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 - Class of 1958

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5 mi az K 52 2 he 1,4 'Sei Hi 5? - .ww - , W. Vuwmfwffffjf mmq, f..f,A,,ffw,w. gf W MfwwwmwQfmLwqff,mwmfvwAwwMf -V-,V--nw r 1 -1 ,Mamma .. -f .. , . f 0- ,- . ,f : ,, N M-m-f 9 4 In J U .5 Q ,f ,F ' r ,4 P v 5? 4 ua . KILL P if .. Jfffh n' I r 4 A5 f I if' if "' 1' e D A -Heff- L A ' -. ,4 ,' " ' t f - '--x- ' , ' 'W' 4"..f' , Fi. M' . I 1 - I .Mp ' 5633 W ' 3 vf gf, I ,yn 4 ,.gj:5 . ' ' M.. . ' ii. 'J 'Q ,f -iw ff , .. 2 W' E 'Zi nw. M4535 rg An F' . .yy '. V'-u its ' L v gf! ,Lu ix, 5, . - u ' f li".-,L "L : r A - .-2 , 'I I ? .VN ga,-' if . -L - , , ' : P. , A 5 ' I , 7 .T- I fl. r .Ag .,,,. a 1 i, I A ,Yr ' '-JIT.: .912 .. , . E E A 1 -1. 1, . .1 -. . , .,:, 'I .-1-I v-5 1,,rf'.1. 1 f? 3 9. , . 5 I bl l? 'Q 13' fl ri .yr A. v 1 4 N -I va. , .lg- A' 2' ri y 1 Q A, Q , i --Q 5? e' v K P! P. ii 1 Aw . . , 1, 'ilu Au A 4- W 3,4-E gig-A Q . Z' I 3 2 ! J- K. . f . .im -r-r- L h TP'-'Ur ' ,. ,M I ., Hi- , u :. 1' ' A ' fl ': Zig, I gf 352351 -, T: -. K . 2,9'fff?'- 'Y -V: .Q J:-zef'-'A ff- " AA -V ,- .. ' 1 - .- '-, - 3-AE' " ,. - '. -il-WE?"?'!f'c?'i?f-.,73:A - 'f"" f'-Y: H' ' A ,Tris ' T A. . y.-yfgffgq V .- 5. , ' W 5? .-,,.-,jf-.-Ag,--A AL . -3,3 ,iff , QL3n mg.5,, AA A - ,Q -.,.:A,g-,J :4.y.,.fv-A1,,.,n,-- 3 , , , - 4 - A , mf C,-.s-QL: l - '. L., A ,mm 'Ar if .1 .gy wwf A L , -Af, A,-v ' . A , . ' 4 Q 3--53 :- - - '- ' V A 'A1.A1-.yfJgj:.fgef?'qj,. Af AAALA4--AAAQ.: ,. A -75 'Q , " if 'f'EQLf-:Egg'."'q'gu'Qf'.Q'5La!g::jA:f 111- A .' I I , A -' 1 A -. rv A ' ' A. :AAA x-"' 1: .A.:'Z.' A , ,1 A, W , - A. ' A A J A ,uCi44-VQ,.1a45i,- A . - E..- f.A.0X1. 2- .. - '-'- .- - -- ' -. 314 - r?1'I.4i"f'-ff f,.1A',?ffwifa 'szmsil , ',--g4QA1..f, .59 .Jai-f ,1 ,fi-1. 1Gf'Q'5,i' jaw' Af- ' - Li-'I' . J . .L -A 4 I , 1 . . A A A. . , - A H kgs fanrcfzfw -- gg. .,5z,-1-:, '- - --dzpgfe A :Egg -. A H, i A , A,:,,f. : ,F A ' '13, '-fAE6w'.A:,'2rff 1, ' :','.'f - L. A ' h " 'A' ' N -A1 A 1'1:qg??'7eg't!E"ff':c.1"1 '1 'LF ' ' , ' .5 f-731 -AT ' H 2, Q A - A 4rff:A:m::--', .1 -' 3 1+ 3 : :, . Y A ,ji 5 ' '--if-1 .,-ua, -'21 1 '- ', - -A ,' A 4, 1 fi .- - -w--rA-Af -A-V-'wi-Axgx -ra.-w--...,,fMrfs. q,,..,4.,,- . 5- R: wwamzgrg.-' -25--imA1wum?Q f - yi-A: 5 A A Ah A -,541-wah.:-A,A , .- ---3-',-is-ug-vgfqfs. A ., ,- g A , ,A A 3. 4g,f.5,yL ,,.L . , Q-,in Mei., ' M -I sy A37.,,1'x,,X:'-111:14-.PM.,,f,.:f:,e:f,,p, I, I A . f- .. A, .- 1-QA ,u - 'ware-1. A' 'e-1 ..,- , 4, ,' A, , -. . ,.f, .., - A ..4. N ,L.,' A 1 . -:f ' A' A - , 2-6 .4 -- - :M -. - .., -A 1 A A- 1 -A -J- -sf. . f -fu . 2 A -A A139 1 A A A ,ws - A A. A- '19:fw-f.- A .Q- , , ' A 1,153 IA' , - V A A A ' 'A jj, A , f' 1' ' -V 'A " 'n.j.'gI,I-:AL "T . V . ,' ,h Y '.1'1-5"-CZ5?:,' :Af A' 5' , -. . 4 . . , 1 ,. .., .A , , .-l-. - W . ,rgfgfns W x I 'n '- Q , . A - 4- -g+,,A,r,.f4 A er .L :-fnaygjff A , - N-gif . . 223535 AH- , - , Q3 :T H:-5.1-54. A , -:gi W- .1 wwf 5 LL-1 'A' -fi' f-13 A 1, . A EfQl.'-4. 5 N - 2 A--- -.L h Q -2 1 . A ,, fl?" ' ' w A , , A3 7?-ff , 34.11 -- - in .2 5' N ' m .rf ' :jg W , 4' ,A , f A A . , -Q 4...:.-.Y.:.., . ' ., .1 -. E 4. . Mn, A , . 6 Foreword Our experiences and adventures Through this screen we all can Recalling the joys and sorrows In doing our tasks so eagerly. Fall has passed and winter too And now in warmer weather, Adorned in caps of white and blue We all have come together. As we gain our recognition On this long awaited day, Memories of the past we envision Before going on our way. The turning of these pages Brings our pictures into view With it comes the sadness Of leaving friends we knew. Now the time has come for us To tell you of each deed We've done our best to sum it up For everyone to read. With this we give our book to you, We tried to set the scene, So won't you share our Retrospect And look upon our SCREEN 'fi ,, .,.... ... ' I W' nf. In ,- -V f ' W HW .. ,., ,... ., vw, "MM, w W., i 1 we p :FAM 0 es 5 Wim 1,,A WF f A ,f x. 1, 1 :wg 1 Q EY Za, 6 7- 4 ,. , ,., 4 X I Q 7 LZ f Uonfenfs as 0 X cz eo 7:1611 fig amz Znfminisfrafion c1fanne7 1 Sen Mrs H78 7 '16 Cffannef 2 jpajres 17 - 6 cZ!7'lC?e7'C?CZ'SS7fZK7'l Cfannefg age 69-9 ZUQ Ye Ties f Cidrnnel 4 . O ages 95- me Zvi? v 2 Des fi C611 une? 5 fQJCS 109 FACMQLTY Aumnlsrnnlun gtk sg Dr. Kenneth P. Bishop Principal The education and well-being of the students of Garfield High School is of constant concern to our principal, Dr. Kenneth Bishop. He is keenly aware of the growing needs of each individual student, and he is continually striving to pro- mote tlie welfare of those under his leadership. He has been close to all the students, sharing with them their difficult as well as their joyous moments. Through his un- tiring efforts, great administrative ability, and his enduring faith in democratic pro- cedures. he has made an indelible impression on the faculty, the student body, and the community. gg? i ff X hV V M Arthur Argauer Vice-Principal Mr. Argauer, the understanding and efficient Vice-Principal of our high school, has always kept foremost in his mind the interests of all the students. He is personally concerned with both the academic and social accomplishments of the students. He will always be remembered for his genial personality, his keen sense of humor, and his expert disciplinary ability. iz mt T 'li' 4' Left to right: Mr. William Capone. Sec. of Board Mr. Edwin Scliemppq Mr. Joseph Szuliai, Mr Clarence Rose-President, Mr. Albert Focarino, Mr. Henry Sucorowski, Mr. John R. Rozema4 Superintendent of Schools. Mr. John R. Rozema I0 Superintendent of Schools 'S Lucy Aflamg Florence Adler James Bates Mal'i0I1 Berkowitz Mathematics Business Shop Home Economics X i In ' ' i wing I W Helen Blackford Teresa Bonelli Mechanical Drawing Business Edith Briefstcin Leo Brunetti Mildred Carrigan Nicholas Casini English Business English Science Alphonse D'Acie1-no Anne Colnaghi Evelyn Culligan Gladys Filippmle Science English Business Lllflglwge 'K' THE FACULTY Through their tireless efforts and inspirational guidance, they have supplied us with the pro- Marvin Fine Salvatore Franzino William Gatyas Music Science Driver's Education Margaret Gommoll Mabel Grady Ralph Herold Stasia Hogan History English Science M alhernalics ,ic ,,,, 1 :Air rf, ,QW "L john Hollis Peter Hubiak Edna ,Ianowski David Kopenhaver Physical Education Mathematics English Director of Guidance per background to gain our place in society. They have helped us achieve an education commensurate with our ability. Jules Lazicki Hertha Lingg John Maiola Business History Music Frances Markey Alice Martin Thomas Meehan Mabel Merritt History History Science Science 15 Sara Miller Dean of Girls V 4'4r 7744 7 a 4 Ji yt' xl gi ' 1 5 L ,I 51, wha-r is TIEL answer- s 1-as :Fur vmnulm! Elizabeth Muldovan History Julia Novack Physical Education Edna Neavling Robert Nork Language Chairman Physical Education Marie Perrapato Lillian Pirrone Physical Education English QF' W E my 5 , S 1 .ni Jsggggwmg, ,A js 'W f:w.,,,wsxf? , 5 Rose Porcelli John Prelich Mary Roman Marie Sauer 14 Physical Educalion Science Librarian Art .,,,,. Helen Scandariaw Gottlieb Schwall Angela Stefanelli Stephan Stirhu Business Music English Business OUH ff TEAJHSH Noun Clit! who '5 icsrvvtibul Lon. THiS Dmnaaivoif Qin...- "?""nw CAMERA SHY John C01-ula English - Coach Peter Tengi Bertha Travers Carmello Trucco A , Language ugusla Costfmtm Soczal Studies Chairman of E7lgll'Sll Depl- Chairman of Business Dept. Doris Rentsch Social Studies Marie Tedesco Home Economics Ur?" ll'f4'. 'af PM Josephine Vilardo Robert Volonnino I-llCill6 W0lf Hvlvn Yllllil M afhvrnazi cs M afh vm azics B11-91.71933 Nu rsf' 1 5 q V The Secretarial Staii t aa Leona Colacino Anna Schempp Nina Sorrento Mary Plunkett Cafeteria Staii 44 s ef,e ee t. Mrs. Irene Kmetz, Mrs. Hilda Musterer, Mrs. Jean Copello, Mrs. Sis Hasten, Mrs. Helen Tutscii, Mrs. Minnie Novotny, Mrs. Rose Demeny, Mrs. Mamie Furman. Janitorial Staff t Peter Pelka, Herbert Georges, Dominich Marietta, John Polioka, Joseph Paluh, John Ritoch, Sam Logioco. 16 W .4 L7..?Z73. 7..f.a QE ' , iliac FRANK SAL ATTARDI MARY ACCARDI "Don't pushl . . . Uh. that red Caddy!" . . . enjoys driving. eating, laughing. boys, and pizza pie . . . dislikes smart guys, history teachers, getting up early, and homework . . . always with Carol . . . future in- cludes bookkeeping career. Knitting Club lg Dramatics Club 2. MARIANNE ANTOINETTE ANNIBAL 18 "Hey, wait for mein . . . thinks Reno is the greatest . . . can be found in a black and red Buick most of the time . .' . enjoys cars, food, and the colors red and black . . . dislikes getting up early. and coneeited people . . . after graduation secretarial job . . . then wants to become a wife and mother. Library Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Teachers Club 1. :ra , xr , . in Mk fu .sf ffdl THOMAS JAMES ADAMO One of our Holy Name Cadets . . . outstanding musical ability . . . col- lege next Fall . . . engineering field. Travel Club 1, 23 G.H.S. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 .l.V. Baseball 3. 'glietter forget itl', . . . wings on his feet ...' 1140 man . . . fond of Diane and track . . . after GHS.-service. Glee Club lg All Sports Club V. Pres. 25 Track 3. 49 Home Room V. Pres. 3, Let- terrnen's Club 4. 'Yi mc.. ,IENNIE ANN MILDRED AGNELLO "That's the way the cookie crumblesv . . . small but sweet . . . always with Terry and Debonaires . . . 'glenn adores dancing, club meetings, and Lodi boys . . . designing school after graduation. Cooking Club 1g Sewing Club 15 Dance Club 2. LOUIS JOHN AZZARA "Hello, beautiful!" . . . fun loving, unpredictable, flirtatious . . . noted for being one of the Co-Captains of the basketball team . . . tall and lanky . . . "What a riot!" . . . Hliig Lou', is always seen with Vince, Suit, Lenny, and any girl in G.H.S .... college next fall . . . Physical Education Teacher. Future Teachers Club 1, 2g Home Room Pres. 3, 43 Letternienis Club 3, 4, Basket- ball 2. 3, Co-Capt. 4. g QAM. .,.,, A - if , ,-su i ' "'- 2 5. ' 32- s , I g , ' 'lla-ucv if K 'R . ' V - I ,- 1 .1 ,- gt 1 - ROBERT JOHN BAKAY "Wait till I get my carl" . . . nice to know . . . new cars, Polish food, swimming, and golf agree with 'gBob,' . . . T.V. commercials, book reports, and gasing up the car do not please him . . . a career in the navy as a mechanic in the future . . . constant companion is Pete. THOMAS MICHAEL BARSCH "Hey, Dad 4- thatis sharplu . . . noted for hcing a real swell kid . . . "Man, what a draglu . . . "Lance" enjoys llrive-lns, moonlight swims, and one hcautiful girl at a time . . . dclests history, homework, and deten- tion . . . next Marines or Air Force . . . thcn radio technician. . ss s ,bm 2, 4 'S' :XS 'V 1 . ft? it ta it it r - 1 stts fot c 1 . 5 Q. f ., , ,J , 3 DONALD EDWARD BARKER "Dorf, is one of the quiet set . . . en- joys fishing, shuffle board, chess, and girls . . . doesnit like to get up to go to school . . . doesn't like work, or homework of any kind . . . undecided about the future. Chess and Checkers Club 1, 2. BARBARA BARTON 'lWhere's Cinny?,7 . . . one of the Bobbsey Twins . . . enjoys Frank Sin- atra, ice skating, cluh meetings, and driving . . . Future Teacher. Library Council 1, Z5 Quill 1, 2, 3, Assist- ant Editor in Chief 43 C.O. 1, 2, Yearbook 4, Future Teachers Club 35 Senior Playg Court of Junior Promg Honor Society 3, 4. ROBERT DALE BARRALE "What do you want me to do?" . . . quiet and cooperative . . . rates 1955 "Olds", steak, girls, and sports ex- tremely high . . . looks disapprov- ingly at eonecited girls and cars that are faster than his . . . never without Bo, Jerry Novak. and Frank Riggi . . . college and a career as a profes- sional man are in the future for Bob. All Sports Club 2. , 1 35.-... W Qwkwl , iq... DALE KATHRYN BECKER "Have a happy!" . . . noted for al- ways talking and laughing . . . causes a riot at the National Honor Society meetings by forgetting her minutes . . . Dale' thinks swimming, horseback riding, dancing, skating, and hayrides rate high . . . low on her list are tests, sloppy people, being stared at, and nasty remarks . . . constant compan- ion of "Ar',, Linda, and Boilermaker Coeds . .' . to become an elementary teacher . . . Paterson State Teachers College next fall. Tri-lli-Y 1, 43 Future Teachers Club V. Pres. 1, 4g Dramatic Club 2g National Honor Society 3, Sec. 4g Student Council Zig .llmior Play, Yearbook 4-. ENRICO F. BENIGNO "What's the story?', . . . always a laugh . . . "Oh, that color orange sends meli' . . . tall, dark, and hand- some . . . football enthusiast . . . "Rico,' prefers girls, football, and pool . . . is set against two-faced peo- ple . . . Physical Education teacher or real estate broker after graduation . . . never without Weasel, Es, Bo, Verga. and Zaccone. Track 2, 3, 49 Football 3, 49 Spanish Club 4. 'rw-rf JUSTINE SALLY BONANNO "Hi ya. hon!" . . . hers are natural curls . . . to know her is to like her . . . great personality . . . Mary's constant companion . . . 'gSal,' enjoys Rock and Roll, swimming, working on the Yearbook, and optimistic peo- ple . . . after G.H.S., Passaic Cen- eral Hospital School of Nursing. Home Economic Club 1, Dance Club 2, Future Nurses Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y lg Lit- erary Editor of Yearbook 4. VINCENT BLANDA 'tl don't give a rat's tail" . . . quiet but friendly . . . T.V. repair man and marrying Ronnie are L'Bo's7, ambi- tions. All Sports Club 2, Know Your State 13 Court of .lunior Prom. DAVID MICHAEL BRIGATI '4That's some bull!" . . . great music lover . . . voice like an angel . . . crazy man, crazy . . . "Little Davei' thinks music, sports, Rock and Roll, and friendly girls are great . . . donit give him Elvis Presley . . . constant companion of Ronnie Menhart . . . future holds a singing profession, record contracts, and many personal appearances . . . Football 1, 2, Baseball 1, Track 2, 4, Home Room V. Pres. 4. RONALD E. BOHANNON MI fight anybody my heavyi' . . . Lu and football "tops" on his list . . . thumbs down on Bermudas, and white bucks . . . to be a football coach is 6'Bo's" goal. Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 43 Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Track 1, 23 Home Room V. Pres. 4. DOLORES ANN BUTLER 6'The night is almost at hand, it is well to yield to the nighti' . . . future Florence Nightingale . . . Galle" likes reading, progressive jazz, and all sports . . . 4'Hey, Jeanie and Frannie, let's go!" Travel Club lg Future Nurses Club 3, 4. JOHN JAMES BUTLER "Hey manl ' g S noted for his ability as a track man . . . John thinks food, girls, cars, money, and track are the greatest . . . canit stand conceited girls . . . to go to college and become a good track athlete . . . then get mar- ried. Football 2g Track 1, 3, 4. FRANCES R. CAILLETEAU "You ain't got no smartsl". . .smiling and friendly . . . crazy over bowling, swimming, and pizza pie . . . objects to those horrid gym exercises . . . never without Joan and the Cherokees . . . aspires to become a secretary. Homemaking lg Knitting 2. LUCILLE DIANA CACCIATORE "But Mrs. Culliganln . . . Oh. those blue eyesl . . . never without HBO" or Sis Wapitis . . . lasagna and club meetings rate high . . . conceited boys and girls taboo . . . the business world for "Lu". Dancing lg Library Council 2g Home Room V. Pres. 4-5 Court of Junior Promg Junior f.f'.Llf.f. . 1 ffm' z ' y MYRON MICHAEL BYCHEK "What, me worry?,' . . . hard worker . . . engineering his ambition . . . college next year. Hi-Y 3, 4-5 All Sports Club 1. RICHARD C. CALI t'Holy Cowl" . . Q Richie enjoys Rock and Roll and more Rock and Roll, also Italian food and girls . . . dis- favors jealous and unfriendly people . . . seen with Bob Hriscenko . . . de- sires to become astronomer after gra- duation. Travel Club 19 Italian Club 2. Prom Committee 3. JOHANNA THERESA CANGIALOSI Kitten on the keys . . . very talented . . . pleasant smile and nice long brown hair . . . rates Sammy the best . . . dancing, swimming, and horse- back riding come next . . . Paterson State after graduation . . . future teacher. Dance Club lg Yearbook 4. JOHN M. CHANDA SALVATORE A. CARAVELLA "Tell mel" . . . likeable chap . . . never without Johanna . . . building profession for 'gSam',. Band 1, 2. 3g Dance Band 2. RICHARD ANTHONY CARAVELLO t'That's a good questionn . . . person- able guy . . . lover of sports . . . Italian food, good times, and popular music are tops with G'Richie', . . . de- tests snobbish girls, and excessive homework . . . engineering and col- lege are next. C.O. lg Hobby Club lg All Sports Club Sec. 2g Lettermen's Club 3, 4-g Home SANTORE PATRICK CASIELLO t'See you laterln . . . warm smile, friendly ways . . . "Cass" enjoys nice cars, girls, and the Army . . . abhors defenders of the Navy . . . Career as lVl.P. in the Army. Know Your State V. Pres lg Basketball lg Track 3, 4. Room Pres. 1, 4-g Basketball 2, 3, 45 Base- 22 it Good build . . . lots of fun. . . one of the Jewell Street boys . . . fancies girls. pizza. and sports . . . objects to any homework . . . it's college after C.H.S. to become a Physical Educa- tion teacher. All Sports Club 15 Track 15 Travel Club 2g Baseball 25 Football 4. liall 1, 2, 3, 4-. DANIEL JOHN CHERVENOK "How's it goinifw . . . enthusiastic hunter and fisherman . . . likes arch- ery, cars, and some girls . . . nix to wise guys and know-it-alls . . . com- panion of Ed, Al, Ted, Joe and John . . . future? . . . air conditioning ex- pert for G.E .... then stay single and move to Canada. Foreign Language Club 13 Gun Club 2. MARIE IRENE CIOLINO "You know what I mean?7' . . . one of our peppy twirlers . . . spirit ga- lore . . . likes twirling, and club meet- ings . . . always with lioilermaker Co- eds . . . the teaching world will get this miss. Knitting Club lg Marionette Club 2g Tri- Hi-Y lg Baton Twirlers 3, 4g Junior Achievement 4g Future Teachers Club 4-g Quill 4g Yearbook 4-. 5-if www, ,, mv" EILEEN LORRAIN E CURTIS Wi-QQ RICHARD D. CIOLINO "How about thatlv . . . wonderful sense of humor . . . nice personality . . . thinks Carol is the greatest . . . future holds college for "Citch" . . . engineer. Know Your State lg All Sports Club 2. LAUREL MARGARET COPPOLA "Don't be a childll' . . . always get- ting into something . . . '4Laury', likes camping, church activities, and tape recordings . . . dislikes Rock and Roll, and stuck-up people . . . future? . . . to work with teenagers or in a mis- sionary. Marionette Club 2g Future Teachers Club 25 .lunior Achievement 3, 4. BRENDA ROSE COLASSO "Nasty gashln . . . watch out for light green Buick . . . always with Sonia and Boilermaker Coeds . . . rates Joe, music, and cake in the cafe- teria high . . . objects to gym socks, homework, and getting up early . . . to go to Comptometry school, then be a homemaker and settle down. Quill lg Marionette 29 Junior Achievement 1-g National Honor Society 3, 4g Yearbook "Give me a hint" . . . crazy blond . . I. always getting into trouble . . . best chum is Lois. Glee Club lg Personality Club 2g Sewing Club 3. JOHN ANTHONY COMPERATORE Small but powerful . . . craves food and football . . . always talking about Madeline . . . to become rich is "Weasel,s" ambition . . . always with Rico, Bo, and Es. Lettermen's Club 3, 4. ANTHONY DOMINICK D'AGOSTINO Quiet...likes classical music and sport cars . . . dislikes Rock and Roll, con- ceited girls . . . future undecided for G6T0ny5,. Mechanical Drawing Club lg All Sports Club 2. EDWARD DAILEY Oh, those beautiful blue eyes! . . . can be found at Goldy's . . . girls his favorite . . . college and engineering for "Ed" . . . pals-Joe, Pete, and Rudy. All Sports Club 1. VINCENT DE MARIA "Ridiculous!" . . . "Vince" is keen on girls, hot rods, money, and bowling . . . friendly disposition . . . hopes to become an automotive engineer. All Sports Club 1, 25 Band 23 Hi-Y 3, Sec. 4-5 Yearbook 4. GAETANA LILLIAN DELLA PORTA uWhat a clip!" . . . 6'Cay,' likes base- ball, swimming, Florida, and boys . . . abhors Monday mornings and any homework . . . to become a secretary . . . then get married. Dance Club lg Homemaking Club 2. RICHARD THOMAS DEMBOSKE 'GWho's got the homework?,' . . . tall and blond . . . Hliicbv likes swim- ming, hunting, fishing, bowling, and baseball . . . dislikes homework . . . a career in television electronics is ahead for L'Rich". Football 1, 3, Basketball 23 Audio-Visual Aids Club 2, Pres. 3, 4. RONALD PAUL DEL RE L'Someday!,' . . . his Hchicki' is Sefi . . . "Ronnie" rates Sefl, food, cars, swimming and Rock and Roll very high . . . his main ambition is to make a million . . . future I.B.M. operator. Travel Club 1, All Sports Club 25 Prince of Junior Prom. ROBERT DEN BLEYKER HI love me, whom do you love?" . . . an ardent band member . . . 6'Pips', enjoys those football games on Satur- day, bowling, and food . . . won't put up with English or conceited girls . . . always with Vince, John, and Ray . . . to attend college then go to the Navy is next in line for 5'BobH. Hobby Club lg All Sports Club Treas. 25 Hi-Y Treas. 3g Band 1, 23 National Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4. ELAINE MARY DERCO "Never', . . . sweet and sincere . . . diligent worker . . . 'AEU favors choc- olate marshmallow sundaes, and American Bandstand . . . abhors get- ting up early, and washing dishes . . . Liz Leili's pal . . . bookkeeping career ahead for "E", Newspaper Club 1, Commercial Club Pres. 23 Student Council 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4g Home Room Pres. 3, 43 Memo Service Club Pres. 4. VIRGINIA ROSEMARIE DI MARCO "Pd say something, but-" . . . small is her stature . . . noted for her Hlarge vocabulary" . . . enjoys music, food, and swimming . . . while she dislikes homework . . . never without Marie . . . the nursing Held after C.H.S. JACK JOSEPH DE SALVO HWho's got the trig?" . . . Badge and Al constant companions . . . likes sports, food, girls, cars, and good times . . . dislikes snobbish girls . . . college is next for ,lack . . . field elec- tronics. All Sports Club lg Basketball 1, 2, 45 Baseball l, 2, 4, Tennis Club 4. ROSARY ANN DI MICELLI "You known . . . short and sweet . . . "Ro" adores ice skating, club meet- ings, and hayrides . . . dislikes rainy days, and conceited people . . . seen with Shirley . . . career in secretarial field. Marionette Club 23 Home Room Sec. 2, .lunior Prom Committee 3g Home Room Treas. 3, 45 Yearbook 4. 4,a,fgegxx:.w H .. . , ',,, .. .wt 3 ,U,rm+.ser"i " 5. -la 'Ns q .2 if ROGER HENRY DeVRIES "Speaking of dogs, what do you say?,' . . . never without Carol . . . Carol, food, money, driving, and good music rate high . . . detests noisy peo- ple and Elvis Presley . . . an unde- ML Wim, f I ffiflifiyg-LI'L Q t , 'f fini : cided future. Football lg Basketball 15 Track 1g Carden Club Pres. 2. "'s..,,,, JOSEPH JACK DUL "Hey man!" . . . known for musical ability . . . loves that accordion . . . "Joe" likes fooling around, girls, piz- za pie, and playing the accordion . . . abhors crabby people and lectures . . . future in the Air Force. Newspaper Club lg Football 1, 2g P.T.A. Amateur Show 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Danc- ing Club 23 Auto Club 33 Audio Visual Club 3, Quill 3, 4. ff- ' 5 ix. 1 . X- J? "Y fn 26 PETER EBERHARD "You're not too brightlw . . . the meeting will now come to order . . . end men fancy . . . g'Pete" thinks Pam is the "tops', . . . one of the Big "5,' . . . our "President', . . . college boy . . . electrical engineer. All Sports Club lg Basketball 13 Dancing Club 23 Junior Playg Senior Playg Student Council 4g National Honor Society 33 V. Pres. 45 Boys State 3g Yearbook Layout Editor 4, President of the Senior Class. 'Q f Y! LESLIE JOHN ESLINGER "I'm rough and I'm tough and I might even yell" . . . favors late hours, steak, stuffed cabbage, and playing football . . . conceited girls, cheese, tuna fish, coming home early, and detention are very low on 'gEs,s,, list . . . Ambition? . . . to further his education, undecided as to what field it may be . . . noted for always blush- ing. and those beautiful light blue eyes. Football 3, 45 Track 2, 3. EDNA ANN ELIAS HThat's debatable!" . . . big chief . . . deadlines, deadlines, deadlines . . . very talkative . . . weakness for cats, pizza, reading, and classical mu- sic . . . the college world for "Ed" after graduation. Dramatic Club lg Home Room Treas. 23 Quill Club 2g Quill 2, Feature Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 4, National Honor Society 3, 43 Voice of Democracy contest runner-up 3, lst place 4-g Yearbook 4. BETTY CAROL ESPOSITO '6Oh, how nice!" . . . good things come in small packages . . . enjoys Rock and Roll, ravioli, and club meet- ings . . . abhors homework, conceited people, and tuna fish . . . will attend business school after graduation . . . aspires to become a private secretary. Dance Club lg Knitting Club 25 Memo Service Club V. Pres. 5. PAMELA ELLEN ELKOVICS 'LI would if I could, but I canit so I wonitw . . . Betty Co-ed . , . Oh, those red sneakers . . . cute and coquettish . . . tops on Pete's list . . . fancies pizza, and club meetings . . . always with sis VVapiti's . . . desires position in business world. Knitting Club lg Dance Club 2g Home Room Treas. 3g Home Room Sec. 2g Quill 35 Yearbook 45 National Honor Society 3, 4g Court of Junior Prom. JOHN FALCONE HWhat are you, Gungho?', . . . par- ties always on his agenda . . . "Speedy" dislikes football practice . . . wants to make first million before he's 24 . . . teaching in the future. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Presi- dent of Junior Class. DAVID ALLAN FOX '55-."" - NW, Q -: J K like w A-5 I HT-1? .Y . . Q r' .-, " , . .hi-' nf-1 :sr -3:11- 5? :' H- Tv . , if 65.2311 L 0 h x .s Q5 V V , :ky A 'J -ill' ' 1 E PHILLIP FALLACARO "Moderation in all things" . . . talent supreme . . . lVlr. lnterlocutor . . . "l'hil', enjoys classical music, girls, and good books . . . dislikes many things . . . one of the llig "5,'. Science Club lg Psychology Club 4. NINFA ANN FOLLARI "Forget it!" . . . pleasant and always smiling . . . "When do we eat?" . . . to go to Comptometry or Beauty School . . . Ambition? .l . . to have many friends . . . make little over the average income . . . food, Rock and Roll, skating, bowling, dancing, and boys are tops on her list. l'.Q.'s Club 23 Quill 35 Garden Club 49 Senior Playg Home Room Treas. 4. JOHN HENRY FARON A talented senior . . . master of the piano, accordion, and organ . . . en- joys group singing, collecting records both classical and modern . . . a den- tal or musical career is his future ambition . . . college next year for "Johnny". Hobby Club 15 Biology Club 2g Hi-Y 4. HELEN JOAN FORSTER Diligent worker . . . bowling, archery, basketball, good books, music, and dancing are her favorites . . . will be a comptometor operator . . . can be found with Connie. Knittting Club 15 Home Ec. 2g Guidance 33 Brochure Stall' 3g Quill 3, Yearbook 43 National Honor Society 4. MARIE FERULLO "Holy Smoke!" . . . quiet . . . willing worker . . . food, sleep, parties, and sports are the 'lgreatesti' . . . con- ceited people don't rate . . . future bookkeeper. Dance Club lg Home Ee. Treas. 