable to every creature." Dramatic Club l, 2, Quill 2, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Psychology Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Girls' Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, Bulletin Board Squad 3. 52 Angela Marie Romaglio "Ang" I.B.M. Operator "Quick, unassuming, and efficient." C.O. l, French Club l, Home Room President i, Home Room Treasurer 2, Needle Work Club 4, Teens for Safe Driving 4. Joyce Russin College "Of all the girls that ever were seen, there are few so fine as she." Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Home Room President 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Bridge Club President 4, French Club 4. Josephine Marie Roppatte "Jo" Secretary "Serene and friendly with a generous wit." Dramatic Club l, Glee Club l. Edward Donald Sabo "Ed" Mechanic "The good he stands on is his truth and honesty." Gardening Club l. Eagerly completing plans Robert George Sabo "Bob" Teacher "He attains whatever he attempts." Chess and checkers I, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Audio Visu- al Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Band l, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4. Catherine Nina Sansivieri "Kit" Secretary "Full of life, ne'er is she still." French Club I, Steno Service Club 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Needle Work Club 4. for Class Night Lucille Vivian Saccomanno "Lu" Secretary "Better the happy heart than wealth." Knitting Club l, Twirler 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club Vice-President 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4. Alfred Edward Schmidt "Smitty" Accountant "I go my way and take my time." Engineering Club 'l, 2, Archery Club 3. Donna Marie Sadloch Teacher "'Twas her thinking of others made you think of her." Tri-Hi-Y l, Quill 2, 3, Dramatic Club, Secretary 'l, Library Council 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America, Secretary 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain 4, Psy- chology Club 3, 4, Tennis Club 3, Bridge Club 4, Student Council 2, 4, Girls' State 3, Democracy Contest 3, Yearbook 3, 4, Court of Junior Prom, Home Room President 2, T.A.P. Chairman 2, 3. Rudolph Schuck "Rudy" Undecided "As good a fellow as you'd care to be." Sports Club l, Auto Mechanic Club 2, 3. 55 Richard Joseph Schwartzinger "Rich" Mechanical Engineer "There is honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in him." Archery Club 3. Robert Eric Schwind "Bob" College "One thing is forever good, that thing is success." Audio Visual Club 2, 3, 4, Engineering Club l, Spanish Club 3, Archery Club 3, Aviation Club 4, Camera Club 4. 54 Elaine Schweighardt Office Clerk "Beautiful faces are those who wear, whole-souled honesty printed there." Handicraft Club l. Marie Scrafani "Rie" Teacher "The flower of meekness on a stem of grace." Good Grooming Club 'l, Modern Miss Club 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Future Teach- ers of America 3, Secretary 4, Twirler 3, 4, Golf Club 4, Tennis Club 3, J.A. 3, 4, Student Council 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y l, Girls' Basketball l, Re- ceptionist 4. The ecstasy Gerald George Schweighardt "Jerry" Undecided "Sir, you are marvelously inerry." Chess and Checkers Club l, Audio Visu- al Club 2, Camera Club 3, 4, French Club 4. Sal Charles Scro "Sal" Teacher "Whose nature is so far from doing harm, that he suspects none." Home Room President l, C.O. l, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4. of the Social Romona Iona Segar "Roe" Secretary "Gaiety and virtue shine forever 'round her." Glee Club l. Carolyn Frances Serafin "Carol" Office Worker "She that was ever fair and never proud, had tongue at will and yet was never loud." Handicraft Club l, Needle Work Club 4. Charles Henry Seidel "Speidel" Teacher "One of his greatest pleasures in life is conversation." Audio Visual Club l, 2, Radio Club 2, Secretary 3, Golf Club 4, Future Teach- ers of America 4, Dramatic Club 'l. l Kenneth Shedosky "Ken" Engineer "Silence is more musical than any song." Engineering Club l, Aviation Club, Pres- ident 4, Track 3, 4, Band 4. Elaine Marie Sekely "E" Receptionist "No gems, no gold she needs to wear, she shines intrinsically fair." Newspaper Club l. Veronica Marie Simone "Ronnie" Nurse "One whose great heart and spirit are known." Tri-Hi-Y 1, Library Council I, Student Council 2, 3, Secretary 4, Future Nurses Club 3, President 4, Quill 2, 4, Year- book Staff 4, Audio Visual Club 3, Youth Week Official 2, Democracy Con- test 3. 55 Joseph Siuta "Siuta" Engineer "A learned man has always riches in himself." Camera Club 25 Aviation 4. Lorraine Marie Sodora "lor" Teacher "Silence is more eloquent than words." Glee Club l5 Italian Club 35 Audio- Visual 45 Future Teachers 45 Tri-Hi-Y l, 3, 45 Yearbook Business Staff 45 Secre- tary and Treasurer of Home Room l. 56 Margaret Diane Slivinski "Marge" Secretary "Hers is a soul of sweet delight." Gardening Club 'I5 Knitting Club 45 Library Council 4. Carole Lynda Spataro "Carole" Artist "Her heart and sentiments were freep her appetite was hearty." Dramatic Club l5 Tri-Hi-Y l5 Quill 2, Editor 3, 45 Tennis Club 25 Psychology Club 35 Future Teachers Club 3. Linda Lee Slota "Lynn" Teacher "Her quick smile and flirting eye, are an asset she can't deny." Tri-Hi-Y 15 Typing Club l5 Quill Staff 2 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Yearbook 3, 45 Color Guard 3, 45 Basketball League l, 2, 35 Receptionist 45 Spanish Club 35 Future Teachers of America 3 45 Psychology Club 45 Bridge Club 4 Home Room President 2. Roz Lynn Spinella "Roz" l.B.M. Operator "Come up with a smiling face." Dramatic Club l5 Good Grooming Club Secretary 2. And the fulfillment Vivian C. Spinella "Viv" Secretary "An attractive girl, neat and trimly dressed." National Honor Society 3, 4, Needle Work Club, President 4, Dramatic Club, Secretary 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Junior Achieve- ment, Treasurer 3, President 4, Student Council 2, Good Grooming l. Claire Carol Surma "Carol" Secretary "Her hair is her crowning glory." Secretarial Club l, Knitting Club 4. of all our dreams Frederick Michael Staudinger "Mertz" "A gentleman with sterling character." Football 3, 4, Auto Club 3, 4, Gymnas- tic Club 4. Irene Ann Suto "I" Interior Decorator "Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind." Good Grooming l, Tri-Hi-Y l, 3, Quill Business Staff 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Bible Club 3, Steno Service Club 3, Audio Visual Aids 4, Junior Red Cross, Treasurer 4, Business leaders of Tomorrow 4, Future Teachers of Ameri- ca 4. John James Stefanco "John" Navy "To know him is to like him." Football 2. Priscilla Theresa Szczucki "Moose" Air Force "Be merry if you are wise." Handicraft l, Psychology 4, Future lead- ers of Tomorrow 4. 57 Bernice Szczypien "B" Secretary "Gaiety and ioy shine forever 'round her." Good Grooming Club l, Teens for Safe Driving Club 4. Betty Ann Timko "Bet" Teacher "Beauty is heaven's gift and how few can boast of its beauty." Newspaper Club l, Tri-Hi-Y l, Cheer- leader l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Library Council 2, Vice-President 3, 4, Court of Junior Prom, Junior Red Cross Delegate 3, Yearbook Activities Editor 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Bridge Club 4, Tennis Club 3, Camera Club Secretary 3. 58 The ultimate, breath-taking Richard Joseph Tantillo "Richie" Undecided "He is quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath." Camera Club 3, Football l, 2, Track 2. John Tomaskovic "Chibird" Marine "I've taken my fun where I've found it." Engineering Club l, Football 2, 3, Home Room Vice-President 3. Sandra Elaine Till "Sandy" Beautician "Silence never betrays you." Law Club 3, Italian Club 4. Stuart Allan Tomeske "Stu" College "With affection beaming in one eye and calculation shining out of the other." Gardening Club 'l, Gymnastic Club 3, Teens for Safe Driving 4. thrill of Graduation ' ' Night Nancy Tomesko "Nan" Nurse "Happy is the one whose spirit is free." Arts and Craft Club l5 Future Nurses Club 3, 45 Tennis Club 35 Psychology Club 45 Yearbook Photograph Editor 4. Concetta Julia Tummillo "Connie" Beautician "Let the world go by, Carefree shall I be." Good Grooming Club Secretary lp Of- fice Worker 25 Tri-Hi-Y l5 Psychology Club 3. Mary Anne Tomko "Mar" Secretary "Quiet, demure, and pleasant, You hardly know she's present." Knitting Club l5 Future Business Leaders of Tomorrow 4. Frank Joseph Trentacoste "Trent" Mechanic "His popularity is well deserved." Court of Junior Prom. Fred Tyburczy College "One whose good heart and spirit are known." Audio Visual Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 25 Gymnastic Club 3, 4. John Tyburski "Ski" Chemical Engineer "A quiet mind is richer than a crown." Audio Visual Club 2, 35 Radio Club 2, 3, Vice-President. 59 Anthony Joseph Vaccarino "Vac" Business "Let not your heart be troubled." Football l, French Club lg Home Room Treasurer l. Jo Ann Phyllis Vaspol "Jo" Secretary "Not quiet, not loud, nor short nor tall, But a happy combination of them all." Arts and Crafts Club lg Modeling Club 3, 4. 60 Mae Joyce Vander Sande "Mae" Secretary "She is ci daughter of the gods- divinely tall." Commercial Club lp Tri-Hi-Y 'lg Modern Miss Club 4. Joan Vassallo "Joni" Secretary "She is a great friend because she knows the secret of good friendship." Home Economics Club l, Girls' Basket- ball lp Home Room Treasurer 2, 3, French Club 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club-4, Yearbook Staff. Francis Vanecek "Frank" Undecided "A cheerful life t'is what he loves." Gardening Club l. Roger Veltri Service "The price of friendship is above rubies." Mechanics Club l. 5 William George Ventura "Bill" College "They that excel in athletic sports hold the highest education since the Greeks." Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club l, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4. Georgia Frances Verish "George" College "She adorned whatever subiect she either wrote or spoke upon by the most splendid eloquence." Dramatic Club President l, Junior Play, National Honor Society 3, 4, President of Senior Class, Audio Visual Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis Club 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Quill 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Junior Achievement Secretary 2, President 3, Student Council 4. Salvatore Edward Verga "Bongo" Undecided "Oh! What mischief he can spin." Gymnastic Club 3, 4, Art Club 4, Weight Lifting Club 3, 4, Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4. Constance Vespa "Connie" Secretary "Pleasant are her ways which have brightened all her days." Home Economics Club l, Good Groom- ing Club 2, 3, Modeling Club 3. ltw-, F W f 'L 1 f 4 1 Thomas Vincent Verga "Verg" Business "He would help others out of fellow feeling." Band 2, 3, Service Club 4. Dolores Grace Vetri "Dee" Beautician "Virtue is the most pleasing and valu- able possession in the world." Glee Club l, Personality Club l, 2, Biology Club 3, Audio Visual Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sewing Club 4. 61 Dennis Michael Volosln George John Vrabel Dennis Thadeus Warren Doc Undecided Undecided "Den" Draftsman His time is forever everywhere "A silent, shy peace-loving man." "A merry heart maketh a cheerful his place Sports Club l. John Stanley Wasylyk "Bubble" Air Force Pilot "He had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief." Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Chess and Checker Club l, Varsity Club 3, 4, Gymnastic Club 3, Weight Lifting Club Kenneth Joseph Wilk "Ken" Engineer "He has honesty and wealth of wit" Engineering Club l, Golf Club 4, Track 3, 4, Home Room Vice-President 4, Varsity Club 4. Albert Scott Wilson "Albie" Engineer "He is capable of imagining all, of arranging all, and of doing everything." Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Hi-Y President 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, President 4, Yearbook- Staff 4. Arlene Patricia Witt "Squash" Beauty Academy "There is something sweet and refresh- ing in her face." Glee Club l, Junior Achievement Vice- President 3, Quill 4, Archery Club 3, Bible Club 3. countenance." Engineering Club l, Travel Club l, Cu mera Club 3, Weight Lifting Club 4 Golf Club 4. Maryann Doris Wlock "Mickey" Retail Merchandising "Personal beauty is a better recom- mendation than any letter of introduction." Quill 25 Yearbook Staff 35 Future Teach- ers of America 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 35 Junior Achievement 35 Bulletine Board Squad 3, 45 Student Council 35 Junior Play5 Color Guard 2, Co-captain 3, 4. l Y l Leonia Nina Woiciechowski Casey Michael Woicik "Leona" Business "Casey" Aeronautical Engineer "The fairest garden in her looks, "He hath indeed a good outward And in her mind the wisest books." happiness." Dramatics Club 15 Band lp Cheerleader Spanish Club 3, 45 Camera Club 4. 2, 3, 45 Quill 2, 3, 45 Yearbook 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' Basket- ball 'l5 Student Council 3, 45 Needle Work Club 45 Oratorical Contest 35 Home Room Treasurer 2. Richard Woidyla "Bandit" College "Knowledge is that which next to virtue, truly and essentially, raises one man above the other." Spanish Club 'l5 Golf Club 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 President of Junior Class5 Treasurer of Senior Class. Robert Joseph Zaleski "Bob" Undecided "He hath the milclest manners and the gentlest heart." Sports Club I5 Auto Mechanics Club 2, 3. Madeline Joan Zettel "Madge" Secretary "The daintiest miss last, to make the end most sweet." Gardening Club 15 Home Room Secre- tary lp Dramatic Club 'l. Richard Andrew Zietko "Zeke" Service "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Track 'I5 Football 25 Weight-lifting Club 3, 45 Golf Club 4. 65 BEST LOOKING Joann Molchon and Don Diorio MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sal Benanti and June Burek 0 Ben Lechner and Joyce Kroin Popularity NICEST PERSONALITY BEST DRESSED Barbara De Piero and Thomas Verga CLASS POLITICIANS Vivian Spinella and Richard Woidyla I I Georgia VGFISI1 and Ed Pirog Q NICEST EYES Donald Giamo and Vivian Spinello MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST BASHFUL George Macagnone and Tom Ciffo and Diane Hasten Donna Sadloch I--is H IH CLASS DREAMERS J k D ' BEST MIXERS oyce Bar er and enms Pelcher Joyce Russin and Gasper Rigolosi 5-. '?l K- CLASS FLIRTS Leona Woiciechowski and he T CLASS ACTORS Carol Coffey and Ronald Colletti Swan Tomeske ' "'."n....