2. 'LYeah?" . . . "Fox" is noted for al- ways being on hand with a prank of some kind . . . Dave's likes include hamburgers, awful-awfuls and all vegetables . . . abhors people who think they are ubig wheels" . . . his ambition is to do the best he can in whatever he does, and to be good in his chosen profession . . . the future finds Dave holding a position as a freshman in some college, preferably Rutgers. V. Pres. Home Room 15 Projection Club Treas. lg Home Room Treas. 2g Chess and Checker Club Pres. 2g Hi-Y 2, Pres. 3, 4-g Yearbook 43 Student Council 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g .Iunior Playg Senior Play. AMALIE E. FRANZ "Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" . . . can be seen with any sis HTop Hatteru . . . noted for liking motorcycles, and dancing . . . abhors classical music, and dirty dishes . . . Ambition? . . . W.A.F. or foreign correspondent. Glee Club 13 Foreign Language Club 13 Dance Club 2. 1. -i" ANDREW ROBERT GALLOP0 Musically inclined . . . a loyal band member . . . quiet and reserved . . . Andy's ambition is to become an engineer. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g All-State Band, All-State Orchestrag Dance Band 2, 3, 45 Band Club 1g National Honor Society 3, 4. , C... , . ,,... awk s C , ,,,. Q., .... ,WS THERESA FRANZINO 'iForget it!" . . . Oh. those jokes . . . agra-agra . . . fun and fancy free . . . never without Jennie Ann . . . Wller- ry" is keen on Larry, dancing, club meetings, pizza, and black olives . . . gym socks, Monday mornings, and people who donit say "Hello', are ta- boo . . . hopes for position as secre- tary. Newspaper Club 13 Glee Club 25 Student Council 4, Yearbook 4. JOSEPH GELSINO "Wanna bet?" . . . 'Joe" likes good food, cars, girls, and Rock and Roll . . . objects to homework, and study- ing for tests . . . seen with John, Pete, and Ed . . . will join Air Force after G.H.S. All Sports Club 13 Basketball 1. JENNY MICHAELENA GALIMI Noted for that crazy laugh . . . mu- sic ability outstanding . . . u,leanne" enjoys music, the record, 'iliarth An- gel", and convertibles . . . can't stand chocolate ice cream . . . seen with Dora Wasser, Eileen, and Mary . . . wants to make money, then buy a car and travel . . . to secure a secretarial job after C.H.S. Dance Club 2. JANET VIRGINIA GEMSKI HI have no ideal" . . . a hard worker . . . cooperative . . . always with Aggie and Kathy . . . 'L.lan" enjoys ice skating, and Rock and Roll . . . canit stand conceited boys, or home- work . . . aspires to become a secre- tary after graduation. Hobby Club Sec. lg Good Grooming Club 23 Carden Club 4s Yearbook 4. RUDOLPH GROSS DORIS ANN GUMIELA gr s f if ,, - -tl? WALTER ROBERT GERENZ Quiet and reserved . . . friendly to all . . . "Walt" rates sports, good food, and driving high . . .dislikes any homework . . . college then an engi- neer's 'ob . . . seen with Myron Hobby Club lg Math Club 2, Radio' Club 4. MAXINE JOYCE GOLDSTEIN "Thanks a lot!" . . . ardent nurse . . . "Maxis" likes include Air Force, mu- sic, and Mr. Franzino,s chemistry class . . . hates homework . . . seen with lio, Barbara, and Bev . . . to be- come a lic-gistered Nurse. Science Club lg Glee Club 2, 3g Future Nurses Club 3, 4g Biology Club 4g Year- book 4. ROBERT J. GETZEWICH 'LGive me another chance, Mr. Hu- biak!,' . . . Joe College . . . l'Getz,, favors Betty, food, and sleep . . . homework, algebra, and conceited girls are nix . . . Engineering for 4GB0b.7, Football 1, 4-5 Yearbook 3, 45 Student Council 3, V. Pres. 4-. "Did you hear the one about the two elephants?" . . . Fats Domino, pizza, and Jewell Street rate high with "Rudy" . . . trig homework, and magazine sales are taboo . . . college in the future. Jr. Engineering Club lg Marionette Club Sec. lg Treas. 23 Senior Play. CAROL ANN GLAZER "Hey, Push, what do you want for lunch!" . . . Beauty School in her fu- ture . . . ravioli, hayrides, Awful- awfuls her speed . . . no detention. 5-Iome Ec. lg Marionette Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y , 4. .K iii' Q. JL" "That's the way it turns!" . . . "Be good!" . . . "Desai, likes driving, pop music, and autumn . . . can't stand boring classes, hot rods, or home- work . . . her aim to be a success . . . will attend Katherine Gibbs next fall. Dance Club lg Commercial Club V. Pres. 2 it! glibc-l CAROLYN HENRIETTA HALKA Cute blonde . . . quiet and petite . . . 'iCarol" likes dancing, listening to Rock and Roll, roller skating and ice skating . . . never without Helen . . . aspires to become a secretary. Glee Club 2. HENRY JOSEPH HANZO, "Yep, yep!" . . . terrific dancer . . . noted for wearing that loud-red vest . . . seen with most of the cute girls around school and Joe . . . "Hank" rates pretty girls, dancing, ice skat- ing, and fast cars tops . . . thumbs down on girls who don't say hello, and cars without radios . . . to make a success in any Held, more specifi- cally electrical engineering. Hobby Club lg Dance Club 23 Football lg Court of Junior Prom, Gymnastic 4. I BETTY A. HAMER 'lHey, Kat!" . . . fun is her password . . . the wittiest of wits . . . constantly chattering . . . dislikes people with no sense of humor . . . proud of Bob's ring . . . can be found at all Wapiti meetings with Lu. C.O. lg Dramatics Club 15 Dance Club 2g Future Nurses Club 3, Quill 3, Court of .lunior Prom, Yearbook 3, 4-g Student Council 3, 4g Junior Playg Home Room V. Pres. 2g Home Room Sec. 3. SONIA SUE HAVRILIAK 6'He likes it and heis very bard to pleasef' . . . always having a lot of fun . . . wishes to have lots of friends and money . . . convertibles, and Johnny lVlathis's records rate NA" with "Sonnie,' . . . disfavors cats, and two-timers . . . future holds a teach- ing position. Homemaking Club Sec. lg Glee Club 25 Cosmopolitans 2, 3, 4. ARLENE HELEN HANDZO "My Lord!" . . . sincere and quiet . . . admires crew cuts, Frank Sinatra, and spending the summer at High- land Lakes . . . HAr,' detests hot rods, and homework . . . always with Dale and Sandra . . . after G.H.S. business school. Newspaper Club lg Handicraft Club 2. DENNIS PAUL HERZO To have his own band some day . . . terrific clarinet player . . . enjoys music fespecially jazzj, chemistry, and ping-pong . . . dislikes most Rock and Roll and conceited people . . . always with Bill, Andy, and Myron . . . to earn a degree in engineering, physics, or chemistry. G.H.S. Band 1, 2, 3, 4-9 Dance Band 2, 3, 4-g Hi-Y V. Pres. 3g Treas 4-3 Student Council 3, National Honor Society 3, 4-g Band Club lg All Sports Club 25 Junior Play, Senior Play. Fe N Q , if-12555 CAROL ELLEN HERZOG "Did you see Citch?', . . . dreamy are her ways . . . good things come in small packages . . . can't resist "Citch," pizza, club meetings, or bar-b-q's . . . thunlbs down on gym socks . . . will attend Paterson State Teachers College. Tri-lli-Y 1, 2g Future Teachers Club lg Dramatics Club 25 Future Nurses Club 35 Yearbook 4. CURTIS DANA JACKS Good-looking . . . pleasant ways . . . reserved and carefree . . . natural curly hair . . . "Curt" adores girls, football, and food . . . dz-tests home- work . . . Navy ahead . . . an officer if possible. Football l, 2, 4. ff? 'lin-Q .M L. 12, f . W, X . .. jf 3 mr 49 fi THELMA RUTH HOLMES An athletic wonder . . . secretarial career . . . to be a wife and mother is "Thelma's" future . . . dislikes homework. Home Ec. Club V. Pres. 1, Sec. 25 Ath- letic Club 2. MARYANN PATRICIA JACKSON "Where's Kathy?" . . . 'aIt's a panicll' . . . her likes include Roger, cars, drive-ins, pep rallies, and ice skating . . . pals with Kathy . . . never with- out Roger . . . Paterson State Teach- ers College for Lflackf' Future Teachers Club 1, 4. ROBERT HRISCENKO "Yeah, that's rightll' . . . "Bob" en- joys dancing, swimming, and Rock and Roll . . . art career ahead . . . constant companions are Richard and Tony. Football lg Track 1, 2, 3, 45 All Sports Club 1, 2. PETTIS B. JOHNSON "What's happening?" . . . never home early . . . all for money, girls, and food . . . wants to further his educa- tion . . . never without his '52 Mercury. Know Your State lg Camera Club 2g Var- sity Club 4. V. NW ' ' 5 1 'Vw-V' L. - nr'l X BARBARA ANN KENYON PATRICIA ANN KAPLANOVICH 'fHoly Cow!" . . . ardent fan of Mar- lon Brando . . . rates crew cuts, blue eyes, and owners of Mercurys utopsi' . . . canit stand conceited boys . . . seen with Lois and Eileen . . . future Florence Nightingale. Foreign Language Club lg Tri-Hi-Y lg Newspaper Club lg Marionette Club 2. "Where's Petefw . . . 'gBabe', finds writing to Pete, swimming, and danc- ing a lot of fun . . . while she dis- likes school work, and conceited girls . . . constant companion of Loretta and Tee . . . wishes to become a sec- retary . . . then a wife and mother. CYNTHIA H.. KASICA A new comer . . . noted for sneaking in line during lunch . . . "Cindy" enjoys dancing . . . nosy people should keep their distance . . . a secretarial career and then marriage are her ambitions. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. MARY A. KILANOWSKI 4'Waho-o-0" . . . thatt hearty laugh . . . having loads of fun . . . okays most of her teachers . . . nice to know . . . will fly high and see the world as an airline hostess. Tri-Hi-Y 13 Library Council 23 Yearbook 4. WILLIAM GLENN KEATING HGive me a break!" . . . 4'Farmer" enjoys cars, good money, horses, and girls . . . can't stand school, traffic cops, or judges . . . his ambition is to join the Navy then marriage . . . very cooperative and a good worker. Chess and Checker Club 2g Gymnastic Club 4. RUDY ROBERT KIRSTEUER Good-looking . . . friendly and coop- erative . . . undecided about future. All Sports Club 25 Lettermen's Club 4. 1 1. I g gjtfr Qefj fe W ',.... . ffl.. in H. , I A n' , , '.-J 4 JOSEPH EMIL KLEPAR "Yes or no-let's go!" . . . 4'Snooky" rates girls and the '57 Dodge 'lgreati' . . . detests English and history . . . anchors away . . . doesn't believe in homework. Football 1. JOSEPH STEVEN KRACK "Forget it!" . . . "Joe" enjoys money, girls, and cars . . . dislikes stuck-up girls and hard subjects . . . one of the younger members of our class . . . thinks Barbara is the "bcst', . . . a career as an electrical engineer after C H S . .e. Hobby Club lg Science Club 2g Football lg Hi-Y Treas. 3, 4g Track 4. PM Y FRED ADAM KOBYLARZ Smiley . . . quiet until he gets started -then watch out . . . football fiend . . . "Freddie', thinks girls and gym are fun . . . won't stand for noisy people at dances and girls that act like "children" on dates . . . future undecided. Chess and Checkers Club Treas. 1, 2, Track 1, Baseball 2g Football 1, 3, 49 l..ettermen's Club 3, 4. WILLIAM MICHAEL KRAUS Photography whiz . . . never without his camera . . . keen on Dot, modern jazz, and photography . . . lt's a no to Rock and Roll . . . his goal is elec- trical engineering. Band 1, 2, 3, 4-g Dance Band 2, 3, 4g Quill photographerg Yearbook Photography staff, National Honor Society 3, 43 All Sports Club 2, Future Engineers Club lg Senior Play. IRENE KOWALSKI . . and all that jazzy . . . good look- ing senior . . . popularity plus . . . twirling and working at Meyer Bros. rate high with "I" . . . seen with Sig Wapitis . . . teaching career in the future. 11.0. 1, V. Pres. 2, Future Teachers 1, 45 Quill Club Pres. 2g Quill staff 2, 3, 43 Student Council Treas. 3, Sec. 43 Twirler 2. 3, Head Majorette 43 National Honor Society 3, 45 .lunior Playg Queen of the .lunior Prom, Yearbook Assistant Editor-in- Chief 4g Home Room Pres. 1, 2, Sec. 4. GEORGE C. KROLL "Forget itlu . . . small is his stature . . . his likes include hunting, fishing. and swimming . . . abhors tests and homework . . . to he wealthy, healthy, and contented are his desires after C.H.S. Engineering Club 23 Rod and Gun Club lg Band 1, 2. ,JW 'QP' , ' i Qi i SAI-VATORE LA CURTE GLORIA ANN LANGANES ROBERT KROLL lndividualist . . . set against unnec- essary work . . . 4'Bob', likes sports, cars, and fairly intelligent blondes . . . constantly with Vince . . . future as automotive engineer or test driver. Chess and Checker Club 2. "Nih- Nita , . .5-Q. MY Our terrific hunting and fishing col- umn writer . . . noted for liking hunting, fishing, and money . . . dis- likes fresh girls, wise guys, and home- work . . . always with Ronnie, Jerry, and Paul . . . to make a career of Navy or become C.P.A .... - future uncertain. Camera Club lg Foreign Language Club 25 Rifle Club 4. JOYCE MARTHA KREKICH "Hey, Steffln . . . talkative . . . en- joys sleeping late, pizza, movies, and Tri-Hi-Y meetings . . . disfavors homework and impatient teachers . . . always with Steff, Cindy, and Diane . . . teaching profession after high school . . . to attend Paterson Teachers College. Library Council 13 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 4-g Com- mercial Club Sec. 2g Junior Achievement 4g Quill 45 Yearbook 45 Future Teachers Club 45 National Honor Society 4. RICHARD LAIOSA Very quiet . . . among his likes are cars, girls, and eating . . . dislikes homework. Newspaper Club 15 Foreign Language Club 2. MARCIA DIANNA KRUPACS "This is a big bunch of jazz!" . . . capable and industrious . . . bubbling over with intelligence . . . Hi-Fi en- thusiast . . . "Marsh,7 dislikes long drawn out meetings . . . industrial re- search and college ahead. Future Teachers Club lg Math. Club 2g Tri-Hi-Y 1, Treas. 2, 3, 45 Junior Achieve- ment 3, 4g junior Playg Senior Playg Girls State 3g National Honor Society 3, 43 Yearbook 45 Treasurer of Senior Class. NRO, call me after American Band- stand" . . . loquacious . . . the future sees '4Bonnie" as a speech therapist . . . Newark State Teachers College is next for her. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2g Glee Club lg Dramatic Club Pres. 13 Knitting Club Pres. 2g Home Room V. Pres. 2, Treas. 3, Sec. 4g Future Teachers Club 4g Archery Club 43 Tennis Club 4g Yearbook Photography Editor 4. ARLENE F. LOGIOCO PATRICIA CATHERINE LASHENDOCK "Very good!" . . . g'l'm on a diet" . . . lun loving senior . . . that Penn- sylvania accent . . . fancies hamburg- ers, ice cream, club meetings, Bar- cellonais, haunted houses, and dances . . . dc-tests Texas weiners, detention, and boys who are late . . . L'Pat'l wants to be a model. Knitting Club 1, 2g Quill 3, 45 Library Council 4g Junior Prom Committee 3g Court of Junior Promg Yearbook 4. STEPHANIE LITSCHAUER "Cot your homework?,' . . . friendly . . . businesslike . . . "Stefl, likes pizza, television, and dancing . . . spe- cial pals include Arlene, Cindy, and Joyce. Language Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, 45 Mari- onette Club 2g Yearbook 4: Junior Achieve- ment 45 Quill Circulation Manager 3, Busi- ness Manager 4. KATHERINE A. LATONA Friendly and cooperative . . . "Katby', likes dancing, traveling, and pizza . . . doesnit go for homework or snobbish people . . . always with Betty . . . next Comptometry school. Travel Club lg Homemaking Club 23 Year- book 4. JOHN FRANK LOCASCIO 'cwho wants to go bowlingfw . . . friendly and cooperative. . . "Johnny,' favors bowling, football, and sleep . . . a career in the Air Force . . . a "Four Star General" in the future . . . pals with Bob and Vince. Language Club lg All Sports Club 2g Hi-Y 3, V. Pres. 4. KATHLEEN SANDRA LEBO "Lovely" . . . "Hey, Kathli' . . . likes include boys, pizza, and hayrides . . . set against homework and getting up early . . . never without Kathy . . . secretarial job awaits "Kathy,, after graduation. Travel Club 15 Marionette Club 2g Tri-Hi- Y 1, 3, Treas. 4, Fixture Nurses Club 3' Quill 3, 4g Junior Achievement 4g Year: book 4. rw W 6'That's immaterialu . . . noted for that special smile . . . G.H.S.'s con- tribution to the political world . . . school R.P.I. or M.I.T, . . . then ther- mo-nuclear engineer. Junior Engineering Club Ig Glee Club 1, 23 Quill 2, News Editor 3, 45 Junior Achievement 2, 3, Executive 4g National Conference Pres. 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1, Pres. 2, 3, V. Pres. 45 Student Council V. Pres. 33 Junior Play leadg Senior Playg National Honor Society 3, Pres. 43 Yearbook Activi- ties Editor 4g Cheerleaders 2, 3, Captain 4. " -Maaiicf ROSEMARIE LOPUSNAK "Hey, Carol, no onions on the ham- burgersli' . . . "Oh, to have two Cad- dys-one pink, one bluelv . . . noted for telling jokes . . . dislikes insulting people, bookkeeping, green vegeta- bles, and vanilla ice cream . . . ambi- tion is to become a secretary for "Pushie" . . . future? . . . get rich . . . have ten kids . . . Always with Carol. Mary. and Cherokees. Dance Club 1.5 Newspaper Club 2. BARBARA RUTH MAISEL "Big dealli' . . . uHahl,' . . . quiet and reserved . . . office worker . . . "Baits" wants to become a secretary . . . then wife and mother . . . never without Mae . . . likes include eating and going with Eddie . . . objects to homework and complaining teachers. Home Ee. Club lg Dramatics Club 2. THOMAS KENNETH LYNCH Noted for always talking . . . tall and thin . . . baseball is his pleasure . . . L'Cookie" likes girls, cars, and veal cutlets . . . can't stand school or homework . . . ambition-to get a new car . . . then join the Air Force. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4-g Current Events Club 1. JERRY EDWARD MAISEL HI don't care!" . . . always with the Hboysw . . . can't wait for graduation . . . u.ler" enjoys girls, cars, food, and vacations . . . eanit stand school . . . ambition is to get out of school . . . then join the service. Current Events Club 13 Science Club 2. FRANK MAGALDINO '6Be ready to meet anything and meet it wellln . . . dancing is one of his pastimes . . . sports, body building, fishing, and a smart and pretty girl are tops with 4'lVlaggy" .' . . ean't stand homework, history, and impa- tient teachers . . . seen with the 'Lboysv . . . to be popular and a suc- cess in life are his goals. f Glee Club lg Dance Club 29 Football 4. JOSEPH ANTHONY MALAK Tall and blonde . . . noted for work- ing in the Y.lVl.C.A .... likes bowl- ing, and bow and arrow hunting . . . canit stand homework and school . . . wants to become a 'Tour Star Gen- eral in the Air Force." Science Club 1. BARBARA JANICE MALYSO "What a raidll' . . . small but lively . . . always with Bev, Mary Ann, and Carol . . . ice skating, swim- ming, and Rock and Roll send her . . . disfavors gym socks, and televis- ion . . . aspires to become a secre- tary. P.Q.'s Club lg Library Council 25 Year- book 4. STEPHEN JOHN MARGA "What do we have today-health or gym?" . . . "Steven likes Kalbasy, and lost weekends . . . hates those big deals, and noisy people at dances . . . hopes to own his own business and retire at 40. linginecring Club 1. . 4 no ., GEORGE CHARLES MAMMOLA "Forget it!', . . . flirting brown eyes . . . end men fancy . . . Gary Boyd in Melody Jones . . . one of the Big H59 . . . "Mole,' loves girls and food . . . while homework and eonceited girls rate low . . . college and an engineering job will follow. Track 1, Projection Club lg C.O. 2g Presi- dent of Board of Ed. Youth Week, Junior Play, V. Pres. of Junior Classg Junior Prom Committeeg Student Council 3, Pres. 4, Yearbook 4. CATHERINE MARY MARTORANO "Hi!" where,s Maryann? . . . adores food, ears, and drive-ins . . . 'Ceorgem rates high with "Kathy" . . . canit stand coffee, calories, and conceited boys . . . ambition is to be Home EC. Teacher . . . never without George or Maryann. Glee Club 1, 25 Dance Club 2g Future Teachers Club 4-. KATHLEEN CAROL MARCINIAK ova y 'l . . . Friendly and sincere . . . nice to know . . . favors club meetings. school, driving, and arch- ery . . . can do without history, get- ting up early, and Monday mornings . . . can be seen with Kathy, Jean, and Diane. Tri-lli-Y V. Pres. 1, 2, Pres. 3, 4g Future 'l'eacl1e-rs Club lg Marionette Club 23 Fu- ture Nurses Club 3, 43 Quill 3, 4-g Year- book 3, 45 Junior Achievement 4g Flag "L il fl Twirlers 3, 4. Flu LEONARD JOSEPH MASUCCI One of the Big "5" . . . a friend to all . , . partial to dancing and fishing . . . Garfield Community Boys' Club follower . . . abhors conceited people. and bad sports . . . the teaching world for "Lenny." Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 25 Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Commit- tee, King of the Junior Prom. S 'ifflr S..-Q6 v -. '.. Vs it mix- X ,-, . 1 . 57 if RONALD JOHN MENHART Another enthusiastic music lover . . . onnieii prefers singing. sports. and pool to school . . . ambition 'f . . . to become a singer . . . Always found with Dave. ck l. 23 Glee Club 2g All Sports Club 2. ANNA MIKITA "Are you for real?" . . . sweet per- sonality . . . friendly ways . . . adores Ray. skating. and swimming . f . thumbs down on homework, and show-offs for "Ann" . . . seen with Emma and Esther . . . after gradua- tion Comptomelry school. Home lic. Club lg Secretarial Club 2g Memo Service Club 4. ii. . , .. 'Ai s J - 1 .g4f'tSi5'QfP1' .V if - s- Si' JFK: ' 'ff . . . 2-,.4.E'f,"'xtt3 ""- i JOHN MICICEL Lili:-ally?" . . . "How about that!" . . . hhlickl' likes cars. girls, food, hunting. dancing. and sleep . . . stuck-up girls. homework. and get- ting up early don't please him . . . ambition and future are undecided . . . seen with Joe, Ron, and the Helmonts. Football l, 25 All Sports Club lg Projec- tion Club 2. ROGER MITCHELL Quiet manner . . . uMitch,7 likes cars, hshing. and planes . . . objects to nothing . . . wants to be an airplane mechanic . . . will go to aeronautical school next fall. Chess and Checkers Club 1. MARIE FRANCES MILLER 'LYou know?" . . . travel enlltusiast . . . keen on country music. driving, and the Yankees . . . disapproves of having too much homework . . . her new Chevy is 'btopsi' . . . seen with Laurel and Marie. Newspaper Club lg Library Council 29 Chemistry Club 44 Yearbook 4-4 Future Teachers Club 4-g Junior Achievement 3, 4. ANGELO MONTAGNINO "I fell off the benchlv . . . noted for his crazy signs at pep rallies . . . favors all sports especially football . . . detests a lot of homework . . . "Mickey Hooneyi' is looking forward to becoming the principal of Car- Held High School. Chess and Checkers Club 1, 2g Football 1, 2 g Track 2. T 'ka CONSTANCE MONTAGNINO "Better believe itlv . . . small and fun loving . . . keen on clothes, shoes, hand bags, and popular tunes . . . business school is next in the future . . . can lie seen with Gay and Helen. Teenage l'.Q.'s Club lg Commercial Club Treas. 2g Memo Club 3. ESTHER HARRIET MURRAY "Cel out of my lifeln . . . individ- ualist . . . quiet and unassuming . interested in music, dancing, and em- broidery . . . dislikes homework, tests, and getting up early in the morning . . . seen with Emma, Ann, and Gloria . . . to become an office work- er after graduation. Home lic. lg Secretarial Club 2g Memo Service Club 4. NANCY PATRICIA MORDENTI '4l'lave you seen Terry?" . . . a real pal . . . seen with W'apitis . . stately stature . . . noted for liking pizza, club meetings. and Rock and Roll . . . loathes snobbish people, exams, and getting up for school . . . Comptome- try school after G.H.S. Knitting Club 1g Commercial Club 23 Twirlers 2, 3 ,4. FRANK NAGY Quiet individual . . . food, Rock and Roll, and cars are tops with "Frank,' . . . his dislikes are school, home- work, and getting up early . . . future undecided. EMMA MURDOCK 'gOhl I give up" . . . warm smile and friendly ways . . . shy. sweet, and nice to know . . . "lim" likes lmoys, ice skating, and driving . . . ob- jects to washing dishes . . . seen with Ann and Esther . . . to go to Comp- tometry school next fall. Knitting Club 1, Treas. 2g Memo Service Club 2. IM im' MARLENE ANN NAKONECHNY g'Cot your money, girls?" . . . our co-captain . . . hers are dancing feet . . . tops on her list are cheering. dancing, parties, and Wapiti meetings . . . an ardent 'gplattersv fan . . . boys in had moods should keep their distance . . . always teases Pam . . . a future buyer. Quill 3, 4g Dramatics Club lg Library Council 25 C.O. lg Pres. 2g Student Coun- cil 3, 4g Cheerleaders 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4-g Yearbook Assistant Literary Editor 4-g Na- tional Honor Society 3, 45 Court of Junior Prom: Home Room Pres. 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4. ,tin . v F' X. 1 4 4 BEVERLY JOYCE NOONBURG "Too eutev . . . "l5ev'7 likes Richie. good times. driving. and clothes . . . rainy days. ll..-Xfs. and gym socks dis- tilt-use-S her . . . future includes be- coming a private secretary . . . seen with Ritchie. Carol. and Citch. Dance Club lg Cheerleaders 2g Yearbook 4. Wav" .uf ' JOHN E. ONUFER ""I doubt it!', . . . "Johnnie" favors swimming. ears. and gym . . . objects to history. tests. and homework . would like to graduate and then go into the armed forces. Know Your State Club lg Hobby Club 2. VIRGINIA ANN NORK G'Did you see Fuz?'i . . . the other half of the Bobbsey twins . . . llirta- tious . . . "Ginny" enjoys listening to Frank Sinatra . . . not keen on con- ceited people and getting up early . . . to become a future teacher . . . never without Fuz. Library Council 1, 2g Quill Club 29 Honor Society 3, 4g Quill 1, 2, 3, Assistant Editor- in-Cbief 4g Fixture Teachers SQ Yearbook 4. STEPHEN ONUFRAK Ardent fan of sports . . . quiet and reserved . . . fun to be with . . . h'Steve" likes ears, girls, and billiards . . . just doesnit care for any home- work . . . to go on to an electrical engineering job is his ambition . . . the immediate future holds college for him . . . always with Lynch. Basketball 3g Baseball 3. PAULA NOSAL "Goshl" . . . friendly smile for every- one . . . L'Paul'7 likes collegiate boys, pizza, and polkas . . . detest getting up in the morning . . . future ele- mentary school teacher. Future Teachers Club Ig llome Room Pres. 2g C.0. Treas. 2, Quill Club See. 2g Year- book 4g Junior Achievement 4-. JUDITH ORGANAS "Oh my goshlu . . . keen on Lenny . . . 'iludyii likes Barco, parties, and witty people . . . dislikes grouches and knee socks . . . seen with Georg- ette and Sandy . . . will attend Comp- ttometry School, Library Council lg C.0. lg Home Room Pres. Ig Dance Club 2g National Honor Society 3, 4. ew ' 1. . y S ' 11 "-': ,viz g ag?" f X ss, My -s l"' .r -'UI' PAUL JOHN PASCAVAGE "Uh, ehargelw . . . "Uncle Milty and his Milly rangersw . . . tops on "l'aul's', list are Jane Messler, hunt- ing, and fishing . . . dislikes blondes and tests . . . plans lo go to elec- tronies school. Rod and Gun Club 13 Carden Club 4g Band 1, 2, 3g Dance Band 1, 25 Football 1. ROBERT JOHN PASTOR "The other half" . . . "Hobs, has var- ied interests . . . disfavors show-offs and homework . . . seen with Bernice . . . seeks eareer in Air Force. Band 3, 4. RICHARD STEVEN PASTOR Always in the halls . . . never with- out a smile or a funny joke . . . con- stantly chattering . i. . belongs to Ground 0bserver's Corp . . . "Richie" thinks lietty is the greatest . . . can't sttand homework or stuck up girls . . . his goal?-to be first human on the moong . . . unttil then the Air Force will be his objective. GEORGETTE MARIE PASTOR . . me neither" . . . full of fun . . . nice ways are hers . . . "Judge" likes driving, hayrides, and veal parmesan . . . dislikes conceited people . . . seen with Judy and Sandy . . .aspires to be a private secretary. Newspaper Club lg Home Room Treas. 4. CAROL HELEN PAZIN "So what?" . . . willing worker . . . "Carol" enjoys steak, Saturdays, and books . . . detests getting up early . . . never without Barbara and .lus- ttine . . . to become an elementary school teacher . . . Trenton State Teachers College after Cv.H.S. Fixture Teachers Club 1, 49 Math. Club 23 National Honor Society 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3, Sec. 4-g C.0. 2g Junior Achievement 4. , '-5-5 .ag'1"f,'iv'. fimmki an ALFRED WILLIAM PELIKAN "What's up?" . . . crazy over cars- especially hot-rods . . . "Al" thinks girls and swimming are fun . . . doesn't care for wise guys, or history . . . wants to join the Navy, then get married and have a family. Hobby Club lg Music Club 2. SL ' PETER JOHN PELKA 'LPete" really enjoys sports . . . shy and reserved . . . basketball, baseball, and swimming are his favorites . . . aspires to be a great artist . . . never without Bob . . . after G.H.S. the Air Force. All Sports Club 14 Know Your State 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4-. ROGER ALLAN PRATCHLER Industrious . . . musical . . . Holy Name cadet . . . aspires to become a chemical engineer for the Ford Motor Company . . . "Baj,' can be seen with Roger and Al. All Boys Choir 1, 2, 35 Math Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 35 Language Club 1, 3. BEVERLY ANN V. PIZZULO "Hey, wait for men . . . voice like a nightingale . . . enjoys singing, all sports, and horse back riding . . . dislikes roller skating . . . aspires to become a professional singer . . . will join the WAF,s . . . rates Joe utopsf, Music Club 15 Travel Club 25 Dance Club 15 Library Council 3. AGNES JOAN PULICHINO 'Tm so embarrassedn . . . fashion know how . . . seen with Janet and Kathy . . , pizza and Rock and Roll rate a big "An with Aggie . . . can't stand starving until last lunch period . . . wants to become a secretary. Homemaking Club 15 Pres. 25 Yearbook 4. JOHN ALEX POLK a'You moldi' . . . loquacious . . . hunt- ing, fishing are his favorites . . . work, and teachers who give home- work displease him . . . anchors away . . . seen with Dan and Bill. Football 15 Rod and Gun Club 15 Chess and Checkers 2. ROBERT JOSEPH PUZINO A perfect gentleman . . . heading "Joe's" list are Rock and Roll, food, and swimming . . . ending his list are wise guys, work, and school . . . seen with Jewell Street crowd . . . un- determined future. Math. Club 25 Clee Club 25 Archery Club 4. -X 1-, sv 1.-, wg.. .mia -Q. MARLENE PUZINO "So what?" . . . oh, that long brou n hair . . . always with Carol . . . dam:- ing. good times, pizza and holidays rate high . . . low on her list are sar- castic people. tests. and knee socks . . . business school then a secretarial career for i'Mar." Marionette Club 2. SHIRLEY MARIE RESAVAGE "Really" . . . pretty long, brown hair . . . pleasant and friendly ways . . . always with Ro . . . keep on boys, it-e skating, hayrides. clothes. and dancing . . . objects to full skirts with socks . . . after CHS. Comptometry school for 'LShirl.'l Dramatics Club lg Library 2. THERESA ANN PUZINO "Ain'a but?', . . . 'tDid you see Nancy?" . . . a real pal . . . friend- ship her password . . . crazy over Carl, food, Barce, ice cream, ice skat- ing, and P.J. parties . . . plans to go to Passaic General Hospittal, School of Nursing. Dance Club 25 Typing Club 23 Home Room, Vice President 2, Baton Twirler 43 Yearbook 4. ANTHONY RIBAUDO "Hurrah for Mr. Hubiakln . . . noted for being a rowdy in Mr. Hubiak's class . . . mischievous . . . uTony" thinks pizza, physics, and girls are are great . . . dislikes Mr. Hubiak's reprimanding him . . . future holds college . . . seen with the boys on Monroe Street. All Sports Club lg Basketball lg Football 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4-. WILLIAM ALFRED RADECKY This year's only 3 letter man . . . a real pal . . . blonde are those locks . . . sleeping in class again? . . . nev- er without George, Richie, and Joe . . . "Hip" will always take baseball, basketball. football, girls, and good food . . . aims for position in major league baseball . . . looks forward to a long, happy life. Baseball 1, 2, 3g Basketball 2, 3, 4-3 Foot- ball 1, 4g Lettermen's Club 4. RONALD JOHN RISKO "lt,s rough all over!" . . . nice to know . . . hunting, fishing, nice clothes, Pat, good food. and ears are real favorites . . . never without George or Sal . . . after G.H.S. Wrightls or Federal Bell. Rod and Gun 2g Engineering lg Band 1, 2. 39 Dance Band 1, 2. MM- Ni BARBARA JEAN ROERICH "Forget itll' . . . quiet and friendly . . . Rock and Roll, clothes, food, typing. and boys are among her fa- vorites . . . a future typist . . . seen with Helen. Newspaper Club lg Handicraft Club 2. JOHN HENRY ROZEMA Tall, blonde, and good looking . . . "Ace'i enjoys fishing, cars, elec- tronics, and mostly lean . . . wants to be a Mortician . . . Paul and Joe are his buddies . . . came to us in junior year. MARYANN ROMANCHICK '4You don't knowli' . . . oh, those em- barrassing moments! . . . keen on dancing, ice skating, and clothes . . . future airline hostess. Future Teachers Club lg Knitting Club 25 Student Council 3g ,lunior Prom Commit- tee 3g Home Room President 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4g Yearbook 4. JOHN ALLEN RUDY 'LBuddha', . . . great guy . . . his ways are winning ones . . . "Badge'7 is keen on ice skating, food, and' sleep . . . noted for his part in the minstrel . . . Lehigh University as an electri- cal engineer. Know Your State lg Baseball 19 Basketball lg Garden Club 29 National Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4, Senior Play, Senior Class Secretary. JOSEPH ROMANO 6'Be nice!" . . . never without George, Willy, and Richie . . . all for foot- ball, swimming, and cars . . . it's a big anon to homework . . . future holds chemical engineering job. Student Council 3g Science Club 23 All Sports Club 2. GLORIA ANN SACCOMANNO L'No,'never!" . . . tall in stature . . . all for ice cream, movies, cooking, traveling, dancing, and Rock and Roll . . . dreads homework . . . ambition is to become a bookkeeper and typ- istt . . . seen with the Top Hats, Carolyn, and Barbara. Dance Club lg Home Economics 2g Memo Service 4. if i if , ,if VINCENT JOHN SALERNO "You're out of your mind!" . . . noted for getting many nicknames . . . seen with Louie, Lenny, and Snit . . . likes basketball, baseball, girls and steak . . . dislikes bleached blondes . . . "Vince" will join the Army after G.H.S. Travel Club lg Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Baseballg Basketball. RONALD DAVID SCHLEY Cood-looking senior . . . enthusiastic sport lover . . . "Smit" enjoys pizza, cars, baseball . . . never without HBig" Louie and Vince . . . low in his list are dancing, getting up early, and Monday mornings . . . aspires to att- tend college. Football lg Travel Club 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4-g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 43 Home Room Presi- dent 3. . s , S GODFREY FRANK SAUTNER Quiet and always pleasant . . . wishes to graduate . . . armed forces in the future . . . seen with John Sudol, George Funke, and Al White . . . 'LArt,s" likes include girls, swimming, and cars . . . dislikes history and homework. LOTS ANN SCHWEIGHARDT "ls it all right with you?,' . . . quiet but friendly . . . L'Lo', rates crew cuts, blue eyes, blonde hair, convertibles, chocolate sodas, and money extremely high . . . detests black leather jackets . . . will join the Air Force . . . sec- retarial field. Foreign Language Club 13 Newspaper Club lg Dance Club 23 Home Room Vice Pres. 1. JUSTINE ANN SCERBAK 'gwhat are ya doing?,, . . . nice to know . . . cooperative . . . starves till last lunch . . . future includes obtain- ing a BS. in nursing . . . never with- out friends Kathy, Diane, and Kathy L. Future Teachers Club lg Math. Club Presi- dent 23 Future Nurses 4' Tri-Hi-Y 3 , , 4, Yearbook 4g National Honor Society 4. Y fit :Fil SANDRA ANN SCHWEIGHARDT "Real College!" . . . "Good for youv . . . a fair haired beauty . . one of our peppy twirlers . . . enjoys foot- ball games with a lot of spirit, tall boys, and blonde crewcuts . . . dis- likes last lunch . . . wants to become a private secretary to an executive of a large corporation . . . Katherine Gibbs next fall for HSchwei." Creative Writing Club, Secretary lg Handi- craft Club 2g Flag Twirlers 3, 43 Yearbook 4, Memo Service Club, Treasurer 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4. X , .JEAN ESTELLA SCOTT "Gee whizli' . . . noted for hilarious jokes . . . ardent basketball fan . . . likes Tommy, the Navy, dancing and telling jokes . . . always witth Dee Butler and Thelma Holmes . , . wants to become a wife and mother. Language Club lg Handicraft Club 25 Fu- ture Nurses Club 3. BARBARA AGNES SEFCIK "What was I gonna say?" , . . Ron is her beau . . . known for her 'GSpe- cial" confetti . . . avid James Dean fan . . . eating her pleasure. Knitting Club! lg Dance Club 29 Quill 33 Yearbook 49 Princess of Junior Prom. WILLIAM SCOTT Tall and lanky . . . high jumper . . . quiet till he gets started . . . ham- burgers and half days of school rank high . . . looks forward to a career in the Air Force. Know Your State Club 15 Auto Club 3g Track 3, 4. LUCILLE JOANN SHORTINO "I almost had a toad!,' . . . lights! camera! action! . . . acting is her pleasure . . . wants to be an air line hostess or executive . . . Katherine Gibbs or Grace Downs Air Line School next for ULU". Dramatics Club, Vice President 1, 29 C.0. 2g Library Council 2, President 43 Junior Achievement 3, 43 Junior Play, Senior Playg Tri-Hi-Y, Historian 43 Yearbook 4. AUDREY LILLIAN SEBECK HHi babeli' . . . sweet as candy . . . sunshine smile . . . letters from Joe . . . enjoys lots of clothes . . . nix on getting up early . . . seen with Joyce and the Cher-O-Kees . . . sec- retarial school and then marriage for Audrey. Home Room Secretary 4-. DIANE ALICE SOBOTA Wfoo cute!" . . . quiet and reserved . . . prefers boys with crewcuts . . . never without Kathy, Jean, and Kathy L .... aspires to become a secretary. Dance Club lg Handicraft Club Secretary 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4-5 Quill 43 Yearbook 44 Memo Service Club 45 National Honor Society 4. f. , PATRICIA ANN SOCCIO "What me worry?" . . . devil may care attitude . . . favors basketball, ice skating, music, and art . . . looks disapprovingly at homework, school snobs, and hotrods. Creative Writing President 2g Quill 1, 2, 3g Future Nurses Club 35 Yearbook 45 Home Room Secretary 1. JOYCE ANN STEFANCO 4'Real collegew . . . patience and forti- tude . . . music, diamonds, cadillacs, convertibles, orchids, andcashmeres rate a big "A" for Joyce . . . always with Audrey and the Cher-O-Kees . . . St. Mary's Hospital and a career as a surgical nurse are ahead for this miss. Dramatics Club lg Quill 23 Quill Exchange Editor 3, 43 .lunior Class Treasurer, Fu- ture Nurses Club 4-g Yearbook 4-Q Quill Office 4-3 Junior Achievement 3. LEONARD JAMES SODORA Always clowning . . . fun is his mottto . . . Judy, football, Italian food, and sleep agree with "Sod7' . .. few dis- likes . . . college to become a physical education teacher . . . seen with Judy, Vince, and Lenny. MARTIN JAMES STROOSNYDER 'LCot your homework?" . . . quiet and friendly . . . always with Frank Klein, John Stefanco, and Frank Nagy . . . to graduate school then the Navy are Stroos's goal. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Sports 2. BARBARA ANN SOKALSKY "So whatis new?" . . . terrific artist . . . football and milkshakes . . . de- tests Elvis and gym . . . future com- mercial artist . . . seen with pal, Carol. Tri-Hi-Y 4-3 Yearbookg Art Editor 4-g Quill 2, 39 Home Economics Club 1. HELEN ANN SUDOL "Who's got the homework?" . . . a happy-go-lucky new comer . . . never without Kenny or Carolyn Halka . . . wants to become a successful secre- tary. Glee Club 3. AQ. -." JOHN STANLEY SUDOL "l.doubt it!" . . . "Chick', thinks girls and Polish music are great . . . would like to graduate then go into the armed forces . . . never without George, Al, Godfrey, and the boys. .' 155 ' -- 7 - i K 7 -filiy-:Wi 1515955353 5: ' . T 1 fiiilf y - ALBERT CHARLES TAYNAI "You're an ape." . . . minstrel man . . . Sam rates girls, cars, food first . . . snobs and too much homework are vetoed by him . . . to be his own boss or a teacher are his desires for a career. '4Al's" chums are Badge and Jack. Dance Club 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 49 Gardening Club lg Senior Class Playg Home Room Treasurer 2. JOSEPH DEAN SZITANKO "I'll go along with that" . . . noted for being one of the boys in the stag line at school dances . . . ardent base- ball manager . . . never without Hank . . . "Joe,' will take fast cars, ice skating, and summer vacations above all . . . says no to classical music and shy girls . . . wants to own a business some day. Chess and Checkers Club lg All Sports Club 2. LINDA JUDITH TRAINA HYa got troubles?,' . . . flirtatious manner . . . anything for a laugh . . . fun, dancing, and boys are her weak- nesses . . . seen with Boilermaker Coeds . . . a future modeliand a happy marriage for nLyn.,' A Flaf Twirler 43 Yearbook 4. KENNETH EDWARD TAFT MMorning, boysi' . . . terrific person- ality . . . fond of Pat, money, food, and cars . . . detests Mr. Hubiak's homework and conceited girls . . . a wealthy, healthy, contented married life for uSenor Taft" . . . future holds college or job in technical field. Football 1, Junior Engineering 15 Dancing Club 2g National Honor Society 23 Student Council 2. JOSEPH TRINKA '4You better believe it!" . . . noted for always falling asleep in chem- istry class . . . hopes to make money without working for it . . . seen with Paul and John. All Sports Club 13 Travel Club 2. SALVATORE S. TRIPODI "You canit win them all!" . . . nose for news . . . tops on his list are chemistry, Rock and Roll, and sports writing . . . aspires to work in the medical field . . . another of the "Big" five! Audio Visual 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess and Checker Club 19 Quill 2, Sports Editor 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 3g Yearbook, Sports Editor 4-g Home Room President 3, Treasurer 4. SANDRA MARIE VANGLAUS "How wild!" . . . vivacious and spar- kling personality . . . warm smile . . . sincere and popular . . . aspires to become a secretary . . . Business school for "Sandy.7, Handicraft Club 2, Colorguard 2, 3, Home Room Vice President 3, Court of Junior I-'romg Junior Class Secretaryg National Honor Society 3, 4. DORIS BETTY, TSCHUSCHKE Our peppy captain of the Flag Twirl- ers . . . always smiling. . . intelligence unlimited . . . thinks Walt is just the 'Ggreatestn . . . after graduation Pat- erson State Teachers College. Future Teachers Club 13 Dance Club 2g Student Council 3, 4, Flag Twirlers 3, Captain 43 National Honor Society 3, 4-g Alternate Girls Stateg Yearbook 4-. CAROL VAN KIRK Likes Rock and Roll music, skating, dancing, football . . . dislikes con- ceited boys, gym, homework, deten- tion and history. .... . P's and Q's lg Good Grooming 2. CAROL ROSE TUTSCH "Good morning, sunshineli' . . . nev- er without words or Roger . . . finds no enjoyment in French . . . ambi- tion is to be a nurse at Nlountainside Hospital School of Nursing. Spanish Club lg Glee Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4-g Secretary 25 Good Grooming Club 25 Quill 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4-5 Student Council 33 Future Nurses Club 3, President 4-5 Yearbook 4. CLAIRE MARY VASILYK "Forget it!,' . . . reserved . . . coop- erative . . . aspires to become a med- ical secretary . . . then marriage. Travel Club lg Dance Club 2g Commercial Club 2. f,,,v' " 4 HENRY VINCENT VASSALLO Diligcnt worker . . . artistic ability . . . "Hank" fancies art work and Rock and Roll . . . future architect or engineer. Math. Club Secretary 2g Quill 3, 49 Year- book Art Editor 4. BARBARA ANN VRABEL "No, really?" . . . enjoys sports, and music . . . objects strongly to home- work . . . seen with Top Hats . . . would like to be a secretary or book- keeper . . . will continue in advanced courses after graduation. Hobby Club lg Commercial Club 2. MARYANN VELEBER "What,s happening t0night?,' . . . jovial personality . . . loads of fun . . . aspires to become a secretary . . . never without pals - Pushie, Carol, and Barb. Library 2g Creative Writing Club 15 Tri- Hi-Y 1. WILLIAM JOHN WALLACE 'fForget it!', . . . fun loving fellow . . . favors Angela . . . dislikes home- work . . . wants to get L'Hitched',. Projection Club 1, President 23 Dance Club 23 Lettermen's Club 3, 4-.' . ,A 1. was .1 . V. 7 K as .N 50 . in eejjj .L . l,k:Q,f ,i I ' V-21, 1 Q. ' -. A . is 's:s.1:,i 1 PETER MICHAEL VLADYKA "You bug me, baby!" . . . wants a long and happy life . . . his ambition is to join the Navy and have a girl in every port. Basketballg All Sports Club 1. GAIL MARY WANDA 'fReal collegiaten . . . natural are her curls . . . good-looking senior . . . sweet and sincere . . . never without Frank . . . aspires to become an ex- ecutive secretary. Dance Club 2g Sewing Club 33 Tennis Club 4g Memo Service Club 4. fi , f2'2if5',,g ' glitilitfiw LORETTA TESSIE WEGRZYNIAK Innocent as dynamite . . . rates John and new clothes tops . . . G'Lori', will attend Paterson State Teachers College. Glee Club 1, 2. DIANA MARIE YONDOLINO "live got something to tell you, but l forgot!" . . . fashion is her keyword . . . l"rank rates high on her list . . . adores elulm meetings. Paterson State Teaeheris College for "Div . . . to teach elementary school. Dramatics Club Sec. 1, 2: C.O.Sec. 23 Quill 2, 3, Junior Playg Home Room Pres. 2, 3, HOIIIC Room Sec. lg National Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Prom Committee. ALBERT JOHN WHITE HI doubt itn . . . one of the boys from John's corner . . . quiet till he gets started . . . wishes to graduate and then join the Marines. All Sports Club 1. GEORGE SAMUEL YOYKON Fun loving, friendly and nice to know . . . noted or his terrific clothes . . . always a pal . . . officer in the navy or air force and then a long, happy life with plenty of friends . . . never without Willy', Richie, and Joe. All Sports Club 15 Travel Club Vice Pres. 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4. --4' .,-J, WALTER WURCH "Tough Luck" . . . one of the "gang . . . a friend in need . . . quiet until he gets started. Hobby Club 1. 'T' , V VV is 6 xi tus-si ' ' gf 5 t L MARIE JOAN ZANCA Noted for her perserverance . . "May I hang up your coat?" . bubbling over with enthusiasm . . future nurse. Guidance Club lg Clee Club 25 Future Teachers Club 1, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, Treas. 4-g Student Council 3, 4g Junior Achievement 4, Home Room Secre- tary 1, 3. 'Ml RONALD WILLIAM ZUKA MI'll see you" . . . '4Oh, brother!" . . . top salesman in magazine sales . . . good-natured and friendly . . . medical career . . . Columbia Uni- versity next fall. Know Your State 1, Science Club 2g Office Worker 3, 4-g Business Manager of Year- book 4. MAGAZINE DRIVE Salesman awards - Ronald Zllkfl, yearbvvk business manager, Presenting grand prize to Eileen Nebzker. Prize winners looking on. Cbllafff WM an Q5t6ll'l'lel'Lf We, the members of the Class of 1958, residing in Garfield in the county of Bergen, and state of New Jersey, being of sound mind and disposing memory do make, ordain, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. I, MARY ACCARDI, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Anita, all the good marks I didn't get in Mrs. Rentsch's history class, and a pair of gym socks for Miss Porcelli's class. I, THOMAS ADAMO, do hereby will and bequeath to Richard De Franco all the gyp sheets that I never had the opportunity to use. I, ,IENNIE ANN AGNELLO, do hereby will and bequeath to some junior girl, my place in the "Debonaires," and to my brother, Frank, all the fun I had in Garfield High. I, MARIANNE ANNIBAL, do hereby will and bequeath to Phyllis Spezio all the fun I had in G. H. S., and to the cute, blond freshman boy in 4--A lunch-a cute freshman girl. I, FRANK ATTARDI, do hereby will and bequeath nothing be- cause I'm taking what little I have with me. I, LOUIS AZZARRA, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Bill, all the terrific times I had in Garfield High, and to some junior, all the hard times I gave Mrs. Costantin. I. ROBERT BAKAY, do hereb'y will and bequeath to some fresh- man all the crumbs at my place at the lunch table. I, DONALD BARKER, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Joyce, my seat and "Sense of Time" notes from Mrs. Rentsch's class. I, ROBERT BARRALE, do hereby will and bequeath to Charles Sorce all the fun and good time I had in G. H. S. I, THOMAS BARSCH, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Mousey, my automatic riveting gun, my private rickshaw- complete with two geisha girls and a dragon. W e, BARBARA BARTON and VIRGINIA NORK, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky juniors our position as Assistant Editors-in-Chief of the Quill and hope that they can meet their deadlines better than we did. Also, to two junior girls, our places in the "Wapiti Coeds." I, DALE BECKER, do hereby will and bequeath to Nancy Tomesko, Barbara Ochab, and Mike Bohinek, all the fun I had in my four years at G. H. S., and to any lucky girl, my worn out gym suit and my place on the floor in Miss Porcelliis class. I, ENRICO BENIGNO, do hereby will and bequeath to Tony "the Count" Calendrillo, an eight hall for him to hide behindithe way I always did. I, VINCENT BLANDA, do hereby will and bequeath to Ronnie Luciano all my belongings in school, including my terrific locker. RONALD BOHANNON, do hereby will and bequeath to Joe Soccio, my football jersey, number 34, and to Sal Benanti, the nickname, "Skinny." We, SALLY BONANNO and MARY KILANOWSKI, do hereby will and bequeath to our cousins, Rosalie Sobolewski and Catherine Scheps, the windows we dreamily stared out of, the doors we peeked through, the halls we ran through when we were late to class and all the laughs we had in 4-B lunch. DAVID BRIGATI, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Eddie, my times and experiences at G. H. S. I hope he joins a singing group and goes out for sports. I, DELORES BUTLER, do hereby will a bequeath to my under- studies, Carol Bugg and Theresa Wright, all the fun I had in biology with Mrs. Merritt, and all those little sheets that came in handy for her tests. I, JOHN BUTLER, do hereby will and bequeath to Franklin Daniels, Richard Campbell, Raymond Bugg, and Harold Ready, all the fun I had in Coach Hollis's class and any old gyp sheets that I may have left around. .lair 'IM an jafamenf I, MYRON BYCHEK, do hereby will and bequeath to William Boone, all the good times I had in Mr. Hubiak's trig. class. I, LUCILLE CACCIATORE, do hereby will and bequeath to June Burek all the fun and good times I had at our "Wapiti" meetings, and to .Ierry Bohannon all the zeros and late slips I got in Mrs. Culligan's class. I, FRANCES CAILLETEAU, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior all my history notes for Mrs. Rentsch's class, and my seat in the back of the MacArthur bus No. 7. I, RICHARD CALI, do hereby will and bequeath to Lucy Caravella, my locker and her books, and to the future Calis of Garfield High School, "Success Always". I, .IOHANNA CANGIALOSI, do hereby will and bequeath to my lgogier, John, luck and prosperity in his four years at Garfield ig . I, SALVATORE CARAVELLA, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Lucy, and my brother, Joey, all the fun I had while attend- ing Garheld High School. I, RICARD CARAVELLO, do hereby will and bequeath to all future solid geometry and trig students, my deepest sympathy. I, SANTORE CASIELLO, do hereby will and bequeath to Nick, Vacc, and Skitch, the great time I had in my senior year. I, JOHN CHANDA, do hereby will and bequeath to anyone who wants a parking space - "a parking space". I, DANIEL CHERVENOK, do hereby will and bequeath to Ted Lud- vik, all my crazy ideas in Mr. Hcrold's class. I, MARIE CIOLINO, do hereby will and bequeath to Mary Ann Wlock and Susan Fisher all the nervousness I had in Mrs. Rentsch's History class, and also to some lucky girl, my position on the twirling squad. I, RICHARD CIOLINO, do hereby will and bequeath to Tony Calendriello, my two seats in the cafeteria next to the ice cream freezer so he can continue to be the fattest boy in school. I, BRENDA COLASSO, do hereby will and bequeath to anybody who wants them, all the great times I had in school, and to some incoming freshman, four years of wearing those "crazy" gym socks. I, JOHN COMPERATORE, do hereby will and bequeath to little Riggalosia, my football jerseys Nos. 5 and 11, and also my nick- name, "Little Weasel". I, LAUREL COPPOLA, do hereby will and bequeath to Penny German all the fun I had in G. H. S. and in J. A. I, EILEEN CURTIS, do hereby will and bequeat to my brother, Eddy, all the notes on "How to Study" from Mrs. Rentsch. I, ANTHONY D'AGOSTINO, do hereby will and bequeath the pic- ture I took for the yearbook because of Mrs. Briefstein's pleading. I, RICHARD DEMBOSKE, do hereby will and bequeath to my lirother, Jerry, my lifetime hall pass in G. H. S., and my football eller. I, EDWARD DAILEY, do hereby will and bequeath all the good stories I've heard in Coach Hollis's health classes to some under- classman. lt's got to be true. I, VINCENT DE MARIA, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Jerry, my locker with the mouse in it, and also "dis here" to feed the mouse. I, JACK DE SALVO, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Angela, all the great times I had in high school. I. ROGER DE VRIES, do hereby will and bequeath to the next occupant of locker No. 599, all the lunch bags that I left hanging on the hooks. I. DONALD DEL RE, do hereby will and bequeath to John Cali, all the laps I had to take around the track for coming late to gym, and to some lucky freshman, my locker No. 301 that never opens. GAETANA DELLA PORTO, do hereby will and bequeath to Jo Ann Vaspol and Charlotte Amoruso, all the fun I had in my senior year. ROBERT DEN BLEYKER, do hereby will and bequeath my seat at Gabriel's to Walter Dul and the other seat to whomever he brings. ELAINE DERCO, do hereby will and bequeath to Liz Leili and Joyce Russin, all the fun and good times I had in my senior year. VIRGINIA DI MARCO, do hereby will and bequeath nothing, I'm taking everything with me-so there. ROSARY DI MICELLI, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior girl all the times I had to raise my hand when Miss Bonelli asked, "How many agree?" JOSEPH DUL, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Walt, my front seat and notes on "How to Study" in Mrs. Rentsch's class and don't forget to "Make it Yours". Also, my "Heat Proof" sweat suit and sneakers, so he can see what happens to Coach Hollis when "The Heat's On". PETER EBERHARD, do hereby will and bequeath my locker, No. 565, and my pet