-- .. ' Q-JL 4 , -q 1: F in - . NICEST SMILES MOST ATHLETIC Frank Gilfone and Annette Risi Kit Sansivieri and Bob Pritch VENUS AND ADONIS llona Barkocy and Anthony Comito MUTT AND JEFF Mae Vander Sande and Louis Riggi Beverly Radzai and Bill Ventura MOST CHEERFUL Sylvia Pucciarelli and Dom D'Agostino BEST DANCERS Betty Ann Timko and Pete Buglino BIGGEST EATERS Carole Spatoro and Edward Verga CLASS CLOWNS Connie Tummillo and Dom D'Agostino Cx Wag 7 Qtfwm nv ,,, Br. mi MOST TALKATIVE 66 Joan Monaco and Dom D'Agostino CLASS COUPLE Donna Sadloch and .lack Graceffo TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Scott Wilson and Joyce Chap CLASS PALS Leona Woiciechowski and Edith Mayor Charles Alberti and Nick Madonia MOST TALENTED Noel Kmetz and Thomas Murray s Underclcssmen ,D 1 1114 Y XM ffl' Q Q: fs' 5' if Q4 Q . 5: - V 5 'N' Q Q Q SD JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS - Left to Right: Charles Tantillo, Treasurer, Baldino, Secretory, Michael Toth, Vice President, Dennis Rozum, President. 'G Left to Right: R. Sowa, D. Vladyka, L. Albanese, J. Zomak, D. Papp, M. Nicastro, P. -German, D. Perrapato, G. Tyburcxy, J. Bruno, J. Coletti, R. Landoline, P. Quinn, K. Coffey. A new dance rage - the Charleston! The Junior Class ar' Juniors, vote today! That September day the Junior Class did vote. We elected our officers: Den- nis Rozum, president, Michael Toth, vice-president, Louise Baldino, secretary, and Charles Tantillo, treasurer. Mrs. Marie Perrapato became our class adviser and students and adviser worked hard that year. With amazing rapidity we were soon wearing our rings. How pleased we were as time marchegl on to the night of the Junior Party, "The Roaring Twenties." Those zany Charleston dresses, the old racoon coats, the many strings of beads and cute headbands made the girls look as mom once had. The boys wore gayly striped blazers and straw hats. A roaring time was had by all. Our dramatic spectacular, the annual Junior Play which was "Shy Guy" was presented on April lOth. And what talent was revealed! The wonderful Junior Prom held on May 29th both highlighted and climaxed the long and mem- orable year. The members of the Junior Class are now looking forward to their Senior year at G.H.S. 68 Junior Class Adviser, Mrs. Marie Perrapato louise Left to Right: Diana Papp, .loan Olasin, JoAnn Yasenchock. Three energetic iunior girls dressed in Charleston costumes, complete with beads and headbands. Left to Right: D. Vladyka, P. Perrapato, D. Palestini, M. Nicastro, R. Bednarcik, E. Szabo, M. Banka, A. Susko, K. Cimo, R. Landoline. The highlight of the evening - "brave" Andy Susko and Maryann Banka arrive in their roaring twenties bathing suits. Robert Bednarcik William Bednarz Grace Ann Belbruno Linda Benanti Robert Benus Michael Berezny Mildred Bertola Eugene Biczak Beverly Bielen Martha Billy Agnes Bisconti Judi Blasko Geraldine Bohannon Joseph Bokar W Hz 'J l2f,4:i7trf7lfii'i: Vickie Cartaino Kathleen Cimo Kathleen Colley Janet Colletti Carol Corsale Roseann Crusco Edward Curtis Helen D'Amic0 Franklin Daniels Edward Dargento Malvina De Cillis Loretto De Rosa Steve Denistran Stephen De Salvo Anita Accardi Marjorie Adamczyk Lorelei Albanese Georgina Alfonso John Amann Beatrice Amoruso Peter Amoruso Madeline Arnold Vincent Artale Mitchell Arthur Gerry Astorino Louise Baldino Marianne Banka Julianne Baron tif Carol Bonanno Rosalie Bongiovanni Valerie Borovoy Alex Boryczewski Thomas Brancato Beverly Bross Joanne Bruno Renate Bruns Anna Brusavich Edna Buccola Jean Buczynski Raymond Bugg Daniel Cahayla Richard Campbell Henry De Vries John De Fiore Justine Di Piazza Rosemarie Dolce Mary Ann Draven Eleanor Dys Ben Elardo Marcella Ernst Joan Fazinetz Stephen Fedorisin Herbert Fehling Pat Fitzpatrick Benedict Focarino Frances Fornalik D, 13 if NKHQ f If xx 3.1 if f?7!.2? f if 5 N Q fl J l ii 3 Q . ,, 1 1 hi s alfa. Alan Gumiela Lois Guraleski Joan Hartmann Joyce Hawthorne George Heiselman Nancy Hook Lois Horvath Edward Hrasdzira Carol Huebner Jessica Jackson Edward Jediny Lorraine Kadar Michael Karcz Pat Kasica so m: 'QC' .,,, W ggi -ff 5 sg -A ..J' ii.i lf' - 1 51: 'S N H S ,E he 3 J 2 fm , L' A, E, ,sis L , if .lf l, l vi E Charles Fox Andrea Furmanek Robert Garippa Lorraine Gaida Stan Gasior Helen Gasiorek Mariann Gbur Suzanne .Gemza Penny German Evelyn Giacin Marie Gioia Richard Golitko Ronald Gozdek Tony Griskowitz v. f A Q . V Dennis Kaynak Mike Kimack Theodore Klammer Mary Ann Klisiewicz Gloria Kmetz Kathy Kmetz Pat Kobylarz Robert Kocian Carole Kotwica Jerald Koubsky Louis Kovacs Karl Kozok Maryann Kraus Edward Krawiec - Andrea Lucas Doris lukocs Charles Moinenti Stephen Maia Patricia Malure Lois Manapeli Angie Monzo Ranold Morkovick John Mortorono Eloise Maitin June Mayer Roy Mayer Barbara Mozar Anne Mazzola x Evelyn Mushinsky Carol Nordino Eileen Nebiker Marie Nicostro Fred Noble Barbara Novak Joseph Oddo Joan Olasin Joyce Pollitzko Dominic Polestini Richard Palonis Eva Palubniak Diana Popp Dorinda Paradiso R11-L. N T7 Q if N ifii Y I J ' i s 7 fit af va. i ,Q ' 1 : ilili 1 l s 4 , i - f , ' s l l r x v 1. Y "Q A 39 ,El of-'jE':f!' it l 11- 9 12' z t I ,gg :':: :':-ff ,J- Eric Krewenka Kristine Kroll Kenneth Kropinock Anthony Krzeminski John Kubasta George Kupensky Richard Kwiatkowski Joe Lo Faso Rose Ann Landoline Michael Langieri Alberta Loriviere Norman Lehnerl Carol Lo Re Dennis Lowe X 'ls if U 9 X , eff: Dory Meltzer Mary Meyer Patricia Michaels Joan Mihalik louis Milone Joseph Miszlay Patricia Monte Jack Montelbano Gerry Montemarono Tony Morreale Francine Marriggi Mary Mucha Marcel Mura Judith Murray Lxl ii ,l M .M 1' i f ' 46? Donald Parkin Cassie Perman Joseph Perno Donna Perrapoto Priscilla Perrapato Beverley Petriasek Kenneth Pielich Julianne Pihokker Richard Plecs Barbara Ann Popeck Susan Pra Wanda Prencik Peter Puzio Gloria Quentz we g qi Ki 2 if as ll if Robert Scandale Marlin Schefller Catherine Scheps Else Schmidtke Robert Schneberger Carolee Schoonhen Elke Schulz John Schweighardt Mary Sedlock M-arie Serritella Richard Shafer Flora Simchick Jeri Skapiak Frank Skorka '57 ""' i .6 W, ...- i J 1 is W G' Q 4 lim. .... at is li if ,H a sf- J- P I ll Pal Quinn Frank Raymond Rosemarie Ricciardi Delia Rios Richard Roncskevitz Marilyn Rozema Dennis Rozum Peter Ruck Richard Ruck Ellen Rychic Mary Salvi Rosalie San Filippo Joann Savarese Fred Seaman Q' ' - it 1 . f e in ntr 4 Xilflp N 9 Z i A, as 4 , M 4 X ,, ff i 5 ff l Raymond Smith Joan Sobota Eleanor Sodorc Joseph Soccio Kenneth Sommariva Maryann Sovich Robert Sowa Casimer Spinella Stanley Stachula Joel Stankiewicz Linda Steiger Joyce Stephens Paul Stirba Robert Slolarz J Q ,, , Kal' 5 , i, 2 1 ' will gm wa I: I A . l Ki. ai, ' f i- fn 'fy' f ' ' ., . fx K T Q x Hx 4 ,fiirff , Q,.tgg5i'wfw ' 5 Efiju QM cf , my ww F W, M J if f Q L J-X ., ii was , W J, 1 " .5 Y if 4. I , ffwiif 'i f . , 4. ,.f,1,f, , v..,: .,,,. -. J .P :M -1- ' WWI ' Ks-'If m 1 Q qu. ' Q 1 Q M ? -fm . iq -1 7 wir K 'Q N k 1 411 fs' E54 w ggk ,, WW.. 1 TT ,. ' 4-aff -W A x ' g ' .nw . .gwg1s"" ,QE1i'fi:.wzX5ff-f4f,:.,., is 1,5-. vrby "h' W A 4: ' :iw , 'W N Aa' x lj! 2 N ' A A K! if, Q. . Edward Benigno Herbert Bernauer Alan Bielen Judith Blackleld James Blandine John Bohatila Marion Boiko Elaine Bank Joseph Bordino Gregory Boryclewski Salvatore Brancato MaryAnn Breonte Jessie Broadnax Lucille Brucato Vincent Copello Robert Csider Andrea Csupecz Carmen Cuccia John Cuccia Benjamin Czerkas Agnes Dai John Danczak Carol Davis Richard De Franco Anthony De Marco Jerry De Maria Jean De Peri Roger De Piero 1 i M4 lt J. M XM., .. ,Tx is I my rx J W, 4 nik JL '-at A 1 Elsa Adler Carl Attardi Marie Babbilonia Leonard Barbier Anthony Barcellona John Barsch Anthony Barchett Ellen Batcho Herbert Bowden Shirley Bednar Nina Beebe Grace Ann Belbruno Angelo Belline Rose Marie Benanti Q if w f ! .airrr rf nl l. 6 ' 4. u .ff lagf"f Michael Brunda Carol Bugg John Calendrillo Salvatore Cali Pauline Congialosi Annette Catenaro Claudia Castanza Joseph Catalioto Michele Chervenak Karen Chlaupek Daniel Chmielowiec Dolores Chopo Robert Closterman Carol Ann Conte H .. Y 7, . 0- r an Fifa- ,. fu 's fl' C rrfrre J. is rf , , 'z-:af lr ' M - zi. to .r,' , , gf ,zz in -v-"in H ll ive' f m ai: Alfit ,.-'e,e Julie Descarfino Angela De Salvo Peter De Salvo Richard De Vito Eric Diezel Louis Di Fiore Mario De Giorgio Frank Di Giovanni Pamela Dolci Theodore Dombal Christine Drzal John Duchak Carol Ann Dul Rose Marie Dul only s ll i ' ,mv .s 3 It J . +4 N .Q ,rm . Q6 i ff: 1 I :iz like ., 1: f f r - A f if ' A "3 rrrv rrl s is ' A f fe A ft A .. si 5 1' Viill 'a J Pe Marlene Ganz Richard Gowron Carol Gavel John Gazdus Phyllis Giamo Anthony Gioiello Mary Ann Giordano Dolores Gisonde Robert Goldstein Dennis Gozdek Arlene Grabinski Joseph Graceffo Peter Joseph Graf Beverly Grap If if ' l i all uf "- H - ' lr ff J is av gg gay 3 L e 1, N v ' y iw to Q ,au H A! . x' ' Q ..,, ..,,, AALW F J yi li? 1 4 5, ,, ni! - Rose Dziuba James Elardi Linda Elias Anthony Falletta Anatol Feoktistoff Annette Ferrara Jean Ferullo Marilyn Ferrandino John Fiduccia Ronald Flinsch Ann'Galimi John Gallucci Paricia Gambal .losephine Gambino .-l , J I fi A ,wt ,, 1, . f sv . ..,. 1, .Q ef 1 21 3 Patricia Gretchen Michael Grosseihl Kathleen Gurak Richard Hadley Stephen Hanak Dorothy Handzo James Harper Karen Hartos Priscilla Hartos Delphine Harvilick Virginia Henderson Patricia Hilt Joseph Hack William Homek Diane Kovalycsik Carol Kleso John Kmetz Judith Koenig Dolores Kohan Cynthia Kope Anne Kooyenga John Koppenaal George Korlvelyesy Stanley Kowalewslzi Palricia Krack John Krenilsky Leonard Kuba Ronald Kuba eg T l ifi Q ia, K I gg I1 9 H. H J 1:72 H 'H 1-1 l, 'll .T "' ,. , , in ii' i if ' bg- Q 'ff nbsp ., ' 1. T if fn 4 ' 'al Ji an . 8 1 e L .,NAQ xy i' 5. Robert Lalar Paul Lazzaro Joyce Le Java Marie Limala Ronald loelller William Lopusnak Lillian lo Re George Lucckese Thomas luterzo Mattie McAlhany Edward Mcleod Carol Maceyok Theresa Madonna Gail Manasia Louise Hopphan Peler Hospodar Diane Huber Robert lnguagialo Frank lnzalaco Gerald Janesak Robert Jaretsky William Jarelsky Barbara Jasterzbsko Benda Jordan Frank Kaminski Julie Kalko Christine Kilanowski Julia Kish li ' 4 f 5 : if 4, J 1 Q 1 N 'i J ix si Q NK! 51,3 Ag Thomas Kucharik Kenneth Kulig Nicholas Kuzmick Charles La Banca Elaine Laiosa Elaine lamb Jack La Manna Rose Ann La Molla Suzanne lamoureux Joseph Landoline Mary Langston Thomas lano Sebastian lanza Roger La Pointe 9 ,. ,X .fr Ak - , ri -' 1- i 77 Dolores Manuel Carol Marakavitz Betty Marchese Thomas Marchese Constance Marinaro James Marinaro Roseanne Mastropole Leonard Matyka Natalie Matz Michele Mayer Dianne Maykovic rage 'Q' ,rg-G Qi 4 'ie Joseph Mastrangelo ' .. , if 1 S : 'L 1. 7 Robert Maziekien Anna Mazzola 1 Monica Morawa Dolores Mulder Gilbert Muller Peter Murcko Alan Musterer -- Charles Nagy - William Novak Mary Ann Nunnari lawrence Oblinger Eugene Obssuth Barbara Ochab Paul Oliveri Ronald Olivieri Barbara Onischuk '.3 xduiifl' l J' me , we '55 ,K 1 J c 'K Frank Mazzola Jack Mazzola 4, yyty sile rg? ','f Q.-Q 'su i Q if if 2 5 4 3 , g it Walter Menhart Linda Messinio Betty Meyers Andrew Michaels Gail Michon Marie Milazzo Beatrice Mineo Joseph Misko Mary Ann Mocilenko Michael Molchon Diane Monte Annette Montelbano if ' Si fax ,fan 4. f SU L 'R -. ar QOH' X 1 f If www, Steven Opudo Richard Ordas Kathleen Pal Charles Pantaro Aurelia Parks Richard Paroby Daniel Pataky James Pavlica Joyce Pekaar Sandra Pelak Gloria Pelka Rosemarie Penicaro William Perich Kathleen Perzel if M, Diane Pulak Lawrence Raia Daniel Ramon Joseph Randazzo Harold Ready Richard Rembish Beniamin Ribaudo Mariorie Ribaudo Ronald Rigoglioso Michael Risi Raymond Ritoch Arlene Romanchick Vincent Roppatte George Rosol an Donald Petrisin f K . he Charles Petrus F A 'Q - Robert Pietrowski ' E Sandra Pintavalle t Y- -" J ff Emil Pinulo R' lip! 1 Ann Podolak , . X I I Ronald Polonkcy i Wiz, l ...' fill i ' 'K ' f ' V i A Jane Popek u M x QQ, i uit Patricia Popek I l N gf J i Frances Popewczak is 5 ' . Hanko Poppe i I V I Patricia Pra l' ,ix in ., 5, F . ie: A ' iw' as J. f ' f""" "'e"c" , ,r X ., . , 4 Richard Prester A -Jn., . l s . ' Q J -4: . 2 gi J ' i S- f ' ..-ff' X , Aff. if - ty i 'x if 'J ' ff ' 'I 'J -. K 1 ' ' ' ' Fm. '. -' ' , Qlzci gli X , gijl i' J 1 ' iw i, v-' -' -, .Q ' , 9 ' " .. l illlshqgcflzill X an Msil lJ - R f 4. ... N J I ' --- I 774- A ,. , i - A f' - l X ii I Q- . :ffm ,i. ' 1' I ir' 'R I ' xrjl -l f, Y f Q, 55,21 sirius, , I, I 0 , .qua l 'fffi 11 '1't?A- , wht. 33. x Q 1 . Q 'R ', '-ze 4, 5,6 ' If J. .,' , irr, , rrr i t EEL' I It J , J' ill 1 J 14' .J i J 'lv ii i' Frank Schweighardt Robert Schweighardt Gerry Scott Paul Sendak John Sessock Leonard Skiba J 1 I Joseph Slota 'X N l il Keith Smith Patricia Sobolewski Rosalie Sobolewski Josephine Sorce Phyllis Spezio Edward Sudol i ' sandra Sudol V GUN L! ,i 1, , i - A is k if , f ex I i ' ' f Stephen Rozic Robert Rudziewicz Ellen Ruzila Elaina Ryan Michael Sabanosh Roger Sabanosh Earle Sandy Frances Santora Ronald Saus Elaine Savioli Henry Scarpa Pearl Schellenberg Veronica Schuler Uwe Schulz ku-- Q i Lt, i JC J . , .lc Elizabeth Svolto Doris Szeiman Marie Taras Adam Tencza Jeanette Tomczyk Joseph Torak Dolores Trentacosti Carole Triola Kathleen Valuzzi Gail Vanglaus Irene Vasilenko Joseph Vaspol Rose Ann Vaspol Patricia Vladyka A rw ,M , - J Q., Q' l 4 Q ' swf! John Vodilko Joan Volk louis Volpe Peter Walis Elaine Wasylyk Jacob Weber Patricia Whitford Rose Marie Witkowski Christine Wozny Richard Yaros Robert Youhas Camille Zangara Charles Zeumer Marion Zybura Vincent Copello, president of sophomore class, presented a plaque to Dr. Kline in memory of Diane Kullaf who died last year. Soph Dance, Blue Moon. Freshmen Class FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On the morning of September 4, 1958, the Class of '63, eager and excited, entered the doors of G.H.S. for the first time as high school students. After being initiated on September 9, the frosh took their place as active members of the student body. Their enthusiasm was shown in the election of their class officers: Ken Huebner, president, Valerie Furmanek, vice president, Dot DePiero, secretary, and Bill Azzaro, treasurer. Under the guidance of Mrs. Ruth Manko, their genial class ad- viser, the freshmen became acquainted with social activities which included the Freshman Party, "Autumn Holiday", and the Frosh Dance, "Enchanted Evening". The freshman class shows great promise in becoming an outstanding group. They look forward in anticipation to the novel things to come in their future years at G.H.S. 1,-2-we-e ..,.... if I Q M. 'eff' .I , . v Freshman Class Advisor, Mrs. Ruth Manko. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS - Left to Right: William Azzaro, Treasurer, Dot DePiero, Secretary, Valerie Furmanek, V. President, Kenny Huebner, President. How eagerly we freshmen awaited the opening of school! 81 June Adashkevich John Affuso Maryann Albanese Carol Amoruso Geraldine Ania Margaret Astalos Theresa Avanzoto William Azzaro Maria Bauer Patricia Bawden Dennis Benigno Peter Benigno Joseph Berosky John Betley ,-.1-' 1 A "" i r ie , 1 A e V,zVi HJ.: ,z iggy r 5 .,,. " ', ' N 1 . .. 'S-ei in i l' 'Q 5 all 'Q ' P -F I if V J J y fl y 1 3' i if '.i,,i J' 'f if , is 'F ',, 153' i-" in Ilq 2 A' 'A -EC f as lerr G is ll: J 1 ,gi li . -igi,lfl.i H rrl li of fp? if . 