mouse, Melvin, to any junior longing for com- panionship. EDNA ELIAS, do hereby will and bequeath to some junior, my position as editor-in-chief of the Quill, and to Mr. Hubiaks next advanced algebra class, the conveniences of a split lunch period. PAMELA ELKOVICS, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Pat, all the fun and good times I had at G. H. S., and to some lucky juniors, my membership in the Wapiti Coeds and my title as a Typical High School Student. BETTY ESPOSITO, do hereby will and bequeath to some for- tunate junior, all the laughs I had in my senior year. LESLIE ESLINGER, do hereby will and bequeath to some quiet underclassman my seat in Mrs. Briefstein's homeroom. JOHN FALCONE, do hereby will and bequeath to somebody, something that nobody ever got before. PHILIP FALLACARO, do hereby will and bequeath one cigar of the best quality to Coach Hollis, provided he does not lose it in a bet. JOHN FARON, do hereby will and bequeath to John Durski, my locker and my seat in Coach Hollis's health class-lots of luck. MARIE FERULLO, do hereby will and bequeath all the fun and great times I had in high school to my sister, Jean. NINFA ANN FOLLARI, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Anthony Barcellona, and my sister, Sunday, all the fun I had at G. H. S., and all the luck in the world with Miss Martin and Mrs. Rentsch. HELEN FORSTER, do hereby will and bequeath to Pat Pra, all the good times I had at Garfield High, and all the sleepless nights I sat up worrying about Shakespeare and Macbeth. DAVID FOX, do hereby will and bequeath to all my unsuspecting junior and senior teachers my sophomore brother, Chuck, and to my cousin, Allan, all the A's I never got. Finally to all the future generations of G. H. S. all the good times I had through the years at G. H. S., especially during my senior year. AMALIE FRANZ, do hereby will an bequeath to Nick Grene- vitch, my I. O. U. from Hank Hanzo for one fountain pen borrowed two years ago, in the hope that he'll be fortunate enough to get it back. THERESA FRANZINO, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior, my place in the "Debonairs" and to my sister, Joann, all the fun I had in G. H. S. JEAN GALIMI, do hereby will and bequeath to Anna Galimi, my air-conditioned sneakers and gym suit. Also, all my late and absentee slips that I never handed in. To Marion Luciano a few gyp sheets which she could surely use. ANDREW GALLOPO, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior, a split lunch period between Mr. Hubiak's math classes. Judi 'IM mf. jafamen .IANET GEMSKI, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Richard Kwiatkowski, my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class, and to Roberta Beasley my notes on "How to Read Cartoons". ROBERT GETZEWICH, do hereby will and bequeath to Dennis Pelcher, my honorable record of being five seconds early to school every morning throughout my four years at G. H. S. CAROL GLAZER, do hereby will and bequeath to Pete Amoruso, a senior girl to do his English homework as long as he's in high school. Also, to my cousin, Joe Torak, all the memorable times I had in G. H. S. MAXINE GOLDSTEIN, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Vivian, and my brother, Bob, all the wonderful times I had in Garfield High, and to Carmenann Minery, the song, "Mr, Lee". RUDOLPH GROSS, do hereby will and bequeath to Scott Wilson, a gym locker that really works. DORIS GUMIELA, do hereby will and bequeath to Alan, success and happiness in his remaining years at G. H. S. CAROLYN HALKA, do hereby will and bequeath to Arlene Luty, all the terrific times I had at G. H. S. and my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's sixth period history class. BETTY HAMER, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior, my terrific seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class, Sally's rotten sneakers, and my lockless locker No. 603, with my picture of "what-me worry?" in it. ARLENE HANDZO, do hereby will and bequeath to Linda Slota, a one-year's supply of super deluxe economy size notebook paper and jumbo pencils so that she can keep score of all the times that Mrs. Rentsch says, "Get your book and find it". HENRY HANZO, do hereby will and bequeath to some worthy underclassmen, all my Monday morning hangovers from my Sun- day night sprees, and my titles as "Class Flirt" and "Best Dancer" to a deserving junior. SONIA HAVRILIAK. do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior all the laughs I never used in Miss Martin's history class. DENNIS HERZO, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior the great time I had at Boys' State, and to Steven Gallopo, all my experiences playing in the G. H. S. Band. CAROL HERZOG, do hereby will and bequeath to Sal AHronte, an extra, extra large space on the dance floor so he'll never knock anyone over again. THELMA HOLMES, do hereby will and bequeath to my friend, Joan Bugg, a new seat in Miss Porcelli's health class, and my locker No. 803 to Delores Manual. ROBERT HRISCENKO, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Rich, all the fun that I had at Garfield High. CURTIS JACKS, do hereby will and bequeath to anyone who wants it, Garfield High School, and to some underclassman, my spot on the Varsity Football' Team. MARYANN JACKSON, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Jessica Jackson, my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class, and to all the incoming freshmen, all the fun I had in my years at G.H.S. PETTIS JOHNSON, do hereby will and bequeath all the tardiness I had in my senior year to that certain junior girl. PAT KAPLANOVICH, do hereby will and bequeath to Mary Ann Wlock my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class 'cause I surely don't want it anymore. CYNTHIA KASICA, do hereby will and bequeath all the luck, success, happiness to all my Monroe St. friends. GLENN KEATING, do hereby will and bequeath anything to anybody who wants it, except that diploma, which I am taking with me when I go - I hope! BARBARA KENYON, do hereby will and bequeath to Lee Dom- bal all the fun and luck that I had in my senior year at high school. RUDOLPH KIRSTEUER, do hereby will and bequeath the good times I had in my senior year to the junior class. JOSEPH KLEPAR, do hereby will and bequeath my locker, com- plete with the mouse that eats my lunch, to anyone who wants it. FRED KOBYLARZ, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Pat, the happy years in G. H S. which I didn't have, also the good old assemblies in No. 9 school in remembrance of Mr. Andrus. IRENE KOWALSKI, do hereby will and bequeath to Betty Kalemba my position as head majorette and to Sue Fisher some- body to walk home from the games with. JOSEPH KRACK, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Pat, all the hard times my teachers gave me during my four years in G. H. S. WILLIAM KRAUS, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky underclassman who dares to take on the responsibility of Quill photographer, all the luck I had in rush assignments and a gross of aspirins. JOYCE KREKICH, do hereby will and bequeath to Judy Komo- rowski another year in Miss F ilippone's French class - complete with "easy" exams. MARCIA KRUPACS, do hereby will and bequeath all the em- barrassment endured in physics and the fog which prevailed over advanced algebra to anyone who insists on having it. GEORGE KROLL, do hereby will and bequeath to all underclass- men all undone homework and gym lockers. ROBERT KROLL, do hereby will and bequeath to Louis Walerko the Ivy League straight jacket with the buckles in the back, which I found in my locker last year. SALVATORE LA CORTE, do hereby will and bequeath to Pete Graf all the fun and happiness in G. H. S. and all the sweat and toil that comes with a high school education. RICHARD LAIOSA, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Elaine, my seat in Mrs. Briefstein's third period English class where she will be able to see the clock. GLORIA LANGANES, do hereby will and bequeath to Johnny Martarano, Miss Novack, as I am taking Mr. Gaytas with me. I am also leaving my position as Photography Editor on the Year- book and my place in the "Cherokees" to two incoming seniors. PATRICIA LASHENDOCK, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky underclassmen all the fun I had in my four years at G. H. S., to Mrs. Roman, a new assistant, who won't keep books out as long as I did, and to my brother, Mrs. Rentschis notes on "How to Study". KATHERINE LATONA, do hereby will and bequeath to one of the freshmen all the fun I had in my four years of high school and my seat in Mrs. Vilardo's class. KATHLEEN LEBO, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Betty, and her faithful followers, and to anyone else who wants it, all the valuables left in my locker, the undone homework, and all the fun at G. H. S. STEPHANIE LITSCHAUER, do hereby will and bequeath to Betty Kalemba my position as Business Manager of the Quill and to Mr. Prelick a quiet 4--A study. JOHN LOCASCIO, do hereby will and bequeath to Charles Pantano all of my comic books and my white mice in my locker. ARLENE LOGIOCO, do hereby will and bequeath to Earle Sandy, and Carol Succorowski, all my extra-curricular activities and pass- ing marks in all their subjects. ROSEMARIE LOPUSNAK, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Bill, all the fun I had at G. H. S. during all my happy and wonderful four years. THOMAS LYNCH, do hereby will and bequeath nuttin'. FRANK MAGALDINO, do hereby will and bequeath to Ed Verga, my old pair of football shoes one size II and the other size 916, and also my beloved, "Magets'. .Idsf 'MA an jafamenf I, BARBARA MAISEL, do hereby will and bequeath to Gail Kraig, all the troubles I had in keeping up with Mrs. Travers' dictation. I, GERALD MAISEL, do hereby will and bequeath to Kenny Hro- mado, my rusty gym lock and all the absentee slips in my senior year. I, JOSEPH MALAK, do hereby will and bequeath my hard hickory slide-rule to a future victim of trigonometry, Richard May. I, BARBARA MALYSO, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Pat Hilt, all the fun and good times she missed in No. 9 school. We, GEORGE MAMMOLA and LENNY MASUCCI, do hereby will and bequeath our map to the Barn, to any underclassman who is looking for a good time. I, KATHLEEN MARCINIAK, do hereby will and bequeath to Carol Magee and Pat Nardone, my privilege of being Miss Porcelli's pet peeve in their senior year. Lots of luck! I, STEPHEN MARGA, do hereby will and bequeath to Edward Sabo, my middle row first seat in Mrs. Grady's English class, and my backless gym sneakers. I, CATHERINE MARTORANO, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Vicki Cartaino, my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class during oral recitation, and to the girls that I walked to school with, my sore muscles. I. JOHN MICKEL, do hereby will and bequeath Dennis Drada all my absent days, and to the rest of the Belmonts, all my A's to be divided equally among them. I, ANNA MIKITA, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Mary, my seat in Mrs. Culligan's class, and all the fun I had in my senior year. I, MARIE MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Marie Scarfani, a blindfold for when I'm driving, and to Olympia Pistone, my alarm clock. I, ROGER MITCHELL, do hereby will and bequeath to Maryann Crisafuli my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class, and all my marks. I, ANGELO MONTAGNINO, do hereby will and bequeath to Sal "Blood" Benanti, my title, "The Lowly Scrub". I, CONSTANCE MONTAGNINO, do hereby will and bequeath to all my friends, all the pleasant years I had attending Garfield High School. I, NANCY MORDENTI, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior, my position as secretary of the Wapiti Coeds, to Annette Risi, my flag twirling positiong and to my cousin, Joe, all the fun I had at G. H. S. I, EMMA MURDOCK, do hereby will and bequeath to Noel Kmetz, the fun I had in my senior year at G. H. S. I, ESTHER MURRAY, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Judy, the fun I had in G. H. S., the homework I left undone, and all the headaches I got from cramming for exams. I, FRANK NAGY, do hereby will and bequeath locker 78 to a fu- ture G. H. S. student who may need a fire extinguisher for it. I, MARLENE NAKONECHNY, do hereby will and bequeath to Betty Ann Timko, my place in the Wapitis', and the ability to remain the sweet and terrific person she is now. I, BEVERLY NOONBURG, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Barbara, all the fun I had in high school, and to some lazy junior, the strength it took to raise my hand when Mrs. Travers asked, "How many got it?" I, PAULA NOSAL, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Carole Nitus, my title of Assistant Business Manager of the Year- book, and to my brother, Mike, all the fun I had in G. H. S. I, JOHN ONUFER, do hereby will and bequeath to my friend, Glenn Keating, my fishing spot and parking lot bordering the Passaic River. STEPHEN ONUFRAK, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Marie, all the fun I had in Garfield High School. JUDITH ORGANAS, do hereby will and bequeath to Stu To- meske a big, fat piggy bank for all his pennies, and to Johanna Bochiaro, a great time in her senior year. PAUL PASCAVAGE, do hereby will and bequeath to Jane Mess- ler, my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class and all the good marks I failed to get. GEORGETTE PASTOR, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Dot, and my cousin, Pris, my gym lock that never opens, and the G's that I always got in gym for gum chewing. RICHARD PASTOR, do hereby will and bequeath to some fresh- man my locker and the cute, little mice who live upstairs. ROBERT PASTOR, do hereby will and bequeath to Bernice Barbato, all the fabulous times I had in my senior year. CAROL PAZIN, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior, my position as secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y. PETER PELKA, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Gloria, and my brother, Richie, all the good times I had in Garfield High School. ALFRED PELIKAN, do hereby will and bequeath to Peter Walis, all my history notes and my seat in history. BEVERLY PIZZULO, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Emil, all the luck in the world and a key to the girls' locker room. Also, all the A's I never got and all the notes Mrs. Rentsch lgave on "How to Study" which I never used. Lots of luck, rother. ROGER PRATSCHLER, do hereby will and bequeath to Thomas Murray, my sincere sympathy in his Trig and Physics classes. AGNES PULICHINO, do hereby will and bequeath to Joyce Tokar, all the detentions I received for being late. Also, to all the incoming freshmen, a new pair of gym socks, so they can start out right in G. H. S. JOSEPH PUZINO, do hereby will and bequeath my dirty sneak- ers and gym trunks to Butch Source. MARLENE PUZINO, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Pat, all the fun I had in Garfield High School. THERESA PUZINO, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Pat, all the fun in G. H. S. and my position as sergeant of arms in the Wapiti Coeds, and also to Dolores Gesonde, Pauline Cange- losi, and Jean Ferullo all the fun I had at G. H. S. WILLIAM RADECKY, do hereby will and bequeath my catching Loblon the G. H. S. Varsity Baseball Team to Anthony Calan- rie lo. SHIRLEY RESAVAGE, do hereby will and bequeath to Carol Kleso, all the fun and sorrow I had in all my years at G. H. S., and to some lucky senior, my seat in Miss Bonelli's class. ANTHONY RIBAUDO, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister ipdhall my cousins, all the fun and troubles I had in Garfield ig . RONALD RISKO, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky person, my locker that always opened without a combination. BARBARA ROEHRICH, do hereby will and bequeath to Antonia Gliatta and Michalena Babyak. all the good times l had in my senior year, and the A's and B's I never received. MARIANNE ROMANCHICK, do hereby will and bequeath to some unlucky junior. all Mrs. Rentsch's notes on "How to Study", and to my sister, Arlene, all the great times I had in G. H. S. JOSEPH ROMANO, do hereby will and bequeath my parking space and a set of pontoons to anyone foolish enough to park in the school lot when it rains. JOHN ROZEMA, do hereby will and bequeath to anyone who likes figures, my seat in Mrs. Vilardo's math class. opals! an jafamenf JOHN RUDY, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior, Mrs. Rentsch's notes on "Sense of Time". GLORIA SACCOMANNO, do hereby will and bequeath all the fun, happiness. and good times I had in G. H. S. to anyone who wants it. VINCENT SALERNO, do hereby will and bequeath to Sal Scro, my position on first 'base on the baseball team, and hope that he plays it better than I did. GODFREY SAUTNER, do hereby will and bequeath nothing, l'm taking everything with me. .IUSTINE SCERBAK, do hereby will and bequeath to Kristine Kroll, my seat in the back of the room in Mrs. Rentsch's class, and to my brother, George, all the fun I had in G. H. S. LOIS SCHWEIGHARDT, do hereby will and bequeath to Butchy Sorce. the strength and ability to skip around the track and pick daisies for Mr. Gatyas. SANDRA SCHWEIGHARDT, do hereby will and bequeath to Barbara De Piero and Pat Michaels, the chance to find a band that will more than satisfy Sal Benanti. JEAN SCOTT, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Geral- dine, all my Biology gyp sheets, and all the cooking I didnit do in cooking class. WILLIAM SCOTT, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Joe, and all my understudies - Ray, Richie, Lindberg, and Harold - all the luck and happiness in their forthcoming years at G.H.S. AUDREY SEBECK, do hereby will and bequeath to Rosalyn Spinella, all Mrs. Rentsch's history notes on "How to Study". BARBARA SEFCIK, do hereby will and bequeath to Carolyn Catenaro. all the troubles and good times I had in my senior year, and to Donna Sadlock, my title as "Biggest Eater". Also, to any junior dumb enough to take them, all the books I carried to lunch. LUCILLE SHORTINO, do hereby will and bequeath to .Ioan Monaco and Donna Sadlock Human, the mouse in my locker No. 615, and to my brother, Louis, all the terrific times I had at G. H. S. DIANE SOBOTA. do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Joan, the same seat I had in Mrs. Rentsch's class for two years and all the fun I had in high school. PATRICIA SOCCIO. do hereby will and bequeath to the faculty ol Gazfield High School. the better half of the Soccio family, my brother, Joe. LEONARD SODORA. do hereby will and bequeath to some crazy junior, my license to drive the "Century" that I never had. BARBARA SOKALSKY, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Doris, all my troubles and hardships in Mrs. Rentsch's class, and to some lucky junior, my position as Art Editor of the Quill. JOYCE STEFANCO, do hereby will and bequeath to Carole Spataro and Edith Mayor, my books on the Art of Kissing and How ta Flirt in three easy lessons. MARTIN STROOSNYDER, do hereby will and bequeath to all fixture G. H. S. students, all the fun I had in school, and to my brother, my seat in Mr. lIubiak's class. HELEN SUDOI., do hereby will and bequeath to Ramona Segar and Kit Sanseweri my old steno pads and Congressional Record. JOHN SUDOL, do hereby will and bequeath everything I donlt own to George Funke. and also the rubber left with the hot Kaiser. JOSEPH SZITANKO, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Hubiak, a one year supply of throw away blackboard so he doesn't wear out his coat sleeves erasing them. KENNETH TAFT, do hereby will and bequeath a plaque with our school saying, "You are guilty until proven innocent" printed on it in gold letters. ALBERT TAYNAI, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, all the fun and easy tests we never had in Mr. Hubiak's trig class. LINDA TRAINA, do hereby will and bequeath to Robert Pepe, all the fun and great times I've had in my senior year, also, a key to every girl's heart. SALVATORE TRIPODI, do hereby will and bequeath to the next Student Council treasurer, all the money I had but never saw and a bookkeeper to take the blame for all the mistakes. DORIS TSCHUSCHKE, do hereby will and bequeath my position as captain of the flag twirlers and the blanket I always carried to the games but never used, to one of the lucky girls on the squad. CAROL TUTSCH, do hereby will and bequeath to Mrs. Briefstein a u-haul-it cart for all her paraphernalia, and to Sandy Pelak, three years at Garfield High. SANDRA VANGLAUS, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Gail, all the great times in high school and all my sweaters that she "borrowed" after I left for school in the morning. CAROL VAN KIRK, do hereby will and bequeath to some un- lucky junior my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's first period history class. CLAIRE VASILYK, do hereby will and bequeath to Jay Kish my seat in Mrs. Rentsch's history class. HENRY VASSALLO, do hereby will and bequeath the knowledge I acquired during my past four years of high school to my sister, Joan. BARBARA VRABEL, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, George, and his club, the fun, success, longer lunch periods. and less homework in G. H. S. U MARYANN VELEBER, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior my position in the Cherokees and to my sister, Andrea, all my gym paraphernalia and the three minutes in whicll to change. PETER VLADYKA, do hereby will and bequeath to some mem- ber of the Drifters my seat in the last row of the auditorium at all assemblies. WILLIAM WALLACE, do hereby will and bequeath all my A's in Mrs. Briefstein's class to John Cali. GAIL WANDA, do hereby will and bequeath to Dot Popeck and Marian Luciano all the good times I had in my senior year, and my favorite front seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class. LORETTA WEGRZYNIAK, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Sandy, all the fun in Mrs. Briefstein's class and all my troubles in Mrs. Rentsch's class. ALBERT WHITE, do hereby will and bequeath to Stuart To- meske all of my history notes and a seat in Mrs. Rentsch's class. WALTER WURCH, do hereby will and bequeath to Henry Kuter, all the A's I never got. DIANA YONDOLINO, do hereby will and bequeath my title as Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook to some lucky junior, my position in the Wapitis to Carol Coffey, and all the fun I had in G. H. S. to my cousin, Maria. GEORGE YOYKON, do hereby will and bequeath to all under classmen my third period gym and health class with Mr. Hollis. MARIE ZANKA, do hereby will and bequeath to Marilyn Fer- randino all the wonderful times I've had at G. H. S. RONALD ZUKA, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Pat Nardone and Carol Magee, all the notes that Mrs. Rentsch gave us on "How to Studyl' that I never used. And to my cousin, Joyce Paflitzko. all the A's I never got in my junior year. enior Glas Officer LQ. ovw H5 Q , .4-dll' .,.. .,,,-uf me vv "W 'HI' , me 1433? ? l'r-lvl' l'lH'I'Il'll'1i PM lv -s.: -nm-lla Tllfl. Wu- l'rr'N,g Jnlm Hurly, 51-L23 fwilI'l'iil KI'IlIlill'x 'IM-41, 57 Mr. G. Schwall Senior Class Advisor Rehearsal for Minstrel Class History Turning back the hands of time, we see ourselves as eager freshmen mounting the steps of number 9 school on a warm Thursday morning in 1954. Frightfully-wonderful was our feeling that first day. Frightful, because there was the prospect of new teachers, classes, and upperclassmen awaiting us. Wonderful, because this was another first-our first year of high school. As freshmen and sophomores we experienced wonderful, exciting things that had never happened before. The Jam J ar Canteens proved to be rollicking affairs looked forward to by all. Remember, too, how we cheered the team at every football, basketball, and baseball game. In our junior year our pride and joy, the new G. H. S. at Outwater Lane and Palisade Avenue, was completed. New friends and acquaintances were made since this was the first time we had the four years of high school concentrated under one roof. We also began the new school term under new administrators who helped develop a well rounded scholastic and social ac- tivity program. Gone forever was the old number 6 and number 9 with their divided school body. At last as juniors we attained the welcome title, uupperclassmenf' No longer were we looked upon as unintelligent, irresponsible youngsters. We enjoyed a truly wonderful year. The Junior Play, "Melody Jones," was a huge success and had quite a professional air. Our .lunior Prom with its theme, "Enchanted Evening," will long be remembered as something special. Finally we became seniors. Under the leadership of Peter Eberhard, President, Kenneth Taft, Vice Presidentg .lohn Rudy, Secretary, and Marcia Krupacs, Treasurer, we completed a full and memorable year. After the tension and strain of College Board Examinations, We relaxed by turning our attention to our many social functions-Senior Dance, Class Party, and finally Our Social at the Waldorf. Tears and sentimental feelings will be shared by all as we receive our coveted diplomas. Now and in future years as we gaze in Retrospect we will long remember our Alma Mater with gratitude and appreciation. We, the seniors and graduating class of 1958, thank you, Garfield High School. You are truly a part of our American heritage. 1 1-1 1 'J A if we BES1 IERSONALITY NEST LUUKING If I f 1'11i1'l1. 5z1ll1 1511112111110 -"""7'-'ww' Q" Ire-nv Krvxmlski. lio1111I1l ll ff :. 3 -5 f Wg A A x g 1 f f 4 12 f f Z . , V . ,. , 1 ,... X ' ... 2 ff , 051 l.llxl',l.Y I0 slu.m111 5 i, A-,, V Bhgl- ALI, Almlml, lllvfiil -l'lI HIVF. ,l'll'lv 4: l1'l' l'll'4 3 T I w IN I I ll If I "--f Silllflfil xfrilllullllli l11l111 li I 1 1 ,N 1 WITTEST Betty Hafner. Leslie Pfslingel I ,gg-M 2 f I 1 ff? MOST MUSICAL Beverly Pizzulo. Andrew Callopo U .Li ixiae CLASS POLITICIANS Arlene Logioco, David Fox CLASS FLIRTS Virginia Nork. Henry Hanzo BEST DANCERS Marlene Nakoneehny. Henry Hanzo -W..-.......... NIIIICST SMILIC 'xU'IV"W 54'l'l'4'lx, Nw' IXHIINIHI MUST PUPIILAR ll'1'lIl' Kowalski, Pvlm-I' l'iIH'I'II'lI'1l 4 qi y f 4 'QNX Qfx 'Y' rib ni JJ: .,, L . r ' 'N--,.,. . BIGGEST EATERS Bilflillfil S14-I'ik. ,losm-ph Sxilamku 61 'l'Yl'lC.-Xl. IIIGII SCIIUUI. STI 'IIIC l,ilIlll'lIl I'.Hx1lXI1'S. Hnlwrl Hvlzvxx ivll MUST BASIIFUI. U ,E MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Nlurlmw Nilk0Ilt'i'ilIlf. S1liY1ll0I'l' Tripmli NICEST EYES Edward Uniivy. I,lli'iiil' Cuc'c'iulm'e- X sais i , I MUTT AND JEFF Louis Azzuru. Virginia Un- Nlurr-0 William Kraus. .iuslinv SC1'l'illlk BEST MIXERS Sandra Variglalw. Ixmmvlh iufl CLASS ffLOWNS Lvsiiv I'iSii!lgIl'l'. iwary Kiluuowski CLASS IIRICAMERS 1 mal llvrmgr. xxlHIilI!l Nzlmlwkx BEST ATIILETES 4 . 1 1 . Hllllillll Svlllvy f-nw l'fL.:,...lmx ln,-1 xf, f I if L V' IH n in-:nassaui---f .r.L., CLASS CHATTERBOX 65 livlly Humvr. Hivllanl Vuslm g , 5 CLASS ACTORS Luvillm- SIIUFIIIIU. Dun! I x CLASS SOPIIISTICATI' S Cl'0I'Q1' NIU!! lllllllil. Iowa- Slvlallmr H W VP. xl X! lx v if ,v-A CLASS PALS William Rad:-r'kv. Nancv lNlorclf'nti. Tll0l'PSZ1 Puzino. George Yoykon JA f L xp , Q CLASS COUPLE 3 l . A Lucille Cacciatorc-, ' Ronald Bohannon ,vw f fg x s , Q fl-N K- .lil Q , ,A ., . 't , ,X v g , .... ..,.. lg, ,. ., 15. , 5 .- ,. , P r ff. 1 . my? ' 5335 A - . ,, hs, ,S . ,QS My W WHL , .. L. E I ' l , 4 . K, , . ,,.. 5'...,,g3g:, , . W, gk gi S P L. l,, ,L , .3 Y 'Q 1 A 4, . f r 5 .f?,,' v ,. ,Sm A.kA,. k. ,L .. ,,,,.,lg , . .g, ,.,. , , ,,, , ,elf Qfff li g N xu,l,,, X Q - za 4 1 . , X fl,..,.4 Mx .-Q-ly K V ..,,..l,.M,. W, ,.,..M, Q ,,,, ,A , QW.. 5 gif ,ff , X :fel ,. .. ,..,,, J. ws,.,iN4,, .,,,m,.-.,, gi in gf, if M x im ' ' ,, W' ,,5....g39, H I , , ,,.,. ,, .V ...My .f3lslf 1. 'mf' ,,,,- Y ,X BEST DRESSED Diane Yondolino, George Yoykon V. Q , , ,- , .,,. .,,., .. . . g my K mu, ,. ,.,. V, Q 1 ,Biff ..,,. ,, 4, ,lf ,.,., 7, , . .,.,. . K yi V K , .. M 5 1,1 , A la. L. A , 7 N A H ,.,. . gk-,,,,.,,,,, . -Q f f -f ,,,..,,.,,,. , .1, ..,, .W ,, ., ,. W V - Sw' Q?-Q , , . , A 5 ,. ., . . ,, .,,,,,,, ., Nfl. ,xli. ,X lr. Akk,kk ,. , ..,, , , , ,gg ..,.. ,..,, . .L .M,,.w,,. ,, ,, IW I Vi W K ? 'l"A Y ' S' lM"llgll"S, Qff'ff,Ql'L' SQ Q1 QQ ff ., ..., ,..,,. I s 5, i 5 ,..,W,.,-,,..,,.l.,,l.W. .WM X 2 Z MM,,,,,,MM,,, , S A- N .... ,MX 3 . 1 ,wg , M? El l,.l,., ,W w L s ,.,,..,, x , I . ,,,, ww at V uf? . axle wvlwxznmym Q.. ,, ..... 5, ., , 5 M 5? E M. ,.,, ,g,,,,,,. N .gf l .v...W. -, 'Q A ,.,,,Q,11.g.1 YZ 35 .5 2 if I 5 3 il ra fi? 3 Q l- 3 5 1 'i l 5 F x 4 3 . l Q sw ,...4..4......W...., F ff "'l A fx . ' E a f f l S 5 S . 5, - ,. .. . , 1313.11.LT5glli11fl, . ,gz2Qii.gggg,,g.i,..., .,..,.. J .l,,. , Q .. - ss. V 'L an , W. ., ., .,..... wwkswygsgwy-+ L1fA-A,AA h-h'-' ' HIM- jfifff' Q 4, ,,.i,,.: ,,.. ,.,,, M . . ,, L. . 741 ...hw ,,..,,..,,.. , ,.,,.. 4' ' X ffm. Class Prophet Where where that IS the questlonr? We ve had prlvate eyes ANTHONY D AGOSTINO DOYALD BARKER and VINCENT BLANDA searching for fiftee n years for our long lost classmates W1ll we ever find them? Will our class dreams of a reunion be fulfilled? At last' Clues have been filterlnm through the Iron Curtaln Radio Free Europes stlmulatlng commentator ARLENE LOGIOC0 has been relatlng DAVID FOXs daring balloon flicht over thx satellite countrles distrlbutlnb propobanda pamphlets attemptlng to smelter the Iron Curta1n are SALVATORE C ARA VELLA ROGER DE VRIES and PETTIS JOHNSON sentenced to the salt mmes for gazmg at secret Russlan stars IS the famed astronomer RICHARD CALL who was testlng the Kirst Telescope lnvented by RUDOLPH KIRSTEUER Reports are coming in dally Draoglng at top speed through the Gobi Desert are ROBERT KROLL JOHN MICKEL and THOMAS LYNCH at the an nual camel race At the Gobi bazaar IS MARY ANN JACKSON peddling her plckled plrogles competlng for the tltle of Nomad Homemaker of the Year against BRENDA COLASSO who is entlclnt, the judoes BARBARA SEFCIK and JOE SZITANKO wlth her aromatic Baccala In a nearby tent IS Shlek LES ES LINGER being entertalned by harem glrls IRENE KOWALSKI DORIS GUMI ELA LINDA TRAINA GAIL WANDA VIRGINIA NORK BARBARA BARTON and SHIRLEY RESAVAGE Accompanying music is belng supplied by ANDREW GALLOP0 DENNIS HERZO and THOMAS ADAMO Flash' Seen by our foreign correspondent EDNA ELIAS are Naval OITICETS JOSEPH KLEPAR ROBERT BAKAY and CURTIS JALKS and thelr crew JOHN POLK ALFRED PELIKAN PETER VLADYKA FRANK NIAGY and GLENN KEATING testing the latest life preserver in the Dead Sea mg proclamatlon Engineers ROBERT DEN BLEYKER WALTER GFREN7 MYRON BYCHEK RICHARD CARAVELLA and JOSEPH KRACK are mo dermzlng the Great Wall of Chlna Chinese correspondents VINCENT SA LERNO WILLIAM BOO SI OTT and AL TAYNAI were surprised to find their rlckshaws drawn by coolles WILLIAM FOO WALLACE THOMAS TZING BARSCH and JOHN GUNG H0 FALCONE PlIOIlflg a Junk on the Yann Tze River are STEVE MARGA GEORGE KROLL SANTORE CASIELLO and RICH ARD LAIOSA hopefully Waltlflg for the1r bait to lure a whale Could It be? They ve been here? The men from Sunset ROBERT HRISEN K0 ALBERT WHITE and JOHN ONUFER have sold a T V set to the abomln able snow creature of the Himalayas arriving in isolated Tibet we have news that a movle expedition led by GLORIA LANGANES and WILLIAM KRAUS are photographing the Love Llfe of a Yak starring LUCILLE SHORTINO and JOHN FARON and co starrlng JOHN LOCASCIO and EMMA MURDOI K Mortlclans JOHN ROZEMA and VIRGINIA DI MARCO are making encouraglnr, discoxeries in Egypt the land of Pyramids pertalninl., to the embalmlnb methods of the anclc nt Egyptians Renowned phllosopher PHILLIP FALLACARO was found que tlonin the Sphlnx The question Whats your opinion on the chem1se9 It SIIIIICS said the Sphlnx . . , . V . , , ,, , J I .- , Y s v 1 9 1' 1 T 9 ' I ' ' U' ' 1 l 1 I V 9 ' ' 1 9 9 7 ' ' 1 n u 1 1 U 5 , L, J 0' or I 9 , . . . . 7 7 . . . I Q Q U . ' 1 . 7 H - 3 Y .M . . U I. . U 7 , . . u I ' I . . , I 9 h- 9 ' 7 5 7 9 5 , Y 0 1 ' l ' s 1 f ' 9 4 7 a 'S 9 9 , I , - V , , MARIANNE ANNIBAL of radio station, Ding-Ho, China has made an astound- . . . . , J A 1 I a ' H ' C6 79 D ' . I W: '- v ' H 1' ' ' ' 66 7, Li 97 5 9 66 7, ' ' ' U , . . . N . 1 9 9 ' ' . I , 1 n V f 5 . , , 1 u u 1 1 . . 1 I - , . . . f , I ' I A CC ' 79 ' q , - ' I . . . ' ' :, 9 4 oi S I , . L I . . 0, . U .h 7 I If 1 l . . . , A a 'S fi . - an 1 - - - as an - as , - , . . -, Class Prophec Drums are resounding throughout darkest Africa. Zulu translator, MAXINE GOLDSTEIN, tells us that the drums relate a strange message. They say American pilots-JOHN SUDOL, JOSEPH MALAK, JOSEPH GELSINO, ROBERT and RICH- ARD PASTOR, PETER PELKA, ROGER MITCHELL - and hostess, AMALIE FRANZ, have crashed in the dense jungle. A rescue squad headed by missionary LAUREL COPPOLA and nurses CAROL TUTSCH, PATRICIA KAPLANOVICH, JUSTINE SCERBAK, THERESA PUZINO, JOYCE STEFANCO, KATHLEEN MAR- CINIAK, and CLAIRE VASILYK, will give their services if there are casualties. MARY ACCARDI has graciously offered to supply transportation in her radar equipped Cadillac with CAROL VAN KIRK serving as gun-bearer. As they trek through the dense jungle trails they spy ANGELO MONTAGNINO charging through the jungle while close behind follows' a swarm of irate bees. In pursuit of the bees are hunters SALVATORE LA CORTE, PAUL PASCAVAGE, and FRANK MAGALDINO toting high powered elephant guns. Now Boys-don't missl Their radar equipped Caddy tells them that they are nearing the scene of the crash. It's unbelievable! The boys are living a life of complete luxury amongst a tribe of modern-day Sheenas. Sheena chief, ESTHER MURRAY and tribe - MARIE FERULLO, ANNE MIKITA, BARBARA MAISEL, CYNTHIA KASICA, CON- STANCE MONTAGNINO, and BETTY ESPOSITO - have soothed their fevered brows and convinced them that thereis no life like a jungle life!!! U BetchU . . . Nairobi doctors, RONALD ZUKA and SALVATORE TRIPODI, fthe latter leads a double life as a sports announcer for the Nairobi Blow-Dart Champsj with nurse, MARIE ZANCA, have been working with Biologist, RUDOLPH GROSS, on a cure for tonsilitis in giraffes . . . World Olympics 1972 are being held in Ireland. Representing the United States and Garfield are THELMA HOLMES, high jump, BARBARA VRABEL, discus throwg and PATRICIA SOCCIO, shot put for the womeng while WILLIAM RA- DECKY, bat slinger, FRANK ATTARDI 44-0 run, RONALD SCHLEY, basketball thrower, LEONARD MASUCCI point maker, LOUIS AZZARA, pole vaulter, and high jumper, JOHN BOTLER, handle the men's department . . . ENRICO BENIGNO, Real-Estate Broker, has been trying to persuade Irish President, JOHN COM- PERATORE, and officials, JOSEPH TRINKA, and RONALD DEL RE, to sell him the Blarney Stone . . . To England and the Palladium! lt's a big night! Famous international artists, BEVERLY PIZULO and ROGER PRATSCHLER, are ap- pearing for the first time since their discovery by ANTHONY RIBAUDO, and p1an1st .IOHANNA IANCILOSI DAVID luRlCA'll and RONALD IVIILNIHART Wlth thelr famed Rock n Roll group mll sm therr old record h1t of some years back My Prrend World known commcdlan MARY KII ANOYVSKI ROSE MARIE LOPUSNAK and CAROL CLA7ER are dom, thelr latest Skll En llsh MIIIIIIH and Irlsh Stew MARLENE NAKONFI HNY and HENRY HANZO Harvest lVloon Rall Contest mlnner are dom a FOIIIIIN of old dances The lhalyp o The Walk and The Stroll WhlCh were very popular 1n 58 Beck Beck dancers RONALD RISKO BEVERLY NOONBURC LEONARD SODORA GEORGETTE PASTOR JOSEPH ROMANO SANDRA VANCLAUS DANIEL CHERVANOK BARBARA MALYSO .IENNIE ANN AGNELLO LOIS Sf HWEICHARDT WALTER WURiH and MARYANN VELEBER under the d1rect1on of choreographer DALE BELKER do the latest speclalty The Fo In the fashion world of Parrs models PATRICIA LASHENDOCK MARY ANN ROMANI HIK and AUDREY SEBELK wxll parade dress deslgner HENRY VASSALLOS latest styles Hls secretarles AGNES PULILHINO PAY DELLA PORTA MARLENE PUZINO and KATHLEEN LEBO have been buslly maklng out lnvltatlons to all the dlstlngulshed soclal sets Among them are RONALD BO BOHANNON the champlon soccer player and his Wlfe LUCILLE CHICK LAC CIATORE JOHN LHANDA world champlon chess player and debutante ROSARY DI MII ELLI DIANE YONDOLINO voted best dres ed woman 1n the world and GEORGE YOYKON voted best dressed man 1n the world wlll be here also 1n order to choose thelr new sprlng wardrobe Awaltlng the start of a bull fight 1n Spam we see someone runnmg around the arena w1th the bull close behmd her Oh no' It cant he but It rs' Thats JEAN SCOTT and lt looks as though the bull IS catchmg up' But no the famed matador SENOR KENNETH TAFT has come to the rescue of thls mald ln dlstressl Nurse DELORES BUTLER runs out mto the rlng to see 1f any ald can be grven Reporters SANDRA SCHWEIGHARDT and DIANE SOBOTA are gettlng the story first hand of course' It seems JEAN try1n to find her way to her seat where FRANCES CAILLETEAL and PAULA NOSAT, were Wallflng took the wrong stalrs and landed 1n the arena just as the bull was let out of 1ts pen NINFA FOLLARI and HELEN FORSTER who saw all thrs trred to warn her but lt was too late she was already travellng at top speed Well thls IS enough excltement for a whlle so back to the search . . t - . , , , . q D A , 1 n I I I A as 1 - 77 r I x - ' . 7 - S 4 . . ' 4 - . . . L4 . . , 1 1 . 'T . , gf . ,, . . . . ,, 1 . . . , ' AV ' gi g . . ,xl I . S Q Q . . , V i , 1 I I . , , , ' 9 G 1 9 1 - - 5 N s . . , . , s I ' l s I 7 - an Usa , - 5 . . . L , , . 1 N , . . , , . , - , . ., , . . w , . 1 , l 9 I 9 9 . . . . . . Y . H 5, - - - as sa S 9 N f 9. 9 . . 1 n f a 9 . . , , S , s 9 9 7 . . , . . , - a a 9 ' 7 . s 9 v , - s s , . . . ' 1 y - . . . - 1 a ' ' s ' ' 5 '9 On to Italy our search continues . . . Approaching the town of Pisa, we see a crew of engineers, consisting of JOHN RUDY, ROBERT GETZEWICH, EDWARD DAILEY. FRED KOBYLARZ, GEORGE MAMMOLA, PETER EBERHARD, and STEVEN ONUFRAK trying to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It seems, Chef-Boy-Ar-JOSEPH DUL, owner of the Tower Restaurant has been having trouble keeping his "cakes" on the level . . . Next stop, South America, and sunny Brazil where commercial artist BAR- BARA SOKALSKY, is trying to lay out a new ad for coffee. These are much needed since the United States is now growing its own supply of beans and South Americans have switched to tea. The government has hired bookkeepers-GLORIA SACCO- MANO, and ELAINE DERCO-plus secretaries-BARBARA ROEHRICH, HELEN SUDOL, and EILEEN CURTIS-to keep the records on this enormous catastrophe . . . We finally arrive in the States and our first stop is Cape Canaveral, Florida, where after fifteen years of research, MARCIA KRUPACS says she has perfected a rocket ship that can reach the moon. Head man in the project, ROBERT BARRALE, says that JACK DE SALVO will pilot the craft, achieving his goal of being the first man to reach the moon. The big moment is arriving! The time for blast off is near! Chief mechanic, NANCY MORDENTI, an outstanding authority on anything mechanical, and her assistants-STEPHANIE LITSCHAUER, KATHE- RINE LATONA. and JOYCE KREKICH - are making a last minute check. CATHE- RINE MARTORANO begins to count the seconds-10-9-8-7-6-5-LL3-2-1. VINCENT DI MARIA pulls the switch and - Blast off! What again? The rocket did not move! Another failure! The moon will be over populated by the time we arrive! . . . Our search is almost at an end. We return to Garfield nad the scene of our reunion. BETTY HAMER is covering this gala affair in her daily column, "Hamer,s Highlights". It will be held at that exciting' nightspot, "Barcebonnanos", owned and operated by SALLY BONANNO. Our detectives did a swell job and all of the guests are arriving. Here come CAROL PAZIN, MARIE CIOLINO, SONIA HAVRILIAK, DORIS TSCHUSCHKE, and LORETTA WEGRYZNIAK who have just returned from the Far East where they have been teaching on an exchange basis. JOSEPH PU- INO. multi-millionaire, is approaching in his streamlined Millermobile, designed by MARIE MILLER. With him are his private secretaries-PAMELA ELKOVICS, THERESA FRANZINO, JANET GEMSKI, BARBARA KENYON, and CAROLYN HALKA. Everyone seems to be here except CAROL HERZOG. Ooops, here she comes . . . better late than never. Well, here we are, all together. I wonder what we will be doing in fifteen years from now? I wonder? I wonder? . . . UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR - - Leader ot Tomorro Junior Class History As the end of our junior year draws to a Close. we eanit help but remember the wonderful times we had. ln September we elected our officers: Richard Wojdyla, Presidentg Anthony Calandriello. Vive Presidentg Barbara De Piero, Secretary, and Joyce Chap, Treasurer. Under their able leadership the junior class attained many goals set by the officers. Mrs. F. Markey. our adviser. guided us suecessfully through a delightful year. Eagerly and with mueh excitement our class received their rings in late October. The next event was the Junior Party. g'Autumn on the Campusw. The cafeteria was bedeeked with Colorful leaves, college pennants, and cheerleaders' megaphones. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Mae Vander Sande, as L'Betty Co-ed" and Charles Alberti as c'Joe Colle-gen. The Heollegen juniors enjoyed another pleasurable evening to- gether. The annual junior play. Do You Trust your Hlljxffl-f'I1d? was presented on March 28. and showed the histrionie ability of our class. The climax of our year was an unforgettable evening. May 23. when we held our fabulous Junior Prom. - 'EM 4' - mbitiou - - 0ut tandin Indi idual fw- Z' A YY! xx We-xr' ,H .vip C' I 'NWJ 1 .Q 3 N , , 1.1 JUNIOR CLASS OFI-'ICERS Twp Ruff: ,I1ny1'1- Clllljl, 'l'l'f'llSllI'l'In1 BU.I'lllll'll Dv l,iQ'l'U. Se'1'r4'turyg lfuitanzz Ram? P Xullmny t:2ll1'IHIIil'Htl. Vim- II'1'NiII1'IIl1 Hi1'llLlI'Il xvlijllflll. l'l'1-wid:-llt. N... ,X PuuuTum.MALA0A ' 1, nm umm lllflll ll11r.wL'l'. Il junior l111'll1111'A'. is .i!lUll'Il llf llllllll r1'1'11p11r11l1'r1g from II l1r11k1'1L lIlIA'l1'. YH? F X Q ar ' xaix P- 1" W A- L ,L fn L H, X LK if ,Vkg 5 ,.,, Lf: K X, .g , We 3' in v . A ,MX LK- 1 6.4 6 Q ix E f, 2 Jax L e 4-.,A :nk Sli Vi A 8" As Q llalpli Calla lh-Im---S Lian,-zialiisi Gloria Cavilln liamlyn filllf'llilI'4l ,loyw Cliap Diam- Clnimiailia Kalman lfliizmailia Tlmiiias lfiffu -Xlvssi Ciiiiimi liirliairil lflusli-riiuaii Carole' Cnffvy liuiialnl ifullvtti Aiitliimy lfumitu l.oi'i'aim' lfumitu Ste-plwn Cursalr- llulwrl Cram- Maryann lirixzillulli llliarle-s llzagan Dominivk U'Ag:nQtino .Migxr-lo Dollilmvi l'ati'im'ia Dolwiilasfalo Patricia lmsky Barbara Dm- l'i1-in Marilyn Uv Vimgil llanivl Diario Nick Ili Paolo L4-iiore' Uumbal '72 Q. . E of Lwv L75 17' pn L K ir , ,Lf -., nxt Lie, LL1 xi J. V - ga nj.: -. QL 3 l i ,L LL Q 4 fm if , QL E N LL ,f fig . il e ily: in Aff lx .,-i gg X ' in ,L 2 ,, ,L L? L 5 ZF K X- X- I ..L 'K L '- W I .. V L ti. I v - - Q L, gs va 51 . 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X , 1 Virginia llc-ck Bm'v1'1'ly lll'l'iIlil I'uul llullnmn Nlllll lluulx Ariz-:lv lluiluk lyaltririii llulnvliaili Wulte-r ,lallblunski Kaillllvvrl ,lmlin-In lNlic'lnu'l ,lain-sky' llvlon .li-xii-r-ski ,lnsvpll Kairsunik lflizailwlll Kula-nllnl Doris Ke-zllln Ffllllli Klvin Nnvl Kina-Iz Louiw Kovli lictly li01'llillIUWSlxl Il:-tty KlblllflI'1lNN'4kl William K1llHll'li1l BilI'llZll'il Knpiiwz Cvorgx' Knpm-0 lr:-lu' Krnwierc Gail Krvjm' ,loycv KI'1llll Tlll'u1lcil'1' Kurilk-1 Gloria Klll'tYIll'lllllx llvnry linlvi' 1 If ,S -si F f W i ic, f J 3' L :XJ 'f ,, f k ., 54 4 5, S, , KQV s I lu ig g , Q 'K 1 ll Q' 5 L T Q , s ,,,,,,. li li 'N 2. if :Ll S ii J f K ' , il V 1 1, 'fp' X '45 ls: l 'Ti , X ' gi V- .si , 1 ,T X. . X f N , w P ' Y. fi ,, s... is , , .. Y , i .- ,Q in ,f i - if ' fv , i aiw, 1 A ii ... n ' ' Qs K V M, J 9 .IQ-I - Illlllmllilmlllllllli ' ' ' ? F' Koss Nlistrvtla AMQ'-. Q.. 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Q 5. llnw- 51111 I A , F- Ntllllllllil Soggur fs. Q o f "- W' ' 1 l:'IiIl'Il'N N , -11l1'l W, l',l11111v' N'k1-lx' N 1 i.111'11l 54'I'illlll ,X f K1-11111411 SI11-1I11Nky J, It KPN .luwpll Shupik Nluriu 5111111111 is xl'I'llIlil'1l Sillllilli' . K ,lmm-pl: Silltll w5- 'XI'-IPI' Slmkal 1 Nl411gz11'1'! Slivirwki LM l1i111l41 SIYIIQI l.lll'IiIilIl' 5111111111 ' If 1.111111 511:1I'11'11 1 li11Lly1111 5111111-Hal 11.- -km is' 1 N Y1YiLlll SllilI4'H1l " I-'--I 4 I' 111 .l.lll1lll,.1I " NUIIVII 5l1IlI4IIlIQl1'l' 1 1 1 if ,I11l111 511-I:1111-11 1 4 :elf ,J 1.IJllll' Fllflllll 1 ' f' N s., 617 1' if - " 1 ff , , 1 rf' ' 1 'g llt'Ill' SIII11 W 1 5, II1-111i1'1' 5ll'Ly'llI1'Il , Us I," A I C. Y S C... W K fx .,. V11n1l1I.ll1'lxl11l11I1L1 -. 1- ,I , m f, fx gn 111 1.111 111111 In . ' ' N A T.. Y Flllllllll l1ll fx ' ' H1-111 X1111 'li111k11 1. A " . 1 ,I11I111 lu11111 A 1 ,. 111 ,rr n. WF" v 13 -Q- fw , ...L V, ,N 1 Q.. 'f Q-MM. M M in - N. Vu L . ' "Sf" J 'KP 1539 , 1,3 , ' rwt ,-. -0 49' . Vt , T X it f , 'V if QW of 'v t ' ' ' .r m 3 - K ,-A' - ,N - -, Q. , ,.,, 45 - 'C' Q x SQ- x ,,. r -' P .. l r at B3 J , l ff r f L , if f L at M ,. .LQ p Q - A sf Q 4' :fl f r so T,,. mira ,ytixv K If . I H . V ,.,. ii ' 'L LVVLLLL in Q4 J 'gh sl . , x CAMERA SHY f,.llill'lUIl9 ,'xlll0I'llSU Hobvrt Cllf'l'Vt'll0k Stvplwn Gullopn John H9l'kLllPI' Edward Marvvyak LilVH'l"YlCf' Sunlio ig if Stuart Tomeske' Nancy 'l'o1m-skim Mary Ann Tomko Frank Tre-ntricoste Conn-Ita Tunimillo Mzlry Lou Tuzzolino Frm-ml Tyburvzy John Tyhurvzy Anthony Vaccarino Frank Vaccum Mae Vanrler Sande- Frank Vanvvc-k Joann Vuspnl .loan Vrissullo Rogvr Vvltri William Ventura lfilwurll Vvrgu Thomas Ve-rga Georgia Verish Connie Vespa Dolores Ve-tri Gvorge Vrabel Dvnnis Wvuriwi John Wasylyk Kenneth Wilk Svott Wilson Arle-nv Witt Mary Ann Wlock Lf-onia Wojciechowski ffusrry Xvibjlflk Hiclmrrl Wojilylu Holwrt Zalvski Nlziclvlino Zvttvl llicllurrl Zie-tlw .0PH - 'iWie Fool " - One tep Clo er to Being Upperelassmen SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Ann Theresa Mazzola, Vice Pres: Dennis Lowe, Pres.g MaryAnn Kravs, Sec. Mrs. H. Scandariato Sophomore Class History mm AMO, With two years of high school completed, the sophomores are really 'Lin the swing of thingsv. The class officers were elected. Dennis Lowe, President, suggested to Anne Theresa Mazzola, Vice President, that it was time for the Sophomore Dance. Mary Ann Kraus, Secretary, and Janice Fricchione, Treasurer, agreed. Everyone helped make our dance 'iChristmas Fantasy" a suc- cssful gala affair. Throughout the entire year we have participated in the Student Council, numerous clubs, and in all sports activities possible. With the assistance of our able class advisor, Mrs. H, Scandari- ato, our year was a great success. The Sophomore class is looking forward to next year, when we will become Juniors. We hope that we will he worthy of the title of upperclassmen. 77 linlwrl lli-nm ' Nlil luv Xnitii .-Xwairili -X if , Nlarjurie- Ail4ilm'zyli i 1 Xll I4 1 l..m'i'le-' .' llll 'G ' - lrt'Ul'glll'l 'xllflll 'ii 1 s lfwlm 'xlllll Ili-aiti'ir'v .xIlllH'l x Pc-ti-r JXIIIUVIINO Xluile-linv Arnnlil .7 gg, YlIll'1'llI Artailf' V Nlitvlir-ll .-Xrtliui' f i lfvriililim' .Xslnrino gm lllblllst' liulilnm Nlllflllllil liunlxzl Juliiinm- llurim lhllmi-rr Ili-ilmm-ik William lli-ilmirz l,1nilu Hvllllllll . Xlivlmvl lle'rc'Lliy ' lvum-Itv llvimil ille-il X. livrlolu ltiigge-mf llivmli , lim-xi-rlv lln-ln-n K- . ,,.'m .. xlilflllll liillv 'Xgzriw lliwmili if-j A luilitli lllzlslui llviulilim- llollalllllllll ,if A .Q .k , 5 if ' Z -.- '- Y . f 4 H :kk A if I? ,. :N Q- "' N" . -Q' "Uv V' , is 3 X, ,W I: . 1 1- i Q , fs ... ff 'N l 5'-X if hu- -V .L ff -in. 5, . 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Q 1 if if 'fi' 1, 44' "7 , Q.. , - of x i fe- M Y. v V ah , i PSN T gf, ,f A ' ' 51,1 f "' 'aeri- is fn , A' il ,l sl Xlicllau-l llollinek Carol Bonunno Rosalie B0llglUYi1llIll VillK'I'lP llomvoy -Xli-x lioryc'zvwski l:Ufv1'Il1LlI'lk' Uuturlu TlllllIlilS Hliilllklllll Hi-verly :Kun Brass JULIHII1' BVIIIIU lie-nulv Bruins Xnuu HI'll5ilVll'll lfilnzi llllvculzl .lvain Riivzyriski Hiljllllbllll llugg llunwl Liiliiiylu liii-lim-il liilIlllllll'll Luvy liaxmwllal Yivloriu liillilillfllh liutlili-i-n Cimo Kutlllvvii liuffvy .lzinvt ilullvlti lfurol QIOVSLIII' limi- Ann lfrusco lfilwaml Curtis llvli-il lf. Iy,'xIllll'0 Julm Duriczalk l"I'L1I1kllIl f,LlI1lt'lS lfilwuril ll':M'gLc'l1t0 I Q2 .NI1lIVIllXl Il:-llillis 44W 'W ,. "' 'M Q: I' ' :Q -.- Ste-pin-n IIVIIINIIYIII f-, A 6 I an In V v x ull . 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Our wisely chosen leaders-President, Vince Copellog Vice President, Thomas Lario, Secretary, Gail Vanglausg and Treasurer, Thomas Barckett under the leadership and guidance of our advisor, Mrs. A. Costantin, willingly gave their time and effort in representing our group. As we look further, we visualize our social activities be- ginning with our Initiation Day, September 13-the day that opened the door to four wonderful years of high school. Next came our first formal dance, 'flingle Bell Hop" held on Janu- ary 25, and finally our Freshman Party on May 9. As the year slowly comes to an end, we, the freshman class, look back at the past with fond memories, and ahead to the future with every hope for three more very enjoyable years. ali' Perplexed - - Striving for Recognition Qi ' if IVF? FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS i f, . . 1 ,, r ff i 1 v I l 1 . Tap Hnzv: Gail Vangluus, Secretaryg Thomas Barckett, Treasurer: Bnmmz Rolf: Thomas Limo Vim- Pr:-side-nlg Vincent Copello, President. lflzrislrnux l'lny Nu Crrfgorv Hflff-Yf'Zl'Il'Nlfl' NIIUIFS 1',X'l'l'llr'lIl form 85 an Si, W , A . M Y,,:V, '-uv Y Jr- 1 V 'gg' ,V ,S V .. .. .g s .. , N' V W' N Q. , , ,... V. . ,rv MV gf, V f I . ., W' is V tm 'I V VV . ,fl l , .ll-, N fx l 1 ' V ll is A.,, . ii : L ot Vi 'IZ' V "" Fifa. VN L it 'W , tn- K i if K' r 0- if if 'q in YT .M X 1-in A M 0' K ' it ' i' er- K .. L V I .fu V V' L, K' A if - '. tw ary ii . -fi V - 1 ' V ' ,W . -. , 4 ,gal R lf: L. f' RN W Q, , : .47 n Vw , :L ir. n . -- l - if I ' .V 'Q-. 'S' ,fr 11 l: .1-I ' f' ' s V ffl K 1 4. A 8 1: ,,, ll - .f Q. Y i QTL 'Tv ' Q .I . if-.... 'N F is f 14-I , ! - ,f Q W V . ar- -,. fi mx . M 'i"'. ' K n f- -. rx.. M , t, ' w xc . X ' -p. - t -.X ,Q 3 - . ggi, gr " , Y W ' 'Q f ff ' t if , . 4 F "i HN ua, r, s s 'N' VN! I. i Q 1 i I A. ' 1 t .V 4-... -sv.. . l y K A' Q +1 X 'Z :Q , -. VV ,, .- ' V ' if --W.. rt, Sh ...Q L. in ,. fl, xv-.E W 2 t x 'Ov 0"K ' 0' -'Tx , Q N, Q J . 7V 1-+-. D .V W' ,V X, . rw .Vg - s.. ,fl Q-w.. -Q -, WR f Tig." ' I l it f R6 '?"N in ' WL5E?'li4f'?Ei?ZilTt4- - -2z.., lllilffiffifiigiilif X - ll ffm' . r ll . ' Q , 5, 1, t A. . ff i'-4 fl? ,. - rr w of Q- .M .po m. ' 5... "' ' X ,,,- H ,-N., . 'Kr . X i.i in ,Ev 9 .S .gw "' . YLV, ,,. V ,. l V . Rf.- il ,ilu f ,anim as-4'-1. in is Q M , Elsa f .f 49' tn H J' 4.-:J -- . MQ -, A'f!fs , 1 'HT f f A ., W. iw? F f N f Q'- 5- -Q.,-f +V ,uv '- A. . "v, 1 W. I 4 of lf iSSl?,5iifQi'g ..-.. cw X m gf 2 .93-Y- f iw? phi - r je x N. - V '- .... ,M , VM.,V.,,,. lflinabc-tl: .-Mlamo lflsxt Atllvr ,loltn U. 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V 1 A 1 fp. 4 T 5 Q, Q 3: :RX Q iv ,f - Q 1. ' 1 2,1 i ... fl " 0- 1 QQ i " 'U i it X N A ' 'Aff . , N ' 53 g 1 V .1 if 89 S. iw., .wwf fm i Q, '1 N' 1 fi 4 -fr 'Divx YN! JA 4 V ,fp M . Y' K . 5554? z r 52fi5ra5fZli3filUi ' KP' iw as QF K '12, ,i 2-5 -N VP: Q ,455 ig, J Q as , 'T -, xi , aw I ,. ,, i ""' V 1. "4 ' 1 ' . an Y M ,Hx ii """N ' qu ll M X.. Y R X., no VVVVVJ 4 T. VI . 1 VV--Q V Yr , 4 - ,V ra, F ..a r r ' is .v N- .3 -rw 4 fs? " Ah VV :VL A V -. V VT VV ,VV Q, ,ZLL ,W M V1 km ff. ri, ' V' ' i' ,P c sr W a if i 'qgzska .1 X Va , 33 an , M V ,X -fy, . Emo r 'H rm? . N axle- b Za V l i ii ii V ll l Xrk' ff' - ,,kk-- ' 5' . ,,,. if a Q. ax Ronald Rigolosi ' A A V M VV mir-lm-1 Rasa QV V QQ wr "R Q, fo-fa .K , Ray1nonmlRit0cl1 V 4- ' f N' Vi ,,-.. Y 'H if . .-Krle-no Holnancllick if 'ff .1 V ,, Vs i n ' ig Vince-nt Hoppatte , - VJMVVV, F A H gi Louis Rose : 7V 3 ' 4- .. j d Gr-orrla Rosol ' W f V Vfgfli , V VV XV V' V "i ' nk 1 1 f Robert Rndzicwicz . 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W 5 I 'GW ,Y , -sr Q Qi' fr fm ,ww J ff. mfr r , .loyce Pekaar Sandra Polak Gloria Polka Roscmarif' Pcnicaro William Perich Judith Parrish Kathleen Perzel Ronald Petrisin Charles Petrus Robe-rt ljietrowski Emil Pizzulo Ann Poclolak Ronald Polonkay Patricia Popek .lane Popck Frances Popewczak Hanko Poppe Patricia Pra Frank Prelich Richard Prcstci' Dianc Pulak Rogcr Rucljewski Lawrence Raia .loscph Ranrlazzo Harold Roady Richard Rexnhish Be-n Ribaudo Marjorie Ribaudo c,.,.. . 'Q c 5 5 . 1 W. ' Ti J P' J, o ii if . 077 ii' , x af .lolln S1-ssozfli llilllllhl' Sinatra l.c-onunl Skilm ,lnsvpln Slum K4-ith Smith l'utric'ia Snlmlvwslii Rosalie Snlmlvvvski Cllznrlvs Son-0 ,lnevpllilw Surm' Phyllis Spa-zio jus:-pl: Stvrnick lfmlwzml Sllillll Sumlrn Sudol Doris Sz:-jnlun Jnlm Szknla Maryann Szkulzx Maria- Turns Adam T4-m'zz1 5-., QM- ,, , . Q ., 15 9. an an Fark 'vs pq fun, :P .- - , A. s- '+' "' ' O- LV Q A, ,V QW can -V. N, . T X 0 v. lm l H-. 'CT' ' ,7 , P K my y ,, A . 4 :A : ,., 4 v-. 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X., l:ll'lIilI4Il Yarns f F ', lx lluln-rt Yllllllllri 'fluff fr wx 'f I K L lmille- Zalnguru rr, K my ' f 'f . T .- CllllTlt'S Z1'lllIN'l ,. flluriun Zyllurzl T fn- CAMERA SHY ,Inlm Bill'NI'll S14-Wu lhmic 1,i,,T,,-'N f"'? ' .X erm' 4'K MW ,1- ,ff .af 65 1 . :Q We 1 , ' - 5: S" 1 ,....-.,,, ,Q M-,m .1 1. 'S s w -- P- ka ! . Eg E :Wt ..,, 'k?l?i5EKpQ S459-3853221591 ww f,,s.:fXf Wi . fu V, y y ,., W, WI 8 3 Qs 5 ww .. X, , , ' i - - '- -.NN ,:fif ffM if . S ,MW 4? -as 1 3 'W ur, , fx wife, .. ga-c . , A il I ll I K u na K 3' ,A 3 R x 5 Mime B. , ihx IJ K 1 5 Q X ij z 'E , -3. x ' 4 'fi' , V Q W- W' K r NT 5, . W 4 . 7 2 m 10 i f . y i 1 ,, ' . . 