'f f ' 3 lxzz 5 Robert Calia Gary Caltabelotto John Cangialosi Allred Cannizzoro Kenneth Castono Rosemarie Cotalioto Beverly Ceccocci Frank Chabora Michael Chanda Joyce Charney Caroline Ciesla Richard Cohen Marie Comito R l ! va lyk ' 2 .. N , J 'll. or TQ l"e, .- , ek-ilgia Q V73 fi-' ' if 5' 4. y'c?f , 3 ii I Roseanne Concadoro Qi .- l X ' it lv - 42 Q, ' 3 J wr ' 'fr J ' 4+ , ,M if y Judith Betz Joseph Blondin Ruth Ann Boonstro Frank Bordonaro Thomas Bovitz Dorothy Breda Providence Breonte John Briganti Carol Buczynski Barbara Bugg Sandra Bullis John Burgs John Byra Paul Caccamo -um, sl in ll, XM' S F ge NI 'fl' i s Q if f e J 4 82 it 3' .... ,. K. ,Q ev 'J' W Mer i Jii ' lawrence Copello Roseann Crochiola Michael Cupo Salvatore Cupo Frank Czop Loraine Dai Rosalind D'Amico Ann Danczok Frank De Franco Gary Del Donna Benny De Marco Marie De Marco Dorothy De Piero Linda De Salvo John Fedor George Findura Frank Follari Sunday Follari Joanna Franzino Annette Furfuro Anthony Furfano Joseph Furmanek Valerie Furmanek Jettrey Gaines Audrey Galler Thomas Goller Vincent Gannuscio Robert Gardocki rig l Rita Greco Jeanne Grieco Claire Guerrieri James Gumble Florence Gyorkos Allen Handzo Diane Herceg Richard Hinsinger Margaret Holden Barbara Horick Diane Hubay Kenneth Huebner Mary lmburgia Liliana lngui A! . . 9 ,,t, ,RQA5-, N 1- -.44 3- 4- k X t Za. 2. ,wir 5 v in Ve 9 Marilyn Descortino Charlotte De Somma Peter De Voogd Elfreda Dudek Michael Dul Robert Einreinhoter Patricia Elkovics Carole Engravalle Thomas Esposito Kenneth Exton Sarah Fallon Claire Faron Leslie Fazekos Diane Fedor N4 4 fi x If flli 1 J s K ' s, I I l 1 K E M.. N It r . it ii K Michael Garolalo Martin Geisler Frederick Gemski John Gemza Roy Georgius George Gimon Dennis Gioe Jo Ann Giordano Christine Gletow Angela Glinbizzi Dennis Gloede Andrew Gorun Rose Marie Grobinski Michael Grosso Q2 M 83 Michael lvanovich Charles Janus Andrew Jozsa Patricia Kacsanik Stephen Kaminsky Camille Kasse Ralph Keppel Sharon Keresty Valentine Kida Edward Kish Eugene Klaus Carol Ann Kochur Robert Kochur Stephen Kocsis wk A cv? E Y l 1 6 li si :fl 'll C , K lllrl ,J ' I 4, V ev if , .A is f--. y egg N M ,y ie. , J .gtg aff , ,5 lt fx Robert laiosa Bruce Lakefield Sal Lamendola Andrew Lashendock Charles latyak Betty Lebo Phyllis Licastro Anthony Liggio Loraine Lipovsky Raymond Lopez John Lucas Frank ludvik Mary Luterzo Cheryl Macek 4... 3, flsff 'fe 1 ' .' -W, f 4 1 Q-+112 :EE .. ,, ,!?:r,.'1!'v j.'f,:j?.g Alix: 'Q Y 6 gif S 5 A if ii ? E xl 5 -ff 5? sf is My 'Q I 'IW ' it Sl 86, , wail' 5 s ii' ' if Q4 -1--B AYH-f i, J , ,, 3 ,ns uf was-if , 3 . t if 'A of 'ff'- ...pi A lx 2 , if km N 'S 35 r mv . ,f Yin John Komasz Joan Kopec Bernadine Koterba Richard Kotwica Betty Lou Kovalencik Carol Koznecki Diane Krekich John Kuca Edward Kullaf Judith Kuter Henry Kutney Linda Ladanyi Manuel La Grec-a Sandra La Greco 'wi' E i WF , A :gli El A ' I ' Alan Maciag Diane Magda Joseph Mahonchak John Malcosky Richard Malicki Andrew Malochleb Andrew Manganello Marlene Marchioni Joyce Martin Albert Martorano Eunice Marut Sal Mastropole Anna Matarrese Joan Matey is bv It ' 'Jil Georgina Mucha Dennis Muro Patricia Nagy Carol Lee Nick Maureen Nolan Michael Nosal Barbara Noonburg Mary Louise Nuss Evelyn Olejar Ronald Ordas Dennis Paflitzko Adele Palestini Ronald Pelikan Richard Pelka Q 4. 1 j , i 4 .if , J . I' 'f' f r f , ,M . Ronald Porcoro Mary Jane Prebish Margie Quinn Christine Rcdwan Jack Raia Marlene Redl Steve Reinhardt Virginia Renna Angela Riboudo James Ricciardi Michael Rigano Sharon Rigano Bill Rodriguez Georgeann Rogers i i if fig ii? Irene Maurer Roberta Maurer Kenneth Meikle Richard Melucci Louis Merlo Mary Mikita Claire Milazzo Sherry Miller Pat Miller Patricia Minery Kathryn Minutole Kathleen Miske George Molitoris Theresa Montagnino .4 . +- K I i R 'li Pat Perno Karen Petocz Thomas Petrie Mary Ann Piazza Barbara Pielich John Pinkus -- !w - W 0 l D . ' - 'O if - 4, - S' :fJ::f5E?a 4 X i - if . 4. if .1 fl fd W-. Chester Pivinski Marie Pizzimenti Brian Plaski Alice Polk Donald Polk Anthony Popek Walter Popek Sandra Popowich 85 Isabel Ross Kathleen Rozic Ronald Rusin Beverly Rusnak Geraldine Russell John Russell Robert Sabolefski Frances Saccomanno Virginia Soccomanno Dorothy Sadloch Suzanne Samona John Sangis George Sarisky Loretta Savioli timmy we th em,- , .. , , 4 if ' t i Marsha Senio Michael Shaftic Louis Shortino Carol Ann Simone Gloria Ann Siplyak Kathleen Siuta Beverly Skapiak Andrew Skirka Andrea Slivka Valerie Smith Charles Sorce Joseph Sorce Dennis Sowa Joseph Stefanick ,. 2, y x 3- ' - fififff George Scerbak Pat Scheper Lillian Schillcci June Schneberger William Schneberger Bruce Schneider Robert Schultz Betty Schweighardt Edith Scull Edward Scull Gaetano Sedote Joann Sekely Richard Seltzer Albert Semanchik J - ,, -'-4, " f 'VFR .,, . 4' " e . U fl 4 V f ll r J is ef KR J i-'1 W A' i fill, J W ? Q lss f J- atl t ' - W M, O M .Q ' f-wfeqleaaw fe, fa ,- ,H ff -. 1 gif - 1 ,fii at 9ff.z.--- ,,--: Q ,Q S J , ' - 4 K - 1--,f55'i2ffv5i:' ' 1- x. . , .- . .Qian , ,, is ff' 13 Robert Stemmler Patricia Stewart Eileen Stirba Marian Strba John Stroosnyder Bruce Sucorowski Jack Surma Joseph Suto John Synovetz Pearl Szabo Andrew Szucs Betty Szucs William Szymanski Connie Tangorra mx, Frank Urso Carmello Vaccaro Rosalie Vorricchio Diane Vaspol Andrea Veleber Lucille Ventura Thomas Vetri Adrienne Vincent Mildred Violante louis Visser Carolyn Wolerko Gerald Wall John Wanat Shirley Warchol 114 'WW Q. , , , X JLLNN LLXVXL 5 i s 1 ' 'Zi' I f , Y M F -uv- , me A K 4 fu' L f 5 in M f -' L T- 5 is , F l T . - " f wr. J, ,My Tl E :ELL J bla 'nd 4 I S Lorraine Tangorra Alice Tani Marilyn Temesko Ruth Tomko Carol Torre Stephen Toth Helen Trawinski Mary Ann Trentacosti Eleanor Trinka Lois Triola Roger Tuella Mary Ann Tuminelli Mariorie Tummillo Joseph Tyburczy l I .4 2..-3 11' .ffl 1 - fum? vu' Richard Warren Stanley Wasylyk Michael Watson Diana Weyer William Whren Marilyn Will: Leo Woicik Diana Wrobel John Wurch Amy Yachechak Janet Youhas Carol Youpotoff Eileen Zak Fred Zierold Camera Shy Joanne Schmidt Bewildered freshmen approach home rooms on opening day of school. -Y - si' Fashions and Events of 1958-1959 This was an unforgettable year in world events. We made a tremendous step forward regaining the lead in the missile race by sending a rocket past the moon and into orbit around the sun. Another blow to Russia's propaganda image was the censure of Boris Pasternak, author of the best-seller Dr. Zhivago. Krushchev's hand was evident in the crisis over the Quemoy lslands, Berlin, and Iraq. Marines landed in Leba- non at that government's request to guard against Commu- nist-agitated rebels. Revolutions against oppressive dictator- ships culminated this year. Fidel Castro led his band of bearded mountain-peasants in a successful overthrow of Batista's regime. Also, rebels against the Chinese Communists in Tibet were striving for freedom. ln a lighter vein, Prince Akihito of Japan married a com- moner - the first time in history. On the American scene, two new states were added, Alaska and Hawaii, the first since 1912. A new craze hit the American youngsters, the hula-hoop. The New York Yankees, playing Milwaukee in the World Series, came from behind to win. And finally, twenty- three college students crowded themselves into a telephone booth. The movie "Gigi" captured the hearts of millions and nine Academy Awards. Other top pictures of the year were "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Defiant Ones", "Separate Tables", and "l Want to Live'.' We could always be found either humming or singing "To know Him is to Love Him", "Come Softly To Me", "Ve- nus", "Charlie Brown", and "Tom Dooley". Beside old favor- ites as Elvis Presley and Pat Boone, teenagers latched on to youngsters such as Ricky Nelson, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, and the most unlikely of all, a chipmunk named Alvin. The fashions of the day were inspired by movies and the year was full of crazes, new styles, and high-fashioned fads. The typical girl's wardrobe took on a complete change-from the shapeless sack through the empire and trapeze to the natural fitted waist. The men were glad to know the natural waistline was finally back. The school-girl found herself wearing leotards in various colors, stripes, and patterns. The "College Look" was here to stay and with it all the bulky sweaters, pleated skirts, and button down collars. The boys reveled as did the girls in chucka-boots and desert boots in addition to the good old reliable sneaker and bucks. The newest style was the "Bo- hemian look" with an emphasis on black. ln coniunction with the Bohemian look, the hair was worn long and straight and much emphasis was placed on make-up, although little or no lipstick was worn. ln hair styles, almost everything was in vogue. The "bubble cut" a longer version of the poodle, the "pixie" and the old stand-bys, the page boy and pony tail, dominated the scene. ln men's styles the "ivy" look still prevailed. The chino pants and crew-neck sweaters were found in nearly every male student's wardrobe, and crewcuts were iust the haircut for our ivy leaguers. Of course not all men looked good in crewcuts, so those who didn't, wore the "Chicago" haircut, the "D.A.", or mambo hair styles. A panel discussion ended the "Dress Right Week" in Garfield High School. Those on the panel were, L. to R.: J. Chap, V. Spinella, J. Bruno, L. Hartos moderator, P. Hoffman, F. Tyburczy, J. Popowich Carole Simone wearing a sack dress. Roz Spinellql Q fypigql H,5, student, is wear- Those participating in the Dress Right assembly were: Left to Right: Dressed for school, R. Pepe and D. ing bobby socks and sneakers and displays Sadloch, formal dance, R. Rudziewicz and B. Timko, basketball game, R. Sabanosh and S. Fisher, 'he lqgesg hai,-do, fha ghemise, casual date, L. Baldino and D. Rozum, special date, B. De Piero and J. Popowich, church, P. Scheper and K. Huebner. l -1m 'lb Lg wr' U' 'I' N . i . . un: Q , 1 J -iv.. Spods Haw 1 'h Head Coach Arthur Argauer presents pigskin to Anthony Gracoffo, captain. The looks on their faces express their deep concom. 5 N, 1' 1 -1 3 . ,gt fi V ,A -.fx -7 , A .J V ur-gp ' Q , f If X a rf , J i 'UG X ar j I t,, Q 5 gi R RALPH cAuA, End A l .gag ' ,A 'Q 1 R K x fy ft J I L45 , , A 9,1 lg ,i x 7 1 . 5 FRANK PILEWSKI, End JOHN nunsnu, run back A 12 Ee f rHoMAs clsro, :na EDWARD PIROG, Line backer ' g R GASPER mGoLosl, Half beck M Q A Z ' drt 2 ,779 A 5 3 N ,fe :en A -,TWH ' xx, gf? R N R .l, ,X 'R Ae T I ANTHONY CALANDRIELLO, Tackle ROBERT PRITCH, Line backer H .J may PAUL HOFFMAN, Center ANTHONY GRACEFFO, Tackle 1-X . r 'P L - an I 'V ,r ,E , ' 41'-I ' get I ' f ,' ,.-,,, ,LL J1' ' J" . X iA A ,L -. .1 x - . ' ,J ALESSI CIMINO, Guard A , .L rr if L f I I ' l i . eowAno VERGA, mule Jossvu MARINO, Half back Q ' , L 'X 'L . JACK emxcerro, Half buck W V fl A ff ff f f. ,. W .1 .1 ' I rf f X L -VU V 1 I , f' - V A .1 XR N 4 I 5- A A 1:2-L -- x N I 1 1 ,f L Q . W X . I - Q rx f - DENNIS PELCHER, Line backer I : SAL BENANTI, Guard 1 E 5 S WILLIAM VENTURA, End e PETER BUGLINO, Half buck W X - 3-' fre -,7 If WN. NX ' ,f 1 4' 'f ,r- ' fy ' .g K X ' X' 1 L L L , N ' L 1 , ax X 'rg xi ' JOHN wAsYLYK, camera XM! V " 'A CQ L-'r1wcoAcHes - John Hollis, Arthur Argaw, William Guryar, ' FRED STAUDINGER, Guard ' John Cocula, Robert Volonnino take a brief break from Ihs daily task of fooiball practice. VARBITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM - Top row: F. Pilewski, M. Mura, D. Polestini, E. Krawiec, R. Pietrowski, D. Vladyka, J. Kmetz, A. Faletta, R- R'Q0lQSl, J. Gafdus, A. Gioiello, P. Azfaro, E. Benigno, R. Prester, J. G. Lucckese, R. Petrisin. Middle row: Coach John Cocula, Coach John Hollis, Stanluewicz, M. Risi, F. Staudinger, C. Tantillo, L. Walerko, R. Kwiatkowski, J. DiFiore, R. Szilasi, R. Ronkowitz, J. DeMaria, V. Copello, S. Cali, A. Varsity and J.V. With Coach Art Argauer at the helm, the varsity foot- ball team enjoyed their most successful season since 1948, winning six games while losing only three - to East Ruther- ford, Lyndhurst, and Clifton. In the Passaic Valley Conference, the Boilermakers placed fourth with a three-won, three-lost mark. The Purple and Gold played host to Lodi for the first game of the season. The impenetrable Boilermakers' defense led by seniors - Bill Ventura, Sal Benanti, Tony Graceffo, and Ed Verga - yielded only one first down to the Rams while holding them scoreless so that Garfield came out on top, 7-0. Rutherford provided the Boilermakers their next opposition. The Bulldogs were far outclassed and were held from tallying as the Purple and Gold riddled the Rutherford defense numerous times with end sweeps, slants and plunges to win, 21-O. Playing their initial Passaic Valley Conference contest, the Boilermakers, sparked by the superb passing of Dennis Rozum, convincingly whipped Passaic, 18-7, to break a long losing streak to the Indians. Garfield tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of East Rutherford, who went on to capture the Passaic Valley Conference title. Fighting hard, the Argauermen iust couldn't keep up with the all-state quarterback Julian Malinski and the rest of the Wildcats and bowed, 20-7. Fully recovered, the Purple and Gold bounced back to defeat Paterson Cen- tral, 12-7, for their fourth victory. The following week, Coach Argauer's aggregation iourneyed into Essex County for an independent clash with Belleville. The Boilermakers easily posted a 19-6 triumph. Next the team traveled to Lyndhurst for their fourth con- ference game. The Golden Bears managed to wreck Garfield's defense and breeze by, 44-O. After having a week in which to convalesce, the Boilermakers trounced Paterson Eastside, 18-0, in the loop. This was the third team that the Purple and Gold kept from scoring. After this, only one tilt remained on the schedule. lt was the long traditional Thanksgiving Day clash with the Mustangs of Clifton. Although the Boilermakers were handicapped with a number of iniuries, the Purple and Gold bravely battled the Mustangs at home. But the fleet- footed Cliftonites outran Garfield's defensive units to win by the score of 38-0 and finish second in the conference. ln the 13 years in which Mr. Argauer has served as head football coach in Garfield, his teams have won 126, lost 40, and tied 6. Under Coach Argauer, Boilermaker football squads have won the Passaic Valley Conference title twice outright while they tied for it the same number of times. An interesting highlight is that when Garfield had its champion- ship football team which went to Miami in 1938, the Boiler- makers were not in the conference. Garfield came into the Passaic Valley Conference in the fall of 1939. Coach Argauer's coaching staff was composed of Bob Volonnino, line coach, Bill Gatyas, backfield coach, Johnny Cocula, iayvee coach, Jules Lazicki, freshman coach, Johnny Hollis and Ciro Barcellona, assistants, and Fred Malkowski, scout. Senior members of the 1958 edition of the varsity foot- ball squad were: Sal Benanti, Pete Buglino, Tom Ciffo, Alessi Cimino, Ralph Calia, Tony Calandriello, John Durski, Tony Graceffo, captain, Jack Graceffo and Paul Hoffman. Also: Joe Marino, Ed Pirog, Bob Pritch, Dennis Pelcher, Frank Pilewski, Gasper Rigolosi, Fred Staudinger, Bill Ventura, Ed Verga, and John Wasylyk. All Senior members of the foot- ball squad were letter winners. 1958 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD Won 6, Lost 3 Garfield Opponent 7 Lodi 0 21 Rutherford 0 18 Passaic' 7 7 East Rutherford' 20 12 Paterson Central' 7 19 Belleville 6 O Lyndhurst' 44 18 Paterson Eastside' 0 0 Clifton' 38 ' Denotes PVC games. ki'1.i2i5iWE'2if A ., , Cimino, J. Wasylyk, R. Stolarz, R. Campbell, J, Amann, S. Lanza, J. Gro- J. Graceffo, E. Pizzulo, G. Rigolosi, P. Buglino, J. Durski, A. Calandriello, ceffo, L. Mayer, J. Randazzo, H. Ready, E. Biczak, R. Perich, F. Daniels, D. Razum, S. Benanti, D. Pelcher, E. Pirog, T, Ciffo, A. Graceffo, R. Calia, Coach Fred Molkowski, Coach Robert Volonnino. Bottom row: Head Coach J. Marino, P. Hoffmann, R. Bugg, Coach Bill Gatyas. Seated on Ground are Arthur Argouer, M. Kimack, R. Pritch, G. Boryczewski, W. Ventura, E. Verga, Managers: T, Lana, A. Musterer, and R. Bednarcik, I U , F 51?-. , ' L - if -1- - ... . , ' . ij. '- Q, ' ' -- ,.,3, - - .f..-Ny . . , 3.4.1 use, The team was in a huddle, Coach and Captain at the head. They had a conversation and this is what they said: "We've gotta fight, we've gotta win, come on team, let's begin." LSL. Gap Rigolosi is touchdown bound after receiving a pass. ,256 C. Tan- tillo, Q55 R. Bugg, and Q23 G. Rigolosi, . Je. . - .igflffj ' "Get away from me - I'm going for a T.D.," Ed Pirog seems to be saying as he carries the ball and pushes a Clifton player. . ff? ' x Emil Pizzulo iust manages to elude a Clifton player on his run for a T.D. H55 R. Bugg, ,l'f56 C. Tantillo, Q33 S. Benanti, Q13 L. Walerko and 461 E. Piuulo. 1 ll FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM -- First Row, left to right: Coach Lazicki Patrick Perno, John Sangis, Stanley Waslyk, Charles Janus, Robert Eirein hofer, Andrew Manganello, Michael Cupo, Thomas Bovitz, Michael Rigano, Salvatore Lamendola, Charles Sorce, Coach Barcellona, Second Row: Manager James Ricciardi, Robert Schultz, Valentine Kida, Joseph Stefanick Freshmen The Purple and Gold concluded the season in fine fashion by coasting past lodi's frosh, 28-O. lt is interesting to note that the Boilermakers' powerful offensive units, led by Ken Huebner, Andy Szucs, Lou Shor- tino, and Bobby Schultz, tallied 187 points against all oppo- sition or an average of 20-7f9 points per contest. Garfield's defensive units limited all opposition to just 40 points. That is, in an average freshman game, the opponents scored but 4-419 points against the Boilermaker yearlings. This should prove, if nothing else, that the team to watch in l96O and '61 is none other than Garfield's. This was Mr. Lazicki's ninth year as freshman football mentor. ln commenting on the season he said: "There were no disciplinary problems and, of course, the deciding factor was the co-operation and spirit the boys gave us." Coach Lazicki was also generous in his praise of Ciro Barcellona, assistant coach, who has served in that capacity for three years. And it certainly was a winning season. During the course of the season, the first year football players compiled a record of eight wins, no losses and one tie. It was more than enough for the yearlings to be awarded the coveted North Jersey Freshman League title. ln the debut game of the season, the Boilermakers trek- ked to Kearny for a clash with the Kardinals. Both teams were held scoreless in the first quarter, but in the last minutes of the second period the Purple and Gold's Billy Azzara crashed through to tally the only touchdown of the game. Next, the Boilermakers posted wins over Irvington, 20-7, Rutherford, 21-O, Belleville, 32-6, Orange, 14-O, East Ruther- ford, 27-l3, Lyndhurst, 32-7. For the next to the last game of the campaign, Coach Lazicki's aggregation iourneyed to Nutley for a battle with the heralded Nutley frosh-one of the members of the Big Ten. The Boilermakers were winning, 7-0, only several min- utes remained but the Maroon Raiders struck back with a touchdown and a conversion to tie the game, 7-7. For tying the Boilermakers, Nutley was awarded second-place in the Freshman League, behind Garfield. Jerald Wall, John Fedor, Robert Shaftic, Beniamin De Marco, Roy Georgius, William Azzara, Frank Urso, Jack Raia, Manager Larry Copello. Third Row: Brian Pulaski, Albert Semanchik, Henry Kutney, George Scerbak, Robert Stemmler, Kenneth Huebner, Andrew Szucs, Kenneth Castano, John Stroo- snyder, Michael Watson, Frank Ludvik. Absent when picture was taken: louis Shortino. Football Team The 1958 edition of the freshman football team presented their coach, Jules Lazicki, with the best present he could possibly want - a winning season. Garfield crowd whole-heartedly cheers their team to victory. W' so ' ' "'- ,.,,..s., ,.-.......,....., .... . ...-.-mp-um Awarding of trophies at Fifth Quarter Club Banquet. Robert Stolarx, Most Sincere Non-Letterman Substitute, Edward Verga, Most Outstanding Senior Player, Harvey Harmon, Guest Speaker and Secretary to the National Filth Quarter Club loft to Right: William Gatyas, Jules lazicki, John Hollis, John Cocula, Stanley Haladyna, Harvey Harmon, and Arthur Argauer. The obiectives of the Fifth Quarter Club are to bring together, fraternally and socially, the alumni and friends of Gar- field High School, to revive and perpetu- ate the memories of athletic events of the past, and to encourage those of the fu- ture, to provide a medium for the develop- ment of sportsmanship and character for fair play, and for the honorable treat- ment of visiting teams and their followers to our community. ln an effort to pay tribute to the boys and girls of Garfield High School for their participation in the field of sports, the Fifth Quarter Club sponsors an annual dinner honoring our athletes. Gold charms and watches are presented to all gradu- ating seniors of the football squad, the band, cheerleaders, and color guard. ln- dividual awards are given to outstanding players. The officers of the 1958 Fifth Quarter Club are: Stanley Haladyna, President, Alexander Babula, First Vice-President, August J. Brinksma, Second Vice-Presi- dent, Walter S. Popeck, Third Vice-Presi- dent, William J. Psolka, Treasurer, Edward R. Polinski, Secretary, Stefan C. Repka, Corresponding Secretary, and Thomas Kraft, Financial Secretary. fgffw' J Foundation of Football Hall of Fame, Arthur Argauer, Head Coach and Vice- Principalg Stanley Haladyna, President, John Durski, selected by football team as Best Team Mate, Salvatore Benanti, Most Outstanding Senior lineman. 1--1 Magi J 9 - 1, . . A :fd Guests of Fifth Quarter Club: Varsity Football Players, Cheerleaders, Color Guard, and Twirlers. Garfield Courtmen Although the varsity basketball squad re- corded only five wins while dropping 16, the Boilermaker cagers "never say die." They played each and every contest with glowing ardor - no matter how difficult the going got. 'Garfield's string of losses may be attributed to the fact that the 1958-59 season was pri- marily a rebuilding year for John Cocula, head coach. There were but five seniors on the en- tire team while the balance was comprised of one freshman, six sophomores, and five iuniors. Nevertheless the Boilermakers pulled sev- eral surprises. The first one was the eighth game of the season when Garfield faced Lodi, long- time rival, in an independent clash, since the Rams are non-Passaic Valley Conference mem- bers. Lodi was very highly regarded and, it The other surprise came in the 16th game against Nutley. The Maroon Raiders, it should be written, had iust beaten Bloomfield, a team that had a 64 game winning skein until they met Nutley. So, again, Garfield was the under- dog. But the underdogs are apt to surprise, especially in high school play, and that is iust what the Boilermakers did. Led by Charlie Al- berti's 23 points and Ralph Calia's 15 tallies, Garfield nipped Nutley, 66-62, to take the honor of scoring the biggest upset of the year in non-conference play. A school record was almost broken by Al- berti in the Eastside game when he tallied 36 points - lust four shy of the school record set by Dick Jaskot in 1950. Top scorer for the Boilermakers on the season was Alberti who tallied 316 points, Ventura was runner-up with 294. Charlie was also the was thought, would give the Purple and Gold a good lashing. But the Boilermakers were determined to de- feat Lodi that night no matter what the odds were. And they did - 67 to 65. lt was one of the most thrilling games of the season, if not the most thrilling. Captain Billy Ventura had a particularly good night with 24 points which made him high man. Charles Alberti Captain - William Ventura 1958-59 VARSITY AND JR. VARSITY RECORD GARFIELD Varsity - Jr. Varsity 45 45 Belleville 38 41 Fairlawn 49 47 Teaneck 43 44 Snyder 40 32 Hackensack 51 63 Eastside' 64 56 Central' 67 46 Lodi , - 63 33 Clifton' . ' 63 an Jack Graceffo 55 tizfrigst 63 33 East Rutherford' 72 57 Pope Pius 72 5B Eastside' 75 66 Central' 66 46 Nutley 69 55 Clifton' 61 30 Lyndhurst' 35 32 Passaic' 53 40 East Rutherford' 49 lState Tour'y Memorial 96 'Denotes Passaic Valley Conference games. sixth highest scorer in PVC play with 199 points while Billy was ninth highest with 170. Senior members of the 1958-59 varsity team were: Ventura, Calia, Alberti, Graceffo and Wilson. The iunior varsity CGgefS, under Coach Sal Franzino, ended the season with a 13 win, 7 loss mark. Scott Wilson OPPONENT Varsity - Jr. Varsity 49 35 53 32 56 35 55 22 57 36 60 35 60 55 65 28 80 51 60 Z2 Ralph cena 80 30 56 55 46 47 36 69 49 66 46 77 31 , . R it V N A ' 1 X -A I - b P f " , Q Q 4 it In ' A 'L" ' ' ,, L.: N u . ,f w . A -15 ei, XL jf -"' U75 3 . N 1 'L I 'F f' 2' 'X 5 xg.. 1: ' I 142 f lm ' 'B r I ,, , :A W' 'W , I , , Llp N . , , 1 ,, , . . . , ,. . 3 , , Q ,P 2 Q, A LL . ' s 3 , K4 . V, - fl i X . ibm, Q arf" .,p. ' 1 .ff fra ' Qa.Q.Q .' il' 'G WX? -5' , Q 'if' , T' MQ' ,ripl ,. . JF Q U X ta , l' s 'lf' if seyyg Q23 ,gs K h V c B' A Al f B g 1 -I 'Fifi FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM 1 Top, left to right: S. Toth, E. Kullaf, A. Urso, W. Azzaro, M. Watson, J. Sangis, B. Lakefield. Front, left to right: Fufaro, M. Cupo, L. Shortino, K. Huebner. Middle, left to right: G. Wall, F. P. Benigno, R. Stemmler, H. Kutney, K. Costano. Freshmen Basketball Team The freshman basketball team finished the i958-59 season with a .500 mark - i0 wins and the same number of losses. The frosh also had the honor of having a member of their team, Ken Huebner, break a school record. The record that was broken was held by Greg Boryczewski, who during the 6 ' FRESHMEN SCHEDULE T957-58 season, tallied 320 points for the season to establish a school record. But Opponent Garfield Ken knew that records'were made to be broken and he did iust that. During this Def Bellfville-34 -- 23-Home past season he scored 348 points, way over Boryczewski's total. No frosh cager in gig Lzdzifas ' gg-away the history of Garfield High has ever even approached that record. im, Eu?,5,dLLT5 M 38iAxgZ Although Ken was the sparkplug for Coach Bob Volonnino's club, he was not Jan Central-27 45hHome the only good player. There were others-Lou Shortino, who almost always hit the lm' LOW-40 r - 61-Home double digits, but never surpassed Huebner, Bill Azzara, small, but tough and g:J':':o':ggl "" is-'IZWUY scrappy, Jerry Wall, deadly on those outside shots, and Bobby Stemmler, one of ,an -posszkig ,E 3Z.iA3,n,: Coach Volonnino's better playmakers. Jan -East Rutherford-46 44-Home The yearling Boilermakers dropped their initial game of the season to Belle- 10" -Rulheffofd-51 46-Awcy ville but came back to defeat a classy Lodi aggregation, 38-28. Garfield never had A " 22':0"'e more than a three game winning skein but had their victories salted among the Feb. -Camo,-31 If lllllnnl 35iA32j defeats. Feb. Pope Pius-19 .,... za-Home But the frosh always played with spirit and always exemplified well the virtues get gliflo?-3' -v--------- 37-Home of fine sportsmanship. Fgb -EZZiaitciEZ3ofdl!5'4 Members of the freshman basketball squad were: Feb -Lyndhurst-48 ..,......,. 54-Away Ken Huebner, Lou Shortino, Bill Azzara, Jerry Wall, John Sangis, Bruce Lake- field, Pete Benigno, Mike Watson, Ken Castrano, Bob Stemmler, Steve Toth, Tony Furfaro, Joe Cuppo, Mike Kullaf, John Kutney, and Pete Urso. Jack Graceffo l5l makes good his threat, "You'Il never get that The ball's in tho airl Who'll get it? ball from me." Emil Piuulo rushes in to back him up. K, 1 rp , . .. fA.,x F . 6 Dr W?- hfw .av r C I I x, 'f Q38 51 1 I 1 X I I eff,.,, " g .kgg AY, L A . I Q . xg, Yr' 3 I as 'W ix .Y if ' 4 ,A :ea-,E , . H5 yvkifvx k ,J w Q .sw as M. ,V ., f g , . ,, wg 2 ' 1 Si' 3 sv v 5 R - f X 'E Q N 4 k ,W anon rwmeus - Left, been to front: Louise Keen, Flora samehsek, Michele chefvenek, Baton Captain, Betty Kalembu Lillian Kutney, Joann Bruno, Betty Kalemba. Right, back to front: Natalie Matz, Joyce Barker, Kristine Kroll, Bernice Barbato, Gloria Pelka. Baton and H tt i i t i ' Flag Twirlers Adding color and excitement to every football game are the superb G.H.S. baton and flag twirl- ers. These girls, who precede the band at half- time shows, never cease to delight and often amaze the crowd with their spectacular skills and routines. A place of honor will always be held by the twirlers who proudly wear our gay school colors. The baton and flag twirlers marching onto the field at the Thanksgiving Day game FLAG TWIRLERS - Back, left to right: Annette Risi, Barbara DePiero, Kathleen Gurak, Lucille Flag Captain, Ilona BGYKOCY Saccomanno, Anita lolle, Joan Urgovitch, Carollee Schoonhen. Front, left to right: Eloise Y Martin, Ilona Barkocy, Marie Scrafani. l 101 C indermen Look F oreward Buck Row, Left to Right: R. Laiosa, B. Stemmler, S. Lamendola, L. Shortino, Walerko, A. Boryczewski, J. Perno, R. Shafer, K. Kropinack, B. Stolarz D W. Azzaro, F. Gemski, J. Stefanick. Third Row, Left to Right: B. Pietrowski, Rozum, R. Bugg, R. Campbell, F. Daniels, J. Kmetz. Front Row, Left to G. Boryczewski, A. Bielen, P. Sendak, H. Poppe, W. Perich, J. Gazdus, M. Right: S. Franzino, Assistant Coach, K. Shedosky, S. Wilson, E. Plrog J Risi, J. Marino, R. Sabanosh, J. Kmetz. Second Row, Left to Right: L. Avella, K. Wilk, W. Ventura, R. Calia, J. Cocula, Assistant Coach Barring any unexpected circumstances, the prospects for the track team look very good for the i959 season. Coach Jules Lazicki and Assist- ant Coach Sal Franzino feel that with the combi- nation of hard throwing, fast running, and high iumping, we should enioy a winning season. To date, the team has a record of four wins and one loss with many important meets coming up, in- cluding the Valley Conference Championship and the Junior Championship in which only those who have not placed in regular competition can com- pete. Although five lettermen from last year's team have been lost through graduation, we are certain that this will prove to be an exciting season. Greg Boryczewski clears the bar at 5' 10" in meet with Pope Pius High School. 