1 : E - V - BQ , , I 5 . N , .kk.L, V 1, .1 -4 ,I V V y ' I 3: -A " rf., .',..w A is X I Nlilmw 'V gi Q-1 ,E + SQ ,, lm E ' ' , A , Tn? Q 1. . E -. I N J 'gfirfis Tap Row: Emil Pizzulo, John Tomaskovic, Louis Waluko, Charles Tan- tillo, Anthony Graceffo, Enrico Benigno, Stephen Weninger, Edward Verga, Leonard Sodora, John Chanda, Raymond Bugg, Robert Stolarz, Paul Stirba. William Radecky. Leslie Eslinger. Row 2: Head Coach Arthur Argauer, Captain Ronald Bohaunon, John Falcone, Marcel Mura, Anthony Ribaudo, Edward Biczak, Dominic Palestine, Louis Mayer, Fred Kobylarz, Dennis Rozum, Frank Magaldino, Henry Kuter, Frank- lin Daniels. Anthony Calandrillo, John Wasylyk, Coach William Gatyas, Q C-N'f?b3f?c:r.fff i 4,1 Coach Jules Lazicki. Row 3: Coach Ciro Barcellona, Coach Robert Volonnino, Joseph Soccio. Salvator Benanti, .lohn Cali, Edward Krawiec, Peter Buglino, Casper Rigolosi, Dennis Pelcher. Joseph Marino, Curtis Jacks, Richard Campbell, Richard Kwiatkowski, Ed- ward Pirog, John Comperatore, Alfred Cimino, Robert Cetzewich. Bottom Row: Dennis Lowe, manage-rg Anhony Barckett, John Kmetz, Ronald Petrisin, .lohn Gaydus, George Luckesse, Gregory Boryczewski, Vincent Copello, Fred Staudinger, Paul Hoffman. Alex Boryczewski, Michael Kimack, David Eberenz, Coach John Cocula. 41" C wp? 4-vm? COACl'llCS-Standing, Left to Right: ,lules Lazicki, Robert Volonnino, Ron Bohannon, 'i0ur little Lanku Ciro Barcellona. Kneeling. Left to Right: ,lohn Coculag head coach Captain gf the fgogball learn Arthur Argauer, Wiliam Gatyas. 94 Football For when the One Great Scorer comes, To write against your name He marks-not that you won or lost- Buz how you played the Game. Grantland Rice 1880 - 1956 Garfield finished the football season with an over- all record of two wins. three losses, and three ties. In Passaic Valley Conference competition we had one win, three losses, and two ties. The game that was scheduled against Dover never was played because of the flu that hit the Boilermakers early in the season. This season, Garfield seemed to get back on its feet after several unsuccessful years. Art Argauer, head coach, who returned to Garfield in 1956 after an absence of ten years, immediately started.a rebuilding program which has been most successful. Under the direction of Mr. Ar- gauer's fine staff which is made up of Bob Volonnino, Bill Gatyas, John Cocula, Jules Lazicki, John Hollis, and Cy Barcellona, the Boilermakers have a bright future. From a statistical point of view. the season does not give an accurate picture. Statistics do not reveal that amount of work the boys put into each game. Taking all into con- sideration this has been a good season. 1957 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1956 1957 DATE SCHOOL PLACE TIME SCORES SCORES Sept. 28 Lodi Away 2:00 P.M. 14-6 19-7 Oct. 5 Dover Home 2:00 P.M. No Game No Game Oct. 12 Passaic' Away 2:00 P.M. 13-18 12-12 Oct. 19 East Rutherford' Home 2:00 P.M. 14--34 0-20 Oct. 26 Central' Away 2:00 P.M. O-25 28-6 Nov. 2 Belleville Home 2:00 P.M. No Game 6-6 Nov. 9 Lyndhurst' Home 2:00 P.M. 6-20 0-0 Nov. 16 Eastside' Home 2:00 P.M. 7-6 0-13 Nov. 28 Clifton' Away 11:30 A.M. 6-52 0-21 'Passaic Valley Conference Came 41 umber 40-Anthony Graceffo, Number 51-Stepehn Weninger. Number 66- 'illiam Radecky. Number 25--Edward Pirog. Number 48-Anthony Calandrillo. f 4.4 1 ar. M V . , . -gr' - .ta u Q- -Q 5 -. . H - I at ' 2: n sa .... v - - E .. .-. V 35 in .Q yx . 1 L I l - 1 I A Number 34-Ronald Bohannon going up the middle. Number 16-John Durskl faking. U r.W.,..:glFV!xgI,.Alg.. H Lrg-brrfp-51jf1,3gLU5 -P-iam!-,, Number 51-Stephen Weninger. Number 8-Curtis Jacks. Number 5-John Compeiatore. Number 10-.John Call. Number 24-Robert Pritch. Number 4-7-Richard Campbell carrying the ball. 95 Number 25-Edward Firog. Number l0-John Cali. Number 38-Edward Verga. Number 4-7- R' h d C b ll. ic ar amp e k . . A E '1 p' I Offensive Unit-Backfield, left to right: Casper Rigolosi, Ronald Bohannon, Robert Pritch, Rich- Football Captain - RG Km mg ml lzzu 0 ard Campbell, John Comperatore. Line, left to right: Ralph Calia, Leonard Sodora, Enrico Benigno, hanon. Fred Kobylarz, .lohn Chanda, Salvatore Benanti, Leslie Eslinger. Freshman FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Playing their last game of the season to a scoreless tie, the freshmen football team walked off the field with a fair season be- hind them. They won 3 games, lost 4, and tied 1. However, they showed good spirit and a promising display of talent. The frosh were coached very capably by Mr. Jules Lazicki and Mr. Ciro Barcellona. The gladiators of the gridiron posted vic- tories over lrvington, East Rutherford, and Lodi. Their setbacks occurred at the hands of Lyndhurst, Kearney, Belleville, and East Orange. The 0-0 tie was with the Grammar School All-Stars. lllilllllfllllllilll -V Q rw A I I El H li 5 i l R YG 5 Freshman Team-Seated, left to right: Kenneth Kulig, John Kmetz, John Caydu Michael Risa, George Lucchesse, Ronald Petrisin, Joseph Randazzo, Keith Smith, Ai thony Giorello, Thomas Lane. Standing, left to right: Coach .lules Lazicki, Joseph Cz taliatto, Anthony Barckett, Ronald Rigoglioso, Anthony Falleta. Gregory Boryczewski, Vit cent Copello, Edward Benigno, Gerald DeMaria, Harold Ready, Nicholas Kuzmack, Coac Ciro Barcellona. -1 Fifth Quarter Club Dinner Filth Quarter Club Banquet The Fifth Quarter Club of Garfield is primarily inter- ested in bringing together socially and fraternally the alumni and friends of Garfield High Sehoolg reviving athletic events of the past, encouraging those of the fu- ture and helping worthy students. We know and are most familiar with this organization because each year they sponsor annual sports dinners which honor our athletes. The members try to instill sportsmanship, cha- racter, fair play. and honorable treatment of visiting teams in the students of Garfield High School. Officers of the 1957 Fifth Quarter Club are, William J. Psolka, Presidentg Stanley Haladyna, First Vice Presi- dentq Andrew Simko, Second Vice Presidentg Martin llieschl,'Third Vice Presidentg Martin Winkler, Treas.g Edward Polinski, Secretary and Alexander Bahula, Cor- responding Secretary. I Tfr'6'w--rg Speaking, Head Football Coach Arthur Argauer Award Winners-Mr. William Psolka, Ronald Bohannun. Leslie Es- linger, Dennis Rozum, Fred Kohylarz. John Chanda. Coach .-Xrthur Argauer. Senior Letterman with watches they won. Tnp Row: William Ra- decky, Enrico Benigno, Ronald Boliannon, Fred Kohylarz. Curtis Jacks. Balham Raw: John Chanda, Leslie Eslinger, Frank Magaldino, Leonard Sodora. -em - v,. i .-4411 Cheerleaders Co C aptam Marlene Nakonechny Captain Arlene Logioco '4Fight, team, Fight!" is a familiar cry at both football and basketball games. Our energetic cheerleaders certainly deserve a hearty cheer themselves for the tre- mendous spirit they show at games. It takes practice, per- serverance, and hard ,work for each one of them to have that pep and bounce so evident at all times. Cheerleaders, our hats are off to you! v G J' GARFIELD C ' WHEN YOU'RE UP . . . YOU'RE UP UP .... UP .... UP .... :"f'G5Z'fW'4':r: :ii-?":12'3fi--N55fu' - ' FLAG TWIRLERS Can you imagine our half-time shows without the big purple flags with the gold G's? After hours of tedious practice, the girls perfected routines more difficult than many other schools would attempt. The girls tell us that it's hard to wave that f'lag when the wind is blowingg but come wind or rain, they always performed auspiciously. Most of us will long remember the chorus line the girls formed at some of the games. And what victory parade would be complete without a twirler and her flag? Flag Twirlers-Doris Tschuschke, Captain. They wave in the breeze BATON TWIRLERS Leading the band at half time shows and during parades we find our baton twirlers. These girls exhibit precision marching and twirling routines which they perform with the greatest of ease And what goes into the perfection of said routines? Hours- and hours of practice. Our twirlers always seemed to add that some- thing extra to all our football games. Twirlers it ws agffi " Front to rear: Annette Risi, Sandra Schweighardt, Lucille Sacco- manno, Kathleen Marciniak, Linda Traina, Anita Lo Re, Llona Barkocy, Barbara DePiero, Marie Scrafani. In Front: Doris Tschuschke, Captaing Absent: Nancy Mordenti. Rear lLeft to Rightlz Patricia Michaels, Kristine Kroll, Lillian Kut- ney, Joanne Bruno. Front Row lLeft to Rightl: Marie Ciolinn. Lois Horvatlx, Louise Koch, Joyce Barker. Front: Elizabeth Kalemha, Head Majorette. Q! 99 ' , I 'ri g s 7: is tr 1 lk 4 , . g , N t Wimm -axes-6 -nm -'li S A H . .1 Left to right: Louis Azzara, Ronald Schley-Basketball Co-Captains. Ba ketball Tap: Nicholas Madonia, Jack Graceffo, Robert Pritch, Scott Wilson, Alex Boryczewski. Row 2: Freshman Coach Robert Volonnino, Peter Pelka, Robert Stolarz, Emil Pizzulo, William Ventura, Ralph Calia, First-year coach Johnny Cocula's Boilermakers completed their 19 regular game scheduled resulting in a record of 11 wins and eight losses. ln Passaic Valley Conference competition, Garfield wound up in fourth place with a standing consisting of seven wins and five losses. Coach Cocula succeeded Johnny Misko, who re- signed after the 1956-57 season. lVlr. Cocula served as freshman basketball mentor last season and serves on the coaching staff of the football team. The starting five for the 1957-58 season was com- prised of Lou Azzara, Al Taynai, Rich Caravella, Ron Schley, and Bill Ventura. Azzara was the top scorer for the Boilermakers and was one of the leading scorers in the PVC. Taynai, Caravella, Schley, and Ventura gave Azzara excellent support and supplied those vital points that made many a close game come out with Garfield on top. Senior members of the varsity squad who are part of the 1958 graduating class are: Azzara, Taynai, Caravella, Schley, Vinnie Salerno, and Pete Pell-za. Underclassmen who will help to make up the varsity team for next season are: Bill Ventura, Emil Pizzulo, Rich Graceffo, Nick Madonnia, Charlie Alherti. Scott Wilson, Ralph Calia, and Bob Stolarz. Highlights, in part, of the season included a 66-63 victory over the Mustangs of Clifton, two wins over the Golden Bears of Lyndhurst, a victory over the Ma- roon of Nutley-a member of the Big Ten, and two triumphs over the Wildcats of East Rutherford. Looking over the scores of the 19 contests, one can see for himself that Garheld High School went through a good season. It is true that the Boilermakers did lose several heartbreakers. But then one should re- call the old adage which goes as follows, "Failure is the fruit of successf' And Garfield surely has had its share of success. Charles Alberti, Junior Varsity Coach Salvatore Franzino. Bottom: Ron old Plafta, Vincent Salerno, Albert Taynai, Louis Azzara, Head Basket hal Coach, John Cocula, Ronald Schley, Richard Caravello. S -'iff An' I 'ifllf - 1- Q - NI' ' wg Team. Work - A Little Ilelp Altaynai, Lou Azzara, Ron Schley - Drop It In VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 10-Belleville ,.... ......,..,.............,.,..,,,,,... 6 5-78 ........ Home Dec. 13-Fair Lawn ..,.... 59-68 ......,. Away Dec. 17-Lincoln ,..,.. ...... 4- 1-54 ......., Home Dec. 20-Snyder .,..,, .,..., 4 5-44 ,,..,... Home Dec. 27-Barringer .. ...,.. 42-40 ........ llomr' Jan. 7-Eastside ...... ....... 6 1-74 ..,,.... Home- Jan. 10-Central ....... ....... 6 3-4-8 ......., Away Jan. 15-Lodi ,...,... ....... 6 5-56 ....., .Hume Jan. 17-Cilfton ........., ......, 6 6-63 ......,. Home Jan. 21-Lyndhurst ...... ,a .,..,,, 62-52 ..,...,. Away Jan. 24-Passaic ....,.,.,........,. ..,.,.. 5 2-565 ..,, Home Jan. 28-East Rutherford ...... ....,.. 5 3-51 ,..,.... Away Jan. 31-Eastside ...,....... .... ..,.... 5 5 -71 6..,.... Away Feb. 4-Central .,,......,.., ....,.. 6 5-43 ......,, Home Feb. 7-Nutley ....... ....... 5 5-43 ...,.,.. Away Feb. 11-Clifton ........... ....... 7 1-86 ...,.... Away Feb. 14-Lyndhurst ...,.,.,.,,.. ,,..... 5 6-48 ,.,,..,. Home Feb. 18-Passaic ..........,,,....... ....... 5 3-61 ,..,.... Away Feb. 21-East Rutherford ......,. ...,... 6 6-58 ......,. Home Ron Schley Watches That Ball ,il Lou Azzafa - Bill Ventura - First d T lllll A R' hard Caravcllo f' 1-els UU' an 671 To C0,l LC Dec. Dec. J an. Jan. ,I an. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb. Feb. Student-Faculty Basketball Came FRESHMEN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 13-Belleville ........,.....,...,..,.,.........,........., 18-Lodi .,.,......,. 3-Belleville 7--Eastside ...., . 10-Central .,..... 15-Lodi ........ 17-Clifton .,...,.. 21-Lyndhurst ..,,.,... 24-Passaic ,,........,,....... ,..... 28-East Rutherford 29-Pope Pius ..,.... 31-Eastside ........,.. 4-Central ......,... 7-Pope Pius ........ ...,.. 115-Clifton ..,,,.,...... 14-Lyndhurst ,,,.,.. 18-Passaic ...A.., .,..,, . 21-East Rutherford 21-29 ........ Away 32-27 ........ r 39-22 ........ 36-25 49-17 ........ 49-A 38-23 21-27 ........ Home Home .......,Away Home ........Away ........Away Home 28-20 ........ Away 41-28 ........ Home 62-33 .,,..... Away 66-14 ...,.,. Home 31-33 ........ .Away 4-7-28 ..,..... Home 2- O r....... Home 72-60 ........ A way 64--47. 85-42 ,.,.... Home .Away FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right: Richard De Vito, Anthony Barckett, Richard Rembish, Theodore Kucharik, Leonard Raia, Gregory Boryczewski, Allan Bielen, George Lucckesse, Anthony Giorello, Ronald Maziekien, Anthony Falleta. Wallace Menhart. .pu - Q? M 4' Peter Pelka rising to the occasion F RESHMAN BASKETBALL Coach Bob Volonnino's freshman basket- ball team finished its regular season sporting a record consisting of 17 wins and three losses. ln the process of winning, the first-year Boilermakers copped the Passaic Valley Con- ference frosh title. In spite of the fact that this was Coach Volonnino,s initial year as basketball coach, the Boilermakers emerged as the best team not only in PVC competition, but as one of the best freshman teams in Northern New Jersey. Greg Boryczewski was one of the players that sparked the yearlings to many of their triumphs. He wound up the regular season with an overall total of 320 points in 19 games for an average of slightly more than 16 points per game. Also instrumental in pacing the Boilermakers to a most victorious season were Alan Bielen, George Lucckesse, Charles 'LChick'7 DeVito and Tony Barkett. The season has proved that Garfield High has a tremendous potential to be a power in scholastic sporting events. In coach Volonnino's summation, he said, 'GThe season was goodf' And he added, 'tl enjoyed working with the boysf' The record of the freshmen for the season of 1957-58 is one that may stand for quite some time and it is sure to be an incentive for future frosh teams. 102 X an . if -f A tr.: -..-- l C Head Majvrette Irene ISOWULOM Carffeld llzkfz So uflarfield High So Truei' . . . echoes the C.H.S. band, Under the direction of Mr. John Maiola and Mr. Marvin Eine, our band participates in numerous affairs and activities. During football season the band concen- trates on precision marching performed dur- ing the half periods. A high spot of the year was the winning of a spot in the All-State Band by two seniors, Dennis Herzo and Andrew Callopo. The rush of football season being over, the group begins the study of concert music in preparation for the annual Spring Concert. Aside from school activities the band can he seen strutting down the street during the Memorial Day parades and numerous other civic affairs. With the expanding of the elementary musical program, we can look forward to big- ger and better bands at G. l'l. S. Band and Color uard F -0 77166-3 ii' CARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL COLOR GUARD Back Row: Katherine Pal, Veronica Luciano Carole Nitus. Second Row: Dorothy Prebolsky Linda Slota. Front Row: Maryann Wlock, Su san Fisher, Captain. GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL BAND Tap: Richard De Vito, Charles Terranova, Robert Lee, .lean Bucyzinski, Emil Tulenko, Thomas Verga, Evelyn Tom- porowski, Marilyn Rozema, Carolee Schoouhen, .lulianne Baron, Lorelie Albanez-ze, Evelyn Ciacin. 2nd Row: Robert Pastor, Paul Olivieri, Bill Kraus, Eloise Martin, Ken Ma- donnia, Martin Stroosnyder, Karen Chlaupek, Andrew Gallopo, John Avella. Bottom: Mr. Fine, Flora Simchick, Frank Raymond, Herbert Bawden, Thomas Adamo, Dennis Herzo, Mr. Maiolo, Leader. Absent from picture: Stephen Gallopo, Richard Yaros. Diamondmen Show Fine Form V-KRSITY BASEBALL TEAM e- Top row, left to right: R. Schley, V. Salerno, C. Alberti, F. Gilfone. A. Taynai. N. Matlonia. Middle row: T. Ciffo. D. Diorio, G. Biczak, J. Graceffo, S. Scro. A. Graceffo, Button: mar: W. Gatyas. Head coach, P. Pelka, E. Pizzulo, A. Calendriello, R. Cara- vello, D. D'Agostino, H. Fellling, R. Pl'iICll. Garheld Highs varsity baseball team, winners of the Greater Paterson Tournament last year, opened the 558 season with a new head coach and a new assistant. Rill Gaty as took over the reins as head coach replacing Robert Nork who resigned from that post at the close of the '57 season. Jim Rates. the assistant and jayvee baseball coach. succeeded Johnny Cocula after the latter was named basketball mentor. Recause of a deadline that was set halfway through the season scores of games after the Passaic contest have had to be left out. Garheld's diarnondmen won the initial game of the season by beating Kearny el- to 3. After losing the next con- test, a PVC game. to Eastside 2 to 1. the Boilermakers came back to defeat Central. also a PVC foe. by the score of 6 to 1. Charlie Alberti pitched and Tony Calendriello caught for the Garfield battery. The luck was against the lioiler- maker "nine" for the next five games. Garfield lost to Belle- ville 6 to -lv. ln Garfield's third PVC tilt Clifton came out on top 5 to -lt. Nutley handed the Boilermakers their next loss, Sul S170 Stl!!! 011. UIL L'l'I'0l'. 5 to 1. Although Ronnie Schley pitched 12 innings of no-run ball against Lyndhurst, it was not enough. The Golden Bears managed to send a run across home plate to make the score 1 to 0 and thus end the 13 inning marathon. lt was the Boilermakers' third loss in the PVC. After Montclair de- feated Coach Gatya's club 8 to 0, Garfield bounced back to defeat Passaic 5 to 2 in a conference game. At this time, the diamondmen had won two and lost three in the conference. Overall, Garfield had, after nine games, won three. The Boilermakers, pitching staff was comprised of Ronnie Schley, Al Taynai, Charlie Alberti. and Dominic D,Agostino. Tony Calendriello was the catcher. The regular infielders were: Vince Salerno. Nick Madonia, John Cali. and Richie Caravello. The regular outfielders were: Tom CifTo, Richie Graceffo, and Bob Pritch. Members of the team who were used as regular substitutes were Pete Pelka, Sal Scro, and Emil Pizzulo. Senior members of the team were Schley. Taynai, Sa- lerno, Caravello, and Pelka. COACHES AND CO-CAPTAINS Head Coach, William Gatyasg Baseball Co-Captains, Ronnie Schley, Vince 104 Salernog Assistant Coach, James Bates. -7 JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Tap ruuf. lcjz to right: 'l'. Branvato, J. Montelbano. B. Pictrowski, H. Hradziera, M. Svlwffler, J. Marturann, K. Sommariva, J. Lafaso. Middle row: L. Matykia, Managerg A. Gumiela, A. Falls-ta. J. Robinson. D. Lowe, H. Petrisin, A. Kr:-'ze-nlinaki, E. McLeod. Manager. Bulnmn ww: F. Kaminski. IJ. Elm:-rvrlz. L. Rose, J. Tnrak. C. DeVito, B. Lalar. R. Plvcs, B. Bvllnarz, James Bates. Cnuvll. . .lp q". -- ' ' , .W 3 ll.-V n 4 K' V I .xL'. .' . f - . .I A . .gs 3 .SX g h - ' '- Y' ' . H" . . ' v ! Ni. ' --S-'nun '..Jvf' ' ' Rwzlzia' S1'hl1'y'. Slffkf' UW'-J Sal Srm. Nick Madonia, Safe or Uul lv 3 L My .x., 5, ' ' "lk wiv an '- 54.1 - A . . Iiolz l'r1'lc'l1, lu' alnmxl nmdv il 105 Cindermen Ha e Out landing Sea on .rra Tap mu left lu rzght R Smxtll N Vacarr J Marmo ,l Kulaasta, C. Nagy, W. Perrish, K. lxropznaclx R Schafer R Rlg0l0Sl 3rd row ,I Boryczewskl D. Rozum, L. Cazdus, P. Stirba, R. qramlale W Qzulaslu D Palestlm Zml mu, R Garlppa R Stolarz, H. Bugg, J. Giordano, F. Dame-ls lx Slledoeky 1 Dru lu 9 Btllillltl R Campbell J Perno. Bottom row: Ass't Coach, qalvatorf Franzmn lx Wxlk E llrog J Krack J Butler F. Altardi, A. Ribuado, J. Avella. W ,s ,Q .1 . i1"""'i. .. Z - .. s Sho! Put f Ralph, Culiu Tllfllllhi Shot l'ul fl2'8" ui l'r1x saic fllver. f ab 'P .4 -.f e x Mile Run - John Avella wins the mile again. This miler is undefeated for two years in duel compe- 3-CAPTAINS AND COACHES - Left to right: Assistant Coach Salvatore titionn 'anzino, Frank Attardi, John Butler, Head Coach Jules Lazicki. Having finished first in the Passaic Valley Conference last year, mach Jules Lazickiis cindermen entered the '58 campaign as a irited and highly rated club. They appeared capable of continuing trfield High's long reputation of having good track teams. Because of a deadline that had to be met halfway through the ason, the results of all contests after the Passaic meet have had to omitted. Garfield lost the initial meet of the year to Fair Lawn by the are of 49-2X3 to 36-U3. But because Fair Lawn is not a member the PVC, it did not affect the Boilermakers' standing in that loop. le Lazicki-men then came back to beat Pope Pius, 65 to 21, for i-ir first win. Another victory was scored for the Garfield tracksters defeating Nutley 53 to 33. The Boilermakers continued their win- ng spree hy whipping Lodi 50 to 27. Coach Lazicki's club tallied air first PVC win when they beat Lyndhurst 4516 to 40112. Con- iuing on their torrid pace, Garfield defeated Passaic 56 to 30. It is thc cindermen's second PVC triumph in the same number of .rts. Overall, the Boilermakers at this time, the halfway point, had record of five up and one down. Co-captains of the ,58 edition of the track team were Frank tardi, 440-yard run specialist, and John Butler, a star in the 0-yard dash, 120-yard low hurdles and broad jump. Senior cindermen were: Frank Attardi, John Butler, Tony baudo, Bill Scott, and Joe Krack. 220 Yd. Dash H- lolm Butler wins the dash. 107 Q W UFC .iq J.. Y.,f , 9 sq A lxawf v'!!11"" QQEQ 9 -5 S X k,y ..ai0f5"'L ,A, ,Y -.J X 'kb L il Ve " I N punish Club Someone once said that if the language barrier is ever overcome. world peace will become imminent. Spanish and italian students at G. H. S. are doing their utmost to attain this goal. The culture of countries speaking these languages are studied hy means of singing their songs, playing their games. and viewing hlms. Informal discussions enahle talented students to hecome proficient in their selected language study. Cluh activities prove to he enjoyable as well as edu- cational. Standing. Left to Right: M. Draven, J. Hawthorne, M. Rozema, R. Wegrzyniak. S. Gemza. S. Zubcak, D. Fox, R. Schwind. C. Wojcik. L. Matyka. J. llerkler, G. Muller, J. Perno. J. Koubsky. E. Tulenko. N. Mucha. D. Rios. Sealed, Left to Right: B. Herina. R. Hook, M. De Voodg, J. Kroin, M. Scrafani, C. Nitus, L. Slota, D. Preholsky. C. Bugg. Automobile Club nlirankcase. carhuretor. fan helt, horn . . . all in place. lt should run nowlv Letis hope so. These hoys never have to worry about ahandoning their cars. They are ahle not only to name all parts of modern automobiles. hut they also know their functions and approximate location in the engine. Mr. John Hollis, advisor, encourages the hoys to trade helpful hints about keeping Cars in good running condition. Relieve it or not, the majority of memhers actually practice what they learn. Officers: Joseph Dul. Angelo Mont agnino. Frank Magaldino. Top Row: John Rozema, Andrew Susko, William Scott. Den- nis Cumble. Fourth Row: Rohert Hriscenko. Jack De Salvo. Louis Azzara, Henry De Vries, Leonard Sodora. Richard Zietko. Third Row: Richard Cali, Salvatore La Corte, Law- rence Sanko. George Gozdek, llenry Vassallo. Second Row: Santore Casiello. Frank Magaldino. Joseph Celsino. Ronald Del Re, Richard Ciolino. Bottom Row: Mr. John Hollis, Wil- liam Wallace, David Brigati, Angelo Montagnino. Joseph Dul. Italian Club Standing. Left to Right: Mr. Trucco, advisor, A. Manapeh A. Paradiso, E. Sodora, E. Ciacin. E. Martin, F. Simchik, L Sodora, C. Lo Re, M. Nicastro, K. Cinio. L. Schoonhen, J Szkola, A. Susko, P. Amoruso, J. Fricchione, D. Brigati, L Cali, J. Montelbano, S. Biancato, M. Rozema, E. Mushinsky J. Fiduccia, M. Serritella. Seated: B. Barbato, P. Nardone, F. Benanti, R. Lentini, P. Malure, L. Benanti, A. Morreale, R. Hriscenko. S. Callopo. 110 Tl5535'lf? f i W X ,. , ,, T'-f Vt., QQ QVQQAQP -sp-. Q 9' Jleiewn Album., . 41.1 Y Travel Club "Fool loosv and l'auu'y frm----l lou' to tSillltlt'I'-R this frtuiuly is tht- song: ol' tht- 'lwl'tlYt'l fflulv ine-inlu-rs. 'Flu-Q. wt' truyt-l. zulym'nttir4'. und tau' uyyuy plurt-s. lit-lorv t'LlK'll rnc't-ting. int-mln-rs gztthvt' data and iformution for tht' st-lvvtvtl Country. thvn tht-y iuyitv uvst spvulu'i's. yivyy volorvd slidvs. and disvuss por- mul 1-xpvrivllc'vs. A trip to distunt lands nithout '1lVlllQl G. ll. S. finding, lmft lo Higlil: Miss C. lfilipponv. advisor. M. Limuta, . llruus, .l. Sztvativst-, li. Smith. M, lla-rc-zuy. C. Tuntillo. A. ,rvza-rninski, ll, liit'vau'tli. K. Szyniunski, M. Klisivwicz, J. als:-iivliovk. wilful. l,c'f1 to lfiglllz C. lit-shruuo. li. Sl'llIN'llt'l'gI'l'. D. Melt- -r. ll. Slylllilllxlil. ll. l'4-truuski. ll. sllt'Ul'UW'5lil. ll. l'zipp. ,v vw .I - . F yhvkfx nf My-' i an-. s Jazz Record octet Jazz is ont' of thx' ram- forms of musif' yyhivh can ha- 1-alll-d truly Ann-ric-un. From its 1-urlit-st lu'- ginnings in Nt-xy Orleans to toda1y's popular progrvs- sivv vvrsiou. jun dvyf-lopvd and t'llilllQt'tl with the- timt-s. Spiritvd disvussions and uttvtitiw listvniug to dit'- ff-rt-nt type rvt-ordiugs Plltllllt' mt-:uhm-rs to gain ll lwt- tvr undvrstanding of tht- x':u'ia-d forms of this Ann-rivzui art form. Opinions of artists und tuuvs am' giwu and wry oftvn dt-lultt-d. Howl-vm-r. rot-lx 'ni roll und progrvssivv enthusiasts soon vomproinist- and lvatrn to vujoy hoth types ol' musirz Stamling. lm!! Io Riglzlz Nl. Suikowskii-. ll. Nlinvr. .l. llrgoviggll, L. Elias. D. Fox. D. ll:-rzo, J. LoCz1st'io. Mr. Loo Brum-tti, ud- visor. C. l'atuuo. C. Tc-rruliovzt, S. Cullopo, W1 Pztrohy. P. Graf, l. Vusilvuko. l'. Soholvwski. Srrzlvzl. lmfl to Riglifg F, Fornulik. S. Pope-la. ll. Kovulyvsilx. A. Cullopo. l'. Kratvk. K. l'ul. A. Csupccz. .fe was k i Psycholog Club Psychology is c'ouiwc'tvd with 1-vvrything: ol' im- rortanct- in human lilt-. WX- usa- it to gt-t tht- things wc- want. to gt-t along with otha-r pvoplv. und to umstvr skills :uid studivs without wustt-d motion. This st-it-:wc is 4-om-4-rm-tl with our vnjoynu-nt iyhvn wt' do th:-ni wvll. and with our CllS1lllP0lIlllllt'Ill wht-u tw tail. lllvrnhvrs disvuss prohlt-Ins ol' altlole-sm-i1r'v und vu- dvayor to rt-mlvr t'Ill0ll0llLllly nmturo dn-visions und Convlusions. The cluh motto is: Nliztiss- your yoivv and lowvr yoursvlfg lowt-r your voiu- und mist' yourst-Il." Top Row, Left to Right: D. Fox. .l. Mihulik. P. lNlnlurt-. C Coffey, B. Da- l'i4-ro, ll. Sudlovh, IJ. lrvholsliy. C. Tzlutilloi P. Fi1ll2lf'ilI'U, H. llztdlvy, Tfiirfz' Kult: Mr. Tvligi. advisor. F Pf'l'l'0lll', U, vt'I'lSll. ,l. l'wllllllt'lL. S. l"isln't'. .l. llatrou, V. llorovov R. Ricvurdi. Sammi Rout l'. Puzino, C. Tununillo. C. Spin: T taro, M. Ixubino. N, Kuwtz. U. Mvltzvr, L. .'xllltlllt'St'. Bottom Row: L. Hurtos. P. Li1'l'lllllll. lf. KLlll'Illbll. J. Kroiu. ttl h 1 l" 11 rcher Club Bullis Q-pol Although many arclu-ry 4-luln nn-nilwrs attvmls-d thc' first mveting. knowing wry littlf' alwout tht- sport. tht-y plan to ltUl'OIIll' prolicivnt aftor hours of pravtivt' and participation in touruamf-nts. Top Rong l.z'fl to Right: B. St'llWlll1l. VV. Anthony. D. Parkins. K. Kulnins. ll. lim-rnauz-r. ll. Dlirivri. T. Man-ln-sr-. J. Olivivri. llitlfllz' Ron: D. llaykoviv. D. llawriliuk. l'. llill. ll. Uvlialr. B. 