102 Lazicki, Head Coach. April May SCHEDULE Fair Lawn .... ...........,.... 14- 17- 28-Lyndhurst ........, Pope Pius . Nutley ..... Passaic . .... ., ....,... . 5-East Rutherford ..... Eastside ....... I 2-Central .,.., Clifton ....,............,....,..,....... .,.. 20-Passaic - P.V.C. Jrs. . Clifton - P.V.C. Varsity ..... .... Away Home Home Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Away Ray Bugg, iunior, sails over the bar at 5' 9" in meet with Pope Pius. To An Outstanding Season Soaring over the hurdles is Ed Pirog, senior. J. if Qi' x X: Ralph Calia hurls shotput and places second against Pope Pius High School. 'vi fl f'l - tt I 'T 7 I V, .,v 1 Head Coach Jules Lazicki clicks stop-watch while The shotput can be a strain! Bill Ventura hurls shotput 48' ll" to win against Pope Pius High School. Bill broke the P.V.C. record last spring with a hurl timing G.H.S. runners. of 50' 5 314 ". John Avella, our unbeaten miler, places first again at 4:46. John hasn't been beaten in two years. 103 Courtes of Herald News 'Passaic N J Y ' 1 , . . Sal Scro pulls up at third base after hitting a triple to give Boilermakers a lead Diamondmen Display over Clifton. Thomas Ciffo Jack Graceffo center fielder left fielder Anthony Calandriello X Charles Alberti ' pitcher 104 John Cali third baseman catcher Exceptional Ability and Sportsmanship Nick Mcdonia second baseman Sal Scro first baseman Dominick D'Agostino Frank Trentacoste right fielder pitcher Emil Piuulo short stop Joe Marino and Frank Gilfone are our pinch hitters VARSITY TEAM - Back Row, Left to Right: J. Burgs, S. Scro, E. Pizzulo, D. D'Agostino, D. Lowe, T. Ciffo, B. Gatyas, coach. Second Row, left to Right: E. Biczak, J. Marino, T. Krzeminski, J. La Faso, T. Calandriello, H. Fehling. Front Row, Left to Right: F. Trentacoste, J. Graceffo, J. Cali, N. Madonia, F. Gilfone, J. Montelbano. The '59 edition of the G.H.S. Base- ball Team, although minus five letter winners of last year's team, is definitely one to watch. Unusually skillful de- fensively, they also have a reserve of surprising power offensively. They do have their weaknesses, but with Coach Bill Gatyas at the head, they are sure to match, if not better the record of last year's team. At the time the Retrospect went to press, the Boilermakers had a record of 3-O in P.V.C. and 4-l in the regular games. James Bates, Coach of the Junior Varsity team, which is mainly composed of freshmen and boasts a 2-l record, feels that any gap left by this year's team will be capably filled by his "little Boilermakers." VARSITY GAMES April May June Kearny Eastside Central Belleville Clifton. Lyndhurst Passaic East Rutherford Eastside Central Nutley Pope Pius Cliftc.. Montclair Lyndhurst Passaic East Rutherford Fair Lawn Hackensack Lodi William Gatyas, Head Coach James Bates, Junior Varsity Coach JAYVEE GAMES April May 106 14 - Wood-Ridge 16 - Hasbrouck Heights I8 - Pope Pius 20 - Rutherford 23 - Clifton 29 - Lodi 30 - Hasbrouck Heights 4 - East Rutherford 6 1 Rutherford B - Lyndhurst ll - East Paterson I3 - Wood-Ridge 15 - Pope Pius I8 - Clifton 19 - Lodi 23 - Lyndhurst 26 - East Paterson 28 - East Rutherford JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM - Back Row, Left to Right: J. Bates, J. V. Coach, K. Sommariva, F. Kaminski, R. La. Pointe, J. Wall, S. Kida, K. Meikle. Second Row, Left to Right: M. Cupo, B. Rudziewicz, T. Bovitz, B. Einreinhofer, T. Faletta, S. Lanza, E. Kullaf, K. Castano. Front Row, Left to Right: K. Huebner, R. Lazar, M. Watson, R. Plecs, R. Melucci, F. Urso, R. De Vito. 3 1' 1. ' 1 zmuiu 4. ,6 .X Q71 'im' .f ' , s 'A an N, Vx ' Klu- ' w MMP' 5, 9, 'W 1 A. ii 5 QL N Activities ,.,.g X , rm-AHL, uw ,M ...Q if +..-rx 'll e X . 5 ,M L W, it ir. VL K ' N Yi Q21 s fy 1 15 F fy, si 'N' A - M M. as J, ' 55 wx, .- 2.: A " -buf? mx, 1 ' , J. - 5 , 5 +1 e ,wfikff-tr 'Sk . ee M ,, ..Q...,,,m '-M M .23 ,,,f3g:Q,,,, 14 Siem, i . wk , rf 1 iifj .Wy R A A j Q, r i . E -xeq, 1 : ii . 'qw 5 I ,, Q - K ifgf S! 'M Ei ffl ik . L5 F .mi I y y Rules Which Govern Our School Garfield High School's Student Council was organized to promote harmonious relations among the faculty -and students, and to make a better school scholastically, athletically, and socially. Now in its third year, the Student Council is operating more smoothly and efficiently than ever before. Under the leadership of the executive committee, which consists of Linda Hartos, President, Carolyn Catenaro, Vice-Presi- dent, Veronica Simone, Secretary, and Carole Coffey, Treasurer, the Council has made a number of accomplishments this year. A new Christmas scene was added to the exterior decorations, paid assem- blies were inaugurated, Student Council pins were purchased by the members, a Student-Activities-Ticket Program was set up for next year, and an induction cere- mony for the new officers was adopted. All of these accomplishments could not have been made without the expert as- sistance of Mr. John Prelich, the Council's adviser, and Miss Gladys Filippone, as- sembly director. Through their diligent work and guidance, the Student Council had a most successful year. Junior members ofthe Student Council 1 Back Row: E. Hrasdzira, J. Baron, L, Yasenchack, L. Albanese J. Fazenitz, M. Wawszczak, J. Buczynski. Front Row: L. Baldino, J. Bruno, G. Tyburczy, H. D'Amico. --qw nec.-Q uv r -1 Freshmen members of the Student Council 1 Back Row: Carol Lee Nick, Mary Ann Trentacoste, Marilyn Wilk, Patricia Sheper, Dorothy De Piero. Front Row: Judith Kuler, Sal Mastropole, Sunday Follari, Marion Stirba. Sophomore members of the Student Council - Back Row: Linda Messinio, Karen Hartos, Mary Ann Mocilenko, Ellen Batcho, Gail Vanglaus, Roger Sabonash. Front Row: Elaine Laiosa, Marilyn Ferrandino, Annette Catenaro, Camille Zangara. fy J vk.. Slhg if l K ew Nb, if w 4, . ' ,,q.'ii?f Y ' 1 :I .gg-.1-, . . ,mga ,fn .fu s Q84 . 14? H ., ' Q Q . .. A.., . .T1, ., 2 ' "' x J P ff . 1- .- 1 rn. WSH' QE ga i -'mp ., , , - EQLQEL 5. -n . I . :K xx p-. 1 . 5.5 W ggi, , : 1' "1-A 'U Vw. 3. 315. .iv ff? Ay. ' mmf ,lx A' - 'Z 23I??'7 , P' fn ,uf , ng arf ' ' " 4:2 yy V + X' Wir' . -1,, f ' 4563: f I , - y-nf? .. W? if 1 Y .Mp , .. 7 "fi, gg .1 .- 4 if 'Eff . - - Pm . - A sig: X ,A 2- . . 6,.,,f.,. .,, ' ' 'fi' 21' ff ' : 1 ISSQEIEW-EWRKW 13-'-Eifg,-QM'-ZLE21 ' " .1 'ag V jg' il ' -"' 1 . K A. M 1 ,,... ' ' W f' f -X ' "W fweM211knmzvfws-ff,x,f,f,,-WM., is .Q ,. .W if ia 1 " k X Previews Our School Life Qhli I rCHOOL The core of Garfield High School is the school newspaper, The Quill. The news page covers and interprets new happenings around school. The feature page includes Kat's Kor- ner, Snoopy Scoops, the fashion story, movie and book reviews, clever cartoons, fresh and appealing stories, interviews, a crossword puzzle, and probably most important of all, the editorials. The sports page has recaps of past games as well as a column on hunting and fishing and a girl's point of view on sports. Mrs. Marie Sauer guides the literary staf while Miss Florence Adler, advising the business staff, handles the money and covers the circulation end of the paper. Besides writ- ing the stories, reporters also help the editors and assistant editors with make-up. Near the end of the year, Mrs. Sauer and a few of the staff attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association conference held at Columbia University. They were present at lectures, meetings, and panel discussions for a three day period. Working on the Quill was especially bene- ficial for those students who planned to make a career of iournalism after graduation from high school. lt also encouraged pupils who enioyed expressing themselves through writing. Quill Business Staff -- Standing, Left to Right: Miss F. Adler, E. Giacin, F. Simchick, D. Popp, J. Yasen- chock, M. Wawszczak, J. Kroin, C. Catenaro, V. Simone, D. Sadloch. Back Row: J. Buczynski, A. Witt, M. Onufrak, D. Pastor, E. Gradzki, C. Castanza, K. Pal, G. Pelka, N. Matz. Second Row: R. Wegrzyniak, S. Zubcak, J. Zomack, M. Cheryenak, J. Popek, D. Pulak, l. Suto. First Row: R. Zak, J. Gradzki, R. Talish, A. Barcellona, S. Follari. Quill Photography Staff - Left to Right: S. Gasior, E. Hrasdzira. Quill Literary Staff - Third Row, Left to Right: L. Albanese, L. Elias, C. Zeumer, J. Barker, R. Talish, C. Tantillo, S. Gemza, C. Schoonhen, C. Sucorowski, L. Manapeli, P. Dosky. Second Row, Left to Right: B. Radzai, G. Kuropchak, P. Nardone, D. Chizmadia, G. Pelka, E. Ruzila, P. German, E. Martin, E. Giacin, M. Klisiewicz, I. Barkocy. First Row, Left to Right: E. Sandy, L. Hartos, E. Mayor, J. Kroin, L. Woiciochowski, C. Spataro, B. Petrasek, M. Banka, C. Huebner. l111 Retrospect Captures Highlights Yearbook Advisers - Left to Right: Miss F. Adler, Business Staff: and Mrs. E. Briefstein, Literary Staff, are discussing the problems of financing Retrospect. Left to Right: Mrs. E. Brietstein, Joyce Chap, and June Burek are identifying and classifying underclassman pictures for yearbook and for guidance folders. Yearbook Editors - Back Row, Left to Right: Heike Poppe, Layout Editor: William Paroby, Sports Editor: Dorothy Prebolsky, Business Editor: Nancy Tomesko, Photography Editor, Annette Risi, Business Editor. Front Row, left to Right: Barbara De Piero, Art Editor: Joyce Chap, Editor-in-Chief, June Burek, Literary Editor: Betty Ann Timko, Activities Editor. "Don't stop, iust keep working!" These are the words of our industrious and creative adviser, Mrs. Edith Briefstein. The yearbook staff emanating from our iunior year found that even after editors were chosen and the theme decided upon, an enormous amount of work remained to be done. Throughout all our darkest moments, mo- ments when deadlines were approaching, write-ups and lay-outs had to be changed, and many other unforeseen circumstances, the dawn came through and with it a solu- tion. The business staff, in order to secure money to produce the yearbook, sponsored one of the most successful fund raising proi- ects in G.H.S.'s history - a cookie sale. ln addition to the sale of the cookies they did all the clerical work under the watchful eyes of Miss Florence Adler, business adviser. Our book has recorded the highlights of our school year. Those of us who helped to produce it are confident it will reawaken cherished memories in years to come. Yearbook Business Staff - Back Row, left to Right: Joan Gradzki, Judith Bence, Miss F. Adler, Dianna Hanzl, Lorraine Sodora, Joyce Russin, Susan Fisher, llona Barkocy, Carol Nitus, Joan Monaco, Arlene Hudak, Diane Hasten, Gloria Kuropchak, Judith Lawrence, Ruth Hook, Elizabeth Gradzki, Joan Vassallo. Front Row, Left to Right: Evelyn Purfuerst, Elizabeth Leili, Irene Krawiec, Annette Risi, Dorothy Prebolsky, Beverly Herina, lrene Suto, Helen Jezierski, Patricia Hyduchak. of The Year's Activities ., Literary Staff of Yearbook 1 Back Row: M. Scrafani, A. LoRe, G. Verish, D. Prebolsky, J. Monaco, J, Burek, Editor: J. Chap, D. Sadioch, l. Kutney, P. Dosky. First Row: F. Perrone, S. Fisher, I. Barkocy, C. Nitus, D. Chizmadia. Va Sport Staff - Left to Right: W. Paroby, Editor, E. Sandy. Yearbook Layout Staff - Left to Right: B. Barbato, D. Kern, H. Poppe, Editor: J. Bartyzel L. Koch, A. Luty. Yearbook Art Staff - Standing: M. Rubino, S. Wilson, C. Coffey, G. Macagnone Sitting: S. Fisher, B. DePiero, Editor. -'Wa Photography Staff - Left to Right: J. Giordano, M. Babyak, C. Magee D. Chizmadia, N. Tomesko, Editor: search other ments. books for novel arrange , Q Mas, ,,,- I 1 fi. ig . 2' q ,gf M ,f , 1 fm if Q. S. , , W fry J V 25 'V :W 1 L F E- Eg K 2. 4 Q in-tj-" . . k N A fe? --M - .Q wa, eg? I , . , TK . si 1 i . Z2 f bfi Ja? an 'If+,gS"g , fiiiig' .rf-I , ,f Q25 V 1 ? .53 V K ,XT VK L Qi N 'K ,H L, A Q ff fr: 8, i -,M ,gsm K L 'T Q F ig" , , 2' ' J ' W Nh 3 VV 535 A , fx ig 3 ' A k ' 3 , EQ T 5 3, 13 -,X l W , 222.2 ,Z X ,.., - 1 1 fx, 4 5 .K Y ,. A Q Q- X ,f' SW .1 ,gf W an N Q xx K f wi I L, 4 1 M w s fn S ,' ' Us sl Efiwwg 5 'uw V- L 4 Mi ,W . .1 Qi As J: ' i via "Q R ' ' f'fi..'wn "k'ii'I F' FS 3 . l -- +- 6 ' , iii w- fi: if ,y ilx W f, " ' ' L is I 1 3. -'QM Q rw. ww A b.,y1:f A r X .fa yr' - . K- 1' V9 .X I ww if i .,,, 3 .F 2 YW LW.. q A: .f fn A5 ,, A x- .Urs ff, -L,I.f.5fTf1Y . ' 1, - 6 ge. 5.5, .,,k e ,- 5454- , ' 5 f M121 fig' WJ ' E E x ' l M . "H: .. CL. I9 "Q ' S3553 4? Z. f lip' M A 'Q J 2 ag, R 1 ' , ..:,:f:XsQ,f1W ' w, ' V , 5 Dance Committee - Back Row, Left to Right: F. Gilfone, P. Hoffman, J. Burek, F. Trenta coste. Front Row: S. Fisher, J. Messler, A. Graceffo, J. Monaco. JUNIOR PROM A scent of incense greeted us at the door of an orien- tal garden. As we strolled through the gay paradise, we heard Tony Charles and his band playing our theme song, "Shangri-la". The well, located in the center of the garden, attracted much attention. As coins were tossed and fell to the bot- tom of the well, wishes were made for a heavenly night. The Chinese writing with its significant meanings, bedecked the walls. A dim light was cast upon the garden by the colorful array of lanterns above. The tinkling of wind chimes were heard faintly as we swirled past the garden wall. At last the court assembled for the long-awaited mo- ment. The eighteen attendants formed the candle-lit aisle through which our honored king and queen, Sal Scro and Carolyn Catenaro, passed before reaching the throne. Awaiting them at the throne were our prince and princess, Frank Trentacoste and June Burek, who placed the glitter- ing crowns upon their heads. Our royal couple and their attendants danced in ecstasy and enchantment to the heavenly strains of "Shangri-la". Oriental Motif Transports Us To Shangri-La gi As the beat of Tony CharIes's orchestra is stepped up, couples dance around our wishing well. Couples at our oriental prom dance dreamily to "Shangri-la". 115 AVIATION CLUB With the help of Mr. Hubiak, the members of this club discussed the theories of aviation and the prob- Iems brought about by the prospect of space travel. These future airmen became acquainted with all the phases of air travel. Back Row, Left to Right: R. Chervenak, M. Jaretsky, Secretary, R. Schwind, R. Lee, J. Ferrandino, L. Malone, J. Oddo, R. Schweig- hardt, R. Sabo, K. Shedosky, President. Front Row, Left to Right: J. Siuta, S. Wasylyk, M. Hubiak, Adviserg L. Fazekas. 