'Nlastropolez Xl. Nlr'-Xlhany. Hnllolrl Rott: K. Clilaupok. D. Papp. J. Yam-in-liovk. J. Zolnavk. Nl. RlWt'llltl. D. Manu:-l. P. Dllll'f'. I teno ervlce "l'lvas4- typo and mirnvograph l50 copiesf' How oflvn during tln- is-ar has this vlulv 1:1-vvivvcl a rn-qtlvst like this from a sludvnt. tvavlu-r. or st-c'r0tary'? Una- of tha- f'llll7.4 liltt-on mt-mlwrs prom rtlv 'lots . . J D . to work and lwforr' tht- day is on-r. the assigiimclnt is complvtc-d. Tlivsv hm-lplul girls. juniors or se-niors who haw 1-olnplc-tvd tuo yours of typing and one your of sts-nography. gladly lvnd soc-rc-tarial assistance' to any- onv is ho asl-is thvni for hvlp. Tlivir stoady duty was to print all programs for svhool artix'itim's. Standing Left to Ribht Back B Kalemba Miss T B . f " , I - . '. . onelli, advisor: D. Doviak, E. Derco, D. Sobota. I. Sudol, C. Mantag- mno. L. Murdock, A. Mlklti, G. baccomanno. Front: L. Dom bal, K. Latona, E. Murray, S. Schweighardt, K. Jadach, B Esposito. F Tennis Club Beginning tennis playvrs often sz-nd the hall llyingr al ovvr the court. Howe-wr. during matches. Cluh mvmhvrs skim the nf-t and hit tho hall right wht-rv they want it to land. Only non-varsity players may join thc' Arvhory and Tennis Clulms. Top Row, Standing. Left to Right: A. MllSlfxFf'l', F. Curak, D. Sadloch. J. Burt-k, C. Honanno. Nl. Kraus. D. Monte, R. Vaspol. M. Mocilenko, B. Onischuk. C. Magee, B. Hr-rina, D. Kullaf, N. Tomesko. D. Xlanuvl. A. Fvoklistoff. Fifth Row. Seated: G. Verish, F. Pirrone, J. Buggr. M. Scrafani. A. Lo Re, J. l'illoklwr. M. Ernest. C. Suvorowslxi, ll. Jezif-rski. P. Dolci. M, Hozema. K. Szynlanski. Fourth Row. Sf'rzlurz': A. Furmanek. S, Geinza, M. Billy, G. Quentz. B. l'etrasc-k. M. Slaska, E. Wasylyk, K. Curak. ll. Di.AlllllTll, L. Messineo. J. Messler, L. Koch. Third Row, Smit-11: K. Kroll. Zubcak. H. Wegrzyniak. D. Paradiso. E. Lamb. E. Laiosa, A. T. Mazzola, E. Ruzila. K. Hartos, C. Conte. C. Scott. P. Krack. I. Vasilenlio, L. Lo Re, E. Byvliiv. L. Lukacs. Swoml Row. Swzlvrlz J. Bruno. K. Coffey. J. Piazza, J. Colletti, L. Baldino, P. Quinn, B. Bross. J. Mayer. Bottom Row. Seated: C. Suarez. V. Cartaino. B. Novack. P. Pvrrapato, E. Szallo. D. Pvrrapato. J. Buczinslxi. D. Szymanski, ll. Biccardi. S. Pra, C. 'l'yhurc'zy. B. Bivlfln. E. Ciarin. Modern Miss Club Ask any Modern Miss. and she will tell you that 1 vibrant personality can be one of your most valuable issets. Topics related to personality development and so- :ial adjustment are fully discussed at meetings of this Jrganization. These girls also learn Codes of behavior 'or the business and soeial worlds. Since adolescence is publicized as being a very 'ditticultn stage. social problems of teen-agers provide ntcresting topics for many discussions. Standing. Left to Right: li. Vaspol, G. Verga, P. Mavira, P. Vasilenko. M. Boiko, M. Langston, M. Kilanowski, B. Hamer, S. Bonanno, J. Popek. D. lluber. C. Dryzal. A. Cznpecz. N. Onderik. M. Saikowskie, D. Knhan. J. Toniezyk. Sealed, Left tn Right: C. Minery, K. Cimo, C. Bonanno. M. Bertola, D. Kovalyesik, l'. Sobolewski. M. Breonte. l'. Kraek, F. Benanti, C. Conte, J. Urgovitch. I vi... Clothing Club F llid you ever wonder how some girls are able to ford the extensive wardrobes they own? Chances 'e they belong to the Clothing Club and sew their vu. Members learn new skills and clothing techniques hich are more advanced than regular classroom work. The only prerequisities for membership is Z1 love sewing and a little knowledge of the subject. ,- ri -.SK is , ss f 5 - i ' .e , l i i ' l Library Council Can you imagine the library without the girls from the Library Council? Mrs. Roman. librarian. eanili Whilcl rendering serviee to the entire student body. these girls become individually proficient in the handl- ing of library tools and become aequainted with the phases of library work. All members devote at least three periods a week. or its equivalent. to their assigned duties. However. Club activities are not all work and no play. Several held trips to other schools and theater group perform- ances highlighted this year's program. Standing, Left to Right: J. Kornorowski, D. Hanzl, E. Batcho, Lashendock. S. l'ueeiarelli. C. Catenarn. ll. Sadloeh. Mrs. M. Roman, advisor, F. Curak, M. Annibal. Sealed. Left to Right: A. Becker, K. Valuzzi, J. Burek, B. Timko, L. Shortino, J. Monaco. 4 .V . I. lx, .- La. if A ,fu at i Garden Club Gardening is not,all work to these club members, to them it's an art form which enhances the beauty and value of any home or public building. After learning about both indoor and outdoor growths. they try their luck and skill at raising first class plants and flowers. Field trips to botanical dis- plays often inspire members to enter their own care- fully grown s Jecimens. . Vx- lxcei your e 'es on the landsca me around the school . l - . 5 . l . . in the near future. because this organization has plans for planting some shrubs and flowers. Top Row, Left to Right: C. Mainenti, J. Robinson. E. Giacin. M. liozema. C. Schoonhen, M. Berezny. R. Onderik, P. Forna- lik, Mrs. Pirrone, advisor, L. Benanti, T. Benanti. L. Mane- peli. F. Simchick. M. Serritella. E. Martin. C. Huebner. D. Perrapato, J. Blasko, W. Princik. Bottom Row: J. Buczynski, P. Malure, J. Urgovitch. N. Follari, J. Gemski, R. Riccardi. P. Perrapato. udio Visual Club Can you imagine G. H. S. without music in the cafeteria. and films during study periods. gym classes, and assemblies? Well. as long as there are students in this service group. vie won't have to worry. Under the guidance of Mrs. Marie Sauer. members become familiar with all types of audio-visual mach- ines. They also learn how to correct minor break- downs, if any should occur. School activities give this squadron the opportunity to practice what they learn, add to their skills. and give service to the school. Standing. Left to Right: G. Verish, J. Herkaler. M. Langieri, P. Hoffman. T. Murray, E. Orechowsky. Mrs. Sauer, advisor. .l. Mazzola. Pres., F. Tyburczy. R. llumlzicwicz. J. Nlazurek. F. Schweighardt. Seated, Left to Right: F. Perrone, L. Koch. s 5 . 3 E f it Dramatic Club Aspirant thespians. writers. and producers found the perfect place for self-expression when they dis- covered the Dramatics Club. Members become acquainted with the theatre hy sponsoring various assemblies and appearing before groups such as the P. T. A. A major production is the staging of an exchange assembly. Everyone must pitch in and transport scen- enry. check wardrobes, and make-up supplies. and see that everything is perfect. Who can ever forget the long, tediouslhours of practice, the fun of making scenery, the last minute jitters, and finally the tumultuous applause after a suc- cessful performance '? TOD Row, Standing. Left to Right: Mrs. Colnaghi, advisor. P. . 5 Q Q. sa rf. in l Future A' Nurses Club Nursing and various phases of medical technology are studied and often practiced by these girls. By means of guest speakers. field trips. and enrollment in nurses' aid programs. the memlrers become fauniliar with all aspects of their chosen profession. Individually. the girls volunteer their services for community projects such as the Garheld Day Nursery. Many graduates of Passaic General Hospitals Nightin- gale Course are now employed there. Future nurses are acutely aware of the value of following the principles of the "Lady With the Lamp". Standing, Left to Right: N. Tomesko, V. Di Marco. J. Seerhak. A. lludak, M. Goldstein, K. Marciniak. M. Zanca, J. Stefnnco, V. Simone. D. Hasten. Mrs. ll. Yoda. advisorg Miss F. Adler. advisor, is not in pieture. Seated. Left fa Right: S. Bonunno. J. Messler, V. l'res.g C. Tutseh. l'res.g D. Butler, Sec.-Treas.g ,sw B. Herina. Aviation Club These lroys really know their planesl However. dentilication of various airborne olmjects is hut one vhase of the Clulfs activities. Recent trends and ad- 'ances in aviation and aeronauties are thoroughly liseussed under the auspices of Mr. Peter Hulmiak and Hr. Ralph llerold. advisors. After relating past experiences and telling all about hat hrst plane ride. these lvoys make their own pre- lictions as to future developments in the industry. Theyire still talking ahout their reeent visit to deterlmoro Airport. lfficers: Anatol Feoklistolf. Allan Musterer, John Bo- hatila. Richard Remlwish. tanriing, Left tu Right: L. Volpe, l. Mazurek. P. Hospodar. . Loefller, A. Criskowitz, R. Shafer. Seated. Left tu Right: . Kuba, A. Musterer. Mr. lluhiak, advisor, A. Feoklistofl, J. ohatila. i . T plug Club Future collegians and other students unahle to take typing as part ol' their regular curriculum learned to peck the keys at daily meetings of this eluh. Although taliulations and special forms are learned. emphasis is placed on teaching typing for personal uses, A unique feature of this clulr enables memlwers vs ho attain an average of twenty-live words a minute to earn one point toward graduation. Typing teachers. Mrs. Scandariato and Mrs. Wolf. teach the group. l i 4-5-'-s. fl 3 .'ll Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. Wolfe. advisor, R. Olivieri. F. U Popewczak. D. Putaky. ff. Dryzal, li, 'lllllllll0l'0WSkl. K. Szyniun- 1' ski, J. Danczak, C. Mainenti. A. Barcketl, R. De Vito. K. J t - Q ,mqf Madonia. P. Arnoruso, I... Oblinger. R. Rigoglioso. R. Golitko, - I N.. -q F- D. Huber, H. Ready, J. Urgovitch. M, Taras, M. Breonle. Mrs. ' Scandariato. advisor. Seated, Left to Right: A. Susko. D. But- ler, F. Daniels. 115 iii L L Radio Club Mention of the word radio immediately makes most people think of an entertainment medium which piro- vides news and music. Well, these boys think of a kind of music. too. the beep-beep-beep of a fellow "ham" calling from another part of the country. In order to license as many radio operators as possible. Mr. Halph Herold helps the boys learn the functions and rises of radio sets. This club works hand in hand with the cityis Civil Defense Unit. and in case of emergency. will operate an additional sending and receiving station. Officers: K. Kozak. ll. Cradl. C. Seidel, H. Gruener Left to Right: H. Grucner, J. Tyburski, T. Lokowski. Mr. R. llerold, C. Kozaek, S. Main. J. Telesh. A. Gnmiela. C. Seidel, R. Krane, B. Leclmer, A. Griskowitz. g t S l eg ??:L 'ti f fig 'L 1 Q . i Future Teachers So. you want to be a teacher! You realize the country needs you. and you think nothing can equal the satisfaction of knowing that someday. someone you taught may greatly benefit humanity. Future Teachers meetings enable many embryonic pedagogues to becolne acquainted with the preparation, aims. ideals. advantages. and responsibilities of the profession. Participation in prevocational activities which are both exploratory and developmental in na- ture allord members the opportunity of learning through experience. Besides substituting for absent teachers in G. H. S., they observe elementary teaching methods during Youth Week activities. lie truthful, girls, who are better behavedsele- mentary or high school students? 116 L. U. -- " R' 'M Q. 1-, -a :fast tt. eu nun-,mutt I rr I - ut Pm r xr rt. kseitimllk tv . 5 L Poetry Club Poetry, the nemesis of many English students. is music to the ears of these club members. They not only read, discuss, and listen to good poetry and study the lives of famous poets, but they also put their own imaginations to work and turn out some original verse. Enjoyment of poctry is the only prerequisite for membership. "FeastH, and 'LlVly Heart Being Hungry" by Edna St. Vincent Millay, are two of the poems which the club has enjoyed this year. Mrs. Mabel Grady, advisor, selects many poems of interest to youth. l. as .. h,. iii, l Varsity Club .. P l . 'Q Whutl ls this possilmlt-'F Lt-tts-rlnvri sitting still tlLIjtll't'llllllIlg!'? That's right. Tllt-sv industrious hnys art- thinking alvnut tht- vlvctrif- sc-orvhoarcl tl1s-y'rt- plan- ning to purvhast- lin' tht- starlium. Mr. John lIuc'ula has just aulxisi-tl tht-in tu think of sonw nt-xx. original funcl raising itlvus. Thvir rlrvains art- uvll on tht- way to rc-alizatiou thanks to stnnv wry sim-vssfiil clancvs and faculty- xarsity anal lsilflllly-Il0llt't' rc-svrw haskvlhall ganit-s. Whvn tho ft-llows arvn't husy fund raising. th0y're luuntl stimulating intvrt-st in sports oll'-svason. lll'it'i'rs: lftluarrl Pirog. avting prvsiclt-nt Top Raw. Lvfl lu Right: Mr. John Cocula. ailvisorg R. Dun- boskl-. ll. Caliu. L. Eslinge-r. H. Bonigno. T. Ciffo. H. Plafta. J. Butt:-r. li. Kirstt-uvr, J. Cali. J. Cmnpm-ratnre-.Bnltum Row: W. Vvnturu, W. liutlvvky. R. Bugg. V. Salerno. A. KJIYICPHO, J. Durski. li. Svhlc-y. A. Calzuulrillo. L. Masurci. W. Wallace. R. Boliannun, C. Rignlusi. lie-nunli. . ,44ln, Q Tri Hi Y lmjl In Right: l'. l'z:rraputo. K. Szymanski. R. Ric-Carcli ll. Szynurnski. J. lilusku, ll. l'i-rrupuln. tl. llf-ulnulr. L. Al' luun-st-. l'. tit-rnza. J. llurnn. l"u11r1lr Rfnr: l. Sum. J. Pristas, I.. Sufltwu. A. Luhvak. ll. W1-grzynulk. lu. Svlnnulk:-, L. lllagm' L. Koch. J. Krt-kivli. lf. lflias. Thin! Rllltf L. l'ilmkkf'r. S l'ra. 5. G4-inlu. M. Klisie-wivz, C. 'I'ylnir1'zy. C, Qui-ntl. 15. l'c'trust'k. V. 5pin1'llu'. ll. l'npe-Ck. ll. Sokalsky. SCFIIIZII Row: L. Munupt-li. l". slIllt'lllk. M, Svrritc-lla, lf. Giavin. J. liuvzin ski. lu. Martin. I.. 5t'llINllllll'll. Nl. lurnst. YW. l'rc-nrik. Plrxt lelillff ff. Lu liv, S. Sntlura, E. Mushinski. K. Krall. E.. Dys. M. Ulmur. J. Solmta. tl. Knut-tz. D. Snhota. llnltnrn Rnuf: C. 'l'utsc'h. 5. LllS1'llilllt'l', C. Ku:-aivu. J. St'e'rlJak. L. Shurtinu. K. Marviniuk, K. L1-lm. C. Palin. M. Krupucs. M. Ciulino. 1 17 W am XFFSE. 'us-uh. ' i 5 J ' Ht Y 5 3 . Hoth of thvso vlulis art- aflilialvtl with tht- lm-at s YMCA anrl ini-mln-rs strive- to 4-xt-rnplify tht- highvst f ideals of Christian l'll2lI'ilt'lt'l'. , Sincv holh are primarily svrvivv organizations. nwmht-rs solivit funds anfl sponsor avtivitivs for rari- ous monvy raising vausvs. tluvsl spa-akvrs art- invits-tl lo rum-lings to vnalulv nie-mln-rs to lwr-onw :nurt- roundvfl and hvttvr inforrnvcl inclivicluals. C0-vd splash parlivs and tlarivt-s art' hvlml at sm-ial ' rnvvtiiigsz and many pvrsons art- still talking ahout the crazy antics pvrfornwtl at tht- annual lvaslwtlvall- vollc-yhall gamv. The vluhs' motto. 'cl'urt' wortls. purv thoughts. pun- actions", is mlm-liiwatvtl in thv nwmlwrship pin which tht- tc-1-ns proudly wt-ar. Kopc-k. J. Krack, V. De lylaria, S. Wilson. ll. Fox. ll Q. Sfllllllflllg, Le!! in Rtilflllli R. Falun. N. lVlaflonia, G. lN'lac'ag1mnn-. M. Brlintlu. F. Klvin. ll. Dc-n lil:-ylwr. ll. ll:-rm, M. llyvlu-li. J. Faron. G. Dr: Mz1ria.Sv11lvzl. Lvfl In Right: K. Krupinaik. U. ,f -' .. Wes' ff ,.., . . . . W . . Teen Age Book Shcgcl ont-c said. "Litcraturc is tht- immortality of' spccchf' With this in mind. mcrnhcrs of the Tccn- Agc liook filulv attempt to rcad as many lilcrary works as possible. with cmphasis on thc- list of hooks sclcctcd for diflicrcnt high school lcvcls. The mcnilwrs arc some-timcs surprised to hcar thcrnsclvcs quoting various authors whcn discussions arisc. Thcy truly know that rcading hroadcns the niindl Smmling. Left to Right: M. Chervanok. J. Sorcc. E. Ryan, N. Matz. fi. fiastanza. J. Olivt-ri. C. ZElllllf'I', A. Barckctt. A. Susko. J. Broznlnax. P. Amoruso, M.'Taras. Sealed. Lf-fz to Night: A. Dc Salvo. C. Pclka. A. Bisconti. C. Mincry. Advisor. Mrs. Hcntscli. is not in tht- picturc. s....:'--In - "'-- ...,, C3 h . W I.. . I .altar me . 1 G mnasties Club Wvowl Look at those- musclcsl Although control of thc liody is the principle- aim of' thcsc lmoys. they soon find thcir musclcs dcvcloping afitcr l1llIIl0fOlIS tumbling, pyramid lvuilding. and vaulting actiritics. llndcr the supcrvision of Mr. William Catyas. mcmhcrs practice physical fcats too dangcrous and dif- ficult to hc offers-d in the rcgular physical cducation classcs. Through their intricate group work. thc lmoys soon devclop a kccn mind. a scnsc of rcsponsilrility to fcllow tcam mcmlwcrs. and an undcrstanding of good sports- manship. Lcfl to Right: G. Kr-ating. J. Giordano, S. Tomcskc. E. Pirng. E. Sudol. H. Pctrisin. H. Hanzo. C. Rigulnsi. l". Tylinrczy. R. Staudinger. R. Sowa. Left to Right: T. Kurilko. A. Calandril- lo, S. Benanti, A. Graccfifo. R. Lcc. Mr. William Catyas. ad- visor. .2 . i ,V i 5 t sl yt.. f. , . .. , Bieleg Club Biology class finds studcnts rcading aluout the cha- racteristics and physiology of' xarious lixing organ- isms: The liiology tiluli finds thc rnorc inte-rs-stcd stud- cnds actually ohserving these life forms and. sometimes. dissecting thcm to find out first hand what cxactly make-s thcm tick. In ordcr to cnahlc othcr studcnts to achicvc an understanding and dccp rcspcct for all living things and lifc itsclf. the fT10IIlltPI'S liuild and diligcntly care- for their own aquarium. Top Row, Left to Right: T. Goriskowitz. L. Baldino. T. Maz- znla. K. Coffey, P. Quinn. D, Pc-rrapatn. P, Pcrrapatn, D, Szynianski. K. Szymanski, S. Tainko, H. Lcc. ll. Talisli. Mr. Prclicli. Middle Row: F. Daniels. lf. llrsdzira. K. Youpatoff. ff. Pr-rlnan. E. Dys. M. Ghur. fi. lklincry. M. Cnldstcin. Hutton: Row: Ernst, .J Fazinctz, J. Bruno, li. Sclnniilkf-. J. Yascn- L'll0L'k. N. Hook. l. Zoe-rlicl. 118 4 !l""' Boys Glue Club and Girls Clee Club "Wvlt'oni4- Sw:-vt Springtimei' . . . sing the Gloc- lllulws as thvy pri-parc for tht- Annual Spring Convert. llntlt-r tht- guidanu- of music clirvctor Mr. Gottlieb Svlm all. tht- groups pt-rform with notivvablc excellence. llolh tht- Girls' and lloys' Clubs are featured in various assm-rnlmlivs. shows. and aflairs throughout the sr-hool yt-ar. Twp Row: lidwarzl Sndol. l'c-t1-r Wallis. Richard De Franco, B1-njanrin Czurkas, Cliarlvs Zeumer, Leonard Kuba. Third Huw: lblitrliaul Molclion, Jolm Sessock, Robert Goldstein, l.t-onarrl Skilla. llicliard Urdas. David Fox. Ronald Polonkay, S1't'tllIll Rolf: liLlI'llll'll Cucvia. Salvatorn- Cali. Kflith Smith, R0- ln-rt lnguagiato. Anthony ll:-lblartfo, Ronnie' Oliveri, Joseph Ulivt-ri. linllnnr Rnw: Ronald Higoglioso, Robert Mazic-kien, Ur-nnis Cural, Wally Mffnliart. Lawrence Oblinger, Pc-tf'r Hos- podor. Frank Stfliwt-igliardt. Camera Club Clic'kf!'Wvll. that hnishvs tht- roll. Now tht- lun lmginslu So says a typit-al lfanwra Cluli rm-rnlwr. The-sc studvnts lt-arn to mix tlw propvr Ulu-rnit'al solutions and thvn vndvavor to dm-vvlop tha-ir own films. Although that lirst attvmpt is usually only 50 pr-r cont suvcvssful, rnvrnlu-rs lwvoniv quitv prohvivnt altvr sevvral rolls of hlm. Proof ol this is svvn in sonn- of the photos usvd in this liook. Oth:-r skills lvarne-fl art' tht- opvrating of onlargvr inachint-s and tht- voloring ol' portrait photos. Etlitlr Mayor, Lilliar' Kutnc-y. John Macchionc. Ralph llc-rold, advisory Sal Franzino. advisorg Gerald Scliwvighardt, Sal Tri- podi. Bob Clit-rve-nok. Bc-n Lt-clmr-r, Joe- Siuta, Ron Collrtli. Bob Sabo, Anita Lo Rv, Marie Scrulani, and Pat Nardone-. Left lo Right. Top Row: J. Koenig, M. M1-lazzo. V. Svliulz-r, K. fillllllltl, C. Mine-ry. B. Novavk, A. Bisvonti, V. Cartaino, C. Bonanno. M. Bc-rtola. K. Valuui, S. Surlol, l'. Vlatlyka, C. Cozdvk. C. Triola. 9111 Row: E. llatcllko. A. Catvnaro, B. f,IllS17llllk. ll. l,K'llll'ill'll, C. Marinaro, E. Ruzila, M. Movilcaiko, M. Kraus, l'. SllQ'll0, K. Kartns. M. Langston. 81h Row: G. Hvlbruno, S. Bednar, F. Santora. D. Kullof. L. Lo llv. J. Gambino, M. lloppllon, C. Maw-yak. M. lie-hando. J. Volk. M. Taras. 71h Row: D. Cisonde, J. Pvkaar, D. Cliopo, A. llormmt'lu'c'k, C. Vanglaus. Carol Ann Conn-. C. Scott. A. Mazzola. l'. llar- tos. M. Giordano. 6th Row: K. l't-rzvl, E. lVlllI'l'llt'Sl', A. AlUlllt'lllllIlU, ll. Gr'c'tt'lu'r1. C. Klf-sa. l'. l'ra, E. Larosa. E. Wasylyk, K. Cure-k, A. Koo- yr-nga. Sth Rout N. B1-vlw, E. llonk. A. Craliinsky. C. liugg. ll. Manuel, l'. Dolci, J. Fvrullo, A. De Salvo, I. Vast-lt-nko. M. liabbilonia. 4-th Row: l'. Popek, C. Davis, l.. Elias, J. Katko. M. Nnnnari, A. Calirni, M. Boiko, l'. Kravk, l'. Sobolt-wski. K. l'al. 3rd Huw: J. Pupvk. C. Dryzal. J. llroadnax. ll. Kowalski. I.. Moss:-rtt-o, C. Zangara. li. Ki1'm'iardi. J. Sclllvgr-l, M. l5rt'ontt', H. Vaspol. 21111 Row: l'. Butt:-r. F. l'ops-wczak. J. Kish. M. llt-vk. U. l'ulak. A. Parks. D. Kollan. H. Sobolf-wski. J. Sorce-. Bullwnl Row: C. Kopec. J. Urgovitclri. J. Benanti. F. lit-nanti. A. Csnprcz, J. Tomczyk, J. llc- Pe-ri. M. Fc-rrantlinn. l'. Strlivl- lvnlu-rg. M. Morawa. 119 W U' u Q' , ' of '-1 fr' 07112 Ol' Chrwfmaa Clzrixlrnrzs llcforalion Winner for the P. T. A. Christmas Decorations for Home Room 218 11. R. 210 Mr. joseph Szuhai. one of the judges. M, yi --M A .- '- Q X ,.. , .. ' viii . , 5,f 1,..1 ------ : - , -. . .. f' if f1'::,f Tris-SKM Q ff - 535 ' L V. sw. of T. L f '. 21535 ,gli .1 " ' K ,. 4, .ya fry- f::..,:-1151:-g rg , Hx ' 'V ,." . f74,,m?G5v1 , '93 "i.eL:fm,f f-...pawn- ' . -f .1 . :Q s '1515521Qrvfifffggafffef ., . Q- . - 1 Wsffvr... ..,,, ,lm ,Q . ,, U, , 7ET??f',' 'W' 1 :IP ' A P f . 1 3.1: '--"- 3 , ' - . I 1 n Ln.L A L ,. ,f K , ,. 1 Atus Y.. 55, .. . 4. . 3 b, M 5 V , ' ,ff-'jf 1? . I . , .,... - 1 'V-- I , .- if-N-ff k i 1 - K 71.7-' Wf.fiSii2l-if Q www .:5if121g'f . 1 i ' 1 A L.. -,,.- V . , E 5 "" A M ' 'w-' f A, 1 , 111. -h'n 7725, ' ' ff? 'E 'Ti ky , ' -if ' Q., Z' -n-' Lhh1"1S1l1lUS Decoration Winner for the Entire School llonzv Room 110 The l1fllIlIll11l'.Y 1111111 lN'l'Sl'IIlf?d a Christmas play. ' ff Q0 Christmas Decorations for 11ome Room 106. The Entire Cast and Its Advisor, Mrs. Colrwghi , , B. Petranski. A. Barcellona, E. Benigno, K. Madonia, D. Papp, I , g : l e gnc, rs. ' onag L Visor D. Kovalcyk. Q.,,.f.,,J. n v,..,..1,...1. A n .... um, n n,., L- I-. n Standing Left to Ri ht E B ni M A C 1 h' Ad UFS' S' ug v. K. i 5 i milk in 4? 551' pl Y gf. Q x. CLASS UFFICERS Lvfl lo Right: John Volcom-, l,I'f'Silit'lllQ Joyce' Sn-fiiiwo, ii'I'1'ilSllI't'l': Mr. lloltlivh Schwull. ml viworg Sumlrn Villlgiilllbl. Svvre-tui'yq George- Mum niolu, Vim- l'rosi4I1-litg Diana Yomlolino, Svcrvtury Yi iw l'liel" , QI' an GiiSiC'llillQ SIl0Wiiili'i1'S :uni I'ill't'I'y SIIONIIIPII w1'rm' thi- molif of our our junior mlzlliw. "Winlvr Woiimivrlzlliciif Thi- vouple-s ilziiwvml on into thi- night lo lhm- l'lN'i'IllllliIlg1 music' of Hill lialli illlli his hioonlighlws. stopping only for lhv l'l'i-I'1'SilIlN'lliS wi'x'mi hy lhv 1'UIIllIlill1'l', As lhv vwiiiiig VLIINQ' lo un 1-ml and lhv happy l'0llpil'S lvfl lhe' zuiw lloor. ovoryom- wont homo wilh il foml IIll'lIl0l'y of an vvc-iiiiigl will spa-nl in ll illilllliiilli "wfviIlit'I'XX-UIl1il'FiilIlliH. i. fx 'i DI'I1IORA'l'lNG lil DM M ITTEE l,f'fl In Rlighl. Sfllllllillgf Mairhwu- Nzikom-vhny. l'.lllu1.i I.i1NIl1'Illi4M'k, Sl1'IliIilIIiQ' l.itSk'ilillll'I4. Ko- ln-il U4-lm-vwirli. 1,1-omml iYI1lSlll'l'i, lloorggi- Maun- mohl. lie-tix llulm-r. Flllllilll VLlll"ii1llS. Yiriliniz i ' - w I- . N4IIk,,Illfl'1' Sli-hiiivo. .luhn l'z1h'om-. luivilurii lilo- illlo. llmnu Yr-miolino. In-iw lxowulfki, HLlI'iHll'il S4'i!'ik. Srulul.' .M'h-m- Loglioco, iuilfyilllll Ro- lllillllfilik. liuiliuiu Hurion. Ninfu Folhlri. Vurol iulwh, l.ilI'1li ill-rlogl. II111zr'1'r1g in the dark . . . e-P Y 211 lr 1 ikclwmfwl Leonard Masucci, King: and Irene Knzualslfi. Qllfl'f'II Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Srlzuvallq Dr. and Mrs. Karnrwlh, His-hop, chapvrorws 122 Jun Ronald Dv! Re, l'rim'e': and Barbara Sef- Fifi. l'r1'11f'1'.ss: l,1'0l1,ard M11.vz1r'r'1'. King and lrwu' lxou'alslrr'. Qzwvrz l Wislzing Well uen in 9 over, each embarked on an "Ent-hanted Evening" It was the dream of each of us come true. The gym was a fairyland of blue and silver as we danced tht- night to the heavenly of Tony Charles and his or- chestra. Climaxing the evening was the crowning of the King Leonard Masucci and Queen Irene Kowalski hy the Prince and Princess, Ronald Del Re and Barbara Sefcik. The hours passed and soon the memory of a wonderful evening was all that remained. Each time we glance upon this page. the memories of our Junior Prom again will come alive. flaw dnmv' dremnly lo llw musie of Tony les' and his orchestra. I,f'f'Ul'llflIIg Cfllllllll-Hl'l' After weeks of preparation and anticipation our big night finally arrived. Our emotions lvulvbling 'Hue - "A newspaper is only as good as its contentsf With this con- cept in mind. the staff of the Quill edits its paper with the utmost care. On this staff, interested students gain valuable experience in newspaper work and journalism. The Quill brings real profit to the students of Garfield High School. Through the Quill, they are kept informed as to all the events of interest at school. Gathering news from all sources, compiling it, and then seeing the finished product distributed to the eagerly awaiting student lmody well rewards the stall' for their efforts. GARFIELD HIGH S Qhlill A 6 ot 'DLI in has of Pngroaoho Autism V09 'UQOOI' lla hr all llld' UI-liikly lihool :nigh O1-'Ill by fvr- duzluntd U8 mid rar upon. atb: a into WP! :X thi I ldganau W, mg ,'1T""4, .mn 0 .Q-l HU. dnb. flqoulty. ant oommunty. X, I .',1,,i-"ff - -fl Av Y - ,,- ,a . - ill-'ik il If 1 PUILOUHID AT mlFl!LD, NEW JIRIIY IV THE STUDENT! OAREIILD HIGH SCHOOL Outwnor Lan. ou. Palisade Avenue QUILL ADVISORS-Left no Right: Mrs. E. Mul- doven, Mr. Leo J. Brunetti, Mrs. M. Sauer. 124 .Cl."3 -A-"""""" ,,.f.,--v-v1i""i' QIIILL lfDlT0RS4Seul01l, Left to Right: L. llartos. Edna Elias, C. Spataro. L. Wojcivcliowski. Stamling: S. Tripoeli. J. Kroin. V. Nork. B. Burton, M. De Voogll. IUILL l.lT1z'RflRY ST.41"FwSvul vf. fmfl In Rigfllf l", l'4'I'l'olll'. .l iuggz. V. Spina-lla. L. llurtus, .l lmin, lf. Elias. L. Wojcioclmwski I. Sputum. ff: Nlim-ry. Sturzdirzg f. Z1-ulm-r. lf. Salmly. ll. .lvzie-rski 1. Luslu-nrlucli. l. Kowalski. M Qlisii-wivl. ll, Vl'l'lSll, lll. llc- Vongul L L4-1-. l'. Nairwlnlw, C. Siwnrnwski 5, llc-Vina. S. Tripmli. If.. lvlilyflf, I. Silllllwll. H. lfislu-r. l. R2lI'kl7l'Y . Monauzn. F. Curuk, D. l'1'1'rz1puto '. l'vl'rziputo. Q QUILL b'llS1J'VESS ST,fll"I" -M. lfiulino. Ste'- fanco, B. Kalc-mba. S. Litscllauer. D. Sobotu, V. Heck. H. Zuku. A. Sum. li. Hook. H. Paistor. ,l. Komorowski, .l. Cradzki E. Gradzki. QUILI, ART STAFF i Svatwl. Left to Right: Ile-urs' Valsmllo. William Kraus. BlU'llLll'il Sukal- sky. Kai! lilwn lVlllI'4'llllZ1li 25 al' .W 49-5 ff' Y..- yy., 5 -W? 2 YEARBOOK ACTIVITIES STAFF-Seated, Left to Right: Arlene Logioco-editor, Ninfa Follari. Smnding: Johanna Cangialosi, Marcia Krupacs. The business staff's primary function was to obtain money to produce a yearbook. Some of the activities were the running of a magazine drive, and so- liciting of subscriptions to the yearbook to finance their yearbook. Staff members also did most of the clerical work on the book. YEAIYBOOK ADVISORS-Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Edith Briefstein-LL terary Advisorg Mr. Leo J. Brunettie Business Advisor. Retrospect Editors were chosen. the theme selected. and Retrospect 553 was ready to be created. From that point on. there were write-ups and more write-ups. drawings and illustra- tions, rewrites, brain-wracking for originality, and frantic rushing around to meet our dead- lines! Many trials and tribulations were experi- enced by the staff and editorsg but everytime a seemingly insurmountable situation arose. Mrs. Edith G. Briefstein, our capable advisor. carrie to the rescue. After months of tedious labor. we are re- warded with the product of our efforts. He- trospect 758. Y' Ill , new X ' 'Z . 1, YEARBOOK LAY-otfr-seated. Left D to Right: Robert Den Bleyker, Peter Ebe"'afd4ed""" Mm Rudy' YEARBOOK LITERARY STAFF - Seated, Left to Right: c. Tutsch B. coiasso, D. Gumi D. Yondolino, editor in chief: I. Kowalski, S. Bonnano, editor: M. Nakonechny, co edl Standing, Left Z0 Right: B. Sefcik, B. Hamer V. Nork, L. Cacciatore. B. Barton, P. Lashendf P. Ellcovics, M. Romanchik, A. Pulichino, S. Havriliak, K. Lebo, C. Pazin, C. Herzog Goldstein. .-QX ,.-uf ' ,,. f,,,4M..,,,.,,-4-1-s.M, L llf'.v.'lRlf0UK l1'lf'SINI'fSS ST.4l"Ff- Soulful. lmft In Righi: M. Ciolino. S. Litsvlxzuu-r. YEARBOOK l'HOTOG,R,4l'HY Svzztvrl. I.:-fl lu ll. Zllliil. l'. Nosul, l.. Slllllillllil. B. Mulyso. Slumlilzg. Lvft to Right: N. Moralvnti. riqht: William KI'HllSfc:iT-6llltlJl', Cloriu Langune 'l'. l'uzino. I., Truinu. J. S11-rliul-1, li. Di lllivvlli. K. Latona. G. llvllu Porto. .l. --Emlilor, Robert ti0t7A!Wll'll. ,Mun-Ilo. 'lf l'.I'2llllllltl. ll. Noonlnurg. ll. l"orslvr. II Nlontzlgnino. D. Solxotu. J. KliQ'lQll'll. lil',',f1Rl5'0UK ART ST,4l"l" 4l.Cft lin Riglzl: llvnry Nu--ullo. lgilI'lHlI'Ll Fokaleky. mlltorg Katlili-vn N1lll'l'llllilli. YEARBOOK JUNIUR MEMBERS- Smtefl, Lvff rn Righl: W. Parolmy. C. Sputum. M liubino. l. liurkocy. A. lli'c'kc'r. ll. llvrinu. J. Hum-li. l.. S1ll'l'UlllilIlIl1l. SIIHHII-Ilg. lmfl to Right: B. Timko, A. Rissi, J. Monaco. B. Dv Pivro. ll. l'rm'l1olsky. L. Wi1ljlflt'l'llilW'Skl. E Mayor, S. Fisller, L. Slotu. D. Kc-rn, J. Bvncv. C. Coflvy. D. Szulloclx. .l. tllmp. ,I Avella. A. Romaglia. A 5 4 W n Q f .ffeif l fm . MM.. Milfs' 4' ,M in A L fs ' . 4-, 1 ,. YEARBOOK EDITORS - Slamling. Left In Rfglll: Marlvm- Nukone-rliny. Sul Tripmli. Bzlrlmrzx Sokalsky, A. Logioco. P. Elierliard. Seated. Leff In Right: Bonniv Luligunm-H, Sully Bomumo. lllilllll Yondolino. Editor in Cllicfg Irene Kowalski, C0-liilitor. 127 WML fo .Sllwf Wylie Help Wllllied. Could You Please Tell Me Where . .. The P, T. A. held a Back To School Night on November 14, 1957. This night was set aside for the purpose of allowing parents to come to talk to the teachers about the progress of their children. The program was divided into ten minute periods enabling the parents to see each of the teachers. Members of the National Honor Society served as guides. Afterwards the senior play, Wllhe Patchwork Quiltn, was presented in the auditorium and refreshments were served in the cafeteria. Pliysics instructor, lllr. Ralph flerold, explains marks to in- Parents seem pleased with the progress of their children. quiring parents. 128 Chemistry inslruclor, Mr. Salvatore Franzino, answers queries of parents. x .---.g,,'m21 Q196'83'19NQiilSWSZs1l xiiiviiifir, vw? - nl 66 0 77 CQ! ege WQH Invited Guests Assem bled. ,LL.Q l of ...ui The- National Honor Socic-ty svt Thursday. March 6. 1958 as Col- lage Night. Thv allair was op:-n to all llpperclasslrlvri and parvnls. Thirty coll:-ges wc-ro rvprvsvntvcl and their spokesmen told about their respvvtivv srhools. Ml'lIlllQ'TS of the Collm-ge Night l'17IIl'llllli'0 were Carol Pazin, chairmang just- ine Scerhak, Bill Kraus. Marr-ia Krupacs. and Dvnnis llt-rzo. Al'- tvrwards punch. Iva, samlwiclu-s. and cookies were' sc-rvvcl hy morn- bvrs of the National Honor Society. 'llallus fr rxplams 1111 rurrssarx rzqulrrfnwnts for entrance. Eitlllilllil. X Mr. Kopenhavvr, our Cuidamr Dzrfctor Chats with Mr. Moon- of Rzdar 0111454 National Honor Society serzwd re- freshments aftvrwards. 1-qual numlwr ol rvlirm-sm-iitaitiws and tlwrv is also a wliool storm' rc- in-sviitutiw making a grand total of v I . . forty-lirv. -ef' Ax., . Q-ffl? ami . 1 f . .. . q.7y,gw J6'1,gm, nil is X4 IRENE KOWALSKI GEORGE MAMMOLA ROBERT CETZEWICH SAL TRIPODI Sevrelury d C .I president Vice President . . . . . . f ,' -E i R Thi- Nucl:-nl t.0lIlll'll is the gIOYf'I'lNllQ liody ol N V ' :-. G.H.5. and it has gainvcl much imporlanre during fi E V this war Q l 'Eff R J W' llnili-r Ilia' It-aiii-rslnp of its oflic-4-rs. Cvorgzv Mani- , - .., R5 mola. pn-siilc-nl: lloln-rl Ui-tzvuit-lm. vicwf-prvsicleiitg if AT a lrvm- Kowalski. wi-rvlai'y: and Sal Tripofli. ircasurer: .Fl -if f many nt-xx iilvas in slmlvnt gowrnlnvnt haw liven gif 5 inilialml. -Mnong llivm if ilu- vwliaiigs- assi-mlmly pro- :gu IJEAL , ,L gram xsliivli has lu-vu iarriml out sin-ci-sslhlly for thc' lirst limi' this yt-ar. lloxwvm-r. thi- oll'iu-rs arv not tin- only ones rvspons- My ilulv for llll' organization. Tlu-y are- guitlvcl by thc ad- xisors. Nlr. llaxiil Kolwnliawr ami Mr. Ralph Hvroltl. Dr. Km-nm-th llislmp also plays an vxtrvinf-ly important roll- at-ling ninvli as lliv l'r'vsitlfa1t of llw linitvcl Statvs uitli his pow-r lo wto or approvx- any at-tion takvn lux tliv Sllllll'Ill ll0llI1i'll. Thi- rm-nilu-rs of lllv Stutlvnt lfounvil arv vlectofl lip lln-ir 1-1-slwvtiw liomt- rooms. l'li'lCll class has an , iff SCHOOL STORE-Left to Right: Mary Mahon, William Wallace. Mr. jules D U Y V 1 ' Lazicki, Santora Casin-llo, Alfred Pelikan. XX 1- li-vl that thi- Sluclvnt f.OllIN'Il giws us an Ex- vm-llvilt opportunity to s-xm'rc'isc- tliv flCTTlOf'I'LilllI' ideals of our svliool. 1-ommunily. and nation. GARFIELD STUDENT COUNCIL -- Left to Right, Top Row: S. Pucciarelli. V. Simonv. J. Mazzola. C. Nitus. L. Slota. I. Barkocy, C. Catenaro, P. NHTCTOHP, J. Burek. B. Timko. J, Chap. J. Monaco. S. Fisher. Row 4: C. Castanza, P. Malure. M. Langston. R. Adamo. E. Savioli. L. Hartos. L. Wojciechowski, M. Ferrandino. E. Rycliic. Row 3: K. Taft, P. Eberhard, B. Hamer P. Spezio, M. Wawszcak. G. Tyburczy, M. Mocilenko, K. Curak. E. Ciacin. K. Pal. P. Nlalure. M. Langston, C. Marino, J. De Pieri. Row 2: P. Fallacaro. W. Wallace, M. Nakonechny. D. Fox J. Fornatz. J. Bruno. P. German. D'. Perrapato. P. Perrapato. Row 1: E. Derco. L. Sliortino, T Franzino. M. Krupacs, R. Getzewich, G. Mammola, I. Kowalski, S. Tripodi, E. Mayor. Q 130 '. T.A. 0FFfCERS+Lf R- . lrs. Wilson. Mrs. Ki'fipiiiak,l6llZii lllilzrjaksi Repka, Mrs. Mazzola. H1451-pass LI,lg..:S,7miivZrZScalzgilre Cioxege glad Scholarship 47-he,e,S mmfiny. 1, K0w..i.i.i if pu.. f fo ight: P. Lash ' .' x , - , . Y D- , . endock, M, si iff, lim-. ,.,5.:'::.fsizi.0rBP-,,E1km B. fy Casior. i r' arvm Fme' William Kraiis ACuiitIikmlfrggnd ' - er, Cake l1ff'Sf'IIlPd In l'. T. A. P. T. A. Uur high school l'.T. A.. unrlvr thc- aulvisorship of llr. llishop. llilS lm-n floing at't'lll -ioh in promot- ing lu-tts-r rvlutions in-tum-4-in para-nts. tvuvlu-i's. and stud- vnts anti in making our sm-hool thc- hz-st possililv. 'l'hc- vxm-viitiw 1-ornrnittvv r-onsists of Mr. llizvak. prvsi- rle-nt: Mrs. liropinak. x'ic'c--prvsiclvlit: Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Mazzolal. rc-crorcling and vorrvsponding sc-vrvtalrivs rvspe-vliwly: Mrs. lit'!lliil., trt'nsurf'r1 and Mr. llatvs unrl Mr. llrvlivh. luvulty nit-rnhcrs. Thi- annual talm-nt show. which thvy pre-sf-nt c-wry your to raise- monvy for il svholurship givvn to a worthy svnior. is just om- vxarnplc- of thc' wondorful work tht-y arv doing for us. Thvy llavv also lu-on trying to liaw il parking lot and somo much 1101-ilvfl vquipmf-nt instullvfl. We would like to take' this timer to thunk our P. T. A. for the woncle-rful work thvy haw lwvn doing :incl wc- wish them the host of luck in the future-. i l l I Calypso Number-"Tequila" in P. T.A. Talent Show. Top Rows-J. Cangialosi, Bonanno. G. Langanes, B. Seft-ik. U. Wunila. A. Selle-rk. F. Cailleteau. Bottom Row: M. Kilanowski, J. Organas, C. Glazer, M. Veleber, P. Soccio, R. Lopusnak. 131 Pla houe '57 pre ents Melod Joni: MELODY JONES This was thi' story of lVlc-lody jones. the kind of girl every girl wants to he, lveraiisv shi-'s honest, straight-forward and c-onipli-lm-ly uninhibited. The kind of girl every boy likes lwrause something alrout her starts him singing. The kind of girl 1-wry father adores because she gin-s him livarlzichvs. hearlarhes. and the joyful life. Hut all the joy went out ol' Melody and Melody! family that evening at the party when her cousin. Iflainv. in a ht of jealousy tells her shels adopted. The situation turns out hap- pily, as most conivdies do. and the Joncfs household returns to normaley. This xx as the story of a young girl's laughter and tears. a story to make one proud of American Youth. C A S T Seated, Loft In Right: Irene Kowalski. Virginia Nork. Maryann Jackson, Diana Yondolino, Arlene Logioco. Stiuziling. Left to Right: Peter Eberhard, George Manimola, Leonard Masucci, Betty Hamer, Lucille Shortino, Robert Getzewich, N Q Phillip Failma-ii. David Fox. CAST 0F CHARACTERS Mother CMary Jonesl ...,.,..,.,........,..,,,,,,,,r,.. Lucille Shortino Laura Walkins llflainels mutherl .,,.......,.,,,. Betty Hamer Melody Jones ....,..,......,...,. ,,,, ,... .,,,,.,.... A r I ene Logioco l Leon jones l,,,.,,,r,,,,,,,, ,,,l. I Iobert Getzewich Kenneth Carpenter ,,,..,,, Pete Eberhard Elaine Watkins ...,.......,,,,.. ..,.. V irginia Nork Bruce Baller ,..,....,,,,,,,,.,. ...A .,,.,...,. D e nnis Herzo Kathy fMiss Richardsl ,,.., ,,,.... Jenni er Abbe f y --.A-----.--eWt- --,A---- Father ffohn Jones? Gary Boyd ..,...,....,.......,. .. Stretch Appleby ..,,...,, ..,.... Irene Kowalski Nfarianne Jackson David Fox George Mammola Philip Fallavaro Francie Wilks .,.. ...,. .,...... D La ne Yondnlixo Director .....,..,,,..., Mr. C. Schwall CAST MEMBERS JUNIOR PLAY Left to Right: David Fox, Lucille Shortino, Arlene Logioco. 132 Left to Right: George Mammola, Arla-ne Logioco. Virginia Nork, Peter Eberhard, Philip Fallacaro, Robert GClZffWlCIl Irene Kowalski. 3 One Act "THE PATCHWORK QUILT" The Patchwork Quilt is a play about an eccentric old woman who seems to live in a world of reverie. Vivid memories of her decreased husband, and daughter Emily, and a particular patchwork quilt seem to kep the woman alive. However, through the efforts of the daughter, Ann, and her son-in-law, Joe, these priceless possessions were being taken away from her. Th daughter and son-in-law are trying to find out where the deed to the mother's land is. Little do they know that if they had given her the patchwork quilt they would have found the deed. The story terminates with the woman's realizing that the past no longer exists, but that she must face the future. MINSTREL Gottlieb fl. Schwall directed the third part of the show, a minstrel. Philip Fallacaro was the in- terlocutor and the endmen were Dave Fox CRemusl , Leonard Masucci tZebj, John Rudy flkel, Pete Eberhard fzekel, Al Taynai tsamj, and George Mammola llohnsonl. Vivian Spinella sang "Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me". Other acts were: Robert Talish, tap danceg Roger Pratschler, 'gCan't You Hear Me Callin, Caro- line?" the Rell-Aire lNow the Hi-Fiveslg Dave Fox, 'fMammyg" Evelyn Tomporowski, an accor- dian solog Linda Hartos, "l'm Gonna Write Myself a Letterf' and Noel Kmetz, a specialty dance. Mr. Schwall's Clee Club also took part. F EUDIN' FUN Feudin, Fun. a highly comical play, revolves around the age old feud of two delightful families, the lfudges, and the Hogwashes. "l'here's no good Fudge but a dead Fudge", echoes the Hogwashes. Likewise shout the Fudges. As the story proceeds Lulubelle Hogwash falls in love with -M A FUDGEI The hilarious happen- ings which follow finally bring the now peace-lov- ing families together and the production to a close. enior Plays Left to Right: Arlene Logioco, Lucille Sliortino, Dennis Herzo, Virginia Nork, Marcia Krupacs, Barbara Barton, William Kraus. End Men and Phillip Fallacaro Joan Vassalo, Alfred Slaska, John Murcko, Ninfa Follari, Robert Barbara, Andrew Susko, Romona Seger. 01055 mf . N U A O Aqfljign mf! Q warg, my Qzif X ffxip I-mix Mx q 1, 74 ' J' M gf-vi! 1, 0 X5 Mfg Yi' 6 5 Lf ffzf-, if 1' ,ff XVOVQI 4 . 14,4 t W vw ,KW f A 6 ' Q' f V- " Q- W W ft!! C NJ Qg Z! iii Sp 2 J, V buiisa 33955 - '17 - bw M? M 2. f? Q? 'jfw4Q'vz,'r1?- M h jf JR iffazmg Q-1. , S 5 5 ? in eMftMw W E l J af 4 wf:ff " MW 9 ff Q9 7 fb , 217 ,AQ--ff tjiffrz. "I ' N 0 X f 1:1 V A7 ng E in W 1 ' ' " f XJ ,Za l S-N5 wi li d fill'- I f f If fl ffv' VL, X lv , L ' K 'JEL l w X 1,1 I ,L j f V 7 7 'bv C A' 91:9 C! 1 1 1- '4' 1 mf f n , ANL mf-' 7' S-if A f. 1 It-F - 1, . , l 'QSM Q W we qfefzfzf 1 5 2 f , . gm J , ' "' Q N E L if jg 'J V- Y- - -b Q YN 'P-fx wi. 4444 . - L X Ck ,,Af,L,,LTU , . X Q gb W, ' . 1, fu A X ' "KB, E. 'A' ' fglfg fri -lil :ffy-4.ffQa v'Lf.- X 1 ' 1 ,fi , ' ' , Lf! -:TM V. ' -M uf., 'iff A Q-5'- ff " V X f , .4441 ,9p,,f ,.,,,,A1 TM, 47,mw, 7 , , ' vi . . Q 1 " 'Z T 'Q ,A jff, L Q 'iff , 5' ik - , Q , 92? bm, ,M , QF' , 5 R 5, JL f I , fv fm? :Q Qfmff, 7 "gy X? A vv F bf, if 'O Afofz ,iv ,, A X X 4,73 Q A 5' QU E ff! 9 . 'T' .QC ' ,f ZI7' :Q-fa 'I 9 O gk jffff - e s O g o 1 1 4 . I -J Nw.. Q 1 135 Our Distinguished Students Exemplii Leadership, Scholarship, Character and ierviee PROCESSION - Back to front: Justine Scerbak, Diana Yondolino, Irene Kowalski, Sandra Vanglaus, Diane Sobota. The object of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students of Garfield High Schook Entrance into the society requires that a student maintains a scholashc average of 8596 or bener, a unal of atleast 20 activity points, and exemplify the cardinal virtues-Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service - throughout his entire high school careen The Garfield Chapter of the National Honor Society was proud to induct, on October 14, 1957, eight new senior mem- bers who have met these requirements, and on May 2, 1958, twenty-hve junior nuunbers The Honor Society has sponsored various projects in the past year, some of which are: Canteen Dances, College Night, Safety YVeek, and the teacher-subsututh i progranr It is re- sponsible for enrolling Garfield High School on the National Safety Ilonor Iioh, for the estabhshrnent of a coat roorn for school dances and aHairs the purchase of dnrty caps and gowns to be used for future inductions, and for all the pub- hchy given to the Science Fair and various organizauons.Its members served as hosts and hostesses for various school func- tions. In addition to all this, the N.H.S. selected and paid for films presented in the assemblies. Faculty members were chosen by the members of the society to serve as advisors. They are, Dr. Kenneth Bishop, Mrs. Bertha Travers, Mrs. Ann Colnaghi, Mrs. Augusta Cos- tantin, and Mrs. Edith Briefstein. Membership in the National Honor Society is the due reward given to those who were willing to work to reach their goal. HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS 4 Top row: Marie Zanca, Treas urerg Dale Becker, Secretary. Front row: Arlene Logioco, Presi dent, Peter Eberhard, V. President. J a Sandra Scliweighardt, Carol l'azin, Joyce Kr:-kicli, Elaine Dvrco. 2nd row: William Kraus, Barbara Burton, Edna Elias. Jlllllill Orga- nas, Helen Forster, Virginia Nork. Ballon: raw: Arlf-nv Lngioco, Petr-r Eberliard, Dale Becker. Marie Zanca. Missing from pivture: Carol Tutscli, Diane Sabota, Kr-nnetli Taft. Mr fohn R0 emu Superzntendent 0 Schools, Addressing Honor Society al lNl'W JUNIOR NIFNIBFRS Ilona Barkocy, June Burc-k, Joyce Chap. Marilyn Dc-Voogfl, l itrlcia Doslxy nan frad ki lwaiicf' Lllldk Linda Harms, Beverly llvrina, llvlvn Je-zvrski. lzlnalmtli lxalexnba Judy lxmnomw ki Juyu- Kroin, Lillian Kutm-y, Edith Mayer, Francine lermne lwlwaril Pirog Bcvuly litulzai Robin! Qabo, Vivian Spinella, Betty Ann Timko, Ge-orgia Vuibli Scott Wilson Leona Wo uechoviski Richard Wojdyla. H... - 7-A... VH4.. .Fi-.. fi. .- ' Mr. 8 Mrs. M. Accardi-93 Jewell Street Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Adamo-117 Market Street Mrs. T. Agnello-346 MacArthur Avenue Mrs. T. Annibal-33 Lincoln Place Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs C. Attardi-80 Malcolm Avenue L. Azzara--102 MacArthur Avenue . John Bakay-53 Scudder Street Mr. 8 Mrs. W. Barker-245 Shaw Street Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Barrale--135 Jewell Street Mr. 81 Mrs. T. Barsch-126 Grand Street Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Barton-15 Garden Court South Mr. 8 Mrs . August Becker-78 Cedar Street Mr. 81 Mrs. E. Benigno-511 Madeline Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. . R. Blanda-448 Outwater Lane . J. Bohannon-174 Prospect St. S. Bonanno-711 Midland Avenue E. Brigati-138 Monroe Street C. Butler-421 Harrison Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. Bychek-108 Dewey Street Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Cacciatore-97 Pacific Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Cali-483 MacArthur Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. T. Cangialosi-65 Maitland Place Mr. 8 Mrs. R. Caravello-226 Lanza Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Caravella-178 Outwater Lane Mr. 81 Mrs. Casiello-4-11 Harrison Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Chanda-91 Union Avenue Mrs. Chervenok-279 Palisade Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Ciolino-72 Farnham Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Colasso-Davison Street Mrs. V. Comperatore-4-3 Franklin Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Coppola-4 Garfield Avenue Mrs. H. Curtis-14 De Witt Street Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. E. Dailey-89 Passaic Street F. Della Porta-259 Malcolm Ave. N Del Re-88 Elizabeth Street C. Demboske-85 Krakow Street S. De Maria-62 Davison Street 0. Den Bleyker-44-2 Banta Ave. P. Derco-101 Wessington Avenue S. De Salvo-73 Irving Place H. De Vries-101 Summit Avenue F. Di Marco-19 Center Court A. Di Micelli-395 MacArthur Ave. . J. Dul-181 Banta Avenue A. Eberhard-33 Washington Pl. A. Elias-54-1 River Drive P. Elkovics-12 Grand Street L. Eslinger-Summit Avenue Mrs. E. Esposito-171 Jewell Street Mr. 8 Mrs. B. Falcone-30 New Schley Street Mr. 81 Mrs. T. Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. C. Fallacaro-239 Malcolm Ave. Faron-66 Main Street Ferullo-48 Morrell Place J. Follari-33 Shaw Street E. McGlone-35 Division Avenue S. Fox-58 Schley Street H F ranz-161 Hartman Avenue M. Franzino-434 Outwater Lane P. Galimi-55 Franklin Avenue S. Gallopo-133 Wessington Ave. J. Gelsino-75 Marsellus Place Adam Gemski-501 Lanza Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. 0. W. Gerenz-9 Hartman Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Getzewich-19 Belmont Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Glazer-28 Dewey Street Mrs. M. Goldstein-79 Spring Garden Lane Mr. 81 Mrs. R Gross-52 Lanza Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. A Gumiela-131 Cedar Street Mr. 81 Mrs. H Halka-51 Alpine Street Mr. 81 Mrs. R Hamer-137 Ray Street Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Handzo-70 Belmont Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. H Hanzo-263 Palisade Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. D. M. Havriliak-57 Hudson Street Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Herzo-14-5 Chestnut Street Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Herzog-120 Spring Street Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Bugg-187 Malcolm Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. G. Jackson-23 Riverside Place Mr. 81 Mrs. J ohnson--389 Harrison Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Kaplanovich-373 Van Bussum Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Kasica-2 Monroe Street Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Bunting-52 Van Winkle Ave. Mrs. H. S. Kenyon-42 Gaston Avenue Mrs. A. Kilanowski-94 Malcolm Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Kirsteuer-563 Midland Ave. Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Klepar-32 Garwood Court N. Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Kohylarl.-106 Main Street Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Kowalski-24 Palisade Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Krack-14 Outwater Lane Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Kraus-190 Midland Ave. S.B. Mr. 81 Mrs. E. Krekich-35 Dewey Street Mr. 8 Mrs G. Kroll-4-4 Belmont Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs A. Kroll-211 Division Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. R. Krupacs-70 Spring Street Mr. 8 Mrs. J. La Corte-57 Spring Garden La. Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Laiosa-39 Division Avenue Mrs. A. Langanes-74 Herman Street Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Lashendock-51 Monroe Street Mr. 81 Mrs. P. Latona-96 Leonard Street Mr. 8 Mrs. B. Lebo-102 Main Street Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Litschauer-91 Shaw Street Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Locascio-114 MacArthur Ave. Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Lagioco-45 Shaw Street Mr. G. Lopusnak-86 Westminster Place Mr. 8 Mrs. T. Lynch-160 Market Street Mr. 8 Mrs. F. Magaldino-108 Plauderville Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Maisel-51 Commerce Street Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Maisel-51 Commerce Street Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Malak-115 Schley Street Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Malyso-74 Wood Street Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Mammola-176 Malcolm Ave. Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Marciniak-693 Midland Ave. Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Margo-93 Belmont Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Martorano-78 Krakow Street Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Masucci, Sr.-27 Monroe Street Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Mickel-120 Grand Street Mr. 8 Mrs. M. Mikita-36 Garwood Court S. Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Miller-245 Passaic Street Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Mitchell-30 Cedar Street Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Montagnino-73 Division Ave. Mr. 81 Mrs. J. ,Montagnino-119 Jewell Street Mr. J. Mordenti-68 Morrell Place Mr. 8 Mrs. W. Murdock-27'Garden Court .N. Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Murray-195 Wessington Ave. Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Nagy-431 River Drive Mr. A. Nakonechny-26 Davison Street Mr. 8 Mrs. H. Noonburg-74 Dewey Street Mr. 8 Mrs. R. Nork-187 Chestnut Street Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Nosal-35 Willard Street Mr. 8 Mrs. N. Onufrak-83 Market Street Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Organas-100 Wessington Ave. Mr. 81 Mrs. P. Pascanage-12 Cambridge Ave. Mrs. M. Pastor-164 Pierre Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. G. Roehrich-75 Union Street Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Romanchick-28 Riverside Pl. Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Romano-111 Bergen Street Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Rozema-9 Bloomingdale Ave. Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Rudy-136 Cedar Street Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Saccomanno-112 Westminster Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Salerno-69 Harrison Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Sautner-57 Maple Street Mr. 8 Mrs. G. Scerbak-4-4 Belmont Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. E. Schley-243 Pierre Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Schweighardt-26 Alpine St. Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Schweighardt-59 Belmont Ave. Mr. 8 Mrs. O. Scott-64 Farnham Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. H. Sebeck-86 Somerset Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. M. Sefcik-101 Willard Street Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Shortino-130 Jewell Street Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Sobota-45 Schley Street Mr. 8 Mrs. P. L. Soccio-29 Maitland Place Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Sodora-54 Harrison Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Sokalsky-381 Palisade Avenue Mrs. Mary Stefanco-510 Grace Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. M. Stroosnyder-82 Midland Ave. Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Sudol-283 5th Street Mr. 81 Mrs M. Sudol-93 Main Street Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Szitanko-126 Orchard Street Mr. 81 Mrs Taft-24 Hartman Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Taynai--3 Jewell Street Mr. 8 Mrs Mario Traina-337 Palisade Ave. Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Trinka-168 River Drive Mr. 8 Mrs S. Tripodi-155 Malcolm Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Tschuschke-90 Rochard Street Mr. 8 Mrs. W. Tutsch-174 Hartman Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard 8 E. Lippincott-41 Banta Avenue Robert Pastor Mr. 81 Mrs. P. Pazin-409 Palisade Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Pelikan-112 Ray Street Mr. 81 Mrs. P. Pelka-156 Shaw Street Mr. 81 Mrs. Piuulo-252 Lanza Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Polk-429 River Drive Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Pratschler-182 Main Street Mr. 8 Mrs. F. Pulichino-4-18 Lanza Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Puzino-181 Division Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. V. Puzino-51 Malcolm Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Puzino-38 Morrell Place Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Radecky-48 Market Street Mrs. Eleanor Barnowsky-67 Schley Street Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Ribaudo-137 Prospect Street Mr. J. Risko-90 Wessington Avenue Mr. J. Vanglaus-170 Pierre Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Bessinger-93 Semel Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Vasilyk-113 Grand Street Mr. 8 Mrs. E. Vassallo--261 Shaw Street Mrs. M. Veleber-54 Spring Garden Lane Mr. 81 Mrs. P. Vladyka-24 Semel Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Vrabel-4 Garwood Court N. Mr. J. Vanyo-128 Belmont Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. P. Wanda-166 Ray Street Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Wegezyniak-M7 Division Ave. Mr.'8 Mrs. A. White-129 Palisade Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. Wurch-4 Semel Avenue Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Yondolino-371 Van Bussum Mr. 8 Mrs. G. Yoykon-117 Jewell Street Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Zanca-120 Jewell Street Mr. 8 Mrs. W. Zuka-Semel Avenue .- WW ., I 7 WN .. . fr al '49 19 af Q if 'V ,ks ..L.... Q5 . F , ., V, L Ill! l .-K' + if A in x-,.W f ,H ,F -:- , ' ' Hfis, VVYA 3i,,,,,f , ,f 4 ,r,g, J ,. W 211'- mn -Q16 ' "V YW - ii f fs' 1 Q W X!! ,,'

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