116 Variation Helps Develop ALL SPORTS CLUB Sportsmanship and fair play in competition are fundamentals of ma- ior sports. Under the leadership of Mr. Nork, the members of the club are taught not only fundamentals but also the intricacies of various sports. Back Row, Left to Right: M. Risi, V. Copel- lo, A. Kryzeminski, Secretaryg N. Kuzmack, J. Perno, Treasurer: E. Biczak, R. Stolarz, W. Szilasi, R. Mayer, R. Kwialkowski, L. Waler- ko, R. Roncskevitz, J. Amann, Robert Nork, Adviser. First Row, Left to Right: K. Kropin- ack, G. Boryczewski, J. Durski, C. Tantillo, President, A. Boryczewski, D. Lowe. LIBRARY COUNCIL One of the most efficient service clubs in G.H.S. is the Library Coun- cil. The members who were select- ively chosen donated three periods a week to the school. Mrs. Roman, Ii- brarian, is the adviser. The high- light of their activities was a theater party to New York and the award- ing of service pins to the senior members of the council. Back Row, Left to Right: D. Hubay, J. Youhas P. Gretchen, D. Sadloch, K. Gurak, D. Monte, L. Steiger, K. Valuzzi, R. Simone, A. Caten- aro. Second Row: J. Burek, B. Kochanowski, M. Slivinski, M. Boiko, K. Pal, A. Parks, C. Catenaro, P. Nardone, M. Breonte, A. Lucas, A. Furmanek. Front Row: F. Gurak, B. Timko, H. Jezierski, J. Komorowski, D. Hanzl. E. Batcho, S. Pucciarelli, Mrs. Roman, Adviser. A Well Rounded Background JUNIOR RED CROSS Before and after school the Jr. Red Cross members could be seen with their adviser, Mrs. Stefanelli, working on their various proiects. Among their activities were making gift boxes for children overseas and crossword puzzle books for disabled veterans. During the summer the Red Cross will select some members to attend Pettie School in Highs- town, New Jersey, to further his knowledge of the Red Cross. Standing, Left to Right: J. Blasko, R. Ric- ciardi, l. Krawiec, A. Slivka, Mrs. Stelanelli, C. Kleso, M. Ganz, J. Kish, M. Nunnari, M. Redl, C. Huebner. Seated: J. Baron, P. Ger- man, P. Perrapato, Secretary: l. Suto, Treas- urerg B. Timko, President, A. Galimi, Vice President, l. Albanese, V. Borovoy, C. Rad- wan. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB The operation and the care of the various proiectors, tape recorders, microphones, and phonographs in the school is under the specific con- trol of this organization. Any classes or club groups needing the services of this group contacted Mrs. Sauer or the officers and were provided with efficient service. lack Row, Left to Right: M. Nolan, M. Quinn, C. Buczynski, S. Follari, A. Mozzola, E. Laiosa, R. Boanstro, P. Kasica, E. Zak, F. Vetrand. Sixth Raw: R. Zichella, M. Mucha L. Fazekas, J. Blondine, W. Wren, L. Koch, J. Herkaler, B. Lechner, R. Schwind, T. Mur- rey, F. Seaman, C. Simone. Fifth Row: F. Inf zalaco, R. Malecki, P. De Voogd, R. Kepil, L. Restuccia, M. Briganti, A. Ferrante, D. Popek, P. Hospador, L. Kuba, J. Koppenaal, J. Russell. Fourth Row: B. Weiler, G. Tybur- czy, B. Szucs, A. Veleber, A. Tani, K. Petocz, P. Elkovics, C. Milozzo, E. Orechovsky, H. Gruener, A. Polk, D. D'Agostino. Third Row: C. Nagy, R. Youhas, H. Poppe, R. Kocin, D. Gloede, B. Plaski, M. Chanda, J. Mohonchak C. latyok, S. Cupo. Second Raw: L. Sodora, I. Krawiec, I. Suta, B. Castanza, A. Witt, D. Pastor, P. Szczucki. Front Row: K. Gurak, P. Hoffman, J. Mazzola, R. Rudziewicz, Mrs. Sauer. NURSES CLUB To give assistance and aid to any student interested in nursing, medi- cal technology or laboratory tech- nology is the purpose of the Nurses Club. The club attended a tea at Hackensack Hospital, conducted a trip to Mountainside Hospital, and sponsored a tea for the Woman's Club of Garfield. These future Flor- ence Nightingales daily assisted Mrs. Yoda, club adviser and school nurse. lack Row, Left to Right: Mrs. H. Yoda, L. Steiger, D. Hanzl, M. Ernst, M. Gbur, N. Hook, N. Tomesko. Front Row: P. German, L. Albanese, J. Fazinetz, W. Prencik, A. Hudak, E. Szabo, C. Catenaro, A. Furmanek, R. Simone administers first aid to B. Herina. iff Our Language Clubs Produce an Appreciation LES MISERABLES Learning more about France and its exuberant people is the aim of this club, guided by Mademoiselle Filippone. Having a talk given by a French boy and planning a French assembly are part of the cIub's pro- gram. Slides and movies help stu- dents understand the culture and life of the French people. lack nw, Left to Right: J. Vassalo, L. Al- banese, D. Symanski, C. Huebner, V. Borovoy, J. Baron, I. Zoerbel, E. Dys, I. Barkocy, J. Russin, P. Dosky, Miss Filippone, Adviser. its LES AMIS FRANCAIS Engulfed in French customs, cul- ture, and literature, Les Amis Fran- cais, under the advisership of Miss Gladys Filippone, broaden their knowledge of the culture of the French people and their language. The club sponsored an assembly in the spring, at which time they de- monstrated to the student body what they learned about France. lack Row, left to Right: R. La Pointe, T. Kucharick, R. Rigolosi, C. Petrus, S. Bran- cato, J. Telesh, J. Koppenaal, J. Vodilko. Third Row: Gladys Filippone, Adviser: J. DePeri, R. Sobolewski, D. Pulack, M. Moyer, M. Mocilenko, E. Ruzila, G. Pelka, K. You- patott. Second Row: J. Mihalik, J. Yasen- chock, N. Hook, P. Popeck, F. Popewczak, I. Vasilenko, C. Perman. First Row: K. Hartos, Vice President, G. Muller, Secretory, E. Lamb, Treasurer, M. Sabanosh, President, M. Fer- randlno. THE ITALIAN CLUB The obiective of the Italian Club is to develop international view- points. In addition to becoming flu- ent in the Italian language, the members of the club sponsored the Language Festival and Language Assembly. Mr. C. Trucco is their hard-working, ticket-selling adviser. Back Row, Left to Right: Mr. C. Trucco, P. Dolci, B. Mineo, J. Gambino, D. Trentacoste, C. Cuccia, P. Graf, R. Mistretta, A. Catenaro, R. Penacara, B. Focarino. Second Row: N. Bebe, L. Manapeli, F. Simchik, E. Giacin, G. Astorino, J. Colletti, M. Nicastro, R. Dolce E. Savioli, G. Belbruno, P. Nardone, L. Ben- anti. of the Cultures of Other Countries SPANISH CLUB For those who are interested in Spain and her people, this club of- fered a program especially planned to present Spanish culture. The stu- dents also viewed slides and films on Italian life. Mr. Trucco, who su- pervised the group, initiated and or- ganized the annual Language Festi- val. Proceeds went to provide a scholarship for the outstanding lang- uage student. Back Row, Left to Right: C. Woicik, E. Gradzki, F. Benanti, A. Lucas, E. Svolto. Fifth Row: J. Miska, D. Manuel, L. LoRe, K. Gurak, J. Sorce, A. Mazzola, M. Limata. Fourth Row: N. Kuzmack, J. Barsch, R. La' razza, P. Sendak, J. Duchok, H. Poppe, B. Yuhas. Third Row: S. Pekaar, D. Hanzo, C. Kleso, J. Kish, M. Ganz, K. Klaupeck, B. Ochab. Second Row: R. Witkowski, R. Dul, P. Gamble, C. Dul, C. Wozny, E. Bonlr, J. Le- Java. First Row: V. Copello, J. Perno, P. Perrapato, R. Ricciardi, S. Tamko, A. La- Manna, Mr. C. Trucco, Adviser. FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mr. So- cha, this club helps build the neces- sary good will and understanding in a world made smaller by modern traveling conveniences. Back Row, Left to Right: B. Skapiak, P. Kacsanik, J. Saverese, J. Betz, R. Bednarcik, M. Redl, J. Blaski, M. Prebish, J. Matey, D. Paradiso, I. Zoerbel, G. Mueller. Second Row: C. Ciesla, C. Vaccaro, C. Buczynslli, J. Mar- tin, A. Slivka, A. Matarrese, M. Marchioni, S. Pra, W. Prencik, S. Samona, E. Dys, P. Grabinski, S. Bullis, C. Gleto. First Row: G. Siplyak, V. Furmanek, C. Kasse, G. Quentz, Treasurer, S. Gemza, President, J. Olasin, Vice President, M. Piazza, Secretary, J. Zo- mack, R. Zichella, D. Papp, J. Paflitsko. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN The German Club gave us an op- portunity to see and learn many in- teresting customs and habits of the German people. Many films have been shown, and a panel discussion was held on the Berlin crisis. The club took part in the language fes- tival in May. Our adviser was Mr. Brown. Second Row, Left to Right: D. Brown, C. Tan- lillo, A. Feoklistoff, N. Matz, A. Musterer, R. Loeffler, U. Schultz, J. Pavlica, H. Bowden, N. Lehnert, L. Volpe, R. Petrowski, G. Mul- ler, P. Jirak, M. Rozema, E. Schmidtke, H. Poppe, D. Huber. First Row: E. Adler, 1. Klammer, P. German, H. D'Amico, M. Brunda, Treasurer, A. Barcellona, President, C. Hueb- ner, Secretary, A. Bielen, V. President, J. Katko, E. Leili, D. Kern. 119 GIRLS GOLF CLUB Trips to driving ranges and golf courses completed the lessons in learning to play golf. Though they may never break a hundred, the girls and Mrs. Wolf, adviser, had great fun taking part in this sport of skill and patience. Back Row, Left to Right: K. Chlaupeck, B. Ochab, Treasurer, B. Jasterzbski, M. Taras, G. Michon, B. Onischukfiecretaryp L. LoRe. Fourth Row: M. Sovich, L. Guraleski, S. Wegrezyniok, R. Crusco, W. Wasylyk, A. Mazzola, M. Scrafani. Third Row: P. Koby- larz, M. Astolos, M. Stirba, M. Piazza, J. Betz, V. Furmanek, J. Kapec. Second Row: D. Szymanski, C. Kochur, D. -Harvilick, P. Hilt, J. Broadnox, A. LoRe. First Row: M. Des- carfino, P. Cangiolosi, L. De Salvo, D. May- kovic, D. Pastor, A. Accardi, Mrs. Wolf, Adviser. 4. - 120 h Pleasure During Leisure GARDEN CLUB A knowledge of the fundamentals of floral arrangements and associa- tion with garden implements enable members to put to use the ideas they gleaned from membership in this club. Mrs. L. Pirrone, adviser, and members, try to develop a "green thumb". Back Row, Left to Right: J. Buczynski, Mrs. Pirrone, Adviser, A. Slivka, C. Schoonhen. Front Row: F. Benanti, J. Martin, E. Martin, M. Serritella. BOYS' GOLF CLUB lt has been said that golf is one of the best forms of physical exer- cise and the boys in the Golf Club substantiated this opinion. With Mr. Beningo as adviser, the members learned the right way to play golf and had weekly practice sessions at a local golf course. Back Row, Left to Right: Mr. Benigno, ad- viser, W. Bednarz, R. Petrisin, K. Wilk, J. Ferrandino, J. Oddo, L. Malone, R. Lee, G. Kopec, S. Tomeske, E. Scull. Front Row: G. Macagnone, R. Woidylo, R. Plafta, V. Pres.g M. Jaretsky, Pres., D. Polk, C. Czagos, C. Latyak, A. Maciak, S. Wasylyk. For Hands and Mind NEEDLEWORK CLUB This club, with fifty-seven mem- bers, stimulated interest in hand arts and crafts. Mrs. Janowski, adviser, hoped that these girls would be- come inspired to develop their own talents and creativity. Back Row, Left to Right: D. Huber, L. Sac- comano, M. Rozemo, D. Hasten, M. Babyak, L. Koch, L. Goido, C. Seratin, J. Lawrence. Second Row: J. Vassalo, A. Hudak, V. Pres.: D. Kobylarz, J. Molchon, Secretary and Treasurer, R. Hook, G. Kuropchak, J. Murray, J. Bartyzel, P. Hyduchall, H. Gasiorek, R. Bauer, L. Kador, Mrs. Janowski. First Row: L. Elias, J. Komczyk, V. Spinella, Pres., D. Chizmadia, F. Benanti, E. Maykovic, D. Kern. A' 1-an 's ,A mp J 1 V-1 "' ' 1 MODERN MISS Learning to become familiar with the basic skills in social relations was the main point of this club. Keeping pace with modern living, the Modern Miss Club aided its mem- bers in becoming better socially ad- iusted. This was accomplished with the help of Mrs. Tedesco and the frequent discussions held at the meetings. Bock Row, Left to Right: P. Whittord, J. Sabota, S. Gemza, J. Pihokker, D. Paradiso, E. Schultz, L. Kadar, L. Guida, M. Meyers, Mrs. Tedesco. Second Row: J. Urgovitch, B. Weiler, P. Kasica, M. Wallace, J. Schmidt, S. Pro, M. Scrafoni, M. Formosa, J. Bochiaro. First Row: D. Lucas, E. Ruzila, J. Mayer, Secretary: G. Quentz, Pres., B. Brass, V. Pres., N. Kmetz, Treasurer: J. Basile, J. Molchon. "f1ib21"?1T"k . PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club was formed to arouse an interest in the study of Psychology and'desire to strive for emotional maturity. Members deliv- ered speeches on many phases of psychology. They learned to improve themselves in personal appearance, behavior, knowledge, culture, skills, character, personality, and attitude. Back Row, Left to Right: E. Orechovsky, C. Tantillo, M. Banka, N. Matz, G. Pelka, P. Krack, E. Ryan, M. Langston, B. Grap, D. Kohan, S. Pintavalle, E. Gradzki, J. Grad- zki, L. Steiger, A. T. Mazzola, V. Cartaino. Second Row: Mrs. Manko, Adviser, M. Risi, L. Baldino, V. Borovoy, C. Drzal, B. Petrasek, D. Kovalycsik, R. Popek, C. Davis, J. Barty- zel, J. Basile, M. Albanese, C. Magee, N. Tomesko, Mr. P. Tengi, Adviser. Seated: P. Quinn, J. Mihalik, L. Albanese, D. Meltzer, J. Baron, N. Kmetz, B. Lechner, J. Zomack, P. German, W. Prencik. BUSINESS LEADERS OF TOMORROW With Miss Bonelli as adviser, the Business Leaders of Tomorrow be- came acquainted with the machines and equipment which they will use in later life. They also mimeo- graphed and typed school an- nouncements and programs. An im- portant event in their activities this year was a mid-winter trip to see the Ice Show. Bock Row, Left to Right: B. Barbato, M. Draven, G, Kreic, P. Hyduchak, D. Chizmadia. Second Row: I. Suto, R. Geng, D. Kern, H. Gosiorek, M. Tomko, M. Bobyak, R. Hook. First Row: J. Lawrence, H. Poppe, A. Risi, Miss Bonelli, C. Magee, A. Luty, P. Szuzucki. 122 Inspiration for the Future TYPING CLUB Furthering the skill in typing was the main obiective of this organiza- tion, Keeping in tune with the mar- ginal bell, the members developed their typing ability under the direc- tion of Mrs. Scandariato. Standing, Lett to Right: E. Nebiker, L. Elias, Pres., G. Michon, V. Pres., Mrs. H. Scandari- ato, Adviser, R. Witkowski, W. Prencik, P. Szabo, K. Exton, D. Pulak, J. Katko, Treasurer, P. Bowden. Sitting: J. Tomczyk, B. Weiler, M. Chervenak, Secretary. TEENS FOR SAFE DRIVING "Knowing what's under the hood makes for better and safer driving." Co-sponsored by Mr. Gatyas and Mr. Casini, this club prepared the youth of today to support sound traffic programs as citizens of to- morrow. This was also balanced by developing habits of good citizen- ship. Back of Car, Left to Right: C. Nitus, E. Ry- chak, D. Lukas, P. Kobylarz, L. Saccomcno, J. Paflitsko, D. Popp, D. Hasten, F. Trenta- coste, P. Dosky, N. Madonia, J. Colletti. Front of Car: V. Luciano, D. Prebolsky, G. Rigolosi, R. Lentini, J. Vassalo, Advisers - W. Gatyas, N. Casini. Reality in the SCHOOL STORE SALES CLUB The student body, in general, greatly benefited from the services of the members of the School Store Sales Club. These zealous students donated part of their study periods to operate the School Store, and learn about merchandising through this educational venture. Mr. La- zicki was the capable and efferves- cent adviser of this club. Loft to Right: D. Mulder, R. Palonis, Vice President, Mr. J. Lozicki, Adviser, M. Salvi, E. Lomb. POSTER CLUB Whenever posters were needed to advertise any coming events, these girls used their art talent to create eye-catching posters. Their work was supervised by their cap- able art teacher, Mrs. Sauer. Bock Row, Left to Right: M. Wilk, D. Sad- Ioch, L. Savioli, P. Scheper, S. Follari. Front Row: D. De Piero, M. Nicastro, J. Bruno, M. Draven. BULLETIN BOARD SQUAD Keeping the school posted on all the news of club meetings and so- cial functions was the specific duty of this group. ln their charge was the decoration of the numerous bul- letin boards throughout the school and the one in the main foyer of the school. Left to Right: P. Dosky, M. Wlock, C. Coffey, B. DePiero. fig Character Building Through HI-Y CLUB The Hi-Y club is an organization of high school boys who are mem- bers of the Y.M.C.A. The purpose of the club is to develop character, honesty, physical fitness and to build fine, outstanding citizens. The club members worked on various community and school proiects. Standing, Left to Right: R. Yaros, R. Sabo, M. Langieri, J. Fedor, R. Sabanosh, G. Bory- czewski, A. Bielen, S. Tamko, J. Wasylyk, T. Galler, K. Kropinack, J. Bates, Adviser. Seated: G. Macagnone, N. Madonia, R. Schafer, R. Rembish, M. Brunda, F. Klein, A. Boryczewski, W. Boon, A. Semanchik, S. Wilson. S. Tamko standing in middle. TRI-H-Y CLUB Members of the Tri-H-Y spent ' their meeting hours on panel dis- cussions, parties, and drives. Under the sponsorship of Miss Miller and Mrs. Calligaro, this organization worked to create, maintain, and es- tablish throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. Standing, Left to Right: F. Simchick, S. Zub- cak, R. Wegrzyniak, L. Kutney, E. Dys, E. Schmidke, L. Sodora, W. Prencik, G. Kmetz, P. Michaels, K. Kroll, E. Mushinsky, C. Schoonhen, E. Martin, J. Sobota. Seated: J. Baron, P. German, M. Gbur, Chaplain, L. Albanese, Historian, L. Manapeli, Secretary, B. Petrasek, President, E. Giacin, Vice Pres- ident, M. Ernst, Treasurer, M. Serritella. CAMERA CLUB The Kodak Photography Contest M-me -- was the big event on the Camera Club's agenda this year. These Ju- nior Shutter bugs had the opportu- nity to obtain experience in the tak- ing and developing of photographs. With the aid of Mr. Franzino, who sponsored this club, the members used the dark room facilities for de- veloping pictures at all times. Back Row, Left to Right: R. Markovich, J. Colletti, J. Bruno, T. Murray, R. Schwind, S. Rozic, R. Flinch, P. Sendak, J. Herkaler, B. Lechner, E. Orechovsky, D. Vladyka. Second Row: L. Baldino, E. Szabo, C. Perman, G. Tyburczy, B. Petrasek, J. Fazinetz, M. Wawszczak, E. Dys, I. Zoerbel, R. Talish, C. Woicik, Vice President, R. Sabo, G. Schweig- hardt, R. Chervenak, J. Siuta, C. Maneti. First Row: M. Langieri, J. Zomack, M. Banka, L. Steiger, J. Baron, P. German, Secretary, L. Albanese, Treasurer, G. Koubsky, K. You- patoff, D. Perrapato, A. Mazzota, Mr. S. Franzino, Adviser. Kneeling: E. Hrasdzira, President. 124 Community Service BIOLOGY CLUB Amid the frogs and fishes of the biology lab, these students work under the supervision of Mrs. Ber- kowitz. This group took up advanced study in the added time the club provided. Back Row, Left to Right: R. Loeftler, A. Bielen, A. Musterer, L. Volpe, J. Slota, Mrs. Berkowitz, Adviser. Front Row: J. Vodilko, C. Davis, J. Descartino, F. Benanti, E. Adler, E. Sandy. Christmas Play - P. DeVoogd, M. Albanese, G. Kmetz, D. Sadloch, D. Magda, T. lano, J. Kopenaal. Working back stage are Robert Rudziewlcz and Frank Vetrand. DRAMATICS CLUB Hours of practice made the Christ- mas play a huge success. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Colnaghi, the members of this club obtained experience in the art of acting. Members also received an under- standing and appreciation of the theatre. They made a trip to New York City to see The Rivalry as proof of this last statement. Back Row, Left to Right: M. Mucha, R. Zichella, L. Visser, F. Vetrand, J. Koppenaal, P. DeVoogd, M. Sabonash, L. Merlo, Mrs. Colnaghi, Adviser. Seventh Row: A. Csupecz, S. Fallon, J. Bartyzel, G. Siplyack, B. Caccacci, L. Triola, M. Nuss, B. Noonburg, A. Tani, M. Chervenak, M. Pummilo, J. Baron. Sixth Row: J. Urgovitch, M. Tomesko, C. Milazza, M. Pumminelli, P. Elkovics, M. Comito, M. Quinn, S. Follari, D. Sadloch, D. Vetri, B. Svolto, D. Yaba. Fifth Row: D. Pulak, K. Perzel, C. Conte, M. Ferrandino, E. Laioso, E. Lamb, E. Wasylyk, E. Szabo, J. Bruno, G. Tyburczy, P. Michaels, J. Sabota. Fourth Row: D. Magna, D. Palestini, E. Oleiar, R. Boonstra, M. Senio, L. Shalizi, E. Trinka, V. Borovoy, L. Steiger, Third Row: B. Russinak, M. Temesko, C. Kochur, B. Petrasek, D. Kovalycsik, M. Boiko, L. Manapeli, E. Giacin, F. Simchick, W. Prencik. Second Row: A. Luty, R. Zak, M. Draven, J. Yasenchock, D. Papp, J. Paflitsko, K. Kroll, G. Kmetz. First Row: J. Zomack, P. German, L. Albanese, D. Meltzer, B. Radzoi, J. Olasin. 125 BIBLE CLUB One of our most active clubs is the Bible Club which was advised by Mrs. Merritt. On Fridays after school, this club sponsored films such as "Going Steady" and "Seventeen," Among their numerous activities was a roller skating party once a month, rallies, and singspirations on Sunday evenings. Two of their big events were their Spaghetti Splash and New Year's Day Social at Bear Mountain. The purpose of this club was to see that Christian fellowship on our campus was perpetuated and Christian activities promoted. Back Row, Left to Right: J. Mayer, B. Bross, Mrs. Merritt, Adviser: M. Rozema. Front Row, Left to Right: A. Ganz, L. Merlo, reporter, K. Klaupeck, Secretary-Treasurer, R. Garippa, President, G. Kuropchak, Vice-President, N. Hook, D. Weyer. L26 TEEN-AGE BOOK CLUB As the name of the club indicated, the teens who belonged to this club spent much time reading worthwhile books. Under the leadership of their officers and Mrs. Rentsch, their sponsor, they kept up-to-date on all the good books. They found the truth in the statement, "A house without books is like a house with- out windows." Back Row, Left to Right: G. Csupecz, C. Bonanno, G. Michon. Front Row, Left to Right J. Stephens, J. Popek, A. Galimi, President, M. Nunni, Secretary, J. Sorce, Vice-President. SEWING CLUB The purpose of the Sewing Club is to further the interest of students in the techniques of clothing con- struction. Under the guidance of Mrs. Civitarese, the girls made Santa Claus aprons for their mothers as Christmas gifts. Another of their proiects was the making of pajama bags. Seated, Left to Right: M. Langston, A. Hudak, B. Herina, P. Krack, D. Kovalyscik, B. Grap. Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. Civitarese, Ad- viser, G. Michon, D. Manuel, C. Gavel, D. Kohan, C. Zangara, D. Maykovic, P. Sobol- ewski, C. Drzal. Vocations and Avocations 54111075 .U Dr. Wm. Kilpatrick addressed the F.T.A. before presenting the charter. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Becoming familiar with teaching was iust one of the aims of this organization. Mrs. Travers, the very capable adviser, provided guest speakers and chaperoned trips to local teachers colleges to acquaint members with further aspects of their chosen profession. The highlight of the year was the special assembly at which Dr. William H. Kilpatrick, past president of Columbia University, was the guest. He delighted the audience with numerous anecdotes from his long and illustrious career. Accompanying Dr. Kilpatrick was Dr. Paul G. Bolger, provost of Teachers College, Columbia University, who presented the charter to the club. Back Row, Left to Right: N. Matz, G. Pelka, J. Katko, D. Huber, R. Witkowski. Eighth Row, Left to Right: K. Gurak, M. Macilenko, C. Conte, G. Vanglaus, L. l.oRe, A. Mazzola, R. Sobolewski, J. DePeri, S. Pelak. Seventh Row, left to Right: C. Youpotoff, J. Matey, A. Catenaro, E. Batcho, E. Adler, E. Svulto, J. Stephens, J. Sorce, J. Ferullo, D. Gisonde. Sixth Row, Left to Right: I Ross, K. Rozic, S. Popowich, M. Stirba. BRIDGE CLUB "Anyone for Bridge?" is a phrase frequently heard. Mrs. Culligan and Miss Novack, the co-sponsors of this Bridge Club, hope to teach members some fundamentals of the game that is so rapidly becoming popular. D. Prebolsky, J. Russin, President, B. DePiero, i Vice Pres., Miss J. Novack, C. Coffey, L. Hartos, Mrs. E. Culligan, I. Barkocy, J. Burek. Foreground: V. Luciano, A. Risi, D. Sadloch, 1 J. Chap, Treasurer: J. Monaco. Background, Left to Right: L. Slota, C. Nitus, 127 Teamwork and Sportsmanship Back Row, Left to Right: M. Watson, M. Sowa. Second Row: F. Daniels, F. Tyburczy, P. Hoffman, T. Bovitz, C. LaBanca, Mr. Gatyas, Adviser. First Row: F. Gemski, B. Lakefield, E. Krawiec, A. Boryczewski, J. Elardi, R. Rusin, W. Azzara, R. Hadley, A. Handzo, E. Klaus, K. Hueb- ner, D. Pelcher, L. Copello, L. Shortino. GYMNASTIC CLUB For boys interested in physical development, the Gym- nastic Club offered a variety of activities to accomplish this goal. Such activities as tumbling, pyramid building and vaulting were offered. This club met once a week on either Monday or Tuesday. Mr. Gatyas advised the club. NK' Ed Krawiec balanced himself on bar while Mr. Gatyas and members of the Gymnastic Club watched. Left to Right: Mr. Gatyas, C. La Banka, R. Sowa, D. Pelcher, L. Walerko, T. Falletta, R. Hadley, C. Tantillo, J. Briganti, J. Gaines. Alex Boryczewski vaulted the horse while C. Nagi, R. Hadley, L. Walerko, M Just don't sneeze! The gymnastics club displayed their skill in pyramid building. R- I C. T HI R. S d C. L B I k d ' ' Left to Right: B. Sowa, A. Morrveale holding -H. Kutney. Center, Left to'Right: ISI, Clnl 0, OWU, CN C CIIICG 00 E OI1 128 L. Walerko, C. Tantillo supporting F. Gemski. Left to Right: J. Stefamck, R. Stemmler holding B. Azzara. Through Coordinated Activity ., . .,.. . mv --I . 'JN ,jg , 'E Back Row, Left to Right: John Cocula, E. Pizzulo, S. Scro, J. Wasylyk, D. Rozum, A. Boryczewski, P. Stirba, B. Stolarz, R. Bugg, C. Alberti, B. Ventura. Front Row: A. Graceffo, T. Cifto, D. Pelcher, J. Durski, G. Rigolosi, S. Benanti, R. Caliu, A. Col- andriello, R. Pritch, D. Palestini, J. Graceffo, N. Madonia. VARSITY CLUB Look how that boy in a purple sweater with a big G stands out! Anyone can tell he belongs to the Varsity Club by the pile of tickets he has. These boys worked diligently sponsoring dances and parties to buy a score board for the stadium. With Mr. John Cocula as their adviser, they under- took to better relationships between sportsmen and to raise the standard of athletics at G.H.S. Our score board arrived and the workmen broke ground to install it. ,A . . , Q-. rf is J yy- iv-1' f-.' Anthony "Barrels" Graceffo, captain of football team, kicked football at Sodloch, A. Graceffo, M. Mocilenko, J. Chap, K. Hortos, F. Gurak, C. the annual Varsity Club kick-off dance. Left to Right: J. Burek, L. Baldino, Sansivieri, C. Catenoro, B. Timko. E. Mayor, L. Woiciechowski, A. T. Mozzolo, V. Cartaino, J. Monaco, D. 129 53 Senior Dance- Joyce Chap and Donald Giamo, Linda Hartos and Robert Kellner, Angela Ferrantc and John Durski dance to "My Funny Valentine." The rustling of dresses, the sweet fragrance of flowers, and the soft music set the mood for the "Haven of Hearts" in the high school cafeteria, on February 14. The music was provided by the Tone Toppers. Gaeton Rigano, a member of our senior class, is a drummer in that band. Seniors and their dates danced beneath the red and white sky. Cupids and hearts bedecked the walls, Valentine mobiles floated from above, and the throne was situated Cupid has been busy with Arlene Hudak and Sal Benanti. before a traditional, enormous heart. St. Valentine would have been proud of the tribute paid him. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of our King and Queen of Hearts'. To everyone's delight, Anthony Calandriello and Vivian Spinella were chosen to reign. As the eleventh hour drew near, the couples slowly drifted apart, each going his separate way from an affair that will be forever in their memories. 1 ' Frank Trentacoste and June Burek are in a dream world of their own. .iff V M . L ,. N .T - 5 . 'Qtr 130 Haven of Hearts Georgia crowning Anthony Calandriello, King, and Vivian Spinalla, Queen, at the Haven of Hearts. Left to Right: Jane Messier, Georgia Verish, and class adviser, Mrs. Mnrkey, prepare to draw card naming king and queen. Weaves Dreams Anthony Calandriello and Vivian Spinella, newly crowned King and Queen, dance with a gleam in their eyes. ' " 'fi' -'-- of-wr Senior, Gaeton Rigano, on drums, plays while couples Joan Monaco and Anthony Graceffo, Ilona Borkocy and Dennis Pelcher, dance dreamilv on. 131 Parents Promote Closer Relationship Parents strolled through the halls of G.H.S. in search of their next class. Hurry, don't be lute! The purpose of any educational system is to de- velop the character and the educational capacity of the students. "Back to School" Night in GarfieldiHigh School was developed to show the parents of the students how their children are developing their ca- pacities with modern educational equipment. "Back to School" Night began with parents' as- sembling in the Auditorium. They were met by Dr. M. S. Kline, principal. The parents reported to home rooms, where attendance was taken, and then pro- ceeded to follow their child's daily schedule of classes. In these classes they met the faculty, saw the equipment their children used, and were oriented as to the manner in which the particular subiect was taught. At the end of the schedule the parents re- ported to the cafeteria where they were served cake and coffee provided by the P.T.A. In the chemisty lab these parents reenacted scenes of their high school These parents took their chiIdren's seats in home room on "back to days. school" night. Opening number by the Wapitis. Left to Right: S. Fisher, J. Russin, D. Prebolsky, J. Chap, B. De Piero, A. Risi, l. Barkocy, B. Timko, C. Coffey, J. Burek. Susan Fisher playing a solo. Between School and Home P. T. A. The P.T.A. promotes a closer relationship between the home and school. Its purpose is to bring about the co-operation of the parents and the teacher in the training of the student. lt also develops, between the educator and the general public, united efforts to secure a better education for the student. The officers of this organization are Mr. Bizcak, president, Mrs. Kropinak, vice-president, Mrs. Wilson, recording secretary, Mrs. Mazzola, corresponding secre- tary, and Mrs. Stankiewicz, treasurer. Each year the P.T.A. awards S200 scholarships to two boys and two girls of the graduating class. Money for these scholarships is appropriated by th-e annual P.T.A. Talent Show. This talent show is entirely the work of the P.T.A. and the students volunteering their services. The P.T.A. has been fighting to secure the equip- ment necessary for the completion of our school. They are also trying to have our parking lot paved. Besides these activities, members of the P.T.A. try to serve the school in any way they can and often chaperone many activities. The P.T.A. Officers take time out from their busy schedule to pose for our photog- rapher. Back Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Mazzola and Mrs. Stonkiewicz. Front Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Biczak, and Mrs. Kropinak. xx il After a P.T.A. meeting parents and teachers enioy the coffee and cake. P.T.A. welcomed our new principal at their first meeting and surprised him with a cake baked by Mr. Czerkas. K. x Oliye gil and poP,y,, Loi, Manopeli and E. Giadn. Closing number by the Ka-Wannas. Left to Right: K. Gurak, A. Catencro L LoRe, D. Trentacoste, E. Batcho, B. Onischuk, G, Vanglaus, M. Mocilenko,l C Conte, K. Hartos, C. Triola, A. Mazzola, A. Romanchick, J. Gambino. E Ruzila, M. Babbilonia. Representatives Help Seniors Select College Dr. Michael S. Kline welcomes and introduces the representatives from various colleges and universities to the parents and students. "College Night", an affair co-sponsored by the Gar- field Chapter of the National Honor Society and the Guidance Department, took place on February 19, l959. The parents, students, and faculty attending met in the Auditorium and were welcomed by Scott Wilson, the presi- dent of National Honor Society. Dr. Michael Kline, Princi- pal, introduced the guest speakers who represented the following colleges and universities: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Newark College of Engineering, New York University, Pace College, Pratt Institute, Rider College, Seton Hall University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Upsala College, Douglass College, Rutgers University, Montclair, Paterson, and Trenton State Colleges, and Mountain-Side Hospital. Miss Sara Miller, Guidance Direc- tor, introduced Miss Laura Trexler, Director of Guidance at Northern Valley Regional High School, New Jersey, who spoke on "Looking at Colleges". - The assembly was adiourned and was followed by two periods in which the representatives at separate meetings told of the curriculum, costs, and various aspects of college life. A question and answer period was followed by a social in the cafeteria where the Garfield High School P.T.A. served cake and coffee. Mr. Bernard Reed, Director of Admissions at Trenton State College, answers questions asked by a group of parents and students concerning the teaching profession. The representative of Newark College of Engineering, Mr. Newman, tells of The camera catches Miss Katherine Salter, representative from New York 'the need for good engineers in today's world. University, in the midst of an interesting discussion on mathematics. 134 JA. Furthers Business Training .... X... .. Dianna Hanzl, president of the Chem-Mist Junior Achievement Company, the Junior Achievement Open House. Standing behind them are the com received a plaque from August C. Michaelis, chairman of the Passaic puny's four advisers from Givuudan Company: George Schlegel, Peter J City Planning Commission. Her company won first prize for its display at Poraro, Harry C. Saunders, and Andrew Csupecz. Photo - Courtesy of Herald News JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT Junior Achievement is a nation-wide organization which familiarized teenagers with the knowledge of business opera- tions. After they had decided on a company name and a product or products that they wish to manufacture, the group then sold stock and invested the money from the stock in material, rent fees, etc. Making the product was compara- tively easy, but selling it was the real challenge. For, in at- tempting to sell their product, these teenagers had to use all the initiative and selling power that they possessed. After they sold their product, the money was paid to the workers, officers, and the stockholders. The latter, if the product sold well and the company realized a profit, even got more money back than they had first invested. But the main purpose of J.A. was not a monetary one. lt was to teach teenagers how to get along in the business world and how to understand the complexities of big busi- ness. Moreover, it gave them a chance to become acquainted with other young people their own age and also gave them the chance to make things, using their own minds and hands. Mr. J. Prelich is the adviser of the Garfield companies which included Jamlen, Zorron, Docorama, and Chem-Mist. Left to Right: B. Grap, P. Dosky, G. Locks, selling door mat: which they made. Left to Right: N. Hook, G, Stradl, D. Hanzl, H. Jezierski, R. Ricciar I Z Csupec Back Row, Left to Right: E. Hrasdzira, G. Koubsky, B. Bed- narcik. Front Row: L. Albanese, J. Zomack, B. Petrasek, J. Baron, P. German. C 0 QQ' SENIOR MEMBERS - Tow Row, Left to Right: S. Wilson, R. Woidyla, M. DeVoogd, L. Kutney, F. Pirrone. Second Row: J. Burek, B. Timko, B. Lechner, R. Saba, E. Pirog. Fifth Row: B. Gradzki, A. Luty, J. Bartyzel, F. Gurak, J. Chap, I. Barkocy, A. Hudak, E. Mayor, L. Woiciechowski. J. Komorowski, L. Hartos, B. Kalemba. Fourth Row: P. Dasky, B. Popick, Bottom Row: B. Radzai, M. Scrafani, R. Lentini, V. Spinella, D, Chiz- D. Hanzl, L. Koch, J. Grodzki. Third Row: G. Verish, J. Kroin, B. Herina, madia, P. Nardone, B. Barbato. N.H.S. Recognizes Leadership, OFFICERS - Left to Right: Eliza- beth Kalemba, Treasurer, Linda Hartos, Secretary, Edward Pirog, V. President, Scott Wilson, Presi- dent. 136 Mr. John Rozema, Superinten- dent of Schools, complimented the iuniors on their having achieved membership in the National Honor Society. He cited fields in the world today which beckoned to the senior members to exercise their lead- ership. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This outstanding organization is based on the principles of good character, active service, cap- able leadership, and high scholarship. Its mem- bers are chosen on the basis of these merits. The Senior N.H.S. this year had 38 members, 25 of whom were inducted in May l958, and I3 in December of the same year. Under the able leadership of their officers, Scott Wilson, Presi- dent, Eddie Pirog, Vice President, Linda Hartos, Secretary, and Betty Kalemba, Treasurer, and the helpful guidance of their advisers, Dr. M. Kline, Mrs. E. Janowski, Mrs. E. Briefstein, Mrs. B. Travers, and Mrs. A. Costantin, this society rendered many beneficial services for the school. This year the N.H.S. made arrangements for students to purchase the New York Times for only fifteen cents weekly. The College Night held Feb- ruary I9, 1959, sponsored by the N.H.S. provided useful information for college-bound students. Money for the N.H.S. scholarship fund was raised by a very succussful candy sale on Valentines Day and the proceeds from the monthly N.H.S. can- teens. Other valuable services performed by this or- ganization included Freshmen Orientation, Safety Week Programs, and coat checking service at the various dances. Junior members were inducted on April 23, l959, on a percentage basis. To them go the re- sponsibility of upholding the high ideals of the National Honor Society. Parents of Junior Inductees attend special cere- mony. Dr. M. Kline, Principal, and Mr. John Rozema, Superintendent speak to parents and Honor Society members at a reception that followed the services. 'fl' i Y ADVISERS - Standing, left to right: Mrs. E. Jan- owski, Mrs. B. Travers. Seated: Mrs. E. Briefstein, and Mrs. A. Costantin. X.xQ Scholarship, Character, and Service. JUNIOR INDUCTEES - l. Albanese, L. Baldino, M, Barska, l. Benanti, Huebner, N. Hook, E. Hrasdzira, M, Klisicwicz, D. Lowe, L. Manapeli, V. Borovoy, J. Bruno, B. Brass, J. Buczynski, P. German, E. Giacin, C. E. Martin, J. Mayer, J. Mihalek, D. Perrapato, B. Petrasek, R. Ricciardi, C. Schoonhen, J. Yasenchock, K. Youpatoff, J. Zomack, S. Zubcak. 137 Stimulating Our Creativity Zealous art students, Barbara Novack, Vickie Cartaino, and Maryann Wlock, background, and Carole Coffey, Susan Fisher, and Barbara De Piero foreground, conscientiously apply themselves to their oil paintings. ir, ART The underlying philosophy in this course is to evoke from the student a great awareness and appreciation for beauty as experienced in daily living. The program provides an opportunity to explore crayon, pastel, water colors, oils, and pencil techniques. Prize winning pictures from art classes are displayed by Michael Sabonosh, Barbara De Piero, Vickie Cartaino, and Marie Nicastro. Michael's painting was entered in an art contest at the Bergen Mall at which time he won second place. Photo - Courtesy of Herald News for Martin Winkler, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Roger Speronella, Mrs. Blackford, Joel Stankiewicz, and Michael Kimack "map" the City of Garfield. Photo - Courtesy of Herald News Joe Oddo, Joe La Faso, and Lou Malone are constructing a valance in Mr. Bates' Industrial Arts Class. 138 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Students are given the opportunity to develop skills in the use of wood working tools and ma- chinery. Special proiects are assigned in keeping with each student's interest and ability. A four year course in Mechanical Drawing covers the care of instruments and materials, line work, forms of letters, compositions, working drawings, and ad- vances to simple architectural drawings. Studying World Events, Past and Present Members of Mrs. Markey's Freshman History Class display Greek news- papers which they edited. Members are William Auara, Tom Bovitz, Donald Polk, Ruth Ann Boonstra, Marian Stirba and Henry Kutney. Panel discussion gives students an opportunity to express their opinions. Judy Komorowski, Ronnie Colletti, Mary Ann Wlock, Mary Ann Crisa- tulli, Joan Bartyzel, John Tyburski, and George Macagnone express views in a panel discussion in Mrs. Rentsch's history class. SCCIAL STUDIES The Social Studies program aims to help the student develop a full realization of his place in a democratic society. Obligations of American citizenship are of supreme importance and it is to these ends that all the social studies are directed. MATHEMATICS Mathematics courses provide tools which are needed in early living to solve problems involving money, measure- ment, and exchange, and which are necessary for under- standing art, engineering, architecture, and related fields. The student is given an opportunity to organize his thinking and to solve problems in an orderly, logical manner. Ben Lechner and John Wasylyk with the help of Mr. Peter Hubiak attempt to solve a mathematical problem with the help of a slide rule. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Foreign languages taught at Garfield High School are French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and German. Courses in these languages are given to meet college entrance re- quirements, to interest students in the language and culture of other nations, and to aid in his participation as a global citizen. Slides, phonograph records, films and posters are used to better acquaint students with the contribution of the foreign country to modern civilization. Miss G. Filippone showing Dave Garroway's T.V. broadcast from France to her French classes. 139 Developing Co-orclinatecl Bodies As part of Physical Education, students from Miss Novack's classes demonstrate folk dances in an assembly. Left to Right: Carole Nitus, Susan Fisher, Joyce Chap, linda Slota, Betty Ann Timko, and Ilona Barkocy. The exertion of a volley ball game is far from the minds of the participants in the tournament. 140 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL. EDUCATION A balanced program in health, safety, and physical education is provided to meet the physical and psychological needs of the individual student. The whole program is aimed at the attainment and maintenance of physical fitness. Scientific Knowledge Science courses help the student ,develop a scientific attitude that will carry over into all fields of thinking, and help the student obtain an understanding and an appreci- ation of the relation of science to other subiects and to the world in which he lives. Scott Wilson demonstrates the pulley system to Diana Hanzl, Joyce Chap, and Lillian Kutney in Mr. J. Prelich's Physics class. and Business Skills The Business Education department prepares students to meet the standard of perfection in the skilled subiects required in business offices. Honor graduates of this de- partment are "finished product". Students are fully pre- pared for positions not dependent on further training. Under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Evelyn Culligan these business students are working on trial balance. Improving Vocabulary, Speech, and HOME ECONOMICS Add one year of cooking class to two years of sewing, mix in two semesters of home management and sprinkle a course of family living into it. Mix well and the result should be a well prepared homemaker of tomorrow. Joan Urgovitch, Pat Malure, Loretta De Rosa, Beatrice Amoruso, Fran Morriggi, Mary Mucha, and Gloria Tyburczy display the many decorations and proiects created by the Home Economics department. They were then delivered to the Day Nursery as Christmas gifts. Training in the skills of reading, speaking, and listening is given in the four year pro- gram. Special opportunity is provided for enriching vocabulary by the study of Word Wealth. Attention is given to correct English grammar. Literature offers short stories, psy- chological novels, poetry and plays. Slides, tape recording, and phonograph records are used in connection with the work. Students in Mrs. Briefstein's senior English class are listening to Orson Welles' recording of Macbeth. Composition are the Aims o our Curriculum Junior Chamber of Commerce met to ludge winner of My True Security, the American Way Contest. Left to Right: T. Vagell, W. Coremin, L. Stotter, G. Rose. Helen Jezierski, winner of My True Security Contest received a twenty-five dollar bond. 141 Awarded and E ntertained Miss Filippone directed the assembly programs As part of the atomic energy assembly, Nancy Hook's hair becomes electrically charged and throughout the year. stands on end. l la, 2 il i s iv. g. x il: F Q -l I-Q Ii, Q 'Q ig 'K i, I ? K N . 05 ,W - , 11,2 ,A- - Under the direction of Mrs. R. Manko and Miss H. Lingg a stimulating discussion was held on the Dancing is Noel Kmetz, one of our talented seniors. question, Should we recognize Red China? E. Hrasdzira, J. Buczynski, C. Tantillo, C. Huebner, E. Rychik. Irene Suto pantomimes "Stupid Cupid" to the ac- Mr. Coldts gives a wonderfully educational speech on the history of time. companiment of a record at one of our assemblies. 143 Acknowledgments We of the staff of the 1959 Retrospect have attempted to record the many phases of life at Garfield High School during 1957-58. The experiences, though difficult, proved to be enioy- able. We sincerely hope it will be a rewarding one in that you will enioy Retrospect for many years to come. We wish to thank Charles Ragovin and lrwin Raveson for the excellent iob they did in taking all the candid photos and senior portraits, the Herald News for some of the pictures of sports activities, the Watchmakers of Switzerland for the pictures of the time devices used as our theme, Mr. Lawshe of Progress Associates, and especially Miss Florence Adler, our business ad- viser, and Mrs. Edith Briefstein, our literary adviser, for their ex- pert guidance and assistance. May we express our appreciation to those teachers and students who contributed their time and efforts to the production of the Retrospect 1959. 'L -Iv? e L,.- 3 ' 'ff, UQ? 1 V Q1 W" Q95 : r,

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